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No. 262266

New Onion thread
Old one: >>239236

Latest news - Onision going on a butthurt tirade against other youtubers

Latest video - Onision reading comments about his book and acting extra salty

No. 262267

No. 262268

Can't he just die already?

No. 262270

I've been thinking about contacting him via his business email asking if he's interested in a collaboration in a serious manner and to contact me back for a summary of the video idea.
Then I'd write a brief script of how Gernion gets thrown under a train or drinks bleach.

No. 262273

i hate this repulsive little onion

No. 262276

His fans are quite young, are they not?
What is he on about? Truly.he is entirely delusional, absurdly so.

No. 262278

How big will the nervous breakdown be when his signs of aging start to escalate?

No. 262280

File: 1461227192203.png (90.5 KB, 574x830, pathetic.png)

A teenager could outwit Onion. He's ridiculously out of his league.

No. 262285

File: 1461228095896.jpg (50.68 KB, 315x475, rav.jpg)

Can someone please leak his mom's vampire book? I feel like this might be funnier than laughing at Margo while waiting for her to be deported.

Except, Greg never grew up and realized he was in a toxic environment. He still thinks a mother can do no wrong and features his psycho hippy mom in his videos.

No. 262290

File: 1461229480220.png (15.28 KB, 575x123, oni.PNG)

my man oni be deep as fuck yo

No. 262291

File: 1461229490898.png (13.97 KB, 434x125, oni1.PNG)

No. 262292

File: 1461229505347.png (17.8 KB, 574x158, oni2.PNG)

No. 262296

Aww, he's mad PewDiePie has made MUCH more money than him.

No. 262297

File: 1461232174840.jpg (368.39 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Wow, so deep.

No. 262298

File: 1461232188947.jpg (54.7 KB, 625x341, 3r3zck.jpg)

No. 262299

Is America the whole world now? Damn, learning something new everyday.

No. 262300

Kek, anon. Cheers.

No. 262301

Wtf does pew pew being white have to do with anything at all?

No. 262308

'Cause white privilege, shitlord.

No. 262309

Does anyone know where to find the video that starts at roughly 2:37? I wanted to rewatch it for a while and can't seem to find it.

No. 262312


I can't wait.

I wonder if he will get himself a plastic surgery

No. 262313

File: 1461234141460.jpg (33.75 KB, 457x357, pewds1.JPG)

You didn't post the tweet where Pewdiepie burns Onion

No. 262314

Also remember when Gurgision tried to copy PewDiePie and made his own gaming channel called "UhOhBro"

No. 262315

Right? UhOhShit is basically his gaming channel so it makes no sense to be talking shit about gamers. I mean apart from the fact that he's madly jealous they're pulling bank and he isn't that is.

I don't recall ever watching any of his videos, but damn, +1 Pewdiepie.

No. 262317


I think Onision is so happy Pewdiepie-senpai has noticed him, he feels like he is relevant to the Youtube community.

No. 262322

I'm mostly indifferent to Pewdiepie because the most I've ever seen of him is on South Park (which predisposes me to like him, actually), but I'm definitely impressed with this. Gergleton's pathetic mewling being called out is always nice.

No. 262325

File: 1461237097116.png (381.38 KB, 519x665, Untitled.png)

I feel bad for the girl, but this is hilarious.

No. 262328

LMAO spread this shit.

What a pathetic loser.

No. 262353

do it!

No. 262367

Whoever keeps bringing up the bullshit that he has BPD, he doesn't.

Repzion did an internet wiki doctor thing and read off some diagnoses that "match" his behavior, and Onision believed him.

That "bpd video" is nothing but a shill self-diagnosis - he won't dare go to a psychologist/psychiatrist - let alone a therapist.

Which is why he will never go for marriage counselling either.

Stop with the BPD bullshit, it's been discussed in every thread so far and until he's actually medically diagnosed by a professional, you can keep your shitty excuses for his behavior to yourselves.

No. 262371

Aj told him he might have it. Not Repzion. It came when he was dating Aj. All the voicemails his lack of videos and going Facebook saying that crap. She was trying to get him to seek help.

Repzion has little to do with Onion besides working the DSSCTM when it came to the letters and getting a court runner from a website to get the records.

Past that Repzion did the onion crap when he was friends with Someguy.

No. 262372

People give Repzion too much credit. He is a troll like most others out there and likes to hide his shit well. He is surrounded by drama shit starters. The pattern with most youtubers, like onion, they like attention and bandwagon drama.

No. 262375

….That wasn't by Rep. I for one firmly believe that he would be diagnosed with BPD amongst other things, but everyone's entitled to their opinion.

No. 262377

I liked some of his early Gergle videos, but I don't like the guy himself. Not sure what he's up to nowadays, last I checked his drama he went to Africa and was glorifying suicide.
I always wondered if what TJ said in the "Final fall of Onision" video was true, about him wanting to do the Wilkos show with fake drama.

No. 262381

Duh Anon we Americans are the world police…didn't you know?
Also, I guess it beats "quick call Captain Planet!"

No. 262390

It was actually. I remember that TJ posted a screencap from the producer of the Steve Wilkos show asking him to do an episode like that, and a screencap of his subsequent response declining it. I can't say whether or not details were exaggerated but I can say the event itself did actually occur.

No. 262400

No. 262402



and holy shit he looks old as hell haha

just shows what he looks like without good lighting, makeup and filters. an old ass gross looking greasy blotchy manchild.

No. 262403

>and holy shit he looks old as hell haha

No idea what his dad looks like but it has to be pretty close to this, goddamn.

No. 262404


I remember seeing a picture of him (he's a pastor I believe) on the drama tumblr a while back. He looked basically as I imagined. I think he was overweight and balding while wearing a suit. Someone could probably find it.

No. 262405

That's completely batshit. While a lot of his drama's real, I do wonder how much of it is scripted at the same time. You have to be a massive, massive attention whore to suggest appearing on "reality TV" with some fake drama as a Youtuber. Any drama for that matter.

No. 262407


he looks like that australian guy who died filming stingrays

No. 262409

How he gets by in life without getting slapped across his pimply face on daily basis the world may never know.

No. 262413

Hommie been looking like an uncooked ham.

No. 262415

I made it an entire minute. Is he going to bitch about the youtube algorithm in every single video he does?

No. 262434

If he runs his fucking mouth about Prince's death the way he did Bowie, I will stab this fuck right in the god damn eyes.

No. 262445

episode 9 million of trash talking youtubers

No. 262446

Keemstar vs Onision. All the milk you ever wanted.

No. 262448

Man, I just read about it on the news. Damn. I'll be surprised if he doesn't run his greasy mouth about it, though.

I wish he collabed with Keemstar under a train.

No. 262450

Why is he speaking in a higher voice in this one? Is this another way of telling us that he will indeed be transitioning into a woman soon?

No. 262458

File: 1461264401596.jpg (22.46 KB, 591x164, 1.jpg)

No. 262459

File: 1461264551230.jpg (59.32 KB, 623x532, 1.jpg)

No. 262497

Oh honey, you better get your knife ready! Despite the fact that Gerg isn't worthy to clean Prince's toilet, he will nevertheless be unable to resist cracking offensive about the death. Hell, he STILL makes jokes about "hanging around" with Robin Williams.

Gerg is a particularly annoying waste of oxygen.

No. 262498

Oh honey, get your knife ready! Because despite that Gerg is not worthy to clean Prince's toilet, he will not be able to resist cracking offensive about the death. Hell, he STILL makes "hanging around withRobin Williams" jokes.

Gerg is a particularly annoying waste of oxygen.

No. 262511


I think it's his "sarcastic" voice…idk, he does switch between a low and high voice which is weird

No. 262523

How may I assist you in this inevitable quest?

No. 262587

File: 1461292785010.png (61.22 KB, 570x465, onion.png)


Your wish is granted.

No. 262591

I think these days he pretty much stays in his house, right? He's just terrorizing his wife and internet "friends". He would have gotten slapped hard by reality if he actually had to interact with the real world to get by.

No. 262594

>Chyna getting less attention than Prince
It's so sad knowing her death was news this morning but got replaced by Prince. To be upped on the day of your death…
Must have sucked to die on 9/11.

No. 262596

Dude, I heard about that Prince passing before Chyna's. It was a double whammy for me…

No. 262598

Look at how red his face is in this video

No. 262600

Chyna died?? Fuck, right in my childhood. Now I'm double sad. Damn it, I hate 2016.

No. 262601


her death was news this morning but got replaced by Prince. To be upped on the day of your death…

Sage for OT but this is so sad. Poor Joanie craved recognition and adoration, but she kept getting overshadowed. And now even in death.

No. 262602

Let's keep her memory alive and celebrate in our own WWE (or was it still WWF at the time?) way!

No. 262605

who is this tiny child sized johnny depp

No. 262608

Just waiting for onision and cyr to have buttsex and run off together. It's inevitable, onision always struck me as super in the closet. His taste in plaineyboy seals it.

No. 262622

cyr can do so much better, besides I think he still can't get over Shane. He's the only one that he brings up more than his exes. He wouldn't even have lamo if she hadn't seen him and Shane kissing.

No. 262642

oh god remember 2012=2013, the era where he tried to be all "happy/quirky/cute" until people realized hes a creepy old fuck so he went full edgy asshole?

No. 262643

File: 1461309087064.png (53.32 KB, 563x418, Untitled.png)

Onision is almost definitely attracted to Cyr, but Cyr seems like he's just in it for the edge points.

No. 262644


that and $$$

No. 262656


Fuck. All of those pictures of Shane with his fans look like normal pictures that celebrities take with their fans.

I think he's so salty about him because Shane is everything that Onion wishes he could be. Successful Youtuber, NY times bestselling author (while his book is shit).

No. 262660

Not gonna lie, I actually find Cyr very entertaining.
I just hope he's fucking Onion over. And secretly making fun of his every action.

No. 262662


how in the fuck did no one comment not he fact that he literally said I am one of the most respectable people you will ever meet

took off his sunglasses all dramatic step mom going through menopause let me tell you something young lady style

No. 262663

File: 1461315894299.jpg (123.94 KB, 866x1300, 806121-An-angry-middle-aged-li…)

@4:15 whaAT IN THE FUCKING WORLD IS GOING ON??? i've never laughed at one of his videos until now he legit seems so fucking deranged in a straight up buffalo bill way

look how that older woman print shirt accentuates his manboobs.

No. 262665

Fuck prince tho. :/

No. 262667

Kill yourself.

No. 262668


I'm not a fan of prince's music and his avid distastes for fans making art work or anything representing him. But I do acknowledge that the man was a music legend (with his vast vocal range and compositions).

so yeah.

No. 262685

Go away, Onion.

No. 262692

>thinking he's on markiplier and pewdiepie's level
Take several seats you angry looking ham

No. 262699

God that thumbnail. He looks like he's made out of pig skin what the fuck.

No. 262712

I don't think his anger is fake in the drama video because he is loosing it in almost everything his is doing now. I think he is legitimately upset.

No. 262720


LOL at Gerg admonishing (more popular!) YouTubers for inappropriate channel behavior and treating viewers selfishly. The mind wobbles!

No. 262723

Same thing happened when MJ died, Farrah Faucet died the same day or the day before. Then news broke about MJ and no one gave a fuck.

If I was a family member I would find it a blessing tbh, actually have time to mourn and set up what needs to be done without the media blowing it out of proportion. The news coverage for Prince is ott, and I feel bad for the loved ones.

No. 262731

File: 1461335300580.jpg (47.48 KB, 610x424, pewpew.JPG)

Has anyone else seen this?

No. 262732

>>262731 yes I have. here >>262313

No. 262746

I think onion is back to crazy status when he did the cinnamon challenge and until he got a girl again. He looked like he was going to pull a public suicide. He is freaking out badly.

No. 262765

I really like pewdies no bullshit attitude lately

No. 262767

Haha, fucking Felix. I hope his fans obliterate onion tbh.

No. 262768

No. 262770

that's an insult to steve irwin tbh

No. 262771

Why is his face so red? Does he use sandpaper to fight the pimples or something?

No. 262772

His face is constantly red because his body has an allergic reaction to him

No. 262809


This comment is perfect.

No. 262848

Pewdiepie was named one of TIME's most influential people the day after he responded to Onision. Might be one of the reasons why his jealousy has been off the charts lately.

No. 262874

I'm laughing so hard. This seems to be a genuine reaction and the butthurt is beautiful.

No. 262882

this is magic. Cyr probably doesn't like onion that much if he's friends with Jack

No. 262906

Gurgles has the most annoying voice ever. Even if he was a well adjusted sane individual (which he isn't) I still wouldn't be able to listen to him for a second without wanting to smash his face. Something about his intonation and frequency makes me rage. How can someone with such a voice be known for making videos… with sound.

No. 262932

I don't know if anyone has talked about this yet but I came here just to post about it. tl;dr I usually avoid watching anything even mentioning gurgleburgle ESPECIALLY if his face is in it because he honestly disgusts me that much. SOMEHOW I stumbled across this and I just. Is this man retarded. Like. Actually? Goths undeniably irrefutably do hard drugs? Because they're goth???? THANKS GURGTARD YOUR BRAIN WORK MUCH GOOD.

Anyway, it's some goth girl he has a hate boner over and it's really nasty. I think she handled it well. She keeps saying she likes onion but I think she's just doing it to get under his disgusting grease layer he calls skin.

sage for me rambling on / not checking the last thread in case this was posted

No. 262934

Greg is just mad that no one would pay 35 dollars to meet him.

No. 262936

He's literally MOCKING his own FANS now


No. 262938

No. 262946

I love how he put the "but thank you for drawing me regardless :)" in the description. Like here's me shitting on your drawings but thanks for doing it tho!
People who are still his fans must really have some fried brains.

No. 262948

Interesting choice. I'm pretty sure his most hated videos were meat eater rants, religious rants, Shiloh stuff, AJ stuff, etc.

No. 262950


Well most of his fans are 12 year old girls with daddy issues so go figure.

No. 262952

>doesn't know the difference between formally and formerly

No. 262955

No. 262957

File: 1461374751234.gif (499.65 KB, 500x248, you did that.gif)

>took off his sunglasses all dramatic step mom going through menopause let me tell you something young lady style

No. 262958

Kek, this is the same person who hasn't read a book since he was 16 ( brags about it, really ) and thought he was competent enough to write two books.
I've heard his books are riddled with spelling mistakes and generally bad grammar.
Sometimes a person can be half illiterate and still have important things to say, but Gergele's not one of those people.

No. 262961

Can we pit Cumstar and Onion against each other?

No. 262966


His books are shit. All flash and no substance aka gerg in a nutshell. Makes edgy stuff to piss people off but there's nothing beneath the surface, just edgy shit to be edgy. It's boring.

No. 262968

I couldn't bring myself to read them. I listened to a few chapters of This is why I hate you and couldn't shake the feeling that it was Gergle describing himself and his thoughts - overwhelmingly creepy.

No. 262969

File: 1461377186567.jpg (55.69 KB, 660x495, mgid-ao-image-mtv.jpg)

celebrity deathmatch youtube edition?

No. 262971

I'm guessing he follows this lolcow because cinnamon challenge was mentioned earlier. Video posted today…. I don't know seems like he is mentioning the "haters" a great deal recently.

No. 262972

File: 1461377381407.jpg (169.91 KB, 704x900, 1.jpg)

I just Googled it and a part of the description says "You will find many moments from the authors own life sewn into the life of Arthur Gale" so I guess it really is Gergle in a nutshell.

No. 262974

Also not sure if anyone cares but MattG responded to Onion saying he doesnt look presentable in a recent video and basically said who cares about his loud shitty opinions anymore and how he attacks people out of nowhere since they hadnt made a video since 2013. Onion is such a cunt. Always attacking people he's okay with randomly so they hate him. Such a bitch, he'll attack anyone. He still attacks Cyr and Lainey too. Noone is safe.

No. 263027

File: 1461382373814.jpg (69.03 KB, 489x600, 1459076886454.jpg)

He's wearing sunglasses so no one can see that he's crying. Listen to how his voice keeps cracking…

No. 263030

LOL rip off of a recent pewdiepie video

No. 263031

No. 263037

I don't watch Pewdiepie & I wouldn't find the video otherwise, so thanks for posting it anon! It is a complete rip off Onion did there, you're right. Only this video seems funny and he's actually not insulting his fans unlike Gergles.

No. 263046

Onion if you read this, since you seem to be going on a tirade of reading these. I don't want to be noticed. You aren't and never will be my sempai.

Stevie Sempai. Notice me.

No. 263055

I wonder if this is staying up because the "It has to stop video" drama video is in part him trying to cover from this. I don't know how to look at it as it's not much comedy as him melting down.

Think with me for a second. Lainey and him aren't interacting as much. They mainly talked through the computer. Cyr runs off. Onision gets control again and uses the drama and the fact it's his "comedy" channel. He isn't all happy go lucky with Cyr. Then going on a binge mentioning the hate blogs to hell and back. Something is up.

No. 263059


Specifically, https://twitter.com/MattG124/status/720459768888979457

He talks about it in other tweets from April 13th though. Basically before Onion dissed him in that recent video, he also threw some shots at when he had a beard recently. Before that, they sometimes tweeted and they collabed (Not physically) in 2009 and 2013 I believe. But I think Matt realizes now what a dick he is. He was told before but basically kept it neutral since before he was decent to him. But onion turns on people randomly all the time.

No. 263061

also interesting side note, onion is stilled subscribed to Billie on his YouTube. I'm sure he's aware. I bet they still text too and gossip about Lainey. What a cunt. It's so sad he has a wife and kid now. Just wait til that kid grows up, he's gonna be so fucked up man.

No. 263063

onion is just a bitter old man now,having to start drama with everyone. jesus. must be fucking desperate if that's how he has to stay relevant. lol

No. 263064

File: 1461389427146.jpg (130.59 KB, 500x399, tumblr_inline_o60f47bX8B1rbigd…)

No. 263067

Billie in the darkness just waiting for a little beam of light to grope for with her tentacle. Hoping to maybe one day feature in another video that gets more than 200 views. The goth Ed Sheeran with the ceiling fan on his back can only carry her so far.

No. 263070


>The goth Ed Sheeran with the ceiling fan on his back can only carry her so far.


No. 263086

>The goth Ed Sheeran with the ceiling fan on his back can only carry her so far.
Anon. I can't stop laughing.

No. 263091

I haven't read this in so long. I forgot how truly delusional he is.

"You will not find this word anywhere but where I have placed it, it is me, it is original, it is exciting, odd, frightful, deep, honorable, harsh, mighty… strong ~ it is something no one can be, but he who created it… it is I, Gregory J… not one person can say a greater word to my ear… to the world it is worthless, to my world, it is all that truly matters, as long as my soul burns."

No. 263108

Jesus glow in the dark Christ, how disgustingly pretentious can you get? I'm surprised all his fans don't need chemotherapy with the level of cancer Gergaderp emits.

No. 263109

It's gonna be interesting to see how Onion's meltdown progresses.

No. 263110

It'a probably killing him now that Shane is out as bi

No. 263111

It'a probably killing him now that Shane is out as bi

No. 263113

I love you for that Jedward gif, anon

No. 263115

I love you for that Jedward gif, anon

No. 263125

When did this turd start being concerned about racism? Is it the "in" thing to pretend to care about now?

No. 263126

This one works because people actually made funny art on purpose, rather than Gurgle shitting on 12 year olds who can't do better.

No. 263129

I was wondering the exact same thing, especially since earlier this year; 'black twitter' burned him badly regarding his ignorant "colour-blind" comments and how all races are equal in privilege.

I still think he feels mega sore about all that, but he's probably bringing it all up again to get the same views in reaction as last time; I know he watches his Twitter account's traffic like a hawk.

He's been getting desperate for attention since making his cuckoldry and the results of that public.

No. 263132

Most likely the same thing as him shitting all over bisexuals and trans people less than a year ago, and now acting like it never happened.

No. 263174

Oh he's talking shit on Cyr again…even though they just collabed?

No. 263175

Another unfunny fake drama video because Onion is having a midlife crisis and desperately needs views

No. 263178

>long horse like face
I won't lie, that was hilarious if he's talking about that Social repose guy.

No. 263180

It would be funnier if the speaker didn't have a lumpy, gorilla-like face. Pot, meet kettle!

No. 263182

>lumpy, gorilla-like face
Kek, he does!

No. 263183

You know i never liked his lps. But this thread has shown me he's really funny when he's not screaming about barrels. He also seems pretty cool and genuine.

No. 263184

I'm still not wild about PDP but he's grown up a lot. Usually YouTube personalities regress when they get a whiff of success. Case in point, Gurgles.

No. 263220

this basically a "people who have been nice to me" video

No. 263255

File: 1461477387700.png (28.12 KB, 527x289, making the world a better plac…)

>benefit thousands
>conttribute to the elimination of various difficulties
>continue to advance our society

No. 263259


newfag here. what happened between shane and onion? and why would it be killing him that shane is out as bi?

No. 263260

>In high school I did a report on the Columbine shooters where I showed up in the type of clothes they like to wear.

Wow that edge! He has such a hard on for school shootings, he even put that in his book. He's 30 and still thinks this shit is neat, why isn't he embarrassed? Also why is he referring to Billie? His fans know who he's talking about, is he trying to get hate thrown her way? He needs to let that go.

No. 263262

>feeling threatened by goth kids
>having drama with goth kids
>goth kids

No. 263263

What a selfish shit. I already didn't like him, but sharing this kind of mentality at his age makes me think he is the worst kind if person. He had better be careful, karma can be a huge bitch and make him regret this if his kid needs an organ one day and they can't have one.

No. 263264

>red contacts/black lipstick
>never met in rl

He's not talking about Billie. He's talking about this chick >>262932

No. 263265

Ah sorry about that! He's till a whiny loser though lol.

No. 263270

Lol I just watched one of his butthurt angry tirades against successful YouTubers and he made a mention of my friend. Gurgles is so fucking jelly.

No. 263284

File: 1461490649663.jpg (27.41 KB, 450x325, 700rli10.jpg)

So, I was holding out hope Onion wasn't so spitefully jealous he would actually take the step of borrowing shit from his haters lives to make them his own…but I guess I was wrong.

