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File: 1546452075091.png (1.97 MB, 1903x1303, pedobot.png)

No. 620129

Thread Image Credit: >>616173 and >>619604
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/615659
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality

>Greg finishes his obvious self-insert novel >>615773

>Greg releases a new video about the “rumors” about him >>615868 and rees about pedo allegations on twitter. >>615873
>Greg releases a patron-exclusive (lol) further droning on about his dating history. >>616128
>Sarah is back in the Onion household and Greg is still sperging out about not being a pedo. Seems like Sarah is one of Lainey’s “Gifts.” >>616165
>Greg continues to make videos about Eugenia, this time it’s a Sims 4 video where he starves her to death. >>616351
>Greg is attempting to imitate Jessie Paege’s “positive” posts on twitter and choses to react “positively” to critics, it only makes him look fake, condescending and creepy. >>617546 >>617525 >>617526
>Greg makes videos about how he never went to court for tractorgate >>617714 and proceeds to downplay what he’s done as “yard work” and blames his neighbor for his actions. >>617728
>Greg kicks out patron lizardqueenxoxo (one of his mods for his youtube comments) for being “negative.” >>617813
>He also unblocks everyone on twitter but mutes any critics of his behavior. >>617939
>An friend (?) of Sarah’s states that Sarah had a habit of watching Lainey bathe and parade around the house naked >>617970 while friends of certain exs of the Onions make vaguetweets about Lainey and Greg getting away with grooming children. >>617977
>DMs of Sarah’s reaction towards the fake tweets are posted, >>618042 her reaction towards the bathtub tweet only confirms suspicions that Sarah did, in fact, watch Lainey bathe. >>618011
>Madison’s Drunken Peasants podcast only feeds the fuel to the grooming allegations. Making it seem she knows more than she knows. (For clarification, she was talking about how young Shiloh was when he dated her.) >>618177 Greg calls her to tell her he’s suing, and recorded her call without her consent. >>618872
>While Madison is livestreaming about Greg >>618941 Greg is loveboming his audience. >>618920
>Another video with Sarah is released >>619093 and more talk about the Onions grooming Sarah ensues.
> Lane states that Greg and Lainey wanted to have a relationship with a 16 year old girl (Sarah). >>619554
>Messages between an anon and a cousin of Sarah are released, confirming that Sarah’s recent visit was for the potential of dating Lainey (and by extension Greg). >>619601
>Sarah and Lainey have matching headers on their private twitter accounts as of January 1st, 2019. >>619845 >>619846
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No. 620140

File: 1546453967896.jpeg (198.3 KB, 750x801, CEC3E997-586A-4B47-A7C1-1B9684…)

A small reminder of what Greg said to Lane about Sarah about 2 years ago.
Clearly this was a lie then and I’m glad we can continue to say it was a lie now.

No. 620141

>>620140 I mean, lie or not.. why does a 30+ man need to "repeatedly" remind a teenager she won't be in a relationship with him? that in itself is telling.

No. 620148

Same thing with him being “purposefully mean to her so she wouldn’t like him” when she first visited and was suuuuuper young. Why are you so preoccupied about a kid getting a crush on you? It’s not like he’s so irresistible that any girl instantly is in love with him. I think it’s more likely that he was trying to defend himself from developing feelings and being attracted to her when it wasn’t legal.

No. 620149

I wish I could remember where I read about his short time as a child day care worker.
Didnt he say that the little girls were constantly trying to pull his shirt off and flirt with him and in the telling of the story he would keep talking about how he hates kids and kids are gross. It just seems odd.

No. 620151

File: 1546455640915.png (3.36 MB, 1242x2208, 55FA19E7-C577-4D8B-ADAF-1C836E…)

bringing up this old video, it’s digusting that now he and kaibot wants to add sarah to the trinity

No. 620152


He's the only one that's ever said that, no one else has confirmed he worked with children.
The story doesn't even make sense. Little girls don't even know what flirting is, but it's pretty telling of him that these interactions with small children are immediately seen as sexual.

No. 620153

Nothing’s confirmed yet in terms of wanting to add her to the trinity. If it’s true I’m sure it will come out eventually but as of now we don’t have much proof that she’s currently in a relationship with either of them.

No. 620154


It was in this video. He talks about 10 and 14 year old girls "ripping his clothes off" and therefore sexually assaulting him. Maybe they did pull on his shirt or his pant leg or whatever kids do to tease adults, but it is indeed odd that someone would get so nervous about this and call it assault.(do not embed onision videos)

No. 620156

He seems to sexualize any interaction he has with females be it 16, 17 20somethings or in this case, 10 year olds. Fucking creepy. This reminds me of those guys on To Catch a Predator that blame the little girl, that she made them do it, she flirted with them, "she was being too sexy"

No. 620163

>>when I was about 24 I started dating a 17 year old and the reason I started dating a 17 year old is because I looked it up and where she was from the legal age of consent was 16

I actually laughed out loud when he said that. The reason he started pursuing a relationship with Lainey wasn't because of her great personality, or his budding love for her. It was because the New Mexico consent laws allowed him to shove his dick in her on a hotel desk at 16/17 and not go to jail.

Taylor: why did you pick me?
Greg: because you were barely legal.

No. 620164

File: 1546458211291.png (38.36 KB, 850x605, kek~2.png)

Goal down to 31%

No. 620172

Here's a mirror of "I Want Teenagers to Hate Me."

Greg sees 14 as being an adult so take that as you will.

No. 620173

The fact Greg brought up Billie just makes it appear he had hope he could rope B back, Sarah has always been plan B.

No. 620176

He's talking about Sh, he was even older when he found laim (26-7)

It's actually kind of creepy that he not only felt the need to tell Sarah that constantly, but also… B..? Maybe he was trying some reverse psychology shit.
Also LOL at "laineys ex" very rare to hear that… Its usually "my ex"

No. 620178

This was probably before B came back the second time and cuddlegate happened. He also talks about Sarah being in a relationship with Lame and not a trinity member. So this had to be before he pushed the trinity idea to Lame and made all his videos about what a negative cunt his wife was for ruining muh perfect trinity. After he managed to dupe his way into B's pants she became "our ex" and "my ex."

No. 620179

Why does he need to make them think he hates them, literally because he theorizes that they're attracted to him? It's creepy as fuck. It reminds me of when boys in school do that thing where they pretend to hate girls they like… Can't he behave like an adult and assert boundaries? He has to treat them bad so he can resist temptation or some shit? Nasty. Along with the new info about Sarah, the onions really aren't looking so good right now….

No. 620180


Nah, this message was sent after B was done and gone - this was sent just before Sarah was sent home. My guess is he used "Lainey's ex" to not seem like as big of a POS, since B was supposed to be just for Lame and not for him.

No. 620181

I think it’s because if they did show interest in him, he would have no self control and is scared of that.

No. 620183

Nah, he knows that teenagers aren't going to hate him just because he says so. It's a little "gotcha" to the people who keep calling him a pedo. Like "see??? if I was such a pedo, I wouldn't tell kids not to watch me!" In typical narc fashion he loves technicalities.

No. 620186

It was actually after they broke up for the final time, I remember because Sarah live streamed just before she was removed from the house, Billie joined to offer support and Gregma sperged out. He was calling her laineys ex a lot to victimise her more but he just dropped that whole charade eventually when he wanted to reaffirm to her that he’s poly and will be having another gf one day

No. 620187

I'm guessing I'll get a lurk more, but I must have missed something because I can't find anything about them wanting to add Sarah to the trinity except for Kainey bathing in front of her. Please help a confused anon!

No. 620189

>we have repeatedly made it clear to Sarah and Laineys ex that Sarah is here as a friend only and that they'll never be more to it than that
>made it clear to Laineys ex

So, if they had to reassure Billie not once, but repeatedly that Sarah won't be part of their psycho shit and is only a friend, there had to be something going on with Sarah that made Billie uncomfortable and question their situation with Sarah

No. 620190

He probably considers teenagers to be mature because he himself hasn't matured at all past maybe 13.

No. 620191

File: 1546463020658.jpg (62.27 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pexbedZqkr1w4jslc_540.j…)

There's links in the thread summary.

No. 620196

Just to clarify the point trying to be made; it sounds like Greg had to assure B at one point he wasn't attracted to Sarah and the fact Lane was maybe telling people this freaked him out because he always wants B to come back. It's pretty evident Sarah was always a back up. Who the fuck befriends 14 year olds

No. 620200

File: 1546467198482.png (571.01 KB, 1125x2001, DC0E616F-49AC-48CE-A30B-D058F3…)

Didn’t this idiot call Billie a sloppy second when she moved on to that Drew guy?
The hipocrisy never ends with him, does it?

No. 620229

He says in this video people shouldn't date 10 year olds because they don't look like adults.

I don't think Gurg is able to comprehend that a child is unable to consent. He doesn't actually know why fucking children is bad.

Words cannot describe how stupid this man is. Every video he releases seems to show a whole new level to his inability to understand even basic concepts.

No. 620231


Can’t wait for the day when he’s caught fucking a 15 year old because she a) lied about her age or b) “She LOOKED like she was 16, officer! BE HUMAN!”

Most likely both. Even if he’s balls deep in a literal child in the eyes of the law, Anus will forever defend is skewed logic.

No. 620237

You definitely have a point. He always talks about how pedophiles are attracted to Prepubescent children and how that's why they're disgusting. However, he doesn't understand it's the power dynamic that also makes things disgusting. Then again, we all know how much he loves power and control.

No. 620257

Tinfoil but does anyone remember the rumors about Greg trying to pursue a young, underage girl while in the military? Maybe that girl is the black girl he talks about being with. It would give good reason for him to not say her name like he does for every other ex, because then it would be known they had sex. Just a hypothesis.

I'm not looking forward to this.

I think we should start bringing up specific old incidences more often, to point out his patterns. I feel like when I look at the beginning threads or old Tumblr posts I am shocked by a lot that has been forgotten.

No. 620262

I remember that I believe the rumor was it was one of his higher ups daughters. Obviously there’s no real way to confirm it but that is an actual rumor that went around. Might have been from the someguy(???) interview? The one with an old classmate

No. 620266

Excuse me for derailing, but can someone link where Gurg said he prefers dry sex? It gets referenced, but I've never seen or heard this myself.

No. 620267

He's mentioned that wet vaginas are gross.

No. 620268

Maybe I'm missing something but I feel like if Greg really wanted her to be their new third he would have her already. She's willing, desperate even, and she's 18 now (though I somehow doubt the Grease family cares about that enough to let it stop them). Greg is neither patient or smart enough to think this kind of shit through and I doubt the potential of being called a creep is suddenly enough to hold him back. Either he's genuinely not interested in her or there's something more going on here.

No. 620270

From my recollection the rumor about the underaged daughter of the military higher up originally came from a KF poster (breaking bad?). This person also caused quite a stir by claiming that they had paid to get the full copy of Onions military records and that they would arrive soon enough but in the mean time they were saying all sorts of things about his life at that time period. I think it was someguy who also attempted to get the records and then discovered that you cannot obtain someones military records without their consent which means the "haters" will never have access to them. This is what I remember of all that but I could be getting some of the details wrong. Basically I believe that's an unconfirmed rumor even though it really seems like something Onion would do which is why it spread so far.

No. 620272

i think it's more that when sarah was there the first time she was way too young for him to get away with fucking, and i think even he knew that the backlash would be insane and also (i believe in WA) illegal. now that she's 18 tho i think they might just be trying to take things "slow" (for the onions, kek) so it doesn't seem so obvious that they have been grooming her for years. i wouldn't be surprised if they're already fucking and just staying silent about it. obviously we don't know what happens behind closed doors at the swamp, but i hope for her sake that sarah got curved by the onions and gets sent home.

No. 620274

I don’t think Sarah is at all interested in Greg. She’s been listening to lainey complain about his abusive behavior for years now, plus she’s seen him in person and knows how gross he is.

I know a lot of farmers don’t think she’s actually interested in women, but I’d be willing to bet that she’s a lesbian.

No. 620275

If you missed it Onision was live on the drunken peasants at the 2 hour mark of this video (It was during a 24 hour special for New Years)


He addresses a bunch of stuff, haven't watched it all, heard Joy mentioned along with the yard work so far

No. 620276

File: 1546485107500.png (62.95 KB, 626x639, newblue2019.PNG)

It seems Greg is on the hunt again, and the cycle continues..

No. 620277

He also said uhhh… A couldn't be raped because of how many people she had sex with.

No. 620278

Anon your icon is showing, better edit it out.

No. 620281

You do not need consent to access military records lol. FOIA means they are available upon request. Exceptions only apply to anything that requires a security clearance. We have all his relevant records anyway. There's really nothing interesting.

No. 620282

This is why Greg avoids live streams, I have lost count of his contradictions. Why are these guys so fast to play the sycophant to such a loser?

No. 620285

HS Anon actually did confirm that he worked with children when he was in high school.


No. 620286

File: 1546487246348.jpg (20.66 KB, 250x127, rep.jpg)

Repzion donated $50 and Gurg made a remark about not donating to an environmentalist cause. According to Onion logic if you made a video about his dumbfuckery that caused him so much trouble with the EPA you must donate the money you made to nature since you love it so much lol.

No. 620287

He addresses a ton of stuff, he's on for like 5 hours. Keep watching lots of milk

No. 620289

“Gee thanks Greg” lmao I’m cackling Greg if anything that’s the worst thing to say to someone with anxiety stop looking for a fresh young girl to fuck it’s not gonna happen

I personally believe Sarah has always been into Lainey, and with that comes being sucked into liking Greg or leaving. It just seems as though she sticks around with some hope she’ll get to be with Lainey, even if that means she has to suck it up and be with Greg. Before Greg was going bankrupt, she had a reason to be into him (for the money, like B was), but now there’s nothing appealing about a badly aging man with a million dollar debt over his shoulders.

For all we know she feels obligated to stick around, she’s been groomed from such a young age she could easily be brainwashed into thinking everything in the onion household is normal, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear Lainey cries to her about Greg hurting her then going “it’s fine now! He didn’t mean it”

Sarah’s presence in this whole thing for all these years has grown creepier and creepier as time continues to go on. Sadly she will never listen to concerned family, like the cousin who posted here, because “you contacted haters”

No. 620292

I do remember this one. Only bc that autistic faggot “thejoshshow” made a video on it and talked about it online. I believe he did an interview with the guy on his channel or was going to? He tweeted about it a fair amount before his fake suicide. He also tried to say onision paid people to spread “lies” about him bc he was about to “bust the story wide open” or some bs, Greg was one of the dozens of yters he accused of this.

Iirc josh said that his superiors found out that he had done something with a higher up officers daughter and that was his unofficial reason for leaving. Also mentioned in onisions own “proof” and His records that when he served that he would always would go out of his way to volunteer running the daycare/take care of his coworkers kids during events, and family things or parties etc (where both parents were pre-occupied) and that he spent a lot of his time doing that. It was part of his papers that was listing the good/notable things he did or something. I remember seeing the caps of that posted here right before his video.

I can’t really remember the interview portion or what but I remember him going on about how he was going to interview someone who knew about onisions time serving.

I also remember josh going on about some girl on a plane and Greg kissing her. Idk if any of it is true. But him constantly volenteering to watch the other soldiers kids was a faxx. Who ditches every event to take care of a bunch of whiny kids, especially if they use to complain about kids and say they don’t like them?

Only remembered this bc joshs thread got bumped the other day, he came back from the dead recently. Still going on about it under sockpuppets.

No. 620294

File: 1546489842730.jpg (58.39 KB, 1009x171, Screenshot_20190102-225654.jpg)

At the end of onions spot on drunken peasants Madison is in the chat and talks about how her and lainey left and Gurg didn't change her daughter diaper for hours.

No. 620295

Ogosh Billie sucking up to onion hurts. He just rated him a 8.2 on attraction. Ughhhh

No. 620298

Yep, I remember even bringing it up when he was making all those videos sperging about his discharge, but it largely got ignored cause yeah, it can’t be proven. But my tinfoil is that it probably is true, and it’s not like they necessarily could have proved it when he was serving too. My theory is once Anus got wind of it, he started acting out histronically claiming he had all these problems with him. Back in those old threads people were saying he was a munchie, which I don’t buy. Said histrionics peaked when he stripped naked in front of his CO. His whole “contentious objector” claim is bullshit, Greg was a huge military fanboy and loved the Metal Gear Solid series. He was probs super disappointed once he realized the Chairforce didn’t live up to his MGS fantasy.
I read it was the younger sister of a fellow officer in his unit.
It was around even before KF, in his old Krapple thread that has probably long been lost to time.

No. 620301

Billy not Billie.
Not to nitpick, but calling Billy, Billie, only gets people confused as to what you're talking about.

No. 620307

I'm having such a hard time getting through Onion's guest spot on this podcast.. the gay jokes are so unfunny my face is actually hurting from cringing so hard. I'm also two hours in and haven't found much of interest.. I need a break from these losers sucking Greg's dick I'm developing a perma-scowl and severe heart burn and I'm only half way through.

No. 620308

I can't fucking believe Madison would leave her child with him. Idk why the surprise, maybe she's dumb. You should have known Greg would not take responsible care of a female toddler. Wtf. I feel sorry her baby had to go through that being stuck with him in a dirty diaper. I hate child neglect of any kind.

No. 620310

I'd be shocked if he ever changed a diaper, much less a diaper of someone that isn't his kid. He'd probably consider it sexual abuse.

No. 620312

Can those who've watched this podcast of men constantly sucking Greg's micropeen give us some highlights? This feels like it's 3 hours of bullshit from the little bit I've gotten through.

No. 620313

He doesn't even take care of his own kids, let alone other people's kids. When anus made that video about Trot's ball rash a lot of people were speculating the rash was caused by improper hygiene and lack of diaper changes, I guess it's confirmed now. Not to mention the issue with his rotten teeth

No. 620316

To be fair, Ben is real with him and Jeff is too, Billy and Joe are imbeciles though

No. 620318

I don't know, Jeff made sure to say "If we ever meet in person I'm sure we would be best friends sucking each other's dicks. Let's be in a gay relationship and butt fuck" etc etc +50 more gay jokes about Greg. He was a huge pussy imo.

No. 620319

I don't know, Jeff made sure to say "If we ever meet in person I'm sure we would be best friends sucking each other's dicks. Let's be in a gay relationship and butt fuck" etc etc +50 more gay jokes about Greg. He was a huge pussy imo.

No. 620323

I just wanted to mention that he says he didnt see the video of him in the tractor pushing shit into the swamp. He feigns ignorance when Ben brings it up but he fucks up by knowing what direction it was filmed.
"what angle was it from, was it across the water?"
When the video was mentioned Im sure he pictured it in his head and accidentally described it.

Greg always knows the most minute detail about any viral video made about him, but he will deny he watches other peoples "hate videos." He tries to say he gets the info from his fans or Lainey.

I dont know whats worse. Lying about having seen the video of himself fucking shit up, or having a lawyer that didnt inform you or show you all the evidence that had been gathered against you. I mean even if she didnt show him the video, his lawyer should of mentioned it. Video evidence of yourself in a bobcat pushing weeds, bushes, and cut down trees into the swamp is kind of a big deal.

No. 620325


It's a little more nuanced. To liken it to medical records, it'd be like being able to see diagnoses but not the notes the doctor took during appointments.

No. 620327

File: 1546503278002.webm (8.46 MB, 349x620, Onisions Best Trait.webm)

How sad is it that even with his friends Greg is the butt of the joke and that running joke is his "pedophile like connotations"

No. 620331

Also I like how he confirms that the hippy neighbours that dobbed him in are a work if fiction. And that people who report crimes are now NARCs and people who should mind their business.

No. 620332

File: 1546504568973.png (29.55 KB, 691x156, Capture _2019-01-03-03-55-24.p…)

Anus tried to deny he recorded the phone call with Madison and this is what she said about it. She also called him a liar a few more times in the chat

No. 620335

That narc was probably expecting a 9.8, so that was still too low for him

No. 620337

I don't understand why this bitch keeps inserting herself in onision drama but when shit goes down she plays innocent and claims she wants nothing to do with him. What an unstable attention whore

No. 620338

anyone who has ever willingly associated with onion now or in the past is unstable. you have to be actually, mentally ill to be an adult and think liking him is ok.

No. 620341

I think there’s also a point in Onion’s career where liking him even as a teenager is still a red flag for bovine tendencies.

Ikr these people are all very very painful to watch.

No. 620347

Oh for God's sake just shut the fuck up you dumb ass. Your just another retard on a long list of retards who conveniently stayed quiet while you were on the dole and then "uwu he treated me like garbage! Why meeeee???" Get a life. You're hanging out with his ex, blabbering about him on DP pointlessly with "I know something you don't know! Teehee :3", and trying to pick fights over stupid shit like YOUR brilliant decision of leaving YOUR small child in his care like you never witnessed him neglecting his own kids. Going out for cocktails with Lame was more important, and if your kid got a nasty diaper rash because of your poor choice of a babysitter maybe reconsider your fucking priorities.

No. 620353

File: 1546513334356.jpeg (68.93 KB, 750x449, A2B3E2BE-DA0D-43AB-BD05-CC5466…)

I mean, obviously he’s a terrible choice of babysitter but I would still put the main blame on Onion for living down to our expectations of him.

People in denial about him obviously have to learn these things the hard way.

If she’s sitting in anything more and not spilling it very soon then yeah, this sperg is probably justified then.

No. 620356

Just a reminder that the restoration plan needed to be submitted yesterday to the court!

No. 620357

So Greg thinks that the internet reported him to the state for the swamp destruction because they refer to his stupid ass wife as Lainey, "a fake name". You fucking caveman. Does your wife introduce herself as Taylor to your neighbors? How the fuck would they know her legal name to begin with if Lainey hates to be called Taylor so much and probably wouldn't introduce herself as such.

No. 620358

Eh. I think she's spot on. What kind of person leaves their baby with someone who openly and demonstrably treats his own children terribly, and then expects him to somehow up his game when it comes to her child?

The other Anon is also right in that Madison keeps inserting herself in Onion drama just to attention whore. If she has something to say, she should say it. Instead, she's blowing hot and cold and prick-teasing. Mostly, she gladly and openly hung out with Taylor and Greg for many years, despite knowing what they are. I don't know if she's as bad as they are, but she's certainly an enabling asshole. I don't care about her or what she does now, as she made her own bed (it has been clear for years what Taylor and Greg are, so she doesn't get to complain about them now). I think unless it is to come clean and say something of substance, she should sit down and shut up. I have zero sympathy for her (just as I have none for what will happen to Billy the Fridge, whose friendship with Greg is living on borrowed time, just like with all of Greg's other friendships). I cannot fathom what type of person would call themselves Greg's and Taylor's friend, but it isn't a good one.

No. 620359

1:45 onward, he says that pretty much the only reason he doesn't get with 14 year old is cause people say he shouldn't. Interesting way he's worded it. Not because it's bad, but because he is expected not to and is "conditioned" by"society's standards". He parallels it a bit further on with him deciding not to date another 16-17 year old like Sh (lie) and wanting to wait til laim was 18 (lie) because of "being conditioned by societies standards"… Uh oh

No. 620360

It's so funny how defensive Onion gets over lusting after teens. Ross Gellar was 32 when the Friends universe and Bruce Willis found him odd for going after a student. Clear power dynamics. Everyone openly objects even tho she's 20 and it ends because there's a generation gap. And here you have Most Honest YooToob 33yro Star lusting after a 19 year old, and in the past 5 or more years has only entered relationships with teenagers.

You're fucking creepy Greg, the lgbt community will never give you a by ball. Get some help you freak.

No. 620361


Wait, where is this information coming from? Has there been an wetlands update?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 620366


No. 620369

Is anyone else waiting excitedly for the inevitable breakdown of Onions new “Zen” persona?
I mean, a month ago he was calling strange aeons an SJW Bitch, so we know those feelings and thoughts aren’t gone. He is. Just trying to pretend they don’t exist in an desperate attempt to get more fans. It must be killing him inside not being able to express his real thoughts.

No. 620370

He's still riding high on the hope that the government will let him off on the wetlands fees if he acts nice enough online. Once he gets his bill he'll lose his shit and go back to being his old self.

No. 620372

You've been nominated in the Lolcow Awards 2018! Go here to vote: >>>/meta/8011

No. 620382

No. 620388

File: 1546540425057.png (326.05 KB, 567x717, gofundmeh.PNG)

He has started a go-fund me for the wetlands fines. My sides are in orbit.

No. 620390

File: 1546540463114.png (965.48 KB, 1920x3274, gfm.png)

is this a fucking joke

No. 620392

Ahahahaha can you link this anon I can't find it anywhere?

No. 620393

I'm fucking screaming, 90% of what he outlined in this is a lie. muh honesty

No. 620394

No. 620395

lol he tries to guilt people into 'caring for the environment' about three times. Does he not realise how stupid that sounds when it was him who destroyed the wetlands

No. 620397

>”a cause that really matters”

No. 620398

File: 1546541154964.jpg (78.79 KB, 592x806, Dv-LY3cV4AE4lSA.jpg)

No. 620399


Is it legal to use GoFundMe to pay fines in Washington? I looked up reporting the page but I'm unfamiliar with laws in that state.

No. 620400

Great more things to do without a permit.

No. 620401

Holy shit the lies in this. I know no cowtipping but like, we can use our own initiative to report these things individually where necessary right? Gofundme need to be informed of the fact this is a fine for shitting all over the wetland in the first place and the county need to be informed he's interpreted the legal order however he likes and is trying to solicit funds to pay it and is basically slandering his neighbor. I'm so annoyed he didn't actually go to court because he's still trying to lie by omission or implication.

>My neighbour told me to do it

>Housing association told me to remove trees
>Told me to hire a bobcat
>plant whatever I like
>calls sod "new vegetation"

No. 620402

So he wants money to fix his own fuck up, presents it in a way that takes no responsibility, then wants a new deck to go with it. Fuck you greg.

