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File: 1478436048570.jpg (174.55 KB, 1080x1080, onion-baggins.jpg)

No. 311961

>Ayalla has come to stay
>Greg is calling out Richie again and projecting himself in the process.
>Why isn't Sarah in school?
>Greg unfollows Billie on twitter and instagram, and she unfollows back.

Previous thread >>309237

No. 311962

File: 1478436133024.jpg (436.99 KB, 1366x3439, 5OJ2XCH.jpg)

I've put together all his channels and their ratings with socialblade. In total the most he might make a year is about 1,230,500. So he makes between 58,418 to 1,230,500 from youtube. He does sell merch as well but I don't know the figures on that.

No. 311968

>I feel like Greg has been gauging his time with Ayalla and testing her
Meantime he's also expecting more and more loyalty from Billie. I suspect Bille "overstepped her bounds" by saying or doing something about Ayalla. It's more likely to me than her refusing to move in with him; she seems smitten.

No. 311969

>Greg unfollows Billie on twitter and instagram, and she unfollows back.

inb4 doormatbot posting a smug selfie

No. 311970

His sub percentages for the last 30 days are down on all but one channel. I knew he was dying on youtube but those percentages are higher than i thought

No. 311971

He doesn't want to expose Lainey to anything or anyone else in case she see things that she likes more than him. He's insecure so he'd probably be crying on the hotel bed about Lainey glancing at an Italian man or something.

Plus he's stupid and embarrassing af and he'd only look worse if he went somewhere else. Can you imagine him going somewhere like the Louvre or the pyramids? He looks bad when he leaves his own yard in the states, he'd look like absolute shit if you added a language barrier or cultural differences to that.

No. 311972

I hope that smug selfie is from Billie's bed. I know it would never happen but I would love it if his harem just went off together lmao

No. 311973

I think she probably saw that Ayalla was taking the spotlight. She's the one that's been doing more stuff with Grease in videos and she's the one he's defending publicly. He didn't care this much about Billie when she was getting hate. Didn't someone say in the last thread that the instagram pic showed him looking at Ayalla and not Billie?

No. 311974

Ayalla looks better in makeup than Billie, but billie looks better barefaced. I think Greg is up for the challenge of Ayalla because he's already fucked Billie and probably wants to try his luck with her BEST friend. Fresh prime milk isn't far away now girls (and guys)

No. 311975

Yes >>311587 and >>311660. Somehow Ayalla seems less of a doormat (yet to be shown I guess). It will be interesting to see which one he lands in the end. Goooo friendship!

No. 311983

My bet is that Lain made a huge deal about Greg and Billie AGAIN, a few days ago (thats why she unfollowed Twitter) and then eventually Greg gave in because Lain decided not to leave (AGAIN) so now he's lovebombing Lain and cutting out Billie. AGAIN.

No. 311987

onion boy looks sort of like mira in op pic

No. 311994

and this, my friends, is why non-monogamous relationship bs should stay a tumblr fantasy

No. 311996

if he deleted everyone besides lainey from his twitter something really must have gone down with all of them, wonder if he's gonna post a video about it..

No. 311997

File: 1478449981181.gif (1.32 MB, 500x246, acid-betty-drag-race.gif)

>assuming it isn't staged

No. 311998

of all the fucking drag queens plz can u not post that putrid wannabe

No. 312002

File: 1478453617725.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0139.PNG)

From billies Snapchat

No. 312003

File: 1478453723317.png (1.54 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0140.PNG)

Can't wait to see what she did.

No. 312006

What is her snapchat?

No. 312007


Geez, she sounds like a child that just got her allowance cut.

No. 312009

Wasn't there a pic of her and gjrg with the same stupid face masks on earlier?

No. 312010



Just an observation the background looks like Greg's and Lainey's headboard in the bedroom.

No. 312014

so onions caption was about wearing a smile mask when you ~can't smile~ and Billie appears to be in the bedroom while wearing the face mask still. they probably bought them in a weird attempt to cheer themselves up. something had to happen between getting the masks, or shortly before the instagram was posted. Probably Lainey complaining about the lack of attention, take the instagram to rub it in her face, Billie snaps her emo snaps, Lainey spirals. It's just wild to me that you only wear those dumb face masks for about 20 minutes or so but hey that's still long enough for your pity party!

No. 312016

What we've all been waiting for.

Oh and a holocaust joke, classy.

No. 312017

tbh it always sets warning bells off in my head whenever Onision describes any woman as "hysterical". It's like his favorite word to attack girls who ever show any anger or refuse to hide that they're upset about something.

No. 312018


Been awhile since Gerg made a video on Andy. Like a REALLY long while.

No. 312019

Someone in the last thread predicted that a video about andy and his wife would come out soon even though he'd seemingly been forgotten about. s o o o predictable

No. 312021

That thigh gap topic on his forums seems to be deleted.

No. 312022


He's indeed lurking here.

No. 312023

too bad everyone already screencapped and archived it <3 poor greg

No. 312024

Hysteria (from the Greek word for uterus) has been used for centuries as a term for women who are acting crazy or even just being 'unreasonable' in one way or another. It's a word with a long sexist history and something an actual feminist would never use to describe an upset woman. But of course Grease doesn't actually give a fuck about that and loves using it whenever one of his women gets out of line.

No. 312025

I haven't been waiting for this at all! I've been waiting for a "I Betrayed my Wife" or a "My Wife and I Broke Up" part 3.

No. 312027

Acid Betty is a goddess what even anon

No. 312028

Right?! The Andy video was sure to come since what happened with him and his wife on the plane, but that doesn't mean he needs to make a video on it. From what I've understood, she flipped out because she had miscarried and all the bottled up emotions came out at that moment.

No. 312030

File: 1478459002264.jpg (40.46 KB, 810x326, IMG_20161106_200157.jpg)

Isn't that the prime age for your fucktoys?

No. 312035


That's probably what happened. Gregma and Billie fell out somehow, so he removed her meal ticket.

I wonder if it's because Taylor had another meltdown or if Greg ended up fucking with The Sloth somehow. The Sloth's been pretty silent.

No. 312036

He dunnit on video…

No. 312037

Wow at the end he literally says "yup this one is the best one if your thighs look like this then you're doing okay?"

No. 312038

File: 1478473445260.png (655.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Gaslight program complete, everything is back to normal.

No. 312039

she looks like shit

No. 312041

http://archive.is/XWQDC this is why archiving is important kids.

No. 312043


Her smile looks a little smug IMO

No. 312045


sorry, seems like he just moved it under "completed videos" and the new (?) thigh gap topic is still active.
tbh i didn't expect him to actually make the video..

No. 312046

File: 1478474869595.png (2.3 MB, 1758x1252, Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 6.26…)

billie posted this on her second IG account, looks like her and ayalla are still at onions? and on the post before this one she got a new tattoo

No. 312048



No. 312049

Ayalla looks way better groomed than Billie. Her hair in particular.

No. 312050

Those look like apartment or hotel stairs behind them.

No. 312051

That's because Bilbo's hair looks like it would fall out if a strong gust of wind were to pass her.

No. 312052


they might be able to stay at the house while not being "allowed" to talk to onision/lainey until their flight (though it's possible they drove this time), which is perfect if he wants to keep manipulating them.

No. 312058

Jeez, Ayalla's makeup really isn't doing her any favors. The winged eyeliner only makes he eyes look farther apart than they already are. She'd be way better off with an inner corner cat eye.

No. 312061

Isn't weed legal in WA? Maybe Billie smoked some pot and pissed off anti alcohol/drugs Onion. Kek.

No. 312062

The legal age for weed in WA, CO, etc is 21.

No. 312063

For sure Billie "did something wrong" in Gerg's eyes. This is all part of the doormatting process which is a longer game: no way it's over. In the meantime, looking like a good guy with his current wife will at least stop her dad from coming over and punching him in the face. This >>312038 is the face of a woman looking after a newborn.

No. 312065

my best bet is that the honeymoon phase of showing Billie what her new life can be like is over; she knows what's in it for her now (money, attention, efame) and now it's time to keep her on her toes and make sure she doesn't get too comfortable.

No. 312066

Yeah it's mostly the hair. You can dye your hair funky colors as long as you just stick to one. Ayalla keeps hers blue while Billie bleaches hers every few months to change the color so hers is FAR more damaged.

No. 312067

File: 1478478690720.png (1.99 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_7783.PNG)

Think she's back home.

No. 312068

I'm pretty damn sure the reason why Greg is upset with Billie and Ayalla is because he once again asked Billie to "fight for love" by moving in with him permanently and Billie, being the free spirited teenager that isn't ready to be tied down yet, rejected the offer.

No. 312069

She does, but her hair still isn't great. It looks greasy and at the same time it looks like a Party City wig. Still better than Billie's tho, which is sad.

Jesus how would that even work. So awkward yo. Oh to be a fly on the wall in that house if that was the situation.

No. 312070


There's something Spanish about her, idk what it is.

No. 312071

you guys all have way more faith in billie than i do. i'm pretty sure she's just as much of a doormat as lainey and if she had the chance she'd move in with them in a heartbeat. let's not forget how quick she was to text onion when she thought he was single lmao. most people would've been embarrassed by him reading out that desperate cringey text in his video too but she obviously didn't let it stop her from hopping on greasedick again. she pouts and sulks on twitter and snapchat just like plainey too.

tl;dr you guys like to pretend billie's this feisty opposite of lainey but there's no evidence at all that she's not just a new doormat.

No. 312072

i think she was just being impulsive with that text and her attraction to onion is wearing out, i really don't think she gives a shit about him besides the fact she gets attention and money from him

No. 312073

How the hell have I never noticed her gauges before? She's so gross.

No. 312074

On EO, someone submitted this picture from instagram
and if you look at the screencap, someone said "there's no soul inhabiting that body"

No. 312075

File: 1478480004023.png (371.86 KB, 456x810, cryingbildo.png)

Someone's been crying.

No. 312076


This., totally agree

No. 312078

Oh, shit… stealing is illegal too, I guess that means people just can't do it.

BREAKING NEWS: We are getting reports that if some people want to break the law, apparently they don't fucking care and break it.

No. 312079

She's probably been crying because she's back at home and not with Grease.

No. 312080

File: 1478481349109.png (310.76 KB, 1165x539, welp.png)

I saw someone ask for evidence from eoliveson about Sarahbear living arrangements…

Real convincing response there, eh?

No. 312081


What a dick.

No. 312082


What's the motive for drawing attention to who he's following? Teasers? Manufactured drama? A red herring?

One can only speculate.

No. 312083


The main admin for EO, Stevie Gore (sp?), is suspiciously secretive and claims she gets a lot of insider shit about Onion and Lainey from people close to them who ask for anonymity. She did the same thing in the photo when people asked her how she knew for certain that Lainey gave birth to a girl.

She was the one who had the interview with Lainey's ex-boyfriend who was a scumbag and she was one of the people Lainey mocked for offering help after CG 2.0

No. 312084


Fucking see? Everyone was on me for not liking EO but like I said, they make baseless claims just like DSSCTM does.

They also dangle "proof" they supposedly have in front of everyone and then tell people to fuck off when asked to post it. Don't fucking talk about it if you're taking a moral high road or whatever and not planning to post it.

No. 312085


I just wanted to reply to these anons from the last thread (as it reached it's limit before I could reply to any of them) who were bickering between themselves about Eoliveson's integrity (this includes all their mods).

They are FULLY supportive of DSSCTM and although 90% of their content is user submitted; the 10% of their own subjective commentary tends to be just as bad as his.

They're only ever really useful for screenshots that we may of missed out on.

Take them with a grain of salt, they're not a trustworthy source.

No. 312086

File: 1478482392285.png (348.48 KB, 504x527, Onion.png)

There's far too many positive comments here, what happened to the King Cuck brigade?

No. 312087

franken forehead.

No. 312088

Megalomaniac sociopath

No. 312089



did you not see the videos of all four of them with her all over Greg? Even during the video the two of them posted during Lainey's last puplic outburst she was all over him and making googly eyes at him.

Billie wants that dick, and chances are Lainey just kicked them so she could keep her GHreg.

No. 312090


fucking knew he couldn't resist. thanks for proving you still lurk, greaseyballs!

No. 312091


Ugly grandpa

No. 312092

I don't know what is happening to him, maybe he's just getting old, but he's looking even worse lately. His mouth looks way too long, a few more cm and it will look almost like a natural glasgow smile imo. not to mention all those lines that are aging him terribly…

No. 312094

Man I watched the dark knight yesterday and the way his lips keep getting thinner and wider across his face is making him look very jokerish

No. 312095

He's soooooo ugly, even with all that foundation to make his rashy face look less red. I guess if you have ugly features all the make up in the world can't change that. His lips are so creepy eugh I hate looking at this creep

No. 312096

I think the 3 of them (BIllie/Ayalla/Sarah) were only visiting for around a week (Halloween was only last Monday) - it would make sense for them to arrive and leave the same time because I can't see Gerg or Lainey wanting to keep making trips back and forth to the airport for each individual.

It's was probably just a short Halloween party vacation this time around.

Billie is just crying because it was time to go home and Gerg no longer has his hand up her ass, not because some spat has broken out between them all.

No. 312097

His mouth is so creepy and his eyes being so close to his eyebrows disgust me

No. 312098


Why unfollow them then? Unless this is all set up, which I'm pretty sure it is

No. 312099


Doesn't explain the unfollowings, though

No. 312100

I wouldn't be surprised if it was a set up. My guess though is that Billie and lainey had an argument, and since lainey is the one who actually lives with gurg he decided he'd rather appeases her than save his new doormat fleshlight's feelings

No. 312101


He pointed out the unfollowings too, and we've established he lurks here and knows we were waiting for milk from this latest slumber party. I reckon it's a troll.

What's doing with Sarah right now?

No. 312102

Have you seen how many times they follow/unfollow each other though? They must've of done so over two dozen times this year alone and they usually follow each other back within days; because of the sheer frequency of that - I'm more leaning towards them doing it to stir up drama.

If you look at eoliveson's blog, there's an anon reporting on it every so often and we all know he watches that place like a hawk.

It's just probably for shits and giggles because people keep monitoring their accounts for that.

No. 312104

I don't think Billie is as much of a doormat as lainey. In her older videos she talks about how she always carries a bag of stuff with her because she is always going somewhere and never stays home. That is so opposite of gerg's "my favorite vacation is my couch" attitude. She seems like she likes getting involved with anybody remotely famous. Her last bf Tyler in that shitty emo band, SR, then onion. She prob feels like she is moving up because onion is the most 'famous' person shes been with. Her ex said he broke up with her because she treated his mom like shit. If what he says is true, Billie seems like she acts like a spoiled princess. He says his mom went to get her coffee because shes angry if she doesnt have coffee and she was mad because she brought her the wrong coffee. And he said she made his mom cry with her attitude. lol. That seems like she prob loves when onion treats her like a princess that is better than lainey, but if he treated her like lainey, i doubt she would sign over her life like lainey does.

No. 312105

But only lolcow and some tumblr accounts do. I don't think they're interested in any of us, especially not enough to stir up drama. It doesn't make sense.

No. 312106

that's exactly how she seems to act. she's very attention seeking and self centered. i don't think she has a problem throwing a fit if she's not being treated like she thinks she should be

No. 312109

File: 1478486064535.png (257.65 KB, 690x400, billieandshane.png)

I was on youtube watching Bunny (don't judge me) and saw this thumbnail on a video suggestion and totally thought that it was Billie and Shane kissing at first. That would have been fucking hilarious

No. 312110

Gosh dangit I meant to sage that sorry

No. 312111


He's turned the "cuck" thing into a joke for him and his fanbase, like he did with "Onion".
It's not funny anymore and if anything, Lainey's the cuck since Greg has commandeered her (former?) girlfriend away.

No. 312112

i saw that too and thought it was billie lmao

No. 312113

You did sage

No. 312114


>I meant to sage that

it is though?

LOL though it does look like Billie at first, but she's tanner and her hair doesn't look like it would feel like hay.

also why would you be judged for liking bunny? she's not really a cow. The way she handled Onion mocking her appearance was quite nice.

No. 312118

Has he sperged about circumcision lately? Maybe whoever first trolled him with the cuck thing should remember that he has an uncut tiny dick?

No. 312119

Dammit, sorry normally a lurker. And just because most of the time I know people hate on her for being annoying or whatever, but I find her entertaining.

No. 312120

that's pretty sad. so her real personality is just as shitty as her fugly face.

Who does greg think he is to say people are ugly? he needs to see his own face without makeup or filters.

No. 312121


Conspiracy time!

What is EO, DSSCTM and some other anti-o blogs are working for Onion? Like, if they're there boy only to distract those who want to know but spread misinformation?

No. 312122

I'm with you anon. Greg knows how to select and groom them. Billie doesn't appear to be stringing him along at all - he's paying her, and she'll get to move in when he's ready. Ayalla might be jerking his chain a bit but then she wasn't really on the menu originally.

No. 312123

Lol first time seeing this, it's during the Shiloh era. I feel like Onion tried to be like Social Repose at one point and that's why he has such a hate boner for him? I know he didn't know SR at this point, but it seems he's angry that this younger guy came alone and did what he wanted to do but way better lol.

No. 312124


Child molester.


If he lurked in the last thread then I hope he saw Skye's video where she fired shots at him, he's probably seething by now.

No. 312126


What video is this? Sorry I just got here

No. 312127


Don't forget this one! He was basically bashing the grindcore genre with his own "gothic" element.

No. 312128


Lol he totally wanted to be an edgy goth/emo guy, I remember he use to talk about how hot goth girls are as well. He's just mad SR pulls it off and he never did.

No. 312131

I've been following Onision since 2012, how have I never seen this before? Its actually a step above his usual "music", at least as far as production goes.

No. 312132

OT but Billie followed someone after they said something rude to Lainey and interacts with them.

Could be nothing but I think it speaks even louder of her true feelings.

No. 312134


No. 312136


The video is originally from a metal band called FURAN, that's why they're there. So it's kinda Onion's video.

No. 312137


He was featuring a metal band at the time for his video.

As for Skye: just search "the romantic douche bag" on YouTube. I don't feel like going back to the previous thread tbh.

No. 312139


I find it hilariously pathetic that any half decent video he's made are only decent because it's mainly been lead by someone else. Like when Skye use to do his editing as well, he's terrible at his "career" I can't wait in like 5/10 years when he's washed up and can't find a job due to his fuckery on the net for years lol.

No. 312140


They deleted the tweet. It happened when Lainey was having her last meltdown. They said they'd fuck Onion if she didn't want to anymore or something.

Is there a way to look at deleted tweets?

No. 312141

File: 1478491316616.png (545.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I'm gonna get nightmares now… Oh and I think his Botox is wearing off, which ISN'T VEGETARIAN!!!!

No. 312142

Guys that constantly take pics of themselves like this fucking make me sick. Stop acting like those attention whores you just had at your house. How about you act like a man Onion? Grow up and act like an adult man with a wife and children.

No. 312143

question is, who's in the tub behind him?

No. 312144

Is that a foot in the tub?

No. 312145

File: 1478491626180.png (63.73 KB, 232x191, bqqkmJ3.png)


ok but is that a fucking foot and who's is it

No. 312146

he finally killed someone

No. 312147

Lainey's corpse, he finally did her in.

No. 312148

Sarah's foot

No. 312149


Why is it sitting in an empty tub

No. 312150

He probably can't stand to be alone. Its part of the stress he places on his victims.

No. 312152


Or Lainey's following him around, making sure he's not sending nudes to Billie

No. 312153

It's lainey. She's got those weird, long toes. Looks like she forgave greg pretty quickly. Coward.

No. 312154

the foot is also wearing pants

No. 312155

it looks like a god damn yam

No. 312157

the shower's where he masturbates, right?

No. 312159


Maybe she was trying to drown herself but Onion turned off the faucet, idk.


Haha, yeah.

About time you took a shower, huh you dirty bastard?

No. 312162

File: 1478493940316.png (247.1 KB, 504x388, IMG_2117.PNG)

No. 312163

He unfollowed Billie yet his banner pic remains unchanged, just like with cuddlegate 2.0. He knows exactly what he's doing, Plain probably got pissed at him being touchy feely with Bilbo again but the cycle will repeat itself.

Ironically, for all the times people call him a cuck, Lainey is actually the cuck. Though she doesn't have the actual kink, she's being cucked so bad and openly, and tells herself that it's okay because Billie is only dating "her" even though Gregma slips his dick in Billie during the greasey threesomes (The greasesomes) and has openly admitted he's in love with her. I believe Gregma knows he's cucking her too. Probably being called a cuck got to him too many times.

No. 312164

I dunno, I think he's just fucking Billie separately from Lainey at this point.

No. 312165

After a quick google search I'm surprised she was dating that guy Taylor, isn't he like 24-25? I know he's dating Heythereimshannon and has a kid thats about 6 years old. Do you know when Billie with with him and for how long?

No. 312167



Also for anyone who CBA going to the previous thread, here's the romantic douchebag video from Skye

No. 312169


I love it! I'll be adopting this term from now on… cheers, witty anon.

No. 312170

I think he said they were together 3 months. He explains the break up stuff in his video "why you shouldnt hate me" on soundslikeharmony youtube channel but its like 20 minutes long mostly talking about his drama with richie. And yeah it does seem like she was with him when he had a kid. So i guess that is a common occurrence for her to date guys with kids from other women lol.

No. 312173

First time ever posting here. Long time lurker. Lost my shit at 'greasesomes' holy shit haha

No. 312175

File: 1478497389860.png (100.5 KB, 559x1044, IMG_0225.PNG)

Both of those blogs are full of shit the majority of the time, it's a rare occurrence when their opinions are actually factual.

The anons that have been around since thread #1 have known this for the longest time.

No. 312178

File: 1478498539664.png (1.17 MB, 1400x1044, Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 11.5…)

Going through EO's archive to make an EO Bullshit masterpost when I found this.

Reminder to everyone that Lainey has been dramatic from the very beginning and will continue to be dramatic and will probably never leave Onion.

No. 312180

When you make your masterpost, you might as well.dump it all in DSSCTM's thread in /snow. I don't think anyone would mind if it turns into a combined cow thread, they're both very similar to each other anyway.

It'd avoid any derailment in here too.

No. 312183

She was literally a teenage girl in high school at the very beginning of course she was dramatic

No. 312184

Haha, I told you guys.
Complainey has her smug face on.

No. 312186

IIRC Lainey was a wannarexic before her haircut changed her gender. There are screenshots in early threads.

No. 312187

Sporting that post baby belly.

No. 312188


And now she's a 22 year old with children… and still dramatic. It's her personality, not her age.

No. 312189

>implying Lamo has a personality

No. 312191

she's a 22 year old whose best/only friend is an underage teenager and her edgelord husband wants run a cult full of 15 year olds.

No. 312192

I agree with what another anon said last thread; that he keeps her around to remind Bilbo that he has another young, blue-haired replacement.

No. 312193

I fucking hate that he puts clues. Baby toys, the toothbrush thing, a baby's foot, billies hair, a foot in the bathtub. Everything always means something. I guess it's just really sick how into his own game he is

im really just still thinking about the sombra arg

No. 312212

He does it on purpose to fuck with everyone who watches his every move in his shitty videos. They look out for any sort of detail to gossip about instead of his actions and words, and he feels he has the upper hand because he's manipulated the viewer and distracted attention away from his gross opinions, abusive nature and borderline-pedo lifestyle.

He scours lolcow and the anti-o blogs for ideas, and thinks he's pulling the wool over his "haters" eyes because we're all so guilty of falling for his bullshit; Especially the anti-o's as they're more suspectable to his tactics because the owners of the two most popular blogs on Tumblr are just as fucking deluded and mental as he is.

Everyone has to remember that he's just a mentally ill loser/amateur video editor with a camera and an audience of the demographic that he's sexually attracted to… everytime we get sidetracked by his props and decoys ( that we even give him ideas for at times)- he will run with it to take the attention away from the more serious inappropriate shit he keeps on getting away with.

I really do hope we have a devoted video transcriber in here for the future, we can then stop falling for the same shit that the two main anti-o tumbr blogs do on a constant basis, and stop giving him what he wants.

No. 312213


Totally agree, I would like to point out as well though incase Lainey lurks here that whether "pretending" or not to generate views- It is still totally not cool what he is doing. It is not right for him to be focusing on the shit he is right now instead of helping parent a baby. I think it's probable he justifies it by saying he's purposely generating drama but it really makes no difference. He's manipulating the viewers but he is still manipulating her too.

No. 312215

>Hey Lainey stop crying about my wandering dick for five minutes and get in that bathtub, I need your foot in the back of a selfie

I would really love it if some brave soul stepped up to transcribe all his videos. I can never watch more than a few minutes because his voice makes my skin crawl.

