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No. 227908

Last thread has reached it's limit, here's the archive:


Recap: Onision is doing damage-control to save his broken marriage, blaming Billie and Lainey for it all instead of himself.

No. 227909

File: 1454171037391.png (16.08 KB, 495x122, sigh.png)

Wowwww, Onion… instead of y'know, passive-aggressively shitting on anyone who is a coffee lover, why don't you just come out and say you fucking hate Billie now?


No. 227914

cuz he's an acne-riddled manchild that only knows the petty way of indirect insulting people cuz his mama molested him. bawwww

No. 227921

Onion is straight edge isn't? Is he one of those that even caffeine is a drug* and can't have any?

*I know it's a "drug" technically but I always think pot, coke etc when I hear the word drug

No. 227924

I don't think we can trust what he says with anything. HS anon mentioned that he was jumping down everyones throat about vegetarianism, but at the same time he'd eat meat too.

No. 227930

Lainey is gonna get back with him if she hasn't already.

She's going to find it very difficult to love him as much as she used to. Emotions don't work in a black and white way like that, she's going to feel empty and unfulfilled with however much longer their relationship lasts.

A marriage counsellor is going to lay it out flat for them, either they forgive and forget or move on without each other.

They will also get them to explain their past relationships and they're going to realise Onion's patterns, this is where it will get extremely awkward for them both.

Also, I have the feeling that even after counselling, they're both going to dismiss it all as bullshit. I imagine them to be the kind of people who will continually deny that their relationship is toxic and will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars trying to find a councillor who will tell them that their marriage is normal.

No. 227932

Man, I still can't believe this is the same Shiloh that was on YTV singing that "Operator" song when I was younger, she's from the same town as my uncle. I'm watching the video right now, and I'm getting all depressed thinking about what this asswipe has done to this girl, and what he is doing to Lainey. Holy shit, I can't wait to break this freak's nose.

No. 227936

File: 1454176192850.png (27.52 KB, 639x167, ugh.png)

It's not "luck" you fucking idiot, she's the product of your constant abuse.

No. 227941

Yes, he's hardcore SxE, which is why he won't go and get his psychotic mind sorted out.

No. 227943

Yep, it's not luck. It's the fact that he got her pregnant at a super young age and she is completely dependent on him financially and parenting-wise. "Luck."

No. 227944

File: 1454178609831.png (81.23 KB, 521x556, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 11.2…)

Is Onion always this much of an asshole or is he just going off on everyone on Twitter right now? Women's rights and the presidency, coffee drinkers, sarcastic comments about him cheating on his wife, people supporting Lainey, jesus its a shitfest

No. 227946

His rants about drinking, smoking, and drugs honestly sound like an angry old father yelling about kids these days. I don't do drugs myself, but you can't argue that a lot of incredible things occurred due to the use of some drugs in terms of art and music that have become historical staples in human history.

No. 227948

How does Lainey not realize that he's trying to turn everyone against her?

No. 227949

>if you want to empower women, stop trying to make their decisions for them!!!!!!!
>consistently makes decisions for his wife, including making her get into a second lesbian relationship and speaking on her behalf in a couple of tweets above

No. 227952

I was talking to my partner earlier today about this and he came to the conclusion that Onion has a huge fucking humiliation and degradation fetish for women.

No. 227953

File: 1454180272929.png (176.62 KB, 581x583, Untitled.png)

It's scary how he can't even see the problem with this.

No. 227954


>I don't deserve my wife, she's so forgiving, I love her so much, I hope one day I can make up for what I did to her


Fucking pick one, Greg. You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

No. 227955

He might as well kill himself, cos you know… DMT naturally occurs in the human brain when we sleep, essentially - we're all fucking tripping balls when we dream.

Human beings since the beginning of time have sought altered states of conciousness, either be it through substances, poetry, art, stories and the like… SxE people always end up being some of the craziest motherfuckers I know of.

No. 227956

Lmao!! He realises he is an abuser but can't handle it all.

Brilliant, everything we're saying to him is getting to him something hardcore, like it fucking should be.

No. 227957


>He might as well kill himself

Could've stopped there, really.

No. 227958


He pretty much outed himself as an abuser there, as if there was any doubt in the first place.

He doesn't seem to be able to comprehend that there's a difference between being genuinely remorseful for doing something shitty and crying crocodile tears then forgetting about it/making excuses for himself as soon as he realises he's gotten away with doing said shitty thing.

No. 227961

But you haven't apologised to her Onion, you've done exactly what that paragraph says… you've manipulated your "apology" to her into a "woe is me" routine, that is NOT apologising.

You are a textbook abuser and when textbooks tell you this, you get even more angry.

No. 227962

File: 1454181349525.jpg (23.92 KB, 574x121, alltheedge.jpg)

pic related

No. 227964

He either knows full well he's a piece of shit and is trying to deflect it or he's upset because in his fucked up reality flogging yourself should be all the apology anyone should need.

No. 227965

I don't believe for one second that Lainey is making fun of people telling her to leave him.

Her reactions on Twitter shortly after the incident prove otherwise, I've also seen her Tumblr (which she's been posting to on the quiet) and the posts she's made sound like a woman who is deeply hurt and confused.

Noone's buying your bullshit, Gerg.

No. 227966

Awful, I read this in his angry vegan voice.
Pretty sure there's a saying for people who can't see that they are the same problem they complain about.

No. 227970

Unless she thinks everyone telling her to leave him are trolls/eoliveson

No. 227975

File: 1454183182161.png (21.59 KB, 638x170, lordy.png)

It's no one elses job to do that, it's Lainey who would have to do that, but considering you continue to manipulate her into staying with you through appealing to her sympathy, I doubt that will happen.

The best she can do is leave your slimy ass, file for divorce, if what you did invalidates the pre-nup - I want her to collect alimony from you like Skye did… because that's the only thing that seems to hurt you, taking money from you.

No. 227981

File: 1454184202226.png (412.84 KB, 628x643, hahahaha.png)

Oh shit, guys! I'm not sure what he won, but he apparently beat all of us. It's almost like I'm not watching him break down on twitter after he fucked up his marriage for another teenager.

No. 227986

rofl oh boy. such an edgelord

No. 227987


He doesn't really understand that saying sorry doesn't undo something. People are upset about what the did, not about the way he handled it.

I kind of have the feeling that he is even crazier than he used to be, lately.

No. 227990

I love how he feels he's the ONLY person who is "truthful" in the world, in his own little world perhaps.

Dude, you're infamous for talking bullshit and people hate you because you're a serial abuser, noone gives a shit about your whiny babyassed opinions on penises, meat-eaters and drugs.

No. 227991

File: 1454185224989.png (451.09 KB, 628x554, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.16…)


She does seem really hurt and upset, while he acts as if nothing has happened. Weird. I'll just post a couple of screenshots from her tumblr.

No. 227992

File: 1454185253348.png (311.82 KB, 630x279, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.16…)


No. 227993

File: 1454185274095.png (309.16 KB, 631x280, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.16…)


No. 227995

File: 1454185315745.png (949.83 KB, 627x750, Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 3.18…)


I cropped it this way so you can actually see that it's from her tumblr, if anyone is wondering.

No. 227997


This is backed so hard.

His dad molested him and clearly his mom is a fucking loon. I'm sure he hates what was done to him, associated "being taken advantage of" with being female, and now wants to hurt people who present themselves as victims as a way of recreating what was done to him.

Sorry for the obvious armchair psychologist spiel, but knowing he was sexually abused by a male figure makes this entirely too obvious. Abused becoming the abuser, learning how from his father, etc.

No. 228000

What happened to the they/them pronouns?

No. 228001

File: 1454186429968.png (50.1 KB, 636x317, haha.png)

He's becoming more and more incoherent with each tweet he makes.

No. 228003

Betting he is ass-mad that no one is seeing how butt cuddling is an innocent thing that normal moms and friends do.

No. 228004

She's so dumb.

No. 228005

He made tried to make a "good guy" meme out of himself what the fuck

No. 228006

So the problem rotates back to men sexually abusing people ? i see.

No. 228008

His Facebook account is still being spammed to death with cuck commentary.

A good percentage of his Twitter followers are getting more and more annoyed at him.

No. 228015

File: 1454188446316.png (40.18 KB, 540x197, abuse.png)

If this prick wants to talk about physical abuse, he's done that in the past to Shiloh.

Violently pushing her into a door-frame, making her sleep outside the bedroom door in an unfurnished house that you were using as a studio, video recording her breakdowns from your abuse to put on YT for views, subjecting us to her genuine fear of you. You cowed her, you broke her down.

But sure, you've nevveeeer laid a finger on any of your girlfriends have you.

No. 228017

>cheats on wife by molesting an 18 year old

No. 228021

Someone is feeling defensive kek

No. 228028

Engaging with abusers is pointless.

No. 228030

Whatever lainey you fucking retard. If you wanna have sex with pimpledick for the rest of your life while he is continuously scheming up new ways to get jailbait kissy then be my guest but don't expect any sympathy next time it happens or when you realize your son is growing up into a greasy piece of shit just like his dad.

No. 228034

This is my exact same view, everyone has gone out of their way to help her. I don't feel anything but apathy towards her now.

No. 228035

Why do these people have to reproduce and just make more men who are going to keep abusing women? i hate all of this. People need to be screened before having children.

No. 228036

Like really sit there and whine and moan on tumblr or Twitter about how miserable you are and then do nothing about it and see how far that gets you in life

one day you're either going to have to get off your ass and get a job and do something with your life or you're going to be miserable until you die

No. 228038

Why do these people have to reproduce and just make more abusers in general? Abuse knows no gender.

No. 228039

File: 1454190570030.png (246.05 KB, 645x478, fans.png)

What? Did you expect to have mature, thoughtful and well-adjusted fans?

You fucking pander especially to them, this is what you attract so fucking reap what you sow, you fucking lunatic.

No. 228041

He sure has a lot of empathy for his fans, doesn't he?

No. 228042

>fans look up to him
>let's make up of them and expose their problem
this guy wants to be a therapist when he wants to

No. 228046

>>Publically names and shames an underaged fan asking for his help
>>"Look what I have to put up with guys! Feel sorry for me!"
>>Doesn't realise his entire persona and opinions attracts people like this in the first place.

No. 228047

He certainly enjoys humiliating and degrading girls.

No doubt about that anymore.

No. 228048


Sure, that's a retarded thing to post, but this girl is presumably a dumb teen/preteen who looks up to him, and he's a 30 year old man making fun of her.
For fucks sake, Greg. You're just going to keep stooping lower and lower for attention until you crash and burn.

No. 228050

Can we set this asshole on fire yet? He really must be emotionally and mentally stuck at 17 to think that making fun of a teenager is so cool and edgy.

No. 228063

I completely agree. Its like he thinks if he says the right words that his behavior will be forgotten.

No. 228065

I for one can't wait for his downward spiral

No. 228070

for the next thread can you guys please spoiler the picture of him or not post a picture of him. Every time I scroll past this topic and see his face I contemplate suicide. Triggering.

Honey, his whole life is a downward spiral.

No. 228072

Girl posted dumb shit, but then, Gurg posts similarly dumb shit and none of his fans call him out, like >>227962

I wish his fans turned on him and started making fun of him precisely because he's an edgy idiot. I want to see the mental breakdown he'd suffer once he realized his whole online persona was dumb as shit.

No. 228074


Normally, I would agree, but OP picked the perfect image for this thread.

No. 228075

File: 1454195524810.jpg (601.21 KB, 1196x1600, mfw.JPG)

I will literally throw a party packed with meat, alcohol, and marijuana to celebrate this miserable cunt's death. You're all invited.

No. 228076

Ill bring pasta salad and a cake.

No. 228080

I wish Lainey would piss off with making her wedding ring a focal point in each photo she posts.

We get it already, you're back with him and you're still unhappy… if you're trying to solicit some kind of empathy or sincere apology out of Gerg, you're better off trying to get water out of a stone.


I'll bring the coffee machine.

No. 228086

UGH I feel the strongest urge to take the bait and tear him apart about how weed has helped me learn to control my anxiety and bipolar disorder better than any prescription drug BUT I know the only reason he's posting stuff like this is to provoke a reaction and get attention. He's a 30 year old professional troll. His parents must be so proud.
Weird half-baked opinions that are purely to make himself feel superior are hardly to be considered truth. He should have kept his autism on myspace in 2006 instead of flagrantly embodying everything everyone hates about opinionated people.
I would seriously stop being useless and learn to roll blunts in the event that this really happened.

No. 228087

So I give it like 3 weeks before gurg turns this around on lainey. Like "you're a terrible wife for publicly embarrassing me when I was just trying to be friends" and using this as an excuse to start trolling for some more jailbait.

His plan for finding some new poon by making his wife get a gf failed miserably so he's going to have to step his game up this time

No. 228088


I think it's a combination of him trying to piss people off for attention as usual and trying to use petty things like the fact he doesn't drink or do drugs to feel like he's better than other people and protect his fragile ego.

…While being known to have risky, unprotected sex.

No. 228089

Agreed. Plainey won't get any sympathy from a lot of people anymore.

>I'll bring the coffee machine.

Is he really anti-coffee? wow. He's so unlikable in every possible way.

No. 228091

So much this. He wants to mock coffee drinkers and weed smokers, but he's a piece of shit who uses, ABUSES women and sexually assaults them, as well as objectifies them. wtf

Weed has helped me with my asthma problems in the last year. and helped me write more poetry as well. I only smoke to relax after work and never during work or doing an important event.

No. 228092

Can someone please just pretend to be under-aged bait for Gurg and just expose his shit?

No. 228093


I'm contemplating making a Twitter just to do this. I've been following Onision since I was 12 and I used to have a major crush on him until I grew up and realized what a vile piece of shit he actually is. The only thing someone would need to do for him to actually take the bait is to do what Lainey did, i.e obsess over him and stroke his ego.

No. 228095

Please do, you're perfect for it.

No. 228098

See, I think you made your mistake right there. You can be 100% sure Greg has been following this thread (I mean the man has this blind obsession with what his "haters" are saying about him to the point that he will willingly alienate his fans aka his cash cows if they even so much as disagree with him) and so he's going to be extra cautious now. Remember the email incident? I doubt he'll use twitter as a way of finding someone to groom. If anything he might try local tinder matches behind Taylor's back BUT he wouldn't be able to alienate them from their friends and family by moving them across the country so that would work against him making it an unlikely option.

No. 228105


It's also way too soon and suspicious, if you're ever going to catfish him - it's best to be done when everything is quiet and relatively normal/boring for him.

No. 228106

I would pay for a couple of kegs for this. And some decent champagne.

Yup. We're just "pathetic" and dependent on a substance if we love coffee.
Nvm that coffee is delicious, some people start their day with decaf, and it's just nice to have something warm when you wake up. Nope.

No. 228113

Agree agree agree.
Wait miles down the road until it's quiet even on his thread here. Then surprise us all with some delicious milk. But NOT right away. Keep him going for a looooong time.

No. 228116

LMAO I can imagine his face when he made this on memegenerator or some shit.

"This will sure show those trolls!!11"

No. 228121

File: 1454209049655.jpg (21.17 KB, 646x400, lollllll.jpg)

I saw this posted on eoliveson and I can't stop laughing.

Especially because not only does he hate coffee-drinkers, but he got seriously butthurt and ragey one time when black girls were posting photos of themselves drinking "White Tears"…

No. 228123

I wonder if he hates tea-drinkers as well? Tea also has caffeine in it, sometimes even more than coffee does; depending on the type.

No. 228125

I would buy this and drink fucktons of coffee out of it. I imagined the proceeds going to some charity that would piss him off, maybe to an animal shelter or an abused women's shelter.

No. 228126

File: 1454210902112.jpg (54.27 KB, 552x665, 303e8726abf12cc7aabcbbea490faf…)


Yes, If this is an interesting topic to you (or anyone) read anything by Lundy Bancroft on the subject.

Pic related, sorry for the "inspirational quote layout" but he's pretty no bullshit about explaining why abusive men do things, and his whole aim is to genuinely uplift women. He also wrote "Why does he do that?" which is an amazing read I'd think anyone should pick up.

No. 228135

Maybe sometime in the foreseeable future, he wouldn't fall for the bait at the present time, he'll be extra cautious.

Would you happen to be a spiderbro/sis, anon? If so, I've enjoyed reading your blog on this whole fiasco so far.

If not, ignore me.

No. 228143

He definitely wouldn't take bait right now, he's still too busy with throwing a fit and trying to do damage control. He'll be too cautious.
I'd say wait till his Twitter moves back into the mushy ~I wuv and suppowt my pwetty wife ^_^~ stage.

No. 228145

File: 1454213577305.png (431.23 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-01-31-00-12-02…)

What's with this spam?

No. 228146


No. 228151


probably to manipulate lainey into leaving or to see if gurp will defend.

No. 228154

File: 1454214728612.png (50.21 KB, 615x354, Untitled.png)


No. 228157

okay so I just watched one of Lainey's videos

her and Greg are reading off questions from some marriage game with cards, or some shit

anyways one of the cards Lainey reads off is "outside of your own family, what adult had the most influence in your life as a teenager?"

cue jump cut, Lainey asking "why is this important to a marriage," and then another jump cut to Grog telling some boring / shitty story about his childhood

i swear this bitch is fucking colorblind with all the red flags she misses.

No. 228158

I was looking at some previous stuff about grog and wow… I saw this and you can really see his crazy coming through. It's old, but holy shit how can someone think this guy is stable.

(Plz keep watching DL to not give him hits guys.)

No. 228167

For a second I thought you meant to spoiler every image of gerg INSIDE the gerg thread. Reading this drama has got me as irrationally ready to start a fight with anyone as he is.

I'm starting to wonder how many of us here have gone through similar relationships, not that I want everyone going OT and posting their stories in full, because I definitely feel that obsessively checking this thread is becoming some weird cathartic group therapy thing as he begins to embody every shitty manipulive fucklord ever. We should all burn him and feel the release wash over us.

No. 228169

this is seriously the most accurate representation of his fanbase.
congratz onion. you made it.

No. 228170

ew. he even does the "I deserve to be alone" thing at the end.

No. 228176

Why does he move like that?

No. 228177

Cause he's a spastic SxE, even if you drink coffee you are so bad for him. He railed on AJ, a chick his own age, because he left her stalker amounts of voicemails and because he is psychotic.

No. 228183

File: 1454233331614.jpg (57.45 KB, 296x279, obie-1.jpg)

I can't imagine how can Lainey cope with this psychotic piece of shit.I got the creeps only by watching that video.How can someone like this delusional pedo?He needs to be locked up and isolated from society.Oh my fucking god I can't believe Plainey has a kid with this guy and after all that happened she didn't divorce him.

No. 228184

I have a theory why Onion hates drugs. It's because drugs make him lose a control. I know people who can't tolerate even caffeine physically.

Imagine caffeine Onion: Super hyperactive, spamming twitter twice as fast than normally
Alcohol Onion could be even violent.
Weed Onion could post the most sick and twisted deep thoughts online.
I suppose he hates drugs because if he used them people would get to know the real Onion behind the act (that is apparently hard enough to keep together without drugs).

No. 228185

I wonder, does he also avoid chocolate? Since that contains caffeine too.

No. 228186


Nah. I thinks he avoids chocolate because he thinks it's the reason he gets pimples. (Sic)

No. 228187

This and also the fact that he's far too superior,smart and perfect to use such stimulants.High school anon said onion was an outsider and a loser so he probably tried to be mature and edgy by not doing any kind of drugs.

No. 228192

Hahahaha, thats hilarious.

Onion propably sleeps in until 10:00 or something every day. Of course he sees no reason to drink coffee in the morning. What a lazy cuck.

No. 228203

So much of his behavior can be assumed to be caused by the fact that he's bitter as fuck that he was a loser in highschool and the fact that he's a fucking loser now. The only difference now he has a following of fucktards and a platform to be practically worshiped for his opinion without having to deal with anybody who challenges him. He just blocks them or shames them publicly (most often if it's a FAN that's DARING to speak up and disagree with him) and people act like it's TOTALLY UNREASONABLE AND 100% IMPOSSIBLE that he tried to start a shitty cult? You really believe this person that basically jerks off to his own existence all day wasn't at some point obsessed with the idea of being a cult leader and having a following of subordinate morons hanging on his every word and punishing people who speak against him. God the fact that his fans are so blind is so demoralizing.

No. 228204

I bet he spends no more than 2 hours a day making videos at any given time, it's really 'effin easy to edit them once you're used to it.

Literally no real skill is needed at Onion's level, he has the piss-poor acting skills of a bargain cosplayer, his editing skills are absolutely terrible considering how fast he talks and the cuts he makes. He doesn't have any directing skills, anyone can write a script (bad fanfiction), act it out (bad cosplaying) and edit it (Windows movie maker)… so yeah, there's no way he spends more than 2 hours a day creating each one.

The rest of his time is devoted to shitposting all over Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook, masturbating to hentai, constantly asking Lainey to "SUCK MI?!" and planning his moves to score underaged poon.

He has no local friends, barely any LD friends, he doesn't go out, he's incredibly anti-social unless someone allows him to have full control and allows him to be the center of attention.

His whole "cute, quirky YT guy" routine panders to underage girls, when they idolize him, he spits in their faces… unless they're attractive and sexy to him.

Yeesh, he's so icky.

