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File: 1548568822623.jpeg (80.88 KB, 750x413, AB3A5069-0444-4BF2-A0B2-CEA5D0…)

No. 632218

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/627226

Onision Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com


Onision/Gregory Daniel Jackson Avaroe (also known here as Ogreasion/Obesion/Anusion/Shreg/Gurgles/Grug/Grot) is a washed-up, talentless and developmentally challenged YouTuber who gained rapid and inexplicable popularity around 2009 and has been in rapid decline ever since

Laineybot/Taylor Elaine Avaroe née Anderson (also known here as Plainey/Lamey/Drainythot/Draino/Thot) is his wife and a translarping living, breathing tumblr account and retired YouTube “beauty guru” with no makeup skills or discernible personality


>Despite crying poor and being in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt, Taylor makes a video showing off the “boy clothes” Greg bought her >>627263

>Greg breaks his vow to abstain from blocking Da HaTuRz on Twitter which results in a block/delete spree against the Anti-O accounts >>627235
>Greg ramps up the faux positivity on Twitter with posts including ~inspirational~ misquotes from historical figures whose names he probably can’t even pronounce >>627430
>Just to prove how destitute he is, Greg gets a hideous tattoo that is ostensibly a tribute to Da HaTuRZ (the irony is delicious) >>627507
>What’s even more hilarious is that the abysmal clip art design is what took the place of this hand drawn masterpiece that was his initial idea for the tattoo (such an artist) >>627662
>Madison spergs about the anon who leaked their DMs concerning pedogate and uses it as an excuse to not make the video outing the Swamplords that we all knew she was never going to make anyway >>627784
>Madison streams while drunk and claims that Greg, like the true feminist he is, told her she deserves to be raped while she was holding her child >>627846
>Ever the mature, responsible adult, Greg prioritises buying a USD 10K Dodge Ram (and will no doubt try to use it as a tax write off, as its primary function is to carry “heavy equipment and heavy, heavy fat people”, obviously alluding to Billy the Fridge, because he is just so nice to his “friends”) >>628090
>After the useless cunts at YouTube reinstate the comedic genius that is UhOhBro, Greg continues to treat us all to his unparalleled gift for humour by making light of the serious allegations against him >>628603
>In yet another dazzling display of maturity, when Greg’s neighbours from across the swamp (yes, not even next door or in close proximity) complain about the trailer being lit up like a Christmas tree 24/7 he takes to Twitter to ask his mentally handicapped tween fans what he should do about it >>628644
>Greg continues to delete what are probably incriminating tweets and hemorrhage followers >>628826
>Greg uses a song featuring Shiloh’s vocals in a video of his straight husband doing gymnastics which is not only weird but could potentially get his ass sued (please let his ass be sued) >>629156
>Greg continues to flog Death Note in his “content”, everyone continues to not give a fuck >>629200
>Greg blocks one of his most obsessed stans and patrons on Twitter for being funnier than him >>629430
>Taylor makes a video of herself reacting to Greg reacting to Tik Tok hoes, claims she isn’t jealous, is very obviously jealous that her husband finds feminine girls with big bouncy tits more attractive than her crusty foot face, inpatient haircut and sagging udders >>631200
>Greg makes an ubercringey clickbaity video (how atypical of him) with his festering mug nowhere to be seen in the thumbnail which manages to rake in over 60K views (probably due to the lack of festering mug in the thumbnail) in the space of a day at a time when YouTube views are at an all time low across the board >>632117
>Taylor makes ANOTHER clothing haul video (that’s two in the space of a week) because what better way to show everyone how impoverished you are >>632198


- Do not embed videos from Greg and Taylor’s channels. Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from these two clowns. Please rehost videos elsewhere (e.g. uploading to Google Drive)

- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates


- Do not contact/announce plans to contact the livestock (cowtipping) and post about it here

- Do not tinfoil about the children

- Do not nitpick (including HDR edits of Greg and Taylor’s faces), derail the thread, or infight. Please revisit the rules (https://lolcow.farm/rules) if there is any confusion as to what nitpicking, derailing and infighting comprises






No. 632238


Mentions shes smol, check
Mentions shes gay, check
Rambles terribly to increase video length, check

She looks terrible, the looks are terrible. I can't quite put my finger on it, but even if I saw these on a dude, it would make me think he's a terrible, lazy dresser who has kind of given up on life. Oversized shirts aren't the look.

No. 632239

So in Kainey's new fashion video, she shows off a pretty standard analog watch she got. She tries to read the time on it and it takes her a good ten seconds to figure it out. She verbally counts each five minute segment to figure out what the minute hand is pointing to. How is she dumber than a 5 year old at reading clocks, it's ridiculous.

Also, she's selling a turtleneck that I'm pretty sure Greg got her like a month ago. The amount of videos they have that's just about them buying and then immediately selling clothes shows a lot about their spending habits. No normal person changes their wardrobe that often. I wouldn't be surprised if buying clothes is one of the only ways she gets out of the swamp trailer and has fun.

No. 632251

Oh god I regret watching it to see her read the time.
>"I wear an Apple watch because it's more practical"
I guess Greg needs to teach her how to google definitions.

No. 632252

Holy shit looking at her poshmark is hilarious. The comments on half her shit is either the person never getting their item (and she doesn’t respond), the item being sent to the wrong person so she just refunds them, people asking if this is the same clothes they’ve seen Greg wear in videos ect ect. One chick actually brought shoes off her and she got two different pairs of shoes, like one boot and one short boot. How does that even happen. What is wrong with her.

No. 632257

She has 682 listings, and she first started selling clothes on poshmark in 2015.

Although she has a lot of unsold listings on there (easily over a hundred) she's churning through 700 pieces of clothing in about 4 years. That isn't accounting for the shit she isn't trying to sell. I can't imagine how you can buy over 150 pieces of clothing every year

No. 632268

Right? Even if I'm trying to imagine her as a guy, she never looks stylish or fashionable. I think it's mostly because she prefers quantity over quality, that's why she always complains about clothes not fitting right and selling them. The guys in the article she's referring to are actually wearing high quality clothing instead of cheap longsleeves.

The overfilled trashcan in the background doesn't help either. They are so trashy and lazy in every aspect of their life.

No. 632278

She dresses like an autistic teenager, all those stupid slogan t shirts and uwu childish shit, she’s a grown woman. She sucks at being either gender.

No. 632280

File: 1548581779523.png (1.23 MB, 1178x581, uwugregwantjessie.png)

Aww I wonder why Lainey is selling her gay rainbow sweater Greg just gave her for Christmas??? right? She claims its because the turtle neck is too high, in reality Greg probably made her wear it while wearing a pink wig so he could pretend he was fucking Jessie Paege and accidentally shouted out JESSIEEEE

No. 632281

She looked at every trend and half assed it.

-the watch looks like a dollar store watch. I doubt any self respecting man would wear that
-saw "white washed denom jeans". Bought skinny jeans.
-the fucking sling bag got me. The bitch got a fanny pack. A fucking fanny pack and slung it around.

She could've used Google. I know Greg sucks at men's fashion himself. Takes 5 secs to look up "sling bag" instead of grabbing the nearest fanny pack. Bet that it was actually Greg's.

Says she barely shops at Hollister. Kek. We know Lame. We know.

The only thing that actually looked good on her was the neck scarf. If she wears it again, we know Gergy actually got some action that day. But then again we all know she loves to display those hickies on her neck.

No. 632285

File: 1548588411047.jpeg (339.89 KB, 750x1058, C9D026E1-ACFC-4A8F-8CF2-6504FB…)

Kailor must be so salty over how cute Jessie looks in the sweater. The Gergster’s microchode looks like a half hotdog in a sweater, her head looks like a giant warty foot in a sweater. What a great pair.

Also fucking kek at the dude who left this comment on Obesion’s tweet (which once again gives us insight into his horrendous diet). Here’s the link for anyone who wants to read through the entire 60 pages https://www.co.pierce.wa.us/DocumentCenter/View/75978/89529-Avaroe-Staff-Report

No. 632287

Before anyone looks at this expecting new info, there's none, but if you haven't seen this before it gives good info on the swamp situation.

No. 632295

File: 1548590434704.jpg (158.54 KB, 649x638, sweater.jpg)

I didn't see the gay rainbow sweater on her poshmark but I do see her selling a sweater that Onion picked out for her just last week >>627263. She's advertising it as new with tag but why couldn't she just return it to Marshalls? That seems like the easiest way to get rid of it.

No. 632297

god, every time i see her in videos she looks absolutely miserable, like she doesn't want to be there at all. so much for happily ever after, huh Lainey?

No. 632298

No point in returning it when she can just overcharge for it on poshmark

No. 632306

That sweater is absolutely hideous, and she looks absolutely hideous in it. I can only guess that Greg deliberately got her a sweater that would make her look terrible.

No. 632312

Could they buy it and write it off in taxes because it was used for a video and the resell it at a profit?

No. 632322

That would be a real nickel and dime thing to do—might make $3 or $4 between the tax deduction and the upsell on a $18 sweater. So, maybe!

No. 632326

I think someone had mentioned it on that last thread but all the skinny jean versions of the trend only excentuate femininity. I know she claims she wears them because she’s emo but she should feel uncomfortable in them if she’s dysphoric, especially about her hips.

On a guy skinny jeans are tight and normally emphasize a skinny straight figure because men naturally don’t have hips like women. On a girl they emphasize the curve of the body, going from small at the bottom up to be wider by the hips.

She holds her body in a very feminine way when she’s wearing them too, so that doesn’t help.

That said, the cut of the corduroy is a LOT more masculine and should be what she’s wearing more if she wants to present as masc. it doesn’t show off curves and looks a lot more like what an actual man might wear.

No. 632330

Yeah those jeans from Hollister accentuated her saddle bags, if she wants to look like a dude and not a short haired chick she needs to wear slim/straight otherwise she's gonna look like a chick.

No. 632332

So the restorations didn't start yet, anus said in a video he already restored everything. He was lying as usual

No. 632341

No he meant he put sod down and some bushes supposedly after he got a stop work order from the county. He did exactly what they told him not to do.

No. 632344

In my opinion, one of the biggest reasons she looks like a girl even with the short hair and "boy" clothes is her body. She's not really curvy, but she is skinny fat and mostly wide around her lower stomach and hips. Some upper body/lower stomach exercise would really help her with her posture and how her clothes fit.

No. 632394

File: 1548616536816.jpg (67.96 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

looking a bit like damon albarn in girls and boys

No. 632398


She wishes

No. 632400

I feel like she’s actually someone who can pass with minimal effort, with her sharp features and thin lips and all. Starting testosterone would lower her voice, wearing clothes that accentuate straight lines would give her more of a boyish look, and if she’d stop smearing mascara on she’d have more masculine eyes. But of course, she doesn’t want to actually do any of that because she’s not conferenced with passing as a male. She likes to victimize herself every time she’s misgendered.

No. 632406

I’ve also thought about this, and yeah to be honest lainey would look pretty attractive if she went on testosterone, her jaw line is already decently masculine, and if it broadened it would look p good. Obviously she shouldn’t because she’s a trender, but hey some ppl would rather look hot as the opposite gender then be ugly/average as the one they actually are. Hence why 99% of all non-binary identifying ppl are not generally attractive by societal standards before they “transitioned” (cut their hair). I’ve noticed that real trans people pre-transition are pretty, ugly, average, and everything in between.

It’s not a coincidence that every NB-afab prince had an eating disorder.

No. 632407

File: 1548618735152.jpg (13.83 KB, 538x79, Capture.JPG)

Found out who's really buying her stuff.

No. 632412

File: 1548619783054.jpg (32.65 KB, 666x242, pits.jpg)

She could also start growing out her armpit hair for sleeveless shirts when warmer weather comes around. It's a no cost way to look more masculine but I'd guess Gurg strongly disapproves. I've also wondered why she's hasn't tried working out, she's never even mentioned doing so. With consistent effort women can get some arm and shoulder definition.

No. 632413

all i can concentrate on in this pic is Gurg's gut hanging out in the background there

No. 632416

File: 1548621183116.jpeg (799.84 KB, 1125x1564, 48A2DB5F-642E-4F04-ABDF-CD3112…)

This is the most retarded shit I’ve read in my entire life.

No. 632417

Lol came here to post the exact same thing.

No. 632418

>lainey would look pretty attractive if she went on testosterone

I highly doubt it, she would just look like social repose more than she already does

No. 632423

But that would require her to gain weight in muscle, and losing her smol bean status!

No. 632425

The only reason the Holocaust shouldn't have happened is so grug would have more women to objectify and beat his micro dick to, because of course the world revolves around him

No. 632426

Do you think she's uses the men's bathrooms while out in public?

No. 632431

She would in hopes someone will say ma'ma this is the men's room, so she could make a video about it

No. 632432

Nah. That would end up like that video where she "went skating" with sarah. as soon as some stranger comes in sight she would be too embarrassed to continue, bc she knows how cringey her online persona is.

No. 632434

File: 1548623738530.png (2.66 MB, 1125x2001, 1B2A12B6-55C1-468C-9BE7-6559CF…)

Guess onion is riding on the clickbait thumbnail high.

Such creative content, Gurg. You are truly an artist and a visionary

No. 632442

Hi not sure if this has been mentioned before but i’ve just noticed this. At the 1:20 mark Lamey didnt quite edit properly, and Sarah mentions the basement… https://youtu.be/Ih8q6kipwBM

No. 632453

Christ, what an asshole. How inappropriate can one micropeened greaseblob be?

No. 632454

Family restroom always.

No. 632467

This was discussed ages ago, it's a deliberate joke. Don't link to their channels

No. 632469

File: 1548628796650.jpeg (Spoiler Image,133.25 KB, 750x317, 8B6E40D7-559B-4E97-A5BF-A1E6FD…)

Sticking with the content that is 5 years too late.

No. 632485

Seriously, what does Shreg do online???? He's so outdated in every way despite spending "90% of his waking hours" online. Does he exclusively watch hentai and google himself?

No. 632486

File: 1548630956114.jpeg (121.9 KB, 750x394, 63A1B556-7BCB-4C57-9E83-C272AF…)

>inb4 “being called black is a compliment!!1!11!!!!”

No. 632487

This holocaust tweet is one of the most retarded things he has ever tweeted, he is going to have a lot of trouble keeping up with blocking and deleting the hate on this one, kek

No. 632490

I honestly believe All he does is rewatch his own content and stalk more famous people on Twitter

No. 632491

File: 1548631204340.png (227.83 KB, 604x826, Screenshot.png)

maybe he's setting up the Keem defense for being racist "23 and me says I'm 9% African!"

No. 632492


Lol he even says that he does. He said that he doesn't even really listen to other people's music because he can do it himself.

No. 632495

File: 1548632579888.png (809.3 KB, 1137x1155, hypocrite.png)

>“I like how we act like girls are just so innocent and guys are just the devil because I’m pretty sure girls can be terrible, too.”
>“Maybe women are just better people than men. … Men suck, y’know?”


No. 632504

I had never even heard any of his music until Aeon whateverhernameis did the video about all his songs. I had never realized his “music” is just him talking over a garage band beat.

No. 632512

Same, kek. It’s not even funny. People who stumble across it without knowing who he is must think he is more retarded than he actually is. I don’t understand how that banana shit became so popular.

No. 632518

No worries anon it’s already gone lmao

No. 632521

And he says he has written more books than he’s read (I 100% believe that one, his books are beyond amateurish).

No. 632524

It's a trap he's making a list of potential victims.

Back in 2008 the effort he puts into his videos and songs was enough, but he hasn't improved his content. He doesn't want to because he thinks the way to make it big again is to go back to what worked in the beginning. I don't know how you can be retarded. Nostalgia only works if your fanbase hasn't aged up and moved on from you. He doesn't retain fans because he reactively bans any kind of "criticism" and he has no humor besides his own so he ends up blocking fans.

And don't forget that he refuses to edit his books so that they're "raw" or some shit.

No. 632525

What’s with Gurg’s recent videos/posts being extra pervy? It’s almost as if he’s going out of his way to let people know he still likes women.

No. 632528

He probably hates people calling him Kailor's gay wife. And he probably not-so-secretly hates that Kailor has put him in the position where he has to smilingly pretend he's pretend he's Kailor's gay wife, because they're both #GOALS, but since her head is so fucked up she no longer even understands her own sexuality, I think it's kind of karma.

No. 632529

Poshmark is still sponsoring Footbot, wtf? Are they not aware of the child grooming accusations or they just don't care about their reputation?

No. 632534

The fact that he was actually offended by her critiquing his music absolutely blows my mind. He honestly believes his music has artistic merit when the only reason anyone has ever found it “funny” is because it’s so goddamn bad. All of his content is based on cheap laughs, and when he acts like people watch him because he pOaRs hIs hEaRt AnD sOuL into it u gais!!! it just reveals how little talent he actually has, as well as the extent of his narcissism.

No. 632536

It's like when he said he was making the Shane Dawson documentary and projected it would be out within 6 months and got it out in like less that 72 hours of that tweet announcing it. That's not how you make good quality content. I've had shits take longer than his content does to make.

No. 632537

File: 1548637582357.jpeg (134.12 KB, 750x400, 72D52BF1-A004-4718-BAD8-71A6DC…)


No. 632551

Cry because he just said two days ago he wouldn’t make videos on Eugenia so he’s about to miss out on those sweet views if she dies and he can’t make 1836452527 videos about her

No. 632553

And Greg would never go back on a promise he made or find some type of word play to allow him to do so.

No. 632556


No. 632615

I also seem to remember onion calling poshmark a scam a few weeks back

No. 632648

File: 1548641515843.png (46.52 KB, 800x718, Screenshot_12d.png)

doesn't look great folks(derailing)

No. 632652

File: 1548641642908.jpeg (178.95 KB, 750x661, 7AE8C234-70E7-49EE-8D3A-FCAD80…)

>mOsT hOnEsT yOuTuBeR!!1!!!1!!


No. 632659

File: 1548641894659.jpg (40.84 KB, 379x254, a_560x375.w1200.h630.jpg)


and then all the customers stood up and tipped their Fedora's at Greg while all the women started praying at his feet

No. 632665

>Thank you for making the last few years of my life amazing.
That sounds like something you say to someone right before dumping them.

No. 632668

Whoa not to derail but is there some milk here?

No. 632669

File: 1548642131490.png (201.7 KB, 520x830, Screenshot_14.png)

No. 632671

That’s one thing that’s been great about this whole thing. Now the internet has countless clips of him admitting he’s gay. If they ever break up and he reverts back to being only attracted to afab women those might haunt him.

No. 632673

File: 1548642239225.png (175.91 KB, 488x811, Screenshot_15.png)

No. 632677

>Winchester MA
>Grenwich, CT
Eugenia is British, no?

No. 632678

File: 1548642343500.jpg (110.57 KB, 622x842, hhyhrgtgtrrrerf.jpg)


seems to be just a fake rumor

No. 632684

File: 1548642579431.png (62.54 KB, 718x266, Screenshot_2019-01-27-20-26-50…)

Re EC found on reddit

No. 632688

Stop derailing, she is not dead, that is just a result for search in the category of death. Does not show if she is deceased as it wants you to pay for the results to let you know if she is dead.

Anyones name can show up in results of search even in the deaths category.

No. 632696

Please stop derailing about Eugenia Cooney

No. 632730

lol, this thread isnt the eugenia thread briana greenwood, 2027 presidential candidate. >>632673

No. 632732

Yet he almost left her for a teenager, TWICE

No. 632733

i always imagine lainey holding a gun to his temple while she commands him to tweet stuff like this lmao

No. 632737

File: 1548645495269.png (27.78 KB, 618x302, 453.PNG)

I immediately thought of using his power of Google definitions against him, but remembered I got blocked last week.
Few = 2 or 3 years
isnt your marriage almost 7 years Greg?

No. 632740

>implying she can hold a gun in her hands
You give her too much credit anon, our little smol space prince can't even hold a trashbag.

No. 632798

File: 1548650361358.png (308.7 KB, 1236x1270, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 10.3…)

Gurg responding to a comment made by Jessie's girlfriend. Guess it isn't enough to stalk Jessie.

No. 632800

File: 1548650416505.png (918.59 KB, 1242x814, Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 10.3…)

And her response. She definitely doesn't like him and now we know at least Jessie probably gets warned by her girlfriend to stay far far away

No. 632808

For someone who looks like a serial killer, he sure doesn't know shit about them. Many of them do it for fame and attention.

No. 632821

Imagine being an apologist for serial killers.

No. 632863


Fucking kek, surprised he hasn’t deleted this tweet like he did with the holocaust autism he was getting savaged for.

I hope he gets fined for this retarded patron movie watching shit, he is so fucking stupid.

No. 632914

Maybe he deleted the holocaust tweet because Lame saw it and got mad at him calling other women beautiful, also that would explain the lovebombing at >>632652 lmao

No. 632927

Jessie's girlfriend looks like the type to physically punch someone for bullying or preying on Jessie. Also, isn't she 5'11"? KEK Grug would literally shit himself if she told him to fuck off IRL.

I find this whole situation funny. Lame's attraction to women is so non-existent she can't do shit. You married a straight cis man with eyes you dumb bitch. This is so embarrassing.

No. 632931

>Harrassing someone endlessly >making and killing effigies of them in the sims in front of a large audience to humiliate them >saying you'll make an 'I told you so" video when they die
>continuing to make videos when they made it clear they were unhappy about the videos
>said he'd only stop if she messaged him directly to ask him to stop
>still didn't stop

Can't believe he has the fucking nerve to say he likes her and he will be sad when he's been sending his minions to harass her for years. His campaign against her has probably caused her problems to get worse, let's be real. He's one of the people that fingers should be pointed at if she does die.

No. 632935

Anyone get interesting caps of the responses? Missed the whole thing.

That's a bit of a stretch. Yeah, he's been a complete cunt to her, but given how much her family enables and defends her, I think his bullshit pales in comparison.

No. 632959

Not sure how long that Dre has been dating Jessie for, but it's soooo obvious he's salty that Jessie is not single anymore.

No. 632966

I think they've been dating for about three months or so but it seems like Grug has only found out about this fairly recently and is seething.

No. 633004

There’s a big difference between being “a man with eyes” and making perving on young girls your literal job. Most people would be pissed if their husband did the latter, but of course the spineless space prince can only whine on video.

No. 633006

Well since Greg doesn’t view lesbian relationships as legitimate unless there’s a man involved, I doubt he’s worried about it.

No. 633018

He's not worried, but I'd say he's definitely jealous.
There is no need for him to tweet at Dre at all. This is his first tweet to her. He's extremely transparent. If Dre wasn't dating Jessie, he'd never have tweeted her at all.

No. 633019

It's not like it has to be one or the other, it can easily be both. Why is Greg so stupid?
Many serial killers are narcissists, and are attention seeking (hence why they taunt the police, etc). Ted Bundy himself told a reporter to "make him famous".
You'd think a narc like gerg would be able to understand other narcs

No. 633021

Not sure if this has been put here yet or not, if so I apologize but i think it’s hilarious that after Kalvins video and how Gregg got so mad maybe it will happen again!

No. 633022

Umm…. damon sweetie. I am so sorry. I'm so sorry that a ugly ass bitch like this would even say that, oh my god

No. 633023

No. 633028

says the obviously butch lesbian

when will this end

No. 633036

Even if this Kalvin Garrah clone is a butch lesbian, they still pass as a man way better than Lame.

No. 633038

not to derail but at least this person makes an effort to pass

that being said thotbot clearly made that list up herself and im glad actual trans people are calling her out on her bs dress up game

No. 633052

fuck you. skelie lives matter yo(a u t i s m)

No. 633056

File: 1548699159140.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1536x2048, 078D87F1-D3AD-4240-B882-32B6F1…)

Our pals on reddit agree he’s a shitbag too.

No. 633059

File: 1548699493266.png (180.71 KB, 1071x682, screencapture5484201.png)

Ive noticed that a few of Onisions Patrons are shading him in the community post area. Some are a little more blatant with the it like this Nick guy, and a few others do it very passive aggressively.
I dont think these people are trolls. The Nick guy seems like hes been a patron for a while and must be high paying if hes talking shit, calling Onision "Greggypoo" and the only response Gregs giving is a very beta male "nope"
Shitty people seem to attract shitty people so Im guessing that these Patrons eventually start feeling like they can push their opinions and ideas on Onision and everyone else and not fear any reprisal because they're high paying Patrons. Reminds me of Fatbecca who felt she could rule the roost and even bully Onision.

No. 633075

He criticized Kalvin for using Lainey’s full video even though he used it to create commentary and content from it but then he does streams copyrighted movies as a paid service?? I know this has been brought up before but there’s no way that isn’t against Patreon’s tos.

No. 633077

I'm shocked at the audacity. Plainey's only doppelgänger is Social Repose and that's that

No. 633079

File: 1548702142807.jpeg (168.82 KB, 1242x312, 39EAFD4B-9C8E-4D07-829F-569DC0…)

Sfibg but forgot to upload image.

No. 633109

File: 1548705107937.jpeg (93.14 KB, 640x262, E98A981F-8164-477F-B719-3FFF7D…)

Kinda Onion-related; Gruck’s idoru Marilyn Manson follows Billie

No. 633112

File: 1548705140701.jpeg (149.64 KB, 640x600, 38235C87-70D8-4EF5-8F40-95E364…)


No. 633122

I think this was discussed already but tbh it's not great that Manson noticed her, Evan Rachel Wood is basically on record for him beating her up and raping her. He's pretty fucked up and I wish Billie didn't obviously attract these kinds of fucked up dudes, but I guess predators really can smell the damage.

No. 633123

Samefag: this isn't meant as a shade to Billie, I genuinely feel for her. (tried to delete my last post and add to it but for some reason I can't. sorry.)

No. 633124

Its not about what great celebrities are following/noticing Billie. Its that one of Gronks idols is a fan of someone who he can never have again.

>I guess predators really can smell the damage.

lowkey but I see what you're trying to do here

No. 633126

File: 1548706669249.jpeg (86.89 KB, 750x382, 7F0E2351-7071-4846-87A3-76372C…)

I think the fuck not, bitch. But please, go off.

No. 633127

Inb4 anus makes a video titled "Marilyn Manson betrayed me" lmao

No. 633128

Ugh, I didn't really mean that either. I would have said the same about ERW. All kinds of fucked up today. Still can't delete, don't wish to start a derail.

No. 633129

nah, then he'd have to actually acknowledge he still cares about Billie and blow his cover of "I DUMPED her and she is jealous and trying to get back in our lives REEEEEEE!"

No. 633149

can he just stop being stuck in 2007 already for fucks sake him associating with the 2000s so much is just ruining it. every time he does shit like this its so eyeroll worthy. get a fucking hobby grag. and go check out 2019 for a few minutes, its really not that scary.

No. 633158

File: 1548710407250.png (76.61 KB, 788x405, Capture.PNG)

I was just wondering does this violate the T.O.S of Patreon?? He is illegally showing movies to his paying audience.. I may be wrong, seems shady to me.

No. 633172

It seems it would. I don't think what he's doing falls under fair use.

