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No. 511709


This thread will be used to archive all the older threads and their summaries for easy Lolcow browsing.

No. 511711

>Extreme lolcow, used to be in the top 100 on youtube, now is in the 700s
>Preys on underage fans, his current wife was 16 when they began dating
>Cheats on every girl he's ever dated/married
>Thinks all meat eaters are murderers
>Compares alimony to slavery
>Put his turtle under a plastic bin out in the sun in the middle of summer and was shocked to find it dead an hour later
>Says he's a feminist and that women are all attention-seeking, greedy, succubus whores in the same sentence
>Tells his fans to kill themselves and posts sexist, racist tweets on the daily in the guise of "comedy"
>Stepped on and burned a bible while paying for his wife to attend a christian school
>Caused his ex-fiance to miscarry by slamming her into a door frame
>Created a "skinny-pact" with his ex-wife so she'd remain sexually attractive to him
>Got his new wife pregnant at 18 and now they have a son named Troy

12/10/2014 - 9/12/2015
>He released his new edgy book on September 11th
>During the livestream with his wife, he constantly shoved her off and pushed her away from him.

No. 511713

9/12/2015 - 12/11/2015
>He released his new edgy book on September 11th
>During the livestream with his wife, he constantly shoved her off and pushed her away from him.
>Got mad at wife on Twitter because she was excited a band member from Of Mice and Men tweeted her
>Approved of her being not sure about her gender or some tumblr shit and took pics of her with another girl kissing "for a video"

No. 511718

12/11/2015 - 1/25/2016
>Onions fans are realising what a piece of shit he is, cheating with a barely legal cumdumpster on the mother of his children.

No. 511720

1/25/2016 - 1/30/2016
>Onision is doing damage-control to save his broken marriage, blaming Billie and Lainey for it all instead of himself.

No. 511722

1/30/2016 - 2/19/2016
>Things are fairly quiet post-'''''cuddles'''' in the Onision household aside from some typical crawwwwwwwwwlinnnngggggg innnnn my skinnnnnnnn from Taylor and some passive-aggressive tweets from Greg intending to humiliate Taylor. Both of them seem to be attacking Billie, who is lashing back and at this point might be ready to spill what really happened after the botched threesome.

No. 511723

2/19/2016 - 4/21/2016
>Onision going on a butthurt tirade against other youtubers
>Onision read comments about his book and acted extra salty

No. 511724

4/21/2016 - 6/13/2016
>Onision now solely makes his living being edgy, given up on his "comedy".
>Lost his verified badge on twitter for being edgy.
>His wife is pregnant again and starting to show. The child might be his.
>People are trying to get documents about his time in the army.
>He claims the cuck-insults aren't getting to him (They are).

No. 511725

6/13/2016 - 7/24/2016
>Onision continues to make shitty edgy videos.
>Billie is back, we are eagerly awaiting Cuddlegate 2.0
>Pregnant Lainey pretends to be emo and miserable for attention.

No. 511726

7/24/2016 - 8/26/2016
>We are currently in the midst of Cuddlegate 2.0.
>onion and billay fly off to Alaska together
>Lainey makes emo tweets, per usual
>apparently argues with onion when he returns home
>unfollows both billay and onion on twitter
>no deets yet, Lainey is in full doormat mode

No. 511727

8/26/2016 - 9/28/2016

No. 511728

9/28/2016 - 10/03/2016
>Billie and Gergles up in a tree, F.U.C.K.I.N.G.
>First comes strife and busted marriages, and Lainey's left with a baby carriage.

No. 511729

10/03/2016 - 10/11/2016
>Greg and Lainey brought Billie back even though it was stated she was never coming back and Greg said in a recent video he would never see her again even though he loved her very much.

No. 511730

10/11/2016 - 10/28/2016
>Jaclyn Glenn blasted Onision on his bullshit, Billie's best friend will be visiting them all soon, Onision's Tumblr page is filled with half naked lolis, and apparently Lainey is hiding a secret cock.

No. 511732

10/28/2016 - 11/06/2016
>Ayalla has come to stay
>Greg is calling out Richie again and projecting himself in the process.
>Why isn't Sarah in school?
>Greg unfollows Billie on twitter and instagram, and she unfollows back.

No. 511733

11/06/2016 - 11/11/2016
>Gerg is licking his non-existent wounds to get Billie back.
>Lainey is a pawn.
>Their only remaining social circle has abandoned him.
>Gerg parties alone on his birthday.
>Gerg wishes he was a "successful" sociopath, not like those 1% out of 100 people out there!

No. 511734

11/11/2016 - 11/18/2016
>billie and ayalla visit
>ayalla is a good friend and convinces her to leave
>greg gets pissed about this and tells her if she doesn't let him brand her she can never come back
>billie isn't having it
>poopyface tomatonose and his trusty doormat doing everything they can to manipulate her in to coming back
>billie has not given in (yet)

No. 511735

11/18/2016 - 11/29/2016
>still jailbait hunting
>is getting fatter and uglier as he ages
>Sarah is still living with Onion and Doormat
>Billie-bob still hasn't returned to the Onion-lair
>is having a mental breakdown via web

No. 511737

11/29/2016 - 12/10/2016
>Cyr made a, accurate dis video which has been quite well received, where he describes Greg's ruthless pursuit of money. Of course, greg just HAD to respond with a video where he jumps around like a tard and calls Cyr a fag 1000x, and accuses Cyr's girlfriend of being a prostitute.
>Oh, and Billie is back. Because she's a retard.

No. 511738

12/10/2016 - 12/16/2016
>Billie is back!
>Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video
>Lainey makes a private twitter to complain about Billie
>Another Vegetarian Boday video
>Sarah and Billie are getting cozy.

No. 511739

12/16/2016 - 12/18/2016
>Milkanon and Luxymoo screenshots
>Billie's back
>Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video
>Lainey makes a private twitter to complain about Billie
Luxymoo's post about Onion's come ons >>324533

No. 511740

12/18/2016 - 12/21/2016
>Onion makes a whiny "quitting" video in response to the pedo allegation backlash
>Youtubers and news outlets starting to speak out about Onion's pedo tendencies
>Fake Milkanon and real Luxymoo screenshots showing him trying to pressure Luxy into a relationship
>Billie's back
>Onion makes 800th "We broke up" "Just kidding" video

No. 511743

12/21/2016 - 12/27/2016
>Currently our protagonist is facing enormous backlash from the Youtube community over his videos wherein he judges the (often half-naked, underage) bodies of teenagers. Billie is home for Christmas, Taylor is alternating between vagueblogging and posting lovey-dovey and vaguely sexual pics involving Greg, and Greg is doing massive damage control in an attempt to paint his ephebebebephilia as 'promoting body positivity' and 'being brutally honest'. More drama is on the horizon as Greg becomes unwound in a spectacle of butthurt and mainstream attention is placed on his wrongdoings. Stay tuned!

No. 511745

12/27/2016 - 1/04/2017
>Onion's still being called out for the dirty old man that he is.
>Cyr reveals his robotic nature with definitions and meanings in a podcast.
>Ontion attacks lovable tranny Blaire White with well…what we already know about him.
>Greg tries to revive his old school comedy…and fails (seriously dude, it's not 2009-2010 anymore; just stop).
>Behind the scenes, Grinch and Skye 2.0-I mean Sarah are sharing feelings with one another.
>Blaire reveals next plan for moar Onion rage (pic shown above).

No. 511746

1/04/2017 - 1/10/2017
>Billie is experiencing a life crisis
>Onion still making videos about teen girls
>Social repose made a quality new Onion parody which made Onion fantards so butthurt, they are attacking his comment section.

No. 511749

1/10/2017 - 1/17/2017
>Onision still likes teen girls
>Also likes faking sperg-outs on twitter with bilbo and ayella

No. 511750

1/17/2017 - 1/18/2017
>Onion still screaming about Billie and ILLEGAL DRUG USE
>Already pimping out his wife to fill the newly vacant harem slot
>Which teen girl will he lure next?

No. 511751

1/18/2017 - 1/20/2017
>Billie and Ayalla have made videos calling Onion out for being the manipulative dipshit he is
>Billie has also provided screenshots of what exactly he expected as an apology
>Videos are currently making the rounds of Reddit
>Onion confirmed as wannabe Christian Grey

No. 511756

1/20/2017 - 1/21/2017

No. 511759

1/21/2017 - 1/25/2017
>was (possibly) catfished by Stevie Gore all along, lol
>plans to turn a new leaf yet still shits on pot smokers
>Billie hasn't returned and possibly never will (lol be mad)
>is now friends with some fat fuck named BillyTheFridge to get to his romantic interest: Leafyishere

No. 511761

1/25/2017 - 2/06/2017
>Onion chimed in on Cyr's drama
>tweets defensively at Lane and Luxy again for no reason
>Lane went on YouNow and claimed that Greg encouraged Sarah and Lainey to date

No. 511762

2/06/2017 - 2/08/2017
>Sarah allegedly wanted to join the Trinity
>Begs for caps to not be released
>Greg and Lainey go full damage control mode
>Sarah announces her departure from the Onion house
>Livestream ensues

No. 511765

2/08/2017 - 2/23/2017
>Back at it again with the attacks against Eugenia Cooney, demanding she'd get removed from YouTube immediately due to triggered fans.
>Finally reveals he'd been dating Hannah Minx for a week (lol).
>Sarah left as of this week (or did she)?
>Still hanging out with Billy the fat fuck and has recently made a video with him and the Hannah Minx knockoff.
>No dramu as of yet but we'll just wait and see!

No. 511766

2/23/2017 - 3/14/2017
>Onion had his first debate since 3-2 years ago with former friend and collaborator Jaclyn Glenn, where we've learned that he's too mentally incompetent to debate with adults and will only use pathetic attempts and his trusty doormat-I mean loving wife (lol) to get on top.
>Greg's run out of ideas for videos that he now resorts to talking about his exes and is currently denying the existence of his children (please watch his current Speaks videos in any way shape or form). He stopped talking about Eugenia due to herself (and Jaclyn) asking him to…for now.
>Meanwhile, Taylor is getting a visit from a ladyfriend soon. Said ladyfriend has some serious mental issues of her own so we'll see what milk will it bring us.
>Joy Sparkles was up to debate Onion until he raged quit and accused Joy of lying to not confront him as well as being a crazy manipulative liar and tried to threaten her with a lolsuit which of course…the C&D letter was forged from Google. He also (somewhat) admitted to this (lol fucking loser).

No. 511767

3/14/2017 - 3/30/2017
>YouTube is being to crack down on what videos can be monetized
>As a result, Onion has lost monetization on multiple videos and is losing it
>Lainey is "dating" her friend Mercades; most likely encouraged by Onion for views
>Still won't leave Eugenia alone, though no longer using her name

No. 511770

3/30/2017 - 4/14/2017
>Greg continues his meltdown over his views dropping, total lack of ads, and his funds drying up. He's also starting to lose it over not having any fresh teens to manipulate, fuck or abuse - Sarah went home, Billie is happy and he can't stand it, and Taylor won't trust him with another "trinity" in the house but won't shut up about her fake gayness. They're selling their old clothes, equipments, anything to make ends meet.

No. 511771

4/14/2017 - 4/23/2017
>The Gregster makes a patreon account after lurking in Lolcow (shame on you anon for the idea!)
>Has threatened to kill himself if he doesn't get money from his fans, his fans obliged for the need of his "survival"
>Greg is NOT struggling, the onion family's doing just fine and are continually scamming their fans for jewtube gold (of course, the fans are too braidead to listen)
>Everyone else on YouTube and the internet has caught on to said scam.

No. 511772

4/23/2017 - 4/26/2017
>Drew claims Greg has been emailing Billie to get her back
>Lainey joins Gregma in making a pointless patreon
>Billie is selling Gurgs old clothes to see her boyfriend lol be mad
>Lainey streams on younow and is asked about emails, anons perpetuates rumours of recent April emails, Lainey cries and quickly leaves
>Gerg sperges out on younow, producing much hilarity, verbally attacks Drew, Billie, the people commenting in chat
>Drew uploads video laughing at him and his unstableness, more bitch slapping at Greg, no further emails have been leaked but the milk was plentiful rergardless

No. 511774

4/26/2017 - 4/30/2017
>major lulz was had with Gregma's recent chimpouts on younow
>accused Billie of not taking showers and stinking up the entire house with her smelly armpits (and possible dutteh vajayjay)
>attacked Jaclyn Glenn for getting fake boobs as he'll no longer have anything to jerk his tiny smegma-ridden cock off to
>is still e-begging for his fans' lunch money to get by and ~survive~

No. 511775

4/30/2017 - 5/10/2017
>Onion is dying from a tumor and a horrible skin disease! He really needs them kids' lunch money to ~survive~!!!!
>Is still making shitty content
>TomatoBiscotti still hasn't gotten his collab with Onion as of yet, but he's patiently waiting u guiz!
>We see up close Greg's aging process over the last 7-8 years (pic shown above)
>Fullscreen has terminated their contract with the Uhohbro channel and now Grease resorts to making a new one, effectively abandoning Uhohbro and thus releasing "Onion Son"
>He still had to pay alimony (haha)

No. 511776

5/10/2017 - 5/24/2017
>Onion shows his somewhat violent tendencies towards his Doormat on camera
>Stalks kids if they don't give him their lunch money and blocks them (real classy there, Grease)
>Wants unlimited attention over Manchester explosion, showing the world how sociopathic he really is
>Turns out Onion was already a loser in the military as we expected and upgraded his veteran status
>Dani and TomatoNuts are still delusional and giving him their money, nothing new

No. 511777

5/24/2017 - 5/31/2017
>We finally get to see the "expected" collab with Grease and some dumbass nobody.
>Another dumbass nobody finally withdrew her pledge on Patreon (at the same day Onion harasses her on younow about her Twitter account)
>The thread was mostly shit for the past few days, not much milk was being released
>Onion's military records have been released for the general public, with the suspicion that some of them are fake (as in typed by Greg alone)
>Oh and his mental state is slowly deteriorating whilst asking for moar $$$

No. 511778

5/31/2017 - 6/12/2017
>Greg's "military records" on hand were discovered to be forged and his med records implied that nothing was really wrong with him other than behavioral issues, abnormal blood pressure and ~depression~, along with warts on his freaky dick-textured skin.
>Lainey is still playing the ~muh anxiety~ card and Grease has enough of her (and so do we).
>Taytay's relatives paid a little visit to the Onion household and Gregma could no longer contain his rage as soon as her dad showed up.
>The IRS is now conducting their investigation on Grease as we speak. While this loser tries to stall their plans with a crappy video tour and threatening suicide (lol).
>Gregma throws a narc tantrum at his ex-wife for not taking the $5,000 alone and abiding by the law (I thought you were all about the law, Grease? Follow it!). He also planned to stalk the shit outta her just like Margo with Venus by trying to obtain her address.

