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File: 1525493136562.png (2.42 MB, 1372x1372, 1525043479621.png)

No. 514751

Thread image courtesy of >>512399
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/511714
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/508492
Archive of Reapers Creek, Onion's New Shitty Book: >>514429

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH) is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and beauty guru with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>LGH posts more than a few 10-year-old memes where he writes about himself in the third person >>512399
>LGH continues to stream emails by ex-patrons, his exes, and the haturz.
>LGH creates another strawman-argument video featuring: Greg, the husband who's too tired and busy to talk about anything, and Totally-Not-Lainey who things Greg shows favoritism to one child over another >>512321
>Related, LGH posted a selfie of his outfit for that video with very prominent, disgusting genitals to his underage fans >>512547
>LGH makes a twitter post accusing his ex Adrienne's dad to be a child molester and congratulates himself for being such a good guy(tm) >>512884
>Plainey dies her hair yet again, and also continues to use filters on her videos
>Two of Plainey's discord patrons vent to each other in one of the public channels. Lainey jumps in making it all about her; she has Sarah threaten to shut down the server because Lainey got panic attacks over people helping each other. >>513381
>Sylar was also going to be kicked out of the Lainey discord due to allegations of sexual misconduct/harassment. Fat Becca jumps in and attacks the victims and vague tweets about how much of a sad sack of shit she is. >>513528
>Jacklyn Glenn and Onion are friends again?????? Anons believe the two are just whoring the new friendship for attention
>Plainey makes another video about how she's not going to transition, to no anon's surprise

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 514753

Whoops, Onion Thread Archives is actually located at >>>/pt/511709

No. 514759

The OP pic actually makes me sad. Nice choice!

Why's the Onion suddenly trying to relive his peak? Other than narc, old man regret.

No. 514760


"You get a shoe out of ten", they might take that as a compliment Onionboy. You are married to a personified foot.

No. 514763

File: 1525494825578.png (Spoiler Image, 668.61 KB, 816x796, oralstd.png)

On her YN stream she keeps picking at her most recent lip scab and saying "its not a cold sore guys, I swear"
What could it be then?
Ive heard of people getting gonorrhea of the mouth.

No. 514764

A++ recap Op.
Those super LIT memes confirm that while his wife may be in a crisis about transitioning into a 14 year-old super-smol mermaid-demiboi-swampprince, LGH's transition into "Embarrassing Emo Dad" is almost complete.
When he starts referring to himself as the "Bomb-dot-com" we shall know he has reached his final metamorphosis.

No. 514765

I'm stealing that bomb dot com tbh

He's struggling to remake his happiest times in his own depressing way

No. 514767

The latest Patron to be bullied by Greg and his minions has been banned. First Greg insults them by shouting "fuck you, seriously, fuck you" to them on stream for suggesting a Pewdiepie video to him that he didn't like; then they all piled up on her for asking that Greg and FatBecca don't speak for all victims of sexual abuse (re: the allegations against AJ's dad). This went down during and after this stream, where he tries to justify his insistence upon exposing people's personal traumas: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq93k4GjK9g

Funnily enough, he insisted- during the Pewdiepie video he reacted to-
that he appreciates and wants constructive criticism from his Patrons. Read on to discover what a lie that is.

He's getting really comfy with those allegations against Pewdiepie…

No. 514768

File: 1525495585369.jpg (575.52 KB, 553x1701, GregYouIdiot.jpg)

Some of his DMs with the Patron, after they asked for an apology

No. 514769

File: 1525495747603.png (213.88 KB, 1416x1178, rumors.png)

Wait a minute… I thought if you don't make several videos denying a false rumor then you're guilty of something!

Isn't that what you said about Shane and Pewdiepie?

No. 514770

Jesus Christ there's tons of male paedophiles who are into boys, what kind of fucking planet is he living on? He seriously thinks that??? I bet he also thinks underage boys can't be sexually abused by women. Fuck this just makes my blood boil.

No. 514771

Oh my god how can this idiot actually believe the garbage he spews? Making pedo jokes is okay if it’s “unlikely” to be true? Wtf??
I don’t think anyone needs to say that men preying on boys is not at all rare, but apparently someone needs to inform Greg.
Oh wait, just cause he doesn’t know anyone it’s got to be rare. Riiiight

No. 514774


But he thinks men can be raped by women (from the last thread, in case you missed it)

Not only slut shaming and victim blaming, but also claiming that AJ being coerced into sukmi constitutes her raping him. How the fuck can he steam this shit without fear of any kind of backlash/retribution? The narcissism and psychopathy is strong, my dudes.

No. 514778

>Men are rarely into young boys, incredibly rarely.

One of the biggest child sexual abuse scandals that immediately come to mind is the Catholic Priest thing.
Predators were all men
Majority of victims were boys

No. 514781

When footface eventually divorces him and starts to weave stories about how sometimes she didnt want to be called "faggot" during sex, didnt want to be choked, and didnt enjoy being so roughed up that there were bruises the next day, and makes thinly veiled accusations that she was raped by Greg (similar to the stories shes put out about the bf from Las Cruces)
Ogregs defense will be -
"She cant be raped, we were married, you cant rape your wife"

No. 514783

He has an excuse for everything. And none of his arguments make any sense. He has hours and hours of videos rating young girls, but pewdiepie is the one sexually attracted to kids who has dated one girl for 7 years with no side chicks and no drama and is recently engaged to her?

The girl just wants him to apologize for saying "fuck you" to her, and he can't. I can't believe lameo and his minions listen to this shit then stroke his ego and tell him hes right. I feel worse and worse for trot and clot who will have no adult in their life who will stand up to their dad.

I know I will be annoyed if they get divorced because people are gonna be ass-kissing her for finally leaving him, and she will be overjoyed at all the sympathy and victim points shes getting. Shes the only gf/ex of his I feel completely no sympathy for. Even after divorce, she will never admit she did anything wrong.

No. 514784

>If anyone was fucking raped… it was me.

When I heard Greg say that my jaw dropped, and that god damn silence from his group of usually giggly tween girls. I guess Im just used to normal peoples reaction. If Greg had said this around my group of friends, and everyone knew the backstory, people would of been PISSED!

No. 514786

I'm just over here shocked that he's never heard of NAMBLA. If there was a NAMGLA, he'd be a card carrying member.

No. 514791

Yes there will be her fans who give her butt pats and tell her that shes their hero, but the one thing that makes me smile each time I look to the future to when they eventually divorce (not sure who will be the bringer of legal papers) but when it happens, we will be served large cold tumblers of chilled milk from Greg about his c-u-n-t of a wife Taylor.
He's made a mental file on her and all the shitty things she has done that we have no idea about. Im sure one fat folder in that file is how she parents their two kids. There will be many a night that after his nightly 200 degree shower he will conveniently remember yet another thing that Taylor did or said and he will sperg on Twitter for a couple of hours.

No. 514793

>A patron/fan would not talk to me like this.

Talk to him like what exactly? Addressing legitimate concerns in a reasonable, calm manner and pointing out his obvious inconsistencies in an attempt to get clarification? Or to mention that it's pretty rude to tell someone who supports and donates their money to you that saying "fuck you" wasn't very appropriate?

I guess patrons/fans are only those who blindly agree with you and giggle while you go on insane, hateful tirades.
I hope every patron sees this. What kind of person needs to surround themselves solely with yes-men (who also pay for his expensive lifestyle) and kicks them to the curb when they raise questions or offer criticism?

Also, his obsession with Jared from Subway is starting to become disturbing.

No. 514795

I was going to say, he’s right. A patron/fan of his would never talk to him like that. They would never stoop so low as to try to defend themselves and tell him when he’s wrong. Instead they would suck his ass and dish out more money until they could make it into his discord/stream chat where they could then vocally defend him and his stupid arguments and analogies by ganging up on and attacking whoever dare disagree. And no true fan of his would ever realize he’s being a cunt and call him out on it, they would just allow him to insult them and then dish out more money in hopes they get to stay.

No. 514796

Greg has 3 things against him
1. Hes just not that smart, period.
2. Hes not willing to educate himself. Im not even talking about furthering his education by taking night classes, Ive gained a lot of knowledge by falling down the rabbit hole as I click links about some subject Im interested in. But if it doesnt have something to do with hentai, youtube analytics&data or Shane Dawson he doesnt have the time.
3. He doesnt get out of his house. Just leaving your home and being in new situations and meeting different people expand your horizons.

Im so glad that Greg streams live now, before all I knew of him was his finely tuned, carefully edited version of Onision. And now that we get to see him unfiltered and live, we see him asking stupid questions, having to Google things that are common knowledge to most adults and revealing that he has the wildest incorrect theories on things.

Always remember that this is the 32 year old man who thought women urinated out of their vaginas.

No. 514797


Nail, head, &c.

Am I the only one who finds the fact that he was admitted to, much less served in, the armed forces frankly astonishing?

No. 514798

>his obsession with Jared from Subway is starting to become disturbing.

Ive been feeling the same way. Its like the high profile Christian leader who severely criticizes homosexuals and their lifestyle.
Then years later we find out that he had a secret underage boyfriend and spent millions on gay escorts, sucking cock and taking it in the ass on the daily.

No. 514799

No disrespect for those that serve, but the armed forces are NOT very picky on who they take.
Once you're in and have a good head on your shoulders you rise the ranks and make a career. But if you're stupid you stay low rank or like Greg, get discharged early because you cant handle it and they fear you might kill yourself.
Im not sure if this is still going on, but there was a time when if you were going to end up in prison, the judge would give you the choice of jail or military, thats very telling.

No. 514804


Jesus. That’s… revelatory. Is it an American thing?

IIRC someone had it on credible authority that Gargoyle’s file didn’t contain anything incriminating re: his mental stability or lack thereof, which I also find somewhat astounding.

No. 514805

At least they didn't giggle, I guess..

No. 514806

>mental file

I think he keeps literal files on his computer of shit people did that wronged him, tbh

No. 514809

I think you’re probably right, anon.

No. 514810

File: 1525503499030.jpg (858.62 KB, 2738x3229, RGBtX5v.jpg)

LGH and Jared definitely have two things in common: some nice floppy titties.

No. 514811

He loves his haters more than his fans. He treats legitimate fans with such vitriol. He literally shits on these people. Some pay him and he still shits on them. His fans are either blind or masochists.

No. 514812

He's not smart and does not understand critical thinking. A perfect example of this is in the dm where he asserts that because he doesn't know any "dudes that were violated by another dude" therefore it doesn't happen much.

I've seen him use this line of thinking repeatedly and it's the kind of reasoning a child uses. An adult with perspective knows that just because you don't personally know a murder victim, it doesn't mean people don't get murdered.

It pains me that he has a channel geared for young girls and he uses it to spread misinformation and worse, a distrust in educated professionals and higher learning.

No. 514820

the uglier he is inside, the uglier he becomes on the outside.

when LGH dies the weight of his browbone will be weighed against his soul and he’ll be cast into hell

No. 514829

Shit, Lucifer probably doesn't want his gross rosacea greased up ass down in hell. His ass is probably gonna be thrown in limbo.

No. 514833

File: 1525516664901.jpeg (755.36 KB, 1242x1424, AA149DEC-B075-4518-9678-270162…)

Lainey’s new tattoo. It’s surprisingly nice compared to the rest of her tattoos.

No. 514836

Why is she posing with such attitude over a fucking plant tattoo. You couldn't look more like a basic bitch you dumb fuck

No. 514837

True. Still can't get over how bad her elephant tattoo is

No. 514838

That’s the tattoo you think is bad? That one is cute and has actual meaning. The rest of her tattoos make no fucking sense and are just random things she put on her body. And 2 of them are further linking her to her miserable husband.

No. 514839

File: 1525518886280.jpg (52.72 KB, 737x545, tumblr_p2w5swLnky1wu8t3ho1_128…)

Are you forgetting this stupid shit?

No. 514841

What the everloving fuck is that supposed to be?


Fucking lol. This was my exact reaction too. As a tattoo enthusiast who has full sleeves, those tacky, small, random tattoos trigger me much more than they really should. This is some top-tier basic bitch nonsense. Having an autistic child’s half-assed sketch permanently inked on your person isn’t edgy, it’s fucking retarded.

No. 514842

File: 1525519506123.jpg (568.39 KB, 1440x1309, Screenshot_20180505-072030.jpg)

I know we have moved past the transgender topic, but I stumbled upon this tweet by Foot. I'm not claiming to know everything about sex and gender, but isn't missing a pregnant belly very much a feminine thing? Like where's the dysphoria? Anyone have an explanation? I get this tweet is from 2014, but…


A totes gay volcano? I don't fucking know lol.

No. 514843

It's a sticker thing or whatever from younow lmfao

No. 514844


She’s so full of shit. Leaning towards “demiboi” but misses her preggo paunch/plans on suckling her spawn until they’re adults/obsessing over her “LIT AF” floral-print binders and uberfemme pink makeup? Get fucked, Draino. You’re a fucking disgrace.

No. 514846


A totes gay volcano for a totes gay *.~SpAce PriNce~.*

Kill me.

No. 514847


When YouNow goes defunct or maybe when they overhaul their sticker system, Plainey is gonna be left with a dumb tattoo that doesn't mean shit.

How does she even explain the "meaning" of the tattoo?

>Oh this one? Um…well it's a volcano sticker that was used as a payment on a streaming site. It symbolizes that someone donated $50….I also made it look gay because I thought I was gay and all

Imagine 40 year old Lainey explaining this to someone…

No. 514849

No you aren’t given jail or military as a choice anymore. I think the only service that doesn’t require a HS diploma anymore is the Army. You have to have at least a GED for the Army. 4yrs college for an officer and to be senior enlisted you have to show you are furthering your career with college. It has changed.

No. 514851

You really shouldnt make fun of Trots sketch he made for mommy.


No. 514852

In my country the minimum education requirement for an officer is a high school certificate (full completion of year 12 with a passing grade). Regardless, I highly doubt Grug would have been admitted here.

No. 514853


kek, you say this in jest but it really isn’t that much of a stretch.

No. 514858

Hahaha yes. I don't even have any tattoos, but small random ones everywhere with no flow or theme look tacky. I mean, just look at Raven.

I feel like she's again trying to emulate Billie by getting more, except Billie's tattoos are better, not to mention her mother is an experienced tattoo artist. Lainey seems like the type to get a bunch of small discreet ones that she can laser off when she's over her edgy phase and wants to fit in with all the other soccer mums at her kid's school as they grow up.

No. 514859


I’m legit surprised that she has any, to be honest. She’s such a sook, I can only imagine how much of an interminable pain in the ass she is while getting inked. Plus she just doesn’t seem like the sort to actually have any emotional investment/serious interest in tattoos full stop. That said, most people are surprised I have sleeves so y’know, books, covers, &c. Seriously though, I can’t wait to see her sperg out about wanting to get them removed when the novelty of this 3edgy5me phase wears off.

No. 514860

Lainey is so easy to manipulate and gaslight into thinking whatever you want her to. I wish someone would come into her life and convince her that she has some fetish that has nonreversable consequences. Make her believe she has body integrity identity disorder or acrotomophilia, and then watch the fun.

No. 514866

Hey hey HEY! Bois can get get pregnant too. Such masculine. Wow. Much not girly girl. Men can breastfeed for 10 years too.

Fuck, this bitch is like a bad walking fanfic.

No. 514868

Idc what anyone says. This one is bad. THATS what you want on your collarbone? Ok.

No. 514875

A botox commercial came on yesterday and one of the side effects? A drooping brow.

Botox LGH confirmed.

Yeah, I'd sage if I could.

No. 514876

I kinda liked the idea and placement of the tattoo. At first glance the execution looked ok as well to me, until I took a closer look and noticed that the way the stems & leaves grow / are intertwined isn't very logical.
Why is the middle part (the intersection between the stems) filled in as if it were a leaf…?
Also, those leaves are pretty oddly shaped considering this is meant to look like lavender.

I guess this is nitpicking but it really bothers me & makes the tattoo look ugly to me.

No. 514877

could be from her constantly picking at her skin and just be normal scabs. I think it's a combo personally - if you irritate the area or damage it a coldsore outbreak is more likely to occur, so she's stuck in a vicious cycle of picking until she gets a coldsore which she then proceeds to pick.

No. 514879

File: 1525532462783.jpg (100.96 KB, 1300x908, 49254501-lavender-flowers.jpg)


This. Even her lavender tattoo is a cartoon.


Why so much denial? Get some Valtrex and get it under control!


Cold sores are caused by HSV-1 and always occur in the same spot. This has always been a cold sore.

No. 514880

If you were going to get a tattoo to remind you to "chill out," wouldn't you put in a place where you'd see it regularly? Like on your forearm or something. She won't be able to see it most of the time.

No. 514884

Laineybot: I got the lavendar tattoo there because I wanted it close to my nose so the soothing smells cou… oh.. nevermind.

No. 514886

File: 1525534453797.jpeg (347.09 KB, 640x1092, 829818A8-AFC9-487C-BFCC-2ABC4A…)

No. 514887

Exactly. Tattoos are a visual medium. Lavender "chills you out" because of the smell, not the look of it. She should of picked something that visually made her calm herself, or brought up happy feelings & thoughts.
Come to think of it, WHAT does make her happy? Does she even have hobbies? All I can think of is she seems to enjoy singing along (badly) to outdated emo music. Everything else I know about her is just the multitude of things that stress her out or bring on her anxiety.

No. 514888

so she just found something trendy and went with it?
i bet you she didnt even find that idea, sarah probably stumbled on it and gave her hint

No. 514889



A stupid, popular idea might be popular but it's still stupid.

No. 514890

Yes, and then she made up the ~personal meaning~ after she saw the tattoo and decided to get it.

No. 514891

She looks like some middle schoolers notebook covered in stickers.

No. 514892

When you have absolutely no personality, you get shitty and ugly tattoos to compensate, I guess.

No. 514893

Let’s say hypothetically for a second it’s not a cold soar. It’s a new issue. If it is someone is then screwing outside the the relationship and bringing it home. Since only one of them leaves the house a lot, Lainey. It’s possible she could be seeing someone on the side and with conditioning the kids to always be quiet it’s possibly she could get away with cheating, for a time.

The reason I put in her court is these things happen often and Greg shows little to no signs of these things that we can tell. They both don’t see doctors so by that technicality alone these would flare up often till you get medication. If she has it on her mouth kissing him should of given it to him and appear too.

So my theory is the, “I’m going off to buy stuff for Gerg” and going shopping to mean she is seeing someone outside of their relationship behind his back. But she has enough dirt on him to flip it back. Mind you the girl has done this in the past on her ex and maybe the projection on to Aj is his upset about Lainey. If Lainey plays victim she might still win. He might be putting up with it for now and love bombing her. Don’t know but we seriously don’t see much besides bad acne on his face.

Just theory. But it seems even as gross as his little man is to look at any recent picks leaked would of shown some kind of breakout. With that we all just vomited a bit.

No. 514895

This is reaching. Tons of people have the kind of herpes that causes cold sores. It's very easily spread, not only through sex

No. 514896

File: 1525536701113.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.87 KB, 618x574, 0187.jpg)

She did the same fucking thing with the elephants one. Someone pitched it to her and she weaved this backstory so she could say it was for her kids.

If shes going to fall for trendy tattoos, can we trick her into getting a tramp stamp?
Something really shitty but specific to her, and with meaning.

Hows this for an idea? Its perfect because its her favorite saying, plus it could be a friendly reminder to Greg as hes violently fucking her doggystyle.

No. 514898

the weird gradient coloring on it makes it looks like bad clip art.
the ones in >>514886 all look much better

No. 514899

Vlogging alone in the car often before leaving the last house and so on. Going shopping often too.

But I said it it wasn’t a cold soar. If it’s a different STD I could be possible. Cold soar yea then I’m reaching but hypothetically if it’s another type of STD… no so much reaching. It’s why she has a hard time keeping up with her pattern because she never makes many videos outside the house or of her shopping trips. Privacy and all still a good possibility that either of them could cheat when the other isn’t around. Greg brings them home. We know who is there. If she is doing it she isn’t going to make easy to debunk. His cheating is stupidly recorded.(derailing)

No. 514902

She literally said on younow when she was on 12 hours ago she found the design on google and her artist just made “adjustments” and made the joke about yup art theft again.
She also answered that Sam designing her elephants doesn’t bother her.

No. 514904

Holy batman, this tattoo is a B A D look. The leaves look like cheap plastic aquarium plants, and the flowers, they don't look nothing like lavender. The "flowers" resembles spray millet, those seed sticks you feed to budgies and cockatiels.

Why slap that hideous garbage on your chest?? It's trashy. Everybody is gonna look at that and think its ugly and it sucks. All you see at first is the leaves, why are they so big?

Further proof Laundry has no style or personality. Whats with these $30 dollar tattoos? Surely Greg paid Billie more for treats than he allows Laundry to have.
The volcano's lines on the bottom are uneven and the artist does not have a steady hand.

Maybe all the people in WA already know who they are, and so they give the onions bad, unfocused service.

No. 514906

"Ohh I don't want to be accused of art theft scoff" Yeah. She was real nasty and stuck up and smug about that. Also said she separates the artist from the art and that she can still dislike the artist. She didn't give credit until people in the chat said it was sam and she got so stand offish about it.

No. 514911

Hers is also way too big. She puts no effort into anything she does and continues to go to whatever shitty budget tattoo place that's probably just in he mall.

No. 514912

The ones here look dainty and elegant while hers looks big and trashy. It’s just bad art. This was the best she coulD find on google?

No. 514917

File: 1525541737717.png (54.31 KB, 720x612, IMG_7141.PNG)

Holy liver spots

No. 514918

Lmao is he trying to be Lainey's twin?

No. 514919

kek maybe he's pissy about her youtube doing better than all of his channels and now LGH is skinwalking lainey.

No. 514920

File: 1525542115084.png (1.08 MB, 1334x750, D7489CDF-A20B-49A0-A429-2BAD09…)


No. 514921

File: 1525542203573.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, 4FDE0D04-5E90-427F-81B4-2C2764…)

Also end result with him trimming his eyebrows too. How does he look like the stupid ugly one that betrays everyone off of maze runner? Will Poulter ahaha

No. 514922

Another shitty home hair cut? Kek. This should be good.

No. 514923

File: 1525542280260.png (1.03 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7147.PNG)

Gurgle's new look KEK

No. 514925

I'm fucking crying. He looks like someone dipped q tip in their asshole

No. 514926

Oops I posted the end result without realizing you did. This new look of his is terribly funny. His head looks like a literal egg

No. 514927

He looks like a fucking midget wtf!

No. 514928

File: 1525542434077.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 1497125042750.gif)

Oh my fucking god, Look at his giant fucking head compared to his tiny hands.

Fucking EGG AND ONION MAN. Shit small man what did you DO to yourself?

I didn't think it was possible for him to look even uglier but here it is.

No. 514929

I like where you paused it better anyway kek he looks so awkward and small yet big. Like a fat 8 year old who’s too big for a tux for their age but the older boys tux’s don’t fit right on the length hahahaha

No. 514930

File: 1525542666535.png (174.49 KB, 330x329, 76123.PNG)

He looks like Will Poulters, way older, less attractive brother.

No. 514931

Is he at all photoshopped here? Because good grief, i did not realise how much certain clothes choices and hair choices accentuate his manlet size and strange body composition. He looks so deformed, seems so unreal.

No. 514932

File: 1525542709789.jpg (60.01 KB, 691x635, Facetune_05-05-2018-13-50-59.j…)

He looks like a midget with an egg for a head

No. 514933

I love when he cuts his hair short.
He looks so ugly and cant hide behind his sweeping bangs.

Thank you to the anons who posted this, is there context to why he did it?

No. 514934

He said that every two years he likes to cut it short and that he likes change. Hm.. I wonder why he chose now to do it?

No. 514936

File: 1525543017058.jpg (54.51 KB, 960x540, 1521051491881.jpg)

I'm fucking dead.

I can't wait for the moment he realizes he just fucked himself, You right, He can't hide behind his bangs anymore and he won't be able to get late teen puss anymore. He'll flip out.

No. 514937

File: 1525543039686.png (69.92 KB, 640x504, IMG_7149.PNG)

Good god is she seriously still doing this Landon thing?

No. 514938

hory crap, his head MUST BE photoshopped i mean what the fuck? it's all wonky around his temples


No. 514939


Is that just Meredith? she was supposed to be filming the
10 thing" video with her, would make sense that they would do more.

No. 514941

File: 1525543188019.png (42.61 KB, 195x196, Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 1.59.…)

No. 514942

File: 1525543235345.png (48.25 KB, 191x196, Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 2.00.…)

No. 514943

No. 514944

File: 1525543287986.png (41.63 KB, 195x183, Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 2.01.…)

No. 514945

I just watched the first 2 minutes and Im laughing at how Lil Miss Lainey is attempting to be a "dude"
Is this really how she thinks men are?
Its like when you see a drag show and the trannies are way hyper feminine almost to a cartoonish effect, except this is the other side of the coin. Watching Lainey try to be a guy is painful.

No. 514946

I wonder if there will be a drop in patrons because of this.

No. 514947

File: 1525543462065.png (1.35 MB, 1136x640, IMG_7150.PNG)

I cannot express how dumb she looks sitting in a ball with her legs up at a bar. This is a grown ass woman pretending to be a fuckboi on a fake tinder date with her friend. This is just embarrassing and pathetic

No. 514948

Such trans, very manly.

No. 514949

What the ACTUAL fuck oh my god TOPKEK. So he was waiting for his hair to grow out a bit just so he could get rid of his disaster swamp blonde hair lmao ogre looking midget eggnision

No. 514950

She sits like that in restaurants too!! It's so trampy she's a mother of 2.

No. 514951

File: 1525543787066.jpg (10.47 KB, 300x300, Eddie.jpg)

Eddie Munster is all grown up.

No. 514952

He looks like a toddler dressed up for a wedding
A toddler who has shit himself, actually

No. 514953

Kinda funny how he chooses to put that extremely annoying music thats put at the end of all laineybot videos during this.

No. 514955

File: 1525544042192.jpg (56.83 KB, 590x750, JUST.jpg)

He truly loves old memes

No. 514956

File: 1525544099704.png (284.21 KB, 875x460, Screenshot 2018-05-05 at 2.14.…)

front of the new Swamp Shack already looks filthy and run down.

No. 514957

I'm not sure what's happening in the swamp trailer but Lameo and LGH are trying hard to look like one another. God damn narc nest. Lmao.

No. 514958

This is so childish and closed-off in terms of body language for conversation, too. Isn't this supposed to be a date? She looks like she's trying really hard to appear cool and hip and young these days, lmfaooo. Funky teen mom much?

I don't know how that poor girl doesn't feel mortified that this garbage bag water mistake is acting so tacky in a public place like that.

No. 514959

File: 1525544326776.png (337.72 KB, 657x678, download.png)

He fucking trims his eyebrows!

No. 514960

>poor girl

it's notorious attention whore Madison Decambra. Long time friend of Greg and now friend of Lainey. Lainey only likes her because she's married, has two kids and is not cute enough to steal gronk away from her.

No. 514961

Honestly I wonder why did he choose to get this haircut again - it exposes his nasty liver spots and forehead dent - that isn't something young girls like in an F-list youtuber.

No. 514963

anon you are spot on lmao

No. 514964

What is the appeal of Taylor, seriously. Why do people watch her when all she does is act like a weirdo, slop cosmetics on her busted skin, and cry? I feel like I'm experiencing life through a simulation. She's just a bad compilation of Tumblr tropes, down to the 'uwu space prince' ddlg nonsense and all.

Am I just out of touch with this new generation that likes this kind of shit? Please help me understand.

Oh bitch what the fuck.

No. 514965

First thing I thought was "angry 8 year old ring bearer for a wedding"

No. 514966

Bruh I know how coldsores work. I'm saying she picks at that spot whether or not she's having an outbreak at present, resulting in scabs.

No. 514967

Well thats weird.
Why would they still have that realtors key lock box on the door knob.
They've already bought the house, theres no need for that lock box to let the agents and prospective home buyers into the house.

No. 514969

File: 1525545082879.png (231.22 KB, 604x550, greek_god.png)

I'm sorry

No. 514970

too lazy to make the drive out to the office and return it.

No. 514971

>like someone dipped q tip in their asshole

LOL! dude, how did you even think of that image?
(you've done it huh?)
thanks for the laugh

No. 514972

But I’m wearing a baseball cap backwards and I have short hair. I’m totally a “guy”. Pay no attention to the fact I’m still wearing make up and acting feminine. (No guy sits with their knees to their chest like that.)

No. 514973

File: 1525545363782.jpeg (69.11 KB, 500x618, 22A72399-AC24-4B95-8B17-D35DDD…)

Bela was actually better looking. Poor Grugly.

No. 514974

I'm starting to think she sits like that to cover up her chest because muh dysphoria

No. 514975

File: 1525545551828.png (776.33 KB, 786x855, Screenshot (317).png)


No. 514978

>>514969 is he trying too look more like shrek to match his swamp?

No. 514979

He should really get those spots checked.
I mean I hate the guy, but I dont want him ending up like John McCain, all half faced and scared up.

No. 514980

please anon
I’m terrified
it’s coming
the giant pored rosacea monster, lord help us all


No. 514981

He looks like an inbred racist skinhead getting all dressed up for a night of beating minorities.

No. 514982

File: 1525545856790.jpg (232.08 KB, 800x572, Grecks.jpg)

who you callin smooth skin

No. 514983

File: 1525546003483.jpeg (38.8 KB, 500x336, F25A8D0D-F223-428C-A4B5-86909A…)

No. 514984

Imagine having sex and suk mi's with this creature of the night every day

No. 514985

Suddenly I don't feel so bad about myself - thanks Grugly!

