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File: 1545291219108.jpg (87.33 KB, 1000x667, 1545290336393.jpg)

No. 615659

Thread Image Credit: >>615654 (honorable mentions: >>612993 >>613537 >>613647 >>615257)
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/611656
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-know how or personality.
>Greg continues to creep on youtuber Jessie Paege >>612082, spergs out on those who call him creepy, and changes his twitter name to prove that he totally doesn’t want to fuck her. >>612371 >>612372 >>612488
>Rees about youtuber Colleen Ballinger announcing that she’s in labor to her fans. >>612214
>Argues with Jaclyn Glenn over atheism and how agnostic atheists aren’t a thing. >>612785 >>612798 >>612802
>Greg releases his “documentary” on Shane Dawson thus making him look more bitter and creepy. >>613551 >>613596 >>613602 >>614222
>Lainey and Greg had their power shut off due to a tree knocking down their power lines, some editing mistakes were made. >>614382 >>614662
>Greg gets his “documentary” taken down and releases a “I’m broke feel bad for me” video titled to shane dawson fans, I’m sorry. >>614583 >>614532 >>614545 >>614563 (he later changes the title to “to shane dawson fans (let’s be happy) >>615134 )
>TRACTORGATE UPDATE! Greg and Lainey have redacted their appeal, anons speculate that they may have to pay a minimum of up to 208k in fees. >>615410 >>615412 This does not factor in what they owe to the IRS.
>Greg is pulling the I’m not an asshole it’s just a character card to excuse his behavior again.

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295), derailing, or infighting, you will be banned. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if you have any confusion as to what nitpicking, infighting or derailing consists of.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 615667

File: 1545292278223.gif (440.9 KB, 275x140, 1544640078380.gif)

Why didn't you use the minivan-gif everyone demanded as a thread pic…

No. 615668

I appreciate the new thread and the image that goes along with it, anon. I think it accurately represents the current state of events. Thank you.

No. 615670

>tfw van didn't make OP

I guess it's relevant, but I'm still sad.

No. 615672

I'm expecting a new cuddlegate soon enough. Gurg did say that he'll never stop wanting threesomes with two "assigned females at birth".

No. 615673

File: 1545293799678.jpeg (679.15 KB, 1125x1600, 2961A7AC-B868-48D5-A08E-15F63A…)

No. 615675

Why can he never make a natural expression when taking a group selfie? It makes him look psychotic.

No. 615676

bless you anon, stay smart and covert. thank you for bringing us walled away milk.

No. 615677

File: 1545294811464.png (467.28 KB, 678x508, 232210.PNG)

laser tag with infrared goggles?
why does that seem familiar?

No. 615678

How utterly milkalicious would it be if Youtube decided that right now is the time to totally pull the plug on Onision the way they did on Munkey Jones, by casually labelling some of his videos hate speech- I mean enough of his back cafelogue is there to pick over and choose three videos to strike, and poof! he wakes up and one, maybe two channels are just gone, like happened to Munkey Jones.

Or if they are really putting the boot in could he get removed from Patreon like Sargon did? I don’t think Onision is controversial enough to lose his Patreon but I can see Youtube finding three videos on each of his channels to just suddenly decide to strike, the way things are now, and suddenly he has maybe only one channel left.

He would lose. His. Shit.

No. 615682

looks like a go pro head mount to me

No. 615684

He didn't have to go to court so he went out to play with… whoever these people are.

No. 615688

No girl in their right mind would go to them now, seeing the depths of fuckery they've got themselves into through sheer stupidity….

…. Except their patrons. Who will you pick, Greg? They're all kinda gross..

No. 615689

File: 1545299350551.png (461.92 KB, 1135x558, its gone.PNG)

Was just checking and the Shane "docu" is gone.
He uploaded it on the 13th and here >>614795 he said that youtube was allowing him to view it for the next 7 days. Well today is officially one week. Im glad its gone, I feared he did some manipulative work around to keep it up. I hope that salty attempt at revenge got him a strike on that channel.

No. 615690

Ive thought the same thing. But they seem to wrangle in girls who dont know the extent of Gregs fuckery. Like Maya, she was oblivious to Greg in general. She only knew about Laineys social media presence, and seemed to look the other way when any drama was brought up about Lainey.

But Im with you about the Patrons. Next Cuddlegate will involve a Patron or really young girl oblivious to Gregs history and blinded by some weird obsession with Lainey. But it wont be a current Patron. Greg would already be manipulating Lainey into allowing a "camera-person" or "nanny" into the house. All his current female Patrons are really gross or too old.

This future trinity member hasn't even joined his Patreon yet because she has six months before she turns 18 and gets her first credit card.

No. 615696

because this is the only expression that makes it look like his face isn't entirely melting off

No. 615706

Why does this look like someone photoshopped these people together? It looks like separate images photoshopped as one image.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 615707

Sorry for the OT/derailing, but can someone please tell me how come he is friends with Billie the Fridge? This has been perplexing me for a while now.

I thought Gurkenstein lives on the " You like someone who hates me, means you are not my friend, bye" philosophy. We all know how he reacted when TomatoBruschetti ate lunch with Repzion or how he reacted towards Lamey liking a tweet from that music guy. Now I know that BTF is friends with Maddison and hangs out with the skeptics which always had a tooth against the onion man. This is confusing me both coming from BTF's POV, and Onion's. If this has been discussed before, I apologize, only lurking for a few months, a year at max.

No. 615715

And Billy recently hung out with Mr Repzion which onision unfriended Tomato guy for dounf

No. 615721

maybe megan will get the chance to ride the onion train if he's desperate enough

No. 615723

>This is confusing me both coming from BTF's POV, and Onion's.

Can't speak as to Greg, but I bet BTF feels about Greg as if he is that one asshole friend a lot of people have that everyone else hates, and you kind of pity them, or you see something in them that no one else does (because he's an asshole and no one wants to know him or be around him, so they don;t see the true flower growing i the shade of the asshole shade). Except if that is where Billy is coming from, he is barking up the wrong tree, because Greg has no hidden depths. He's all rage and asshole wrapped in one shitty personality disorder.

No. 615724

Greg is that one guy who is enemies with everyone, Billy is that one guy who is friends with everyone.

I like to think that this weird pairing persists because Billy's innate likeability and friendliness trumps Greg's developed misanthropy.

I think Billy's immune to Greg's toxicity, but Greg is not immune to Billy's charm.

No. 615726

Also Greg was never actual friends with Tomato Dickette, as TD literally paid Greg to be his friend. Having said that, I think TD is a lot better off without Greg poisoning his life, even though he actually seemed to think of Greg as a friend and seemed fond of him, even going so far as to make (lame) excuses for Greg's shitty behavior.

So maybe BTF is an actual friend of Greg, perhaps his only one.

No. 615727

BTF likes to get high. I bet Onion is that funny weirdo they all talk shit about behind his back. They get money and exposure and since they're dudes Onion doesn't feel secure enough to police them. Tomato paid onion a grand for his time, so onion walked all over him like he does with his other paying patrons. All this cunt cares about is money.

He sung Shs praise until alimony time. Only finally hated Shiloh because she took Greg's money and gave it to another man. Tried to shame Billie for giving her 10k and not changing herself in his basement. Paid Sam to live with him etc.

Lainey is just his lucrative doormat that will keep paying for his mistakes. she may as well just be another patron.

His huge fines are the best punishment. Him paying money into anything that does not directly benefit him is his form of rape.

No. 615730

Everyone or just 2 anons..? I like the one used.

>>615689 Isn't it bizarre that YT allowed a video classed as harassment, stay up for another seven days…Like wtaf is that all about? If people believed Greg in those seven days Shane's life could have been ruined.

No. 615731


He looks so out of place filtered to ghost white against everyone else.

No. 615732

Billie the fridge isn’t exactly immune to onions dickhead behavior. Im pretty sure during the whole unfriending of Madison onion attacked him while Billies whole stance on the situation was “I love both you guys”. So it seems like Billie the fridge tries to see the best in his friends while Greg (to nobodies surprise) is just a shitty friend

No. 615737

In reply to the farmer last thread talking about the County not really expecting $200,000 to be paid.. that's just the fines he owes from refusing to stop fucking up his yard more and thinking sod from the tractor supply store counted as correcting the damage.

He owes payment for an expert, permit application fees, and then has to shell out for every damn tree, plant, and square inch of fuel tainted dirt to be replaced by hourly wage earning crews from the County, all until the County and its experts are happy.

We're looking at $500,000 easily. That's x10 what he's paid for his house and he still owes loan money on that plus IRS back taxes and lawyer fees for this case and accountant fees for dealing with his fuckups.

Onion may not be acting like it now but he is without a doubt going to be very close to penniless if not completely bankrupt because his Youtube bux and Patreon for BOTH of them are in no way going to cover this and neither of them can stop flashing cash because they're used to spending money as quick as they get it. Onion has no investments, probably very little savings, no rental properties or side businesses to bring in income and several of his channels have strikes against them if not 50% demonetization.

At this rate he'll either cash in on his kids or Lainey is going to have to go back to Younow for pity tips just to make sure they can buy boxes of cereal at the dollar store for dinner.

No. 615749

Does anyone have the video of Greg complaining about the cops coming on to his property "illegally"?(Lurk more)

No. 615770

Or, you know, get actual jobs. But let's be real, that is far below a last resort for both of them.

As an aside I actually laughed out loud at the thread pic. Perfect.

No. 615773

No. 615784

oh to think it might actually happen. to think that after so many years greg might have to give up the youtube dream and live like the pauper he deserves to be. the mighty cuck king shall fall. this is the milk i dream of.

No. 615785


If he files bankruptcy, can this debt or the IRS debt be potentially discharged?

No. 615786

his.writing.is.so.baaadddd. i can't get past the first line of the random chapter i clicked. ahahahaha. kill me.

No. 615787

Thanks for all the work anon! Much appreciated!

No. 615788

Well, now that it's been officially confirmed by the authorities that Gregory Avaroe / Onision has lied to his laywer, he can officially say good bye to his self-proclaimed title as the most honest YouTuber. lmao

No. 615790

I see… I suppose I am simply baffled by the lack of sperging on his part. Lainey always is much more likely to keep to herself and compose herself, at least to an extent… Greg is known to throw temper tantrums over the most ridiculously insignificant events. I guess I am just very confused over his lack of a freak out… or threats of suicide for attention… or taking his anger out on every youtuber alive… he seems way too calm right now. If a normal human being were facing something like this they would be understandably having a mental breakdown. How is Greg showing so much restraint?? I wish we could see more patreon leaks, maybe he's keeping the freak-outs for his paying customers.

No. 615791

So what are the odds he starts shilling his new book HARD to make some cash for the fines? Even though his previous 'books' end up glossed over, think with his channel dying and giant debt looming, is he gonna transition to an "honest author"?

No. 615792

I think he knows that isn't possible. if strange aeons made more money off her video about his book than he did on the book itself, it's pretty safe to say a career as a self-published author is not in the cards for him

No. 615793


I think a lot of the lack of sperging comes from the fact that there is court documents and VIDEO EVIDENCE that he lied. Sperging about it would only advertise that he is not only a criminal and that he doesn't care about the environment like he preaches, but a liar and that he's been seriously lying to his fans for months.

No. 615794

I feel like it's to save face from him looking dishonest. When he finds a way to spin it, he will.

No. 615797

File: 1545330451373.png (46.74 KB, 1027x143, ghfhfhdgd.png)

Was looking at his books on Amazon to read reviews and just had to laugh at his author blurb.


No. 615798


That last line cracks me up, he both uses filters and wears makeup…

No. 615800

Just had to shoehorn that military experience there too huh. Surprised he didn't add some bullshit about philantrophy

No. 615802

He says st-a ~easily~ made 3-4K on her video bashing his book, which was more than the sales gave him. That was back when he was more liked/popular. This book will probably barely profit him 1k. And he’s an idiot for posting the chapters on patreon—people like gines who hate read his other books paid for them. Now they don’t even have to because they can get them from patreon for $3 or get the leaked version. He’s an idiot.

No. 615803

File: 1545331831321.jpg (97.7 KB, 847x433, kf.JPG)

According to this from someone at KF who understands the terms, he'll still owe. No clue about the IRS debt but he'll still owe the County.

>baffled by the lack of sperging on his part

Because it hasn't hit home yet. He's the type to ignore everything and pretend he'll get out of it until he gets the first bill and he has no choice but to pay it. He's already said he's facing a gigantic bill on his Shane Dawson "apology" video but even then that was filmed before him and his lawyer found out that the County had all the video evidence from Greg himself of what he'd done. He seriously thought he could get away with ignorance despite filming himself breaking the law.

No. 615805

Am I misreading or does he accidentally refer to the main character as Greg instead of Daniel in chapter 1?

No. 615806

Maybe his silence on the issue is due to how scared and upset he is about it. An idea I very much enjoy.

No. 615807

My friend owes the IRS and although he filed bankruptcy he still has to pay them. You can’t include any Gov bill in the bankruptcy.

No. 615809

$500,000 is 10X what he owed for his house? Huh?

No. 615810

Billy the Fridge likes whomever can help him the most. He is a lot like Onision. How can he see what Greg did to Madison and still take his side?

No. 615811

File: 1545333231152.png (70.7 KB, 589x431, Screenshot_48.png)

No. 615817

No, I caught that too.

No. 615818

He put down $50,000 on the house. It’s valued at around $550,000.

No. 615820

Just going to point out he says Onision in 5 out of 8 sentences. It's an "About the Author", we know who you're talking about so there's no need to remind us in almost every sentence that this blurb is about Onision.

No. 615823

Jesus Greg, way to go making it about yourself yet again. If he really felt bad he could actually privately message Cyr and give help/advice. Cyr's gf is an awful cow herself, so it doesn't surprise me people are calling la migra on her ass.

No. 615826

What an attention whore, he has enough problems of his own to worry about right now but he still keeps inserting himself in other people's drama

No. 615827

500k for the tractor fees, 500k to pay off the house, he's in the hole for a hot million. now's the time to take your assets and run, plainey

No. 615831

Cyr's girlfriend is an absolute POS bitch, but I despise Edwin. He is a disgusting little maggot who happily sucks the dick of whomever youtuber is willing to give him a second glance, then will turn on them the moment they have controversy. Anything for that ugly little man to get his views.

No. 615834


She is just as on the hook legally as he is.

No. 615835

now if she left, she really would get nothing. If she had left before, she would have been set (she probably could have gotten out of the pre-nup). Not anymore!

No. 615836

Wait why did he pay only 50k for that house? Sorry I'm not from the US and I don't understand how things work there

No. 615837

For the mortgage, you have to put down a certain percentage of the value usually 10% etc. And you pay the rest monthly over years.

No. 615847

I thought I would welcome this milk but now I’m just worried about his kids. Not only did he fuck up their futures but I reckon when he does react to all this, it’s going to be extra bad.

No. 615850

Right? You just know this piece of shit never bothered putting money away for things like college funds or braces or anything like that, because he figured he’d be fAmOuS forever, plus he’s so much smarter than doctors and universities.

No. 615851

His face is so white because he’s wearing a full face of foundation and it’s reflecting the flash of the camera.

No. 615852

File: 1545338121351.webm (16.3 MB, 640x360, kys onision.webm)

The kids have Lainey's parents if anything goes to shit.

Greg recently posted a ten year old video on his twitter as well as a video "addressing" the rumors about him, again.

No. 615863


>your so ignorant and stupid


No. 615865

No. 615867

I think he was just quoting shit people have said. I've also seen "ure" being used throughout the video.

Video is still cringy and sad! Glad to see he hasn't changed

No. 615868

File: 1545340012845.png (56.39 KB, 580x253, rumors.png)

No. 615873

File: 1545340086502.png (47.06 KB, 585x738, Screenshot_50.png)

No. 615876

File: 1545340162843.jpeg (393.29 KB, 1125x1177, 0C89F1D3-47FC-43E9-9E2A-BC5B18…)

No. 615881

File: 1545340237714.jpeg (403.06 KB, 1125x1071, 701B84D0-C18E-48A6-84F4-CE5CBB…)

No. 615884

But Shane’s jokes are totally serious and he’s a predator u guiseee

No. 615888

File: 1545340628578.png (41.36 KB, 582x563, not condoning preditory relati…)

No. 615890

File: 1545340809430.png (36.36 KB, 587x459, totally legal.png)

No. 615891

Except he didn’t have to do that. He received $400,000 from the sale of the studio and put that on the big house. This house is either paid for or half paid

No. 615895

>If SoMEoNe

He's so autistic. Hey fucknut how about it's creepy that you tell girls you're in love with them after speaking to them for 3 days over a computer and then your first meeting in person always involves you ramming your cocktail sausage into them? Or leaving your wife for a teenager you knew was a famous Canadian popstar but failed to notice her age on the Google results.

Blow it your ass Onion boy. We all know you go for mentally stunted girls we know you're too ugly to have physical preferences these days but you prefer you young girls skinny and emo.

No. 615896

Straight up lies in new pedophile video claiming he thought Shiloh was in her "20's". This "honest" youtuber can't even keep the most basic of lies straight. Yeah all these 17 year old females keep lying to him about their age. What a coincidence that he falls for children! But guys it's not his fault he's the victim in all of this CLEARLY.

If anything this video only further proves how he is obsessed with teenage women. Also I love how he claims he "dated someone who was 24 and 26 but no one talks about that". What, Adrienne who you rebounded with for all of a week and… WHO exactly is the other individual? Because I don't think they actually exist.

No. 615897

Lmao at that deflection. You slept with two minors, Greg. No one cares that one of them is now 24 and your wife… what? So if someone grooms a 13 year old and marries her when she's legal can use this as excuse? "We're still together tho!!! She's 24 now!!"
You fucked her on a desk, in a hotel room, the first time you met her, when she was 17. Trying to change the subject just screams "GUILTY"

No. 615900

I think he was referring to Hannah Minx. They supposedly 'e-dated' for like a week during some break from Shiloh.

No. 615903

lol oh right that definitely counted.

Also like how at the end Greg told people to go to his patreon to watch the Shane Dawson documentary. During his own "I'm not a pedo I swear" video. Still secretly attempting to push this fraudulent bullshit, I see. (What happened to I'm sorry Shane Dawson fans uwu)

No. 615904

File: 1545342090748.jpeg (178.59 KB, 1125x578, 7BA37C0D-0918-4C91-8410-D8F640…)

No. 615907

I think he thinks that he's doing a really good job of covering himself by constructing his arguments in this way, but the fact that he keeps framing how right or wrong an action is around its legality (rather than its morality) is extremely creepy and telling, and an ENORMOUS red flag.

No. 615908

File: 1545342238811.jpeg (601.77 KB, 1125x1682, A198DF1C-FEB2-4D67-AE65-51F436…)

No. 615909

File: 1545342299258.jpeg (621.08 KB, 1125x1553, CF7E8CB8-BFFC-4B5B-995E-9444A6…)

No. 615913

it's pretty convenient how both with Sh and Kai, he "didn't know" about their ages. convenient how they BOTH lied to him about how old they were. covenient how his excuse for BOTH is oh, well, you shouldn't turn your back on love just because there's an age gap right?!?!?! that's why people don't like you, gurgles. that. right. there.

No. 615914

You know you hit the nail on the head when he starts sperging. He's just so dumb and transparent…

No. 615915

lol I love this he is throwing a full fledged fit. He actually had to state again as well "Lainey lied to me about her age when we met." Again, she said she was turning 18 in May instead of October, you always knew she was 17 and she herself has made this statement countless times.

No matter how you look at it, when you are his age dating 17 year old after 17 year old then have a trinity with an 18 year old when your last 17 year old is getting a bit too old for you is

No. 615918

I'm honestly surprised Grugly never tried to pretend he "kind of" dated Shane when they actually were on good terms. He seems to be the type of person that when you try to be civil with him, he thinks you want to date him, and god forbid if you find any mutual interests.

No. 615920

>Cross-border travel for sex. The PROTECT Act, §105(a)(b), establishes an age of consent of 18 for travel into or out of the country or between states for the purpose of a sexual encounter. If a person lives in a state where the age of sexual consent is, for example, 16 and is dating a 16- or 17-year-old in another state where the age of consent is also 16, that would violate this federal law, even though any particular activity the two people may engage in would be legal in both their states.

No. 615923

File: 1545343210722.png (475.5 KB, 954x746, 1513556132871.png)

Never forget.

No. 615925

The stupidity lmao. Grugly, if Shiloh had covered her tracks better, hell if Adrienne hadn't ignored you, Lame would never exist in this picture. You're married to an ugly rebound chick, get over youself.

No. 615942


Yeah sure Greg, I bet he totally thought Shiloh was in her 20s when he was driving to a state it was legal for them to have sex in while they met for the first time.

She was famous in my country at the time they met, I'm 100% sure that he would've Googled her when she told him who she was. There's no possible way he didn't see her age on her Wikipedia page.

And even if he did think she was in her 20s.. GUESS WHAT GREG? YOU STILL FUCKING DATED HER AFTER YOU FOUND OUT. It's like claiming that someone sprinkled crack on your cigarette without your knowledge when you weren't looking, but then they tell you what they did and you just keep smoking it anyway.

No. 615945

Someone replied to one of his spergy tweets with the fact that it’s illegal to travel across state lines to fuck someone who’s under 18, and someone else replied with this >>615923 – and now he’s silent.

No. 615947

Watching him sperg about pedophilia while he's about to be brutally ass raped by Pierce Co. is weird but definitely enjoyable, gotta say.

No. 615949

and yet the babyfaces on shane's fully adult partners have somehow been proof that he's a pedophile, despite his age gaps being much smaller than the onions and not just "technically" legal depending on the state he purposely travels to just to fuck them lol

does he just reset mentally every day and forget all the dumb shit he's accused others of that also incriminate himself in the process?

No. 615950

I can hear lameykai now “IT WAS FIVE MONTHS! AND I TOLD HIM SOON AFTER!”

He’s so dense. She was still 17. She’s right, he really doesn’t let it go that she “lied about her age”

Dumbshit, it’s not really lying if she’s still saying she’s 17. It’s not like he thought she was 20, even though he claims she “looked older” sure Gregory. She really looked like an adult. Do you need to be reminded of her baby faced 17 year old self? Before you sucked all the life out of her? Yet shane is a pedo for dating baby faced people. Okay. All his exes had baby faces too except A and S but she doesn’t count because they met when they were younger.

Lainey just lied about what month she was born in. You knew she was 17 and fucked her the first day you met and proposed before ever even meeting her.

No. 615954

>"technically" legal depending on the state he purposely travels to just to fuck them

It doesn’t matter what the age of consent was in those states where he traveled to fuck <18-year-old teens. The fact that he traveled out of state at all to fuck them was illegal.

He might try to say, “I traveled across state lines for LOVE, not sex!” but he literally fucked Lainey on a hotel room desk the first time they ever met in person.

No. 615967

File: 1545347517532.jpeg (232.45 KB, 640x661, E5943916-DB47-4E5C-A1E8-073AF8…)

>(2) It is not illegal to go from one state that is 16+ to another state that is 17+ when the person in question is 17+ ~ I think you're thinking of people going from 18+ to 17+ which yeah, I did not do that.

This is not true.

Honesty please.

No. 615970


>Pornography. The PROTECT Act, § 503, makes it a federal crime to make (or possess or post online, etc.) sexy photos or videos that include a person under 18, even if under the relevant state law any activity depicted is legal and even if the photos or videos are made (or possessed or posted, etc.) by the juvenile(s) depicted in them.

No. 615971

age of consent laws only apply to people living in that state. the girl would have to be a resident of a state that allows it.

No. 615973

Fuck I'd love Shane to track down Hannah Minx in some type of throw back YouTube video and get her to briefly indirectly state she never dated Greg. They Skyped he came on too strong and she ghosted him lol

No. 615974

Sh wasn’t even a resident of this country, much less a state where it was legal.

Taylor was a resident of NM, where 17 is the state age of consent, but it was illegal for Greg to travel there to fuck her as long as she was below the federal age of consent (18). She was 17.

No. 615975

Greg got owned and upset as hell and no one has backed down against him on twitter so he's attempting to change the topic to Trump's boarder wall.

To any anon's who aided in triggering this filthy cow today… thank you. You're all doing God's work.

No. 615976

Woah. I seriously didn’t know that. I thought his only crime was bringing sh across the border to fuck her. Top keks for the man who claims to not do anything illegal

No. 615979

Even if Greg had brought her to WA, where the age of consent is 16, and she were already 17, it would still be illegal, because she wasn’t 18 and they crossed state lines to have sex.

He claims he consulted a lawyer on whether or not it was legal to fuck a 17-year-old at 24 or whatever, and supposedly he got the go-ahead, but I suspect he conveniently left out the fact that he was traveling to another state to do so.

No. 615984

I had never bothered reading Reaper's Creek until now, and all I have to say is…wow. His books reveal so much more about his deranged brain than anything else he does, and this one is no exception.

Our main character, Daniel, is obviously Greg. He even calls himself Greg on accident like, four different times. He has Greg's exact family, his exact house, and his exact life. The difference is that at a young age, our book protagonist starts being abducted and tortured by aliens, and at the same time he develops strange powers.

It turns out that the aliens were sent by God himself to kill Greg, because Greg has powers that are even greater than God's. Greg starts becoming so powerful he can re-write the "code" of the universe itself, meaning he can kill anyone he chooses with a mere thought, design an entirely new world in a way he sees fit, and even kill God. Yes, he kills God. Because Greg knows so much better than God, you know.

Greg then instates a new FEMALE God who is even better than him, and finds out that this New God is his real mother. (In the story, Greg's real mother Tami hates him and wants nothing to do with him by the end, but of course it doesn't matter because New God was his real mother all along!) He lets the New God do her thing, and the world is magically perfect at the end due to his machinations.

Greg also has a girlfriend who he has sex with like a bazillion times, who is always in the bathtub, getting out of the shower, or otherwise arbitrarily naked. Greg starts out the book being eleven, then after a time-skip is fourteen, so it's really unclear how old he's supposed to be when he's having sex with this girl, but it's between 11-14. By the end of the story, Greg has been magically aged up to be in his mid-twenties through his powers, and his girlfriend is 18. I am not making this up. (Also, Greg's magical age-up made him into a beautiful man with bulging muscles and long, flowing blond hair.)

Seriously, it's like, the most Greg thing ever.

No. 615985

File: 1545350140765.jpeg (125.18 KB, 538x489, F5B44CB4-D272-4144-8F86-DC3B43…)

Someone tweeted this at him. Taylor’s lawyer dad even said it’s illegal.

I love looking at tweets directed @ him. He retweets and replies selectively, only when he thinks he can ~pwn~ them, but people really do roast him: https://twitter.com/search?q=to%3A%40onision&f=live

No. 615986

File: 1545350256098.jpeg (447.88 KB, 1125x1047, 75B56F35-12B4-4C0C-8206-3385C7…)

No. 615987

Anon you’ve got it all wrong! He was in love with her, he was MaKiNg LoVe to her, he didn’t cross state lines JUST to have sex with her.

Regardless of legality, even if she was 18, it’s still creepy to date a very young looking teenager (like B) at that age. People in their 20s are different than teenagers.

Still can’t get over the fact that he proposed after what, a month of dating her? Not even knowing her in person. And as a 21 year old I think it’s weird to get engaged before a year of being together. Yikes. Onion boy and Taylor are forever stuck in their teens

No. 615989

File: 1545350395363.jpeg (295.88 KB, 1125x983, 78C08D75-597E-4500-AB5F-83580A…)

Instead of worrying about the financial troubles he’s brought upon his family, he’s reeing about how he’s not a pedo because Taylor was legal and arguing with the haturz

No. 615991

It is very interesting to hear your summary… I myself could never stomach a read-through of anything Greg has written. The part about his girlfriend being a perma-eighteen year old is pure gold, though, especially following today's sperging. I need more book summaries like this one ASAP. What a crude look into this man-child's brain. The only part that shocks me is that he allows his own character to age past 18, considering every other week we see Greg posting a side-by-side photo boasting "look guyz i dunt age"

No. 615994

To be fair, he ages up from 14 to "mid-twenties" in an instant, so ~mentally he's still young~ or whatever. Because that's not weird.