No. 511780

6/12/2017 - 6/22/2017
>Gerg cries about his parasitic relationship with Andy Biersack presumably coming to an end
>Lainey is treating her anxiety with fidget spinners because gerg has no money for real therapy
>Gerg freaks out in Joy Sparkle’s DM, both incapable of scheduling a debate which later turns into a shitshow
>Claims Lainey is a charity
>Jaclyn and Richie show up to trigger Gergy successfully as he later throws a narc tantrum on twitter about how he would not date a masculine woman while dating an agender space prince

No. 511781

6/22/2017 - 7/01/2017
>Onion continues to sperg about Jaclyn's "disgusted body" while her and Richie milk his sperging for $$$.
>Gretchen once again pulls the false dmca card outta his ass towards Richie, Jaclyn, Joy and Blaire. There may be consequences from this…
>After a deluded Lainey, minions and Onion realize that Grease's lack of emotion in a recent texts video; Lainey tries to cover his ass with a spontaneous "lulz so rand0m3!" tasting vegan food, they come out looking worse for the public. (Lol)
>The Onions decided to copy Shane, Jenna and Billie for a punx rawk tutorial, only for Gertrude to fantasize about Billie again.
>Onion boy attempts at veganism again…for the 9,002nd time.
>Oh and one more thing, Taylor has found potential Onion poly victim #2

No. 511785

7/01/2017 - 7/14/2017
>Lainey has developed cow tendencies over the course of the Onion threads and according to the farmers, she's featured along with Onion as the second co-conspirator in this dramatic saga from now on.
>Onion attempts to instigate drama with Blaire White, wanting a major debate for views. Blaire of course, doesn't give him what he wants and ignores him.
>Onion converts a former Air Force buddy to his Sicesca cult. TomatoBallz is still sucking Onion's greasy cock, nothing new there.
>Cyr wants nothing to do with Onion, despite trying one last time tearing him away from Dasha just to have "Ocyrion" back for views and nothing more.
>Gregma is once again harassing Dan and Phil, the Phan guys don't respond to his bs either.
>No word on the IRS thing yet…
>Gertrude and minions continue to block, erase and mute comments from detractors; along with buying subscribers, follows and creating sockpuppet accounts.
>Despite Gretch's claims of no longer having a poly-relationship anymore, Lame is still going at it; hooking up with a young former schoolmate who plans on moving to Washington for college.
>We also learn that Lamo is 99% useless as a housewife and 60% useless as a mother. Onion plans to get rid of her, someday.

No. 511787

7/14/2017 - 7/24/2017
> Onion finally gets senpai to notice him, and "debates" Blaire White while looking like Patrick Bateman; the result is a shitshow in which Gerg showcases all his famous narc manipulation techniques, including reductio ad dictionary: "let me just check the dictionary definition of the word 'collection'"
> Lainey reckons she's losing weight so fast that by the time I finish this post she'll be weigh a negative number of pounds and be able to float away to Fiji like a helium balloon
> Greg had spotted a new potential trinity victim, Vix, until he was cockblocked by her boyfriend. He has a lot of feelings about this difficult situation, all of which are totally platonic of course
> Lainey is really relating to today's youth on her livestream #blessed #yassqueen #slay #notgroomingchildreniswear
> The IRS popped around for tea and biscuits. We look forward to future updates on how the visit went.
> Onion M.D. continues to make great strides in the fight against eating disorders by trying to trigger Shane Dawson's body dysmorphic disorder, using bogus made up measurements and advice
> Onion M.D. doesn't apply the same body-shaming techniques on his buddy Billy The Fridge, despite Billy being literally the same size as an actual fridge
> Instead, he collabs with the human Fridge and TomatoAsslickette, to create a macabre skit about armed intruders killing a bunch of his characters off for no reason. Comedy for the whole family.
> Onion also gets ignored by Kalel, shat on by danisnotonfire, and shade from Trisha Paytas. All deserved, of course.
> even Lainey is visibly sick of his shit, although still trying very hard to imitate Billie in a creepy Dasha-esque way

No. 511788

7/24/2017 - 8/07/2017
>Onion and his smug spaceprince continue on their path towards destitution only managing to get by for the time being on their ~true~ fans' bux donations on younow and patreon.
> Onion and Plainey recently put out a video of Plainey taking an online bdsm quiz confirming they are boring and into degrading plainey both in and outside the bedroom.
> Plainey continues making horrible amalgamations out of semi-current slang and memes trying to relate to her army of agender teen girls
> Onion continues to sperg on twitter about subjects like the IRS investigation, youtube censorship and weed etc.
> Onion keeps making videos about his dying youtube channels and claiming last videos for this and that channel
> Onion decided to try to rebranch himself as "Onichan" and made a new channel where he started posting more videos with him running around in his underwear or humping inanimate objects and showing off his crazy self.

No. 511789

8/07/2017 - 8/12/2017
> Onion invited a seemingly obsessive plainey fan to the grease mantion without telling grainey in advance, visibly pissed off the agender snowflake.
> gargoyle flew a 20 year old patron over to "stay" with them and "collab" only for him to get a crotchful of fangirl and clog the family toilet
> grease "flew over bexx to do some shitty collab vids, the first of which featured her alongside onion in her bikini and shaving cream. Head in crotch action was involved.
> first day at the mansion bexx (over)shared her adventures in the mcmansion by posting pics of how she clogged onion's toilet and was ~so embarrassed~
> plainey livestreamed and looked as furious as ever, even being unable to fidget spin because she was so triggered by bexx
> onion and his fan did some more shitty vids as well as younow streams where she gives him lovey-dovey eyes while being her dull fangirl-self
> veiney still makes shitty would-i-let-my-greasy-husband-fuck-you vids, weirdly enough seeing as she keeps saying she doesn't want (onion to have) more gfs/"""poly""" relationships
> onion blasted one of his retarded 16 yo fans who made a video on him about the drama resulting in onion and his hoard of fans turning on the 16 yo idiot
> that same 16 yo (ex?) fan seems to be working on #exposing onion's youtube shittery and made a vid on what appears to be grug's fake accounts
> the IRS haven't been mentioned as much lately but they're likely working on busting onion's nuts and we'll wait for the milk to arrive

No. 511790

8/12/2017 - 8/21/2017
> CloggerBex returns home after accomplishing one shaving cream video and showing up in Gerg's livestreams. Her twitter suggests she won't be flown out again due to school and expenses, not that it matters because she's sad that Plainey shit-talked her on previous younow streams.
> Lainey continues to dye her hair Billie's color, making pissy comments on her younows (bars pls!!!) about how she's not with Bex and totally not poly you guys, but she's a weeb now so pls submit fanfics and cosplay ideas. And she's vegan, and did she mention she hates weed?
> Gerg suicides his channel by transitioning the main Onision channel with 2 million subs to paid-only, 50 cents a month. Some people's Google Play connected cards were autocharged, and Gerg's 13-year-old fanbase sobs in his comments about how their mom won't let them pay him. Gerg is unmoved, knowing he needs to get sweet cash before the IRS fucks him to the tune of up to $300,000.
> A potential third trinity member, Ashlyn (macncheesefairy) appears. 18, vegan, and a visual clone of Billie, she's been getting plenty of Onion's attention on social media, but this isn't definite - Lain-boy has a new crush, but won't say who.
> Drama youtuber TallVideos and conspiracy farmers suspect that Greg has three kids total: Troy, Cloey, and one from a previous partner or marriage, which would explain some of the age-inappropriate children's toys around the house better than Lainey's daddy kink. Delicious, but unconfirmed milk on this episode of Big Greg Goes To The City.

No. 511791

8/21/2017 - 8/26/2017
> Gargamel drinks water out of a barely rinsed out bottle of Clorox only to throw up on YouNow while our space prince cries begging him to call poison control
(of course Onion was annoyed by her concerns)
> our favorite space prince cries after finding out her totally platonic friend has a boyfriend after spending her beta buxx on a plane ticket
> macandcheesefairy, a Billie clone, emerges on Twitter and YouNow and starts to get the attention of Lame and Greg despite previously being a Social Repose and Billie fan and has only recently started following both Onion and Lame on twitter.
She has caught the eyes of Onion himself, still yearning for Billbong, while Lainey aggresively ignores her generic manic pixie comment spam on YouNow.
> Doormat admits on stream that Greg often breaks up with her during arguments and she doesn't allow him to leave the relationship lol
> Faxx Machine blatantly lies on Twitter calling his beloved Patron and donator $$$$ Becca "thick" and not "fat" despite of how contradictory this is.
He has after all called much thinner women, and underaged girls fat on his videos.
> Eugenia Cooney is offline for a day which causes Greg to speculate about her death, because spending a day away from the internet is incomprehensible to him, and he announces the callout videos he'll make after she dies.
> several of the people who pay Greg to do his own job on discord (lol) have posted on the previous thread confirming they lurk as previously suspected
> Cap Anon or perhaps our toiletclogger herself has posted a dank screenshot of a very high Gingerbeck

No. 511792

8/26/2017 - 9/13/2017
> guess who's back, back again. Sarah's back, tell a friend
> IRS came to visit, Greg fake cries over him going to lose his car and home. It's all TurboTax's fault you gai's
> Lainey starts a new channel 'Beauty Bot', will start writing off her makeup purchases as business expenses no doubt.
> Get's all righteous over Pewdiepie accidentally saying Nigger on a stream when he flings the word Faggot about despite his space prince being 'trans'.
Haley steps in and brings up his use of the word faggot which Greg tries to twist. He also has deleted his tweets where he says the word faggot.
> Greg talking about making a kickstarter and has a new 'vegan' food blog consisting of microwave food and tin foil.
> Lainey now has blue hair, just completing her billie transformation, also getting her younow fans to beg for her.
> They got rid of their guinea pigs so they could get a puppy.

No. 511793

9/13/2017 - 9/20/2017
>Sarah was in the McMansion, but hangs with other people besides The Onions
>Lame started her BeautyBot channel featuring her shitty makeup skillz and skin walking ways to become the next Billie
>We also learned she returns half-bottles and containers back to Sephora after she's done using them, nasty hoe.
>We also get glimpses of the little spawns in her recent daily vlog video.
>Meanwhile, Gregma started shit with NetNobody and his crew while in Cali, there goes your big chance, huh?
>Of course, none of it was his fault as always.
>Attacks Jaclyn Glenn again for the 9,000th time over her fake tits.
>Is vegan yet fails again at it for the 9,000th time.
>Oh and he shits out blood due to poor diet and some other shit (no pun intended).
>Speaking of health, he might be committing fraud against Medicaid.

No. 511794

9/20/2017 - 9/24/2017
>After getting called out for being an ass to one of NetNobody's crew members it seems even more people are keeping their distance from Gregma. To be fair he hasn't lost all hope and in a desperate bid for relevance he has continued taking trips to LA for colabs. His most recent trip saw someone bail on him but despite him being upset/disappointed he has not release the name that person. This has led to tin-foiling that he may also be going to LA to ether get away from Lainy and the kids or cheat.
>In regards to home issues, Onion has been encouraging Lainy to look for a girlfriend. Despite being "So Gay', it appears she's only looking for a girl to be her emotional tissue and tell her how beautiful/wonderful she is. Also in a recent video, Gregma tells abuse victims to ask their abusers why they got abused and try to fix themselves first and then try to help their abuser become better a better person.

No. 511795

9/24/2017 - 9/29/2017
>Lameo still being upstaged by underaged girls while Onion rates them on his YouNow
>Also possible troll gets under her skin when she claims Onion likes long blonde hair
>Discord cows still giving hundreds of dollars to two untalented wet blankets
>Plaino allegedly getting a volcano tattoo but claiming it didn't have to be permanent
>Jaclyn Glenn's Nuke turned out to be not onion related and disappointed thousands of folks
>Onion still traumatizing normal people everywhere with his horrific instagram food feed where he eats a pickle burrito

No. 511796

9/29/2017 - 10/04/2017
>Plainey got a TOTALLY GAY!!! rainbow volcano tattoo, didn't credit the original artist until called out on it
>Repzion apologized to Onion for a few things, thus feeding the Gregma Narc-O-Meter
>A slave to FAXXX, Onion admitted he’s addicted to hentai. But he’s 3 days clean, so clearly he’s fine now guys!1!
>Onion continued flirting with "barely legal" fans. Unsurprisingly, this triggered his sulky-ass wife/agender space prince
>Onion is about to take another trip to LA despite a lack of confirmed collabs

No. 511797

10/04/2017 - 10/10/2017
>Lameobot still sucks at makeup
>Onion boy is still going to LA for collabs and bought a pair of shoes to replace his ugly dad ones
>Onion also releases a video discussing self-harm and upsets literally everybody
>Cow tipping lameobot on YouNow about Momokun causes her to have angsty replies and an obvious facial breakdown (also potential tears)
>Tinfoil speculation about who Onion is banging due to sudden lovebombing on camera
>Thread ended with being shitted up by 13 year olds who don't know how to sage or withdraw from commenting unnecessary things. (One worded responses not contributing to the conversation are frowned upon anon)
>The teat is relatively dry from both cows but lets hope something is brewing in there

No. 511798

10/10/2017 - 10/18/2017
>Lame has a gender reveal party that is extremely cringe.
>Onion buys Lame children's clothes for her 23rd birthday.
>Lame pressures her fans to continue giving money on YouNow. Even making someone call her bank and cry because she can't give her more money.
>Onion quits veganism and goes back to eating eggs due to feeling weak.
>Lame says she is going back to fish because she claims to be too skinny, showing off bruises on YouNow and talking about her being weak.
>Possible milk from a former "fan" who is now tweeting suspicious things that seems to be directed at Onion or Lame.
>Farmers are suspicious that they might have an entire room dedicated to their daddy kink.