No. 312216

Why bother to transcribe? I saw a webm over in /b, farmers should know how to convert?

No. 312218

I agree, I can't watch them for the same reasons - he's triggering as fuck.

I hope the same transcribing anon from the last thread sticks around, they did a fantastic job of it.

The bathtub pic? Probably trying to get people to assume he's "murdered" his wife, he's a total fucking edgelord lile that and the more edge people assume of him, the more powerful his betacuck ass feels.

Typical benign narcissistic sociopath, every one of them is identical to each other and as shallow as mud once you know how to read them.

No. 312220

I think it's more of the fact that quite a few anons in here don't want to watch his videos, period.

Not just to avoid giving him views.

No. 312223

Don't disagree on not giving him views, anon, but I like watching a guy aging at an incredible rate and trying to impersonate leafy.

No. 312224

so when his harem drama dries up which well will he go back to?

1. his complete misunderstanding of how feminism works (man women are so great, except for all the ones i gaslight and undermine constantly)

2. Shane Dawson (I REALLY NEED VIEWS)

3. a new made up trauma from the millitary (I mean at this point he's almost up to one harrowing abuse per day of his short lived 'service')

No. 312226


Last time I sat through 30 seconds of Onision, someone in my house came into my room excited because he thought he heard me watching Leafyishere. I was way more embarrassed than I would be even if it was Leafy. I learnt my lesson.

No. 312228

Hahaha, well it's fine if you and other anons want to watch them, I just think it would also be nice to have a transcriber anon for those who don't want to.

Like I mentioned previously, it's not really lolcow who fall for his shitty manipulative decoy tactics, it's mostly the anti-o blogs and we keep getting sucked in along with them them somehow.

All three, but an additional fourth and fifth ones being vegetarianism and baby dicks.

No. 312229


It must be so stressful to figure out what to churn out his junky videos on, especially as he's not funny, not very insightful (despite his pretences), has nothing really new or interesting to say about anything, and has a life of doing nothing but making videos.

But what would he do without the ultimate source of narcissistic supply? His entire identity would crumble. It'd be straight jackets or mass shooting for him.

Get serious therapy for his NPD/BPD you'd hope… hahaha, that'll never happen.

No. 312231


> it's not really lolcow who fall for his shitty manipulative decoy tactics,

No, we just fall for the fake screen shots.

I question the point of all this. I want a way to stop him exploiting young girls. We've established that Lainey, Billie, and now Ayalla, don't need any help and don't deserve it, and Greg actually likes the negative attention from us, so I don't know that this is furthering my goal to stop him being a lecherous parasite. None of this information is actually useful.

Back to the drawing board.

No. 312232


This. A lot of people, especially on anti-o blogs, look at him as some clever and evil mastermind which just strokes his narcisstic delusions.

He had luck in finding a niche of daddy issues kids who give him youtube bux but otherwise he is a:

1. Loser who hardly even leaves his house.
2. Loud uneducated retard who loves to be opinionated
3. Eternal spoiled child mentally
4. 50 year old caveman with emo hair physically
5. Huge mommy and daddy issues
6. Tries to be some kind of a god or leader, yet majority of adults think of him as a loser.
7. Unable to have a normal relationship with an adult woman.
8. Must find a kiddy 15 years younger than him to control so he can feel "powerful"
9. Pathetically desperate for attention.
10. Can't handle criticism, becomes butthurt very easily
11. Can't even furnish his house properly
12. Couldn't even handle Chair Force and still bitches about it like a little child on his videos.
13. Once when youtube fame and bux dry ougt, he will be left with nothing
14. Will probably end up in jail for doing questionable acts with underage teens.

No. 312236

>>No, we just fall for the fake screen shots.

Oof! Too soon, that still hurts! I guess at least next time we'll know how to handle anything like that in the future.

>>I want a way to stop him exploiting young girls. We've established that Lainey, Billie, and now Ayalla, don't need any help and don't deserve it, and Greg actually likes the negative attention from us, so I don't know that this is furthering my goal to stop him being a lecherous parasite. None of this information is actually useful.

I think one of the major things we need to stop doing is announcing whenever we're reporting him, whether it's to law enforcement or web domain hosts. Discussing that shit here just gives him time to prepare himself before they make a call or a visit, that's one of the reasons he keeps getting away with his shit for sure.

>>But what would he do without the ultimate source of narcissistic supply? His entire identity would crumble. It'd be straight jackets or mass shooting for him.

Well, lucky for everyone he's still benign with his obvious personality disorders, not saying that he isn't a shitbag… just agreeing with you that he's not turned into Ted Bundy yet.

No. 312237

All of this, tbh.

It makes me giggle that he's so loudly anti-Trump but he's basically the Trump of youtube. An uneducated, spineless chimp who cakes on make up in a failed attempt to look younger who also has shady dealings with young woman and objectifies them constantly. Runs his stupid mouth about things he doesn't understand, tries to protect himself by slandering everyone around him and openly contradicts himself.

Gurgonald Trump.

No. 312239

I'm going to sage and armchair here, apologies in advance. I think this asshole is one of those narcs that thinks he's smarter than anyone else but by publishing two books, he shows that he's a fucking moron with no grasp on his native language.

No. 312241


i love his rants where he tries to sound smart, they all sound like a child arguing with their parents on why their bed time should be later. then he ramps up the emotional music and makes a pretty offensive joke. so you know he can claim it was obviously satire later when someone criticises it

No. 312243

I think there's actually a few psychs amongst us, there was in the last several threads at least… and it was really interesting to hear their thoughts. I think even armchairing isn't frowned upon here; it just gets out of hand when newfags assume that because he once made a video that he has BPD (just because Adrienne ~suggested~ he ~might~ have it because of her horrible experiences with him, he won't see a psych or therapist, he's against medical professionals and is completely undiagnosed) that he MUST have BPD because he says so… that video was hilarious actually, he was listing off basic characteristics he feels he shares off Wikipedia.

Dr. Greaselord pHd.

The more I think about it, he's really no different to the Tumblrinas who self-diagnose themselves in an attempt to validate their own existence.

He definitely has some kind of personality disorder, or a combination of B clusters… everyone seems to agree that NPD is the most prominent one though.

But yeah, I don't think anons generally mind as long as it's not supporting his fucking uneducated theories, so feel free to armchair away.

No. 312244

File: 1478514376651.gif (383.73 KB, 500x281, goodolbickle.gif)

Perfect anon, I wish we could keep this list going but you've got the meat of it.

No. 312263

Her maturity is completely stunted, why do you think her best friend is a 16 year old? because thats where her mental state is still at.

No. 312266

Anon, she was sexually flirting with Sarah since Sarah was 14 years old and Taylor was 19… where the heck are you coming from?!

No. 312270

Yes, because her maturity is not where it should be, whether its at 19 or 22. There is a REASON Lainey is friends with someone so young, that is my point. It doesn't matter how old they were when they first met, she can relate to a 14 or a 16 year old because she has basically been trapped from the outside world since she was 17 to be barefoot and pregnant for Greg.

No. 312271


They're saying that lainey is mentally stuck at 16

No. 312273


From the looks of it, I think she was was still hurting from the ordeal and took it hard being replaced. Apparently, she didn't mind if he shit-talked about other exes before her (though that would also apply to Shiloh and Lainey) and felt betrayed. Not only that but her last video is basically bashing him for his wrongdoings towards her, she sure knew how to go out with a bang.

Sage for armchair psychology.

No. 312274

Onision is fucking stunted at 12 years old… he is mentally a child too and hasn't changed since his online presence 13 years ago, he's 31 now anon and aging like shit.

Is that still an excuse for him to be associating and basing his life around underage girls?


Lainey is following his footsteps, you just happen to let her off cuz you "feel sorry for her"? The fuck is wrong with you? Are you blind/supportive of her shit too?

No. 312278

This is a Lamo-Free-Zone.

Seek his mother for some new age redemption bullshit! I didn't think hugs meant penetration!

Ayella was unhappy the whole time there, I can't dislike her because she was there for her best friend… just thoughts though.

No. 312279


Ikr? Why are these Lamo sympathizers here anyway? I thought we got completely rid of them in the last thread.

As for said sympathizers, go back to tumblr.

No. 312280

sage goes in the email field.

No. 312283

I've never understood why, there has been an influx of newfags since thread #8

No. 312284

You missed out on lots of cool stuff… mate ^^

No. 312285

I feel like it's because this thread gets mentioned on anti-o blogs like eoliveson.

I get a brain hemorrhage when some Plainey asslicker shows up and refers to her pasty ass as "them" .

No. 312286

We don't care about what gender they choose to be or not…

Openly flirting with a child is what fucking makes us angry.

No. 312288


transcribe anon here. I transcriptions of his future videos, mainly the more controversial ones. I lurk and post in these threads often but I don't want to clutter and I would love to add stills from the videos into the posts. Would a tumblr blog be more fitting to post the transcriptions?

No. 312290

Transcription love! Are you really here?!

No. 312291

I can't really prove it's me, a farmhand could confirm it. But yes, I hath returned.

No. 312292

Man, you guys are really into this shit…

I was pausing for today cos of TOdd Kohlhepp

No. 312293

Sorry for double post, but I've gone ahead and set up a blog where I will do the transcriptions; http://onision-transcribed.tumblr.com/

I'll paste the transcriptions in here on his more controversial videos when they come out. It might be handy to have them collectively all in one blog.

No. 312294


You are doing God's work, Transcriptanon.

No. 312300

Did she really have to take countless selfies with Onion and be in a bunch of his videos for Billie's sake, though? I don't think she's trying to fuck Grease, but she was definitely there to boost her own e-fame in addition to supporting Billie.

My hero!

No. 312304

His house is becoming jamestown 2.0.

No. 312305

That's great! Maybe also open the submit function if you haven't already so other anons can contribute too if they want to.

No. 312314

sage bc Todd but I'm excited to hear other people following this case as it gains traction. Did you see they found another body???? all of this happened pretty close to me (he even used to live across the street from the daycare a friends nephew went to for a few) so it's extra interesting

No. 312317

Here we go again, spreading his anti-makeup propaganda while admitting to wearing makeup himself (he finally admits his hypocricy, yay).

Also, notice his resentment towards colored girls who's skin is "perfect" compared to white girl's and himself.

Hey loser, your inner-racist is coming out!

No. 312318

My bad, her you go!

No. 312320

File: 1478533957937.png (342.92 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I bet half of the views were bots.

No. 312321

I'm sure his irl congrats to her included subtly bringing up that her only 1mil view video has him in it too (and thats why it got so many views). As if he'd let her have ANYTHING

No. 312322


He sure is one greedy bastard. He didn't even credit Skye for editing his work, even when they were together.

No. 312325


So I read that some anons here think that Skye is also unstable herself, does anyone have any information about that? Was she abusive herself? Or was she just depressed?

No. 312326


From the videos I've seen and how some anti-o's "know" her, she wasn't a doormat like Lamo is and had some equal ground with Onion.

From HSAnon 2.0's statement a two or three threads ago, she was kind of abusive to Onion as well (they said her and Greg would use eachother's issues for personal fair or something to that effect), they never really clarified though.

And there's a part(s) in a livestream video (still up) where she was about to insult one or two of Onion's fans but he kinda stopped her from doing so.

Tl;dr; I think there's something "off" about her and I'm not talking about "stealing Onion's shit and money" at all 'cause we all know she did the right thing.

No. 312327


I think her main aim in doing all of that was to piss off SR

No. 312328


I don't know, man, because Taylor used to be very normal before Grease and then once they were together for a while, she started acting abusive against her own fans too. That's just the result of hanging around with a toxic person, I think.

No. 312329

At one point of that video, they talk about their dream vacation spot. Of course, for Onion it's his own house but for Lainey it's Fiji and she mentions how many times she has shown him pictures from there and how hotels are nice there.


No. 312331


Probably but Skye and Greasecock have been together since high school (that'd be…7 years plus their marriage?), but maybe you're right.

No. 312332

Half the girls he praised for not wearing makeup and having "perfect" skin were wearing makeup.

No. 312333

Guys are often terrible at spotting natural makeup. You'd think that Grease, who spackles the shit on himself, would be able to tell a bare face from a "bare face" but apparently not.

No. 312337


Do men really hate makeup that much? I swear, the most common thing I've noticed in heterosexual dating is that usually the women who have more opportunities at gaining a boyfriend or even a husband, are the ones who put on a moderate amount of makeup and look feminine.

The bared face women, meanwhile, don't really get a lot of opportunities unless they are unusually attractive.

No. 312340

Not sure I agree. I am arguably ugly, however skinny. I have not worn makeup for probably 15 years and I have never had a problem acquiring boyfriends. I think what really makes girls have opportunities is them actually approaching guys.

Makeup/ug face is FAR less important than having the balls to actually talk to people.

No. 312342


Please don't derail, we're still in the Onion thread. The makeup thread is in /g/.

No. 312343


I suppose things have really changed since my high school days. I'm not saying unattractive girls don't deserve love, that's terrible thing to say lmao, I'm just saying that I notice it's usually heavily made up women who always have a partner. But maybe it's just a coincidence.

Anyway, sage for OT.

No. 312344


I'm sorry.

No. 312347

Are there any pictures of what skye looks like now and what shes doing with her life?
It seems like shes committed internet suicide to get away from all the onion hate

No. 312348

Men who complain about makeup don't hate the way (natural) makeup looks, they hate that it's "fake". Same with push up bras. They want the illusion of flawless skin, plump red lips, dark eyelashes, round gravity-defying tits etc. to be real and still in place even as she steps out of the shower. When it turns out their perfect woman has eyebags, pale lips and tits that submit to gravity they get buttfrustrated because they feel lied to. I don't doubt Grease is exactly this type of guy even if he pretends to be a beacon of body positivity.

No. 312350

Considering the last thing she did before she disappeared was admit that her years with Greg fucked her mentally and drove her to therapy, general consensus with her and his other exes is to just leave them alone, especially in Skye's case where she was chased off youtube and social media by Greg and his fanbase.

No. 312351


I think Taylor is gonna be more fucked up (mentally) than Skye was once Onion's done with her tbh, she's already showing signs.

No. 312352

Yeah, at least Skye got out of it without kids, which means after he's done paying her (not nearly enough, and very hard earned) alimony, she never has to deal with him again.

No. 312357


True, but there are those pesky rumors of her or some other ex having a child with him. Not saying they're true but idk…

No. 312359

Onision: Hey guy's I'm Onision and I'm here with Sarah and today I'm going to be giving some advice.

>Shot of sarahs face just staring into the camera

Onision: This persons saying initially they hated me but started liking me down the line

>Close up shot of Sarahs face again

onision: and they thank me for being a good person and making meaningful videos.

Sarah: Which videos are meaningful, the ones where you dance around in the banana costume.

>Staged awkward silence between the two

Onision: This gay persons pointing out that despite what I've said about being gay, my advice has not helped them. They say they know they should accept themselves but they just can't. Well maybe you can take this advice

>Sarah butts in

Sarah: hey Greg have you ever been gay?

>Onision bites his lips while looking to the side and then looks at the camera again

Onision: No I've never been gay.

Sarah: Then why are you trying to tell the gay people how they should feel?

Onision: You're very helpful today Sarah, thank you.

Sarah: Fuck you Greg.

Onision: This person says something that has always amazed me about you is how you are completely and truly a hopeless romantic in the purest sense of the word.

>Close up shot of sarahs face as she pouts her lips and looks off to the side

Onision continues: you really do treat love like an art form even after all the drama and all the hurt you still find a way to love again, passionately and wholeheartedly.

Sarah: So when you filmed your girlfriend having a seizure was that, was that love Greg?

>more staged awkward moments

Onision : Why did I ask you to be in this video… exactly?

Sarah looking smug: I don't know

Onision : This person says hi I just wanted to say you're an amazing person and your videos were so thought provoking and you saved my life.I used to harm myself and I stopped after watching your self harm videos. Yeah I get that a lot , a lot of people saw my self harm videos and for some reasons those videos shook them up enough to realize what they were doing to themselves.

Sarah: Yeah, who knew verbally assaulting depressed people would be a good thing.

Onision: This person says they were a victim of sexual exploitation and that apparently their abuser was on trial (un-trialed?) and they say that thanks to watching my videos they're slowly beginning to forgive themselves for "being weak". Yeah, I'm really happy that my videos have helped people who are victims of assault , victims of sexual exploitation, because my motivation is to strengthen

Sarah interrupts again: Weren't you … uh…accused of rape?

Onision: That was a false accusation.

Sarah: mm hmm

Onision: This person says okay so my parents have been fighting a lot-

Sarah interrupts: you think your dads a child molester

Onision: This person says Hi onision my name is Maddie they're doing a column for their high school. They're hoping to talk to me about school uniforms and their sexist dress code towards woman.

Sarah: You know, don't you get tired of obsessing over teenage high school girls, you 30 year old man.

Onision: This girl says if it wasn't for my self harm videos where I am extremely aggressive in my language so the would stop self harming through me just shaking them up with tough love. She's saying that she has clean wrists

Sarah: so you do verbally abuse woman, didn't you previously deny that?

Onision: it's.. it's for the purpose of…of … I… I'm…

Onision: this persons says since the whole Jaclyn drama, where I responded to her video regarding gender. They say that uh that people have been attacking Lainey regarding her gender and pronouns and it seems like Lainey is upset or not happy with peoples comments and they're wondering

sarah interrupting: So you are cancer to your wife,so maybe you should just kill yourself.

Onision: This person says is it me or is my generation simply retarded? you should know that a lot of people are actually upset by that word retarded, so you probably shouldn't just

sarah interrupting: You say that word ALL the time. You fucking idiot.

Onision: Dear Onision A.K.A Greg. I just want to thank you for putting hard work into all your videos. I mean, I do put a lot of work into em. I upload on a regular basis and I-

sarah interrupting: ooooo. Picture slideshow, so much work into your videos. Mad respect.

Onision: This person says hi I'm Cery's, a 14 year old girl and they live in England. They say they hate school and they have-

sarah interrupting: Could you really be talking to someone who is less than half your age?

Onision: This persons saying Hey Greg I wanted to thank you for your brutal honesty and for all the inspirational things you've said about suicide and self harm because without me they would probably be dead from suicide, and I get this a lot. People who have decided not to kill themselves, who have decided not to self harm because actually I don't think I've ever-

sarah interrupting: You haven't heard from anyone who has been negatively affected by your videos because they're probably killed themselves.

Onision: Anyway, Thank you to Sarah for helping … me… make this video.

No. 312363


Ahhh you beat me to posting the video! Good job on the transcript though!

No. 312364

does he have his eyes on sarah now jeez..

No. 312365

And should she be in class? What the hell?!

No. 312367

jesus christ this is horrible. but your transcript is awesome anon.

No. 312369

File: 1478547005425.jpeg (86.92 KB, 800x800, image.jpeg)


Sarah looks like a fat, nerdy version of Skye! How much y'all wanna be once he's done indoctrinating her, he'll force her to lose weight and grow out her hair?

No. 312372

It's complete misandry, listen to yourselves speak!!!

Lainey is completely aware of the shit she's done/is doing - flirting around with a 14 year old and making sexual comments to her (sarah) you wanna know who else who was okay with shit like that? Mira Hindley… Rose West.. the list goes on… Karla Homolka.

Fuck off all of you with your "pity" for Lainey, it only goes so far.

It's not only the males who are capable of that horror, but they get away with it more due to women in their lives who enable. encourage and engage in it.

Gross gross gross.

She enables him. she's the closest person to him. STOP!

No. 312375

get off the onision thread if you don't wanna bash him you mra fucking dumbass

No. 312376

I love you transcribe-anon, please stay… top contributor, very valued.

No. 312377

File: 1478547891350.png (217.77 KB, 1028x658, Screenshot 2016-11-07 19.40.55…)

No. 312378

I don't believe it's her. It's not the first time someone's pretended on Reddit to mess with people who hate him.

No. 312379

Troll. Bait. Ignore.

Could even be Billie, Sarah, Ayeyeyella, or Onion himself. But probably just a dramatard.

No. 312380


The tumbrinas confirmed it to be fake and suspect Onion dunnit.

No. 312384

I love you <333 you're doing God's work.

No. 312386


How many more times are fake Reddit posts going to be posted here?

Anyway, if she really wanted advice from the shitshow that is /r/relationships, she would change the ages and wouldn't allude to his fame as much. Common sense.

No. 312387

Dudeeee.. I was watching it for 48 hours straight and didn't sleep, got to see his whole FB account and everything… I've never experienced watching a serial killer on actual social media before in my life, an eye opener indeed.

No. 312389

Please discuss this elsewhere Anon, thank you.

No. 312390

File: 1478550291461.jpg (79.48 KB, 928x396, hah.JPG)


I entertain myself with the thought that Onion actually wrote this to prove he is not a cheater and abuser, but even if the case where both of them are pretening was true, everyone is telling Lainey to divorce him anyway

No. 312391

File: 1478551144986.jpg (293.04 KB, 1282x1118, kkj.jpg)

Yeah, even if the whole situation was true, he is still an abuser

No. 312392


I know Sarah's just messing around but jesus christ.

No. 312393


just give it a few years honestly.

No. 312394


My favourite part about all his videos is how he makes it all about himself and everyone else is a prop.

That and how he never owns up to his own responsibilities, it's so good just seeing him exhibit all his fucking mental disorders without any second thought.

I seriously love sociopaths
, they're just so fun to pick apart and when you get to the center of them; the surprise is that they're all the fucking same.

You are a treasure, transcribe-anon… thank you.

No. 312395

I wish people would stop with the fake reddit shit.
You think Lain would leave so many identifiers in posts like that?
People think they're clever but all they're doing is giving Onion and Lain more material to paint critics as people who make shit up about them. Then anything we catch that is legit is looked at as unreliable.

No. 312396

definitely fake, everything the troll is saying is just the same shit we all know anyway.

good lord gerg, if you're going to fake drama at least be good about it

No. 312397

I've been here longer than you have, if that's all you have to say about my post then fuck off yourself.

Can you not handle the fact that she's just as bad as he is? Does it really get to you that much? You hate Greaselord but you're okay with Lainey being the exact same way?

The less of your kind in these threads the better.

No. 312398

Don't care… she has to reach out herself.

No. 312399

It even reads fake, she wouldn't be so obvious and easy to find.

Farmhand, can we ban these shits?

No. 312400

I think Sarah looks like a rounder version of unnatrual Vegan from youtube. Same mouth, same eye & hair colour , tooth gap, and a similar nose shape.

No. 312405

shh shh shh.. no..
don't bring unnatural vegan into this.

No. 312406

Seems like she's been called a pedo plenty of times here and her actions are not popular, and you're apparently triggered by f-all. The anon you responded to didn't sound like they were defending Lainey.

This is the Onision thread. Fuck off to snow if you want to sperg about literally the most boring pedophile on earth. Onion is the serial pedo we talk about here.

No. 312408

I think they're just a butthurt little boy considering they brought up misandry as to why everyone in the onision thread hates onision

No. 312410

Reading this again with an unbiased mind, thank you Sarah, you still shouldn't be there and enabling him.

He doesn't just try to distract and dance around legit questions like a fucking shit-stained jack in the box, he's just… broken.

Throw the toy away, please don't donate it to a children's hospital though, he'd thrive off that.

No. 312411

These people are gross. I feel bad for the kids.

No. 312412

he wrote this entire script, what do you mean? shes not asking him anything of her own volition.

No. 312413

Sorry, but Sarah is my fave person in this whole shit-circus now.

The way he just dances around her legit questions, that's a genuine narcissistic sociopath we have on our hands here folks.

No. 312414

I can't believe you're so stupid you think he would actually let her say this kind of shit to him and upload it to his channel. It's scripted, like ALL his other videos. This is the same child who happily calls herself jailbait because she knows what shes doing with Lainey. You're an idiot. Just like her.

No. 312415

Even if he did, it still doesn't take away the fact that he's actually mentally disturbed.

No. 312416

..Yes? Duh? Everyone knows Onision is fucked up and mental. I just don't understand why suddenly everyone in this thread forgets that he has total control over everything anyone says or does in his videos on his channel.

No. 312417

If Sarah actually believed any of that and tried to say it in public he would shut her down. He's just "making fun of himself" and further being like xDD c these things ppl say abt me are so ridiculous x33 , like he always does.

No. 312418

Let's put into perspective that women (girls) he's dated have confirmed that he's "not all there" in the politeness of terms.

No need for the ad hominem, anon… we're all on the same side here.

No. 312419

I just don't understand how sarah is any less dumb and brainwashed than billie or ayalla or any of his other attention whores.