No. 228206

I don't mean to doublepost but I have a theory on why he's been on his manic twitter spree of posting stuff specifically to provoke people. I think he's MAD AS SHIT that Taylor got as much attention when all the bullshit was going on. I think he's mad that most of the "haters" rallied behind Lainey and how Lainey being so public about everything is the reason these threads have gotten so much attention. The last thread was up for I think something like a week before a new one had to be made? He knows people are getting bored of his bullshit and he's even losing his hateviews because at this point no one really fucking cares anymore about him losing his mind over people that eat meat or use "drugs". Most people care about the fact that he's an actual abusive CRAZY PERSON. When people complain about his videos it weakens their arguments against him because he can write it off as "oh they just don't like my videos but I'm still getting their money teehee~" and the actual scary things he's done gets kind of buried under people raging over him saying cutters are stupid or making fun of fat people. He throws buzzwords out there to make people flood his tags with angry sperging so no one can see the actual evidence of his abusive behavior. But all the twitter drama with Lainey made him very little money because all the best parts of it all were on her twitter. No one really cared much about him sweeping it under the rug. For the most part the few people that even payed attention were collectively saying "Greg shut up and take off that stupid bandage you unbelievable tool". He knows his foundation for his youtube fame is cracking. Him provoking arguments is him trying to cover up the Lainey stuff.

No. 228207

Oops while I was checking my spelling in >>228206 this post popped up.

No. 228209

wait..what does he have against animals?

No. 228210

He's not even done anything to improve his skills, he's not taken any classes, studied film or media, or even taken any acting or theatre classes.

I have a friend who works for the local BBC station, she gets use all this cool equipment and direct, plan and arrange documentaries. She doesn't make much money from it either, but she loves it, it's what she devoted all her education to, it's her lifes work.

Onion just happened to wing it all since the beginning, through the help of Skye who had more skill than he did. Even his most popular "I'm a Banana!" video was made by Skye, they just managed to get "internet famous" at a crucial point in distributing home videos at a time when YT reached it's peak after 2007.

He's a massive hack, he's no different to every lolcow on here that makes money through cosplaying and he's going to crash and burn before he reaches his 40's and it's going to be beautiful.

No. 228211

He doesn't have anything against animals, he's just constantly bitching about meat eaters for being cruel since they eat meat or the recent shit with the rhino. It's kind of hypocritical seeing as he doesn't do jack shit for animal welfare and killed his god damned turtle by baking it alive.

No. 228214

Now he's making fun of dead people, stay classy Onion.

No. 228216

Anything to take the focus off him manipulating the hell out of Taylor.

No. 228217

Anything to get attention, how sad.

He doesn't even have IRL friends (that are not using him for their vlog publicity like Cyr).

If any of you have read his first self-insert fanfiction…oops I mean his first book, the best friend of the main character is literally a clown who worships the ground protag walks on. Also everyone kind of pities him. That's a friend Onision wants, a pitiful servant clown.

No. 228222

Yeah, he rails against killing animals for food, but baking a turtle alive is just fine.

Fucking Gurg.

No. 228223

The screenshot doesn't even apply that sorry=abuser. He's so fucking dumb. He has zero reading comprehension. It's only saying that abusers tend to go overboard with their apologies to convince you they're sincere, which is true. It's why victims sometimes believe things will change.

No. 228224

Is he having a breakdown? He's really kicking off lmao

No. 228226

He should start eating chocolate again because I think the pimples are actually just physical manifestations of his internal grossness and nothing he can do will make them go away.

No. 228227

Wow, he is so creepy.

No. 228228

Is it wrong that I want someone to catfish him and absolutely destroy him mentally? I mean he freaked out over his SOs doing normal things, imagine his breakdowns if somebody was intentionally going against his fucked up wishes. I kinda hope Lainey is doing some revenge manipulation rn.

No. 228229

samefag but i meant *imply

All this Grease is clogging my brain.

No. 228240

File: 1454259605012.png (32.17 KB, 608x292, cuckedbycoffee.png)

This is one of Lainey's friends. I hope her friends are trying to keep her away from his shady ass.

No. 228248

That and female "friends" to cuddle with.

No. 228249

He's really grasping for distracting topics now, he picked a pretty broad group of people to poke at.
Dude is 30 years old, I have second hand embarrassment every time I look at his twitter.

No. 228256

File: 1454264166126.png (263.47 KB, 587x591, ohdear.png)

Sometimes I feel his fans are self-loathing women who can't stand other women because they think they're unique and different in comparison to the "stereotypically shallow" women they read about in gossip magazines and the media.

That whole high-school mentality of "I'm not like the other girls", so they agree with his similar opinions as some strange attempt to prove this to him and to themselves for attention and validation.

Taylor was especially like this when she started dating him as well, considering how easily she brushed off all his exes warnings about him.

It's interesting that the girl he's retweeted is exactly his type of "woman" as well… emo scenester, gamer, 18, an obsessive, naive fan and attractive.

Go figure.

No. 228259

I'm having too much fun with this.

If you want a really laugh, watch this starting at 3:05

>Because cuddling with anyone but the person I love in a romantic manner is weird for me.


No. 228261

*a really big laugh


This is him giving examples of the proof that he was in love with his ex Adrienne, and how he STILL cares about her but he thinks they are just not compatible.

Skip to 2:15
>Remember when I told you, "I love you I love you I love you" like every five seconds. Remember that? The hand massages, the back massages, the neck massages, all these really loving… kind, physical gestures that I showed you?
>Remember how I cried-almost cried, because you didn't want to cuddle with me?

No. 228263


Don't get me wrong, I hate tumblr man-haters as much as the next person, but these attention whores who are willing to throw their entire gender under the bus just for male attention are just as bad.

If all the women you talk to are shallow, vapid, self-centered bitches, it says a lot more about the kind of company you attract than it does about women as a whole.

No. 228264

It's actually embarrassing to see, especially since the "not like other girls" girls tend to be exactly what they're saying they're not.

In general, people who need to tell everybody that they're unique and special actually aren't. I think unique people stand out on their own without blabbering on about it.

& you can definitely tell a lot about people by the company they keep. If they only speak with vapid people, they're most likely vapid themselves.

No. 228266

>It's interesting that the girl he's retweeted is exactly his type of "woman" as well… emo scenester, gamer, 18, an obsessive, naive fan and attractive.

His next victim?

No. 228268

too old

No. 228277

File: 1454271886891.png (10.87 KB, 554x217, tact.png)

I've only really heard teenagers and edge-lords use the term "brutal honesty" to describe their inability to treat others with consideration.

"I'm special and honest because I don't sugar-coat things! You should appreciate me for that!"

They also use it to defend themselves when people react negatively to them being complete assholes in troubling times.

It's actually really common for assholes to justify their abusive nature towards people using this excuse.

For friendships and relationships to work, you need this (pic related).

Which Onion clearly does not comprehend or exhibit towards anyone.

No. 228280


what the fuck is that needy manipulative bullshit and how does he live with himself

an ex tried to pull this with me and i kept calling him out on it but it just made him try to paint me as "crazy". i hate this shit.

No. 228287

People who are all about brutal honesty tend to have the weakest feelings, in my experience. They want to act like assholes but they hate getting it back.

Onision is a good example. He's an asshole to absolutely everyone under the guise of honesty, but look how he responds to other people. He gets butthurt over shit that isn't even aimed at him. I've never seen an adult man throw so many tantrums over such dull stuff.

No. 228288

I hate the "look at what I did for you!" argument. How does is negate the bad shit? It's the same mentality abusers use after they've kicked the shit out of you and brought you some chocolates as an apology. "I bought you this gift, how can you still be mad at me? Why aren't you grateful? Why do you focus on the bad?" It's total bull.

No. 228300

File: 1454278174750.png (249.24 KB, 522x467, onisionuncut.png)

No. 228302

I hate Onion like none other, but I actually agree with him 100% that circumcision is barbaric, outdated and disgusting practice that has zero to do with men's health or hygiene. It's a religious lie that is seem as normal now and so many cultures do it despite not knowing its origins. It needs to stop. Infants have no consent to this ritual. Don't ever google 'botched circumcisions' either. It's so distressing.

No. 228306

I agree, but it never really seems like Onision dislikes something because he genuinely feels like it's an issue that needs to be brought up. I feel like he's just really obsessed with circumcision because it's a somewhat 'controversial' topic, not because he actually gives a shit.

No. 228310

I agree and I come from a country where the majority is uncut, but I never support Onision for speaking about it.
He only shames the people who are circumcised and not the ones making the decision. Most men get it done as babies, when they didn't have a say, so his constant "cut men are rapists, cut men can't wank, cut men are bad fucks, etc" is pointless and does nothing to help the issue.
He only cares because he's uncut and it wasn't the norm, so he feels the need to twist it into "proving" his superiority. If he'd had it snipped, you know his videos would be full of all the opposite stereotypes like "cut men are dirty! They can't wash their dick!" He only does this to make himself more appealing, which is why he's so insulting to men who are circumcised.

No. 228311

>Onision protests
lol at the third person

No. 228315



Benefits to women of male circumcision

The load of infectious bacteria and viruses that accumulate under the foreskin is delivered into the female genital tract during sex. Thus when the male partner is circumcised there is:

A 5-fold reduction in risk of cervical cancer (which is caused by human papillomavirus).

A 5-fold reduction in risk of a woman being infected by Chlamydia, thus reducing risk of infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, and ectopic pregnancy.

A 2-fold reduction in risk of genital herpes.

A reduced risk of other sexually transmitted infections such as HIV (the virus which causes AIDS), syphilis, and chancroid, since it is less likely that the male partner has any of these.

A lack of malodorous smegma and associated bacteria on the penis during sex.

No need for concern that the man has phimosis and thus being unable to engage in sexual intercourse, because the 1 in 10 uncircumcised men with phimosis cannot get an erection.

Improved sexual pleasure, where women prefer the circumcised penis for appearance, hygiene, increased penile-vaginal contact, stimulation, staying power during sex, and greater likelihood of the woman reaching an orgasm

Benefits to men of male circumcision

HIV prevention: A WHO/UNAIDS study indicates that circumcised men have up to a 60 per cent lower risk of HIV infection (WHO, UNAIDS, 2007). German development cooperation takes the position that it is absolutely essential to combine male circumcision with other HIV prevention methods, particularly with information and education and with condom use.

Less risk of Phimosis: Circumcision eliminates the risk of phimosis, which not only prevents sex, but makes cleaning under the foreskin and passing urine difficult and painful, as well as greatly increasing the risk of penile cancer and geriatric problems.

Enhanced sexual pleasure: It is reported that the sexual experience is more intense for circumcised males and that the man can better control his arousal when the glans is thus exposed. Some men and women also feel that the circumcised penis is more aesthetic.

In addition, circumcision:

Reduces the risk of inflammation and infection of the skin of the penis.

Substantially reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs), particularly in infancy.

Virtually eliminates the risk of invasive penile cancer.

Reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Reduces the risk of being infected by HIV, the AIDS virus.

Provides substantial protection against thrush, syphilis, papillomavirus and chancroid.

Eliminates the need for later circumcision for medical reasons.(no one cares)

No. 228316

Good post. He attacks the victims of the injustice he purports to hate, if he really felt empathy for them - which we know he probably can't - he'd be offering support and so on to these people. It's like an anti-rape activist constantly attacking victims of rape. It's a huge red flag for his narcissism.

No. 228317


it's the only ~oppressive thing he can talk about as a rich white man.

No. 228318

This is the exact and only reasons why he's against it, it's his superiority complex taking the reins again as usual.

No. 228319

Half of these issues could be sorted out by a dude washing his dick and being careful about his sex life, which all dudes should do anyway.

No. 228320

>website called mens FAQ as a source
>Website itself is completely unsourced except one study which is out of date
>copypastes everything on the website anyway to create massive annoying tl/dr spampost
>Majority of what's posted is factually incorrect
>offtopic to the point of verging on bait

Wow, you can be amazingly annoying in such a small quantity of posts.

No. 228321

How dare you?! I'll have you know he has many serious and complex problems in his life! Did you know that people around him drink COFFEE? And that his wife has the nerve to get mad when he cheats?

No. 228322


Hey maybe get the sand out of your vagina and google it further because the evidence is supported.

either calm down and scroll past it.

No. 228323

>Improved sexual pleasure, where women prefer the circumcised penis
Doesn't this apply to everything? If you have a preference, then obviously the presence of the thing you prefer will turn you on more than the absence of it.

No. 228324

lol no…

No. 228326

Onion is the one attacking people for being cut, not us. Sorry it's normal to do this in whatever culture you come from, but expressing distaste for a cultural practice is not a personal attack on everyone who participates. Honestly cannot see a reason why anyone would be so invested in defending circumcised penises from two posts unless they had one and the posts made them feel bad.

No. 228327

Maybe anon was complaining about the source used and not the principle.

No. 228328

Can we please not talk about Onion's favourite subject of babydicks, take it to /b/ if you wanna talk about cut VS uncut dicks.

Derailing the topic about Onion would be exactly what he wants, ANYTHING to take the attention away from him.

Let us unrustle our jimmies, anons.

No. 228329

Maybe you should make a thread in /b/, dear.

Harsh but true.

No. 228331

He has nothing that amounts to a skill. He's not even funny once you grow out of the edgy thirteen year old stage of your life.

No. 228334

Does anyone know what happened for him after high-school or did he go straight into MP training?

What happened after that? Did he just get Skye to start making videos and it went from there?

No. 228337

He dropped out of the military because he was shocked that soldiers didn't hang around making daisy chains for bunnies or something. He probably went into youtube because there was nothing else he could do.

No. 228339

What else will rustle his jimmies? Is he a short man with a height complex? Is he sad about his receding hairline? Does he wish he was a little less acne prone? Place your bets.

No. 228341

Welp… he's back to his whole asskissing Lainey routine on Twitter now, so I think they're back to "normal" - that didn't take long, did it?

Lainey seems to have re-adopted her fakeboi persona and has stopped referring to herself as female again.

No. 228342

File: 1454281718687.png (40.03 KB, 577x224, Untitled.png)

Was just about to post this.
Onion makes it obnoxiously clear that he doesn't take her seriously.

No. 228346

I don't even think they'll bother going for marriage counselling with the way he's trying to appeal to her self-esteem.

I think he'll do everything in his power to get out of it, he won't want a therapist discussing his past relationships with them both.

No. 228349

I thought Greg was infamous in the mental health community. You'd think they'd be clamoring all over themselves to get a chance to be his therapist.

No. 228350

He'll just be like "We will get through this together and be stronger, I won't ever ask you to seek out girlfriends ever again. Please give me another chance, I promise it won't happen again."

And she'll probably acquiesce to it as well.

No. 228351

>Star boy
so cringey. jfc

No. 228352

This is a serious throwback, but does anybody remember when he listed his favourite things on his old website and it was unironically like
Quote: this one I just made up
Name: Onision
Books: the one I just wrote
Faith: this cult I started
Website: mine
Music: this band…that is actually me
Every time he gets high and mighty on twitter, I think about it and it makes me giggle.

No. 228356

No. 228358

he writes like such a neckbeard

No. 228359

>The Common Man

No. 228360

The cringey pretentiousness is too much for me.

No. 228362

I'm glad he made those shitty vegetarian videos for attention, because it just invited more people to his channel to start following all of his abusive habits and bring them out to light. Not to mention getting on Tosh. The more popular he's gotten, the less fans he has (over the age of 15).

No. 228363

File: 1454283669460.jpg (127.71 KB, 800x1106, art-work-gregory-j-daniel-grap…)

The graphic design section is killing me

No. 228364

File: 1454284010421.jpg (260.27 KB, 1024x768, wallpaper-1024-768-gregory-jam…)

No. 228368

Holy fucking shit.

No. 228369

how does he make enough money to provide for his family and house? youtube cant be that lucrative

No. 228370

>Flesh rating: normal

There's nothing normal about that acne.

No. 228372

Don't forget Onion's hugely successful iTunes chart topper of a dumb novelty album.

I get the impression that some of these professional YouTube personalities live way beyond their means. Even the ones from wealthier families. Gerg's credit score might be hilarious.

No. 228377

>Mental capacity: inconclusive

well, he's not wrong…

No. 228378

File: 1454288531910.png (62.7 KB, 579x570, scr.PNG)

All I can say is yikes

No. 228380

>'NO U'

No. 228388

File: 1454290046192.png (22.54 KB, 587x466, kot7.png)

Holy shit, he's such a fucking try-hard that it's embarrassing to read. His tweets are so contrived.

No. 228390

File: 1454295350665.jpg (53.85 KB, 631x720, p3r1Chu.jpg)

No. 228392

im still new to this dramu so, he like, baked a turtle in a oven on purpose?
damn..thats scary if that wasnt sign enough something is wrong with him

No. 228393

No he left it outside under a hot tupperware for hours till it died and then for months after it died he didnt even clean or get rid of it's regular livingspace

No. 228394

Was the HSAnon info provided true? Pardon my ignorance, I have been staying away from the drama for a long while and just found out about it today.

No. 228395

For a solid second there, I thought Kojima'd actually tweeted that to him. Still great though.

No. 228400

lmao, roasted

No. 228401

There is no solid proof, but I'm starting to think everything he said was true, especially after recent happenings.

No. 228402

Oh majorly, reading through archives of his website and the shit in his books, because everything in them is actual events in his life that are twisted in a way he thinks make him look better, there's no way at least most of that shit isn't true.

No. 228403

Thank you for answering, anon.
Yeah, the recent shit is crazy. How he's behaving right now, posting everything from hating coffee drinkers to making bizarre unfunny jokes ( well, that's what he usually does, heh, but right now it looks extra distasteful ) to divert from what happened…It's insane.

I too thought it's probably true ( at least a lot of it ), because you can't put anything past Greg at this point.

No. 228408

I wish this were real.

No. 228409

File: 1454299996956.png (726.18 KB, 975x629, etgw43t.png)

I thought Lainey might have actually come to her senses when she left him for molesting Billie Dawn Dingle. But nope, it's hopeless. This milk has turned sour.

No. 228410

oh god no. Greg is like a therapist's worst nightmare.

I mean, look at how he reacts to criticism. He would be screaming at a therapist and calling them a liar before they could even finish saying "maladaptive behavior"

Imagine how horrible it would be to actually have to deal with someone like Greg in your personal life. Now imagine that you have an actual obligation to treat him with kid gloves because if you don't he'll storm out and continue to abuse his wife.

No. 228411

>you deserve to be happy Greg

No. 228413

>I'm glad Lainey grew up and realized she overreacted. You deserve to be happy, Greg.
I don't think Lainey overreacted to anything. He himself said he manipulated his way into cuddling with the other girl, if it was so innocent, he wouldn't have had to resort to manipulation.

No. 228414

>that forced, pinched smile
Girl love yourself.

All the comments are just repetition of what Greg says. His fans are mindless.

No. 228415

what the ever loving fuck? She looks like a hostage told to smile or she's be shot, he looks like a bratty 5 year old that just got away with a tantrum. Dude was balls deep in a jailbait teenager not a week ago and he's already convinced this poor idiotic woman to pose for a "happy" couple pic.

No. 228416

Let's not forget it's suddenly all about cuddling. He mentioned that far more than the ass-breasts massage, helping Lain pack, issues of consent, texts he exchanged with Billie, wanting to kiss her, etc.
Suddenly all of that is massively downplayed and L. is the one over-reacting because of some innocent friendly cuddling.

No. 228418

Husband of four years and the father of her child gave that chick a naked tit/ass massage aswell as cuddling all night. Then asked her to kiss him and be with him over his wife of FOUR YEARS. Lainey is a fucking dolt and beyond help. The cucky mcfucky spammers posting on his FB should really spam her, as she is technically the cuckold in this situation kek.

No. 228419

he also told her he wanted to cuddle because he was aroused.

like, c'mon. you can't pretend this shit isn't sexual when you're fucking using it to get off.

No. 228420

It's so disgusting to see the fans slobber over these two because they're the "perfect couple" or some shit. You know deep down all these people will get into/already are in some terrible relationships.

He downplays the hell about the ass/titty massage, kiss and everything else by drowning it out with the word "cuddling" and being vague as fuck everywhere but the video. Now if anyone points this out he can say he was totally honest because it's technically out there for anyone to see. It sounds stupid but it worked.

No. 228422

>butt and breast massage
>not pussy massage with his dick

jesus why are his fans so gullible?

No. 228424

>because it's technically out there for anyone to see
Yup, you're right. I think even the video was meant to be deceiving, however. All over the place cuts, spastic, sounding like he's reading a pharma med warning…It's extremely easy to miss half of what he's saying unless you read the transcript.
Thinking they're the "perfect couple" is sad, vomit inducing and just goes to show how impressionable his fans still are.

No. 228425

File: 1454301579860.png (63.03 KB, 623x559, coffeekek.png)

I know it's a long shot, but now gurg has turned on billie with the anti-coffee tweets so clearly aimed at her, is there any way we could we lure her to this thread for some lulzy information on him/what actually happened that night?

No. 228426

Now watch his tweets turn to how beautiful Lainey is for the next few months (^_^), they're in the honeymoon stage of the abuse cycle allllll over again.

He probably licked the tears from her face as he was fucking her during make-up sex.

Like Hell are they going to see a marriage counsellor, you can tell by his face in that Instagram photo that he feels he's already back in the driving seat of their relationship.

There will be no therapy taking place, this is a cycle that never ends, he doesn't have to ever apologise to her because she's a fucking doormat.

Lainey's "friends" have been useless in all of this because Lainey never fucking listens, not to her parents, not to her friends, NOBODY but Gerg… once a crazy fangirl, always a crazy fangirl.

He's now gonna push and push and push with her to see how much he can get away with, she is definitely Shiloh #2 in that regard because they must of broken up over 15 times before it was finally over - and her mother had to FORCIBLY take her passport from her to stop her from going back to Gerg.

She has absolutely no control over him whatsoever, they won't seek marital help, they'll both just continue being unsalvageable, miserable, disgusting fuckers who purposely cause drama between themselves because they are addicted to make-up sex which they enjoy exhibiting for all their damaged, underaged fans to see.