No. 633173

File: 1548711721625.jpg (317.02 KB, 1077x906, Screenshot_20190128-223849_Twi…)

I don't mean to derail, just in case anyone wonders.
Gurg, you're not getting your "Eugenias ghost owes me an apology" moment.

No. 633199

Yes, it violates Patreon’s TOS and also the TOS or wherever Gurg is getting the video from.

Ha, ha, Mr. Law and Order is a lawbreaker.

No. 633207

You can just tell that he tweeted this out while in the middle of editing a video, he had to marvel at his "genius". Old narc still won't get more than 30k views regardless lol.

No. 633213

File: 1548714335488.png (217.79 KB, 750x1334, C9176BA5-7513-4A8E-BF00-E110FD…)

Here we fucking go…

No. 633214

He barely gets 5k views on a lot of his videos.

He didn't even know where females peed from until Complainey told him.

No. 633215

File: 1548714436084.png (472.72 KB, 1442x231, Capture.PNG)

So not only is Greg turning Onisionspeaks into the new UhOhBro, but his views are as dismal as ever. kek

No. 633218

File: 1548715012761.jpg (17.52 KB, 220x205, banana.jpg)

So this is what he meant when he said he would be going back to content everyone liked in the past? Drudging up stale content that doesn't work anymore present day but he did buy a new banana costume, great use of money for him in 2019!

No. 633220

And he's still thinking that leaving his face out of thumbnails is bringing in views.

No. 633223

Who of you wise anons called it?

He just won't stop going around in circles, will he?
Not only does he cycle between his Mr. Perfect, Mr. Positive and the Egdelord persona, but also between "I'll make brand new content, guise! It'll be better than evur b4!" which turns out to be stale and outdated every time.
If this wasn't so incredibly sad, I'd be laughing tears, he's been in a constant spiral downwards. I hope Sarah and Lainey, and esp. the kids, will make their way out of this.

No. 633235

File: 1548716725767.jpeg (977.36 KB, 1125x1888, 5C906E08-CAAA-4415-8CBC-7656A5…)

His thirst for Eugenia is obvious and the only reason he won’t make videos about her again is because he doesn’t want to risk getting banned again.

No. 633270

and what the actual fuck does that kid think Onion, of all people, can do to help? If anything, he's done nothing but made her problem WORSE. He would have been a bigger help by not saying anything at all.

No. 633275

I wonder if Shane and friends hate watch his shit sometimes just for the lulz. I can see them all gathered together around Shane's computer pointing and laughing hysterically at the sad ass state Grug's channels have plummeted to.

>"My heart is broken on the issue uwu"

Bitch please. You called yourself a bottom feeder (one of the few honest things you have said) on YT because of how hard you went after Eugenia. Not because you cared about her, but because you knew her weight was a subject of a lot of controversy and it would bring you views. Plus you actually thought she should listen to you because "I cUrEd mY fAnS EaTiNg dIsOrDeRs" and the whole world would have finally recognised what a hero Grugly is because he harrrassed Eugenia Cooney into eating a sandwich.

No. 633279

I’m so tempted to watch this but I don’t want my brain to melt.

No. 633283

It's not worth it. He's just trying to get a rise out of women (and men) by trying to educate us about the female body. He did the same with black hair which is funny cause he's an uneducated piece of chicken shit on the subjects.

No. 633329


It does, but it seems that you need to be able to have paid access to individual posts to report them. If you try and report the whole profile for copyright it just gives you a link to file a direct DCMA if you're the copyright holder(cowtipping)

No. 633332

Remember when Greg speeches about people uploading his whole videos without chopping them up and that they were stealing his money?

No. 633339

File: 1548726778527.jpg (154.47 KB, 598x546, Im a real dude.jpg)

No. 633340

File: 1548726829366.jpeg (210.02 KB, 750x635, 40095F0E-CD00-4F0E-B4F3-6423FE…)

Back to lovebombing, he is so transparent

No. 633342

File: 1548726913855.jpeg (293.32 KB, 750x879, 50AC85A3-4DD7-4850-A0D4-3619E9…)

Because that emoji in this context isn’t fucking gross and creepy

No. 633344

Amazing meme, anon. You had me laughing with this one.
The person who responded is really well-spoken, they said everything I could think to say. Is this true? Are the two patrons he has private skype with underage girls?
That is so twisted..

No. 633352

File: 1548728398479.png (326.31 KB, 762x357, 85466.PNG)

So is he going to use the same two girls "Belle Delphine - Nyannyancosplay) in his thumbnails from now on?
He reminds me of the autist that does some stupid dance and everyone laughs, so for the next week all that autist does is that stupid dance hoping keep the laughs going but everyone gets sick of it on day one.

No. 633361

File: 1548729073163.webm (1.38 MB, 232x180, the vulvus.webm)

obligatory vulvus post

No. 633369

no matter how many times i see this clip i can't get over how fucking stupid this neanderthal is

No. 633376

1.5 K votes
Totes legit….

No. 633394

Hit or miss, Lainey took the kids, huh?
Thought Billie was her girlfriend, then Greg went and kissed her (Mwah!)
He gon' move in with Billie and he won't miss ya
Gregs gon' sign over parental rights and then leave ya

No. 633400

Old Man Onion explaines why he rehashes the same shit.

Quote from I Need To Be A Better Dad & Husband (Starts at 5:31)
>My most successful videos on all of Youtube, the ones that constantly get views is Banana Song and the Death Note Onision. Those ones again and again keep getting views not matter what the fuck I do. It's awesome. It's great those are getting views like crazy. They don't pay that well. Uh, Banana Song doesn't pay that well, uh but it's still cool that I made something that has been consistently viral.

No. 633406

Lainey still looks rather feminine, but she's gradually moving closer and closer to masculinity.

PREDICTION: Sometime soon, Lainey is going to become too masculine for Greg, and he's going to jump ship. Being the manipulative sociopath that he is, he'll either try to make her look like an abusive monster, or like someone who's so helplessly screwed up that he can't sacrifice himself by trying to help her anymore.

Prediction #2: At around the age of 40, he's going to go to prison for something to do with sexual activity with a minor.

No. 633415

He always does this, when one of his videos gets a decent amount of views he makes more 20 videos about the same subject. He's beyond pathetic and desperate

No. 633419

Remember when he used to brag about having a high IQ lmao, he's proof online IQ tests are not accurate (plus he probably cheated to get a high result anyway)

No. 633420

She’s already too masculine for him! Exhibit A: him whining to his paypigs about not getting any “action”. Exhibit B: him salivating over tik tok thots. Exhibit C: the way he looks at her with nothing but utter disgust in videos, despite his cringey lovebombing on Twitter. I bet they don’t even sleep in the same bed. She co-sleeps with crotchfruit hanging off her saggy udders while he alternates between jerking off to hentai and pictures of Billie.

No. 633452

File: 1548737847165.png (228.18 KB, 1064x571, gofundme.PNG)

Ive been watching that "Brand New Onision Forums" GoFundMe for that past few weeks. It went dark for a couple of days then came back up.
The goal was $545. It got up to 70 dollars the first week then stopped, no new donations for weeks. Only 5 people donated and one of the biggest chunks was that Shaylen Patron that Greg blocked on Twitter for joking around and making a video flipping him off.
I guess he realized his fans werent going to pony up and that he wasnt going to get his new hunting ground for pics of underage girls so he pulled the plug.

No. 633479

File: 1548739596297.png (147.97 KB, 588x629, forms1.png)

Update from his Patreon

No. 633486

File: 1548740215503.png (95.74 KB, 549x481, 675_5622_856.PNG)

But hes going to make his paypigs ante up after the first month.

No. 633491

File: 1548740452838.png (80.01 KB, 1620x642, Screenshot(2).png)

that only covers him for 65 people "active" on his site at one time, that's pretty easy to overwhelm and prevent him or anyone else from accessing his forum because he didn't pay for more access

No. 633493

File: 1548740504032.png (11.46 KB, 840x357, Screenshot(1).png)

this is what happens when you hit that milestone

No. 633549

I don’t understand his obsession with continually establishing his lame forums. If it was a ‘haven for his fans from his haters ridicule’ he has Patreon for that.

Any old onion fags know if the forums have enabled his extramarital affairs in a special way?

No. 633570

File: 1548744834190.jpg (83.09 KB, 639x507, Dx-ZsTfXQAEt4is2.jpg)

>when you realize the right time to leave was 7 years ago.

No. 633578

The forums are where his underage fap material came from. The most popular threads were ones where the young fans post pics of their body for Onision to "rate".

No. 633582

File: 1548746923419.png (15.43 KB, 745x236, Capture68411.PNG)

I always thought it was suspect and very convenient that everything got wiped around the time those stories about underage girls photos on his personal website started showing up on pop news sites. A DDOS does not destroy files, it just doesn't allow visitors to access your site because its flooded with bogus requests.
If Greg really thinks the heat has died down and he can start "collecting" little girls photos again then he better invest in heavy duty dead bolts and security doors when the Feds come knocking. Or just have another convenient DDOS attack.

No. 633600

His forums and the various discord attached to him and his little patron fags like Lt lassie and Sylar were rife with underage nudes. That's why all that shit is behind pay walls. He's a desperate man and as you can see from his shit content if something works once he'll keep doing it to the point of insanity. He will never change. I'm sure his hard drives are full of incriminating stuff and probably blackmail material against girls like Billie. That is why he's dangerous.

No. 633610

Both Shiloh and Adrienne came from his forums.

No. 633654

so who's going to tell him he has NPD(non-contribution)

No. 633660

He cheated on Skye with Shiloh who came from some version of his forums, so basically yeah.

No. 633695

Kek. Oh shit! Late for another sperg about how triggered I got from being misgendered at Panera Bread.

>His forums and the various discord attached to him and his little patron fags like Lt lassie and Sylar were rife with underage nudes.

Fucking gross. Did anybody document this?

No. 633715

File: 1548788620844.jpeg (687.96 KB, 1125x1517, AEAB9738-1C21-42B9-8462-934268…)

No. 633723

File: 1548789143662.png (937.82 KB, 828x1792, 7C83C3D7-1F6A-45AC-9C98-9116F0…)


He’s still going:

Asking YouTube (Eugenia’s “employer”) for help getting off of YouTube, that cognitive dissonance is unreal

No. 633731

I'm surprised the feds didn't knock on his door already considering how many scandals with underage girls he's been involved with. When he was making videos rating underage girls in underwear it was a somewhat big scandal and he got a lot of negative attention

No. 633746

Anon, you're a lyrical genius.

No. 633754

that was catchy, great work

No. 633763

>let's all call the police on Eugenia because that's what will help her

Off topic, but Eugenia looks horrible, she's nearly Ashley level now.(derail)

No. 633775

Nick Bate was a admitted pedophile who openly talked about commiting sexual abuse and it still took what, 5 or 6 years to get his ass thrown into prison?

Greasion by contrast only has a non-public forum that miracously vanishes every so often, although he probably now has large catalog of images that outright fail the Dost test.

No. 633777

File: 1548797142906.jpeg (272.67 KB, 750x633, DAF8D876-6B4B-4DA5-811F-A7B6C0…)

I wonder what sort of clickbaity thumb and title he will give this fresh autism

No. 633786

Looks like absolutely unfunny shit, Greg.

No. 633810

Couldn't even be bothered to put on something other than pajamas?
Encouraging people to call the police in her area, wow. She's been harassed enough. They can't force her to do anything. She has literally even had SWAT at her door.

No. 633814

What a surprise. He’s shooting a gun.

If I had no life, I’d like to see just how many of his “comedy” videos include guns or killing someone in some way

No. 633833

File: 1548805820752.png (39.09 KB, 697x301, forumsforthekids.PNG)

apparently, they are back

No. 633841

Im beginning to wonder if I should become a dollar patron. I don't think we have many farmers with patreon access. What does everyone else think of this? I absolute hate the idea of even a single dollar monthly going to this fraud but the extra sperging is possibly worth it? Not sure. If I did this I would definitely screen cap as much as possible for the thread.
Still… a whole dollar for this idiot(cowtipping)

No. 633842

Here Anon: https://www.strawpoll.me/17329082

Do $1 get access to the forums?(autism)

No. 633857

I'm really surprised you guys not talking about the billie video.(this is an imageboard)

No. 633859

So many digs

No. 633861

Not all of us visit his channel, anon. How bout being helpful and telling us what you’re talking about)

No. 633869

File: 1548810415906.jpeg (862.58 KB, 1125x1844, DA4F697A-3421-4982-BD7E-1ECE61…)

Is this man still trying to claim that Ayalla (who hasn’t dated him) is making false accusations because she doesn’t associate with him anymore? She and Billie were the ones who dropped his ass not the other way around.

No. 633871

Quirky fake mustache and pajama pants. Straight outta 2007. Is he going to shoot a banana?

No. 633874

His lowest patreon tier is Bronze ($3).

- Uncensored Content (He no longer makes uncensored videos because it takes too much time and effort and also he doesn't want to accidentally upload an uncensored video by accident again.)
- All Digital/Audio Books (He's already finished his newest 'book' and has no plans on releasing another literary masterpiece any time soon.)
- Podcast Episodes (His last 'podcast' was released December 28th 2018 so it's safe to say he's given up on making them.)
- All Onision Songs (Most of them have music video releases and please save your poor ears!)
- Patron-Only Vlogs (Rare and they mainly consist of him sucking off his patreons. If there is anything of interest I or other farmers will drop it here.)

No. 633875

File: 1548812184958.jpg (10.33 KB, 307x87, pretty.jpg)

Obviously not referring to Lainey or else he would have made that clear so he can look like a loving gay husband to his fanbase.

No. 633876

He's probably thinking more about A and Sh.

No. 633877

He's revealing that he desired her that way I think. He only goes crazy at the girls he's had a thing for.

No. 633878

Shut up, gross sexist dadbod creep. Your opinions on women are unwanted.

No. 633884

File: 1548812958571.png (81.56 KB, 589x647, bored1.png)

for those who want to see Lainey's boring ass private twitter (without the Grey's Anatomy shitposting).

the hahahaha one was posted during Lane's livestream discussing her and Sarah btw.

No. 633885

>i feel ugly and dysphoric

Then divorce the person who's clearly making you feel that way, dumbass.

No. 633886

File: 1548813076621.png (90.89 KB, 583x792, bored2.png)

No. 633887

File: 1548813278925.png (89.66 KB, 584x851, bored3.png)

Now Sarah can run off and tell Lainey her content is still being leaked. TL;DR Lainey is boring and the twitter isn't worth paying $10 to see her whine about her masculine haircut making her feel dysphoric or how much Greg doesn't love her.

No. 633893

File: 1548814135266.png (566.6 KB, 1280x721, htdfhgfvghvf.png)

I haven't seen Madison's live posted anywhere so, here you guys go.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uzyLaT4_aEdrDUWsO_C6rJCyaYsRD6Oz/view(take it to the flakes thread)

No. 633895

Holy shit these tweets are depressing, what a life (or lack thereof). Bitch, you made your bed.

No. 633905

File: 1548815451499.png (406.86 KB, 1000x633, stop it sage.png)

>comes out and says Greg wanted to fly her out
>Is glad Ayalla came forward about about Greg and Lainey.
>Is still mutuals with Greg and following Lainey after the fact.

No. 633914

File: 1548816276629.jpg (33.24 KB, 581x229, ugh.jpg)

Since he's not going to talk about her on youtube (for now) he's just going to double down on twitter.

No. 633915

I have an idea! Leave her the fuck alone!!!!

No. 633916

I'll keep it Greg and Lainey related since the livestream was mostly about.
Says Sarah and Lainey haven't gone anything inappropriate but were "close" when she, Lainey and Sarah were having a sleepover. Sarah was living there at the time allegedly.

Greg yelled at her for standing up for Lainey for not speaking out/reporting her rape in front of their kids. (Which was discussed in the previous thread.)

No. 633918

honestly she just seems really whiny saying stuff like "Why does no one want to talk about myyyyyy stuff?!"

"Whyyyyyy are people bothering me to talk about the things I said I was going to?!"

No. 633921

she also cries a lot, is upset people called her an attention whore, and misgenders Lainey multiple times

No. 633922


Would tinfoil if I could and other anons have said it but maybe he does have a weird boner for Eugenia. She is his type (alt girl, into anime, vidya, and cosplay) plus she has issues. If she wasn't so sick she'd be really cute too. He must really has a problem with girls he finds attractive not responding to his fake compassion if this is true. At least most of the ones he sets his sights on seem smart enough not to give him any response these days.

No. 633925

No one cares Madison, stop self posting and go take care of your daughter(hi [cow])

No. 633954

File: 1548820761101.png (Spoiler Image,539.69 KB, 879x614, nope.png)

Old Man Greg is gonna milk this trend for all it's worth. Might as well change 'UhOhBro' to "Hit or Miss".

No. 633958

funnily, probably one of the only ways he could recover his channel at this point is to move solely to reuploading viral content in top 5's/top 10's and completely remove all trace of his own face and voice from it. shame he's too much of a narc to ever let that happen - he'll post it on youtube when his life gets repo'd, kek

No. 633961

File: 1548821589291.jpg (23.25 KB, 210x210, gary_glitter_gi1.jpg)

Gary Glitter vibes coming through again queen slaaaaaaay

No. 633966

File: 1548821791705.png (157.64 KB, 555x717, oop.png)

Looks like the "fanart" of Greg is back as the picture you find when you google his name.

No. 633976

Because he knows Lainey is not pretty.
Plus no "pretty ones" want him specially now that his career is dead and he's losing all his money. All he can do is masturbate furiously while looking at their pictures

No. 633981

File: 1548824514548.jpeg (308.58 KB, 1536x1536, 55BDF73A-19D7-4CE1-97CB-0E1446…)


It’s crazy to see how much different Taylor looks from before Greg. Why keep up this trans crap?

No. 633991

File: 1548825435119.jpeg (364.5 KB, 750x658, FA7E369D-358B-4806-82F8-8993DF…)

I guess he changed the title and thumbnail out of further desperation?
Greg really really needs an actual hobby.

No. 633993

File: 1548825597971.jpg (75.95 KB, 1188x610, 0000019283730.jpg)

I wonder how many times he has watched/fapped to this Belle girl all in the name of "making bomb content"

No. 633997

Trying to reacreate the "success" of the first video lmao. I bet all his videos will have that exact same thumbnail from now on

No. 634004

dont wanna get banned but i was asked to post this here.

No. 634006

>I felt like a third wheel
so Madison is a pedo too, got it

No. 634008

Holy shit
Does Lainey tell every girl she knows she wants to run away with them?

No. 634010

File: 1548827967948.jpg (91.49 KB, 1098x487, 53242311262538.jpg)

Lane and Madison - similar stories, hmmm.

No. 634013

I think these qualify as onion milk enough to brought over here for those of us who don’t follow the retardation in the flakes thread. I doubt you’ll be banned as it’s on topic.

No. 634016

holy fucking milk
finally Madi delivers SOMETHING

so Lainey knows Greg is a horrible human but stays with him regardless, used Madi when Sarah or Billie wasn’t around, and Madi corroborated Lane’s allegation that Lainey would snuggle with her minor “friend”, who just happens to have romantic feelings for her

Greg was essentially butthurt over Madi not wanting to fuck him, like Luxy and others before her kek

also Sam is a useless wart
water is wet

No. 634021

Topkek so getting a masculine haircut for once equals dysphoria for her and she feels ugly? My sides

No. 634022

>she confessed multiple times she would run away if she could. I was in a toxic relationship too so we discussed getting together a place for us and the kids.
Made up melodramatic bullshit. All Taylor has to do is call her parents and say she's coming back home. Maddie is painting them as if they're some third-world trafficking victims. Ridiculous.

No. 634023

holy FUCK does she ever stop whining? doesn't she realize how insufferable she sounds or how miserable she's making herself?

No. 634024

She's the reason why her channels and patreon are dying. Nobody wants to hear someone mope 24/7 about circumstances that they CAN but won't change. She's fucking annoying.

No. 634027

And because of her retarded selfish behavior, Greg hates that bandaid baby.

No. 634028

We don't call her Complainey for nothing.
Gosh, classic Onion, finds a girl attractive, deflects that the girl is thirsty for him while she isn't. What a manchild.

No. 634039

File: 1548834066921.png (Spoiler Image,1.52 MB, 1242x2208, F9BA43CC-033C-4CDB-89FB-E8C042…)

He liked this comment, which pretty much confirms that this vid is about b. All the other comments are saying Billie eilish is underaged and he’s ignoring those

No. 634041

Disgusting. Is Plain deserving of her own thread now? She groomed a young girl, made romantic overtures towards her while she was underage, is a trender, stays in an abusive relationship when she has ways out, and uses her uwu space persona to deflect criticism.

No. 634044

I guess he forgot the Foot had blue hair when she was skinwalkg Billie

No. 634046

it's still all in the name of grug though
she's the pussy tip of the greasy pimple that is onision

No. 634049

I remember in a livestream plainey pretended she was ok with anus making that video about her rape, but here madison is saying she wasn't ok with it and it even made her sob while she was breastfeeding clot. Plainey really does everything to prove the haters wrong, she's a fucking liar

No. 634059

So another girl confirming Sarah and Lainey cuddle in bed. Look how easily she lied on her Younow saying that never happened. No way she would run away if she could, she loves hurting young girls waaaay too much. It atleast feels like justice that she looks so terrible, she has the face she deserves - good luck trying to reverse the damage you've done from years of stress amd malnutrition!

And Madison is so proud of herself for sticking it to Greg but apparently couldn't say shit to the 22 year old cuddling with a child and making her feel awkward. Idiot.

No. 634101

Yeah, those Madison leaked texts in the snow thread are hella relevant. It's about time she spilled some actual milk.

No. 634104

I still can't get over that she left her baby with Greg, who she was well aware is terrible with even his own kids, and seemed to think that was OK. And blaming Sam for not stepping up. She didn't leave her baby with Sam, and Madison seems to feel really salty about Sam in general. I wonder what is up there. Anyway, obligatory: FFS, Madison. You are not without blame or responsibility here.

No. 634113

>but apparently couldn't say shit to the 22 year old cuddling with a child and making her feel awkward. Idiot.
right? the screencap read like she thought it was inappropriate and awkward that Taylor did not include her in the cuddling and not, that it's overall inappropriate for Taylor to cuddle with Sarah. She even said "there was enough space for me in the bed, but they didn't ask me to cuddle with them" like… ok Madi, why you wanna cuddle with Sarah?

No. 634115

Wow, this woman is 23 and calling herself "weirdgirl"… Onision attracts all the Peter Pan complex-ers.

No. 634122

Did she pretend? Because I also remember a stream where she says she’s not fine with it, but then goes “well what can I do.”
She was super mopey during the entire time, must’ve been right after the fight

No. 634147

Wait, why is he obsessed with Eugenia? Can anyone tell me?

No. 634153

I think he gets a sadistic kick from watching her die, and tries to cover it up as concern.

No. 634156

Combo platter of he wants her clout, he’s an asshole who thinks he knows best for everyone, especially women, and he loves preying on vulnerable young women.

No. 634165

I think if/when she does die, he'll be really smug about it because he "warned everyone" and he "tried to help."

No. 634167


His shit with Eugenia remembers me of his book where he keeps getting a boner everytime he finds out the girl he's interested went through something fucked up.

He's obsessed with Eugenia because she didn't react the way he wanted (please fix me greg senpai you are my whiteknight in a shining armor ready to release me from the most deadly mental illness in the world with your penis) when she said she was fucked up.

No. 634169

For anyone interested in tractorgate. The Kira is l live action weeb video on the onision channel shows off his whole back yard for the first time since he destroyed it.

No. 634175

screenshots plz

No. 634177

File: 1548867053829.png (4.74 MB, 1899x1079, dude.png)

No. 634178

File: 1548867097725.jpg (664.31 KB, 1600x826, erosion.jpg)

Looks like the sod actually took pretty well. But Washington hasn't had any actual rain in like a month so I think the swamp is definitely creeping up into his yard.
He definitely did this on purpose to get us to watch his whole video though.

No. 634179

what the actual fuck….

No. 634180

File: 1548867296004.jpg (416.38 KB, 960x1080, Comb30012019165325.jpg)

Different angles but you get the idea

No. 634181

File: 1548867331155.png (9.53 MB, 1908x2124, duuuude.png)

No. 634182

that makes me sad, like wtf..

No. 634183

Is this supposed to be an improvement? He still hasn't taken out all that shit he dumped in the water

No. 634185


I find it really interesting how Madison describes Sarah as a "little girl" here in text and describes Sarah and Lainey cuddling on the bed vs just sitting next to each other like she did in her video. Madison also described Sarah as a "normal teen" in her video, not a "little girl". So did you think it was creepy and weird that they were in bed together Madi or are you jealous you weren't a part of it? Because the over all message I'm getting from you is that you're butt hurt that Lainey didn't make you enough of a priority.

It gets on my nerves that she wants everybody to feel bad for her. Sorry Madison but the situation is a lot bigger and more important than your failed attempts at a relationship with Lambo and your hurt feelings. The people who you were friends with are predators and their bullshit needs to be exposed to protect others, not to have a pity party for you.

No. 634202

what a mess. the sod clearly didn't take in that one image tho, you can see the rectangular outlines where it either dried up or got waterlogged. dude is insane.

No. 634214

File: 1548871969759.jpeg (187.61 KB, 1125x817, AAE22DBB-CE90-43B2-90D8-0565AE…)

so cryptic /s

No. 634221

but is he talking about playing smash with trot

No. 634229

File: 1548872833760.png (30.43 KB, 639x370, hkjhkjhnkjhlk.png)

Is he talking about Jussie Smollett? Seems a little inappropriate.

No. 634232

File: 1548873110073.png (387.22 KB, 652x615, run kat.png)

Greg follows nyannyancosplay, she however does not follow him.

No. 634243

Greg's so over Lainey. I'm counting down the weeks for #transGate.


> I am 20 year old girl who puts on costumes and pretends I'm funny~

Inb4 Greg declares NNC, or BD, his soulmate.

No. 634252

My money’s on him making a hilarious Hit or Miss skit where he dresses up as Nyan/BD and then shoots “her”

No. 634281

That's okay, the County will dump out his pockets for it.

No. 634284

looking at this made me physically ill. how can somebody even do something this insane?

No. 634288

Surprise surprise he liked a tweet from an account saying they think they’ll be with him in the future. The account is full of tweets about how they’re in love with him so it’s not in the context of being with him to film videos or whatever.

I don’t see how lame refuses to see actions like that as small betrayals. It’s not even like he’s liking tweets of people that want to be with Kai (which to him means acessable to him) and is at least an attempt to disguise his true intentions.

I dont think he’s going to try to sleep with the user on twitter or anything but it’s v brazen of him.

No. 634291

>I don’t see how lame refuses to see actions like that as small betrayals.

Especially since she did the same thing to get him.

No. 634294

File: 1548877334686.png (36.28 KB, 594x414, yikes2.png)

No. 634298

Quite honestly, they could simply be saying that they stay at Greg's side and watch all of his stupid videos, and we all know how much Greg loves money. I don't necessarily see a future relationship here.