No. 514987

i can't… he looks like somebody the peaky blinders would beat the shit out of

No. 514988


Don't give her any ideas for excuses anon.

No. 514990

File: 1525547152535.png (75.5 KB, 640x636, IMG_7153.PNG)

And if today couldn't get anymore cringey let me present to you Lame's new shoes. She's streaming on YouNow currently. It's another get ready with me

No. 514992

File: 1525547452635.png (1.02 MB, 933x933, Gary_Golden.png)

No. 514994

how the hell did his skin get so bad? it can't just be genetics

No. 514995

File: 1525547602779.jpg (Spoiler Image, 80.22 KB, 744x908, ksuTTdZ.jpg)

No. 514996


same reason why we are all here - people love watching train wrecks

No. 514997

File: 1525547781519.png (578.34 KB, 904x660, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 5.11…)

"sorry my cars a mess"
What the actual fuck Laimo? who in their right mind would just let a friend, or ANYONE let alone a supposed "date" sit on a filthy seat like that? could you not find 5 minutes away from playing with shitty makeup to wipe the seat down? and what the fuck even is that stuff you filthy pig!?

No. 514998

It’s LGH’s pure cum smoothie, he spilled it. What a slob.

No. 514999

Ahahahahaha this man is fucking ugly as homemade sin. This has got to be the best picture of him ever.

Jesus, Foot, fucking love yourself.

No. 515002

Well he compared semen to his spit so I honestly doubt it even though it wouldn't shocking if that was the case.

No. 515004

Maybe he decided to shave his head so they'll take him more seriously in court for the IRS stuff or Al, if he goes through with anything.

Either that, or he'll pull an "unstable Britney" card and claim he wasn't lucid.

No. 515006

Now when he makes those "has LGH helped me" polls I can finally answer yes!

No. 515007

File: 1525549437901.png (177.88 KB, 1440x920, so positive guiz.png)

It couldn't possibly be that he's obsessively deleting every single comment that says he looks like a creepy, liver-spotted child molester!

No. 515008

Like fucking clock work. In before he finds out she cheated and second Tinder. Maybe she still has the old Tinder account from when they first got married.

No. 515009


She should stick to complaining because comedy is not her forte.

No. 515010

He looks like a fucking ventriloquist dummy with those tiny hands, giant head, and ill fitted suit and shirt

No. 515012

File: 1525550533301.jpeg (93.72 KB, 750x570, 017F799E-2040-48AD-8326-38B073…)

Let’s play a game of how close to my eyebrow can I get today!!! Christ she listens to no advice in the chat ever.

No. 515014

File: 1525550689082.png (282.07 KB, 1440x1666, virtue signaling.png)

"Love is not about body" says the guy who makes videos about whether he would date them, rating young girls solely on their looks.

No. 515015

File: 1525550721739.gif (768.9 KB, 320x180, pls stop.gif)

Your comment makes no sense and Tindr didn't exist when taylor and greg got married.

No. 515017

He realises he’s actually saying if a straight guy wouldn’t date another guy beCaUsE tHEir a GuY they don’t believe in love?? That’s the stupid fucking logic idiots are using to call people not attracted to trans people transphobic. What happened to my sexual preference isn’t a choice??

No. 515019

Tinder’s been around since 2012 try again. But she has publicly said she had an old tinder account that apparently got deleted for impersonation?

No. 515020

they were married in 2011…

No. 515021

Ugh, now we're going to have to see his fucked up forehead and liver spots uncovered for months!

It looks like bird shit to me.

No. 515022

File: 1525551159650.jpeg (31.6 KB, 299x153, 8089728D-3BDC-4DF8-916F-B961C1…)

They meet early 2012 anon

No. 515023

Not that anon…. but no they weren’t. Pretty sure they didn’t even openly admit they were engaged until 2012. They got married Nov. 14, 2012

No. 515024

They got married November 14th, 2012.

No. 515025

What is he even doing in this outfit? Is this supposed to be him cleaning up for Prom? He’s never worn something like that, at least not that I can recall. So, he must be actually trying to clean up for Lainey’s Prom video. That or tinfoil; in Lainey’s 10 Things video Maddison probably wore one of his orange shitty wigs since she was playing the part of LGH and he probably got offended and realized how ugly his hair was. Or maybe it’s even because of what an anon said in previous threads about how they live near a bunch of veterans now, maybe he’s trying to fit in, kek.

No. 515026

It goes both ways too. He's literally saying if you're a lesbian, you should be open to dating dudes.
Jesus he's a moron.

No. 515027

Anything to lovebomb the space prince agender demiboy whatever the fuck breadwinner wife

No. 515028

Seriously underrated post!

No. 515029

File: 1525551958246.jpg (291.64 KB, 1440x2440, paz07MQ.jpg)

Someone pointed out the stain in her cap and she said it was ice cream. She also said the stains on her seat were from a cream cheese bagel. Bitch wtf? Why are you getting food messes everywhere?

No. 515031

does she do that all the time or is it part of her stupid fuckboy act? it reminds me of those emo girls in 2007 who had such awful main character syndrome that they try super hard to have quirky snowflake traits like sitting in a "cute way"

No. 515032

Say what you will, but this could have been kind of an interesting look.

Also, major tinfoil, but I'm sure, he's gonna intend to purposefully ruin swamp-prom. lmao

No. 515033


“I Shaved Most My Hair Off”. Most? Doesn’t he mean most of? Can he literally not form a coherent sentence? I shit you not, I genuinely know first graders with more advanced vocabulary.

No. 515034

File: 1525553377940.png (651.66 KB, 1237x663, onion_hair.png)

samefag - forgot the picture sighs

No. 515035


>She also said the stains on her seat were from a cream cheese bagel.

So she just let Madison mess up her pants and was like "ooops sorry didn't have time to clean :^)"

No. 515037

Looks like he is gonna audition to be in Peaky Blinders. Honestly though, it wouldn't look too bad if it wasn't for his horrendous skin. He needs all the hair to cover his face. He should go full blown Cousin It.

No. 515038

Creame cheese doesn't stain like that, especially on leather seats….

No. 515039

Your comment made me gigglesnort. haha

No. 515045

I get the impression from what we’ve seen that their (Lainey AND her husband, don’t worry) house probably smells like those houses full of kids that throw food everywhere and reek of dirty diapers and warm milk. Which is sad because usually houses smell like that and are dirty because the parents are busy or they have like 4 kids, but Lainey and Greg BOTH stay at home and they only have 2 kids. Obviously I’m speculating, but don’t you guys get that impression when you see pics/videos of their house? Like I’ve been to houses like that and I feel so uncomfortable and inspect everything before I sit/touch it. Madison staring at the stains on the car’s seat reminded me of that. Like you don’t know what it is, but you don’t wanna be rude. I love kids, don’t get me wrong they’re adorable, but damn I almost feel bad for their guests because that’s so uncomfortable.

No. 515047

File: 1525556203792.jpg (41.26 KB, 479x572, IMG_20170426_225133.jpg)

greg doesn't believe in free speech lmao after all that bullshit about unblocking da haturz on twitter and all that, he still deletes comments and hides users who criticize him on his shitty youtube videos. thats hilarious he shaved his head i thought it couldn't get worse than that orange mop but he somehow continues to get more and more hideous.

No. 515049


They’re so filthy and unhygienic, of course the swamp shack reeks to high heaven. Drainey can’t even wash her face properly, bitch just have one hell of a dutteh vajayjay.

No. 515063

I'm retarded but why do anons say dutteh? Is it like that fluck thing he tried to make a thing of?

No. 515064

So based on Lainey’s new video, I guess they’re okay with Madison again now? I remember the Onions having a falling out with her cause she smokes we—DOES ILLEGAL DRUGS.

Probably just Lame not giving a fuck and Greg just not caring what she does at all as long as it doesn’t involve another male.

No. 515065

LGH and Shiloh made a video mocking Adrienne, and saying she was smelly and had a "dutteh vagina." Typical LGH retardation, basically.

No. 515066

Thanks! Yeah, I don't think having constant shower sex with an unhygenic willy is very pleasant. I can imagine she's not a fresh smelling lady.

No. 515067

My bad, it was stupider than that, even. It was 'Dutteh vajayjay." He can't even speak without sounding like a moron.

No. 515070

Greg is so fucking cringey. One, your forehead clit/mole is now fully exposed with no way to hide it. I'm sure he's gonna start wearing hats or maybe even go back to wearing masks. Two, you without a doubt use more make up and filters now than when you were 22.

No. 515071

He literally gave himself a fucking bowl cut. Like he didnt fade his hair so that it actually blended up through the top and it's so uneven. All his DIY haircuts have looked bad but this one takes the cake.

No. 515088

Ogreg banging on ad infinitum about AJ and later Billie being stinkbombs leads me to believe that he was actually copping a perennial whiff of his own stench and failing to identify its origin.

No. 515097

File: 1525564345948.png (392.14 KB, 1440x2019, stereeeeeotypes.png)

>Shame on you! Jokes about stereotypes are only funny when I make them!

No. 515101

File: 1525566073875.png (729.98 KB, 1154x632, cameraangle.png)

LOL, but to be fair it is more the camera angle

No. 515104

File: 1525566690332.jpeg (45.34 KB, 451x640, 146E8A51-2245-400C-A175-FB9847…)

Ogreg kinda looks like Chris Zylka, if Chris Zylka were an old melting wax museum Neanderthal with bitch tits.

No. 515106

File: 1525566948841.png (506.02 KB, 1440x1252, yikesss.png)

I get that she wants to appear more masculine, but she somehow looks like a balding middle aged man. Actually, this is perfect given LGH's disaster of a makeover.

I love how she always seems to be stroking her non-existent stubble. She looks like a creep you'd see hanging out at a truck stop (minus the basic bitch collarbone tattoo she's ever-so-subtly showing off ofc).

Dying to know what look she's going to decide on for the swamp prom. Snapback and minimal makeup to celebrate her inner teenage boy? Or a caked on, unblended overly feminine look to offset the little boy's suit in an attempt to get LGH to say she's "pretty"?

No. 515107

He's so inept in everything he does holy shit. Wonders why the first two razors don't work when he tries to shave his long hair like that. Basic knowledge to first grab a pair of scissors to cut the hair shorter so it won't get all stuck in the razor and keep it from properly working through the hair. Took him way too long to eventually notice he needs scissors..

Also why is his hairline so weird ? lol I'm not one to pick on looks usually but he looks so funky. The really short hair really doesn't o him any favors. He should have left them midway before he shaved the middle part short, leaving them a bit longer I thought that would have looked at least a bit better.

No. 515108

File: 1525567330130.jpg (63.51 KB, 542x542, hotstuff.jpg)

he still looks like he's taking fashion tips from the report of the week

No. 515110

he wishes he could look like this fine gentleman

he looks boated a f and those liver spots? goddamn man

No. 515112

>and the flowers, they don't look nothing like lavender.
And my buns, they don't feel nothing like steel. I had to, anon.

I'm howling. He and his straight wife are the human embodiments of penises. They both look like dicks. Onion happens to be shrimpy just like his peen. This is the equivalent of him setting his YouTube channels on fire. The views will not roll in anymore. Teen girls will find much more attractive YTers to fantasize over.

His hair was pretty fucked from his attempts to go blonde and it was never going to work out for him. His only options were to let it grow out, dye over it dark and hope for the best, or get rid of it and start fresh. This was the best choice but damn is he hideous.

No. 515113


I love when he tries so HARD to do that suave "intense" look but he just ends up looking like carrot top…………… like even moreso than usual

No. 515115

Don’t you even dare! Reviewbrah is a God.

No. 515116

I love how she literally talked in her livestream about how now Greg’s shaved his head she doesn’t want to shave hers because she doesn’t think she’ll look as soft as she wants and then in the next sentence said she also thinks it’ll make her look too fem? How does she make sense of herself?

No. 515120

I think part of the reason he looks so weird is because he is sucking in his dad-gut and holding his breath to appear slimmer, giving him a constipated/ stick up the ass demeanor. Sadly, we have already seen the pudgy reality of his ~Greek God~ stomach, and we can't unsee it.

No. 515121

File: 1525568767573.png (1.52 MB, 765x1351, suit.png)


I was thinking about the fact that they literally never go anywhere that would require a suit and it occurred to me this is most likely his wedding suit. While Lainey's super into this swamp prom and sperged out fussing about buying a new outfit, he hasn't shown any interest and is probably just going to wear that 6 year old suit.

Looking a bit snug there, LGH.

No. 515122

He could never look so refined. Gerg is the antithesis of salt-of-the-earth human Reviewbrah

No. 515123

There's also his caveman brow, forehead clit, and tomato face. He can relax his gut any time he wants but he'll always have those traits.

No. 515126

Coming from "we only dated billie because she was pretty"

He legitimately believes that, except only when the dude is him. But yeah that status is an insult to gay people by saying sexuality is a choice.

Whys he mad when hes in a gay relationship?

No. 515128

Yeah, i thought so too anon

No. 515129

kek Gerg wished he was as classy, smart and charming as reviewbrah so he could just eat and review fast food and get a supportive following of 900k+ ppl with that. That's the difference between someone like Gurg and Reviewbrah, latter has great and interesting character and people love him because of that so it doesn't matter what kinda of content he makes, while our Swamp King has a rotten character and no matter how hard he tries to make 'interesting' content, no one (with more than half a brain) wants to watch it anymore.

No. 515133

This is an old suit he wore a few times in the past, I believe it was in the Billie era.

Is it almost time to call in a welfare check on old Greggy? I think he’s starting to seriously unravel. Must be that Patron that has been questioning his all-knowing righteousness that’s sending him off the deep end.

No. 515134

Reviewbrah has a beautiful soul, don't even dare bring him up in this hellfire of a thread. He is a pristine god compared to Greg. I just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and seeing such a pure, harmless being posted here genuinely upset me more. Shame on you(no one cares)

No. 515135

Man, these two are so gross. I would be mortified to even joke like that.

I would bet money on it. If by no other way than huffing and making passive aggressive remarks about Lainey and how “awesome” she is.

No. 515138

He gavr her such a cheap ass wedding, how sad as a woman to accept that, considering he was rolling in the dough back in those days. He didn't even tailor his suit. Cheap tables. Cheap everything.

To think he proposed withing the 1st month of dating. Gross. Hr just wanted to lock down that dum dum before she got a clue and dumped him for college life. How sad that the potential was thrown askew because of a greasy tomato faced pedo being all predator.

There are no words. This is like chick kryptonite, in the sense that Greggory is now so uglythat to gaze on his visage melts the eyeballs. Lindsay Lohan looks better than this mess.
Go to the doctor and get a script for Valtrex and aabreva Lainey, its not that hard.

No. 515143

I bought they’ve always known about the weed. I think you’re speculating here based on some tinfoil you’ve read but I saw no indication there was ever a falling out.

Proving once again he learned NOTHING from his time in the Air Force.

I think it’s amazing that he has been catering to his “shadow fans” so much that he does these idiotic things that will probably lose his actual fans.

No. 515155

She was freshly 18, probably thought *I'm not like his ex! im cool and chill so i dont mind this cheap ass wedding! LOVE HAS NO PRICE" no way a grown ass woman would settle for that

No. 515157

Who was the patron ?

No. 515158

Not a name I recognize. So probably a newer or lower tier Patron.

No. 515162

>we're monogamous right now!

No. 515164

drinking & driving | landon vlogs

No. 515165

those are dirty kid hand prints

No. 515169

File: 1525574176548.png (649.77 KB, 1440x2880, emo patron rant.png)

Looks like there's about to ne another Patron kicked.
On LGH's public Patreon page a patron made a very long impassioned message about hating his new hair (and also complained about YT getting the video first, while patrons only got a sneak peek) that was hilarious to read if you can get through it.
I couldn't fit the entire thing in a screenshot but this person mentioned at the end that they dm LGH and buy his Poshmark items kek.

Dying to see LGH's reaction as we all know how well he takes critism. My guess is this person will be encouraged to withdraw their pledge because as he's made perfectly clear, he wants those that are vulnerable and a bit unbalanced to pay his bills but if you're too unbalanced he will kick you to the curb.

No. 515171

File: 1525574385912.png (422.68 KB, 1440x1307, rant pt.2.png)

Part 2 of the "Emotional rant" where they complain about the perks and insist they're not a hater.
> And mostly greg, you know me from all my dms here and talk or scripts and poshmark items so please know I do love you

No. 515174

>I think you’re speculating here based on some tinfoil you’ve read but I saw no indication there was ever a falling ou

I agree, Lainey has been talking about Madison helping her with this video since she said she was even going to make the video. If they had a falling out it would have been in one of the threads and it hasn’t been. I think anon might be thinking about when Lainey and Greg said they first found out why Madison was arrested and they distanced themselves from her for like a second until they “forgave” her. As if they had the right or reason to forgive her.

No. 515181


Okay, I’m sorry, but if he gets pissed over this and bans them I have to give him this one. I mean this is just weird and dumb af, kek. Who gets this emotional over someone cutting their hair? The guy’s a cunt, but what the fuck lmao. And this isn’t even one of us this is an actual fan of his! This is funny because he shits on the fact that he had these “shadow fans” and haters when in reality we don’t even say shit like this. This is coming from his actual fans. Get a reality check Greg. We dislike you with reason and provide one. His fans are as weird and irrationally emotional as his wife. Like really? Out of all of the bullshit this guy has done in the years he’s been on the Internet, his fucking haircut is what puts you off from him?

No. 515183

I can't tell if it's trolling or not because his fans are that weird. If it's actually a fan this upset about his school shooter haircut, that'd be hilarious.

No. 515184

B-but his military buzzcut isn't sexy anon! And that's all that matters to his teenybopper fanbase who are hoping to be part of the trinity. No wonder he's having a midlife crisis at 32, the second his looks fade or change, they are out.

No. 515186

lmao this reminds me of ringos message to fans about not sending stuff to be signed

>this is a serious message to greg. peace and love, you look like a killer. im warning you with peace and love people will shit on you. thank you, thank you, please dont be mean to me. dont do it. anyway, peace and love, peace and love

No. 515188

lol what a fucking weirdo, but i hpoe more people are creeped out like this tbh

No. 515192

Right??? I caught that too. She talks out both sides of her mouth like her gay husband. Her viewers seemed to really want her to shave her head though kek. If she is willing to get shitty tattoos for the younow coin Im surprised she wouldn't shave her head, at least hair grows back.

No. 515196

Emotional Rant Translated:

I think I'm upset because you cut your hair making yourself look like a school shooter, but really I'm upset for making me realize the guy I watch religiously, the guy I lust over, the guy I fantasize about, the guy I might even have feelings for… for making me realize he looks like a school shooter. This was very jarring and upsetting to me to discover this guy looks like he is unhinged and dangerous.

No. 515198

Congrats on making yourself look like a literal penis, Greg.

No. 515205

I will never get over the manlet tier proportions he has in his wedding pics kek.

No. 515217

File: 1525584082727.png (762.33 KB, 1358x719, doges.png)

Looks like the dogs jump on the doors, tbh.

No. 515220

File: 1525585114103.png (130.25 KB, 1440x916, Emo rant pt 3.png)


LGH finally responded to the "Emotional Rant".. by asking his other patrons to handle it kek

No. 515221

File: 1525585469277.png (861.25 KB, 1440x1509, school shooter.png)


Samefag, but guess LGH is going the "public shaming" route per usual.

No. 515225

File: 1525586282096.png (266.52 KB, 493x520, Swamp monster.png)

Jfc. He just uploaded a video about "how to study when you have no motivation" that was literally just him holding a gun to his head and putting it into his mouth while holding a book.
Nothing cooler than a highschool dropout in his mid-30's trying desperately to appeal to edgy 13 year-olds.

In other news, he looks like he's literally turning into a swamp monster.

No. 515227

I now understand the emotional school-shooter rant patron. I'd also be upset if the guy I was dishing out cash for looked like this.

No. 515230

plain doesn't even pull off the tumblr tropes well

like sometimes i'll see a fakeboi photoshoot but they actually have some sense of style and I'm like ok not for me but that is pretty ~aesthetic~ imo

she just looks like a crusty try hard. COMMIT jfc

No. 515231

ok doges too

sloppy, sure. but not unexpected.

No. 515233

This is kinda OT but they could be mucoceles. They're basically like blisters and you get them from blocked/damaged salivary glands backing up. She picks at her lips a lot and that's the number one cause of them. She could get rid of them really easily by just not picking.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 515234

>school shooter aesthetic
>makes jokes about school involving a gun


No. 515247

god he is so fucking ugly

No. 515248

nb4 he pretends to shoot a school nearby the swamp for attention because his shit YT videos don't give him any

No. 515253


K. Riddle me this, why when she has one, does Greg get one a few days later. It's a coldsore, she's gross, end off.

No. 515268

Exactly. I honestly don’t know why anons keep talking about them. We’ve been warned multiple times to stop talking about them and Lainey has said herself that she’s gotten them since she was a kid. Like drop it already, my god. There are other things to talk about, is no one else tired of the same things being mentioned thread after thread?

No. 515271

File: 1525596751254.gif (970.37 KB, 260x146, B6141080-F8DB-4BBB-9022-1D86CE…)

No. 515273

Don't bring this sweet wholesome man into this. Reviewbrah's suits are stylish as fuck and stylized. He does the 1960's style, those suit's were not meant to be snug or a tight fit. LGH is just in denial of his dadbod.

When has LGH EVER been as wholesome as Reviewbrah?? Just compare this piece about mental health by Reviewbrah to any of the vitriol LGH has spouted. LGH can only wish he dressed as well or was as insightful as Reviewbrah.

Ban me if you need farmhands for derailing, but comparing LGH to Reviewbrah is blasphemy.(derailing)

No. 515275

what does he have to study for? i didn't know they handed out finals in how to cruise for teen pussy 101.

No. 515276

If that's a troll, then I really like the time they took to write that.

If that's a real fan, it starts to make sense why LGH is going through a crisis since apparently those are the only people who keep supporting him financially, and he kind of is forced to interact with them every now and then ("you know me from ALL my dms here").

Its funny to see how he keeps claiming "to have helped" so many people which draws in more mentally unstable ones, but then he's fed up with them. lmaooooo

No. 515277

I'll be waiting for the comparisons to Sh being dropped. kek

On point, Anon!

No. 515278

Your unbridled passion is formidable, anon.

No. 515283

File: 1525602001471.png (1.37 MB, 1613x930, bd12e4f36fe851e753deb212b48a3c…)

I wonder if his suit was made by MISSsterious

No. 515285

the sad thing is this was one of his better ""comedy"" videos in a while. it had a punchline, it had direction. it wasn't just a straight up insult at someone with the lightest of masking. it was total complete shit and yet i'd say it's his best in months, since the I'm Lainey video.

greg's so burned out it's unreal but he gotta keep going because otherwise the patreons leave and lainey leaves and he has nothing but his swamp world left

No. 515286

File: 1525602979686.png (169.4 KB, 415x346, cap261.PNG)

I never understood why he does so many videos involving gun violence, and specifically ones where hes putting the gun against his temple or in his mouth and threatening to pull the trigger. Was that funny years ago? Does he think its still funny now?

1. Sneak into Swamp Trailer, replace all airsoft BB-guns with real 9mm handguns
2. Wait for Onision to make another video putting gun to his head and pulling trigger
3. ????
4. PROFIT!!!

No. 515289

Lameo is such a horrible singer lmao she sounds like a trans guy trying to put on a female voice

No. 515298

File: 1525610438066.png (59.9 KB, 853x715, similaritiestoonion.png)


So, I think I found out why Onion is soooo obsessed with Jared from Subway. I looked him up and there's a lot of similarities between both of them. I highlighted some of the most striking from an article but there are more.

Also it's hilarious that he brings up that he can make jokes about being a pedo to boys because it's "more rare" when HIS OWN EXAMPLE OF JARED was into teen boys. Please someone bring this up to him

No. 515302

She TOTES should have gotten a fidget spinner tattoo

No. 515303

I haven’t really looked at a lot of sketch comedy on YouTube in years becuase Onision realllllly put me off it but I stumbled on David Dobrik and his friends recently and it really highlight how Gurg COULD have continued to have a career making sketches if he’d evolved with the times instead of sticking with painting himself in shit wearing a diaper and screaming like a lunatic.

No. 515307

File: 1525613298898.png (1.17 MB, 957x715, image.png)

Boy Sminem Cool

No. 515308

File: 1525613556505.jpg (125.52 KB, 1000x1000, TheGurgies.jpg)


Surprised this hasn't been posted yet

No. 515309

>I shaved most everyone my hair off

No. 515312

He looks like the kid in a college lecture who open carries and never shuts up about being in the military and drops the class after 3 weeks because he doesn't know how to read

No. 515313

absolutely brilliant kek

No. 515318


It makes sense, he clearly and admitted (see: "prefers underdeveloped women" comment) like teens, and his argument that to be a pedo, the kids have to be under 12 or something. But Jared prefers his same age range, and is in jail for being a PEDOphilia. Jared has the same interests as Onion, and it makes Onion look bad.

No. 515324

When Biersack died his hair blond, Onision called it "a stupid colour" because he's "totally honest" and "a true fan".
Now that people don't like HIS hair, everyone's a hater

No. 515325

File: 1525621776413.jpg (177.41 KB, 1024x1115, eddie_gluskin_by_realmoonlight…)

They are right, his new cut does look like a school shooter's cut especially when he's doing videos of him holding a gun to his head while talking about studying. I see more of an Eddie Gluskin look alike in Ol' Gregs new look, only Eddie looks far more appealing.

No. 515327

File: 1525622174287.gif (823.48 KB, 245x248, tumblr_o8bw1zuyra1ta3lxio1_250…)

Sneak peak of Gurg's next video. Sorry but the resemblance is uncanny, Gurg just naturally looks like a deranged serial killer that likes to fuck corpses. Or a school shooter.

No. 515328

To be fair, the person who wrote that is either a very dedicated troll or certifiably insane. But yeah, he doesn't respect honesty in anyone unless they're telling him what he wants to hear.

No. 515331

The most pathetic thing to me about the hair shaving video is the bit at the end where he put a photo of him with a shaved head from when he was much younger side by side in an attempt to be like omg I don't age!!! It just screams insecure.

No. 515332

>A patron/fan would not talk to me like this

i recently re-read adrienne's letter, and this reminded me of that, because he constantly would tell her

>if you truly loved me, you would do this, you would say that

>you're not fighting for love

and this is just like that,
>if you truly loved me, cared for me - if you were a true fan, a patron, you wouldn't talk to me like this
>you're not actively working to be the kind of supporter I want, therefor you're no true fan of mine!

it's the same "scare" tactics i'm sure he's using on pretty much everyone, especially lame to try and make 'em dance to his tune. and it works, too.

'cause they do think "omg, he doesn't feel appreciated, i need to show my love more, it's true love! i gotta do this thing for him so he knows i'm a true fan!"

grinds my gears that he can get through with this type of shit.

No. 515333

Not only did he put the age comparison photos and mention age but he also had to mention that is was for the airforce

Kek what a fucking loser.

No. 515334

Tinfoiling a bit here but what if Gurgs new haircut is so he can get more "I'm a war vet" attention and sympathy? I peg Shreg as the type to demand free services and stuff by playing the "I was in the army" card.

No. 515337

Yuck. He's liked all the positive comments on the video. That's how insecure he is. Not to mention there's a few he's liked from young kids including a comment that says 'choke me daddy'

Even though he apparently HATES ddlg

No. 515341

Has anyone else noticed that Lainey has been drinking more lately? Obviously she's not an alcoholic or anything, but she posted a picture of her drinking some sparkling cider and she drank a huge margarita in her landon video. As someone roughly the same size as her, that's definitely enough to feel a buzz. I wonder how onion feels about it considering how much he hated AJ's drinking and how much he hates any "mind altering substance"

No. 515342

Wouldn't be surprised. I believe it was mentioned previously that there's a lot of army families in the swamp hut area. Maybe he feels emasculated by all these actual men living near him and needed to grab his non-existent army creds for confidence

No. 515343

File: 1525624261727.png (148.06 KB, 550x960, swsb_character_fact_burns_550x…)

Makes sense, his old piss yellow teenager Justin Bieber haircut isn't exactly "manly" and he was probably worried he'd get his ass handed to him by the other war vets in the swamp. He should of never shaved his head though, those liver spots and moles are disgusting and now are on display for the world to see. Gonna be hard to rope in tweens when Ol'greg looks like Mr Burns, however, the tweeny-boop Beiber cut wasn't working either

No. 515349

I mean, that's basically him..

No. 515350

Lol I think you mean laineys, cause that's swamp prom footage

No. 515352

i hope she's just fed up with greg being a control freak and is deciding to make her own decisions for herself by getting drinks and smoking her little herb vape and not spiralling into alcoholism to deal with the pain and suffering. (because you know greg would just use something like that to blame Da Haturz and pretend he's the victim somehow)

No. 515353

wonder if maddie has ever gotten lainey high. i bet it be no bother to coerce her lol

No. 515355

I used to think weed would be a savior to their terrible ignorant mindsets, but LGH’s “I’m 12 and this is deep” video shows that they would be absolutely insufferable if they ever felt high from weed.

No. 515356

its just amazing how greg posts all those statuses about how "we'll all get through this together guys" and pretends to run a youtube channel where he cares about helping fans with their depression and whatever other bs and then as soon as a fan mistakenly feels comfortable enough to bring up an emotional issue for them about the person they see as an inspirational hero he straight up publicly abuses them lol. i will never understand how his delusional fans cant see what a fraud this middle aged man is.

