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File: 1531089942420.png (1.09 MB, 1440x828, onebighappyfamily.png)

No. 543740

Onion Krueger Image Credit: >>542822
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/535067
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Greg changed his twitter icon to be half his face and half his dog Leelu's face >>535069
>Onion continued to sperg about being told to leave his multi-tool wallet at Disney World, comparing them to Nazis >>535233
>Alternate footage of Greg being insufferable at Disney World >>536173
>Because Onion lurks here, he announced on twitter his new dislike for Cyr and Dasha and has removed all videos featuring Cyr to restrict to Patreon-only access >>535458
>Onion made a lame video of him "waxing" >>535688
>Lainey: "Greg keeps telling me I look like Andy Dick" >>535792
>Onion and Lainey sell creepy polaroids featuring themselves for at least $7 each >>537492
>Onion publicly accused his father of being a child molester >>538925 He sperged about his father in a vid too >>539009
>Lainey queer-baited with her friend Mercedes (the two have never dated) while reading hate comments >>538998
>Lainey shows off her tattoos and at the same time flashes her vagina at the camera >>539929
>Greg and Lainey talking about the "Rules and Punishments" of their relationship; mostly features them fighting. Video: >>540903 Transcript: >>540958
>Greg, as a straight man, talks over trans people while standing in front of a Death Note poster >>541470
>Onion's patrons Respit and Dev fly out to Onion's house to film a video WKing transtrenders >>542585
>Greg made two recent videos kinkshaming DDLG and Ageplay, to which Madison DeCambra responded with defending the DDLG community and regretting doing prior kinkshaming collabs with Onion. Onion blocked her on twitter, and he and Lainey are ignoring her >>543538

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 543746

now that's a quality thread image if I ever saw one

No. 543757

Oh dang, I forgot to add to the summary that Sarah's back in the good graces of the Grease McSwamp >>541972

She posed with Lainey and a milkshake, streamed with Lainey on YouNow where she was drying her hair, and then the two did a collab where they wore face masks (used for the thread image).

Also apparently Sarah made a joke about being chained up in the basement in said video.

No. 543761

File: 1531091211505.png (1.73 MB, 1788x1256, Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 7.07…)


"I never get this 5-star luxury treatment in the basement" - Sarah at 1:22

No. 543767

Is she really filming with THREE herp sores? I'd say she should give it a few days but I guess she never stops breaking out.

Also Sarah looks…different.

No. 543768

File: 1531091800708.png (46.79 KB, 607x429, Untitled.png)

No. 543769

Greg is all about setting up fake drama but I'm pretty sure this time he got butt-hurt because of Maddi disagreeing with his opinion publicly. If it was fake drama he would have made sure that the kids where never mentioned. The only time the kids have been mentioned by the Onions is when Lainey talked about her pregnancy story. (Of course it was okay because she could talk about how SMOL she was and make a few bucks while barely acknowledging that they exist.) I'm sure Greg will ride this out to look like a victim and jerk it to the sense of power he's getting from someone begging to be back in his good graces.

No. 543772

Ya "boi" looking extra scary with that mask on

No. 543777

wtf Sarah looks like an actual little girl compared to Lainey. What is this grown ass woman doing hanging out with a literal child? I always thought their "friendship" was weird but it's just becoming more and more apparent how creepy it is.

No. 543781

Not gonna lie, I thought Lame was with her daughter or niece or something…Sarah is still a baby.
Also, fuck Lame, don't put shit on your face when you're having a major herps outbreak. Don't share that shit with Sarah, you creepy motherfucker

No. 543783

Man if Sarah has yet to listen to all of the warning signs then she's going to get the herps from Plainey no matter what anyone says.

No. 543787

this is rich coming from the guy who had a nervous meltdown over Maya not wanting anything to do with him.

No. 543788

I know your probably right anon, but with every new victim that the Grease's claim I always just keep hoping they will snap out of it and come back to reality. Lame has probably picked up all Gurg's manipulative and pervy ways, she's as big of a monster as he is.

No. 543792

Don’t let this Maddy shit slide for Bitchybot. I want to hear her excuse of how her and Anus “aren’t the same person” this time.

No. 543795

It's hard to feel sorry for Sarah anymore. I know she's still so young and likely not that hard to manipulate, but after 4 years of being involved with the shameful drama that surrounds the grease family if she still wants to be involved she probably lives for it.

No. 543799

I know and it shows her immaturity when she made a joke about being chained. She always whines about being more grown for her age yet does shit like this

No. 543806

….Christ alive, it legit looks like a lil kid and some creepy guy. Isn't she still underaged? Can't we do something?

No. 543807

Sarah's face is so annoying and punchable, I always thought she looks like a frog (not that I want to punch frogs, but you know what I mean)

No. 543815

We're only watching the cows, anon. The last time people got involved, Sarah left temporarily, came back and they tried to hide that she was there but Onion showed her in the background of one of his streams or whatever. Sarah keeps crawling back to them no matter what anyone does. This is a life lesson that she's going to have to learn the hard way.

No. 543816

That's cause she's hit puberty since she was living there last time.

No. 543826

Its just so fucking gross that this 23 year old woman has been 'best friends' with this teenager for, what they said 4 years? Sarah turns 18 in August. Shes still 17, like jesus keep in mind Laineys BEST FRIEND at 20 years old was a 13/14 year old. IN WHAT WORLD IS THAT FUCKING NORMAL. In what world is even a 19/20 year old talking to a 13/14 year old they meet on the internet??? How does she make this seem normal to ANYONE. If Lainey was a REAL boy, Onion wouldve been the first person to call her a pedo and make 100000+ videos on her.

No. 543828

No. 543831

Yeah, and a joke regarding someone else's abuse– someone who stood up for Sarah to Dickision while in the midst of getting out herself (Billie seems to have been the one most on the ball of all those assholes, it is amazing). It shows how immature Sarah is, and well on her way to general shittiness under GSW's tutoring. I had actually forgotten how shitty Sarah was, and had chalked it up to her age, but maybe she is actually a garbage person for real and that is why she gets along OK with Taylor.

No. 543832

You'd think seeing the shit show thats boiling up with Maddy would open Sarahs eyes.
But no, Sarah is the oblivious pitbull lover that turns a blind eye as the animal bites neighbors, family members, and kills the neighbors cats & dogs. She'll only realize Gregs true nature once hes latched onto her neck and is shaking her like a rag doll… then it'll be to late.

Sarah - I hope you didnt share any deep embarrassing secrets with DaFoot or Ogreg, because that shit will be on display on his twitter feed. And become material for his videos for years to come once he "breaks up with you"

No. 543833

Like for real, Sarah was obsessed with Lainey. For fuck sakes she convinced her sister to name her baby Lainey. She first posted the whole "isnt my girlfriend hot" photo of Lainey on her insta in february 2015. She turned 15 six months later. She was 14.

No. 543841

>You'd think seeing the shit show thats boiling up with Maddy would open Sarahs eyes.

Nothing opens her eyes. She was there when Billie was there, and has seen what has gone on since then with Luxy, Maya, Sam and now Madison, and all the assorted others. She is willfully blind, and willfully ignorant. We'll see how she acts, but on the one hand, I tell myself she's a dumb kid, but on the other, she's not just asking for whatever happens, she's begging for it to happen. I mean, at some point you have to take responsibility for what happens to you, especially when you know how it has gone in literally every other person before you. She apparently thinks she's special (like all the other girls did too). She's not.

No. 543842

At this point only time will tell. I know that 1-2 years from now or even less that they’re going to be outed for being as child groomers. Sarah is also going to learn the hard way, she’ going to ruin her career because once onion starts posting videos about them have threesomes and she wants out, oh boy is he going to go crazy on her. we already saw what he did to mad. She’s going to be connected with him and future employers are going to see that.

No. 543844

Let me correct myself, 1-2 years Sarah will somehow “betray” onion and thus begin his rampage. Once he starts making videos about them having sex, people will start realizing that their child groomers

No. 543845

Holy fuck you're absolutely right, anon. I'm surprised no one has pointed this out to Shreg before. He only speaks out about "predators" that he's jealous of, however.

No. 543846

She always had that dynamic of “I’m not like other girls I’m the special one I’m the one onion and foot face chose! I’m mature because I talk to grown adults on the internet!”

No. 543847

anyone else notice on the face mask vid, trampoline park vid and most any stream that Sarah has guested on, all they do is recite tired memes, old Vines and lame internet jokes.

Thats the foundation of their friendship, being twinsies as they both quote
>i think i know more about american girl doll genius!

Ive had a few (short lived) friendships that were based on reciting quotes from a couple of old movies and giggling like idiots, its a house built on sand.

No. 543849

I just watched one of REEEE-Spit's videos - no wonder he flew out to LGH, it's the same screeching and random "humor".
Also low key wondering if he might have the hots for LGH (just mentioning this since in the previous thread an anon said he might be after teens like LGH and Sylar but I can rather picture him having the hots for dudes).

Not sure what to think of Sarah. If she just wants to join them for attention, not granting her any might actually make staying with those two less appealing, but I kinda hope that she'll be the one who'll be able to ride their tailcoats successfully to finally lift off and become actually rich and famous while LGH and GSW disappear in YT limbo. That would be an interesting scenario.

No. 543850

File: 1531097715696.png (240.69 KB, 750x1334, D1C09FAF-02D2-4588-A7BC-5DF84B…)

Such BROOTAL HONESTY. “I get recognized regularly in public … like today even.”

Never change, Anus-ion.

No. 543851

>I’m mature because I talk to grown adults on the internet!

I swear to god, almost every little teen girl who's gotten kidnapped and raped by a pedophile they met on the internet says this weeks before the chloroform soaked rag goes over their mouth and zipties get wrapped around their wrists.

No. 543852

They only snap out of it once they personally get shit on. They always ignore everyone around them being shit on by the onions until it actually happens to them. Then they want pity and sympathy they never showed to anyone else.

Im sure lamey the bitch has not really even liked maddy and just used her as a friend since there was no one else. Probably talks shit about her to onion too. Shes the type who shit talks all her "friends" behind their back, but then is nice to their face and wants them to do everything for her and listen to her whine.

Shes either going to become lainey 2.0 and ruin all the important years of her life for them, or severely regret the time she wasted and putting her name/face associated with the onions in a few years. Girl needs to make some real friends her age who will tell her to steer clear from these psychos.

No. 543853

Lainey was an idol of hers, she was young and impressionable. Lainey liked talking to a young teen to tell her "omg ur so pretty" and back her up when she ranted about how shitty onion is, but to also awe when she talked about a cute thing he did. Because she was a young teen.
Sarah is literally her talking compliment button mixed in with a diary. The same way Lainey got all fucked up from Greg, Sarahs getting the same treatment. At least Lainey only started at 17, Sarahs been exposed to this since she was 13/14. Remember Lainey saying she thought Sarah was older when they first started talking to her and she thought she was a mum? Like dude. No one is buying it. She didnt even look old enough to be older than 16, let alone Laineys age. jfc.
Must suck for Lainey now that Sarahs growing into herself, puberty caught up, shes actually learnt how to do her make up and is looking pretty good tbh.

No. 543857

I don't think she's going to lift off. Sarah has the personality of a cardboard person.

No. 543861

File: 1531098516118.png (1.43 MB, 2880x1440, BLESSED.png)

If he gets recognized, it's not because he's "popular youtuber Onision of the Banana Song fame", it's definitely because he only goes to the same 3-4 places on the rare occasion he decides to leave the house.
I get it, Anus-on. I get "recognized" at Rite-aid all the time. I don't even have to tell them my name when I roll up to the pharmacy. They see me and think "oh, here's that girl who comes in like 3x a week because she's super disorganized!". I guess I'm famous too.
Glad you voted for this one anon. I hope it wins because it will be hilarious. Jesus he's embarrassing.

No. 543862

He still is triggered over Madison getting the biggest laugh on either of these two dopes' channels with her portrayal of Onision.

Today was the first day I went to Madison's channel after Onision tweeting about her. I like her content, baked baking is pretty good.

What a bitch Lainey is accepting a call just to hang up on it. She's a perpetual child. She looks like a fucking autist out at restaurants, I hope the embarrassment becomes too much for Sarah and she ditched them after her first semester at college.

No. 543863

Seeing as it's quite evident that Sarah's in "love" with Plainey but what about Anus-ion? Does she have feelings for the swamp monster too?

No. 543864

No he wants to talk about being famous cause that’s what the tweet was about that got pewds attention and hes so desperate for literally anyone to notice him.

No. 543866

What really strikes me is that Madi says that they’re kids were friends.
These stupid assholes likely only let those kids have friends with people they work with. So they’ll have even less social interactions with people outside of the Grease compound.

Lainey used Madi when it was convenient for her. On the other hand, I could see this being orchestrated drama. But Lainey is a fucking terrible actor and will crack under pressure. So I hope her livestreams become inundated with questions about Madi.

No. 543869

File: 1531099240014.png (10.44 KB, 593x84, 2018-07-08 20_19_42-Window.png)

I'll say. It must suck for Taylor that everytime she uploads a video with Sarah now, there's going to be an influx of comments like this one.

No. 543872

File: 1531099593341.png (404.98 KB, 1440x1775, wking.png)

Anus-on is so desperate to start shit with anyone that he managed to take time out of his Maddi-sperg to address a "Trans gatekeeper".
Can any patreonfags give us a rundown on this one? Is it about Ryan again?
What a pathetic fuck. If you really cared about supporting your precious fragile smol wife, maybe try getting off the internet and spending time with your family instead of attacking teenagers who are actually IN the trans community.

No. 543874

At this point I don't think BUT KNOW that both Onion Boy and Lame suffer from a severe case of Peter Pan syndrome. They grasp for anyone and everyone underage to "revitalize" their ways of thinking and being to try and stay "youthful." Of course, the fact that they've used sexuality to bring in these naive kids makes it worse. A lot worse. I think it's only a matter of time before people go from disgust to rage over what they're doing. If only they'd actually each look in the mirror at themselves and decide to grow up. Lame reminds me of creepy pedos that would hang around my skating rink looking sleazily at all the little girls, most likely methed up. Onion is a puppet master, using Lames own yearnings to stay young to motivate her in luring in more unsuspecting teens. The whole thing is depressing, sucking, madding, enraging… I do feel sorry for Sarah. She seems like the kind of person who had no friends and has these "cooler" older people giving her attention now. It must've been a shite world before she met them.

No. 543875

File: 1531100285736.webm (2.45 MB, 401x333, one day hes going to marry me.…)

>Also low key wondering if he might have the hots for LGH

Yeah, Im sure Oscar the Grouch was checking out Shregs tiny bulge the whole time he was at the Swamp Trailer.

No. 543876

>Madi says that they’re kids were friends.

Im sure all that means is that, when she would come over with her kid in tow they would shove them all in that special room with all the blankets on the walls and lock them away for a few hours while they scream on camera making funny viral videos.
The kids being friends is incidental, they just happened to be locked up in the same room.

No. 543877

Its just so strange Onion can make videos about whaaaatever he wants, but she makes one video about her feelings and its a cut off lmao.
For Lainey to cut her off aswell tho thats fucked up shit, especially considering remember Lainey literally follows that Binkie girl on insta and twitter, who actually does age-play PORN and is a little and shit and Lainey use to tweet at her and that shit and try to be her friend. Thats like one of the things that started the ddlg rumour between the onion pair??
What I do find interesting is when I was seeing if she still followed her (she does) I noticed that like a solid amount of people she follows on insta is mum/family instagrams. For someone who thinks its so terrible to put their kids on the internet she sure does love to follow and look at people doing exactly that.. I can just imagine her scrolling through instagram sitting in the corner while Greg ignores her and wishing she could do cute photos for insta with the kids, and go on cute play dates.

No. 543880

I get that they're "protecting them" but it's almost as if they have something to hide about their kids or that they don't care about them or something. It's sort of weird to me that they ignore that they exist, but then again, they are both super about themselves so I guess it's not too surprising

No. 543882

idk I just don't believe thats the reason. Lainey LOVES showing off. I dont think theres anything wrong with them, but half of me just thinks Onions calling the shots with that one. But then theres the half of me thats like "wait no onion would love to exploit the kids for views"

No. 543884

>it's almost as if they have something to hide about their kids

The tinfoil has been rolled out for that before.
Little Trot has something going on that Greg is ashamed of and doesnt want the haters on to see or know about.

No. 543887

File: 1531101394309.png (738.11 KB, 1440x2178, July 8 Patreon decline.png)

Just to document this:
Historically, Anus-on's Patreon dips at the 1st of each month, but increases within a few days as pledges are renewed and such.
This is the second month in a row that his pledges have dropped significantly and not come back. We're now at July 8th and he's at the lowest #'s I've seen in ages.

Subtract the $1000 Toby Turner mutual pledge and he's barely making $2000. Plus, with the revelation a few days ago that he and Momokun were covertly boosting each other's donations makes you wonder just how many other YTers he is doing this with, considering he obviously isn't upfront about who he donates to.
I would be willing to bet he pledges back to several of his "coterie" members.
No wonder he is trying desperately to sell his musty old wrinkled clothes, dvds, gross wigs and sad polaroids.
Swampy sex tape/graphic hickey tutorial is on it's way, I can feel it in the air.

No. 543888

Well it’s pretty clear now with Shreg making her cut Madi out that most of her life is controlled by Shreg. I can’t wait to see her excuse for this one.

No. 543892

I'm pretty sure that they aren't doing a $1000 pledge to each other, Greg doesnt have a $1000 tier. I thought it was $100?

No. 543899

Anyone want to place bets that Foot wont be streaming for a few days because of the Madison drama?
Like people are going to forget and not bring it up if she lays low for 3 days.

No. 543900

That with the excuse of being sick, or bring Sarah on as a shield.

No. 543904

Probably all three.

No. 543905

File: 1531102106814.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2334, wat the actual fuck.png)

It was documented last thread. Toby did the "Panda God" pledge for $1000. Shreg just restructured his patreon levels a week ago but Toby's pledge hasn't changed.

No. 543907

Shit my bad, damn hes fucking stupid.

No. 543912

Madi on Instagram stories crying, "if Greg's intentions were to hurt me and wound me, make me feel fucking horrible, he won."

No. 543913

His face makes me want to laugh and vomit at the same time

No. 543914

Kek “if”

No. 543915

Ugh, has she no self esteem

No. 543916

I thought Sarah got outed when she replied to cousin-chan and they got paranoid when it was revealed they were paying a minor to watch their kids while being in trouble with the IRS. Girl needs some commonsense.

No. 543918

File: 1531102857597.webm (1.31 MB, 101x180, 36701188_682875422049903_24984…)

No. 543919

I think she has multiple mental disorders which is probably why she’s crying. Either way this is what happens when you get involved with anus-on

No. 543921

File: 1531102973472.jpeg (121.23 KB, 750x261, E884E9A4-C056-418F-8040-BFD7D0…)

But what did he say

No. 543923

i know u can just tell he has a hideous skull

No. 543926

Look! Another tormented female who let herself get emotionally invested in a wolf in sheeps clothing. Hopefully she’ll take it as a lesson and move tf on. Otherwise things will get much worse for her, I’m calling it now

No. 543927

It's almost like she didn't see the numerous warning signs.

No. 543929

>Sarah - I hope you didnt share any deep embarrassing secrets

I thought according to B she has.

No. 543930

File: 1531103800328.png (763.18 KB, 700x700, c7e.png)

I feel like I got a panic attack just reading this post, that's how disgusting it all is.

No. 543932

Fake – we all know you never leave the house, Gurg.

No. 543935

That's more than Lainey has.

"Lifting off" would just be making 1k a month on a Patreon imo lmao

No. 543940

Sarah's feelings for Greg are inconclusive but highly suspicious. She's the only young pussy he has a chance with though, so he should stop being mean if he wants to cheat on his straight wife.

Sorry, I mean, if he wants… uh… Sarah to cheat on them with him.

No. 543944

Yuck!! That wording is exactly what he told Pain after cuddlegate. He’s that manipulative and it’s so fucking disgusting! As much as I love these threads and the train wreck that they are this is seriously unbelievable how brainwashed everyone is and it scares me that people like this exist in the world

No. 543955

He’s been super inappropriate with Sarah but never showed real interest in her in videos. That could have been bc Billie was in the picture still but I don’t think he has sexual interest in her. That could be why Lainey is so comfortable with her. There’s no risk of her stealing her hubby.

No. 543957

File: 1531104660196.png (130.06 KB, 754x968, cap623119.PNG)

The future foretold just six days ago.

Anything that we have talked about concerning Madison pales in comparison to the secrets she has shared with him. And those secrets will be embellished and twisted by Onision to hurt her.

No. 543959

Yeah honestly I feel like Anus views Sarah more like an annoying kid than a sexual interest (and for her sake I hope that's true) but, I mean, you never know now that she got pretty.

No. 543962

Oh look, the warning signs. and now >>543918

I guess she saw after all.

No. 543963

Is that his only income? These fucks must have credit cards out the ass, cause I make that much by being disabled. I know Lainey has money, but I assumed it wasn't much different than his. Their life is so weird to me.

No. 543966

but it's okay when he does that to other people right maddy??? Everyone involved with the onions only gives a shit about themselves. It's always the same thing where they stick up for them and blame every other person, thinking they are different and the onions will never turn on them. Then it happens, and they want pity, even though if it was anything else they themselves would be shitting on them and defending the onions. Idiots.

I'm looking forward to the eventual sarah fall out. If she is indeed living with them and going to college there, greg is gonna find some problem with her soon enough and make her cry, and lamey will side with him over her. And whine that she is increasing her anxiety by being upset!!

I think he thought she was ugly and annoying before, but now she looks better since shes older and lamey looks worse than ever. He will definitely try something. I think sarah finds him annoying now though since lame probably constantly complains about him to her.

No. 543968

Sarah wasn't 18 then.

I don't think it will be divorcegate, but I think some shit is going to blow up. Especially since they can't hide from each other like at the McMansion.

No. 543969

When Sarah says she’s been in beautybot before but no one knew is she referencing when she was lying on the couch in the background of one of the old beauty routine ones or something else?

No. 543973

If there’s anything I’ve learned by watching their videos over all these years it’s that their reality is contorted to whatever they want us to see, want us to believe. There’s not a single doubt in my mind the Pedonion is grooming Sarah and puppeteering Lamey to do so. I’d tell Sarah to run but it didn’t work on anyone else. I hope she wises up before it’s too late

No. 543974

unfortunately 90% of the time by the time anyone realizes whats happening the person has already been brainwashed by them and enticed

No. 543976

File: 1531105689828.jpeg (45.15 KB, 480x360, FBD71B60-9534-4D21-9E76-3F31D1…)

Will Greg remove one of his most viewed videos that is probably one of his most cherished “””””skits””””?

No. 543981

Look how long it took for him to delete the "woman beater" Cyrs videos.
If he does delete them it will be after he reuploads them on his other channels or does reaction vids to them to fuck with her.

No. 543992

Wait so they now live in a 3 bedroom house. From Laineys house tour leaked it appeared the kids had a room each, but so far theyve had the grandma staying, who knows else tbh, and now Sarah.. man it must suck to not have like 7 unoccupied rooms to place their teens anymore.
So is Sarah on the couch or is one of the kids giving up their room again to host Laineys teenage best friend.

No. 543996

No. 544001

Madison said her friendship with anus started 6 years ago, she's 23 now so she was only 17 back then? No wonder she was so brainwashed by him and kissed his ass so much before the friendship ended, anusion's specialty is brainwashing young girls

No. 544008

File: 1531107907602.png (1.96 MB, 750x1334, 626BD479-2623-40F5-882B-E3A319…)

When ya friends crying on Instagram but this puppy tho

No. 544011

Man this Madison drama has me really hoping for the reveal that the comment Onision made THEN deleted on his Facebook in regards to Madi "I fucked her" is trueeeeee. We had two seperate screenshots of it but everytime it was posted on the board it was COMPLETELY ignored. The only responses to it were confusion as to why no one cared to respond about it.
I really really hope he did sleep with her and we get some juicy milk from the whole situation.
Madison, gurl you NEED to spill your shit on him. She's been with Onion so long she's bound to have so much info we don't know about yett.

No. 544012


I get coldsores, too. For them to pop up that much, it's going to be because:

A) You're out in the sun a lot.

B) Illness

C) Stress

I'm guessing GSW doesn't go outside much, huh?

No. 544015

File: 1531108403941.png (202.75 KB, 1536x1790, IMG_2377.PNG)

No. 544016

I remember she retweeted people who were shit talking Billie for posting about cats during cuddlegate.

No. 544026

File: 1531109119762.png (298.4 KB, 713x521, 10 things.png)

I thought that video was with Taylors friend from New Mexico, I forget her name

No. 544027


No. 544029

I'm pretty sure Madison was in the video too. Like they were both just there to look pretty for his video and make it seem like he wasn't some washed up YouTube with a boring foot of a wife.

No. 544031

Well Laineys unfollowed her on instagram, I'm guessing probably blocked her, cause Madi hadnt unfollowed her and suddenly lainey posted that and they both unfollow each other?

No. 544033

I just scrubbed through the video. Madison wasnt there, just Greg doing all his fail characters.
And her name is Selena.

No. 544051

File: 1531111980646.jpg (244.45 KB, 1080x1184, IMG_20180708_221029.jpg)

I wonder what Onision could possibly have said to Madison. She didn't actually say anything wrong in her video so I bet it was nothing but personal insults.
Side note, Greg put Lainey's original photo back in their promo for their stupid polaroids after it was pointed out he removed the only Lainey solo picture to replace it with what was a picture of two polaroids where he cropped her pic out of that one too. Hi lurkers! Hey Lainey's Gay Husband, grow up and go on a diet, seriously. Greg's straight wife, you're a pedo who learned from the worst

No. 544057

Overpriced, ugly bullshit. Why would anyone even want these? Do they know how creepy this shit is ffs.

"I've always wanted a photo of Lainey on my fridge! Even though we've never spoken, met, don't know a damn thing about her besides the fact that she likes makeup and she's not a celebrity, I've always wanted one!"

Their egos need to get sorely deflated.

No. 544059

File: 1531112541561.png (497.02 KB, 572x569, 2018-07-08 22_49_02-Window.png)

Creepy, but not as creepy as the fan who recently shared their excitement of being able to add GSW's wedding ring to their "collection". Gross.

No. 544060

A girl who will be on Investigation Discovery shows or in a mental institution in the near future.

No. 544062

What is going to be Lames excuse for this? She had nothing to do with the video at all! Of course madi was useful when she wanted someone to defend her but now that her tissue is there shes disposable.

No. 544063

I feel really sick when I think about the fact that someone paid hundreds of actual, real dollars to have this in their room.

No. 544065

do you think theyll sell a limited sarah and lainey picture after her birthday

No. 544066

>I wonder what Onision could possibly have said to Madison

I had second thoughts about answering because it would just give Greg ideas if hes lurking. But Ive seen tweets and streams where people bring up these things and hes dismissed them, so Greg already knows.

She smokes weed. Even though its legal in her state we all know Greg hates drug use period, and only looks the other way if that person profits him someway.

She does risque photo shoots, not fully nude but close. Greg will twist that into "she a porn star, shes as bad a someone who fucks for money, an Instagram prostitute"

She admitted on a Cut/Lineup video to having a criminal record for assault and domestic violence. Greg will have a field day with that information now that he doesn't like her.

And of course he will continue to harp on the DDLG thing and make her being into that kink more taboo/illegal/disgusting.

No. 544067

I bet that chick who spent all her money on Lainey is salty af she didn't get it.

Also, ew ew ew ew ew

No. 544070

All the same, the kids seem to be only allowed other interactions if it suits their parents “work schedule”. Incidental or not, they are lucky to be away from their parents and see any semblance of normal that isn’t in the swamp.
Their delusional fans will never cease to amaze me.

Enjoy the flesh eating metal, I guess?

No. 544073

I hardcore tinfoil this.
Which, if that’s the case, I suppose I get it. It’s hard not to wonder when they don’t talk about them at all.

Anyone documenting this? I want to see it.

No. 544075

File: 1531114052094.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, CDA0F210-B30C-4BC1-AE6C-13DBF1…)

How funny, the dog they never ever post about is finally getting attention.

Madi does seem hurt. I hope she spills.