No. 634307

I understand your perspective, but greg think about sex 99.9% of the time. His mind is always on girls and finding his next piece. Just look at his youtube, it's all about rating girls.

No. 634312

Yeah it’s almost like none of the women Greg brings around realize they’re all vulnerable, hence why Greg would have any interest in the first place. Remember when his kid fell on stream and he got mad at Sam for reacting to it? He probably creates the most oppressive environment ever

No. 634313

I don’t think the twitter user is going to be the new trinity member or anything like that but they have tweets about how they’re in love with him and want to kiss him. Is it harmless? Yes.

I’m not saying it’s going anywhere but it’s not just like they like his content.

No. 634316

Samefagging but I wanted to point out it points to a pattern of fostering romantic feelings from his fans and that he does it shamelesssly.

No. 634363

In lainey’s Newest video they overlay the end with a big black box as if they’re hiding the kids or something but there’s nothing there? Bad editing?

No. 634367

This girl literally just tweeted that her dad raped her.
I can’t tell if this account is real or not

No. 634379

That’ll make Onion’s ears perk up.

No. 634382

Honestly it seems believable to me. Like her husband Lainey also can't live without a romantic partner so neither would break up without a new one lined up. I could really see her openly fantasize about leaving Gurg to someone like Madison but yet she wouldn't actually do that. It's like gay sex for her, the idea is neat to her, she likes the flirtation and attention but there's no follow through. She'll only go back to her family when Gurg breaks up with her and she has no one else to turn to.

The account is only a few weeks old and there are no personal pics. Seems fake to me, they probably just want to see how easy it is to get Onion to dm them.

No. 634388

>they have tweets about how they’re in love with him and want to kiss him
Damn, I overlooked that piece of information. That does change the context quite a bit, but the user seems to be very thirsty in general. Greg might just have been the only one who answered and therefore got a never ending streak of tweets at him now.

>I wanted to point out it points to a pattern of fostering romantic feelings from his fans and that he does it shamelesssly.

Absolutely and undeniably true!

No. 634404

Her new video is miserable!
Greg tells her he did not think she was interesting when he met her but that she was a "safe bet."
Basically he knew Taylor was DTF and would have no issue gaining control over her life.
The cringe and fake laughter is too much. This video actually hurt to watch.

No. 634409

Kat has repeatedly asked her creepy guy fans to stop harassing her. Last thing she wants right now is Rotface’s eyes on her

No. 634412

Super vegetarian. Sigh I’m just waiting for the psychotic break.

No. 634427


He even called her "an investment" lmao. Lainey makes a suicide joke every 10 seconds and you can tell she’s trying too hard to joke it away

No. 634431

TOPKEK. It's so funny when Shreg said Lame wasn't exciting when he met her. That must have stung. "I wasn't looking for looks, but personality" ouch burn. Pairing that with his constant videos about FEMININE WOMEN and not fake ass transtrending soft bois and vague flirting with random accounts. She tries so hard to play off that it doesn't bother her but bitch is fuming. So Lamey, when are you "detransitioning" back to a cis woman as a last resort?

No. 634446

No way anon. Her gay transboi status is the only thing that makes her interesting. It’s the reason she went through this change in the first place. She had to have known neither Onion nor anyone else on the internet thought she was interesting way back then. So she had to do something.

Pretty sure she made some video commenting on her old videos or something and makes a comment like “now I know why everyone said I was boring”.

No. 634451

Not even the fake trans phase can save her from being boring. She's boring no matter how many layers of fake she puts on top of it to hide it. An Onion will always smell like an onion.

No. 634453

File: 1548889753585.jpg (160.32 KB, 763x641, giantjenga.jpg)

Damn he's trying to knock whatever shred of confidence she had about their love story right into the dirt. He's making a lot of divorce jokes on top of that. But he's not kidding about looking for a safe bet, prior to Lainey he just had a string of women leaving his crazy ass so he settled with the teenage fangirl. Also I can't help but make note of how much he spent on a game that they'll probably never use again.

> "detransitioning" back to a cis woman
Lol, that'll take about an hour at most.

No. 634455

Maybe if she at least looked feminine, maybe she wouldn't be so revolting to him. But who am I trying to kid, Grug said he didn't even find her attractive or exciting when he met her (yet he still fucked her). Lame fell in love at first sight, he didn't. Grug wants an exciting feminine woman, not a fakeboi, and she can't fake personality properly. She could technically change her style to better suit her but it's better to be a cringe "transman" and revolt the one person you'd trade your family for.

No. 634465

File: 1548890731830.jpeg (880.57 KB, 1125x1781, 81E6D3F1-971A-42CA-8BBF-754596…)

He and Lainey enabled Sarah’s eating disorder, he can choke on his imaginary financial security.

No. 634466

Them gushing about the pretty girl at their Starbucks makes me sick. Their kids are going to have to grow up listening to them objectifying women together as a hobby and daddy fighting mommy over who gets to try and land the new plaything. I mean did you hear Taylor? She said “she’s mine!!” How pathetic and low has she sunk to where she has to fight to claim women before her husband?? We all know those women who have way too low self esteem to require/demand respect from their husbands so instead they try to be the “cool wife” that points out the hot chicks to their husbands. No one buys that fake security crap. It’s what they have to resort to, not what they’d like their reality to be like. Taylor can’t sink into denial all she wants, Grease lusting after other women hurts her and I’ll never believe her half hearted attempts to pretend it doesn’t.

No. 634470

Lets be real, Sarah lost the weight bc she knows Greg likes skinny girls and she used the eating disorder crap as a ploy for his attention bc she saw it got Taylor and Billie and Ayalla attention. I don’t think she really struggled with it and she seems to be a perfectly normal weight now. She just slimmed down bc Greg prefers it and if it gave her extra “I’m so damaged uwu” points then that was her bonus.

Not saying Greg wasn’t a jerk to a minor about her weight. But she is accountable for herself too

No. 634475

File: 1548891313925.jpeg (491.1 KB, 742x750, BC267173-38F8-4B58-9BB9-02977A…)

Why would she leave this clip in? It was literally 3 seconds but she just had to have her crotch on full display?
>muh dysphoria(nitpick)

No. 634477

she wasn't interesting when he met her because she was fucking fourteen, and if she hadn't gone down the path of Gregma maybe she would've grown a personality instead of saggy tits

No. 634489

She was 17 when he met her IRL.

No. 634498

Met face to face?
How old was she when she was obsessively tweeting at him, and talking online?

No. 634500

"Officially" she started tweeting him obsessively when she was freshly 17, but many anons speculate that she might have been tweeting him around the time Adrienne drama was happening (Grug mentioned in one of the voicemails that he was talking to someone who was in school), which was September 2011, which would have made her 16, a month away from 17. She found him through a Shane Dawson video of Grug and Shane kissing, which happened in August 2011.

No. 634501

what? she's wearing pants, anon. it was probably more about looking like a wilting smol bean in the arms of her big strong totally not abusive husband.

No. 634504


There's no reason to believe Sarah didn't suffer from an eating disorder. Bulimia for instance is extremely damaging even if someone has a normal or even above recommended weight…It's still deadly and it's not as easy to reconize because it doesn't lead to massive weight loss.

You should be more empathetic towards her, anon. She was a literal child when put into this mess.

No. 634506


The only time Thot was exciting to him was the brief period when he couldn’t have her. He loves the chase and the challenge because he loves to be so smug about winning and “saving” the girl. Skye refused his advances multiple times, and she finally gave in. Shiloh was a constant back and forth because both of them were fucking insane; her being a rising pop star also made her all the more unattainable. He tried to get Adrienne to drop everything for him and almost succeeded, but she never went for it because she didn’t put up with his childish behavior and him trying to shame her for socially drinking or being bisexual (oh how the times have changed). Billie was exciting and unattainable because she was beautiful and way out of his league, and he was never supposed to have her; Thot was. Even when it became apparent that she loved him more than Thot, she ultimately had enough self respect to leave.

Lainey on the other hand, dropped everything to be with him. She left her family, her home, her college, and her friends to get knocked up and sit on her ass all day. She has always been the most submissive and spineless of all his partners, and it was only when her family (especially her father, another man, and the man who was protecting her) wouldn’t have any of it. That was the one and only time that Anus saw Thot as something unattainable that needed to be fought for. Think about it, and how sad that is. It wasn’t her looks, or her personality, it was that she was desperate, willing, and had a family that didn’t want to let her go. Lainey was never the challenge — her father was. And once Anus was able to steal her away, he won in his mind. That’s why he goes on and says that “they have us two weeks, and we gave them __ years”. Even his proud statement about their marriage is not that he’s proud to be with her, but it’s all about everyone else and proving THEM wrong.

Lol, he really isn’t the sun, KaiThot.

No. 634512

File: 1548895086625.jpg (350.98 KB, 937x635, 0000009.jpg)

No. 634514

File: 1548895461700.jpg (73.25 KB, 784x441, creep.jpg)

He's continuing to be super thirsty, I guess the anon who said he was bitching about not getting action was right.

No. 634515

She can’t transition back, he wouldn’t let her. She needs to mirror Greg. If he wants a new girl so does she. Besides, every girl he’s been with he’s tried to de-feminize so no one else can find them attractive

No. 634516

File: 1548895601391.png (180.74 KB, 513x315, 44343.PNG)

the black box is the same size as the laineybot banner
just lazy shitty editing & chroma key fuck up

taylor really doesnt want to do these videos anymore
after the grooming accusations she lost any love of making videos and only does them because greg is pushing her because he needs her fans views

No. 634519

File: 1548896266035.jpg (33.12 KB, 642x415, inCollage_20190130_225415218~2…)

This is from Sarah's Tumblr, these posts were made when she was still living with the onions. I wonder who was the person who called her "giant"

No. 634520


Lainey never wanted to be in or do videos in the first place.

No. 634521

>$100 Jenga set
Why didn’t handyman Greg just build one with his saw? (But seriously you could make that with ~$20 of lumber from Home Depot and they’d cut it for you)

No. 634522

>Them gushing about the pretty girl at their Starbucks makes me sick.
Lol I haven’t watched the new video but this sounds 100% like the Aldlii Olive Garden video.

No. 634526

I'm sure he is but I think he is also reminding everyone of his straightness, despite being oh so comfortable with having a husband.

No. 634527

Uhhh, why is he watching bikini try-on hauls and how is that “content”?

No. 634528

I think it’s interesting that a teenager would call themselves a women and not a girl (plainey herself doesn’t use age appropriate terms), peep that grooming

No. 634529


Holy fuck, this really drove home the extent of what he did.

And is that all the debris he dumped in the lake?

How does this maniac think that it was OK to do this and that anyone else would think it was an improvement?!

No. 634530

File: 1548897438546.gif (1.77 MB, 402x285, woodwork for dummies.gif)

He uses his knees as a worktable/vice.
He definitely would of lost a leg or at the least punctured his femoral artery if he had to cut a bunch of 2x4's for a DIY Jenga Game.

No. 634531

This. This is so fucking true and really puts Greg’s understanding of “love” into perspective.

No. 634532

That's one of the most messed up things I've ever seen! Wtf

No. 634537

File: 1548897910193.gif (1.67 MB, 260x146, 1442056404152.gif)

The comments are something else to read.Even her own fans are asking why he is calling her a dumbass and why is he always on her channel now. I guess they are waking up?

No. 634539

derail but wow this gif is terrifying

No. 634541

But it totally wouldn’t be his fault! It’d be Dewalts fault for making such an unsafe product that butchers his thigh instead of the wood!

No. 634546

Yeah 90% of the comments on the video is about how unsettling their relationship is and how verbally and mentally abusive Onion is to Plainey.

No. 634553

So he admitted he didn't fall in love with Lainey when he first saw her but he fucked her that same day they met in person, I thought he said he has to be in love with a person in order to have sex with them? Another onision lie exposed

No. 634556

fuck. i made and deleted a comment comparing greg's humiliation and defeminization abuse technique to one of the techniques of a celebrity being outed right now, but after watching that video i understand lainey was groomed but she's actively just as bad.

she also said "that's mine!" before she corrected herself to "she's mine!" after greg brought up the starbucks girl. with her personal predatory abuse and it now showing in her lexicon how she objectifies girls, not even women, she can go to hell.

also greg looked way too pleased to look lainey dead in the eye and say she wasn't interesting and a slew of other insults while he grimaces. he only loves getting to torture her. a lot of abusers deep down judge their victims because they see it as them taking or agreeing to the abuse, not understanding what it's like to have to fight back. they judge them the whole time and it only gets worse. he will always see it as her fault, just like how her body looks after two pregnancies.

lainey also retorts that she'll "post a thumbnail of her crying and get 600,000 views" if he keeps openly devaluing her. the fuck would she want to manipulate him to stay if she had it that bad

No. 634568

Even with the Starbucks girl and the imaginary connection there that Greg can’t let Lainey “hog” the idea of the girl and even wants to share her.

No. 634575

That’s 50% of his so-called content, perving on teen girls and young women. 25% are his lame-ass skits, 25% his love letters to himself/musings on how handsome and totally not fat, NOT FAT he is.

Why does anyone watch this shit if they don’t have festering Daddy issues, again?

No. 634583

File: 1548901696236.png (55.08 KB, 220x199, happy wife - happy life.png)

No. 634590

was the semicolon "tattoo" explained by Lainey in a video or was she trying it out?
She's such a basic boy.

No. 634598

Leaving would mean Lamey would have to admit everyone else was right about Onion. It would likely mean having to go back to her parents with two children in tow. She is unwilling to do that, even amidst the abuse.

No. 634605

Wow, as a construction worker this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen. He’d be kicked off a job before he even made a cent. And definitely we’d get an OSHA call about him. What a moron!

No. 634612

funny thing is didnt he say it was too late and he was already in love to justify continuing his relationship with a 16 year old after he found out lame had lied about being 17 by a couple of months?

No. 634619

You guys are a bit naive on emotionally abusive relationships, he has been and is toying with her emotions, he tries to do ir subtly “I didnt find you interesting” BUT “That means our love is genuine” that being him saying “you were ugly and boring unlike other women i’v been with, but i settle for you” but hes saying it in such a “nice” way so it seems genuine, backhanded compliments all the time, then he says something “sweet” like when she has to guess when they get a divorce and answers “never” AWH HE ISNT SO BAD AFTER ALL AND HE LUBBS ME!
The thing with the wanting to fuck the other girl is im guessing her own defence mechanism against the hurt, like, shes not just the one getting stepped on he is “too”

Shes so brainwashed, quite sad.

No. 634620

how has it not killed himself yet.

I hope Lainey has some good life insurance on him cause he's gonna end up with a Darwin award one of these days.

No. 634624

We're not naive, it's just old news. We've known this since the beginning about Plainey, but this is the life she chose and wants to apparently keep living.

No. 634629

I guess, i just feel bad for her even though thats illegal

No. 634630

It's okay to pity a dumbass. Plainey doesn't deserve it, but there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 634632

Did he do this as a joke? Is that really him?

No. 634636

It's him and it was completely serious. It was in his "I'm tOtAlLy NOT FAT" video. Even if it WAS a joke, it's an incredibly dangerous and stupid thing to do.

No. 634637

Oh poor newfag anon.

Give it a few more months of consistent trash behaviour from lainey and you'll run out of pity for her soon enough.

Let's recap some of the trash behaviour we've seen from laineythot here.
>got married behind the backs of her parents, and even duped her dad into paying a semester of tuition and lodging that she had no intention of going to.
>talked shit about her sister missing her ex's appendage to greg and let him shit all over her on social media
>laughed on social media about college students being picked up by their parents while she acts superior sitting in a car paid by greg going to a school also financed by him
>continuously e-begged for gifts when she first started YT and treats all her fans and admirers like shit.
>shit talked AJ about being an attention whore and not knowing greg like she does.
>befriended 14 y.o sarah and used her as free labour and a emotional comfort rag, also kept leading her on with suggestive flirting.
>lead on several girls and threw them all under the bus when they didn't want to suck up to her anymore or they didnt want to suck her husband's peen.
>screamed where is my fucking support when people started feeling sorry for billy cause her monster husband exposed personal dirt on her.

and finally the worst sin of all, not fucking packing her bags and leaving him when she could and instead had another bandaid child for him to emotionally traumatise.

No. 634648

Most of those things was when she was a teen rebelling against her parents for "love", nothing abnormal, the thing with her sister probably isnt something she wanted shared with the whole world but Onion is gonna Onion.

I honestly believe her and Sarah are just friends and the "flirting" was just girl stuff and also a dig at the hatursss for saying she was grooming her.

I kinda get her feelings regarding Billie, dont get me wrong, the way onion treated Billie was fucked up, but from Laineys perspective
>Get a gf because your husband wants to support your curiosity(pushes you to it lets be real, we all saw the tweets)
>Suddenly your Husband wants to fuck your gf
>Beg him not to
>"No rules, trinity bla bla bla"
>Beg her to not fuck your husband
>They ignore you and go fuck each other alone while you are pregnant
>Husband makes several videos mocking you for having a problem with it
>He almost leaves you for her
>Everyone feels sorry for her

Like, i get her disdain for Billie after that, not that Billie isnt a victim, any normal person would have left Onion dont get me wrong.
Also the fact that Lainey is used to abusive shitty behaviour like having sex a million times a day and having all your dirt laundered on youtube and probably punishments too, i doubt he doesnt do that to her since he has done it to all the women he has been with as far as we know, so the behaviour is "normal" to her.

Regarding the girls, eh, yeah its shitty to ghost people, but hardly evil.

I agree she should leave his deformed ass, hes an abusive piece of shit, AND there are small children involved which is very sad.

Shes a cow sure but hardly an evil pedophilic monster.

No. 634650


Sorry but >>634637 is spot on. Plenty of people have been in emotionally abusive relationships and been brainwashed, and yet still not stooped quite so low.

It's only an argument if she decides to grow the fuck up and get her kids out, and stop spending her life tweeting and grooming other childbrides. But as time goes on, she's rapidly becoming unforgiveable even then.

You'll get a glimpse of the contempt she has for people concerned about her in that relationship soon enough and won't feel bad for her after that.

No. 634655

Did you just conveniently forget all of the questionable behavior toward Sarah that would amount to grooming? The flirting was long before the hatursss had anything to say. Her telling Sarah to keep it so that no one knew her age is pretty suspect if she didn't see anything wrong with talking to a 14 year old. Being naked around her and sending nudes when Sarah was a minor is weird af. Maybe it's nothing but concerning but her actions weren't exactly honorable either.

No. 634657

I am hoping that since Taylor isn't providing sex as much anymore, if it is a sign that she is gearing up to let go of him. She no longer feels obligated to always be ready any time he wants it. But it does worry me that he believes it is okay to fuck your wife(rape) in their sleep or whenever you want. I wouldn't be surprised if it has already happened. But I do hope that it is a sign that she is slowly backing away, no matter how tiny of a step it is.

No. 634659

Right! It is unfortunate that we didn't take their "flirting" seriously, and maybe we could have documented it better now that it is to a fucked up level. It sucks that we don't have a lot of the evidence because they were able to comb through and delete everything. For example, a lot of Sarah's twitter and instagram.

No. 634661

it's not nothing because she openly flirted and shared sexually suggestive messages while sarah continuously did favor after favor for lainey while lainey fucking knew this underage girl would do anything because she was "in love" with lainey/greg, which is how greg has groomed every single female he's ever come into contact with.

you're not wrong and people need got stop making excuses for lainey's equally predatory behavior. the second she victimized a minor and someone who has even less resources and brain development than her she became an abuser. that's it.

No. 634662

She’s as bad him, and she’s made her bed, so she’s undeserving of any sympathy. She’s not a victim, she’s a predator and she chose this life.

No. 634667

Yes, I completely agree, but at the same time, if this is the case Greg will no longer have a pawn to use to lure girls into his home. It is less about sympathy, but Taylor leaves, it will be more difficult for him. But still, I wouldn't wish rape on Taylor.

No. 634669

Taylor is totally not pressed about Greg thinking shes unattractive and boring. Shes so unfazed that she has to keep mentioning it throughout the whole video.
We also get a glimpse at how Greg tries to make her think shes crazy and misunderstood what he originally said to her.

No. 634673

File: 1548918150397.jpeg (134.63 KB, 686x548, 42E299ED-65E9-4F56-89A9-EE44A0…)

I don’t even think she’s cutting the mustard re: luring in the teen poon anymore. Just like the Gurgster she’s losing followers, I think the recent allegations have reinforced just how much like him she has become and it’s starting to impact her fan base. We can only hope it continues downhill from here.

No. 634676

Bonus kek for that ending, anon.

For real though, this is even more cringe than her reacting to Tik Tok hoes videos. Bitch has no self esteem and he is an absolute cunt. How fucked in the head do you have to be to tolerate your ~uwu loving spouse uwu~ not only calling you boring and unattractive but to record it and put it on the internet for all to see. Fucking hell.

No. 634681

Not to defend Lame because she's a moron that should have left ages ago, but another reason she is probably scared of leaving is because she knows Gergamel will spread everything and anything left about her personal life. Like deets about sex, you know, the usual shit that Greg spergs about his ex's.
Even the fact she had spawn with him wouldn't stop him from spreading weird information to the internet.

No. 634683

>Wow, as a construction worker this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen.

Seriously lmao. My Dad runs his own construction business in Washington and if he saw this shit on a job site he would think the guy is on drugs or retarded. He would also get a good laugh out of Grug fucking up the habitat and getting fined out the ass because you have to jump through SO many hoops to do any sort of landscaping or construction in or around Washington's ecosystems and Grug being a resident born and raised there is truly exceptional for plowing through it like it was a barely legal emo girl with daddy issues.

No. 634688

holy shit he looks so fucking creepy here
if it was another man watching this, I would think he's just being thirsty but since this is Onision… Blech

No. 634689

lel his penis is so small that the board doesn't hurt him

No. 634690

I hope he hurts himself doing that again

No. 634693

File: 1548922481838.png (42 KB, 450x450, tumblr_inline_nhmb0as4q71r2md7…)

Wtf does she have left to even spread? Her husband has already told us:
>she deserved to be rape because her psycho ex raped her
>a teacher tried to kiss her when she was 8

Adding unto the list of her being a shitty person >>634637
>returns makeup when she has a visible coldsore outbreak
>begs her fans to send her free makeup she's just going to sell or return

Being "stunted" because she's in an emotionally abusive relationship is understandable, but when does she take responsibility for spreading herpes to the general populace and not telling her husband that maybe he doesn't know anything about repairing a wetland?

No. 634694

I get those are suppose to be onions, but they look more like garlic cloves

No. 634695

File: 1548923165612.png (66.33 KB, 1247x247, fat.png)

Apologies anon, I stole that from tumblr. Here is a 15 year old screenshot for anyone that might want to understand the Eugenia situation.

No. 634696

That video is harsh.
I get that a lot of farmers either don’t think Lames has the balls to leave, or deserves the relief of getting away from Grug the Frug Face after all her sins.
However, separating Lainey the person from the situation and just imagining waking up one day to the announcement of Onision’s Wife Has Left Him (& I guess she took the kids, huh?) as a general spilling of milk would be so immense.

There would be literal gallons of full cream goodness to spill forth. All our birthdays come at once.
I don’t know what I would look forward to more; his narcissistic need to begin to destroy her reputation immediately piece by piece, or witnessing his catalogued historic inability to be single for one day and the search being handicapped by age and rotting face and body.

No. 634703

File: 1548925439469.jpeg (208.19 KB, 1125x2028, 91E71DE2-44C6-42A1-82AF-04B2A4…)

Sarah deleted her private Instagram and is no longer following Lainey on twitter.

No. 634704

File: 1548925929361.png (1.17 MB, 1212x647, 9700.PNG)

no more matching Twitter banner of Lainey and Sarah.
I wonder what happened, or should I say, I wonder how Sarah pissed off Lainey this time.

No. 634706

File: 1548926418236.png (62.63 KB, 723x412, gone.PNG)

deleted also?

No. 634707

File: 1548926544414.jpeg (599.63 KB, 1125x2340, EC11127C-5B1C-43DD-BB7A-EFB94B…)

Still up for me

No. 634709

Autistic tinfoil time: I bet grog has been posting in the Shane-thread in snow, many even made the thread to begin with considering the thread image has his face in it along with the rest of Shane's friends despite not really having anything to do with them or Shane.

No. 634710

weird I cleaned my cache and even used different browsers and im still showing the Sorry that page doesnt exist

No. 634711

gone for me as well.

>lainey is crying

No. 634712

File: 1548927298680.jpeg (172.97 KB, 1125x511, 894855AD-C2B8-4973-A768-89BC14…)

They were following each other earlier today. Weird.
Sarah recently posted this on her tumblr. I’m assuming they had another fight. Probably about Lainey thirsting for girls that aren’t her.

No. 634713

She’s also deleted her Facebook.
Sarah’s hiding.

No. 634716

File: 1548929551722.jpg (71.48 KB, 531x421, new_job.jpg)

>Lainey thirsting for girls that aren’t her.

10 to 1 Sarah gets a new job.

No. 634718

You mean luring young damaged women into her home for her abusive husband to sexually assault?
She lured Maya over where she was sexually assaulted by greg and then thrown to the curb when the poor girl didn't want to engage in anything sexual with her hsuband/asked her to take down a video. She also shaded her to her fans on Younow previously, sending some hate over to the girl.

She lured luxy for greg where he continued to forcefully talk her into having sex with the both of them and they also guilted her along with greg when she didnt want to.

She lured in Sarah into her home as her guardian and continually subjected her and herr actual children to fucked up situations and drama (threesomes, screaming fests, "drug users" continued internet drama)

And also used her as free labour to care for her children. She as her guardian knew her husband would treat the girl badly but did nothing about it, she as her gaurdian knew the girl had developed feelings for her but did nothing about it but send her back quickly to the abusive household she pulled her from. She ghosted and ignored her and it was only when Sarah bought her gifts would she finally respond back.

She was the one who brought back billie after cuddle gate. She actively brought back drama into a household with a young child and another child on the way.

And finally just look at her convos with vix, she literally only used vix to vent about her own problems while ignoring all of vix's responses that weren't related to her. She's so up herself its goddamn concerning how she even manages to have a convo with greg who I suspect is the exact same. Also she has accused Vix for flirting with her but from the full release of screenshots we all know this is far far from the truth.

She has turned into a mini-greg at this point, no pity is deserved because time and time again she has denied her and her children a chance at living in a non abusive household.

No. 634769

She'll have to buy Complainey something extra nice this time.

No. 634771

Tinfoil that they’re staging a fallout to take off some of the heat of that allegations.

They will continue being friends or maybe begin dating in secret.

No. 634773

Thot is way too much of an oversharing attention whore to keep anything private, no matter how much she likes to think otherwise with her painfully boring sekret twitter account

No. 634774

Honestly she’s done an okay job staying offline and actually sharing her life. Like stupid song lyrics don’t give us anything really. Greg is always the one that oversteps and overshares in the end.

I wish she did go back to over sharing because I know we’re missing a lot.

