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No. 686681

Thread Image Credit: >>675140
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:
Greg releases a Julia video on his patreon in hopes of getting more interest and pledges for his Julia Lovedoll patreon. The ploy is a massive failure only bringing in one pledge. >>686351
In hopes to boost his tanking views, Greg announces he will be revamping his youtube channels for the millionth time. >>674718
Greg breaks his Emo Charlie persona on twitter to demand Mr. Repzion to stop 'stalking' him while vaguely threatening legal action. >>675202
Following his narc pattern, Greg continues to maliciously strike videos about him >>686351 >>677506, writes fan e-mails to himself (Only abusive people don't like Onision, reeee!) >>676310, talks about beating up his dad when he was a teenager >>677034, and describes his teenage sexual experiences. >>680802
Greg announces that his hosting fees are too much so he moves his form to a 'new free-ish' server where he continues to try to sell their chinese bootleg hauls. >>680227
Next on his agenda is to spend that saved money on a new Tesla. >>681250
With the return of EC, Greg starts an endless stream of tweeting and videos about EC and Shane. >>682398 >>682514
Greg proves his mind has not matured past that of a 13 year olds by showing off his teenage journal. None of his beliefs have evolved or changed and he still continues his obsession of making lists of his ex's. >>682687
JG makes a video expressing concern about EC, Greg views it as an attack and makes a video to defend m'lady. >>682773 >>683100
Being the 'hero' no one needed or wanted, Greg goes on to accuse Al J., Onion Dad, and Mr. Repzion of sexual assault with no proof. >>683136
EC's acknowledgment of Greg sets off another stream of obsessive tweets and video making about her. Due to the way he chose to share the e-mail he received from her it is highly questionable that she actually contacted him. >>683541
Greg is extremely hurt when a patreon jokes about his beer belly during the annual meetup >>684080 >>684121 and he went on to harass her so much that she was forced to apologize. >>684861
Despite Greg thinking legal threats where a joke, it seems like he may be sued due to his unsubstantiated claims against Al J. >>684868 >>684983
After time to reflect, Greg reveals that a patreon spoke harshly to him and drove aggressively during the annual meetup and due to that treatment he has developed PTSD. >>685483 >>685486
In a newer video, it appears that Greg and Lainy's marital bed has been moved down stairs. Could this be a sign that their relationship is in trouble? >>685574
Still stewing over being called chubby, Greg comes to a realization that his 'fat or skinny' videos where hurtful. Although he claims to feel bad about making them, he continues to blame the girls who submitted their pictures saying they asked for his opinion. >>685812
Demo reels and auditions are discovered on Greg's Vimeo account. To no one's surprise they are poorly acted and contain jump cuts galore. >>686180
Greg comes out as 'kinda gay' after having a dream about kissing a mini version of Dan Howell. >>686351

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No. 686700


Ayalla is streaming. Says she'd spill "tea." Might not be onion related tho


No. 686712

File: 1564805400586.png (12.93 KB, 289x111, banned.png)


No. 686717

To clarify, he's challenging Repzion to a boxing match and claiming Repzion's bullying him and his family.

Really, the notable progress in the story of Onision is that now he's calling Repzion out by name, instead of just referring to him as an anonymous stalker.

No. 686718

Basically onion just put repzion in a bad spot . If repzion does fight that mean this accuser that might be lying gets money but if he doesn’t fight onision will claim it as a victory . Repzion should call his bluff and agree to it because I doubt onion will really show up to the fight

No. 686720

this is why repzion needs to stop talking about onion and just let him die his slow internet death. repzion and others like him are the only thing keeping him alive.

No. 686724

We don't encourage giving this idiot views so please do not direct link his videos. A screen shot with a description or a reupload will do the job.

Here is a reupload of Dear Mr. Repzion

No. 686727


Repzion should ignore this stupid shit just like everyone else does. He doesnt have to do anything Greg clumsily attempts to bait him with. It's all just stupid narc bullshit.

No. 686728

Both of them are cows nothing would be more entertaining than watching these two fight or at least go back and fourth on social media . I follow them for entertainment not to be bored by them ignoring each other

No. 686729

repzion SHOULD ignore it and say nothing… but we know he won't. he cant help himself.

Personally I don't have any problem with WHAT repzion says about Onion - its all just reacting to things onsion says and not throwing out baseless accusations as Onion himself does - However, we all know Repzion is just exploiting onion drama for money and that's pretty much his only concern. He doesn't create any actual creative content. So I don't have much respect for him a a "creator".
At this point Onion drama is recycled and stale. I just want him to go away, but that will never happen as long as repzion continues to take the bait.

No. 686730

I thought the point of cows was to watch them do stupid shit and laugh at them not watch them do logical things and act normal

No. 686731

I don't really see Repzion as a cow. He's always been cringey and sheltered, but he's not really dramatic enough and doesn't really do bad enough things to be a good cow.

This is an accurate take. I don't hold it against him, he's using the drama to pay for school, but it's sort of sad seeing his decline to basically just covering drama of one dying cow. It's actually been depressing seeing the decline of that whole clique of atheist YouTubers from 10 years ago. Now TheAmazingAtheist/TJ/Banana Butt is kind of a mediocre moderate commentator who randomly oscillates from progressive to reactionary and back, FakeSagan's gone pretty much full reactionary conspiracy theorist, and the saddest thing is that SaturnineFilms, who was a really talented photographer and videographer, has become way less ambitious, and he's virtually disappeared. I don't even know what happened to Mannix. The whole group of them might make for an interesting /snow/ thread.

No. 686733


So is there still a possibility that the EC email is fake?

No. 686735

Transcript of “Dear Mr. Repzion”:
>Hey, guys. There’s a fella online who has been harassing myself and my family for, like, the last eight years. It started out with him contacting my in-laws (or soon-to-be in-laws, then I wound up getting married) and now he’s up to involving children—members of my family who are children. We’re talking toddlers and babies. He’s decided to directly involve private people in the hateful videos that he makes on his channel. He’s made over, like, 50 now?
>And some of you guys may say, “Well, okay, you’re like the same” because of my past with Eugenia Cooney. Well here you go, m’kay? (Closeup shot of a phone screen. Jimmy scrolls through an email conversation as he speaks) Here’s me talking Eugenia Cooney, and if you scroll down… there she is, okay? And if you actually read this, she thanks me for all the supportive videos that I’ve made. All right? So we got Eugenia Cooney—this person that everyone says that I’m some kind of, you know, villain of or whatever—actually being a wonderful human being to me and I’m being very nice to her. We’re being very civil and awesome to each other. So now that that’s completely out of the picture…
>When I say this person’s been harassing me and my family for about eight years, uh, it actually means something. Because I’ve made good on everyone I’ve had problems with that I know of. Um, outside Social Repose, who I think we can all agree, uh, you know, he apologized for what he did and, uh, what he did was really terrible to Jaclyn Glenn and everybody knows it. I’m not still making videos on Social Repose because it’s not like… Jaclyn Glenn’s safe now, she’s better now so there’s no reason to continue going on and on.
>Anyway, this guy sees me as a paycheck and I decided, y’know, because he’s repeatedly exploited myself and my family, because he’s gone after children, um… I think that we should first of all donate any proceeds to the woman who he allegedly sexually violated. This is Mr. Repzion we’re talking about. Mr. Repzion allegedly sexually violated a woman he allegedly met on Tinder, and he allegedly said that she is only saying that— He’s being a rape apologist right now. Uh, allegedly. He’s being a rape apologist, allegedly, by saying that she’s only accusing him—or implying, or allegedly whatever—that he sexually violated her because she wanted fame from him, this guy who is literally only famous because of the videos he makes about me. If you look at his top most viewed videos within the last, uh, what, five years or whatever? They’re all me, pretty much. If you look at his channel, his videos, the only thing that makes him relevant pretty much is talking about me.
>So I’d like to settle this. I’d like to challenge him to a boxing match. I would like to personally put him in his place because y’know, there’s only one way to deal with bullies, and y’know, I’ve publicly asked him to stop, he refuses, so I’ve decided that it’s time to take it one step further. You know, he threatened to sue me a long time ago. Never did. But I will actually follow through with this boxing match, and I’m not gonna do this BS “let’s train for six months” crap, I’m talkin’ like next week or the week after.
>So, it’s in his ballpark. I want to fight you in the ring. And you know, kind of… (text appears onscreen reading “Again, this boxing match is to financially benefit the woman he allegedly met on tender [sic] and allegedly sexually violated.”) this is kind of for my family, this is kind of for all the people in my life that you’ve harassed. And I think it’s time to settle this so you can finally move on with your life. So that would be great.
>And if anyone thinks this behavior is acceptable, making around 50 or 60 hate videos about somebody—literal hate videos… Neither I nor Social Repose nor Jaclyn Glenn, none of us have made 50 or 60 hate videos about someone. This guy’s a… (shuts mouth and motions zipping his lips, with frustrated/disgusted face) he’s the… creme de la creme of stalkers. (text appears onscreen reading “Again, special thanks to Eugenia Cooney for sending me such incredible messages after everything. Wonderful person she is.”) So… have no idea why people support this behavior. But it’s time to put my money where my mouth is, and… let’s settle it.

No. 686736

I never thought it was fake, but Onion is reading far too much into that email.
No where in there did she thank him for making videos or say she appreciates his videos. She didn’t mention his videos at all. She actually said she appreciates him being more positive, but in pretty sure she is referring to his “positive” words in his email to her, not anything outside of it.

But of course he decided to take her words and spin them into some insane thing that she loves all his videos about her.
He’s delusional as always.

No. 686738

File: 1564811031788.jpeg (274.53 KB, 1125x1095, 2A02BC4A-03AB-42F9-B2FC-92AADB…)

Well it’s too late

No. 686743

File: 1564812686523.png (248.5 KB, 1204x598, tender date.png)

is repzion jewish? what could this possibly have to do with the chosen people

No. 686745

James says that Repzios gf is a jew hater.

No. 686747

I called it last thread. He is doing the same thing he's done with Adrienne as he's doing with Cooney.
She tries to be nice in an email or in Aj's case apologise, and he thinks that automatically means it's water under the bridge and he is forgiven for all wrong doing.
Eugenia is an idiot if that really was her. I also suspect it is fake because Eugenia wouldn't have an automated profile picture as her official email (the capital E)
She'd have a profile photo.

No. 686752

I don't know anybody who uses profile pictures for their email…….

No. 686766

Greg did. It shows in the video he has an avatar and Eugenia's is an E. I know a lot of regular people don't, but YouTubers or influencers tend to have a profile photo or at least an image or picture of something.
It's only my opinion though.
Like if someone on Facebook or YouTube contacted me with the name 'Pewdiepie' and they had the default Facebook blank person as their profile picture, I'd instantly be suss. I figured Eugenia would have at least like a cartoon or photo or something.

Just my opinion though, it could be real.

No. 686768

The other thing that makes me think it's fake is that Eugenia is extremely avoidant. Even with her Jaclyn beef, she's semi addresses it in that video, but she never mentions names at all.
She would know that he's the type to blab about exchanged messages and make more videos on the subject so I doubt she'd reply to him even if she was trying to be 'nice'.
If she barely acknowledges her ex friend, she's not going to respond to some retard that made constant videos on her.
I mean yeah, maybe she thought if she was civil, he'd move on, but she seems like the type to cut you out of her life if you somehow cross her negatively. Like not crazy angry bridge burner or anything but just really avoidant.

No. 686770

Lol he keeps saying alleged to cover his ass from being sued but goes on to say the money from the boxing match is going to the victim. For someone who preaches the facts he's pretty retarded to believe some random on the internet that says they were assaulted by Repzion. For all we know he's just making that shit up and messaging himself using a sock account.
When anyone provides screenshots of his behaviour he screeches that they are fake but when one random unreliable source claims they were assaulted by his enemy, he fully just believes them and wants a boxing match in their honour.

What a crazy.

No. 686778

Kinda funny how he'll propose a boxing match with repzion, another twink like him, but when fps diesel wants to box hes so against it.. he also said he cant trust if diesel would actually donate to charity but hes pulling the same shit lmao, how tf does he even have info on this tinder girl to give the money to her anyways

No. 686780

I would not be surprised if tinder girl is one of his sock emails and the money is going to go back to him. He's so weird about proof but if something makes him look good, he'll run with the narrative without any proof or documentation.

Just like that gofundme with the sick little girl that he donated to and was trying to spread awareness.
When people so much as tried to point out that there was not enough info on the gofundme, he flipped out and said no-one believed him purely because they were haters.

No. 686782

That's the reason I call bullshit on the email being real. Back during the "FAAAAAAAXXX" chimp out, Gurg talked about knowing how to fake emails.

No. 686784

I noticed that too.
He even admitted that diesel was too fit and it would be a one sided fight.
He described himself as a 'geek'.
Later on he went to say it was because he didn't know him well enough to make himself look better but he already admitted it because he'll get the shit beaten put of him.

It makes me laugh because he wants to fight Shane Dawson and Repzion, picks on countless young women smaller than him, but won't accept a match from this guy out of fear.

It also makes me laugh because this is the same manlet that tries to impress the little teenies with videos of him tensing and hunching over to show 'abs', doing pushups and pull ups on camera and compares his body to people who are slightly overweight as if he's better.

If you rewatch that video with Sarah, Ayallah and Billie where they are smashing pumpkins, he's trying to show off his 'strength'by chopping the pumpkin in half with that giant final fantasy sword.
You are 30 something and wasted money on a video game weapon replica, it's not impressive at all. It's lame and pathetic.

He also has videos where he's lifting things like furniture and whatever but its so cringe and the most unimpressive thing ever.
No-one cares that you lifted a foosball table, you fat gutted loser, everyone lifts shit when they move house.

No. 686788

Wait wait so he sperged out at FPSdiesel etc for challenging him to a fight (basically he knew he would lose) but now he's seriously trying to fight repzion? What a fucking hypocrite right? And he genuinely seems confident he would win. I think if HE lost then the money should go towards HIS rape accuser AJ lmao.
I mean I know repzion isnt exactly ripped but i still think onion would get completely knocked on his ass because of his huge waterhead compromising his balance.

No. 686793

This. As much as I think Repzion is a skinny little twit, I think he'd beat him. Everyone has seen those videos where Greg is attempting to box angrily for the camera and looks like a full on sped, not to mention the Shane Dawson one where he's screaming I CAN TAKE A HIT but punching himself with padded boxing gloves softly. It's laughable how uncoordinated and retarded he is.

Hilarious too because he's deleting comments on the video and just leaving the ones that say stuff like 'omg a air force veteran vs Repzion of course daddy onion is gonna winnnn'
What a sad, sad man.

No. 686794

He's not. His GF (born in Israel BTW)was testing the Discord censorbot by saying deliberately sketchy skit to see if it caught it.One of them was a deliberately inflammatory remark about the Jews. He's not anti-semitic. Once again Onion boy takes a sliver of truth and distorts it for his own narrative.

No. 686795

He's made anti Semitic references himself anyway. Wasn't he making fun of the YouTube CEO by wearing a witch nose? Like maybe she has a big nose but I got Jewish caricature vibes from it.

No. 686798

File: 1564822326736.png (8.47 KB, 586x149, obesion.png)

Yesterday he was down to 1704$ and now is back up to 2039$. Gained four patreons who donate on average 83$ or a total of 335$. Mind boggling roller coaster donos…

No. 686808

Witches are not Jewish. Jfc the reaching

No. 686832

He sent another mass email to all ex-patrons, perhaps that was the hook to reel them in?

No. 686845

nta but the big noses used in caricatures, you fucking sped. 'witches are not Jewish' jfc

No. 686858

Repzion did say he took the bait last time little JJ accused him of sexual assault. Then Repzion went on to say he wouldn’t be taking the bait again and responding to Greg’s videos. Let’s hope he keeps his word.

We all know Greg is doing this because his EC content was running out of steam so he’s just trying to stir the pot for more views.

God forbid he actually work on his “comedy” and production skills to improve his content. He’d rather be a drama producing channel. It’s so much less work.

No. 686874

File: 1564851900733.png (276.02 KB, 1440x381, Screenshot_2019-08-03-13-03-08…)

Can't watch right now idk if he shows the whole email

No. 686878

No. 686879

File: 1564853884905.png (1.6 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2019-08-03-13-34-08…)

No. 686880

File: 1564853960886.png (1.55 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2019-08-03-13-34-16…)

No. 686882

So she said his videos were hurtful and thanked him for the video he made in support of her and Shane. But ofc James twists it to “sHe TaNkEd Me FoR mY ViDeOS”

No. 686883

So where's the whole… "thank you for -ALL- the supportive and positive videos" (acting as though she saw his past videos in a better light). She flat out said his past videos were hurtful, but she was thankful for him being nice about Shane and her latest video. I wish she didn't throw him that bone.

No. 686886

JESUS hes so pathetic it hurts. He cant even challenge right - why the fuck would rep agree to a match "in a week or 2" (lol Gurgs scared hed get outtrained poor baby) to benefit 2 things Rep denies negatively affecting?? Including one that may be LYING about him?? Wtf Greg really cant understand anyone else's perspective than his own. It's so pathetic.

I know it's been known Jimmy's fans are all fucking tards but I have to say anyone supporting him still through this retarded mess needs a fucking handler

No. 686887

He has been deleting comments again, fattie can't take the heat.

No. 686888

Doesn't show the email adress. GG

No. 686892

Greg is only challenging people that he thinks he can beat . Repzion is a tiny little guy that probably doesn’t know how to fight . FPS diesel is more of the alpha male type that Greg is scared of . Abusers like Greg only go after weaker victims which is why he surrounds himself with young girls that he can dominate

No. 686893

If that is truly an email from Eugenia it is more of a generic thanks that she didn’t put much thought into . She doesn’t like confrontation and was being polite . I doubt she realized Greg would twist into his main talking point for the next 40 videos . We knew that but I doubt she really pays much attention to onision and understands him like we do

No. 686895

If rep were smart, he'd know that the rape accusations (slander) coupled with the boxing match (technically a threat of violence) with the copyright claiming would give him a pretty solid case against jimbo

No. 686897

File: 1564858384683.jpeg (968.89 KB, 1536x1509, 40D44A59-F7DB-4B92-AC86-F2B0C3…)

If they really plan on having an event like boxing there are all sorts of requirements you have to meet . . You have to have medical checks and it has to be sanctioned and you may even need a license

No. 686900

File: 1564859013136.jpeg (968.87 KB, 1483x1700, 786124ED-F18D-4D10-B159-41D0B8…)

You need a license in Washington state as far as I can tell . To acquire a license, you must pass a physical and submit an application. Medical tests, such as an EKG, various neurological tests and blood work, are often required, as well.

No. 686902


Well, Obesion is afraid of doctors so that’s a no from him.

No. 686903

File: 1564859181500.jpg (858.04 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190803-150155_Chr…)

Its official anons: Gerggy Gerg has officially backed out of his tearful promise to remove fat shaming videos. As expected, he has gone back to his classic "in a serious context" excuse. Back to blaming all his bad behavior on being "characters" or "jokes"

Hypocrite/wannabe manipulator of the motherfucking century.

No. 686904

You're really overthinking it. They don't need all that shit to fight each other. Youtube "backyard boxing" pal. They're not having a licensed event.

No. 686906

If they don’t do it properly and legally . if someone gets hurt there could be legal consequences. If they want to risk being sued or going to jail fine that is on them

No. 686907

You cannot charge and make money from it without a license so that throws the charity thing out the window

No. 686911

I'm pretty sure that light criticism means "fuck you" in Eugenia. She needs a Key & Peele style "Anger Translator". I feel like that email is the closest she gets to telling someone off

No. 686912

people have died from boxing , a Russian boxer died a few weeks ago it would be stupid and reckless to do it without going through the proper steps . If anything you can be arrested for fighting someone they could claim you assaulted them . Never trust Greg . if repzion wants to fight I suggest he do it the right way to avoid a possible lawsuit or other things Greg might try

No. 686914

back in the day with the "im gonna commit suicide because im a virgin" bullshit, repzion was kind of a cow, but not really anymore

i also like how he's only willing to box a scrawny white boy who likes comic books

No. 686915

File: 1564861437307.png (77.43 KB, 970x368, 6'1".png)

Jimmy is now claiming he "assumed" Repzion was 6'1" lol

No. 686917

He’s so full of shit. The best/worse thing Rep can do to Greg, is ignore him. Let Greg make a thousand tweets and videos about what a coward, stalker, and alleged abuser Rep is, and don’t say one word or even allude to it. It would kill Greg. He can’t stand to be ignored and responding only plays into his need for attention, views, and money.

No. 686921

i keep praying repzion will finally see the light and start ignoring him. Now that Onion has actually called repzion out by name, it would make him look like an idiot if his biggest "stalker" doesnt give him the time of day. Let Onion yell at the clouds.

also this entire boxing people shit is idiotic. no matter who is challenging whom. No one is actually going to do it and no one actually wants to do it. It's just a bunch of macho idiots pounding their chests for no reason.

No. 686922

Mutual combat is legal in the state of Washington. You can collect charity donations pretty much anywhere.

No. 686933

File: 1564874718315.png (1.14 MB, 2048x1536, 5EB090E4-E992-43F3-BCF4-F3DA98…)

Okay, he shows the emails from Eugenia and in doing so accidentally shows that he has emailed her a few times since she replied, including offering to fly to her and interview her! She obviously hasn’t replied since because otherwise there would be another 10 videos about it, she’s made a rod for her own back here, he suddenly thinks they’re the best of friends

No. 686936

Aaaaaaand once again he proves his real intentions. Not that it’s any surprise to us, but he just couldn’t wait to attempt to use her for views.
He is such an idiot because he doesn’t realize one polite email chain doesn’t make up for the years of terrible stuff he said. Eugenia will never trust him enough to give him exclusive access to her, and the fact that he even thinks she could is kind of astounding.

No. 686938

File: 1564875711762.png (110.99 KB, 1204x458, leave her alone.png)

Good catch anon
>I'd fly out to meet you where ever.
So fucking creepy. She already chose to be "interviewed" by Shane and said what little she wanted to the internet to know, why would she do another interview with Onion just to repeat herself. Of course he has ulterior motives

No. 686940

Homeboy actually thinks he's going to be the next Shane with an ~in depth interview? Get real, Jimmy.

No. 686944

Good. Maybe they finally found Jesus/God and stopped with atheist edgelord bs.

No. 686945

>>686922 that is not the way it works mutual combat simply means that if two people fight and nobody presses charges there is no crime . This does not protect you from someone pressing charges against you or against lawsuits . If someone is seriously injured or dies it doesn’t matter if you agreed to the fight it becomes a crime

No. 686947

File: 1564879036407.png (199.3 KB, 1196x645, pathetic.png)

So his "second job" seems a lot like being a middleman for shit-quality products from China and Russia? Didn't even know this was a thing. How profitable could this be if literally no one is using the site?

No. 686948

just what this thread needed, someone shilling imaginary friend fairy tales

No. 686949

I wouldn’t doubt if his younger patrons have a dream of becoming a YouTuber, so he can just be like ‘Oh look! How convenient! But it from me!!!!!!’

No. 686951

This makes sense. Its like those late night infomercials for house flippers. Those guys made big money doing that for a few years until the market dried up so now they sell books or sell tickets to their seminars teaching others to flip houses and thats how they make a living now.
Onision-"For just $19.99 I can turn you into the next YouTube cancer!!!!"

No. 686952

File: 1564880409249.png (135.59 KB, 535x427, stalkers.PNG)

Can the patron anon tell us if this was at all milky or just him bitching and whining. Thanks in advance.

No. 686959

It’s not too late, anon. God bless.(derailing)

No. 686961


Is that Lainey’s ring light from her failed BeautyThot channel?

No. 686963

It's called dropshipping.

No. 686968

File: 1564883343423.png (347.84 KB, 568x577, stalker podcast.png)


Jimmy doesn't know what to do about his 'stalkers'. He defends the making of his skinny/fat videos because the girls asked for his opinion. Also he open his store and he is encouraging his fans to check it out. Lastly he says he doesn't understand how someone can make so many videos about him and then he tries to defend himself doing the same thing with EC. But it's okay because EC liked his positive videos.

No. 686971

Do not link directly to Greg's videos. You can post that there IS a new video, but either reupload them yourself like >>686968 and >>686878 or wait until another farmer does.

No. 686981

Christ, retards who use the 'Just being honest' excuse to be insulting piss me off. You can be honest without being a nasty little bitch. If a friend says,"Do I look fat in this dress?" you can say,"I think that style doesn't suit your figure.We can do better." Subtlety? Tact?WTF is that? But Jimmy never fails to jump at an opportunity to prove he's better than literally everyone else & be a negging ass bitch. The'just being honest'shit is a textbook narcissist line.
As for stalking- he's made what, scores of videos on Eugenia & Shane? Set his sped fans on his exes and doxed them?
It's like he's wilfully stupid. What a cunt.

No. 686983

he has the most kek worthy defenses/rationalizations of his own behavior its actually hilarious

No. 686990

Onision doesn’t really understand what stalking is he thinks just because he says good things about Eugenia it is not stalking . Truth is most stalkers stalk people because they like them and are obsessed with them . His obsession with Eugenia is extremely unhealthy and not something normal people do

No. 686992

File: 1564891196940.jpeg (292.96 KB, 1183x548, B888D645-C507-4B6B-974C-8F8735…)

I am not a stalker guys I just constantly talk about her all day long .

What we see publicly is probably only half of It . I bet he sends her dozens of messages and emails every week . His obsession is getting borderline dangerous

No. 687057

He's not doing it because he cares about her or any of the other bullshit he makes up. He's doing it to try and prove the hayturz wrong, "see? She wasn't offended at my sketch where I pretended to be her cooking a grain of rice and then quickly vomiting it up into the toilet, me 1 haters 0"
Oh and he also probably thinks Eugenia MIGHT FALL IN LOVE WITH HER HERO and suckmi if they meet

Hopefully she just ignores him From here on out. It was a mistake to ever reply. All it does is give him tard ammunition

No. 687093

Wow what a fucking loser.
She's not going anywhere near you for interviews and definitely not for sex.

No. 687104

File: 1564927515264.png (2.05 MB, 1809x2309, Screenshot_2019-08-04-00-23-09…)

He can't let the beer belly comment go.

No. 687106

His tiny little pecker lmao, he didn't even bother to stuff for this. When Lainey starts T, her clit will be bigger than her husband's.

No. 687114


no he's stocking multiple relevant "products" using the same stock pictures with broken English that Aliexpress and the like have

No. 687124

Did he shoop his gut? His belly is quite a different color from the rest of his hard ass physique. Don't get me started on the vomit that is his weirdly smooth bitch tits.

No. 687125

*lard ass oops

No. 687127

Christ the vanity. Greg & his endless well of narcissism. He's utterly self obsessed.

No. 687128

James always hunches over to flex his abs. His nasty old man skin is so loose on his stomach when he does it.

No. 687130

Never mind Greg. A small dick is worse than a dad bod. Oh hey! You've got both!
ps. buy a bra for those saggy tits.

No. 687133

why won't he shut the fuck up
yes, someone called you fat
get over it
what a giant man child

No. 687135

lol you guys are absolute savages :)))
hope Jimmy reads this thread(autism and emoji use)

No. 687138

He is currently on a blocking and tweeting sperg right now, a dozen tweets in 5 minutes

No. 687139

File: 1564938820110.png (374.44 KB, 582x1586, 08674354.PNG)

30 tweets in 50 minutes

No. 687142

File: 1564938999368.jpg (49.43 KB, 800x857, DwF8c6ZVYAAi8Yw.jpg)

Worse than I first said, he must be raging hard right now

No. 687143

Wonder what happened to him that he’s having a full on melt down like this. Not seen a good hissy fit like this from Jimbo in a while

No. 687146

Even at his lowest weight, he still had to do the hunch thing to get abs

No. 687150

I think this time he has actually snapped, it is hilarious to watch him pretend to be happy but raging like a lunatic in his greasy basement

No. 687151

File: 1564940602105.jpg (234.09 KB, 1080x1135, Screenshot_20190804-124329_Twi…)

No. 687152

File: 1564941130730.png (134.6 KB, 2484x809, hmmm.png)

this was on Taylor's newest video with Greg
Something seems off about it.