No. 544086

No. 544087

Also didn't they get caterpie as a trade off for the guinea pig? Is Lame being petty

No. 544090

File: 1531114540643.png (48.87 KB, 858x262, capture6574.PNG)

Shes telling what Greg said to her now. Lets hope it keeps rolling

No. 544095

There will 1000% be an eventual blow up with Sarah. Either Sarah will turn Lainey against Greg or the Gronks will both single out Sarah. No doubt in my mind. Might not happen this year, but it will happen if she stays.

No. 544098

God his projection is so crazy
He said in his tweets that she said he was nothing to her. HE is a sexual predator. LAINEY, used Maddie for sexual videos and queerbaiting

No. 544101

File: 1531114698236.png (45.11 KB, 877x232, capture6575.PNG)

No. 544102

Sorry, thank you anon! Mobile doesn’t always show these.
Not sure of the logistics here. It seems like they gave the guinea pigs up after they got the dog but I do think they traded with Madi.

No. 544104

Oooooo, this is good.
Because if she’s a “sexual predator” why did they continue to let her in their home around their kids? Why was Lainey slobbing her cold sore all over Madi? Why did both of them continually put her in their videos?


No. 544108

Finally the milk is spewing forth from the swamp. Unbelievable what a complete shitbag he is. All this over a very mild video.
I'd be willing to wager he never fully got over her improv in that "10 things" video with Lainey.
Interesting how everyone he has a bone to pick with suddenly becomes a "predator". Why would you let your kids be around a predator, Anus-on? Great logic.
And fuck Lainey for going along with this bullshit. They're both human garbage.

No. 544111


They gave the guinea pigs to Madi because they hated them and they were too much work. Madi offered to take them because she felt bad for the piggus.

Then they went out and got a new dog.

No. 544124

Oh, cry me a river, Madison.
>Waaaah, how did this dude do the same thing to ME as he did to YOU and everyone else?!?!? I totally didn't see it coming, bawww. You're my allies now, right? Even though I didn't give a shit about you when the same happened to you

All of the people who associate with Onion at this point are bigger cows than him.

No. 544139

>when he came for the others I did not speak out, for I was not a trollop in Onion’s web of hatred
Now I am the mark of retribution and there is no one left to speak for me

No. 544146

Whatever you say, Anus-ion

No. 544154

I bet Taylor said Madison wrote most of it or something.

No. 544155

File: 1531116731398.jpeg (469.83 KB, 750x1078, CF7C087D-10E3-45CF-A51A-66473F…)

No. 544160

Lame didn't seem uncomfortable when she was swapping spit with Madison or when she was using her for her videos.

No. 544164

So uncomfortable she has done hour+ long live streams with her, and shown a long time laps of them just sitting and talking and clearly laughing (OUT OF DISCOMFORT!!)

No. 544188

File: 1531118179530.jpg (31.6 KB, 568x476, 56347332745473413433.JPG)

Im surprised by the "sexual predator" comment from Onionboi. I thought he would of gone full force with her criminal record for beating a b/f and going to jail, since hes a cop and all.

Whats the basis of the predator thing? Because shes into ddlg and thats suppose to be just a hop skip and jump away from a child sex ring?

No. 544192

Sorry, but I find idiots who run into the flames to be more of a laughing stock than pyromaniacs who set the fire.

No. 544201

File: 1531118848453.jpeg (396.04 KB, 750x1027, 293D854E-ACBE-49DD-AE25-AEB536…)

Lmao she even says it to her friend Jesus Christ she has an identity crisis going further than her gender

No. 544202

Judging by Madison's tweets to others, it seems Greg now just copy/pastes the message he sends to his ex-friends, lol.

No. 544220

I can’t believe it. Wew, lads.
Imagine thinking that things will be different with Laineythot only to get her generic “do not disturb” message.

No. 544224

File: 1531120631971.jpeg (268.72 KB, 750x661, 29FBFBEC-954B-4761-B637-AD1D4C…)

Honestly I think if the onions push her a little bit more or say anything she’ll really spill some shit

No. 544226

File: 1531120731203.jpeg (275.88 KB, 750x618, 15A85792-22E8-46B5-93B8-63534E…)

Yikes sorry kids you won’t be seeing your friend anymore. Why?? Bc daddy decided they were a predator after they dare spoke out against me in any way shape or form after I mocked them for ten minutes straight.

No. 544230

Is Tomato Buttlickette responding? He has always gone above and beyond to kiss up to Onion, despite being continually shit on.
I was wondering if he was chiming in on this. Starting to wonder if there is some reason the Onions don’t get shit on by people when they leave. Starting to think there will be some sort of enormous guilt tripping reason why people are so kind to them and they can get away with being so unkind back.

No. 544238


Tomato is basically telling her to shut up because "Greg is Greg" and it's her own fault if she gives someone the power to upset her. It's bizarre.

No. 544240

He must have used some really strong glue when he puckered up for Onion's ass.

No. 544241

Lainey only cares about Lainey, no one else.

No. 544249

Grease probably made them sign a contract lmao. Seriously tho, I really think he did.

No. 544250

Clearly. Madison is upset at 6 years friendship down the drain for nothing, but also upset that her child can no longer see her friend yet greatful her kid won't remember them.
Lainey picks up the phone just to hang up and faked liking a person not just to the world, but it seems she lied about her affections to Maddie as well to keep up her views and gay image. Clearly hasn't thought this through in terms of concequence as it doesn't affect her. Her kids lost what is likely their only child friend because Greg's a little bitch

No. 544268

>Starting to wonder if there is some reason the Onions don’t get shit on by people when they leave.

Just starting?!??? We all know this. Of course there is. Onision only surrounds himself with - and then goes after - people who are much weaker than him and there for can't retaliate and can be controlled. That's why he's mostly targeting young girls.

Onision is scared shitless of anyone he can't easily overpower. Dude never leaves his house. Remember the bullet proof vest shit?

He made this safe bubble for himself.

No. 544282

Lawd have mercy on us farmers, I hope Maddison, being the attention whoring moron that she is, spills every last drop of milk she has on Anusion and his fugly footfaced fuckboi.

No. 544286

I’m saying that there is a reason of some kind that people who leave never speak up. Something that people are afraid to talk about for fear of looking bad. Whether that is the form of a contract, something “bad” they have done, a family “secret”, or something else. Time will tell. They try to market themselves to others as normal, kind, and caring. But it seems like there is a lot more to it that makes people feel a reason to protect their privacy.

No. 544287

File: 1531126125786.png (4.58 MB, 1242x2208, 42DF25F6-7320-4384-AEC7-4ABCBC…)

No. 544288

It's called an NDA.

No. 544295


I'm sure gurg makes them sign a non-disclosure agreement to be in his videos that he's typed up himself. Also, he seems like he pries into their lives, gets them to admit their past traumas, pretends to pat them on the shoulder and be on their side, then twists the info and threatens them with it.

No. 544298

File: 1531128082120.jpg (39.56 KB, 616x261, 834841324.JPG)

The Church of Scientology does something similar.

No. 544299

Even with an NDA that he wrote himself, he only pulls this shit with people who can't or won't defend themselves. The youtubers he shits on just ignore him. The people he brings to live in the swamp trailer don't have the money for lawyer and court fees. The only thing he has left is trying to make Sarah part of the trinity or making fun of generalized groups of people so he can claim people don't understand his comedy when they get upset.

No. 544306

NDA? Hahahahaha, don't be silly. WTF are you farmers expecting them to spill?

Greg's vile history is well known.
We know they groom teenagers.
They've shown us themselves in videos what a dysfunctional couple they are and how appaling their lifestyle and living conditions are.
They've proved time and time again how badly they treat their friends, business partners, lovers, and each other.
We know they're tax evaders. Etc.

Greg's vile history is well documented. As for recent years, when Onision channels shriveled, like the attention who're he is, he resorted to chasing infamy instead of fame he could not have. So they read lolcow and similar, and made content that would keep us talking about them. The side effect of this is that nobody can "expose" them anymore, as they took to airing their own dirty laundry.

WHAT are you expecting to be spilled, seriously? Pics and vids of supposed Troy's mental or physical deformities? What?

No. 544307


>Also, he seems like he pries into their lives, gets them to admit their past traumas, pretends to pat them on the shoulder and be on their side, then twists the info and threatens them with it.

You best believe that this is exactly what he does. Billie is an idiot but what he did to her in this context was absolutely deplorable. I’m sure Maddison has six years worth of certified organic unpasteurised full cream milk on Anusion and Drainythot but he probably has a mammoth file on her lest she try to paint him in a less than favourable light (which we all know is redundant on account of him already outing himself as an illiterate, narcissistic autist with pedo tendencies).

No. 544312

>WHAT are you expecting to be spilled, seriously? Pics and vids of supposed Troy's mental or physical deformities?

Tinfoil deluxe: Trot has elephantitis

No. 544319

I thought it was Sarah's mom who was obsessed with Lainey and got the girl doing that? Doesn't make it any less creepy.

No. 544321

If anything that’s more creepy!

No. 544332


i feel like lainey probably did complain about Madison at some point because lainey gets triggered and jealous super easily of other women. so she complaineyd to greg about madison because she was doing shit like this with greg >>543976. so thats what he means (albeit he's clearly exaggerating it to hurt madison). but lainey was legit friends with madison, she's a cunt for not defending her at all in this. i don't care for her thotass, but lainey has thrown under the bus every single friend she's ever had over greg and/or jelousy


>twitter chicks
>pre onision friends

even sarah! if you count greg making her kick out sarah from the greasemanson because sarah made him look bad. sarah is an idiot for coming back. lainey is a douchebag.

No. 544334

I bet he has a file named dumped.doc or something

No. 544335

Nothing like replacing a person you used for entertainment with a neglected puppy!

No. 544336


is this onisions real third child saga

jk but i wonder if shell spill

No. 544337

We all know Lainey is a spineless doormat that has to get her teen friend Sarah to lurk the hate sites for her.

Did Lainey finally bother to click Madison's channel and see her content? That Madison has friends in her videos and doesn't act like an obnoxious twat to entertain them. Did she finally see Madison Xmas Baked Baking video. Madison is hot af in her sexy santa outfit with Billy the Fridge and she doesn't just state at herself and pose in the viewfinder she has a personality.

Greg clearly understood Madi sex appeal since he likes to strip her down for his videos. Seems like it's been Madison lately insisting on keeping her clothes on around the Onions but she's the predator lmao.

Can't wait for Onion and Sarah to fuck so Lainey has no friends. And it will happen. How in their right mind could ever find Lainey attractive? Sarah was always around Greg in the early days. I remember her little bitter face sitting next to Billie getting fingered under the blankets yet doesn't leave lol. "I'm going to put up with this because one day it'll be me!!!" as if Greg doesn't fancy the teenage girl living in his house when he's married to fucking Andy Dick.

No. 544339

Well, it is "Onisionland" after all…

No. 544341

Just an “actor”? I wonder if Lamey tongue-wrestling with her was “acting”. If all Lamey does is “act”. Looks like Lame could be faking more than we thought for views. Sexual favors for money? What’s that called again? Pretty sure that’s what Onion preaches against to feverishly

No. 544343

Inb4 Lamey tries to crawl back to Madison and Madison forgives her instantly. Inb4 she didn’t learn anything and is dragged along like a rotting corpse.

No. 544344

Sheep being led to the slaughter may be more of a laughing stock but gregma is definitely a worse, more despicable piece of human garbage.

No. 544345

File: 1531134290496.gif (7.69 MB, 640x360, 263I.gif)

>as if Greg doesn't fancy the teenage girl living in his house when he's married to fucking Andy Dick.

No. 544349

This Madison thing is hilarious to me. I don;t feel sorry for her at all. She asked for what she's getting now, and is so, so surprised when she got it. She's just like every other ~friend~ the Onions have had. Protip, Onion fans. This is exactly like the Aesop parable of the frog and the scorpion. You can't very well sigh and cry about the scorpion stinging you, ~when that is what it does, always and forever.~

I mean, I think TomatoDickette is a Dick, but he's 100% right in saying to Madiuson that Greg is Greg. You all knew that going on.

No. 544353

>lainey has thrown under the bus every single friend she's ever had over greg
Pfffft, peanuts compared to her letting Onision ban her own father from her and her children's (his grandkids) home, and denigrating him all over the Internet.

She let Greg stomp all over her father, of course she will throw anyone else under the bus too.

No. 544359

And Greg said they only got a new dog because it's an investment for more views. "People like puppies." He's shameless and horrible.

No. 544363

Makes sense. Otherwise why would all these people stay quiet after how he's treated them. They are stupid though, I guarantee Greg just printed a form off the internet and made them sign. That doesn't make it legal at all, it's just a piece of paper.

>>544240 kek

No. 544369

Stay quiet about what exactly?

No. 544375

He also almost ALWAYS targets people who have mental illnesses. Look at at all the teen girls he’s talked to or tried to fuck. They all had some disorder. Sarah supposedly has BPD but I believe it’s more “accurately” disagnoised once your 18 to rule out any other disorder

No. 544379

It's also a trendy af Tumblr self-diagnosis, so I suspect that is what we're dealing with.

No. 544380

It is what we're dealing with, she diagnosed herself after hearing Ayalla talk about her own diagnosis. Sarah very likely does not have BPD.

No. 544385


are people not aware of the stigma that goes along with that diagnosis?

No. 544387

yeah but fuck other people right?

No. 544388

They don’t care, so long as it makes them seem ~uwu unique and special~ and/or 3edgy5me

No. 544389

This is why I have ZERO sympathy for Taylor Anderson / Laineybot / Lainey Avaroe
She cast her family, siblings and future to the side for Greg. She let him continue to drag her father for years.
I don’t care how “good” you think you and your family are now, Taylor, that hurt will always be there and you have wasted YEARS of your life losing out on precious time and memories with your family.
When Greg finally leaves you (prob in your early 30s at the latest is my guess) I want you to ask yourself: what was it all for? What did I ruin my life for?
Bc when he does leave you at that age, you won’t have anything but secret I told you sos from your friends/family and you can only hope they still care to have your back.

Also I don’t like that there’s been hints of sympathy for Sarah around here lately. This girl LIVES for the attention, hence her basement joke in the latest vid. I wish so badly we would just never even mention Sarah’s name unless she produced actual milk— bc I think she thrives on any mention of herself here.
Sarah: you know better. Period. Your age is no excuse and they’ll do to you what they’ve done to Billie and Maya and Maddison. You’re not some exception.

No. 544390

Exactly, anon. Sarah is complicit in their fuckery so that makes her just as bad as them. Her age is irrelevant.

No. 544393

Did she ever say she went to see a therapist about it? I’m going to be pissed if she seriously self-diagnosed

No. 544394

Oh yeah she isn’t different to all the other edgy teen girls at all. She thinks she’s the special one but give a year and two and she’ll be crying on social media about how baby dick released her secrets to the web after she had a different opinion then him

No. 544395

Nope she just said that she thinks she has it

No. 544397

File: 1531142428912.jpg (180.27 KB, 854x743, blargh.JPG)

Comment left by Madison on the Blargh's vid from Greg's recent livestream shitting on her. He claims to be mad he didn't get a heads up from her before her video, as if he's ever done that for someone. He also implies that since they've done "crazy" videos before, it doesn't make sense for her to be upset now.

No. 544403

Stay quiet about anything that they see in the Onion house. Greg is mega paranoid details will be released, like when Sam told everyone they had cereal for lunch.

No. 544407

It's actually revolting that the Onions were obviously waiting for Sarah to become 18 to magically involve her in their life again. Mixed with how pretty she's become, it's basically a death sentence. The Trinity 2.0 is here, ladies and gents

No. 544408

Eating cereal for lunch is not milk, nor warrants an NDA. Wanting to chain someone in the basement is and does.

Now think again, and answer less retardedly: stay quiet about WHAT exactly?

No. 544410

Love new milk, but I don't beleive this. This is a youtuber hes hung out with and defended for having a criminal past. Madison is an actress! (according to her social media)

Who's to say that Onion and Maddie don't have this scripted beforehand to drum up summer drama?

>Especially since they can't hide from each other like at the McMansion.

This!!!! In any situation now, this!!! Their swampy trailer trash house rumbles when people walk upstairs, the walls are paper thin, and lest not forget how peeved Onion gets when this are moved out of place (nest thermometer).

Yup! No matter what shit goes down, the onions are stuck together, with their kids and neglected stinky dogs.

>Little Trot has something going on that Greg is ashamed of and doesnt want the haters on to see or know about.
>it's almost as if they have something to hide about their kids

I Stan the same tinfoil too anons. Seeing how Greggly takes everthing as a personal insult to himself, I'd gather that Trot wears glasses already and Onision sees that as a detriment, a flaw, a failing, and he probably lays the blame at Laineys cootch doorstep.

Actually think maybe Greg is ashamed about other things about Trot, but unless someone takes a hard gander at his face, we are all left to wonder.

No. 544411


The return of Grandma Rosie

No. 544422

They're obviously implying that if he was so nervous about Sam outing something as stupid as their food choices, they must be hiding something much bigger. The "WHAT exactly," uh, if they're hiding it we aren't going to know what it is now are we…

Probably has to do with the kids.

No. 544431

Nah, that shit with Sam is just his usual control issues.

Nobody that came after basement-gate has any dirt on them, they're not THAT stupid.

Madison may, but it's not concerning the kids - otherwise she wouldn't be whining so loudly how her kid lost playmates.

No. 544434

Or maybe they both know it's the kids, and that's why exactly why she mentioned it. None of us knows for sure, and it's odd that you're acting like you know FOR SURE nothing's up with them. Either way she's known him for 6 years, she's probably seen and heard all SORTS of shit.

No. 544437

I don't know shit.

I was challenging you to bring out your best and most realistic theories. What would a couple that has so fucking much dirt on them online, some of which was made public by themselves, still have hidden?

You gave me nothing.

No. 544440

quasimodo elephantitis kid. after all greg admitted he was recommended for an aborsh bc of his giant dome and deformities. maybe it past to troy lmao

No. 544443

What you have just said is actually on an onision level of gross. You're talking about a child here.

No. 544445

okay onision was a child and that was told him as a child and he told us as an adult… wywd about it?a

No. 544447

I really don’t think she has any dirt that matters, just personal details and a more solid idea of who “Greg” is.
I well and truly think that Anus believes he is “the most honest youtuber”, has there ever actually been a massive secret about him revealed by someone else?

No. 544448

He freely told us about it as an adult, kind of different from a kid who is irrelevant and hasn't chosen to be included. Regardless though, assuming something like that about a child you know nothing about is super gross

No. 544449

are u saying we should never ever ever look at or discuss disformed people and children? even if its one hundred percent speculation? bc of u i hope troy has polio AND downs syndrome.(calm down, edgelord)

No. 544451

Wow you sure showed me, and to think for a second there I thought you were a pretty shit person. Happy to be corrected though.

No. 544452

thanx 4 that, sorry u feel like u have to police ppls tinfoil bc of UR morals. glad 4 u, u warrior 4 change.

anyway, she probably knows first hand how he treats hids kids and wife, looking forward to a dadoffive deal with the kids being taken away

No. 544454


NTAYRT but get a grip, vindictive-chan. There's nothing cool or edgy in hoping a child has a disability or disease.

No. 544455

Can we actually talk about milk and not whether their son has a disability/deformed? You’re tinfoiling so hard

No. 544458

Yeah, you’re acting like such an edgelord right now. it’s pretty disturbing you’re wishing a kid has a disease. Those kids didn’t have a say in being born into Shreks life and most certainly WILL have their psyches fucked up from growing up with two narcissistic’s.

No. 544459

Yep. Billie revealed stuff and screenshots when she left, though only stuff concerning herself personally.

And we know Lane has damaging info and screenshots too, but she never revealed them, just threatened.

No. 544460

Wait Cyr and Onision broke up because Cyr wouldn't dress up like hitler, but Cyr is totally cool with Dasha throwing up nazi salutes, saying heil hitler, and even calling Cyr himself "mein führer". lol ok

I would love to be his accountant just to see his finances. This idiot thought he could write off 80% of his personal home as a business expense. He thought he could hide his income in business expenses so he probably never had any real savings. I doubt he has a retirement plan. He is so super fucked, I can't wait for him to become a mallcop.

It probably has Shreg clit skin cells embedded in it because Swamp Prince's and Shreg's "suk mi" time. Like that is probably a cursed object. All the vile things that ring has been through with the Swampy Bunch.

Hasn't Madison ever heard of "if you lie with dogs you'll get fleas"? Like watching the way the Onions toss people out of their lives for six years didn't put up major red flags?

Remember Anna? The boat song with pregnant Lainey and a hot nearly nude chick in a Bikini lol


Also @1:31 you can see our Swamp Prince has been sitting like a gremlin for 5 years now.

No. 544471

How many people has lamey backstabbed/dropped in a heartbeat by now? She pretends to give a shit about them, then immediately drops them when her husband decides she should, then she insults/acts cold to them. Luxy, Lane, Maya, Billie, Madison, etc. I remember when she first got with greg too, she dropped her best friend of so many years at the time. She really is an awful friend.

She clearly just used maddy to try to prove her "gayness" and gave no shits about her. She doesnt care about any of her friends. She just cares what they can do for her. How anyone believes she is a nice person is beyond me. Her only remaining friend is the teen girl shes groomed since the age of 14 who idolizes her. Sure enough, when sarah starts getting a mind of her own, lamey wont be happy. She quickly threw her out to her supposedly abusive home when it meant her and onion were looking bad. She gives no shits about anyone but herself lol.

And she let onion shit on her sister and call her a slut publicly and say things about her liking big dicks which he was angry about cause he has a small peen. I dont even know why her family has her back when she'd probably watch them die if onion told her to.

No. 544483

top kek anon.

but you are 100% correct.
I don't think anyone would ever reveal any info regarding the kids because of decency, which would be the only actual new information..

No. 544487

Ok, I double-checked because I dont follow cyr drama but breakup between them was in this thread >>>/pt/469589 just search for 'hitler' lol - but there was more to it and actually voting made onion go mad. Sorry for old news/confusion anons! but my point still stands - anusion looks for most stupid shit to create drama and lose friends, like now with Madison. It was suprisingly long friendship actually.

I revisited old threads and what the fuck is with onions and friendships? every time there is a 3rd person in house, friend, lover, coworker - it eventually become a shitshow. Greg, Lainey or both makes others miserable. are they unable to make friends? is this some kind of creepy form of 'us vs them' mentality?
during billie saga one anon mentioned that narcs love to have 3rd person around to play two people against each other for their amusement, and I think now doormat learned thing or two from him (Sam drama). Sarah, you are doomed. I can't wait for the outcome, probably around december/january as usual in onion household.

No. 544489

You got a stick up your arse Greg?
Referencing the cereal for lunch situation was clearly to emphasise how secretive Gurg is. He wants NO elements of his life exposed regardless of how insignificant. A monkey could see my point so I'm baffled as to how you're missing it.

No. 544491

I'd love for Admin to trace this particular IP address. Washington perhaps?

No. 544492

Nope, UK as I'm sure admin can confirm.

No. 544511

Trace the IP? For defending a kid? Are you serious? The admins only trace IP if someone was banned or is posting defending themselves (I’m sure there’s more reasons) I hate foot face and onion boy but how is attacking a fucking kid milk? This thread is becoming worse.

No. 544517

>How many people has lamey backstabbed/dropped in a heartbeat by now?
>She pretends to give a shit about them, then immediately drops them when her husband decides she should, then she insults/acts cold to them.
>Luxy, Lane, Maya, Billie, Madison, etc.
>I remember when she first got with greg too, she dropped her best friend of so many years at the time.

>She really is an awful friend.

Wholeheartedly agree.

Over the years, she makes friend after friend, and after a while, she will parrot something they said to Onion Boi, he gets mad, demands who put those thoughts in her head, and makes her dump her friend.

Remember when she got that band guy to follow her back or like her tweet or something, and Onion Boi publicly sperged on her for it, because onion was in beef/blocked by said band guy?

Onion sure guilted her with public humiliation to make her drop that band guy quick.

Its hilarious how Lamey always says, "Greg is his own person, I don't control him."

Well Lamey, he controls you.

Ps sarah, he's gonna do you dirty, you cannot save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Leave for your, you, your own future benefit. They will hold their charity and goodwill over you, as if its some kind of debt. Run. Away. Now.

No. 544520


Was it Sam who was saying onion and lamey have a lot of dirt on Sarah and that she needs to be careful?

No. 544533

I think it's the other way around, that Sarah has something on them. Remember her begging that person to delete her messages with her where she admitted shady things in regards to her relationship/intentions or whatever with the Onions? Who was it, Lane?

At the risk of sounding dramatic, the Sarah situation reminds me of a groomed child being told "If you tell anyone about this, I'll get in trouble and it'll be all your fault!" She probably doesn't fully understand the inherent power imbalance in her "relationship" with the Onions because they sunk their claws into her at 14 and have been manipulating her ever since… and also, you know, she may be kind of stupid.

No. 544536

Sarah probably has A LOT of dirt on the onions, since she's Taylors personal tissue.
But on the other hand Sarah's dumb af and probably told Taylor all of her secrets and Taylor told Gerg.

No. 544537

This is just called being a surrendered wife, y'all. I mean yeah it's FUBAR but actually pretty common.

No. 544538

The more I think about her sudden departure last time, and the things ayalla's mom was saying during a livestream, I totally think at least Lainey has had a sexual relationship with her

No. 544550

File: 1531156603616.png (110.67 KB, 608x788, Screenshot (1269).png)

No. 544553

File: 1531156769290.png (90.29 KB, 366x650, laineythemegacunt.png)

She's been talking up a storm all over twitter with repzion and tomato. Also lainey just dropped her like a hot potato and apparently agrees with grease?

No. 544554

Eh, she's an attention whore like all the rest of the Onion sycophants.

No. 544557

Lol exactly what we all expected from Lamey. She might as well do an expose video. At least she will make money off of it. You know greg will make a video.

No. 544559


Madison's no doubt an attention whore, but the real beauty here is that someday in the not-too-distant future, Lainey will be either dumped by Grease for a younger girl or finally have the balls to leave him, and she'll reach out for support from the people she shat on like Madi and NO ONE will be there for her.

No. 544563

She'd have to unblock so many people in order to get the support she wants if that were to happen lol. You're right, Nobody will want her bitchy ass.

No. 544564

File: 1531157731025.png (90.02 KB, 603x691, Untitled.png)

No. 544570

She says she doesn't want to expose him like his other ex friends uwu,
but oh heck yes Madi you will.

Greg will use this twitter sperging against her. And everything else. He's probably delighted he finally has something to fuel the views, he'll exploit every tiny flaw of this woman.
We had Sam, who also wanted to part peacefully and not say anything, and how did it end? Don't kid yourself Madi, when he hits you, you'll spill.

No. 544574

What I wonder, since Lainey is the one who outed her in the livestream, is if Sarah just told her in confidence. Potentially because she was worried she might have it or because it would give her some attention for once. Either or, a borderline diagnosis being public is the nightmare scenario of most people with borderline, it's got such a stigma. Maybe even Sarah wasn't ready to have that broadcast to the world (especially since she seemed surprised/shocked Lainey said it on the livestream)
You know, it really says something that Lainey is the only one of his girlfriends/wives who's stayed this long through all this shit. Even fucking Shiloh ran the hell away from Greg

No. 544588

I think the milk that she's holding onto has to do with stuff that Gurg said behind people's back. Him being the 'mOsT hOnEsT yOuTuBeR' is really what keeps a chunk of his dwindling fan-base going.

If Madi drops a bomb with receipts that he's not being truthful, that he talks shit and hates people for stupid reasons I would be drinking that shit up. I'm sure he already does it, but just having the proof/claims of someone who worked with them for 6 years would be awesome. I hope LGH can't contain his sperg and goes after her so she can drop whatever info she has.

No. 544594

I hope she wreaks him because there's no way he'll keep quiet. It says something that even his texts to get he was lying about her (which is so weird btw, it's almost as if he's either testing to see what hurts the most or he does this to convince himself his new lies are the truth from the get-go)

No. 544595

What I don't get is why? Madi didn't say anything negative about them and just said sorry to her community for her part.