No. 634776

Why do people also forget the fucked up part where she made a child buy her gifts for her to forgive them?! That’s like so fucked up to make a literal child and even an adult to buy you shit for you to forgive them! It’s not like oh shit sorry I broke your favorite teapot here I bought you a new one it’s more like I said something you didn’t like now I have to buy you expensive makeup. Jesus fucking Christ how can people try to say that shit is because she’s “so hurt by Greg :(“

No. 634781

I wonder if he's setting her up: This strongly reminds me of a milder version of what he did to Sh. He filmed Sh in the most humiliating situations, and even though some of them were fake, it helped him picture her as a nutcase which made it easy for him to break up (or for her to leave) without further repercussions from his fan base. He could still throw dust into all of the fangirls' eyes he still had at that point so they would line up to be the next.

Since he can't be without a romantic partner but still treats Lainey like thrash, I think there might already be another girl in his life. Ayalla already confirmed that he cheats.

I'd bet money on him continuing to openly treat her like crap until she breaks and thus gives him a "comprehensible" reason to drop her. He knows too well that she'll never agree on any oh so holy trinity again and we've all seen how desperately he wants to get away from Lainey in order to reintroduce some excitement to his life. With Lainey in his life that isn't going to happen.
In addition her channels and social media are failing and not bringing in his desired amount of money and it is only a matter of time until the accusations of grooming a minor also exclude her from any sponsorships and collabs with other youtubers. I mean there only a few left anyway.
She's not only boring and a burden to Greg but also not profitable anymore.

No. 634783

Maybe Blame and Sarah got into an argument because she got super jealous of Blame shouting to the wind how she loves MEREDITH SO MUCH AND HAS DREAMED OF HER EVERY DAY for the last two weeks! I mean if they are actual "dating/lovers" whatever the fuck you want to call what they have, that would def piss her off

No. 634800

This is a really bizarre thought pattern; like there are four ideas but there's an extremely weak connection between them.
She's probably just avoiding the heat for now. She'll be back. Even if they got into a fight, our favorite female pedo-with-a-dictionary needs her emotional tampon, and unfortunately Sarah seems to perceive Taylor as the only person that cares about her.
Honestly the relationship between Taylor and Sarah seems like a pretty standard emotionally abusive/predatory age disparity relationship.
Yeah, since Cuddlegate Taylor's been really good at not divulging anything online. Probably by Greg's bidding, but it seems like she doesn't even have a secret rant account.

No. 634802


Onion did forbid her from airing out too much of her feelings online. Made him look bad.

No. 634803

There’s not much heat going on now and, I don’t think anyone is going in to Sarah’s DMs telling her to stay away from Greg and Lainey. A lot of people here even dropped the grooming subject.

However, it is interesting how she deleted her instagram and Facebook (they’re both private, her twitter is still up for me) after caps from an anons convos with Madison popped up. She’s jealous. She’s lurking but I don’t think she’s reporting to Greg or Lainey because of Lainey telling every girl she’s remotely involved with that she wants to run away with them.

No. 634808

File: 1548953136303.jpg (75.39 KB, 1015x784, onionboard.jpg)

A while back, anons where speculating who followed Greg's soopa sekrit prime twitter account, this might help give an overview.
It's the staff on Greg's """""new""""" forum.

No. 634814

Another person just confirmed that Sarah and Taylor's relationship is inappropriate and added more details. That might have put pressure on Sarah to lay even lower or initiated an argument between her and Taylor.

No. 634819

File: 1548956459871.png (154.28 KB, 386x660, huh.png)

But why lay low now? Her dms between her and madison were released a few weeks ago, why not delete the fb and twitter account then?

No. 634821

Holy shit what. When were these released? Is this real?

No. 634822

File: 1548956800758.png (165.38 KB, 385x683, 514654.png)

They were posted in Repzilla's video when he talked to Madison and Ayalla.
Here's the first part of the message.

No. 634830

who on earth talks like this though its just so strange? the time periods she gives on her age and how long laineys been friends with that other friend are so specific. who keeps track of something like that? and do people under 18 actually even call themselves minors? i cant remember once referring to myself as a minor when i was ~16 lol. idk why but something is weird to me about these?

No. 634834

i agree they are worded pretty strangely.

"I've been friends with this person for 3 years, 4 months, and 10 days!"

no one talks like this

No. 634841

She’s saying Regina was friends with Lainey for two years and Sarah’s for 8 months. It’s a jumble of words but she’s not being incredibly specific about her own friendship with Lainey like it seems she is at first glance.
In regards to calling herself a minor, a few of teenagers now call themselves minors when talking to adults now days. Especially tumblr kids.

No. 634843

From personal experience narcs do this kinda thing. They'll fuck someone in the heat of the love bombing, say they love them, etc. Then later during the whole devalue and discard process they start saying contradictory shit about having NOT loved them during that whole phase. They act victimized and like they were "tricked" into all this and it was therefore their victim being crazy and so in love with them when it didn't make any sense. And this is why they must prey on the young or the extremely damaged, that kind of nonsense logic doesn't work after a point. As we saw, it didn't work on Adrienne to a point because she recognized how ludicrous it was that he was "so in love" and acting ridiculous.

Overall we can take it as even more evidence the devaluing phase is approaching discard or he at lest very much wants to move to that phase. Gurg's trouble seems to be not having a replacement…as is Kainey the mini narc's problem.

I think Sarah is in a pretty no win situation then. The problem as i see it is she won't be a satisfactory replacement for either of them. So i think its hard to say what's going on with the Twitter deletion and stuff until we get more info. But she was either davalued and/or discarded and they made it seem like all her fault or she's gone into hiding and there's still fuckery about. I think either way they've probably brainwashed her to not talking to anyone about it.

No. 634853

It's so obvious he absolutely regrets getting married to her, if he could go back in time and never marry her he would do that in a second

No. 634861

even tho i hate lainey i hope that dumb bitch gets smart and talks to a lawyer in case divorce gate happens so that gorg doesnt make outlandish claims against her in the mandatory "My ex spouse was abusive" video when he wants the asspats for leaving her

No. 634886

She could probably start collecting evidence to his verbal and emotional abuse which could help her case. god knows theres a ton of examples out there

No. 634888


My tinfoil is he married lainey to get out of paying alimony.

No. 634889

No, he still had to pay even after he got married to her. He wanted a reason to one up Shiloh after she left.

No. 634891

And wanted a child to have sex with whenever he wanted.

No. 634892

Never thought about it but you’re probably right. What’s more “I’ve moved on,I totally don’t care about you anymore!” Than getting married to someone else?
It just doesn’t make sense why he would’ve married her so quickly otherwise. I mean he just admitted it wasn’t love at first sight (or even second sight) so he can’t play the “she’s my soulmate and I had to marry her right away” crap

No. 634894

If plain wanted to she could have a pretty sweet youtube/internet career after leaving the onion man, think about it, anyone that isn't a lowcow user would forgive her if she gives a sad story. Plus she would be able to make up the most outlandish shit about him and everyone would believe her. (not that she has to)

In contrast no one would believe anything grug said at his point even if it was the truth.

She could start a "getting my life and identity back" Series and people would eat that shit up just because everyone hates Grug that much.

Of course she would need to leave her adonis first, get a brain, and get a personality for all of this to happen.
(and let's be honest the world is a safer place for underage girls if she stays married to him)

No. 634895

It isn't safer for them if she stays married to him, because Taylor is his ticket to all those girls. He couldn't get a young girl in now, he is older and UGLY. Also, if they split, he'd have to pay out a shit ton of money and it would be the last nail in the coffin. While Taylor has her family, Greg has no one he could go to for support. He'd probably off himself when he realizes how fucked he was. He thinks he's got it covered with the prenup, but Taylor could claim that she was naive and bullied into it.

No. 634907

Tumblr kids love to call themselves minors. Probably to seem more innocent than they are.

No. 634913

Lainey’s dad is a real estate lawyer, He could easily find loopholes in the prenup. Knowing cheap Onision it isn’t even legal anyway

No. 634914

It is the woman who loses the alimony if they remarry, not the man

No. 634915

He tried to get Shiloh to go on Judge Judy despite being a Canadian. He tried to get the Amazing Atheist to go on Steve Wilkos to have fake drama. He would jump on the chance to take Plain on Divorce Court and probably make an ass of himself explaining why he doesn't want custody of his kids.

No. 634929

I wish Lainey, her kids and Sarah would just leave Onision. It's so painful seeing them like this. I mean they can leave on their own but Lainey's too addicted and brainwashed to Onision. She's trauma bonded to him.(no one cares)

No. 634931

And he asked her to marry him before they met yet he didn’t love her?

No. 634937

Yes! And they even got "fake married" at dirt river in New Mexico when she was 17. And then got really married once she turned 18. I think that is where the rumors come from that they were legally married when she was 17. But he really wanted her under his thumb.
I think things changed when she got pregnant, I don't think he intended to stay and it changed everything. I don't think he wanted Troy, he just to have more control over Taylor.

No. 634938

he didn't intend to stay but he married her??

No. 634943

File: 1548978145719.png (39.02 KB, 586x389, lol jackass.png)

>@shanedawson has zero people coming forward saying they are his victim.

So what does that say about Greg?

No. 634944

File: 1548978203147.jpeg (150.38 KB, 750x551, 9D399E85-6961-4AC2-872A-064008…)

Holy fuck he is retarded. There are fuck all replies so he must be working extra hard on deleting the hate

No. 634946

He must be getting really fucking desperate if he's backing off and apologizing for this.

No. 634948

he jumps into relationships super quickly
he tried to impregnate Adrienne 2 weeks after meeting

i think he enters relationships simply just to be in one

if someone else better came alone, he'd leave

he's quoted numerous times saying, "i know Lainey loves me more than i do them," or something along those lines, and chalks it up to Lainey being "uwu sensitive, Lainey just feels so much in comparison to others," but we've all seen how obsessive and borderline creepy he was with Adrienne & Shiloh

he always rebounds hard after any relationship ends

No. 634949

While screaming internally and sperging at the pay pigs about how unfair YouTube’s algorithm is and how Shane is a faggot

No. 634951

File: 1548978975242.jpeg (510.41 KB, 750x1060, 5FD5B39D-5203-4C0F-80DC-ADC6D4…)

Tinfoil: someone did this to the Dodge Ram

No. 634953

I wonder if it was the result of some sort of legal pressure, e.g. "I will proceed with a slander/ libel suit if you do not recant and apologize publicly."

No. 634957


I would bet he got a C&D from Shane’s lawyers and that’s the only reason he’s apologizing and walking it back so much.

No. 634960

if only.

No. 634962

So did he go to the police to report Lainey's rape or did he just make that video about it against her will?

No. 634963

Yes, there is nothing sexist about “rating” teen girls’ and young women’s bodies. Your pervery is super empowering and feminist, Onion. Better work on your terrible misandry instead.

No. 634967

Anus is just using Shane's name to get attention. Shane's latest video got 10 million views in a day, so no wonder

No. 634969

If there's one child he didn't want, it's Clot. He seemed to to kind of like Trot, he even wrote a song for him, yet he hasn't written anything like that for his daughter nor talk to her.

Since we know how retarded Grug is, he'll mention him again "congratulating" on his comeback. He's just like a psycho ex.

No. 634972

Onion posted a video to twitter where he apologizes about Shane and at the end sneaks in a statement about how unfounded accusations can ruin lives. This is all a manipulation tactic.

No. 634973

I am not so sure, it could have been part of a love-bombing cycle, or because people were hassling him to see their child. I remember as him acting like maybe people would see Troy in it.

No. 634977

Pretty obvious he's really talking about himself looking for some pity points

No. 634978

>Since we know how retarded Grug is, he'll mention him again "congratulating" on his comeback. He's just like a psycho ex.

The retard actually congratulated Billie and Drew after someone started a rumour that they got engaged and believed it was true, so it's definitely something he'd do

No. 634983

What channel did he have his Shane 'Documentary' on? If he removed it I would feel more confident in this tin foil.

No. 634984

File: 1548982421479.jpeg (196.28 KB, 750x560, D5974F56-2677-4216-BEEA-2586B0…)

>when cows collide

This is from the cringe festival that is Taylor’s ‘Onision Saved Our Marriage” video, echoing the sentiment of every other comment. She’s getting more dislikes than likes but she just keeps digging her heels in. She really has become Gerg v.2.0

No. 634991

I believe it was on uhohbro originally

No. 635001

Did a quick check of all his channels and I didn't see it anywhere. Also his ability to follow trends is so awful. He just put out a 'Do you want to build a snowman' video on Speaks and to no one's surprise, he uploaded to UhOhBro another click bate video featuring NyanNyan Cosplay and Jake Paul amongst others.

No. 635002

If he did cut his femoral artery, it'd be a tough job getting an ambulance to him before he bled out.

Not going to wish for it but… y'know, if it happens it happens.

No. 635013


I think some people are underestimating or even forgetting how much of a hold Gregma has on Thot sometimes.

Abusers condition their victims to be codependent and he's had years to plant a whole ass tree to make her completely reliant on him. Almost all of the things she's hated for and called out on are definitely symptomatic of that type of relationship dynamic.

Lainey 100 percent needs to take accountability for the things she's done/participated in but to completely rule out greg's influence here is a mistake. I have no doubt in my mind he creates some sick sense of leverage over her so that she'll do his bidding. Especially when it comes to dating other women.

Has anyone in this forum actually dealt with abusive relationships? Women go back to men who beat the shit out of them all the time. It's a mental illness lol. It's not rational. Battered woman syndrome happens more often than not and until this girl can stop being so codependent on him and get out of the mental fog, she's gonna continue to do incredibly gross shit for him. She's normalized abuse so much almost every single one of her videos Gregma bulldozes her and treats her like shit and she just takes it. She could throw this mother fucker under the bus at any given second and I wish she'd grow the balls to do it. REDEEM YOURSELF BITCH.

No. 635020

>Has anyone in this forum actually dealt with abusive relationships?
No anon, no one here has ever dealt with an abusive significant other.
Being in an abusive relationship doesn't mean shit when you yourself become an abuser, which looking at Sarah and Lainey's dynamic, Lainey has become an abuser.

No. 635023


Then stop being surprised when the bitch goes back to the man who abuses her. Again, she 100 percent needs to take accountability for her actions and participation but to act like greg doesn't have any influence over that situation is completely myopic.

No. 635026

oh it's obvious greg is behind all of this, no one is arguing otherwise, people are just arguing that she is now just as accountable because she herself is a predator. those two things can coexist, and lainey has far more opportunities to leave than most victims. it's entirely possible she was always a spoiled disgusting predator and it took greg to bring that out.

people warned lainey with extensive evidence that greg was and is an abuser. she chose the clout of being with him and does every time she wakes up and subjects her kids and grooms minors. she's an adult woman and mother, it's way beyond her at this point.

No. 635027

Nobody is surprised, calm down.

No. 635031

I'm pretty sure that anon's first line was sarcasm.

Honestly, when you become the abuser and pedophile all that sympathy and victim bullshit goes right out of the window. No one's saying that Greg didn't take part, everyone knows that already. Abused or not, she didn't have to become him. That's a choice that she made.

No. 635032

why don't you speak up for her own children and the minors she grooms then who actually don't have fucking voices or support systems

No. 635033

I think this person is a newfag or lainey sympathizer who has posted multiple times on this thread. Yes, we KNOW that she is being abused and it has affected her, no one's denying that, but the things she has done have put her on the same side of the coin as Greg.

No. 635034


Absolutely, that is my point that these two things can coexist. Her """choices"""" are influenced.

That's why I want her to leave, anon. Lord knows what greg will do to his own daughter.

No. 635039

You must be new, because many of us have gone on and on for a countless number of threads wishing for her to leave. She won't, not even for the sake of her own kids. This has always been the case with Taylor.

No. 635041


Anus only loves Trot because he’s male and he will essentially view him as a mini version of himself. Anus has proven time and time again to be mysognysitc and sexist as fuck towards women, why would his own daughter be different if his own wife is also no exception? Clot also reminds him of a time when he had a beautiful, young, feminine, exciting girl in love with him and who wanted to have sex with him, but it was all ruined by a heavily pregnant Lainey who constantly sent her away when she wasn’t busy puking, crying, and killing his errection with her anxiety; Trot reminds him of a time when he had lots of views and money, and a barely legal wife who still looked like a semi attractive woman.

No. 635042

Almost everyone here has been where you are so I get it, but she's not a victim. Plenty of people are abused and don't become abusers themselves. She made that transition, she's had years and years and nothing but people on her side. Yes abusers isolate their victims but it's clear she's not returning to greg because she loves him or is brainwashed, she is very aware of her actions, she enjoys the semblance of power she has with him. She has a support system and she has said she knows the internet is on her side; which means she's aware the internet knows he's an abuser and shows she has enough awareness to manipulate everyone else to get what she wants. She wants the "celebrity" marriage, she willingly had kids with this monster when she knows damn well he's a pedophile. She groomed and abused Sarah without greg.

I understand your point she can be abused while involving other people, that greg has more control and has more responsibility. Again, we all agree. We're saying she has displayed much more agency and because of that we want to see it go to her children and the other underage girls/kids she brings into this.

No. 635043

this is a great explanation and heartbreaking that it's true. i'm still trying to wrap my head around why he's so obsessed with hurting women while cross dressing like one, it's so fucked up and i know there's a soft oozing wound beneath it all that i'd love to see annihilated for all that he's done.

No. 635059


You have a very valid point that people abused don't always become abusers themselves and I agree. I think sometimes people here just get frustrated with the "disease" rather than Lainey herself which is why I even said anything. I'm not new, just very passionate about psychology lol. I'd argue that she wants all of those things because she is brainwashed into believing those are the only things that give her power or control but The Sarah Situation is indefensible. Being mentally ill doesn't mean you don't take accountability. The rage around that is completely justified lol.

No. 635062

Taylor is a lot of things, but not mentally ill. She just wants everyone to think she is for sympathy and uwu soft smol space boi points, and to take the heat off her when she does things that are undeniably fucked up.

>Lainey is crying

No. 635063


You have to be mentally ill in some form to marry and have children with someone like Onion willingly tbh.

No. 635068

Or just be a ‘starstruck’ teen desperate to get by in life with zero effort whatsoever by attaching herself to the first Internet ‘celebrity’ who pays attention to her.

No. 635069

This. She wasn't mentally ill, just a starstruck teenage idiot with no life experiences.

No. 635070

You don’t have to be mentally ill to get in Taylor’s situation (although you can be, I guess). Just really dumb and naive. Which fits her.

No. 635071

You don’t have to be mentally ill to get in Taylor’s situation (although you can be, I guess). Just really dumb and naive. Which fits her.

No. 635074

I don’t even think it was dumbness/naïveté. People warned her, and she just laughed at them. She could’ve easily read about Greg’s entire history, and probably did. I think she was just lazy and cunning.

No. 635083

We don't know anything about what Taylor was like prior to dating Greg aside from the fact that she obsessively pursued him. We don't know the degree to which she inherently has predatory and/or manipulative tendencies and the degree to which she adopted them by virtue of living with Greg. There's no evidence that she's "brainwashed" and no guarantee that she'd stop being a predator without Greg's influence. This could just be who she is, made worse by Greg.

Not that why she does what she does even matters now; everyone who seems to be sympathetic to Taylor seems to forget that Greg is likely the way he is because of his fucked up childhood…

No. 635104

File: 1548995224942.jpeg (280.53 KB, 1242x1244, A677E6BE-3DB5-4B93-B69E-FE665B…)

I really hope Boogie stays away from him. He hasn’t actually changed.

No. 635119

File: 1548996646055.png (3.34 MB, 1242x2208, 83F8814C-527B-43C1-8527-3E2D3C…)

M posted this on her story, this means she’s been in contact with the other girls. I hope she speaks out with ayalla, lane, or hailey, but not through Madison.

No. 635125


I mean we do in some sense? Her ex seemed like a real treat. She has no history of pursuing minors until Greg so I don't feel the need to speculate much further there honestly. I guess we don't really know if they're abusing their own kids, but so far the consensus seems to be Taylor is the better parent at the very least.

Greg is totally that way from his childhood and i am sympathetic for some of his dumbass behavior but his grooming and abuse, just like Taylor's grooming, is inexcusable. The guy needs some intensive fucking therapy and not just some counselor, as does she. I haven't forgotten. I just know Taylor will end up with the kids when he inevitably leaves her for fresh meat so my concern isn't him currently.

No. 635126

Yeah I'm gonna have to agree here, being abused can make you negligent and shitty to an extent, but being abused simply doesn't turn everyone into goddamn monsters. That's why my sympathy for Kainey only goes to a certain extent.

I can understand not being able to leave a narc shithead, can't understand grooming his potential new victims for him and being generally as degenerate.

No. 635128

UUMMM Onion CAN'T see a therapist anon. His mind is far too dark and twisted and he would cause ANY therapist he sees to break down.

No. 635129


Correcting myself, we know Greg is abusive [verbal] towards his kids, but not Taylor specifically.

No. 635140

>the consensus seems to be Taylor is the better parent at the very least.

Shoving your kids under the table while filming in a restaurant so they're not seen. Seems like good parenting.

No. 635142

Taylor has said on multiple occasions, including in her my side of the story vid, on how greg verbally abuses her, and even still calls her cunt to this day. Same in her live-streams. Greg himself has admitted and said it’s something he’s “working on”

No. 635149


yes that's what I meant. I know he's abusive towards Taylor.

No. 635158

They’re both toxic, manipulative, disingenuous assmunches.

No. 635169

Also keep in mind Greg is purposefully ignoring Cloey. I hate to speculate but predators like him who don’t form a paternal bond with their daughters are more likely to offend against her one day if he doesn’t feel that parental attachment to her and just views her as a teen living under his roof. I’m so concerned about her well being one day and I don’t put it past Lainey to just be jealous of her daughter and blame her for any abuse if it occurs. It’s sad.

No. 635172

>I mean we do in some sense?
We don't know if she engaged in manipulative or predatory behavior. Abusive people tend to attract each other, or otherwise attract people with serious problems; many abusive relationships involve some form of abuse from both partners. Taylor may never have gone full pedo before Greg (though given her age at the time and her apparent age of preference,she would have been too young at the time), but there's a very high chance that she wasn't just some pure soul corrupted entirely by the force of Greg.

>I just know Taylor will end up with the kids when he inevitably leaves her for fresh meat so my concern isn't him currently.

That's fair enough. I will say though that Taylor may not be abusive to the kids, but she certainly isn't a good parent and may at worst be neglectful. There's a reason why Troy had teeth so rotten that he had to be operated on under general anesthesia. The videos they've put out where they completely ignore the kids are pretty telling too.

No. 635178

File: 1549002165903.jpeg (885.66 KB, 1125x1760, 718F5F4D-FEEC-426E-AED2-CBB30A…)

Or you could leave her alone Greg.

No. 635202

That email was obviously written by himself

No. 635204

Ha! Why would she ever DM you, Greg? You made a countless number of videos about her all in a negative light.

That would be like Billie going back to the Onions for help. It makes no sense and would never happen.

No. 635208

He's so disgusting. He probably wrote the email himself, but even if he didn't this is wrong. He wouldn't have ever talked about her if it wasn't to get views. I wonder if this is some ploy to salvage his reputation.

No. 635210

Yeah because the man who has belittled and viciously made fun of her mental illness for money and attention for actual years would be the first person she DMs about her situation. Not like he would make a video screen capping the convo either. No way, this is a NEW Onision with positivity and morals and a human soul!
The total and complete lack of self awareness is unreal

No. 635211

I know he's just using this as excuse to harass the poor girl but im starting to think he might actually be retarded enough to believe that male attention/his peen can cure an ED lmao

No. 635212

I wouldn't be surprised if he actually believed that. He "cured" the man-wife of anorexia, or at least I bet money he absolutely beyond a shadow of a doubt believes he did.

No. 635213

File: 1549005250907.jpeg (766.32 KB, 1125x1620, 89B588D7-35C5-4662-9EBA-5A12A9…)

When cows collide

No. 635214

I think this is exactly right, to be honest. He's so full of himself and genuinely believes he's an expert in every fucking thing so I'm sure he's got some fantasy delusion that he can cure Eugenia.

No. 635216

You know they don't sell returned makeup, right?

There are people in this thread who above anything else just want to sperg out on how much they hate Lainey. I agree with you, but I feel like people insisting she's "just as bad" are minimizing what Greg has done and the fact that the power dynamic is completely different - dude is significantly worse than his groomed wife will ever be.

No. 635218

ye and she allowed a 14 yr old to be in his presence. wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy.

No. 635219

oh my god. for the last time no one here does not understand greg is responsible for lainey's abuse, she is also a predator herself and MOST female victims of abuse do NOT become predators she is a grown ass woman with plenty of resources to leave and now has children AND more than one minor she's groomed
so many people made succinct points about this, myself included who went over a myriad of things disproving every point you have, are these comments for fucking real

stop fucking defending lainey's abuse because she's a victim of greg. period. no one fucking hates lainey they hate what she's done and want her to get out and no one has ever said otherwise this has too be bait.

greg will always be worse and zero people have ever disagreed get your shit together.

No. 635220

like jesus christ you were spoonfed. I spoodfed you. What the fuck

No. 635223

Also what the fuck does he think he could do that would help? Make more shitty videos about her? Berate and insult her and tell her she looks disgusting?? (it works on muh 13 year old fans who skipped a meal ONCE, I SAVED THEMMMMM)

Screencapping their convo and sharing it on twitter and in a video is EXACTLY what he would do..

No. 635226

why does he pick the weakest targets???

No. 635228

boogie is a fence sitter and will suck the dick of whoever kisses his ass, hes very similar to grog and the only reason people like him still is cause he was better at hiding his narc than onion.

No. 635231

File: 1549008034904.jpeg (483.94 KB, 750x1000, 86E0900C-5DD4-496F-AE28-B326AD…)

Hyperkek for the thirst here, fucking hell he is so predictable and transparent. Nobody wants your half hotdog in a turtleneck Grug, give it up you old creep

No. 635235

He probably saw the Washington license plate and lost all sense of subtlety.

No. 635236

I didn’t even notice that, I just saw the blue hair and uwu alt girl aesthetic. This makes it even more hilarious. Never change, Gerg.

No. 635238

She said in a video it was her pregnancy with trot that cured her, so it wasn't anus. He still would try to twist that into "I got her pregnant and her pregnancy cured her, so it was still meeeee"

No. 635239

Someone plz get their grandpa. Because seriously he sounds like someone's older relative who posts on Facebook.

No. 635240

he's getting so desperate he's going beyond his preferred age range, as long as they have blue hair. lol.

No. 635241

Isn't that girl dating tobuscus (Jaclyn's ex/creepy guy onision defended)?

No. 635243

Yes and supposedly when he was buddying up Toby, they all hung out a few times.

No. 635252

How does Lainey not look at all this constant stalker activity on twitter,, where he's flirting like a 5th grader with overtly sexual, desperately slutty, hyper-feminized girls?