No. 515361

He took offense to this because it hits too close to home. His marriage is a dumpster fire and yet he still tweets stupid shit like "my favorite human" and "the hatUrZ said we wouldnt last but look at us now!!!!". You both should have divorced when Lainey took off because your barely legal puss was starting to take her place. Look at Lainey before Billie and look at her after. She is still skin walking Billie with the hair dying, tattoos, make up, except she just looks like a sad withered hot mess because you fucked with her head to the point that her whole identity revolves around what you think it should be. Fuck off you ugly, rosacea riddled tiny dicked worthless sack of shit.

No. 515364

she sits like that cause greg has a harden for 'L' and she's trying - again - to mimic him, so greg'll get it up again to make another clot or trot

No. 515365

samefag, sorry - meant hard on.

No. 515367

File: 1525631028508.jpg (305.79 KB, 1220x877, Greg is the deformed guy from …)

Everytime he shows his ugly face and deformed body, this guy from the film 300 comes to mind. You know, the deformed spartan hunchback with the lopsided face??

Identical to Greg, down to the uneven eyes and jutting rotten teeth.

No. 515368



but can i just ask real quick where this is from?
looks interesting

No. 515369

It's from Outlast - Whistleblower

No. 515370

Probably to piss LGH off kek, loving it

No. 515371

File: 1525633260573.png (228.23 KB, 1440x1035, Dr. Swamp MD.png)

I don't know why this cracks me up so much, but in the community introduction page on LGH's public Patreon there are 2 seperate posts in the last week asking him for medical advice.

With all his sperging about how doctors can't be trusted, he's put himself in the position of being some sort of medical authority for his weird fans who hang on his every word.
I'm surprised he didn't tell her to google her symptoms.

No. 515372

This guy claims to have survival training and says this shit? You're suppose to take a bit of the plant you're unsure about eating and rub a piece on your skin then wait to see if you have a reaction.

No. 515378

>but I would ask a doctor

Would you, Shreg? Would you really? He'd go in there with his mind made up that avocado allergy is made up and ask the doctor but then freak out and insist he's right because he's the smartest man alive.

No. 515380

Why the fuck are people ask Gurg for medical advice? No, you don't eat small bits to see if you have the reaction again, I've never heard anyone say that. Took me two seconds to look it up and found advice 400 times more useful then Doctor SwampAss's totally legit medical advice. (right here if anyone is interested: https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/how-to-cope-with-an-avocado-allergy#2 )
Fuck his fans are dumb as shit, then again so is he.

No. 515382

File: 1525635530767.png (515.19 KB, 1440x1391, Looks don't matter.png)

After sperging out the last few days about how looks don't matter, he's now made his 2nd video rating his patrons appearance. He was exceptionally rude to some of the people who he didn't deem attractive.
What happened to:
>Looks get you in the door, personality keeps you in the house… know what matters

Eh, Gurg?

No. 515384

File: 1525635790629.png (62.41 KB, 146x207, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 3.42…)

I wouldn't be criticizing anyone for their looks if I looked like THAT! Hope his patrons enjoy throwing money at a man who hates their guts and will do everything and anything in his power to make them feel like shit.

No. 515389

Tinfoil, I think he secretly likes the craycray patreon post saying he looks like a school shooter. He put it up on twitter cause he's proud of looking like one, cause he's so 'edgy' that this sounds like a compliment for him.

No. 515393

lmao i don't get this at all. everybody knows he's using google to verify the shit he spews so he's going to use his google doctor skills to diagnose an allergy. it's like the blind leading the blind. this moron could've googled for herself like you did and saved herself the trouble.

the dick turtle's going to rate attractiveness? how did he become so unaware? he looks like something a puma coughed up.

No. 515397

Ok, I've never heard of this fellow, but y'all got me interested now. Anyone wanna fill me in on why they're so awesome? Just their style alone is 1000% better than Onion's.(learn to integrate)

No. 515400

File: 1525639308547.png (450.83 KB, 1430x2036, wat.png)

Any Patreonfags around who can shed some light on this? Please tell me this isn't a video on "chest vaginas" because wtf.

No. 515401

He does food reviews and has been around for years, but he became popular after someone made a compilation of him reviewing green crispy cream donuts. Because he kept saying “they’re green” a million times.

I don’t even know why he’s being brought up though, I’m confused. However, that Outlast character does look exactly like LGH. Yesterday when I watched his video shaving his head I was so irritated because he didn’t even straighten out the back. So his hair is all misshapen. I wonder how Lainey feels about his new hairstyle though. He’s always had longer hair with her, so she’s never seen him with a shaved head has she? At least I don’t remember.

No. 515403

It's just a bunch of clips from old sketches.

No. 515406

He literally looks like the just fuck my shit up meme

No. 515410

File: 1525641197056.png (2.09 MB, 1109x832, maybe never 1.png)

She's looking even worse since moving to the swamp mansion.

No. 515411

jfc why is she parting her hair like a young leonardo dicaprio

No. 515412

File: 1525641467744.png (99.47 KB, 519x534, Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 5.17…)

No. 515420

File: 1525641825768.png (1.1 MB, 1111x835, maybe never 2.png)

No. 515422

It's actually a trendy guy haircut that comes back from the 90's lately. But it doesn't suit her face,makes it look longer cause she has a large forehead.

No. 515426


EW WTF IS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO? He looks like a retarded midget and she looks like an aging man who's hairline is reseeding. Seriously what did they do? How can they look so ugly?

No. 515427

File: 1525642755607.png (916.85 KB, 771x906, 1523936881356.png)

nice rare hd grug

No. 515438


A large forehead AND a rapidly receding hairline

No. 515439

Jesus. This is the kind of shit his patrons are forking over money for? Yikes.

No. 515440


She looks old.

At first, you might get fooled by the filter and the pretty colors, but then you see the stealthy wrinkles on her face and her tired skin, and realize that this is not a dumbass tomboy, but a fucking mother of two.

The more you look, the older she becomes. Try it.

No. 515441

giving off those good morning miss bliss zack morris vibes. that's not a good thing, he was in middle school. twat.

backpedalling because he'd get called out today i see. faggot.

No. 515442

File: 1525644568172.png (144.98 KB, 1087x189, jaclynhasnoselfrespect.png)

No. 515444

File: 1525644807820.jpeg (13.27 KB, 384x384, images (1).jpeg)


No. 515446


i think we found a new nickname for him

No. 515455

That statement highly values looks in-itself. Hes saying you have no chance unless you are pretty, and THEN he will also evaluate your personality and see if its to his liking. As if people are just lining up to get with him.

I like how she thinks guys just make douchey faces and wear caps backwards.

No. 515456

He's almost likable in this video but that never holds up for long. Many times I caught myself thinking that but like an hour later he said or did something to remind me why I can't with this guy and forget again why I ever could think he can be decent.

No. 515457

She looks more like a desperate for attention, edgy soccer mom rather than a fuckboy lol

No. 515459

Not even onion expected Jaclyn to be that stupid. He looks so excited that she believes his bullshit. He probably regrets shutting the door on her that quickly. She's almost lainey-level bad when it comes to being easily manipulative.

No. 515460

I suppose he might as well try to lure her for a collab to the swamp trailer, bitch is stupid

No. 515461

Hes only ever "likeable" when the person hes talking about agrees with him or is nice to him. He also does this shit plenty of times to see if he can get them to believe him, and when they don't he immediately starts raging and insulting them all over again. Like how with Billie, he made several "nicer" videos hoping she would be swayed to continue to play his game, but when she didn't, he started raging again. The AJ voicemails also are an example of how he goes from "apologizing" and admitting his faults, to lashing out and raging when he doesn't get the response he wants.

He was mean to jaclyn and gave zero shits because she went against him. He decided to try the apology shit because hes probably seen her say how much worse richie is than onion boy, and now it worked. She finally is on his side sort of, so NOW he is acting nice and understanding towards her. If she collabs with him again, I hope people start unsubbing from her.

No. 515462

Sexual preferences are a thing, greggles. But thank you for attempting to invalidate all gay people who only want to be with their same sex.

Seriously. It would have hardened and crumbled away. I'm just disgusted by the state of her car. It must be the same state as the house and she has no shame showing that mess on camera to the world.

That projection is real. rofl

No. 515463

I can't believe how many lines are already on her face. isn't she only 23 or something?

No. 515471

If this really means jaclyn ends up collaborating and being all pally with grease, She's fucking cancelled. She done.

No. 515474

File: 1525650915704.png (604.82 KB, 750x1334, 8A9CFE7C-282D-4E63-808D-5A2168…)

Did anyone catch this gem?

No. 515476


>>"you look like those hot military dads that everyone wants to take a bite out of…"

I'm going to vomit

No. 515477

He pinned that comment? God what a fucking creep.

No. 515478

File: 1525651242983.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 1523977848226.gif)

Oh my. So he likes that fans are already beginning to ship them both together and their "Burning passion"

What husband would like something like this? ha~

No. 515480

Gurl, Jaclyn was done the moment she started fraternising with racist Walmart thot Robbie Faggotron.

No. 515481

I used to live in Olympia, there's a military base not far from Gig Harbor and A LOT of military families. Puyallup is basically a bougie suburb of Seattle, no doubt he feels emasculated in that neighborhood

No. 515486

Kek he just couldn't resist bleating about how he was right to sperg out on Jaclyn because he has real world experience- but obviously these dumb teens that warn Lainey about him are way off-base because their relationship is so successful and has lasted such a long time.
I don't know how your wife being a doormat that you've browbeaten into submission makes everyone patently wrong, but nice try.

No. 515489

File: 1525654202676.gif (98.47 KB, 964x912, 3AF2DDCD-C4A3-4EC3-90CB-327F2F…)

>I used to live in Olympia
I mean I guess I should expect it in a Gurgles thread, but I’ve never had an anon from my town.

No. 515499

File: 1525655925974.png (15.82 KB, 851x156, apology.png)

She's made a "dear future asshole" video but not a "dear future boyfriend" video, wonder why Shreg used the tag for the video.

No. 515503

wasn't it ayalla who made a dear future boyfriend video about goth moth and then he made a dear future girlfriend to retaliate? idk these people have drama and fight back like teens.

No. 515506

I feel like that might be a sockpuppet. Sounds like a page out of his book, plus they called Richie "smelly" which is Greg's favorite insult

No. 515507

I would like Greg better if he was a school shooter tbh and that's saying a lot.

No. 515513


> Fukboi alter ego Landon

She looks like a freaking child. She also has a feminine VOCAL FLAIR whenever she speaks.

Lainey doesn't want to be he/him. Everything she does is still feminine. She's wearing freaking mascara. Actually – I don't know – are men wearing mascara now these days?

No. 515516

I feel like now his hair is gone he is trying harder to pull 'hot' facial expressions. He keeps doing that fucking dumb squinting of the eyes and knitting his brow. Even more than usual. He's also consistently trying to wear his ill fitting suits in an attempt to look dominant or whatever.

He so regrets the haircut and it's obvious.

No. 515517

Eh I disagree. From a distance I'd think she was maybe a teen, but as soon as you see her face, there's nothing childlike about her. She looks horsey, sick and old.

She fucking acts like a child though.

No. 515519

someone make this a real meme

No. 515532

File: 1525661706682.jpeg (9.31 KB, 210x240, images.jpeg)

No. 515539


I love how it’s his go-to insult when his pus-filled cheese grater face, tiny shrimp dick and greasy, flabby manlet body must reek to high heaven.

No. 515543

He projects like crazy so you are right, he probably fucking stinks.

No. 515545

So she uploaded her 10 things.
What’s the rule on this stuff because I could literally just post the link to her vimeo video of it but is that allowed? Or would it not work?

No. 515546

Re-upload it, anon.

No. 515561

Oh man. Greg is not going to be happy with the video Lainey just put on patreon. Finally, 10 things I love about Shmegma.

No. 515563

File: 1525665946234.png (1.11 MB, 1440x1632, uncensored milk.png)

Apparently this is an "uncensored" version too. I'm dying for some fresh, swampy milk.
Ate there any patreonfags who can come through for us in our time of need?

No. 515564

File: 1525666134042.png (282.69 KB, 312x463, snip.PNG)

Lainey claiming Sam was trying to ruin her life. She also addresses the drama going on in her discord. https://vimeo.com/268332692

No. 515565

Why else would someone shower 4 times a day? (even though that's probably a lie or an excuse just to jerk off). He must secrete stank.

No. 515567

She mentioned AJ. Fuck you lainey, Your big fat greasy gay husband raped her. Its not a question of "opinion" no means fucking no and he pulled the same shit like RSN with amber.

No. 515568

File: 1525666410022.png (1.42 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2018-05-06-23h11m19s67…)

10 Things I Love About Onision.
It's like we're in the middle of a lovers' quarrel.

No. 515570

No. 515571

Wow not gonna lie, I like this lmao

No. 515573

wow Lainey actually made a funny video for once. im surprised. i wonder how butthurt greg's gonna get at that creeping on billie scene tho LOL

No. 515574

bless up weird space prince for confirming what we already knew

No. 515575

The absolute state of that house, How did you let it turn to filth already?

Also if thats how LGH acts, Lainey is fucking blind, Thats not fucking normal for relationships.

No. 515577

So many half eaten yogurt containers. Count em.

No. 515578

Already trashed their trailer, they've got the IRS up their asses, they're so deep in debt, and they've got a $5000 iMac Pro. Bitch what?

No. 515579


omfg, who knew Lainey could be funny? This is funnier than anything Shreg has done, tbh. I lost it at the massage scene.

No. 515580


I second this. STFU, footface.

No. 515582

This was surprisingly well made and actually really funny.

Is she going to finally leave him though…? Was living with him in the swamp trailer and literally being put into a closet the final straw?

No. 515583

So is Madison going to get kicked out of the swamp?

No. 515584

Tinfoiling that Lainey made her act as Greg because she wanted to displace the anger to her instead of taking the heat herself.

Before she recorded this, she literally was saying she didn't want to be too mean when she did this. She doesn't even think she's being mean here. And she is so conditioned she thinks this is a normal friendly banter way that a couple would communicate with each other.

No. 515585

All hail king lame!

Kek… She's never going to leave him though.

No. 515586

Imagine how juicy it'd be if she acted how she saw "mean".

Her fans are gonna eat this up tho.

No. 515589

The 10 Things I Hate About Greg video is honestly genius.

Greg's video ends up highlighting his contempt for her more than anything. Obviously there are lots of legitimate criticisms to be made of her, but he despises her so much that all he could do was roll around in the trash screaming

But Lainey really seems to have put a lot of thought into showing how awful he is to live with while being funny. And the best part is he can't complain because he made a video making fun of her first and his is much more mean. Plus her fans really dislike him, so they're going to be absolutely savage on Twitter and YouTube about it and if he gets triggered he has to deal with all of them

I hope her fans start making jokes on all of his videos and it follows him everywhere like how "just one more booty pic" follows Richie

No. 515592

maddisons impression is so spot on, especially in the start with the non stop swearing lmao

No. 515594

Unsure if anyone wants this but I was gonna do a transcript for this later if it’s wanted?

No. 515595

Always helpful for posterity.

No. 515596

Confirming what we've all suspected that he stomps around the house like a lazy, petulant teen when he's not attached to the computer/phone. I like that she opened the video with him pulling the depression card and making his whiny videos when he gets called out.

>Kek… She's never going to leave him though.

Yeah this fact dimmed some of my enjoyment here, he's still going to be the one to leave just as soon and he gets his new Billie.

No. 515598


>he's still going to be the one to leave just as soon and he gets his new Billie.

With his festering face and serial killer haircut stuck on top of his corpulent, greaseball body? He fucking wishes.

No. 515599

Wow I didn't expect Lame to actually make a decent video. It was dare I say… actually funny. Especially the scene referencing B kek

No. 515600

Yeah the video is funny and all but the swamp house is already disgusting. I threw up in my mouth a little bit pondering how long that tipped over yogurt cup has been at the desk.

No. 515601

File: 1525670721385.png (2 MB, 1561x844, okgurg.PNG)

How To Get In A Logan Paul Video

No. 515603



No. 515606

I'm debating on whether or not this will be well received. On one hand I think he's late to the party but on the other I feel that if he posted it sooner he'd get heat because everyone was all "suicide ISNT funny".

No. 515607

I'll save you 30 seconds:
>Onion says "I'm going to show you how to get into a Logan Paul video".
>Tries to throw a rope up into a tree with several unsuccessful attempts. He makes it and starts laughing like a maniac, looks at the camera and says, "Arigatou!"
>Cuts back to Onion saying, "And that's how you get into a Logan Paul video."

That's literally all there is to it.

No. 515610

How long does it take for hair to grow back?


No. 515611

is it at gregs desk
if yes, then lol @ lainey showing it

No. 515614

It's at gregs desk, with a fork in it

No. 515615


Hair grows between 1/4 of an inch to 1/2 an inch each month.

No. 515617

Tinfoil time:
What if the reason Greg released the Logan Paul video, one with potential to be kind of controversial, right after Lainey's Things I love about Onision in order to diverge attention from it?
In his mind fans arguing over suicide jokes>>>fans arguing about him being a shitty husband.

No. 515618

LGH doesn't have the looks and certainly doesn't have the riches, no Billie tier girl would even get close to him.

He's late to the party AND his humour is shit, another video to add to the try not to cringe compilations.

No. 515621

File: 1525672054656.png (8.13 MB, 2208x1242, 4D89BD28-9E94-497C-AF5F-02660D…)


>He’s really good at getting what he wants

Kek, this is great. 10/10 content

No. 515622

I hope her #3 point isn't how she really views it? That hes trying to save people by moving in attractive girls?

I like how she thinks these are normal things your husband does. She acknowledges that what he did with billie was manipulative to get what he wants, but she doesn't care. This was also her being nice, so who knows what the actual 10 things would be if she was being mean.

Also its pretty clear she thinks she has him figured out and can play him how she wants and get him to stay with her with her smug reactions to the things he does. He probably doesn't realize shes controlling the relationship at this point.

No. 515623

Yesterday he posted a video that consisted solely of him putting a gun in his mouth while holding a book, today it's this.
Maybe if your super edgy suicide jokes were actually clever or funny, you wouldn't come off as an embarrassing 30-something try-hard.

Also kekked that he tagged this video as "standup comedy". Now that's funny.

No. 515624

Holy shit Lame's video was hilarious. I have never chuckled at either of their content. But this really got me because it is such a confirmation. You can tell that Lainey did it in a spirit of loving, although frustrated teasing though. I wonder if she is really just immune to being screamed and cursed at. I do think she has gotten used to his bitchy tantrums, like you can see her happily petting the dogs instead of stressing over him. It's kinda like that when someone doesn't give you what you need, you just get by without, if you don't leave. She has found solace in Pinterest and shit.

She probably thinks staying with him is best for the kids (it isn't) and she probably pities him for being so thin-skinned and sensitive. He's not some domineering god to her, he's her short, boring, pathetic, greasy husband. She sees him at his worst. How could anyone fear and adore that?

Clearly she thinks he wouldn't notice if she left, but at least that means she has thought about it. And the fact she tried to spare his feelings with the jokes means, I think, that she knows he has some genuine affection for his straight wife buried in his egomaniacal little heart, but he's just really, really terrible at showing it.

He's shitty to her because he can't help it. A personality as disordered as his has little chance of learning to express love as normal people do.

Anyway, I think Lainey knows her gay, trap loving (remember the hentai he chose??)slug of a husband would be lost without her even as he uses her as a verbal punching bag.

Everyone says he is constantly looking for a replacement, but he's too old for that to be a realistic possibility now.

And I do think she will leave, but not for a long time. She will keep trying to give him chances to act like a husband, but as we can see he is the one who wants them secluded from the world. She is still young and will get sick of it.

It seems to me that yes, Lainey is a doormat and not too bright, but she also must have an awful lot of patience. Maybe she gets her emotional needs filled by the children and the dogs. Wouldn't be uncommon. I doubt she is stil attracted to him, and my pet theory is that is what Shreg's tweet was about. "You have to sukmi no matter how I look, or you don't believe in LOVE."

No. 515629

File: 1525673895235.png (986.25 KB, 1053x961, yuckgurt.png)


Not only this but their headboard is also a gross mess with another yogurt tub, tipped over soda can and god knows what else. They're going to have flies in this house too real soon.

No. 515631

reminder that lainey has offically skinwalked as billie just to do this scene

No. 515632

File: 1525674292949.png (1.1 MB, 1440x2373, reply.png)

He responded well on Twitter, but we'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks.

No. 515633

File: 1525674351408.png (1.36 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_6784.PNG)

Shreg's comment on his last Speaks video

No. 515634

im wondering if they actually might have put that yogurt and trash there intentionally to mock greg lol

No. 515635

you know he has to be simmering with how the video turned out. and it probably wont help that anons are laffin at taylors spot on impressons in it. shreg is so thin skinned and does a poor job of hiding it

No. 515636

File: 1525674711353.jpg (124.11 KB, 720x1280, IMG_6790.JPG)

He didn't even come up with this idea on his own. He bummed it off one of his subs

No. 515639

I can’t believe I just genuinely laughed out loud over an onionfam video. Plainey said she was going easy too so I’d love to see what she didn’t include.

No. 515641

Because when you sit inside in front of a computer all day your skin gets greasy. He takes showers to degrease and feel clean, but he won't leave his jerkoff room, eat good food or exercise so his grease will continue to seep through

No. 515644

>Everyone says he is constantly looking for a replacement, but he's too old for that to be a realistic possibility now.
Sadly it's not. He's old, tomato faced, and his haircut makes him look like a Fisher Price person yet there are still people willing to look past this. He almost had it a few times but Plainey saw to it that it would never happen. She cockblocks him from new puss because she's jealous and possessive all the time. She just made a video of what a shitbag he is to her and she's still never going to leave him, she's going to guard his shrimpy dick with all the sour faces she can muster. She gets off on "winning" over other girls trying to break them up. She's the epitome of the how'd the bitch get in? Your nigga opened the door meme. They deserve eachother.

Nice bald spots. This is pathetic "humor" coming from an old man.

No. 515645

I feel like he generally doesnt care. It's probably boring to him that she doesn't push back against shit he does. And he probably thinks if i react cooly to this, then it looks like our relationship is fine, and it makes his 10 things vid about her look less bad. She also obviously waited until things were not hostile in the house and he was in a good mood to do it. I wouldn't be surprised if she asked him what she could/couldn't include and he told her to be as mean as she wants.

No. 515646

Lainey: Hey guys, its Lainey, and this is 10 things I love about Onsion.
Thing number one: He's strong but he's like really sensitive, yknow?

Scene cut to "Greg" in the bedroom doorway.
"Greg": Why the fuck can't you do it? This is fucking bullshit, look im tryna do my own shit over here and you're fucking sitting on your lazy damn ass on the fucking bed oh my god i swear to god you're the biggest fucking cunt i ever meet in my fucking life. Why dont you get your shit together and fucking do something around the god damn house. Helloooo? Im fucking talking to you. God why're you so fucking stupid, is there anything going on in your fucking brain. Are you just going to fucking sit there?
Lainey: Okay I think you're being a little bit ridiclous
Scene cut to "Greg" breathing in heavily looking blanked/annoyed before walking away.
Scene cut to a classic black and white OnisionSpeaks video
"Greg": So someone said something that was really shitty to me today, and…. sigh My depression is coming back really bad because of them… And… It just hurts, yknow what I mean like its just… Its hard.

Lainey: Thing number two: He's quite the comedian.

Scene cut to "Greg" playing videogames
Lainey: Hey, so whats the plan for today? "Greg": Butts
Scene cut to in the kitchen
Lainey: Hey so did you ever call those people?
"Greg": Ahhh did you call those people? Im laaaaaaineeeeey
Scene cut to bed
Lainey: What video should I film today?
"Greg": How about a sex tape? Gross tongue flick

Lainey: Thing number three: He's always trying to save people, he's really such a saint.

Scene cut to "Greg" on the phone at his desk
"Greg": Hello? Oh hey Maddi. Oh he was mean to you again? Yeah, why don't you just move in with me? Yeah, yeah just like I'll pay your rent don't worry about it, I'll feed you, you don't have to clean up after yourself or like worry about any kind of responsibilities. Yeah, well yeah I would help aaaaaanybody, of course. No I don't have to ask Lainey, its fine.

Lainey: Thing number four: He's really good at getting what he wants.

Scenecut to Lainey and "Greg" talking.
Lainey: So you promise nothing, like weird is going on, right?
"Greg": Yup, I promise. I wouldn't do anything that a friend wouldn't do, okay?
Scene cut to "Greg" whispering in a girls ear and touching/massaging her shoulders.
"Greg": Hey friend. Do you need anything?

Lainey: Thing number five: He's such a homebody, its really, really cute.

Scene cut to "Greg" scrolling on twitter.
Message from Lainey pops up reading "Hey wanna go on a date :)" he ignores it and keeps scrolling. Another message "Hello?" ignores and keeps scrolling. Another message "Babeeee?" he replies with "I'm busy" and keeps scrolling.
Scene cut to "Greg" placing bread directly on the oven.
Lainey: Hey why don't we like, go out to eat instead?"
"Greg": Its Saturday. Its going to be too crowded. Probably gonna just stay in. Make some toast.
Scene cut to "Greg" on the computer.
Lainey: Hey do you wanna go see a movie?
"Greg": No. Lots to do today.

Lainey: Thing number six: He's like the hardest working person I've ever met in my life.

Scene cut to "Greg" walking up the stairs then sitting next to Lainey.
"Greg": Just got done recording a video. Hugs Lainey for .2 seconds. I gotta go stream now. Byeeeeeeee.

Lainey: Thing number seven: He's really passionate about the things that he believes in.

Scenecut to "Greg" typing on the computer.
Still typing
Still typing.
Still typing

Lainey: Thing number eight: He never backs down from a fight.

Scene cut to "Greg" in the doorway
"Greg": You know what? I'm gonna fucking sleep somewhere else, kay? Fuck you.
Scene cut to Lainey in bed on her phone chilling.
"Greg" comes back.
"Greg": Guess what? Fuck you.
"Greg" walks away again. Lainey is chilling in bed with the dogs no fucks given. "Greg" comes back again.
"Greg": Another thing, that I just now thought of, fuck you.
"Greg" walks away again.

Lainey: Thing number nine: He is really confident in himself and that is just such an admirable quality.

Scene cut to "Greg" standing up
"Greg": This is my vegeterian boooooooooody.
Scene cut to kitchen
"Greg": Knock knock
Lainey: Whos there
"Greg": You're stupid. snorting
Lainey: You're stupid who?
"Greg": No, thats it. You're the joke. Laughs Ahh I love me.
Scene cut to "Greg" taking selfies in the mirror, lifting his shirt up, putting it down, changing angles.

Lainey: And thing number ten: He's really focus and is able to stay concentrated on whatever he's doing

Scene cut to "Greg" working on his computer in bed
Lainey: Hey Greg
"Greg" ignores her.
Lainey: Greg?
Ignores her.
Scene cut to in the kitchen
Lainey: So how was your day?
"Greg" is on his phone ignoring her
Lainey: How was your day?
Lainey: How was your day???
Lainey walks away and "Greg" answers his phone 'hello?'
Scene cut to "Greg" playing video games.
Lainey: Hey I'm leaving you.
Lainey: Alright cool.
Lainey proceeds to walk down the stairs and out the door. "Greg" briefly looks over and then keeps gaming.

Tadaaaaaaa, hope I didn't fuck any of that up. Heres a shitty transcript of the 10 things video

No. 515647

This was fucking funny. Much better than Greg's Lainey video. She roasted him. Especially when she wore the blue wig and Madison acted like creepy Shreg. I hate Lainey but honestly if she made mpre videos like this and left him, I'd probably not hate her and instead upgrade to a soft dislike.

Well done Lame and Madison, well done.

No. 515648

>Scene cut to "Greg" whispering in a girls ear and touching/massaging her shoulders.

You forgot to mention the girl has blue hair

No. 515649

Not gonna lie, I can't laugh at the video because she's making a video laughing about his behavior and is normalizing it. There are a lot of young people watching her videos with Greg and saying they're "couple goals". How is any of the shit in this video okay?

No. 515653

Yes and no. I kinda know what you mean. I think it's great she's calling him out on all his horrible bullshit but also it's a bit fucked up that she was aware that it was Greg manipulating Billie and still left all the blame on Billie. Also, all these roasts in the skit are great, but it's sad because she's still such a dick she won't ACTUALLY leave him.

No. 515654

Sid is the love child of Greg and Realstream. Gregs caveman brow and RS's fugly puffer mouth.

No. 515655

what's greg doing on twitter for so long just typing away when we dont even really see that many tweets from him? does that confirm he's on sockpuppet accounts arguing with haters? or maybe all the action is happening in the DMs.

No. 515656

File: 1525679747536.jpg (770.78 KB, 1920x1080, toy-story-of-terror-easter-egg…)

dont insult sid
at least hes worked a real job

No. 515657

Jeeze…Lame made a funny! Did hell freeze over? I thought this was a clever vid and it got me laughing.

No. 515658

Photoshop the 2 and that's legitimately what you would get.

Can't unsee.

No. 515659


Man, you know your life is sad when the video you did to "make fun of your husband" just ends up being a huge diss on yourself. It shows how much of a push over she is and how much the man she married doesn't give a damn about her.

HAHA CHECK THIS OUT look at how little he cares about me and our family and how he's such a self absorbed prick that's given me the most lonely and saddest married life HAHAHHAHA HILARIOUS………

No. 515660

Yeah, it’s pretty fucked up.

“Look guys! Look at the relationship I’m presenting as normal for a template as an example for my two kids! Mega LOLS!!!”