No. 687153

It is all falling down now for poor old jiggles the clown

No. 687154

nope, no projection here

No. 687161

brace yourselves guys …this time we might actually see the onision saga going down ..his patreons are unpledging , hes losing money, getting himself in more debts and unnecessary expenses, flirts with underage patreons , a sex doll , failing marriage and pretending to be gay, upcoming irs in November , and now somebody in the comments about the spill the tea ..oh noy this is gonna be gud

No. 687162

He's blocking everyone on twitter again as well. He's big mad.

No. 687163

File: 1564942661068.jpg (435.12 KB, 1079x1376, Screenshot_20190804-141614_You…)

I didn't watch any of her videos. She's got IG, Twitter, and YouTube. Based on video titles and thumbnails she might be a little loopy but who knows maybe her videos on Onion are good but I'm not in a place where I can watch and listen to videos right now. Her handle is comfortdoll on IG and YouTube, twitter is @comfortdoll62.

No. 687164

Who cares?

To be that bitch; I really don't. He's been losing money and subscribers since 2017 when Billie left.
IRS didn't do much the last time and he's always been a maniac.
I can see him being 50 and still sperging on YouTube, but he's probably down to a few hundret fews by then.

No. 687165

File: 1564943917910.jpeg (238.41 KB, 1212x516, 236B62B1-46AA-4D5C-B142-32D634…)

I am confused I thought him and Madison were back to being friends after their last falling out ? Or am I mistaken ?

No. 687167

File: 1564944262848.png (38.02 KB, 716x301, jigglestheclownyounow.PNG)

apparently he will be having another 'debate' later…

No. 687168

Only a beta would use beta as an insult jimmy

No. 687169

I dont think Ive ever seen him this manic. If I didnt know better Id say someone hacked his account, or someone in his house is fucking around on his phone, like maybe Billy or Joe swiped his phone and are pranking everyone.
I wonder what happened that caused this? He seems to wake up and immediately starts freaking out. Maybe a bad dream thats haunting him into his waking hours.

No. 687170

I really hate when people make vague statements like that and don’t elaborate. Either spill it all or don’t say anything

No. 687173

File: 1564945307947.png (38.1 KB, 716x449, oCPion.PNG)

Is it me or is this him admitting to what we actually thought about him? I am a little tired, sorry.

No. 687179

Based on her anti-onion videos I'm not sure where she could possibly be getting this potential legal issue surfacing that Lainey needs to protect the kids from him. She's not a patron or an insider. I don't think there's much credibility in her comment, unless she elaborates on >>687152.

No. 687183

Obviously something has triggered Greg by the manic nature of his tweeting . Just can’t quite figure out what it is

No. 687184

File: 1564946920652.jpeg (202.62 KB, 1125x597, AD432D5E-5E88-44EB-9AB3-15DA6E…)

God his spergouts are so predictable:
>insert tweet about bdsm or some other dumb kink.

No. 687189

I was watching drunken peasants and at about 25:00 minutes they start talking about the repzion and onision thing and I can’t tell if billy is trolling or telling the truth . It seems like billy is the one that started this rumor about repzion and onision just ran with it

No. 687190

oh hell yeah its popcorn and meltdown time

No. 687191

This whole spergout isn't even a manic episode, just a cry for attention. He's acting CrAzYyy in hopes that people take notice and interact with him. I just want him to wither away already, not even entertaining, just predictable and sad.

No. 687192

Exactly. He’s pretending to have a meltdown. I wish everyone on Twitter would ignore him too. It’s time for him to get what he deserves. Nothing.

No. 687196

Honestly his spergout is boring as shit. This has happened hundreds of times now and it’s been beyond predictable for the last few years. We always say he’s losing it but truth is his behavior cycles. We all knew this was coming. Greg is fading away and this is the only way he can get attention from others.

No. 687197

At least Repzion isn’t falling for it this time. He didn’t even answer Greg’s email for a fight or respond to the multiple tweets calling him a coward. I hope he keeps it up. And you’re right. His spergout is a yawn fest.

No. 687200

Maybe that is why Greg is having a temper tantrum . He didn’t get the response from repzion he expected

No. 687201

He's actually actively ignoring the attention he asked for.

No. 687203

File: 1564950707803.jpg (168.28 KB, 833x722, od.jpg)

He's live, the girl in the middle was insisting that Onision helped Eugenia even if he gave her negative attention.


No. 687204

oh dear, the guy who is 'debating' him is way more autistic then greg

No. 687206

File: 1564951148334.jpg (101.17 KB, 834x783, someguy.jpg)

The guy currently "debating"? That's someguy, he seems mad because Onision brought up A vaguely for no real reason.

No. 687209

omfg please tell me someone recorded this
someguy+onision interactions make me laugh so fucking hard

No. 687210


What the fuuuuuuck. Come on, EC. Just get a restraining order already. One day Obesion's gonna show up at her house with a knife and bondage rope, I swear.

No. 687212

is anyone else getting super lag and stuttering?
if I check on anyone else streaming on Younow its fine, but on onisions its all jumpy and laggy

No. 687213

Yeah it is complete trash

No. 687240

Someguy asked about his now defunct company Nesiamotu, Inc. and Jimmy got mad and proceeded to call him a sTaLkEr for knowing about it. Jimbo is a public figure legally speaking and this is all public information, if he's gonna engage with the haterz he needs to get new ad hominem attacks and stop labeling everyone a stalker it's so tired and inaccurate

No. 687242

One highlight about half way through someguys guesting is grease claiming that Michael Jacksons alleged victims wouldn't be victims if they were gay

No. 687249

Yeah, what rock has he been living under that he doesn't know the whole alpha/beta thing in wolves & other social mammals was proven to be bullshit by the guy who originally invented the theory.

No. 687253

EC is pretty much his dream girl.
Submissive, alternative,thin, uber-feminine,child-like,virginal, mentally fucked up but super-repressed & endlessly nice so her problems or feelings would never inconvenience him.
I personally agree with Herbs & Altars that she needs to stop pretending she's endlessly cheerful, grow a spine & learn to tell boundary stompers like her mom to fuck off. Gurg would be a good place to start practising this skill.

No. 687263

File: 1564965348522.png (508.03 KB, 800x1246, Screenshot_2019-08-04-19-34-24…)

I'm cackling(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 687267


No. 687268

link us, you emoji using fagget

No. 687272

Another channel to repost old shit


No. 687275


These are really old.
I hope he won't get any views on these since it is a desperate cry for attention and another attempt at grabbing money…

No. 687276

not that anon, but
could it be to start fresh like he always does? New name, new happy positive persona and this is his new channel to put that out there to a new demo.
Im guessing its okay to link to his new channel since its done at the top of each thead. I wonder if he'll get pissed that the haterz found it.

No. 687279

No they’re still not friends.. they haven’t been friends again. She’s also talking about Shane and Eugenia

No. 687282

Seems he's only posting his old 'soft boy' content, did he really imagine antis wouldn't find it?

No. 687283

Or he got his new mod McFly to manage his social media accounts and it’s her. I wouldn’t say this except he has given these positions to other girls.. Shiloh, Megan etc. It could very well not be him on Twitter currently

No. 687285

File: 1564968202980.png (636.55 KB, 831x749, he can't help himself.png)

No. 687286

File: 1564968258501.png (51.03 KB, 572x276, Screenshot_2019-08-04-19-32-36…)

He's back at it again, he rt her(niccimusic1999)

No. 687287

I assumed that Madison was subtweeting Onision.
Onisions videos are 80% about Eugenia
Onision used to be friends with Jaclyn Glenn who tried to help Eugenia

No. 687289

He unlisted or deleted almost all his Onion archive videos

No. 687290

This isn’t onion.

No. 687292

It's the ex patron again

No. 687293

File: 1564968593802.png (139.59 KB, 645x654, Screenshot_2019-08-04-19-31-43…)


No. 687294

File: 1564968651194.png (247.34 KB, 671x801, Screenshot_2019-08-04-19-32-28…)

Jealous of the attention being off of him likely(niccimusic1999)

No. 687295

Onion acts like all the haturz attempted to abort his unborn child but then he makes videos about dropping and killing his newborn son. He will take any provocation as an extreme threat against him and his family. If someone says something mean about Lainey his family has been attacked. He crumbles when he gets a taste of his own medicine.

No. 687298

File: 1564969060196.png (609 KB, 825x421, cheers.png)

I'm not familiar with Twitch, how much did he just give her?

No. 687303

Roughly 300 USD

No. 687305

I bet he's hoping that she'll feel indebted to him and won't be able to turn his advances away. It's pretty much what he does with every relationship. He spends money on them then the moment they don't do something he wants, he'll whine and complain about all the money he invested in them until they give in. Girl is better off refunding him.

No. 687307


He's getting really thirsty.

If I was one of his patrons, I would be pissed. He simply shills out $300 like it's not a big deal. I'm strongly reminded of how he treated B, giving her quite some money and hoping he could buy her and her love somehow.

I hope EC just politely said "Thank you for the likes" or whatever without officially mentioning him.

I can't get over that level of thirst. Lmao

No. 687308

He can't just quietly support her, he had to brag about what a great person he is by posting a video of it up on his OnisionSpeaks channel.

Here is the reupload.

No. 687310

Because narcs only help others to help themselves

No. 687311

She should keep the money and invite Shane to a luxurious dinner, film it and tell him that there was a "generous donor" in her last stream.
I'd like to see Greg's / James's face then.

No. 687314

I would be mad if that was my husband . Ok you stalk and obsess over a girl on the internet instead of spending time with your family and now you are throwing money at her that could be used for groceries or bills just to get your narc ego stroked

No. 687315

Who needs drugs when you can get that dopamine rush from your 12 year old fans praising you

No. 687316

Do we even know that that was actually Greg?

No. 687317

Kai/Laineybot has no choice but to be a cuck as usual

No. 687321

He is posting it on his YouTube channel implying it was him so either he is falsely claiming it was him or he did it . Not sure which is worse

No. 687323

she looks uncomfortable lol

No. 687328

Jimmy gave her a 100 later on in the video he gives her 24900.

see >>687298

No. 687330

Onision is going to prove all the haters wrong by stalking Eugenia every second of the day . Just because you are being nice doesn’t mean you aren’t being a creep

No. 687332


He certainly went in a different direction than some anons guessed. Instead of reaching deep into the cess pool of pay pigs, Gregory James is further spiraling in his unhealthy delusion re: Eugenia. Just like his obsession with Tifa, other hentai icons, etc… I guess it’s better for a narc to stay in his fantasies

No. 687338

Like everything else that he is doing right now, the donation is not genuine. Not because she’s his manic pixie dream girl. He wants attention. He wants people to talk about him. What better way, than to do something that he knows other people will find creepy?

No. 687339

Same fag but I’m sure he will play off the creepy donation by asking how anyone could be mad at him for supporting EC and doing something generous and positive for her. Again, it’s not about her. It’s to get people to pay attention to him. He’s running out of ideas and getting desperate now that everyone sees through his desperate ploys.

No. 687343

I wonder if Eugenia is aware of how obsessed he is with her . I am not joking this obsession used to be kind of just silly but now I am starting to worry for her that it is becoming dangerous . I may be overreacting but this kind of thing can spiral out of control very fast . Is it just me or is anyone else seeing this this pattern ?

No. 687349


what are the chances of his behavior today and this plea for attention being caused by b uploading a new video? i went to look and her boyfriend is in it. he always seems to go on a weird rage spree for attention whenever she does anything on social media. what better way to distract than by showering his new obsession with monetary gifts and compliments? i feel positively awful for ec. she was just being nice, he took it as more and now he's like a dog desperately humping her leg to get noticed.

No. 687357

Oh my fucking god.

No. 687359

File: 1564980088249.jpeg (110.01 KB, 923x413, A913E16D-C394-4DEF-9298-A3E843…)

Anyone know what this is in reference to ? Is he still patting himself on the back for donating to Eugenia or is this something else ?

No. 687377

He’s referring to using Lainey on his speaks channel in an attempt for rainbow brownie points.
“Trans guy reacts to cis quotes”.

It wasn’t that long ago grease was insulting lainey for being a tumblrwhore transtrender and now he’s trying to jump on that band wagon for acceptance.
He really is the epitome of cringe.

I was waiting for the day he would get his karma, but honestly, it’s been bitter sweet.
Seeing him cry over being called fat, after all the people he’s called fat publicly in the last few years, actually made me feel sorry for him. Not in an empathetic way, but more in a “wow, he is actually retarded” way.

No. 687396

I think EC’s face in the screengrab says it all. You know you are a creep when you donate hundreds of dollars to someone and they seem more distressed than thankful. It is a manipulation tactic as well. Narcs come on very strong in the start of a relationship or acquaintance and shower you with love and gifts and then it starts going downhill from there. Another thing i dont understand is that he has taylor. If they are having money trouble then i can imagine she only feels more stomped down that onion didnt get her something nice.. but he gave another girl he calls beautiful all the time hundreds of dollars. Okay then.

No. 687398

Didnt lainey claim she was raped by an ex?
Because in one of the latest uploads to her channel,Greg states her took her virginity.
Am i confused or is this more evidence of her lies?

No. 687422

not to say they aren’t both compulsive liars but sometimes SA victims don’t “count” it since it wasn’t consensual, can’t really blame them for that.

No. 687427

She definitely wasn’t a virgin when they met.
I assumed he was referring to her anal virginity. But I don’t know.

No. 687431

Onion is so self absorbed he can't possibly understand how the simple idea of Onision could be triggering to Eugenia. He basically said he hopes she dies so that he can be right and almost positive that he said people with ED are stupid. Even after an apology there'd be still a pit of despair develop in my heart if I ever had to face them again.

Not to mention HE's contacting her, not the other way around. Onion stop pushing yourself on girls, they don't want your greasy manclit.

No. 687441


YES. That's like a week and a half of food and diapers. Unless he is trying to get rid of liquid income for tax fraud

No. 687447

It's hilarious how Billie has had numerous boyfriends since leaving the Grease Mansion yet Grugly still puts her old wigs on his sex doll, lmao.
Is he really that desperate for an alt girl? Jesus.

No. 687452

File: 1565008564941.jpg (446.13 KB, 914x1333, Screenshot_20190720-195255.jpg)

I think in the beginning Grugly's intentions behind the Eugenia content was to garner attention. But now, I 100% believe he is genuinely and oblivoisly obsessed with her. He's such a low IQ narc that his gross fantasies about her have completely clouded any judgment he may have had, if there was any at all. He's honest to God delusional. It's so evident that his attention is off-putting and creeps her out. Even if she didn't acknowledge him at all, it would still be clear as day that constantly tagging her, making videos on her, commenting on her posts, giving her money, sending her email after email, is so inappropriate and creepy. Most of us can tell when our feelings aren't reciprocated, even when dealing with people as nice and non-confrontational as she is. In what world does relentlessly contacting someone through all of their social media multiple times a day seem like something they'd enjoy and look forward to?

This behavior is one of the more disturbing indicators of how unstable and delusional he is. And that holds a lot of weight, considering who we are talking about.

As far as the supposed email from her, I'm on the fence. She's only been back on sm for a very small amount of time, and she came back with a bang. She earned something like one million subscribers in that time? She's very popular right now and I'm sure she's being contacted by tons of people in her industry showing their support or pitching projects. With that in mind, why would she take the time to respond to Grugly? Especially given how he treated her, and also how he treated Shane. She may be forgiving and nice when it comes to how's she's treated, but I can't imagine she'd willingly engage in a conversation with someone who has said such horrible things about her friends. Another thing that's suspect is the fact that he didn't tag her in the post he made on Twitter about the emails. Why not tag her? He tags her in literally every single mention of her and has for as long as he's sperged about her. Also, she did mention in a video that some people have gone to "drastic measures" to try and give their lies more credit. Lastly, the words she supposedly said to Grugly in that email. The words "helpful" and "positive" were used a ton. Those just happen to be two of Grugly's favorite words to use when talking about his Eugenia content.

Totally obsessive, totally unnerving, and I believe it's totally authentic.

Pic not related, Grugly pretending to accurately measure his height.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 687480

Funny how he'll happily shell out 300 bucks to Eugenia who doesn't even like him but he screeches at Lainey for leaving lights on, whines that she has too many clothes and never lets her use the heater. He also screeches about Billie wasting her money on makeup.

So he's a stinge and money is tight, but here Eugenia, have 300 bucks.

No. 687483

That's because Billie is actually kind of cute and still young.
He's ugly as fuck and gets worse with age. Honestly if Lainey left, he would have a harem to choose from but most of them would only be the uggis left. The most attractive he can score now is Mcfly. It's not getting better than that.

No. 687485

I can imagine Lainey getting pissy over the donation and all the praise and him twisting it around in an argument like OH SO YOU ARE BASICALLY SAYING PEOPLE SHOULDN'T SUPPORT HER AND SHE SHOULD DIE.
And because Lainey is retarded, she would have no way to respond or argue the point that what he's doing is obsessive and gross.

No. 687486

Jesus I forgot all about that photo. How is someone's whole head a foot?

No. 687491

I'm sure he'll argue that it's an investment, sorta like an ad campaign. Maybe trying to recapture any possible fans of EC who also used to be fans of Onion until his awful videos about her.

No. 687508

File: 1565024749284.png (592 KB, 1319x637, smallarchive.png)

But he did unlist a lot of archive videos.

No. 687516


Remember Lainey's recent video where she went to that consignment store, the park, and the library with the Gruglettes and went on about all the fun, inexpensive things you can do for fun? We know Grugly was behind her choice of activities that day, he's undoubtedly super controlling about their fiancnes. I remember one of her paypigs telling her in a DM to take the kids to sbucks to get away from raging Grugly and offered to send her money for drinks after she said sbucks was too expensive.

There's so many instances of Grugly's berating Lainey for spending money on even reasonable things. Meanwhile, he's sending $300+ to a successful youtuber pulling millions of views per video. I seriously can't fathom how Lainey can begin to put up with that. How humiliating and embarrassing it must be to watch your waterheaded husband obsessively and publicly reach out to a girl who's clearly creeped out by him. I can't.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 687522

I'm not hip to how that stuff works, but can you return donations like this? If I were EC, that's what I would try to do.

No. 687528

Oh Jimmy would have the biggest chimp out if she could/did that.

No. 687532

someone on twitter just showed how easy it is to fake that you got an email from somebody by sending yourself an email from an alt random email address where you put in the details the name of that person..that Eugenia email could very well be fake he does not even show her full email address with the @ symbol , he just shows her name , I cant believe you all are falling for this BS , even I or some 8 year old child could fake this shit …and that writing style, like someone else said , does not sound like Eugenia , she does not write such long sentences and would never mention the words ED or mental illness especially to someone like onion

No. 687534

He's currently having the world's biggest chimpout on twitter. Even for Jimmy, this is extreme.

No. 687538

It's not that far fetched to assume he could technically be fairly close to the height he claims to be but visually he's still a manlet. Honestly, it's no wonder Mama Onion was advised to abort him because of that gigantic head of his.
He's acting as if he hasn't been called out to be a transphobic racist cunt himself. Yet there aren't that many people calling him a dumbass - people are sick of him. Low quality bait, eh Greg James.

No. 687540

I don't think peacock hairstyle and high heeled boots are supposed to count for your height …if you take away those this scrawny manlet is under 5'7 ..also funny his Frankenstein head is almost one foot

No. 687543

File: 1565035775625.jpeg (182.29 KB, 1212x512, CA7F7BA7-68E7-49EA-AA28-F671E7…)

Onision is sperging out about Germans for some reason . I guess he thinks he spent his time in the Air Force hunting Nazis

No. 687544

its an attack at Repzion since he's of german origin

No. 687545

File: 1565035952697.jpeg (281.8 KB, 1216x681, D2168114-AF0C-448F-8E4C-A22D55…)

Another onion hot take

No. 687546

>>687538 There's hardly anyone calling him a dumbass because he's on a blocking spree again. Look at the lack of engagement on his Tweets. He won't be able to stand that and everyone will be unblocked again in a couple of weeks.

No. 687547

Or Respit or whatever the fuck his name is the paypig stopped sucking Onion's dick

No. 687548

Repzion is German apparently, so he’s clinging on to anything he can to insult him. It’s pretty pathetic actually.

No. 687549

he's trying so very hard. bless the waterheaded idiot.

No. 687550

This is comical. One of his last remaining brainlet stans is a German guy. Wonder when is he pulling his pledge.

No. 687551

Dev - the ex Paypig who said he had a beer-belly is German, along with Respit, I think. If Respit had any kind of backbone he'd call Gurgamel out for saying German = Nazi. But he hasn't, so he won't.

No. 687552

Good point You are right I didn’t even think about that

No. 687554

That is assuming Respit has any self awareness. Grugly's been racist to black people yet Blasian is still adamant about leaving him. Though she looked annoyed with him during that patron meet-up…

No. 687555

On one hand I hope he gets banned from twitter for hate speech on the other hand I want him to continue making a fool of himself

No. 687557


and he's a pretty high paying patron as well..i bet Gurg didn't realise this when he was making those comments ..bitting the hand that feeds him like always ..I 100 % believe the comments were directed towards Repzion since it's assumed he's german because of his name Zulbach? and Repzion hasn't denied it

No. 687558

File: 1565036697430.png (171.96 KB, 1024x1137, manic monday.png)

Just another manic monday.

No. 687559

File: 1565036698372.jpeg (393.12 KB, 1193x846, D0EE52BF-CC40-4CFC-8440-6F4C41…)

He tweets like an edgy 13 year old that just stared using the internet

No. 687560

Onion once again is directing at that short haired girl. She changed her name tag to shaylen (💛onision💛) and he fucking changed his nametag to hearts

No. 687561

IMO we should keep an eye on his Patreon numbers, if we see a sudden drop, we'll know he shot himself in the foot.

No. 687566

File: 1565037877515.jpg (269.38 KB, 1920x1080, onision is 17 per cent nazi fa…)

Let's not forget about this gem from Lainey's video a while back.

No. 687567

File: 1565037915117.jpeg (171.41 KB, 1444x789, 883DB622-F46A-48E4-B5C0-415D39…)

i guess he doesn’t realize German origin makes up a large part of the US population

No. 687568

You could argue it is even more than 17 percent because British Anglo saxons came from Germany originally and Scandinavians and Norwegians are Germanic people as well

No. 687569

Eh, let him yell at the clouds.
He's boring, especially when there's an even bigger cow like Jessica Yaniv garnering all of the (negative) attention right now.

No. 687570

Tinfoil that Greg's next step of getting some sort of attention is pretending to be a transwoman. That would be the ultimate shitshow. Kind of strange he hasn't considered that yet.

No. 687571

So, he’s 5’10”/178 cm in heeled boots, and then his hair adds another 2”/5 cm?

That’s definitely the same as being 6 feet/183cm tall. Idiot.

No. 687572

No way in hell Jimmy would do that. Women are submissive and weak in his mind. His gay fantasies are him as a top. He's the fuck-er, not the fuck-ee

No. 687573

I can see him berating a lesbian for refusing to suck his trans clit

No. 687576


I think this is why he went on his anti-German rant, it was posted a couple hours before his latest manic rage

No. 687579

He's trying to save face but doing it really poorly. Someguy pounded him yesterday in a YouNow stream out of nowhere and trolled him about Kai not fully transitioning and possibly transtrending so he threw out some "transphobe" accusation ICBM's which didn't work and then banned him from the stream. Afterwards, SG put out a video to clarify his position and then all this morning Jimmy does this. It's just damage control. He showed too much of the real Onion and has to reel that back a bit.

Anon you need to change the share settings on that. We can't view it.

No. 687580

Thanks pal, I think I got it done. First time sharing a link.

No. 687596

File: 1565044279314.png (51.71 KB, 1606x194, german jewish.png)

he's so ignorant. not that it matters but Repzion's surname is not just a German surname but also Jewish. not saying that Rep is jewish, just that Jim-Greg is forgetting about the existence of German Jews and showing what an uneducated ass he is

No. 687622

Repzion confirmed on his Twitter he's part Ashkenazi jew.

No. 687636

omfg i'm so glad Someguy and Repzion are being more active
greg is so dull nowadays, but this shit is actually making me laugh again

No. 687637

File: 1565048915025.gif (4.99 MB, 400x220, EVtp0QX.gif)

Ok holy shit it's actually hilarious how rep is doing this like a wrestling reply - like on WWF and WWE, wrestlers used to (probs still do idk) send video messages like this to their rivals with their girlfriends doing exactly what reps girl is doing.

I dont know if its intentional but holy shit it's hilarious, if it is gj repzion lol

Good lord Gurggy Jim is so fucking pathetic. He is also literally being more openly racist than hes been in a while, but thinks hes proving hes not? Is there even a word or term for that kind of shit? Did Greg invent a new way to be retarded? I feel like there must be a term for that sort of fallacious idiocy

No. 687640

Are there any clips floating around of the debate between SG and Gregory Avaroe / James "JJ" Jackson?
I'd love to see what went down.

Thank you for sharing anon!

No. 687641

greg uploaded the entire debate and then deleted it not even a day afterwards
idk why

No. 687645

Lol, accusing Jewish people of being descendants of Nazis because they have German surnames is a classic idiot peckerwood move. So super on brand for Gregory Daniels Avaroe James Jackson Onision!

No. 687648

So he probably realized that the debate revealed what an unlikable and uneducated person he is.
That's the funniest thing about Greg / James, he always seems to shoot himself in the foot, we can just sit back and watch.
It's the only thing he never fails at. And no, Greg / James, that is not a compliment.

No. 687649

File: 1565050743800.jpg (Spoiler Image,345.44 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190805-201306_Chr…)

In the midst of James Jackson aka Gregory Avaroe having a severe Narc Sperg Tantrum and getting owned on Twitter despite banning all h8ers, the 33-year-old father of two is deciding to regress to a safer time, one he never mentally left. He changed his Twitter pic to the spoilered embarrassment (observe: an old creep trying to look like a 13-year-old boi).

If I was a 33 year old dude I'd be embarrassed to have a selfie like that in the protected file on my phone, much less fucking using it as any sort of profile pic. Hes very close to being like that guy who dresses like Peter Pan unironically, the bowl cut guy

No. 687650


It's still up.(Do not directly link to onision's videos.)

No. 687651

Did anyone mirror?!

No. 687654

What German person has Onion ever talked to? He doesn't even leave his house.

No. 687658

Did anyone catch the parts of the 'debate' where a young woman got (rightly) angry at his deflection, to which Gregory James patronised her and asked if she 'was okay' as she was 'becoming emotional'?

No. 687659

Typical. His misogyny slips out when hes threatened.

Hopefully a kind anon mirrors all the juicy parts of that nasty trainwreck for posterity, as it seems we may be nearing another cleansing purge stage in his cycle

No. 687663

File: 1565053055638.jpg (475.26 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190805-205456_Chr…)

This greasy manlet little bitch just privated his entire Twitter account

I cant contain my keks for this

No. 687665

File: 1565053266887.jpeg (561.1 KB, 1125x1943, 53E3B017-7D8C-41C0-868F-04558B…)

He’s pulling a Holly Conrad

No. 687666

lol it won't last for long

No. 687668

He does the same thing all the time, never changing the pattern. Jimmy is such a boring cow when he's like this

No. 687682

I wish it would stay like this.

I wish his bullshit was entirely held behind a paywall safe to be forgotten by everyone who isn't a moron.

Buuuut then he'd shrivel up and melt from attention starvation, because people with an IQ low enough to watch him are usually incapable of operating a computer or being in charge of their own finances.

No. 687683

File: 1565056063010.png (915.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190720-195336.png)


Look how far away he is from the base of the wall/ruler, lmaoooooo. Nobody who isn't lying and insecure about their height does shit like this. He's clearly a manlet, much of the height he does have can be attributed to his massive head. He's built like someone with achondroplasia dwarfism.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 687704

He said that he was contacted by Twitter for some of yesterdays tweets and had them deleted. Im sure those same people reported his hate speech today and his only recourse was to private so he wouldn't end up with a permanent ban.