Greg yesterday: I've grown past the stage where I want to fight everyone and make video responses all the time. There's no way to win with drama, and I'm tired of fighting. All that? That was Character, not me! I'm not an egomaniac like I used to be and I want people to like me! Positivity is the way!!

No. 616002

File: 1545352712660.jpeg (592.46 KB, 1242x1072, 70ACD443-FCCC-479F-883D-2CED4A…)

Not to go OT, but I was looking through Taylor’s Facebook, and it just blows my mind she says she’s not out to her family. She has her fake boi name on her profile, has a profile picture of that photo in front of the agender flag in the agender shirt, a cover photo of her YouTube banner (with they/them on it), her pronouns for the account set to they/them… all for her family to see???

(sorry farmhands for deleting and reposting, used wrong terminology, and this is my first time ever reposting so not sure if it needs to be clarified that I’m reposting)

No. 616003

If whether or not something is moral is irrelevant to you
you might be Greg.

No. 616010

didn't Sh revealed in a long ago deleted Facebook post that yes he did come there for that purpose and yes he did know she was 17.

No. 616011

File: 1545353862780.jpeg (37.55 KB, 400x400, EE713768-D546-4767-A44B-4A2980…)

He looks so fucking creepy and dumb in his Twitter profile pic.

This really isn’t helping your I’M NOT A PEDO!!!!1! YOU ARE!!!!!!!! argument, Greg.

No. 616013

File: 1545354378095.jpg (75.74 KB, 637x369, 0219_adam-lanza2.jpg)

Hes LARPing as a young Lanza

No. 616014

File: 1545354781788.jpeg (418.95 KB, 2048x2048, BACF807F-0713-4269-8AD7-1D580C…)

I was thinking pic related.

No. 616017

euw anon I see it

No. 616019

I wish her parents would just have custody of the children already, or for lamey to go back to them.

If we all wake up one day to news of a murder-suicide in WA, there'll be no prizes for guess who it is.

Underrated post. Did he reply to the tweet at all?

No. 616022


He's trying hard to look young but the cheeks are sagging af.

No. 616027

File: 1545359417220.jpg (333.53 KB, 1125x945, cyr.jpg)

What's interesting is Onion posted this on his private Twitter before posting it on his public one. He wanted more than just his patrons to see it for some reason

No. 616032

I want to make a throw-away twitter account now solely to see how many times I can successfully tweet Greg this image before he explodes. Damn whoever made this definitely got him with a check mate today.

…man I gotta say…
Kai is the dumbest fucking name I could ever imagine for Taylor. That is the name of a 14 year old anime protagonist, not the name of a horsed-faced "father" of two. She is so unbelievably brain dead.. I want to assume Lainey could think for herself by now, she's in her mid-twenties… there's no way she actually thinks that name isn't dumb af. You're really going to allow your husband to name you twice? Isn't that one of the most personal and important parts of transitioning, picking your new name…? And Lainey's that much of a pathetic insect that she's not only letting Onion name her, but name her after an anime character?? That is the name a 12 year old overweight incel weeb would go by on reddit. It's just… so.. fucking.. STUPID.

No. 616043

Lainey has stated in videos that she told him her real age after only a few days….

No. 616044

No. 616046

Lainey is actually more pathetic than Grugly. They're both disgusting assholes - Greaseystein is delusional, self-aggrandizing, low intelligence, and unquestionably a narc; but Lainey is a special kind of fucking sad. To me at this point it's actually debatable which is worse. She started for sure as a victim, a teen girl who's only been abused etc, but she's had every out and no excuse at this point.

She enables him, and manages to be even more of a pathetic excuse of a woman/man/spaceboi because she could get herself and her kids on the right track but instead names herself fucking Kai and spergs about literally nothing all day every day. At least pedoGrugly tries to pretend to be functional ffs

No. 616048

>At least pedoGrugly tries to pretend to be functional

You sure about that, anon?

Gurgenstein also
>spergs about literally nothing all day every day.

No. 616049

Did he just find out what the meaning of Ego is like he did with logic fallacy? I feel like it’s been showing up in a lot of his tweets lately

No. 616050

He is so dumb that he doesn’t realize that everyone sees right through his “I’m the woooorst” trick as just as narcissistic as all his “I’m the best” shit. He’s not the best or the worst, he’s just a chubby broke dad.

No. 616051

Fair point. I dont know I think it would be a good debate topic - who is worse?
One point to consider is that Gerg is completely uneducated, while Plainey at least was exposed to some sort of further education.

Was she just too brainwashed/damaged too early? Hard to say. Just the kids thing makes me think she could be more pathetic one…Apparently her grooming and brainwashing overrides her natural maternal instinct. Then again, there are plenty of shitty moms out there

No. 616053

OMG lol
He thought those officers would go to jail, he says he pulled up "most entirely" weeds omg lol
This shit needs to be tweeted at him every day until he deletes his account

No. 616061

>This future trinity member hasn't even joined his Patreon yet because she has six months before she turns 18 and gets her first credit card.

I see Greg as more like that werewolf dude in Twilight who falls in love with the girl he used to loves literal baby.

No. 616063

I don't have the patience for this shit right now, but thanks anon.

>the last chapter isn't even a page and a half

>he changed the file format so it doesn't match?

No. 616067

When those initially were posted, I think we came to the conclusion it was the step dad? Or he used his own name flipped… something retarded, anyway.

No. 616071

This is why Greg doesn't care.

Taylor is going to be the one forced to pay for everything.

No. 616079


From the PROTECT Act as well:

>(c) Engaging in Illicit Sexual Conduct in Foreign Places.–Any

United States citizen or alien admitted for permanent residence who
travels in foreign commerce, and engages in any illicit sexual conduct
with another person shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not
more than 30 years, or both.

>(f) Definition.–As used in this section, the term `illicit sexual

conduct' means (1) a sexual act (as defined in section 2246) with a
person under 18 years of age that would be in violation of chapter 109A
if the sexual act occurred in the special maritime and territorial
jurisdiction of the United States; or (2) any commercial sex act (as
defined in section 1591) with a person under 18 years of age.

TL;DR - It doesn't matter what the age of consent is in any given state if a person travels specifically for sex. If travelling for sex, the person MUST be 18 years of age, regardless of state law.

No. 616080

I can't tell if he's trying to sympathize with cyr or make him look bad. The only reason why I'm unsure is because gurgles would nEver actually try to reach out to a guy (key word "guy) who cut him out. But at the same time, judging by >>615811 he seems to be trying to make an anti-edwin statement by disproving the video ed made on dodie possibly lying.

Wonder what edwin did to get on gregs bad side?

No. 616081

And he saying "it's looking pretty okay" in the end of the video, thinking he was gonna get away with everything. The irony is delicious

No. 616083

>what's important is we all have some sense integrity where we do things the right way…



No. 616085

lol Greg actually states in the video that those two officer's can face up to 90 days in jail for trespassing and 5 years for perjury. This troglodyte actually thought he was going to not only get away with destroying natural habitat, but also turn the government in on itself because THEY broke the law, not him! NEVER him! Imagine him trying to say this shit to a judge. "I hope this is a learning lesson for everybody".

I'm sure it will be, Greg. I'm sure it will be.

No. 616086

there's also a fly buzzing around it head around the time where he said that. He's just so gross

No. 616087

there's also a fly buzzing around it head around the time where he said that. He's just so gross

No. 616088

File: 1545369115747.png (158.01 KB, 582x624, okay gurgg.png)

his twitter sperging about not being a pedophile really makes his arguments for shane being one a little… weak.

No. 616089

File: 1545369287518.jpeg (548.01 KB, 1125x1390, A87DE650-75BE-48D7-8181-8AA6FE…)

No. 616090

Im listening to gines read the first chapter of reapers creek and gerg sure hates nettles and stuff.. damn. What a thing to focus on in a book? It didnt even seem like such a big part of the story to waste so much time writing about. Would have been funny if the release of that chapter was in time with getting fucking in the ass by the government. Mm.. thorny.

No. 616092

File: 1545369681486.png (59 KB, 591x745, more pedo spergs.png)

No. 616093

This editing is so weird. I've never watched a full Onion video before and I can't get over how fucked up his music choices are and the random cuts to black and white. What the fuck?

No. 616094


>posts law he broke

>"well if no one reported it than its not illegal"

No. 616095

File: 1545369953925.jpeg (310.72 KB, 1125x1015, F5E2F79E-880B-4CA5-9F00-1C0813…)

Sure Greg

No. 616096

It's incredibly ironic how he moved from the McMansion to a smaller house because he was having financial problems but ended up creating even more problems in the new house

No. 616097

File: 1545370850470.webm (1.76 MB, 640x360, Onision Wonders.webm)

Spend a day inside Gregs head.

No. 616099

File: 1545371034402.png (620.88 KB, 996x2048, hmmmm.png)

I thought Greg owned an iPhone X?

No. 616100

So successful that he only managed to cheat on his wife of 6 years once! He only signed away his son and unborn daughter for like 4 days… and it's not like he went through with it.
If you dont verbally abuse your spouse, its obvious you dont love them enough. How can your relationship last if your not constantly breaking up with them when they disappoint you? They should never stop fighting for love.
6. Years. Get it?! He is the expert, so stop questioning him.

No. 616101

File: 1545372722340.png (156.31 KB, 466x451, 2018-10-04_02-44-01.png)

His relationship with Taylor may be predatory, but it's not illegal! Suck it haters!

No. 616108

File: 1545373297434.png (28.09 KB, 585x325, not even a month.png)

Lainey turned 18 October 16th, 2012.
The fact that he's still reeing about this is hilarious.

No. 616118

It’s all coming to light, beautiful.

No. 616120

File: 1545375486073.jpg (85.98 KB, 400x533, IMG_4618.JPG)

my advent calendar beer of the day reminded me of a certain someone in more ways than one …(off-topic)

No. 616122

I can assure you Gergy, it is illegal and it immediately becomes a matter for the FBI. The charges are enormous and there is no grey area. It's called sexual tourism and was initially created to prevent people flying to places like thailand and raping children.

No. 616123

File: 1545376346018.png (17.77 KB, 584x304, Screenshot_52.png)

No. 616124


In my country a man named Kai is usually 40-50 year old. Not many young people have that name. That's why it's really odd for me that Lamey would choose to be Kai.

No. 616126

i've only ever known kai to be a pretty black name. makes me think of kai greene which is pretty amusing

No. 616128

File: 1545376824740.png (302.64 KB, 690x716, ugggh.png)

No. 616129

Not even just Thailand. It’s meant to prevent creepy ephebophilic sleazebags like Greg from flying to AL to fuck 16-year-olds… or NM to fuck 17-year-olds.

No. 616133

Well I guess he’s officially renamed Lainey. Again.

Hope she actually likes the name Kai cause she is stuck with it now.

No. 616135

I honestly wonder how the fuck Onion is mentally. If he is as he portrays the most brootally honest youtuber, abstaining from all drugs and refusing all help from any kind of professional so is he just like screaming at the trees? How the fuck hasn't he snapped with how twistedly delusional and grandiose he is with this intense amount of government scrutiny? Honestly perplexed.

No. 616137

She didn't choose it, Greg did and hes basically a 40-50 year old man. She does anything to appease him. Hes happy to use Kai because he named her. He probably would never use Eli or whatever if she went with it because he didn't like it.

She does not match the name "Kai" whatsoever and its such cringe every time he calls her that. I dont think she even likes that name, but shes gonna convince herself she does. Just like she convinces herself shes bi and poly because thats what he wants her to be. Remember how onion went on about how cool he thought the name "Billie" was lol. Nothing about Taylor was to greg's liking, she literally remade her whole identity to please him.

No. 616138

I know anon, that's why I said "places likes thailand". It was just an example of a place with huge sex trafficking for foreigners.

>>616126 Kai from AHS.

No. 616139


It is a pretty common name where I live, even for younger people. But it's the fact that she didn't even chose that name herself and it also feels like she does not like it that much (she was much more enthusiastic about Lain or Eli).

Also, I don't really know a trans person irl, but is it common to go through so many name changes before you make a decision? I feel like Greg saying she's boring is so stuck in her head that she can't stop creating new identities to make herself interesting. Even now Greg is still admiring how funny and quirky Sh was in his new video, while Plainey still has a lame personality (and it's not because she's a cis female).

No. 616141

Another reason gaylor might be letting gerg choose her names both times is that she wants him to appreciate and be happy with it 100%. Out of insecurity and fear if he doesnt absolutely love everything about her he will leave her. She cant risk angering her “daddy”. Gag.

No. 616142

He sounds just like Mary Kay Letourneau. They had the greatest love of all and oh sorry they're no longer together.

That would depend on the person. Some trans people have always thought of themselves as their chosen name before they ever come out or go by it and some will go through a few options before settling on one that fits. I've never seen anyone as wishy washy about it as Lame is though.

No. 616145

Funny how he can't acknowledge his husband as "he" and still calls her "they". Afraid someone could think you're married to a guy, Gerg?

No. 616147

Grug and dodie had a spat a while ago where he shared screenshots of her messages with him on twitter (can't remember if there was a video too?) , Now he's gonna try kissing her ass? And cyr?

No. 616156

File: 1545379575686.jpg (22.97 KB, 280x575, 48385658_527743624398471_68249…)

I was really curious about this so I did some research. It seemed that Lame hopped on Onision dick through twitter starting in 2011 but never got much response. On Jan 15th, Onion follows Taylor back on twitter. But is never really interested until Lainey said she was his soul mate on twitter which happened on Feb 12th, 2012. She would've been newishly 17 (her birthday is Oct 16th, 1994, so 17 for almost 4 months). Looking into old videos Lainey shows old texts to a friend about how she wants to skype him and giving him her skype number, about how much Lainey misses him and that Greg loves her (this convo happened also on Feb 12th). They supposedly only talked as friends as Greg bounce between Shiloh, Skye, and Adrianne. Lainey was such a stalky-obsessive teen it fed into Onions God complex and he was HOOKED after Shiloh was officially done with him. On Feb 23rd Onion practically confesses his love for Lainey…after talking to her for not even two weeks… In a text Gurg sent Taytay talking about how inspired and how different his love was for her Lame says they had dated for ONE DAY when he wrote all of this to her. So they started officially dating on 2/27/2012 (this is all according to time stamps on old texts). On March 1st, Lainey tells Selena that Gurg "purposed" on skype. I skimmed a few different videos and find it interesting that how the date is EVER given on when they first met/had sex… They moved in together in August 2012, note she is still 17 and her living with Greg was against her parent's knowledge, they lived in New Mexico. This is when Lainey was supposed to living in a dorm for college. Lainey then turned 18 on Oct 16, 2012, and they got married on Nov 14, 2012.

Videos I used to gather the info

I just wanted the facts to be straight, not to white knight cause I think it is extremely gross to bag yourself an immature, obsessed fan to be your sex toy and emotional punching bag. Anyways, have some info

No. 616157

File: 1545379610920.jpeg (295.25 KB, 2048x2048, 3761EBB0-87D0-4070-9558-B84BAF…)

No. 616165

File: 1545380865204.png (464.99 KB, 684x566, oh hey sarah.png)

No. 616166

Wtf she literally has done an asmr video before. She is such a cunt to her “fans” only using them.

No. 616168

File: 1545381216168.jpg (64.64 KB, 600x943, dude-on-phone.jpg)

mfw Sarah is back and Greg is reeing about how he isn't a pedo.

No. 616170

kek is lame trying to look like finn wolfhard?

No. 616173

File: 1545381800382.jpeg (238.49 KB, 1303x1303, F4E0D2C0-B34D-48E7-BE15-8ACF74…)

No. 616174

she looks like every other delusional fakeboi who thinks gross unwashed dyed hair and round glasses makes them look like a boy.

No. 616176

He always spregs out the most and causes big shitstorms during winter holidays and now Sarah is suddenly back…hmmm..

No. 616178

It's almost like Grug is a not very smart narcissist who spent the last decade and a half coasting on the ludicrous amount of ad shekels Youtube paid him for tarding around in front of a camera and as such is kinda shit with money.

No. 616188

He's the very definition of nouveau riche… except he's not rich anymore HAAAAAAA

No. 616193

how is it that sarah managed to make this video actually slightly enjoyable? She's a lot more funny and bold, her makeup is great, and you can reaaaally tell she's feeling herself. She's not a yesman anymore.

I pray she manages to dodge gerg, because lainey seems to be oblivious to her glow up.

No. 616196

This is more funny than anything tbh

No. 616200

Nice round up, anon. Serious thanks for all the information

No. 616201

It wasn't legal Greg, or about as legal as you just "pulling weeds" was.

No. 616202

File: 1545386568164.gif (23.75 KB, 100x100, 1544961802497.gif)

>He might try to say, “I traveled across state lines for LOVE, not sex!

>tfw anon almost nails it as much as greg nails literal children

No. 616204

>Greg also has a girlfriend who he has sex with like a bazillion times, who is always in the bathtub, getting out of the shower, or otherwise arbitrarily naked.

You forgot the older girl he finger banged on the couch or whatever just like his irl (that he's bragged about).

No. 616206

yeah gregory avacado would have DIED TO PROTECT THAT FENCE also did you know i was a war veteran i am a cop i could be one irl but it just would be enough for me to survive on

No. 616207

Well lookie here. Gerggles made a video for us and we didn't even need to pay him to do it.

I like how he glossed over the fact that he got with Billie when she was 18 but he's going with 19 which was her age when they broke things off with her. Also ignores people stating that Greg deserves his fetish for young teenage girls to be highlighted since he has been attempting to fraudulently accuse Shane Dawson of being a pedophile and has tirelessly attempted to ruin this man's life for the past year over it. It's okay to scream "HE SHOULD BE LOCKED UP CALL THE POLICE ON SHANE" but Greg doesn't call the police.. yet when Greg is called out for moving minor's over state lines for sex he expects anyone taking this event seriously to "call the police". Not hypocritical at all to expect other's to do something you yourself won't.

Believe me, you disheveled ugly dipshit, if statute of limitations hadn't expired long ago we all WOULD be calling the cops on you because, shock, the police take sex trafficking fucking seriously.

No. 616212

File: 1545387512796.png (26 KB, 577x239, groom.PNG)

I wonder how much money Sarah had to pay Lainey to be friends again.

pic unrelated

No. 616216

Prior to the PROTECT Act (2003), the statute of limitations was five years or age 25, but that changed – now there’s no statute of limitations at all in a case like this.

Unfortunately I think police would only care if Taylor were the one who pursued it. I’m sure her lawyer dad at least considered it when Gronkenstein first started creeping around.

No. 616232

>now there’s no statute of limitations

I can see this being a big part of the divorce proceedings. I mean when Greg fucks up again and cheats on Taylor and she gets fed up.

No. 616233


Mentally Greg seems to be losing the plot. You would think he would be knuckling down spending 20 hours a day trying to secure the people he needs for the wetland work approval, which we already know has a fortnight deadline for a plan, and at the absolute worst time of year to be trying to pin down professionals.

But no, he’s online googling laws about his sex crimes from seven years ago, arguing with strangers.

His priorities are bonkers. Which only gives us more delicious Christmas milk of course, but can you imagine being Lamey knowing this deadline is coming and he’s doing fuck all about it. What am I saying, she’s probably online ordering her next shipment of vapes, hairdyes and Chinese makeup palettes rather than trying to find a landscape specialist herself.

I think 2019 will be interesting beyond the financial and environmental sagas though.
Grug’s appearance has finally cracked and even with filters and makeup and pulling that weird vacant constipated puppy dog face he does in his twitter profile pics, he now looks like a late thirties y/ old man.

Something tells me that, aging, is going to hit him harder than the financial stuff. He has had rejections from women throughout 2018, a few times, too many times now for it to be a coincidence, and the realisation that he has totally and utterly lost any way of attracting in young women will hit his ego hard.

Because with the financial stuff, you KNOW he thinks that he will eventually stumble upon the right way of making the algorithm work for him again and he will start making those big YouTube bucks again, or he thinks his books will take off, he has hope there because of his ego…

…. but he knows his looks can’t come back. He’s a middle aged, caveman looking dad, a very unfortunate looking one. With only his paypigs attracted to him now because they are stuck in 2005 too.

I think he thinks somehow he will be rich again, he just needs to work out how, but once the realisation sets in that his looks are truly gone (what looks he had) it’s going to be a hard hit to his ego and hell to pay for everyone round him.

No. 616237

But anon, they were traveling for LOVE not sex! They did make love, but they didn't go there LITERALLY for sex!

No. 616244

File: 1545393726248.gif (329.86 KB, 472x336, cold sweat.gif)

I love that after this huge spergfest his final tweet for the night had the little cold sweat emoji.

I wonder if he really got rattled that traveling to fuck an underage girl could actually get him in trouble. And if there are no statute of limitations, that axe will be hanging over his head for a long time.

No. 616248

> can you imagine being Lamey knowing this deadline is coming and he’s doing fuck all about it. What am I saying, she’s probably online ordering her next shipment of vapes, hairdyes and Chinese makeup palettes rather than trying to find a landscape specialist herself.

That's exactly what I imagine.

Lainey had a chance to keep her household somewhat financially stable by doing Younow, she had enough loyal followers, and she liked doing that. She had every reason to continue doing it, but Greg was too jealous of Taylor being more successful than him, so she stopped.

Let that sink in, she chose to stroke her husband's ego over providing for her children!!!

No. 616250


Yeah, that's why you ran off with B ASAP, right? Fucking retard.

No. 616252

Last one is too real holy shit

No. 616254

>move on already!
>talks about girls he "dated" as a literal child

No. 616263

Awk sure it wouldn't be Christmas at the Onions if they didn't have a young girl to give attention too. Fuck the kids, they've probably been made to sacrifice their gifts in lieu of their nanny.

I wonder if Greg will force himself on Sarah Christmas morning like he did last year with Maya. How sweet.

No. 616265

Sarah providing gold ASMR content by shaking her tits with Baby Girl written on them for the mic.

No. 616266

what the actual fuck lainey is starting to look like a mini greg clone. maybe thats her goal with this whole trans thing is shes just going to become greg.

No. 616272

Obviously grease is much much worse, plains a bitch but hasnt hurt anyone unlike greg the kiddie diddler

No. 616277

plainey was gaslighted by a much, much older man at the ripe ole age of 17. a man she idolized, as teenagers often do, and never once had time or space to think about objectively and analyze his flaws like he's a real person.

normal teenagers who put their idols on shrines often have time to mature and grow past those behaviors, they get to look back and realize they were idolizing someone who wasn't worth the trouble. taylor never had time for that, and you have to remember greg locked her down before she even turned 18. she never got to live out her youth, broaden her horizons by getting to know people from diverse backgrounds (and thus never got to open up to new ideas/mindsets), explore and discover her identity in a healthy way, go to college and work a real job with her degree. she basically jumped from high school to teen motherhood, even if she broke free from the onionman now she wouldn't get to live that experience because she's now a mother of two with different responsibilities.

greg loves to go after jailbait because he knows no woman who's ever pursued higher education, had previous partners or lived out enough of her life would give him the time of day, or consider him a suitable partner. adult women would have more resources to fend off his gaslighting, they'd have other people to compare him to (and realize he's a useless manchild), they'd have friends to rely on and tell them to leave this piece of shit. lainey might be a shitty parent and do shitty things, but we're overlooking how much under onion's influence she's on (and for how long) and how much of her life he's taken away. i think with enough therapy and time away from him she could do better.

No. 616292

Her original chosen name was supposed to be eli but I guess that’s too masculine for greggums so I guess naming her to sound like an anime girl was a better option (or an ahs character)

No. 616293

Sorry, can't see her as a victim now that she has kids of her own. She's been an active enabler at the very least.

Take Greg intimidating Lainey leaving Younow: now that she has kids, her caving into it and leaving Younow directly affects her kids' wellbeing as they're plunging further into debt and she stopped their main source of income.

My reaction to that is not "boo hoo poor gaslighted soul", it's "this failure of a mother doesn't care for her kids future, poor children". It's them who are victims here.

No. 616310

Thanks for the upload!

So she’s back? I thought lainey was mad becuase he one friend only wanted to be with her because she wanted to date her. Wasn’t that Sarah??

I want to watch the video to see the dynamic but ASMR makes me want to stab myself in the ears.

No. 616315

That is what the falling out was about, Lainey was mad that Sarah wanted to date her and she didn’t want Greg getting a new girlfriend so easily.
So the question is, who is Sarah a Christmas present for? Lainey as a “sorry I put us into debt” present or Greg as a “sorrry I’m not bringing in enough money or luring Jessie page to you please don’t leave me” gift

Also I feel like anons are forgetting the real reason Lainey left you now
She got butthurt that anons and her fans were constantly complimenting Sarah and if Sarah wasn’t there asking where she was, she couldn’t take the hits to her ego and her dwindling fan base so she jumped ship

No. 616317

I think sarah and lame orchestrated their “falling out” because lame was honest to sarah in private about not wanting to be poly really. Their falling out was way too vague lmao, whenever someone even slightly annoys someone in that house you better believe you are gonna see online spergs but they stayed quiet.

No. 616318


I honestly think they engineered it for asspats and views. And now they are reaping asspats and views because of their supposed "reunion."

I guess this is cynical, but I think Taylor and Greg have both earned cynicism in regards to pretty much all their actions. I don't think there is a genuine bone in either of their bodies.

No. 616319

Or! Maybe sarah was brought back because she is the only way they can still keep some fans around haha! I mean just look at the thumbnail.. lame looks sunken in and malnourished while sarah looks healthy and happy. Shes there to help lamemale make money

No. 616330

Is Lainey ever NOT sick?? She either is bitching about being sick with a cold or has a cold sore or both. It's kind of unsettling how unhealthy this chick/man/whatever always is.

No. 616334

He took out a loan. He had to put down 50k downpayment and then the VA (veteran's Affairs) put down the rest of the house payment. He has to pay back the VA for the house. It's like if you get a loan from the bank but instead of owing the bank, he owes a part of the government.

So he owes the government for his house, for back taxes, and now for repairs to protected wetland property.

If those kids have any college funds/savings at all it's going to be gone. Greg would sooner steal from his own kids than sell his multiple computers or any other valuables.

Just like Greg to willingly sperg about anything and everything to ignore the fact that he's in legal and financial trouble.

No. 616338

That asmr video is horrible. They alternate between being too quiet to hear and then really loud or accidentally making loud sounds the next second when youve had to turn the volume up. So uncomfortable for the viewer. Embarrassing.

No. 616339


As if Anus would ever put away college money for his kids. He thinks he is above the education system, and he’ll just train his spawn in the art of video making to continue the “family business” i.e. pay off his debt instead of encouring them to go to school. Even if Thot wanted them to go to school, it wouldn’t matter because Daddy (gag) always gets his way.

No. 616342

So grunion has finally admitted that when he hit the deer, HE WAS on his way to meet sh*loh(we already knew but hearing it out of his ugly mouth is just perfect because he's denied it for so long) so he's basically admitting that he cheated on Sk since they were together and married at the time. Given grugs penchant for trying to fuck people the minute he meets them, and the fact Sh said it happened, there's no doubt in this.

No. 616343

This is maybe a naive question but why hasn’t anyone called the police on him? He clearly admitted to crossing state lines to have sex with a minor. I’m not suggesting cow tipping but why didn’t lainey’s parents or something ever call the police?