Also agree how the hell do you destroy a refurbished house so damn quickly. Empty rubbish and piles of laundry everywhere already.

No. 515661

Looks like he lied about not being able to tie a noose

No. 515662

They just took the piles of laundry from McMansion and threw it around the new house.

No. 515663

Exactly. Each and every one of her apparent roasts of Shreg, is just some example of how he shits on her.
"LOL, its so funny guys he screams at me and calls me a cunt LOLOLOLOL!"
You sure got him Lainey, wicked burn.

No. 515666

File: 1525685061103.png (594.57 KB, 842x594, 622947.PNG)

I know that Gregs giant cellphone case is a bit of new nitpickery among some anons, but I would of loved that any scene where Onision is using his phone, that Madi would be holding up a giant shoe box against her ear.

No. 515668

If Lainey wrote that whole thing herself, then she's funnier than LGH. Maybe she should do comedy videos instead of him.

No. 515669

I reckon this is a dig at Sam as well as Billie. Mostly Billie of course, but it resonates with the weird friendship he had with Sam also.

No. 515670

i unironically agree. i'm guessing madison was a big part of it but tbh they should just work together and write scripts. fuck it, write them for him. this had effort in it beyond "put out another comedy video for MY PATREONS" and it shows.

yeah it highlights lainey's infinite ability to settle for a moron for a husband but still, it's the best content we've seen out of team footonion in literal years

No. 515671

I think she's deleted it off her channel

No. 515672

also the hard cut from "i think you're being a bit rediculous" to greg in black and white crying about feelings on speaks is actually really well done - the timing is good and the comedic beats are really good.

No. 515673

alright last one. the cut from "i wouldn't do anything a friend wouldn't do" to "hey friend" being whispered into "billie's" ear is fucking perfect. lainey is unironically the funniest person in the marriage lmao

No. 515674


I kind of hate myself for enjoying this and laughing out loud at certain parts. It’s also depressing because imagine what Taylor could be doing with her YouTube career (or even just her life in general) if she wasn’t kept barefoot and pregnant whilst being browbeaten (emphasis on the brow) by her Neanderthal husband.

No. 515676

I loved the video, but I think most of the humour comes from how honest it actually is. In onion's, lainey's caricature is so exaggerated that it's detached from who lainey is. Where as with this, it's onion to a T. We are allowed to say that because that's how he behaves online, and it's only confirmation that he's exactly like that in person.

No. 515677

Literally how I feel. Sometimes he seems like maybe he could change and actually be a tolerable person and then it’s like he knows people feel that way so he has to do something completely ridiculous and shitty to fuck it up. Like reacting to her video he was behaving completely different than how he normally does and that’s sad because he was behaving like a decent, rational human being. But then a few hours later he has to do or say something outrageously offensive and completely ignorant.

No. 515682

File: 1525690124782.webm (2.22 MB, 183x180, 6453344.webm)

I would like your input on this.
Grug vehemently denies that he watches "haters" video or keeps up with any drama that involves him, but somehow he still knows the very fine details of it all.
So there's 3 choices

—Greg lurks every thread about him on every "hate site" he knows of, and watches every video that has something to do with him, especially the drama ones. Plus he keeps tabs on his enemies and makes sure he's up to date on their comings and goings. Him alone, hunched over his computer trying to keep track of everything.

—Greg has little minions who are probably now Patrons, that absorb all the drama information and Onision enemies 411, then gives him a short War Room briefing each day

—Lainey is the one who is keeping up with the drama, whether it be about her husband or his enemies, and then tells him the details on the daily.

But Lainey denies keeping up with the drama. She makes a big deal about how it triggers her anxiety and hates it so she would rather be in the dark about that stuff.

On more than one occasion Greg has mentioned that its Lainey who comes to him with info on his enemies or drama & rumors about himself. Why would he throw his wife under the bus like that, making Lainey look like a gossip hound, sniffing around for new shit. Knowing how Greg likes to play word games and be vague, I would expect him to just say "SOME PERSON I know told me…." but no, he names his wife. In this video clip hes insinuating that Lainey must watch Jaclyns channel like a hawk. In a previous video he mentioned that it was Lainey who came to him about that crazy girl crying rape against Real Stream News. He even slips up in this clip saying "from what I see…" and then switches it to "I hear about it through my spouse" and then he gives a little bit of a laugh like he knows he almost gave it away.

Which of the 3 choices is the most viable?

No. 515683

>I hope her #3 point isn't how she really views it? That hes trying to save people by moving in attractive girls?

Lainey can be dumb, but come on, anon. She clearly doesn’t see it as “saving” people. She was being passive aggressive that’s why she had “Greg” say he’d pay for everything and “I don’t have to tell Lainey.” She was shading him for bringing in girls for free.

No. 515684


I'm not a Lainey fan, but I agree. It's pretty sad to see the potential in this video and know that potential will never be reached because she's under the thumb of a narcissist who would probably see it as a threat to his entire being if it was confirmed she was funnier than him.

Oh well, I'm sure she'll go back to boring make up videos soon.

No. 515685


Im sure that Onion doesnt read much on lolcow, nor does he watches haters videos throughout because he is a narcissist, he cannot handle the critisicm since he believes he is perfect. However, im sure that lainey does lurk A LOT, the main reason being that farmers are always the first ones to detect when Greg is trying to cheat, or being thirsty for teenage pussy. She then tells everything to him

No. 515686

I think people are giving her too much credit. It’s not hard to make fun of onion. He’s a living joke.

No. 515687

File: 1525694122720.png (933.25 KB, 843x843, Screenshot (350).png)

This haircut wasn't the best idea for LGH. Brings me a lot of good chuckles tho.

No. 515689


Whilst I agree that Shreg is a living joke and it doesn’t take a comedic genius to turn his histrionics into the punchlines of an entertaining sketch, I do think that Draino could expand her repertoire beyond autistic fingerprinting with crowdfunded overpriced cosmetics if she hasn’t had the life sucked out of her by her screeching bunyip of a husband.

No. 515690

File: 1525694866419.jpeg (19.12 KB, 320x460, 3C73435D-B962-4C63-BC68-021A59…)


I’ll just leave this here (surprised no one has already drawn attention to the similarities)

No. 515692

Whilst I’m the samefag who said the video shows how horrible Greg is in front of the kids all the time, I must agree that cut from him sperging out and her calm reaction, to the black and white Onision Speaks parody was so delicious, it couldn’t have been done better if it was one of us ourselves,

Made me wonder if Lainey was secretly a farmer this whole time, playing some sort of secret REALLY long game.

No. 515695

That's the thing. This video really isn't that funny, but we love it cause she's confirming everything we already know. Does she realize how that looks especially after she was adament about Greg being a different person offline? The video is super cringey. We get it, he hates you and doesn't want to spend time with you. She thinks she gaining an upper hand by acting like she's too cool to care about his asshole behavior, but we all know in reality that she's just as much of a spaz behind the scenes.

No. 515696

Okay honestly, I would prefer the blur filter over foots pimple chin and mt. coldsore on her lip zoomed in front and center.

No. 515697

I really feel like most of the quality in 10 things video was being carried by Madison's execution. It's not like Lainey sat down and wrote a script - this is a woman who's always relying on Younow viewers on ideas for what she should do for her job that week.

No. 515698

omg spot on anon

No. 515712

ahhh not vincent d'onofrio! first reviewbrah and now him, at least these guys have talent and a real personality.

that would be p spicy. but im with some other anons, this is just the shit she is used to day in and day out. only confirms what has been known about him. shreg has taken negging to the ultimate level. you already have your space prinxe and tied her down with two kids, time to chill greg, you crusty muppet

No. 515721

I called it - in bed she's the one with a strap-on, calling him a faggot. Any art anons around? kek

A couple of times anons have argued that Plainey is a lot tougher than her GH, and I'm starting to believe it. Now all she needs to do is drop that narcish attitude and the milestone around her neck aka her gay husband.

No. 515724

100%, Team Lainey if picking between these wabs.

Even though anons discredit her college education, we at least know she out performed thicko Onion in highschool. Although she is a trendy bitch and loves fad, she at least has the capacity to understand what is somewhat current, Onion is forever stuck in 2008.

She openly admits to being codependent. With her past and how conditioned she'd be to her current lifestyle, she'll have no motivation to leave, she doesn't know better. She nearly left before, but Billie left Greg and he twisted it that he came back for Lainey.

I think she considers that point Greg came back as a fresh start with her holding the reigns. I think she has accepted the cheating during cuddlegate but we're in Onion2.0 of marriage. They were separated but never divorced.

She's keeping tabs I bet. Her friend Sarah mocks Greg openly and Lainey confides in her more. He can't interfere in that relationship. Sarah kicked his cronie Sylar out of Lainey's discord. Pure powermove.

Greg's prenup will all mean shit in a court. Her Dad will have the upperhand when it comes to divorcegate.

No. 515725

He looks pretty much like my neighbor who just turned 65.
I'm not sure whether I should laugh about him looking 30 years older than he is or cry about being reminded of LGH by my neighbor from now on.

No. 515726

I know it's hard to believe that Lainey really is that dumb and that much of a doormat, so people try and fill some kind of interesting story around her. But there is no ulterior motive. She has no mind of her own. And even after Greg she will have no mind of her own. This is her personality, and while Greg can be used as an excuse, she will never develop beyond doormat status until she deals with her own issues.

No. 515727

File: 1525707607022.jpg (7.87 KB, 160x121, fullmetaljacket6.jpg)

LGH not only looks like him, but since the haircut, he's stuck a gun in his mouth and threw a noose around his head. Can we start calling him Pvt Pyle?

No. 515732

lol i cant deny the incredible likeness. pvt pyle was a broken individual, its only fitting that he would resemble a nutbag so flawlessly. its not hard to imagine that lgh would have gone the way of pyle if he stayed military

No. 515734

He looks like everyone who isn't allowed within 500ft of school zones.

No. 515751

Tinfoil but I wonder if Drainey finally made this video because the “How to Lose Your Husband in 2 Minutes” video finally pushed her over the edge. She was passively saying that she’d do it, but didn’t wanna be “too mean” I.e. suffer Greg’s social media spurging wrath and extra bruises on her neck. I think that seeing how he would publically humiate her AND the kids made her want to play dirty, finally.

Plus Madison was there to take some of the heat off of it if it all went tits up.

No. 515773

I love how 10 Things About Laineybot and How to Lose Your Husband totally didn't bother her guize! yet her video towards Onision was so sarcastic, sardonic and biting.

If you're happy rolling around in shit, god bless, but none of this is normal.

No. 515775

she looks like lynette from desperate houseviwes :D

but honestly, this is one of her better pics, i think she looks ok(:D)

No. 515786

Another nickname for Shreg

No. 515787

File: 1525717100881.jpg (70.42 KB, 620x700, la-desperate-housewife-felicit…)


you're right, totally

No. 515788

I know this is dumb as fuck, but TayTay makes me feel better about turning 30. If a 23 year old looks more shit than me, then I'm doing okay for now. lol

No. 515790

Shregg Man

No. 515793


the evolution of pet names for him is always so amusing.

No. 515795

I noticed how on every video Grunk is ALWAYS in the thumbnail, either on the corner, side or the center like this. It's so narcissistic

No. 515796

Holy fuck. After a bad day, this is exactly what I needed. I actually laughed. I need more of this kind of content LMAO

No. 515799

TOo many pinned comments
reminds me of Anisa

No. 515800


Eh, at least we know she isn't as stupid and unaware as we thought. Awareness is the first step to improvement lol

No. 515801

Lainey did write the script dipshit, kek. She wrote it right after she got off her stream before filming it. Obviously she wrote it, because how would Madison have any idea what goes on inside their marriage or how to act?

I don’t get why anons are screeching about how it isn’t funny. Her 10 Things video was funny, whether you like her or not. Yeah it had a ton of truth to it, but it was still hilarious. Especially the Billie part and LGH making an “emotional” video. If you didn’t think this was funny then you have no sense of humor and you’re as dull as we thought Lainey was.

Anyways, everytime I see Greg I can’t help, but think of that scene from Meet ‘The Millers’.

No. 515802

File: 1525719412076.png (530.76 KB, 760x359, Clot.PNG)

Looks like they've got Clot in daycare?

No. 515803

I do think the 10 things video was funny but correction she said on stream she wrote a script but for what maddie was actually saying she herself said it was improvised. She gave a basic idea of what the scene was but let her say whatever she wanted.

No. 515807

Calm down before you get too stuck up lameo's asshole. Shes never leaving gerg.

No. 515808


lmfao. this was honestly the best content this bitch has ever created. she definitely has more potential than gregma lmao. how he is in his 30's is fucking beyond me.

No. 515809

Looks like it says 3 year old so probably Trot. He is old enough and hopefully he can actually learn from a school and socialize like a normal kid outside the grease mansion and away from his crazy parents.

There's hope for Trot!

No. 515811

Correction, she said in her stream that she was getting off and going to work on the script. And where did Madison say this? Lainey even dressed up in costume to play the part of Billie, yes she wrote it.

One thing that I find irritating is how deadset anons are on nitpicking and bitching about everything. Like Lainey and Greg do enough to dislike and criticize, but anons strain themselves to find something wrong with everything. That’s more annoying than Greg sperging about his latest victim 10 videos in a row. Like you guys were begging for this video and wanting her to go as mean as possible and it comes out fucking funny, but anons are now trying to psychoanalyze it and bitch about how she’s “normalizing” the relationship. The video is literally about 10 Things she HATES. How is that normalizing it? She clearly dislikes this shit and she has even made references to both Billie and Sam as well as other potential girls Greg will try to bring to the house. I agree with an anon above that said she’s probably finally fed up with it. I mean for all we know the ending was an important part of the video because it ended with her saying “I’m leaving you.” And actually leaving. We’ve always thought Lainey was stuck up Greg’s ass and would force him to stay, but in this video she even JOKED about leaving which is something she would never do. Unless maybe she was being serious or even subconsciously serious. And anon need to stop with the “she thinks it’s funny he treats her this way?!” You sound ridiculous. She was laughing because Madison was imitating him. Do you really think she’s sitting there laughing when he’s behaving that way? It was funny because of Madison, not because of Greg. Stop looking for reasons to hate Lainey, you have plenty. Accept the times when she’s actually likeable.

No. 515812

Troy is 5 or 6 and old enough to be going into kindergarten in August/September this school year.

No. 515814

Are those Greg's pajama pants? What are they? The flaming pentagram I mean. It looks familiar, like some '90s–'00s butt rock band logo, but I can't place it.

It must kill Lainey's gay husband that she is so much funnier than he is. She and Madison should honestly just ditch him, run off into the sunset and make more videos about him together.

No. 515815

To be more precise, he's only 4.

No. 515817

LOL. It's from Supernatural - Grug has a flaming boner for Dean Winchester/Jensen Ackles.

No. 515818

Woah woah woah.
She said on stream that Maddison was free to say what she wanted and that she didn’t script Maddison. She continuously went on about how Maddison is fucking hilarious according to her and played the part of Greg perfectly.
I’m not even any of the anon who were saying this about the video, damn chill. I think the videos funny. I think Lainey was funny. I don’t doubt she scripted some of the video, such as the fucking points and scenarios, I was saying that Maddison’s acting as Greg was improv. Chill the fuck out.
On a more constructive note I can’t wait to see onions live reaction Lainey said he wanted to do. Hopefully today.

No. 515820

Y'all must be new lameo stans if you think this shit means she might leave him. Lmao. Just keep watching and you will continue to be disappointed by her.

She made this video because she feels secure in the relationship right now. If things were rocky, she wouldn't have made it. That's why she didn't make it when it was still relevant during the sam era.

No. 515821

This seems so on point and 100% accurate its actually kind of scary tbh

No. 515822

Shane’s latest video he reads here confirmed (end of latest one) I wonder if he looks at onion boys downfall

No. 515823

I wasn’t even referring to you, so why get offended?

No. 515825

How is it scary? We already knew he acted like this and did this stuff.

No. 515827

I always felt like Lainey refused to believe the truth about Greg, but its obvious she is well aware of his shit (including him manipulating her in the Billie fiasco) but she just chooses to ignore it and normalize it

No. 515828

ITT: Anons quickly stanning Lainey for making one video mocking Greg.

Christ you newbies need to read previous threads before commenting. Lainey is still the same enabler she's always been. Nothing has changed, so don't be so quick to praise her video. None of the info was new, anons already know he's a manipulative tool that calls her a cunt on the reg. If anything, Lainey's video showcases how desperate and pathetic she is for staying with a man that hates her.

No. 515830

It's probably scary how aware she is, but still sucks his dick. Almost like shes actually a terrible person who supports his shit behavior.

Lol for real. This is what I'm saying is going to happen if she ever does leave him or he breaks up with her. Idiots are going to flock up her asshole, just how she wants even though there is years of proof of her being a shit person herself.

No. 515831

Well you were replying to me so it was my assumption. My apologies.
Though if we’re being real, this video was funny but it’s not exactly like she can make a lot of these videos before it gets old. How many videos could she make dissing onision before she gets scared, and what else has she got to diss? She only seems to be funny when she’s making fun of someone so I don’t see her newfound humour translating well into any other new videos.

No. 515833


This is a spectacle, not a cause. We are not trying to effect any kind of outcome either ultimately or with individual videos. If you are inclined to think this is some sort of cause, then tumblr may be more your speed.

Not doing anything about the things she complains about normalizes it. Normal people complain their partner doesn't put lids on all the way, leaves the cap off the toothpaste, they snore, etc. not that their partner is a manipulative sociopath who will do anything to get what he wants even if it is cheating on their spouse. All these things are literally "normal" to her not because they are but because they have been a part of her very public life. The video is pretty fucked up in itself but even more so when you consider she doesn't even think TWICE about putting all these things in a video. Because they are normal. to her.

And yeah she left in the end of the video but I think you missed the part that Greg didn't even notice.

No. 515838

I can agree. I think most anons weren't actually expecting her to go as "far" as she did and it was a relative breath of fresh air from the swamp trailer. I personally enjoyed it as it was brutally honest, kind of shocking coming from her, but if she were to make something similar, she'd have to try not to be too repetitive like her gay husband is with his sketches - doubtful she can achieve that.

She may have mocked herself in the process but that's what makes it all the more funny tbh.

Now let's eagerly wait for gay prom.

No. 515867

File: 1525725511374.png (990.15 KB, 1440x2558, sponsor.png)

So apparently Onision got a "sponsorship"… from FatBecca. She's paying him £4.99/month according to the tweet he retweeted. So, now everyone has the option of paying for content on his Patreon and donating to his channel! I wonder how many nitwits will do this.

No. 515871

File: 1525726091657.png (411.54 KB, 1426x1006, omg I'm so edgy guiz.png)

>You guiz I'm so edgy I can't believe it!

It's literally a "How I Met Your Mother" sketch that is so poorly done and nonsensical that I barely understood the point, but it's basically "I stalked and raped your Mom- TWICE!"

Edgy shrieking is so funny guys.

Also it looks like he injured his hand jerking off.

No. 515878

>(O_O) ~ What the hell is going on…
He acts like this is a big surprise, but he had to manually enable it.

No. 515880

It's likely a group of 3-4 year olds. Like pre-pre-K. Troy was probably placed with the other little kids who are already potty trained and can talk, but aren't ready for kindergarten.

No. 515881

File: 1525726519004.png (597.75 KB, 918x742, wrist injury.png)

I'm guessing an "overuse" injury from a marathon hentai session.

No. 515883

KEK it's his left hand. His right is for scrolling through hentai, so yeah, definitely a wanking accident or jerk-off carpal tunnel.

No. 515886

File: 1525727243725.jpg (371.59 KB, 1430x2414, sponsor perks.jpg)

The "perks" you get for a monthly $4.99 sponsorship of his channel.

No. 515887

just out there finding a way to scam a few more shekels out of his fans. like when he made his channel pay only. gonna fail boo

No. 515889

Definitely an acute case of "Wanker's Wrist".

No. 515892

File: 1525728226021.png (1.22 MB, 1414x775, netflix and choke.png)

He's just uploaded a DDLB video because he apparently can't stop with his obsession on this topic.

Kekked at this one though.

No. 515897

If you can't get more fans, just continue bankrupting your current fans by adding more platforms where they can pay you!

No. 515904

In addition to having to specifically enable the sponsorship option, I'm pretty sure he actually had to apply for the beta program. Maybe that's the YouTube review he was referring to earlier.

No. 515919

Agreed. I hate Lainey so fucking much and would not feel sorry for her even if onion left her because I think she's a whiny bratty smug cunt, but her video was funny. Everyone agreed and suddenly nit picking anons are like 'she's normalizing abuse!' She's making fun of Greg's shitty behaviour in the only good video she's ever made, quit reaching. The only thing I thought that was semi fucked up is that she clearly knows it wasn't Billie's fault but still blamed her in the 'my side of the story' video, but even then, the sketch was pretty accurate.

No. 515920

Noone said that this video meant she would leave him. I think the general consensus is that she's a lame doormat who will take his abuse no matter what. Just because some people find the video funny, doesn't make them Lameo stans christ.

No. 515925

I had to turn it off, because the stalking and detail about raping…. so fucking gross. This man is such a try hard edgelord.

No. 515926

Lol there are people here thinking shes suddenly "woke" and will leave him. But all the video does is confirm that shes aware of all his shitty actions but still makes excuses for him.

And there are clearly lamey stans in here getting butthurt defensive if you dont agree that she is so hilarious and this is the funniest video ever. And if you dont think she wrote all the comedy/script herself, how dare you not acknowledge her education and online college degree??? Theres no reason to get that defensive unless you are stuck up her ass. People need to hide their stanning better.

No. 515927

Exactly, fucking thank you! And I know what you mean. I don’t think she even cares about Billie, though. I feel like she was using her for the skit to passive aggressively attack him for what he did, but I think she still blames Billie. She just doesn’t like talking about Billie, otherwise she’d probably act out more about Billie and Greg.

And yet he’s still fucking on Twitter even though they supposedly ban people for things they do outside of Twitch as well. Twitch And Patreon don’t care and they are allowing this fuck to make money on their platforms.

No. 515928

You are seriously reaching and sound ignorant as fuck. No one here is stanning Lainey. Everytime someone says this I have a feeling you’re a newfag trying to fit in or something. Just shut the fuck up, kek. No one did anything you just said. Stop reaching and bitching about it. You’re probably one of the anons that waste money subsribing to these two and are trying to compensate for it.

Because someone has the balls to come on here and give an honest opinion that isn’t followed by “I hate them, but” doesn’t mean they are a newfag or stanning. They just aren’t miserable cunts who try as hard as they can to find every little thing to nitpick about Lainey and Greg. We all dislike them, that’s why we are even fucking here. Half the time the ones who are being honest and being shitted on for it are the ones who make the threads for you lazy fucks.

No. 515929

It's just comedy anon. Have you even heard what those pedos shane and pewdiepie have joked about??!! They are clearly attracted to kids and you don't care about that, but care about this innocent comedy skit??? btw ignore that he said he'd never joke about rape in the past!

I think she 100% knew at the time that onion was partially to blame, but she had been seething with rage at billie the entire time and was going to take any opportunity to kick her out. She clearly only told billie to reject him to "test" whose side she was on. And when she saw something onion finally was angry with billie about (weed lol), she quickly teamed with him to attack her as much as possible to get her to leave for good, even if she knew onion was in the wrong. She never cared about billie.

The most fucked part is how fucked in the head she was to pretend how heartbroken over billie she was to garner sympathy when you could see she didn't give a single fuck about her. And was posting smug selfies and flashing her ring overjoyed she "won" and was getting sympathy she wanted.

okay lainey stan. You're the only one ranting and raving about this for ages and you're the same person constantly going on about people being "miserable cunts" for not thinking her video is sooo funny. LOL. Im sure onion will give you asspats for your choice of words and "honest opinion" as well.

No. 515932

Why are all his tags about “meeting my biological dad” or “my dad” and whatever. Is it supposed to be about his dad? I though he accused his dad of being a pedo, not a rapist?

No. 515935

It would be a lot funnier if she didn’t have two kids with this cunt.

No. 515947

Probably because Shane did it. He had a massively popular video where he went and met back up with his dad and talked through the traumatic things of his childhood and his dad apologized, Shane forgave him and they have a relationship now.

Tl;Dr. Shane did it, those tags will probably make his video suggested to those watching shanes.

No. 515953

There have been far too many times when people were like "I think she is getting it. Divorce will happen soon." And then next we know, she is in even deeper. Every time there is a glimmer of hope, it gets dusted over by Greg's love bombing and the threat of being exposed.

No. 515954

>the threat of being exposed.

Not disagreeing, and not a stan, would just like more info on what would be exposed when it comes to Lainey. thanks

No. 515960

nta, but. I’m sure there’s not much to expose, but as with all the people in his life who aren’t in it any more, LGH seems to have a way of scaring people into staying silent. I’m sure he’d do the same to her. The truth is that I don’t think there’s anything he could say or do to any of his exes that’s all that awful, it’s just the terror of his retard fan base coming after whoever he points at.

No. 515968

Exactly. If you've been following this trainwreck long enough, you have likely been disappointed by lainey for the millionth time when you thought "this has to be the last straw. who would stay with someone who does that?" and the next day shes posting about him being her soulmate and flashing her ring. There really is NO hope for her and I think he will end up dumping her in the end or it will happen 5-10 years down the line.

I guess the threat is onion will reveal all the shit she said/done in the past and paint the picture of lainey being the terrible one like he tries to do with all his ex's, but I hardly doubt worrying about being exposed is the reason she stays with him. I think she truly doesn't mind the shit he does as long as he stays with her and gives her occasional lovebombs. She thinks she can control him and win over all the girls because he will come back to her in the end because shes the only one who doormats enough for him. She believes shes the only one who truly knows and understands him.

No. 515971

File: 1525751643214.jpg (499.44 KB, 1440x2366, oh ffs.jpg)

Here we go again. If you're not paying him or giving him constant asspats, LGH doesn't want to have to endure your presence or be exposed to your thoughts.
He's got to be the thinnest skinned little twunt in the universe.

No. 515973

Not the anon you were referring to, but it's obvious that other anons find the video somewhat funny. Noone is stanning. Look at all the replies after the video was posted here. You are saying that they are all the same person? Get real. She's ugly and stupid and a doormat and noone likes her, but people aren't 'stans' if they like one video. There's a bunch of people that find the video entertaining in comparison to her boring makeup shit and there's a bunch of people who agree with you and think it's shit. Quit autistically screeching at anons thinking they are all one person.

Wow. He's such a baby. I wonder what triggered the unfollow spree this time? It would be interesting to see the people that he leaves on follow.

No. 515974

File: 1525752329170.png (233.51 KB, 1440x1302, happy.png)

As if he's somehow "chosen" happiness over being rich, famous and successful kek. His audience has outgrown him, YouTube is tired of his shit and he's hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to the IRS because he's an idiot.

If being "happy" means making pathetic videos in your swamp hut pointing a gun at your head, "comedy" where stalking and rape is the punchline, accusing successful people of pedophila, or trying desperately to appeal to edgy teens while you're a sad old dude in your 30's: I think I'd rather be "unhappy".

No. 515976

Didn't he bitch at Pewdiepie's video recently and whinge several times 'Why is this millionaire complaining!?'

Not to mention he constantly equates money to happiness in many videos. He and Lame are materialistic money whores who don't know happiness OUTSIDE of money. What on earth is he talking about?

No. 515977

Truly happy people don't spend all of their time desperately trying to convince other people that they're happy, Greg.

No. 515980

Just like truly honest people don't need to mention how honest they are every video and post.

It's almost like everything he says is the opposite of reality. He must really be a pedophile then.

No. 515982

File: 1525753604706.png (1.07 MB, 1440x1309, I'm so happy guiz.png)


>Thank Panda God I'm so happy guiz

No. 515983

I think you missed the point. Some anons found it funny and that was fine. It was the anon going on about "you can't possibly not find it funny you miserable cunts why are you finding any fault with it just because you hate lainey!!!"that was ridiculous.

Hes only happy being rich and famous. He'd trade in lameo, both his kids, and all his pets to get back to getting millions of views per video. I like how now that he lost his fame and can't flaunt "you must listen to me because i get more viewss!!" bullshit he just goes on about "happiness"

No. 515984

kinda random, but I was just watching Pewdiepie's video where he takes a bunch of relationship quizzes with his girlfriend (now fiancée I guess) and noticed that while they make quips at eachother much like Lame and Gurg do (though definitely not as mean) that Felix at the end gets all serious and talks about how his feelings regardless of the quiz results.
It just puts perspective on the Lameos constant excuse that they talk shit to eachother affectionately, but yet we see absolutely no real affection from them on camera. and if they cant even show it on camera, how do you think it is in private?

No. 515992

OMG I saw that, Also the fact he wants to help a graveyardgirl because her views are tanking. I bet grease is going to be salty as fuck over it.

(Sorry for OT)

No. 515996

File: 1525756584546.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, ED31DD63-DCC8-4030-B2F8-59AEBD…)


Even if he went back to getting millions of views (which he never, ever will, unless divorce gate finally happens), he would still be royalty buttfucked by the IRS. The idiot would think that if he was making a bunch of money again he could get away with his usual bullshit and think he’s superior to his fans, his hayturz, other YouTubers, and the pesky government. He never learns.

No. 516001

You're probably right, anon. Pathetic how he's trying to piggyback off of Shane's success while still insinuating that he's a pedo.
He's so jealous and desperate for views, but instead of actually taking inspiration from the fact that Shane has worked to change his content to appeal to his audience and comply with YouTube's guidelines he's trying to siphon viewers.
At every turn he reveals himself to be an arrogant, hypocritical dipshit.