No. 511799

10/18/2017 - 10/22/2017
>Former fan Macncheese releases creepy screencaps of Onion trying to get her to the grease mansion.
>Onion and Lame both lie about their foot size.
>Laim turns 23 and gets more gifts from fans than from her beloved Onion.
>Laim has a visible meltdown on YouNow which she later says was an anxiety attack although Farmers thought she could of been on Aderall or alcohol.
>Onion leaves us permanently scarred when he posts a picture of him in a diaper and disturbing video.

No. 511800

10/22/2017 - 10/28/2017
>Onion continues to bleed subs and keeps blaming YouTube. Says he will protest.
>Laimey completely disregards her fans opinion and dyes her hair purple and gets an undercut.
>Onion makes another Jab at Laimey (one of many) and says DDLG is predatory, this garners a reaction from BinkiePrincess and her boyfriend who are also Lames friends.
>Laimey ignores most YouNow chats because people are telling her FormanBoss is a child who donated mass amounts of money to her on YouNow.
>Lame gets heat on YouNow, people ask why Sarah is living there. Which prompts Sarah to come on the chat and ask Lame 'What is your favorite show atm", obvious distraction.
>Onion and Lamey continue to pick on their poor dog Leelu.
>Lamey no longer wants a girlfriend and says the idea of one is very unpleasant.

No. 511801

10/28/2017 - 11/06/2017
>Greg made a cringy video about DDLG wearing adult diapers that a farmer sent him for his birthday.
>Lainey and her awful makeup videos are still keeping Sarah's presence in the Grease Mansion a secret.
>A DDLG fan who lives nearby and potential new trinity member with oddly far apart eyes, kittenspace, stopped by for a day of Olive Garden and shopping with Plainey.
>Standard tantrums on Lainey's squinty eyed Younow and Greg's barely-attended Periscope, nothing special to report.
>Lainey finds out about JG/Social Repose breakup, gets incredibly smug about it on Younow despite having stayed with a husband who smacks her hands away when she reaches for him, and receives minor social media backlash. #justlaineythings
>Greg and his HiImASociopath sock account go on a colossal twenty-tweet "Jaclyn apologize to me now REEEE" tantrum, receives absolutely no good feedback with even long-time Discord asslickers telling him to back off. Big bruiser Becca heavily moderates his stream chats to create a fax-based echo chamber.

No. 511802

11/06/2017 - 11/18/2017
>Laineybot meets fan Kitten Space.
>Onision makes another Shane Dawson video despite saying he would never agian.
>Lainey continues to beg teenagers for money on YouNow and will reward them by dyeing her hair live on stream.
>Onision breaks up with yet another friend Tomato ass licker, because of Repzion.
>Despite calling Lamey his world Onision live streams while arguing with Lame about gender identity and his sexuality.
>Lainey receives her binders from her fans and uploads a cringe video, this apparently makes her a boy and has now decided that she is in a gay relationship with Onision.
>Lame's mom is currently at the grease mansion.
>Onion has been narc raging on twitter and milk is sure to come.

No. 511803

11/18/2017 - 11/28/2017
>Onion continues narc tweeting and continues to spin the wheel of drama.
>Laimey says she has 0 friends coincidentally Sarah is back home, so their friendship might have ended.
>Onision posts 2 pictures dressed as Social Repose and "Shane Dawson". Despite him saying he would never talk about Shane again.
>Onion and Lamebot fight live on stream over Lamey not cleaning her work space and apparently having flies in the room.
>Lamey continues her usual E begging and has made a wish list that Onion himself is sharing for her teenage fans to buy her stuff.
>Onion uploads a video about his relationship with Laimeybot, ends up being a 75% a video about his ex girlfriend and Lames father.
>Lamey stresses about having no one to photograph her for her patreon, and talks about not letting Onion photograph her because she feels uncomfortable.
>Onion twitter rants about the time he cheated on Lame and bashes his wife Lamebot for crying and having trust issues. Which ends up witha live stream of him denouncing polyamory because there ex is irreplaceable.

No. 511804

11/28/2017 - 12/13/2017
>Action continues to abound while Vix drops caps in tempcow of messages exchanged with Grug. The story of an epic troll where she completely reeled him in is beginning to unfold.
>Lainey comfortably defends Greg's "friendship" with Vix.

No. 511805

12/13/2017 - 1/08/2018
> Vix continues to stream for three more days, happily making fun of the onions. Greg replies to her one tim, blocked and unblocked her since, but won't answer her messages.
> tries to defend himself by subtweeting about Vix only being a friend.
> still tries to desperately get noticed by any slightly famous YT (Kalel, Shane, etc) by tweeting at them
> tries to set up a Poshmark internet store for selling his nasty-ass clothes at full price. Gets happy about 666 subscribers because hellz yeah u guis hail satan lol XD
> Greg’s internet presence becomes less and less as he reuploads and rearranges videos to his six (?) different channels. He goes to LA for a gig with Brandon Rogers where the filters betray him and make his dented caveman brow more prounounced.
> onion's new thing is making react videos on stream, yet he was the one who made fun of other youtubers who make react videos, another desperate attempt to get back on top and recreate his channel
> Greg makes CPS video to explain why CPS visits. Doesn't explain anything, kisses CPS' ass.
> Claims “I’m not a dad anymore “ thinking that it will make the internet stop questioning his parenting skills.
> Lainey, apparently straight edge, starred in a glorified advertisement for weed by Corked Diffusers.
> Lainey manically tries to make herself happy with shopping binges, haul videos of all the stuff she gets from fans, chopping off and dying her hair every two weeks and flying in a “crush” she has ahortly after Greg claims “we’re not poly anymore”.
> Her crush Maya visited the McMansion, Lainey and her made a video where they kissed (patreon-only), Lainey deleted the video within 24 hours cause it didn't work out between the two (or three?) of them, so Maya flies back and the two of them only indirectly interact publicly through twitter.
> Greg is very quiet about Maya despite the fact that she's a pothead and we all know his stance on drugs.
> Becca and Harley are recorded talking shit about both onions in a discord conversation. Onision is weirdly chill about it, Becca is still in Lainey's streams trying to butter her up.
> 14 y/o fan tries to send Lainey a package with gifts, gets grounded by her mother. Lainey only cares about the pressies she now won't get.
> Lainey is still desperately trying to push her smol bean persona, gets easily triggered when people question her weight, size (esp. shoe size), anxiety etc. went to go and get shoes to prove how smol her feet are live on stream
> Held her show next to Greg’s during a livestream in a desperate attempt to prove she’s totally a SIZE 4 in jOuRnEyZ kIDs
> Lainey pushes off doing streams multiple times, claims exhaustion, shitty days and general feel-bad-ness.
> Taylor and Greg make videos for their channels of “Love books” they wrote to one another. Taylor features Greg in her video and sounds like a star struck groupie while Greg reads everything in a monotone voice while saying, “This might make me cry”. Greg’s video by contrast, talks about Lainey in the ways she’s important to his image and sticking it to the haters. He releases the video without even showing her the book first and promises to upload the full PDF for Patreons ($). Taylor accidentally forgets to edit out her children’s names in her video and Troy and Cloey are confirmed for the children’s names.
> Lainey has a really bad day after he posted his video about the book and is pissed in her stream, making sneaky remarks like "he can do whatever he wants, I don't care" which makes it obvious she wasn't very pleased with the outcome or his way of publishing it
> Lainey says she won’t get a ring tattoo because “what if you get a divorce “?

No. 511806

1/08/2018 - 1/30/2018
>Greg makes a very special video where he imitates his wife by dressing up in Lainey's clothes, screaming and rolling around in garbage. Soulmates!
>Maya breaks up with Lainey after about a day because Greg wanted in on the relationship and she was physically repulsed by him because he's physically repulsive
>Greg attempts to 'debate' nutrition with VeganGains on YouNow by claiming soy products give you stomach cancer (which isn't even true) and his voice gets higher and higher until only dogs can hear him
>Greg attempts to recuperate from the VeganGains massacre by debating feminism with Ragreynolds, who somehow loses due to immediately dropping every single point he makes, making him the only person on the planet dumber than Greg himself
>Lainey gets a trashy thigh tattoo of some baby elephants to represent her children because she doesn't know how to be a parent without making it a constant, unending performance. Greg's new camera bitch Sam apparently drew it.
>Someone in the Onion discord plays one of Greg's many narc rages during his stream
>Lainey accidentally streams part of a conversation between her and Sam, where Sam says "I think he had a crush on me in October" and the stream ends
>Greg 'outs' Lainey as a smol space prince to his family and Mother Onion tells her that if she wants to be trans she should "start acting like it"
>Tempcow shares transcripts from a recorded conversation where Greg admits to having a micropenis and buying a $200 prostate massager
>Sam starts streaming video games with Greg and takes Lainey's desk, saying "we will get you a better desk" when the smol bean complains about it on YouNow
>Greg begins to set up shop on Steemit and D.Tube, possibly to avoid taxes since they use cryptocurrency (which isn't currently taxed)
>Greg releases chapter one of his new hit novel Reaper's Creek, complete with his own dramatic reading that has all the passion of a Microsoft Sam with dysthymia

No. 511807

1/30/2018 - 2/20/2018
>Onion quits Twitter except her really doesn't.
>Lambo keeps caking her face and posting horrid beautybot videos, while constantly asking for 69k likes on YouNow.
>Sam streams late at nights and interacts with farmers laughing and answering questions because Onion said she could if they were honest.
>Onion doesn't take Lame out for Valentine's but does take her out to help him buy foundation.
>Sam's streams disappear and she no longer streams which causes Farmers to speculate trouble brewing in the grease mansion.
>Lame goes on YouNow acting smugger than usual while talking about her things going missing. She also post a video that shows her child sitting in a corner that had dog food spilled there in another frame.
>Sam reveals she is no longer living with and does a 3 hour live stream where she is upset about the stealing accusations and reveals onion handed her a plane ticket randomly. She doesn't reveal much and heavily implies it was Laimey's fault that she had to leave. Sam also says they were over hearing her live streams and she could hear them talking about it. Onion also got upset and thought she could be a potential hater for retweeting Valentine cards making fun of onion.
>Onion live streams and also implies Lame is insecure and could be the reason Sam had to leave, Says he and Sam are still friends.
>Lame streams and gets triggered when people question her about Sam she ten asks Sam to call her if she wants to know why she had to leave.
>It seems Sam and onion are still on speaking terms, story is still developing.

No. 511808

2/20/2018 - 2/27/2018
>Onion has turned Youtube into his new Twitter and lovebombs Lame and his kids to the max.
>Lamey is basking in her smugness since she kicked Sam out. Subtly accuses Sam of stealing and denies it later. Sam rages about Lame accusing her of stealing, on Twitch.
>The Onions are posting about how happy they've been the days after they kicked Sam out.
>Sam does an interview about her shitty living situation and Greg gets offended, starts trash talking her and raging about cheerios. The two start streaming accusations and insults back and forth, but don't actually talk to each other.
>Grug defends Footface against Sam. Footface has nothing to say about the situation as usual.
>Lame and Sam talk on the phone and Grug implies Sam got kicked out because she was being inappropriate by coming onto him. He threatens to expose emails they exchanged. Sam claims the emails consist of Greggle trying to get her to admit she had feelings for him.
>Grug gets triggered when trolls say Sam and Maya rejected him. Tries to make people believe that they wanted him and he rejected them.
>Grug makes a video calling DDLG gross to derail the pedo accusations against him (even though Lame calls herself his little girl and calls him daddy).
>Onionboy posts cringey Onision video with Sam, directed at haters.
>Onions sell Tesla and buy a truck. Still waiting to see what the IRS will hit them with. Also in process of searching for a smaller house.

No. 511809

2/27/2018 - 3/10/2018
>Lainybot's husband Onion boy/Onision gets triggered because Sam won't admit she had feelings for him. Claims she tried to kiss him and wiggled in his lap.
>Laineybot's onion accuses Sam of trying to swat his kid and wearing Lame's clothes without permission (he gave Sam permission).
>Onion and Lame fake happiness. Onion attempts to sooth Lame's insecurity by calling females he brings into his home "hoes" and lovebombing her.
>The Onions make a video about their toxic relationship and try to pretend it's not toxic, concluding with pained cuddling.
>The Onions sell their BDSM collection of restraints because Greggle claims he is no longer into DDLG/BDSM anymore.
>Lame gets triggered and rages in a stream at/about Sam. Once again both Onions blame the other woman and attempt to convince people Grug is innocent.
>The Onions go on a shopping spree with a "smol" budget of $300 and Complainy whines about her inability to fit into clothing.
>Lame shows off hickey or collar marks as a symbol of her undying love with Onion boy.
>Lamey admits that she is insecure because she is not feminine and her husband is attracted to more feminine females.
>Onion brings up past exes and recently ex roommate for the millionth time. Also claims that a friendly parting email from Sam was her declaration of love for him. It wasn't, just his ego knocking.
>Lame insists her and Onion are in a queer relationship, but Onion insists he is straight. They've been clashing over this for months and Onion even gets triggered when Lame says they are in a gay relationship during their shopping spree.
>Grease removes and blocks a patron for asking a question about Billie in the basement and how the Onions would hide that from their little ones. Onion is disgusted by the patron's concern for a child.
>Onion removes two more patrons for disagreeing with him. One for talking to Sam and another for not laughing at his suicide joke.
>Lame is the breadwinner/head of the household and is starting to put her foot down when it comes to Onion flying in girls. Doormat is becoming a door and closing Onion in his locked room of misery.