No. 687706

Hopefully some anon patrons (if there any left) can continue reporting his racist shit. Thatd trigger the fuck out of little Jimmy Jim(cowtipping)

No. 687708

File: 1565060601760.png (69.26 KB, 800x467, Screenshot_2019-08-05-22-02-37…)

No. 687709

The Peter Pan guy is happily married and raises money for sick kids. He is like an infinitely more successful human than Onion, despite being as crazy as a box of frogs.

No. 687710

An exclusive club with of 288,000 people some who are "haters" who can still screengrab his spergouts, as usual he doesn't think shit through

No. 687713

At least he won't be able to Tweet at EC any more. I mean, he only did it to virtue signal, and since we can safely assume she won't sign up to his Patreon, she won't have to put up with his replies anymore. I can't see him keeping his Twitter private for long - his ego won't allow it.

No. 687719

I thought the same thing. Ive never had a private Twitter so I dont kow how it all works, but if you have 298K followers and then go private are you some how givne the option to go through the 298K and cherry pick which of those followers will now be able to see your private tweets? If not then he's basically throwing a tantrum that doesn't solve his problem. So now he has two Twitter accounts devoted to Patron only tweets.

No. 687720

I will transcribe if the debate video is still up or there is a mirror tomorrow. It will take me a minute.

No. 687723

File: 1565065685539.png (372.58 KB, 617x634, 8-4-19 debate.png)

No. 687727

File: 1565066830581.jpeg (271.49 KB, 1125x1081, CE8D9154-06A7-437C-B863-B216EB…)

Imagine being this retarded

No. 687731

The only one who is gonna be dying is Greg in a week after he gets no interaction on his twitter.
What excuse will he use when he makes his twitter public again? Will he use his old standby of “trying to be more positive”?

Honestly I’m hoping he stays private forever. Based on this tweet he is still arrogant as fuck and the only thing that will knock him down is being utterly ignored.

No. 687732

Did he really refer to him as a stalker?

By his logic, anyone who has followed him or watched his content for an extended period of time is a stalker.

No. 687733

File: 1565067764473.png (252.16 KB, 567x836, podcast.png)

No. 687738

I am pretty sure he only did a video with Lainey because a lot of people in the comments on her videos were complaining about how he is always in her videos but he never puts her in his . Now he can ignore Lainey and get back to making videos with his sex doll and anastazia

No. 687743

I assumed they filmed it after his YouNow stream as a sort of dig at his "transphobic stalker" Someguy

No. 687745

That is probably part of it . It doesn’t have to be just one reason there can be multiple reasons . Either way it was a calculated move

No. 687746

no one's falling for it though…

No. 687764

in his newest video with Taylor this idiot just compared himself with Ian Sommerhalder claiming they look exactly alike …his ego and delusion never ceases to amaze me ..he basically looks like a bootleg version of Michael Jackson not Ian

No. 687770

File: 1565084425830.png (506.44 KB, 937x381, grinch.png)


No. 687775


I hate to say it but Greg pwnd the fuck out of Stevie in that debate. Let this be a lesson friends, don't rage RRRRREEEEEEEEEE at Greg.
Keep calm and its only the internet.

No. 687779

Well I think this is a podcast series they're doing? Lets see how long it lasts.

No. 687782


@ 10:10
>Did you see the Shane Dawson thing?
>No? Oh, well–
I don't watch anyone's video. I watch–I skip through it and I just see the–I do the highlights. I don't watch anyone's videos.

It's confirmed. He definitely watches people's videos about him, without actually "watching" them.

No. 687783

File: 1565095735705.jpg (913.02 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20190806_083950.jpg)

IN WHAT WORLD?! Why does he always say this?! It's like one of his fans probably told him this six years ago and he's held onto all this time and has since deluded himself into believing it. Ian is so good looking and works hard to stay fit. His bone structure is objectively gorgeous. He was a male model for high end magazines, ffs. Plus, he seems like such a nice person!

I don't wanna get too nitpicky, but we all know Greg's bone structure is tragically (hilariously) awful.

I didn't try to find the worst pictures of him, either! But it's hard finding many that aren't from extremely choice angles, unedited, and without a million filters. I also only used pictures of Ian that weren't professionally taken.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 687785


Same here. He'd do humanity a favor if his twitter stayed private for the rest of his life.
But unfortunately he's super boring, so after a couple of days of tweeting the same uninspirational messages, no one will interact with his tweets anymore and he'll crave attention. Therefore he'll unprivate under the guise of "being the most honest youtuber alive, who's too important to not be heard" or "needing to help the poor and helpless, suffering EDs or being suicidal" or "needing to spread more positivity in this dark, sad world" yada yada yada.
It's always the same with him.

That's spot on, anon. I appreciate that you used quite normal pictures of both of them that are yet comparable. This really highlights the stark difference between Ian and Greg / James / Onision. Greg / James is incredibly detached from reality.

No. 687786

Yesterday someone pointed out that greggo had a brand new channel https://youtu.be/EjVzjdO53v8 I went to look at it and it had literally 3 subscribers. Today it says he has 50Ksubscribers. Would it be safe to say that this is proof he “purchases” subs?

No. 687794

He 100% does. He's hidden the sub count now, hopefully YouTube notice and ban him

No. 687809

His twitter also gained around 300k followers since yesterday.

No. 687814

File: 1565105762864.webm (2.49 MB, 640x360, Onision_Translator_.webm)

This is all I could think when I heard him saying this.

No. 687816

File: 1565105874578.png (56.38 KB, 894x647, twitterpurge.PNG)

Funny how he was losing daily until he locked it up..

No. 687820

50k subs and yet only 30 views per video?
Sure, James.

If he really thinks he can start over he’s an idiot. He would never get the same amount of subs today. He’d be lucky to get 5k. He’s got like 500 brain dead patrons and maybe the same amount of broke teens that still care about him and that’s about it.

No. 687823

I honestly love it when he fluffs his numbers because it's very telling:
1) He can deal with being unimportant.
2) He's worried about his rep.
3) He's unable to realize that it has never worked for him and it is never going to.
3) He spends real money on a vain thing.

Eh, yes and no.
Imho SG came on a bit too strong and irrational in the beginning, but he had a lot of valid points that pretty much threw Greg / James off balance. Jimbo tried to stay super calm during the whole debate but finally blew his cover when he started screeching about what a "transphobic cunt" SG was. That's basically how he was feeling about their debate the whole time, but only lost it in the end.
In contrast to SG, I wouldn't have brought up Jimbo's residential area or his family because it does seem a bit creepy but he kept lil Jimmy pinned down throughout the whole conversation. Jimbo seemed kind of timid and weak up to the point when his patrons chimed in and bashed SG for being transphobic because Greg just needs to be backed up to not break down like he did with Lucidia.
Additionally, Jimbo stated that he would keep SG in the debate because he would add "entertainment value" but I'm pondering whether he was too afraid of booting him because people would call him (Greg / James) evasive and a pussy. BUT he was hyperfocused on SG the whole time, up to the point where the other debatees were barely given any chance to talk. He was too happy to kick SG when his patrons started screeching and he thought he had a legit reason to boot him.

No. 687827

File: 1565109928506.jpeg (294.1 KB, 1125x1086, B956E9A2-6D31-4C87-B8D1-31E6CA…)

And in typical fashion.

No. 687828

File: 1565110332006.jpeg (384.71 KB, 1125x763, 3775D709-C729-498C-8FDB-9C4C06…)

No. 687829

File: 1565110352205.jpeg (446.61 KB, 1125x1573, 52AA612D-5F23-4B88-8BA9-E34146…)

No. 687832

File: 1565110481319.jpeg (208.01 KB, 1125x495, 987430FF-F853-49B3-8602-9B1BF0…)

>stop calling me creepy for being into teenage girls!

No. 687833

File: 1565110572496.jpeg (94.02 KB, 1125x264, 7D9B54FF-D03F-4E49-A348-5E927D…)

And he’s still on the German thing

No. 687835

It's more like:
>G-guys? I-it's ok when I like to make out with 17-year-old, r-right? I-i mean it's legal in the state where they live (or where I take them), i-isn't it? S-so, if you say yes to this, I won't have to take any responsibility because everyone thinks the way I do and that makes it right, r-right?

No. 687839

This is the only clip I've seen from that video, and jesus it sounds like shes about to start bawling

No. 687844

He doesn't even try to hide his open distain for her at this point. She's at least told him in some of her videos that she just doesn't want a third and that doesn't make her boring, so I guess she's standing up for herself to a certain extent. It's just depressing to see them interact. He's doing anything he can to make her leave and she just digs in her heels and stays.

No. 687847

Tbh let him drone on about how it’s not creepy to make out with teens for whatever thin excuse he wants to put up but at least he won’t be acting on it. His views on stuff like this are a lot creepier when he can follow through. With Lainey around he won’t do anything she’s somehow managed to lock that down.

No. 687852

can we all just mass report him ? how can someone obviously buy 50 k subs in one day and youtube to still allow those frauds to be on the platform ? some people work their asses of pulling real genuine content just to reach 10 k subs not like Grug who is just reuploading old lazy shit with minimal effort.its unacceptable with how much theyre letting him get away with(No, do not cowtip)

No. 687853

Hilariousness and delusion aside, why the fuck does his face look the way it does on the bottom left? That red peeling face is going to haunt my dreams tonight.

No. 687854

I never saw it say 50k subs.

No. 687855

This is probably a nitpick, but did anyone else notice the stilted way he uses language to distance himself from the idea of being a father and having kids?

"And now he's up to involving children– members of my family who are children. We're talking toddlers and babies. He's decided to directly involve private people." Why not just say "He's involving my children"..?

No. 687858

File: 1565117088255.jpeg (309.04 KB, 1193x901, FE37B046-1F6F-46DC-9379-8B27B7…)

I am not trying to be spoon fed but I have looked through the threads and every other resource I know of and can’t find where someone has come forward with this lately . Maybe I am completely blind and missed it but can someone point me in the right direction to find this info

No. 687859

I just woke up. Do we still need a transcript of the debate video? I estimate it will take ~10 hrs for a 2hr video.

No. 687860

It is not known, it was tweeted yesterday, no proof.

No. 687861

Oh ok guess that explains why I can’t find any info then

No. 687864

never happened, people like to make baseless claims like this all the time and it's fucking annoying because it makes real milk look less credible and adds plausible deniability for onion

No. 687866

Yeah I hate false claims but I remember a girl commenting to Lainey the other day about protecting her kids from something that was about to come out publicly and I though I had missed it . That is why I asked about it to get clarification

No. 687874

One of the girls in the reupload of the debate with Some guy asked about why he never took the video down of the minor when the sister contacted him via the forums and email saying her sister was a minor and to remove her from the video.

It actually annoyed me that no one could press onion about the video and he deflected saying he didn't all of a sudden know the video they were talking about although the image of the minor is fresh af as he can describe her outfit to a t. No one mentioned he deleted it after he got his ass handed to him by Blair when he wanted to define the term collect as in he collects young girls photos.

I know it would be fun af to insult onion directly on YouNow, but there's so much material on lolcow to back up all the arguments people fail to deliver on. He can call us stalkers all he wants. The difference between lc and his gay little forums is that the user base here is able to discuss a topic within specified parameters. Onion's whole shtick is moving the parameters at any given time during a debate or apology or recording a video. Him and his patronfags need to move the proverbial goalposts constantly if they're ever to score points.

No. 687878

I did some quick research on how much that would cost, and since different sites offer different prices it's hard to know the exact number, but I'd say anus spent AT LEAST 1k dollars on buying that amount of subs. "Struggling to survive"

No. 687879

File: 1565121592283.png (5.64 KB, 346x138, Screenshot_2019-08-06-14-59-20…)

Are you all on crack?(niccimusic1999)

No. 687881

It was more of a draw tbh, Greg lost when he started insulting SG, attacking his personal relationships and even his religion with the “gothic satanic background” comments (hey Jimbo, aren’t you supposed to be cool with Satanism and goth culture since you like that shit?); that’s when you know he’s already lost. Stevie was too emotional and irrational like the other anon said, as well as Grugly have his cocksuckers to back him up from direct attacks. Oh and fuck respit

No. 687882

File: 1565122045768.png (164.36 KB, 1046x400, Capture8_6.PNG)


whos subs are those? Its not James Jacksons

No. 687886

So does anybody wish to admit they lied about the sub count?(niccimusic1999)

No. 687887

So during Sunday's YouNow stream Someguy said AJ called him and she was upset and crying over Onion's "Something You Should Know…" video of 7/22 and followup video(s). SG said he knows the original story that Grease is referring to, because she shared it with SG too, and Grugly changed key details of the story to make it more salacious. It sounds like a story of child sexual abuse that Grugly changed to be about her dad. Onion then said that AJ has to contact him directly requesting he take down the videos, despite multiple people now coming forward on her behalf and telling him - her dad's manager and now SG. He's such a sick piece of shit. He's trying to force her hand and make a woman from his distant past talk to him after slandering her and her family in the worst possible way

No. 687888

The only odd man out is this post >>687879 A random sub count with no upper header showing its James Jackson?
The ones talking about the 50K posts say they saw that number before he privated his sub count, which makes sense. If hes going to pad his sub count he needs to do it in with no one watching.
I personally havent seen screenshots of the sudden 50K sub surge, but I dont doubt it

No. 687889

Really? Might want to check that again huh?(niccimusic1999)

No. 687891

When I heard him saying that it reminded me of that last payment he had to make to Sk. I dont remember the exact details but he was late on that last alimony payment and he was telling her or someone that was her proxy that he would send the payment to her directly, she just needed to give him her address. Its this weird need to keep in contact with these women.

No. 687892

Now thats REALLY strange. I refreshed quite a few times to make sure. And now that this post >>687889 is made the count is at 4? Well if he had 50K and wanted to show us he didnt pad his subs and dumped them all… cool, truly a puppet on a string.

No. 687893

Yes, exactly.

Another thing I forgot - when SG said he was told the real story, Onion tried to get him to share it on the YouNow stream. He was like "oh really? then what did she actually say" or something. Disgusting

No. 687894

File: 1565123680544.jpg (110.62 KB, 699x536, 219noIO.jpg)

her faaaaaace i'm screaming

No. 687895

File: 1565123805741.png (103.51 KB, 800x1253, Screenshot_2019-08-06-14-59-20…)

Nope. Again, shown to just be compulsive liars.(niccimusic1999)

No. 687896

Reminded me of that email conversation he had with Jaclyn Glenn. She tells him they're trying to do something behind the scenes for EC and hes like "what what what what WHAT!?"

No. 687897

Did she actually thank him/react to it after he donated? Couldn't watch the video, did she acknowledge him or just ignore it?

No. 687898

She questioned if it was really ONision. Then a quick thank you and moved on. I dont think he got enough of a boost so he made that huge donation a few minutes later and she again thanked him but seemed a little puzzled at it and said something like "that was a lot"

No. 687900

File: 1565124123897.jpg (32.94 KB, 540x307, vF0MCEr.jpg)

>tfw German
>tfw country pulled itself out of post-war misery and became one of the biggest industrial nations in under 50 years
> tfw this racist beta male talks shit about your country while his own literally elected a living cheeto for president and people are dying because they can't afford healthcare

No. 687912

File: 1565125935513.png (156.89 KB, 571x638, oldpatrons.png)

Looks like James is being pretty thorough about keeping his tweets under lock and key. He's contacting old patrons to get their twitter handles then blocks them.
Its like calling all the friends you had a falling out with and saying "I just wanted to make sure this was your phone number, dont ever contact me again"

No. 687920

File: 1565126572217.jpeg (60.3 KB, 540x594, B7EC1D0A-D170-4B3D-81C3-6C0DFD…)

I guess Nicci was mad farmers don’t give a shit about her interactions with Greg.
-10/10 bait.

No. 687922

"Onion then said that AJ has to contact him directly requesting he take down the videos"

I think he likes to hear them beg.
He has proven even if you come to him personally, that doesn't mean he'll comply.

My opinion:
Say E's email is real. They say "Thanks for being positive [in the last video]" and James takes that as "She means that across the board. She is thanking me for all past AND new positive videos I make about her. See, they said it. they are OK with it."

So now it doesn't matter they initally emailed him and said "No more videos about me."

No. 687925

File: 1565127487333.png (462.29 KB, 455x561, kekin2.png)

No. 687933

Sh showed Gerg she didn't need to talk to him directly. Her manager handed her business for her. Gerg chimped out for a good while over that.

AJ should really follow suit.

No. 687944

I wonder if he's been removed from the YPP with these new rules coming out. Maybe that's why he's sperging since most of his content is centered around other people.

No. 687948

Can anyone clue me in on who this Nicci person is and what that was about?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 687953

Onion ~isn’t a dad anymore~ as far as the mean bullies on the internet are concerned. Until he needs a narc boost and ‘accidentally’ leaks info/pics about them.

No. 687954

She’s just another onionflake who is desperate for attention.

No. 687960

farmhands caught one of Greg's followers selfposting kek

No. 687983

Just wanted to ask the same question. She's never been mentioned before or I just didn't regard posts about her as important, up to now I didn't even know she existed. lol
Eh, lc will have forgotten about her in a week max.
Also, is she leaking his private statistics?

Speaking of, I just remembered that I found it very suss that Gregory / James / Onision started to get really pressed and wanted to get rid of SG asap when he started talking about how Greg would drop Lainey like a hot potato if she actually transitioned. It starts at around 1:36:00.
Rewatching the part Greg got quite mad a minute or two before actually, when SG talked about how Greg looks like a midget with a gigantic head. So either that or talking about Lainey might have actually hit a little too close to home. Or he was just sick and tired of never having the upper hand in that conversation. kek

Just recently an anon stated that "Gerg is a fuck-er, not a fuck-ee", but in this case, I beg to differ.

No. 687989

File: 1565135919315.png (45.1 KB, 640x403, dubioustweet.PNG)

KF could archive, so courtesy to them.

I can't really tell if there's something to it or if somebody wants attention. I'd be careful, those are some harsh accusations.

No. 687990

I think it’s fake. 13 is out of greg’s age range even though his taste is in younger girls who look young or are emotionally undeveloped. He also knows he would get in legal trouble for that. It would be more likely he brought home an 18 year old camera woman to “work” while Lainey was away.

No. 687993

Honestly.. from all I’ve gathered is that she is a weird obsessive fan. She was upset at one point because he was following her and I guess she replied to a tweet he didn’t like and he unfollowed which upset her. I think he re followed her though.. they have had zero interaction besides that as from my observation but she often makes tweets that he likes her.. she’s weird and thinks his tweets have other meanings directed at her etc.

No. 688000

Does anyone have last year's video of Onion narc raging at Sh's manager? I got as far as this YT which is gone: >>>/pt/501736

No. 688039

Don't worry Anon, I got you.

PATRON ONLY VERSION I Can't Believe This (Calling Sh's manger)

No. 688055

Does anyone have a mirror of his Jessica Yaniv video? I dont want to give him views obv, but I also want to see if hes somehow managed to excuse away his predatory behavior like he seems to do with every semi famous person with accusations against them.

No. 688060


Does he not know he is being Ethnocentric right now? Which might as well be in the same lane as a Racist. Being discriminatory against another ethnicity is illegal in the USA, so if anything he is being ANTI-AMERICAN by breaking civil rights laws with his discrimination. So much for his love and equality ideologies.

Good job hypocrite.

No. 688061

File: 1565145124510.png (285.17 KB, 552x628, jessica yaniv.png)

No. 688064

File: 1565145348055.png (73.48 KB, 300x174, German-TV-show-Allah-Muhammad-…)

You're a retard.
Maybe get your American news from somewhere other than vice.
Oh yeah, how's the immigrant rape cover ups going? smh. God bless America.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 688067

samefag but god you're a fucking idiot.

>people are dying because they can't afford healthcare

most states have free healthcare for the poor as long as they fill out the applications.
People in your shithole are dying because their fathers honor kill them or they get raped and murdered or bombed and acid attacked.Not to mention the wait time that comes with "universal"healthcare. People are dying waiting to get into the doctors.
I wish people like you would grow some fucking brains.(derail)

No. 688068

quiet, burgerfag

No. 688069

File: 1565145915327.jpg (122.63 KB, 1440x907, thisretard.jpg)


No. 688072

No. 688076

Thanks , I did try to check kiwi farms but for some reason none of my devices seem to be able to connect to kiwi farms at all today .

No. 688080

It literally only works maybe 40% of the time for me. Not sure why.

No. 688082

Null said they are under DDoS

No. 688083

In their latest video about who they would date, they really come across as creeps more than usual.

Lainey for someone sooo gay, doesn't really like any of the women except Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox. They are the most common choices for fake lesbians. The amount of normal cis women who say that they would go gay for Angelina is off the charts. She is so predictable in her choices.
Greg basically said yes to everything in the women category because lets face it, he'd fuck a corspe at this point, while Lainey said they all looked fucking boring. Apparently blonde, thin and conventionally attractive equals boring. She also showed how creepy she was by saying she likes 'big eyes and upturned noses' which describes Billie. There was also a mention of coloured hair at one point. Could they be any fucking grosser? She's not coming back, jesus. Move on.

Then in the guy category, Lainey happens to like most of them.
What confuses me though is that the men she likes are stereotypically handsome Hollywood types but the women are too normie for her.

I swear she wants either a child that she can control or someone uglier than herself to include in her retarded poly thing.
It's understandable to have a 'type' but in her case it seems like she just sees women as something to make herself seem more gay and interesting. She isn't interested in getting to know a girl, she just wants a teenager with a small upturned nose, big eyes, coloured hair that she won't get jealous of. She literally doesn't care about a person's personality, she's becoming exactly like Greg.

The girls he was showing her photos of ALL had upturned noses and big eyes but because they weren't fucking 13 years old and didn't have coloured hair, she called them boring. In reality she knows that if a girl that looked that way got into their 3 way, she would be thrown aside, where as if she gets a sceney alt teenager, she can play the 'oh she's unstable and crazy' card to Greg when she tires of being ignored.

No. 688085


Isn't his point the opposite of his "evidence"? If brain scans show gender more than mOsT aNyThInG, shouldn't you say you WOULDN'T consider Yaniv to be trans until brain scans show it to be true?

No. 688087

Thanks anon. Wow, he pretty much excused Jessica's obvious predatory and pedophilic behavior with, well hes trans so he just wanted to know more about his new female body

No. 688096

Onisions entire moral definition of the age at which you can have sex with someone is completely dependent upon the law . If the law said 10 years old is legal age he would have no problem with it . He has no inner moral compass about it

No. 688103

The other thing is that she's so picky about these celebs that are way out of her league but in her old rate or date videos, she says omfg yessssss to like every girl.
If Greg had posted a photo of a black Victoria's secret model instead of Rosie Huntington Whitley, she would have been all over that shit, fake lips or not.
It's like they both think they are above people who have plastic surgery and are supposedly not attracted to them, when Gurg pumps botox into his melting face and Lainey wants her teats chopped off.
Hypocrites, the pair of them.

It's funny because you just know that if Taylor didn't meet him and fall down the Tumblr rabbit hole, she would have ended up emulating those so called boring Insta girls that she thinks are so basic.

No. 688105

Basically. He's similar to Yaniv in that way. If it's not breaking the law, then it is a-okay in his books.

No. 688107

YOO in that video he says:

"If a person from over 6 years ago wants to go and try take everything that's mine just because it slightly involves them [is bonkers]"

LOLLL but you're copyright claims, esp for react videos…

"But it is different, the person that video was about cheated on me! It is OK for me to want to take everything away from content creators because it slightly invovles me."

No. 688110

File: 1565149435043.png (378.65 KB, 567x587, date us.png)

No. 688113


Legit thought Lainey was Repzion there lolz

No. 688115

Who wants to see a boring suburban mum and dad talk about who they want to bang? Why would anyone even care? It’s so fucking creepy that they think this is content.

No. 688118

If that's what Jimmy said he's not wrong? He is cis. Cis means you aren't trans. It's a gender identity not a sexuality.

No. 688123

It's extremely cringe. I swear they put this content out to show fans their ideal trinity member. Basically they want another Billie.
I love how Lainey says all her fans are dateable and hot in her videos as to not offend, but then bashes more than half these women who are more attractive than her patrons combined.

No. 688135

Yesterday the farms was having issues with ddos attacks. Happens occasionally.

In one of Lainey's recent videos "Revealing the Truth" or what the fuck ever Onion goes on and on about how he likes big breasts, girls who are "developed" (specifically while growing up). One of the specific questions was "what does everyone find attractive but you dont" and she responds boobs. Later on Onion answers the question "what you wish we had more in bed" with "have confidence". Sounds like a GREAT sex life. Neither of them are attracted to the other. Onion has tits, Lainey straps hers down. Just hurry up and get a divorce already.

It's also cringe for two grown adults who both claim to be a part of a community that embraces acceptance of others talking about how much they hate lip injections or how they wouldn't fuck them. And then posting this to their fans but still also probably riding the love yourself and everyone's beautiful band wagon.

No. 688139

File: 1565154862025.jpg (342.06 KB, 639x480, Theonethatgotaway.jpg)

It always comes back around to Billie.

No. 688142

>upturned nose
>dyed hair
>big eyes

i'd imagine billie-bob is getting a giant ego boost from their endless obsessing

No. 688148

There's a few times she's looked almost exactly like Repzion AND Social Repose. She's becoming everything that he hates.
Same with the titty chop. He ain't gonna be into that.

Speaking of which, as much as he says top surgery is totally fine, he's bitched before that anytime he faps and notices that a woman has a tiny scar from breast implants, he switches it off immediately. He's in for a shock if this confused twit DOES get top surgery. The scars from top surgery are very prominent, even the best healed ones are still noticeable.
I could also see him being completely horrible if she did get it since he's complained that her childbirth was hard on him
I could see him being a total dick with the aftercare and complaining that she's whining too much and to 'be happy' since she wasted so much of his shekels on her needless surgery.

No. 688149

If Billie had more cash,I'm sure she could sue for emotional damage. There's more than enough stuff online that he has blabbed about her. I've often thought Shiloh could do that, but she's got too many skeletons in the closet and she seems just as nuts so it's more difficult, whereas Billie hasn't posted anything and they keep bringing her up. Either way, I wish one of the ex's eventually actually sue.

No. 688151

Not to mention Greg isn’t going to spend money on top notch surgery from a great surgeon . He will probably fly her to Mexico to get the surgery done by some unlicensed “doctor” for cheap

No. 688152

Just like the dodgy doctor he sees for his terrible botox injections kek.

But Eugenia Cooney gets 300 dollars and Billie was paid over 10 grand.
He'll shell out if he thinks it's worth his while. If he ever does pay, it'll be held over Lainey's head constantly.
Probably even as a way to leave her. I could totally see him justifying it in a speaks video down the track.

>so sadly I tried to help Kai, I told him he was beautiful without surgery, I even paid for his actual surgery, but nothing could stop him from being jealous or complaining about everything. I get so much unnecessary hate online, I was sick of getting it at home from someone I CARED about, so I had to leave guys.

No. 688170

yeah, but he can't say that 'cause it would invalidate taylor/lainey/kai. When will they be providing brain scans to prove lainey isn't a transtrender?

"brain scans show gender more than most anything" jfc he's such a moron

No. 688179

File: 1565171716719.gif (1.49 MB, 500x278, giphy.gif)

If this is true, this idiot kid may have just ruined everything by not listening to his/her parents and saying apsolutly nothing. Round of applause for this idiot

No. 688187

File: 1565174785398.png (310.59 KB, 1440x346, shameless.png)

Waiting for some kind anon to reupload

No. 688193

No. 688199

Thank you so much!

No. 688203


> Is it creepy for guys to have real dolls?