No. 516002

At this point I'm really starting to believe it. He projects and accuses way too much to be innocent.

No. 516005

File: 1525759772116.png (379.16 KB, 1440x1288, pay me piggies.png)

Yet another video rating patron's appearances after a week of virtue signalling on Twitter about how looks don't matter and personality is everything.
Of course he had to take an opportunity to plug the new sponsorship program to make sure he gets every last nickel and dime out of their lunch money.

No. 516008

File: 1525761098731.png (165.49 KB, 400x326, 745711.PNG)

Wears full face masks after his monthly Botox injections

Uses a B&W filter after he fucks up his hair and looks like a ridiculous clown with orange hair.

Has now resorted to wearing wigs during his gaming streams because he regrets shaving off all his hair and looking like a school shooter.

No. 516009

>I rather be happy than rich, but since I can’t find happiness no matter what I do, I might as well try my hardest to get rich by begging for money from kids who’s parents actually work for it.


You know instead of getting offended and sperging out anytime you see something an anon posts that clearly triggers you, you
could just ignore it and respond to the many other posts. It takes more than one person to derail with infighting. So don’t participate and just try to not let things get to you.

No. 516010

>>Video has 50 views.
>>Video has 75 thumbs up.
How is that even possible?

No. 516011

He's over there looking like Simple Jack with a buzzcut.

No. 516014

Bots liking it before viewing it? May have paid for likes like how its suspected he is buying comments.

No. 516017

he's only making his abnormally large head look larger.

No. 516018

This is so true!!! There's so many random things he's doing at the moment to suggest that he regrets the whole head shaving thing.

He seems to be attempting to 'dress up' more also. Notice he's back to wearing the ill fitting suits/suspenders and collared shirts. It makes me laugh that he thinks it will dress him up and distract everyone from his oversized caveman toddler midget egg shrek head.

Like yeah, suits always make guys look a little bit more attractive, but his suits and 'formal wear' are the worst fit and always look lumpy and unironed and dated. Maybe just maybe if he got a better,expensive,more fitted, modern suit he might look better, rather than some guy that got a shitty lumpy suit from a dead granpa's closet.
Even then, it's just retarded because he never leaves his house. Why the fuck would you wear that in a video? At least review brah wears suits on the daily and his outfits look polished and put together.

Greg just looks like a tryhard.

No. 516019

He's a retard, he should of just dyed it with a semi permanent purple. This would have appealed to the emo teens, he could still hide his shrek head behind his hair AND as it faded, it would have toned the orangey yellow mess into an ashy mousey brown with ash blonde highlights. Now he's gone and shaved it off and he's stuck in his ogre form till it grows back.

No. 516020

Kind of glad he didn't though because I can imagine the humble bragging and made up compliments that he looks like an anime character or trunks from DBZ.
Just like how he thinks he looks like L with black hair.

No. 516021

Any mirrors/hooktube of Lainey’s new vid? I can’t download it on my phone.

No. 516022


You can just watch it here. No downloading necessary.


No. 516028

I knew he'd need a way to cover his forehead clit. Ogreg why are you so fucking predictable.

No. 516033

He looks like the result of inbreeding and a home education that didn't go past age 9.

No. 516034

Divorcegate won't happen because foot the doormat is happily already putting money away to help pay for his colossal fuck up. He will toss her if she stops being a doormat and just upgrade to a younger doormat model.

No. 516039

I still can’t believe she’s only 23 and raising 2 kids with a creepy piece of shit and on top of that paying off HIS debt he had BEFORE he even married her. This is just so bizarre. Most women who marry as young as she did were either forced into a marriage or jumping into a marriage with their high school sweet heart. I’m just disgusted that a man who was almost 30 years old pursued a girl who wasn’t even graduated from high school and the moment she turned 18 when she was finally legal he immediately married her. If he actually loved her he wouldn’t have done that, he would have let her explore life for a bit. Like when anons call her a child bride it’s chillingly accurate. However, he doesn’t love her. He loved the idea of her being young and he’s such a selfish piece of shit. And she’s just stupid and one day she’s going to find herself sitting in her filthy house at the age of 30 and think “damn, I wish I did more.” I mean look at her, she’s already trying to create her own Prom with her creepy husband even though she was still in elementary school (3rd grade to be exact) when he would have had his Prom.

No. 516043


Anon, that’s because he is the result of inbreeding and home “education”.

No. 516044

>I still can’t believe she’s only 23 and raising 2 kids with a creepy piece of shit
Ah yes, the definition of a white trash family.

Im sure if she divorced Gorg her dad would 100% open his house for her. But she doesnt deserve that cause shes such a piece of shit too.

No. 516045


How this fat fuck thinks he has any right to judge others is beyond me. His must think his pus-filled bobble head, teeth like a Columbian graveyard and geriatric paunch are too sexy to handle and that’s why there’s no teen puss beating down his door.

No. 516046


She absolutely does not deserve it. I hope that if she does end up leaving Shreg her parents decide to make her live with her bad choices so maybe she’ll be forced to grow the fuck up. Stupid bitch.

No. 516051


She has said in a video that she would only consider leaving him if he hurt the children.

I assume she means physically and not emotionally because that ship has definitely already sailed :(

Really, though… she isn't going anywhere. This is all she knows and what she has been conditioned to accept as normal. That being said, she has a support system (her family) that she refuses, so she made her own bed… and now she's forced to cosleep with her children in it while her husband jerks off in the garage.

No. 516052


Even if was physically violent towards their children and she considered leaving, he'd make one of those "I'm sorry I made a mistake :((" video where he'd do an "apology" (while lowkey blaming his children). Then Lainey would just tell her kids that dad has apologized so they are going to stay.

No. 516055

Holy shit LGH looks like Crazy Tami here. It's pretty easy to see that his genetic apple didn't fall far from her tree.

No. 516057

How does Lame, the psychology major, not realize how the way Shreg treats Foot poorly and just how fucked up and terrible their marriage is can harm their children. Troy is probably already affected by it. I can't wait for him to go to public school (if they allow it, but its sounding like the Onion's won't be able to afford private school lel) and tell the teacher about how daddy calls mommy a cunt. How daddy flies young girls to his house for lap hugs and naked full body massages while mommy is pretending to be a boy on tinder.

No. 516058

Sort of OT and tinfoil, but in Shane’s newest video he features grav3yardgirl (he’s saving her channel or something idk) but there were clips of comments talking about her dead channel, and there was a clip of her lolcow thread….

Ya’ll think he’s seen/browsed Onion’s threads?

No. 516059

Onions thread is on the front page practically everyday. You'd have to be blind to not see it especially with such talented anons and their eye-catching artwork of the Onion clan.

No. 516060

i don't think shane gives a fuck about greggo to be honest

No. 516062


lmfao holy shit, underappreciated post. You set me off a good start this morning anon, bless u

No. 516064


I can see him dropping by every few months just to be like "thank god i dodged that fucking bullet", I can see him talking to Ryland about him and them both being like "sheesh…". Shane loves drama and drama pages, he's always mentioning those kind of things on his videos.

No. 516087

>"She would only CONSIDER leaving him if he hurt the children."
Shouldn't that be, I don't know, something you don't just CONSIDER? If he hurts the kids, shouldn't she just outright leave? It's scary how disinterested that sounds, to only consider.

No. 516104


i wonder if maybe something will break them up that NONE of us would've thought of.
like something completely minor and stupid, that actually leads to a huge fight.
i recon they'd never break up for legit reasons like him hitting his child or cheating or anything that's got to do with finances - it'll have to be something petty that pushes them over the edge.

No. 516107


i just remembered, that in her 10 things video, she left him because he ignored her.
she could've left him after he screamed at her some more, called her a cunt again - but instead, it was him ignoring her.

i'm aware the point of her leaving him was that he wouldn't notice.
she could've brought that point across with him screaming at her, too tho:
him just going on, screaming while she calmly says "I'm leaving" and him not noticing she's gone at all.

No. 516128

Has anyone seen this yet? I'm five minutes in and this woman is just starting to tear into Taylor.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516130


I've seen it and enjoyed it. Have liked her previous vids too.

No. 516135


Sadly, Lainey probably thinks it's better to get yelled at than ignored because it means she has his full attention for a second. I mean, we've already established that she's an attention whore

No. 516141

How did onision get his 2 million subs back so quickly after he switched his channel to paid and posted the video of him deleting all his subs to accomplish that?

Did YouTube allow him to turn back time to regain them after he decided not to stay paid?

My tinfoil theory is that he bought maybe a million or so subs.. thinking it would help him get back to where he was,when in actuality it messes with the algorithm an insane amount.
Once I used to use this app on instagram where you basically follow someone for a follow, it was all around the world so I would be gaining thousands of followers from a lot of poorer countries and different demographics, ages, genders etc, so the algorithm could no longer recommend me to a certain category or specific demographic (which used to happen a lot as it was a trendy fashion company) .. it pretty much ruined the whole account, even though I had a ton of real, local followers before all that happened I was no longer making my way into people's home pages that had liked similar posts, meaning my posts stopped ever going viral shortly after that point.

Is it possible Greg tried to buy his way back to his old status? Which screwed up the YouTube algorithm even more so?

I just find it hard to believe someone with 2 mil subs is getting far less views per video than a bunch of youtubers I follow that have 300k or less subscribers. Plus Greg has the upper hand of haters that don't even sub to him watching his videos too, but still his view count is laughable. I understand everyone is suffering.. and losing some views and whatnot, but I follow tons of people around the 1 million mark and they still get hundreds of thousands of views per video where Greg is conjuring up a pissy, joke worthy, 30k per video. The numbers just don't add up.

I don't believe YouTube could have messed up his channel THAT badly through adpololapse. I mean even channels that post a lot of risqué demonitisable content still weren't affected to that extent.

He must have screwed it up somehow himself through buying fake views, likes and follows.

What were his views like before he changed his channel to paid, then back?

I'm starting to wonder if he always bought some views and followers but back in the day, it didn't affect your account negatively because the algorithm was less advanced back then.

No. 516146


I was under the impression that changing to a paid channel didn't ACTUALLY delete his subscribers,it just looked like it did, as a bunch of people were automatically charged without resubscribing.

His views had been declining since before the paid channel fiasco, and I believe the decline stayed steady and on track even after the paid channel nonsense.

He may have "2 million subscribers", but I suspect a good amount of them are dead accounts. Another sizable chunk are probably people who are subscribed, but never bother watching or interacting with his videos, so they stop being recommended. People who watch (at least some)of his videos are over-saturated with contact, and as such don't bother watching all of it (especially since a lot of it is the same, rehashed jokes).

tl;dr: nothing wrong with the algorithm, Onions shitty content was it's own downfall.

No. 516147

changing the channel to paid didn't delete it, but Shreglord actually deleted the subscribers manually

remembering it brings a tear of laughter to my eye. ah, good times.

No. 516150

The Laineybot video is hilarious. Honestly. 15/10. It was savage.

No. 516151

Spot on! This woman is great

No. 516154

File: 1525803665836.png (50.14 KB, 640x654, IMG_7310.PNG)

Lame posted her 10 things I love about Onision video and now she's hearting all the comments that kiss her ass just like gronk now

No. 516156

I'm confused, is the person on the video an ana-chan or a trannie?

No. 516158

someones got hurt feelings about the subject matter

No. 516161

Not really, I think Lainey is a dumb enabler.
It's just that I can't be the only one to see there's something very wrong with the thing making the video. Unless it was a "Oil Wife" self post in the first place.
But the video it self is very well researched.

No. 516162

You should go over to /snow and start an Oil Wife thread.
Im sure it will be SUPER popular

No. 516166

He didn’t “manually” delete them and they didn’t stay deleted.

No. 516168

File: 1525806532907.png (64.14 KB, 640x598, IMG_7312.PNG)

What the hell is that red thing on his head? It's huge!

No. 516169

Is she another Joy Sparkle coming up?

Wow spectacular ability to ruin his own career. Once his twitter becomes a perk he's prolly gonna say he "needs another break from social media" too kek

No. 516170

Razor burn?

No. 516174

File: 1525807025230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.68 KB, 332x334, cherry-angioma.jpg)

It looks like cherry angiomas, my mom has them but hers are very small, like the size of a BB. His look about the size of a dime. Its sort of like a liver spot, age spot but raised and slightly redder.
But because his is so large and irregular I really think Greg should see a doctor about those.

No. 516175

>she another Joy Sparkle

Oh god I hope so. I loved that she got so obsessed and made Onionboi her lifes work.

Yes Joy was ended up being as psychotic as Ogreg, but it was still fun watching them go at each other, kinda like watching the usual wacko on the subway train meet a new upcoming wacko, and they fight.

No. 516178

shreg I hate you and all but any "mole" bigger than 6mm should be checked by a doctor for precaution

No. 516179


oh gronk, trying so hard to seem unbothered

No. 516182

For real though, him having a benign tumor would make for nice milk.

No. 516184


So, Shane released this video where he visited grav3yardgirl to help her since she had a breakdown on her channel. I bet Onion wishes Shane would give him even an ounce of attention to help out his view count

No. 516188

My dream-
Shane emails Greg telling him that hes trying to help fellow YTubers that are having problems with their youtube careers and would like to set up a time to fly down to Washington and have a collab with him,
Sets up the date and time, then ghosts Greg again.

No. 516190

Those forced "giggles" are just so obviously fake. I don't understand why he tries so hard to seem unbothered.

No. 516191


His facial expressions betray his force "giggling"

No. 516192

kek you know he's the type of person who will gloss over or conveniently omit the fact that it's benign for maximum drama and sympathy.

No. 516194

Because, Anon. Shreg is the paragon of logic, reason and FAX. He is perpetually unbothered with absolutely no effort at all, instead of being ruled by emotion like most all you.

No. 516195

File: 1525811643720.png (1.3 MB, 1191x609, inoticedhishairlineisbadlyunev…)

The face of a man totally not bothered

No. 516196

File: 1525812329871.png (1.24 MB, 1136x640, 97F31756-13FC-4D19-A503-24F85C…)

Not to copy the image above but this was another good expression. To me it says are-you-actually-telling-people-how-shitty-and-abusive-I-am-to-you??

No. 516197


To make that dream ever better: someone pretending to be Shane emails Gurg and Gurg stupidly believes it and creates this fake drama of Shane ditching him on a collaboration once more, only to be ignored and proved wrong by the YouTube community/drama channels

No. 516202

File: 1525812781525.png (1.29 MB, 1440x811, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 4.48…)

Extremely not bothered.

No. 516204

I doubt Shane reads here. He probably just googled “graveyardgirl hate blogs” or something.

No. 516211

File: 1525813811608.png (1.26 MB, 1219x655, crybaby.png)

it honestly looks like he's about to cry??

No. 516212

At the end he basically said he's crying.

Lil bitch.

No. 516213

He looks like he's thinking of where he's going to bury the body.

No. 516216


look at those tiny hands

No. 516217

I actually 100% believe the video made him choke up/cry a bit.
My only question is, did he
A) fake cry on purpose to get sympathy from viewers
B) cry bc he’s embarrassed that she’d out his disgusting abusive behavior to the world and feels a tiny bit ashamed
C) cry because he had a moment of self awareness for once in his life

No. 516218

I think its honestly because she hit the nail on the head and it hurt his little feefees. I expect there to be some passive aggressive fighting happening in the next few weeks

No. 516219

I'm not sure Shreg is capable of self-awareness or shame.

Could also be:
D) He's just upset that Lainey roasted him so hard and it's all so true.
E) He's realizing his wife is funnier than he ever was and ever will be.

No. 516222

Now come on, youre judging the size of his hands because theyre next to his giant potato head.

Im sure he has normal sized hands.

No. 516223

Wow his "reaction" video is such a cop-out… He basically didn't react at all besides doing a fake giggle at the insults? Don't people usually add their own quips so it's not just a boring re-upload?

Who am I kidding, he's probably glad that Plainey's video got his own channel a freebie. Less work for the melanoma-ridden loser. I'm sure he doesn't like Madison any more than before tho, kek.

No. 516227

wtf is on his jaw? is that unblended contour? cuz he definitely packed on the foundation for this video so people wouldnt be able to tell how angry/upset he was by his splotchy red face.

No. 516231

He seemed to have a very sad, pensive reaction right after she says "hey Im leaving you" Either it was a quick flashback to the Billie fiasco, or hes never heard her say those words and it scared him for a millisecond.

No. 516232

Ogregs cancer saga where he vlogs and cries the entire time as he gets it removed and sent to the lab, he starts trying to make up for bad karma and forgiving his haters and those evil YouTubers who turned their back on him and forgiving youtube for their shitty algorith. Then tears of joy when he records the call receiving the test results saying its benign and then finally settle back into his old shitty ways.

No. 516234

I didn't even notice that, someone needs to do an expectations vs. reality meme with that pic.

No. 516247

Shout out to the farms at 27min so it very well could have been
>thanks to all the people whove been following them and put together all the information, research and screenshots blahblahblah

Not many views either

No. 516248


Oh my god I'm seeing this selfposty oil wife life shit everywhere and her channel is a shit show, seriously gossip videos always get ghosted when they're directly linked in threads here because nobody cares, and these replies all sound like they're from the same person
Stop trying to make oil wife life happen you retard it's not going to happen

I think because he finally realised she is more relevant and funny than he is, and that the reception of this video was her fans laughing at him with her.

His video was pure vitriolic spastic insult shouting which removed the grounds for any semi real points he could have made. Hers was subtle and well done and I don't doubt it hit a nerve or several

No. 516249

Not to blog, but my abusive ex was exactly like this. He met me when I was 18 and he was 25 turning 26. Later on he also cheated on me with a 14 year old when he was 28. Ended up on the registry. It was only in hindsight during therapy that I put two and two together and realized he was attracted to underage/barely legal girls, much like LGH here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516252

I think it was that whole thing where he was shocked into silence; I doubt he thought she had it in her.

I definitely think he’s going to be pulling some pass agg shit in the house for a while. I’ll bet he spends more time online looking for asspats than usual.

No. 516253

>I'm seeing this selfposty oil wife life shit everywhere

Really? wheres "everywhere"?(off topic)

No. 516254

Guaranteed Greg had to 'OK' the video beforehand.

No. 516255

Yeah it struck me that he was really surprised that she basically showed everyone what garbage he is without exaggerating, and also he was crying and didn’t trust himself to talk.

No. 516256

Why would he waste his precious time? I don’t think he was expecting that, he wouldn’t have let her release it if he’d watched it beforehand, it tells all the ‘shadow fans’ that we were 100% right about what an asshole he is all along.

No. 516259


Yeah, I agree with all of these. It seems like a moment where he realizes all his manipulation and lies aren’t as clever or opaque as he thought and he isn’t the smartest guy in the world with everyone else as his pawns. Lainey laid out all the stuff he does:

Verbally abuse her

Be overly sensitive and try to manipulate his audience for sympathy with his stupid b&w filter and sad music

Be self involved and not funny

betray her with new girls and not for the “noble reasons” he’s referenced before like letting Lainey “explore” her sexuality or help a young, hot girl out of a bad home situation.

She lays all of it bare and makes him look like a morally-corrupt, pathetic man. He tries so hard to appear as this “warrior of truth” who is the best person and smarter than everyone but it’s just not true. I think that’s the reason it’s embarrassing for him.

No. 516260

File: 1525818564091.png (1.85 MB, 1622x858, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 6.27…)

i bet you hes immature enough to do these things x2 "as a joke" when really its cause hes pissed she called him out on it.
>Greg why wont you answer my texts?
>Youuuuuu implied i ignore you so im only doing what youuuuuu say i do!!!

No. 516265

I love how he looks like it's total bullshit that he's ignoring her, even though we've all seen him rejecting her calls/messages in his streams.

No. 516266

I thought that too, anon.

No. 516270

The fake hyena laugh is a dead giveaway. His real laugh is much more low pitched. He only pulls out this laugh when he's triggered or he's said something obnoxious and is trying to get a rise out of someone.
I've never heard him do the dying hyena as a genuine reaction. Kind of similar to how his voice goes up six octives when he's upset (a good example: when he shrieked at Sh's manager.)

No. 516271

>I definitely think he’s going to be pulling some pass agg shit in the house for a while

This is 100% what he's going to do. He had to respond in a good natured way or risk looking like the thin-skinned loser he is.
He's going to gaslight the shit out of her and be a passive-aggressive dick everytime they have a disagreement now because he's a narcissist with a tender ego who is unable to accept any form of criticism.
The fact that Lainey is being applauded for laying his faults bare to the world is going to eat at him.

No. 516273

He had nothing to say because it's all so true and makes him look bad to be like "yep i do that". Instead laughing at it makes it look like the shit he does is all in good fun. He totally wanted to say something when she reacted to him saying "im leaving you" by not being bothered. Im sure he wanted to be like "nah, she freaks out going 'YOU'RE ABANDONING ME'". Also when "he" was ignoring her texts while scrolling through twitter, he likely wanted to say something, but stopped himself.

He knows he will look like the bad guy if he shits on her here because its more likely her audience will watch this video of his than other ones, so he kept his mouth shut.

I also think there is no way lameo didn't ask him what she can/can't include in this video. He likely told her to go all out. Hes probably crying with joy that doormat finally did something that wasn't boring as all hell.

No. 516274

There's no way he's not going to punish Lainey in some fashion for this.
He put on a brave face, but this a man who, even when he claims to be unbothered and hides "hate" comments, makes sure to publicly shame those who dare criticize him- he's proven this over and over.

This goes double for his fans/patrons. Lest we forget, just a few short days ago he shamed his patron for daring to politely question him about how he handled the AJ situation. He literally told her that "a true fan" wouldn't speak to him like that.
Imagine how he will handle his wife's criticisms behind the scenes? There's definitely going to be some sperging about "loyalty".

No. 516276

Oh my god this. Her lack of loyalty is going to fuel some nasty arguments. She’s gonna pay for making the vid.

No. 516277

That’s such a stupid thing to nitpick about

No. 516278


no1curr. stop policing other people's posts.

No. 516283

File: 1525823530277.png (302.08 KB, 1418x1507, REEEEEEE.png)

>YouTube needs to change because viewers are being directed to more popular YouTubers they might like better than me! No Fair!

Jfc of all the the things to screech about. It's like he doesn't know how YouTube works, it's a feature most viewers can turn off, and it's generally recommended vids of creators you're already subbed to.
And newsflash, this might work in your favor sometimes if you didn't make such trash.

No. 516285

The kek level if he actually legitimately cried in the shower in between hentai fapping sessions after watching the video for the first time. LOL be mad Shreg. And the forced laughter… Nobody believed you Gronk, you cuntwaffle.

No. 516286

Lainey confirmed on younow she has an upcoming video with Selena

No. 516287

This is what irritated me, as well. She would only consider leaving him if he hit the kids. That's fucking pathetic and shows how selfish she is. "Aw, daddy hit you? Well, let mommy decide whether or not I want to leave him….hmm I don't. Guess you'll have to learn how to defend yourself!" Is it possible to hate her more after hearing this? It's sad because I think we all know that she would decide to stay if he did hit the kids and she'd allow him to tell her how he was right for doing so.

No. 516296

Oh this is funny, is he implying that youtube is directing traffic away from him to bigger channels? He has 2 million subs on his main channel and has been on youtube for a decade, he's got to be in the top creators percentage wise based on subs. He's not the little guy here he's the faded former star lol.

No. 516299

File: 1525825585323.png (1.4 MB, 1242x2208, 4DE82747-BC70-43D4-ACA4-7211E9…)

No. 516301

"My Wife Made Me Suicidal: I Can't Take a Joke" edition. Predictable.

No. 516302

File: 1525825833833.png (222.81 KB, 1419x887, fool.png)

He also just tweeted this one. Such a victim. He's a fool in a world of sharks, guiz. Not just a dipshit who didn't pay his taxes.

No. 516303

someone mentioned to Lainey on her stream and she got noticeably upset and said that his tweets made her anxious. She said that there isn't anything she can do to help and that it scares her a lot. I've assumed that by now she wouldn't take his attention baiting tweets so seriously but she does! No divorce saga anytime soon anons.

No. 516305

Lame was alerted to her pussy husband's tweet, and got concerned. She was all

>now I'm all panicked

>it's not gonna help
>I can't help
>ugh I'm gonna get upset
>I've been trying and they're not will - (cuts herself off before saying willing)

Hmmm so now she has to play hero and soother to Grease? He keeps refusing therapy? She was genuinely worried, even though he does this all the time. Poor girl seems stronger than him, he's really going to suck all of her youth out.

No. 516306

I swear to god I almost told her to kick his sorry ass to the curb in there but I held back lol, his response is so, so, so predictable and ridiculous.

No. 516308

File: 1525826734707.png (1.34 MB, 1440x1232, Swimming with sharkz.png)

>I'm just an unwitting bystander while my CPA and the evil government is trying to destroy me for NO reason! Now give me more money!

Ffs, he's acting like he's not simply paying back the money he owes. And I have a hard time believing that his CPA is so expensive that he's taken all of LGH's money for months.

Meanwhile, Lainey just got a tattoo, they go out to eat, to movies, etc. They aren't struggling. This is manipulative bullshit yet again.

No. 516309

His response is abusive. He is so nasty. Honest he makes my blood boil, he’s transparent.

No. 516310

Can you make a manlet variant of this in the ill-fitting suit, anon? I feel like this is such a great Grugly quote, tbh.

No. 516311


Sorry, with this image?

No. 516313

Needs more forceps dent. Why is his head so huge?

No. 516314


This fucking asshole just bought a house for half a million dollars, and owns a brand new car, an iMac, an iPhone X, multiple game consoles, and tons of other expensive shit he doesn't need. No sympathy. Fucking crybaby.

No. 516317

No no no! He has nothing, anon! He needs us soooooo much!

What a joke. He’s still way better off than lots of people and yet he has the nerve to moan about his own stupidity for gibsmedat.

No. 516321

wasn't this her number 1 on her video? lmao life imitates art imitates life etc.

No. 516323

So predictable and ofc he chooses to tweet about it so he can get maximum asspats from worried teens.

I knew he was going to find a way to publicly shame Lainey for that video, I just didn't expect it to be so immediate and obvious.

No. 516326


I wish I had 1500 dollars of disposable income every month.

No. 516329

"To keep patrons fully informed"

There is literally no reason to broadcast this information, other than to make people feel sorry for him.

No. 516330

Honestly I wish she would grow a backbone and call his bluff. Something along the lines of "you agree to get help now or I'm calling 911."
If he actually needs help then he'll receive it, but this manipulative bullshit has to stop. She has young children to care for and it's absolutely ridiculous that she's putting up with these mindgames.
He had no issues calling the authorities and telling them Sh was suicidal while filming the whole thing.

No. 516331

Damn that foul, disrespectful wench and the children she dare saddle him with! Damn the corrupted government/Turbotax for making him abide by the literally dishonest law! #FreeOnision

He's baiting far too hard for more bleeding heart teenage girls to slide into his DMs/wallet for comfort, it makes me sick. He's not even worth his usual trailer trash.

No. 516332

File: 1525828712965.png (69.59 KB, 590x295, Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 9.17…)

peep that juxtaposition kek

No. 516333

>I'd rather manipulate teenagers into giving me their allowance than get a real job and support my own family.

No. 516334

What confuses me with that theory though, is his content has ALWAYS been shit. I've watched videos from his "peak" and they were as lame and unfunny as current ones.
His content hasn't really changed it's always been low grade, almost slapstick bs.

I truly think he used to pay for a huge proportion of views which served him well until YouTube algorithm picked up on it and instead shunned his channel instead of suggested it.

No. 516339

Most adults in this situation would find a job and sell off the expensive, unnecessary shit they own to get out of the red and support their families.

Not Lainey's gay husband though. Shreg is too stupid, lazy and entitled to do literally anything except whine about it, yet he expects us to feel sorry for him.

What a joke of a man.

No. 516342


So do a lot of people, anon.

But, but, but, he was on Tosh.0 once…

I bet it infuriates him to no end that the grandma of the redhead “gingers do have souls” kid (Porch time with Mema) had way more guest appearances on Tosh than he did.

No. 516343

It’s not even slapstick, that’s an insult to the genre and there are still plenty of comedians and films who utilize it well. Literally his stuff hasn’t evolved from the 3edgy5u teenage phase he’s never grown out of where like another anon mentioned before, stalking and rape are punchlines. But don’t forget murder too, especially when it’s your significant other!

Keep rotting, you greasy, microdicked scumbag.

No. 516344


Don't forget: If you don't have any jokes, screaming like an autist is totally a good option

No. 516347

also, hentai breaks! because comedians totally show porn to their audience because it’s really entertaining

No. 516351

This woman is definitely a farmer and is probably the person who recently asked if they could use info they got from these threads for a video they were gonna make. And you are probably this woman promoting your channel here, right? I've noticed out of all of the videos out there on the Onions it's always videos made by farmers that are posted here, so yeah hi to your self-promoting asses lmao

No. 516357

Did he heavily contour his jawline?

No. 516361

File: 1525832568063.png (3.66 MB, 1786x2950, predictableonion.png)

Ffs, he literally just saw the video where she called him out for this behavior lol.

No. 516365

in the 10 things i love video, Lainey is definitely making a dig about Sam. " yeah you can stay here you don't have to clean up after yourself" if i remember correctly, her being really messing got brought up after she departed from the mcmansion

No. 516367

if lainey and madison are both in the video then whos filming it? i dont think greg did, he did the react video in response to it and it honestly did seem like he was watching it for the first time. you could see it stinging him

No. 516368

I caught that today and was pretty taken back. i dont actually think shane lurks here, he probably knows about the site and searched the thread on bunny to add to his video

No. 516369

That's a really interesting idea

No. 516370


This really pisses me off. If you’re struggling you sell your house and rent something cheap. You get a job to make ends meet, even if it’s stacking shelves at midnight. The only essentials are having a roof over your head, food on your table and utlities paid for. Greg, it’s called being an adult and living in the real word, you fucking cunt.