No. 616344

He has basically admitted, accidentally, to lying all that time anout where he was going and what he was doing. So honest

No. 616347

I think they didn’t realize what was going on until she was almost 18 and they wouldn’t have been able to do anything at that point except be disappointed

No. 616350

He's always been irresponsible with his money in part because he felt like he had enough to not ever worry about smarter spending and savings/investments. I know those poor kids don't have anything set aside for their future. Could you imagine if Gurg had a few hundred in his hand right now and he had to choose between putting in savings and accumulating interest for his kids or spending it on a plane ticket to potentially have a shot at having sex with some random teen girl. He's got the gambler mentality in that sense because even in these dire times he'll still find a way to justify paying for transportation costs if a new girl showed enough interest in him and Lainey because this one could be the one!

No. 616351

File: 1545412393779.jpeg (943.64 KB, 1125x1501, AA25DB4F-877A-4BE5-BBB0-1B2343…)

He will never leave Eugenia alone. It’s apparent he gets off to emancipated girls.

No. 616353

this is just flat-out disgusting. it's not funny, she's not in on the joke and has asked him repeatedly to please stop because this crusade against her is actually deteriorating her mental health. and isn't eugenia his wife's age, too?

greg is a disgusting, disgusting gremlin man.

No. 616356


Wait… I thought she stopped streaming on YouNow because all the criticism got to her and she was stressed out about all the trolls showing up.

No. 616357

Remember according to Gurg logic this is proof he's in love with her. He can't keep her name out of his mouth.

No. 616358

It’s not ~illegal~ to be very very skinny so he should just shut up about it like he’s asking people to shit up about his very clear pattern of persuing creepily young (but legal!!!) girls.

No. 616359

Samefaging but it’s just hitting me the additional hypocracy of him being so offended at Blair White for retweeting someone else’s drawing of them having sex and calling that rape while he creates a video of what I imagine is killing another person. Yiiiiiikes.

No. 616360

not only does her "kill" her in the video, he repeatedly jokes about her very serious eating disorder that he himself has worsened by constantly harassing her/sending his fans to harass her on his videos.
it's one thing to make edgy jokes about serious causes, and it's a whole other thing to constantly make a young anorexic girl the butt of your jokes when you KNOW she's uncomfortable with it. a normal, rational, adult person would do the normal, rational, adult thing, which is to STOP EXPLOITING EUGENIA'S IMAGE AND DISEASE FOR VIEWS. it's not even about legality or whatever, it's just having some fucking consideration for somebody else's feelings for once, greg.

No. 616361

Blog, but relevant and short.
Boyfriend's best friend for like 20 years is trans and she chose her name and stuck with it immediately.
My own good friend is trans and she immediately had her name and stuck with it.

Personal anecdotes are always taken with a grain of salt, but as >>616142
said, it might take a while but once someone identifies with it they stick with it because it becomes an important milestone in their transition.

So my guess is Lainey is doing what any transtrender would do. Trying to make their identity as "cool" as possible instead of understanding a name is an essential party of what they consider their true identity.

Lainey suffers from the worst case of basic bitch. It's why she latches onto being Mexican, Trans, names, clothing hauls and other superficial garbage that substitutes for a personality. The biggest insult is that she takes real identity issues like POC and gender identity and makes it into something to dance around in like a funny costume.

No. 616362

is there video evidence of him giving an alternate explanation to the whole deer situation? i'd love to edit the two together and blast it all over his twitter

No. 616366

couldn't get through more than a minute of this. are they constantly looking at themselves in the monitor or mirror something? its pretty distracting.

look into the camera ffs

No. 616370

Didn't he just say in his Shane video that he couldn't afford to talk about popular Youtubers because he has to feed his family? That didn't last long.

No. 616374

Greg only does what makes HIM happy. He doesn't care about his kids or Kainey - or other people in general.

No. 616375

now he's not just making a 15 minute vlog about other youtubers, he's playing a game for a couple hours to make into a vlog about other youtubers

No. 616378

>has birth name Taylor, which is unisex
>is ultrafem
>meets the Greasemonster, changes name to Lainey
>starts translarping and flip flops between Lainey and Lain
>then pretends to be a man and considers Eli
>chickens out and goes by ANOTHER unisex name - Kai
It seems like we've come full circle. Her online names don't matter anyway, she's still Taylor legally and she'll always be a lame basic white bitch. What's next? Is she gonna pretend she's pure Mexican?

No. 616379


Eating at Taco Bell is so Hispanic. Lainey would never last two seconds in an actual Spanish speaking country. The language alone is gender based. I doubt people would call her “ustedes” or “él” over “ella” just by looking at her or hearing her voice. She’d get triggered as fuck.

No. 616381

Everyone should report Onisions Euginia video as bullying. Unacceptable.(cowtipping)

No. 616382

Lame could not speak Spanish even if her life depended on it. kek

No. 616383

Even objects are gendered. Kek.

I know we shouldn't mess with cows, but wtf?!?! Who kills what would be considered and effigy type symbolic person then think it's okay to post it along side the "WELL I HOPE SHE'S HAPPY IRL." Then there's a video right next to it pissing himself why people hate him and how horrible a person is for making fun of HIS INTERPRETATION of a real person? I've never seen such a fucked up morality meter.

The thing with Onion is that he puts out "edgy" humor as honest then expects to be seen a humble, kind person. You have to pick one, Greg. Being non-apologetic isn't fucking honest. Somehow his google dictionary must be malfunctioning.

No. 616384

already did, even if it gave him views. i reported him for bullying and mentioned that he's done this many times before.

No. 616385

File: 1545419122760.png (12.63 KB, 694x171, 12212018_img.png)

Reminder that posting about messing with cows in anyway (this includes posting that you are reporting his videos) is cowtipping and will result in a ban.

No. 616387

File: 1545419406023.png (58.18 KB, 1303x764, this aint it.png)

wow it's almost like he knows it's fucked up

No. 616389

File: 1545419460548.jpg (154.53 KB, 1920x1080, laineybot-1076190029083422720-…)

Lainey posted the video on youtube with this as the thumbnail. She's asking for trouble.

No. 616391

Please laugh at a woman with an eating disorder dying in a simulation type game. Oh yeah be healthy and eat your vegetables.

I'd "be mad," but I can't wait to see his videos after he receives his work order bills. Some cows like Momo-kun will be drained slowly. Greg just got full on fucked out of money. Eugenia and Shane can't save him.

No. 616393

simulating an actual person's death is so disgusting and should not be allowed on youtube, i wish they would just delete his channel already

No. 616394

File: 1545420252789.jpg (65.69 KB, 576x506, SSW_42.jpg)

Sarah is a full blown thot now.

No. 616398


nah. she had a glow-up. she's looking good.

No. 616404

Sarah, you in trouble girl. Onion boi is hungry for a third.

No. 616408

Nothing like using the freshly legal teen you’ve been leading on for years as sexy clickbait
I don’t see how longtime fans who know Sarah and have known she’s been around Lainey since she was 14 are okay with this

No. 616411

she clearly wants it.
she reads this board, she knows exactly what onion is all about.
if she hasn't run screaming by now, that means she is okay with creepy grease man if it means she can snuggle up on those saggy kai boobs.

No. 616412

I mean does he have fans that aren't 14 themselves? it's hard to count the patreon losers cause they're all cows in their own right

No. 616415

That’s so fucked up for so many reasons. Least of which is she saw what he and lainey did to Bi!!ie. From what we could see, Bi!!ie was kind of friends with Sarah and tried to protect her from the verbal abuse.

No. 616424

not sure we'll ever know what sarah's reasoning is for continuing to associate with these terrible people, but it's safe to say she is a bit starved for attention which is probably why she keeps going to visit them

No. 616425

"Kainey".. Anon, I love you.

No. 616426

One thing I remembered about that whole thing was he was still married to Sk, was driving her car cross country to meet Sh and then hit a deer, totaling Sk's car.

No. 616433

Tinfoil: Sarah is trying to look older since she knows onion is only attracted to preteens

No. 616443

Yeah…Taylor is a victim, but being a victim and a bad person are certainly not mutually exclusive. Most predators and general pieces of shit become that way due to circumstances beyond their control- just look at what Greg's childhood was like. However it happened, Taylor is a groomer herself, as well as potentially abusive given what she's done to other women.

In addition, the fact that she allows her kids to be around someone like Greg (which will likely cause them permanent issues, including a high chance that they'll end up with a Cluster B PD themselves) and otherwise puts Greg before their well-being makes her despicable in her own right. Not to mention her neglectful "attachment parenting" style, wherein the only things that seem to matter are udderfeeding and co-sleeping.

No. 616444

File: 1545428652997.png (535.46 KB, 704x478, 1234.PNG)

No. 616445


You can't simply try to excuse every behavior because someone is a victim themselves, most people are. The issue with kainey (i like that btw) is while yes, she's a victim, she didn't mature enough to not continue the cycle of shit behavior.

No. 616449

I suspect that she had some problems to begin with. Even children have some sort of substance and sense of identity; it really seems like there's nothing behind the eyes. She finds a trend that for whatever reason strikes her fancy and becomes it. There doesn't seem to be any sense of self there. Plus her initial obsession with Greg definitely wasn't normal teen behavior.

Sarah kind of strikes me as similar- it feels like she's not a complete person, but that could just be because of her youth and the Avaroes' influence over her. She does seem to be more complex than Taylor.

No. 616452

I see Sarah has the same chin lump as Kainey(nitpick)

No. 616454

that's probably what it is, and why they're attracted to onion. but collecting broken ass teenagers with no sense of self isn't a good look for an old man.

No. 616456

I never found Sarah attractive but next to foot face she looks like a model. It's just a matter of time until anus tries to stick his baby carrot in her

No. 616459

So Footbot put up with the "scumbag criminal liar" Billie for so long but wouldn't touch sarah with a 10 foot pole. Damn that's gotta sting

No. 616462

Reminder that Sarah wanted to join the trinity when Billie was there and she was 15

No. 616475

File: 1545433288631.jpeg (32.37 KB, 460x407, images (12).jpeg)

Anus is the biggest example of the Dunning-Kruger effect, it describes him PERFECTLY

No. 616487


why the fuck are there let's play videos of the sims on Greg's Onisionspeaks channel now? He has tried desperately for years to get a gaming career off the ground and it has never done anything but crash and burn every time. No one wants to watch you play your stupid ass games, Greg. Your commentary is painfully unfunny, and your lack of true comedic ability is why gaming videos have always evaded you. The only content he can create anymore that garners decent viewership is when he REACTS to someone/someone else's work. Does he realize how incredibly pathetic that is for a youtuber? That equates to an artist who can only trace. I remember back in 2016 when he was at his peak and he would mock "gaming" and "react" channels as what the dumbest and least talented of youtubers made. Bottom of the barrel content. Look how far we've come, you untalented loser. Lmfao.

I relish this upcoming year for Onision - his content is so poorly received and so little effort and integrity goes into any of it anymore… I'm guessing by the end of 2019, we're only going to get daily uploads of Eugenia Cooney montages that peak at 8,000 views. So many desperate sperg-outs await us as he tries to hold on to his dying "fame".

It's gonna be a great year.

No. 616494


I find it more hilarious that he tried putting Pewdiepie down over having a career as a Let's Player. Now here Grug is streaming games. He can't even fail at it spectacularly. He's that bad at it.

No. 616505

Ironic when he made a video crying about StrangeAeons criticising his book character (because it was based on his dead friend?)

Another thing. The character in the book is obsessed with onions character and Greg stated at one point that the dead friend character had a crush on him (as reason why he became distant when onion character got with abbigale) so is this part true or is the character altered to the extent that it doesn't really matter if its critiqued? Not that it does anyway lmao.

No. 616508

Yeah it's kind of not funny though since she's literally asked many times for him to stop talking about her. And dishonest onion said her simply asking was all she had to do to make him stop. What a fucking liar lmao. His obsession ain't "happy or healthy" that's for sure

No. 616515


What is the statute of limitations on that?

No. 616517

File: 1545438082224.png (93.06 KB, 779x774, 0383645373.PNG)

not to be a jerk but you just have to google "statute of limitations PROTECT act"
learning things on your own makes a bigger impact and retention is longer


No. 616531

The one thing I wonder is why Gurg hasn't hopped on the Fortnite train yet. His humour would fit the Fortnite teens humor, he would gain so much popularity(=views=money) amongst 10-13 year old kids as his sense of humour is similar to theirs. But he has done nothing to milk the demography he still would be relevant in. Why?

No. 616532

Hes still in that early stage of "Im above all that"
Greg is a contrarian. Whatever is popular, he says is stupid.
A recent example is Patreon. He was dead set against it, hated it with a passion and laughed at other YTubers who did it. Now thats his main source of income.
Give it a few months and he will be a Fortnite super fan, just as the teens have moved on to the new shiny thing.

No. 616533

File: 1545440817908.png (149.71 KB, 899x377, whysohandsome.png)


No. 616535

isn't this that fuccboi who got catfished by an old japanese woman?

No. 616537

the very same

I just think it's funny that he doesn't mind showing off that he's been compared to a total piece of shit, so long as he's good looking.

No. 616538

I don't know about all that… most fortnite youtubers are extremely PC and do not cuss and are very family friendly as their audience is comprised solely of young children. It would probably bring a lot of ire against him if he tried to tap into an audience THAT young, considering his entire Onision brand is "edgy dark humor with lots of sex/violence/obscenities". On top of that, he would have to actually be decent at the game (he isn't decent at any game). Greg would need to find a way into this niche market and in the process alienate all his fans who love his edgelord brand. There are already 20 million Ninja wannabes out there, I can't imagine Greg could just turn out Fortnite gameplay and rake in views because of it.

But still, I get where you're coming from… especially considering he always jumps on those hype trains for dumb kid shit like Tik Tok videos.

No. 616539

there are also a lot of edgy fortubers that cater to 12 year olds.

No. 616542

Also, making Sims out of Yters was done ages ago by Mikenactor, who made avatars of himself,Joy Sparkles, Onision & Laineybot. Greg can't even come up with an original Sims idea.

No. 616544

I'm surprised Gurg and Plainey haven't placed "subtle" hints about receiving gifts from patrons and fans for Christmas

No. 616545

She begged hardcore for her birthday and he begged around last Christmas and they didn't get shit so they gave up kek.

No. 616546

So Sarah goes to college and still gets on like a virgin? Well I guess you can't expect her to be a social butterfly when she would sit and huff next to Onion fingering truluv Billie. Wonder when Kainey will catch Sarah and Onion at it because let's not fuck around here; Sarah used the guise of keeping an eye on Onion to be close to him. None of them are fucking gay!

No. 616553


Do you really think she'd want anything to do with laying The Grease down at this point in her life? I can't see it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 616555

Sarah reminds me of that friend who says "I told you so" after your relationship crashes and burns.

Also he's doing the Leelu voice in the Eugenia Cooney video. #freeleelu

No. 616604

Omfg he is TERRIBLE. Like I wasn't expecting Shakespear but holy shit how can he feel justified charging money for that garbage?

No. 616612

It’s unbelievably bad. What does he have against commas?

Also, it is fucking hilarious how often he forgets not to call his self-insert Greg.

No. 616614

>Vienna sausage

I'm crying anon kek

No. 616615

Does he purposefully call the protog Greg once in a while in an attempt to break the fourth wall or is this an honest to goodness mistake? Because I can't see anyone being dumb enough to do something like that in the first place never mind do it multiple times and leave it in the finished version.

If Kainey is still editing for him like she used to, I NEED to know how the absolute fuck she got through college. Is there a program for slow people I just haven't heard of?

Man I would die to see her transcripts.. is there any actual proof she graduated with her bachelors? So many questions…

No. 616621

There’s no editing. He’s like “a fly with it’s wigs stuck” and talks about the story of “Kane and Able”.

The sad thing is that there’s the kernel of an interesting story in the idea of a boy who gets abducted and tormented by aliens, but Gurg ruins it by having his self-insert go super duper saiyan with all the powers.

He could honestly just hand this to a therapist instead of bothering to talk in sessions, it’s so transparently about his obsessions and his childish wish fulfillment.

Never stop laughing at how Greg/Daniel is described as tall and handsome, even before his literal god-moding.

No. 616636

File: 1545460211029.png (572.81 KB, 557x431, sdgdsjrdb.png)


Next to Sarah it becomes so obvious how much Lainey let herself go. And I wonder how long Greg can pretend that he doesn't mind at all that there is nothing left of the cute teen girl he married after only 6 years. Sure, people get older and change, but these two pictures are only 3 years apart. I'm not surprised Greg is getting so pushy about wanting a "real" female in their relationship.

No. 616637

Is that her Halloween costume? Why the fuck is she dressed like Lieutenant Dan?

No. 616642

And of all species of male she decides to become a fuckboi. Lainey is 24, men that age should be getting out of that fuckboi persona. No one wants to date a mom disguised as a dollar store fuckboi. And it's also disturbing that fuckboi is Laineys idea of masculinity.

No. 616647

File: 1545463604504.png (599.62 KB, 937x605, yikesss.png)

No. 616654

File: 1545465091540.jpg (59.96 KB, 1078x344, Kianey.jpg)


A reply to that photo on Twitter. Kek.

No. 616658

They're OK with it because they wish they were Sarah

No. 616660

>Plus her initial obsession with Greg definitely wasn't normal teen behavior.

lol she settled for Onion cause he was the only one desperate enough to reply to a literal child

No. 616661

>why the fuck are there let's play videos of the sims on Greg's Onisionspeaks channel now?

It's probably the only one that still has adsense.

No. 616665

A quick social media search of the name kai brings up mostly girls whose name is kaitlyn using kai as a nickname, some other women literally only two trans men, and a few older men.

Congrats lame. It’s old man or woman. Your fakeboi name still isn’t a boy name. And a lot of boys with the name are Asian. What happened to “leaning to the masculine side”? Eli was actually kind of a decent name. It fit her fakeboi personality better. Too bad your husband doesn’t actually want a man, now he can say kai and nobody knows if his spouse (because let’s be real he wouldn’t be caught dead saying husband) is a man or a woman

No. 616667

File: 1545472614809.png (69.29 KB, 640x640, twogregsarebetterthanone.png)

No. 616669

Lurk moar he's said he doesn't edit at all, nor does he let others proofread. Don't you remember the mighty spergout at beck for offering to proofread? Also refer to >>615797
im fully convinced it was an accident because he's a stupid narc
I mean I wondered if it was like subliminal brainwashing for his fans but I think he's too fucking stupid for even that

No. 616672

brilliant, my sides are in orbit

No. 616678

File: 1545476816943.png (23.83 KB, 435x354, 888.PNG)

Greg should be glad that the Trumps like that name too.

No. 616694

I still tinfoil that Kainey was into Shane a lot more than she was into Greg. Maybe Greg was just a means to get closer to Shane but her marriage and Shane turning out to be gay snuffed that flame.

No. 616698

I'd barely call it a tinfoil.

Taylor listed Shane first.
She only knows about Onision cause of that stupid kiss with Shane.
She still watches Shane's content, as shown via her own videos.

They're both in love with him, and neither can have him. Pathetic.

No. 616708

the truth is revealed: the real reason footface became a gay boi was to get with Shane.

No. 616712

she was skinwalking even back then.
lainey mentioned in a stream that she originally was going to call herself laineybug
and guess whos girlfriend at the time had a very similar name

No. 616722

Best part is? Shane follows Lainey on Twitter. So he has no problem with Lainey at all. And that must piss Greg off so much his wifesband is getting more attention than him when it comes to Shane. Honestly, if Lainey ever left Greg (not at all likely) I wouldn't be surprised if Shane and Lainey became friends/did a collab

No. 616730


That's nauseating but probably true. Lainey does seem like she's just a victim of an abusive husband… until you look at her own self-absorbed and dangerous behavior (i.e. sending her fans after another mom and her children because she felt offended)

No. 616732

That or the fact that Lamefoot is literally becoming Grease. She tried to emulate an alt insta hoe and failed, now she's trying to go for the one person Greasemongoloid loves more than anything - himself.

No. 616733

Lainey definitely is a victim of her shitbag husband, but there's no denying that she can be absolutely horrible as well. She does have a chance of improving but the longer she stays with him, the less likely that will be.

No. 616754

>(i.e. sending her fans after another mom and her children because she felt offended)


No. 616756


It happened a couple of years ago.

She and Sarah got mad at an admin of an anti-o blog and doxxed her and her kids on YouNow. The Gurg got in on it and made a couple of videos giving out further information on the admin, and claimed that she was actually in love with him (lol. sounds familiar.) and was trying to get in on the trinity

No. 616770

It's the nightmare before milkmas! Top kek anon.

To be a fuckboi you actually have to fuck around, thats kind of what the term means. I know she is trying to come across that way but it's really pathetic when you consider that in real life she is totally awkward when it comes to having relationships with women. Either she comes across as a creepy pedo like her beloved ogre or a socially and sexually repressed "cool mom".

No. 616773

>I know she is trying to come across that way but it's really pathetic when you consider that in real life she is totally awkward when it comes to having relationships with women

Lmao I'll never forget how that bitch had a mental breakdown when she was about to have sex with Billie for the first time, which caused cuddlegate to happen, etc. But yeah she's suuuuuuuper gay

No. 616787

Honestly I don’t think she’s gay either but I could imagine her panicking over the sheer fact that she thought Bill and Greg were super into each other and I’m sure that was a big confirmation that they were and he might leave her for Bill. She wasn’t wrong…

No. 616801

This is something weird to me. Lainey constantly stated in the past 5 months of "becoming who she was meant to be (a he)" that she loved the "fuckboi aesthetic". Yet on younow she would tell people she is a submissive and she needs a girl to come on to her first because she's way too shy to ever make the first move.. but she loves girls who are innocent and not too outgoing (??) so basically she wants to ACT like a confident self-obsessed domineering piece of shit yet when it comes down to it she must be treated like a precious pretty little virgin?

So fucking weird.
Honestly I can't help but feel like her life has revolved around Gergamesh for so long now - completely centered around someone who never stopped thinking of themselves and talking about themselves and every day all day filmed and watched videos of themselves… it's almost like she wanted to become Greg because she was such a hopeless loser with zero personality or presence so Gerg subconsciously molded Lainey into a mini Onision. If you think about her "transition" like that and think she picked up so many of her displayed personality traits and psychology from Gerg, it becomes so much more disturbing.

Every fucking facet of this chick was Greg's idea and needed Greg's approval. "This will be your name from now on. I think your bisexual. I think you like women. I'm having you make a coming out video. I think you should cut your hair. I think you need to get a girlfriend. I think I need to also fuck your girlfriend. You are not allowed to get top surgery though and have to keep breast feeding until I say stop. I think I need to name you again. I really like hentai so Kai might fit."

I mean fuck they seriously look like twins at this point.. she has lived with this man for 7+ years and they have zero friends and just sit around the house focusing on Greg.. Greg's youtube channel, Greg's online beef, Greg's books, Greg's music, Greg EVERYTHING…

Now I'm beginning to feel sorry for Lainey's dumb ass a tiny bit, even though she's also horribly selfish, narcissistic and entitled. I don't know man, their entire way of life is so unhealthy and so disturbing.

No. 616803

Well tbf, she invited Billie over so she could be her ~girlfriend~ but kept on ignoring and throwing passive aggressive shade towards her. It's no wonder she then rather hung out with Gerg and bonded with him.
When they brought Maya in the mansion Gaylor kept ignoring her as well and Gerg took advantage of that and spent time with her.

It's like she never even was gay or interested in getting a girlfriend. /sarcasm/

No. 616810

Yeah, actual fuckboys snag women easily, fuck them and leave them. Lainey has 0 game, the only people she's attracted are a couple losers who want her e-fame, money or husband, and she's never actually had sex with a woman, just kissed them and then watched her husband plow them. Shes a meek little simpering glass of milk. Literally no aspect of her appearance of demeanor have any resemblance to a fuckboy. She looks like she's cosplaying hipster AU Harry Potter at any given time.

No. 616814

File: 1545516920421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 122.73 KB, 1136x640, 8590BD9C-111E-4EED-98B8-66BFB1…)

Latest Onion ass-shot from his new “horror-com” video (ew)

No. 616822

lmao nailed it
You've just given severe PTSD to everyone on lolcow. What the hell is this from, some new patreon video..? I truly feel sorry for people who find this simpering retard funny.

No. 616827

Is that a dowagers hump or just his misshapen back.

No. 616828

why does this idiot always use Billie's left behind wig when doing nasty sexual stuff?

No. 616832

Oh c’mon anon, seeing Chris-Chan drinking orange soda with his own jizz is worse kek

As for the video, it’s been uploaded to his main channel

No. 616833


I wonder if he makes Kaithot wear it during sex so she looks like Billie more from behind.

No. 616837


No. 616840

Wait, what the fuck Sarah is back?

No. 616844

I guess it takes a public call out before some people will get the brains to leave these two idiots behind

No. 616847


Wow, Sarah looks really pretty. I almost didn't recognize her at first!

No. 616848

Is this tone deaf asshole referencing that horrid Moroccan slaying? If not, he has bad timing

No. 616849

Sarah is looking 9/10

How long until Lainey becomes insecure?

No. 616850

she already kicked sarah out once, so its way too late to make that bet

No. 616852

Very true.
This is slightly off topic but would anyone be interested in a new anti-O discord server?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 616854

File: 1545529698320.png (201.21 KB, 392x500, hikeith.png)

No. 616858

I mean I would be

No. 616864

Same here..(Off-topic)

No. 616865

File: 1545531911480.png (82.23 KB, 556x874, poll.png)

He's still shuffling around his channels in hopes of maintaining his control of the narrative.

No. 616866

File: 1545532054115.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.65 KB, 250x251, 0939 - CDPFOC0.jpg)

he's so fucking ugly. how can he even think a woman like jessie paege is even remotely interested in him

No. 616870

Onion was the only one desperate enough to date a fan in general. Most youtubers understand that there are inherently unhealthy power dynamics when you date someone who is a fan of you but greg? nah.

No. 616871

File: 1545532439566.jpg (457.75 KB, 1191x1478, short term suspension.jpg)

Wow, this 30 year old man is making a scrapbook for patreon and this is what he decides to put in it?

No. 616873

File: 1545533035561.jpeg (239.93 KB, 640x655, 245B2973-A33B-4F9A-85A2-231A4E…)

Just noticed that Lambo removed her pronouns from her twitter bio. Granted they’re in her header pic and all (small as fuck might I add), but this was a conscious decision being made.

It’s probably nothing, but still worth noting if she ever gets triggered by ~misgendering~ in the future.

No. 616880

This is the same shit as before with his "Character" channels. A false attempt at displaying positivity/any sense of being a decent person to the masses since Speaks has become his main channel now and then displaying his nastiness on a side channel. He's hoping to get new viewers/fans this way. We all know these ideas never last because he always ends up being a piece of shit and wanting everyone to know his "superior" opinion, so he'll always end up uploading his negative videos to the most active channel, which will always be speaks. Same shit different day.

No. 616881

File: 1545534142738.png (595.85 KB, 489x735, Eugene_Capon.PNG)

Just to clear things up.
Thats Eugene Capon from CaponDesign. All these new videos we're seeing from Greg with his "friends" hes doing all the camera work. I dont really see him in most of them.

No. 616885

File: 1545534723684.jpg (31.87 KB, 320x279, 13.jpg)

Every time Onision does these "polls" it reminds me of that love sick nerd in high school who would pass notes to all the girls in class hoping to snag a girlfriend.

No. 616886

>he still has this


He knows that he's the one putting his entire life online, right?

No. 616888

Its a badge of honor. A token that no authority figure can break him.
Im surprised he doesnt still have the bloodied boots he kicked his fathers face in with.

No. 616893


Isn't this just validation that Greg is a bad seed and mentally troubled?

Like, it says 4th Contract Violation.

Meaning… Greg was so disruptive and undisciplined, that teachers or administrators tried to get him to follow rules outlined in a contract, but he's ignored the rules 4 times.

And that was just in middle school.

To any new farmers, please read the following link, which is an old high school classmate explain how bizzare Greg was, and how he fell straight down from the insane embarrassment tree.