I don't get why he's going on the attack and why lainey is kicking her out of her life (and punishing the kids as well by taking away their playdate)when lainey is still friends with binkie. It makes no sense.

No. 544602

I know she wants to keep that distance from herself and the other people Greg has pointlessly booted from his life, but I hope she realizes that she really isn't any different. I'll commend her for wanting to protect him, but I wish she would take a step back and really think /why/ should she give him that respect when he would NEVER do the same for her.

It's all way too convenient that they both decide to dump Madi the day Sarah arrives back in Washington. It might be tinfoil-y, but it wouldn't surprise me if Lainey was just eagerly waiting for a reason from Greg to remove Madi from their lives. No Madi means one less skinny cute girl orbiting her husband lol.

It won't be long before Greg starts pumping out the "WE DUMPED YOU. MOVE ON"-esque videos just ranting and tearing Madi to pieces.

No. 544606

It’s so funny how lainey pretends she isn’t into DDLG. she’s friends with people into DDLG and calls onion “daddy” but as soon as she feels threatened she joins in with onion and his anti-DDLG schpiel to bash the shit out of them.

No. 544609

Is Greg raging she's getting traffic because she had an opposing view to him and he doesn't have the Onision channel to deflect? What a smol insecure man he is. Only he is allowed to gain traffic by tagging other youtubers.

No. 544614


God Lamey is such a cunt.She says she and grease are different people but she sure can't think for her fuckin self can she

No. 544620

Foot has to stay.
She has wrap her entire identity around her neanderthal husband. She has screwed over her family and every friend she has had for her "soulmate."

No. 544681

wasn't it corrected to bipolar? lainey said it wrong

No. 544685

Sarah is becoming just as unbearable as Lainey. Maybe it's because they're both tired as they say but both are so low-energy and boring, I couldn't even finish the video.

Also it pissed me off when they told a fan that going to England is "really expensive", as if it's not going to cost the fan the exact same to travel to Washington? It'd do the both of these two a lot of good to go abroad for once in their lives and experience life outside of the swamp but Greg would never allow it because they'd get a taste for what's outside of the swamp and would never come back.

No. 544694

What happened was that Taylor, with a bach od science in psychology, mistook Ayalla and Sarah for having Bipolar Disorder when they said that they had BPD. But BPD is Borderline Personality Disorder. So Sarah had to combat rumors that she was Bipolar thanks to Taylor.

No. 544698

Yeah, and not to mention Taylor, with her degree in psychology, sharing her friend's medical information (even if is it Tumblr self-diagnosed diagnosed) to the internet without her consent. I mean, that is pretty fucked up.

No. 544720

File: 1531167792867.png (170.1 KB, 898x638, Screenshot_2018-07-09-13-07-25…)

There's the Lainey we know and love. Completely ignoring her husband's atrocious behavior, then showing herself to be a spineless, two-faced coward.
I think she can stop pretending that she's "not her husband". She's just as gross if not worse because at least he doesn't pretend to be a sweet, caring bean who's "scared of beef".

No. 544728

File: 1531168183396.png (166.85 KB, 897x909, Screenshot_2018-07-09-13-25-49…)

Taking a little break from the drama, this made me kek.
1. Fucking hilarious that Anusion would offer any advice on streaming when he gets 13 viewers on a good day
2. Of course this dipshit who's made 100 DDLG videos would advise "milking" things. Really showing growth there, Shreg.

No. 544729

I wonder how she will try to duck talking about it on you now tonight.

No. 544730

She’ll use Sarah as her shield somehow

No. 544731

I wonder if something happened, there was the facebook comment he made awhile back that was deleted where he said he fucked Madi. Maybe he admitted it was true to Lainey and they decided they needed to cut ties. Maybe the video was a convenient excuse even though it had little to nothing to do with them. /tinfoil

No. 544733

It wasn't directed at madi, It was directed at selina, surely? Or was madi in the vid being referenced as well?

No. 544734

It wasn't about Madi, THAT was already said more than once. That was about Selena.

No. 544735

>are they unable to make friends? is this some kind of creepy form of 'us vs them' mentality?

yes to both

No. 544736

this makes it sound like she was a trinity invite

No. 544741

Maybe that’s why Lainey was so comfortable cutting her off. She loves flirting and ~being GAY~ especially for Greg but doesn’t like when it actually becomes real because she risked losing Greg like with Billie and kind of like with all the other girls that they never officially dated.

No. 544744

File: 1531170984066.jpeg (257.37 KB, 750x523, DB457E36-E2E2-4044-8FE4-9E4974…)


No. 544749

Might as well get the drop on Onision, Maddie. It isn't a question of if he is going to totally slander you, it's when. It may not initially look very good for you but you'll wish you'd had once he makes his video. The first person is always favored in these situations because it just looks like the second person is lashing out.

No. 544750

That Madison wanted to be their 3rd LOL. He really thinks everyone wants him and andy dick. Lame is the one that kissed Madison and made videos pretending to like her.

No. 544754

This. This is why I’m actually afraid for her. The Onions are already controlling her. From a cynical viewpoint, I’d say she’s already brainwashed and hooked. Of course I don’t believe this fully, only time will tell and I remain hopeful but…. damn.

Uuuuuugh I knew it. That emotional bond is too strong and if Lame ever decides to turn around Maddie will be all too willing to look past being battered around like a rag doll and left in the mud. I hate watching things like this unfold because I see myself in these girls who put their emotions entirely on the line and get treated like garbage. I’ll bet Maddie thinks that she’s loving unconditionally but what she’ll learn is that it’s not love if you sacrifice your own self worth. It’s a codependent behavior and will only make things worse for both parties. I can’t say it enough but I hope all these girls wise up :(

No. 544757

Yeah, its sad thad Maddie is so emotional, but she should attack onion first, he already trashed her on livestream and she know how he treats his ex friends.
The worst thing she could do now is to act like submissive bitch, whine how bad she feels and cry, and wishes them the best still. I bet that is what they want - at least I'm sure he loves it and it strokes his ego.

No. 544759

Because she made them “look bad” by not being 100% ok with Gurgs idiocy. She let her fans/friends/allies down by not standing up for her beliefs but allowing them to be put on public display as a mockery. By her apologizing she is effectively appologizing for being ok without Gurgs behavior. Gurgs and Lame are very selfish and single minded. They don’t have the emotional intelligence to understand Maddies point of view and instead took it all THAT personally. I’m not surprised at all, because they don’t love her. They didn’t love any of those other people. They barely love each other. It’s more like a forced mimicry of what they think love is based on their own individual needs. Just my rough guess, but that’s what I’ve grasped

No. 544776

Fuck me, imagine if your friend of 4 years turned around after putting you half naked in several of their videos told you they never respected you and thought you were disgusting.

10 Things that Disgust me about Onision when?

No. 544779

File: 1531173977187.png (482.43 KB, 893x823, Untitled.png)

New video from Anusion. He tells the trans community that he knows best and everyone should listen to him.


No. 544783

I think madi is an idiot, but loving that she is calling out lamey. Everyone avoids calling her out for the trash she is, and only focuses on onion. She is a two-faced bitch and not nice at all which is just her made up persona where people think shes kind. Once she gets to cut them out, her true colors shine. She seems mega jealous and "befriends" anyone close to onion so she can shit talk and find dirt on them to finally out them out of his life. This has happened with billie, sam, and now maddy.

she will tell sarah/the chat she is having a panic attack, and sarah will come to her rescue believing her bullshit.

No. 544789

It’s been clarified that that comment wasn’t referring to Maddie but some girl named Selene

No. 544791

"…you are however gonna lose if you say: 'you're not valid! How dare you? Get surgery! You should be ashamed of yourself!' etc and they wound up dead the next day because that was the last straw and now that's on your hands."

Wow Greg. There are no words for how retarded you are.

No. 544800

It’s a little more complicated than her just being a submissive bitch. She sees herself as a “nice girl” and I’m betting that she’d do anything to get back in good standing with the onions. She literally doesn’t give a flip about herself deep down no matter how much she whines about her feelings being hurt or how much she harps about being wronged. She’s already made a decision in remaining neutral and that’s that she’s validated the onions good standing over her own. She won’t defend herself. Anyone who’s gotten close to the onions won’t because they break them down WHILE they’re friends. I had hopes for her but she’s broken

No. 544804

He knows his wife is boring eith 0 personality and trans is the only title she could come up with. Now hes pushing this agenda so lame never cuts her tits off.

No. 544811

what fucking money? you gonna put a reverse mortgage on your house? lol

No. 544812

Greg talking about civil right movements and how you can support a community without being apart of the community. No shit Sherlock. Way to derail for 2 minutes into your own fucking 'perspective', thought you were talking about dysphoria?

Around 4:10 minutes in he talks about strength in numbers and we should take transtrenders seriously if we want LGBT to be taking seriously. How about allowing actual LGBT folk have their space and respect it?

"Stop encouraging people to get surgery to prove themselves to your self-hating group!"

Finally around 6 minute mark he addresses dysphoria.
>You don't need dysphoria to be respected as a human being to be heard and to be appreciated

Essentially his argument for transtrending is that your brain chemistry is obviously fucked up otherwise why would you reject your assigned gender

He also states he's confused about dysphoria. Maybe educate yourself then before calling the LGBT community a self-hating group.

No. 544836

My GOD he's a moron. People aren't saying these people without gender dysphoria are undeserving of respect, they're just saying they are not TRANS. Fuck this moron holy shit.

And Lainey, even if you and your ugly husband convinced the whole world that you are in fact transgender, you'd still be a no-personality bitch. Trans is not synonymous with interesting, equality is acknowledging that transgendered individuals are human like the rest of us.

No. 544856

Also she has BPD or at least she’s made a few videos on it and has said she does and Anusion is an abusive manipulative cunt which no doubt fucks with peoples head even in friendship. That’s probably why she seems so apologetic towards them still and unsure.

No. 544877

What a disingenuous cunt. You give no fucks about the transgender community. The only interest you have is defending your wife. Your feigned concern isn't fooling anyone.

No. 544892

Also to mention he hates the idea of having to be validated as trans by tests or doctors.

Surely if you reject you 'assigned gender' you would want to seek the support available to discuss if you want to transition or not to live a happier life.

Or is it purely aesthetics and Lainey wearing a polo is enough to get her normie panties wet just how Greg hates.

Imagine a minority group hating to be treated as a fetish for YouTube views.

No. 544911

File: 1531178516152.png (702.67 KB, 615x588, doormat and tissue.PNG)


Lame's ig live with her teenage tissue yesterday.
around 7:50 minutes is when they start talking about how they fight w/ each other

No. 544912

So whenever they fight, compLainey completely ignores her and makes grease tell sarah that shes mad at her and that the way to get back into their favor is to buy gifts? Am I getting this right?

She's SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD. Holy shit this is so abusive.

No. 544913

>Also to mention he hates the idea of having to be validated as trans by tests or doctors.

Lmao that's literally what transtrenders do. They hate being outed as fake because doctors tell them they need gender dysphoria.

He gets all his 'info' from his cis wife who has a psychology degree yet knows shit all about the psychology of gender.

No. 544917

I can't wait for Sarah to go to college and start making friends outside her usual circle. Those people aren't going to agree your 'friend' who is a mother, forces you to buy her gifts, and groomed you from 14 is hip and cool. Lmao. College kids are full of liberals who go nuts over this shit. She's in for a ride.

No. 544918

It’s like Lame has become ass pats junior. I’m so sick of seeing Lamey and Gurgles exploit other people as “lessers.” Like YOUVE INSULTED MY HONOR, I REQUIRE PENANCE OF HIGH MATERIAL CALIBER YOU FILTHY PEASANT
sounds real fun Sarah. Nothing like licking a shoe that kicks you mercilessly

No. 544920

Or she’ll find people just as weak that want to ride her tattered coat tails for their own validation. And she’ll think, “Wow all these people like me!” When I’m reality, their desperate for something to make them special. Of course, those people don’t usually graduate.

No. 544924

She said she wanted to go into law iirc if she does those classes usually have pretty mature students as its hard af to get onto them. If she was serious and goes for law those classmates will tear her to shreds.

No. 544927

Lainey even had to get Greg to shout at Sarah via text because Sarah ghosted Lainey after Lainey ghosted her.

No wonder greg's got an aversion to DDLG, he's probably sick of having to be Taylor's Dada and listen to her telling tales all day.

Sarah hopefully is pocketing cash and making savings. I can't understand why she would be there if it isn't for financial gain because Lainey is DULL

No. 544928

If that was her plan, it's not anymore. In the recent YouNow stream she said she'll just be taking gen-eds then trying to get into a sonography program that's "super hard."

No. 544932

File: 1531179468964.png (345.98 KB, 388x413, nastyfoot.png)

Towards the end sarah said grease asked her "Sarah whats "Thats the tea" mean?" Lainey says "He's so old he's like a grandpa" Sarah then states "Well dad, It means like Shane y'know?"
Grease asks for an example and sarah responds with "I tell you what my first example was a lil' later, Rhymes with possum and uhm metaphile"

They both laugh, So much for lainey not sharing the same views the little liar. Must point out the irony that sarah has and still is being groomed by grease and plain since she was 14. Funny how they brought her back just as shes about to turn 18. And lainey did say in a younow stream that they plan on putting a bed in their lounge so I guess sarah might be living with them again.

No. 544934

Lol. Sarah said when greg was being a cunt to her on stream, she got upset about it and told lainey about her feelings and her response was "well i cant really do anything about it". And then ghosted her for a week.

Yeah this friendship is beyond fucked. Like why would you ignore your friend as if they did something wrong when your husband was the one shitting on her? And then sarah had to clarify she wasnt trying to make lainey feel bad by telling her her feelings? and she still ignored her for a week? Wow.

No. 544936

I actually hope she does live with them again because every fucking retard who shacks up with the couple deserves the fallout and Sarah's will be bigger milk than Billie. And yes Sarah sweetie its going to happen and we'll laugh all the way to the dairy farm. You're an adult soon.

No. 544940

I’m sorry but what human sexuality and gender studies classes has Onion taken? Quote “I have given you guys all the information you need”. Did I miss something here? When did greg go to university

No. 544943

So shes live now (wont liveblog just informing) lets see if she brings it up or ends up getting either greg or sarah in the stream. Bets r on now

No. 544944

Lame is an enabler and accomplice. Imagine ghosting your friends who have been there for you because your husband is being a pos. Lame is a bad person.

No. 544948

Are you kidding me? She’s such a cunt. I hope that portion of the video spreads like wildfire on YouTube

No. 544951

It’s not just liberals I’d say EVERYONE would see an issue with a immature edgy (I’m so special!!) idiot who brags about meeting a grown adult when she was 14 and later moving in. Oh boy I sure hope her friends find out real quick who she’s hanging out with. She’s so delusional

No. 544954

I like how they say two times they fought with each other because of someone else (obvious they mean billie and other people they dislike and blame for everything). That's not how it works, but of course lamey doesnt want to take the blame and puts it on someone else. No one can force you to fight with your friend idiots.

Also only lainey would describe onion as "sweet like a puppy". Even sarah didn't look convinced lmao.

No. 544957

Tinfoil but I suspect Maddie had legit feelings for Lainey. Like Lainey led her on enough that her strong feelings of friendship started to turn into love, or at least a mild form of it. I sense nothing towards Greg so maybe he was also looking to remove her because she wouldn't enter into the Trinity as he'd want but just with Lainey potentially.
But I'm seriously glad she's focusing on Lainey too. Lainey was the one she was closest to and honestly I'd say betrayed her the worst. Toyed with her emotions, acted as a friend but in the end Maddie meant nothing to her, not to mention as a mother decided to ignore her children's needs which likely personally affected Maddie as well being a mother who seems to actually care for her kids and the onions'. I bet you Lainey also would have used her knowledge of borderline against Maddison. Greg just knows the type of person who would be dependent on him but Lainey's been trained by him and has some knowledge of psychology
Interesting opinion for a guy who calls cutters idiots and blames people for having a mental illness or disorder and not just being better like he apparently is

No. 544964

Wish Madi would appeal to Onion's autistic side and ask for reasons why he doesn't respect her and then post it her for us.

No. 544971

Well, I mean, you do love friends who you feel especially close to. The problem is that Taylor and Greg are not capable of actually loving other people. They can put on an act, but that is all it is. I suspect that at one time Taylor could form normal relationships, but that ship has clearly sailed. The only relationships she has now are the ones where she feels she can control the other person, which is why she is ~best friends~ with someone 6 years younger than she is, who is not even a legal adult.

No. 544975

Gregs showed a text he sent Madi on his twitter if someone can grab it

No. 544981

fuck. Madi released a ss that she deleted like instantly bc it apparently had a subject she promised lainey she wouldnt ever discuss publicly. i didnt manage to get it tho srry fam

No. 544983

"I have never been sexually interested in @Onision in any way shape or form. I have never wanted to be their “third”. I have never been anything but a good friend. But does anyone find it suspicious that every woman he’s ever said a bad word about has “wanted him”?"
"I spoke privately with @SonidaRH and I owe her a PUBLIC APOLOGY. I apologized in private but I definitely wanted to publicly state I was wrong."

Madis tweets.

No. 544984

File: 1531182816972.png (597.37 KB, 632x1024, LGH.png)

No. 544987

He is disgusted that Madi cheated on her partner!!


No. 544988

So, as fans drop their pledges and support - he is quick to jump online to try rake their pennies back in. As always he is airing other peoples private affairs out into the public eye.

No. 544991

File: 1531183079397.png (170.06 KB, 591x601, Onion EXPOSES Madi.png)

For posterity because those saved like shit and are real lol

No. 544992

File: 1531183123779.png (729.29 KB, 754x2142, comp.png)

No. 544993

File: 1531183143450.png (21.8 KB, 735x162, Screenshot-2018-7-10 Onision o…)

No. 544994

Ouch. If she doesn't spill the tea after having those texts exposed, I'll be surprised.

No. 544995

File: 1531183203419.jpg (650.22 KB, 1062x1839, SmartSelect_20180709-193347_Sa…)

No. 544996

File: 1531183221495.jpg (744.14 KB, 1080x1794, SmartSelect_20180709-193406_Sa…)

No. 544997

File: 1531183234037.png (20.36 KB, 598x179, allie.png)

Wasn't this one of the people obsessed with lame? Did not expect her to be the one to wake up to onion's insanity. Hope more of their obsessive fans ditch them.

No. 544998

File: 1531183245670.jpeg (173.23 KB, 750x836, A8CF516F-7975-4F6C-8DFE-191979…)

No. 544999

And of course he doesn't get the fucking point
Maddie never had an issue with the video or Greg, she accidentally insulted her community and they were saddened by it so she decided to be an adult and own up to the video she did being offensive to them and valued their feelings even if she didn't do the video out of malice. No shit she didn't have issues while making it, she didn't think she was doing something wrong at the time because unlike Greg, she didn't mean to hurt anyone with this.
He's such an idiot I can't even understand how he can be this bad

No. 545000

Can someone dig this up?

No. 545001

Lainey has been LOSING it on younow since people have been asking about madi, hoping someone recorded the stream.

No. 545002

I havent recorded it but ive been taking notes the whole time and will just post my own summary when she gets off if thats okay haha

No. 545003

Different Anon, but please do. I am intrigued by the notion that she is feeling some emotional discomfort.

No. 545005

File: 1531183421167.png (137.79 KB, 645x1024, madi knows.png)

Madi knows the text has been leaked.

No. 545006

If this isn’t just all orchestrated drama, I hope Madison gets pushed to that point.

No. 545007

i just saw the blargh in the comments of her stream so i think we'll be able to get the important bits of the recording

No. 545008

The blargh came in right after unfortunately. or at least thats when she said "oh now the blarghs here"

No. 545009

I will try to find it but basically when the whole people who smoke pot are criminals rant got brought up Ayallas mother said "Well, let's just say that there MAY be things that are going on in that house that are also illegal that they probably wouldn't like the public to know"

No. 545010

"My affair that I’ve already talked about publicly that happened literally four years ago with my ex fiancé. The man I am with is my daughters father. The “boyfriends boss” I have been with for almost four years now. My ex fiancé and I are literally on good terms now."

srry cant ss but thats Madis tweet about it too lmao

No. 545011

That discomfort is her being unable to control the retoric and being called out, unable to use her anxiety as an excuse to not address her utter betrayal of a friend/her ability to drop a 6 years friendship on a dime with no emotional toil

No. 545012

So far hasnt said anything about Madi. Sarah is still at the home, shes not streaming with her today tho apparently, and she prefers "they/them" today no mention of "he/him" lmao.
There are so many people asking about Madi, but her stans are answering back that shes a phony and she got the boot, but shes ignoring all of them.
Someone said they love the "10 things about Onision" video and shes like "honestly i feel kind of bad about that video, i dont know if I have another 10 things. I feel like I was too mean, I don't like being mean. Especially to my husband."
And that it was even painful for her and that tea was spilled and that shes covered all the bases already. But the day the sugar water was poured on the water was the day she nearly snapped bc he said it was just water so she left it to just dry. If she had known it had sugar she wouldve cleaned it up right then and there (bc greg doesnt have working arms ofc)
Why wouldnt you clean it up anyway regardless..? o i spilled water, is ok ill leave it to dry instead of just wiping it up taking 2 seconds of my day.
people in the chat are speculating lainey wont mention it until after Greg gets to make his video hes sure to come out with on the Madi situation
clickity click click definitely blocking people you can hear it hahahah
so v poor they just brought mario tennis. they had it for wii but theyve now brought it for switch lmao
small talk about not wanting to date anyone, how she wishes she could have a crush and someone to flirt with but shes just not interested to go through shit again and shes not confident it would go in her favour.
She doesnt wish to talk about her, that Madis the one that decided to make it public and she doesnt want to talk about it bc Madis given you everything you need and you can go ask her bc shes not interested in hashing things out over younow. Its boring, and old. Apparently Madi knows this but shes happy to talk to her but she needs to talk to HER directly, not through 'him' and she took everything said in the text and took it as if it was from Lainey but it wasnt and that Madi blocked her, not the other way around. And the thing with the phone was that she didnt have it on her and if she has a question thats actually directed 'at her' she can shoot her a text.
41 mins now, it shouldnt be a public thing, she refuses to be a middle man and its not her job to do a he said she said game between two people. And she wasnt planning to unfollow her until her whole feed was swamped with her favoring tweets of how they used her and she went on her page and Madi had unfollowed her first. And its really gross that people are joining her patreon to record her streams and that its fucked up and gross. Its a private stream for a reason.
Apparently when she unfollows someone on a whim its when shes being petty and will get over it and if she doesnt unfollow them right away it means its serious and shes deciding whether to keep them in her life or not.
we are not entitled to every little aspect of her life bc she runs a youtube channel. she owes us nothing. she gets mad at Greg when he puts stuff out their publicly and tells him to not involve her in this bc she doesnt want to be involved. And if we think shes being unkind then thats on us because shes sticking up for herself. if yall got a problem with greg u can take it up with him
Now shes on about how all the people who steal her content are here with brand new accounts made today, everyone she blocks the accounts always made that day blah blah wow wow sarcasm reached new levels.
The blargh is here now and she hopes they get some good content and she likes them.
random talk that she should make a fake hate channel and do videos reacting to it so she can do a face reveal for the hate channel and its leelu 'genuis, content for days'
59mins and shes out. Damn son couldnt even do the full hour. Greg dumped her in some shit releasing those screenshots WHILE she was on younow LIVE.

No. 545013

We all know that LGH has delusions of grandeur. The swamp monster with caked on concealer and lipstick likely interprets the stares of the poor people unfortunate enough to encounter him at taco bell as being 'starstruck'.

No. 545014

File: 1531183657961.png (259.7 KB, 1188x902, Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 8.47…)

No. 545016

THIS HAPPENED 4 YEARS AGO?? and he's mad about it?? He's actually insane. Why would you drop a friend over something that happened time ago that didn't involve him and isn't even major?

No. 545017

So Greg told her that ever since that thing FOUR years ago, hes had 0 respect for her. Fuck that actually must hurt alot.

No. 545019

She’s a fucking moron.
Lainey ALWAYS tries to make it seem like she was the innocent one in these situations and that she does nothing malicious to anyone. She’s the worse of the two because she is a backstabber and walks out of these situations attempting to look kind and good natured.

No. 545020

Water on wood? Why would I clean it up?

lol. What an idiot.

No. 545021

He's so pressed.

This is his pent up bitterness over the 10 Things I hate about Onision video and that her DDLG video got traffic for critiquing his video. He's such an insecure mess. He doesn't have his Onision channel, and she can possibly use him being INTOLERANT (his new favourite word if he didn't constantly mix it up with tolerance) to launch herself as a figure for DDLG.

Onion hates the popular kids. Why won't those cool edgy LGBT people play with his wife?! Daddy Onion has so much on his plate managing 4 kids.

No. 545023

No wonder she was so hurt. Lainey told her she never had feelings for her (so Lainey 100% just admitted the whole gf thing was entirely fake, even the initial thing) and Greg just admitted he used her for 4 years
Also I hope his dumbass fans realise that he was willing to throw all his morals away for 4 years to use a "good actress"

No. 545024

>Apparently Madi knows this but shes happy to talk to her but she needs to talk to HER directly, not through 'him' and she took everything said in the text and took it as if it was from Lainey but it wasnt and that Madi blocked her, not the other way around. And the thing with the phone was that she didnt have it on her and if she has a question thats actually directed 'at her' she can shoot her a text.

Yeahhhhhhhh. I don't believe her. She really is a lying backstabber.

No. 545025

ugh i lost any percent of sympathy i might have been able to muster up for her after the "lame isnt the bad guy" tweet. Clearly she thinks she has a chance to talk to her and get back into the onion's graces so shes sucking up again. Can people just call lame out for the twat she is instead of giving her a pass because onion is outwardly worse? Anything hes texted or said to you, guarantee she has said to him behind your back and called you disgusting and creepy.

>And the thing with the phone was that she didnt have it on her

Of all the things shes ever said, and there are plenty, that's the least believable thing shes ever said. This is just her damage control like she did with jaclyn. First laughs at her, then when people get on her case she makes it public that she wants to reach out, etc. She knows she looks like shit cause maddy outted her, now shes making up excuses.

>she refuses to be a middle man and its not her job to do a he said she said game between two people

But sends greg to text her teen best friend when they are fighting for her. But when its other people, she refuses to be the middle man. Right.

No. 545026

Trust me, not all students are that strong willed. She’ll meet someone there that’ll fawn over her. If only one, there will be someone. If not though, then it’ll be all the better. She’ll take any attention thoughtlessly and be worse off for it. College could be her saving grace if she takes it seriously. This thing with Lame and Gurg could ruin that for her though, and be one of the worst decisions she’ll ever make

No. 545027

File: 1531184409809.jpeg (325.08 KB, 716x827, 73274857-9A72-4AB4-A17C-8903F3…)

No. 545029

Madison and Billy the Fridge should team up and do Parody videos of Onision. Madi could bring her Onion character back to life. Billy could be Lainey it will be perfect.

There is no need for any youtuber to work with Greg in person for views, you may as well mock the smol bastard from afar. Shit, you'd probably get more views.

No. 545030

Those fucking teeth. Do you think he died a little on the inside with his ancestry test when he got British instead of Native American lol. He loved the bad brits teeth stereotype, now his teeth are trying to hide from the camera.

No. 545032

I didn't mention but she also said she wanted to maybe to a video redoing her whole house bc its a mess but it would take like a week to do it and that she wants to paint the room across her office or some shit.
Might play into the whole putting a bed in the lounge to make a room for Sarah lmao

No. 545033

oh and she didnt go to the doctor (hadnt watched the patreon stream so i didnt think it was interesting) but she didnt have a fever for once so she didnt but if she has one more fever shes going to go to urgent care

No. 545035

File: 1531185039163.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, 8f5160e1930ad749da6bf19f9c3dce…)

In Lame's younow stream she was bitching about people leaking her ig stream, so guess who's been lurking?

