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File: 1529839024781.png (530.71 KB, 640x640, doublestrikeedition.png)

No. 535067

Thread Image Credit: >>531980
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/530011
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Onion continues to pretend to be his dog on twitter
>Onion got a second strike on his Onision channel and began publicly trying to move his content all over the place and removing old videos >>530048
>Onion then started targeting the DDLG community again, specifically BinkiePrincess >>530252 He made another video too featuring Maddie and crotch shots >>531131 Maddie later made a video stating her regret at making this and wants to be a "good voice for the DDLG community" >>534228
> Onion tried to appeal "Chibi Eats Snow" to his dewilderment >>533361 anons discover it's cause the video showed him eating shit, vomiting on camera, and make a child molestation joke >>533528 YouTube disabled the channel for 3 months with its reevaluation >>533855
>Lainey brings in her own FTM trans teen named Noah for a collab >>533707 Collab has not been release yet
>Onion, Lainey, their children, and Lainey's grandma all went to Disneyland. Onion tried to bring in his wallet, which is also a multi-tool and against policy to enter into the park (pic for reference >>534307 ). Park security told him to either toss it or go back to the car and return it. Onion threw a fit and stormed back to his car to leave while his family stayed at Disneyland >>534146 No one sympathized with his first video so he's made a couple of responses begging for validation >>534262 and >>534805
>Lainey queerbaits with Mercedes, featuring Onion behind the camera cackling as they read hate comments against him >>534536

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 535069

File: 1529840785559.png (239.74 KB, 356x394, Screenshot-2018-6-24 Onision o…)

This looks like the twitter profile of a middle aged furry. You coming out of the furry closet Grease?

No. 535073

Except for the blatant racism, I find it hilarious! It once more shows his lack of education.Not even google can help you find definition if you don't know what to look for in the first place (e.g. stereotypes and prejudices). kek

It's amazing how much influence his "haters" and critics have on this incredibly intellectual man. Glorifying Leelu has been kind of a running gag here, so Lainey's husband uses her as a shield. I sometimes feel as if he reacts more strongly to his critics than to his actual patreons (I mean who blames him, his Patreon is an echo and circlejerk chamber).

I wouldn't be surprised if that comment comes from a sock puppet account so he can sperg about his "haters" some more, how mean people are towards him and how bad life is in general.

No. 535074

Never seems to work though, Hope it gets under his skin because since that debate he's been losing it.

No. 535075

File: 1529843252774.jpg (83.31 KB, 612x612, 11357620_102917110045665_16796…)

I find it hilarious, considering Dobbs has always been their clear favorite from day one.

Dance puppets, dance!

No. 535076

She'a adorable! It's a shame he abuses her as his shield…

No. 535077

Those sweet little eyes aw..

Its hilarious that grease pretty much proved he lurks and probably has the threads on tabs and constantly check them.

No. 535078

File: 1529843734593.gif (2.98 MB, 500x368, 950B2EDA-5961-4536-B12A-7AE7D3…)


This thread image, holy shit

No. 535079

Those swamplords don’t deserve to have such a dear little hound. I can’t say I find the other two cute but Leelu is such an adorable wee doggo, if I lived in Washington I’d kidnap (dognap?) her and give her a much better life than the one she has with those fucking retards.

No. 535081

File: 1529844248030.gif (1.08 MB, 251x782, F3BEC47A-ECDC-4005-B214-CED2B5…)

Paint me like one of ur veggie burritos

No. 535082

This is just so perfect, praise be the prawn cocktail flavoured burrito narcissus

No. 535085

File: 1529846172521.png (678.97 KB, 572x717, littleswampprince.png)

Help her lose some weight while you're at it.

No. 535087

File: 1529846341913.jpeg (73.31 KB, 213x275, 1522171931351.jpeg)

No. 535090

File: 1529846756495.jpg (260.27 KB, 1024x768, mrodd.jpg)

oldschool onion cringe wallpaper

No. 535093

Bahaha its like he predicted his big fat beetroot face.

No. 535095

What the fuck does flesh rating mean? Shreg's mental capacity is 0.

No. 535102

File: 1529852464566.gif (7.45 MB, 480x262, 764E601A-60CB-4635-874E-F6EABA…)

When the milk is stale but the anon edits are on point

No. 535104


Aww what a cutie.
Their dogs don't deserve to live with them. They deserve owners who actually care for them and love them.

No. 535109

File: 1529855706154.png (711.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6034.PNG)

As it turns out, Onion went to the doctor last week for what looks like a fatty lipoma (lump) on his lower back, which he shows off in this video (barf). His doctor said it's a fatty tumor and nothing to worry about, basically.

Not sure how to reupload or I would do it. I'm sure our usual Patreon anon will come through shortly, anyway!

No. 535113

I feel like he's leeching off of simone giertz's cancer scare. her patreon blew up and she got a couple of #1 videos on trending and tons of subscribers. why did he just now decide to get it checked out when he's had it for years?

No. 535118

turns out it was just lainey, no need to worry

No. 535121


I got you.

Isn't this the second time he's tried to get views for his nasty back lump?

No. 535124

File: 1529857585401.jpg (39.9 KB, 1280x720, Blank _3c92c17d57c4a35a5c4fb1c…)

No. 535125

Yup, He started talking about the lump after drew (billies ex+friend) stated that he had to have something removed from his lip.

No. 535135


underrated holy shit kek

No. 535140

Doesn't he realize that he is the cancer?

No. 535151

"The tumor is really just a metaphor for yourself"

No. 535162

I’m sorry if it’s already been confirmed but the description reads grandma and the kids attended Disney? I’m almost positive grandpa and the onion spawn stayed home in the swamp, while grandma babysat. The Disney and Cali trip had something dumb to do with Vidcon but I don’t think the kids came. It doesn’t make sense they would be Anaheim at Vidcon with their parents

No. 535163

Who said anything about her grandfather? She said her grandmother was staying in one of the kid's rooms. Nothing about her grandfather.

No. 535165

>everyone had a great night, I had to work back to work
> work is sperging abt Disney
>work is sperging about sperging about Disney and being misunderstood

No. 535175

Everyone as in lame and the Mackenzie

No. 535176

You mean Mercedes?

No. 535188

File: 1529869080187.png (310.11 KB, 1440x1607, the criiiinge.png)

Jfc he is embarrassing. I can't imagine how that conversation went.

>Hi, nice to meet you

>I'm Onision, you've probably heard of me, I'm a BAAANAAANNAAA!

>(giggles nervously, calls security) Oh, that's nice. Well, here's your autograph, sir.

No. 535190

And he was probably wearing his bulletproof vest. It was probably uncomfortable laughter while silently gesturing to her bodyguards or handler to get her the fuck out of there.

No. 535195

Lainey is literally still breastfeeding her younger daughter and has stated multiple times on younow that she will never be away from her children for extended periods of time because she breastfeeds. She refuses to pump. What is with this one weird anon insisting The Onions left their kids back home in the Swamp Trailer?

No. 535196

Not that anon. The boy stopped breastfeeding on his own. The girl hasn't. Makes sense she'd take them regardless. Especially with the grandmother there.

At the same time, she can always change her mind/make an exception. And also take advantage of having the grandmother there.

You can always ask her once she's back on YN.

No. 535205

But if she doesn't pump and she was away from bandaid her boobs would be hurting and her supply would go down. If youre committed to breast feeding you wouldn't do that, and I can't see her walking around disney with engorged painful breasts.

No. 535211

Wow, another thing he's brought up again from last year. He is so out of ideas it's just stupid
Considering her age, if she was on YouTube, she was the right demographic for it to be possible she's seen a video or two by him and likely even the banana video. But honestly I can totally understand not recognizing him or remembering him at all if she did watch him, it's not like he looks the same as he did then with the filters. And who actually remembers the banana video? I legit watched Greg as a kid and I don't remember a thing from that video
Isn't clot around two or three at this point? Trot already got cavities from Lainey's over feeding of him, why hasn't she learnt it's just a bad idea? 16 year old mothers know better! It doesn't help the kids and if anything will create a bunch of issues for them and her
Also this is the first I've heard of her not pumping. Has she given a reason for it?

No. 535213

She'll wait until C decides she's done.

I figure she won't pump because it defeats the point of the physical/psychological mother-child bond or something like that. She's mentioned that she's stopped breastfeeding T save for comfort or to go to bed (so, stopped the actual feeding, just not the act of it).

No idea. All speculation + vague rememberings from YN streams. Nothing confirmed.

No. 535217

god damn I needed that laugh

No. 535221

File: 1529876203372.png (290.27 KB, 700x384, gastun.png)

No. 535226

Whines like 'nision
Rates kids bods like 'nision
Shoves his baby carrot in a foot like 'nision!

No. 535229

File: 1529876934911.png (213.61 KB, 716x573, idiot.PNG)

Did this dummy misspell Mexican? His fucking wife lived in New Mexico, hes had to have seen that variation of the word spelled out. Im sure hes even spelled it out when he sent her stuff in the mail. Ill betcha he thinks its spelled this way because of the way he pronounces it.
If he some how blames the misspelling on Leelu again Im going to fucking lose it.

No. 535233

File: 1529878318883.jpg (55.8 KB, 750x407, disneyarenazis.jpg)

So the twit now thinks he's above company policy and if you have policies then you mUST BE A NAZI REE.

He's a fucking idiot holy sense of fucking entitlement bananaman

No. 535234

Not letting you into Disneyland because of your retarded wallet = committing ethnic genocide. Fuck this greasy retard, and anyone who looks up to him.

No. 535236

File: 1529878779827.png (Spoiler Image, 361.03 KB, 487x528, onision2025.png)

Weird fatty lump/hump on his back
Liver spots and boils all over his head and body
Snaggle teeth
Receding hairline
Flat ass

Couldn't his body have waited until at least his mid 40s to start turning into Mr. Burns?

No. 535238

This is what happens when you are a terrible human being, your outside starts to look just like whats inside.
Interesting attempt at an attention grab though, made he will start becoming a munchie spoonie to get sympathy and money.

No. 535239

>I sometimes feel as if he reacts more strongly to his critics than to his actual patreons
Of course he does. Like any true cow, he values attention more than money. We are his largest and most dedicated audience.

No. 535241

>>We are his largest and most dedicated audience
So true. What a sad existence.

No. 535246

Everything in first world countries has policies, we are all nazis apparently.

No. 535247

Didn't he argue the other side of that issue when he was a "cop"? When Greg was suicidal and depressed they put him on Relieved of Duty Squad, and his Lieutenant Colonel said that no person on the Relieved of Duty Squad had to clean anyone's post. A Senior Airman told him to clean the post and Greg said no because he was told by a higher ranking officer not to. Then a Lieutenant and Senior Master Sergeant told him to clean the posts and he still kept harping on the fact that he was told by a higher ranking officer not to clean.
Why be so petty, they just wanted him to clean the posts, they weren't ordering him to murder babies, but he has to scream he has ORDERS not to clean the posts. Im sure he didn't want to lower himself to being the base janitor and the Lieutenant Colonels orders was the perfect excuse.
The Disneyland security guard was just following orders, Greg argues he was just following his Lieutenant Colonels orders, same-o same-o

No. 535252

File: 1529881778070.png (25.34 KB, 574x180, booty.PNG)

Ive never understood this. What kind of sad lonely woman pays a washed up Youtube Z-list celebrity to spend time with her every week.

No. 535253

Who can neither spell nor bother to proofread before submitting a tweet.

(and is generally just a shit narc)

No. 535256

File: 1529882271248.jpg (106.07 KB, 970x546, TheOnions.jpg)

"If a person has ugly thoughts, it begins to show on the face. And when that person has ugly thoughts every day, every week, every year, the face gets uglier and uglier until you can hardly bear to look at it."

No. 535260

I am expert in brooding and whining
My ego has plenty to spare
Not a bit of him’s modest or charming
And ev’ry last inch of him’s wants an affair!

No. 535263


Pls keep this going until the song ends

No. 535267

When I was a lad, I kissed my sleeping Cuz
And another, well, I saw his dick
And now that I'm grown, I chain billie instead
So my ego is roughly the size of a barge

No. 535269

File: 1529884587270.jpeg (122.58 KB, 750x952, FEB8BFAB-0EF8-4BD5-99E6-77A661…)

This is what I see when I get sleep paralysis

No. 535275


I’m fucking hollering. Please keep the memes coming, creativeanons.

No. 535276

Underrated post

No. 535279

So it's only her hanging out? Not a groupchat? Wew lad. How much did she have to pay for that?

No. 535281

Any amount is too much, but at least $100.

No. 535282

File: 1529886162549.png (70.08 KB, 481x448, Untitled.png)

She has to be at least the second to highest tier at at least 250$

No. 535286

That's fucking sad and pathetic (not that she is inherently, the act itself is)

No. 535287

does the annual theme park meeting in that tier involve more than gerg showing up and leaving after one ride?

No. 535289

JFC. No wonder why she's always kissing his ass. I knew Bootyslayer was thirsty for Gargamel, but not that much.

No. 535292

Was gonna ask who on earth wants their old clothes but upon looking the answer is apparently no one as nothing is shifting.

No. 535294

Do they have to pay $250 once for these wonderful perks, or continually for a year?
On his little outro, there's only one person that does that currently, but if it's just once a year, I imagine there's at least a handful of these outcasts that are willing to do it.

Also, I've never seen the promo or 15+ second thank you really. A few of his friends which are probably top paying Patrons sporadically.

No. 535296

File: 1529887871417.jpg (785.87 KB, 1440x1889, nazis.jpg)

Those Disneyland Nazis and their diabolical "policies". Definitely not about being safe, they're all about oppressing poor people like Shreg.

No. 535298

>gerg showing up and leaving after one ride?

Not even that, he texts the fan(s) that he cant get through Mickey Mouse security because they found his chrome buttplug and claim it could be used as a small billy club so hes going back home.

No. 535304

1 on 1 chat is at $100 as well though.