Those poor kids. Trot and Clot have no chance at being normal, functioning members of society as long as Greg stays in the picture.

How can he ever show understanding and proper discipline, if he never had any to begin with?

How embarrassing it must be to be married to Greg. How pathetic that Lainey and Greg both just saw the other as low lying fruit, and they went for it, to the delight of farmers and haters everywhere.

There pathetic lives brings us the chuckles, and I for one delight in their steady fall into deep deep cringe.

No. 616898

Can we all just thank goodness that Grease became a self obsessed egomaniac and not a murderous serial killer considering his traits?

No. 616902

meh, too much of a pussy to ever really harm anyone
anytime you hear stories of him in conflict with people in real life, like people in his face he backs down and sulks away
for fucks sake he pussied out when Jeffrey Star was calling him a faggot and pushing his buttons

No. 616907

File: 1545540146171.png (873.58 KB, 1304x731, intro to sex.png)

No. 616909

I know that admin and although she was married she admitted she had a thing for Greg

No. 616910

What the hell could boring ass Lainey do in a collab?

No. 616911

Interesting. When exactly was this? Before or after cuddlegate?
He's definitely going to fuck Sarah.

No. 616916

File: 1545541870732.png (250.17 KB, 531x449, 8799.PNG)

Does he smash food into his face hoping some gets in his mouth?
Someone get him an Xmas gift set of napkins.

No. 616918

Oh wow, so edgy
Seriously, what's the fucking point of that

No. 616919

Be a yes man.

Greg has proven multiple times he doesn't know how to wash himself. I'm not really surprised any more when he has shit on his face/clothes/etc.

No. 616920

I was thinking the same thing. God that is disgusting. This is a grown ass 33 year old man who can't even wipe his mouth before making one of these half-assed videos. Imagine being Sarah and this is what is happening in the room next to you. You know he probably went on and on to Plain and Sarah about how funny he is for fucking a plastic head.

No. 616922


It's either spaghetti sauce or oxidized concealer. Wouldn't surprise me if Kainey gave him her oral herpes and he's covering a flair up with cheap Cover Girl products.

No. 616924

>parent conference

This confirms Mama Onion knew he was a fuck up possibly for years and willingly did nothing about it.

>maximum punishment for

>interference and intimidation
>defiance of authority
>willful disobedience

Basically, he couldn't stop sperging out even in eighth grade to the point they had to separate him from the class for a week to get anything done for the fourth time in a row. That's extreme.

No. 616927

New video on UhOhBro titled "vlog".
Greg legitimately sounds drunk and talks more about sex than ever now that Sarah's entered the scene.

Seriously is it just me or does he honestly sound like he's drunk in this video? Did he pull out the left over shooters to try and loosen Sarah up for some trinity experiementation? Lmao

No. 616928

Of course Mama Onion knew this, but she checked it up to her precious Onion being an indigo child so this is just proof of that fact. Indigo Children are supposed to be against authority and rigid structure. You can definitely see how mama onions beliefs rubbed off on him especially with how narcissistic he is.

No. 616930

File: 1545554843499.gif (1.12 MB, 447x337, Hate Stare Sukmi.gif)

December 2015 - The night you consummate your poly relationship.

Sitting at the edge of the bed, hugging your knees rocking back and forth as your husband gets sukmi from your blue haired girlfriend as he stares at you like he wants to stab you to death, and then play around with your blood.

No. 616950

Was HSanon ever confirmed genuine??? He talks about SekritChild being real which I thought had been disproved? Like he goes into a lot of detail about it

No. 616954

File: 1545570259919.jpeg (1009.02 KB, 1125x1819, 01C52A82-7316-4BCD-8684-29E201…)

No. 616956

Oh look, a who can make a smuger expression contest. Aaaaand, it's a tie!

No. 616957


One of the many things that irritate me with Kainey is that she keeps trying new video concepts and says «maybe it’ll be like a new series on my channel» but never follows through on any of it. She is so fucking lazy that she didn’t even manage to make her cooking into a series even though I remember people on younow kept asking for it after her sushi-vid. She’s the laziest youtuber, next to her gremlin husband

No. 616962

I'm pretty convinced that she's intentionally vauge and wishy-washy about her pronouns so that she can use "misgendering" as ammunition in arguments. I doubt she'd be getting "misgendered" (online not IRL) as often if she was just clear about her pronouns and used/had Greg use them consistently.

No. 616963

File: 1545572482489.jpg (44.25 KB, 631x644, greasegoblin.jpg)

How can Lainey not think goblin gender is real, when she's married to a goblin?

No. 616966

File: 1545573294469.png (250.76 KB, 454x554, vlog.png)

If you don't want to give him views here is a mirror of his 'Vlog' video.

No. 616972


This shouldn't become a series because they are not smart enough for a good debate. They both only had one argument they just repeat over and over again and it's really boring.

The only thing that's interesting is Lainey saying because she can't understand how someone could feel like another species, it's invalid. So when I don't understand how she can identify as a boy while giving birth and breastfeeding, I guess it's okay to say she's invalid.

No. 616976

Eli is a very common woman's name in Norway and Finland. (Also Cameroon, Tanzania and Zambia)

No. 616977

100% agree. It has potential, but this is what people with waaaaay too much free time discuss. A non conversation about a non topic.They should try having a real discussion about a real topic. Who is going to get emotionally invested in this shitty topic?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 616979

Both of them are so self-obsessed (and L. obsessed with Onion) that it’s just stale. They only talk about themselves and their very narrow interests.

No. 616989

#relationshipgoals when you and your "spouse" of 6 years are in 2 separate rooms debating through microphones. Talking face to face, to a person you "love", is way too overrated anyway. /s

No. 616990

Elli is popular in nordics, not Eli. Never met a woman named Eli here or in Norway.

T. Finnish

No. 617014

Did anyone see the elven princess girl on Twitter? He’s been liking a lot of her tweets and she seems like a shoe in for trinity 2.0.

No. 617015

Idk about Finland so maybe i should have left that one out, but it's definitely common in Norway. I know two girls named Eli.

-Norwegian newfag

No. 617033


He'll never get a new trinity member. Here's no way a young girl would be invited out by this guy without doing her research or at least hearing from a friend about what an ass he is. No one is naive enough to date Greg, which is pretty much the true purpose of the trinity. Greg hates V poly relationships when he's not at the point.

No. 617038

File: 1545593241611.jpg (248.06 KB, 747x571, dafuckgrug.jpg)

When your trans larping wife has to exit out of her own head space to fathom how hard you're reaching you might want to reconsider broadcasting your "debates"

Kekekekek. Goblinkin suits him well.

No. 617042

Starting at 4:30 in this video by Wildspartanz there is a little reaction to Onion doing this gross video. I'd sage if I could.

No. 617050

File: 1545598170454.jpg (35.47 KB, 1486x292, Capture1.JPG)

Greg did his daily diligence of creeping on Jessie Paege. God it is amazing how he can't see how weird it is to tweet at this chick daily when she clearly doesn't want anything to do with him.

No. 617051

He's like those creepy dudes from India or wherever that fucking reply to everything in a thirst attempt.

No. 617057

Plainey looks super Social Reposey here. She doesn't even need to transition, she looks like an ugly dude already anyway

No. 617063

She'd never do it anyway. I can't be bothered to find the tweets, but possibly the 2 most offensive things Onion has said revolve around medical transition. He once intimated that because being trans isn't a mental illness(ignoring the fact that gender dysphoria can be) trans people who use their health insurance to transition are committing 'fraud'. Oh, and he sees medical transition (e.g top surgery) as'mutilation'. And he claims to be an ally. Ridiculous.

No. 617067

I'm not from US so I'm completely unfamiliar with all this law shit. What happens if Gurgamel doesn't get anyone to fix the damage and/or if he doesn't have money for the fee? What are the consequences?

No. 617070

Pronounced different from the male Eli

No. 617121

I'm not American either, but it's generally pay up or go to jail. They might try taking possessions first, but Greg doesn't really own assets. And Lainey sure as shit doesn't.

No. 617125


So like the kid from Let the Right One In?

No. 617137

nta and also I have no idea who that character you're referencing is, but let's make it pseudo-phonetic for ease of discussion…

in my personal experience:

male Eli usually pronounced "eel-eye"
female Eli usually pronounced "ell-iee"

is it the same for you nordic anons?

No. 617155

He is playing the unicorn lotto and failing miserably kek. What I really find fascinating about Grugly is that he can't view a woman without sexually objectifying them but somehow WE are perverse for seeing that. It's like when Jaclyn Glenn got her tits done and it totally triggered him because he definitely would have fapped to her natural body but now she is a freak because he can't stroke his vienna sausage to implants. Could you imagine if Jessie said she wanted to get a boob job? He would be obsessively tweeting every 5 minutes sperging about how perfect she is and that society is brainwashing her and implants are bad for you.

No. 617164

I can only imagine what his private DMs to her look like since they are mutuals on twitter. No doubt he has tried sliding into her DMS.

No. 617177

Repzions newest vid if anyones interested.

No. 617189

The county might be able to force a sale of the house.

No. 617190


It could be seized in asset forfeiture, but it has so little equity.

No. 617192

Repzion's really milking lolcow for Christmas cash. On one hand I am glad he is getting information out to the general public about Onion's recent idiocies, but if you frequent LC then he really just summarizes what anon's have already dug up and said before. I do wish he would put some work in himself to research these topics further, ex. research past cases similar to Greg's or come up with any unique points. Rep didn't even add/show most of the milkiest info anons have posted here. He is capable of better - kind of disappointing lately.

Repzion also mentions that he is going to follow in Aeon's footsteps in reviewing Greg's books. What is her video at now, 1 million+ views? I don't blame him for going that route, but because it's already been done, I hope he does an in-depth review of the newest addition to Greg's written manifesto of retardation and does it justice - instead of pushing it out solely to feed off the lingering hype from Aeon's video.

No. 617201

Onision would be impressed by fucking Daniel.

Guess he dosent know Daniel's a pathetic man-child who goes after old japanese divorcees and can't make friends or talk to people in real life.

No. 617203

>>617192 ughh,go away,truly nitpick anon cause that is what you are.Most nitpickers who get scolded here are only picking on unimportant stuff,like their appereance or diet,or stuff like that.You are nitpicking on someone anti grugles who is "not doing more research" not being smarter than us,freaking be happy someone is forwarding issues with this disgusting man on a another platform than lolcow.Repzion is doing a good job by bringing our information unto the surface on youtube,what us wrong with that?

No. 617204

They literally said they are happy he is providing information on other media about Onion boy? Do you not know how to read??

The guy kind of reminds me of the spoon feeder real stream news or whatever the hell his name was.

No. 617209

imo due to the destruction he should lose the property either way

but yeah, he doesnt own it so i dont think itll even count for much

No. 617215

File: 1545622759024.jpeg (383.74 KB, 727x914, 0EA3DA28-5F21-434A-AC31-530BDC…)

Onision saying Jessie looked good in a suit. Do you all remember the face he made in the video of Lainey showing off her prom suit?

No. 617230

Agreed who gives a shit about how his videos are, as long as hes showing what a dumbass onion is its fine. >>617204
Yeah after nickpicking on stupid shit
I wonder what Plainey is thinking now. That look is one that is displeased.

No. 617261

That’s the exact same look of contempt my stepfather gives me

…fuck(no one cares)

No. 617269


I thought the same thing. And Gregs English skills are about as limited as Reyansh and Sangi.

No. 617281

File: 1545645709703.jpeg (302.34 KB, 1117x1602, 5CE05DC9-CB9C-41EA-9DA7-EF8044…)


this makes so much sense though, they probably did chat privately at least once at some point and ever since he feels like responding to her tweets isn't creepy 'cause they 'know each other'.
Anons were over the moon that she never responds to his tweets (apart from that one 'thank you'), but what if she did actually respond to him in her dm's?

No. 617287

Don't get me wrong. I only am nitpicking because I know for sure repzion can produce some good ass content when he wants to. I wouldn't criticize him if I didn't know he could. I just hope he goes further into it was basically my point

No. 617294

fuck repz. he's a bottom feeder that's too lazy to put any thought or effort into the material he scoops from LC, KF, etc. so he ends up wasting it for views from retards. >>617177 this shit really doesn't help.

No. 617298


I tried liking Rep's content, but he doesn't present it well. He gets all jumbled up pretty much every time he starts to form a coherent thoigh and I lose interest.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 617313

I always thought of Repzion a bit too unoriginal. Wasn't he the one who sent snail mail to Taylor's parents when she got married warning them of Gargoyle? He's just like all those nutty anons who would needlessly call CPS on them.

No. 617316


I think Repzion ruins/undermines whatever point he is trying to make by calling Greg Greggy-poo and so on. It is possible to convey contempt without being childish. It is also why I think talking about Kailor's body and clothes and so on is counter-productive. I get people are letting off steam and disgust, but it just comes off as sour grapes, so people who are coming her looking for actual information on Greg and Kailor end up thinking it's all just a bunch of jelly bitches.

No. 617331

File: 1545670806191.jpeg (552.03 KB, 1125x1511, 90D45E96-5DF9-4C19-80DE-082F60…)

>Wasn't he the one who sent snail mail to Taylor's parents when she got married warning them of Gargoyle?
Nah that was old man Keith.

Back on topic, I wonder if Greg and Lainey have made any effort to try and find a contractor for their house. Seems like they’re just fucking around, especially since Sarah is there.

No. 617336

Shreg didn't stop destroying the wetlands when his neighbors, the state and the law told him to and threatened to fine him soooooooo, probably not. Either Shreg and Lame are just gonna keep ignoring the problem and pretend they did nothing wrong or they are sweating their balls off trying to figure out how to spin this so they don't have to pay or lift a finger.

No. 617341

File: 1545673101470.jpg (69.54 KB, 618x613, kek.JPG)

Another drama Sims creator got tagged in the comments. Incoming Greg sperg..

No. 617344

File: 1545673222460.jpg (83.58 KB, 845x276, truth.JPG)

Someone on KF did the most accurate sum-up of how Gregory thinks that I've ever seen. It's like he's got the object permanence of a toddler who thinks if he deletes something it's gone forever and thus never happened and no one will remember it because there's no PROOOOOOF that it happened.

No. 617379

File: 1545681054990.jpeg (479.44 KB, 1242x1107, 142FDB37-AE6E-44BD-A99C-177F96…)

The Shane “documentary” is back on UhOhBro. Scrolled through to see if it was the same, and yep looks identical to me.

No. 617385


Which is why he reported a twitter account that only posted his deleted tweets. He doesn't want people to remember what he said because he flipflops all the time and attacks people even if they're saying something he said last week

No. 617391

I noticed Foot's videos are getting a lot of dislikes compared to likes lately, if it continues like this, soon the number of dislikes will surpass the number of likes. How long until she gives up on that channel too because "there's too much negativity uwu"

No. 617393

She’s an idiot because all she needs to do is quit putting her dumbass husband in all her videos. He is literally YouTube poison and there’s no way she couldn’t know this.
I almost feel as if she is self sabotaging. She has been told by her fans that they would prefer him not on her channel, but I think she keeps him in there because then she doesn’t have to. Be solely responsible for the success of her own content. She can tell herself it’s just because people dont like Gregg

No. 617394

He just changed the name to make it sound like he was supporting Shane. What a chicken. He won't even stick by his own words.

No. 617395

I can't believe onion is making sims of people he hates and torturing them. He's really got the mindset of a sociopathic 12 year old. I have no idea how Lameo is still possibly attracted to him.

No. 617396

Because she lives in a delusional state where she thinks she's "won" by being married to him. As if he's not jerking off to his female followers and any other female Youtuber that catches his eye.

Just look what happened with B and the others. She happily turned on them and blamed THEM for her husband's cheating and went right back to loving him because she got him in the end because he refuses to divorce her.

No. 617401

Out of simple curiosity, I looked to see if it was possible to report the Shane video… and I don't even have the option. Any idea what this means anons?

No. 617403

I wonder what his reaction would be if she filed for divorce before he found a replacement for her. I mean the only reason he won't do it himself is his crippling fear of being alone without a 19 year old alt girl to warm his bed. Would be browbeat her into changing her mind or use the opportunity to pursue women more ruthlessly?

No. 617405

Anon have you heard the messages he left for A? I think it would be a lot like that but in person, online he would portray himself as a loving husband who is striving to be better lol. Of course the second he feels like he has secured a new 19 year old he would drop Kainey with a quickness just as he was willing to do when he was trying to reel in B. Just know he's the type of person who CANNOT be alone, I used to have a friend like this too so I've seen it IRL.

No. 617406

doesn't repzion sell his underwear and feet pics online? he's pretty much a lolcow as well.

No. 617407

the reason he won't divorce taylor, and the power she holds over him is all about the money. She could possibly get 100% custody, and he would have to pay child support and part with real estate and her income. No way he wants to deal with that. That is why she is so smuggly, and loves to boss him around on her walkie talkie watch. Weird dynamic. Not romantic love at all. I honestly think he is disgusted by her by the way he looks at her.And she is just still crushing on him. I don't understand why she is doing the trans thing, unless he talked her into it. It is like she is going out of her way to look uglier than she already is.

No. 617409


Of course he is disgusted by her. She is turning herself into a fuckboi at his behest (presumably because he thinks it will draw in the types of women he is actually attracted to, or maybe because it's a way of getting interest from a certain demographic?). She has to know he isn't attracted to that, based on the types of women in which he has expressed interest in the past (and also because he is not actually into fucking transman… and I honestly think that is why she isn't doubling down on actually transitioning just to show the HaTuRz what's what), and she still is pretending she's a 12 year old boy uWu. It's all performative.

No. 617410

Their dynamic isn't that hard to figure out, or that interesting. He landed another fan girl. He is with her because alamony + child support would is his worst fear. I guarentee he had already looked into it. The situation with B is due to his poor impulse control. He threw his "well now you're a homewrecker" line at her as a cop out. Who wouldn't think twice about about their situation when such a thought is thrown out.
Why is Kainey with him? Even easier and more boring. She "won" him over all his other fans and didn't have to pay for it. Leaving him would put her in an unknown territory of hsving to do things by herself. Although she already does it all by herself. I just want him to start slapping her around just to liven this snooze fest.

No. 617412

He hasn't been single in like 10+ years. I think he'd have a mental breakdown

No. 617416

I think anus is possibly talking about this video, it appeared on my recommendations earlier. I must say this guy is pretty good at criticizing anus, he roasted the shit out of him in this video and in others (he made some videos about the wetland destruction as well)

No. 617417


i know this is wishful thinking, but i like to imagine shane doing a tell all with lainey after her and gerg eventually divorce and the kids are safe

No. 617422

I'm sorry anon but the person you screenshotted has no idea what they're talking about and is essentially just making a statement grounded in the poppiest of pop psychology.
That would be great for us, but Taylor doesn't deserve a platform to make herself out to be a sympathetic character (which she most certainly would). She's a predator too. No doubt that, if she does by some miracle leave Greg, there will be scores of people on here and elsewhere that forget what a piece of shit she is in her own right and start providing her with views/money.

No. 617424

No. 617427

Thanks for ruining Mr.Repzion for me.

No. 617429

File: 1545693594526.gif (534.15 KB, 500x281, SLAa.gif)

obvious self posting.

No. 617440

File: 1545705461547.png (384.62 KB, 832x421, jAxOTE3Njk2OA.png)

No. 617442

he can keep re-branding all he wants. change the content on hos channels. adopt new names. make starting over videos. repost old shit to other channels. he will never get the amount views he seeks. it doesnt matter in what order you do it, gurgles. you do not have an audience.

that being said i cannot WAIT for Jan. 1 when credit cards get pinged and we see how many "fans" chose between onion and xmas gifts.

No. 617443

Apologies for OT
Well damn.. Okay then I'll be honest, I was nitpicking and criticizing him initially because I genuinely think he sucks. I tried to switch it to a positive viewpoint as
>>617203 someone got quite… upset

No. 617445

Top 5 videos on Uh Oh Bro: 3 years or older
Top 5 videos on OnisionSpeaks: 4 years or older
Top 5 videos on Onision: 2 years or older

Shane Dawson Top 5 videos: No video older than 8 months.

That is why you are irrelevant, Onion Boy.

No. 617448

he just renamed it to prime the viewer's opinion of the video in hopes they won't call him out for painting shane as a pedo. which he did.
And so he can say "nuh-uh!! I said he was innocent in the title!!"

No. 617449

File: 1545710064134.jpeg (582.47 KB, 1125x1965, E8036622-D541-4244-9001-EBF117…)

His description for the video is sad and so is the amount of ads on the video. Being paid to harass someone who you thought was friends with your dumbass? What a dream. /s

No. 617452

File: 1545710423368.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 81.52 KB, 1136x640, AF89833F-5D07-4B1A-A80D-8BD548…)

Gregma’s getting real risqué with his videos.

If anyone was curious about what Billy the fat fuck looks like naked; well, here y’all go.

No. 617453

File: 1545710457002.png (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 1136x640, 0CFC5DB9-A07E-4FF3-A600-75AFE5…)

No. 617458

File: 1545713643077.png (300.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181224-234809.png)

Oh shit son.(Off-topic)

No. 617460

File: 1545713957648.jpg (142.23 KB, 1064x1364, PicsArt_12-24-11.59.08.jpg)

No. 617461

That's interesting, but what's it to do with Gregma?

No. 617463

Cuz his actions are just a part of some character.

No. 617508

Merry Milkmas to all! I hope Anus finally snaps in 2019. He blocked me on Twitter, has he done any holiday sperging yet?

No. 617510

File: 1545747412364.jpg (33.31 KB, 572x184, Fd8JIza.jpg)

>>617508 its just "owo i love trans people11" and responding to the haturz by going "merry christmas!"

image related sounded so sarcastic to me

No. 617511


this shit annoys me to no end

No. 617514

He’s only happy because Kalvin Garrah got suspended because of a popular transtrender’s fans reported Kalvin for bullying.

I’m really starting to think that since he’s verified he’s protected from suffering the same fate as Kalvin. GG Twitter.

No. 617515

File: 1545749974991.jpg (50.06 KB, 562x238, g3jmMtD.jpg)

how to deflect criticism 101
step one: dont do this please

No. 617517

File: 1545751633965.jpg (108.25 KB, 640x670, tumblr_n1xx7zT38x1s0n30to2_128…)

No. 617518

File: 1545751717331.jpg (47.74 KB, 640x474, tumblr_n1xx7zT38x1s0n30to7_128…)

No. 617521


Hey Greg, just because your description says "he's innocent until proven guilty", it doesn't negate your harassment and slander and he can definitely still sue you.

No. 617522

>image related sounded so sarcastic to me

Yeah, it sounded really backhanded to me when I read it.

No. 617524

do any anons have that vid of anus saying his dream is to walk in on vix and plainey going at it? that was the last time he was ever remotely enthusiastic in a plainey vid/stream kek

No. 617525

File: 1545758011325.jpeg (324.43 KB, 1125x874, D4447E51-722F-4809-8C2E-F8ED92…)

‘Tis the season to continuously creep on a 19 year old girl.

No. 617526

File: 1545758160610.jpeg (220.38 KB, 1125x884, 3D5A86AD-8D7D-4756-BE13-433C81…)

No. 617532

Ugh, it bugs me too. Like why does he even say it like that? It just shows how disconnected he is from the actual LGBT community when he can’t even say the term right.

No. 617533

This is what a grown man with a wife and two children is doing on Christmas. Gross.

No. 617535

oh shut the fuck up , onion

No. 617537

His content is always shit but it would be so much easier to hate watch if he didn't always sound like he's auditioning for South Park voice work.

No. 617543

File: 1545774109797.jpg (93.23 KB, 583x465, xmastrash.jpg)

This destitute man refuses to learn how to wrap a present but it's the thought that counts. Also he wasn't in that gay sketch at all, has he been absent in his own content lately?

No. 617544

The xmas present he didnt get

No. 617545

Wow he actually called Kainey “husband”

No. 617546


He hasn't stopped lmao

Yeah, I'm pretty convinced they don't have to follow the rules like (most) every one else.

No. 617547

maybe it's to trick TEH HATERZ into thinking him and Taylor split.

No. 617548

Greg reuploaded the video "Dear Shane Dawson Fans I'm sorry" to UhOhBro, the video he uploaded initially when his Shane Documentary was striked. What in God's name was the POINT of reuploading this? It is absolutely nonsensical he even states in the description the documentary was restored and the entire video is bitching about it being taken down. WTF

No. 617550

how does that make sense

No. 617551

Is he just trying to go all out with the “I’m an LGBT!! Trendy teens plz give me views!”

No. 617553

Shouldn't he be saving money to restore the wetlands he destroyed?

No. 617555

File: 1545778460729.jpg (65.4 KB, 750x946, FB_IMG_1545778435414.jpg)

Too relevant

No. 617557

how does 90% of the shit greg does make sense to a normal person

No. 617560

I was thinking he was trying to cash in on fujos

No. 617566

ok but you said him calling taylor/lainey/kai "husband" was his way of making people think he split up with taylor/lainey/kai

No. 617584


Crazy that he puts this out there after recently calling Lainey his husband, who has yet to undergo any surgery and only thinks of herself as he/they because of her feelings.

No. 617587

Kai is similar sounding to Skye. He spent years being married to both of them. He's bound to slip up and call 'Kai' Skye. Just imagine all the inconvenient situations it will be happening in.

Also makes you wonder if that similarity had anything to do with why he chose the name, and on how much of a conscious level.

No. 617590


Maybe she should be referred to as Skai

No. 617596

how can you tell ?

No. 617597


The funny part is he is muted on her twitter. She can't even see his replies.

No. 617598

How do you know?

No. 617599

>sO ImPoRtANt uwu

God PLEASE just shut the fuck up Grug. You treat all LGBT peeps like your super speshul trender waifu who need CONSTANT validation and white knights to defend her. You're not a part of the community, you haven't done a god damn thing to make a difference (pro-tip: voting for Killary doesn't count), and it's painfully obvious how hard your trying to virtue signal to that sweet, sweet teen demographic. Real gay/bi/trans people don't need weird social media asspats because they are just like the rest of us. They eat, shit and fuck up like anybody else does, and if somebody doesn't agree with their lifestyle guess what? They don't have to. There is a difference between disagreeing and being a bigot, I know crazy right? Get off Twitter and go read a book dipshit.

No. 617601

This is old…
Fucking read the older threads newfag

No. 617604

Lainey doesn't even seem to like the name Kai, it's literally just Greg that calls her that lol

No. 617605

In that ASMR video, sarah writes Eli on laineys drink instead of kai

No. 617609

>”The best challenges are ahead”
Unironically, what did he mean by this?

No. 617610

Its the small power struggles that Greg loves.
Eventually Taylor will submit to his will and tell everyone that it was her decision to be called Kai

No. 617620

Really? Well, Sarah is more likely to know how Lainey really feels, so no doubt she probably told Sarah which name she prefers.
I’m pretty sure Lainey said in some video she liked Eli but that gurg made fun of it? Or was that some other name?

No. 617626

People may not be used to the "Kai" name yet, since he so rarely uses it.

No. 617627

People may not be used to the "Kai" name yet, since he so rarely uses it.

No. 617631

File: 1545813069017.jpg (58.46 KB, 640x640, DvUMEIIXcAAcyfr.jpg)

Nothing like the closed-mouth philtrum-press of these two particular boys (who are unable to grow mustaches) to remind us all what Potter Stewart meant when he said "I'll know it when I see it".

I for one, would prefer not to. "See it", that is.

No. 617632

his head. looks like nick from big mouth wtf

No. 617634

File: 1545814809435.png (303.28 KB, 888x502, 1_66AjlDzcXqjtlS3hS_aMYg.png)


No. 617641

nice anon that is a perfect copy. Nick has an upper lip though lol

No. 617643

they look like two blocks of cement being pushed together.

