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File: 1542488880832.png (192.77 KB, 620x290, he is not the sun.png)

No. 600694

Thread Image Credit: >>600494
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/594835
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/ Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg announces he’s “Gay” and that he’s attracted to “female bodies with male minds.” >>595259

>A tractorgate update has been posted, Greg and Lainey have a public hearing on December 6th, mark your calendars! >>595862 >>596021
>Caps of the Onion’s appeal letter have dropped and the damage to their yard is reduced to pulling blackberry bushes by their shady lawyer. >>596078 >>596080
>Greg inserted a random (recovering) girl in yet another video about Eugenia Cooney. >>597221
>Lainey releases a video talking about her ex-boyfriend yet again, while praising Greg for not being abusive. >>597300
>Lainey releases another video reacting to Greg’s video about her, one where Greg even admits he’s been verbally abusive to her. >>597997 >>598130
>In Greg’s Hair dyeing Q&A, he brings up how Skye was a "lying POS who took his money" and ignores the fact his fans harassed her off youtube. >>598486
>Greg’s still posting videos with Shiloh in it. >>598958
>Lainey’s private twitter has been leaked (on her 6th wedding anniversary with Greg no less). >>599178 >>599179 >>599180 and she changes the username around 20 ~ 30 minutes after the leaks. >>599195
>Lainey later that day “accidentally” posted sad emo lyrics on her main twitter. >>599367
>Turns out Sarah confronted Lainey over fake screenshots of her private twitter. Lainey claims that their friendship is fine but, looks (and sounds) unsure about it. >>599761
>Lainey gets a new tattoo of Greg’s shitty handwriting on the crook of her arm for an anniversary present. >>599815

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking. (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295) /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 600699

File: 1542489441877.png (625.03 KB, 452x681, 54654.png)

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aqxRBnhBAmJBwtf-Lo2L4LIyyuZ-qbI0/view (clips from Lainey's Livestream on Nov. 15th)
>her anniversary was shitty
>is "sick"
>greg asked her when he could trade her in

No. 600702

What the hell happen in their anniversary? The part were she is looking all depressed the love book in the cherry on top lol

No. 600703

maybe this is a bit OT but i think it's hilarious that "you are not the sun" quote comes from brand new, considering the front man jesse lacey was outed as a sexual abuser who groomed underage girls for nudes

actually, looking at it in a broad sense jesse lacey did almost exactly the same things greg did to her as a minor. boy she really knows how to pick them

No. 600705

File: 1542491320880.jpeg (134.32 KB, 749x1052, 2A7066F6-83E9-4611-84EE-0B4912…)

Thot’s getting another tattoo about/for Anus:

No. 600706

Lol she ain’t goin’ down without a fight!

No. 600708

At 1:15 when he's about to leave the room she's asking for a hug by saying "hug" with a very frustrated sounding voice lmao. Couple goals!

No. 600737

Why is she getting so many tattoos about him lately and he isn't getting any about her? That's kinda weird…

No. 600740

Trying to prove her devotion and make him love her.

No. 600741

File: 1542498793194.jpg (50.22 KB, 367x384, greghair.jpg)


Holy fuck he screwed up his hair. Look at the back of his head! Looks even worse if you watch the video. Why does he do this shit to himself?

No. 600743

>>600737 And where is the money for all these tatts coming from? Jfc, I know they don't look like very expensive tattoos, but it all adds up. Also, that must be one shit tattooist to be able to fit her in every time at such short notice. I had to wait weeks for my appointments because the artist had a great rep and was in demand. IMO if a tattooist can fit you in "the next day" like they did with Lame's last shitty tattoo, then they are probably crap. Also, fucking hell…she has TERRIBLE taste in art, and there's no cohesiveness to her body art. She legit looks like a broken Etch-A-Sketch.

No. 600744

Tattoofag, and I’ve been wondering that same thing. The fact that they are purportedly broke aside, the turn around time between her saying she’s going to get a tattoo and actually getting it leads me to believe that she’s going to a scratcher.

No. 600748

File: 1542501638628.gif (2.79 MB, 450x683, Just Sayin'.gif)

Maybe she doesn't understand her subconscious is pushing her to this tattoo.

No. 600749

so did she. She looks like a teenage Hitler

No. 600750

My theory is that he's punishing her for something, it's a known fact he uses tattoos to punish his partners (the Lillie and the I'm a liar tattoos he tried to force Billie to get)

No. 600755

File: 1542502082096.jpg (83.86 KB, 600x755, Teenage Hitler and Greasy Stal…)

so that makes Greg Stalin?

No. 600758

Why the fuck is she getting 123456789 new tattoos now when they’re drowning in debt and about to go to court? Why not when she and Grease were drowning in money and living in the McMansion?

Did she literally just decide, consciously or subconsciously, to get a shitload of hideous clip art tattoos in the months following Billie’s final departure? Did Grease’s love for Billie and her basic but cohesive and flattering tattoos, as well as his insistence that she brand herself on two occasions get to her THAT badly.

Jesus, Whineybot, get the fuck over it. It’s gonna be 2 years next January.

No. 600759

Sorry if this is OT but a clip of Billie was featrued in Safiya Nygaard's new video (at 2:01). I wonder of Lainey watches Saf and will get triggered over it.

No. 600763

Oh my god she’s so obsessed with him. You know she wishes he’ll get a tattoo in her writing but bitch come on you know he will never do that. Keep dreaming

No. 600775

they're so much like awkward roommates it actually makes me almost hurt for her. she's really torturing herself by continuing to be in this relationship when he clearly does not want her

No. 600781

File: 1542505181832.png (251.8 KB, 890x245, grease_eyes.png)

his uhohbro uploads are really really sad now… it looks like a big part of grease's demanding 12-hour youtube job is going through a bunch of female tik toks and lamely commenting on them?

doesn't he realize how this proves that he's a dumb pedo with zero ideas?

No. 600783

File: 1542505392891.png (761.91 KB, 721x500, hmmm.PNG)

This is sort of a cow cross-over, but did Greg get his idea for the shitty haircut from his ex-friend?
He says he doesnt watch or keep tabs on any other Youtubers, but we know there are a few people who he stalks with dedication.

No. 600784

God that is NOT Cyr’s GF is it?

No. 600785

In his mind he’s a genius who is a better writer than the AHS creators so no. No he doesn’t.

If she wasn’t such a cunt most of us would probably feel bad for her but in addition to her being a narcissistic, smug, duplicitous, disingenuous piece of shit, this is the life she chose for herself.

No. 600786

Yep, that’s Dasha.

No. 600789

cyr literally looks like the dude from dallas buyer's club as his body was being ravaged by AIDS, and she looks straight up special needs. wow.

No. 600791

She has such a dull personality and is a simpleton. But the sad thing is that Lainey is in love with her mental picture of Greg, the Greg she's seen on YT in 2011 (or 2012?), not the person he really is.

I still think they're made for each other. As milky as divorcegate would be, I really hope they never break up - I'd be incredibly sorry for their future partners.

No. 600803


Obesion sure will. He’ll sperg since Safiya is a likeble, successful, and professional woman (and YouTuber) and Billie will now get recognition from someone like her. Plus, Saf is friends with Shane Dawson REEEEE

No. 600808

Surprised no one noticed this yet but she is getting a fucking trinity/gred related tattoo right after her private twitter was leaked haha.. this might be a punishment tattoo after all wow

No. 600813

Gonna need some fine detailing to draw Lainey's thin ass, crusty lips as well as Lainey and Onion's gross skin.

No. 600816

File: 1542512259525.jpg (42.24 KB, 491x250, thumb.jpg)

Honestly, I thought this was a screenshot from The New Guy. Holy fuck, Dasha.

I have almost never posted in this thread, but have lurked for a couple of years now - Lainey: I left NM (poor/neglectful upbringing, issues like this common in this state) at 18 to live with some guy I had never met, and I was very vulnerable mental health wise at the time. He was a con-artist, and he set the frame of our relationship from the beginning with "live and trust" which I later found out were lies, that I thought I could forgive him for, over and over… there was no way he would ever give me the respect in conceding that I could be correct about something for example, eventually giving up trying to promote actual truth, believing my value as a human to be lower until disrespect and abuse became like nothing every time it occurred. I wouldn't tell family or friends how things really were, sort of like how you hide through vague tweeting and using humor to cope.. I finally got away from him and his delusions and it took years to undo that shit in therapy. And that was WITHOUT children involved. Please leave!!! You've made a ton of shitty choices for yourself and thus your children, so just CUT YOUR LOSSES NOW and give them this, let them be with cousins and aunties and good influences that care about them. And you too can be happy and unchained again, I promise. It's been 5 years since I left him and my life has transformed in a beautiful way I could have never imagined during that repressed time. Life is short and you're already 24, you still have a chance if you leave now. He is not attached to your or part of you, seriously. He treats you like dirt. Go find someone who will actually enjoy spending time with your babies.

No. 600819

I wear this tinfoil! Even if it’s not punishment per se it’s at least a placation

No. 600821

Probably because of the tweets on her leaked twitter about wanting a boyfriend. That was obviously what she was so panicked about and upset. That’s her basically saying onion isn’t enough for her as a man and I’m sure he read them and immediately reeeeeeeee’d

No. 600825

I don't think it is a punishment,if it was Grug at least would react to them but he just doesn't give a shit, Plainey is trying to compensate and drive his attention to her, probs cause he got mad for the leaks

No. 600830

When I saw it, I thought it was a trinity tattoo too…

It looks like two girls kissing and not a boy and girl. I bet lainey thinks it will represent her and Greg but for Greg it will represent lainey making out with their new girlfriend.

She isn’t in love with Billie and doesn’t want a girlfriend so why is she getting a tattoo like this? Maybe she will change it to be the silhouette of a boy and girl or maybe Greg will suggest she change it to three people kissing lol.

No. 600831

File: 1542515518253.jpeg (285.4 KB, 750x846, B6828B5E-8A75-4A33-9FF9-20AE89…)

Trying to make it sound like he has more than five fans, kek. Bonus retardation points for not understanding basic human psychology re: jealousy. He tries so hard to make himself appear less uneducated and intellectually handicapped than he is.

No. 600833

>maybe Greg will suggest she change it to three people kissing lol

This would be fucking hilarious, imagine the “why am I never good enough I want to die fml” private Twitter sperging.

No. 600836

Is she getting this "two girls kissing" tattoo so close to her crotch as bait?
So when she requests oral there will be a pleasant visual for Greg to look at as he reluctantly goes down on her "bitter tasting vagina" (Gregs words, not mine)

Lainey should get a full portrait tattoo of B's face on her back. It'll help Greg out, no more printing out pics from B's Instagram and taping it to Laineys back before sexy time.

No. 600846

I’m howling, anon. For real tho, don’t give her ideas. If Grot asked her to do that she probably would just to keep him happy because clearly that’s her main objective in life seeing as she has no dignity or self respect whatsoever.

No. 600848

File: 1542518737551.jpg (69.4 KB, 786x618, begging for you back.jpg)

>I just responded to over 100 patron messages.

56 of those 100 were probably him sending out those pitiful messages where hes pleading for his ex-patrons to return, or asking "why dont you love me anymore?"

No. 600850

How the fuck does he have any patrons? Why would 600 hundred people give this malignant cunt any money? Why would anyone give any money? Fuck me.

No. 600851

Anons layover image is p shocking to me.

He's so full of shit. "Please harass me", hasn't he snapped at people messaging him multiple times in the past? Yet, here he is doing shit like >>600848 The number guessed is too low. I bet like 100 alone were begging shit he spams

No. 600866

File: 1542523749142.png (181.79 KB, 564x442, meet my ex.png)

MEET MY EX. Lainey is back to clickbating.

It's a boring video where Lainey and friend play a game to see who knows more about the other. The only stand out moments where when they called each other 'Brofriends'. Apparently the most masculine thing 'brofriends' can do together is watch Teen Mom. Lainey confirms she's still salty about B with her 'fuck Taurus' outburst and apparently there is a gay sleeping position. I have know idea who this girl is but she seems as deluded as Lamey.

No. 600880

File: 1542526688323.jpeg (81.96 KB, 750x286, 9588CA34-A420-474A-8C6B-DAC42F…)

Think you might have that the wrong way around, buddy.

No. 600885

Skye and Shiloh are also Taurus’s


No. 600886

File: 1542529414940.png (569.72 KB, 840x698, 5748.PNG)

I remember Jess from that Reconnecting With My First Girl Crush video that Plainey did exactly one year ago and a Blindfolded Makeup Challenge vid back in 2015.
Not to be a dick but from what her complexion looks like now compared to a year ago, it seems jess has gone a little more down that transboi road than Plainey has and is taking T and experiencing some testosterone acne.

Two things I noticed in the video that relate to Sarah. They mention they have been talking for months without ghosting each other and she's obviously going out to vist Plainey and going to concerts together, so I guess the little Triceratops has fallen out of the BFF category. I think Plainey was pissed that Sarah thought those fake tweets last month were real for even one second, "HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME!"
The second thing is in the Girl Crush video last year Plainey says she met Jess in some Facebook group, and Plainey "thought she was a mom too" Isnt that the same line she used with Sarah? Is this in the groomers handbook for female pedos? "Oh, your so mature, I thought you were a mother too"

No. 600888

File: 1542530441990.gif (3.63 MB, 360x294, oops_but_not_really.gif)

She hangs out with these girls and says they're just "friends" but the poor girls have secret crushes on Lainey. Just like Sarah and the lotion foot massage "as a goof for a video skit" this girl tries to save Lainey from falling off the bed and OOPSIES! grabs her tit.

No. 600890

File: 1542531953028.webm (11.28 MB, 480x360, hypothetically.webm)

Apparently Jess' significant other didn't want them at the Grease Mansion. With good reason tbh, who would want someone they love/like molested by Gregma?

No. 600894


I feel bad for Jess's partner. So they're really uncomfortable and now the other girl who they're insecure about is putting them on blast and talking shit about them when they're not there to defend themselves. Lainey is a piece of shit

No. 600900

Im with you. Im sure that Jess's gf is a little concerned about Lainey (little does she know Foot has never even touched a vagina and has no plan on ever doing so) but the real danger is Greg. Jess should really be worried herself.
1-Greg will probably drive her to the swamp by himself and act weird on the drive there.
2-Sometime during the visit he will hug or attempt to lift her up while wearing thin material sweatpants with a raging 3.75" erection.
3-Scream at her for half an hour because she didnt compliment his bowl haircut or mention how starstruck she is by him.

No. 600902

File: 1542535282942.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.3 MB, 1200x12052, 1542507520498.jpg)

Bringing this over from the patreonfag thread

No. 600904

File: 1542535663809.png (434.15 KB, 1176x387, Capture.PNG)

He can't even go one reply without being an insufferable twat, holy shit.

fatbecca is an idiot.

No. 600906

She should ask Greg, hypothetically. I'm just saying.

No. 600915

File: 1542540141856.jpeg (399.08 KB, 1581x1664, 7ABE8D08-2729-4614-BC3D-ACE804…)

OT but i went to check his twitter, and i noticed he’s still using that picture of himself with long blonde hair. he must be really ashamed of what he did to himself.

how very dishonest of you to use that old picture to advertise yourself on twitter, gurg.

don’t you wanna show off your new special needs haircut for the world to see?

his twitter-only followers are in for a rude awakening.
how anyone would ever ask him for his opinion on their body is beyond me, i’m sure he’ll be back to wearing masks and wigs in his next rating tweens video.

No. 600918

He only uses pfps where he has long hair and a face full of makeup, it's the only way he looks remotely acceptable and he still looks like a gross creep trying to be young and hot.

Tinfoil: it's about Billie or another girl in some way. Like other anons have mentioned, it looks like two girls kissing.

No. 600920

Topkek at her being like "fuck Tauruses". Bitch knows the only women her ugly husbando ever loved in his life were Tauruses and it bothers her.
I predict a shitstorm with this Jess girl just in time for Christmas/New Years. I can smell the festive milk. Besides, she's been on good terms (on and off communicating but still) with Lame for way too long. Surprised Grug hasn't tried to hit on a "male mind in a female body" as he loves them so much.

No. 600922

lame should get a tattoo of two men kissing, since shes literally in a gay relationship

No. 600923

My eyes rolled right on out of my head when I read this bit, fuck I hate this cunt. Fat fuck Becca and village idiot Sylar are just as retarded as their almighty exhalted Anus, between the three of them we have ourselves some Guinness Book of Records tier autism.

No. 600924

Surprised he didn’t keep it at that one black and white shot that is the first result when googling his name, it’s pretty much the only shot I’ve ever seen of him where he doesn’t look like an angry midget with advanced syphilis.

No. 600926

>>>/snow/732177 Huh, they've been busy the past few days.

No. 600927

Fuck this cunt. Your husband has proven himself that he sexually harassed Sarah and molested M, and you have partaken in the emotional abuse of both Billie and M. But sure the SO is the one who's "really shitty".

No. 600939

>Let's say someone owns a house. Everyone pays to be there…

I got to that part and cracked up laughing. I knew one of his shitty analogies would show up in that wall of text. I'll give him his due though. This shitty analogy at least made more sense than his usual
>what if that oven made a video admitting it's hot, like very too hot to touch

I never knew I could feel pity for Fatbecca. Her pleading for Onion to voice chat with her "PLEASE JUST FIVE MINUTES MAN!" was so sad. Shes like the bf or gf who you break up with and they keep showing up at your home and work asking for just a few minutes. "I dont want to get back together babe, I just need closure, why dont you love me anymore?"

No. 600940

You can't expect laineybot to understand, considering how onision treats her.

No. 600948

Putting two and two together, there was a farmer the other day, saying they were a top pledging patron…

Anyway, it's sad that Gregory Avaroe's patrons always need to be treated like shit before they wake up and see how little Greg really cares about the people paying his livelihood.
I mean, I get his point of not being "owned" by any of his patrons, but it's more than clear that he doesn't view them as friends or (extended) "fam" (as so many Youtubers like to do), but they're really just cash cows to him. Plain and simple: "You give me money and I'll put up with you until you get on my nerves or there's someone else who's willing to pay more."

No. 600961

Ty for uploading and the summary!!

Yeah it’s super boring but interesting that Jess will be around in a week. Doesn’t she live in another state or has she moved? If she’s flying in for a visit that’s interesting.

No trinity will come from it becuase Greg has already said their chemistry wasn’t “right” which really means that he wasn’t attracted to the girl. Now that she’s doing the same transboy thing as lainey he has to be even less interested.

No. 600967

so..haven't been paying attention lately but from what I gather, onision is still boring and ghey?

No. 600968

hey Lainey.. wanna fuck?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 600987

Power? He had no power in the military. In 3 yrs he only made the rank of E-3. That proves he was a shitty airman! He should have been an E-4 on his way to Sgt E5

No. 600988

He showed her messages to everyone? Becca and Sylar are scum but they did know how to run a server. He doesnt

No. 600991

hey becca and sylar.. wanna fuck?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 600993

Yes and now he has a husband who loves to give him the strap-on in his fat girlie ass

No. 600998


wow i never would have pegged him for that kind of guy, but good for him.

No. 600999

Tbh I kinda understood smegmas views in this. He’s dealing with literal grown children that are complaining about not being in a position that they don’t have any reason to be in. I can’t belive count idiot makes more sense than these two self declared geniuses. BUT I will say it’s fun to see Greg deal with people that are exactly as pushy and demanding as him. Finally someone can whine and be entitled to him like he is to others. Also shows what type of people his fans are kek.

No. 601011


Anus is a literal grown child.

No. 601014

very nice pun, anon! i lol'ed.

No. 601019

It's funny how Plain's compassion and understanding of mental health only goes so far as herself and her sunshine boyfriend. What about respecting your friend's privacy and personal boundaries?

I hate how she uses her SoCIaL aNXiEtY to shield herself from responsibility and criticism. She's exactly why people say those with mental illness are just using it as an excuse for bad behavior.

If I came across my friend saying this online about me, I'd block their ass immediately.

No. 601043

File: 1542562353250.png (141.52 KB, 1178x624, freudianslip.png)

Holy Greg sperg on twitter right now. It's all about religion and BDSM and God being incest, with a whole mess of other tweets thrown in. But this one is the most interesting to me. Just like when Greg said Lainey's dad told him to come back in 10 years time, when she was 25, Greg has been in a relationship with Lainey for "almost 8 years." Since she was 16?

No. 601047

Lol this bitch. When has she ever stayed with a friend, or an ex, while she has been with Greg? Does she forget how controlling he was with Billie. Lainey is a hypocrite and a fucking idiot

No. 601048

I noticed that to because didn’t she just say their 6 year anniversary was Nov. 14 in her video of her reacting to the videos he made of her? They were together for like a year maybe before they got married. So, according to Grug once again that is a lie and they were together longer and when she was 15 or 16. Because we only know about when they got together when she was 17 and married when she was 18. Can’t wait to see how he tries to twist this one to save his ass.

No. 601052

File: 1542563176399.jpeg (536.15 KB, 1125x1484, 5B79ECA2-84D7-42DC-AA76-C70217…)

Take the shot, Piglet.

No. 601059

File: 1542563697833.jpg (407.58 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_11-18-06.52.57.jpg)

Sorry lamp. He isn't even thinking about you when you cosplay for him to get him interested in you again.

No. 601061

Taylor must be so proud that her "twin flame" misgenders her, and pretends she's someone else when he fucks her. Such goals.

No. 601067

File: 1542565103388.png (219.98 KB, 1176x856, Screenshot 2018-11-18 at 17.03…)

His wording here is very telling "When I dress someone up." Not when someone dresses up for him, but when he makes them dress up. So is he thinking of Harley Quinn being raped by dogs when he fucks Lainey? Is he thinking of himself as a dog? Is he now a gay zoophile?

These are from a little earlier but his intolerance of anyone from a dirt country whilst pretending to be some woke saviour is super jarring. Especially the #racism

No. 601068

Wow. Just wow. How can one person be that dumb. I hope he isn't teaching his children this kind of bullshit.

No. 601069

Has this bitch never heard of Reza Aslan? Or has he, and he knows his retarded fanbase have not.
Either way, goddamned for a never smoked weed straight edge fuckboy her sure spews some straight up stoner shit.

No. 601070

Silly anon, Greg doesn't talk to children!

No. 601075

File: 1542567080305.jpeg (132.06 KB, 1125x411, 3A969E67-E88B-4767-9374-617193…)

Greg is becoming oddly fixated on incest, Lainey better watch out!

No. 601076

File: 1542567392008.jpeg (208.32 KB, 1125x359, 7FC05FCD-5FCC-4EBE-8CD9-E12AED…)

Incoming Skye sperg.

No. 601079

Why is he still talking about her? Does she even know about this?

No. 601085

Oh my fucking God
Why he says incest like that?
"God is incest"
"She is drug"

No. 601086

Her sister lurks here, so she'll know soon.

No. 601092


I know you lurk so please learn how to use the english language. You sound even dumber than you actually are.

No. 601097


So wait, wait, wait hold up a minute. According to your own logic Onion, who is Lainey thinking about when she calls you Daddy?

No. 601100

He is literally obsessed with incest. It might even be a bigger kink for him than "underdeveloped" girls. He's admitted he has a stepmother kink and likes being called daddy. He kissed his cousin too iirc.

No. 601102

He already admitted to fantasizing that Lainey is his stepdaughter

No. 601103

That's really fucking gross.

No. 601106

File: 1542571914353.gif (261.78 KB, 160x90, giphy.gif)

Wait what?

No. 601110

Jfc every time he says “make love” it makes me throw up in my mouth. That aside, humping his husband like a rabid chihuahua is hardly an act of love.

No. 601115

Translation: this is a last ditch attempt for views on my dying channel because I don’t have an original, creative, talented, intelligent, interesting or humourous bone in my body.

No. 601126

Onion tits is such a moron and literally thinks his a genius lawyer or some shit. I live in another state and every court is different BUT prenups usually only protect things you bring to the table BEFORE the marriage. If Skye was in videos or edited videos that made profit they did that TOGETHER as a married couple and she still has rights to get spousal support. I was just listening to a podcast over this. She had rights to the money he earned as a spouse. Is it a shitty system? Sure but either way you would've paid Sk. So shut the fuck up about already

No. 601127

Onion doesn't have any real friends and he'll only maintain relationships that are beneficial to him. We all know he can't even maintain a relationship with his family unless they are licking his ass. His patreons must provide him money, validation, or/and a possible dating pool of naive teenagers that will do anything for his attention. I can imagine their pledge amount and how fuckable he considers them plays a huge role in how he treats his patreons. Becca never had a chance and the only reason he put up with her was the money. Now that she's almost homeless and the money is drying up there is no reason to pretend to be her friend any longer. At the very least if she doesn't continue to be stupid she can get out of it with only losing money. Lainey on the other hand is screwed. The older she gets and the less cooperative she is about bringing in the third the quicker she loses value to her husband. It's clear with all the jabs he's been making at her lately that he doesn't feel like it's worth keeping her around. It's truly sad that it isn't the kids or love that keeps him with her but it's 'proving the haters wrong'.

No. 601129

"Did i tell you guys im a badass who was in the military?"

No. 601130

He just has to specify "Harley Quinn" to make plain feel like shit, just incase she tried to rationalise it or brush it off. He really wants her to feel unimportant and unattractive.

No. 601140

Woah, when did I miss this!?
I know he and Plain have spoken about the daddy thing, but when did they mention the stepdaughter thing? That's nasty.

No. 601141

It truly never occurred to me that he wouldn't have already read her private twitter, and might get mad about the things she tweeted now that it's all out there. I wasn't aware if he did or didn't follow it (hilarious if not), but I figured since they have access to each other's phones that he'd have read it somehow. I mean, if you were married, wouldn't you want to know what was going on with your spouse's sooper sekrit twitter account? Just out of curiosity? But he truly doesn't give a shit about Lainey's thoughts or feelings. In fact, they annoy and inconvenience him.
I wish I could find the video he made around the second Billie breakup where he was angrily ranting about how frustrating it is when your partner continues thinking negative things about themselves even though you tell them otherwise. He was absolutely manic, and he had clearly filmed it in a rush right after a fight, which is probably why it's gone now. It was so clear to me watching that video that he truly thought that him complimenting Lainey should make her stop hating herself, and he was genuinely angry that it didn't, like when he "fixes" his fans, "cured" B's ED etc. He has such a minimal understanding of human emotion and just doesn't want to deal with it (i.e. divorcing Sk for being "too depressed"). No wonder he'd keep far, far away from that twitter page.

No. 601142

A great video idea for Lainey if she ever left Onion would be to suprise him with a new tattoo which is basically his handwriting one with a big line through it and underneath the text 'BE MAD'
Then she films his reaction while serving the divorce papers. It would never happen, but the idea is brilliant.

No. 601144

> says Jess's partner is "mean" for not wanting Jess to stay with her
> has a husband who controls literally every aspect of her entire life, is fine with that
> when B did things like sitting on a guy's shoulders at a concert for a better view of the band, they harangued her for it and gave her threats and ultimatums to win back their trust
> ?????

No. 601148

God she's pouting like a fucking brat making it seem like this girl's partner is overreacting and she can't understand or even fathom a little bit why they might be opposed to it. Instead of maybe reaching out to the friend's partner or even inviting them along or something to gain trust, she pouts like a fucking baby to the internet and acts like a teenager that got told their mate can't sleep over. She's acting EXACTLY like Onion did when Vix said she couldn't come over and just 'play videogames' He raged and instead of wondering why or reflecting on his own behaviour, he went online and screeched about jealous controlling boyfriends not letting them see their friends.