No. 511810

3/10/2018 - 3/21/2018
>Lainey's gay husband Onision/Onion bans patrons because they didn't find his suicide jokes funny as well as going on a witch hunt against anyone who he thinks is leaking screenshots from his online cult, "The Coterie". Only patrons who donated $250+ in the past year are allowed access.
>Lainey gets her hair bleached at a salon and it looks awful. Bitches about the hairdresser on YouNow. She dyes her hair a color and it still looks awful as always.
>Lainey's gay husband streams again and makes fun of the suicide joke situation again as well as brags how he doesn't wear deodorant, similar to how he used to brag about his poop not smelling when he became a vegetarian.
>Lainey's gay husband posts a tweet on twitter to insist to himself that he doesn't need constant validation from online strangers. Continues blocking people who mock him in his twitter replies.
>Lainey's gay husband hangs out with his sister, a pilot who is way more relatable than Lainey's gay husband will ever hope to be.
>Lainey's gay husband continues to release 3-4 page chapters of his "book" that features a self-insert and dozens of grammatical errors.
>Lainey made a """fake""" Tinder account where she catfishes women as a straight guy named Landon Paul, seems genuinely confused and hurt why no one falls for her or thinks she passes as a straight guy.
>Lainey's gay husband gets his hair bleached twice with a dye put on top of it in an attempt to become Liquid Snake. He fails miserably, due washing the dye out immediately after Lainey put it in his hair when it should have set for a while. He even edits the video about it to make sure that the part where he calls Lainey "the biggest, fattest cunt ever" was left in for his viewers.
>Lainey's gay husband takes inspiration from his friend Social Repose by making dozens of fake tweets of people he circlejerks about constantly and turning them into a shitty song in "This Needs To Be Said…" on OnisionSpeaks.
>Lainey shows off her disgusting choking bruises on her neck.
>Lainey's gay husband posts a video titled "Just Needed To Vent" where he spends the entire time ranting hypocritically about how his unpopular opinions are not making him popular. Brags again about being a member of the Air Force when his position before being discharged was part of the Chair Force.
>Lainey's gay husband is so embarrassed about his hair that he streams in black and white.
>Lainey's gay husband makes a video that shows how misinformed he is about tampons and the female anatomy.
>In an effort to hold onto any shred of popularity he has left, Lainey's gay husband reuploads dozens of older videos he made, barely breaking 10k views on any of them.
>Lainey says she is going through a "gender crisis" but leaves it at that.
>Sam confirms that Lainey's gay husband tried to get Sam and Lainey to kiss for a video while Sam was there, confirming that Lainey's gay husband brings over women to fulfill his lesbian Barbie fantasies.
>Lainey's gay husband convinces Lainey to get cheap silicone engagement ring replacements with him
>Ex-friend Tomato makes a video about Lainey's gay husband sperging at an Olive Garden because Tomato corrected him that not all pasta is vegan even though fReElEe SaId MoSt PaStA iS vEgAn.

No. 511811

3/21/2018 - 4/03/2018
>Onion continues to be embarrassed by his disgusting mess of carrot hair and changes his video to black and white to hide his insecurity. In videos where he just uses color-correction, he makes his hair look piss yellow.
>Onion constantly makes lengthy posts telling his haters to stop watching him, as he slowly strives to make his followers unquestioning yes men a la Sicesca.
>Onion makes a video about girls he's into. Highlights include insisting he's a Dom, liking black girls, and liking homewreckers.
>Sam explains in a private discord some of her stranger interactions with Onion, namely him hugging her and asking if she was wearing a thong, to insisting she sit with him on his bed right next to each other even though there was a chair in the room.
>The unhappy couple post a vid titled "Is My Marriage Happy", where Lainey's result is she's unhappy in the marriage and Greg's result is he's happy. Grug constantly interrupts Lainey to talk about himself. Gurg also believes "fapping is so emotional cheating".
>Anons speculated about a correlation between the cold sores on Lainey's and Gurgle's mouths to herpes.
>Anons speculated about the true value of Lainey's rings, as her first ring was sold to a fan for $700. Meanwhile, Lainey bought 2 silicone wedding rings as replacements.
>Onion released a video making fun of his patron's tastes in music and includes a handful of Lolicon and Futanari Hentai from his personal stash for comedy, dubbing it a "Hentai Break". He also includes a Hentai Break in a video where he announces moving his Coterie from Onision.xyz to another exclusive forum.
>Onion changed his Twitter profile to an older pic of him with his dark hair where he thinks he looks kawaii, despite announcing numerous times his departure from Twitter.
>The unhappy couple dye their hair again out of shame. This time, Gurg's hair looks dust bunny gray and Lainey's is mess of a mop that she pretends is "rose gold". Gurg also trimmed his hair using kid's scissors and a shaving razor.
>Onion makes yet another video about how unfair YouTube is to his dying channel. He changes his Twitch handle from "onisiongames" to "onision" after getting verified on Twitch. His twitch only gets an average of 9 viewers luckily.
>Onion makes another video about an incident years ago where a doctor diagnosed him with a UTI and he railed on her for diagnosing him with a "cheater's disease".

No. 511812

4/03/2018 - 4/12/2018
>LGH trimmed his bangs while his aunt dyed his hair for a fourth(?) time, resulting in a disaster of a mullet
>LGH returned to twitter to the surprise of no-one under the guise of using it as a third feed to share his patreon posts
>Desperate for rekindling his views, LGH reposts old videos featuring his ex-wife and others with his ex-gf Sh (name abbreviated to prevent lolcow from being associated with her future projects). More on this later.
>A shooting occurred at YouTube HQ where 3 people were injured. LGH made a video insinuating YouTube deserved it.
>LGH flipped his pool table (that was now "basically garbage" due to how much abuse it took in Onion skits). He was so impressed with his strength that he posted how his body still felt sore 7 days later.
>LGH got a notification from Sh's manager to remove the reuploads featuring Sh or to face legal action. LGH posts a video of him narc-raging at the manager on the phone (which is illegal given he lives in a two-party consent state for recording phone calls). Highly recommend reading >>/pt/501629
>LGH continues to become a Twitch-partnered streamer but barely breaks 10 concurrent viewers and 30+ views on his already recorded vids
>LGH streamed twice on YouNow pretending to be insane, one where he's just and wiggling his womanly hips and tiddies for attention and another where he's doing the same but with chocolate sauce all over him.
>LGH posts his man-boobs on instagram for validation. Comment in screenshot taken from this moment.
>LGH and Lainey announced they are going to move to a different house, after exchanging their two Teslas for cheaper cars.
>LGH continues to make videos where he mocks the messages left by ex-patrons and many videos about YouTube defunding his life.

No. 511813

4/12/2018 - 4/20/2018
>The Onions move out of the Grease McMansion into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for $500k. It looks like a trailer in a swamp, thereby dubbed the Swamp Trailer; Shrek memes ensue.
>LGH continues to make long posts and videos begging haturz to back off and about his constant demonetization.
>Lainey turned LGH into herself in a video, filled with lots of "loving" put-downs and an overweight Gurg
>LGH talks about the Sam situation. It sounds like he misses her but he was really proud of himself that he didn't cheat.
>Lainey also makes a video showing off her wearing a suit for the upcoming Prom video, says how happy she is that she feels comfortable with herself as a boy. LGH looks at her with nothing but disgust, apathy, and snark. Get hyped for gay prom, guys!
>LGH streams to his small group of patrons and makes jokes at Sh having a miscarriage
>LGH makes several videos about how doctors are wrong, after telling stories of being diagnosed with a UTI years ago and a recent story of his son Troy being diagnosed with inflamed testicles (where he made a scene and yelled at the doc)

No. 511814

4/20/2018 - 4/28/2018
>LGH goes through an existential crisis on Twitter, most likely caused by the downgrade from Grease McMansion to Swamp McTrailer and being confined to 3 rooms with Lainey and their two kids.
>Lainey asks LGH out to gay prom by dressing up as L and writing "PROM?" in skittles. LGH poorly fakes his excitement. Full prom transcript: >>509139
>LGH continues to post long comments on his videos begging hate-watchers to leave him alone
>LGH continues to talk about his exes, specifically Sh and Sam recently, on stream and in videos despite legal threats to stop
>Lainey makes a mukbang video featuring fresh fruits and veggies where she spits 90% of the food out. LGH sat with her with complete hate and exhaustion >>510092
>Anons find a quality "I'm 14 and this is deep" post written by Onion. Quality edgy memes ensue.
>LGH insists on Patreon that his problems are too E D G Y for therapists to handle and would "ruin anyone's mind".
>Lainey makes boring videos like "my husband does my makeup" and "installing a shelf"
>Lainey vague-tweets how unloved she feels.

No. 514755

4/28/2018 - 5/05/2018
>LGH posts more than a few 10-year-old memes where he writes about himself in the third person >>512399
>LGH continues to stream emails by ex-patrons, his exes, and the haturz.
>LGH creates another strawman-argument video featuring: Greg, the husband who's too tired and busy to talk about anything, and Totally-Not-Lainey who things Greg shows favoritism to one child over another >>512321
>Related, LGH posted a selfie of his outfit for that video with very prominent, disgusting genitals to his underage fans >>512547
>LGH makes a twitter post accusing his ex Adrienne's dad to be a child molester and congratulates himself for being such a good guy(tm) >>512884
>Plainey dies her hair yet again, and also continues to use filters on her videos
>Two of Plainey's discord patrons vent to each other in one of the public channels. Lainey jumps in making it all about her; she has Sarah threaten to shut down the server because Lainey got panic attacks over people helping each other. >>513381
>Sylar was also going to be kicked out of the Lainey discord due to allegations of sexual misconduct/harassment. Fat Becca jumps in and attacks the victims and vague tweets about how much of a sad sack of shit she is. >>513528
>Jacklyn Glenn and Onion are friends again?????? Anons believe the two are just whoring the new friendship for attention
>Plainey makes another video about how she's not going to transition, to no anon's surprise

No. 518203

5/05/2018 - 5/13/2018
>Shreg shaved his hair off entirely, after dozens of failed hair-dying attempts. It was even funnier than anyone could have imagined >>514923
>One of Shreg's patrons commented with genuine concern that he looked like a school shooter now, which Shreg tactfully dismisses by publicly shaming the comment on his twitter
>Shreg continues to make short videos where he screams and commits suicide
>He also posted "I'm a fool in a world full of sharks." >>516302
>Lainey finally made her "10 Things I Love About Onision" with passive-aggressive skits against Ogreg. It's legit funny and also confirms the abuse Lainey lets her kids accept >>515568
>Onion posts his reaction to Lainey's vid. His high-pitched fake laugh is a dead giveaway that he was really bothered by the points brought up, given his regular laugh is not as squeal-y >>516179
>As Lainey's video predicted, Onion immediately started posting depressive tweets. Anon put it nicely as, "My Wife Made Me Suicidal: I Can't Take a Joke"
>Onion posts video "I Want To Be Understood", where it's so hard to be a YouTuber that makes more than if he got a retail job, he's suffering guiz ;-; >>516759
>And then Onion posts his ass for a video. >>517555 Anon also took another screenshot with the color adjusted so you can see his junk that is all balls >>517774
>Onion makes more vaguetweets that anons suspect is him trying to get Shane Dawson's attention, as Shane's doing a video series about helping failing YouTubers get back on their feet

No. 522650

5/13/2018 - 5/24/2018
>Swamp Prom arrived. "Lainey spent almost a month gearing up for this, and Shreg behaves like a complete retard and shits all over it." >>518481
>A 17-year-old transgender youtuber, Kalvin Garrah, was suggested by a fan to make a video about how Lainey is a transtrender. Lainey proceeds to cry and reee into her discord while Ogreg makes a video white-knighting her out of fear >>518707 and >>518866
>Lots of tweets by Lainey and her fans ensue where they bully Kalvin into not making the vid. We are unsure if he is still going through with it.
>Ogreg tweets how hot he thinks one of his patrons is (who happens to look strangely like Onion) and immediately deletes it >>519080
>Lainey is bad at makeup >>519340
>Anons find out that Greg still wears the clothes he and Plainey put on Poshmark for skits before they're sold. >>520327
>Onion proclaims yet again in a video he is happy (because he has a truck) >>521125 but not for long….
>….since Onion went on a narc rage on twitter a couple hours ago. Lots of tweets being deleted, fun stuff >>522492

No. 525325

5/24/2018 - 5/29/2018
>Lainey went to visit her family in New Mexico with the kids
>Greg sperged on twitter ALL of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, AND Monday.
>Sperged on twitter about PewDiePie being a pedophile after PDP featured Onion in a video about not-humble YouTubers >>522863
>Sperged on twitter about Shane being a pedophile again >>522977 as well as in a 30-minute video >>523157
>Threw shade at a Bratz doll >>523081
>Sperged on twitter about not being a pedophile >>523265
>Sperged on twitter at Blaire White to debate him again >>523492 and she brushed him off >>523501
>Sperged in more videos about how he's not a pedophile >>523622 and >>524946
>Realizing Blaire won't reciprocate his love, Ogreg instead challenges viewers via YouNow to debate >>525219 Stream summary >>525224 Anons confirm the highlight to be a farmer named Lucidia, who appears at 1:38:09 in the hooktube.