That ATV he rides off with at the end is the exact make and model I used to race back in the day (other than being current year), one I posted about doing so with, that you would specifically have to go out of your way to get, as opposed to the bulky utility/work-ATV's you commonly see ads for. That's a 2015 Raptor 700R (R designation means they're built to race, not much else), they retail for around $8500-$9100, and honestly they're something he'd probably kill himself on because they're far too powerful of a bike for Cucknision to handle. Shitloads of rear wheel horsepower on those little bastards and a hair trigger throttle lol. He fucking popped the foot clutch by hand and not even into gear properly, he has no clue how to ride these things.

I posted on Instagram over a year ago about how I was once sponsored by Monster Energy when I was younger, fucked my left leg (cracked femur/compound fracture) all up in a wreck and stopped racing for a while (and now you know more of what I did before I found my way to YouTube :P), and just a few weeks later…what do you know he comes out with the same fucking story, minus being sponsored and actually racing in various circuits, all that jazz and that he just purchased a new ATV. Well, now he just reveals the fucking thing in that video and I'm rolling over here laughing my ass off because he bought the SAME EXACT bike I posted in my image, minus the colors. They fuck does a person have to go through that they think if THEY emulate what they hate, they're being a "winner"? Soon this jackass is going to start pretending he's a DJ, then after that who fucking knows. I really was hoping I had been reading more into this shit than necessary but shit…turns out I wasn't. Fucking. Wow.

This shit borders on A-logging, I know…but god damn he parallels the lives of people he hates so blatantly now that you cannot help but notice it.

No. 263303


That's the thing about Gerg; he thinks he's so intelligent/superior/enlightened, etc., but he's really just a stereotypical envious, insecure try-hard who is about as deep as a puddle.

No. 263308

Yeah Greg, they could go to someone like you, god forbid.

No. 263310

Cyr and Gurg are still making videos together though, so I'm pretty sure it's fake.
I think Cyr is pretty talented and seems nowhere near as shitty as Greg, I don't get why they hang around each other.

No. 263313

Typical Narcissist: quietly co-opting other people's experiences and lives then later pretending it's theirs and theirs alone and "hey what are you talking about man I've always been obsessed with [eg ATV racing] how dare you suggest otherwise, what are you, some kind of fucking Narcissist?"

And the fact that he's doing it to you is pretty milky, IMO.

No. 263329

Maybe Gurg pays him decently.
I know he paid a lot of people to star in his videos.

No. 263334

My point was what if he does like he does with the whole I cheated and confuse his fans. Reason why I say that is if you do enough misinformaiton you don't know what's truth or whats not. He did this is Sk with the she stole stuff from me and other things.

He still is shitting on Cyr. Some times if you are trapped in a situation you try to ride it out if you know there is an end. If someone is unstable then you try to ease out rather than just straight up rush out. So as to not cause more issues.

Some of what he is doing is doing the repeat bitching telling people he is bothered. He put it on his Onision Channel to call it "satire" as a cover.

Just a theory because its a pattern but he is changing his patterns because he found how they work better now.

No. 263370

This is petty; but what makes me the most angry out of this entire video is his passing NWA lyrics as Manson. It isn't even amusing. Come on, Greg, do better. I wouldn't even have laughed at that when I was the age as most of your viewers.

No. 263372

So true, unfortunately. I knew something was up with his posts about that, but I didn't feel like sperging out about it until I knew absolutely for sure. He's never expressed being into that. In fact he always struck me as the kind of person who gave people who were into extreme sports like that a lot of shit because he's a jealous pussy who won't ever try anything fun.

No. 263374

Keep it simple. Cyr is an opportunistic twat. Just because he's better looking than onion (which isn't hard to achieve) doesn't mean he's morally superior. He hasn't been kidnapped and forced into making unfunny videos with gurgels. He's in it for the money and he doesn't mind the bullshit greg spawns. Prostitution would be a more honorable occupation. Probably better payed as well since I can't imagine gergles dishing out huge amounts of money. He needs it to buy houses, dresses and getting a boob job in the near future.

No. 263383

PewDiePie in his newest video quote;
'' Back in the day I though that my jokes were funny merely because they were offensive ''

No. 263405

Yeah I see what you mean, I've never thought about it but can you imagine him bungee jumping or something? He probably considers himself far too precious to put himself at risk like that. The ATV thing is a weird thing for him to do.

No. 263433


Cyr commented on this in 2015 in a comment saying they have a business relationship and after falling out 3 years ago, he decided to make videos with him now once in a while. He knows Onion is a douche and it wont last again. It's just for money since Cyr doesnt get many views.

No. 263454

Yeah, very fake. You can tell by the edits. If it were real, they obviously wouldn't be there.

No. 263496

"Hey 13 year old fangirls, watch us talk about sex awkwardly"

No. 263516

File: 1461555694957.jpeg (80.67 KB, 636x531, image.jpeg)

No. 263527

is this title screen supposed to look like he's getting fish fingers or what?

No. 263538

File: 1461561604904.jpg (31.42 KB, 233x350, 1.jpg)

She looks like Rachel Maddow in that thumb.

No. 263540

Plz don't insult my favorite lesbian aunt.

No. 263548

onision should buy a new foundation that actually matches his neanderthal face
or use some green concealer to hide redness from acne or whatever
he looks like he immersed his head inside a bag of cheetos

No. 263552

I'm no doctor but I think Greg's bright red face is some type of disease expressing itself. He likes to talk about how he's a fancy vegan but is just a simple vegetarian that eats vegan cheese and mayo. He had a surgery a year ago where they took some shit out so as an uneducated person on this guy's health I watch his face go from white to beet red and wonder wtf is wrong with him.

No. 263575

File: 1461580690145.jpg (33.67 KB, 428x360, 428full-paul-bernardo.jpg)

He has the sweaty pinkness of a young Paul Bernardo

No. 263576

No. 263581

Maybe he's using medication to get rid of his acne?
Benzaclin (benzol peroxide) gel can really fuck your face up if you abuse it.

No. 263598

Maybe he did stick his head inside a bag of Cheetos. Cheetos are vegetarian, right? Maybe even vegan (i doubt the cheese in cheetos is real tbh). It wouldn't surprise me if he was a junk food only vegetarian. I was briefly as a teenager, and he's basically just a teenager trapped in a 30 yr old body, so uh… yeah. Maybe that's why his face si red. Stuck it in a bag of cheetos.

No. 263609

Looks like he got bad sun burn. In the drama video you can see tan lines around his eyes of where sun glasses might of been. Maybe a tanning bed.

No. 263612

I think it was just a sun burn too. In any case his reddish face's the last thing that bothers me about Gergle.

No. 263672

idk know some people just get a red face easily.

>> Red face, or flushing, is often a normal occurrence. It can be from emotions (embarrassment or anger) or from other causes


Greg is constantly angry about religious people, foreskins and youtubers who are more successful than him. Plus maybe he unconsciously knows he has a lot to be embarrassed of.

No. 263682

He went to a mini theme park with cyr and friends. No wife around.

No. 263692

I don't know how Lainey doesn't throw up when he touches her. I would.

No. 263712

No. 263731

File: 1461632766157.jpg (103.56 KB, 480x686, petercoffindouche.jpg)

whenever I see Onion's version of comedy….I start to wonder if he's stealing from peter coffin or is peter coffin stealing from him.

No. 263745

lmao always mentioning shane, dude cant get over him

No. 263746

He's still bitching about PewDiePie on his twitter too haha

No. 263747

Gurg - makes fun of popular youtubers

- Panders to Dan and Phil/Andy Biersack's fangirls for views, uses clickbait, starts drama with everyone

such a hypocrite in 10 million ways tbh

No. 263750

In all honesty, if I were Shane I'd tell him to fuck the fuck off by now ( although I'm sure that'd only give him more drama fuel, sadly ).
He's long crossed the point of just annoying to weirdly obsessed. REALLY weirdly obsessed.

No. 263756

So Greg quickly deleted a post I wish I got it about not pandering/flattering people. Someone is reading this lol cow.

No. 263758

File: 1461642084682.jpeg (67.98 KB, 750x565, image.jpeg)

It came back up. He has to be reading some of this because timing.

No. 263762

Gurgles does have a very "crazy fat Evangelist" vibe going on

when his youtube money dries up, will he do revivals? will their be fried chicken?

No. 263764

Oh it will be really interesting to see what he does when his youtube days are over! He is obviously shit at money management (buying plane tickets for the shot at a hook-up), hasn't bothered to get a degree, and can't network because of shitty personality.

No. 263765

Don't forget buying multiple houses that he can't even fucking furnish to some degree. Waste of money if I've ever saw it.

No. 263767

And renting a house in another state to pursue a girl in high school in addition to air fare. He's made more money than the average person his age and he just pisses it away, he's in for a really rude awakening in the future.

No. 263774

That he is. He looks really haggard already. It's funny because he bashed one of the successful YouTubers in his video saying, "an obvious middle aged" when the person he was trying to insult and Gurgles are the same age. I don't get how the fuck his idiotic fan girls think that he's 18. He looks hard for 30 years old.

No. 263775

What this idiot doesn't get is that it is possible to be honest without being an opinionated asshole. THAT is the real reason he doesn't have many friends.

No. 263778

I'm around his age and he really does look rough for only 30 without all his filters. And he made fun of someone his own age for looking older? Lol.. he really lives in delusion land!

No. 263781

File: 1461648158451.png (88.69 KB, 590x810, 1.png)

is he having a meltdown right now? 1/2

No. 263782

File: 1461648182509.png (71.01 KB, 591x622, 2.png)

No. 263783

what an enormous dickbag

No. 263785

Because his 13 year old fans aren't looking at his face, they unconsciously recognize his abusive misogynist shit behavior and crave it because of their own fucked up home life.

He's a magnet for broken people and learned to crave that control because he's scared and pathetic.

No. 263798

He has been having a meltdown ever since his 30th birthday

No. 263814

They kissed once, so shane is basically his ex

No. 263819

That kiss was so cringe worthy! Onion initiated and it was obvious Shane was not into it AT ALL and just played dead.

No. 263821

Greg is just jelly that Shane is openly bi now and all he got was a kiss. He would be raking in more views if he was the first to plow Shane's ass but he just kissed him and Shane got sick of him real quick.

No. 263863

File: 1461669498095.jpg (21.79 KB, 438x176, jk.JPG)


No. 263900

Kek that black and white logic.

No. 263903

I don't get his logic. Just because you haven't done something you're capable of doing doesn't mean you don't want to do it. It just means you've thought about it and reached the conclusion that you shouldn't. He's a fucking adult, he should have learned that doing whatever you want without first considering the consequences is childish.

Is he that bothered about people not killing themselves? If they've found a reason to stay kicking, good for them.

No. 263904

>"cancer-related bills would not still be a problem after 8 years of bernie Sanders"

What a weird comment to make on a gofundme. He couldn't have saved it for a seperate tweet? I don't think most cancer patients can just gonna sit around for years and wait until treatment is free & I doubt every single person with cancer was previously like "hahahah fuck free healthcare." He's so fucking weird.

No. 263905

Ever since a farmer said his pimples climax when he does, I feel a little bit sick every time I see him.

>I think Greg's bright red face is some type of disease expressing itself
His head is allergic to the brain inside it.

No. 263936

Bernie Panders isn't gonna fix shit nigga

No. 263943

Onision's logic: You don't want to have a yacht, because then you would already have a yacht!!! true edge

No. 263944

Yeah, QED and shit, Greg. He fails at everything and just loves displaying it all over the internet.

No. 263946

Most of Dan and Phil plus Biersack's fangirls are (very) young edgelords, yet he's calling Shane a pedo.

No. 263964

God hes pathetic

No. 263965

File: 1461708335014.png (37.96 KB, 613x283, tour.png)

I think he's salty about Jack and Cyr's tour.

No. 263968

lol, says Mister "Naked cuddling and massaging is totes not cheating guise!" Jealous that other guys can actually go all the way and get laid, Pasty McAcne?

No. 263980

I think that last question probably plagues his mind a lot.

No. 263981

His jealousy for PewDiePie is off the charts. Holy shit, is there a single envy filled YouTube channel bashing video he's done where he doesn't mention him?

No. 263983

so salty onion

No. 263984

so embarrassing watching him laugh at his own shitty jokes

No. 264004

I can't fucking watch this shit, he's so unfunny it hurts. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so obvious he thinks he's witty.

No. 264027

He took 3 seconds for every other youtuber but went on a 30 seconds rant about pewdiepie. he must really get to him.

No. 264028

Not to mention irony being how Onision calls him out about "freaking out on twitter", even though PDP just replied once to Onision's butthurt stream of tweets.

No. 264033

>tells someone to "get over it"
>continues to whine about it over the course of several videos

He's probably just upset because pews' tweet was probably seen by about a million people.

No. 264083

File: 1461756611583.jpg (447.56 KB, 1566x1292, oniion.jpg)

I bet there are even more examples of Onion plagiarizing other youtubers like a pathetic faggot.
These are the ones I first thought of.

No. 264086

Ooops, I apologize for my shitty crop. It says "which fails and gets turned into a clickbait channel"

No. 264089

Out of all the people who could have made this joke, it just had to be the one who's constantly trying to fuck his teen fans. He has no self awareness at all.

No. 264090

He's so embarrassing.

No. 264108

When everyone else does a thing, it's because they're a cunt. When Onision does it, it's because he's a God-like visionary who deserves to be worshipped for his unique and beautiful nature and if you don't like it it's because you JUST DON'T GET HOW FUCKING AWESOME HE IS.

Typical Narcissist.

No. 264138

is onision actually in love with danisnotonfire or is this some sort of joke he has going on?

No. 264142

ew he looks like a greasy hobo

No. 264180

Eh Onion dyed his hair on Valentine's Day for Shiloh who also dyed her hair red as a "symbol" for their love. But he tries to bandwagon on the next best thing. He does copy a lot but things like Emo Charlie is based off one of his admins. But has now morphed to not even Charlie anymore.

No. 264195

It was before he introduced Shiloh, he said he did because he felt like it and because someone suggested it

No. 264252

File: 1461770362723.jpg (4.46 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

fucking hell,
>paranoid and embarrassed by dyeing his own hair
>needs to make a video 'addressing teh haterz' about it despite the fact i bet no one gave a fuck

how can someone have such an extreme lack of self awareness in thinking they can get away with so many fucking layers of badly veiled narcissism.

I wish there weren't so many dumb fucks in the world ready to lap it up and asspat

No. 264291

File: 1461774274057.png (Spoiler Image, 844.77 KB, 1437x785, Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.2…)

He's pathetic. Here's a better fitting image from the ginger video, though.

No. 264293

That someone was Shiloh. They were secretly dating at that time. She put a video on her Shiloh Official channel about dying her hair too, but it's long gone by now.

No. 264308

(Sorry for double posting)
Here is Shiloh with red hair around that time performing a song that was going to be on her doomed second album.. Meant to share it with my previous post

No. 264315

Dye your hair to match your acne scars, it's a fashion choice of some sort.

No. 264319

What is Shiloh doing now?

I've been out of the loop, last I saw there were photos of her looking pretty sad in some motel and people were saying she was a prostitute?

No. 264322

All I know is that a few months ago she announced she was going to start a new YouTube channel. I tried to check up on her recently only to find out she deleted her Instagram.

No. 264339

I found a semi-active twitter for her under luxury_blank

No. 264341

I've been following her for some time and she deleted her Instagram because her and her significant other broke up. However I think they're back together. Her Twitter is @luxury_blank I believe.

No. 264411

She has a new bf and she has he own snap chat.

No. 264416

Not if she's stay past her Visa date and it's proven she's a crazy stalker

No. 264441

Greg is so disgusting to look at. Even if he wasn't a horrible person, he'd still be this greasy, ugly gross caveman.

No. 264447

So he is a copy cat Youtuber. He copies some more than others.

No. 264606

File: 1461811714433.png (927.47 KB, 691x702, Onion.png)

No. 264609

File: 1461812686142.jpg (1.21 MB, 2400x1200, splash-bg.jpg)

Sunburn or new member of Jem and the Holograms?

No. 264614

He looks exactly like carrot top. Crazed eyes and all.

No. 264624

File: 1461816862116.jpg (23.44 KB, 454x213, klk.JPG)

Aw, poor little Gargling feels left out.

No. 264626

Someone made Onision cringe compilation.

No. 264655

This is so cringe worthy and the way he treats Shiloh is so fucking depressing. What an asshole. No way would he be living if it was me, he'd be six feet under.

No. 264656

File: 1461824404377.jpg (1.49 MB, 1599x2391, 1461806275089.jpg)

This is from /pol/

No. 264657


link to thread pls

No. 264660

No. 264681

sigh, this shit again? le armchair psychologists of the internet strike again.
people need to stop being apologists for assholes by saying theyre mentally ill,
theyre like the people who blame terrorism on mental illness.
sometimes people are just pieces of shit for no reason.

No. 264688

Sorry anon, I just posted a picture I saw while watching the Zoe vs Social Autopsy thing going down. I don't want to armchair psychologist cause I've only took psychology 101 and don't feel it allows me to talk about mentally ill people in broad strokes.

However, I've been watching Greg whatever his last name is for awhile now (Avaroe?) and I'd like to remind everyone that he self-diagnosed BPD because AJ got a massage and wouldn't keep on sucking his dick.

No. 264754

explaining =/= excuse

No. 264791

Hahaha, that horribly organised and shitty MSPaint job for their "infographic" itself really makes me 110% believe that what they're saying is true.

No. 264793

That is worse than armchair psychology, that is the ranting of some weirdo trying to sell their own skewed opinions as fact with made up statistics and evidence.

It's really no different than an attention-starved conspiracy theorist claiming that all school shooters are victims of MKultra.

No. 264815

Looks like "Elaine" Lainey is still into Billy. Not sure why she still is salty about her not Greg cheating

No. 264833


No. 264846

File: 1461871576557.png (241.12 KB, 572x655, the one that got away.png)


No. 264848

I'm not up to scratch I guess but what is it about Gurg and Shane? From what people post here, Gurg repeatedly shits on him still for no reason, now this? is Gurg gay for Shane and acting tsundere?

No. 264851

I know his intention was to show that Shane liked him but all I'm getting from this is that Grease searches "onision shane dawson" on twitter. Keep your creeping to yourself, Grog.

No. 264852

Shane didn't love him back or slip him any tongue when they kissed so now he's bitter.

No. 264867


They were friends from 2009-late 2012.

Then Onision called Shane out on twitter saying he changed once it was revealed shane worked on a movie. Shane responded calling him a dick. Onision also made a big post on tumblr saying Shane is fake and was a bad friends because he stood Gurg up and didn't make some music video with him. Onion then proceeded to trash him multiple times in videos/tweets and then shane basically responded saying he's not perfect after a while, onion then acted indifferent to shane for a bit and now he seems to hate him again? Who knows. He's obviously jealous of his success. Shane's recent videos have been kind of meh though tbh.

No. 264872


No. 264881


He thinks he's so clever, but really he's so unfunny it's painful.

No. 264884

Oh and he attacked Leafy…

Pot vs kettle anyone?

No. 264885

lol hes so desperate for attention its just sad

No. 264887

File: 1461878978860.png (70.03 KB, 586x545, plainey.png)

Plaineybot still lusting after Billie???

No. 264888

I know Billie is an adult, but barely. I blame all three of them over what happened. However, this is just kicking the dead horse at this point. Crazy fans still comment on Billie's stuff, calling her a homewrecker and slut. It's like they have no other victims to abuse and harass, so they continue to go after Billie.

No. 264895

Speaking of desperate for attention…

No. 264896

File: 1461880455780.png (492.07 KB, 1242x2208, image.png)

Billie replying to Lainey

No. 264901

For fuck sake, she met the teenager on only two occasions and the time they spent together was no more than a day or two each time - and those were spent making photos and videos for greasehole to fap to.

This is suspiciously sounding like she's speaking on behalf of Gurg - he's still following her accounts and can't shut up in regards to making shitty odd comments about her now and then.

No. 264907

I was thinking that too. Onion's masterplan to get her into his bed again.

No. 264908

Thanks for the recap. But wow I thought they'd have been friends much later. If they stopped contact 2013 and Gurg is still bringing him up that's just silly.

what is it that makes Plano so hung up on her? Watching that livestream a while ago when the cheating thing came out, Billie's personality seems shit and she's not particularly attractive.

No. 264911


Lol because when Billy Goat came along she realized what it was like to be with someone who isn't a narcissist and actually knows how to please a woman and who doesn't smell like smegma & lil ceasar's 24/7

No. 264913


Onion is jealous of leafy's youthfulness. Dude is 20, but looks like a child.

No. 264915

>smell like smegma & lil ceasar's 24/7

anon please i can only get so wet

No. 264917


"I think I loved you, but you don't deserve my love."

It sounds exactly like him, he said similar shit to AJ when she said she didn't want to move in with him.


If she doesn't "deserve your love" leave her the fuck alone already and let her get on with her own life… but nope, greaseball just wants that sweet sweet underage poon and will use any sort of manipulative and abusive tactic to get it, even if it means using Lainey to achieve it.

No. 265031


she posted a bit more about it too and said how they went against her but shes healed a lot…what the fuck. she shouldve left after that, greg is such a cunt. i dont get why shes still there after everything hes done and how he can be such a dick. probably lots of shit we dont even know about. we saw how he treated her on twitter. i know they have a son but come on, this will just make his life worse. should have fucking left. the whole thing is so stupid. shes way too young. ugh. onision is the worst.

No. 265047

File: 1461916990995.png (100.86 KB, 256x256, 1458429692173.png)

I think she might just be retarded.
>husband wants to screw my gf
>be so offended I leave the house
>be upset husband gave gf a "naked massage"
>repair relationship with husband
>try to repair relationship with gf

No. 265051

> i know they have a son but come on

Them having a son isn't news to me but it still feels so jarring to hear about it every time I see it mentioned. If Gurg is as shitty of a person as he is to his gfs to his son, at least the upside is his son won't have his whole life aired out on the internet cause Gurg isn't interested in anything besides himself. But still, wow. This 30 year old abusive 2edgy4u manchild is a father. And one day his son, or his other kids cause I've heard he has more, will find his dad's youtube videos. Fuggg I feel bad cause no kid deserves Gurg

No. 265057

Okay, I'll bite. How is onion a SJW? He's opinionated as fuck, but I don't think he's a SJW by anyone's standards.