No. 601150

It’s in a video where he’s shitting on DDLG and he says that he likes his partner to call him daddy bc he’s into the stepdaughter / stepmom thing. Something about how the fantasy reflects your kinks aka if u into your partner acting like a little girl then u are a pedo same old shit can’t find video

No. 601151

File: 1542577860785.png (369.86 KB, 780x647, still milking old relationship…)

No. 601154

The Billie on the shoulders thing always annoyed me because Greg continuously hugged Sam and went on that whole spiel about 'it's easier to game when she sits on my lap'
He would defend himself with the creepy hugging and lap sitting and even the body massage with Billie, but Billie is sitting on some dude's shoulder's at a gig and it's blasphemous. Like yeah , I wouldn't want my partner that close to someone of the opposite sex at a random festival either but you can't bitch about that but then go and argue that lapsitting, hugging and body massages are the norm between friends.

No. 601166

He also had a crush on an aunt (possibly related by marriage). That, along with his (fond) memories of Mother Onion screaming the name of her then-boyfriend (another Greg) during sex, and Young Onion receiving topless body massages from her… Seems like the Onion Clan keeps things in the family.

No. 601168

File: 1542580255244.jpg (198.51 KB, 1368x1620, fake tweets.jpg)

In Lainey's stream here >>599761 she says that Sarah confronted her about these fake tweets, believing they were true. Why would Sarah believe they were real tweets if the content of them wasn't real? If "Lainey" was referencing things that didn't happen, wouldn't Sarah immediately know they were fake, or at least be confused?
What I'm saying here is that Sarah has definitely watched Lainey bathe and/or seen her unclothed, probably well before she was of legal age, considering she was only very shortly both at the Swamp and legal at the same time.
I mean, we all knew that, but Lainey has all but confirmed it here by saying Sarah acknowledged those things as being true. Meaning Lainey very probably exposed her breasts and genitals to a minor. Not a lawfag, but that has to be at least somewhat illegal, and is definitely creepy.

No. 601169

File: 1542580623791.png (124.11 KB, 386x494, Untitled.png)

Thank you so much anon for being so dedicated with these quick re-uploads. I appreciate you every tiem.

No. 601170

I personally don't know anyone who goes through their s/o phones unless they are extremely insecure or suspicious. Like you said, Onion could give a shit less what Lainey is doing because even he is aware of how blindly loyal and obsessed she is with him. That's why only she goes through his phone, because she's crazy insecure (with reason). The only time he's ever wanted to go through someone's phone was B's and we all know it's because he was actually infatuated with her.

No. 601172

Sitting on a guys shoulders during a concert is unacceptable, but giving a girl a naked full body massage is something totally innocent friends do. Anus logic is flawless

No. 601173

That divorce really pissed him off kek, and it’s been almost 10 years now.


No. 601174

Also not a lawfag, but I think it really depends. If she was flashing Sarah, then she'd obviously get in trouble for whatever laws get flashers that go around neighborhoods and show their shit to minors. But really if Sarah saw Lainey naked it could really just be more creepy than illegal, unless she was trying to be sexual or purposely showing her genitals to the kid.

No. 601178

Wow, it's disgusting how desperate he is for money. He was salty about her taking a good portion of his cash, but he only mentioned it a few times when it actually happened and was fine because he was making like 80k a month. He doesn't even pay her anymore and it was court ordered to do so in the first place. You can't just bring it up so many years later and demand a refund. This guy is delusional af. Why doesn't he just tell his dumbass wife to go out and get a psychology degree or do something with the college degree he paid for? Ask HER for a fucking refund. That's a waste of money right fucking there. What was it? Four years of college for a degree she's not planning on using?

No. 601179

@ 3:28 "I also really liked her dad" is this the same dude Onion went on a smear campaign against for being a "Child molester"?

No. 601181

That would be amazing anon, but she would have to livestream it or the video would never get made. There is no doubt in mind he would turn violent and attack the camera/equipment at the very least, most likely her as well.

No. 601191

That was the dad of his ex-girlfriend A, who he only dated for like, two weeks in-between longer relationships. The girl who he said had a stinky vag and couldn't have been raped because she was a "slut" or whatever.

No. 601197

He can't just leave her alone.Fucking creep.

No. 601199

I love how he brings up the car crash. Sk got a minor detail wrong and he uses this as "proof" that she didn't care about him.

What you were doing in Montana when you hit the deer, Greg? Oh. That's right! YOU WERE VIOLATING THE MANN ACT BY FUCKING SH!

No. 601201

Well, snakes thrive when they're line bred. Creates the most beautiful colors - and sometimes even an indigo one. kek

What's new. He always talks out of both sides of his mouth.
He's become so boring but I love how much his videos represent his mental stagnation: Since he doesn't have an exciting life (boring, dull and by now quite unattractive trailer-Taylor trender-husband, no friends to hang out with, never leaves his trailer or goes to places to do anything exciting), there's literally nothing he can talk about. He can only revive topics that are a decade old, hoping that his fanbase has gotten younger and doesn't know about it or hoping for his remaining fans to be stupid enough to not remember his old content. Or he just doesn't care. I mean, he's made abundantly clear by now that the few sycophants who worship him are only tolerated for the money they throw at him, and keeping his echo chamber intact.
Having no talent nor any creative bone in his body, he doesn't have anything to offer to anyone, but you know: In the country of the blind the one-eyed man is king.

No. 601204

He missed censoring her last name towards the end but kudos himself for censoring in case she comes back at him for slander.

No. 601205

I have no doubt in my mind that he would react fairly nonchalantly to her divorcing him and taking the kids… UNTIL a few weeks had passed and he realized that he could no longer afford his house, cars, debt payments, alimony, and adult Lunchables, and then he would text her something about "remembering love" to reel her back in.
But not before trying to get laid first, of course.

No. 601206

Anyone know what Skye’s up to? I hope that alimony was well spent/ saved and is living a legal, carefree life away from Onion

No. 601207

File: 1542583786393.png (503.58 KB, 735x543, Untitled.png)

Lainey has Onion's red Manic Panic hair dye ready. Do you think he'll actually lighten his hair this time so it will take?

No. 601208

Eh, it’ll take

No. 601214

She only received $1500 a month which is nothing where she moved to

No. 601217

I am going to send an xmas card to Greg and address it to Mr Gregory and Mr Lainey Avaroe

No. 601219

File: 1542585943561.jpg (40.12 KB, 424x425, IMG_998.jpg)

@8:40 Just refreshing in everyone's mind that Onion and Lainey have a prenup.

No. 601253

File: 1542589109464.jpeg (307.78 KB, 1125x1027, 32CCA766-BFA5-461C-9E9C-0124B5…)

Point and laugh! Greg is sperging the fuck out today.

No. 601255

reviewing a book is stalking now? and how many videos has he made about people even when asked to stop? As with Eugenia for one.

No. 601256

Doesn't mean Lainey cant get child support. Shreg is fucked until bandaid is 18.

No. 601257


again with this bullshit. Why do so many cows pull the stalker card?

So, okay, you put ALL your fucking business online for people to see. You create media (which is SUPPOSED to be consumed). But if anyone critiques it, they're some unhinged hateful stalker? lmao

he's literally such a dumbass.

No. 601266

Not legal unless he had it notarized and even then there are loops holes. Her dad is a real estate attorney. He will be able to get her out of it . I can’t wait !!

No. 601270

He's talking about Strange Aeon's YT review of his book.God what an insecure manlet.He can't deal with anything other than unfettered god-tier praise.Pathetic narc.
Her Onion videos are great btw. Her review of his'music'was hilarious.

No. 601272

I tinfoil that he only thinks she's a creepy stalker because she's never going to be attracted to him. She's a lesbian.

A cute lesbian criticizing him? STALKER.

No. 601277

I've been trying to avoid listening to Greg recently. Did he get a new microphone or is his voice just extra annoying when he's mad?

No. 601278

File: 1542591555039.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, tumblr_p1ad0tO0KL1tsymcro1_400…)

Sarah only said it didn't sound like her not that none of this happened. You're onto something anon. I wish Lane would have spilled when she had the chance.

If Sarah did in fact watch Lainey bathe, it'd be exceptionally disgusting if it was when Sarah was under her guardianship.

No. 601279

I guess he knew better than to be on record saying he "created" """the business"""

No. 601281

Gotta love when people who's job is to literally put themselves out into the public for other people to watch their content/follow them complain when someone who's doing just that doesn't like their stuff. It's always the same with him,, he immediately calls them a "stalker". With this logic every one of his fans is just a stalker since they watch all his content right? How far up your own ass do you have to be to jump to conclusions like that. When in reality people like the girl who made the video about his book just enjoy laughing about how bad his content is and how stupid he is, because let's face it, his stupidity is too hilarious to ignore. That's why we all follow him to an extent. It's entertaining. Also curious how he will respond since every point the girl made in her video was good. Too bad Shregery can't take criticism or he could actually grow as a writer/person.

No. 601284

Good God, the jumpcuts are so hilariously telling.

No. 601289

File: 1542592200372.jpeg (308.16 KB, 1242x1692, B5117094-ACBA-48EB-BD0F-663CF4…)

he’s only ranting about DDLG because onion boy’s husband probably was showing him pictures of binkie princess getting engaged to her boyfriend and i don’t think onion boy’s husband even congratulated her on the engagement

No. 601295

File: 1542592825427.jpg (7.43 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Please oh please someone host a mirror.
sorry for the picture for ants, it's the original thumbnail that apparently he wasn't satisfied with for not being manipulative enough.

No. 601296


As soon as I saw that I immediately read it in the voice from Aldi’s video too. He can’t help himself

No. 601298

File: 1542593002848.png (91.49 KB, 876x158, she's still cuter than lainey …)


He really tried to make her look bad. Even when you catch her mid-sentence or laughing, she's still cute. Sorry Gurg.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1sChVmdxgNXPhq46SMIHxzARsltk-XEGq/view (May still be processing, sorry anons)


No. 601301

The part Lainey kept going on about was that she wouldn't have tweeted those song lyrics. Really, man? The song lyrics? That's what we're focused on? "It didn't sound like me because I wouldn't have tweeted those particular song lyrics, not because I wouldn't bathe in front of an unrelated minor. Because I would definitely do that."

No. 601302

Still baffled that he has the nerve to talk about how others look when his eyes are melty, he has liver spots, a dented forehead, man tits, etc. And his boy wife is a horse face with a chin lump.

No. 601308

video is done processing anons, wish I could sage.

No. 601317

File: 1542595587768.png (514.38 KB, 750x1334, C72ADCCA-0875-4949-9AA3-88780B…)


Binkie hates Anus. She called him Onionfuck. Wonder how Anus feels knowing that his straight wife/gay husband is obsessed with someone who thinks he’s ass?

No. 601318

Watching him pause every 10 seconds and reeeeeee about her voice and appearance whilst avoiding adressing her criticism and reviews in a way that doesn't sound like retarded slurring is just… wow. And the way he just projects that she MUST love him, because so many videos are about him. Oh boy, Shane Dawson and Eugenia should be receiving those love emails any day now guys.

>She's boring

Oh yeh, her content is boring because like most youTubers she sits in front of a camera and speaks to the audience about actual subject matter rather than ripping of her clothes and running around in the forest or an empty parking lot like a spastic monkey. Oh shame on her.

Well I guess if by Gingivitis' logic then yeah, he must love her too. I mean the last person he loved who refused to buy into his BS he called boring too, so, as far as I'm concerned, this is Tru. Because we love faaax here

No. 601319

File: 1542595677033.png (291.49 KB, 750x1334, 89FB3F94-759C-415C-84E4-160054…)


OT but one more. Ogreasion is the LAST one to lecture anyone about kids since he barely acknowledges his. He’s either yelling at them or completely ignoring them.

No. 601320


"legal relationship"

Ugh, I don't know why this sends shivers down my spine every time he says it. Nobody but predators would ever use that term.

No. 601331

LMAO remember when Greg called the strangeaeons chick ugly, then she submitted a photo to his hot or not video as a joke and he rated her like an 8.5?

No. 601332

>Is he now a gay zoophile?

This is the dumbest shit I've heard, so I'm going to tinfoil it.

He said some dumbass quote about his dad, but I don't remember it… Was it also incest?

No. 601336

sleeping cousin.

Sk/Sk's sis you better dl your own copy to add to the huge pile of proof of his continued harassment/vendetta.

No. 601342

He won't ask for a refund till they split. He's too busy using her useless degree as weird flexing.

She's boring because one video is more content than he puts out in a whole week + he can't understand most of the words she uses, more like.

No. 601345

File: 1542599244823.jpeg (333.92 KB, 1125x600, D39D8824-9D61-479F-9253-2DFD62…)

lmao this has to be a dig at Greg and Lainey.

No. 601347

i wish whatever anon leaked lamebot’s private tweets had her new account because i bet she’s shading binkie and her enegagment and crying to her husband who will probably make a video about the engagement and judge DDLG

No. 601348

File: 1542599653174.jpeg (347.58 KB, 1242x1772, E8C139FF-F88E-49F2-8499-634A3C…)

she saw the video and i hope she makes ANOTHER “obsessive” video on him and they just go back and forth. maybe we can get a debate but i don’t want this poor girl to suffer through that

No. 601351

File: 1542599975606.png (228.51 KB, 408x475, 1519783546482.png)

ironic how his first criticism of this girl is her eyebrows…..

uh… dude….

No. 601352

To be fair, we do ridicule Onion for continuously harassing EC and his exes. This girl is doing the same thing he's doing, just toward him. So, they're both creeps.

No. 601354

File: 1542600338427.png (416.99 KB, 431x420, nNo1XEM.png)

He's the last person who should be making fun of someone's eyebrows when his look like this

No. 601356

hilarious how he attacks others for how they look when his wife be looking like this

No. 601357

>me grug

Holy shit this is unfortunate and should be spoilered.

Jess is a degenerate piece of shit but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love this savagery. He is such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 601363

I didn't know they had a lapdog named Amanda

No. 601368

He's just salty that her video got 500k views while most his videos struggle to get 20k views

No. 601369

File: 1542602201765.jpeg (70.1 KB, 611x508, 1160F5F7-1650-4D76-9F8A-C3F217…)

Anon, are you new here?
She’s only made like 5 videos on him while he’s made well over 30 videos on Eugenia Cooney. It’s not the same at all.

No. 601374

What is the average amount of likes/comments on Greg’s instagrease posts?

No. 601375

No, I’m not new and I don’t know how I appear new because I think they’re both creepy. I like how you deleted your original post because it was pointless as fuck. Sorry I don’t eat the ass of every chick that posts their videos in the thread. You aren’t better than Onion if you literally do the exact same thing he does. I don’t even know why people make videos on him instead of letting him get buried in YouTube archives. People like this are just giving him the attention he wants so desperately. Critiquing his music and books are pointless videos. Do something useful like showing everyone what a fucking creep he and his wife are. Get their channels suspended. Something actually funny.

No. 601379

That’s gonna be a yikes from me, dawg.

No. 601381

File: 1542603026628.jpg (357.45 KB, 1464x676, bad.jpg)

"bad eyebrows, bad lipstick, bad hair"
Yeah, you'd know a lot about that, wouldn't you Greg?

No. 601383

I deleted my post because I had more to add. If you think a 33 year old man making 30+ videos of a girl who possibly has an ED for views, money and to satisfy his savior complex to a 19 year old girl who simply criticized his videos, music and books a total of 4 or 5 times are comparable…

Anyway, Greg is completely stupid to think a barely legal lesbian would ever be attracted to his ass. He also calls her ugly but… he’s called her cute previously.

No. 601384

He also was having threesomes and wanted to chain a girl in the basement in the same house where his kids lived, calls mommy a cunt in front of them and often invites complete strangers to visit his house without caring if they can potentially cause harm

No. 601387

Yep, a parent can't sign away a child's right to support from the other parent. Here's hoping Lainey grows a spine and at least stands up for the kids in that respect.

No. 601390

Lmao the butthurt. Anyways she should just keep making fun of his books the narc in him will flip out

No. 601396

Normally I'd agree with you, anon. Every time I see some random Joe Shmo making a new video about him, I'm like, fuck, don't give Gargamel more attention or things to sperg about, god damn it. However, this girl fine to me. I think it's because if she dyed her hair an exotic color and lost a couple inches of height (she's like 5'9"), she'd be totally his type, plus her viewers are more hip youngsters from tumblr who overwhelmingly seem to despise him based on the comments and like ratio. Your typical Joy Sparkles doesn't hurt his ego, but this might. And I know hurting his ego isn't the main point of anything, but it's bonus fun.

No. 601400

Sorry for the wall of text but here is a summary.

Has been divorced for 10 years and is still trying to milk it for clicks.

Says Sk cried when he asked for a prenup. She had told him that it made her worried that he 'didn't love her'.
It's funny because at the end of the video he says he did not love her and that the marriage was just for convenience. Being married allowed him to travel with his best friend and to live together off base. He goes on to lament not getting a prenup as if Sk could predict that he would be successful. In the end she was a big part of his success. She worked outside of the home while he built up his youtube career (funny enough he says her channel was not successful because she didn't work on it as much as he worked on his - I wonder why?) and once he was making enough money he asked her to quit her job and work with him full time. He already had a big following so it makes scene that they would both put their time in effort into the channel that already doing well. Even if Sk wanted to devote more time to her channel Gurg would have have never supported it because he needs to be the center of attention.

Breakdown of expenses and his reasoning why he shouldn't cover them.
Counselor - She didn't need one while she was with me. Like he would ever allow her to see one. When she finally did express that she was depressed he served her divorce papers instead of offering emotional support and the opportunity to get counseling.

Household expenses - She chose to live with her mother and she only payed 800 dollars in rent. (People have to pay more than just rent to be able to live.)

Talks shit about Sk's mom but says he liked her dad and her little sister. We all know about how much he liked her little sister, so much so that he called out her name while fucking Sk.

Greg goes on to cry about how she did not help create his business. Sk was actively helping with the Onision channel since the very beginning. If he felt that she was not a partner why did he not write up a contract in regards to ownership and payment for work rendered? We all know why, it's because it was joint hobby that started turning a profit.

Greg then gets picky about Sk calling him her 'husband' after he served her with divorce papers. I guess he's too dumb to realize you're still considered married until the divorce finalizes.

Whines about how Sk must of not 'gave a crap' about him because she didn't get the location where he crashed the car correct. She knew exactly what he was up to and it's clear the thing that really remained with her about the accident was that when Greg hit that deer he was on the way to fuck the girl he had been emotionally cheating on her with. Greg says he shouldn't of had to buy her a used car because the one he crashed was HIS. (Seeing as they where married and both of them used it as the primary source of transportation it was a shared vehicle.)

Greg starts complaining about how Sk was asking for her lawyer fee's to be covered. He wanted her to stick to the contract he had written up with out her input and then manipulated her into signing. His offer was that he would cover her living expenses for a year as long as she remained under the same roof as him or a 1,000 dollar allotment. With how mentally abusive and controlling he is, plus moving in Sh it would have be hell.

Greg goes on to talk about how suicidal he was because Sk was trying to take away the money he had earned all by himself. He goes on to say how he was diagnosed with major depression while still married to Sk but she was never diagnosed with depression while married to him. Greg conveniently forgets to bring up that his diagnosis was given while he was in the military and he later used it so that he could be discharged as a conscientious objector. If he had said that Sk was the reason for his depression they would of just provided them marriage counseling and maybe individual counselling.

He goes on being very nit picky about wording and dates in order to twist things to his favor. (God help me, I don't know if I can get through this bullshit.) Greg goes on to act like a victim saying that Sk and her sister 'gutted' HIS house and stole the contract he made her sign. (He probably believed everything in the house belonged to him solely except her clothes and toiletries.) The house he would of not been able to by without Sk's help; he had just said a few minutes earlier how Sk worked at target so that they could purchase a house because he wasn't established enough to do it on his own.

Greg does not deny that he sprung the divorce contract on her with no prior notice. Google definitions makes an appearance after he reads the statement about Sk signing the contract under durress claiming that since he did not threaten her with any physical harm or constraint she was committing perjury when she made that claim. In the end Greg feels like Sk was not entitled to anything because she did not contribute anything to the household. The only example of contributing to a household he brings up is raising children. I suppose he doesn't consider supporting him financially while he grew his channel, being an actor in his skits, helping write scripts, and editing is 'contributing'.

His final point is how important prenups are. He claims he is so happy he settled because now Sk is out of his life for good. She was a toxic greedy person who only wanted his money. It just makes me wonder why did he keep in contact with her after their divorce? Even when sending the very last of the alimony payments he had tried to get her home address - it sounds like someone isn't being very honest.

No. 601402


the wholesomeness of this community keeps me coming back. i love you all.

No. 601406

Not to get too far into a tangent, but I recently started watching Nerd City and his use of Greg is more concerning to me. He has featured clips twice (that I've seen) where he has the clip credit in the corner, but not in any way making fun of Greg. I had to go to his second channel to find an actual joke at Greg's expense, and even then it still isn't clear that it's making fun of him.
I think a youtuber with millions of views mentioning Onision is bad, because it sends ignorant people to his channel out of curiosity.
Videos dedicated to showing how bad his book/music is sort of does the opposite, it keeps people from reading his book for themselves out of curiosity.

The video/joke in question:

No. 601408

I always forget it was his plan to have Sk and Sh under the same roof. I mean, that had to be a trinity attempt, right? Just like with Lainey and all their thirds, and just like his self-insert character in his second book, he's been trying to get his dream three-way relationship for a long-ass time – the obedient wife who is more like a "good friend" and the spontaneous fun girl, sexily getting along and simultaneously vying for his love. The way he goes about trying to get there is always the most bizarre twist of logic, though.

iirc he was publicly friends with Sk up through around his second big Sh break-up, no? That's like, nearly a year after they divorced. But sure, you were SO glad to get rid of her.

No. 601420

Funny how he only attacks females, his micropeen is showing.

No. 601424

>Greg goes on to talk about how suicidal he was because Sk was trying to take away the money he had earned all by himself.

As if we needed more proof that he only has two true loves - his money and himself.

>The only example of contributing to a household he brings up is raising children.

Lainey defending, yawn

>now Sk is out of his life for good.

So out of your life you still clearly think about her and make videos about her.

>He claims he is so happy he settled

kek, did you ever, Gurg.

No. 601427

lol he disabled dislikes and deleted probably hundreds of comments on his latest video

No. 601429

Dude! I had the same thoughts too ever since cuddlegate and people thought I was crazy and tinfoiling. hugs

Sadly (if everything went according to Gregma’s plan), I could see Skye just standing there with cold eyes and a tiny smirk a-la-Lainey as Grease verbally and psychologically tortures Shi into submission thinking that at least it’s not her (Skye) being abused for once and is still Gretchen’s #1 gal.

No. 601437

You forgot "low energy, boring, sucks all the fun out of a room"

No. 601439

Attacking someone's looks is what you do when you've already lost. It's the "go-to" move for Greg because he's a childish piece of shit.

No. 601443

File: 1542611572574.png (28.8 KB, 1082x232, Screenshot_2018-11-19 Re I Rea…)

No. 601452

I love how serious and self-satisfied he gets whenever he's listening to a clip of his "music"

No. 601458


>"she wishes I'd fuck her"

Yeah Grug, I'm sure she's dying to get your babycarrot.

No. 601462

Ugh, his framing of what a prenuptial agreement is, so frustrating. Impressionable young people, especially girls, listen to this shit and think it’s romantic to go marry your much older boyfriend, pop out some babies, and have no compensation if that time away from work just leaves you a single parent like Plain is deathly afraid of. Because anything else is just “greed and business”.

That’s as far as I can stand. First video I’ve watched in months and 42 seconds is all I can manage.

No. 601469

File: 1542617570175.png (47.08 KB, 592x438, Untitled.png)

Late night sperg.

No. 601471

File: 1542618047905.png (1.36 MB, 1334x750, 15EBDB8F-6FF7-4A54-A73F-277AB8…)

Holy fuck his response is a dumpster fire. It’s got everything that makes him a cow.

The obviously misogynistic costume (lol wamens wear makeup, how dumb hurr durr)

Making fun of something someone does right before doing it himself (makes fun of her vocal fry then plays clips of him doing the same thing with his voice)

Referring to himself as a veteran

Selecting complimentary comments and burying criticism

Thinking that being attractive to him is important

And a big reminder that criticising his appearance should always be considered on topic, because this fucker is pastey white from over exposing his face to kingdom come while making fun of a very attractive woman’s widow’s peak and eyebrows.

He has no chill; her humour was light-hearted, but his is just manic and malevolent.

No. 601472

File: 1542618297246.png (46.12 KB, 583x404, cry more bitch.png)

No. 601473

File: 1542618404202.jpeg (85.93 KB, 672x749, E2FB0FAB-9034-4B72-9F27-21AD4B…)

This is the face of desperation.

No. 601476

File: 1542618689640.png (44.52 KB, 599x533, it's not that deep.png)

No. 601478

File: 1542618770950.jpeg (27.21 KB, 537x571, DBD54A60-0181-41FB-B936-D01EC8…)

All this unexplained hate, I just don’t know where it comes from. No one ever explains it to me. There’s just no reason. It just comes from nowhere. It’s a mystery.

No. 601479

Don't worry Greggypoo, we all know you're just a dumbass narc at worst. Looking forward to your black & white speaks video or whatever about how mean this girl was to you.


lol is that one of your song lyrics or something? If not, it should be - I can't wait for that too.

He's so mad (and possibly even sad?) this chick didn't take his bait and he got, rightfully, shamed for targeting her. Taylor prob feels hella smug tonight. Assuming Greg even talks to her about it kek.

No. 601482

File: 1542620347866.jpeg (256.52 KB, 1125x845, BCD5F874-0077-4DD2-B68A-C07A58…)

>It’s not my fault people hate me! It’s theirs!

No. 601485

File: 1542621132693.jpeg (138.03 KB, 1125x327, CA3AA3B7-4101-4ECE-9E99-3CA75D…)

No. 601486

>My shitty content is above all criticism.

No. 601491

>Critics can't also be creators

lol ok onion

No. 601495

He says somewhere in there that she spent 20-30k or something on a lawyer and he spent something like 40k. He spent that much on a lawyer and still settled? Obviously he was worried the court would have thought he was the dishonest one if he didn’t “fight for the truth”

No. 601498

File: 1542626003318.jpg (118.56 KB, 1066x502, Screenshot_20181119-121249_Ope…)

No. 601499

File: 1542626604499.jpeg (363.17 KB, 1125x1026, C6F66649-BBD8-4F7C-B236-025A41…)

He deleted a tweet that said he hated hipsters. With a poll asking his teen minions what type of people they hate. How pathetic.

No. 601501

His sperging about feeling depressed after being publicly rejected by an attractive woman.
This level of whininess is reminescent of the Maya rambles after he "felt ugly".

Not a good year for you Greg? Two attractive lesbians don't want you.

No. 601502

This girl is way cuter than his gay husband, but of course he goes for looks because he can't defend his shit book.

No. 601504

20-40k on a lawyer? They are both fucking idiots! I spent $2,000 on my divorce and got one of the best lawyers in Texas.