No. 530012

5/29/2018 - 6/11/2018
>Lainey spent almost a full week with her family and old high school friends in New Mexico with the kids
>Onion used the debate against randos from as content for videos >>526197 and also proposed doing similar YouNow debates on a weekly basis. Anons unanimously agreed to avoid participating in the future to contribute to his downfall.
>After sperging angrily for 5 whole days, Ogreg changed his tune to playing the victim and wanting to change with fake apologies >>526756
>Blaire White actually accepted having a debate with Onion >> 527411 it's really boring and not even worth hate-watching, featuring Onion playing the victim and admitting to pandering to Blaire and his audience
>Ogreg also posted on twitter posing as his dog Leelu >>527679
>Ogreg, as he promised during his debate with Blaire, made half-assed apologies to people >>527857
>Lainey posted a video where Onion waxes her legs, complete with close-ups of her discharge-soaked panties >>528771
>McMansion is up for sale, complete with virtual tour of the not fully cleaned house >>528858
>Greg posted yet another video where the outline of his junk can be seen >>529263
>Lainey got a haircut that is worse than the 8 previous hairdos the Onions have had in the past couple of months >>529308
>Lainey also posted a self-care video (now removed) featuring herself in a bathrobe and no clothes on underneath >> 529495 Thanks to anon for the screenshot compilation >>529535
>But to top it all off, the Onision channel got its 2nd strike!! :D >>529904

No. 535977

6/11/2018 - 6/24/2018
>Onion continues to pretend to be his dog on twitter
>Onion got a second strike on his Onision channel and began publicly trying to move his content all over the place and removing old videos >>530048
>Onion then started targeting the DDLG community again, specifically BinkiePrincess >>530252 He made another video too featuring Maddie and crotch shots >>531131 Maddie later made a video stating her regret at making this and wants to be a "good voice for the DDLG community" >>534228
> Onion tried to appeal "Chibi Eats Snow" to his dewilderment >>533361 anons discover it's cause the video showed him eating shit, vomiting on camera, and make a child molestation joke >>533528 YouTube disabled the channel for 3 months with its reevaluation >>533855
>Lainey brings in her own FTM trans teen named Noah for a collab >>533707 Collab has not been release yet
>Onion, Lainey, their children, and Lainey's grandma all went to Disneyland. Onion tried to bring in his wallet, which is also a multi-tool and against policy to enter into the park (pic for reference >>534307 ). Park security told him to either toss it or go back to the car and return it. Onion threw a fit and stormed back to his car to leave while his family stayed at Disneyland >>534146 No one sympathized with his first video so he's made a couple of responses begging for validation >>534262 and >>534805
>Lainey queerbaits with Mercedes, featuring Onion behind the camera cackling as they read hate comments against him >>534536

No. 543744

6/42/2018 - 7/08/2018
>Greg changed his twitter icon to be half his face and half his dog Leelu's face >>535069
>Onion continued to sperg about being told to leave his multi-tool wallet at Disney World, comparing them to Nazis >>535233
>Alternate footage of Greg being insufferable at Disney World >>536173
>Because Onion lurks here, he announced on twitter his new dislike for Cyr and Dasha and has removed all videos featuring Cyr to restrict to Patreon-only access >>535458
>Onion made a lame video of him "waxing" >>535688
>Lainey: "Greg keeps telling me I look like Andy Dick" >>535792
>Onion and Lainey sell creepy polaroids featuring themselves for at least $7 each >>537492
>Onion publicly accused his father of being a child molester >>538925 He sperged about his father in a vid too >>539009
>Lainey queer-baited with her friend Mercedes (the two have never dated) while reading hate comments >>538998
>Lainey shows off her tattoos and at the same time flashes her vagina at the camera >>539929
>Greg and Lainey talking about the "Rules and Punishments" of their relationship; mostly features them fighting. Video: >>540903 Transcript: >>540958
>Greg, as a straight man, talks over trans people while standing in front of a Death Note poster >>541470
>Onion's patrons Respit and Dev fly out to Onion's house to film a video WKing transtrenders >>542585
>Greg made two recent videos kinkshaming DDLG and Ageplay, to which Madison DeCambra responded with defending the DDLG community and regretting doing prior kinkshaming collabs with Onion. Onion blocked her on twitter, and he and Lainey are ignoring her >>543538

No. 549115

7/08/2018 - 7/15/2018
>Sarah's back and might possibly be staying at the Onion trailer
>Greg continues to say that he and Maddie were never friends and how he was uncomfortable around her for years. Maddie cries to instagram. Summary: >>544090
>It's still shaky whether Maddie has actually undrank the koolaid due to consistently going back and forth to seeking their forgiveness >>544550 and knowing better >>544720
>Onion posts screenshots of a long message he sent to Maddie on twitter >>544991
>Lainey gets on YouNow and rants about "not wanting to talk about Maddie" but also talks about Maddie >>545101 (backup >>545194 )
>Onion attacks both his flakes GingerBecks >>545420 and AllieLovesLain >>545957 for supporting Maddie
>Onion continues to vouch for trans people, as a cis white man >>546349
>Onion makes an unnecessarily graphic retelling of all his relationships >>546473
>Onion flew up a new $100 patron to do videos with him >>548304 She seems to have a crush on Lainey and is better at makeup than her >>548316
>To no one's surprise, Onion attacks Shane Dawson yet again ..this time with back-and-forth emails >>548918

No. 554138

7/15/2018 - 7/26/2018
>Anus continues to again harass Shane publicly via twitter, most notably saying that Shane's lack of wanting to pursue a lawsuit out of not aiming to negatively affect Anus's family was "a threat" >>549218
>Anus breaks the back window of his truck due to not properly placing a packaged bunkbed, blaåmes everyone else >>549334 pic of incident >>549440 and proper box placement >>549540
>Anus and Sarah were in a room off-camera at some point, and Anus made a comment to her saying, "Dat booty tho" (recreation >>552187 ). Sarah now flips whenever someone else comments that to her, hence her flipping out in Lainey's discord >>549773
>Anus made 2 new chapters of his shitty book >>550024
>Lainey got new hair ..again. This time it's purple >>550201
>Lainey and Anus make a video where Anus admits that he thinks bisexuals whore themselves to everyone and would only be okay if Lainey was dating a "biologically same" person. It's a goldmine of excuses >>551204
>McMansion still hasn't been sold after 42 days >>55 1653
>Anus spergs about Trump, compilation here >>551950
>Anus deflects as his Twitter spergs continue, targets are Shane, Trump, people who support Shane, Billy the Fridge, >>552581 and Demi Lovato >>553354
>Lainey and Sarah make a sketch where they touch each other a lot >>553109
>Anons share a tweet Anus made in 2013 where he talks about masturbating to 6 year old boys as a strong counter-argument to his Shane spergs >>553328 Onion in response calls out his hypocrisy and apologizes >>553786 but doesn't apologize for his harassment of Shane >>553827
>Discord insider shares how Sarah wanted in on the trinity >>553371
>Anus blocks people who tweet "dat booty though" but then decides to make a video about it, exploiting Sarah >>553851
>People continue to tweet at Anus about Sarah …who continues to deflect by talking about Lainey, compilation >>553933

No. 559581

7/26/2018 - 8/9/2018
>Anus makes a video recreating the "Dat booty doe" comment he inappropriately made towards Sarah >>554231
>Anon posted audio from private patreon streams featuring Anus going off about the "Dat booty doe" controversy and a failed heartwarming moment featuring Onion's son >>554322
>Anus apologies for a tweet where he joked about being a pedophile, which by his own logic makes him a pedophile. Defends himself by saying only young girls can be victims of pedophilia >>554390
>Lainey makes a video of her singing in her car where she looks hella busted >>555619
>Anus's spergs for the majority of the thread are focussed on parenting tips, i.e. >>555697
>Anus makes videos about Black people's hair for shock views showcasing his racism >>557866
>Anus announced his private twitter would be a perk for $50+ patrons, but it continues to have only 4 followers after 9 days (before >>556017 and after >>559044 )
>Lainey starts making videos talking negatively about Onion >>556038 and >>559533
>Anus activated Tweet_Delete on his account to automatically delete over 2000 old tweets
>Grease McMansion still hasn't sold yet >>559377

No. 568395

8/9/2018 - 8/28/2018
>A patron’s mother replies to Greg’s copy paste message about renewing pledges. Spoiler: she makes him look even more like a racist idiot. >>559847
>Sends same copypasta pledge message to another cow, Mariah Mallard. >>559962 and >>559973
>Lainey makes a few more videos with Sarah (>>566008 and>>566944) as well as more clickbaity videos about her relationshit with her gay husband. Greg makes it clear that he still desires a unicorn despite Lame’s discomfort with the idea. >>564843 and >>560896
>Greg plans on leaving twitter, again, and doesn’t (as expected). >>561397 He does however start a new channel. >>563950
>Greg makes videos about meeting Jeffree Star claiming he called him a faggot countless times >>562553 and therefore sexually harassed him. >>566028
>Deleted all his videos on his failed Onichan channel due to “issues he couldn’t avoid.” >>567808
>New Chapter of Reaper’s Creek >>567893

No. 574216

8/28/2018 - 9/12/2018
>Lainey makes a video claiming she was a “teen mom” and whines about how she can’t relate to mothers who are 5-10 years older than her. >>568353
>Greg makes a video about how most men are creepy rapists (Except for him of course). >>569556
>Lainey is officially done with streaming on younow and is exclusively streaming once a week on her private Instagram. >>569579
>Greg spergs out over a National Geographic documentary being child porn and demands that youtube is SHUT. DOWN. >>570427
>Greg makes more videos sperging about kinky/curly hair, he compares curly hair to his gross ass pubic hair in one. >>571124
>He also livestreams his reaction to Lana Summer’s “ONISION'S BLACK (CURLY HAIR) HAIR ADVICE - I DID IT FOR A WEEK!” video. >>571607
>Lainey is considering the name “Elias.” >>571724
>Lainey confirms that Sarah is no longer there and will be back for Lainey’s birthday >>571809
>Greg lands in some legal troubles due to “pulling up blackberry bushes” and cutting down yards of trees without a permit. >>572078
>Greg removes his “Organic Man” video off youtube, anons speculate it is because it shows how much destruction has been made to his back yard. >>573200
>Additional information appears to be sent to the officials in charge of his case. >>574074 >There is speculation that he may owe several thousand dollars due to his negligence to get a permit to alter his backyard.

No. 579624

>Last update on swamp trailor’s case was on September 12th
>Anons speculate Lainey and Greg (mainly Greg) are currently looking for a third person to torture. >>574410
> Lainey speaks about Billie (again) in her private livestreams, compares her to a “first love” among other things >>576077
>Fat Becca and Creepy Sylar are no longer mods of onioncord and are no longer following Greg’s sooper sekrit twitter account. >>576157
>Greg releases footage of the guberment “trespassing” on his property. >>576267
>Greg makes another video challenging Shane to fight him. Shane, of course, ignores him. >>576344
>Lainey is liking DDLG posts from Binkie Princess >>576933
>Greg spergs out about #WhyIDidntReport tag >>577953 >>578092 >>578120 and continues to pretend he's an activist for sexual assault victims days later >>579507
>Lainey continues to talk about Billie (and another ex) >>578005 as well as a girl she’s had a “crush” on for a year. Surprise! It’s a Billieclone. >>578014
>Lainey releases “The Future of my Marriage”, Greg wants to impregnate another woman, Lainey, of course, is not okay with that. In other news, water is wet. >>578186
>Greg compares an onionflake (rxbootyslayer) to Quiet from MGSV. A “compliment” he’s already given to Lainey and ex-cameraman Sam. >>578416
>Greg releases another video complaining about his exes, specifically Shi. >>579569

No. 586028

9/25/2018 - 10/8/2018
>Still no public updates on the swamp trailer’s case, still active as of October 8th.
>Gregma has started reporting parody accounts for “impersonation” >>579689
>Greg makes a stupid “apology” (with half-washed makeup) on video for Billie, AJ and Shiloh. Reuploads the video detailing his “relationship” with Maya around the same time. >>579920
>Greg continues to whiteknight Jessie Paege (aka shitting on SR’s horseface), probably to get in her barely legal pants >>580135
>Makes yet another video challenging Shane to fight him. >>580342
>Lainey makes a video of Greg reacting to her “secret” tumblr account, calls her perfect since she’s totally into girls. >>580515
>Lainey takes offence at Shane’s Jake Paul series because she feels like he’s calling her husband a sociopath because people on the internet believe he is one. >>580951
>Greg confirms that Billie was the ex he sent the apology to. >>580973 Lainey probably cried about it. >>580992
>Sarah and Lainey have stopped following each other publicly on twitter, >>581060 Instagram, discord >>581078 and facebook >>581081. She does, however, follow Greg. >582369
>Lainey releases a Mask and Ask video that details a bit about their relationship. >>582987
>Gurg spergs about weed a few times. >>583420 >>583579
>Greg posts uncensored tits on youtube. >>584057
>Still acting as if he is a savior for sexual assault survivors, despite his history with sexually assaulting women. >>585186
>Still trying to start beef with youtubers far more relevant than he is. >>585316 >>585738
>Lainey posts “Am I A Transtrender” >>585354 and Kalvin Garrah releases a (respectful) reaction video. >>585483
>Greg, of course, bitches about Kalvin on twitter >>585744 and on youtube. >>585765 Kalvin gives no fucks about Greg and ends up getting blocked by Onion. >>585927
>Greg is currently trying to get his teen fans to validate his appearance. >>586013