No. 545037

Now I KNOW gregma has a tiny dick. As if he doesn’t lure teens into his house to preen until he can legally lay with them. He’s more disgusting than anyone he’s ever been with. He’s got a demon he neglects to face and instead throws stones at anyone remotely immoral. So what if she cheated on someone else with someone else? How is that any of his business. The biggest difference between her wrongs and his is that I’ll bet she actually feels remorse for what she did and trusted him and Lame Brain enough to talk to them about it. Gurg thinks he shots gold and that his pedophile tendencies are fine as long as he waits until his teen dollies are legal to stick his chode in. I seriously hope he garners a lynch mob one day

No. 545041

File: 1531185452450.png (37.73 KB, 608x404, Captur.PNG)

No. 545042

Wait okay are you fucking serious, I'm watching the ig stream and this GROWN woman actually gets mad at this 17 (and probably at the time 16) year old girl and IGNORES her and this TEENAGER CALLS HER EVERYDAY and she just IGNORES HER. and gets GREG TO TEXT HER because she HATES CONFRONTATION.

No. 545043

There he is ladies and gents. The master manipulator at work trying to convince you that he does no wrong and others can do no right.

No. 545045

He literally has a full face of make up on

No. 545047

That is a very strange wording, notice how he uses over and over again the cheating stuff. Guilty conscience? only other 'sins' he mentions is inappropriate joke she made (lol onion look in the mirror, even outside of videos you are the best example of a creep) and her wanting to be in trinity, but anusion accuses everyone of that, because he is a greek god and lameo is… well, also a greek god.
He is trying to look like a good profesional guy but everybody knows its a lie.
It looks like he knew he is gonna release them, he tried paint specific picture and make maddie look like shit. But it looks so silly and fake.

No. 545048

I hope to God that she is smart enough to cut them out of her life after this. It’ll be hell on earth for her if she doesn’t. She’ll be licking their shoes until she dies

No. 545050

The hypocrisy is real in his response

No. 545051

Finally! Someone who came to their senses. Also that sucks that their nudes were leaked. Is this someone who had been engrossed in the onion drama?

No. 545055

Nah, she is/was just a stan. Check out the onionflake thread. >>>/snow/381380

No. 545058

"we probably know too much about each other"

No. 545060

Reminds me of that scene where Mr. Incredible is getting hounded by his boss and someone outside is getting mugged. Except she’s Mr. Incredible if he just sort of absently watched it happen every time, multiple times.(no1 curr)

No. 545061

“I don’t want my wife to cut her tits off and get a dick, but I know her trender lifestyle is bringing in the views, so please stop criticizing her because I’m sick of listening to her complain about being ridiculed on younow all the time.”

No. 545063

If one of their biggest stans can free themselves and open their eyes he better get ready to work at McDonalds because patreon wont last forever.

No. 545065

Yeah a professional guy that cheated on soooo many women. Such a hypocrite. He literally used her dirty laundry as an excuse to put a wall up because he couldn’t handle someone having their own opinion/lifestyle. You arent the center of the universe gregma. There are other people that exist without you

No. 545068

He 100% text that, no doubt going over it for hours, with the intent to be able to share the screenshots and make her look as bad as he could. Thats why he blocked her straight after it too. And now Madi has said her reply to him involves something she promised Lainey she would never discuss publicly so she removed her ss of her reply right after posting it.

No. 545069

Goodness! Over stayed their welcome? When you have friends they tend to stay over for extended periods of times, that’s what friends do, they just sorta stick around and hang out! If Lame doesn’t wanna be the middle man for Madison and Grease why does she have Grease text Sara? Why is that a thing? And who is he to judge Madison’s relationship decisions! She’s an attention whore but also a grown ass adult who can’t sleep with whoever she wants to sleep with! Madison is an adult woman who doesn’t need Grease’s pre-approval before fucking! She can fuck who ever she wants cause again she’s a grown adult. The decisions she makes are hers alone and hers alone to suffer from those consequences! Worry about yourself Grease! Her sex life doesn’t involve your Greasey ass!! Im so triggered

No. 545073

Exactly. And when you're an ADULT and your friends stick around when you don't want them to you say "hey, I feel like having the house to myself/ourselves" or "I don't feel like hanging out anymore right now"
Like the anxiety thing isn't even an excuse because we all know Greg has no problem telling people whats up.
I have anxiety and it took me a long time but SIX YEARS is a long time to be able to tell your friend when u want them to leave bc you cant be bothered hanging out.
If Greg cared so much about people cheating then why did he A) cheat on Lainey. B) allegedly talk to Lainey while still with SH and C) 100% emotionally and probably physically cheat on SK (who he was MARRIED to) with SH? Sorry buddy I don't like associating with shit people who cheat as much as the next person but when they're my friend whos confided in me and already knows its wrong and hasn't done it again then well its none of my business. ESPECIALLY if the PERSON THEY CHEATED ON forgave them?? And they now have a kid with that person?
So not only did he pretend to be her friend for the last four years, apparently so did Lainey, he also finds her disgusting, has no respect for her, finds her whole relationship disgusting yet allows her to bring her daughter over to create a relationship with their children only for it to be ripped away from them with no warning.

No. 545075

So was anyone able to catch Lainey’s livestream where she’s triggered?

No. 545076

You have to either be 100% compliant with the Onion Approved Life Style, give him your allowance, or be a mind reader to not offend Shreg.

No. 545079

Don't have access to mobile but can someone go on Madison's twitter page and check out if there's a chached version of her page? It might have the deleted tweet/screenshot. Though honestly she very likely just mentioned that Greg has no place to talk cause he cheated on Lainey which makes sense that Lainey wouldn't want Madison to mention publicly, especially if she ever confided in Madison

No. 545080

Welp shes deleting her twitter, if shes going to expose anything (which is onision makes a video and says anything about lainey agreeing with him i think she will) it'll be on her insta or snapchat

No. 545081

They’ll probably back peddle and continue to manipulate her and everyone else. And all their stans will just lap it up like sugared sewage

No. 545083

File: 1531189178059.png (12.88 KB, 578x127, madicap2.PNG)

She's not deleting, just taking and indefinite hiatus. I feel like stay away from twitter for a bit is smart, but she should also defend herself from their bullshit.

No. 545084

deleting was the wrong word ahaha i just meant if shes gonna talk about it still shes still gonna be active elsewhere

No. 545087

I don't understand why everyone they get into it with go into hiding. Expose these assholes they deserve it. Not like they spare anyone.

No. 545090

They’re ashamed that they weren’t abke to make it work, hurt that they could be so easily and harshly betrayed, and isolated by their experience. None of the people that have fallen out with the Onions have bonded over it. They’re all made to hate each other and when it’s over it’s like their whole world has been blasted to nothing. I can relate in a way, but on a much smaller scale

No. 545096

It made sense when he was popular and had hoards of fans who would hound you so much you couldn't open twitter without hundreds of hate messages but Madison is getting nothing but support. The worst comments she got was in this announcement that she was leaving telling her that she's letting them win

No. 545099

This isn't even true? Stop projecting.

No. 545100


No. 545101

File: 1531190043353.png (374.79 KB, 578x428, hashingthingsoutoverunow.png)

No. 545103

Thank you anon!!

No. 545104

File: 1531190244170.jpeg (10.38 KB, 213x86, 140992DA-17F8-4A55-A7DD-F472A1…)

Freudian typo?
>the inappropriate comment I you made

No. 545109

My point is that she doesn’t have a group of people she can relate to. Not really projecting as much as it is an observation. She admitted to being hurt. She’s stanned onion and Lamey. She’s been betrayed by having been llied to about the reality of their relationship. She also seems like she doesn’t know what to do about it and feels conflicted about outing him and Lame because of the emotional connection she THOUGHT she had with Lame. Soooo actually yes. Everything I said is true and the fact that I can relate DOESNT mean I’m projecting.

No. 545111

File: 1531190696957.png (256.36 KB, 1440x1170, Trouble in onionflakesville.pn…)

It's worth noting that Allie also made a video critical of Anusion's DDLG series, so I assume he's pretty bootyblasted over that, even though she opined on Twitter that she was sure he'd be ok about it because he "respected her opinion" or some such.
When are these people going to learn that Shreg only respects opinions that are supportive and flattering of his idiocy?

No. 545112

Did you even read the thread? Madi just made a public apology towards Sam after saying they hashed things out privately. Plus plenty of the other girls they introduced into their fucked up marriage are friendly with each other now. You are projecting like fuck and need to get your faaax straight before posting.

No. 545113

File: 1531190702105.jpg (173.43 KB, 2000x1922, 1512591308874.jpg)

Lainey the liar

No. 545118

I like how she’s saying it has nothing to do with her yet her shitty husband specifically says in the texts that she also felt the same way he does about Madi

No. 545120

>"I don't want to talk about it!"
>Proceeds to sperg about it..
The battlecry of the fragile bean, Ladies and gents!

No. 545123

Thats always been her thing "Go to greg about it, Its not my problem, I don't owe you"

No. 545124

Okay buddy! But here’s the thing. There are plenty of people who aren’t and went into hiding for that very reason. I don’t know where Maddie apologized to Sam or whatever but we’re talking about the reason behind Maddie stepping away from Twitter instead of standing up to Gregma and Lameythot. Either I missed something, and if you can kindly point it out then I’ll “educate myself”, or we’re talking about two different things.

No. 545128

File: 1531191305755.png (22.53 KB, 624x223, vaugetweet.PNG)

Is this a subtweet lmao

No. 545132

I don’t wanna be a middle man wha wha wha wha has Grease text Sarah when she’s mad

No. 545133

Beat me to it, I picked up on that too!

No. 545134

Hiding is the wrong thing imo, he’s run off enough girls at this point and scared them into hiding. It’s shit they let him get away with it. I wish they would all get together and finally put him in his place

No. 545136

what the fuck do you even call a doormats doormat

aside from "sarah", i mean

No. 545138


Smug little two faced liar. She’s becoming more of an ugly cunt by the minute, reflecting her true personality. I hope she gets what is coming to her, Andy Dick looking bitch.

No. 545139

To who though?

No. 545140

They can put her in the closet under the stairs.

No. 545141

File: 1531191865944.png (316.6 KB, 630x664, Screenshot_2018-07-09-19-56-49…)

Wow she is so pissy to people asking questions. I don't know why, but my favorite part is how she keeps angrily saying "thank you for 100 bars" before going right back into screeching "I don't want to talk about this anymore!"
She's hating life so much right now she's not even picking at her face. She's internalizing allll of this.

No. 545142

He went to UoG (University of Google)

No. 545144

They were "grossed out" by her flirting but kept working with her. LolOK

No. 545145

Yeah, Allie was insane for Taylor. I'm glad she's kind of matured.

No. 545146

>puts entire life on Youtube
>"You aren't entitled to know about me!!!"

No. 545148

greg literally said lainey is his "manager" and reads his emails lol

No. 545149

Lamey's such a fucking cunt… She plays dumb so much

No. 545150

Lainey hides behind Greg being known for being worse. It feels almost like the whole Ivanka Trump thing where she played up that she wasn't like her dad but never actually said who she was. Lainey could also hide behind Greg's spergs cause he'd take all the focus.
Lainey can't do this anymore though, Greg's outed her multiple times on accident and she's done it so many times. Not to mention the fact that in silence she's broadcasted her stance loud and clear. At the very least she doesn't care what Greg does even if it hurts people and will go along with it no matter what. Except we know that she instigated some things and also has encouraged Greg's behaviour and opinions. Not to mention she uses him for her own goals. Lainey is a cunt and I have no hope for her except that she gets her just rewards

No. 545156


No. 545158

I wonder if they keep Sarah hanging on partially to have access to younger people. Maybe not her directly but the fact she will have access to an entire group of college kids. Sus.

No. 545160

Madison in these tweetd prob

No. 545164

Still reading through the thread but if someone hasn’t already done it, please cut that part out and repost to YT. Be sure to tag Shane. Shane needs to see what Lamey REALLY thinks.
Even though she still wears his merch. They do disgust me.(cowtipping)

No. 545165

Agreed, He follows her on twitter for fuck sake

No. 545168

Why is Onision tweeting as if Madi has gone off about hating him? He keeps doing "Person A" "Person B" tweets (not subtle onion boy) as if Madi is going on a rampage about how horrible he is and that she hates him and wants him to die when literally all shes doing is talking to people, defending herself and expressing hurt and confusion…

No. 545171

So not only am I blocked from gregs twitter but I’ve just had my entire twitter account locked out by twitter! Is this a normal
Thing that happens?(google is your friend)

No. 545172

You probably got reported.

No. 545173

Also so grossed out by her flirting that lainey kissed her and made multiple videos joking about dating. So disgusted!

I get so annoyed when everyone gives her a pass and says "i mostly have a problem with onision". Shes 100% in on everything he does and feeds him info and laughs along with him. He probably parrots half the insulting things she says when he rages too since they clearly talk shit about people together. Just like how he went on about billie being smelly, and then we find out it was lamey saying that all along. If maddy doesn't think lameo has been talking shit about her to onion this entire time, shes actually a moron. Lamey hates any other girl being even remotely "special" to gerg.

No. 545177

File: 1531196418123.jpg (151.11 KB, 1051x700, SmartSelect_20180709-232032_Yo…)


No. 545181

Seriously though, when Cyr once stated that he wasn't comfortable with a video Greg and him made Greg publicly shamed him too and decided to stop all work together. Maddie couldn't have won unless she ruined her reputation by not addressing the video and people's issues with it

No. 545183

Lameo saying "madi can contact me to hash it out with me, don't contact greg, talk to me" is EXACTLY THE SAME SHIT SHE WAS SAYING ABOUT SAN WHEN THEY TOSSED HER OUT!!!

Lameo is now following her own patterns in her behavior. She will now continue this with every person she "befriends" and throw them away when they've exceeded their usefulness.

Also, Lamefoot is looking kind of sick. Like, sick sick, not just run down or stressed. A nasty STD? A virus?

No. 545187

File: 1531198436925.png (382.92 KB, 596x844, projection much.PNG)

No. 545189

Referencing Lamey talking about why she didn’t clean up the sugar water on her table: she thought it was water only so that was her reasoning.

No. 545193

Jfc. I'm legitimately confused who is supposedly the person "B" in this retarded scenario. Because it sounds exactly like what he's doing.
I think the swamp has finally rotted his brain.

No. 545194

File: 1531199656520.png (595.99 KB, 608x548, mini onion.png)

No. 545195

Thank you keks, watching Lainey squirm and try to lie her way out of being a complete shitbag of a friend is delicious.

No. 545199

I wonder if Lame didn't want people to call her "he/him" today because trolls kept coming in calling her Andy dick and social repose lol. Adjusrable Gender if people actually compare her to men, and not a space daddy prince.

No. 545204

File: 1531200683907.png (263.06 KB, 548x583, Yearly Meetup.png)

Off topic but here is the mirror of his yearly patreon meetup.


No. 545207

bless you nonny

No. 545210

Should have gone to Tanacon, they would have got more for their money

No. 545215

Asking for a friend; does anybody have the new patron PO box address or is that off limits?

No. 545217

"Hope they can pay me money so they can know when I leave the house and am ok with spending time with them on their own dime"
Or at least "hope I still have fans this time next year/hope I don't kick them all off Patreon in a fit of rage"

No. 545219


I know he said he was going to change it but is there any other reason to believe he has?

No. 545222

He moved an hour away! Bitch is a lazy mother fucker! Of course he isn’t returninf to puyallup to get shitty fan mail

No. 545223

Also that whole thing with Sam allegedly "slapping" his kid's hand. Anus never said a single, solitary peep about it to anyone, including his wife, until he got pissed at her. Then he proceeded to go straight to the internet to publicly shame Sam.
He has no moral ground to stand on here.
People in glass trailers shouldn't throw stones. (People who live in cow's udders shouldn't throw curds?)

No. 545227


ok ok. calm down. I was just asking because I don't see any indication he actually did change it. But sometimes there can be lag. Maybe someone else can look and see what they find.

No. 545235

I’m not calling you a bitch. Sorry I meant the lazy ass beta bitch that is greg. He is lazy ass mother fucker

No. 545240

He's such an idiot. He has to mention that she cheated on her boyfriend four times so, as soon as he posts these, everyone will focus on that. He can't ever have a dialogue with anyone else, everything is written in a way that when he posts screenshots he looks good and the other person bad.
And "being inappropriate around us and suggesting to Lambo that you'd be or third"
As if. They both always exaggerate what happens to them.
It probably was as simple as "Greg can you pull up my zipper" "omg Lainey, Maddie wanted that I help her change. I was so disgusted"
And for Lambo, remember when she said that the dialogue she had with Vix was way worse than what she wrote with Gurg and then Vix posted her entire dialogue and there was literally nothing expect talking about Lamp and matcha tea.

No. 545241

The Anon who suggested looking into the farmed photos of Allie! Don’t just don’t! Long time lurker but avoided that thread! May I suggest everyone do the same! It was too much

No. 545246

Those were leaked by her "friend/s", don't blame us for that nightmare.

No. 545249

Greg: cheats on his wife and children
Madison: cheats
Greg: I AM DISGUSTED!!!!!!!

Does he REALLY not see how hypocritical he’s being?

No. 545250

Grug is the poster child for narcissistic personality disorder, so the answer is no.

No. 545253

He also has convinced himself (and Lameo) that HE didn’t cheat, only Billie did.

No. 545255

I thought “pimply ass” was a metaphor or an analogy for a shitty person. But no!
So much no! TIL people’s asses are actually covered in pimples and boils and all sorts of blisters! So much no at once!

No. 545256

Man, anusion and footfuckface’s stans are such ugly cunts (fitting, given how repulsive their idols are). What I don’t get is how someone who looks like Billie could ever find them attractive. I mean, she is an idiot, but it’s not like either of them have any redeeming qualities to negate the toxic levels of fug.

No. 545258

File: 1531211912508.png (13.1 KB, 573x93, 4622387856235.PNG)

Will this be the tall glass of milk we all wanted?

No. 545259

I’m doubtful. I truly truly wish it were not my hopes have been dashed before! I hope it will be but again I’m doubtful sigh she’s a puss like grease

No. 545260

File: 1531212464360.gif (661.72 KB, 386x380, 8CFB617B-75AC-4F1A-97E8-4ABC47…)


She’s a fucking idiot for tweeting about it for starters. It gives Gurgles the heads up to go into damage control and pull out the massive file he has been compiling against her for the past six years

No. 545261

File: 1531212713780.png (77.91 KB, 599x569, fag.png)

"Using someone’s pronouns is not something that you deserve an award for. It’s basic human respect."

lol. Says the person that used to regularly use the word "fag" on twitter.

No. 545266


>calling me a disgusting skeleton

kek, you wish, ya wannabe ana-chan

No. 545267

File: 1531213884054.jpg (25.26 KB, 622x345, hehimpronoun2lain.jpg)

I think lamey is talking about maddie using the pronouns He/Him in one of her twitter threads.

At first glance I thought it was talking about greg, but she's actually addressing lainey as the "he"

But maddie wasn't ever asking for asspats, she was just being considerate, but of course lainey has to turn it into something malicious

No. 545269


Okay Maddison, you still have “so much love” for the conniving little Judas. Good for you. You deserve everything you get from those two faced cunts.

No. 545270

Not even following the six month rule smh

No. 545271

Madison has other friends and people she films with she'll be fine. However Lainey has lost a drinking buddy and the teen is underage. Daddy Greg strikes again!

Also just want to remind everyone that Onion stayed with Billie in the McMansion while Lainey was in labour at the hospital with Sarah. What's worse? Leaving your fiancé for a man, or cheating on your pregnant with second child wife?

No. 545272

File: 1531215855940.jpeg (1.3 MB, 3840x3840, C85F0EB2-007F-4772-9DBB-BDA198…)

Madison posted this not that long ago.

No. 545274

How does he think this makes him look good? Slut shaming a friend, pointing the finger at people for sins he's guilty of himself and then dropping all contact with someone for such petty things.

No. 545275

It's like with Shilohs manager. He makes fun of these people and says "omg they're so dumb. They did record with me voluntarily, they had fun and now they say how much they hated it" and his ten stupid fans eat it up.
Every mature person thinks he's in the wrong and a garbage human.
He always thinks he's right because he's the one who starts bashing first and because he's the one who _dumps_ everyone.

No. 545280

>subtweets people for not using her pronouns
>subtweets people for using her pronouns

this bitch

No. 545281

Anyone who expects decency or kindness from lamebot is nuts. She's shown time and time again she's actually incapable of empathy or caring about anyone except for herself. Remember how she tweeted gurg in horror when she saw people were sympathetic toward B? And that was the gf she supposedly loved.

No. 545283

I can't figure out why onion is randomly bothered by everyone in the world who practices ddlg. It's not my thing, but it seems odd that he's so offended.

No. 545284

Anon here has hit the nail on the head. It’s 100% him being salty over Madison portraying him in the 10 Things video.
For how long has he been planning to get rid of her I wonder?

No. 545287

It's him trying to prove he's not a pedo. Of course he's being a tryhard.

No. 545289

File: 1531218923273.png (448.33 KB, 811x528, YKKigcS.png)

DW, that other anon accusing you of projecting was very clearly out for blood. With so much fresh milk, do we really need hostility and infighting here?

No. 545290

I don't think he was seriously bothered by her until the 10 Things video where she and Lame made fun of him. Lame, being the spineless bitch she is, sides with her Ogre husbando instead of her friend she gossiped and made fun of LGH with.

No. 545291

I wonder if he used their disagreement over the DDLG thing as a means to kick her out. For sure he was assblasted over the 10 Things video reaming him. And since he can't take it out on Lame (the main breadwinner right now) he focused it on Madison.

No. 545294

Im def here for the milk, and it has been flowing gloriously, but I’m also not a doormat. Still, you’re right. I’ll just ignore it if it happens again and carry on with speculations and input.

No. 545297

here's Madison's response

No. 545298

What the fuck is this shit?

No. 545299

How do you know he stayed home? I'm a hardcore lurker but I must have missed this somehow?

No. 545300

…what the fuck?

No. 545303

C r i n g e

No. 545304

Onision tier comedy.
Bravo Madison.
I hope they both fuck each other up with a month long slow trickle of blackmail info.
Mutual assured destruction.

No. 545305

Man, to think so many people are clearly on her side and she ruins it with dis shit.

No. 545306

Peep that BPD. lol.

No. 545307

It's been confirmed by Lainey. She was out with Sarah and her and Sarah headed to the hospital while Greg was at the McMansion with Billie. He showed up hours later. I wonder what him and Billie would have got up to alone? I mean he can finger Billie under a blanket next to Sarah so imagine what'd he'd get up to with no eyes watching.

Not to mention Cloey is a bandaid baby from the previous cheating Billie and Greg did lol. But sure Madison is horrible because she fell out of love with a man she didn't have a family with when she was 20.

No. 545308

File: 1531221374961.png (4.31 KB, 622x626, Your bait is bad and you shoul…)

Madison, stop. If you're going to talk about how onion treated you then fucking spill the milk.

No. 545309

She’s the female version of anusion. Quelle fucking surprise.

No. 545310

Or she's trying to communicate with the Onions in their language hmmmm.

No. 545311

Well, her credibility just got shot to shit. She has embodied Gurg and his pathetic childish attempts at humour here perfectly.

>>545307 Thanks anon, I never knew that. Just when I thought grease couldn't get any greasier.

No. 545313

What in God's name is this shit?

No. 545314

It was Selena she was at the hospital with, not tissue.

No. 545315

Lainey may have talked about it her pregnancy video too briefly not sure but it's confirmed.

No. 545316

She has so many fake friends it's hard to remember who was with her when.

No. 545317

Bravo Maddi-sion.

No. 545328

File: 1531225872043.png (372.13 KB, 769x477, The Herp Sistas.png)

I thought of the This Is Spinal Tap mouth herpes sub-plot when I saw the Mask & Ask.

With Lainey having her rampant mouth sores, if Sarah stays there for a whole week this is what we have to look forward to.

No. 545331

Seeing Sarah next to Taylor is really unsettling. She looks like a child, and Taylor, well, looks much older (and honestly much older than her actual age, IMO). Life with LGH has worn her down, I guess. But still, seeing Sarah's little baby face next to that is pretty creepy.

No. 545335

Can't help but notice the difference between those two, looks wise. Sarah is actually pretty with good and glowing skin, while Lamo looks like a tired zombie. How long will it take for Sarah's skin to breakout while in Casa de la Grasa like it happened to Billie?

No. 545336

I find it so funny that everyone is so so pretty when put next to the dry Laineybot.

Sarah is a teen she's going to look like a cherub next to this washed up mom of 2

No. 545338

The thing is, Taylor isn't all that old in the big scheme of things. It is just her ~situation~ (which is self-inflicted at this point) that has drained her so. It's kind of shocking to see how much it has affected her, to me anyway.

No. 545344

>"Lolcow doxxed me and leaked my nudes"
It's funny because the one who did it was another onioncordfag, all of them have been shitting on each other anonymously in the Onion Calves thread like snakes. It wasn't farmers.
Plus Madison aside, Allie's only mad that Onion made a video against her sick fetish. So no, she didn't suddenly become mature.

Why is she so smug? You just lost another friend, Lainey, nothing to be smug about.

No. 545349

Well according to the video rsn (ew i know) put up Sarahs gonna be there for her birthday which in August.. so if shes there that long then shes gonna b fucked up in the health department

No. 545351

God this pic shows how fugly she is. He was once a successful YTer with endless disposable income & an army of gormless teen girls offering up their puss and THIS is the best he could get? In the'trophy wife' category Foot is a 'You tried' ribbon. It must kill him that many of the OG YTers like Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson, PewdiePie have cute spouses with winning personalities while he's stuck with the droopiest, dullest woman on the planet.Good work, Gurgles-you can't even do shallow right.

No. 545355


The yearly patreon meetup consisted of 2 minutes of footage.


went to a shitty looking theme park were Greg repeated his 'funny' behaviour from Disneyland.

Then they went to the play park where Lainey also filmed with Sarah.

And had to film videos with Greg.

Imagine paying to spend money to travel to meet Onision to hang out out at a kids park and I presume there was fuck all footage from the theme park because Greg and Lainey didn't have her family to handle Trot and Cloy. That guy flew from Germany.

What a perk!

No. 545357

>Imagine paying to spend money to travel to meet Onision to hang out out at a kids park and I presume there was fuck all footage from the theme park because Greg and Lainey didn't have her family to handle Trot and Cloy. That guy flew from Germany.

Pretty hard to feel sorry for someone who burns the money for international travel to hang out with LGH, a failure by pretty much every metric one can think of, of all people.

No. 545360

I think Respit is a creep, just the lengths he would go to hang out with a predator like Onion. He's like the only guy close to Onion's age apart from Sylar (ugly piece of shit that is Becca's OnlineDaddy) and Tomato (and we all know what that guy's deal was, clout). You have to wonder what guys he'd attract to his patreon.

We've already had Amber and a few other Onionflakes admit the whole premise of the discords is to look for potential Trinity members.

And also Dev, I can't believe that's what she looks like. Their fans are literally teenagers or people that failed to mature mentally.

No. 545364

For God's sake, spoiler that shit.

No. 545366

>We've already had Amber and a few other Onionflakes admit the whole premise of the discords is to look for potential Trinity members.

Can I get a source on that? That's news to me and I've been through the onion flakes thread before. Would be god-tier kek material.

No. 545367

lurk moar

No. 545372

File: 1531232479629.jpeg (123.05 KB, 1280x720, 71D58A79-0A1D-44F8-90ED-034DFF…)

Lol but lamey being friends with fucking binkieprincess is cool, and lamey can throw ddlg references left and right and use madi for queer videos and kissing and then it’s all “sexual predator!!! LAMEY WAS UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!” (So not using Lainey as a shield and reason to justify knocking off another friend)

Literally why do people even stay friends with them and act SO SURPRISED when it happens to them, no one is an exception to the rule in onions eyes except for himself

It’s like they all think it’s never going to happen to them bc they’re different plz

No. 545373

Look in the onionflakes thread about a month or two before the amber/RSN dramu, it was when milk was being posted of amber pissing off onion and being excommunicated from the patreon. Where onion speeded about Amber “constantly hitting on them and sending them nudes”. Hope it helps.

No. 545375

She's borderline shes gonna milk this for attention

No. 545377

Don’t make erroneous claims without proof

No. 545387

I seriously don't get how they can watch onion and lamey time and time again be friendly with someone, then trash them.

