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File: 1520658536318.png (438.42 KB, 486x442, laineybot.png)

No. 492985

Lainybot's husband Onion boy/Onision gets triggered because Sam won't admit she had feelings for him. Claims she tried to kiss him and wiggled in his lap.

Laineybot's onion accuses Sam of trying to swat his kid and wearing Lame's clothes without permission (he gave Sam permission).

Onion and Lame fake happiness. Onion attempts to sooth Lame's insecurity by calling females he brings into his home "hoes" and lovebombing her.

The Onions make a video about their toxic relationship and try to pretend it's not toxic, concluding with pained cuddling.

The Onions sell their BDSM collection of restraints because Greggle claims he is no longer into DDLG/BDSM anymore.

Lame gets triggered and rages in a stream at/about Sam. Once again both Onions blame the other woman and attempt to convince people Grug is innocent.

The Onions go on a shopping spree with a "smol" budget of $300 and Complainy whines about her inability to fit into clothing.

Lame shows off hickey or collar marks as a symbol of her undying love with Onion boy.

Lamey admits that she is insecure because she is not feminine and her husband is attracted to more feminine females.

Onion brings up past exes and recently ex roommate for the millionth time. Also claims that a friendly parting email from Sam was her declaration of love for him. It wasn't, just his ego knocking.

Lame insists her and Onion are in a queer relationship, but Onion insists he is straight. They've been clashing over this for months and Onion even gets triggered when Lame says they are in a gay relationship during their shopping spree.

Grease removes and blocks a patron for asking a question about Billie in the basement and how the Onions would hide that from their little ones. Onion is disgusted by the patron's concern for a child.

Onion removes two more patrons for disagreeing with him. One for talking to Sam and another for not laughing at his suicide joke.

Lame is the breadwinner/head of the household and is starting to put her foot down when it comes to Onion flying in girls. Doormat is becoming a door and closing Onion in his locked room of misery.

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No. 492987

thanks OP

I capped the part of his stream where argues with his patreon. Warning: it's unbearable to sit through, god he argues like a child.

No. 492988

Oh thank god, I didn't think you guys would find this. Wouldn't let me post it in last thread.

Damn, he's so fucking stupid. Like he makes a shitty joke about suicide and STILL manages to bring Shane into it, kek. A normal person would say, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you." And move on. Why does he get triggered over everything.

>you're talking to someone who had a gun to his head, I think I can joke about suicide.

He sounds like those idiots that say racist shit and claim they aren't racist because they have a POC as a friend. Such a fucking idiot.

No. 492989

He always uses his dad as an excuse as to why he's not a predator like it's proof or something.

No. 492992

LOL Sam has been live for a while. She said she had no problem with how Gerg treated her but was creeped out when Gerg was talking to her about his penis size. He told Sam that his "penis size is relative to his height"?. Lol she is saying he had no business talking to a single girl about his penis size and that he is a man-whore and his own home wrecker. That he also talks about his penis size with his patreons and he has a 14-year old patreons. She is questioning why he talks to his underage fans about his penis. I'm dead.

No. 492994

Onion is a cyberflasher because talking about your genitals with children on the Internet is almost the same thing as going outside butt naked and opening a trench coat and flashing your peen. No one wants to see it and no one wants to hear about it. And 14 year olds definitely shouldn't be hearing about it. That's creepy as hell that he feels the need to get validation from CHILDREN. Oh, but guys, at least he doesn't call 8 year olds sexy and yell at the camera like SOME YOUTUBERS!!

How has this guy not been removed from the Internet yet?

No. 492995

Lainey's husband's stream today.

No. 492999


I love the idea of Onision slowly sinking into oblivion until he's only known as Lainey's Husband with a problematic past lmao. It'd suit him right AND piss him off. It's time for the final curtain, Greg.
I'd sage for no contribution, but alas.

No. 493001

Does Gurg read the comments on Lames video? Lol I really hope he does so many of the comments are calling him old fat and are saying he is ageing horribly. Literally more than 90% of the comments are calling them out not even their fans can defend their behaviour anymore. Those that are defending them sound so dumb. (Latest laineybot video).

No. 493007

Most of the comments are criticising them both, mostly for spending so much money when they're 'financially struggling', and it only has 25k views kek. How long until nobody watches Plain's shit?

No. 493009

OP forgot selling them, claiming he's not into BDSM (I didn't see this), then like two days ago said he's living 50 shades of gray

No. 493011

>you're talking to someone who had a gun to his head, I think I can joke about suicide
I have nothing against dark humor or jokes like that in general, but if a fan of yours or even any other person who's present expresses that it hurts them you should have the fucking decency to stop immediately and apologize. This proves again what a cruel, heartless person and egomaniac he is. There is no empathy for anyone but on the other hand he loves to get pity for his own suicide thoughts in the past. It's like because HE came over suicidal thoughts and isn't affected by jokes about suicide everyone else should be cool with it too. He doesn't even try to understand other's feelings. I really hope his remaining fans wake up more quickly so he can eventually start a cult with the few sociopaths that kiss his ass no matter what he does.

Criticizing Lame is still a relatively new phenomenon. She used to be seen as this innocent angel or just a victim of onion for so long. Probably mainly due to onion defending and praising her and saying things like "lainey never did anything bad". I'm glad her shitty attitude shows more and more since she posts regularly. I've read so many times lately that people finally see what a person she is or that they cannot support her anymore.

No. 493013

Tinfoiling hard here, but when Lame will start losing fans hardcore &not make enough money, she'll divorce onion and spill all the milk about him. She seems the kind of person, who'd do that just for monetary gain.

No. 493016

>Sam… was creeped out when Gerg was talking to her about his penis size.
>He told Sam that his "penis size is relative to his height"?.
>Lol she is saying he had no business talking to a single girl about his penis size

THIS is fucking disgusting.

Nobody discusses their own penis size with any woman or girl unless they WANT the female to either see and touch their penis eventually, or at the very least to have the female start to think about and imagine the male's penis.

Never have i heard a father, grandfather, uncle, cousin, brother, son, friend, coworker, boss, bosses voss, customer, client, doctor, anybody ever discussed their own penis size with me or anyone I know, or anything.

Talking about your own penis or its size to anyone who isn't your romantic/sexual significant other is disgusting.

Men only talk about their dicks with girls they wanna bang.

Greggory clearly doesn't understand or respect normal healthy boundaries in friendships, and especially in romantic relationships.

I'm so happy for Lainey, she has the man she went after at 16. Im so glad that Greg will never mentally grow from the moment him and Lamey met.
I can't wait for Greg to be as open and honest about himself with his own daughter when she is a young underdeveloped teen, because he's doing nothing wrong, right Lamey???????

No. 493034

I like how the patron kept her cool and showed him to be the petulant child he is.

No. 493035

the "i'm sowwy" killed my sides though

No. 493037

It sounds like Greg was never chastised or corrected by his mother as a child, seeing as he cannot handle the slightest disagreement, it's a huge threat to him so he has to make 10 times more noise than the other person because in his mind, being louder/getting the last word means you win and are right. I think being a narc means that his "false self" can't tolerate being questioned at all. It's a blow to his soul wjereas a normal person can admit to being wrong.

No. 493046

fulfilling his self-prophecy. no one will remember your……. name

No. 493047

>"I like how I'm grinning the whole time and you're like "you're mad"

Gurg ALWAYS gets that weird grin and certain voice when he's really upset about something, like when he freaked out on that younow clip because people told him he's a narcissist. It's hilarious.

No. 493048

He does that too, he claimed he dated a black chick in hs or something kek

No. 493049

His mom would hit him with the cord of a hairdryer as a punishment I believe. That doesn't exactly constitute as a punishment where you get to know what you did wrong and how to better yourself

No. 493050

And of course he does the thing where he repeats what the other person says in a dumb valley girl voice. He's so predictable. He always gets so
triggered when people dare voice different opinions to him, despite being so for BROOTAL HONESTUH

No. 493051

He is such an annoying cunt. I hope Lame cuts him off and never lets him fly another cameraman out again. Insufferable.

No. 493057

File: 1520705415304.png (296.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180310-100916.png)

Posting onion' s new rant. It's 3 parts.

No. 493058

Here’s the hook tube to Onion photoshopping Lame to look like a dude.

Lame is so dumb, the whole point of being non binary is to NOT BE BINARY. Yet she’s always leaning toward masculine pronouns and styles even though she looks absolutely nothing like a guy. Why would you ask your husband to photoshop you with a guy’s body? Is she deliberately trying to make him less attracted to her? If you have insecurity issues about your husband’s attraction towards you because you are aware he likes feminine women, why would you request this? I like how Onion didn’t even try to make Lame remotely attractive as a dude. It’s clear he’s trying to say “look, you’d be an ugly guy. so don’t be a guy.”
Saying you are non binary and trying to be a binary male makes being non binary pointless. Lame still won’t answer anyone’s question about whether or not breastfeeding bothers her dysphoria. If she hated breasts so much, she wouldn’t be planning on breast feeding her kids until they are nearly 8 years old.

No. 493059

File: 1520705441508.png (266.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180310-100922.png)


No. 493060

File: 1520705473722.png (261.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180310-100930.png)


No. 493064

>being a patron is about being a true fan


No. 493067

In Laineys new hair reveal video you can clearly see the top of T’s head walking in the background at 6:47 and you saw the shower door open by itself earlier on.
So looks like a definite lack of trying with not showing him lately and everything she was saying and doing whilst in the bathroom, probably safe to assume he was in there the whole time. I can see what everyone means with how quiet he stays, that’s crazy.

No. 493068

"Telling others they are not allowed tp tell jokes"

Nice lie there Grug. She said, multiple times, you can say any joke you want, just that she thinks suicide jokes arent cool and its nice to be considerate of people.

But most fans wont know this, since not even they watch his streams lol

No. 493069

I find it interesting that the two people onion named with people he hasn’t had a problem was booty and Lainey lmao
And booty was first hmm

No. 493071

File: 1520706939378.jpg (72.83 KB, 564x501, 345236326236.jpg)

He's isolating himself more and more because he realizes that he has no one and nothing. He's gonna keep shedding his current followers until he has the perfect core group that will do as he says. He's like Charlie Manson without the charisma, who thinks he's as hot as Bundy. When Laney's Husband snaps, I hope he really crumbles.

No. 493075

File: 1520707669936.png (602.44 KB, 870x347, Untitled.png)

No. 493079

The neck bruises make her look like a domestic abuse victim.

No. 493080

I saw him too at that time and he climbed into the bathtub and shut himself in. then after she washed her hair he went back to the bathtub. I don't even know what to think about that. If he was in there the whole time that's sad because Onion was in there too and neither of them talked to him. I wonder what he thinks about his parents talking to a camera all of the time while he sits there quietly.
And yeah, Lamey has definitely started caring less and less whether or not T shows a bit in her videos. Both Onions used to be really serious about that and Grug still is, but Lame has been showing him more and more. It makes me think she doesn't actually have a problem with it and it's Grug who does. He should have thought about that before he pissed everyone on the Internet off. The kid doesn't deserve it, but honestly I don't think anyone would go after his kids. Especially not on here. But it irritates me when he trashes Youtubers who show their kids. Like that doesn't make them bad parents, they just aren't as worried because they aren't absolute cunts.
I think as T gets older, it'll be harder for Lame to hide him and she knows it so she's slowing allowing him to show sometimes.

No. 493081

Considering how many cuts there are in a minute of footage in Lame's videos, she probably does talk to him and just edits it out. That's what I like to believe, rather than them ignoring T completely.

No. 493083

samefag but another reason I think Lame doesn't care about showing T on camera is because her first video he showed up in "what I eat on a busy day." people were telling her that he was showing in the video and she acted like she cared and would edit it, but she never did, so he's still showing in that video.

I would like to believe that too, but honestly I don't think she is. because they are quick cuts like how she does in her clothing videos, etc. So I think they are ignoring him while he's in there. She didn't even notice that he was walking around behind her and closing the shower door.

No. 493084

File: 1520709192774.png (183.12 KB, 720x848, haturzzzBgone.png)

That's exactly what he's doing and it frightening tbh.

No. 493085

It’s sad because I know she doesn’t have to acknowledge him on camera or anything but she doesn’t have to show him to acknowledge him. Even just a “what do you think of mommy’s new hair?” Or a “Well ____ likes it!” Would be so cute and people would probably love it.
She’s definitely been mildly mentioning them lately though. Like she talked for a solid 10 or so minutes on younow last week about presents and shit to buy for kids because someone asked for advice on what to buy a two year old and shit.

No. 493088

That's exactly what I'm saying! I feel like people would be easier on Lame if she acknowledged her kids a bit because it's hard to see her as a mother when she's constantly acting like a teenager and doesn't even acknowledge her kids. There are plenty of Youtubers that NEVER show their kids on camera, but they allow their kids to talk in the background and the respond to them or they say that's their kid making noise. It's just weird because it's like they are pretending they don't exist even though they are in the room with them. Like if Lame did say that to T, that would be cute. Instead she reacted to her own hair and talked to her "fans" while he walked around in the background and climbed into the bathtub quietly.

No. 493089

I'm the anon you're replying to. It really makes it obvious that he has to retreat at this point. The public YouTube audience ignores him at best, and actively shits on him at worst. He is a laughing stock among respectable youtubers and has no real social media outreach or static fans to really appease to. I wonder if he realises that he's shooting Laney's children and himself in the foot by slowly cutting off the people who pay his bills.

Or maybe he's being spiteful. Laney is more popular and brings in more money, so why should HE put the effort in? Not to mention. He's been in a lot of Laney's videos and streams lately despite her audience hating it.

No. 493090

Honestly the best thing for him to do at this point is turn over a new leaf. Take a hint from Shane Dawson and approach the people he's done wrong through youtube and try to build something new. He's too much of a hated outcast to really network and do what's necessary to rebuild his brand. It's a longshot that anyone would take him up on his offer but still.

The "comedy" he's been doing for 10 years isn't working anymore, he needs to burn that shit and start anew. But he would never sincerely apologize and he will never change so it won't happen.

No. 493091

If Lame's husband was at least a tiny bit smart, he'd try to build some skills and do something with those. Show that he knows more than being a douche and impersonating a banana.

If he took a course in video editing, say, and start helping Lame with her content and with watching the kids, her fan base would be more accepting of him. Right now, it looks like he's leaching off her exposure /and/ leaving all the family responsibility to her.

No. 493092

When you’re so pathetic even your “haters” are giving you advice on how you could ever redeem yourself.
I feel like the only thing he could ever do to truly come back by himself and not be completely hated is to take a break. A long one. Get off the internet, focus on being a husband and a father and then later come back and apologise and show he’s a different person. And I’m not talking just a couple of weeks, he need to be GONE for a long while. But he’d never do that, it would be a defeat and his ego is too big. Plus it would require getting a real job in the mean time lmao

No. 493093

Lame screaming in the car "fuck me up/who is he" is a whole new level of cringe. Also "i look like a kpop boy!". Sorry, nope.. The delusion is strong with her. She looks like a washed out soccer mom with acne at best

No. 493095

File: 1520711917355.jpg (202.22 KB, 1261x722, Capture.JPG)

Booted discorder's response to Greg sperg

No. 493096

It’s like the old adage though, that leopard is too old to change his spots. I don’t think he could ever rebrand himself in such a way that people wouldn’t hate him. He can barely feign mild politeness, where the hell can he go from here, apart from ‘farther down’?

No. 493097

Where was this commented? I'd like to offer support, Uncle was always very honest about her motivation regarding sam, other (self appointed self aggrandising "mods)/discorders felt threatened by her popularity and undoubtedly manipulated gronks perception of her, she took the fall for those actively leaking content, however I'm hoping that lainey's husband isn't as stupid as we perceive him to be and can see that those who proclaim their loyalties loudest generally have no "loyalty" at all to anything other than their own misplaced narcissism.. any attention is good attention for some, see the onionflakes debacle and you need look no further.

No. 493100

Was/is Uncle a member of the psychanons, if that’s okay to ask here? Wish I could sage.

No. 493101

This was commented under Greg's long post on his OnisionSpeaks YouTube community page>>493097

No. 493102

Uncle was a fan with a brain.

No. 493103

Lame's "social anxiety" is CLEARLY a curse.. she somehow managed to bravely spend upwards of 3hrs laughing and talking non-stop in one of the most intimidating places on earth.. (hair salons are truly terrifying to me)

No. 493104

Being a fan isn't smart.

No. 493105

I love the point made about letting abusers stay in the home with his children. I honestly wonder how much time he spends with either of them. After all the bits and bobs that have come out over the years, I seriously don’t think it’s much.

No. 493106

Would you prefer ‘infiltrator in search of milk’?

No. 493107

She hasn't posted anything here.

No. 493110

plus her neck is full of hickeys! I do have social anxiety and can't imagine feeling so comfortable and filming myself at the hair salon. especially if i had something embarrassing that the hairdresser might address, like a bruised neck

No. 493111

She was pretty open/vocal about visiting the farms on more than one occasion to onisi.. I mean onibot..

No. 493112

No. 493113

A lot of this. I get bad oral herpes sores that are sometimes a little off my lip and on my face, I take everything in the world that I can for them; lysine and creams and prescription meds, but fuck, I’d never let anyone see me like that. I get way too nervous. Sometimes when they’re really bad I try to switch shifts at work to a less busier time, it freaks me out that much.

Meanwhile, Plain will do full up streams with that shit on her lips, it’s so nasty. Her whole anxiety/dysphoria thing is such bs to anyone who has either. The hickeys and choke marks are the same to me. I feel like she’s so smug but it’s always about nasty shit, lol. She shows them off the same way she does her gumball machine wedding ring. I’m really not into the mental picture I get thinking about how she got them. Brrr.

No. 493114

And staring at herself unwaveringly in the mirror.. true self loathing right there.. it takes a huge amount of confidence to make constant eye contact with your reflection in a salon, most women I know glance fleetingly at the mirror before hastily diverting their gaze, salon mirrors are horrifying to people with low self-esteem normally.

No. 493115

During a few livestreams early on in samgate lolcow was brought up quite frequently, gurg asked if she would be staying a while because he liked her attitude, strangely enough she answered with I'll be here for as long as I'm welcome or words to that effect.

No. 493116

Today I learned I'm not the only one who does this. Had no idea it was due to anxiety/low self esteem but it makes complete sense.

No. 493119

I dont remember her bringing up samgate, do you know what game they were playing at the time (it'll narrow it down)

No. 493120

That wasn't Uncle. He made it pretty clear he didn't like her.

No. 493121

Can you see Gurg getting violent with Plain over the fact that we think he’s done and she’s now the main cow? I feel like the day when people start ignoring him completely is the day he strangles someone.

I cannot imagine paying to have this child acting like an abusive manlet. Godspeed to the farmers who go forth this way, I feel like it’s ninth circle level of hell shit, but that post about elites and the coterie<—where’d he come up with that, btw—is pretty funny.
He’s so illiterate I don’t believe he knows what a coterie is, kek someone must have fed him that one. You know know he thinks it sounds posh. ‘Yeah. Onision’s coterie. I like it.’

The thirst for Sicesca is there.

No. 493122

Personally, anons hope she has milk but I feel like they're tinfoiling because every person Laney's husband talks to MUST HAVE LOADS OF MILK but never.. Ever.. Delivers.

It feels like we're just third wheels to Uncle's and Laney's husband's argument.

No. 493124

We only know that she was a fan who had opinions that she didn't agree with. He hated being challenged.

No. 493125

true, didn't the same thing happen with becks? (I'm fairly new here)

No. 493126

Yeah, and tbh, with Sam too. Stans swear.

No. 493127


correct poopbeck was a lost cause and never spilled any milk and used the onion infamy and lolcow itself for attention.

No. 493128

His mom used to say he was an Indigo Child and had paranormal powers, like seeing ghosts.

No. 493129

Sorry if I'm stupid here but do they mean lames husband called Sam an abuser? He's talked about her so much its hard to keep track. Just asking because if he did, isn't that pretty hypocritical considering lames friend was arrested for domestic abuse?

No. 493131

yeah, he kept mentioning it on stream saying "Lainey will freak out when she hears this" talking about swatting a child

No. 493132

He's a lost cause. No amount of apology or grovelling at this point could right the wrongs. Narcissism runs through his veins

Uncle comes across as a pretty bright person. Why the hell would she ever be an Onion patreon. Hasn't he had 100000 red flags prior to the Sam incident that she would have questioned.

No. 493133

Some bright people are drawn to psycho freaks like a moth to a flame. Onion is a fascinating dumpster fire during his manic episodes. Not so interesting though during his boring down swings.

I could totally see a certain type of person wanting to get closer to greggles just out of pure curiosity.

No. 493134

Ted Bundy

No. 493135

I’m loving this ‘Plain’s husband’ shit, I kind of want to see future Onion threads labeled this way because i feel like it would make him raaaaaaage.

No. 493136

Madison was never lame's friend, she's been around since the skye days.

No. 493137

As always, this is really bad manipulation, Gergles. He says something you can agree on - eg., how paying him doesn't mean you can walk all over him. Absolutely, agreed. Then he explodes into
>but you aren't a true fan if you don't agree with everything
type of a narrative and he's going to use 30 sentences to say it. I'm sure it all makes sense in his mind, but to everyone even remotely emotionally stable and rational he comes across as completely unhinged.

Good on Uncle Tad for finally understanding what Gergle wants. Hopefully more of his paying fans see the same thing.

Some anons itt are talking about what Gergle could do as a comeback and I don't think there's one for him. It's pretty much over as far as his "career" goes and I'm not only typing this because I dislike him. There isn't a goddamn thing he could do to 'gain popularity' again or for people to generally view him in a more positive light.
Beat this horse while there's some parts of it left ( bring in more girls, bring on the milk ) and then he'll be forgotten or on an episode of Snapped.

No. 493138

Ah okay, my apologies I think I'm getting her mixed up with someone else

No. 493139

It's quite relevant though as without uncle's gentle prodding onibot would never have become quite this paranoid over his patrons, she's broken him a tiny bit, let the paranoia rule his life because the "leakers" will still leak and gurg will become increasingly suspicious and more detached from reality until that one day he realises how he's been played so eloquently and by his own rules.
There was a single instance on stream yesterday when gurg asked who he was speaking to and somebody answered "it's me, lainey" I wish I could link that clip (on mobile sorry, I'll try to timestamp it), it was beautiful to see him so wrongfooted and slightly scared, why was he so worried in the moment?)

Insert Old man yells at cloud meme here.

No. 493140

Did Sam ever address the child hitting allegations? I haven't heard anything from her. I hope she defends herself as that's a serious allegation.

Also did Madison really hang out with Onisiin back when he was with Skye?

No. 493141

the onions are a strange breed but the only friends lame seems to have are those that pay her the most.

No. 493142

Masked babe video on Onision

No. 493144

And here in the thumbnail we have an angry penishead glaring into the camera, a gremlin in a cage and a woman with a migraine.

No. 493145

Sam said she did not hit anybody. In VC Uncle said to Greg that Sam, him and Lainey have made conflicting statements about it, and he pulled her into a private voice call and no one is sure what was said. Greg was letting his discorders go "oh my god he hit your kid?" and Uncle was upset that he was letting them say that. He asked her to send him clips of these different statements, she apparently did, and he sperged out and shared her DMs on his forums, demanding she admit she was wrong.

No. 493147

Speaking of this, I didn't follow the Onion Chronicles when Adrienne was around (I've read up on it and stuff, but still). When Lainey's bobblehead husband accused Adrienne of having an std, was that because he had caught one? Maybe that's where Lainey got her herpes from. I know a lot of people get herpes, but Lame probably contracted something from her husband.

No. 493148

Nope, he did go on about how she was a whore and easy and all that and then with Sh actually made a fucking video getting tested for STDs because of her but he came back clean. That’s the type of rude pos he is

No. 493149

well, the goal here is to get to Onion and make him feel like shit because we all think Lainey is running the show now and he's fading into the background as a shriveled up caveman, but not him getting violent. I don't think he will. Last thread I suggested if we stop talking about how he's going to leave her and start switching things around, it'll most likely destroy his ego and thus their marriage because Onion likes to be in control and be the one to dump someone. And then anons suggested we make a Laineybot thread featuring her husband and so we'll see how Onion boy feels about being in Lainey's shadow.

No. 493150

Don't forget he said she couldn't get raped because of how many sexual partners she had when the whole consent rape issue came up when she first made the letter.

Anyone new reading, Yes, He actually said that women with a lot of past sexual partners are incapable of being raped. He also used to say that martial rape wasn't a thing and once you were married you were entitled to sex.

No. 493152

File: 1520720600144.png (421.98 KB, 720x644, Screenshot_20180310-180712.png)

He's one step ahead, his next video is lovebombing lainey guerilla style, he's bringing out the big guns.. Rember this lainey?? We're so in love.. Look lainey, here's a nostalgic video because of my love for youuuu..

bonus ugly onibot included.

No. 493153

I remember this. Didn't he say this when that case came out where the man was drugging his wife and raping her in her sleep? Lame's husband says they have sex everyday supposedly. If I know one thing about women, they aren't always in the mood for sex every single day. Makes me wonder if he uses that logic in his own marriage. He probably does, but he doesn't force himself on Lame because she's afraid he'll leave her, so she does it.

No. 493154

Oh he's definitely afraid of something. In all 6 years he has never lovebombed Lainey this much. There must be something that Lame isn't supposed to find out and in case she does, he's trying to build her up to forgiving him. Lamey is the breadwinner afterall and her money is her money if she chooses it to be.

No. 493155

Even stranger is the fact that the patron onibot booted is STILL a patron of lainey's… wonder if he'll make lame kick her too, y'know coz loyalty…

No. 493156

I agree, either Sam gave him the suk mi/sexts possibly or soemthing with another girl but my moneys on Sam. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually went ahead and screwed around with her before the trinity became real because he was so full of himself and didn't even factor in Lainey putting her foot down. She's always been a door mat so he probably figured he can just ask for forgiveness after when they are one big happy family or just never bring it up and get to screw Sam anyway.

No. 493157

That's what I'm saying. Lame's husband has been scared since the moment Sam left and little by little he's been telling Lame all the things big bad Sam did that he didn't tell her while Sam was still there. Even if he didn't cheat on Lame with Sam, there's something he's not wanting her to find out.

No. 493159

Something definitely happened between Lainey’s husband and Sam. Sam trying to reach out to Lainey and JG, Lainey’s husband basically scrambling to invalidate everything Sam says and knowing that Lainey will follow blindly. If only Sam would strap up and post the milk instead of being on the fence constantly.

No. 493160

Maybe Sam does have milk and she just won't spill because of the backlash she'll receive. I mean look how people treated Billie after she slept with Lainey's husband. Plus, Sam wrote to him when she finally got pissed and said she's getting a federal job and he's going to ruin it if he doesn't stop what he's doing to her. So, maybe that's why she won't say it.