No. 601505

Her eyebrows were the same as his husband’s

No. 601507

File: 1542629107078.jpg (157.04 KB, 1067x825, 20181119_130358.jpg)

What result is he hoping to get?
Can't see the votes because he blocked me

No. 601509

File: 1542629733492.png (14.92 KB, 364x234, tempsnip.png)

I'm pretty sure this was what he wanted to see.

No. 601510

Is he still up right now? Isn't it like almost 5 am where he lives?

Did he really stay up all week3nd and sperg like a crazy person?

This is more like a severe manic stage of a bipolar cycle.

When he finally tires himself out and conks out, oh his kids and Taylor Elaine are gonna be so happy to have piece and quiet for a few hours.

Onion Boy is really, really really feeling his age and feeling his ugliness. Because he is negging Aeon Flux girl so hard. She has the facial type like B, ali, sh, so, yeah, he sees her as beautiful. So he's tearing her down to make her want to subconsciously defend herself, therby opening up the lines of communication between them.

And more tattoos for Taylor Elaine. Geez bitch, get a hobby! All her tats are of one incestual pedophile, boring!!

No. 601512

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Onion's got a new impossible target to pine after. A gay Canadian that looks similar to his true loves Sk Sh and Bi. Lol. Be mad Onion, are Lameys sharp features starting to upset you?

No. 601513

File: 1542630831448.jpg (154.6 KB, 1080x1089, IMG_20181119_123300.jpg)

He doesn't have the right

No. 601515

Do you ever wonder if Lame just gave up trying to be Onion's type (taurses; soft pretty features, good hair) and just thought "fuck me up fam" and began larping as a non thing. Lainey would love to suck some cock but her self esteem has been utterly crushed with Onion constantly harping on about a third or another girls appearance, or put on that damn Hatley quinn costume and stfu.

No. 601516

A 33-year old man in 2018.

No. 601520

uhm no

No. 601524

He's definitely triggered. He's deleted almost all the negative comments on his strange aeons mocking video.

No. 601526

He harassed her with constant belittling and condescending shit even after she had asked him to stop several times. He also gives the narrative that she’s out there hurting others and blames her fuck ton. Really not comparable to a lesbian memeing him

No. 601529


he did use her phone to text M though, so maybe he does snoop every now and then to check how the search for the next trinity member is going.

No. 601533

I start to think by going off on aeons in his video he actually just needed someone to go off on (like a scapegoat) to rant about his wife.
He attacked her brows > which Lame's are way worse lbr.
He attacked her hairline > his "emo boi tm husband" is literally balding
He attacked the way she speaks > Lamey isn't called Lame for nothing, because the way she talks is so lifeless and boring it puts you to sleep.

Onision isn't mad at strange aeons. He's mad at his wife..or himself for having to stay with his wife. And currently he's having a mental break because it was a reminder that cute girls (who's also a lesbian which we know is his fetish) like strange aeons see him for what he is.

No. 601540

Nah Anon, he went so hard at her and only covered 3 out of 4 of her videos on him because in one he calls her a 9/10 iirc. It really, really rustles his jimmies when a girl he wants to put his dick in laughs at him.

No. 601549

It’s crazy he complains about this girl making like 4 videos about him when he’s made way more about Eugenia and Shane. They could tweet the same thing but he’d be like “I’m being BrUtAlLy HoNeSt” well so is she, get over it, anus

No. 601563

>To be loved you have to lie

Damn straight, that’s what he did when he coerced Lainey into a relationship and then into a marriage where she gets abused, knocked up, trapped, used and had no idea she was marrying into a lifetime of debt that wasn’t her’s! And now she’s just as bad as him.

No. 601594

I honestly LOVE it when attractive women bruise his ego and he acts depressed over it. So good

No. 601606

File: 1542646459769.jpg (428.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181119-175236_Twi…)

Wow, Greg, going after Shane about everything. You are not better then Shane. Let it go.

No. 601607

File: 1542646463768.jpeg (202.73 KB, 1242x1192, B1BD04F8-F937-44BD-ADDD-19417E…)

He’s STILL sperging on Twitter, did he sleep at all? This pissed me off. His wife literally freaked out anytime someone asked if she was bi before he finally convinced her to come out as bi and now he’s going to talk
shit about SD because he didn’t know he was bi. He’s out now and fucking happy with a man. I’m tired of this piece of shit.

No. 601610

It was smart of her to go after his "art". He doesn't really care what you have to say about his personal life, but he's really protective of his books and seeing a critique of one is eating him up inside. I hope she doesn't respond but instead just critiques the other two.

Also commenting "She cute" seems to drive him up the wall.

He's so transparent.

No. 601611

It was smart of her to go after his "art". He doesn't really care what you have to say about his personal life, but he's really protective of his books and seeing a critique of one is eating him up inside. I hope she doesn't respond but instead just critiques the other two.

Also commenting "She cute" seems to drive him up the wall.

He's so transparent.

No. 601612

It was smart of her to go after his "art". He doesn't really care what you have to say about his personal life, but he's really protective of his books and seeing a critique of one is eating him up inside. I hope she doesn't respond but instead just critiques the other two.

Also commenting "She cute" seems to drive him up the wall.

He's so transparent.

No. 601613

It was smart of her to go after his "art". He doesn't really care what you have to say about his personal life, but he's really protective of his books and seeing a critique of one is eating him up inside. I hope she doesn't respond but instead just critiques the other two.

Also commenting "She cute" seems to drive him up the wall.

He's so transparent.

No. 601615

File: 1542647157994.jpg (338.31 KB, 810x1334, Screenshot_20181119-180046_Ope…)

Jesus, he's definitely in his midlife crisis

No. 601616

So when's he going to quit stalking shane
If someone making four videos about onion is stalking then by onions own definition all of his videos and tweets about Shane are indicating that onion is stalking him. Creepy. He just can't get over Shane can he…. He's just so jealous and in love

No. 601618

File: 1542647777902.jpg (136.99 KB, 1059x1146, IMG_20181119_121318.jpg)

Why won't he sperg about this??? I mean it's another woman with B-esque features and he's just glossed over.

No. 601619

When the government sends his ass to jail.

No. 601622

All that shit sounded weird. I'm still not convinced it was even her.

No. 601624

And by that logic both you and your wife/husband have lied about their sexuality.

No. 601625

Did he just go back 5 yrs on shane's twitter to find something to piss on. Or does he have a folder on his computer with screenshots of Shane tweets where he chooses on random which one to upload and sperg about next. Don't know which ones creepier either.

No. 601626

>King of Ash

It's funny how he always changes his name during his melt downs etx

No. 601627

Because she looks too much like him, probably

No. 601628

I'm so confused. He goes on and on about how she didn't marry him for love but for money and that she's a terrible evil person for that. But then there's an entire part where he talks about how he only married her as a friend because of military benefits? He seems to imply he wasn't in love with her anymore after their first breakup. Obviously that's to make sure nobody calls him a lying cheater for moving on to Sh too quickly, but it's so horribly inconsistent.

No. 601629

I've never realized this, but the lipstick really emphasizes that he has weirdly shaped lips. No nitpicking, but I remember Lainey said that his "beautiful" lips are one feature she likes about him best.
Well, so much for that, he kinda ruined that for himself.

Save your money, anon. Just buy yourself a big cup of coffee or invite a friend and have coffee together, and then rejoice in not spending any money on Greg but enjoying it yourself or with a friend.

No. 601631

Old news but he already admitted to using “manipulative language” or lying to get Lainey to leave him alone with a young girl. So no, he doesn’t value ~honesty~ over anything. He uses it as an excuse to feel holier than thou or to insult and belittle others.

No. 601634

>"25 year old straight man here"
Did Gromit really dig up a 5 year old tweet just to virtue signal?

No. 601644

The first three lines sound like he's characterizing Lainey.

>This level of whininess is reminiscent of the Maya rambles after he "felt ugly".

>Not a good year for you Greg? Two attractive lesbians don't want you.

This might be a perfect time to cast some more light on M's leaked messages. Maybe he'll address them this time.

In general he seems to have progressed to the next stage of his narc abuse cycle once more:

Feels threatened - Abuses others - Becomes victim - Feels empowered

No. 601646

Strange aeons or whatever the fuck looks like a model compared to THAT

No. 601657

>He goes on and on about how she didn't marry him for love but for money

What money did he have before they got married? His channel started becoming successful after they got married, unless she could see the future there was no way she could know he was going to become rich

No. 601675

He's just so full of shit.
He would never even had success without Skye. She helped him build his channel, his website, his forums.
She filmed, edited and played characters. And this piece of shit acts like she did nothing but complain.
He just keeps telling himself she was a golddigging, useless woman so he feels better about himself. Just like he keeps telling himself he married her because of friendship.
He did love her, but he met teenage Shiloh who was a successful singer, so he just dumped Skye to get some of Shilohs fans.
Some say when he has the balls to leave Taylor he will make up lies for her.
he couldn't handle being with a man , she was more like a friend to him , he wants to be with a real woman.
Just some kind of bullshit so he can feel good about himself.
He's always making up lies to appear like a good guy in his own head.
If he'd acknowledge that he cheated on every partner he's had and that he's a lying piece of shit, he can't keep up his mOsT hOnEsT yOuTuBeR facade.

No. 601677

File: 1542654952972.png (129.98 KB, 640x1136, 79A1F54D-DB3D-4ACA-A1C0-0A0AFE…)

No. 601678

Extra hilarious because he claims so often they only married because they were ~best buddies and only married so they could play video games every day.
Why would he assume she was marrying for love then?
Why would he not get a pre-nup and take her crying and saying he doesnt love her seriously?
Those 2 points dont make sense if they only married as friends.

No. 601680

File: 1542655607721.jpeg (432.72 KB, 1125x1053, A706C4C5-DEDA-4BD3-8FD4-08F9E3…)

Is this the hill he wants to die on?

No. 601682

File: 1542655851348.jpg (297.71 KB, 810x1248, Screenshot_20181119-203002_Ope…)

Seems like it. I'm predicting another 100 tweets today.

No. 601684

I guess Lainey is homophobic to her parents by lying about her sexuality, according to Onionboy anyway

No. 601685

>if you’re in the closet you’re a liar

Tell that to the LGBT populations in the third world countries you claim to care so much about whenever a natural disaster/bombing happens. Do you suggest they should stop “”lying”” since they’re forced into the closet by governments and citizens who’d sooner have them eat bullets?

You really are a worthless sack of shit, arent you?

No. 601686

I’d say he needs to take his meds but he doesn’t trust doctors/psychiatrists lel

No. 601688

File: 1542656796811.jpeg (349.75 KB, 2048x936, 9024A60E-EA8D-46EE-BF21-C6132D…)

This was attached to his recent tweet.
Who knew he’d be back to calling Shane a pedophile?

No. 601689

>I have all the evidence

Bitch where? Call the fucking police since he's such a raging pedo.

No. 601691

Does he forget that his wife said she isn’t out to her family?

No. 601692

And also that she said she was in denial for years? When she first got married to him and adamantly said she wasn’t bi?

He’s so fucking stupid I genuinely struggle to believe he believes half the shit he spews online. He has to be trolling. Seriously

No. 601693

File: 1542657525889.jpeg (238.01 KB, 1125x562, A1BAC001-BF41-40E5-ACAD-BABF17…)

No. 601694

File: 1542657546097.jpeg (310.71 KB, 1125x678, 04EA1421-F52F-4F0E-B2EE-55ED56…)

No. 601695

File: 1542657566415.png (50.68 KB, 498x159, 61A941C5-C3B9-4732-91A8-1912A7…)

No. 601696

In that video with Selena when someone asked her if she was bi and she said no?

No. 601697

File: 1542657743759.png (523.9 KB, 410x595, 7A9D8657-BE51-4867-8A04-2DBF4B…)

No. 601698

He's deleting his Shane rant

No. 601699

No. 601706

File: 1542658793123.jpeg (587.44 KB, 1125x1007, 43A1620C-EDD7-4776-8328-15750B…)

No. 601707

File: 1542658846711.jpeg (333.28 KB, 1125x840, 267C5F89-969C-479B-9D5F-14D1F6…)

True motive detected: bitch wants praise. In other news water is wet.

No. 601710

Fuck off greg people knew SR and Cyr were shitty before you said a thing.
However you want praise for making false allegations against shane with no proof? Even if he was one, You're not doing anything to save anyone, You haven't called the police or made any reports. This isn't in childrens best interest its purely self serving. So even in the hypothetical scenario that you are right about shane, You still come out looking like an ass thats exploiting the hypothetical victims for your own gain.

So either way, You're a fucking tit.

No. 601717

File: 1542660166873.png (26.39 KB, 582x281, sure jan.png)

No. 601719

File: 1542660659643.png (27.14 KB, 589x327, Screenshot_12.png)

No. 601725


Was there something about Lame back then that made everyone suspect she was bisexual? Was Gerg planting the seeds with his audience or something that anyone can remember?

No. 601728

Pretty sure people found accounts with her name on a teen social media site stating that she was bi.

No. 601729

When was he ever friends with Shane? Give it up Onion. He has no fucking evidence and was never saying this shit until some dumbass channel created a video and immediately deleted it.

I’m pretty sure only one person asked her just to ask her. It is possible he was trying to tell his audience that, but I’m pretty sure she was just answering questions and someone randomly asked it. No one knew anything about her at the time and she had absolutely no personality so you couldn’t even try to speculate anything about her.

No. 601730

File: 1542661530139.png (26.13 KB, 584x281, chrome_2018-11-19_15-01-19.png)

No. 601731

File: 1542661538377.png (70.93 KB, 596x732, Screenshot_13.png)

No. 601732

I tried to read all his circular logic about why his joke about skyping 6 year old boys is obviously different than shanes joke about a young girl eating a hotdog, but I just can't.

Sad thing is, I think Gurg truly believes he is being honest. He believes all the shit he spews out and believes his own demented explanations for why he changes his story and makes hypocritical comments.

No. 601733

Because one person isn’t enough for you, kek. That has to suck. Lame knowing she’ll never be enough for him. He’ll always dream about bringing another girl into the house and she’ll have to deal with the stress of either allowing him to fulfil his dream and break her heart or tell him no and be absolutely hated by him.

No. 601735

File: 1542662274983.jpg (438.4 KB, 810x1862, Screenshot_20181119-221455_Ope…)

>You should never have to convince your partner to be poly

Oh, is that why you constantly search for a new teenage girl and why you pressure Taylor into getting another girlfriend?
I'm sure she talkes 24/7 about how much she wishes to get you another new girlfriend to fu…cuddle with!

No. 601736

She was on a teen dating site looking for boys and girls while dating David. lainey is a THOT

No. 601737

exactly. cant help but feel if lainey had left for good after cuddlegate 1.0 he'd have dropped the poly shit and been monogamous with billie lmao.

No. 601738

>if their interests do match

plain stated SO many times she didn't want to be poly, she "was not on board with that decision" and it was gregs desire the whole time.i think the only time she spoke positively of being poly was long after billie had gone and she was safe lol

No. 601739

>>Shane is an ugly pig with poor hygiene
Oh Gurg you and your kindergarten level insults. If ya can't make a valid point just mock someones appearance and hygiene.
Nah he wouldn't he'd try to get another chick into the relationship. He thinks all his relationships failed because of the other person, its NEVER his fault. He will never understand that he's the common denominator in all his fuck ups.

No. 601740

Damn, this pedo's comebacks are as bad as his books.

And everyone's giving him exactly what he wants, which is attention. He's like a child who says hateful things cause they know it'll make mommy give them attention, even if it's the bad kind and you may get a time-out.

No. 601741

My question is why Twitter hasn't suspended his ass yet. That'd be nice.

No. 601742

File: 1542663852702.jpg (351.45 KB, 1080x1138, 20181119_223956.jpg)

What is his problem?

>remember when you said this thing about yourself and then it turned out not to be true?

>I was told this and then I was proven wrong! I know my life better than you!

It shows that he hasn't slept last night

No. 601744

"none of the native side made it to me genetically" hahahah k

No. 601745

He must have heard from the government today.

No. 601746


And yet Lainey put Shane much higher on the list of youtubers she wanted to marry and still watches his videos to this day. Even her screenname nearly ended up being shane-related. Says a lot more about Onion than Shane

No. 601748

Took a lot of convincing laim for you, onion. Like, for you to cuddle billie whilst aroused, she wasn't cool with that was she? Your poly relationship was entirely forced according to laim, unless laim is a liar. So did you force her into it or is she a liar? Even onion himself admitted in his shitty draw-my-relationship-problems videos that lame was uncomfortable with the threesomes, what did Greg do? Demand his right to do whatever he wanted with the new girl EXCLUSIVELY. even by his own admission and lames he was extremely pushy and forceful with the poly shit

No. 601752

This is the most non-answer I've ever seen. No, the evidence even from your own videos and your husbands p r o v e o t h e r w i s e

No. 601759

File: 1542665169633.png (20.94 KB, 584x238, suing people is threatening to…)

No. 601762

Oh really Gerg?
You constantly put your family in danger, because you're an egomaniac who doesn't give a fuck about what consequences your daily bullshit has.
If you'd act like a decent human being no one would need to "threaten your family"

No. 601763

He's being so intentionally misleading. Shane sent him an email saying he didn't want to take legal action against greg because it would negatively impact his family. That isn't "threatening to hurt" them.

No. 601766


Agreed. Onion wouldn't be monogamous with Billie and use her bisexuality to his advantage.

Before Lamey came out as bi, her teen dating profile was found like other anons mentioned. Lameo and Onion were already married. The Lame One denied being bi, and neither addressed the profile publicly. At that time, it was believed Onion didn't trust bisexual partners because he made several vids and posts over the years stating how bisexuals were by nature going to cheat.

Deep down, though, Onion just wanted to be included.

With his then Lame wife actually having sexual curiosities towards the same sex, Onion encouraged her to explore them under the guise of being a supportive husband… A man who couldn't be jealous of his bio female partner being with another bio female. This was totes at odds with the same Onion who shamed previous gf A for receiving a massage from a woman because she, as a bisexual, is naturally prone to cheat, evidently turned down threesomes in his past, and showed jealousy towards individuals to whom previous were partners attracted regardless of bio sex.
He changed his tune within a few months. After facilitating and playing the supportive role in the journey of his wife's sexual orientation exploration, he became an active participant who showed jealousy or sense of unfairness that he wasn't as involved with the person that he originally encouraged his wife to date for her self. Then, his wife was being selfish for her jealously and mistrust.

But Onion has a history of retroactively altering his (and Lame's) past actions/motivations to fit his present narrative. Poly was always on the table when he encouraged Lame to date women, and he implies that he simply introduced the idea to Lame as shown in >>601735.

The only time Onion admits he did anything wrong is when it's on his terms, and when things are on his terms it's a benefit to him mentally, emotionally, socially, or tangibly (materially). It's not something he does for the benefit of the other person after consciously considering their perspective/situation without any benefit to himself (real or imaginary). If he ever suddenly confirms all that Lame said about him pushing poly and being a selfish shitbag about her sexual curiosity, he's expecting something positive in return (like asspats from his delusional and impressionable fanbase about his wise bullshit epiphanies).

No. 601767

File: 1542666166505.jpg (57.48 KB, 710x171, sperg.jpg)

Funny how self-destructive he is. There's a direct correlation between him sperging out and him losing fans.

It's not just haturrrzz that find his tweets objectionable. His own fans can't stand him.

No. 601768

So bizarre how he's trying to preach this "beauty comes from within" bullshit while constantly berating others for their physical appearance. He can't even claim that he only insults "bad people" on their looks. All book critic girl did was insult his writing and he tore apart her appearance

No. 601773

He looks like an angry Funko Pop that a child scrawled on with red crayon, he needs never to talk shit about another person's appearance ever

No. 601775


It's probably because he found her attractive (who wouldn't?) and he is desperately trying to convince himself that she's ugly.

No. 601776

File: 1542668151048.jpg (346.48 KB, 809x1375, Screenshot_20181119-235501_Ope…)

Jesus Greg, help Taylor with the kids instead of sperging on Twitter like an autist

No. 601777

He's so immature and hypocritical its hilarious. You tell him his book sucks, he calls you ugly. You tell him he's a creepy old man, he calls you a cunt. You try to avoid him, he calls you a smelly pedo. It's almost like he doesn't have an actual argument and has to turn to shitty playground insults to feel like a "winner"…

No. 601779

Fuck someones in a bad mood today and is extra spergy. Maybe anon here >>601745 is right and he got a friendly call from the IRS today and is feeling extra self pity. Whatever it is it's entertaining as fuck to see a nearly 40 year old act like such a immature cunt. I can just see it now, Greg smashing at the keyboard, red faced, dripping with grease as his children and wife watch in fear as he screeches "THIS IS ALL BECAUSE SHANE WOULDN'T BE MY FRIEND!"

No. 601780

File: 1542668876876.jpeg (92.96 KB, 750x480, 831DCF14-9F38-4100-BAFB-AA5F69…)

No. 601783

But gerd is a slut by his own logic. You should be ashamed and cut your own filthy mini-snausage off. Spare your manly husband from disease, gurg, be human.

No. 601784

He wasn't honest though? He's got videos where he admitted he manipulated the situation. He was trying to have his cake and stick his dick in it too.

None of this applies to slutty lesbians. I guess they're ok!

No. 601786

File: 1542670245766.jpg (105.39 KB, 880x732, lol_be_mad.JPG)

Greaseystein's spergs are unknowable and mysterious, but we can be 95% certain >>601745 is partially right. The neighbor Smegenstein reported anonymously (because COWARD) for cutting his cattails down responded like an adult to the County instead of sperging, frothing, and hiring a retarded dipshit lawyer and got off, the case is resolved and closed. (Credit to Kiwi)

Smegma must must be SEETHING lol

No. 601788

This is truly a golden age of Gurgenstein because he thinks he found a new way to get somewhat popular and get new, naive, underaged fan/victims in his greasy web - he's trying to be ultra W O K E because he's on this SJW kick (probably after seeing how his ugly Husband got so many tumbrlina fans simply by existing/whining in front of a crinkly Bi flag) trying to be the bestest LGBTQetc ally. Contrast to his prior "in the name of comedy" non-PCness (only works if you're actually funny, Smerg, you narc fuck).

He's already fucked it up by not only speaking over ACTUAL black women, transpeople, and gays as the wise fucking white man savior (LOL)- he also just can't help but show just how misogynistic and backwards he is. It really just highlights how utterly retarded and shallow he is.

No. 601789

not everyone is phobic of condoms, grundle.

No. 601790

Don't be mean, they just don't make them to be measured in millimeters. Poor Gergles

I wonder if his husband's clit is bigger than his microdick

No. 601791

File: 1542671153181.jpg (76.08 KB, 399x261, Fingercot.jpg)

Some one should tell him about fingercots.
Im sure they would fit snug.

No. 601797

These Twitter spergs really just drive home what boring and unfulfilling lives the Onions live. I live in the same county and there’s so much to do in Washington, but Gerg and Lame are content to just waste away in their swamp and be bitter. Meanwhile YouTubers like Shane and Pewdiepie are out doing things with friends, enjoying their lives and partners, while Gerg just shrieks into the void, desperately grasping for relevance as his numbers continue to drop. It’d be sad if it wasn’t all his own doing.

No. 601805

Foot fucked him the same day she met him in person, a lot of people would consider that slut behavior. I wonder what his definition of slut is

No. 601809

> I live in the same county and there’s so much to do in Washington
For real, two great sunny (and cold) days in a row with beautiful views of the mountains and wonderful sunsets. But nah, Daddy has to cackle to himself while dressed up like a girl he wants to fuck; and then daddy has to stay up until 5 AM ranting on twitter. Sorry kids!

No. 601810

There was also the sexual encounter with A the first day he met her. He's the real slut here.

No. 601811

Nice selfpost

No. 601812

The incel definition: any woman who has sex with anyone who isnt Onion, that's a slut in his mind. And if they used to have sex with him, but don't anymore, and them ever thought about having sex again, they are SUPER sluts.

No. 601821

Exactly. And from what we know about A, he forces himself onto girls the second he gets them in the room. We still don’t know how Lainey and Greg hooking up even started. If I’m being honest here I’m a little confused. From what we know Lainey has only had sex with one other person and it was someone she was uncomfortable with and who supposedly raped her. Are we seriously to believe that a girl who is inexperienced and has never had actual sex they consented to just willing to hop on a desk and fuck? The very first day they are with the guy in person? I just can’t imagine Lainey being like “yeah, fuck me on this desk.” After her last and only other sexual experience?

Kek, I thought the same.

No. 601827

File: 1542677246224.gif (178.53 KB, 275x132, 1541563157286.gif)

It would be believable if Taylor lied about her sexual past. Also if her private conversations with Greg were sexual and focused on how much they would fuck when they finally met….. but Taylor would never lie or misrepresent herself.

No. 601830

Probably a bit of coercion, probably a bit of sexual expectation, probably a bit of slutiness. All of it. Greg was probably extremely forward and sexual, and she probably was thinking "I'm so rebellious! The third sexiest guy off my YouTube list wants me!" and it was probably planned upon in their messages leading up to the event.

No. 601844

Gurg uploaded another video about strange aeons. This girl really managed to get under his skin, Hope she makes video reviews of his other masterpieces as well.

No. 601850

File: 1542679860738.jpeg (411.71 KB, 1125x870, 0ABE8980-FD29-4F77-ABB3-CA9388…)

He changed the title of his “reaction” video on Strange Aeons. She definitely got under his skin.

No. 601856

based on the 100% positive comments on the latest video, it seems he's not done spending all his time deleting comments.

but all I heard is that he can't take criticism and LITERALLY (kek) can't figure out why people dislike him.

He just needs to get off the internet for an extended period of time and do some serious introspection

No. 601860

Because he doesn't really care about people making countless videos on his personal life unless they're popular enough to get him views. The book critique got under his skin because usually only his patrons read his writing and they obviously aren't going to say anything negative about it. We all saw what happened when Beck or w/e her name was offered to proofread for him.

No. 601861

Sage for blogging but I work in wellness/assault survivor office for a college and lainey for sure falls into one of the two categories of how rape survivors express their sexuality after an abusive relationship (from what I’ve noticed)

1) hypersexual/promiscuity (hooking up suddenly and making impulsive decisions in general)

2) Sex denial, as in pretending they never experienced it or ever even dated before.

She’s for sure number uno. It isn’t strange for people to hook up right after an assault. Greg 100% deliberately chose a damaged teen girl who would see him as god and get married in two seconds for a sense of stability. That’s not to say Lainey is a victim right now in her life, anyone can tell she knows how shitty he is and I personally believe she doesn’t even love him that much, she’s with him to prove the haterz wrong. She’s learned how to be abusive to others now because she’s infantilized herself.

No. 601876

All he had to do here was say "I tried to force my partner into poly and it was a disaster insert dumb cuddlegate videos" and he would've been fine, but he just HAS to be there righteous one. If he admits that his attempt was a massive failure largely due to his own greed then he wouldn't feel confident enough to sperg about doing poly "the right way".
You know he's secretly eating it up that this guy is so impressed at his ability to pull young pussy regardless.
His knowledge of sex and sexuality is so lacking sometimes im surprised he ever managed to put it in the right hole long enough to get Plain knocked up.
Um, anon they were in a LEGAL, LOVING RELATIONSHIP. You can't be slutty with someone if you're dating and "in love" okay. That's why Greggy poo always makes sure to say I love you on the first date, because then it means the relationship is real and the sex is "lovemaking".