No. 228431

His tweets about coffee infuriate me more than they should. I can't be alone in this.

No. 228433

About make-up sex and why dysfunctional couples are addicted to it.


>>"Make-up sex in bad relations does not involve a true resolution to the conflict but rather a temporary cover-up, which distracts the couple's attention from their profound difficulties. When fights are constant and extreme, make-up sex act like like a drug that gives temporary, illusory relief but is not a deep or genuine solution."

No. 228435

You're not & I don't even drink coffee.
Even if therapy takes place nothing will come out of it. Perhaps it even has the potential to make things worse.
>Greg sits there, downplays everything, lies like usually
>plays the role of a loving husband as everyone who's this much of a manipulative narcissist usually does
>L is afraid to say anything much in therapy
>He walks away as the good guy

No. 228436

I've never seen his vegetarian body video, but I've heard about it. And it always played out in my head that he's screaming "VEGETARIANNNNNN!!11" into the camera. Somehow, I think if someone were to bring up everything to him, he'd be doing the same thing, but this time screaming "CUDDLINGGG!1!!"

Seriously though, we all know he paints himself in a better light by downplaying events. Kinda sad to think that the things that he let known were just the more "innocent" or "acceptable" of the things that probably happened.

No. 228438


can someone tell me what the fuck is wrong with these people

like jesus fucking christ

No. 228439

File: 1454303643580.jpg (27.65 KB, 500x333, milkymilky.jpg)

I honestly don't feel anything for Taylor anymore, no sympathy, nada… just apathy and disgust.

I think she's just as much as a bad influence on her young fans as Onion is, and I no longer care for their fans well-being either.

I think I'm gonna go back to being a milk-loving farmer instead of an empathetic fool regarding anything and everyone related to Onion now, I just no longer care because they make my skin crawl too much.

Just bring me all the delicious milk from them so I can feel more grateful and thankful for my own friendships, relationships and life, because theirs is miserable as shit.

No. 228440

Virgin anon here with a serious question: how does "break up" and "make up" sex differ from normal? I don't get it. Like do you keep talking about your problem while fucking? or wtf?

No. 228441

Please stop. go back to your containment board. this place is 18+

No. 228442

The heightened emotions and anger from the argument before are supposed to make the sex feel more gratifying/passionate when you make up.

No. 228443

It's hard to explain, but I'll give it a go.

Sometimes couples will bitch at each other, get into arguments, do or say hurtful things to each other - and once they've calmed down, they're both sorry and because they're professing their love and apologies to each other, they'll get aroused and have sex, and sometimes it will feel like they've fallen in love all over again.

In normal situations and functional relationships, this can be normal because everyone has a "lover's tiff" now and then in a long term relationship.

BUT, in abusive relationships - partners will purposely cause arguments especially when one of them is a controlling cunt, because it's more satisfying than the sex they usually have, it becomes all they can get off to because the relationship has become passionless and thus becomes an addiction.

No. 228446

File: 1454305660046.png (276.09 KB, 524x547, gurg.PNG)

Why does lil onion care so much about others being straight edge? I mean I think pot or a few beers wouldn't stop him being a cunt I think he'd just get cuntier. Also that fag looks too real to be fake just saying

No. 228449

Wow what a cunt. I don't even follow his drama but I saw this image on the front page. I didn't realize what a twat he was until I saw this

No. 228455

lol how does smoking a fake cigarette free you from guilt? You are still promoting something you are supposedly against. It is contradicting your straightedgy image, Onionboy.

No. 228456

Thanks Anons, so it's basically like restarting the honeymoon period in regards to sex? If so, that makes sense. Is it possible gerg caught onto this and is now fabricating bullshit break ups and issues (that he knows they will get over) to keep up this cycle with Lainey? Like giving drugs to an addict or something?

No. 228457

File: 1454308005159.jpg (68.41 KB, 600x800, topnob.jpg)

She looks like a dickhead, quite literally.

No. 228458

no you idiot shes a star boy

No. 228459


No. 228461

By star boy, does she mean she is fucking star gendered or whatever that stupid tumblr shit is?

No. 228464

Gerg has always been reprehensible when it comes to sex. He has a history of pressuring his exes into sex, hurting his exes during sex and being hypersexual to the point of leaving them in pain after sex.

That on top of his fetish for underage girls, his humiliation and cucking fetish, using manipulation to get sex, habit of cheating, and overly controlling nature… he'll pretty much stoop to any level to get sex out of someone and at the time, Lainey didn't want any part of it…

He said himself he was really disappointed he didn't get his threesome, so he took it out on Lainey and fucked Billie instead to get her jealous. There were photos posted on her snapchat of herself and Gerg half naked, so it's pretty obvious they fucked to make-up.

Also considering how much they air their drama online instead of, y'know… talking to each other in person (they live in the same house for fucks sake) like any other sane couple would do, they work each other up into arguments, this time with Billie though he took it to the extreme, and he'll continue to play this game with her to get what he wants from her because otherwise, their abusive relationship is dead and buried.

No. 228473

nah mate, surely even Lainey isn't that much of an idiot
(although the way this whole situation is playing out, I wouldn't be surprised if she is)

No. 228479

He's so mentally deranged that he can only experience love and sexuality in perverse and abusive ways. He can't integrate with the tender, intimate side of relationships.

He's proven that time and time again in regards to what he did to his exes and what he's recently done to his wife.

"Brutal Honesty" over "Tact" remember? He lacks compassion.

But he sure knows how to pretend to be loving and caring if it gets him what he wants, that's where his manipulation tactics come into play, because he doesn't deserve them, they would be sooooo better off without him! He would rather die or be alone without them!

Boo hoo hoo. (^_^)

No. 228480

>There were photos posted on her snapchat of herself and Gerg half naked, so it's pretty obvious they fucked to make-up.

seriously? links? i can't believe he let her post that kind of thing if he was trying to keep his cheating a secret

No. 228484

Ah, sorry… I meant Lainey posted half-naked pics of herself and Gerg on her snapchat a day or so after she left.

I re-read that and saw where it could get confusing, apologies!

(So many mistakes this morning, I need coffee.)

No. 228485

oh no, it's not your fault anon! it's late here and my brain crapped out processing the "make-up" part which could have only been about lainey anyway. sorry! kinda hoped it would have been of billie and gurgoyle though, so lainey could finally be shaken up enough to leave if she saw these potential pics. as it is, if lainey's posting half nudes with him, and so soon after this whole issue, then i can only marvel at how far down his shitty rabbit hole she fell down

No. 228488

Yeah, I know… I think the whole "cuddling" bullshit and what it actually entailed, especially coming out of his own mouth would've been enough, but I don't think there's any helping her anymore.

Like I mentioned earlier on, he broke up with Shiloh more than 15 times, let that sink in… 15 times; before her mother could intervene.

No normal person breaks up that many times in a relationship and can feel it's still a healthy and happy one.

I think it's gonna be the same case with Lainey, I think her parents still live in New Mexico and with her being all the way up in Washington, I don't think they can do much… unless at some point she does something to piss Gerg off and he kicks her out (a' la Shiloh) and she HAS to return to her family, then I think that's the only time she'll be able to get help from them like Shiloh's mother was able to once Shiloh returned to Canada.

No. 228492

15? goodness, i had no idea it was this bad. but i suppose 15 is only what they released publicly, so there might have been even more times they broke up without posting about it. ugh, you know, i recently checked out a video for some old shiloh song, and all the comments were calling her the psychopath regarding her relationshit with gurg. drove me mad how even his fans were just as brainwashed as the women he had relationships with

No. 228493

Gerg, not even once!

No. 228496

File: 1454317454534.jpg (88.96 KB, 537x442, creamymeme.jpg)

No. 228497

Reminder that he was raised by this thing and had no real father figure. His mother is full on insane.





This woman actually believes she is legitimately psychic and legitimately reads people's minds and shit. She actually legitimately believes that she can talk to ghosts, use massage therapy to hear people's thoughts, and other delusional shit.

No. 228498

…so Gurg gave Billie a massage cos there were ghosts in her titties?

No. 228499

Nah, he fucked her and pretended things were okay. His mom is really fucking insane >>228497 he was molested as a kid and that's now why he pretends to be a vegan and an atheist. Edgelord points are worth double!

No. 228500

Fucking christ. His mother is eerily similar to his and i was also molested as a child, but i'm nowhere near as fucked up as he is. My mother thinks she can speak to dead people aswell and owns a "psychic" business, she even had dreads too. How did he turn out to be such a piece of shit? I'm only 21 but damn i'm doing 100 times better than this fucker and probably the polar opposite. He's seriously a hardcore psychopath.

No. 228501

*Eerily similar to mine
This fucker makes my blood boil.

No. 228503

File: 1454321706056.jpg (337.19 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_n2lxy0RxCW1qiqb8io1_128…)

So, I was looking at her tumblr and legit thought this was greg at first.

No. 228507

Holy shit, I thought you posted a picture of him until I read your comment.

No. 228510

Damn. She reminds me of Katherine Marion but a little more stable and not super vegan.
If her videos were a little more interesting I'd send her to h3h3 but they're just so short and… weird?

No. 228512

Just realized one of his old online aliases is OniSan, which is clearly a precursor to Onision. Is it a reference to the Japanese demon Oni or is it some sort of older brother play… (I know its technically Onii-san, but gergle is dumb)

No. 228516

Probably both. Makes sense either way with his edgelord persona and super young girlfriends.

No. 228517

top kek

No. 228519

Someone should ask Onision to make video about 10 things I hate about new age religions video. Or ask him what do he think about people who believe in ghosts and that you can communicate with them ans massage them away. I'd also love to hear his opinions about indigo children.

No. 228525


It's nice to hear you turned out ok, anon.

If you're a woman, there's a chance that it might have affected you differently than it did to Grease because of gender.
But either way, his shitty childhood is no excuse to prey on vulnerable teenagers and just generally be a shitty human being.
What happened to him was awful, but what he's doing now is just as bad. He's become a predator himself.

No. 228528

Can we all please remember this video Plainey posted in on the 23.10.2015?

Not sure if her acting is really THAT wooden or if she was dead inside already.

No. 228531

Yup, he doesn't know what love is. His version of it is fucking, fighting and professing undying love for each other 24/7, anything that deviates from that is unacceptable to him. Anyone who isn't shoulders deep in his greasy asshole doesn't love him, at least in his eyes.

No. 228532

Holy shit, 15 times?! I've only been following suk mi's drama the past couple years so I don't know much about the Shiloh saga, but fuuuuuck me, 15 god forsaken break ups? Even when I was a dumbass teenager I never broke up that many times with a BF, not even close, and these 2 were adults at the time!

No. 228534

Is that fucking electrical tape she's using to give herself a facelift?

No. 228552

I just found something out today that I never knew before.

Did anyone else know that his first wife Skye was told several times before she was even married to Gurg (and even before he started making videos for YT) to stay the fuck away from him by several concerned friends of hers?

One friend told her to "be careful of Gurg" before they even married because Gurg had a rep for having a bad temper and anger issues.

A couple tried to break them up after they married because they felt Gurg was a bad husband and his response to this was to pull the self-pity card.

He then stopped Skye from having any friends, he began to pine over an ex-girlfriend called Tanya, Skye told him "NO!" he was NOT to see that girl, he did anyway.

No. 228559

None of this surprises, its the same goddamn story with every relationship.

No. 228579

File: 1454354442898.png (667.12 KB, 959x605, Captura.PNG)


No. 228580


oh for fucks sake

No. 228583

File: 1454355539256.png (15.64 KB, 578x100, wtf.PNG)

No. 228586

File: 1454355710020.png (28.36 KB, 563x286, Capture.PNG)

So I remember someone asking where he said he had BPD. He did write it a long time ago on his facebook. I think this was back in 2011. I don't want to derail with any stupid debates about this shit, just saying he claimed to have it.

No. 228588

Isn't BPD really rare for guys?

No. 228589

Yeah, (i can't remember well but) I think he said that because some people told him that he may have BPD, so he used it to play the victim as always.

No. 228590


its rare in general, but women tend to get diagnosed with it more.

No. 228591

It's pretty difficult to estimate how many people actually have any of the cluster b personality disorders, because the way they make people behave makes them unlikely to be diagnosed.

But as far as I know, BPD is diagnosed in women far more than in men, yeah. I've seen a lot of talk about the reasons for this being rooted in sexism or double standards for what's normal for genders but idk.

No. 228594

File: 1454356370813.png (278.74 KB, 496x607, Capture.PNG)

This is from back in 2011, when Adrienne and Shiloh had become friends and were ripping on Onision on fb.

No. 228595

File: 1454356389956.png (321.06 KB, 401x611, Capture2.PNG)

PART TWO OF THAT. It's pretty funny actually.

No. 228596

Then Shiloh stabbed her in the back, got back with Gerg and they both shat all over her publically.

No. 228597

File: 1454357044259.png (245.68 KB, 457x441, Capture.PNG)

So Shiloh wrote this a long time ago. Do you think he might start this type of cycle with Billie and Lainey? I mean, I don't see Lainey and him lasting. I just wonder if the only reason he stayed with Lainey was because he didn't want to financially suffer - or because he was afraid of the backlash from fans? or?….

Billie certainly wasn't turning him down.

No. 228598

This was right when he broke up with Adrienne. He used his BPD self-diagnosis to try to manipulate her into getting back with him, but then basically dropped it when that didn't work.

I would say regardless of whether or not he actually has BPD, he definitely has a lot more wrong with him on top of that. And even beyond whatever clusterfuck of disorders he has, he has had more than enough time and justification to seek out any treatment whatsoever.

It's relatively rarely diagnosed, but there's evidence to suggest that the disorder still occurs in similar proportions.

No. 228601

File: 1454357513728.png (390.9 KB, 525x332, Capture.PNG)


No. 228603


No. 228608

I hate self-diagnosis.
However, most therapists don't want to fucking bother because borderlines can't stick to anything.
He just needs to hit rock bottom, and since he has e-fame, he will never be alone.
Most borderlines get their shit together once they realize no one truly wants to put up with them, but he has an endless supply of teen girls, just waiting to turn 18 so they can have a shot.
He's a monster, I have BPD, I have found my place. But this dude is a fucking monster.

No. 228609

Did anyone ever actually find out if that Redtube video of him was real? I would never watch it, just wondering if he really had some porn out there of him twerking on his lil wee wee.

No. 228610

File: 1454358249757.png (14.3 KB, 554x72, onion.PNG)


No. 228611

File: 1454358379266.png (15.96 KB, 542x91, yeahright.PNG)

delusional much??

No. 228612

I was going through the old Onision Drama Tumblr. I got sucked in. I'm still in year 2011. The fact that this exists is going to ruin my work life, because I'm not working. Haha, all I do is read this back drama and laugh because this shit has been going on for so many years. Holy fuck. He literally makes me so happy about my life.

No. 228615

File: 1454358438403.png (94.25 KB, 554x610, kek.png)

No. 228616

He made a video about this

It's amazing how stupid he is, because he diagnosed himself with it before even reading what criteria you have to meet to have BPD. One of the criterias you must have is self-harm, which he thinks is a "stupid choice" for "attention whores"

No. 228617


well you need to hit 5 of the 9, so you don't "have" to have self harm

No. 228618


I think that's supposed to be sarcasm.
Although his mind seems to have stopped developing in high school, so who knows?


>sometimes, with all the filters you use.


No. 228619

i think this tweet is actually only meant ironically

No. 228621

am I just crazy, or does it seem like this is a jab at Amanda Todd?

No. 228622

File: 1454360075390.jpg (372.07 KB, 1280x1251, tumblr_o1vxonYfsm1rgyhcpo4_128…)

When ur freshly 17 and waiting for your greasy daddy to put a ring on it.

No. 228623

is that lainey?!
did he really get her pregnant at 17?

No. 228624

The best thing about this is that he's actually upped his GPA on this tweet. It was a little lower than that, around 2.5, when he listed in on his website. He obviously cares more than he wants us to think.

No. 228625

Didn't he say he almost killed himself once?

No. 228626

Amanda Todd wasn't white though

No. 228627

She got pregnant a few months after she turned 18. It was around March 2013.

No. 228630

i don't think it's at amanda todd specifically (why would he poke fun at her of all things? it's happened years ago), just dumb, edgy humor

No. 228631

Fuck, this is sad.

No. 228632

How many children in total does Gargoyle have? One (or possibly two given some of Lainey's tweets) with Lainey, one with Skye?

No. 228633

No. 228634

File: 1454360587653.png (61.76 KB, 624x440, scrc.PNG)

He posts shit like this to give the illusion of ~perfect marriage~ all the time.

No. 228637

I feel like Lainey is trying to subtly say "This did not happen recently, crazy people please don't think I'm giving in that easily"

No. 228638

Didn't Amanda Todd kill herself by drinking bleach?

Gorg isn't always in the front car of the relevancy train, imo.

No. 228640

I hope that's what she's doing. I want her to leave him. He's only posting this shit to lure her back in and keep her controlled by his fake love.

No. 228646

Maybe it's a sick thing to think, but I hope she stays with him so that he doesn't get his grubby hands on some other poor young girl and then ruin another couple lives as well.

No. 228649

i wonder if that's what she's doing already

No. 228650

It's not like he's tried to capitalize on anyone's death before.

No. 228654

For a while I didn't think she was actually staying with him back in their house, because of stuff like this. Until pictures came from her, anything Onision posts was old shit cause he wanted it to seem like she was totally over it.
I can't keep my hopes up, but I truly hope she's only staying to cool the fire down while she gets her shit in order to fully dump his ass all at once. In the mean time I hope she keeps low key calling his bullshit like this.

No. 228655

I think this their drama is a ploy to have job security, for the both of them.
So they can continue to sell shitty t-shirts and make their shitty pointless videos.
Onion fears being irrelevant, why else would this whole event be played out in real time on twitter.
It's been like watching the superbowl, with a very disappointing ending.

No. 228671

File: 1454365185673.png (47.61 KB, 558x246, Capture.PNG)

Didn't Greg just post something like this on Twitter? Shiloh posted this years ago. Weird? Or is this song lyrics lmao.

No. 228684

File: 1454367073773.png (70.32 KB, 626x535, Capture.PNG)

One of Lainey's closest friends has been going OFF on onion since he cheated.

No. 228687

I love that her friends aren't putting up with him. Hopefully that'll make her more likely to ditch his ass.

No. 228695

omg the fucking fan is doing the same blind loyalty shtick as Gerg.
>how dare you talk shit about your friend's husband for perfectly valid reasons! You must kiss his ass, too, always!

No. 228698

I can't wait for this shithead to crash and burn. You know it's going to happen eventually.

No. 228702

Hopefully it'll happen sooner rather than later. It'll be a great day when all this shit comes crashing down on him.

No. 228707

I agree. If not sooner it's going to happen when his looks start fading. You can't just cake on make up and appeal to the teen fanbase with this kind of bullshit forever.

No. 228708

When Lainey would post emo lyrics, implying something is up with her and Gurg, fans would always comment something like:
>It can't be Onision. He is the most perfect husband!!! His love is eternal!!! Lainey, love him more!

So that's why Greg doesn't need a cult, he already got one.

Try going to the Onision forums and post something about him that's not in a complete positive light (it doesn't even have to be negative). His rabid fans will attack and mock you.

No. 228709


>when his looks start fading


I think you're right, though. As soon as he's so wrinkly even 5 lbs of makeup, filters, and photoshop can't help him, he's going to have a huge breakdown

No. 228710

Wow hope that lil cunt is like 13 or something. That's too shitty of a thought to have for a grown ass woman. So if her real life friend's SO is a huge x-phobic/x-ist abuser, she's not gonna join, in this case, the already large crowd calling them on it? She's just gonna let it happen?

No. 228711

Yup. His whole spiel is "looking younger ( or rather, creating the illusion ) than his age to appeal more to the fanbase".
>As soon as he's so wrinkly even 5 lbs of makeup, filters, and photoshop can't help him, he's going to have a huge breakdown

No. 228718

File: 1454375600548.jpg (57.27 KB, 554x582, blech.jpg)

No. 228720

Lol he's such an ass. He gives all straight edge people a bad name. Not all of them are shit rags like Gurg.

No. 228727

Funny he actually looked more like the one guy who hates him more than anything. Interesting how that one worked out.

No. 228730

Shit, I thought about doing that now that you mention it, but it would be amusing for half a minute before realizing what a bunch of brainwashed children he has backing him.

No. 228731

It's also funny how he's doing everything to distance himself from what happened.
I wouldn't be surprised if his next post is:
You eat lettuce?
Ever thought of not eating it and saving money, you lettuce addicted idiot?

No. 228734

The clock's ticking and he doesn't take much care of himself. He already looks like shit, with his lifestyle his 30's are gonna hit him like a truck. I can't fucking wait to see that breakdown.

No. 228740

File: 1454377831018.jpg (164.35 KB, 339x571, 482fcd_bb52c0a995595ce449dc230…)

It's really just the type of clothing anon, sparing that there isn't much comparison. Stevie is a much better looking guy than Grungle and he quite obviously takes care of his appearance and hygiene more often than Grungle ever seems to.

Agreed. They're roughly the same age and Stevie's barely showing signs of being quite near thirty. He can easily pass for being around twenty three still. Really he just looks tired all of the time lol. Gurnk looks he's entering his mid forties with alcohol problems.

No. 228743

Ouch, that's an insult lmao. Too bad Gribble's life reflects hard on his appearance. An old creep that tries hard to look young to appeal to children.
Stevie's long hair makes him look young too. Murder my vagina, tbh.

No. 228744

I kinda like Alex, so far - he's the only one of Lainey's friends aside from "flower daddy" who has dared to stand up to Onion, regardless of Lainey's feelings about it.