No. 589797

10/8/2018 - 10/18/2018
>Still no public updates on Tractorgate as of October 18th, 2018.
>Greg dropped the Character bs on his twitter >>586032
>Is still trying to stir up drama with trans youtuber Kalvin Garrah >>586067 >>586077
>Caps detailing an ex’s experiences with Greg and Lainey are dropped. >>586120 >>586145 >>586231 Greg and Lainey avoid and delete/block any commenters mentioning her.
>Lainey and/or Greg copyright strike Kalvin’s transtrender video, revealing her youtube network to be Fullscreen Inc. >>586263
>Brings up AJ’s “apology” in his #HimToo video >>586415
>Megan (rxbootyslayer) is outed by admin for self-posting and trashing Lainey and friends in onion related threads. >>>/snow/708131
>Lainey makes a video about why she won’t date anymore (subject to change). Implies that her ex is lying in the video. >>587356
>>Replies to Lainey’s private twitter make it apparent she had a shit birthday. >>589307 Some anons speculate it’s because Lainey and Sarah are no longer friends. >>589317
>Greg’s been lurking! You can't sit with us. >>587844 >>589399

No. 594837

10/18/2018 - 11./3/2018
>Lainey is taking a “small break” from beautybot due to viewers hating her content. >>589810
>Greg starts sperging about how his childhood was abusive and makes passive aggressive tweets and videos about his mom. >>590297 >>590316 >>590590 >>591715 >>594690
>Greg is still making videos about Eugenia Cooney, this time with him (as Bane) force feeding her. >>590555
>Lainey releases a video giving people “tips” for dating older men. >>591908
>Lainey now has google clipart permanently on her arm. >>592100 >>592361
>Lainey releases a video about Greg trying on her clothing. His sock stuffing is joked about and made super obvious. >>594092
>TRACTORGATE UPDATE (as of October 30th, 2018)! The government is building a case against him (and by extension, Lainey) with photos from his neighbor. >>594010
>It is speculated that Greg filed a report against his neighbors as a sad attempt of “payback” >>594068
>Greg makes a video about hsanon, it’s almost an hour and 30 minutes long. Here are some interesting clips: >>594619 >>594635 >>594640

No. 600696

11/3/2018 - 11/17/2018
>Greg announces he’s “Gay” and that he’s attracted to “female bodies with male minds.” >>595259
>A tractorgate update has been posted, Greg and Lainey have a public hearing on December 6th, mark your calendars! >>595862 >>596021
>Caps of the Onion’s appeal letter have dropped and the damage to their yard is reduced to pulling blackberry bushes by their shady lawyer. >>596078 >>596080
>Greg inserted a random (recovering) girl in yet another video about Eugenia Cooney. >>597221
>Lainey releases a video talking about her ex-boyfriend yet again, while praising Greg for not being abusive. >>597300
>Lainey releases another video reacting to Greg’s video about her, one where Greg even admits he’s been verbally abusive to her. >>597997 >>598130
>In Greg’s Hair dyeing Q&A, he brings up how Skye was a "lying POS who took his money" and ignores the fact his fans harassed her off youtube. >>598486
>Greg’s still posting videos with Shiloh in it. >>598958
>Lainey’s private twitter has been leaked (on her 6th wedding anniversary with Greg no less). >>599178 >>599179 >>599180 and she changes the username around 20 ~ 30 minutes after the leaks. >>599195
>Lainey later that day “accidentally” posted sad emo lyrics on her main twitter. >>599367
>Turns out Sarah confronted Lainey over fake screenshots of her private twitter. Lainey claims that their friendship is fine but, looks (and sounds) unsure about it. >>599761
>Lainey gets a new tattoo of Greg’s shitty handwriting on the crook of her arm for an anniversary present. >>599815

No. 607095

11/17/2018 - 11/28/2018
>Lainey states that the day of her anniversary was shitty. Might be because of her twitter being leaked or because Greg is a shitty husband. >>600699
>Lainey does another video with Jess/Ryan and confirms she’s still salty about Billie, after almost 2 years of them not being together. >>600866
>it’s speculated that Jess/Ryan’s significant other did not feel comfortable with them staying at the Grease Trailer. >>600890
>Patron DMs between Greg and ex-Patronfags Beccacopsicle and Sylar are released. Surprise, Greg talks like a retarded Disney villain. >>600902
>Greg spergs about DDLG >>601059 Religion >>601067 >>601075 Skye >>601151 and Strange Aeons (this is still going on) >>601253 >>601298 >>601472 >>601485
>Calls Shane Dawson a liar for being in the closet over a 6 year old tweet >>601607 >>601680 and somehow relates it to Shane being a “pedophile”. >>601688
>Greg drops a podcast about his wannabe cult. >>602065
>Greg can’t take criticism and runs away to his private twitter >>602141 only to continue to post on his main account. >>602204
>Greg shows his ass and makes it obvious that Greg and Lainey bringing over girls is only for his sake. He also thinks women in their mid 20s to mid 30s are “mature.” >>602218
>More Strange Aeon sperging. >>602213 >>602270 >>604250
>A fetlife account that may belong to Lainey was found. >>603011
>The countdown to tractorgate begins, just in time for milkmas. (December 6th, 2018)

No. 611695

11/28/2018 - 12/08/2018
>Taylor contemplates using Greg’s suggestion of Kai as her fakeboi name because she is clearly incapable of having any idea of her own >>607181

>Grug continues to hemorrhage Patrons >>607226

>We are all reminded of the full extent of Greg’s “I was just removing some weeds” horticultural endeavours courtesy of footage recorded by his neighbours >>607240

>Taylor makes her 4th ‘Vaping for the 1st Time’ video, once again reinforcing how utterly boring and lacking in creativity she is >>607794

>This vaping video was actually sponsored, and instead of being thankful that she is able to receive any semblance of income from her “career” she bites the hand that feeds by complaining about said sponsor “misgendering” her and the video being demonetised, once again proving how much of an entitled, ungrateful cunt she is >>607960

>Greg continues to flaunt his University of Google qualifications that are far superior to those of medical professionals with their book learnin’ >>608163 >>608166

>Whilst clearly in the throes of a psychotic break/attempting to prove insanity in light of impending legal proceedings, Greg still finds the time to release an album of 38 songs like the true hard-working creative genius he is >>608313

>Greg’s public display of mania results in YouTube expressing concern over the possibility of him attempting to an hero >>608438

>Highly sensitive sooper sekrit content from the OnisionPrime account is leaked >>608394 “violating [Greg’s|] trust” (I needn’t point out the irony here) >>608633

>>Based admin create a special theme for the farmers in honour of Tractorgate >>610171

>Lamentably, Tractorgate itself was a spectacular anticlimax (as predicted by several farmers) due to the hearing being postponed/stalled by Greg’s incompetent lawyer >>610671

>Taylor deletes her private Instagram after more leaks and will purportedly be creating a new one for the higher-tier Patreon paypigs (like that’s going to prevent leaks from happening again, at this stage she should probably just erase her entire online presence) >>610839

>Greg announces that he will be releasing a documentary on Shane Dawson in the next 60 days and puts out a PSA on Twitter asking for substantiating material (get the popcorn ready, fam) >>611410

No. 615662

12/08/2018 - 12/20/2018
>Greg continues to creep on youtuber Jessie Paege >>612082, spergs out on those who call him creepy, and changes his twitter name to prove that he totally doesn’t want to fuck her. >>612371 >>612372 >>612488
>Rees about youtuber Colleen Ballinger announcing that she’s in labor to her fans. >>612214
>Argues with Jaclyn Glenn over atheism and how agnostic atheists aren’t a thing. >>612785 >>612798 >>612802
>Greg releases his “documentary” on Shane Dawson thus making him look more bitter and creepy. >>613551 >>613596 >>613602 >>614222
>Lainey and Greg had their power shut off due to a tree knocking down their power lines, some editing mistakes were made. >>614382 >>614662
>Greg gets his “documentary” taken down and releases a “I’m broke feel bad for me” video titled to shane dawson fans, I’m sorry. >>614583 >>614532 >>614545 >>614563 (he later changes the title to “to shane dawson fans (let’s be happy) >>615134 )
>TRACTORGATE UPDATE! Greg and Lainey have redacted their appeal, anons speculate that they may have to pay a minimum of up to 208k in fees. >>615410 >>615412 This does not factor in what they owe to the IRS.
>Greg is pulling the I’m not an asshole it’s just a character card to excuse his behavior again.

No. 620133

12/20/2018 - 1/2/2019
>Greg finishes his obvious self-insert novel >>615773
>Greg releases a new video about the “rumors” about him >>615868 and rees about pedo allegations on twitter. >>615873
>Greg releases a patron-exclusive (lol) further droning on about his dating history. >>616128
>Sarah is back in the Onion household and Greg is still sperging out about not being a pedo. Seems like Sarah is one of Lainey’s “Gifts.” >>616165
>Greg continues to make videos about Eugenia, this time it’s a Sims 4 video where he starves her to death. >>616351
>Greg is attempting to imitate Jessie Paege’s “positive” posts on twitter and choses to react “positively” to critics, it only makes him look fake, condescending and creepy. >>617546 >>617525 >>617526
>Greg makes videos about how he never went to court for tractorgate >>617714 and proceeds to downplay what he’s done as “yard work” and blames his neighbor for his actions. >>617728
>Greg kicks out patron lizardqueenxoxo (one of his mods for his youtube comments) for being “negative.” >>617813
>He also unblocks everyone on twitter but mutes any critics of his behavior. >>617939
>An friend (?) of Sarah’s states that Sarah had a habit of watching Lainey bathe and parade around the house naked >>617970 while friends of certain exs of the Onions make vaguetweets about Lainey and Greg getting away with grooming children. >>617977
>DMs of Sarah’s reaction towards the fake tweets are posted, >>618042 her reaction towards the bathtub tweet only confirms suspicions that Sarah did, in fact, watch Lainey bathe. >>618011
>Madison’s Drunken Peasants podcast only feeds the fuel to the grooming allegations. Making it seem she knows more than she knows. (For clarification, she was talking about how young Shiloh was when he dated her.) >>618177 Greg calls her to tell her he’s suing, and recorded her call without her consent. >>618872
>While Madison is livestreaming about Greg >>618941 Greg is loveboming his audience. >>618920
>Another video with Sarah is released >>619093 and more talk about the Onions grooming Sarah ensues.
> Lane states that Greg and Lainey wanted to have a relationship with a 16 year old girl (Sarah). >>619554
>Messages between an anon and a cousin of Sarah are released, confirming that Sarah’s recent visit was for the potential of dating Lainey (and by extension Greg). >>619601
>Sarah and Lainey have matching headers on their private twitter accounts as of January 1st, 2019. >>619845 >>619846

No. 622459

1/2/2019 - 1/5/2019
>Greg makes a GoFundMe to fund the fees he owes to restore his wetlands. It’s a poor attempt at trolling. >>620388 >>620390 >>620394
>Greg paid application fees. >>620597 >>620601 >>620605 >>620608
>Ayalla spills about Sarah being groomed by Greg and Lainey, and shit gets real. >>620752 >>620778
>Lane states that Sarah and Lainey used to cuddle >>620806 >>620849 , how Sarah was convinced she would be the next girl after Billie >>620811 and how Lainey used to walk around naked with Sarah around. >>620853
>Luxy releases a dm between her and Greg trying to guilt her for not wanting to have sex with Lainey while he’s around. >>620817
>Lainey admitted to Billie that she and Sarah used to “talk.” >>620873
>Greg is threatening to sue Ayalla in a failed attempt to silence her. >>620975
>Ayalla shares a bit of her experience with Greg, Lainey, and Sarah. >>621837
>Greg is trying to frame Ayalla after he or Sarah watched her younow livestream. >>621723
>Shannon Taylor speaks out on her experience with Lainey. >>621749
>laineyiscrying.jpg and goes on younow for the first time in months. >>621809

No. 624767

1/5/2019 - 1/11/2019

>Greg started livestreaming, discussing the current allegations against Him and Lainey. Admits to Sarah having feelings for Lainey and Lainey being hesitant to date her. He admits to Sarah seeing Lainey topless “as an adult.” He also admits to treating Sarah like shit until she was 18. (Mirror: >>622401)

>Claims that it was okay to kiss Maya because his wife had already kissed her. >>622208
>Ayalla calls out Greg’s allegations about her asking Sarah to sleep with her as a diversion tactic. >>622349
>Sarah states that she’s doing a livestream only to drop it 3 hours later, most likely because Greg threw her and Lainey under the bus. >>622363
>Greg leaks a message that was sent to Lainey to prove that he’s totally not a creep who sexually harassed a 19-20 year old girl. >>622406 >>622428
>Sarah posts an itinerary that states that she was 16 when the Avaroes flew her out. >>622542 People still aren’t convinced that she hasn’t been groomed.
>DMs with a girl planned on flying out were released. Her twitter is now deleted. >>622582
>DMs about a mother deleting her daughters’ twitter for interacting with Greg were posted. >>622607
>Sarah now claims that Lainey was not a legal guardian but only a medical power of attorney, contradicting her and Lainey’s claims. >>622637
>Greg makes yet another video about Maya and how she totally wanted him, despite us having proof that she, in fact, did not want him. >>623149 (Mirror: >>623158)
>Sarah’s 41 second statement trying to cover for Lainey and Greg is posted on Greg’s speaks channel. Still, no one with a brain is buying it. >>623994
>Lainey has definitely cuddled with Sarah. >>624162
>Greg releases a video of “objective facts” which does nothing but slander Ayalla and Madison. >>624186
>Greg persists on being fake positive after claiming that Ayalla is a pervert who enabled Sarah’s ED. (When in fact it was Lainey encouraging Sarah’s ED. >>624235) >>624411