> Calls self "emo dad", is wearing eyeliner(? black shit under his eyes)

> Says he would "never" make a "creepy doll" his significant other, emphasis on never marrying the doll or anything
> Kai asks why is she supposed to be answering that, why isn't he
> James rolls his eyes very obviously
> Jim shows image of a doll face, Kainey says it is a child
> Jimbob is surprised, says he has met adults who look like that when Kai asks if he has
> Jiminy shows another, asks what Kai thinks, asks if she wants to make it her… "bedmate"
> "I don't want to make any of them my… bedm… ew."
> Jimbo shows another doll, calls her Francine, says she wants to come home with them
> "Burn it."
> Another doll, looks like an actual child, both agree, Kai calls it disgusting, Jambo argues if it's a real thing, or "anatomically realistic"
> Kainey reads description, both agree it's disgusting because it's a fucking child.
> Greg wasn't sure if it was
> Shows picture of an older man with a few dolls
> Jenga laughs, Kai is grossed out
> Make fun of a guy taking a selfie with a doll, another picture from a movie with a guy and a lovedoll, says he mentioned it to her
> Kai says she saw it with him, says Joggers always forgets she's there, he blocks her off completely
> More pictures of guys with their dolls. Boring, really. Greg calls one "cumdumpster" and Kai says ew. Some guy ones too
> Lainey cracks a joke, Jango doesn't care
> A dude sex doll, Jimp says it's Kai, she says she wants to look like that but real
> Another doll, Jammie asks if it's his mom, Kai gags. "It looks like my mom"
> Admiring the purple hair on a doll
> More dolls, a childlike doll…
> Jinkies asks why anyone would want a childlike doll, Kai says because pedos and that Jamboree doesn't get it, because he's not a pedo
> Jackie calls doll attractive, talks about what the dolls are thinking, Kai shuts everything down saying that they're dolls, they don't have brains
> Anime dolls. Anime doesn't really look like that, says Jabba, phD
> Kai is increasingly pressed about Jinkies calling them "girls" and not dolls, calls him gross, rants a little about how they're not alive
> Jimbles goes "doll rights, equal right for dolls"
> Kai says she's leaving him
> Guy/Girl vs. Doll discourse continues
> Kai remarks "you shouldn't sit like that" at a doll and Jingo steps in with her argument that It'S a DoLl AnD dOeSn'T hAvE hIpS
> Another child doll! Jinglejangle says he want to throw it out of a window, Kai mocks him with "doll rights!"
> Calls a doll a girl again, Kai calls him delusional, he says "that's that" about the video and Kai says "good" before it cuts off.

No. 688205

God they seem so unhappy together it’s actually a bit sad I haven’t watched their videos together in maybe a year but the difference in dynamic is insane

No. 688207

Qt this point their marriage isn't even just sad it's just plain pathetic

No. 688211


Did I get that correctly that Greg wants Lainey to have sex with the doll? Or at least include them in their sex life? Or am I reaching? (5:25)

And I also love how Greg already obsesses about sex dolls, calling them female pronouns and giving kind of a personality.
Tinfoil but: I wonder when Lainey will finally give in and add that doll to their bedroom. Greg won't lose any time convincing her that "Look, your into girls, let's look for a third." I bet even Lainey can see through this.

Thanks for sharing anon, you're the best!

No. 688212

isn't the video kinda ironic since he owns a real doll himself and there is proof that he actually fucked it ? there was a screenshot/photo ive seen leaked from patreon i guess where the doll was leaking something and its box was stained …what is he trying to prove here? trying to convince Taylor to accept Julia the doll as a trinity since she made it obvious that she wont accept an actual person anymore? trying to prove hes not creepy only to find out his wife doesn't agree with that and finds anyone who owns a doll repulsive? also so hypocritical when they are repulsed by some dolls looking like children when his doll like like 12-13 year old itself ..this video just makes Taylor look dumb as hell since her own husband owns one of those dolls she gets repulsed by and fucks it

No. 688215

you're not reaching anon I think Jimmy/Greg has reached that level of insanity where he is now in love with his doll and wants it to be a trinity since Taylor wont accept a real person ..that's why he brought that master bed in his basement in the first place , to sleep with his new doll wifey at night

No. 688217

Maybe Julia is already used, James does like his women damaged.

Edit: Before I get reamed, I only mean in the sense that you should not buy or use secondhand sex toys from strangers on the internet.

No. 688221

Lainey sounds so annoyed and fed up with him, she's not even trying to hide it. I wish she would put two and two together and get the courage to divorce him.

No. 688228

Thanks for the upload!

I think she was just experimenting with the idea of liking girls but wasn’t sure if she was actually bi until Greg latched onto it to actually make it happen so he could benefit. Now that she’s saying she’s trans she gets to stay “gay” for liking guys and not have to pretend to be into girls any longer. I’m surprised Greg seems happy and isn’t resentful I thought he would be crawling out of his skin to get a new girl or stop her from presenting more masc but he isn’t. Even in this video. Does anyone else find that strange? Maybe they really are soulmates and it doesn’t matter.

No. 688235

>maybe they are soul mates and it just doesn't matter

I'll have whatever you are smoking anon

No. 688236

How is Lainey coming across dumb for rightfully being disgusted about sex dolls? She's coming across as an actual woman here. If anything this proves to Jimbob how fucked up the sex doll is that even his doormat wife won't accept it.

Greg Jimmy Fag, whatever, its so fucking unattractive for any potential trinity member to be aware you're fucking a silicone doll as a hobby. Women even the most mental don't like being reduced to just our sexual parts.

I actually kind of love the irony that a fake girl is killing Onion's marriage and career faster than a real girl. What a retard.

No. 688243

I did not mean shes dumb for disliking sex dolls I meant shes dumb for choosing to participate in his fucked up video agenda ..learn to read

No. 688247

Sorry anon I hope you don't have your panties in a twist… Imo Lainey is being smart these days by being visibly disgusted by the dolls and being snarky towards Onion. She holds more weight with his fans than haters.

No. 688257

…Are they in separate rooms filming this? Why?

No. 688259

I mean she acts snarky towards him in this video but if she really feels that way, why would she even allow one of those dolls in her home? She's a doormat.
Also she's still in videos like couple haul where they make out like retards for the haters, so it's not like she's suddenly roasting him and standing up for herself.
I enjoy anyone making fun of this autistic mess of a man, but her taunts aren't amazing and she still chooses to live with him.
So many Lainey whiteknights in here. She was a victim once but told everyone trying to help to fuck off so this is what she gets.

No. 688262

No they aren't. If you look at this >>688110, there's the same backdrop and flooring. They're talking about a wasp in the room which both of them clearly see.
They're in the same room, probably at desks sitting opposite one another

No. 688265

don't double post new fag(Keith, you have no right to call others newfag)

No. 688268

I didn't do it on purpose, site was down for me for a split.
Also, please sage. Thank you.

No. 688270

He is unattractive but I'm sure he could find a trinity member if he was really putting effort into it. He still has orbiters around.
Lainey would never let another girl in their relationship again though and he knows it so he's resorted to a doll. I don't blame her for being disgusted but the doll is probably the only thing keeping him from cheating again at this point.

No. 688271

He's so desperate for anything feminine it's sad.

No. 688317

File: 1565205543192.jpg (58.31 KB, 913x614, laineyiscrying.JPG)

Yep, she acts tough sometimes but in the end Jimmy is free to do whatever he wants and they both know it. Just look at her face at the end of the video. She tried to roast him but he just laughs at her, because he's still going to sleep with his feminine fuck doll.

The whole point of the video is Jimbo rubbing it in Lainey's face that he finds dolls more attractive than her and to make her mad on camera again.

No. 688321

If he lowered his standards a lot, sure. He snagged someone like Billie when he had more money, was marginally more popular and less old and fat. He's still out there looking for a clone to replace her with when he's never going to pull a cute alt girl again.

No. 688323

But had shit gone down the way cuddlegate was supposed to happen Onions youtube career would probably be over. Leaving his teen bride with a newborn for another teen bride doesn't look great.

No. 688324

People would’ve forgotten about it. Replacing boring ass no personality Lainey with cute and spunky Billie would’ve brought in a whole new demographic.

Their relationship wouldn’t have lasted though.

No. 688361

He absolutely could've scapegoated the fuck out of Lainey and retained a following of idiots, but like >>688324 said Billie would've wised up sooner or later that she was dating waaaay beneathe her and run.

No. 688362

Greg refers to his kids as toddlers and babies. Only one is a toddler. The others is 5 1/2. No babies

No. 688365

Are you kidding us? SG kicked his old zitty ass

No. 688366

Onision is probably jealous that Repzion's girl is cute and he has lainey. No more pretty girls for you Greggie poo

No. 688377


It’s pretty much what happened with Skye, she was cool and all, but Shiloh was a lot more interesting (and insane) and much more active in his videos. Billie is more beautiful than Lainey and thought she’s not exactly the brightest, she would have brought in a new fan base.

But yeah, she would have left him because unlike Lainey, her life goal wasn’t to snag a D-list you tuber and immediately get pregnant with his spawn and live out her days with the fantasy that she’d never have to work a day in her life. B’s actually spontaneous and travels and smokes weed and drinks like all other young people do, not domestic and submissive the way Jimmy John’s likes em.

No. 688380

Billie is 100% more interesting than Lame. I found her through this drama mess and still follow her to this day because of her style.

No. 688392


B would have eventually left Jimmy Jabba and he would lure Taylor back with some sob story on how they’re sOuL MaTeS. I used to think Taylor would recognize the abuse she went through if she had some distance between herself and Obesion, but she’s in too deep and the biggest doormat.

No. 688394

double whammy of rep having a cute girl + smoking a bowl must've sent jimmy over the edge lol

No. 688397

Is he trying to be Joe Rogan now? This podcast thing he's trying out with Lainey is terrible.

No. 688398

I think they’re trying to be Jenna and Julian. Just like when Jimmy James made Kai boy cook a beyond burger on her channel. And I mean made her. It was just as charming as their podcasts. Next they will be gaming together just like Jenna and Julian. Maybe Greg is just a huge Jenna Marbles fan and that’s why he wants to be called JJ. kek.

No. 688400

Farmers have called out in the past that he's suspiciously done a lot of stuff similar to Jenna and Julien as well. If that's what he's going for with that shitty podcast they're mistaken. They could not be further from their brand if they tried.

No. 688409

File: 1565234468796.png (426.96 KB, 578x580, trans kids.png)

No. 688411

File: 1565235228737.png (322.68 KB, 570x643, brooke h.png)

No. 688412



imagine being this stupid.

No. 688414

File: 1565235401745.png (11.95 KB, 544x194, lainy's responce.png)

Lainey was not amused.

No. 688415

File: 1565235427039.jpeg (Spoiler Image,858.44 KB, 1994x1125, 7BB88513-352B-47B5-8B6A-AB176E…)

Jim Jones reuploaded his second spider video and it’s official; we know EVERYTHING about Greg, including the color of his own shit.

No. 688417


He literally killed a pet of his in the most gruesome death any animal can have.

Then he films his dog struggling in the water and also casually posts his dogs living in such a muddy and disgusting living space outside that is a space even an animal hoarder couldn't create.

No. 688418

Lately there's been a pattern of Lainey openly showing her disdain for Gurg only to have him react with a painfully fake laugh and act like it's all a joke. Newsflash Jim: your wife is disgusted by you and the entire world can see it. The spell is broken, she's grossed out by you and you dig the hole deeper every time you open your mouth.

Holy shit I fucking gagged.

No. 688423

Delete this. Dear god.

No. 688426

That toilet is filthy. Dear god, what a pair of filthy animals.

No. 688428

Not to mention the guinea pigs he left to get matted and their claws were too long. Madison told him to clip them and he said it was too much work and that he's not going to do that. So he ended up dumping them on Madison and when she updated, said that they were in a nice big enclosure, but they are scared of people so she doesn't handle them as much. Not a Madison whiteknight as she is a cow as much as the rest of them, but kudos to her for rescuing the guinea pigs.
He mentioned not long ago he got chickens. God knows how long that lasts.

No. 688429

I know everyone is a little fake for YouTube but at least scrub your toilet before you film.
He always berates his ex's for being dirty, but there's so many clips of him with shit and rubbish and drink cans behind him.
I bet their house fucking stinks.

No. 688431

Holy shit I can see it now.
He even tries to do the whole annoying shtick that Julien does where he trolls Jenna.
Instead of coming across as a teasing boyfriend, he just seems annoying and Lainey looks done.
The gay hyena laugh and his hand movements are the most annoying thing ever. Lainey looks like she doesn't want to be there.
Also this middle part thing she's doing is not a good look.

No. 688441

Their entire dynamic together is so negative and toxic, it comes across as regressive disdain for each other instead of funny or endearing bickering like some couples do.

It’s also just ridiculous how Greg can admit to something disgusting like finding child sex dolls hot .. and kai just passes it off.

Both degenerate scum

No. 688442

I'm kind of relieved in a weird way to see them hating each other so openly now. Lainey always used to cling to him and try to pretend things were still alright and happy while he'd brush her off and make it obvious he loathed her. One step closer to divorcegate.

No. 688463

Not only was this painfully unfunny, but the parts where he pretended to fuck and receive oral sex from the dog were disturbing. He was loud enough that his kids undoubtedly would have heard if they were home. How do you get to be a man in your 30s who finds any of this remotely funny? Is he not embarrassed to be putting this out there under the guise of "the comedy he's always wanted to create"?

And Greg: if you can afford to give Eugenia Cooney $300 then you can afford to go to the doctor for whatever condition causes your skin to look beet red. We all notice you're hiding behind desaturated filters.

No. 688479

How is this any different than Shane's story about fucking a cat

No. 688488

It's all part of his projection. Shane is a pedo because James is actually a pedo. Shane is a disgusting zoophile because Jimmy is literally a disgusting zoophile. He's even tried to introduce zoo porn to his young followers with this Harkey Quinn fucking a dog shit. He molested his cousin therefore Al Jourgensen and his father are molesters. Whatever the shit he's protesting about he's guilty of. We fucking see you Gregory

No. 688489

Didn’t he accuse Sh of making the dog give her oral? Wonder what he’s projecting there.

No. 688490

Taylor's reactions to Greg are very much like Skye's back in the day. That's what made Haters United great. Not Greg but Skye's reactions where you couldn't tell if she was acting or totally serious when she looked at him like he was a total fucking idiot.

No. 688493

His reason at the time was that Shane said it “in his own voice” therefore it can’t possibly be a joke, unlike when HE does it as a character, obviously a joke.

He’s just a moron who thinks he can explain away everything. Stop means start again, remember ?

I just wonder how much of his own bullshit he actually believes or if he’s just hoping against hope that everyone else believes it.

No. 688497

smearing peanut butter across his nuts and getting the dog to lick it because no one wanted to give him the time of day during high school.

No. 688499

I think he's retarded enough and so deep into his narc delusions that he believes every word he says. I don't think he even considers the possibility of him being in the wrong ever, so when he gets caught on his hypocrisy, his unconscious brain comes up with some bullshit and his conscious brain is like "yes this is the truth, I was 100% within my rights to show zoophilia to my fans"

No. 688500

He apologized~ to shane for the pedo accusations and admitted it was all completely baseless. so in his mind he can go back to doing these types of jokes in the name of "comedy"

No. 688505

That they're toxic and miserable for/with each other is nothing new and if you wanna use Taylor's new snowflake name, at least call her Kai Jackson so this thread appears if you search her name online.

No. 688515

Peep those anger issues. I guess I'm starting to realize that if he didn't have his youtube channel and didn't create those weird, unfunny and often incredibly violent videos, he would probably have beat someone or physically abused them otherwise.

That's probably the reason why he likes his new sex doll so much. He can have sex with her and beat her up afterwards without being afraid of her calling the cops on him. I hope the kids and pets are ok, he comes across as even more sadist than before.

Is he really that desperate for views or does he really think he's that important and therefore people crave for knowing these things…?

No. 688559


>Greg pwnd the fuck out of Stevie in that debate

>your talk with Stevie Someguy, you pwnd the fuck out of him

Just now catching up on the thread, thought this was interesting kek. More onionflakes than just nicci in here

No. 688610

File: 1565293077732.png (29.73 KB, 952x918, MX9COYf.png)

really dinks ur dink

No. 688637


buddy, you can spent a million years searching without finding out who i am.

just call me rumpelstiltskin.(No one cares, newfag)

No. 688639

File: 1565301476738.png (21.91 KB, 594x166, Capture.PNG)

Is jimmy shitting on his husband right now?

No. 688646

File: 1565302549810.png (141.45 KB, 401x487, Capture.PNG)

It was a reply to this

No. 688653

If that's the context, I agree with him, but not necessarily the wording, and I hope it's not just virtue signaling.

No. 688677

Learn to integrate or this forum will rip you to shreds

No. 688688

pretty sure he's said body hair is gross before, so once again he's a wishy washy hypocrite that somehow thinks he's "the most honest youtuber". Not sure how you can be honest when you change your stance on issues every year. but whatever.

No. 688710


Anus probably only likes shaved pussy so it can look more like a little girl’s.

No. 688723

Well he admitted he hates pussyhair in the past, we wdk if lamp stopped shaving down there (I refused to call her “Kai” because “muh animu”, so sue me)

No. 688786

for those who think Greg is only fucking his doll at the moment …have you all forgot about Sarah ? ..not too long ago some sources on kiwifarms I remember were claiming she still lives with them …just because they don't show her on camera anymore ( because of the scandal duh) doesn't mean she doesn't …her short cryptic video on Greg's channel sounded like an attempt to silence the mases ..maybe that is the reason why neither he nor Taylor are looking for a trinity member at this point which is fucking disgusting cause that girl has been living with them since she was 14 a minor

No. 688813

i don't think he's attracted to her, and i don't think he'd go for her due to the backlash he'd get tbh
he cares too much about his image to go that extreme
he sent her home one time because of stupid internet rumors and he got that scared lmao because he knows how inappropriate lainey has been with sarah

No. 688814

File: 1565348644625.png (419.52 KB, 569x496, kai transitioning.png)

No. 688815

don't be naïve ..he obviously played the '' im not attracted to her '' bullshit just for the camera. do u really think Jimbo is in the position to be picky now ? does nobody remember that video during the allegation scandal where he said '''is is possible for a trinity with Sarah , its open for discussion '' . you would think if Grug cared about his image he wouldn't had said that …the last thing he cares about is his image considering all the crazy shit hes done . do we even know for sure that he sent her home ? according to some sources from a while ago on kiwis she still lives with them and babysitting their kids ..maybe some anons could find them and that video(Ban evasion)

No. 688818


>play bingo


No. 688844

File: 1565363981409.png (92.55 KB, 264x149, Lainion.png)

Is onion boy going against Repzion because his wife is looking more and more like Repzion?

No. 688849

I actually can’t tell which one is Lainey and which one is Repzion

No. 688850

I actually can’t tell which one is Lainey and which one is Repzion

No. 688852

Same, anon. The similarity of the two in these two shots leaves me speechless.

That was one of the most meaningless and bland videos in a long time. Except for the topics, do they even plan and structure the videos in advance?

I liked how Lainey tried to get back to the initial topic in the end, trying to find a conclusion and Greg James Avaroe Jackson was just like: 'If people don't believe me, I can't do anything about it.' But hey, it takes him 16 minutes to make a statement that could have been dealt with in 45 seconds.
No wonder he "works" all day. If he tackles every problem / issue like this, it's no wonder that creating videos takes "so much" time for him.

No. 688854

The only reason they're making this sort of content out of nowhere is to try and reinforce the idea she's truly going to transition without having to provide any real proof it's legitimate. They really weren't prepared at all for what happened in that stream. What's really telling is that it's locked behind the paywall of his personal echo chamber on Patreon. He may be a complete idiot but he knows enough to know if they're willing to give him money for this shit, they're already soaking up his fictional reality like a sponge. He's not even trying to convince anyone else.

No. 688862

this is officially scaring me haha

No. 688863

Remember when Greg said his haters only hate him so much it's because they want to fuck him (something along those lines). Who would've known he was projecting.

No. 688879

File: 1565384983014.jpeg (214.9 KB, 1125x2346, C093F9EF-3317-4984-ABD5-3FC23C…)

>according to some sources from a while ago on kiwis she still lives with them and babysitting their kids ..maybe some anons could find them and that video

Sarah has been out of Taylor’s life for a while. They’re no longer friends on Facebook nor are they following each other on instagram or Twitter. On her tumblr she’s made it very obvious that they ended on bad terms. Jess is the only girl that’s been there recently.

No. 688884

File: 1565386479608.png (32.53 KB, 380x549, uhohbro subs.PNG)

I had been watching uhohbro with eager expectation for the inevitable drop below 2 million, I guess James has been watching too. A couple hundred subs lost daily for months, then it ramps up to 500 unsubs a day and suddenly hes gaining close to one thousand in one day. Yeah hes totally not buying subs.

No. 688886


What’s her tumblr?

No. 688893

Sarahbear8500 is her Tumblr. Shes also remade her twitter account at
twitter.com/notsolillioness but it seems like she's distancing herself from Greg and lainey.

No. 688942

Now that he's deleting comments again his video views have hit a new low. Wondering why he even keeps trying.

No. 688968

If he wants to do podcast, he should aim for more than 10 to 15 minutes. I don't think I've ever heard a podcast being less than half an hour. Not sure if that's a nitpick, but it just seems like he's doing reaction videos with Lainey and calling it a podcast

No. 688971

Lainey probably gets more views on average than onision now so he is probably just using her to leech some views onto his dying channel

No. 688993

he tries so desperately to silence anyone who talks shit about him - as seen with him copy-striking anyone who talks about him

but proceeds to provoke "THE HATUUURRZZZ" and invites them to debate with him and is constantly doing stupid shit for attention

i have no comprehension as to why he does this stupid shit lmao

No. 689048


>it seems like she's distancing herself from Greg and lainey.

Good. It is hard to imagine a more fundamentally damaging relationship (mentally and emotionally, anyway) that thinking those two awful people are your friends. They really did a number on her (just like they have done a number on literally everyone who has ever crossed their paths) so I am glad she is moving on and I hope she does great at college and in whatever career she chooses.

No. 689079

File: 1565487588935.png (113.41 KB, 603x662, CXs3n1v.png)


Obesion's age seems to be hitting him a little harder than usual.

Also isn't it funny how despite getting diagnosed with ""acute depression"", he wets his baby diaper at the thought of someone wanting to self-harm? Love that empathy.

No. 689100

His daddy’s bald too!

I wonder how he’ll handle looking like his father as he ages?

No. 689134


I wonder if he'll still be chasing teenagers when he's 40. How gross.

No. 689189

File: 1565532205641.png (110.38 KB, 305x165, A90876F9-F90D-440B-8D11-35DBF0…)


Of course he will.

No. 689243

By then Cloey will be bringing in his prey.

No. 689269


He’ll only start paying attention to his poor daughter when she’s a teen.

No. 689271

File: 1565560151641.png (145.04 KB, 467x523, 563846586.PNG)

So with that small bit of praise Im sure we can expect podcasts every other day now.
And is he going to milk the Brooke Houts drama since its the only video in over 6 months that's gotten him a quarter million views. The last video that did that for him was the TikTok Hit or Miss girl. I hope Greg understands the two similarities with these high view videos.
1. It was him jumping on a popular story/thing bandwagon with clickbaity titles.
2. He either left his face off the thumbnail or made himself so small you didnt realize its Onision. Greg is so despised now that when people see his face front and center in a thumbnail and it isnt an expose or roast, they wont click.

No. 689274

I’m a member of a few different Patreon’s, some of which use podcasts as a perk. The thing is, no one wants 10 minute podcasts. People want an hour(ish) of chatting on a subject. If onion boy knew what he was doing he’d do a weekly recap of “YouTube and chat” for an hour and make something of it instead of these failed video audios. Honestly he can not do anything competently.

No. 689283

New videos on Patreon. I haven't watched anything as of yet but let me know if you want any reuploads.

Brooke Houts Uncensored (Podcast)
This is the uncensored version of the podcast being released actually on time due to the time-sensitivity of it ~ Most future stuff will be early for patrons :)

About The "Divorce" (Uncensored Podcast)
Brand new uncensored Podcast with Kai and myself… Kai's so rad :) http://patreon.com/laineybot
Planning on putting up another video today for all patrons, uncensored :D

Emo Charlie Dated Belle Delphine
Emo Charlie talks about what it's like to date Belle Delphine… obviously because this isn't an 18+ Patreon, I had to censor some stuff out ~ The LoveDoll Patreon has the full on stuff because it's 18+
Anyhoot! Cringey! That's my name.

Kai Isn't A Belle Delphine Fan? (Uncensored Podcast)
I wanted Kai to react to Belle Delphine… it was funny :)

No. 689284

I'd be interested in the last one:
>Kai Isn't A Belle Delphine Fan? (Uncensored Podcast)

Hmm, I kinda have an idea about his "dating" video with the doll, so I except a lot of cringe and Greg Avaroe James Jackson Onision getting horny with his sex doll again…

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date, anon! Much appreciated!

No. 689288

You’re a saint, anon!!

I would be interested to see the podcasts. I actually have not hated those as much as his normal horrible screaming sketches.

No. 689294

No. 689301

Lainey made it sound like he was trying to level the shit he does to her and the shit she does to him.

I don't doubt it.

Punching someone and punching someone back are two different things.

No. 689319

i made it through 3 minutes of the Belle Delphine video and just have to wonder why Greg HAS to mention whether or not he is attracted to underage girls at any given opportunity. Lainey said she had braces at 10, Onion says "I wouldnt have been in to you". HE'S TALKING ABOUT BEING SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO A 10 YEAR OLD. Like… wtf dude.

No. 689323

he's still making content for his retarded sex doll patreon that has literally no one joining it? It's been, what? Like 3 months since he started it and not a single soul cares to give him money for his terribly photography of a plastic doll. Good thing he doesn't have any responsibilities and can waste time shitting out content for no one.

No. 689334

>About The "Divorce" (Uncensored Podcast)

So Onion proves he reads all his hate comments because he knows exactly what the haters say about him and Lainey's relationship.

He reads the word "retarded" and starts laughing hysterically.

Lainey lies and says Onion never cheated on her.

But she admits that he Emotionally/verbally abuses her. However when she does, he starts whining about all the times she hurt HIS feelings.

Conclusion - Lainey knows he treats her like crap but has no intention of leaving. Greg still just wants to prove the haters wrong and cant stop bringing up how no one thought they would last and they sure showed everyone, didn't they?

No. 689343

the whole doll patreon was an excuse he gave to lainey so he could go on and buy a doll to fuck
he'll keep updating the patreon otherwise he'll have to get rid of it

No. 689390

lol he's always trying so hard to pretend he isn't attracted to teenagers

No. 689406

even she doesnt believe half the things she says in that video and she looks mega depressed like she has been crying

No. 689407

LOL what the FUCK is he even wearing in the divorce podcast?
He looks like a gay creepy magician. The purple satin top with the weird asian collar and cheap shitty vest on top. I always laugh when this manlet tries to wear formal wear at home. He always adopts this attitude whenever he wear his ill fitting dated suits and vests. He needs clothing advice from review brah. It always looks like shitty goodwill stuff. Not even in a hot retro style, it's just so tacky and he looks autistic. The other thing that makes it even more autistic is that he literally films in a basement/his house. Why do you need a suit?

Getting flashbacks to when he shaved his head and came out at the end of the video with a furrowed brow like he's some hot dom or something when he looked like a midget with a massive head kek

No. 689408

Billie is into the whole e girl aesthetic and often posts ahego faces in photos here and there.
She hasn't gone full Belle Dephine but I can see how the whole anime aesthetic would piss Lainey off.
Same goes for the reason she supposedly hates Billie Eilish.
If Billie Eilish was a random not famous teenager in her dm's you know her and Shreg would be up in that

No. 689410

I don't want to nitpick but, in all honesty, he said "I wouldn't have gotten along with you." but the statement is still strange.
I do find it incredibly disrespectful to call (all) children and teenagers "cunts", though.

>Kai Isn't A Belle Delphine Fan? (Uncensored Podcast)

All I hear is Gregory Onision Avaroe James Jackson sperging about why his love doll patreon doesn't make the amount of money that Belle makes. kek He's probably hurt that men aren't stupid enough to confuse a plastic doll with a real human and throw their money at Greg because he is supposed to be more intelligent than everyone else and knows best what all men want.

I wonder if B still stayed with them, would he have coerced her into making a patreon and thotting herself out doing ahegao faces by now?
Oh, and I also think he's into Belle Delphine but tries to play it down. In that regard, why did he choose the title "Kai isn't a BD fan?" instead of "We aren't BD fans?"?

TL;DR Everything screams jealousy and "why can't we have that?!".