No. 228745

He's pushing 30? Holy shit, he looks younger, plus he's a qt, good for him

No. 228747

I honestly won't be surprised if Greg turns out into one of those people obsessed with plastic surgery while desperately trying to cling to looking 17.

No. 228748

File: 1454378933050.jpg (39.54 KB, 640x360, objectifying stevie.jpg)

play me a song bby

No. 228750

File: 1454379282430.png (17.11 KB, 581x188, idiot.png)

You threw a shitfit when Billie did the same though, didn't you?

No. 228755

File: 1454379795405.jpg (107 KB, 400x400, 53170032.jpg)

This is making me watch his Gerg rant videos again. Shit is still gold and on point.

No. 228756


Yeah, I wish he made some more nowadays.

No. 228757

Everything about her looks so stumpy in this photo. ffs.

No. 228760

No he wouldn't because he's a vegetabletarian or w/e, and so lettuce is one of the only things he can eat.
I dunno though he strikes me as being more of a cheetos and pop tarts vegetarian than into anything healthy.

No. 228763

I know a lot of it's hygiene but this completely, his skin alone looks like he only eats sugary snack foods and greasy trash.

No. 228764

I know, I meant all of it more in the lines of -insert something insignificant-/bitch about it.
I'm not sure if I even believe he's vegan/vegetarian/whatever.
This guy lied about so many things in his life. There's so much dirt on his hands. If it turned out he's lying about this too ( or is far from being as militant about it irl as he is in his videos at the very least ) I wouldn't be surprised at all.

No. 228767

This this guy looks mid thirties. I don't see it.

No. 228768

File: 1454381548363.jpg (60.19 KB, 498x750, take me now plz.jpg)

heavy breathing

No. 228771

>those flames on the sleeves
I swear that is a shirt from Gaiaonline.

No. 228773

No that's just a 90's kid thing. I remember classmates of both genders having shirts like that.

No. 228774

>You are my world
wow, what a dumb bitch.

No. 228775

What the actual fuck

No. 228776

Her body is repulsive. what the hell. So shapeless and weird.

No. 228777

This is why parents need to do their job properly. damn, that is sad.

No. 228781

He looks way older than 14 on that pic.

No. 228783

Greg is her master, his word is final.

No. 228841

Wouldn't surprise me if he secretly eats meat, since the only reason he wouldn't go vegan, is because of convenience. So why wouldn't he just go and eat meat when the vegetarian option is 'inconvenient'? It's Greg, he doesn't give a fuck about ethics, he just wants something so he can say 'he's better than others'. Which he actually literally does, instead of actually having an argument with someone he just says: 'I'm vegetarian, you're not, point made'.

No. 228843

He looks like a typical 23-year-old in the 90's. Complete with greasy backstreet boys hairdo and cheesy fire pattern. Also his jaw looks really weird in that photo.

No. 228896

She's improved thanks to weight loss, makeup and hairstyling, but she was seriously ugly then and she's not much better now. I don't understand anyone calling her pretty.

No. 228901

Greg isn't bpd (and even if he was there's very successful treatment out there for them that works called dialectical therapy) and bpd people aren't as hateful and narcissistic as Greg. By contrast, bpd people are usually very loving, they just have very overwhelming, painful emotions that cause them to act out in impulsive, destructive ways that cause people to avoid them and have a very real fear of abandonment that makes them behave even more spastically. Greg is just a manipulative and abusive cocksucker who knows exactly what he's doing, grooming child brides into doing whatever he wants and being glued to him and his whims forever.

No. 228908


I know we're going back into the personality disorder discussion, and I'm no psychiatrist, but this is pretty much why I don't think Greg has BPD, or if he does, maybe it overlaps with something else.

If you watch the video he posted when he cheated, he doesn't seem to feel any remorse for it. He pretends to be sorry, tweets a bunch of shit about how he doesn't deserve his perfect amazing beautiful wife, and as soon as she's lured back into his web of bullshit, he acts as if nothing happened.

He's a classic abuser, and I don't doubt he's got some kind of cluster b going on, but the BPD thing was just an excuse for his shitty, abusive behaviour.

No. 228913

can everyone ITT stop fucking pretending it's possible to definitely tell if greg has any disorders? we aren't doctors. stop this shit.

No. 228914

Imma go back to speculating on Venus's ED

No. 228916

damn i know he's a pos but this made me sad, he really needs therapy or something

No. 228918

File: 1454422339471.jpg (166.14 KB, 711x1141, image.jpg)

holy shit

No. 228919

No. 228921

File: 1454423125478.gif (921.42 KB, 245x200, disgusted.gif)

No. 228927

File: 1454426002021.png (71.53 KB, 506x277, Capture.PNG)

I find the lol here to be awesome. Now they just need to add the new additions - Lainey and Billie. This guy is a hot ass mess and I LOVE it.

No. 228928

I REALLY want to see all the sperging in answer to this awesome comment. Top kek, Danielle!

No. 228935

File: 1454428315499.jpg (7.95 KB, 245x197, 11222888_843808755703162_72143…)

No. 228938

It's ironic because she'd probably enjoy it if he were like that

No. 228942

So onison just uploaded a video about how lainey kicked him out of his house for groping the tits of some women he was doing a skit with..

And how he left - went to this womens house (is staying there)… and did stuff with her. Because he has needs that need to be fulfilled which lainey doesnt fulfill. Oh and he might be bisexual.

lol its too funny. link to vid:


No. 228943

There is a video of him eating seafood. It was with that one chick Kasha(?), one of his in-between girls during one of the Shiloh breaks.

No. 228944

wow that was unexpected

No. 228945

He's obviously fucking around. He's trying to keep this "betraying my wife" drama last as long as it can.

No. 228946

Absolutely just a joke video trying to string the drama along. You're an idiot for thinking otherwise. Also for posting the direct link.

Hi gerg

No. 228949

I just don't even know anymore
"AS A LEGITIMATE FILMAKER" doesn't even sound like he's trying to be serious, not to mention talking about his needs and prostrate.
But on the otherhand, his venomous way of saying 'my wife' sounds pretty legit. I don't even know anymore.

No. 228950

Learn to embed, noob.

No. 228951


I was sure it was a joke but I was thinking if this was a joke video how the hell is lainey okay with it???

No. 228952

wtf ew wtf wtf why would you say this on the internet

No. 228953

He's just trying to make money off the drama that recently happened. He's boring again, now I can go back to work.

No. 228954

Why is he explaining this all so aggressively? And why do we need to know that his new chick fingered his asshole?

No. 228955

I do hate Onision with a passion but this made me giggle a bit.

No. 228956

Don't you know? Any anal penetration makes you bi-sexual. Taylor kicked him out and prostate massages are okay because full naked massages are okay.

No. 228957

Maybe she did leave him or just confirm that she would and so he's milking it for all he can? But in that case I imagine he'd think of a better story that would frame him as a victim other than 'I groped someone and took it up the ass, Lainey my wife never did my ass, I have needs'.

It's disgusting, he's playing for attention and we're giving it to him technically. I feel so ashamed.
He has something to gain by it, ie it's probably a joke or something in his eyes

No. 228958

File: 1454431950794.png (110.41 KB, 452x328, Capture.PNG)

Greg has been fucking crazy for a long time. Check out his paranormal powers from an old profile.

No. 228962

I can't wait to see the craigslist model he ruined his marriage for.

No. 228964

Uh, that is clearly a joke. That's why it's not on his speaks channel. It's also listed comedy.

He's doing it for VIEWS.

No. 228967

EVERYTHING he does is for views.

No. 228968

Yeah but this isn't REAL. It's him trying to monopolize now - over the fact he actually did ruin his marriage and cheat on his wife with a random.

No. 228973

You people are dumb and gullible as fuck.

No. 228974

I dont think anyone believes it, but it doesn't change the fact that it's disturbing.

No. 228976

This is obviously the beginning of his ex-gf slander roller coasters he goes through every break up.
Notice how he referenced back to saying "I'm not a victim" and declared now he IS the victim. The fans are riding his dick hard and shitting on Lain already.

He probably knows things aren't going to work out between them so he's began to paint Lainey as the devil (she won't satisfy my needs! she kicked me out of my own house! etc).

No. 228980


Nobody is pretending they're a doctor. Nobody is trying to diagnose him with something. They're just speculating, which is a pretty natural reaction towards someone who is clearly pretty screwed up in the head. Quit being so salty.

No. 229000

File: 1454438643545.png (64.24 KB, 747x288, sugarbaby.png)

so poor :~(

No. 229002

That's subjectively horrifying. Why would they think this is funny? Willing to bet he's legitimately got an Oedipus complex.

It's just so inappropriate and vile considering he was actually abused as a child.

No. 229003

….Hooooooly shit whaaaaaat?

Did NOT expect this! I mean yeah, I always felt like he was actually bi/gay, but holy fuck… Bro, you keep making all the wrong choices.

No. 229004

it is vile and seriously weird. not making excuses for him now but my heart goes out to the person he could have been.

No. 229007

I agree he is using this whole event just to rack up the $$$. But I am seriously starting to think they actually did break up and it wasn't a stunt… because making a video like this is way too weird to make while faking the end of a relationship. It's basically tarnishing their relationship past the point of ever being able to mend. (Because according to him, he had sex with someone else this time.)

If they "get back together" after this, then it really was all fake because there is no way in hell things would pan out like this.

I would not be surprised if parts of his recent video were fake but I am inclined to believe they are splitting up for real now (unless Lainey gets back together with him, which would just prove it was all fake for views.)

No. 229009

Personally I always thought he was bi/gay, I mean, look at how hard he was pushing Lainey to be bi, change her gender, and how much he slobbered when she started looking like a boy. I kind of doubt about the whole prostate thing but he always seemed to swing that way imo.

No. 229011

Legally, Lainey can't kick him out of the house… so… hm.

No. 229013

Nbd, just have her go back home to New Mexico to her family

No. 229014

>ruining a good box of expensive extensions
I ought to kick her ass for being such an irresponsible little twat. How does that even happen? My blood is boiling.

No. 229015


i mean…accidents happen?

No. 229016

no one…gives a shit? she's irresponsible

No. 229017


she's fucking 18. no shit she's irresponsible. But this is Onion's thread not hers.

No. 229018

Listen, fellow poorfag. Bitterness about other people's material wealth is gross and wont stop them being rich and you being poor.

No. 229019

I didn't say shit about me being poor. I have a lot of old remy extensions myself. Learn to read, dillweed.

No. 229020

Let's focus on hating Onision. Seriously, all the drama comments between each other make everyone look at bad as him. Lol.

No. 229021

I agree but my point is, he can technically sue her for loss of income for "kicking him out" since his equipment for his income is in the house. She should just leave. If any of this shit is true ofc.

No. 229022

He literally set it up, so he could touch the girls tits, then get Lainey on purpose angry, so he could have an excuse to get fucked in the butt and his fans would defend him.
I bet his fans are going to call Lainey a homophobe for not wanting to peg him.

We should have seen it coming, we already knew he was watching weird hentai. It was probably full of futas or some shit.

He is ruining his family, so he can be fucked in the butt.

No. 229023

YOU DO UNDERSTAND THAT VIDEO IS A HOAX RIGHT??? I MEAN……………………….really? Are you dumb?????

No. 229024

Then why do you care about the extensions being expensive? Your post reeks of
>If I had items that expensive I'd take care of them!

No. 229025

If this really happened and they aren't the most shameless scum of the earth…

Is there a reason why it is not blatantly obvious to everyone that he seems to be coming up with multiple reasons that justify him leaving his marriage?

Now it's "she isn't okay with me groping a girl's breasts for a video" when he didn't get consent FIRST. Also now it's "she didn't put things in my butt which I neeeeeeeed" which… who knows how long he has been wanting it up the ass? Seriously, wtf.

If their relationship ending is real, it is so obvious he has been trying to manipulate and push her into breaking up with him so he looks like the good, poor woe is me guy. It kind of seems like she isn't playing that game and now he is flipping shit and trying to accuse her even though he is the only one in the wrong? I am just… confused as to why he says he is the victim now, when it's so obvious.

No. 229026

It didn't happen. He posted this on his comedy page, not his speaks page. He also listed this as comedy.

No. 229027

Get out.

No. 229028

Because she pointed out that they're 200 dollars. If they were 10 dollar synthetic ones from hot topic, no biggie. But when dealing with higher end items, she should really be a lot more careful. I have A LOT more extensions than her. I'd post a pic but no one gives a shit as much as you do. Quit assuming things to save your ass from looking like an idiot. You're fucking obnoxious and a moron.

No. 229030

Are people really here arguing/bragging about extensions? Wow. FOCUS PEOPLE. Calm down your ADD.

Has anyone ever gone through the Onision Drama Tumblr?

No. 229031

Stfu everyone can literally tell you came from PULL

No. 229032

What if he really did cheat, again, was pegged, and makes a joke video about it to cover it up? This happens quite often in such a manner. Maybe he asked Billie to peg him and she said no too and that's why they actually didn't start to date. It's not like she has any standards, she thought during the relationship was fine to do it, so why all of the sudden not after?

No. 229035

Wow, gone for a day and a few anons are already shitting up the thread.

If you want to talk about Billie and her fucking hair extensions, there's a thread in /snow about her.

Also, please don't post direct links to Onion's videos.

The best anti-O blog I know of is DONTSTANDSOCLOSETOME's, I think they're one of the admins for the Eoliveson Tumblr page… I feel it has more information on there, it's all dated for reference and he constantly gets his pages reported by Onion fangirls.

It's a hoot.


No. 229037

Even if this is fake, this is really shitty.

No. 229041

Idk anon I don't think I've ever met a straight edge person who doesn't project their own inability to control themselves onto other people. When Greg says shit like

>People who drink coffee are all bitch addicts!

he's just highlighting the fact that for him, control and moderation of his habits is impossible. So it must be for everyone else too (Because lol what is empathy) You can either drink coffee and be an addict, or abstain completely. There is no middle ground; classic splitting.

No. 229043

if i was cheated on and then my bf made a joke out of it i would probably kill him, not going to lie

No. 229044

Not to mention he can barely keep a straight face while speaking, and nearly burst into laughter at the end.

No. 229045

File: 1454446631925.gif (1.01 MB, 300x235, tumblr_nns6h9bvaE1r3l2zuo1_400…)


No. 229047

That video is so fucked up. It's not even slightly amusing, it's just weird. I mean, it's clear he's attempting to troll everyone, but I feel like it's only so the whole almost-leaving-lainboy-for-a-child-thing can be seen as a joke

No. 229049

I've been trying to not mention it because OT but yeah, my abusive ex is a militant straight edger because before that he was a total wreck of an alcoholic. He goes around shouting that people who drink are pathetic and dumb just because he can't be trusted to drink responsibly. Makes you think of the homophobe in American Beauty.

Greg has control issues coupled with the such an insane inferiority complex that he probably gets jealous even of inanimate objects. I bet he doesn't even hate coffee, just hates that more people like coffee than they like him.

No. 229050

File: 1454448032673.jpg (15.57 KB, 400x300, tumblr_n9slt9L5g91rgyhcpo1_400…)

How I feel when he talks about his marriage.

No. 229056

File: 1454449669124.jpg (144.29 KB, 720x1129, IMG_20160202_154532.jpg)

"I'm not the victim."
Yes, we know onion, you abusive fuck.
You're a fucking predator.

No. 229060

what the actual fuck did i just watch.
1. wanting your prostate tickled doesn't make you gay/bi
2. good for lainey to get a house
3. how long was he single for? like 4 days? Some people dont have shits for 4 days, let alone need a new partner in 4 days. what the fuck.

No. 229067

Heads up, if you haven't been following the Shitlord Rising drama on Facebook, they just got Onions 700k page taken down.

No. 229069

Wait…what?! Do you have caps of that?

No. 229071

File: 1454451637646.png (338.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-02-02-22-18-55…)

I can't find the page via fb search. I can post a few screens but they're just people celebrating in this group. I wouldn't be suprised if it gets republished but at least it'll annoy him.

No. 229073

What the fuuuuuuuuck?

No. 229075

i'm not convinced this is fake, he seems genuinely enraged when talking about Lainey throwing him out "MY" house kek. i'm buying it.

No. 229076

Thank you, Anon

No. 229078

Well shit, this is hilarious. Hopefully they'll piss him off to his limit

No. 229080

I hope so much that Shiloh and Skye are doing well now and recovered, and I hope Lainey can eventually do well, too. This shit is so sad.

No. 229081

I do think it's fake, but it's like…holy fuck? You're joking about this and turning it into mockery even with everything that happened not so long ago?
Mentioning your child even in this video?
It's fucking sickening.

No. 229082

>confirmed cuck
what a time to be alive

No. 229083

Just tried finding his FB page as I looked at it yesterday, it's gone.

No. 229086

It doesn't really matter if what he says in that video is the truth or lies. The fact that he recorded this, after what recently happened, and seems like he's about to laugh his ass off when he almost lost his family is just motherfucking disturbing and enraging. Speaking as someone who just got divorced, it is one of the most devastating events of my life, but this shitweasel just loves to set his marriage on flames for shits and giggles.

No. 229087

"I supported Lainey up until this point because she was seemingly the victim, and I supported Greg just as much because of how honest he was being. However, If your partner has allowed you to express your needs (i.e. being with another woman) and you know that they are an actor, then it is pretty unacceptable to kick them out of the house for doing their job.
Stay strong Greg"

And the mentally deficient fangirls in 3..2…

No. 229089

File: 1454453473254.png (25.03 KB, 588x356, onioncapture.PNG)

Today is a good day.

No. 229090

Unfortunately, his OnisionSpeaks FB page is still up and has thousands of followers as well, noones even cuckspammed that page yet.

No. 229092

Apparently that's their next target. I'm part of the group because I'm friends with the admin, but haven't been partaking because they all seem like autists. 5.7k efficient autists.

No. 229095

bless these sperglords souls tho tbh

No. 229096

look, fair enough, but it was beginning to seriously take over the thread, especially that one anon who kept posting multiple really spaced out posts full of fluffy nothingness. you could consider it on topic or whatever, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a tad spammy.

No. 229097

File: 1454454512677.jpg (14.14 KB, 598x106, l.jpg)

No. 229100

Lainey is seriously stupid to have gone back to him if she's just gonna post the same self-pitying shit she used to post all over again. Like a lot of anons have said, I'm starting to lose empathy for her too. She says she wants to "stay and be a family" but she's mentally a teenager, she doesn't know what raising a family is, especially with onion as her partner. Ugh, I just want him to drop her for the newest piece of ass soon so she can fucking grow up already.

No. 229104

File: 1454457179563.png (54.18 KB, 611x331, LOL.PNG)

LOL the bitch sockpuppets herself saying good things about her… wtf

No. 229105

that's so embarrassing.

No. 229107

"Oh my god Greg, I'm so fucking proud of you. Finally you stick up for your fucking self and realize who you really are."

^Another fan comment From his Re:Re YT video.
Would be kek if the whole thing weren't so cringeworthy.

No. 229119


Lol did she forget to log into her sockpuppet?

No. 229121

File: 1454461343149.png (66.85 KB, 2366x194, Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 12.0…)

>onion's fanbase

No. 229122

File: 1454461435916.jpg (156.63 KB, 844x336, o.jpg)

No. 229124


Wasn't that a fair while ago?
Anyway, it's over now. There's not much else to say other than he's an abusive prick and may or may not have various mental disorders.
>inb4 someone else pops in to defend BPD sufferers for no reason or some shit like that

No. 229125

Is there a way to take his YouTube down?

No. 229126

File: 1454462008220.png (249.43 KB, 545x859, onion.png)

New tweet from Onion

What an idiot, posting Lainey's ex's full name publicly. I'm sure he'll get shit for this too. He's such a cunt.

No. 229127

It's extremely terrifying that these literal children are saying she's not being a good wife because she won't do something she isn't comfortable with sexually. Imagine he made her do it anyway, that's rape. But ofc, that's not something Grunk has done before now, is it.
It's not the 1800's, 'wifely' duties is BS. If you're not sexually compatible, there's nothing you can do but LEAVE.


No. 229128


>her fault for not filling her duties as a WIFE.

>This person implies they're over 20

Why do people like this exist?
Pls anon, no more

No. 229129

File: 1454462162996.jpg (103.19 KB, 855x268, k.jpg)


No. 229130

Aha, hope this guy come forward with some shit on Plainey. Feeling in the mood for some drama.

No. 229131


Someone needs to message the guy or something

No. 229132

Wow, from one abusive bf to another.

Abuse victims, especially young ones, often get stuck in a cycle and seek out people who have those same tendencies because, without realizing they seek out abusive people, it feels comfortable and familiar.

If that isn't an indication she should get out asap I don't know what is. FFS sure she is young and dumb, but you'd think someone would present her with this?

No. 229133

What a piece of shit.

No. 229134

Also, this happened 2 years ago, he's releasing this now because…?

No. 229135

I can totally imagine him giggling to himself thinking he is so smart while he script his shit.
Or fapping planning for his wife kissing pig-faced.
Would be so gross and entertaining to see.

No. 229137

I call massive amounts of bullshit that this person is over 20, either they're retarded or lying because for anyone to see this shit and blame lainey is fucked up. Also calling bullshit on this specimen actually knowing fuck all about bdsm relationships.

No. 229138

Wow, this explains a lot about Lainey

No. 229139

I'm guessing this is his way of turning his idiot fanbase against Lainey under the guise of a joke.

No. 229140

File: 1454463330825.jpg (51.54 KB, 633x322, 3.jpg)

Apparently she was the one to encourage him posting it?

No. 229142

To make himself look like a good husband after he qlwas caught cheating on her.