Sarah 100% thinks shes an exception because shes lamey's "best friend". But lamey has thrown away her best friends before. She's going to be in a rude awakening when lamey turns cold towards her once onion dislikes something she does. I hope sarah meets some decent people in college who will tell her lamey is a wacko. She clearly wont listen to anyone unless she thinks they are "cool".

If she is seriously planning to be a trinity member when she turns 18, she's fucked beyond repair though. Pretty sure she said shes never been in a relationship before. Imagine that being your first relationship. Feel like onion will try something once shes "legal" even if sarah isn't into it, and he will rage if he gets rejected.

No. 545391

File: 1531236820431.png (Spoiler Image,1.16 MB, 1535x511, dummybot.png)


Ugh, she legit looks like a creepy ventriloquists dummy, except the puppets have more lifelike eyes. Spoilered for nightmare fuel

No. 545394

Well Onion does pretty much have his hand up her ass and makes her spew out anything that he says while pretending it's her saying it.

No. 545396

It may have been a stream covered by RSN the flakes are all over the place.

No. 545400

I used to feel sorry for Lainey but now I realize she is just Onion-lite. I didn't really honestly care about the transtrender stuff its whatever to me but you can tell she knows her obnoxiously loud and immature husband mistreats the few people who can stand him and she hides behind this "I DON'T WANNA BE THE MIDDLE MAN I WANNA STAY OUT OF IT" bullshit because she knows he will just turn on her if she stands up to him. Not having to have a real discussion with her husband about his behavior is worth seeing her friends get trashed online and in person. what a garbage excuse for a human being.

No. 545420

File: 1531241670320.png (252.03 KB, 1272x1088, LiStEnBeCk.png)

Just because his face was in your crotch once, Beck, doesn't mean you're immune to his small man wrath.

He's taking it out on his rabid supporters rather than Madi herself incase she leaks something juicy.

No. 545425

File: 1531242057173.png (38.57 KB, 716x265, blahblahmoralgrandstandblah.pn…)

No. 545429

Haha he can't stand being wrong its brilliant, He really is going to be his own downfall.

No. 545430

File: 1531243130599.jpeg (578.55 KB, 1242x1133, 2950B7AA-00DD-4272-B5B0-BEA49B…)

How is laughing for 2 minutes outing shmeggle?

No. 545431

Days? Its literally been one day. Mmkay madi thats on you but he'll be trashing you all over and soon you'll realize how hard it is to get jobs because he will make it his mission to stop that from happening at all.

No. 545432

He always makes it sound like everyone is simply dying to be with Taylor. No one gives a shit about a foot pretending to be a boy basking in herpes in the swamp, Greg. Just because you pimp Taylor out to little girls doesn't mean that people are going to be throwing their wallets and young bodies at you. You're too old and she's too ugly. You are both gross as fuck and despite your similarities, you don't even want each other. You're 32, start acting like it.

No. 545434

Lainey honey, nobody ever called you a disgusting skeleton. You had one post in your life even moderately ana and you had to seriously pose for that one. I hate that she at one point tried to seem ana without the actually parts that makes a person ana
Wait, is he saying that she has to be loyal to the people who brutally rejected her and used her as backup for VIX? Also there are many people I've never met before that I know are in the right

No. 545435

She was saying that she made a video to be funny and 'crazy'. She knew everyone wanted a video to out him, but she didn't want to do that. Basically.

No. 545437

If you fucking rejected her Greg why would she favour you. He's such a fucking moron.

No. 545449

Tinfoil: Lainey sees how much attention her husband gives Eugenia Cooney and that's why she tries so hard to come across as ana.
Greg is always talking about Eugenia online CONSTANTLY, imagine how much he mentions her in real life.
Just like when she skinwalked Billie and started pretending to be into anime and dying her hair. It's really pathetic she can't be her own person without obsessing over what her husband likes. She's as bad as Dasha. Get a personality geez.

Also I cringed so hard at her stream with Sarah when they laughed at Greg for not understanding 'tea' and calling him an old man. He's out of touch and an ancient idiot for sure, but who is she kidding? She's almost as cringey as Greg herself when she uses words like lit and shook. Everything she does is forced and 'how do you do fellow kids'
She jumps on trends late anyway. Not as behind as onion, but she's no trendsetter herself.

God what a self absorbed cow.

No. 545451

File: 1531245512962.png (48.01 KB, 196x190, img.png)

No. 545452

He literally went off on maya for rejecting him. Like is he talking about himself?

I mean shes known for and proud of her onion skits. Did we expect her to make good content? He will shit on her regardless.

Shes just one of those people who thinks having mental disorders is cool and loves labeling herself. That's why shes "secretly ana", has anxiety, and is a transtrender and fake gay. If onion wasn't so anti-mental health, you know she would be those tumblr girls who list all their disorders in their profile and she would have every one.

No. 545455

>>545451 How on earth are they classing themselves as straight-edge when they've already had alcohol before? (in previous videos even). Who are you trying to kid?

No. 545456

she fucking spoke many times about how she's been drunk on multiple occasions in HS, it's just like how they keep doing those "Boyfriend Girlfriend" tag videos when they've been married 5 years.

No. 545460

File: 1531246861954.png (363.84 KB, 546x356, late much.PNG)


OT but Gurg is trying to play the moral high ground with Moo. He forgets he has coerced an ex into sex.

No. 545461

File: 1531247345060.png (152.14 KB, 503x606, onion.png)

Wait…hes donating $1 a month to toby, but toby is donating $1000? Is he paying him outside of patreon? lmao. And what is even the point to donating to your own wife only to get fees cut out of it. It'd be better to hand her (aka yourself) $5 a month.

No. 545465

She's really over doing the 'I'm so small, weak, fragile, delicate' bullcrap in this video.

No. 545466

File: 1531247569387.png (11.68 KB, 398x119, madicap3.PNG)

No. 545469

I guess Madison hasn't noticed how hard he's been trying lately to drum up drama and outrage nor has she put together that she was just a pawn in this scheme.

No. 545471

File: 1531248046248.png (24.98 KB, 735x237, Screenshot-2018-7-10 Onision o…)

No. 545474


>best friends

yeah, I ghost my best friend as well for weeks, let them spam me with texts and don't respond and make them buy me a present so we can be friends again…

Can your 18th birthday get any better than sitting with your herpes riddled "bff", her predator husband and their kids in their dirty swamp trailer, doing absolutely nothing? Fuck friends, family, a party etc when you can have the swamp package!

No. 545476

Is he for real? He wants a cult. Jesus his echo chamber has really screw him up.

No. 545478

Madison did a story this morning.

No. 545480

tl;dw She's not making a "hate" video or a video exposing the Onions.

No. 545489


No. 545495

File: 1531249271365.png (691.66 KB, 798x460, I'M FED UPPPPP.PNG)

No. 545501

Why doesn’t it work? Just says processing

No. 545502

Good god, I’ve changed my mind. I cannot wait to see their “straight eye couple tries POT BROWNIES?!” video.
I’m not even going to watch the video but I assume it’s just them complaining that tall boys of the cheapest beer taste gross?

No. 545504

I think you can download it to view it anon.

No. 545505


patience, anon. patience.

No. 545508

Lmao. He wanted everyone to donate to Stepanka because she has cancer or something and he's only giving her $1

No. 545509

Anusion laughing at his own jokes like a retard as usual. He looked so annoyed when she was reading that beer label lmao. When he spat the mixed beers back into the container he immediately looked at her to see her reaction, that was so cringy. He's such a pathetic edgelord being disgusting on purpose to get a reaction out of people

No. 545511

Nice man boobs Shreg

No. 545513

lol he claims Billie agreed to being chained up in his basement? Dude you already showed the texts, wtf are you on about?

No. 545514


Billie agreeing to hear him out on terms as to how she can come back/make amends = agreeing to be chained up in the basement.

No. 545515

Being wrapped up in his and laineys own web of lies, I have no doubt they convince each other that their lies are true.

They've both gone off the deep end into crazy town.

No. 545516

"You have a giant ego and you can't handle the fact that someone doens't want to hang out with you"

No. 545522

I'm having severe flashbacks to Maya and Luxymoo rejecting Greg and his massive tantrum in response. What a hypocrite.

No. 545524

Greg: blah blah blah

< What actually happens and HAS happened when Greg is rejected

No. 545526

>So many people wants to sleep with me
>I kept a person who I thought was a scumbag criminal around my family for 4 years
>I would never throw a hate campaign against an ex

Holy shit this video! Also he claims he's not going to have people he's not "interested in" anymore in his life. Which means he's "interested" in having a 17 year old in his life.

No. 545528

~I'm so small and weak, I can't crush a can~ My god. Can she get more annoying.

No. 545532

Where are all these awesome friendships he claims he has?

No. 545533

In the dumpster fire next to the other bridges he's burned. Either that or buried in the mud of his new swamp.

No. 545548

Ugly Lainey, just because you lost your drinking buddy because of your husband's small ego doesn't make you straightedge.

No. 545549

lol when's Onion going to address all his intentions with wanting to bang teenagers

No. 545551

> ugly teenagers and old women like Dev want to sleep with me
> my wife kept kissing this DISGUSTING person and I kept filming her HALF NAKED but it made me SICK
> I have never been decent towards an ex partner!

No. 545552

looks like he did lol >>545526

No. 545554

Do you think Greg has been lurking the Dasha thread and saw that getting Mina drunk made her more open to sexual advances? Got to get the beers in while there's a sexy teen in the house.

No. 545558

Lame is live.
Don't give her free spins if you check it out,

No. 545560

The pig is loosing it in younow. Don’t wanna live blog but she’s an asshole freaking

No. 545571

Did he really try to brag about now going on a 'hate campaign' against Lainey during their 4 day break up when he cheated on her? LMAO holy fuck.

No. 545574

Reminder to record/save the moments

No. 545577

Lol is he appealing to lolcow now and targeting other cows? People suspected he lurked for a while now but after he’s put out videos where he’s directly in the threads, it’s confirmed.

No. 545580


Lmfao the denial "look at this can, it's literally the size of my head", you wiiiiiiiiish, foot

No. 545584

Wait, wait, wait…
I don't want to tinfoil, so/ but did he meet her before or after dating Lainey? Is there any info on this?
Was she single?
Did she have kids back then?

No. 545585

He has literally never shut up about shane for like 7 years after being "rejected" by him and still is trying to smear his name. Everyone who goes on a supposed "hate campaign" against onion maybe makes a few tweets and a few videos defending themselves against the crap he says about them and moves on with their life. He literally never shuts up about them for decades.

No. 545589

> Overpriced, ugly bullshit. Why would anyone even want these? Do they know how creepy this shit is ffs.


No. 545591

I’m not a Straightahead Puritan and maybe it’s nitpicking but I hate people that swear in front of their kids it’s trashy. Even if try and teach them not to they still will swear and act a fool

No. 545606

Lainey used her little playbook tonight. Same shit she pulled when she was getting heat about sam/maya etc, Claims she's been SAAAD all week, Then randomly brings up highschool boyfriend to act all scared and afraid of even though she hasn't mentioned it before the madi situation.

Lainey bitched out about not getting her food on time and that "They" were making it.
Sarah comes in handing her plate and lainey bitches out about being so hungry.

Lainey pulls faces and seems salty when chat is complimenting sarah a ton.

No. 545611

Just to add she also paused a lot during the sarah compliments and tried to downplay them, Mid ramble pauses. No new lovebites either so she's not getting any loving from fathead either.

Seems like sarah and greg are spending time together.

No. 545612

>no new love bites either
>sarah and greg are spending time together
Lol, better hope that Sarah's visit is a quick one Lainey! Or you'll actually lose your man this time. Your time is running out and you know it.

No. 545614

Shes probably starting to resent sarah cause people are calling her pretty now while she looks like social repose with five diseases.

No. 545619

File: 1531259484661.jpg (1.01 MB, 1644x1080, DhwuqpnV4AAXO8j.jpg)

Quality thumbnail.

No. 545620

Oh god its so ugly I need to bleach my screen

No. 545627

File: 1531260750821.png (74.17 KB, 519x455, what is self-awareness.png)

No. 545628

This reeks of self-posting. Regardless, no one cares, Madision. You reap what you sow.

No. 545629

File: 1531261008676.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1514399923699.gif)

But grease does this, To everyone to ever come in contact with him. He's done it to allie and beck already within a day, Holy shit the cockgoblins are so desperate that they'll gleefully agree every single time.

Watch them both be absolutely aghast and astounded once grease flips on them. Just like beck right now.

No. 545633

No wonder she’s such a salty motherfucker, I would be too if I had to look at this festering mess in the mirror every day

No. 545634

How do any of these weirdos actually think they’ll make it in as the next Billie?
PSA to any patreon lurkers, you do realize Billie never had to give Onion a cent right?? He gave HER $$ to blow, not the other way around. If you were going to be their third, he would already be on you like white on rice. So Dev, Booty, whoever.. if he hasn’t expressed interest by now, he won’t. Ever. You’re throwing money away hoping to make some lasting impression on him while he gleefully strings you idiots along, just like he did with Maddison, only to tell her it was never gonna happen.

No. 545639

Well, in the last 24 hours he did like about 12 of booty's tweets including her ugly mug. I'd post screenshot but it's too many tweets and I'm on mobile.

No. 545645

Why is Lame constantly saying shes the shortest of the family when even in old pictures shes clearly taller?

No. 545655

How is he trying to rewrite what happened in Cuddlegate. You called Billie boring for rejecting your kinks you dumb small man

No. 545659

Greg claims he was decent to Madison by texting her and calling her ex of 4 years her boyfriend and then blocking her.

"If I never rejected you, you would still like me!!!" No shit Onion!! Exposing yourself as a judgmental hypocritical piece of shit doesn't put you on a pedestal. You're just selfish and moronic.

No. 545675

Well it's the same shape

Close enough.

No. 545687

probably to show he "cares" and notices her so that she keeps her high pledge

No. 545748

How fucking boring and vapid can they get. Apparently drinking 1 can makes you an alcoholic. Surprised he doesn’t chug a bottle of vodka from under the sink waking up to her festering mug every morning

No. 545758

That whole video came off like two giggling high schoolers trying alcohol for the first time (we know the onions have had alcohol before, so it makes the whole thing creepier) like when Lainey giggled and would tattle on Greg for “taking another sip” of the strawberry one, it’s crazy to remember that this is a 32 and 23 year old couple with children.
Like they were trying to act all drunk and affected at certain points too which was just so stupid and odd, saying words weird and messing up their sentences on purpose to be “cute”
But I guess that whole thing is supposed to appeal to teens who still think alcohol is edgy and cool

No. 545761

File: 1531272181488.jpg (419.54 KB, 1080x1440, 20180710_182258.jpg)

Guess men cant be raped then ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 545768

Never seen him be nice to Beck. Whenever we see him responding to her somewhere he is shitting on her. Whats wrong with this girl for still giving money to him and supporting him? And Anusion is probably jacking off to the thought that he can be as much of an asshole to her as he wants and this doormat still gives him money.

No. 545770

So…did they just waste $40 to $50 dollars to make this pathetic video?

No. 545780

He already thinks boys can't be molested because he's never met a boy who has.

No. 545781

"Straight edge couple throws away straight edge values for views"
(Not that they ever were straight edge at any point in time)

No. 545787

Doesnt he claim he was molested?

No. 545788

"if i put enough emojis in my tweet they won't realize how butthurt i am"

No. 545789


He claims "he doesn't remember." But I can see why you thought that because the way he suggested it could be a possibility.

Also, I'm disappointed he's wormed his way into some attention again.

No. 545799

Right?? They claim to be straight edge a lot, but there is more to being straight edge than being vegetarian, and staying away from drugs and alcohol. It's a subculture that is part of the hardcore punk scene, and straight edge people also usually are animal rights activists. Which.. I never saw either Lame nor Anusion ever doing anything close to speaking up for animal rights. IIRC Lame doesnt even lose only Cruelty free makeup.

No. 545802

File: 1531276110494.jpg (162.07 KB, 681x872, HurrdurrImLainey.jpg)

Do they want an award for being straight edge? Sorry you guys hate fun you fucking life cucks.

No. 545807

File: 1531276538962.jpeg (61.15 KB, 322x252, 1429329911955.jpeg)

lmao what is this even??

No. 545812

I think it was a twitter exchange, I wish I could find the conversation. But someone mentioned how he joked about wanting to have sex with 7th grade boys, and his defense was "pedophiles dont have sex with boys, just girls, learn the facts"
I guess that whole pedophile Catholic priests sex scandal never happened.

No. 545813

There’s nothing more straight edge than chaining a sex slave up in the basement and having threesomes with teens

No. 545818

File: 1531277335535.jpg (82.53 KB, 402x654, smugneobillie.jpg)

Old tweet but it's rather ironic considering whats happened


No. 545826

I love how Greg decided to take a selfie of himself and his hoodie while he was hanging out with Madison. Not even a selfie of two friends, he had to be the center of attention and not even aknowledge her

No. 545845

"I am that girl." You heard it folks, we are officially onto female pronouns.

No. 545847

Nooo Anon, remember all money from Patreon goes toward making high-quality content like buying products or props specific to the video. -eyeroll- they're financially struggling but everything about them shows otherwise.

No. 545866

In Lainey's latest video with Sarah, Sarah jokes around that the two of them are sisters, and also says referring to Lainey "maybe, she's got it, maybe it's…".

Yeah, the second is a line from the commercial, and the first is also said jokingly, but still, it's obvious that Sarah thinks of her as a woman.

Do you think anyone of their "guests" uses they/he for Lainey in front of her kids?

If yes, the kids would ask questions, how do you think their parents explained that to them? A serious talk about gender norms and roles, or "mommy and friends are just acting"?

If no, they would have to explain to the "guests" why not to do it. And then the "guests" can't reveal this hypocrisy to the public, because of the Onisions' NEVER TALK ABOUT THE CHILDREN policy.

No. 545868

Im still confused about which "truth" Im suppose to believe.
I thought he said that all 3K went to his IRS lawyer.
I guess it all depends on the day, and how he wants to spin his victim status at the moment.

No. 545878

How does he explain only wanting a “professional” relationship if they maintained a relationship with their kids becoming playmates like ?? Lainey wanton got kiss her on you now is over the line but involving your kids with each other off screen proves it wasn’t just professional.

No. 545882

As someone who likes a beer but can't afford the nicer ones too often this pisses me off.That's as least 50 bux worth of cold ones.Poor Lain & Gurg so poor /s

No. 545895

I'd love to see what percentage of their income from Patreon even goes to their videos. It's technically against terms of service to not spend the money as told on Patreon. Also I think he technically isn't following terms of use by saying his goal is to make enough money to survive on Patreon alone and not worry about censoring his YouTube videos and being demonetized (as if he'd be ok with that) instead of saying what the money is actually going to in his product. Also he apparently requires 7000$ a month before he's capable of doing whatever he wants on YouTube

No. 545899

Greg was trashing Beck, AJ and Sam on younow today. He was also talking about the gross Harley Quinn dog porn he watched. Unfortunately, my OBS decided to shit the bed while I was recording.

No. 545902

>He was also talking about the gross Harley Quinn dog porn he watched
>Dog porn
why the fuck am I not surprised? Creepy balding fuck.

No. 545909

>It's technically against terms of service [to blah blah money]
It's also LITERALLY AGAINST THE LAW to dodge taxes by writing them off as a "business expense" when they're not, but they were doing that. They're actually trying to pay off their big crime with a smaller one, kek.

Don't sweat about them breaking Patreon's TOS. They're in much much deeper shit. And the IRS is going to look into their Patreon as well. Their finances are royally fucked.

No. 545916

File: 1531285117072.png (20.86 KB, 415x185, 2461232.PNG)

WHY does Greg ALWAYS bring this up in his streams. Even that tomatofag jokes about it, so it must be a running joke in his small circle of "friends" that Greg talks way too much about bestiality.

I feel like this is a taboo kink hes into and hes trying to test the water with his patrons to see if one of the more disgusting girls will say "omg thats hot" (Im looking at you FatBecca) then he'll start texting her and buying plane tickets.
Its like the pedo who shows the little boy porn to make it easier to abuse the kid.
If you're reading this Greg- there's no states where its legal to have sex with dogs, so you cant circumvent the law like you do with the legal age of consent and sex with minors.

No. 545917

True, but imagine the milk if he were kicked off Patreon. He'd lose the ability to create his perfect paid echo chamber and his main source of income during this IRS issue. He'd likely go bankrupt

No. 545935

Yeah he was laughing when his discord cultists were shutting her down in younow and made a comment about liking when they attack her

No. 545938

His main source of income is Lainey.

He insisted on having separate finances because of his fear that it would end with him paying up like with Skye, he never anticipated she would become the main earner and he would regret that decision he imposed on her.

His bitterness about it in one of the latest videos (the "punishments" one) is so strong and raw.
Greg to Taylor, verbatim quote from video: "You should stop earning more than me."

Lol, karma

No. 545945

It's funny for a guy who once talked down to men who felt emasculated by their wives making more than him (don't remember the video, it was really long time ago).
Also, knowing Lainey, she'll probably accept any bullshit contract he whips up like he tried to with Skye and give him whatever he wants if they divorced. She's clearly paying for his shit now and likely everything that goes to the kids as well. He probably hates more that he's the one financially tied to her than that he's kept their finances separate. Especially seeing as it allows him to feel free to invite and pay for any other kids to stay with them

No. 545957

File: 1531290049416.png (67.04 KB, 898x251, Screenshot_2018-07-10-22-33-15…)

Another droplet of milk from Allie. His longtime syncophants are dropping like flies and it's amazing to watch as they turn against him.
Out of one side of his mouth he talks about how important his patrons are to him, but if you dare offer criticism it's astounding how fast he'll turn on you.
I hope the rest of his patrons are taking note. Soon it will just be the $1 haturrz and Bootyslayer paying for his frozen burritos.

No. 545966

File: 1531291454625.png (455.59 KB, 900x1286, Screenshot_2018-07-10-23-06-45…)

Jfc. Looking at GSW's "liked" tweets irritate the fuck out of me. It's all self-involved virtue signaling.
I'm sorry, but even if she were trans, what more does she think she "deserves"? She does nothing for the community besides fetishize it, profit off it and and screech that she's a supporter.
She bought a special outfit for Pride to show off in her idiotic lookbook, but couldn't even be arsed to actually show up. What exactly does she think she's entitled to?

No. 545981

File: 1531297839023.png (369.33 KB, 530x648, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 10.3…)

tfw your partner simultaneously defends trans people's rights to speak up for themselves and yet stands by as you make videos barking orders to the trans community

No. 545983

lgbt is known for literally destroying themselves from the inside, the transtrenders like lain who pray upon the trans community try to twist the definition as much as possible to feel 'validated' and 'special', so in their prepubescent minds, they could at least for that one fleeting moment feel like they were someone important.

Honestly, it's sad as fuck.

No. 545984

File: 1531298173143.jpeg (151.58 KB, 750x320, 2A744B4A-F788-46AB-9586-D3F9E8…)

Anyone here on this?

No. 545985

on it now thanks to you <3

No. 545986

File: 1531298715841.jpg (233.98 KB, 1080x621, Screenshot_20180711-104516_Twi…)

Another response to the "she cheated on her ex with his boss" topic

No. 545987

wtf, now I see why madi could be their friends for so long.

She's so broken with such low self-esteem. Jesus christ girl, respect yourself more and get some real friends.

No. 545988

"he bought me dinner, they let me stay over when my car was snowed in, they gave me clothes to wear, they are good people."

Has this girl never met normal people before? Where tf does she live Do random strangers on the road spit at her when she falls or something?

No. 545989

She's really putting all this out there because the garbage took itself out of her life. A mess.
Her possibly being groomed by Grease as a teen is the only fathomable reason for this, otherwise she's just (more of) a socially-crippled attention whore like the rest of them. No sympathy for the people that stand by their disgusting actions and crimes and then have the gall to be shocked when they become targets.

No. 545991

Can someone give a quick summary of what she was talking about? I don't use Instagram and couldn't watch it.

No. 545992

File: 1531300228947.jpg (766.09 KB, 810x2558, Screenshot_20180711-111018_Twi…)

samefag. She's fed up.

No. 545993

Nothing is sacred with these cows. Goddess forbid the actually keep shit private and resist the urge to overshare every detail of their white trash lives.

No. 545994

Honestly what the fuck would she expect if Shreg yapped about Billie’s deepest secrets and Lainey being sexually assaulted by her teacher??? Nothing is ever gonna be off limits to him and anyone who gets involved with the onion clan should know that

No. 545996

Just a little more pushing from LGH and she might spill some beans. lol. This is gonna be juicy.

No. 545999

She spends half an hour crying about how she doesn't hate greg and lainey cause they are good people. She then gives various examples of how they are 'good people' and they are literally basic shit that any normal human being would do for a person in need or even a distant acquaintance.
These example include: asking her what she wants to film when she visits, be nice to her daughter, buy her dinner, allow her to stay in their house because her car was snowed in, provide her with 'clean' clothes to wear, have meals together, have sleepovers, do make-up with lainey.

After that she spergs a little about how muchs he has done for them in defending them, then states that had she known her video would ruin a 6 year friendship, she would have never made it in the first place. Oh and her next sentence was, but i don't regret apologising to my community.

No. 546000

Also gingerbeck spends the entire stream posting supportive messages, saying she doesn't deserve this, and telling madi that she will DM her later explaining why greg is so mad at her video.

No. 546001

I don't believe Lainey makes more than him. She has less in her Patreon and her videos don't get many views either. I think Greg likes to tell her she makes more so she can spend her money on the family. No way he lets her see his account statements.

No. 546002

I don’t know what world Greg is living in but a “professional” relationship to me doesn’t involve letting them met my family and visa versa. That’s a friendship no matter how much he wants to spin it. Then again he’s let how many patrons come to his house and met his kids now? Better be careful Greg or one day you’re going to invite someone dangerous into your kids space, seriously

No. 546004


He mentioned this porn before. He mumbled something about how straight guys like watching dogs have sex with women. I think people need to bring this up to him since it's slipped through the cracks and he deserves lots of backlash for it.

No. 546008

File: 1531303183873.png (39.61 KB, 606x279, madicap4.PNG)

It's pretty fucked that he is bringing her kid into it. His kids are off limits but the people he hates? Fuck their kids.
Madison, we all know you're lurking. Wake the fuck up.

No. 546011

>straight guys like watching dogs have sex with women

…yeah, it's all of them, not just him trying to say it isn't creepy and disgusting.

No. 546014

They got a strawberry margarita and called it beer? Can humans actually be this dense?

No. 546018

No. 546019

"And I will continue to be after"??? That reeks of jealousy and seems like she was just waiting for Billie to be gone.

No. 546020

You're wrong.

His videos are demonetized and his channels deemed non-advertiser friendly. Hers are not.

That's why he throws those "YOUTUBE KILLED MY CHANNEL!!1!" fits.

No. 546021

Madison plz. You included her. Bitch I have no pity for you, you wanted to be in a relationship with them and what? Raise your daughter in some sort of a poly swamp commune? Make her view Trot and Clot as siblings? This is sick. You inserted yourself AND your daughter into this. You thirsted after Onions for years
When you think about it, it's really fucked up.

No. 546023

Was she thirsting after him though? All we have is Greg saying she was into him, and we already know how he loves to say every girl he shames was into him. He brought up her pregnancy with the man she's now married and has a daughter with.Remember, Greg is the one who brought up her child in the first place, not her.

No. 546027

Looooool, instead of exposing Onision, she exposes herself. Incredible!

I deleted my reply to >>544344 because I thought it was too late and therefore derailing, but I'll say now:
Although I agree with you in principle, this site is called lolcow, not righteouscow. Alas, I can think of thousands of people who are more deserving of scorn than Onision, but I can think of only a few who are more deserving of ridicule than him, and those few are the people that associate with him.

No. 546029

>Was she thirsting after him though?

What she tweeted:
>I cared about Lainey. A lot
>I have a lot of love in my heart for Lainey
>Lainey denied how they felt about me
>Lainey said they never liked me that way and never said that they were interested in me despite the fact I was told otherwise
I do believe she wanted to be their third, it's pretty obvious from what she said.
And maybe Lainey lowkey encouraged that because she's a lonely bored attention-starved ho.
Also as >>546019
said, she clearly thought she's The Best Grrl. She's friends with them for six years, anon. She knew all of their antics and still would bring her daughter into this household. I see no excuse.
(repost coz I tagged wrong anon)

No. 546030

Honestly, I don't give a shit if she was attracted to them or not. I feel no need to hate or shitting on her for associating with Gurg and his fugly wife.