No. 689430

He always brings up how being married 6 years is some kind of feat. Come back when it's been at LEAST a decade if you're trying to impress people with how long you stayed with an emotionally stunted fakeboi you haven't been attracted to for almost your entire marriage.

No. 689436

"I wonder if B still stayed with them, would he have coerced her into making a patreon and thotting herself out doing ahegao faces by now?"
LOL absolutely not, had B stayed he'd have absolutely wrecked her looks, cut her hair off, forbade her from wearing makeup, and sucked all the life from her skin and light from his eyes. Look at how awful she looked in his videos compared to how she looked before and after him. He's such an embarrassing faggot.

No. 689452

she looked unwashed and greasy, with that faded blue hair, no extensions, no makeup and the sweatpants

i can only imagine lmao
it'd be sh all over again

No. 689459

Seriously, in the same amount of time she spent physically with them you could see how drained she looked. I do think grease would have tried to make her if it had worked out that way but maybe with her in the picture things wouldn’t have gotten so bad ?

No. 689467

File: 1565631646953.png (54.6 KB, 1440x144, A parenting.png)

Did anybody catch how Taylor just scoffed at this question? She didn't deny that they argue in front of their children, she just snorts and says "Ew no". Of course Jimmy calling her every name in the book isn't damaging to their kids, it's just damaging to her. Every time they take these quizzes Taylor always obeys Grease's gaslighting: He never cheated on her with Billie, it was the counselors fault that counseling didn't work and totally not her narc husband rage quitting after one session, their fights are normal and definitely not damaging to the kids. Sure Jan.

No. 689489

I also love how he was saying they “both” are verbally and emotionally abusive but you know it’s just him. Like he withholds affection and will call her a cunt and crazy and that is not the same as her reacting and saying he’s being an idiot or whatever. Ignoring brining in all the girls and all that, just the stuff we know he’s said to her is horrible. He breaks up with her again and again and says he doesn’t want to be married to her because she isn’t doing what he wants. He thought she was abusing him when she said she was hurt by the Billie situation. Like she can’t have feelings without having to nurse his hurt feelings about something HE caused…I don’t know why she’s accepting that it’s the same level when he’s clearly and legitimately abusive. People don’t have to hit you to be abusive.

Just because she can weirdly tolerate all his abuse doesn’t mean it isn’t happening or that the kids aren’t going to be negatively impacted at some point by it. She’s just kidding herself if she thinks that.

Also, just because he “admits” that he verbally abuses her doesn’t make it right? He said he was trying to be better but that was like a year ago and he’s still smirking and joking about how lol I’m so abusive but uwu.

No. 689499


wasn't Dev C the one that called him fat and was banned from his patreon? because that name is still listed as a patreon donor at the end of the divorce video

No. 689500

Oh, absolutely true. Sorry for that brain fart, anon.
It totally slipped my mind that Greg James loves to wear "his" women out mentally and emotionally.
And even if he had tried, he'd probably have become jealous and called her a slut.

Yeah, I also thought there was a lot of gaslighting going on when they took the quiz.

There were a couple of parts in that video that got me thinking.
The video is very suggestively edited when Lainey starts talking about "the right time" for getting a divorce would be now because she'll turn 25 (or is 25?), thus is old, and she's turning into a man. Then she talks about Greg looking dumbfounded, the video cuts to a black screen and they start taking the quiz. So, he either might want people to continue to talk about their divorce or they edited out things they didn't want to be included in the video.

Greg doesn't answer a lot of questions which, if answered honestly, would show his horrible personality. He just lets Lainey answer those (or edited his answers out).

When both agree that, yes, they are verbally abusive, Lainey fears for a positive outcome ('It's bad. It's [the test] gonna say yes now [to get a divorce].')

Lainey can't get over one of the questions which is 'Are you bored and unhappy?' She says 'That planted a seed in my brain, you're gonna hear that question a lot.' She doesn't seem to say it teasingly but is rather serious about it, so it might be a topic that's bothering her. That, at least, was my impression.

No. 689503

She did genially question him if he was bored in the relationship, she knows he is out and it’s just a matter of time until he finds another girl to cheat on (which I don’t see happening in at least another 5 years if it ever happen)

I don’t understand why they insist in taking quizzes if even when Lainey does answer truthfully he just change the answer when he knows the answers won’t be what he want, he is lying to himself.

No. 689504


Dev still being listed as a patron is weird unless those conspiracy theories had an element of truth to them. Maybe Jim/Greg really thought he could confuse the farms and create drama for content but no one really cared. I mean, any other time he lost a patron, their name was struck from videos immediately so why not this time? Especially with a patron that supposedly traumatized him horribly

No. 689510

>He looks like a gay creepy magician.

Top kek anon, your whole post had me cackling lmao. I thought the same thing when I saw him in that Party City bargain bin outfit, the most hilarious thing about it is he actually thinks he looks hot in it. Watch out Ian Somerhalder kek.

>Also, just because he “admits” that he verbally abuses her doesn’t make it right? He said he was trying to be better but that was like a year ago and he’s still smirking and joking about how lol I’m so abusive but uwu.

He has admitted to being verbally and emotionally abusive several times and it's like he really believes that being aware of how much of an asshole he is makes him better somehow. Actually it's worse because you know you're being abusive but you still choose to do it anyway.

No. 689513

Watching the Belle video it’s so obvious how much Lainey doesn’t even enjoy Jim/Greg’s company and how annoyed she is at half the shit he says.

I got trapped in a relationship with a narc for a year and a half and it was like I actually forgot what it was like to enjoy another person’s company because I was just around him all the time. My “good” mood around him would just shift between irritated about being degraded/spoken down to or a tense neutral because in that exact moment I wasn’t hearing narc shit.

She’s visibly annoyed when he’s making fun of Belle’s underbite and obsessing over the braces. Even when they’re mutually joking around Lainey seems miserable and jokes incessantly about hating herself. But she claims not to be miserable in her marriage.

When your opinion of yourself is horribly low because you’re being degraded by the only adult you see in person everyday, you just assume your miserable life is random depression and not the terrible circumstances you subject yourself to everyday.

She’s never getting out of this until he cheats on her again, and even then who knows. I honestly hope he drops her so she has a chance to get some therapy and fix herself so her kids can experience a healthy environment for once.(blogging)

No. 689539

File: 1565654017154.jpeg (272.69 KB, 670x575, 24656D35-3D3B-4AFF-B9A4-AAEBA2…)

Compare this to how cute Billie is now. Gurgly would’ve wrecked her.

No. 689590

File: 1565671301852.png (92.21 KB, 887x470, Body Video.PNG)

Looks like some more die hard fans are leaving ranks.

No. 689597

File: 1565674153589.jpg (84.52 KB, 600x576, privacypolicy.jpg)

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think they could do something about it. Although I doubt if he'll face any penalty other than being forced to take 20 minutes out of his day to blur/censor that kid's face or else YouTube might take action against his channel by like striking it or taking ads off the video. Would be funny if he's forced to do it or face demonization and he throws a fit.


No. 689601


I know a lot of farmers have compared what JJ Jimmy Jiggle-tits and Lame are doing to the Jenna Marbles podcast, but honestly it reminds me so much more of h3h3. Like Lamebot is trying to be the deadpan Hila one, whereas Gurgles is trying to be the quippy "outrageous" shock-jock Ethan one. Either way, it's absolutely pathetic.

No. 689611

there's clips from her YouNow, 7 months ago, where lainey admit that greg has repeatedly asked her for a third, but says she doesn't care if he resents her for it because she doesn't want one
also, she claimed she never slept with Billie, and only slept with Greg and David - the abusive dude who raped her in High school
which confuses me because what about all of those ~CrAzY~ threesomes they had

No. 689614

It's because she herself clearly has an underbite too. Bit awkward watching your husband rip the shit out of an e-thot for something you yourself have, I imagine.
On a side note it's funny as fuck watching him make out like she's ugly when he's sitting there in that clown outfit with his humungous chucky doll waterhead visible from all the side camera shots

No. 689658


Why. Won’t. She. Leave. His. Ass? Obviously rhetorical considering who we’re talking about, but Jesus, if your own husband needs another woman in your marriage, clearly something’s wrong there.

No. 689675

Because then she would have to admit not only did she fuck up, she wasted important years of her life, put her kids at risk, and worst of all (to her at least) go through the process of taking accountability of her actions. At this point it isn't so much brainwashing as and ego thing. Bitch is a spoiled brat.

No. 689678

Sorry to double post but it really would not be hard from her beyond shame. Sure the divorce and having to actually be independent would be a rough transition but it isn't like her life is over. Besides she could even stay online as a fakeboi on Instagram it isn't like she still doesn't have an audience, bitch cleary loves the attention. It really boils down to complainy not wanting to grow the fuck up and move on. Those poor kids.

No. 689696

No. 689697

She's clearly so done with him and his bullshit. But she put countless people in their personal hell of a home to let her greaselord humiliate them, including her family. She's not even protecting her kids.
If she really thinks enduring that marriage is better than finding a job, going back to her family and properly caring for her kids and herself, she deserves all of this.

And with Jimmy's latest sperg about how ugly he thinks braces are, I hope Clot won't need some. He'd probably rather let her teeth get all crooked before she's looking "ugly" and "like a dumb bitch"

No. 689700

It would bring her standing up so much to be the one to dump onion and trash him in public for all to see, it would be his ultimate downfall. Sure some people would rightfully still hate her but she would still succeed and do better than before. Imo even shane might hit her up to do a documentary if she divorced him and took everything. I can think of no bigger shame dawson docu topic

No. 689703

Tbh she doesn’t seem done with him. She seems like surface level irritated at his stupid jokes because she’s grown up and he hasn’t but she always has rolled her eyes at that stuff but kept loving him deep down despite everything which is the crazy part to me. She does seem to logically recognize a lot of the things he does are hurtful to her and has a sense that he would leave her at the drop of a hat because he doesn’t really love her or anyone but himself but there’s something stopping that information to really getting to her. Cognitive dissonance? Emotional masochist?

No. 689717

I can see this happening unless Shane would prefer to ignore the onion so he doesn't get any views.
That would be so sweet though, even if I don't like Laineybot. Ultimate revenge

No. 689720

Shane's documentaries always get not only a lot of views but alot of discussion. It'll never happen but god the thought of it is glorious. Too bad she's spineless.

No. 689722

Thank you for the clips.
Do you have a clip of her saying
>she claimed she never slept with Billie, and only slept with Greg and David

Ive always suspected that she kissed B and maybe touched her only in the way you touch someone while making out. Taylor has never touched a vagina and for sure never got her lips on one. Id love to have video proof of her saying it since Greg likes to imply they were having 3 way orgies every night.

No. 689725


if shane is offering her 200 k for the video, i cant see her refusing it .especially in the events of a divorce where she will be left with half of Jimmy's massive debt so she'll have to repay it somehow

No. 689727

The abusive ex who graduated 2 yrs before her but she would go to his house for sex 2yrs straight after he raped her for the 1st time

No. 689729

There is no hope for her. One of the questions was did he cheat and she said no.

No. 689735


Yeah “orgies”. Grease pretty much confirmed it was just them pleasuring him. One would make out with him while the other blew him. He said on record he asked Billie to sit on his face while Lainey provided suk mi. I’m sure they awkwardly kissed for him, too, or touched boobs, but that’s it. Apparently most of the time, Lainey shut down anything that started to go beyond second base.

No. 689738

She said recently she isn’t into boobs and they do nothing for her on the podcast. That’s why she’s gay for men apparently.

No. 689749

Yeah I think the extent of their threesomes was Lainey sitting in a corner while Greg took B to poundtown lmao.

So there's literally nothing she finds attractive about women.

No. 689756

What a backtrack she is fucking pathetic. She comes up with a new phase every other year

No. 689769

>So there's literally nothing she finds attractive about women
The nail in the coffin that proved to me that she was faking that she was into girls was a single question and her non-answer while on YouNow.
Someone asked her what she was sexually attracted to on a womans body. She sat there dumbfounded for what seemed like an eternity. She tried to dance around it by saying shes attracted to their personality and whats in their heart, but never answered what part of a womans body was sexually attractive to her.
I assume everyone reading this post no matter your sexual preference would answer that question within seconds and probably have multiple answers in order of importance. Lainey has confused an attraction to girls for friendship and that emotional relationship that she doesnt get from Greg as being sexually attracted to them.

No. 689771

>Yeah I think the extent of their threesomes was Lainey sitting in a corner while Greg took B to poundtown lmao.

Bingo. I honestly wonder if the reason she is so convinced that she is trans is because it's a coping mechanism. Like she knows she can't compete with the thots Jimmy desperately thirsts after so she decides to divorce her femininity so she won't be completely boring to him. Because deep down Taylor knows she is a straight basic white chick from NM, but that was never enough for Jimmy's vienna sausage. Normies are too dull for his liking, and if it weren't for him Taylor would just be an average person.

No. 689777

File: 1565758736654.png (467.56 KB, 849x557, bored and unhappy.PNG)

Remember how hurt she was that he said she wasn't "exciting" while playing Jenga. She knows that once hes bored with her, Greg is gone. I wonder if she still freaks out when hes not in the same room and frantically goes looking for him because anytime she cant find him in her head hes packed up and left.

No. 689801

I mean, she has said many times that she isn't into boobs and she considers her self a gay trans man. So definitely she isn't into girls. Its probably just something she tries to relate with Gurg.

No. 689815

File: 1565767687193.png (52.79 KB, 214x190, explainthisthenplease.png)

No. 689853

It’s so telling that she claims to believe in this whole gender neutral movement yet she still uses super gendered terms like bf/gf.

No. 689858

File: 1565783123611.jpeg (191.4 KB, 1125x546, C1762E34-2E02-4750-84DC-9B738F…)

Some choice tweets

No. 689859

File: 1565783211418.jpeg (536.05 KB, 1125x1608, E53C56E8-C1B4-43B5-B425-E39C21…)

No. 689860

File: 1565783405620.jpeg (576.92 KB, 1125x1766, C3B770A5-254D-4C77-A98C-3210EC…)

Imagine being so retarded that you think that because you changed your name means your birth name is no longer existent. Wasn’t he angry that people called him out on changing his name? Calling people stalkers for doing so?

No. 689861

File: 1565783596563.jpeg (300.88 KB, 750x1024, 43FDF944-E702-47B9-9B2D-97F7BB…)

Billie is officially becoming a patreon thot(offtopic)

No. 689862

making a patreon =/= being a thot. none of that means shes being a thot lol. billie doesnt deserve to be in this thread anymore anyways

No. 689863

people whitenight billie bob too much lol she was hated here on lolcow when she was in a relationshit with greg and lainey and now that she is on negative terms with them, everyone kisses her feet

people forget she is a lolcow in her own right

No. 689866

this is onisions thread, not billies jfc.

No. 689868

File: 1565785429626.jpeg (250.7 KB, 1440x1789, 92B9220F-EF9E-4480-A1D0-77050D…)

Greg is defending Jonathan Yaniv, because of course he is.
Billie is an e-begger e-thot who will start posting nudes on Patreon in six months guaranteed.

No. 689870

billie dated a guy who sodomized a minor and later killed himself. someone called her out on it on an instagram post years ago and she replied "so, what bitch?"
the screenshots used to be in her thread before it got deleted for whatever reason
it doesnt surprise me kek(offtopic)

No. 689872

funny how he made an hour long video calling shane dawson a pedophile and his only evidence was some dark joke he made on a podcast years ago and the fact that ryland looks young….. yet he still defends jonathan yaniv even thought there is ACTUAL evidence of his predatory behavior? i have a few theories as to why he’s defending yaniv: 1) because he’s a trans ally~~~ 2) because he has to have the most unpopular opinion on twitter at all times or 3) because he’s such a creep that he genuinely doesn’t see the problem with yaniv’s behavior

how long until gerg makes a video defending yaniv?

No. 689886

He’s already made a video about him but I didn’t care enough to see if he defended him. Of course he’s going to defend him because he’s as trans as his fakeboi wife. And defending predatory transtrenders is his MO at this point.

No. 689888

This is off topic, please don't talk about Billie or Ayalla in this thread anymore. They've escaped Gregs' clutches, let them be.

No. 689905

Has anyone seen this? Just started it and I already love her, so I thought I'd share.
Her video instantly popped up when I searched for Jimmy on YouTube. Hope he sees it and spergs about her stalking him

No. 689919

For sure number 2. Most unpopular opinion on YouTube. He’s socially inept in every single way. Having an unpopular opinion is just high school edge lord behaviour. Being normal isn’t in his personal tool kit

No. 689920

She's like an Icelandic Charo. I love her. How long before Jimmy melts down and mocks her accent,bigoted piece of shit he is.

No. 689922

I just finished watching her video and it's pretty entertaining and also quite informative. I like how she puts the focus on his views about women and casts a light on what kind of horrible videos he seems to hide behind his paywall.
Hopefully she won't completely focus her channel on him Repzion-style, but I'd come back for more videos.

No. 689923

>I wonder if she still freaks out when hes not in the same room and frantically goes looking for him because anytime she cant find him in her head hes packed up and left.

Holy shit I forgot about that lmao how can you get to that point in your relationship and not realize how pathetic you're being? She only does that shit to guilt him into sticking around with "muh anxiety" and "muh dysphoria".

I watched this last night and enjoyed it. I was hoping somebody would post it here because just the little snippets she provides in her video from his Patreon are exceptional. My favorite was the audio from his podcast where he whines about his lack of asslickers since adpocolypse. People are really paying for this shit.

No. 689929

She called him a complete narcissist at the end. He's gonna lose his mind. Wish she talked more about those disturbing videos. I wonder if he actually posts porn.

No. 689930

Greg is actually one of the biggest hypocrites of all time it’s amazing.

He made a video accusing 3 people of abuse without any proof other than second hand gossip and yet he’s denying actual screenshots. Stay classy.

No. 689932

im kind of surprised he kept going with the whole Repzion is a Predator story even after Billy admitted on camera he is the one that told Onion and that the accusation is essentially baseless and the girl never actually accused Repzion of anything.

No. 689938

What? When did that happen? I mean, Billy telling Greg Jay-Jay James the accusations are baseless?
I usually keep an eye on the thread but haven't read that.

No. 689957

No. 689973

welp this is a first one . do you guys have any ideas why Gurg went as far as disabling comments on the speaks channel? Too many criticizing comments that he couldnt handle deleting with the latest number of views?

No. 689974

He was licking a toilet??????

No. 689978

Making out with a toilet seat for one minute and thirty-three seconds. I guess when you're desperate for attention, you'll ingest all sorts of bacteria and other nasty shit for nickels and dimes.

No. 689979

are you really surprised? this is the content he's AlWaYs WaNtEd tO mAkE!!!!!

No. 689994

Thank you, anon, you're a life saver!
Quite some tinfoil, but I do have the feeling that Billy is setting Greggo Jimbo up. Same with the interview he and Joe did, first Billy kissed Jimbo's ass and then he subtly started to make fun of him. I wonder if he's still secretly siding with Madison.

No. 689995

can nobody upload that video here ? she doesnt show much of it

No. 690001

File: 1565820315020.jpeg (654.43 KB, 2000x1500, 411647C8-30BB-4435-B31A-4985F6…)

Either she was larping then or she's larping now

No. 690006

>most everyone told me bisexuality was a phase
>if it wasn't for the people in my life ESPECIALLY GREG

This has Jimmy's writing all over it and this is why I can't take her super speshul trans experience seriously.

No. 690007


I am tired but still dislike Grug enough to stay up and do you this favor.

No. 690010

File: 1565821250417.jpeg (38.73 KB, 750x655, EB9fLJOWsAIibbA.jpeg)

I had the impression this is a jab at Plainey for being such a doormat

No. 690011

that literally gave me goosebumps. So fucking disgusting

No. 690012

File: 1565822033732.png (1.36 MB, 1680x1050, onisiontoiletfetish.png)

while i love the cartoon onision, this should be the first image result.

No. 690017

thank you so much anon

No. 690020

>But Eugenia Cooney gets 300 dollars and Billie was paid over 10 grand.

He didn't want to buy Lame a real hypoallergenic ring because it was "too expensive" so she had to start using those crappy cheap silicone ones. That's gotta hurt

No. 690022

"Most everyone…." Interesting phrasing. Where have I heard this particular expression before I wonder?

No. 690024

I couldn't get past the 10 sec mark. Those fucking disgusting noises he makes…ugh..almost as bad as the fact that he's running his tongue all over the crapper. I hope he got the worst case of the runs in his life after this, the absolute wankbadger.

No. 690034

He absolutely ghostwrote that, 100% Gurg headcanon

No. 690038

Lainey might be stupid but not on this level to go full Grug with the typing style and "mOsT eVeRyOnE". It's more than just a meme, it's a part of Grug's identity, almost like a trademark. Just as licking the toilet seat is, topkek.
I wonder what inspires him tweet this over and over again. We've already established long ago that his wifesband is mentally fucked up to be morphing into an actual doormat. Does he just have compiled a draft list of bullshit to tweet?

No. 690043



You guys will love this(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 690064

it's extra disgusting considering he doesn't clean that toilet

No. 690074

oh he absolutely wrote this, I'm glad other anons picked up on that wording. He probably talked her into letting him type it up, because he wants to "be supportive," aka set up the long con for more teen poon

No. 690084

I forgot how young and skinny he was and now all I see is an aging fat man with man-tits who tries to pass off as an ~qt emo boi~

And why is the toilet covering with cotton balls and something green? Did they not pay the water bill on time and if that’s literal shit and piss underneath because ewww!!!

No. 690087

I am beyond grossed out. This is as disgusting as when Luna drank Matthew's piss, but at least she did it on accident.

No. 690097

File: 1565872729096.png (409.5 KB, 564x592, sex game.png)

So Jimmy is trying to bring back gaming to his UhOhBro Channel. I'm not surprise that he picked a game like this.


No. 690099

We are only going to get more and more of sexual depravity from him.

As Oscar Wilde said: Everything is about sex except sex itself. Sex is about power.

The lower he falls, the more irrelevant he gets, the more he'll channel his impotent frustration through sex.

Grab your popcorn in one hand, and a vomit bag in the other, this shit' s just started.

No. 690115

He put the uncensored version of this video on his Lovedoll Patreon? Guess he is still holding out hope someone will pay for that.

No. 690124


He really still has the mentality of a hormonal teen boy.
"I can finally post a fuck video, not that kind of fuck video though. I have made those but you'll never find them."

We get it Greg, you can stop reminding us you aren't a virgin. He's absolutely obsessed with sex and like most incels only values himself as a man based on his luck in the bedroom.

Even his example of something that would shock you when he's customizing the character's face is "your daughter walks into the room pregnant and you're like…"

His brain is so simple and weak.

No. 690132

File: 1565891315836.png (465.15 KB, 546x801, megamilk.png)

When is Jimmy's drop in testosterone going to happen so he can stop scarring people with his retard like hypersexuality? He can't talk for 5 seconds without making some painfully autistic sex joke or just been straight up vulgar and disgusting. His needle dick obsession with aggressively dominating women only highlights his cluster B like Mommy issues. No wonder Taylor doesn't want to have a vagina anymore, I wouldn't either if I was married to a raging manchild who watches hours of fucked up hentai and psychotically humps anything with an orifice 50x a day.

No. 690146

I just wanted to compare whether the 30 bucks he charges on his lovedoll patreon are somewhat reasonable or if the whole game just costs 9.99 (and if that's the case then why would anyone throw money at him instead of buying and playing the game themselves?), but all I find is a Malaysian site selling it and a dozen sites offering a ripped version.
Either I'm seriously blind or the game hasn't been licensed yet (?).

No. 690158

this chick is crazy but i love her? i can't believe the crap the patrons get.

No. 690202

Repzion posted a new video

No. 690217

the thought of onion, who wears bullet proof vests in public out of fear, actually challeneging someone to fight is so good

No. 690247

because he knows Repzion's the type of person to say no

No. 690248

No. 690254

bless you anon

No. 690274

File: 1565917358089.png (Spoiler Image,3.12 MB, 2242x1210, Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 8.59…)

Bless. Although I wish I could unsee the videos. I don't understand what demographic this is supposed to be for. His humour /might/ appeal to 13 year olds, but this is definitely a 18+ patreon with videos that are neither attractive nor funny.

In one of them he pretends to be a business man (not sure if that's a reoccurring character) and shoves baby wipes in the dolls private parts. Later on he pretends the doll is Andy Biersack.

I could only skip through, don't watch while eating, anons.

No. 690298

Thank you so much!

I totally agree with you anon. I can't imagine anyone over the age of 18 would pay for this shit because they thought it was quality content. Also there is no way you could convince me that he hasn't fucked that doll yet.

No. 690303

Jesus, anon. Can I reimburse you for your troubles and traumas?

No. 690310

Anon you're a hero

No. 690325

I think it's pretty obvious that he does a lot of things to that doll and sticking his dick in it was the first thing.

A lot of adults and minors would find these "Julia" videos disturbing and gross and Onion is the only one who's actually amused by them.

No. 690337

holy shit
i didnt expect full pussy

No. 690339

There was cum in the box and I think he was cleaning the doll after he fucked it

No. 690343

how does he have all that expensive camera equipment and yet everything still looks like it was filmed on a phone camera with the flashlight as the only lighting?

and even worse, how has he been doing this for 10 years and yet everything is still so amateur looking?

No. 690352

>"As some of you are aware, I, Emo Charlie, am dating Belle Delphine. Every pedophile's wet d- I mean-"

Ahh so the man's obsessed with Belle and wants to fuck her because he's a pedo, as we knew. Wonderful, Greg.

No. 690363

Cant get videos to play

No. 690398

right click and make a copy to your own drive. it takes a little bit for it to process but they ended up playing for me. i tried reuploading them to the folder but i guess google blocks the folder itself and not just the videos in it.

No. 690401

Expect a massive sperg incoming…

I only watched the video which was archived on KF, but I took a look at the photos. So that was his dream all along? Taking pornographic photos?
If that was a freaky art project at least, I'd kind of turn a blind eye to it, but there's literally no artistic value in this. The lighting is bad, some photos are blurry and out of focus and the overall composition and aesthetics are horrible.
This just boils down to hormone-driven voyeurism.

Anon, as thankful as I am that you did this, I wish you could demand your money back (Greg should actually pay you, kek).
Oh, and thanks for the reupload, I just realized.

No. 690439

did anon actually pay for the lovedoll patreon? it still has that one patron at $2 only. (which is likely greg himself)

No. 690441

I feel like I should be turned off by the concept of the whole lovedoll patreon alone, but I am most offended by the low quality of it. There is literally the most minimal amount of effort put into it.

I mean, even if he had nice artsy photos it would be a little weird, but at least taking pretty photos of women is an art form. And hell, there's an entire genre of people that take nice photos of their dolls and shit.

But this? It's trash. I am still trying to wrap my head around his actual goal here. WHY is he doing this? I only watched the one video that is just crappy shots of the doll at various angles to porny music. There's no comedy here. No art, no skill. I really wanna get into his head long enough to find out what he thinks about when he makes this content. But I don't wanna be in there too long cause that'd be like staring into the mouth of hell.

No. 690444


I think he thinks he is doing art and this is literally the best he can do. He doesn't have the eye, mind or training for it. He thinks you can just wing it and his result prove, you most assuredly can't.

No. 690449

When he says the love doll content is what he always wanted to make, he probably was hoping itd be a real girl

No. 690456

Extra weird to see all of Lainey's stuff in the background and seeing it posed in their bedroom.

No. 690457

I don't get it on any level. I know the spergy, random humor of scene kids is over, but this isn't even that. It's not serious, not sarcastic, not well done, not creepy, not shocking, but bland and … I just do not understand what his attempt is.

No. 690462

When the doll doesn't jingle his jollies anymore, I wonder if he'll troon out and try to be the dream whore he always wanted. He seems the type.

No. 690469

Well, he already has quite a round and big butt, man boobs, a lot of wigs, an effeminate laugh and also those terribly cliche traits like being bitchy, (overly) dramatic and endorses in drama.
I'd say we're already half way there.