If I were someone who claimed to be transgender as Lainey does, and my husband was drooling daily over women like this, it would make me feel horrible about myself.
I just cannot comprehend their relationship whatsoever. In what kind of relationship/marriage is this okay..?
He is publicly embarrassing her and making a mockery of her on a constant basis. Don't get me wrong, Lainey is a smug gross creep, but how on earth does she deal with this public sluttery every single day for all their mentally retarded fans (and intelligent eye-rolling haters) to see?

No. 635253

This seems very likely to me. He fits the behaviors of a predator perfectly, it's scary.

No. 635256

The fact that he doesn't talk to his own daughter is so sad and disturbing. There is absolutely no rational explanation for it and in light of his predatory behavior, I worry for her too. I think even if he doesn't prey on her, having him as a father is going to screw his kids up so badly and Lainey isn't going to do shit about it until it's way too late, if she does anything at all.

No. 635261

She hasnt abused anyone so dramatic

No. 635263

Or “groomed” anyone

No. 635264

What would you call throwing Maya and Luxy under the bus because they didn't want to fuck Greg? And what would you call her requiring gifts from her teenage "girlfriends" so they can curry her favor and get back into her good graces?

No. 635265

Fuck off. Sending sexy pictures to a 14 year old is the very definition of grooming.

No. 635266

Thats not abusive, he doesnt allow her to talk to people he cant fuck, thats all him, and does she owe them her vagina?

No. 635267

Her friend, and thats shitty but not muh grooming lol

This is why the onions dont take this site seriously

No. 635268

No its fucking not so dramatic, they are/were friends

No. 635270

That is not what I am talking about. If you don't know what she did and how she treated them, then find out and come back when you do.

No. 635272

She didnt so shit she ghosted them

Thats not ABUSIVE and none of them were MINORSSSS, people are forgetting Lainey is only in her early twenties shes not some 55 year old woman writing up 15 year old

No. 635274

FFS. "This is why the Onions don't take this site seriously." This shit is why this site doesn't take KAILOR'S stans seriously, because you are all literally retarded.

No. 635276

Not a stan just over the melodramatic shit, shes annoying and shitty but not some psycho pedophile, thats a massive fucking reach

No. 635277

Not that, that isnt common in other threads but this one was so fun and milky till all these pearl clutching reachy new fags came, why cant we stick to what we know for certain instead of conspiracy theories?? And absurd exaggerations..

No. 635284

Of course he brings up taking a bath lol

No. 635285

Wish the sperging about Taylor would stop. Yeah she is clearly mentally ill as are all the girls that Onion entices. Does that excuse how pathetic she has allowed her existence to become? No. She has a wealth of resources at her disposal to get the fuck out of that unhappy marriage and secure a stable future for her kids but that would require effort in this lazy bitches part. She is far more content to sit on her ass all day counting calories and browsing trends and thinking of the next toy she wants to buy herself while getting her little fans her husband has educated her on grooming to stroke her ego, throw money at her and buy her gifts when she's sad.

She had some unfortunate instances during her adolescent years that would scar anyone, but her parents took action against that teacher. Her ex David was in contact with her mum and he confessed about raping her to her parents who support her. She ran off a month after turning 18 to get married and devastated her parents who have supported her through past issues. They tried to intervene, but Taylor got her YouTube man and abandoned her family. Taylor has grievance with her step brother and probably holds resentment towards her mother and father for abandonment. Yet her grandmother and female relatives have all been allowed the privellege of coming to the Onion compound to do laundry, cook meals and sort the mess of the place. Oh and also child rear.

She is not isolated. She has people paying to talk to her. She has a family that sticks by her and sends expensive gifts from a distance because its all her narc hubby will allow.

Taylor is 24 now. She was a teen mom at 18. She decided to get pregnant again in her 20s whilst her husband was fascinated with her 19 year old "gf". She's not a dumb teen anymore although she still plays make believe like one larping as the next emo/tranny/gay/bi/boi label. She's a woman with a degree who has 2 children has been married 6 years has been living independent with her man child husband 6 years. She's not as ignorant as she makes out she just wants an easy fucking life. And if that means letting her husband emotionally barrage girls who can also take on all her household duties and maternal responsibilities all the better. That's lit.

Taylor plays the perpetual victim out of leisure. She knows her family are a safety net. She's just being a moody bitch she has one job and she's abandoned all other social media to promote her only way of generating income. Onion seems like he's gearing up for a separation. She's not existing, she's plain and she's clearly backing out of her YouTube obligations. She's going to be deadweight to him and he's probably weighing up just how much he could monetise their separation. How free he could be to be an even bigger sleaze bag. To unshackle himself from keeping Taylor in mind and being free to pursue connections that could bring lucrative views.

No. 635287

Lol get off here Plainy fan.

No. 635288

In Gurgles new video he makes fun of the Frozen song and shows a few parodies, but mostly he shoves his disgusting perversions in there, talks about the dad spanking his daughter (how fitting), pretends to be a girl moaning his own name loudly while showing his fav aheago image and just overall makes me wanna kill myself

No. 635291

She hasnt groomed anyone, its hard to take this shit thread seriously, i wish she had her own thread on snow so the sperging about how ebillll plain is there and we can discuss the actual pedophilic scum who actually has groomed teenagers and fucked them and slandered them, not this tame bitch

No. 635292

She's probably not some psycho paedophile, we all know she's not attracted to girls, but that doesn't mean her relationship with Sarah wasn't predatory or that her actions weren't grooming/inappropriate. Off the top of my head, here are things she did with Sarah that have been confirmed by accounts or shown in videos, all while Lame was an adult and Sarah underage:
Cuddling in bed together (multiple accounts and in a video)
Promising S she would be the next girl after Billie (from Lane)
Sending S a photo of herself with her tits out (on her own twitter)
Encouraging her to get into sexual relationships when she was only 14/15 (retweeting one where Sarah asked 18+ girls to DM her and then privately talking about 'drowning in pussy')
Getting S to rub her legs and feet (video)
Walking around topless (Lane confirmed this happened before she turned 18)
Letting S watch her bathe (not as concretely confirmed as others but Sarah's reaction says a lot)
Telling S to keep her age a secret (their first conversations on twitter)

So tell me how it is a bunch of exaggeration when we point out that Lainey is a child groomer? Is this how you treat someone you know is a child? Lainey has been an adult the entire time she has known Sarah, how the fuck was any of this ever appropriate?

Lainey may have been young but she was still old enough to know better and it has gone far beyond friendly banter many times

No. 635294

Oh no she bathed in front of the younger friend what a monster

And there is NO proof of Sarah being promised to be in a relationship with them, only plane clone has said that and mysterioudly all those messages were “deleted”

No. 635295

And dont forget when the billie shit was going on Planeclone selfposted a shot ton and skin walked plain

No. 635296

So if Greg at 22 got naked and bathed in front of a 16 year old how would you react then? 'But they're just friends'?

It shouldn't make it different because Lame's a woman and if you want to say there was nothing sexual, then you're forgetting that Lainey is supposedly bi and Sarah has made it pretty fucking clear she is in love with her

No. 635298

It is different because Greg is a fucking pedo are you serious

No. 635299

She groomed Sarah, you need to lurk more newfag.

What married woman in her 20s do you know would befriend 14 year olds and happen to have her live with her when she turns that magic 'age of consent'. Onion's one of those freaks that could probably do any maths problem if you frame it in a word problem involving age of consent, states and minors. Taylor has groomed minors, whether under coercion by her freak husband or out of her own desperation for control and attention who knows.

You going to ignore the slew of teen girls through the revolving door of the compound? Lainey and her husband are both involved in grooming them and getting them there and there's always some type of entrapment. Money, shelter, business opportunities. How many freaks do you know that have to sign relationship contracts?

They're both fucking mental and unhinged with their treatment of minors. No one has come out yet to say Lainey stuck her fake dick in them but does she scar girls she comes into contact with? Yes.

Girls that were involved around the time of cuddle gate are only feeling confident to speak out now. Because they've actually grown up and reflected and contemplated what they've been through. We're seeing they're still shy to show all details because there was clearly flirtation etc between them and that's personal and embarrassing to share and shouldn't need to be. But it does show that these girls were being emotionally manipulated and coerced.

If these girls who are all younger than Lainey can gain some perspective you'd think mrs psychology major could maybe wstchsome of her husbands god awful vlogs about him talking about the biggest betrayals in her marriage and see the light. But she refuses. It's much easier to coerce and groom young girls for that sweet serotonin and dopamine your husband has utterly depleted. She needs thst reward system somewhere.

I'm sure poor Sarah has been put thru some shit recently by Lainey venting and >crying. It's all too much uwu

No. 635300

There is no fucking proof at all, thats why im so pissed, and if you call this shit out your banned because this thread has become an echo chamber

No. 635301

Losers, lainey isnt gay and she isnt a pedo
Which “minors” has she “groomed”??? Her friend Sarah?? Where is the proof? Right, there is none

No. 635302

The minor she had living with her. Like take an English comprehension class or gtfo newfag

No. 635303

Lol, girls maybe max 5 years her senior above the age of 18, and the worst she did was ghost them because she isnt gay we all know this, LOL “scarred”

Gregma is the real monster, plain is a minor cow, she needs her own thread, it can be the new shay thread where everyone finds milk where there is none then we can discuss the real predator, greg.

No. 635304

Sarah is 18, its not illegal to befriend younger people, its pathetic and sad but thats it

No. 635306


No. 635308

It's also reminiscent of how he treats young girls so they 'don't get attracted to him'. It's scary to think he might believe his infant daughter could be attracted to him, but it's even scarier to think that he might become nice one day thinking that 'it's okay for her to think I'm sexy now she's old enough'…

No. 635310

That wouldnt suprise me, he has kissed his cousin before so incest is not a reach

No. 635312

??? Taylor has had Billie, Maya, Ayalla, Sam, Sarah, Selena, Mercedes stay with her. Selena and Mercedes are her only friends pre Onion and he has claimed to have fucked one of them and surprise she fell out with them both over something to do with Onion. :o! The other girls in the list that have stayed there have all had backlash against them for being involved with the Onions and have spoke about abuse from them in the form of verbal or emotional. Even Sarah.

Madison Onion had known prior to Lainey and had her always in her underwear (her leaked messages say he popped a boner over her but use refused him). Although Madison was not brought in by Lainey, Lainey and Madi have their own grievances now. No one suggests any grooming. And while also remembering Sam did go on about liking Lainey but I think we all know that was an Onion executive decision in brining her in.

So Lainey has brought in Sarah and Billie (Ayalla by association) and they all stayed the longest as guests/live in lovers/nannies. (guess Sam too but she's more an Onion victim.) they all speak of abuse (Sam too).

Sarah is still on going although apparently they've fallen out again. More stories keep coming out in drips, but the whole 22/23 year old cuddling with a minor in her care is iffy. Especially when she's apparently her guardian and you've got her husband on a live stream saying the 16 year old is in love with the 22/23 year old and envisions a relationship on the future. And then you get a flashback to the future board video and Onion's one track mind. Then the penny hopefully drops for anyone that's not a retard that this strange couple with kids they don't talk to or enrol in education, are actively seeking a third. How are they doing this? By grooming girls. Does grooming mean have sex with girls? No you fucking retard stop trying to conflate the terms, it means coercing a girl into a relationship with power dynamics!!!11

No. 635313

They are all within her age range and she hasnt personally done shit to them, ONLY her zit of a husband(Infighting)

No. 635315

She was a completely pathetic bitch towards Billie. She was a cunt towards Ayalla. She was a dick towards Luxy. We have read various messages between her and girls after they've met and shit has went downhill. Lainey is a bitch. She's not nice and she's a self serving cunt. Has she ever done something on Onion's level of cheating in his first wife with a 17byear old pop star minor across state lines? No. But she has enabled her husband and helped coerce girls to stay with her and subject them to her miserable lifestyle. Is Onion forcing Lainey to do all this? We don't know. Does Lainey have a support system to leave if she doesn't want to participate? Yes. Her kids would be better off indefinitely being raised around an upper middle class family in New Mexico than the Onion compound. So, is Taylor complicit in her husbands abuse towards other girls? YES

No. 635317

Give up Anon, you are trying to convince a literal retard, and clearly one of Kailor's stans. They see no wrong in her conduct. She's their GOALS UWU TRANSBOI idol.

No. 635319

I agree, don't feed the trolls. This stan has fucked up the thread enough already.

No. 635320

I agree, don't feed the trolls. This stan has fucked up the thread enough already.

No. 635323

I agree the Lamefoot stans are unnerving. Whiteknighting her doesn't change the fact she is a spoiled privileged cunt who is basically a mini Onion and an enabler. This is almost as stupid as using her pronouns of the month.

No. 635324


On the contrary Stan, Sarah was ABSOLUTELY under the impression that she was going to be in the relationship, that's why she was sent home the first time - because that got out. Lane leaked hers and Sarahs messages and Onion himself commented on it and confirmed Sarah thought she was lining up to be in a relationship with Lame.

No. 635336

File: 1549039045345.jpeg (832.58 KB, 1125x1543, 331ECA44-3BD2-46DC-AF1F-C679DA…)

Greg is still denying what he did to AJ.

No. 635339

I like that he has to specifically point out it was a 26 year old because of his predatory behaviour being exposed lolol

No. 635346

First of all AJ wasn’t the one who said Greg raped her. She stated what Greg did was just pressuring her into sex.

No. 635352

File: 1549042899613.jpeg (442.63 KB, 1125x1240, 6F347E60-F522-4AAF-AB5F-205A10…)

Whatever happened to #metoo Shreg?

No. 635355

Who cares? Would you defend lung cancer because pancreatic cancer is worse? They're both shit and deserve all the criticism they get.
Greg x Kelly would be an incredible sight to behold. I don't think he's creeping on her, though; he might just be trying to create more evidence that he's "nice" or do the same thing he's doing to teen girls to disguise the fact that he's hitting on teens.
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. An adult woman was flirting with a 14-year-old girl from a broken home, brought her into her dysfunctional household, got some sort of guardianship over her, and proceeded to do things that are incredibly inappropriate to someone who's both a minor and a ward. If Taylor were an actual man then I'm sure you'd be singing a different tune.

You sound like a young teenager or a predator and/or dysfunctional piece of trash yourself because there's no way a normal adult would take a look at what happened and not see flashing warning signs.

No. 635365

Or that it was 7 years ago, as if it being "old" made it less bad

No. 635366

File: 1549045536422.png (76.27 KB, 599x507, losingit.png)

No. 635367

Did Al Jourgeson ever sue him for the time he claimed AJ told him that her dad raped her?

No. 635368

File: 1549045628621.png (669.74 KB, 1085x441, adrienne.png)

He can deny all he fucking wants.

No. 635369

This motherfucker spend most of the second half of last year screaming about that popblast video on shane and going along with it, Making video after video, Livestreams etc

Greg couldn't fucking wait to see shane hang with no evidence what so ever.

Thing is greg, The evidence against you is mounting.

No. 635396


A bit if snooping, but it looks possible she may be newly single..

No. 635398


Holy shit, newfag, you need to take your Lainey-stanning elsewhere before you get put out to pasture.


Try saying that to Al Jourgensen’s face, Anus, and see what that does.

No. 635399

File: 1549051676686.jpg (21.58 KB, 575x99, youneedtobehishero.jpg)

He's pretty much confirming that awful screaming fit he had with Lainey and Madison but since it's twitter he's saying it in the nice guy way.

Since A has come up in conversation I wonder what he thinks of the time he claimed her dad molested her? And he said that years after they broke up.

No. 635400

Is this seriously his attempt at a desperate defense of the accusations against him?
So what, he can say since none of the girls who felt harassed by him or witnessed him being creepy with underaged girls went to the police he is innocent?

You don’t have to do something worthy of a police report for be a scum human being. But in his world, I guess as long as he hasn’t been in court he is A OK

No. 635402

File: 1549054441673.jpeg (120.61 KB, 654x293, F29084D7-6C37-4FA1-9183-0E3FEF…)

I hope any transcript anons don’t feel obligated to do this video, it’s probably 50 minutes of incoherent rambling with nothing of substance.

No. 635403

The idea of listening to this fucking idiot talk for fifty minutes straight is stomach churning. Whoever can manage it is a fucking superhero.

No. 635404

Do you think he'll ever realize that no one gives a shit about him or his "totally real" stories?

No. 635405

File: 1549054755304.jpeg (390.44 KB, 1125x1166, 0970347B-83AD-4C20-AB6D-578ADC…)

Is there a police report from when Complainey supposedly reported this? I don’t think she ever did if I am recalling correctly from previous threads, so I think he is just straight up lying at this point. Anons, if I’m wrong let me know and I’ll delete this, but I don’t remember Lainey ever stating that she went to the police for that.

No. 635407

He essentially forced her to come forward after yelling at her and Madison lmao

No. 635409

Could it be that he thinks because Shane is successful with super long videos, it's a good idea to upload a 50 minute video of something uninteresting? It's hard to believe that he has been on Youtube for so long and still doesn't know how this platform works at all.

No. 635411

LMAO kainey never mentioned going to the police in her rape story video she actually said she put up with it and let it happen then dated the guy still right up until she moved onto Greg. This is a satright up lie and trying to cover his ass once again not giving a shit if he contradicts his Buck angel wife wannabe.

No. 635414

If kainey did its probably because of gerg pushing her into it after his spergout at her and madison. Prob not even for her sake. Probably just for his own so that he could watertight his hipocrisy when he made a video about it despite her asking him not to.

No. 635419

That would make no sense to report it years later. There is a statute of limitations on those things and she would need to report it to the Las Cruces police I believe as opposed to the police where she is currently living. Wow, Grugly literally make no sense, yet again.

No. 635421

“Innocent until proven guilty” is a doctrine that applies only to the legal system and everyone working in it. A judge has to assume someone charged with a crime is innocent before the trial starts, and so do jury members.

The public at large is free to believe whatever they want.

As usual, Onion is flapping his caveman jaw about something he doesn’t understand.

And “murderer” is so melodramatic.

No. 635422

The statute of limitations on sexual assault in New Mexico is six years, for whatever that’s worth.

No. 635425

No anon, people who go to the police after being raped are heroes. Duh. Forget the fucked judicial system, Onion law is best law

No. 635430

I've watched it and god damn is he insane.

>reads Adrienne's email to him and comments how crazy it is she accused him of "rape" and later on apologizes for it, only to rant on him later on

>shits thoroughly on her for offering her friendship
>like LITERALLY any relationship rant, manages to insert Shiloh drama and her short lived "friendship" with AJ, how EVIL they were
>then mentions his apology to Shane Dawson and how he WOULD NEVER offer his friendship to him
>Madison accusations of him talking to Shiloh when she was 16 (she was actually 17)
>REEEEE's on his haturz for having "no common sense" for at least half of the time
>blames Blaire White for people thinking he's a predator
>towards the end he also mentions Joy Sparkle BS and how much of a terrible hatur she is
>wks himself for the Groomgate

Basically it's senseless rambling that he's not a rapist and the internet is going after him for 7 years.

No. 635431

File: 1549059460000.jpeg (29.95 KB, 649x473, images (19).jpeg)

No. 635433

She not only didn't report him to the police she also dated him for more 2 years after he raped her

No. 635436

According to them they did make a report after onioncuck kept pressuring her and guilting her for not doing so.

No. 635442

File: 1549061067921.jpg (79.81 KB, 725x689, 008.jpg)

In Lainey's latest video:
Her letter board that had her love/marriage motto on it randomly fell off the wall and broke, she's not sure if that's a bad omen. Goes on to stress several times in the video she's "pretty sure she's having a nervous breakdown". Scared to ask for Greg's help because he'll just make fun of her. Compares herself to "the Girl in willie wonka".

No. 635443

>Kai went to the police
Ya, maybe because you forced her to after telling her she deserves to get raped
>it was a painful experience
Maybe because you exploited HER story to the internet and forced her to relive those moments, e.g. by directly slandering her ex online multiple times
>she deserves respect for it
You sure had that respect while screaming at her in front of your children, or when you exposed her despite her begging you not to

No. 635445

> "scared to ask for Greg's help because he'll just make fun of her"

how does she say shit like this out loud and NOT realize how much of a ginormous red flag that is? if i were to ask my husband to help me with something silly he'd laugh I'm sure but he'd be glad to cooperate, but she's saying it like he'll just flat out belittle her and offer no help at all (which is in character for Greg). that is NOT what a good, loving husband is like, Kainey.

No. 635448

I hope people throw this right at his dumb ass when he starts sperging about being a good person.

No. 635449

I still doubt it, anus was too quiet about it. If she really reported him anus would've milked the situation and made several videos and tweets about how his amazing spouse is a hero and how she saved other women blah blah blah

No. 635452

his version of events of what happened with AJ is not at all the same as what she had written, but i'm more inclined to believe her since, as he loves to point out, he is retelling it 7 years ago while hers was like a year later.

No. 635453

Which girl? Simce she doesn't read books, just bad tumblr fanfic of her and jail bait teen girls I imagine the new movie version. So the spoiled bitch, or the narcissist gymnast with delusions of grandeur? Both bad people. Not a suprise.

No. 635454

Which girl? Simce she doesn't read books, just bad tumblr fanfic of her and jail bait teen girls I imagine the new movie version. So the spoiled bitch, or the narcissist gymnast with delusions of grandeur? Both bad people. Not a suprise.

No. 635456

Sorry for not specifying, she meant Violet from WW when she gets all round and purple. She was putting on a lot of shirts over one another in this video so she looked fat. Just wanted to point out her brain went to relating to a female character considering she has a "male mind".

No. 635458

File: 1549062496375.jpeg (437.3 KB, 1240x2064, 1671B53B-B57D-48F8-90A8-CBB5AF…)

nah she is just another thirsty blue haired thot

No. 635470

So he wanted suk mi but was weirded out by her spitting on his baby gerkin?

No. 635479

File: 1549066048452.jpg (89.65 KB, 592x508, no.jpg)

I guess this is in reference to Sh?

No. 635482

File: 1549066139239.jpg (41.29 KB, 1144x132, DyWuQP0VsAEDJEH (1).jpg)

No. 635492

Oof. Pseudo-"sage" for this, but the clip was posted by Shiloh's ex-friend, Veronica. They've had a fall-out not too long ago (around the same time Shiloh lost a lot of weight/started going out with her new boyfriend) and none of their uploaded videos together were mirrored before they were deleted. The video was of the two of them (Shiloh was significantly heavier) talking mostly about her career in a fan-compiled FAQ from twitter, and there were only a few questions about Greg that she really seemed uncomfortable answering.

While I definitely believe that Shiloh had/has some tendency for pathological lying, I don't believe the clip in question involved Shiloh outright admitting that she lied. She said her relationship with Greg pushed her to do a lot of "crazy" things b/c their environment just always encouraged it/was so animated b/c everything about them was uploaded. In that same clip, she also says "I wish he would take the videos [with her] down."

She also clarified that she thought she "had sepsis" when her doctor told her that she "went septic" or whatever.

No. 635493


>If you do not agree that you are a murderer,it does not matter because you do not believe in innocent till proven guilty

I fail to understand how a native english speaker can make such weird constructions…. Everything sounds like a bizarre google translated mess

No. 635502

I read this tweet like 6 times and I still don't understand what he's trying to say. I think he forgot what the word murder means.

No. 635505

he's probably just being a drama queen and implying that somehow doubting a person's innocence affects the outcome of court proceedings which means that any time anyone anywhere ever takes sides on cases we're literally forcing the judge to dole out a death sentence.

No. 635509

That has to be it. Shit, was his Greglish this incomprehensible in his early years too

No. 635511

adrienne was an example of what will happen any-time Onision tries to date a girl that isn't 16-17 and has an inherent lack of self esteem and life experience

she had way too much common sense and self respect/ confidence for his bullshit

No. 635512

He forgot to mention that the murderer hes speaking of is a hot stove. Once you add that detail it all makes sense. DUH!

No. 635515

File: 1549070598759.jpeg (532.22 KB, 750x1062, 8DE66839-2546-43CB-8383-A213AC…)

kek being compared to hitler isn’t a compliment you retard

No. 635516

File: 1549070645956.jpeg (322.57 KB, 750x787, E1821017-7067-43CF-A00A-EAD59B…)

Not this shit again

No. 635520


I'm pretty sure what he's trying to say is that you can't say anyone did anything bad without concrete evidence (and a police report).
He's saying that because everyone is believing the claims about him "without evidence", that that means ANYONE can make ANY claim and you can't argue it because people believe everything they hear thus making it true.

It's a completly stupid false equivalency, but his tiny narc-brain can't see anything as anything other than black and white.

No. 635521

Here we go again with him asking his horde of teenage tards to harass that poor girl.

No. 635522

can someone mirror I want to watch the demise

No. 635523

Some one in the comments mentioned her looking like an effeminate Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle and now I cant unsee it.

No. 635524

It sure is interesting what some of the mods decide to ban for and what they let slide.

No. 635526

File: 1549071859043.jpg (65.79 KB, 777x443, shirts.jpg)

Eh, she puts on like 23 shirts and predictably gets uncomfortable and claustrophobic and then has to ask Gurg to help her take some off.

No. 635528


Greg is such an individualistic asshole he sees the law as something of personal nature such as 'believing' in a principle as key factor to whether or not the principle will be rightly followed.

We all know the various troubles in understanding the law or why people should do the right thing regardless of the law.

He's so individualistic and narcissistic he can't follow how society and morality work because you have a goddam moral compass to get it.

What a narc.

No. 635535

File: 1549073811524.jpeg (674.5 KB, 750x1234, FDF40B69-7272-46E5-AB4A-B31804…)

Those views. You keep telling yourself that your a comedic genius Grugly, we all know that the only reason those videos get views is the thumbnails. How does it feel to barley break 5K otherwise?

No. 635538

File: 1549074374538.png (282.56 KB, 553x484, shirts.png)

No. 635544

I thought this was Fred Flintstone cosplay for a second kek

No. 635548

Im sure the next day she cried to Greg that she needs to go clothes shopping because she stretched all her shirts out and they're all super baggy now and she can feel her saggy tits swaying.

No. 635549

You're the best, anon!!

Her complaining the entire video when no one forced her to do this was beyond irritating.

No. 635551

How does one person have that many shirts? None of them even seem to suit her , or even her fakeboi persona. Her and Gurg need a Konmari intervention.

No. 635557

No his legal team warned Greg to shut up and he did

No. 635559

>Her and Gurg need a Konmari intervention.

We all know what would happen. Greg would say something inappropriate and sexual to the poor woman, ask her if shes starstruck to meet a big YouTube star like himself, pick her up and rub his chub on her as he carried her to another room.
Marie Kondo would race back to Japan and tell her friends about "the Godzilla headed monster" she encountered in Washington state.

No. 635560

>All those irritating grey's anatomy 'jokes'

No. 635563

Is Taylor publicly fawning over Meredith Grey because shes trying to make it look like shes into older women?

No. 635568

File: 1549077305496.png (22.36 KB, 577x190, 6748344.PNG)

Anyone else thing that his new forum will slowly start to kill his Patreon? Why do these sad and lonely girls need to pay a monthly fee to get Gregs attention when they can do it for free on his new site.