No. 265068

She is a huge doormat.
Garg is probably urging her to invite her back, in his own manipulative way. Lainey, wanting to make the huge manchild happy, is doing what he says. Gurg will not give up on underage poon but he also wants to look like it's not his fault and that he is completely innocent.

Just like the whole threesome thing. Lainey wasn't comfortable with it, but Greg tried his best to make it happen and when shit went down it was Lainey's fault because she didn't feel like having sex with him so Gorg had to satisfy himself with another woman.

And after shit went down, Greg immediately helped to pack Lainey suitcases, so she can leave with their son while he planned to remain fucking Billy. He tried to kiss Billy when Lainey left but she rejected him because she felt it was wrong.

Then Gurg immediately started crying on a video how he was just "giving a massage" and how he has a kid with Lainey and how he "cares" and "didn't want this to happen." And Lain, being the biggest doormat, forgave him.

I wonder what would happen if Billy didn't reject him in that moment and instead kissed him back and continued fucking him. He would probably dump Lainey and the kid just how he dumped his first wife of 6 years for Shiloh, acting like nothing happened and putting all the blame on Skye.

No. 265069


The faux-feminist shit is pretty bad.

No. 265072

>I'd like to remind everyone that he self-diagnosed BPD because AJ got a massage and wouldn't keep on sucking his dick.
That really doesn't mean anything tho. Tons of retards self-diagnose as BPD to use it as an excuse for their shitty behaviour.

Grog's most definitely mentally ill but he's also a genuinely terrible human being outside of that. Trying really hard to pin down things as symptoms of the former means missing the stuff that's actually the latter.

No. 265103

>Greg immediately helped to pack Lainey suitcases
>He tried to kiss Billy when Lainey left

This is the shit that really confuses me. I know plenty of people forgive their cheating partners but I thought the amount of disrespect afterwards was really gonna seal the deal and get her to dump him. He would have quite happily turfed her out in favour of Billy and then he spent too much time online switching between a martyr and an innocent party. All her anger went towards Billy, who was the most respectful of the two. Billy got a bit bratty when she was getting shit talked on twitter, but she was still the one that rejected Greg and ended things. Why would you hold some teen you barely knew more accountable than your adult husband?

No. 265107

Plainey is in a big denial, that's what.

After all shit that happened, she is still nothing but a Onision fangirl.

No. 265109

I thought that when people forgive a cheating partner it's in part due to the fact they didn't view the cheating! I mean her husband had no problem tossing her out with the kid in favor of Billie. Her self worth must be practically nonexistant! I know she's not perfect but I feel really bad for her and hope she can get away from him and build herself up.
I can't forget how get referring to entire situation between him and Billie as cuddling. He said massage too but he kept going on about it being just cuddling to point where he made it all sound kinda silly to those who didn't know the details (because he kept minimizing).

No. 265115

File: 1461936361234.jpg (43.73 KB, 735x394, aa4.JPG)

>hope she can get away from him and build herself up.

It's not gonna happen anytime soon. After all the shit he did, she is again in lovey-dovey mode for him.

No. 265116

File: 1461936372158.jpg (33.75 KB, 449x275, ee.JPG)

No. 265121

The thought of sharing saliva with him makes me genuinely nauseous.
How can someone be so grotesque?

No. 265149


Like >>265068 said, she's a doormat and his #1 rabid fangirl.

The best way to make it all understandable is that - imagine Justin Bieber, scouring the internet for a 17 year old fangirl who obsesses, idolises him and can't stop complimenting the fuck out of him - then imagine the fangirl accepting all of his flaws because he is *'^:~PeRfEcT~:^'* and then imagine they marry.

That is how it's been and how it will always be with Lainey, he could start choking the shit out of her and she'd start sobbing apologies about getting snot and tears all over his hands.

Lainey is not an "average, normal person" like the rest of us would be in that situation, she's an obsessed fangirl who hasn't ever grown out of that because she's never had the room or opportunity to grow out of it because he's sheltered her that much.

No. 265158

I guess that's what disappointed me so much about Shiloh, she was a pop star and had a lot of potential and it all rotted away by getting with another abusive guy.

She could've played it smart and just used Onion as a PR stunt and dropped him within a week or whenever she got enough international views through him on YT to push her into a broader market for her career.

Instead… she became -HIS- PR stunt, fucked up her career, fucked up her mind, ended up being solely dependant on men and the rest is bad history.

No. 265195

I think Lainey loves drama. I'm not going to try to psychoanalyze why. But this reversal is weird.

Her tweets after Greg tried to cheat on her indicate that she didn't want a gf, and that she had been unsure about Billie and that Greg pushed her to invite her back the second time. Suddenly she's both blaming Billie (who rejected Greg) and pining for her? I don't have any reason to believe she was lying, and Onision never argued with her about that stuff.

I don't think it's conscious, fwiw, because I think most of those people who like conflict don't consciously stir it up. But my guess is that's what is happening here.

No. 265208

File: 1461955165020.png (16.97 KB, 532x121, Untitled.png)

Looks like Onion found it.

No. 265209

File: 1461955646989.jpeg (63.84 KB, 1185x434, image.jpeg)

Sucks… That was a good comp. I was subbed to two cringe channels in the past that were both banned shortly after uploading onision videos.

No. 265210

Maybe she lied about being pushed in a relationship because she wasn't the center of attention. Is sounds like she wants a poly relationship but where Greg is only hers and Billie is only hers.

It won't work. But seriously she lied she was straight to get with Greg and was bi website in high school. She is now going back to more non-gender fluid look. Aka her old look.

The girl is just as bad as Greg. For them it's a power struggle.

No. 265217

Boy – Gerg sure can dish it out, but he can't take it.

No. 265223


mirror the videos dawg

No. 265224

Talking about the voicemails…interesting

No. 265225

Mean Tweets

No. 265226

File: 1461962550075.jpg (55.17 KB, 1272x670, why.jpg)

No. 265230

That thumbnail… He's really thirsty for Pewds, isn't he?

No. 265233

jfc, it's been four years and he still can't let it go.

I think this is why people ignore him. This is like the 3rd video he's used that tweet in.

No. 265234

Of course he is gonna spend the majority of this video focusing on himself LOL. And hey look, he's "brutally honest" about calling himself a narcissist! Who would've thought?

No. 265237

God. He's a fucking psychopath.

No. 265244

File: 1461969434616.jpg (53.63 KB, 836x553, 136030-136004.jpg)

No. 265285

File: 1461978281068.jpeg (198.96 KB, 1242x1706, image.jpeg)

Leafyisheres response

No. 265319


I love leafy, he always gets the most from dramu

No. 265324

Right? Everyone's always up his ass about being a cyberbully and he just laughs it off. It's g8

No. 265326

gr8 lol

No. 265328

I fucking love leafy.

No. 265330

Greg is the Trump of Twitter.

No. 265357


It's difficult to watch his content knowing he sucks Keem's flacid dick.

Onion is only trying to goad Leafy and Keem to direct that sweet youtube drama money into his coffer.

No. 265398

File: 1462004056491.png (471 KB, 550x600, lol.png)

Unrealistic expectations. At least his current wife is as much of an unhealthy groomer that he was all those decades ago. Greg isn't 44 yet but I think he understands that he's aging very badly.

No. 265420

omg is this real that reads like an obvious troll how the fuck does someone this pathetic exist and is ""famous"" on youtube how the FUCK IS THIS REAL

No. 265421


No. 265423

i'm sorry i'm samefagging my mind has been blown
also why the fuck his eyebrow start below his eyelid

No. 265426


idk why i find this the funniest part of it all

No. 265432

>mass reckognition

This is extra funny because of how salty gargoyle was about the cuck comments on facebook

No. 265441

File: 1462020408565.png (425.51 KB, 695x1542, I would be a beautiful woman.p…)

2008 was a great year.

No. 265443

>humble bragging about his blog
>those awful attempts at poetry/romantic/deep messages
>"Someday, I, you, we'll be someone"
Fucking lol.

No. 265447


No. 265448


mass recucknition

No. 265449

>I never let my marital status hold back compliments…

Oh holy shit, he gushed out an entire page! He even has the nerve to give her advice. I hope she didn't actually read this, can you imagine how terrified she must have been?
>…sometimes I wish I was a girl, I would be a beautiful woman as well…

This is the definition of cringe! Yes Greg I said it, cringe.

No. 265454

I am a little fucking mortified that happiness is written on Onision's forehead and also written on Skye's neck.

No. 265457

I wonder if he sent Shiloh messages like this?

No. 265460

What the fuuuuck

No. 265464

Is this who he's talking about? If so, his taste in music is terrible.

No. 265470

This one is pretty good.

No. 265472

Mind. Fucking. Blown.

No. 265484

His… forehead is collapsing?? Has he always had that weird crease between his eyes? Or is it just all that angst finally having a tragic marriage with gravity?

No. 265485

He's always had that weird dip in his forehead, but that long hair he used to have usually covered it up.

No. 265488

>sometimes I wish I was a girl, I would be a beautiful woman as well, (I know this, my family has not failed in that department) but if I were a woman, I would be alone, I would show no man any part of myself other than my hair, ears, eyes, hands, nose, ankles, maybe even my bare feet on a sunny day

gargoyle transwoman muslimah when?

No. 265542

No. 265578

File: 1462056545240.jpg (429.34 KB, 687x1024, 1407788105249.jpg)

Is this a joke? He is making videos about him fearing for his life because of goth kids? ayy

No. 265595

How can you miss his trademark awful hissy fit sarcasm? Of cause it is a fucking joke.

No. 265921

No. 265922

No. 265927

He'd kill Dawson, is anyone here surprised?

No. 265987

File: 1462167826452.png (194.37 KB, 567x378, i think we are alone.png)

No. 265995

File: 1462171513431.png (8.19 KB, 813x57, hypocrite.png)

pic is from an interview Greg did.
http://raannt.com/onisions-raw-honesty-an-interview/ I guess playing fuck, marry, kill is okay after he cheated on his wife.

No. 265996

What the fuck.

No. 266007

He looks like he hasn't washed his hair in a month. Even grosser than usual, Gerg!

No. 266012

It's always the same with him. He claims one thing, and when some time has passed, he does/claims the complete opposite.

No. 266040

No. 266059

Jfc. And I thought aged Onision was terrifying, turns out he was even worse when he was younger.

No. 266088

is there any drama with that guy iamcyr and onision? they get along too well its almost like theyre gay lovers

No. 266091

File: 1462210931235.jpg (18.56 KB, 400x320, 1444071338787.jpg)

>"I am 22 now"
>that whole pic

No. 266093

>>265995 holy fuck, half of the answers he gave were "this question is useless/a waste of time", yet the interviewee still says that they are a huge fan of him. wtf

No. 266098

>12. What three things will you do for your child that you didn’t get from your parents?
>So long as all parties are healthy & happy, how people raise their children is not a public concern. I have no need to answer questions of this nature.

Funny, he didn't seem to have any problem insulting Lainey's parents.

No. 266102

Onion will never get over shane hahaha

No. 266103

Basically sounds like he does fuck all to help raise his son. He wanted a child so bad but can't be bothered to take care of one he helped create. The song of deadbeat dads everywhere.

No. 266105

he wanted a child cause impregnation is his fetish or something

No. 266106

Didn't this drama happen like three years ago? This guy is so pathetic.

No. 266110

Lainey: Not going to take anymore selfies.

A week later: Lainey posts selfie.

No. 266111

That article was posted in November 2013. His marriage was still fresh and he was playing the good husband role.

No. 266165


5 years actually.. lmao

No. 266166


This. And sure, some of us change/evolve some opinions over time. However, he has literally contradicted himself on every possible issue. Name something, he's done it and he's hated on it. He's the world's biggest hypocrite. AKA a psychopath narcissist attention whore. Dude is actually insane, no wonder he has no friends and every youtuber is afraid of him and won't collab. Cyr is the only one who came back and that's just for cash. Can't blame him.

No. 266192

Is he trying to play on guilt? Make us think "Awww poor gurg, he has to do this shit video all by himself :((( "

No. 266376

aw his wanna be friend is trying to get e poopular. Look at the two poop-tastic boys.

No. 266389

File: 1462301547970.png (329.13 KB, 814x444, 2014.png)

Wow, he has really let himself go. Not that he had much to begin with.

No. 266418

Fuck off rag no one knows who you are or cares

Just ignore him farmers he's a notorious self submitter on the anti onision blogs. I would be very surprised if this was not him

No. 266426

No. 266428

No. 266435

File: 1462312185939.jpg (35.51 KB, 512x462, 24a1536741c4e0c6416097978bc32b…)

so fucking rich that he is now concerned with words certain people find offensive.

fucking onion

No. 266503

These aren't even funny. I could go on and on about why I'm uncomfortable because I'm a cis gendered female that isn't hated on youtube but doesn't want transwomen in my bathroom but I won't because Greg wants to be a cis gendered female and he will always cheat on his "wife" with her gf. Saging myself because, fuck he is desperate.

No. 266506

No. 266556


No. 266644

File: 1462406793355.jpg (217.36 KB, 1401x788, 1401x788-73281483.jpg)

just try to tell me they are not the same person

No. 266651

File: 1462407456497.png (185.49 KB, 256x321, onion.png)

No. 266663

illuminati confirmed

No. 266679

I used to dislike Felix because of his videos but man… This stuff makes me gain a new respect for him, plus his content is actually watchable now.

Greg is so jealous of Felix it's almost creepy. Has a way cuter girl, more money, nicer house… Fame.

No. 266696

Felix's old videos are cringe to the max, but he's actually matured a lot in the last year. It's nice to see that he's admitted and apologised for his past sexist content. I think his girlfriend has helped him grow to be more of a respectable adult.

No. 266714

I believe that. I was watching one of his videos with Marzia on his channel and she gave him this look that said, "Don't you dare" when he was about to swear in front of her.

I also wonder if some of Gurgle's hate is fueled by the fact that Felix is also younger than him and far more successful. Gurgle's has been on YouTube for what, 10 years and is only known for being an asshole and no normalfag knows who he is?

No. 266867

No. 266868

File: 1462438037324.png (183.32 KB, 378x523, gingergreg.png)

Sorry, I'm retarded. Remember when he was an actual red-head? Ya he went there, I won't armchair psychology the dude but he has a serious hard-on for gingers and Asians.

No. 266871

his face gives me nightmares

No. 266880

Didn't he color his hair red to look like Gerard Way (another successful person he claims to despise but would hatefuck in an instant?)

No. 266938


its fucking ronald mcdonald

No. 266940

At least Ronald Mcdonald acknowledges his cakey clown makeup

No. 266964

Lmao I'm pretty sure he made a whole video after that about how much more attractive he is than Gerard Way (Yeah right)

No. 266979

File: 1462459579108.jpg (55.37 KB, 340x297, 1353379335900.jpg)

Reminder that Greg has been exactly the same for over 13 years: http://www.webproworld.com/webmaster-forum/threads/885-Personal-Site-Revealed-www-MrOdd-com

Basically, he posted his mr. odd site here for a review by actual webmasters and designers and they slaughtered it. In response, he wet himself publicly as you'd expect.

No. 266986

>10-22-2003, 12:58 PM
>As you progress through life, I fervently hope that your evident talents will find an outlet that doesn't reflect such desperate narcissism and twisted dementia.

hahaha that's uncanny

No. 267021

lmao, he can't deal even with the softest of the criticism

imagine trying to give him advice in person, he must be insufferable

No. 267041

File: 1462467486253.png (431.01 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-05-06-00-56-46…)


No. 267092

Since Onision is calling out Leafy for bullying, let's remember the time he told a bullied fan that it was his fault for being himself.

No. 267094

File: 1462476795725.jpg (53.22 KB, 350x447, 1462403853846.jpg)

Everyone is cringy at 13 but god damn, this guy was and still is a goldmine.

No. 267100

He was actually 17 at the time and he has barely matured since then.

No. 267165


Fuck me, how have I never seen this before? Gergles, you cringy hilarious pathetic fucker.

No. 267167

"As you progress through life, I fervently hope that your evident talents will find an outlet that doesn't reflect such desperate narcissism and twisted dementia. I am optimistic. By acknowledging that your current expression of creativity is odd, you have taken that first all important step toward improved mental health."

This is impressive. This guy knew what he was talking about over a decade ago and Gargel is still exactly the same.

No. 267169

No. 267356

Onision made another leafy video

Onion is such a hypocrite lmao he does the same thing as leafy

No. 267358

Just saw that MattG posted this on his tumblr a few weeks ago (After someone told him Onision randomly dissed him in a few videos)


No. 267359

File: 1462524627053.jpg (26.21 KB, 202x240, cleanliness-vamchoir.jpg)

WTF! WTF! His mom writes shitty vampire erotica?!

No. 267360

Most of the shit she writes doesn't make any sense. It's incomprehensible.

No. 267361

In this video, Onision is 25.

Not 9, not 12, not 16

twenty fucking five

No. 267362

I guess it's hereditary

No. 267400


Literal manchild

No. 267436

File: 1462543890265.png (20.89 KB, 522x212, bullying.png)

No. 267440

>check out my site!
>but don't give me your opinion

I normally hate the word "sensitive" but how the hell could someone be this sensitive. He goes on to only talk about that rocky guy because he was the only to openly tell him that he was not insulting him.

I don't even have words for what an absolute failure of a human being Egg is.

No. 267442

I've never seen a picture of Leafy before. Does he have mild Downs Syndrome?

No. 267466

He seriously sounds like a babbling mental patient. Do his fans really think he's funny, or are they just indulging him in the hopes of becoming the future ex-Mrs. Onion?

No. 267467

File: 1462550773794.png (18.31 KB, 755x166, weird shit.png)

OT but is there ever "mild" downs syndrome?

Anyway I'll contribute a little. I lurked around his uhohbro website when he first put it up and I found this amusing. He's still not over Shiloh.

No. 267472

Oh my god, he's always been this fucking way - he hasn't changed a single bit.

No. 267478

He keeps bringing up crap about his ex getting pregnant by someone else. Is he talking about Shilohs first pregnancy during their relationship… the fake pregnancy?

No. 267479

Is he secretly in love with freelee or what?

No. 267480

She had to go back to Canada after the whole sepsis thing to get health care. That's when she cheated on him and got knocked up.

No. 267481

I thought that happened after they broke for good? They were a confusing mess…

No. 267486

Looking at her old instagram, she was at about 8 months pregnant roughly 3 and a half years ago. So her child was conceived a little over 4 years ago, let's say around March of 2012. He was already with Lainey at that point. I don't think she got knocked up when she cheated but very soon after just based on my shitty math. If anyone would like to correct me then feel free.

No. 267488

All his relationships are a mess. They were still together and she cheated on him. They broke up then the AJ thing happened. Then he and Shiloh got together again.

No. 267495

I just didn't know if the cheating/pregnancy stuff actually happened like that or it was an exaggeration to make himself look like a victim. Really though, it's been like 4 years and he's married with his own kid so he needs to get over it.

>All his relationships are a mess.

Absolute truth and they always be! I wonder if he's ever realized that the common denominator is him?

No. 267535

There's mosaic downs syndrome where you look less downsy or almost completely normal, but still have downs. And yeah, some cases are more severe than others. Some can go on to function pretty normally, others are toddlers for life.

No. 267642


No. 267645

lol. But oniononsan's books are soooooo good though right? Modern day classics, praised by critics worldwide. So of course he's in a position to criticise other youtubers' shitty books.
i just can't, ok?

No. 267647


I can't stand his fake laugh. And certainly not his "british" accent.

No. 267688

Heh, he had to make a shit video just so he can mention how Shane kissed him.

Oh Onion..

No. 267842

HOW can he still be talking about that kiss?! Fucking hell Greglet, do you not reek of desperation enough already? Ugh, nauseating fucker.

No. 267861

>complaining about bullying
What kind of alternate universe is this, has he erased all the videos from his memory where he told bullying victims and suicidal people that it's their own fault? Kek.

No. 267869

>I can't stand his fake laugh
Me neither. Whether it's real or fake I've always said Gergler laughs like a spastic horse. His laughter is so unattractive.

No. 267870

He's getting so desperate for attention it's beyond belief. He does this often, though. The time counter on how many times this guy has contradicted himself in words and actions is long broken.

Gergles is still mentioning that kiss in nearly every single video. I would love for Shane to make a 20 second video just saying "Onision, it happened years ago. Stop milking that 'kiss'. It's pathetic."

No. 267871

He flips flops nearly on a daily basis. It depends on if he's feeling like a badass know it all or if he is pretending to be capable of empathy (he isn't). If he actually has grown and changed over time he would take down those old videos or publicly address them.

No. 267935

Does listening to audiobooks count as reading a book? That would destroy the fact that he hasn't read a book since he was 17. idk anyone would brag about that.

No. 267977

He already kinda did, it might even be why Onion boy started mentioning it every video. The butthurt is so strong he's still talking about it over six months later!


No. 267979

File: 1462660684571.jpg (21.88 KB, 667x130, 1.jpg)

No. 267983

I've never seen this before, thanks a lot anon!
The bulletproof vest comment, massive kek.

No. 267991

Andy Biersack's dad just tweeted:
Had a fun and informative conversation with @Onision, today. Figured you'd want to hear it, too, so I recorded it for an upcoming BBRAN.

Anyone know what that's about?

No. 267996

File: 1462663169817.jpg (21.34 KB, 628x139, plank.jpg)

No. 267997


Aw jeez, no one fucking cares Lamey. Leave him or shut the fuck up. I used to feel sorry for her but she's honestly pathetic for putting up with him.

No. 268002

This is probably directed at Billy Bob again.

No. 268005

Aren't Onisions fans overwhelmingly in their teens… like most of them mature enough by their early twenties at the latest to grow out of his "humor". It concerns me Andy Biersacks dad would refer to a conversation with him as informative.

No. 268038

He's like a parody of himself now isn't he? geez…

No. 268055

I'm really getting tired of her whole, "pity me" crap. If she's this upset about her caveman cheating on her, why doesn't she fucking leave him? She's got to be one of the dumbest women Greg has been with.