No. 546031

Gerg probably got jealous that Mad Maddi was all about his wifey and didn't thirst after him. It's Maya and Luxy all over again.

No. 546032

That's okay, for me though it's like sticking your hand into a fire and then whining on twitter the fire burnt you. Of course you should expect people to treat you right, but ffs, it's Gregma.

Maybe that's it. Maybe he just looked for an excuse to drop her because she became a threat.

No. 546033

>she still brought her daughter, that must mean she wanted sex!

… Ok. Right. This is not even bullshit, this is just… wow.

No. 546034

>she still brought her daughter, that must mean she wanted sex!
Never said that. Are you feeling ok anon? Why so pressed? Something triggered you?

No. 546035

Yeah, your bullshit triggered me.
Never been exposed to so much of it condensed in one place.

No. 546037

Nah, I still don't believe him. Known too many manipulative pieces of shit in my life. Either way though, Lainey's getting screwed over.

No. 546039

You took one thing out of what I posted and got so bent over it, you didn't even understand what I said. Really interesting that you took it so personally.
Anyway, I'll stop derailing by replying to you, stay triggered(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546040

No, please explain what you REALLY meant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546041

Yeah,same way all straight guys kiss their cousins in their sleep, and all straight guys want to fuck their step moms right? And they all insist on fucking barely legal teenage girls,right Greg? Not projecting at all there. You keep living in your bubble little gregma, but karma's gonna bite right back and burst it.

No. 546049

How does no one out of the recent 8 people he’s kicked out of his life for dumb reasons not spilled any tea

No. 546050

No worries, here's the backup of last nights stream.


No. 546052

Since Billie Greg has made everyone sign a non-disclosure form. It's just some shit he's printed from a website that means nothing… but the people coming into his house aren't exactly the smartest of cookies

No. 546053

Because recently they've got more manufactured drama than real drama.

Them fucking those people off IS the entire drama.

No. 546055

Lol, NDA-tinfoil again?
I like the Troy having elephantitis angle better.
It's more believable.

No. 546056

Nah didn't Lainey mention it a stream a while ago. Something about taking legal action so people don't cause drama in the future.

No. 546057

No, she didn't.
And anyway Lainey says she's a he in streams.
Try harder.

No. 546059

Well now that Maddison got Onion'ed…

Sarah, you are the only one who's left. Prepare for your dirty laundry to be exposed in a few months.

No. 546060

Come on Maddie!!
Don't be a pushover, he talked about your kids while being a hypocrite and insisting you never bring up his mini moos.

Spill the tea! Spill the tea!!!
Talk about Onisions kids. Tell the people what they are like, how they play. He didn't respect you at the end, so why still try to respect his wishes? You cannot respect somebody who was just using you and your friendship just for his views, now can you?

>He always makes it sound like everyone is simply dying to be with Taylor.

>No one gives a shit about a foot pretending to be a boy basking in herpes in the swamp, Greg.

>Just because you pimp Taylor out to little girls doesn't mean that people are going to be throwing their wallets and young bodies at you.

>You're too old and she's too ugly.

>You are both gross as fuck and despite your similarities, you don't even want each other.

>You're 32, start acting like it.

Oh anon, this whole post is so on point!!! Yasss!!
Why would intelligent, level headed humans ever want to date a fake foot boy with a raging case of the herp????

All of the comments on the other 3rd party channels keep saying things about Laineys herpes. It seems that nobody really wants to kiss infected oozing crusty foot sores.

However, some food for thought for Onision.
If you mess around with another minor girl…
…and they get herpes from you…
… they can sue you for it, AND put you on public blast, like Jim Carrey giving Cathriona those 3 STDs. Poor little irish cat.

That what you want? I know you like negative attention, but what Im saying is, that what you want, for all of your fans to know you pass along the herp a derp?

How will you ever get the suk mi if everyone knows thats how to get the Onion herpes?

Have fun with your foot. You're going to be stuck together for a very long time….

No. 546061

It's the dumbest tinfoil since the whole secret third child shit and it's also called elephantiasis, consistently using the wrong word makes you sound even dumber.

No. 546064

He had sex in the Harley Quinn outfit?? Didn’t he sell that on posh mark.. probably to a 13 year old fan…

No. 546065

I had sex in the backseat of my car, sold it, and now a CHILD is sitting there.

Can we make a thread about me on /pt/ yet?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546070

>Talk about Onisions kids. Tell the people what they are like, how they play.

uh, why? Anon, let's not bring kids into this.

get out already, Onionflake

No. 546076

File: 1531316328437.jpg (121.88 KB, 750x801, C4Ge6C8UMAASV0G.jpg)

Lainey did this to Sarah before she was shuffled out. Privately told Sarah she had a chance but publically denied it in front of Greg. What are the chances that Madi and Sarah are lying versus Sneakybot? Taylor is the snake who lied to her parents for months to date Greg.

No. 546084

Lainey continues to have her gay husband introduce and lead all of her Laineybot videos, the 8th Onision channel.

Also why is he just pouring all of the beer into a large bowl on their dresser?

No. 546087

Because Shreg is copying Ethan Klein from H3H3's Soda Challenge where they tried weird soda flavors and they poured some of each in a bowl and then one or both had to drink from the bowl at the end. Shreg doesn't have any unique thoughts of his own.

No. 546088

Because its information, and it is this anons hope that she chooses to discuss it on her social media or her platforms.

Her own social media platforms. My musing is not for Madi to come specifically to LC to expose that info. I'm just stating an opinion that yes, I'd love to hear more about their life, and if Madi should discuss the T&Ckids on her own social media, then hopefully everbody on LC would act appropriately within community guidelines and not discuss the kids.

No. 546089

That's such a cruel manipulation tactic they're using. They make you feel liked, give you hope for more, encourage it, and then suddenly it's a 180 change, they're cold, denying everything, making you feel dumb and confused.
And they ALWAYS do this. Madie was "an actor, nothing else", they didn't like Billie neither, she was "just pretty", Sarah "will always just be a friend", honestly I don't remember what he said about Sam and Vix but no doubt it was something like this.
Fucking vile people

No. 546091

Sam was just the "cameraman who suddenly fell in love with me" and Vix was the "going to be cameraman who backed out because of her bf which had me scrreching online for weeks"
Luxy was "the boat who wasnt sure if it can safe us, who got blocked after she didnt want my greese dick"
And Maya was "Laineys gf who wanted to be Laineys gf even after I made her feel as uncomfortable as possible, so she got dropped"

No. 546098

Not surprising. Lainey loves to lead girls on and nurse crushes on her but hates actually having anyone get close to her or her gregglypoo. Onision has such a fragile ego combined with his b&w thinking makes it easy for him to cut people out of his life and feel like he won.

No. 546099

didn't he call one of them "sexually dormant"?

Also, Madi, hi, know you're lurking. Normal people do the "nice people" things you listed, sorry that your life experiences kept you from understanding that but Gayg and his ugly wife are NOT nice people. They'll continue to publicly shame you, just wait.

No. 546102

Pretty sure it was Luxy because she also didn't want the old greasy dick.


No. 546103

You majestic creature, TY anon. And thank you to all anons who record streams, you keep the milk flowing to England.

No. 546123

Ok major tinfoil here but what if the thing with Maddie is staged drama? Because Anusuin knows he is irrelevant and people only ever talk about him when some sort of drama is going down. I thought of that just mainly because Madison is an actress and could as well be fake-crying for the camera. Ofc not saying I am right but would it really be above Shreg to do that kinda thing?

No. 546124

If that was the case, And maddie brought her own daughter into it just for views? That would be fucking sick.

No. 546139

Why do you guys think he loves Harley Quinn so much? Is it because that is his ideal woman? A sadistic doormat who's insane?

No. 546144

Its because she's hot and he loves pretending to be The Joker

No. 546145

Not that anon, but noone said that since she brought her child around that she wanted to screw Onision.

But, even she said on Twitter that she was upset that Lain said she didn't "feel that way" for her although she was told otherwise.

She not only sat back for years while she did the same things to other women, but participated at times. Even a few days before this she claimed everything they said about Sam was true then apologized when it turned around on her.

She may not of specifically want to screw Greg, but she definitely wanted Lame or acted like she did. And she has been around long enough to know that you can't get with one and not be with the other.

She's trying to act like the victim now when she wanted to be associated with these same people for YEARS.

She's even continuing to talk about him and tweet about him and then turn around and act like she's appalled at people asking her to spill more, even though she is holding that hope over everyone's heads for the attention it's getting her.

Didn't she even claim that LGH called her a "sexual predator"? The text he showed didn't even say that. So, did he say it elsewhere or is she using that for more victim points?

They can all be garbage. If Lainey suddenly left she would still be just as guilty for being Okay and active in all of this for years. And maddie has been as well.

No. 546149

Maddie is stupid for not using this to make a truly “iconic” callout video on Greg (the vid you made flopped and was neither funny nor ‘iconic’ like you’d hoped Madi) anyways, Billies expose video on Onion got like upwards of ONE MILLION views. Think of the views you’d get Maddie! But no, you’re going to hold out bc you have this secret desperate hope that if you talk somewhat kindly about them, they’ll change their minds. Don’t you know Greg better than that? He would rather lose 3737273 friends than ever go back on his words and admit he was wrong. He can’t take you back as a friend without looking like an idiot. So go ahead and do what Sam did, and hold out on the hopes of reconciling with them, only to realize it will never ever happen.
Then, once it sinks in there’s no fixing this, it will be too late to capitalize on the drama and get those views while all this is still relevant.
And you know? Grease is COUNTING on that.

Side note, this whole situation has just really further exposed how nasty Taylor Anderson / Avaroe is. I can’t wait to see her regret all this one day.

No. 546151


He called her a predator in the DDLG video. He puts on a diaper, asks a bunch of uncomfortable questions, then when he’s not getting the reaction he wants he says she’s the one who made him put the diaper on, and calls her a predator.

Gee, what a tragedy to lose such a meaningful friendship.

No. 546190


BeautyThot uploads a new video where she does her make-up in reverse. Take a shot every time she says "look" or when Sarah makes a comment.

No. 546204

Typical Gingerbeck. Kiss Greg's ass despite him roasting her for pooping up their bathroom then as soon as he turns around, she's brownnosing the other side. She's almost as bad as those Lizardqueenxoxox and Bootyslayer girls.

No. 546206

File: 1531333223591.png (560.2 KB, 970x543, Nf0Fhci.png)

>moshi moshi tinfoil desu~

No. 546211

She seems to be a bit smarter than the average contestant for Onion's Next Top Trinity Cumdumpster but she has the skills of a doormat. Lame would feel threatened if she was at least a bit appealing to her greasy husband.
He seems to be obsessed with the Joker on a psychological level. If Lame had more spine and was actually at least somewhat attractive, she could be a good Walmart Harley Quinn.

No. 546213

I see Sarah has been delegated to behind he camera from now on. lame obviously couldn't handle or risk another billion comments about how pretty Sarah was compared to her in her comment section

No. 546215

Sarah is Lame's Sam (aka 'camerawoman'). kek

No. 546216

Also, I have a feeling if Sarah was on camera, and helped Lainey do her make-up, she'd end up upstaging her and making the comments section praise her even more

No. 546235

he definitely wanted vix to be in the trinity, but lainey wasn't interested. He tried getting them to be friends to make lainey more "comfortable" since he was spending so much time talking to his "Good friend :)"

No. 546237

I think this trip that’s going to be a big issue. Billie outshined Lainey when she was there and now Sarah has grown up and is probably somewhat threatening to Lainey again.

No. 546248

Okay but why does her makeup look better?? Like. She didn't look so dry this time. Maybe she needs to time down on the contour and powders a bit.

No. 546249

Behind the scenes Taylor probably is like "uh Sarah, can you like, make yourself look ugly?" or she's getting salty, ignores Sarah instead of talking about her problem and makes Gurg send her home kek

No. 546256

She was getting offended when Sarah told her she took her eyeshadow out too far and put too much on her brush. Bet Sarah's regretting spending over $60 on getting BeautyThot some expensive ABH make-up and Lainey's regretting bringing Sarah back because everyone loves her better.

No. 546259

"That looks bomb as fuck, that's on fleek, I'm lit!"

Her buzzwords sound like Onion's video tags. She's just throwing whatever the hell is trendy to say over the past year and sounding like a huge try hard. Now I know why I don't watch her retarded beauty videos.

And she was definitely getting mad at Sarah for critiquing her. Her ass was as chapped as her lips.

No. 546261

Hope Onion brings some drama tonight to alleviate the heartbreak of getting knocked out of the World Cup

No. 546270

Is anyone surprised he did this? He dehumanized Shiloh's baby too and kept calling her "someone else's baby" for years

No. 546274

File: 1531345258882.png (94.06 KB, 839x706, Screenshot_2018-07-11-15-39-13…)

Look, I get that you don't want to expose Greg because it'll make you the bad guy in Greg's eyes. I get you say you want to take the high road and not shit on a relationship you clearly liked and was ok with. But here's the thing, Greg already had convinced himself you're the bad guy and he's the best, he already made tweets that you were shitting on him when you weren't. You don't even have to spill new milk, all your have to do is defend yourself and make a video combining what you've already said on twitter. Greg is spreading lies about you and is being a hypocrite. A defense video for yourself is the best way to do it, Greg's main place is YouTube so YouTube will get you the best exposure. Not to mention Greg can't do shit on his main chanel right now so you'd be safe. They clearly didn't care about you so don't offer them loyalty they never showed you. Laing used you and pretended to care for you, likely in ways beyond just friendship. Greg disrespected and ignored the facts of what happened to you, say in in a video so people actually know. Tweets get lost, videos are there (and can be recommended). You can help prevent this from happening again to others

To not totally derail, I'll post a tweet Greg posted. At least he's admitting here he isn't necessarily going to listen to criticism. Dumbass doesn't realise that just because your opinion is honest, doesn't mean the opinion is right or good in any way

No. 546280

Farmers begging an onionflake for milk is getting pathetic. Every time Onion has a fallout with anyone the threads fill up with pleas for the flake to spill but it. never. happens.

The closest we ever got to anyone spilling was Macncheese/Ashlyn and Vix and they were eviscerated and forced into hiding. We ain’t getting shit cuz some of y’all don’t know how to act lol.

No. 546284

They weren't forced into hiding, they went off to attentionwhore elsewhere. It's not that deep, they were trolls from the start.

But I agree that farmers need to stop crawling up everyone's ass as soon as they get wronged by the onion. Consider how much Greg has on Madison and how much he'd not give a fuck to expose absolutely everything vs what Madison could realistically do.

No. 546285

Tbh I don’t really believe that Maddie has any dirt on them. At least not things we already know about. She has already got quite a bit of hate and even anons here have called her another Onision. I don’t blame her for not wanting to air their dirty laundry

No. 546287

You definitely articulated what I meant better, I agree. It’s almost sad how easy it is to troll Shreg these days. Everyone can sense his desperation for a new best girl.

No. 546288


Pretty sure she kicked sarah out half way through lulz. like right after sarah was shitting on her for not applying the makeup right, suddenly lainey stops looking over to the side and mentioning sarah…


No. 546299

File: 1531346506308.png (32.97 KB, 199x172, SS_0098.png)

I don't exactly think she's another Onision but she is definitely a mini-cow aka snowflake. She is milking this luke-warm drama for all the notoriety and attention she can.

>Vid related.


No. 546301

Why would she keep that in the video though

No. 546305

The reason Grease slut shames adult women like AJ and maddie is because he is insecure about his own beta bitch man inadequacies. How do you assure a female is “pure” and unsoiled? Bang and marry literal teenage children like lame and company

No. 546308

Maybe so it appears it like friendly banter or adds something or adds something to the video or Lainey just couldn't be fucked to edit Sarah's comments out

No. 546309

As well, most adult women have got a good idea of how a relationship is supposed to be and have more of a frame of reference on how men are supposed to act with women. No prizes for guessing why this intimidates gerg.

No. 546314

This pro choice tweet has literally no logic. He's saying in the perspective of the child?? "If you respect your mother's rights over your own" what?? He's saying it as if it's the child choice to be aborted and to choose the mother's life over its own. He can't even be pro choice correctly! Only thing that I could MAYBE see is if he was referring to males only and speaking about their mothers in general. But, still… does he think it's only men that are pro-life and only women can be raped?

He cannot even virtue signal correctly. Gurbage. You are literally just making the opposing opinions look right.

No. 546317

I can honestly say in 31 years on earth have never in my life had sex with a 17year old child!! That’s not virtue signalling with because you shouldn’t be having sex with kids! Definitely been less than virtuous and promiscuous in the past, but those are choices adults can or cannot make for themselves. As long as you know the risks and consequences with having multiple partners you’re free to make independent choices without premission of a man! If you’re safe and honest about your sex life it’s literally nobody else’s bussiness, who, when and how you have sex. Women like Maddison can have sex with who ever whenever she wants. That’s her choice and not gregs or any other man’s for that matter. She is the one who suffers the consequences or her independent decisions. You’re absolutely correct! Grease shames women when they have independence and independent choices(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546322

Okay, I was confused when he said it(although, I wasn't trying to defend him and I'm surprised he didn't say worse)because she her tweets made it seem like he said it in the text after their fight. She sure didn't say anything about being offended by it until after their fight. God, I swear anyone that willingly is associated with him, especially for that long is just as big a cow as him..

No. 546335

>or Lainey just couldn't be fucked to edit Sarah's comments out
Classic Lamey

This is true for all his social life. Apart from being insane he is ignorant and boring and he absolutely can't hide it. Most people his age have moved on a decade ago and done shit with their lifes, his internet infamity means shit outside the swamp trailer, what does he have to show? Of course he has to surround himself with underage teens and unexperienced or vulnerable young adults, or fellow internet crazies. Hell, even Tomato Dickhead seems more mature, as cringey as he is.

No. 546344

File: 1531350819529.png (112.95 KB, 640x1136, E999C99C-6DB1-41F2-AAA4-1A34C3…)

I agree she’s always been hella thirsty. Bitch go to college and get either a job or education. If you need to beg for money online than your social media career ain’t working time to find something else. No shame in those that cam model or have successful careers in social media but if you need to fall on patron and you’re missing your goal by a few thousand dollars it’s time to do up some resumes find a job or go to college. You’re modeling clearly isn’t paying the bills if you’re acting like a thirsty ass leech

No. 546349

File: 1531352378543.png (91.5 KB, 580x308, totesnottransphobe.png)

Anusion acting like he's not a transphobe.

No. 546351

No. 546353

i don't even like tumblr terms, but why is this cis man telling trans people what to do about a topic that they clearly know much more about?

No. 546359

>financially independent

didn't lamebots patreon say exactly this when her goal was like 5k or whatever ridiculous amount?

No. 546381

why is that a ridiculous amount?

No. 546384


"If you had a problem with me, why didn't you say anything when we were friends?"

cuts people out due to the slightest of criticism


No. 546386

5k to sit on her ass doing fuck all except for ignoring questions and talking about how sm0l she thinks she is

No. 546389

She literally has no good content. It’s all the same things she done and to ask people to keep giving her money to reach 5k is laughable when she treats her own fans like utter shit

No. 546396

What an idiot - he actually should check his faxxs and definitions - of a group and members. It's up to members to decide who is or not in it - there are certain rules or behaviours to include you and it has nothing to do with your feelings or tolerance.
We also are not deciding about who we are 100%, so maybe check something other than tumblr/your fakeboi prince.
In the case of being trans there are certain things to qualify you and it's up to a group (or in this case also doctors) to set rules. Including everyone makes everything erode and be less meaningful. There are already terms to make people feel better about their identity and sexuality but I guess queer or tomboy is not special enough.
I'm not trans but isn't now some infighting in lgbt groups because of trender/activist/snowlake bs?
And of course Onion has white savior complex and need to teach those trans transphobes how to trans right.
sorry for angry rambling, I wish I could sage. He knows how to irritate others or he is dumb.

No. 546416

Greg's is 7000$. Sure he needs money to bring in his new child brides, but that amount of money is a bit much to survive, especially since he and Lainey are separate (not to mention he likely barely buys shit for the kids, those video games sure as shit are for himself)

No. 546422

>Lainey's regretting bringing Sarah back because everyone loves her better.
Kek Anusion has been working overtime to remove "hate" comments from her vids and now the asspats she's been craving are getting drowned out by compliments for Sarah.
I wonder how long it will be before she cries to him about this and he starts removing the comments supportive of Sarah to protect SnakeyBot's precious, fragile feelings?

No. 546425

They'll probably end up kicking Sarah out again. This time because Lainey is jealous. I'd love for Sarah to start a YouTube makeup channel and be much more successful than Lainey

No. 546443

Tbh surprised Sarah doesn’t have her own channel. She did you now for a little but I’m sure she would have some sort of following.

No. 546458

I second this. Lainey already mines video ideas from Sarah, especially for Beautybot, because she so talentless and lazy

No. 546460

File: 1531363586322.png (2.07 MB, 2880x1440, Anus logic.png)

Never change, Anusion.

No. 546464

File: 1531364184427.png (257.08 KB, 1440x1629, so creative.png)

Just what the world needs.. A copy of GSW's boring video, the ancient topic of "family vlogs" or yet another Eugenia update.
How does this channel get any views? It's painful.

No. 546466

>Wanting the narc in training to make smug videos

No. 546473

File: 1531364799187.png (568.42 KB, 935x557, 1529717820315.png)

No. 546477

OT, sorry
On my mobile so I can't upload the image, but Gurg deleting all the negative comments and filtering them to Lainey's liking reminds me of that "Safe Space" South Park episode where Butters has to filter everything out, yet Shreg looks more like the guy that portrays "Reality"

No. 546537

Unless you are discussing Madi in direct relation to the Onions she belongs in the Onionflakes thread in /snow/.

No. 546554

I highly encourage everyone to watch this. There’s some crazy details that I didn’t even know about, but just know he totally glossed over Skye, Shiloh, Billie, and Adrienne. He talks a lot about his earlier sexual experiences which tend to involve public sex with whatever female on top of his trench coat. It is bizarre!

No. 546557

File: 1531370521126.png (93.81 KB, 851x535, Screenshot_2018-07-11-22-30-05…)

I can't tell if Greg got a sponsor or is pretending he does or if he's shilling them out in hopes that they'll notice and actually sponsor him. He doesn't have a code it seems according to this, and he didn't disclose it either. Though I can see him not disclosing an ad, the lack of code makes it seem like he's the one person in the world dollar shave club couldn't be bothered to give a proper sponsorship to and simply paid for the one post. All possibilities are different levels of sad honestly

No. 546559

lol love how he directly refers to Billie as being an ex of his, dropped the whole "shes my wifes girlfriend" charade as soon as they had the first greasesome. it shouldnt but it still boggles my mind that lainey was completely blind to it all, being forced to have a gf, then a poly relationship basically straight away, till he eventually cheats on her with billie but it's somehow billies fault.

No. 546584


I think it's a bit odd how lame didn't seem bothered by the threesomes at all. She was only triggered by grease and B interacting a time all outside them. She seems to want a sex slave who can't speak to gurg outside the bedroom. She even laid on the guest bed during her house tour and said "many, many good times" were had there. I don't think even LGH understands her.

No. 546591

I think she was more uncomfortable than she let on, to appease Gregma and to keep up the illusion that she's bisexual. Cuddlegate 1.0 basically happened because she was uncomfortable during the first greasesome, and Greg made a point when complaining about her being negative that lainey was "almost always the centre of attention" during their greasey escapades, probably to stop her from bitching too much. She got upset again after grease told Billie he loved her, which caused him to tell her there would be "no rules or boundaries or jealousy in the realtionship and id do what i want when i want" he had sex with billie just one day later lmao.

No. 546592

Pretty sure she was bothered. She (or Gurg, can’t rememeber) said that during the threesome Lainey got uncomfortable and wanted to stop. I am not certain they ever even attempted it again. For some reason I just feel like they tried it once, Lainey stopped it, and then it never happened again.

No. 546618

Achievement Hunter has a deal with DSC and so do a lot of other gaming youtubers. Bet he's trying to emulate their branding in hopes of getting deals. But he'd definitely have an "Add Onision10 to get 10% off" line if he actually WAS signed.

No. 546625

File: 1531374939799.png (1.55 MB, 2497x1421, tmi.png)

What on earth. First of all, the survey said "draw my relationships" not "detail my sexual encounters". So many weird and unnessary visuals to share with his teen audience. Wtf.
Second, he is bizarrely fixated on race. "My Latina gf", "her Vietnamese friend", etc.. Every person is described first by their race.
And ofc he could only get it up with his "ugly, pimple-faced" girlfriend behind the Mormon church. So edgy.

No. 546630

Thought so, how else would he get money for it without a coupon code or some form of referral link? It's funny because I really doubt dollar shave club would ever give him a sponsorship from this post given the sheer amount of people replying to the post saying they will never buy from them again for sponsoring someone like Greg. This feels like him sponsoring Toby and Toby sponsoring him to make their numbers look good. It means Jack shit at the end of the day.
Speaking of Toby, I wish he showed the amount that he was pledging to Greg seeing how they did they were going to pledge 1000$ each but Greg's been outed as only doing 1$

No. 546653

I thought he would have barely had any form of relationships when he was younger as he kept boasting about he was never the one to be dumped. Damn he's been dumped.. a lot.

And why does he always have to hint that if his videos aren't successful or if he loses youtube he's going to An Hero, we get it, Greg, you're an attention whore. No need to keep harping on.

No. 546749

This. Sarah doesn't need a youtube channel. She needs to continue her education and ditch Lainey and Greg otherwise she'll end up depressed with no goals baby sitting and or being creeped on by the pair.
Not only that, she's super young and youtube will just allow her to become a mini Lainey and become entitled, and years down the track she will regret all the cringey videos she made, not to mention if shit hits the fan at the swamp, all her private life details will be strewn over the internet because Greg will reveal everything.

No. 546785

File: 1531390058890.png (1.46 MB, 1334x750, 342F0749-4DB3-41AE-B884-099CF2…)

So she’s got a new video about vaping for the first time and she calls binkie in the video to explain to her what to do

No. 546786

She says in the video that Sarah’s there for moral support (bc she isn’t old enough to vape lol) yet she’s the one reading the instructions, showing her how to do it (holding the vape not doing it) and telling her how to do vape tricks. You aren’t fooling anyone if she thinks people will believe she didn’t let Sarah do it in those cuts

No. 546802

I wonder how the greasy anus feels about his ugly cunt of a wife fraternising with that degenerate inbred pedo bitch whose community he has so much vitriol for. All these assholes are such trash. Sarah needs to get the fuck out of there stat.

No. 546804

I agree. As cringey and annoying as Sarah is, it's not a good enviroment.

Does Lainey not realise how creepy she seems? Like a mother of two pretending to not have a gender, vaping like a retard, hanging around someone way younger than herself. The whole poly shit was happening while she was there too, it's weird that she doesn't even fathom why it looks creepy.
I can't believe she's so unaware of herself and actions and just think people hate her.

No. 546805

Damn, Plainey you're layering on the make-up now after laying off the eyeshadow for a while. This eye look is definitely out there and she's for once not wearing her nude JSC "Daddy" liquid lipstick. Methinks the comments about Sarah's glow-up got to her so she's finally wearing a little more make-up in her videos now.

No. 546808

First time? Hasn't she been vaping?

No. 546809

his teeth look really fucked up here

No. 546816

Yeah, this is a good example of the crocodile teeth effect he displays fairly often. Maybe he should have taken some of that money he spent on games and hentai (and not paying his taxes) and gone and seen a dentist.