No. 229144

im still gonna pretend it's real because it gives me a reason to like kojima more

No. 229145

god the way she still constantly tweets him it's clear that she only got with lainey to be with gorg-sempai

No. 229147

If she is still talking to him it is 100% proof this whole thing was an act.

No. 229148

Once he cheats on her again ( I'm giving it 3 months tops ) and leaves her, it's giving the fanbase one more reason to be abusive towards Lamo afterwards.
>look how abusive your ex was, you lost such a good man ( Gergles )
>stream of insults
>you'll never find a person like Greg again
Seeing how she's all fine and dandy about what was posted she brought this on herself this time.

No. 229151

Ah, I see she's back to posting stupid fucking emo lyrics again.

No. 229153

Because he's trying to find anything to draw attention away from the fact that he's an abuser himself.

No. 229154

Hey guys, I tried messaging her ex and he accepted my request. I told him Onion posted his name and he said "The post was from several years ago."

I told him I disliked Onion and wanted to hear his side of the Taylor story. He declined and said "Don't care." and blocked me.

If anyone else wants to try and get details, go ahead. Maybe try and be more subtle and befriend him first. Even wait a bit if you want. I should have done that but I stupidly thought I'd get the details ASAP since he was online.

Regardless, good luck. My foresight tells me he might be a dick himself but I do wonder how Lainey was… maybe she was more promiscuous than we think.

No. 229155

And if you want a link to his profile, let me know. Although it wasn't hard to just type in his name and find him.

Also found Lainey's private fb out of boredom

No. 229156

That honestly sounds like a lost cause and you should leave him alone. Lainey is stupid and has always been, I doubt there's an edgy story that makes her who she is now because she is literally one of the weirdo hot topic girls from high school that spent too much time on YouTube and tumblr

No. 229157

This is Lainey's personal facebook: www.facebook.com/slothmama

Someone needs to be super sneaky and somehow add her

would probably be good for some more info

and maybe even pics of troy are on there? still dont get how they havent leaked like wtf

No. 229158


If he's not going to give details to you, he's not going to give them to anyone else. It sounds like he moved on ages ago, regardless of how pissed off he was at her back then.

Right now he's probably dealing with all of their fans bombarding him with shit anyway.

What was even the reason for Lainey bringing him up out of the blue after 3 years anyway? It sounds like even she is trying to distract attention away from her psychopathic husband… she's probably forgiven him by now and just wants to settle back into her routine.

No. 229159

Eoliveson already talked to him years ago. I can't find it, but I remember he talked about how he was with her when her obsession with onision developed, watched her get more and more obsessed, and she left him for onision.

I also found this when I searched for Eo's post

No. 229160

>>Taylor's relationship with Greg is the first healthy relationship she has had in four years, or perhaps the first decent relationship she has ever had.


No. 229161


That sounded so reasonable until they referred to the Lainey/Greg age difference as evidence of her 'maturity'.

As a person in a long-term relationship with a large age difference, it's often less the maturity of the younger party and more the immaturity of the older…

No. 229162


That pastebin post may be all good and true…from an outsiders perspective.

But Onionboy, and I'm not even talking about all the shit he's done in the past himself and to his exes… but he has humiliated lainey on twitter a few times and been very distant on live chats as well as this recent event where he cuddled and massaged another woman. ANd he's controlling and rude. And I'm sure there's way more he's done that's not public. He's not a saint in the least. He is just as bad, probably even worse.

No. 229164

"age is just a number"
It's not when you're grooming a 17 yo girl
what a dumb cunt

No. 229166

>May I have a word?


No. 229167

Those threats were from years ago. the "may I have a word" is from last week

No. 229168

That guy sounds really young, I kinda wanna troll him pretending to be a youtube random who wants to be his gf lol.

No. 229169

Apparently it's because he's aware of her situation and thought she was single. If that one friend was right, this freak must be stalking her still.

No. 229170

what a pair of creeps… (he and gurg)
you sure know how to pick 'em Lainey!!!

No. 229171


just when i think i've heard all his nicknames, this one makes me kek. thanks anon

No. 229172


Honestly, this guy seems just as bad as Greg. Sure, Lainey's a fucking idiot, but there is absolutely no way to justify sending someone the shit he sent her.
Let's not let the fact Greg and Lainey are shitty people obscure the fact that this guy is clearly a shitbag, too.


To be fair, he seems to have tried to get back in touch with her a few days ago, judging by the dates.

Having said that, Greg clearly only decided to share the messages in a piss-poor attempt to deflect the shitstorm he's been getting lately over being an abusive, disloyal sack of crap.

No. 229173

Lmao my favorite so far that I've heard in this thread is "Grunk".

No. 229174

For a private facebook she sure has lot of public posts.

No. 229175


Mostly just her profile pics/a few posts

The interesting posts are probably private

No. 229176

File: 1454469155191.jpg (289.04 KB, 1024x576, scary onion.jpg)

Onionboy actually looks like an onion without all his makeup and filters lmaoo

No. 229177

His Facebook is back up (?)

No. 229178

Yup, sadly.

No. 229180

If this is true, I'm afraid Taylor will never leave Greg. He is probably reminding her now that if she leaves him, her ex will harass her again.

No. 229181

All the abusive shit the ex did is the same shit Suk Mi has been pulling. Lainey probably has no idea what a healthy relationship even is.

No. 229182

File: 1454469958884.jpg (58.72 KB, 960x960, 1.jpg)

Looney's eyebrows make her look like Gargoyle here

No. 229183

For all we know Greg himself could have submitted that. I'm not denying there's something very off about her ex, of course, but that outsider perspective sounds a bit too idealistic and in favour of him to be taken seriously.

No. 229184

What irks me the most is that these two are parents.
Whatever BS they're going to have down the road, they're both adults at this point.
That poor kid however is someday going to see all of these videos of how his dad behaved on YouTube/online in general, from Sk, Sh, AJ… & that's just the fucked up relationship aspect.
There's shitload of other videos that can make one cringe.

No. 229186

File: 1454471017640.jpg (82.22 KB, 960x960, 11129195_359870514199368_46348…)

Before her fakeboi phase, this look (disregard stupid eyebrows) used to suit her well.

No. 229199

File: 1454472372921.jpg (33.36 KB, 515x644, 1444786737157.jpg)

>mfw his enormous pores

No. 229200

Wow, that looks awful. She also looks caked in makeup.

No. 229201

I've found that people who want to rabble rabble and emphasize the whole "Age is just a number!" bullshit are usually people who are dating someone with a huge age gap and are usually immature as fuck themselves.

No. 229202

That closeup shot of Gurg always gives me nightmares and makes me wash my face and use my dermaroller immediately.

No. 229206

Yes, they are. It's just a petty excuse to justify their own bs.
My bf's mother used to date a 16 yo, but when i meet her the guy was already 19. She used to say that "age is just a number" and that she doesn't feel like a 40 something woman. I always found it revolting.We don't have contact with her anymore.

No. 229209

that picture always makes me want to hurl

No. 229211

I prefer it over the 5 pounds of make up, excessive use of filters, lighting, etc., simply because that's what he actually looks like. I don't mind make up and some filter work, but we can all probably agree that he over-does it heavily.
Now, can you imagine that bare face trying to manipulate his very teenage audience in his usual manner, though? It would have worked for about half an hour.

No. 229213

Ffffff WOW I left my icon in the pic. Please ignore that, new screen shot coming right up.

No. 229215

This is weird, for some reason the picture won't post. Testing?

No. 229216

Man I give up. I was trying to post a screen cap to not encourage people to go to his page but I accidentally left my icon in the screen cap. (I guess looking back it wasn't a huge deal anyway, it was stolen art haha.) I think deleting it and trying to upload a new one made it seem like I was spamming, sorry farmhands.

Anyway, what I have been trying to say this entire time is the video is confirmed a prank/fake.

He uploaded it in his "Prank Videos" playlist.

As I was saying, I hope he loses a lot of followers for pretending to be bi and pretending that he slept with someone while separating his wife for views.

No. 229218



No. 229219


Nah, I think he really cheated but the newest one is just a mock of himself to be "funny" and to confuse his fans and also possibly make them think it was all fake.

No. 229222

Sorry yes, that is what I meant, that the most recent video is fake.

I agree that he was unfaithful about something, whether it was sleeping with Billie or "cuddling." But since Lainey and he are still acknowledging each other on twitter, I would not be surprised if she went back to him.

No. 229223

File: 1454476622118.png (33.87 KB, 284x384, gurgstards.PNG)

No. 229224


Holy fucking pores. Dude you need a skincare routine and water stat

No. 229225

Ayy, Luiza seems to be exactly the type I mentioned here. >>229211
Falling for an illusion.

No. 229226

File: 1454476895554.png (38.07 KB, 259x380, gurgstards 2.PNG)

No. 229227

Awww… aren't they cute?? <3
what a bunch of retards!!

No. 229230

File: 1454477285176.png (27.33 KB, 282x276, gurgstards 3.PNG)

No. 229236

Here we see a pack of wild tards in their natural habitat

No. 229237

Worst kind. Very young, very impressionable, deluded and extremely shallow. I would like to believe that when you reach a certain level of maturity, most of his by then older fans can see through the bullshit and the manipulation.
When that happens, there's a whole new batch of younger teens ready to be sucked in, sadly.
It's not going to last for that much longer. His marriage drama ( bound to continue and fail at some point ) and his looks eventually deteriorating even more as he ages up.
The bullshit that just keeps on piling and piling up as it is…eventually it's going to stop working.
Can you imagine him "maturing", quitting the "foreverteen" spiel and trying to go for an older demographic?
HAHALOLNOPE.jpg because it would never work.

No. 229238

File: 1454478477714.png (24.12 KB, 585x158, piece of trash.PNG)

justifying why he let Taylor left home.
shameless wanker

No. 229239

Idk, I thought that if you really care about someone you don't emotionally/sexually manipulate them, help them pack when it all fails, give another girl a nude tit/ass massage, try to kiss them…I mean CUDDLE.
Silly me.

No. 229240

File: 1454478989346.jpg (18.79 KB, 591x146, l.jpg)

No. 229241

I haven't followed him at all but caught up on the latest in this thread and the last. I really hope their child is ok and that he can grow up away from Gerggity.

When did Taylor start the fakeboi phase?

No. 229242

"It's not such a big deal"
Yeah right Gurg. You let your wife and child/ren left home because you want to fuck a barely legal girl. Is that make them happier? you manipulative piece of shit.

No. 229246

Mmmm… around the same time she said she was bisexual, she said she was always bi-curious in the past, but thought she was never fully bisexual.

The whole genderfluid shite happened around the same time she finally decided she was bisexual, so sometime early last year I think.

No. 229339

>pictures of troy
Let's not starting posting pictures of the baby, ok? We know it exists even though she's private with it, it's not the focus of our investigation and doesn't deserve to be brought into it just because it has unfortunate parents.

No. 229341

Your post reminds me of this video (the guy)

No. 229353

Okay please bear with me because I'm new to this Onion guy and kind of retarded.
Taylor = Lainey = Onion's current wife, right? And she's leaving, even for just a bit? That sounds to me like it's a good thing.

Reading through this and the previous thread, all I could think of was how bad I feel for their son. The wife is being a dumbass by taking Gerg back and giving in to his abuse, and the only way the child is going to be okay is if she takes him and skedaddles back to her own family. Lainey seems like someone who’s mentally still a child herself and obviously Greg and his loopy mother should never be responsible for raising any living thing, so best case scenario this baby gets raised by his maternal grandparents while Lainey gets her shit together.

It always breaks my heart to see these cycles of abuse happening and I just can’t see a good future for the son if he’s raised anywhere near his creepy gaslighting manipulative father. Lainey may still grow up, but Gerg isn’t ever going to change for the better.

No. 229426

I think the one thing that may save Taylor is that she's creating her own fanbase, separate from Onion. Before it was mostly Onion fangirls that just wanted to stalk and get close to Onion, but I think now she's starting to get fans who just like her. This is all just solely on the fact her Twitter was full of support for her during the milk, also looking at her FB she had pictures of her signing stuff for fans. If she can be smart and create something worthwhile to build an even bigger and stable fanbase (not just social media BS) then maybe she can have the confidence and leave Gerg and not have to depend on him financially.

No. 229427

>you don't understand how poor I am
>has 200$ extensions
>has extensions

No. 229432

She left Greg's house when she found that Gerg cuddled Billie.
Gerg helped her pack her stuff. If he loves his wife as much as he says, he should've left the house and kicked out Billie out, but no, he's justifying himself and tweeting that he did it because he loves Taylor. He's a selfish piece of shit.
Of course that she's better out of that house and without that manipulative piece of shit, but that doesn't justify that he got rid of Taylor and his chil/dren to fuck Billie.
(Sorry, english is not my native language)

No. 229447

This is probably greg himself. Who else fucking says "rabble rabble"….?!

No. 229470

You're definitely right, she's doing good in that sense.

No. 229471

File: 1454521026550.png (34.75 KB, 627x114, Capture.PNG)

He posted this on twitter back in the day. I guess he doesn't feel that way now.

No. 229477

File: 1454521840153.png (30.57 KB, 573x115, wtf.PNG)


No. 229489

At first I was like, this is sad.
Then I thought this could be photoshopped for the symphony police.
But then I looked at the dates.


This might imply that Lainey cheated on him with Onionboy.
Lainey might have still been in contact.
Why are you posting old dirt?

Onionboy is trying to make himself look good for his next child-bride.

No. 229500

I'm new to this Onison dude after reading th last thread. I just watched the Re: Re: , Betrayed my Wife vid and thought he was kidding or the "drama" was scripted. There is no way this guy is 100% serious with the dumb shit he's saying.

You just cheated on your wife with a lil girl but you think it OK to write a scene in which you grope an actress just because you're dressed as a woman too??

He must have done a number on Lain?Taylor? for her to take this creep seriously. What a self-important scumbag.

Really tho I wouldn't be surprised if he orchestrates rl drama in order to create online content. His reactions seem so rehearsed.

No. 229514

It is posted on his main channel, so it is NOT serious and intended to be comedy.

He is mixing up truth with comedy to confuse everyone about the facts. Non-comedy videos are generally on his speaks channel, everything else is crap.

No. 229516

This makes me want to write some over-the-top fan comments like
"You taught me to love again, cured my dog's cancer, got my parents back together, etc" Maybe his fans are really just trolls..

No. 229519

you missed the part they're saying he's "OMG SUCH A BIG PERSON" "100% TRUE AND HONEST"
hahahahaaha… they're hillarious.

No. 229520

hilarious* ;)

No. 229522

lmao i remember hearing about this guys channel or whatever years ago on youtube

he looks like fuckin 30 now or something

what has he been doing all this time

No. 229523

He is building sweethearts from the ground up.

No. 229529

Of course! if not then what's the point in making stupid questions like "why do you follow me?" and shit in IG? he's selecting his next child bride.

No. 229543

A few people on Eoliveson claim that Lainey has stopped following Gergles again.

No. 229554

They're right, I just checked and he's gone

No. 229558

Ugh, she's never leaving. She knows he doesn't care. Nobody caring would have packed up his spouse to stay alone with 18 yo ass.
We know it, she knows it.
He can't wait for her to be out and marrying a less plain child-bride he can use to do disguting stuff in his videos.

No. 229565

File: 1454530098121.png (739.26 KB, 598x421, capture_001_03022016_120746.pn…)

No. 229566

That seems as though it's one of most sane things he's ever said.

No. 229567

what the actual fuck

No. 229568

File: 1454530295499.gif (1.23 MB, 320x234, 1234443297_ken_park_suicide.gi…)

No. 229572


Wtf, these two motherfuckers are so damn confusing.

Are they together or not? They're so cryptic.

No. 229574

If Lainey leaves him, she would have better online presence than his exes ever did…

She has a reasonably sized following who enjoy her videos and merch, she caters to the Tumblr crowd so she's accepting of their ideals, and those fuckers turn rabid at the drop of a hat and will defend her if she as so much mentions feeling "triggered".

She would only have to deal with hate from Onion's fans, which in all honesty have piss poor communications skills and thoughts anyway, her Tumblr fanbase would defend her and see them off and the persistent ones; she can just block them and still enjoy socialising with her own fans.

She has just as much potential as Onion himself to be "internet famous" - the difference being he'll continue to remain "infamous" and she'll become "famous" due to her more empathetic nature.

No. 229578

I'm telling you, if the breakup isn't a stunt then Greg has been plotting all along on how to get out of his marriage. He tried to push the limits until she left of her own free will, so he wouldn't look bad dumping her.

No. 229585


I'm still not convinced that video he did doesn't have partial truths to it. He's such a dumbass I wouldn't be surprised if he DID try to pull some "but I have to touch her titties for the internet!!" bullshit and Lainey got pissed.

No. 229587


He added it to his "pranks" playlist and it's under the category comedy.

His idiot fans will now claim the whole thing is a joke so they let Greggles off the hook, which is part of his plan. Some will believe it but he'll just say hurrr its a prank broo

Fuck him

No. 229591

Gurl you left your picture up (like I did lol), delete it and block our your face.

No. 229592

true, thanks!!

No. 229594

File: 1454534383128.png (67.02 KB, 603x494, hehe.PNG)

Again (I'm such a retard)

No. 229595

No prob. I had an animoo pic as my icon anyway and tbh it's not a huge deal if grog ever finds out we don't like him, but you might as well save yourself the trouble if his batshit crazy fans ever try something haha.

No. 229597

yeah, i'm gonna change my icon and make sure i didn't post my face again

No. 229598

File: 1454534843324.png (21.84 KB, 647x207, no.png)

Yeah, Plainey, what are you doing? Do you really want to remember that you were totally wrong to be upset about some butt cuddling?

No. 229601

File: 1454535135330.png (479.42 KB, 581x281, capture_005_03022016_133123.pn…)

No. 229602

File: 1454535168488.jpg (20.41 KB, 500x375, 53f37d84a596a8c8ee34b97b60f8db…)


pls break up pls break up pls break up

No. 229603

They won't.
It's funny him saying she made him live when we know in reality, if anything happened, he would call the cops to have her removed from HIS house in an instant.

No. 229604

Can you picture him helping you pack so you're out the door faster and he can finally rub that boner on a pig-faced 18 yo?

No. 229607

I can imagine him doing that smug, slow, calm douchebag voice that people do when they wanna make you look like a crazy overreacting bitch, even when they've done something massively fucked up to get you mad in the first place.

It's all I want right now.

No. 229699

We live in hope, dearest anon, we love in hope.

No. 229700

kek, live*

(Although we probably love in hope too)

No. 229701

regarding plainey's ex.. I might also send some rude messages if someone cheated on me with greg

No. 229702

He did it a bunch with Shylo or whatever her name is, he even filmed her while doing it. Super fucking infuriating to watch.

No. 229703

Haha, I like Joker… they rip the piss out of Onion on the KF's Onision thread.

No. 229704

The fact that he consistently missus see its/it's makes me way, way angrier than it should

No. 229705


Didn't he record himself on the phone while she was being "irrational" and pull that shit? Trying to prove he was such an ~amazing patient boyfriend?

No. 229706

Yeah, the same psycho eyes… I can almost imagine him choppin his nails with the theeth

No. 229707

teeth* lol

No. 229708

YES that's the one. And she's crying hysterically about how he ruined her life and all he's doing is that fucking terrifying "calm" voice of his.

No. 229716

File: 1454544014207.png (940.11 KB, 594x539, capture_007_03022016_155846.pn…)

ugh, of course he liked this

No. 229717

Rapunzel is a fictional story published in 1812. Does someone really need to explain to him why his relationship is different

No. 229721

Yeah he's the one that made that picture years ago lol He still references the Tangled couple in videos to defend their age gap

No. 229726

File: 1454544423306.png (11.94 KB, 418x314, canon age.png)

Flynn Rider is supposed to be in his early 20's, not 26. Gerg is really pulling shit out of his ass to justify being a creep

No. 229730

Wow. Wow.. no. both are disturbing. At least one is fictional though.

No. 229731

>25 with an 18yr old.
Yeah, still gross.

No. 229736

When I get too frustrated by Greg's idiocy I head on over to watch Gina rip the shit out of his book(s) and that always seems to make me feel way better.

The fact he thinks so highly of his "books" is astonishing.

No. 229748

File: 1454546335365.jpg (43.56 KB, 653x522, Bill nye the i m so fucking do…)

No. 229750

File: 1454547030137.png (550.67 KB, 577x325, capture_008_03022016_164904.pn…)

No. 229751

His fans must be mentally deficient in one way or another.

No. 229753

File: 1454547314047.jpg (16 KB, 785x93, 1.jpg)


No. 229755

File: 1454547405560.jpg (20.95 KB, 829x93, 2.jpg)

No. 229757


Oh Rachel, you crazy old cow.
Since you mentioned having a husband, I'm pretty sure you are too old for Gurgie.

No. 229771

It's already been mentioned, but someone reaaaally needs to bait/catfish him

No. 229772

>Becuz anal penetration
>Pls don't block me

is this fucker serious

No. 229773

How are you even on cow when you clearly can't even understand a dumb comment is just a dumb comment

No. 229792

File: 1454551675498.jpg (82.43 KB, 611x721, o.jpg)


No. 229794

you mean gergoleon or plainey's ex, that daniel goodman guy or w/e?

No. 229795

>attractive face and body

Is this bitch for real? Someone send her the pore close up shot.

No. 229796

Black girls liking Gurg's racist greasy ass… This is a fucking time to be alive.

No. 229797

File: 1454552471831.gif (486.22 KB, 500x270, tumblr_nvdaxb3k5f1uf3fcko1_500…)

Feeling second hand embarrassment.