No. 312422

I didn't say she was smarter than any of his peers though, she bought up legit questions (that he probably scripted) but still danced around them… I'm not sure why you're arguing against that.

No. 312423

Because people are acting like those are things she genuinely believes and brought up by herself without him scripting and telling her what to say and how to behave. She's just a mouthpiece for things he wrote so I'm not sure why people are like "omg! shes so smart ! she brought up valid points!" no, SHE didn't bring up anything.

No. 312425


??? He wrote the questions. He knows all the negative press about him. How… it's not a live feed, you know? Even if a conversation went down like that, which it wouldn't, he wouldn't upload it.

Which makes me wonder if he's trying to up Sarah's profile now and why…

No. 312426

What "people"?

If you mean me, yes… I think she's smarter than the average bear, if anyone can help Lainey - I think it would be her.

Let's be clear, I dislike Lainey as much as I do Gurg, but it doesn't stop me wishing she can get away and have a more fulfilling life with family and friends; she's at that point where she CAN get away, not enduring another 10 years of this nobhead.

Because he scours his threads here and elsewhere for ideas. >>312212

No. 312428

I was thinking this too. If billie and ayalla went home and now its just sarah there.. and suddenly hes trying to make her look good..

No. 312432

File: 1478556808113.png (94.75 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

…wut? (ew!)

No. 312433

DSSCTM, EO and their ilk are here:


Noone cares in this thread otherwise.

No. 312434

I'm sorry, I thought it was relevant to the video game video on uhohbro, that's why I posted the screenshot here.

No. 312435

S'okay anon, we just try to keep on track here.

No. 312459

Can somebody post a screencap of said boner? I don't wanna watch his vids.

No. 312460


don't want to watch his vids…but you want to watch his boner…?

No. 312461

Watch his boner? No. I just want to see if it's true or not.

No. 312462


regardless, if someone (blessed with a strong fucking stomach) decides to post that screencap, please spoiler it.

No. 312466

I cant tell if its a boner? but whatever it is, billies elbow is stroking it

No. 312467

File: 1478567967881.png (62.57 KB, 191x182, x files theme.png)

dropped pic

No. 312468

Almost called this myself but wound up chickening out. There's also a bunch of suspect rustling in that area throughout the video–barf

No. 312469

i know black is supposed to make you look smaller but greg really doesnt need any more of that in that area

No. 312470

Also right after this the blanket is covering it.

No. 312471

lmfao is Sarah supposed to be lolcow and similar?

No. 312474

can't see shit captain

No. 312475

It's more obvious when it's in motion. Start at 4:22 in the 3 Girls 1 Horror Game (REACTION) video, it's gross.

I made a clip of it here: http://i.imgur.com/NTYU2T3.mp4

No. 312476

oh yeah tons of rustling, I remember watching it and definitely thinking things were getting touchy under that blanket

No. 312477


Jeeze how can she live with herself touching and feeling on dat old-man cock? How the hell did ANY of his partners dealt with touching, stroking and sucking Onion's greasy, uncircumcised cock??? I'm curious.

No. 312478

It's so little looking. Must be sad to be wearing tracksuit bottoms, having a boner, and people still not being able to tell if it's actually your dick or just a fold in your trousers. He doesn't seem like a man personality wise or in terms of his junk.

No. 312479

It's so little looking. Must be sad to be wearing tracksuit bottoms, having a boner, and people still not being able to tell if it's actually your dick or just a fold in your trousers. He doesn't seem like a man personality wise or in terms of his junk.

No. 312480

gag. that's fucking disgusting

No. 312481

That's definitely a boner. Someone tweet that to Lainey. E W !!!

No. 312482


Little dick wick, played with his prick, don't the smell just make ya sick?

No. 312486

No. 312487

is anyone really shocked that he has a tiny dick though??? he'd probably be a totally different person and way saner if he was actually swangin

No. 312488


House Of 1000 Corpses reference.

No. 312491

Onision threads - where nothing is too minor

No. 312494

I'd be more surprised if he was actually packing.

No. 312496

File: 1478575489903.png (70.63 KB, 1406x352, Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 9.23…)

So then where is the supposed public information about Sarah living with them that they wouldn't post?

No. 312498

Right before boner, Ayalla says "I swear to god if that thing stands up, we're all gonna die." How appropriate.

No. 312499

Oh yeah, he totally carries himself like somebody with an angry little red prick. Dated this abusive piece of shit who used to idolize Onion boy. Looks like they have more in common than I anticipated kek.

I'm convinced most self-proclaimed "male feminists" like Onion are small because they've gotta have something to offer.

No. 312500

god, here we go again with Lainey posting depressing and "deep" lyric quotes on twitter again.

No. 312501

No. 312502

File: 1478576319493.png (15.85 KB, 606x138, whinybot.png)


No. 312503

Beat me to it anon. Jesus, she's tweeting Mayday Parade. She's literally not aged a day mentally since Onion started grooming her.

No. 312505

Wish she would spill some milk instead of just fucking whingeing

No. 312507

I know it's been talked about but damn. I wonder if she ever expected this to be her life when she was in her teens. She probably pictured some happy family with Greg where they vacation together and he always focuses on her with no desire to have a polygamous relationship etc. Maybe she's stuck mentally in her teen years because she doesn't want to accept the fact that the dreams she had for when she became an adult aren't gonna happen. She's such a shit person that I can't bring myself to feel bad for her but just damn.

No. 312509


Stevie's probably trying to fend people off. Since people send lolcow links to EO, it's not far off to say that she lurks this thread/the joint thread for EO and DSSCTM.

No. 312510

in her texts to one of her friends (i think selena) back before they got married and were just talking, she mentions "i can't wait to travel the world with him" or something along those lines. And its so funny how she got the exact opposite.

she really thought she was gonna have a magical relationship with him and here she is two (or three) kids later cooped up in their house with an identity crisis while her hermit, aging, acne-ridden, attention-seeking, narcissistic youtuber husband is desperately hunting for teen girls to fuck.

No. 312512


it was the skype messages between her and that one friend who delivered milk because Lainey acted like a bitch to her. She mentioned how she was so excited to start school online while Greg and her traveled the country for Digitour.

If you read the skype messages, you can basically see the stars in her eyes. Imagine her face when she got to that crapshack that Skye and Shiloh narrowly escaped and realized that Greg pretty much lied to her.

Half of me feels so sorry for her because she was barely 17/18 years old, but the other half is like "LOL Shiloh and everyone did warn her oh well"

No. 312552


these were already posted, anon. >>312502

No. 312584

God the new makeup he's wearing in his videos is hideous. It looks like he skinned someone and is wearing their face. How can he not realise it looks that bad???

No. 312595

Screenshots, pretty pls?

No. 312598


i feel bad for her. he definitely gave her tons of attention and love in the beginning and now she's just waiting for sweet greggie to cum back. he goes for teenagers for a reason. shit sux

No. 312604

So I kinda found an old gem, more like a piece of lead…

This video is not for the faint of heart, or mentally weak.

No. 312606


Oh, wow, throwback! I used to watch Shane's videos and he used this into/outro for a long time.

No. 312607

Onision unfollowed Cyr and blocked him simply because Cyr isn't voting for Hilary or Trump.

What a fucking psycho. Someone please take screenshots. I'm too lazy.

No. 312609

File: 1478629192643.png (196.33 KB, 611x753, dramu.png)

So I guess no one is going to post about the drama that is currently unfolding between Cyr and Onion?

No. 312610

No. 312611

File: 1478629330794.png (681.72 KB, 1796x1633, cyronion.png)


What a manchild

No. 312612


>friend doesnt agree with me on political opinion

>better block him & forget he exists because that's what mature 30 year old men do

What a faggot. Glad Cyr is out of his shit anyway, he's too good for Onionboy.

No. 312613

lmao onion is such a cunt. no wonder he has no friends, he drops them like nothing whenever they have a different opinion. ive seen him block other "friends" in the past because they disagreed with him or ate meat. enjoy being alone you cunt. Cyr is way more talented than Onion boy ever will be and funnier too.

No. 312614

No. 312616

Hah, he lost his one and only friend and his mistress in the same week.

No. 312617


Who will he have now? Where will he go? His own wife ain't even his friend lol

No. 312618

LMAO, he's just completely shat all over the last remaining male friend he's ever had.

…and by the sounds of it, it wasn't even a genuine friendship.

He truly is a narco sociopath, this is hilarious.

No. 312620

Oh my fucking god!He's so mentally stunted and manipulative, no wonder he only picks insecure teens to groom no adult woman could keep up with his shit. ''After the thousands of dollars I invested in you & many times I've forgiven you being a bad friend…bye Cyr'' I couldn't get over this, he sounds like a high school girl with mood swings and a superiority complex and he probably forgot Cyr isn't his doormat.

No. 312621

This is where SR needs to invite Cyr to his channel and milk him for all he is worth

No. 312623

That's exactly it.

If you don't allow him to control or manipulate you, he will not hesitate to remove you from his life.

Oh my god, yes… the milk.

No. 312624

They need to collab with Eugenia and Jaclyn.

No. 312625

cyr's known greg for years now so he probably has the most dirt on him. but i don't think he's the type to make "drama" videos so :/

No. 312626

Onion has made youtube videos for years and they all still amateur level. Bad acting, filming, editing and bad everyting.

No. 312628

File: 1478631823602.png (291.88 KB, 691x389, holyshit.png)

I am no longer in denial that he's had plastic surgery, I wonder if that was the real reason he was wearing all those masks for a time in his videos.

Whoever he went to, they fucking botched it… nigga looks like Carrot Top now.

No. 312629

he never improves or changes both his rotten attitude and shitty content

No. 312630

>You next level sociopath
Topkek, we always say Onion's a sociopath but when is a former friend that says it it feels even better. I bet Cyr thought that the whole time but kept his mouth shut.

No. 312631

It's a shitty peel, and too much forehead botox.

His skin wasn't healthy or clear enough to survive a peel - it's that or he's on accutane and isn't doing all the attendant care.

His forehead has been ridged for year, and if you continuously try to flatten it with botox, your brow starts to slip into a neadrathal like look (which he had even before botox.)

Basically, he either needs to lay off the frequency of the botox; get the higher dose of botox (his brows look bizzare because he gets the partial in order to have some movement in his brows as he is an "entertainer" [note: I also have gotten this version, but you can fix your eyebrow shape to compensate for it]); or go full throttle for the lift.

No. 312632

File: 1478632243765.png (656.1 KB, 942x1251, Screenshot_2016-11-08-20-05-01…)

5 minutes into pedophilia & chill and he gives you this look.

No. 312633

Ooph. This shows the brow "slipping" >>312631 I was talking about.

No. 312634

didn't greg call cyr's girlfriend Dasha a prostitute once? the guys a piece of shit I'm surprised cyr held out this long

No. 312635

Does Onision have any friends, specifically IRL friends, besides his harem?

No. 312636

The only friend he's ever spoken about is one that committed suicide… tnh, I would too if I was this douches only friend.

No. 312637


He didn't kill himself, he died of a blood disorder or something. He also exploited his death for views and his shit novel.


No. 312638

Aw man what a throwback. I remember this being used as an intro. It's funny thinking about the potential Onision could have had if he just kept his private life off the internet and continued to make comedy videos but also stayed relevant like Shane did. If he didn't start a channel just to air his shitty opinions and try to make a career out of being "controversial".

I think this is why he hates Shane so much, Shane evolved and while I don't find him humour funny any more, he's appealing to a younger audience all the time. Onision still continues to recycle old characters that aren't relevant anymore because they were what appealed to him in his teens/20s. He has barely legal girls in his videos in an attempt to look "hip and cool" but in reality even these girls are emulating the style of something that was popular before they could even talk. Even UhOhBro was a complete flop. The people he targets in his rants (Black Friday, Grav3yardgirl, Social Repose, Eugenia, Hannah Minx…) are all people who have this "alternative" look but it pisses him off that people have rejected the "emo" or "scene" looks in favour of more refined, modern and age-appropriate looks like classic goth, nu goth and pastel goth.

I don't think Grease knows how to appeal to the modern generation or stay relevant without abandoning his dream of being some trashy, greasy emo heart throb and it scares him.

No. 312639

Notice how he never has any solid male friends. I think Cyr feels sorry for him or something. Like he knows he is fucked up in the head. But that's anyone's guess. He can get away with treating some insecure women and girls like shit because they find him cute or whatever but the same bullshit manipulations won't work on another guy. That's my take anyways. Another is his ego can't handle another man around who is better than him in some way (the bar isn't set very high).

No. 312641


Which reminds me of how bullshit it is that he can fuck Lainey's "girlfriend" but he won't allow her to fuck another guy even though he's ~homo-romantic~ or whatever the fuck. His feefees are so fragile, I wish someone (like Billie) would just tear him to shreds already but he's very deliberate about picking desperate girls to surround himself with unfortunately.

No. 312643


Kek. Cyr is great. Like a superior Onion and not a fucking psycho.

No. 312645

>I wish someone (like Billie) would just tear him to shreds already
It's a shame that Billie is in the running for America's Next Top Doormat and would never.

No. 312647

and now we know exactly why some people stuck around Onion for as long as they did

> but I paid for you

> you owe me everything
> how dare you disagree with me

but nooo he doesn't tick the abuser markers at all!

No. 312648


> It's funny thinking about the potential Onision could have had

Honestly, before I knew who he was, I happened to really like that intro. He obviously used to have some creativity.

Considering that he does still have fans, he could stop making videos with his outdated characters and look at what other YouTubers are doing and start keeping his life private… but he won't, like you said, and it'll probably be his downfall. His drama isn't going to be interesting forever.

No. 312649

>>He obviously used to have some creativity.

A lot of it was Skye at the start.

No. 312651

>In b4 Cyr voicemail video

No. 312652

Not surprised in the least that Onion has lost his only male and age appropriate friend. I was actually shocked him and Cyr didn't have a falling out a lot sooner than this. Onion gets butthurt over the drop of a hat.

No. 312653

>Cyr: You can see me in Onison's next speaks video, where he masturbates to himself on camera for 5 minutes and validates his own opinions

Hahahahah nice

No. 312654

I agree a lot of it must have been Skye too. He got in there pretty quickly and had collabs with some of the top youtubers of the time (Shane, Olga, JacksFilms), most youtubers would have killed to have gotten into that circle. The humour popular at the time was really edgy and ~so random~ but all other three youtubers have changed their jokes to suit new audiences. It just seems like such a waste to throw that all away, imo.

He could have kept in contact with these amazing contacts instead of constantly trying to "expose" them and pushing them away by trying to be "edgy" and "controversial". He's such a judgemental asshole, every single video is full of negativity. As is obvious above with his messages to Cyr, he can't even keep one fucking friend.

He deserves to be alone jfc.

No. 312655

He and cyr have had like 80 falling outs.

No. 312656

True but I don't think Onion will forgive the sociopath comment. Seems like this is the final straw for Cyr not giving a fuck anymore

No. 312657

Throwing this out there into the universe, and in case Cyr or SR lurk, please do a video together to cause maximum onion butt frustration.

No. 312658

File: 1478636008047.jpg (164.24 KB, 810x912, IMG_20161108_211125.jpg)

Now he is posting ~positivity~ tweets.

I guess he is trying to mask his narc/sociopathy after everyone sided with cyr.

No. 312659

i'd also add that his relationship drama at the time with skye/shiloh (when onion was at his peak) didn't help garner support from the top youtubers. i vaguely remember a tweet from shane along the lines of "dude, stop talking about shiloh!"

No. 312660


Skye was also the same age as the other Youtubers you've previously mentioned, just a note.

No. 312661


Pussy, won't even try to defend himself from "the lies".

No. 312662

Does he lurk here? Why did he make the tweet about insecure women?

No. 312663


>Speak the truth and nothing but the truth. Let people love you and hate you for who you are~

"I am going to vote for the third option"


No. 312664


They also haven't collabed in a long time, so I think it's over forever.

No. 312665

I think so too, Grease believes Cyr owes him everything – that's basically sociopath talk for "you've hurt me by not letting me control you!"… I know he's not going to do it, but I think Cyr really should remove all their collab videos, but I think he's sorta trapped because Grease will definitely not remove them from his own channel… that's the one shred of control that Grease has over him and he'll exploit it.

This is why we never involve ourselves in the lives of sociopaths, you'll never be fully rid of them until they find their own way to dispose of you.

No. 312667

I think Dasha is sensual looking and mature. Everything that Greg can't handle

No. 312668

He lurks everywhere that he's mentioned. He's just reaffirming that he's a feminazi even though he demeans and belittles a lot of women and acts like he should have a say in how all females dress and act.

No. 312671


I'm going through Dashas photos. I wonder does she go to the same cosmetic place as Greg, their botox and filler are on the same level of awful.


No. 312675

off topic, but she hasn't gotten any procedures done, just filters and makeup. greg on the other hand…no amount of botox or makeup can fix his hideous mug

No. 312677

Her lips are gross.

No. 312678

Middle tweet reads as so tolerant but he has a problem with 99% of people because they do just that??

No. 312681

File: 1478641320221.png (526.62 KB, 355x1920, ayallasmother.png)

not completely off topic, since it pertains to Greg, but Ayalla's mom has spoken out about Ayalla visiting Greg

No. 312682

File: 1478641443172.jpg (23.89 KB, 500x375, 1414285961859.jpg)


No. 312688

i cackled

No. 312692

I still feel like they posted that pic of him on purpose. it's so weird.

No. 312693


>she hasn't gotten any procedures done

sure anon… sure

No. 312694

her lips oh my god, gross.

No. 312695

Oy vey, that upper lip. Lip injections NEVER look good, why do people not learn?? It's possible to get decent looking implants, but the injections will always, always look like shit.

No. 312696


I don't get why we gotta hate on Dasha now… and how it's relevant enough for you all to forget goddamn SAGE

No. 312697

Cyr could agree to play along with drama

Reasons that this isn't a fake out… go!

No. 312698


Omission: Next Level Sociopath

No. 312699

File: 1478643876351.gif (1.98 MB, 540x303, eae30ea04a60656c44045509e08249…)

Now I see where Ayayay's behavior is coming from.

No. 312700


I wonder if he insists it wasn't Skye because he's knowingly lying, or if he honestly has deluded himself. "You made this? I made this."

No. 312702

I was pointing out she does have work done on her face, no hate for people who get work done. I'm just saying it looks bad.

Okay I'll stop derailing now. It;s weird how Greg used to be this 'plays an idiot' kind of character, but over the past 5years he's turned into someone filled with hate. Maybe Lainey is draining the life out of him just as he's doing to her?

No. 312705

File: 1478645713661.jpg (54.31 KB, 500x500, cv7fjHQ.jpg)

>turning into someone filled with hate
He's always been like that, he's a fucking sociopath.

No. 312706

Sorry for samefagging, but did he actually write that one the picture? I remember finding it in an old onion thread and I think someone said it's from the myspace account he had when he was a teen, but I'm not sure.

No. 312708

On the picture*

No. 312709


Okay, well, I wouldn't be happy either if people were telling me I'm a horrible parent because I trust my adult daughter to make the right decisions on her own and I'm not demanding her to leave someone's house when she doesn't even live with me.

I think it's weird that people expect Billie and Ayalla's parents to…what, scold them? Forbid them to hang out with Omission? They live on their own, they're adults, it's on them to make the "right" choices and deal with the natural consequences of their actions.

No. 312710


This, it completely invalidates everyone here and helps reinforce Omission's rhetoric that his haters are creepy stalkers who just want to hurt people when really that's only about 60% of us, haha.

No. 312712

Ummmm… he's always been that way, he's been fucking loopy since as far back as high school – (we don't really know anything else about his childhood except that he was raised by cultists) – he has personality disorders, none of it is a learned behavoir he can just switch on and off at will.

He's a genuine nutcase who got lucky in finding a soapbox large enough to attract his preferred demographic and he's made a career of it… nothing more, nothing less.

No. 312713

Yes, and you can find more of his narcisstic sociopathic bullshit all over the lifeofonion.com wiki.

No. 312714

i totally agree, it's one thing to warn someone that their daughter is at risk of abuse/manipulation, but to start telling ayalla's mom that she is a fucking awful parent for allowing it to happen…… being a cunt to these people makes the milk dry up.

No. 312715

Their last collab on Cyrs channel. Lol at his face.

No. 312716

can't scrub the old off, onion.

No. 312717


I found an essay where he praises/sympathizes with school shooters.


No. 312718


Old ass video where they started hanging out.

No. 312719

I know this isn't a Ayayaya thread but with Social Repose dropping is new song a week ago, I just don't see her EP even standing close to it…

No. 312723

File: 1478651844388.gif (203.84 KB, 400x480, tumblr_ogay5xUrNI1vqc713o1_400…)

Wish people would stop trying to warn people like ayalla, let them fall into gregs trap for the entertainment. These people are annoying.

No. 312727


Richie has his own thread, talk about them there.

No. 312728

File: 1478652347622.png (284.91 KB, 599x632, V1pRK1p.png)

lovebombing again

No. 312731


Guess everything's back to normal, aww… :(

No. 312732

File: 1478652613294.jpg (50.87 KB, 600x600, 666.jpg)

No. 312733

>nov 9th

I thought I traveled into the future for a sec.

No. 312734

until billie/ayalla/sarah are back.

No. 312738

He switches between idolising others outside the marriage and devaluing his wife, to rejecting all those people and switching back to love bombing her. Both cases of black and white thinking are toxic and unrealistic. I think the BPD diagnosis story is entirely plausible, especially when expecting people to agree with him just because of "everything I've done for you"


No. 312739


How long do you think we'll have to wait this time?

No. 312740

you smoke too much

No. 312741

maybe thanksgiving? christmas?

No. 312742

File: 1478653509504.png (100.01 KB, 1186x378, Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 7.03…)

Lainey trying to be sarcastic… that only works if it isn't true, Plainey.

No. 312743


We should be more optimistic tbh

No. 312745

Yeah but I wouldn't fucking debate it on social media. Adult choices.

No. 312746

regarding her original comment, I'll never understand why some mothers have to respond to something so seriously when it's obviously a joke.

No. 312755

Lol Cyr and Richie now follow each other on twitter and Richie retweeted Cyr's tweet about onion. I'm sure onion is probably pissed especially if they end up collaborating

No. 312758

File: 1478658037418.gif (537.28 KB, 320x240, b0eXj.gif)

No. 312761


Oh I hope they collab soon! Just the thought of seeing Onioncock seething in rage puts a wicked smile on my face. >:)

No. 312769


~*~i'm a feminist, you see. i think women are superior because they are hotter than men and i like fucking them. especially the underage ones. uwu~*~

No. 312800


He manages to pisses off both ends of politics: anti-feminists, obvs because he goes around bragging about being a feminist and acting like a twat, and feminists, because he's really quite patronising and toxic to women and too uneducated to go beyond a tumblr understanding. And anyone in between, because he's a hypocrite.

Together we stand united in common disgust. Warms the cockles of my heart.

No. 312806

File: 1478670994843.png (299.45 KB, 1224x1132, cyrrr.png)


No. 312808

Wow he's destroying him. Omission is weeping into his pillow as we speak

No. 312810

Never thought Cyr would be the one who would end up with the milk. But I guess it would make sense!

No. 312811

Cyr and others might think Onision is "generous" as an example of his good side but dont realize it is a farce. Narcissists give to others to boost their own ego and feel benevolent. Further, when things go sour, they will use those instances of generosity to play the martyr, like he's done so with Cyr and all his exes. He isnt great for being generous since he seems to make enough money to wipe his ass with it if he wanted. I bet hes so short sighted with money, he hasnt invested any of it or saved any for his kids college but thats neither here nor there.

No. 312813

He doesn't even want custody of his kids so I doubt he'd pay for their future education

No. 312814


He probably reasons that he's so successful without much education that his kids don't need it.

I assume he hasn't completed a degree because even most people I've met who left school at 16 have more interesting and worldly things to say, let alone spell.

No. 312817

Soooo why did they have this conversation on twitter?

especially considering Cyr isn't quite the attention whore that Onion & Friends tend to be

I'm not entirely convinced that this milk is 100% organic.

No. 312818

File: 1478674392006.png (831.82 KB, 914x310, capture_001_08112016_225229.pn…)

I'm willing to believe it

No. 312819

File: 1478674746307.png (72.83 KB, 640x209, Capture.PNG)


She gets so smug and asshhole-ish towards others everytime Gorg lovebombs her.

No. 312830

Trump just won. Shits about to get lulzy.

No. 312842

>telling insecure women to google "sexy" so they can compare themselves to half naked photoshopped lingerie models

This. They won't listen anyway, if Gerg has gotten to them first.