No. 601886

He deleted the second video he made about the girl who read his book. I wonder why

No. 601892

which one is that? the only ones I saw were the one in the wig and then the "boo hoo please listen to me whine about the mean girl who hurt my feefees" one

No. 601893

He's just throwing everything in a desperate attempt to see what sticks, yikes.

No. 601896

God, he really does keep computer documents on all this dumb shit. As if we needed proof.

No. 601898

File: 1542688740837.png (403.51 KB, 767x668, please, listen.png)

I suppose he's going to continue to whine into the void. Perhaps some kind anon can let us of know there is any milk.

No. 601901

I understand what you are saying, but I'm pretty sure Lainey didn't hook up with Greg right after. I think it was months after. And even then, I still don't get it. I just can't believe that a girl inexperienced who has only ever had sex while being forced into it missionary style would be all for hopping on a desk for her second sexual experience with someone. If we're being honest here Greg doesn't give a fuck about what anyone has gone through unless he can use it to try and paint himself as a better person. So, I feel like he probably started groping her and put her on the desk the way he started forcing himself onto A. At that point though, Lainey had already allowed someone to treat her like shit sexually, so she probably didn't even think to tell him no. Obviously tinfoiling, but I just find Lainey to be so awkward, she can't even kiss someone. I just don't see her being that sexual in the beginning.

ntm she is in a relationship with someone who has basically said he believes men are entitled to their wive's bodies no matter what and a wife can't say no. she's done everything else to make him happy, including allowing him to use female pronouns while they have sex even though it triggers her, so why wouldn't she let him do whatever he wanted with no complaints? which kind of sounds like assault now that I think about it. if being called she/her really triggers Lainey so much, which I truly believe it does now only because she's said it does so much that she's convinced herself, how can you enjoy sex when your husband is using words that supposedly trigger you?

No. 601902

"My spouse", you mean your husband. Stop disrespecting him.

No. 601903

Sometimes she's non-binary, sometimes she's trans, however she will always include the #onisionsgirlfriend tag to her videos. Both of them have gotten to a point in which they physically can't tell the truth nor can they keep up with their lies.

No. 601907

kek, I can't wait until Lainey comes out as a transboi, if she ever does, because Greg will NEVER call her his husband. Eventually that's going to fuck with her. It'll be so obvious that he chooses to call her his "spouse" because he will never want anyone to think he's married to a man. If he ever did call her his husband, he'd be sure to follow it with "he's trans tho!" He's only alright with calling himself gay because she's got a vag.

No. 601910

Twitter probably has a separate set of rules for blue check marks. Unless he kills someone irl they won't do shit.

If beauty comes from within then throw away all your make up and stop editing your footage and photos. Also, stop making rating videos that are appearance based, etc… Hypocrite.

No. 601913

Reading some archived threads about Lainey's education in psychology reminded me that I knew a couple like Gerg and Lainey in college. He was a hot mess who full of himself and she was a psychology major and I was just like, "Whyyyy? Anyone can see from a mile away that he's mentally unstable and shit partner material. Why is someone who is specializing in mental health choosing to be with him?"

I wonder if women like Lainey go into the psych field because they have problems themselves and are hoping they'll be able to self-medicate their self esteem and/or fix their partner.

I almost feel bad about how severely she gets in her own way. If she's educated, then she's clearly smart enough to know better, she seems to be self aware of her situation and her pos husband's behavior, and yet she's not proactive enough to take charge of her own happiness either for herself or her kids. She's like an incredibly lame poor man's Harley Quinn caricature at this point.Just waiting for her to start calling him Puddin'

No. 601921

Laineythot was making jokes about doing splits on her abusive bfs dick so yeah.

No. 601922


Ew, don't compare them to the Joker and Harley. Onion loves the Joker.

No. 601926

Really? Because when I watched a clip of his response to Strange, I thought he was trying to mimic the Joker's laugh. Now it makes sense.

Are you serious? When? That's a little bizarre if you were so traumatized by someone who was so abusive, why would you joke about them sexually?

No. 601927

He had to spend 40k because no lawyer would take him on as a client for anything less. Shed spent 20k cause her lawyer had to put up a lot of extra hours to deal with his spergs and bullshit claims.

No. 601928

File: 1542694004599.jpg (139.4 KB, 1024x1024, CSsqVRjVAAAuJpX.jpg)


Yeah, he's obsessed.

No. 601930

And his obsession with Harley Quinn and dogs is really sick.
Hes brought it up so many times with his discordfags.

No. 601934

Lainey looks so uncomfortable. He's so fucking creepy, you can tell from his face that he actually believed himself to be the Joker in that moment. Was this in the beginning of their relationship? It's so fucking weird because you know they weren't roleplaying like normal couples. Lainey probably had no idea that he was actually convincing himself that she was Harley Quinn. How fucking weird and uncomfortable. Especially with how awkward she is. There's probably some crazy ass shit that we don't know because she keeps everything a secret. She probably has so many "wtf is happening i don't like this" moments that she just deals with.

No. 601935


He once said that he would never see a therapist because his "words will hurt their feelings" or some shit like that. He already thinks he is the Joker, he has for a very long time.

No. 601936


Where did the dog part come from? I find that bizarre, and how he tries to say hetero men are into bestiality.

No. 601938


Don't feel bad for her. She constantly says he's perfect, the best person in existence, everyone else is the problem. Besides, she's always smug. She looks smug there for some weird reason.

No. 601939

He spends most of the video calling Strange Aeons a stupid bitch and going on about how he is the real victim because her videos get the views he can only dream of getting nowadays. It's basically his Blaire White video all over again where he spent the whole video calling her a cunt and a bitch as well. He really hates being criticized by women.

No. 601940

I wish I could find the stream I capped where he talks about the "Harley Quinn being ravaged by dogs" hentai hes watched. He even tells them the words to search for and you can hear his teenybopper fans are freaking out and squealing in horror as they type in the search words and actually see the results. He immediately starts backtracking when the girls seemed grossed out about it and he realizes he may have done something illegal by pointing them in the direction of that type of pornography.

No. 601944

That's it! Greg wants to dye his hair red to be like James Holmes, who also called himself the Joker.

No. 601945

I'd be extremely interested to see that.

No. 601947

I don’t, I don’t get people who pretend she’s some victim. I just think it’s funny because she thinks it’s couples dressing up, but he’s got weird ulterior motives.

wtf what is his obsession with showing people porn. that’s like a creep. when you read about people who are into CP and shit, they always show their victims porn as a grooming tactic. that shit isn’t edgy or funny.

No. 601956

>I made a lot of good points and for some reason a lot of you just heard me making fun of her eyebrows. I made fun of her eyebrows like four times in a 26 minute video… pretty sure it's like four… maximum of eight.

I wonder if he flip-flops like that when talking about his cock size.
>its 12 inches, maybe 8, okay maximum of 4 inches.

No. 601959

Greg only has sex with people he loves, I'm sure the same for Lainey and A. THEREFORE, they are not sluts. Except for A and her smelly vagina etc etc

No. 601961

If Sk was just his friend, and not someone he loved, then that is so slutty and gross of him. What a skanky ho!

No. 601968

And he pretends he's fucking Harley when he dresses Taylor up.

tbh it makes perfect sense, but only if you don't actually know the lore. Like all those Suicide Squad fangirls and ppl who think it's #GOALS

Neither of them are deep or complex like the fictional fucking characters, though.

No. 601970

To be honest if you searched "Quinn" in his topics you'd probably find it pretty easily. But I think when it originally happened we were on temp.

No. 601978

Can confirm and do remember seeing this. Believe it is on the threads somewhere as it was discussed here (don't know about temp couldn't keep up with that shit) talking to minors about bestiality rape porn. Classy, greg

No. 601979

Sauce? Was this in a recent stream?

No. 601980

File: 1542705115335.webm (7.83 MB, 853x480, doghent.webm)

Here you go. Greg admits he masturbates to bestiality hentai.

No. 601987

File: 1542708219301.webm (3.67 MB, 144x108, Greg Talks About His Favorite …)

And here's another time he talked about his favorite Harley Quinn video.
Sorry for the quality, he was playing a video game and my capture program only grabbed the small screen overlay of him so its low quality.

At 00:35 you hear him mumble under his breath
>this is so fuckin' illegal
He knows what hes watching and encouraging his fans to search for and watch is illegal.

He seems to really be bonding with Fatbecca over it. I bet you if he had flown her down to the swamp she would of let him do anything to her, and I mean ANYTHING!

No. 601988

"She's in love with me"
So Greg is "in love" with all the people he obsessively posts videos about? All his exes? Eugenia Cooney? Jacklyn Glenn? Binkie Princess? Shane Dawson? How did he manage to let that slip?

No. 601990

>"I ended our friendship."

Did you now Greg? Did you now?>>601688

No. 601991

>is it one dog or three dogs?


No. 601994

Hmm kind of like he prob very recently got criticized by his own mother for not telling his kids to behave?

Makes sense. The grudge he's been holding over Shane really does come across like a scorned ex.

The fact that there are two videos about this kills me. The first time he shared his little secret and people's reaction was initial horror he should've realized normal people think you're a sick fuck for admitting to this but he keeps bringing it up.

No. 602001

>The fact that there are two videos

I personally have heard him mention it 4 times. Some were just mentioning it and discussing it for 30 seconds. But he continues to talk about it again and again. Its like the husband or boyfriend who brings up deviant sexual acts to his girlfriend/wife. He doesnt ask her to do it right away, but just brings it up for discussion. He may even pretend to be disgusted by it, but each time he brings it up, its a little less icky and he tests the waters to see if shes cool with it.

No. 602002

>The fact that there are two videos

I personally have heard him mention it 4 times. Some were just mentioning it and discussing it for 30 seconds. But he continues to talk about it again and again. Its like the husband or boyfriend who brings up deviant sexual acts to his girlfriend/wife. He doesnt ask her to do it right away, but just brings it up for discussion. He may even pretend to be disgusted by it, but each time he brings it up, its a little less icky and he tests the waters to see if shes cool with it.

No. 602003

Onion "its so weird but then you see HQ tits and smolboner Go watch the end Becca with HQ tongue hanging out it feels so great to see HQ that turned on!!"

God, maybe there's a reason Lainey wants to lob her tits off, her husband's top kink is dog porn and bouncing tits

No. 602006

He has already called her husband. She tweeted about it in her private twitter

No. 602010

OK let's be real he's actually being homophobic and creepy since he knows she's a lesbian. Saying she is in love with him is basically denying her sexuality. He thinks he's exempt from homophobia because of his lesbian fetishizing. Whereas it just proves how much disrespect he has towards lesbians.

No. 602012

He has one of the worst lesbian fetishes I've ever seen. It's like half the normal male fetish for seeing two girls together and half a weird obsession with being the "exception" for a lesbian.

No. 602013


You see a LOT of couples dressed as Harley and the Joker at conventions. It's always the same type of couple too. You know the type I mean.

What I'm trying to say is it doesn't surprise me at all that Greg and Lainey are that type of couple.

No. 602014

Yes! Been thinking about this and honestly I’m surprised it’s not talked about more. He reduces lesbian women to their sexuality for his own sexual gratification and that’s so fucking weird. Normal dudes are more like oh lesbians cool while he’s obsessed. There’s nothing romantic or humane in his view of lesbians, it goes all straight to kissing and sex. He’s one of the biggest perverts out there.

No. 602028


Yep. He has a weird mix of a severe lesbian fetish and a madonna/whore complex. That's why he keeps trying to create muh trinity, composed of one safe domestic maternal type woman (the madonna) and one wild child blue-haired edgy girl (the whore).

No. 602065

File: 1542725403882.jpeg (58.46 KB, 521x529, C96FBAAD-F834-4B95-8590-36395F…)

No. 602114

File: 1542730526963.jpg (67.49 KB, 521x529, 154272540447463.jpg)

Im waiting for Podcast 8, where Gregory teaches us science.

No. 602117

Aren't podcasts usually 2 or more people discussing something rather than just one person rambling for half an hour uninterrupted?

No. 602119

>>602114 i hope he teaches us how he didnt get his grandmas "native american" genes

No. 602125

He's a horrible author and can't write down a good or coherent sentence / paragraph to save his life. How do you expect him be able to have an educated discussion or even form coherent thoughts when he speaks?

He's not only bad at filming and editing, he's also really bad at communicating in general.
lol be mad

No. 602126

>"Oh I remember you talking about that… a few years ago" LOL
>considers himself a "gamer", doesn't know what CGI stands for

No. 602130

Good GOD, there is nothing quite so pathetic than an "enlightened atheist" pretending to know the Bible. Oh wait there is, a 32 year old "enlightened atheist" pretending to know the Bible.

t. Atheist

No. 602132


33 going on 42.

No. 602137

>"Some of you, maybe one or two, think I'm fucking out of my mind; which is… great. Some people are incapable of like… actually thinking. Like, for instance, like… I want you to listen to me like you would listen to,
like, your best friend… or some shit, y'know? Because then you give me a chance laughs If you listen to me like someone you fucking hate, or whatever, you're gonna hate every single thing I hear, I say. It's it's amazing how like someone says something online and you can just… shit all over it or whatever; but someone says something to you sitting right in front of you and it's totally different approach for a lot of people. Give concepts a fair chance regardless of who it comes from."
>t. Guy complaining about Google interpretations of the Bible without any attempt to contextualize it.

No. 602141

File: 1542733227138.jpeg (60.98 KB, 1125x350, 320FB84F-EC8B-47E2-8E7D-E186CC…)

Looks like someone can’t take the heat.

No. 602149

> most all
> Bye guys.

The butthurt is real.
Let's see how soon he returns to twitter because he's bored with and annoyed by all of his cash cows; I'll give him a generous five days.

No. 602157


It's so annoying how he always writes "most all" or "most every" instead of "almost all/almost every". I realize it's not technically grammatically incorrect, but it's so outdated and old-fashioned.

No. 602162

I think he doesn't know the word "majority" exists, or maybe he just can't pronounce it.

No. 602164

>outdated and old-fashioned
You described Greg in a nutshell there.

Tinfoil but what if he even tried to push poly with Alicia and Skye? I know it’s a disgusting thing to think about but from what we know about Greg (and the fact he said Alicia’s name during sex) it really doesn’t seem like a huge stretch.

No. 602172

I bet it's going to be very educational, I'm excited to learn about DNA from someone as smart as Greg. If it's as insightful as his cult podcast we are in for a treat.

No. 602173

It depends. There are podcasts with only one person, but in that case they're usually more structured and well researched on the topic they're discussing. They're also usually 30-45 minutes, not just 15…

No. 602174

There is no DNA podcast anon, it was an edit

No. 602175

File: 1542737038268.png (82.89 KB, 746x835, 1519057231763.png)


Definitely haven't heard that one before.

No. 602176

I was thinking the same thing! Wonder how long it will last this time. If memory serves, last time he barely lasted a week. What an idiot.

No. 602177

>most every
Wow it’s like a broken record.
What was this sperg about? Making fun of the Texas floods?

No. 602178

This is so embarrassing to listen too. If he was a teenager I'd give him the benefit of a doubt you can sometimes understand his point but he's just so uneducated and ignorant he can't construct a sentence to convey what he thinks. He also over explains very simple concepts to the point they lose sense and then he giggles? He keeps laughing at nothing, I wonder whet percent of his podcasts are him laughing at non jokes, it's almost as if he's split personality and the other personality is mocking him. What a raging retard

No. 602180

He's changed his tiers on patron again. Lowest tier is $3 highest $100, costs $50 for his twitter. The number of patrons don't make sense with his monthly income, there's got to be some patrons paying higher than $100.

Hilarious how he can con uglies out of money but if a pretty girl insults him everything is pointless and he becomes suicidal lol

No. 602194

Disgusting thought but totally believable. I remember how he described Alicia as easily weirded out by him or something like that on his old website, I bet he was a total creep towards her. I wonder if she was still underage when he screamed her name during sex with Skye (writing that makes me throw up in my mouth).

No. 602196

Different anon but I also couldn't figure out if the DNA podcast was real or not so I assumed it was real considering his current mental state. You never know what's an edit these days cause with the onion even the dumbest shit is possible

No. 602197

I have a tinfoil that lainey won't leave because she literally would do anything for grease. Remember what he accused shiloh of? Getting a dog to lick her crotch and it bite her?

At this point I wouldn't be surprised if lainey let dobbs mount her to please greg.

No. 602203

He also treated her like shit and made her cry a lot for talking back to him, telling her she “didn’t deserve to look at me” in his Sicesca letter

No. 602204

File: 1542740901222.png (12.87 KB, 542x113, 45433.PNG)

He couldnt leave quietly.

No. 602205

File: 1542741189687.png (32.37 KB, 209x599, Capture.PNG)

23 names in the video credits, that should look real nice

No. 602208

The whole vid is pretty much "im the most honest person ever, stop making fun of me haters reeeee"

No. 602212

File: 1542742764028.jpg (31.53 KB, 400x322, 91123.jpg)

Yea, I hate myself for giving him the view, but I had to.
I cant believe that one girl broke him. Am I wrong or does it seem like his whole rant was him fuming over STRANGE ÆONS and how she made fun of his books, music and looks.
Her making fun of his looks seems to have really hit a nerve.

No. 602213

File: 1542743126458.png (42.52 KB, 217x182, Opera Snapshot_2018-11-20_1944…)

No. 602214

You laugh but this seems like something he'd do unironically.

No. 602216

Lmao he is so upset that she went for his book holy shit. It’s actually hilarious, he stayed up until 3 am upset because a girl criticized a shitty book he wrote years ago. And THAT is what he thinks should be out of bounds when it comes to videos? His books/songs? He would die in the real world. Imagine him even writing a college paper and how much he would rage if the teacher gave him a low mark. Guess what onion, just becsuse you spend time on something does not mean people have to praise it. He self published books publicly, if you do that then expect people to criticize your work either good or badly. If it’s badly then take the advice and improve. But nope onion thinks he’s a god and his work needs to be respected.
Also lol at how he’s so butt hurt she mentioned his appearance.

No. 602218

File: 1542744132226.png (58.02 KB, 588x244, Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 1.00…)

okay, Greg. Sure

No. 602219

Ahahaha how pathetic! He couldn't last a COUPLE OF HOURS away from his main. Guess he's pissy that his actual fanbase is so tiny and nobody is willing to pay 50 fucking dollars to hear him sperg on his private twitter.

Whoever gave him 5 days, You were way too generous my love.

No. 602222

>if I had a third
Lainey’s life must be a real hell

No. 602223

He doesn't bother to say we anymore. He's so painfully obvious he wants a new bitch.

Also funny how he wants a mature woman now, Guess laineys constant self infantizing has finally gotten to him.

Maybe he should just be done with it and shack up with his aunt kelly.

No. 602224

its pretty much a carbon copy of his latest uhohbro video with less emphasis on Aeon in particular.

Shit like this is what makes me think he truly believes he is a good person.

He doesn't think he is constantly twisting the truth to fit whatever agenda he is currently angling towards.(despite people constantly pointing out times he contradicts himself)

If he secretly knew he was a lying manipulator, he wouldn't be so pressed about this. I really do think he is so delusional he truly believes he is righteous and true.

Which is actually scarier in a way, because if he really believes his own bullshit, there is definitely no chance he will finally grow up and change.

No. 602225

In his last few videos and tweets about strange aeons he keeps saying things like "she came at me first, and everyone's pissed I came back at her"
Some of things he says she said about him are wildly inaccurate.
He says aeons said he was a "trash monkey piece of shit motherfucker" Hes embellishing things, spinning them out.

Because of this I get the vibe that in the real world he might be that guy who if a girl maybe pushed him during an argument, his reaction would be to full on throw a haymaker punch at her face, and keep punching. And his reasoning would be "the cops wont arrest me, she assaulted me first"

No. 602227

Referring to min 20s to mid 30s as “older women” when he’s 33. Okay Greg! This tweet seems authentic

No. 602228

funnily enough: This video was recommended on this pathetic rant about how HONEST he always is.


and at 8:31 he straight up admits most of the things he says on video/social is a lie.


No. 602229

my bad, its actually at 9:54

No. 602231


Considering he and Skye were together senior year of high school (ages 17-18) to 2010, and Alicia is 3 years younger than Sk, she could have been anywhere from 14-20. Disgusting, but not surprising.

No. 602235

Trans F to M. As long as they have their vaginas, right Greg?

No. 602236

He doesn't need an excuse to abuse women or his 'husband'. Onion thinks she deserves it and Lamey is more than accomodating. Someone who openly disagrees, especially a woman, would be punted if he could get away with it. Like with his gay wife.

No. 602240

My brain is exploding thinking of any 35 year old woman that would be willing to get involved with him.

Maybe he wants someone older in the mix so he can look younger by contrast.

He should have three partners one to be his young pixie magic girl/one doormat and caretaker/ one older person to make him not look like he’s only interested in 16-21.

No. 602244

It’s funny because even if he and Lame had a healthy and ethical poly marriage, where would he meet another woman since he never leaves his swamp? There’s an active Fetlife community in our area, specifically for poly people, but Gergles is an insecure manbaby who can’t take even the slightest criticism and wouldn’t last a day before being blacklisted. He’s stuck with his pattern paypigs being his only choices in a potential “third.”

No. 602245

Lol this fucking bitch. Cmon Greg be honest you don't have time to watch every hate video but you love to lurk the informative lc forums. You're bullshit will always be archived here.

No. 602247

Just trying to prove the haters wrong. He outs himself when he defines women younger and women the same age as him as "older" women. He's desperate to prove he's not a predator so he can coax younger women into his house because he likes "mature" women and totally doesn't want to take advantage of the naive ones.

No. 602249

Calling mid 20s women "older women" aside, I'm kekking at him publically saying "Same applies to ftm trans and nonbinary people" immediately after, basically saying that he considers them women too. To his sjw fanbase.
Waiting as he gets dragged for -transphobia- lmao, imagine a female Youtuber writing that she's attracted to "older men, including mtf trans people".

No. 602263

>ftm or nonbinary

So basically he wants a fakeboi or a better looking Lainey? If someone was fully trans he'd be repulsed that they had a bigger cock than him.

No. 602265


He’s so desperate he’ll settle for anyone with a vagina, even if they’re a fakeboi, as long as they’ll participate in daily suk mi and be more attractive (and younger) than his horsefaced smug husband.

No. 602267

Greg really doesn't know how to function in 2018. He tries so hard to be PC, but like all the scene kids, they were known to be popular and viral because of their edgy statements and controversy. We had Kiki who tried to be a vegan animal right's activist and Greg who wants to fit in with the LBGT crowd and uses his straight wife as a prop.

No. 602268


I don’t think he wants another transtrender girlfriend and really does just highlight however much he humors lainey he will only see her as female.

It’s pretty clear to everyone that he would only date a girl who looks fully like a girl but self-identifies as male.

He says he would date a trans person who’s ftm but could you ever in a million years see him dating someone like Kalvin G? Um never. He’s actually transitioned and loves his life like an actual guy and isn’t trending like Lainey.

No. 602270

File: 1542752007828.jpeg (201.8 KB, 1125x1032, 2EF35BF9-5165-4C50-8D5D-24E8A1…)

No. 602272


No. 602274

Onion's going to start WK Stephanie Meyer and EL James. Your literary works and songs suck this isn't up for debate.

No. 602283

I thought he quit twitter

No. 602287

It lasted about 2 hours this time.

No. 602293

>Go sleep with your bf/gf
Is this code for "get fucked", or am I reading too much into it? Is he telling the haters to get fucked?

Cool story Greg, how come you've never initiated a relationship with anyone below the age of 23 then?

No. 602295

I think that's giving him WAY too much credit. I read it as that's one of the only better "hobbies" he could think of. His life is so limited he classes fucking his transtrender wife and playing vidya with his patrons as superior hobbies.

No. 602296

I felt the same way. He paused at this point in typing out the tweet and put his finger to his chin and pondered "what do I do on a daily basis?"

Im surprised he didnt tweet
>Like go make and edit a video, go fuck your ugly wife, go watch bestiality hentai.

No. 602302

It always amazes me that a guy who doesn't read tries to write a book. Good writers read. Not only that, but writing, by it's very nature of being a literary concept, is something that cannot exist without literary review. It's not even about taking criticism or even using it to make himself a better writer. It's that the art exists for the purpose of both positive and negative perspective. I know I'm speaking of it in a far more sophisticated sense than Greg would ever understand, but at some elementary level, even fan fiction writers understand reading is communication.

No. 602304

What dumb is he claimed he will be tweeting to his patrons only, then immediately makes a post for non patrons about his patron-only content.

No surprise he is still fishing for new people to pay him to read his awful book. BUT DONT YOU DARE CRITICIZE IT!!!!!!!

No. 602305

Yes exactly. He uses his books as a way to sperg his shitty thoughts though, he’s not interested in it being quality or communication. Unless the communication involves someone complimenting him. Also, people often read books from people they don’t personally like. A book is not just about the author it’s about the content. He’s such a man baby no wonder he rages like a toddler if a girl doesn’t hug him back or want to kiss him. He has no understanding of how life works.

No. 602307

Exactly, like fuck I can’t stand Anne Rice as a person but I can admit when she writes a good book. But I guess according to his tweet >>602270 I’m a psycho for reading(and enjoying) her work regardless of how I feel about the author.

No. 602312

And Faulkner who is a misogynistic piece of shit, but god damn if he didn't write beautifully.

You really gotta lean back and laugh when you realize that Greg didn't tweet that because he's suddenly feeling insecure about his writing or he's considered the large amount of negative feedback. It's that a young, nice looking girl ripped on him. That's fucking it. Greg is special needs.

No. 602316

>reads Trump’s tweets
>watches Eugenia’s videos
>watched Social Repose
>watched The Room
I think because he finds reading more than a paragraph to be a Herculean task, he thinks it would take someone weeks to read his 150 page books.

No. 602317

its pretty funny hearing him talk about how bleaching and dyeing your hair makes it feel like shit. does lainey really not care about all of the subtle shit talking he does?

No. 602318

>laineys constant self infantizing has finally gotten to him
More like he's trying to assert how much of a pedo he totally isn't, again.

No. 602319


I've never in my life seen someone who disrespects lesbians more than Grease. He also has a fetish for "turning lesbians straight" for him and thinks that he can turn them straight. It's probably why Lainey thinks she's gay.

No. 602321

Remember when Onion shamed Markiplier for having bright red hair at 27 years old?

No. 602324

SO true. Funny actually because Greg keeps saying she insulted his book because she hated him already. Nope, possible to be a shithole person but still extremely talented. He just can’t cope that he’s not and that his work is just lazy and badly thought out. Who wants to bet the new chapter was written within the last 24 hours. WOW Greg this will totally prove those haters wrong that you actually know how to write and put time and effort into it.

No. 602326

Speaking of which, do you think he even watched her whole critique? He stopped at like 2 minutes in his reply, because he edited her out of context and used her saying it was “authentic” to fill the rest of the video.

No. 602329

File: 1542760286546.jpeg (244.86 KB, 750x454, CBAB0435-37A1-40FE-BBE8-14F2DE…)

Bruh fucking let it go.

No. 602333

I feel like only the anon who posted this could tell it was fake. That says a lot about gurggles content imo

No. 602335

Exactly in the way he pretends to forget how to say someone's name to be condescending to them, he constantly overlooks the fact she is a lesbian on purpose.