No. 229803

Late to the party, but I found this dude's FB and on Jan 27th, he posted a series of butthurt statuses about being alone, and missing a girl. He was probably talking about Taylor.
She would have been with this guy when she was 17, probably even younger. No fucking wonder this girl has no idea how a real relationship works.

Funny though how she can recognize her past relationship as abusive, and not her current one…

No. 229805

I think I mentioned earlier in this thread that the majority of his fans seem to be self-hating women.

This makes me sad.

No. 229821

>tfw you rock into your 5th grade and everyone is a braindead cunt

No. 229822

>5th grade classroom*

No. 229833

Yeah, I'm surprised so many of his fans are young girls. It's really, really pathetic. Like please, LOVE YOURSELVES. Why are these girls supporting abusive men? Parents need to parent better and monitor what their kids are into.

No. 229848

because they are retarded children. does this need to be said?

No. 229942

>fans seem to be self-hating women.
Oh for sure. When I was a fan, many moons ago, I didn't recognize how fucked in the head he truly was either.
When Sk/Sh went down it was a real eye opener for me personally.

No. 229964

I rewatched the awful shower video with shiloh, and all of the comments were along the lines of:
>"Wow she seems so bitchy, why is she screaming at him like that? It's just a joke. I'm so glad Greg isn't with her anymore."
His fanbase is so horribly delusional, it's scary.

No. 229969

>His fanbase is so horribly delusional, it's scary.
Yup. I bet he could cheat on Lain again tomorrow and his fans would be defending him, especially after that abomination of his last video.
He already planted the seed of "Lain doesn't take care of my needs" in their heads, even if a joke ( which a lot even failed to recognize and just posted L. abuse anyway ).

No. 229999


I still can't believe how such a large number of people can be so blind.
He is like a Jesus figure, a deity to them. He can't be wrong, it's the others!

No. 230019

I want him to die for their sins.

No. 230032

Wanting him to die gets him off too easy. I want to see this asshole fuck up so huge that he has a huge hissy, and has to be banished into "just a fad" land. I'm wringing my hands like Satan hoping I can witness that karma.

No. 230035

I hope he fucks up so hard, he gets reported as an abuser by bigger media outlets, his previous victims testify against him, gets publicly shamed and ends up in jail.

No. 230037

Reminder: It's easier to catfish broke men than it is to do so to creepy assholes with disposable money pouring out their asses like Onion.

( Hopefully the alimony will take care of whatever he has left)

In order to get him, you'll need a younger sister you'd be willing to sacrifice to get his attention.

At this point , if this is all real anyway, he'd be cautious of any girl who's old enough (16~Every age after) and smart enough to use him to catapult into e-fame.

No. 230089

15 is not a child. That's more than a year old enough to have graduated high school for many. They're old enough not to be this stupid, but they choose to listen to cunts like him, anyway. And? The second person is over 20 and has major mental issues.

Also, it's not rape to tell someone to finger your ancient crusty bunghole in otherwise consensual sex. At most it's abusive. ~Literally~!!1 making a joke out of real rape.

No. 230093

Considering she doesn't have a job because "no one will hire me guiz cause of how i look", no one who is poor will drop $200 on extensions let alone even think about doing that. Selfish entitled brat.

No. 230125

Oy! Thanks for the correction. It still seems like he's acting even when he's serious.

No. 230146

did he used to pay for lainley schooling or still is?

No. 230160

oh the irony

No. 230161

clearly did learnt his lesson first time round

No. 230165

He's so fucking gormless and ugly, his hand gestures remind me of Russell Brand and his delivery of comedy is a cross between Russell Howard and Pewdiepie.

No. 230168

Idiot, Bisexuality just means you're attracted to either sex, it doesn't mean you want both at the same time.

Please give me strength.

No. 230170


did you not see it properly?

No. 230177

I am thankful every day that comedians/presenters like Charlie Brooker exist, because that guy is a proper master of dark comedy and satire… it makes me wonder if that's who Onion wants to be like without even knowing of him.

Brooker would have a real party with this guy, he'd rip him apart whilst moderately intelligently and even half-wittedly doing so.

In fact, he takes the piss out of people like Gergles in one of his books.

Even Stuart Lee would wipe the floor with Gergs.

No. 230178


the video has him answering a question that someone sent to him. the guys gf is bi and likes date other girls. he basically hinted she may cheat or act on it.

No. 230180

I dunno, it just sounds mostly like fucking nonsense to me, some screaming, some PETA shite, some other shite, something subtlety about bisexuals and cheating…

He's a fucking loon, I can never understand his videos because of his shitty communications skills, sorry for not catching what you did?

No. 230181

Honestly that's an insult to both Russell Brand, Russell Howard and Pewdiepie.

No. 230182

Hahahaha! Can the insults get any worse though?

No. 230186

It'd be actually great if anyone here with a throwaway Twitter account can ask Onion if his greatest comedic influences are Russell Howard and Russell Brand.

Bonus points for telling him he's copying Pewdiepie's OTT wackiness to appeal to underaged girls.

No. 230199

No. 230204

Can you please fucking stop spamming his videos.

No. 230205


its his new one so its hardly spam

No. 230206


Sorry forgot to take it out of the youtube bar

No. 230207

hardly professional if they're fucking

No. 230209

You did it three times above with the BI video, now you're doing it again with posting that RE: RE: I BETRAYED MY WIFE video twice again.

Just stop.

No. 230210

Stacy is obviously a spoof of Billie right? He took the piss out of both of them

No. 230212

This right here is like the definition of ratchet. Billie Dawn Ratchet. Cry moar.

No. 230213


I've already said sorry. I was't aware that the link is still in the URL. Chill. Not the end of the world.

its actually a Re: Re: Re: I Betrayed My Wife

No. 230216

I forgive you, anon.. in fact, I didn't know if you embed a video it will stay in the reply box fields, so I'll keep an eye on that myself.

Wait, he's made a THIRD video now?

No. 230220

Hyuk, Billie has been posting about throwing up a lot in the past couple of days.

No. 230222


yes. there's a third

No. 230225

He's like an onion in a sense that the filters and makeup are just layers of him!


No. 230227

I missed that whilst raging about video spam, forgives me.

Wow, he just wants to focus on those tweets her ex made 3 years ago. He's so wooden looking as he's talking about it all, is this meant to be his "serious-face"?

So. Many. Cuts.

That slight smirk right at the end… can I piss in his eye now?

No. 230229

File: 1454604965724.png (458.12 KB, 600x706, layers.png)

No. 230232

my god, could you imagine if shes knocked up

would be too good

No. 230238

I'm praying to whatever God exists. It'd be fucking hilarious.

No. 230240

ugh thanks so much for this anon. i've been out sick with stomach flu and this is the first time i've laughed in days.
high five

No. 230261

So now there's no actress? I don't get the context, is he trying to distract from them getting divorced by making these "joke" videos or what?

No. 230268

Thats excatly what he's doing, manipulation for dummies, good for him that his fans are braindead tweens

No. 230270

Apparently Lainey got a lot of hate from his comedy video so now he is "revealing" it to be fake.

His stupid fans however now think that the entire cheating issue and all " I Betrayed My Wife" videos are a big fake for the lulz.

Well fucking done.

No. 230274

This is so fucking obnoxious.

Did they break up or not? Fucking Lainey's tweets seem to go back and fourth.

No. 230282

A serious question, anons.

Would any of you actually hatefuck Gerg, or is that way too repulsive to even fathom in the slightest?

No. 230289

I definitely wouldn't. I'd feel vile if I fucked him. I'd have to sit and cry about my life choices if I ever so much as grazed his hand.

No. 230293

File: 1454607986155.jpg (62.5 KB, 960x936, 1442105324125.jpg)

No. 230303

You just know his pimples climax around the same moment he does.

No. 230306

I thought he also might be trying to find the true and honest fans, those who are the most loyal aka how to choose his next victim.

I was hoping this would lose him fans since he's jerking them around and hiding his cheating, once again but apparently they're mostly dumb teens and young adults. No hope for them.

No. 230307

top kek anon, but i think i'm about to vomit

No. 230308

I just threw up a little at that less than delightful imagery.

No. 230309

My favourite responses.

..so not even the tip, or a little "SUCK MI?!"

No. 230312

im so confused greg, did you just pull a massive prank?

No. 230313


No. 230317

>Would any of you actually hatefuck Gerg

No. 230327

File: 1454610866391.jpg (27.26 KB, 824x114, 1.jpg)

Why do his fans have to be so stupid?
"Stay out of his personal life?" Don't put it out there and we will, that's how it works.

No. 230332

& as no surprise, now most everyone thinks the WHOLE thing was a prank. Well played you manipulative shit.

No. 230338

File: 1454611258581.png (17.25 KB, 736x171, triggered.png)

Someone is triggered by mean farmers. Does Taylor even have a thread or is someone pissed that we've called her a retarded cunt a few times?

No. 230339

Hold me anon, that screen shot triggered me.

No. 230344

Only if I get to massage your ass and tits, like any good friend.

No. 230347

EW EW EW EW with al THOES pimples and I'm sure he doesn't shower all that much.

No. 230348

Of course, I like to cuddle!

No. 230350

She looks like a grown woman, christ.

No. 230351

File: 1454612235958.gif (1.73 MB, 295x211, wtf come on man.gif)

No. 230353

File: 1454612539714.jpg (21.56 KB, 480x360, gerg's idol.jpg)

Yes, the non-believers must leave. Only his true future wives will stick with him through anything.

No. 230355

We can only fucking hope Gergles and his fans drink that sweet Kool-Aid, Jonestown style

No. 230356

Holy shit he does remind me of jones.

No. 230359


nah he just spends the whole shower furiously jacking off and crying

No. 230363

File: 1454613914251.png (Spoiler Image, 524.27 KB, 597x599, shower.png)

I thought he spent all the time taking selfies and never getting in the shower. He loves taking all those naked shower selfies where his hair is always dry.

No. 230365

He takes the selfie before the shower so he can madturbate to his fans complimenting him

No. 230366

So, he just took the occasion to humiliate Billie Dingles for the fun of it ?

No. 230368

Didn't someone come out and say that everytime Gerg took showers he masturbated? I can't remember who it was or where I heard that from.
Seems like it, I'm actually very surprised since I'd figure he'd be keeping her as a back up.

No. 230374

Well, avoiding strocking his own ego was too hard I guess :"look, young ass totally wanted to fuck but I said no!"
What an jerk.

No. 230376

I think it was AJ who said he masturbated angrily under the shower whenever he was upset.

No. 230377

Serious question: how does anyone, especially an adult, have skin that bad? Does he just wipe pizza grease all over his face every day?

No. 230379

probably has an oily skin type, doesn't know how to take care of his skin properly, won't wash his makeup off right, and slaps the wrong kind of moisturizer on.

it was definitely one of his exes that said it, just can't remember who.

No. 230389

My third fave response, I love you anons.


No. 230394

File: 1454615646981.jpg (23.13 KB, 514x415, 12592414_10208362416568275_897…)

Gahhhhhh!!! I clicked on the spoiler, I clicked it.

No. 230396

b-but I told you we could do butt stuff!

No. 230397

so…did he run off with an actress or not? are they getting divorce or not?

No. 230398

I think it was Adrienne who said he took showers that lasted nearly 2 hours.

>>when 2 hours of showering doesn't get rid of dat grease and jizz.

No. 230400

Since he thinks of himself as an "actor" all that facepaint and shit clogs his pores and he sleeps in it.

Day after day, until he has his wanky showers.

No. 230401

File: 1454616038587.png (47.79 KB, 586x209, ThereYouGo.png)

Lainey made a statement about that.
I would be so pissed if I were her…

No. 230403

Ah, the ol' communication through negative and positive reinforcement trick.

He's smart, she's stupid.

No. 230405

I think she was pissed and thats why he made the second voice to (sort of?) clear it up. I'd be super mad if I was trying to work stuff out with my husband and he just made a joke of it, not to mention it riled up his dumbass minions to hate Lainey.

No. 230406

Yet another way to make her live. He absolutely showed no fucking effort to resolve any of it.

No. 230407


She must be mentally ill to still be with him at this point. Or the world's biggest masochist

No. 230410

File: 1454617417336.png (46.05 KB, 583x191, Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 21.2…)

No. 230411

I'd hate to be their therapist.

No. 230413


They'll keep real quiet about that because they won't go, and if they DO go, he'll make a mockery video out of it.

No. 230417

Would love to be a fly on the wall during those sessions.

No. 230418

Fuck you anon I'm wheezing with laughter but there's no good way to explain this one to the people who want me to share the joke

No. 230422


i'm sorry that went over my head, what is he specifically doing? All of it looks like excuse-making and blaming Billie, I'm not sure if that's the same thing

No. 230462

Nah, he's not smart, just manipulative.

No. 230464

Id rather acid wash my entire body and then roll in salt.

I feel like he'd leave your body covered in a film of grease and sweat.

No. 230465

Finally got a chance to see this video and i feel sick right now. Besides being unfunny and stupid, it's really disturbing.

No. 230473

File: 1454627093031.png (20.05 KB, 571x448, 1432077816884.png)

>Would any of you actually hatefuck Gerg


No. 230474


kindly ban yourself from life plz

No. 230475

I'm so sorry.

No. 230478

Same to be honest - I love a good psychopath regretfully.

No. 230480

File: 1454628631937.jpg (166.5 KB, 570x855, il_570xN.808932019_dm9k.jpg)

I'd fuck Greg with the aid of this

No. 230482

Would you stimulate his prostate?

No. 230483

What the hell is that??

No. 230484

Do it.

No. 230485

Looks like a spiky dildo cover

No. 230486

The thought of that disgusting racist touching me makes me want to slit my throat.

No. 230487

Plainly, what's even the point? When a guys says he loves another woman, that's the ultimate betrayal. We all know that Gurg no longer wants you.

No. 230492

File: 1454631671401.png (382.31 KB, 565x354, loser.PNG)

Sad to tell you… but… your friends kinda hate you…

No. 230526


I thought he gets all pissed off when people make Onion jokes ?

No. 230527


But the grease

No. 230528

NOPE. nopenopenope.
Tbh I don't understand the point of hatefucking.
And he disgusts me on so many levels.
And even if he didn't disgust me, I'd be too old for him anyway since I'm not a teenager anymore and he's a paedo.

No. 230542

hahaha what a fag
man this kid is a high schooler for life

No. 230543

this is a prank right

No. 230545

yup - I was fooled at first though.

No. 230552

File: 1454644076937.jpeg (143.54 KB, 750x746, image.jpeg)

No. 230709

why does he look like an emo from 2006

No. 230717

Looks like it's made out of porcupine quills, which are sharper than hypodermic needles, but covered in little backwards facing barbs (Like a cat penis, but microscopic ) which cause micro-tears in the flesh as you remove them.

This is a pain dildo with a lot of thought put into it

No. 230802

I had no idea… I guess whatever floats someone's boat??

No. 230803

Is this person 14 years old?

No. 230806

She's a dumb bitch. She's the same kind of woman who would let her husband sleep with other women and be okay with it.

No. 230851

Oh anon thanks for the kek

No. 231040

…. I am so mad now.

No. 231042

At this point, he's trying to see how much she can take before she just break down.
It's his thing.

No. 231046

Yes and when that happens, he will be sure to film that too.

No. 231053

Can't tell whose wearing the most makeup.

No. 231059


You know that typical boyfriend thing where he knows he's mildly pissed you off so he cracks and bunch of jokes and kisses ass until you can't stay mad anymore? Gerg's doing exactly that. Only he didn't mildly piss Lainey off, he broke his vows and acted like an asshat.

But I don't know what else I expected from him really.

No. 231112

Don't ask how I know this BUT he's probably fucking Lain off so he is single for CBB uk and she gets non of that 5 digit fee

No. 231113

I know Celebrity Big Brother uses a loose definition of the term celebrity when they book someone but Gerg is so far off anyone's radar it's not funny.

No. 231163

Wait, so is he planning to be on Big Brother? I've not heard anything about this yet so sorry if I'm out of the loop here.

No. 231178


God help him. Remember when Perez went on the show? No one will like Onision. Yanks are immediately hated on it.

No. 231188

Please dear god put him on the show

No. 231190

In vids on Laineys channel at least, Greg is reealllyyy starting to look old. His YouTube career is on a timer now more than ever

No. 231199

I love how even to this day, not a single motherfucking fan ever has once questioned why he doesn't have a dad.

Look at that fucking woman. She's doing what her son is: rebelling against her treatment as a youth. Look at how unkempt those dreads are, and the fucking facial piercings. You know those are constantly infected. I don't want to sound TOO hypocritical since I'm getting my first initially tattoos and piercing soon, but seriously this bitch is like 56 years old I think, wear it well or fucking hang it up and stop hating mom and dad.

There is no way ever that people in her condition stay married because they're just such a mess. I have relatives like that, and they're insane. They're psychotically demanding, psychotically codependent, and psychotically emotionally abusive. They'll treat their husbands like shit 24/7 and then play the victim in public around people who don't give a shit whatsoever, making themselves look even nuttier. D0NTSTANDS0CL0SET0ME actually tracked down her ex husband and apparently the guy had to go all out to serve her divorce papers because she fled and tried to force him to stay married to her. Apple didn't even fucking fall off the tree in Gurg's family it seems.

Jesus wept, what the fuck is that terrifying thing. I almost don't want to know.

No. 231216

Late, I knoe, but I'm shocked. Isn't she aware how Greg makes fun of her since the incident? It couldn't be more obvious with this ridiculous elephant costume.
And she is wearing it by her own will! After he fucked her friend. I .. I don't know anymore… WHY?

No. 231236

I like to hope they're going to actual marriage counseling but this is probably what constitutes as counseling for Giggles.

No. 231262



They just get better and better

No. 231266

I disagree on this one, Giggles implies he's funny.

No. 231293

I like it when people use Gurggles. Gurg is also a timeless classic.

No. 231303

like the sound your stomach makes when you have diarrhea. this is good.

No. 231307

My favorite posts in these threads are the lists of his loving 'nicknames'.

No. 231325

We should just call him grandpa because he tipped his hair and it just looks like he's greying.

No. 231329

Huh, I thought he was going grey…

No. 231330

Nah, he was using so many filters to look like a Patrick Nagel painting. Adding in the animu kawaii-desu bandaged nose. Greg is so old and is still getting 18yo pussy.

No. 231334

The only posts I like in any of these threads are the Frankie iOreo (or whoever the fuck) reaction images. That's it.

No. 231351

File: 1454755576556.jpeg (67.01 KB, 750x512, image.jpeg)

all for you babe

No. 231409

Does Onionman even go out at all? It seems to me he only stays in his McMansion all day and goes out only if he needs to film a video in his backyard.

No. 231450

I was always fond of Gergamel

No. 231606

Can a kind Anon compile a full list of nicknames for Greg? I've only been following his drama very recently but the nicknames I've seen so far are magical.

No. 231608

Here's my compilation anon.
Most creative:
Gergamel, Gerggity, Gerggums, Gribble, Gripe, Grunk, Grungle, Gurgle, Gurgoyle, Gurple
Most common/easiest: Onion, Garg, Gerg, Grig, Gorg, Grug, Grep, Gurp, Grok, Girk, Grub

Straight up Grease and Gag are the most fitting.

No. 231639

this made my weekend, thanks anon!

No. 231804

Making her get into lesbian relationships? Whats the tl;dr?

No. 231834

Taylor was on tumblr too long and became an agendered bi-sexual. Greg convinced her to get a girlfriend after railing against bi-sexual for years. Taylor hooked up with an 18 year old and then left the house when Greg and her gf wanted to cuddle. Greg gave Billie a naked body massage, including her tits and ass and they ended up spooning in Taylor's bed.

No. 231849

He basically pushed her into dating a girl so that he could fuck the girl

No. 231866

i have a special hatred for men who try to get their gfs/wives into "lesbian" situations. you try sucking a dick first and see how you like it you bastard

No. 231910

Seeing it put into a little compact summary like this makes it all the more lulzy, like everyone was yelling "cuck" at gurg, but the whole time it was just a rouse for him to have a threesome/make it with another teenage girl. Poor sweet, stupid Lainey.

No. 231919

File: 1454800609887.png (40.09 KB, 638x385, dingle.png)

can someone pls get the angsty scene girl here to spill what actually happened between her and gerg. potential milk.

No. 231979

It could be done, and probably very easily. Just have to hit a nerve.

No. 231984


Faking a tweet from Greg where he's saying that he slept with her (in like a dick-ish, joking way) and having a lot of people sending her the screenshot at once, as if he's deleted it?

Sounds too complicated I guess… Someone should befriend her.

No. 232006

File: 1454807631537.png (26.45 KB, 590x222, tweet.png)

No. 232022

I laughed, he would never get an STD test. He probably believes his foreskin prevents him from getting one.

No. 232059

No. 232075


I love it

No. 232229

It's used in an ironic way, to show he's not funny.

No. 232230

Love it.

No. 232236

glad Gurgoyle is catching on

No. 232378

File: 1454832718857.jpg (35.16 KB, 370x512, 12257280_BG2.jpg)

You know one day Onion is going to get vanned right? He's only going to get older and older and never mature out of 14 year old mindset or find women his own age attractive.

He'll try, he may even get some Lexi belle like girls who look way younger than they are, but in time that won't be enough. Mature conversations will turn him off, not being seen as a father figure will turn him off

and boom! caught in a park fucking a 13 year old in a Nissan Leaf

No. 232404

File: 1454836036818.jpg (229.46 KB, 674x674, 1437001664839.jpg)

I want it to be a bit more extreme. Gonk develops an inflationist fetish and pushes an air bubble into an underage fan he's injecting heroin into, while Taylor sits at home and tweets about how she's upset that some people were offended that she was breastfeeding her 12 year old.