No. 268064

Christ, Gurg makes me "cringe". How can one person be so unattractive in personality and looks?!

Also, how can he judge YT books when he wrote his own fan fiction and self published it?!

No. 268066

To be fair, I think she's talking about Billie but I agree, I'm so fucking over hearing about how she's in love with and hurting over someone she met twice.
That and complaining about Groog. I don't know what she wants anyone to suggest at this point. She won't leave and he won't change so what can anyone say when she posts those 2006 emo-esque tweets?
She doesn't want to be in a different or better position, she just wants sympathy. Pathetic.

No. 268067

Billie has gotta find their obsession with her dangerously creepy, right?

I mean she's only recently turned 19, she got pulled into a relationship between an older married couple, both with questionable and shady backgrounds.

Why isn't she blocking the both of them from all her shared social networks? Lainey is becoming the very definition of crazy, creepy stalker ex as of recent.

No. 268070

I believe a lot of his videos are basically just him self-projecting onto others… There's no way someone can be so lacking in self-awareness to the point that EVERYTHING that comes out of their mouth and mind is a contradiction.

Like someone earlier said, he's nothing but a parody of himself, like it's the only thing left of him that's real and tangible, otherwise he's an empty shell, he has no real personality or redeeming qualities, he's forever a 12 year old manchild trapped in a rapidly aging sweaty, pimply sheath.

No. 268107

File: 1462700189057.gif (847.54 KB, 150x197, 1450997519075.gif)

I really don't feel sorry for Plainey anymore. Especially because these vague "I'm so sad and I miss you" tweets are so pathetic and messy. Aren't there vent websites for that sort of thing?

Maybe it's just me, but I think it's a little embarrassing to see someone in the public eye vent about silly bullshit for everyone to see. Like subtly airing dirty laundry.

No. 268119

I never felt sorry for her in the first place actually, and now I've just flat out had enough. Shouldn't be be starting to grow out of the whole whiny emo bitch thing by now? Jesus Christ.

No. 268161

^__ This.

I think she is learning his manipulation tactics because she doesn't want to loose the money or control. Honestly they both struggle with who is control.

The whole it was Greg's idea only is now turly bullshit. This whole "I don't want a girl friend" bit is now officially just to cover her ass from his fans. Come on she is called a cheater and such. His fans are so confused by them. She just doesn't want to be in bad light and is working it so she could take some of his base.

Thing is like Shiloh he might have control over her Twitter, YouTube, and other pages. So if she fucks up he might make it like she has no platform. Now that he knows she will use Twitter to try and dispel him. He know better for next time. She is getting to comfortable thinking he won't get rid of her and that she will turn his fans.

Most of his fans don't really like her without Greg and this is all a set up to show how he is a "good" husband trying to rebuild the relationship but she is a cheater with still looking for other women and the moment she fucks up she will catch more heat than he ever will.

No. 268194

The truth is that noone should be feeling sorry for her anymore. There's a certain point in time where all that sympathy drains away and you realise that one is just as bad as the other.

For example Rose West and Myra Hindley resorted to blaming their partners for all the horrible murders that they were just as much involved in and that they were "forced" to do them. I know it's a farfetched analogy but I'm trying to show there's only so far people's sympathies will go for some women who are hardcore obsessed with/of their partners.

Before she got into a relationship with Billie, she was basically grooming young girls on Twitter to get into a relationship with her… then she blamed Gergles and said it was "his idea"… and now she's back to doing the exact same thing all over again. Lainey is so used to getting what she wants, that she will act like an emo child whenever plans fall through for her.

Of course, Gergles is supportive of her needs because her needs benefit his own as well.

An obsessive, sheltered, spoilt fan marries her psychopathic, backwards idol.

What could possibly go wrong?

No. 268196

Ewwww, all the Twitter posts about her trying to find her "dream girl" makes me realise she's essentially putting a "classifieds ad" out there.

She describes the girl in suspiciously minute detail, then she starts retweeting her fans who say "She must exist, let's find her for you!" and then she acts out in her usual wistful-gentle-emotional-child way about it all by simultaneously longing for a non-existent "dream girl" (whose description is so generic that probably 40% of her fans look that way) - and pining over a teenage girl she met in person twice over the internet.

She's creepy as fuck, basically Onion v2.0 four or five years in the making.

No. 268251

No. 268252

Does Onision Emotionally Abuse Me?

No. 268260


No. 268262

All of his videos are cringy for multiple reasons… His laughing at his own jokes and the god damn jump cuts everywhere are the worst. It looks like shit was copy/pasted.

No. 268268

I don't know how anyone would still feel bad for her after seeing this. If she thinks his abuse is funny, fuck 'em both. They deserve each other.

No. 268294

so he is self-aware

No. 268296


>If we joke about it then it's not really happening!

No. 268301

So this is that marriage counseling he talked about months ago, right? He knows if they go to a real therapist Lainey will actually be given a chance to complete sentences without him giggling and cutting her off. His shirt is abusing my emotions.

No. 268393

File: 1462761509224.jpeg (1.24 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpeg)

So while Gerg sits alone bitching about YouTubers and his insane marriage…this is what the fuck I did with my weekend. Haters have no lives so we don't do fun shit like see Rob Zombie(thanks for the blog, pal)

No. 268398

who are you lmao

No. 268401

File: 1462762629029.gif (1.91 MB, 540x240, 425.gif)

Literally no one cares, guy.

No. 268406

K ( ° ʖ °)

No. 268414

plain doormat acts smug even though it's basically confirmed onion is abusing her

holy fugg

No. 268426

It explains why he can't write for shit.

No. 268446

you shoulda framed this as something other than a humble brag man :/

No. 268448

I think you guys have Lainey all wrong. I think she is just stunted in her emo teen years, which explains the depressing tweets. No manipulation going on there, just angst and a craving for attention. As for the twitter flirting/girl search I have two theories on that. One is that her male self is like an online persona for her to escape. She pretends to be a hot guy that all the girls fawn over to get attention. My other theory is that she genuinely wants a real relationship with another girl, but the only way she knows how to attract a partner is to act like a fangirl on twitter (the way she got Greg). Both of these theories spawn from her obvious preference for females (Greg said in a video that she admitted that to him), but stuck with a shitty husband. Not trying to defend the fact that she flirts with underage girls though.

As for the awareness of Greg's emotional abuse, yes she is aware to a point, but she thinks she's a special snowflake that can tame the beast. Why does she think that? Because Greg hammers it into her head all the time. We see him do this in videos. One instance that comes to mind is during one of their You Now live streams he made the analogy that she is Marge Simpson and he is Homer Simpson because she balances him and calms him. He even tried to pull this shit on Adrienne when she figured him out (you can hear it in his voicemails), but she did not fall for it like Lainey did.

Lainey is too far gone and a fucking idiot and thinks she can keep his love for the sake of financial security and for their child (she's the product of a messy divorce), but doesn't realize living with a parent with Greg's emotionally abusive personality traits is highly emotionally damaging for children and could potentially leave lifelong emotional scars. She doesn't want to lose her "famous" Youtuber husband or the attention she gets from her fans. Without them she is back to being a no one (or even worse shunned online like his other exes) and would have to go back to her hometown filled with friends she lost because of her relationship with Greg (he is known to get his s/os to cut out friends early on for dumb reasons like drinking alcohol) and "I told you so"s from her family.

No. 268451

so y'all make slights at onion about his closed off lifestyle and bitch that he never leaves his house or does anything remotely fun…and then still whine when guy says he does just the opposite after going to a cool concert he probably really enjoyed?

…the fuck? con-sis-ten-cy. its a good value to actually have instead of just claiming to have so you can appear different than a dipshit online like onion. honestly who gives a shit if it was an obvious brag. it seems like it was a lot more fun the being a salty shitposter over absolutely nothing and a night out at something awesome like that beats a night indoors stuck to a laptop making the same points and observations over and over forever about the biggest autist on the internet right now. its honestly surprising to see guy here at all anyway because even he himself said that this shit accomplished next to nothing because greg is an unchangeable rock personality wise and was/is just a gigantic waste of time.

my two cents on it.(samefagging / ban evasion / being retarded)

No. 268454

File: 1462771824258.jpg (43.54 KB, 625x351, 4db949b725dde81043af201ae3a4dc…)

Fuck off.

No. 268455

He Blogposted, which is highly frowned upon here in in /pt/. It's a bannable offense in /pt/ and /snow/.

No. 268458

Complaining about salty shit-posting, proceeds to salty shit-post.

We make slights about onion because this is a thread about onion. This is not a thread for shitty concert reviews.

No. 268462

Gurgles most definetly does not have BPD. He wouldn't fit about 80% of the criteria nor does anyone with BPD act like him. Diagnosing him with BPD just because he's afraid of abandonment is like diagnosing someone with ASPD because they don't like talking to strangers

No. 268464

File: 1462775522543.jpeg (39.83 KB, 540x437, image.jpeg)

haha so this guy dropped his name and changed his IP just to defend his own stupid post?


No. 268470

Anyone else getting the vibe SG287 seems to think we're his fans or some shit? I don't know, just seemed strange that he would think we would care what he did on the weekend.

Anyways, I actually agree with >>268448 some what. It seems to make sense giving her teenage angsty posts, the fact she suurounds herself with teenagers and also Greg is the same. He's obsessed with being younger ect… Could just be emotionally stunted and nieve in believing she can change (or deal for lack of better words) him. Though a part of me just cannot believe she can't see how fucking terrible he is, but abuse can do crazy things to ones mind so who knows. Food for thought.

No. 268473

Taylor has more going for her than his past relationships. She has him paying for her tuition and had her friend move to Seattle. Greg pisses her off? She can grab the kid and head over to Selena's place.

I think the whole fakeboi thing is just a way to get Greg to not touch her. Seriously, she's allowed to flirt with girls, not have a job, use Greg as a sugar daddy, and develop her own fandom without doing very much.

That said, I don't like her grooming behavior or the fact that her 15 year old friend is visiting her and Greg this summer.

No. 268479

I was kinda amazed that he presumed he had a "safe space" here because we all hate Gurgles, like what exactly did he want us to say? That he's fantastic because he's not like Gergoyle and he's a good and interesting YT blogger (not like Gerg) for sharing his weekend with us?

Fucking Narcissists are everywhere, man.

>>the fact that her 15 year old friend is visiting her and Greg this summer.


No. 268530

File: 1462796041319.jpg (41.9 KB, 593x500, _20160505_184221.thumb.JPG.aa7…)


Plainey loves laughing at her doormat status.

No. 268538

This what Onion says, and I'm sure he laughs passive-agressively at those comments. Maybe Lainey even joins in but I hope deep down it gives something to think about…

No. 268541


I hate to say it, it's TOLD YOU SO.

I love this thread because it feels so unnatural, would you like to be with him?

You guys deserve so much more.

No. 268552

Yes, laugh it up Lainey, while your husband cheats on you with an 18 year old and verbally and emotionally abuses you both privately and publically to get his acne ridden dick hard. Judging by your crybaby tweets that most grow out of writing after 16 and your constant lusting for the kid with whom your husband actually literally chucked you with, we're sure you're very happy boo.

No. 268560

She probably laughs as hard as she did about it in her last video which was actually just her awkwardly smiling the whole time. I expected to see her laughing at abuse in that video like the previous anons said but I don't think she laughed once. Just Greg forcing that fake laugh he always does.

Wasn't this tweet made when she was taking a break from twitter to mend their relationship? Why are we believing him?

No. 268591

are you guys sure he doesn't do drugs? this would explain a lot imo.
or can someone get this high of 'internets fame'? (in terms of power)

No. 268611

The thing thats so disturbing about this is that its Onision answering these questions, and then Lainey will just agree as soon as he answers.

No. 268614

Fucking finally, thank you for banning this tard-o. He's just as embarrassing as Onion.

I honestly agree with you. Lainey is so stunted in her mental growth and so manipulated by Gerg its unreal. She can be super annoying but I do have a soft spot for her just because she is so young and has royally ruined her life by having a kid with Gmeg

No. 268616

i don't think he does drugs. he doesn't like alcohol or caffeine because they make him feel out of control, and he doesn't like being out of control. definitely he gets off on feeling powerful by manipulating others but that's not quite the same. i think he is afraid to do a drug because he's desperately clinging on to more charming aspects of his persona - as disgusting as it is to type that, obviously he does exert some sort of charm over his fans and without that charm and control he would be nothing.

depending on the substance of course, he would either totally lose his shit or develop a bit of self awareness

No. 268653

What are you even trying to say here?

No. 268667

File: 1462827879696.jpg (1002.87 KB, 4250x2833, mgik.jpg)

No. 268669

I'm 100% certain he's said this same thing before.

No. 268677

I really agree with you about the control aspect. Greg seems pretty straightedge along all trajectories. I almost feel like his veganism is an extension of this. Even though it can be rationalized morally, some times I wonder if his compulsion to abstain from any remotely unhealthy substances is a neurotic behavior, in the same way that an anorexia sufferer gets a comforting sense of control from abstaining from eating. (Preemptive repudiation for shitheads: I am not equating abstinence from drugs and unhealthy foods with anorexia here, obviously.)

No. 268708

>lainey is so perfect i don't deserve her she should just leave me :( that's right guys tell lainey to leave me

>me and lainey laugh at you guys telling her to leave me xD she'll never leave xD

No. 268714


obsession with eating healthy is called orthorexia

No. 268722

I'm aware of this, but I don't think Greg has orthorexia, or any eating disorder. I was just suggesting that his desire for this restraint, be it logical or subconscious, could be for reasons similar to those of those who do suffer eating disorders like ana/ortho.

No. 268729

Onision is as restraint with his diet as he is a loving husband and father. What he says isn't what he does in most cases. He eats at Taco Bell. His vegetarianism is just another tool to create drama on YouTube. Not like he actually is a vegetarian.

Remember kids, Gurgles has said that Onision is a character and that he 'can be whatever he wants to be'. And that's how he justifies everything that backfires. Oh, and that he's a comedian. So everything Greg does is ok because he didn't do it, onision did. Or maybe it was just Greg because they're totally two different characters and he's a comedian so go kill yourself lelelelel

No. 268731

Anyone remembers that guy who claimed he knew Greg in high school?

I was a bit sceptic about what he had to say since he had basically no proof but I'm thinking now he was legit.

I remember him mentioning that Gurg used to preach same "I'm better than you because I'm vegetarian" bullshit in high school, but then he would eat a Big Mac for lunch and pretend he isn't doing anything wrong.

No. 268733

Also Banana and Onions bffs :-))

No. 268734

File: 1462857212710.jpg (19.82 KB, 464x159, 77.JPG)


No. 268738

Not too surprised by this video. He was basically worshipping her in the video where he bashes horse face Tana Mojo and effectively pisses off her equally psycho fanbase.

No. 268743

I don't even like tana but her video against freelee was scathing. Onision needs to crawl out of freelees ass

No. 268756

wtf glad I watch on the dl link. This is so stupid, he wants to talk about two chicks rivalries on veganism but can't be a vegan himself. He killed a turtle and decided that only vegans can judge him. This asshole doesn't have obsessions with healthy eating, he's an asshole and a vegetarian and likes to tear apart girls on youtube. He tweeted how his bag broke from Whole Foods and didn't accept a free reuseable bag when his tofurkey and veganaise broke, he loves the taco bell and doesn't know his beans are getting mixed up with the beef.

No. 268767

I love how he talks about how disgusting and evil meat-eaters are while still consuming dairy/eggs. You're on the same moral level as meat-eaters, Onion.

No. 268779

And he must know this because Freelee talks about dairy and eggs a lot too. It's like claiming moral superiority because you're a monk, and here, look at this monk who is my friend … but you're not actually a monk. Idgi.

No. 268780

Check out 1:40

Onision confirmed for browsing PULL

No. 268792

that makes a lot of sense.

there was one video in particular which was really painful, it was him calling one of his ex's back after a breakup. it's one of the few videos where he actually seemed human. anyways he seemed compelled to televise the event, like if he doesn't have an audience then his experiences aren't real.

he certainly seems driven to obsessive behaviour but since he can't live up to the ideals of anything he purports as being meaningful, he makes all these videos to try and convince himself that he's still better than everyone even though he failed at his own ideals of self perfection

such mpa

No. 268800

Why's he so hot and bothered over girls with this kind of aesthetic? If Eugenia wasn't 21 I'd be worried about her being his next victim.

No. 268812

Eugenia has made videos with that one goth dbag who wears the shitty headdresses. The one who makes videos with Billy. Maybe onion is just following the trail hate.

Eugenia would be so cute if she wasn't an anachan.

No. 268819

What was even his point here? He just kind of rambled on about nothing

No. 268821

Defending a cute potential cuddle buddy.

No. 268826

This is only the second video of his I've watched (after the one where he "explains" what happened with Billie), and boy is he irritating. That little, "Made you think" moody look into camera at the end is sickening, especially since he makes no sense: bodyshaming Eugenia is bad, but he spends most of this video talking about Eugenia's mother and how fat she is? Nice work there, Gurgles.

No. 268830


Despite the backhanded asskissing in that vid I don't get the idea that greg would be that into eugenia, he's constantly going on about how he likes girls with a more meat on their bones. He said something about how Tana Mongeau (who has a totally normal, slim but average body type) would look better with a little more chub or something this week.

No. 268853


I dont think he's being truthful. I think he's saying things like that to erase shitty things he said in the past like the skinny pact video with his first wife and making comments about how he likes thin Asian girls to Shiloh which triggered the Shiloh forgot me episode. He plays both sides to deflect criticism. Even in this video he goes on and on about how you can't say someone is anorexic because of their appearance yet before he made a whole video looking at thin women judging if they are anarexic or not based on their arms. I don't remember what video that was though. He's normally repulsed by extremely thin girls like Eugenia and would bash them. I think she only avoided that because of her darker emo style. He loves that stuff

No. 268902

Kek, I love how he says his fans aren't all young girls… like cunt, check your comment section anytime you piss them off about a topic they like that you shit on to get views. That's another thing about his fans that piss me off. They only get upset when they're personally offended. Then they just say "lol hes just telling the truth and lol offensive humor hurdur" Like fucking dumbasses, it's so much more than that. He just baits you idiots for views by talking about popular topics for tweens on YouTube. And that's not even all the awful shit he's done that they have no idea about. Ughhhh. I fucking hate Onision so much.

No. 268936

File: 1462915723992.jpeg (111.14 KB, 1261x776, image.jpeg)

Soooo, apparently Whitney Wisconsin has gone off Leafy and is now focusing her "attentions" on Gerg by Tweeting at him. I guess if he REALLY wants that threesome, here is his chance…

No. 268940


Was she really dating leafy? I thought they were just circle jerking each other for revenue.

Anyways, I know Greg has set the bar low… but I think she's so far below it that only James Cameron would be able to raise her fugly ass to Greg's standards.

No. 268952

aaaaaaaaaajajajajajajajajajajaja that would be amazing

No. 268953

She doesn't seem to have the self respect or dignity that Greg likes to strip from his victims. I think he's not stupid enough to associate himself with a dogfucker after those rumors about Shiloh got out.

No. 268962


Oh boy… I do recall something about that, can you refresh me on those rumors?

No. 268964


Greg's mom hated Shiloh and told Greg Shiloh had her dog lick her out. Greg and Shiloh thought it was funny (obviously not believing his crazy mom) and made a vague video about it. After their break-up he told Adrienne about what his mom said when he was shit talking his exes. When her letter leaked everyone connected what she said to the video Greg and Shiloh made and took it as truth. Greg got pissed the rumor was getting around and said it was all a lie.

No. 268973

why… is there not a thread on this girl?

No. 268978

No, I don't think Gerg would ever do the "official girlfriend thing" with Whitney – he considers himself too highbrow for the likes of her. But I bet he's not above a little slumming just to see how far he could get her to go. And that is a dark path indeed; I don't even want to know what kind of sex act Whitney would refuse. But I bet in private Gerg is depraved as all hell.

No. 268980

My god those "dramatic" pauses he does makes my head hurt.

No. 268983

>he makes all these videos to try and convince himself that he's still better than everyone even though he failed at his own ideals of self perfection

Spot on tbh.

No. 269000

Has he come out yet?

No. 269283

File: 1463038444369.png (108.24 KB, 635x913, dork.png)

>makes fun of a 2 year old suicide
>omg more popular youtubers are cyberbullies!
Is this guy a hypocrite or does he have long term memory problems? He monetized a video where he made fun of Amanda Todd ffs.

No. 269286


is he wearing a fucking sundress

No. 269293

No. 269320

File: 1463057616953.jpg (122.41 KB, 842x842, Looper.jpg)

Has anyone seen this? http://www.looper.com/3157/popular-youtubers-worst/

Relevant image attached in case you don't want to deal with Looper's awful website. Other Youtubers mentioned in the article include Nicole Arbour and Shane Dawson.

No. 269331

They obviously weren't dating lol he made a video on her then she made a bunch of videos pretending to love him so she can get attention from his fans so he responded to the videos calling her disgusting and stuff. They both kept it going on for a while to bring in the views

No. 269344

Ugh, I had a nightmare yesterday that he was my boss, in charge of making a product. He threw a shitfit the entire time if someone had a better idea to him, jumping around and screaming like a kid, and insisted that his way was the right way even though the product came out riddled with hazards and problems. By the end of it, he was practically foaming at the mouth and physically walking away into another office if he got criticized.
But who cares, he's Groggy Onion, if it fits his image of fucking cool, you're all just meat-eating haters who are too stupid to buy his shit!
I got so annoyed I told him I quit and then immediately woke up.

No. 269360


this was so weird? this is so weird. is this what people do on the internet now?

No. 269362

Only if you're aiming to bore the shit out of your viewers.

No. 269474

Dear diary…

No. 269535

File: 1463107581663.png (35.29 KB, 592x286, ONION BOYZZ.png)


No. 269587

"Welcome to my blog"

No. 269602

He made video about Papa Franku again.

No. 269604

He can totally talk shit about filthy frank because he's without sin.

No. 269615


A rat fighting rats. God I hope they reply, they're both complete cowards so they'll likely ignore him… but damn, I'd love to see them in a live debate.

No. 269617

Maybe he should remember love.