No. 312845

File: 1478685565276.png (139.27 KB, 816x940, lainey.PNG)

lainey joining her husband in the whole "if you voted for trump get out of my life" spiel

No. 312852

Cyr is killing me right now. Keep doing what you're doing.

No. 312856

>You Trump voters are literally oppressing meeeeee

>Oh btw, my cheating abusive husband is giving me attention again so don't you dare to say anything against him.

No. 312858

>Worst week of my life
I don't think so

No. 312861

I didn't vote for Trump but tumblr and their ilk melting down over him winning is fucking hilarious. Love how they're acting like he's going to sign an executive order to ban all gays and coloreds the minute he's sworn in.

Maybe Gerg will export himself to Canada?

No. 312865


The last tweet looks like another passive-aggressive dig at Billie, and Ayala too, I guess. Billie must be pretty damn thirsty for Greg to put up with this shit.

No. 312870


Dude, you're gonna scare Shiloh away! Shh

No. 312885

File: 1478703744866.jpg (94.69 KB, 540x540, tumblr_nxo4fbJwcR1uenfwuo1_540…)

Went into Lamo's tag on tumblr and stumbled upon some old cringe. This is so ironic

No. 312886

Just don't discuss it on a social media, and at least don't start bickering with a probably woman in her twenties with the same story cows defend themselves with "hater, you have anger issues" etc.
You expect a grown woman of probably 50 would at least pretend to be the mature one

No. 312888

File: 1478704517708.png (490.2 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

We're all beautiful but you're still ugly af.

No. 312899

The thing that gets me the most is that Trump being in power will not affect the quality of life that these two have been living for the past 5 years anyway…

They're rich, white, they don't even go out to protests; they just sit on their asses all day whilst he attempts to pump her full of babies. They're fucking around with teenage girls, they don't give a shit about anyone else - he says on a regular basis that he hates everyone who doesn't agree with his opinions.

If anything, Trump will benefit these types of people… idgi.

No. 312900

Grease just does it to appeal to the Tumblr demographic and Lain is on the verge of being a bisexual agender single mom of two so you could make an argument it does affect them

Sage bc I know y'all get triggered when people use Lain's preferred pronouns

No. 312901

MTE she just wants to play the victim card even if it's not affecting her in any way.

No. 312908

You didn't even use pronouns?

No. 312909


Why does this bitch try so hard to appear oppressed and marginalized? She is in a HETEROSEXUAL MARRIAGE, she's white, she's cis (agnder prince uwu bullshit doesn't count), she's rich, and even if she is bisexual, it won't matter as long as she stays in the heterosexual marriage and doesn't go off with another woman.

Nothing is going to happen to her. Like, at all.

No. 312914

this is an insult to the people trump is actually trying to attack i.e latinos, blacks, muslims. Not her fake gender, bisexual bullshit. She's white with a filthy rich husband and two kids, what the fuck does she think trump is gonna do to her?

God, she'll take any chance to whine about being ~oppressed~ on twitter

No. 312915


That's what pisses me off the most about her activism and her whining about people disrespecting her or whatever.

She will never face the same problems as gay couples do because to anyone she doesn't shout her sexuality or gender at, she appears to be a married straight woman with children. Not only that, bust most people's sexualities don't matter once they're in a committed marriage unless they're Poly because it doesn't affect their lives anymore. Lamo can fuck right off.

No. 312917


Be careful, anon, or Lamo will use the "But I have a MEXICAN grandmother!" card on all of us.

No. 312918


No. 312921

I really hope Cyr and SR get together for a collab video airing Onion's dirty laundry out to the public! Someone (who has a Twitter account) should ask them to do this!

No. 312922

I hope they're both too mature to do that. We all like the milk but if they do that then they're just acting like Omission.

No. 312925


Who knows, maybe whatever Cyr used to hide from Onion will finally be revealed, and it'll be fun seeing Greasecock sperging out of rage.

No. 312928


I mean if you're as content as she is to have your barely legal daughter go run out of state with a married man, his wife, their toddler, a new born and 2 other girls… I question your parenting choices.

Her mom obviously couldn't stop her from going(especially if she doesnt live eith you) and calling her a bad mother who doesn't love her child is out of line but from these messages her mother seems to actually support this fuckery.

The real bad parents here are Sarah's. Girl should be studying for SATS or something.

No. 312930

Onion boy and Cyr are as bad as each other. Cyr clearly leached & let him down on multiple occasions

No. 312931

No. 312933


And your evidence is where Anon?
Provide evidence to back up your claims.

No. 312936

Onion posted about videos he refused to upload because he 'disagreed' with the content after filming it. It's also pretty clear Cyr cashed in on Gergs fanbase. They're both literal sociopaths.

No. 312938

even if that were true (and you have no evidence for this apart from omission's word) that's nothing compared to the shit omission has pulled over the years. they are definitely not on the same level and calling cyr a sociopath is a huge leap.

No. 312941

It doesn't make him a sociopath because he filmed something, regretted it, and didn't want it online… Everyone regrets shit they do sometimes.

Cyr used greg for his fanbase? I suppose every youtuber who collabs with another youtuber for both to get more views or new viewers is a sociopath.

If those are the worst things cyrs ever done, then im pretty sure everyone online is a sociopath by your logic.

No. 312943

Greg had Cyr dress up like Hitler and one of his fans got upset because their grandfather died in the Holocaust. Cyr asked Greg to delete it. Greg doesn't give a fuck about his fans feelings and likes to berate them as much as his wives/gfs. I don't think Cyr is anywhere close to being just like Greg.

No. 312945

Cyr asking Greg to delete is speaks volumes about his personality. He would delete or fix something to make someone happy, whereas Greg expects you to fix yourself to make him happy.

No. 312946

Holy shit, I'm surprised he'd let Cyr put this up. This is almost cartoonish.

No. 312949


>The real bad parents here are Sarah's. Girl should be studying for SATS or something.

Yessss, how the fuck is she allowed to visit onision? they must have SOMEONE, some cousin or anyone that knows who onision is and how dangerous he is.

No. 312952

A sociopath doesn't feel guilt, regret or empathy… if Cyr felt guilty enough to not want the videos online, he's neurotypical.

Lern 2 psychology.

No. 312961

cyr has some cringy as fuck videos, but he doesn´t seem to be as socially broken as greaseball. at least not on the same level

No. 312970

So someone not uploading videos is just as bad as grooming and abusing teenage girls?

No. 312972

lmao seriously who is this? + deleted post that used the phrase "most everyone"

No. 312977


stop samefagging. take it to tumblr

No. 312980


Shut the fuck up.

No. 312986

File: 1478729389784.png (366.82 KB, 669x587, ad0.png)


>anon talks about how pLain and omission need to stop acting like they won't benefit from trump's presidency

>"take it to tumblr"

No. 312989

He's back to crushing the self-esteem of his fangirls on UhOhBro unless they kinda look like Lainey with short hair and retarded expressions.

Must've found his replacement already.

No. 312990

This is gonna be good

No. 312994

This made my morning

No. 312996

"I spent $900 and Lainey wasn't even grateful!"

No. 312998

There's something so grimy about it. I feel so gross.

No. 312999

Any awesome farmers got a transcript for this?

No. 313001


No. 313003


working on one
sadly, not as good as transcript-anon though.

No. 313006

So they WERE looking for a unicorn, color me surprised. jfc, these people give bisexuals such a bad name.

No. 313007

So, this is a video where greg brags about abusing his wife, and continuing to make dramatard videos about Billie and Ayeyeylla against their very express wishes, despite them telling Greg how much his videos and shit stirring was fucking up their lives.

No. 313008

Someone download this he might delete it when he's done punishing Billie

No. 313009

This is fucking grotesque. He goes into so much detail about what sexual acts they did on each other and the frequency.

No. 313011


This is so exhausting just to listen to. I can't imagine living this way of constant life-and-death-drama and manipulation. Each person is incredibly fucked up in their own ways, Gronk being the worst.

But the milk. THE MIIIIIILK. Wonderful distraction from the shit happening today.

No. 313012

Jesus, Billie and Ayella were trying to escpae the McMansion in the middle of the night - had an uber waiting- and greg caught them, then cornered Billie and harassed her into staying, while demanding she get a tattoo to "prove herself" to him??? (around minute 12)

Does he have no idea who insane, abusive, and manipulative all of this exposes him to be?

No. 313013

Okay but he said that Ayalla confided with his "nanny." Who the fuck is this nanny this time? Sarah? Because that's the only other known person there at that time. Also who confides such emotional things to the person you're staying with's nanny. My head hurts

No. 313014


Wow Christmas has come early. Oh my god, I can't cope with how openly manipulative this greasy cunt is?!
-Fucks billie behind wife's back knowing she would hate that
-Completely throws billie under the bus for it
Lainey wake up gal.

No. 313017

No. 313019


Yikes. Does he really had to mention how many times they've slept together and what they did?
>billie: "I don't want the internet to know"
>greg: makes a video about it

nice work

No. 313021

'GET THIS TATTOO TO PROVE YOUR LOVE!" jeez, this guy is crazy.

I want SR to spill deets on Billie being a slut.

No. 313022

Yes, he has to prove that he's so not a cuck.

No. 313023

Not only that, but he throws Ayalla under the bus with her. Dishing the details about her sex life with SR was totally unnecessary, and he knows that's going to make life harder for both her and Billie. What a creep.

No. 313025

I don't want to give him views, what happened? He broke up with who?

No. 313026

Really hope The Letter 2.0 happens from billies POV. think of all that delicious milk.

No. 313028

He broke up wth Billie for not being 100% in thrall of his abuse. He literally has no idea how horrific this video makes him look - he details his own abusive behavior down to he smallest detail.

Anyone with a history of abuse, grab yourself a stiff drink and some anxiety meds if you plan to watch. Going back down the rabbit hole of a sociopath / narc created reality sucks.

No. 313029


>but I won't prove to you that you can trust me, in fact fuck it let me just expose details of your friend's sex life and your illegal drug use while using both your real names

Jesus Christ this video is horrifying. The amount of manipulation he admits to is crazy; pressuring Lainey into threesomes, trying to white knight for Ayalla, releasing extremely private details on all three girls, pressuring the into staying at his house when THEY TRY TO SNEAK OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, pressuring someone into getting an awful tattoo to "prove" something to him, not bothering to comfort the girls when one admits to being suicidal, another admits to feeling inadequate and the third has had details of her ex relationship released online by someone WHO WASN'T EVEN INVOLVED…

And he's admitting to all of this. He's fucking repulsive. How can anyone say these things with such pride?

No. 313030

this was the one omission video i actually watched and it was well worth it, what a ride.

No. 313031

File: 1478732185528.jpg (42.4 KB, 895x627, 14907011_1867732163440807_2460…)

…fuck. I didn't expect this amount of milk at this time of the evening. I like where this is going, imagine the backlash

No. 313032


"You will win our trust by getting a tattoo that you don't want done on your body." What in the ever loving FUCK?!?

Billie, you did the right thing. Go back to college and go be someone. You don't have to be a fucked up couple's sex toy to feel alive.

No. 313035


he's literally branding his cows. didn't Shiloh have a Greg tattoo too?

No. 313036


For those who don't want to watch, he recaps their relationship:

> "menage a trois"

> Lainey says she's bi
> "I'm not jealous when my wife is with another woman, but I am when she talks about other men"
> recaps CG 1.0
> Lainey accused Billie of only caring about Greg and not her, leaves the house
> "I only did things that a friend can justify doing!!!"
> "we were only friends who cuddled and i massaged her in a friend way!!"
> "my mother gives me massages!!!"
> Lainey breaks up with him for a moment
> Onion to Billie: "well i guess you're a home wrecker now", paints Billie to be a sociopath with no emotional response or remorse
> "i spent 900 dollars to send her home"
> six months later
> Lainey: "Billie's changed!!", Greg: "bad idea"
> Billie's a liar
> first lie: Billie got high and held a guy's hand while on piggyback
> Ayalla makes shit worse, "we dumped Billie"
> "We forgave her because of my wife"
> "Lainey's insecure and dumped Billie repeatedly"
> "she claimed to cry to Ayalla but I never saw her tears!!!"
> "Ayalla and Billie are two peas in a pod"
> "Billie lied multiple times, Ayalla backed her up"
> relationship on loop: Lainey gets weird and breaks up with Billie, Greg convinces her to stay with Billie, Billie doesn't care
> Billie ran Greg's social media and Greg paid her 1,800 a month for it
> "we didn't trust her so we wanted to look at her texts"
> Billie: fuck no
> Billie finally admits that her and Ayalla are potheads and both suffer from anorexia
> Greg paints himself to be Jesus, "I forgive you don't do it anymore okay? ^_^"
> discloses that they've all fucked "20 or 30 times"
> "we were the trinity"
> Lainey gets upset when Greg tells Billie that she's beautiful and that he loves her
> Greg tells Lainey that he wants to pursue a relationship with her girlfriend, whether she likes it or not
> Lainey and her friend (Sarah?) sit down with Billie and talk, ends with Billie sleeping with Greg
> Billie: "This will upset Lainey", Greg: "BALANCE, BILLIE. furiously taps on triangle diagram"
> Greg: "Let's have sex, Lainey. Btw, I just had sex with Billie", Lainey gets incredibly upset
> The talk was about how Billie isn't to do anything with Greg at ALL. Billie said okay and even said that she would tell Greg to fuck off.
> graphically describes how Billie didn't want to sit on his face
> flashback to them having sex: "do you want to?" "DUH"
> "Lainey might be mad but I want to"
> Greg states that Billie claimed she felt scared so she did kiss Greg when she wasn't supposed to
> Greg stops defending Billie, Billie runs out to the woods to make a noose and spelled out "fuck you" in smashed up pumpkins
> Greg shows picture
> This happens at the same time as the Ayalla/Richie milk
> Ayalla bawwwws to everyone in the house about how Richie's going to ruin her life
> Onion wanks about Richie for a bit
> Richie decides not to make a video about her, Ayalla's happy
> Greg steps in
> Billie: "Greg do you want me to kill myself?"
> Billie reams into him and says he made shit worse
> Billie reams into him for bringing up Richie and Ayalla's sex life
> Greg justifies it by saying that Ayalla told everyone: the nanny, Greg, Lainey, Billie, and Sarah
> Greg reveals that Richie gets off on having sex with crying women
> Billie: "you made shit worse greg wtf, he might tell the internet that I used to smoke weed", Greg: "Well, you shouldn't have done that LOL"
> Billie and Ayalla try to sneak out and leave, Greg catches them
> Greg: "get a tatto with you and Lainey's ship name and we'll forgive you again"
> brings up the wrist tattoos he got with Shiloh, "I DID IT FOR LOVE"
> "Billie already has tattoos all over her BODY, so what's another one?"
> Ayalla: "this is fucked let's go"
> Billie hugs Greg goodbye (where tf is Lainey????)
> Greg: "If you leave we're done for good",
> Billie leaves, later sends Lainey flowers
> Greg tells her off, "you LIED to us, you BETRAYED us"
> Greg gives her a list of things to do in order to "prove her love" including getting a tattoo, stop smoking pot, stop lying, and stop talking to Ayalla
> Billie: "I love you guys", stops responding and doesn't call Greg when he tells her to
> Greg: "I hope you're happy, remember this. I wish you well (but i'm going to shit on you in a video lol)"
> Billie texted them this morning about the election, unwilling to get the tattoo
> Greg: "I FOUGHT 4 US"
> cut to black/end

No. 313037

I'm not a regular in this thread but this is one of the most explicit accounts of emotional abuse I have ever heard in my life.
>Onision says, "Moral of story: Don't do illegal &/or horrible things."
NO!! Billie, the moral of the story is don't get involved in any capacity with manipulative older men who seek out young women for sexual relationships. ANYONE could have told you that! But of course Onision would never take that position because it would call into question his own actions.

No. 313038

File: 1478733073214.jpg (114.85 KB, 1591x665, Clipboard01.jpg)


So is this flower tattoo she got a few days ago just a coincidence? Was that before he requested her to get a tattoo or afterwards?

No. 313041

The wrist tattoo is the couple tattoo he got with Shiloh. Although I read that he was supposed to get her name and he chickened out last minute and got the vague "Remember Love". What a cunt.

No. 313043

are those self harm marks on her leg ?

No. 313045


he's literally branding his cows. didn't Shiloh have a Greg tattoo too?

No. 313047

someone screenshot that noose picture with "fuck you" spelled out

No. 313048

Looks like the tattoo he demanded, yes

No. 313049

he also specified it would need to have 'lillie' written underneath though, which it doesn't

No. 313050

>"Me being the analytical one"
Fuck off Onion L wannabe

No. 313051

Holy fucking shit. He goes even farther and tells her she has to cut off any "association" with Ayalla of any kind if she ever wants to see Onision or Lainey again. Jesus fucking christ. This is this teenage girl's best friend. Billie, you made the right decision. Ayalla, you absolutely did the right thing convincing Billie to leave and you should feel proud of your actions.

Lainey, watch this video. Then watch it again. How many times has Onision made demands of you? To cut off ties with your friends, your family? How many times has he expressly violated clear, reasonable boundaries you set and then made you feel as if that violation was YOUR fault, and your fault alone?

No. 313052


he's literally branding his cows. didn't Shiloh have a Greg tattoo too?

No. 313053


Also, I love how it goes from
>it's YOUR gf lainey!!!

No. 313054

Nah I don't think so. It was supposed to be a lily over the word "lillie" but this is a cherry blossom. Could still be a tribute to Greg though since they "watch anime" together.

No. 313055

What a couple of sociopaths, both Greg and Lainey. I'm not even sure where to start. Greg for being a sociopath, and Lainey for condoning it.

Also, why the hell is he equating smoking pot to injecting heroin or something? And why is that worth the potential harm SR could do to Ayalla and Billie?

Holy fuck.

No. 313057

this was fucking difficult to write as an abuse survivor, but fuck it. If I can help him not get any views…

Billie and Ayalla are fucking shady as hell, but damn if I'm not happy they got the fuck out of there. I can't believe we were right though, about Billie using Greg's money to buy weed. Where the fuck was Lainey for all this, because after a while he was only talking about him and Billie? The need to mention money and their sex life was so unnecessary.

Also, he's effectively fucked with Ayalla, Billie, and Richie's online reputations.


No, lilies don't look like that and if his video's timeline is correct, she texted him this morning not wanting the "Lillie" tattoo.

Yeah, she did. A tattoo that says "Gregory", but I think she covered it up. I think he was also supposed to get "Shiloh" but he didn't because he didn't want her name on his body.

He's effectively branded Shiloh, Lainey and he tried to brand Billie.

No. 313058

Maybe her not getting the words is what pissed him off. There are no half measures with someone like him.

No. 313059

All he does is talk about their sex life? He has kids like that's so gross he could just say they had sexual relations or whatever, not:

lololo we had sooooo many threesomes ;;;;)

No. 313060

File: 1478734049917.png (455.51 KB, 456x810, bill.png)

billie isn't having the best day, huh

No. 313061

>>Greg gives her a list of things to do in order to "prove her love" including getting a tattoo, stop smoking pot, stop lying, and stop talking to Ayalla

I fucking KNEW it, I said this shit two threads ago that he's gonna do all the "fighting for love" bullshit to her and make Billie take the ultimatum of living with them and isolating her from Ayalla.

His patterns are never going to fucking stop, ever.

Don't ever go back Billie, there are loads of local YT'ers out there you could edit videos for… hell, at this point - I think SR would even make up with you both, just get away from Grease!

No. 313063

What cracks me up is pot is legal in Washington state, where he lives.

No. 313064

….she got the tattoo for him?! And making sure it's in the same photo of her looking miserable.

Oh girl, what have you done. Get out of this farce of a "relationship" now before it's too late, his fans will eventually forget about you if you don't fall for his baiting and ignore the shit out of him.

No. 313065

No shit! "It's illegal in her home state, she's a CRIMINAL!!!"

Greg is such a little lord fauntleroy. He has no education, and very little life experience. He preys on young girls, yet many of them have lived fuller lives than him and he can't stand that.

No. 313066

that's her thigh.

It looks like Ayalla was the catalyst for them getting out of that shithole, finally. Now if only Lainey follows…

No. 313067

>>It looks like Ayalla was the catalyst for them getting out of that shithole, finally

And they had to sneak out in the dead of night - and her caught them, meaning he was actively trying to keep them trapped there. Like, we're in borderline kidnapping territory. People wonder why Sarah isn't in school? Because Greg doesn't want her to leave, that's why.

No. 313068

It's the same new tattoo on her thigh though, that's what I meant. >>313038

No. 313069

jesus christ why would you share this shit on the internet

No. 313070

What gets me the most about this, is Greg and Lainey put Billie into a compromising position because Lain told Onion one thing (you can fuck Billie alone) but then told Billie another thing without Onion around (you can't fuck Greg without me there) and Billie went with fucking him because she clearly sees Onion in a romantic light and Lainey more as a friend (which is why she felt kinda bad but fucked him anyways).

Like…the whole thing is fucked up but I'm surprised Onion's logic wasn't that Lainey basically renegged on what she promised him so how is Billie technically wrong?

What essentially happened is Lain decided it would be easier to demand Billie reject Greg's advances rather than stand up to Greg for what she really wants, which is for him not to fuck Billie. She placed more pressure on her little gf than her husband and father of her children. How can she not see how sad that is?

What is this fuckery??

Also, he clearly doesn't give a fuck about Billie at all (we all knew that) because he put this nasty video up, not giving a damn if it actually does make her contemplate suicide.

This is insanity.

No. 313072

I bet he caught them trying to leave because he has surveillance cameras all over the place and he doesn't use them for "security" either…

I'm pretty much 95% sure of this because he recorded videos of Shiloh at his other house when she was on the porch.

There's probably one in every room that he controls remotely.

Greasy as fuck.

No. 313074

… who the fuck are you, and how are you so retarded?

Greg is the beginning and end of this entire fucked up relationship. His every word and action have been abusive and manipulative. He's not being supportive of his wife's sexuality - he's used it as a weapon to pull her down and bring himself up, and make her - and his retard fans, like you - think it's all her fault.

No. 313075

why are they (greg, lainey, billie and ayalla) all being completely silent on twitter etc? pretty unlike them.

No. 313076

We have no proof of what was and what was not discussed behind closed doors, so we go with what we know – which is that Gerg orchestrated this whole mess and is blaming all the women except for himself.

No. 313077

I'm not a fan and not defending him, I clearly think he's the mastermind and he's a very controlling, fucked up individual.

What I am saying is I fail to see Billie's culpability in the situation, it's all Greg and his manipulations on the both of them, and they don't see it at all.

No. 313078

No. 313079

Is Onion boy deleting all comments on his video that disagree with him, tell him he is abusive and a psychopath? Cause he deleted mine

No. 313080


Ayalla and billie probably know there's no use fighting him back.

Alternatively: Billie still loves him and sees a chance with him and is waiting until Lainey'a gone.

Or… this is more fake drama, considering Onion's twitter header.

No. 313082

the twitter header is what really is making me think this is all fake

No. 313083

Sorry, U thought you were trying to say that Lainey had caused it. Yeah, neither she nor Billie are at fault in any of this, he's revealed himself to be a nightmare of nonstop machinations. Even Lainey's tweets to young girls, with the amount of surveillance Greg said he has over their lives, I suspect anything messages Lainey has sent out have been to please, plead or placate.

No. 313085

Spill some miiiiiiiiiiiilk come on!

No. 313086


if he's deleting comments, then he has a lot of comments to go through…

No. 313087

What's the Twitter header?

No. 313088

File: 1478735763547.png (65.58 KB, 746x478, IMG_4458.PNG)

Dropped pic

No. 313089

this drama is giving me adrienne/the letter vibes

No. 313090

File: 1478735973302.jpg (109.68 KB, 1450x588, gross.jpg)

No. 313091


Billie seems a little…unstable and naive. I don't think she would write an open letter like that and recognize this situation for what it is.

No. 313093

yes, i agree anon. i think i meant in the way greg is reacting. the whole "fight for love" thing is scarily reminiscent of the old days. omission hasn't changed a bit.

No. 313094

Interesting… I think until we actually see posts from BIllie and Ayalla about this; we should stay on standby with the milk jugs, this may be just another desperate attempt to generate views because with the election being over - he's back to being bored.

No. 313095


Oh, I got you. Yeah, I agree and it's kind of creepy.

No. 313096

File: 1478736504933.png (448.63 KB, 1242x677, IMG_7872.PNG)

For anyone who might've not watched the video: this is the message Billie supposedly left in the woods to/for Lainey.

No. 313098

when i saw this picture and from the transcript i really dont think billie would of done this?