No. 617645

this is actual illegal and she would have no problem not only getting a restraining order but pressing criminal charges.

No. 617656

File: 1545834758233.jpeg (456.1 KB, 1125x1286, AE5322B0-26AF-47B7-8462-509087…)

Greg is trying to profit off of mental illness. Just another day ending in y.

No. 617657

This is probably just his way of placating her for now, or else she might break through his mind control and escape (if she has the common sense to do so).
But I'm fairly confident that once she outlives her purpose as bait for a 3rd trinity member, he will dump her and use the new one to lure in a more feminine woman (since Plain has destroyed herself in her attempts to become a transtrender).

No. 617658

how is this illegal?
not an ironic question

No. 617684

File: 1545845881136.jpeg (218.46 KB, 1224x1308, 5B40DCE4-0AB4-499F-9977-79DC1E…)

Glad you mentioned transtrender, because it looks like Lainey’s only real trans friend NoahFinnce (the one she collabed with awhile back) has jumped on board with kalvin garrah in talking about the transtrender epidemic. It’s funny because the entire video is literally shade at how Lainey views gender is wrong. I doubt it was at her, but bet she’s gonna assume it was. I’m glad bigger trans YouTubers are beginning to notice this problem.

No. 617696

kalvin seems to have taken down his reacting to lame vid..

No. 617700

nah his video has been down for a while. Obesion got it taken down

No. 617701

I am currently working on transcribing the relevant parts of onions new video "Let's All Grow Up & Be Happy Please (Onision Never Went To Court)" so I will be posting that here in a bit. Gerg talks about his case with the state of Washington as "yard work".

No. 617704

File: 1545857628191.jpg (68.21 KB, 578x315, hewas17.jpg)

Onision is up and tweeting out important points here. Also Kainey is exclusively using male pronouns now.

No. 617707

File: 1545857744973.jpg (72.84 KB, 578x405, stillgotthosefines.jpg)

Sure he didn't technically get dragged in to court but he still has to abide by that agreement.

No. 617709

File: 1545857926412.jpg (25.18 KB, 587x223, verylovingok.jpg)

He's playing his part as a loving and respectful gay husband online…until he can find someone new, anyone new lol.

No. 617714

File: 1545858981952.png (1.16 MB, 1005x647, omitting the truth is still ly…)

Let's All Grow Up & Be Happy Please (Onision Never Went To Court)

the title is a mouthful, have fun ladies.

No. 617715

It's the responsibility of the adult to back away from relationship regardless of feelings. Predators stay in these relationships to keep their own egos happy, even though they know full well that it's fucked up

No. 617716

Reminder that in his previous tweet he said he “forgave” Lainey when she revealed she was underage.
Starting that emotional manipulation early.

No. 617718

Killing someone in effigy probably counts as harassment, particularly after the videos of him saying he would stop and then not stopping.

No. 617720

4:29 Greg says he paid Sk the $90,000 he agreed on, but didn't the court rule against him, so he had to pay the money. Wasn't he super upset about Sk stealing all his money?

No. 617721

Yes, technically correct is the best kind of correct. Gurg sent an attorney to a county hearing. She later, at his request, withdrew his appeal to an administrative action. And huge, whopping fines. What a win!

No. 617723


Transcript of 4:42-11:40

>And this other issue he's talking about involves, like, (pauses) yard work. Um, and i know a lot of you probably just clicked away because it's so ridiculous. Yard work. Like, I've had people call me a literal murderer. (pauses) For yard work. (pauses) I'm not even kidding. Like this is, this is- sighs, hold in hands I just, sometimes I look at the internet and I wonder why you guys are like this, like why- why do you do this? stutters I can't imagine a world where I would ever make a hate video about someone over yardwork. (pauses) And you know I'm not even really supposed to talk about my yard work. pauses That's what's ridiculous- I'm not even supposed to talk about it. And it's just yard work. (pauses) Anyway, so… stutters I can't go in depth, but (pauses) everything is fine. Um, smiling everything's repaired. Like there's no damage. At all. Everything looks great. Um, I was told to not even film anything (chuckling) outside my house, ever… by legal representation.

>Like they said, you know the int- they literally described you guys, and I'm not trying to crap on you, but I think a lot of us know that the internet is totally crazy. But they literally describe you guys as nuts… like they say the internet is crazy, has a bunch of crazy people on it, who will try to rip apart your life if you try to share anything with them- and this is a real hindrance cause I- I like making videos for you guys, I like entertaining you guys and so forth, but, laughing when I make a video where I'm doing yard work with a… a caterpillar? A miniature bulldozer? I was- I was always making my yard look great again- just like America. laughs But the moment I do that, it's like, the end of the world, you know? My neighbor told me to do it and so I did! And my housing community told me to, you know, take care of any trees that, you know, posed a risk or whatever. And I did that! (pauses) And everybody knows.

>Like I just don't- I did things I was told to do, and- and then- and then everybody freaks out. It's just bizarre, you know? Initially people were saying I was going to jail, they're like "Oh here's Onision's court date, he's going to jail-" and I'm not talking about any of this, I hadn't talked about any of this for months, but people are still like, harassing me on Twitter and saying like, "You're going to jail!" and I'm just looking at it going "No I'm not." And then they- I didn't go to jail laughing because it's ridiculous! (pauses) And then they um… like because the- it was- there was like this- (pauses) thing where you get- in just huge trouble if you don't respond to the…um, complaint. So I respond to the complaint, which means there's no risk of anything traumatic.

>Um… (long pause) but the Internet is the one who complained, can you believe that? Because I recorded myself doing yardwork, the internet reported me. For doing yard work. rolls eyes, sighs Anyway- near a swamp. Is bad because it was near a swamp. that's why everyone's freaking out. Oh yard work near a swamp, (pause) it's technically a lake but it's- it's literally like a swamp. If you could see it in person it's a swamp. laughing It's tiny, and it's a swamp. Like, let me- let me elaborate. Uh, in the summer, the water gets so low that the entire surface is covered with vegetation. That's a swamp. Um, that's what people are mad about. Call me Shrek. Anyway, umm… (pauses) This is- I never knew..? That people would freak out so much about this- especially since we all live in wood houses? You know? (laughs) We all step and kill plants every single day when we walk around, pretty much? Uh, when you walk in your yard you're killing things- insects and everything, and it's just weird that's suddenly… like this is- this is outrage. Yard work (long pause). Like there's no erosion or anything, everything is great (pause). Seriously, I- I made sure everything is great- my yard is, actually, better than it's ever been.

>I- I- I (laughing) feel like I'm living in bizarro world where, because you did yard work- a video gets over, almost half a million views, and 97% likes, because I did yard work (pauses). And- and I'm a POS cause I did yard work (pauses). Near a swamp (long pause, then laughs) It's just like I don't know what world I live in anymore. This is kind of like how I felt during the 2016 election, when our president lost by three million votes and still won. (laughing) I was just like…(pause) are we-? what is this world we live in? Guys? (laughs, then long pause) Oh my god… but you know you guys have been so sweet to me on Twitter, uh, the people who are sweet- there's other people who aren't sweet, but like, I've gotten a lot of really positive people, and really understanding people in Patreon. Thank you to people on Patreon for being so supportive of me and everything (pauses). I am- I'm at constant awe, you know? (pauses) I'm constantly amazed by- like I kind of wonder, like, what's next. Like- (pauses then stutters) What thing do I do next that the entire Internet freaks out about. And…(laughing) like, if you can get in trouble for yardwork, like if you can get really… like if people could say you're a terrible human for yardwork, (extremely long pause) I just don't… (pauses) Wow. I have no idea. Anyway regarding that case I can't talk much about it but-

>(text on screen that says "just to be clear i had a court

date but it did not go through as they decided I didn't need to go to court")

>We came to a really good conclusion, which is just have someone look at it. I'm gonna have some people look at it. And if they realize what I said is true, that everything is in good shape, then we're all good! I don't know how that's losing a court case. (long pause, then laughing) this just blows my mind- losing a court case is like, you have to pay a fine of 15 grand, that's, that's like losing a court case or something like that, like… But I'm just- I just have to have people check it out, and we're gonna handle this like adults (pauses) and say look at my yard and they're gonna be like okay your yard looks good…(pauses) That's it. (pauses) Like I just can't, internet. You guys? Just- just this once, you know? Can we all just be adults.

No. 617725

Let's all pray for some more milk.
The only thing that could make this whole thing better is if Greg had to go to court a second time because he wouldn't leave poor Eugenia alone, ON TOP OF paying all those fines and desperately trying to fix his local ecosystem.
I hope she does something about it because he seems to have some kind of stalker-like obsession with her. He has made nine videos so far and that's not even counting how many times he has mentioned her in others.

No. 617726

File: 1545861163453.gif (495.56 KB, 500x275, 1543867668923.gif)

>e-everything's fine! totally fine!
>camera evidence of him putting 1$ sod over an area where there were once trees and blackberry bushes exists
They're not gonna say everything's fine, Gurg. You're fucked.

No. 617728

File: 1545861241420.jpg (90.12 KB, 1280x720, wew lad.jpg)

Now he's blaming the neighbor.
I'm sure the WDFW won't care if his neighbor told him to cut trees down, everything is in Greg and Lainey's name. He will never take responsibility.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GOae3uEAdF-WeV1VxVfYAxaa6A4g-pZD (I Protected My Kids & Followed My Neighbor's Advice | MIRROR)

No. 617729

Well, I think, Greg still lacks major understanding of what he's done and what's the outcome of his "not-physically-been-in-court" appointment.
If any state officials happen to see the video, he'll be in even more trouble than he already is right now since he doesn't convey the slightest impression of being willing to accommodate.
He still doesn't realize or doesn't want to realize that he's the one who did a whole lot of wrong here.

No. 617730

File: 1545861517328.jpg (23.15 KB, 219x199, victimofyardwork.jpg)

He put up a second video about this. I'm sure it's about how he's a victim of believing others because apparently everyone told him it was just fine to completely rip apart a section of his yard.

That part in the beginning when he was talking about Repzions video getting half a million views and a high percentage of likes you can tell he's super salty that someone other than him can pull those numbers. And that's Onions status heading into 2019 "hate" reactions to him easily get way more views that he could ever attain.

No. 617732

File: 1545861708719.gif (404.69 KB, 500x250, facepalm.gif)

So he's officially been told by his lawyer not to talk about the case and the biologist quite subtly mentioned that it wouldn't be a good idea to tweet or make videos (we all know he's read the notice), and yet he goes on and makes not one but two videos about his "yard work"?

Will he ever make at least one good decision?

No. 617734

maybe he means everything is a fine. like he's going to be fined for everything!

No. 617735

I wish I was as comfortably delusional as Greg. I miss a deadline and I just shove my anxiety about it in the closet of my mind like a neglected child, but I can still hear it crying asking to be let out. Onion literally cannot understand the concept of being wrong.

No. 617736

File: 1545862176713.jpg (22.88 KB, 359x316, 1512279925843.jpg)

Didn't his neighbour report him in the first place? Is he saying his neighbour deliberately set him up?

No. 617737


Anon here who posted the earlier transcript, I am not going to transcribe this one because I can't stand to listen to his voice anymore, hope you anons can understand I don't want to risk the ear cancer.

No. 617739

File: 1545862396071.jpg (398.92 KB, 900x985, GregoryAvaroeVegetarianDestroy…)

Hey Greg, I might not know your yard as well as you (pretend to) know it, but last time I checked nettles, blackberries and devil's club didn't look like trees,

Here's a friendly reminder of what you cut down since you like facts so much.

P.S.: The picture on the left and the subscript are not meant to harrass you! It's there to help, send some good vibes your way and get you into shape again. It's something I learned from your Eugenia videos.

No. 617740

The back of his head on the mirror's reflection


No. 617742

File: 1545863147198.jpg (18.37 KB, 492x269, MY EYES.jpg)


No. 617743

Lol so now he’s blaming his neighbor and the housing community for him wrecking the swamp. Sure onion, I’m totally sure your “hippie” neighbor told you it was fine to burn cardboard, throw yard waste in the swamp and have a bonfire during a no burn ban.

No. 617745

Of course when fines are looming, Grease is so down for exploiting his children for views. What happened to him "not being a dad anymore"?

I bet he'll film his little swamp kids playing around in the yard next to prove what an upstanding parent he is.

No. 617746

Lol how is almost 18 and 17 1/2 different? Maybe a two months difference? So Plainey actually WAS telling the truth when she told him her age.

No. 617748


Sorry I missed your first post, but for future videos:

There is no need to transcribe videos manually.

1 Download the subtitles using http://www.downsub.com

2 Change the file extension to txt and open it in a text editor app

3 Strip the html code using http://www.zubrag.com/tools/html-tags-stripper.php

4 Strip the srt code using http://www.gopetsamerica.com/webmaster/srt-to-text-online-converter.aspx

5 Edit the text for word accuracy and to add punctuation and numerals (numbers are stripped in step 4). The auto generated subtitles are surprisingly accurate, depending on the person's enunciation. You may not even need to listen to the video.

No. 617749


Hey thanks for your advice, I did use the auto-generated subtitles and edited them for accuracy.

No. 617758

So Onion will sperg endlessly about other people doing ILLEGAL drugs and call them criminals and all that but somehow he doesn’t consider himself a criminal because he thinks the law he broke is stupid?

It doesn’t count guys! It’s just yard work I don’t see why everyone is so upset about it! Who cares if it is illegal, it’s stupid!

What happened to not wanting anything to do with people who find it irrelevant if something legal or not? It’s not very HONEST to not mention you are now a criminal because you broke a law? The most honest Youtuber would definitely tell everyone he is a criminal, right ?

No. 617762

>(text on screen that says "just to be clear i had a court date but it did not go through as they decided I didn't need to go to court")

they decided you didn’t need to go to court…..,. because you worked out a settlement.

isn’t that what happened though? he’s making it sound like his lawyer or whatever was like “you don’t need to go to court! it’s just yard work! and also you’re so honest!” when really he DID need to go to court… he just ended up not having to actually ~go~ because they worked out an agreement….. (unless im understanding the situation incorrectly)

No. 617764

>We came to a really good conclusion, which is just have someone look at it. I'm gonna have some people look at it. And if they realize what I said is true, that everything is in good shape, then we're all good! I don't know how that's losing a court case.

This fucking idiot still thinks a professional is going to come in and disagree with the courts and then the courts will let him off with no fines??

No. 617765

He’s also acting like there was no fine and making it sound like they are re-evaluating the entire charge. Pretty sure that isn’t true either? But someone feel free to correct me, I didn’t read the entire court document

No. 617769

He's absolutely not getting out of this. The court documents made it clear he's paying for the 'stop work' fines, has to pay the paperwork fees along the way, hiring an expert, and then paying for replacements of whatever the expert says needs to be replaced plus paying for the labor it takes to fix everything.

He's absolutely delusional or his lawyer is lying to him.

No. 617774

Anus sperging out that people should be able to do what they want on their own property, and that the laws aren't REASONABLE showcases just how much he doesn't get it.

Hey dipshit, there's a reason why we don't allow people to have fires during burn bans, fuck with wetlands and do what we please. Because what I might do on my property might cause flooding, put other people at risk and could affect others for generations. It's not that difficult of a concept.

I hope the next house he downsizes into is in a development with a super fussy Homeowners association.

No. 617775

I can see it now:

>"My HOA is Kink-Shaming Me"

He shows a clip of him running around in his front yard running around in his diaper smearing fake shit all over his gross old man bod. Shows a screenshot of a letter and a fine for breaking community rules.

No. 617784

Thank you so much for the vid! Much appreciated anon!

No. 617797

I don't know why Onion expects us to believe he is knowledgeable about anything when he thought he could write off his divorce and 2 Teslas as business expenses. He also thought a handwritten note not certified by a notary or law office could constitute as a valid prenuptial agreement in a court of law.

No. 617805

File: 1545883200577.png (97.75 KB, 709x479, Capture _2018-12-26-23-06-38.p…)

Is he really trying to say his lawyer didn't represent him, when there's documents proving otherwise? Is this guy retarded or something?

No. 617807

its well documented that his lawyer has had troubles of her own. its all just speculation but is he implying she is working pro bono? because that would make her more retarded than he is

No. 617808

Exactly, he's a dumbass. If he was as smart as he thinks he is none of this would be happening in the first place

No. 617813

File: 1545883832020.png (108.82 KB, 688x423, Capture _2018-12-27-02-09-22.p…)


No. 617815

I'm assuming that someone out there has the pertinent docs with his name, Lainey's name, and their shitty lawyer's name? He's lost it, absolutely. I love the way he thinks if he says something enough, it must be true.

No. 617818

nah he's just being technical - the lawyer did not show up to court per se, as she first got him a time extension and then threw in the towel on his behalf before the court appearance ever happened. so she ever had to appear in court and he didn't have to pay those exact fees, just the ones for her actions beforehand.

No. 617819

WTF? Maybe he means that his lawyer didn't go through the appeals tribunal and thus didn't "lose in court." I'm sure the tribunal fees would have been expensive and maybe it was leverage into opening his asshole wide for Piece County.

Greg, you didn't just lose in court (not literal, you dumbass), you fucking half assed tried then became a pussy and didn't go through your appeal. That's like quitting in the middle of a game and saying you didn't lose when you were down by a ridiculous amount of points. Not the best analogy. Perhaps we should leave genius analogies to Greg?

No. 617823

One thing I noticed right away in this video-

"I asked my audience if they wanted me to debate a sock puppet"
How often does he use this as an excuse for doing what he wants or a way to deflect when he gets backlash for doing something shitty?
He wants to make a certain video so he puts out a poll or tweet asking his fans if he should do this type of video, his fans obviously scream yes. So he does the video and has the ability to backtrack if things go bad or he gets shit for it by saying "but my fans told me to do it"
No you wanted to do the video and just asked them so you could use them as an excuse.

So if Greg makes a poll on twitter
"should I murder my hippy neighbor" and his fans give a resounding YES, and he kills his neighbor, his defense in court will be "my fans told me to do it, what else could I do?"

No. 617829

Sorry if this has been postured before but couldn’t Lainey just “change” her name to Taylor?

No. 617830

Sorry if this has been postured before but couldn’t Lainey just “change” her name to Taylor?

No. 617832

File: 1545890030606.png (37.59 KB, 1303x265, 2018-12-26_23-39-07.png)

Spoiler alert: it was lizardqueenxoxo, the one who lost her dad to suicide and Greg decided to one-up her with his fixation on his dad being a pedo.
She was also the one heavily moderating his youtube comments.

No. 617835

Lainey HATES Taylor, and she wouldn't unless it was Shreg's idea. She really loved up to her bot name, everything she does is programmed by others and she doesn't have the capability to create a unique thought of her own.

No. 617838

File: 1545891241064.png (38.24 KB, 452x312, elephant man.png)


No. 617851

A very intriguing development as this individual has been around for quite a while. Does anyone know the link to the "onision patreon whores" thread..? I apologize for asking but I am having difficulties finding it. I would imagine there is more information there about this event.

No. 617858

We already know that Greg is the biggest liar, but I would like to point out that he is the biggest liar. she may have had an attorney during his divorce, however you still have a divorce hearing you need to be present for. This is because you need to testify that your marriage is irretrievably broken.

For someone who hates Trump, he sure is starting to sound like him.

That bottom photo breaks my goddamn heart every time. Leelu is a gift to this world.

No. 617859

File: 1545900694872.jpeg (290.99 KB, 828x1013, 7394EE58-07EA-4660-9092-A1207E…)

Going through Plainey’s liked tweets and saw this. Weird coming from the trender

No. 617865

No. 617866

That video is a major whoopsie.

Remember the settlement stated “mr Avaroe is unlikely to tweet or make videos about the situation” or something to that effect.

He’s made things worse for himself just so he can bend the truth to look like he’s right. They will definitely have words about this action.

No. 617872

It would be terrible if someone sent links of those 2 videos he made about it to people who are taking care of the case

No. 617875

I didn't really follow this saga cause I had to take a lolcow break but it's notorious on r/bestoflegaladvice that Tree Law is not to be fucked with.

I think he's really trying to downplay it a ton by calling it "Yard work" when it's actually expensive because it's not legal to fuck with the soil so much that you basically destroy it. Not everything you do in your backyard is kosher and only involves yourself. And just because your neighbour tells you to do it means you can do it. Plus I bet his neighbour told him he had to take care of the trees in the sense "You gotta pay a pro to take a look and do it the proper way" but I guess this moron has to have everything explained to him like a 5yo.

No. 617877

Thank you very much anon. Unfortunately the thread appears a bit stagnant atm. Lizardqueen's twitter also is currently private which is a disappointment, I was looking forward to some sperging as my entertainment tonight. These patron women have a tendency to make Greg and Lainey their entire reason for existing, especially Lizard. She spent days upon days meticulously deleting every even mildly critical comment on the speaks channel. I cannot fathom her to be taking this well. Imagine handing over hundreds and hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours of your time and energy to a man like Greg only to be suddenly told "I think you aren't fitting my current neurotic positivity quota, begone thot." These women are already extremely prone to more or less every mental illness the DSM covers, so this would undoubtedly be a life shattering event for her. Booty seems to be the longest lasting whom has stood out to me, I'm guessing she's next on the chopping block (hopefully).

In relation to this, Greg's recent "positivity" shtick does not come across as genuine nor a real attempt at change.. it comes across passive aggressive and disturbing. He truly is milking the "I tell haters merry christmas now when they insult me I'm so above them and clearly so mature" thing. Only Onision could make me feel resentment towards the holidays.

No. 617884

also note, at the bottom and side of his garden are wetlands that are not his property but public (I think one part is federal?) so yeahhh he's in trouble alright.

No. 617886

I wanted to note Greg has removed his dollar amount from being shown on his patreon. This probably was due to it's slow decline. HOWEVER, hilariously we are still aware that his first listed goal was set at 5,000 dollars. The page states currently, this is 38% met. Doing some basic math tells us the patreon amount currently sits at 1900$ a month, and it is only set to steeply decline at the beginning of January.

No. 617892

Oopsie indeed. He also says in the video that "he's not supposed to" talk about this and then immediately proceeds yapping about it.

He just HAD to get it all out there, no doubt contrary to his lawyers advice.

>It's in your best interest to remain silent during the process Mr Avaroe…

>sir, please don't
>you're not helping yourself

No. 617893

He raised the amount to 7000 a few months back. So 38 percent would put it at 2660.

No. 617897

In one of the videos posted last night, Grease was going on about how a neighbor completely re-did his yard, changing it completely, so it isn't FAIR that Grease couldn't do the same. Well Grease, this neighbor did work on his OWN property that was probably nowhere near the protected wetlands, and obviously obtained any permits needed.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 617908

The first few minutes of this video is all lies lol
There’s video evidence of him removing freshly cut branches and trees. He lies to himself so much that he forgets the truth.

No. 617909

Soon it will be the first of the month again and we can see the true numbers!

No. 617910

or it's just a ploy for views which equals money. money he desperate needs for all the wetland repair.

No. 617912

I think his “point” is that his lawyer would have charged more for a court appearance than she did for the county hearing. Which seems likely, but he is just being an asshole.

No. 617916

I finally watched this (why god why) and honestly? At this point, I really do think Gurg is absolutely clueless as to why people don't like him. He is 100% not self aware.
We always say he tries to purposely deceive people into believing he is in the right or whatever, but I actually think he is not attempting to deceive at all because he honestly truly believes all the nonsense he puts out there. And he believes this because he is A) completely uneducated and has very little common knowledge about the world and B) he has zero introspection

Dude is just plain stupid and stuck in his own head. He believes everything he says.

I just imagine him going through the comments raging because he just can't fathom why people dislike him. He's too dumb to realize that it's not about the "yard work" he has done. It's about his hypocrisy and arrogance. He's right about one thing - if a youtuber that was liked by others did this same thing, people would be more sympathetic. Why? because those people haven't spent their careers being a total dickhead to everyone.

Now I am starting to feel like Gurg because every stupid video he puts out proves more and more how completely ignorant he is and I just wanna shake him to make him understand.

No. 617918

File: 1545925759511.jpeg (648.98 KB, 2048x2048, B53BEED1-3422-47C0-9764-9E3F2E…)


Yeesh, that makes me even more uncomfortable than usual. It’s reminds me of those awkward, tight lipped kisses she and Billie used to have to share.

No. 617939

File: 1545929429477.png (87.67 KB, 605x360, stillacuck.png)

So he unblocked everyone on Twitter? Again? Lets see how long it will last this time.

No. 617942

File: 1545929597657.png (45.92 KB, 585x656, sopositiveuwu.png)

(double post)
and of course he acts so positvie right now because he is such a nice person.

No. 617947

hes just doing this so people will start boolying him again and he can play the victim card again

No. 617952

hes just doing this so people will start boolying him again and he can play the victim card again

No. 617953

you're not fooling anyone, dude. you are still the same weird rage monster.

No. 617954

>I actually think he is not attempting to deceive at all because he honestly truly believes all the nonsense he puts out there. And he believes this because he is A) completely uneducated and has very little common knowledge about the world and B) he has zero introspection Dude is just plain stupid and stuck in his own head. He believes everything he says.

Yeah, I agree.
And evertime I'm reminded of this, I'm extremely happy Lainey is pinning him down so he won't be able to lure in a normal, cute and ambitious girl who can still achieve something in life. It's mean towards Lainey but at least her being so clingy and doormatty does something good.

No. 617957

File: 1545931182216.jpeg (282.86 KB, 1125x840, B1FAFE79-0474-46FC-B10D-15BF13…)

How long do you think this phase of the narc cycle will last?

No. 617966

File: 1545933673855.jpg (41.61 KB, 572x266, whykai.jpg)

So there will be no explanation from Lainey as to why she suddenly is a male named Kai, no one deserves it because we are assholes!

No. 617967

my prediction is after getting flooded with brutally honest pictures of his scaly pizzaface and grandad bod he will start the block parade again

No. 617970

i know this is old news but since sarah is back i feel obligated to say something
back when sarah was living with greg and kai, sarah had a bad habit of watching kai bathe and walk around the house naked
it got so bad that greg had to tell kai that he needed to put clothes on when they were around sarah
it's obvious that sarah wanted to be with them
i'm tired of hiding your secrets sarah
you deserve better than two adults who actively prey on a teen girl like you

No. 617972


"Not to get views/money off it"

Lame's entire channel is about her getting "views/money" off her gender. She doesn't want to do it because there's literally nothing masculine about her aside from dressing in masculine clothes. She won't transition, she's not stopping with breastfeeding, she still wears makeup, I'll bet anything the kids still call her "mommy"… there's nothing "trans" about her. She's about as trans as Onion is when he dresses in womens clothes for videos.

No. 617973

We are not calling Lame by Kai, please don't indulge this idiots transtrendering

No. 617974

So she doesn’t want to make a video or address it out of fear of being invalidated and mocked blah blah blah
Yet Greg thinks it’s a good idea to blast it all over his YouTube and Twitter, knowing his audience/“hater” audience would rip her to pieces in the comments/replies.. makes sense..

No. 617975

But I thought she didn't read comments? How will people hurt her if she doesn't read the comments they leave on her videos?
(Let's be real we all know that bitch does read comments, she made several videos addressing "hate" comments she received)

No. 617977

File: 1545935092137.png (16.83 KB, 577x187, hmmmmmm.png)

really makes me thonk

No. 617978

File: 1545935162065.gif (470.95 KB, 474x379, giphy.gif)


This website is for adults, Onion-stan.

No. 617979

Why would Plainey walk around naked in front of girl who was visiting her house in the first place, that shows how predatory she is. Either way, ew

No. 617980


What makes this person an Onion-stan? Sounds like someone who is a friend of Sarah who thinks Lame and Onion are trash.

No. 617984


This person said that it was Sarah's fault for all that went down. Said that she walked around naked even though there's 0 proof of it. There's speculation that she watched Lainey bathe, though, since the twitter status and the constant bath pics, which doesn't surprise me.