I really and truly wonder what his kids will think about this whole situation in 10 or 15 years. There is no way that you, as a child, are completely unaware of that doll or the way he treats it (and Lainey). Imagine a twenty-year-old T or a seventeen-year-old C telling their friends how they grew up with a sex doll which their father introduced as Julia (and a "mother" claiming to be a boy).
Listening to your dad yelling and screaming all the time must be intimidating as heck. I really, really hope they haven't developed any (more) weird behavioral patterns. Apart from remembering that T apparently is allowed to hit Greg, I also clearly remember their dog peeing herself whenever Greg comes close to her.

No. 690486

there's no way that Troy isn't going to call some other kid a "cunt" at some point as soon as they let him go to actual school.
Which reminds me, shouldn't troy be in actual school by now???

No. 690491

They are "homeschooling"

No. 690493

File: 1565992619175.png (768.06 KB, 1345x713, IMG_08.png)

source? from videos filmed in the kitchen you can see school send-home flyers on the fridge and a child's schoolbag by the front door, implying the oldest attends school outside the home.

No. 690529

Source was onion, but the "most honest you tuber" does lie. He said he and Taylor were going to home school because blah blah blah made up reasons.

No. 690539


Neither one of them is literally qualified to teach a child anything outside of translarping and narc raging. In the state of Washington, you need pretty specific credentials to be legally allowed to homeschool your children. That’s asking a lot from a father who barely passed high school and a mother whose shady online degree taught her absolutely nothing.

No. 690564

File: 1566010304817.jpg (111.9 KB, 1080x1100, IMG_20190816_174429.jpg)

He been sperging like crazy the last couple days even though his twitter is basically a echo chamber now

No. 690565

File: 1566010394239.jpg (149.3 KB, 1080x1199, IMG_20190816_174434.jpg)

No. 690584

Not overexaggerating, but he doesn't do anything that a logical person would do. He has serious mental issues and we know this - he's reinacting his weird fantasies in all of his videos and showing who he really is. He can't control women because they're stronger than he thinks and his "spouse" has created a life outside of him. He has no human beings left to control so he's showing what he really wants to do to a doll. That creepy rape stuff he's doing to the doll is most likely his true self coming out. I 100% can guarantee if a psychologist would diagnose him, they'd say anti-social personality disorder with sociopathic tendencies. That's why he's constantly called a sociopath. He's just sick and shouldn't be around children.(armchair autism)

No. 690595

Every video played for me except for the one where he was inserting things into the doll. Did it get deleted or something?

No. 690601

This shit is so uncomfortable, just the thought of this grown man with a wife an children posing and photographing his sex doll is really unsettling even as a "joke". You can see that he tried to take a couple of "funny" pictures as proof that this is totally comedy and not weird fetishy adult content and it honestly just makes it worse.

No. 690602

File: 1566018556041.jpeg (209.74 KB, 1121x1107, 22319D28-76C4-449E-B168-32EA64…)


Personally I hope he keeps doing this stupid shit because eventually he will have no one left.

Also I think him making his twitter private is the best thing that could ever happen, because if he keeps it that way long enlightens, people will forget about him and the last slivers of his dying career will finally dissolve.

unfortunately I know his patterns all too well and he will be back to Mr Positivity Never-blocks-anyone in a month’s time.

No. 690605

File: 1566018993454.png (Spoiler Image,176.18 KB, 345x419, mm julia.png)

Yea. Pretty sure he has his dick tucked in his waistband

No. 690609

File: 1566020612095.jpeg (307.83 KB, 1118x1417, 843D563C-437E-4CF1-B10F-19D6F6…)

Also uhhhh WTF at this response

No. 690620

Nah anon, Jimmy's got a lot of skills
Geography: "so Germany is where the nazis are, Britain - everyone there is ugly and they always get in fights because they always drink alcohol." "See, that's Africa. Those people are smelly because they never wash their hair" "Fiji? That's a water brand Trot."
Biology: so my first time was with a girl named Julia. I couldn't get it up so she ro- Taylor storms in
English: English is literally our language. Most anyone speaks it.
Math: ok so, my new video about why babies should wear burkas so no one finds them attractive got 100K views. Jaclyn Glens response to that, saying i'm a total dumbass.. which someone told me, got 1M views. How many people should've watched my video to hear my side, but didn't because they're dishonest cunts?

No. 690637

I find those 'funny' photos worse than the clearly sexual ones. It's unsettling how he tries to cover his obvious lust for vinyl pussy with 'lol random xD' humour. I know it's a doll and not a person but it feels really psycho and disrespectful to take photos where she looks like a retard. Who would enjoy such photos? It reminds me of a serial killer humiliating his victim into before ending her life.
It's like Onion wants to say 'look at this dumb fuckdoll, only good for sticking a dick in it' cause he's ashamed of his lust.

No. 690641

I sometimes wonder whether he's thinking about his "creations" at all. It often seems that he's a spur-of-the-moment guy who does something that comes to his mind and that he thinks is cool and then, after taking photos or making videos, he just completely lacks any capacity to reflect about whether it's good or not. He might also be of the assumption that just because he "put time" into a project and "worked" that day it should be good enough for the public. Maybe it's a mix of both, lack of creativity /artistic knowledge and laziness.

The few videos of him that I watch don't really upset me or gross me out that much, but I can't get my head around the fact that doesn't understand how cringy they are. I'd be super embarrassed to put things like these online because they'd for sure make me look bad.
I also can't get my head around his idea of doing creative work: Every artist reveals a part of themselves by creating art and even though some artists never explain their pieces, from reading their biography you can make a lot of valid assumptions. Greg puts his private life out there for everyone to see and clearly sees himself as an artist and when people start to put these aspects together he completely distances himself from everything he's created and says he plays a character. And it's always the same with him: I put a lot of work into that, so you better like it and if you don't like it, then haha, the joke's on you because it wasn't actually made be but by a character I play and it was a joke anyway.

It really must be fun to be around him. /s

No. 690642

File: 1566041571786.jpeg (76.12 KB, 616x513, 4CEA6A60-2F58-4258-8F2D-0CBD54…)

It’s in response to these tweets.

No. 690643

File: 1566041627228.jpeg (95.72 KB, 626x592, EE3E01A8-D2F0-4F32-A35A-ABA3E0…)

No. 690644

File: 1566041689097.jpeg (48.58 KB, 625x267, 04382178-59FC-411E-943B-3A8EA3…)

No. 690645

File: 1566042042886.jpeg (135.41 KB, 630x700, 05634FC6-6330-4F9B-8B99-00E161…)

The advice was sarcastic

No. 690649

You think he would ever write another book? He's probably too butthurt to even try.

No. 690657


i am pretty sure one of his mentally challenged top patreon requested that shit .his top tier perk give the ability to request him to do any type of video.and this will obviously attract nutcases. expect to see more of that werid shit in the future if not even worse. when you have to lick toilets for money and as a way of living, you know you hit rock bottom. at this point i dont know why he isnt applying for garbage collector jobs. that job has more dignity and offers more money than what hes doing now

No. 690661

We know anon. This was already posted about 4 posts above.

No. 690662

You’re giving Jimmy Greg too much credit/ If a patron suggested the lovedoll stuff - he wouldn’t have made an entire new page for it and claimed it was “the content he always wanted to make”.
This garbage came directly from his own creatively stunted brain.

No. 690664

maybe not the doll videos but the toilet licking seems like something requested by someone with a humiliation fetish

No. 690666

Greg did a sex education video with the doll. I saw the video on KF not sure if it's been posted here. It made me think these videos are potentially for his younger fans. I think deranged Onion James Jackson Fag is legit making "informative" (his opinion) videos that will let his young fans excel in sex like sex god Jimmy. It's exhibitionism but with his weird flair of only appearing to those on the fringes of society.

As other anons have said, no genuine 18+ person is going to be intrigued by Jimmy posing a sex doll but kids might be retarded enough.

No. 690667

So.. Greg?

No. 690669

The toilet video was from 2009

No. 690670

The toilet licking video was all his creation and you can tell because he's much younger in the video and it's not a toilet in the McMansion or the Swamp Shack.
Also he would never put that much effort into something requested of him. Remember when someone requested more than a hello and a thanks on Cameo? He cried and threw a fit about it like they where treating him like some cheap whore.

No. 690679

File: 1566053859536.jpeg (522.31 KB, 750x712, 2670A09D-CED5-4F79-A974-C01507…)

No. 690680

File: 1566055379306.png (114.77 KB, 552x532, md.PNG)

Im sure you're right and he was hard while filming that.
Madison mentioned he would get hard when she was doing any type of sexy character in their videos together.
Its sad that's all he's packing when fully erect. Its barely reaching the top of his waistband.

No. 690681

File: 1566056737850.jpeg (206.49 KB, 750x923, 329414BF-C6C2-4403-8BF9-81124E…)

No1curr about your weekly existential crisis, Gurg.

No. 690682

Christ he looks like a haggard heroin addict

No. 690683

I swear he made a post almost exactly like this months ago.

Also I guess this means his apology to Shane was BS? Cause right now that apology is all his fans are clinging to. “He’s changed, guys! He apologized!!!!”

No. 690684

This legit sounds like something someone would tweet before shooting up a school.

No. 690694


It's just the image that mayacidshowers posted in her original tweet >>690643 without the twitter crop. The other anon who posted the image pasted it next to a related tweet that has the share icon instead >>690602

But back to Onion, I'm glad his face and body are still completely different colors even when it's dark as shit >>690676 It's weird he's not flexing; we can see his saggy man tiddies and all.

No. 690705

Uhhh you linked to Vicky’s thread?

No. 690708

Sam (the girl Lainey made send home because she was jealous and was convinced she stole shit from her) said the same thing; that when they hugged, she felt him get an erection lmao

No. 690710

>"He sees you as an undercover hater because you disagreed with him once."
>"So now you have to prove you're a loyal fan and pay him through patreon"


No. 690713

File: 1566068403252.jpg (41.77 KB, 600x787, 20e.jpg)

No. 690715

Lainey has sex with that.. sad. She must truly be a masochist.

No. 690719

Greg's tiny dick wouldnt reach his waistband

No. 690753

File: 1566077526180.jpg (59.39 KB, 1080x590, ECMwV-zWkAAqPMF.jpg)

pretty sure this is his response to people on twitter telling him about this poor poor fan who is so upset she was blocked.

LOL Keep digging your own grave, Jimmy. Keep on going until you are all alone.

No. 690761

i'm pretty sure he sees how passive she is with her alleged manipulative mother and has this white knight fantasy of rescuing her and manipulating her into whatever he pleases. and also getting in on those sweet dollars while she's still trending.

No. 690764

She dated a rapist for 2 years, so I'm not surprised. She has no standards

No. 690766

File: 1566082330802.jpg (43.22 KB, 800x533, ew.jpg)

who looked like this to boot

No. 690767

Why alienate one of the few manic pixies still following him?

No. 690768

File: 1566082726352.jpeg (369.27 KB, 750x1032, B4D37EF7-E38D-4530-A0A7-4C8D67…)

Onions got another dog? Posted August 9th, where is Caterpie, Leelu? Also you can see pathetic Onion prime exclusive pictures on pic related Instagram account.

No. 690769


It’s funny how she said that David, her ex, would tell her she was lucky to be with him, because no one else would ever want her and even her own friends were more attractive to him than she was, but then claims that Greg never says anything like that and ~took all the pain away~ from being with a monster. Greg has outright said she wasn’t his first choice, he never would have noticed her if she hadn’t stalked him, he wasn’t into her for her looks at all, he thought she was plain and boring, and cheated on her or tried to cheat on her several times with younger, prettier women (Billie of course, Maya, Sam, Ashlyn/MacnCheese Fairy, and even Madison to an extent). He calls her a cunt, he makes fun of her all of the time, and I don’t doubt that he said things like “if you leave me, no one else will want you” also. Lainey said he’s threatened divorce more than once (especially when he was fucking Billie) to boot.

All she knows is narcissistic, psychotic abuse from insecure older men.

No. 690770


and dobbs. they don't deserve any of them. especially not doobs.

No. 690771

Didn't they get rid of caterpie? I don't remember why tho

No. 690780


Anus’s hatred of women extends to his dogs, too. The only dog he ever likes of the three of them was Dobs. Same with Lainey, she said Dobs is her favorite. Caterpie was a wild little puppy, I’m sure the AvaHoes never walked her or played with her enough, just like their other dogs, so they just assumed she was a bad dog and gave her away.

Poor doggos.

No. 690781

They used to constantly talk about how much they dislike Leelu because she's apparently disobedient; doesn't listen to orders and frequently has accidents on their floor. Probably because they never bothered to train her

No. 690782

Leelu always seems to have such a fearful/sad look in her eyes

No. 690783


She peed at the sight of Grot because he would grab her neck and shove her into the pee to punish her, I mean TEACH her. A+ dog training from such an alpha male.

No. 690788

They both like Dobs because he's older and well-behaved (I think Lainey had him before she met Greg so her parents probably helped train him), but they never bothered to train Leelu or Caterpie so of course they decided they didn't like them.

No. 690798

Only reason I queried "where is Leelu, Caterpie??" is because Dobbs has been shown recently on the Instagram in question but the two other female animals have not been seen recently. And now a new addition "Blossom"??

No. 690803

These days he only get views if his doormat is in the videos. How pathetic kek.

No. 690804

File: 1566094333171.png (Spoiler Image,1.96 MB, 1795x2270, taco bell bod.png)

Jimmy is living his best life.

No. 690807

lmao that shitty clip art tattoo and the 2011 emo haircut and the flabby arms
big yikes

No. 690811

File: 1566094894527.jpeg (266.27 KB, 750x784, B6CF9B90-07F5-4EEF-8A4E-150D16…)

Gregory Avaroe / James Jackson / Onision cries in the shower…. bath? About haterz.

No. 690827

Look at that fucking manic manipulative smirk. I've had a breakdown in the shower & it fucking looks NOTHING like this. He has fucking mascara on, FFS. How long do you think it took him to artfully arrange those strands of hair over his eye Veronica Lake-style?
And the amazing thing is Jimmy thinks he's SO clever & outwitting the 'haters' at every term(God how childish is the term 'haters'.Adults have CRITICS you dolt)
We see you for EXACTLY who you are Jimbles. You fool literally NO ONE outside Kaibaby. Even your husbando looks sick of your shit.(autism)

No. 690832

lel those rolls.

No. 690842

even in the shower he looks like he stinks. that's impressive to achieve that level of nasty. that seems like a lot of water to waste for a social media pic. doesn't he only take showers so he can stroke off in there?

No. 690848

I know this may sound nitpicky but, isnt it strange the way he takes a bath? He sits in the tub and turns on the shower head till it fills up. And the whole bath thing too. Ive asked men I know and work with how often they take a bath vs shower. Some have said its been years. Its just not convenient for them even if they have a tub and they dont like the idea of soaking in a warm stew of their own filth. Does he take baths instead of showers because it allows him more alone time to jerk off or diddle himself?

No. 690854

God he looks fucking fat. What about that diet Gruggles? You're not losing that food baby anytime soon sitting on your ass in the bath eating taco bell (sounds like a trailer park hot tub kek).

>you got blocked for being a CUNT reeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!

This is why I believe it doesn't matter if we still acknowledge his autism or not: this dumb fuck shoots himself in the foot at every opportunity. His Patreon numbers will continue to dwindle until eventually he will have to resort too drastic measures to make money (like getting a job).

If this isn't a troll I would tinfoil it's Jimmy himself.

No. 690876

File: 1566110846707.png (297.81 KB, 571x745, darkness.png)

WaaAAaaa! People who smoke pot are evil and every 'stoner' that I've met has screwed me over. Insert dramatic music -literally- For reals, that's the whole video. I don't know why he's going on this rant but really? Get over it Jimmy.


No. 690879

File: 1566111573019.png (248.75 KB, 571x638, reason to divorce.png)

Ridiculous reasons why they would get divorced. The only real world situation is if he had a 'secret real life girlfriend' and yes, she would leave him. Also at the end he says she was a 'freeloader' for the first year and a half. Couple goals, am I right?


No. 690881

New Podcast:
Punishments In DDLG (Uncensored Onision/Kai Podcast)
Today I focused listing items on http://Onision.org and making this podcast ~ Hope you love this one…

Uncensord Burglary Podcast + Bonus
Kai and I researched what our car does with burglary… it was very odd :P
Also, bonus video for everyone, a rant on privilege & success: https://youtu.be/XO04KX2dNUQ

Let me know if you would like a reupload.

No. 690885


meanwhile Jimmy's patreon numbers keep going up ? anyone knows any reason for that ? apparently you can act like a retard nowdays , look like slimmy pig , have the personality of a pile of shit , and still get paid .interesting.i wonder who tf are those ppl who have nothing better to do with their money. money which could be easily donated to charities or youtubers like Victor Larkil

No. 690893

yes, repzion is a cow. he said years ago he would stop trying to get lainey to leave greg. rep called her family and friends. i understand his initial concern but he really got obsessive because he was getting money, fame, and views. he built his channel off onision. someone even threaten him with legal action but i cant remember if it was laines friend or another subscriber he was working with. repzion isnt the only expose channel that went off the rails but he was the only consistent one.

No. 690894

>>854740 this is from the shane dawson thread but makes sense here.

i think shane still keeps track of onision and deefizzy for that matter. shane made deefizzy and he gave onision a push. so it makes sense for him to follow up. but this eugenia thing is too far. onision was the first person to point out that she is rolling toward death. you can even say that these documentaries are sticking it to onision. onision was looking for worthy partners and then shane does these documentaries. it would be funny if shane wasnt making fun of everyone but jeffrey.

No. 690895

File: 1566122582579.jpg (486.64 KB, 1080x1390, Screenshot_20190818-120229_Ope…)

Kek, guess she couldn't find a dumber new channel name
>cool guy kai
Why not "softboi kai" or "fakeboi kai" lol

No. 690896

File: 1566122793267.jpg (528.14 KB, 1079x1393, Screenshot_20190818-120622_Ope…)

and her Beautybot channel is now Laineyboy

No. 690902

There’s an active Lainey thread linked in the OP

No. 690903


I COULDN'T finish this. Let's be real, despite Grugly's cries that "iVe dAtEd lOtZ oF MEAN sToNeR wHoReS!!!" this video is 100% about B. This video is full of misused phrases and words as a result of Grugly, in his own mind, sounding super smart and deep. Typical LOW IQ Grugly nonsense.

The worst thing though is his claims that B was only able to be MEAN to Grugly because she could numb herself by going to get high later. That's the only reason! If not for weed, there's no way she could have BARED to say anything negative or hurtful to innocent Jimmy. It was only the devil's lettuce that compelled these girls to, in a daze, verbally state their disapproval of Grugly's actions and words.

God, he's truly and honestly the worst.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 690908

I honestly don't think there was anything wrong with Rep sending snailmail to Lainey's parents back in the day to let them know about Greg. Isn't that the whole point of exposing his shitty behaviour so people can intervene and help their loved ones?

Greg's only mad Rep is one of the few with convictions in following through on what he states. How many times has big fag Jimmy went back on his word?

I wouldn't call Rep obsessive anymore than an anon who catalogues this shit. Rep gets the bonus of directly peeving Onionboi off.

No. 690909

Haha, so Jimmy thinks weed is like alcohol and lowered Billie's inhibitions to stand up for herself? What a loser.

As a smoker myself I could not imagine having a conversation with the Onion fam and not want to take the edge off immediately afterwards. Billie is like the only 'girlfriend' of Greg's that didn't end up isolated and demonised for hanging out with him. I'd take the weed over a poorbois Laineybot lavender tattoo to 'deal'. Fucking retards.

No. 690910

File: 1566132677659.jpg (249.81 KB, 996x2047, IMG_20190818_075032.jpg)

When you wake up in a damp musty basement this is what you look up and see.

No. 690911

He lives like someone suffering from addiction issues. Unkempt appearance, disaster of a residence, poor hygiene, deranged, paranoid, irrational, highly emotive and explosive.

If he wants to score, he probably should think about buying drugs to coerce some party girls.

No. 690921

Well he is a sex addict.

No. 690926

His demonization of weed is ridiculous.Paul McCartney smokes weed. John Denver smoked weed. Two of the nicest dudes in music.But no,weed makes you a monster apparently. ::eyeroll::
I fucking hate people who are puritans about booze or weed.It's totally fine you don't partake, but don't be a sanctimonious bitch about it.
God Grug is such a child. Yet another example of how he's hopelessly stuck in adolescence. Most people outgrow such ideas about stimulants once they get out of high school & into the real world.(cool story bro)

No. 690927

anon we can see your profile pic

No. 690938

Its not mine it just a screenshot I pulled from twitter

No. 690939

Literally the only thing he’s missing to pull in young pussy is drugs lmao. Look at Jonny Craig and Lurch. You don’t have to be a looker if you’re getting her high. Inb4 Onion’s meth trailer adventures in 2025.

No. 690957

this is your opinion. some people cant tolerate drugs or alcohol. its called being allergic. plus, onion has been around enough drugs to form his own opinion. to me he was a heavy drinker back in the day. then add on his mental health issues. he probably cant smoke weed so he is gong overboard. look at ice poseidon. when he smokes he almost goes non-functioning.

lolcow has a rule about what you just did but i cant think of it. i think its called stick to the facts. or maybe just sage.

No. 690960

he's only in his thirties and he's already flabby with zero muscle definition. what will he look like at 45?

No. 690961

Uhhh what? When was Greg ever a “heavy drinker”? Also pretty sure he’s never smoked weed either. He’s always been on his high horse about being straight edge or whatever. He just likes to use whatever he can to make himself feel superior to others. He does the same thing with his veganism. He can’t just live his life the way he sees fit, he has to make sure everyone out there knows they are trash because they don’t follow his example.

No. 690963

he did more then send a letter. this was a whole ordeal. how do you think he got her address! there are sites that catalogue onion only when he is starting to act crazy. rep should just catalogue but stop engaging. rep will be back to crossing lines eventually. I saw it the last time and its not good for him.

you seem new. repzion went crazy/overboard almost a decade ago. I think rep was a fan who wanted to join up but then found he could have his own fame. it got bad. and it wasnt just onision drama. i think this joy sparkle thing restarted rep. I think he needs to branch off so its not so onision and drama focused again. his fans even told him to find something else.

No. 690964


Wtf are you talking about anon? Greg was a DARE kid and still acts like one.

No. 690966

Probably why he has so few fans left. He just sucks the fun and joy out of everything, and everything interesting is bad in his world. He's so boring. Only crazy and dull people could ever end up enjoying listening to him.>>690926

No. 690967

For ducks sake, how many times have we heard this before? He always goes off on how he’s gonna step it up and make bigger and better videos but then he makes the same shit.
He doesn’t actually want to improve the quality of his videos - if he did, he would watch some tutorials on lighting and filmography or something. Use that expensive equipment to its advantage. But nah. He is just pissed his current garbage isn’t getting the attention he thinks it deserves. That’s his only gauge for “better content”. Screw quality!

No. 690968

you know how long he has been on the internet. then you have his life with his first wife. i wrote it seems to me he use to be a heavy drinker. im not going to rehash this mans past. plus, what i find heavy you may think is light. I cant remember if he ever smoked weed but he had a lot of pot head friends.

he has really isolated himself over these last few years with relationship drama. he was a very outdoorsy active guy. another reason why he cant find decent collab partners anymore. him and his girlfriends used to hang out. ever since lain came into the pictures his friends dropped off one by one. and the only time i see him interact with old people is when lain isnt there. lol.

if you are new to him you would be surprise at the old him. he had multiple friends, went outside, and had jobs.(autistic tinfoil derail)

No. 690972

>if you are new to him you would be surprise at the old him. he had multiple friends, went outside, and had jobs

Cool fanfic anon kek. Jimmy is the same asshole he is now that he was then except now he is older, fatter, and swampier.

So "Giving Into The Darkness" is thinking about his run away dream waifu Billie choosing pot over him? I wonder if she still gets desperate e-mails or DM's from him every now and again trying to rekindle all the "good times"

No. 690973

i think anon is talking about his wife before lainey/kai/taylor…

No. 690976

Wasn’t he only married to Skye for a short time? I’m not sure what this wonderful adventurous life he led before Lainey is supposed to be, but all that shit is documented. He always considered himself straight edge, he doesn’t have any deeper meaningful reason for being a judge mental cunt other than that he needs to feel superior somehow. Surely Billie didn’t come crawling back because the WEEEEED was muddling her brain - not because he’s a psycho control freak (among many other things)

No. 690982

File: 1566148279241.jpg (55.85 KB, 1078x585, ECM_7p9W4AEvBRO.jpg)

how stupid that he literally tweeted this hours after posting this video.

No. 690986

it's only an issue when people talk about HIS past that he wants forgotten. He can talk about all his exes that LIED and CHEATED and DID THE WEED all he wants.

No. 690987

repzion used to be pretty lulzy, not just with the snailmail. he used to be pro-suicide and romanticized it all the time on tumblr, and was a sex-obsessed incel … not to mention, he currently sells his feet pictures LMAO

a lot of the Anti-O commentators are cows in their own right too tbh

i really encourage a "debate" between the two of them. would be hilarious

No. 690990

>he has really isolated himself over these last few years with relationship drama
He's always been like this. The moment someone dares to not agree with him or is no longer beneficial for him to associate with he turns against them. Dude, he didn't start becoming this way because of Lainey. The reason it seems worse now that he's with Lainey is because she's a total doormat that won't push him to do anything outside his comfort zone. Jimmy has always isolated his significant others and tries to enforce the same kind of control over his friends. Stop trying to convince yourself that he was someone completely different before because it's just not true. I'm starting to think you might be someone from his past and if that's the case realize that he's always been a self righteous prick who only cares about himself and his desires.

No. 690994

With his next victim, it's gonna be a bunch of manipulative, "WELL, LAINEY USED TO LET ME DO ____,"
and then crying because "lainey was so loyal :( why can't anyone else's personality be summed up to them bending over and letting me fuck them into submission and echo-chambering everything I say"
Lainey has no fucking self respect once-so-ever, and unless he finds someone as fucked up in the head, i think he knows he'll never find someone as complacent and thats why he stays, that and also he is ageing like spoiled milk and still is picky in that his victims have to have the exact same "MORALS" as he does (aka being a straight edge vegetarian, not being sexually promiscuous, being 17, kek)

No. 691003

Yeah this is pretty exceptional considering he has devoted a good majority of his content to reliving his past and all his ex's past. But when other people bring up his past they are "stalkers" and "haturz".

>He always goes off on how he’s gonna step it up and make bigger and better videos but then he makes the same shit.

He also keeps eluding to "old Onision" like his old shit was something to be proud of lmao

No. 691011

He also keeps eluding to "old Onision" like his old shit was something to be proud of lmao

In his mind, it was.. but only because it got him views. He thinks it was the quality of his content that got him views and not the fact that the trend was for low-quality cringe humor at the time. Everyone was doing it, and standards for video quality were much, much lower back then.

I can't believe after all this time of trying and failing to recapture his fame, he hasn't once thought to try something different. Well… unless you count shitty porn videos of a sex doll different.

No. 691051

I have a tinfoil that everytime he starts sperging about weed is because he emailed Billie (again) begging her back and she ignored his email

No. 691086

Alright anon, I’ll bite. Did you know this loser irl? If so, how and please tell us moar

The only thing that is somewhat true is that he used to go out a lot when he was with Skye and a little bit with Shiloh. Idk about him being an alchy but I don’t think he’s a lightweight when it comes to drinking; in her Twitter (or was it Facebook?), Skye blatantly admitted to liking/drinking red wine. She probably started drinking afterwards (who wouldn’t?) but I digress.

No. 691106

Have you been on the internet long you seem underage. Onion married his highschool girlfriend before going overseas with security forces. Skye was with him in South Korea.

Greg has also specifically mentioned how he has never drank in his many first time drinking alcohol videos. He was a straight edge douche in high school. He left Skye for a 17 year old pop singer from Canada who has more experience and exposure to drugs and drink than Jimmy. She didn't use while with him. It was with Shiloh Jeffree Star called him a faggot at a recording studio and there are photos of him and Shiloh at a party and Greg using Shiloh as a human shield from socialising.

He has worked in security forces and worked in a day care at some point at complained the toddlers were manhandling him.

He was never a heavy drinker or reformed drug user. He's an immature 34 year old man that panders to kids and has sex with a plastic doll.