No. 627230

1/11/2019 -1/18/2019

>Luxymoo speaks about her experiences with Lainey and (mostly) Greg. >>625028

>Sarah has deleted her public Instagram, isolating her even further. >>625160
>Greg makes a few clickbait videos and tweets making a joke out of the allegations in an attempt to show he’s totally innocent and not bothered. >>625242 >>625244
>Greg is still creeping on Jessie Paege while pedophilia and abuse allegations are swung his way. >>625299
>Greg puts a pause on his false positivity to out a person’s sexual abuse story (thanks Taylor Avaroe) to use it against her, among other things. >>625571
>Surprisingly, but not really, Greg still tries to reach out to Billie. He has left an hour-long voicemail on Ayalla’s phone whining about how h-Lainey really misses her before. >>625906 (transcript: >>625993) >>625887
>Greg references the movie Mean Girls again, this time to refer to his victims. >>626232
>Greg streams again with yet another clickbait title (Mirror: >>626127) and rees about fellow youtube creep RSN, pretends to not know Luxymoo and rees about being innocent until proven guilty. (transcripts: >>626128 >>626226 >>626477 >>626478)
>UhOhBro is terminated for hate speech >>626835 only to have it reinstated by youtube’s incompetent staff a day later. >>627055
>An anon’s dms with Madison are dropped. >>627087 >>627089 >>627092 >>627093 >>627094 >>627095 >>627099

No. 632576


1/18/2019 - 1/27/2019

>Despite crying poor and being in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt, Taylor makes a video showing off the “boy clothes” Greg bought her >>627263

>Greg breaks his vow to abstain from blocking Da HaTuRz on Twitter which results in a block/delete spree against the Anti-O accounts >>627235
>Greg ramps up the faux positivity on Twitter with posts including ~inspirational~ misquotes from historical figures whose names he probably can’t even pronounce >>627430
>Just to prove how destitute he is, Greg gets a hideous tattoo that is ostensibly a tribute to Da HaTuRZ >>627507
>What’s even more hilarious is that the abysmal clip art design is what took the place of this hand drawn masterpiece that was his initial idea for the tattoo
>Madison spergs about the anon who leaked their DMs concerning pedogate and uses it as an excuse to not make the video outing the Swamplords that we all knew she was never going to make anyway >>627784
>Madison streams while drunk and claims that Greg, like the true feminist he is, told her she deserves to be raped while she was holding her child >>627846
>Ever the mature, responsible adult, Greg prioritises buying a USD 10K Dodge Ram (it is speculated that he will try to use it as a tax write off) >>628090
>After YouTube reinstated the comedic genius that is UhOhBro, Greg continues to treat us all to his unparalleled gift for humour by making light of the serious allegations against him >>628603
>In yet another dazzling display of maturity, when Greg’s neighbours from across the swamp (not even next door or in close proximity) complain about the trailer being lit up like a Christmas tree 24/7 he takes to Twitter to ask his mentally handicapped tween fans what he should do about it
>Greg continues to delete what are probably incriminating tweets and hemorrhage followers >>628826
>Greg uses a song featuring Shiloh’s vocals in a video of his straight husband doing gymnastics which is not only weird but could potentially get his ass sued >>629156
>Greg continues to flog Death Note in his “content”
>Greg blocks one of his most obsessed stans and patrons on Twitter for being funnier than him >>629430
>Taylor makes a video of herself reacting to Greg reacting to Tik Tok hoes, claims she isn’t jealous, is very obviously jealous that her husband finds feminine girls with big bouncy tits more attractive than her crusty foot face
>Greg makes an ubercringey clickbaity video with his festering mug nowhere to be seen in the thumbnail which manages to rake in over 60K views in the space of a day at a time when YouTube views are at an all time low across the board >>632117
>Taylor makes ANOTHER clothing haul video (that’s two in the space of a week) >>632198

No. 638650

1/27/2019 - 2/10/2019

>Greg makes this tweet >>632416 and promptly deletes it after being called out.

>Greg makes videos that should have stayed in the ‘00s >>632434
>Greg continues to concern-troll Eugenia for clout. >>632537 >>633715 >>633235 >>633723 >>633914 >>636868 >>638137
>Greg claims serial killers don’t kill for fame/attention in response Dre’s (Jessie Paege’s not girlfriend) criticism of the Ted Bundy film. >>632798 She fires back at him. >>632800
>Greg is hopping on the train of making videos about known costhot Belle Delphine and nyannyancosplay >>633021 >>633991 follows nyannyancosplay on twitter >>63422 and whiteknights Belle. >>636410
>Lainey complains about feeling dysphoric the same day she gets her super short haircut. >>633884 and claims that ~love is not for her~ through vague emo lyrics. >>633886
>DMs between an anon and Madison are posted >>>/snow/773575
>Greg and Lainey’s yard continues to look appalling. >>634177 >>634178 >>634181
>Sarah deletes her private twitter, facebook, and Instagram (her facebook and Instagram are back up). >>634703
>Greg and Lainey’s patrons are dropping like flies >>636205 >>636235
>Greg “apologizes” to Shane >>634943 only to imply he’s a pedophile again. >>635896
>Greg makes another video stating that he never raped AJ >>635402 and forgets that AJ took back her apology for claiming she lied. >>635368
>Greg uses porn preferences from the UK and statistics of the correlation of age and the risk of down syndrome to justify his attraction to almost legal and barely legal girls. >>635862
>Tractorgate update! Greg and Lainey have until February 18th to submit a plan to restore their property. >>636233
>Greg starts posting inspirational quotes because his phone number and address had been “leaked.” >>636245 >>636361
>Greg gets butthurt that a “what age I am” website thinks he’s his age. >>637870
>Lainey and Greg are so in love and totally aren’t staying together out of spite. >>637979
>Greg is complaining about people flirting with him (so believable). >>638234
>Greg livestreams and claims he didn’t want to change Madison’s daughter because he didn’t want to look at her genitals. >>638616

No. 662916

2/10/2019 - 2/28/2019

>Greg thinks changing a little girl's diaper is viewed as sexual >>638665

>Greg claims his haters are liars & that if they were telling the truth he'd be in jail >>638749
>Greg says hater bloggers want to fuck him >>638759
>Greg yet again references fucking dogs in his video @1.45 >>638798
>Greg continues to harass up Eugenia Cooney even when he has claimed to stop >>638809 >>638833 >>639427 >>639845 >>640559
>DM's between Jaclyn & Onision were leaked, of Jaclyn telling Onion to not tweet her about Eugenia >>639515
>Greg being confronted by a male irl and retreating in an old clip >>639726
>Lainey uploaded another sponsored vape video >>640456
>Greg begs people to stop writing to him about Shane Dawson & admitting to being a creepy stalker of Shane's >>640509
>Greg continues to stalk Jessie Paege >>640697
>Greg patreon continues to go downhill and do poorly >>640951
>Laineybot makes a patreon exclusive clickbait "Are We Meant For Each Other?" with Greg being pushy for multiple partners >>641079
>Court document update on the Wetlands >>641373
>Greg starts posting inspirational quotes because his phone number and address had been “leaked.” >>636245 >>636361
>Lainey makes a "clean my house" video, revealing the disgusting state of her house & garden >>642089 >>642113 and the poor living conditions of their dogs >>642813
>Lainey fucks up her hair once again bleaching it to Orange >>642436
>Greg completely destroys and rips up Lainey's wedding dress in her latest video >>642807

No. 662917

3/2/2019 - 4/11/2019

> Greg removes his more distasteful Eugenia videos under the guise of not wanting to trigger her. >>644007

> Greg threatens to sue Repzion over videos made about him. >>651666
> Says he'll no longer be sharing any videos with his dogs because people where concerned about the conditions they where kept in. >>644209
> A Patreon pulls their pledge over a joke where Greg expresses his desire to kill mentally disabled people. Greg goes off the deep end because she also pulled her pledge from Lainey. >>644959
> Lainey gets another generic tattoo. >>645006
> Greg asks for help with his aquarium on insta, ends up showing off how bad of a pet owner he is again. >>645040
> Greg goes on another rant about how thoughts and prayers are useless after a mass shooting in New Zealand. >>646343
> Greg releases a video in regards to why he didn't change the diaper of a friends daughter that he was watching. News flash - it makes him look worse than just saying he finds it gross. >>647184
> Tractorgate update >>648222
> Despite all his LGBT virtue signaling, Greg still post about wanting to have sex with two people that have vaginas. >>648640
> Greg releases a video reacting to an old song he wrote about B. >>649219
> JG makes a video on Greg calling him out for all his hypocrisy. >>651197
> Lainey makes a video about her gender saying she's still breastfeeding and is unable to transition. It appears she is looking more seriously into starting the process. >>651666
> Look forward to Kalvin Grarrah making an in depth video exposing Greg's transphobia. >>651867 Lainey is already crying. >>652207

No. 662919

4/11/2019 - 5/15/2019

>The county gives Greg the terms he must follow to repair the damage he has done to the wetlands. >>652379

>Even more hilariously they are requiring him to build a fence so that he'll keep out of the buffer area. >>652383
>Kalvin Garrah makes a video exposing Greg's transphobia and abusive personality. >>652585
>Lainey does not defend Greg publicly and only vague tweets about it on her private twitter account. >>652696
>Greg attempts to manipulate Kalvin into taking down the video. When this does not work he proceeds to his next tactic - threaten to sue. >>653080
>Since things did not go in Greg's favor, his new attempt to weasel out of any criticism is to release "I Am No Longer Married & 'Onision' Is Going Patreon Exclusive" where he states that he will no longer share his marriage or "Onision" publicly. >>655308
>All exclusive "Onision" Patreon videos he releases during this time are just complaining about the haters and feeling sorry for himself. >>655983 >>656825
>Greg goes on a copywrite striking rampage. >>656804 >>656842 >>656872 >>657453
>Krimson Rogue releases a book review of Reaper's Creek >>657173
>Allie, an ex-patreon and a bit of a cow herself shares some information about Greg and Lainey's relationship. >>657831 >>657855
>Madison chimes in with her personal experience. >>657937
>STRANGE ÆONS releases her review of Greg's second book, This Is Why I Hate You. >>659590
>Just a day later Greg makes a video announcing that "Onision" will be returning to his youtube channels.
>His first Onision video in 19 days is one which he defends James Charles because he's young and he his bound to make some mistakes. Oh yeah, and strait men can't be victims. He goes on to state that he believes that Austin Jones's prison sentence was too extreme and he should of been sent to a mental health facility. >>660125
>Greg tries to ride the expose wave for attention claiming that Jeffree Star sexually harassed him. . >>660554 >>660671

No. 692166

5/5/2019 - 6/25/19

>Greg attempts to call out JS for sexual harassment while showing a 5 second clip with no context. >>661522

>He follows this up with an attempt to prove how right he is by shit talking Tobuscus, JG, Blair White, Sh, Social Repose, Cyr, and claiming that JS sexually harassed him when he called Greg a faggot. >>662345
>Greg goes on a manic striking spree. No one is safe as he strikes larger and smaller youtubers as well as new and old content. >>662650 >>663056 >>663069
>Aldlii blesses us with another video where Greg's blatant hypocrisy is exposed in regards to the James Charles situation. >>662683
>To prove how gay he is, Greg makes more charts about his sexuality. Unfortunately for the point he was trying to make, the charts seem to suggest that he is only really interested in women. >>663116
>Greg pretends a little girl with heart issues was unable to get much needed help because he promoted her gofundme. He neglects to mention that most people found the gofundme suspicious because the parents refused to show any proof of her medical condition. >>663281
>In attempts to defend his many and gratuitous under age sex scenes in his book 'Reapers Creak', Greg makes a video talking about his first sexual experiences with a girl named Julia when he was 11 and she was 15. >>664275
>Despite EC reaching out to Onision and asking him to stop making videos about her, Greg continues to release several 'positive' videos about EC. >>664817
>Greg releases two interviews conducted by his friends. Joe's interview was quite interesting and at times it is clear that Greg is frustrated and uncomfortable. >>667326
>In his desperation for money, Greg sets up a new patreon tier ($250) where he will be sharing his 'darkest/personal secrets' and photos not shown anywhere else. >>667576
>Greg makes another EC video. It appears that he is under the belief that he is in some way responsible for EC working towards recovery. He goes on about how beautiful she is and how he cares for her as much as he would for a girlfriend. >>669946
>Greg's secret company Nesiamotu, INC is now delinquent. >>671231
>The whole Onion family gets new names. >>671242
>It is revealed in April the Onions bought a neighboring piece of land for $19K. >>671242
>Greg has taken to 'debating' on YouNow again. He names himself the victor after cutting off and speaking over people with valid points. >>671847
>In response to FPS Diesel's charity Fight invite; Greg claims that fighting is barbaric and he is above that. This is laughable because not even a few months earlier Greg made a video challenging Shane to a boxing match. >>671848
>Greg starts a new Patreon for his lovedoll Julia, named after the first girl he had sexual contact with. >>671917
>Greg is continuing to 'debate' his haters but refuses to have any moderators and is only willing to take on debaters when and if he feels like it. >>672925

No. 692168

6/26/19 - 8/2/19

>Greg releases a Julia video on his patreon in hopes of getting more interest and pledges for his Julia Lovedoll patreon. The ploy is a massive failure only bringing in one pledge. >>686351