In his response, he makes jokes about her wanting to fuck him, takes her out of context and calls her homophobic and boasts about his partner being 'a member of the lgbt'

As Greg only sees women as holes it infuriates him that she doesn't nor will ever want to fuck him. If she wasn't a hater, and was praising him, he'd be sucking her dick on twitter and virtue signalling the fuck out of her. He'd probably mention some lgbt whiteknight tweet after retweeting her good review.

But since it's a negative review and she's made it clear she hate watches him with amusement and fascination, he can't deal with it.

If this was early days Onision, in the bisexual slut shaming days, he totally would have gone off at her in a video and called her a dumb angry jealous dyke who only hates him because she hates men.
But because this is post 'Lainey is a boy and i fuck twinks' Greg, who knows his homophobia will backfire, he decides to erase her sexuality completely.

He did it with Kalvin by calling him they/them. He does this shit on purpose to be condescending.

Jessie Paege is somehow amazing to him for making a video crying about being bisexual and coming out of the closet, but homosexuals that choose to stay in the closet are homophobes. Trans people who don't like transtrenders are transphobes.
And in this case, a lesbian who doesn't like him? She's a fucking bitch manhater in his brain.

He only virtue signals and obsesses about lgbt people because it makes him feel like a better person.
He's only virtue signalling Jessie Paege because he wants her poon.
If Jessie was making hate videos about him with Jacyln Glenn, he totally would have gone down the social repose route and bashed her for making an overly dramatic coming out video for simply being bi and would have also called her homophobic like he accused Shane of being, because Shane cried in his coming out video and Lainey didn't so therefore he hatess being gay!

No. 602336

Don't worry Greg, we read it in about 1/10 of the time it takes you to write a single page of that shit.

No. 602337

Greg doesn't have an attention span long enough to read one sentence, his Patreon shit proves this. So… nah.

No. 602338

And wasn't Lainey 17 when they fucked and met for the first time? So still not even close to mature, and she still isn't mature because she's been living with Shreg. She also has no sense of a healthy relationship clearly because who keeps dating someone after they rush into the room with two kitchen knives threatening to kill their brother. She is a fucking idiot when it comes to choosing partners. She's that stupid breed of people that think they can fix their partner most likely.

No. 602340

My partner walked in on me watching the strange aeons video and I gave him context and showed him a couple reviews of the music/forums ect (he'd never heard of Onision) and at first he laughed and said
'His music videos seem funny though, like almost 'The Room' quality bad.
Then when I showed him Greg's responses his tone immediately changed. He was like 'wow, he's really not taking this well, I feel like there's something off and weird about this guy, he seems like a gigantic dick'

I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that Greg's ego really fucked him up when it came to his career. Like if he had 'owned' the cringe and learned to laugh at himself he could have gone down the route of the early you tubers like Shane. It hurts to know that people think your writing and music are jokes, but Tommy Wiseau and many others have profited off cringe inducing bad content.
He takes himself too seriously.

He could have even made a career as a troll and kept his shitty opinions, there are many famous off that shit too like woahvicky or any of these ill mannered Dr Phil rejects. But he even sucks at being a troll because he shares too much of his actual life in there and spazzed out on livestreams too much that people KNOW he's actually a shit person irl.
His trolling isn't the type you get successful for because he flip flops between being a troll and being a wannabe do-gooder. You have to be consistent or do an entire character overhaul and stay that way. He jumps from bad guy to good guy, desperately trying to be what he thinks will get views not realising it just makes him look even worse.

He doesn't stick with a theme, he tries to make comedy, turns it to cringe and hates that everyone sees it as cringe. Then he gets mad and tries to be a troll but his trolling is basically just venting about his exes or people while trying to be edgy and in a way doxxing them by releasing private info and details about their lives.
People don't find it funny so he rages about how his harassment of these people is just him being honest.

He can try all the methods in the world to change his channel and content but it will never work because he can't be consistent nor can he take critisism.

Tommy Wiseau probably poured his heart out into the room only to be told his movie is the worst movie ever. Years later he is doing well and even having movies made about his own movie.

He can't keep saying shit and pretending to act like he's doing some Alex Jones type shit and it's all comedy but then argue he's not being taken seriously. He'd probably argue that he does all this on purpose but he's released so much shit on himself everyone can see he's actually a shitty unfunny person who overshares, not an Andy Kaufman type genius that trolls the world with his antics.(blogging)

No. 602342


His desire to 1 up his wife with seducing lesbians has become obsessive and excessive. I actually don't think he can control himself at this point, his perversion is showing.

No. 602347

File: 1542765905934.jpg (139.99 KB, 750x780, strange aeons social blade 2.j…)


Hilariously, Gerg's little sperg has probably driven traffic to her channel. Her Social Blade shows figures he hasn't seen in a loooong time.Stay mad, Greg.

No. 602348

>young pixie magic girl

manic pixie girl lol

No. 602350


Strange Aeon's video:617,736 views
Greg's video:31,440 views


He really is butthurt a cute witty gay alt. girl finds his antics amusing. What a sad little man with small dick energy.

No. 602352


I hope it hits a million. That would REALLY piss him off.

No. 602354

>he takes himself too seriously
Anon he made MUTLIPLE viral music videos, he knows talent.

No. 602357

I hope she makes another video about his second book, and completely ignores the video he made about her. (I know she already used a cap from it as a joke insta post, but still lol)

No. 602362

Same. But I hope she keeps it chill and funny like her other videos and doesn't get a big head and turn into Joy sparkles or ready to glare or feed into his insults with direct responses and instead ignores him completely Shane style and but still makes the occasional reviews and uploads her regular content too. I would hate for her to become one of those shitty commentary channels.

No. 602365

Besides, isn’t Stones to Abifail the cringiest of his books? I guess the other one has a cringy title, but I doubt it has a school shooting and the sexual manipulation of a rape victim.

No. 602368

Yeah but there's still more of his cringe inducing music to review and even though stones to abbifags was the cherry on top of the cancer cake, there's probably more golden moments in his other weird literature.
Another one I could see being funny is if she rated his photos in a video like done in the style that he rates teenagers. I think she has the charisma to pull it off. But Gerg will just screech she's picking physical flaws and it has the potential to be seen as a low blow.

No. 602369

Agreed. Also her video on his 'music career' is fucken hilarious.

No. 602370

Also gurg will harp on the fact that the photos HE rates were sent to him consentually. There’s nothing good that could come of that

No. 602375

It takes place in the same universe so the shooting does appear. The rape victim thing I don't remember if it was in there but trinity makes an appearance.

No. 602376

You mean the part about them giving each other oral all day and only stopping for drinks of water didn’t get you hot?

Sparkly vampires are actually better by comparison.

No. 602377

>You mean the part about them giving each other oral all day and only stopping for drinks of water
Wow maybe I should read this. Is this from the sex scenes she skipped or his other book?

No. 602381

I like that she rags on his music and shitty books. Like another anon it's what he really cares about.

He wouldn't care if she was just another commentary channel, it's a critique of his 'art'

No. 602385

Also that she's funny as hell about it. The antithesis of Gurg's childish screeching.

No. 602389

Yeah it's so funny he calls her boring because she stands in one room the entire time whereas he thinks quality content is constantly screaming and moving.

No. 602390

It’s seriously like he forgot Lainey existed while he was recording that rant. She is literally the most boring, low-energy Youtube I’ve ever watched.

No. 602391

File: 1542771535390.jpg (546.38 KB, 810x1990, 20181120_193621.jpg)

Have y'all read what the description to his "book" is on amazon? Teya (strange aeons) was right, james is the onion man himself.

No. 602395

>can’t even write a fucking summary right
Book lernin’

No. 602396

God these are literally just two pragraphs about shreg kissing his own ass

No. 602411

It's not so different from when Onion hopped onto the feminism bandwagon to shield himself from criticism. Blaire White talked about being against feminism. She's cute enough to perk Greg's interest, so he made a video thinking he would would tell this little lady why she's dumb and wrong. Then she'd say, "Sorry, Daddy! You're soooooo right!". And she would beg to suck his dick.

Then it turned out "Blaire" used to be "Robert" and Onion somehow wasn't aware of that. Hoo boy, did that ever rustle his jimmies.

Say what you want about Blaire, but the spergout from that was glorious.

No. 602413

File: 1542774732103.png (136.94 KB, 625x238, stones-to-abbifail.png)

It's in Stones to Abbifail.

He made a post on Tumblr complaining about the writing in Haunting of Hill House but this is the kind of writing he thinks is quality.

No. 602415

Kind of sounds like someone who's never had sex before. Weird cause he has two kids so it's clear that he has, and yet he writes like a virgin teen.

No. 602423

Lmao he writes that kind of shit on his book but in real life he doesn't even like to go down on his ugly husband

No. 602424

Lmao he writes that kind of shit on his book but in real life he doesn't even like to go down on his ugly husband

No. 602425

File: 1542776773622.png (80.43 KB, 716x274, crazy rambling.PNG)

No. 602427

i read this automatically in gines' voice lol. anyone else hope that her readings will pick up traction again after this new girl sparked interest? the more the better

No. 602430


She has 7 videos on Reaper's Creek and I've been waiting patiently for a new vid. She is a few chapters behind, I think. But hell yes. I've watched her read all of Gregory's "books".

No. 602431

i need to listen to her reaper's creek, i can't slog through the text. it's immensely stupider than his other two books, but too faux-cerebral to slog through for the hilarity of it. it doesn't beat shit like >>602413 when it comes to hamfisted writing. it reads too 'diary of a teenage edgelord', stones to abbifail would be a my immortal tier piece of trollfiction if it was ironic.

No. 602436


Holy shit. Listened to 8 minutes of this and now I want to off myself.
He legitimately makes 0 goddamn sense. He starts the podcast off my saying he created Sicesca when he WAS 17. Okay whatever, obviously the religion is going to suck. But then he goes off on a 2 minute tangent about Noah's Ark and how it "made no sense", and I felt so annoyed because I wanted to hear about HIS religion not the same story I've heard 100 times before. So I'm like, alright, obviously Greg created this dumbass religion in response to the nonsense of Christianity, sure, but then he goes off about wanting a religion that has no leaders. Who knows what that means. No leaders, as in no Gods? Or no pastor types? Dunno.
But then Sisesca. So basically, he says that Sisesca worships the Earth. The Earth is what created us, it should be the most important thing in our lives. Its why we're here. Yeah man, I can get on that boat. I'm fucking Pagan, sure. BUT THEN, he starts to say that the Earth created us. Dinosaurs were on the Earth before, but the Earth says to itself, he laughs and says yeah it talks to itself, that dinosaurs and their tiny lizard arms cant protect it. So the earth creates humans who can protect it and create shields. He literally says shields. Who knows what that means. And then he goes on another tangent about Christianity and how it doesnt make sense that a God would create us and our planet and care about us but also create every other planet. Therefore it's reasonable to worship the earth.

I didnt finish it, but he's a psycho and made 0 arguments that made any sense. I'm literally confused because he made this stupid "religion" and apparently is still standing by this idea at 33 without reason. How is his religion more reasonable that Christianity? I dont even know

No. 602443

I guess forgot to talk about the aliens and how to travel to other planets and dimensions and shit like humans can fly with the help from different entities. It wasn’t just “earth worship” like he now claims

No. 602446

is reapers creek just the scisisisa origin story

No. 602448


It's "Stranger Things", but Gerg-ified.

No. 602449


Here's a web archive of Sicesa if anyone wants to read through it.

No. 602450

No. 602456


Goddamn. How in the fuck is that more reasonable and logical than Christianity? Even at 17 and creating a religion that opposes judeo-Christian ideology, how do aliens make more sense? Or a talking earth?

And about his "respects the earth" claim, how does that correlate when he's taking machinery and fucking up his backyard and swamp?
He wrote an ENTIRE website and religious book about Sisesca, where the basis is in respecting the earth lol how does someone who obviously still believes it happen to forget about that stance years later?

He's honestly a ridiculous human being.

No. 602458

Or…he could be hiding FAXX about the true purpose of Sicesca (being the leader and god) to downplay for his dumbass minions.


Regardless of how everyone feels about someguy, he does give a breakdown of Sicesca. Mind the autistic screeching

No. 602460

So by his dumbass logic wouldn't the environmental agents who came to his property to inspect the damage he did only be doing what the Earth wanted? If the Earth created humans to protect it and he fucked it up then the government coming for his ass would be protection.

No. 602468

File: 1542797384297.png (49 KB, 655x194, Capture.PNG)

I'd say you're right, anon. It's pretty obvious that even though he hates his father, he imitates almost everything he does. They were Latter Day Saints right? They practice polygamy. We also have to consider that he was working on a cult (desired power in a community, just like daddy). I'd say if his cult had taken off, he would have written something into the teachings that polygamy is acceptable. The closest thing to marriage I could find on the Sicesca website was pic related.

No. 602474

Reminder he thought polygamy was what lame said about polyamory or whatever the fuck originally

No. 602478

I believe his father is a Seventh Day Adventist.

No. 602479


Exactly. And who just makes a podcast on a religion he created 16 years ago? Its obviously something that he still agrees with and thinks about, so why is destroying plants and trees okay to him? And why is he pissed when the municipal government tells him to be a human and not do shit to protected areas until he has the necessary documents? He's nuts, man

No. 602483

I think his daddy was more concerned about bringing people closer to Jesus than having power. He gives me that vibe tbh (coming from a Christian)

No. 602489

File: 1542810061179.jpeg (237.01 KB, 1124x1114, A2633440-32DE-4040-AEC6-217B60…)

Thot admitted to liking Tik Tok which isn’t surprising in the least since her wardrobe closely resembles the preteen boys that flood the app kek. Photo was taken at the twenty one pilots concert she went to with her “ex”

No. 602491

This is the first time I ever heard parts of his more earnest music. I'm not quite the masochist, but I thought I'd give this girl a view and finally listen to everyone was talking about. Holy shit is it bad. It was nice getting a highlight instead of putting myself through actually listening to them.

So, I'm Greg's age or an "older woman"(kek) and I'm pretty impressed at how well spoken this girl is for her age. I think Greg is used to his fan base and Lainey who all seem to be a few developmentally steps behind verbally, so it must have really fucked with him to see such a young girl be able to present a concise, well spoken argument against his music. He probably racked his brain all night trying to use fax and logic but degraded into laughing at her looks despite actually thinking she's attractive.

No. 602498

File: 1542812252079.jpeg (47.5 KB, 1242x228, 26FF320C-2125-4918-B3A2-F96684…)

It’s funny you bring this up because I was reading the comments on her post and she tries to act like sooooo many people wanted to meet her when in reality only 7 people commented and two others replied to comments, making that a whopping 9 people wanting to meet her. And only one person posted a photo and tagged her. Where are the rest of the fans dying to meet THE Laineybot? Kek

No. 602499

That gay minature pink backpack is what all the softboys are wearing these days. She looks like she's trying to go hard at an 80s aerobic class

No. 602500

I thought it was his mum.

No. 602501



>such a young girl

She's an adult tho?

No. 602504

the tip off is that the thumbnail isn't just a pic of onision

No. 602506

Onision’s dad is really nice. He is everything Onision isnt. He’s a successful businessman, beautiful home, has tons of friends, travels extensively and has a great wife who is a nurse. He visits his daughter from another relationship often. She also lives in Washington. Shame he isnt allowed to see his other Grandkids while there.

No. 602519

wtf is with the onision dad sperging? we do not know if he is a 'really nice' person.

No. 602520

Exactly. If even one tenth of what Onion says about him is true then he's just as bad as his son.

No. 602521

>If even one tenth of what Onion says about him is true

Anon, come on now.

No. 602522

>If even one tenth of what Onion says about him is true

Anon, come on now.

No. 602525

Some anons in the past have had contact with him. Also a few people in Onion's life have been known to lurk and post. Onion's Dad has a relationship with Onion's sisters etc and his profession can be googled. He appears far more credible than his son who keeps getting in trouble with the government.

No. 602534

People don't end up as fucked up as Greg by pure happenstance. I don't believe for a second that his dad is a lovely normal man and Tammie single-handedly created the onion king.

No. 602536

WTF? You actually believe Greg’s shit? Funny thing is NO ONE but Greg has said anything bad about the dad. Even Joanna visits him with her son. I guess all his friends dont know him either. Greg is just jealous as the dad is successful.

No. 602539

The dad was gone since Greg was 2. Greg only saw him in the Summer. The parent who had him 90% of the time IS responsible. Greg saw his mother in and out of abusive relationships. The dad has been with the same person for nearly 30 years so who is the most stable parent?

No. 602541

File: 1542823079744.jpeg (884.12 KB, 1125x1756, 4FE7EFFC-A042-410C-A067-E1DA92…)

Lainey’s mom is in town. Maybe she’ll talk some sense into her delusional daughter.

No. 602542

Yes. She's too young for Greg. I probably shouldn't have made it seem like she's in middle school. All relative I suppose. I've seen Greg's barely legal (the few he has)fans are they're stunted despite being adults. This girl is their age but she sounds a decade older.

No. 602543

File: 1542823390075.jpeg (756.72 KB, 1125x1600, 06AEB542-1685-4CAD-A1E8-98F9BB…)

No. 602544

Then you clearly know nothing about his psychotic mother.

No. 602551

Ah damn. I thought he had enough self control to keep himself busy sperging via his private twitter and making whiny black and white videos or unfunny "skits".
Then again it's a lot funnier this way, when the most honest YouTuber can't even keep a promise he made to himself.

>Referring to mid 20s to mid 30s as “older women” when he’s 33. Okay Greg! This tweet seems authentic

My thought exactly. It only highlights that he prefers teens / tweens - he constantly outs himself and then tries to cover his tracks and reeees about people who point out his hypocrisy.
I still marvel at the fact that he has followers who don't realize how uneducated he is.
>>602247 Yup.

>Funny actually because Greg keeps saying she insulted his book because she hated him already. […] his work is just lazy and badly thought out. Who wants to bet the new chapter was written within the last 24 hours. WOW Greg this will totally prove those haters wrong that you actually know how to write and put time and effort into it.

Inbe4 he makes Lainey his ghost writer since she quit her YT, but the bucks need to be rolling in. I know he'd never do that since it would shatter his fragile ego, but it would be fun nevertheless. At least Lainey should know something about structuring texts from writing papers for her "bitchelor" in psychology.

No. 602553

only greg could dress up in ladyface and cry about people not being able to take a joke while simultaneously not being able to take a joke. this is some of the most manic shit ive seen out of him in a while she must have got to him bad to cause him to make this much of a clown out of himself. how dare anyone criticize greg's holy book lmao.

No. 602557

File: 1542825590386.webm (3.16 MB, 480x268, 0884567111.webm)

Greg is so bewildered at the hate hes getting for those videos he made about Strange Aeon "she did it first guys"
But he seems to think she insulted him worse than she actually did.
Does he have some type of Dissociative Disorder? Im sure if someone calmly told him "Greg please shut up" he would play it over and over in his head and stew about it, and when re-telling the story to his fans Gregs recap would be "and then they guy is one inch from my face and hes spitting and screaming WHY DONT YOU SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT IM GOING TO KILL YOUR FUCKING FAMILY!!!!"

Gregs reaction to being slapped or hit would be overkill Im sure. And he would think hes in the right because the other person touched him first. Mind you it would have to be a female. Gregs a pussy when it comes to conflict with males IRL as we've all seen in that video where that long haired dude pushes him and slaps a drink out of his hand.

No. 602564

He's pissed that strange aeons' summary of his book is more entertaining than his actual book. I LOVED when she began the video by making fun of his inability to take constructive criticism because I'm sure that triggered him harder than anything she said after that. Shitting on his fictional book is one thing but coming out swinging with facts about his character that hit too close to home had to burn especially hard.

And of course he's too stupid to prove her wrong by not responding. He has to go on social media and be the flakiest snowflake that ever snowflaked to prove how much she's oh so wrong about his hypersensitivity.

Sit down, Greg.

No. 602565

I thought she quit YY

No. 602568

Ogreaseon is going live on his uhohbro channel, I got my popcorn ready for this trainwreck about to happen.

No. 602570

File: 1542827914346.png (6.09 KB, 367x91, oops.PNG)


No. 602571

Lmao he literally forgot he was banned from streaming on that channel, he is sad

No. 602572


Jesus. This stupid tongue sticking out shit has replaced the duck face as the basic-bitch go-to pose.

No. 602578


Wow, so smol, thot.

No. 602580

File: 1542829231490.jpg (1.39 MB, 2421x2422, bts-tout.jpg)

Is she going for that current BTS look?

No. 602582

>Flower king
More like filter King
Sorry, no, you'll never qualify as a king, Lame. You weak ass snowflake

No. 602584

The dad was out of the picture long before Greg's first jerk-off session was listening to Tammie moaning Greg as she fucked some guy in another room. So yes, Tammie created her own little mommy-lover-narc.

No. 602585

I was looking forward to watch Gergs unedited milk vomit live :-(

No. 602586

I wonder why hes not just moving it to Onision or OnisionSpeaks, you think hes got strikes on those too?

No. 602587

Did Strange Aeons finally teach Greg about mid-roll ads or has he been doing Hat for a while. I noticed all of his videos have 4 ad breaks now.

No. 602589

I thought she was just trying to hide her bald spots. Did her Mum have to fly across the country to babysit so she could go to a concert?

No. 602590

I thought she was just trying to hide her bald spots. Did her Mum have to fly across the country to babysit so she could go to a concert?

No. 602592

huh? anon you replied to is making fun of her for wearing that headband

No. 602594

The thing about him going off on Stange Aeons is that her video of his book isn't even the worst and yet he's so balls-to-the-wall crazy mad. I watched videos from two other youtubers who read his entire book out loud. The first was IamJosephPaul who said he wanted to go into it with zero preconceived notions or expectations because he wanted to be fair - in his last video he burned the book in his bbq and used it to make hamburgers because it was so bad. And the second was a woman named Gines who decided to read it because she couldn't sleep so she took some sleeping pills and picked up his book. Even slurring her words a bit and kind of loopy, she was dissecting the hell out of his shit grammar and lack of plot. She reads the whole thing in this pretentious British accent which you KNOW was probably Onion Boy's real inner "intellectual" voice while he was typing that "book" out. The best part was watching her crack up laughing at how horrible the writing was.

But no, he's chosen to go after a young woman who despite her terrible review, at least conceded that in it's own delusional way, it kind of worked.

No. 602601

Did anyone see lainey’s new video? It’s begging for a photoshop…

No. 602602

lmao how tf is this blogging?? anon very briefly mentioned showing their bf the video, the rest was literally just what we all do in this thread which is talking about how fucked greg is, not even armchairing

y'all need to sort your shit out

No. 602603

File: 1542833079616.jpeg (290.02 KB, 750x574, 00B305D9-9057-4D16-8F58-E669F0…)


No. 602604

oniboi's got some tom cruise level mania going on after 3 sips of wine

No. 602605

Has Lainey's ma staying drove Onion to drink? I've always suspected he's started to get tipsy on the down low since the other drinking video were he acted drink on 5ml of alcohol

No. 602606

File: 1542834354491.webm (7.06 MB, 440x350, For Months.webm)

>her video of his book isn't even the worst and yet he's so balls-to-the-wall crazy mad

Lainey has given us a peek at the behind the scenes reaction Greg has to criticism. And her description is probably glossed over because she has those rose colored glasses on when ever she looks at her handsome man.

I was going to say I feel sorry for Lainey this week, but shes in this relationship for the long haul. Can you imagine the tantrums hes throwing? Im sure hes taking it out on her and the kids. As pissed off as he seems on these videos hes made about Strange Aeons, Im sure his behavior out of the public eye is worse. Its like the cartoon of the husband getting shit on at work all day, walking up to the front door of his home, red faced and steam coming out the top of his head, trying to keep his composure. But once behind close doors shit hits the fan.

No. 602607

That is the most shoopable picture I've ever seen.

No. 602608

Hey if he really was drunk from this, he might have fucked his ugly manly wife face to face because he thought she looked attractive for the first time in years.

No. 602609

For the time my ass!! He was stationed in South Korea which is a notorious party place for military men, bars, hookers. That is probably where he learned to ask “ Suk mi?”

No. 602610

She's trying to look like twenty one pilots' singer. Not the same music genre, but the same teeny fanbase. Also, top's fans are today's emos. I guess they are Lainey's ideal.

No. 602612

File: 1542835079643.jpeg (55.56 KB, 275x210, 1542833079616.jpeg)

No. 602617

File: 1542835570162.jpg (36.04 KB, 692x279, 4.jpg)

I dont even know what to say.

No. 602619


He's so special.

No. 602622


Jebus. He's not "drunk" by any stretch of the imagination. If you watch, the volume in the bottle doesn't change when he drinks, but it's noticeably lower when Lame does.

Even giving him the benefit of the doubt that he actually did take a sip, they were so small that I doubt the combined volume would fill a shot glass. And a shot glass of wine isn't getting anyone drunk, not even his preteen fan base.

No. 602624

File: 1542836315643.png (429.05 KB, 551x393, ben_stiller_simple_jack.PNG)

Even Simple Jacks cut looked better in the back.

No. 602625

ngl, his california joke made me kek. the rest of the video is just him screaming and being an ass like usual. can he go one video without making jokes about divorcing or cheating on lame or nah?

No. 602631

In this part of the video where he walks out of the room, I hear someone either running up or down the stairs and Onion clearly kicks something. Is that the staircase he's in front of and did he kick something down at someone?

No. 602632

File: 1542838087217.png (25.02 KB, 301x473, lolrip.png)

this isn't milk, but there's a tumblr post going around about how ugly onision is with 14k+ notes and all the comments are absolutely ripping him apart. i always forget that most of the internet finds him as repulsive as we do.


No. 602634

samefag, nevermind I watched it again and I think it might have been the doorway to their bedroom. Even so, I find it repulsive that Lainey's mother is staying with them and while they're making a video of them getting drunk, Lainey already has her mom upstairs vaccuuming and watching the kids. And Greg makes a joke about an old woman upstairs. Like yes, make fun of your wife's mother who is cleaning your house and watching your kids so you can be fuck ups.

>L: I drink occasionally
>G: We don't drink.
>G: I'm going to throw this out when we're done with this video.

Yes, Grugly, continue speaking for your grown wife who most likely purchased the alcohol with her own money.

Greg looks like Carl from Slingblade.

No. 602638

>he looks if charles durning was wearing a ronald reagan mask and the mask caught fire and melted into his face

The detailed specifics of this insult had me fucking rolling.

No. 602639

And most of the stupid shit shreg buys is with her money since she's the breadwinner now and onion probably forced her to share a bank account with him after his YouTube money dried up.

No. 602643

And most of the stupid shit shreg buys is with her money since she's the breadwinner now and onion probably forced her to share a bank account with him after his YouTube money dried up.

No. 602646

There's a nice sprinkling of racism in the Onion lords latest video. Includes some interesting views on why African-American athletes are good at sports and a priceless impression.

No. 602648

>can he go one video without making jokes about divorcing or cheating on lame or nah?

He’s gotta keep the impressionable teen girls hopeful, silly anon.

No. 602649


The video should have been called :" greg acting dunk but failing at it "

No. 602650

File: 1542843511828.png (33.17 KB, 307x432, unknown(1).png)

How long til he catches wind of this post and makes another "WEHH I FEEL UGLY" video? I haven't seen this much concentrated onion hate anywhere but here.

No. 602651

I'm a bit late on this but I just watched his "Please, listen" video in response to strange aeon. I wouldn't have been able to place why this whole video seemed so off if he hadn't mentioned Joe Rogan. After that point it's pretty jarring and clear that he was emulating Rogan. The kind of guy I imagine onion wishes people saw him as.