No. 516375


I feel like Onion has the same approach to everything, tries to do something to benefit him (ex. Buying views/subscribers, dying his hair, cutting corners on taxes) but it ends up biting him in the ass in the long-term, he tries to fix it, doesn't work, after a bunch of rants and attempts at fixing it,he admits defeat and looks for help. He got help with the taxes, shaved off his terrible mop of hair, now what's he gonna do to fix his multiple dying channels? Nobody wants to really help him. He's not on YouTube's radar anymore, and he's basically this small little speck that's ignored by the community.

No. 516376

Just caught up on the thread from last night and was literally about to type that. He only does the fake gay sounding hyena laugh when he's triggered. Notice how much he laughs like that whenever he's arguing with someone in a debate, or when someone says something he doesn't like. It's a defence mechanism so he doesn't cry or get angry. He also does it in arguments when he's trying to make the other person feel small.

You are so right anon, the hyena laugh is not an authentic laugh, he laughs COMPLETELY differently when he actually finds something funny. Compare videos where he's laughing with Billie and others where he's laughing in a debate and it's insane to see the difference!!!!

No. 516377

I think Shreg is annoyed that people are finding Lame's video funnier than his. He even said at the end 'it's funnier than MOST my videos….most'

He emphasizes the most and it's obvious from his facial expressions he's annoyed. He acts like it's a genius video now, but it won't be long before he kicks Madison out, isolates Lainey again, and starts vague tweeting and posting triggered videos. Even though he pretends, he's totally incapable of laughing at himself.

No. 516378

So Greg or one of his fans is too retarded to click the thing that stops auto playing videos. Got it.

No. 516381

You know, most people would just get a second job.

Fucking entitled cunt.

No. 516384


They were weren't in the camera frame at the same time for a lot of screens, I'm pretty sure they were filming each other. The times where they were, the camera seemed to be on a tripod.

No. 516389

The things he was most triggered about according to his reactions-

The billie scene
The bit where he doesn't respond to Laineys texts
The one where he sits down with Lainey and then gets up to go stream
The one about him sperging on twitter
The one where he constantly says fuck you and Lainey ignores his tantrums
The last one about ignoring her in general.

It's weird, he seemed to get the most triggered by the ones that suggest he ignores Lainey or doesn't give her enough attention. I bet he thinks fuck you, I mention how much I love you on twitter ALL the time. Isn't that enough!?

No. 516390

>he's annoyed that Lamey is making funny content
Maybe the only hope they'll ever divorce after all is not by Lainey growing a backbone, but by the Onion feeling emasculated in case she keeps up with releasing better content than him.
I mean, it happens in Hollywood whenever the wife gets more prizes than the husband, even though we are talking about swamp scale here.

No. 516391

Nitpick, but why does he always have the fireplace going in all his videos? It's the middle of May and he's even wearing a sweater?

No. 516392

Oh I have no doubts anon, he can't stand being second banana. Even in Lainey's videos he tries to steal the spotlight. He has to be the best and the attention and praise must go to him at all times. The only times he puts the attention on Lainey is when he is in damage control and needs to distract from his latest scandal. He didn't mind her outdoing him on youtube for now because it pays the bills and he knows that people still shit on her content and say her makeup is ugly. If she starts making GOOD content however, he will get triggered for sure.

No. 516397

Maybe he thinks it looks classy lmao

No. 516402

Doubt that will cause a divorce. He probably hates that people like her better, but the only reason he probably stays with her is because shes making the money while his channels are dying. Also why he keeps being in her videos in hopes he can get her fans to watch his content too. He wouldn't be able to stand it if he dumps her and her channels grow while his die.

The only way he'd dump her is if he gets a replacement that will help him get back his fame. I think he gave up on Sam very fast because he didn't see her helping his views and he wanted a girl who would give him immediate fame again. I feel like that's what caused the divorce with skye as well. I dont think a plain fangirl would have done it. Shiloh liked him AND she had some fame with her singing at the time and could be fun/help him with videos on top of being young and fresh. And that was when he wasn't even struggling. He wants that now more than ever.

No. 516408


Once you start noticing it, it becomes so obvious and it's impossible to ignore. He's so predictable.
He's got a million tells, although I'm sure he thinks he could outsmart anyone it's too bad he hasn't taken up poker so we could watch him lose the last remaining bits of wealth he has left.

No. 516409

File: 1525839287338.jpeg (115.69 KB, 640x710, 22435695-E2FF-461D-B0C0-68ABE7…)

>M-muh chemistry! Muh configuration!

He only posted this because people reported his suicide baiting tweet, kek.

No. 516411

>Translation: “Thanks for licking my ass! I was just mocking the Japanese suicide victim in Logan Paul’s video literally a day or so ago, but believe me when I say this isn’t because I feel extremely shitty for being exposed as the POS abusive trash that I am.”
Note that Lainey waited several days to release this video on a YouTube until Onion could make his reaction vid and upload it the same time.

No. 516413

File: 1525839840879.jpg (207.61 KB, 1070x746, Screenshot_20180509-142255_You…)

Alright who wants to take one for the team?

No. 516415

Ofc he just had to express these feelings right after his wife got tons of positive attention for reaming him in her video.
The amount of asspats in the comments from worried teens is truly sickening.

The last thing they need to be expending energy on is a childish, manipulative grown man who spends his days crying for their parents' hard earned money to fund his lavish lifestyle.

No. 516417

Agreed. Stop trying to make fetch happen Gretchen…

No. 516418

Did he really just call himself a GRUNT???
He never deployed! Never saw combat! He never went into an actual war zone. He is so obnoxious. He was a straight up POG.

No. 516420


it's everyone else's fault and not mine.

lost of virtue signaling for a guy who tried to get one over on the govmt.

No. 516421

21 minutes of this garbage. Basically he complains about taxes and thats whats making him suicidal.

>I'm actually a sensitive guy!

>Starts talking about the military. someone said he was "oozing of dirtbag" (LOL! spot on). He felt they were being unfair and says things like that caused him to have an episode or something like that
>Rant about justice and humanity
>He had an episode today because his channel is dying and complains about someone not teaching him how to do his taxes again.
>He hires a CPA who bills him 3k a month. Says he only make a little bit more than that. And that all his money is going to the government and CPA
>People say get a job, but if you get a job you will make less! (??? So you admit you are better off than most people doing nothing online)
>I scammed the tax system now i have to pay for it, and it's so horrible. Blahblahblah
>I had no father figure and my mom never explained taxes to me!
>Everyone i talk to is suggesting doing things that aren't honest, but i dont do that! I wont cut corners and will pay whats due! (You got here because you were cutting corners idiot)
>I got a bill for 3k today and it was like all my money from patron went to that.
>I wanted to explain that because i do hide behind a smile because the world is unfair and don't give people like me a fair chance!
>I hate that this is ongoing and not just one bill I have to pay. I work hard every day and don't see a dime of it
>Don't be like me. Don't listen to evil terrible turbo tax. Turbo tax REEE not honest!
>Do you understand my tweet now? "I'm a guy that is so eager to not be in this world hiding behind a smile" because of money.
>I totally love my new house. Totally. It's the principle of the matter I'm angry about!
>Why did they teach me social studies and not how to do taxes? Social studies is useless!
>"If I did get a regular normal job, i'd lose even more. I'm making more with this than if i did anything else"
>Thank you patrons. Plugs patron.
>No one knows my life better than me and my spouse. honesty blahblah
>"When it comes to the law, i used to be a cop. I always obey the law!"
>"I always called myself the most honest youtuber because I know I am"
>"I'm sorry that my haircut scared a lot of people" (LOL!)
>Brings up major/chronic depression diagnosis. Give me sympathy. This is what depression is!!!
>I'm sorry I have this disability (depression). There is nothing I can do about it! (See a therapist moron.)

No. 516423

To get back at the haters for making fun of the fact that Ogreg refuses to heat the house because he's cheap. Now in the swamp trailer they blast the AC so much the Onions are forced to heat the house with their fireplace and wear many layers. It's a hard life in the swamp trailer.

No. 516424

Greg has said several times that someone like Pewdiepie isn't "allowed" to complain because he has money. He thinks more money = more happiness, regardless of how many tweets he makes to insist that he believes the opposite; Greg seriously doesn't shut the fuck up about his money woes these days, ever. Therefore, it's safe to assume Greg's "sadness" would be washed away, in his mind, by a huge influx of money. What a wise, enlightened individual! Glad he's learned so much in this past decade.

>Starts talking about the military, someone said he was "oozing of dirtbag"

Ah yeah, he's mentioned this so, soooo many times, the "oozing of dirtbag" comment. It REALLY triggers him, so if anyone wants to give him his own #justonemorebootypic…

As for the end, Greg, you don't "tell it like it is." You're still telling people, over a year after the fact, that Billie's nude massage was "platonic," so "you can shut the fuck up, can't you?"

And you're free to talk about your own "depression" but STOP speaking about how the "human species in general" works you uneducated clown, you don't know shit.

No. 516425

>He had an episode today because his channel is dying

Funny timing, Considering shanes new vids with grav3yard girl and her channel dying, Really gets ones noggin joggin.

No. 516427

File: 1525842367840.jpg (86.7 KB, 561x722, DrGregoretard.JPG)


(From his Patreon main page) Greg thinks the cure for depressed, suicidal people is to invalidate the weight of their pain and convince them their problems aren't real. So next time he bitches that people are hurting him by doubting the "honesty" of his claims about his struggles, remember, that's exactly what he thinks other people deserve.

Also, we haven't forgotten that his undying fan Becca (who is a horrible bitch) reached out to him when feeling this low and he was horrible to her, sooo….

No. 516428

>Also, we haven't forgotten that his undying fan Becca (who is a horrible bitch) reached out to him when feeling this low and he was horrible to her, sooo….

I remember that, and what he said to her.


No. 516429

Imagine if onion wasn't a complete dirtbag and was in this situation and reached out to shane. He would have likely helped him out majorly. Karmas a bitch. If shane is ever struggling, he can reach out to so many people who will gladly give him a helping hand because hes done that for others. Onion shit on people his whole life and acted like he needed nobody and would always be on top. And now no one wants to go near him. Ah, it's beautiful.

No. 516430


>I’m having a depressive episode.

>Better go on YouTube and record myself talking for 20 minutes.

Lainey seemed so upset about his Tweet. He is so manipulative.

No. 516431

He talks about how it's his "chemistry" that makes him depressed, but refuses to take meds for it?
I guess it's more profitable to be depressed and suicidal

No. 516432

Plus, doctors are EVIL and STUPID and DANGEROUS, and he is POOR.

No. 516433

He's a grown man in his 30's running on a heady mix of handouts, asspats from insecure teens and victimhood.
Get your shit together, Shregg. This is pathetic, even for you.

No. 516441

File: 1525845075203.png (1.45 MB, 1440x2559, no friendz.png)

>some people have friends to talk to
Poor friendless Shregg. Through no fault of his own, he is all alone with absolutely no one to talk to except for his teen fans.
He just wants to be understood by 13 year olds, is that too much to ask???

No. 516446

File: 1525845650328.jpg (150.03 KB, 1097x625, SorryToArmchairBut.JPG)

I'm sorry for this but jfc Lainey OPEN YOUR EYES YOU FUCKING DOORMAT. You make psych degrees seem even more worthless than they are! (just kidding, everyone… kinda)

What Greg is doing right now is so transparent, it'd be hilarious if it wasn't also abusive and toxic af

No. 516448

Jfc I literally couldn't get through this nonsense. He lives in a half-a-million dollar house.
If you defrauded the government out of the money they were owed, you sell all the shit you bought when you were flush and you live like a regular person. It isn't rocket science.
The responsibility to pay your taxes isn't on anyone else and if you don't understand it you either educate yourself or hire someone to do it.
You'd think someone with such a high IQ should grasp such a concept.

No. 516451

Holy shit. He actually compared his tax situation with slavery.
>that's literally what slavery is, working really really hard every day..and you don't see a dime of it!
What the fuck. Paying what you owe and living in luxury isn't slavery, you fucking idiot.

No. 516453

Anyone with uncommon income situations know damn well to hire someone to do their taxes. Yet greggle blames not only the government for his idiocy, he also blames his mother and father for not educating him. As comical as this sounds, Onision is a brand, and he should have treated it as such and he should have also made his LLC way before his tax blunder because that would have protected his personal assets. (Except he decided to write off his home as a business expense so the house would probably be fair game)

No. 516454

File: 1525847827407.png (1.19 MB, 1440x1030, Selfie time.png)

Just noticed that 2 hours after Shregg's existential crisis, Lainey posted these selfies.

These two have to be the most self-involved people on the planet.

As a side note, wtf is she doing? Picking her ear in the first one and looking like she just spat up a hairball in the second. I will never understand her.

No. 516457


She always makes herself look so ugly with her makeup, godddd….

No. 516468

a diagnosis implies going to a doctor, you fucking fraud

No. 516469

The "come live with me" thing is obv Sam reference specifically

No. 516484

her freckles look like blackheads

No. 516485

She's looking okay in this.

He's doing exactly what Plainey said he will do in her video, and I don't doubt it's because his feefees are hurt by her video. Talking to youtube how his depression is strong, because someone said a mean thing to him. That's hilarious.

No. 516487

Really? You don’t say…

So a lot of anons were saying LGH was gonna cry and that he didn’t have much of a reaction and I agree. He definitely was about to cry and he even said he was tearing up which is just pathetic. As for the lack of a reaction it’s obvious he was really upset by the video and that everything Lainey portrayed him as was 100% spot on. When Lainey reacted to his video about her she kept pausing it and arguing “points” he made. He didn’t say shit though. He laughed at some parts, but he had absolutely nothing to say. Which is funny because that’s all he ever does, is rage in video after video arguing with people. I guess it’s easier to argue someone else’s perspective on you when they don’t live with you. However, Lainey just confirmed everything everyone has ever said and that clearly upset him. Also I know I’m late, but it was a bitch to get through today’s posts.

No. 516492

File: 1525856032559.png (42.27 KB, 825x487, fraud.png)

Clinical depression my fucking ass.

No. 516494

Even if he was clinically depressed, how would he know? He doesn’t believe in the stoopid, edumacated doctorz! Did Laundromat diagnose him with her cereal box degree?

No. 516495

I almost feel bad for Lame. You could see him mentally noting the parts of the video he was going to bring up to her later and get mad about.

No. 516497

>has natural freckles
>cakes face with makeup so that they are not visible
>draws new freckles on top of makeup

Lameo, just don't…

No. 516498

How does he still not understanding that he spent the fucking money he made from 2009-present, he spent money that wasn't his by virtue of misrepresentation. Princess elame needs to learn that she's not allowed to do anything better than shregg ever. Narcs gonna narc.

No. 516501

File: 1525859678484.png (80.53 KB, 943x776, lul.png)

YouTube has removed hundreds of videos promoting EduBirdie. That might explain all these deleted videos from LGH's speaks-channel.

No. 516502


I take unhealthy delight in seeing Draino insist on trying to make “beautybot” happen when the bitch doesn’t even know how to wash her face.

No. 516503

it's probably just him deleting shit again

No. 516504

If it is, that's interesting and stupid, because he's tried to say that he thinks part of the reason he's getting "screwed by the algorithm" is because of all of the deleting he did a while back.

No. 516507

greg has no right to be a little bitch about laineys video – she wasnt towards his.

No. 516508

That's not how the world works in the mind of a narc. Double standards everywhere.

No. 516510

I for one would welcome another crazy joy sparkle, just because having some woman using his name nonstop and making videos and/or streams about him daily would irk him so badly.
>making money off the onision name

It just sounds like SOMEONE wants to push down anyone who may start yet another campaign against lainey or greg.
Stop the hate campaign against them, but sprinkle in a little bit of your pretend hate for them too, just to throw everyone off and not look like a stan.

inb4- vehement denial of stan status and more pretend hate for g&l to spin our heads

No. 516515

why do anons think that people who make millions off of the internet won't know about these sites or read them? they're better at utilising this information. shane's always talking searching for the tea

No. 516519

I never suggested Shane was a farmer and would post, but I do 100% think they would read here from time to time.

No. 516520


>vehement denial of stan status and more pretend hate for g&l to spin our heads
>does it within minutes of post that accuses you of it
Do you lurk 24/7 waiting to see what people say about your friends so you can go report back to them?

Thanks, you proved me right. And I thought it would take a day or at least a few hours for you to dance for me.

>deletes posts not once, but twice

>>adds swooce meme to make a point

Damn boy, that shaggy pic roasted dafuckoutame.

No. 516522


>do both, what a spastic

Full marks for making me laugh uproariously, anon. And for echoing my own sentiment re: Robbie Faggotron and Jaclyn Glenn; you know it’s a sad state of affairs when you agree with those two retards.

No. 516524

Fuck off with this in-fighting you nobheads and just fucking talk about gurgle and lame-o. Also, fucking sage your shit and take it to email.
Late on this but lel at greg's hair. His hairline is as unfortunate as his recent tax situation.

No. 516525

File: 1525867417135.png (7.34 KB, 576x85, Im anon duhhh.PNG)

Brush up on things before you try to talk back to the adults.

No. 516526

Oh, well I truly am sorry I don't spend every moment of my waking life perusing the rules and waiting for updates on a drama website.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 516528

Glad you can accept your faults and shortcomings.

No. 516530

I'm not sure it's entirely a fault or a shortcoming to not be aware of every rule or edit made to said rules to a website. Although, thanks for bringing the fact that sage no longer works to my attention. Take that as your good deed for the day, kid.

No. 516531

You're welcome Pyle.
Keep your ears and eyes open and you'll be amazed at what you'll learn in this big wide world.

No. 516532

nta but taking it to emails didn't make sense either

stop the cringe

No. 516533

Well he learned that sounded stupid as well.
Yet another life lesson.

No. 516535

exactly what i was thinking. her natural freckles look nicer than her attempts at fake freckles, especially her billie-clone ones. Those were god awful.

I hate the narcs trying to get fame off the onion hate train as much as onions themselves. It's obnoxious. Also his fame is dead so its even sadder at this point. Only "hate" videos i want to see are aldlii's.

why is it always the person trying to mod other people that can't take their own advice.
>"stop infighting!!"
>continues posting and infighting.

No. 516536

take their own advice.

Take your own and stop talking about it and report it.

No. 516554

I think someone brought up how Lainey only listens to her shitty high school music. Very telling how stunted in the past she is. Also, did anyone notice how Lainey is back to saying she likes guys again?

No. 516555

He was afraid that she was going to address the fact that he was going to leave the kids to her and take all the money for himself.

Plus God only knows what vile words and actions Greg directed to Lainey when he thought he was getting rid of her in favour of new younger puss.

He was afraid because she did address the Billie issue straight on earlier in the video, and he wasn't at all expecting that, so the "I'm leaving" made him flinch in fear of being exposed.

Luckily for him, Lainey didn't do it because she still doesn't have balls.

No. 516567

Drawing on the fake Billie-freckles

Why can't this bitch just be herself unapologetically?????

Oh yeah, during her formative college years she got trapped by an abusive pedophile with his sperm and last name.

Wonder what shes going to do when Clot grows up?

Steal her clothes, makeup, style, friends, boyfriend's????

Turn a blind eye to Greg's friendly family massages?

Or freak out at the fresh younger prettier girl in the house, and go all Snow white Evil Stepmother on her own daughter?

No. 516570

>watched an anon delete and repost something several times
>"Do U wATch HeRe cONstantLy LEL dANce FoR ME"


wtf lmao

onion board smells like summerfags and spergs, i wonder if the shane thing brought a load of tards here?
Does anyone think Onion will just have to comment about Shane's video with Graveyard Girl? I wonder if it makes his blood boil that Shane is traveling and meeting people and trying to.. do good or something, helping people. I wonder if he expected shane to reach out to him, to revive his dying channel in this time of financial hardship~

Actually, I have genuinely never thought of what will become of her when the kids are grown up. Having a kid of each gender is rough because it covers all the shit ends of every stick.
>Lame is eternally jealous of Clot, and always wants to make sure onion doesn't give clot more attention than lame
>Onion will shame the fuck out of Cloot and raise her to have horrible emotional and body image issues and try to control her as that's what he does with girls

>Trot will get horrible verbal beating from his dad who is constantly afraid of other males being better than him, onion will not hold back on him at all, maybe hitting him or kicking him out on occasion

>lame will stand by and watch bc god forbid she ever directly confront gerg

No. 516572

I think saying Lainey dont want Greg to give Clot attention is reaching
If she didn't want that then she wouldn't fight with Greg for that.
Lainey is mentally unstable but not to the point of being the evil step mom.

No. 516579

You'd be surprised anon, i grew up with narc parents.she may be genuinely loving while the kids are kids but when they are adults, younger and more attractive than them both and dont have to live by their rules, shit hits the fan and hatred brews fast

No. 516581


I would think this would be an issue when C gets older, not now. She's an innocent baby right now, but she will eventually become a young woman, and that's when lame's jealousy may rear it's ugly head. I don't think C will be the jealousy target, rather, it will be her friends, whom she will quickly not be allowed to have.


Hear hear Anon!

No. 516582


He's also really lucky she doesn't bring in the not talking to his "niece/nephew" (what he called Clot in his sperg out about not talking to the kid) and other shit like not spending time with the kids. He is lucky they made the pact not to talk about them (though he still finds a way to) because she could really expose him.

No. 516587

this is what i meant in that post above, you explained better than i could though!

i realllly truly believe lainey would love to be a mom vlogger. it would bring a lot of views including from those curious about their kids all this time, and she often posts little hints like this, even though this is older, whereas onion has never alluded to anything like these sentimental things

No. 516597

I can never see the whole Laney would flourish ad a Mommy blogger since she acts and has the personality of the exact age group she targets in her videos.

No. 516607


Uhhh are we forgetting that she said you can breastfeed kids until they're 7

No. 516621


Was…this meant to be a reply to my post? I never said she was a good mother or intelligent on it or that she should be a mom blogger, lol
God I still can't believe she said that

No. 516631

I honestly hope LGH didn't okay the video because I recall Lainey never got to okay the one he made about her. Plus half of the things she put in there probably wouldn't be there if he okay'd it.

>I'm sorry I have this disability (depression)
Are you kidding? LGH wouldn't know depression if it hit him in the face.

No. 516677

I was watching a reaction video to the subreddit “incel” beta guys. Also known as the involuntary virgins or involuntary celibate. We know Grease isn’t a virgin and has probably been poking before he knew what to do with his little pecker. But in the video the guy mentions how the incel men slut shame and hate women who have had sexual encounters and only find virgin women acceptable/meeting standards. The commenters conclusion is that this is because they know they would be unable to please a woman in bed and would always be compared to a more alpha male. I think this TOTALLY applies to Grease’s mentality. He slut shames women and degraded women with experience because he know there will ALWAYS be something bigger and better out there! He wants a women with little to know sexual experiences so she is oblivious to how good sex can actually be.

No. 516678

You don't need to teach us what incels are. This is an imageboard, we already know. But I do agree with your point, and I don't think it's just applicable to sex, his partners arent even allowed to have a strong friend group or support network as he knows it will become more obvious how juvenile and shallow his views are.

No. 516679

Samefag. Congratulations on your intelligence because as of 9am this morning I had no idea what an incel was. I assumed most people didn’t know either. You must be like the most smartest informedest person on the Interwebs

No. 516682

I was joking anon, calm down. The joke was most imageboards are filled with incels, that is what the butt of the joke was- not you.

No. 516683

This video is the best I have seen about Lainey. I can’t believe more people haven’t seen it

No. 516684


and half the comments since.

No. 516685

Samefag sorry…. I totally read it in my head differently I was picturing you replying in a snorting ass voice junking an energy drink, neckbeard, fadora and katana sword. My bad. Sorry brother. Fist bump this shit out.

No. 516686

No problem bro, I know it must be a rough day finding out that incels are a thing. Hope your day gets better from here on out

No. 516689

File: 1525901304165.png (153.87 KB, 930x445, suchpovertyreallystruggling.PN…)

Greases phone case

No. 516691


what's the point on having a sun powered case if you rarely leave your room?

No. 516692

man, he really is struggling to provide the day to day necessities, ain't he?

No. 516697

File: 1525901896149.png (314.09 KB, 1437x1088, youtube sperg #1999.png)

YouTube is out to get him, guiz! This has nothing to do with his trash content, waving guns around and sexualizing his young patrons, they are BLINDLY demonitizing him for no good reason! They hate poor innocent Shregg!

No. 516700

File: 1525902187568.jpeg (146.9 KB, 640x670, 59FEEF3D-950B-4F83-80F6-4682E1…)


This bird is the worst!! I’m from the Berta. I work in oil and gas, married to a rig pig. Along with 90% of the Alberta population. Bitch you ain’t special. Your video wasn’t special either. Get over yourself(off topic)

No. 516703


WTF is the "lifestyle of an oil wife"??? And how, in any way, is that comparable to the lifestyle a military wife might have?????

No. 516705

You said this 3 times already in thread, We get it, You don't like her. Chill out.

No. 516706

why are you plugging your youtube like this its so weird, if it's some other this is still weird

No. 516707

Everyone has heard, about the bird. Bird bird bird, this bird is the worst!(derailing)

No. 516709

Samefag I commented and deleted because I wanted to include a screenshot of her delusional superiority comparing herself to a military wife. She married a rig pig has his kids, that’s all. She didn’t achieve or work towards anything. I married a rigger to along with at least 80% of my community. Employed in the petroleum industry, but I actually had to
Work towards that and earn that title. Girl ANYBODY can make babies.(derailing & blogposting)

No. 516712

File: 1525903106005.png (1.29 MB, 1428x2574, crisis averted.png)

Now that he's recovered from his crisis, he's back to sperging about youtube on Twitter and demeaning the appearance of his patrons.

He's not content unless he's either throwing a tantrum about something or pointing out other people's flaws. Such a piece of shit.
This is his 2nd video about goths in a week, why is he so obsessed with this? I would link the hooktube but it's literally the same shit as every other video ranking on people's looks. Suicide jokes, drug jokes, even a super fresh Logan Paul suicide forest joke! So hip and relevant!

No. 516713

Damn, people don’t like the bird lady?

No. 516714

I’m in my 30s and I don’t even REMEMBER the last time I talked to my friends about Goths or Emos. I mean I didn’t really know what an emo was until a year or so ago. But if you’re 30 and still worried about what Goth people are doing kek you really should think about prioritizing your life(blogposting)

No. 516716

are "goth" and "emo" still a thing even? i realize there are some outliers who keep the dream alive but generally speaking?

No. 516720

But anon, all the money his patrons send him go straight to his money-hungry CPA and the evil government who tricked him by not catching his super honest mistake earlier!
He wouldn't mislead his fans! This obviously must have fallen out of the sky because he's barely able to put cheerios on the table for his family!

No. 516723

I'd watch for the dysfunctional mothering.
>Girl ANYBODY can make babies
But anon, you have to give it to her.
It's not everybody that can have babies while being an middle aged ana-chan.

No. 516724

Hey Shingly Shreg

If Youtube ever becomes sentient and I happen to catch them saying that they care about their creators and their viewers, rest assured that they will be more than properly thanked for keeping more minors safe from that predatory pedophile Onision by actively removing your (Onision's) questionable content, and therby forcing you, Onision to get a regular ole J-O-B.

A job far far away from the public eye. Maybe you can get a job at Target so Lainey can get a discount. Maybe Olive Garden instead, that way you can bring leftovers to feed the family.

No. 516728

These kinds of videos are very rich coming from a self proclaimed high school goth (i.e. outcasted "school shooter" more like). It's not an LGH video without:
>shitting on fat people
>mocking one of his ex "friends" such as Social Dipshit Horseface (funny how his wife is a carbon copy of him in the appearance department)
>reminding everyone about his ex girlfriends, especially love of his life Sh (be mad Lameo) and Adrienne, a bit of Billie and some random ass girls he dated before fame
>faking self awareness for being (a bit) racist
>making an outdated meme joke (Logan Paul scandal)
>being a general moron (since when are emos, scenesters, edgy normies automatically goth?)

And then he wonders why people don't like his content anymore…

No. 516729

File: 1525904389463.png (711.22 KB, 1440x1038, so lit.png)

Shregg has moved on from his cutting edge memes, guys. He's diving in head-first into the exciting and LIT world of gifs. He's already posted two on Twitter today.
This, coupled with his ever so current Suicide Forest jokes has made him super relevant and I'm sure he will drowning in teen vagina any moment now. I am shooketh.

No. 516733

I have this idea that he doesn't really want vagina. Doubtful he even knows how to please a woman and even the act of getting his baby carrot wet is going to remind him of his shortcomings and various other psychosexual issues. He appears to chase sex with young girls but his fixation on love and approval says he chases relationships for the narc supply and control. His kink is less, vagina and more so, power. With his mommy issues I don't see him knowing his way around a snatch anyway kek. I bet he fantasizes about ladyboys. Just a thought.

No. 516734

$3,000 a month is pretty high for a CPA per month

No. 516741

No that’s about normal. Depending how fcked up his paper work is. It’s Standard. My partner is a CMA accountant and In school for his MBA. We personally pay our accountant around that amount for basic business taxes and that’s with almost all the filing and paper work already completed. I can’t imagine how messy and unorganized Grease’s are

No. 516742


>It's not everybody that can have babies while being a middle aged ana-chan

Fucking kek. You’d think that this 50 year old oil goblin would have better things to do than post on an imageboard and make videos about an autistic space prince. Being an “oil wife” and Laundromat being married to the greaselord must make her feel like they’re kindred spirits.