No. 620403

So he wants people to pay to fix his fuck up/renovate his property but he's not offering anything in return unless you donate at least $100.
Although I'm guessing he'll add other 'perks' when no one donates

No. 620404

File: 1546541362724.jpeg (227.69 KB, 750x957, F70A61C2-5DE7-44E9-BFA7-4684FA…)

Is this allowed on GoFundMe? I thought it was sort of antithetical to the site.

No. 620405

File: 1546541476750.jpeg (73.91 KB, 750x219, A5122552-8A75-4B97-9654-D948ED…)

No. 620406

I cannot fucking believe this shit, omg. Lainey must know by now that she is with a complete fucking sociopath, she hasn’t spoken out on any of this, and I have a feeling it’s because they disagreed on him doing the “yard” work to behind with. If she had been agreeing with him up until this point, onion would have been using her as a crutch to criticize others by now, by saying things like “this stressed out my spouse” or “the neighbors were rude to my spouse and misgendered them” but I have an inkling she’s asked to be left out of it because she told him so. Not to say it’s not her fault either, she’s the one married to the ogre

No. 620407

this is probably the story he spun to her and because she's busy being a lil smol bean hunched over in the house she doesn't know otherwise. it would not surprise me at all if he managed to keep the court proceedings completely under wraps since he never went himself.

No. 620408

Does he know he'd need to pay taxes on this?

No. 620409

I would wager he received no push back from her whatsoever, because she never does when it counts. Too bad for her she is on the hook just as much as he is, regardless of her pushing back or not.

No. 620410

He'll probably just blame turbo tax and/or gofundme when he doesn't pay

No. 620411

"About half a year ago my yard was consumed by plants that either stung, poked or even stabbed my little children"
> my little children
This is such a transparent attempt at making you feel bad for them when he doesn't give a fuck about them to begin with . Esp since he could have just said "young " but no. Unfortunately his fans are stupid enough that will fall for this.

A fucking dock too lmao thiscunt.jpg

Somebody needs to call him out on this shit . They are buying freaking Giant connect 4 that cost more than 10 and then he turns around and asks for money for a dock and to fix his fuck up.

No. 620412

File: 1546542169173.png (141.9 KB, 1100x584, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 1.58.…)


Seems to be a gray area. I did find this.

Also, number 27 on that same page was that basically, GoFundMe can pull the plug on "any other activity that GoFundMe may deem in its sole discretion to be unacceptable."

No. 620413

He tagged this under emergencies.

So while other people as for help for their medical bills. He ask for a home makeover of his backyard.

No. 620414

It may be a semi-joke, he is throwing serious shade towards anyone who has commented on this debacle in a few places. I really like he he takes literally zero responsibility for any of what has befallen him. It is really mind boggling. It is his neighbor's fault. The fault of the neighbors who video taped him. The Housing Association. His children (by implication). I will say he doesn't mention Kailor, which I do find interesting.

Even if thw wording is a sort of a passive aggressive commentary, I do think he is serious about raising money for it via a children's crusade. I doubt if he will get much money though, because 12 year old, even edgelords, don't generally have credit cards.

No. 620415

he's also including false information on his campaign, which is considered fraud on gofundme

No. 620418

My man is off his shits!!

What a fraud.

I love that he won’t exploit his children by filming them (ignoring the video where he talks about his son’s rash on his privates??) but will use them constantly as a shield against criticism or to pretend he he’s a good person. Yikes.

No. 620419

i am absolutely fucking screaming.
"thank you guys so much for caring dearly about the environment" as if he didn't tear it down in the first place. this is the literal reason this is all happening. and the wording of this makes it sound like he's trying to be sarcastic

No. 620420

Rename this “Make Onision’s Swamp Great Again” or what it actually is: “bail me out of another self-inflicted problem while boosting my own private property value”.

Honestly he’s done a lot of stupid stuff over the years but this is actually surprising in how brazen and idiotic it is…

This has to be against GFM’s TOS and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets repeatedly flagged and taken down.

No. 620422

On the one hand I want to report this, but on the other hand I really just want to watch for a while longer. It's too entertaining I can't look away.

No. 620423

Are you even kidding me? That is fucking insane. And my guess is that the county commission will have some thoughts on this…

No. 620424

He wouldn’t. GoFundMe donations are gifts, which aren’t taxable.

(Patreon is income, which is taxable.)

No. 620425

>Not long after the work was done, to prevent erosion I covered up any significant exposed dirt with new vegetation. I also planted numerous blueberry bushes and multiple trees. In all I planted about 10 trees/bushes and ensured nearly the whole yard was covered/protected.

I must have missed this before. He introduced new plants to a protected wetland? Surely this is a huge no for the plants that are being protected. I can't imagine this went down very well.

No. 620427

he's talking about the sod anon, and just lying about the other shit or omitting the timeline to make it seem like he did it ages ago, if he did it at all.

No. 620428

He gets to keep any donations apparently though even if he doesn’t reach his final goal. So even if he makes $100, that’s an extra free $100.

There are other fees associated with it apparently. It’s like 30 cents per donation.

No. 620429

>$750: Your name will be engraved in the fence (Earth-friendly/safe)

I think I know what names Id have him engrave in his fence for all time

No. 620430

Oh lord the passive aggressive salt could turn turn all the fresh water lakes in the world into a salt water habitat.

So what does this tells us? The Kiwis have estimated that Onion owes 100k in fines, not including reconstructive measures. So this is tune with that, however he does have exact values and the donation "perks" are pictures of the vegetation itself and he itemized the list. The evaluation was due yesterday so he should have all those values and probably how he constructed this gofundme.

Now let's go with the Kiwi's estimate of fines:



32K for trees


8K for Soil System

I'm not sure if the Fence is a necessary measure of corrective action.

The Dock is a fucking joke. He wants that for himself and probably had permission after the assessment. Fuck you, Onion. He wants people to pay for something he probably wanted in the first place and the reason he fucked up the wetlands.

So a shallow estimation would be his corrective action costs 40K and it's just like Onion to add an extra 60 FUCKING THOUSAND.

Onion sits at 140k for yard work. Kek.

600K Taxes and 140K for fines/corrective action is a cool 740 of debt in irresponsible life decisions.

No. 620431

"plants that either stung, poked or even stabbed"
how the fuck does a plant sting someone?
Also, if I'm not mistaken, most ducks do not bother with docks at all. Cormorants? Maybe, but it doesn't look to me like the lake in his yard is able to sustain any waterfowl that would benefit from a dock like the way he describes.

No. 620432

do we know the county that greg lives in? is that allowed to be shared? i know of a few wildlife websites i could check that what he proposed actually matches up with the native species

No. 620433

Pierce County

No. 620434

here's a link to all the birds seen in the county. I'll do some poking around to see if what he's talking about would actually benefit the animals. there's another website that's for all wildlife in general, but I don't remember what it's called at the moment; i'll look into it

No. 620435

What an absolute cunt. He genuinely thinks he can crowd fund free landscaping and a new dock. Fuck off. I doubt any of his patrons will even donate his patroen is already a fucking charity case.

Hope the neighbours catch wind of this. It's aggravating to think he sees this as a win for getting what he wants.

Truly let 2019 be the year his views fucking plummet. Anons is2g don't give this cunt views wait for uploads and don't interact on his YT channel, this cunt does not deserve his income.

No. 620436

File: 1546544842294.jpeg (152.91 KB, 479x480, A85B2603-68A7-4B48-8EE5-C413E6…)

Stinging nettles and I believe he complained about Devil’s Club.
Both stingy irritating plants, the perfect opportunity to teach your children about the wide variety of flora in the world and safe outdoor practices.

No. 620437


This actually is an emergency for him, though. The fines will rack up as long as the violations go uncorrected.

No. 620438

Blueberry bushes are a native plant to Washington, so it's not an introduction of anything new (as long as it was the correct species of blueberry). He likely got the idea to grow blueberries because he saw them growing naturally, as they do well in wetland environments. I'll attach a link at the bottom for my source on this, but blueberries often require lots of preparation to be planted, something which I doubt he looked into. They need specific PH levels and soil that drains well. I hope the trees that he planted aren't large, since this can hinder the health of the blueberries.


No. 620439

Amazing. This man is continually fucking his family over financially. First the tax fraud and now this. I'm betting that once his gofundme bombs he'll drop the whole "positive" act and release a "my fans dont care about me or my family" type vid. happy 2019 onion.

No. 620441

I never considered those plants something that "stings", but I guess that's fair. And yes, I do agree, that's exactly what should be done.

No. 620442

Sigh wouldn't it be sad for him if the go fund me for reported and taken down…? Bet he would hate that

No. 620443

of course not. what is her favorite line? oh. "i don't control what he says or does."

No. 620444

i have an ex like this. his mewling and fake concern for his offspring is so transparent and obvious. i can smell this a mile away.

No. 620448

New Onisionspeaks video about the wetlands gofundme.

No. 620449

>how the fuck does a plant sting someone?
Are you retarded or do you live in a country without poison ivy or stinging nettles?

No. 620451

It’s worth noting that if the GFM gets removed, he’ll probably just play victim and then advertise his Patreon

No. 620453

Poison ivy doesn't sting, it's oils are what cause irritation. Plants aren't my forte, I don't care much to learn the species names, and I never considered the pain that plant caused to be a "sting", more of it just getting stuck

No. 620454


oh my god. what a start in 2019.

No. 620455

File: 1546546553137.png (165.34 KB, 879x545, passive aggressive.png)

that passive aggressiveness.
he thinks he's proving a point but it just makes him look more insufferable.

sucks that he won't get nailed for pedophilia/child grooming but fucking up nature.

No. 620456

It's not as if people knew that when they imagined how the plant was hurting them though, was it? Are you ESL? This is such a weird thing to split hairs over.

As rare as it is onision is using language in a perfectly acceptable and normal way in this instance.

No. 620457

Can we stop sperging about "stinging?" I mean we get the best New Years gift and we're talking about semantics. Greg just put out a huge gofundme asking for large amounts of money he's on the hook for. Can't we laugh at that? The comments are beautiful. 35 shares and not one donation. Plus we got some info on how much it might cost him to restore what's happened.

Greg also has a short video called "Onision saves Wetlands"…from himself? Can someone transcribe it?

No. 620458

Greg lists the location to be Gig Harbor on the GoFundMe, so here's the ebird hotspot for all the recorded birds at gig harbor. If anyone else knows about the needs of wildlife it might be worth checking out. The only duck I would think could ever benefit from a dock would be a wood duck, which was only ever seen once back in 2012. https://ebird.org/hotspot/L2094690

No. 620460

I think that tweet is also an attempt to guilt trip his young fans into handing over their allowance

No. 620461

The comments on the gofundme page are tearing him into shreads

No. 620462

Better yet, Christmas money. My 12 year old niece got 300 bucks for xmas. She donated that she'd be able to get a video of how Greg's yard is doing once a year!

No. 620463

File: 1546546783993.png (693.03 KB, 936x543, Screenshot_2019-01-03-13-17-31…)

No. 620464

If she donated*

(There's no way she'd ever be into a 30 year old man's videos running around in his back yard in his underwear)

No. 620465


"When you show concern for what someone does to the environment and they ask you for help, you happily assist them because you know what's important is not what was done, but the greater good of the world. You are a good person who not only shows concern, but proves the concern is authentic by contributing to a healthier environment and the cause you clearly care so much about. Your contribution will for a fact make the Earth a healthier environment, we both know this is true, so please match your words with your actions, and help truly change the world for the better. Thank you for being incredible!"

What a manipulative fuck

No. 620466

Bless up anon, he's put his YT video in his gofundme campaign so hope it gets removed this cunt doesn't need a stream of money coming in.

No. 620468

lol he thinks he's manipulating people but anyone with a mental age over 11 is going to see through his bullshit. Does he really think that people who criticised him for damaging the environment owe him money to fix it?

No. 620469

I'm willing to bet that he's going to do a follow up video when he doesn't meet his goal, claiming his 'haters' don't really care about the environment.

No. 620471


Oh my god what is this horrible parody of a political ad

No. 620472

After watching the video I think he's being entirely sarcastic about this whole thing and expects it to fail / get removed. He will then sperg out about it.

No. 620473

so he's trying to play the "well if you cared enough to report me, you should care enough to clean up my mistakes!" card. Also what is with that outfit???

No. 620474

we can only hope it's sarcasm
who wants to bet he's taking this approach as a kind of insurance in case it fails? if it's taken seriously, he gets what he wants, if people criticize him for it, he'll claim it was all a joke.

No. 620475

his voice is definitely dripping with sarcasm in that video. He either is making a mockery of the entire situation on purpose or he really truly is incapable of making himself sound genuine.

No. 620476

Totally zen and positive/happy now btw. Not like 100,000$ could do so many amazing things when donated to the proper environmental charity, no Greg needs 100k for just his backyard. That makes a load of sense

No. 620477

Make Onision's Swamp Great again!

"The best trees"

It's so Trump-esque it's almost funny

No. 620478

Ahhhhh NOW it all becomes clear why he's been on this "SUPER POSITIVE LOVE EVERYONE" schtick for the past week or so.
He's been trying desperately to butter up his tween fans so that they will support him because "He's changed, guise!"

No. 620479

Why donate to a charity to restore a nature reserve you could actually visit and enjoy when you could donate to an ugly decaying 33 year old that polluted and impacted the wetlands he didn't own. He'll even get a fun new dock him and his lanky gay wife can carve misspelled names into. What a righteous cause.

No. 620480

>if you complain about me ruining the environment without donating to actually fix it you're a hypocrite and I can ignore anything you say!

No. 620482

He thinks it's such a "fuck you" to his haters. He must know … (…I think…)that no one is going to contribute. And the tone is definitely aimed towards people who made money off of videos criticizing him. So as some anons have speculated, I also believe he's doing this to call out people who've made videos on him and the environmental destruction. But you see, despite donating or NOT donating, Onion still has to restore the damage. It's not like people not caring will leave the environment in shambles. If Greg doesn't want to rack even more fines, he has to fix the damage. Other causes ask for money for environmental causes because the work won't get done if no one donates. Greg will do the work to fix the problems with Piece County's dildo in his ass. Enjoy your yard work, Onion. Make a video on it!

No. 620483

File: 1546548327030.png (795.9 KB, 774x699, prick.png)

No. 620484

Pretty sure he only made the video/campaign to make that shitty argument

No. 620487


You're right Onion, you've inspired me! I DO want to donate money to make the environment even better! So, in order to do so, I will donate to a rain forest preservation charity! If planting some trees in your yard improves the world as a whole, imagine what saving trees, plants and animals in the rain forest will do!

No. 620490

Thank you reupload anon!!

Oh my god, this is so embarrassing…

“I know you care and I know you want to contribute.”

Is he trying to hypnotize his audience and use like suggestion to convince them they want this??

“So I want to give you this opportunity to truly put your money where your mouth is.”

How generous.

No. 620491

He intentionally made it this way in case it backfires so he can go:MUH SARCASM MUH COMEDY

No. 620492

File: 1546550002207.png (74.33 KB, 1058x463, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 4.09.…)


Mostly, it depends on the circumstances.

No. 620493

File: 1546550227030.png (4.26 KB, 298x207, Capture83211.PNG)

Isnt this that middle aged stalker chick who said she wanted Onision to "dance inside her"

Any bets on when Potato nose donates some of her dads cash?

No. 620494

Why should his young followers have to pay for his stupid pig-headed arrogance though? He's the one who fucked around with the law and the environment, he's the one who is claiming he knows best, he's the one who should be putting his money where his ugly ass mouth is

No. 620495

File: 1546550591359.jpg (25.9 KB, 613x359, community.JPG)

You think someone at Gofundme contacted him recently? He changed it from Emergencies to Community.

No. 620496

File: 1546550646133.jpeg (256.67 KB, 982x1229, FECC5446-D023-49DB-AD2D-BDA3E9…)

He should change out his pride flag in the background with this

No. 620497

He’s probably getting reported but he kaimeyor sarah could be here and reporting back.

No. 620498

This whole idea of his is embarrassingly stupid.. Him and manfoot are gonna have to dig their own way out of this. His patrons don't have enough pocket money. It reads as very sarcastic and snarky for someone trying to show they've turned over a new leaf.


Silly onion… Comedy is supposed to be funny. This is just cringey and petty with perhaps the slight hope of people actually donating

No. 620503

Speaking of, if Greg were to manage to reach the goal, wouldn't the IRS be able to just swoop in and take the money? I've heard enough horror stories about that very thing.

No. 620505

I find the 5.00 out of 100k more hilarious than if no one donated.

No. 620506

One thing that I dont get. Does the 100k includes the payment of the workers that are going to plan those trees?

No. 620507

File: 1546553041624.png (33.48 KB, 831x120, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.03…)

Double posting but here's a change to ole' Onion's e-begging.

No. 620508

File: 1546553301955.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, 409.png)

>Thank you so very much for genuinely caring about the environment!

I fucking can't. I guarantee this cunt believes all the damage he did is null because he is a vegetarian. Just like when he boiled his turtle to death in tupperwear under the hot sun and how shitty he has treated his dogs over the years. And I apologize if Im being a retard but what does he mean by "housing community"? His neighbors? An HOA? Because I call bullshit on both if that's the case.

No. 620509

lol he's listed trees and bushes for 32k on his campaign. That's what he was ordered to plant by the court

No. 620511

I think he changed this because he was being reported for using GFM to pay fines incurred by his damaging the wetlands.
We may see new additions to the summary or amendments as more people report him and GFM contacts him about the complaints.

No. 620512

File: 1546553821126.png (49.11 KB, 759x190, Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 3.16…)

Yup. See the original
He now put in another condescending introduction

No. 620516


Ive been wondering about this…if Lainey wanted to use this as an out and got her lawyer dad involved - could she get out of the marriage without being liable for the debt? Someone said the settlement only mentioned greg.

No. 620517

File: 1546554826054.png (20.1 KB, 383x613, Capture.PNG)

She's already donated..

No. 620518

File: 1546554942683.jpeg (637.04 KB, 1125x1878, 3DEFE4DA-57C4-4115-BE35-159FF5…)

I’m dying of laughter

No. 620519

It’s like when they got Al Capone for tax evasion. At least it’s finally happening.

No. 620520

"regardless" AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. One of two people donate and his response is dismissive. Most people say "it doesn't matter what you donate!" He even said if 1 out of 10 people who viewed one of his hater's videos about the wetlands would donate he would reach the 100k. Someone spends 5x that and it's a "thanks regardless." As much as I want to believe he's not 100% retarded since he uses clear manipulative tactics, he might be genuine in this gofundme. At least to a certain extent.

No. 620522

No, the court documents refer to them both collectively as Avaroe.

No. 620524

File: 1546555759142.jpg (39.7 KB, 576x318, gg.JPG)

Megan can always auction off the beautiful paintings she did during her 2 week stay in the funny farm for some extra money to donate to her sovereign lord onision

No. 620525

Depends on the type of lawyer Lainey's dad is. A lawyer might as well be a layperson if it's in a different field of their expertise.

I'm sure the Domestic/Family/Divorce legal field has some provisions that help individuals get out of debt that was accrued as martial partners, but it always depends on whether the person meets the criteria. It's all very specific. Usually debts are negotiated like property is. She gets the house and he gets out of alimony payments, etc. That's off topic and our small bean probably won't be divorcing Greg any time soon since she's 50% Stockholm/50% doormat.

Anyways this is the true way to ring in the new year. It's so beautiful that Onion himself lends clues on how bad he's been ass reamed by the County. I mean what level of government hasn't fucked him by now? State? I know the Feds fucked him the hardest.

No. 620529

File: 1546556143106.jpeg (374.17 KB, 1125x1067, 373146E2-2197-4E2A-96EE-786F8B…)

I think he’s losing it. No clue what he’s even been trying to say or who/what he’s been referring to.

No. 620533

Overcompensating positivity since he lost when he say the reconstruction bill?

No. 620535

His twitter has become positivity tumblr for 12 year old girls who just experienced their first period.
Even his man-wife thinks he's cringe. "Kai thinks I'm lame and cliche which is so curious" shutthefuckup even your doormat is calling you out for second-hand embarrassment

No. 620536

Not even Billy the Fatass donated to his GoFundMe despite defending him like a guard dog. I guess the fatass doesn't care that much about his boyfriend anus or else he'd have donated

No. 620538

His twitter has become positivity tumblr for 12 year old girls who just experienced their first period.
Even his man-wife thinks he's cringe. "Kai thinks I'm lame and cliche which is so curious" shutthefuckup even your doormat is calling you out for second-hand embarrassment

No. 620541

Underrated post.

Up to a certain amount, you can say it was a gift, so you don't have to report it on taxes. Considering the swamp ogre has only made $10 in 5 hours, I am confident that he will not make the necessary amount of money required to be reported on taxes.

No. 620542

Are you dumb. He isn’t genuine at all.

The person who donated is wasting their time since she’s 28

No. 620543

Lainey's Dad is an insurance fraud investigator. People who got into insurance in like the 80s might be minted from it but it's a pretty lowly job nowadays.

No. 620544

Are you the same dipshit who's constantly calling anons you disagree with retarded? Take your anger management issues elsewhere, your bitching is getting REALLY damn tired(infighting)

No. 620545

>implying that everyone on this site doesn't bitch and call everyone else retarded all day long
Do you know where you are?

No. 620547

I am implying there is a particular anon who never adds anything of substance but calling others retarded. You're a smart one aren't you?

No. 620548

GoFundMes are gifts. Not taxable. There’s no $$ limit. (Cash gifts are taxable to the donor, in any case.)

No. 620549

See, when his little patron fags donate that's when you know Greg isn't trolling. Will he come out and claim a joke if enough of his dumb little fans donate? Wonder if he's sperging on his discord or laying on the ebegging thick.

Now he's just going to have to continue to edit the fucking gofundme description to keep being fraudulent. "This isn't to pay my fees it's to build my very own wetlands amusement park any lucky patron who donates $10,000 annually can come visit!! I'm doing this for the EARTH!!"

No. 620550

and I'm saying there are lots of anons who do nothing but that.

No. 620551

>You're a smart one aren't you
>implying that's not just another way of saying "you're retarded"
oh wow the hypocrisy is fantastic. you should comment more, it's funny.(infighting)

No. 620554

This doesn't really make the whole thing any better.

It's bad enough to think he expects people to pay to fix his mistakes and correct the environment to a level deemed acceptable by actual environmentalists.

But if this whole thing really is separate from all that, then how in the hell is this "doing good for the environment" ?? The correction order (that he now claims he is paying for himself) will ensure the wetlands are back to the state they need to be in.

All this extra shit he is asking money for is just nonsense he WANTS so he can have a yard that looks as nice as his neighbor's.

Gurg has already hinted at his jealousy of his neighbors nicely manicured lawn, he just wants teenagers on the internet to pay so he can have the same. Environment my ass.

No. 620558

if he really is doing this whole thing as a mockery to prove that the "haturz" don't really care about the environment, then people should just start donating to actual environmental causes and send him the screenshots in droves. that would send him into a rage (that he currently cant publicize cause ZEN)

No. 620559

Quite honestly, let him have it.
If there are people stupid enough to fall for his bullshit, let them pay. We've seen time and time again how badly Greg Avaroe treats people who consider him a friend, throwing them under the bus as soon as they're not useful to him anymore. People need to learn that themselves (cf. LizardQueen, Beck and Becca, TomatoBisquette, Madison, Billie, Cyr, …), so let them lose the money if they crave to support him.

I wouldn't report the GoFundMe, no one knows about it anyway. I'd love to see him bank $200 max and fail. It would be very interesting to see the outcome of more and more people noticing his e-begging / scam, and then seeing the whole thing blow in his face at $70,000. Wonder how pressed he'd be to find a new solution rather quickly and haphazardly to pay the workers / plants.
Apparently officials (and neighbors?) know about his online presence (and twitter), so they might already know about his plan or will know about it soon-ish, so I see no need for us to take action.

Is there any wise anon out there who knows whether Greg could try to garner the money and subsequently file for bankruptcy, so that he could keep the money instead of paying it back to the donators (since he can't do that with federal debt)?

No. 620562

File: 1546560449233.gif (5.54 MB, 270x275, 3C202DA7-1293-448D-92B4-7EB40E…)

>make the world a better place by building me a dock

At first I thought he was doing some environmental project like saving animals or planting trees in Africa or some shit, you know like that would be a genuinely smart move in his behalf of bettering his image but nah it’s this shit, I’m howling. I swear if onionsan doesn’t get cow of the year.

No. 620564

File: 1546560723935.jpg (120.18 KB, 900x725, -volcano-eruption-.jpg)

No. 620567

File: 1546561753785.gif (972.74 KB, 350x188, giphy (15).gif)

No. 620568

Wow. I hate him!

No. 620570

>I'm not sure if the Fence is a necessary measure of corrective action.

I wonder if it's mandatory for Greg to set up a fence to finally learn what's his property and what is not! kek

(Maybe it's the ultima ratio to protect the wetland - and neigbors - from him.)

No. 620571

He was probably planning the fence and deck when he first started wrecking the land. He's just trying to get teenagers to pay for it now

No. 620576

File: 1546563835965.png (70.36 KB, 579x560, eyebrowlady.png)

I kinda meant that in a sarcastic way.

But anyway, he's getting his priorities straight, anons: After working enough for today, i.e e-begging, he's got his eyebrows done professionally.
And, is he lovebombing Lainey? Or is he being passive-aggressive?

No. 620580

How in the fuck can he act like this is ~for the greater good~ and ~improving the Earth~ if it's HIS backyard, and you have to pay $5,000 to visit it ONCE A YEAR? It's not like this is a public greenspace or something.

I can't with this fucking dipshit. Once again he's proven to be as intelligent as an actual onion.

No. 620581

I like how he mentioned in the campaign that he only found out it was his neighbor submitted the video a couple days ago, what a weird thing to bullshit about

No. 620583

Nevermind his own videos of said destruction posted on YouTube. He actually thinks he's smarter than everybody.

No. 620586

File: 1546565272943.jpg (8.44 KB, 275x214, 1539962089314.jpg)

I bet Grease thinks this whole gofundme idea is genius and that he is "outsmarting" the "haters" and doesn't realize how pathetic, petty and straight up ridiculous it makes him look. (especially since he doesn't even get his few leftover teen-stans to donate how it looks) Why would anyone donate to him for his backyard that he destroyed? There're actually organizations to donate to if you care about the environment that do a lot more for 100k than fixing up a backyard.