No. 535306

Anon, it says "per month". So I'd absolutely think it's a monthly thing.

No. 535308


>invite to annual theme park gathering

Gratuitous Greg-sperg about not being able to take one of his kitchen knives included.

No. 535309

File: 1529889159103.png (33.55 KB, 727x96, 67589.PNG)

$280 and up

No. 535311

they think shes a farmer?

No. 535312

Ill say one thing for Bootyslayer, shes in it for the long haul. I think shes waiting out Lainey and Gregs marriage.
Booty was there during the end of Gregs 1st marriage, and was trying to get good with Greg during the Shi (Adr and Hannah) year. Shi could see the thirst and fucked with Booty in the forums, deleting her profile and generally messing with her.
I think Booty thought she was at the front of the line to ride the Gurgles coaster, but then Plainey swooped in. A ripe 16 year old with a blank slate trumped whatever Booty had to offer.

No. 535315

Booty has another man's kid, his ego couldn't handle that.

No. 535317

Maybe after Plainey and him divorce Booty will finally get her chance to lock that shit down after paying him thousands over the years - there’s no way Onion is ever going to be able to pull another 18 year old wife from his fanbase again. He doesn’t have the views, money, or looks. Booty with her kid makes sense for him tbh.

No. 535333

If she's been around since the end of Skye then she is much to old for Ogre Shreg. He likes to snatch em up when they're impressionable 16-17 year olds. You can't look at them and definitively say they aren't 18 so that doesn't make Shreg an ephebophile.

No. 535347

You're correct, if Onion man wanted her she would already have an invitation to his house years ago. This coming from someone who knew him psuedo-personally for years online (since age 14) and received a full fledged plane-ticket invitation to live at Casa De Greasa (I declined; I guess grease has bad hater-radar).
If Onision trusted any of these crusty patreon stans they would have already visited the house. It happened with GinerBeck and didn't work out.(shitty bait)

No. 535350

File: 1529895543364.jpg (196.87 KB, 1080x1045, IMG_20180624_225658.jpg)

I think her talking to people like Eugenia Cooney likely disqualifies her from ever being an onion girl. But then again, Lainey has done plenty of things Onision supposedly hated before the marriage so who knows

No. 535356

It always feels like he's just trying to buy friends for Lainey since she's lonely and he doesn't want to fuck her so he just buys children to live with them and keep her company while he tries to fuck them instead.

No. 535362

Correct, except Greg never ever ever tells Lainey that he has invited anyone to the house. He is the master of all the comings-and-goings and she only finds out if the girl messages her or when Greg is on the way to the airport to pick her up. That's why Lainey is rude and uncomfortable around anyone Greg tries to bring into the trinity. Because he never runs it by her and just springs girls on her. Cuz if he asked she would 1000000% say 'NO!".

No. 535365

Do you have any screenshots? Provided it doesn't potentially put you at any risk of doxing or any of that of course
Also I'd agree if he didn't tend to try to fuck most of them. I'd say with Sarah that was totally to buy a friend (especially given lainey's grooming of her) but with poopbeck and vix it was 100% for him.

No. 535377

LGH was on younow for a short stint. Playing edgy music and looking rather unsettling.
Not much to say really, Though he keeps saying how tired he is, How you can't enjoy people because they end up bad people like johnny depp etc.
Also he deleted his "I'm a freak" video.

No. 535392

File: 1529900545813.png (315.2 KB, 403x370, 56577.PNG)

I wasnt able to watch him on YN live, but checked out his moments. Seems like the LA trip depressed the fuck out of him. Hes talking about Calif being cancer, the people there being cancer, no ones real, every ones fake.
His mood seems very down and pensive. It may be the lighting but he has dark circles under his eyes.

No. 535400

Yeah, he was mainly making excuses for his crappy behaviour by saying that he is who is and he can’t change, basically.

No. 535402

He was really agitated on stream as well, Very shifty and acting all dark and brooding.
Narcissist extinction burst when!?

No. 535415

i can just imagine greg thinking up this video, feeling like he's about to finally drop something thats gonna get him Big Views again.

or does he know that there's no coming back from this point? i really wonder, since it's so painfully obvious to any sane person that he's crashing and burning and he'll finally have to get a real job soon. like, does he know this?

No. 535416

File: 1529905368149.png (215.79 KB, 560x503, mommys boy.png)

Lame seems to be sour because her gay husband will only take advice from his mother.

No. 535423


they always joke about how onision never responds her texts but i didn't think it was this bad. she's nagging him on patreon of all places! like its for attention sure but c'mon don't post your relationship issues publicly. lainey seems petty as fuck, no wonder onision always complains that she's always arguing about dumb stuff.

No. 535445

Lainey still does a lot of stuff Onion hates. Like exist.

No. 535458

File: 1529922725887.png (87.99 KB, 611x548, Screenshot (962).png)

Because you would never false flag somebody's video, right Gregma?

No. 535460

File: 1529924129520.jpg (262.46 KB, 1426x971, Screenshot_20180625-204825.jpg)

The trans boy posted this after Lainey announced they were going to do a video together.

No. 535463

The cognitive dissonance is real and apparently the killer of many brain cells.

No. 535466

Didn't he already remove all of his videos with Cyr?

No. 535467

This guy needs serious help.
I still remember his "debate stream" a fan asked him why they blocked him after they said he should go to therapy and he said that isn't something people like to hear.
He needs to get off the internet and go to a therapist. We all know he'll likely never completely remove himself from the internet though, so maybe he should just live stream his therapy sessions. That would make him relevant again.

No. 535468

This shit is another reason I can't stand Lainey.
Greg might be a garbage person but who goes "I TOLD YOU SO" on a public platform like that?

I always got the idea that she and Tami basically hate each other.

No. 535477

Booty is such a shithead. In the old threads about the $$ flakes she always acted super smug and confident, but posted nudes for attention and cried when people reposted them here.
She just hides the crazy better than Amber/Maxie/Harley.

No. 535486

Booty is the one that Shiloh banned from the Onision forums as she was obsessed
With Onision. This is a mother of two , so fucking sad

No. 535487

Damn I missed the nudes?
I need a good laugh

No. 535489

I don’t think it’s petty. It would piss me off too if my husband only listened to his Mommy and she has to do it in public as he never listens in private

No. 535493

The patron threads are still there they get updated when a patron attacks another one.

No. 535494

Yet no one cares about the lump on Taylors chin. Sad.

No. 535495

He probably reuploaded them as new content

No. 535496

No one cares about swamp prince, especially not shreg lol

No. 535499

Who needs a doc when you have got a Google PhD for FAAAAX? While he is getting the fatty lump on his back checked out he should get the one sitting on top of his neck checked out too. I'm sure deep down Lainey wants him to go to a psychiatrist but doesn't have the balls to tell him he needs an evaluation. Lainey should go for herself but you know LGH doesn't approve because then she might snap out of her Stockholm syndrome. So I guess she is stuck with vaping lavender, security blankets, and "better help". Her next tattoo should be the kool aid man with Shreg's face on it.

No. 535500

Low quality bait until you can provide screenshots, then we’ll play.

No. 535502

If he deletes cyr's vids then does it mean that Shiloh is a good person?

No. 535505

lol no

No. 535508

All that means is that Lainey fits Noah's criteria.

No. 535509

Yeah no, Shreg will keep Shiloh's videos up as long as he can to torment her

No. 535510

Remember when Tami was talking some kind of shit about transgendered ppl and Greg piped in "maybe we shouldnt be talking that way because theres trans people in this house" and Tami says "who? whos the tranny" lol
and plainey went to cry in the other room

No. 535512


Is there video or a Younow recording of this?

No. 535514

Bullshit, He's been lurking the thread like a motherfucker, There was even a post just calling drew (billies ex) a loser completely irrelevant to the topic.

He lurks and uses lainey as a shield

No. 535515

it was around the time Sam was staying there. I know on one of Sams gaming streams she talked about it, and how she comforted Lainey because it triggered her, and Lainey talked about it on Younow
sorry I dont know have links

No. 535516

File: 1529943543251.png (240.23 KB, 632x938, laineys_briefs.png)

> I don't pay attention to drama because it triggers my anxiety.

(re-post for anonymizing the author of the tweet!)

No. 535517

Hmm, seems also pretty plausible. But if this is the case he neither does Lainey nor himself a favor.

No. 535518

Foot probably gets the same pleasure out of other people's drama that we do. She thinks shes a precious smol bean so she doesn't think she deservers any hate. Life's hard out there for transtrenders.

No. 535597

File: 1529951802808.jpg (561.63 KB, 1068x1557, 3 thirsty groupies that want t…)

Didney wrod
I'm dying!! Ahhh!! So funny, please use this face somehow for the new thread.



>What kind of sad lonely woman pays a washed up Youtube Z-list celebrity to spend time with her every week.

A sad one that always responds to his tweets and lame jokes. She's nit the only one, which is even sadder.

But the saddest of all is the foot. She knows how shady her man is, and turns a smug blind eye so that the bills get paid. She knows that these thirsty heifers are sniffin around her man, and while thats annoying enough, what Greg is doing is worse.

He's cultivating friendships and bonds with people he knows have the hots for him. He's taking their money and leading them on. While being married. That's super shady and not what a good, noble, person of integrity would do.

But Greg has never been known for being professional. At least hes got some backups for when Lainey takes him to the cleaners

No. 535603

Whats funnier still is that he seems really irritated with all of them as well. The novelty has worn off big time and that reflected last night while grease was waiting for dev to arrive. He compliments but its so deadpan and tired.

They absolutely bore him and I'm sure lainey does as well. He's getting bored of his entire circle.

No. 535664

> He's cultivating friendships and bonds with people he knows have the hots for him. He's taking their money and leading them on. While being married. That's super shady and not what a good, noble, person of integrity would do.

This. Yet it takes two to tango - the one who leads on and the one(s) turning many blind eyes to that. I'm sure PoopySlayer still hopes for a chance to get with Lainey's husband, but man, she's keeping those peepers shut tight.

Well, he's been enticing this type of people for a decade now. He has made his own bed.

No. 535672

New video of him waxing his “legs” and referring to his dick bc of ingrown hairs. He complains the wax strips barely worked. He demonstrated on his chest as well. He is aware you’re suppose to like rub them to warm them up first to actually get the wax to get the hair right? Of course not bc he can’t read instructions.

No. 535681

Jfc. Remember his pledge to start making exciting content again? Somehow I don't think people were imagining half-assed videos that he already made with his boring wife.

He truly has run out of ideas beyond shaming the DDLG community.

No. 535684

Waiting for the day Grug makes his own beauty guru channel. Hes mentioned quite a few times that the ad revenue from beautguru vids is higher than all the rest.

No. 535688

File: 1529963273348.png (110.99 KB, 336x188, waxonwaxoff.png)

Hooktube: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=41AnZLyui-I

Whoever pointed out that one of his eyes is getting more fucked was right. He looks more "deeply uncomfortable" than "afraid"/"in-pain" in the thumbnail.

No. 535689

The revenue on BeautyThot has got to be 90% from people hate-watching. Since Shreg decided to nuke all the even slightly critical comments and ban them "FOREVER" (because his straight wife is such a tender lil bean) I can only imagine those views will go down significantly.

What fun is it to hate-watch if you can't discuss it with like-minded folks? He's truly an idiot who has no business on youtube, it's called the "comment", not the "compliment" section ffs.
He's chasing all their viewers away because of his insecurity. But he'll never disable the comments entirely because they're desperate on those asspats. And he'll never switch to only uploading on Patreon because he needs haturrz to survive and his Patrons will die off once he loses the appearance of relevancy on YT.

No. 535692

Even some of the comments are saying he looks more unstable or at least about to lose it.

I love that he's a very small youtuber at this point, He'll never be big again.

I hope it eats at him.

No. 535695

File: 1529963626915.jpg (11.62 KB, 231x275, 1510301369564.jpg)

He called his dick "Elephant Trunk".

No. 535696

hehe he's very insecure about Mr. Teeny isn't he

No. 535702

woah a video about waxing! get outta my way i gotta pledge

No. 535712

File: 1529964581116.png (399.79 KB, 500x521, lul.png)

A face not even a mother could love.

No. 535714

Does anyone have a reupload of the "I'm a freak" vid?

No. 535716

File: 1529965077102.jpg (475.95 KB, 972x648, GregoryJacksonTheElephant.jpg)

You have to remember we're talking about Greg here. He didnt say which particular elephants trunk looks like his penis. He Googled elephants and after 10 minutes of scrolling found this picture and was over joyed that now he could compare his genitalia to an elephants proboscis.

No. 535719

Whats with all the "Im not a drug addict" stuff? Were people commenting on it because of how off and depressed he seemed during his younow stream last night? I can see people thinking that, but him needing to say hes not over and over seems weird.

No. 535721

File: 1529965658486.png (2.21 MB, 1459x1440, Shreggy Wonka.png)

Not only is his wonky eye on full display, but can we talk about how huge his head is in relation to the rest of his body?
It's confounding.

No. 535723

his eye is trying to run away from his face.

No. 535725


>exciting content

I'm gonna wax my legs today, guys.
Is that what gay men do? Is this what Shane earns his millions with? Guys? Guise pls.

No. 535726

Not to armchair but he looks like his face is melting off or he had a stroke or something. What the fuck. I never noticed his face was this dysbalanced before.

No. 535727

the one on the right doesnt wanna play with the other

No. 535732

File: 1529966409923.gif (3.12 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Uncensored waxing video on Onisons Patreon?


No. 535736

It's underwhelming at best

No. 535737

File: 1529966690692.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285, KEEEEK.gif)

Y'know whats even funnier? Grease doesn't understand sarcasm at all so while lurking he's going to get his little carrot up at the thought of new pledges from here.