No. 232408

Fucking hell, anon.

…I like it.

No. 232428

..wait the fuck up…isn't Gurgles mid 30's?

No. 232441

I would be genuinely interested in Billies side of this whole story tbh. So far we've only heard Gregs no doubt twisted version of it and Laineys pretty much been like "yep." Billie hasnt said much

No. 232454

wouldn't even put it past Gonorrheon to have fucked a child already tbh

me too. i wonder why billie won't speak out, she's been getting so much shit over this whole thing.

No. 232473

Why do people keep calling Lainey Taylor? Did she change her name or something?

No. 232474


I think her name is Taylor.
Gurg bequeathed the name "Lainey" unto her when she was deemed to be worthy of his affection.

No. 232519

File: 1454854366912.jpg (96.05 KB, 359x500, nazi.jpg)

You know Onion's fan base sorta gives me a Jessie slaughter incident vibe.

Think about it even if 4chan and others hadn't gone after her…the rapid BOTDF fans were already calling for her head. for what? because some trailer trash tween got their husbando

Just as many idiots on Gurg's side would love for him to be single again so they can run a jailbait train.

No. 232560

He's 30. Or so he says anyway, but HSAnon from a few threads back can back this up unless Onion has been held back a few grades, which honestly wouldn't surprise me.
He looks about 45 tho cos his skin is absolutely rekt.

No. 232585

File: 1454857780334.gif (968.9 KB, 500x281, faye sunday.gif)

I had a dream last night that while my boyfriend and I were packing up to move away, somebody on here had came across some "hidden Onion" tapes cause a stunt like this half-ass breakup had happened. In it, Onion had gotten Laney kicked out and Onion was making oh-woe-is-me-victim videos and trying to say Laney had gone crazy, she threatened him with a gun and all this crap; however the tapes revealed that Onion had gave her a gun and was trying to pester and tempt her into trying to hurt herself and trying to hurt him, etc. The whole farm was like going crazy, there was a stickied thread with like thousands of posts on it, it was beautiful.

A girl can dream…

No. 232687

It wouldn't surprise me if it actually came down to this in future honestly. Geez maybe psychic feeling dreams were just going around last night (although mine was about a former employer getting audited for not paying wages, but still another thing one could totes see happening irl.) I mean you've seen the videos with his other ex-wife going crazy. He would totally stage something like that again for more pity points.

I don't particularly like Billie, but yeah she's just a dumb kid who was manipulated by a 30-year-old, and maybe I would like her a bit if she spilled her side of the story. I'm surprised she hasn't yet tbh… like the whole truth not just stuff on her streams earlier. She seems the type to love drama.

No. 232720


This is simultaneously the best and worst thing I have ever read on lolcow

No. 232820

Her middle name is Elaine or something, but yeah, Gerg came up with it.

No. 232863

File: 1454884743295.png (16.99 KB, 573x222, onis1.png)

Quick and dirty shoop I did, I don't actually have twitter so not sure if it's completely accurate. Spam billie with "deleted" tweets from gurg, billie gets mad, spills delicious milk? could this work?

No. 232870

That sounds like something he'd tweet. I use http://www.lemmetweetthatforyou.com/ can't get it to save but you can still screenshot it.

No. 232871

File: 1454885712564.png (30.68 KB, 606x229, onis2.png)

another one using that site.

No. 232875

File: 1454886167582.png (36.62 KB, 538x250, tweet2.png)

Anyone have socks?

No. 232878

File: 1454886533206.png (33.66 KB, 610x288, onis3.png)

too obvious?

No. 232881

Way too obvious

No. 232882

He uses ^_^ or (^_^) because he's a 14 year old girl.

No. 232883

File: 1454887189116.png (15.93 KB, 572x272, kkkkkk.png)

kek should I do it? also typing like that hurt my brain.

No. 232884

be more subtle, anon

No. 232885

"We all know it was you, whore!"

No. 232886

Side with her:
"Wow, what a fucking A-hole. He's obv talking about you…"

3 min late respond with:
"Fucking coward deleted it. w/e"

No. 232888

File: 1454887807075.png (318.79 KB, 551x824, lmao.png)

I seriously can't believe how Lainey puts up with this pimple-faced, hypocritical manchild

No. 232889

>wearing makeup =/= unrealistic standards of beauty

I wish I could put my fist through the monitor. I want someone to beat the shit out of him and record it happening.

No. 232894

Why does Gross embarrass himself this way? Everybody knows he wears makeup.

No. 232895



Why do people listen and support this tit?

No. 232906

File: 1454889191878.png (45.09 KB, 754x285, hah.png)

>cutters are attention whores
>meat eaters should die
>don't wear makeup
>only use the pull out method
>shave your pubes for better penetration
>only monsters circumcise

No. 232910

Whilst I would love to see her reaction, don't do this.
Billie will just turn on us really badly as soon as she finds out it's fake and originated here, and then she'll never spill any deets. Go to PULL if you want to interact with Billie, we just watch from here.

No. 232924

I wish Onion would just kill himself and do the world a favor.

No. 232992


that video pissed me off so much

she really just sits there and lets him mock the marriage counselling thing… like wtf she must be mental

No. 233001

>where do you see yourselves in 10 years
>the same place but with more subscribers

No. 233022

but then he'd win as a comedian because we'd all laugh or some bullshit like that.

No. 233131

lmao did you guys see the tweets between gerg and lainey about how he hates people who wear makeup?

hes such a fucking hypocrite CUNTFUCK

No. 233174

I looked at that forum and it seemed a bit psychotic, but I would love to get Billie here. Would it just be rude to tweet her the url of all the Greg hate or do we have to explain that him selling her out and looking petty about her extension damage is just farmers in our natural habitat?

No. 233184

This rant about makeup and meat is just a passive aggressive way Greg is controlling Taylor's emotions.
He'd never tell it to her face that he hates makeup even though she wears it, he can't risk the argument. However when he tweets his rant, it amplifies the push to guilt her and drag her self-esteem.
What is she going to do? Argue with Greg over a tweet so he can make a video talking about how crazy she is?
She will just sit there and feel sorry for herself in a seething pit of pity and anger while not realizing that she will never be good enough for him.
He literally says things like this as an indirect attack on her, and it destroys her self esteem and identity with each rant.

ffs his wife did a tutorial and does her makeup actively, he's a fucking liar to his core and uses abuse tactics to wash away all aspects of his SO's identity (makeup,hair,NAME) so that they are generic and a blank slate for his control and his liking.

He hates makeup but tried to fuck Billie who wears a ton of it? are you kidding me Greg?

He will eventually hate on the agender and fakeboi tumblr trend and destroy Taylor's confidence in herself bit by bit.

No. 233195

more than likely he's just trying to get her to fuck off while putting himself in the right so he can move on

Gurg can't maintain a relationship with anyone who starts to mature whether it be physically or mentally

No. 233303

Don't message her at all. Christ. If she comes here on her own, that's cool, but you guys have got to stop trying to force shit to happen. That's how we lose cows.

No. 233336


Again though

why do people listen to this twat? why must he have followers? why must he be relevant?


No. 233338


>He hates makeup yet tried to fuck Billie who wears a ton of it?

Could've just been

>He hates makeup yet wears a ton of it?

No. 233358

He complains about everything and hates everything and everyone is a horrible person, except him of course. Okay, Greg.

No. 233361

>only use the pull out method

Wait…he encourages this?

No. 233364

How the fuck do any of you keep fantasizing about dragging Billie here when we've shit talked her to to hell and back? Don't get me wrong, I'd love if she'd share her side of things with details, but I doubt she'd ever want to come here to spill the beans once she sees what's been written about her.

No. 233372

He has an impregnation fetish, makes sense for him to encourage that.

No. 233392

ew why would he share that????

No. 233398

Yeah I knew of that but he's actually encouraging young fans to do the same? I'd love to see the source because all of the other lines were actually said in his videos.

No. 233400

No. 233406

File: 1454957163734.png (47.92 KB, 664x377, glooge.png)


One of his fans even followed his advice & got pregnant because of it. as expected, because seriously.

extreme tragicomedy that I would link if the forum thread they made hadn't gotten deleted.

No. 233422

>only 1% less effective
97% of statistics are made up on the spot.

No. 233427

I love you

No. 233436

If a guy is against using condoms, they deserve to be sterilized. it's only fair.

No. 233473

He probably feels like it's a personal attack on him, insulting his intelligence with 'lies' about how you really look.
Cause the only reason any woman does anything is all for Grubby.

No. 233492

I'll do it. I have a pair of rusty scissors around here somewhere, I'm sure.

No. 233494

Oh…my god. How is this real?

No. 233547

He looks extra greasy in that video

No. 233594

Gristle looks more and more like a parody of himself every new video

No. 233667

File: 1454977052401.png (55.07 KB, 460x628, Untitled.png)

>Cause the only reason any woman does anything is all for Grubby.

You got it. If they disagree, they have daddy issues.

No. 233670

>I only darken my eyebrows
fucking hypocrite

No. 233692

filters don't technically count as makeup (lucky for gruggle)

No. 233718

File: 1454978234205.jpg (Spoiler Image, 139.95 KB, 1920x1080, grodjackson.jpg)

>"I only darken my eyebrows"
And mascara… and liner… and foundation… and 50+filters.
Sorry, reupped because I forgot to spoiler the image.

No. 233735

Darken his eyebrows? We've all seen he wears 5 pounds of make up. He was sporting a face so orange it looked like a carrot head at one point.

No. 233736

File: 1454979468275.gif (825.64 KB, 245x150, help.gif)

the spoiler is not enough for his nightmarish face

No. 233738


what's going on with his teeth..urgh

No. 233742


Jesus Christ, Greg. It's pathetic enough when women lie about how much makeup they wear.

>I don't give a fuck what people think!!! I just tell it like it is, you guize!!!

No. 233744

File: 1454980138226.jpg (69.35 KB, 576x254, xLQuz8U.jpg)

Lainey posted this 1 hour after Gurgle had his Makeup rant

No. 233781

Compare the likes and retweets she got compared to Grunge. She has a lot of people on her side these days. Not enough to really cause Gargle concern, but I honestly think she could do some damage if she felt so inclined. The sheer number of people that were on her side during the Fiasco is proof enough of that.

No. 233801

Legit scumbag. What the FUCK

No. 233802

File: 1454986997659.jpg (41.43 KB, 643x359, lal.JPG)

>I only darken my eyebrows guise

Then what's is this

https://youtu.be/IyBpuNKXnl0?t=14s (0:14)

No. 233804

Mostly all women use makeup to express themselves and feel good/cool , not hiding themselves. It's always for a different reason but he's a typical guy who thinks women MUST WEAR MAKEUP FOR MENZ ATTENTION.
I fucking hate Gurg.

No. 233839

says the pos that cakes on makeup so people don't see his ugly ass pizza face

No. 233843

I hope she tears his ass apart, he needs to be knocked down several pegs or more.

No. 233872




No. 233880

File: 1454999186359.jpg (9.64 KB, 236x177, 8c33d4e7dda8b1eb3e5cc7d1aa5d1f…)




No. 233882

His opinions on daddy issues are invalid because his father fucking raped and molested him so.

No. 233884

File: 1454999435631.gif (441.65 KB, 245x163, tumblr_lqub9xXraP1qbgyx2o3_250…)

No. 233927

yeah like that would ever happen.

No. 233931

His recent OnisionSpeaks videos touched more on the makeup issue and women's self esteem. Attributed women not feeling attractive enough in adulthood due to trauma faced in childhood.

Around 1:20, he chimes in that he managed to get over his childhood and even jokes about how he "could have even been molested and I don't even remember. Isn't that great?"

No. 233935

>If you wear makeup, you MUST hate yourself!
>Thinking women only wear makeup for men
Ok Gerg, sorry the world doesn't revolve around your opinions.

No. 233938

She won't do it. He's groomed and isolated her, she might be extra dumb but she's still in a pretty standard abusive relationship.

Molestation is so funny.

No. 233946


No. 233955

File: 1455012997835.png (114.29 KB, 680x392, Lady-Problems-by-Alexandra-Dal…)

As if he can even tell the difference.

No. 233988

File: 1455019318582.jpg (187.47 KB, 2000x900, 1438557040869.jpg)

No. 233997

You know if you could make Vegan Gains or some other future school shooter to make a hate video on greg, it would be a sociopaths battle of fun.

Greg will never listen to a logical mature arguement but have a fellow sociopath take him on? would be awesome >>233872

No. 234048

ddddid… did he just call his own wife "people with serious emotional problems"? Somehow I think this is about her and they've had another conversation he has to recap on twitter, esp. since she tweeted her stance on makeup just after him.

No. 234074

sage for OT but this girl is cute as heck and illustrates an interesting point. go her!

No. 234075

omfg she's gorgeous

No. 234088

Low standards.

No. 234137

rude tbh

No. 234145

Go back to PULL hunty

No. 234156

i'm gonna jerk off to her picture and there's nothing you can do about it

No. 234160

>implying that men browse lolcow

No. 234161

File: 1455027959420.png (280.41 KB, 1024x1024, image.png)

stop shitposting, guys. this isn't the time nor place.

back on topic, I find it funny that every time onion stain bashes something Lainey does/enjoys, she defends herself and manages to rile him up without even trying. he can't even admit he doesn't love his wife.

No. 234165

go in gurl

No. 234241


>Wish you loved your face like I do.

Wow, Gremlin pulls his default move of publicly belittling Lainey under the guise of "I wish you loved you like I love you" and she doesn't put up with his bullshit this time.

I hope she's starting to wise up. I'm probably being too idealistic here, but I really wish she was.

No. 234248

With the recent r9k invasion, they are around sadly. I wish the mods would do more about it.

No. 234251

I don't understand how his fanbase are women since his topic is the typical piece of shit sexist guy conversation that you might hear in passing on the street. ugh, he's so repulsive.

No. 234306

He's still making fun of the cheating scandal. Judging by the comments, about half of his fans think it's all fake.

On another note, does anyone else think it's creepy how "Annah Minx" is still using the Minxy character?

No. 234310

Girls anon, not even really women yet. And they all think he's "hawt".

No. 234313

Sure he is boinking the big boobed girl.

No. 234341

I think she's an untalented hack. Minx liked to show off her tits and teach Japanese. Annah just likes stealing Greg's secret youtuber who was 23 when they dated, identity. I think Greg is sad that Hannah moved on and cut off contact with him.

No. 234373

You're right. They're usually 14,which is even worse. Parents need to monitor their kids.

No. 234393

Why is Lainey helping Greg with making fun of what he did to her? Is he just THAT stupid or was it all a hoax?

No. 234394

No. 234400

Hoax is what I believe, conspiracy theories be damned. All three of them got quite a few new followers during that week. Billie's stupidly coy livestream confirmed it in my mind.

Gurg was in a stagnant place before ~The Scandal~. Not even his Twitter trolling could hold attention for long.

No. 234406

Yes, Lainey is actually that stupid. If she wasn't, she wouldnt be a teen mom or with Greg at all.

No. 234427

>>parents, feed your kids compliments because maybe later in life they might not end up with a scumbag dude because they think that’s what they deserve.

I think this was aimed at Lainey.

At this point I think he’s damaged her more than his other girlfriends. She’s really been taken hostage, mentally. And everyone is watching and laughing at it. It’s kind of scary tbh.

No. 234439

Or has he maybe pre-recorded the stuff Lainey said and only now added the rest of the video? Or did she think this was going to be her chance to roast Gurg?

It just seems weird that she'd help him with making herself look even more stupid, just after he betrayed her. Could she really be such a high tier of Stockholm syndrome that she would help him destroy her?

No. 234441

If the abuse and manipulation is really that bad, then yes.

Also I will always wonder why Cyr and Onion are still friends. Greg has gone off on him a million times over stupid shit.

No. 234505

Pretty sure cyr does videos with him just for the views. I think that's why most people collab with him.

No. 234607


New video where Onion talks about his ex and laineys

No. 234608


look at his twitter, hes mad at him i think

No. 234613

No. 234617

So Shiloh contacted Lainey when shit went down…to try to help her I guess.
And Lainey, being a stupid bitch, has shown that email to Gurg.
Now Gurg's newest video is about dissing Shiloh.

No. 234618

It's too bad that deefizzy left twitter. I'd love to see him and Shane Dawson chewing Greg out again.

No. 234620

Also Onision is in a bunch of "Anna Minx" videos (The girl from his channel who acts in some of his videos) and they sometimes do dumb challenges and behind the scenes. God, without his filters and jumpcuts you can really see how much of a pimply dweeb he is.

No. 234624

Lainey is a bitch tbh. Felt sorry for her at first, but I'm kinda over her bs. Shiloh knows better than anyone how deranged Gerggles is and by now Lainey should know too. I hope that one day she will finally wake the fuck up and leave his pimply ass.

No. 234625


Lainey's just too stubborn and scared to leave now. Not to mention she knows all his fans would turn on her as they have before and she doesn't wanna lose her small amount of pseudo-internet fame. That and they have a kid so she's scared of them having no father.

But still, if she had any sort of brain she'd left a while ago. So I don't pity her. She's not an infant, she can leave any time and she should…if not soon, she will eventually.

No. 234631

I can't imagine collabing with Onision would give you more views these days tbh. He still has his legion of 13 year old girls, but his popularity has seriously gone down hill.

No. 234634

Who knows what kind of BS Gargoyle feeds Lainey about Shiloh. And the video bashing her just shows that it freaked him out that she could see the truth about his and Shiloh's relationship.

No. 234640

What an unbearable faggot.

No. 234644

Fuck Shiloh too. She was friends with Adrienne for a while and then she went back to Gurg and started shitting on Adrienne again. It's literally fucking karma lol.

No. 234672

I agree, but maybe she changed and was trying to do some good this time by contacting Lain? IDK, the smart thing for Lain to do would be to keep that e-mail to herself and also keep her mouth shut.

No. 234680

Shiloh could have been a useful person to be friends with behind Grooglets back and Lamey ruined it because she dumb.

No. 234696

Yup, exactly.

No. 234699

Also, I very much remember all the fucked up shit Shiloh did when she was with Gargumel, but you never know, this could have been really useful for Lain.

No. 234701


Yeah I think he's trying to test his power over her and see if he can get her to stop wearing make up.

It;s like some straight up cult/mormon shit, "wearing make up advertises you as a whore!! Are you wearing that because you want attention from other men - am I not good enough?"

it's heavy mental and emotional abuse. really excited to see how many women their son grows up to kill or rape.

No. 234716

In the third thread, a few anons were actually wanting to get in touch with Shiloh about all this, they were told to leave her be as she's moved on with her life now.

There's no telling anons though when they want to stick their foot in without thinking it over first.

No. 234718

Lainey has always been a massive bitch, since she got together with him… which is why a lot of anons really don't like her.

She's extremely two-faced, uses people, crys wolf for views, makes stuff up for shits and giggles. She's basically the same as Shiloh was (if not worse) back when she was dating gurg.

No one deserves to be abused, no… but when some people think she's been innocent in all of this since the start, they're very mistaken, she's just as capable as Onion is with manipulating people.

No. 234741


agreed. lainey certainly isnt the angel some people act like she is

also, random side note, its gross that she calls him daddy… like fuck man. hes basically old enough to be and hes so gross

No. 234766


oh god hes bragging about choking his dad again

dude is such a faggot

No. 234769

Can someone please fill me in; What's the backstory about is dad??

No. 234790

Greg's dad is a pastor and he claims that he molested a lot of people even though he never had charges brought on him. He's still in Greg's sisters lives. I think his psycho mom molested him and she tried to convince him it was his dad. Those naked full body massages that she gave him are questionable.

No. 234869

>>It wouldn't surprise me. It could have been the mother ( or both ). In what world is giving your son a BARE ASS NAKED massage okay? Massaging his NUDE pimply ass wtf.
That and the fact that one of his ex's said that Gergles farts unusually a lot…yeah, I'mma go barf myself to death from that mental image.

No. 234870

>Those naked full body massages that she gave him are questionable.
^Was meant to quote that, sorry.

No. 234932

Holy shit thats hilarious, who said that and in what context?

No. 234958

>molested people, probably children
this makes my blood boil. I want him to be charged and IN JAIL

No. 234961

File: 1455119314684.jpg (46.5 KB, 548x690, 1454835410569.jpg)

>In what world is giving your son a BARE ASS NAKED massage okay?
>Massaging his NUDE pimply ass wtf.
>Gergles farts unusually a lot

No. 234962

I feel bad for Shiloh. She seemed like she genuinely wanted to help. Lainey is a dumb cunt and she deserves this. Everyone has reached out to help her and she has burned all these bridges.

No. 234967

Shiloh was in the same situation as Lainey before but she burned the bridge with Adrienne, she's not worth sympathy

No. 235002

or maybe the fact that they've both done it shows how manipulative Gergle is? I don't like Lainey but I'm not blaming her because that's exactly what he wants. She's a stupid girl with low self-esteem who can't function on her own and thinks her life depends on Greg.

No. 235008

She doesn't deserve the fucked-up twat who is Gong, I think Shiloh getting in touch with her is a bad idea.

No. 235010

It hurts my feefees that you anons consider Glump more of a manipulator that all of us.

No. 235013

well, Gurgoyle is the only one YT famous here with so many girlfriends he manipulated. Unless any anons step forward with stories of even worse exploits, Gurgoyle wins this round

No. 235091

I don't think Plainey is going go by herself. Luckily, looks like the last honeymoon period is over and Gerg is now humiliating her daily.
Maybe he is going to put her on the street soon.

No. 235132


My fucking sides, guys

No. 235137

I think it was either AJ or Shiloh, but probably AJ. Commented on how he farts under the sheets constantly and a lot.