No. 691168

File: 1566174468381.png (31.39 KB, 502x233, onision found jesus.png)

He's so stale and predictable, and does the same three cringy nonsense identity crises every so often.
"I wanna reinvent myself. I'M A GOOD PERSON, AND I'M SORRY NOW," and making 5 new channels, and referring to himself as "Character" and talking about himself in 3rd person. How many times has he done this shit

No. 691171

File: 1566174642572.png (59.28 KB, 715x536, greg is a changed man.png)

No. 691186


Lol he just called himself Greg. What happened to James?

No. 691192

This. I NEVER said I had ANY issues with people who teetotal or abstain from drugs or alcohol for religious, moral or health reasons. More power to them frankly. I also think veganism can be a worthwhile lifestyle.What I DO object to is Grug's childish depiction of those who do indulge in stimulants or eat meat as morally bankrupt.Like every other of his 'principles' Grugly only uses them as narcissist fuel to show everyone how better he is than everyone else. His demonization of drugs comes out of an after-school special Just Say No childish mentality & is not grounded in facts, nuance or reality.This is not an adult making an adult decision to not toke or drink, but an idiot in arrested development who was told by a Washington state version of Mr Mackie that 'Drugs are bad, m'kay?" & he never questioned it like the moron he is.

No. 691238

Anon is just showing his pattern. This bettering himself moment came around Jun 2018. The cycle seems to repeat every 1-2 years.

No. 691305

File: 1566184175510.png (2.45 MB, 1125x2001, DA5D3320-6BB7-41D8-A0C0-D00004…)

But Jimmy - why oh why can’t your fans be “honest” with you and speak their minds? You wouldn’t want any dishonest fans that only tell you what you want to hear, right?

Jesus. He lives so far inside his own asshole that he’s blinked into another reality

No. 691317

File: 1566185419735.png (974.91 KB, 1125x2001, E577F459-6AE4-44AB-8DB9-C985BD…)

The irony.

No. 691318

God the fact that he said that he has baths/showers every time he takes a shit and is sitting there eating a burrito makes me want to puke

No. 691331

File: 1566187019479.jpg (54.21 KB, 347x1038, ddlg foot.jpg)

So anus keeps trashing people who are into ddlg even though his ugly wife is admittedly into it, and there's proof? I'll never understand these hypocrites

No. 691347

Yeah but compared to Jeffrey Epstein Onion's an amateur sex addict.

He also forgot another common denominator when it comes to his relationships, pot smokers, and infidelity which is him. Perhaps its his fucking attitude that drives women to "infidelity". Remember though how sitting on some dudes shoulders is considered cheating. I'd think I would need pot to be able to stand the Onion though.

No. 691382

File: 1566193697513.png (286.7 KB, 508x455, repzion.PNG)

I know that Onisions tirade against weed usually stems from what happened between him and B. But could this spergout be another attempted swipe at Repzion? Hes tried so hard to discredit Daniel in just the past month.

Implies Repzions g/f is a racist - no one seems to care and the anti-o's just start filling his Twitter replies with all the racist things hes done in the past.
Says a friend of a friend told him that Repzion raped a woman he met online. Turns out it was Billy the Fridge that told him that story and James twisted the facts and embellished the fuck out of it. People call him out about the discrepancy in his account and Onision stops pushing the rape story.
Thinks Repzion is German because of his last name and slanders the population of a whole country by calling them all Nazis because he has a vendetta against a single YouTuber. Turns out Repzions surname is Jewish. James tries to double down on his statement for a few days but eventually resorts to his tried and true "it was a joke"
And now he knows/knew that Repzion & his g/f smoke. So why not try and demonize that and see if it gets the reaction he wants.

No. 691463

I don't know where you're getting your idea that he was this sociable, cool, out-doorsy, normal dude until being ruined by a string of bad relationships but unless you know him IRL, it doesn't seem at all accurate based off everything he's put online for the last decade plus. He's not a heavy drinker, and he has no real life experience. The only job he ever had as a real adult was the Air Force and we all know how that ended. Besides, sitting at security gate is not at all how Grugly represents his military "career" to have been, yet that's the reality of it.

He treated his first wife just as he's treated every significant other since her. The difference is that like others have pointed out, Lainey is a total doormat and let's him live out his worst, most disgusting impulses without objection.

I think his hatred of drugs and drug users (even pot users) stems from his experiences in highschool. It has been said by former classmates that Grugly was just as he is now; a narcassitic, abrasive, socially inept, critical, self-obsessed, judgemental, uneducated, friendless loser. And also the "stinky kid" who wore trench coats and behaved like he was truly superior to his peers. For this reason, no one invited him anywhere. He probably envied, to the point of obsession, the classmates of his who seemed to easily make friends, go out on the weekends, get along with everyone. In a lot of schools, the type of kid who is both popular and nice to everyone/friends with everyone is kids who party on the weekends. I imagine Grugly, just as he does now, truly felt that he was so great, funny, likeable, good-looking, interesting, witty and was flabbergasted at the fact that he wasn't able to make friends. He probably stewed in this idea and began to resent his peers. It couldn't possibly be his own fault that no one liked him, nope. The problem is that everyone was stupid drug addicts who only wanted to party without the intellegence to have dEeP mEaNiNgFuL conversations about things that matter like veganism and sesesca.

IMO Grugly has held that grudge ever since like the delusional narcassit that he is. He acted out that grudge on B since he was never able to at the time as he was and is a pussy and it's easy to punish and bully a teenage girl as a 30 year old man.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 691559

Because she's a doormat. As soon as Jimmy showed his disdain for it, she probably went, "u-uh, I agree! It's so gross. I would never be into it…. heh…"

No. 691606

File: 1566249179577.jpeg (260.52 KB, 1125x750, 61F132CE-67EA-4056-9B01-ADC324…)

Is this why Greg is sperging out about weed? He @lost” not just Billie but Sarah too kek

No. 691607


She’s probably just making fun of him for being an idiot. I don’t know if she and bil have rekindled their friendship after greg got pissed at sara for letting bil be on her livestream but I hope so. That means she’s def over them and will never be back. I think all the girls that have been burned by Greg loosely keep in touch and probably talk about the dumb stuff he does. Bil has been posting a lot of weed stuff which could just be a coincidence but.

No. 691608

Wish Sarah would spill some milk on here now that she and the Onions seem to have broken up. That'd be glorious. But I dont blame her for wanting to be free of their shitshow.

No. 691623

based sarah

No. 691624

i really wish she'd spill the milk. You know damn well there would be a BUNCH with the shit she had to go through with them.

I always found it super weird how he has to TRY SO VERY HARD to portray to everyone that he's not a pedo - by not changing Madison's daughter's fucking diaper because he would have to touch her vagina to clean her up, and admitting to deliberately being mean to Sarah, so she "wouldn't develop feelings for him" aka so no one would suspect anything

No. 691650

They were both into it at one point I'm pretty sure. I'll try to find some video with Onion discussing it. He probably realized the optics aren't great when you've already gone across state lines to fuck not one minor but two which is against federal laws so he's most definitely meant to be on the sexual predator list.

No. 691659

Lainey was/is subbed to BinkiePrincess (who makes videos masturbating with a fucking pacifier and shit), and was DMing her back and forth at one point. I'm 100% sure Lainey is into. We know she for sure calls Onion "Daddy"
I hate that I know that

No. 691664

File: 1566264453221.png (320.98 KB, 632x528, bpd.png)


I haven't watched so I have no idea if there is milk or not.

No. 691665

File: 1566264499949.png (299.34 KB, 627x469, i love my doormat.png)

No. 691675

lol @ the recycled house analogy.

No. 691689

which youtuber did he steal this weird blinking/grainy light effect style from?
It looks awful

No. 691690

I just guessing he's feeling extra ugly lately because he's been using super heavy filters and a lot of blue to counteract the redness on his face.

No. 691693

Thanks so much for the upload!

Tinfoil because I don't think Onision Greg James actually lurks here that much but this video feels like a hedge against Sar8500 coming forward and revealing all the horrible stuff she probably went through with those two.

She just posted that thing on tumblr mocking him so if he did happen to see it he might be worried. We know she said she had BPD and a lot of his video seems to be around people will "misremember" events and try to destroy your life by telling lies about you. Total tinfoil but it feels like he's trying to say anything she might come forward with shouldn't be taken seriously because she has BPD.

While BPD can be tricky honestly Sarah never publicly showed any symptoms of the disorder and that might be because she experienced symptoms privately but she also was claiming to have it before she was 18 but no psych would diagnose someone with a personality disorder before then. So it's possible she had a lot of emotional baggage from all her family trauma stuff and thought it was BPD when it really wasn't? Unclear but possible.

Either way the timing of this seems interesting.

No. 691694

does he have dirt/grime on his face?

god his face is so punchable. I havent watched any of the other "podcasts" but he comes across so unlikable. Talking over Lainey, continually looking at himself in the camera, just.. everything

No. 691695

Samefag but if it isn't obvious, the public would most likely believe sarah if she did come forward with anything. Not that she should reinsert herself but greg's track record speaks for itself and people know he is abusive and a liar.

No. 691709

File: 1566272451387.jpeg (219.7 KB, 1125x333, 7EE755BD-ECEA-4C24-A161-37F6B4…)


No. 691711

they live a pretty thrilling life don't they.
next week: someone backed into our letterbox! - a podcast.

No. 691718

"I need to talk about pot smokers… all of the people I've met that are pot smokers were liars and cheaters… so all pot smokers are liars and cheaters."

"I need to talk about people with BPD… all of the people I've met with BPD misremember events, and therefore all people with BPD (…)"

What a dumb-ass

No. 691719

it’s almost like car alarms don’t really work or something

imagine finding this out in your 30s

also super relatable content for the teen girl audience once again, how do the jacksons do it?

No. 691720

Ok so I'm convinced all the sperging about weed is 100% because Billie ignored his ass. A while ago she tweeted that someone called her 34 times off a private number, and now anus started obsessively sperging about weed and has been doing so for like 4 days non stop. I think that's not just a coincidence

No. 691733

Is there a PDF version of "Reaper's Creek" floating around? Or is it just those Imgur galleries that I've seen linked? I've got PDFs of Onision's first two books and I (for whatever masochistic reason) would like to complete the set.

No. 691736

>this video feels like a hedge against Sar8500 coming forward and revealing all the horrible stuff she probably went through with those two.

Exactly what I was thinking. Grug always goes on a smear campaign when his ass gets exposed: he did it with Billie, Ayalla, Shiloh, Adrienne etc. So the sudden pot smoking and BPD spergs are most likely a head start to threaten Sarah into silence. He also made a point about "documenting everything" which fits with the theory because you bet him and Kailor sorted through all their exchanges with Sarah to conjure up bullshit excuses to cover their predatory ass behavior (like the whole "banter" excuse for Taylor's grooming comments towards Sarah). I hope if she does decide to expose them she can get Billie and Ayalla to support her as witnesses to the fuckery that went on while Taylor was her guardian. It would give her a huge edge over these douchebags to have witnesses because it's harder to say "It'S hEr BpD mAkInG hEr SaY LiEs" when you have two other people who saw what really went down.

No. 691753

>>691664 Ahhh, Jon Jacobjingleheimerschmit has become an expert on BPD. I like how he is preemptively gas lighting people now.

If this isn’t aimed at Sarah, then surely it’s aimed at someone else. He wouldn’t make a video like this for no reason. I can’t wait to see how this unfolds.

No. 691759

File: 1566289449091.png (861.6 KB, 840x524, dev_c.PNG)

I can see this being a preemptive strike against Sarah, and just another jab at people who made the mistake of letting him know very personal information about their mental health and have spoken against him like Ayalla.
My take on this videos is I think Dev C is still in contact with him and threatening to reveal private and damaging information. Shes been to his home in Washington for a weekend last year and has had 1-on-1 conversations with him every month for the past 2 years because its a perk of her top tier patron status. She might know some very personal information, more so than some other rando patron fan.
He says-
>I got some friends of mine we went through some stuff recently and we got to see this first hand. Somebody who would take our traumatic experience that they subjected us to and they would turn it around like we were somehow worse than they were because the moment they're confronted they try to divert it into why everyone else is more horrible than they are.
Just Onisions vague retelling of how he, Blasian and McFly were terrorized by Dev C during the Patron get together. That statement tells me he has Dev on his mind while making this video, and hes afraid of what she might spill in the future.

No. 691778

She TERRORIZED poor Jimmy by driving a manual through Boston, the constant changing of gears violently sloshed all the water in his head side-to-side. The tsunami in his skull must have made him seasick.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 691783


The end of the year draws closer. That's usually when things go tits up in the swamp shag, or at least that's how it been over the last couple of years iirc.

I wonder if things will finally implode with the IRS on his heels, his wetland destruction, Sar8500 and Dev, or Lainey finally getting verified by a real doctor. If she goes on T, I'm going to unironically call her Kai and use male pronouns, I swear.

No. 691784

It definitely seems like he's "low-key" directing this towards someone. I put low-key in quotes because Grugly is never subtle in anything he does, even when that's what he's going for. He's always transparent as fuck due to his low IQ. But yeah. The way he keeps going on about hAvInG rEcEiPtS and trying to preemptively crazy-make Sarah/Dev is an obvious threat.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 691795

File: 1566308384923.jpeg (182.72 KB, 740x779, FB585B49-35CC-4DF9-B267-625B42…)

It’s funny, he’s used Ayalla’s BPD diagnosis against her when defending himself and Kai Jackson from allegations of grooming Sarah.

And now he’s using Sarah’s BPD diagnosis to intimidate Sarah from spilling anything? What a pathetic sack of shit.

No. 691799

Good for her. I don't expect her to say anything, but as long as she's far away from them then that's what matters.

No. 691802

I reckon tension has been running high since Onion had to admit he was spending alone time with McFly on the trip. I couldn't find screenshots but I'm sure Dev was a patron of Lainey's too. Everything Onion does is to secure the proverbial puss

No. 691814

I couldn't agree more.
I'm glad she's turned her back on that house and I hope she will never ever get (emotionally) abused by the Avaroes / Jacksons again.

No. 691816

He was married to skye for 5 years. He cheated on lainey in 3yrs

No. 691820

Who is Mcfly please?(don't ask to be spoonfed, Keith.)

No. 691830

File: 1566322009981.png (490.2 KB, 750x1334, E3D7C11B-6F5B-4A1C-81E9-83C0B7…)

She posted that most recent tweet last night. I had a feeling she’d delete it, and she did.

No. 691835

I truly hope that Sarah doesn’t get manipulated by Lainey. We all know the most Greg can do is attempt to bully her into submission but Ayalla (and by extension Billie) say that Lainey is the worst out of the two.

No. 691897


where was this posted? The Sarahbear8500 twitter account doesnt exist?

No. 691903

It's from her tumblr

No. 691941

Grease is talking so much about BPD in part because he admitted to having it on a voicemail to Adrienne back in the day. I wouldn't be surprised if that was true because his behavior is really similar - splitting, raging, impulsivity, swinging between super low self esteem and total arrogance, etc. Whenever he accuses someone of something, it's almost guaranteed to be some flaw of his own.

Also farmers - I had a friend diagnosed with BPD at 16, stayed in therapy for a few years, and is a mostly stable adult compared to people I've known who are untreated. It's a myth that a therapist won't diagnose before 18. They will when they're confident of the diagnosis.

No. 691945

I know people hate armchair psychology, but he's very clearly a narc - which is on the Cluster B like BPD is, and has a lot of overlap with BPD. He'll never get help, though; they're the hardest to treat, and to get to admit they have problems. Kek.

No. 691950

None of them would surprise me. That's for sure. He's completely unhinged on a good day and a raving lunatic the rest of the time.

I love how he looks like the dog just shat on the floor the entire time he's talking about how he met Lame and how happy he is. Would it kill you to smile even once, James? Can't even pretend to be happy about your smoll pretty boy husband for even one second on camera?

No. 691965

File: 1566344229947.png (816.59 KB, 2139x1106, finally!.png)

Seems like Sarah is finally wising up. Even though she was a bratty kid,as expected from a kid who was in love with their idol and wanted to protect them, I'm glad she's finally out of their clutches.

No. 691966

File: 1566344706585.jpeg (141.33 KB, 750x544, BF9F7357-A4CE-4263-B2AC-212B2A…)

No. 691967

File: 1566344868228.png (130.99 KB, 1359x534, ksdjfkdjlk.png)

No. 691971

File: 1566345651226.jpeg (331.06 KB, 750x940, DB926B4B-A611-4119-AF42-50825C…)

Sarah tweeted this meme where the woman yells “You are going to jail, period” without context. She posted a picture on her Twitter before this of her at a courthouse. Wonder if this could be about Onion with all the vague posting she’s been doing about him today.

No. 691972

File: 1566346034762.png (296.45 KB, 1125x798, image0.png)

sarah pls you shady bitch
i'm kekkin

No. 691974

No. 691976

This video is definitely about Sarah and Ayalla considering how all of the people associated with the two have something to say about his bullshit.

No. 691977

They could just be taking it personally. It might be about them but they’re also dramatic teenagers (just like Greg)
Either way, this could trigger Sarah to say something. Looks like she’s getting close

No. 691978

File: 1566347978249.png (282.27 KB, 496x551, sarah.png)

these are in Sarah's 'likes' on Twitter, so yeah, the manipulation and weed tweets are def about Greg

No. 691979

File: 1566348113766.png (619.38 KB, 907x470, people with bpd are bullies.pn…)


>But like with this recent video about BPD. Some one actually wrote me and they're like 'how could you? how dare you?' And I'm like this is something someone with BPD would do. Like this huge essay you just wrote me. This is exactly something someone with BPD would do. They would immediately assume there is nothing wrong with them and immediately attack someone else for saying there is something wrong with them. -laughs-

Says their is so many things wrong with him. Like he has depression and he had a shitty childhood and fucked up parents. (Way to pass the buck Jimmy)

>There is a lot of self awareness that people don't want to see here, because the moment I actually start making sense, that means they actually have to evaluate themselves. So anyways, I just want to make this video for the fact that there are so many humans in this world who are in denial and freak out about shit despite how wrong they are because they been like training themselves, almost like they are in a cult where they're brainwashing themselves. 'If somebody says this, we gotta say this, this, and this so they can't further analyze the depth of our wrongness.'

>A lot of people I know who smoke pot, they also have BPD. For some reason it goes hand and hand. Like I don't think I've ever met a single person with BPD who doesn't smoke pot. I'm not saying everyone who smokes pot has BPD but everyone I met that has BPD smokes pot. You could say a lot of people have BPD because they smoked pot before they turned 21 and it damaged their brain to the point they have BPD.

So clearly being a man baby who blames everyone else for his bad behavior is much more enlightened that a person who admits they have issues, gets help, learns about their condition, and treats it accordingly. How dare they try to educate Jimmy!

No. 691980

"You could say a lot of people have BPD because they smoked pot before they turned 21 and it damaged their brain to the point they have BPD."

my brain feels damaged reading that

No. 691981


my favorite part is that it highlight has he has no idea what he's talking about. he doesn't even know the pathology. it seem like a pretty basic and important thing to know about something if you're gonna talk about it. what a dunce.

No. 691982

We don't know what's going on behind the scenes so we can't say that for sure. It's clear that Sarah is officially done with the onion family for good and has been for a while. She's even admitting they were manipulative.

No. 691983

File: 1566348924344.png (95.55 KB, 494x365, 3e5e222ea04386bad1ce76b16fbc85…)

i hope she spills the milk lmao

No. 691984

Absolutely no logic here, wow…

No. 691986

This level of stupidity is astonishing.
>smoking weed before 21 gives you BPD
Yet 90% of women you had a hard on were/are stoners, Grugly. Why is he shitting so much on something he is attracted to?

No. 691987

File: 1566349457159.jpeg (161.47 KB, 750x683, 6355E3DD-0EAB-4EE1-B5D7-2B53FA…)

In Sarah's Likes on twitter

No. 691988

>Yet 90% of women you had a hard on were/are stoners, Grugly. Why is he shitting so much on something he is attracted to?

Because straight male narcs resent that women have something they desire-poon. Because women have this thing they want it makes them feel a lack of control. It's BECAUSE they want their bodies they hate them so much.

No. 691989

File: 1566349950867.png (391.94 KB, 630x598, weed is bad, m'kay.png)



But just so you know Jimmy approves of vaping because it smells good.

>And you got all my relationship trauma where every other fucking stoner I dated was like 'I'm not addicted' and they can't fucking quit. They can't fucking quit. They say I won't smoke pot because I understand your annoyances with the drug and then a couple of days later their like 'Some one offered me some so I smoked it. I guess we're broken up now.' Idiots! You're addicted.

So anyone Jimmy dates loses free will? Not everyone is like Lainey who had changed countless times in a desperate attempt to fit what he desired. She's still unappreciated and unloved and on top of that now is so fucked in the head that she doesn't even know who she is anymore. In my opinion, those girls are better off not being a 'Lainey'.

No. 691992

It's like he forgets he doesn't have a strong fanbase to send after Sarah like he did with the true love of his life
If Sarah decides to speak against you, Jimmy, everyone is going to be on her side and nothing you say or do will change the public's opinion

He can't control the narrative anymore and that drives him crazy

No. 691994

This would be absolutely poetic if it was about the Onions since Cheatsion always projects his pedo behavior onto others.

I will never understand why they treat people who are sitting on milk like shit. Are they fucking crazy? It's like kicking a bomb and yelling at it to not explode.

>Please stop doing normal body functions

Jimmy's retarded.

No. 691998

i wonder if he’s recently tried to get in contact with billie because this is what happened with billie like.. 2-3 years ago? she smoked on new years and they broke up. it’s almost going to be 4 years this upcoming november, greg/james GET. OVER. IT.

No. 692001

File: 1566352049909.jpg (446.52 KB, 1080x1380, 20190820_194713.jpg)

I think this is all the confirmation we need. Should we get our glasses ready for milk?

No. 692003

not quite yet
it seems that Sarah is nervous about taking a stand against them (she tweeted "is this smart" and deleted it), but hopefully she realizes that James and Kai Jackson have a flimsy fanbase now and she'd get tons of support.

No. 692004

She’s getting as close as she possibly can at this point, she’s liking posts that name or even tag Onion. Fingers crossed that the milk comes soon. Do you think YouTube will finally do something when she comes forward about being groomed as a minor?

No. 692005

Only if he gets taken to court and he gets arrested. Youtube is slow as hell when it comes to pedos. see: Austin Jones

No. 692006

I hope it all comes out soon

No. 692008

Lmao Jimmy really fucked up

No. 692015

Back in the day he controlled the narrative and not as much was known about the way he treated others. I hate to think that so many people had to suffer being around him but I consider each person who came forward and told what's really happened as a cut to him. One couldn't do the job but with so many accounts of his behavior he can't defend himself anymore. Only his blinded fans can't see that he's a shit person that uses, abuses, and manipulates the people around him.

No. 692016

All the girls that the onions fucked over have a groupchat together. If you see one pop up commenting, i.e lane and ayalla - it means Sarah's been in contact w them

No. 692028

soooo… sarah apparently wrote either Lainey or greg (probably Lainey) a really long email, and I guess Greg decided it was garbage and probably told her so, so this is why she is suddenly ready to talk shit about him? Cause it wasn't that long ago that she made some video basically telling all of us that Greg and Lainey did nothing wrong and to stop talking about it.

No. 692029

i'd imagine it was Ayalla

No. 692034

why would ayalla write to them ?

No. 692036

Sage your autism.
I don't give a fuck about anyone's motives for the milk spilling, honestly.
I'm gonna assume anyone trying to villify and discredit the groomed minor in this thread is some sort of onion Stan trying to be subtle.

No. 692038

Calm down, anon. No one is villifying sarah, just theorizing what went down to make her switch so drastically.

No. 692040

>sarah apparently wrote either Lainey or greg
>why would ayalla write to them

Did I miss a deleted post? Where is this theory that someone (Sarah or Ayalla) wrote the Onions a letter coming from?

No. 692041


It's a theory based upon Greg talking about someone writing him a long letter in the BPD video quoted here: >>691979

No. 692043

He always lies about people writing to him about "topics".

No. 692045

Wasn’t Sarah already starting to say stuff before he put out that video?
The email could’ve come from a fan with BPD or he’s just making shit up. I don’t see why Sarah or especially Ayalla would be writing him an email trying to appeal to the morals they know he doesn’t have.

No. 692049

never mind. i think i had it assbackwards.

No. 692074

File: 1566364981026.jpeg (375.72 KB, 1125x1318, A2E7C79E-8527-4296-AC9B-F58BAF…)

Sarah was definitely talking shit way before the video but something set her off about that video that made her come forward about Greg (and Taylor by extension?) being manipulative shitheads.
This >>691830 is worrisome though. We already knew that the onions were planning on dating her but if the ex is Taylor it only confirms they did date and they possibly dropped her because she started smoking weed again. >>691972

Cap attached is old.

No. 692079

It might just be that she's growing up and maturing now so she's not as easy to manipulate anymore. I hope she spills I can't imagine the amount of dirt she has on these two.

No. 692081

not to armchair, but man I really doubt sarah has bpd, and actually has some ptsd shit. It's one of the most misdiagnosed, and over diagnosed disorders in the past 10 years.

That being said, it's clear she's never even said any "manipulative" shit to lainey and greg, as much as they wanna try to be the victims in this fallout. You know what sounds like a real BPD move? Giving your teenage "best friend" the silent treatment after they said something that kinda hurt your feelings, and forcing them to send gifts as an apology.

No. 692096


Holy aspies Batman. Originally I thought he was targeting Sara but now I'm wondering if Sara is just responding to his manic autism cycle:

>Stoners should smell my farts because it's natural like weed! spins and makes fart noises like a preschooler

Jesus Christ Gronk does Taylor need to call Tami so she can come over and change your diaper? Who are these imaginary stoners trying to peer pressure you into eating weed brownies and breathing in their skunky smoke? And stop acting like you're a mental health professional because of your wife's sketch psych degree. The bitch doesn't practice and she certainly doesn't give a fuck when it concerns anybody's mental health but her own. Taylor allowing you to use her "education" as a way support your moronic views on people suffering with BPD should make her fucking ashamed.

No. 692102

Sarah will probably never speak out against the Onions, she was with them at such as formative time she's bound to feel some loyalty. It's great that she's out of their sphere of influence though. She always seemed too smart to be wasting her time there

No. 692103

So onion boy is spazzing over someone "smelling like weed". That is some retarded ass Reefer Madness logic there. He does know about vaping, right?

Part of me wants Sarah to spill, part of me wants her to start ghosting them and vague post about embarrassing adults trying to fit in with kids.

No. 692104

If she does spill it would probably be better for her to talk to one of the prominent anti-O blogs rather than Lolcow. At least intially.. as much as I love this place, its far more interested in 'milk' than exposing Greggles.(Keith you’re embarrassing yourself)

No. 692111

Why would Sarah spill? She’d have to admit that she made terrible decisions at a young age and actually had an illegal relationship with both Gregory and Plainey.

I wonder if he actually kissed Sarah or if it’s something his husband told him about.

No. 692113

>If she does spill it would probably be better for her to talk to one of the prominent anti-O blogs rather than Lolcow.

Keith is that you? Fuck off old man and go back to Tumblr! Nobody loves you.

No. 692114

Keith left tumblr months ago but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of the other anti-o blogs.

No. 692115


"sMoKiNg aRoUnD KiDs iS lItErAlLy rApE"

It is so typical of this waterheaded mongoloid to conflate recreational weed consumption with blowing weed smoke in a child's face. He'll go to any length to try and demonize consuming pot because what he's actually trying to do is demonize and discredit people in his past (Billie, Sarah, Ayalla) who just so happen to smoke weed.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 692117

It actually warms my heart that all of the women who were fucked over by Onision are now supporting each other and moving on with their lives. Back in the good 'ol days, he could say whatever he wanted about his exes and his young fanbase would just lap it up. He doesn't have that fanbase to attack these women with anymore. Respect to them for sticking together and supporting each other silently behind the scenes. Now I'd love to see them share their stories so he gets cancelled for good and so that no young girl has to go through the shit they put up with ever again.