No. 269734

God damn Greg, you never shut up about you finger banging some fifteen year old, twenty years ago. At this point it's sounding creepy.

Also, stop pretending to white knight over this kid

"Leave people be" >makes attacks on people 24/7 lmao what a cuck

No. 269737

>calls melanie ugly


No. 269939

Let me get this straight… He calls Shane creepy for taking photos with his fans with his arm around their shoulder, like a normal celebrity does… And yet, Onion doesn't see himself as creepy for fucking underage teenage girls?! He's a fucking living parody.

No. 269969

File: 1463271961322.png (13.66 KB, 824x90, Average Onision fan.png)

No. 269974

I think he's in a midlife crisis

He keeps mocking every youtuber

No. 269981

File: 1463273764762.png (497.46 KB, 464x552, 1.png)

New instagram picture that said "No filters, no makeup, no friends" with actual filters removed by me… kek

No. 269983

File: 1463273795965.png (39.42 KB, 602x296, Onionboy.png)

No. 269984

In his world fucking the fans you find on twitter is less serious than a hug and naked massages for teen girls is "cuddling".

No. 270161

File: 1463332360994.png (116.94 KB, 636x540, tweets.png)

>some girl trolling about jews getting kicked out of 109 places
>someone posts Greg's video on holocaust denial
>calls Greg a retarded jew
>please report for racism :~(

Jews aren't a race. He gets away with bitching about Christians all the time.

No. 270186

"Why do people hate onision fans?"

No. 270193

Wow. I hate him but she is pretty terrible herself.

No. 270198

It's always fun watching two nutcasees fight one another.

No. 270206

>keeps distorting instagram pics

No. 270308


I was under the impression she's just trolling to get money out of neo-nazi/storm front fucks since she links to her donation account in her video descriptions.

No. 270332

So she's a terrible person.

No. 270335

She @'ed leafy so she's just like all of his other female fans who do this XDD I'm trollin~~ shit to try to get leafy senpai to notice them. I actually like Leafy but his fans are too fucking much

No. 270342

Being jewish is an ethnicity and a religion. They are an ethno-religious group. Non-religious jews like Judith Butler and Noahm Chomsky are still called Jews. My parents are christians - no one would call me a christian since I don't go to church. So there’s quite a difference between being jewish and being christian.
Why am I even taking the bait….

No. 270364


"Evalion Must be stopped" lol he made a video about her

No. 270365

And now he made fun of my digital escape

No. 270370

Wow, that thumbnail. Her teeth are as yellow as corn.

No. 270371

No. 270372

I'd usually say, "That dumbass" but I've stopped feeling bad for Lainey a while ago since all she wants is self-pity. She and Gurgle's are made for one another.

No. 270375

Way to go Lainey – getting pregnant in the wake of the cuddling event. Another kid will ensure he doesn't stray!!


No. 270378


Interesting that it's his mom who says that. Neither of them has said anything about it.

Still, if it's true, I officially give up on Lainey: she deserves anything she gets. WTF.

No. 270384

I wish this fucker was sterile like he claimed to be. I hope the baby isn't a girl.

No. 270388

>third grandkid
Gerg has a sibling?

No. 270389


Because they've been all "private" for some time now ever since they had "threats" online…even though any fucking person online will get bullshit threats and Onion made a song for his son and mentioned it in multiple videos so people already know they have kids. Who cares.

I just feel bad for those kids. God, that's scary having those two crazy fuckers as parents. Ugh. Explains why his videos have been so dramatic lately too, clearly trying to stir shit up to get more attention to bring in more money for the kids. Which just shows how fake, desperate and sad he is.


He has a sister. I'm guessing she has a kid. Or there's the ex-wife kid rumor but I think that's false honestly or he would've mentioned it I think at least once years ago when he freaked out on Skye after she stole stuff.

No. 270390



No. 270391

He has two sisters.

No. 270436

Yep… if she is pregnant, the date of conceiving would fit right in with that timeline.

Lainey "But… but, you cheated on me!"
Onion "Shhhh now, I'll prove I didn't… let us make love and have another baby together. Fight for love, Lainey."
Lainey "Ohhhh Greg, I love youuuu."

No. 270438

Seriously? Making fun of him because he was abused? Onion is such a fucking sack of shit.

No. 270450

She has the perfect ASMR voice though. Listening to her delusional garbage vids because she has such a nice voice.

No. 270456

she should do one of those "inaudible whisper" ASMR videos where she just reads Hitler speeches

No. 270474

>>where she just reads Hitler speeches
AKA Gergs tweets.

No. 270565



No. 270572

>When you have no friends so you have to film yourself 3 times for a shit video

No. 270603

File: 1463468788881.png (73.5 KB, 187x272, 1445133416324.png)

I honestly believe this was their conversation. Fucking disgusting.

No. 270604

So basically two things are going on right now;

1. Lainey is pregnant again (vague confirmation from Gerg's crazy mom.)
2. Billie is considering getting back with Lainey (vague rumor from DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME.)

No. 270607


No. 270609

File: 1463470641361.gif (9.62 MB, 500x278, uhhhh.gif)

>>IV. I plan to never use drugs of any kind because I don’t like the idea of acting like an idiot — possibly for the rest of my life.

No. 270610

What do fuckbois do when they get pregnant? Fuck their girlfriends? Force breast milk on all their lovers? This is going to be some juicy shit.

No. 270612

They decided to solve all their marriage problems by having another child.
Great marriage counselling there.

No. 270613

They decided to solve all their marriage problems by having another child.
Great marriage counselling there.

No. 270708

Didn't you know? It's the way to solve all our world problems.

I can't wait for little Troy to end up like their wonderful parents! Secular love all the way! <3 <3 <3

No. 270761

This is the most perfect reaction .gif ever.

No. 270789

This guy would write and then play a satirical character that blows smoke up his own ass. I think that's why I'm still subscribed.

No. 270794

Now that said, having watched the video this is satirizing, MDE is hilariously cringey


No. 270795


I called it lol


No. 270808

I can't believe people still make music like this. Actually, what I really can't believe that people still listen to music like this?! Its like a fell into a time hole in Youtube and its 2005 again.

No. 270811

Talk about him in the Bryan Stars & My Digital Escape /snow/ thread

No. 270812

Onion got Evalion banned from youtube

No. 270813

File: 1463538014023.gif (611.2 KB, 320x240, cat2.gif)

oop didn't know there was a thread, see ya

No. 270816


He wishes. It was Leafy.

No. 270819

File: 1463541968607.png (121.05 KB, 691x542, babythreats.png)

This was on Greg's most recent picture of Taylor and I found it interesting.

No. 270821

No wonder. Did anyone really expect that Onion's cuck wife is a good person?
After all, Onion is her teacher, her guru.

No. 270828

File: 1463546009701.jpg (133.67 KB, 1600x687, L9QZ7q0.jpg)


No. 270831

I felt that Plainey was a shit person after the way she talked about Shiloh before she got with the greasy Blooming Onion. This is not surprising to me in the least

No. 270832

I don't understand his eyebrows. It's like they actually grow out of his upper eyelid.

No. 270841

Onion's relationship partners best to worst:

Skye - Most mature, fun at times, kept Onion mostly acting decent/not crazy, she could be a little bland/didn't reveal much til the end but that's probably cause Onion treated her like shit (until he left her)

Shiloh - At least he was more fun with her/she was more entertaining than Plainey. She also was talented musically and seemed cool. She did have some craziness but hell, it probably came out from being around a guy who filmed her having illnesses and profiting off her fame. Also, she looks cuter (or did) Lainey is overrated, weird lips and kind of manish

Adrienne - His most attractive ex, seemed highly intelligent and fun, kept him grounded, wish we would've had more drama/got to know her more and if it lasted longer than a few weeks. Also apparently her dad is famous. Neat.

Lainey - Mostly boring & basic, tried to be a scene girl until she got bored of that and now she's a SJW tumblr hipster and hopped on the trans train. Her new haircut makes her look even more boring and she has little personality. She also acts fake and seems to be a big cunt behind the scenes and she's clearly not that smart since she's still with Gerg and had kids with him

No. 270846

Why doesnt he just try to even help himself in the slightest. Like getting a nice fucking hair cut.

No. 270847

File: 1463555987962.jpg (144.33 KB, 811x440, haircut.jpg)

He tried and it was horrible.

No. 270848

It's because he cuts his own hair with safety scissors instead of getting a $16 haircut at a cheap ass chain salon.

No. 270859

tbh I'm kinda excited about this. Greg's fans are irritated that he reused an old video of her on her channel but if she's knocked up and not taking selfies, there is going to be props or more old videos reuploaded to her weekly updated channel.

How do we go with this? Lol old footage or lol, Taylor is holding a beach ball and trying to be interesting in a video?

No. 270880

If she's true she did all that to a baby, I find it pretty hypocritical that she "protects" her kid from social media so people won't do the same thing to her kid. What a bitch if true.

No. 270911

Haha, he looks like a psycho killer. What is uglier? His eyebrows or his lips? I still can't decide.

No. 270917

I thought his emo hair was retarded but it actually helped him a lot.

No. 270974

Weird, the oeliveson moderator complained of the same thing but Lainey threated her two sons… maybe it's the same person?

No. 270979

Maybe there'll be a strategically positioned camera so the baby bump can't be seen?

No. 270981

File: 1463599813954.png (407.51 KB, 583x539, Untitled.png)

Imagine going through Pewdiepie videos just to find an unflattering shot to post on twitter.

No. 270985

That's what she's been doing in every single video lately. She has a big blanket or sits so her legs cover her stomach.

No. 270995

He doesn't even look bad here.

No. 270996

Onision taking the piss out of Pewds for not looking so good is like an unemployed person making fun of an employed person for not having Mondays off.

No. 271003

pewds is so sexy

No. 271010

This, it instantly reminded me of these retarded wagecuck threads on 4chan, Onision would murder to have Pewdiepie's money and fame. Pathetic.

No. 271011

I can taste the salt through my monitor.

No. 271018

>this is what he does instead of spending time with his son

Having a second child sure was a good idea.

No. 271031

…is he supposed to look ugly or something? Because I'm not seeing it. Onion is so god damn salty that he's a bag of Funyons at this point. I bet he stalks PewDiePie's videos, looks at those views and subscriber count bar going, "THIS SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME!!!!"

No. 271033

File: 1463615549000.jpg (16.5 KB, 320x320, 12677709_1004980712922950_1254…)

Felix grew a beard, omg, he must be giving up on life! Not like greasy, unwashed onion, he's beautiful and special and perfect as he is.

No. 271044

Wow he's super attractive.
Maybe onion is jelly of pewds beard? Can onion even grow one?
He has his beard trimmed and hair combed, he's not slathered in makeup like onion so of course this is "letting them self go"

No. 271046

Don't forget, his skin is good too! Onion's skin is broken out beyond professional help.

No. 271047

Pretty sure Onion mentioned that his facial hair comes in patchy in the past on his old psycho website. He's probably just jealous and playing it off as "beards are gross" to his preteen fans. Felix was cute in an awkward way and kind of grew into his looks while onion only got creepier looking with age. Felix is also filthy rich from youtube, successful, has a healthy relationship with his beautiful girlfriend, lovely house, everything gerg feels he deserves.

No. 271048

File: 1463624017366.jpg (985.13 KB, 245x356, 7f4bc709c2f82e9f9b59b879fd110b…)

His girlfriend is a popular youtuber too.

No. 271052

File: 1463625392940.jpg (15.08 KB, 445x93, hjh.JPG)

Also 10 times hotter and more interesting than Plaineyboy


No. 271054

Oh, c'mon greg let it fucking go.

No. 271058

Grease even went after Marzia in one video. He can't get any lower but he'll manage to prove me wrong somehow. Dude needs to just accept the fact that his life sucks, his wife is plain as fuck and he's not a successful Youtuber. Even the most basic people know who PewDiePie is but mention Onision? Nope, never heard of him.

No. 271060

Doesnt she have nudes

No. 271062

File: 1463629338071.png (Spoiler Image, 930.21 KB, 999x577, Transexuall Cutiepie marzia fa…)

I tried to look into this and now I can't stop laughing.

No. 271065

File: 1463629452971.png (340 KB, 583x572, Untitled.png)

Where's the joke, Greg? This was 4 hours after >>270981, by the way.

No. 271076

So he's sitting there all day stewing over Pewd's success. Bitter, salty, and greasy af.

No. 271090

Is he really going to do this even with all the uggo pictures of himself out there? At least Pewdiepies fanbase doesn't 100% rely on him clinging to his youth and looks

No. 271095

Lmao holy fuck bad shoop

No. 271099

File: 1463635259886.jpg (29.85 KB, 600x450, ChGQ2oAUgAAtRWk.jpg)

So the Evalion campaign worked out in his favour, didn't it?
I'm not for neo nazi shit but his fans were pretty vicious honestly

No. 271100

Wait, second son?
Onion is having a second son?
What psychopathic child indoctrination is he planning?

No. 271101

He is so fucking desperate for views - I really hope Pewdiepie doesn't fall for the cheap bait and hands his followers to Onion on a silver platter.

This is the only reason he's doing this.

No. 271105

File: 1463638749138.png (63.17 KB, 607x451, pewd.png)

Felix knows how to handle himself. His fans aren't going to suddenly jump ship for someone like onion.

No. 271106

Felix is a smart guy and knows the rotten Onion's plan. He's not falling for it.

It's just pathetic to see the lengths he goes through to try and start drama with Felix. All this because he's jealous of his life. Such a sad Onion turning into a scallion.

No. 271120

Everyone knows Greg is a cuck. Doesn't matter how much crotch fruit he has, he will always be a cuck.

He thought he'd get a great threesome but all he got was a fakeboi he lets cuck him, but he also gets a 2nd child! I don't know how impregnation fetishes work but do they worry about the kid that's born from them?

No. 271130

Sick burn!

No. 271278

File: 1463722386550.png (25.63 KB, 578x263, not racist at all.png)

I think it's safe to bet that Onion is incapable of growing a beard.

No. 271284

>Onion: Look at Pewdiepie! Obviously he has given up on life lol
>Everyone else: What is wrong with him
>Onion: He has a beard guys
>Everyone else: So what? He looks good.
>Onion: B-b-but he look like terrorist, get it???

He really should kill himself.

No. 271287

Onion doesn't understand why you would want to grow a beard and alienate yourself from preteen fangirls. Oh man, pewdiepie sure does look like a grown man, ew gross. Good thing onion will keep his boyish good looks forever. kek.

No. 271323

If only he would. He has zero redeeming value on YouTube or in the world.

No. 271328

I'm not even a fan of Pewdiepie, but I can't tell Onion is wayyyy out of Pewdiepie's league in the looks department.

Onion is like barely a 2/10, Pewdiepie has him beat by 7/10 at least.

No. 271331

File: 1463731151606.jpg (226.56 KB, 810x1086, IMG_20160520_165842.jpg)

No. 271333

No. 271335

File: 1463731926848.png (247.07 KB, 307x457, taylor.png)

I just looked at Greg's IG and found this picture of Taylor. She's the hardest looking 21 yo I've ever seen but at least she still has a sweet Ouran HS tee. Those bags under her eyes, totally not raising a child by herself while pregnant with a second.

No. 271336

Is that an older photo? Isn't her hair a bit shorter and still colored black?

No. 271337

He uploaded it this week. I thought her hair was darker and shorter so take with that what you will.

No. 271341

God, let it go Greg. He's so embarrassing.

No. 271344

Looks like he rubbed soot all over himself

No. 271347

I've never seen a fucking 30 year old grown ass man get so triggered over someone he has never met and never will. This is the kind of tantrum a fucking 16 year old girl pulls. Greg needs to fucking let it go instead of spending his entire day stalking Felix's videos just to find something dumb to nitpick. Sure, he has every right to hate his videos but all these personal attacks? Salty and petty as fuck.

Stalking PewDiePie online instead of taking care of his own son. Onion, everybody.

No. 271360

I know another anon has already said it but he's SO jealous of Felix.
He's hot. People his age / older / younger all agree. & he doesn't have to pretend to be an edgy teen for views.
Not only this his Mrs is drop dead gorg gorgeous and FUN. Unlike plainey.

TL; DR Give it up grog you're never gonna be PDP.

No. 271363

I think he gets ass pained that felix doesn't care what he does because at the end of the day, when he finishes his youtube videos and upload them, he doesn't have to deal with two neglected sons and a whiny emo bitch of a wife with another neglected sod on the way.

No. 271364

at least she achieved her dream of finally looking like a man.

No. 271392

Plain as always lol. All of his exes looked better than her but they were also a lot smarter because they ran.

No. 271399

Maybe he means that he's collecting information to bring to the attention of the police once Shane Dawson is found murdered with his face cut off

Silly anon, what is more youthful? A full non-patchy beard, or a face full of acne? Touché, anon.

No. 271433

File: 1463772180195.png (128.87 KB, 629x512, untitled.png)

now THIS is projecting

No. 271436

Why does he think he's specifically talking about Leafy? There's plenty of other people who do this. It's not about having videos that happen to be over 10 mins, it's the notion of barely making your videos that length with overly long outro sections and bad pacing. He's mongering for drama with bigger youtubers so bad it's hard to watch. Because no one's going to give him what he's looking for (so he can play the victim) he'll keep trying again and again.

No. 271496

For fuck's sake, Grease just needs to give up already. Felix isn't dumb and isn't going to give him the attention he wants and yet, he tries SO hard to make drama with him for views because no one knows who the fuck he is. Pathetic.

No. 271500

File: 1463790709143.jpg (189 KB, 810x1134, IMG_20160521_093011.jpg)

Scrolled down through Lainey's Instagram.

Puked a little in my mouth.

No. 271512

This is so revolting that I feel it needs to be spoilered.

No. 271523

Jesus, spoiler next time.

No. 271525

I bet he wrote that caption.

No. 271526


what the heck is wrong with his eyes? Is he looking at both Plainy and the girl he is being cucked by?

No. 271529

nice tits greg

No. 271532

File: 1463800245114.jpg (11.56 KB, 426x240, images (12).jpg)


>He received an Article 15 after receiving a letter of reprimand for something having to do with a 16 year old female and daughter of another enlisted man. No details are known as the letter is sealed but receiving an Article 15 speaks volumes and it can be construed he was likely contacting her after either being told not to OR she reported him/the Father reported him.

Haha, oh wow
Classic Onion

No. 271534

Also Grog is now trying to take kiwifarms thread about himself down



No. 271539


who is this person and why does he/she knows such information?

I'd really like to see proof

No. 271543

It was only a matter of time until Onion tried to get his lolyer department after the kiwi farms. He's so fucking dumb. I bet if he found out about this site, he'd try sending Admin one of those "legal" emails.

No. 271545

Is he insinuating Lainey has perpetual brown coming out of her vagina?

No. 271547

go on kiwifarms and ask - hopefully they'll come back and tell everyone how they know.

No. 271549

He probably did. His books are littered with ampersands for no reason.

No. 271567

onision was on andy biersack's podcast. its pretty long, link on his twitter. too lazy to find now

No. 271574


It's Chris biersack's podcast, Andys father that is obsessed with Greg. After listening to it I realize he is just as bad as the tween fans. cherry pick the few good things Greg said and pretend the mountain of horrible never happened.


They said their proof is arriving in the mail and they will post it when it arrives. I hope they aren't bluffing

No. 271636

This is definitely Gerg's idea, just like that weird video where Shiloh pretends to be asleep. I don't think Lainey even wrote the caption since she seems to type solely in lower case.

No. 271674

File: 1463874717098.gif (814.58 KB, 500x281, image.gif)

No. 271675

Edgy now kys

No. 271681

File: 1463875579555.jpeg (77.68 KB, 644x677, image.jpeg)

No. 271687

File: 1463876750302.png (116.4 KB, 750x750, ffs.png)

I honestly hate her as much as I hate Onision.

Way to go, Lamey… not only are you a hypocritical and manipulative piece of shit like your husband, but you're clearly grooming girls (yes girls, not women) to get into bed with you.

Isn't it funny that this chick looks, sounds and acts identical to Billie? That's not a fucking coincidence, is that hers or Gurg's type of girl?

She's disgustingly brash about all this, I guess the greasy scumbag taught her all he knows and so by that extension, I hope they both get ruined eventually.

No. 271688

>1/7 of MDE

Wait, what?! Isn't this one of the girls her slimey husband was making fun of and made a video mocking recently? What the flaming fuck???

No. 271692

1. No, no he isn't.
2. You'd be in college or whatever, having fun and living your prime to the fullest. That's where you'd be. Maybe you'd even grow out of this bitchassemocunt phase and become a decent person. I know, it reads horrible. Better to wake up to an emotionally unstable pimply mental teenager and getting knocked up for the 2nd time.

No. 271724

>You'd be in college or whatever, having fun and living your prime to the fullest. That's where you'd be.

Nahh, she is too lazy and stupid. She would be with a different scumbag trying to life off his money

No. 271731

Yes, Lainey likes something and then her great husband shits all over it.

(Though he seems to have a boner for that Alex girl)

No. 271746

File: 1463904205993.png (315.83 KB, 598x593, bath.png)

>We all grow, we all die, we all fall apart.
>We all suck dick and use IG filters to make us look younger and fresh from a bukkake.

No. 271757

Why does he keep taking pictures while in shower?

No. 271758

That is where he rage-faps

No. 271781

Onion just used the word nigga in his vid & hes white….lol

No. 271782

because he's so filthy looking that it's the only way he can prove that he showers…?

No. 271783

>calling some other dude "old and creepy"
>telling "old and creepy" to apologise for his face
hahaha oh onion.

No. 271784


No. 271790

No. 271794

Why is his face so red? He looks like he's drunk.

No. 271796

No. 271802

Its Lainey's type, and Billie's friends. Although MDE I think has some drama about the channel falling apart so that is what he is 'mocking' but clearly Lainey watches it with him.

No. 271895

Sun bed, heavy exercise right before filming or rosacea which I don't wish upon even Gergles.

No. 271972

>my wife is gay
>I don't like butt stuff
>obsessed with Andy Biersack
>not gay
>so not gay
>my wife is gay
>she's also pregnant because I knock woman up rather than address my shitty behavior.
>Totes run my wife's channel and upload another boyfriend/girlfriend challenge

No. 272001

>tyler oakley, why are you so in love with the sound of your own voice
pot, meet kettle.