They need to post proof or leave.

No. 617986

i'm not blaming sarah at all
the fact that they walked naked around a minor is gross
she deserves better

No. 617988

I bet if you bring it up enough to Greg he'll make a video about it and actually put the blame on Sarah. The bathing thing has been brought up here more than once, there's bound to be someone who has solid proof of it happening.

No. 617989


Samefag. Sorry. I thought you said it was Sarah walking around naked around Lainey.

So who are you? Proof?

No. 617999

Shit's weird, she looks like half her face is missing. And the obvious lack of a mouth.

>i DoNt Do ThIs FoR mOnEy!

No. 618003

>“doesn’t want to make money off it”
>had a “gender reveal” video
>made many “coming out” videos
>made that shitty sketch when she got triggered by an instagram comment
>made binding and “androgynous” clothing videos
>made that “am I a transtrender” vid

The list goes on.. but sure lameo, you don’t want to make money off your bullshit gender identity

Post proof or gtfo anon, this isn’t tumblr and we don’t believe strangers who “confess” anything without any solid proof, for all we know you’re just a troll

No. 618008

Hard to believe our space prince walks around with her saggy titties on full display.

No. 618009

Have y'all ever heard of "don't scare away the milk? Because it seems like you haven't.

No. 618011

File: 1545938621697.png (353.17 KB, 1080x1842, 2018-10-01-19-35-30.png)

Not >>617970 but, this is from when Sarah had her visible falling out with Lainey.

No. 618016

weren't these the fake tweets though?

No. 618023

Lainey denied them, but she's denied things that were true before so I'm pretty sure nobody believes her

No. 618028

I mean regardless if the tweets are fake, the fact they were believable enough for Sarah to not just say “uhh not about me, that would make no sense because those things never happened” gives the impression there’s some merit to them

No. 618029

Tweets were fake but Sarah thought they were real at first. Her “my god” reaction is telling. So the bathing rumor may be true after all.

No. 618042

File: 1545943001821.png (382.32 KB, 1080x1920, CVdjde2.png)

No. 618043

File: 1545943016937.png (235.32 KB, 1080x1920, GDaNJWe.png)

No. 618044

File: 1545943027076.png (275.63 KB, 1080x1920, qhzkgyf.png)

No. 618045

File: 1545943039904.png (259.86 KB, 1080x1920, rDuKOQS.png)

No. 618046

File: 1545943051390.png (200.31 KB, 1080x1920, nPO06Rm.png)

No. 618047

File: 1545943072668.png (254.41 KB, 1080x1920, BF8PqEr.png)

No. 618048

File: 1545943083789.png (227.92 KB, 1080x1920, HpEyaNH.png)

No. 618058

I suspect if it's one of the other neighbors and not the next door neighbor who got dinged for cutting cattails they probably suggested contacting professionals to do the work but knowing delusions of grandeur suffering Shreg he knew no one else but him could do it better.

No. 618064

Both Lainey and Sarah are bad at lying. Lainey will deny, deny, deny and Sarah’s words and actions will always tell her truth. That’s why Sarah and Lainey have to hide behind private accounts on twitter and instagram. What is shrouded in darkness will always come to light.

No. 618065

File: 1545947346562.jpg (30.54 KB, 453x249, lb.jpg)

I wonder if this is lovebombing and if so what did he do to upset her?

No. 618066


That "I'm sad they're hurting" really trips me up, everything she says is so cautious and calculated like she's already making sure that the onions have nothing to use against her.

I guess she's smart enough to know that this convo is gonna get leaked and she's using everything she's learned during past onion drama to make sure she's safe either way.

It is actually kinda genius cause the onions never drop anyone without making sure that they have some warped reason for "dumping" them - so as long as she keeps this up they have to keep the friendship going.


sounds less like love bombing and more like "why aren't you liking pictures of me?? love me!!1 REEEE"

he's insecure 'cause anons are ripping into that huge ego of his by making fun of his looks and the lack of likes from his minions isn't helping.

No. 618068

Probably just kicked sarah out the house again with these screenshots. kek

No. 618069

He's so lucky Twitter doesn't have a 'dislike' button.

No. 618074

Tfw even manwife plainey is more liked than him

No. 618076

File: 1545950740873.png (98.5 KB, 695x392, Capture _2018-12-27-20-43-47.p…)

But when she cut her hair short for the first time she said "I'm scared I'm gonna look like a boy". Both you and your ugly wife are full of shit, anus

No. 618081

Does anyone else think that Greg convinced Lainey to become a fakeboi so that there's no chance the next trinity member will back out because theyre gay and don't wanna jump on the greasepipe? I can imagine him being all "well you can't be a lesbian because my HUSBAND KAI is a MAN therefore u have to suk mi"

No. 618083

Given that Taylor has no other interests but contemplating what gender she is, it wouldn't be surprising if she came to the conclusion herself. But that definitely sounds like logic Greg would use to convince their next captive to suck on his carrot.

No. 618084

Given that Taylor has no other interests but contemplating what gender she is, it wouldn't be surprising if she came to the conclusion herself. But that definitely sounds like logic Greg would use to convince their next captive to suck on his carrot.

No. 618089

File: 1545956088825.jpeg (246.09 KB, 1125x857, 49727573-02A7-4F45-B9BC-3899D6…)

He’s been asking for people to report others for “transphobia” lately. It’s pathetic.

No. 618094

File: 1545957035063.jpg (391.89 KB, 1080x1174, Screenshot_20181228-001659_Twi…)

This is not how being a mother works. Stop ignoring the fact you pushed your children out of your very female vagina, Lainey.

No. 618101

File: 1545958509449.jpg (137.88 KB, 584x799, truehero.jpg)

Hasn't it been established that he was pretty useless in the military? Well he wants some bravery points or something.

No. 618104

I was discharged for mental issues but my discharge was general, just like his before he went through the process of changing it.(no one cares)

No. 618106

im probably reaching a bit, but "kai" as well as sounding a lot like skye, is also pretty similar to "shi" which is what he called shiloh most of the time

No. 618108

>And everybody knows.

Yeah, you should add the county documents to your retarded scrapbook of how bad ass you are for your Patreon.

Oh wait, that ruins your narrative. wahhh i worship the earth i was just doing yard work

Go fuck yourself. nm we all know you would if you could.

No. 618114

>wine emoji


Till his children Taylor/Lainey/Eli/Kai do something.

But def when his Patreon dollars roll in lower.

No. 618115

It's completely strange to me that Lainey is afraid to come out as "Kai" on their own personally goddamn social media, and yet is seemingly fine with Grug tweeting about it constantly. How do we know that that's what they want? What if they shared that privately with him and he took it upon himself to share it to the world despite Lain wanting to keep it quiet? I also find it extremely unsettling that the one anon said that in theirs and Sarah's ASMR video Sarah wrote 'Eli' on their coffee cup. That's very fucking weird and sus. Like what is going on with Lainey and their goddamn name that changes every year? and their relationship is still as toxic as always.

No. 618117

Still avoiding male pronouns as much as possible.

No. 618118

You're being very obvious, practically rxBootyslayer 2.0

No. 618119


She/her anon, not they. It’s been pretty well established that her special pronouns aren’t used here.

No. 618120

File: 1545963908951.jpg (617.66 KB, 1280x1648, DischargeFromActiveDuty.jpg)

Sounds like since he's done Loser's Creek, he's moved on to writing Kai's new background.

I don't think targeted harassment is allowed either Gurg, but what do I know.

reee my honor

No. 618122

I am so sick of Lainey and Greg constantly bringing this up as "proof she was always a man at heart". When I was a kid I would have done the same thing, I didn't want to be called a "woman" ever as a kid because I was a KID I didn't feel like a woman. So wanting to go by the commonly known title of fireman instead of firewoman isn't proof of ANYTHING. No one goes around calling female firefighters firewomen. Just shut the fuck up about it already you aren't proving shit with this instance from her childhood.

No. 618125

All arguments that people come up with to prove how totally trans they are are a bunch of bullshit but this kind of stuff specifically is the worst. Most little girls feel uncomfortable with their gender at some point because they have to constantly deal with misogyny. If we lived in a world where women are equal we'd have a lot fewer transmen.

No. 618128



Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge

The most severe type of military administrative discharge is the Other Than Honorable Conditions. Some examples of actions that could lead to an Other Than Honorable Discharge include security violations, use of violence, conviction by a civilian court with a sentence including prison time, or being found guilty of adultery in a divorce hearing (this list is not a definitive list; these are only examples). In most cases, veterans who receive an Other Than Honorable Discharge cannot re-enlist in the Armed Forces or reserves, except under very rare circumstances. Veteran’s benefits are not usually available to those discharged through this type of discharge.

Is this assmonkey for real? I googled the term and found this gem. It's definitely not honorable.

No. 618135

anon, he's saying that he was discharged "under honorable conditions", not "under other than honorable conditions". >>618120 also says as much.

that means this (from your link):

Honorable Discharge

If a military service member received a good or excellent rating for their service time, by exceeding standards for performance and personal conduct, they will be discharged from the military honorably. An honorable military discharge is a form of administrative discharge

No. 618140

No, he did not get an honorable discharged. Are you blind anon? It clearly says he got a general discharge under honorable conditions and there is a huge difference between the two.

No. 618141

wait a sec. i thought about this again and came back to the link. think this is what he got:

General Discharge

A General military discharge is a form of administrative discharge. If a service member’s performance is satisfactory but the individual failed to meet all expectations of conduct for military members, the discharge is considered a General Discharge, Under Honorable Conditions. To receive a General Discharge from the military there has to be some form of nonjudicial punishment to correct unacceptable military behavior or failure to meet military standards. The discharging officer must give the reason for the discharge in writing, and the military member must sign paperwork stating they understand the reason for their discharge. Veterans may not be eligible for certain veterans benefits under a General Discharge, including the GI Bill.

he thus seems as if he's trying to pass off his general discharge as what I wrote last time though, an "Honorable Discharge", and I guess briefly fooled me until I thought about it for a second and wondered how the hell he could've managed to exceed any kind of standard for performance kek

No. 618144

yeah sorry I realized after I thought about it for a second… I was wrong in >>618135 but so was anon from >>618128

No. 618146

Oops my bad. Thanks for the clarification anon. So basically he just got a general discharge right?

No. 618147

I believe he has benefits though?

No. 618150

Reminder Greg's logic is literally hinging on the fact it still has the word honorable written.

No. 618151

no worries anon, I got confused too! (I think I got confused because his discharge papers say "Under Honorable Conditions (General)" and that site only had "General Discharge" as a section header). but yes, I think he got a general discharge.

lol yeah this is totally Greg's angle when he brings it up, maximize attention to the word "honorable" kek

i guess that since the language is "may not be eligible for certain benefits" rather than "will not be eligible for benefits", he's managing to get something?

No. 618153

He’s going way over the top with his fake positive shit this time.
Anyone wanna take bets on how long till last? When did he start - like 2 days ago?

No. 618160

Can we also talk about how weird and creepy Greg's two uploads on UhOhBro have been today? The first regarding his age is 36 seconds long and the second was 1:01 long. And it kept flashing between two cameras to the point where I felt like I was going to have a seizure. The first was hilarious because he said "I forgot how old I was so when I was 32 I told people I was 31". Lmao no you did not "forget" how old you are your just a 33 year old man who stagnated at age 18 and never mentally grew beyond being a self obsessed hateful teenager. Those videos seemed like a mental breakdown unfolding before my eyes.

No. 618163

Youre the one selfposting a bit back, stop embarrasing yourself, it hurts

No. 618164

File: 1545976474744.png (353.76 KB, 972x550, RequestForSeparationForm.png)

No it's because shreg is an idiot. He thinks because he requested an honorable discharge that is what he got. Pic is the request form.

No. 618168

Madison Decambra shits on onion for about an hour while Billy the fridge tries to defend him . He will probably have a sperg session after he hears about some of the things she said on here

No. 618169

File: 1545977766215.png (40.29 KB, 583x310, I dated a black girl so I can'…)

Delete this, embed the post, and add a timestamp.

Does onion boy not know that dating black people doesn't absolve you of racism? Of course he doesn't.

No. 618170

Onionboy is going all out on twitter as we speak, it is.. unreal.

No. 618171

File: 1545977902652.jpg (141.34 KB, 583x864, more.jpg)

Just an update he going on some more about the military discharge on twitter. When he acknowledges that an honorary discharge and under honorable conditions are different he has to mention that this whole thing is ancient history. But he brought it up in the first place…

No. 618172

Embedding is your friend, newfag.

No. 618173

>>618172 Yesh I have never posted here but there is some good stuff in there I thought I would pass along

No. 618175

File: 1545978834335.jpg (48.04 KB, 250x250, 1516640243462.jpg)

It's hilarious that Onion of all people is talking about people needing high school level reading comprehension when he's still writing his absolutely shitty "book".

No. 618177

File: 1545980146170.webm (8.35 MB, 480x360, hmmmm.webm)

Billy the Fridge is a spineless cuck. I don't care if Madi spills at this point but if she knows something about Greg being a danger to young girls, she needs to tell the proper authorities.

No. 618178

For somebody who likes name all the girlfriends he’s had since grade school he’s sure never named his supposed black girlfriend(s). Just like his totally real black foster brother has no name

No. 618179

File: 1545980234122.jpg (24.79 KB, 586x205, acceptthatyourgay.jpg)

2 days after Christmas and he's back the usual of ignoring the shit out of his family so he can posture on twitter.

No. 618182

File: 1545981056830.webm (8.79 MB, 480x360, parent of the year.webm)

No. 618186

File: 1545981963440.jpg (102.87 KB, 1080x338, Drown .jpg)

This actually frightens me. Madi's kid is a toddler. Leaving a toddler unattended near a fucking lake is dangerous as fuck. Forget the mud and change of clothes, her child could have died. It takes like 4 minutes to drown or get brain damage from lack of oxygen.

Remember Leelu struggling in the lake? Then there's Reptar the turtle who roasted in the sun due to neglect. Madi should thank her lucky stars nothing worse happened.

No. 618187

No worries anon the site can be complicated for newcomers, I know personally when I first began posting I wasn't completely sure of the rules regarding video links/uploads either. It takes some time to get used to, and I will say it helps a lot to read the site FAQ/rules which can be found at https://lolcow.farm/info. Most people who lurk/post to the onion thread are very intelligent and very nice individuals. But you will eventually always run into those few who just seem to enjoy being snarky and/or bluntly rude. Don't let it stop you from continuing to post, I would just recommend being careful with direct video links and your presentation, the faq shows how to properly embed. Take those who reply negatively with a grain of salt - truly most who frequent and post to this thread are awesome.

No. 618190

File: 1545983351801.jpg (169.98 KB, 1773x1256, PicsArt_12-27-11.37.48.jpg)

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the fact that gerg resembles chris ingham now. The weird ephebophile that was exposed a while ago, being a creep with the teens. Anyway, they both seem to have the inability to accept the fact that they're growing old. Gurgles looks a lot like him now that his hair is black.

No. 618192

I mean, you're not wrong, but

>He defended saying he was honorably discharged by saying the documents he showed previously in videos was the document he was given. He maintains he was honest all along and says what he said was still true because "that is still literally honorable by the title, it says honorable". "Thank you to the people who ironically released these statements admitting that I served my country honorably."

It's a video link and I'm not a re-upload or webm anon, but in b4 he deletes them if he hasn't already.

No. 618193

i dont think ive ever actually heard her speak outside laineys video shitting on greg (that was her, right?)
shes more articulate than i expected tbh

also fuck greg

No. 618194

What a manipulative bitch ass liar. That was found through one of his oldest forums but everyone already knew that. "Strangely", all of the captures to it on Wayback Machine are bizarre redirect links that send you all over the place when they weren't this way not long ago. Entire pages are also now missing when they were active about a week back. Seems like Grunt is a fan of revisionist history.

No. 618196

Really..? I am only an hour in but Madi didn't say much of anything so far of interest, nor add any unique or thought-provoking points. On top of that, she keeps changing her voice and I am confused to if she is attempting to sound sexy or funny - either way it is cringey.

I know it's easy to stan Madi now because she is finally being vocal in criticism of Onion. But this girl was friends with both Lainey and Greg for numerous years. She stood by and watched Greg as he did horribly fucked up and immensely cruel things to people.. and she never said boo to a single thing.

Said nothing, that is, until Greg and Lainey dumped her from their lives. Suddenly she should be praised for turning to the right side?
I don't think so.

No. 618197

look man, the most content i see relating to onision is the man himself – the bar for articulation from those around him is pretty fucking low

also billy the retard being… well, a retarded stan helps her look better as well

No. 618199

Is it me or does Madi keep insinuating that Gregs been with girls younger than 17?

No. 618200

touche. I understand where you're coming from. I just know for me personally after everything I've seen, I have little to no respect for the chick.

No. 618201

Yes it seems like both her and billy might know something like that . She said she knows real stuff that isn’t public knowledge about him and underage girls and billy basically tells her to be quiet

No. 618202

i find her more irrelevant than anything else by this point. but as long as she keeps poking him with a stick to milk the retarded beast, im fine with it. the pitch shifting is a bit eye rolling though.

but im sure greg will make like 7 videos about her tomorrow.

yes, shes implying sketchy shit is going on. so she should follow gregs lead and submit all relevant info to the police. >>618201 good point, billy is implying he knows something as well

No. 618203

Oh she definitely is. After 52:40 in the video posted she bluntly says no when asked if his youngest girlfriend was 17. No one elaborated on that topic but they probably don't want to get harassed or out a victim.

No. 618204

Yeah the podcast is nothing groundbreaking but you know Greg will be fuming about this if he catches wind of some of the things she revealed

No. 618205

File: 1545987448407.webm (3 MB, 256x292, 564155343.webm)

I dont like any of them. But if Madison or Billy are willing to reveal some truly illegal shit about Onion then Ill listen.

No. 618206

Why is that fatass retard defending anus so hard? He KNOWS anus is a piece of shit but is still defending him, that makes him just as bad. I hope that ugly fatass as a heart attack kek

No. 618208

Madison playing with this incriminating information is gross. Either speak out or stfu. Don't dangle this kind of information in front of people.
Side note, I'd put money on it being about Sarah. They probably all fuxxed once when Sarah was 15.

No. 618209

I would love for this podcast to be the defining moment the floodgates opened up.
Like when Hannibal Buress did that one rape joke about Cosby back in 2014 and shit just started rolling down hill.

No. 618210

It could have been Sarah, or perhaps a young fan when they were more easily accessible to him a few years back. I'm betting on the latter myself. Otherwise, Madi and Billy could be referencing Onion's own admissions of getting physical with that 15-year old when he was 11 in his Draw my Relationships video, or perhaps another similar incident when he was an older teen and was physical with a much younger teen that we never knew about?

No. 618212

File: 1545990057648.jpg (597.24 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181228_023300.jpg)

There are many things that hint at this.

A) the drama way back with plainclone on tumblr/twitter. The onions even called her on restricted numbers to harass her because of the dirt she had on Sarah
B) Sarah using jailbait as her Twitter handle and saying it's an inside joke between them
C) Sarah's reddit history that discussed a ring. There had been much speculation that Lainey and Sarah exchanged rings like Billie did. They even brought it up on Younow and denied it before Sarah got kicked out that first time

Also: dat booty doe.

No. 618214

More on the old Sarah/Plainclone drama here
It's old but Madi's comments make it relevant again

No. 618215

He's afraid of angering him if he even dares to come across as doubting in Gargoyle. Grug kicked people out of his life for less. Idk why Billy is so fixated on defending their friendship, maybe he's secretly gathering intelligence on whatever shit Grug does when the cameras are off and is actually mocking him with his other Seattle YTer buddies?

No. 618217

Billy is an irrelevant retard who literally latches and leeches onto any youtuber he comes across. Remember he also cuddled up to repzion despite knowing onion and rep hate each other, but billy's fanbase is pretty 'big' so onion doesn't kick him out just yet like he did tomato boi. Once Billy stops being useful onion will kick him to the curb but until then the lardass will hang onto him in hopes to build his sub count. He's pathetic.

No. 618221

And she completely ignored the fact that people in the videos were writing onision on their body, one of them being a minor and someone wrote to him to take her out of the video because it was not just a girl in a shirt and jeans or anything modest she was exposing her stomach if I remember correctly.

I really doubt that they are referencing when the older woman was a 15 year old girl and he was 11. In that case the girl would be the predator because what fucking 15 year old girl wants anything with a square headed neanderthal child let alone a normal 11 year old boy.

No. 618222

If she knows something involving explicit pictures of minors or explicit acts relating to minors that the onions were involved in, she is actively helping them hide illegal activity and abuse by not exposing them, and is just as disgusting as them. She's clearly not afraid of a reaction or else she wouldn't have dangled this bait.

No. 618228

It's not like there have been (unverfiable) rumors that Greg has been tapping jailbait for the past few years or something.
Unless somebody starts putting out credible evidence this rumormongering for superchat shekels and monetizable youtube views will weaken whatever finally comes out.

No. 618229

Ill take the rumor-mongering and gossip because I enjoy how much it triggers Greg.

>will weaken whatever finally comes out.

The only evidence that will be accepted is first hand accounts. If the accusation is "my cousin knows a girl who's best friend says that Onision put it in her mouth when she was 15" then Greg will slither his way out of it by saying its hearsay. Its going to have to be the victim coming forward and telling her truth and hopefully encouraging more victims to do the same. When that happens the "gossip and rumors" wont matter and wont weaken the womens stories.

No. 618230

Madi also annoys me bc who in their right mind would ever let Greg watch their child and be alone with a little girl? He ignores and neglect his own daughter, is creepy about young girls, and is not to be trusted. I judge her hard core for leaving her kid alone with him, but if she actually came out with any useful milk about Sarah, she’d be helping to further dig Onions grave so that would be nice.
She needs to come out with whatever she knows, and Billy is a pig for encouraging her to hide it.

No. 618231

I hope this ruins them all. Its like a group of criminals that have a falling out and start ratting on each other. They expose each other and accidentally give away criminal acts they themselves were involved in.
Let em all burn.

No. 618234

Because I'd bet the fat cunt likes em young too, If he outs greg, Greg will out him.

No. 618243

Billy is doing a piss poor job of defending Greg. He tries to play nice but he knows that there's not much to defend about Greg and tries to use comedy to make him look innocent / nice. You can litterally feel it backfire.

No. 618246

OT but reading through this current thread has me imagining a bunch of people from the LGBTQ community, people of different races and cultures, and military men all forming a circle around Anus and Kai and just beating the shit out of them.(no one cares)

No. 618249


According to Onion's own logic, NOT outting a rapist/abuser makes you just as bad as the abuser. Madi can just tell Onion and Fridgeboy that if they try to fight her on it.

It's your own words, Onion. Practice what you preach.

No. 618250

This gives me the feeling that things possibly went much further with Sarah than we thought.

No. 618254

Madi and Fatass are friends, he even comforted her when she was kicked by Grugly and Gruglier. The fact that he wasn't given the boot when he was trying to cheer her up alone makes me wonder how is Grugly so patient with him. Maybe Obesion relates to the diabetes fridge?

No. 618255


Based on his reaction to Madi's comment, Billy clearly knows something about Onion that can get Onion in a LOT of trouble. Billy has only committed minor offenses in the eyes of Onion, nothing bad enough to risk being exposed for the predator he clearly is.

No. 618256

Every time I try to understand Grugly's point of view I am left dumbfounded with the lack of consistency. He's told people off for similar things (associating with people he considers "criminals", "cheaters", "whores" etc). The fact that Fatass knows a bit too much is probably what's keeping his ties with Grugly close. Imagine the Niagara Falls of milk if Billy decided to tell everything on him.

No. 618257

Honestly the more he and Madi hide it, the worse it looks on them. They knew about inappropriate things going on that involved minors and didn't inform authorities? What do they have to hide?

No. 618260

what the fuck? wasn't he JUST talking about how people who aren't out publicly to their audience are horrible liars? I guess, like most things, that only applies to greg

No. 618263

Yeah Maddi is a shit mother for leaving her toddler with Greg if she claims to know shit about him being creepy.
She sits there like a smug cunt with the same expression that Sarah has. It's the 'I've been to the onion's house so I know more than everyone' look. Beck and Sam also had the same air about them.
Fucking spill the tea or fuck off, you are irrelevant. Noone is jelly that you went to lameo and shreg's stale fart smelling home.

Not only that, she complains about him being neglectful but let him watch her kid. I wonder how many times she let him watch her kid.

No. 618264

Come to think of it, I'm sure Sarah was 14 around the time jailbait jokes and naked Lame pics were happening.
Groomed at 14.
Fuxxed at 15.

The proven facts are irrefutable. They sexually and emotionally abused a vulnerable child who was under their guardianship.
Now we see why Gurg projects about pedophiles so much.

No. 618268

wasnt me but okay

No. 618271

What does he mean "probably"? Laim likes it or she doesn't. Also how many fucking times does he need to type kai jfc.. Trying to convince who?? It all just points to one thing and that's how much control he has over his partners identities. Not that there isn't mountains of proof out there anyway

No. 618276

>”as long as I can be with Kai”

>and someone else who also has a dry vagina

No. 618300

File: 1546020069606.jpeg (104.1 KB, 750x216, 97EFD24D-75C8-4F8A-A01C-E1643F…)

So will he start doing Fortnite next May?

No. 618308

I know, the overuse of "kai" to prove his comfortability only highlights how uncomfortable he really is.

No. 618309

You gave him a view? Bloody amateur.
Also Some context would be nice.

No. 618318

File: 1546023085674.png (278.8 KB, 1200x1064, Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 12.4…)

Madi is talking about the stream now.

No. 618320

I have a feeling she may be about to spill a lot of stuff about gurg . This may get good soon

No. 618322

You sat smirking like a cat that got the milk, toying with this information. Don't then behave like it was anything other than baiting when you experience a deserved backlash.

>>618320 She will never reveal anything anon. Your spidey senses are malfunctioning. It's cult mentality, she won't go against the "leader" because even now she craves his approval.

No. 618324

>you experience a deserved backlash.

Not WKing her, but what backlash?

No. 618325

Well regardless of if she does spill anything or not i hope at least it causes Greg to go into an epic meltdown and end this charade of positivity he is faking

No. 618328

There is no reason to not out him on what hes done if its true. He would do it to her. Hes not scary or a threat anymore. If she made a video about him, it'd get more views and support than he will ever get.

No. 618334

She's talking about begforjay most likely.

No. 618344

>doesnt want to start drama
>does it multiple times

bitch youre just stretching this out because you know it will send people your way.

anons keep hoping onionthots will spill tea but theyre all just as attention seeking and thirsty as greg.

No. 618345

File: 1546025815004.jpeg (345.09 KB, 1187x1718, 57784035-AE35-445B-A386-CB975D…)


He also now claims he never said He “honorably discharged”. But that was quickly and hilariously disproven.

No. 618346

File: 1546025844273.jpeg (287.33 KB, 1189x1723, DE81E1BE-8A41-40C6-99E2-6D2D42…)

No. 618347

File: 1546025888191.jpeg (262.87 KB, 1235x1503, 61E67443-BA4C-436F-AA57-9EC225…)


And my personal favorite

No. 618350

Do you have the links (or at least the name of that particular forum) by chance? The issue could be that you're taken to a more recent capture by archive.org. There may also be other ways to access the archived links.

No. 618362

It's pretty well-established by now that everyone who's been sucked into Greg's orbit (aside from Skye, Adrienne, and maybe some of the lesser victims) are trainwrecks with poor judgment at best and pieces of shit at worst. Honestly, it's not worth paying them any mind unless they spill the dirty details instead of just alluding to some vague happenings to drag people along for profit and attention.