No. 635571

Their content is always so tepid and behind the times. H3 did the same thing 2 YEARS ago but it was 100 shirts. These kind of "excess" videos are only entertaining if you really go over the top like that, otherwise you're just doing something any normie could do in their own free time.
It's honestly embarrassing because the whole "doing something excessive for views" thing is one of the easiest forms of content. All they do is spend money anyway, she could have gone to a thrift store and bought a fuck ton of shirts or something. They're just so lazy.

No. 635581

When you put 23 layers on patron but title it 100 layers on YT. This is the type of click bait people don’t like, Lainey. Also it’s just in general extremely lazy content, if you’re going to put out lazy content at least do it because you’re doing fillers for bigger videos. Her youtube channel is just straight up embarrassing.

Also (I know, beating a dead horse here) to anyone asking how Lainey is abusive, even if you ignore all the grooming shit and all the ex girlfriend shit, Lainey IS abusive to Sarah in their friendship. She holds a power over here, she’s aware of that, and when Sarah does something or if she upsets Lainey in anyway she has to buy/send her gifts to make up for it. When Sarah was posting her ED shit “goal weight: 120” Lainey would reply with her gw being 110, always making sure she knew she was smaller or “sicker” even. She allowed her friend to be talked down/verbally attacked by her husband. Friendships can be abusive, even if it’s not intentional.

No. 635635

Im not sure if anyone has noticed, but the forums are back up.

No. 635639

One of Pewdiepie's recent video, he layered on cringey gamer shirts so I think she did it because of him lol

No. 635640

File: 1549085544562.png (88.54 KB, 494x300, Screenshot(4).png)

most of us have noticed already. worth noting if you go to onision.com/discover you can see all activity on that forum and I noticed the songs he gives away to his patrons he is posting for 0.49$ on his forums

No. 635667

File: 1549089315037.jpeg (303.5 KB, 1125x963, E954F7B7-6D97-420F-BF1C-8C730F…)

This would be ironic, if the claims against him were false.

No. 635668

File: 1549089475482.jpeg (305.99 KB, 750x805, 75707310-7EAE-4EEF-B33D-3A8EF9…)

Fucking kek, the delusion

No. 635669

File: 1549089492457.jpeg (149.66 KB, 1125x719, CC05F308-4992-4A6F-B7F2-72349A…)

No. 635670

File: 1549089613629.jpeg (472.24 KB, 750x1054, B20ED484-1C9B-4843-8E08-888213…)

>flagging raids are against YouTube policy

Speaking from first hand experiencing and knowing full well they don’t work because your forty retarded channels are still allowed to exist

No. 635671

File: 1549089697839.jpeg (279.1 KB, 750x727, 279E73DA-BA92-43C8-8ADA-C3E872…)

Yeah, that’s not how eating disorders work, you absolute autists

No. 635672

File: 1549089927407.jpeg (434.86 KB, 1125x821, DC3F76C8-5E56-4850-913F-5F9E30…)

Googling how to deal with personal issues like a true autist.

No. 635673

I can't fucking stand the way his fans victimize themselves with eugenias condition. Absolutely infuriating. His fans are fucking narcs too.

No. 635674

The thing is, They aren't rumors, All the shit thats come out about him is well documented. Even by him.

No. 635675

Shhh anon, it’s hard for him to victimize himself if he remembers what he puts out on the internet for the world to see.

No. 635687

Lmao at one point he says that AJ’s account of what happened was taken from the Rocky movie. Like what?

No. 635693

I love how it’s magically supposed to be Not Hypocritical because of a slap dash half hearted apology tweet about Shane, and similar concern trolling about Eugenia.

No. 635704

>She has no history of pursuing minors until Greg

She was a minor when she met Greg

No. 635709

so she watched an old h3h3 video?

No. 635715

yes he only is attracted to underage girls who don't know what they're doing. any evidence of life beyond 14 for him is highly offensive

No. 635750

So many people have done the wear a bunch of t-shirts thing. Weezer even did it years ago in their video for Pork n Beans. She could have gotten this idea from anywhere. It’s very old and very well known. She is years behind trends. Just like Greg.

No. 635781

File: 1549122107108.jpg (44.64 KB, 603x276, 10.jpg)

Nobody needed more of that shit anyway, but it's probably because he isn't clever enough to come up with 5 more things.

No. 635790

Funny, I thought 15 was an attractive number to him
Tbh to be a fan of his you've got to be a pretty shit person anyway, given that his most popular videos are him telling teens they're fat and ugly or else sexy and fuckable. Not to mention all the other shit. They're literally trying to gwr him to harrass her for their own entertainment

No. 635791

File: 1549125188565.png (98.32 KB, 543x453, Screen Shot 8.png)

Will the Onion wiki ever be updated? Or is there any way to contact the owner and let someone else take it over? It's a lot for one person to take on but with the amount of people in these threads it seems like it would be so easy to crowd source the info and let farmers update/complete the pages.

It's just such a good idea gone to waste.

No. 635798

Is that Snow from FF13-2? Bitch, you wish

No. 635807

File: 1549131172432.jpg (110.13 KB, 1050x488, 20190202ayalla.jpg)

Emailing Repzion and contacting Ayalla, that sure seems like engaging Grug.

No. 635811

File: 1549132039610.jpeg (552.72 KB, 1125x1571, D6E65162-01CC-4EB2-ACF4-028354…)

>18+ teens
That’s it, he has to be retarded.

No. 635813

Not even close, Greg. The only fictional being you come close to looking like is a Lovecraft horror.

No. 635814

File: 1549132106819.jpeg (542.89 KB, 1125x990, 3F27AC50-CB84-48AA-9443-9ADCA6…)

No. 635816

Wtf does he want her friends to do? Force feed her? She's an adult, they can do fuck all unless she wants their help

No. 635817

Has he really just admitted that he can't comprehend the difference between real life and fiction?
Ok, that explains why he tries to be L and the Joker so desperately, apparently they are "real people" to him, too.

He really is a little boy in an old man's body.

No. 635818

Why is he showing this to his underage fans? He did something similar when he showed porn or nudity in a video to them. It reminds me of those pedos who show porn to their kid victims.

No. 635819

"Teens" isn't even shown to be the majority, it's like 50%. We get it Greg, you're a major ephebophile. You've advertised it enough.

No. 635820

see? pornhub says lots of people are into teens so it's okay for me to be into teens! stop calling me a pedophile reeeeeeeee!
this. no one can do anything except eugenia. if she isn't ready to get help there's kind of fuck all you can do about it. continuing to harass her about it is honestly just going to make it worse.

No. 635822

File: 1549132662727.jpg (34.5 KB, 586x212, ctf.jpg)

One of his fans had to remind him that she knows more youtubers! Good job onion fangirl you've been acknowledged. He has no idea what these peoples relationships with Eugenia are actually like and if they've spoken with her about her issues.

No. 635823

He's probably trying to normalize it to his fans. Since anyone with a braincell can pick up that he has a thing for teens, he's making it not seem creepy, that way he can obtain more barely legal poon.

No. 635825

>Go help her. Now.

Or what motherfucker? The nerve of this ugly ass pedo trying to tell people, other adults, what to do. Just because Plainey's a doormat and lets him walk all over her, doesn't mean that every other adult is going to do the same. His logic is completely assbackwards if he thinks that forcing someone into eating is going to get them to eat. It's going to do the exact opposite and make her dig her heels in more. That's the case for many people with issues.

Here's a fun fact Pedosion, normal people don't force others into doing things against their will.

No. 635826

File: 1549132972406.jpg (45.09 KB, 582x248, milf.jpg)

Onion fangirls are really playing into his hands today! Yup he sure does love a milf even though he's barely been interested in his own wife since the second pregnancy. But this is all just an opportunity for him to portray himself as appreciative of women.

No. 635827

Anyone who has any clue about EDs knows that your friends can support you and try to help but no one can force you if you don’t want it. He has no idea if they already are doing the most they can, nor does he even know the level of friendship they have. If they push hard shell just push them away, it’s what sick people do when they’re content and don’t want to get better.
Also he’s shown he’s emailed shane before. He can just email him if he’s that concerned. He can dm Jaclyn. There’s no need to tweet public, it’s all a show.

No. 635828

File: 1549132994920.jpeg (691.41 KB, 1125x1528, AAABBA58-6C70-4D14-94E3-4AD59D…)

The juxtaposition of these two tweets tho lmao

No. 635829

I love how he keeps sperging about not being into teens, how kids are gross and how he's always mean to them, and then goes out there saying "See, everybody does it! It's ok if I do it,too!", forgetting about how he's already denied he likes teens.

Even if he tries to spin it around, saying he's """""the only one""""" not being into that type of porn, he shoots himself in the foot because he once streamed with his patrons and revealed his step mom / step sister (step daughter?) kink.
He's so doomed.

No. 635830

Well he’s said he’s also into step-mom shit, so imagine how excited he’ll get when Laineys out and he finds a step-mommy of his own.

No. 635831

He has a "MILF" at home. There's no need for him to watch porn about it.
Or did he slip up there and is admitting to not being interested in Lainey in the slightest anymore?

No. 635835

File: 1549134225684.jpeg (532.93 KB, 1125x1027, 95A9002A-7E75-45AE-BF4B-BF2051…)

…Or he’d yell and guilt trip them until they kill themselves.

No. 635837

>I'd cut the rope

And the friendship too cause someone with anorexia would not want to be around that person anymore. He keeps saying all of this shit and trying to force them into doing something, but not once has he suggested what to do.

No. 635838

He really thinks that if he could scream and call Eugenia a cunt like he does with his wife It’d magically heal all her mental issues

No. 635840

Oil Wife has made previous videos on Greg and she always seems pretty informed. This is a video she made on the Sarah situation and she does a pretty good job at explaining things.

No. 635841

what an effective way to help someone in a grave situation of distress, yell at them and force them to do stuff that would only distress them more and probably cause them to spiral even deeper into their disorder.

that's why anorexia and bulimia clinics just yell at their patients to eat, call them twigs and skeletons and guilt them into "realizing" how much they're hurting their families, and force feeding them, right?

No. 635842

>that is NOT what a good, loving husband is like, Kainey

She still convinces herself that Greg is a good husband and for that she deserves an award for the amount of mental gymnastics she has to do on the daily.

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.

No. 635843

File: 1549135699455.jpeg (345.08 KB, 750x927, 43ACD725-2DFD-4AEA-82FE-D5D3E2…)

Since Greg loves internet definitions…

No. 635844

Notice how none of his trinity hopefuls have ever had kids. He's such a blowhard. Pretty sure Madison was disqualified for having a kid, not the cheating thing. Onion barely wants to make his own offspring, much less take care of one he didn't participate in creating.

No. 635845

So basically Greg just wants Eugenia shipped to his house so he can force feed her cereal and processed vegetarian food and turn her into Wife #2 for her own health.

No. 635846

He's just so dumb. He probably can't wait for her to die (which won't be long anymore) so he can be like "I tagged everybody who knew her, I wanted to help her, but nobody else gave a shit about her"

No. 635850

Don't give him any ideas. If Greg finally realizes that he is indeed severely mentally retarded, he'll be running to get those disability paychecks faster than you can say gremlin pedo.
Nope you aren't the only one who noticed, and I got a day ban for just saying that.

No. 635851

I think that's definitely why he's doing this. He doesn't actually give a shit about her, he just wants to be the one who says I told you so, like people are too stupid to realize how sick she is.

No. 635854

>Moms are in high demand. You guys are beautiful, awesome and you are still desirable regardless of your mom status. That's just a nonsense rumor
I can’t even wrap my head around his idiocy

No. 635855

Correct me if I’m wrong but a while ago didn’t have a tweet expicitly saying “I’m never going to say ‘I told you so’ again, I will just say I’m so sorry”?

No. 635856

Interesting how Greg made sure to indirectly tweet at Frank by writing .@CrankThatFrank -
Because when you really want someone to hear your message that you are so very passionate about, you always make sure to not properly @ the person.
It's all just a sad show to look like Greg's the compassionate hero for a girl who's mental illness he's profited from for years and years. Greg's sperging over twitter because he knows having that EC Kairi photo in a thumbnail would net him a good 100k views at least.. and for the first time, he can't take advantage of a dying girl for money.
Poor, poor Greg. I guess him and Lainey will have to limit their target clothing hauls from 5 times a week to 4 now.

No. 635857

Perhaps he is trying to bait her friends into fighting with him on Twitter so he can feel entitled to make 100 videos about it and profit off of Eugenia once again. He's trying to find another "in" so to speak

No. 635858

I wouldn't doubt it for a second, anon. That is a good point as well. If Greg can stir up some drama with friends of EC, then he can indirectly make a video about her situation.

No. 635859

File: 1549137965017.jpg (56.38 KB, 590x334, pros.jpg)

I wonder who all these professionals are? This is no time to skip the details Onion.

Oh absolutely, he's hurting for content and if can't make direct videos about Eugenia he'll gladly move on to other youtubers she know.

No. 635860

He’s actually a fucking idiot. “tweet at the people in her life”
WHY? Does he think they’re blind? It they’re in her life they can clearly see what’s going on dumbass, just because they aren’t public about what they say to her doesn’t mean they aren’t trying, but either way tweeting at someone who has assess to her is so stupid, he’s acting as if they haven’t noticed or something

No. 635861

File: 1549138183248.png (13.91 KB, 588x170, Screenshot_2019-02-02.png)

No. 635862

File: 1549138383033.jpeg (865.95 KB, 1125x1845, A324BFCD-DC2C-48B5-A0FC-1BE3FD…)

Can y’all take it to /meta/ instead of shitting up the thread with your complaints

Anyway, Greg is still trying to justify his attraction to teen girls.

No. 635863


I sPoKe to ThE pRofeSsiONalS (I told Lainey what I think and she agreed, and she has a DEGREE. Also I talked to google)

unrelated fun fact: february the 2nd is World Wetlands Day .

No. 635864

It's so disgusting that he thinks a woman can only feel confident and worthy if HE tells them that he's sexually attracted to them. He never sees women as independent people who achieve things in life, it's always about if guys, and he in particular, are attracted to them.

Pretty ironic he's talking like that when he sits there in videos with his wife who's nonstop talking about wanting to kill herself because of his insensitive statements.

No. 635865

using stats from porno sites to justify being a predator…….classy stuff

No. 635866

It’s not an indirect tweet. The recipient will still see it, but adding the period before the @ ensures that it’ll show up on Greg’s timeline so everyone else can see what a great person he is, too.

It’s all a show.

No. 635868

Don't forget the down syndrome stats anon! As we all know having a child with downs is the worst possible thing that could happen to a couple. Women over 25 should be sterilized and thrown into convents because their value as baby making machines has been slightly tarnished by their gross, no longer developing bodies.

No. 635870

File: 1549139479717.jpg (69.15 KB, 728x794, hotchavs.jpg)

OMG, he'll be using this justification until he croaks. He's totally going to be the old creep in his 50s trying to hit up teen girls. Besides he doesn't seem to care too much for the kids he already has why use reproduction as an explanation for his teen lust when he doesn't want to be a dad.

Also the second pic he used doesn't even make much sense in the context he's aiming for. What I learned from it is that there was a large increase in interest for british chav porn in 2015 which has nothing to do with what he's talking about. Squirting lesbian stepmoms still hold more popularity than teens as well. I think he just grabbed it in haste because he saw teens listed.

No. 635871

Oh well I guess he has his out.
He won’t say “haha told you so!”, he’ll say “;__; I told you so”

No. 635875

This is a false allegation. Didn't he just say how had those are? How can he say Eugenia's friends are guilty of doing nothing when there is no evidence of that?
Just because her friends don't tweet to the world about every "good" thing they do & every time they "help" someone, does not mean they're doing nothing.

No. 635878

lol I don't think I've ever seen Greg show attraction to anyone over 24. And that's definitely inappropriate, particularly because he often talks about how sexually attractive minors are between like 14 and 17. I'm in my late 20s, and my range is pretty much 20 to 30, which seems standard.

Kudos to the UK for the massage and Indian porn. But they need to knock it off with the squirt porn - most of those girls are faking and just pissing themselves. Nothing wrong with a good pee vid now and again.

No. 635881

>Using porn viewing statistics to justify being an ephebophebephile
>Using porn statistics to justify why he exclusively tries to date teens
>Using porn statistics not broken down by age to justify a 30+yo wanting to date teens
>Extrapolating porn statistics to make a statement on anything but porn use
He's an inch away from being one of those pedos on reddit who explains why it's okay to be attracted to 14-year-olds because they're capable of having children and men on tinder find early 20-somethings the most attractive.

No. 635884

If he cares so much and wants to help her why isn't he DMing her friends or reaching out via email instead of publicly creating this drama on Twitter? Gee, I wonder.

Nice subtle justification of his lesbian fetish too. Porn is the exact reason why he thinks he can get in there with two women who want nothing to do with dick.

No. 635886

File: 1549141905036.png (464.72 KB, 695x556, Capture _2019-02-02-19-07-34.p…)

"peparoni" jesus fucking christ how can this illiterate retard claim he has a high IQ. I'd think he was joking about his IQ if I didnt know he's a narcissist, he actually believes he's smart

No. 635892

Probably because it looks gross, Greg.

No. 635893

File: 1549142858355.jpg (277.49 KB, 853x654, ignant onion.jpg)

To be fair, olives are kinda gross, and this is way too many olives for one pizza. But isn't the cheese still from mass farm factories where poor cows suffer for years after having their babies ripped away from them? Not very vegetarian friendly Greg.

He's 33+ and still hasn't learned to spell or proofread his posts. What a businessman. No wonder he had to start begging for children's lunch money to pay for his bills kek.

No. 635894

Damn he'll take everything as a bragging right, won't he?

No. 635895

Well, he very well can't brag about the size of his shrimp dick now can he?

No. 635896

File: 1549143479659.jpeg (383.52 KB, 1125x1089, 4F399ADF-0E11-4AE2-9592-2C7366…)

So much for that apology to Shane kek

No. 635897

File: 1549143518668.jpeg (473.51 KB, 1125x996, A2BA488D-6A09-4194-B28C-599EBE…)

No. 635898

Stop sperging out and spend time with your kids Gregory Avaroe

No. 635901

Good god this man is a certified retard.
>it’s bad because they aren’t legal to fuck
I’d love to watch him try to understand the difference between ethics and morals, neither of which he has.

No. 635902

>I spoke to multiple professionals

Who Gerg? who did you speak to? The police, therapists, doctors? Or a couple of fans of yours who claim that they've worked with anorexic people?

No. 635903

Damn what a fat bitch kekkk

No. 635904

Greg's a fucking idiot and he's full of shit, but Eugenia really does look like she's dying, much moreso than before. Some of her skin's discolored, her face is sunken in. It's really sad. And kinda fascinating.

No. 635905

Also, many of the people looking for porn with teens ARE teens.

It’s gross and unseemly for Gurg to be publicly perving about teens at his age, whether it’s legal or not. It would be legal for him to have a YouTube channel that was him picking his nose, but that would also be gross.

No. 635906

File: 1549144723305.jpg (61.35 KB, 573x407, trisha.jpg)

It seems like he deleted this one pretty fast. He'll take jabs at Trisha because she's Shanes friend. I wonder why he's going on a twitter rampage today?

No. 635909

He's just making a desperate grab for relevance because his life is falling apart, so he's swinging at whatever target he sees.

No. 635911

You can really tell that he's desperate to go on a bunch of twitter rants but he's holding back because of the fake positivity he's been spewing. He's trying to be wholesome/cute/sweet like Jessie Paege but Jessie never goes after anyone like this.

No. 635912

File: 1549145885028.jpeg (32.62 KB, 240x240, FC86832E-525F-480B-A8AB-C22DA6…)

No. 635913

File: 1549145910659.jpg (49.43 KB, 800x857, DwF8c6ZVYAAi8Yw.jpg)

first a fake positivity sperg, now back to attacking people, it is almost as if he is going through a cycle… again. His whole twitter is full of polls in the last hour, I counted 6.

No. 635918

Grug has probably single handedly worsened EC's condition more than anyone else. If she dies he wont even realise that he has himself to blame he'll just make 100 videos blaming the people in her life he already hates. If she recovers he's gonna make 100 videos on how hes a hero. Fucking retard should just kill himself because that would do more to save EC considering she would thrive without his constant harassment.

No. 635919


Lmao, I forgot about this, please bring these back.

No. 635920

Mods banned edits like this a while ago as nitpicking, that’s why they stopped.

No. 635921

Don't you know anon? If you're not tweeting or posting videos of your life, you're not doing anything at all.

No. 635923

File: 1549148002470.jpeg (261.38 KB, 750x708, 5118F158-EA21-47B1-8222-DC43D8…)

Omg you got us Greg, nobody could have seen that coming!

No. 635925

lol the way these people live is mind-boggling. They're in their 30s, and they spend all their time obsessing over drama that would better suit 15 year old outcasts. It's all just so petty, pathetic, and narcissistic. But then, here I am talking about it.

No. 635926

It irks me so much that he has to state that trump is anti-trans. He's anti a lot of things that should matter to him/give him SJW pity points as well. I guess he probs gives props to trump for wanting to fuck up the environment.

No. 635927

Stop promoting other drama channels for traffic. Go away OWL.

No. 635928

File: 1549149321854.jpg (77.09 KB, 576x683, sc.jpg)

Congratulating himself for contributing to his own site, sometimes you gotta dig deep to find something you're good at I guess.

No. 635930

He's such a great vegetarian that he neglected his guinea pigs to the point they had flea infestations, super long nails, etc
Not to mention the wetlands he destroyed

No. 635937

File: 1549151107460.jpg (872.74 KB, 810x3797, Screenshot_20190203-004412_Ope…)

Someone's having another mental breakdown.

No. 635942

Yeah, his neigbors must love their friendly neighbor Onision, whose dogs bark nonstop, who leaves every single light on 24/7 and who destroys wetland and an entire ecosystem.

No. 635943

File: 1549151585656.jpeg (71.98 KB, 1319x500, D2CCDA38-DE4D-4171-B158-E312EC…)

Didn’t see anyone post this (oops if i’m wrong)
But Repzion posted this yesterday that Greg emailed him.

No. 635944

Just like you make bank on EC and everyone else you obsessively talk about and harass. But Daniel's in the wrong here. Did you ever talk to EC and ask her anything? Shane?

No. 635945

File: 1549151990648.jpeg (322.52 KB, 750x953, F846BEEF-3148-40C6-93BD-DE751B…)

The full tweet

No. 635946

File: 1549152014140.jpeg (421.5 KB, 750x981, F737C849-C813-4631-B6E8-E143F2…)

And response of two people calling him out

No. 635956

Cows colliding with cows is always a great sight to behold. Maybe Pedosion will reply to them when he takes a breather from his sperging.

No. 635961

Jesus Christ Grug just make a Survey Monkey and get it over with.

Well if this isn't the kettle with an oversized head calling the pot black. I kinda hope >>635946 these people collaborate to make a video calling his fake ass out. If he's opening the door for questioning, grill him on his thirst for teen puss. He can't weasel his way out of it anymore.

No. 635968

IIRC Greg’s next date with the county regarding his destruction of the wetlands is coming up this week. Bet that’s why he’s losing his shit… and still doing nothing to actually fix and clean up the mess he made.

No. 635973

this is extra funny bc jessie page is friends with eugenia more recently than any of the people he mentioned, and he hasn't called her out

No. 635974

the fact that he sent this email like weeks after the video was posted, just shows that he's been stewing over it. It's that or he goes through obsessive revenge cycles and suddenly remembers every person who has ever "wronged" him and tries to get back at them.

No. 635976

Well he had to let the ink settle in before he engaged with the haters again

No. 635977

It's just gerg being a cunt as usual, but what a fucking asshole acting like he has ANY idea what's going on with those people and their interactions. Does he not understand other people dont psychotically tweet and film every moment of their fucking personal lives? Hes such a dumb cunt

He really thinks everything is so simple and black and white, and that is somehow sure no one is trying to help because shes not better - Dear Smegma, in the real world sometimes people dont get better. Fuck off and go make a jessie page sim to rub your pimple dick to

No. 635979

I wonder if he emailed Billie too then.

No. 635985

File: 1549156338798.jpeg (93.2 KB, 750x230, 92D3083F-50DE-42A0-A5F7-032C6A…)

He’s fucking losing it

No. 635986

gergles is completely wrong in even insinuating that what he's doing is "helpful" for eugenia, but I think it's a weird place where technically her friend's are in some moral wrong as well. I mean her health isn't technically their problem, but the fact that she can die any day means all of her friends are fake lol.

Well B and ayalla confirmed that he's messaged her periodically, which makes me think he probably messages her every major melt down he has. Especially if it's trinity related

No. 635987

did he finally snap? let's hope so. I can only imagine the atmosphere at the swamp this week

No. 635988

Ayalla did recently mention that he's still contacting her >>635807 So I really wouldn't be surprised.

No. 635989

File: 1549157094209.gif (318.24 KB, 330x182, 1474347862373.gif)

>I care about Eugenia
But you made a "comical" video killing her in the Sims by trapping her in refrigerators.

No. 635993

So is this about his Eugenia Sims videos where he killed her or about the things he's said to Lainey in their recent video? Either work tbh.

No. 635996

>technically her friend's are in some moral wrong as well

Nah. That’s not how mental illness and especially eating disorders work. We don’t know if any of them have tried to help her, and Greg doesn’t know either. Maybe they have. As has been mentioned, most people who aren’t Greg don’t post their every thought, move, and interaction online for asspats, and in this case, it would be especially shitty if they did.

Basically all they can do is say, “We’re worried and we are here to help if you want it.” What are they supposed to do, force her into treatment? Cut her off if she doesn’t go? The best and only thing they could do is be there for her. As usual, Greg doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

I think, aside from Greg’s savior complex and obvious mini boner for EC, he’s just mad that he’ll always be excluded from that friend group, and doesn’t have any friends of his own.

No. 636000

File: 1549159370768.png (56.02 KB, 895x646, spergout.PNG)

43 tweets today as of now, he is going off, something happened to make him blow. I wonder what..

No. 636002

File: 1549159450073.jpg (41 KB, 587x307, NPD.jpg)

>constantly makes fun of people who shop at Walmart
Also peep that giant B made out of hearts, Greg should ask Lainey to teach him about Freud.

No. 636004

Honestly, seems like maybe he took drugs. Several polls are about being okay with drugs all of a sudden.

No. 636009

he's starting to crack lmfao

No. 636011

File: 1549160595427.png (37.52 KB, 632x304, besthubby.PNG)

I guess the love bombing has started after his latest sperg..

No. 636012

File: 1549160632540.jpg (49.44 KB, 579x327, ld.jpg)

It must be a really bad day for him, he's getting into life and death stuff. Also a splash of love bombing for Lainey, all these tweets today and he hadn't mentioned her until now.

No. 636017

He owes the courts plans on the wetland restoration on the 5th. Guessing today he got the estimate on what's become a true swamp in his backyard.

No. 636018

He's "happy" with lame because she's a doormat who let's him do whatever he wants and treat her like shit without complaining

No. 636020

File: 1549162292047.jpg (81.81 KB, 620x620, OnieWilkes.jpg)

>I'm your number one fan!
Sorry for being off-topic.