No. 535739

File: 1529966798724.png (2.83 MB, 1824x1440, Teen Heartthrob!.png)

>Calls his junk an "elephant trunk"
>Says the wax strips look like "tampons"
>Tells a hilarious story about ingrown hair where he blames an ex for giving him herpes
>Does shitty Jim Carrey impersonation while simultaneously doing a poor rip-off of the "40 Year Old Virgin" waxing scene
>Manages to reference his wang several times to underage viewers
>Makes sure to advertise "unedited" version on Patreon
>Pretends to be gay for Andy Biersack
>Acts like he doesn't know how this works even though he literally made the same video with his straight wife around a week ago

Yep, we've hit peak Shreg. A YT sperg would've pushed this over the edge but I guess we'll have to settle for the "near naked teen dream" version of the Swamp Ogre instead.

No. 535742

File: 1529966923463.png (872.65 KB, 882x971, wonky af.png)

Wonky eye? Whatever do you mean, anon?

No. 535744

File: 1529967090352.png (38.13 KB, 801x660, ptosis.png)

Might be eyelid ptosis?

No. 535746

Thank you anon for always fixing the blur, filters, and contrast for us. It's important to uncover the truths, and this will always help his much younger fans train their eyes onto other youtubers much more age appropriate and with a good standing in the community. The world needs to see his hideous face untouched by his pounds of grease paint makeup.

No. 535747

ive taken several child development classes, kid will be fine lol they'll probably stop on their own by four

No. 535748

Sounds like that’s exactly what happened.

No. 535750

His head always looks photoshopped on.

I think I've read somewhere before that eyes can droop and change depending on psychological stress. I'm sure he's sperging out of his mind about his loss of relevancy.

I use to frequent him and GSW live streams but the last number of weeks I've lost interest. I think you can see from the thread its slowed down even with them doing on location videos and changing it up. They're just dull.

Lainey is a transtrender oddball with no personality. Greg makes rants based on twitter sperges, I don't need to see one of his dull ass videos to summarise a tweet he made. His content is shit. His messy personal life is entertaining but he's lost his appeal. There's no new characters. He's bored of his patrons I'm bored of them in the livestreams, madison is boring. They only film with people they trust and all the content with them is reading comments 'haters' make in mocking voices. Oh jokes on us guys. Not. There's plenty of cows. Maybe his old mate Cyr and Dasha will overtake interest. That probably upsets him too.

No. 535752

File: 1529967697485.png (424.56 KB, 792x556, gh755rg354g5.PNG)

Ive noticed that too. On his Stalkers Found My House vid hes reading through the thread and gets so happy when he reads "he was sexy as fuck" but doesnt realize it was a quote meant to mock and the disgusted face reaction pic that accompanied it. Does he not understand chan culture or he just sees or hears what he wants. Reminds me of that (fake) Shane email thing a while back where Onion says that he didnt even read Shanes last email but looked at the preview/peek of the email which gives the sender details and the first few words, and the first few words were "Im sorry___" So Greg tells his fans, "See! Shane was apologizing to me because he knows hes wrong" Even though the first sentence was probably, "Im sorry that you're a butthurt faggot"
Onion is so delusional I bet if you told him "you are pretty fucking stupid" he would bat his wonky eyes, do that high pitched girly "awww" and say "you think Im pretty?"

No. 535756

They barely even stream anymore. They're boring and dead.

No. 535773

When I viewed LGH twitch streams it was only ever 13 viewers and the chat had predominately trolls, 3 randos and booty. Other people must be bored of hate watching too. He deletes tweets because of little likes there's no way barely getting double digits livestreaming doesn't infuriate him.

No. 535775

File: 1529969771692.png (139.05 KB, 1406x708, poll.png)

So GSW just tweeted that she's "finally back" and streaming on YouNow.
Out of curiosity, has she addressed the fact that she literally asked people where they'd prefer she stream and then completely disregarded their clear preference?
Like why even ask in the first place?

No. 535776

She's probably scared of the superchat donations displaying on her face.

No. 535779

She's probably scared of the hat eon YouTube but smart enough not to block potential views from her channel. She needs her hug box.

Her streams are dull as fuck. Never addresses anything she's asked and watching her sway lulls you to sleep.

No. 535781

Doesn't Andy hate him tho?

No. 535782

Remember that kid in 3rd grade who took your favorite toy during recess? No?
Thats how much Andy thinks about Onionboy

No. 535783

True. I remember seeing a tweet from Andy saying he wanted nothing to do with Onision just recently. Maybe it was during one of his major spergouts when everyone chewed him out. Hmm.

No. 535784

You know the type. They've made up their mind already but ask the question in hopes everyone will agree with them and they feel good about their decision. If everyone disagrees they delude themselves into thinking everyone else is stupid.

No. 535785

Am I the only one who thinks the quality of the image on YouTube Live is worst than YouNow? I can't imagine Plainey looking worst than in YouNow

No. 535788

20 minutes after I said they're boring and dead and she streams. Hey greasy fucks.

No. 535792

File: 1529971333286.jpg (38.85 KB, 340x509, Andy_Dick_8.jpg)

I peek in after seeing your post just to make sure I hate her boring streams as much as usual and I was hit with this gem

Laineybot: Greg keeps telling me I look like Andy Dick.

No. 535796

The only times he's ever funny is when he's being cruel to his friends and spouse. Wew.

No. 535802

She barely had 2000 likes and 50 viewers. The chat was stagnant so silences were endured.

No. 535805

Talking about Greg’s wonky eye. My husband is 43 and recently had a mini stroke due to stress. His eye looked like Greg’s before it happened but he thought it was allergies. For 2 days his eye was like that and he had a headache but thought nothing of it. Eventually he went to the ER because of the head pain and was admitted. He had an internal carotid artery dissection due to extreme stress. Could he be under stress?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 535806

oh my fuck is this real? why can't he get this fixed, he has enough money for sure

No. 535809

She never went to pride either.
Also interesting to note, She said they bought their tickets and hotel last year, Yet she didn't get the sponsorship till recently. Nothing adds up.

She also wants to start throwing her dogs birthday parties for videos, Claimed she got the idea from a dog birthday cake mix.
When people started saying about jenna and juliens birthday dog videos she claimed she didn't watch jenna these days, Even though jenna follows her on twitter.
Then she contradicted herself and said she watched all the time years ago.

No. 535810

None of her meet ups happened. Shes sounding like her gay husband when he talks about Shane and Andy.
"they were all busy at VidCon… I get it"

And it looks like they had sour grapes about the convention and just went to Disneyland

Wasnt she sponsored? That was the whole reason for going to LA. Wouldnt the sponsors be pissed she didnt do something with VidCon?

No. 535812

Apparently she was yet they preplanned this whole trip for a year.
Such poverty much suffering.

Also her family came along for the trip and she was approving of grease calling the security guard a moron. She mocked the guard and stated that the guard said "Oo well maybe I won't let you in at all" to paraphrase here.

No. 535817

Kinda feel like she's ok with him being a piece of shit because he lets her fuck random girls whenever and she gets the double life without actually having a real polyamorous relationship and can just ditch him or whatever groupie is staying at the McMansion that week whenever she gets bored, offended or somehow triggered. She's not dumb, she knows what he's like and what he does and uses him albeit not as much as he uses and abuses her. The kids were just a sticking plaster to secure the bag.

No. 535818

>preplanned this whole trip for a year.

>they bought their tickets and hotel last year, Yet she didn't get the sponsorship till recently.

They needed a way to deflect the hate if anyone brought up them using their fans nickels and dimes to take their kids and her family to Disneyland. Greg even tweeted something like "Lainey was sponsored thats why we're going to LA"

Having the family vacation on the same 3 days of VidCon, hmmmmmm. Greg plays out in advance how he can get backlash for thing. A small example- watch his debates, when asked a question he will pause and you can see he is playing out in his head how any answer he gives could trap him.

No. 535819

>She mocked the guard and stated that the guard said "Oo well maybe I won't let you in at all"

That sounds 100% real! Not like Laineyfoot is a compulsive liar at all.

No. 535821

Ha! They were never, ever, invited to vidcon. If they had gone to vidcon, they would have had to purchase regular people tickets like all the rest of the fans, instead of being provided a spot on the creators table or having a youtubers all access pass. Only the successful youtube creators get those sweet perks. If the Swamp Onions had appeared at vidcon, they would have been diven out by the taunting chant of "SMALL MAN! SMALL MAN! SMALL MAN!"

Grrhhg is too insecure to ever step out from behind the computer screen and interact or play nice with the other adults.

No. 535824

>he lets her fuck random girls

I think Im in the group of people who think Taylor has never even touched a vagina. At the most she did with Billie was kiss, and then watch as Greg fucked Billie in their bed, watched on the edge of the bed curled up knees to chest like a smol bean.

No. 535826

is he pulling a pt and enlarging his head in photoshop to seem young and cute?

No. 535827

File: 1529973735942.png (1.42 MB, 1080x1440, laineydick.png)

Lainey said Greg thinks she looks like Andy Dick in her stream today.

No. 535828

One eye looking at you, one eye looking for you

No. 535829

a broken clock is right twice a day

No. 535830

No. 535831

The security may have mumbled as Greg walked away and both of them made up bullshit in their head as to what he said… "did you hear him? I think he said he wont let you in at all, and then he said something about how we eat Cheerios all the time"

No. 535835

you're probably right tbh,she seriously sounds like she enjoys being cucked and humiliated

No. 535839

Just watching the moments and she confirmed her sister and mom were with them at Disney Land. Greg went to the park the next morning so no doubt the kids were dumped on Lainey's ma, unless they all couldn't go to the park because of Greg.

No. 535843

File: 1529975059616.gif (1.87 MB, 480x270, bahahaha.gif)

Holy shit for once LGH is right.
Whats even funnier is that he chooses to fuck the andy dick lookalike.
Guess he doesn't prefer women at all, Just footy looking old grandfathers are his type now.

No. 535893

File: 1529977278698.jpg (184.13 KB, 904x590, Steam.jpg)

So you have to dm him on Patreon to get readded on Steam?
Way to alienate your few remaining fans, dipshit. I'm sure Shreg will dismiss this person as a haturrr but it was a great point and I'm glad his fans are starting to see him for what he is.
Both of the Onions are only interested in what you can do for them. You're only their "friends" if you're paying them.

No. 535908

Oh she's copying and she knows it.. I find it ironic she now wants to throw the dog's birthdays now she sees Jenna gets attention for it. Does she not remember she admitted she hates one of her own dogs?

No. 535936

didnt you hear anon? she loves Leelu now (now that shes seen her fans and Gregs fans fawning over that dog)
Im amazed we havent seen photos of her hugging Leelu with little hearts around the borders and captioned "my widdle baebee"
Dafoot isnt human, she just looks around at what the humans are doing and imitates it.

No. 535953

lmao, after how much he insisted that Lainey was "as good looking as billie IF NOT MORE" all those times, he's obviously sick of his foot faced man-wife and openly insults her looks now

No. 535965

It has to hurt deep down that when people insult your looks they not only compare you to bizarre looking people, but they compare you to bizarre looking MEN! Andy Dick & Ritchie

No. 535975

if taylor was more attractive why didnt she get the sitting on gregs face proposition like billie did hmmmm

No. 535986

No fucking way she was sponsored. Just a front

No. 535991

when taylor sits on his face her low hanging udders knock against his ears and that bothers him

No. 536000

She's a synth. Her name isn't laineybot for no reason. Shreg groomed and programmed her and now she's gone haywire with her gay and transtrending shit.

No. 536098

File: 1529993896863.png (1.1 MB, 1186x913, Screenshot_2018-06-25-23-01-09…)

She didn't go to Pride? Kek. In her "androgynous lookbook" video she made a special point of saying she had just bought this shirt specifically for Pride and this whole look was for going to Pride (hilariously the captions interpreted "outfit" as "oven").
She even paired that outfit with shades because:
>it's gonna be sunny and hot and ya know the sun is gonna be shining down on US GAYS!!!

So wtf did she cancel the outing or was she lying about going in the first place? Because on June 14 she clearly said she was going.

No. 536104

If a grown man is throwing a giant, ridiculous tantrum about his tactical wallet, holding up the line and screeching incessantly about how unfair this is and that he's "NOT going to bring it all the way back to the car", I think it's perfectly reasonable for a security guard to tell him if he keeps it up he's going to be denied entry, which is probably closer to what happened.

Remember him shrieking "JUST BE A HUMAN" to Shiloh's manager over and over? I imagine this was a similar sperg. Lainey's a cowardly cunt for letting him get away with this nonsense.

No. 536109

She probably realised there were going to be actual LGBT people there and that they'd see through her using their community as an "aesthetic" for her online persona that we all know she doesn't keep up with when with people who actually know her IRL (as we saw with the NM trip), that and Greg most likely has her brainwashed into thinking us haturz are very dangerous and will definitely want to shoot her and she doesn't have the latest smolbean bullet proof spaceprince vest 3000 suitable for agender dads like her that are sold in the boys section at Target… life in the public eye is hard for the Avaroe family.

No. 536117

This post has me screaming, top kek anon. I wish she had gone to pride and vlogged it, imagine the milk.

No. 536151

Her going to pride would have been such an insult, I'm glad she didn't go
I'd hate for her to attempt discourse on bi/pan people in straight relationships still being gay or that we shouldn't assume a straight-looking couple at pride is actually straight and doesn't include a trans person or something of the sort. She'd destroy any of her arguments by being a fakeboi (and occasionally cosplaying a dude) and likely isn't even bi

No. 536154

I think my favorite part about this is that his head and face look shooped but they're not. That's aaaallll Grugly's glory right there.

No. 536157


"You know who does things because they are “policy”? Nazis.

Policy does not = right."

That's interesting coming from a guy who appeals to legality.

… regarding his penchant for 17 year old girls …

… regarding drugs …

etc. etc.

No. 536159

She wouldn't know what to do with herself at pride. If she was going there to be supportive and take the stick out of her ass she might actually have a good time. But she is so insecure about herself that she would breakdown with "muh anxiety" and come crying home to LGH about how "invalidated" she felt because she had to face trans people in the real and not the make believe kind on Tumblr. Cue LGH going on a Twitter sperg about how Pride is a fraud and that everybody should feel ashamed of themselves for not validating Basicbots gender identities.