No. 620588

>>620551 you can be stupid without being retarded,you just don t have any excuse for it.(infighting)

No. 620589

I wonder if he has any inkling that this could make his situation with his court case worse. Even if it fails, I can only see Gargamel getting heat from the courts about it if it's presented to them as evidence.

No. 620590

1st tweet obviously he is falling for Sarah.

2nd tweet he hopes it's a quotable tweet that someone will retweet, but it's just corny as fuck

3rd tweet, sarcasm - his life is shit, he has a man wife and IRS+county have fucked him over and he is half a million in debt

No. 620591

File: 1546565610986.jpg (137.84 KB, 1080x1651, IMG_20190104_013243.jpg)

Hah, guess there are some ways to ensure he doesn't delete a comment.

No. 620592

the comments on that video are amazing; fucking everyone is tearing him to shreds. he already blacklisted the word 'manipulative' and the like to dislike ratio is absolutely in the toilet.

it's impressive, the way he tanked his fakeass 'career' so spectacularly.

No. 620596

File: 1546566458802.png (40.4 KB, 836x197, Screenshot 2019-01-03 at 7.46.…)

No. 620597

File: 1546566544135.jpg (223.14 KB, 777x590, xyz.jpg)

News on #TractorGate:

The Avaroe's have paid $1,600 for reviewing the yard work.

No. 620598

The top tweet is so obviously about Sarah's reluctance to be with him. He's praising her for only wanting Lainey. Just you wait, Sarah, we've seen it with Luxy and Maya - you can't have one without the other.

Or maybe she'll win a prize since she's already up as Worst Troll and Biggest Plot Twist in the lolcow awards

No. 620599


Fucking idiots. What a waste of money. Greg doesn't give a shit when you're paying to insult him

No. 620600

File: 1546566702845.jpg (595.94 KB, 900x811, regret.jpg)


I could only imagine the chuckling that Billie and Ayalla had at the expense of Gregma & Laimey.

He is an actual criminal, what a sleazy hypocritical loser.

No. 620601

File: 1546566704192.png (454.57 KB, 1264x816, xyz.png)

And fees to come, I guess (?)

No. 620605

File: 1546567143276.jpg (238.67 KB, 777x590, xyz2.jpg)

Repost for visible phone number

No. 620608

File: 1546567331336.jpg (208.7 KB, 737x885, xyz2b.jpg)

No. 620609

This is almost as autistic and retarded as shreg begging for money

No. 620611

I wish people would stop invoking KF estimates of what he owes. These are the same folks who went full defcon over one of the trannies from Trans Lifeline getting picked up by ICE and then … nothing happened. All their confident and bold predictions meant jackshit. It's definitely not the only time they've done this, but it is one of the most memorable.

No. 620623

She's the co-owner of the property, so I doubt she could get out of this one.

No. 620626

Oh how I love this, anon.

yeah the math on the fines in particular was done by a layperson with no expertise.

No. 620628

The wildest thing about this is that his son is what, 4? 5? He's CERTAINLY old enough to understand when you say "this plant will hurt you if you touch it." and his daughter is only 2 I believe, so she's really too young to be outdoors without supervision. How can he even be trying to spin this as protecting his children?

No. 620633

The user who crossposts lolcow content to KF keeps getting the most basic shit wrong too. TIL Madison was part of the trinity and lived with the Onions.

No. 620636

So, those documents indicate that they have paid $3,882.50 so far just in county processing fees.

Whoo boy. We have no idea what the fines are going to be, but yikes. Don’t forget they paid the lawyer also, so it seems unlikely they’re less than $6,000 in the hole before paying for the work and whatever fines are assessed (which will likely be something, even if it’s not the giant pile of money Kiwis speculate it will be).

No. 620638

pathetic. unless there's a way to pull your pledge before it goes through.

No. 620639

He has hilariously made the best parody of himself. Today's video combined with the "Who is Onision?" video on UhOhBro is just… pure magic. The dock seems like it was ordered by the county to me because it has weirdly formal writing to describe its purpose; yet, it seems weird that the county would encourage going out in the water of a protected wetland.

No. 620640

I posted the "estimate," but I don't cross post from the Kiwis. I chose to say 100k in fines because the Kiwis have said anywhere from 100k to 208K based off paperwork on the stop work order and dates from then until Greg actually complied. I took the low ball number even if, in these cases, the fines are a lot lower than what's in County statutes. Kiwis are a different kind of sperg from us, so they go wild, but I did check the numbers myself and according to the County 100K would be expected at minimum. However, fines are at the discretion of the officials so they could actually disregard all fines if corrective action is taken. Who knows.

No. 620642

Essentially they can request a refund from Greg and make a complaint to GFM about it being a scam, either before or after that. If the complaint is compelling enough they will freeze the fund and also force the refund. Source: did that myself.

No. 620644

I remembered when he tried to sell his YouTube plaques but the buyer didn't pay him, he got big mad about it

No. 620650

File: 1546576059819.png (1.49 MB, 2000x1285, piercecounty.png)

No. 620652

Those who don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them.

No. 620660

Remember guys, Greg settled the case so this image depicts consenting adults!

No. 620668

For any CPA anons-
About how long would it take, given the rough amount of money Greg and Taylor are pulling in monthly, how much debt they have, and how much mortgage payments they're making, before they'll have to declare bankruptcy? And how far can they go into debt before that happens? What happens when/after they declare bankruptcy?

I don't know if this constitutes cowtipping but it'd kind of be funny to use a charity website to donate to a reputable environmental charity as a group. There's at least one that allows you to create and name a donation drive, as well as leave comments.

No. 620669

File: 1546580685111.gif (4.15 MB, 644x765, 2019-01-03_23-43-07.gif)

No. 620670

I don't feel good about this, girls.

No. 620671

The lowball fines are $208,000, not $100k. The fines for every day from Sept 6 - Dec 19 were a minimum of $2,000 per day. Alternative amounts were $5k and $10k per day. The county let him off with the minimum because he agreed to fix his fuck up in a short amount of time. If he doesn't, the agreement is null and he can owe larger amounts, and for every day including after 12/20.

No. 620677

File: 1546582554750.jpg (4.41 KB, 259x194, 55t4g.jpg)


No. 620678

File: 1546582642627.png (465.94 KB, 671x574, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 620683

What is that odd dark line around his jawline? Is it his filtering software? It's very weird.

No. 620687

he liked it? wew.

No. 620688


1. So he doesn't want to be liked but wants to have friends to put up with him? Oh, so this is how you refuse to hold yourself accountable for your toxicity, eh?

2. Just thinking about good things won't get you out of ur issues with the IRS and the state, Gregypoo.

3. Notice how billionaire= accomplished, but not being a billionaire = not accomplishing things?? If he stopped focusing on money and flexing it maybe he would have paid his taxes.

Hold. Yourself. Accountable.

No. 620689

I smell selfposting.

No. 620690

File: 1546585204645.jpg (74.03 KB, 686x380, burownchangebitch.jpg)

Tell those haters who made videos and mocked you, they oughta pay up and fix this instead of gawking! It's for the betterment of nature and you all love trees so damn much.

Yeah there's a finger strongly pointed towards those who profited off of making videos about this. He's jealous he can't pull those numbers anymore and he's the root cause of the disaster.

No. 620697

Holy shit Billie's bod in her new video is going to make onion screeeeeam.

No. 620704

Maybe we should put a gofundme together to raise $3000 to force him to name a tree “Greg is liar” and have to put a label saying that on it so he has to look at it every day.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 620705

How bout no. Giving the Onions money solely to troll them is pathetic. Go donate money to a better cause.

No. 620706

Unless you're an expert in the field, please don't. Just let it happen and enjoy the ride.

No. 620713

pretty sure Gurg's gofundme is considered fraudulent when he's intentionally leaving out the money is for fines. And that he's the reason the wetlands were damaged in the first place. .

No. 620723

technically it's for redressing the damage, any fines will be separate. It's immoral but many gofundmes are.

No. 620731

He's up to $140 on GoFundMe. WTAF is wrong with people?! How can they be so insecure that they crave Gurgs approval and actually give him money!? I despair!

No. 620737

If it'll make you feel better the most they'll do with that is let Lainey go ham in target. For a couple that spends so much on clothes they both look like actual shit. Amazes me that people so vain do the most to look like the budget charity shop shit version of everything they try to emulate. Truly awe inspiring they try this hard to be so unappealing.

There is no redemption for the uglie Onion's. Tormented to wander this earth as those gay (but no sexually) weirdos everyone loves to hate. Even their closest friends only use them for clout and walk on eggshells around them. Imagine always being so tense. And now Lainey's darling little incompetent kids that can't be taught about their surroundings have a $5 donation for a psychiatrist to sort out the development their lacking due to their self serving ignorant obnoxious immature pathetic parents.

No. 620738

File: 1546610284542.jpg (496.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190104-135719.jpg)

Check out that new summary.

No. 620739

File: 1546610380160.jpg (219.59 KB, 524x1816, YT is purging all ur Bots Greg…)

Nah, pretty sure that just like Onision sock puppet accounts, his patreon, and all his purchased fake bot subscribers, Greg himself is pumping his own $$ to his own GoFundMe to inflate the numbers.

That banana man donation? That anonymous donation? That uwu donation?? All suss, AND all $10 dollars, whereas all the first real donations, even the pedo joke one, is all at $5.

Thought you had like, 2 million subscribers Greg? Why aren't they chomping at the bit to save you??

Oh, yeah, right, they don't exist, because you've been purchasing bots and views for years, pumping your own pot, trying so desperately to keep it at 2,070,774 subscribers, not having any negative dips for 3 months.

Well, we see right through you.

You cannot escape these fines anymore.

You cannot pump your own pot anymore.

You. Are. Done.

Have fun losing your house! Tell your mom you're moving back in to "her" house again. Remember? Your old house, where it all started when you left the house in a snowstorm and killed that deer with your car, all to be with a 16 year old that wasn't your 1st wife? Around Christmas time?

Yeah, that house. With all the rats and mice.

What a way to start the year!

No. 620741

>Nah, pretty sure that just like Onision sock puppet accounts, his patreon, and all his purchased fake bot subscribers, Greg himself is pumping his own $$ to his own GoFundMe to inflate the numbers.

Or his Patreon paypigs, who have already demonstrated that they are willfully stupid, willfully foolish and more than willing to overlook his egregious actions and behavior.

No. 620742

i'm not a lawyer, but why hasn't he claimed chapter 13 bankruptcy yet?

No. 620743

File: 1546612302100.jpg (30.87 KB, 739x123, 5411.JPG)

Im having a hard time understanding how hes trying to spin this.
This is like someone saying they want to have a nice front yard so they lay rolls of sod. A week later they say they want their front yard to be even more "rich and incredible" so they lay more sod on top of the new lawn.
Is this him being passive aggressive and trying to "one up" Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Hes going to fix his back yard up to their standards, then add even more trees and more bushes so he can say hes made his backyard even better than WDFW asked for him to do. Can he over do the addition of trees-bushes-ground cover? Like if you have too many trees in an area the vegetation below ends up dying because of lack of sunlight.

SS related

No. 620744

I think what's happened is at least 2 or 3 real patrons have donated so he's not going to take the campaign down, and now he's just going to keep editing the description to combat any criticisms against the 'cause'. It's essentially just a written word speaks video in which he talks in circles concludes with nothing and slaps a shit eating grin on his face and calls it a day.

He's wanting money to compensate for the court order compensation he has to pay.

No. 620745

so why not donate to an environmental cause in the first place?? just another ego boost for greg. all those loving donators really care about him having the best yard in the area and by proxy the ENVIRONMENT.

No. 620746

File: 1546613374234.png (1.4 MB, 1398x674, family photo album.png)

the bottom right hand corner of his campaign image has a link to all the photos in the comments. I think that's almost as sweet as the constant revisions

No. 620747

>the constant revisions

Ive been keeping an eye on the shit hes been adding to explain away the fraud accusations. Anyone notice got rid of the 8,000 dollar drainage system and added that money to the trees and bushes cost.
Hes just making this up as he goes.

No. 620748

I believe you can't discharge most government fines in bankruptcy, since they are supposed to be punitive. E.g., they are punishments for breaking the law, while bankruptcy is for getting in over your head in debt for one reason or another.

No. 620751


oh wow, what a true disaster. he should have rented instead of purchased a home, let alone overpaying for an old 70s split level that had been flipped. now he owes on a mortgage and has these crazy fines. i have to admit that as the wetland story developed my hopes were not high that anything would happen, just some slap on the wrist. it's almost unbelievable how screwed he :o(:o)

No. 620752

File: 1546616728291.png (37.54 KB, 583x138, 8eEGt3n.png)

No. 620753

File: 1546616786694.png (Spoiler Image, 168.48 KB, 750x1334, 4663BDCE-90EE-4F88-A01C-504CEF…)

Oh my GOD

No. 620755

File: 1546617009313.jpeg (55.22 KB, 750x515, 348F96FF-8459-40E7-9873-CD30D0…)


The closest Billie will ever come to acknowledging Anus again, lol.

No. 620756

Wtf???? Why is Ayalla spilling this now??

No. 620759

Finally someone's got the guts to say something publicly.

No. 620761

File: 1546617638058.jpg (26.67 KB, 584x413, 871.JPG)

I love that this is what they are going to wake up to.

No. 620764

As awful as this is, it 100% makes sense to me that Taylor has no boundaries around that issue. She was where Sarah is now, so of course she didn't (and doesn't?) see anything wrong with this. Because she got Greg out of it, and wow, what a prize he has been for her!

No. 620766

In addition, Greg would need official permits AGAIN, so he is allowed to add more plants.
Or is he trying to go behind the county's back again?
Which one is it?

Jesus, he can't even get his lies straight.

No. 620767

Sarah never had the fucking chance.
I hope Sarah’s family realizes that this shit is not okay.

No. 620768

Madison, take note. This is how you do it.

No. 620770

Sarah's family doesn't care. I've spoken to someone who knows them and they said it's all good in their eyes and especially now that Sarah is 18 there's nothing they see wrong with it.

No. 620771

“I NEveR SaW ANythING WRonG wITh SARah”
Well evidently you weren’t paying enough attention, Madison.
I hope more details come forward, and I hope her family finally decides to protect Sarah from her pedophile “friends”.

No. 620772

I wonder how will Onion take revenge? He can't diss Ayala's looks anymore. her having short hair/wearing little to no makeup coz he's so positive and trans-friendly now (not saying Ayalla's trans, but she has an andro thing going on now). Waiting for when he digs himself a grave trying to talk back

No. 620774


God bless, she’s always been the best. She sticks up for bil and helped her escape AND has been the most vocal in calling him out on dumb shit. Thank god, hope she gets support and Greg is too busy with all his problems to touch them.

No. 620775

>I hope her family finally decides to protect Sarah from her pedophile “friends”.

Prediction: They won't. Her Mother-of-the-year mom has already let her go out there for extended periods of time in the first place, as a minor (Sarah can legally do whatever she wants now regardless of what her mother thinks, but obviously her legal guardian at the time had no qualms about sending her out there).

No. 620776

Greg can’t. He’s in his uwu positivity, ignore negativity phase and if he lashes out while trying to get money from gullible teens, his views will drop. Besides, since everyone is talking either talking about how he’s an pedo or how he destroyed the wetlands, defending his wife, when multiple people have come out and said something looks bad.

No. 620777

File: 1546618954208.png (547.66 KB, 1171x605, f0eU6sL.png)

Billie liked it, confirmed.

No. 620778

File: 1546619007778.jpg (34 KB, 564x217, 6575566.JPG)

No. 620779

I wonder what the details of the “romantic discussions” were. Like trinity 2.0 or that they had crushes on each other or what.

No. 620780

Confirmation! Holy shit. Lainey BROUGHT her to watch her bathe. Fucking disgusting.

No. 620781

So the tweets were real??

No. 620782

Fake but real situations it seems. I never saw the tweets on Lainey’s private (rip me). Whoever made the fake caps was very clever imo.

No. 620785

It’s gonna be a milky new year after all.
Can’t believe Ayalla was the one to come forward. Wonder if she has any screen caps? Her saying all of this, plus sarah’s reactions to the fake tweets is proof enough, but if she’s had any texts between other about it would be the cherry on top

No. 620787

File: 1546620269927.jpg (13.97 KB, 305x377, 1403149506293.jpg)



someone needs to take their kids away from them. This is honestly disturbing and fuck everyone who 100% knew what was going on and said nothing.

Onion is just going to deny this(obviously). These bitches better provide come sort of proof when he starts making vids on "I was just hanging with a 15 year old girl! That's not against any LAWS!!!"

No. 620788

Probably the fear of being harassed by Greg.
Remember that Greg still emails Billie (as seen by his "I still dream about you" e-mail).

No. 620789

Because after the experiences in the onion household they were obviously traumatized? They even abandoned their YouTube channels for a while, how can you compare their situations to Madison's?

No. 620790

So Sarah didn't deny it.
Her cousin didn't deny it.
Ayalla confirmed it.

A 21 year old mother had a 15 year old who had a crush on her, view her in the nude. Nice boundaries you got there Lainey!

Billie also had to be reassured by Onison himself (in his own words) that Sarah wasn't a threat. And she wasn't a threat to Billie. She was a plan b for Gergles. And has always been Laineys first choice. Onion wanted Billie before but now nothing is in the way. He'll settle for her and Lainey will have her very own doormat/jailbait. The cycle continues

No. 620791

To be fair they did support Sarah and tried to be there for her, Billie remained friends with her despite Greg's harassment, which no doubt was because they knew that if Sarah's family didn't do anything, what would Billie and Ayalla be able to do? Everyone knew what was going on. Greg and Lainey were the only ones who denied it.

No. 620793

It's a shame that Sarah's family didn't give enough of a shit about her. If Billie was still Sarah's friend she would have saved her ass. That's why Lainey made her drop Billie.

No. 620794

Lol they’re not comparable at all.

Madison is giving fake info because she wants the onions love and attention but Ay is confirming real info and they aren’t trying to worm their way back like mad.

When they had the info he was still semi powerful and they had both just been harassed and publicly humiliated I don’t blame hem for not coming forward then. Enough time has passed to prove they’re not cows themselves anymore. It’s good they’re coming out now though.

No. 620796

They could have easily spilled the beans and they would have received even more support and maybe he would be in even more trouble than he is today. But alas. It's good that they confirmed it now though.

No. 620799

Just as others have said, if her parents viewed it as acceptable, ayalla and Billie couldn’t do anything about it.
Stop saying these kinds of things, it makes milk dry up and leaves ppl not coming forward with shit

No. 620800

only four days into the new year and the onions already provided a wonderful bucket of milk.
I hope this year brings their final downfall.

No. 620801

Anons, remember the time Onion said on stream he wouldn't be that excited to see Lainey and Sarah in bed together? I guess he wouldn't be that excited since he probably saw that often. I guess he was hoping for an upgrade back then

No. 620802


If they had said anything back then onion and co. would've denied, denied, denied.

But now we've got the fake tweets and Sarah's reaction to them as evidence - them confirming it now is probably more useful than whatever they could've done way back when because there's no denying it now.

No. 620806

File: 1546621362538.jpg (Spoiler Image, 258.74 KB, 1078x969, Screenshot_20190104-175142_Twi…)

No. 620809

File: 1546621653852.jpg (46.45 KB, 500x414, wnobm.jpg)

Lmfaooooooo!!!! Fucking FINALLY. Happy New Year you sick fucks! First the IRS, then Pierce County, now the truth about Sarah. It's all falling to shit for the Avaroe's and it's about time.

No. 620811

File: 1546621842461.png (122.17 KB, 750x807, IMG_7692.PNG)

Those sick fucks.

No. 620812

Oh I’m praying she still has screenshots.

No. 620813

File: 1546622115896.png (607.32 KB, 1004x679, sarah's ring.png)

So what's up with the ring Sarah had?

No. 620814

Sarah is in pretty dire need of a therapist to figure out fer herself (cause I think most of us know why) why she continues to put up with this sort of behavior.

No. 620816

File: 1546622339716.jpg (201.51 KB, 1080x2220, Promisering.jpg)

And which "significant other" was she buying a ring for around the same time frame as this stream?

No. 620817

File: 1546622347055.jpg (493.43 KB, 805x2031, Screenshot_20190104-181854_Twi…)

No. 620819

It's obvious these girls care for Sarah. It's a shame she won't see it until it's too late.

No. 620821

Luxy is taking question on twitter y'all. It's time

No. 620822


She's said she'll answer any questions about the situation to the best of her abilities. Fucking finally.

No. 620823

who is this message directed towards? I cant remember which girls he was trolling for in 2016

No. 620824

File: 1546622619620.png (4.09 MB, 2488x1368, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 19.2…)

throwback to onion playing with billie under the blanket and sarah being jealous, wishing it was her

No. 620825

Gerg wrote that to Luxy

No. 620826

It's Luxxymoo.

No. 620827

Omfg. He's straight up saying Lainey can never have a girlfriend unless she's also willing to bang Greg. and the "part of 100% of lainey's life" is creepy af. no couple should be spending 100% of their life with their spouse, get some hobbies and some friends

No. 620828

“My Lainey”

That typo rings true. Gross.

No. 620829

File: 1546622777767.jpg (25.6 KB, 890x144, Luxxy.jpg)

No. 620830


god he really cucked lainey when he uploaded this video didnt he? with "her girlfriend" cuddling up on him and him feeling her up under the blanket. he never acts that way around her on camera, i cant fathom how she let him get away with that, and it's still on the channel to this day. after he was so smug when she first got a girlfriend about what an "awesome guy" he is and then he precedes to thoroughly cheat on her emotionally and physically for months with her girlfriend

"her happiness is my happiness" - gregma

No. 620831

That’s great! Could someone ask for screenshots she might have? I don’t have Twitter…

No. 620832

was this before or after he decided it was okay for him to bang Billie all by himself without Lainey present just cause he felt like it?

No. 620833

i don't think she does, i was there when she finally spilled the beans in a younow about sarah all that time ago and i believe she said something about them being on an old phone she couldn't recover, do any anons know is theres an archive of that stream floating around?

No. 620834

I also remember Joy saying Lane should send screenshots to her before she posts them online and Lane then getting too scared to post them.

No. 620835

You’re right, she just tweeted that she doesn’t have them anymore. Thanks!!

No. 620836

this was after, when greg cemented them as fully poly, it's funny because he begged for billie to come back "just for lainey!" and that obviously wouldnt have worked out as he desperately needs to be in on the action

No. 620837

Who was haylee?

No. 620838

this photo is like. Renaissance art. Grug in the center being an adulterer directly behind his distracted spouse, Lainey with her back to him with B looking at her while smiling and being groped, and Sarah undeniably looking at Greg's hand under the blanket. the drama and composition of the piece is truly 10/10 would not recommend

No. 620839

Do we know if they had talked about just Lainey and Sarah being in a relationship or was Greg interested too? Isn’t Sarah a lesbian?

Maybe that’s why he bullied her and was mean to her, he knew she wouldn’t be a good trinity member and doesn’t care about actually getting Lainey a girlfriend just for her.

Do we have any proof Greg was interested in Sarah (romantically)?

No. 620840

That's Ayalla unfortunately. Lainey had to watch the kid while Greg got to soak up his harem. Bet he didn't mind Billie being wet

No. 620841


No. 620842

Failed trinity member. She wanted to be with just Lainey but Greg wanted to insert himself. From their texts we could see how manipulative Greg was being with girls and only wanted a relationship that he could be a part of.

She’s friends with the other girls it seems like.

No. 620843

Luxymoo. There's an archive for the threads if you need to go back. >>>/pt/511709

No. 620844

Lainey isn't in this picture or any of the videos he made with Billie and Ayalla, she was busy being pregnant and sad.

No. 620845

I doubt Sarah is just in this for Lainey. There's a few streams in which she gets excited to discuss an interaction with Greg she had. Or that she was always sniffing around him with Billie and the gang. I think she's the youngest and follows his bizarre rules the closest. Lainey must be satisfied with attention, you have to buy her gifts if you upset her yoy have to be her doormat if you want to be mine.

No way in hell a young girl would subject herself to thst shit just for some battered 24 year old mother of 2. Lainey's not charismatic or charming. Greg is in his gross way that seems to appeal to dim-witted insecure teens. Clearly Sarah is mentally ill as she confirms.

No. 620846

I doubt Sarah likes Greg. He tried to monetize her discomfort with "dat booty tho."

No. 620847

Ayalla said her DMS are open as well

No. 620848

Well its obvious her discomfort is over getting rumbled about being a romantic partner rather than Eww Greg objectified me

No. 620849

File: 1546623951896.png (75.6 KB, 663x439, Opera Momentaufnahme_2019-01-0…)


No. 620850

all as in she cuddled with Greg too?
Yeah that can confirms all of us anons suspicions that Sarah definitely is into the ogre peen too

No. 620851

Greg cuddles with a 14/15yr old and his pregnant boy wife. Just friendly normal things all the cool 29, 21 and 14 Yr old trios do.

No. 620853

File: 1546624294184.png (47.3 KB, 640x347, Opera Momentaufnahme_2019-01-0…)


Greg telling Lamp to cover up when Sarah's around also confirmed

No. 620854

File: 1546624425929.jpg (1.7 MB, 1080x8639, IMG_20190104_175319.jpg)

No. 620856

But her dysphoria uwu~!

No. 620858

oh shit my b I've done my best trying to understand the onion saga but it's honestly so long and complex I don't recognize everyone

No. 620859

Honestly it wouldn't surprise me if Onion acted disgusted towards Sarah to deter suspicion or true intentions then as soon as she was legal it changed. He knew allegations towards him with rating underage girls etc. Sarah would've only caused more mayhem. You know when children pick on people they like? That's how I am interpreting this.

No. 620863

This is the best day ever holy shit

No. 620865


what's the link to this reddit thread?

No. 620866

File: 1546625885458.jpg (140.18 KB, 1197x660, gofundmescam.jpg)

Milk's overflowing today… and called it!