I know shes a teenager and immature but i really dont understand writing a message in the ground when your in the house with said person. Unless it was just how trapped Billie was feeling and didnt want anyone to see it?

idk it seems like something greg would do to just make billie look worse

No. 313099

File: 1478736721481.jpg (63.35 KB, 1080x1920, 15045425_10202373744381584_174…)

No. 313100

Yup, sounds like bullshit for views.

No. 313101

People on eoliveson are saying that Lainey might have orchestrated all of this to make Billie look back and to have her gtfo forever. What says you guys?

No. 313102

you read my ask. from the way lainey talks about Billie (according to onion), doesn't seem like she likes her all that much, thinks she's a homewrecker and out to steal oniondick. plus we all know lainey isn't that innocent.

No. 313103


Sounds plausible, I just didn't think Lainey would be smart enough to pull this off. Interesting to think about, of course.

No. 313104


I say they're all fucked up, in my opinion.

Billie and Ayalla are fucked up, sketchy liars
Lainey is an insecure abusive shit and I feel like you guys are giving her too much credit as a master manipulator (she isn't THAT smart)
and Greg's the fucking worst, most abusive of them all

But at the same time, I hope Billie can get out of this bullshit okay, especially since her and Ayalla suffer from eating disorders. I'm thankful Ayalla got Billie out of there and I'm (kind of) sorry she didn't take Lainey and the kids with her too.

Greg, however, can fuck off.

No. 313105

the problem is you can't trust what onion says re: lainey and billie. he always fudges facts to try and make himself look better.

No. 313107

I think there's no way in hell Lainey didn't know that Billie smoked pot. It's all over her tumblr, for starters. Lainey also knows how much onion hates drugs and could have put the idea in his mind that she was being sneaky in order to get him to go through her phone to find out. Lainey also never posted pictures with Billie like, ever (excluding Halloween) and she didn't even post about her particularly often. Don't get me wrong, onion is still a master manipulator and horrifically abusive, but I don't think we give Lainey enough credit given how she groomed Sarah.

No. 313109

The craziest thing about all of this is because Onion made this video because he actually thinks it makes him look good and not like a fucking psychopath

No. 313110

Amazing thankyou.

I'm sure Billie will be back at some point despite all this.

No. 313111

She's dying to go back. She even got half of the tattoo lol

No. 313112

I think it's over 21 though.

No. 313113

People should just show up to his house at this point and have a stoner red meat barbecue outside. No real downside with free pot and food tbh, until he starts sperging full volume out his window about how better his #veganbody is.

No. 313114

We know he's incredibly strict on state laws, hence why he drove to PA to fuck his underage girlfriend.

No. 313115

Agreed. After getting up, leaving the house, and venting stress by hitting trees with a wooden pole (which is a reasonable thing to do considering the situation), she sat about seething and constructing an elaborate suicide/death threat to leave for them? I don't buy it.

No. 313116

Yeah that part is utter bullshit. He did it himself, or the entire thing is a setup.

No. 313117


why would she censor "fuck"

No. 313118

I just watched the video, thank you so much >>313017 for uploading it elsewhere.

He gave Billie FOUR ultimatums in a text message…

1. Get the tattoo proving your dedication, to make us able to trust you again after all the lies you told.
2. Never use drugs again.
3. Never lie to us again.
4. Never associate with the person who is the sole reason you left us that night (you agreed to stay and then she talked to you and minutes later you were leaving, she ruined things & she cannot associate with us on any level)

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

No. 313119


He needs to forget it. Billie and Ayalla are joined by the hips and will never leave each other for an aging has-been.

No. 313120


> (you agreed to stay and then she talked to you and minutes later you were leaving, she ruined things & she cannot associate with us on any level)

I have a feeling that Billie was "agreeing" with him just until he left for a reason. Her mind was made up, and she was scared to tell him no.

No. 313121

I was asleep when all this drama dropped. I see someone has done a transcript (thank you btw >>313036 )

Is a more indepth one required or is everyone cool with the one >>313036 has made?

No. 313122


This could very well change. We know how desperate billie is for onion's youtube shillings

No. 313123

I am grateful to >>313036 but I would still love a detailed one. Maybe with screens if I can be so greedy? Thank you tons from Anon with no internet connection outside of scarce mobile data.

No. 313124

scroll up a bit and you can find a vid me link of the video.
transcribing seems like a waste of time imo

No. 313125


>I wasn't gonna punish her for telling me the truth


No. 313126

I would be scared to be tell a sociopath "no" to be honest, especially when I'm stuck in his house and he's watching my every move.

This is some true crime horror level shit here.

No. 313127

Billie and Ayalla are probably chilling rn smoking a fat fucking blunt with Omission's $

No. 313129

I think we're okay for now, anon here >>313017 uploaded it onto another host so we don't have to give him views, I think the long summary the other anon did helps a lot too.

No. 313130


He's such a cunt.

No. 313131

Fuck, I know it's not the exact same thing that onion asked for but I hope it's not some roundabout homage to it. I hope Allya and Billie learn from this and stop fucking around with abusive men. Honestly they seem just seem obnoxiously immature and full of themselves, but I think their biggest flaw is mostly having shit taste in men, it's not like they hurt a ton of people for fun before getting involved in all this. I don't think they necessarily deserve having their lives ruined like lainey. lainey might be thinking they won now that they has onion to herself again (however long that lasts) but any one sane can see they were a child preyed on and roped into an abusive relationship until they were not only onion's chamber pot but also a awful person themselves just perpetuating the cycle by preying on young girls so they could be shit on and molded by a greasy old man.

No. 313133

I wish she would've financially ruined him, but alas; the idiot fell in love with him and ruined any chances of that.

No. 313134


fuck, that's what I'd do. I respect them a tiny bit more now. You got out. (hopefully)

No. 313136

Ah, great. I've downloaded a copy of the video myself.

I will put a more detailed one on the blog I've made; http://onision-transcribed.tumblr.com/

Expect it in the next hour or so!

No. 313137

If she does eventually comply to his terms, crawls back up his ass and drops Ayalla for him, she deserves everything she gets.

Let's hope she's left for good though.

No. 313141

>Why is he so obsessed with keeping personal things public?

It's a control tactic. If he makes his victims look bad in public, they can't leave him, because who would want them, them being disgusting and gross and bad people and such?

No. 313146

File: 1478740830273.gif (2.43 MB, 363x269, DXQyWF5.gif)

>everything about this video

No. 313154


>I'll let you stay with us if you get this weird cult-ish tattoo.

What the fuck?

No. 313156

(OT: Shit the board just exploded in multicoloured vomit, lol)

How long can we expect to wait now until he convinces Lainey to attract more underage girls to his house of horrors? I'm gonna give it a month at least…

No. 313157

“The truth is something honest people embrace & share freely without shame… don't hide from who you are.“

Don't know about anyone else, but I personally feel that not everyone needs to know every facet of my personality. If Billie didn't want people to know she smoked pot, that's absolutely her right and she's not lying by not sharing that detail with everyone. More importantly, why does he think anyone but him seriously cares? Why is he so obsessed with keeping personal things public?

"Hey everyone, Billie looks like she has a size 7 foot but she's actually an 8! She should be owning up to this disgusting lie she has perpetuated! DON'T HIDE IT ANY LONGER!"

No. 313160


(What's happening and why are we all named Kiki Kannibal)

No. 313161

Testing 4 kiki

No. 313165

???? explain

No. 313166




No. 313167

There's a stickied topic about it on the main pt/ forum.

No. 313168

Whoa this whole video confirmed even more he's a controlling cunt, he wanted a 19 year old to permanently mark her body for them, not smoke pot when idk about the US but smoking pot in the UK isn't a big deal so what the fuck is he issue? Thought he was meant to be liberal. I'm glad Ayalla convinced Billie to get out, looks like oldyella came through for us!

No. 313176

Also I want Ayalla and Billie to make their own tell all video, as Onion will be trying to make himself look good and still looks terrible, I bet the real story is even worse.

No. 313177


Fuck wrong thread! Sorry guys

No. 313179

i think deep down ayalla knew greg was a psycho, I'm so glad she convinced billie to gtfo. Him and lainey are so fucking sick. "get a tattoo of yours and laineys ship name on your back and we'll trust you again" WHO says that???

No. 313180

I don't understand why he wants her to get a tattoo of "Lillie" on her body when she isn't even fucking interested in Lainey… Not just to brand her, but did he really think that he could convince everyone she was Lainey's girlfriend with it if she went through with it?

No. 313181

Yeah, he's just full on psycho. The video made my stomach turn, it's so fucked up. But even though he's revealed so much of what he really is, he'll STILL have hoards of retard fans. You can't cure stupid, I guess.

No. 313182

no you're in the right thread lol

No. 313183

>>"get a tattoo of yours and laineys ship name on your back and we'll trust you again" WHO says that???

A malignant narcissist with delusions of grandeur and control / rage issues.

No. 313185

Pretty much. The whole video sounded like a diary of his abuse with a brief interlude where he took a break to berate SR for abusing Allya by abusing Allya and posting shit she told him in confidence to shame her and mark his territory. Then he resumes abusing his harem more until Allya basically has to drag Billie away.

The video on it's own is full of contradictions but it gets so gross when you factor in all the lies he told to cover his bases the first couple times around.

No. 313186


The Kiki Kannibal shit confused me as I'm on her thread too haha. Anyway Billie and Ayalla I respect more for getting out, they better not go back. Make a tell all video!

No. 313187

Nah, I mean, I do think he chose what he chose because to offset the blame a bit and push the whole "billy and lainey" narrative, but it totally reaks of him mainly just wanting to brand his property. He gets off on marking her like a slave.

No. 313188

I think this video is pretty much a testament to the narcissistic injury he's going through right now.

No. 313190

Apparently his fans are all over Ayalla's IG account right now giving her abuse.

It begins.

No. 313191

not even his fans are backing him up on this one, the tattoo thing really topped it off too

No. 313193

Because normal people don't update twitter constantly with updates on their complicated and painful problems in their sex life.

No. 313199

The sad part about this is that, Ayalla was so scared of SR making a video about her – when in fact, the only person she needed to be afraid of the whole time was Greasestain.

The whole time it sounded like SR just wanted to be left the fuck alone in all honesty… I very much doubt he wanted to discuss the situation any further, Grease certainly did though… gross little man.

No. 313201

What's her account? Or can you do a brief screencap?

No. 313202


It's all in the second photo… but I think she's actively deleting negative comments.

No. 313203

File: 1478742992868.png (853.6 KB, 1920x1080, BehAd4B.png)

What's under the ringer box? I don't have an iphone, but I'm betting he knows how to take a clearer screenshot than this, I wish I knew what was under that.

No. 313204

SR was subtweeting so furiously the whole time I imagine it might be true that he was threatening allya with a vid, but you're right that she was stupid as fuck to trust onion with anything. SR presents himself better in videos (I gag a little typing that, I mean in his logic and personality), but it doesn't mean he isn't a shit bag in real life.

No. 313206

She didn't. Onion said in the video that he had untied some of the noose and smeared the words with his foot a little.

No. 313208

This can't be real. It's way too insane. It reminds me of the re:re:re:re: videos he did.

The mental gymnastics involved… nope, he's playing the crowd. Maybe he's decided to keep his private life private like normal people and this is the smokescreen.

Question is, is SR in on it?

No. 313211

On the video copy, the ringer icon wasn't shown… she's basically saying that she's aware that SR has dirt on both her and Ayalla including her dope smoking and she's scared that Gerg's overly descriptive narrative on their sex lives (which Ayalla stupidly confided to him) will cause SR to air out their dirt.

No. 313214

I'm pretty disgusted by lainey now tbh. I want so badly to feel sorry for her but she makes it incredibly hard. She played a part in the abusive manipulative shit they did to Billie and clearly sees what a psycho her husband is not only to herself but to another person. I'm convinced onion could murder someone in front of her and she'd stay with him. I now know what those people who marry serial killers knowing they are serial killers are like. Immediately after Billie leaves they love tweet each other. Like he cheated on you. HE did. At least Billie tried to somewhat stop it and brought up your feelings. He blatantly ignored the "lainey will be mad" with no i told her we have no boundaries anymore regardless of what she wants so she can't be mad. Like he is surprised Lainey went to Billie without his knowledge to ask her to not do anything with greg without her? She can't tell him not to if he gets to decide they have no boundaries regardless of what she wants. It's still cheating onion whether or not you decide you guys have no boundaries if you clearly know your wife doesn't want you to sleep with her but isn't allowed to tell you that. Gross. He's gonna keep hating on other people like SR for being cheater, women abusers, and threatening people into silence when he literally admitted it in his video. I guess trump getting elected made him realize he can say whatever he wants and people will still support him. Gross.

No. 313215


woops. thanks anon. there was so much crap being said in that video it was hard to keep track

No. 313221

>Maybe he's decided to keep his private life private like normal people and this is the smokescreen

So he couldn't have accomplished the same thing by faking having a healthy relationship where he doesn't come off as a complete asshole? Because positive Youtube couples never get any views?

Highly dubious. The guy's a kook.

No. 313227


And if she's now actually receiving hate from his fans, it's not gonna do well for her EP and shiz if they keep it up.

Why would she purposely sabotage something she feels she's worked hard for just for his sake?

I know Shiloh did this, but Ayalla isn't dating him - his whole ultimatum spiel and "fighting for love" and "brutal honesty" bullshit is typical of his behavoir, he'd be sabotaging himself in the process if this wasn't real.

No. 313229

So Onion really DID have his greaseums… I was hoping he was just lying out of his ass just to stop the cuck insults.

No. 313233

Samefagging, but I think if BIllie gets back with him or it happens b chance to be fake – expect a few RE:RE:RE:RE videos to be made in the upcoming weeks.. he tries to play off his shit as comedy to cover his ass when he's "forgiven" someone.

No. 313242

i know this is minor but i laughed at how he draws lainey with long hair, he's the most in denial about her ~agender~ identity

No. 313244

File: 1478744899419.jpg (34.69 KB, 841x215, Capture.JPG)

Despite how transparent he is about being an abuser, there are STILL people in the comments section trying to crawl onto his dick. What the actual fuck. Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK. Onion shouldn't be in contact with anyone, seriously, he's disturbed. Why would anyone support that? Why are people FLIRTING WITH HIM in response to a 13 minute admission of abuse?

Sage for rageposting with nothing new to contribute, I'm just so angry.

No. 313245


For anyone who missed the texts between Billie and Gerg in his video.

No. 313256

What I find very odd is… Why have the dates been removed from the screenshots of his texts. I'm not an applefag, but don't the dates that texts that were were sent on a specific date appear under a date?

And why would he text her and have a long text conversation when they were in the same house?

No. 313257

sorry for double posting. In regards to the date thing I mean why don;t any of his texts look like this: http://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/59/590x/secondary/Apple-Scam-UK-iTunes-Apple-Fake-Email-Fake-iTunes-Text-Message-Scam-Apple-Users-Con-iPhone-Text-iPhone-Text-Message-Apple-Scam-C-456049.jpg

The only 'date' that is shown in his texts to her just says 'yesterday'

No. 313258

File: 1478745814337.png (413.3 KB, 580x581, 7RBM8Z4.png)

still rekt.

No. 313261

Awwr, BIllie Dong Dingle is all trapped in his web.

She's gonna go back to him, all these "I've been crying, look at me!" photos are becoming overkill now.

No. 313268

Huh, you're right… just had a good look at all my own messages and all of them are dated and timestamped, no matter who they come from.

No. 313271

I just find it very bizarre he wouldn't keep the timestamps which I'm starting to believe is part of this publicity stunt. This isn't going to be the end of Billie.

No. 313277

Sadly this is probably fake drama. Not that Gargoyle isn't capable of publicly exposing and humiliating Billieblob, ofc he is, but this just seems really fishy. Give it a week or even less and things will be back to "normal".
Also what a pig face >>313258

No. 313278

the milk is spoiled

no drama is better than fake ass publicity stunts


No. 313283


Maybe they are iMessage texts and that's why they look different.

No. 313285

they have a nanny..why have a nanny when lainey is home 24/7? Is she too busy being emo on twitter to look after her own children.

No. 313286

File: 1478748141820.png (159.7 KB, 589x1046, IMG_0227.PNG)

Pissing myself laughing here, I went to check out the text screenshots and got this sponsored ad photo above them all.

No. 313287

I thought on the new ios you had to swipe to see the dates and times? I don't have an iphone so i can't check.

No. 313288

Sorry for samefag but my friend just confirmed that on imessage you have to swipe to see the dates of messages

No. 313292


yup swipe left to see dates and times, and looking at the posts from gergs phone the first message shows the date at the top with is consistent with how my iphones imessages work.

No. 313293

Ah okay, I only looked at sms messages and dont have IMessager, thanks for looking into it.

No. 313295

File: 1478748571901.png (84.68 KB, 580x461, ZJxIgn5.png)

God, he needs to fucking die

No. 313299

"Be whatever you wish to be" – kek, guess he chose to be a friendless attention whore/YouTube "comedian"

No. 313300

Good lord, he's fucking messed up. No wonder Lainey is going crazy.

No. 313303

File: 1478750677763.png (155.6 KB, 733x1064, IMG_4461.PNG)

I've never seen someone look so smug. Is this the first time in months she's actually smiled?

No. 313304

Lainey's shitposting on twitter again.

No. 313305

What a cunt. She's just as bad as he is. They deserve each other.

No. 313307

File: 1478750888037.png (135.11 KB, 1220x524, Screen Shot 2016-11-09 at 10.0…)

No. 313308

boo fucking hoo, god she annoys me more than greg sometimes

No. 313309

Oh my god Gregma.

Demanding he let Lainey allow him to fuck Billie on their own, like that would help her jealousy issue.

Then he fucks Billie THE SAME DAY like hey why not wait a few fucking hours incase Lainey changes her mind jesus christ but NOPE he gotta get that teen poon. Somehow it's only Billies fault tho and so this explains the love bombing of Lainey. And WTF get a weird tattoo that's not your name on your body or we will never trust you. I've never seen him out himself as a psychopath this much before.

No. 313310


I don't understand how she's still the victim in all of this? What exactly did Billie do to them? Smoke pot and hold hands with a guy at a concert? Who gives a fuck?
Meanwhile, Lainey was telling her to do one thing while Greg was telling her to do another. What was she supposed to do? I don't particularly like Billie but I don't see how she did anything wrong this time.

No. 313313


Ew she looks so old! Geeze! I'm only three years older than her even I don't look that old! Wtf

No. 313314


I forgot to sage.

No. 313320


she was supposed to NOT fuck greg obviously. anyone with an inkling of common sense in her situation would have decided to have a little chit chat with both of the parties to clear shit up. but nah, billbo decided to fuck greg because SHE wanted to. greg even explicitly
said so (he could be lying but we can never know for sure)
a simple "i dont want to have sex with you greg i need to hear from laineyf first." would have sufficed but ofcourse billie would never ask lainey's permission to fuck her husband. she does what she wants, and doesn't care for the cosequences. that's the kind of person she is, and its been established threads ago that she doesn't care for lainey in the way she seems to "love" greg

No. 313321

She was getting less than what you would make with minimum wage in WA.

No. 313322

I'm so over Lainey. She manipulated Billie just like Greg tbh. She learns from the best i guess. I still want her to leave Greg just for the sweet milky but these two deserve each other. It's like they just ganged up on Billie after telling her two different things. Meanwhile Greg tells Lainey that he can do whatever he wants because NO BOUNDRIES.

Just gtfo. And leak deets.

No. 313323


"You need to stop lying to me."

No. 313324

This will mark the 4th or 5th time they've broken up now, lainey now begins her own fucked up abusive cycle of "Im so hurt and betrayed!" Then in the next few days it will be subtweets of "I hate what you did to me but I can't stop thinking about you" then some more of "I miss you, I still can't get you out of my head."

Then Billie goes back again… and if so, fuck em all, let them rot in his empty cold house.

No. 313326

it was painful to watch lainey be cucked around by billie and greg, i'm kinda glad that she 's finally showing her true colors. that smug selfie was just the icing on the cake too lmao

No. 313328

Doormats get dirty shoes so

No. 313330

This story is so outrageous it's hard to believe that it's real.

I know so many new parents that are totally overcome with newborn duties and this shit is going on. Really reflects their character and the kind of parents they are.

Whether it's real or for views, gurg is one exceptional being for putting out the content he does.

No. 313331

This is the first time I've watched one of his vids but holy fuck is that painful to listen to. He just drones on and on in that monotone voice…

No. 313334

If they have an actual nanny then it wouldn't surprise me if she just hands them off to her us just a milk maid when the kids get hungry.

I'm really curious who the nanny is tho. I don't think it's Sarah because Greg listed a bunch of people Ayalla talked too, and he mentioned the nanny and Lainey's friend which could only be Sarah because she had no friends.

No. 313338

what I want to ask is why the fuck do they even have a nanny when neither of them ever leave the house. Do they really hate their children that much?

No. 313340

Didn't someone mention early on in this thread (when they were all following/unfollowing each other) that Ayalla and Billie were following Selena?

No. 313341

being their level of vein takes a lot of work. You expect them to look after their two kids? They wouldn't have enough time to abuse teenagers and take selfies!

No. 313343

It's possible that Selena was there during their "Hallowe'en staycation" to look after the sprog/s whilst he and his wife were fucking around with their 3 guests.

No. 313344

I was wondering this, maybe Selena is back to help with the baby? Has Selena ever said that she doesn't want her name or anything associated with them? Her and lain were best friends, then suddenly nothing.

No. 313346

Selena has her own youtube channel now

No. 313347

File: 1478754412738.png (110.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0228.PNG)

Posting this now before she fucking deletes it.

Says the ultimatums were not her idea.

No. 313348

No. 313349

Makes sense as to why Lainey wasn't in videos but wasn't complaining about it.

Sure, she's a doormat, but it's an easier thing to achieve if she had Selena around.

No. 313350

File: 1478754670206.png (126.18 KB, 583x544, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.0…)

More milk

No. 313351

> she was never into me at all

And judging by the smiles, lainey was not much into her. Glad we cleared that up.

Which means of course the "It was my wife's idea to bring her back" story is a lie.

No. 313352

Haha, that Autumn chick is/was one of her most supportive followers too, I love how Lainey hasn't an inkling of empathy at all, playing the victim per usual.

As sociopathic as her greasy spouse.

No. 313353

File: 1478755275265.png (151.11 KB, 625x763, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.1…)

More back and forth with this Autumn girl. Plaundry is really Gonk2.0

No. 313354

??? Granted, we can't be sure who was telling Billie what when it comes from any of the involved parties so let's consider the plausible options:

- Grug's story is true, he didn't know about lainey's instructions, probably because the only way to get a word in edgewise is to have a meeting without Grug and to do that it has to be in secret. Billie used that dramatic irony to fuck Grug because she doesn't give a fuck and then Grug couldn't deny it to Lainey anymore.
Result: Billie is shit.

- Grug's story is a lie and he did know about it being forbidden and still fucked her but Lainey found out and this was the only way to resolve the situation.
Billie is still shit.

- Billie wasn't expressly told not to fuck Grug, did it even with history of that upsetting her supposed gf, gaslighting her to believe Billie was there for her was no longer possible so Grug switched to gaslighting her to believe he was duped and suffering from being "too forgiving", threw Billie under the bus.

Eliminated scenarios due to being far fetched: they didn't have sex (hahahaha), Billie really didn't think her bf's wife would mind (contradicts too much evidence), Billie was raped (… is this not plausible? No evidence anyway), Billie and Ayalla were being held hostage and agreed to play along with this charade in return for their release (again, not impossible, but lacking evidence)

The remaining theory is that this is fake drama for views, no one wants to accept this, will have to wait and see.

No. 313356

I'm just glad her supporters are starting to realize it, tonight has been the best recent example of how fucking mentally disturbed both of them really are.

No. 313358

How are all these people adults?This all sounds like fucking high school drama.

Props to Ayayaya, I guess, for sneaking Billiebob out of this mess alive.

No. 313359

I don't think anyone cares at this point whether the drama is fake or not, it's more of an eyeopener into how fucked up and fame hungry these nutcases are.

No. 313360

Soooo, how long now until Gerg shuts down her Twitter again for saying too much?

No. 313363

File: 1478756645535.png (59.74 KB, 613x344, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.4…)

Lainey finally admits what we all knew (sorry for the caps spam)

No. 313364

Keep posting them, daddy grease may delete them all later.

No. 313365

Does Plain not realize that the two of them holding Billie to all these moral codes and standards is wholly unfair if she doesn't equally benefit from the scenario?

Like, at the end of the day, Lainey has a home and a modicum of financial security. Billie has… $1800 and a couple of Onionfamily threesomes under her belt. Of course she "betrayed" you guys, she got nothing out of the bargain.