No. 546826

File: 1531399514204.png (1.54 MB, 1334x750, 5E2D8BB7-F65A-43D2-9F55-3C6D84…)

When you have to get your oncall house teen to teach you to vape

No. 546827

File: 1531399604774.png (1.61 MB, 1334x750, B93C8C05-532C-4339-871B-DB685D…)

Also be on the look out for Sarah to get some unwanted surprises putting her mouth on that after Lainey…

No. 546835

Making videos with Sarah next to her really doesn't do her any favors. You can see how naturally pretty Sarah is without tons of makeup on. She looks young and fresh.. and Lame with that awful makeup and weird 'teen boy' style she tries to go for looks just worn out and old next to Sarah. Like that pic alone looks like it could be a thumbnail for a video uploaded by Sarah called "meet my mtf trans aunt"

No. 546838

File: 1531401302698.jpeg (341.71 KB, 1242x1327, 5DE88225-4EA7-480C-B53B-A680DF…)

Sorta OT but too good not to share.(this belongs in flakes)

No. 546842

Damn, all that makeup on and she still looks ugly as sin.

No. 546843

I think it's funny how now that sarah's here and got so many compliments on how cute she looks, lainey immediately dropped the "man act" and is now putting lots of feminine makeup on, she's so competitive it's hilarious kek

No. 546847

Is there a reupload for this??

No. 546850

No anon, he believes he doesn't need braces. Sure those crooked teeth are a collective haturr illusion

No. 546856

File: 1531406571780.jpg (463.5 KB, 1286x784, What I see.jpg)

Would love to reiterate all the compliments that Sarah receives when posed next to our foot, but I noticed something.

Sarah stared at the sore on Lameys mouth in the video. Like, she stared HARD at that scab. How can you not stare at it, its so red and erupted.

But didn't Lamey catch that during her editing of the video?? Like, you can always tell when someone is staring at your face and not your eyes. So did she not notice?? Because I sure did.

Can almost hear Sarah's inner monologue. "Oh god, I hope she doesn't suggest sharing lipsticks again. She better not ask me to kiss her anytime soon. Hope to God she don't ask me to be her trinity member and give the Suk Mi to Greg."

No. 546869

Is it patreon only? Or did she remove it?

No. 546871

holy, all you have to do is sit next to lainey and you look 10x prettier than you actually are.

So much for being against billie smoking weed because of it being ILLEGAL. We know sarah vaped with lamey, and it's illegal.

No. 546875


>"meet my mtf trans aunt"

LMAO. She looks EXACTLY like that.

No. 546877

File: 1531409317056.png (1.75 MB, 1334x750, 1FA3189E-4A82-4BAC-A5A7-88A3B9…)

In her eyes she probably thinks she’s staring at her mouth because she wants to kiss her lmao
Patreon, it’ll be up in a few hours. It’s pretty boring and makes her look like more of a ditzy idiot than she portrays already with Sarah rolling her eyes at how stupid she is and explaining everything to her. Lainey acts like the teenager, and Sarah’s the older friend who sometimes thinks why am I hanging out with this actual child kek

No. 546881

Lame is so unfortunate looking…. she always has been even since she first got with anus. She literally looks ftm here. She’s always had a weird horsey face but even caked in make-up she looks masculine. Do you think she’s on t now?

No. 546882

He fucking wishes a sponsor would touch him. Even Lainey's sponsors are seeming to dry out. She just doesn't do sponsors well at all.

No. 546885

Shocker I forgot to mention that the vape companion actually sponsored that video and sent her the vape

No. 546886

Yeah, her and Greg smoke tea leaves. I'm not entirely sure Lainey has vaped though seeing how she doesn't seem to know how but she might have been overcompensating seeing how Sarah reading the instructions could figure it out instantly
It would have had more impact if it weren't Allie since she didn't care until now but this is amazing either way. A bunch of other onionlettes follow her, I wonder how they feel about this

No. 546888

I don’t think she’s vaped before but she use to use those little pen things all the time remember? She was doing it in the Landon video. So for her not to even know to press the button when she was tryna “hit it” seems way too try hard dumb

No. 546891


Sorry to burst your bubble, but that isn't how herpes is transmitted orally.

>> HSV-1 is mainly transmitted by oral-to-oral contact to cause oral herpes infection, via contact with the HSV-1 virus in sores, saliva, and surfaces in or around the mouth.

>> HSV-1 can be transmitted from oral or skin surfaces that appear normal and when there are no symptoms present. However, the greatest risk of transmission is when there are active sores.


In other words, if she's kissing Lainey she has a good chance she'll get it. If she's sharing a glass that Lainey drank from, or used the same e-sig, she will not get it.(stop the herpes talk please)

No. 546895

Cold sores can be transferred so easily by sharing cigarettes and ecigs are no different.. but we can agree to disagree, let’s not go on this path again I was just poking a little fun

No. 546896

What the fuck? Maybe Binkie hooked Lainey up with the spons.

No. 546915

Take notice how Sarah doesn’t have her hair done and seems like she wasn’t “ready” to do a video. I bet you anything that Lainey “spontaneously” decided to do that video without warning Sarah ahead of time.
She wanted to have time to get dolled up, but she didn’t want to give Sarah time to get prepared.
You might say; “well maybe Sarah didn’t care to straighten her hair and have it down! She seems confident in her messy ponytail”
But even in the video they have of them doing face masks, you see Sarah scramble to take her hair out of her ponytail and have it down for the intro even tho she had to just put it right back up to put the face mask on.
Leading me to believe Sarah probably would have liked some prep time for the video but Lainey didn’t want Sarah to keep outshining her. Kek

No. 546917

Thats some seriously heavy make up complainey has on. Funny how sarah has very minimal make up and looks quite pretty.

Laineys feeling seriously insecure next to her to put on all that slap.

No. 546921

The issue with his poll and with Lame that they just can't seem to grasp is it's not about "letting people be who they WANT to be". Being transgender isn't a choice or a matter of personal choice, it's what some people are because of their dysphoria. They don't get to choose to transgender, that's what transtrenders do.

No. 546946

Does she actually think this makeup look good? She looks like a goddamn drag queen or a bad Snapchat filter. I truly don't understand why she's does such over the top looks when she wants to look like a boy in a baseball cap. It just makes no sense and she looks hideous. This is the worst yet!

No. 546972

THIS. No one chooses gender dysphoria. They choose to transition to allivate anxiety, depression and other symptoms. The fact that Lainey thinks she's sooo male for wanting to dress ambiguously and kiss girls is infuriating honestly. Then she is a female again when it's time to film a makeup tutorial or show off next to prettier girls. Gender fluid people need to stop. Be yourself, wear whatever, don't label it. That makes it so much harder for transgendered people who have went through many processes to be seen as their mental illness tells them they are. It takes so much work for them to even be taken seriously, I hate girls like Lainey who play dress up then call it gender fluidity.

No. 547010

Man, Sarah looks so pretty and fresh next to this washed-up wanna-be fakeboi with drag make up. I wish she'd just get out of there and get an education.

No. 547025

When she sits next to Lainey it makes Lainey look so old.

No. 547043

Where's her top lip?

No. 547052

Up greases onion ring

No. 547124

Oh god, she should NOT wear dark lipstick colors. It accentuates her lack of lips and make them look even weirder.

No. 547136

Gotta love how professionally he handled that paying customer at 3:10, letting that manly sounding flake insult them.

No. 547137

File: 1531428539179.jpeg (456.98 KB, 730x1007, 66117D9D-6A66-44BA-8F1B-411E11…)

I disagree anon…. here you can see Sarah has done a very minimal make up look and the fact that you think she wasn’t prepped the vid means she’s done it well. It’s very subtle and makes her look pretty and her eyebrows are well done

No. 547138

File: 1531428609985.jpeg (505.49 KB, 750x1284, 5BBD005E-A31E-44FC-A5D1-3349E5…)

Compared to lamp who looks as every other anon put it a drag queen. I don’t even want to call her that because most queens do make up very well and lamps looks scrawled on by a colorblind person with turrets

No. 547147

Exactly. Lainey looks a hot fucking mess. Why does she have on a full face or makeup with a snapback and lounging tank? It looks so misplaced. Not to meantion she doesn't even need that much makeup especially for a video about vaping. I'm actually taken aback by how stunning Sarah looks. Losing some of her baby fat in the cheeks has done her very well. She was never ugly to begin with tho, just looks more like a young lady.

No. 547148

I thought greg was so against illegal activity? Did sarah actually take a rip from the vape? She's not of legal age. That's illegal, Taylor

No. 547150

Did anyone notice how he wouldn't let Lainey hold a beer herself without him hovering and how he poured them in a bowl so she wont drink it later? He did the same in the liquor video. It's really sad.

No. 547151

the juxtaposition of laineys old man horseface caked with a shitty tasteless attempt at instathot makeup vs Sarah's fresh face, tasteful minimal makeup is jarring as fuck. and also hilarious. lame looks so fucking bad.

No. 547152

Sarah looks fresh and gorgeous, she needs to step away from the garbage twins. I’ll never get her fascination with Plain.

No. 547153

File: 1531430902165.png (42.91 KB, 198x178, img.png)

No. 547154

If her homelife has been difficult/neglectful/abusive then it's a pattern that the kids will usually grow up to be drawn to emotionally damaged or manipulative/toxic people who drain them because it's familiar and they have the instinct to be close to them. Quite sad for her because she's exactly the type lain and onion look for.

No. 547155

He also spit on it, to make sure.

No. 547156

This is the point where I have to stop following the Onion saga again, because what you said is on point and there’s nothing anyone can do to get Sarah to understand this. I still feel like she’s going to be the next Billie, or at least she will be until she figures it out. There’s no way that Onion AND Plain aren’t jerking it in the shower to thoughts of Sarah joining the trinity. Lainey looks like she wants to fuck her and then skin her. It’s all so gross.

No. 547157

Well, look at that. Elaine eyeing a girl that she’s known since childhood like she wants to fuck her.

Great mate for Greg. Both sick perverts. Please tell me Sarah’s there for a very short visit.

No. 547158

It was only high school and therefore doesn’t mean anything but omg how is it okay for you to make your gf prove to you that she likes you more than her friends! If there are any young woman using this forum please please never make a man choose between him and your friends! Friends are critical for life! I can’t believe he admitted that and thought that was okay

No. 547159

till her birthday at least, thats august 5th…

No. 547160

Fucking this, It's a massive red fucking flag for any partner to make you do this shit.

No. 547161

That is fucking psycho, but she's an idiot for allowing that. That is a really shitty life she's living and yet she's so smug to have it. Ridiculous but actually so interesting to watch the mental acrobatics at work.

No. 547168

File: 1531432772262.png (89.47 KB, 856x177, stop.PNG)

No. 547171

As well they'll be holding the fact they let her move in over her head as if they did it purely out the kindness of their hearts and it will most definitely be used as a manipulative tool. So predictable.

No. 547176

File: 1531433418941.png (462.33 KB, 1440x1889, reeeee.png)

Anus is sperging about YT again.. What a surprise. Perhaps it's because his patrons are all jumping ship.

No. 547179

I find it funny that sarah knows everything about the vape but tries not to let on.

"Just completely disintegrate the coil" And you know what a coil is how? Tut tut, Sarahs been doing illegal activities!

No. 547181

hon they're not your boss it's fucking youtube

No. 547182

If you went to your boss claiming you were going to kill yourself if you were losing your job, They'd just call the police. Grease is a fucking moron.

No. 547183

I know right? All he is doing is proving them right. Fucking kek.

No. 547186

File: 1531434537395.png (4.3 MB, 1440x2572, wat the fuck.png)

What the fuck is this

No. 547187

File: 1531434684225.png (1.48 MB, 1386x770, tfwurminorfriendisoneupingyou.…)

Funny part in this vid.
Sarah says "I'm paler than you what the fuck?" laineys smile completely drops.

No. 547189

Lames eyeliner is so unflattering in this video, she has actually managed to make her eyes look way more droopy with how low that wing is

No. 547191

twitter icons printed out with some gregglish writing

No. 547194

I noticed that to how dare she compare herself to the anemic smol bean.

No. 547195

File: 1531435431802.png (561.4 KB, 640x1136, 08A2EA43-1598-4130-A66E-DF340A…)

A great way to spend $6.00 I say

No. 547196

Haven’t been on the board for a while but wow, does Lainey look as though she is absolutely off the deep end. Greg has her so screwed up that she really believes she should be a dude on some level. What a clusterfuck. Someone tell her that her dysmorphia isn’t related to her gender but her abuser. Unreal. I can’t believe how bad this has gotten. Every time I take a break from these two and then come back it’s a whole new, more horrifying level of fuckery. I hope Sarah will get out and soon, she’s not safe there.

No. 547197


lainey said on YouNow (months ago) that she wouldn't take meds for anemia because she liked that it made her look paler. she's keeping herself sick just to look a little whiter and fucking sarah is completely healthy and still looks paler. how embarrassing for her entire soul.

i hate that now we have to see sarah's smug face and passive agressive attitude on videos like we used to, though.

No. 547198

Jfc. Did they run out of polaroid film? Who would buy this?

No. 547201

I was trying to work out what was so fucked about the eyeliner and you are totally right. It does make her eyes look droopy. It looks like a muppet's eye's eg Miss Piggy.

Personally I dont think Lainey is overly hideous. A bit horsey, but not completely wrecked. I think it's the terrible makeup and hair cut choices, bad skincare, not enough sleep and eating crap all the time. Put her next to a kid like Sarah or Billy with small features like little noses, she looks like 10x worse.

Another thing that really doesn't help Lainey's case is her smug ugly attittude, the way she responds to everything cuntily, and her FUCKING squinting! She'd appear a lot moe attractive if she came off more likeable and didn't squint all the time. Wear your glasses or just stop fucking squinting. Imagine if someone compiled photos of every younow, I bet there'd be a squint in every one!

No. 547204

Notice the ones he chose for Lainey have longer hair kek

No. 547206

I can't tell if sarah actually has gotten adorable or if it's just because lainey has had any semblance of life drained out of her

No. 547214

I think Sarah looks really pretty but it’s tough to tell about her personality. imo anyone who chooses to hang with those two has questionable taste, at the least.

No. 547220

I don't find Sarah the least bit attractive because as anons have said before, she's smug and honestly becoming a mini Lainey in the works. I can see why people say she's pretty compared to Lainey physically and no doubt Lainey will get more jealous over time, but honestly listening to her talk makes me cringe and she's such a brown noser for the onions. She threw Billie and Ayallah under the bus so she could seem like a better friend, even though Billie stood up to her with the name calling. She also does this fucking autistic shrug thing that Lainey does and copies Lainey's mannerisms.

Oh and when Greg had King and Lainey had Prince as their gay twitter handles while Greg was abusing Billie over twitter, Sarah the brown noser changed hers to Knight.

Tldr- Sarah's is just a mini Lainey, what's with the whiteknighting.

No. 547222

I can see where you're coming from but she did stick up for Billie a little on twitter and I think anything else was out of fear. They have her wrapped around their little finger and it's tough to watch. I'm reserving judgement on her for now because she's still so young and seems vulnerable. I guess we'll see where this goes.

No. 547226

Yeah plus look at the other friend Sarah had…that fat, cringey, pig cunt named Ellie that also goes by that they/them bullshit. Can't tell if she's friends with them because she's a dick herself or if she's that impressionable.

Honestly I felt sorry for her back in the time they let her move in because she was a lot younger, but now, I think she's just an idiot who is ruining her own life by associating with these dropkicks.
She's a fucking moron if she thinks because she's known them the longest, she won't have her secrets strewn across the web by Gurg when she somehow upsets him one day. When she comes running back to Lainey, Lainey will just ignore her.

No. 547230

That's why I reckon Selena doesn't see Lainey as often. I believe she doesn't like Greg and his whole sharing other people's lives over the internet thing that has gotten worse over the years. I know they live quite far away but I don't think it's the only reason she keeps her distance.

Sarah needs to do the same, keep her distance. Even if she wants to remain friends with the onions, appearing in videos and staying at their house is a bad idea. They'll use it all against her when shit hits the fan.

No. 547235

What a fucking child. He uses suicide constantly as a threat everytime things don't go his way. I bet he does it all the time at home.

'Lainey, you didn't provide me with daily suk mi…. I feel so invalidated and unattractive, do you want me to kill myself?'

No. 547238

She wears a snapback and full face of makeup because she wants to be a poor man's James Charles.

No. 547242

LGH is also selling dirty second hand clothes on their website alla poshmark style

No. 547253

File: 1531439438323.png (221.41 KB, 298x402, winona-ryder.png)


Sarah really has become a pretty, young lady - she reminds me of Winona Ryder a bit.
Lainey rather looks like a male to female person in the video who has recently started transitioning, has discovered make up and is overdoing it. Seeing those two together really highlights the stark contrast between them: Sarah is full of life, young and cute, Lainey looks tired, old and washed-out.
It's a tragedy.

No. 547256

I think she def looks better than before, but then she speaks and it's pretty ruined. Her personality and way she talks is so off putting.

It's sad because I thought she was actually moving on with her life and going to go to college in her state or something. But it's pretty clear she was behind the scenes plotting with lamey to end up moving in when she was 18 and go to college next door to them. She said she starts college in the fall, and shes there now in july and planning to be there for her birthday. Pretty obvious. Shes probably gonna claim shes a resident of washington using lamey's address and claim she was working for them in washington to get in state tuition. It definitely seems like this was all planned and she was not moving on with her life, but more invested than ever. Eh gross. I have no hope for her. Shes gonna be lame in a few years, in her 20s and trying to be a youtuber with her shit personality.

No. 547258

>When she sits next to Lainey it makes Lainey look so old.

Hate to nitpick lamps looks over amd over again, but the difference is quite clear.

Sarah looks young, fresh, and healthy. A young girl on the cusp of adulthood.

Lamp… looks like a single mom of 5. She looks so worn out and sad, and dry, and wrinkly. Why does she look so aged and haggard??! It just shows how little Onision must contribute to every chores and how little parenting he does.

Onision would rather sperg on twitter and twitch than be a good dad to his kids. How sad it will be for them to know that daddy never cared, he only cared enough to not go to jail or be on the hook for child support. Sad.

No. 547259

I reckon she looks more like a young Anne Hathaway than Winona, but I can kinda see the resemblance.

As >>547256 said though, as soon as she talks, it's extremely off putting. She's been too tainted by Lainey and talks and acts too much like her. Also, agree with that anon, she claims she's going to study and do stuff but if she moves in with the onions, Lainey will use her for videos/baby sitting/trips to the mall/ basically she'll use her everytime she is bored or not around onion. Sarah won't have time to study or make friends her own age. She'll be isolated and waste a whole fucking load of time at the swamp.

When things go bad or Lainey gets bitter, she'll be booted out with all her secrets and texts exposed to the world.
Personally I can see Lainey either using her for her channel or making Sarah make her own and then getting mad if Sarah gets a fanbase or does better than her. Kind of like how Kelly Eden was to Dre.

She really doesn't need a youtube though.

No. 547260

The only reason people are saying Sarah is pretty or cute is because she’s still homely enough to be non threatening. If she was Kiki we’d all say she looks like a fucking dog.

No. 547262

Being a mom doesn't make you look old. My friend's mom has 4 kids, all really young and she looks fantastic.

The fact that Lainey sits around the house on younow, doesn't get enough sleep and eats the worst types of foods and wears pancake makeup which she doesnt even wash off properly before she puts those facemasks onto…well it's been mentioned many a times why she looks so lizardy.

But yeah, it is extremely sad that it's very telling that Onion doesn't watch or give two shits about his children. Lainey probably wouldn't look as much like a crypt keeper if Greg helped out. Or if she and Greg didn't think their kids were too special for daycare, perhaps she'd actually get a break.

It's her own fault though.

No. 547263

Anon, I think you'll be happy to know Sarah is going to school in MI. She said so in the livestream they had today.

Speaking of their livestream it seemed like Lainey was irritated with her for quite a bit. It was kinda awkward watching and it seemed like Sarah was constantly checking if she was okay.

No. 547264

I think people just have different opinions. I can't stand Sarah, but thought Billie was quite pretty, and there was anons who thought Billie was hideous.
Her looks aren't really the point though, I do however think Lainey will get jealous of anything in the house that doesn't look as scaly as her, and while I don't think Sarah is anything to write home about, it's clear she doesn't look as dry and crispy as her space prince overlord.

No. 547265

Yeah, I agree on her resembling A. Hathaway.
She does behave cringey but the way she patronizes Lainey and rolls her eyes at her still has my hopes up for her to be intelligent enough and just use those two to start off an own career or get some followers.
Then again, I completely understand the anon who said that having her own YT channel could potentially ruin Sarah's personality. Still a tragedy, the whole thing.

No. 547266

God when is Lainey NOT irritated in a livestream though? Even when she is Sarah-less she still has that I-just-smelled-a-fart bitchy sour soccermom expression the entire time. Don't know why people give momey to such a sour dickhead.

No. 547268

Please refrain from the constant nitpicking over appearance. We don't need the thread filled with comparisons of Lainey and Sarah's looks. Thank you.

No. 547274

File: 1531442799693.png (399.31 KB, 1114x670, Screenshot_2018-07-12-17-20-03…)

>Tells a story bragging about how much farther he could have gotten with this girl he barely knew if his family hadn't interrupted their sexytime
1 minute later:
>Discusses how after 5 years they reconnected but that he found out that not only does she smoke pot, but had the nerve to have a casual sex encounter, which is completely foreign to him and he "can't comprehend" having sex with someone you're not dating. So obviously he had to dump her!

What a giant hypocritical piece of shit.
And what a completely inappropriate video to share with your teen viewers.

No. 547279

File: 1531443990696.png (514.6 KB, 1200x906, Screenshot_2018-07-12-17-52-59…)

>Screeches and expects sympathy over his mean ol' abusive dad who wouldn't let him have a cool haircut when he was a kid

>Uploads a video shitting on kids who got haircuts that aren't "normal"

Pretty ironic, Anusion. Also pretty nice to say someone has a "Downs Syndrome face" after all your virtue signaling of acceptance and unfair beauty standards. He couldn't be a bigger piece of shit if he tried.

No. 547280

ah nice. I can't suffer through her livestreams. I wont be surprised if she plans to transfer schools though. I remember her saying in one of her videos she was doing her pre-reqs right now and then wants to get into some program. Then she'd really pull a lamey. Hopefully she sees its not worth it. I think if they were willing to fund her life, she would have moved in 100%, but now they are too "poor" and cheap.

I bet lamey has tried to convince her though. She couldn't care less about sarah, but wants someone to live with her so she has a babysitter/hangout buddy/maid 24/7.

No. 547299

File: 1531446357965.webm (1.04 MB, 216x180, well rounded foot.webm)

No. 547304

At 06:05 she says "it's not a dick" when she takes the vape and just sticks it down her throat. Yep, 100% gay.

No. 547306

So many stupid things in this video.

One of his ex's brother's didn't like Greg, and according to Greg he's probably just overprotective because he wanted to sleep with her.

Hmm..,it couldn't possibly be because he thought you were weird or creepy or he was just looking out for his sister. It's obviously because he wanted to fuck his own sister. Wtf.
With that retarded logic, he's overprotective of his kids…does that mean he wants to sleep with them?

Does he realise how retarded it sounds?

No. 547327

OOF even sarahs laughing at you fake ass bitch.

No. 547329

Considering his insane projection as of late and obsession with incest (Step mum, hank and bobby incest jokes)

I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 547341


I think most of the anon's including me just think she looks really pretty ESPECIALLY next to Lames. Lames looks like a 40-year-old crackhead. She does not look like a 24-year-old woman and looks even older next to Sarah.

I'm sure Sarah isn't right in the head if she is friends with the onions and has been for years. She stuck by them even with Grease's name calling and Lames acting like a little kid through their whole friendship.

How can someone be friends with someone like Lainey, a 24-year old, married, mother of 2 kids? Who call's you crying about her relationship problems when you are out at a party. Who will stop talking to you and unfollow you from social media if you criticise them? But will crawl back after you send them edible arrangments and buy high-end makeup.

It seems like Sarah is the mature one in the friendship and Lames is 17. Sarah is fucked up to be friends with her.(nitpicking)

No. 547344

She wishes Grease's microdick was the size of that vape, it's probably 5 times smaller

No. 547349

File: 1531448460611.png (1023.92 KB, 750x1334, DDA6353C-CA0E-49AA-A4B0-FA214E…)

No. 547353

my eyes are itching looking at all the shit caked on her lids. since she doesn't know how to remove it properly, she'll have remnants of her eye make-up tomorrow and maybe the next day

No. 547354

What's with the creepy singing rapist clown song at the outro.
Did anyone hear those edgelord lyrics?
'He makes it sound like he's the good guy, it's like a hat trick'
I cringed all through this video and listened through headphones because it was so embarrassing.

This is a man in his thirties explaining his sexual encounters and dating life while drawing stick figures on an envelope and doing silly voices the whole time.

Also as another anon said before, why does he keep mentioning their race?

No. 547355

>Also as another anon said before, why does he keep mentioning their race?

To prove he's not racist lmao

No. 547358

It's not even normal for a man his age to remember every single person he kissed etc, what they looked like, what their name was and so many little details.
Like, why can't he let go? Why does he feel the need to talk (bad) about people he was with 20+(!) years ago

No. 547363

Is Lainey sponsored by that vape company? If so, she's a terrible choice

>It's spicy disgusted face

>I'm not inhaling it
>what the fuck is this

Who doesn't research shit before they make a video? That was awful.
Showing her facetiming someone for help was even cringier.

No. 547365

I feel like women are just vaginas to him. That's why he goes through his sexual experiences. He mentions the video as 'my dating and love life, but there seems to be more weird details about sex than actually details about the relationship.
Like he barely talked about the girl's hobbies or what they did together, most of it was about sex, what they looked like, and their race.

No. 547381


Wow Taylor, so masculine and ~daddy af~

Fucking retard

No. 547385

Im sure that Greg made up all the details on the spot, or embellished events.
He has a horrible memory. Sam said in one of her streams she and him had a discussion on how old he was at the moment and he was disagreeing with her until she showed him on one of those online age calculators.
Someone played the audio clip of Greg calling Blaire every name in the book during his gaming stream and Greg seemed puzzled and even asked "is that me?"
Or maybe he has a selective memory. If it makes him look bad (or older than he imagines he is) he cant remember, or the details are fuzzy
If its something that makes his ex's or haters look bad then his memory is crystal clear.

No. 547395

This is a common narcissistic trait, they paint their memories based on their current feelings so if they're feeling good then how is it possible they ever said those horrible things? And vice versa.

No. 547397


Lainey is definitely edging to being more experimental with drug emultors and alcohol. Obviously she feels as if she is missing out and has convinced Onion no doubt that this does not effect straight edge lifestyle.

Soon she will convince him that medical marijuana is acceptable and inch closer to having more drinks in her life.

Seeing him snatch the alcohol from her hands and pouring it immediately after her sipping it and even spitting in the bowl of alcohol shows how controlling he is over the straight edge lifestyle.

Her experimental ways are inevitable and I am sure we will see Onions frustrations pour through twitter.

No. 547403

"Trying illegal drugs for the first time" video incoming?

No. 547406

Have you all noticed the more people use he/him pronouns for Lame she says she would prefer they today lol. Imagine lying about wanting to be a dude but ask people to not adress you as a dude for the day… she mentioned wanting to be called they/them in her last 2 streams.

No. 547408

Most likely we will see a "trying hemp products" - that will most likely be the first step

No. 547409


because its the only thing she has control of in her life - her pronouns, everything else leads directly to a portal from Onions mind

No. 547412

>Most likely we will see a "trying hemp products"

Most likely we will see a "trying herp remedies"

No. 547420

Fucking kek, that’s exactly what she’s angling for. The cringe is stratospheric.

No. 547421

File: 1531452610178.jpg (13.67 KB, 244x194, hoping.jpg)

Please let it be "Injecting Black Tar Heroin For the 1st Time."

No. 547423

Still using draino’s translarping pronouns, she’d obviously go running back in an instant if the greasy assholes invited her, stupid cow

No. 547425

I don't think Lainey actually wants to experiment by 'trying' anything. Everything she does is like the lite version of a movement or trend and it's all for edgepoints.

Transexual-tumblr fakeboi
Smoking weed/cigs-vaping
Vegan- pescatarian

She does all these things to appear cool, but it seems so tryhard because it's evident she doesn't even enjoy it. She constantly chokes on the vape and says she hates it, whinges about being questioned about her sexuality while making constant references to it, bitches about having to be a pescatarian because she feels sick. Like why engage in all that stuff if you hate it?

I agree though, Greg is definitely controlling.