No. 620867

Sperg about the failed campaign incoming, must try and distract from and bury all this Sarah milk

No. 620868

File: 1546626053981.png (149.2 KB, 1170x952, unknown (2).png)

Sarah deleted her reddit posts when she noticed us snooping a few threads back.


Here's another post she deleted.

No. 620869

File: 1546626082570.png (35.39 KB, 641x314, lane.png)

can someone record it?

No. 620870

Does this mean the people who donated get their money refunded?

No. 620871

File: 1546626115537.gif (1.22 MB, 280x200, 1410127183253.gif)

Guess on next vid he makes will be "I thought you cared about the wetlands you liars! You not giving my money makes you giant HYPOCRITES REEEEEEE"

No. 620872

Let the milk flow. I am loving this. He gets his scam gofundme shutdown on the same day Lane and Ayalla drop the milk related to Lainey exposing herself to minors and being inappropriate. Any sympathy I ever had for Complainey has gone out the window. They deserve all of this backlash and more. I hope additional people come forward. This is disgusting.

No. 620873

File: 1546626334857.jpeg (483.47 KB, 1242x1644, 20AC5783-0FEE-447B-B44C-B43D16…)

No. 620874

pretty sure that's the only reason he made the campaign/video in the first place lol

No. 620875

Checked the GFM again. The page is saying "campaign is complete and no longer active". Can't post image atm, sorry.

No. 620876

Not necessarily. It’s not like Kickstarter where you have to raise the whole thing before you get the money.

No. 620878

File: 1546626563205.png (140.65 KB, 1080x196, just a joke bro.png)

No. 620879

No. 620880

File: 1546626669020.png (304.15 KB, 1211x755, muh ddos.png)

No. 620881

Who of you anons called this being his tactic all along? lmao This guy…

I'm not gonna watch the video, don't wanna give him views, is there any kind anon out there who can repost it? Pretty please?

No. 620882

He's just trying to derail the talk about his wife being a pedophile. Why encourage it?

No. 620883

File: 1546626862664.jpeg (120.27 KB, 750x608, 25B943CF-9CFA-4E7B-AA4E-880F70…)

Juan is at it

No. 620885

File: 1546626923049.png (18.98 KB, 748x261, pathetic.png)

so, he's on a e-begging trip now?

No. 620886

This is beautiful milk but Ayalla better not start crying again when onion fans come after her. Like she did last time they had dramaz

No. 620888

Holy shit, I had stopped keeping track of Tractorgate after the verdict, and today this popped up in my subscription box. How long until Greg reacts to this?

Also how Greg worded his campaign:
>A GoFundMe has been started to make my backyard the best it’s ever been!
>has been started

Using passive voice, like who started the campaign? Don’t try to make it sound like a fan started it for you lmao

No. 620889

The Onions can be particularly nasty, if we all support Ayalla and Lane it won't upset them too much hopefully.

No. 620891

yeah, tbf when this all went down in the beginning of 2016 he still had fans and could bully people off the internet. Now he's just a disgusting old man that no one takes seriously anymore.

No. 620892

greg is aware of the ayalla lane spilling .. he is liking tweets defending him in the midst of it .. but not acknowledging it

No. 620893

Also he played his hand by dumping all their secrets to the internet when he was in the midst of his narc rage.

No. 620894

It was as transparent as a pane of glass.

No. 620895

File: 1546627683284.png (79.93 KB, 584x775, nah.png)

These tweets were made hours before the spill. He's not acknowledging it. He wants to pretend it'll go away.

No. 620896

File: 1546627751247.jpeg (561.9 KB, 1242x889, D48C816D-B7AE-4030-B070-2F6792…)

Encouraging a future relationship with a minor is not a “mistake”

Like ???

No. 620897


he's liking and unliking tweets defending him in the same threads juan is talking about sarah .. look again.. he just liked one from 4 mins ago that said

Do you have ANYTHING better to do with your life Juan? Leave Greg alone and I hope you have a nice day. '

No. 620898

Ayalla was also 18-19, and at that age even a year of growth makes a huge mental difference. I doubt she’d care as much now. And also no one likes onision anymore.

and this is why greg loves 16-18 yr olds, so he can stunt their mental growth as long as they stay with him

No. 620899

Juan is doing amazing, he's spamming all gregs tweets with Ayalla's screenshots, It's so satisfying.

No. 620900

File: 1546628024619.png (32.94 KB, 581x355, Screenshot_3.png)

No. 620903

Have you guys seen Onions twitter? He’s trying to play off the original gofundme as a joke…

No. 620904

File: 1546628526718.jpg (6.58 KB, 198x255, images.jpg)


And we ALL know what "cuddling" means in Grug's language.

No. 620906

He will probably try to seeep it under the rug like the maya drama. Unless a third party picks it up and runs a story or something, I think it will go away like the maya thing.

No. 620907

File: 1546628978736.jpg (299.8 KB, 953x455, fuckup.jpg)

Good thinking!

I don't want to derail, but there's so much milk today:
In regard to #TractorGate the biologist has stopped the review process. Might that mean that Greg has dun goofed again?

Let's see how Gregory Avaroe tries to twist the narrative in regard to the wetlands AND him and his manwife grooming a 14 year old girl. What a start into 2019.

No. 620908

Someone with a twitter dm keemstar, and dramaalert, that’s a big enough platform that onion would have to address things

No. 620911

That has been done a million times. Big Youtubers don't want to give him attention, only upcoming attentionwhores do.

No. 620914

It's better for people to make videos than allowing Greg and Lainey to sweep their harassment, manipulation, and grooming of teen girls under the rug.

No. 620915

I agree with you but I'm just saying that it's no use because everyone is aware and constantly spammed with Onision drama, they just don't want to touch it.

No. 620916

Unfortunately this is going to be really easy for him to ignore. There's zero solid evidence. IDK why anons are acting like these girls just dropped a bombshell when this is shit we all knew already. I guess having testimony fron them lends it a little more credence but not much.
I'm really not trying to defend the greasy duo here, grooming a teenager is disgusting, but we have just as much info on it now as we did months ago. Unless they can get Sarah to spill somehow or the Grease's leak something in sperg rage this isn't going to go anywhere.

No. 620918


Except Keemstar did report on Greg when he made his series of sappy "i make as little money as your dad" IRS saga and around the time he downgraded from his Teslas and three houses. Keem teetered on the edge of supporting him, until he was made aware of how much money greg has wasted.

No. 620920

File: 1546629972428.png (42.03 KB, 601x404, Screenshot_4.png)

We didn't know much at all tbh, all of it was speculation. Sarah's cousin only helped solidify the speculation. We got confirmation from not only Ayalla, but Lane and Luxy too.

Our only hope would be is if Sarah wakes up and realizes Lainey and Greg's behavior towards her is not normal and is way past the boundaries of pedophilia.

No. 620925

No. 620927

anon you are too pessimistic. Having upwards of 3-4 women speak up on it, and talk about how inappropriate it is will make the onions flip and dump sarah. Sarah will feel hurt enough eventually to come forward with what happened, and she has beyond enough proof to take them to court if she ever wants to.

Sarah will never willingly leave the onion cult, she needs to be forced out and scorned to realize how fucked it was, and this is all inching stuff in the right direction.

No. 620929

Finally someone who talks and isn't a coward like that bitch Madison or Billy the Fatass

No. 620931

>Sarah will feel hurt enough eventually to come forward with what happened,

No, she won't. She think all of this is hunky dory. If she didn't, she would not have gone back after they kicked her to the curb, twice now.

No. 620932

What do you mean by threat?

No. 620934

The Maya stuff got swept under the rug because she spoke out against the leaks and wouldn't discuss and because she didn't leak info herself people gave her a breadth.

Ayalla and Lane are speaking on their public platforms. Not as easy to ignore as leaked screenshots.

Anons always speculate and get close to the mark or hit it. Ayalla was in the house during cuddle gate, she's a direct witness. This isn't a drama channel speculating these are the people involved speaking out.

No. 620935

I'm talking about the last and final time, when she's finally kicked to the curb for good. Lainey never keeps her play things for more than a couple of years, sarah is due to expire. It could take years but I doubt she's staying in their clutches forever.

No. 620936

they're talking long term anon. If this shit blows up, Sarah will never be allowed back in the swamp and distance and time would allow her to see how fucked it was, plus she might just want revenge for them dropping her.

Not to mention the potential clout. She could make a pretty penny coming forward with evidence they're shits. That's gotta be enticing.

they mean competition in terms of relationships.

No. 620937

Petty Paige just put up a video about his attempt at a money grab over the wetlands. The news of his asinine behavior is spreading even further!

No. 620939

Is someone recording it?

No. 620942

File: 1546631834985.jpg (467.06 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20190104-195703.jpg)

Greg deleted it to hide the comments

No. 620943

A few things said in the livestream.

Apparently Lamey and Onion were mean to Sarah. Sarah texted Lane saying "I like it when they're nice to me".

Lane says when she revealed her age Lainey wouldn't reply then said no one knew her age. Lainey told her it's better to keep it that way and it's good no one knows.

Sarah also exercises alot and gave herself crap for eating mac n cheese. Saying it was bad for her.

No. 620944

Only the audio atm, just incase nobody is able to get the whole video. Luxy said it was cool for anyone to record.

Update: she just said when she told Lainey that she was 15 going on 16, and that nobody knew her age, Lainey replied with “you should keep it that way”

No. 620947

Lane not Luxy.

No. 620948

This matches up with the "fake" tweets, maybe they weren't so fake after all huh?

No. 620950

That’s exactly why Sarah panicked, anons speculated they were true events, I’m wondering if it was one of these girls now spilling milk who made the fake tweets. Or someone they know and told about it, I can’t imagine a random anon being so spot on

No. 620951

Well shit, this is like a reunion special.
>Apparently Lamey and Onion were mean to Sarah.
That's the least surprising leak ITT.
>Sarah texted Lane saying "I like it when they're nice to me".
This isn't particularly surprising either. Sarah came from a rough background and doesn't seem to know what a healthy relationship looks like.
>Lainey told her it's better to keep it that way and it's good no one knows.
Taylor's pedophile-with-a-dictionary proclivities confirmed. Does she like them even younger than Greg does?

No. 620953

Well Lainey was actually abused as a kid, so it wouldn’t be surprising if she ended up having pedophiliac tendencies, not saying all sex abuse victims grow up into pedos but a lot do. Would also explain her brief DDLG Fetish she developed following the birth of her daughter; and now her constant “UwU I’m a boy” not man; she wouldn’t be the first female sexual predator to be so obsessed with retaining their youth and teen years they sleep with actual teenagers, they even had a law order episode about a grown woman obssessed with being a teen girl to the point she would sleep with teen boys.

No. 620954

File: 1546632989492.png (10.03 KB, 577x82, deleted.png)

lainey deleted this tweet.

No. 620955

Just to clarify I’m not saying Lainey actually wants to SLEEP with Sarah or underage girls but I think she also fetishizes them like Greg does. The thought of an actual cagina might be disgusting to her but maybe she gets off on victimizing them like she was. Would explain her obesssiom with leading Sarah on and making Sarah literally BUY back her affection. She probably gets off on humiliating her and then getting the high of Greg choosing to stay with her (instead of paying child support of course) over these teen girls.

No. 620956

bet she's watching the stream

No. 620957

yeah I'm somewhat with that anon, I don't think she wants to diddle kids like greg does, she actually wants to be a kid herself. Not that that makes it okay, she's still an adult. It's sad, she's just gone from grooming situation to grooming situation, and now she's trapped in a marriage with a horrible man and two kids she was probably coerced into having to fullfil greg's impregnation fetish.

No. 620960

Not to blog but I'm just confused at this point. Were those first screenshots from Lamey's private Twitter that we ever got fake? About Sarah being a liar and watching her bathe, and being told to "cover up" around her? Though according to Ayalla and Lane, that did actually happen? This is so fucked up.

>>620954 Fuck her. There's literally nothing she can say to justify this. She needs to delete all of her social media.

No. 620961

Update. Sarah said that 2nd last thing.

No. 620962

She's interested in teen girls for the same reason she's interested in anything. To please Greg.

No. 620963

File: 1546634120329.png (376.63 KB, 586x586, Capture.PNG)

greg "cuts" her hair. lots of faces and some cursing. she goes to professional.

No. 620965

File: 1546634142644.png (322.5 KB, 552x333, 2.PNG)

ends up with this.

No. 620966

What if the security cameras in the house that gerg has up.. are to blackmail? Lainey walks naked around house? Must be something he csn use to either blackmail lainey or sarah with if they speak out? Or to save his own ass and show only clips of them being inappropriate if anything ever came out?

No. 620967


She got the same hair style as that repzion guy! So now she is a hybrid between social repose and Repzion..

No. 620968

He also cut Shiloh's hair before her breakdown so she could be his "bitch".

No. 620969

That's standard abusive playbook. They always have something.

No. 620970


No. 620971

can you download it or post an archived copy?

No. 620973

He had Skye taking things from the house on film, from the front door. So he probably though "I can film everyone from inside, as well!" and has probably been doing this for a really long time. Maybe even from the beginning of Taylor and Shiloh's relationship with him. Probably has film of everybody who has ever stepped into the house. Maybe that is why nobody has ever spoken up.

No. 620974

>>No. 620965
can you download it or post an archived copy? yikes its been a while

No. 620975

File: 1546634732300.png (Spoiler Image, 56.2 KB, 1186x188, Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 3.45…)


No. 620976


Is that the only defense he has? Even if he HAD the grounds to sue, he doens't have the cash for a lawsuit lol

No. 620978

he will find out fast if ayalla stands her ground that you cant sue someone because their hurt your feelings with something they said. and he would be a fucking fool to continue with a suit anyway if it turns out their grooming of sarah or child neglect is true.

this new year has brought some delicious milk

No. 620979

Oh Greggles, for what? Being ~brutally honest~?

No. 620980

He can't sue anyone for repeating what Sarah said.

For all the threats he spews, has anyone ever actually heard from his lawyer or just his self-drafted cease and desists?

No. 620981

>Be Lainey
>"Be" a boy
>Forced to get a boy's haircut because haircut is terrible
>Hate haircut because it's boyish

No. 620983

I hope repzion makes a video about it. I don't necessarily like him but his last video on anus had over a million views in a week so he obviously has a lot of visibility

No. 620985

sue? with what money, gurg?

No. 620986

Nah. Just waiting on paperwork from the county's contractor. Greg has a whole team working on his fuck up. Kek.

No. 620987

If he does sue her, she can easily crowdfund a lawyer who could drop kick his ass into the Stone Age where it belongs.

No. 620988

So much for positive love & light onion

No. 620989

Lol. He has nothing. Look out for his latest gofundme: Help me protect my KIDS from a girl who is talking about me!!

No. 620990

Does he have her phone number? How did he get in contact with her, I assumed she blocked him everywhere

No. 620991

File: 1546636748612.png (Spoiler Image, 12.98 KB, 585x221, milktea.png)


make it rain for us, senpai.

No. 620993

it's gonna be a milky year for us

No. 620995

File: 1546637248416.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, AD86DFC1-32C6-4189-B473-173991…)

billie liked ayalla’s tweet, watch onion boy email her to BE A HUMAN BEING YOU SAID YOU LOVED US AND YOU MADE LAINEY CRY. i hope he goes on live again and has a sperg like he did with the emails

No. 620996

File: 1546637397295.png (13.15 KB, 546x173, jellu.png)

We are in 4 days into the new year and so much shit has already come out! BLISS! He is getting his shit handed back to him!


No. 620997

Did anyone catch that in the hair video, Greg was secretly recording Lainey from his laptop and she couldn't figure out where the camera angle was coming from? That was a huge red flag

No. 620998

Probably emailed Billie.

No. 621001

Who voted no? hah!

I don't believe Karma is some magical glitter that floats on dealing out justice to those who've fucked others over. But typically, a rule of social beings is that the more enemies you leave in your wake, the more chances of getting fucked over. Greg fucked with the Uncle Sam, Environment, multiple young girls who, as much as he hates it, have turned into women and his very own fans. Now he's being left with debts and allegations of inappropriate behavior with a minor (well, a minor that wasn't legal in his state at the time).

And good luck on Greg wasting money on trying to sue for slander. Those cases are difficult to prosecute and the fact that Greg has ruined his own reputation and a seedy history with young girls means it'll be extra difficult to prove but for the accusations made regarding Sarah, Onion would have a successful career. Since that's tanking, what the fuck damages is he going to collect?

No. 621002

>Who voted no? hah!
Gerg and Sarah probably

No. 621004

File: 1546638234750.png (359.23 KB, 719x1280, w1.png)

No. 621005

File: 1546638355185.png (247.65 KB, 719x1280, w2.png)

No. 621006


Huh. I wonder if this being called to the attention of Pierce Co and various authorities is why Greg took his GoFuckMe down. And yeah, props to whoever called it that he would try to play it off like a joke. He clearly wrote it up so as to have plausible deniability. If he hadn't received so much pushback about it, I have to wonder if he would have refunded everyone's money. Since it was a "joke" and all.

No. 621009

omg LOL. Really sucks to be you, Greg

No. 621010

No. 621012

its gonna be a milky 2019 anons

No. 621013

File: 1546638856303.png (112.73 KB, 500x412, my-sides.png)

No. 621014

Thank you Pierce County-sama

No. 621015

Click on the post number to reply to a post.

No. 621017

File: 1546639118803.jpg (18.63 KB, 182x261, 1409685927674.jpg)

I love how onion thought this whole thing was going to be an edgy "gotchu!" to everyone talking about tractorgate when in reality he just fucked himself in harder.

No. 621018

File: 1546639184794.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, LIfq5NV.png)

Is this real life? Happy new year

No. 621019

File: 1546639271140.jpg (106.37 KB, 1004x1004, DwGHdnIUwAANsaF.jpg)

No. 621020

Would cause a division if they slept together without him….. Didn't seem to mind when you and B went solo though huh grug
The "brought her into the bathroom whilst she was bathing" is especially gross when you think about how many naked bath/shower seductions there are in grugs gross books. Gross ass laim learning her tricks from onion

No. 621021


LMAO happy new year, grease!

No. 621022

Where the fuck are their kids while Lainey is walking around naked all the time, to the point where even Greg had to tell her to cover up?

No. 621023

File: 1546639640045.jpeg (70.21 KB, 595x738, 65C71CF5-E710-43EE-A1BA-884245…)

Bitch looks like he got one of those micro needling procedures done. Why is his face always covered in blood

No. 621024

I figured it was mostly a joke until he started constantly changing the text and emphasizing how whatever he was doing was in ADDITION to what the County was requiring him to do. If it was a joke, it was a stupid one considering how bad it made him look to those who were sincere.

Sometimes the Government is adorable in how earnest it is when using social media. Like your Grandmother. People are trying to fuck Greg over and here's Piece County nicely thanking them for the information and telling them they'll make sure Greg pays his fees like a good citizen. Pierce County-Chan! You're my favorite County.

No. 621026

>I figured it was mostly a joke until he started constantly changing the text and emphasizing how whatever he was doing was in ADDITION to what the County was requiring him to do. If it was a joke, it was a stupid one considering how bad it made him look to those who were sincere.

Yeah, I thought it was a joke too at first, because he was clearly being super-sarcastic and passive-aggressive in his wording. But then I wonder if after that first stupid woman donated he started thinking it might actually work as a source for funding.

No. 621027

This makes sense, though I'm not sure how important the distinction is if she's behaving this way. She reminds me of the female not-pedophiles who dress like teens and sleep in the same bed as their older children.
What a crazy world we live in. Now Pierce County is caught up in the online saga of a youtube celebrity. I'll bet this is a hot gossip item among county officials right now.

No. 621029

because he takes like three or four scalding hot showers every day and has some kind of skin condition.

No. 621030

Lane's stream is over and recorded, the video will be posted later tonight

No. 621031

yeah her actions are definitely predatory and questionable but i think she's constantly attracted to teens because she never grew up mentally from that. combined with her peter pan syndrome she probably identifies with younger people even tho it's illegal in the law, its perfectly fine to her because she's still mentally a teenager in an adult body. reminds me of those sick trans age fucks. this is all tinfoil btw

No. 621032

eww anon don't say that. gurg uses that defense. wtf?

No. 621033

did anyone watch it? I couldnt get it to play

No. 621034

It’s not saying what she’s doing isn’t right? I think people can agree she and Greg are emotionally stunted.

No. 621035


The funniest part being that them donating to him out of support actually made him look worse and harder to play off as "a joke"

No. 621036

and? it's a gross pedo excuse. emotionally stunted people aren't attracted to other emotionally stunted people automatically.

No. 621037

I watched it for like 20 minutes and didn't find it very milky. Maybe I didn't get it correctly, but what stuck with me is that she said her smart phone crashed and all of her messages were gone. Later she said she doesn't keep but deletes all messages dealing with negativity / drama because they make her uncomfortable.

Mind, I was only listening with half an ear since I was doing stuff simultaniously.

No. 621038

sorry i dont think i wrote that properly, her actions ARE predatory and is NO EXCUSE for anything shes doing. just thought maybe thats why shes so gross, some anons tinfoiled it was cause she was abused, i think shes just stupid

No. 621039

I don't want to derail this milk fountain, but has there been any sight or mention of the dogs? My heart goes out to Leelu

No. 621040

her grooming others because she was groomed makes sense but
because she doesn't see anything wrong, to her it's normalized. the thing you said is a pretty common defense among pedos and groomers alike, so i guess i got a bit heated. i honestly don't think she'll ever be able to mature or anything, especially when she is with gurg.

No. 621041

Nope, it has all been about Taylor/ Greg/ Sarah, and to a lesser extent, the tea-spillers: Ayalla, Lane and Luxy. (and a teeny bit about Billie, tangentially).

I wonder what is going on with them too. I can't imagine life in the Avaroe household now is too pleasant.

Prediction: My bet is Greg's next move will be kicking Sarah to the curb again.

No. 621042

January 4th 2019 has to be one of the best days of Greg's life so far

Can't wait for Ayalla's tea

Bye Sarah!!!

No. 621043

Sometimes I feel bad for Lainey because she was groomed but Greg as a teen and probably hasn’t had a single adult normal relationship in her life - but then I about her kids and what it must be like for “mommy” to constantly be saying how much she wants to die or how much of a sad boy(tm) she is. Like that can’t be healthy developmentally for children? To constantly here their own mother at such a young age be so self deprecating and confused with herself? The choice to have kids was such a selfish choice for them both. They both know their not mentally even close to being adults or even the type of people who can functionally be in a relationship with another adult human let alone raise two to adulthood themselves. It’s tradgic honestly.

Watching S go down the same path is depressing but she didn’t have a chance if were being realistic. Lainey gets her to let her guard down because she’s the sympathetic mother figure and Greg isolates, gaslights while being backed up by his wife and then the concept of the Avaroes doing anything wrong is lost.

No. 621044

She's lucky he didn't shave it off. He probably will just to vent his anger soon enough.

Can't sue when you can't afford a lawsuit.

2019 is the year of onion milk.

No. 621045

Sarah has been home for around a week according to her cousin. (Not the same Anon who posted the messages)

No. 621047

Her mother is a drunk. She even likes Lainey

No. 621048

>And good luck on Greg wasting money on trying to sue for slander. Those cases are difficult to prosecute and the fact that Greg has ruined his own reputation and a seedy history with young girls means it'll be extra difficult to prove

Exactly. He would be wasting more time and money just to make himself look worse in court. Ayalla also has Billie as a witness, so even if all this was verbal she has someone who lived with them to back her up. I really hope they stick to their guns this time because I am so tired of the truth being silenced by these disgusting assholes.

No. 621055

Hypocrisy at its best.

Greg whines about Shane telling him he (Shane) doesn't want to sue him (Greg) even though Greg has repeatedly said Shane's a pedophile, without any proof at all.

As soon as Greg's called out for grooming teens he threatens to sue, despite the fact that there are at least five people (Madison, Billy the Fridge, Ayalla, Billie and Sarah herself) who might actually prove it.

No. 621056

be strong ayalla! he's literally over half a million dollars in debt and his "lawyer" is a total fucking hack. don't let him scare you with his empty threats.

No. 621057

Happy 2019, best year ever!!

He can threaten to sue, but there is no legal recourse to take, he will lose and be out legal fees for himself and paying ayalla for her legal fees too.

Where does he have the money anyways to sue? Kek

She should spill that tea, sure that Billie (and Sarah) informed her of everything disgusting that they have done or confessed too. He can't sue for that either lol

Besides, he has an awful public image and a history of chasing and emailing young underdeveloped teens, any proper lawyer could just harvest choice videos and texts from Onisions very public life ha ha!!

There's now too many people in the WA state that have heard of Smegma fucking up that swamp of his, that even the government's social media had to pipe in, that's major.

As in, way too many higher ups have heard about this and received a steady bombardment of calls and emails about him trying to shirk his responsibilities.

They will be "our" greatest asset in making sure Greg does not dodge or sneak his way out of restoring it to federal and state guidelines, not Greg guidelines.

It's time to pay the price.

No. 621058


Given 1) Lame's reaction [ >>620954 ] and Onion that Lame called Twitter a "cispool" which might confirm that this situation is apparently humorous to them…
2) How Lame still has Sarah in videos along with the matching "lovey-dovey" headers on private accounts in which both publicly display either their online handle (Lame) or legal name (Sarah), knowing that their private accounts have been found in the past…

…It seems that Lame has no moral or ethical concern with this. At all. It's laughable to her (and Onion.) Sure, Lame is aware of and concerned with the legal implications – that's where it stops for her. She seems to have no shame or guilt outside of that. Despite the years of leaks of questionable interactions between her and Sarah as well as public concerns from many about Sarah turning 18, she does a pretty shitty job at hiding it prior to and especially after Sarah's 18th bday.

Hell, Onion did more to hide his relationship with Lame and Sh in the beginning of their relationships.

I don't remember Lame even addressing the rumors publicly besides snarkily scoffing at any questions about it.
When she addressed leaks/public social media posts years ago (the inappropriate photo she sent to Sarah to edit and those "joke" posts about "grooming" and being "girlfriends"), Lame downplayed concerns while her infected lip sore cosigned.
She owned her actions and openly normalized it by dismissing the very real and very awful larger context of predatory sexual behavior.