No. 313366


I know we all hate Billie, but why does she keep only blaming Billie and has nothing to say about her manipulative husband?

No. 313368

File: 1478756849251.png (97.02 KB, 635x686, laineynoshit.PNG)

No. 313369

because it's the easier of the two. blaming gergles has more consequences.

No. 313372

Cause she's his special doormat.

We're we honestly surprised that he made Billie think his wife agreed on his ultimatums? We don't know if Lainey is lying herself about not being involved in that, but now their shitty abuse patterns are on display for all to see.

No. 313373

The threesome, ugh, that's a nightmare she'll never be able to forget. She'll have to remember having to look impressed at Onions nasty greasecock while Lainey scowls at her from across the room.

No. 313374

I just want to shake her. How is she so willfully blind to this kind of psycho, abusive behavior? Fucking Greasestain wanted Billie to BRAND herself, for fuckssake.

No. 313375

And isolate her from her bestest friend of over 5 years.

No. 313378

If there's one thing that's fake from that video though, it's probably that pumpkin shite and the noose, that seriously looks like one of Onion's childish little stunts.

No. 313387


>That last sentence is you trying to convince yourself of something you know isn't true.

Why are they trying to tell Lainey what she wants and what she should think? That's Greg's job!

No. 313388

I agree, if she was angry enough to have gone out to hit trees to make herself feel better why would she so perfectly write those words and then perfectly place a noose around the whole thing?

Also i love how onion felt the need to say in the video that he didn't know how to tie a noose. Just seems suspicious to me

No. 313390

I caught that too, it seemed really awkward for him to suddenly "BTW I DONT KNOW HOW TO TIE A NOOSE but anyway"

No. 313391


Lainey is a total Rosemary West type character.

No. 313393

With his rage at Ayalla andhrr and Billie having at least two (the hearts and the clock/watch thing) matching tattoos, I think he only brought that up to shove it in Ayala's face and distance the two.

No. 313394

*and her, fuck

No. 313396

Excuse the typos, I've been drinking more than usual today.

No. 313398

Lainey doesn't deserve pity anymore, especially after those smug selfies.

She is gonna always be with him and she is definitely gonna help him lure more underage girls.

Billie and Ayalla are still young, only turned 19 recently. Billie was lovestruck, clearly irresponsible and blind to what was going on. She crushed on Greg a lot and knew Lainey doesn't like her. At least Ayalla dragged her out of the Onion house.

Don't give pity to Lainey. She strives of being seen as a victim, while she is actually calculative and abusive. She still has that underage friend living in house with them, that is horrible.

No. 313399

He got tattoos with shiloh, matching tattoos with lainey. he likes branding his pets. It makes sure they have a permanent link to him.

No. 313400

Think SR is getting "erect" over these pics? lmao

No. 313403


This needs to be reposted repeatedly on this board to all the idiots who feel sorry for or white knight for Lainey.

No. 313404

Something about Plain and her devotion gives me strong Karla Homolka vibes.

No. 313405

Lainey doesn't sympathize with the abusive tactics onion does with Billie cause he has done that shit to her all this time. This is the second time lainey has let onion talk his way around things and act dumb. First the cuddling and second sleeping with billie because you know he didn't know it was wrong or anything since he decided to put no boundaries on the relationships. It's totally only Billie's fault. /s The fact she posts those smug pictures and lovey tweets right after too. Like she isn't mad at him at all. She even knows he is wrong because she had to go in secret to Billie and ask her to not let her husband cheat on her because she can't force him not to. She is a lost cause.

No. 313406


i had an ex that i noticed the same pattern with the crying thing. guess there's a bunch of fucked up dudes out there.

Omission still wins 1st prize but.

No. 313409

Ayalla is liking tweets that say that Onion is abusive

No. 313414

really can't be assed to open up photoshop, but he's also changed his twitter header and made a poll about it

No. 313415

Lainey really does seem willfully dumb enough to go along with aaaany whim of Pimply Paul Bernado's. There's no doubt left.

Aggressively stupid even.

No. 313416

Bernardo, damn it.

No. 313420


I would not let any younger sisters or cousins visit Lainey and Onion.

No. 313421

File: 1478765951380.jpg (162.53 KB, 1018x814, sd.jpg)

wow lainey….

nothing is ever onision's fault huh…

No. 313422

Can't put your fingers in your ears and say 'la la la' forever, Plank

No. 313423

Of course she can, unless Greg bites the bullet and divorces her. He's trying real hard to get her to leave.

No. 313424

She may prove you wrong…

No. 313427

If he really wanted to divorce her, he would. He's enjoying the fact he can get away with literally everything and get everything he wants while always having a backup plan he can have sex with whenever he wants.

No. 313441

Even though there is a number of fans who still suck his d, quite a number of them are turning against him.

They are digging their own graves.

I hope Billie and Ayalla make a video airing the dirty laundry. But they probably won't because they are afraid of Onion. He revealed a lot in the last video (anorexia, illegally using drugs etc) but probably didn't reveal all just in case he needs it later.

Lainey Homolka confirmed.
It makes me feel sick that 16-year-old Sarah is still with them. She was there while the threesomes were happening. Lainey makes her stay even though she knows she is missing school. Ugh.

No. 313442

Stop samefagging about the Barbie killers. Neither Greg or Plain is attractive enough and her younger sister hates him.

No. 313443

> to show your dedication, you should get a new tatoo, after all you already have some it's not a big deal
> to show your dedication you should change your hair to something I like, it's only hair, it's not a big deal
> you should keep your weight just how I like it, you were thin before, it's not a big deal.

This guy is a textbook sociopath.

No. 313444

File: 1478771714170.png (590.36 KB, 821x704, sdfsaf.png)

was watching the ex-boyfriend tag with ayalla and social repose and this came up

makes sense why onision would want ayalla out of the picture

No. 313450

What did you blur out and why?

No. 313451

So pretty much if Greg couldn't fuck Billie by himself, then Lainey and Billie couldn't be together. And yet Lainey is upset for Billie leaving and betraying her? Like, what? Also, I have a feeling the only reason Ayalla did go visit was to talk Billie out of the mess she was in, which she succeeded in so now Onion is butthurt because he can't bring himself to get rid of Lainey to have Billie.

No. 313454

File: 1478774183513.png (62.21 KB, 189x168, smug.png)

>And yet Lainey is upset for Billie leaving and betraying her

She is not upset at all, she is just pretending so she can get attention and good girl points from Onision.
She let Onision talk shit about her mother, father, younger sister and so on…She definitely isn't upset about Billie. Onion is center of her universe.

No. 313455


> Onion is center of her universe.

How pathetic

No. 313460

She looks really young here imo. Almost 15. It should please the onion barf

No. 313463

File: 1478776232896.png (976.31 KB, 1341x460, greaseball.png)

Onions new twitter header.

No. 313464

>don't you want a REAL relationship with only one person
>find a person truly yours
do you think he keeps notes of the women leaving him messages like this, you know, for future reference

Nah Rosemary was very dominant, not a doormat like Lainey.
If anything she reminds me more of Myra Hindley (who was infatuated with and obsessing over Ian Brady from afar for months before he even asked her out) or Karla Homolka like >>313404 pointed out. Just, you know, without the murdering.
Who needs family connections when you've got an underage Twitter fanbase to choose from?

No. 313466

File: 1478777046364.png (14.73 KB, 852x142, beautiful.PNG)

Best thing to wake up to aside from Kiki.

No. 313467

I don't know why he's so proud of them. They're all the same few subscribers and dead accounts. Plus he has to pay to get them made and shipped to him.

No. 313469

>"All my ugly framed paperweights I bought and put into my drab apartment will show those haterz!"

Lol, what a sad little boy.

No. 313471

because she's an idiot. straight up. fuck this broad and anyone who feels sorry for her.

No. 313489

If you're talking about the 1800 she received within a month, that is more than what most people get from minimum wage jobs. Most people are making 800 to 1200.

No. 313495

nvm my mistake

No. 313498

Sorry, I'm so fucking late and I'm completely boggled right now. How did she get found out?

No. 313504

Dude. It's weed, not fucking tweak.

No. 313510

weren't one of the text messages lainey sent to Billie telling Billie to do everything greg told her to do? she knew exactly what Greg was doing and asking of her but she didn't stop it all. 4

No. 313511

Yeah, I used to white knight Lainey a lot because I always feel bad for victims of any kind of abuse. And even though her siding with Greg is most likely a result of emotional manipulation and lying on Greg's part, its fucked what they both did. No more excuses.

No. 313512

I don't understand this weird fear of people releasing info about them smoking weed. They can't be arrested for stuff in the past, and who the fuck doesn't smoke weed at this point? I guess they're young and scared shitless, but lort.

No. 313526

She looks busted here….

No. 313530

File: 1478790875957.jpg (13.12 KB, 560x122, nothreesomes.JPG)

So how about those threesomes, gurg.

No. 313533

I hope someone points out to Lainey on twitter that Greg's video graphically details their threesomes.

Wonder which one is lying.

No. 313534

from the video it seemed to consist of them both doing things with Onion but nothing to each other despite being ~*total bisexuals*~

No. 313535


Has she not seen Onions video ?

Or was that secretly everything he did with Billie goat alone ? and just added Lamo's name to the story to not sound incriminating …

No. 313536

So why did Lainey want a gf in the first place if she didn't even want to do anything with her? To the point of asking her back AGAIN after the first falling out?

Oh yeah, because she's not bi, not ~agender~, and Billie was Greg's gf all along. Lainey the doormat just going along with the lies like the good little wife she is, just so Greg can "look better."

No. 313537


I'm quite sure Lainey is bisexual, just maybe prefers the cock a little more than the puss?

No. 313538

Or she just isn't into Billie.

No. 313549


she seems to answer a lot of questions right now on twitter..

so billie and greg had a very physical relationship while lainey and her didn't. then why was it that wrong for her to ask greg not to have sex with billie? i thought this was about equalness?

No. 313552


Lainey is not as equal as Greg, pretty clearly.

No. 313555

Lainey is saying Billie never apologized to her or did anything. But in Onion's video he says she sent lainey flowers. Isn't that doing something to apologize?

No. 313556

Can he please stop talking?

No. 313557

Or Billie's not into Lainey, which I think is pretty clear to everyone involved by this point. I think if Lainey ever had feelings for Billie, those probably evaporated as soon as she realized Billie was actually a rival for Grease's affections. After that she was at best a tool to get on Grease's good side.

No. 313558

he's still going on about this……

No. 313559

Lol onion keeps talking and saying how he wants to repair things with billie. But lainey's tweets say they dont want to fix anything. And his only solution to resolving things is getting a tattoo? Like he has no other suggestions at all? p s y c h o

No. 313560

Does he still do the thing at the end of videos where he gropes the air and says 'Boob Squeeze'. I took a huge hiatus from Gregs shit when I was like 18 and only watched one or two of his videos last year and when I heard him say 'Boob Squeeze' I feel completely disgusted knowing his primary audience is young teen girls.

No. 313561

Cañ anyone summarize this?

No. 313562

I like how he didn't show the popular comments calling him manipulate and abuse. Can some make a list of all these ~LIES she apparently told? I can only count 1

No. 313563

He's acting like he was engaged to Billie. He did not break up with her. She ran for it in the middle of the night. Also, Lainey told him repeatedly not to do anything with Billie but he said "No, I'm doing what I want whether you like it or not." But it's not okay for Billie to do the same? And branding someone to make them trust her and shit is ridiculous. Billie is 18, she doesn't need to be branded and stuck with a couple that she barely knows and doesn't even know what she wants in life. I hope Billie and Ayalla make amends with Richie and they make a video spilling it all.

No. 313565


If Billie has any ounce of dignity left, she will look at this video and feel relieved to know that she escaped all of that and stay far away from those two psychos.

They will, of course, find another teenager to replace Billie's absence, and that's what's fucked up.

No. 313566

he whines about people commenting on his video and talking shit, but… he did this to himself? for once Lainey was quiet about all the drama and didn't sperg out on twitter. Billie and Ayalla were also quiet about it too. But Greg made a fucking video airing everyone's dirty laundry because he knows it gets him views. He does what Lainey did on twitter but 10000 times worse.

What an asshole.

No. 313568

it is really weird how he goes on about exposing abusers/being a just and reputable guy in those texts with billie. like anyone with half a brain would see he's just transparently trying to shame and control her under the guise of some moral crusade. idk what talking shit on a youtube channel is really doing for abuse survivors and potential rapists.

No. 313569

He talks about how him and Lainey have a vast relationship and would never leave Lainey for Billie after all the comments of people telling him how good him and Billie look together.

The only way to gain someone's trust and love is to get tattoo'd, he did it (the Shiloh tattoo) and he doesnt regret them and shows how dedicated he is to that person.

People are hitting up Lainey to be her new girlfriend but you don't just get over someone you love.

Complains about people going after Lainey and Greg but not Billie. Talks about the fuck you in pumpkins and noose and says if he did it then he'd get shit from it but not Billie but how can she lie to Lainey in the face and say she was going to kill herself, if he did it then again he'd have shit for it. But if someone other than him and Lainey said or did those things then its okay.

Says both him and Lainey care about Billie and they BOTH want to repair things with Billie but dont know how they can trust her after she lied to them more than 3 times. If she gets the tattoo then if she lies again she'll sacrifice something but obviously does not love like Greg does and doesnt want to get tattoos to symbolize how dedicated she is.

Lainey is bi and has bi desires but he doesn't get jealous, as long as it's a balanced trinity.

No. 313570


What I think is really amazingly weird is how he posted his his list of demands to Billie apparently without seeing in the slightest that they made him look like a raving psychopath. I mean holy shit, asking her to fucking tattoo herself as a proof of devotion? Holy shit, that is like religious-cult level of crazy.

No. 313571

thank you

No. 313573

I like how much he is love bombing lainey in these videos and photos. Hey lainey, if you were actually a psych major you'd know the classic abuse cycle where the abuser who has done something wrong acts super nice and accommodating afterwards. But don't worry, in a few weeks or months he will go back to checking out other girls and making videos insulting you, and all the other messed up shit. Since it seems you are completely brainwashed and delusional…Enjoy the rest of your life. Your prize is onision for life. Oh unless he finds a replacement that doesn't want you around like Billie did and will actually follow through. Then you just win shitty tattoos, children with a psychopath father, and being slandered for life.

No. 313574

He also keeps saying how if it was flipped and he or lainey did what billie did (went out and hit some trees and spelled fuck you in pumpkins with a noose) that people would be totally up his ass about it, but when it's not them people 'magically' don't care. Completely ignores all the abusive and crazy shit that he and lainey pulled. Cry more scumbag.

No. 313575

because despite the fact people have hounded him for years about being abusive and a psycho, he doesn't see how what he does is abusive. To him, its normal, so when he made the video showing all thew demands he made, it was perfectly normal in his mind, so why would people freak out about it?

No. 313576

I bet you he's already scoping out some fresh meat via all the female attention lainey is getting.

No. 313577

What he asked of her was basically cults 101. Change your appearance, be absolutely loyal to us, and leave your family and friends.

No. 313578

He made it a point to point out the pumpkin thing again because he probably really thought when he put that in the first video people would attack billie for being crazy for doing that. However, he failed to realize that was the least crazy thing mentioned in the video. He's probably hoping this second video will start the billie hate train instead of the billie support train that the first one did.

No. 313580


> calls Lainey "this girl here"

> his wrist tattoos are a sign of how dedicated he can be to another person, that other person being the ex who sent insane, those tattoos being the ones he chickened out to get instead of ex's name
> if i threatened to kill myself you'd demand the cops be called, but we don't need to call anyone for Billie, just ignore her, that's the advice experts give, right?

No. 313584

That's the weird thing, that he think it's norm for someone's spouse to say "here's a boundary I'd like to set in our highly dodgy threesome arrangement" and him to just go "no, this is the way it's going to be because I said so!" It wasn't even an ultimatum, just a unilateral declaration. How does he not feel like he had to at least spin the story to sound different?

This is where I start to doubt it's real. Even after all the crazy I've seen from him, can he be so oblivious? As a skilled manipulator and someone exposed to public criticism?

No. 313586

From billie's tweets and liked tweets it sounds like she would be donezo with greg and lainey. But it seems weirdly coincidental for her to get a flower tattoo four days ago. So what was that about then?

No. 313589

Maybe she tried to meet the demand by getting a flower tattoo without the name on it but was dq'd for not giving up the exact pound of flesh he wanted

No. 313590

She seems over it but they've all seemed "over it" at one point or time and have all gotten back together before.

I do think the tattoo was for greg, its too coincidental. But I don't think Billie would ever give up on her friendship with Ayalla, and she shouldn't have to. I won't be surprised if they all come up with a ~compromise~ and Billie is back.

I also think she had way more feelings for greg than she did for Lainey. Especially if the whole "we only ever kissed" thing is true.

No. 313591

I think it was out of spite and to prove her love for Greg since it's a cherry blossom and not a lily. More than likely she's only in love with Greg and is upset over him not leaving Lainey.

No. 313593

It does seem way too coincidental but just seems weird because that picture was posted days before he made that video but he says she never got the tattoo and doesn't mention her getting any tattoo. And obviously he would have seen it since he is probably stalking all her accounts.

No. 313594

could be like someone else said, that the tattoo wasn't exactly up to specifications for greg, so he didn't accept it.

OR, her getting that tattoo is what egged Greg on with the whole tattoo thing. He saw she got one (WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION MOST LIKELY) and told her to just get another one. because whats another flower tattoo on her already tatted up bod.

No. 313596

File: 1478798609035.png (45.27 KB, 617x309, billie.png)

Billie posted these tweets

No. 313597

File: 1478798650398.jpg (53.68 KB, 602x449, billie 2.JPG)

She also liked these tweets

No. 313599

File: 1478798901729.jpg (29.54 KB, 631x304, hahahahah.JPG)

Also be sure to save this, when Greg finds her a new teenage girlfriend (or brings Billie back)

No. 313602


Anyone who thought Billie and Lainey were fucking - or that this wasn't demanded by Greg of Lainey - is a fool

No. 313603


Doesn't want a reminder she can't trust Greg, wants to pretend it's a happy family again. I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a moron

No. 313604

Vid.me version, please don't give this douche more views


No. 313605

Of course she doesn't, because she probably isn't even attracted to females in that way.

Remember the video her and Greg made where she was asked which girls she would date? She said no to every single one except the ones that looked like Billie. Its like Greg trained her perfectly to sniff out the dumb alt girls

No. 313606

you can still bone while preggo anon

No. 313607

thanks anon, tried to do that earlier but was too lazy to make an account

No. 313608

Of breakup video "y u no get tattoo?" part deux

No. 313611

god i hate his idea that because lainey is bisexual than she needs to be with a woman.

that is not how bisexuality works gerggles. you're into both men and women, and sometimes you find someone and want to have a monogamous relationship with that someone, whether its a man or a woman. that doesn't mean you also want another relationship with the other sex. i'm not about to say "i'm really into red-heads, so i;m going to marry this red-head that i totally love! but i also really love blondes, so i'm going to also date this blonde as well!" makes no sense

No. 313612

File: 1478800069520.png (42.32 KB, 531x407, onion.png)

Onion's tweets after Billie posts about wanting things in her life to be private. Rolling my eyes.

No. 313615

File: 1478800531036.jpg (24.27 KB, 306x314, Capture.JPG)

He changed his profile picture back to "50-year-old man posing as an emo teenager. "

Looking to attract new teenage girls huh?

No. 313616

It's uncanny how all those three women share a lot of behavioral traits with Lainey.

No only does she have underage Sarah at the house with her, she's exposing her to all this horrible fuckery and that girl probably thinks it's normal adult behavoir because Lainey is her idol… barf.

Not to mention, those are awarded and given out to EVERY Youtuber out there who passes certain milestones of subscribers… I bet Pewdiepie and Zoella have them piling up in their garages.

I'm now convinced he did the pumpkin and noose shit, the tactic he's using right now is called "unsolicited warning" - it's where people will continuously deny they were doing something, even though there wasn't any need in the first place to deny it if it was true that you were not involved.

Yes, avoid sociopaths at ALL cost… I hope this recent shit serves as a warning to all.

You CAN NOT "change" a sociopath's behavoir, it is hardwired into them much like Aspergers is hardwired into a person… they can seek therapy to help manage it (heavy on the "manage it" here, it can't be "cured") but Gerg is against that… so it will never happen.

No. 313617

Wonder how gurgle thinks of weed being legalised in another state.
Did he take the moral high ground to weed and decided to never come down? He seems to only admit he's wrong/change opinions for a video/views

No. 313619

>No, hide from judgement

Is he trying to be L again?

No. 313620

File: 1478801037593.jpg (22.16 KB, 268x400, 56465.jpg)

Someone should send all of Gurgle's girlfriends (victims) this book, for reals.

It has helped so fucking much in recognising sociopathic tactics in people and how to deal with them accordingly.


No. 313622

He's never brought up the topic of legal weed at all to my knowledge… I'd figure he'd be against it as he can't even handle the concept of caffeine.

No. 313625

File: 1478801304625.png (316.11 KB, 455x810, nomakeupnosleep.png)

You tell em, Old-Yella.

No. 313626


Is it just me or do they already look better?

No. 313627


I think it's just the filter.

No. 313628

Lol greg acting like telling the internet about Billie's mental problems/anorexia/"drug abuse" is him being helpful to them because keeping silent is bad. Uh huh sure. That's why you only brought it up after they left you in a video that was basically calling them out and making them look bad. If you want to help someone out then you help them get help in real life or contact a hospital. Telling your internet fandom of 12 year olds does nothing. Stop trying to act noble when you only leaked info because she left you and you want to make her look bad.

No. 313629

I think I misjudged Ayaya. I thought she was a greedy whore who wanted in on Gurg's dick but she showed to be, albeit a drama teen, a good friend who saved Billie from becoming a permanent resident of the empty grease castle.

No. 313630

No. 313631

>but ME ME ME and ME, tho

No. 313632


Oh fuck off, Onion.

"Why are people mad at me and lainey and not billie huh?"

Uh maybe cause she's a young girl who was emotional and you're both adults who should know better. Not to mention you're manipulative and the whole long video spilling all those private details is awful. You're obsessed with airing out dirty laundry onion. You're such a drama whore it's pathetic.

No. 313633

File: 1478801748986.png (71.08 KB, 540x306, onionsbawwing.png)

Being honest is important! Take it from me, the cult leader who never keeps his own stories straight!

No. 313635

It is because that's bullshit. She doesn't care about whether people know she smokes. She just couldn't tell onion whatever it was that she's really afraid of being exposed, probably because it's something along the lines of her admission to sr of not actually giving a fuck about lainy and just wanting to dick ride onion, literally and figuratively for her own personal gain, which would be e fame. Or cheating on lainy, or something similar.

No. 313636

I knew Ayalla was the smartest one out of all this drama trash (which isn't saying much) because she left Richie when he cheated on her and didn't get back together with him. She also mentioned in the past she hated Billie's choice of dating partners because they were assholes, so I bet she wasn't a big fan of manipulative abuser onion. I bet she collabed with onion to get back at SR then realized onion was an even bigger psycho than SR and got out.

No. 313637

I tried to tell everyone a couple of threads ago that she was only there to appease Billie, if you even look at some of the selfies she took whilst there she looked miserable as fuck.

Gerg and Lainey would've met her on neutral ground (Billie's state) if they were interested in being her friend… they wanted her there so they could try to plant seeds into Billie's head that she was a terrible person and she should drop her.

See here >>309334

It's DSSCTM's fault that everyone thought of her as a whore… that's why I hate the dude.

No. 313638


Ah of course, it was all for their BENEFIT guys!

No. 313639

wait, he's anti-caffeine?
i missed this, do you have a link?

No. 313640

I am genuinely interested how her brain is rejecting the fact that he LITERALLY CHEATED ON HER this time by having sex with Billie without? Like, he was blamed for the cuddling thing… why is this not his fault when she clearly was not okay with it? Did it slip her little moppy mind to tell him after giving Billie the third degree?

No. 313641


check past threads

No. 313642

File: 1478801988125.png (103.92 KB, 540x424, brawl.png)

Small droplets of milk.

No. 313643

IT's all in the past threads, I get a bit tired of searching for other anons as I end up doing it a lot of the time and I'm stopping doing that.

ctrl + f in those threads and search for words like "coffee" or "caffeine" in those threads.

There are screenshots from his own Twitter account where he calls people pathetic for drinking the stuff.

No. 313644

same, she seems like a good friend for helping Billie gtfo. in that selfie a few posts up with they both have that thousand yard stare

No. 313646

Not in WA. Minimum wage is 11 and many jobs offer the option of 40 hours a week. In Seattle it's even more.