His mannerisms and body language, his vocal tone, speech patterns and even using some roganesque phrases, right down to the podcast "unedited" style.

I can't see gerg being a fan of joe's enough to unintentionally mimic him… Just a really creepy thing i noticed watching that video and made me ponder to what ends gergs manipulation can go.

No. 602652

It's like when he did a couple of videos imitating Jake Paul's vlog style… complete with stupid stock footage editing.

No. 602656

The first two are fucking brutal and accurate

No. 602657


Well, he started his career by mimicking Shane Dawson and has made a "career" out of copying people.

Jake Paul
The Joker
(I know I've said Shane Dawson already, but he straight up stole the character Shanaynay and still uses it to this day)

Just to name a few… if anyone can think of any more, post. There's 109384032498 more but I can't think of them off the top of my head.

No. 602660

I have my suspicions on whether or not shreg even watched the complete book review. I am stuck between thinking he couldn’t help himself or his ego couldn’t take it. But he talks about it as though he knows none of the criticism she gave, and not just in a crybaby way.
Regardless, Strange æons has won my respect, she has truly cracked his ego. I hope she does a video where she breaks apart these manic response videos.

No. 602661


No no no anon, that's what he wants! I personally hope she ignores it and just continues to criticize his "art" more. It'll get to him and not give him the attention he wants.

No. 602662


Continuously says they're a "straight edge couple" when Lainey says at the beginning of the video that they drink occasionally. That's not fucking "straight edge". And after Dredge sips the Moscato, he genuinely looks like he loves it. His fucking face looks so impressed and surprised. And then he jokes about promoting "alcoholism". Making a video about trying wine isnt the promotion of being an alcoholic, Dredge. Lots of people fucking drink on the occasion without being an "alcoholic"

No. 602666

They barely even take sips if you look at the bottles. They’re all almost totally full after each “tasting”. That’s why it was so obviously Greg wasn’t drunk on top of his horrible acting. That makes the whole video even more lame tbh.

No. 602685


Seriously, Greg, it's okay to like rosé wine. Its sweet and delicious and has an extremely low alcohol content compared to other wines. Just because you like it doesn't make you're an alcoholic calm down

No. 602690

Wait is this the same girl who was in her click bait video?

No. 602693

lol shit good point.


>Thanksgiving with the Onions


It's amazing what actually going to school and making an effort results in vs edubirdie slag so you can rub against half a baby carrot on a desk

No. 602697

If the Greg who didn't want to use his public didn't give Greg who is a manic psycho the password then this wouldn't have happened. It's not psycho Greg's fault that Greg who wants to quit can't handle the truth.

… some how I made that whole "if you don't specifically say not to do x, I will do x" even more jumbled and crazy sounding.

No. 602698

Greg spazzes out so much he forgot (allegedly, but I almost believe it) when he called Blaire a cunt like 8 million times. Someone came into his Discord(?) or whatever and played the audio, and he was like "is that me???".

He can't even keep up with his own bullshit, no wonder he reads hate forums. We're like his secretaries.

No. 602699

I think she streams exclusively to Patrons on Insta.

No. 602701

This is a 33 yr old man with the kind of attitude to booze I had when I was 17 & got off my tits for the first time at a friend's graduation party. Responsible worldly adults don't have such a weird ' ooh naughty me' attitude to alcohol. If they drink they have a realistic approach to enjoying booze, & if they don't they aren't pissy ant finger pointers to those that do.Further proof Gurg makes content for teenagers. What a prissy, unsophisticated school marm he is.Fucking insufferable.

No. 602704

remember how lame used to get drunk with madison

No. 602705

He's probably gonna make a video titled "I'm being cyber bullied" and is gonna accuse everyone who reblogged that post as being a terrible person for making fun of his incurable skin disease. Seriously though, that post having 16k notes is more than enough to hurt his ego enormously, even I'm a little surprised that many people find him gross (ok maybe I'm not that surprised)

No. 602707

If Lainey thought him talking about stuff for months was bad, she's gonna have trouble listening to him going on about that post of a year.

Just kidding, Greg will be incapable of reading over a dozen of them, tops.

No. 602709

>normal Greg and psycho Greg
Maybe this dude really has multiple personalities. He did say that “Onision” was one of his “alters”, if you will…back in 2002.

Video related

No. 602710

I'm just picturing Greg combing through and writing down every single username for a callout video lmao. He shrugs us off as a bunch of "Regina Georges," what will he make of 16 thousand (and counting) random people finding him repulsive?

No. 602712

Wtf is Greg's problem with alcohol anyways. Like I get being scared to try weed cause it's illegal and we all know how Greg contacts his attorney to make sure he's not doing anything illegal. But alcohol? Is he truly afraid he'll become an alcoholic? That's just fucking ignorant. Having a few drinks every once in a while is fine. I can't believe Lainey puts up with this shit. She literally doesn't even eat meat anymore and has to tiptoe around getting drinks with a friend (she can't even be friends with anymore) because her husband forbids it. For someone who pretends they are a special snowflake in society, Lainey bends over with a smile on her face for traditional gender/family roles. She cooks, cleans, obeys, pops out spawn and pleases her husband sexually. She is literally a woman in the 50s.

Also, tinfoil he's going to try and use his current insecurity about being ugly to convince Lainey to lure another teen to the house to make him feel better.

No. 602713

he doesn't like it because he's a control freak.

No. 602716

File: 1542853309362.jpg (26.3 KB, 400x400, full.jpg)

No. 602719

I rewatched Strange Aeons' video after seeing this shitty retort from Greg,and the video about him by JLongbone came to mind. As she says says,he doesn't care about art or literature, it's just a means to an end,a tool to get him money and attention. He's mad cos a tool he's crafted to appeal to get damaged teen girls and their poon has been exposed for empty ego trip it is.Dunno if it's been posted here before, but this is one of the greatest Onion takedowns I've ever watched. I'm surprised Onion hasn't responded cos he would love to pick on her looks but I suspect he knows she's too smart and ruthless to take on & she would eviscerate the salty motherfucker like no other.

No. 602720


Oh God, he's wearing a DARE shirt. DO schools even still have DARE programs?

I'm one of those people who doesn't drink and hates smoking, pot, etc (for myself, not others) and even I thought that shit was corny.

How can someone be such an obnoxious edgelord AND an uptight stick in the mud all at the same time?

No. 602721

This is one of the ~many~ fans DYING to meet her. The only one who posted a photo (at least publicly) meeting her. It’s funny because even this fan misgenders her in the comments. Kek

No. 602722

File: 1542854999731.jpeg (140.3 KB, 1242x733, 2FACC536-9853-4E53-8FD1-99AF9D…)

Forgot to add screenshot

No. 602723

I'm pretty sure this pic was during hs or right after ahhaha. It's on his fucking Myspace.

OK, I was like, "her face isn't even the same wtf".
I feel like Greg will attack the dumb girl for the gender shit.

No. 602724

Thanks for this anon, she's brilliant and accurate

No. 602725

"He looks like the emo afterbirth of Glenn Close"

No. 602727

So where's that misgendering crying comment, Lainey? Or do you have a double standard now for people that like you versus people that make you "anxious"?

No. 602728


Sadly, yes. It's such a messed up program. I have no idea how it's still around. It's probably why Greg feels about drugs and alcohol the way that he does…

No. 602731

OT but I'm thankful for showing my 16 year old cousin this thread tomorrow even though Plain likes all her pics.

No. 602732

Better than them being a fucking victim. Cousin at risk.

No. 602734

am I reading this wrong?
are you saying that Lainey has liked all your 16yr old cousins pics on instagram or something?

No. 602736

Show her the archive anon
They're absolute predators 100%

No. 602739


I just re-read the rules so I was hesitant to respond. My cousin is a Billie clone but I'm up on this drama since Kiki first started. Will keep y'all updated

No. 602740


Holy shit, your cousin needs to block her ASAP.

No. 602741

File: 1542864578981.jpg (21.71 KB, 355x351, 936.jpg)

okay, not to be that guy but, proof?

No. 602742

No. If they're thirsty that hard, they'll notice if lame blocks any time related to this post.

No. 602743

exactly what proof can anon give without potentially outing her cousins' identity?

No. 602744

I feel like this is just some really shitty bait tbh, so if the anon can sensor the cousin's picture while showing that lainey liked it, I may be a little more inclined to believe them.

No. 602745


Not gonna show a 16 year olds photo. I'm not Greg.

No. 602746


This is a good point. It's totally fine for anyone to make the choice to not drink or smoke pot, but he makes himself look like a real idiot when he makes a funny video where he exploits his own choices not to. I dont know, it's just weird to make a video where you force yourself to do something that you dont want to do, and then make fun of all those people who do it, right?

No. 602747

it's not against site rules, also who the fuck cares? none of us are trying to hit on them.

No. 602750

anon, it's literally against the sites rules.

>5b Do not share names, pictures, or social media of people unrelated to the drama being discussed, for example family members, friends, or coworkers.

You don't need a picture of a 16 year old. You can either believe Lainey likes the girls pics or not. It isn't like Lainey doesn't like pictures of girls she thinks are cute despite their age anyways. This is a random anon just saying that they warned their kid cousin off the Onions. She has nothing to do with them.

No. 602753

>unrelated to the drama being discussed

the "drama being discussed" (by you) is that plainey is possibly hitting on her cousin. i don't see a problem here.

No. 602754

File: 1542869413692.png (68.5 KB, 615x430, dumbaf.png)

How is it being discussed by me? I'm not the anon who mentioned their cousin and that was my only post. The problem is that people are demanding pics of a 16 year old that has absolutely nothing to do with Lainey or Greg because Lainey may have liked a picture of her? Anyways drop it, it's going to start derailing the thread. Lainey likes pics of girls all the time, I don't see how this matters. Anon warned their cousin, okay. What is even the point in this discussion?

Anyways, Greg admitted he wasn't really drunk in the video and this tweet makes no sense.

No. 602755

File: 1542869756741.jpg (786.01 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181122-015245_Sam…)

I saw this on my youtube feed and thought it was Onion boy beating a dead horse and using the banana crap again for views

Turns out its GMM, a very successful and big youtube channel. I'm curious if itll trigger Greg into more mindless rants

No. 602756

I wouldnt even be surprised if Onion threatened to sue them for stealing "his" idea and content. I hope he does go nuts.and threatens them cause it would be hilarious so some real youtubers to finally put him in his place

No. 602757


He's such an idiot help
Why pretend to be drunk? Lainey doesnt post joke videos, they're normally "serious", or atleast in her "style" which is still non comedic. I hate him oh my god

No. 602758

File: 1542869931398.png (13.97 KB, 584x127, yeahright.png)

>says he's going to stay off all social media for thanksgiving
>while implying he's going to be working on new content the entire time he's off social media to post it right after his forced break

This guy is a tool. He can't even stay off social media for anniversary sukmi. There's no way he's going to stay off for thanksgiving. He spends every holiday in his dungeon. If he actually hangs out with Lainey and the kids tomorrow, it'll only be out of obligation to appear like he's a good husband because her mother is there. Then again, he might lock himself away because her mother is there. I wouldn't want to sit across the table and eat dinner with a woman I publicly talked shit about on the Internet.

No. 602759

File: 1542869959808.jpg (67.47 KB, 487x440, 542uH1qm4rc3.jpg)

>The problem is that people are demanding pics of a 16 year old

No ones demanding photos of the 16 year old.
Showing that Lainey is liking or commenting on photos could be done like the photo attached. With the actual photo that was liked/commented on blurred or censored out. In this example the Josh guy would be Lainey.

No. 602760

dude maybe let it go
you're just kind of being weird at this point, anon has no obligation to post any proof when all they said was a pretty non-milky "hey glad i can warn my family member away from these creeps," it wasn't even really bait. no1curr, and you're trying really hard to get info on a 16 year old man

No. 602761

>you're trying really hard to get info on a 16 year old man

You're pushing that false narrative.
In that pic above, where can you find any info on the owner of the Instagram account? You cant.
At this point it seems like you may be a stan hoping Foot isnt exposed for attempting to groom a 16 year old.

Please show me where in that example pic you can see the photo that was liked, or if the owner of the Instagram is male, female, 18 or 80.
Please do.

No. 602762

Thank you!

Dude, we're different anons telling you to drop it. You keep responding to me, but it ain't me pal. You're being a creep at this point. And you're really starting to derail the thread.

He's immature as fuck. We could all tell he was pretending to be drunk in the video, but he was being so extra. His wife's mother is staying with them and he's jumping around, screaming and being a complete fool because he wants to play drunk.

No. 602763

multiple anons are asking for proof like >>602759 provided. ffs.

No. 602765

There's nothing wrong for asking for proof lmao.
Stop reaching, someone brought up Lainey was liking her 16 year old cousin's picture and we'd rather not rely on hearsay. There's more than one anon asking for proof. Don't make a claim if you can't back it up. It's an imageboard.

No. 602766

Each time Ive commented Ive quoted the post I was responding to. If it was two different anon, then it was two different ones. Big deal.

>You keep responding to me, but it ain't me pal.

Ive only responded twice, if either of these are you
>The problem is that people are demanding pics of a 16 year old

>you're trying really hard to get info on a 16 year old man

then yeah, it is you, and I was responding to YOU.

Dont avoid the fact that you cant tell the age or sex of the owner of the Instagram that is being liked. The only person shown is "Josh" and that would be replaced with Laineybot if the screenshot was shared.
Dont fall back on "your trying to see a 16 year olds photo" because we arent. I really think SOMEONES sticking up for Lainey.

No. 602768

OT but I'm thankful for showing my wife this thread. Onision has been liking and making sexual innuendos about our 10 week olds ultrasound photos.
Id share screenshots to prove his likes, but you know, shes a 10 week old fetus.

No. 602769

Why do anons always get so hurt and start sperging about how people are defending Greg or Lainey? You can disagree with the anons being weird. We’re all here because we can’t stand Lainey and Greg. And some of us don’t give a shit if Lainey did or didn’t like a pic of a 16 year old.

Ya’ll out here throwing fits cause you want proof but what is a screenshot of “Laineybot liked your photo” gonna do for you? Why are you all derailing the thread when we could be talking about Greg’s bullshit break from social media cause he’s pretending he’s going to spend the holiday with his wife and kids? Or something else actually related to the two.

No. 602770

how long did he last when he swore that the only way he'd be posting on Twitter was behind the hugbox of his prime account? an hour? 2 hours?
yeah. i give it 'til 8am. 9 at the outside.

oh fucking drop it. seriously.

Lainey comments on an endless string of high school girls' pictures. you don't want to believe one random person is glad she can warn her cousin about a predatory cow and her even slimier husband? have at it.

what's so unbelievable about it is beyond me. and the kind of 'proof' you're asking for is SO easily faked that I could do it.

No. 602771

how long did he last when he swore that the only way he'd be posting on Twitter was behind the hugbox of his prime account? an hour? 2 hours?
yeah. i give it 'til 8am. 9 at the outside.

oh fucking drop it. seriously.

Lainey comments on an endless string of high school girls' pictures. you don't want to believe one random person is glad she can warn her cousin about a predatory cow and her even slimier husband? have at it.

what's so unbelievable about it is beyond me. and the kind of 'proof' you're asking for is SO easily faked that I could do it.

No. 602772

Can we please stop now?
If anon wants to show proof, it's great. If they don't, it's fine.
Everytime something happens some anons have to start a fight, then other anons come to tell them to drop it. It's always the same.
Soon Farmhands here, telling y'all to shut up and stop infighting.

No. 602773

Greg doesn't own the Banana suit franchise. People have been dressing up in these stupid outfits since "bananas in pajamas" days.
I despise him and his planet sized arrogance.

No. 602774

tfw some anons bait makes people sperg like this
speaking of creeping on 16 year old girls, i wish sarah would come out and say she's watched lainey bathe already so I can lay my tinfoil to rest

No. 602775

Cool, if you now want to say that the proof could be faked, or this persons cousin is just another drop in the ocean of young girls who Lainey low key stalks, and thats the reason the topic should be dropped, Ill drop it.

Just dont try spinning it with "you guys are so creepy wanting a 16 year old girls photo" and when its shown that proof can be screencapped without the owner of the Instagram being shown its suddenly "oh anon no one cares"

Pick a gripe. Dont play hysterical mom "BUT THE CHILDREN!"

No. 602776

This is fucking hilarious, I’m guessing Grunkenstein hasn’t seen it because if he had we would no doubt be subjected to a huge sperg about how the ebil fat black woman boolied him

No. 602777

If he thinks (or can convince himself) that he did something first, he owns it. I can't believe you'd doubt his original creativity.

No. 602779

Do we even know if or why they aren’t friends anymore? Anons were speculating that Lainey wasn’t sure if they were friends, but what do we know about it? I’m thinking that Lainey ended her friendship with Sarah when the fake tweets came out for the same reason she kicked Sarah out of the house when people were accusing Lainey and Greg of being creeps. She probably sees Sarah as an inconvenience and as someone who’s holding her back from “muh sympathy and praise.” Lainey and Greg have a habit of looking to blame other people for the shit they receive because they are too delusional to realize it’s them and only them that causes problems for themselves.

No. 602780

GUYS HE WAS JUST ACTING HE'S A COMEDIAN and totally not some lightweight

>i wasnt drunk it just pushed me in to acting drunk

No. 602781

god i dont know whether or not to pray we get a thanksgiving gift as good as the anniversary one

No. 602784

They seem to have stopped being friends over DAT BOOTY THO and the fact she's now legal.

No. 602785

I know the odds of it happening are likely zero, but I really, really want Sarah to realize what a creepy loser Lainey is and to leak any and all messages from anywhere, and accompany those leaks with every detail she can think of. That would be lovely.

you do realize you're screeching at multiple people, right? there isn't just one person telling you you're an idiot.

No. 602787

and Ill reiterate-
Don't try using "you guys are creepy for wanting a 16 year olds photos"
and when you get your ass BTFO with examples on how to do it without exposing the identity of the Instagram owner you flip it and backtrack like a bitch saying "oh no one cares" "lainey does that to a bunch of girls"
Thanks for the well wishes, Ill be enjoying that turkey, hope you do too.

wasn't screeching, don't be histrionic, not everyone that makes you look foolish is yelling at you.
And you do know that multiple people were asking for proof, right?
Just sayin'

No. 602788

File: 1542875653941.png (23.59 KB, 713x152, september-30th.png)

There's not just one anon who disagrees with you, drop the topic already.

Just move on. Some anons are gonna be salty because people asked for proof on a imageboard.

Regina claimed that Sarah left the server because she was focusing on school back (or something along those lines) in September but, school doesn't make you unfollow your "best friend" on all her social media accounts.

No. 602789

File: 1542875722381.png (59.96 KB, 530x427, september-30th-2.png)

No. 602793

File: 1542876938886.jpg (13.69 KB, 320x240, garth.jpg)

> I haven't even read a book cover to cover in 14 years aside from Stones to Abbigale.

lolol yeah it shows when you use a phrase like "to be blunt" before stating that it's your first book.

lol I thought this was a joke like the DNA podcast one, but it's real


No. 602794

btw, sarah was no longer was in lainey's server nor was she friends/mutuals with her on facebook, twitter, or instagram at this point in time. she was however following greg. sarah probably had to buy her forgiveness or she was keeping tabs on greg.

No. 602795

File: 1542877283109.png (397.4 KB, 548x666, DEBUNKEDDDDD.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sqNVzhJ3HMjmpRwFMCMP7e1i0zLJsjBh (Onision = Honest Memology Completely Debunked)

Only Onionboi is HAAANEST.

No. 602801

Did they ban him from livestreaming on youtube because he called Blaire White a cunt bitch x100 while "debating" (getting shit on by) her?

No. 602803

I like how he says he doesn't watch hate videos while literally watching and commenting on a hate video, he got incredibly trollbaited by memeology 101, not only proving his point that he watches hate videos but also striking them.

No. 602804

I love the ad popping up on top of it, Onision making memeology money from his own content LOL be mad gregma

No. 602806

File: 1542879799719.png (233.3 KB, 494x346, red hair.PNG)

>red hair

nice obv dyed hair, grandpa greg. im sure the chicks at panero will be impressed

No. 602808

why would you read a book if you hate it obv everyone loves my book

I'm barely fucking paraphrasing him here. He's so triggered and illiterate, but we already knew that.

No. 602809

In the "drunk" Onision Laineybot they say they live in an apartment with neighbors above? What?

No. 602813

>if someone says you stuff your bra you flash your boobs

Show as your teeny weeny you sick fuck.

>can't even queue up his own complaints properly



In Greg's defense, this milk is a fucking year old.

No. 602814

Didn't B say they had dirt on Sarah? And that was years ago.

No. 602815

I didn't watch it, wasn't it the sound of Lainey's mom cleaning or something? They still live in the swamp mansion, don't worry anon.

No. 602816

It was Sam who told Sarah to watch out apparently.

No. 602818

File: 1542882951528.jpeg (112.5 KB, 750x446, E953088F-1930-4EEF-BBC0-77E05B…)



Top fucking kek. Teya, you really got under Grot’s (incredible, incurable) skin (disease).

No. 602821

It was a "funny" joke because Lainey's mom is spending the week with them and was vacuuming and cleaning their upstairs, obviously taking care of their kids while they pretend to get "drunk". you see, it's "funny"

No. 602824

Imagine being so immature and selfish that instead of cleaning your house before your mother comes to visit, you make your guest and mother clean your house for you.

No. 602826

And then joke about it. The both of them are honestly dumbfounding

No. 602837

Not that anon but my grandmother used to come to my mother's house and clean… my mother is fiendishly clean as is, I think it's just a thing to do rather than sit and watch TV

No. 602840

stop having lc do your digging Greg and Lamey. Maybe you two pedos could calm down on approaching minors then you wouldn't have to be worried about who to proposition for trinity benefits

No. 602841

That's cool and all, but there's been videos of Lainey's sweet old grandmother cleaning their fucking pantry and organising everything and getting on top of the laundry. Lainey's female relatives are treated like maids when they come to visit, no boys allowed.

No. 602842

>Did they ban him from livestreaming on youtube because he called Blaire White a cunt bitch x100 while "debating" (getting shit on by) her?


oh cool red hair, that will accentuate his red greasy face.

might just be me using onion logic, but he wants to fuck us farmers. lamey BE MAD!!

Why's he shitting on poshmark so much? Does he hate Lainey's job? These 2 losers need to learn to wash their clothes instead of being supermarket ones all the time.

lol he's so butthurt about leaked content.

He claimed in this video he only calls out people who he can debunk easily. Guess that's why him and Lainey have been so tight lipped on Maya. You two been creepy cunts towards another girl!! Debunk that Geekinstein

No. 602853

Have you seen the filth they live in? Her grandma (and now her mom) probably couldn't bear how disgusting her house looked and offered to clean it. Still shitty to not even help but I doubt they asked her to do it.

No. 602854

You probably keep your house clean though. We've all seen how Gurg an Gurgette live. Food left on the floor, counters, any flat surface. 20+ piles of laundry around the house. Makeup and toothpaste smeared in the bathroom. Industrial sized trash bins, boxes, and flies everywhere.

They live in filth.

No. 602863


Because Thot is clearly tOo wEaK to hold a trash bag, 4 pieces of cardboard at once, or push a vacuum. Anus won’t do any of it, he breaks his shit, burns his shit, and leaves his shit outside.

I can not comprehend how two grown adults are such children. I get being messy is a thing but this is just fucking sad. Poor MomBot.

No. 602865

I can’t imagine being a 24 year old woman with 2 kids and a 33 year old husband that has her mother come clean the house. The least she could have done was help her mother clean. Then it would be a mother helping her daughter out a bit. Instead, Lame took that as an opportunity to get her husband fake drunk and act like children. I don’t know why anyone in their family even helps them. I bet Lainey’s mother is also cooking Thanksgiving dinner. Is her mother even vegetarian? I would not be able to eat at a vegetarian’s house on Thanksgiving while being a meat eater. You know damn well they would not allow her to eat meat in their home. She can cook and clean for them, but she can’t eat what she wants! I hate these two so much.

No. 602869

Lainey and Sarah fell out bc Sarah wanted to be with Lainey and Lainey lost her shit posting on Twitter how it's shitty people like any being her friend bc they want to date her.

In a Livestream I think Lainey said Sarah is too smart to spill tea since they both have things on each other.

No. 602872

I wonder what Greg and Lamey are pretending to have over a minor? Sarah may just be easily embarrassed just being associated with these 2 loonies, she might not understand that while she was a minor all things that happened will have a legal liability on the adults not her.

Lamey and Greg might be mad at her for fraternising with the enemy or some shit, or maybe he's threatened to doxx Sarah's family since Lamey had no issues with diagnosing her on a livestream.

No. 602877

Like the videos he makes about Eugenia Cooney are 10 times more popular than his other videos. Projecting much, anus?

No. 602879


It's embarrasing to see a 33 year old man be all 'uuuh disgusting' towards WINE. It reminds me of parents giving a spoon of beer to kids so they get grossed out and won't drink anytime soon.

What happened to Ready to Glare? I stopped watching.


I hope she does a sicesca reaction. That would be GOLD.

No. 602881

Them not cleaning their own house just goes to show how spoiled and entitled they are. They don't appreciate living in a house, just takes it for granted and don't care that it's filthy and run down. If I was fortunate enough to live in a big house, I would be more than happy to take care of it. Imagine having all the free time Lamey does while living in a big house, and then spend all that time whining about how she's a fetus boy who doesn't have a girlfriend. Lainey is a pathetic mess of a human being.

No. 602885

Sarah comes from a fucked up home and things happened to her that you wouldn’t want everyone knowing about

No. 602889

Tbf we only want to know the deets on her experiences with Greg and Lainey.

No. 602891

Ready to Glare’s doing fine on her own. But during her onion drama vids she got too much into it. He copyrighted a few to take them down so she remade them and honestly she spent too much energy having a back and forth with this dude. I don’t think she’s even mentioned him lately but she had a nice thing with Edwin for a while, posting about the Dasha stuff and all.

No. 602892

Sarah was taken advantage of as a naive child slave being groomed by people she vastly looked up to. If she's realizes that in the future, I hope she chooses to expose them, it's the logical thing to do - not only for herself but for future victims of the Avahoes. We all know Sarah's got extreme milk from living with them for years, let's all hope she does the right thing.

No. 602894

Onion wouldn't touch her because she's black. He doesn't find black women attractive (besides his iamginary black girlfriend when he was like, 10). He only sperges about womne he finds hot and can rub his micropeen talking about how they want to fuck him and go straight for him.

No. 602902

Sarah if you’re reading all of this, if you decide to leak anything about them, nobody from here will come for you. Like at all. Maybe some of gergles and lame’s followers but they barely have any fans with teeth

No. 602914


Pretty sure its still Sarah's main ambition in life to be part of the trinity. She won't leak.

No. 602918

I have a feeling that may have changed. Maybe it’s me being hopeful but I think she’s wising up. She doesn’t publicly associate with them anymore.