No. 272016

Probably trying to make fun of guys with beards (aka Pewdiepie) because Gorgle can't grow a proper beard and so beards are stupid a-and it's not like he would have wanted one anyway!!!

No. 272023

Kawaii teenage boys like Gurgoyle don't have beards anon

No. 272025

Guess he's so obsessed with Biersack because he thinks he looks like him. In reality though he looks like Biersack’s deformed neanderthal ancestor.

No. 272072

instagram model fails

dat slut shaming tho

No. 272073

Coming out Videos Rant

Oh look hes making fun of shane dawson again


No. 272081

Greg is so deep in the closet. He has an obvious boner for Shane and he's mad that he won't give him the attention he craves. Now Greg has a massive boner for Felix and won't leave him the fuck alone. Greg attacking his girlfriend's looks, attacking his beard, attacking him try to and stir up drama… He's so fucking gay and won't admit it.

No. 272091


1.4 million net worth eh?

Yet he is on twitter complaining about a Toyota lease. What a loser.

No. 272107

That HD shot is the worst, I feel like I can smell the sweat and greasy limp hair from here.

No. 272108

Don't forget his one-sided gay "jokes" with Cyr and the gender identity issues shown in >>265441

No. 272152

I haven't been on here for a while and i'm going through his Twitter right now. HOLY SHIT he's so jealous of Pewdiepie that it's almost sad. "Hurr durr your beard makes you look like a terrorist". Really, Onion? Pewdiepie is far more attractive than you've ever been, and he doesn't need to use 50 different filters to look good (nor does he make vids ridiculing people for their appearance/lifestyles/mental issues). I love how he thinks that people dislike him for his brutal honesty and "controversial opinions". No Onion, people dislike you because you're an unintelligent, severely emotionally unstable, contradictory narcissist who keeps talking about shit you can't even comprehend.

No. 272202

>All women are beautiful! Perfect! Superior to men!

Next video

>Look at this abomination! Stupid bitch! Your stomach looks like my shit!

No. 272217

And again, letting the world know about his impregnation fetish and how he's TOTALLY STRAIGHT, GUYS!

No. 272380

File: 1464100927418.png (1.34 MB, 911x743, 24-05-2016 16_40_06-Onision (@…)

What do you guys think all this will lead to? How will the Onion-saga end?

I'm torn between:
>fading into obscurity, having to get a real job (in his case probably working at a Whole Foods) to support all his children
>someone dying.. haven't decided who and how yet. Which will lead to him pulling out of the Youtube-game.

No. 272392


With Greg in jail, YouTube checks begin to get lower and lower until Lainey and Selina are forced to leave their large home and move back to New Mexico with the kid. Lainey tries to market her "fame" by selling fan made shirts and makes a few dollars here and there from begging for donations on daily depressing live streams. Soon she realizes her fans only either cared about her husband or they were using her to project their gender insecurities and did not actually like her for her. She gets a real job and disappears from the internet. Struggling with single parenthood and abruptly being forced to live in reality, she begins therapy and realizes just how abusive her relationship was. She files for divorce.

Greg is released from jail and desperately takes to his safe haven, YouTube, to find he only has a few fans left. He lives with his mom and spends his days uploading daily unfunny comedy videos that barely surpass 5k views and tries to lure in more young girlfriends to fly in. He has a string of short train wreck relationships until he slips up and begins dating a girl that is too young. He ends up back in jail and never returns to the Internet.

No. 272412


The scary thing is I can really see this happening.

Also they're so immature. Snapchat filters? Really? Come on.

No. 272507

Found this on Gines' tumblr:

>He claims he “quit” the military and that he received an “honorable discharge” when, in fact, he was dishonorably discharged after receiving an Article 15 and a reentry/service code of 4I (which is the worst you can get if you did not know).

>He received an Article 15 after receiving a letter of reprimand for something having to do with a 16 year old female and daughter of another enlisted man. No details are known as the letter is sealed but receiving an Article 15 speaks volumes and it can be construed he was likely contacting her after either being told not to OR she reported him/the Father reported him.

>This has to do with onion-cock’s military history. It seems he lied about getting naked in front of his boss and having a mental breakdown as well.

>Also, Sh wasn’t the first “teen-target” like we thought she was originally.

>In other words; he did not quit, he was kicked out of the Air Force due to his predetorial behavior(I’m surprised she stayed with him afterwards).

>I would source this but I won’t for safety reasons of the OP.

>It’s best if onion doesn’t know where I got this from, since we all know he lurks here silently.

>(via eoliveson)

Since the info in this post is somewhat detailed and will be seen by Onision, he should already know who leaked it if only 1 or 2 people knew about this. So whoever gave out the info put their own safety at risk. Besides, what is Onision going to do anyway? Threaten that person? Hunt them down? He can’t do anything to anyone. And If many people knew about this then he would never be able to figure out who leaked the info.

Give me the proof without any names and I will be happy to expose it all.

(via d0ntstandsoclosetome)

No. 272514


It's from kiwi farms. It was already posted here:

OP says they will provide proof of their claims on Kiwi soon so we're still waiting on that.

No. 272586

Fuck me if this is true Gergles is more of a fucked up bastard than I ever imagined.

No. 272597

Uhh, it was found out by an anonymous poster on Kiwi Farms who was able to get it from public records.

Meaning it was always out there, just nobody cared to investigate until now.

No. 272622

>He received an Article 15 after receiving a letter of reprimand for something having to do with a 16 year old female and daughter of another enlisted man. No details are known as the letter is sealed but receiving an Article 15 speaks volumes and it can be construed he was likely contacting her after either being told not to OR she reported him/the Father reported him.

Isn't this the same girl that HS anon told us about?

>Okay, basically this guy went onto describe that Onision had gotten caught fucking around behind this girl’s back that he was dating, and that her dad was a Marine or something like that. And he’d gotten called up to the office for starting a whole bunch of drama in regards to this situation. And during the conference between Onion, I guess his principal, this girl’s dad, and the girl. his mother shows up. And for those of you who knows anything about his mother. his mother is just mentally whacked. She’s this psycho new age kind of creepy motherfucker and she just starts chanting in the middle of it.


No. 272639

That happened back in high school apparently, not when he was on a training base.

No. 272710


Notice she covering her tummy?

No. 272750


Uh this is kind of a big deal if true. Like, he's been lying for years about the true reason. WE NEED TO SPREAD THIS SHIT. Twitter, facebook, make a video whatever. People and especially his fanbase need to know the truth. Maybe DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME or Someguy can talk about it. HOly shit.

No. 272751


Full interview of Onision and Andy Biersack's dad


No. 272760

They don't care, look at all the bad shit he's gotten away with. He's brutally honest instead of an asshole.

No. 272824

are they buttbuddies now

No. 272954

Can someone give a tl;dr? Don't feel like listening to Onion for over an hour, if it's just him promoting himself and telling lies..

No. 272963

File: 1464255569578.jpg (37.51 KB, 441x390, ff.JPG)

No. 272965

Is she talking about herself or the baby in her stomach?

No. 272967

>this will soon be a mother of two

No. 272968

What's with this fixation on always putting labels on oneself? Surely, if you don't specifically identify with a gender role, you might also not give much of a fuck? And why is it relevant to be bisexual?

Why not harping on about how you hate Nutella, but you like mayo? Or how you never pair your socks? What about being bi-soxual?

No. 272969

I think it's more weird that a married woman feels the need to flaunt herself in this manner.. But i might just be an oppressive shitlord.

No. 272972

A married woman and a mother who also flirts with teenage girls over twitter and invites to them to her house.

No. 272990

Also from the Kiwi Farms:

>DD-214's and most of the administrative issues connected to an Airman (or any serviceman for that matter) are matters of public record and thus I contacted the records division and ordered a copy of his records. In the past I would just go to the local base and bring them up from the microfish, print them, and then have the copy on hand for people who were playing make believe but now the FOIA has changed how we must go about getting such records. That being said, I have never ordered anything from the records department before but I have spoken with them several times over and I expect copies fairly soon. The military is very good about record keeping when it comes to administrative punishment and in my statement to the POC I included his statements about the military and those who serve. Suffice to say, the person is more than happy to get me those public records. When that happens I will, of course, post it here.

>I have been in and out of handling a few serious family issues the past few days so haven't been keeping up but I just read that "demand letter" and it is one of the most ridiculously obvious frauds I have seen in terms of make believe legal demand letters. When he is exposed as a fraud and a stolen valor scumbag, with actual paperwork to back it up, that will likely screw him in a large way with his BS channel. I also contacted "This Ain't Hell" and "Stolen Valor" to work in unison about getting as much information as possible to expose his military service.


Can't wait to see if this guy digs up any dirt on him.

No. 273009


She sounds like a 14-year-old Tumblrina, which I guess is the psycho-sexual age she is stuck at.

No. 273038

I'm just now catching up on this thread and I'm having PTSD flashbacks from when I was "friends" with this motherfucker.

I feel dirty inside. I hope I'm not the only one on here that used to be a fan of onion ~5 years ago…

No. 273055

You were friends with him?

No. 273079


Spill beans plz.
Blogpost or no.

No. 273096


Listen to it, Onion tries to be likable and act like "Oh I just can be narccisistic but I was raised that way" and tries to sound smart. What a faggot

No. 273097


cringe @ onion loving being called controversial

No. 273098


He keeps awkwardly laughing too after what he says. Onion sure loves the sound of his own voice.

No. 273104


It's so fucking cringeworthy. Andy Biersack's weird out of touch dad fellates Onion for an hour while Onion awkwardly laughs and talks about how great he is, barely even mentioning Andy because he clearly doesn't care, he just wants to get more fangirls.

No. 273124

Yeah, I want to know too.

No. 273127

Not sure if I can get through this, but I'll give it a go.

Oh, he has his "teeny bopper - like me" voice on, like he did in one of AJ's voice mails when he was trying to manipulate her.



I congratulate every anon who is able to get through the whole recording, I can't.

No. 273156

Onion says that in almost all of his interviews, it's pathetic.
She's so one-note that she sounds like a parody.

No. 273277

File: 1464329504000.png (133.36 KB, 349x642, onion.png)

So something like this?

No. 273308

I fucking hate Greg's laugh so much. It sounds so god damn fake. He's never been funny in his entire life. I can't imagine the agony of his classmates in high school when he desperately tried to be the class clown and everyone hated him.

No. 273338

Pretty much, which is why I can't stand it when idiots defend her just because she's a product of Gerg's environment.

No. 273340

Because she's just as dangerous to underaged teens as Onision is.

The worst child rapists and killers out there were either married or had girlfriends who took just as much of a part in those horrible crimes as their lovers did; example: Myra Hindley and Rose West.

So when dipshits defend Lainey for being influenced by Onision, they're ignoring the fact that she ENJOYS being in that position, she's his #1 fangirl for fucks sake.

She only talks about her sexuality on her Twitter because she's trying to fucking pick up teenage girls, she has no real identity outside of what Onision has instilled into her.

The more people realise this; the better - because the only thing stopping everyone from going full out on the greasy motherfucker is their sympathies for his equally nasty excuse for a wife.

No. 273342

I was thinking more Karla Homolka

No. 273373

I agree with this, which is why I'm glad that Taylor's younger sister hates him.

No. 273659

Lol Felix made an indirect jab at the onion in his latest video. No one is really going to get it except for Onision haters. At 2:09

No. 273686

He's actually kind of funny, fuck.

No. 273697

>Tumblr, Tumblr, Islam
>I laugh at my own jokes, it's kind of cringy

lol nice

No. 273727

Now I understand why Onion hates him so much.. He is so likeable and charming. A complete opposite of Onion.

No. 273735

Yeah really. Thanks, Greg, you made me like Felix.

No. 273811

File: 1464455653207.png (21.9 KB, 592x193, 28-05-2016 19_13_24-Onision (@…)

No. 273823

Yep, I now have a wide-on for Felix. But my thighs clamp shut tight again at the thought of Gerg.

No. 273828

File: 1464460647768.jpg (4.9 MB, 4669x4378, Stalking.jpg)

I don't think this is proof that Onision is stalking Someguy at all. And I think if he was, as much of a giant asshole as Onion is, he sort of can do that considering how actually obsessive and stalkerish Stevie is towards him. I can't be the only one who saw this "proof" and thought it was extremely autistic.

No. 273829

Fucking autistics all around to be honest.

Seriously hope Someguy was perma banned here.

No. 273830

Also, even if Onision did do all this shit to sort of emulate SG, that's not fucking stalking you turd face. Gerg isn't showing up at your house or calling you obsessively or anything. He MIGHT BE buying similar things you are, or pretending to be interested in the same things because. This is probably because despite what Gerg says, he is very insecure, so any chance he gets to copy others, he will. No matter who they are.

No. 273880

Same. I didn't get why in the hell he kept hating on him but then checked out his recent work over the past few months. Damn Felix, how dare you be entertaining and a decent personal overall! I re-subbed.

Suck it, Greg.

No. 273942

File: 1464492934850.jpg (35.64 KB, 495x511, 1.jpg)

I hope this doesn't happen as it would only bring him more attention.

No. 273943

File: 1464493335512.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 49.66 KB, 600x757, image.jpeg)

Oh god, please no. He's universally hated by everyone that isn't an idiotic teenage girl as it is, so I hope they don't consider doing the video. I don't get why they cream their panties to this ugly fuck. Gurg is ugly inside and out.

No. 273953

Yup. I also think that if they did decide to do it, they would only show the stupidest videos - the banana one and the ones where he's acting "teen cutesy" while blasting 50 filters/make up on, so the only thing these teens would talk about is…
>hehe I find it funny
>lol this guy is weird
>don't like him, unfunny
>aww he's cute
That'd only bring his channel more views and attention. Hope they have the good sense to not do it.

No. 274085


maybe we should lay off before he has another fucking sperg fit like this.

No. 274087

File: 1464535859879.gif (984.57 KB, 320x180, Someguy827_Fedora.gif)

No. 274093

Jesus Christ.. That guy deserves his own thread. What a freak.

No. 274096

Jesus Christ, the mouth noises, make them stop D:

No. 274098

ayyyyy, jinx!

No. 274099

I don't know enough about him to make a thread, I just see him being retarded on kiwi.farms and he used to post on here. All I know is that he's obsessed with and actually stalks the shit out of Onision, then gets mad when Onion boy does it back to him, and he's a huge edgelord. Also he vapes in some of his videos which is just funny to me, it comes off as really tryhard.

No. 274100


Just made a thread but I'm not sure if it's very good. It's just weird to be how obsessed he is with Greg, when he parallels him pretty often.

No. 274101

He also wears studded leather armbands. I haven't seen those since Evanescence was on the billboard..

No. 274103

So now this turning into a thread of thankless triggered cunts.

The guy made a good point which was discussed in another thread about the red hair and how he copies people. Shit a month ago people agreed and said that it was plausible. Consistency please?!

Onision does this with his ex's by making subtle jabs and hidden things to reference his ex's. You don't think the guy would stalk the shit out of people to copy aspects he chooses to make his life sound better than what it is? It's a characteristic. The point of pointing out shit like the jersey is you can't buy that in a sports store. The ATV isn't a utility ATV like he used it to pull out the pool spa from his back yard. It's specific. These aren't baseless like you want to dismiss. Many people from the community started to see it. Emo Charlie originally was about a Moderator named Charlie. He incorporated other aspects of people in time.

Onision copies aspects in order to passively aggressively attack others. Don't sit there and act like you see it for Shane and not others. The guy does it for anyone he involved himself with. He never lets go.

David Bowie hard core shitting on was because Aj loves David Bowie and a huge fan.

The guy has been doing this shit subtly for years and those that don't see it are obviously new to this shit.

He only mentions names of bigger youtubers because the conflict generates views and drama. The smaller known people he doesn't talk about much because he likes to keep the game going. For people like Someguy and Donstandsoclosetome it's a game of Catch Me If You Can. 'I will misinformation your shit to keep you guessing what's real,' that Onision uses. Look at what he did with the cheating videos. So people like this thread have become, act like the puppets he enjoys.

No. 274107

I don't have to choose sides. Both are autistic as fuck. So what if he is stalking Someguy, it seems to go both ways..

No. 274108

Both Greg and Stevie are fucking autistic. Get over it.

No. 274110

Greg shits on anyone whose death was popular, like Robin Williams or Amanda Todd, that's why he shat on David Bowie, it wasn't to do with Aj (I'm assuming this is Stevie also because of the whole AJ whiteknighting)
In that video where his gf brings up the red hair thing she even says it was during the same time Shane Dawson dyed HIS hair red, that's way more likely for Greg to copy and it's really stupid to be like "Umm I dyed my hair red and so did 3 other people, they must all be copying me?"
Stevie stalks the shit out of Onision and is obsessed with him, no one cares
Onision stalks the shit out of Stevie and is obsessed with him, "omg so CREEPY!!!!"
It's not any worse and I don't feel bad for Stevie at all.

No. 274111

Then keep it on topic. This is onion not Someguy. You guy want to call it obsessive but half that sounds like half the Onion fans about any of the blogs.

If you don't want Onion off the internet then why are you in a thread shit talking someone who obviously has done enough shit to merit getting him off. Unless your a drama lama topic ranter who shoes greatest achievement is pretending they give three shits to the wind of the wind about the lack of accountability vomiting from your mouth.

You sit here and agree with one side of an argument to flop. That's the Onion crap way. Next thing it will be I'm trollin' guys! Either stay on topic about onion shit and stop posting as multiple people. To validate your bullshit of circle jerk.

No. 274112

No. 274113

Someguy is that you? :^)

No. 274114

Never seen this. What a fucking psychopath.
Couldn't hear much of what he was saying in the second part because he was chimping out and screaming so fucking loud, but he seems almost, if not, as bad as Greg.

No. 274116

>getting this defensive
Oh, Stevie.

No. 274118

I don't even think we've ever heard greg chimp out that bad.

No. 274122

Does anyone else here think a bunch of weird people from previous threads were actually just someguy? Mainly "Snowy", the person "from the psychology community" that psychoanalyzed onision and someguy, and all of his fan girls that would talk about how hot he is compared to onision. Maybe even HS Anon was just SG.

No. 274123

I think it was probably Someguy if they were claiming to know anything about psychology, because Stevie things being a bipolar tard means he "knows a lot about psychology you guys!" and he psychoanalyzes greg in his videos (But a lot of the time it just sounds like projecting when he talks about Greg because I know he's seeing a lot of the same behaviors he knows he himself exhibits) Lmao I wouldn't be surprised if HS anon was just Stevie trying to make more Greg drama since that seems to be his entire life.
Also both Stevie and Greg are fucking disgusting and hideous, I mean Greg sort of wins for most ugly cow but Stevie isn't a fucking prize either.

No. 274124

someguy is an a-log.
>videos of him abusing his gf
>claims Greg killed a turtle to get his attention
>doesn't have custody of his kid
>mother of his kid doesn't have custody of kid
>still goth even though he's nearly 30
I don't know if HSanon was him but I feel like he could've come up with jucier shit if he had been stalking Greg as long as Stevie had.

No. 274125

Everything Stevie's said about Greg's relationships and how abusive Greg is is kind of negated considering he abuses his girlfriend too. And him talking about Onision stalking him is negated considering how much he stalks Onision. I just feel like someone who is as big of a fucking trainwreck as Greg himself should probably shut up about him.

No. 274126

Well, Stevie actually recorded a call with HS anon in which he asked questions about Greg and stuff so that one is highly unlikely.
The others though, I wouldn't very much doubt.

No. 274131

he used a voice changer for HS anon in the interview and Snowy aka SG started interacting with HS anon very quickly after his first post. and their proof didn't really add up. I hope HS anon was legit but at this point I would not be surprised if it was SG

No. 274133

Those rants read more like his doormat fiance to me.

No. 274135

I suppose, if they wanted to make things potentially interesting, Admin could confirm if Stevie was samefagging à la PrincessDoll.

No. 274142

Mates, let it go. This guy is hasn't even touched his YouTube account in four months almost, he's old news. He gave up on Onision, tried to do some sort of review show that was just garbage and bailed on that too after three episodes. He was an autist here, and he's being one on Kiwi for whatever reason and he's not really worth this much spergy trouble. He and his gf both explained the context behind the abuse video and no one cared to hear it. I remember that drama which is nearly three years old now. Tumblrina mode activated and people tried to manipulate the girl to think she was a victim in every response she had about the situation so neither side was better than the other. It just ended in a total shitstorm and people gave up on it. Now whenever someone has something bad to say about him they just share that video around because no matter how anyone slices it no one will like what they see in it. Stevie is a total autist most of the time and raged like a maniac in those videos, but it wasn't like the girl didn't know what goes on with his mood imbalances. She knew he had bipolar disorder since getting with him apparently, still stays with him so as far as I care it seems things may have improved. That said, it isn't really any of my nor anyone else's business. For fuck's sake, if you know the guy has emotional problems and you know he reads these threads still and has the tendency to go really overboard are you not just potentially setting a really bad situation up at that point?

He did enough videos in the past talking about these sorts of things whenever they were brought up elsewhere and the aftermath always amounts to either kicking a dead horse or turning the discussion into a cancerous tumor. No one cares. Obviously some people will have a vendetta because he's a fucking moron, but really this isn't the place for it and it doesn't matter anyway because he's pretty irrelevant.

I'm pretty certain it is, and I'm certain she was Snowy as well. I used to follow her twitter that is how she writes. As stupid and incoherent of a response she gave I cannot say I blame her too much for it as maybe a reason why Someguy left the Onision topic on YouTube was because it was causing the two of them issues in the relationship. He did admit the videos took too much time away from his private life. Apart from his fans or whatever all he garnered from it was negative attention. Take this thread for example, most things said about him are whats been said here. As stated earlier when the videos of him yelling at her dropped all people tried to do was force her to think of herself as a victim no matter what she said, that has to be frusterating as hell to put up with especially when it comes from the attention your partner gained from his online activities. Frankly, they both just need to leave the Onision topic alone for good. It doesn't them any favors and I think the guy may eventually be redeemable the moment he sits down and recognizes that he has an obsessive problem.