>In hopes to boost his tanking views, Greg announces he will be revamping his youtube channels for the millionth time. >>674718
>Greg breaks his Emo Charlie persona on twitter to demand Mr. Repzion to stop 'stalking' him while vaguely threatening legal action. >>675202
>Following his narc pattern, Greg continues to maliciously strike videos about him >>686351 >>677506, writes fan e-mails to himself (Only abusive people don't like Onision, reeee!) >>676310, talks about beating up his dad when he was a teenager >>677034, and describes his teenage sexual experiences. >>680802
>Greg announces that his hosting fees are too much so he moves his form to a 'new free-ish' server where he continues to try to sell their chinese bootleg hauls. >>680227
>Next on his agenda is to spend that saved money on a new Tesla. >>681250
>With the return of EC, Greg starts an endless stream of tweeting and videos about EC and Shane. >>682398 >>682514
>Greg proves his mind has not matured past that of a 13 year olds by showing off his teenage journal. None of his beliefs have evolved or changed and he still continues his obsession of making lists of his ex's. >>682687
>JG makes a video expressing concern about EC, Greg views it as an attack and makes a video to defend m'lady. >>682773 >>683100
>Being the 'hero' no one needed or wanted, Greg goes on to accuse Al J., Onion Dad, and Mr. Repzion of sexual assault with no proof. >>683136
>EC's acknowledgment of Greg sets off another stream of obsessive tweets and video making about her. Due to the way he chose to share the e-mail he received from her it is highly questionable that she actually contacted him. >>683541
>Greg is extremely hurt when a patreon jokes about his beer belly during the annual meetup >>684080 >>684121 and he went on to harass her so much that she was forced to apologize. >>684861
>Despite Greg thinking legal threats where a joke, it seems like he may be sued due to his unsubstantiated claims against Al J. >>684868 >>684983
>After time to reflect, Greg reveals that a patreon spoke harshly to him and drove aggressively during the annual meetup and due to that treatment he has developed PTSD. >>685483 >>685486
>In a newer video, it appears that Greg and Lainey's marital bed has been moved down stairs. Could this be a sign that their relationship is in trouble? >>685574
>Still stewing over being called chubby, Greg comes to a realization that his 'fat or skinny' videos where hurtful. Although he claims to feel bad about making them, he continues to blame the girls who submitted their pictures saying they asked for his opinion. >>685812
>Demo reels and auditions are discovered on Greg's Vimeo account. To no one's surprise they are poorly acted and contain jump cuts galore. >>686180
>Greg comes out as 'kinda gay' after having a dream about kissing a mini version of Dan Howell. >>686351

No. 693218

8/2/2019 - 8/24/19

>Greg spergs out about Repzion, Germans and Anti-Semitism.

>Greg continues to milk Eugenia Cooney’s return to youtube. >>686874
>Greg goes private on twitter. >>687663 >>687665
>Greg once again brings up age gaps on twitter, may be or may not be related to his short stint with Sarah. >>687827
>Greg starts doing “podcasts” with Taylor. One is about sex dolls. >>688187 >>688193 (mirror) >>688203 (transcript)
>Greg spergs out about people with BPD who smoke weed, alluding to a girl he dated/interacted with >>690876 >>691644
>after a few days of subtweeting and vagueblogging ( >>691606 , >>691795 , >>691830 , >>691965 , >>691966 , >>691972 , >>692124 , >>692141 , >>692359 , >>692368 ) Based Sarah announced that she and Greg dated >>692918 he took her virginity (sorry Sarah) >>692920 and is he currently harassing her. >>692660

No. 704591

8/24/2019 - 9/1/2019

>Greg starts love-bombing Lainey over twitter after accusations of him having sex with Sarah become public. >>693374 >>693687 >>694402 >>694418 >>694774

>Sarah does a live stream and confirms that she and Greg where dating. After breaking up with Sarah, Greg accused Sarah of raping him and Lainey. >>693858 (Partial transcript: >>694178) (Highlights: >>694709)
>Greg puts out a podcast where he questions if he is really a victim of molestation if as an adult he doesn't feel like he was. He defends Julia (a 15 year old) who touched him sexually when he was 11 year olds by stating he looked very grown up and he enjoyed the experience. >>694964
>Next on his to do list, Greg puts out another podcast trying to defend his stance on hating all Germans. >>695261
>Lainey decides to update their future board. All mentions of a poly relationship are removed with out a word. >>695580

No. 704596

9/1/2019 - 9/5/2019

>Sarah gets fed up with Greg's constant harassment and as a result, she starts outing the Onions grooming and hypocrisy. >>696430

>A screenshot of a message from Greg expressing how he loved making love to Kai and Sarah is posted. >>696461
>Screenshots of Greg trying to guilt Sarah into silence are posted. >>696618
>Greg and Sarah had sex while Lainey was in New Mexico. >>696715
>Greg and Lainey let Sarah have alcohol. >>696779
>Lainey sent me a selfie with his genitalia out while Sarah was underage. >>696787
>A screenshot Greg and Lainey fighting over Sarah's virginity is posted. >>696839
>Greg and Lainey having sex with Sarah was confirmed by a picture of a hickey Greg gave Sarah on 1/17/19. >>696844
>Kai smoked weed. >>696847
>A screenshot of a long message where Jimmy once again tries to manipulate Sarah into silence by calling her a blackmailer, rapist, liar, and then uses his children as meat shields is posted. >>696891
>Sarah confirms that Greg kept Sarah hidden from friends because he did not want them to know they where sexually/romantically involved. >>696958
>Lainey told Sarah exactly how big Greg's dick was when Sarah was 14. >>697002
>Greg used the classic predator line 'you're so mature for your age' on a 16 year old Sarah. >>697141
>Greg wanted Sarah to make him weed brownies. The epitome of straight edge! >>697223
>Greg continues to hide behind his private twitter account and started his poor mans version of Robot Chicken. >>697098
>Blaire White releases 'Exposing Onision: Child Grooming'. >>697669
>Dev, an ex-patreon reveals that Greg spent the night at a female patron's Airbnb because he didn't want to risk driving while intoxicated. >697768
>Greg starts archiving all his videos to new channels that do not bare his name, it is theorized that he is getting ready for his channels to be deleted or is desperately trying to earn money off the controversy. >>697802 >>697840 >>697882
>Currently Greg and Lainey are avoiding the Sarah situation completely. Greg recently is now sharing clickbait videos that are unrelated to the current drama. >>697736 >>697745

No. 704603

9/6/2019 - 9/13/2019

>Lainey goes private on her main Instagram after people comment on her being a pedophile. >>697992

>Greg reuploads controversial videos on his Encore channel and complains about “witch hunts.” >>698018
>Greg is now using a sockpuppet to harass Sarah. >>698131
>Turns out Onision was trying to hook up with Alicia (Skye’s sister) a few days before he got married to Lainey. (November 14th, 2012) >> 699467 >>699511
>He also would make videos about Alicia to get attention from her. >>699562 (Mirror >>699641)
>Greg faps to loli tentacle porn and incest porn. Not surprised, still disgusted. >>699651
>Skye confirms that Greg is a homophobe (to the surprise of no one). >>699664
>Regina (Sarah’s friend) comes out to support Sarah >>699745 and drops another bomb. Lainey’s sent her nudes too. >>699830 >>699863
>Greg collabs with a small family channel. >>699879 The video was removed after the parents finds out about the allegations against Onision and his wife CoolGuyKai. >>700637
>Sarah comes out with a few more statements >>700085 >>700085 >>700090 and ultimately takes her laptop (containing messages from Lainey and Greg) to professionals. >>700388
>Greg messages Alicia >>700122 >>700124, attempting to play nice after she and her had sister released milk.
>To the surprise of absolutely no one, Greg had tried to pursue a drunk 15 year old Alicia. >>700126
>Greg seems like the type to control what his significant others look like. >>700181
>Blaire reads out part of the e-mail Greg sent to her. >>700219 (transcription: >>700225)
>Here’s some emotional manipulation from Greg >>700385 >>700393 >>700409 as well as Skye clearing up rumors Greg had made about her. >>700387
>Greg was in Alicia’s dms while he was trying to guilt trip her sister. >>700407
>Regina posts some messages between her and Lainey. >>700501 These messages were during the time Billie was dating Lainey. Regina dropped Lainey after finding out what she did to Sarah. >>700546
>More caps of Greg trying to emotionally manipulate Skye. >>700718 >>700719 >>700720 >>700744 >>700745
>Skye was the breadwinner in the household and was the only reason Greg even got the house they lived in together. >>700794

No. 704604

9/13/2019 - 9/15/2019

>Skye continues to spill milk on twitter. She releases email conversations of Greg threatening suicide and briefly talks about Cry not knowing what to do while Greg abused her. >>700847 >>700902 >>701117 >>701119 >>701154 >>701246

>Shiloh breaks her silence on her relationship with Greg. She speaks about how he cheated on Skye, his obsession with Alicia, his porn addiction, her mental breakdowns, how he defeminized her, how he would force her to be around him 24/7 (and even have her sleep in a chair while he was editing so she could service him) and her miscarriage. (There’s a lot of screenshots: >>700939 >>700950 >>700951 >>700957 >>700980 >>701023 >>701033 >>701074 >>701088 >>701095 >>701100 >>701109 >>701109 >>701153 >>701166 >>701188 >>701196 >>701214 >>701218 >>701258 >>701259 >>701269 >>701291 >>701309 >>701424 >>701698 >>701702 >>701709 >>701730 >>701734 >>701770 >>701782 >>701789 >>701799 >>701812 >>701812 >>701832 >>701840 >>701843)
>Haylee (luxymoo) reiterates that Greg tried to force himself into her budding relationship with Taylor. >>701091
>Greg pretends to act like nothing is wrong until he “mistakes” Shiloh for Skye. >>701704 Greg then tries to dismiss his ex's coming forward about his abusive behavior as "twitter drama."
>Sarah states that Greg doesn’t love Taylor and that he doesn’t know how to love. >>701448 Oh and surprise! He cheated on her, again. >>701479 >>701957
>Ex-patron lizardqueenxoxo calls him out for making her father’s death about him. >>701455
>Alicia posts more emails of him trying to get her to contact him from 2011-2012. >>701512 >>701515
>Sarah posts a timeline of her experiences with Greg and Taylor. >>701915 >>701917 >>701919
>Greg is trying to play it off like he didn’t do anything to Sarah to Alicia and other manipulative bullshit. >>701933 >>701935 >>701937 He’s still trying to make it seem like he’s not focusing on the drama. Skye calls his “big bro” bullshit out. >>702156
>Lainey’s twitter gets deleted. Greg cancels his discord session because of it. >>702210 >>702161
>Greg is still messaging Alicia to guilt trip her into silence. >>702174 >>702175
>Skye posts screenshots of Greg’s old facebook posts that lead to the harassment of her family. >>702250
>Another girl, Jessica, Lainey ghosted comes forward after reading what is going down with Greg and Lainey, Sarah and another girl Lainey ghosted, Cali, chime in. >>702334 >>702335 >>702400 >>702427 >>702455 >>702457 >>702459 >>702460
>Alicia speaks out about Greg sending his fans to harass her. >>702408 >>702409

No. 728863

03/11/19 - 13/11/19

>Greg makes a statement vaguely denying everything [the girls have accused him of on witter and in Chris Hansen's streams] >>724973 and claims Lainey is happier than ever (despite continuing to hide like a dog) >>724994
>Greg kindly confirms (again) his big head birth story >>723591
>Shiloh and Regina are scheduled to appear in coming Chris Hansen streams >>724285
>Sarah appears on the next Chris Hansen stream after Repzion and is interviewed about Lainey but mostly Greg, dropping the bombshell they had sex in front of the kids >>723933 and >>724391 and >>724614
>Repzion appears on a Chris Hansen stream to talk about Greg and Lainey, who Chris is pitching as the "Married predators". The heat is on >>721754
>Hansen reveals Greg asked for a $350k fee to be on stream with him then threatened to sue >>719865
>[thread #117 was not summarised by #118 OP]
>Lainey breaks her silence looking like hell, seemingly forced into more videos by Greg >>712596
>A police report about a wellness check on Lainey is leaked, and it's stated Onision has real guns in his home >>713081
>A neighborhood watch group seems to be keeping an eye on Jimmy and Lainey >>712793 and >>713092
>Regina livestreams, confirming that Plainey really doesn't like women and is just a tool for Greg to reel in teen poon >>714977
>Greg tries to say anyone who calls him a pedophile is a pedophile >>715112

No. 728922

date range correct for what this summary of events applies to:

18/10/19 - 04/11/19

No. 728974

03/11/19 - 13/11/19

>Twitter anti-o thread created >>>/snow/892011

>Youtube TOS change is coming next month [Dec 2019] and could truly mean the end of Greg's channels >>728789
>"Elite hacker" claims to have access to Greg's accounts and emails, releases purported lawyer communication >>728680
>Greg causes a shitstorm with his opinions on disability >>728030 Hilarity ensues as disabled creators respond >>728123
>Operation Public Hansen Meltdown begins with tweets >>727911 and >>727950 then moves to Youtube >>727968
>Wetlands final inspection is due >>727117 and >>727560
>Hansen's assistant Vincent cryptically tweets about recovering lost data >>727090 Tinfoil: could it be Lainey's nudes sent to underaged Sarah?
>Lainey puts out gripping content for her patrons >>726968 she built a bed - one she has to lie in
>Greg posts to Lainey's patrons that she might not return to Youtube. Lainey is crying guys >>726359
>Shiloh is next to appear on Chris Hansen's Have a Seat >>726343 and a spergy email from you know who arrives on Hansen's desk during the stream >>726680
>Greg thinks his coerced video of Sarah defending him and Lainey is 'gotcha' evidence against her claims (despite proof he coerced it) and has written to Chris Hansen >>725933 Blaire White and Jaclyn Glenn >>726704
>Lainey looks to be thriving in her latest podcast >>725444 They admit Greg forces her to upload when she doesn't want to >>725516
>Chapters 2 >>725410 and 3 >>727350 of the porn opus are released

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