No. 313647

I mean obviously he wasn't cheating since he decided without lainey's say that the relationship should have no boundaries and he gets to do whatever he wants…so clearly it was her own fault for not explaining the boundaries she wanted in the relationship…that he wasn't going to respect and never did…Yeah totally makes sense. Billie is the worst. /s

No. 313648

I want them to stop refuting his bullshit and start talking about his psychotic existence and homelife!

He would honestly not survive incarceration… he'd snitch on all the inmates and get shivved if he tried to justify it with that sort of logic.

No. 313649

Onion is so retarded about relationships and friendships-he cant grasp how to handle them. Its like he's excited people acknowledge he's real.

Also, How many young woman have a HEALTHY attitude towards food/weight in this day and age? uh yeah not many and not in one spectrum either. I get that people don't want to talk about but in reality, who hasnt skipped a meal,ect? It's just not public conversation. Is it healthy? No! but everyone is sort of just tumbling around figuring this shit out and with age and time, people learn to deal with themselves and everything else.

but pardon me, muah veggbodehhhh

No. 313650

I read the transcripts of the recent vids, but I'm having trouble figuring out the actual tipping point. Did Bilbo want to appease SR so he didn't leak shit, and that drove Omission crazy?

Things happened so quickly lol. One day they're happily squealing and playing video games, the next day they're plotting a midnight escape.

No. 313651

File: 1478802799976.jpg (119.52 KB, 1080x1080, wholefoods.jpg)


Grek needs to fuck off, honestly, he has a seriously unhealthy diet (pic related) and doesn't even eat fresh produce like a proper vegetarian person does. Not to mention, he doesn't even work out, outside of a few pushups in order to impress the underage ladies.

No. 313652

He was blaming it all on Ayalla for being a "crybaby" because he aired her breakup details without permission, which in turn upset Billie… so he called her a "crybaby" about it too.

No. 313654

I think it had to do with Onision posting about Ayalla and SR again while they were still there, and Billie and Ayalla were both scared that it would make SR retaliate again. But Greg is a retard and thinks "I CAN'T EVER STAY QUIRT ABOUT SOMEONE ABUSING SOMEONE" ignoring their wishes to stfu. The Billie admitted to "lying" and then Billie and Greg boned even though Lainey told her not to.

No. 313657

His voice makes me want to peel my skin off.

No. 313658

Lol thanks for overlooking my typos, but yeah it's crazy that he thinks that way, and she thinks it's all billie's fault. She could not be denying this crystal clear cheating incident any harder.

The whole situation makes no sense. I haven't been reading the comments but why is Lainey getting blamed for not talking to smeg too about not being okay with him having sex with Billie alone?

Also you can really tell he misses doing it with billie with how much he says he-oops I mean THEY love her and want to fix things over and over in both videos… despite Plain's tweets…

Maybe he should read plain's twitter for once, or actually talk to her in person.

No. 313659

Old Yella looks like an Antz character

No. 313662

*why is Lainey NOT getting blamed for not talking to smeg about her boundaries

No. 313663

File: 1478804110174.jpg (67.82 KB, 540x770, IMG_20161110_105130.jpg)

This is a bit expired, but I was on Sarah's instagram to see if she left yet and saw this pic. Who do we think gave a 15 year old a cheap (and familiar) looking ring on Valentine's day?

No. 313665

Are there photos of her wearing it though? That looks like a promotional jewellers photo, it could be a red herring as she likes to stir up drama herself.

No. 313667

As someone who is vegan. This is fucking gross af. I bet her doesn't even eat healthy carbs like brown rice or fresh veg and only eats shit tonnes of processed wheat like Bread 24/7. No wonder his skin looks like shit.


No. 313669

File: 1478804598332.jpeg (477.83 KB, 1372x1279, Onionthings.jpeg)

It is on on Twitter. Billie, Onion and Ayalla are fighting.

No. 313671

File: 1478804710719.png (364.21 KB, 566x357, uncanny.png)

what even are her genes

No. 313672

File: 1478804715129.png (83.94 KB, 582x181, MoreOnionThings.png)

Dropping this

No. 313675


:'c stop talking abt us billie!
I feel like she has dirt on them he's trying to scare her out of revealing

No. 313676

>We were the trinity


No. 313677

File: 1478804864791.png (526.93 KB, 582x583, Tweet.png)

He just tweeted a screenshot of it.
It might be from his website or something.

No. 313679

lmao continues to subtweet and blatantly talk shit about her until she responds. Then acts like she is evil for replying/speaking to them.

No. 313680

Nah, Billie is the victim of you and your fucked up wifes abuse tactics. The more he does this the further he victimizes Billie.

No. 313681

BLahblahblah… ignored his bullshit, but "four people" left in the house? Hmmmm…

Sarah, Lainey, Him and Troy?

No. 313682

Poor baby Claire, doesn't count at all to Onion.

No. 313683

"Only my side is meant to be heard! You have no say in this, stop talking to meeeee!!!"

No. 313684

File: 1478805161736.png (33.49 KB, 562x102, Ayalla.png)

No. 313685

File: 1478805171154.jpg (63.96 KB, 810x368, IMG_20161110_201138.jpg)

Ironic how they were afraid SR is gonna reveal stuff on video and then BOOM it's Garg who does it instead

No. 313686

he made two long detailed videos about her, tweets about her, lainey tweets about her, yet he's telling her not to speak about them?

No. 313690

The only way they're gonna successfully counter his accusations is by handling it the same way as Adrienne did and make their own content about it.

No. 313691

This is a 30 year old man harassing and talking shit about two 18-19 year olds. I would say lainey should be embarrassed, but she is probably loving this since gergles is back on her side now. She gives 0 fucks about anyone except herself so. She's crying to daddy onion that people are thinking she made a 19 year old brand herself? They think that cause your insane husband actually said that to her and then proceeded to parade it on his videos for the world to see.

No. 313692

Good point. It just looks a lot like the cheap rings Lainey cycles through so I thought it was interesting.

No. 313693

File: 1478805794920.png (19.89 KB, 593x121, omfg.png)

This is SO fucking ABSURD, he POSTED screenshots of his OWN TEXT MESSAGES where he DEMAND she comply to his FOUR ultimatums or she doesn't come back!!

Fuck this bitch.

No. 313694


Don't worry. Everybody is on Billie's side as far as I'm seeing on her Twitter account. Lots of support and kindness and it's nice to see that most people aren't falling for Gork's bullshit again.

Best thing for Billie to do is to disengage with Onision and Lamey and just keep living her life peacefully.

No. 313695

A suggestion would be:

"Hey, it'd be cool if you got a tattoo of your "relationship" with Lainey, would you?"

"No thanks."

"Oh, okay then! That's fine! ^_^"

Lainey is just as fucking deluded as he is, get these scumbags off the internet, christ!

No. 313696

greg could murder someone in front of her eyes and she'd still take his side. How much more of a spineless, push-over bitch can she get

No. 313698

Who does Omission thinks he is that he can "tame" a wild spirit like Billie? Billie is the party type chick who likes MAC makeup, crazy hair colors, traveling with friends, hitting up concerts, and just having a blast. She'll never bow down to his old man rules and I hope she doesn't even in moments of weakness.

Enjoy your youth, Billie! It's precious and Onion just wants to destroy it because he's a sick pervert.

No. 313699

Most like Greg, Lainey, Sarah and their mysterious nanny

No. 313700

He had bullet points of things she HAD to follow in order to even be considered a shot back in their life lmao. Get this tattoo that's permanent and i'll MAYBE accept you back. He brought up the tattoo repeatedly in both videos saying she basically had to do it or they couldn't trust her. What SUGGESTION are you talking about lainey? lmao.

No. 313702

Is this cunt for real, by holding Bilbo the only one accountable? Does she not realize it takes two to tango?
Yet at the same time she's probably so use to Gurglemesh doing whatever and whenever he wants to her doormat self so I shouldn't be even surprised at this point of her giving him a free pass yet again.

No. 313703

Every time he says "their ship name" I have to keep myself from physically cringing. This is a 30 year old man talking like a high school tumblrina

No. 313705


Man, I don't know if Billie reads here, but I hope she now realizes what a lucky escape she had from those garbage people, and what a good friend Ayalla has been to her. I am sorry she found out what a horrible person Greg is (and Lainey too, to a lesser extent) this way, but glad she found it out sooner than later.

I especially like how Greg is throwing Lainey under the bus in his latest screed now. Nice. That's right, this is all everyone's but his fault.

No. 313706

yeah about real people! not drawling a fandom picture.. C R A Z Y

No. 313707

I was thinking sarah is the new nanny if she is actually living there. Seems like she is still there so its plausible. idk why she isn't in school though. I wouldn't put it past them to have a random 16 year old raise their kids. They basically did that with selena.

No. 313708

Their "ship name" should be "Blaimey" it's much more fucking appropriate in this case."

No. 313709

I thought the same, but in his first video greg says something like "Me, lainey, lainey's friend and our nanny" and you know lainey's friend has to be sarah

No. 313710


It's possible, is she from a state where she can legally drop out of school at 16?

No. 313711

File: 1478806695831.gif (1023.08 KB, 500x281, 200.gif)

come on ayalla spill it, tell us everything that happened

No. 313712

Gotta love the fact that most fans are calling Lainey out on her bullshit and people are comforting Billie.

No. 313714

Imagine what his son eats. Poor kid.

No. 313715

I've not once even seen anyone use that ship name. who ships them and calls them that? lmao. You can't even ship them. they were in like one video together then proceeded to have drama with each other for the rest of the relationship and never seemed to like each other for more than a day at a time.

No. 313716

If they're too scared of what dirt is gonna be spilt on them I want them to know that it is likely all stuff that people either know already or don't care about. Everyone knows they're only teenagers and teenagers talk shit sometimes, it's no surprise and it's worth it to expose this douchebag

No. 313717

if she does make a video he'll def make a response, and i think she's trying to avoid the backlash from that since he has such a large fanbase compared to hers

No. 313718

honestly i'm really pleased to see (most) people are comforting billie and there's no "i told you so" going around

No. 313719

He's going to make several more videos about her anyway guaranteed. Onion doesn't take it nicely when he gets rejected. His feewings are hurt.

No. 313720


I've PM'd her but I doubt she'll read it, but if she made a video and did it RIGHT (good lighting, good editing, etc.) and just simply stated all the facts about their weird relationship and that tattoo ultimatum then I guarantee it would get her a lot of views. If she wants to kick start her "youtube career" or whatever, she has her chance. She should out the son of a bitch, he obviously wanted to fuck Billie on his own from the very
beginning and now has used vague statements and demands to make it seem as if Billie is a dirty homewrecker and he is sooooo innocent. Why the fuck would Lainey secretly ask Billie to not let Greg cheat on her, because she KNEW Greg would try, it's his end goal, and he obviously did not make it clear enough to Lainey he wanted to fuck Billie and was going to fuck Billie. All of this has made me realize Lainey is never going to leave him, she is a complete lost cause. Her husband and her girlfriend both blatantly cheated on her (plus lololol at the fact her and Billie didn't do much by themselves, Lainey is a total cuck) it's fitting in a way, Onision the king of cucks, and his cuckquean wife.

No. 313721

File: 1478807532257.jpg (170.11 KB, 1080x1920, 15007836_10202376705695615_173…)


honestly i hope she's gonna take the advice and involve SR

No. 313722

It's like he embraced the whole CUCK thing because he knew Lainey was truly the cuck.. and it's all been a stab at her.

But now he's bad in the honeymoon phase of the abuse cycle.. let's see how long it lasts.

No. 313725

File: 1478807858513.png (9.47 KB, 520x114, cute.png)

Ayalla just liked my Tweet, the girl is very much aware of his bullshit.

No. 313727

File: 1478808566468.png (117.97 KB, 1242x880, IMG_7880.PNG)

"Stop making me face the truth, thanks."


No. 313728

I hope they take the fact that he's willing to do this to them in public as a sign to never ever be alone with him again. His ego is only getting more inflated, and I'm starting to feel like he's getting closer to actual violence with each outburst.

I don't especially like Billie or Ayalla but they deserve to have the chance to work this out privately like actual adults do.

No. 313730


Everyone deserves that, something Gurg needs to learn.

No. 313732

i like how he got so enraged at adrienne's leaking his voicemails but has no qualms showing everyone private text messages + making false accusations at billie and ayalla

No. 313733

I also like how he sees Billie putting her hand on some guy's shoulder as "cheating," but giving her a naked, full body massage was just a friendly interaction. He's a hypocrite, what's new.

No. 313734

Honestly can't even comprehend Lainey at this point. She can't be that manipulative or her husband wouldn't have just fucked her side piece. Seems like she is just his complete slave at this point.

No. 313735

File: 1478808997227.png (24.03 KB, 373x410, reachout.png)

Seeing as Ayalla has never blocked me and has recently been liking my tweets, I've just DM'ed her to offer some support, mostly as a plea to not get any further involved with the psycho fuckers in the future.

No. 313737


bit full on and condescending but it'll do I guess

No. 313738

I figured it was best to get down to the core of the issue rather than just contribute to the already huge amounts of outpouring empathy and support they're getting elsewhere.

I just think it's best that Billie knows this is a man that noone can change, no matter how hard you want to believe in it.

Hopefully it will also give them an inkling of how to handle any further bullshit from him that comes their way.

We can only hope I guess, I don't think I can handle it again if she goes back to him regardless of everything he's done to them.

No. 313739

I called it in the last thread that Ayalla was only there to show Billie the door, I'm glad it was the case.

I'm one of the farmers who used to sympathize with Lainey not as a person but as an abuse victim, but I'm out from here on. Billie may be naive, but she's just a young girl with a crush.

Ayalla > Billie > Lainey > Greg

No. 313740

File: 1478810314979.png (490.85 KB, 877x566, Maaaaan.png)

Teeeeerrible video is up about him being such a great friend and everyone else is just letting him down.

No. 313741


I would have paid anything to have been a fly on the wall for that "brief moment" where Ayalla convinced Billie in just a few words to "abandon them" after previously agreeing with the tattoo idea. She probably realized the insanity of it.

No. 313742

"Why I have no friends"

>because youre a cunt

kek @ him not mentioning cyr by name

also cyr responded on twitter and called him a sociopath

No. 313744

I think it's also about how he gave a lot of money to Billie.

No. 313745

He has no friends because sociopaths are incapable of keeping them, they only see people as ends to their means and if they don't play along or help them achieve their goals, they will ruin them by playing the victim.

No. 313746


can someone upload a mirror?

No. 313747

You have no friends though cause you're a douche.

But it's a jab at Billie and Ayalla. He's so butthurt.

No. 313748

I fucking hope Billie never goes back to that house. I don't trust Greg not to keep her in the basement at this point. He's too angry and self righteous.

No. 313749


This is the source of Greg's problems. Rather than winning friends and family by being a decent human being, he tries to buy people. He's essentially bought and paid for Lainey, as she has trapped herself with her two kids and her lack of a job, but he has not been able to completely buy Billie or Cyr or any of the rest of them.

No. 313750

Oof! Dat financial entrapment tactic.

No. 313751

No. 313752

not surprising considering how ragey he was over the alimony


No. 313753

File: 1478810845424.png (115.89 KB, 719x523, kek.PNG)

No. 313755

He's trying so damn hard to get people to turn on Billie and with each video he's posting it's just making him look worse and he's getting so mad that it's pretty hilarious at this point.

No. 313756

OMG he has no understading of human friendships. He describes the function of friends being people that are more convenient to hang out with than not, and that the point is to give them thing, but they can never ask for things.

He does not experience the feeling of wanting to be close to someone because you enjoy the company and like them. It is all transactional, and he thinks this is how it is for everyone else. No, sociopath, this is not how it is.

No. 313757

the tone of voice he's using talking about how he works so much is horrifying. it's borderline serial killer.

No. 313760


Well, he looks and acts like a serial killer. Let's hope he never truly snaps. Probably why Lainey is so scared to leave. But she really needs to take the kid and leave before he loses it even more. Onion is insane.

No. 313761

"I won't settle If you have a conflicing opnion with me, I simply tard rage and attack you until you either bow to my will, or leave. I know how to be a friend - I am the best friend of any friends! Why can't people just accept my demand that I am the very best friend they would ever have, and give in to my tantrums?"

No. 313762



No. 313763

File: 1478811104248.jpg (18.31 KB, 402x290, All my wuts _97f40d31d6817fe65…)

> real friends won't accept money or food unless they're really desperate

No. 313764

Give it another 5 years and his sociopathy will evolve into full-blown psychopathy.

No. 313765

"People find themselves as victims OF MY GENEROSITY"

Those are words he said.

No, Greg, they are victims of your sociopathic machinations that you label generosity, in an attempt to write and control the narrative and feelings of anyone around you. This is not reality. You are not generous. You cause harm. You do not like to be contradicted, because the part of the brain that control impulses and critical thinking is literally retarded in yours. That's how sociopaths are made.

No. 313766


Keep on going Onion, you're just proving to more and more leghumpers how batshit insane you are.

No. 313767

Sociopaths dont have the development of the portion of their brain that helps them to read and understand others emotions.


They don't get to experience emotions that neurotypical people do, and look at social interactions as something strange and unfathomable… everything is an object to them.

(saged for psychology)

No. 313768

> truth is my biggest mistake in most every relationship i've had is i sell myself short. i almost never asked what my friend is putting into something and just assume i'm taking the bill for everything, would often do with a smile over and over again. those people were not my friends they were just in my life because i was the idiot who is willing to pay for shit.

who wants to bet he used it to lord over them? made shitty jokes any time he paid for anything? or just flat out refused to let anyone pay so he could look like a good person?

No. 313769

I imagine that brief moment involved very few, I'd any, discussion. It was probably just them staring at each other in disbelief of how crazy onion is after he demanded that Billie get a tattoo for his wife and then back to business ok let's go

No. 313770

"Making videos isn't just my job, it's a way of life! My subscribers aren't numbers, they're personalities."

Yes, grug, the attention and adoration you receive is your mana. Without it, you would have to depend on that kind of attention and energy in the people around you, and it's a lot harder to gather and keep that mainline of attention when you destroy people on the reg. Without that attention, you begin to crawl the walls of your own mind, and you hate what you see. And then you lash out at others, thinking that it's their fault that you feel pain, loneliness, discomfort and embarrassment.

No. 313771

i love that he admits he purposely goes after lesser known youtubers

No. 313772

Yes!! All he's done is made me lean more towards Billie and Ayalla. I feel kind of bad for Billie at this point. I think Onion was just manipulating her to the point that maybe she didn't know what to do. Plus the fact that she is mentally ill and feels she wants to kill herself, I feel really bad. No sympathy for Lainey at all. I don't even understand why Billie has "wronged" them so much besides the fact that 1. she wanted to leave and 2. she slept with onion which onion probably manipulated her into doing and not like he said no to her either? Pretty obvious Lainey wouldn't like them sleeping together to begin with. But in Lainey's mind of course nothing is ever his fault.

No. 313774

Underrated post.

No. 313775


I'm gerg. I have no friends because I pay for people's stuff regardless of whether they ask for it or not. That way I can be in control of them because they owe me something. Then whenever they do anything i disapprove of, I remind them how I paid for them and that they owe me. This causes people to not be my friend because most humans don't want to be manipulated into a friendship and treated like shit. I am allowed to treat them like shit and do whatever I want, but if they even look at me funny, I toss them away. After all, I can just buy a new friend!

No. 313776

The keys to having a good poly relationship are clear and well established boundaries agreed upon by all parties and constant checking in with each other. It sounds like the rules for what Billie could/couldn't do were constantly in flux and Greg of course wasn't helping. I don't blame her for being confused, even if what she did was shitty.

No. 313777

>>And then you lash out at others, thinking that it's their fault that you feel pain, loneliness, discomfort and embarrassment.

He's never really shown he experiences these emotions, he would've changed his views if he did… he just exhibits a lot of anger and impulse.

No. 313778

"And what do I even get to show for all of my generosity (besides the high I get from manipulating people, and attention, and views, and monay)?"

What does ANYONE have to 'show' from a relationship, dude? The return is the emotional exchange. That's why people have relationships and form attachments and bonds. You understand wanting attachments ONLY in terms of transactions - what you gave them materially, and how you feel that give you the right to dictate every modicum of interactions, with the end goal of the high you get from complete control.

Christ, unless Lainey is allowed to show some affection when greg isn't watching over her like a hawk on all his "security" cams, their kids are gonna have R.A.D. / severe attachment issues.

No. 313779

This is a super typical situation with new "poly" couples in so many ways, not letting the woman sleep with other men, expecting the "third" to remain a subordinate sex toy who gets less out of the relationship, but also stay exclusive to the couple. Having a bunch of random rules that don't actually protect jealousy and constantly change never works.

Sage for potential OT

No. 313780

Lainey kept telling Greg that she didn't want him and Billie together, he said he didn't care anymore and went against what Lainey had asked of him this whole year because he wanted Billie. Billie was asked by Lainey not to be with Greg but if we've learned anything from the past, there's a chance he forced himself onto Billie.

No. 313781

"People can just walk away from you! On a whim!"

Yes. That is how boundaries and free will work, sociopath. I know you hate both of those, but yes, glad you see that this is true. Of course, accepting this is a completely different story, and absolutely beyond him.

No. 313782

OH MY GOD at this timestamp, he describes his fantasy of having a friend "just like me" so he could have "real arguments" with them about who would pay for these restaurant bills he's obsessed with, and how they would be "the best of friends".


No. 313783

Even worse if they end up as CU (callous-unemotional) children that will likely evolve into sociopathy when they're adults… CU can be treated early through therapy to avoid that, but he doesn't like shrinks soooo…

No. 313784

If he books himself into a psych clinic, he can meet all the people just like him to his hearts content.

No. 313785

THIS. and Lainey tried to defend him saying she wasn't clear about what he meant, then fucking ASK HIM do not ask the side piece not to fuck him, because Gregma was aiming his greasepenis right at that teen bride the very MOMENT Lainey gave some vague indication that it MIGHT be okay for them to fuck. Like he couldn't have had a serious talk and agreement with her to let him fuck Billie with her laying there gurning at them because she would have said no, so he made a vague ass statement about "NO BOUNDARIES" it's just like his tactics with cuddlegate and why he didn't "cheat" then. So pathetic.

I don't believe he forced himself on Billie, but I fully believe he knew that Lainey would be mad, seeing as Billie fucking SAID THAT, he obviously would know that Lainey still was having issues but he fucked her anyway and then played the victim, urgh.

My only hope is that Billie makes a tell all video.

No. 313786

If he met someone like himself, he would absolutely hate him and they would not stand each other. Someone questioning his authority and wanting to be in control? Yeah no. It's like how he shit on Richie and even Trump for things that are true about himself. He hates himself.

No. 313788

I may be tinfoiling a little but if he did force himself onto Billie, it would make more sense for her not to want to do anything else and not giving them a clear answer. And as to why her and Ayalla decided to jump ship in the middle of the night as well as the suicidal and angry outburst. But again, this is all tinfoilery.

No. 313790

didn't Adrienne say he was a bit aggressive in getting her to agree to sleep with him?

No. 313791


The fact that Billie wanted to leave, and then didn't, and then did, and that it was Ayalla who tried to talk her into leaving, makes me believe there was some manipulation of Billie going on for sure from Onion.

No. 313792

File: 1478813329098.png (520.22 KB, 635x279, capture_001_10112016_132804.pn…)

yep, she did. i bet this is what he did to billie.

No. 313793

He was/is planning on all his internet peers and fans to gang up on Billie and Ayalla for "wronging" him - he's using his wife as a shield by saying they've "wronged" her because he wouldn't be able to garner sympathy for himself… if he FELT it was "wrong" he wouldn't of stuck his dick in Billie in the first place, or coaxed her into feeling okay for doing it.

He's such a turkey, doesn't he know he has his background history plastered all over the internet?

No. 313794

Super Onion boy back at it again with the victim card

No. 313796

This was honestly the first thing I thought of. I am pretty sure he coerced and pressured Billie into having sex. Even though he was asking "do you want to?" and Billie saying "Duh!", doesn't mean she wanted to do it right then. She clearly felt conflicted because of the convo her and Lainey had, but she also wanted that greasecock.

No. 313797

He must be incredibly horny.
Didn't he also say he had sex with Billie and then wanted to "make love" to Lainey before he told her about it?

No. 313798

Billie more than likely wanted it but after that talk with Lainey, she probably kept telling him no and since Lainey kept telling him no and he already told her he was going to do what he wanted, so what was keeping him from going after Billie when she says no?