No. 636024

File: 1549162524113.jpeg (375.02 KB, 1125x767, feb calendar.jpeg)

No. 636025

Well, he saw the (word) teen and stopped thinking, as per usual. lol
And water is wet.

That's basically the good thing about Greg. The more he screeches, the more he reveals about himself. If it wasn't for his addiction to broadcast anything and everything and to comment on and justify everything, most things about his horrible life and character wouldn't even be out there.

I know that you're being ironic, but I'd still like to point this out.
He isn't happy with Lainey at all. If he was he'd spend time with her, include her in his videos on his channel like he has done to all the other teens and tweens he had at the swamp trailer.
She's become too old for his taste, there's nothing refreshing or exiting about her since she's so doormatty and whines all day about petty things, she doesn't have a creative bone in her body, her social media career is failing so she's not making the money he hopes for (or maybe she's just sick of being called a cunt and, in addition, work for the debt he has brought upon the family) and she's been outed for grooming teens.
She's no use to him anymore. And it's not a mystery what Gregory Avaroe does to people who he cannot take advantage anymore. Greg only lovebombs Lainey because he can't be alone and to fool his fans into thinking what a great person he is. But we all know he's just a self-centered prick.

No. 636027

isn't the 27th Lainey and Greg's "dating anniversary"

No. 636028

Sorry for the double post, but next thread pic. please!

No. 636035

he also used down syndrome birth rate statistics to justify why he likes younger girls

I've heard mental retardation is genetic so Greg's unlucky on that front.

No. 636041

File: 1549164489835.jpeg (287.59 KB, 750x746, 445A7191-02F4-4FE2-9F85-B366CC…)

He is so fucking retarded. Please let there be an autistic screeching stream on the horizon

No. 636042

Virtue sperging. Soon, an actual sperg.

No. 636043

File: 1549164654303.png (49.12 KB, 625x393, heisgoingallout.PNG)

No. 636044

Can be summed up into a 'shut the fuck up already, Gerges'. God damn his never ending cringe fest of a persona.

No. 636047

File: 1549164858197.jpeg (632.97 KB, 750x1209, 7B049508-8C08-4AC2-AE39-68868F…)

kek those views, the only time he gets a decent amount is when ethots are in the thumbnail

No. 636087

Imagine going from being a successful youtuber racking in millions of views per video to barely even getting 5k views-30k if you make sure not to have your own face in the thumbnail. It's so pathetic, it's astonishing. At this point, his content is just using little girls content…he, a grown man, is depending on cute little girls to get him views. He can't get views for anything he himself does no matter how hard he tries…

No. 636091

Advanced paternal age is also a risk for birth defects. Is Onion going to get over his impregnation fetish when he turns 40? By his logic, he should.

No. 636094

it is the beginning of the month, maybe his patreon numbers have dropped drastically

No. 636102

He had a forum debate up, asking what everyone had been diagnosed with. It's since been deleted, but I've also noticed hi, asking the same in his discord game nights. There's no way he isn't on the hunt for kaineys replacement.

No. 636103

File: 1549170428065.jpeg (209.78 KB, 750x1014, 4F465832-D479-48FE-8DCE-339E6C…)

>jumping on a bandwagon several months late
Classic. And what’s up with these one-frame “””””memes””””” at the start of his videos?

No. 636105

File: 1549170676135.jpeg (124.36 KB, 750x414, DF3B3EBE-2547-4C7E-947B-43BC15…)

Wow I just skimmed through the video and he doesn’t show his face at all and ends the video with him buying a 64gb SD card from her amazon wishlist and leaves “””””advice”””” about YouTube fame. Poor Lainey, having your hubby buying gifts for cute gifts.
The comments are pretty funny though.

No. 636107

File: 1549171079058.png (132.27 KB, 616x633, 9F462BC6-08BD-41E3-ADAF-E398E2…)

Uh oh.

No. 636108

File: 1549171081444.jpeg (55.38 KB, 750x651, 8E49F7B6-CDCC-44D6-B6F9-D84C52…)

saw this earlier and my mind went straight to onion boy.

No. 636116

Don’t forget he used to also mock Billie for having to work at Target

No. 636117

File: 1549173170400.jpeg (508.95 KB, 750x1049, 3F9FD741-A7CA-45BB-AEE9-259240…)

>when a teenager has been gainfully employed but your decrepit geriatric ass hasn’t

Could this washed up old cunt be any more of a cringe factory?

No. 636119

Nah, it’s not deleted. It’s up to three pages of barely-legal autists whining about muh depression and anxiety since I was 12.

No. 636121

This is well edited, beautiful anon! Good job!

No. 636122

Sarah is also pretty active on the forums, so the whatever happened between her and lamey seems to be staged

No. 636124

File: 1549175217913.png (176.18 KB, 853x377, uh no.png)

this isn't Sarah anon

No. 636126

File: 1549175378993.png (504.5 KB, 1098x703, cap5411.PNG)

not her

No. 636127

ahh youre right, my mistake there

No. 636128

Kek do we have a Sarah Devoir skin walker on our hands?

No. 636130

I feel like that shitty old meme is actually mocking him lmao

No. 636132

It sure is. He's just to stupid to realise. What's even funnier is the replies laughing at what they think is a dig at Anti-O's, but is actually a dig a Gurgles. Guess stupid attracts stupid.

No. 636133

Sometimes the things you find in his reply section are magical.

No. 636134

Because he knows the only job he'll be able to get in the future is at fast food that's why he made that tweet supporting them kek

No. 636143

Greg, you didn't even fulfill your contract…

No. 636151

File: 1549180346169.jpeg (665.36 KB, 1125x1804, AFB9DBD9-8112-44F9-80A7-F15637…)

I guess she didn’t appreciate his “gift” because he no longer follows her on twitter.

Also, Sarah posted (and promptly deleted) this on her tumblr.

No. 636154

Of course he used a picture of plainey from years ago, when she was still young and wasn't as physically destroyed as she is now

No. 636155

File: 1549181631426.jpeg (487.17 KB, 640x1055, CAECE04D-3F14-4B29-A801-90503A…)

Greg’s future!

No. 636157

It is funny because Greg and Austin use the same techniques to look young and innocent in photos. Wide creepy eyes, smoothing and blue filters, close up selfies to make face rounder.

No. 636159

I took a look at his forum and I'm not trying to be mean but most of his fans posting their pictures there are ugly and fat. They are the exact type of girls onision made fun of (and still does) in his videos, I don't understand how they can be his fans

No. 636160

They want reassurance that he didn't mean them, so if Greg pays any attention to them they feel a little bit better about themselves.

No. 636161

My sides. Even this lulzy creation is demonstrative of talent far beyond Gerg’s realm of comprehension

No. 636164

File: 1549185101461.jpg (69 KB, 497x495, skinnypact.jpg)

>iT iS nEvER oKaY tO Go a DaY wItHoUT eAtINg. HeRe ThAt EuGeNia?

This nigga really be out here trying to act like he never asked Skye to commit to a skinny pact during their marriage, or that Lainey starved herself for years during their marriage too. If Lainey ever pact on the pounds like Trisha Paytas or Shane Dawson you know Gurg would be like "look I can handle you as a dude, but fat too?" He doesn't care about health, it's a matter of what makes his micro pecker stiff.

No. 636172

Fasting, if done correctly, can have some benefits to the body such as autophagy and could even improve skin diseases like his rosacea for example, but obviously the ignorant dumbass doesn't know that and demonizes "not eating" as a whole

No. 636175

Lainey has a habit of not eating to get Greg’s attention.
Since Greg isn’t getting help for Lainey I guess he’s killing her! /s

No. 636182

It’s funny because he says so much horrible shit that he masks as “jokes” that it’s actually hard to guess which person that tweet is about

No. 636186

File: 1549195778182.jpeg (162.05 KB, 708x574, 79B21370-A8FB-4AB4-B68F-7D8507…)

The Grotster is deleting tweets and unfollowing people, I hope this means there’s a big sperg on the horizon

No. 636187

And here I am, honestly thinking he might have the guts to actually make a joke about himself!
I really had my hopes up there for a second.

That was my first thought as well. It's creepy how similar Austin Jones and Gregory Avaroe behave.

No. 636189

He showed hentai to his young patrons but Patreon ignored all the reports, later on he made his Patreon 18+.

No. 636193

Skinny pact with Sk and hooked up with Sh while she was in the US at fat camp.

No. 636195

Wonder why he's taking an entire week off.

When no one will talk to you so you're reduced to buying cheap Amazon wishlist gifts and being creepy in the order message.

We can only hope. If nothing else he's got Wetlands on the 5th I think.

No. 636200

Dude this is seriously better than any song Gurg has written ever in his life

No. 636201

File: 1549204701115.jpg (255.27 KB, 1404x465, calendars.jpg)

This is a small "nit picky" sort of observation, but the devil is always in the details.
February's calendars is another example of him being lazy and half-assing everything. If you look at the previous month he took the time to make the calendar template himself. Im assuming this because most calendars start with Sunday, not Monday. He then made the effort to cut and past little icons he found on Google for each event.
Then you look this months calendar and its the actual page from a physical calendar he probably had laying around the house and he just tore out that page/month. You can tell it was from a real calendar because the hole is visible when he scanned it to his computer. He scribbled in black sharpie, and then finished up the rest using MSpaint.

No. 636205

File: 1549206852710.jpg (78.14 KB, 525x388, hopeful.jpg)

First of the month drop- 560 to 518

Fingers crossed for 450 by Monday

No. 636218

We should keep an eye on Fauxboys too. Bet hers has taken a serious hit as of late.

No. 636233

File: 1549215998204.jpeg (547.47 KB, 1125x1102, 560F38E7-132C-4EA6-BE5C-64A424…)

>Wonder why he's taking an entire week off.

This is why. The last day for him to submit a plan to Pierce County is on the 18th.


No. 636235

File: 1549216515039.jpeg (670.13 KB, 1125x1592, 08B2A067-0A49-410F-A591-71BAFB…)

No. 636237

Except unlike boogie, Smegma only panders to people to get views and get N supply

No. 636239

What were her numbers previously?

also LOL at her saying she is going to write a song. REALLY LAME? I cant even imagine how awkward that would be. No doubt Gurg would write it for her.

No. 636242

>"the Godzilla headed monster"

KEK that's hilarious anon

No. 636244

Greg sure types in a weird way

No. 636245

File: 1549219330050.png (47.77 KB, 586x349, jhgfjhgfj.png)

No. 636250

For context: someone posted Greg's cell phone number and address (which both were publicly available before) on twitter and now he's making it about his kids and protecting his family, so he's no longer sperging out. Let's see how long this phase lasts.

No. 636257

Oh great, time for some Greek philosopher and Einstein quotes

No. 636260


I give it a week tops. If even.

No. 636261


Translation: it’s soooo exhausting going back through all my tweets to delete the hypocritical ones, and I don’t want to be held accountable for anything I saw anymore!

No. 636287


I kinda want the money to come in on this one because the cringe factor in a lame song and music video is just too powerful

No. 636297

File: 1549230923252.gif (1.34 MB, 800x533, 1520247387251.gif)


You know it would be a song by Greg, about Greg, starring Greg in the video, right?

No. 636299


Like I said, the cringe factor is just TOO POWERFUL.

I want that crap in my desk by thuesday. Imagine the gifs. Imagine the crap lyrics. Imagine Lainey saying it is ~spoken word~ when it's actually not.

Imagine it will probably be done craply in their messed up backyard.

This is pure gold.

No. 636304

Quotations are supposed to have sources! Why is he so thunderingly stupid?

No. 636310

I remember her saying she was in honor's chorus so she may actually be good but Greg probably suk mi'd that out of her too

No. 636318

Probably because he’s just making them all up and attributing them to the mysterious “Anon”

No. 636323

If lots of people are searching it up in porn, then it must be OK to do in real life.
- Buddha

No. 636330

I'd want to see that too lmao. There was a patron only video of her singing and was absolutely atrocious

No. 636331

Second time I've seen this weird nitpick. Outside of North America, Monday is usually thought of as the first day of the week, and is the international standard, and so European calendars often follow the Monday - Sunday format. So there are plenty of templates out there for that.

Also, why do we care about the calendars?

No. 636332

I mean we really should help him out so he doesn’t run out of quotes. The guy tweets 45 times a day.

If you can’t keep it in your pants, make your wife trans. Then fuck teenage girls as your wife withdraws from this world. -Anon

No. 636335


If this is his logic for going after barely legal teens, then why is he vegetarian and why does he criticise people for eating meat? Meat eaters are your dads, you brothers, even in many cases your sisters and mothers. It's legal to eat meat, and it's very popular.

No. 636342

"It became pointless to try and fight it, so I let him do whatever he wanted – which resulted in him cumming in me countless times after the Plan B had worn off."

No. 636343

File: 1549236545431.jpeg (26.81 KB, 600x343, 3995C8A4-51A1-4119-BD65-769119…)

It’s because he literally just Googled “inspirational quotes” and is transcribing them.
People who read books usually have a few favorite quotes in their memory.

No. 636357

File: 1549240259311.png (549.42 KB, 1929x1080, PicsArt_02-02-01.49.47.png)

Well since he's sperging about quotes

No. 636359

Greg is live. Don’t give him money if you watch. https://www.youtube.com/c/speaks/live

No. 636361

File: 1549240984157.jpeg (688.25 KB, 1125x1774, 79D2A428-1D57-43FD-B78C-D82578…)

Have a cap. His number got leaked on twitter.

No. 636362

Greg is so fake. He followed a bunch of people on twitter like Blair White does. He probably got annoyed that his feed was cluttered with stuff besides teens~

No. 636366

No one cares about Oil Face.

No. 636367

This guy invited complete strangers to his house to have threesomes with them, but suddenly he's worried about his kids safety

No. 636368

kek if anything someone should go take the kids and save them from their awful parents

No. 636370

People shouldn't share his phone number or address though. That is going to far and makes him look like a victim.

No. 636372

Grug is forever leaking personal details about people and not getting any repercussions from it. I say let him know how it feels.

He's also using the kids like he did with tractor gate "uNsaFe ArEa FoR mY kIdS safety"

No. 636380

I didn't say people should do that, I said he doesn't give a fuck about his kids safety and is pretendeding he does now because it's convenient

No. 636383

There were instances where she sang along to whatever shitty music she was listening to while doing her YouNow streams,
It was horrible.

No. 636385

File: 1549245390541.png (21.41 KB, 532x336, Capture2_3_19.PNG)

She stopped showing what her monthly earnings were back in late 2017.
She never got higher than 414 Patrons, and its been a steady decline. A loss of 20+ Patrons each month.

No. 636387

File: 1549245511278.png (46.86 KB, 591x315, 7329845613667.PNG)

But if he truly loves his fans he should be giving out that information freely.

No. 636391

I like the series of Grug deep quotes.
She lost a whole lot of patrons but not nearly as much as Gargoyle. I remember Grug's highest patron number was around 1500. So he has lost a total of a whooping thousand patrons. I bet if we knew how much he's making nowadays it'd be even more pitiful.

No. 636393

Didnt take him long to do a video on Bella delaphine quite literally the whole video is him white knighting her.

No. 636395

Who wouldn't want to hear more of this.
Your Biggest Fan - COVER by Lainey

No. 636402

File: 1549247064745.png (591.59 KB, 947x620, onisionaged15.PNG)

He was giving out a follow on twitter in one of his streams about not being a groomer, asked the donators to include their handle in the super chat donation. He must have unfollowed them. Just a guess.

No. 636404

Hahahaha! Love it.

Then get off the internet cunt. I'm sure your kids AND everybody else's would benefit. Not supporting the autistic doxxing but he is such a negative asshole and attracts crazies who both love and hate him that you would think for the safety of his family he would grow up and find another way to make money that didnt involve trying to get everybody to watch his fugly old ass run his mouth.

No. 636406

File: 1549247667147.png (414.33 KB, 856x439, stream.png)

Why Many Onision Videos Are Being Removed Soon Mirror

I haven't got a chance to watch all the way through so I'm unsure if there was any drops of milk.

No. 636407

File: 1549247759799.jpg (85.59 KB, 1146x469, 287345.JPG)

1326 was the most he ever had. His monthly dips were/are always in the 100's which seems fishy to me.
He stopped sharing his monthly earnings on Dec 23, wonder what happened on that day.
My theory- a few high paying paypigs dumped him or those fellow Youtubers who were top tier patrons of his so he would become a patron of theirs pulled their pledge and his earnings dipped by a thousand plus.

No. 636410

File: 1549248479712.jpeg (272.46 KB, 750x414, 34DE305B-054E-4CD9-A8DE-F72313…)

Jesus CHRIST Greg. Not everything is about masturbating to girls.
I realized through the Nyan video and he’s basically calling her ugly too, in a “wait THIS is the girl I’ve been ‘jacking to’?!” way

No. 636437

Jan 1st is notoriously the biggest day for patreon drops so he probably just didn't want people to see how much less he was earning. I doubt it dropped much cash-wise though since most of his income comes from like 4 super desperate girls.

No. 636440

File: 1549255901651.png (597.28 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2019-02-04-02-48-38…)

He showed this in his Belle Delphine video to make a "point", the video was posted 7 hours ago

No. 636444

I'm sorry but didn't someone say she was in honors chorus or whatever? This is..just not…

No. 636452

This won’t be totally accurate because he’s down to 507 patrons now, but his Patreon says he has reached 29% of his first goal, 20% of his second, and 13% of his third. That means he’s aiming to make something like $8,000, $12,000, and ultimately $20,000 per month through Patreon funding. How fucking delusional?!

Also, the description for the first goal says he can officially cover all his monthly expenses at ~$8,000:

>Hitting this goal means I can officially do whatever I want with my videos. No more censorship required on any channels, no more holding back in my comedy sketches, because at this point, I can cover all my expenses in my life with Patreon alone, so YouTube & other sites? It won't matter if they are upset with how crazy my videos get :) You got my back.

>Thank you for making my dreams come true.

How in the fuck can his monthly expenses be this high?! And does he really expect to crowdfund his entire fucking life?

No. 636454

I mean, that’s one way to avoid getting a job

No. 636455


>sperging about "femininity" (kek)

i smell divorcegate either next thread or the second one

No. 636457

File: 1549259002315.webm (1.23 MB, 326x180, cringey.webm)

No. 636458

>How in the fuck can his monthly expenses be this high

easy. he has a mortgage, car payments, insurance, utilities, 2 kids, a useless wife who is too busy larping as a 12 year old boy with anxiety to work, and oh yeah, half a million dollars in debt to various government agencies.

No. 636460

Why should Lainey work? She’s the sole carer of the kids.
If she were to work, she couldn’t trust anus to watch the kids.
He should be the one getting a job.

No. 636461

This… is really bad. Why would she record this for a bunch of people giving her money? Her singing is more like the quickest way to lose money, holy shit.

Also, if she's doing something for her fans, she probably shouldn't act like a cunt at the very beginning of the video. Like father like wifeson.

No. 636463


Is that makeup smeared on her hat? Is this song a dedication to B? Complete mess.

No. 636469

I just love that he's completely blown his peaceful tweets thing. Hilarious. Was too hard for him to pretend to be zen to impress jessie, his true ugly red rashy colours are showing again.

Also in one of the last few threads I believe screenshots/transcripts were posted of him on multiple occasions saying he loves his fans soo…

No. 636477

Or, y’know, put them in childcare and have 2 incomes like normal working class people do.

No. 636478

Yeah the stream was completely useless and milk-free for the most part. Just Greg larping on about how much everyone should become a patron if they want the real content.

It seemed especially desperate imo. He also saw one single weirdo who apparently was a member to his speaks YouTube account, meaning they pay him a monthly fee of what I believe is around $4.99 so he plugged that saying you get his books and music and stuff.. which seems absolutely pointless because if you are one of the retards fitting the mentally ill female teenage criteria of an Onision fan, you should stick to the patreon. That way you can enjoy his super janky movie/game nights and hear him laugh more at his own jokes. Obviously the better deal of the two.
He also made sure to point out anyone who gave him a super chat and said he was going to follow them "right now" on twitter, aka Greg's sad way of saying more people who love him should do this because they'd be lucky enough to be followed by a legend like him. A lot of love bombing from his small following, and one individual who kept posting his phone numbers (kek)
Clearly Greg is getting a bit scared over the Patreon drops because the entire stream was a sad attempt at baiting donos.

No. 636492

Holy hell. My ears are bleeding. That was fucking painful to listen to.
Lambo, please do the world a favor and never upload you singing again.

No. 636493

Does Greg actually care about his kids though lmao. He'll sperg about Shane suing him causing harm to his children and the like, yet claim he keeps his children out of his mouth online for their privacy. He's never even vague tweeted about enjoying being a dad.

But they sure can be used at the drop of a hat for his defense. He could be getting shot at and he would use a kid as a human shield to cry "you're hurting my kid"

No. 636495

Honestly, not showing his kids is the smartest thing Onion has done because it keeps us from seeing how inept of a father he is but milk still leaks. Like how Trot is aggressive and pushed Bandaid Clot off a couch and he's only allowed to hit Onion. We don't get to see how he doesn't speak to Clot because she can't speak back. If anything if he filmed kids he'd potentially become a better father even if just for the camera, that's still better than how he is now beating off to hentai and sperging on twitter all day. At least the kids would have some positive interaction with their father.

No. 636496

Does anyone else remember when his income first started to go down and he whined how "few people can live off less than $10.000/month"? He is this delusional. Meanwhile he hasn't worked a single day in his life.

No. 636497

File: 1549282894577.jpg (28.75 KB, 600x312, CV5txMFWEAAlIgr.jpg)

>He could be getting shot at and he would use a kid as a human shield to cry "you're hurting my kid"

Greg Stillson from The Dead Zone, that would be Onision. Except he would grab his kid AND Lainey because he'd fear a childs body wouldnt be enough to stop the shot.

No. 636498

That's all they are to him. A shield to hide behind when he's called out on his shit. Lainey is their main caregiver when they don't have some groomed teenager to babysit for them, and he won't even talk to his daughter.

He says he keeps the kids off camera for the sake of their privacy, but I think it's like >>636495 says, it's so he won't be exposed for what a shit father he is. And I guess he feels morally superior to those who do put their kids on camera.

Regardless of whether putting your kids on YouTube is okay or not, he's not choosing not to for the right reasons. That's pretty obvious and typical of him.

No. 636501

would be arguably better for them anyway. at least they'd get a break from the terrible twosome and get to socialise with children their age with caregivers who pay attention to them.

No. 636508

He always brings up his kids as some kind of shield when it's convenient to him. You don't even spend time with them Onion, stop lying. You bring young strangers from the internet in your house and make them babysit your kids. You are the only one putting them in danger.

No. 636509


I totally agree with not sharing his personal info. Everything can be found on the internet anyway, so there's no need to share it.
He really IS fake and a horrible person who uses his kids in abysmal ways: he only mentions them when they're useful to him, otherwise he ignores them up to a point of making a video about how he's not a dad. When there's a new, young sex toy on his radar, he's never had any kids at all, but as soon as he needs an excuse for anything, he throws his kids in for good measure (his sex toys' smoking weed, Sh hesitating to sue him, the wetlands debacle, his information getting leaked, …).

I'm only waiting for the kids to get older to burn more bridges with the few "friends" he has left, telling people they're a bad influence for his kids. It's always nice to put the blame on someone else.

No. 636510


Anus and Laundry can’t stand to be considered working class, or can’t stand to work, period. Laundry’s been spoiled and coddled her whole life, and Anus is still convinced he’s such a cELeBriTy.

No. 636513

File: 1549295151428.jpeg (445.84 KB, 2048x2048, 579AB6B4-7FC6-4CC6-9DA6-8F4D75…)

OT but Billie is single again, wonder if Gerg will start sperging again and then privately email her for the 123456th time.

No. 636514

That’s not about Greg though?

No. 636516

I love how he's undermining his patreon by reviving his forum. His fans want his attention and to interact with him - now that the Onision forums are back up and running, there's no need to stay a patreon. But it'll probably take some time until Greg and the few remaining hardcore fans realize that.

Could B be baiting?

No. 636517

>Could B be baiting?
Why would Billie be baiting? Not everything she does is related to Greg.

No. 636527

honestly childcare is definitely better for their kids since it will help clot develop speech with other kids but onion and thotbot are so fucking retarded that they spend hundreds of dollars on dumbass props and clothes that instead could be used to put the kids into a good daycare

No. 636529

Billie dated a half black half Asian dude recently so this is about him. This is tbh frequent unfaithful guy behaviour, not exclusive to Gargoyle.

>Inb4 Grug tries to contact her.

Billie has Ayalla so hopefully she won't give in to his pitiful attempts.

No. 636530

She had a bunch of guys after Gurg, so why should it be about him?
Gerg's not the only shitty guy out there.

No. 636535


This is cringier than anything Greg has ever done in his 10+ years on YouTube. Congratulations, Lainey.

No. 636538

I find it hilarious that Lainey likes Grey's anatomy. All her youthful trendy bandwagon shit is so false and it's obvious when things like Grey's anatomy slip through the cracks, because it's so not a teeny bopper show. The only people I know that like it are middle aged women. There's been a few times she's mentioned things that really show that the whole Laineybot persona is fake as fuck, but I can't think of many right now.
I've always thought her attachment to Gutatama and other weeby shit was to keep Gurg interested, since she's claimed to dislike watching anime in the past.

No. 636558

I am so confused by that singing video. What IS THAT?
I actually cannot tell if she's joking or if she really thinks she sounds decent. That was the weirdest most random thing… I'm wondering if one cash cow paid her extra for it.

No. 636569


No she's serious. She's said on stream before that she wanted to "release an album". LMAO

No. 636571


samefag but it was around the time when Greg was sperging over Sh and had all that shit with her manager. Anons over here were talking about her amazing singing voice… I think that's what it's all about.

No. 636572

Girl has delusions like her husband. I wouldn't be surprised if he talked her into doing an album since he does retarded albums that nobody wants to hear or pay money for.

No. 636574

Honestly, of course it's really bad but she still sounds better than Grug to me. He really can't sing one bit.

No. 636575


It’s her boyfriend, ex boyfriend now, and I’m saying that when Anuson sees she’s single again, he’ll sperg out about her, making her look bad, then privately email her asking for her back again.

No. 636578

He does that anyway though.

No. 636582

File: 1549309428044.png (893.59 KB, 1440x2880, barf.png)

Lel. He has shit up his Twitter with these boring quotes -
>"eyes are the window to the soul"
>"do good and good will come to you"

Well your eyes are fucked and you are incapable of doing anything good except for yourself. Much inspiration Grug, kek.

No. 636584


Lmao, he’s so stupid, he’s probably gonna say every quote is by “anon” so he can throw his own moronic opinions in there.

“16-19 is the prime age for producing children.” - Anon

No. 636585

The onions are probably happy that her relationship failed but at least she's not a spineless doormat like lamefoot who will stay in a horrible relationship doesn't matter what happens

No. 636588

Back when Lainey would stream on Younow, she would always sing along to garbage teen bands so she's serious.