No. 493161

I think that’s a great idea. I don’t want to see him snap in a literal sense, because there are two kids in the house. But I do think there’s obviously increased tension after both Sam’s visit, and with Lainey having a larger base than he does.

I can’t see how he’s not narc raging nonstop these days, shit’s been hectic. Sometimes I see his lovebombing as not only a way to keep Plain roped in tight, but also as a release valve/self control measure for his rage. Plain’s very doormat, so I’m sure he gets maximum narc return on his investment out of her. All it takes is a couple of tweets, a pickle burrito, and a nice hot shower.


No. 493164

It was really obnoxious that it was repeatedly stated as ‘swatting’, like, he’s aware of the connotations that word has for some people, I’m sure. ‘Smack’ or ‘slap’ or whatever idk but swatting makes me think of flies and weens.

No. 493165

No one knows if she has milk or not cause she won't spill it. All she ever does is hint at it. She's already said the reason why she won't spill it and it wasn't because of how people will treat her, but because she doesn't want to "ruin a marriage".

No. 493166

Yep yep, that whole thing was just another example of how poorly he treats women. It is maddening to watch him sometimes. I get punch urges.

He lives his life as though he were a reality tv star on hiatus. He totally has that same compulsion to overshare every. thing, even stuff that’s normally no one’s business. He really is a massive cow. He’s not that much different from CWC when it comes to telling the world shit they shouldn’t know. His ego won’t allow him to comprehend that people would think he was so ridiculous.

No. 493167

Just assume fatbecca came up with it. She's the only one allowed to tell the illiterate fuck what words mean. (Cow eyes, astute)

No. 493168

Explains his shitty new "book"

No. 493169

This is kinda old, she's cleared up that nothing happened between them and she didn't try to kiss him. She said people misconstrued what she meant by 'ruin their marriage'. She said she didn't want to be responsible for ruining a marriage or home by continuing to talk about it.

No. 493170

Damn, why'd you have to do Tank Girl that way?

Plain is starting to look more and more like the transtrender/fakebois posted in that thread. Is she deliberately scrolling through for tips these days? Trying to ascend to King of the Fakebois? Her skin is so nasty too. Maybe it's because she filters the fuck out of her videos so that when you see her without the blur it's ten times worse but… yikes. Get a proper skincare routine and love yourself!

No. 493172

well, either way Sam or not, Lamey's husband is scared about something so he's been lovebombing Lame like crazy and kissing her ass. honestly, he's been lovebombing her even before Sam left. think about it, when Billie left, he had somewhat of a say in things and would tell Lame that he'd do what he wanted. he even went so far as to almost leave Lame for Billie. Lame's feelings were never considered in the past, but now she wants Sam out of the house and her husband doesn't ask any questions or try to manipulate her like he has before, he just obeys. something's going down and he's trying to ensure Lame stays.

No. 493175

Thanks for the heads up, anon. It's too bad cause I was hoping to be wrong.

No. 493176

I really don't like Lames but wow she has way more patience for critism than her own husband. She goes to you now everyday for money and doesn't remove her pledges even when she is really triggered. End the end of the day she knows she needs the income. While her incompetent husband who is in debt of 400k is kicking out patreons for valid criticism. He knows they are right so he just bans them. Such a coward and beta male…

If this continues I'm sure lame is gonna kick her husband to the curb. She is the one taking care of the kids, is the bread winner, not saying anything about him bringing in young girls… this isn't looking to good for onion boy.

Tinfoil: or Lames is happy that she is in control now and her husband has no choice but to listen to her as he has no option. Either pay alimony and child support or play by her rules…lol

No. 493177

However, its clear she does have more to say. Lainey's husband acted inappropriately, and he's trying to make out that he didn't. She said he spoke with her about his penis size. I bet he did tons of creepy shit that he doesn't want getting out.

No. 493178

>If this continues I'm sure lame is gonna kick her husband to the curb.

No doubt. I don't care how far up his ass she may seem now, she will eventually get tired of it. I mean Lame is literally doing everything around the house, plus providing an income so they can live somewhat comfortably because her husband is in a shit ton of debt. That will eventually start to wear her down and she's going to start resenting him. Especially if he eventually dies out on the Internet and is not making any money at all because then he'll try to get her to help him with his debt and HOPEFULLY she'll think of her kids and say fuck that, because they don't need to be living in a struggling house.

No. 493179

I don't know anons, I don't really see this coming. He already cheated on her, practically stole her girlfriend. And she still defends him. It seems like she stays with him no matter what cause she's so delusional. She will probably excuse it with "he used to earn more money than me, now I do and that's fine". She's been doing everything in the house since they started dating, so why should it bother her in the future

No. 493180

doubtful, lame does not possess the self-awareness to realise how far gone she would be. she is so dependent upon him for love/support/reassurance. even if he lost all his money and cheated on her repeatedly, he’d still find a way to use manipulative language and get her to stay. and she would given her severe lack of self-confidence and reassurance seeking mentality. I have accepted that Lainey will never leave Greg, if they divorce then Greg will be the one to initiate it

No. 493181

>turn a new leaf

I have a hard time believing Lainey's husband can do that without some sort therapy. One of the main issue he has is slighting people when he perceives to be wronged and even if he does manage to network YouTubers and have some collabs it'll mean nothing if he can't handle his need to "protect his false self". His worst enemy isn't YouTube or his "haters" it's himself lol. And we all know he's never gonna voluntarily choose to go into therapy and work out his issues, so he's fucked lol.

Fixing his YouTube career is a walk in the park in comparison to fixing his personal issues.

No. 493183


we have to remember Lame is only 23. it's perfectly possible that she will eventually get tired of the bullshit and leave, especially if he's no longer providing another income and is making it more difficult to live comfortably. Lame is a push over and lets him walk all over her, but recently she's been showing a bit more control and he's been desperate to show her he loves her. not only that but she comfortably talks about what she would do if she did leave Onion and goes into detail on live streams. so she's clearly thought about it. right now she's stupid and let's him treat her like shit, but eventually she'll wake up. most women do. especially when the stress of doing Youtube, Younow, Patreon, taking care of the house and the kids while he plays games and does nothing starts to weigh in.

No. 493186

File: 1520732933449.jpeg (184.68 KB, 1242x1110, FE7AB9D0-5FCE-4D0C-B94A-FFD88D…)

lol i had to go look and you’re right. people are calling her out for shitty distracted driving, pretending to be broke, selling her fans gifts on posh mark, and exposing her underage viewers to ‘hickeys.’ there’s also the usual drabble of 11 year olds telling her the h8rs are just jelly and seeing the way they type amongst all the other commentary is just so telling how immature the fan base is. like it’s kind of pathetic (for her) that literal children are defending her. although i guess that’s her thing, ie Sarah. last time
i looked at the comments in her videos (around billiegate) most of the comments were asslicking; so this is kind of satisfying. also this comment made me laugh a little
too hard sorry

No. 493187

That patron posted a picture of herself and Lainey IMMEDIATELY responded with a heavily filtered selfie. It was hilarious.

No. 493188

Lainey has herpes? Can you provide proof?

No. 493189

obviously someone off here, not mindblowing

No. 493190

Alright so Lainey has now said that the test stream was Greg the whole time and apparently he was commenting on it just to see if his comments would show up.
Doesn’t make any sense but that’s the story she’s going with now.

No. 493192

File: 1520733917859.png (312.12 KB, 561x440, herp.png)


This is from Lainey's "how to make a face mask" video. She's always gotten these and this isn't even as bad as they've been. This one was recent though.

No. 493193

Actually I kinda believe that.. tinfoil that sam cried to grug that Lainey was ignoring her so grug ran to see if lainey had blocked sam.. it was after the cage/desk stream and sam was all over the comments but lainey didn't acknowledge a single one.. yay lainey!

No. 493194

okay, so if it was Grug who did the test stream, then whoever was in the background saying someone had a crush on them since October or whatever they said was talking to him and not Lame.

No. 493196

It could have been madison talking to him, I didn't think of her at the time but she was at the onions around that specific time.

No. 493197

I could never stream with that on my face. I’d be so ashamed.

No. 493198

I can't post comments with "Billies" name on Lames video. I think YouTube has a feature where you can block words/names. Lames husband has Troy blocked also.

Wow unless I'm wrong, it shows how much Billie bothers Lame. Even her name triggers Lame.

No. 493199

It literally makes 0 sense. The voice heard sounded like a recording, and Greg’s comments would make no sense. If it was him don’t you think he’d comment “testing, testing” and not “really? Every time??”

No. 493200

They're only cold sores, don't let something as superficial as that stop you from doing anything you want to do, that's one of the things I kinda like about lame, she just gets on with it despite the hate she gets for it, they're not pleasant but they're a part of you for the days they last, most ppl are sympathetic because a lot suffer with them.

No. 493201

The really and everytime could have been in response to sam telling him lainey ignored every one of her comments I guess? Maybe greg was using a baby monitor to speak to sam in another room as she was trying to comment on lame's younow to see if she was blocked??

No. 493202

His comment goes along with the theory that he was testing to see if lame had blocked Sam. Perhaps Lainey blocked the other girls he brought home as well? Did she block poopbeck?

No. 493203

Madison is only 23, and wouldn't have been old enough to hang with Greg around the time of Skye. The divorce was in 2010, she would have only been 15.

No. 493204

why do you think her age would stop greg.

No. 493205

someone come get your mans. Lame continues to stream because the onions are money hungry and right now I'm smelling onions… who would care about getting hate when they're getting money? that's why Lame continues making videos and streams because she doesn't care about the hate nor does she care about her fans. she only cares about the money just like her husband.

No. 493206

She make her first appearance with him in 2011

No. 493207

Wut? I responded to an anon who said she was embarrassed by cold sores, my son suffers with them, I was pointing out that it's not the end of the world.

In other news, there's an interview up on rsn thread with rag Reynolds and sam, it's cringy but sam states in it that she'll only release info on the onions for money.. sam sam is truly after her 15mins of efame

No. 493209

First appearance of Madison was in 2014, around the time of Anna Lichty.

No. 493210


i’m not surprised, considering she did claim to be poor
but all this does for her is make her look suspicious and make Lainey’s claims of “just wanting attention and 15 mins of fame” look about right.

ugh gdi sam

No. 493211

Sam never got paid by the blargh or by rag, nor does she state that anywhere in the video.

No. 493212

File: 1520740355453.jpg (16.54 KB, 375x375, costanza.jpg)

Shameless self promo …

No. 493214

I skipped through this coz theres only so much voice-over commentary with a single frame character on screen that I can handle, but there was a pretty funny clip towards the end of Greg saying "lames father asked me to come back in 10 years, so when she's 25", which confirms she was 15 when they started dating?

No. 493216

Like when she got death threats and stuff, I bet Greg really drove it home and made her paranoid as fuck about it.

Makes you wonder if she is so sad she isn’t “allowed” to show them at all.

No. 493217


She has released all kinds of info on them for nothing, so I don't buy that. I've heard things from her that were pretty damning and I didn't even throw a penny at her. Most have.

No. 493218

File: 1520743444147.jpg (126.51 KB, 550x550, 1512591398840.jpg)

This is an imageboard, Provide proof?
Then again I was there and she never said that. Really gets my noggin joggin

No. 493219

File: 1520744648566.png (28.79 KB, 500x275, 6e9.png)

>"sam states in it that she'll only release info on the onions for money"
>not providing proof
>thinking we'll take your word on it

No. 493221

you responded to me, not the other anon that said that kek. but that's the same anon that basically whiteknighted Lame right before they said that about Sam wanting money to expose the onions. they are definitely an onionstan.

No. 493222


Uhm are you talking about ragreynolds reading the convo between RSN and Sam? RSN was asking Sam to edit her own stream and then give him the clips. Sam said to do it himself and she isn't gonna do work for him for free (Sam isn't his assistant that she is gonna edit clips for him for free labor especially her own stream lol). RSN said he is giving her promotion LOL. I don't think she meant that she would give him info if he paid her…

RSN is a lazy piece of shit. If he was so desperate for the "milk" on Gurg he could just watch the stream…Sam said a lot about the drama with the onions and I sure didn't pay her for that info. It's already has been proven that this bum steals his "content" from this site and the blargh…also makes Sam and Maxie edit video clips for him. The loser can't even do his own job.


Lol my bad anon, I apologize for the mistake! Yeah they also got super defensive over Lames herpes LOL.

No. 493223

ok? why should we care?

No. 493224

That’s probably Masked Babe promoting herself on here, kek.

Unless it has something specific we should know about the Onions in it, there’s no point in posting it.

No. 493226

Her fans feed into this shit. They kept saying she was k-pop boi. And Sarah too.
And then she told some story about how she and Sarah saw the cover of some k-pop album and how she looked EXACTLY like the guy on the cover. It was grade A fucking cringe, fam.

No. 493227

Uncle, ILY. Thank you for enduring far more of Lame’s husband than anyone should ever have to. Too bad the ride is over.

Come on, you really think any of us believe this?
In any case, IF she ever said that, I would take that as a total joke, tbh.
Greg makes her emails a Patreon tier and she jokingly fires back that she’s going to charge for things regarding him out of spite and irony. I would anyway if I was her. But I guess she has to walk a tightrope since a lot of Onion’s Patreons like to frequent this thread and post delusional shit here.

No. 493230

Where is the community page? Like I don’t get where Onion retreated to. Do I have to subscribe to him or some dumb shit?

No. 493231

No, it's public. I think you can go to his yt channel and access it.

No. 493232

Nah. Go to youtube, Onisionspeaks, click community, then you'll see his spergout. Then make sure to call him out for being a lil bitch in comments to make up for this sin of advertising his page.

No. 493233

Imagine seeing a mother of 2 walking around in public with greasy neglected hair and hickeys all over her neck like she's 15. The first thing I would think is "trailer trash." It's so embarassing.

No. 493235

Well, she DID have a shotgun wedding at the ripe age of 18, where her cradle robbing fiance swam in a dirty creek before the ceremony

No. 493238

Also she thinks the manic pixie girl look can still work with short butch looking hair like that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a really cute pixie cut! But Onision is not into masculine presenting females. The only reason he liked colored hair in the first place is when it’s on alt, baby faced, young girls. It goes with the whole manic pixie dream girl fantasy. Lame does it entirely wrong. She doesn’t look ethereal or like some mermaid, she doesn’t look like a sexy rule breaker. She just looks like the can I speak to your manager, cool-mom try hard. Here’s the thing though, I actually think she could be really pretty by just thinning the brows to her natural shape when she fills them in, growing out her hair and going blonde, better skin care and chapstick. She’s got great eye color and nice lashes and cute freckles. But it’s all wasted on her
I’d say this was nit picking or beating a dead horse, but the girl literally PAID MONEY to bleach her hair and then dyed it blue again. So I’d say it’s all pretty relevant and fits in the greater scheme of how and why she is repelling Onionhusband

No. 493244

Do you think Gurgles gave Lame the hickeys on purpose, before she had to go to the hairdresser who would be working with her at close quarters and who would clearly be around her and see her neck?
To maybe make her feel uncomfortable?

He might be even more fucked up than we think,

And yeah, if Sam swatted his kid why the hell did he let her stay on in the house.

He’s really cooked his goose now because each and every girl he’s brought In has left and been smeared and destroyed by him, which makes it harder and harder for him to find new prey. Couple that with his fading looks and fame and he’s just shouting himself in the foot at this point, so why does he continue to do it?!

No. 493248

Nah. I think he just fucks like a teenager who just lost his virginity. Let's get real, what man in his 30's is still so shitty at sex that they're still leaving hickeys on their partner's neck? His idea of sex is probably jackhammering Lainey for 5 minutes with his microdick while gnawing on her neck until he comes and passes out on top of her.

No. 493253

How does a person this coherent and seemingly reasonable come to be a fan/patron of Lainey's husband anyway, unless it's just to get milk?

No. 493254

We all know Lainey's the one earning the money now but how much longer is she going to risk losing more cash by letting her husband be in the videos? Every video I see the one thing her fans all say is that they don't like her husband or want him in the videos and yet she keeps having him.

I wonder if she's got that weird show-off "They're just jealous THEY don't have him!" attitude and think her fans don't want to see him in videos because of it and not because he's just awful.

No. 493256

RSN posted tha Lames is gonna auction of her ring? Didn't click on the video though. Lol finally getting rid of the cheap ring from the gum ball machine.

No. 493257

Nah I was in her stream, she said Greg told her she should auction it off and give some of the earnings to charity and use the rest to buy a new ring but she said she felt really weird doing it and didn’t really want to

No. 493259

imagine having your husband to tell you to sell your ring, i'd feel uncomfortable too

No. 493260

Auctioning off your engagement/wedding ring from the person you're still married to is weird enough.
The person buying it would spend likely hundreds of dollars on a $50 buck ring… used no less… to pay for a new ring to the person.. THAT YOU'RE STILL FUCKING MARRIED TO!? Screams of a healthy relationship /s. Fuck allayou at the grease mansion, y'all a 50c knockoff of a real person (name one, no one wants to fucking be these pieces of shite, poor pinnochio wanted to be a real boy and you got this trender being like "imma boy paps" but she just acting like special needs Ben stiller from tropic thunder). I just hope selling your engagement ring while married is some seriously bad juu juu and the "sacrifice" follows with a surplus of milk from the gods coz fuck you.

No. 493261

Yeah, I mean I get they're gross, but streaming is her job, she can't just stop doing it because she has cold sores. What she can do is stop doing beauty vids, or at least not do vids where her mouth is involved while she has them. She was using her brushes and stuff on her face and mouth last time she had them, including her eye area, which I was actually legit worried she'd infect her eye with eye herpes. Which is a real, and very bad, thing.

No. 493262

Only relevant to thread as it's been discussed up thread. Should've stayed in snow. Tried to post last night but was banned for baiting. The ban requested proof so here the proof.
Timestamp 01:17

you don't have to be an "onistan" to follow a shitshow, I would imagine a number of anons do the same, lolcow is about documenting and discussing cows without personal bias, it's not a "hate site" it's an image board.
>>493218 clip was still processing last night, context as ever is relevent and it's open to interpretation. She was also Rags no1 fan on stream.. younow bars are quite expensive… I though she was destitute.
inb4 free spin - no "free" spin gives more than 50 bars.
Full (now)baleeted stream is in /snow.

No. 493263

Lately drama at Grease mansion has become repetitive

It's either

>Lainey finds a new "girlfriend" -> pretends they are so gay in love -> Onion chimes in -> Lainey convinces girl not to touch Onion/ Girl is uncomfortable with touching Onion -> Onion rages -> Lainey takes his side -> Girl gets sent back home -> Angry rant video


>Greg brings new girl home without Lainey knowing to "help him" with videos -> Tries to poly -> Lainey gives a veto -> Girl gets sent back home -> Onion shits on girl

No. 493264

Dammit, now I feel sorry for her again. That ring is such fucking garbage but it's clear she loves it… Laineys husband is literal trash. I bet he wanted her to do it, hoped she'd get low bid, feel obligated to get rid of it,and then whoever bought it would slam her and actually get it checked for authenticity

No. 493265

I tried watching this but he speaks so slowly and disjointed. I can't follow what's going on atm since no one seems to be posting images on the image board. Anyone want to summarise who the fuck Uncle is, and what's Sam saying lately? I understand Lainey bleached her hair and dyed it blue again lol

No. 493266

File: 1520775052829.png (724.63 KB, 1031x476, smugtoslug.png)

Not sure if it will assuage the guilt you feel for her, but she spent all that time at the hairdresser to come home and bitch about her on YouNow. She kept saying that she basically thought the woman didn't do a good job and did the processing wrong. And then she uploads the video and you can see the change in her attitude. Like, fine, bitch about your hairdresser to your friends in private. But she has a few hundred people watching her daily and gets 10k+ views each video. She should think twice about who she talks about and how she's talks about them.
Also, I can't imagine she actually gets all of these people to sign releases to be in her videos. She's up to around 35k on that vid and she has a lot of strangers in the background. I wonder if her hairdresser knew she'd be uploaded to YouTube, aka, Lainey's job where she profits from talking about practically nothing.

Also, I thought this was a little amusing. She's happy and smiley prior to the actual processing. She says a lot of optimistic stuff but you can tell she's super unhappy with how it's going after it washes out. She goes from smiley and talkative to stone faced. It's kind of relatable - been there, but with the space prince, I can't help but kek when the smugness disappears. She's vain AF.

No. 493267

If you're using a tablet, community pages are only supported on certain models anything pre2017 is currently unsupported on some devices. If I could sage I would.

No. 493268

Thank you. I was mobile and have an older phone. probably what happened for me.

No. 493271

Honestly tho I use to work in a hairdressers and I hate them. Lainey specifically wanted the blue out, the woman doing her hair should have done it again on the stubborn blue bits and toned it. Lainey probably not confrontational enough to say so. I've had my boyfriend march me back into a hairdressers to fix their mess and they did it free of charge. The hairdressers I use to work with would take advantage of some customers and rush etc. Sorry for semi blog posting but I feel we can all relate with bad experiences at the hairdressers

No. 493272

THe hairdresser even told her before hand she would try and get her hair as light as possible, Hell my sister dye her hair blue and still has bits of blue in her hair, Lainey was stupid to think 1 bleaching session would get rid of it all.

No. 493273

Forgot my mention my sister dyed her hair almost 3 years ago and there's still blue

No. 493274

Uncle was a patron/discorder who proved to be the antethsis of most sycophantic grug fans, she commanded a lot of grug's attention during streams to the dismay of his "core patrons" she was booted after a smear campaign by the patrons who believe they're grug's bff's. Onioncord is terribly cliquey and off putting to most, along with his "new" sooper speshal sekrit club his patreon is turning into mean girls but without the irony. He's currently love - bombing those remaining despite a few vocally pulling their pledges.
Sam I don't follow, I can't sit through hours of greg driven opportunistic streams, if girls got milk either spill or shut up, no disrespect to those who like her, I'm just too old for that will she/won't she baiting.

Edit- Can't link ss for some reason?

No. 493275

Is Uncle am actual fan or someone paying for 'milk' because there's been a few of her before. I wouldn't say Uncle is why Greg is being paranoid I mean temp use to be full of people saying they were on his discord and people don't seem to understand he lurks here and temp.

And if she is a fan why are people trying to help her get back to being able to pay him? He's a wanker, she's got a lucky break seeing what a waste of money he was. Honestly it baffles me that anyone against his 'fans' (like Sam) must be an onionstan. I feel like this website would be the last place a fan of his goes.

No. 493277

>Edit- Can't link ss for some reason?

make sure it’s png or jpg.

Lmao, for Lame to be able to auction off that ring and give some money to charity plus buy a new one that ring would have to be actually worth money. I highly doubt her husband said that. They are both greedy ass people, I don’t see either of them giving anything to charity. And Lame definitely wouldn’t sell her ring and think about giving some of the money to charity. She’d want to use that money on her own bullshit.

No. 493278

File: 1520780249328.jpg (331.59 KB, 968x919, It's me Lainey, lets get ready…)

Lainey is very dumb. You are really dumb. For real.

If you are going to fade your blue, you know its not easy and takes repeated bleachings/fadings.

If Complainey was just fucking patient, she could just cut the color out.

Shes stupid though.
The best solution would have been to permanently bleach the hair, and afterwards apply Manic Panic hair colors, so that slowly the colors can wash out, and she could have better control with her hair color.

But lets face it, no one here cares about Lamey, at least not the same way we used to at the begining, and the same goes for Greg.

An aging nagging wife who can't cook or clean and saddled with 2 tiny burdens and herpy lips is not desirable to anybody, especially her own husband.

Happiness is the best beautifier and life motivator. Kindness is the best elixer of life. Humbleness is the cherry on top.

But Foot and Grease are way too nasty and vile to ever be beautiful like that, from the inside. Thats why they spend so much to try to make their outsides look different and "better" than they are. But people can see through that eventually, and the Onions $$$$$ is running out fast!!!!! Such joy.

No. 493279

You clearly haven't seen the discordfag thread.

No. 493280

BS, I've given plenty of free spins that gave 1000 bars. You're so full of shit anon.

No. 493282

File: 1520781054666.jpg (368.15 KB, 1056x1228, Lames 1st ring.jpg)

>she said Greg told her she should auction it off and give some of the earnings to charity

Ha ha ha ha ha oh my god
Sounds like Greggy cakes is worried about taxes for 2017, and he wants to get tax credit for charitable donations. Greg should auction off his stuff first if they are that deep in the hole.

>and use the rest to buy a new ring but she said she felt really weird doing it and didn’t really want to

Um, yeah!
Lainey knows that cheap thing (the ring not onision) won't fetch a high enough price to have enough left over to get a newer nicer ring. However, if she did auction off the ring and get a new one, that would make it ring #3 for her.

Aren't like engagement rings really so special because its the one ring you can't replace, because it signifies something so precious that you cannot buy those memories again???

Guess those things ain't important to Grunk like they are to Lamp the Plant.

No. 493285

what the hell are we supposed to be watching? I just wasted my time watching your timestamp and it’s Rag saying hi to Sam. I didn’t hear anything about her demanding money to spill milk on the Onions and I’m not watching that long ass video of this dude.

No. 493286

Chill out ugly, as the majority of her hair was lifted most competent hairdressers would have went ahead and tried to process the stubborn ends for a client if it was their wish to get rid of the blue.

What does this even mean? Anon this isn't temp could you post context to your useless comments?

Honestly i last about three minutes in that video he could barely read a sentence. Does anyone have the screen shots of what he was reading?

No. 493288

Oh wait I think anon meant the self posting by fatbec etc shows that onion fans do post here.

Yet they only appear to do that when they're releasing milk on others. Anyway, check RSN YouTube comments and you'll see majority of commenters there think Sam is just trying to get efame too.


No. 493289

Wait this ring actually looks…nice. What happened to it? Even if it is costume, I'd prefer a nice looking piece of costume jewelry to that atrocity on Lamas finger any day.

No. 493291

Interesting, onion uploaded a video 16 hours ago called “How has Onision made you feel about your body?”
Speculation because I never watched it but it’s now deleted so I’m only assuming he probably got a lot of negative attention from the video lmao. If it’s up on patreon or something somewhere I’d be interested if anyone did watch it what was in it for him to delete it?

No. 493292

She replaced this ring because the prongs were too high and was cutting everyone apparently, so then they got ring 2 which she’s been having chemical burns and staining from the whole time. Onions quick to get her a new ring when he’s the one effected by it, but if it’s just Lainey being hurt then it’s her problem huh.

No. 493294

jesus christ anon spoiler that shit

No. 493298

That ring only looks nice compared to her second one imo. It's still granny style and not in a cool way. But whatever, it's funny that gurg never cared to get her one that she could wear until the rest of her life kek

No. 493299

Samefag. By the way, that photo is dated 11th march >>493282 so is today possibly their engagement anniversary and therefore another special day her husband doesn't care about?