No. 621061

File: 1546644415871.jpg (145.85 KB, 540x406, RottenGrugMug.jpg)

No. 621063

Lainey can scoff and and laugh all she wants, the fact that she took advantage of a minor, among many other things, is all over social media now. There may not be legal consequences, but does she think she will be able to live off Youtube and Patreon for the next 40 years? And what will her children and their friends think when they grow up? Her ongoing identity crisis is embarrassing, but this might be really problematic in the long run.

No. 621065

Maya was an adult when she got involved with UglyBot though. Sarah's case should technically be more difficult to sweep under the rug because she was involved with them since she was 14 and there's proof of that.

No. 621066


So hard to say what his next move would be. This is Gurg's "best" chance at having that trinity.

And if he kicked Sarah out, officially cancelled the trinity (and forced Lame to also agree to this), eventually the two will be on the prowl for a new member. Sarah could easily spill the beans to get back at them, at that point. I'm guessing she hasn't in the past, despite rumors of heartbreak when Lame had other romantic prospects, is that they all agreed if the trinity happened, it would be after she turned 18, so she still had hope. I could see Sarah turning on them if they ever cast Sarah aside. She'll turn on them like a former side-girl of a married man making private text convos and dick pics public after he got his wife pregnant and now won't divorce her like he promised for years.

No. 621068

Of course cuddling with a minor you groomed since 14 and prowling around her naked and getting your balding hair cut to resemble two guys your husband would rather hate fuck than you is very hilarious. Fucking disgusting horse faced bitch. Shreg is simply a genuine retard stuck at age 13 but Lame is a whole new level of gross and stupid.

No. 621069

It doesn't seem like he was trying to hide the camera though, that's what confuses me the most. Why didn't Billie or Ayalla or anyone who's been bring that up?

Would the lawsuit involve investigating the pedo alegations? It's only a crime if it's a lie right?

No. 621070

Sad that while he’s making an infidelity joke (which is only funny because it’s based in truth) you can hear a kid in the background. Yikes.

No. 621071

File: 1546646247093.png (71.1 KB, 588x539, Screenshot_5.png)

No. 621072

File: 1546646739433.png (591.74 KB, 970x554, Screenshot_2019-01-04-17-04-08…)

mirrored this in case anyone wants to watch this trainwreck:


No. 621073


Anus likes them young because he’s attracted to physically young women with small boobs (14-18), as well as the fact that they’re easy to manipulate, but I think KaiThot likes them young to further her fantasy of being a teenage boy. A teenage boy wouldn’t have an adult woman as a girlfriend, would he?

Either way, disgusting, both of them.

No. 621074

>Asking Greg to fix it
>Greg fucks it up
>It's not his fault but it's the hair stylists fault.
That comment about the ring thing is so sick, he used his unfaithfulness as a joke and thought it would be okay to say. God he's a faggot.

No. 621075

Lainey seems absolutely 100% over it at this point. I love how she called him out on how fucking stupid his joke was. There's something going on in that household, the dynamics are shifting hardcore right now.

No. 621076


Anon, Lainey’s a she, we don’t use her speshul pronouns here.

No. 621077

i feel like he’s trying to positive and make her seem rude, kind of how he portrayed her when billie was there (my wife is always negative) and divorce her for not being attracted to a man and being a rude/negative partner

No. 621078

my question is, what the fuck is Lainey walking around naked for? Not only was there a minor there yet she had guardianship of but her two children.

No. 621079

she is so uwu about her freaking hair. god forbid it be too short. god forbid she actually look…like…a….dude…

No. 621080

>Sometimes I feel bad for Lainey because she was groomed but Greg as a teen and probably hasn’t had a single adult normal relationship in her life
Almost every predatory person who's walked this earth has had trauma in their childhood that has helped develop them into a predator. Greg grew up in pretty unfortunate circumstances as well, possibly worse than Taylor's.
The best way to handle this imo is to have sympathy for the person as a child and none for the predatory adult.

No. 621081


I think Lame's thing with young girls is more about insecurity and wanting them to be as inexperienced as possible,in case she has to follow through and actually do more than handing out grandma pecks.

No. 621082

goes along with my theory that this body dis morphia stuff is just another form of self hate. like she used to be anorexic. and now she hates all girly parts of her. dresses like a dude. STILL INSECURE. going by kai is not going to fix you.

No. 621084

I think moms being a naked around their young kids is fine, what kid hasn't seen their mom naked when getting ready.

Her being naked around Sarah is the real gross part.

No. 621085

The haircut video is truly the first video where I genuinely laughed with them because she's SO big-mad and she's letting him cut her hair and it's just fucking hilarious. They're so sad.

No. 621086

tinfoil the hairdresser didn't put the hole in the back of her head, greg did. you can see that he changes the size of the trimmers right before he points it out

No. 621087

It could be, but I'm sorta getting the sense here that Greg has been extra subdued lately, and it seems to me like Lainey has seized the opportunity to take advantage of this momentary power imbalance to put Greg in his place a little bit during a time when she knows he's too down and out to manipulate her back like he normally would.

No. 621088

File: 1546649225335.jpeg (73.4 KB, 953x455, DwF1gQdWsAAnGFG.jpeg)

What is this? In one of his videos he said it's "already taken care of" and he "already planted a lot of trees and bushes". Lying again, grease?

No. 621089

Being naked around your kids every now and then is fine, sure. But walking around buck-ass naked on a regular basis around your children? That's abnormal.

No. 621090


I'm losing my mind, he's using fucking craft scissors to cut her hair lol there's a reason they have scissors specifically for cutting hair. Also why on earth would she trust him with her hair after the disaster he did to himself recently. These two are fuckin' mess. I'm low key glad she's so "depressed" about her hair though, she deserves to be miserable, especially after all the things that were revealed today.

No. 621091

File: 1546649664503.jpeg (36.39 KB, 640x366, AE2F53B6-25CA-49C3-858F-4102C9…)

Someone’s mad about Ayalla’s poll - https://twitter.com/ayallakarina/status/1081298188076793858

This is especially funny considering the way he words all of his own polls so manipulatively.

No. 621092

I don't understand this. If she has such body dysmorphia then how does she confidently walk around the house constantly in front of Sarah and Greg? I personally never walk around naked in front of girlfriends, or even my boyfriend. A lot of women struggle with self confidence issues and they aren't suffering from body dysmorphia. The way REAL transgendered people talk about it who actually DO suffer from body dysmorphia, the very thought of doing such a thing makes them have a panic attack. So I fully agree with >>621082 , this just further proves she's full of shit.

No. 621093

yeah it's one thing if you kid happens to see you getting out of the shower/dressing/whatever. another to walk around naked all the time in front of them, purposely. i'm not saying lainey is a pedo (beyond obsessing over teen girls) but it's just weird.

No. 621094

lmao his lack of self awareness never ceases to amaze and tickle me. literally every single poll you've ever created has been "rigged", grugly.

No. 621098

>Father does son's hair for the first time!

No. 621099

easy, she doesn't have dysmorphia. she proves it on a near daily basis that she has never suffered from dysmorphia.

No. 621101


Does she ever not have a massive cold sore on her bottom lip? They are supposed to last 2 weeks, not 3 years. Nice try blurring it tho, Kainey

No. 621102

she definitely has body dysmorphia. what she's missing is dysphoria, and she's constantly confusing the two and thinking one means the other. what she really needs is a good therapist, but we all know how greg feels about doctors and any sort of counselor in particular.

No. 621103

Some people arent hung up on nudity

No. 621104

Do you honestly think Taylor, with her much vaunted and oft expressed "muh dysphoria" is one of those people? Whichever position you take, she's ~problematic~

Either she has dysphoria (she doesn't) and is parading around naked in front of Sarah, who is neither related to her or a very young child; or she doesn't have it, and has frequently told her minions she does, and is is parading around naked in front of Sarah, who is neither related to her or a very young child.

It doesn't have much to do with her having hangups about it, IMO.

No. 621105

Aside from the irony, how in the world could ayalla's poll be rigged in the first place??

She asked a simple yes or no answer, and her fans/followers (who obviously do not like you greg) said yes.

No. 621108


Sarah was like their ward/kid when this was going on which makes it extra icky.

No. 621110

File: 1546652755667.jpeg (68.22 KB, 640x576, C2DFF50D-CD1B-48F0-BDF0-9F8B54…)

This is laughable.

The only ones that count as jobs in his case are 5, 6, 7. Maybe 4, but I don’t know the details. I shudder to think of him in charge of children though.

1, 2, 3 are just hobbies which he expects people to pay him for, and he’s not even any good at them. As a web developer, his design “skills” make me literally lol.

No. 621111

I like how he doesn't list being a writer, even though he "wrote" books.

No. 621112

When was he a plumber? Maybe he worked for one? That doesn't make him a commercial plumber, if that is what it is. To be a commercial plumber you need to do an apprenticeship and be licensed. I seriously wonder wtf he is talking about.

If he is a plumber, he could make bank on that, they make tons of money. I can't imagine why he doesn't!

No. 621114

he missed landscaper

No. 621115

Tbf, he did have to unclog his toilet after his pay pig tried to flush his wet wipes for his sensitive butthole. Does that count?

No. 621116

In lames new video at 6:03 actually she almost says crying :”i look like a dude”…. that my friends is actual dysphoria

No. 621120


No no, Anon. That was Gingerbeck who unclogged the toilet using her hand and a plastic bag. If anyone would be the plumber in that situation, it would be she.

Maybe she should stop LARPing then, before she causes herself further psychological damage. Also, I suspect that I am not the only one here who thinks Greg did a shitty job on purpose. I wonder if he was trying to teach her a lesson: want to be a guy, here's a guy's haircut.

No. 621121

Ummmmmmm this is incredibly embarrassing. He's lying at the VERY least about being a plumber. Other anon is correct, you have to go through a lengthy apprenticeship and it WOULD pay very well.

This doesn't even fit his timeline (he's been posting every detail of his life online since what, 2008?) so do I don't know why he thought anyone would buy it. We would have heard a billion mentionings of it before.

No. 621122

I highly doubt Lainey has body dysmorphia. I’ve worked with people who’ve had BDD,and most of them are not able to look in the mirror,or take pictures. Lainey on the other hand constantly takes selfies,does her little photo shoots with Greg,and films herself often. People with BDD would quite literally be pushed to the brink of suicide if they had to sit there and film their faces. Lainey’s just an attention seeker,pure and simple. No one with gender dysphoria or body dysmorphia would be able to strut around naked like she seems to do.

No. 621124

I can see greg totally doing this. Cause the hair didn’t look half bad until after he started “fixing it”

No. 621125

Lainey and Sarah vs Greg. They make fun of him together all the time, neither of them respect him.

No. 621128

I don’t think she has bdd either but do think she’s been very uncomfortable in her own skin for a long time.

No. 621129

The onion go fund me is gone.

No. 621131

I noticed that too, she definitely was about to say "dude" before she realized it and corrected herself by saying "mistake" lmao

No. 621133

Oh you are completely right. I got body dysmorphia and body dysphoria mixed up, my bad. That is what I was trying to say - clearly she does not suffer from dysphoria. Yet it is hard for me to believe she suffers that badly from dysmorphia either because anyone who truly suffers from dysmorphia as much as she claims would never be confident enough to strut around their home naked on a daily basis in front of friends and their significant other. Lainey's entire deal is so contradictory. She clearly doesn't like her physical appearance, yet she constantly is taking selfies and parading her naked body around for all to see? None of that adds up.
I have what I would say average self confidence in my appearance yet I would be hard pressed to walk around my home naked in front of even my significant other, nevermind friends. You have to have confidence to consistently do something like this. That is undeniable.

I think she was fully aware 15 year old Sarah had a huge crush on her and she ate up the attention, basking in it. It is just exactly how Greg acts, constantly asking for validation from women online and every few days tweeting pictures comparing "Me 15 years ago VS me now - when I answer the door people ask me if my parents are home they think I'm so young uwu". They both thrive off of this attention. She was fully aware this CHILD had a crush on her and it gave her such an enormous ego boost that she wanted to strut around in front of this CHILD naked. It is beyond sick toying with someone's emotions in such a perverse manner solely for the validation and ego boost.

While Greg was drooling over Billie, I guess Lainey had to get that validation from someone, even if it was a KID. The only way she could get Greg to even glance at her was if she were fully nude.
…Loving how much she hates looking like a boy now with that hideous short haircut, btw. Totally not proving this entire transgender thing is absolute bullshit. And totally not further making her look like diseased rat.

No. 621136

according to him he was a plumber's apprentice

No. 621137

not liking how she looks or having low self-esteem doesn't mean she has body dysmorphia. BDD is crippling. whatever lainey has definitely isn't. she's content to be on camera, taking a million fuck boi selfies or whatever, you will not see someone with actual untreated BDD doing any of those things.

source: have a close friend diagnosed with BDD and she can't look in mirrors or take pictures, and if someone even suggests taking a group picture or snaps a candid of her she has a fucking meltdown. if she catches a glimpse of her reflection in something she locks herself in her room all day and won't leave.

No. 621139

Now that his “career” is in the shitter, he should go back to his true calling.

No. 621141

I broke my nose when I was younger and thus I never take selfies of myself because I hate how my nose looks in pictures. And what I experience isn't even rare. You HAVE to have confidence to constantly photograph yourself, constantly videotape yourself, and walk around nude. I call bs on all of it.

No. 621151

File: 1546657746461.jpg (366.14 KB, 1502x467, jan2018.jpg)

Ah, speaking of. I forgot to add this when posting all the pics. It seems like Greg has finally consulted specialists.
The last comment is an old one, I left it in since it helps to keep track of the timeline.

No. 621152


"It's not rigged, you're just losing."

No. 621156

Why TF does Onion own a suit shirt & tie? He NEVER goes anywhere, esp not somewhere that requires a bit more formality than a hoodie. He really should live in his pjs,as he never leaves the house.

No. 621160

Underrated comment! kek

No. 621161

Oh definitely. She started popping out puppies early so seeing her body change from youthful teen to that of a moms probably ruined her body image

No. 621163

If she had just taken care of herself, she’d be fine. Plenty of moms have great bods.

Instead, she gags at the sight of fresh fruit and vegetables, eats nothing but cereal and fake meat, and expects Goddess Ana to do the rest.

Not that I think she ever truly had an eating disorder. It was just another Tumblr trend she latched on to (muh anxiety, muh dysphoria, muh gay, muh ana, so lit I’m shook), plus she knew Grug prefers ‘em prepubescent.

No. 621165

Lainey talks the whole haircut video about doing this as a treat for herself… Going to a new hairdresser you've never been to before instead of your trusted salon is treating yourself? Really? It makes no sense.

No. 621167

It's been posted 2 times now that the gofundme is gone、 please read back on the thread before posting old news.

No. 621168

Let's not forget that when Lainey first cut her hair short she expressed worrying about looking like a boy (the video has Mercades in it if you want to find it). This bitch isn't trans.

No. 621176

pretty sure most, if not all, of her self-esteem issues come from grugly. no one can be with someone who mercilessly and relentlessly rates the bodies of other women on camera and not feel bad about themselves as a result. watching her husband either tear apart or drool over other women is really fucking damaging. see: hating how big her boobs are, is most definitely from grundle's preference for small boobs/"underdeveloped" women. billie came along and was everything lame isn't - petite, skinny, small chested.

it's not bdd, it's just the outcome of years of emotional abuse from her spouse.

No. 621177

lol his new years resolution was to wear a suite and tie every other day. Him and his man-wife never leave the house. His resolution was to play dress up this year.

No. 621181

You're right and I agree. I was trying to convey that being naked isn't automatically horrific. It's circumstance dependent.

No. 621182

I can't decide if the cheap and ill fitting shirts and pants are worse than his old man suspenders.
It's like he's trying to look like someone from a ska band, but failing horribly.

No. 621183

File: 1546661215219.png (98.37 KB, 659x399, Capture _2019-01-05-02-05-38.p…)

In case someone missed it

No. 621185

Why isn't Billie speaking about it? Not that I'm complaining, just legit asking. Think it's due to the NDA?

No. 621187

Lmao came to this thread after following the R. Kelly pedo drama happening to find Ay confirming Sarah was groomed/The Greases are predators! What a day to be a pedophile

No. 621188

srsly? did he say this in a video?

No. 621191

File: 1546661997444.jpg (28.5 KB, 589x210, onionboy.JPG)

All vistors from other countries should be presumed to be american. i thought of this when i was pouring bobcat gas and oil into the wetlands.

-onision (probably)

No. 621192

I think at this point it's just because she's 100% done with them. Grug refuses to keep her name out of his mouth as it is, coming forward would just open up a whole can of worms she doesn't want to deal with and I think that's reasonable. She's obviously supportive of Ayalla coming forward though and has probably discussed things with her already. I just hope it's truly milky, though I doubt it's enough to finally put him in the fuckin' ground.

No. 621200

the onions must be sweating

No. 621201

Lainey is probably trying to play it like it's a rumor. She's risking hurting Sarah's feelings with her lies.
But of course a pedophile will never own up to grooming a person they were supposed to be protecting.

No. 621204

She just wants fuck all to do with them, and his NDA’s are just copypasted shit from Google. I think it’s more that any of the Onion household escapees just not wanting acknowledge or dignify him with the slightest mention. Also iirc she did talk some shit on him and reveal some inner workings on that one stream where Drew was with her. But yeah his NDA’s are bullshit and I think all these girls realize that by now.

No. 621207

>spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on land
>own said land
>remove shit you don’t want from your own backyard
>state fines you hundreds of thousands of dollars
>for mowing your own land
america really is a shithole huh

No. 621208

Does anyone know what time zone she's referring to? I definitely don't want to miss this. I'm going to try and figure out how to record a younow stream and I will upload it here if I do.
Billie not speaking out on Greg has been an ongoing mystery to me for years now. I cannot fathom Billie being so utterly silent on everything that has happened - all the horrible allegations made against her, all the videos talking nonstop about her, all of the endless hate sent her way, the drama and allegations against both her best friend and ex boyfriend made by Greg… the only thing I have ever heard from Billie was when she FINALLY made that video asking Greg to stop and even then Billie said nothing.

There is simply no way that she didn't sign an NDA. Otherwise using Ayalla as a voice-box constantly makes absolutely zero sense. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Greg and Lainey had Billie sign something.

No. 621209

Does anyone know what time zone she's referring to? I definitely don't want to miss this. I'm going to try and figure out how to record a younow stream and I will upload it here if I do.
Billie not speaking out on Greg has been an ongoing mystery to me for years now. I cannot fathom Billie being so utterly silent on everything that has happened - all the horrible allegations made against her, all the videos talking nonstop about her, all of the endless hate sent her way, the drama and allegations against both her best friend and ex boyfriend made by Greg… the only thing I have ever heard from Billie was when she FINALLY made that video asking Greg to stop and even then Billie said nothing.

There is simply no way that she didn't sign an NDA. Otherwise using Ayalla as a voice-box constantly makes absolutely zero sense. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, Greg and Lainey had Billie sign something.

No. 621210

>spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on land
>own said land
>remove shit you don’t want from your own backyard
>state fines you hundreds of thousands of dollars
>for mowing your own land
america really is a shithole huh(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 621212

No. 621213

Go to sleep Greg

No. 621214

>There is simply no way that she didn't sign an NDA.
His NDAs won't hold up legally. I think Billie is just scared. He probably still e-mails her, trying to get her back.

No. 621216

I can wholly understand wanting to just move on and have nothing to do with the Onions anymore than they already did, but I really, truly wish Billie and Maya and everyone else whose been sucked in to the Grease household would just spill everything and release every screenshot they may have.

If anyone deserves to be exposed and mocked and potentially prosecuted (should there be anything -or proof of- out and out illegal), it's the gruesome twosome.

Generally, I'm just mildly amused and/or disgusted by the antics of cows, but these two are just reprehensible in every possible way.

The flood gates are inching their way open, but the Schadenfreud is real. Sure, the milk would vanish, but Taylor and Onion do not deserve any platforms to reel in vulnerable girls to tear them down and spit them out anymore.

blech. sorry for the ranting, I'm just getting impatient with how much they've gotten away with and for how long.

No. 621217

Doesn't it seem so weird though? She clearly wants to talk, she's obviously cheering Ayalla on for doing this, yet she stays silent. Maybe that is just her personality, but I can't understand how ANYONE could just sit idly by while Greg and Lainey absolutely destroy her online for the entire world to see.

I think most of us would have mass murdered the Avaroes had we been in Billie's position.

No. 621218


No. 621220

File: 1546665851724.jpeg (56.61 KB, 750x375, 8110B766-1F3A-4CF4-87E5-DD9761…)

what is the reasoning behind this ban? surely not off topic, 50% of this thread would get banned. is saying booboo mean words about america bannable now?(ban evasion)

No. 621221

It wasn't his land. His backyard is backed up to a protected wetland, which he pulled plants and trees up from.

No. 621223

You were banned for not reading the thread dumbass. Some of the land he rekd belonged to the government and the shit he did own was part of a protected wetland that he signed documents agreeing to look after when he bought the house.

No. 621224

If I were you I would just take the ban. LC does not react kindly to ban-evasion..

No. 621225

I feel like you really have to push Billie to talk about hard topics like this (don't actually try to push her though). Not because she doesn't want to but because she's scared of being harassed and abused again. She needs to know people will believe her and know it's not just for her own personal gain. She wants to make sure that whatever Greg has on her isn't used to denounce her.

I understand why people are upset but, if I were Billie and had to endure what the Avaroes (especially during a time Greg was still popular) put me through I'd be apprehensive too.

No. 621226

I think Billie understands that she has a platform, and that she shouldn't use it to draw ANY attention to greg. His speaks videos are barely pulling in 50k anymore, and his main channel and uhohbro videos are lucky to get 10k. his fame is dwindling and there's no point in her dredging up her past when he's already getting what's coming to him

No. 621227

It really amuses me how revered an worshipped Billie is on this board nowadays. It's like everyone forgot she tried to make a married man with small children leave his wife in order to take her place. This has nothing to do with how shit Lamey and Gurg are as people, it's the principle.

No. 621228

No one cares about your Billie vendetta.
Stay focused on Greg and Lainey grooming a 15 year old girl.

No. 621229

Indeed. I am very excited for the massive milk we will be receiving from Ayalla's stream tomorrow. I hope to God she really goes all out and spills everything.

No. 621230

This is a forum for cows and Billie is a cow. This is not just a G/L forum as those related are the topic also.

No. 621231

Did she really try to make him leave though? Seems like she signed up for the trinity, and backed out when Greg tried to leave Taylor. But maybe I’m remembering wrong.

No. 621232

lol its fine, the mods are obviously troglodytes and wouldn’t know what a proper ban was if it hit them over their mongoloid skulls. i guess they hire anybody these days(ban evasion)

No. 621233

Yes, she did try. It's in the archives if you're curious.

No. 621234

No, she's not, stop trying to derail the thread.

No. 621235

>she tried to make a married man with small children leave his wife
Except no she didn’t? lol She didn’t MAKE Greg do anything, he was damn near giddy to leave Lainey and the kids and was the one who brought it up while Billie told him not to. GREG brought a 19-year-old into his shitshow of a marriage, Billie gtfo’d, and he’s been the one desperately pining for her or at least a replacement ever since. Billie was absolutely a dumb kid, anons here just praise that she got out and hasn’t let him chase her off the internet while hoping she’ll one day spill.

No. 621236


Because unlike lame and grease, she learned and grew from the experience and is staying in her own corner now. What else could you possibly want?

No. 621237

Guys, calm down! Things are going horribly for the people we despise, lets not argue. We have so much to be grateful for right now. I have a feeling this will finally be the year karma destroys these two pedophilic idiots.

No. 621238

Yes, she did try. It's in the archives if you're curious.>>621235

It's not about whether greg wanted it or not. She wanted him to leave her and to break up the family. It's about what SHE WANTED.(derailing)

No. 621239

No. 621241


Given the amount of knowledge you need to be a plumber, there is no way in hell he has ever been one. Not to mention that he has had no time to have trained or have worked as one given his very public history

No. 621242

So I actually counted… Greg tweeted a total of 57 times in the past 24 hours. No joke. This is some disturbing manic shit.
Somebody seems a bit nervous, I wonder why…?

No. 621243

I wonder if he was tweeting while he threatened to sue Ayalla. Bless his heart.

No. 621244

how many of those tweets were just today?
he thought he was going to have a good laugh at the haters this morning with his whole gofundme switcheroo and he wakes up to the lane/ayalla tweets

No. 621245

File: 1546667782573.png (30.78 KB, 612x244, Screenshot_7.png)

No. 621246

File: 1546667820302.jpeg (16.75 KB, 391x376, 8B25AD91-40E5-4630-B3F1-7D7AC4…)

No. 621247

I actually prefer Ayalla talking and Billie constantly ignoring greg. I think he'd love for billie to acknowledge him at all. At least through Ayalla, she can say whatever Billie would say and Greg doesn't get the satisfaction of Billie mentioning him. It's not like Ayalla doesn't know everything Billie knows. The real bummer is that everyone lost/deleted the texts.

Posting "positive" tweets while threatening to sue people into silence is just the daily life of onion!

No. 621249

Agree, I really disliked Drew but I loved how much he got to Greg by trolling him with Billie emails without Billie having to lift a finger. Ayalla doing the same is the smartest move.

No. 621250

She was also 19, groomed and dating a much older highly manipulative sociopath with a very unlikable wife. Billie isn't perfect, but Grease is by far the most at fault regarding that situation. If I remember correctly, he tried to manipulate Billie to be with him because "He'd divorce Lainey and be single even if Billie didn't want to be with him so they might as well be together".

No. 621251

I hope Ayalla can actually provide proof, and spills all the milk about these horrible people.
I think Billie is afraid of confrontation, but she is a cow herself. Maybe that’s why she isn’t speaking out.
Wonder how gruggles is going to try to weasel his way out of this one. Lainey said her Twitter is like a cispool right now, so it’s obvious she’s taking the sarah situation as a joke.