No. 547462

I assume this is a joke, but I wouldn't wish heroin on anyone. Just cannot find it funny.

'shrooms, on the other hand, or E or something, I think would be hilarious. Especially if Grease did them.

No. 547463


this is definitely false. Gurg stated they had "hundreds" of threesomes. I'm sure he was exaggerating, but Lame's problem seemed to be with gurg and B doing it without her.

No. 547465

ngl but this is why people associate with Gurgle and his minions don't come forward to us.
I honestly believe that Gurg is the one who pusshed this "straight edge" bullshit on her. Just like how he pushes everything else onto her.

No. 547468

I love how all these pics of him are from when he was younger and actually popular. I'd say he should add Joker picture there too but I'm pretty sure all his joker videos were with Cyr so they're deleted kek
She's likely constantly having to walk on eggshells around Lainey. She's been groomed since she was barely a teenager in highschool, she likely knows Lainey's wants and needs very well. As well as Greg's which come down on her when Lainey feels left out or not the special center of attention she thinks she deserves to be
Her and Greg would try on that kush mascara by MILK cosmetics and start acting as if they've gotten high from it

No. 547471

File: 1531455978298.png (41.63 KB, 590x395, Lainey.png)

Ive been in the small group of anons who think that Greg-Lainey-Billie had maybe 2 or 3 instances of sex all together, and during each session Lainey was uncomfortable and hesitant.
Lainey & Billie NEVER had any sexual contact alone without Greg involved, just kissing and cuddling.
I call bullshit on the "hundreds" or "dozens" of times Greg says they had threesomes. I call bullshit because thats a HUGE difference in his story. 100's > dozens, and because Greg is a serial liar. And even if Lainey agrees with the story, we all know she will lie to make Greg happy. Hell, shes lied about not wanting to be bisexual, and saying Greg wanted her to do it. Now the revised story that Lainey tells is that she was always bi and Greg just helped her figure it out.

No. 547475

I dont even know when they would have had threesomes. Literally 98% of the time billie was there, lamey was avoiding her and not wanting to be in the same room with her. You'd just see onion with billie and sarah filming and shit. And lamey was just angry in a corner. Post-cuddle cheating she was pregnant as well which makes it even weirder.

It was obvious only onion enjoyed whatever "threesomes" they had because he got to fuck billie/see her naked or whatever. And lamey was obviously jealous the entire time and didn't want to do it. She hates when any pretty girl is around him. I also doubt it happened much or onion wouldn't have to sneak around to fuck billie on her own.

No. 547476

File: 1531456442020.png (405.13 KB, 849x441, Screenshot(11).png)

the chair might have been for her

No. 547504

It's so weird he suddenly turned on Madison after all of us talking about how we were surprised he hadn't yet

No. 547506

Huh… Anon, you might have something there. Lame's "gender-dysphoria" could be a control issue. Lame probably felt she didn't have much control prior to Onion, given that her boyfriend before Onion was abusive.

Then she jumped into a relationship with Onion before she had an opportunity to branch out on her own, away from family, at college, living as an independent adult and finding herself on her own terms like many high school graduates. Her online college does not count.

She went from one controlling situation to another, became a wife and mother with people depending on her before she developed any confidence or knowhow to depend on herself.

Now she has perceived identity issues. She's had very little control throughout her life or opportunities that gave her a chance to cultivate an identity, and now she's obsessively preoccupied with her identity issues and demands/corrects others to address/treat her a certain way to calm issues within her she can't regulate herself.

No. 547507

It's really weird picture Grug having a threesome with a a teenage and his preggo wife.
That's straight up a weird porn category
It must be sad Lainey didn't even enjoy the honeymoon period of Bandaid, he was to busy trying to fucked Billie behind everyone's back.

No. 547511

File: 1531459609424.png (317.36 KB, 836x595, 5328164440474555.png)

It was probably the floor

No. 547512

File: 1531459845351.jpg (157.63 KB, 754x968, 0023.jpg)

This exchange happened less than 5 days before the whole shitfest happened and Greg blocked her.
Maybe things can be wished into existence.

No. 547531

File: 1531462994172.jpg (355.09 KB, 611x671, cheapknockoff.jpg)

I didn't know who James was so I googled him, and holy shit.
Shes not only skinwalking this poor kid, but doing such a bad job at it.
Its like the difference between a Disney approved Woody toy, and a Mexican knock off.

No. 547535

File: 1531464275756.jpg (87.83 KB, 1051x338, SmartSelect_20180713-014443_Sa…)

His attempt at being an edgelord. Hes unskilled, stupid and with no education so yeah I guess hes right hes bad at life.

No. 547541

>Space Boys 3
This shit just writes it's self at this point.

No. 547548

Not to mention James Charles looks more feminine that Anusion’s footstool. It must really suck to be her, being such an unfortunate looking female that she feels the need to larp as a teenage boy, but looks just as fugly irrespective of what gender she tries to present as.

No. 547549

Then when she said she wanted to save the strawberry one for later he kept downing it so she couldn't have a lot. SO manipulative.

No. 547551

Yikes, the cringe. You just know he means bad as in “badass” as opposed to “I’m a garbage person and an embarrassing excuse for a human being who is a drain on oxygen supply and resources”. Hate to break it to you Grugly, but you’re the latter.

No. 547558

He's not even good at it though! He always threatens that he's done with being "good" or "acceptable" so he's going to stop trying then less than a week later he cries and lovebombs the shit out of his fans and Lainey because they act accordingly to his shit behaviours by leaving or calling him out and he's scared of being left with the nothing he deserves

No. 547569

What blows my mind ad infinitum with these retards, in addition to how illiterate/inarticulate/generally fucking stupid they are is that they’re parents. But then I guess there’s not much else to do when you’re uneducated, unemployed trash besides breed and overshare the mundanities of your life with the entire internet.

No. 547578

File: 1531467090596.png (364.82 KB, 404x542, herewego.PNG)


>Greg told her (or implied?) that her daughter is a product of cheating
>She admitted to having a crush on Lainey but was okay about being friends, never had a thing for Gurg, nor did she ever proposition a relationshit between the three of them
>Says she saw things that made her question Greg and Lainey
>Madison is lurking says "people just shit all over me there"
(sorry for the repost, I'm an idiot who can't spell.)

No. 547586

Madi, we wouldn't have shat on you if you hasn't had seen the 'things that made you question' them both yet STILL constantly justified their combined abuse of several people. You've seen their true colours now soon you'll see why everyone thought you were a fucking idiot to think you were the speshul exception to their 'drop and destroy everyone who comes within a 5 foot radius' pattern.

No. 547595

>having a crush on Lainey

So many Onion fantards claim this, but what is there to be crushing on??

No. 547597

People with a foot fetish?

No. 547598

Weird tinfoil, I guess, but… Does anyone else think a big reason for the Onions’ not trying weed is that it’ll make them look a little deeper than their shallow surface and realize the incredibly strange but also off-putting and borederline creepy people they come off as? They’re in constant denial of simply how fucking weird they are and weed might make them look back at what the fuck they’re doing and they won’t have their ego’s to help.

No. 547599

Samefag, sorry for the OT sperg, but fuck. It’s just crazy how they don’t realize how fucked up they are, and I feel that getting high would finally make them do some self reflecting. So they won’t try it.

No. 547601

I think Gurg wouldnt try it himself and wouldnt let the foot do it, because he's too afraid of losing control.
Imagine how he'd lose his shit if foot got high, Gerg would tell her that she's a druggy criminal and she'd just giggle at him.
Twitter narc rage, 10 "my wife is a druggy criminal and a bad mother" videos + divorce papers incoming.
Maybe she should get high.

No. 547611


Every girl who's lowkey after Gurg pretends they're actually into Lamey. I don't think Lame buys it for a second

No. 547612


Exactly, anon. You know what I’m talking about.

She really should get high. Relax, and just reflect on everything. She’ll realize what everyone else has realized for ages and maybe she’ll get to do some soul searching lol.

No. 547618

File: 1531476033009.jpg (8.95 KB, 255x255, 7ee6679b2d735d621165517aa35e4e…)

But she apologized and went down on Anuson's apologies. She might have been apologizing but we rejected it because Anuson apologized but put down Ayallah while she said they had put down sorry videos while apologizing for videos.

No. 547633

File: 1531478565472.png (137.47 KB, 343x379, what.png)

No. 547634



I could tolerate their weirdness to some point if they were just married and childless, but the fact that they are a mother and a father makes it all much more disturbing. There are plenty of weird couples in Youtube and they're not that big of a deal because they might just be young people with an identity crisis, which is a phase that pretty much everyone goes through. But the fact that there's innocent children looking at all this crap, and that they have such a big responsability on their hands…It's fucking disgusting.

No. 547635

If Lame had at least some redeeming qualities, I'd feel bad for her getting cucked by Swamp Monster and Billie. Billie has a nice figure and you can imagine how much Lame was fuming while being pregnant and so ~dysphoric~.

No. 547636

File: 1531479684144.png (601.4 KB, 844x473, 1530216584961.png)

This is a little late and old news, but did anything ever come from her meeting Noah?
I went through the last two threads and her channels and I see nothing.

Did Noah get cold feet because when they tweeted about doing something everyone warned Noah that Lainey was trash.

No. 547638

Gerg said they filmed a video together, but Taylor didnt post it.

No. 547641

File: 1531480589623.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, tumblr_p1ad0tO0KL1tsymcro1_400…)

I wonder why? Maybe he said something that upset her or is it because it has an actual trans person in the video.

No. 547654

Don't sweat it anon, Greg is a known retard, pls don't try to find logic in what he is saying

No. 547655

OT but that picture has me at my toppest of keks.

I'm thinking that an actual trans person was too much for Lainey's delicate sensibilities. She always has to be the most oppressed person in the room (same with Sarah being paler than her ~smol ill anemia ass~ triggering her)

No. 547656

I think it's more so Greg won't do it because it feels it give him a predisposition to be high and mighty over le drug users. He won't allow his partners to do it because that means his partners will actually have free will and control over themselves

No. 547659

Great collage! kek
I'd have loved that to be Sarah's real reaction about Lainey's statement.

No. 547690

I feel like there’s a whole “zomg I love lainey I have a crush on them heart emoji heart emoji” culture. Like she’s brainwashed her gross friends and fans into getting crushes on her because it’s a “fun” thing. I don’t see what about lainey people are attracted to other than her z-list fame.

No. 547693

blame a website for wanting to end your shitty life. youtube was never invested in you from the start, anus… its not invested in any other than maybe a select few people putting content on their site…. YOU are responsible for shitting up your online ~career~ anus breath… not youtube

No. 547695

I agree. Space boys 3 needs to stop making videos about tinder dating, which fan would I date or other weird suggestive videos because it further encourages these young girls to get manipulated further.
Finding dates through your fanbase is so tacky and creepy.

No. 547697

Agreed, most celebrities don’t even date their “fans.” It’s like taking advantage of them.

No. 547698

I would pay to see an onion sperg while hes on psychedelics…. He would be so terrified and defensive because he would finally have to feel emotions

No. 547700

That would be a modern performance art piece that I would like to see. Shreg in an empty room with a desk and a computer already logged into all of his socials, headphones, maybe have a projector so he can have some trippy visuals on the walls. Someone needs to convince Shreg to do drugs, honestly he might become a more tolerable person.

No. 547703

I don’t think even the highest quality acid could make Anusion tolerable. If anything he’d be more intolerable. Just imagine the level of autistic screeching.

No. 547704

But at least he wouldn't be vilifying something he knows nothing about

No. 547706


There's a reason we're called 'starving artists', Madison. For 98% of entertains (singers, actors, models, YouTubers, etc), we cannot pay the bills on gigs alone. And it doesn't last forever, one your pilot isn't picked up or your contract isn't renewed, you're back on unemployment.

No. 547707

It would one less item on his list of 754725 things he vilifies without having any knowledge of/experience with, kek

No. 547708


That's because Gurg cannot distinguish a sexual relationship for a fulfilling relationship. A sexual relationship is part of a relationship as a whole, and is an important part, but it isn't what makes a relationship.

No. 547709


There's something to be said for someone who looks effortlessly beautiful and those who pile makeup and claim they 'just threw their face on'….as my grandmother says "You can put lipstick on a pig…"

No. 547712

This makes the fact that talentless cunts like Grease and his fuckface straight wife earn a living from “entertainment” all the more galling. Most of us have to supplement our income by seeking alternative employment, an idea which was never entertained by Grugly and Gruglier, even when they were crying poor and claiming they were ~barely surviving~

No. 547713


Exactly. It isn't unheard of for YouTubers to have other means of income. The hardest pill for Grease to swallow is that other channels' creators have been able to quit their jobs because their Patrons have given them the means to do so. Grease doesn't have that sort of stability. Even if he pulled in decent numbers, he thrives on drama & controversy, and the particular sort of drama & controversy he thrives on often causes him to lose Patrons and their for, potential income.

No. 547714

Not to mention the fact that a quick search for any info on Anusion would be enough to dissuade most employers from associating with him. What the fuck would he put on his resume?

>wrote a song about being a banana

>was briefly in the airforce, which is totally the same thing as being a cop
>ThE mOsT hOnEsT yOuTuBeR!!1!11!!!

No. 547717

I hope you never have to be in recovery for an addiction, anon. For many of us being straight edge is the only thing preventing a relapse.(derailing)

No. 547724

I don’t think anyone was making people who are struggling with addition and need to cut their addiction out of their lives…Greg has never indicated he’s struggled with something like that or has seen others struggle with it in a serious way (excluding how “pot made my girlfriend dumber in my opinion” nonsense). No one is shaming addicts. He’s just always used being st8 edge as a way to be holier than thou and harass people he doesn’t like.

No. 547725

Go blog post and derail in >>>/ot/ please

No. 547737

Is it just me or is onion copying pewdiepies voice a lot in his draw my relationships video? Doesn't surprise me considering he copies so many other YouTubers videos and voices and ideas

No. 547746

Oh for sure I totally agree! I don’t watch pew but I know what he sounds like Grease is trying so hard to recreate pew’s spark! But of course he’ll deny it, because you know honesty and all!

The thing that bugged me the most about the entire video was when he admitted that he forced his high school girlfriend to choose him over her friends! That’s so not okay! That’s batshit! A woman or young girl should never ever have to choose between her friends of fling of the month! Showing you love your partner is one thing but having them prove they love you more than their friends is batshit! Boyfriends come and go especially in your teen years, but having stable health friendships are absolutely vital in personal development and growth! Lots of people have high school friends late into their adult lives which influence their values, morals, character and personality more so than a high school fling. Look at Lame! She wasn’t allowed to go to her senior prom because she was already with Grease! How unhealthy is that? She couldn’t even go with friends because of his insecurities. Now the two of them have zero meaningful friendships outside of the swamp! Lainey is barely friends with her sister. This is so sick! Grease couldn’t get along with his class peers therefore his HA fling wasn’t allowed any of her own including Lame a decade later! FUCK ME! And he tells his teenage audience that they should choose their boyfriends over their friends as well! Your peers are either make you into the person you’ll become later in life. You’ll learn from them how to be better or how not to be. It’s so damaging not to have friends! Fuck Grease! He is creating a generation of relationship dependent women, who value their man more over their friends and more importantly themselves!

No. 547765

1) Tana Mongeau levels of story telling / story times.

2) In b4 he starts selling the envelopes as original art or takes extra shipping $$ for sending his stuff in "original, custom-made" envelopes.

No. 547794

People need to stop saying Lainey is going to smoke pot. She hates it more than Greg does cause her abusive ex used to smoke and now she associates smoking with bad people. Greg get was okay with billie, and anyone else, smoking in Washington when she turned 21 because Greg hates anything that’s illegal and anyone who breaks the law is a disgusting criminal. Lainey has a huge 0 tolerance for anyone she’s interested in smoking she fully believes that getting high makes someone a shitty person because she associates pot with Billie and her HS ex so of course she’ll never light up.

No. 547803

I wonder if Onion will make Lame prove she loves him more than she does Sarah. Seeing as he made his ex prove it by dressing emo.

No. 547809


She drank with her high school ex too though- didn't stop her in adult life from doing it

No. 547824

You forget according to Billie it was GSW who gave the ok to smoke weed in their house only to tell Greg otherwise just to get rid of her. You also forget Maya and Mercedes both smoked weed and she didn't bat an eyelid at it. Also most the girls she flirts with on twitter smoke openly. She doesn't hate weed she hates women.

No. 547861

Need to stop saying it? Who even cares if she smokes pot? Now that she has a vape she should pick up some CBD liquid and toss that right in there for a daily dose of chill the fuck out. Greg would never even know it’s in there.

No. 547870

Ok I know this is not relevant to the thread abut Maddie doesnt have her own and I can't sage but I just wanted to say,Maddie if you read here PLS upgrade your guinea pig cage it is WAY TOO SMALL!

Also are these the pigs she got from the Anusions? If so I guess they had them in the small shitty cage already. That much to being a 'straight edge' pair who doesn't give a shit about animals lives apparently.

No. 547883


Yes!! That would be too small for one pig let alone two.

No. 547939

Isn’t Plain still breastfeeding? I’m assuming that vape had nicotine in it (she never said otherwise) so would that not get in her breast milk…? I’m not a mom so I wouldn’t know, if any anons do know.

No. 547944

She actually said the vape had 0 mg nicotine lol.

No. 547948

She says the start she said she chose those flavours because they are nicotine free. I’m inclined to believe her. She’s an asshole but I can’t see her going out of her and choosing nicotine for shiggles

No. 547966

>>>/snow/432327 is the thread you're looking for. Post Madi there.

No. 548026

Grugly and Gruglier. topkek.
>has over 2 billion views (omitting his number of channels)
>has stopped numerous people from cutting
>straight edge uwu
>mastered googling BROOTAL FAXXX and definitions

Who wouldn't hire this outstanding citizen lmao.

No. 548078

File: 1531532391949.png (588.13 KB, 639x456, caked.PNG)

No. 548079

File: 1531532474701.png (226.77 KB, 608x357, blockef.png)

double post but she was messaging someone who was blocked by Greg.

No. 548088

ok but who tf leaves an unwrapped lollipop on their table esp when their house is as dirty as shregs

No. 548089

File: 1531533130986.png (344.68 KB, 529x384, stains.png)

as a 3-month clean smoker and watching where she places her cigarette in hand and the experience with her and greg with the "clove" cigarettes years ago these kinda make me feel like nicotine stains. definitely tinfoil

No. 548112

She doesn’t smoke. She still nurses and is a boob nazi who does attachment parenting, cosleeping and babywearing. She wouldn’t be able to do breastfeed, cosleep or babywear if she smoked.

Also, Greg would throw it back in her face and rant about it online every day if she actually did.

No. 548114

She just looks so gross, and the weird up close posing made me so uncomfortable. "I look so lit."

No. 548124


She has the most awkward body language I’ve seen in a Youtuber. The way she tries to pose all non chalant while ruffling her hair, or the way she leans her face in her hand — it all looks super unnatural for her and too forced. Yet, she thinks it looks "bomb as fuck”

No. 548148


Can’t see the screen too well.

No. 548149

She is aging horribly.

No. 548157

File: 1531539327165.png (642.77 KB, 921x764, blocked.png)

I tried zooming on the file but it didn't make the image any better but it was easy for me to tell it was a screenshot of greg's twitter.

No. 548163

File: 1531540179022.jpeg (224.71 KB, 750x409, EEDCF049-3332-439E-A8DD-FE63E9…)

Styled by her loving husband who seems to be intentionally making her look uglier than ever. #goals

No. 548169

No one under 40 should look this dried up and haggard. It’s the look of someone who has either been a heavy smoker and drinker since the age of 12 and/or a meth addict.

No. 548179

It's hilarious that anyone would think she would even dare to smoke cigarettes or nicotine. Not only would Greg rage about it daily, but Lainey said she was 'scared' to try a fucking vape, let alone an actual cigarette.

She's too straight edge to go the full length with anything, like anon said, she's the lite version of everything. Same goes for her tattoos. Wants the edge but doesn't get sleeves or amazing body art, just teenage-tier bits and pieces.

Smoking is unhealthy and not something people should do, and I'm not trying to say hurr durr Lainey's not cooool enough to smoke, but in this case, do people actually think she's an ex smoker?She looks like a crusty corpse but there are definitely other reasons for that. Plus, I've met everyday smokers who look younger than her.
It's probably her diet and a bunch of other things.

Tldr- Lainey is definitely not a smoker, she's too childish.

No. 548180

Lainey is an ex-smoker.

No. 548184

when did she ever smoke? She was a cheerleader in highschool and after that she went straight to Shrek right?

No. 548185

It's not like any of those outfits were terrible, but its so obvious that Greg just grabbed a bunch of jeans/tshirts/sneakers combos.
Like no creativity, he probably doesn't even 'prefer' those outfits, he was probably like this'll do and just grabbed like the most safest normal clothes in her wardrobe. Like even if he went the retarded onision route of picking out costumes or something wackier, it would be cringe but a lot more entertaining than watching this bitch put on jeans and novelty tshirts for a week.

No. 548188

This. Not trying to fight, and I've been following this shitshow forever, but I don't recall her mentioning it. Any links to videos where she mentioned it?

No. 548192

There was a photo posted a while back where she was sitting down and there was a cigarette lying next to her but other than that I don’t think there’s any proof she was a smoker..

No. 548201

lol, is that when the tinfoil was she was a smoker because anons saw "cig butts" on the ground near ner?
The butts turned out to be leaves.
I find this "Laineys a smoker" thing a big derailment.
Lets discuss if she smokes or doesnt or is an ex smoker, NOPE! not taking that bait. Theres so much more about Lainey that we can talk about and reveal her true garbage human status.

No. 548207

That tartan shirt was one of the ugliest shirts, it fitted like medical scrubs and the pattern was HIDEOUS.

You took the bait by replying.

No. 548208

took me a sec to understand, so someone sent a screenshot of them being blocked by greg, and they sent it to lainey?

the angle of it appears to look like she sent it to them, but that wouldn't make sense

No. 548209

File: 1531544128435.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, large.jpg)

>You took the bait by replying.
as did you

No. 548211

There's probably so many people that he has blocked that she speaks to.

No. 548214

that plus Shregs blocking went up a notch this week because hes pissed at anyone who shows the slightest bit of support to Madison. You dont pledge allegiance to the Onion and you are blocked for life.

No. 548220

I wonder if it's that Binkie princess chick. When Lainey facetimed her about vaping, she seemed kinda pissed at first, then softened. Maybe she was like hey Greg blocked me.

No. 548238

Madison was interviewed by the real stream guy.. it’s on his channel.

No. 548240

That's how you get ants!!

No. 548245

File: 1531548819268.jpg (81.38 KB, 401x385, 99f.jpg)


Madi sure knows how to pick 'em lmao. It's like she's a magnet for shitty dudes.

She reiterates shit she's already said, no real need to watch tbh.

No. 548246

File: 1531548978075.jpg (82.89 KB, 640x857, smoking with dobs.jpg)

Here is an old one of her smoking when Dobbs was just a pup. As far as what kind of cigarette it is, I have no idea.

No. 548249

File: 1531549307278.jpg (73.39 KB, 1080x1080, 32764683_10156428626569711_145…)

I guess he was too insecure to keep on his insta.

No. 548250

All the autistic screeching about whether or not she is/was a smoker is the first I’ve ever heard/seen about this particular tinfoil but she definitely looks like someone with a 2 packs a day habit (i.e shrivelled and crusty with bad skin and yellow teeth). But that could just be because she spends 99% of the time in a closet and subsists exclusively on Cheerios, frozen burritos and the smell of her own farts.

No. 548253

File: 1531549987284.png (365.85 KB, 817x366, 038464533.png)

And heres one of Laineybot AND Onision both SMOKING!

They're smoking cloves or that fake non nicotine herbal cigs.
Years ago they were doing the same click bait shit that they did this week with the Straight Edge Couple Drinks Beer video.

You got snookered into talking about what they wanted you to talk about instead of the real Onion couple issues.

No. 548260

I made it only to third outfit. I dont't mind ootd videos but basically Onion picks and describes outfit from head to toe and then there is cut to Lainey talking about the same shit, yeah I know you have ring, jeans and adidas shoes Gurgly just told me second earlier and only addition is 'this is cool…'
so boring. zero creativity.

No. 548267

Remember when Greg actually had ideas? Not good ideas mind you, but ideas
His videos with other YouTubers were at least energetic and had some level of thought put into them. Him and Cyr would do creative videos that required work to put together would even do two endings per video, him and Shiloh wouldn't do that much in terms of videos together but the videos were unique enough (she was a singer not an actress anyways), him and Skye was the conception of his channel, etc. I think Greg honestly fucked himself over by getting the yes man he thought he always wanted. Lainey just lets him do whatever, and she isn't a creative person so she can't feed any form of creativity he has and they can't come up with anything together that isn't just stale with one or both of them entirely apathetic about the video. Now I'm not saying he's some creative genius that needs the perfect environment, for all I know he did nothing but do as he was told when working with Cyr or Skye, but at least he seemed remotely passionate about what he did in terms of his videos and now he's created the perfect environment to kill that entirely. And of course I'm not going to claim Lainey is the sole factor he's introduced into his life that ruined his video career. But even his second banana video was more inventive than half the shit he's done with Lainey, and that was him attempting to redo a previous video to go viral again! Him caring about people liking and watching his videos is at least him caring about his videos at all, and not him just claiming he cares about his YouTube videos as he desperately tries to claim now despite clearly not giving at shit
Where is the attempt at cinematography? The music? The cuts and edits? The costumes that were actually new? All this is just delegated towards his sympathy videos and that's the saddest part of all this, he's utterly thrown away what little ability he had in the one thing he likely could ever do with his life and at this point has no way of ever getting it back. He actually thinks he can deliver nothing yet still keep what he used to have
I'd Sage if I could, but seriously, Greg utterly fucked himself over with YouTube and any future in anything video or creative field

No. 548268

As a full time smoker if ten pulse years…my personal tinfoil is LAME spends too much time taking selfies outside to not be smoking constantly… again my own personal take on the situation, but she’s outside a lot taking photos… I feel in my hearts if hearts Hs due to smoking

No. 548271

I’ve only been aware of Ogreasion for the past two years or so (around the time of cuddlegate) because I’m only interested in the drama and subsequent trainwreck as opposed to his content but he appears to have become increasingly lazy (and unhinged and just pathetic, really). I cannot understand how anyone finds him appealing. Maybe he was capable of appealing to people with intellectual disabilities with his “humour” 3/4/5 years ago but now his lack of talent, ideas and originality is more obvious than ever.

No. 548278

If this is the case, it’s probably the only time she sees the light of day, seeing as she doesn’t have any friends besides her underage nanny or any interests besides autistically painting her face and being a cunt to the handicapped teens who are paying the mortgage on her swamp trailer.

No. 548280

I think a lot of anons would agree that the only time recently his video ideas had been anywhere decent or comparable to his original ones prelainey were when he had sam around, finally his sketches at least had some semblance of creativity or passion put into them. Ironically I think being with such a big yes man such as Lainey has sucked his passion for his job right out of him.even to a narcissistlike Greg always being told EVERY video idea you have is great while the same person also avoids being in them must have taken some air out of his sails. Deep down every "artist" desires at least some criticism and from what we've seen he only got anything like that recently with sam. And suprise surprise his videos still sucked but hey greatly improved so much so it was brought up repeatedly by his own fans.

No. 548304

File: 1531562572075.jpeg (503.71 KB, 750x987, BE71EA4E-3D79-4FEF-9CED-7147F1…)

Haven’t watched the video yet (because I don’t hate myself that much) but looks like he replaced Madi pretty quickly. And she’s Japanese, Latino and gay. She also is a $100 patron I believe.

No. 548307

It's as cringy as you think it would be. Also there's some racial slurs in the video. Have fun anons.

No. 548309

File: 1531563796466.png (25.17 KB, 529x199, tinfoil.png)

lmao well fuck

No. 548310

File: 1531564153080.png (989.3 KB, 1008x661, 0674355.PNG)

I hope there wasn't sugar in that water they splashed all over the living room rug.
Foots gonna be pissed!

No. 548312

I hope this one is as unstable as Amber and accusations are thrown around willy nilly and the authorities are involved.