She had such a babyface there. A 26 year old willing to marry someone who looks like 15 is just so wrong

No. 493301

she claims she never called black women ugly… but she definitely said the n word on her twitter multiple times. hm.

No. 493303

File: 1520788095925.png (638.29 KB, 738x858, téléchargement (1).png)

oh god this tweet is from 2013. she's been doing this weird DDlg thing for at least 5 years now. gross.

No. 493305

Is there any hints of Onion being into it prior to getting with Lainey? If not it's definitely creepy that as soon as she had a child she decided she wanted to fetishize infancy and become his "little girl"
2013 puts it starting around when Troy was born so pretty much she had a kid and decided she wanted just as much attention as their baby was getting, then when closet was born amped it up tenfold

No. 493306

Thing is a cheap ring if bought from the right place can still be pretty or nice. Etsy is full of beautiful inexpensive rings. The issue is this girl wants fancy over the top. The best way for greening to stop is painting a top coat nail polish every so often. That helps with preventing chemical burns on cheap rings. You have to reapply it but still. It means the materials and silver plating is eroding. If it’s not silver maybe a Nickle allergy. She mostly complained about the greening effect.

No. 493307

as far as i can tell he's only ever used it since being with lainey, so yeah, pretty sure that they started using it around then. lainey having been abused as a child makes it even more skeevy.

looking back at older tweets. they messaged each other in february 2012, met up in late 2012 and then got married. by august of 2013 she's already about to give birth to troy… it's no stretch of the imagination that he got her pregnant and then married her.

really becomes more sinister when you consider the adrienne letter. how he insisted on having sex with her with NO protection, and then promising to marry her and force her to have the child if she winds up pregnant. that's most likely what happened to lainey.

No. 493312

Honestly think it’s a mix of them having all of this baby stuff at home and the emergence of the daddykink trend on tumblr around the same time. Doubt it has much to do with their actual kids as they don’t really seem to have any big effect on lamey and husbando

No. 493313

Well, considering that some people end up with nasty strains and lousy immune systems—I donno. When I have a quarter sized cluster that’s not even on my lip, I tend to hide out because it looks fucking nasty.

No. 493314

What a cunt, sorry but no. I’m sure she was a bitch to the stylist too.

No. 493318

Sorry if this is old news but I noticed a business email in the latest beautybot video's description and looked around and found some private/old accounts?


They don't seem to be very active and i'm sure they're not being actively hidden since lainey still uses that email.

No. 493319

Nice snooping anon!

No. 493320

File: 1520797787917.gif (1.68 MB, 480x269, disappointedRich.gif)

Okay, I have watched this autistic fat fuck for 15 minutes now. All he has done is whine about how Real News are not real news, reading screenshots we have all seen, and taking long pauses for wheezing.

This dude should just stop streaming and do productive things with his life, like cashing in by becoming a Rich Evans impersonator.

No. 493321

Old news in threads long ago. Side note: Reddit account using that name have been found to be created after anons discovered she used Xxuire, and are considered troll accounts. Nothing very milky was found.

No. 493322

File: 1520797982353.png (60.48 KB, 298x343, ragreynolds.png)

Wait to continue, why has Rag Reynolds commented on it the moment it was uploaded? Rag, get your fat ass out of here.

No. 493323

File: 1520799305953.jpg (542.75 KB, 1600x1200, pt2018_03_11_14_11_27.jpg)

What I find interesting, is Sam acted exactly the way onion acted with Vix. When it suited his narrative, onion insisted that despite all other suggestive comments, his calling vix a friend surely means he didn't view her in a romantic light. However, when Sam acts interested in Greg but also calls him a friend, the friend comment doesn't negate her other suggestive comments.

So which is it Greg?

No. 493324

I'm trying to figure out which salon this is, and so far the closest match is Regis Salon

No. 493325

File: 1520800048546.png (54.39 KB, 772x343, ragreynolds1.png)

>Upload Date (YYYY/MM/DD): 2018-03-11
>Upload Time (UTC): 02:27:14
It's 27 past now and the comment updated to 19 hours ago. Rag I know this is you here, since you fucking posted your comment the exact same time as the video was posted.

No. 493327

File: 1520800120145.jpeg (117.25 KB, 609x719, 926563AD-4218-4D15-B999-319D25…)

When the girl Plain is lusting after is friends with both Jaclyn Glenn and Eugenia Cooney. Oops, not gonna happen Plain.

No. 493328


I agree with you that he definitely lurks, but lmao anon, calm down. Who cares that some fatso neet wants to get their e-fame riding on the Onions' cottails.

No. 493329

I'm tired of people using lolcow to get subscribers and for shilling their awful content. I am making sure there's proof that he is indeed attentionwhoring on an anonymous woodchipping enthusiast board. It is against the rules.

>5. Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit. (See rule 3.3)

>5.1 Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.

No. 493330

She goes to the South Hill Mall in Puyallup, WA and it seems there are 3 different possible hair salon options there.


No. 493331


I getcha and I agree that it's pretty obvious and annoying. But it's probably best to just ignore him and focus on the actual drama. Calling him out is just what he wants.

No. 493332

I reported it, but had to post the proof here since the report option doesn't allow posting pictures for proof. No other way to make sure the fat fuck stops posting.

No. 493333

>I thought about it. You and I hae been nothing but friends which makes your wife freaking out over this a joke & pathetic. So, go be controlled/isolated by her. Your choice.

>Look at all the men I have worked with in videos and nothing ever happened between us? I really thought you were cool Onision. But seriously, what do eiher of you have to indicate this is weird?

>Forget it, you already threw me in the trash for this insecure girl, just know I will not be the first person she gets paranoid about, so you have a rough relationship of ZERO trust ahead of you.

>Just remember how much fun it was talking to me & how cool I thought you were.

No. 493334

File: 1520801001657.jpg (452.99 KB, 909x1000, Collage.jpg)


Not sure if this is even interesting but I found Lainey's salon.

Gene Juarez Salon. Funny that I always thought she just went to the JC Penny in-store salon kek


No. 493335

RE-upload of Did Onision Help You With Your Body Image.

I don't think he's released it publicly as of yet. It almost sounds like you gotta pass his rating before you can be considered for the cult of Sicesca.

No. 493337

File: 1520801366921.png (83.17 KB, 653x320, Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 4.49.…)


Lainey's (Taylor Avaroe's) Review of the place.

No. 493338

File: 1520801425083.png (65.08 KB, 394x421, Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 4.50.…)


Lainey's other google reviews.


No. 493339

File: 1520801506479.png (87.45 KB, 1547x861, pricelist.png)



Salon's price list- $100+ just for the bleaching without the color she put over the top

No. 493340

File: 1520801514691.png (104.35 KB, 374x509, Screenshot 2018-03-11 at 4.52.…)

No. 493341

welp, guess that 100% confirms the female baby

No. 493343

It's so weird reading these positive reviews and seeing a pleasant, happy young woman.

No. 493345

haha i saw that earlier she had a picture with jaclyn glenn too. Imagine if lameo had actually ditched onion way earlier when people still thought she was a nice person. She could have actually had friends within the youtube community before onion burned all the bridges and she joined in always saying how right he is and shitting on jaclyn and everyone else. She really is an idiot.

No. 493346

Her reviews are written better than her husbands "novels"

No. 493347

To be fair, that's not hard. You just need to sort of know how to use punctuation and you're better off than he is.

No. 493348

Her writing style gives me the vibe that she's not as helpless/dependent/naive/immature as she and greg like to portray.

If people actual thought she was competent she would have to take a lot more responsibility.

No. 493350

I watched it and it was too emotional and too little referenced to my taste… Would have liked some more "proof" like screen caps in there to make it more convincing tbh.
I love the avatar tho. :)

No. 493351


I'm the anon who posted the video, I thought the end part was pretty good. I think it's good and relevant when any youtuber with a decent sized audience makes videos like this as it's through that kind of thing a lot of us learned about the onions fuckery. Doesn't hurt to post it here in case it interests anyone.

No. 493352

When you're strong come across as weak, and when you're weak coke across as strong. I think Laundry is taking most people for a ride and I do think she'll be the end of Onion

No. 493353

I agree with you, it's a bit frustrating when others accuse someone of self-posting when that's probably rarely the case. I always like to keep up with critical videos about onion. Especially when they are funny.

No. 493354

yeah it's how i imagine she would be like all the time if she didn't develop chronic smallbeanitus …
Kind of made me sad too reading the review for the photographer, she seemed so excited over the photos of her baby and made her seem … human …

No. 493355

Get more sad, because she has no one to share them with.

No. 493356

Just attempted to watch this and got bored, feel like the creator just likes the sound of their own voice, also she rambled too much. 13 minutes of a few photos and a cartoon. It's no Aldlii

No. 493357

Omg amen anon lol.
Lemeys reviews are a much nicer read that tiny peen grunkles beaver deathe creek.

No. 493358

We've had tons of self posters lol. Usually anyone posting some random's video on the Onions is self posting. The rest of us see these videos in our recommended feed on Youtube and either watch or ignore them there.

Namely The Josh Show, JoySparkles, TallVideos, RealStreamNews, The Blargh, and so on.

No. 493359

If you aren't interested and have already seen it/ignored it you can just scroll right past. No need to point out that it doesn't interest you. I only posted it as like I said I thought the last part was pretty funny and I mostly agree with the commentary and thought others might be interested. Simple as that. It's not that serious.

No. 493360

I do ignore video links and posts that don't interest me, lol. I was responding to

>"it's a bit frustrating when others accuse someone of self-posting when that's probably rarely the case"

No. 493361

I bet this anon is an onionstan!! Jokes. People don't get defensive over your posts, no one knows who you are

No. 493362

It took way too long for her to come up with that story, so I don’t buy it. She could’ve just said that to begin with.

No. 493363

Sorry I meant that more towards people complaining, should have replied to one of the earlier posts

No. 493364

It's all good, it's a simple misunderstanding friend.

& that doesn't explain the whole "I think he had a crush on me in October" or whatever the female sound clip said during the test stream.

No. 493366

I posted the video. I can assure you that I'm not ragreynolds.
The video isn't monetized and they never will be.

No. 493367

Okay, so tell us where the milk is. No one is sitting through this crap for proof of Sam trying to monetize Onion drama. You need timestamps when it’s people like him.

No. 493368

There is no proof of Sam trying to monetize off of anything. That's not what the video was about.

No. 493369


I crossposted the stream after a ban for "baiting" and was asked for proof of what was said from the RSN thread on snow. Rag may have uploaded it originally to snow, in rsn's own thread. Not derailing just wanted to clarify.

No. 493370

it's been asked a few times but does anyone know what screenshots he is reading in this video? can they be posted?

No. 493371

oh have you watched it, can you summarise? a few anons can't get through it lol

No. 493372

well that’s because not everyone cares what some youtubers have to say about the onions for views. we only want to know if it’s something important or if they shed light on something new or milky.

No. 493373

I agree. But also, most people who really do have anxiety and whatever else Lame claims she deals with won't even THINK of posting a review. Nor would they sit there and talk to their hairdresser nonstop. Lame is perfectly fine and capable of interacting with people but just like her being nonbinary, she uses the "I have anxiety" and everything else to relate to her young audience. Who would watch her if she behaved like an actual adult? The only people that watch her are people who critique her and are curious about her abnormal behavior and young kids who look up to her because she's an adult who can relate to them.

No. 493374

Uhh… Lainey has a new beautybot video for a 'natural look'. And I hate myself for this but her skin actually looks good when she just uses concealer. It suits her really well. I think she might actually be learning from youtube tutorials

No. 493375


??? I'm not a Lainey-Asslicker, but I'm hella tired of people saying "If she doesn't have anxiety, she wouldn't…" Y'all, anxiety surfaces differently for different people. Anxiety isn't a special snowflake badge, anybody can have it– even special snowflakes.

I get milk's dry at the moment, but do we really gotta nitpick this nonsense

No. 493376

im not going to bother watching. im sure natural means shes still using the blur filter thats totally not a filter

No. 493377

you are definitely a lainey-asslicker. if you are easily triggered, get off of this site.

In other news, Lainey's husband posted a video of their wedding photos and he said they actually got married many many months before their wedding ceremony. When exactly did they have that ceremony again?

No. 493378

I'm not one of the anons that has been questioning Lainey's condition but the thread is dry so.. .

Anxiety is a naturally occurring human condition. The evolutionary benefit of anxiety is that worrying about danger forces people to take fewer risks, seek safety, and focus on doing things well.

Everyone experiences anxiety, which is why every Brittany and Becky think they're suffering from a disorder when in fact they're having perfectly average thoughts and reactions to situations.

An anxiety disorder is chronic and debilitating in ways that affect the sufferer's every day life severely. Their ability to function in society.

I think Lainey could have Basic Bitch™ anxiety and thinks it's more serious than it actually is. Then again she could have a very real mental health issue stemming from the fact that she and Onion have insulated and isolated themselves from society for 6 years.

No. 493379

File: 1520814066041.png (4.16 MB, 2876x1700, Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 8.18…)

It's still not a good look, but I like her so much better without those wings. I also don't think this is a 'natural look'.

No. 493380


This is an imageboard, remember to post videos or caps to provide context. Hooktube can be used to avoid directly linking to videos.

No. 493382

She is such a hot mess, you can really tell she has absolutely no identity and has absolutely no clue what she is doing when it comes to makeup. I saw girls back in middle school that could do their makeup better than this.

No. 493383

I think this is the video of the screenshots RagReynolds was reading in the stream posted earlier about Sam and the Onions. RSN uploaded this.

https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=q2xqQkLltVw(take this to snow)

No. 493384

so below average pee pee? atleast he's honest

No. 493385

No one wants to watch a shitty regurgitated video about onision, his fuckery is already well documented by several larger youtubers than this "not like other giiiirls" critical thinker nobodies that try to ride the coat-tails of lolcow.

No. 493386

He reading messages that RSN forwarded to him regarding the sam n onion facade

It opens with this: sam is responding to rsn via text, the first message rag reads out is from rsn:
>OMG are you really this clueless, it's promoting you, why wouldn't you want 15,000 people to see your streams? You have like 48 so far it should be a no brainer.
This is sam's reply again via text:
>I'm not going to hand you content for free.
Sam joins the stream at 01:19, there is literally nothing of interest after that point, I only mentioned it because of the opening sentence. It seemed odd, as stated >>493262 context is as ever open to interpretation, I presented the fact as it was presented to me, no bias just ad verbatim. Apologies to anons who were unhappy with my wording.

No. 493387

wtf that poor kid, she doesn't even care about trying to take them out of the vids anymore

No. 493389

this look is all over the place.

>middle school tier smudged eyeliner

>(an attempt at) instathot brows
>random choice of lipstick color

"natural" makeup is what it sounds - it's supposed to look like you're wearing little to no makeup (even if you are, indeed, wearing a lot). Lainey has confused natural makeup for "less makeup than I usually glop on".

No. 493390

File: 1520815638194.png (114.83 KB, 851x571, jg.png)

screenshots finally supplied via the blargh


No. 493391

so it seems Sam has forgiven Onion and there won't be any milk.(samefagging)

No. 493392

was anyone expecting anything different? if there was going to be milk it would have spilled by now. especially with her teasing it so much, it doesn't surprise me at all that she was bullshitting.

No. 493393

okay, I know everyone is tired of hearing about this and we should just stop talking about Sam, but I just want to say I really do think something happened between her and Lainey's husband because it's really weird how he tried hard to keep it quiet after Sam left, until she said in stream that she had no feelings for him and he flipped out. I think Sam and Grug were doing something or had feelings for each other and that's why he's been lovebombing Lame. Grug got pissed when Sam said she didn't have feelings for him and Sam still has feelings for him so she won't say shit. Lame is still out of the loop and Grug is scared and wanting to keep it that way. This is tinfoil, yeah but I think this definitely what happened. It's just too weird and Sam is the only one Onion didn't attack immediately and she's the only one that's forgiven him. She's like a Lame 2.0.

No. 493394

File: 1520816531258.png (118.43 KB, 464x241, Capture.PNG)

she has so many video ideas tho

No. 493395

>She's like a Lame 2.0.
and now you see why greg lost his shit over her.

in any case i'm glad we're all moving on from her. nothing about her was entertaining enough to focus on this much for this long outside of onion drama. right now though i'm interested in what appears to be the slow downfall of onion and lame's marriage.

No. 493398

I've never got a ban with my discord username in it before lol. Honestly I can't wait for new farmhands these ones are all fucking mental, sorry I called you all bores in the temp cord and a Sam circlejerk. The vendetta against poor babyp is ridiculous.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493399


lmfao so sad, 100% agreed

No. 493400

wtf her eyes look microscopic

No. 493406

>being this retarded

No. 493407

Lainey's husband's new video with the wedding photos:


At 4:58 he uses the wrong pronouns, someone on youtube pointed it out

No. 493409

File: 1520822410723.png (904.11 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-12-03-40-01…)

Samefagging here for a few things. They are both almost the same height in this. She does wear wedge sandals but he's wearing man heels too so that doesn't add much height.

He mentioned that his sister has a yt channel now (1:15).

He called himself a caveman at 2:33.

No. 493410

And yet they're struggling for money. Better auction off that ring if you want your salon treatments, Plainey.

No. 493411

But anon, everything on this list costs more money than the ring is worth.

No. 493412

Why the fuck does the shade of her skin always make her look like she's dying

No. 493413

because her eating habits are shit

No. 493414

This is old news.

No. 493415

She looks like Social repose to me here.

No. 493417

File: 1520824849662.png (312.42 KB, 478x479, bleh.png)

Lining your waterline does that.

I missed a ton of her stream today, but from what I can see she's talking about auctioning off her old ring? (Someone else can elaborate, I don't know all the details here) even though some of us speculated that she wouldn't want to do that because she usually cares about sentimental things.

She is still denying the filter is a blur filter, despite anyone with eyes being able to confirm she's full of shit.

Fans tell her that she should shave her head almost every stream now, and she claims that she won't do it because she thinks that people will claim that Greg forced her to do it. (???) She also thinks people would really give her shit over it and that she wouldn't look good.

Seems she STILL hasn't gotten an appointment with her doctor as she ignored questions about it.

She talked a really long time about breastfeeding.

She peaked around #5 maybe but hung out at #8. She doesn't pull the viewers in that she used to.

A lot of people are starting to get the feeling something is going on in the Onion house again because of how both Greg and Lainey have been acting in streams.

No. 493418

honestly, the ring thing isn't a big deal because she's clearly allergic to it or it's cheap as fuck so if they replace it then oh well. It's just funny because there's no way Lame is going to be able to auction that thing and get enough money for charity + a new ring. She won't even be able to buy a good ring with the money she gets from selling that one. she'll just get another ring with the same problem.
The shaving her head thing, I don't think it's because she gives a shit what people on the Internet will think, but she's afraid of what her husband will think. And the fact that she's even saying she's afraid people will claim that her husband forced her to do it means she's acknowledged that he made his ex girlfriend shave her head.

>A lot of people are starting to get the feeling something is going on in the Onion house again because of how both Greg and Lainey have been acting in streams.

How have they been acting? Actually curious because I don't watch their streams unless someone says there's milk. I know Lame has been acting pretty depressed in some of them, but Grug seems to be the same asshole he's always been plus the constant lovebombing Lamey. I do get why people think something is going on in the Onion house though, because I do too. Especially since they've both been missing streams and showing up late even though they used to stream every single day.

No. 493425

A clip of Lainey's husband's stream today.
Greg doesn't wear deodorant and makes fun of the suicide joke situation again. It gets boring quick but Becca starts being an ass in the twitch comments.

No. 493427

File: 1520834394682.png (93.7 KB, 487x320, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 4.50…)

crucify me if this has already been shared but I checked the previous threads and didn't see it…

No. 493428

>greg insists he doesn't smell
>becca calls herself a biologist
>greg says beck shits and smells and his bathroom stank for weeks after she left

my fucking sides

No. 493429

>people who don’t stink don’t have to wear deodorant

People who don’t do any type of physical activity to sweat don’t have to wear deodorant. Also, if he didn’t stink why did Lainey say he takes like 5 showers a day? He sounds like a fucking moron. Sweat is normal, BO is normal. He sounds like a girl claiming he doesn’t fart.

I cringed hard at the diehard onionstan that got super triggered at the beginning of the video because people said Lainey’s husband smells like beer. Grug wasn’t even offended by this and that girl got super defensive.

No. 493430

I think it was mentioned in temp that Lainey confirmed gurgles is only 5'8. Wish I could find it tho, anyone else rmb such a thing?

No. 493431

Is this recent? Only Grug would feel the need to return to Twitter just to remind people that he’s leaving Twitter

No. 493432

Pretty sure it was mentioned in the previous thread as well. An anon said Lainey told people in a stream that her husband was 5’8 when they asked

No. 493433

As far as I know it was posted today… probably will remind us again tomorrow that he is seriously never tweeting again… SERIOUSLY

No. 493434

samefag - and he deleted it within 10 minutes.

No. 493436

That is so bizarre I actually laughed at it. Like really no one cares that Gronk left Twitter. He doesn’t need to inform anyone. Sometimes it’s hard knowing he’s not trolling, this is how this guy really is. He does such weird fucking things. I first watched Gronk when I was like 11 and he just gets worse and worse with age. It makes me laugh when Lame tries to claim that her husband isn’t really like this in real life because he’s been like this for 10 years, long before he met her. I don’t get what he was trying to gain out of that. The other day he tweeted something and deleted it 15 minutes later.

No. 493440

It did get me wondering last night whether the reason Lainey's husband is trying to get her to sell the ring is because he saw how well Jacqueline Glenns (?) ring from her ex was selling on eBay. Or has too much time past for him to be riding that coat tail? I've lost track of everything recently.

The "charity part" is probably just to attempt to make them look in a better light to their teenage fans, unless there is something to do with the tax fraud that could be made worse without it.

No. 493441

Says after poopbeck used his toilet, it stank for a week. Says it publicly to everyone on his stream. Someone says "poor beck", and he replies "WHADDAYAMEAN POOR BECK!?! It's my bathroom!". Like fucking Jesus Christ there is noone in his mind but himself, fucking ignoramus pig, fuck that shit (he makes my blood boil)

Usually when you donate to charity and get a receipt, you can claim that back come tax time,
or some percentage of it (not sure about different parts of the world).

Lol at "is it too late to ride the coattails", Greg has only a few cycles that he goes through regardless of whether or not its past it's prime or irrelevant, he's so out of touch that nothing like that even registers… of course he probably knows about selling the ring n wants to cash in (not that he'll get frickin anything for that costume piece)

No. 493443

File: 1520846382458.png (81.85 KB, 750x538, IMG_2067.PNG)

Sure… if "good things"=more lovebombing until Lainey's husband's cycle repeats.

No. 493444

I feel like he posts this stuff in hopes that a ton of fans will beg him not to go. I don’t know why else he would waste his time.

No. 493445

How wonderfully disingenuous. Let us never forget the levels of faggotry he's willing to sink to in order to gain sympathy.

No. 493446

File: 1520846815985.jpg (83.69 KB, 810x566, IMG_20180312_102531.jpg)

He is starting to block again on his Twatter even though he unblocked everyone when he was "leaving" the platform.

No. 493447

I hope more things come to light soon, like fans showing how shitty he is to them and discorders coming out and saying that he publicly shamed them or how they all have to talk behind his back so they don’t anger Greggy into one of his tirades.

No. 493448

well, masked babe is in the discord, so it's not far fetched that she'd want to do a little promo

No. 493449

Proof? And should this be taken to snow…?

No. 493451

File: 1520849135333.png (289.54 KB, 796x1183, Screenshot_2018-03-11-14-54-44…)

Onibot posted this yesterday, if it works on lamey it'll work on patrons, gurg logik.

No. 493452

>You guys, your kindness, your happiness with this community, it's all important to me.

Explains why he trash talks his fans and only contacts them when they cancel their pledge. Didn't he just make a rage post about how if his fans didn't think exactly the way he thought about his jokes/content then they could get out?

No. 493453

I know some of you get a bit antsy about 'spoonfeeding' but I haven't been able to access the website for a little while and don't have time to read the whole thread.

Can somebody please give me a quick overview of the latest discoveries/drama/trolling. Any that is exclusive to lolcow and hasn't been featured on any of the tumblr blogs yet would be preferable.


No. 493454

So does this mean him and Beck are still on bad terms since she criticized his writing kek. It could only smell for weeks if they didn't clean the bathroom. He never sees how he makes himself look.

If you take 4 steaming hot showers a day of course you don't get the time to start smelling. Now this makes me even more convinced he does have a smelling problem and people made fun of it in high school. He's so annoying. Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like a 13 year old said it cause it's all just to push his ego and talk others down

No. 493455

Read the OP then? We don't have the time either to summarize things for you

No. 493456

In one of Lainey's recent streams someone made her aware that Jaclyn Glenn had done an impression (just staring awkwardly at the camera) of her. Lainey said that seeing as it was probably negative she didn't want to see it and seemed pretty hurt about it. I don't like Lainey but wow, must really suck to have to always assume that when people are talking about you it's always negative or a pisstake. And still she doesn't ever seriously question her behaviour.

No. 493457

>Beyond the recent decisions there is something beyond that

what the fuck am I reading

No. 493459

The beginning of a manic episode

No. 493460

So if Taylor's husband is publicly trashing Beck (I noticed up above he is doing the "SHE SMELLS BAD EWWWW!!!" thing with Beck, regarding her clogging the toilet and saying it smelled for a week afterwards), is Beck still a Patron of his? Is she still paying for him to treat her in this manner? I know she was toying with the idea of leaving after Greg humiliated her a few times for daring to imply that his literary masterpiece was not up to snuff (by offering to help him edit it. For free.)

No. 493461

>"I think a lot of you know from my regular consistent updates & interactions via voice, text video etc"

He just HAD to jerk himself off a bit in this post that was supposed to be about his gratefulness to his patrons. Of course.

No. 493462

File: 1520860334682.png (25.93 KB, 500x91, really.png)

It reminds me of Kim Jong when Lame's husband claims he doesn't have BO. He also claimed that his shit doesn't stink because he's a vegetarian. The way he surrounds himself with people who don't question him, constantly putting down anyone who dare talk back, and claiming how better he is really makes me think he has never let go of his Sicesca dreams. Sadly patreon has got him closer to starting his cult.

No. 493465

I know she's paying at least one of them.
And she upped her pledge after he criticized her for trying to offer help with his "literary works". That was before the most recent time. I don't know if she's still monetarily supporting him directly.

No. 493467

I wonder why he hasn't kicked her from patreon/discord yet. Well we don't know if she's still participating, but we usually hear from it if he has a fallout with someone. He kicked people over less. She must have paid a lot, at least in the past.