No. 235165

Do you think Lamey showed The email to Fartnion? I dont think it's compeletely impossible that gurg monitores laylays email at least partly. He has access to her YouTube channel as he edits the videossa and probably posts them as well. Maybe he saw the email and just went with it.

"Were married Laineybot. We dont have secrets." I could definitely believe hed say that

No. 235171

it baffles me how an utter faggot of this caliber has managed to survive on this earth for 30+ years

No. 235176

I honestly have NO IDEA. Gurg is a repulsive human being who is openly sexist, racist and homophobic, yet he gets tons of YT views and an army of fans to defend him. Fuck this earth.

No. 235177

What do you guys think Greg will do when he reaches say mid-30s (hes 30 now). Do you think he'll try to keep up the kawaii "i totes look like a teenager" makeup/filters bs? I think after a certain point he might try to take up legit cult leader stance and act like the "old, wise" father of YouTube

No. 235180

I think he's going to be one of those people who's going to turn into plastic surgery and stretch the fake teenage appearance for as long as possible and when it stops working he's going to have the emotional breakdown of the century.

No. 235183

No. 235185

I think Gerbsmack is gonna keep up his "I'm such a teen" act probably till 40 at which point he'll finally try to become a cult leader. I doubt he'd ever try to be the "old, wise" father. He's too much of a pedo to try and be a father figure. Then it'd be harder to get his next wife/gf after Lainey finally finally gets tired of this bullshit or he does something that pushes her over the edgege

But plastic surgery is for girls with daddy issues who hate themselves and were molested

No. 235187

>But plastic surgery is for girls with daddy issues who hate themselves and were molested
I know! Just like make up [spoiler]nevermind he's wearing five pounds of it[spoiler]. 3 thousand filters are just for people with super high self esteem who don't want to look 15 years younger, it's totally legit.

No. 235196


sounds like you're describing greg, minus the female bits.

No. 235199

File: 1455151972431.png (9.83 KB, 500x414, bb8.png)

No. 235201

I feel sad for his kid because I think once his looks fade, he'll just make his kid do videos. If that happens, I think Troy will turn out worse than Greg.

No. 235215

I don't know if we're ready for Gurgaret Palermo's runaway vlogger child saga.

No. 235218

File: 1455156215837.jpg (8.75 KB, 304x166, download.jpg)

Grundle in 10 years, still preaching that girls should go completely natural while looking like this bitch

No. 235273

File: 1455162488100.jpg (105.3 KB, 524x481, tumblr_o25l4uonLx1r08rfpo1_540…)

Kektus, brilliant.

No. 235475

Coming from someone who looks like the type of girl Glugalug wants to fuck (my theory is that he goes for the uggos because he thinks he'll be better able to control them, but Ashley's the hot kind of girl he really wants), I hope that really stings. Need some ointment for that burn, Gurgwit?

No. 235606


Funny since he wears foundation and will sometimes wear eye make up. And Ashley was right he uses a shit ton of filters to hide that troll hide.

No. 235630

So, now I'm confused. I was arguing in YouTube comments (lol) and one of his fans implied that onion and lamp made up the whole cheating thing as a big fat joke?
Are his fans this gullible/bad at following drama, or am I missing something?

No. 235653

His fans are retarded 12 year olds. They're going to defend him until he can't photoshop and filter himself to look like a teenage edgelord.

No. 235656

Where the fuck her right eyebrow go?

No. 235659

>it's-it's an iv-oh-vvvvhh iv– oVASION of privacy

No. 235741

>that three sizes too small homestuck shirt
>tough nubbies
>flucked up
>in the name of onision

No. 235768

This is so fucking cringe,it gave me shivers down my spine.

No. 235790

This is just fucking sad. She's put him on a pedestal forgetting that, given his personality, he'd laugh at her if he ever met her. She's literally what Onisionlooks down on but she's still idolizing the guy.

No. 235792

Girl, brush your hair before you make a youtube video. ffs.

Honestly though this worries me. That retarded 12 year olds like him and look up to him, that he's got such influence over dumb kids, that they'll think he's right… I am so concerned.


No. 235796

Here's her da if anyone wants to join me in laughing at her self-insert x Levi drawings. http://witch-of-hearts.deviantart.com/

No. 235802

oh sarah :c

No. 235818

Is it bad I'm laughing at her magnified eyes.

No. 235822

is this an andy milanokis show skit

No. 235824

File: 1455233487309.jpg (38.61 KB, 432x576, tough-nubbies.jpg)

She's eighteen.

No. 235826

well. i mean at least i no longer feel bad about my senior photo

No. 235829

File: 1455234117893.png (20.05 KB, 821x207, good girl.png)

No. 235830

File: 1455234902436.jpg (68.6 KB, 430x565, Wow!.jpg)

No. 235880

Can someone pass the brain bleach?

No. 235883


No. 235888

File: 1455238497249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 289.04 KB, 1024x576, youthful radiant skin.jpg)

No. 235890

His white head is staring at me.

No. 235892

I've seen that picture enough times that I'm immune to it. I wonder if Taylor breaks out when his zits pop on her.

No. 235919

I puke everytime I see this picture.

No. 235922

This looks like a scene from a horror movie. The moment they do they dramatic close up during the part where they hide and seek with their victim.

No. 235967

Willem Dafoe is that you?

No. 236033

Plz don't insult Willem

Which one?

No. 236051

File: 1455253861278.jpeg (216.8 KB, 2000x1000, image.jpeg)

What I see when I watch this video.

No. 236117


that's andy fucking milonakis and if you try to tell me differently you're a goddamn liar

No. 236120

File: 1455267410985.jpg (17.22 KB, 500x350, 7115f52f194467bd20a4131c28a53a…)


this just actually makes me feel really bad for her.

No. 236121

Oh no you didn't just bring Bubbles into this insipid thread.

No. 236123

Learn to sage properly you fucking retard

No. 236128

File: 1455268690049.jpg (109.89 KB, 640x480, uterus_comic_by_witch_of_heart…)

she's clearly autistic

No. 236201

Is she not breathing out of her nose? The way she's talking is so agitating.

No. 236216

Yeah so let's maybe leave her alone…?
I didn't come here to read about Gurgoyle's retarded fans who clearly have issues. I came here to talk about Gurgoyle.

No. 236237

Yeah, she's making me sad more than anything else.

No. 236255


No. 236310

File: 1455306721715.png (421.08 KB, 746x441, ga.png)

Who uses more filters? Greg or Peter Coffin's wife?

No. 236315

"Fakest People On YouTube"

This nigga is still butthurt over Shane Dawson and Deefizzy lmao

and i love how he doesn't even care that he's a hypocrite. smh

No. 236357

Whats the point of his UhOhBro channel. It seems the exact same as his Speaks channel.

No. 236359

Inflates his ego by putting together the amount of subs in each one of his chanels.

No. 236379

>sendimemessage eeuuahhh lil bub mo' den a twoww

No. 236385

At the "mentally retarded" section of the video…Let's just say I'd punch his face in just for the way he says it.

No. 236388

Andddd we're at the Shane Dawson part…Double want to punch him.
Why's Gerglesum so obsessed with SD? Is it because Shane it so massively more popular? Is it because in a lot of videos he actually does seem waaaaaay more genuine than him?
Is it the money? Still butt hurt over previous "drama"? Fucking jealous prick.

No. 236395

Did he just say FreeleeTheBananaGirl is one of the most realest Youtubers? Kek. Kek. Kek. Noooooo. I had to close the video before I have a further spam-attack.

No. 236408

Shane wrote this song about him. Greg is an unbearable faggot who wouldn't stop riding Shane's dick.

No. 236422

what the fuck did i just watch?

No. 236423

obviously faked tho, because only the tweet's creator can see the delete button

No. 236426

Was that actually about him? Because it really fits, hah.

No. 236429

Are we getting some insider info here from someone that knows Shane?

No. 236431

Not that anon. I'm convinced that he's pissed about not being in the youtube cool kids club.

No. 236440

The CBB anon posted that minutes after the CBB finale that day. They were probably dying to work trash television into conversation, and Gurg's topic was open so…

No. 236465

This is exactly it. And hes always held resentment towards Shane because Shane did the edgy/ cringy humor well, and it paid off for him.

No. 236486

Say what you will about him, but Shane was edgy and cringy but he knew when to stop and dial it back. When he vlogs normally he seems like a normal person with feelings and awareness.

Greg's entire thing has revolved around being edgy and offensive, which doesn't work well if you aren't very emotionally smart or in tune with what is just offensive but could be humorous to a certain crowd and what is just simply beyond that cusp. Sociopaths are not very good at this type of humor.

No. 236525


Well said. Although I think shane kind of sucks now but he got older so I get it.

No. 236526

File: 1455337886360.png (640.38 KB, 586x567, gross.png)

No. 236527

New video - Stories About Exes (Lainey & Greg)

Ughhhh, man he really needs to move on. This is the second video today talking about his ex.

No. 236531


She seems so emotionless in this video. Clearly she's depressed. It really pisses me off that she's still with this cunt. She's stupid too I guess.

No. 236533

>let's get Lainey to NEVER trust Shiloh just in case she ever messages her again
>can't have that nope sir nope
>I'm so sick of people bringing up my exes

No. 236539

it looks like he jizzed all over that mirror.

No. 236541

He might be training her to join the ranks of his exes. He wont shut the fuck up about exes lately

No. 236542

u KNOW thats zit juice

No. 236554

I feel like onision has constant repeating phases where he won't shut up about a topic. It goes like

meat eaters-> religion-> true love -> ex girlfriends -> cutting wrists -> cutting dicks

rinse and repeat

No. 236558

because he saw his reflection.

No. 236559

underrated post

No. 236582

This girl is incredibly endearing. I'd watch her commentate C-SPAN.

No. 236604

No. 236606

Yeah I actually had the same feeling, she's incredibly sweet.

But I probably lurk lolcow so much that anyone who isn't an abject narcissist is an angel by comparison.

No. 236607

Fuck Lainey, she's a nasty embarrassment to women everywhere.

No. 236608

File: 1455355554985.jpg (9.43 KB, 211x239, meingott.jpg)

>>mfw Lainey says she majored in psychology.

No. 236610

Sure thing Plainey.
Greg didn't even let you finish college.

I remember when she claimed she was going to a pre-med school and her dream was to become a pediatrician.

Never happened. She willingly decided to be trapped in Gurg's McMansion.

No. 236620

I feel like Gerg just always takes over in Lainey;s videos. This is technically her channel and yet most of the videos are with Gerg or centered around him. It disturbs me.

No. 236661

I love the part where he's going off about how it upsets him that shane dawson claims to love his fans, but at the same time says youtube is just a job, and uses his wife as an analogy.
Like honestly at this point we know Onion thinks his wife is just a job, why hide it if yr so focused on being "honest"?

No. 236664

It's lamey's video, but gerrgles talks the most as usual, provides like 2x as many answers to these questions, and also "wins" the challenge at the end, proving that he's the biggest victim.
poor little puppet girl lamey…

No. 236667

It is really difficult to leave abusive relationships, especially when you've got kids, and yes, she's had opportunities, but I think this dealing with depression isn't helping her. She's probably feeling really worthless now, and he's probably got it in her head that no one else would want her, so why even bother leaving? Thing is though that the abuse and the depression are going to keep feeding into each other, and while I don't like Lamey, I'm still really concerned for her. It's going to take paedo leaving her i'm afraid, and he's going to do it in the most humiliating way possible and leave her with nothing.

No. 236767

Didn't Plainey first discover Gerg in video where he and Shane make out? I think she was a huge SD fangirl before getting entangled with Greg. I like to think that's where a lot of his beef and bitterness with Shane comes from. kek

No. 236813

Greg seems like everyone's second choice. Taylor wanted Shane Dawson and got him instead. Billie wants that social repose guy and got him instead. These bitches need to realize their goals and not settle for a middle-aged zit face.

No. 236824

where did bilie say she wants social respose?

No. 236828

She posted a video pretending that he was her boyfriend. She was pretty much sucking his dick on her younow.

No. 236830

Billie doesn't seem his type, biologically speaking. Then again Gurg has multiple kids and a legion of fans with thick glasses.

No. 236874

Some of her videos on her channel even has Onision's outro. She seems so much happier in videos by herself/ with other people

No. 236875

He's like a b-rated movie.

No. 236916

File: 1455404969656.jpg (50.27 KB, 340x371, 1449134607298.jpg)

Who the fuck is Levi?
Also, what the fuck did I just read??

No. 236927

Guessing Levi from attack on titan

No. 236931

you're right. her DA page is full of AoT "cosplay" and self insert Levi fanfic

No. 237150

File: 1455429642049.png (82.92 KB, 723x549, classy.png)

No. 237155

Gawd, what a creepy son of a bitch…

No. 237196

File: 1455438018146.png (39.6 KB, 590x333, nobend.png)

It's got to the point now that I've began to realise he's fully aware of how much of a hypocritical shithead he is, and does it on purpose because he knows he can get away with it.

No. 237206

File: 1455439279908.png (347.48 KB, 705x500, 1454452177427.png)

Doormats get what doormats want. Specifically, your husband giving scene whores naked body massages.

No. 237212

>he's fully aware of how much of a hypocritical shithead he is, and does it on purpose because he knows he can get away with it.
My dad's a malignant Narcissist, and that's exactly the stage he's gone through after getting away with his abuse for many years now, so yeah; he's just complacent about how full of shit he is now and doesn't even care that he contradicts himself in the same sentence, so long as it goes against whatever you're saying to him. Even if you point it out, he just thinks it's funny now, and sneers at you.

I don't mean to personalblog, I'm just pointing out that it's the same as Gurgle's behaviour.

No. 237238

That was very insightful, I hope you're now free of that bullshit from your dad, anon.

It's been a fortnight now since the 'incident' between them both, right? From the sounds of things and the way he continues to be a slimy, narcissistic mofo, there's been no marriage counselling involved?

Two weeks is surely enough time to of had an appointment arranged and to have been seen to by now? Especially considering they have more than enough cash to get in there as soon as possible.

I just find it very unlikely they've made any such arrangements, but I do not know how marriage counselling works or how long you'd have to wait for an opening with them.

No. 237240

File: 1455445157382.png (429.68 KB, 626x421, hopeless.png)

She's got just as many mental problems as her husband does.

No. 237244

of course, why else would she happily seek him out as a partner? they deserve each other.

No. 237253

A topic came up today about V-loggers and I warned my friend away from Gringlefart.

>>(me) When I mean sharing "too much" about their lives, it's to a point where they thrive off it because there's something mentally wrong with them where they actually emotionally and mentally abuse their fans especially for views. I'm not talking about sane peoples here.

>>(friend) Oh, no, I haven't heard of that person. Of course any extreme would be unpleasant.

>>(me) never look him up, ever.

>>You would go absolutely ballistic. But I agree, the sweetest people can talk about their lives if they want to, that's absolutely fine. I guess I've become jaded because of being exposed to people who will do anything for attention for views, including abusing their own partners.

>>(friend) That's so awful

>>(me) It's even more awful when their wife of 4 years goes along with it, and gets upset with them cheating on them, only to be so addicted to praise from social media to stay with them.

>>Like I said, stay far, far away…there is so much fucking wrong with them both. At at least humiliation fetishists admit they're into that shit, they both just enjoy influencing their 12-18 fanbase for (not shits but) fucks and giggles.


No. 237289


That's great, but we don't really give a shit about you and your friend's conversations

No. 237324

nobody cares?

No. 237340

File: 1455480729095.png (215.33 KB, 788x439, valentine.png)

Happy Valentine's Day.

No. 237341

Agreed don't care about the whole convo but at least it's better than when anons talk about their friends who are obsessed with cows/flakes and they're doing nothing to stop them, like damn, please help out your friends. Think of the children

No. 237354

Not my fault your jimmies are rustled, chill before you post.

No. 237355

The consistent poor quality and double posting shows how new you are. Put sage in the email bar if you're going to continue to be off topic.

No. 237356

You don't know shit, stop derailing the topic.

No. 237393

Oh for fucks sake, it's still Gergles related. I facepalm so hard when an anon post something with 'my experience' ( again, still fucking related ) and the instant reply is huuur duur not yar diary. Stop being so autistic.
This is neat!

No. 237410

Someone send this to Grunkle

No. 237434

File: 1455500501118.jpg (103.25 KB, 594x645, Brez naslova.jpg)

I don't wear makeup guize. My face is just naturally orange. Promise.

No. 237442

File: 1455501163979.jpg (105.85 KB, 591x626, 1.jpg)

On a roll tonight. Instead of spending time with your wife and child, you bitch on Twitter about……everything.

No. 237443

File: 1455501329441.jpg (134.43 KB, 694x715, 1.jpg)

No. 237444

He just seems like the most unlikeable person there ever was. I'd get second hand embarrassment constantly if I were around him.

No. 237445

File: 1455501423445.jpg (100.86 KB, 697x691, 1.jpg)

No. 237447

File: 1455501611865.jpg (123.91 KB, 709x758, 1.jpg)

The guy is posting this on V day. Kek, I don't even.

No. 237448

His expression is disturbing. Like he's getting ready to stab her or something.

No. 237449

File: 1455501882003.jpg (10.38 KB, 571x103, 1.jpg)

Reachingggggggg. Counting down seconds till he mentions coffee.

No. 237451

Careful gurgles, don't cut yourself on all that edginess.

It's not as if people should find any meaning in life, religious or otherwise, right? I bet you anything he is saying this to Painey to try to beat her down and make her more depressed and hopeless.

Also, funny how he only ever says "Christian." Does that mean that Catholics don't fall into your web of hate and projection, Garg? What about Muslims, or Jews, or any other religion that believes in a God? Do you not hate them because they dont remind you that your parents molested you?

No. 237452

No. 237454


He always rants about the same shit. Nobody cares besides your 13 year old followers, Onion.


He picks on Christians because it's the easiest target. Also funny how he calls himself agnostic nowadays. What a cop out, he's such a hypocritical cunt. "Be whatever you wish to be…unless I disagree with you."

And yeah, he really is one of the most unlikable people ever. and I say all this as someone who has no faith.

No. 237455

File: 1455502254850.jpg (21.55 KB, 566x132, 1.jpg)

Maybe he's having some sort of an lack of attention breakdown?
Why is a father, a married man, 30 years old, posting this for the past five hours non stop on Valentiens day?

No. 237457

When is he going to start quoting Nietzsche?

No. 237459

He is whatever he wishes to be…sadly he chose to be an insufferable cunt.

No. 237463

File: 1455503001123.gif (971.21 KB, 500x307, image.gif)

My eyes rolled so far back into my head, they may be stuck there.

No. 237469

Onision put his chin in attack mode while Lainey's chin is in defense mode

No. 237475

What's up, with those, fucking, commas?

He must be having some kind of breakdown. Please, kill yourself Grundle. You've already admitted the world wouldn't stop spinning or even mourn your death, so why keep it up?

No. 237476

File: 1455505230821.jpg (18.73 KB, 480x345, 11062257_488741864632007_60605…)

holy fuck, my sides anon!!

No. 237478

That first post really pisses me off. Like that doesn't even make sense.

No. 237481

She's insufferable!

No. 237501

Men can get postpartum depression maybe that's what he has bc at home when all the cameras are off he doesn't get any attention it all goes to the kid. Just a guess

No. 237503


What's up with Lainey's eyebrow? It practically ends slap bang in the middle of her face.

No. 237506

This goes to show how truly self absorbed he is, while thinking he's being humble in some bizarre way. Death changes people. Death affects people closest to the individual the most. His death would change his wife and his son. Is that "almost nothing" in his world? If so, that's truly sad.

No. 237507

Please educate yourself on who Grundle is.
This is not male postpartum.
Gerg is an unstable whacko.

No. 237513

>Gerg is an unstable whacko.
That about sums him up. In the nicest way possible.

No. 237514

File: 1455513605351.jpg (84.61 KB, 603x633, 1 .jpg)

I've never seen a guy so desperate to get attention and create drama.

No. 237515

File: 1455513732473.jpg (37.74 KB, 598x210, 1 .jpg)

Is it bad to wish he actually would experience some sort of loss? Not death, like he's making fun of it, but something that would really sting him so he'd get a grip.

No. 237520

File: 1455514121500.jpg (52.43 KB, 679x339, 1 .jpg)

No. 237529


My fucking god lol I personally not like Vday but I just don't mind would never be so bitter about it to the point on going on a religion rant this day.

Also LOL at the fact that his wife is like "yay valentine's" and his so bitter. Maybe they had a fight and he took it to twitter

No. 237532

I'm surprised no one beat the living shit out of him yet. At least as far as I'm aware

No. 237533

File: 1455517204268.jpg (24.63 KB, 586x151, 1.jpg)

No. 237535

This is 12 year old /b/ poster level of "trolling"

No. 237536

Ikr? That's some major bitterness. His whole Twitter has been exploding with things that aren't funny or le edgy if you're 12 let alone 30.

No. 237537

Kek, you read my mind anon.

No. 237538

I think he is just upset he couldn't score himself some new underage poon before Valentine's.

No. 237570

He should just keep on jacking it to hentai. Dude is 30, has a kid, is not going to get his lesbian dream that he wrote about. I want him to write another book with a Gary Stu so we can all laugh about it.

No. 237685

I'd hope he loses some fans over this, but they're not bright enough.

No. 237698


Are you sure people aren't asking you that because you have crazy eyes and shitty skin, Greg?

No. 237739

File: 1455565902434.png (108.34 KB, 737x646, insanity.png)

Looks like he's continuing his decent into insanity on twitter.

No. 237759


He's just spewing shit left, right and center in a desperate attempt to stay relevant.

No. 237779

Lainey must have denied him cuddles again so how he's taking his ferocious manhood out on the internet.