No. 618368

Madison especially is a suck-up of the highest order and would never defy Greg because she needs to be everyone's darling and still hangs with people from his social circle. She wouldn't speak out if it was her own daughter being groomed. All this broad wants is attention. There's no way Greg would even be able to do anything to her because everyone knows he's a pathetic has-been picking fights with everyone. Three children are already involved (if you include Sarah's age when she entered the household) and yet this woman, who proudly proclaims herself to be such a dedicated mom who would never stay quiet if it comes to her child's safety, turns a blind eye and refuses to talk. Everything was fine with her until she landed on Greg's random shit list of the day and then she started having an issue. I'll personally apologize to her for this post if she ever grows a spine, but we'll still be here in a year with no news.

No. 618398

You're spot-on; truth be told, Madison is probably one of the most vile people to have severed their relationship with Greg. She rode his pus-encrusted parsnip for years, despite all of the terrible shit he's done, and now she wants to play the victim because he burned his bridge with her? What a joke.

Madison doesn't deserve a shred of attention or sympathy unless she decides to do the right thing and provide some real, concrete details about specific things he's done wrong. Not this 'boo hoo "someone" was mean to me please watch my stream for more details uwu' shit that she's pulling right now. At the moment this shtick is identical to what almost every idiot whose distanced themselves from Greg has done, so unless she decides to grow a pair, here's how it's going to go:

* She's going to continue to allude to Greg doing bad things, dropping vague hints in each stream so that she maintains an audience
* Gullible anti-Os will eat it up and shower her with sympathy despite the fact that the community's been blue-balled with the same tactics for years now
* Eventually interest will fade once the anti-Os get bored and/or it becomes clear that Madison isn't going to drop any juicy gossip, at which point Madison will start to make exaggerations about minor happenings and/or hint that she's going to drop a bombshell
* Bombshell ends up being something that we already know, something only marginally interesting, or never materializes at all, we farmers end up disappointed
* Madison now has a small but loyal audience of batshit obsessive anti-Os that she can use for steady amounts of attention, continues to milk them by talking about Greg despite having nothing new to contribute to the discussion

No. 618399

I hope most farmers know she’s not coming forward any time soon. There’s children involved and she doesn’t want to be the one to tear them apart. Even if both parents are fucking pedophillic narcs.

No. 618401

I'm only 22:00 into this podcast and I feel like I need to flag this shit for innapropriate content because of how much BTF is gargling on Obesion's Vienna sausage. Damn it must taste real good huh Billy The Sparkle BS? I know he can count on you to come visit him in Prison for a nice pole polishing.

No. 618417

I have a feeling this is a self-post. begone thot.

fucking all of this.

No. 618423

File: 1546033200814.jpg (47.19 KB, 586x262, uneedtherapy.jpg)

Kinda ironic remember when Onion rage fucked the Andy Biersack doll, why didn't he get himself the therapy he needed?

No. 618426

Remember Jaclyn and her "drama nuke" she would drop if Greg didn't stop? It's the same with all these women. They vaguepost and then never deliver.

No. 618431

File: 1546033623513.jpeg (608.88 KB, 1206x932, ABF24DC6-00B7-4EC2-92AD-696455…)

He said he doesn’t want to make anymore Eugenia videos . So I guess we can expect about 20 more videos about her this week

No. 618457

File: 1546034726928.jpg (169.17 KB, 929x885, 19463745308.jpg)

All these fake "just be happy" tweets Onision has been making the past few days and all I can imagine is this.

No. 618463


How does Eugenia's parents being alcoholics creep him out and that's the line? Eugenia is literally dying and it's all fun and games UNLESS her parents are addicted to being drunk? Such a weird moral system

No. 618472

I'm so tired of people using this excuse "they have children". Having children is not an excuse to let bad people get away with the shit they do

No. 618476

. He is pretending to care so he can post this without seeming like a dick . He doesn’t care he just wants to show this to everyone

No. 618478


Exactly. If what they were saying was true it would be EVEN MORE important to make sure no more children were around him

No. 618504

He should know better than to take some wishy washy info from an unconfirmed source.
Her dad “may” have an issue too?
What does that even mean? Anyone “may” have alcoholism. No one really knows unless you’re with the 24/7.

Even if it is true, the mother very well could have taken up drinking to cope with the fact her daughter is well unwell.
And alcoholism is very different to an alcoholic. Alcoholics have to reach for a drink as soon as they wake up.. alcoholism only means consuming more than the recommended amount per week.
For women, that figure isn’t much at all. I think it’s somethig pathetic like 8 standard drinks per week if I remember correctly. So if the mother is having 1 glass of wine per night that’s slightly bigger than a standard drink, she’s suffering from “alcoholism”.

No. 618534

File: 1546040458641.jpg (183.86 KB, 1480x1315, EC.JPG)

Greg reacts to one of his daily emails from obsessed fans sending him thank you messages about making videos on Eugenia Cooney. Apparently someone got ahold of her family's maid and paid her to answer questions (nothing very interesting). Just another lying tweet about Greg deciding to not make content on her anymore, but we all know how that goes.

Something interesting, although a bit off topic - if you take a look at Eugenia's instagram, she's paying a botting site for likes on her pictures. Pictures which have 3 or 5 comments have 20k likes.

Keep taking advantage of the mentally ill, Greg. It's very "positive" of you.

No. 618535

I found Onionbro's first two books as PDFs through a previous thread. Is there a PDF or ePub or whatever readily available for his most recent book?

No. 618540

Somewhere on this thread (or maybe the last one) a very nice anon had a list of each chapter uploaded from Greg's newest book. I know it's a chore to look through all the posts but it's definitely here.

No. 618548

It'll be a drag, but thanks for the tip. I didn't even know he wrote a book at all (much less three) until I saw a YT video.

And now that I'm looking through the previous thread, I see he plans on making a documentary. That's going to be a laugh riot if it ever comes to exist.

No. 618553

lurk more
he already did the documentary, anon
it was a complete flop though

No. 618556

File: 1546041752703.jpg (698.95 KB, 1080x2220, Instagram.jpg)

Comments are proportionate again

No. 618557

Last time I looked I found two specific photos with less than 10 comments and 20k likes. Maybe it was a fluke? Either way I find it extremely doubtful she is getting that many likes on her pictures.. it's a PR move to buy likes and it is a very easy thing to do. So I'm still having trouble buying it. Especially considering her youtube videos rarely break 2k likes.

No. 618559

I realized that when I remembered I was looking at old posts. I was thinking it would be a documentary on his recent wetland destruction and how he's not wrong about anything.

I agree about lurking more, though.

No. 618562


Here is post with all of the chapters of Reapers Creek >>615773

No. 618577

Someone said he lost in court??(Lurk moar)

No. 618583

Yeah, I have a feeling he's so defensive cause Greg has some dirt on him.

No. 618586

can you post the other two i hate myself and they sound like a "good" time

No. 618587

Why the hell does it matter? This is about Greg so unless he's buying her likes/comments then take it to whatever topic Eugenia has.

No. 618588

He "lost" in that they dropped their defense or whatever, so he didn't attend. I think this means he just took the fines.

No. 618596

So much this. A lot of people are suggesting that Grug is having some dark hidden secrets - Jaclyn, Madison, and I remember during Billiegate her mom (or Ayallas?) were talking about something but when they were pressed it was never revealed and we got only small shitty things - like jaclyn talking about swear jar or greg freaking about high heels, Madison about Grug not taking care of kids, nothing really dark. Maybe like some anons are saying - there is nothing really there, they just want to act like they have something to act smugly to others… because if they would knew about sexual contact with 14 year old and they stay silent it's fucked up. Or maybe they know something but without solid evidence? Stop teasing already, jfc.

No. 618598

He dropped his appeal of the county ruling against him for destroying protected wetlands. Gurg says “I was never in court” because it was a county hearing and his lawyer was there instead of him. Because he is a fucking child.

No. 618603

Agreed. I am not so sure any of them have anything with solid proof attached. Maybe they heard rumors regarding underage girls or something along those lines, but it makes little sense for these people to hide it if they had any real evidence. Clearly Madison is not scared of Greg and Lainey or she wouldn't have gone on that stream and talked shit about them. I think she may have her suspicions but little more than that. It is a little much to tinfoil some huge secret pedo ring when we've never seen anything to indicate it. It may be that Madison simply indulges in the gossip and was hinting at her knowledge of it. Either way it is irritating to drop hints like you know more than you are letting on when in reality you don't know anything.

I am beginning to feel like these youtubers who are making videos on Greg's court case are making him become more careful. This is a bit irksome. Some people claim videos like Repzion's are "educating the public therefore they are good" but if it is leading to Greg and Lainey becoming more careful and silent, it doesn't actually help anybody. It just makes it more difficult to find out what is really going on.

No. 618605

The main theme I see from these people is discussing or hinting towards these things when it suits them. They had no issue with the Sarah grooming prior.

No. 618630

So in the DP podcast, Madison says Greg was sent a cease and desist letter to stop what he was doing with his backyard. How does she know this? Figured they had no contact anymore? Maybe I missed something, apologies then.

No. 618633

It's in the case file online. He was sent a mail via registered and refused to sign/accept.

No. 618637

What a shocker New "Cleaning Out My Closet" video by Lainey. God how does she produce such high-end content so consistently?? She really is inspiring. Cleaning out your closet in 50 different videos is SO unique and challenging. Seriously damn amazing what a true artist

No. 618643

Combination lovebombing and trying to force the name to stick through repitition.

No. 618656


Since Anus knows he can never get a new young girl again, or really anyone ever again, he’s made it so that in his mind “Kai” is a fresh, new plaything since he tired of “Lainey”, hence the overuse of the name and over the top lovebombing.

No. 618672

File: 1546063115223.jpeg (539.5 KB, 1242x942, E64766BF-C983-4471-8E88-5C8E12…)


B-but anon, she’s so poor and needs money to update her new masc wardrobe!

No. 618673

lbr we all know this bitch just doesnt wanna do laundry

No. 618677

Can newfags lurk moar before posting. You're spamming the thread looking for answers that can easily be found by just LOOKING.

Perfect, anon.

No. 618690

File: 1546067463416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 74.32 KB, 600x500, DvjRLMwX4AAveKx.jpg)

Saw this on twitter and thought it was very appropriate during Gregs trials and tribulations.

No. 618692

I mean if Madi says 17 isn't the youngest, that makes sense as the age of consent in Washington is 16 and you know Greg has gone or has attempted to go as low as legally possible. Of course if it was Sarah, they were her guardians at the time so in the eyes of the law he would still be fucked.

No. 618697

File: 1546068464976.png (3.81 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_3605.PNG)

Can we just talk about how much clothing this bitch has. Every time they show a video going out they buy more fucking clothes. And then she cries about having to wear Greg's clothes because uwu I have nothing to wear. Kys you psychotic mess.

No. 618699

I've never seen a "guy" complain about clothes this much as her. The fact she also complains about being old grinds my gears.

No. 618701

That’s just the closet . Not even counting the dirty clothes strewn all over the house

No. 618705

How many times in this video did she call herself small or tiny? I honestly don't see it, she looks unremarkably average and maybe even like she gained a little weight. What part of her life isn't based on delusions?

No. 618710


I've never even seen a girl complain about clothes as much as her. Or complain about everything in general. No sain person goes all "I hate this shirt and I hate myself" when cleaning out their closet. Her attitude makes her videos unbearable for me.

No. 618717


I honestly think whatever grip she had on her mental state has completely snapped. It doesn't seem like it's just for views and attention anymore. It's clearly a bizarre coping mechanism for her shitty life. It's probably way easier to pretend to be a guy than to compete with all the girls grease wants to bang.

No. 618719

This is such a simple observation but I had an epiphany with that comment. You're so right. She was in the 110m sprint to get Gregs attention and looked at the other runners and realized there was no way she was going to win, so she left the arena and started working in the concessions stand.
wow that was a stupid analogy I made, but hey its Onision worthy

No. 618725

That's very accurate. I'm not a very jealous person but it would also hurt me if my boyfriend would publicly drool over attractive teen girls all the time and wouldn't stop pushing the idea of adding a third to the relationship. Lainey agreed to try out a poly relationship once and it clearly isn't her thing, but Greg will now forever use this as a justification for his inappropriate behavior.

Looking at older pictures of her it's obvious she really tried to look like the girls Greg is after, but she will never be enough and probably just gave up now.

No. 618726

File: 1546075721415.png (14.61 KB, 458x286, why is onision ________.PNG)

How many times a day does he Google himself?
He just did these short videos on UhOhBro where each Google autocomplete search is an insult. He tries to spin the "why is Onision famous" search result as a good thing, but the way I see it, its more like someone questioning why an unfunny man like Greg is occasionally in the public eye.

No. 618752

Your forget the oven part of your analogy,anon.
Her selling her clothes is like getting rid of her past gender she called her self, literally every time she changes of pronouns and names she feel the need of selling all the clothes she bought during that period.

Agree, this doesn’t look like just part of her transtender personality, there must be a bigger underline issue both her and Grug are ignoring

No. 618754

wait, I thought she was agender?
is she transgender (FtM) now?(Lurk moar)

No. 618762

Well, she might have an abundance of clothes, but she also has the worst husband in the world, a failed marriage, herp sores and a whole bunch of mental problems.
It doesn't matter how many times she tries to get rid of something old and replace it with something new, it'll never make Lainey feel happy or satisfied. She just throws out the wrong things.

No. 618770

I think it's transmasculine atm, so not full blown trans man. Expressed chest dysphoria and wanting to present more on the masculine side, no mention of wanting a weenie.

No. 618771

The latest fake identity she’s chosen is nonbinary transmasc, i feel like she’s just trying to ease into ftm because she’s realizing nonbinary genders aren’t getting her as many cool points as she wanted

No. 618772

That last pic is so ridiculous since she claims she's trans. No dysphoric trans man is going to feel comfortable wearing a too-big saggey sports bra much less wear it in full view under tops or treat it like a damned tube top under overalls like a fashion statement.

God I hope this gets another spergout from him like the Blair one did.

No. 618787

Then she has the audacity to cry "omg I'm so old", bitch you're 24 and it's nobody's fault but your own that you decided to be a teen mother. Of course comparing to her average viewer she's a dinosaur, but what's Grug then? lmao. She's so spoilt, she deserves a bitchslap.

No. 618788

No dysphoric transman would be comfortable bathing and walking naked around others, but here we are.

No. 618789

No dysphoric transman would be so proud to be a boob nazi for almost 5 years now. Even if an FTM decided to give birth naturally, which already is a traumatic experience, breastfeeding for way more than necessary is just… ffs.

No. 618790

And no dysphoric transman would post many photos with their tits sagging out, like lamo was doing even after her “im trans uwu” phase started (also wouldn’t say they hope they don’t look like a boy when getting their hair cut)

No. 618792

It's because, for all of her rationalizations, she's very well aware of the fact that Greg has a strong preference for teenage poon.

No. 618793

He needs therapy for that. Mid-thirties dudes publicly trolling for teenagers on their business accounts is gross and unseemly.

No. 618795

I think it's because breastfeeding is just another thing that Lainey can tack on to her identity. That's literally all she is - a long list of identity qualifiers; it's the reason why almost all of her videos revolve in some way around her gender or sexuality or being the spouse of Onision, and it's why she always gets so excited when Greg jokingly tells her that she "Looks Mexican when you eat tacos that way". Because she doesn't have a personality and she's DESPERATE to find a way to identify as something.

No. 618798

Can we please not forget about the fact that Greg has shamed Lainey's mom for not breastfeeding Lainey long enough? I'm convinced that's the reason why she's been breastfeeding her children for so long - she wants validation from Greg and doesn't want to be called a bad mother, just as he has called her own mother.

No. 618800

File: 1546098992258.jpeg (732.13 KB, 1125x1733, 26DFE561-0251-4D8D-82DD-B0AD5F…)

Crossposting from >>>/snow/755780

No. 618801

File: 1546099012706.jpeg (396.76 KB, 1125x722, 1B07B3C5-5B1E-49C2-97CA-D578D7…)

No. 618802

This chick is such a dumbass. Watching back the clips she LITERALLY SAYS "We're not even talking about the real pedophile stuff he's done that we both know about Billie, I'm not talking about rating girls in videos". Seriously you call that embellishment? YOU SAID IT TWICE and Billie got really nervous. That is not embellishment, that is either straight up lying or covering for a pedophile. So which is it Madison?

No. 618803

This, but I also think she keeps breastfeeding to avoid confrontation. She has stated multiple times that the thing that is keeping her from getting surgery is that she's still breastfeeding. As soon as she stops people will expect her to make a move and she will have to admit that she's not getting surgery because Greg doesn't want her to.

No. 618805

Can I just point out the obvious and say that, if Gurg had sexual contact with a minor then the chance is high that Lame did too.

No. 618806

If she lopped off her tits, greg would dump her.

No. 618808

why the fuck you guys care about this cringy autist or whatever happens in his pathetic life? you're all so vapid and empty of any personality and life jesus christ y'all boring basic bitches. Do something woth your lives, get a hobby or sumn(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 618810


No. 618811

Well there’s clues that she’s let Sarah watch her bathe and parade around the house naked, we already know Sarah wanted to be in the custerfuck poly relationship with Billie, Greg and Lainey when she was only fifteen years old. Greg claims that they’ve told Sarah that she and Lainey were just friends when she got kicked out. There’s obviously more going on than we think there is.
I’m sure Madison was talking about Shiloh, which in that case, fucking a 16-17 year old from another country is in no way shape or form legal. That’s sex tourism.

As other anons said, anyone who knows about the extent of how Sarah was treated and hasn’t reported them is enabling their disgusting behavior. Stop posting about Greg and Taylor Avaroe grooming people if you aren’t going to do anything.

No. 618812

1. say your name ten times.
2.say your mom's name five times.
3. say your crushes three times
4. paste this to four other groups.
If you do this, your crush will kiss you on the nearest Friday.
But if you read this and do not paste this, then you
will have very bad luck.

No. 618817

lol sweetheart your hobby is obsessing over a sad little man in his mid 30s who likes to groom children for sex. I think you are the one who needs to re-evaluate their life. Fucking yikes.

No. 618818

Also wouldn't post here to white knight if I were you, the farm hands can see your IP address. Just a heads up

No. 618837


Actually I remember Kaineythot stressing over and over on streams that SHE was Sarah’s guardian, and specifically not Greg. Why she felt the need to include that so often is suspicious. I guess if Greg did bang her, he would have just said that “sHe WaS 16 wHiCH iS tHe LEGAL aGe oF cOnSEnt anD I waSnT hEr gUaRDiaN, KAI was!”

No. 618850

I’m unsure of how family laws work, but if you’re married isn’t your spouse also considered a guardian? Or am I missing something?
Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think only one person out of a marriage can be a guardian? It just seems like common sense would denote that the government wouldn’t place a teenage girl in a house with an unrelated grown man? Maybe I just have wishful thinking about the US’ family law.

No. 618855

Even if she didn't get surgery, in all likelihood Grug would probably still throw her to the curb. Breasts or not we all know he detests her as she is because of her whole "i'm ftm look at me1!!". The short hair and chest binders aren't helping at all, lamey.

No. 618856

Everything regarding Sarah is extremely shady. So Lainey befriends a 15 year old girl online when she is a grown woman around 21 years old. That in itself is weird. But then they continue to grow closer and Sarah claims to have serious family problems, so Lainey invites her to live with her and her husband. During this time, her and Greg are actively looking for a teenage girl to bring into their relationship in an intimate manner. Billie comes and goes, and Sarah clearly all the while has feelings for Lainey and Lainey clearly enjoys it. Sarah has admitted to also having mental disorders, she confirmed she has Borderline Personality Disorder. And for three years she on and off lives with Greg and Lainey. Now she returns as a legal "adult" at 18. Continually throughout her teens she was groomed by Lainey and Greg. If it comes out that they are having sexual relations in any manner with Sarah, it would be a huge deal.

The entire thing is extremely disturbing.. if she ends up joining their poly relationship, then that would cement these two as the lowest human beings alive.

No. 618861


Sarah was as young as 14, and according to their texts, the first thing lainey asked her was her age, and Sarah asked if she was going to be 20 soon, and Lainey said yes. Sarah was 15-16 during the Billie saga, and clearly seemed to express some jealously and resentment. Sarah was certainly not a looker back then, and Greg showered Billie with attention while Lainey was angsty and focusing all her attention on her infidel husband and her much more attractive girlfriend. It doesn’t surprise me that she was a horny teenager who wanted in on the action, she was probably stuck listening to lainey moaning “daddy” through the walls while Greg moaned Billie’s name, and she was stuck watching the kids. She’s exactly the type Greg attracts — young, from a troubled family, and has had bad relationships in the past.

No. 618872

File: 1546118632069.jpg (912.28 KB, 1080x1745, SmartSelect_20181229-152258_Sa…)

No. 618876

>Greg does something blatantly illegal
>Madison announces it publicly, giving him time to erase the evidence
>Greg is now no longer able to be punished for what he did
Is Madison retarded? Or is she just interested in attention whoring over actually holding Greg accountable?

No. 618881


She's about to go live on Instagram. Gonna watch as much as I can and will let ya'll know if there's anything interesting!

No. 618885

So, guess he caught wind of Madison's stream with Billy.
It most likely was something like
>"Madi, having a girlfriend who is 16 is legal in Washington. So I, Onision, did nothing illegal and it is literally accepted what I did, yes?"
>"Greg that's not the point"
>"So you admit it's legal for me fucking a 16yo"
>"It may be legal but-…"
>"So you just admitted you lied, thank you. Btw you're being recorded"

No. 618886

Did Madison already go live and get off? I really hope someone recorded it and posts it either here or on youtube because this is some milk right here.

I seriously wish Greg had made a video with the recorded phone call. Guessing that won't happen now. She probably was sucking his dick the entire time and apologizing.

No. 618888


I dont think she's gone on yet. At least from what I can tell.

No. 618891

She hasn’t gone on yet, my notifications have always been on. Also going to be another anon watching and reporting anything milky.
Part of me thinks she’s hyping this onion situation for attention. We may end up empty handed since she’s dangling information, but then backtracking.

No. 618892

The UhohBro videos the past few days have shown what a little man he is. He's so mad people profit off hating him meanwhile nobody wants to watch the videos he makes. It's extremely obvious why nobody watches him but he doesn't get it. He just sees views and a title and he whines. Wanting Repzion to donate to wildlife/environmental charities with the profit he made from the court video. Gurgle wishes he could have that money and he doesn't want Repzion to have it either so he's using the charity card. Disgusting.

No. 618893

Awesome, thanks anons. I'm going to try to tune in but considering how long she is taking I'm probably going to end up missing it. I doubt she'll release any information regarding the pedophilia allegations, but I'm sure she will at least give us the tea on what happened during this phone call.

No. 618897

Based on the stream and her backpeddlin' tweets, Mad-Madi seems knows something questionable happened in the past, although it may not have been illegal.

Madi was good friends with Lamebo. IIRC, there were also hints that she had feels for Lame, maybe felt bad for her (see Madi's impression of Gurk in Lame's 10 Things about Onion vid or w/e). If Madi knows anything about Gurk's questionable relations/behaviors with minors, it's probably through Lame confiding in her. No direct proof on Madi's part without involving Gurk's clone-spouse who would just deny anything was mentioned.

I doubt Gurk would ever talk to Billy the Fridge about it, but Mad-Madi probably confided in Fridge when all of the shit was going down with Gurk. They're close enough to hang out and make vids together outside of this podcast.

No. 618907

If Madison had balls she would report anus for recording the phone call without her consent, but we all know she's just another spineless doormat

No. 618908

File: 1546124690791.png (153.08 KB, 640x1136, E21BC8AE-B18E-488E-8A56-342E87…)

New tweet

No. 618914

File: 1546125903067.jpeg (310.15 KB, 1242x2208, 8CAFC95A-0C1A-447F-B145-27F3F6…)

Madi is live talking about Onion

No. 618916

He probably planned to make another Speaks video ranting about Madison. At least she had enough of a spine to hang up.

No. 618917

They all had Sarah as part of their poly household and unfortunately Billie and Ayalla knew about it and were okay with it as well which is why they haven't said anything. Everyone who has been in that house knew about it and condoned it thus the silence and the backpedalling on comments when they do start to talk because they realise they're implicated as well.

No. 618918

boring as shit, she's refusing to answer every question asked lol. basically just defending him for "not doing anything illegal"

No. 618920

File: 1546126944395.jpg (62.1 KB, 587x467, suchaniceguy.jpg)

His sickeningly sweet tweets made today while he was attempting to harass someone into silence. He's both crazy and really dumb actually.

No. 618922

Had to stop she’s insufferable and keeps telling char she doesn’t want to talk about it and gets pissy when someone asks why is she still streaming

No. 618923

“Not illegal” and “not super creepy” are not synonyms.

No. 618925

She’s now begging char to ask questions about her and not onion when the point of the stream was to talk about gurg god she is dense and desperate for attention

No. 618927

In that podcast she very clearly said he did things with "pedophile connotations", she didn't just imply it
I think this is much more serious than we think

No. 618928

I th8nk they all have dirt in each other . None of them are clean so they are afraid of saying anything because then their dirty laundry will come out

No. 618929

On her IG live stream, she said that comment was referring to Greg sleeping with a 17 year old.

No. 618930

But that's public knowledge, she said he did things the public doesn't know about

No. 618932

He can’t maintain this facade of positivity for long he will snap soon enough .

No. 618933

A drop of milk… Madi said Greg got in her face when she stood up for (presumably) Lainey… this was brought on by someone in the chat asking if Madi has ever seen Lame stick up for herself around Greg. /reporting

No. 618939

According to the stream, Billie and Ayalla never stuck up for Lainey towards Greg. They stopped talking to Madison around this time which Madison thinks the affair is basically a cover reason, and she has no idea why since her and Greg made numerous videos after that came out.
Sam would just sit on her phone when someone asked “does Lainey stick up for herself” towards Greg. Sam did nothing, Billie, and ayalla did nothing.
Madison apparently stuck up for her which caused Greg to “get right in her face” her words.
She redacted the pedophila accusation, saying the girl was 17 and not 16 like she believed.
Said she is speaking out now, but not before because she didn’t want to hurt Lainey- her words “but now I know how Lainey feels about me” that she made it clear recently.

Ended the stream saying she’s done with the drama and basically will release no more statements

No. 618940

Well, like, Sarah was 17 once upon a not too long ago.

No. 618941

Complete waste of time.

>Lainey apologized in October but asked Madison not to speak about it

>then Lainey blocked her again
>uses female pronouns for Lainey
>needed to contact Lainey for something very important and I was blocked
>contacted her in another way and asked if she's blocked and she said no but never replied otherwise
>Shiloh misremembered her own age and that's why Madison said 16 instead of 17
>this directly contradicts her saying she was "embellishing" in the heat of the moment
>has never witnessed anything inappropriate happening with Sarah
>the children are happy and healthy
>RSN attentionwhoring in the comments, Madison yelling at him
>wont speculate on anything
>doesn't know who Maya is
>Greg threatened to sue her for what she said in the stream with billy the fridge
>she's not worried bc she'd sue him back for recording
>has never heard Greg be violent but he yells a lot (says so does she)
>Do u know anything about being a public figure???
>has beef with RSN because "Your rape accusation may be false but it's not a good look for my career to be affiliated with that"
>got big mad she said she wouldn’t affiliate with someone with a rape accusation and people brought up that she affiliated with Greg despite his own accusations
>claims that she had no idea if that was ever the case and she didn't even go on social media that much before her agent connected her to Onision because he thought it would be good PR and then they became friends
>Greg has nothing on her because she knew anything could end up published online
>the phone call was him saying she was wrong about the age, she had to confirm again with Shiloh to make sure of her age (17 not 16)
>Greg brought up DDLG again and said it's for people who pretend to fuck their own daughter
>"whenever someone needed to be stood up for I did it, not like their ex Billie who would just stand around or Sam who would text on her phone, I fucking did it even if he got up in my face about it"
>Lainey and Greg stopped talking to Madison when they were with Billie
>Greg said it was because of her affair but he still made multiple videos with her while knowing about the affair
>kept quiet out of respect for Lainey but Lainey made it very clear how she feels about Madison

Plus embarrassing sperging like
>Why is nobody asking about meeee and my life this is MY instagram omg stop asking about Greg
>I'm 100% polyamorous (sounds legit based on all her cheating issues)
>I struggle with an eating disorder you guys, like a lot

No. 618942

File: 1546128954766.png (83.78 KB, 692x456, Capture _2018-12-29-22-08-18.p…)

Grease and his fans must be reporting "hateful" tweets like crazy as a few of them seem to have been removed by twitter

No. 618946

>Greg threatened to sue her for what she said in the stream with billy the fridge
Is there a medical disorder that causes complete lack of self awareness?