She said she doesn't understand why people think she's silent cause she talks all the time in her streams. Kek. Don't want to post the link cause it's on rsn. Even her husband can be more self-deprecating when he's having a good day

No. 493469

I think she upped her pledge after he got mad at her for something else a few months ago. After he flipped out about her offering to help and retweeted himself saying grammar nazis should be sent to death camp, she finally pulled her pledge.

No. 493470

>Lainey said that seeing as it was probably negative she didn't want to see it and seemed pretty hurt about it.

After she did her thing onstream about laughing at the news of JG breaking up with SR, she doesn't get to act like her feefees were hurt by Jaclyn making fun of her a couple of months later. In addition, maybe she should think about why someone would do that in particular as an impression of her.

No. 493471

There’s nothing super new in this video but saw it recently and it’s pretty good.

I know things aren’t super milky right now so I figured now was an okay time to share. If you’re super deep into the lainey’s Husband’s life, you can skip it.

No. 493473

I don't mind when masked babe or aldii promote here as I see the content as entertaining but if every wild spartanz,joy sparkle style commentary channel posted her it would be cancer so I can see why no exceptions would be a rule.

No. 493474

File: 1520879864007.png (58.38 KB, 735x725, Untitled.png)

Self promo is against the rules, see Rule #5.
I think the only reason it's not as strictly enforced is because it's difficult to prove even when it's obvious.

No. 493475

I wasn’t posting my own content but if sharing videos like this clogged up the thread, please delete.

I didn’t know it was a rule, sorry!

No. 493476

Samefagging but also replying to the one above, can we make the rule more clear like no 3rd party videos? I know people assume that any commentary video posted is posted by the creator and it might avoid some infighting with a more b&w rule.

No. 493477

Hey it's all good! Video links have usually been fine in the past because most anons just ignore them. It's only recently that people have been sperging about them. I think it's because there's not much else to do but infight due to lack of interesting content :P

No. 493479

I think aldii is fine and I think most anons appreciate her content since it's comedy and not yet another commentary video…? I hope her vids are still acceptable.
I've literally never heard of masked babe until a video of hers was posted and I have no intention of watching it especially since it did seem like selfpost. Commentary videos bore me because they're usually long af and don't tell us anything we don't already know. Plus understandably we're super wary of another Joy Sparkles.

No. 493480

i agree. don't mix aldlii into this, because her content is of high quality, very entertaining and always bears a clear message. it's not at all anything like masked babe or wildspartanz

No. 493483

She's been linked before in Moomoo's thread during her most recent drama. People were sending her milk to make a video about it.

I'm assuming that's probably what happened here as well. Beyond that though, I hadn't heard of her.

No. 493484

I think we all appreciate Aldii because it’s funny and she was spot on with the Onions. But it seems like anytime people like Masked Babe are posted there’s no context or reasoning. It just feels like a self-promo and no one cares to hear a chick talk for 10+ minutes about the Onions when it’s just shit we already talk about in the Onion threads. Like unless someone said something new or milky about the Onions, don’t post their videos because no one wants to watch them rant if it’s not something important to the thread.

No. 493488

Just found out Onion's sister has a youtube channel and she is a pilot?

No. 493491

Is it weird that Onion and Jonion are actually likeable in that video?

No. 493494

File: 1520889151621.png (741.04 KB, 850x464, am I moms favorite.PNG)

>Oh that sounds…. fun…

Her reply on him explaining Twitch lol


No. 493498

Lainey's Sister in Law seems likeable, I read the comments and watched one of her flight videos. I cringed though throughout the video with her brother. He just seems so awkward and especially meeting the fan with his arms folded. Defensive at all times lol

No. 493502

She is better than Onion at most things except wearing a seat belt properly. Lol.

No. 493503

In this video Onion runs into a fan while out at the mall. After seeing her I now understand exactly why Lainey and Greg keep up with the whole "Tumblr space prince fake boi" shtick. It's relatable to their brain dead fans.

No. 493504

Must be hard living in his sister's shadow. Isn't this the same sister that beat him up as a child? lolol

No. 493512

Wow, if I didn’t know anything aboit Lainey’s husband outside of this video, I would actually like him.
I get the idea he’s pretty damn jealous of his sister though, and she seems very competitive. He’s made remarks about her in the past.
If Onion wants to do something that “counts” like he said and that’s “make people laugh” he’s failing at that miserably. I guess “start a cult where they all worship me” didn’t fit here.

No. 493515

Yes, cringe or not, he's way more likable in his sisters short vlog than he ever is on Lainey's channel or his multiples. He just seems like the kind of weird brother.

No. 493516

It's odd how differently Lainey's husband behaves when he's on dates with her or with her sister-in-law. Listen to how he treats his patrons on stream when they make certain types of comments or call him out and he flips shit. If Lainey or her sister-in-law flat out disagree or insults him, he doesn't appear to give a shit and might joke with them.

No. 493517

He still can’t help himself but be an obnoxious asshole on Lainey’s channel either though. Like, it’s her video, her “brand” and he just takes over. Can’t help but add a bunch of his “humor” over scenes with her in them. He mocks her or makes reallydumb jokes or references 90% of the video. At the very least, in Joanna’s video, he just answers her and doesn’t add a bunch of ridiculous jokes and commentary over it. He’s almost humble and shows some humility. That’s something we NEVER see from him. But what I think it is, is that Joanna is a strong female and it threatens him. Strong females always make him shrivel up. If Lainey took real control then he wouldn’t be able to piss all over her channels and desperately cling to her fame now. I’m sure he knows he has to be careful with his sister as she won’t put up with his condescending bullshit. It’s a real glimpse at how he is when he’s not hanging out with a doormat or a star struck fan.

No. 493521

Not necessarily just because shes a strong woman but because this woman knows Lames husband since he was born. She knows everything about him.

No. 493522

Didn’t his mother belt him with a flashlight also?

No. 493524

I think he's trying to be more relatable by vlogging with his sister because he saw how shane's boyfriend's sister became so successful in a very short time. I immediately thought of this. Seeing how shane's squad is growing must be hard for him sitting in his mansion without friends and family

No. 493526

Maybe. He did mention she had a channel but also didn’t give a link to it.

No. 493527

not hard enough, it seems

No. 493528

Amazing how Joanna has her own channel with interesting and helpful piloting videos….and then you have her brother, an embarrassment, who posts dumb drama videos and almost everyone hates him.

No. 493529

Also, I truly wonder how much his family knows about his “polyamorous” lifestyle and if they are aware of his tirades. Or if they all just think he’s “famous” and believe he is still a huge success.

No. 493530

The stream today was boring as usual. He made really bad asian jokes. Towards the end he says "How can I be racist if both my parents are black?"

No. 493531

He’s damn close to pulling a Keith Richards, isn’t he?
Grade A quality humor there, Greg.

No. 493532

I commented too soon, but clearly GingerBeck is still paying him if she’s playing with him in games.

No. 493533

File: 1520899308086.jpeg (227.03 KB, 1536x863, image.jpeg)

grease face stuffed his pants again for his new speaks video.

No. 493534

Ah yes, the video in which he claims to shove a tampon in his ass.

No, I'm not kidding. Wish I was.

This shit.. I just don't get it.


No. 493535

Well Lainey’s husband usually mocks Lainey and shits on her, but I think the reason he isn’t like that with his sister is because he actually had respect for her. He seemed like a normal, but weird guy in her vlog. But in Lame’s vlogs and videos he’s obnoxious as he is in his own. Which makes me think that Lame is full of shit when she says he is a different person than who he portrays on the Internet. Because maybe he is, but she wouldn’t know kek. Because he’s as shitty to Lame as he is to his patreons.

No. 493536

File: 1520899664943.jpeg (244.59 KB, 1535x919, image.jpeg)

there are children watching this man

No. 493537

samefag but I also want to add that Lame’s husband also can’t manipulate his own sister the way he can Lame. so he actually treats his sister with respect.

No. 493539

what on god's green earth is this outfit supposed to be?

No. 493540

She's a level 4 atm.
Same as fatbecca.

Also lainey's husband seems to have forgotten he's writing a book, he should have released a chapter yesterday, maybe stephen king called and he want the massacred plagiarised plot of stand by me back..

No. 493541

>it smelled for a week afterwards

maybe clean your fucking toilet then, you pair of filthy pigs. a WEEK? that says a lot more about you two than it does about your weird shitting house guest

No. 493542

I thought it was a fake tattoo sleeve for a minute in the video with his sister. He needs to age up his fashion.

No. 493544

I don't care if someone has a cluttered house, but why not just quickly shove the clutter on the left out of frame before you film?

No. 493545

Does he not understand how penises work?
He’s wearing baggy pants, it wouldn’t protrude that much unless he was erect, if he was really that ~hung~ you would be able to see more of an outline, not some weird cup-like bulge. Convinced he might actually lie about everything, he’s fucking weird.

No. 493546

What in the actual fuck?
What a *~*~feminist~*~*. So glad to have him as an “ally”.

No. 493549

Not sure if he was actually serious comparing an anus to a vagina. Anyways what the fuck is wrong with this sicko. Is this edgy?

No. 493551

I didn't watch it, but if Lamey's husband is being serious it just shows how much of an idiot he is and how bad he contradicts himself. Because in a stream he did where he was talking about anal with UNDERAGE patreons, one said they had anal sex and he shit on her and made a comment about treating her boyfriend's penis like shit or something. It was mentioned previously in last thread.

So if he has such a bad opinion on anal sex, why would he compare an asshole to a vagina. He's such a fucking idiot.

No. 493552

Maybe he was erect then… I mean he had something up his ass. I'm convinced he's too anxious to admit he'd like to try anal stuff because it could threaten his manliness. Now I really need to stop talking about this.

No. 493555

He's enjoying it way too much seriously who would even put that on youtube

No. 493558

remember how he said he accidentally put his dick in shs ass and they barely noticed. totes true story, from laineys husband.

No. 493559

Is this real? I honestly have no idea. He is spot on with how peculiar anal feels at first but he did also have a prostate massager.

No. 493563

How is Lame not embarrassed by her husband doing this? That shit is not cute. He's been doing this ever since people made fun of him for having a nonexistent penis in one of his videos where he was wearing like tighty-whities. So now everytime he's getting in front of the camera when he's alone he stuffs. About to start calling him OniStuffs.

It's creepy because OniStuffs knows that the majority of his audience are underage girls, yet he continuously does this because he wants them to think he's packed. That's disgusting. Just like how some little girl was on his stream and talking to him about it. A normal adult man would say, "hey, you're a kid. let's change the subject." Instead he just laughed and blushed like a creep.

No. 493566

His age is really showing here and why is his head bigger than his arse??? kek

No. 493569

File: 1520924145550.jpg (134.36 KB, 1080x1283, 100cat.jpg)

>Lainey's Sister in Law

No. 493570

*most everyone hates him.

No. 493571

kek this masked babe chick is boring she is trying to sound so "edgy and kewl" everyone and their mom has made a vid about Lainey and her husband that everything is just a big rehash of all the shit they have done. boring and irrelevant. but I guess gurl wants them onion viewzzz the only onion videos worth watching are the ones from Aldii

No. 493572

> BLEACH, DeathNote, Seven Deadly Sins…
Even his taste in anime is mediocre.

Thought that was a fake tattoo sleeve too. That shirt looks like something you'd see in the children's section at walmart.

No. 493578

It's basic as fuck just like his music and movie taste. Most always (kek) he only knows the most popular stuff and he only catches on to things when they reach mainstream. For instance, he never heard of tommy wiseau until recently, even tho he's been on the internet his entire life. He is so out of touch and completely stuck so he talks about his favorite anime/movies/bands like a 16 year old.

No. 493582

Case in point for this is how Rick and Morty boomed like forever ago and he’s JUST NOW screetchig “RICK AND MORTY, amirite guys?!” But everyone knows it’s been around quite a while. But clearly he’s just discovered it and he’ll cling to it like people who still say “what are those” and point at shoes, or someone who still quotes dead jokes from their fav vines

No. 493583

His mother certainly knows however she doesn't seem to care whatsoever. After all, she is mainly the reason why he is the way he is. The rest of his family seems to be relatively unaware of what he's actually known online for. His sister's interactions with him gives off the impression that they know something is off with him but have no clue to what to degree.

No. 493590

I think he watches a lot of things on Netflix and this is why he's so far behind. I didn't know much about it (olderfag, but still) until recently because of that.
But for his "job" and his desperation to appeal to teens, he should really shell out some extra shekels for cable to keep up with the teens that still live under mom and dad's roof.

No. 493591

tbh I always thought his mother is a narcicisst and that his behaviour comes from that!

No. 493593

Tbh I think he's just one of those guys that sees women as family or fucktoys. He's like those edgy teen fucks that say all women should get raped but also likes to have his mom do his laundry.

I wonder when he'll realise that shane is just more likeable as a person and his success can't be replicated by somebody that lacks charisma and charm. I've never seen Shane's channel but he pops up in other youtuber vids all the time because they LIKE him - something Lainey's husband will never experience.

No. 493595

File: 1520952857182.png (66.6 KB, 880x282, a.png)

Lames husband put out another 3 and a 1/2 pages.

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 7

It makes me wonder if he really believes he has been abducted by aliens. I know he had mentioned that he believed him and Lainey may have been because they woke up with black marks on them.

No. 493598

3.5 pages? For one chapter. Lmao.
Not to mention one page in there definitely isn't one full page in Word, it's like 4-5 short-ass paragraphs. Less than 1k for ONE chapter.

Sorry for writerfag rant, but Lainey's husband clearly hasn't read ANY book or ebook in a long-ass time.

No. 493599

3.5 pages? For one chapter. Lmao.
Not to mention one page in there definitely isn't one full page in Word, it's like 4-5 short-ass paragraphs. Less than 1k for ONE chapter.

Sorry for writerfag rant, but Lainey's husband clearly hasn't read ANY book or ebook in a long-ass time.

No. 493601

Out of anyone on this planet, why the fuck would aliens choose to abduct you, Grease? Even in your narcissistic mind you must realize there are millions of other better physical, intellectual, and creative representations of humanity. NO ONE WANTS YOU, ESPECIALLY NOT ALIENS.

We all know the first person they're going for is Elon Musk's sweet ass.

No. 493602


For making the world a better place. :)

No. 493605

File: 1520956083737.jpg (5.96 KB, 259x194, index.jpg)

They wouldn't even need to probe him, they could just become a patron and learn all about the time he probed himself.

No. 493606

He uses "&" within a sentence. I wish Gines would read this book too but it's probably not possible unless he publishes it outside of patreon

No. 493608

she has!

No. 493609

The black dots on them were probably dead flies since their house is overrun by them. That or grugles armpit filth cause he won't use deo

No. 493613

Awesome, this makes my day. Ty anon

No. 493614

He probably forgot in print form they use both sides of the fucking page.

I'm surprised he doesn't use bigger font to make it seem longer than it is. That seems to be how he lives his entire life, actually lol…

No. 493616

Or mice poop, I wouldn't be surprised to learn they have mice as well. God knows they don't take proper care of their home from seeing the damage like in the one bathroom that's just being covered with towels and ignored or the general unkempt living conditions. I highly doubt they do any kind of pest control and with the wooded area around them? I don't care if it's a suburb I lived in a row house in the middle of town and you can still get mice that sneak in through holes outside. Probably have all kinds of pests along with the flys in their home. Would explain the black marks though, several times while camping in a old camper I've woken up to a mouse on our blanket or skittering right in front of us on the floor, some aren't really afraid especially when people are sleeping.

No. 493617


I love Gines, lmao. Wish someone would show this thread to her, she looks like she'd get a kick out of it.

No. 493618


Someone asked her once during her livestream if she knows about lolcow and she said she comes here and reads, but doesn't post

No. 493626

File: 1520969074905.png (679.8 KB, 1534x664, Untitled.png)

How she can still insist upon not using a vanity filter is beyond me. It's not like the filter makes her look any better yet she still insists upon using it and lying about using it.

No. 493627

They probably abducted him to see how stupid humans can get.

No. 493628

Left image: What normal skin looks like with out blur. You see uneven natural tones

Right: Is how all her filters are even with bright light.

The thing is the filter may have a built in blur effect. Light can help flatten but it shouldn’t effect when she gets closer or further away as badly as her filter. She needs ultimately a better skin care routine to even the tones out and help her acne.

No. 493630

File: 1520972184795.webm (5.69 MB, 1920x1080, laineybot.webm)

No. 493631

Doesn’t load.

No. 493632

This was some funny shit. God, he has the vocabulary of a retarded 11-year-old, and that's being generous. Also the fact that he originally named the main character "Greg" just shows how much of a narc he is.

No. 493634

it's apparently semi- autobiographical, hence his real name (and those of his sisters) being used throughout his book(s).

No. 493638

So basically he's trying to sell a badly written diary about things that probably never happened?

No. 493639

Lames new "I made a fake tinter account" video. I feel like her and her husband are just asking for "hate" at this point.

> deleted old tinder account to make new "face profile".

> trys to be a "fuckboi" with a full face of makeup on.
> has a fuckboi photoshoot.
> makes a "fake tinder profile" for her alter ego fuckboi Landon Paul.
> Trying to "pick up all the ladies"
> Fuckboi Bio: Libra, INFJ, Feminist, Girls only. Works in Zumies and goes to Washington State. "Looking for a fun girl who liked to adventure and party".
> Swiping girls that both Landon and Lames find attractive. Totally just a fake profile though.
> Landon and Lames have different types.
> Comments accuse this being her husbands idea to lure in young girls and Lames being the enabler.
> Part 2 coming soon with convos with girls.

No. 493640

Pretty much, it's all wish fulfillment and he makes himself a Mary Sue. It's true he was once a kid but he's such a narc that the alien probably gives him super powers then falls in love with him, takes him back to his planet and kills the other aliens just for graphic violence. Later it turns out the alien is a poly furry but it all turns out to be a dream because he's a shitty writer. Afterwards, he convinces Lame to be a furry since she's already a space prince.

No. 493641

How can Being they/them so strongly go towards one gender, male? Is she actually trans?
She wants so badly to be seen as a boy. Either that or it’s just all for attention. Surely it can’t just be all for attention? Hmmmmmmm

No. 493642

Attention and autism is my guess, she doesn't understand asexuality at all.

No. 493644

(samefag) but if she was trans, why would she change her biological name (Taylor, a common name for men and women) to Lainey (a primarily female name)

No. 493645

File: 1520977818871.png (50.49 KB, 694x332, IMG_1821.PNG)

No. 493646

Where's this from?

No. 493647

I think Lainey suits being a "boy" and I could see them transitioning honestly

No. 493648


It's from Lames new laineybot video. The comments on her videos are always so entertaining kek.

No. 493649

Is there a reupload anywhere?

No. 493650

Top fucking KEK anon!

No. 493651

I'm late but maybe his crotch is not stuffed, it's just his lil baby boner from shoving things in his ass.

No. 493652

greg has groomed lainey so well that she somehow doesnt realize how creepy and predatory it is to literally lie and catfish people over tinder. idk who she thinks shes fooling anyway, i mean what fuckboy would have that much makeup on their face, it couldnt be anymore obvious she's female.

No. 493655

Links not working bud

No. 493656

File: 1520980615830.png (485.27 KB, 928x489, Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 6.31…)



No. 493657

File: 1520980829123.png (3.96 MB, 2208x1242, E9CC3391-5D60-427B-943D-4E1CD2…)

What a terrible idea.
Now I kind of want to download Tinder only to find her profile.

No. 493658

Plain should just ditch the makeup and she'd be more of a manly looking man than her husband ever was.

I pity every girl that will fall for her bait.

No. 493659

i hate to say it but….. her makeup is actually very flattering in this video

No. 493661

Yeah, she wants to be seen as a cute twink gay boy, not a man.
She's a just woman that doesn’t know you can just be an androgynous woman.

No. 493663

She legit looks like she's pulling a "shock" face because she's seen the ghost at the side of her. :O (emoji for reference sry!)

No. 493664

Lainey would actually look pretty good if she kept the bangs and grew out her hair a bit to frame her face. The lack of eyeliner wings is doing her a lot of favors imo.

No. 493665

File: 1520982927907.png (16.79 KB, 791x96, Screenshot_2018-03-13-22-49-23…)

Onioncord being pre-warned NOT to trigger gronk on stream/ever.. Remember that whole video about free speech and not censoring anymore?? The most honest choober strikes(out) again.

No. 493667

lmao she's fishing straight girls as if any straight girl would fall for that

No. 493668

Emphasis on boy. Like real young. She doesn’t want facial hair, for fucks sake.

No. 493669

Like to adventure and party
More like young girls willing to be locked up in a dirty mansion 24/7, babysitting two small children who have no coping skills outside of physical assault, and including a large cereal bar as breakfest,lunch and dinner (with optional bean burrito substitutes)

No. 493670

File: 1520984037603.png (70.02 KB, 695x164, Untitled.png)

No. 493671

Am I missing something here though? She added her gender as male looking for female's, wouldn't that mess up the match algorithm?
If I could sage for cluelessness I would.

No. 493674


im confused at something, she mentions she needed to erase her previous tinder profile to make the new one…

No. 493677

File: 1520984395698.png (265.47 KB, 416x415, Untitled.png)

how much longer until cave man greg's eyebrows slide right off his greasy pizza face?

No. 493678

At 3:50 you can see the UV label on her sunglasses kek

She’s look like a girl. Why is she wearing mascara and shit if she wants to look like a guy? Dumb.

No. 493681

File: 1520984902347.jpeg (286.73 KB, 1600x1200, 8DB2D94B-55D2-4C30-8FC7-7C81BE…)


Holy fuck, he looks like an ape.

Man needs some muscle relaxers in his forehead, that’s unsettling

No. 493683

She may get women who are either bi or straight with those settings.

No. 493684

File: 1520985150624.jpg (12.21 KB, 277x147, chin2.JPG)

She didn't blend a spot on her chin good enough and bothered me through the entire video!! She just had a huge streak of concealer across it, if you're going to do makeup videos maybe do it correctly instead of relying on a blur filter to fix your fuck ups.

No. 493685

File: 1520985540756.png (540.32 KB, 868x452, ok.PNG)

Ah yes, everyone should listen to this guy's opinion on themselves because he's soo honest but also positive~

No. 493686

File: 1520985721037.png (558.92 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-14-01-04-41…)

That unironed shirt and unmade bed trigger the fuck out of me

No. 493687

Fucking saaame, I bet she pulled it out of a toy box it was crammed in. Must be nice to spend $300 in clothes to not take care of them

No. 493689

Wasn't that sam's room/guest room? Their house dynamics are odd. Why would you actively use a guest room when you have a number of your own bedrooms?

No. 493690

Doesn't Lameo use the basement to sleep in though?

No. 493691

File: 1520986779823.png (1.12 MB, 1334x750, 795945C9-8F12-49B1-B868-5D1F20…)

how much would is this new perk? and how much would be “TOO MUCH” for his patrons to think just a little “this guy is getting ridiculous”

No. 493695


LOL, on her you now Lames was complaining how Sam never made her bed or picked up after herself and that made her so uncomfortable because it was disrespectful…Why is the bed unmade then. Lames can't even make her own bed, makes a mess in other rooms and can't even pick up after herself, her husband even complains she can't pickup after herself. Yet, if other people don't make their bed or pickup after themselves it triggers her.

Or is it like the beck issue, that the washroom stunk for a week after she left?…Did Lames not make Sams bed a month after she left?

No. 493696

To be a member of his "elite" veteran patreon community you have to have donated at least $250 over the past 12mths to be invited into the inner sanctum on his forums.

No. 493701

>why would she change her biological name (Taylor, a common name for men and women) to Lainey (a primarily female name)

"Lainey" is literally her slave name, that her husband bequeathed upon her when he condescended to notice her and make her his child bride. So she will never change it to her actual name, because her beloved husband-master gave it to her to mark her status as his molded object.

No. 493702

Apparently it doesn't bother them at all that they are literally paying for him to humiliate them (see his treatment for Becca and GingerBeck for details). So I am guessing not much will make them stop paying, since even being actually emotionally abused doesn't.

No. 493704


Her husband does this shit too

No. 493711


Oh my fucking god, she's so fucking cringey. She thinks any woman would take her seriously while wearing fucking mascara? Even as a man she's a fucking joke,


No. 493717

On Lames stream
someone named hashtaggedblessed just messaged
Lainey told her were arent doing this on younow, message me Ive told you several times.


No. 493718

In addition she ignored everyone when asking who that was.

No. 493720

File: 1520990312649.jpeg (176.49 KB, 1536x924, image.jpeg)

when you want to show off both your tesla and your peen size to your 14 year old fans

No. 493724

He's horny and on the prowl.

No. 493725

She's an (ex) patron, her boyfriend got booted from gregs patron, so she had to go too (at least that was the whisper from laineys discord, this is just supposition atm, she WAS kicked but the motives are unclear.

No. 493726

He sold that didn't he and bought a ram?

No. 493732

they had two and sold the one Lainey was mostly using (I think her husband had it as a 'business car')

No. 493734

Honestly, I know this sounds weird but I want to go to their house to take care of their kids and house because they obviously aren't! They trigger my OCD af

No. 493736

Lol what happened to his vegetarian body? For someone who bodyshames others you'd think he would at least kept his own fitness up.

No. 493737


Hard to notice any Peen bulge when his stomach is bulging out just as much if not more.

No. 493738

It's about the pic with him and the tesla, btw. Im on my phone and dk how to comment a reply.

No. 493739

Maybe that is an actual boner with how he's slouching like it sawkward to walk with. WOuldnt put it past Greg to decide the best way to stop the haters from saying he has no junk is to just walk around with a boner so he finally has a bulge. Or that tampon he shoved up his ass really got him going,

No. 493741

Yeah she had one before but she backed off after the Maya thing I think.

No. 493742


No. 493744

funny because on one of his twitch streams he said he wouldnt care if anyone leaked his posts and would expect it anyway

No. 493746

actually anon, you have a point. they could definitely get mice. It’s pretty easy for anyone to get mice if they live near a field or the woods, but it’s pretty much guaranteed if you have a filthy house. And the Onions live right next to the woods. They probably have attracted mice with how filthy their house gets. Which is a scary thought because Lame’s husband can’t mow the lawn, I doubt he’d know how to take care of a mice infestation which scared me for the kids because mice will climb into shoes and other places. Mice don’t scare me as much as rats do though and even they are a huge possibility. If the Grease Mansion is so filthy that they can attract flies in the winter, they can definitely attract vermin.

No. 493748

he wishes he was important enough to be abducted by aliens.