Semi OT: did we ever make a thread for Billie on here? I can’t find one, I thought an anon mention something about her thread. Was trying to reread details to compare to the live stream tomorrow. 6PM EST on Ayallas Younow

No. 621252

File: 1546668280176.jpg (210.98 KB, 559x470, 4444 (3).jpg)

Are we making a pool for when the fake positivity is going to crash and burn?
Im putting my dollar on January 29th.

No. 621253

This isn't a forum, it's a board, and what you're posting in is a thread. If you're gonna pretend to be an oldfag, at least don't fail at basic terminology. Good riddance.

No. 621254

A lot of mums do get insecure like that, even if they stay fit and look good, but in Lamey’s case I’d say her shitty ageing husband has cultivated that insecurity for his own benefit, especially now he’s chunky himself.

That’s her own damn fault for staying with him.

This thread needs more hilarious sass like this.

No. 621256

Oof now it's gone up to 65 tweets, and yes these are all from only today. This dude is freaking the hell out. He must have spent literally the entire day glued to his phone manically tweeting.

Who the fuck acts like this?? He's having a "positivity" meltdown

No. 621257

And that's any different from any other day how?

His poor kids.

No. 621258

File: 1546668910146.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.93 KB, 672x749, 20DE7730-CA06-460E-8CE6-EA1AA5…)

I agree, he craves any attention from Billie. And don’t forget, he likes to accuse women who mock him of being in love with him (pic related). He might believe his own hype.

No. 621259

File: 1546668987690.png (35.77 KB, 589x172, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 1.13…)

Unrelated to current milk, but this rubs me the wrong way.

He's trying to say, "Look, I find grown women attractive too! Even the really old ones! Definitely not just the underdeveloped ones!"

No. 621260

I wouldn't get my hopes up. She's confirmed they have no screenshots and said that some of the stuff she's mentioned was from face to face conversations. I don't think there's really a whole lot more she can give us.

No. 621261

It’d rub salt in Onion’s wounds if she announced donating all the proceeds of the stream to a wetland conservation charity (not that she needs to, if she deliver milk she deserves to get paid).

No. 621262

nah dude this is totally related to current milk, he's totally gonna go off on a whole rant now about how he's so attracted to older women, as if it totally counteracts his decades of creeping on teens

No. 621263

The thing is,
most pedophiles aren't exclusively attracted to children and young teens. So it doesn't matter how much he tries to go, "LOOK I COMPLIMENTED AN APPROPRIATELY AGED WOMAN"

No. 621264

File: 1546669445291.png (491.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7693.PNG)

What a fucking idiot greg is lmaoo

No. 621265

Geggy-poo is scared.

No. 621266

i hope he gets so sidetracked by this that he misses his deadlines for the wetlands stuff out of sheer narc rage

No. 621267

If you are someone who constantly has to pretend that you dated "a 24 year old and a 26 year old" (both of whom you never actually dated) and your only real relationships have been with underaged girls, I think it's clear you are an undercover pedophile. Greg acts like he should be praised for staying with Lainey because she sits at the ripe old age of 24.
I remember during Greg's Shane Dawson documentary, Shane revealed he had been abused sexually as a child (didn't clarify how far it had gone) and Shane stated that pedophilia is genetic. Greg responded, "Wait, pedophilia is genetic…?" as if he was realizing something. (Hey, wait, my dad is a pedophile and people keep calling me a pedophile.. so does that mean..)

Just embrace it already you fucking psychopath.

No. 621269

File: 1546669859277.jpeg (203.38 KB, 1242x938, 753423A6-6986-4226-BEBE-DF89AA…)

love bombing, i bet lainey is getting triggered that billie’s best friend is spilling the tea about her predatory behavior and gregypoo is probably trying to contact billie

No. 621271

Was this sent to Ayalla?
I have to admit, I give her a ton of credit for finally standing up for herself.

No. 621273

yes, im surprised she didn't post it publicly on her own twitter. I just found it on her liked section.

No. 621274

You reckon the positivity will last that long?

Is it against the rules to speculate if this is the final end and how this will turn out? Because I think we should include that in the pool.

I think the positivity will end within a day of Ayalla’s stream, if it’s milky enough, and I think Onion will hang on for dear life to his failing “career” for a few months, then go out with a bang rather than a whimper, probably after Lainey finally leaves the kids (hopefully).

No. 621276

File: 1546670763883.png (15.51 KB, 591x132, Screenshot_8.png)

be civil if you ladies are going to watch.

No. 621277

Here is Lane's younow stream for today: https://youtu.be/ylcqF1uQWbY

No. 621279

Who’s she referring to? Can I get some initials?

No. 621280

All he would have to do is talk about his naked massage with his mommy.

No. 621281


No. 621282

Oh what. I thought she meant there was another person involved.

But she… already outted Sarah…

No. 621283

Sarah is probably pleading with them all to not talk about her or say anything that can ruin her chances with the onions. I hope they don't hold back info and end up saying nothing because sarah is begging them.

No. 621284

lmaoooooo000 i can just feel the narc rage from here, he's probably shrieking into the night as we speak. gj ayalla

No. 621285


lol what a bamf. she knows his threats are hollow or just won't amount to any real repercussions for her. i'm glad she's coming for him, it's time someone did.

No. 621286

Hopefully she actually says something new, but it looks promising so far.
>Think it's due to the NDA?
Greg's '''''NDA'''''''' wouldn't hold up in court, and if Billie is smart enough to know how to find reliable information (iffy) then she would know that. She was probably humiliated and traumatized by her experience with them and is not willing to speak up anymore because of that, like Greg's other exes. It's 100% understandable in her case.
Once again Greg tries to pander to the progressive crowd so that he can shield himself from criticism.
It seems like different threads have different rules in some cases; for example, people can pull ridiculous feats of armchair psychoanalysis ITT and not get banned, but in most other threads discussing whether or not someone has a specific mental health issue might. It does make sense to have different standards of enforcement depending on the problems or lack thereof in a thread I guess. Either way, it's only a week so may as well just eat the ban and/or state your case in the appeal.
Is this actually in reference to anything or just an attention-seeking tactic?
So far Billie and all of the exes before her are handling Greg the best way that they possibly can. It's best not to play his game at all. Any sort of revenge tactics will only get Billie sucked back into his orbit- I really hope that she isn't stupid enough to join Ayalla in her decision to get involved with Greg drama. It's one thing for a spectator to spill some dirt and another for someone who was abused by Greg and Taylor to attach themselves to them again.

No. 621288

Probably silly to tinfoil, but what if it’s another girl?

No. 621289

Am I wrong or is this screen shot a conversation Josh had with Greg last year when Josh was making videos about Onision.
What I mean to say is Josh is showing us how Greg threatened him with his lawyer so we can understand what Greg probably sent to Ayalla.

No. 621292

Thanks anon!

No. 621294

NDA’s are void if it’s used to cover up any criminal shit. So what angle would he even have? Slander? Good luck with that ahahaha

They literally have no basis to sue her lmfao

No. 621295

File: 1546672876435.jpg (46.41 KB, 580x323, solucky.jpg)

Yes Greg you're the type who can't stand to be alone for 5 minutes. You'll tell girls you've just met that you love them so you can poke at them with your baby carrot. We know all this by now lol. And about that third tweet you used to be kinda lucky because you found a way to make lots of money despite being super dumb, but since you're so dumb you've destroyed all that and your life is completely in ruins at the age of 33.

No. 621296

I hope she doesn’t back out of the livestream because of Sarah’s pleadings. This isn’t the kind of topic where respect for privacy should come into play tbh.

No. 621299

File: 1546673905132.png (641.13 KB, 1280x720, ungrateful brat.png)

Sarah was ALWAYS jealous of Billie, even before she met her in person. She was leaving hate comments in billie's stream calling her an ungrateful brat when cuddle gate happened

No. 621300

>This isn’t the kind of topic where respect for privacy should come into play tbh.

I'm conflicted on this. Sarah was a minor when the grooming started, and potentially when inappropriate contact took place, but she isn't a minor now. I definitely think Ayalla should spill ALL of the tea, but I'm not sure she has to mention Sarah by name.

No. 621301

Holy hell I never saw this. Sarah is such a psychopath. She's basically admitting here that she wanted to be in Billie's place and be part of that trinity by calling her "ungrateful". Damn that's creepy. Good catch anon

No. 621302

All the more creepy because Sarah started skinwalking Billie around this time, too. Maybe even worse than Taylor did.

No. 621303

Lane seems too concerned about not offending Sarah or Lainey to be good for any milk. She takes back saying Lainey has predatory tendencies because “that’s mean” and makes excuses for “not knowing better”.

Maybe there’s something better in that stream but I’m tapping out halfway through.

How many hours from now until Ayalla’s stream? For those of us in completely different time zones.

No. 621304

Assuming she still lives in Virginia which is EST, just over 15 hours from now.

No. 621305

“Ungrateful brat” sounds like something grumpy old man Onion would say. Maybe even to Sarah.

Protecting Sarah’s “privacy” only protects Greg.

No. 621306

Thank you so much.

No. 621307

Are we sure she’s protecting Sarah? Or is she talking about someone else? >>621245 makes me think that either someone else is involved or she’s gotten more information.

No. 621309

I doubt it’s anyone who wouldn’t be identifiable to farmers from context. Sarah is most likely. Does Ayalla know anyone later than that, like Maya?

No. 621310

File: 1546675314698.jpg (262.93 KB, 1230x2356, joshagain.jpg)

You are 100% right and anon was naughty for not providing the context of who tweeted this. Josh is also a well-known self poster.

No. 621311

Considering Ayalla tweeted about "grooming a 15 year old", I highly doubt this would relate to anyone but Sarah. All of Ayalla's tweets correspond to Sarah's situation and past actions involving her. This is what all cumulatively led up to Ayalla's twitter vote and subsequent stream tomorrow on YouNow.

No. 621313

File: 1546675584133.jpeg (712.61 KB, 1125x1456, 25460C21-5983-4A98-BF62-A4720E…)

Lol fuck Lainey. Predatory bitches don’t deserve love.

No. 621315

And if she has such bad anxiety, how the fux can she sit and constantly talk to a hairdresser the ENTIRE time she's there. I bury my head in a magazine and pretend I don't exist. In every hair video she natters away to them easy peasy.

>>621185 I asked Lane last night in her stream and she said Billie is so over these idiots and wants nothing to do with them. If you remember just how awful Gurg was to her it's easy to see why she'd rather not get involved.

No. 621318

Jenna Marbles follows Lame?! Wtaf? Surely just to laugh at the bitch?

No. 621323

File: 1546678408764.jpeg (124.55 KB, 597x199, C0D693F0-C7CD-4B83-AE5E-7EDCFE…)

Got this banner for the first time in ages. Hope we get something at least as good to immortalise this milk.

No. 621324

This had me thinking about something I saw…here is a video from Blargh posted after that debate between Joy and Onision (june 2017). At just after 17 minutes in Sarah mentions not wanting to guest with Lain during the debate I think, so there's an older mention of Lain and Sarah was not too fond of her. I was looking for a different video that I remember seeing back then where Sarah was trying to defend Onion and the basement demands. Sarah said something to the effect of well Billie agreed to it and she didn't seem to care or acknowledge that Billie ultimately did not consent to that bullshit. Maybe she was reflecting how Lainey felt in that Billie was deemed "bad" and deserved punishment but it seems now that she was possibly jealous that Billie was so much more important to them.

I think that means Lainey follows Jenna and Shane.

No. 621325

I think it says she is following Jenna Marbles, not that Jenna follows her lol Jenna's way too good to follow someone like this chick

No. 621326

File: 1546678977574.png (275.04 KB, 602x361, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 4.00…)

If anyone is unsure of when this is happening in your timezone: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20190105T18&p1=179

And Ayalla's YouNow is here: https://www.younow.com/ayallakarina

No. 621327

Sarah and Lane had a falling out at some point I guess before this. What a flashback, full Billie skinwalking underway, and she's such a fucking yes man for Lainey's (and therefore Greg's) wishes. Looking at Sarah's hard angry face and angry speech, tbh I don't think there's a decent person there to be rescued. Any thoughts of that are moot now as she's 18 and no doubt very determined to help Greg out with his trinity pregnancy fetish scenario from his vision board.

>Okay Billie but sorry Billie, well people in the chat are saying that Billie has nothing to apologize for. I just want to call out that bullshit right fucking now because that is bullshit. I- greg has stuff that he should have apologized for and he did and Billie sure as fuck did too. Because i was there and like i just don't understand how like, obviously yes Billie had things done to them- at her- that were that were- were- were- bad, obviously the leaking of private information all that, but you you guys seem to forget that she also like she also did a bunch of horrible shit.

No. 621328

She does follow her. It doesn't particularly mean that she supports her… Edwin follows Lainey as well, and on top of that, Jenna follows 76K people on twitter lol

No. 621329

I've never seen this. Who is this Ellie person?

No. 621330

Sarah called B an ungrateful brat?!!!

Jesus, that's either her being super jelly of B getting to be in the trinity, or Greg using her online handle to insult his manic pixie dream girl that got away.

Both are bad.

Hahahahaha like 60 tweets in less than 24 hours, and then lovebombing his Foot wife. You can tell he screamed at her about something.

Honestly….. I think he's zeroed in on his next secret source of narc supply… and Lamey figured it out and lost her damm mind, since they just "had" Sarah, so Lame is all "isn't that enough" and Greg is all like, "naw."

>She started popping out puppies early so seeing her body change from youthful teen to that of a moms probably ruined her body image

…in Greg's mind. FTFY

No. 621331

He's always attacking others but once someone does the same to him he immediately threatens to sue them, what a hypocritical pussy. Both Ayalla and Billie could have sued him if they wanted to, he harassed them to the point they had to make videos begging him to stop

No. 621337

Between her liking this tweet and him love bombing her on twitter, he probably did something mean to her again. We all know he banned her from immortalizing any of the hateful shit he does to her online by tweeting about it and you KNOW he has to be raging about the whole situation on top of his financials. That rage has to go somewhere and my guess would be his favorite emotional punching bag, Lainey.

No. 621338

This is the only time I've ever seen her but context tells she's an age appropriate home town friend of Sarahs. She was also way too involved in adult business but she doesn't seem to like Onion so that's a point in her favor I guess. I'd sage this if I could.

No. 621342


Ban evader rolls eyes
Except nobody "owns" the land they live on. The government in every goddamn country owns the land. We pay taxes to live one whatever land we apparently "own". Greg has to abide by the laws of the state that he had agreed to live in and if he doesnt like it he can move. From what I know, Washington takes their environment very seriously, and what truly isnt fair is that Grwg thinks he's above the law. Plenty of other people have been in his exact situation, where they 'innocently' didn't know the law of the state/county and they were expected to pay and deal with it. America is no different in that matter than any other country.(ban evasion)

No. 621343

How quickly will Lainey stop being a man if she starts getting serious heat about grooming an underage girl?

I think very quickly she will become a mother of two, woman, girl, lady, married, Mrs, definitely not a fUcKbOi ZaDdY

No. 621344

I think he's doing the mad tweeting to bump down all the comments where people share lain's screenshots and ayallas tweets. He's majorly damage-controlling right now. He's worried alright.. Things are looking bad for the family onion. Manfoot is just as repulsive as Greg. I'm glad she's being exposed, I'm sick to the back teeth of seeing her smug narc ass being seen as a victim. Her texts to maya were more than enough to prove what a nasty manipulative person she is

I agree. If they all agreed to come out he would have a hard time singling one of them out and doing that "THEY'RE OBSESSED WITH ME STILL!!1" shit (ironic when he still references them all often) Also he would have a hard time suing them all, heh

No. 621353

Maybe this is too optimistic but I wouldn't write Sarah off yet. She's 18 and has only known dysfunction and the Onion's grooming ways so this is normal for her. She sees them as people who saved her from a bad situation so she's going to defend them with everything she can. She probably also had a green eyed monster in her over Billie because she wanted to be with Lame. If she lost all contact with them and started branching out to interact with normal college students her age she could abandon all of the Onion brainwashing she's gone under. If she's still as far up their ass as she is now in a few more years she's a lost cause.

Yet Madison kept quiet when he threatened to sue her. At least some people aren't pussies what with him being shoulders deep in debt. If he wants to sink deeper trying to sue good, he can bankrupt his family even faster.

No. 621354

All those people that are hiding the milk should make it rain now. Onionboi can't sue them all, he can't even afford to sue one of them. The time to expose the onions is now!

No. 621355

Madison will not be that person, she apparently still wants to be their ~friend~ even though we (and she) have seen exactly what that is worth.

No. 621357

I agree with what you've said, the only thing I think differently on is my theory about Sarah. I think Sarah wants to be Lainey, not be with Lainey. Exactly how Lainey wanted to be Billie rather than pursue her sexually, Sarah has modeled her personality after others and has learned the skinwalking trait from Lainey. So when they both skinwalked Billie it made even more sense. I think some anons are totally right when they say Sarah is interested in Greg. I think she has been Lainey's best friend and views Lainey almost in a creepy weird "sister"/parental role and since she wants to belong so badly plus she has a crush on Greg the solution in her mind is to be in the relationship. She was around Greg for some of the most impressionable years of her life and I can see why she desperately craves his approval and validation. Her ultimate goal would give her everything she thinks she wants: living out of her state she hates, away from her abusive family, she feels like the Onions are her family and is probably attached to the kids, and she views it as a step up in life when in reality it's not. I'd bet money that Sarah feels like she's harboring some huge secret about her homelife that "if only us haters knew!!1!" when in reality we would still view a life with the Onion's as extremely detrimental and not preferable to her bettering her life some other way. I know there's been mention of sexual abuse in Sarah's past, but she's 18 now so she doesn't need to pedo-duo to save her anymore and there's really no excuse under the sun for her to justify being with them romantically.

No. 621361

I thought Sarah disliked Greg iirc

No. 621362

She has to pretend to because she knows Lainey is super wary and put off by any girl being into her super speshul twilight soul twin flame. So Sarah knows better than to let on that she likes Greg. She probably took a page from his book: Greg pretends to hate Sarah. But now we are hearing that they all cuddled in bed together and I can't believe we ever fell for his act. Like another anon pointed out it's similar to how he pretended to hate preteens. So I think Greg had his own motives for pretending to Lainey and the world that he hated Sarah and I think Sarah had to pretend to hate Greg. But (also brought back up recently) there are tumblr posts from Sarah that anons used to speculate was about Grease. Add to that the fact that we know for a fact that Lainey constantly vents to Sarah about Greg and his treatment of her, so Sarah can't "betray" Lainey by being outspoken about liking Greg. It also makes sense that if Greg is putting on this fake act of hating Sarah, that Sarah would pick up on that cue and play the game as well. And how funny is it that Lainey fell right for it. Greg has been able to mold Sarah however he wants by manipulating and insulting her, while being able to try for Billie and others in the meantime by simply giving Sarah the "it's illegal right now" excuse but giving her false hope.

No. 621365

"I thought I'd eb dead by 25" what about that claim that you're going to be rich, famous, and powerful by age 44? you're just saying that because you're realizing how impossible it is for you to ever be someone important

No. 621367

Could be but then what about all the rumors about Sarah being a lesbian? She's never denied them and has to know they're there since she reads the threads. She got upset at being called the babysitter even though Onion referred to her as the nanny several times. For sexuality she might have said she was bi with a preference for girls but idk if she actually said that or it was something posted here that I'm confusing as coming from her.

No. 621368

Since Lainey has no qualms with flirting and being touchy with someone who is technically her adoptive daughter, I worry about her birth children.

No. 621374

File: 1546704975552.jpg (289.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190105-161549_Twi…)

Billie is following Lane btw

No. 621375

um what lol. She never saw Sarah as her kid. that's all. She's definitely a predatory Pedo when it comes to non-relatives. Her kids aren't in any harm except to their bad parenting/toxic relationship

No. 621378


Lame was Sarah's legal gaurden when she was having probelms with her mother anon. Sarah mother had no problem signing her daughter over to a potential paedophile.

No. 621379

srsly. do they feel threatened because they are young and lawyers sound intimading? i can spout whatever shit i feel like saying about anyone ive been involved with. unless im spilling trade secrets or making accusations of illegal activity - he aint got shit.

and yeah i know the whole 15 year old S thing would be illegal.

i mean more that like every young girl he gets involved with, then fucks over, he slams with this nda bullshit as if people arent allowed to talk about their past relationships in public.

No. 621380

I think other Anon's point was that Taylor did not view Sarah as her adopted daughter, which she pretty obviously did not, regardless of how either of their legal standing.

No. 621381

Didn't Sarah plan in going to college or uni in Washington after graduation but go kicked out of their house before she can apply?

No. 621382

Yeah, that was one of the things she blamed/ blames lolcow farms for, was that she wasn't going to get to go to college in Washington. And for sending her back to an abusive situation, including sexual abuse (she claimed).

Not sure why she didn't blame Greg and Taylor for nipping her trinity dreams in the bud and kicking her to the curb when she became inconvenient, but there you are.

No. 621385


Sounds like abuse was normalized from a very young age for Sarah. Poor girl:(

No. 621389

I am not sure I believe her about the sexual abuse, but it seems pretty clear her mom was not mother of the year.

No. 621391

I'm more or less side with you, anon.

I think it's mostly tinfoil but since the claims are out that the Avaroes promised her to be part of the trinity and it appealed to her, made me wonder.
Sarah could also have feigned being a full blown lesbian to make Lainey feel safe and less threatened by another woman in the house. Finally giving in to Greg to fullfil his everlasting wish of turning lesbians straight, would yield her a big plus in his books. She's seen that Greg wanted to leave Lainey for B and maybe she hopes for the cycle to repeat.
I'm not sure about how naive or cunning Sarah is.

No. 621393

>I'm not sure about how naive or cunning Sarah is.

Anyone that could unironically say the following (from >>621327):
>Okay Billie but sorry Billie, well people in the chat are saying that Billie has nothing to apologize for. I just want to call out that bullshit right fucking now because that is bullshit. I- greg has stuff that he should have apologized for and he did and Billie sure as fuck did too. Because i was there and like i just don't understand how like, obviously yes Billie had things done to them- at her- that were that were- were- were- bad, obviously the leaking of private information all that, but you you guys seem to forget that she also like she also did a bunch of horrible shit.

…is kind of a shit. Yeah, I know she's a teenager, but she seemingly has zero problems excusing Greg's egregious abuse of Billie because Sarah was mad at her. Perhaps because she bought into Taylor's version of events regarding Billie (e.g. that Greg was a hapless, misunderstood and easily beguiled puppet in the hands of that scheming, homewrecking hussy!!!)

No. 621394

File: 1546708828639.jpg (198.34 KB, 1204x918, gofundmescam2.jpg)

It seems like nobody really cares about an Onision forum, Greg's new GoFundMe scam seems to be failing, he got only $20 so far.
But hey, it's two days worth of McDonalds!

No. 621405

Of course she is, they're all friends since shit went down 2016. They all interact a lot with each other online.

No. 621409

Kek, that's one meal each for four people if Greg gives a quarter shit about his kids eating.

No. 621412

Why isn’t this greedy, lazy idiot using his Patreon shekels for this?

No. 621413


I don't think Madison is willingly holding back any info on Lame's predatory behaviors towards Sarah. (Not sure about Gurgle, though.) Madison sounds suspicious right now since yesterday's milk, but here's the breakdown followed by the likely explanation:

-Months before the Madi-Onion fallout, Madison and Lame became obviously closer than ever (supposedly best friends). They both hung out, alone, without Onion, outside of vids. Given that Madison was in Lame's "joke" vid that confirmed Onion's abuse towards Lame and manchild tantrums, Madison seemed more pro-Lame. Madison did not sound like a Gurgle-fan, especially knowing now that he showed her his incompetence and disregard for others when he babysat her daughter while she went out with Lame.
-After fallout, Madison seemingly took it a bit harder that Lame was upset, almost like she perceived Lame to be the victim and wanted to save her. Madison never, IIRC, even knocked or called out Lame on anything – Only Gurgle.
-On recent DP podcast, Madison blurted Onion's pedo tendencies, later clarified (backtracked), and said she never witnessed or was told about any inappropriate behavior towards Sarah. Again, Lame was never implicated in this. The focus was on Gurgle.

-While others (Ayalla [and B], Lane) have shared deets of questionable behaviors on the part of both Onion and Lame (at times being sympathetic to her), Madison has only mentioned/accused the former of predatory behaviors.

So given the milk yesterday, the differences between Madison's milk and the rest is weird on the surface. However:

-Although of the people who spoke publicly about this in some way also had some interactions with both Lame and Onion, everyone but Madison interacted with Sarah in any meaningful way.
-Initial disclosure of predatory behaviors (like Lame bathing and parading her nudity in front of Sara) and plans for a future relationship evidently came from Sarah during private convos.
-The only person Lame allegedly mentioned anything to was B, according to Ayalla. Lame only disclosed that she and Sarah previously talked about being romantically involved someday, though. Other than that, B is revealed to have witnessed and disapproved of Gurg's bullying of Sarah.
-Anyone who has been around Sarah and the Onions at the same time (as of now) haven't stated or hinted that they personally witnessed predatory behaviors. Again, their knowledge came from private convos with Sarah (and on at least one occasion Lame).

It seems that Gurg and Lame didn't behave in sexually inappropriate ways towards Sarah in the company of others, including Madison. If anything, it seems Gurgle made it a point to treat Sarah like shit in front of other people. Yet their relationship with Sarah was entirely different in private without witnesses, per Sarah allegedly. This is textbook.

Madison probably never witnessed anything inappropriate with Sarah, though I don't think Madison was around too much when Sarah was and vice versa. It's doubtful Madison was ever close enough to Sarah for Sarah to ever confide in her about anything. It's still possible Lame mentioned something about Gurgle and Sarah, and so Madison felt even more sympathy towards Lame.

It's also possible Lame never told Madison anything about any inappropriate shit with Sarah. Again, Lame allegedly only said anything about it to B with whom she was in a relationship and lived in in the McMansion together for a time (Onionfam, B, and Sarah). It's likely that Lame only said anything to B about it because Sarah confided in B, and then B confronted Lame about it.
-I think B confronted Gurg as well, which could explain why Gurg specified that he had to "repeatedly" tell Sarah and B that Sarah would never be part of the trinity.