No. 536173

File: 1530005014741.png (829.35 KB, 1121x564, double.png)

No. 536176

File: 1530007295042.png (933.25 KB, 843x843, Screenshot_350.png)

Bless you anon!
Also, why is Greg insulting Edwin's appearance when he's trying to defend him? Are you upset that Edwin has a more beautiful gf than your footfaced swamp hag? Newsflash Gronk! You're the one who looks like an old man!

He also lies when he says he has never tried to false flag "hate" videos.

No. 536177


No mention of a "sponsor." Disney sure as shit didn't sponsor it. They liiiiie THEY LIEEEE

No. 536178


These two have to be part of the new thread header. My fucking sides.

As much as Draineythot’s transboi larping shouldn’t be encouraged seeing her attempt to integrate with real LGBT people in a public space (inb4 “the reason why I didn’t go to pride was muh anxietuh!”) would have been potentially hilarious. I don’t anyone believes she’s even bi at this point. I’m still salty over kalvin backing out of dragging her.

No. 536182


he's looking like the eyebrow kid from maze runner whenever he trims/dyes his eyebrows a bit kek
it's not a good look gurgles

No. 536183

Oh I ended up cutting his shilling of his patron but, in his "song" where he "sings" about them selling clothing he calls Lainey his wife. Wonder if she sperged at him or she's going to play it off like it's okay for him to misgender her.

No. 536184

Jeezus Christ he gets uglier by the second.

No. 536187

Edwin isn’t much younger than Grugly but if I didn’t know better I’d say there was 15 years between them. I think the fact that Edwin seems like a genuinely kindhearted person and some sort of life outside the internet whereas Shreg spends his days narc raging while whacking off to tentacle porn and his shrine to Shane Dawson probably has direct bearing on their respective physical appearances.

No. 536189

I'm calling it that they'll claim the sponsorship fell through just like the recent Shane video.

No. 536190

Kalvin probably would have dragged her to shreds if he wasn't aware she was married to the Grease lord cockroach of YouTube.
LOL. We've been making fun of Gronk for not taking Plain to Fiji or somewhere nice and now he can reee to the haturz that he took her to Disneyland.
"Ermahgerd we so poor gib us monies to patreon!!!!" Bitch where
LGH might be stupid but he's not blind - he's aware of how ugly his wife has gotten over the years and it kills him that he's stuck. What I don't understand is Plain's logic of making herself look uglier uglier with every haircut and dye if she really wants this fiasco of a marriage. Maybe she really is this much vengeful and grudge holding against Gronk and this is her tactic lol.

No. 536193

Greg is an idiot. Edwin isn't ugly, just kind of scrawny and nerdy.

No. 536195

I agree, he’s just a regular looking skinny nu metal dude circa 2005. Nerdy but not ugly in the slightest. I dunno how crazy he gets with the filters on his videos but he seems to have nice teeth and clear skin, which is more than can be said for Ogreg.

No. 536196

It's not a mole, shreg, it's your forehead clit.

No. 536197


no that's his brain. all the water in his head pushed it out

No. 536198

That’s exactly what I was getting at re: Kalvin. It speaks volumes for how determined people are to keep as far away from Shreg as possible when a YouTuber knows they could make a video reading someone for filth that would get hundreds of thousands of views and have had a bunch of people request it repeatedly yet still back down.

No. 536202

Why'd he go off on a tangent about Camila Mendes not being too young for him? As if it matters since shed never EVER be interested in him and his foot wife. He's so creepy.

No. 536204

I feel like you guys might be exaggerating this a little bit. It would be interesting if it were true but he only drama I see was back in 2016 and was resolved shortly after.

No. 536206

File: 1530013145427.png (392.86 KB, 391x534, swampasspeggingshreg.png)

Fuck shreg is completely unbearable in the disney video. Yelling fuck and oh god we're gonna die in a fucking park full of families and young children.

No. 536210

Lol I like when Lainey is in line with her sister and mom and keeps saying how ugly she looks and unrelated and no one in the fam corrects her.

No. 536212

This! He also sperg about his relationship being totally legal. Then for some reason makes a joke about how Austin Jones should have traveled to Japan because the age of consent is lower there.

That's called sex tourism Greg! I would've thought that he of all people would be educated in that subject.

No. 536227

I can actually believe that, the bitch looks like she's disgusted by vaginas, much gay so wow

No. 536234

I agree. I felt so much second-hand embarrassment for him, especially during the ride.

No. 536246

>just like the recent Shane video.

There were rumors that Shane was going to do a video with them? With Lainey only? Greg only? or both?

Or was this just shit they hinted at in streams?

No. 536253

File: 1530021541169.jpg (128.74 KB, 961x577, ycqpoq.jpg)

many many thanks upload anon

No. 536257

jfc why stay with someone who compares you to an ugly man. Even Lainey with her whole trans aesthetic bs must think that's insulting.
Don't ever date or marry someone who thinks it's fun to tell you you look like shit. Fucking love yourselves.

No. 536260

Why was he wearing sunglasses the whole time?

"I dont want to get recognized, Ill be signing autographs and fending off little girls all day"

No. 536262

I like that her viewerbase is going down. Next she'll have to resort to buying subs like 'nision.

No. 536265

Also, Onision is busy busying subs as well. Socialblade shows a clear incline of about +30-40 subs per day. There's no way that isn't faked, not when all these months he'd had clear drops.

It says he's had +278 subs over the past 30 days, which really confuses me.

No. 536269

Imagine getting called an ugly middle aged man by your husband.

No. 536271

File: 1530023520031.png (413.88 KB, 425x716, bigfootsighting.PNG)

Who was in the hotel room with them. AndyFoot tried to pan past them really quick.
Her mom? The outfit colors look the same.

No. 536274

File: 1530023812035.png (2.38 MB, 1919x1079, laineycloseup_disneyland.png)

Did he zoom in on her on purpose? So that people start to pay more attention to her skin than his?

No. 536277

Is that Lainey's mom? She looks wayyyyy prettier than her foot daughter.

No. 536279

He used to take really unflattering pictures of her when Billie was still living with them and post them to his own IG.
So yeah, I wouldn't put it beyond him.

No. 536290

File: 1530025337947.png (854.31 KB, 598x599, sheisbeautysheisgracesheisswam…)

Billie doesn't have to be in the picture for Shreg to post unflattering pictures. This was posted May 13, 2016 to Shreg's instagram which is after Cuddlegate (January 25, 2016) and before the second coming of Billie (June 2016)

No. 536315

oh my god greg is such a fucking embarrassment. he's so selfish and disgustingly inconsiderate to spoil these rides for all the other people on the ride with him, fuck

No. 536328

Is it possible this is Sarah?

No. 536335

I honestly think she looks alright here. she's making a goofy face but the hair color is much more flattering on her and she looks much nicer without the winged liner and blocky brows.

No. 536340

no it's Lainey's mom. Watch the vid at 02:16 you can tell its her.

No. 536344

File: 1530030483847.jpg (896.74 KB, 1440x2276, 1530030483646.jpg)

No. 536352

Yeah, he asked Camila Mendes if she wore a cap to avoid recognition. She said that she just liked caps. Then he smoothly and suavely told her that he wore sunglasses not to be recognized.

She asked him what he was known for. He said he was a banana. She laughed out of courtesy, not getting it. He had to say he made a viral video on youtube singing he was a banana.

Let that sink in.

That's how he introduced himself to a Riverdale actress. He couldn't just say "Oh, hi! Are you Camila Mendes? My wife is a big fan of you in Riverdale :)"

No. 536353

Lied. The same way she said she was going to the doctor/therapist then canceled/made an excuse.

No. 536354

She lives up to her plainey nickname in it though and she looks tired and her skin looks wrecked.

No. 536356

Average suburban white girl. Couldn't spot her out in a crowd which is why she's so desperate to be trans or anything that'll make her unique.

No. 536371

File: 1530034062742.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_7165.PNG)

Blair is doing a video with Shane. I bet onion will lose his shit and make 10+ videos about both of them when he catches wind

No. 536376

wew! after his pedophile sperging about shane and now blair, it's gonna be great

No. 536408

No. 536421

Onion boy will defend Edwin but of course he's got to insult his looks first.

No. 536436

They’re so ugly and out of place. I like that we now have video footage of shreg being just as insufferable in public as he is in his videos.

No. 536442

So how much do you guys wanna bet that this trip cost them? I mean plane tickets, big hotel and disneyland ain't cheap.

No. 536444

Normally I get a big ol' laugh out of seeing which tags the Onions choose, however this time I actually felt a little sad.
>First Family Vacation
That's just tragic. They've been married for like 6 years. We all know they never go anywhere but seeing it written in black and white is so depressing.

>Reliving my childhood
Huh. When Lainey wasn't fixated on her appearance in the viewfinder, her gay husband acted either disinterested, or like a complete asshat hellbent on ruining everyone else's experience in the happiest place on earth. She must have had an interesting childhood.

No. 536448

It must be so draining to be around Lame. What was the point of calling herself ugly looking for asspats, mom and sister were totally ignoring her they must be used to it.

No. 536453

Jfc. That unnecessary sperg out of the blue about Camila Mendes and the age of consent just highlights what an idiot he is.
>if you don't like it, go after the LAWS!

Oh, you mean like the policies, Shreg? So you're saying you should have taken it up with Disney brass rather than shrieking at that poor security guard who was just doing his job? Because I'm pretty sure you called him a moron and insinuated he was a Nazi for blindly following the policies set by his employer.

No. 536463

It must be draining to be around gronk! He fucking RUINED all the rides being an obnoxious piece of shit.

It must be draining to be around them both.

Lol they also did THREE days of disney.. and Onion was clearly inside disney. So I guess he gtf over himself and left his can opener at the hotel.

No. 536476

I see Shreg's idiot fans praising him for defending Edwin, like he decided to do this out of generosity.
We all know that the Swamp family never stands up for anyone or anything unless it benefits or affects them somehow.
He's fucking giddy about this drama, and it's just another way to prove that he was right about Cyr.
Also, it's such a coincidence that both Shreg and Edwin have 2 strikes on their channels and are facing shutdowns.

It's amazing to me that he has the balls to screech about false flagging when he's done it to literally every channel that dare make critical videos about him. It was just last month that iNabber had his video taken down by Shreg and his sycophants mass flagging it.
You're not fooling anyone, Shreg.

No. 536494

File: 1530046505267.png (14.76 KB, 942x317, disney.png)

Wew lad those ticket prices. At least $3000+ for the whole trip if we assume they only paid for their own family and not Lainey's mom and sister.

No. 536506

muh struggling

No. 536512

Yep. You have airfare, hotel, the cost of eating out, boarding the dogs, souvenirs.. That's a pricey trip for a family who is "struggling to survive".

No. 536513

Lainey's comments are disabled on their channel.

No. 536515

Ate you sure it's just on her channel? I'm receiving a 503 error on all YT channels right now and no comments are showing up.

No. 536519

Permanently disabling comments and only having feedback from her hugbox would be the best thing she ever did.

No. 536521

Plainey is a female.

They possibly rented a car too. That's a lot of expenses for someone struggling to survive and getting "bullied" by the IRS.

No. 536536

Can't comment on the latest OnionSpeaks video on Edwin, there are 0 comments except for an Onion comment…..

No. 536540

>They possibly rented a car too.

They did. at about 1:03 on Lainey's Disney video she said that Greg was getting the car (They were at the airport, having just arrived so, It couldn't have be their own car.)

Also, something tells me that his "Disney sperg-out" was all bullshit. He still went anyway

No. 536541

I think all of youtube's comments are fucked up cause on multiple channels (besides onion and lainey) I cannot see any comments.

No. 536552

I find it funny that even Lame acknowledges that she looks nothing like her mother and sister. lol

No. 536557

imagine being a 10 year old kid enjoying the ride only to have i ruined by some asshole yelling everyones gonna die

No. 536567

Edwin said he and Mina found it weird that he called mina cute lol, not weird hes just a creep.

No. 536573

They went for what like 3 days and on the first night trying to get into the park Greg sperged and made them all go back to the hotel.

2 days in Disney. What an actual waste of money, he totally just arranged this trip to creep on the cons and use them as a business write off.

No. 536574

Sorry to be nitpicky but it bothered me how loud him and Lainey were being and their loud swearing. Like, don't get me wrong swearing isn't wrong and everyone does it, but it's Disney. There's a bunch of kids about who want to enjoy time with their family and see their favorite characters and enjoy the rides, then you have this odd couple: a grossly red man and a tom boy looking woman yelling and screaming and cussing a bunch.

Also I'm wondering if by saying the trip was sponsored, they mean that Lainey's mom paid for it along with money from patreon. hmmm

No. 536575

underrated response

No. 536576

If you make a video in Disney, you can write it off! Genius Gurg strikes again!

No. 536585

>all these complaints about them spending money
you fucking morons

No. 536591


No. 536606

The only reason Lainey hasn't started transition is because their youngest is still breastfeeding.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 536608

Imagine being Shreg's CPA.

>What do you mean I can't write off the entire $3000 for my family vacation? I FILMED it for a 10-minute video! Nobody told me I needed receipts to prove I was working! Be a HUMAN!!

>Yes I know Toby Turner donated $1000 to my Patreon, but that extra $1000/month coming in isn't technically income because I donated to his Patreon too so I shouldn't have to pay taxes on it! ..What? That's considered a gift? That's so UNFAIR, why are you targeting me for just trying to make myself look successful? You're a literal Nazi!

>Are you trying to tell me that buying views and followers isn't considered a deductible advertising expense? You just don't understand my career! REEEEE

I hope Shreg hasn't exaggerated the amount he's paying that poor soul, because whatever he's charging it couldn't possibly be enough.