No. 692124

File: 1566390168536.png (119.51 KB, 1654x670, Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 7.22…)

It seems like she has accepted she has made some dumb decisions.

No. 692126

YouTube is cracking down on false dmca claims HARD. Byebye jimaroni

No. 692131

He still lurks here and posts occasionally (after his ban lifts). He also Stevie Gore are the only anti-o’s who have a problem with us.

No. 692133


Wait, wasn't billie prohibited from smoking weed while with them? Not to mention, she and all the othwr teens they flew out that stayed short term wouldn't have had access to weed since they couldn't bring it on the plane. The only person who would have had access to weed was Sarah bc she lived there several times. Does that mean he just admitted to kissing her? Pretty sure it's illegal in most states to engage in intimate activity with a former foster child until they turn 21

No. 692137

ayalla mentioned while they were there the two didn't even smoke cause they couldn't leave the house to get some either. it was only when billie went to the music festival or whatever she smoked cause she was away from them and had access. the onions would never let the 2 travel out of the house by themselves out of jealousy or suspicion.

No. 692139

ayalla mentioned while they were there the two didn't even smoke cause they couldn't leave the house to get some either. it was only when billie went to the music festival or whatever she smoked cause she was away from them and had access. the onions would never let the 2 travel out of the house by themselves out of jealousy or suspicion.

No. 692141

File: 1566394796834.jpeg (318.06 KB, 1125x1059, 022F4D26-EE73-4C50-A0D8-CC8E6E…)

No. 692144

Yeah, Greg/Lainey/Sarah throuple confirmed.

No. 692146

File: 1566396384673.jpeg (511.19 KB, 1125x1677, B1BFB659-5B54-4880-AC59-470A61…)

Can’t tell if Greg is avoiding the subject or he truly doesn’t know.

No. 692149


If Pierce county finds out about this lainey and greg are legit fucked

No. 692155

he's avoiding. Having people like ex patrons, or B and ayalla come after them is manageable for them. Having a teenager who has been documented to be living under the same roof as you when they were a minor, AND there's video proof of plainey and greg saying they've "considered" dating her… kinda hard to paint sarah as the manipulator.

They're both in deep shit if she is deciding to press charges.

No. 692165

it took him some time to lash out at Ayalla at first. He's got to think of some way to discredit sarah further before he responds.
If sarah keeps talking, I am sure it wont be long before we hear Grugly making a video about "this person who we gave a home"

No. 692169

Onion is doing damage control. He was raging, then made a BPD video trying to discredit anything Sara might say, now hes trying to be positive. It's such a predictable cycle of his. I really hope something will happen. We are all sick of the onions.

No. 692171

>So people with BPD and people I know who know BPD have a consistent experience that people with BPD are pretty much unfucking bearable. And what I mean by this is how do you deal with somebody who can't admit when they're wrong? And if they do admit if they are wrong their not genuine. They'll go back and act like they never apologized or never actually felt they where wrong or just basically lying so you would leave them alone about it and not actually because they meant anything they said. People with BPD in my experience (…) they seem to remember shit with their emotions rather than what actually happened. They say that they maybe that they have BPD and people actually listen to them for some reason and I don't know why because BPD means your not thinking rationally.

>But I do know that the people I've encountered with BPD have a consistent tenancy to lie, to do immoral ass shit, illegal shit. They have a tendency to be completely and utterly selfish, thinking only about themselves.

>A long time ago I thought I had BPD because I knew nothing of Borderline Personality Disorder. I just googled it and I saw some symptoms that felt familiar. Then later on I realized I didn't have it, that's why self diagnoses shouldn't be considered at all, on any level.

>People with BPD will say almost anything if they don't like you because their emotions can make them come to any fucking conclusion they want to, about people. And when their sitting in a slander lawsuit or something they'll just be like 'Oh I have BPD, I can't control it' you know? And it's just thrown out or whatever, how ever the legal system works.

Finally got around to watching this. Is he trying to subtly threaten Sarah or someone with a slander lawsuit?

No. 692175

Sarah was a minor when she was groomed. No one apart from Onion fans would victim blame her.

No. 692177

File: 1566404728787.png (331.92 KB, 631x761, The true victim.png)


>A lot of people take what I say personally and I don't like that. It would be nice if I could just say things and everyone would be chill about it, but I'm pretty aggressive in my opinions and people for some reason don't like allowing that.

>Sometimes I forget it's like 2019. It's not 2012 anymore. Like in 2012 I could say my opinions with out everyone trying to destroy my whole lively hood or otherwise put my whole life upside down.

>It just seems so evil because your talking about a person that has an opinion or has lived something you don't understand. Like me talking about my experiences and having bad experiences, when I say 'hey, I went through this really bad thing' that shouldn't turn into we should destroy this guys life. It's not my fault that things happen to me. It's my fault that, you know, if I punch someone - I get punched back, right? If I directly punch them, I say so and so is a whatever, I specifically and directly punch, I get punched back it makes sense.

Basically he's upset that people have been reporting his twitter and patreon.

No. 692178

Did Sarah's birthday already pass? I know it's in August but I can't find what day it is. Because I'm wondering if they reached out to her on her birthday and that's what got this whole things started. It's a total tinfoil but I wonder if Grug and Taylor were trying to reconnect by doing something for her birthday and then possibly initiate a relationship again but they found out she smokes weed now (maybe for her BPD) and it caused this shit storm. Because I know she has talked about having BPD but I don't remember her ever being a stoner. However this >>692141 is pretty good confirmation that she smokes.

This whole thing is very reminiscent of Billie and how Jimmy sperged forever about her weed smoking because he had no control over it and used it as a way to paint her like some dirty drug addict. They kept reaching out to her after they broke up too, so who knows what kind of creepy shit they have sent Sara: "Kai misses you…she can't stop dreaming of you uwu".

No. 692180

Sarah's birthday was on August 5th (hence why her username is/was Sarahbear8500) and she recently turned 19. I wouldn't doubt if they reached out to her for her birthday to win her over again.

No. 692182

The choirs is "Shane is a cat fucker", so edgy Jimmy.

No. 692183

he seems to be backpedaling after seeing that sarah got mad and started to speak out. How was he not expecting her to AT LEAST get mad? He thinks she's one of his toys

No. 692185

I’m surprised he’s backing down. Unsurprisingly she probably has a lot of damming information. Normally he tries to intimidate anyone first before backing off. It could be possible they did do something that he later realized was illegal with her. He only gets really spooked is when the law is involved. As much as I don’t want her to get involved again it would be great to add the the record of horrible things he’s done.

No. 692186

>It's not my fault stuff happens to me uwu

Holy shit a 33 year old man is saying this kek. Yes it is Jimmy. It's all your fault and you have nobody to blame but yourself. People can have opinions about your opinions, if you want to speak your idiotic "truth" to somebody without consequences social media isn't the fucking place Megamind.

Thanks anon

No. 692187

My thoughts exactly. He probably realized that her addition to the record would close his case for good. If the JimboLameoSarah relationship actually happened, I pray to whatever god is listening he finally gets locked up

No. 692201

From YouNow streams, it seems pretty clear that Lainey considered a relationship with Sarah, but was scared of ~how it would look~ with the age gap, and her husband already having a reputation of being a grooming predator. It wouldn't surprise me if Sarah and her tried something, but kept it really low-key. It always seemed like Lainey led her on, because she was conflicted about what to do, and probably was at least a little self aware enough to know it was creepy, but that doesn't stop the bitch from taking Sarah into the bathroom with her while she bathes, walking around naked, and cuddling with her in bed and shit. Lmao. She's just as gross as Greg is.

No. 692205

I seriously doubt sarah is going to share any big bombshells. How many times in the last year have we been teased with milk only to have nothing come from it? I'll admit that this is the most vocal shes been about jimmy so far, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. Greg was still influencing her in a very sensitive time in her life and it's not going to be easy for her to push past that and finally make a big enough deal to make any concrete changes.

I hope sarah does whatever she needs to heal, but is being dragged back into Greg's bullshit really the best for her?

No. 692207

Sarah has been smoking weed for years. The hypocrites knew that

No. 692209

i think she's too scared to. Greg probably has dirt on her. he's already using her BPD against her.

No. 692214

i'm not sure what dirt he could have that would be worse than anything she could share on him. She was a child during her stay there. Anything questionable she might have done could be chalked up to being young, stupid, and manipulated. She'd have to have done something pretty bad to make it worth keeping your silence.

What else could there be? Mental health issues? so what? it's common to share your struggles with mental health these days. She'd just get even more support.

Family issues? No big deal. She's a child and can't help if her family is fucked up.

No. 692215

Knowing Greg's history, if he had any damning info on Sarah he would have said it by now like he does with every other person he tried to keep quiet. I doubt he has much else on her.

No. 692216

this video just boils down to him being sad that his words and actions have consequences. once again he doesn't understand that saying things publicly makes it fair game for people to say whatever they want about it.

No. 692218

I wonder if he's legally bound not to disclose anything because him and Lainey were her legal guardians at one point. Does any anon know anything about this?

No. 692221

didn't they deny they were ever her guardians? Not that I'd ever just take their word for it, but when the whole grooming drama went down, they denied it ever happened, despite Lainey saying it on a previous stream

No. 692225

I agree but it doesn't make dealing with Jimmy's shitty retaliation tactics easier to deal with. I think back to Ayalla's break down over using her in his battles with Richie and Billie, she has BPD too and it obviously took a toll on her mental health despite the support she was getting.

It's not even Jimmy she should be focusing her attention on: it should be Taylor. Taylor was the one grooming her to come be involved in her fucked up marriage when she was supposed to be acting as her guardian. She flirted with her, allowed her to be bullied by her creepy ass husband, made her apologize for God knows what with a fucking ring of all things, and kicked her ass back to the home she was supposedly trying to rescue her from when the pressure to hold up their "NO DANGER TO MINORS HERE" act got to be too much. Fuck Jimmy and his retardation, it's time Taylor started reaping her karma.

No. 692228

It should be both. We all know that Greg would never allow his wife to be in a relationship without him being in on it and both he and Sarah have alluded to the fact that they kissed. Taylor and Greg should have equal backlash on this, in my opinion.

No. 692229

Whenever the guardian thing first came up I looked into it and it also makes having a relationship between the guardian and child illegal until the kid is 21 iirc. So that only adds more wrongs to this all. I have to wonder too if Greg maybe knew this, like when he tripled checked with lawyers with lainey, and didn't get guardianship to save his own ass.

No. 692232

Holy shit. Let's all start praying to the cow gods for the amount of milk coming our way if this all blows up. I smell a shit storm a brewin' farmers.

No. 692235


He can still be charged with abuse even if he wasn't the guardian. He failed to report abuse of a foster child and facilitated said abusive relationship. And he was the one who lied to the cops when they showed up for a well visit for sarah back in late 2016

No. 692262

File: 1566429051184.png (7.67 KB, 229x220, narc prayer.png)

>It's not my fault stuff happens to me

And there you have it, a variation of the Narcissist's Prayer. And he wonders why we call him a narcissist.

No. 692264

File: 1566429283631.png (532.03 KB, 928x354, yikes.png)

No. 692266

Even though 17 and 23 should be seen as innapropriate by default, something to keep in mind for naysayers is that Taylor and Greg have known her irl since she was at least 14

No. 692278

Even if Sarah doesn't spill everything, we basically already have confirmation that she really was in a relationship with lame and grease judging by her posts on Tumblr and Twitter and grease's videos complaining about the weed smokers he dated and kissed. Fucking gross

No. 692291

Do you guys think it’s safe to say that the three of them were officially dating when Lainey and Sarah had matching headers on Twitter

No. 692293

yeh, sounds like honeymoon/probationary phase and she didn't pass

No. 692300

i have honestly scoured the web for the answer to "does onision wear mascara?" and the closest I got was some other rando on kiwi farms asking the same question and getting ignored. anyone with some beauty knowledge able to answer that question for me?

i mean that would mean he spends longer on his beauty routine than I do – full face foundation, eyebrow fillin, occasional eyeliner, AND mascara

No. 692302

honestly you know repzion only does it because it's easy money/his entire platform and the only thing he knows how to talk about. he'd be boring af trying to discuss anything else. tbh he has kind of started annoying me.

No. 692305

Which would explain her inching towards spilling the beans on them after Taylor led her on for years and pretty much forcing Sarah to do sexual things with her ugly husband just to have her. I'm surprised she kept her sanity intact after all of that. Now she's friends with Billie, someone else who escaped them. I doubt Onion is going to back down for long. He'll be sperging about it soon enough because he's an idiot.

Nobody gives a shit about Repzion.

No. 692307

…she's lived with him since she was 14
there's no way he wouldn't get into legal trouble
i really hope she didn't do things with grease
that's fucking beyond gross

No. 692309


I think so, honestly. She moved back in with them for a few months shortly after she turned 18. Tinfoil, but I think they were trying a weird poly thing, or at least Kainey and Sarah were doing weird shit, but kind of like with Billie where they would just cuddle and awkwardly kiss, but then Grot wanted to insert himself as usual and make it sexual, Sarah said no, and she was kicked out for the last time.

They knew that they were being called out for grooming allegations, so they kept it under wraps, barely featuring her in videos or talking about her at all. But yeah, the matching banners, I forgot about that, too.

No. 692310

She lived with them when she was 16. While they were dating Billie. Doesn't make it any better.

No. 692312

didn’t jimmy greg also reassure billie that sarah was “just a friend” i swear he said that when some shit went down. why would jimmy james and kaibot have to reassure billie? was billie questioning? was sarah pressuring for a relationship? did sarah flirt with kaibot?

No. 692313

also…isn't it illegal to make a child your legal ward, then make them provide you with unpaid labor? sarah was there specifically to be their live-in nanny. and wouldn't it also be considered abuse to subject a child to caring for infants while engaging in group sex in the same household?

No. 692314

I don't think so. men tend to have thicker eyelashes than women, plus he has light colored eyes and a droopy browbone so they stand out more.

No. 692316

if she decided to press charges he would absolutely be found guilty. there's way too much evidence against him, and a lot of is is all over the internet publicly. billie and ayalla would probably testify against him, maybe even other exes.

it might be better for her sanity to just leave it alone, but it sure would be nice if a lawsuit happened. at the very least i'm sure she could get a judge to rule that greg can't talk about her in videos.

No. 692318

File: 1566444080570.png (75.6 KB, 663x439, gregg.png)

this screenshot is old; just bringing it up for relevance, but if this turns out to be true, that is disgusting tbh. i hope a shitstorm comes his way

No. 692320

relatively recently, Pierce County got sued by former foster children (now adults) who were sexually abused while in care of their acting legal guardians and the county lost the suit because feds found that they didn't provide adequate protection for them when they were in the system. given that this likely set a precedent, it's reasonable to believe that they'd be much more likely to prosecute in a case like Sarah's to avoid future multimillion dollar payouts

No. 692321

I still think she's too loyal to them and this may be a long con like when they all catfished a farmer with fake baby names and how horrible they were to their kids. We all know the Greases starve for relevancy.

No. 692325

This is different. They (Taylor and Sarah) seemed to stop being friends over what happened.
Tinfoil: Greg and Taylor changed their legal names because of this.

No. 692328

This doesn't seem fake like that was. Especially because it's not only a touchy subject, but people who used to be held hostage in their house is getting involved. It's still creepy to think about Ayalla and Billie having to try to sneak away in the middle of the night and Greg trying to convince them to stay in an abusive household when he caught them. How fucked up are your hosts/boyfriend/girlfriends when you have to sneak away in the middle of the night?

No. 692344

That’s pretty fucking creepy, it’s like they walked into a trap and became hostages/slaves

No. 692348

If I remember correctly they kinda had to sneak out and have another drive to get Ayalla and Billie out of there one time

No. 692353

His eyes are particularly wonky in this. They almost move independently of each other in some places. He's losing it big time, and I don't think he's sleeping much. Good.

No. 692358

File: 1566450407584.jpeg (130.83 KB, 1125x734, 9EB66500-3072-4CAB-BB89-A4B779…)

No. 692359

File: 1566450492871.jpeg (850.6 KB, 1125x1887, 5EE5B416-69D1-4BA2-9081-C330C0…)

He’s really trying to silence her with “kindness”.

No. 692361

enough with the passive aggressive tweets and JUST SAY IIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

No. 692363


This isn't about you and your obsession with milk. Why should Sarah care about you needing drama?

It's up to her if she wants to spill. I hope she does since it would bring a lot of justice to both her and the way other people have been hurt by that household.
But I promise you that your own thirst will never be important in anyone's life.
Just show support, and if milk happens do be it. But it's way way less important than Sarah safely getting away from those abusers and healing. That's the highest priority.

No. 692365

Kek, no justice will ever be served against alleged abusers unless people come out, but everyone is scared of the giant man-baby neanderthal.

No. 692366

Saying she owes it to the world is Gregthink.

Sarah can talk when she's ready. She's had years of manipulation at the hands of these two and talking about it must feel like a big fucking step. I hope she does do it though, for her own sake.

Everyone already knows Greg's a lecherous shitstain, this would only add to his terrible reputation, not make or break it. But Lainey would finally join him in the public's eyes.

No. 692368

File: 1566453144693.jpg (36.78 KB, 602x295, malkpleathe.JPG)

some tweets from before that I didn't see get posted.
The top tweet sounds like she's replying indirectly via twitter to whatever it is lainey/greg are trying to speak to her about.

No. 692403

Wonder how retarded Lainey feels that the 14 year old she choose to groom has matured faster than her? I guess best wife means you let your husband have the most girlfriends he can at a time. Props to her for that rock steady marriage.

No. 692423

Lainey can't ever admit it because then getting pregnant within a year of being together would have been a mistake and she can't handle that. She will let him reject her but she couldn't ever reject him.

No. 692429

It seems like the girls Onion fucks are smart enough (apart from Lainey) to take forms of birth control. She takes birth control now because kids are a massive resource drain, but she's a dumb bitch for ever having his child. I'm sure she doesn't need anyone to tell her though. I bet she thinks about it every time Jimmy doesn't step up as a father.

No. 692430

The Ex is Greg. That’s why she’s only going after Greg. And it’s very probable that Lainey wasn’t involved at all. Sarah was just another Billie except he could mold her to be what he wanted.

No. 692431

>I bet she thinks about it every time Jimmy doesn't step up as a father.

No way, Anon! They are ~twin flames~ and she absolutely made the best choice possible in a mate and father. The haters who warned her about Greg Avaroe (aka James Jackson) and continue to warn her and worry about her can just FO and die (you HATORS) because she never made any mistakes in running off to be with Greg!!

No. 692432

Taylor was 100% involved. She was the one doing the grooming while Greg broke down Sarah's confidence to make her more susceptible to the grooming.

No. 692434

By not involved, I meant not in the relationship. We all know Taylor doesn’t like pussy.

No. 692451

Repzion said onision alerted him to someone sending him an autopsy photo of his dead grandpa and this person talked about repzion once thinking of getting himself admitted.
Now everyone is talking about how decent that was of onision.
He does this every time there is a scandal about explode. He pretends to be this decent guy to take the heat off him and the sheep fall for it

No. 692452

Agreed anon. It would do a lot of good but at the end of the day people aren't obligated to publicly expose their abusers and some prefer to do it in private. I have a feeling she told them to fuck off recently and Jimmy John is trying to trigger a response from her so he can have another subject to randomly bring up when he's bored. Lord knows he only has 5 topics to sperg about. It's obvious him and Complainey only kept her around as a plan Z at most. Her not coming back and not engaging past a few memes and vague tweets instead of talking to them directly must really be sinking in how Jimothy really has no power over anyone outside of the trailer park.

No. 692453

Yeah but part of the reason Taylor insists she is "WOW MUCH GAY" is the emotional connection she gets from women, because her husband is a soul sucking narc who gets way more enjoyment from treating her like garbage then he does with respect. Taylor groomed her to take on her baggage by taking advantage of the crush Sara had for her, because Taylor is a narc too. She liked that Sara was obsessed with her and decided to feed it by flirting with her and as she put it "grooming her nicely". I'm not saying Jimmy didn't have a part to play but Taylor really put Sara in a fucked up position.

No. 692456

Agreed… I think 90% of the Sarah situation is on Taylor, as she started the whole thing. Greg wanted a part of it because he utterly can't stand Taylor to have something that is hers alone (a relationship, friends, whatever… he has to be part of it). But Taylor is the one who befriended Sarah at a very young age, and she is the one who followed through on the friendship and took advantage of a person she knew to be very vulnerable. And Taylor was not a child when she did all that, she was a married adult with a child of her own at that point.

This not to say that the part that Greg played in all this isn't awful and terrible– but it evolved into awful and terrible shit from him
because of events and things that Taylor put into play.

No. 692457

How do you get all of that from "The ex was Greg?"
There's no doubt that Taylor and Greg groomed her. No one is doubting that, but there's a good chance that it was only Greg and Sarah dating based on how her tweets and likes from her friends only mention him.

No. 692464

This is just speculation but Sarah probably sees Jimmy as the bad guy. She's always liked Lainey more and she can probably sympathize with her because she knows what sort of situation Lainey is living in. The thing is, Lainey picked that life for herself and every time someone tried to help or defend her she laughed in their face and talked shit about them. Lainey knew what she was doing, maybe she just wanted a friend and maybe she was manipulated by Jimmy but she's been with him long enough to know how this works. She's still a piece of crap because she would rather submit someone to all that shit just to have a human tissue and someone other than herself whom Jimmy can focus his mental abuse on.

No. 692481

Simple, the ex-girlfriends rarely go after Plainey, they only go after Greg even though his wife is the one who lured them in. They should both be held over the fire to roast, but most of the time Plainey escapes the heat.


No. 692500

As badly as I want Sarah to pass around that jug of milk on Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, or wherever, I'd prefer it if she actually filed a police report on Mr. and Mrs. Pedophile, and take their flabby asses to court. Ayalla could probably serve as a witness, and maybe Billie as well if she'd feel obliged to testify.

Onarcision will never be silenced for good, but being convicted of at least being a sexual predator would severe any remaining credibility at the tongue and YouTube would probably feel the need to shut down all of his channels. More importantly, his victims would finally have gotten justice. Legally.

No. 692540

And we all know greg can't have a conversation about other people's genuine thoughts, beliefs, and passions. She is literally starved from joyful mental connections, that she can't find it inappropriate whatsoever to have befriended a 14 year old when she was in her 20s.

Sarah has more than hinted to not liking greg over the years, hell I'd even say she hated him. The "Dat booty tho" situation highlighted her discomfort with him. She definitely saw him as an eventuality if it meant being with lainey. She's probably one of the few girls to have actually wanted lainey, not greg.

No. 692546

The really funny thing is how true this tweet is >>692074
A lot of girls like to do the "well look at me now!" but in Sarah's case it's fucking justify rather than just satisfying. He did treat Sarah like shit (for the pedo reasons he listed) and did a 180 when he realized she was not only groomed, but suddenly grew into her body and matched a lot of the qualities. Sarah was NOT an early bloomer and looked child like instead of like a teenager. I wonder how pissed greg is now that he could have had a pretty girl like her but fucked it up? Greg is only getting flabbier and his skin isn't getting better nor his finances.

No. 692558

See >>692141
These are all things Greg said. If Lainey said anything he’d make sure to through her opinion about stoners too. Just to hurt Sarah even more. It’s been said on more than one occasion that Sarah has feelings for Greg and Lainey when she was a child. The infamous “the feeling he gives me when he comforts me” or something along those lines was posted when she first lived with them.

No. 692610

Regardless Taylor is involved she allowed all of this to happen and continued to play Sarah, we all know that Sarah was interested in Taytay

No. 692642

File: 1566537308859.jpeg (269.1 KB, 996x2047, 208FEC95-3808-4375-AA85-1CB405…)

Greg shows his hypocritical retardation again with this tweet nestled in amongst rants about eating meat. Eating meat isn’t illegal so……

No. 692650

so i was banned not too long ago by probably some female mods on their period for suggesting that sarah was probably the onions sex toy and their nanny …and guess what ? now i see all these news coming up about her admitting this is true that she engaged in sexual activity with both of them when she was still a minor , and forced to be their nanny without pay …who is looking dumb now?(take your complaints to /meta/)

No. 692653

How did the onions even meet Sarah in the first place?

No. 692655

sarah was a fan of lainey since she was 11, when she was 14, and they started DMing each other back and forth, apparently her parents kicked her out for being LGBT, and at 16, she moved in with lainey and greg

No. 692660

File: 1566543510629.jpeg (75.96 KB, 1242x583, B1F610DC-7565-41E7-8A69-5FC7EF…)

Sarah just posted..

No. 692663

This is all misinformation. Sarah was not a fan at 11 as lainey was not known in 2011 when sarah was 11.She became a fan when she was 13/14.
Her parents did not kick her out for being LGBT. Her mother was fine with it. Sarah left because someone in the home was abusive and her mother was a drunk who didnt care that her daughter moved in with virtual strangers from the internet

No. 692665

Ah, so he is avoiding the issue in public, but harasses her in private.

This trailer trash always goes for the most classless possible thing to do.

No. 692666

some youtube comments are talking about some videos with him literally having sex with his sex doll? can anyone upload them if they exist?

No. 692667

Jimmy's favorites pastime: harassing 19 year old girls.

No. 692670

Holyshit, what an absolute scumlord. Also to note, maybe this belongs in Taylors' thread but,where is the support from that "parent"?

Fucking a real doll (we all saw the easy access hard on tucked into the elastic waistband of his pants) now harassing a teenager. Either he is done or we are looking at the beginning of a fine milkmas.

No. 692671

Those videos dont exist. No way would Greg show off his one incher. They are referring to in a video he pulled the sex doll out of her box and there was a wet stain in the box. He must have had sex with it

No. 692673

even if sarah did consent at 18, does he really not think it's wrong to be in a relationship with someone he knew since she was 14 years old? assuming this is about sarah at least.

imagine being in your 30s and wanting to have sex with a teenager. he's so gross and embarrassing

No. 692676

He really doesn't.
As long as it's the law, it's fine under his morals.
If he wanted his way, he could have just let Lainey do her thing with Sarah and maybe he could of gotten his greasy peen wet. But he is a horny imbecile and can't wait. He always scares away potential trinity members like Maya etc, because he forces shit too fast. And in the case of girls that like him more than Lainey like Billie and Sam, he uses/flirts with and gets rid of because he can't get a threesome out of of it.
Like if you don't fuck him straight away he gets butthurt and acts rejected, and if they like Lainey more, it's the same deal.

It's pretty insane though that he thinks it's okay to fuck her despite knowing her at 14.
That's Woody Allen shit.
Also hilarious he is probably mad she doesn't wanna fuck him even though he called her plain and ugly and talked to her like shit the whole time she was a kid. He mocked her constantly when Billie was around. He's probably giving her an ultimatum, either HE comes with Lainey, or you get nothing at all.

What a fucking creep.

No. 692677

Lmao but remember the only reason he bullied her and called her horrible names when she was a kid was to protect HER from developing a crush on him. That’s healthy and not a totally weird way to go about things that reveals you might have been tempted by a young girl if she showed any interest in you. Love how normal that is.

No. 692680

YES! He berated her, made fun of her, constantly insulted her ADMITTEDLY to keep her from dEvElOpInG fEeLiNgS for him. Nobody thinks this way!

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 692685

lol ok, clearly you were banned for something else

No. 692686

And of course he has no idea how bad that makes him look and how it's even more clear that he was starting to creep on her. He's always bullied the girls he wants to bang.

No. 692691

Did she have short hair when she lived in the shack and mcmansion? That would explain her post about finding her cute now that she has long hair.

Did creepy fuck msg her about how hot she looks now?

No. 692697

File: 1566565864985.jpeg (484.17 KB, 2048x2048, 44C5335E-6114-4CDE-96C3-51AF19…)

there’s a huge physical difference.

No. 692705

The whole reason Lainey stopped livestreaming and using the laineybot twitter was because she was getting accusations of being a groomer. A lot of people are aware of why Sarah was there, and the muddiness of her being jealous about Billie too, and all the miserable faces she pulled when Greg was flirting with Billie on camera.

After the whole day booty tho thing, Sarah was too controversial for them to discuss publicaly and Lainey was getting called out for grooming her.

This has just all been bubbling up.

No. 692707