No. 313799

Her response to him asking her to have sex sounded like to me, she was saying yeah i want to because i like you but it would make lainey upset (so onion boy we shouldnt do it). But he ignores the lainey will be upset (lol lainey he so cares about you) and is like no i told her we have no boundaries anymore. And he probably kept asking her if she wanted to, and she'd say "duh" but lainey….and onion would be like no no i told her she can't be upset so she wont be. Then billie gave in.

Talked his way with billie into doing it. Then talked his way out of responsibility for his actions with lainey.

And mind you, if Billie had stayed, the video he made insulting billie would have been him insulting his wife for being upset and justifying both their actions (billie was confused…it wasn't agreed on by me…my wife went behind my back). In his video he was so obviously upset that she left despite him defending her and that he would have continued defending her over his wife if she stayed. Must feel good lainey.

No. 313800

Same, I thought she was just another giggly alt idiot that was drooling for Gurgles after watching the pumpkin smashing video and the videogame one, but she showed some balls and proved herself to be a good friend. Kudos to the anons that called it from the first moment.
Now that I think of it, that time in one of the videos they filmed all together while in Shmegma Mansion, when Onion said that Ayalla is lesbian and she smiled. What if she said it in order to avoid Onion's advances, that one old excuse you use when a creepy guy starts hitting on you.

No. 313801

Sociopaths have abnormally high sex drives - "All sociopaths, both male and female, have high levels of testosterone. This hormone drives people to compete for sex partners and then mate with them".


No. 313803

>>Her response to him asking her to have sex sounded like to me, she was saying yeah i want to because i like you but it would make lainey upset (so onion boy we shouldnt do it). But he ignores the lainey will be upset (lol lainey he so cares about you) and is like no i told her we have no boundaries anymore. And he probably kept asking her if she wanted to, and she'd say "duh" but lainey….and onion would be like no no i told her she can't be upset so she wont be. Then billie gave in.

This is exactly what happened, he says so in his video himself… but somehow - this is all Billie's fault, not his.

No. 313804

Transcription below for anyone that doesn't want to listen to his terrible voice. tl;dr Gurg thinks friendship are supposed to be completely materialistic. I don't think he comprehends human emotions.

Hi there. I'm Onision.

This video is about why I don't have friends, because right now it seems like I have fewer friends than I have had for as long as I can remember. And I want to explain to you guys on a real raw note why exactly that is.

From what I've observed, a lot of people have friends because they need them. So if hanging out with someone is more convenient than not hanging out with them, you're probably gonna hang out with them a whole lot.

So like for instance do you have friends that borrow money from you? You probably do. Have you ever bought a friend a meal, or given your friends gifts?

See, what a real friend is is someone who asks for nothing and oftentimes will refuse to accept anything from you, because they care about you so much that they don't want to take anything from you unless they ab. so. lute. ly. need it.

A lot of people act as individuals who need things from other people throughout their entire lives. Those people will often have probably quite a few friends. And why do they have quite a few friends? Because to an extent, in many cases, to survive they need those friends.

To those of you who have been paying attention, I gain and lose friends like it's nothing. One day, you'll see me hanging out with someone and the next day you'll find out I don't talk to them anymore. And the reason for this is, I don't settle. If someone has a fundamentally conflicting difference with me, a difference that is going to make it unpleasant for me to be around that person, I don't need them to get me meals, I don't need them to give me rides, I don't now, and have never done illegal drugs so I'm not gonna use my friends to obtain those drugs, as they serve no benefit to me.

You know, the truth is, I take no days off from what I do for a living. Some would say I work very, very hard. And, because I work hard, people who don't work much at all find themselves victims of my generosity. Ask a number of my male friends who I used to associate with whether or not I've ever given them anything. I paid for their meals. In many situations they'll say I gave them expensive equipment. I bought many of my former friends plane tickets. And I don't know how much money I've spent on these people who are supposed to be my friends. Maybe more than $20,000? I have no idea.

And then you see me dumping these friends like it's nothing to me. And that's because, after I've done so much for these people, I find oftentimes they don't even have the decency to be there when I need them. For instance, when I text them, just to talk about a cool movie or something, that person doesn't need me in that exact moment, so they take forever to text back or they don't text me back at all. If I want to collaborate with one of these male ex-friends, in a lot of times they're down, because that means more subscribers, more views, etc. But many times, if an individual does collaborate with me, and they don't get the views they wanted out of the collaboration with me, then there's a good chance I won't hear from them again. Why? Because of course the friendship was fake.

If you paid attention to my channels, I most always collaborate with youtubers who are smaller than myself, and the reason I collaborate with these individuals is because I'm interested in the people, and not so much the subscribers they have to offer me. Because, obviously, they're less popular.

>sidenote: He was so fucking smug when he said that last sentence.

That is not the point of me collaborating. You see, making videos is not just a job. It's a way of life. The experiences you have with other human beings are meaningful, especially on camera. You get to see for a moment pretend to be someone else, express inner thoughts they otherwise held back, and that mutual, fairly unique expression, to me, is incredibly inspiring.

A lot of times I won't even care how many views a video gets. It's more so about the fact that I had a really good time with these individuals. What's really important is we both thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and said what we really wanted to say.

I've met very few people, in friendships, who will try to give me back what I gave them. A lot of times I find myself being let down by people who call themselves friends. In many instances, if you see me :makes finger quotes: start drama :ends finger quotes: with someone, more specifically with someone you thought was my friend, it's often not like the relationship fell apart right in front of you and there was nothing more to it. A lot of times it takes weeks, months, even years, of repeat neglect by friends, and general disproportion of what each friend contributed to that friendship.

There's a good chance that a lot of you watching this are the types of people who found themselves repeatedly giving others money because those people called themselves your friends. They often say they'll pay you back, but they never do. They seem to only call when they want something from you. And the same goes with them hanging out with you. It's almost like the definition of friend is someone who wants something from you and will act super friendly to you for the sake of getting what they want.

So why you see a lot of people say I hate people, it's probably very [fake? not sure what he said]. There's a good chance that those people have a lot of friends themselves, and feel that heightened need for social interaction which really oftentimes goes nowhere. It's kind of like watching sports. A bunch of stuff in sports, or friendship, can happen, but oftentimes it seems like nothing really changes. You have experiences, but what do you really have to show for it?

This is why I have thousands upon thousands of videos on youtube. Because every day I try to create something, which helps me feel like I did not waste that day, and that I have something to show for it.

The fact is, friends can come and go, but the truth of the matter is that when it comes to you, YOU!, are permanent. So if you're the type of person who disproportionately gives more than other people give back, realize that you're sacrificing yourself - the only guaranteed permanent person in your life - for the sake of people who are not blood-related to you, for the sake of people who walk away on a whim. It is not logical to invest a significant amount of time in people who take a lot, but give very little to nothing back.

I know that if I met a person like me, we would probably be the best of friends. 'Cuz for one of the first times in my life, if I were out with a friend like me, there would actually be a real argument about who would pay for the restaurant bill. Instead of me regularly giving other people equipment, once in a while they would actually give something to me. Instead of me paying 9 out of 10 times for all travel expenses of my so-called friends just to come hang out with me, a person more like me might actually demand they pay for themselves, because our friendship would not be so one-sided. Our friendship would be a mutually beneficial effort, as all teams or partnerships should be. People working together in harmony, who enjoy one another, and have mutually fulfilling experience.

This is coming from a guy with almost no friends so you might want to take it with a grain of salt. But if you have friends who are just weighing you down, who don't argue with you when you say you're gonna pay the restaurant bill, who don't offer to chip in on concert or movie tickets, etc, well it sounds like your friend is not really a friend and just someone who cares about themselves. If your friend really only cares about themselves, where are they ever going to be if you get sick and you can't manage to work anymore and all your money is going to your medical bills. Will they still be there for you, by your side, helping you get through? Will the truth hit you that a good amount of the people who call themselves friends in the world aren't friends at all, and that to have a lot of friends is not really something to brag about? In many cases, what you're saying is that you have a lot of people in your life who leach off you, who like to exploit their relationship with you, who feed off you, who try to drain you, who are using you so long as it is convenient to themselves.

So if you can be strong, stand by yourself, and still succeed, even if that person has zero friends, they're still better off than someone who has a hundred friends.

I mean, I have my wife, my whole family, and a few people who call themselves my friends, so how could I not be happy?

Truth is, my biggest mistake in most every relationship I've had is I sell myself short. I almost never ask what my friend is putting into something, and just assume I'm taking the bill for everything. But I'll often do it with a smile, over and over again. Those people were not my friends. They were just in my life because I was the idiot who was willing to pay for shit.

No. 313806

The way he's working it is to guilt Billie into submission and admission, he's already done this by retweeting her on his Twitter - of course she's going to feel guilty for going through with it, but he's cowed her into accepting ALL the blame.

No. 313807

They also have little to no impulse control, which leads them to acting on every urge. Since they have a heightened sexual drive, they will demand sex and don't see any reason why you cannot give it to them immediately. They cant empathize with anyone, so their reaction to it isn't that important, as long as it doesn't annoy or anger the sociopath like, trying to deny them sex, or laying out an important boundary.)

So yes, grug would have no issues forcing someone to have sex. His preferred method is manipulation and coercion, both emotional and physical (i.e. flying people to him and not allowing them to leave, tracking Billie down at midnight as she tried to escape, demanding Adrienne come to him immediately or she didn't love him, etc.)

No. 313808


It's her fault because she left and opposed the great onion. If she stayed then to him, she would not be at fault. My wife is over-reacting…she confused all of us…she went behind my back to talk to billie, etc.

Even lainey knows gerg is at fault too, but she has to convince herself he is not that bad because she wants to stay with him, whereas with billie, she can let her go so her morals only stand for her.

They are all sorts of fucked up.

No. 313811

So true. He would get angry at her for disturbing the trinity and going against his "No jealousy" policy.

Lainey things that they had a miscommunication that that he was not aware of her boundaries. … Of course…

No. 313814

>>This is why I have thousands upon thousands of videos on youtube. Because every day I try to create something

And all those fucking videos are endless repeats of the same old topics that your demented and retarded little mind are fixated upon.

Teenage girls' bodies, babydicks, vegetarianism, whining about exes, how great your own farts smell and how everyone else is wrong except for you.

Jesus… the mind of a sociopath is superficial, boring and petty as fuck.

No. 313815


Exactly. Does this mean he's going to apologise to Lainey for the video where he LITERALLY drew her as a yelling negative monster constantly bringing down the good vibes.

He's publically humiliated her, now he's finally "officially" cheated on her, though I'm sure in her warped mind he didn't.

Urgh and the amount of times he talk about the "trinity", I feel bad for whichever next emo tween gets lured into the trinity of cuck.

No. 313816


Nah in his mind he still hasn't officially cheated since he set the no boundaries rule. Onion is so adamant about not being a cheater he only slept with billie alone after he put the rules in his favor regardless of what lainey wanted.

Onion we all know its cheating if youre wife has to go to her "girlfriend" and beg her to not let you cheat on her. She literally knew he would ask her to sleep with him and set a secret meeting to tell billie to reject him because she can't trust her husband to reject billie or respect her boundaries.

No. 313820

in the span of a few months he loses richie, jaclyn, cyr, billie, and ayalla…yet it's all their fault it didn't work out. yea ok onion

No. 313829


Guess my theory of his entitlement over his ex-wife was correct after all, both financially and (somewhat) emotionally.

No. 313833

File: 1478817398050.jpg (48.86 KB, 536x500, z1jaa.jpg)

just that first sentence… lainey's pissed that billie didn't white knight her? huh??

onion isn't even allowing lainey to say anything, he speaks completely for her.

No. 313834


nah it's not cheating if you're thinking of your wife while screwing your loli. and while he was screwing her he imagined plainey was angry. so by greasecock logic, shes the one that cheated

No. 313838

File: 1478817796755.jpg (42.61 KB, 579x387, fuckinghorrifying.JPG)


No. 313839

Holy shit.

Then why the fuck were you 'friends' with him for so long, dude? Were YT views really worth that much to you that you just allowed sociopathic abuses to slide right on by you without doing anything about it?

No. 313840


Wouldn't put this logic past him.

Ughhhhh WHY won't she wake up. After her meltdown over the CG 1.0 you'd think she would have at least flipped out a bit more at him. How can anyone be THIS dense. He fucking cheated on her, after months of careful manipulation and pulling strings, vague statements about trinities and boundaries and what the fuck their relationship even is, he finally got Billie to himself in bed, and now he's acting like him and Lainey got played, urgh.

No. 313841

i mean, just like manipulative relationships you can have manipulative friendships. he knew onion was nuts and they were on and off so many times. Not until now is he actually cutting himself off from him seriously.

No. 313842

>>Ughhhhh WHY won't she wake up.

She's in someone else's headgames 24/7 and has been for years. She's sleep deprived, never alone, has no support, and constantly bombarded with manipulations. Shit, it was hard for Billie to get out of there WITH the help of a friend, after a week. And Greg almost got her to stay, and then almost got her to come back. Now imagine that week has been the past 5 years of your life.

No. 313844


Did he delete these tweets?

No. 313845


Alright I get that, but her explosive reactions to minor things with Gregma and Billie in the past (the naked "friendship" cuddling, her giving her moon eyes in that video, holding hands in the other video) and now they've finally fucked without her, it's like she gave up and doesn't seem to care nearly as much.

I feel like he may have threatened to divorce her during CG 2.0 when she was having her twitter rant, then fear of loosing the mcmansion, nanny, and easy life must have scared her into complete submission. Hence why she deleted her twitter. I feel bad for her she is truly lost. Billie needs to spill the milk.

No. 313846

No. 313847

File: 1478818798949.png (73.11 KB, 1170x256, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 5.58…)

healing from WHAT? god they're both so pathetic

No. 313848


WOW, just…wow.

No. 313849


WOW, just…wow.

No. 313850

10/10 excuse, asshole

No. 313851


Fucking lol, they are so arrogant.

No. 313854

he's preparing for the next victim. planting the seed

No. 313855

I cannot believe anyone wants to be part of this mess, seriously.

No. 313856

whoever actually wants to be apart of that mess of a 'relationship' needs serious help.

No. 313858


Whomever they are they need mental health care.

No. 313859

"No Lainey! you don't know what you're saying! You DO want a girlfriend, let's heal before we find another, k?"

No. 313863

there is probably a bunch of girls who wants to be part of their relationship, who thinks that "i´m going to be so much better than Billie" etc, which … no matter who you are, Greg will send you home in the end if you don´t bend to his every rule

No. 313865

Fucking kek, no one is messaging gurg. That's made up nonsense, holy shit he is psychotic.

No. 313867

Wowee, it's not even been 24 hours since he officially announced breaking up with Billie that he's already thinking about a next potential victim.

This is the same pattern he's exhibited after every breakup he's ever had - Lainey was his longest wait of close to a month after breaking up with Shiloh, Adrienne was within days of Shiloh, he was already with Shiloh whilst he was still with Skye… and as soon as Lainey walked out of the door, he asked Billie to enter a relationship with him.

The older he gets, the more desperate he's becoming… give it another 10 years and he'll be kidnapping girls and buying shipping containers to keep them in.

No. 313868

There's a crazy woman named Anastasia Lowell and she wants to be Onion's and Lamo's next girlfriend. She literally broke up with her fiance for this, too.


No. 313869

looking through her tweets and I've never cringed so hard

No. 313871

May possibly be a troll, it's a recent Twitter account and I've spoken to many young girls (around four individuals so far) who are intent on baiting him for milk, a few of them have been sitting on their accounts waiting especially for Billie to bail on him to strike.

No. 313872

10 bucks she calls herself Anastasia because of 50SOG. What a fool

No. 313873

samefagging but >>313871 is right. I've seen girls plotting to be Billie 2.0

No. 313874


I say we shouldn't worry too much. Anastasia looks a little too wide for Onion's taste, anyway.

No. 313875

This is so gross. I feel like I need a shower after watching this. Also Im loving this whole 'HOW DARE YOU GET JEALOUS' idea

No. 313877

They have good intentions, trying to provide us with milk and wanting to ruin him… but, they seriously don't have any idea what they'll be dealing with if they succeeded. It's an unpredictable game to play around with sociopaths and anyone who hasn't personally encountered one before; will find themselves being played before their own plans ever gets a chance to get off the ground.

Not to mention, he's aging and his mental state is gradually deteriorating and getting worse.

He's going to go further with how far he can push legal limitations as the years go by, it's only going to get worse… and his fanbase who constantly affirm, enable and stroke his ego, telling him that he's always right will contribute to his sociopathy coming to a full circle.

No. 313878


I hope he doesn't snap and ends up full on raping a 16 year old girl. That's how people like him always end up as and it's scary.

No. 313880

Well, that's why it's a dangerous game to play… there's no guarantee whether or not he will snap, it could be soon, 5 years later or 10 years later down the line, but it's really not worth the risk.

The best we can do at the moment is just monitor him, if his behavoir gets worse to the point he's acting out his fantasies - then we alert authorities WITHOUT discussing it in places like here where he lurks and will see it.

No. 313881

Just watched the "We broke up" video and my ears almost exploded at the tattoo part. The things that make sense to Gergles, just holy fuck.

No. 313886

File: 1478824838926.png (75.45 KB, 584x722, cyrphone.png)


No. 313888


Roast that onion, cyr fuck yeah

No. 313889

it's all the same to him. he thinks people that drink coffee are horrible too.

No. 313890

fuck yes

No. 313891

Can someone please link the younow where ayalla spills all about their relationship?

No. 313892

File: 1478825372049.jpg (133.84 KB, 500x333, laugh010.jpg)

> I'm not gonna post the exact text message to her because I'm not a piece of shit and don't have her permission

No. 313893

No. 313894

File: 1478825591771.png (166.61 KB, 625x754, Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 7.41…)

I don't think anyone talked about this yet (sorry, I just have trouble with the background rn, although it's great).

Onision highlighted that they had sex around 20-30 times when she last visited… but Lainey didn't? But it was 'her' girlfriend, sure.

No. 313896

So Onion fucked one while the other had to sit on his face. Judging by his latest vid, it wasn't Billie. So sad.

No. 313899

File: 1478825905166.png (26.87 KB, 821x207, 12vv.PNG)

She better watch out, I'm sure Greg's on the prowl for new victims

No. 313900

He's just like everyone else that only calls someone on their shitty behavior to be on a higher moral ground once they're done with them. Just like Kat Von D and Jeffree Star, 'Oh, I just could no longer stand by!'

No. 313902


Yeah, I have to say Richie comes off as a pretty decent person here. He's certainly more mature than Greg, Lainey, Ayalla and Billie put together.

What I do think is kind of funny is that Ayalla was all panicked because she had betrayed Richie's confidences, and then Greg betrayed hers. I guess karma really is a bitch.

No. 313903

She needs to check on herself if she's gonna be chasing after an abuser and his doormat.

No. 313904

One of them is lying and because they're both well established pathological liars, we'll never know.

No. 313907

File: 1478826770327.jpg (37.46 KB, 872x260, 1476237779470.jpg)


>You didn't want a relationship. You wanted a living sex toy for you and your husband

Just a reminder.

No. 313910

Richie just uploaded a YouTube video about onion!!!

No. 313911

it was more about his personal shit. no milk

No. 313912

i guess we can't count on richie to spill the milk anymore. he seems so over it

No. 313913


Yeah, it was posted earlier but is gone now for some reason. But it wasn't really about Greg as such, more Richie's reaction to stuff.

No. 313914

Thinking about it now in hindsight, they treated Billie really badly… four times they broke up with her, and each time they put all the blame onto her, I can't even imagine how much that probably fucked with her head, she was never exactly mentally sound to begin with.

Gerg refused to take any responsibility for fucking around with her so he then blamed Lainey for being jealous, then Lainey was blaming Billie for being the homewrecker… then they invited her back, and every breakup afterwards they sent her home in tears unless she did exactly what they said and met HIS demands.

Seriously, people should not be getting involved with them, the poly life isn't for sociopaths who only care about their own needs.

If anyone needs to do any "healing" it's Billie… those two fucking maniacs have each other already, they're fine and in less than a month you can guarantee they'll be fucking another barely-legal teen in their cold, unfurnished madhouse.

No. 313915

File: 1478827623369.gif (403.78 KB, 245x172, comeon001.gif)

gotta hold out for Cyr to keep going now

No. 313916

I don't really blame him though.

I bet cyr has the really good shit.

No. 313917

File: 1478827889603.gif (2 MB, 500x212, waiting for milk.gif)

We're all waiting for milk cyr

No. 313918

File: 1478827901246.jpg (15.85 KB, 360x240, oh man.jpg)

THANK YOU. i was thinking about this the whole time she was spouting her recent bs. i really don't think she's bisexual in the least, she is because her husband demands her to be so that he can have relations with other women whilst being married and so she can claim being a supportive wife, agender, and bisexual to appeal to a wider audience. everyone wins (loses)! they're such deplorable people.

No. 313920


don't pity billie too much. people seem to forget that the only reason she had a thing with lainey was because she wanted to get to greg. she used lainey as a cruch to get what she really wanted; youtube shillings and some famous youtuber cock. this is karma catching up to her for being a dumb teenager and not listening to her friends advice \_(ツ)_/

No. 313921

i was afraid of saying this because people would sperg out.

Billie i kinda feel sorry for you but karmas a bitch.

No. 313922


Wait, did Cyr just implied that Onion was trying to keep Skye on lockdown against her will? Dude wtf?!?! I bet this was just after asking for a divorce.

No. 313923

True, but it honestly seems like Lainey wasn't that much into her either.

No. 313924

They already have their sweet sweet 16 yr old Sarah that they're probably grooming already, this is the ride that never ends.

No. 313925


they're all manipulative assholes. no one involved in this is squeeky clean, not even ayala

No. 313927

It's okay, don't worry… I don't pity her. I just think they treated her badly. After the first breakup, that should've been it, anyone in their right mind wouldn't of gone back, but four times, and each time she went back was worst than the last.

You're right though, she just kept going back because it was fun leeching off them, getting cool stuff, getting online attention and fucking her real crush.

No. 313928


No. 313929

I agree, but you can't blame a bitch for not being into someone who clearly didn't give a shit about them.

No. 313930

Can we get Transcript Anon in this thread?

No. 313931


Poor Ricky. He doesn't seem like he wants to be involved in this.

No. 313932


Shit! I meant Richie. Oops.

No. 313933

You wouldn't think by the look of him but he seems the most grounded one out of all of them. If I was billie I would make a video laying down everything in that relationship and completely dissect onions claims, she's got nothing to loose now

No. 313934

File: 1478829393503.jpg (9.36 KB, 159x250, 1476158832084s.jpg)

I find it spectacular that Lainey whines about only wanting Billie's love and loyalty when the first thing she said during Cuddlegate 1.0 that she never loved or wanted Billie in the first place.

No. 313935

Gurg only has sex bareback right?
Wonder if he tried to get Billie preg?

No. 313936


So if SR doesn't have a crying fetish, where did Onision get that from? Hmmm…

No. 313937

he's the kind of slimebag to put it in "just for a bit", get tested Billie.

No. 313938


What is the Christmas Special is Billie announcing she's pregnant…

No. 313939

File: 1478829893184.png (24.2 KB, 525x200, hmm.png)

It's possible that SR, Ayalla and Billie may reconcile as friends in the future, but they're still licking their wounds from this.

If they stay away from Grease here on, then all the power to them.

Grease of course is going to continue to bait them with video responses and subtweets and if they continue to fall for his shit, it's not gonna get any better for them.

Grease hates being ignored, and that's the best way to deal with him.

No. 313942

pls oh god i hope they all team up and rip onion to shreads, but knowing billie's history of leaching i wouldn't count on it :c

No. 313943


I wouldn't put it past Ayalla and Billie to make something up

or possibly make something up because she could've cried in bed once and she's embarrassed.

No. 313944


*to make something up just to make Richie look bad

my bad

No. 313945

with the way Onion's logic works she could've made an off hand comment about him liking really messy blowjobs and that translated to HE LIKES CRYING GIRLS

No. 313946


I was the anon earlier in the thread that overshared that I had an ex that I noticed got aroused by crying.

I thought it was interesting that he also had an impregnation fetish similar to Omission. In fact, there's a lot of similarities with him.

I would bet money that Omission has a sneaky crying fetish. It would explain why he loves breakup/makeup cycles, causes unnecessary drama, films people's breakdowns.

Fetishes are involuntary so I don't really judge people's kinks unless they impose them on other people who are reluctant or even unaware of what they're doing. Which is Greg to a T.

No. 313950

File: 1478831244872.png (64.77 KB, 640x577, IMG_2757.PNG)

No. 313951

File: 1478831357605.png (382.25 KB, 1296x1224, Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 02.2…)

Am I the only one getting the passive aggressive/gaslighting vibes