No. 536609

lame isnt trans, she won't be transitioning, summerfag.

she changes her gender about as often as her husband shoots ghost loads on the shower wall

No. 536611

File: 1530058487411.png (5.33 KB, 224x225, 6oU9ujm.png)

No. 536618

File: 1530059089224.gif (1.43 MB, 400x254, 9IpPpwN.gif)

No. 536625

His accountants % chance of committing suicide due to stress is probably through the roof.

No. 536627

File: 1530059744695.jpg (1023.14 KB, 1420x2178, Screenshot_20180626-203559.jpg)

I really don't care to know the difference between world and land but I assume the rules are the same.

No. 536665

Wew, finally got around to watching Gurgamel’s video about Edwin and Mina… I didn’t think it was possible to loathe this tiny dicked pedophilic human shaped abscess any more than I already did but this… Everything about it made me wish it was possible to repeatedly punch his face in through the screen. The way he talked about Blaire as though they’re bffs, calling the girl from Riverdale a “stud muffin” (WAT) and his nod to us farmers re: his liver spots et al actually made me cringe so hard I am now wearing all my vital organs externally.

No. 536676

You can literally hear Lame's mom talking to Troy in the latest Disney vlog.

No. 536684


wait what? I missed that. Is there a link anywhere?

No. 536690


I know all the parks very well. Short answer: the rules are exactly the same.

No. 536692

That video reeked of "I wish I could wear Toby Turner's skin".

No. 536693

>Smiling for the first time today because you’re no longer around onion boy.

Greg so clearly reads these threads. He’s referencing when Lamp was in Arizona and anons were saying how much happier and less stressed she appeared.

No. 536697

No. 536710

at least someone talks to him

No. 536726

Lainey is a 23 year old mother of 2 and she asks her fans on IG stories what to eat, wear, do, record. She can't make any decisions for herself.

No. 536736

But anon, she has to keep her ~I'm such a smol and fragile bean and can't do anything by myself~ persona up.

No. 536737

File: 1530080499176.png (326.63 KB, 1210x1649, IMG_1635.PNG)

No. 536740

Greg is the only choice she made herself, do you really blame her?

No. 536742

Is she not shaving her pits? Personally I don't care, but that must be another reason why Shreg only likes to hit it from behind. If she is on her back she might lift her arms up and Shregs clit would immediately go flaccid.

No. 536743

>just a random pic of myself. So unposed and natural guiz. Please give me lots of asspats cause I can't handle the stress of judgemental people seeing how quirky and gay I am!

>Did I mention that I have really bad anxiety? Why are people so mean to smol, delicate, trans gay bois like me? I need reassurance, STAT!

If you're a grown woman who is this insecure, perhaps an internet career based on half-truths and attention-seeking behavior with your lunatic husband isn't for you.
Maybe she should spend less energy worrying about the pictures she posts on social media and a little more on pulling her shit together to raise her children and instill them with self-confidence.

Ffs, she's a 23 year old mother of two who pretends to be a 12 year boy, treats being gay as some kind of contest to be won, yet parades around showing off the hickies her creepy husband gave her, lets him verbally harrass everyone, all the while acting like she's a fragile victim of society. She's absolutely ridiculous.

No. 536744

Hmmm…I don't know, maybe because your whole life revolves around people's opinions? Your thirst for asspats is unquenchable.

No. 536745

>Why do other people's opinions bother me so much?
1. I thought you didn't read "hate" comments? How odd.
2. Because the people on your main page don't feel the need to blow smoke up your ass and aren't afraid to call you out on your bullshit. It "bothers" you because their criticisms are mostly true.

But go ahead and stick to your hugbox where you'll get those asspats you are desperate for, you smol, sickly, special, sensitive spaceprince, you.

No. 536746

I like how she's "too scared" to post a pic on her main page for fear of criticism, yet her husband literally calls her "Andy Dick" and it's NBD.

No. 536747

I’m all for youthful enthusiasm/exuberance (ie acting immature within reason) but this 12 year old uwu smol fragile transboi spacetwunt larping needs to stop. She obviously knows she’s not cut out to be a popular serious creator because she acknowledges her lack of talent and creativity and more importantly, she can’t handle any criticism whatsoever. She just sticks her fingers in her ears and yells “LALALALA CAN’T HEAR YOU!” until that isn’t enough to drown out the hAtuRz and she sends her Neanderthal narc husband in to fight her battles.

No. 536749

I’m just living for this lately lol she’s finally transitioning into everything negative Shreg has said about all his ex’s. it’s hilarious

No. 536752

An UhOhBro vid is actually in my recommended right now. Fingers crossed the same algorithm that KILLED MUH CHANNEL isn't going to bring it back. Ew.

No. 536753


She’s making a video where Instagram decides her day. Not saying she’s not a helpless dweeb - just clarifying. Not an original idea at allllll

No. 536760

All she wants is to be a tomboy. That's it. She doesn't want to wear makeup anymore (thank goodness, she's horrid at it), needs an excuse to not shave her pits (transmasc uwu) bc saying feminism will have her raked through the coals.

Apparently she feels the need to be a little boy in order for it to be ok for her not to wear makeup and grow her pits.

She doesn't need a label for that shit.

> I feel GOOD abt myself

If she were anyone else, I'd be happy for her. You be you. Fuck makeup, wear baggy comfy clothes, low upkeep, be fine and comfortable with body hair. That's awesome. And it would actually be a "meh, fuck what the media/people say women should be. I'm just gonna do me. Tbh don't like my boobs, might get a reduction if they don't get smaller after I'm done breastfeeding".

I would seriously be happy for her.

But holy hell, co-opting trans struggles and appropriating to justify that shit? Saying she has dysphoria? Fucking pathologizing every thing she wants to change?

That must be a fucked up way to tell Greg "lol I have a gender disorder, so ya can't say shit over my being everything you hate abt women roflcopter"


No. 536762

>I always got the idea that she and Tami basically hate each other.

Tami is totally a Jocasta. Ain't nobody good enough for her golden child sonhusband Gurgles.(vomit)

No. 536763

She needs her hugbox to give her ideas because she has no imagination.

Her sped up sections are uncreative and lazy. Just filler. Sped up cleaning a room. Organizing toys. Organizing her closet.

Inb4 laundry day.

No. 536765

Well, she liked Skye.
Probably because she was his only girlfriend who acted normal.

No. 536766

Its really funny to see how incredibly fat grease is getting, Give it a year and he's going to obese lmao

No. 536767

I feel bad that Camila had to suffer through that.

No. 536770

All her "dysphoria" came 1. After her first pregnancy and 2. After Billie. Cuddlegate and all the Billie drama probably shattered her self confidence. I mean this skinny little alt teeny bopper girl was cucking her. The Billie shit was probably traumatic for her and sometimes when people experience trauma they self victim blame and try to change themselves to prevent the trauma from happening again. Hence all the Billie skinwalking.

And then I think she browsed tumblr a little too much and got it into her head that feeling uncomfortable about the way her body changed with pregnancy meant she was trans. Like wanting smaller boobs and narrower hips would be more "masculine", but she's not fucking trans. No trans person would breastfeed for 4 or so fucking years straight if they had chest dysphoria. They just wouldn't.

Honestly I think when people go to gender counselors past trauma needs to be explored.

Repost because I totally forgot about her highschool boyfriend sexually assaulting her or some shit and also leaking her bra pictures. That is also traumatic and might make someone ashamed of their body and misconstrue it as gender dysphoria.

No. 536774

That's very true

No. 536777

She came out as agender (she might have used a different term but idk) right before Billie came around. She came out as bi and agender around the same time

No. 536779

She still had been pregnant at that point. But Billie really kicked it into overdrive.

No. 536780

File: 1530105335196.png (990.59 KB, 1242x2208, B7555810-794A-41E5-82E3-0EB622…)


Did some digging to make sure I was remembering right. This was her first announcement about her questioning her gender, about a month before she started tweeting Billie.

While Billie wasn’t the best partner to her I think more of her problems came by Greg constantly asking her to get a gf. Remember around this time was when Greg was really trying to convince her to come out as bisexual and suggesting she get a gf even though she explicitly said she didn’t want one. Having your husband who you love and trust constantly pushing you into an identity (bisexual) that you are not ready to accept as well as pushing you to physically explore something that really should be done on your own terms and at your own pace is what fucked her up. People put so much weight on Billie but compared to the shit Greg put her through Billie didn’t do shit.

No. 536782

I agree with you anons. It's maybe not the most flattering picture, but she looks more lively and natural here.

Underrated post!

I hope somebody turns this into a meme then, with the caption:

Well, apparently Lainey can put her foot down sometimes. Why doesn't she offer to bring a young man into their relationship. I mean she's bi. That might help her creepy husband to finally rake in the views he needs so desperately - and since he's willing to try literally anything and everything…
But no, he suffers from penis dysphoria, hence won't accept any real men in his trailer.

If I was Lainey, I'd pull an onion on him and simply fly in a hot guy, she's the bread winner after all. And since she already oggles ftm guys, she might be on her way there.

No. 536783

I don't want you to think I'm blaming Billie. I'm not. But Billie has the desired body type that Lainey wants. And literally the same night cuddlegate happened Shreg was ready to sign away Trot and run away with his new alt teen girl. That is fucked and traumatizing. That is what I'm getting at. I am fully aware that Shreg manipulated the entire situation for his benefit.

I 100% put the blame on Shreg because he had the power in the relationship and he is the perfect example of why fans should not get into relationships with their idols. The unbalanced power dynamic is dangerous and Shreg takes advantage of this to manipulate his lovers.

I'm glad he's circling the drain, he's a scumbag and he deserves it.

No. 536784

Is this really your true self ot is it the short hair cut. I swear everytime she gets a short cut she acts masculine and when it grows back in she's back to her regular self. This post has to be aimed at shreg calling her andy dick is not a compliment. She also wore no makeup around her mom and sister and maybe they mentioned it.

No. 536786

Damn, look how many likes and retweets that got. it's crazy how irrelevant they've become in such a short amount of time

No. 536793

File: 1530111212882.png (773.01 KB, 1440x2161, 20180627_105335.png)

People are as fed up with Swamp Prince as Shreg is lol.

No. 536807

File: 1530117436280.jpg (599.09 KB, 1428x1634, 20180627_123707.jpg)

> I think more of her problems came by Greg constantly asking her to get a gf.
>Remember around this time was when Greg was really trying to convince her to come out as bisexual and suggesting she get a gf even though she explicitly said she didn’t want one.

Yup. Being groomed by a pedo for years, like Taylor Elaine was, made the manipulation that much easier for Greg to pull the wool over her eyes. Most women, if their husbands or boyfriends suddenly try to pull that ol, hey, lets get a female unicorn for our beds, would put a full stop to that. Because you fucking love yourself too much to let some silly boy try to have all the cake.

Its so obvious for everyone outside the situation. She don't love herself. She don't know how. Add to that Greg always insulting her and putting her down, no wonder she's aged so terribly in 2 years.

That is pit hair. In nursing school they teach that bacteria adhere to the surface, and the more surfaces possible, the more B.O. will occur. Thats hygenically why you shave. To cut down on that, along with asthetics obviously.
So then, why, with Greg who hates B.O., why would he be okay with this??? I think he lies and tells her its okay, but secretly judges her for it, and makes her even that much less sexualy desirable.

Um okay, she can be whoever she wants, more power to that, but she lies. She lies so much. To her fans, her family, and to herself. Shes just a teen mom with no real identity, and has a husband mentaly stuck at 15, hell, 14, who wants to whine amd cry about not being famous, and who'd rather spend everyday searching for his next teen victim.

Fucking love yourself woman. You got 2 babes who shouldn't suffer the sins of the parents. Get away from the cancer pit

No. 536809

Tami still keeps in touch with Skye. They were very close and Tami hated that Greg divorced her. She hated Shiloh and doesn’t like her new “ son-in-law”

No. 536816


No. 536817


You had to go to nursing school to decide that having armpit hair is unhygienic (on women only)?

No. 536818

File: 1530119642562.gif (428.72 KB, 297x195, afd.gif)

No one cares you delusional lamp, get over yourself

No. 536821

Does anyone else think that Gerg had to push Lameo to cut off her hair to degrade her?
Maybe he actually felt like he could lose control over her after she came back happy from NM and everyone was hoping she gets a backbone and leaves him.

No. 536822

I heard that his mom loathed the fuck out of Shiloh and liked Skye lol but it's the first that I hear of them being still in contact.
LMAO this is even funnier than LGH's downfall. inb4 "Where's muh support?"

No. 536825

I have never heard Grug degrading her for having long her, I think she maybe decide that for her own. Which weird since all the other girlfriends have been force to shave.

No. 536826

He hates body odour but yet admitted to not using deodorant… he’s gross

No. 536833

Long straight hair can be super unattractive on someone with a long face like Lainey. However, the particular short hair cuts she gets are also bad for her face shape.

Typical Greg. Probably hates a girl not smelling fresh and clean, while he goes around loving the smell of his own BO.

No. 536834

Perhaps not, but it forced Shiloh to shave her head when they were dating just to degrade her. It's not too much of a leap, but I do think Lamey did it on her own.

Yeah, she needs a mid-length or chin-length hair cut. It'll balance out how horsey she looks.

No. 536836

i know it's late but do you think LGH could've been being obnoxious and draining on the rides as a way to tell Lame that they shouldn't take vacations?

No. 536839

If his obnoxious behavior was an indicator for Lamey, she certainly doesn't notice it. Hence…marriage and two children.

No. 536844

Imagine other footface Sarah Jessica Parker with a pixie. Horrifying! Lamey looked soooo much better with as a brunette hair with a little more length. She doesn't understand that she looks sallow as fuck, and it makes her acne look even worse.

No. 536849

>but do you think LGH could've been being obnoxious and draining on the rides as a way to tell Lame that they shouldn't take vacations?

When men get smart enough about not wanting to do things their wives nag them to do, they learn to do it badly, very very badly. Maybe even break some dishes or stain all the clothes, or burn the food, or drip garbage all over while taling it outside.

I feel that LGH learned that long ago, hence why he is so cringey and humiliating to be with when out in the wild. Keeps his girl in check by making sure the amount of time away from his computer and hentai collection at a minimum.