No. 516753

He should just get a ladyboy tbh

No. 516754

wtf anon

No. 516756

this comment is absolutely horrifying. i really hope this is just some bullshit sperg and not actually true. he really is a fuck.

No. 516759

File: 1525908121941.png (677.54 KB, 1440x810, Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 6.30…)

Here's a transcript of his whiny new video.

>I Want To Be Understood


>Hey you guys. So recently I tweeted something that was very, uh, conflict-y. A lot of people probably maybe got a little unhappy about it and I just wanted to kinda explain it because Lainey came to me upset about the tweet.

>First off, I, I meant the tweet, okay? What I said was very very real, very very raw. I’m the type of person who is, um, uh, very fickle or something like that when it comes to the struggles of life and what I’m willing to endure. Um, but before we continue, I just want to say to anybody who’s not looking to get bummed out or anything, please don’t watch this video. It might be uplifting at the end so you could skip to the end, but right now we’re just gonna cover stuff that’s like really, it’s a sore spot for me, and I just, I want to be positive, but I also want to be real and honest with you guys, etc.

>Um, I’m a real sensitive guy, believe it or not, with uh, right and wrong, um, and some of you can roll your eyes because you think you know me etc. but let me put it to you this way. Uh, when it comes to money and when it comes to how people treat each other, uh, etc., it in my opinion needs to be fair, like, uh, back when I was in the military, back when I first had a major episode, people were being very unfair to me and what I mean, uh, what I mean by this is like, I was given an order, I followed that order because it was a very high-ranking individual and uh, the other people in the military didn’t respect that order, like they didn’t respect the highest-ranking person giving that order. They instead said that I should follow the orders of lower-ranking people, and I was like, ‘Dude, that’s not how it works, you follow the highest-ranking person until you hear otherwise, uh, because that’s the person who gave you the order.’ So I was gonna get, uh, in trouble, uh, my first write-up ever in the military was gonna happen because I followed the highest-ranking person instead of senior Airman, and so that was one of my major episodes that I went through.

>Uh, I also endured another episode because I had been working hard to make it by and a senior master sergeant said that I was ‘oozing of dirtbag,’ and I don’t know why he said that, because I didn’t say anything to him. Like I was just turning in my uh, my weapon at the time and he was like, “You just seem like you’re just trying to make it by and get out when you can, you’re oozing of dirtbag,” and I was already pretty unhappy because the job was not, it’s not optimal for a person’s happiness in general. They treat you like, you know, a number, which you are in the military, um, specifically when you’re a cop or a guard or whatever, when you’re a grunt like I was, so I had a major episode then too, you know, when I felt like people were being unfair, you know, I’m the kid that has to have everything make sense and everything has to be right, you know, uh, like, like the truth must be known and people need to follow the truth and respect the truth, uh, everyone has to be honest all the time and everybody has to do things the way you know, uh, you would want to treat others etc. like if you, if you would want somebody, you know, spilling the beans about you over everything that happens behind the scenes then you, uh, gotta do that to others etc., like everybody just has to be open and honest otherwise, rawr, right?

>We can’t help the way we’re programmed, okay? I’m a human being, you’re a homo-uh, you’re a hominis, you’re a human being as well, okay? So if you’re into, you know, Pokémon and I’m into Digimon, you know, we shouldn’t be mad at each other because we’re into different things, right? ‘Cause neither, you know, hurts anyone, it’s just different things that we’re into. Same goes with flaws that don’t hurt anyone or anything like that. When you want the world to be, you know, justice and honest etc., another person just wants to relax and have everyone love each other, those are two, I think, respectable things, but if you’re just uh… it’s really really difficult living in a world that even the justice system isn’t just. It’s really difficult living in a world where you aspire for that justice, you aspire for honesty and truth etc. and you find people regularly eating each other like we’re all just a bunch of sharks and fish in the water, okay?

>So today I had an episode because I realized—and again, don’t watch this if you don’t wanna hear about my woes, ‘cause I realize a lot of people have problems in the world, a lot of people struggle, uh, like for instance, some people [CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE] don’t even have food on their table. That’s a big deal if you need food, which people typically do. We all have different levels of problems and what’s tragic is we get comfortable with a certain type of lifestyle, like [CUT TO COLOR] for instance me having camera equipment. I get used to that because I’m a YouTuber and I need camera equipment to do what I’m doing. Maybe one day I won’t be able to afford camera equipment or maybe I can afford major motion picture film equipment, I don’t know, but the point is, is that when you build something, you like seeing that thing survive and, and thrive etc. Sometimes that stuff gets burned down and that’s fine, it’s, it’s all about like, accepting these things, you know, and what’s fortunate for a lot of people is it happens all at once, like for instance, you go to a job and you get that job, and you’re there for ten years etc. and then one day you just get fired, and then you mourn for like a week, and then you can move on and get a new job.


>But when it comes to things like dealing with the government and taxes and so forth, where nobody educated you on how to do them, uh, the government didn’t even educate you want how to properly pay the government or whatever, like what I mean by this is they don’t tell you that where you can only deduct 1/30th of something—yes, that’s right, 1/30th of something—you’re only allowed to deduct over thirty years, you know, like, it’s, it’s, it’s this whole system where like, they say, “Yeah, you can deduct this, this, this and this, that’s fine, unless it’s of a certain amount and then you can only deduct 1/30th…


>“…so because we didn’t tell you this, go spend your money on other business things and then we’ll try to bill you, but you won’t have that money ‘cause you already spent it on other business things etc.” That doesn’t seem just to me, okay? So then I go and I hire a CPA—a certified public accountant—to take care of this because again, TurboTax, you know, it’s, uh, as the government says, is only meant for, uh, experts.


>They, that’s what they told me. So then I go to a CPA and the CPA starts billing me $3,000 a month, okay? Well when you’re only making a little bit more than that, you are now paying part of your check to the government still, uh, for future taxes and the other chunk is going to the CPA, so you’re now working for free and you’re sitting here going, ‘Oh my god,’ and people say get a job, but if you get a job you’re gonna get paid less, so now you can’t even afford the CPA, and so then the IRS can just eat you up entirely, so you’re not, you’re between a rock, a hard place, and another rock, and then another rock. There’s just rocks everywhere in hard places, you see what I mean? Like people who try to say, “You know, you’re this, this or this,” in, in a negative way, I feel like, strongly believe, they haven’t properly looked at this situation.

>Um, I, I don’t know how this is all gonna turn out, I really don’t, I don’t, I don’t know how this all works, which is why I have a CPA in the first place uh, to figure this all out for me, but when it’s all said and done I feel like I just spent a bunch of money trying to further my, my, my love, my passion, only to wind up, uh, losing everything that I spent that money on in addition to additional money, like the 20% fee for uh, misfiling and all these other things, and so when you’re looking at all this stuff of like, and the government looks at you and says, “Oh, you’re making 1/10th what you used to, but we’re still gonna pursue you for these, these funds,” and uh, for instance, let’s say you own a house and uh, that house is worth X amount of dollars, um, and they say, “Well since you own that house you, you still have to pay us this,” and you’re like, “So you want me to like, not be able to afford my house anymore, so I have to sell it?” And that’s my situation, you know, you just watched so many things grow and it’s beautiful, and then because you weren’t, nobody told you, you didn’t have a father figure growing up or anything. I was raised by just my mom and my mom never told me about any of this. Uh, I was never educated about any of this. All I knew was, “Make sure you can explain what you’re doing to the the government, okay?” Like, so this has to be strictly this, this has to be strictly this, and what’s funny is almost everyone I’ve talked to is, is suggesting doing things that aren’t honest, and I was like, again with the honesty. In this situation, I cannot do anything but be honest because that’s who I am, okay? And apparently the way you survive in this world is lie, like you, you cut corners and you trick people and you do what you can do to get away with it but that’s not how I want to live, okay? So when people tell me to cut corners to get out of, you know, whatever debt I have or whatever, I’m like, “No, I, I want to pay what’s due and I want to move on with my life.” That’s, that’s what I want to do, but I want to make sure that I’m not being ripped off in the process, you know, like I haven’t been told about certain benefits and so forth. I just like playing the game straight. I want to play the game straight, and I have been playing it as straight as I could, only I realize, “Uh-oh, you didn’t know the secret tiny rule here where you can’t do this, this and this, even though you did it honestly and you did it with the rules that you were aware of in play.”

>Anyway so, um, I, uh, got a bill today for the three thousand something dollars today and I was like, well the last month was completely gone and I feel bad for my patrons because that money is, I mean, I guess the money does go to help, you know, me survive, but like it’s literally going to everybody else. That money that I make, uh, it’s going, it’s going everywhere else, so I’m, I’m like… I mean, ugh, anyway, so I wanted to explain that tweet because yeah, it’s, I, I do behind the smile want to not be alive a lot, and the reason I don’t want to be here is ‘cause I feel like I’m just in a world full of people who are not gonna play it fair, who are not going to give people a fair chance, um, like if, if someone doesn’t know how to, like, let’s say you’re in a game of soccer, right, and you’re playing with them and they don’t know that you can’t, uh, kick the ball twice with the same foot, okay? So you let them do that for, you know, multiple games, uh, until the championship game, and then they, they, they use the right foot multiple times kicking the same ball ‘cause they thought that it was for the rules, but then you start taking off points and you’re like nope, you can’t do that, you’re like, “Why didn’t you tell me sooner? Why didn’t you tell me the moment I did something like that, you know, so I would have been playing it straight [CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE] by your rules and, and everything would be fine now? Why did you wait three to four friggin’ games or whatever to the championship game (shortest season ever, I know) [CUT TO COLOR] just to humiliate me and, and make it so I, I can’t go back now, I can’t redo this season, I can’t, I can’t do anything. I’m just screwed, you know. Why did you play me like that?”

>Anyway so that’s how I feel, and when, when I feel horribly wronged, you know, like I can’t help but stoop into this like, huge depression because I feel like everybody played me wrong and it would be fine, again, if it was all in one day and I got a huge bill and I just had to pay that bill, but the way a lot of people handle things is they stretch it out, so since the beginning, early early portion of last year I’ve been dealing with the same stuff, you know, ongoing, and it’s just, it’s wild to me because it’s like, how could you be happy when you have this, this cloud just hanging over you? This ongoing, like, ‘don’t forget to be unhappy,’ you know, this ‘you’re not making any money anymore and you’re just a slave for us,’ like that’s, that’s what slavery is, is, is like working really really hard every single day and you don’t see a dime of it. [CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE] It’s bizarre.

>So I want I want people to learn from me, you know, please learn from me. Don’t become me. [CUT TO COLOR] Make sure that you never use TurboTax ever, okay? You, well, you get a professional to handle things that you weren’t educated on, uh, and if, if TurboTax tells you, “Yes, you’re fine, go and file these,” like it told me every single year, said, “You won’t get audited or anything like that, you’re fine,” don’t listen to it. TurboTax is absolutely the worst, and it’s because they were not honest with me, and they told me that I was golden and I wasn’t, and now I’m paying fees on top of fees on top of fees and I’m paying, uh, all these things that it weren’t even made obvious to me, uh, for what? Because the, the people that are billing me never even told me that these were the rules. So, you know, it’s not as simple as, you know, ‘if it’s a business expense then write it off,’ it’s not that simple. I thought it was. I thought if something was clearly obviously undeniably for business you could write it off. No. That’s not how it is. At all. You, like, how, how is that not it? You’re trying to survive as a business so you spend almost all your money on business, and then later on they say, “Oh, you know those extremely intense expenses? That’s not business, no no no no no, that’s actually 1/30th business for the next thirty years.” Oh, now I get it. Bizarro world is the world we live in. Okay. So now that all these hundreds of thousands of dollars are dumped into this thing I could have only claimed 1/30th of, and, “Oh, by the way we’re gonna charge you an extra 20% just because you employ yourself instead of someone else employing you, take that, small businesses!” Like it’s just so… hopefully by now you can understand my tweet.

>I am a guy who is so eager to not be in this world hiding behind a smile because this is, this is what adulthood does to you. It’s just, you know, they say the world is unfair and it is. [CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE] As I told you guys, I sold both my cars and uh, the house is going too. We now live in a less expensive house, uh, and I love it here. It’s amazing, it’s a wonderful place, um, and [CUT TO COLOR] I, I expect we’ll be able to afford this place after all is said and done, and there are so much positive to all of this uh, but again it’s the principle and I’m a person of principle and I’m just so angry about it. I’ve been, I had this, this impression of the world and I was given this idea about, “You can succeed if you really put your mind to it, if you really work hard you can succeed, until we tax you 50% of your income and don’t even tell you about it until, you know, these late fees come etc. that you were never warned about, no formal education was given to you, provided to you or anything like that.” Instead I learned about social studies, stuff I’ll never use, instead of learning about my own future and how to deal with it. Ugh.

>Okay so the uplifting part. Uh, I am so grateful for you guys, like even though I’m not getting the views I used to, even though I’m making nowhere near the funds I used to, ‘cause thanks to Adpocalypse being ongoing, thousands of my videos are demonetized right now, so again, all the hard places that I’m in, in the middle of, it’s not just one or the other, it’s, I’m surrounded, um, but even though I’m being hit up in so many different ways, uh, this is the path I want to take. I will be long-run making more doing this than I could potentially be doing anything else. Um, if I did get a regular normal job, I would lose even more, um, because I, I work on this so much more and, uh, I get, I get long-term paid more I think with the way things are going with the CPA long-term. Right now the CPA is very expensive, but we’re setting up a structure that helps me, you know, um, survive the future, in, in a much more educated and responsible way, uh, thanks to knowing about these special rules, um, but I just want to thank you guys so much for being supportive, and I want to thank you so much for uh, helping me make it by by simply watching these silly videos I make, um, and being a patron on patreon dot com slash onision, um, and realizing that nobody knows my life better than me. Nobody knows what’s going on better than me, my spouse, the people directly in my life, and so thank you for listening to the experts on this situation, uh, thank you for trusting in me, um, when people say that I am anything less than trustworthy as far as, you know, telling it like it is when you, when I’m faced with the issue. It’s really funny to me because it’s like, you have no idea, you have no idea how stuck on these principles I am about being honest about what goes on. Yeah, I don’t always treat people with kindness. That’s, that’s real. I call people names, I, I uh, I am very judgmental, okay? I have my flaws, right? But I still, I want to do the right thing, you know, like when it comes to the law—I used to be a cop, okay? So when it comes to like, obeying the law, I’m very very good with this. If I know the law, I obey it. The only thing I don’t do is always go with the speed limit, okay? Totally guilty there, uh, and that’s because I go with traffic, like for instance if it’s—you guys know how it goes, everybody’s going 70 in a 60, do you slow down for, for the sake of principle? Probably not because you want to go with the flow of traffic, you don’t want to make anyone’s day worse. You, you go, yeah, anyway. But my point is, is that I’ve always called myself the most honest YouTuber because I know I am, okay? And people try to like, “Oh this is, this doesn’t match up with this, this and this,” but if they just had a conversation with me they would see how it all connects. They really would. Like, people have had conversations with me, okay? Plenty of times, and it connects and the reason it connects is because that’s kinda how it works when you’re always sticking to one fundamental policy and that is ‘tell it like it is or don’t tell it at all.’

>Anyway, um, on another note, I’m sorry that my haircut has scared a lot of people. I didn’t mean to scare you guys, I just wanted to change, so, uh, I apologize for the length of this video. I just had a lot to talk about and I’m sorry that I’m struggling with sadness, I really am. I don’t want to be sad, I don’t want to be this way, but it’s not a choice, you know, there was a time when somebody, uh, pointed out that I wasn’t diagnosed with chronic depression, I was diagnosed with major depression, which is actually worse than chronic depression but they didn’t point that out. Um, I, I was told I was diagnosed with chronic but if you want to say I’m diagnosed with major that’s fine, it’s very similar, um, but again I don’t want to be sad, I don’t want to be this way, it’s just how I am and I used to laugh when people said depression isn’t something that you can ever cure and then here I am almost ten years later still just struggling, you know, so [CUT TO BLACK AND WHITE] this is the reality of depression. You are so lost in a state of darkness that you can’t even function anymore. It is an all-encompassing anti-evolutionary disease of the mind, okay? [CUT TO COLOR] Like it doesn’t make any sense why you would want to end it. It doesn’t. That doesn’t follow evolution at all. If evolution was in effect for all people at the most optimal levels, nobody would ever get depressed because it’s self-terminating, you know, it’s an endgame. It, it prevents your seed from being spread, it prevents the forwarding of the human species etc. so it is, it’s a disability without any doubt, and I’m sorry that I have that disability. I’m sorry that I bona fide was diagnosed with it. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish my military term. I only was in three and a half years, uh, in a big way because of it, you know, I, I’m sorry I’m not as efficient of a human being as the majority of people. I don’t know how else to address it, so I will try to be more positive in future videos. Um, and to everyone else out there struggling, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It’s hard, um, and it doesn’t always have to make sense and you don’t always have to be justified or anything like that, like you could, you could get depressed and want to end it all over your ice cream melting, you know, it’s just, it’s beyond your control. There’s not much to say about it. I’m just sorry, sorry for all of us all, alright. Thank you so much for watching. Squeeze. [tearful sniffle]

No. 516763

Also, he says "etc." 13 times, "mkay" 19 times, and "you know" 39 times throughout this video.

No. 516765

God bless you, anon.

No. 516766

Newfriend it's not samefagging when you're just replying to someone or adding something to your own post. Samefagging is when you pretend to be other posters. You don't need to announce it's you every time, we get it from context.

No. 516767

anon no, that's pretty typical behavior.

No. 516769


All that shunning of education sure that given an expansive vocabulary.

No. 516771

Yes, it is. because these boards are swarming with new people and it's starting to get annoying. Wont continue this further, just google it, it's not what the term means.

No. 516774

The soccer metaphor was hilarious. First off, what? Maybe don't talk about sports you don't understand.

Second, he's mad because they didn't catch him earlier. Imagine a murderer or a rapist being mad that he hadn't been caught for years and is finally being held acountable for those past crimes. "But you let me do it without saying anything and NOW I have to pay for all those crimes you let me get away with? Unfair!"
Maybe a dramatic metaphor, but
the world doesn't revolve around Shregg and the IRS can't babysit you just because you're ignorant or thought you could get away with it. You fucked up, you got caught, quit whining.

No. 516776

>I work for free
>I am so depressed
>What’s the point?

Truly hard to take his little suicidal stunts seriously when he lies about everything else while boasting about how honest he is.

No. 516777

Can you people STFU??
Literally NO ONE CARES.
But he’s so depressed anon.
Let him make fun of others so he can cure his depression. It’s the only way.
I imagine he needs a lot of help. He even mentions that everyone has been telling him to lie his way out of this. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re telling him he needs to think hard or embellish a little on some of the stupid expenses he wrote off.
Good lord, you’re a sadist, but thank you anon. Just listening to it was terrible. Transcribing had to be a nightmare.

No. 516778

Doing god’s work, anon. How did you not want to punch yourself in the face repeatedly after sitting through that?

No. 516780

File: 1525911345243.jpg (47.91 KB, 640x360, olgreg.jpg)

every time i see someone call him Olgreg this is what i think of. they are equally as creepy.

No. 516782

Replete with downstairs mix-up

No. 516790

So Grugly is begrudgingly telling us that he feels like a dumbass sometimes and that he oozes dirtbag? Good to know. I can’t image that phrase turning up with more frequency, good call, Gretchen.

Or should I say oozy dirtbag? Yeah. I think I meant oozing dirtbag.

No. 516798

Oh my god what a whining faggot. No, you’re not taught taxes 101, but what on earth is this loser meeping about ‘used to be a cop’, no you weren’t, you liar, you were a security forces officer, MAYBE, who the fuck even knows what you did but protip LGH, it was a decade ago and no one gives a shit. Go back to being irrelevant and using your wife’s channel as income. Loser.

No. 516801

It’s probably very unlikely, but I wonder if he could get in legal trouble for having real guns in his videos, since he’s that stupid. Even those hood as fuck rap videos need to have confirmed fake guns in them before they can be published… and I doubt Onion uses fakes cause he’s 3edgy5u.

Anyone still have the pic of him in his garage pointing his AR-15 at the camera and challenging the haturz?

No. 516803

Again, thank you for your suffering to bring us that anon.

So much bullshit.. whining that school never taught him about taxes. Well Greggy, here’s something for you: tax laws change all the time. Sometimes from year to year. That’s why so many people use CPAs for anything beyond basic taxes. And a lot still go to a tax prep service like H&R Block.
It is for both good and bad. Something that you could claim last year is now not allowable and things that were not allowable claims are ok.

Also, I’ve noticed, narcs tend to use the term “unfair” a lot. But they tend to mean “not Favorable to me”. Trump does that all the time. No concept that something may be perfectly fair that isn’t all that great for you.

No. 516809

This anon( >>516766 ) is correct. What you're thinking is double posting.

Also, to the rest of thread, don't bring up "oil wife"(?) again, no one cares.

(Late edit) Disclaimer: mini-modding is still against the rules.

No. 516813

"If you had caught me earlier I wouldn't have killed all these people, its your fault I'm a murderer!"

Maybe if he had some REAL friends on youtube he probably would have found that most of them probably have CPAs doing their taxes. The fact that he has no friends is really stunting him because he has no outside perspectives. He only surrounds himself with people who enable or agree with him.

No. 516823

He also made the slavery comparison when he had to pay alimony to Skye…

No. 516824

LGH seems so triggered in his response video. i can not wait for all the fighting and passive videos to come about their relationship. im not expecting divorcegate but he is not happy.

No. 516827

Guess what, Shreg? Most Americans went to government-funded (i.e. public) schools, and the majority of us either figured out how taxes work on our own, or we pay someone else to do it for us. Most Americans don't fuck themselves over on their taxes, and most of us don't make endless YouTube videos and tweets crying about how life is so unfair, we just fucking pay what we owe and get on with our lives.

And FYI, the 20% or whatever imposed on self-employed people isn't a punishment for owning your own business. People with real jobs have that money withheld before they even get their paychecks. They never see that money. It's assumed that if you own your own business, you're smart enough to know you're supposed to be withholding this money yourself for Social Security, state taxes, and so on. But you're an entitled little baby who doesn't understand how to be an adult because no one spoonfed this shit to you when you were younger, and now you're bitter at everyone else for it, even though the rest of us somehow managed to figure this stuff out on our own.

Sorry you're so stupid, but it's your fault. No one else's.

No. 516828

Lol notice his gifs and memes only have pics of him with hair.
He KNOWS he looks like shrek

No. 516832

It sounds to me like the CPA isn't actually charging him $3,000 per month for his services, he's having Shreg fork over that amount to cover what he should be withholding on his own (and should have been all along), plus maybe a portion to go toward back taxes to make repayment more manageable. Plus a fee for all the handholding.

No. 516834

He was stationed in South Korea so who says he didn't already, lol.

No. 516844

Has a cry about a sergeant calling him a dirtbag and cries about various things that happened during his time in the airforce but then bitched that Sam didn't have what it takes because she cried once over a chat talking about her bad home life.

Okay then.

He's such a pussy.

No. 516849


Does this idiot not realise the military training is designed to break you down as a person and rebuild you? The sergeant was either just doing their job, or if they really meant it, it's because they could see that he wasn't cut out for it, and resented Shreg for wasting his fucking time.

No. 516853

He's so entitled about not being educated on taxes. There are people who's parents abuse them and teach them fuck all, yet they get jobs, move out, save and get an education. They teach themselves about taxes and healthcare ect. For fuck's sake, I recently watched a story about a girl who's parent's were orthdox jews and forced her into an arranged marriage at 19. Her husband would beat the life out of her daily and she had noone to turn to. She saved over 40,000 in cash in a fucking cereal box, until she could leave him and completed her university studies ALL BY HERSELF. Yet this cunt cries because noone taught him about taxes and he might have to get a real job that doesn't include him being infront of a camera and posting unfunny ugly videos and selfies to children.

Fuck you Greg! Entitled fucking shrek looking midget.

No. 516854

Not gonna lie, I would rather live with Ol gregg in a wet cave drinking nothing but baileys than be near Greg for more than 2 minutes.
Ol gregg is just lonely, at least he'd love you. Plus he's kind of talented, with his watercolours and such. Imagine having to put up with the other Greg just talking about himself 24/7.

I can see how you draw similarities though. They are both desperate and both live in a swamp like home kek

No. 516856

i couldnt even read all this. hes so fucking annoying.

transcript anon deserves a drink

No. 516859

I didn't realize his "chronic/major depression" would resolve itself in less than a day.
Oh well, I still had fun making this.

No. 516868

Fucking gold anon

No. 516873

This was funny af and it really hilights his fake crying in videos. He's SUCH a fake crier!

No. 516884

Right? He’s not even remotely convincing. The chest clutching is peak cringe. This video is fucking golden.

No. 516890

That fake shmaltzy crying.
That giant forhead conpared to his tiny hands.
Even when he "tries to cry" his head is tilted/cocked to one side, so he's staring with one eye side.
Like, cocking his eye so one is staring at you, and the other eye is busy slipping down the face.
Thats his power move, kek
Kudos anon, that's clips from vastly different time eras, that tooka while.

Just like transcript anon here >>516759 jesus, you both deserve a high five and a seven and seven.

No. 516897

My sides. My mangina.

No. 516914

>uh, for instance, let’s say you own a house and uh, that house is worth X amount of dollars, um, and they say, “Well since you own that house you, you still have to pay us this,” and you’re like, “So you want me to like, not be able to afford my house anymore, so I have to sell it?”
So he downgraded his family to this shitty life so he can look poorer on paper and try to get out of paying back his debt. I knew he had some tax-related motive.

No. 516917

Idk how Lame can put up with Gurg's insistence that all men think about and are driven by is their need to "spread their seed". He's still going to be going on about this when he's 90.

No. 516918

Yeah it's such a cheaters thing to say. Just like neckbeards with ehebeophilic/pedophilic tendencies that argue shit like 'I am drawn to young pussy because it's more fertile and I'm just following my natural male programming! Wahhh!!!'

No. 516919

It's also because apart from money,the only other thing Greg cares about is sex. He literally doesn't give a shit whether the person he dates has any talents or passions. Only if they are fuckable or can carry his children or further his career and make him more money. For someone who claims to be a feminist and tries to white Knight women, he is the most chauvinistic pig around.

No. 516920

Funny you noticed that anon, because that sounds like what he described Billie as doing when she apparently 'lies'

Can't remember the video but he said something about her eyes moving in the directions you mentioned.

No. 516924

God his speech pattern is so annoying
> Hi guys. So recently I had this um.. situation and I had to go to the bathroom…you know the place where you.. The toilet, mkay? So I had to go there and it wasn't good… It was pretty bad actually. See the thing is Im the kind of person who has a really sensible anus area. like very sensible, mkay?. I had burrito that night and there was no warning on how spicy it was on the packaging.And I know how to read because I'm the former cop,mkay? So let me ask you this: if that oven made a video…

No. 516925

This was perfect anon, I liked the ordering. That clip of him exposed to the max with the black hair is fucking hilarious. He looks like a biological gay

No. 516927

He kinda reminds me of Trump when he speaks

No. 516929


this was fantastic, thank you so much, anon.
bless up.

No. 516930


Onion has legit used this exact logic for being attracted to "underdeveloped girls". And yet, you'd think Mr. Fax Machine would know that it's not 16-20 year olds that are in prime fertility/child rearing age (biologically, not socially), is actually mid-20's.

But that's a fact he won't look up. Doesn't want to destroy his narrative afterall.

No. 516933

File: 1525957901744.jpg (150.83 KB, 930x766, Lopsided Picasso face.jpg)

> his head is tilted/cocked to one side, so he's staring with one eye side.
Like, cocking his eye so one is staring at you, and the other eye is busy slipping down the face.
Thats his power move, kek

Like, that's the head movement when he's trying to drive a point home, or trying to potray a dominant move.

He always says "Okay?" When he moves his face to the side, bringing one droopy eye to the main focus, he's all sideways like a Piccaso painting.

Or a Flatfish. A flounder. One of those fish that lays flat sideways in the ocean so much, that the body physically morphs so that one eye travels from one side of the face, to the other side of the face. Thats what I thinkbof everytime he cocks his face.

Billie was probably just unconsciously mimicking his actions, and Greg was probably projecting his lying tendencies onto her, since he was scared of losing her (angry that she was independent).

No. 516951


A+, anon, A fucking plus. He is so cringe lol.

No. 516975

File: 1525970615204.jpg (43.88 KB, 800x450, did-you-think-t5qb1f.jpg)

…and he sure does remind me of Hedwig in this video. Or more so, reminds me of a 9yo boy.

I love how he thinks that major depression must be "worse" than being chronically depressed. You could at least(!) know the difference between the diagnose of acute or chronic depression.. for him talking about the topic so frequent and loosely.

Well, i guess it all ties to him taking words literally. "Major" just sounds more debilitating to him, for sounding more serious than chronic… (?)
He does that not only when it is convenient for him. He is just uneducated. Which isn't bad or fully his fault but this just reminds and shows, how deep the narc is rooting in him.

Oh! And his new haircut really suits him, I must say. Looking like the ignorant tool bag he is.