No. 602928

That made me think of something weird. I literally can not think of Gerg being a nice guy, even to his mother in law. Like, even the idea of having Thanksgiving dinner at a vegetarians house as a meat eater is fine, because they can eat tofurkey lol but any normal person or family would provide meat options. But I just cant imagine gerg doing anything but chiding Lame's mom when she wants to serve real turkey to the kids.
For any other youtuber, I can atleast suspend belief that they're nice in real life sometimes, especially toward their partner's parent and during Thanksgiving dinner. But it's crazy that he comes off as such a rude prick, even to people that he can't manipulate and control. Because he's proved he's an asshole to young girls and his family and friends, but if he goes off on Lame's mom, she might never see her child and grandchildren again. That's fucking nuts

No. 602929

Sarah would gain all respect back if she chooses to expose them. She has nothing to lose what so ever, sure, Lamey and Ogre would hate her, but that should be viewed as a compliment. If onision hates you, you're doing something right

No. 602930

That's the saddest shit ever. I feel so bad about that, and the possibility that that is the reason she doesn't want to say anything about the swamp family.
But in Greg's opinion, if she doesnt come out and explicitly out those who hurt her, she's in the wrong. What a fucking asshole.

No. 602939

File: 1542920726597.jpeg (315.26 KB, 1242x1570, 6F05DE5E-2109-4FB4-82FD-BCA285…)

Jfc not even on Thanksgiving can Lainey not worry about being a transboi. I can’t believe Gurg has made it this long without social media, but damn Lame is literally browsing it as we speak. So who the hell is hosting their guests? Greg? For someone who sure complains a lot about her husband not spending time with her, this bitch is pretty addicted to her phone. Go hang out with your mother, kids and husband Lainey. It’s the only time you’ll actually have his attention for the next year.

No. 602941

Sarah doesn't want our respect though. She wants Lainey and Greg's respect. The pleading is for nothing, Sarah doesn't care about lolcow nearly enough for that to be any kind of incentive. It's just not gonna happen until maybe one day she has a real relationship and either spills or learns to stay off the internet.

No. 602943

Going to college with normal people will do that to a person. She’s probably met cooler people as well

No. 602947

He's a retard..He doesn't understand that you have to bleach brown hair for a color like red to show up. Like it may be a nitpick, but in all of his hair dyeing videos you can see how much he lacks common sense.. knowing that colors don't show on dark hair. It has to show to some extent that he is just straight up stupid.

No. 602948

The fact that he would choose a colour like red having the skin colour he does showed from the beginning how little clue he has about hair so it's no surprising he managed to fuck up every other step along the way. Not complaining though because it's almost impressive how much uglier he makes himself look all by choice.

No. 602960

>I wasn't drunk…but I COULD'VE been

i know you gotta spell out shit for your preteen audience sometimes but i'm pretty sure even 11 year olds know that if you drink enough you get drunk, grug

No. 602962

Anyone noticing how the closer we get to his hearing the quicker he is to be triggered into sperging out?

We're roughly a week from December now. I wonder if he'll just not show up or if he'll waltz in with his bulletproof vest accusing the government of wanting to have him shot for weeding his own backyard.

No. 602970

You know what’s funny is those kind of situations are open to the public…

No. 602972

This is too funny. The snow thread should be autosaged but at least it occasionally gives us milk like this and everyone's cringy fetishes. Though it does make me wonder who else lurks on Fetlife.

No. 602973

Why would she care what some anons on the internet think when she's ready on loving her own life, tho?

No. 602974

Maybe not Lainey but Greg most definitely has a profile to creep on Harley Quinn fetish shit, it's all the rage there

No. 602975

I feel that if Sarah WAS going to leak anything, she would do it anonymously (obviously), and she would wait a good amount of time so it wouldnt look so obvious it was her leaking the information.

No. 602977

Exactly as much as the milk would be awesome I think the best outcome is for her to go and have a good life and have nothing more to do with them or their drama

No. 602987

Milk first then, she can move on. We all know Sarah isn't gonna leak shit. I wish plainclone did when she had the chance.
No I've noticed, and it's glorious. He's finding ANYTHING to be mad at. I feel bad for the kids.

OT but I've noticed that a lot of the Onion Flakes have had their fetlife accounts posted, but has anyone even checked to see if Lainey or Greg had one?

No. 602990

giving milk will only further entwine her with them and given that Onision still makes videos on Skye, I would rather Sarah kept herself as out of it as possible. Also Plainclone did leak stuff.

No. 602991

Plainclone dropped the ball on the actual screenshots though. I think Sarah's in way too deep and has too much to lose. Greg would drag her through the mud for years to come and we've already seen how panicky she reacts every time there's trouble in paradise.

scouring gig harbor area rn

No. 603004

Agreed. She has no real reason to leak anything and risk years and years of harassment and videos being made about her. She can just walk away now and have a normal life.

No. 603005

Shit, we’ve all seen how panicky she acts when he’s in the room. Whenever Greg interrupted her livestream, she grew quiet.

I agree that Sarah isn’t going to leak shit. She’s seen what happens to the girls that enter that house. Lainey’s right, Sarah is too smart to say anything. Just think about that… Lainey knows what she does is fucked up. She knows she brings girls into that house and sends her husband on them to make herself feel better. THAT’S what she meant when she said Sarah was too smart for it. It was a subtle threat. Sarah knows what’ll happens if she dare say anything. So she never will. She’ll just move on.

No. 603007

The only girl they haven't really dug up anything about is Maya. She may be naive but she was smart enough to not tell them anything too personal. Greg and Lainey also are too worried about their finances and finding another Billie to drag any exs (friendly or romantically) through the dirt right now.

No. 603008

Sarah better hope someone else doesn't leak something that gets pinned on her when Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber try to figure out Who Dun It.

If that scenario isn't a great argument for avoiding the Toxic Twins altogether, I don't know what is.

Remember when people warned Sarah and she scoffed? lol.

No. 603011

File: 1542937984783.png (440.66 KB, 1440x1521, screencapture-fetlife-users-82…)

No. 603012

File: 1542938005314.png (335.93 KB, 1440x1860, screencapture-fetlife-users-82…)

No. 603013

Hey what are the photos, close up? Did she literally post a nude in that selfie with the phone?

No. 603016

File: 1542938284935.png (431.15 KB, 895x738, fetlife.png)

No. 603017

File: 1542938331721.png (545.55 KB, 518x782, fetlife2.png)

No. 603018

File: 1542938367377.png (535.14 KB, 803x513, fetlife3.png)

No. 603019

File: 1542938398423.png (589.26 KB, 602x765, fetlife4.png)

No. 603021

Kek, Grug’s alright with this? He slut shames women constantly while his own wife is posting almost nude photos of herself on a kink website?

No. 603025

>breastfeeding mommys
>having sex with pregnant women (lmao the self missgendering)
>I love pregnant women

okay so either Greg set this up for her or she was the one fetishizing pregnancies all along
we can expect her to be pregnant again soon probably
if she isn't already

she's disgusting

No. 603029

Is this why she's been breastfeeding Trot for what feels like an eternity? Because it's her kink? Well I'll be

No. 603032

I think anon is saying she def told Lame and Lame told her ugly wife.

No. 603033

She created the fetlife account 10 months ago, when all the shit with Sam was happening.

See the summary thread:
>> 511709

No. 603034


LMAO the misgendering of herself but also that she’s using all of these feminine pictures of herself where she has long hair in one, makeup in all of them, her clevage pushes up in one, and even fucking naked in another.

Such fucking dysphoria my ass.

Also she’s admitting she’s a little and actually into all that age play shit

No. 603036

So she’s had the account for 10 months and yet still hasn’t been able to pull in any willing girls to join her and her husband in a trinity? I guess scouring for girls on instagram wasn’t going well either.

No. 603037

Gurg pulling the strings here with his good ol’ impregnation/pregnancy fetish. Nothing out of the ordinary here

No. 603039

That's shocking considering how many desperate weirdos there are on FetLife.

No. 603043

Muh chest dysphoria

No. 603044

Notice how her full orientation is just Gay for her profile? Sure her and Greg being together in their eyes means “gay” now, but 10 months ago she was still saying she was bi (and occasionally coining the term gay for queer points.)

100% bet she was looking to snag a lesbian trinity member so Greg wouldn’t have a chance. Greg was always going to go after maya as long as she identified as Bi. a Lesbian would get lame the vector she wanted.

No. 603052

If anyone has solid proof that Lainey was grooming Sarah, they should come out and out it. There will be backlash from Greg and Lainey’s total of 5 fans but it’s better than hiding a secret that may involve pedophilia.
Someone let “dat booty tho” slip, and it only drove Sarah and Lainey apart. Imagine what other shit she could have done.

No. 603054

That’s debatable. We’ve seen plenty of shit these two dumb fucks have done over the years that should have gotten them in trouble and yet, it never registers on anyone’s radar who has the power to do something. The only thing that would happen if anything was leaked about Sarah is her getting totally fucking harassed and all of her secrets and family issues exposed to the internet. This piece of shit gets away with everything he does because he’s a professional creep.

No. 603057

It never registers on anyone’s radar because youtubers think being silent and avoiding him actually works. Thousands upon thousands of people know Greg is absolute trash but we only have barely relevant drama YouTubers (sorry, but it’s true) actually covering the predatory things he does and half of the time they get something wrong.

If people who had an actual reach talked about Greg and Lainey’s predatory habits more people would speak up about it but, it’s too real for anyone to actually do shit about it.

No. 603059


Uh, are we really believeing this is actually her? A couple of the pics don’t even look like her.

Either this is a fake set up by a farmer for keks or Obesion is using this to fraudulently attract young gay women who are into his kinks.

If it is her, I’d say she was joining the pregnancy and breastfeeding fetish groups looking for people who will fetishise her, because that’s real healthy of course.

But it’s most likely not her at all.

No. 603060

I dunno… they go after so many other special people like Ogre, I do have to wonder why never him? What magic forcefield makes him untouchable?

No. 603061

this one is in her private insta >>603018
this is public >>603019
this is their bathroom and her phone case >>603016
not sure about the purple one

No. 603062

>A couple of the pics don’t even look like her.

You really cant tell those photos are Lainey? Maybe have your eyes checked anon. As for it being a fake profile set up by someone other than her, anythings possible, but those photos ARE her.

No. 603064

>not sure about the purple one

I swear Ive seen her in that wig before. Id have to search for it tho.

No. 603066

Exactly, that’s literally Lainey. It’s even her nose ring and nose in the purple wig one. And isn’t that wig one of her’s that Greg destroyed awhile back when S was there? I remember someone mentioned that he destroyed one of Lainey’s wigs. So either that’s one of his or it’s one of hers that he most likely destroyed.

Either way much gay, very trans, kek.

No. 603068

File: 1542952847503.jpg (71.32 KB, 612x634, Untitled.jpg)

The purple wig has been used in some videos.
Also, I wonder why they have to put a hat over it?

No. 603069


No, tbh I think that would only briefly benefit us (for milk), but her name would be dragged through the mud for years and years. She's still young and has a future ahead of her, and if she's realized that the Avaroes are dirtbags, the best thing that she can do is just leave it all behind.

No. 603071

Exposing pedos is pretty beneficial in the long run. The sooner she realizes what they were doing to her was wrong, the better.

Ngl I’m curious what the DMs with the person who faked the private Twitter caps look like. I’m sure it has something interesting.

No. 603073

I suspect that Sarah was probably, like the others, told to sign an agreement in order to stay to not disclose anything that happened in the house. She probably doesn't realize that there wouldn't be any legal repercussions if she gave details. But also she probably has already damaged her social life and reputation quite a bit already and doesn't want to risk making it even worse. I wouldn't be surprised if she has been bullied or excluded socially because of her association with them. But she's probably been threatened by Mean Old Greggles and Saggy Taytay that if she mentions anything about them that they'd release info about her or press charges, etc. She's freshly 18, with limited life experience, and has seen how badly they've bashed people and the damage it has done. So Sarah will most likely never say anything. Hopefully Greg goes to jail over the environmental damage he has done so that people can start stepping forward while he can't make any rebuttals. But that's only a dream.

No. 603077

File: 1542955295221.jpg (45.1 KB, 583x671, Non-Disclosure-Agreement-Templ…)

>told to sign an agreement in order to stay to not disclose anything that happened in the house.

we know gregs penchant for using free online templates when it comes to cease to desists, so im sure his NDAs are just as unpolished.

No. 603080

It's probably so shit you can see the scalp of it or whatever it's called (idk anything about wigs)

No. 603085

File: 1542960429618.jpg (144.61 KB, 1080x810, just.lain_22221016_11330792942…)

does she have multiple purple wigs in the same hairstyle?

No. 603086

If Ogreaseon and Foot have dirt on Sarah, it honestly can't be that bad dirt, and they will still be the bad guys for exposing a childs secrets or insecurities. We all know Sarah was taken advantage of because she was naive, young and damaged - She will never be the bad guy in this. If she chooses to expose them, she will definitely help potential future victims.

No. 603087

File: 1542961409815.png (346.18 KB, 577x250, 1542938331721 (1).png)

The filter she used just changed the tint on the wig.

No. 603096

File: 1542964244350.png (57.02 KB, 904x387, 9023271.PNG)

I've had a question ever since Plaineys private tweets got leaked. I know none of us can get in her head and 100% know why she does what she does, but if this is more a technical issue or "way Twitter works" then it'd be great getting an answer from someone more Twitter savvy than I am.

When the tweets were leaked she immediately switched to that "lainiebot" account and started adding back her Patrons. Why didn't she stay on her uglybirdd acct and either dump all the people she followed and slowly follow back people as she vetted them one by one. Or just unfollow the one or two people she was suspicious of. I mean she essentially did that when moving to "laniebot" she added back all those patron minus the people she assumed were the leaker(s)

Also, now when you check that old account theres nothing on the information bar where you would usually see "Tweet-Following-Followers-Likes" does that mean she just wiped the whole account clean? Or did she lock it or ask Twitter to lock it?, And her joined date is November 2018, was this a full account reset?

No. 603107

That one was her actual hair. When she had her "longer hair, pastelgirl" phase.

No. 603108

File: 1542968432940.png (835.85 KB, 1024x2048, PicsArt_11-23-11.18.23.png)

She still has both accounts.
My guess is she renamed "uglybirdd" to "lainiebot" after the leak and readded her Patrons and created a new "uglybirdd" account to distract people.

No. 603109

Yeah sorry, some of them were recognisable but I got thrown off by the heavily filtered one and the one where she's behind her phone, because both photos hide her telltale chin.

OK well I actually reckon it's Gregma playing silly buggers, or at least he's standing over her shoulder when she set up the account.

No. 603112

That's clearly Lainey, yes anyone could have grabbed those pics and set up a profile, but they're all photos of her.

No. 603124


She looks so much better with longer hair it softens her features. Shame she won’t grow it out cause it doesn’t fit her fake boi aesthetic

No. 603132

No that's definitely a wig from her pastel edits video.

No. 603143

How old is that photo?

No. 603148

File: 1542978799114.jpg (1.39 MB, 1440x2534, 20181123_081238.jpg)

Probably from around this period of time

No. 603149

Good god such chest dysphoria.

No. 603160

All of these have been shared on her patreon except for the collar one and I believe that one was on her public twitter. It most likely was a troll since the account doesn't show any activity except for the initial setup. I suppose we'll know if it's real or not if Onion boy flips his lid and cries about people using their images to catfish.

No. 603165

My money is on it not being real for that reason but also becuase it doesn’t fit their mo.

No. 603166

tinfoil: gerg set up the fetlife account as an out to "prove" laineys degen behavior if he were able to snag Sam bc the events happened at the same time

No. 603195

He looks like one of the bogdanoffs kek

No. 603203

Even that weird topless pic? Can someone show the thread where that was posted, because she knows she has young followers on Patreon and I don't think she has an 18+ account.

No. 603211


Yes. It’s clearly plainly. End of story. Whether the account is real is up for debate, but anyone with eyes can recognize her saggy tits and unfortunate smug horse face.

No. 603217

I wasn't saying it wasn't her, I wanted proof it is on her Patreon. If it is on her Patreon she is giving topless pics to people under 18 again.

No. 603220

File: 1542996047557.jpeg (300.28 KB, 1125x714, 796F3066-E751-4358-A989-C037DC…)

Here we go folks.

No. 603224

To quote Onision:
(Someone please respond to his tweet with this)

No. 603225

>Even that weird topless pic?

Did you see the Death Note poster of L in the background? We all know Grug has plastered any house hes lived in with those. It would be a pretty big coincidence that someone who is Taylors exact twin takes a photo with a shitty Death Note poster in the background.

No. 603229

I kind of don’t think the fetlife account is fake. Just because, what farmer would make an account and sit on it for 10 months without mentioning it? I don’t think anyone’s sitting around for the perfect moment for someone to bring fetlife up so the account can be posted. It just happened to be looked into after others’ account were found.

No. 603230

Remember when he claimed to be part Native american? Then his DNA test proved otherwise and he said it didnt show up in his DNA. Strange how Lainey’s 10% Hispanic showed up in hers

No. 603231

File: 1542998388200.webm (942.11 KB, 744x472, You're Black.webm)

Plaineys DNA results even went back so far it found West African ancestry. And of course Grugly has to taunt her with it like its something to be embarrassed by. and she has to deny it "uh nooo"

I guess Plaineys African DNA didnt skip a generation like Grugs Native American genes did
>apparently none of the native side made it to me genetically.

No. 603233

Oh my god, I'm still not saying it isn't her. Someone said that all the photos were on her Patreon. There are people under 18 on her Patreon. I want evidence that it is on Patreon. If it isn't on Patreon then it was either Taylor or Greg that made it. If this image is on Patreon someone from her Patreon made it. This will help prove whether the FetLife is made by them or not. All the pictures are obvious that they are of her.

No. 603238

I didnt even think of that. If there are photos on that Fetlife that are not publicly available then you're right, Greg or Lainey made it.
Does Fetlife scub the EXIF metadata from the photos? You can find a lot of info by looking thru that information.

No. 603244

Ok to be a beaner, not to be a n*gger.

No. 603249

Just want to point out the following bits of evidence that this is really Lame's Fet Life account:
1) Lame's Charmander popsocket because she's so relatable and such fan.
2) The poster of L from Death Note because no Onion bathroom is complete without one.
3) Baby wipes on the tank of the toilet to ease Gurg's hemorrhoid pain.

No. 603251

The pictures are real but that doesn’t mean the account is real…

Honestly it wouldn’t even matter if it was real. If she was looking for a third on fetlife at least it’s a platform FOR ADULTS that are into that lifestyle and should be more informed on how poly works than say one of her young patreons or people on insta that can be brought in and manipulated to think how they treat people is normal and okay.

No. 603252

Just because the account uses her pictures doesn't mean she created it.
I can see one of Onions Patronfags creating one in hope someone here finds it and Gerg spergs about it.
10 months ago all of the crazy Patrons were still Patrons and they all leaked shit about each other.
Why not create an account on a fetish site for Lambo just to stir up some drama.

No. 603254

Wow, what a riveting hot take from Onion as per usual, how about you spend some time with your family then?

No. 603255

Beaner is just has racist has nigger, dumbshit
Censor both of them or none

No. 603256

>10 months ago all of the crazy Patrons were still Patrons and they all leaked shit about each other.

Go to the snowflakes threads and see which flakes are frequenters of those Alt Lifestyle sites like FETLIFE. I bet you one of them make it for shits and giggles.
Its not like any of Laineys & Gregs supposed fans would fuck with them or stir shit up anonymously cough PotatoNoseMegan cough

No. 603260

Again, I'd just like to know if every photo from the FetLife is actually on Patreon, and if someone could show that. It'd determine if it was possible someone other than Taylor or Greg made the account.
Also, if that topless photo is on Patreon, she knowingly showed minors a sexualized photo o herself. Just like how she showed Sarah that inappropriate picture of herself.

No. 603261

Stop sperging and posting the same shit over and over, we get it already. Your pearl-clutching over this specific aspect is too much.

No. 603265

>Edit & Send

No. 603272

sage for off-topic but is the tempcow discord still a thing?

No. 603275

Geez, there are so many potential candidates then: Like, 11 months ago the whole AnalovesLainey and Amber shit was going down, and Maxie was still around as was long time stalker BootySlayer.
I still see it as the pinnacle of Greg's coo-coo fanbase going at each other and I wouldn't put it past any of these to try and drag down Lainey as well.

But let's be honest: That profile kinda makes Lainey slightly less boring. Still pathetic, but slightly less boring.

No. 603276

I can't show you proof, but I'm positive I've seen all of the photos of her in one of the threads on LC before, with the exception of >>603017 .

No. 603277

No, I believe it gotten taken down because of Maya drama, as mentioned in the last threat.
And you don't need to sage anymore.

Yeah, if Taylor made it that'd be hilarious, as she "mesgenders" and sexualizes her pregnant self. And with claiming to just be "gay" while looking for women and being in a "lesbian mommies" group. Tinfoil but I sometimes wonder if she is so sick of Greg that she just fantasizes about being exclusively lesbian, and just stays with Greg because of the $$$, children, and because it is easier and she doesn't want to be independent. She seems closer every day to seeming to come to the realization of how bad Greg is and then once again supports his shit and does shitty things to go along with him.

No. 603282

So masc! Bear in mind this was only last year too, but sure Draino, keep screeching about being a transboi

No. 603290


This bitch is so stupid. I forgot for a minute that she considers herself gay and it’s confusing af. She calls herself gay when she looks at pictures of girls which means she identifies as a girl. Then she calls herself gay because she’s married to a man which means she identifies as a boy who only likes men. Yet, she’s bisexual which means she likes both genders. Pick a fucking identity. And Lainey really wants to cry and say KG is bullying her because he doesn’t accept that she’s trans? Who tf would. She’s going through a midlife crisis and she’s only 24.

I’m 2 years younger than her and I just couldn’t imagine being married to a 33 year old man and NEVER leaving my house to do ANYTHING. She doesn’t even go on vacation and when she does, we still don’t know where the fuck her kids are, kek. Such shitty human beings.

No. 603294

Baner and ngger.
There you go, faggot.

Yeah, someone posted a link a thread or two ago. Don't have it myself.

No. 603296

For real. I’m closer to Anus’ age than hers and the idea of being married to a thirtysomething narc flavoured pariah, much less having produced fuck trophies with him, is simultaneously depressing and nauseating. She has no hobbies, no interests, no job, no friends. No wonder she is desperately clambering for an identity to label herself with. And we can’t even sympathise with her on account of it being the existence she chose for herself.

No. 603307

If the fetlife profile was fake it would have been taken down months ago surely. She would have clocked if someone was trying to harass her with it.

No. 603310

By this point, I'm convinced LC is their main source of information - may it be by lurking themselves or having a patron report back to them, so I wouldn't be surprised if the profile was gone in a couple of days…

No. 603312

File: 1543015501140.png (180.77 KB, 985x704, gone.PNG)

Heres a pretty definite litmus test to see if this is really Laineys (or Greg LARPing as her to bait teen puss)

If the profile goes missing in the next few days, Id say it was actually Laineys. She'll get a heads up from her snakes (or see it herself while lurking) and do a DELETED ALL like her Twitter leaks.

No. 603316

File: 1543015851824.png (26.42 KB, 871x334, Screenshot at Nov 23 15-30-43.…)

Actually I just looked and it's gone.

No. 603318

File: 1543015960549.jpg (18.38 KB, 259x253, 0101 - FL52XPe.jpg)

No. 603320

No. 603321

Lame is one freaky and creepy bitch

No. 603322

File: 1543017410091.jpeg (197.74 KB, 750x540, 91A610BF-A515-4B79-81B9-8C7B79…)

>My personal tweets are posted to
>Still screeching autistically on his public account

No. 603323

The latest onion video contains TWELVE ads. He literally only cares about $$$. No integrity or concern about his fans' viewing experience.

We've know that for years but its reaching obscene levels now.

No. 603325

File: 1543017887071.png (209.81 KB, 419x349, 8676.PNG)

I had to go check that out. Who the fuck is going to watch a 43 minute video of his?

No. 603335

Has anyone checked out the account listed as it's only friend?

No. 603337

I do think it's hers, but the deletion doesn't prove it. Could still have been a farmer.

No. 603347

File: 1543020583281.png (293.15 KB, 1439x787, fet.png)

its still there, she just changed her name but the profile URL stays the same


No. 603349


Who is following her? Is it someone who has been to either the mansion or trailer?

No. 603350

It took less than 24 hours for Lainey to change her username….she must be here more often than half of the regular users.

No. 603351

I think it's obviously her account because I'm pretty sure some of those pictures arent on any of her other platforms. This debate is nauseating. Plus changing the name of her private Twitter to throw us off and change the name of her fetlife account? Lamiebot has a pattern here

No. 603352

Even though it seemed inactive and only updated 10 months ago, if she is still accessing it and didn't delete it all together, she must still use it.

No. 603353


She definitely watches the threads. And I think that the profile is undeniably hers now. Why would a troll change the name? It seems like she wants the profile up. Maybe to show Greg that she is looking for a third

No. 603354

File: 1543021288408.png (Spoiler Image, 270.73 KB, 871x744, fet2.png)

just some rando kinkster, i just made a dummy profile and was immediately followed by random accs too.

No. 603355

Interesting that the one friend she had is suddenly gone, too. Did anyone look at that girls profile?

No. 603357

This fuck seriously used MD in the thumbnail. After how he treated her and made Lainey stop being her friend, this is so annoying. I just don’t get why YouTube hasn’t kicked him off their platform yet.

No. 603359

So Im assuming that you dont have to approve people who have followed you and it just shows up on your profile that they have.
If rando freaks are just following anyone they find attractive willynilly it has to be a hit to the ego that after 10 months Plainey only attracted one follower.

No. 603362

>So Im assuming that you dont have to approve people who have followed you and it just shows up on your profile that they have.

friend requests have to be mutually approved (like FB), following is instant and public

No. 603365

I clicked the friend profile when I found the account, but it wasn't a familiar face, didn't cap but I can check my browser history when I'm home later.

No. 603366

File: 1543022655243.jpeg (470.29 KB, 1242x1763, BB5D81C8-AAD7-4443-A982-E7CDCD…)

Jfc he’s so fucking pathetic. This is the person that tweeted the original screen cap of SD calling himself straight five years ago. Greg wants people to agree with him so badly. How fucking pathetic, kek. This person is most likely being harassed because Onion retweeted the pic calling SD a liar, so everyone assumed OP was doing the same. Now he’s salty that the person wasn’t doing that at all.

No. 603367

File: 1543022680344.jpeg (387.69 KB, 1233x1815, 2EE70676-B2B2-4C0C-89D6-165393…)

No. 603369

does that mean it's a screenshot of her snap interface?

No. 603371

yes, she was too lazy to save the actual picture itself and instead took a screenshot.

No. 603378

All "boys" pose like this, of course, and wear care bear binders. what the hell is wrong with these people?

No. 603385

Wasn't he just talking shit about people celebrating Columbus day last month?!?!?!?!?!

No. 603400

And you would think that if it wasn't lainey she would at least report the fake profile and have it taken down, but no the name changes and the profile remains.

No. 603411

My question is what is she getting out of this profile? I doubt she hooking up with anyone face to face. Is it just an online thing? Maybe she sexts with some of these people and gets off that way.

No. 603412

File: 1543030686503.png (67.66 KB, 258x252, madison.png)

Greg? Trying to make money off of friends he's publicly denounced? Unheard of.

No. 603413

she definitely has some one(s) on there that she enjoys talking to but doesn't feel comfortable giving out her personal info. otherwise she would scrap the whole account and start over more anonymously.

No. 603416

Sign up also requires cellphone verification so maybe it prevents you from making multiple accounts?