No. 636591

>Mirror to the soul
Was he fucking dropped on the head or something?

No. 636592

Everyone sings along to their favorite music, though. That's kind of a stretch, but I agree with you that she's serious about it. Her voice is as bad as her husband's humor. There was no energy in her voice, no tone, just words coming out of her mouth.

>The eyes are a mirror to the soul

Well that explains your fucking psycho eyes, Greg.

No. 636612

I’m curious why he passed up the chance to quote Shakespeare. Maybe he wanted to sound profound by modifying a quote.

No. 636615

It's a relatively popular binge-watching show for college kids, though. No way she went out of her way to watch something that kids younger than her aren't watching.

No. 636619

Maybe I'm a little late to the party, but did anyone mention what he said in his 50-minute video about ending relationships? He says the best way to get out of a relationship is to treat your partner so bad ("act disinterested in them all the time") that they hopefully (!) break up with you. By his logic they will not go and talk shit about him afterwards, because it was them who ended the relationship basically.

He also says that he talked about this to Lainey. I wonder how and why this came up, but Greg has been extra mean to Lainey in videos recently, so maybe he's trying to finally get rid of her.

No. 636623

Man I don't know… wouldn't that be something? He's always love bombing her on twitter though. It is so hard to properly gauge their relationship. I don't think Lainey or even Greg for that matter would know how to cope independently. They are so unhealthily codependent.. and with all their money issues and the kids, it would definitely be very difficult to actually separate.
We all know he wants to get with other girls. Lainey doesn't seem interested in a poly relationship anymore either. Who knows.

No. 636636

I personally feel his love bombing on twitter makes it less genuine somehow. I guess kind of like his apology to Shane. He does it on twitter because he wants people to see it, thus it's not really intended for the person it's directed towards.

My guess is that he never says these things to her in person. He's able to fake positivity and love when its just a few written words, but he hasn't been able to fake it in videos. (Remember the "I love you buddy" comment he made on her stream recently. That was the most forced thing ever)

All these digs and quips that come out in their videos are his real treatment of her.

So probably his twitter love bombing is his way of solidifying his innocence for when his real plan of treating Lainey like dirt behind the scenes finally pays off. She dumps him, but he has all this proof of how much he loved her, so he can go on a tirade of how broken hearted he is.

Notice how Lainey rarely ever makes these sorts of lovey dovey comments about greg. It could be that she doesn't really love him or it could be that she is just not the type of person to share her real feelings with the world. who knows with her.

No. 636640

I do agree that Greg has been treating Lainey like shit quite openly of late. Every video they are in together seems so forced, there is always some nasty hurtful comment made that she has to shrug off… and she just in general seems disinterested and annoyed by his presence. This has been going on for what seems like a few months now, actually.

I do think there is something going on between them. It is irritating how closed off Lainey is though - even if they hate each other and he has begun to treat her like absolute garbage (moreso than normal) she won't be vocal about it. At least not until something big goes down and they can't hide it any more.

No. 636642

he's probably being worse to her because shes the one who brought them under all this child grooming scrutiny

No. 636649

We’ve seen signs of this far beyond a few months. I can’t remember exactly which videos but they’ve been making divorce jokes for at least a year. At first I thought it was just them brushing it off for the haters benefit, but it happened so often that it no longer looked like making light of rumors, but that there is actual truth behind it.

No. 636657

>mirror to the soul

He somehow managed to combine "windows to the soul" and "mirror of the soul".
He's such an idiot.

No. 636659

Yeah you're right, it has been going on for a lot longer but I feel like the past few months it has gotten worse. They don't make those lovey dovey videos they used to always upload, trying to push the narrative that they were so in love. That doesn't happen anymore like it used to. They don't even try to hide their resentment towards each other anymore. It is definitely getting worse as time has gone on.

No. 636666

There's more than enough proof he verbally abuses her and it's not just jokes for the videos. Lainey said he called her an idiot like 10 times because she forgot something, him telling her she deserved to be raped because she didn't want him to make a video, Sam confirming he calls her a cunt in front of their children, etc

No. 636668



Lainey is so stupid for not realizing that she she could still come out of this the good guy. As much as people hate her, Greg is still truly hated more. She’s not a good person by any means, and even if she left his ass, put the kids in school, and provided all the glorious swamp household milk, it wouldn’t negate the terrible shit she’s done. BUT she would still get more support than Grot and his five thirsty patreon thots. Because even the “hayturz” would come to her side if she exposed her nasty husband once and for all. Hell, Billie was made fun of relentlessly, but when she wised up, she gained support from even us here.

Too bad Lainey has about -2 brain cells.

No. 636676


Maybe if she cried "He MADE me groom those young girls", but not otherwise. I think she's been in it with Greg for too long that nobody big would really reach out to her anymore.

No. 636680

I personally feel that she chooses to stay with him not because she loves him, but because without him, her life of leisure is over. She’d have to get a job, pay for some daycare, and be a real adult rather than sitting around surfing tumblr all day.
I mean let’s be real, change is hard for anyone, but her life would change drastically if she set out on her own. She has to know this. She probably thinks as long as he isn’t physically abusive that she can endure if it means she doesn’t have to be a real adult.

No. 636685

I agree. Greg has two reasons why he hasn't divorced Lainey yet. One, he doesn't have a replacement yet and two, Lainey does everything he wants (except getting another girlfriend in at the moment). Lainey knows this too, which is why she plays the cool wife who never gets jealous, because last time she expressed her feelings he almost ran off with her own teenage girlfriend.

She might have the support of her parents, but honestly, life isn't easy as a 24 year old single mother of two with no job experience and a bad reputation all over the internet.

No. 636733

hahahaha wtf is the ringtone he is using :D and who keeps spam calling him? His hubby from the room next door?((:D))

No. 636735

She at least has a degree, pointless though it is, and could go back to her maiden name. He’s pretty fucked in terms of getting a job.

No. 636737

Not only because of her trashy reputation either. You can have little experience and get someone to give you a chance if you're charismatic and seem like a hard worker. She has all the personality of a wet rag. She wouldn't be able to interview at all. She'd be too busy crying because of her anxiety.

Sorry but that is funny af when you remember they trashed Billie's Target job that neither of these social retards could ever get themselves.

No. 636742

it would be cringe as fuck but at least she's be doing something creative and potentially fun, giving her fucked up brain a change of pace and MAYBE a release of dopamine. honestly at this point i hope she just picks up an instrument to have an excuse to leave that damn house. ANYTHING that builds up her identity so she can stop turning into the pedophile greg is.

i hope off camera they even play "make songs" with their kids, that would be so cute and fun. lots of wishful thinking here.

I hope that one singer from her favorite band who greg hates sees it and says something nice on twitter about it so greg will finally divorce her.

No. 636751

File: 1549328750389.jpeg (152.63 KB, 750x394, E5075C7D-D756-4502-8C81-994EB6…)

Give it up Gurg, everyone knows you’re racist

No. 636754

It might not be easy but it will be even worse as a 34 year old single mother of 2 with no job experience and a bad reputation on the internet. Getting a first job in your mid twenties is rare but not exactly unheard of. She still has the benefit of youth on her side and still has the time to turn her life around. But she's like the perfect combination of lazy, selfish, and codependent so she'll never see it that way.

No. 636755

So it’s been a month since pedobot posted on her public twitter. Safe to say she’s abandoned it. If there are any patronfags left please let their be milk on private account.

No. 636757

If Taylor leaves, her life of leisure would actually probably improve. She'd probably get alimony, despite the prenup, and get child support. Her YouTube and other social media would be BOOMING with people interested in divorce drama. Greg would probably get the brunt of tractorgate fees, because he would keep the house, and she wouldn't care. She would probably live in New Mexico with her parents for free until she got a new person to leech off of. She'd be living the life.

No. 636760

I'll give you a third reason - he doesn't want to pay out. Since he compared alimony to slavery he's not going to like that plus the 16 years of child support which he can't weasel out of. He probably tells himself it's cheaper to keep her (for now) and whatever income she brings in can be used towards the wetland destruction and tax situation that he's the cause of.

No. 636785

>misattributing the most well known MLK quote to Jesse Jackson during Black History Month
>screencapping comments from fans as "quotes"
He's either trolling for attention or simply losing it.

No. 636786

File: 1549333018868.jpg (145.66 KB, 855x532, XPIN8uMTA3MTA.jpg)

No. 636790

Taylors private Twitter is boring as fuck
Caps here-> >>633884 >>633886 >>633887

No. 636791

I'm still waiting for him to mention hentai again.
Was it a tweet or a video where he promised to end his hentai addiction?

No. 636806

File: 1549335761350.png (1.05 MB, 1266x695, LaineyClone.PNG)

At first glance I honestly thought Kalvin Garrah was reacting to Lainey again with this shit. This is legit her twin.

No. 636807


Please don't tell me he actually said this?!

No. 636808

She's a fucking awful singer. If she'd stayed mates with Madison, she might have had an idea how to make a song. Not that Madison is a spectacular singer or anything, but it would have helped.

No. 636810

He's trying to defend sex workers because apparently they are independent brave women who are using their femininity to their full advantage! Omg what a woke ally to women Greg is!

He hates women being independent and he used to hate bisexuals or any woman who was comfortable sexually. He complained that Shi was too experienced and her bj's felt like a hookers.

The only reason he is defending these tiktok thots is because he is obsessed with porn and it would make him a hypocrite if he hated on them plus he's hoping that Belle de whatever is going to see his whiteknight attempts.

No. 636817

She hates doing youtube content that requires any effort. I doubt making this 'song' is going to release dopamine as you say.
It's up to her to leave.
The only way she's going to be happy at all is to leave.

I highly doubt making some shitty garage band tune is going to make her happy. She has the means to make music and a video ect already, she's doing this purely for the money…hence the gofundme.
There's talented musicians already that make music videos on next to nothing. Please tell me what equipment this cunt needs to make music.
You can download autotune for free.

Oh and her kids will have nothing to do with it. Nice to think she's playing music with them behind the scenesss uwu but in reality they are alone in another room playing with all the old mario and pokemon plushies that their man child father bought on a whim. Probably in shitty nappies too lol

No. 636818

I wonder if Gurg has control over her youtube account. If so, I wouldn't put it past him to demand control over it in a divorce, claiming he did all the work.

No. 636823

Yep, I remember Shiloh having a problem taking down the Draculoh channel, because it was connected to his accounts and he had the ability to change the password, but eventually they were.

No. 636827

Let's be real, he's probably getting to the point where he wants to hire an escort since Lame isn't giving him enough sukmi apparently.

No. 636833

There's a parody of Lame's godawful singing and it's absolute gold

No. 636838

You know they are those parents who attach their children to 3 year old ipads to watch "Youtube Kids" on auto-play day and night. How old is Trot now? I highly doubt he will have the capacity for preschool when its finally time.
Greg and Lainey are the type of people to feel their children are far too gifted for regular schooling and so they want to homeschool. But they are both too selfish, inept and lazy to ever actually go through with the work involved in that.
I honestly feel bad for those kids.
The fact that Lainey doesn't care that Greg is constantly drooling over other women publicly in his videos and on twitter says a lot. That isn't "I'm super confident and secure now" that is "I gave up."

No. 636842

This deserves a Nobel Prize.

No. 636852

File: 1549341950744.png (207.72 KB, 1125x708, uh.png)

I noticed this wasn't posted anywhere and ended up getting deleted.

No. 636854

File: 1549342493886.png (141.14 KB, 999x175, garbage.PNG)

Has anyone been masochistic like me and watched the new Onisionspeaks video, "Is Wearing NO MAKEUP More Attractive"?
Holy hell it is literally Greg going on for 8 minutes about wanting to fuck these girls. Non-freaking-stop talking about sex and blowjobs, which girls he wants to fuck and why.
I know this isn't out of the norm for Onision, he cannot talk about a female without gauging their worthiness of his baby carrot peen or not, but for some reason this video seems completely overboard, even for him.

No. 636855

What… is it? Is that supposed to be a text screenshot ?

No. 636860

Usually his screenshots of e-mails he sends or receives look like that. No context was given in the tweet though. So someone he hasn't seen in a year misses him or he misses them.

No. 636861

Woah thats creepy. Now we have an idea of what she would like that if she went on testosterone and got a skincare routine

No. 636868

File: 1549345966588.jpg (910.89 KB, 2048x2048, warning - !AUTISM!.jpg)

Grug posted this in his forums. This member is on another fucking level of autism. First of all most boycotts are stupid. Oh you're going to boycott Eugenia because her content triggers you? Nobody is forcing you watch it, and nobody is making you confront her either. Do you confront heroine junkies on the streets of Seattle? There are a lot of them to choose from - or do you walk on by to get Panera Bread with your """""HUSBAND""""""" KAI? What are you actively doing in your community to be a benefit to soceity besides fucking up the ecosystem? Why are you so weirdly obsessed with this moral crusade against Eugenia?

I know it's sad and disturbing to think she is just starving herself to death but you can't force her to stop what she is doing. Maybe making videos brings her happiness? Maybe she just wants to forget about her life for a little while? How many morbidly obese bitches are there on YouTube? They are one step closer to a heart attack every month and nobody is rushing to the police to save their assed lmao

TLDR: Grug is a faggot that needs to leave Eugenia alone. He should know how powerful just not watching somebody is, his millions of subs vanished in the wind, kek.

No. 636871

it comes across more than he is just trying to collect caps from twitter and his forum of a bunch of people acting concerned and invested in her so he can make a video touting that all of these people are ~super~ concerned about her. how better to disregard saying that he would never make a video than have a 15 minute asspat of how all he cares and so many people reached out to him to intervene.

greg doesnt care about eugenia he just wants to be a savior in wolfs clothing (who just happens to monetize off of the suffering of others)

No. 636874

Also another point, didn't he intially hate Dasha because she 'looked like a prostitute'?
That was BEFORE everyone knew about Dasha being evil. That was literally his intial reason for disliking her.

No. 636875

His dislike for prostitutes/"whores" is weird because he's always trying to buy little girls to have sex with.

No. 636878

>My videos helped tons of other people but they didn't help her
>That is why I don't make videos on her anymore

Who the fuck do you think your videos helped? He is such a delusional egotistical fuck. And no, that is not why you don't make videos on Eugenia anymore - the reason you don't make videos on her anymore is because youtube almost deleted your channel for abusive disgusting content you uploaded religiously about her. You constantly monetizing a dying girl's mental illness didn't help anyone, what fucking world does he live in? No one who had an ACTUAL eating disorder suddenly decided to stop having that mental illness because of your dumbass endless diatribes about Eugenia.
Jesus I hate this idiot.

No. 636880


jfc more rating the appearance of women, objectifying then and offering make up advice.

>women who wear make up look clownish

>ruby red lip stick is ugly because the joker
>any excuse to do his shit impersonation of the joker for the 7457245th time

No. 636882

Right? How many times did this turd bitch about money and plane tickets that he poured into Billie and even Shiloh to some degree.
He ranted about money when the whole Drewissharing thing blew up and complained that Billie had a new piece of shit bf who's going to 'pay for her now.'

He even tries to buy his friends too. The amount of times he screeched about paying for food and board for his 'visiting friends'

No. 636898

File: 1549353323214.jpg (786.88 KB, 1064x2084, Heels.jpg)

Part of why he may have called Dasha a prostitute is because he seems to think high heels, heavy makeup and mini skirts make women look like "street walkers".

Here are some lovely comments he has made about heels and women who wear them in just one of his anti high heel videos

>I guess you want to look like a walking talking cum dumpster

>Unless you're a flaming lesbian, you [should] want to be short.
>[Girls who wear heels] are mentally fucking retarded.
>As you walk by people, they are probably thinking "I wonder if she sucks dick for dollars".
>You want to make your butt look good? Oh because you're at a whore convention.
>Dumb women with low self-esteem wear them.

Onision, the feminist and proponent of women's rights everyone!

No. 636902


How tall are his mother & sister? If he's considered "tall", it stands to reason they are too. What a douche.

No. 636904

File: 1549354401507.png (508.74 KB, 640x1136, 0F416A52-B877-4D06-BEA6-88C3A5…)

Not to be nitpicking but this is the image Grease chose to use in both th thumbnail and video. What type of retarded, dumb ass weebu henta shit is this? It’s not a Disney animation oh and jasmin isn’t wearing pants. Is this the precious member only contact that we are all missing? Fricken loser

No. 636909

>any man who tells women what MEN like and why they should wear x, y or z

I'm honestly fucking shocked he has female fans. legit

No. 636913

File: 1549355949450.png (Spoiler Image,409.47 KB, 640x1136, 469DE8AE-1D35-4F07-930B-ADC032…)

Apologies to the FBI and CIA interns you who supervised my google search

No. 636919

But now the positive Onision wants to defend ethots with his new "WHO IS SHE" series. Yeah boob jobs and high heels make you a worthless whore, but making a living off of clips of you dumping food on your breasts, making autistic anime orgasm faces, and generally parading as a walking talking sex object? No that's totally fine.

His latest video on the Belle Delphine chick was the most pathetic white knighting I have ever witnessed. Just bitching about other people who have called her out for being a professional slut and sperging on what a beautiful innocent angel this chick is and how anyone who thinks differently is only salty because they can't fuck her.

Tinfoil but she apparently contacted the white English dude Greg showed who made a video on her and she was really flirty. He goes through their messages in the Toxic Fanbase vid Greg mentioned. He didn't show it but I'm sure Greg watched it.

My guess is Greg is hoping for a similar outcome. Why else go through the trouble at the end of the video to actually plug her and beg people "please go and follow her… I'm not because that would be weird (kek) but please go everyone and follow and support her."
Dude, we all know you're one of her many patrons.

Greg has actually turned into one of those sad incel 30 something fathers stuck in a failed sham marriage who desperately defends ethots in hopes that they might actually look in their direction.
Such a positive manlet you are, Greg.

No. 636925

Yeah it's extremely pathetic.

>Durrr women who wear heels and makeup look like whorez

>Whorez are badd mkay

Belle dephine does her underage lolita anime shtick and suddenly

>you guys are just haters of strong independent women who use their sex appeal omg so smart and brave

If she didn't look like an teen anime prostitute and wasn't such as big clickbait hit, he'd hate her just like the others.

Also, he isn't following her probably because it would make Lainey cryyyyy. Remember at one point he was following Moo.

No. 636927

RIP my sides, next thread image

No. 636931

File: 1549360175803.jpeg (131.12 KB, 1197x658, 43E9C8F4-58DF-4E0B-8582-446EFC…)

Sorry I forgot to add a nod to tractorgate

No. 636934

I think he fancies his mum and sisters. I also think he's raging he turned out more like his short stumpy dad than his tall striking features ma. Even the sister who flies planes is tall lean, striking features. They seem to have the best genes out of the pot that was going. Poor Onion has to look like his short fat pedo (according to onion) dad. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree Gerg.

No. 636944

> Probably in shitty nappies too lol

I'd completely forgotten about gurg n lame's emergency room visit for trots nappy rash.. and gurgs subsequent spergs about how much smarter than a Dr he was. Obviously in retrospect the anger in gurg's videos wasn't so much 'the dr's were wroooong' but moreso 'the dr's knew we'd left our son in a dirty nappy long enough to cause a painful physical condition'…
It seems leaving very young children sitting in diapers for hours on end is something the onions are adept at.

>>636878 but anon his video's really really helped his overweight patrons who missed a meal once justify their own obesity!

I mean even the police told him to knock it off about eugenia but you do you gurg, keep harassing a vulnerable young woman to death. Ugh.

No. 636948

And don't forget that he left Madison's kid in a shitty nappy and covered in mud for hours because with his twisted logic he didn't want to change someone else's female baby's nappy because it meant he would have to see her vagina and he's soooo not a pedo.

Lol. Imagine babysitting a kid and when the parents got home being like 'oh she's covered in wee because she pissed herself but I'm totes not a pedo so I didn't change her pants or help her go to the toilet'

No. 636951

File: 1549370120549.png (105.55 KB, 828x434, KAINEYBOT.png)

>Woah thats creepy. Now we have an idea of what she would like that if she went on testosterone and got a skincare routine

Damn it, anon,you gave me an idea. I ran Kainey's pic thru' FaceApp and gender swapped it. With beard and without.

No. 636952

File: 1549370202650.jpg (56.17 KB, 856x448, LAINEY1.jpg)

Oh and here's one with a beard and as Gurg's dreamgirl.

No. 636959

If Lainey got lip fillers and grew out her hair she'd upgrade from a foot to a hand, wow.
This transboi shit does nothing for her features. Like her eyes are actual nice and she could look cute but she chooses to larp as the lovechild of Gurg and Social Repose.

No. 636961

>stage the death or near death of an "affected" follower
What the ever loving fuck? Greg's fans are as nutty as he is.

No. 636962

If Belle Delphine contacted him woth a flirty message, he'd instantly print out divorce papers lmao

No. 636964

This is not even an exaggeration he totally would. Or he'd use the opportunity to screenshot it and brag about it to the internet.
All the women he hits on are waaaaaay out of his league. I don't even like Jessie Paege but she's way out of his ballpark.
Belle wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. Look at how much money she's making and to shack up with an ugly redfaced chucky doll manbaby who lives in a shit hole, has a tiny dick, 2 kids and a lifetime of debt…whew what a catch.

He's so unaware he has literally nothing to offer these girls. The only ones that find him hot are fucking ugly. And after the whole Sarah thing, noone wants Lainey either…she can no longer pull in the cute girls. Plus her fakeboi shit limits the pool even further.

No. 636969

As Greg has displayed through his constant posts about "bringing back 2012 Onision", he has delusions of grandeur. He actually thinks he still matters, that if he works hard enough he can relive his heyday.
And because of that he actually believes these girls would give him more than a passing glance, because he's an "OG Youtuber, look at my viral banana video, I'm super famous I kissed Shane Dawson". That, and he believes his handicapped fandom who tell him he's gorgeous and has saved thousands of lives.

lol he actually believes that stuff… that is something else

No. 636970

kek this is great. It is even funnier when you think of these man-Laineys with their facial hair being 5'5".
Watch out, lock up your wives, little manlet Lainey's on the loose

No. 636972

I reckon he's gone into a panic that he can no longer buy his women anymore hence he has started 'working out' and doing his incorrect pull ups. He knows he's broke af and needs something to lure the kiddos.

No. 636980

Considering she's a farmer, it would be glorious but I doubt she'll acknowledge him.

No. 637025

Sounds like he's referring to sam?

No. 637028

He admitted in a video he gave Billie 10 thousand dollars to "work" for him but he tried to make HER look bad because of it

No. 637043

i guess i wouldnt put it past her to send him a message like this

No. 637047

If I remember correctly, her patrons asked her for that kind of video. It's in one of the the threads.

No. 637057

He said 10k when he was flipping out live, he later said 9k and then 8k. The truth is he used money as a way to control and keep her close. He's too broke to do that now lol, that's why he's salty.

No. 637058

"realised" is the british way of spelling things, right? it's def not billie or sam that would have written that or they would have used 'realized'

No. 637064

I think it's just some lame screencap off tumblr and not actually real. Maybe even posted to get us curious?

No. 637066

File: 1549395230323.jpg (69.5 KB, 613x457, juststop.jpg)

That link leads to a thread on his forum about Eugenia that was started a couple of hours ago.

No. 637087

Strange how he doesn't seem to care that belle delphine is openly into DDLG when he obliterated his friendship with madison for the same thing. I guess madison isn't a hot alt teenager though

No. 637089


>He probably tells himself it's cheaper to keep her (for now) and whatever income she brings in can be used towards the wetland destruction and tax situation that he's the cause of.

As long as she feigns slight interest in a poly relationship, Greg might be willing to keep her since it would be his perfect life:
- He's ruining the family emotionally and financially but still has Lainey to care for the kids and rake in some money.
- Bonus: He doesn't have to pay alimony.
- Being able to bring in new and exciting live sex toy would enable him to toss Lainey aside to spend time with them.


>The fact that Lainey doesn't care that Greg is constantly drooling over other women publicly in his videos and on twitter says a lot. That isn't "I'm super confident and secure now" that is "I gave up."

I've been having this feeling for the longest time as well. On the other hand, she might stick to this behavior because she knows that Greg will leave her if she doesn't comply with his antics.


>comments he has made about heels and women who wear them in just one of his anti high heel videos

Well, if you wear heels your body becomes more pronounced and they're usually worn by adults, so, quite logically, Greg is against heels since he likes his partners "underdeveloped".

No. 637096

File: 1549398166705.jpg (336.62 KB, 1304x617, tiktok over.JPG)

So is the reign of Tik-Tok reaction videos over?
After that huge bump he got with the poster girls of Tick Tok in the thumbnail I thought that would be his content for at least a couple of months. If something gets him views he usually runs it into the ground.
And Disney villains? Am I not up on some new trend, or is this something that was viral last year and of course Greggypoo is jumping on the train late as usual.

No. 637102

You kidding anon? Madison is too plainly basic, too old for him. Not to mention she also has a kid. He only likes them young basic instathot alt type, problematic but not as problematic as Madison.
Not that far fetched to assume it was her because she didn't want to out him and obviously liked him.
Honestly, Lame can keep her lips, if she just grew her hair out properly and didn't fry the fuck out of it, and put on flattering makeup, she'd be attractive enough for him to REEEE how gay he is and disregard other women for a while. We could even have a new saga of him objectifying transmen or nb people.

No. 637149

File: 1549405790236.jpg (68.15 KB, 598x487, bait.JPG)

You click the link and get sent to a members only part of his new forum.

Not sure if Greg is like my Grandpa who tries to link to things on Facebook and doesn't understand how it works or this is just a shameless and uninspired way to try and get more people to sign up to his new site.
>the forums now have 250+
You have 300K followers on Twitter, and 2 million subscribers on your YT channels and you can only bring in a couple hundred fans to sign up to a FREE forum?
And how many of those 250 members are ego stroking-sockpuppets and "haterz"?

No. 637152

he only pays for 65 concurrent connections to his forum, the more he advertises it the less likely it is to be online. let him "ddos" his own forum, or a more hilarious outcome - let him drive up his own costs to keep it afloat as the next tier is 100 concurrent users for 70$/mo

No. 637155

I disagree! His hard work and new content is fire! His use of cartoon toon porn in the thumbnails is lit! I guess toon porn is an improvement from kiddie porn. Silver lining?

No. 637161

File: 1549407271155.jpg (44.72 KB, 620x359, begging at its best.JPG)

I totally forgot that he bought the cheaper plan of users allowed >>633491 I really hope it does a self DDOS on a daily basis.
Is there a way of seeing the live number of active users at a given time?
Ive lurked on there without signing up to see if there was anything lulzy and noticed that its most a handful of single mothers with too much time on their hands.
Theres already members taking advantage of their "happy, inclusive, welcoming community"

No. 637186

Greg is against women wearing heels because he's short. He wears platforms himself to appear taller.

No. 637188

Sarah reactivated her Facebook and is still friends with Taylor.

No. 637189

They released an image of the Aladdin cast a few days ago, and princess Jasmine is an underaged virgin princess who is