No. 516993

He’s getting screwed by the algorithm probably from YouTube themselves. Honestly, remember back when shit hit the fan in YouTube and it was leaked that they wanted to get rid of LGH along with some other YouTubers? I don’t think it’s a coincidence he started doing even worse on YouTube than he had before. Especially when it comes to monetization. Literally every video he makes gets demonetized or limited and he NEVER gets an appeal like other YouTubers do. And I don’t fucking blame them. He’s lucky they haven’t deleted his channels already. After all the sperging he does about them I would have. So, maybe they checked a little box that moves LGH further and further to the dump of YouTube.

No. 516994


I don't recall seeing any real confirmation that YouTube was targeting him, or even knew who he was aside from Grug's own sperging.

No. 516999

File: 1525977187662.png (386.55 KB, 688x437, 5455.PNG)

Just something stupid I noticed.
His smile slowly fades as he sees how Maddi is smashing the keys on his computers keyboard.

Ill bet you dollars to donuts that he screamed at Lainey for allowing Maddi to treat his electronics so badly and possibly ruin his keyboard by smashing it like that.

Only Ogreg is allowed to destroy his (and Laineys, and his childrens) possessions.

No. 517000

Youtube doesnt give a fuck about him lmao sit the fuck down. His channel is dying because of his own lack of intelligence, and the way he shits on his own backers.

No. 517005

Don’t be a whore. And YouTube doesn’t give a fuck about him? Right, he was only just one of the first big YouTubers there was. And he’s only contacted them multiple times. And they just happen to MANUALLY demonetize all of his videos. You do know how YouTube works, correct? When you submit an appeal for a video that was demonetized or removed, they manually review it and decide whether or not they want to monetize it or put it back on YouTube. Are you that stupid? So yes, they do give a shit in the sense that they are manually declining his videos, but no they don’t give a shit about him because he’s a cunt and that’s why they are helping his channel fail.

No. 517006

The info was leaked by a different YouTuber. LGH didn’t leak it, he just saw it because his “fans” were tagging him in it, so he reacted to it.

No. 517007

Shreg, please remove yourself from the premises

No. 517008

This anon thought that the "leaked" email about youtube targeting certain creators, was proved to be a forgery, a lie, an attempt to rile up people in an effort to create Drama, and thereby, views and clicks.

No. 517009


How was this information leaked? Is there proof this other YouTuber didn't make it up?

No. 517010


So where is it? Let me guess, you can't remember which youtuber and the video was already deleted

No. 517011

I was just thinking how that was some Greg tier autism.

No. 517012

File: 1525979183083.jpg (399.46 KB, 966x1076, Screenshot_20180402-230119.jpg)


Shreg, we can always tell when you freak out on the boards. You have an aggressive style that does not respond positively to criticisms. Upon which, you insult and bash people because you equate name calling to "winning" an "argument".

All you do is reinforce the fact that you are the sad lonely angry school shooter type. Get Bent.

No. 517014

No denying its OlGregg level stupid to think it’s because he’s “one of the first big YouTubers” but I would believe that if there is a team that filters these they’d have reason to hate him. Not for his content per say but, you know when you work in a team and you have that one shitty customer who’s always calling an emailing in and general is just a bit of a dick. So you go out your way to flag their account (i.e credit fisher, rude to staff please review calls for member behaviour etc). I could easily see the team getting real tired of Greg’s shit and leaving his settings to fuck him off.

No. 517015

>Don’t be a whore.
>Are you that stupid?
kek, only Gronk would be this much of a lil bitch and get this mad, Hi onion-boi.

No. 517017

Logically, even if Youtube wanted him gone and hated him, why would they care about his whining about it? They want him gone, he can kick up a storm if he wants but if they want him out they aren't going to suddenly change their mind because he's throwing a temper tantrum? In fact, it would give them more evidence that they're making the right decision.

I'm not sure what his endgame is here, but he certainly hasn't thought it through.

No. 517019

Hey ShreggMan, glad to know you still lurk here.
Have a question for ya, if you don't like the way YouTube treats you, why don't you get an actual job or even a part-time job on the side? YouTube doesn't need you, in fact, it wants to distance it's self from you as much as possible.
You're a tumour Greg, the big smelly tumour of YouTube and there are more people on this planet that hate your guts then blindly follow you.
Like you said, your a stupid, dumb, pathetic fool in a world full of bloodthirsty sharks. And guess what, it's shark week.

No. 517020

Most anyone who thinks that was Greg needs to get a reality check. It's clearly just a trolling lolcow.

No. 517022

inb4 tons of newfags accuse you of being greg for saying 'most anyone'

No. 517024

lol I feel they deliberately phrased their post in a way to make people think they're greg

No. 517025

Yep, as retarded as Greg is he wouldn't be that retarded. It's a terrible trolling attempt.

No. 517026

Greg is irrelevant. He is a cult figure to some and his notoriety comes from his terrible relationships. He was not one of the first big youtubers. He only got invited to Vidcon on the back of Shane Dawson.

If youtube is managed at all like a call centre I'm sure there are low tier employees who can fuck around at the expense of someone they hatewatch.

No. 517028

It's quite obviously just a discordfag trying to emulate their gross middle aged onion master and only succeeding in making him look even more retarded. or ya know, it's really gronk, the dude is not at all able to mask when his bitch ass gets pissed.

No. 517033

"And YouTube doesn’t give a fuck about him? Right, he was only just one of the first big YouTubers there was."

Don't flatter yourself Shreg, there were plenty of youtubers who made it big before you, you were not on of the first, you didn't get big until Shane Dawson gave you a pretty sizeable boost in viewers by association.

No. 517040

Where did you get this anon??

No. 517041


Greg forgot to add in how he stripped down in front of a Chief Master Sergeant and reeeeeeed about how he is not a robot.

Also how he made a fake DD 214 with an honorable discharge. I could probably list off some UCMJ violations he's committed. He should have gotten dishonorable but who am I?

No. 517042


You weren't in the top 20, ever. I linked that because it goes back to Feb 2010 when "I'm a Banana" was at it's peak as far as searches.

No. 517044

>they say, “Well since you own that house you, you still have to pay us this,” and you’re like, “So you want me to like, not be able to afford my house anymore, so I have to sell it?”

Christ on a cracker, I missed that bit, he is the dumbest person alive.
You owe the government almost a half a million dollars in back taxes, they don't want you to "not be able to afford" your mansion, they want what's rightfully owed to them.
Did you think they'd just take your word that you're "poor"? Of fucking course they'll look at your assets you moron.
If you can't afford your house, that's on you. He cheated the government out of money and he thinks he's the victim.
Just like every situation where he's made horrible decisions (youtube, the debacle with Sh's manager, I could go on forever) he always insists he's being unfairly persecuted. Bizarre.

No. 517047

File: 1525987015968.png (1.24 MB, 1440x787, subtle jabs.png)

In his latest MDLG video (he just can't get enough of kink-shaming his audience, I guess) he couldn't resist sneaking in a little passive-aggressive jab at Lainey.

Because the only thing better than shaming your audience is publicly shaming your wife.

No. 517049

File: 1525987699404.png (361.61 KB, 1440x2217, Anatomy.png)

Imagine that, Shregg doesn't know anything about anatomy and physiology! You'd think he'd be an expert after all his experience with Google.
The thought that anyone would ask him for help with anything, especially something like this is amusing as fuck.

No. 517051

The stick-on moustache is so cringy and unfunny. It was never funny in the first place, but the whole novelty moustache lolz so randum XD thing is so outdated.

No. 517052

Kek I just noticed that after all the hoopla about his YouTube sponsorship program, Shregg has already given up on it, probably due to lack of any interest.

He's quit linking to it in his video descriptions and only has his Patreon listed now.

No. 517053

What I want to know is how he gets it to stick to his greasy, foundation-caked face. Must be some sort of industrial strength epoxy.

No. 517055

I've never really understood why he wears masks, stupid wigs, shitty makeup or moustaches when he is self conscious.. surely that is more embarrassing and ridiculous looking like that, than how he looks anyway. Stupid.

No. 517061

File: 1525990456757.jpg (46.53 KB, 470x313, IMG_3372.JPG)

I can't breathe. Spot on anon!

No. 517063

File: 1525991151290.png (2.38 MB, 1827x1216, GrugFish.png)

Couldn't resist

No. 517067

It's probably super hard to watch himself spew his bullshit as he edits so the outfits makes it easier to swallow. Like when you put a lil sugar on your tongue after you take medicine.

No. 517069


I think it's so when someone inevitably calls him out on his shit content, he can say, "No, see the moustache, this is just a character, I'm totally different in real life!"

Similarly, when someone makes fun of his appearance, he can tell himself they're just making fun of his character, not him.

His ego is fragile like an overfilled balloon.

No. 517070

>You'd think he'd be an expert after all his experience with Google.

Or sticking a tampon up his ass.

No. 517071

That's also a good point. Why are unattractive and untalented people narcs anyway? Shouldn't there be something of substance behind their mindset?

No. 517077

File: 1525993853654.png (112.28 KB, 592x273, Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 7.06…)

Grub, people who have to constantly insist they're honest are usually the biggest liars.

Didn't you even say that yourself at some point?

No. 517079

Oh yeah.

No. 517087

File: 1525995121645.png (506.09 KB, 1440x1084, exciting content.png)

Let me guess..
>Eating cereal and shitting on patron gifts

No. 517095

Alarming, he's losing it can't differentiate himself from his characters.

No. 517097

He often tries to make his voice sound deeper, that post just sounds like he's trying to defend himself after being called out on it

No. 517098

They're not even really called that anymore, it's MDD (major depressive disorder) and PDD (persistent depressive disorder) or Dysthymia. People like Gurg consider PDD not as serious as MDD but it's equally as debilitating and definitely not something he's even close to suffering from. He's just turning up the pity dial so that his deluded patrons will shill out more money. I doubt his narc brain is capable of actual real human emotions. He's only sad because he's not as rich as he used to be.

No. 517102

deflection from his shitty personality

No. 517106

Thank You!

This is exactly what my brain sees every time Shregg turns his head and stares at his little camera.

Like, his normal face is all wonky because of that noggin and teeth and eyes that run away from that falling brow, so the only way to gain any normalcy of the mess is to turn his head.

Like the flatfish, kek kek lol

No. 517118

IMO he changes his tone of voice depending on the topic. When he's trying to gain sympathy and make people feel bad for him, and in the videos that are aimed at his younger fans… his voice is MUCH higher in pitch. Then when he's trying to act tough and serious, he drops his voice down lower. It's fucking hilarious/creepy.

No. 517142

File: 1526005459927.png (1.64 MB, 1435x2178, another day another wig.png)

So he just released a spoopy ghost video, no doubt trying to nab some of Shane's audience (I'm sure he'd be triggered by the fact that Shane's video was recommended after him sperging about the autoplay feature stealing his audience.)

The problem here is that this was painfully unfunny.
>Starts out with a "What are THOSE" joke, I shit you not.
>Does a whole scene in exaggerated Mexican accent, using "Ese" liberally
>Makes the tired joke "Why's he gotta be black tho?" and says Casper wasn't scary cause he was white.
>Calls a guy fat and talks about him wanting to grab "ghost boobs"
>Does all this in wig because he's embarrassed about his fugly hair

He really should watch Shane's latest series with his advice for struggling channels. Shregg keeps sharting out these terrible, half-assed videos instead of making 1-2 thoughtful, well scripted videos with substance.
Especially since I've noticed that every time Shregg uploads this crap, he loses 200-300 subs. Literally the days he does the best are the ones he doesn't actually upload. But he thinks he knows best, so he'll no doubt continue running his channel into the ground screeching about how unfair it is.

For the masochists, here ya go. https://hooktube.com/w3TccW6DuV8

Hope you don't die of 2nd hand embarrassment and haunt us.

No. 517161

Why is he dressing up as a lawyer?

No. 517195

File: 1526013168779.png (143.38 KB, 1440x870, swamp milk.png)

Oh the humanity! Think of all the poor children deprived of watching Shregg puke milk all over himself. Such a travesty.
I'm surprised he can afford to buy puking milk when the IRS is bleeding him dry. Life is hard at the Swamp Trailer.

No. 517208

He thinks suits make him look hot even though he has ugly dated ill fitting ones, and the wig is to hide his shrek haircut.

It's funny because he misquoted the what are those quote and some kids in the comments are correcting him haha

He's so behind with memes and vines holy shit

No. 517209

It relates to how LGH's NPD manifests. Remember that, for all his bluster, LGH's heart of hearts is filled with shame and self-loathing, hyper-aware of the deficiencies we love to mock him for being apparently delusionally ignorant of.

But NPD is not a disordered blindness to these deficiencies. It is rather a disordered defense mechanism against the insurmountable pain of consciously acknowledging said deficiencies.

The moustache is a sign that LGH's NPD is flaring up in that instance. The more he can dissociate from himself, the more effectively he can continue lying to himself that he is not the broken person he truly is. The physical 'disguise' (fake moustache, ski mask, slipping into "Onision" instead of "Gregory Avaroe") is the outward manifestation of this inward retreat from the true self. It's textbook Golden Child NPD behaviour, if you're into that sort of thing.(don't armchair)

No. 517214

PS to spell it out:
>LGH watches Complainey's 10 things video
>LGH experiences a humiliation that cuts through his carefully erected facade, and which he knows is being broadcast live to the very audience he's trying to sell said facade to
>severe narcissistic injury occurs
>several reactions are expected at this point from severe NPD sufferers:
>1. Victimization phase: go full woe-is-me mode to turn the ridicule into sympathy (the very thing lainey mocked him for doing, and which he immediately actually did do)
>2. Narc rage as response to narc injury: This is surely happening right now but just as surely is taking place VERY DELIBERATELY behind the scenes, off camera, his rage must have an external outlet but even he knows how damaging it would be to have that exposed/televised rn
>3. Retreat deeper into the false self, to escape the awful reminder of reality that was complainey's video. For some narcs this is through drugs, for others sex, for LGH sex and fame would be these but as he can no longer get these on top he turns to physical disguises which are his latter resorts

No. 517226

What utter shite.

Message to laineys gay husband since we know he lurks. You will never, ever be Shane Dawson nor ever have his success.

You're getting uglier and poorer and older.

You're done grease. Hahaha

No. 517256

No. 517273

wasn't Lainey supposed to go spend a week in NM with her parents so they could see the kids? Has she mentioned anything else about that?

No. 517275


Lol wtf? Why was this posted?

No. 517278

It wasn't funny in 2008, but it was the shock factor he was after and he got it at the time but after doing it in basically every video since no 13 year old fucking cares anymore

Of course Youtube doesn't want little kids to watch someone puke, you're fucking filming bodily functions. Try pissing, ejaculating and shitting on youtube gorg. See where that gets you.

No. 517284

File: 1526049461033.jpg (230.01 KB, 595x1819, Hemoraging subscribers.jpg)


All your content is shit
All your petulant whining is anoying
All your subscribers are growing up and maturing

A 32 year old man is your direct peer Shreggley. Go make friends with those "middle aged people".

Stop trying to get fresh new 15 year olds to contact you.

Your asinine childish humor and mocking is not cute or funny or intriguing.

You might as well make another video of you in a diaper shreiking about your poop. There would be no tangable difference from that, or any other video you've made to a shreiking monkey that flings it's poo at the zoo.

Even Taylor made a better video than you. She roasted you into silence and tears.

You have been weighed
You have been measured
And you have been found wanting

No. 517309

I thought this was the Raven thread for a sec… wtf he looks like josh LOL

No. 517332

Lol Greg looks like Titanic Sinclair

No. 517334

>>517256 Kanadajin, is that you?

No. 517336

Can you stop with that annoying COW IS THAT YOU bullshit? Really fucking annoying.(calm down)

No. 517339

Cyr looks more like Titanic in my opinion. Titanic has a little rat face with big eyes, Greg has small piggy eyes with a meaty toddler caveman head. I don't see the resemblance personally.

No. 517354

The only similarity between them is that they are both problematic edgy twits who attract all sorts of crazy teens to them.
I had already forgotten how fucking annoying Shiloh was with her screeching back in the day, thanks for reminding me.
Grease can't buy subscribers fast enough lel.

No. 517358

This thread doesn't need repetitive commentary on cold sores, chins, or height. To counter the degrading quality of the thread focus on newer relevant events instead.

If any anons feel the need to armchair feel free to go to tumblr to give 5 paragraphs of commentary on NPD.

No. 517369

To counter the degrading quality of the thread you could swallow your pride and bring back Temp… just saying

No. 517373

That's up to admin-sama, not the mods

No. 517378

File: 1526069514110.png (1.08 MB, 1431x1385, classy.png)

Jfc. After trying to manipulate people into feeling sorry for him for his own "disability" of crippling depression, he made a video mocking deaf people. It's literally him just making up signs while doing an exaggerated "deaf" voice.
Way to keep it classy, Shregg. But god forbid anyone mock your incurable skin condition.

No. 517380

He must have finally got round to watching Shane and the blind girl.

No. 517385

Five Night's at Freddy's 2 came out in 2014. Maybe instead of pushing out so many shitty videos he should spend a week or two catching up with the rest of the world.

No. 517386

Staff will moderate another board, program for hours to implement new software, and fund more server costs because you do not want to integrate and follow the rules.

No. 517391

The way he always seems like he's trying not to laugh in his videos is so annoying. I used to think he was just going for lowbrow humor to appeal to kids but no, he actually thinks this is hilarious.

No. 517407

Those sniggering moments he has makes my blood boil and also somehow I feel some pity? He is so behind in maturing that he thinks his toilet humor is the best thing out there. You can tell how hurt his ego was with Lainey’s video and response from the public. I wonder if Lame feels some sort of validation now for making him cry, after all these years of him probabaly making her cry (granted everything makes her cry)

No. 517409


don't worry another e p i c Death Note video just dropped on speaks

No. 517412

Could you imagine Raven and Greg meeting? Omg

No. 517417


I feel dirty defending Gurg, but he is actually not 100% wrong this time. Taking small bites of a food that you could be allergic to IS a thing. It's usually called a "graded oral challenge" or "graded food challenge."

However, they're meant to be done under supervision by a physician and only really recommended when allergy test results are inconclusive. You should not try it out on your own unless you're willing to chance a trip to the ER, and you should definitely not try it if you don't have an epi-pen.

Source: med student studying allergy and immunology. Also

No. 517419

This is just another attempt to backpack off the success of talented youtubers, only he is 4 years late to make this video relevant

No. 517420

with the sheer amount of time Greg spends online, you'd think he'd occasionally stumble across what's 'hip' these days. maybe discover some new memes and jokes, while he's at it.

he's gotta be deliberately ignoring that shit to justify to himself his being stuck firmly in the past.

No. 517421

He follows 28 people on twitter, 13 on instagram. He doesn't surround himself by many outside influences.

No. 517425

File: 1526083627049.png (342.41 KB, 1430x2530, Goalz.png)

Shregg has been changing up his Patreon page again, trying to make it all snazzy and inviting for the kids since he seems to have just discovered the exciting world of gifs.
The $15,000 "movie" goal is still there, but I've never seen this one.
I kekked at the amount of delusion this dipshit has to think he could:
1. Write anything resembling a TV pilot
2. Possibly appeal to a television audience
3. Have the audacity to expose his blotchy red face on HD tvs.

This is the best comedy he's come up with in years. What the fuck.

No. 517430


it probably would be some kind of mash between death note and game of thrones and other shows he knows/enjoys, because he can't come up with anything original - ever.

No. 517436

How can he say out one side of his mouth that all (or almost all) of the money hes getting from his Patrons is going to his CPA and IRS problems, and then out the other side of his mouth says that the money donated will go towards hiring actors and locations.
You cant use the money donated both ways.

No. 517438

Pretty sure I've already seen that episode of SVU where the guy was flying teenage girls out to "audition" for his tv show that was never made

No. 517439

He can't even pinpoint his TOTALLY ALL ADULT target audience, what networks would he be pitching to? Nickelodeon? Cartoon Network?

No. 517443

is he really trying to get hired by using a 4 year old flash in the pan game series no one cares about anymore, why is he so behind? he still thinks lolrandum xD screech like a retard humor is still funny when it hadn't been since like 2007.

No. 517446

get views* sry double post

No. 517451

Remember you have 30 minutes to delete a post and re-post it with your correction rather than doubleposting.

No. 517454

he'd probably pitch it to HBO, didn't he compare his stuff to an HBO show recently anyway?
swamp of shregg now on HBO

No. 517457

Id love to see a Keeping Up With The Kardashians style show for the Onions.
They'd probably only have enough content for 3 shows though.
I know it would be boring, but still… it would be interesting to see how Ogreg explains to the camera crew that he needs to be locked in his office for 3 hours while hes "editing" and no one is to disturb him during this time.

No. 517459

I'd rather a TLC My Strange Addiction special about his hentai collection.

No. 517460

>a Keeping Up With The Kardashians style show for the Onions.

I don't know why that made me laugh so much. I think it's the idea of anyone having to "keep up" with them when they never leave the house, have no friends, and are a decade behind in everything kek

No. 517461


sometimes, i really wish this site had some kind of upvoting option, comments like these deserve it.


i think if he had a show like that the producers would constantly be poking him with a stick, screaming

>do something! divorce your wife, find a new girlfriend anything!

>ah, we see you've shaved all of you hair? good, that's good. now get you wife and children to do it, too - i'm talking full on family break down!
>cry! cry! the government is taking away all your money! we won't put any filters when the broadcast this!

No. 517462

i think he genuinely laughed at madisons "jokes" as him

No. 517463

Hitting this goal means I can:
>1. Rent out hotel rooms where my wife, kids and dogs aren't constantly underfoot
>2. Fly in unsuspecting patrons to work for cheerios and "cuddles"
>3. Buy a new prostate massager and more hentai

Help me get there guize!

No. 517469

Nah he was butthurt at Madison's portrayal. The only part that I think he actually genuinely laughed at was when Lainey asked in the skit 'did you call those people?' and Madison replied with 'DiD yOu CAll THoSe PeeeoPle? DUHHHH I'M LAINEY'
He seems to think mocking people is hilarious.

No. 517470

well, i mean that and the "butts" or whatever thing.

No. 517472

When will cunt realise expensive equipment is never going to improve his videos?
It's the CONTENT you absolute numbskull!

Just going to go buy thousands of dollars worth of film equipment, it'll totally make me into tarantino guys.

No. 517475

>sometimes, i really wish this site had some kind of upvoting option, comments like these deserve it.

I’ve been thinking that more often of late, the Ogreasion threads really do bring out the creative/comedic genius in the anons.

I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that videos posted on his Onision channel are struggling to hit >4K views when they used to number in the millions. Any sane person would take that as a hint that they need to find a different vocation.

No. 517476

Yeah. Seems like he only laughed for real over the light hearted jabs eg- his mocking and childish humour, but faked laughed at all the ones that insinuated that he was sexually creepy and neglectful.

No. 517480

I don't quite understand why Greg thinks he should rent another "studio" for filming when his videos can't even sustain his family.

He is trying so hard to relive when his stupid Banana song ended up on Tosh.0. That was a one hit wonder, and its still a fucking terribly annoying and shitty video. He thinks that since he was on TV once he can do it again.


No. 517483

Yes! For someone on the internet, he is so out of touch!
Also, he talks to noone but fucking kids ALL day! You'd think he would pick up some lingo, or know what trends they are into.

I have younger siblings over 10 years younger and even though I'm not into the stuff they like, at least I'm somewhat aware of the trends they talk about.

He could even learn something new from observing Lainey since she tries to fit in with the kiddos.
Mind you every trend she jumps on,she's normally a year or 2 behind. Still more current than Shreg though with his emo, prep and goth shit.

No. 517491

More like a decade behind. The only recentish trend she’s jumped on is the cringey tumblr LGBTIQWTFBBQ bullshit. Everything else about her screams 2005. She is a living, breathing MySpace profile.

No. 517494

He's got so many unused gaming consoles that he could sell. I doubt he or lame or trot and clot use the wii for example.
He could even sell some camera shit to afford new equipment. Not that it's going to help his videos or content.

But who am i kidding, he's not using that money for equipment.

No. 517496

Coloured hair, lingo like lit and fam and gutetama/anime are semi current.

Maybe she stalks Billie's profile to see what's current kek

I do agree with you on the myspace comment though, her taste in music is SO FUCKING DATED

No. 517501

Neither do I! Pewds makes funny videos in ONE room with a green screen. I mean yeah he has editors, but the point is that it's all done in one fucking room.
Any other places he shows in his videos are from his vlogs because he actually travels and leaves the house.

Trisha Paytas either films in her living room or kitchen, or out and about.
Jefree star films in one green screen room.

Howtobasic makes better content smashing food in his damn kitchen and toilet than Shreg could in a fucking studio. I'm so confused why he neeeeds this other house/studio space so bad.
Go off to an outside location to film. I hate Social Repose, but even he lived out in the woods in bumfuck nowhere and managed to make somewhat okay content.
And if Gerg wants to argue that this children distract or ruin his videos, there is so many ways around that.
Send them to daycare
Soundproof your computer room
Go outside to film

Look at all those beauty bloggers with kids that manage to film videos around their kids without including them in videos.

Look at all those teenage girls that manage to make and edit get ready with me videos and storytime videos in their tiny bedrooms whilst still living with family and siblings.

Filthy frank had such a tiny space and he made quality music videos.

The studio excuse is fucking retarded and even if he gets it, he'll make the same shit content and it will provide him with nothing more than a space to cheat and fap to hentai for hours.

Sorry about this rant, I'm just so triggered that this cunt thinks he is entitled to a studio space whrn we all know he's going to churn out the same unfunny bullshit.

No. 517502

This. All of it will go towards his IRS and tax bullshit. He doesn't pay his actors, who is he kidding. He always pulls the 'I gave you food and housing' crap. The only one he pays is fuck toys like Billie and even then he bitches and moans about what she spent her money on.

No. 517505

Actually so depressed he's raked in almost 4 grand. People are idiots.

Also, a tv show? Is he serious right now? Even his local cable wouldn't give him a tv show, what a delusinal idiot! What would his show even be about? Him wearing wigs and making unfunny skits?

No thanks.

No. 517506

What is it with narcs thinking studio space is what's going to rocket thmoto the big time?

Margo Palermo tried to scam up a bunch of cash that way a few years back; "oh we need $40,000 for a studio deposit because Venoos can't make veedeeoos without it!" Despite her kid having made it big just filming in her room and around the house with a simple web cam. She also came up with the most expensive (and one of the least popular) videos Venus ever did, by making a big deal of them renting a studio for that stupid geisha video thats totally incongruous with all the other videos Venus made.

It's a combination of them wanting to feel important ("oh, i have to go to MY STUDIO today, we're filming with a crew and I'm directing), and feeling entitled for others to pay for this fantasy to come true.

All it does is waste money for a small ego boost.

No. 517507

His narcissism keeps him away from anything that is new or relevant. His Tumblr was a testament to that for sure. If you ever looked through his likes it was only things about himself. He only will invest time into people licking his ass and praising him or raging at the haters. Lamo's 10 things video perfectly showed that he invest his majority of time into his online image more than anything else in his life.

No. 517508

Samefag, but doesnt YouTube have studios for high subscriber YTers to use in LA? Why can't he just go there and use the space?

Obviously no one would want to work with him and he'd just be making the same crap content as he does now, but he'd get away from the wife and kids and maybe be able to convince a desperate new LA arrival seeking work to be in his videos for free. Or is this not prestigious enough for a man who's claim to fame is a skit his ex wfie wrote and edited?

No. 517510

No one wants a weirdo who fears for their own life enough that they walk around in public with a bulletproof vest. Especially probably not after their HQ was shot up by that chick.

No. 517514

True. I went through that woman's videos after the whole thing happened and she seemed to complain about the same shit as Greg did.

No. 517526

>Unfunny skits
>Uses crappy party city wigs all the time
>cries about losing youtube views and the youtube algorithm
>preachy vegan/vegetarian
>Is a mentally unstable narc

Greg is the male version of Nasim confirmed. Youtube better watch out!

Seriously though, I could so see him doing a murder suicide with his family if he snapped. Or maybe even just an hero because he's selfish and in so much debt. But that's where I give the YouTube shooter credit because at least she had to guts to go through with it and killed herself with a gunshot to the chest. Greg just cries and threatens suicide to children online so they'll give him money.

No. 517531

He would be disgusted by her as she is ancient and obese. He like little petite teens.
She can't handle rejection whatsoever and would instantly start fighting which in turn he'd fight back.

Imagine locking those two in a room. It would be like putting a cat and dog in the same room.

Furthermore, imagine big brother with Raven, Onion and Vicky Shingles all forced to live together with no way out.

I imagine onion would pair up with Vick because she's the less hideous although still gross out of her and Raven and as a result, Raven would be jealous and get violent with Vick and/or threaten suicide.

Sigh Ah to dream. Now THAT'S a tv show that needs to happen. Take notes Greg, these collabs will get you millions of views kek

No. 517533

Don't you worry, Shregg himself pumps his own pot. Say, bout $1,000 at least is his own sock puppet donations to make himself seem like he has fans. Would go so far to say at least an additional $500 must be from Laineys earnings, you know, because Shregg would lose his shit if his wife won't "support him".

His fee-fees get hurt when his numbers go down, he's always buying more and more views and clicks and subscribers.

No. 517534

Not to mention that I'm sure all the networks will be clamoring to give an old, out of touch creepy fuck who can barely pull in a few thousand views on youtube a multi-series deal.
I hope he's budgeting in a writer, because he can't even write a coherent preteen novel based on his own life in basic English.
God I hope he does this, even though he'll never reach his $10,000 goal. The rejection and humiliation would be delightful.

No. 517537

Danielle Bregoli has a bigger chance of being given a tv show than this loser and that's saying something because she's a goddamn idiot.

The delusion is REAL.