No. 621414


Some cunt friend of Sarah’s. She’s actually unbearable to watch, she’s stuck up, agender (“uh, I’M NOT A GIRL”, call me Ellie or they/them ONLY), and insists that since her dad is a lawyer she “knows a lot of legal stuff”.

Lainey’s dad is an insurance fraud lawyer and she doesn’t know Jack shit about insurance or the law.

No. 621415

Sorry for OT, but what happened to the puppy they got for more patreon sympathy? Is the dog still in videos?

No. 621416

yes, since they stopped streaming to the public, we've never seen their animals.

who wants to bet they got rid of at least one of their three dogs???

No. 621418

That’s why I’m asking who she is. She seems fucking insufferable, and I was wondering why she willingly inserted herself into Onion drama and then acted like she was soooo above all of it. “I’m only 16 but I’m educated!

God, everyone in this story sucks.

No. 621419

correct me if I'm wrong but there are two dogs in the power outage vlog lainey posted

No. 621421

File: 1546714096598.png (957.2 KB, 802x1076, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 1.48…)

Missing puppy

No. 621423

A summary of Lane's YouNow stream from yesterday:

-Greg is really mean to Sarah. When asked if Greg is interested in Sarah she said she doesn’t know.

-Lainey is verbally nasty and picks on Sarah.

-Once when Sarah, Greg and Lainey went out (to walmart? Idk if I heard that right) Greg and Lainey were nice to Sarah. Sarah was so happy she told Lainey “I like it when you’re nice to me.” When Lane heard this she was shocked and asked “Lainey is mean to you too?”

-Says she didn’t talk much about the Sarah thing earlier because people didn’t believe her before, but when she saw people believe Ayalla today she wanted to speak out about it again.

-Says someone she knows confirmed they all cuddle in bed together. (I’m not exactly sure who she was talking about but in context I thought she was talking about Lainey, Greg and Sarah. Don’t quote me on that.) She doesn’t know what kind of cuddling, they could have just been sitting close, but it made Lainey uncomfortable. Also, Sarah tweeted something about cuddling.

-Sarah was doing online school when she lived with Greg and Lainey. Greg would act like a parent and tell her to do her school work.

-When asked if Sarah was into Greg, Lane said she thinks Sarah would be if that meant she could get closer to Lainey.

-Says she thinks Lainey has “predatory tendencies”, but it’s because she doesn’t know better. She thinks it’s normal because she only knows Greg and her previous relationship and she’s emotionally stunted.

-Says she (Lane) barely talked to Lainey.

-When Drew brought up the kids, Lainey emailed Billie saying she’d sue and Billie replied with laughing crying emojis.

-Billie made Greg and Lainey a vegan avocado zucchini casserole and Greg non-stop criticized it to the point where Billie felt so bad she just binge ate it.

-Says Lainey is a good parent, but Greg is neglectful toward the kids. –Doesn’t spend as much time with them as he says.

-Sarah wasn’t the nanny, Selina was. Thinks Sarah just babysat.

-Madison might not have known about Sarah because she might not have ever been over when Sarah was there.

-Greg called Ayalla today and left a message saying his lawyer will be in contact with her.

-When Lainey is mad at someone they asks for gifts to win back their forgiveness. Sarah would buy them fruit (edible arrangements I’ve heard before) and makeup pallets. Billie once had to buy everyone, including Sarah, a gift for forgiveness. Bought Lainey a bouquet.

-The mutual friend knew Sarah and Lainey wanted to date. This was the person that got Lainey to follow Lane on twitter.

-Confirmed Sarah stalks gossip sites for Lainey. Mainly lolcow and blogs like EO.

-Says Billie called Lainey a bitch because she was standing up for herself.

-Sarah and Lainey talked about being in a relationship before Sarah moved in. Greg made it out like Sarah was silly for thinking that they could be in a relationship.

-Says Sarah was crying in a bathtub because she found out Luxy (? or maybe Billie) was coming to visit and she thought she would be next for the trinity. She sent Lane a dramatic tumblr picture like “they will never love you back” or something like that.

-Says Greg used to be charming to her so she could see how people could fall for him. She mentions multiple times the extravagant things he’d offer people and things like buying people plane tickets, and how she would have been impressed by that.

No. 621424

That girl that donated that $15, she donated to the wetland GoFundMe too, she stayed.

I think Greg has zeroed in on her. He followed a week ago. Ive posted the pic But here's the link. https://mobile.twitter.com/niccimusic1999/status/1079606148830056449

Alllll over her Twitter she has sunflowers, sunflower shirts, sunflower emojis.
(Is she low-key baiting Taylor Elaine by posing with Taylor's fav flower?)

Also, Greg's personal email icon has changed to a sunflower, as per his Twitter pic of An email of refunds he posted at https://mobile.twitter.com/Onision/status/1081320016560046080

Then she starts posting all sort of cryptic tweets, where are you, will I get to meet you, etc.

Then onision posts a tweet with a sunflower emoji, that he never ever uses https://mobile.twitter.com/Onision/status/1081284423641817088

Is this tinfoil? To some, yes, but Onision used the code word of Anime on his Twitter to mean B.

Is it so unlikely that he is using code to get this girls attention to feed his narc ego needs?

She's the only one that bothered to donate in earnest.

Then onision tweets 1 hour ago, "sometime you gotta dig through dirt to find some gold".

What do you guys think?

No. 621425

File: 1546714667232.jpg (419.71 KB, 1065x1351, Screenshot_20190105-135725.jpg)

Forgot the pic oops

No. 621426

File: 1546714914108.png (678.12 KB, 873x525, dogs23.png)

is that the doggy running outside? this is from 20 days ago

No. 621427

>Billie made Greg and Lainey a vegan avocado zucchini casserole and Greg non-stop criticized it to the point where Billie felt so bad she just binge ate it.

This just stands out to me as really cruel. I guess she should have known that they wouldn't eat actual vegetables, but surely as an adult you should at least acknowledge the effort that went into it? And somehow it's Billie that's the ungrateful brat.

No. 621428


This includes MORE incriminating things sent between Lame and Sarah. One photo Sarah sent Lame of two girls kissing titled "you and me" which Lame reblogged replying, "I think I'm lowkey in love with you tbh".

Sorry I can't screenshot rn.

No. 621430

Gregs sunflower pic was there on his emails to shane earlier last year that he posted on twitter.

No. 621431


Thank you anon!

No. 621432


this story also stood out to me, esp. as someone with an ED. sucks that they demand gifts after assumed wronging and then when someone actually does something for them Greg shits all over it anyway.

No. 621434

Stay on topic, this is the last warning. Any other attempts to derail will result in a ban. If you need a reminder on what the topic is, feel free to read the thread before you post.

No. 621435

She’s 19, but looks 15 (his type) and also has dark hair with bangs. We better keep tabs on this one. Onion has noted how much he likes bangs and finds them attractive. I think that’s the real reason Lainey was freaking out, she wasn’t gonna fit into his “type” anymore.

Unrelated but this girl also kinda looks like björk.(derail)

No. 621436

East coast fag here. Ayalla will be broadcasting in 3 hours and 20 minutes exactly.

No. 621439

File: 1546718346818.gif (2.65 MB, 320x240, 1534798328542.gif)

>When Drew brought up the kids, Lainey emailed Billie saying she’d sue and Billie replied with laughing crying emojis.
This is "lol be mad" part 2. Based Billie!

No. 621444

LMAO. Ungrateful brat? She's 3 years older than Sarah and has had way more life experience at that point than her. lmao Sarah was already groomed at that point, can see Lame's influence. Bitch was also stupid enough to skinwalk Billie since she was so desperate to be in the trinity. She's a fucking moron.

No. 621446


So, according to what Lane remembers Sarah told her, Greg probably never spoke with Sarah about being in a relationship that at least involved him. He treated Sarah more consistently by being an asshole to her in the company of others and privately, unlike Lainey who was an asshole to Sarah but privately talked about being together.

It's interesting, but not surprising, if Laundry felt uncomfortable cuddling with Sarah and Glog. Even if Glog was just sitting on the bed, albeit closely, with Laundry and Sarah who were actually cuddling, maybe it reminded Laundry that she just wants Sarah to herself.

…or it reminded Laundry that she isn't gay, and she just wants Sarah around to worship her and for the ego boost/control she lacks.

No. 621455

File: 1546720797915.jpg (338.73 KB, 1782x2048, DwK1G9YV4AAw5wq.jpg)

He looks so gross and creepy in his new Twitter profile pic. It literally made me shudder.

No. 621456

He looks like a lego head with some lego hair placed on top wtf

No. 621460

He looks special needs

No. 621462

File: 1546721500712.jpg (164.48 KB, 1059x720, Screenshot_20190105-124918_Twi…)

Why not post a before and after, Greg? Is it because you still got big ol' man titties?

No. 621469

I mean we just saw his gut in Lainey’s dumb connect 4 video so this is highly doubtful

No. 621470

File: 1546722715803.png (3.45 MB, 1200x2326, screencapture-instagram-onisio…)

Literally what? All he eats is processed garbage. https://www.instagram.com/onisionfood/

No. 621475

well…as much as id like to agree, he eats veggies with almost every meal

No. 621484

File: 1546724029783.jpeg (32.82 KB, 509x596, images (15).jpeg)

This is incredibly relevant now lmao. Plus isn't it kinda weird that Foot was joking about dungeons even before all that shit with Billie happened? Tinfoil but maybe the chaining in the basement thing was Foot's idea

No. 621487

File: 1546724207371.jpg (205.79 KB, 1062x712, Screenshot_20190105-153624.jpg)

No. 621491

File: 1546724409217.gif (2 MB, 250x186, tumblr_p7v3ydK1XY1vpre4qo10_25…)


No. 621496

And bread, pasta, cheese, butter, French fries (or something else that’s fried).

No wonder he’s fat.

No. 621497


Ehhhh.. His vegetable portions are very small tho. If he really wanted to focus on weight loss veggies should take up at least half of his plate, not carbs.

No. 621498


>When Lainey is mad at someone they asks for gifts to win back their forgiveness. Sarah would buy them fruit (edible arrangements I’ve heard before) and makeup pallets. Billie once had to buy everyone, including Sarah, a gift for forgiveness. Bought Lainey a bouquet.

I know we've heard this before, but it still really burns me up. What a bitchy immature fucking brat. "I won't forgive you unless you get me something. It better be good." Like I can't believe that that's just accepted behavior for the people in their life. She's such an entitled cunt she demands expensive gifts if you happen to fall out of her good graces. Okay, princess. Go fuck yourself. I can't wait for these abusive creeps to lose everything. I hope Ayalla's stream gives us some good milk.

No. 621504

Isn’t it obvious that Greg wasn’t the one grooming Sarah when Billie was around? He clearly had his eyes set on Billie because let’s be real, she obviously the prettier one. Lainey was the one that was all over Sarah and considered Sarah because like you all said, she just want a female friend and can’t tell that apart from wanting a girlfriend and poof- there’s Sarah. And especially when Billie was there and teaming up against Lainey with Greg, Sarah was being Lainey’s tissue and kissing her ass, it makes sense that Lainey or Sarah would start suggesting Sarah was a biker tee third. Idk, but I’ve never felt like Sarah is Greg’s type but I feel like he’s struggling to accept her into his trinity considering his last options were Maya and Billie. No offense to Sarah but that’s kind of a downgrade.

No. 621515


What is especially terrible and garbage about it is that the people she demands these "gifts" from had significantly less money than she did. One was a high school kid (and whose family was apparently not well off), the other was someone who did not have many financial resources at all (which was actually part of the reason she was there). It's pretty disgusting.

No. 621518

Just want to make sure everyone is ready for the stream. Younow is a shit, doesn't load on a lot of browsers. I'd advise checking now, and if videos aren't loading then download the app. Sure she's uploading to youtube later, but I know you're all as thirsty as I am.

No. 621519

>-Confirmed Sarah stalks gossip sites for Lainey. Mainly lolcow and blogs like EO.

Everyone knew that bitch lurks but it's still nice to have confirmation lmao

No. 621521

It is so gross that they use the word “trinity” for a three-person relationship. Of course Gurg thinks he’s God, so.

No. 621524

This was also my feeling all along. I never felt like Greg was really attracted to Sarah, she's not his type. Not only her looks but also her personality. I think she pretty much is what he describes as a "girly girl" he doesn't like. Maybe he keeps her around to keep Lainey convinced that she needs a girlfriend.

Let's see what Ayalla has to say. I'm glad she seems to have the balls Greg and Lainey both wish they had (no offense to Ayalla).

No. 621529

Recommendations? What are the best ones? Do you need an account?

No. 621530

Jesus fucking christ he's trying so hard with the forced 'smile eyes' and filter that he looks fucking unhinged.

No. 621531

Not that anon, but try checking random younow streamers with your current browser and see how it works out.

You don't need an account but having one is good if you want to ask questions.

No. 621532


I use Google Chrome. You are going to want an account so you can interact. Also if you don't have one, YouNow puts up a request to get one that blocks her screen

No. 621534

What a kawaii little boy! -Greg, probably

No. 621535

I'm using Chrome on Mac, and it's working fine for me. You'll need to click the little lock on the address bar and set Flash to Allow.

No. 621539

make sure you're on desktop, too. younow has never worked for me on any mobile browser, account or not.

No. 621540

10 mins till broadcast!
Please remember, no mentioning Sarah‘s name according to Ayalla.
Let’s get the truth and bury these pathetic excuses for humans.

No. 621541

File: 1546728688766.png (316.34 KB, 1200x675, shitsgettingreal.png)

No. 621545

File: 1546728945213.png (40.96 KB, 589x276, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.54…)

Final results of her "rigged" poll, kek.

No. 621549

Ayalla is live

No. 621551

If I'm mathing right, approximately 43 voted no. Damn, that's a lot of sock puppet accounts, Onionboi.

No. 621553

No. 621556

If I'm mathing right, approximately 43 voted no. Damn, that's a lot of sock puppet accounts, Onionboi.

No. 621557

No. 621560

File: 1546729514621.jpg (89.27 KB, 968x494, Screenshot_20190105-180204.jpg)

It's starting y'all, and miss B herself is in the chat!

Join the tea!

No. 621565

File: 1546729915450.png (158.85 KB, 500x608, S6R4NEB.png)

No. 621566

File: 1546729928145.png (187.14 KB, 500x617, 6fM6ePQ.png)

No. 621567

File: 1546729947107.png (188.63 KB, 500x479, f6tqkSi.png)

No. 621568

File: 1546729974517.png (64.22 KB, 500x338, Ffm4IuE.png)

No. 621569

File: 1546729986145.png (38.52 KB, 500x237, 92mJF0z.png)

No. 621571

There's also Luxymoo, Lane and even Lucidia in the chat

No. 621572

Sam is there as well

No. 621573

Is that Lainey and Sara? Disgusting

No. 621574

No it's just a post she reblogged

No. 621575

The picture isn't them but the caption is written by sarah to lainey

No. 621576

Ayalla said Gerg and Taylor tried getting HeyThereImShannon into the trinity by offering her concert tickets and other stuff.
Shannon's in the chat confirming it

No. 621577

Ayalla just confirmed that Onion still tries to get in touch with Billie every few months

No. 621578

Ayalla confirmed that Greg does in fact still try to contact Billie from time to time every few months kek what a fuckin' loser

No. 621579

Ugh ugh

Suburban parents with little kids trying to bribe a teen to be in a gross threesome with them

No. 621581

She just played a voicemail from Greg saying "Hey Ayalla it's Greg I got a few things to talk to you about, no big deal, bye"

No. 621582

Thanks for recording it here, I tried to capture the moment but my internet was shitting itself.

No. 621584

Apparently Greg has contacted girls as young as 12… fucking gross

No. 621585

On the age of the girls:
>there are people coming forward who were 12, 13, 14 years old

No. 621586

ephebophile my ass, 12 years old is a fucking kid

No. 621588

In the "Moments" feature people have captured it at least. The people in this chat are taking it all pretty seriously and documenting shit.

No. 621589

she's currently trending #1 on girls lol i'm sure the onions are thrilled right now

No. 621591

File: 1546730937045.gif (165.55 KB, 499x579, waitingmilk.gif)

Waiting for that milk be like…

No. 621592

File: 1546731111933.png (12.21 KB, 493x127, shannpn.png)

No. 621593

File: 1546731210182.png (53.1 KB, 741x477, notbothered.png)

greg tweeting right now trying to pretend he's not watching ayalla's stream lol

No. 621594

lol yeah he's definitely just retweeting so he can say in a video later 'I didn't watch her stream, but I heard…'

No. 621596

can't watch the stream, what proof did she offer for this?

not that i don't believe it, it's just this is big.

No. 621597

$200 that Sarah is lurking in the stream to report back anyway

No. 621598

She said that those girls have come forward to her

No. 621599

She that after she started posting about it on twitter people messaged her

No. 621600

She just said that they were "more than five"

No. 621602

Is that Lainey and Sara? Disgusting

No. 621605

Her stream just went offline or froze

No. 621606

The stream bugged out.

No. 621607

read the thread

No. 621608

She said there are over five girls, and that she does in fact have proof. She's trying her best to not talk about things that some of these girls have mentioned to her that cannot be backed up by proof because she doesn't want to say things for shock value. Imagine–everything she's shared is disgusting enough, and what she's shared she can provide proof for (she's been consistent in that she even shared the voicemail Greg left) WHAT ELSE there might be that's disgusting, but she's refraining from sharing atm because she doesn't want to get called a liar.

No. 621609

yo did they take down her stream or what?

No. 621610

The stream went offline when Ayalla was midsentence. Younow bug or complaint from the onion gargoyles, do you think?

No. 621611

>tfw Greg's legal team killed the stream

what a legend

No. 621612

she said that some of them that came forward that she verified that their accusations are real

No. 621613

Joke's on them, she'll just go to Youtube which is more permanent and easier to download/share.

No. 621614

File: 1546731836331.png (10.45 KB, 575x112, ayalla.PNG)

No. 621615

blink twice if you're in danger

No. 621616

I stan queen Ayalla. She's my bae.

No. 621619

calm yourself Sara, it will be back soon.

No. 621620

Damn, I wonder if she purposefully got off. Billie has just gotten in the chat. I wish she had stayed on a little longer.

No. 621621

She said she's posting the video there too

No. 621622

Billie's been in the chat since it first started.

No. 621623

Looks like she won't be coming back. Although if more people go to her then I guess she would stream again in the future

No. 621624

ok thank you

I 100% believe her. It's just I wanted to make sure this wasn't going to be an easily shoved aside thing like all the other times he's been called a pedo, he's managed to weasel out of it each time because lack of evidence.

All this is so disgusting. Someone needs to take their kids away from them.

No. 621625

Billie was there basically the entire time I'm pretty sure.

No. 621626


I don't think so, she seemed pretty intent on talking about this stuff, even though she was clearly stressed

No. 621627

She did such a good job. She confirmed so much.

No. 621628

File: 1546732054073.jpg (37.93 KB, 1080x231, Billie.jpg)

No. 621630

tbh most of what she said has been said in these threads. the only new stuff is that theres more girls he contacted. kinda mad she couldnt mention specifics about what he did to billie and i think she was trying to steer clear of his kids. idk why no one will touch that. bc we all know there's weird shit going on with them

No. 621631

Something Ayalla said was that Greg emails Billie every few months.

No. 621632

What I thought was p interesting is that he interrogated her, just like he did with Maya, looking for a weakness or sore spots to use against them. I wonder if he does that with everyone who enters his house.

No. 621633

Sooo. Is anything going to come from this? Or will this be hot milk on here for max 3 days until its ignored again. Were sitting here watching actual pedophiles in the act and no actions are ever taken. What can be done?

No. 621634

File: 1546732186242.jpg (82.41 KB, 1080x335, Luxy.jpg)

Billie, Lane, Luxy,and The Blargh were all there plus girls the onions have targeted

No. 621635

stream ended abruptly, the milky bits;

>greg still contacts billie "every few months"

>lainey also contacted billie
>played outloud a creepy voicemail from greg
>several girls have come out to her with stories of greg/lainey trying to lure them in
>billie had situations sprung on her she just had to go along with
>lainey was "cordial" to ayalla when she visited
>greg wanted ayalla to live with them as well as billie, but never actually tried anything with her
>greg and lainey had several screaming matches when she was there
>lainey can be nasty and "viscous" in person, as bad as greg at times
>greg often asked her prying questions about her past and child hood and any abuse she may have suffered, as if to get something on her
>would spoil potential teen girlfriends with concert tickets and presents
>sarah herself confirmed that at 14/15 that her and lainey had discussed dateing
>witnessed him being verbally abusive to sarah
>she fully believes that greg and lainey know what they are doing when they lure in teen girls and kept referring to lainey as "in the same category as greg now"

No. 621636

A lot of people who were watching probably don't read here though.
Also I'm pretty glad she didn't mention their kids, because you know if she had greg would have just focused on that and ignored the actual accusations

No. 621637

She said she was there to answer questions regarding their tactics and not regarding Billie's time there. She did say that Greg and Taylor have contacted her since.

No. 621638

She didn't want to answer what onision tells Billie when he gets in contact with her, a lot of people were asking that

No. 621640

File: 1546732378666.gif (1.68 MB, 481x262, outofmilk.gif)

No. 621641

File: 1546732382811.jpg (119.58 KB, 978x513, Screenshot_20190105-181943.jpg)

Don't forget about grandma Rosie!

Everybody came, even the blarg!

Truly it was The hottest place to be

Greg and Lame confirmed for child preadatoring and grooming of underage girls, as young as 13

Fucking disgusting, Chase these pedophiles off the net!

No. 621643


She said when she was there both Greg and Taylor seemed like attentive parents

No. 621644

Few things that she said in the stream:

>All of these people coming forward with their own information and their own stories about what Greg has done to them.

>He has done this to so many different people and SHE has done this to so many different people
>I went out of my way to not tell Greg about my life because he was digging and trying to get stuff out of me
>When he was in a relationship with Billie they sprung things on her that she never agreed to but was just supposed to be okay with
>There's been so many different people coming forward…Shannon, Hayley, Lain.
>Greg left me a voicemail asking for a call back to discuss
>I got Billie out by taking her to a friend's house
>There are people coming forward that are 12,13, 14…
>They work collectively to find these young girls

No. 621646

as much as I wanted her to answer that I get that she wanted to focus more on their predatory actions rather than what they say to billie

No. 621647

He used his money to lure those girls in and offered to buy them stuff. THATS WHY IM SO FUCKING GLAD HES ABOUT YO LOSE EVERYTHING

No. 621648

I know it's so obvious that Lainey is a piece of shit and just as vindictive and that those kids are growing up in an abusive household by two people who can't fully meet their needs and yet we have to pretend things are fine until someone finally admits some tidbit and everyone can then feel ok to come forward.

For a long time it was, Lainey is so nice and innocent, when we all knew there was no way that was true. Finally people are saying the obvious. And Maya did admit shit about the kids (Greg screaming at her with Trot in his arms) and yet people still are afraid to talk.

Wait til all these girls are like 27, eventually they'll get it.

No. 621649

Notes from Ayalla's livestream. She didn't really reveal anything milky.

- A woman told Ayalla that her two young daughters were having contact with Greg, and that there had been pictures sent back and forth. Greg and Lainey were trying to spoil these two girls to get them to come out for a visit.

- Said that she never saw Greg or Lainey being abusive towards their children or pets in any way.

- Greg still tries to contact Billie every few months.

- Ayalla played the voice message that Greg left on her phone yesterday. It was very short, and here’s exactly what it said”

“Hey Ayalla, it’s Greg. Give me a phone call back, we’ve got a few things to talk about. No big deal. Bye.”

- Greg is more upfront and aggressive, whereas Lainey stands back and plays the victim, and allows Greg to lead the charge when it comes to taking care of Lainey’s issues for her. She characterized Lainey as being more manipulative behind the scenes rather than straightforwardly the way that Greg is.

- Greg springs things on people that they never discussed or agreed to.

- He words things in a certain way to where either you agree with him, or in disagreeing with him you’re a bad person.

- When she went there with Billie during her second visit, Ayalla went out of her way to not give Greg any information about her life because she could tell that he was digging and trying to find information to use against her.

- Has had more than five women come to her since coming out yesterday about Lainey and Greg trying to bribe them with gifts, plane tickets, and concert tickets to lure them to their house.

No. 621650

It felt to me like anything involving Billie she wouldn’t speak on because she felt that was up to Billie to decide if she wanted it public. Ayalla can confirm it, but details would have to come from Billie because I think Ayalla is respectful of what her friend wants to share. Though I really hope Billie at least gives her screenshots to post; if Lainey uses Greg as her public mouthpiece why not Billie through Ayalla?

No. 621651

I'm honestly so glad that Ayalla was smart enough to see through Greg and never give him any information about her private life (same goes for Maya)
Billie was/is so so lucky to have her as a friend and that Ayalla got her out of that fucked up situation

No. 621652

I understand keeping bill’s experience private because it’s some shred of privacy she gets to keep from the whole thing but I wish she had given a little more details that related to the manipulation of keeping her there. That could help further confirm his tactics. Bill would have to sign off though. It’s good that it doesn’t come directly from her because Greg is constantly salivating to have even the weakest excuse to talk about her or talk to her.

No. 621654

I think Ayalla managed the stream very well. Her point was to confirm that Greg and Lainey both use tactics to lure in underage girls and use her platform to spread this information even further (especially to people who just casually watch them and don't follow lolcow). Her openly speaking about it could encourage victims to come forward as well, or at the very least it is a warning to fangirls to not fall for their manipulation.

As she said, there is nothing anyone can really do about it except spread the word, until one of their victims possibly takes legal action.

No. 621655

She said there's things you don't agree to do but when you're at the grease mansion it's expected for you to do them anyway.

I wanted her to elaborate on this so badly, shame.