No. 618949

Fuck. Thanks a lot though anon of course I missed it. She's such a dumb cunt I figured she'd backtrack on everything. Coward

No. 618952


So Madi is feigning ignorance of Onion's publicized past as a defense, essentially, after hinting to some exclusive knowledge outside of the public's awareness. K.

And she also took the opportunity to not only backpeddle years in the past, but also somehow make herself some heroine to Boremat unlike everyone else to ever disgrace the swampy kingdom. K.

At the very least, she called Dumbion on wiretapping. And it will go nowhere.

No. 618953

>She redacted the pedophila accusation, saying the girl was 17 and not 16 like she believed

I don't buy any of that shit

No. 618954

Did anyone record the Madison's IG stream by chance? If anybody did I would appreciate it immensely if I could see it

No. 618955

I don't think any of the people associated with Onision (whether now, or in the past) are ever going to truly come forward. If they wanted to do it, it would've been done by now.

No. 618956

I really don't want to support anyone on youtube, but if you really would like to see Madison's stream it is on RSN Live youtube channel in his latest upload. Her stream starts 38:10.

No. 618957

I wonder if this livestream backpeddle was something Greg forced her to do under some sort of threat or harassment. Sounds like something he would do and it was after their phone call

No. 618958

This is like when Kiki dropped her scene attitude and became a love and light jasmine tea elf goddess spectral being while simultaneously being Spergchan. There is one crazy motherfucker lurking under that diseased skin.

No. 618959

or she knew that would give him time to delete because what she said in the call could have been socially incriminating (in her eyes at least)

No. 618962


That's one thing I didn't buy, I recall hearing that Billie stood up to Onion in defense of Lainey AND Sarah. Maybe not everytime, but I distinctly recall hearing that before.

No. 618966

File: 1546132028051.jpg (29.54 KB, 640x385, lqjR3TZ_d.jpg)

>"whenever someone needed to be stood up for I did it, not like their ex Billie who would just stand around or Sam who would text on her phone, I fucking did it even if he got up in my face about it"

Madison, Complainey duped you. Pic related, Billie's request for the relationship contract. She stood up for Lainey at least then!

Source: OnisionEncore video titled "Youtuber is too bluntly honest about previous girlfriend"

No. 618968


it's a fair point, but it's just one text, plainey and gregma both have said that billie always sided with him when they were fighting and vise versa, and lainey made it clear she was very excluded when ayalla came over too. i think that's probably what she meant by that.

No. 618970

Whenever someone tries to stand up for Lainey she gets uppity and claims she can stand up for herself.
Whenever Maya was being harassed by Greg, Lainey never stood up for her. Lainey won’t stand up for anyone, not even her kids or herself. Madison can go fuck herself.

No. 618971

That's true too.

I guess its irksome that Lainey needs defending at all. She's 24 and choosing to be there. Billie was 18 and it wasn't her house or marriage. Onion even said Lainey laughs at people who think she needs saving.

Madison defended her? It did a lot of good. Onion publically shamed her and Lainey not only did nothing but shit talked her too on Younow. And was too scared to publicly apologize to Madison because the power of greasedick is too strong. People need to realize she is a snake

No. 618972

It no ones job to stand up for the smol bean, she's a grown ass ADULT WOMAN who should be able to defend herself, not a little child who needs to be protected

No. 618975

Madison did include that Onion is no where near as honest as he claims to be too.

No. 618977

And that 1 year age difference shouldn't even matter right? Since 16 is legal in Washington and 17 is always illegal if being transported over state lines. Everyone involved is a lying, selfish piece of shit.

No. 618978

mte if her marriage to gerg is so wonderful why does she need defending at all? didn't know fuckbois couldn't fight their own battles. pussy.

No. 618982

It's (even) more confirmation that anus frequently verbally abuses her. She likes to pretend her marriage is fine but in reality it must be absolute hell

No. 618984

He needs therapy for a lot of things, dude.

No. 618986


This is why it's easy to assume it was Sarah, even if Greg didn't put his teeny weeny in her directly.

No. 618992

He already had that lawyer recorded.

Fuck stop being such a coward you cunt. Lainey and the kids will be better off with this retard behind bars.

No. 618995

"i fully retract that comment" such formal wording, onion got to her. probably something to do with the NDA he always makes people sign.

No. 619006

>Lainey apologized in October but asked Madison not to speak about it

I wonder if anus knew plainey apologized to Madison. If he didn't and now that it became public I bet he will screech at her for being a dishonest traitor

No. 619007


It’s unlikely an NDA with him would stand up in court, especially in Washington State. Also, whoever had the nads to break the NDA could likely crowdfund whatever financial penalty was associated if by some miracle it did stand up.

No. 619072

>claims that she had no idea if that was ever the case and she didn't even go on social media that much before her agent connected her to Onision because he thought it would be good PR and then they became friends

lol what??? i hope she got a new agent ffs

also get a lawyer cause greg is just gonna g=keep using your likeness and clips (re: the "censored nude" thumbnail)

No. 619086

On drunken peasants today there was discussion of yesterdays episode talking about Onion with Billy the fridge doing way too much. According to BTF Madison thought that Sh was 16 rather than 17 when Onion was all over her and that's all she meant. They also played RSNs video on what Madison said yesterday to rip on him. They start on all this about 9 minutes in. Also BTF said that Onion would show in the live stream and -shocker- he did not.

No. 619087

File: 1546155269809.png (26.76 KB, 594x239, Screenshot_54.png)

Looks like Onion is talking shit about Madi.

No. 619088

Ooh anymore milk on his prime account? I'm sure he's going nuts after her insta stream. Even though she bitched out she did call him creepy and said it's gross and wrong to date teenagers.

No. 619091

It's a manipulation technique. She is still the scorned woman, so she is trying to find ways to have power over him. If he offered her a trinity spot, she'd be there before he finished the spiel.

No. 619092

File: 1546160861484.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.24 KB, 800x600, Greg and Billy.jpg)

I can't figure out why Billy defends Greg so passionately.

No. 619093

File: 1546160904178.jpeg (964.58 KB, 1125x1450, 71A9A49E-F4CD-42CF-AD91-40EF78…)

No. 619095

reminded me of high school girls who would pretend to be drunk at the party

No. 619097

Thanks for the upload anon!
Literally can hear the child she is ignoring crying at 5:38. It is amazing how she is so good at ignoring her own children.

Also totally normal for "friends" to wrap their legs around one another. They are definitely fucking.

No. 619098

And a child crying again at 8:08 and pretty much throughout the entire video

No. 619099

File: 1546164188985.jpeg (424.44 KB, 750x1084, 28FB635B-2FA8-415D-9410-C9E083…)

The eternal struggle

No. 619101

File: 1546164833949.png (62.09 KB, 552x240, 78584637.PNG)

He hid the Onision Speaks sub count on the day Youtube contacted all creators that they would be removing bot subs.
Now he hid his Patreon earnings. Is he anticipating some top tier paypigs not renewing their pledge next month?

No. 619102

Probably so he can pledge to himself a bunch of times for $1 and without the total patreon value it's harder to tell just how hard Onion is failing. Or perhaps at the recommendation of his lawyer seeing as he probably shouldn't be publicly displaying to anyone in the government just how much he is making in case he tries to cry and say he can't afford to pay the Yard Work Bill.

No. 619103

It was pointed out before that if you look at Onision's goal, it says a percentage. His Patreon monthly earning goal was set at 7,000 dollars. Currently his percentage to hitting this goal is 37%. Doing the math, .37 x 7,000 = 2,590$. It is definitely going to drastically drop come January, the new year is when patreon loses the most subscribers.

No. 619104

Kek at Vimeo site descript. "The home of high quality videos"- enter Lainey and connect four!

>>619099 Fux sakes. I spent £30 quid on my toddlers xmas pressies. ONE of theirs costs $180?!

>>619101 Damn, I was looking forward to seeing that huge drop in patreons.

No. 619116

Also we do know that Billie stood up for Taylor against Greg, we have direct and incontrovertible evidence of it (we know she did at least once, I mean, when she told him LOL Be Mad). I don't know why Madison would lie about this.

No. 619118

I imagine Madison is probably going off of Lainey’s whole perception of billies time there. I doubt she’ll actually take the one to read billies side or any of the threads that don’t revolve around herself. And Lainey’s story makes Madison seem all the better of a person out of all the girls that’d been to grease mansion

No. 619120

Even onion admitted billie defended Sarah and laimey during arguments.
There's even a text exchange between grug and billie where billie literally asks onion not to call laim and Sarah 'mean things' (cunt being one of them) it's been posted loads

No. 619121


Because Madison is an attention whore.

Greg also admitted that Billie resisted his advances several times: once when she tried to bring up that she thought Lainey would be upset if they had sex without her (to which Greg replied "I DO WHAT I WANT"), and once when she refused to let Greg leave Lainey for her - even though she would've had it made if she was willing to go through with that - because it didn't feel right to her.

No. 619122

"I'm gonna be green, because green starts with a 'g' and so does 'gay'."

I was rolling my eyes before she even finished that sentence, I knew she'd come up with something stupid like that. Does she EVER say or do anything that does not revolve around her uwu smol gay space prince identity?

No. 619123

>I th8nk they all have dirt in each other . None of them are clean so they are afraid of saying anything because then their dirty laundry will come out

I think this too. We know it's Greg's MO to dredge people for dirt to use against them, finding out shit from their past to exploit weaknesses, etc. He may be dumb but at the same time, constantly, constantly calculating. I think what makes him act stupid is more a function of his level of insanity. Seriously. Like he is a cold blooded predator on 1 hand, but also really fucking crazy so he slips up because he isn't normal and hides it poorly. But I digress.

I couldn't believe after how they did Madi that she stuck her nose in the air and refused to spill dirt after such a nasty betrayal. It made no sense. If she is such a pure upstanding moral person, then how could she stand being so close with them? Doesn't add up that she kept her mouth shut out of principle and to be the better person.

There's a lot hidden, but also why has nobody, out of all the people the shreks have fucked over, come forward with anything juicy? To protect the kids? Or is there nothing worse than what we know? I don't buy that.

But as far as Sarah and Madi and the fridge go, he has collateral dirt in my opinion. If anything just stuff he maybe pressured them to do, or be a party to. Or they are legit scared, Madison seems to be scared. I don't buy the back pedaling.

No. 619124

Didn't Kainey herself in her anti-Billie video thank Billie for standing up for her many times?

No. 619126

Billie wouldn’t have “had it made” if she had stayed with Onion. She would have been with a gross too-much-older rage volcano who had a big child support bill.

No. 619128

Honestly Greg is a simple minded fruit, not that calculating if he was he wouldn't have such a shit career and inability to not come across as a massive wanker.

Perhaps lolcow does piece together all the failed sexual conquests together. Maybe we've missed some pathetic teens they've (onion and ugly ladyboy Plainey) tried out via patron. We know he's a disgusting man that preys on young girls. Maybe not an actual pedophile fucking children but he is happy enough to fuck a girl half his age and that age gap will keep growing as he ages. He likes jailbait. Maybe when he gets more old and ugly he'll turn to children (I do worry about his daughter, that he's not bonding with her so he can feel attraction later, he's a pervert it's hard to not think he'd be perverted towards his own daughter when he didn't acknowledge any perversion between his ma rubbing him naked and him jacking off on his room to his ma fucking some bloke named Greg) but will he still be on YouTube?

They also probably keep hidden how abusive Greg's home life is and their shite loveless marriage but we all know it's fucked. We all know that if our significant others were going on about who to fuck next the ship has sailed on their romantic desire towards us. That shit is weird and breaks their marriage vows. But fuck, onion has no regard for legal documents this we do know.

Madi tried to get farmers hopes up this Christmas time and failed to deliver again. Unfortunately the girls that do try and fuck around with Greg are all mental and unstable. They're not reliable, you just have to try and decipher what's relevant from their attention whore posts.

However, onion is a paranoid freak from living the past decade and a half as a slimy greasy fuck so I'm sure hearing the only guys he has left to film with also think he's a liability will be fun to witness.

The Onions are the weirdest family in the world. Their YouTube channels serve as a case study for what happens when ego and mental retardedness consume reality. They treat YouTube and their followers like a state handout. They get free money for being unemployable retards.

They're so weird!!

No. 619129

File: 1546182989108.webm (2.71 MB, 240x288, ONISION AFTERMATH!.webm)

I hope Billy realizes that the stink of pedo accusations has permeated his public persona because of how hard he tried to defend Onision. Now the guests are making pedo jokes at his expense.

No. 619144

Tinfoil: they bought this for the kids for Christmas and wanted to write it off on their taxes so she used it in a video “see! We bought this for video purposes!”

It’s so sad that mommy and her teen friend are playing with THEIR toy, while being ignored.

“Sorry kids, mommy has to work by playing with your present, you’ll get it back later, go play on your tablet”

No. 619146

So their sex slave nanny is back and participating in more boring videos? What a surprise.

I wonder if Sarah is going to go into deep debt with them too. "A real trinity gets assfucked by the government together."

No. 619149

File: 1546193535053.jpg (93.37 KB, 958x523, vegetarianbodaaaaaay.JPG)

Special appearance by Gurgs huge gut visible even through a baggy sweat shirt

No. 619152

Good, I'm glad this will make his name stink. He must not be very bright, not to know that publicly And loudly defending Pedonision is going to give him a bad reputation he will never shake off. Onion has 10x or more haters as he does supporters left anymore. No matter how much he tries to inflate his numbers. People in onion's inner circle are brainwashed to believe the haters are obsessed weirdos who just do this as a hobby or something. Imagine reaching that hard to stay in denial, wew

No. 619154

Yikes his patreon numbers are constantly dropping. He had 666 patrons not that long ago. I doubt he'll have any left by the end of 2019.

No. 619159

Is Greg still a vegan/vegetarian? Because clearly that diet of his hasn't been working too well over the last year. Unless he's been stress eating veggies like crazy and has put on some weight.

No. 619166

he's a cheese pizza vegetarian. he doesn't eat veggies or fruits.

No. 619167


Yeah but he eats like crap. All veggie burgers, veggie dogs, taco bell, and ramen. He never eats actual veggies.

No. 619171

He tried multiple times to be vegan but he never truly was as he is a lazy piece of shit. Being vegetarian he has an excuse to eat more trash. He's so fat and eats processed garbage that at this point it doesn't matter - he might as well eat real meat.

No. 619176

> ONE of theirs costs $180?!
He's still engaging in conspicuous consumption despite struggling for money? Gee, It's almost as if he's lying about his financials and has no concept of budgeting and impulse control.

No. 619179

she didn't exactly, but said she comforted her when she needed it, but greg and billie always sided together during fights (for obvious reasons on both sides)

No. 619180

It’s weird we stopped hearing about Lainey being whiney and desperate for a girlfriend after Sarah turned 18. She doesn’t even talk about finding girls attractive or being so gay anymore.

No. 619184

She still whines about being gay but there's no mention of girls. Maybe she realized she can't like women and be a boy at the same time because god forbid that would make her straight.

No. 619185

Wow. The body language in that Connect Four video between Kaimey and Sarah. Their legs are always intertwined … there will be relationship drama. Especially good since Kaimey is supposed to be a dude now and Sarah is supposed to be a lesbian … so they habe painted themselves into an impossible corner where they can't date or their fake identities fall apart v

No. 619187

do you think maybe this whole "i'm a real boy now!" phase is just so she can go back to liking dick without having to backtrack on her super special Queer status?
Cause let's be real, she never wanted the vag.

No. 619189

Anon she whines about being gay every single day. Even on days when the IRS and County were handing them their whiny, neglectful asses.

No. 619191

That could be possible. Some anons are afraid her and Sarah are doing shit but honestly, does anyone truly believe Lame would touch a vagina?

No. 619193

I could have sworn at one point Gerb said he and Billie "got to third base" with Kainey before she freaked out and I interpreted that as below-the-belt diddles

No. 619194

onion derangement syndrome. some anons are so thirsty for drama, they're imagining this shit about Lame and Sarah even though we know Lame wouldn't go near a vag if you paid her.

Can we please stop with the 'Kainey' shit?

No. 619195

It's a retarded name. Until she legally changes it, her name is Taylor. She's changed her fake "male" name a million times now, I don't see how this name differs from the others.

She thinks that if she keeps calling herself gay, she'll convince herself. But everyone and their grandma knows that the bitch is allergic to vagina, excluding her own, and would freak over having to share Frankenturd.

No. 619197

At this point, Lainey is just IRL Mr Garrison from South Park

No. 619201

Sarah is 100 percent obnoxious in this video. She may be legal now but she still acts 14

No. 619203

are you retarded

No. 619205

File: 1546205521905.jpg (106.11 KB, 640x640, 21980300_511619465852269_77129…)

>Being vegetarian he has an excuse to eat more trash
This. He made a video going through the menu at taco bell and whined about how he would have no options there if he went vegan (boohoo, maybe cook an actual meal you lazy fuck?). When Freelee challenged him to go vegan, she told him to eat plenty of fruit/veg and document his food. He was so determined to "prove her wrong" and admitted he filled himself up on bread instead of actually taking her advice. Wow, how nutritious. His "onisionfood" Instagram is genuinely disgusting (instagram.com/onisionfood/ for anyone who hates themselves and wants to throw up). Any videos Taylor and Greg have made where they film themselves cooking, it's really obvious that neither can cook and that all of their food comes from restaurants, tins and microwavable meat-replacements.

It's really, really not surprising that he looks so flabby and gross.

No. 619207

I feel so bad for their children. You know these people never put their phone down or get off the computer or stop filming themselves. EVER.

No. 619209

A lot of people are thinking he's an accomplice/pedo apologist, he ruined his reputation big time. That's what you get for defending human garbage like onision

No. 619210

File: 1546206256009.jpeg (174.48 KB, 800x644, 3FD65E58-351C-40D2-AEFA-A929FC…)

I knew there was a book about Greg, it just escaped my tongue for a while.

No. 619211

I wouldn't be surprised in the least to find out BTF has pedo tendencies. it would certainly explain his weird defense of gurg dating teens as a 30+ year old. legal or not, it's creepy as hell.

No. 619221

…is this pickles and spinach on a tortilla? wtf????

No. 619223

The Drunken Peasants are deleting comments on their onision video, they deleted 2 of mine. What are they trying to hide?

No. 619229

That is… very bizarre. Maybe Greg threatened them with legal action and the comments might serve as proof that they tarnished his image? They hate Greg and they are the ones who wanted to discuss what a shit bag he is… I have no clue why they would delete comments

No. 619233

Afaik, you can now retroactively edit your (already uploaded) videos on YouTube. At least I heard PDP talk about doing it.
I'm waiting for the Drunken Peasants to edit the juicy bits out…

No. 619240

in his new vid, greg refers to lainey as 'kai' literally 5000 times while once again dying his hair a shitty color

it's clockwork with these people

No. 619243

File: 1546214148725.png (2.77 MB, 2560x1440, gurg.png)

New video [Dying our hair THE SAME COLOR (Laineybot & Onision)] with shreg thinking he looks handsome with this type of outfit

No. 619245

File: 1546214257764.png (199.27 KB, 1237x1552, IMG_3625.PNG)

Okay Greg's twitter positivity is giving me a stroke. This is the fakest most annoying pretentious "I LOVE EVERYONE LOOK HOW HAPPY AND LOVING I AM PAY ATTENTION TO ME" bullshit I have ever seen. Do people seriously buy this?

No. 619250

Gave some advice here >>615189 and looks like he took it kek.

No. 619251

He also does his fake deep voice as soon as he puts it on. He always seems to do that when he thinks he looks especially good.

No. 619252

The kids from homes where the parents don’t care about them do

No. 619253

True. It's so cringy, he legitimately thinks he looks so hot there kek.

No. 619255


and it just makes the hair color look more unnatural by drawing attention to it with the unnatural brows.

oh my fucking sides.

it is so satisfying to watch someone so fucking vain lose their looks and watching their scramble to keep them. it's like scratching that one itch you can barely reach on your back.

there isn't enough hair dye in the world to make you look like anything other than an evolutionary relic.

No. 619256

I'm not the anon who called them that, but quit with the bitchy nitpicking please. People are just fucking around. Your nitpicking adds literally nothing to this thread. Get the hell over it.

No. 619257

Did he dig that shirt up from the deepest ends of their laundry. I mean jesus. I hate to nitpick but the Onisions always look so shabby with their wrinkly clothing. Can't be that hard to iron it before going on camera and wearing it. If he already wants to show off, then at least put effort man.

No. 619260


there is no ironing out ill-fitting clothing. Everyone knows the Onions can't dress themselves.

No. 619265

I'm down with people calling thot by her new name because it's clear she doesn't like it.

No. 619266

File: 1546218032645.jpg (108.38 KB, 584x677, morelb.jpg)

It's like he's trying to love bomb his remaining audience on twitter. I'm just waiting for the dam to break and for his hideous hateful nature to come pouring through.

No. 619269

He's apparently guesting on their 24hr special. Perhaps they don't want him losing what's left of his mind in person? Odd move though as Ben usually doesn't do shit like that.

No. 619271

Lol the last time (that I recall) he wore those was in 2012, my question is how did he fit in those clothes?

No. 619275

He has to squeeze into his old clothes kek that veg belly ain’t helping him at all!

Black hair + the corporate goth garb = he’s really scrambling to get what remains of his youth.

You’re no longer in your 20’s Gregma.

No. 619279

He looks like he just got out of an hour soak in a sauna in full suit. Do neither of them know how to use an iron? Clothes are never ironed and they never ironed ANY of their stupid pride flags.

No. 619280

He couldn't be more fake. Its just important for people to not allow this bullshit "positivity" to trigger them and then respond because it will only reinforce this immature obnoxious behavior. When he's doing dumb shit like this it's best to ignore him, otherwise people are just giving him ammo so he can publicly show more instances of individuals telling him he's a dumbass piece of shit and him going "I hope you have a wonderful day! ^-^"

I hate to admit it but he is triggering me though. lol

No. 619282

I assume the next step will be to grow out his emo dad haircut again kek.

No. 619284

I wanna say when I last saw it visible it was 2.3k ish, so I support this estimate.

No. 619285

This isn't a tinfoil, but we already have proof he def autisticly logs everything imo. Madison outted herself for some things (the assault charge or w/e, etc), so I wonder what else he might have.

he has security cameras set up around/in his house, right?
When the nature cops(?) were outside, I don't remember sound. But I wouldn't be surprised if Greg recorded audio inside the house…

Ugh, I just grossed myself out with that thought.

No. 619286

I was thinking it was a video audit thing too. Maybe he thinks since Lainey hasn't been caught (yet?) they can file it via her claims.

For the first video with Madison, the chat was being flooded with people calling Fridge a pedo apologist, etc.

No. 619287

There is so much wrong in this picture I don't know where to begin. You literally don't hve a SINGLE CORNER presentable in your house?!

No. 619289

When he said “I do hair, I don’t know much” it seemed like a dig at b*llie for her interest in cosmetology and hair dying. Did anyone else think that? As much as he’s over it and looking towards the next third it stood out.

No. 619292


He looks like he's dressing up like a middle school teacher. That tie is horrible and those suspenders… at least choose a different color.

Again, greasy hair. This outfit makes him like pudgier than already he is lol

No. 619294

Shouldn't he be more focused on trying to find someone to fix the land that he ruined?

No. 619305

>he has security cameras set up around/in his house
in the last thread there was a photo of the desk area Greg had set up for Lainey and there was a small security camera just above the desk in the corner. If he has one there Im sure theres more, probably half a dozen throughout the house.
I can understand security cameras on the exterior of your home or those doorbell Ring cameras, but people who have cameras INSIDE their house creep me the fuck out

No. 619309

He’s going to recapture that BANANA magic and Patreon money will come flowing in.

Also he and spouse will dye their hair and become super attractive instead of slightly dirty, tired-looking suburban parents embarrassing themselves by trying to be cool.

No. 619313

Right? She can't even fart without his knowledge. What a controlling broke ass liar he is.

No. 619329

I swear I get triggered everytime this fag dresses up formal or with suits, ties suspenders or whatever. Nothing ever fits and is always fucking dated. Not in a dorky cute review brah/napolean dynamite way either. He legit looks like some edgelord that never leaves his house that is trying to model his likeness to Patrick Bateman. Except Patrick actually spends thousands on his outfits, they are tailored to fit and he pays someone to cut his hair… not do a hack job that looks like a lawnmower fucked the back of his head.

I bet he thinks he looks so cool and alpha and 'daddy' when in reality I've seen older fatter accountants in my city that actually wear nicer fitting shit.
It's hilarious because he legitimately isn't wearing crap ironically. He actually thinks it looks good.

My fucking sides.

No. 619330

It's also so he can watch his kids without actually supervising them. Lazy parenting.
I doubt he even watches Lainey on there, he doesn't even like responding to her texts.

No. 619336

File: 1546228752234.png (3.26 MB, 2392x1440, Capture _2018-12-30-22-57-14.p…)

Sarah: I wear a 9.
Kainey: I wear like a size 6…and a half.

Sure, Jan.

No. 619345

I don't think any of it is the right fit at all. He looks like he inherited all his fathers business wear from the 80's or 90's. He wears fucking suspenders with jeans and a tshirt and thinks he looks fucking good. It's hard to make a neanderthal look good in a business suit.

No. 619351

lmao. Lainey's insecurity over her foot size is the weirdest shit ever. I remember Sam stated multiple times in her live streams after her falling out with Greg and Lainey that Lainey would legit never shut up over her shoe size. Like.. what? What in the actual hell is that about? Average foot size for an American female hovers at a size 8. Who the fuck CARES this much about their feet?

If Kainey really wanted to be "sooper manly" she would WANT bigger feet. Small feet on men are creepy.

I cannot fathom having so much free time on your hands that this is the first world problem you choose to obsess over. Such a damn freak.

No. 619357

Their obsession with proving the HaTeRzS wrong is sad. Sarah is 18, but Lainey should really not fucking care about what the world thinks of her shoe size.

No. 619362

File: 1546229725085.jpg (4.22 MB, 3016x2676, IMG_3627.JPG)

Oh my freaking God this is the saddest tweet I have ever seen. I have officially lost all faith in humanity. And of course Greg retweeted it. I mean…. of course he did.
Jesus Christ..

No. 619363

This is another reason why I'm hoping that they can't fulfill their debt payments with the IRS and county. Doormat really needs to get her priorities straight and act like a motherfucking adult cause tow kids are depending on her, their life is cast into a giant fire, and they are well on their way to bankruptcy and/or jail at lightning speed.

But all she can worry about are the size of her feet and how fake gay she is.

No. 619366


No. 619368

The reason these rumors started initially were because a farmer released some pictures from Lainey's private Instagram account that showed her naked in the shower, and the person taking the photo was Sarah.

No. 619380

You know what's really sad? There ARE vegan options at Taco Bell. He was so fucking lazy and/or retarded that he didn't even bother to do any research on restaurant options for his diet. When I was just considering going vegan I researched that shit. And lmfao at that weird ass wrap. Wow Grug, a meal fit for a sped. He never really wanted to be a vegan, it was too hard for this pussy (no girl ever said to Shrugly).