No. 493751

Lame is actually catfishing at this point. Like I thought she was just going to make the account as a haha moment because someone suggested it. But she’s actually going all out pretending to be a man and trying to pick up girls. That’s fucking weird and Lame and her husband aren’t well known like big time YouTubers so it’ll be rare that they run into someone on Tinder that knows who they are. So this bitch will probably actually talk to some poor girl and lead her on or trick her into going there under the false pretenses that she’s talking to some guy on Tinder. She didn’t even put poly in her bio or the fact that she has kids. She’s trying to pretend she’s some college kid who spends his days partying. Who does that?

No. 493752

File: 1520995335529.png (586.97 KB, 1077x575, we have the same body.png)

Lames husband sold his Model X Tesla and got a Ram 1500 Truck. (between 27K - 34K new)

>Meanwhile this 20 year old wants to know whether or not they are fat and obviously she is in no way fat. All I'm doing is giving my honest opinion. People ask for it; I give it and if that helps people that's amazing, but to be blunt, this chicks stomach kinda looks like my stomach so if your fat, I'm fat and vice versa. Are you really calling yourself fat because if your calling yourself fat, you're calling me fat!

He must be blind to not see he has a pot belly going on.

>Meanwhile this person says I haven't really helped them. If anything I've made them hate themselves more. In this case, I encourage you to stop watching me. You see I have a right to express my opinions on my own channel and you have a right to not listen to my opinions. Like I could say, you saying this made me feel bad. Or even you saying that made me want to end my own life and I could blame you making me more sad on you. That wouldn't be fair would it because I chose to read what you posted on my site.

Nice turn around Grug, but following this logic, if he didn't want to be hurt by the answer then don't ask the question. Also let us not forget the case of Fat Becca, if you pay him enough he'll adjust his honest opinion. Thanks to Becca giving him all that money he's told her she isn't fat and is just curvy'.

>…And very dramatic. They said I made them hate themselves so much and they don't know why they are still alive, but they're saying they think it's because they're waiting for more Onision videos to come out. That is so confusing. I made you hate yourself but you won't end it because you're waiting for more videos of mine to come out that you say make you hate yourself (TOO MANY JUMP CUTS, KILL ME NOW). Listen, if my videos have a positive impact on you - watch them. If they don't, Stop. Unsubscribe from me, go away.

I don't know if he really wants people to unsubscribe. I get the feeling that now he's more interested in having unquestioning followers than his view count. I'm sure he knows his channel will never get such high views again but he can count on the suckers on his Pateon for money and to suck his e-dick.

No. 493759

*his wife's tesla

No. 493761

i see, all the bread crusts everywhere are just them putting out food for the pet verman!

No. 493762

File: 1520998655134.png (258.02 KB, 600x701, onision_by_luneisu-dc5m8vr.png)

Someone drew his caveman face again. He gets mad whenever he is drawn ugly.

No. 493764

File: 1520999197208.jpg (45.1 KB, 849x666, IMG_1462.JPG)

No. 493770

File: 1521000843960.jpg (114.86 KB, 1058x285, Screenshot_20180314-151302.jpg)

If this is true this is disgusting behavior.. wonder if she will also tell them that she's a mother of two young children.

No. 493771

new video ideaaa! “she didn’t know i was non binary! PEEP THAT TRANSPHOBIA”

No. 493772

Predator Lainey is finally complete.

No. 493774

Is this a comment on her newest video?

I hope someone recorded her live stream today.

No. 493775

I was in the stream, it didnt quite go down like that. Lame said she had 14 matches but no one had messaged her. She talked about some blonde she matched with that she was thought was out of her league fans pushed her to message her first and made it a like goal of 10000 and she'd write her a message. Message said something like "hey cutie what's your sign" she caught alot of hell from one fan about it being catfishing so she added to her tinder profile a disclaimer "my name is Lainey and I don't work at zumies". She updating tomorrow in the stream if she ever responded. Slight talk about doing a date video if the girl is down to meet and participate. Says multiple times that it's just for content and has zero interest in actually dating right now

No. 493776

They** sorry I'm terrible at being consious on the they/them

No. 493777

She's a fake transtrender there's no need to feel guilty anon.

Taylor is a sexually unsatisfied 24 year old mother of two who was groomed into a relationship with an older man in her mid teens. The older man has a micro cock and no respect for women, and no interest in sexually pleasuring them. He prefers them to be vaginally dry, per his own words

She hasn't had an orgasm in years, if ever. And her transtrender shit is her outlet

No. 493778


Essentially, what she’s done is public catfishing and video recording the evidence.

looks like “Landon” is going to be the subject of next week’s episode of Catfish. Can’t wait to see Max and Nev at Casa de Cebolla.

No. 493779

File: 1521010120139.jpeg (49.61 KB, 750x200, DD0D8D89-F15B-4D26-AF13-B7E25B…)

in the comments of Lainey’s fake tinder video

now i cannot unsee

No. 493780

File: 1521010388098.jpeg (60.85 KB, 1280x720, ED2E66A2-1BF9-4241-A621-53D68F…)


but here’s exclusive video footage of Lainey taking care of T and C

No. 493781

What the fuck if he prefers dry then he should wear a non-double-lubricated condom so Lainey can at least enjoy it?? ? ?

No. 493782


There is no way anyone with a functional brain would mistake TAYLOR for a man, specially if when she's FUCKING USING MASCARA AND EYEBROW MAKEUP

No. 493783

Thanks, I'm glad someone else sees what I'm saying. I've been in a few house clean outs where mice are just running wild. Want to know this favorite place to next that I've seen??
Pile stuff of clothes, especially in the winter I'm betting. Makes em think back to Lainey's laundry room in her house tour video, or the piles she just stuffs into her kids toys no doubt. And all that food left around the house? There are probably mice everywhere in there, might explain why leelu is always barking and "being annoying",
Poor Troy is so conditioned not to talk he probably doesn't even mention it to mommy, that's assuming of course they aren't already aware of their problem. Plus they're supposedly vegetarian and against animal killing so they're not gonna be able to get rid of them unless they had a professional come in. Hopefully they do move out into a smaller *temporarily not fly infested/Fermin infested house. Maybe the kids could be in a semi clean environment for about a month

No. 493784

onion really strikes me as the kind of guy who is all ballsack topped with a lil baby dick like a cherry on top.

No. 493786

Just for content. Likesam was just there to do camera

No. 493787

rofl, punishing his own stupid ass patrons because some people are stupid enough to pay him to get infiltrated and tangled up in his drama … instead of just, you know, not posting private emails like a normal person

No. 493788


if I'm remembering correctly, gerg definitely had a mouse problem in his first house, likely because it was equally filthy and disgusting. so I wouldn't be surprised if they have an infestation now.

No. 493789

there are videos of when shiloh lived with him and there were mice running across their counter, and their reaction was "awwwh"

No. 493791

For a narcissist, he has no fucking shame. I bet they never cleaned the rat feces either.

No. 493798

The Blargh uploaded a video of Onion banning two Patrons for disagreeing with him over joking about suicide.

No. 493801

FYI: This is the same thing as further up in the thread, but has a little more to it at the end.
Just glad to see it on the Blargh because they seem to get more exposure.

No. 493802

Here's Lainey talking about her catfishing on YouNow.

No. 493804

I'm dying at whoever started posting these. The likeness to Lainey is exact.

No. 493806

Lol that person didn't forget the redness and the low browbone

No. 493807

Wow that's fucking gross and unbelievable. Sometimes our cat brings in mice and doesn't kill them, so they end up hiding somewhere in the kitchen and I find it so disgusting. Never would I just not do anything about it.

No. 493808

She sounds like an autoandrophile. You know when guys say "If I were a girl I'd give my pussy to everyone!", she imagines the same thing but with opposite sexes. She glorifies being a "fuckboy" and "picking up all the ladies".

No. 493809

He must be EXHAUSTING to be around.

I honestly don’t know how Lainey stands being around him 24/7.

No. 493810

it's easy when you only see the person when they decide to rape you

No. 493813

I agree, that video just proves all this "agender" stuff is just a fetish. She thinks being a straight guy is so cool, but it's obvious she's not even into girls.

No. 493815

File: 1521047803242.png (310.15 KB, 640x480, 538DD746-B755-4D35-B7A4-8AFAC6…)


>tfw you convince your husband to kick out his “cameraman”

>tfw you successfully drink every drop of la croix out of your son’s dippy cup
>tfw some random teenaged stranger refers to you, a 23 year old mother of two, as a “smol space prince omg who IS he???”
>tfw you and your infant daughter call out for daddy and he answers you first

No. 493816

what's really fucked up is she keeps reiterating that "everything on my profile is honest except that I don't work at Zumiez!!"
No mention in her profile that she:
>Is not a biological male
>Is married to a 32 year old man
>has 2 biological children

those are the kind of things you kind of should put in your Tindr profile, if you're a normal person.

No. 493817

I truly think she believes since she’s showing her audience her doing all this that it’s not actually catfishing.
Lainey hun, if a straight female thinks she’s chatting with a single, cis, straight male with no children…. it is still catfishing

No. 493818

Samefag to add
It wouldn’t be a big deal if she wasn’t crushing on and seriously wanting to get to know these girls kek. She is so desperate for love she’ll get a fucking crush on everyone

No. 493819

I just imagine a totally unaware girl visits "Landon". Instead meets a mother of two going through an identity crisis and her constantly crying children.
Her Chucky-like husband, a small man with a big red head and musty smell is also with her. He immediately starts to princess-carry the horrified girl around the house and asks her when she's gonna "suk mi" and that she's expected to work as a nanny.
Poor girl bolts out of the house, never to be seen again.
Plainey, feeling smug,streams on YouNow about how "she got heartbroken by another girls, all women are whores etc"
Onion makes an angry video, asks fans why so many women are frigid these days..

No. 493820

correct me if i'm wrong but doesn't Tinder just match you with locals. I'm sure if Onion gets stopped at the mall, people will have heard of that odd couple. And from the way she was talking about Tinder/patrons it just sounds like she honestly wants friends lol. She said how one of her patrons she's met up with is like her best friend, and 'tiers' don't matter to her. Unlike her husband

No. 493821

File: 1521050503155.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 2480x3508, Smugfly.jpg)

Wonder if they're supposed to list flies on the profile too, they're sort of a part of the package deal. But then again if she was honest about everything, no one would get involved (or at least people with common sense wouldn't).

No. 493822

You set a radius for potential matches. If you pay for the premium service, you can also set your own location to wherever you want.

No. 493823

She did mention on stream she wasn't using fancy Tinder so she's just terrorising the locals with her face.

No. 493824

She also seems exhausting to be around. Her only topics of conversation are her marital problems, how gay she is, how agender she is and she only talks about herself. No wonder all her friends get sick of her once they grow up.

Lol for real. She lied about her gender. Shes not a dude even in her own life. agenderisnt a guy. And leaving out you are married with kids is a big fucking deal. Don't drag some normal person on tinder into your bullshit drama where your husband will berate them if they dont wanna fuck him and leak their private info.

No. 493825

File: 1521051491881.jpg (54.51 KB, 960x540, 28377906_2088362661179981_5958…)

>that pic
Onionthreads always #1 for OC quality content

No. 493828



Uhm I don't think she put a diclaimer on her profile. She said if the girl replies to her messages then she was gonna tell her real name and that she doesn't work in zumies.

The whole stream she was contradicting herself saying how she is so "in love" with this girl and didn't want to fuck things up with the girl and then get unmatched yet it's only a social experiment and she isn't interested? Also when people commented that married people shouldn't be on tinder her excuse was her husband didn't care and that she was poly. Like wth why didn't she just say it's a "social experiment" then. Also asking her viewers "what would Landon say?" and saying that the girl liked her picture with her face so it isn't catfishing???????? Bitch you are not being open that you are married, have two children and saying that you are a WOMAN. Men have penis's not vaginas Lames. How delusional can someone be.

Make up your mind Lames you are either interested in the girl you are catfishing or it's a social experiment. People usually don't care to "fuck things up" if it's just and experiment. She is such shallow, dense idiot.

Also are you a Lame stan I've never seen someone care about her "gender pronouns" in the threads before. You also made it seem like she really wants doing anything bad to the young girl she is targeting for her husband…No one should excuse her behaviour.

No. 493829

>i dont want to fuck things up with this girl im pretending to be interested in sexually and the only reason she swipped me was based on lies

No. 493830

File: 1521054550658.png (116.49 KB, 613x113, Capture.PNG)

>this is what the new chapter opens with
>two fucking sentences as a "paragraph"

god how many "chapters" is this shit going to have

No. 493832

They are all kids, no one in that house has a mental capacity over 12 years old.

No. 493834

She should have included everything in her reality in that profile, swipe right on everyone and see if anyone still wants her. THAT is a video that would be interesting to watch(for all the wrong reasons).

No. 493840


Holy shit. That’s one of the worst sentences I’ve ever read. It’s like a “what not to do” of writing. Does he ever read it aloud?

No. 493842

it took me a good couple of minutes to get through that… he has to be trolling at this point, there is no way I can believe a 32 year old has such low literacy capabilities.

No. 493844

easily the most boring one yet too
zzzz muh alien looked at me too spooky
sleep in a bed suspended by chains with a furnace at my head and a washing machine below

No. 493849


Damn, Plainey's husband somehow managed to write something worse than Stones to Abbifail.

No. 493850

I was in the stream too and you are sensationalising it something shocking. Landon was a joke made in the younow chat a while ago to be her alter ego, and she made the video with her fans in mind. I'm pretty sure this wasn't an organic Laineybot video idea, but another one decided by the fans. She mentioned in stream one of the girls was pretty, I think we are all use to Lain having girl crushes. She wasn't up for messaging them but the chat pushed her and she made a like goal. It was reached pretty quickly and the chat decided what 'Landon' pick up line should be.

It was one of the rare streams she was engaging with the audience. One account was derailing calling it catfashing and spamming so she actually put the disclaimer in the profile even though her fans in the chat said she shouldn't have to.

Any straight woman that comes across the Landon profile and doesn't understand that Lainey is a girl badly pretending to be a boy shouldn't be on Tinder. They will be in for a shock when they find out IRL boys lie on that app too.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493858

Why do you keep defending her actions? Wish it were you she matched up with?

No. 493859

>any girl on tinder that comes across that profile and doesn't realize Lainey is a girl shouldn't be on tinder.

No. It's not on the girl that they put into the algorithm that they are only interested in men, and then get matched with a profile which claims to be a man. Men can have extremely feminine features and even be wearing mascara, and some women could still be attracted to them or think they are biological men. It's not the girls fault for believing the false information she put out. She would feel the betrayed and lied to if a man did the same to her and pretended to be a gay woman, and was a biological male that lied. Especially, if she does start a conversation with her. What's gonna happen if the girl does start to be interested? If Lainey eventually tells her she's a woman, and the girl is no longer interested she's just gonna cry "transphobia". These sites have you put out your preferences for a reason. If a man did this to her or any other gay woman she would be crying about how predatory he is or how it is a form of harassing someone who isn't interested in that sex. Same standards should be held for her.

No. 493860

In addition to what other anons have already replied, I think it's fucked up that she's not using her real name/social media on the Tindr so her potential matches can't do a background check on her. She had very little luck on her "real" Tindr because one google search of Lainey would send almost any girl running for the hills.

She had to make a fake profile where the chicks can't do some recon.

No. 493862

oh poor lainey, having her fans pressure her into messaging that girl that she's crushing on, she really is a tortured soul isnt she

No. 493864

Yeah obviously and that was also my first post on the matter.

No. 493866

I truly wonder what goes through a Lainey fan’s head when they think that visiting this site AND posting about her is a great idea.
We are not a fan site. In case you were still wondering.

Lainey is absolutely acting in a predatory way here. And delusional fans like you are the reason she continues to do this. Other people should not be catfished for your “entertainment”.

If Lainey was just experimenting, the disclaimer would have been there before. She only added it when pressured.

Let me guess, you think she was right for what she did to Billie, Maya and Sam too? They are just expendables for Queen Lainey to shit on for your enjoyment?

I hope she gets her “heart broken” by this crush because she needs a damn reality check. It’s not funny to drag strangers into your drama like this.

No. 493870

They don’t even use her preferred pronouns. Can’t be that dedicated to her lol.

No. 493872

>she caught alot of hell from one fan about it
anon also thinks everyone who goes to laineys streams are her fans so i mean …

No. 493873


Yeah I'm not a fan, obviously sarcasm doesn't read well.

I wasn't the first anon, that's why I wrote > I too was in the stream
Learn to grammar.

No. 493874

I didn't even properly read this samefag. I'm not a Lainey fan but I will nitpick you on one thing, when did Lainey ever express an interest in Sam? Sam is not a victim, sure she just went there for buisness.

No. 493875

I’m saying that Lainey manipulates anyone that enters the Onion house. If you’re a female under her roof, it’s definitely a matter of time until you’re the bad guy. She uses other women as scapegoats for why her marriage is unhappy and disfunctional. She really has no business bringing in, luring or otherwise entertaining the possibility of a third person in her relationship.

No. 493876

Who are you talking to anon? I honestly don't think any farmer was under the impression that this is lainey's fan-club, and it's not a hate site, never has been, never will be. It's simply an image board where bored anons group together to laugh at those people who are too narcissistic to laugh at themselves, see.. We provide a service to those poor souls, we help them through life's troubles gently and patiently, with a kind word and a basket of cakes. Or we would if the people here weren't such irredeemable fame hungry eejits.

I miss sage rn.

No. 493880


If anyone posts on this site like this and they’re not a “fan” of Lainey’s, I’m shocked they’d make this many excuses for her behavior.

“Sensationalizing” Lainey’s behavior is a stretch, if you ask me.

But don’t take my word for it. The Blargh posted the stream and it was linked above.

It’s gross that Lainey is so devoid of personality and talent that she thinks that this was a good idea and played into the idea that it was for her fans.


No. 493882

you're really upset about your bullshitting.

You're making a mountain out of a molehill. Have you ever used Tinder? A lot of the people on it are only interested in flirting via the app. Chill out

No. 493885

Meanwhile plainey's husbando is really pushing the idea that he's so "disgusted" by DDLG once more. We get it Gronk, your space prince's friends are "gross" to you jf https://hooktube.com/watch?v=LvVtEXx1QYc

No. 493889


Maybe people like you and Lames thinks it's cool to "hang out" in tinder as a married woman with two kids but most people aren't delusional like you guys. It's also not cool to pretend to be a single man. Sure it's obvious she is a woman but she still managed to get 15 matches pretending to me a man. So you are the one that needs to chill out.

Lames did the same thing with Billie and Maya, a relationship where it was exclusively between two people. Then her gross husband suddenly becomes a part of it? Instead of talking to her husband she manipulates the girls and tells them she isn't "comfortable" with them around her husband. Billie ignores lames she gets slandered by the both of them. Maya listens to Lames she too gets slandered by the both of them. It's obvious Lames doesn't want to be poly but does it to keep her greasey hisband interested. Poly obviously isn't for the two of them and they need to stop finding another underage girl.

If she wasn't interested in the girl why is she so afraid to fuck things up between the two of them? Why is she saying it's okay to be on tinder because she is poly? It's because she wants to bring in another girl! Please go back to writing ass licking comments on her videos as the anons here can see through your bullshit and defending Lames predatory behaviour.

No. 493890

It's also about the poly thing. Lainey is poly so it's all okay according to her. But is this girl poly? She's not getting the chance to know about the poly twist in advance. It only serves as further proof (as if we needed it) that Lainey and Greg see these girls as objects, and whose cooperation is valued, not their feelings.

No. 493891

please stop policing the thread

No. 493892

To be honest, catfishing on Tinder is a common occurrence so for Plain to be taking this a bit too far is probably something among the lines of "everyone already does this" and her gross attitude of flirting with literally every "cute" girl she sees. She may not look the part (even though she tries TOO HARD kek) but she sure acts like a typical male douchebag/fuckboy alright.

No. 493896

Are a lot of people 23 year old mothers with two kids and a greasy 32 year old husband whose favorite pastimes include tying you up in the basement and berating you to his loyal asslickers for years later? Well anyway, the whole thing is a question of ethics but nothing the Onions do is ethical anyway. I think it’s disturbing and wrong for her to pretend to be male and simulataneously be actually interested in the girl she’s supposedly just pretending to go after as a supposed straight male.

I’m starting to think the Onions will have a never ending supply of impressionable young morons to reel in because there are people out there that think Lainrybis unironically doing nothing wrong.

And for the record, excusing Lamey’s behavior because people are there just to “flirt” is disgusting. We expect people to be predators online but it’s less obvious with someone like her.


Thank you!

No. 493898

I honestly don't think Lainey is using Landon to seduce girls to come be a fucktoy for her husband. /wishicouldsage

No. 493899

Okay, but really now.
Lainey expresses actual interest in her because she’s “the cutest girl she’s ever seen”. So don’t tell me that if she actually became “interested” in Lainey that it would be a two way relationship. There’s no such thing as “Lainey’s girlfriend”, they share, whether the 3rd party realizes it at first or not.

No. 493900

File: 1521075269379.png (299.12 KB, 787x697, Screen_Shot_2016-11-13_at_11.0…)

inb4 Landon is Lainey's first real attempt to see what it feels like to be a boy and is a stepping stone to her eventual transition, leaving her husband in a gay relationship

>mfw her husband is so toxic it made her legit mentally ill

No. 493901

friend this is very funny and well made, thank you for making it.

No. 493902

She gave a girl compliments on stream and said she was out of her league. (Her insecurity is showing) Didn't want to message her and was waiting to see if she got messages/matches for the follow up video. (Self esteem issues, never messages first etc) Since the younow stream was so slow people commented to message the girl and she set a like goal. She then didn't have a clue what to write and she went with suggestions from chat. The girl never replied during the next 40 or so minutes. She said she'd update tonight if she got a reply.

She's got a disclaimer in her profile now so I doubt anyone will message her unless they're local and aware of her and Onion's youtube. A lot of matches and conversations on Tinder lead no where and fizzle out, I think some of you expect Lainey to have game. She is not charismatic lol

No. 493903

She deep down really does want to transition. I have a fake Instagram that I follow just the Onion Family on, and all of my recommended images on the explore page are FtM trans boys who've gone full test and lopped off their mammies.

No. 493904

>She's got a disclaimer in her profile now


No. 493905

Well at least she says on stream, I don't live near her or have Tinder. Maybe you should make a facebook post and make sure it spreads to her State to warn the people.

No. 493906

If she ever gets on HRT, her clit will swell more than her husband's.

No. 493907

or if you want her to get views share her video with your friends and tell them to so people are aware she has a fake Tinder. You might save a life.

No. 493908

Just because she didn’t know what to say or it didn’t pan out doesn’t mean she’ll quit trying. She was also so worried about being rejected by this supposed all in fun, just for laughs match.
Legit disturbing that she’s engaging in double the manipulation here. Setting like goals to swindle people out of their money to manipulate a young girl into replying to her pretend fuckboi account. Phew, lads. That “psychology” degree is coming in handy after all.

No. 493909

She added the disclaimer on stream but only because people were calling her out for it. She said she put it at the bottom but you'd have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see it.

No. 493910

You're as deluded as Lame herself.

No. 493911

No one thinks she "has game". Everyone thinks she's being manipulative and disgusting by her continued misrepresentation of her actual self living a hetero normative life with her husband and two children.

But lol people on tinder do that all the time so it's totes ok my dudes.

No. 493912

I don't think it's a "swindle" when she the people prompted her to do a like goal and then one particular person (if I recall a patron?) gave a bunch of 400 likes and people in chat were giving 10 likes etc etc. She followed through.

No. 493914

If you don’t see how transparent she is for panhandling through YouNow, I feel sorry for you.

I guess proof means just taking her word for it.

No. 493915

I think the transaction is pretty transparent to all. She's not holding a gun to anyone's head to give her likes/monetary compensation. Perhaps you need to DM lainey for tips on the manipulation cause I'm just not buying your shill

No. 493916

File: 1521077826752.jpg (214.28 KB, 1280x841, she won't fuck u with her clit…)

be gone laimey stan

No. 493917

Does anyone have proof of where Lainey said she was so in love with this potential trinity member?

No. 493918

"I haven't talked to her, I don't have the courage."
"Remember last time where I said I'd message my crush if we hit a like goal?"
"IT'S OKAY BECAUSE IT'S MY FACE. She liked a picture of MY FACE."
"SO MANY PEOPLE DO THIS, but of course you're mad at me because it's me."
"I'm not actually trying to have a Tinder because I'm not looking for somebody."
"I don't want to say something to fuckboy to her because I actually think she's really cute."
"I hate talking to people, this is so fucking scary to me."
"I don't want her to unmatch! Like, fuck you!"
"I might be in love with her."
"I want her to actually like me and NOT Landon."
"It's my face, so am I really catfishing? The only difference is the name and that I work at Zumiez."
"I'm poly and my husband is cool with it. I'm only doing this for a video…"

Okay, but that's clear manipulation. All of it.

No. 493919

No. 493921

You're right. This is dangerous.

No. 493922

File: 1521078309471.jpg (84.81 KB, 1024x1024, CJQheEGUMAApoeT.jpg)

No. 493923

File: 1521078377454.png (346 KB, 478x478, bad.png)

No. 493927

>I guess proof means just taking her word for it.

TBH that's all we can do at the present moment unless we got an anon on tinder in their area to get the intel lol. I'll tentatively believe her because she said she would do it kinda huffy and then dicked around on her phone. But she did say she the disclaimer would be put way at the bottom.

No. 493928

>taking the world's laziest woman's "word for it"
She's been saying she would get around to making a doctor's appointment for months.


No. 493929

File: 1521082233610.jpg (661.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180314-225007.jpg)

Gurgs been lurking

No. 493930

all the filters make his face so pale compared to his body. he is so insecure it's crazy.

No. 493931

We also call you grease, which is exactly what this picture SCREAMS

No. 493932

Wtf… why does his hair looked caked with soap still? What’s happening

No. 493933

is he dying his hair again or is that just grease kek

No. 493934

File: 1521082905794.png (9.08 MB, 1242x2208, 2B717AD3-8FCF-4425-BC41-7DC224…)

Dropped photo

No. 493935

laineys husband is such a retard he doesnt even know how to wash shampoo out of his fucking hair

No. 493936

File: 1521083121144.png (24.59 KB, 397x144, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 11.0…)


And even then with all those filters and that carefully angled shot his face still scares away 800 followers. The ego this shrimp toast has is funny, because his literal face sends people running.


Dandruff ? If he truly showers 4 times a day that'd def dry out the hair and scalp.

No. 493937

lol he's highlighting his hair

gotta get those blonde streaks to match all the cool girls at school, huh onion boy?

No. 493938

Maybe he overloads his hair with product fresh out of the shower and that's why it constantly looks greasy.

He knows he has that heavy cavebrow going on lol. Why else would he get so triggered by a lil nickname on a hater site.