Someguy has done some stupid things in his past no doubt but I believed what I heard there. The only question I have about it is how does he know if HSAnon lied to him or not. He seemed far too eager to take anything that he was told at face value.

tl;dr He's old news. This has all been said a thousand times before. Not worth the time. Back to Onision please.

No. 274150

You sound like Greg when he dismisses everyone that tries to warn Lainey. Just because they are aware of their partners emotional issues and it does not happen often does not make what happened not abuse.

Snowy, your boyfriend has been the one causing all of this negative attention by embarrassing himself all month on two different farms. Its not just us dragging up old news.

No. 274152

He didn't give up on Greg. If he had, he'd be doing other things than shitting up onision threads here and on kiwi.

No. 274158

hey steve

No. 274159

I had no idea that fuckhead had a kid. Jesus Christ, like he can even talk about Greg's parenting.

No. 274170

I wonder how Troy will feel when he looks up his dad on the internet and sees him being a dick to his mom while cracking masturbation jokes and laughing at them.

No. 274210

So what IS the story behind the video?

No. 274211

He looks so fucking greasy.

No. 274214


Jesus. So stupid. Acting like he didnt humiliate her on twitter multiple times, treat her like shit, and cheat

No. 274215

All of their videos are about their relationship, these stupid quizzes.
I cannot for the life of me, figure out why this is a hit with teenagers.
It's really manipulative, how can lamey answer these truthfully?

No. 274216

Steve, chill.

No. 274217

Grease's skin is looking worse and worse. LOL It's so damn red even beneath all that foundation and who knows how much concealer. Lainey is still plain as ever although she looks like a man without makeup. She's hiding her stomach with her knees. I don't get why they're keeping her pregnancy quiet when no one really gives a fuck.

No. 274240

I've seen this and it's still scary as shit. I completely understand the people who compare him to Onion, sadly.

No. 274242

While the post may have been real ( I'm not a 100 % sold on it ), I didn't think the recording was.

No. 274254

File: 1464587404252.png (379.6 KB, 695x306, Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 06.4…)

greg's skin looks like it stings to live in

No. 274282

I'm ashamed that I know this but what happened is that sg was hanging with a dramatic chick in Las Vegas while his fiancee lived in NC. Apparently he invited his fiancee and the crazy bitch for a skype and just went off on his fiancee while the crazy bitch recorded everything.

I don't know how this explains anything but this is what sg and his fiancee spouted. He then moved from Las Vegas to NC and still hasn't married the doormat fiancee.

sg apparently slept on crazy bitch's couch one night and crazy bitch tried to convince doormat that he had cheated on her. AJ is awesome though, so we should all white knight her and laugh that her famous dad has never said shit about Greg.

No. 274288

I wonder why they told that story when it still doesn't explain why he was being such a cunt to his fiance, just makes it look worse since he was doing it in front of someone else that's pretty gross. Also I don't know of anyone really cares about aj. She's just another one of Greg's many ex's like she doesn't matter anymore than all the rest.

No. 274306


Wow, someguy… you're as bad as fucking gurg, aren't you supposed to be banned from this thread?

No. 274307

I appreciate some videos he made about Gergles but he is as bad in certain aspects.

No. 274387

Not the same anon as >>274282 but to my understanding they told her to record it so they could see how Stevie behaves.
I also don't understand why anyone should whiteknight for AJ, at all, especially now when it's been such a long time.

No. 274391

Lol, I'm a twenty two year old male living in Amsterdam.

No. 274395

it's too damn easy to spot his posts. he has this pseudo-intellectual bordering on neck-beard writing style and couldn't keep his posts short if his life depended on it.

No. 274398

the biggest thing that gave it away to me was his "Consistency please!?" comment. Its the same fucking thing he said in his self-post after he got banned. Obvious autistic.

No. 274403

He's getting real mad over on kiwi farms now. His long posts are so fucking boring, I wonder if anyone actually takes the time to read them.

No. 274404

Does anyone else think that 'Exposethebad' on kiwi farms is also him? They type exactly the same and it seems like he needs exposethebad to agree with him and stroke his little ego on everything he posts

No. 274409

File: 1464628335063.jpg (224.67 KB, 1470x439, 1.jpg)

He mad.

No. 274410

I was just thinking that.

I was really hoping someone actually found good dirt from Onision's military days, but it looks like it's just SG stirring up bull shit again. Reminds me of how convenient it was when HS Anon came here exposing crazy stuff from Onision's time in high school right before SG decided to introduce himself and now exposethebad appeared on kiwi with crazy military stories and there's SG barging in on another onision page.

It's too coincidental they are online at the same time and talk the same way.

No. 274411

God why does he type like this.

No. 274421

Also I love how he brings up the arguement being 3 years ago like that makes a difference, that was just the only one put on youtube but it's pretty obvious that likely happens all the time considering she said "You call me worthless all the time, you tell me you hate me all the time" Like he's acting like that was just one isolated incident when anyone can see that's just a glimpse into what their relationship is like behind closed doors.

No. 274423

Whoever this 'exposethebad' is, their responses are getting dumber by the minute. It's actually entertaining to read.

I agree about it only being a small glimpse, which is scary.

No. 274424

It's making me cringe how hard he's trying to sound smart, it ultimately just makes him look even more stupid.

No. 274429

I know, just look at this:

>Well the difference between you and I is simple then, I stick with facts and can back up all my statements with facts either by hard copy paperwork or technical skills showing how I reached a conclusion. Now with me making that statement on top of my question asking if you were Onision what do you think I am getting at?

Better stated, why do you think I asked if you were, in fact, Onision? Do you truly believe I just randomly asked you that for shock value or to cause an issue or, perhaps, do you think there is something more to it that, for whatever reason, you haven't considered yet?

I'm laughing my ass off. I love how the Onion thread just keeps on giving related and semi related autism from all over.

No. 274430

I'm Richard in that thread and honestly I think I'm done responding to exposethebad at this point because he keeps typing essays that for one I'm too lazy to read and for another I'm pretty sure none of it has shit to do with what I was saying to start off with so

No. 274431

File: 1464630645711.gif (1.75 MB, 320x179, 17s2oi.gif)

Reading the KWFarms thread and el oh el at SG and exposethebad just sucking each other off in that thread while ignoring everything else.

Don't expect anything interesting from exposethebad as far as info about Greg. Clearly its just SG rubbing his autistic boner off on Gergs.

No. 274432

"Wahhhhh, d0ntstands0cl0set0me doesn't get as much shit as I do."

That's because d0ntstands0cl0set0me doesn't whine for attention on anonymous boards, or cares about pandering their 'I'm-better-than-Onision' image to anons to boost their ego.

He annoys the shit out of me.

No. 274433

Oh, that's you. Haha, congratulations for keeping up the conversation for this long, I wouldn't be able to. It's too hilariously cringy.
The guy ( probably someguy, let's get real ) went from asking "Are you Onision?" to essays about military which had nothing to do with what he asked or what you posted.
He actually remind me of this annoying autistic guy I knew who intentionally kept using "big words" and complicated phrases that didn't even fit into the conversation by any stretch of the imagination. Everyone but him saw how cringy it was.

No. 274434

fucking this. dontstand always seemed to do what they did because they cared about actually exposing onion, thats why they stayed anonymous for the most part. while maybe sg felt the same way at first, but totally changed his tune when he started to garner a fanbase from it, and now all he he cares about is the attention

No. 274435

Well, it seems that regardless of what 'exposethebad' claims to have done in regards to obtaining Gerg's documents - they still haven't delivered with any of it except their own assumptions.

if they still don't drop the docs within a weeks time, I suppose it's safe to say that they're bullshitting for drama's sake.

No. 274436

I'm shipping SG daughter with Troy. She calls him up one day and is like, "My dad is a cringey edgelord autist that exposed your dad."

"Oh my dad is also a cringey edgelord autist that tries to live vicariously through me and has stolen my past two girlfriends," Troy responds.

The two of them get therapy and cuddle each other afterwards while they watch videos of their dads being dumb.

I remember that someone pointed out that if Stevie put as much effort into getting his daughter back as he puts into stalking Greg, that he would have custody of her. It made him rage pretty bad.

No. 274437

File: 1464631150031.jpg (258.6 KB, 1002x641, fgdfg.jpg)

Thats a lot of projection about self posting.

No. 274438

I don't really care about either of these morons. I care more that someone in here and there is wasting such time in derailing a thread and is blowing themselves for doing it.

No. 274439

Hahaha, oh wow… now waiting for the banhammer to come down on him on that forum as well.

No. 274440


It's really funny that he thinks this is all just me, like he honestly believes he's so intellectual and special that obviously only Greg and one other person would ever dare to question him. I actually feel bad for him, he's clearly very upset about all this and maybe he tells himself it's just one person so he can feel a little better.

No. 274441

Oh lawd, pass me the popcorn.

No. 274442

He thinks that because you're not giving anyone else any reason not to think it's you. How can you not get that?

No. 274444

So now I guess he and exposethebad are gonna upload a video in a call together. I'm dying, I didn't think he was actually going to make a video over this stupid shit.

No. 274445

Thread about Onion's spiritual soulmate is here in case anyone missed it..


No. 274446

I love it. Since Gergles isn't doing anything interesting this is still a nice semi related filler.

No. 274448

its a fucking anonymous board, wtf is someone to do? ask each poster to do a timestamp? gtso sg

No. 274449

Are you going to acknowledge anything people say to you here or are you going to keep replying to yourself and keep laughing at your own posts. You are making this far too apparent.

No. 274450

i can only take gergles demented humor for so long, its not see some legit alogging

No. 274451

Hop off, SG.

No. 274452

File: 1464631898544.jpg (63.09 KB, 500x375, enhanced-buzz-20580-1384370261…)

>>you fucking exceptional individual

No. 274453

I think you're replying to the wrong anon?

No. 274454

SG this is quite literally multiple people. I'm sorry.

No. 274455

>>>/snow/129084 I made a thread about him a month ago but no one cared. I don't see a problem with posting this stuff on Greg's thread now that he's humiliating himself on multiple sites.

No. 274456

File: 1464632030369.gif (4.03 MB, 270x163, LvZe3WJ.gif)

dontcha know every anon in this thread is the same person, all trying to smear sg's cred

No. 274457

My God are you folk paranoid.

No. 274458

Yet you're the one accusing one anon of being all of us, kek. Like I said, hop off. Go record that video.

No. 274459

Well, even if SG isn't posting here, we know he's reading. So some food for thought for you SG:

If every person that has been posting in this thread for the last 2-3 hours, is the same Richard Ramirez from KW, isn't it logically to think that the person is just trolling you? And that perhaps you making this "call" to exposethebad is just feeding into their game?

No. 274462

Onion and SG are basically Hitler and Stalin.

No. 274463

More like star-crossed lovers.

No. 274464

I was thinking this too. Maybe on the DL he has some feelings for Onision, but he doesn't know how to express them so he just attacks him all the time. Like when kids get violent with the person they have a crush on.

No. 274465

That's unlucky, this new thread is the only one that's come across my radar… I haven't even heard of this guy properly until now.

Least to say; I'm really amused at how much he and Greg share in common with each other.

No. 274467

Awh what a disappointment. I really wanted to believe both HSAnon and military stuff was true.

Turns out it's just one autismo stirring shit.

There goes potential milk. We will have to wait until Greg cheats his wife with another teen.

No. 274468

File: 1464633241449.jpg (54.51 KB, 601x765, 7812637.jpg)

I think this kind of applies to Hitler and Stalin too.

No. 274469

I'm still waiting for the recorded call, I'm really enjoying this.

No. 274470

SG is probably revving up his voice changer right now lol

No. 274473

File: 1464634117055.png (15.41 KB, 595x118, 43ab67b0b88eca45f32c8f3757144e…)

Didn't he used to criticize other people for this? Actually, doesn't he STILL criticize other people for this?

No. 274475

Yes, he is a hypocritical cunt.

No. 274479

Well, I guess he couldn't find a decent voice changer after all.

It's harder to catch Gergles not being hypocritical than the other way around.

No. 274492

File: 1464637978160.gif (3.26 MB, 640x266, 1463166072802.gif)

I'm loving this whole new level of drama. Good show!

No. 274496

Greg is so contrarian that he contradicts himself on a daily basis.

No. 274510

Yes, it has been fun, although I'm still waiting for that brief phone call in 15 minutes that was suppose to happen 3 hours ago.
The thing with SG is that I actually enjoyed some of his Gergle videos. I'm not sure why he stopped making them, since he's obviously still very involved in the drama and he hasn't moved on like it was said. I'd probably watch it.
That said, he can be very similar to Gergles and the way he spazzes out is funny. Please, SG, give us more of what you gave us today, kek, it is very entertaining.

I'd pay to see a complete list of Gergle contradictions from when his content was first available till now. 300 page book, I'm sure of it.

No. 274522

He posted a soundcloud in the thread. His voice annoys me too much to listen to it though.

No. 274525


Here is the interview between SG and exposethebad

No. 274528

It sounds weird, like a speeded up version of a recording.
Plausible options:
- SG buys an acquaintance a beer to record this with him
- Voice morph
- …..
- Legit?

Going to listen to it.

No. 274533

It's legit, exposethebad isn't him, but it's also not really relevant to anything that happened today it's just more sperging about the military.

No. 274537

Its just weird to me how the guy is all "I'll post the info on my own time." If you have the info why not just dump it and let other people sift through it and find out? I can't imagine its overly complicated tbh. I thought he said he put in some requests for some papers to prove why Onision was discharged from the Air Force. If you're waiting on the papers why not just say that? Just seems like the guy is stalling for some reason or another.

Either way I don't believe what anyone says about any lolcow until receipts are delivered. If you're going to get asshurt that people want the receipts you claim to have, then don't fucking say anything.

No. 274538

There's no reason for him to just be withholding the information unless he's lying about having it to begin with.

No. 274539

TBH, I don't really believe it, like I didn't fully believe the HS anon story. If it turns out to be true, great, if not, expected.

No. 274540

He's claiming he's already received some of the stuff he sent requests on, so why not post what you have received as a sign of good will or some shit. Show people you're serious and not just taking people on a ride to TrollVille, until then this guy has 0 credit.

Also, good job SG. You proved you're not exposethebad, while simultaneously getting trolled to shit to have an interview with some guy who have proven NOTHING. still an aspie.

No. 274543

Lol, he doesn't owe us that either. That's sort of a stupid and demanding mentality. Greg has a track record of manipulating anything that dribbles out about him to working in his favor. So if this dude IS legit, this is sort of a smart idea on his part.

No. 274544

Literally no. Documents from the government about his article 15 would further discredit anything Greg says about the military, period. Withholding it is just idiotic and makes him look fake.

No. 274546

File: 1464644944596.jpg (42.89 KB, 704x400, 1297976629140.jpg)

how is that stupid and demanding? you make claims, say you have proof of those claims, of course people will want to see the proof. i'm sure greg would somehow downplay the info leaked, but… that would happen regardless of how the guy posts of the info. you make no sense

No. 274553

My only thoughts is if found to be sharing could get ETB in trouble or stop getting all the information wanted. Maybe wants it so x people could have requested deeets and not spill identity?

No. 274554

Literally yes. This is why people don't come forward much about Greg in my opinion. They take one look at a community of people who come off like bossy that and feel they're probably going to be wasting their time so they take whatever they had elsewhere or just keep it to themselves. For about two hours today, everyone thought this person and SG where the same person and now they slowly backpedal down from that. If this guy is legit, they'll probably do the same thing. It's happened before.

No. 274555

>turning an article 15 in your favor
There is no excuse for him not to release the information he has.

No. 274562

File: 1464646648308.jpg (6.8 KB, 236x236, ef1905fa6eccb7e1cd85141d065d49…)

Literally yes. This is why people don't come forward much about Greg in my opinion. They take one look at a community of people who come off like bossy that and feel they're probably going to be wasting their time so they take whatever they had elsewhere or just keep it to themselves. For about two hours today, everyone thought this person and SG where the same person and now they slowly backpedal down from that. If this guy is legit, they'll probably do the same thing. It's happened before.

He could do it. He convinced his fans to give him sympathy still even after bold faced admitting he cheated on his wife.

No. 274563

God, you're such a cunt..

No. 274565

Welcome to the internet asslord.

No. 274570

I don't see anyone back-pedalling. As for the rest of your argument, most people don't come forward because they have nothing to offer.
There have been a few instances where people claimed to have all this fantastical info on Onion, no one pressured them into posting it and it turned out they were only enjoying the brief attention.

No. 274572

File: 1464648147247.jpg (43.11 KB, 600x353, when you have a libarts degree…)


No. 274619

File: 1464661312979.jpg (104.04 KB, 580x695, 1.jpg)

Everything's still going swell and lively at the Gergles camp, pic related.

Question for anons: what Gergle collaboration did you hate/dislike the most? Whether it be because you disliked the person ( people ) that was in the video with him, thought the video was especially cringy or because you thought the person was too good to be associated with his name.

For me it was latter, PelleK & Anders. They both seemed like really nice guys who probably knew jack shit about who Gerglar really was and seemed too good for his shit stained channel.

No. 274622

File: 1464661456913.jpg (36.98 KB, 685x201, 1.jpg)

Also, kek.

No. 274629

Greg? an extreme feminist?? I want to kill myself.

No. 274630

Yep. Just goes to show how delusional he truly is.

No. 274751

Can't be a feminist unless you cheat on your child bride with her 18 yo girlfriend after she becomes an it on tumblr.

No. 274936

is he for real

No. 274965

File: 1464706336344.jpg (6.25 KB, 152x163, 109559-107353.jpg)

>he looks like a psycho killer

I don't see the resemblance

No. 275053

Greg loves women because he sees them as inferior sex objects. He feels threatened by almost every man he comes in contact with. In that regard, he reminds me of CWC.

No. 275059


Now that you said that I don't remember Greg getting along with any man, aside from this guy he kissed once or whatever.

No. 275060

There was the kid he based Davis on in his book but he worshiped James. He was such good friends with that guy that he didn't know he was dead until two years later.

No. 275361

File: 1464758625790.jpg (13.19 KB, 453x113, 1.jpg)


No. 275363

File: 1464758840515.jpg (36.34 KB, 693x236, 1.jpg)

Kek, omg. One of his many most hypocritical statements.

No. 275376

Everyone can request his record.

No. 275397

I hope someone will and makes them public, since that Expose guy is either a troll or just autistic.

No. 275409

After seeing that application I honestly think there's no way in hell we're getting any info. It would be cool as fuck if Stand would be able to get it, but it's such a long shot.

No. 275421

I trust D0NTST4NDS0CL0SET0ME wayyyy over Someguy/ExposeTheBad when it comes to gathering information on Gurgles as D0NT isn't in it for any adoration from anons.

I'm curious to see where this goes, whether they get their request rejected or not.

No. 275470

Agreed! However, as much as I wish we got some dirt they would be kind of insane to release it to complete strangers online, which all of these three are at this point. Upon seeing the form I believe even less that expose has any real info on Gergles.

No. 275537

His discharge records are public. I can see people getting those but not his medical records. There's no reason to get those unless you're his current doctor.

No. 275543

Yes, I thought he's going to make it suspicious by adding medical records. That's an absolute no way they'd do that.

No. 275760

No. 275860

Ahh poor Greg, he really doesn't ask for much. All he wants is a girl who never leaves his sight and showers him with love and affection whilst never getting jealous or needing any space.

No. 275902

He just needs someone to agree with his hypocritical ideals, and not argue about them.

Such a hard life.

No. 275903

man i miss the era of greg. watching him lose his shit was amazing

No. 275904

Sorry, I know this is outdated drama, but has anyone else seen those nudes of Shiloh? That is defiantly the body of a woman who's been through the final stages of pregnancy. Does anyone else think onion might have a third kid?

No. 275905


anon it is common knowledge/ fact that shiloh got knocked up by her boyfriend after gerg

No. 275941

lmao, his new video about "invalidating bisexuality" with the way he's pushing all his hair forward to hide his face

No. 275986

Really, how hard can it be to find a teenage girl who never uses makeup, has no body hair, doesn't talk to other men, and has a high sex drive while being inexperienced?

No. 275992

>"I keep finding crazy relationships!"
>"You go for the wrong person"
>"Once you get with that bad person, your life is twisted and fucked up"

Greg is too crazy to see that he's the problem even after all these years.

No. 275995

That's cause his crazy Mom always told him he was special and had the power to communicate with ghosts.

No. 276227

perfect case study for 'indigo child syndrome'.

No. 276359

We gotta make anime real, for Onion's sake.

No. 276373

For those unaware Onision pissed off Andy Biersacks dad because he made the "Andy drama" video which basically talked about how Andy freaks out at haters at some of his concerts: here's one tweet from him https://mobile.twitter.com/ChrisABiersack/status/738430182554492928

No. 276393

Hahaha, the mutual dicksucking between them is finally over, huh? Typical Onion.

No. 276428

File: 1464996325532.gif (297.68 KB, 300x199, 4972723 _0a3b441c09cc3bcd59fc5…)

No. 276441

Onision is the Kanye West of YouTube.

No. 276442


No. 276447


Uh no because Kanye was actually talented at some point

No. 276449

File: 1465005274040.jpg (87.24 KB, 600x470, onionfuckup.jpg)

lol, and this guy used to support him a lot

good job onion, keep self-destructing more

No. 276457

Talking about PewDiePie again

No. 276460

I have a question. Why is his face from a weird color, different from the resto of his body?

No. 276461

It's because he cakes on makeup to hide his terrible acne and rosacea but it still doesn't work since his face still looks like a tomato, and yet he insults girls that wear makeup. Lol

No. 276464

Jealous as always. Greg needs to just accept the fact that his crush doesn't want shit to do with him. How many times is he going to use that screenshot in his thumbnails? Every other video?

No. 276493

>pewdiepie looks like homeless man from L.A

my mind blows that someone as putrid looking as greg could criticises someone else's appearance.

No. 276496

>This entire video
Kill me

At least he killed the one billion filters and lighting, so you can actually see his not-teenage-face.

No. 276497

He's just angry that he made uhohbro as a gaming channel but it didn't work so he googles random shit. He has onision, onisionspeaks, uhohbro, and Taylor's channel to think about.