No. 536851

Shoulder length hair with a few layers, volume and wave helps long pointy faces. Pixie cuts and straight hair just sharpen it out more.

No. 536852

File: 1530128682782.png (577.55 KB, 1440x2434, What.png)

Please, patreonfags hook us up if possible. I can't decide if he's really this stupid or it's another last-ditch effort to "go VIRAL" by yet again hopping on long-dead drama.

Kek what the fuck

No. 536856

File: 1530129272634.png (343.62 KB, 1440x1291, poor me.png)

So a patron takes the time to write him out a detailed video idea (and also suggests he enlists help with the script for a more polished result kek) and Shreg's only response is
>Waaah I can't upload videos on one of my five channels!

What a knob.

No. 536862

notice how ready grugly was to whine about a single one of his channels being restricted- he didnt start sperging about the person forgetting swamp princes pronouns. then again, he probably stopped reading at the first sentence that he just jumped at it.

No. 536865

>That is pit hair. In nursing school they teach that bacteria adhere to the surface, and the more surfaces possible, the more B.O. will occur. Thats hygenically why you shave. To cut down on that, along with asthetics obviously.

Partially true, it does help cut down on BO. Aesthetics are a personal choice. (same for both men and women)

But, Shaving can have adverse affects as wells. Such as shaving/waxing your pubes can lead to greater risk of STDs. (men and women)


No. 536874

File: 1530131660520.gif (1.56 MB, 400x305, Xyykmst.gif)

Ah, of course. HuffPo, the obvious and shining example of objective and scientific journalism.

Gtfo here with this derailing shit about shaving.

In other news, Greg's back to doing what he does best: judging other people's bodies.

No. 536889

Oggles them as a skinwalker. Yokes.

No. 536896

How ironic is it that this patron clearly spent more time thinking about and writing this suggestion out than Shreg has spent writing any of his "scripts" for his shitty videos.

Tbh it sounds like it'd be a cringy video, but you might think it would have occurred to Shreg to at least thank the dude for his suggestion.

No. 536897

File: 1530135446490.png (1.55 MB, 1440x1895, going VIRAL guiz.png)

Here's his "Dear Fat People". Spends the first 5 min advertising his patreon, shaming "haturrzz" and sperging about YT while boasting about himself and giggling like a fucked up hyena. Then finally goes into the super current and relevant topic of Nicole Arbor before discussing obesity.

No. 536907

File: 1530136523147.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2178, So relevant!.png)

Kek the tags. He's literally responding to a 2 year-old video.
>Quick, who's a fat youtuber I can reference? Boogie!
Boogie made a reply to Nicole Arbour's video TWO years ago. And for the life of me, I can't find one by Tyler Oakley.
I'm actually surprised he didn't tag Shane, who also made a video on this 2 years ago.

I love how he just had to shoehorn in a sperg about how he doesn't collab with YouTubers because they always bail on you. Jesus he's a twunt.

No. 536909

Almost all of her problems stem from Greg, which is super unsurprising. But she's basically lost her chance at getting actual support due to being a toxic cunt (which is basically her natural state due to sheltered rich girl life)

No. 536911

Haturz are his last audience.

No. 536912

The funniest part about this video is that he makes jabs at the IRS with bitter resentment like he does with all his exs and Shane.

No. 536914

>In other news, Greg's back to doing what he does best: judging other people's bodies.

It's kind of amazing how many mirrors he has, all things considered. Maybe he needs glasses.

No. 536915

Or a different brain…

No. 536916

File: 1530137321415.png (1.22 MB, 1420x774, Pay me piggies.png)

Wtf. In his rant he talks about what a bad person Cyr is and how he's removed all the vids they did together..
But then says they're ALL on his Patreon if you want to see them!

>Cyr is a terrible person guiz so no one should see those vids on YT but pay me $12 a month and you can enjoy them!!

What an absolute piece of shit. Does he not see how gross this is?

No. 536917

Greg's psych wiki investigation speaks such truth.

I see the "i'm programmed to be this way" as a preamble to his cheating on GSW. "I'm not programmed for monogamy!! I'm not programmed to be attracted to adults! It's out of my controllllll"

No. 536918

He's only paying taxes because he was forced to lol. But sure, keep virtue signaling.

No. 536922

smart in theory, but no one really cares enough to actually pay him that much to have access to them kek

No. 536927


Holy Jeebus. That Nicole Arbour thing happened Sept 8 of 2015.

Damn near 3 years. Way to stay current and topical Gurg.

Hey Greg, since you read here, maybe you could make a video about Tron guy, or Chocolate Rain, or the dramatic chipmunk. Feel free to use that as an idea. My gift to you.

No. 536930

Coming soon: an expose on the Damn, Daniel kid.

No. 536931

File: 1530139766794.png (153.92 KB, 1440x831, REEEEEE.png)

Screencapped for posterity as he'll likely delete this, but I wonder who today's sperg is directed at.

No. 536936

File: 1530140256168.png (284.24 KB, 1440x1562, The persecution of Onion.png)

Poor Shreg. Relentlessly persecuted by those nonsensical idiot haturrrz. Why is everyone so unfair? It's a hard knock life being a fool in a world full o' sharkz!

No. 536940

So Greg while you're lurking can you confirm if Lainey's awful haircuts are punishments as you know, we've been wondering.

No. 536947


I think he meant one syllable each but EVEN THAT IS WRONG TOO. FSDJKFSDFHJKSDHFJ

The fat people video was /almost/ backhanded at the way he kept saying what he assumed fat people say/feel about themselves. I liked the rolling ball analogy, though. Wonder where he got that from.

No. 536955

>three words
>he posts four

could you imagine being this retarded holy shit

No. 536965

Ah yes, the classic strawman argument.

No. 536966

Don't give him any ideas topkek

No. 536968

File: 1530142683282.png (42.09 KB, 662x383, twitsuicide.png)

>What did I ever do to deserve this unwarranted hate?!

No. 536971

File: 1530143056672.jpeg (42.78 KB, 419x553, 3AC0E1D3-FB39-43C0-BCEF-554DC8…)

Holy fuck anon I didn’t even notice that… I was too busy wondering if this idiot knew what a syllable was! What unbelievable keks

No. 536972

File: 1530143103053.gif (1.84 MB, 357x200, tumblr_oxxj3pBEGM1qefwl8o2_400…)

No. 536975

he's probably hoping to literally cash in on the drama by thinking people who are just hearing about cyr because of all the dasha/edwin/mina insanity will pay to get access to the videos or something. but the other anon is right, literally nobody cares that much. if he really wanted to bait people he should make a video spilling "tea" on cyr (not that he has any i'm sure but you know what i mean) and make that patreon-only.
if removing pit hair is a matter of hygiene, how come men aren't expected to shave (and in fact are treated as strange if they do, vs women who are expected to have hairless armpits)? genuine question since this is apparently being taught in a nursing school. that seems very…incorrect.

No. 536976

Wow, shreg is looking more and more like an old plasticy Sandra Bullock.

No. 536979

>tfw talking is two syllables

All these three to four words and one to five syllables and I still don't get what he's trying to say lmao

No. 536982

I think he's trying to say he's saying it all so fast that it comes out as one syllable. But that's still not how syllables work.

No. 536983

Rofl he's such a fucking moron. He'd fail at sharades.

No. 536990

Reminder: this guy has written and published two books.

No. 537011


No. 537012

I think he's trying to say that it's "so simple" even an idiot should understand. Not realizing he himself is the true idiot.

But then again, we're so bored we're picking on his normal illiteracy so whatever kek

No. 537018

File: 1530148997654.png (482.25 KB, 707x546, jackXonion.png)

I agree with Shreg that he doesn't look like Shane Dawson. He looks more like Jack Nicholson imo.

No. 537020


her skin doesn't even look bad there (get some vit c and wear more sunblock and she'll fade her sunspots)

No. 537023

At least he's getting a wash for once

No. 537025

File: 1530149489515.png (271.85 KB, 469x405, bald.png)

Is he balding?

No. 537036


maybe he's ripping out chunks of his hair whenever a teen he's been trying to lure goes and looks at him - really looks at him - and decides to make a run for it.

No. 537037

Probably, but I wouldn't really make a deal of it till more of his hair grows back. Might be good for obsessive comparison in future tho.

No. 537048

His hair is thinning for sure.

No. 537051

Does it look like he colors on his hairline, like he uses brown eyeshadow on his short shorn hair to hide his thinning hair loss?

No. 537053

Do you the that LGH made the video of him blocking lameos comments, so she could do it later without taking the heat? Like does he literally sit there and block/delete all 800 channels comments?!

No. 537054

Anything for her to stfu about "muh anxiety" over them?

No. 537055

He might get off to the Lainey hate tbh

No. 537061

>Like does he literally sit there and block/delete all 800 channels comments?!

Anon he is the hardest working man on YT.

No. 537070

I’m sorry for being ot rn but Gregma’s starting to remind me of Alex Jones with his tard-rage and autistic conspiracy theories about aliens and how Jewtube is plotting to get rid of him.

No. 537103

No wonder greg and lainey don't drink tap water…

No. 537106

File: 1530162730566.png (981.69 KB, 964x530, wakemeup.PNG)

No. 537110

File: 1530164144565.webm (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, dude same.webm)

No. 537117

Yo sorry to do this to Jack but tell me his chest doesn't look just like Lainey's

No. 537118

I spy with my little eye something beginning with C(Sont post pictures of children )

No. 537120

or it could be T, but pretty sure it's C ;) better luck next time Grug

No. 537127

File: 1530165742661.png (952.47 KB, 746x790, lamey.png)

This is what happens to your skin when you put makeup on like you're cement rendering a wall.

No. 537128


No. 537136

Good GOD Foot looks like she is being featured on Intervention for meth

No. 537139


It's kind of funny how she's a fakeboi for attention and would never take HRT, yet at the same time she looks like she's taking it and it's working! She's turning more manly each day.

No. 537141

Imagine being this ugly. Imagine being married to someone this ugly. Imagine being this ugly and married to someone just as ugly.

No. 537142

Moar like this is what happens when your diet consists exclusively of veggie burritos and you wrinkle your nose at and spit out any healthy food.

No. 537144

But how will Lamey reach teh ghei if she don’t drink the sweet tap water?

le sigh

No. 537148

You'd think she'd clean her disgusting floor for the vid. Fake that she doesn't live in a pigsty. But nope. She's painting her nails and her floor is all I can focus on.

No. 537156

File: 1530169478255.png (308.83 KB, 630x305, the only true statement he has…)

No. 537157

Why Plainey isn't playing with Yoshi?
Or is because that Super Mario doesn't have that character?
And why Grug isn't playing with red Toad
Since those are the character they tattoo on

No. 537168

File: 1530170257437.jpg (184.36 KB, 1536x1536, 1530170019325.jpg)

Shreg setting Twitter on fire with those LIT memes from 2012. Seriously, the meme on the bottom is from fucking six years ago.
Jesus he's embarrassing.

No. 537194

He likes it when people agree with him, and I'm pretty sure he thinks Lainey's gender identity is fake and stupid too and probably just wants his moderately acceptable female presenting doormat back that he can fuck from the front and just imagine her face as Billie instead.

No. 537211

Her eyes! Her eyes always look so exhausted. He's draining her youth, her life force away. You can tell that she deals with all the household stress and kids, because Small Onion Boy never looks this tired or this fatigued.

No. 537219

She looks like a damn lama here

No. 537227

Okay Greg why did you
Suddenly decide to forego
Punctuation at the end
Of all you sentences
When previously you were
So anal about it on twitter

No. 537234

>acceptable female presenting doormat back that he can fuck from the front

Gurl. As if he ever fucks her missionary. It’s doggy with the lights off all the way. It’s either that or he makes her wear a print-out of Billie or Shane’s face stuck to her own, just to make sure his shriveled baby carrot doesn’t lose wood before he can “spread his seed” like he is programmed to do (and typing all that made me throw up in my mouth a little bit)

No. 537254

I can't believe they brought the iPad for the kids on their little hike with them. Like I get it, kids sit behind screens a lot these days, but to go out to the coast? I don't understand why Lainey is so tired when technology is doing all the work.

No. 537267

Has Lainey ever explained why she identifies as "bisexual" over "pansexual"? Is she saying that she wouldn't date someone who is trans (i.e. someone like herself)?

No. 537273

Hate to be pedantic but bisexual in no way means you wouldn't date someone trans. It MIGHT mean you exclude "genderqueer" folk but most everybody falls into male and female categories, trans or not. It doesn't make any sense to say bisexuals won't date trans people.

No. 537274

Whats the purpose of a pansexual label at all then? And I would think Lame would definitely want to date a genderqueer person, someone who shares her ~aesthetic~*~

No. 537277

File: 1530191116930.gif (910.5 KB, 498x280, go on.gif)

>most everybody

No. 537278


I caught that too. I was gonna say "hello greg" for the keks, but then I realized that Greg doesn't know words like pedantic.

No. 537279

Well, technically he could be right if he had wanted to say that three of these word have only one syllable ("stop, to, me").
Maybe an insider?

No. 537289

Yeah now I’m wondering the same too. I’m a different anon btw. So, bisexuality and pansexuality are basically the same, but pansexuality implies there are more than 2 genders, right? And I agree, Plainey wouldn’t hesitate.

No. 537292

>bisexual in no way means you wouldn't date someone trans.
I'm aware. But the word "pansexual" is generally used by tumblrinas who felt trans people were being left out by using the word "bi" meaning "two" and excluding people who identify as being "bread" or something.

We know she's a big fan of tumblr and tumblr culture so she has definitely come across this debate at one stage. By saying she's "bisexual" she's saying she wouldn't date someone like herself (by Tumblr's stadnards) i.e. someone who is genderfluid or agender or demi-boy or whatever the flavour of the month is for her. That's what I'm trying to point out.