No. 493941

Hes bleaching it
heard from the grape vine

No. 493944

Taxes so easy a caveman could do it
Fact checking so easy a caveman do it
Google so easy a caveman could do it
Need I go on?

No. 493946

File: 1521089649586.jpg (239 KB, 1080x1433, PicsArt_03-15-12.53.25.jpg)

Let's all laugh together

No. 493947

Bwaaaaaah, Jesus Christ he looks like a tubby middle aged woman, especially with his moobs.

No. 493948

File: 1521090153309.jpg (14.41 KB, 448x252, C6LbOxLVUAAfFGk.jpg)

No. 493949

He looks like a serial killer who's about to start his own cult and have his followers worship him as the second coming (yeah we know he does this already but now he looks the part kek)


No. 493950

HAHAH this looks terrible, holy fuck, gerg

they better be turning it red or something because holy balls does that look bad

ngl though it lifted nicely. looks terrible on him but for how dark his hair was, it lifted really nicely for one process

No. 493951

thanks I hate it

No. 493952

Lainey's husband looks like a Coke whore

No. 493953

If Lainey's husband dyes it red then he'll really look like carrot top.

No. 493954

File: 1521091289535.png (1.67 MB, 1334x750, C4B51F15-BEBC-44ED-A496-2E0124…)

Dear fucking god this is offensive to my eyes. Still confused as to how two poor parents of small children with three dogs can afford to have one professionally bleach their hair then dye it a colour, then the other a week later bleach their hair twice and put a dye over it aswell.

No. 493955

Lord have mercy this is truly a cursed image
They look like such a hideous couple what the FUCK

No. 493956

yikes his hairline is receding fast

No. 493957

jk i take back the comment about the lifting. i thought it was a lot less brassy and lighter. that looks so bad. hasn't this fool bleached her hair enough to know to toss some wella into this? that looks so terrible. the red, irritated, blotchy skin certainly doesn't help the hair, either. lame looks even worse to me though somehow.

kek and he has legit bald spots. i can only hope the double lifting and toning + shitty haircair will result in quicker hair loss and breakage

No. 493958

this brassy mess makes his face even more red and blotchy by contrast. GG Lainey's husband

No. 493959

This is hysterical! I bet he thought he would look just like Kurt Cobain if he bleached his hair, silly Onion.

No. 493960

File: 1521092441398.png (1.7 MB, 1334x750, 66B2FC84-1885-4435-AE9E-AB6514…)

Partially the bright lights I’m sure but it’s fucking orange as heck

No. 493961

Where are these pictures from? Discord?

No. 493962

Probably Patreon early access, right?

No. 493963

Poor Clot and Trot, both of their parents will now have weird hair colors. Wonder what color Plainey's husband will color it…

No. 493964

File: 1521093165065.png (1.7 MB, 1334x750, DF083C20-DC8B-409F-8F89-0002F3…)

Unfortunately yes. Biggest waste of a dollar considering it’s not even 24 hours early but it’s the first and last I spend on her haha
But seriously with you guys talking about mice and clothes lying around in the cold winter, doesn’t look like much has changed around there with this pile on the couch spilling out onto the floor

No. 493965

I want to fucking die

No. 493966

Full fledged carrot top, he really is going thru a crisis, or this is an excuse to keep re dying his hair because the white hairs are getting bad.

No. 493967

He probably thought he would look like Thor since Lame likes him lol.

No. 493969

Holy fucking shit!
He’s snapped. He’s lost it. How unfortunate looking. Did he think blonde won’t look greasy? Well, it will dry his follicles out enough that maybe it will look temporarily less greasy.

No. 493970

File: 1521094177855.gif (2.31 MB, 1013x545, evan.gif)

He'll probably dye it blue. Lainey will think it's so that he can match her, but really, he just wants to look even more culty

No. 493971

I hope we are awarded many keks to come. This is just horrible. Sure hope Lainey’s Aunt-in-law shows Lainey’s husband how to tone that out, if only to be less assaulting on our eyes.

No. 493972

cursed image.

also something tells me their dishes are always piled up like that. gross.

No. 493973

Damn, I almost wish another house tour was possible. For that relative to be cleaning, sure seems like Casa de la Grasa is as trashed as ever. I wonder if the “maid” resigned due to thankless work or constantly picking up after adult children that never lift a finger to help themselves.

No. 493974

That looks like Landons clothes explosion. Some people just like living in chaos because it's gotten comfortable to them.

I'd be curious to see an update too. My bet is like a 10% improvement at the most.

No. 493975

I don’t have the screens but a little bird told me that when Lainey was giddily making her Landon video, she also was making comments like, “Does this mean I pass??”
Implying she actually seemed to believe that she looks like a dude because mystery blonde liked her photo.

Predatory AS FUCK. Wish I had access to SS of her discord but I don’t.

No. 493976

Yeah definitely looks like Landons clothes. Her house would be much cleaner if she wasn't dirty, she could just put it away right after the video. But I bet Lame and Onion tell themselves they can leave shit everywhere because they have his aunt coming later in he week to pick up their dirty home.

No. 493978

File: 1521095943198.jpeg (11.97 KB, 267x335, AC8F0D9E-36CE-4F2E-A830-61338D…)

I didn't think it was possible for him to look even worse but holy wow, he did it. His body looks so dumpy too. He should quit making videos rating how fuckable… er, how healthy teenage girls are, and reevaluate his own situation.


No. 493979

File: 1521096065375.jpg (212.05 KB, 1080x844, Screenshot_20180315-022459.jpg)

No. 493980

Is she actually salty that they aren't falling for it??

No. 493981

File: 1521096750434.jpeg (25.2 KB, 624x458, 7F28D9CE-053C-4D67-AE0E-D024EC…)

>B-but muh ZUMIEZ

No. 493985

Oh my days, he actually bleached his hair blonde? What on earth is happening? I'm dead. I know we're all getting closer to middle age, is this his mid-life crisis breakdown in progress? If so I'd recommend dying it rainbow. Go full hog and embrace it.

No. 493987

lmao no, she doesn't. are you the anon that keeps trying to make this happen? She is low-effort even for a transtrender.

No. 493988

She wants to transition to a “boy”. Eternally 15 years old, except a sharper jawline and deeper voice but no body hair. I think she is trying to say with all this transtrender stuff that she dun goofed and she wants to start over as a boy. Basically, she made her bed and has to lie in it, and this is her escape.

Basically she just wants to LARP as a boy for a while but I think when she starts getting older she will probably drop it.

No. 493989

If you’d wipe that stupid make up off your face, maybe you could have a chance. Jesus christ lameo, how are you dissapointed by this.

On a differnt note it triggers me that she not only ~vapes~ essential oils, but she doesn’t even inhale. Literally wat is the point? She’s so cringey.

No. 493990

There’s no way she’s serious with this shit. Anyone with eyeballs sees you’re a girl, Plainey. No one is fooled. Definitely not the general public. Your fans entertain your delusions for God knows what reason. It’s actually sad because she surrounds herself with yes men just like Gregory. It must be terrible to have such hollow “friendships” that cling to the fragile facade you’ve created of the kind of person you are; shallow, vain, insipid, material, cliche and predictable. I wish she would at least get the mental help she needs if not for her sake, then for her kids.

No. 493991

Ok just speculation but I don’t think she wants to transition.

I think “Landon” is who she is attracted to. Early 20s, college guy who works retail and goes to parties. Aka who she should be attracted to considering her age. Instead she’s with a middle aged man who doesn’t leave his house.

She can’t transform Greg into whO she actually is attracted to, so she projects it on to her own self. It’s the only way a “Landon” will be in her reality, in any way.

It also gives her a pass to be vain. “Who is he??” “Omg he looks good” etc.

No. 493994

I feel like this is SO ENTIRELY accurate!! She knows she can’t get near a guy like that bc Greg would lose his mind and go crazy on her, and a guy like “Landon” wouldn’t be into a married mother of two that is a transtrender. I think her fantasies involve Landon types, but she is stuck with the creep she fought “so much” to be with and won’t ever leave him bc her parents and the rest of the world would be proven right about her wasted youth. So I agree that “Landon” is what she wants, similar to how she “wanted” Billie but she really just wanted to be her— but reversed this time.

No. 493995

she doesn't even TRY to pass. She put on a bow tie shirt and fucking called it a day. you're not mannymua or james whoever the fuck. you look like a girl, wearing makeup.

No. 493996

i would buy your shit my dude :V

No. 493998

File: 1521107522676.jpeg (551.42 KB, 2048x2048, 76F9EF22-9673-493C-BEA5-43B805…)

The transformation is almost complete

No. 493999

What's with this family and skinwalking?

No. 494000

This is definitely it! Good airmchairing without going overbroad.

No. 494002

Lol he's probably so mad that shane just had a video done with josh peck, an actual celebrity. Delicious.

No. 494003

File: 1521111955694.jpeg (54.19 KB, 643x319, 16EB3F15-9263-4AEA-A1CF-4469DE…)


i know it’s in his character to never go outside or interact with other humans but Lainey’s husband could’ve atleast gone to get his hair done professionally like Lainey instead of frying his hair at home. Just because Shiloh bleached his hair once to dye it red doesn’t mean he instantly absorbed her skills.

No. 494004

LMAO. I've been watching so much drag race recently and he should go on

No. 494005

yikes. that colour is not doing his rosacea any favours.

No. 494006

>>494003 >>493954

Damn Taylor that haircut is just not flattering. Really aging. Even if she wanted to look masculine, this isn’t a boys haircut just because it’s short or blue. Just makes her look deflated. She’d actually look more masc if she had longer floppy hair like her husbands.

No. 494007

She claims to want to pass as a guy but honestly do you think she would be happy if one of the girls on tinder actually talked to her as a guy and she actually has someone confirm that she looks like a man? I don’t think so.

She doesn’t want to really be looked at as presenting as a man. She wants to be attractive to Greg as a woman while having something that makes her “more special”. Not feeling comfortable in your own skin because of self esteem does not translate to being trans and I think she has confused the two.

No. 494008

Oh she is definitely confused. I’m sure she feels extremely unhappy and insecure but “it can’t be because of Greg because all he does is love me and compliment me”
This is all tinfoil however, but it really fucks you up when your manipulative husband convinces you he’s not the reason why you feel so bad about yourself and you’re left thinking it must be you, it must be something else. She will never ever get resolution for the way she feels until she recognizes the problem as her husband

No. 494009

can we also admire the disorganized cabinet behind him, dishes piled up, and the overflowing trash can? no wonder they always have bugs flying around

No. 494010

He looks like he belongs on /r/transpassing, seeing how his manboobs look like hormonally induced tiddies.

I'm surprised her skin is so dry, considering she presents herself as vegetarian. Plus she wouldn't need so much makeup if she drank more water.

No. 494011



No. 494012

I hope he dyes it green huehue

No. 494013

File: 1521118763659.png (442.19 KB, 579x432, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 8.55…)


Naw, it suits him. He's really starting to look like Simple Jack mixed with Carrot Top.

I hope he bleaches it 3 more times till the bald spots start to form, and the hair is completely the texture of straw.

(Picture : A rare gem of Lainey and Greg after their first rid)

No. 494014

File: 1521119283713.gif (530.93 KB, 500x270, haha.gif)

I forgot about how ass-blasted he by shane. Thanks for reminding me!

No. 494015

*ass-blasted he is of shane

No. 494018

Good thing he left Twitter. I don’t think he couldn’t handle people tweeting him unfavorable comparisons to his more successful and better liked lookalike.

No. 494019

File: 1521121850353.jpg (47.46 KB, 650x475, testosterone-in-men.jpg)

soon he is going to really regret shitting all over the idea of going to the gym and lifting weights. he is reaching an age where his body isn't naturally producing as much testosterone so he needs to exercise in order to supplement the loss. he's become too accustomed to being a lazy soy boy and it's becoming very apparent in his physique.

greg will be the overbearing PTA mom his kids need in place of lainey.

No. 494022

File: 1521124550661.gif (285.69 KB, 275x116, 1519353630853.gif)

That brassy blonde. I can't believe it

No. 494023

File: 1521124659865.png (1.27 MB, 1301x760, heslovingyou.png)

I thought about giving suggestions on fixing it, but then I realized it will be much funnier for him to look like a neon turd for a while.

No. 494025

File: 1521126247155.png (285.55 KB, 645x597, 1478870338460.png)

No. 494026

File: 1521126413675.jpg (32.99 KB, 529x166, images.jpg)

Totally Nailed it!

No. 494027

hehe, gurg tits are bigger than Lames. He's becoming the definition of 'dumpy'

No. 494028

This looks so bad it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe God is real?

No. 494029

Did Lainey bleached Greg's hair for him? No wonder it looks fucking terrible, no good salon would let him leave looking a brassy mess like that.

No. 494030

The video will be out later today, but basically he dyed it with a box dye and she tried to fix it with bleach. He wouldn’t keep it on very long.

No. 494031

File: 1521128343335.jpg (64.12 KB, 625x475, delusion.jpg)

>Reminder! He thinks that he looks like jim morrison too!

No. 494032

Sweet mother of god does Gruggles look like a little chicken with this piss shade of blonde TOPKEK. If he has at least some brain cells, he'll dye it red or dark blue but for the sake of lulz, I hope he stays a knock off lovechild of Kurt Cobain and Carrot Top just for a bit huehue

No. 494033

He cried about the "burning" sensation and washed the (3rd) lot off before any chemical reaction took place. His hair is currently in the transition (red barrier) stage, lainey's husband has truly trans hair. Lol.

No. 494034

Im pretty sure you're not supposed to bleach your hair directly after dying it…

No. 494035

I'm surprised his hair isn't dry. It looks just as greasy as it was when he had it dark.

No. 494039

He didn't dye his hair, he used 2 hi-lift box dye's except the moron used the silicone based conditioners that came with the box dyes and then couldn't understand why the 2nd dye didn't didn't penetrative his hair evenly.

No. 494040

And Lainey thinks her husband is a Greek god.

No. 494041

File: 1521134401014.gif (248.86 KB, 500x281, 15d.gif)

No. 494042


I don't remember the video title, but it was in her video where they compared their height and foot size. It might be the one called "Onision put me in a cage".

No. 494043

maybe he can email billie for hair dying tips? kek

No. 494044

File: 1521136093771.png (1.79 MB, 1334x750, 110C87B7-4B04-4F73-B73D-F7AA5D…)

we’re so happy!!! come over mystery blonde to flim beautybot videos!

No. 494046

They hardly spoke at all the entire bleaching process and gerg was the only one that did some talking, they are so unhappy.

No. 494047

Its not that serious, its fucking tinder

No. 494048

File: 1521136999558.png (287.41 KB, 937x650, GreasyFam2.png)

Improved it

No. 494050

File: 1521137610149.png (761.51 KB, 1137x600, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 19.1…)


No. 494051


thank you Anon. I didnt catch that.

No. 494052

File: 1521137750828.jpg (24.62 KB, 300x400, DavidSpade.jpg)

In this picture he looks like fucking David Spade I'm SCREAMING

No. 494053

File: 1521137788939.jpg (24.78 KB, 526x467, Buffalo_Onion.jpg)

No. 494054

i hope brad mondo reacts to this mess

No. 494055

File: 1521138147048.png (87.58 KB, 849x165, Untitled.png)

No. 494056


Shut up. It is fucking serious when it's sexual predators trying lure young, underage girls. You are the only one defending their predatory behaviour.

No. 494057

I don’t know what is the bigger mess, his fucking hair, or the kitchen behind them while Lames is plastering his hair with the second coating of boxed bleach.
She must have spent an hour timelapsed putting it on, only for him to stand up and walk away to immediately wash it off.

You can see the absolute dejected defeated look in his eyes as they sit on the sofa afterwards when his orange mop is revealed. He knows he’s fucked up and destroyed his man mane.

No. 494058

the onion thread has some true talent in it, I hope you all know how appreciated you are

No. 494059


Lames is so disgusting. Not only is her entire house a dirty mess but her car also. I see her husband wasn't exaggerating at all in the 10 things I love about laineybot video where she is rolling around in a pile of trash. She needs to spend less time on tinder and you now and start cleaning.

No. 494060

where is this cap from? didn't see it in the laineybot video

No. 494064

File: 1521138991821.png (357.49 KB, 2293x1747, serveimage.png)

Cows frying their hair is funny. Lainey's husband failing to look like Lainey when she tries to be a twink is magic.

No. 494065

Yeah I don't remember either but it was that vid or circa that vid

No. 494066

I keep getting unsubbed from Lameys younow. I noticed awhile ago that I was t getting notified of her younows so I went to check and it wasn’t “fanned” so I refanned and the next day I checked and in was unfanned again. Tried this about four more times. Does anyone know if that means I’m banned, or wtf is going on with that unfanning crap?

No. 494067

It's from a patreon exclusive behind the scenes photoset $12+ patrons I believe.

No. 494068

This killed me he was so raging during the whole process lmao

No. 494072

D'awe, Lame's husband's scalp was hurting from the bleach. He has skin issues, probably more than just rosacea, so of course his scalp would be more likely irritated. They should've done a skin sensitivity test. The bleach was only left on for a few minutes and didn't lift much. Now his roots are yellow and the rest orange. He desperately needs a blue toner for the orange ends, and then maybe a violet toner for the roots depending on how the blue toner turns out and looks with the rest.

His whole head is now shades of red: red tomato face and ginger hair. He looks like a fucking bobble-headed clown, and like the majority of clowns, he's still creepy and unfunny.

No. 494073

All those scalding showers he takes has probably left him with a fucked scalp. I couldn't believe it as soon as she was done applying the bleach he rinsed it off. Such a pussy

No. 494074

I agree with other anon, you are pushing this too much lol

No. 494075

It's nice of Lainey to put her husband's art on the fridge!

No. 494076

File: 1521140091580.png (463.58 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_2018-03-15-12-35-09…)

Is lamey up the duff again? Why waste $20+ on pregnancy tests for no reason? So broke.. Oh well 20 patrons money well spent gurg. Imaginary Samgate baby will be loved n cherished, no bad memories there, nah..

No. 494077


Lainey, please try again. I want to see his hair break to pieces from too much product.

No. 494078

Christian grey can't handle a little bleach lol

No. 494079

God, she's probably actually trying for a third too right now. Probably hoping that she can play it off in a video like "oh my god!!! Totally NOT planned!! So shook!!" Plus then she gets the benefit of Greg being forced to be lovey Dovey with her for another 9 months on camera or he will get shit for being shitty to his pregnant spouse.
I think she's been purposely showing glimpses of Troy and cloey lately, maybe he plan is to become a family vlogger as soon as she can produce a positive pregnancy test.

No. 494080

I agree with the anon you're disagreeing with, the onions are trash and everything they do is self-serving malicious fuckery.

No. 494081

The purple shampoo isn't going to help much unless he leaves it in for 10 minutes AT LEAST each application given his hair is just so orange. It'll help the roots the most because purple neutralizes yellow tones more than orange, unless she got him a violet shampoo that has a combo of both blue and purple.

Oh yeah, probably. Toner shampoo can be rough on the scalp, too. Since Doormat's husband takes 4 showers a day, I wonder if using the toner shampoo each time will cause more irritation. If he doesn't use it each time and HAS to wash his hair 4x a day, that purple shampoo isn't going to tone much and will just wash out more and more. Properly bleached and toned hair requires maintenance. I don't see this lasting. He's going to dye it dark again soon.

No. 494082

He's going to start lifting or doing some of his army push ups. He's dying his hair, he's learning up on the make up and skin routine. He's looking to fuck. We are entering the end times people!

No. 494084

lol @ her telling him to use purple shampoo/conditioner like she knows what she's talking about. I really hope he uses it; his color's so dark and uneven that it'll make his hair look like dingy gray sewage water

No. 494085

Notice his body language the whole time, His arms are folded tightly and they aren't speaking much. Holy fucking shit he's so closed off from her, Lol their relationship is dead

No. 494086

Yeah if you compare the chemistry in the videos it’s bad…

No. 494088

It’s not equivalent but it’s strange he won’t talk about his kids or being a dad but clickbaits about having another kid.

No. 494091


I love that even though he was the one who edited the video, he kept on the part where he called her the biggest, fattest cunt ever XD(XD)

No. 494092

File: 1521142786762.jpg (160.88 KB, 800x600, Uakari_male.jpg)

No. 494094

Not just Taylor though. Her husband needs to learn how to clean too, especially now that Taylor is the breadwinner. It seems like he expects her to look after the household by herself, on top of now making the majority of the family's money, while he sits around playing video games and fapping to hentai. I 100% believe Taylor's husband is even lazier than she is.

Remember the video of him sitting at his pool table as if it's a desk, and it's just piled with literal garbage?

No. 494095

You’re not supposed to wash your hair for at least two days before bleaching because the oils protect your scalp from the irritation. I’ve been bleaching my hair for 10 years and can’t handle bleaching on a freshly washed scalp so I’d imagine it was actually killing him if he does wash his hair for times a day.

Tinder doesn’t list someone’s sex on their profile so if someone is listed as bisexual and matched her they would probably just assume she was a lesbian.

No. 494099

No. 494102


holy shit lmfao, separated at birth

No. 494104


You can see the top of Trot's head in this video, around 3:10ish when he has his arm down, it looks like he's making sure the kid stays out of frame.

No. 494105

and he looks so unhappy keeping trot out of the frame, not even a smile to see HIS son

No. 494107

File: 1521153790192.png (202.57 KB, 500x458, tumblr_inline_p54w6xz5td1t4uwl…)


just a heads up T is blonde and C has dark hair. He is most likely pushing his daughter out of frame.

No. 494108

I think that was probably one of the doggos, idk. I would cap but I’m on mobile

I am getting a lot of schendenfreud from seeing his fucked up brassy hair. Why’d he call Lainey a big fat cunt and leave it in? Like you’re not funny dude you’re a piece of shit. An even uglier piece of shit than usual lol. I live how in his infinite narc wisdom he didn’t go to a salon and just used some shittyeboxed dye cuz he knows everything. Anyone with even the smallest inkling if dying hair would know not to do that but onion thinks he knows everything. Lame even told him so but he wouldn’t listen. Haha perish

No. 494110

I thought anons were joking. He actually calls her the biggest fattest cunt! Why would you even put this dysfunctional shit in the video?
Decided it’s not worth it covering up what an abusive asshole your husband can be sometimes, Lame?

No. 494111


They could have just cut the clip out, it isn't like they were doing anything interesting that was worth keeping that clip for. He just held the kid down for the sake of holding them down.

It looks like C came up to hug Lainey's legs and neither of them acknowledged her.

No. 494112

File: 1521155484946.jpg (3.24 MB, 3988x3988, walmartJenna.jpg)

This video is really sad. They're clearly trying to replicate the Jenna and Julien's hair videos since they don't have an original bone in their bodies. But what they don't realise is Jenna and Julien actually have a great relationship. Julien spends the video complimenting Jenna's work and trying to entertain her through the boring task by making her laugh. It's a really sweet video.

These two, on the other hand, don't share more than a few words with each other. It's actually painful looking at their miserable faces and imagining what the video is like slowed down and without music. It would just be hours of awkward silence.

He keeps going on about how he's such a great actor but he can't even fake a smile in the presence for of his own wife for the duration of a few hours.

No. 494113

File: 1521156408363.png (2.74 MB, 2180x1166, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.18…)

Lainey's whipped husbando just sits there with this sour puss look on his face for the entire video, he only takes a little break to call her the Biggest Fattest Cunt. Accurate, but Lainey really needs to start laying down the law.

No. 494114

File: 1521157405850.png (120.35 KB, 291x259, Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 4.43…)


"Why do they call me a caveman?"

No. 494115

As someone who’s a poorfag and uses box dyes, after watching both Laineys and Greg’s video I can confirm it’s not even the box dye that made his hair so terrible. It’s the fact the hair dye they got was shit as fuck, and they didn’t even do it correctly. Greg didn’t even fucking spread the first dye correctly through his hair and obviously didn’t leave enough time inbetween starting at the ends and doing the roots. God they’re so stupid. So now they’ve wasted money on buying not one, not two, BUT FOUR DYES just for Greg’s hair to look like utter garbage and the week prior Lainey got hers professionally bleached and cut, then added a colour herself to achieve pretty much the SAME COLOUR she had only slightly lighter which it turn will make it so fucking hard if she wants to bleach it out again anytime soon. I sincerely hope he tries to fix it and ruins his hair to the point of no return because as someone who only dyes their hair at home it’s offensive to look at jfc.

No. 494116

File: 1521157532382.png (854.99 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2018-03-15-23-39-54…)

Pretty sure it was Caterpie. This is all I could ss on mobile though. Ngl I was more focused on lainey's stomach though..
Invisible sage for speculation.

No. 494117

I hope this isn’t too blog-posty, but when I watched this video it reminded me of growing up with my narcissist of a dad.

He would fuck something up and pout like this. Like, almost like he would try to lay the blame for his fuck up on someone else.

I get that feeling from this video. He begrudgingly asked Lainey for help when he realized he really messed up. Then he pouted like a toddler the entire video, arms crossed, scowling. You can see how defensive he acts, even though Lainey is helping him. The scowling face the entire time. Arms crossed, giving the silent treatment. It’s so familiar.

Anyway, he looked better from what I could see if they would have just left it alone. Or taken him to a salon to try to get a professional to tone it out. I bet Lainey thinks her salon fucked her hair up so she was convinced she could do a better job.

No. 494119

when you wish billie was doing your hair and not your space prince boyfriend

His hair is a mess. Were they trying to match with both having awful dyed hair

No. 494120

Wow his face is so droopy???? Wtf? His eyes are dropping off his face

No. 494122

i think he is too embarrassed/conceited to go to a professional who actually knows what they are doing, cuz he would have to admit he is wrong to someone is more knowledgeable… like he has the money to go to a salon, he's just a big, fat cunt

No. 494123

File: 1521158789086.png (71.93 KB, 684x151, Screenshot 2018-03-15 at 8.06.…)

No. 494124

someone pls convince him to shove a menstrual cup up his ass

No. 494125

He's like a big ugly child. Why do 13-year-olds think he's so attractive?

No. 494126

Can a lovely anon please give a timestamp on when he called foot the Biggest Fattest Cunt? I can't watch the grease families videos but I would LOVE to see that part.

No. 494127

Lol, proof shes doing this on tinder?
excatly, stop reaching you sperg

No. 494128


No. 494129

Because of his manipulative words.

Like how people/patrons who relate to him are smart adults. And cheaters side with cheaters.