No. 276498

Sorry for samefagging but I'd bet my life's saving that Greg talks shit about Muhammad Ali soon. Something along the lines of "float like a butterfly sting like a dead guy."

No. 276511

OH and what do you do Greg? Creep on little teens and complain, your so different and special from everyone else!

No. 276542


He's so desperate for Twitter D-listers to name-drop him for views and drama, that this behaviour has now become a staple of his online existence.

He literally has zero creative abilities, Skye made him internet famous and when she left, she took her creativity away with her. He has nothing left to offer, he just sits on the computer 24/7 pissing and moaning about shit he hasn't even bothered researching, and starting drama with internet celebrities that are more popular than him.

When he goes too far with his bullshit and his teenage fans start to question him, he starts making overly saccharine posts about how much he loves Lainey in an attempt to diffuse whatever situation he's caused.

He's an emotionless robot that's stuck in repeating cycle of fruitless attention-seeking and impotent rage… He's not a comedian, he'd be ruined if he toured the circuit in front of a live audience, so he has zero experience there… Heck, even his video editing skills are atrocious, he honestly has nothing going for him at all.

I do wonder though if he realises all of this… but his robot powers always seem to ejaculate some kind of "block-the-h8rz" barrier whenever he feels threatened by anyone with a singular IQ point above him.

No. 276544

Adding to that, his age is starting to show. When the teenage girls starts to notice, he will be fucked.

No. 276545


I don't even understand why he has so many channels (well, I sorta do because of the Ads and subscription revenues) but they don't even differ from one another, it's just the same shit re-Gurg-itated over and over again with him showing off a new shade of fucking foundation on his face.

Does anyone know if YouTube has a policy about making multiple channels or accounts that have obviously been made for additional revenue without providing original content?

No. 276546

I would've thought that him repeating the same fucking "issues" and "jokes" over and over again would be an excellent reason for them to abandon him… but I guess not.

I think that's why he constantly resorts to stirring up drama with internet celebrities, a single name-drop from them would expose him to their fanbase and he can pick up the more vulnerably stupid to subscribe to him.

No. 276547

File: 1465044048334.png (99.22 KB, 588x394, 04-06-2016 14_39_54-Onision (@…)

God, I love the internet. Such a silly place.

No. 276548


I really love how he's taken a word that's been used as a meme on chan boards for a while as a real insult.

That's because he's taking that word literally (Cuckold) and it hurts him because even the real definition describes him.

A married guy that gets off on watching his spouse cheat on him = cuckold.

I also loved how he tried to play that shit off by saying they were "polyamorous" - it's like, no gergles, you're not allowed to be with anyone else unless it's another guy and you claim not to swing that way, so nah mate, you're a cuck.

No. 276551

File: 1465044902856.png (94.55 KB, 524x848, 04-06-2016 14_51_18-Onision.pn…)

It's the greatest thing to watch. That whole video he did trying to dismiss him as a cuckold was the best.

When all those FB meme-pages came together and started spamming him was so much fun and it just stuck. Maybe that's why he isn't so active on FB anymore. Great to see it spreading to Twitter.

No. 276553

It's entirely possible that he whined to FB about the spamming and they caved in and word filtered it all, I haven't seen a cuck post in a while on there.

How dare FB remove such beautiful poetry, fucking uncultured swine.

Either that, or he decided to skip his vegan lunch of a big mac for the next few weeks to free up some extra time in his 24/7 career of shitposting to remove each and every cuck comment… I imagine him doing this in frustrated tears whilst pissing into an OJ carton on the only two minute breaks he has, it makes me feel good if I picture this.

No. 276559

>biggest troll
>insanely honest
>don't take it to heart
So which is it? Is he just trolling to get a rise out of people and doesn't mean any of it, or is he insanely honest? I don't understand how his fans' brains work.

No. 276563

He sounds normal here, besides what he's actually saying

No. 276575

I've thought about that too. Would hiding and reuploading the same videos to different channels for extra ad revenue be considered spam? Spam is against Youtubes tos.

No. 276587

Exactly, he did the same shit with Shiloh's channel when she had one as well… there's got to be some kind of ToS he's breaching on there.

Fair enough if his channels differ from one another, for example; if he had a "let's play" channel and he had another one that was a spin-off documentary channel, then fine… but they're not. It's just him spewing bullshit in his usual way in each one, and as you say; he even cross-posts his videos in them at times.

If there is a policy against this, I reckon we could take advantage of that and bring down a couple of his channels. He should not be making extra revenue off this, it's pure exploitation of a mostly-free service and conniving as fuck… it's fraudulent.

If anyone savvy with YouTube policies can answer this, it would be helpful.

No. 276596

I actually know someone who got banned for doing something like this from YT.

They had a sizable fanbase and made multiple channels. Had their original channel with videos/ vlogs and then a "behind the scenes" channel that was most just reuploaded videos but were edited in a different way. (Like vlogs from different angles kek.) Someone reported her for it and both channels got shut down.

No. 276598

He deletes the video from his channel when he reuploads them to another. The Girl Logic video he put on Taylor's channel was deleted from his onision channel.

No. 276604

I reckon this could be a way we can financially hurt him, IF it goes against YouTube's ToS.

A few anons will disagree because they're all like "What about the children?!" or "Lainey doesn't deserve this!" bullshit, but she's honestly as bad as he is - if not worse, because his fans feel more comfortable around her than they are around Onion and she's able to lure them in with her learned Tumblrina ways.

I think the whole "military record" situation can teach us to look past his secular nobhead rigmarole, and inspire us to find better ways to actually bring him down a level (or several).

No. 276605

YouTube admins must have a log of every upload their patrons make, and what they do with them.

I dunno, I feel there's some way we can fuck him over with this… especially considering what we could do is legal.

No. 276612

He's not fucking "insanely honest" he's a fucking asshole, plain and simple.

Someone truly honest has the intentions of being benevolent, they're tactful, empathetic, smooth and agreeable.

This "blunt honesty" bullshit is the exact opposite and serves no purpose other than to cow, patronise and hurt someone.

No. 276628

Shit… this could get interesting. I remember once coming across one of his reuploads where he actually forgot to delete the original so he had the same video on two different channels. Also, I remember reading that he even deleted and reuploaded a video to the same exact channel. I'm going to see if I can find these videos.

If he's breaking tos to take advantage of the system for more money, might as well try to report it. Since he spammed so many times in a few different ways he might get enough strikes (3) for all his channels to be taken down. I don't know if it would be better for one person to report it all at once (risk him only getting one warning strike) or if we individually report one or two different instances (they might not take it seriously). Or maybe we can send all of the information to someone like DontStandSoCloseToMe to make a video and make this all public knowledge, but risk him changing his ways and youtube not taking any action?

If he does get banned for this it would be pretty ironic after he accused so many youtubers in his latest video of taking advantage of the system.

Edit: Didn't want it to sound like I was trying to rally a personal army.

No. 276631

Oh I agree. People who claim to be "totally honest, no filter" but only talk shit 100% of the time are full of it, and are pretty much advertising themselves as shitty people. What got me about that comment was the contradiction in so few sentences written in the same post by a single person; is he being honest about his opinions, or is he just saying whatever will get him a reaction? Seems like even his fans aren't sure.

No. 276636

whenever i look at onion's latest tantrum i always feel bad for troy. poor kid.

No. 276639

The kid is mostly nannied by Selena, there's no reason for you to "feel bad".

No. 276642

Remember the Someguy827 debate with Onion? Lmao it was easily the best out of the other debates.

No. 276645

lel i can feel sympathetic for the kid if i want to. i didn't realise that selena's nannying makes up for the lack of parenting by greg and taylor? thank you for reliving my feelings anon.

No. 276646

Ur welcum.

No. 276649

File: 1465073080018.png (1.03 MB, 1250x1050, Untitled.png)

Onision's idea of trolling is pestering women on twitter until they get fed up and block him.

No. 276650

It think it would be better to report him at staggering times, not all at once.

Otherwise, like the "cuck mcfuck" stuff, it'd be wiped away with a single brush.

I'm up for this, and shall do so… but I think bombarding with reports will make them suspicious.

No. 276651

pathetic. i can't believe this guy is 30 and married with a kid.

No. 276653

Here in Russia we have a guy on youtube who had been making his show out of making fun of little kids, who post their videos on youtube, shitting on talentless weirdos, and crappy trolling. He had wife, kid, and once he got somewhat popular, he didtched his family for money digging teen slut, who's 20 years yonger than him.

No. 276656

I don't think any of us on here are rallying a personal army against him, I'm against that shit too.

Especially considering we can't dox the fucker, we might as well hit him where it REALLY hurts… right in the moneysack.

And it would be perfectly legal to do so too.

It's also more of the fact that when the 'military history' shit came together, it should be making us think outside of the usual box of just observing and talking about how much of a cunt he is.

And instead we should be proving how much of a cunt he really is.

No. 276658

I can believe it, is his name Onision?

No. 276661

FFS, his reaction to her initial post makes no sense whatsoever.

No. 276662

I'm up for this, but first we have to find the rule he's breaking.

No. 276663

He's 100% a closet trans. This has just confirmed it for me because a lot of my trans (m2f) friends are extremely fucking hateful and bitter towards cis women.

No. 276664

No exact percentage of feels but I've gotten that impression about him for a while now. And the Social Repose horseface too, for slightly different reasons. There's something about YouTubers and unresolved issues.

No. 276666

Can any savvy YT anon out there know if what he's doing is against their ToS?

No. 276667

is that the ceiling fan goth guy? didn't he cheat on his girlfriend or something? sure learned from Onion

No. 276668

File: 1465076451113.jpg (24.17 KB, 320x320, trans training wheels.jpg)

That's the guy, yeah.

No. 276670

He's not a goth, he looks a child molester dressed in a bad headdress.

No. 276672

I like someguy's onision vids tbh

dude may have had anger issues but he seems okay besides that and he makes a lot of good points

No. 276686

File: 1465080204949.png (342.71 KB, 1240x590, Untitled.png)

I can't tell if this is his idea of flirting or if he just really hates women. Probably both.

No. 276697

This is just harassment at this point.

That poor chick probably has no idea who this guy is, of course she'd block him.

No. 276698

File: 1465081524539.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, gbSj-KZI.jpg)

I am pretty sure this chick reminds gerg of Hannah Minx, so he's just releasing all his pent up anger-splooge, as well as being hopeful she'll tweet him/ make a video about him to her 2mil+ fans.

No. 276699

My theory is that Onision resents women for being able to get views on looks alone. He's especially jealous that female twitch streamers are extremely popular while his gaming channel was a flop.

Now that I think about it, most of his beliefs can be traced back to his hatred of anyone that gets more attention than him.

No. 276892

SG, fuck off already.

No. 276928

I'm guessing he both hates her and wants her since his wife is a plain manface

No. 276991

Is it weird that I have flicked the bean to the thought of Onionfaggot giving Twig Boy Johnny Depp a rimjob?

No. 277007

Taylor is putting on the pregnancy weight. I find it weird that as a 26 year old, he was telling a 17 year old that he loved her right after he broke up with another 17 year old.

Only if it was facial humiliation.

No. 277026

I haven't listened to this in a really long time so I forgot 90 % of the things said, but just listening to the first 8 minutes again…SG fails so badly.

No. 277039

43 min in and yeah, he's still failing. Anon who linked this, explain what was so great about this debate because it sucked.

No. 277045

It's amazing how proud they are of rushing everything in their relationship.

No. 277046


Wow… just wow.

No. 277049

She looks like she's going to kill herself

No. 277059

>Those glasses

How oddly conquencidental…

No. 277065

lmao good spot

No. 277182

I can't believe these people are going to be the parents of two. Those kids are set for years of therapy.

No. 277317

No I feel like for a young woman to be into him she would have to be going through a self hatred phase. He's been aging poorly for a cool minute, as long as he has this abusive-dad vibe insecure girls will flock to him. As long as he keeps his young wife so that young girls feel they can also relate to him, he will be free to suck the lifeforce of the youth for at least a few more cuddle sessions.

No. 277333

He ruined his relationship with Andy's dad for this video.

No. 277359

File: 1465209662168.jpg (13.67 KB, 490x77, wew.JPG)

No. 277424


He ruins relationships with everyone because he is an attention whore who is addicted to causing drama/pissing off everyone.

No. 277470

Fuck concealer, wear a gimp mask.
Good call gorg.

No. 277559

File: 1465251452432.jpg (24.06 KB, 355x352, i'm so sorry lesley.jpg)

From certain angles Taylor reminds me of a plain version of Lesley Gore

She might reenact the ending of The Stand

Slightly OT, but am i the only one who can't bring themselves to actually watch Onions videos? I've seen a few but, i just can't stand him.

No. 277575

It's not just you. I can't stand watching him in motion and hearing his voice. It just makes me shudder. I salute the brave anons here who put themselves through them.

No. 277581

I can watch his angry rant videos but I have to close the tab whenever I hear his grating fake laugh.

No. 277582

"And mine's better because it rhymes!"
You'd better be sorry! Poor Lesley.

I don't ever watch linked videos either, only the "cuddle explanation" one. Life is shit enough without adding Gurgadouche to it, quite frankly.

No. 277589

I tried watching his videos. Couldn't do it. His voice is just grating. His laugh, even more so.

No. 277648

>She might reenact the ending of The Stand

Jesus Christ I can picture it so well.

No. 277662

I hate myself for laughing at this, but I mean it's not that Greg's even remotely funny, it's that Andy is like a retarded tween. Wah wah wah someone gave me the finger come play guitar if u think ur so gr8!!!1111

Fuck what a retard.

No. 277772

>Slightly OT, but am i the only one who can't bring themselves to actually watch Onions videos? I've seen a few but, i just can't stand him.

I just can't stand the idea of my views are giving him money. Than again, money is what keeps this lolcow alive, so i'm really split.

No. 277887

this actually made me empathize with onion first, thats how fucking bad it was. it's so weird to hear these two interact, it makes SG sound even more lame (didn't think was possible) for being obsessed with someone as dense as onion.

No. 277898

Onion defends VeganGains and hates on Milo…oh and don't forget him bringing up the definition of feminism again…what a fucking retard. His obsession with definitions is autistic too.

No. 277901

File: 1465326049919.jpg (13.58 KB, 231x260, 1328890782632.jpg)

This is to much. My Onion quota has been filled for a month. How can one person be so obnoxious and wrong in on go..

No. 277914

Greg is just jealous that Milo is older than him and doesn't look like a greasy middle age wannabe teenager. He probably enjoys VeganGains death threats to MrRepzion because he made videos about him.

Someone ran an intellus report on him over at kiwi and it showed that his birth date was in 1982 instead of 1985. Anyone know how reliable those are?

No. 277932

I like how even though Greg chose the most unflattering photos he could find, he's still the ugliest guy in the thumbnail.

No. 277934

Part of me thinks it would hilarious to see Milo drag Onion, but part of me also thinks Onion doesn't deserve the attention.

No. 277948

Not herbivores, they eat bugs and occasionally eat meat as well.
Used to be carnivores, switched to bamboo which fucked them up so entirely they can't even breed properly.
For mating displays.

The human body is extremely similar to other omnivores. We aren't like herbivores at all. Our digestive tract is too long (though not as long as pure carnivores), the way our teeth are set up indicate omnivore, and the fact that we can even digest meat…
Now, I definitely think people eat too MUCH meat (I stick to one serving once or twice a week, for budget reasons too), but we definitely are not meant to be vegans.
The fact that B12 deficiency in humans is proof enough of that.

I've seen people use chimps as another example of canines in herbivores but chimps eat meat as well (small mammals).
I know it's a small part of the video, but come on Onion.

No. 277964

This is a thread to discuss Grog, not to look for validation for your diet.

We can't digest raw meat, we have to cook it and make it soft. Humans are deficient in B12 because we wash our veg, where do you think the animals eaten get B12 from? I'd love to see a pic of your teeth if you think they can rip raw flesh from the bone but if what you said helps you sleep at night, by all means continue.

Greg's obsession with veganism is hilarious because he's not vegan himself, he promotes something he doesn't practice himself.

No. 277985

Nonvegans get b12 deficiency too, and it's really common… the figure was something like 50% of people aged 50+ are b12 deficient. At least vegans take supplements because they're not ignorant about it.

No. 278025

Holy shit you are so retarded in not even gonna rip you apart, enjoy the nerve damage you fucking idiot

No. 278026

ew onion. Don't even put Milo's name in your dirty dehydrated stank mouth.

No. 278036

Butthurt vegan detected

No. 278037

pandas still hunt and eat meat anon. it's just from time to time and it's not very kawaii so you'll never see it at the zoo. they have the wrong digestive system for the bamboo which is why they lie down/ sit to eat (no energy). they are an evolutionary dead end but so kawaii so china will be cloning them forever. /saged for panda autism

No. 278050

File: 1465361001471.jpg (48.71 KB, 581x514, kekkerino.jpg)

He is dragging him on Twitter right now


No. 278054

File: 1465362584715.png (157.43 KB, 705x699, kjhgf.png)


No. 278075

No. 278077

File: 1465369445080.png (93.4 KB, 533x339, edgyteenager.png)

He's getting all the attention he wanted now.

No. 278082

File: 1465373549990.png (64.03 KB, 1160x218, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 6.10…)

lol onion so butthurt

No. 278086

It seems onion has no idea that Milo is gay?

No. 278089

This coming from the same greased onion that went after Felix's wife? KEK

No. 278096

This is gonna produce so much lulz.

No. 278100

File: 1465379171643.jpg (33.54 KB, 458x367, kak.JPG)

No. 278114

not even tagging milo anymore because he's too pussy for the recoil lmao. He really thought he'd get so many people agreeing with him and bashing milo

No. 278126

File: 1465393216157.png (340.13 KB, 1224x1436, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.3…)

greg well and truly assblasted.
He got so triggered he had to block milo I-IT WAS ONLY TO STOP YOU FOLLOWING ME

No. 278127

File: 1465393322812.png (104.04 KB, 1256x500, Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 11.3…)

and bonus onion getting the grease sweats

No. 278129

What did he say about her?

No. 278135

File: 1465396021667.png (11.55 KB, 532x85, bumfuckuniversity.png)

Where is she actually getting her degree??

There's no fucking way she can be legitimately getting a degree for psychology when she's in love and married to one of the biggest fucking trainwrecks of mental health out there on the internet.

No. 278137

A degree, even at the greatest university in the world, doesn't mean you're actually intelligent intelligent. You do well academically but be shit at life and not understand anything about it. I.e marry a putrid hypocritical attenrion seeking fucktard like grog.

Maybe she is just studying him

No. 278138

Why does he have to be such a hysterically offended wetbag gayboy? Oh yeah because he's jealous of someone actually marginally intelligent and needs to veil it

No. 278144

lmao Lainey doesn't even compare to Marzia; she's chub and looks like a manlet with a tumblr syndrome while Marzia is kind and helpful (also very pretty)

No. 278148

lol Onion loves to bully but when he gets bullied back, cucky can't deal with it

No. 278151


No. 278155

Omg I love Milo so much.

Shit that didn't take long at all. Gurgles really can't handle playing with the big boys it seems.

No. 278160

Oh my gooood. I can't fucking stand this guy.

No. 278163

oh the horror.
This man fathered children, I feel for those kids.

No. 278166

He has completely lost his mind. Sitting with a shitty gimp mask on and defends feminism with his FACTS(curse words). Can't wait to see what the future beholds this saga. It can only go downhill from here.

No. 278169

Both Milo and Onision are autistic as fuck. At least Milo is tolerable.

No. 278174

Phew I thought I was the only one who noticed Milo is really retarded himself, I like him for making greg so assgrivated tho

No. 278176

Did nega-Deadpool have sex with a gangster bee?

No. 278178

he's like every cringey angry narcisscistic pseudo-intellectual rolled into one i'm vomming

No. 278182


I wonder if the greasey ballsack has ever even read anything on philosophy or ideology. He doesn't appear to have even listened to/understood anything from Milo. Milo is a cunt too but at least make the fucking effort to understand the actual situation before you attempt to drag someone with a an entry-level buzzfeed philosophy on life. Greg thinks that just being smug and aggressive proves a point.

No. 278184

Based Milo

No. 278185

Greg reminds me of goth teenagers that like to post Nietzsche quotes all over myspace.

No. 278187

He is so jealous of Milo.
Milo gets to be controversial and everyone loves him. Oh poor onion. He is so salty.

No. 278195

lol as if he would ever come into contact with any basic understanding of Nietzsche or anything similar

No. 278224

File: 1465421596551.png (104.02 KB, 1164x753, Onion beliefs.png)

Of course not. Onion thinks he's the only rational person in the world.
>I began searching for new answers, though in my search, I did not look for others to help, I looked within myself, and chose to believe what was logical

No. 278236

File: 1465423636663.png (31.94 KB, 575x215, daddy.png)

No. 278254

File: 1465426397400.jpg (27.6 KB, 640x336, BONELLO-JUNE.jpg)

No. 278264

This was possibly his most retarded video yet.
'Grats greg

No. 278268

is the mask to hide his tears after milo ripped him a new asshole and he immediately sprinted to his green screen after being triggered?

No. 278271

has he ever addressed this scicesca phase of his past?

No. 278273

think its funny the moment he got the taste of his own medicine he bawed like a baby and blocked this milo guy. its like he shat himself when he realized the person he was talking shit about actually paid him any attentiom

No. 278284

At first he tried to play dumb, but after more people found his old websites he lied and claimed that it was just a short teenage phase despite releasing Sicesca videos in 2014. There's more information on it here: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Sicesca

No. 278313

Of course, plenty of times.

So, did anything come out of that whole army thing? Did that guy release anything remotely informative or did everyone just forget about it?

No. 278317

DSSCTM filed a FOIA request for the records on Memorial Day. He might no something next week or so.

No. 278318

Yeah, I know about Stand, I meant that guy who was bragging about having info over on kiwi.
Can't wait to see what comes out of it.

No. 278328

In last week's interview he said he was expecting the last of the documents to arrive on Friday (the 3rd)… That's the last update I heard.

No. 278355

File: 1465447039978.jpg (104.03 KB, 928x533, acneman.JPG)

Hahahah tfw Milo has buttmangled you so hard, you make angry selfies

No. 278398