>most everybody falls into male and female categories, trans or not

Did Grease not use this exact phrasing in a video before? Maybe an anon with good memory can remember the video.

>Whats the purpose of a pansexual label at all then?
Basically what I described above. It's really a pointless debate but if you're someone who believes there are more than two genders and you want to include them in your sexuality, you'd use the "pansexual" term and it's just strange to me that she's implying she wouldn't date another agender demi-boy space prince.

No. 537295

You can't upstage the Swamp Prince by being more queer. She has to be the queerest of them all.

No. 537297

Lame and Shregma don’t see trans people as real men or women lol
That’s why Shregma will date a trans man (hypothetically) and not a trans woman.

No. 537298

That bleach job is a couple of months growth from a gutterpunk mullet, which would suit her life as the grease prince

No. 537299

See her being face down gives a good surface on which to rest his phone while he feverishly tweets about how masculine and desirable he is.

No. 537302

File: 1530199737043.jpg (480 KB, 3044x872, vichug.jpg)

Every time I see him he looks more and more like Vic Mignogna. Starting to wonder if Tami's been lying about her baby's daddy all this time. Same looks, same narc personality, same love of interacting with impressionable teenagers, same love of questionable physical interaction with teenagers..

No. 537304

What ever happened to Lainey putting out music?
Remember when Shi put her stuff on soundcloud few months back, and Lainey kept saying that she was going to make some of her own songs and release them?

Whatever happened to that?

No. 537308

Same annoying faggot voice and desire to start a cult! I think you're onto something here, anon. Is Onion aware of Vic? He's watched FMA.

No. 537313

Can you imagine? It’d either be overproduced (by Onision) poppy stuff that makes Lainey seem fun, or the more likely monotone poem “music” that Greg is so passionate about creating.

No. 537315

>”controversial” title
>spends the first half of the video plugging: his Patreon, his used clothing, his amazon books, and his “fan comments”

Why does he keep doing this? It’s like the exact opposite of clever deception to gain viewers.
>”I’ll trick them into clicking the video and then bore them to tears writhing ten seconds!”

No. 537319

File: 1530205495260.png (1.45 MB, 1226x685, greywalled.png)

Tfw your fam don't fall for your covert histrionic attention seeking. SO not blessed.

No. 537323

I don't understand why if she hates being referred to as female or feminine that she doesn't go by her more masculine birth name of Taylor and instead uses the most feminine girly name of Lainey, it makes absolutely no sense.

No. 537325

GSW is a transtrender, she uses it as an aesthetic cause that's what SJW tumblrina's use to get attention and as a scapegoat.
Lame is just another white, cis female and she hates that she's not "special" or unique in any way. She's about as interesting as a dried up fern.

No. 537326

A lot of Lainey's BS is most likely her keeping up a lie and trying to save face. She was too deep in the agender stuff, but once she realized that it's inherently nonsensical ("my gender is no gender!") it was too late to turn back after all of her insistence about it being VaLiD so she had to latch on to the different, yet still super speshul label of transmasc (aka tomboy attention whore).

Coming back to the name thing, Greg always, in true cult leader fashion, renames his conquests. To convince herself and others that she likes and wants the name Lainey, she's insisted again and again that she HATES the name Taylor, and always has! (Just like she's always felt sooo oppressed by dresses, even though there's plenty of pictures of her wearing them into her adult years). At this point, she can't go back; the lie is too deep.

No. 537333

File: 1530208145712.png (877.45 KB, 936x762, Screenshot (1092).png)

No. 537337

File: 1530208874614.png (367.12 KB, 622x622, ursulain.png)

Lainey rocking that Ursula look.

No. 537338

File: 1530209071198.jpg (324.75 KB, 1226x685, lainey_speshul_copy.jpg)

No. 537340

Lainey just tone her hair a few weeks ago, how on Earth does it come back to be that brassy trash blonde again? She can't literally keep any hair color

No. 537341

Probably shampoos her hair every day.

No. 537351

File: 1530211397575.jpg (167.1 KB, 1115x805, 421365.jpg)

No. 537362

My sides, anon! Topkek!

No. 537368

Puts on a basic yellow t-shirt with green skinny jeans:
>References her "alter-ego" Landon

Jfc you look like a regular nondescript girl with short hair in a normal outfit you attention-seeking loser. What the fuck is wrong with you. It's literally just a t-shirt with a rose on it.

No. 537373

Ugh. This patron paid a bunch of money for this "perk", but instead of actually plugging their stuff he barely mentions them and turns it into an ad for his Patreon.
You'd think he would take the time to check out their shit and actually mention what it is and why we should visit it. But clearly he does the bare minimum, hasn't even looked at it and basically says "I'm obligated to do this so I'm mentioning it."
What an asshole.

No. 537374

How said that shes always trying to convince herself and audience that she is the smol bean! Shes clearly taller and her face and has a bigger bone structure.

No. 537384

File: 1530215750179.webm (199.55 KB, 218x180, Even The Devil.webm)

>Laineybot: Greg keeps telling me I look like Andy Dick.

>The only times he's ever funny is when he's being cruel to his friends and spouse

No. 537385

lmao that will never happen, she probably only said that because LGH sperged about his evil Canadian ex to her and she wanted to skinwalk her as well.

No. 537386

File: 1530216584961.png (601.4 KB, 844x473, gay must stay in the hallway.P…)

I noticed that AndyFoot and Noah were sitting on the floor in the hallway. Was it because her Gay Husband didnt allow her new tranny dudefriend in the hotel room. Or was Noah apprehensive about being trapped in a small hotel room with Shreg. I mean technically Noah still has a vagina and shes a teenager so Shreg is going to be all over that.

Lainey leaves the hotel room to get ice and Gronk tries to hug and lift up Noah while his tiny onion sprout rubs up against poor Noah.

No. 537387

the only trap lolis he likes have thicc cocks

No. 537391

anyone in this thread smoke weed(shitty derail)

No. 537392

It doesn't work if you skinwalk 10 different people at once ffs

No. 537395

Don't both of these idiots have 4k cameras? Yet they shoot their videos in 1080p… money well spent!

No. 537401


Someone please shoop Greg's face into a mirror and Lainey in front of it.

"mirror mirror on the wall
who is the queerest of them all"

"you, you faggot, now come here and suck my dick"

No. 537405

Lol what a fucking tangent. Yes I smoke weed.
I actually live close to the swamp so if by misfortune I ever come in contact with Greg I’m going to try and talk to him about weed. I remember seeing someone saying he want to try pot brownies and I need to warn him away from that

No. 537406

This whole "oh I'm so ugly" attentionfishing is something you do when you're fifteen. Not twenty-something. She's so incredibly immature and self-focused.

No. 537407

Her sister looks so cute, though. They both have the same chin, but her sister's hair would suit Lainey a lot better than her botched pixie.

No. 537408

he wants to try pot brownies and I need to warn him away from that

Why the hell would you do that? I havent ever done edibles but Ive heard they're way stronger and fuck your shit up. Id love to hear about how he lost his shit for a whole day because of a pot cookie or brownie.

No. 537409


but anon it's a ~blackbear~ shirt, she's special and not like other gurls

No. 537412

File: 1530224585946.png (563.59 KB, 557x629, Moon over MiHAMi.png)

I know you're struggling financially Shreg, bit maybe it's time to invest in a bigger pair of pants.
Not only can we see your backfat rolls as you try to woo your teen fans by wagging your ass in every video, but you're putting quite a strain on the seams of your poor, overworked trousers.

I know you like to claim the title, but clearly those pants are the world's hardest working YouTubers.

No. 537414

File: 1530224863904.png (Spoiler Image, 425.03 KB, 553x580, gibmedacarrot.png)

LGH finally found his perfect mate.

No. 537419

A+++ anon
Holy shit this made me kek

No. 537420

File: 1530225277522.jpg (18.53 KB, 199x266, landoncider.jpg)

Wonder if she stole that 'alter ego' name from Landon Cider, he's a pretty well known drag king who is actually gay and actually looks like a dude, everything she tries to be

No. 537423

File: 1530225685926.png (722.02 KB, 1440x2248, asspattery.png)

Imagine being so desperate for praise that you'd retweet something like this.
This girl literally gave him asspats for offering the bare minimum of communication and merely gave her a "heart", as he does with every positive comment, to drown out the critical comments.
Shreg is such a great person, guiz! Saving lives and brightening everyone's day with his amazing and thoughtful fan interactions!

No. 537424

Maybe, but I don't think she actually knows enough about gay culture to know of anyone outside of RPDR (and even then, only the famous ones). Though I could totally see Lainey searching up "male alter ego" and picking someone she thought was obscure enough (aka not lady gaga's one who's so much more convincing than lainey who actually looks more like a man naturally)

No. 537429


100% she just googled "male names with L" and cherrypicked. She's not that educated.

No. 537430

For someone so naturally masculine she does a really bad job of being a guy. Probably wanted a name that was as edgy as her chosen girl name and began with the same letter. I gave her too much credit in presuming she would know well known drag kings being that she plays pretend as a boi all the time.

No. 537432

Except for the fact that this is a grown man, not a teen boy. GSW has never shown any interest in transitioning into an actual adult man, which was one of the first red flags that this was all for show.

Even with her latest stupid video, when she said she looked "Fuckboi AF" with that rose t-shirt she referenced Justin Bieber. You just know she was thinking "teen Justin".

No. 537438

File: 1530226577906.png (18.38 KB, 658x146, shamingshithead.png)

LGH deleted this tweet very quickly. Who the fuck would pay 7 dollars for a photo of lainey looking completely lazy jesus christ.

10/10 laughed my ass off anon

No. 537449

The shill knows no bounds.

No. 537450

What the hell is he talking about? Most youtubers don't make perks to be "exculsive" picture sets of themselves, much less lewd or nude ones. Like maybe youtubers who just vlog about their family life but again, that's not done nude. What he's thinking about is instagrammers who post their adult content to patreon, but this is coming from the man who makes all sorts of sexual content for youtube (plus uncensored on patreon) and has complimented Moo for years
The irony of her trying to imitate the boy everyone joked was actually a girl when he was young is too much

No. 537454

File: 1530227137799.jpg (14.8 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

2 shitty polaroids. One of his ugly footwife sleeping, the second of him covering half his face.

Id pay to see Greg as the featured actor in a "special" 8mm film with co-star The Machine

No. 537455

File: 1530227207586.png (Spoiler Image, 694 KB, 896x861, lameBBC.png)

Plainey finally gets a taste of real D.

No. 537468

Ahaha. Let him. It'll be like that time a cop stole a bunch of weed, cooked it, and phoned an ambulance

He's too retarded to make pot brownies properly though, it's a pretty long and involved process to do from scratch and it's not legal in his state, right? (UKfag here) He's in no danger of fucking himself up, the man can't understand syllables, which as far as I know seven year olds can grasp. He doesn't cook in any normal capacity, let alone bake.

No. 537469

Lol shreg would be so triggered by this

No. 537470

It's actually legal in his state, which makes his sperging about Billie even more ridiculous.

No. 537485

They can't sell their nudes. No one wants them.

Lainey already posted her nipples and vag lips. Gronk already posted his bare ass and outlined micropeen.

No. 537487

Oh for real? That's a shame, means he can just go and buy edibles that will actually work.

Gerg really strikes me as the kind of person who could actually go properly mental from taking too many drugs. Like full on psychotic break. You can tell the kind because they're always really egocentric - you can't think there's a massive conspiracy out to get you unless you think you're special in some way. He should stay well away from psychedelics.

No. 537488

File: 1530229353023.jpg (242.27 KB, 1536x1536, 1530229227956.jpg)

When you realize she's been skinwalking Biebs all along

No. 537492

File: 1530229579586.png (1.13 MB, 904x1741, Screenshot_2018-06-28-16-24-14…)

Good god. They must really be hard up for money. Hope this sits with the rest of their shitty, unsold items that literally no one is interested in.

No. 537497

Not to mention this is such an unflattering photo.

No. 537498

but the aesthetic matches her acne

No. 537506

That's a drag king, anon. A drag king called Landon Cider. He's a woman out of drag.

No. 537518


Meh, I’d rather see him trying E, much more lethal.(a-logging)

No. 537525

MDMA is one of the safest drugs you can take anon. Cause of death is always either hyperthermia because of dancing and too little water, or over-hydration because people think that
>Keep hydrated!
applies to everyone, not just people dancing in hot clubs, and they need to force themselves to drink a ton of water. As far as I am aware, there is not a single case of MDMA being listed as the primary cause of death. It's always hyperthermia or hyperhydration.

MDMA is an entactogen though, which would be really interesting because everyone is in agreement with the armchair that gerg is a narc, or at the very least empathy-deficient. I wonder how he'd cope with a drug that actually forces empathy on you.(derailing)

No. 537527

Can we not derail with a drug-sperg.

No. 537553

He acts as if laws are never altered or changed as the years go by. If they never changed we'd still have segregation and gay marriage would still be outlawed
Who do they think they are with this instamax shit? Taylor Swift from a few years ago? Also I find it hilarious that Greg advertised 4 of his photos ruining the idea of a surprise "never before seen photo" just to show off his mug. Not to mention he only showed one of Lainey's and even in their shared photo Lainey is hidden at the back

No. 537562

Just so there is no confusion: Landon is a normal, cute “chapstick” lesbian out of drag, She is in a very loving, respectful marriage with her wife. She uses prosthetics and special effects makeup in her acts.

Why?! Why would this being appealing to anybody? It just looks like they’re trying to get rid of pictures they were just going to throw away.
These are nothing but uncomfortable creeper photos. Nothing personal for the buyer or aesthetically pleasing for collectors.

No. 537573

Trying to mimic Taylor Swifts 1989 polaroid gimmick is spot on. Im sure Lainey is the one who brought it up (4 years too late) They both have literally become those weird creepy parents who try to stay hip and hang out with their teenage kids, but always behind on the slang & trends.

Uncomfortable creeper photos is what I see too. Its something the cops would have found in Dahmers apartment or The BTK's shed.