I never mentioned it, but his wording on that really stood out to me. I think it was on the patrein post for him "defending" himself aka insulting Billie, Adrienne (?), Shiloh, Shane, Sam et al

No. 494130

Okay so I worked at Sally’s so not an actual hair stylist but my manager was so I got a lot better training than a lot of other stores. But this video fucking TRIGGERED me

she only got one pouch of hair dye and his hair was pretty thick she totally could hwv gotten two
quick blue is pretty fucking strong and if you’re putting it on the scalp you shouldn’t use higher than 20vol developer. It literally says that on the packet bc irritation (literally why he washed it out)
If she was going to use a 30 developer she should have gotten a sensitive scalp mixer
toning shampoo doesn’t fucking count that is only to help keep yellow out of already toned hair.
They dye she bought “just Incase” was a neutral base with no Ashe. So basically what she thought of “no crazy color” means there would be no blue in it to cancel all that red he pulled so his hair would be just as red but darker lol
His hair looks fucking tragic and I’m just picturing him furiously trying to get the blue out with shampoo

No. 494131

watched one of lames' husband videos titled "Onions new baby" back from 2013 and surprised he used T's real name from it. Use hooktube to watch it tho kek

No. 494132

File: 1521161877129.jpeg (78.38 KB, 609x418, 9329FBDB-D107-4532-A11A-1AC6EC…)

I can’t it literally looks like he’s pouting
>tfw not waxing my schlong to anime titties

No. 494133

She looks preggers. It's probably just her pouch + bloating but damn

No. 494134

File: 1521162440659.png (141.04 KB, 382x374, 20180316_120827.png)

looks like Troy is Grunks iPhone background…

No. 494135

Greg did buy a pregnancy test in his hair dye video so it's plausible.

No. 494136

File: 1521163120635.webm (939.06 KB, 960x540, husband.webm)

This is the first step to him having 'ironic' blue hair in a video. I'm calling it now. Maybe Greg was the real skinwalker all along… Buffalo Billie

No. 494137

well we gotta remember, Lamey blows her money because she has money. Her husband is broke and since he was the one who said he wanted their money to be separate when they got married, he’s screwed and can’t spoil himself as much. It’s fucking hilarious. When he got with Lame he had a bunch of money (because he was cheating on his taxes) and he thought Lame would always be broke and depending on him. Now it’s switched up on him. The fucking narc. The whole prenup was him trying to exclude her because he didn’t want her to take his money, but now he doesn’t even have money.

No. 494139

Apparently he brought the pregnancy test because he’s doing a series of trying female products, according to Lainey via younow anyway but she said she’s most definitely not pregnant.
Cover up hm? Of course her husband would put it in the video for speculation though, it’s the only time he gets anyone talking about him.

No. 494141

@ 4:20

No. 494142

Lame’s stomach is actually the first thing I noticed. Probably nitpicking and speculation but I don’t remember her stomach poking out that much in previous videos. She looks a bit bloated and the fact that they picked up a pregnancy test is a bit suspect. We all know her husband doesn’t like using protection and she most likely didn’t get her tubes tied based on her age. So it’s pretty likely she’s pregnant again.

No. 494143

In b4 the test is positive and Greg refuses to see a doctor due to embarrassment.

No. 494144

Wow shane did that exact same series on his channel years ago before his content improved. If you're going to steal an idea from someone, you should at least steal one of the good ones

No. 494145

Did he actually pay $20 for these? You can get them at the 99 cent store

No. 494146

thank you anon. I love how she's doing something for him and he's just sitting there like a big old baby. Taylor, I hope your not prego cuz then your gonna have not one, not two, not three but four babies to look after. Just wait till the other 3 reach puberty like your husband is perpetually going thru, that's going to be one hell of a shitshow.

No. 494147

Wait did he call her a cunt or a cuck? I just watched it and it sounded like a “ck” at the end. Either way that’s pretty shitty, yet Lame makes it a point to convince everyone that her husband isn’t a piece of shit and treats her well. If you randomly insult someone who hasn’t said anything to you at all simply because you are a little bitch upset about your hair, you are a piece of shit. This is why people don’t have respect for Lame and hate her husband. Because he treats her like shit and she treats everyone else like shit when they point it out to her.

No. 494148

Lainey has a IUD so the odds of her being pregnant and slim to none

No. 494149

I thought he called he a "dick". Not any better really; I don't know why you'd be calling your spouse names just because you're mad that YOU fucked up YOUR hair.

No. 494150

File: 1521166989026.jpg (51.92 KB, 516x516, PicsArt_03-15-10.21.16.jpg)

This is the top of a babies head, def not a dog you can see the forehead and everything

No. 494151

the saddest parts about this bleaching video is that 1) when Taylor’s husband calls her a cunt, she doesn’t even defend herself saying “no i’m not” she asks “why?” with a fuckin attitude 2) even if Taylor’s husband is keeping the child out of the frame, they’re both talking like that, around their children (also adding Taylor cursing in the car with her children in the car)

No. 494152

File: 1521167556492.gif (1.33 MB, 320x180, C.gif)

Snippet, looks like C clinging Lames legs. Then the video cuts, maybe she was getting fussy and Gurg was reaching down to calm her. Then it cuts and Gurgs on his phone and Lame come back into the kitchen, probably after moving C out of the kitchen. I don't believe it's the dog either.

No. 494153

I’m so confused. I don’t know if it’s because I’m mobile but I really don’t see what you all see. I see Greg putting his arm down but nothing else.

No. 494154

lmao he's such a fucking manchild. imagine being in your 30's and still getting upset about shit like this. maybe if he wasn't such an asocial narc then he could've just had it done professionally with his patreonbux.

No. 494155

>Says he doesn’t want his hair to become an orangey mess before he commenced dying it.
>It became an orangey mess.
I like how he blames the box dyes for his mistakes in life.

No. 494156


It's plain as day if you watch it on a larger screen, and with max brightness. It's way too high to be one of their dogs, and it doesn't move like a dog either. It's gotta be Clot or (tinfoil) the mystery 3rd ~lost child~

No. 494157

File: 1521168420591.gif (495.81 KB, 161x117, ezgif.com-crop.gif)

Between his arm and lames leg

No. 494158

Fuck anon.
That hit me in the fucking feels. They don’t even look at her.

No. 494159

Why would they let a baby crawl around the floor where bleach could drip on her… jfc

No. 494160

I think he called her a “ cock”. It was him escalating calling her a “dick”.

No. 494161

Tbh I think calling her a cunt/cock was actually not that bad in the context unless their kid was walking around.

The part where he seems sulky about her trying to hurt him stood out to me as creepy though. Did it to anyone else? That seemed more genuine if that’s possible with him.

No. 494163

I think both of these videos are just stunts to get noticed by that YouTuber who makes reaction videos to other youtuber’s hair tutorials…Brad Mondo. He has a lot of subscribers and most of his videos have over a million views. I guess Lainey’s husband thought that sacrificing his hair would be worth the attention and traffick to his channel.

No. 494165

After two pregnancies your abs/stomach is not as "in" as it was before. She probably sucks in her stomach all the time but in this video she forgot doing it (because it was long ).

Tbh I have the same problem, so I have to suck in my stomach all the time.

No. 494166

That looks like a pic of Lainey husband to me..hard to say as he has the head to neck ratio of a 5 year old

No. 494167

but i think the picture has someone with glasses. greg doesnt wear glasses. the kid must.

No. 494169

it's not like he's against saying cunt if you recall the video where he was going off on blaire, so it wouldn't surprise me.
he could've even said cuntdick, fuck idk.

No. 494170

pregnancy basically rips up your abs, so yeah. it's just lainey's post-baby pooch.

the way he fucking pushes her down is certainly like how you'd push a jumping dog away. if that's their 1 year old baby, that's fucked.

No. 494171


I think that is Leelu tbh. Leelu doesn't have a tail and I think she was sniffing around and got pushed out of the frame.

No. 494172

File: 1521174863910.png (2.29 MB, 1016x1476, Greg_-_Personaje.png)

I was rewatching regular show with my bf and there is an episode with a caveman named greg and all i could think about was onionboy lol
>me don't belong in modern world, me need lainey

No. 494173

We have seen how messy their floors are too.
I'm gonna pray for these children and hope by some miracle they grow up somewhat normal.

I guess we have to agree to disagree.

No. 494174

His over-jet of his jaw definitely makes him extra caveman here.

He has the genetics of an inbred.

No. 494175

File: 1521178215462.jpg (51.56 KB, 903x756, leelu's struggle.JPG)

Leelu does have a tail. I remember seeing it in Laundry's dog bathing video specifically bc she didn't even bother to wash it with shampoo. I don't think the hairy creature in her husband's hair dying video is Leelu anyway, since I don't think she's that tall. Dachshunds have trouble standing up on their hind legs as it is, and Leelu is overweight which makes it even harder. That poor dog.

No. 494176


Not only is he doing girl products he's using the same ones that Shane did. Is he becoming a Shane skinwalker to match his Billie skinwalker wife?

No. 494177

FYI, if that pregnancy test is for one of grugs videos and he takes it and it comes out positive, it means he has testicular cancer and needs to go to an oncologist asap. Pregnancy tests actually come out pos for dudes with testicular cancer

No. 494178

The only dog the Lamebots have that could be that tall is completely white, so I agree that’s a baby’s head. And if it wasn’t, Lame’s husband would have just patted his leg or something so the dog would jump up because they show more affection and attention to their dogs than their kids. Plus her husband kept looking at the camera as if to make sure we couldn’t see anything in the view finder.

What bothers me is that their children are in the room with them while Lame’s husband insults her like that. What these idiots fail to realize is that children pay attention to these things, even at an early age and their kids are just going to start treating Lame the way her husband treats her. My sister in law’s son calls her a bitch because he listened to his father call her a bitch. He just turned 2. So the Lamebots kids will listen to this and start repeating UglyGrugly and insulting their mother as well.

No. 494179

There's something legitimately wrong with her feet.

No. 494180

The saddest shit in the whole Onion household is those poor kids. I'm like 80% sure that was C and it really bothers me that they pushed her away like that. Poor kids :(

No. 494181

File: 1521182321800.png (856.47 KB, 672x812, Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.16…)

i know we always make fun of him for looking like carrot top but man did he dig his grave with this one

No. 494182

File: 1521182512299.png (747.22 KB, 1080x1255, 20180316_024117.png)

This was her bug.bby instagram, now it is revamped as beautybot.

No. 494183

if it was a dog, they definitely would've acknowledged it. Lainey for sure would've said something to the dog.

No. 494184


So damn sad that she would've acknowledged a dog, but not her own child.

No. 494185

No. 494186

Holy shit is is definitely him who takes the test? Like it’s not Lamey and then he’s pretending? That’s so awful

No. 494188

Nothing has happened yet. But if he actually takes the test, and not Lainey (if it's for his "testing female products" series), and it comes positive, then he needs to go to a real doctor asap for cancer screening. Testicular cancer is one of the very few reasons a man's pregnancy test would show positive (and enough advanced to change your hormones already).

No. 494191

Ew, I just noticed his long nails! Unclipped fingernails on a man is a definite sign of poor hygiene, poor social skills. Really.

No. 494193

The thing is even if he did his taxes properly and was all paid up he would still of had lots of money if he didn't waste it on so much shit, he said himself he has earnt millions over the years and social blade has him earning minimum of $200k p/y right up in to the millions across all channels between 2012 - 2016, I really don't understand how all he has to show for it is a house he had to get a VA loan to purchase, his old house he bought pre YT, two $100k cars and electronic equioment… how does he not have at least $1m saved up? He would've had to of been extremely frivolous to burn through so much with fuck all to show.. regardless, if he is so down and out then why does he have one of the latest and most expensive phones on the market? (IPhone X)?

No. 494194

Because they make out they’re Suffering money wise when they’re not. They may not have used their money effectively in order to actually hold onto it, but they still live extremely comfortably by most people standards, without having to budget or really be that aware of their finances. However seeing a smaller amount come in (despite the fact that that smaller amount is still plenty to live their comfortable life) is the same as being in poverty to them.

No. 494195


I'm confused as to why he's buying panty liners, overnight pads AND a pregnancy test.. is the space prince menstruating or not? Also I thought she said she had an IUD?

I wish I could sage, sry.

No. 494196

File: 1521202169865.png (8.18 KB, 606x120, kek.png)

The butthurt is real, kek.

No. 494197

wow Gerg, how pathetic.

But the dumb spaceprince Lame's gonna take this as another lovebomb

No. 494199

Someone previously said he’s going to make a “trying girl products” video
Can we stop the preg speculation? She has an IUD and unless we get more than just Greg buying a pregnancy test that’s most likely for a video than there’s nothing but weak tinfoil.

No. 494200


I thought Lame mentioned on Younow previously that she planned on getting her IUD removed? Something about it messing something up in her, I don't quite remember.
Don't know if she ever did remove it, but I'm pretty sure she mentioned that she planned on it.

No. 494201

lameo is so fucking lazy, i doubt she got it removed. she has been 'trying to make' a doctor appointment for the last like 3 months

No. 494202

I remember her saying the shot messed her up.

No. 494204


Good point, Lameo can't even make a call to the doctor. I doubt she could actually go there at all.

No. 494206


Carrot Top confirmed… !

No. 494207

Laineys husband thinks 10k a month is struggling/impossible to live on

You figure it out.

No. 494208

File: 1521212978841.jpg (56.6 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


My b. This pic made me think Leelu did not have a tail. Either way, I wish that I could free Leelu (#freelu) and take her on all the walksies so she has a happier and healthier life.

No. 494212

File: 1521213998052.jpg (349.42 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-5.jpg)

No. 494213

File: 1521214059049.jpg (302.32 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-5-1.jpg)

No. 494214


I love it, anon.

No. 494215

These are beautiful, really captures the essence of grease and foot.

No. 494216

I mean he was all like "I never sweat and thus never smell bad so I don't need deodorant!" and was proud of that, meaning he never does any actual work or workout to cause him to sweat. He's proud of sitting on his ass most of the day. No wonder he's having a dadbod now.

Makes me also think again on how he claimed his shit doesn't stink cause he is vegetarian. He is so full of shit (pun intended). I'm vegetarian over 10 years and you can guess it, shit is shit and will always stink. (sry for tmi but for science!)

He doesn't stink neither does his shit cause he is perfect guys! He really is like a girl that claims she never farts cause she's embarrassed of normal human functions.
maybe he just has a really low self esteem actually.. or it's a narc trait

No. 494217

Ever smelled a vegan's bathroom after they go number 2? Shits not pleasant.
Also, that kind of logic makes no sense, anyone who's been around cows or any vegetarian animal knows their shit smells like hell on wheels. He's just fucking retarded and anyone who believes him is too.

No. 494218

Being a vegetarian isn't going to help either, pretty soon he's gonna have big ol titties, a sagging gunt and a dick that doesn't work (the dick part is actually a good thing since I wouldn't want to see another child be fucked up by this family)

No. 494219

Plain's husband truly jumped the shark when he made that diaper baby video… It was all a "joke" but now Lainey is really becoming the breadwinner.

Also, love how he'll only reference the absolute tamest things we say about him. "Look guys they said I'm a caveman posts heavily photoshopped pic"

Can you also mention that we think you're a gross deadbeat who commits tax fraud?

No. 494220

Don't forget disgusting old man paedophile that grooms young girls to chain up in his children's room (aka the basement)

No. 494221


I'm sure other people made fun of him in highschool for being the greasy, stinky, disgusting caveman he is and now he's obsessed with hygiene. Hence why he showers four times a day, says he doesn't sweat/stink, but ALL of his exes did.
He's bullying everybody who met him in reallife for the things he got bullied for.

No. 494222

File: 1521218974454.jpg (10.9 KB, 182x268, MV5BMjIxOTk3NDU4Ml5BMl5BanBnXk…)

He looks like an intentionally cheap dumb parody of a vampire movie.
He's a fully grown adult man and acting with the mentality of a teenager. I guess that's why he always preys on teenage girls since women his age aren't that mentally undeveloped, yet he simultaneously acts as if he's a paragon of intelligence.

No. 494223

Sorry if this is already known, but here is Gurg's sisters Youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHUhaFLUoFpXDWrYurs_gMw

He actually seems happy and alive with her, unlike when he's with the emotional vampire space prince.

No. 494224

Thanks anon, I was looking for this link.

No. 494226

Went to high school with the gronkster and oddly enough he wasn’t bullied. He was pretty much avoided cuz everyone thought he was creepy and weird. It was general consensus that he was the next school shooter.

No. 494227

File: 1521221670819.png (67.29 KB, 424x263, onision.png)

anon you just don't understand him
he is deep and intellectual and misunderstood

No. 494228

these are glorious please do tuna

No. 494229

wew wew wew lads that’s some hunk of manmeat

No. 494230

Look at dem man titties, oh, gurgles you so handsome

His tits are bigger than mine for god’s sake, he needs to correct his posture or something, he’s got tech neck too.

No. 494239

the symbolism in this photo reflects his inner feelings. See that toilet? That represents his shitty personality. See that weirdly placed faucet? That represents how small he is physically and emotionally.
Seriously though this should be under a spoiler cause this is nightmare fuel.

No. 494242

What a cute, unappreciated dog. I feel terrible for her having to live with these monsters, especially Gurg the known animal killer.

Since it's been brought up, when he's showering four times a day is he actually washing his hair each time too? Wouldn't that dry his hair out to the point of being like straw? And that's pre-box dye bleach mishap.

He can brag about not wearing deodorant all he wants, that just makes it sound like he stinks like an onion field. Even if he's showering that excessively, they can't be very long showers or their bills would be huge. He's probably skipping a few swipes of the soap under his stank pits.

No. 494244

But that's all she posts on her Lainey account so wtf is the point

No. 494248

>being this flabby in the military

No. 494250

File: 1521236979724.jpg (129.43 KB, 818x456, gynecomastia.jpg)

>being this flabby, bragging about your body, shaming everyone else's

He's even more flabby now and has bigger tits too, kek.

No. 494260

lmfao by subs:views her channel is actually doing better than Lainey's husbands and that has got to be a blow to his inflated ego… she pulled 140k on a vid last week, her average views are about 5k yet her video with Lainey's husband only has 3.4k views… glorious.

No. 494262

File: 1521240881695.jpg (608.3 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot-17.jpg)

No. 494263

This just means he’ll never leave her cause she is brining in the cash. So lucky her, I guess. She gets to keep her “prize” …. yergh.

No. 494264

File: 1521344350646.png (192.13 KB, 944x1396, ayalla.png)

Ayallas response to the "this needs to be said" video

No. 494265

File: 1521344491481.png (124.69 KB, 720x360, 20180316_201142.png)

Did he seriously waste time making all these fake tweets, just to make a shittysix minute song.

No. 494266

He's not funny. Not attractive. Not insightful. Not a champion of human rights. But out of all the things he does terribly, his music is by far the worst.

No. 494267

No his writing is above that.
I just can't get over the fact, he made all those fake tweets, and correct me if I'm wrong, but did he say they were fake?

No. 494271

Lame’s husband is so unoriginal. How many times is he going to take a video idea from someone else? As irritating as SR is, he has been doing this type of video for a long time. At least he can sing. Lame’s husband needs to come up with his own content instead of copying people he claims he hates.

No. 494273

No. 494274

File: 1521351603025.jpg (535.83 KB, 2213x2554, smegolbot.jpg)

Can you spot the difference?
This is from Lame's new video, selling her husband's clothes.

I find it funny that Lame threw a fit when S stayed with them and wore her clothes and when her husband ruined her wigs, but turns around and picks out things of his that she wants to sell just like how she was throwing away her kids' perfectly good toys. No one can touch her stuff or she throws a fit, but she can get rid of everyone else's. I'm curious as to who is getting the money for his clothes since she's selling them on her poshmark. There's no way Grunt is going to allow her to keep the money for them. This just proves how money hungry she really is if she decided she didn't want to sell anymore of her clothes and headed to her husband's closet to get money for his. What's next? The babies clothes?

Also, my life was empty when lolcow was down, I'm happy it's back up.

No. 494278

File: 1521354865772.jpg (90.59 KB, 888x426, trolls.jpg)

I went in Lameys stream about halfway through and people were asking her a lot about gender and transitioning which put her in a mood. Someone mentioned the "trolls" and she got sassy and said "because their site is down, they came here". Of course she keeps up with us and thinks we're the only ones talking about her.

No. 494279

that's funny. I knew Lame and her husband lurked their own threads, but now she's confirmed it. she wouldn't know unless she's attempted to come to this site within the last 24 hours. And it astonishes me that they both lurk this site, but still don't get that most of their "fans" and the people who kiss their asses during their streams ARE the trolls and are farmers. Like the onions are so delusional they honestly believe they have fans. most of us go to her streams and play nice when in reality we can't stand her. I wish my ego was as big as her's and her husband's.

No. 494280

I’m surprised she lurks here. She can’t even face her own Youtube comments.

No. 494281

You’re right, she probably doesn’t. Her husband does for sure and like we’ve mentioned in previous threads he loves making her feel like shit so he probably reports back to her whatever he sees in their threads that would upset her. That’s why this is Lame’s thread and her husband has rarely been named. To fuck with his ego.

No. 494282

Does anyone else think Lainey’s husband bleached his hair in an attempt to look like Jessie Paege since Lame was lusting after her?

No. 494283

I don't think her husband would care enough to look at her threads, I think Sarah is the one reading and reporting to Lame.

No. 494284

I agree with this, I don't think they usually would read it directly. But I do think Gerg made the Jaclynn thread. It kind of stands out so I doubt he's a regular here.

No. 494285

File: 1521360510709.jpg (171.53 KB, 841x352, OnlyAMatterOfTime.jpg)

He's slowly morphing into one of his characters it seems, for someone who supposedly cares about his looks.. he really doesn't seem to know how to take care of himself or think before he does things. In before the "well Shane is fat and you don't comment" rant.

No. 494287

File: 1521361982325.png (924.01 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180316-212103.png)

idk if anyone mentioned this but have y'all noticed how weird the bruises on lame's neck have been lately. I know the consensus seemed to be they were hickeys but looking back at the clothes shopping video, those definitely look like finger prints. There's three distinct elongated bruises. I know lame and her husband would claim that's just from sex cause they're oh so kinky. I'm not sure I buy that though, if that stuff about shiloh is all true.

No. 494288

File: 1521362065611.png (1.12 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180316-212233.png)

No. 494289

I don’t think so just bc I think Greg knows he could do anything and Lainey would fawn all over him. He doesn’t care what she finds attractive, he only wants validation from his “fans” and the general public. If anything, I’d say Pewdiepie was his inspiration for bleached hair and I think he also just wanted to make a drastic change due to low self esteem. He also prob thinks it’s how Lainey gets attention from the teens (which he wouldn’t be wrong, they tune in to help her “choose” colors and see what she’ll dye it as next)

I think he thought a drastic change would make him feel younger and better and more relevant like Pewds

No. 494290

Never before from just one picture have I wished character edit sliders existed in real life so I could make his head the proper size for his manlet body. God, look at the size of that melon.

No. 494291

File: 1521365035247.jpg (41.67 KB, 600x600, sqen31891_6.jpg)

Lainey said that her husband wanted to bleach his hair to look like liquid snake in her younow

No. 494292

They are collar drag marks. Those three finger shaped marks will be the buckle moving around as he throws her about.
She is so nasty, wearing her fetish bruises for her kids and younger viewers to see.

No. 494293

A 32 year old bleaching his hair to look like…. is that an anime or video game character? whatever, same shit.


Didnt onion say he wasnt into BDSM anymore?

No. 494294

But anon! Someone “told her”!

No. 494295

He is trying to downplay the BDSM but for someone who claims he is 'Cristian Gray' you don't just walk away from BDSM, especially when Lames a self professed submissive turned on by pain and humiliation.

No. 494299

Why does Laimobot bleach the whole of her blue hair just to dye it blue again?

No. 494300

she wanted grey, but not all of the blue would lift off. That's why it has a blue tinge to it.

No. 494303

I don’t care how much she hates that Beavis and Butthead shirt, he just got it. It’s fucked up that she’s listing it when he quite literally just bought it last week.
Also, I hope it makes him mad she’s selling his shit. I can’t get through her whole video though, so not sure how he feels about it or if he ever confronted her about it.

No. 494310

i think she doesnt lurk to see what we say about her but what we say about Greg. She is so insecure, and we are always the first one's to realize when greg is attempting to cheat or starts showing interest for teenage pussy.

No. 494311

He looks like that washed up comedian he lives on reality TV now. I can't remember his name and it's bugging me.

Anyways liquid is from metal gear solid vide game. Funny he picked him since iirc he's literally a failure

No. 494312

File: 1521381389984.png (193.01 KB, 592x494, the saddest youtuber of them a…)

This video was totally not worth the watch but I summed it up if anyone was interested in what it was about.

>I thought youtube was so cool for so long because I was able to have an unpopular opinion. I was able to express myself and say whatever was on my mind with out saying 'oh man, I could get punished for this'. But now we live in a society on youtube where you have an unpopular opinion, you are going to cease to exist. Like people are going to dislike your videos like crazy and that translates to literal censorship. So if you guys are against censoring people, you like freedom of speech etc. When you click dislike you are telling youtube to censor someone. When you click 'not interested' you are telling youtube to censor someone.

Apparently he doesn't understand having an unpopular opinion may cause a drop in views. Tries to guilt his viewers by mentioning his suicidal thoughts in 2007. He thinks he's the hardest working youtuber for pushing out two shitty videos a day. He has also been honest about his financial situation. (Selling his 'business' property, has a mortgage, had to sell his Tesla). States he NEEDED these things to be successful on youtube. (He traded his Tesla in for his new truck) He finally got an accountant because he's too stupid to do his taxes. Blames school for not teaching him how to do taxes. Claims accountant is going to try to write off more than what he originally did. Yes, get a cheap accountant that doesn't have a clue and dig your grave deeper. For some reason mentions how SR cheated on JG to prove how he knows the truth. Says that people where asking him about his iphone X. Goes on to talk about how it records in the best quality and he makes videos guys so he really needs this because his old one was crappy. It's business equipment so he can deduct it on his taxes.

>The people who just trust me man are just winning all the time. And that's because I am one of the most honest youtubers on youtube.

Talks about people bringing up what he had said in the past "If you have to say it, it wouldn't be true." (In regards to saying your honest) Says if you follow that logic then when Shane said he's not a pedo he must have been lying and brings up all the old cringy jokes. Says he couldn't be a predator because he doesn't try to do good in order to ease the self loathing one would feel after doing something wrong.(My dad is a predator and he's nice and people like him! I'm a dick so that means I can't be a predator.)
Finally returns to the topic of youtube. Youtube's e-mail says that they are trying to implement a new system that better matches and suggest videos based on the interest of the viewer. Some people may be negatively affected but they feel it will benefit youtubers in the long run. Goes on about how dare youtube not suggest my videos to people who have no intest in them and how it isn't helping him.

>UhOhBro was doing so good in 2015 and my videos on it are of the same quality or better.

He doesn't understand why he isn't getting the same views and subs that he did in 2015 but obviously he doesn't consider that his content is stale. He says he works super hard so that means he should be on the trending page.