No. 621656

File: 1546733240543.jpeg (497.85 KB, 1242x1945, D974135A-4C27-4E84-B752-9667E9…)

He’s liking tweets giving him asspats.

No. 621657


That is evidence of Ayalla's genuine concern and honesty.
She could've added to Onion's relentless quest for a harem by saying that he hit on her also, but she denied that.

If Ayalla's intention was to actually lie or destroy Onion and Lame, she could've easily just said, "Yes," and confirmed all of the questions asked in the chat. She didn't. She denied knowledge of many.

No. 621658

Can I just say that while I am glad Ayalla is bringing everything to light with the Sarah situation that we all knew was sus af, it fucking pisses me the fuck off that she never said anything before because she was being 'smeared' by Onion.
Ayalla said it both in DM I have and her YouNow stream she didn't say anything because they were smearing her. Like fuck off, you AND Billie were both witness and had knowledge of Taylor and Greg grooming a foster CHILD (emphasis on child) for years, which is literally illegal predatory behaviour on both their parts. Like does Ayalla not understand herself how fucking disgusting that is? I don't care what kind of 'smear' campaign someone has on me, I would go straight to the authorities if I knew a child was being sexually lured into a polyamarous shit show, and had proof.
Like…. I don't wanna be that person, but I kinda tinfoil the fuck out of Ayalla being full of shit cause in my mind, no one would hesitate to report something like that no matter what. I know I'm wrong, but holy shit. Lurked on lolcow for years, and this is my first post.

No. 621659

No. 621660

Lol okay. We’ve all established that she was young at the time and he had much more power at the time to harass her. It’s good that she’s stepping up now to help as much as she can.

No. 621661

She confirmed that Lainey is just as bad as Greg, the only difference is that she hides it better

No. 621662

File: 1546733466767.jpeg (794.76 KB, 1242x1789, 722A2A2E-A7DB-44E8-B6BB-984215…)

No. 621663

probably things like parenting their children nonstop, taking care of the dogs, reading hate blogs for them and making stupid videos with Greg

No. 621664

she also said she didn't put 2 and 2 together at the time. i can definitely relate to realising something was fucked up only years later after i had matured more. calm down

No. 621665

that last tweet…. jesus, how delusional and blind do you have to be to actually think that. His fans truly are retarded…

No. 621666

File: 1546733871189.png (86.69 KB, 716x426, Capture _2019-01-05-22-15-12~2…)

No. 621667

I’ve had a CPS case before because of a nasty divorce (don’t worry guys I’m a great mother, but when they have to investigate one parent they typically investigate both just in case) and sooooo much of what these creeps do would immediately get their children taken away if they actually confessed or something was proven against them. They’re disgusting.

No. 621668

Now there's the milk! Come on ayalla, be more specific!

No. 621672

Ayalla was the first one who brought it up that onision wanted to make Billie tattoo "I'm a liar", shave her eyebrows, etc, she's always been the bravest person in this situation

No. 621673

she just tweeted that her screen record didnt work, hopefully someone else grabbed it

No. 621676

I'm pretty sure she can download her own stream on younow, someone said that in her comments

No. 621678

Yeah, Greg is clearly "cute and kind too." His fans are utter fucking morons. They know this shit (wanting Billie to mar her body for his amusement, chaining herself up in his basement like a fucking slave) and still have the stupidity to put that out there in the world for everyone to see.

No. 621679

Ayala is a BAMF, no questions asked she's always had more courage to stand up to
These two monsters more than anyone else. She's a queen.

No. 621680

File: 1546734254376.jpg (263.65 KB, 1076x978, Screenshot_20190106-012226_Twi…)

No. 621681

I know this is a joke but Greg’s response is really unnerving. If this is how he teases what seems to be a young girl who is ass-kissing right now, based on these tweets and the one right here (it’s the same girl) >>621656 imagine how he is privately in girl’s DMs and irl. I’m betting right now this will be one of the new fans he tries grooming.

No. 621682

Exactly! And that should always be the information used to scare the Avaroe's into backing off because they know it. Just as they try and use personal information against all these girls, that information can always be used against them.

No. 621683

Do you think there's a possibility Keem or Philly D will pick this up? Or will it remain "stagnant"?

No. 621687

I think it's hard to say. They know he thrives on drama for views and money. If anything I think Petty Paige would possibly and Repzion for sure.

No. 621688

How old is HeyThereImShannon?

No. 621689

nope, I think as long as there isn't something as serious going on like someone having actual proof of him being a pedophile, people won't touch him. I think people with a large following like Keemstar or Philly D will only give him a platform to finally crucify his sad ass.

No. 621690

Do you honestly believe that? They weren't that young, they knew right from wrong and that's why they escaped. Remember when the Shane pedophile rumour came out? He had a lot of power too and still fell from that, only a little. But Shane's allegations had no base. Greg would have crumbled in a second, because everyone knows hes a creepy fuck.


Oh please, I am calm. Look, I'm sure we've all had that realization or we will one day, this can't be one of them. She must have known how shady and sus it was because she also said didn't say anything from being smeared. Also, it's been 3 years. You can't tell me she hasn't said anything cause she's just realizing now how bad it is. I guess I am the only one that thinks she fucked up big, which is fine. That's how the farm goes.

No. 621691

shes 21 now

No. 621692

people should ask TeaSpill, as she's been diverging into other topics like the mukbang community and seems to be very active. same with PettyPaige- like I love reading the drama but honestly if Greg got canceled for ever or had the fire set on his ass I wouldn't be pressed either. drama channels like those two are pretty willing to go after him and do so with vicious fans

No. 621694

File: 1546735080877.jpeg (583.41 KB, 1800x1663, BAAB6843-C3EF-4DBC-A677-18A4F8…)

Greg liked all of Little Egg’s tweets defending him, and ignored all of the call-out ones. Pathetic.
>Greg is deleting evidence of his pedopholia!
>I can’t be bothered arguing uwu

No. 621695

That person is probably one of his socks, like HiImASociopath.

No. 621696

File: 1546735268302.png (504.2 KB, 1242x2688, 28FF49E7-4AAA-4135-A17C-75BB40…)

Either she deleted this reply or this is a fake screenshot.

No. 621697

And how this helps us now anon? yes let's all go attack the only person willing to talk and demand her an explanation on why she didn't talk before! let's call her out! that coward!

This for sure will end greg!

No. 621698

Nope, I saw that too. Didn't take a screenshot but it's legit. She's deleted it.

No. 621699


Keem would before Phil, but I feel like there's some sort of spoken/unspoken rule of not giving Shreg the platform and attention he so badly wants amongst most major youtubers. As soon as Phil or Pewdiepie, idubbbz, h3h3 or someone massive like them mention Onion boy they know he will milk it forever, and it's probably fucking annoying. For this to even gain weight people need to be more vocal on it besides Ayalla. Right now it's just 1 girl speaking with a bunch of people in the sidelines cheering her on.

No. 621700

Probably because "Cheating" is kind of a nebulous word that means different things to different people. Some people think kissing someone other than your SO is cheating; some people think sending and receiving racy texts is cheating; some people think cheating only happens when uglies are bumped.

No. 621701

I think it's just some fat preteen that doesn't know better yet.

No. 621702

File: 1546735519164.jpeg (293.32 KB, 640x1135, AF1C98E4-B624-485D-94FA-A73C59…)

It’s real. I still had it open in the Twitter app, so I was able to grab a screenshot before it refreshed.

No. 621703

File: 1546735521143.png (41.15 KB, 617x209, Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 7.44…)


I still have the page open from before she deleted, it's real

No. 621705

If there is solid proof he really has been praying on girls as young as 12, then yes. Especially Phil, he's always been very willing to blast people who are abusive in anyway to young children.

No. 621706

Good job anons

No. 621710

True. He was kind of emotionally cheating on Lainey with that girl who was actually a farmer. Both he and Lainey said it wasn’t flirting and was just “friendly” but was clear to anyone with half a brain that he was crossing a friendship line. I mean if he thinks topless massages are just something friends do, the line for what they actually consider to be cheating must be way out there.

No. 621715


When did this happen? Is it in the archives somewhere?

No. 621716

Keem and Greg have had beef on a couple of occasions. Last time Keem reported on Greg, it was about IRS debt and trying to scam his fans to donate money, IIRC. Keem shared whatever receipts he had at the time to backup the claim.

Keem would report with solid proof as well as Phil, like >>621705 said, but I don't think either of them would with screenshots of DMs alone. By the time they reported on Austin Jones, charges were filed and there were videos Austin sent his victims of himself that also backed up screenshots of DMs and the case details. Unless there is more than just screenshots and the words of victims alone, they are not going to touch this.

No. 621717

I think Anon is talking about Vix, would be about a year ago, look for Vixmass.

No. 621723

File: 1546736741078.jpg (139.83 KB, 1067x560, Screenshot_20190105-170525_Twi…)

No. 621724

she should share some of those messages tbh

No. 621725

post what he sends you omg lol

No. 621726

>disgusting accusations

So hes not threatening her with legal action. Is he maybe saying he has dirt on her and will release it, black mail her with some kind of stupid shit hes made up in his head about her or her and B?

No. 621727

>awww that's sweet
>how old are u? want a plane ticket?

No. 621730

would watch the shit out of if she made an R Kelly styled docuseries with shane lmfao

No. 621731

Lainey has always been a manipulator. When she first became friends with Sarah, she would use sarah and regina to spread lies to potential "friends" to see if they were trustworthy or not. If you said anything or even had an opinion they didnt care for or didnt run to lainey to tattle about these "rumors" you were blocked and were made a fool.

No. 621732

Ayalla's matured since then, which is evident. She still takes a pollyanna view of Billie's involvement one-on-one with Greg but she dragged her out of there regardless and now that time has passed, she's speaking out in the right way, and in a way that is legal.

No. 621734

That doesn't sound like new super positive Greg!

I really hope some bigger youtubers (or more youtubers) catch wind of this and cover it. This shouldn't get swept under the rug like everything else.

No. 621735

Are you dense? I never said or implied that anyone should go attack her or demand anything from Ayalla. That's obv cowtipping and I'm not here for that. It was only to be noted that Ayalla should have said something sooner for Sarah's sake and her reasoning for not is BS. That's it, shut up.

Yes she really should share the allegations, otherwise she might not be taken seriously and all of this will have been for nothing.

No. 621736

Was a timeframe put on when Lainey contacted her? Was she still in her teens at all?

No. 621738

The Fall of Greg: Shane's Revenge

No. 621739

She has SO much support behind her now. I hope she keeps sharing. Greg has nothing tbh hah.

No. 621740

She should post anything he sends her/ says to her, that would be amazing.

No. 621741

it's probably related to what she said about him digging up dirt on her constantly, I bet he brings up very personal stuff in those accusations to scare/intimidate her.

No. 621742

File: 1546737907016.png (32.82 KB, 574x346, newyearjessie.PNG)

not stopping him from tweeting at Jessie again.

No. 621743

File: 1546737957160.png (104.84 KB, 576x651, Screenshot_6.png)

No. 621744

File: 1546738069628.jpeg (156.79 KB, 1242x865, 8A137AE4-9AFD-4A1A-BAE0-863913…)

funny how he isn’t calling idubbz a racist and he would never collab with a RACIST

No. 621745

Ayalla should post any dirt on herself that Greg has, however minute, before he can. Then it has no power.

No. 621746

Just ignore the "Are you dense/stupid/retarded" anon, they have no life outside of nitpicking, complaining and whining.
I live for Greg's Jessie tweets. Lmao he's still attempting to seal the deal with a teen who wants nothing to do with him, even after a livestream today about what a predator him and his wife are. Every day he must tweet at Jessie twice or he has not met his predatory quota.

No. 621748

File: 1546738246988.jpeg (560.98 KB, 1800x1685, 05498231-C9E4-42F9-906D-81FCAD…)

He’s in extreme damage control mode.

No. 621749

File: 1546738371328.jpg (124.18 KB, 286x1038, inCollage_20190105_232907960~3…)

No. 621751

i would nut if all the girls brought greg on dr phil

No. 621752

File: 1546738433301.jpeg (660.88 KB, 1242x1399, 275D6530-9C7B-49D2-8631-BBBC75…)


No. 621754

lol yea because taylor is being outed finally for being a predatory dick like greg is. she deserve to be shit on

No. 621755

That is so beyond creepy. Having two total strangers basically holding out candy to children, saying "Come here little girl.. if you like this candy there is a whole truck load of it in our house by the swamp…"

Straight out of a nightmare

No. 621756

Ohhh no Lainey's crying!

No. 621757


No. 621758

>Lainey is crying

No. 621759

Where’s the “people being held accountable for their actions,” Gurg?

No. 621761

She should let it spill and ignore it. Or she should openly tell people that she'll deal with whatever he brings up later until she has made her point. This will render him powerless, plus he can't keep her from telling the truth. I mean, she is not the one in trouble or who's being accused of possible pedophilia; whatever she might have done (or rather whatever narrative Greg tries to push), I don't think it can keep up with what Greg himself has done.

That said, Greg doesn't have any power. Who - exept from his delusional fans - would believe him anyway? He's known to twists facts until they suit him.

No. 621762

who cares if that rat is having a super important panic attack. she deserves everything she has coming at her.

No. 621763

lol OF COURSE SHE IS. She has to always be the victim. Because a 24 year old should just sit around crying screaming how mean the internet is rather than ever showing a speck of self awareness or taking responsibility for her wrong-doings. People treated her like a victim for so long she can't fathom being anything but a victim.

No. 621764

It's so good to know the onions are probably freaking out because they realize how fucking bad Ayalla has made them look

No. 621765

File: 1546738767456.jpeg (723.76 KB, 1242x1693, 32AFA078-0DF7-431D-B4B2-2B16FE…)

Kek, he liked that response. Trying to throw shade at us because I guess Ayalla’s stream, which outs him and crying Lainey as pedos, is simple drama

No. 621766

Exactly. The fact that plank is scared shitless means she knows she fucked up. If the accusations are false, she wouldn't be this scared.

No. 621767

>send him tons of love

No. If your spouse is crying, YOU comfort them. Get off twitter and do your job as a partner and offer support.

Not that either of the child catching creeps deserve it, of course.

No. 621768

>- A woman told Ayalla that her two young daughters were having contact with Greg, and that there had been pictures sent back and forth. Greg and Lainey were trying to spoil these two girls to get them to come out for a visit.
I wouldn't trust this claim unless there's concrete evidence involved. Greg's fixation seems to be on girls who are 15-17, and that's always how he imagines himself in his weird ass books. Plus, if the daughters were underage (esp if they were the twelve- to thirteen-year-olds mentioned here >>621644)
and the mother knows what went on, then wouldn't she contact the authorities?

I think that Ayalla is telling the truth, but she could be getting duped by trolls. It wouldn't be the first time the anti-O community was taken for a ride.
She may feel like it's "safe" now that the walls are closing in on Greg. I mean it is kind of fucked up to keep this all a secret for so long, esp if she knew about the pedo accusations earlier (well, she should have at least sent them to the FBI if they were credible), but she also may have wanted to protect Billie from receiving more attention regarding Greg as well.
Chances are slim that Greg had sex with somebody we don't know about. That doesn't seem to be part of his MO either; when he sleeps with someone it's always in the context of (what he thinks is) a serious emotional relationship. Though he did go down to LA for mysterious reasons a few months back.
Loooool, it's been a long time since we've seen the "Lainey's cryng!" tactic.

No. 621769

I'm extremely curious to know the ages of all of the girls involved at the time they were trying to lure them to the grease mansion. Ayalla doesn't have to spill identities but ages are important.

No. 621770

This bitch crawled up Greg's ass a while ago. She's actively working on acquiring her plane ticket. Honestly when they are this idiotic, I think they deserve to be stuck in the pedophile's swamp. If someone hasn't realized by now that Greg and Lainey are predators, they need to learn the hard way.

No. 621771

File: 1546738966878.jpeg (585.96 KB, 1242x1180, 232A9936-08AE-46C5-A69A-EDBA2D…)

A ton of people are calling him out and he won’t even acknowledge them. He’s just liking all the fake deep responses lmao

No. 621772

Better late than never anon. Cut her some slack. She’s a kid too and was probably scared and had a lot else going on.

No. 621773

Oh no, Kainey is sad, so sad. Where is HIS support??!!!

No. 621774

Exactly. I cannot imagine being freshly 18 and not being scared out of my mind of having my character destroyed by someone with as big an internet presence as Greg USED to have. Remember that Greg used to get in the millions of views on Uhohbro, he wasn't the complete failure that he is today back then. You just get out of highschool and think the sky is the limit for you and your success - then some creep is constantly blackmailing and threatening you for the entire world to see? Thinking that every time you make a new friend or apply for a new job, they can just look you up online and find numerous videos about you claiming all of this horrific stuff..? I can't imagine anyone that young being able to deal with that.

No. 621775

File: 1546739278096.jpeg (363.63 KB, 1242x1457, 9839BADE-E2CC-45D2-A912-5B8834…)

You’re so lucky to have someone like Greg!1! As he literally just posts about Lainey crying rather than actually comforting her.

No. 621776

i'm honestly living for this. cry then, bitch, you fucking deserve everything that's coming to you. no one ruined your life but you, you reap what you sow.

just ignore them, they're being super whiny and aggro about this for no reason

No. 621777

lol picturing Greg hearing Lainey screeching in the background for attention and instead of even looking at her he just tweets "Hey guys, my man-wife is crying, go tweet that you love her because that'll make it all oodles better. I'm best husband, btw"

No. 621778

so pathetic. She's a grown ass woman she shouldn't be needing his 15 year old brainwashed followers' 'love'.

No. 621779

File: 1546739710322.jpeg (677.53 KB, 1242x1698, 9D2BE9FC-B5D9-4EF4-BAD9-059602…)

From Greg’s likes- he liked that tweet that says mind your own fucking business. I guess this confirms Lainey is crying over her pedophilia.

No. 621781

Him tweeting Jesse is just publicly, think how many DM's he tries to slide into that no one sees.

Bam. Another corroborated story with similar luring practices, these girls, how many more have they tried to entice?

Confirmed Greg cheats more than just B

>Though he did go down to LA for mysterious reasons a few months back.

Beat me to it anon. Everyone wondered why leave the wife at home, wouldn't she like to explore California too? Even with the kids?

Nope, it's because he had to predator around without lames interference, and, most importantly, if she is not a witness to it, then its "didn't happen officer, never saw my husband do that" time.

Each time more and more people find out, more of his fans turn on him. It's okay if there's no content cop, because the people have a collective voice regardless. Look at Pierce Co. Tweeting about things, everybody find out how rotten slimy the Onions really are, people talk.

No. 621782

File: 1546740046871.jpeg (290.17 KB, 1242x1381, E0633E10-821C-4233-A0AB-CFB99F…)

So as Lainey is crying, he is liking another try-hard girl’s selfie

No. 621784

File: 1546740257591.jpeg (175.76 KB, 1242x963, 779C2DD5-ACE6-4E8D-9E72-ACA22C…)

lane and ayalla are giving both onion boy and his husband hell! i hope he cracks

No. 621785

Emphasis on the tryhard. Imagine seeing this chick holding the camera up with that hand while she leans sadly on her couch, staring into oblivion uwu. God his fans are total embarrassments to society. This is another fan who jumps on his dick every time he tweets, so she probably creamed herself over the like. All of this is textbook manipulation through positive reinforcement practices. These girls stand up for Greg/reply with tweets sucking him off and he publicly likes their pictures/tweets/publicly responds to them so that they will be sure and repeat this same behavior. Same as giving a dog a treat.
Keep on training your teenage females, Greg. Gotta show them the "positive" way forward.

No. 621788

it would have been funnier if she hadn't used Kailor's ~special pronouns~

No. 621789

Why? He’s so creepy and gross, and she’s so bland and clearly crazy as a box of frogs. Look for dates your own age, girls.

No. 621790

The fucking “teehee butts! xD so randum where did that even come from!!?” and Greg likes this shit. Plainey is probably having a full-on meltdown right now.

No. 621793

It's hard to keep up, honestly. We've gone from she/her, they/them, to he/him. Can we just call her "IT"? Seems more effective.

No. 621795

File: 1546740542836.jpeg (42.57 KB, 744x212, 40E6A811-2A1E-4D11-878A-631904…)

Its the 28yo hes using to prove hes not a pedo, pretty sure she was brought up before.

No. 621800

File: 1546740609683.jpeg (716.59 KB, 1242x1262, B3D7D51E-AEB0-4172-8C06-72551A…)

Guess pedophilia happens for a reason.

No. 621802

lmao I've been calling Lainey an it since before this pseudo-tranny stuff ever came about. I think that is the perfect pronoun for someone as useless and rat-like as she is.
"It's crying again."
Yup I love it.

No. 621803

Of course! Remember how hard Lainey's pregnancy was for Greg? So imagine how hard it must be for him to see Lainey cry. No wonder he is literally forced to look at … umm … happier manwives to make Lainey's, I mean, his booboo go away.

No. 621804

Honestly, I wouldn't be too sure if Lainey is really having such a hard time now. Greg also said she was having a breakdown because of Kalvin's video back then, he always does this to make everyone look evil. Maybe she's still crying about her dumbass haircut, but I imagine her sitting there with her smug face while Greg harasses Ayalla for her.

No. 621805

She admitted on her private Twitter that she didn't actually cry over Kalvin's video, she just "gets a kick out of lying."

No. 621806

File: 1546740749048.jpeg (187.82 KB, 1242x438, 63388ABF-5C91-48CD-BE4D-B07A86…)

No. 621809

oh boy here we go

No. 621811

I knew it, it s gonna get good.

No. 621812


Where she going live? I need to watch

No. 621813

Yeah, Lainey recalled Kalvin's video and said "I didn't really care" meanwhile Greg made multiple videos/endless tweets playing his beloved victim card for his poor wifu because the world is so dark and evil and mean and she is such an innocent unicorn.

Wouldn't be surprised in the slightest if she is sitting there laughing like the smug bitch she is telling Greg "make sure to write in your text that she's ugly. And that she's fat. That'll show her."

No. 621815


Oh my God. This is amazing.

No. 621817

LMAO I literally thought she was gonna go live after Ayalla's stream. If she's on YouNow or anything public I hope she gets destroyed.

No. 621821

can this day get any better?

No. 621823

Oh damn. If anyone finds out where the stream is, make sure to post it. We all need to be there in droves to spam pedophile in the chat lol

No. 621824

Lmao how much you wanna bet Lainey is going live right now to get the “internet drama” out of the way? To prove she is unphased by this or whatever. Wasn’t she having a meltdown less than an hour ago? Onion is probably forcing her to stream. If someone is sad, why tf would they think streaming will help. Let the milk flow!

No. 621827

Prediction time. They going to blame everything on Sarah. Likely calling her a liar and pretending all the things Sarah told Ayalla and co are lies Sarah made up because she is "obsessed with Laimey". Acting as thought it only happened in Sarah's imagination or some weird shit. Gregamel makes a speaks video titled "Why Kai dumped his best friend (and why we don't trust anyone anymore to come to our home)" or some bs like that where he talks shit about Sarah for 10 minutes

No. 621828

I can’t imagine how Taylor is going to spin this. She has no way to defend her actions. Ayalla was literally there with Billie and she experienced things firsthand.

No. 621830

we all know halfway thru the stream gerg is gonna storm in and take over bc kainey is incapable of doing anything herself

No. 621831

i hope she cries!! she’s a predator and she’s probably going to blame billie somehow someway

No. 621833

I feel like she's going live because
1) Greg forces her
2) she's icy enough to make use of the recent drama and can draw in viewers.

No. 621834

is sarah still at the mcmansion? what if shes in the stream?

No. 621835

I thought the sweet victim unicorn was too busy crying to stream?
She's definitely going to be smug and laughing about "those stupid rumors! Guys people think I collect teeth how stupid are these rumor mills guys! People think I have a fake chin like omfg how stupid guys!"

Bitch no one ever thought any of those things. It's just your junior manipulation tactics to derail from the painful truth that you and your goblin husband are pedos.

No. 621836

The actual fuck, why is she choosing to go live NOW? Isn't she upset or some bullshit? Ultimate victim, ultra anxiety, but is going live to get hammered (rightly so) by people? Wtf? Attention whore

No. 621837

File: 1546741077814.png (510.37 KB, 918x692, ayallakarina.png)

Mirror of Ayalla's stream.

No. 621838

No. 621839

Good work.

No. 621842

You're a boss anon thanks

No. 621843

If Sarah is in the stream it’s to say ayalla lied

No. 621844

Yup, I am sure we will see her constantly fidgeting and looking away from the camera at Grugly. I wonder if she will stream using the #girls tag on younow like she used to.

No. 621845

shes live

No. 621846

Thank you, anon!

No. 621848

wow that was fast thank you anon!

No. 621849

Kek people should comment the link of the Ayalla mirrored stream.

No. 621850

Calling it now “uhhh it was all just BANTER”

No. 621852

She's repeating that Sarah's just a friend at the moment. Dumb bitch.

No. 621853

This is the first time that Greg has ever referred to Lainey using he/him pronouns. I wonder why.

No. 621855

Jesus thank you anon

Somebody record!!!!!

No. 621856

she's literally gaslighting??

No. 621857

no she's live

No. 621858

Probably her and Sarah coming on to smugly show all of us how wrong we are about them. Duh.

No. 621859

Not to derail but Lainey looks rough as fuck in her stream. Like a scabby, malnourished harry potter.

No. 621861

Lainey is on YouNow right now.


No. 621865

Lainey is already crumbling

>I only spoke to Shannon twice!!!!!!!!!

>I actually invited her to the gig because she has supported me multiple times, helped me through some very difficult times and always comforted me.

Really, Lamey? She did all that through two conversations? Ok

No. 621866

Oh. Shes big mad.

No. 621867

Why is she sniffling so much? Was she crying kek

No. 621869

I love how many people in the chat are just straight up being like "you're a liar"

No. 621872

Someone plz record the stream

No. 621874

>"Show me the screenshots"
>is on a platform that doesn't allow people to send screenshots
>ignores the screenshots on tumblr/twitter
>skips over legitimate crit on the chat

No. 621875

where is grerg at though? ayalla talked about the both of them