No. 603424

File: 1543033399275.jpeg (299.45 KB, 750x763, 25B11CCD-D4E9-4076-ABB7-444BE0…)

How long has this sooper sekrit twitter account been sitting at 3 follows/13 following for? I’d love to know what kind of speshul information he shares with this pitiful echo chamber.

No. 603426

Seems the fetlife profile has been deleted. Went to the link and it's no longer there.

No. 603427

File: 1543033714916.jpeg (714.95 KB, 1125x2175, 410D4B9C-FBE6-4766-A5C4-F90580…)

It’s getting closer to December 6th, so if any WA anons want to go to the hearing (it’s public) make sure you don’t act too autistic.


No. 603429

File: 1543034026677.jpg (94.44 KB, 749x430, 021983.jpg)

I made this little collage when we were trying to figure out who were part of the first 10 people following him.
Photo created 8-2018
I think its been at 13 for a month+

No. 603430

Becca’s been nixed tho

No. 603431

>Always be polite when speaking and never use profanity.

I hope he'd freak out like he did on the phone call to Sh manager/lawyer and maybe get thrown out of court or fined for contempt. But after thinking about it more, hes probably going to act like he did when the cops showed up after that huge blow up he had with Sh. He did that meek feminine voice when speaking to the police. Trying to fake a calm and submissive attitude.

No. 603432

Add to that Booty and Sarah too, presumably

No. 603434

Right. At that time it was all just speculation, plus that was back in August, and Fatbecca was still a Patron. Im guessing one of those question marks is his regular Onision Twitter, just to keep the numbers up for his ego. Not sure who the real followers are that make up the current 13, but Id bet that Booty, Lainey, Lizard, Onisions original Twitter, and that middle aged Mexican chick are still in. Respit is hardcore so Id add him too.

No. 603435

if you looks at the reply tweets to the account it seems that it's mostly for fleshing out video ideas, gossiping about boring youtubers he hates, and running patreon changes by his echo chamber. Frivolous boring shit.

No. 603436

Ive seen Bootys replies to Onision Prime recently, so I assume shes still able to follow it. And when she got outed on /snow/ and here, there were a couple of her posts very curious about someone also having access to OnisionPrime same as her.

No. 603437

Kek Booty pays for the perk and I don’t doubt Sarah keep tabs on Greg (to make sure he’s not talking shit) and his thirsty fans.

No. 603438

I was thinking Booty would have been booted after she was outed for hating on Draino but seeing as Gurgamel also hates his wife he probably has no qualms with taking Booty’s shekels

No. 603439

If any of you remember the drama between Megan and Sh, and Greg didnt toss her to the side after that, then Im sure she was able to talk her way out of being outed hating on Plainey.
Megan is the end of days fall back plan. If shit goes sideways with Plainey and he cant find anyone else, hes flying Potato Nose out to Washington. Her kids will probably be left with her mom.

No. 603440

I sadly don’t have a recording of the voice chat but, Greg admitted that he was using Booty as bait. She was upset about it but being the bitch she is, she ran with it. It explains why she posted her Snapchat filtered photos in the Onision and Onionflakes thread. They’re both so damn stupid.

No. 603441

lol at people who pay money for that

No. 603445

Bait for what? She didn’t even do anything except insult herself and Lainey. So, he asked her to come to lc to insult his wife? Kek…

No. 603446

General discussion; he wanted to da haturz to think he’s attracted to Booty. Imagine being indirectly called unattractive by the Greasiest Man Alive™️. Imagine actually finding him actually attractive and pay him several hundred dollars for him to pay attention to you.

No. 603447

He was using her as bait here to get us to talk more shit about his wife? Like we don’t do it of our own volition and need extra incentive? That makes no sense.

No. 603448

I assumed they meant bait as in, bait any farmers who happen to be paying for access to his OnisionPrime Twitter. Get them talking and slip up.
If there is anyone keeping tabs on his private Twitter, its not going to be a slow dribble of leaks, it will be just like Laineys tweets release, a full blown flood, because once the info is released the hounds will be sniffing around.
I commend who ever gathered the uglybirdd tweets. Starting from January 2017-that was a long con if I ever saw one.

No. 603449

January 2017? That means a close friend could have leaked her tweets… /tinfoil

No. 603485

Still doesn't prove she owns the account imo, if anything I'd believe onion runs the acc to reel in girls.

No. 603486

If I remember correctly that picture was shared under the 5 dollar tier, but I'm unable to confirm because I no longer pledge to her. That being said that's not the first time she's put out something a bit more risque. Remember this photo set? https://imgur.com/a/n6KkF7d I wouldn't consider these obscene but it's really a strange exclusive considering her fanbase.

No. 603487

Is that crumbled chunks of bath bomb all over her or what?

No. 603490

Only he manages to put his own name twice in one sentence

No. 603496

What if Sarah took these for her and THATS why she assumed the “seeing me bathe” tweets were real?

No. 603501

Her whole demeanor in the photos is weird. I guess she was going for sexy and wistful, but comes off as troubled and uncomfortable. It reminds me of the Polaroids that Clarice Starling finds when shes looking for Buffalo Bill.

No. 603503

Legit cackled at this comment, top kek anon. For real though, Grot and Thot both look perennially uncomfortable no matter what the scenario is. They are the most humourless, joyless, all round miserable fucks on the internet. Even horseface Ritchie with his painful emo shtick looks less morose than these two clowns and being morose is his entire brand.

No. 603504

This is the thread from 10 months ago. >>480019
Looked it over and it was around the time that Anus was talking to Plain's psychotic ex.
10 months ago was also the start of the long Shane Dawson pedo sperging. I don't think it's her account because she talked about how she got an IUD.
Also psych anons who claimed to be shameless trolls.

No. 603510

File: 1543061567702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.18 KB, 428x567, 564_7545_6436_90876_53134_54.j…)

These photos creeped me the fuck out.
I dont know if any of you remember the movie 8MM with Nicolas Cage, Joaquin Phoenix and James Gandolfini, but Lainey resembles that poor girl Nicolas is searching for that was forced to do a snuff film.
That same look of despair in her eyes.

No. 603516

She's posing, literally just trying to smize lol. Actually not a bad picture of laimey for once.

No. 603525

They'd change it to get exactly this kind of reaction, because they'd be emulating how Lainey behaves. We've been fooled by much more detailed ruses back in the stamina rose and early lc days, so I'm wary. It also doesn't rule out the possibility of being Greg. It just feels too obvious of a thing to do if it were really Lainey.

No. 603528

But what about the topless photo?

I might be the only one but based on the groups she joined and the “little” thing, I definitely believe it’s Lainey’s account. But on that same note I also believe Greg pushed her to sign up and flirt with randoms. I think they’d both be very relieved to blame this on a troll.

But if it was a troll, it’s so mild and tame? Like a troll would have at least added something a little more interesting to “expose”

No. 603536

Dead eyes

No. 603540

It's quite possible that Sarah took them. At the time Greg was making fun of girls such as Maddi that offered photoshoots as patreon perks. In the end she only released 3 photo sets due to ether Gurg's disapproval or her laziness.

No. 603544

You guys realize that once you buy access to her twitter you can see all of the tweets she's ever made on it? I doubt whoever leaked has been following for that long

No. 603557


>But if it was a troll, it’s so mild and tame? Like a troll would have at least added something a little more interesting to “expose”

That depends entirely on how smart the troll is - had he or she added too much it would've been a lot more sus to everyone.
With what little information was given, it's believable enough for some anons to fall for it.


This tripped me off, too. It's like someone was sitting on that account, mulling over how and when to drop it and when Lainey's 'super secret' Twitter account was revealed, he or she was able to see exactly how Lainey would react in that kind of situation and simply copied it.

Her new Twitter account was found by anons within no time, so her maneuver of simply changing her name and creating a dummy using the old one didn't work - why would she do it a second time?

No. 603591

i dont buy that plain would join a group called "having sex with pregnant women", at all, either. seems pretty obviously fake

No. 603604

File: 1543089927553.jpg (106.09 KB, 1024x1024, 20181124_180019-COLLAGE.jpg)

Did she do her makeup to look like a mime or purpose or… I'm confused

No. 603613


Plain would never have sex with pregnant women because she doesn’t want to have sex with women. She put that because she has no identity besides being a mommy and a failed transboi Youtuber.

No. 603614

That's from a Dance Gavin Dance song, "Summertime Gladness." https://genius.com/Dance-gavin-dance-summertime-gladness-lyrics

Plainey is into DGD. She owns shirts of theirs and used to listen to them on YouNow. This doen't necessarily prove it's her, but it's definitely sus.

Sidenote, her taste in music is spectacularly shitty and dated.

No. 603617

I think that too, but overall she's a victim of abuse and I can see her fetishizing all the things Gerg put her through (like being poly, having a girlfriend, having threesomes while pregnant etc) so she can believe herself that she was ok with all of it.
If she really makes herself believe she's gay she doesn't think it's that bad if Gerg searches for a "girlfriend" for her

No. 603620

her taste in music hasn't graduated from high school because mentally neither has she.

No. 603621


Thot just wants another mommy to talk to since she has no friends.

No. 603627

I swear I’ve seen the topless photo of lame before but the one I think hasn’t been released is the filtered one with the purple wig + flowers. I’m convinced.

No. 603629

File: 1543097218604.jpeg (207.57 KB, 640x694, 22E758EA-663D-4103-A24C-B0642F…)

He’s sucking Blaire’s dick again even though she recently joked about him?

No. 603632

File: 1543097799580.jpeg (335.8 KB, 750x1038, DF020499-8715-4A51-96A2-04867E…)

Bonus hilarity courtesy of Hamber and that Lil Idiet troll account in the replies. A thirtysomething watching Twilight. Not even in an ironic way. You couldn’t make this shit up.

No. 603637

I just noticed that Taylor hasn't removed those fake plugs for a long time. I wonder if she is one of the people who can't take them off, they are so cheaply made and hard to clean that shit gets inside of them and you can't unscrew them.

No. 603670


On the off chance that this is really Laineybot and/or Obesion's doing, let me just say, this is fucking disgusting. Disgusting because this is a very clear attempt at getting a LESBIAN to join their trinity. So what, now pan and bi girls aren't good enough for them anymore? Not to mention, Lainey puts down "gay" and joined a group for fucking (pregnant) women. Even if said women weren't pregnant, she'd still want to fuck women. So she's saying she's a woman who is gay.. a lesbian. Even though she's not. I thought she was transmasc or a transman now? That doesn't make any sense.

I'm trying not to do a Tumblr sperg here but lesbian erasure is a thing within the LGBT community, which is sad. Radical trans activists force lesbians to think it over whenever a lesbian says she doesn't want to have sex with a penis. That gender =/= sex.

Lainey and Greg refuse to believe that actual lesbians exists. They think, when they meet Gork, they'll be cured of their lesbianisms and fuck both of them. Hooray! /s

No. 603678

If no one here goes there's bound to be at least one Kiwi in attendance we can get reports from. I'm still undecided if he'll even show up and if he does will he be wearing his bulletproof vest over his suit?

No. 603709

He shits all over her in this video tho?

No. 603747

Unfortunately, there a lot of men who want the Chasing Amy fantasy. They want to believe their dick was powerful enough to turn the lesbian on to dick.

No. 603764

Nah anon, I don’t think this is a tumblr sperg at all, this is the fucking truth about Thot and her translarping shitshow. If anything it’s the antithesis of tumblr gender foolery because the morons who subscribe to that nonsense would find a way to argue that holding an opinion such as yours is exclusionary/gatekeeping/offensive/some other shit that makes a mockery of legit LGBT issues. I’m disappointed that more people in the community don’t drag Draino, this whole cringe festival has gone on long enough.

No. 603784

It was a Patreon exclusive as well. Here is the dump of images I saved from her patreon when I still had access.


What I'm going to tinfoil greatly depends on Gurgs reaction. If the profile is fake Greg will take it as an opportunity to make 2-5 videos about how people are hurting his pure husbands reputation and if it's real he'll follow his past strategy of ignore it in hopes that it will be soon forgotten. (Just like how they handled the M situation.)

No. 603787

File: 1543114022006.png (621.08 KB, 500x599, 54767.PNG)

Holy hell, this filter/angle is not doing her any favors.

The new "Make me look like a balding man" app

No. 603790

It's ironic that anus used to make fun of idubbbz and jacksfilms foreheads when his wife has basically the same forehead as them

No. 603793

File: 1543118282676.png (214.19 KB, 810x269, Screen Shot 2018-11-24 at 10.5…)

Hate how she does her eyebrows. I don't mean to be nitpicky but fuck it's just an uneven brown line at the bottom of the brow and thats all.

No. 603796

I'm almost positive it's fake, since now we know all of the pictures on the profile were posted previously. Why would she bother keeping an inactive fetlife profile around?

Plus she and greg never meet potential partners through dating sites, they just scour their fanbase. could you imagine any random outsider's reaction to meeting greg for the first time?

No. 603799

This is why it drives me crazy when people use "gay" as an umbrella term for anyone attracted to the same sex. You can't convince me she didnt put gay instead of bi (or pan for tumblr points) to make actual lesbians think she's a lesbian. It's so skeevy and I hate it. Not to mention that she's straight and this is all a ploy for her disgusting husband to get teen pussy. It's so fucking predatory and awful and I can't believe these two haven't been run off the Internet

No. 603804

I absolutely hate that white eyeliner on her. When she had beautybot and did this fucking look, I gagged everytime I saw a repost of it. It just doesnt do anything for her face

No. 603810

The white liner reminds me of when I was in 6th grade back in 2001. This was the trend and a bunch of 12 yr olds don't really know how to do makeup/don't have resources to get good makeup so the cool girls would just walk around with a big thick white smear across their upper lash lines lol.

I think she could've made it work had she not chosen orange-tinted shadow and lipstick. She could've done a 60s mod look instead of….whatever that is.

No. 603817

> could you imagine any random outsider's reaction to meeting greg for the first time?

This would actually be hilarious. I mean, M knew who he was and look how she reacted.

>You must be soooo starstruck right now. You haven’t heard my iconic hit I’m a Banana? It has over 60 million views on YouTube! I write novels too! I’ve never read a book in my life but I’m basically the voice of a generation. You’re a lesbian? All lesbians are secretly in love with me, I have that effect on people. You think I’m ugly? How could you be so cruel??!! Be HUMAN! You’re just a slut anyway, I’m rejecting you because you have a dirty vagina. REEEEEE!

No. 603818

the profile reads so much like an obvious trolling attempt I'm shocked anyone thought it was real.

No. 603821

Could it be a catfish profile? Like not Lainey but also not a troll and/or farmhand. Just someone who knows of her and used her pictures to catfish other fetlife users

No. 603823

Do you think it gets to Greg that people find Lainey unattractive? I mean he was with females that others thought were gorgeous. I don’t know any male who would want to have sex with Lainey it find her attractive.

No. 603829

She definitely has her fair share of creepy stalker devotees, the person who took the username "uglybirdd" already had 50+ follow requests and half are from weird sex fiends.

No. 603833

I reckon it would. AJ is probably the best looking out of all the girls he has been with (how he pulled her will forever remain a mystery). Billie is cute, even more so now that she has grown up. Her being interested in his repulsive ass is slightly less perplexing than AJ, as she was/is young and not very clever. Skye is plain but not unattractive in the slightest. Shiloh is so fucking ugly inside and out she makes Taylor look less hideous by comparison.

No. 603835

How the hell do you know this?

No. 603836

File: 1543127782816.gif (1.98 MB, 500x267, 10.gif)

>the person who took the username

No. 603839

Pls make it public anon, I wanna see what this washed up beans fanbase looks like

No. 603843

File: 1543128904761.jpg (64.24 KB, 1080x1080, a mess.jpg)

No. 603845

Didnt he go through this whole cycle a few months ago?

He colored his hair, then self cut it, then attempted to fix it by having his Aunt properly cut and color, then gave up and literally shaved his head and there was weeping and gnashing of teeth from his tween fanbase.

Countdown to him taking the electric clippers to his whole head again.

No. 603847

again? he just tried dying it twice. what is he doing now, black? and does he not know that dying your brows is a huge faux pas? lmao.

No. 603850

Curved back and sucking tum in still can't hide the dad bod Kek.

I think it's safe to say he's having a midlife crisis.

No. 603856

ugh another thing to show that gurg's mentality hasn't left 2007 … you don't box dye your hair black anymore. especially your eyebrows dude

No. 603862

Thankfully it's already too late!

No. 603864

If that fetlife account was actually hers the pics and description would be playing up the whole “I’m a nonbinary space prince” shit then it is. All about pregnancy and pictures were she looks feminine/wigs? There’s no way that’s her actual account. I could picture greg and her making one though, I just don’t picture it looking like that.

No. 603869


Idk, I think Lainey's pretty cute, except for her choices in style. She's prettier than Shiloh was. I think Greg only cares about what pretty teenagers think of Lainey because he's a disgusting predator.

No. 603871

No one here have thought about that maybe Lainey might've been following pregnant lady sex on some weird fetish site because she is insecure and had problems with her sex life whilst pregnant or after, considering we all know Onision didn't care she just had babies.

No. 603874

Omg his eyebrows are going to be fucked. I can't wait

No. 603914

Have you seen Shiloh now?She’s gorgeous!!

No. 603915

She's still got an abhorrent and aggressive personality however.

She's been through tough times without a doubt but she's not suddenly become a good person by any means. There's probably still hope for her though, unlike Onionlord

No. 603917

You need to get your eyes checked anon, she’s a fucking troll. And she’s a monumental cunt which makes her even uglier. She’s a bigger piece of shit than Gaylor imo.

No. 603920


The majority of those photos are topless, it's so fucking weird when her fans are all so young and she claims to hate her chest

No. 603921

Still a better love story than anything Greg's written.

Enjoy the out of date meme for your decade old movie, grandpa.

No. 603923

I think deep down inside herself she still hasn't completely given up on becoming a model.
We all know, though, that Greg would never allow it since there would be other man to lay their eyes upon his very personal possession and child bearing machine.

No. 603954

In my opinion Skye and Billie were the only beautiful girls he ever had,the rest were just average.
Also Lainey has been making herself look ugly for years now.

No. 603957

Adrienne was beautiful too, that relationship seemed very one sided tho so idk if it counts.

No. 603959

That s a matter of perception after all,I find Adrienne just average.
Either way,all of them were too good for him,even Lainey is.

No. 603963

Just realized how much Adrienne resembles a hotter version of Lainey but with Shilohs former style…

No. 603971


Calm the shit down about Sh. She’s a cow, too, anyone who got Anus’s baby carrot is to some extent, but no one is a bigger fucking mess than him and Plain. She’s fucking ugly inside and out, and at least Sh wasn’t a predator of teens.

No. 604007

File: 1543164179734.jpeg (392.57 KB, 1125x2233, 3C58E0FB-83F9-4765-BF89-66B7D1…)

No. 604014

Fuck, I almost forgot how Greg used to speak for her in all of her videos.

I guess it's not necessary anymore now that she says what he would like her to all on her own.

No. 604019

>I don’t identify as agender anymore. It was maybe never the right fit for me.

Of course it wasn’t. Because calling herself agender meant she couldn’t call herself trans. Agender is without a gender, whereas trans is transitioning from one gender to another. You can’t be trans if you don’t have a gender, kek. As soon as she realized that, she stopped calling herself agender so she could try to label herself as trans for attention and popular points amongst today’s ignorant youth.

No. 604023

is that dried toothpaste on her lower right lip or are her lips that chapped?

also "everybody knows because I'm open about my sexuality"
still hasn't come out to her family

No. 604024

looks like she tried to cover the herp with foundation/concealer

No. 604041

I cant believe she chose to put those two photos side by side. She used to look so youthful compared to her haggered zombie self. Also how many coming out videos can one person make. You can call yourself a gay boy all day Lame, doesnt make it true.

No. 604042

Oh man she got rid of the blur filter.

No. 604044

is part of being a "boy" to her being as haggard and unattractive as possible? Does she realize its possible to be a boy and still take care of your appearance?

No. 604047

Trying desperately to cover up that grey he has coming in. At this rate he and his husband will have matching male pattern baldness.

No. 604050

When the fuck is that going to heal!
I believe that the point of all of this is to become as unattractive as possible to other men so Greg can feel more secure. He loves his women to look as tired, masculine, and unkempt as possible.

Still not out to her family, she says it will probably never happen and then says no because it is starting to get to her that they misgender her. Bullshit. She isn't coming out because she really isn't "transmasc." Her family's probably been asked about it by friends/acquaintances, have probably seen it on social media and in her videos. There is no way they haven't heard about it. You'd think they'd ask her about it. But she is probably like "Oh, that's my online persona."

No. 604051

I just wanna hand her a Carmex or something SO bad! Ergh!

As a pale girl I definitely have those mornings where I wake up and my lips are so dried out they make me look like a ghost. Literally all it takes is something - anything - to bring back some moisture. I don't get how she bothered to put other makeup (looks like at least mascara) but not swipe something across her lips.

As for the video itself, you can clearly see how much Onision dominates her life in that first throwback video. Even in her body language, you can see her shrinking her body size and keeping her head tilted down in deference to him.

And then in the second one where she notices how many more likes she used to get and is all "what happened guys? where are you" LOL!!!! Oh my God…just…Bitch, if you wanna know where your viewers went, take a good hard look at your trashy-ass, angry-bird-eyebrow-having puppet master

No. 604055

Is he trying to look Asian like Billie's boyfriend?

No. 604057

I thought Billies boyfriend was black

No. 604069

1) how can Lainey keep calling herself a boring robot and not make a oke about being laineybot

2) she fantasises about sucking cock more often these days

3) she roasts herself for referring to herself as agender. Says she's bi because she fancies 2 genders. Still claims non binary he/they pronouns

Non binary means you recognise male and female as distinctly different, and you can't place yourself within them so that still rejects being trans. And Wtf is transmasc is she perpetually stuck in between the two genders she fancies? She's still as clueless 3 years later

You'd be wrong. He probably doesn't even need subs for anime

No. 604077

He’s Black and Japanese fam

No. 604094

That thumbnail really highlights just how worn down she looks now. She used to at least look like a tired soccer mom who was trying, now she just looks tired.

No. 604109

It's hard to imagine a woman repellent enough in looks and personality to be a good match for Onion, though.

No. 604122

How many Coming Out' videos can she make? Jesus, she has virtually no other identity. Most other trans YTers- even the ones who border on the sanctimonious and overly woke- have other interests than what's in their pants. I can name a whole bunch of things I know about the Trans YTrs I follow:
Contrapoints: has a philosophy degree, plays the piano & guitar.
Riley Dennis: likes gaming. Loves to travel.
Laura Kate Dale loves Roller Derby & Pokemon Go. Having an actual book by a proper publishing house published next year.
And then there's Laineythot. Who likes ummm… shitty old music…and make up??No, she doesn't really.. then there's uhhhh….
Laineythot: "I'm a boi! I have crushes! I'm the daddy!"

How sad to be virtually the same person you were at 16 when you're a married mother of two.And she could easily do Mommy blogs w/o showing the kids on camera. But that might remind their teeny-bop patrons that she's an actual adult, not a teen whose uwu twin flames with her shitty high school shooter-wanna husband.
I didn't know not having a gender makes you not have a personality or interests as well./s

Transmasc? More like Trans-slack.

No. 604134

I do like that she acknowledges that when we was pushing her to be bi and have a girlfriend “because he was such a good guy” that he was full of shit. Maybe that’s character growth.

No. 604139

She's been a basic spoiled rich girl her entire life so she has to cling to those labels to make herself seem more interesting. That's sad

No. 604173

File: 1543192424272.jpeg (109.53 KB, 1125x698, ECEBE4B8-5EF6-4861-A619-95E8AD…)

Looks like Old Greg is having another diva moment.

No. 604175

Is this supposed to be a before an after picture or something? All I see are 2 women with short hair but the one on the right is older, uglier and makes poor fashion choices.

No. 604197

File: 1543196802810.png (19.66 KB, 167x114, hypocrisymanifest.png)

omg the irony of his last reply is breathtaking

No. 604199

Cant believe I am gonna say this, but Plain looks positively cute in the older videos before she gave up on life. She may feel more confident now, but she looks miserable.

No. 604200

> Shiloh is so fucking ugly inside and out she makes Taylor look less hideous by comparison.

whoa… weird grudge but ok

if it weren't against the rules to suggest someone posting is a cow or related person, I'd wonder if you were A "best looking out of all the girls" J.

No. 604203

Lmao is this fucking Stevie from that one onion blog?? That bitch always had the biggest hate boner towards sh. Anyways, no way is Sh worse than Lame. Sh was a child when onion got to her and she was just goaded on by his own crazy. Lame actively participates in recruiting girls and borderline abuse them when they’re finally in their claws, how does Sh even compare??

No. 604204

File: 1543197793126.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 97.57 KB, 233x563, 1074ACE0-B4C7-4C57-817A-2B5512…)

Fucking kek

No. 604206

So he made fun of Strange Aeons eyebrows but dyed his own?

No. 604213

Either that or Potato Nose. Potato Nose hates Shiloh and tried to sue the bitch when she was still with onion. Shiloh definitely isn’t an angel but she might as well be if you compare her to Taylor “I subject other women and my children to my husband’s abusive ways” Avaroe.

No. 604216

wait, why is shiloh bad? i thought she got a lot better after moving on from grugly.

No. 604241

What I ended up reading later on is that she actually lied about having sepsis in order to have an excuse to fly back to Canada for treatment so that she could get away from Greg, knowing that he wouldn't pay for her to receive medical treatment in the U.S. Nothing else she did was excusable, but adding context to that situation definitely changes how I view her actions.

No. 604242


Stole a picture of someone else's baby and said it was her baby Rogue who died.
Lied about a miscarriage and sepsis resulting from miscarriage and needed to fly from WA state to Canada which is straight BS because you'd be going straight to the hospital to get IV fluids and antibiotics.

No. 604243

>lied about the miscarriage and sepsis
Wasn't it cleared up that she did actually miscarry on one occasion.
Regardless, Shiloh is out of the picture and there's no point of discussing her unless she pops up in the picture again.

No. 604250

File: 1543209820187.png (63.52 KB, 593x156, Screenshot_26.png)

No. 604251

>I'm sorry
Is this part five or six? Or is it the Thanksgiving Remix? Because I swear he's coming out with one of these roughly every 2-3 weeks.

No. 604252

>t-they all got demonitized upset wibble

oh fuck off greg

No. 604253


That whiny ass "calm voice" pisses me off to no end. "oh no i'm getting demonitized oh no youtube koolaid" Stfu Gerg. You dug yourself this whole with your bs.

No. 604254






i not even 5 minutes in to this fucking video and i wanna punch through my screen

No. 604256

how bad must his hair look for him to be wearing a fucking winter coat

No. 604257

Says he's not a liar but admits to being deceptive @ ~5:50

No. 604259

iSn'T iT cRaZy tHaT i kEeP gEtTinG dEmOnItIzEd

No. 604261

out of curiosity how do his videos (according to YouTube Rules) get demonetized?

No. 604262

A 27 minute pirt party he throws for himself.

My favorite part is when he tries to prove that he’s honest becuase he can admit that he’s dishonest (via manipulating people and using logical fallacies). Like ???

No. 604263

File: 1543210748938.png (12.68 KB, 604x219, most honest youtuber.PNG)

No. 604264

Yeaah.. 27mins.
He's certainly "cracked" the algorithm.

> muh demonitashun

> said he was making good money again lol

I miss ragesperg greg from Ae