>This comes from a guy who use to be full time Airforce. I know what hard work is.

Goes on again about youtube killing his channels and begs for Patreon bux. At the very end he plugs World Food Program but really, who would make it through a 30 min video of him crying to see that message? On top of that I'm sure he's not donating anything even though he's better off financially than most of us are.

No. 494313

Not sure if it’s tinfoil or not but I think he genuinely wants to hurt girls but restricts it to leaving marks on them where it’s socially acceptable like neck and butt.

No. 494315

File: 1521381897212.jpg (14.53 KB, 180x280, 180px-GaryBuseyOct07.jpg)

Oh right, Gary busey

No. 494316

File: 1521382185244.png (419.62 KB, 1181x790, another eugenia video.png)

Even in the video he acknowledges the last Eugenia outfit video did well. Clearly he keeps making videos about her to try to regain a little bit of the views he once had.

No. 494317

Funny part, the best reponse to this video is his sentence to Eugenia here >>494316

>you either stop complaining and accept the consequences of putting your unpopular opinions out there, or you stop doing things that trigger dislikes

lmao his double standards still manage to shock me.

No. 494318

File: 1521383086719.png (427.54 KB, 1678x780, gotta twist the knife.png)

He couldn't just remove the name. Lames husband had to make the name legible and point out this patreon leaked content. I wonder what it was because I haven't seen any recent leaks.

No. 494319

File: 1521383667394.png (136.43 KB, 423x545, Untitled.png)

lol keep discarding all your top supporters onion man, so intelligent and progressive!

About 6 months ago he was bringing in over $7,500 a month on patreon.

No. 494320

yikes, you're kidding! $7500 a month? is there any evidence of that available? i don't believe it

No. 494321

File: 1521384134418.png (88.85 KB, 919x781, Untitled.png)

My bad, I remembered incorrectly. Most he made was in August was almost $6k.

still going way down hill.


No. 494322

File: 1521384569392.png (96.61 KB, 1097x505, simply sublime.png)

Lames husband hates when others puts words in his mouth but he gets a pass because the space prince married him? I made it through 3 mins. I can't believe he thinks his singing is good.

No. 494323

august of 2017… well looking at my sources that was around the time social repose and jaclyn glenn broke up and he was super smug about it. it was also around the time he had that DISASTROUS stream with blaire white, and around the time he'd been accused of stalking shane dawson and his friends. he also guested and was verbally abusive towards jeff holiday.

his drama, aggression, manipulation, and abuse of other youtubers (as well as his wife and friends) are why he's losing business, and yet he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong in the slightest and it's him vs. the world. jesus it's like he never aged mentally beyond 15.

No. 494327

i don't think it's socially acceptable. it's really weird she shows those marks in public, because those don't look like hickeys at all … insane to like that in front of the kids too, i'd wear a turtleneck if i was her even if it was 40 degrees outside

No. 494328

this review!
10/10 professional trolling at it’s absolute finest.
I can imagine Lainey’s husband slowly turning red, Googling all of those “big” words, and finally deleting or hiding the comment after a little temper tantrum.

No. 494329

File: 1521387299494.png (443.16 KB, 754x574, Untitled.png)

OnionBot is so embarrassed about his hair he literally streamed in black and white on twitch yesterday.

No. 494331

I definitely think he does because he’s the one who makes videos about these threads and refers to himself as Onion and his house as the Grease Mansion. Sarah doesn’t talk to him, she talks to Lame and I doubt she’s telling Lame the things she’s reading on here because unlike Lame’s husband, she doesn’t want to “upset” her.

No. 494332

Maximum keks!
Onion boy, just dye it dark again. It’s hideous.

No. 494333


Lame’s husband is still into BDSM, it’s DDLG that he says he finds gross and doesn’t do it anymore.

No. 494334

>Says that people where asking him about his iphone X. Goes on to talk about how it records in the best quality and he makes videos guys so he really needs this because his old one was crappy. It's business equipment so he can deduct it on his taxes.

After the whole IRS fiasco happened, this dumbfuck didn't learn shit. If you are going to deduct your phone, Gerg, it's has to be used for business ONLY. No personal use you idiot.

No. 494335

No someone earlier in the stream told her lolcow was down and that why the stream was full of trolls.

No. 494336

File: 1521394958127.jpg (103.73 KB, 480x270, beyonce?!.jpg)

No. 494337

He's so unbelievably obsessed with YouTube numbers and being liked. The fact that he puts out videos like this whole simultaneously trying to claim he doesn't care about his dwindling career is hilarious

No. 494339

HeatherRose 36
2 hours ago
So sick of hearing her talk about her anxiety, "illnesses", dysmorphia, etc. and her mental issues. If she isn't going to do anything about it and has made excuses non stop about why she isn't seeking help etc, it is all just becoming very joy sparkle like. She's "gay" but doesn't seem comfortable or physically attracted to women in any way, even with Billy!! It comes across as fake and like she is just trying to reel in young girls for views, money and Gregs sex kinks. In her You Now she won't answer questions any more about WHY aren't you making an appointment with a Doctor?? The insurance excuse is no longer valid, so now she is saying some doctor tried to treat her within one visit for being transgender and had no interest in talking about her "dysmorphia" As someone in the health care field, I just DO NOt buy it AT all. She seems very dishonest lately, and tells 3 different stories within an hour. I don't think it is fair to the young people who watch her and believe her. She has her own children now, how will she feel when they get older and they see this stuff online?? Or when their kids friends see this stuff online??( and the neck bruises, she is proud of??) She and Greg really need to get it together for the sake of their kids, and stop being internet sex predators. TODAY she isn't looking for a girl. hmmm, maybe, at least if she is she should at least keep it private perhaps between her and her husband?? Like a real responsible parent would??? I hope so.They don't come across as edgy or cool. More like psychotic and trashy and creepy. What must her parents think?. I shudder.

comments on rsn is always p good, even though hes trash

No. 494343

Which way will our nonbinary agender smol bean swing? Is she back to feeling like a cis woman or is she thinking about going full fake boi?

Stay tuned to the OnionBot dramu to find out!

No. 494344

File: 1521400911486.jpg (387.82 KB, 1052x1318, Screenshot_20180307-233458.jpg)

>This comes from a guy who use to be full time Airforce. I know what hard work is.

Not everybody is good just because they belonged to the military.
A simple google search into any countries military, including our own, shows bad apples in any bunch.

Onion is a bad rotting smelly apple. Couldn't even hack it in the chair force.

No. 494345

File: 1521401470318.jpg (32.05 KB, 320x320, USAF.jpg)

Not to mention the Air Force is notoriously nicknamed the "Chair Force" for a reason. It was the perfect comfy hideaway branch of the military for lazy grounded Onion. He didn't do anything even remotely "tough" during his very short time in the military before he was discharged.

No. 494348

It's funny how when Lame feels threatened in her marriage, she lies that they have the best communication ever, but when it's just them again, she's back to admitting she has no idea what he's doing/thinking and she pushes that she's a separate entity. Seems like the only attention she gets is sex and prob some kids/money discussion.

No. 494351


I don't have any hard evidence, but I remember it as well that at one point Onion had over $7,000 in Patreon money a month. I don't watch Onison but I happened to came across his video and found his patreon. He really did have about $6k or 7k a month in patreon. I remember it really well because I was really upset when I saw it; I felt that his content was just shitty greenscreen commentary while youtubers like Gigguk who make videos that genuinely take days to make, but only get around $3k in support.
I got curious and checked back in every couple of weeks to see how his patreon went. The money dropped a bit but still stayed around $5k. Then he secretly changed the payment from per month to per video. Most of his patrons dropped out immediately. He changed it back, but his revenue never recovered after that.

No. 494352

Whoops I meant 6k, not 7k. I don't remember the exact amount but it was a lot.

No. 494353

Can someone post a link to onions new rant video?

No. 494354

He also lowered his goal in his patreon. Did anyone remember what the original goal of his patreon was? I think it was around 10k because he said he was in debt.

No. 494355

dont forget talking about youtube analytics

No. 494357

Glad I'm not the only one who remembered it this way, wasn't his goal of $7.5k a month when he flew out to California for "collabs"?

No. 494358

File: 1521404554532.png (93.25 KB, 771x485, Untitled.png)

No. 494361

So I've been curious about Lame's Patreon, so I decided to pledge. I pledged a small amount, just enough to confirm what most ex-parteons say, that their perks aren't worth it. I've come to the conclusion that unless you are giving them $25 a month (which who the fuck can afford that?) Being pledged is NOT worth the money.
The $5 pledge gives you access to their:
-"Private" Instagram. This Instagram is full of pretty much the same content as their
Laineybot one. Nothing worth paying $5 for, nothing majorly exclusive or private.
-Access to their discord. Okay, so I'm not gonna say how long I've been a patreon for the simple fact that I don't want Gurg or Lame to pinpoint who I am. BUT Lame is hardly on discord or responses to anyone talking to them. Other parteons on there can barely hold a conversation or discuss one topic, it's almost like they posted a status about random shit going on in their lives. Two most active people on there are both women over 30. Have yet to see a private stream, they've played a game once or twice.
- Full photo sets - ha. This is a joke like anyone should pay to look at Lames regurgitated selfies, if you follow them on twitter or instagram you are more than likely to see the same photos for free.
-unreleased behind the scenes- BITCH WHERE?
-You have a voice on their content within their private forums. I've seen the forums, nobody talks to nobody and Lame never responses or listens to what Patreons want.
-Early access to videos…yeah literally by a few hours.

And for just $5 more you can mail them presents! Such a deal!

Is her Patreon perks worth it? FUCK NO. There is little to no benefits to giving her your money, she ignores fans no matter what unless your forking out the cash. Literally being paid to be people's "friend" which she admits if she doesn't feel that real "connection" she's not truly interested. I feel bad for all of the people who are paying the big bucks for her attention.

No. 494364

If only he had not copied the idea or had some singing skills…

Like, that's how you do it (even on a low budget it should be possible with basic skills and software…)

No. 494366

thank you, but the one I'm looking for is called "I just need to vent" (its only on patreon I think?)

No. 494372

Are there laws broken when leaking patreon videos? Could someone re-upload if they pay to access? I've been thinking about paying for a month and downloading the exclusive videos just to see if there is anything good to share, since I know only about a handful of people have access

No. 494375

it's just a violation of patreons ToS, it isn't illegal though as far as I know

No. 494377

Trust me when I say it’s not worth it. Here isn’t much that’s exclusive. Also keep in mind that Onion keeps bumping up the pledge higher and higher so he can keep only the “truly honest and loyal” Patreons surrounding him.

Most of the stuff you’re not seeing is just him cussing and humping things. Everything else gets uploaded.

No. 494378

It’s gonna be glorious when he has to pull his phone records and prove that every single call was for business.

The way he tantrums about showing receipts means he will definitely lose it when they tell him he has to prove he used it only for business and cant.

No. 494385

When does he record on his phone? Like when? He has multiple cameras and never goes outside, how can he justify -another- camera?

And he has chosen the setting that deletes messages and conversations after 30 days (apparently), but he has still shown messages from girls on his phone on stream, so we have proof that it's not strictly for business

No. 494394

No. 494396

jesus, spend about $1200 on me and I'll go to a theme park with you?? Bet Onion boy wouldn't even pay for their ticket.

No. 494398

>>Bet Onion boy wouldn't even pay for their ticket.

Unless they were a young girl he'd like to fuck. Then she can have a ticket.

Otherwise, you're SOL like that stupid tomato dude, who paid Greg $1000 for a collab, and then had to pay for tickets to come to Greg because Greg is afraid to leave his house and face reality.

No. 494406

I don't get why anyone pledges to her. I mean, she does engage with her audience on younow to some degree. She talks to people in the chat no matter if they are patrons or not as long as they aren't obviously trolling. So I think that's the most you can get as a fan, talking to her when she's streaming. You don't have any benefits if you become a patron.

No. 494407

Re-upload of I Need To Vent.

Agree with the other anon it's not really worth it. If you want a mirror just request and I'll upload. I don't mind taking the hit for you guys. The less patreons he has the better.

No. 494408

File: 1521416470970.png (1.37 MB, 2208x1242, DB11D18D-E4FB-4828-8088-005A7E…)

Well, he put out his maxi pad video.
>Shames women for a heavy flow. Says they should just wear a diaper.
>Says only day trailer park women need overnight pads.
>Puts it on, then takes it out and pours water on it and puts it back on.
>Squeezes his legs together and says it’s like squeezing a sponge.
>Shitloads of shaming women for having a heavy flow.

Someone tell him to shove a menstrual cup up his ass.

Bonus, he begs for people to come game with him and his seven viewers on Twitch.

No. 494409

File: 1521416563346.png (417.09 KB, 875x552, Capture.PNG)

i cant believe she watched it

even his audio was super annoying. i refuse to watch it

No. 494410

He is so uneducated on everything, he fucking thinks you stick the maxi pad to your LEGS.

No. 494411

lol WHAT
how would he even out it on

No. 494414

I feel like we really could convince him to put a menstrual cup up his ass.

Bonus hilarity is it gets sucked up and he can't get it out and has to go to the hospital to remove it.

No. 494415

This needs to happen. He clearly doesn't do his research anyways, he doesn't even read instructions

No. 494430

Just like the tampon one he faked it all, most tellingly by failure to remove the underside wrapper that allows adhesion to underwear. Shocking a pad down the front of your trews isn't "trying out female products" just when you thought Mr lain couldn't be a bigger loser, boooom he proves us wrong yet again.

No. 494434

File: 1521421230665.png (386.89 KB, 850x598, lmao.png)


lainey's husband posted this (reposted this?) 4 days ago… idk if he thinks this video makes him look less creepy but it just showcases their lack of chemistry and how goddamn young lainey was when they got married
she looks like a frickin baby

No. 494436

Spent money to tell us it's not worth it. Phew.

No. 494437

man this bitch can't win. looks like an awkward homely ladyboy with long or short hair.

imagine being so insecure and thin skinned that you start filming in black and white so people won't shit talk your nasty brassy hair lmao

No. 494439

this also puts the height question to rest in the last part where he hugs her

No. 494440

Can we really even call her selectively responding to the same few questions (hair dye related generally) interacting with the community? It’s really just, well, lame. It’s unbelievable that anyone can stand to watch her tunelessly sing and largely ignore the chat - and that’s the most interaction her most diehard fans get.

No. 494441


Hmmmmmmm, maybe Onion should have watched this video himself.

Kinda throws his "I never made sexual comments about little kids" rhetoric out the window. If Shane's clearly joking comments don't get to count as jokes, the neither do Onions.

No. 494442

File: 1521422445552.png (666.66 KB, 1080x1693, Screenshot_20180318-211629~2.p…)

Lainey's husband just re-uploaded his collab with Jaclyn to his Onision channel. Here we go again.

No. 494443

This is exactly what I’ve been saying since Lame first went on YouNow with them but anons were saying they were just hickies. Those definitely don’t look like just hickies. I’ve seen girls with marks from BDSM on their necks and that’s what Lame’s look like.

No. 494444


I need to catch up with the thread but fuck me, his willful ignorance is so damn frustrating

No. 494445

Watching back Laineys video explaining how the bleaching went down.

Imagine if Laineys husband ACTUALLY went to the salon.

>bleach is burning like bleach does

>greg DEMANDS it to be removed NOW
>bleach obviously comes out wrong because he didn't leave it enough time
>"They burned my scalp" video is made

No. 494446

The airforce actually isn’t “comfy” once you pass your tests and actually fly out to other countries and participate in the airforce. Anyone who shit talks the airforce aren’t in the airforce. It was only comfy for Lame’s husband because he didn’t do shit except guard a gate. It was like boot camp for him. He was probably about to be sent out to another country or somewhere where he would REALLY have to participate in the airforce and that’s why he bailed. He’s a pussy and the guy can’t even mow his own lawn without knocking himself out. This guy is clearly lazy and thought joining the military would get him money because it does for a lot of people, but then he realized he’d have to do actual work and wanted out.

No. 494447

He used it once in a video just to say “look what my phone can do!” Probably as a way for him to provide evidence later down the road. As for the phone records, the IRS wouldn’t care about his 30 day time limit. They make him go to his phone service (like Verizon or whatever) and get the deleted text and call logs and print them. Pretty sure those are saved even if you delete them on your actual phone.

No. 494449

This literally just inspired me to download Sims 3 that I've had lying around forever (found at a thrift shop). I've never played. I'm excited.

Jesus Christ. That'd be full circle.

100% hands/fingers. You can even see it's his dominant hand (right hand) doing it.
You have to put some serious pressure on it too. I like being choked and it RARELY ever leaves marks.

He just sounds like Trump now.

No. 494450

he's grabbed her forcefully before in videos
he also gripped sams face pretty hard

No. 494451

Sure and if you have the correct job… even then, their deployments are like resorts. The air force is a vacation compared to the rest of the military.

No. 494452

File: 1521425295244.png (660 KB, 750x1334, 7743F665-790B-42D1-BFEB-8EC82F…)

seeing that Taylor is having a “gender crisis” it reminded off this video, about 3:45 onion says “3 years later, same person pretending to be different” i think onion knows she was pretending to be a fake boi and only
supported her to show how he’s such an amazing husband

No. 494453

File: 1521425890244.png (1.47 MB, 1196x696, scissors.png)

Agreed. Pretty widespread knowledge for those involved that all the best bases are Air Force ones.

Yep. It's creepy how scripted their "gay" videos were. I felt like I was just reading an Onion novel. It felt forced and unnatural.

No. 494455

what if his anniversary video present to Lainey was just for the tax write-off purposes kek their love is dead

No. 494456

>I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about my gender crisis to the whole world yet
yeah because it will prove what everyone has been saying about you just being transtrender correct.

No. 494458

Because Lame will breast feed her kids until they are 12 she doesn't have to worry about a heavy flow or even a period.

No. 494459

It would be funnier if it’s the other thing and she wants to legitimately transition and get surgery. Her husband has been recorded in videos saying he would stay with her even if she grew a dick one day (yeah right).

No. 494460

Who is paying him to whine about his unrelatable problems?? What 12 yo girl can relate to declining YouTube metrics of a millionaire who mismanaged his money and wants to rub his audience’s face in “how right” he is all the damn time? Bad content, dude.

No. 494461

The multiple wives thing came close to coming true with Billie wearing a promise ring.

No. 494462

File: 1521433540698.png (155.92 KB, 237x476, IMG_1826.PNG)

One of them is lying about their height.

No. 494463

makes me wonder if the reason why she's so obsessed with her height it's most likely because she resents the fact that Greg is almost the same height as her haha. Lainey probably went crazy jealous when she saw Billie hug Greg and see their heights match up better

No. 494467

File: 1521438835195.png (1.41 MB, 1440x1947, Screenshot_20180319-014742~2.p…)

I saw this on Twitter and thought Shane himself posted it but just a fan.

Shane will haunt Onion forever and it's beautiful.

No. 494470


Wasn't that the ring Lamey gave her, though?

No. 494472


Find this hard to believe when he said women transitioning was a tragedy and the world was less beautiful when it happens etc. Also, his opinion on surgery scars being ugly. Not to mention people needing to stay attractive for their partner.

No. 494473

File: 1521442760976.png (436.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180319-014822.png)

Millions of subs and he can't break 20k views, he's slipped and there is no way back. He's got like 10 channels and they're all garbage content that's why his views suck. Plus he's just a generally unlikable bastard.

No. 494474

Someone should ask Sam if Greg ever wanted Lainey and her to kiss in a video like he made Lainey and Billie do

I’d bet money on it

No. 494475

The people who used to watch it when he was famous, hell the people that made him famous were all young kids that are now grown up and dont give a fuck about him anymore. Kids nowadays dont give a fuck about him or his lame ass wife and they never will. His time has passed. Instead of wasting time "working" on his videos he should start filling 711 applications and his wife should start reading books about how to actually be a good and caring mother.

No. 494476

And he’s reuploading all of these shitty old videos. They’re all 2+ years or more. No one wants to see all this old shit.
He’s not hashbrowning on one of his channels anymore because he admitted that he is starting not to be able to tell the difference between his channels. Kek.

No. 494478

I can actually believe that she's 5'3" or 5'4" and he's 5'11". Like other ppl have mentioned before, he's just so bizarrely proportioned. His huge bobble head and short limbs make him look much shorter. If his head was the size of a normal person's, he'd probably only come up to 5'8" or 5'9".

No. 494479

this video is so fucking funny.
He's still so salty about the shane dawson thing.

No. 494480

If he couldn't handle the first bleach, I genuinely wonder if he's gonna even attempt to make it a true blonde or just leave it as this uneven brassy mess. Cause his little bitch ass would have to endure both bleach and toner to have it look actually blonde. That'll be fun for lame or the poor unfortunate hairdresser he might (but probably won't) begrudgingly go to.

No. 494481

he's so pathetic, he really truly can't believe that he isn't getting the views he used to because his content hasn't evolved or changed at all.

he constantly whines and bitches about shane dawson, but whatever you think of shane, the guy works damn hard to keep his content up to date with what people want to see.

the internet moves fast, content creators need to stay on top of what people want to watch. it's your damn job. do it, or stop complaining.

also more suicide-baiting and guilt-tripping. way to go onion.

No. 494482

I think Sam would just lie though. She doesn't seem very trustworthy.

No. 494483


MTE. I was shook when I saw the screencaps of onion's emails where she was basically saying she was in love with him.

No. 494485

link? i dont remember seeing those emails in here

No. 494486


They're on onisiondrama on tumblr.

No. 494487

File: 1521448752194.png (109.03 KB, 387x172, 1521091289535.png)

I would argue he looks more like this guy, arguably better than Nirvana ironically
Should've just left it brown to inflate the ego, Gurggles but we're all glad you didn't

No. 494489

GodDAMN those emails are pretty telling. Sam definitely went there with one thing in her mind: to bang Gorg. He also had the same thing in his mind but when he realized Lame wasnt going to go for it he quickly did a 180 and blamed it all on Sam. Anyways Sam is a slut, Gorg is still a piece of shit and Lame will always be a smol victim that cries everytiem.

No. 494490


Seems like he told Sam he'd talk Lamey around, but he couldn't.
I bet he was mad he couldn't trick Lamey into agreeing to some kind of arrangement. She's one step ahead of him now, so he's got his work cut out for him if he wants to trick her into thinking it's her fault the next time he fucks around.

No. 494492

No. 494493

samefag, I was trying to make a reply as this post got me banned and I wanted to query why. pls ignore!

I wouldn't be surprised if he encouraged Lainey to follow that path so he could be free to meet new partners

No. 494495

I feel like he is re-uploading old videos that did well in the past in a desperate attempt to pull views. Problem is its out dated content and humor.

No. 494496

Why the hell are you guys baiting?
Can’t you just upload them here? If it’s emails with Onion, it’s relevant.

No. 494498

I like how the guy in that "Venting" video bought 2 $100k cars and is so condescending and suggests other people are clueless.

What. A. Dumbass.

No. 494499

File: 1521455939979.png (112.86 KB, 1440x707, 03-19-11.27.30.png)

he indeed did

No. 494501

File: 1521456476247.png (467.72 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o3_128…)

No. 494502

File: 1521456594712.png (317.79 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o4_128…)

No. 494503

File: 1521456718693.png (402.99 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o2_128…)

No. 494504

File: 1521456848225.png (388.52 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o5_128…)

No. 494505

File: 1521456871304.png (496.9 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o7_128…)

No. 494506

File: 1521457045846.png (428.1 KB, 1280x800, tumblr_p5c1x2sYzF1r1kiq7o6_128…)

I probably effed up the order. I am just on my phone/ online since my blood sugar is higher than a kite right now and I am waiting for my insulin to do it's thing before I go back to bed

No. 494507

Fucking died at 'big ugly child'
So accurate holy shit. I've often wondered why people still find him attractive. Like maybe he could have lied about filters and makeup back when it wasn't common to expose people and I could see girls maybe taking a fancy. But these days, there are SO many photos of his red, blotchy oversized caveman head floating around the internet that it's truly confusing why any girl would find him hot.

No. 494508

lol it's like he's using lainey and the other girls he flies over as Barbie dolls to play out his lesbian sex fantasies

No. 494509

He's probably just say "it was posted in the ~comedy~ section so it was clearly a JOKE!"

No. 494510

As if Lame bought it, Onion bought it and called it a gift from Lame kek

No. 494513

What did Lainey email?

No. 494515

If Im not mistaken, that was just when Onision started including her in the messages so she would be sent a copy as well

No. 494516


I think that was just onion forwarding it to Lame.

No. 494522


He can claim that all he wants, but he said Shane's clearly joking comments are still creepy, wrong, suspicious and inappropriate. Funny how Onion thinks it's ok for him to do it himself though.

No. 494532

This video has so much milk in it holy shit.

Hey Onision, instead of trying to orchestrate reasons to justify your current lifestyle, since you currently are sitting "pretty and fat" compared to most people, why don't you just get an actual job? News flash, most people work ~40hours a week and make 20K-30K a year.

FFS him justifying the iPhoneX is the biggest load of horse shit I have heard in quite some time.

No. 494533

He is so fucking unprofessional towards the YouTube worker. He is outright rude towards her and does not cooperate with her at all. His videos aren't suggested because the algorithm has come to the conclusion that no one clicks his videos if they're suggested anymore.

It's as simple as that.

No. 494535

I haven't watched the video fully, because let me be honest, I have better things to do but I watched the first minutes about the YouTube dislikes and if I remember correctly, he's right about that: If a video receives many dislikes it won't be suggested anymore.

No. 494536

Nah, not really. I was wrong too, recommendations disappear if people don't watch the video long enough and if they don't click.

>Videos watched per user remained flat, but a change made the following spring finally moved the needle: instead of basing its algorithmic recommendations on how many people had clicked a video, YouTube would instead base them on how long people had spent watching it.

It uses unsupervised learning, it finds relationships between inputs and creates a basic model of the users likes.

>Google Brain model figures out other comedians who are similar but not exactly the same — even more adjacent relationships. It’s able to see patterns that are less obvious.”

>Brain algorithm began recommending shorter videos for users of the mobile app, and longer videos on YouTube’s TV app. It guessed, correctly, that varying video length by platform would result in higher watch times.

tldr- Onision's type of comedy isn't popular anymore and that's why it does not get recommended.


No. 494537


To add to this, forgot to add
>Likes or dislikes do not matter. Each is counted as the same thing. Youtube knows that people will hit the dislike button just for fun. It is estimated that “engagement” (comments, likes, dislikes) only has a 1% affect on a videos ranking.

So it still is based on the fact that his type of comedy just isn't popular anymore, so the algorithm can't recommend him. It works based on recommending through similar youtubers. There are no similar youtubers anymore as everyone else has moved on, so Youtube simply CAN'T recommend him.