No. 537582

File: 1530238291478.jpeg (303.45 KB, 691x556, E431E622-A10D-47F1-AED8-F2DF9E…)

So Onision was caught trying to visit Billie

No. 537586

that looks eerily like him holy shit

No. 537588

>you can't think there's a massive conspiracy out to get you unless you think you're special in some way.

that's … not how it works, anon. if you're going to armchair, at least pick something you even vaguely know about.

he's doing this to shade the fuck out of her, right? she never looks good but damn, that's some ugly

No. 537591

This probably isn’t very relevant since it has to do with the videos of onision rating young girls bodies (very old.) I hung out with a girl today who told me he rated her body in a video when she was 12 or 13. She’s been trying to find the video for be. I’m feeling really disturbed because this is solid proof he was rating young girls bodies I don’t keep up with this thread but fuck. She’s been trying to find the video but I’m not sure I would post it since obviously I don’t want to show my friends underage body to the world

No. 537592

File: 1530239516297.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.03 KB, 485x425, IMG_4659.jpg)


>uncomfortable creeper photos

>found in Dahmers apartment or The BTK's shed

No. 537593

Why does she want to find it? Does she want to go after him?

No. 537595

We started talking about onision and she mentioned being a fan of him. I told her I thought he was a creep and she mentioned he rated her body in a video when she was like 12 and I told her if she can verify it’d be a big deal so she’s looking for it. There’s a lot so it’s taking awhile

No. 537598


if she's a fan why would she want to track down evidence that could be damaging to him?

No. 537599

Used to be a fan I’m sorry I misspoke

No. 537747

Greg is an emotional vampire, for sure.

No. 537749

It's impressive how she's been groomed to obsessively shower like Greg does, but they're both so fucking disgusting.

No. 537750

He's literally selling their memories.

Put the Love Books up for auction. That'd be some crazy shit.

No. 537751

Greg's makeup is never this good tho.

No. 537765

Wait, how are they memories? She's wearing the clothes she was wearing during her "followers control my life" vid.

No. 537766

Considering her fugly haircut he must have taken the photo recently.

No. 537768

Shit, I was dumb enough to think they were old aka semi interesting.

No. 537778

File: 1530265404895.png (182.96 KB, 446x449, Screen Shot 2018-06-29 at 7.36…)


No. 537788

Was her sister and mom staying at the hotel? She doesn't like to bring trans shit near the fam so that might be why.

Goodness imagine going on the Onion family vacation, sharing a suite with them, separate rooms of course, and then listening to your daughter or sister being fucked by a squealing shitbag and hearing "suk mi" in the middle of the night.

No. 537790

File: 1530270947572.jpg (113.17 KB, 1280x720, stefonknee.jpg)

This. She identifies as TEEN BOY. Even Onion mentioned this during 'debate' with Blaire.
Who else does this? well, this guy:
claims to be young girl, hides behind trans-tumblr terminology, uses it to fulfill his creepy fantasies, loves to play misunderstood victim for asspats, talks how hard it is to be him in this bigoted world…
but when Lameo does it, somehow she should be treated like special snowflake?

No. 537794

I really wanna know what's going on in her head.
Being a married mother of two and then deciding to become a teenage "boy" (I don't know any male person who runs around saying "liit. Fuckboii. Aesthetics") is not normal.
When Trot becomes an actual teenage boy I'm sure Taylor tries to hang out with him and his friends.
>Mom can you please leave us alone?
>umm hello. First of all, you just misgendered me. Second of all, I'm a total fuckboi. Come on, let's go find some cute girls to date, I'm HELLA gay today.

No. 537806

That is sooo accurate! She's a drag king!

No. 537811

>Hi mom, I'm-

No. 537812

Her transphobia shows when she misgenders herself with her kids lol

It's the only time she'll acknowledge her womanhood

No. 537814

File: 1530284100892.jpg (1.15 MB, 3024x3024, IMG_4655.jpg)

This is literal trash. If you sell this shit for $7 you are a scam artist, and if you buy them you are an absolute retard.

No. 537817


I can't comprehend why so many anons are obsessed with describing them having sex???

I believe each of those photos are about $2 each to make (film cost). Then with the time and effort to mail them, it hardly seems worth it unless people are buying a few at a time.

No. 537821

They're about £2 each, so slightly more in dollars. I suspect they bought the camera with a free or slightly cheaper film pack though, and used up all the film in one go.

No. 537828

File: 1530287162595.jpeg (226.8 KB, 1080x1154, 0F021179-BD82-43A8-9D26-8ECDAA…)

Greg has picked up a trick from the Patreons he (tax deductably) donates to, except like all things he fundamentally doesn’t understand it.

No. 537837

Why is it that Ogreaseion and PlaineyThot are always 5 years behind on the trends? It’s like they have their damn heads in the sand and only change when they realize that the shit they think is “in” isn’t anymore, or never was.

No. 537839

Camgirls have been doing it for years.

No. 537840

I sell the instax cameras and film at my work. The cameras are like 50.00$ and film is sold separately at about 10$ for a pack of ten.

No. 537855

File: 1530290913738.gif (1.98 MB, 480x270, 6754F39C-25F0-449D-BF15-098E3A…)

No. 537859

Who the hell would buy this and why.
These are the kind of pictures you maybe pin to your fridge, but selling them online…?
What's next, is he going to sell pictures trot and clot drew claiming he drew them?

No. 537860

>autographs as “Onision”
>that fucking “”””autograph””””

No. 537862

the crusty ass crumbs on the table tho …

No. 537890

They don't even bother pretending to not live in a pigsty.

No. 537940

File: 1530299170097.png (639.72 KB, 1205x677, Screenshot-2018-6-29 BLINDFOLD…)

New video. The video is 6 min, but he reads comments and e-begs for the first 3 minutes. A+ content LGH!


No. 537958

File: 1530300511730.jpg (26.46 KB, 500x635, trSnwpS.jpg)

He looks like he's lost his dentures.

No. 538057

He's getting ready for suk mi on his side job.

No. 538059

Wow, mimicing people with cerebral palsy! How funny! This will surely endear people to your 'work'

No. 538073

File: 1530312896074.png (Spoiler Image, 474.73 KB, 739x607, blackedOnion.png)

I'm sorry.

No. 538074

File: 1530312949350.png (273.93 KB, 507x402, 5477.PNG)

>when even your highest paying Patrons want you to kys

No. 538078

Literal rape!

No. 538079

THEY NEVER TRY AT ANYTHING! Holy fuck. Their handwriting is atrocious and those pics are so shitty and candid. Plain looks like she was woken from a nap by Grease, how does she look so tired/high?

No. 538080

Superior to that blaire white drawing.

No. 538087

File: 1530315237550.png (1.52 MB, 1440x2114, kekk.png)

Kek this is my favorite twitter response so far. Bless the person who did this.

No. 538090

File: 1530315418281.jpeg (92.55 KB, 750x385, FB8BF2DD-D530-4E73-9A36-7942D3…)


No. 538093


No. 538104


>me, five seconds into the comments

>"lol who'd do this"
>"13$ you crazy"
>"doesn't that mean you have to leave the house"
>sarcastic comment about lainey being SO gay af
>first and seemingly only comment that looks supportive
>"Awwww I would frame the fuck the out of that 😂"
>ohohohoho who's that deluded
>check userpic
>hmm her pic looks familiar
>check username


It's so sad that the only fans they have these days are their thirsty orbiters

No. 538106

That crazy girl in love with Lainey will probably buy them.

No. 538107

If Dobs sleeps with them where are the other two dogs?

No. 538109

Struggling for their life in the swamp, or chewing on plastic bottles I assume.

No. 538115

File: 1530318812818.png (1.27 MB, 1425x1899, Panic at the SwampCo!.png)

The relentless e-begging is starting to make sense now.
If you subtract the $1000 that Toby Turner pledged (and Shreg reciprocated in their brilliant plan to bolster their Patreons and look more successful), Shreg is at some of the lowest donation numbers I've seen in recent history.

Subs are plummeting, his Patreons are dropping like flies, and their dirty wigs and wrinkled clothes have been festering, unsold no matter how much he plugs his stupid shop of crap.
Now he's spamming his YT vids with Patreon shit and trying to sell Polaroids. Mark my words, a sex tape is coming soon, Shreg is desperate.
Frozen burritos don't grow on trees and he foolishly bought another pricey house assuming he could hit it big with a VIRAL video. Unfortunately for poor Shreggy lightening, unlike acne, rarely strikes in the same place twice.

No. 538119

Legitimately surprised he didn't put idubbbz in the tags after his spree of tagging successful youtubers in his crappy vids. Guess he decided this one was hilarious enough to stand on it's own merit.

I will never understand people paying for the privelege of sending these entitled whiny fucks packages of stuff in the mail.

No. 538135

Highlights from Lainey's stream:

>streams in #guys

>whining about her youtube channel and shitty content
>says she totally wants to come out to her family but "doesn't see the point"
>more larping as trans, "nobody respects muh pronouns"
>claims her littlest sister is not allowed to follow her because she's bisexual
>miscellaneous self-victimizing
>whines even more about her family not being accepting of her
>retcons her childhood. trying to make herself more trans
>"I nevur liked wearing dresses muuuuh dysphoria"
>she totally wants a girlfriend because she's sooo gay
>talks about her "degree" helping her to understand other people. talks about Greg's "depression"
>starts (fake) crying over a song
>talks about her patreon goal which is making a song
>her guy name is "Elijah"
>"no I'm not losing hair… my hair is actually thick right now"

No. 538139

so its elijah, not landon or lain?

No. 538161

Dumb question because Im not YouNow savvy. I remember when she first started streaming there would be 20 to 25 "moments" now its in the single digits or sometimes just one or two like this most recent stream theres only one moment. Is this because she deletes them after she finishes. Or has her viewership gone so low that not even her fans are bothering to make moment recordings of her.

No. 538165

no one WANTS to be labeled a fuckboi but lainey. Self identifying as one of the worst parts of modern dating culture is the best she can do and she has Onision as reference for what men should be which isn't great

No. 538167

Elijah is such a fucking trans name

No. 538223


I think it's the latter

No. 538226

So is lainey saying she’s trans now? But not going on T? Or is she still nonbinary? I have so much confusion.

No. 538254


She says she's gonna be using the "blanket term" non-binary (she was just recently saying "transmasc" though), and that yes, of course she's trans. And that she's devastated that her rich, generally supportive parents can't understand, so she's "afraid to come out to them." If WE know this nonsense, and her sister/grandma know (according to her), I'm sure her parents do, too. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't "get" it though, because this "transmasculine" BS is just the attention whore version of a tomboy and they know their daughter's confused and/or full of shit.

No. 538262

I seriously doubt her being "bisexual" is the reason her sister isn't allowed to follow her (if that's even true). It would be her blatant sexual content and predatory nature, the fact that it sometimes involves girls is nothing compared to that (also didn't Lainey's sister actually stay with her once?). Also her not coming out to her parents is likely cause they'd laugh at her, not because of transphobia, but because they will know it's utter bullshit. They've known her all her life, if she actually hated dresses they'd know. Also they likely know what's up anyways. If they've ever watched one of her videos or even their titles, checked her twitter, etc they would have seen Lainey broadcast their ~gender identity~
The latter, her fans used to take a bunch of moments but they don't know. Likely cause she doesn't do shit on stream and even if you liked her talking about her pronouns the first time, no one will care after the hundredth

No. 538272

File: 1530342730298.png (12.96 KB, 695x88, 5648874.PNG)

Ive been noticing that more and more people on Twitter and in the YT comment sections of random videos have been insulting each other by saying
>dont act like Onision
>the female Onision
>Onision 2.0

I love that the name/word Onision has not only become synonymous with pedophilia, but with something horrible or of bad quality in general. Its like the opposite of the saying "The Cadillac of _________"

"oh man I ate too much cheese last week and havent been able to use the toilet for days, I finally took a giant Onision this morning and feel 10 pounds lighter"

This is your names legacy Greg.

No. 538301

She is such an ugly cunt, no wonder Shreg is in a state of perpetual rage, being married to that monstrosity

No. 538312

She's not talking about Lauren, she's talking about her younger sister. The one who did the hair curling video when she was in NM.

No. 538344

Said various times on stream her dad does watch her videos. Her mom doesn't.

No. 538374

Incognito anon here.
I haven’t been taking many moments, or even watching her streams for the matter lately because she’s a fucking yawn and a half lately. Even her haters are getting bored with her transtrending.
The good news is that there are still a few YouTube channels reuploading highlights, suffering so you don’t have to.

No. 538376

If anyone believes this, I find it pretty ridiculous. No way her family isn’t curious about what kind of crazy shit she’s up to. She might think they don’t watch but they do.

No. 538386

And you know damn well her mom is going to watch the video if Lainey fucking filmed her. I wonder what recommended videos the YouTube algorithm would display to Foot's mom.

No. 538473

Seconding this notion, its something ive also seen increase over time, and its perfect. How else will people know since he's slowly disappearing from people's minds.

If a person can say Onision, and the only thoughts are synonymous with internet pedophile groomer and online bully, then mission accomplished.

Because in a few more years, Greg's gonna get antsy, and he'll find some jailbait. Here is an article about a 40 year old grooming a 16 year old. It mirrors Laineys story. Its scary that it still happens all over. (That's why all friends and co-workers get the Onision speil to know what to look out for when their kids go online. To keep the kids safe. It keeps them vigilant.) http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5903309/Father-says-Georgia-consent-law-stopped-bringing-daughter-16-home.html

No. 538475

She called herself lain in her new coming out video

No. 538480

At least it's not elijah

No. 538505

how many times will she come out

No. 538508


As many times as she can milk attention from it

No. 538545

I can watch anything at the moment, but I noticed Jessie Paege made a coming out video yesterday. Is Lainey skinwalking again?

No. 538558

File: 1530397166332.png (141.43 KB, 1429x761, ha.png)

Apparently you weren't the only person who noticed that video.

And guess who's name isn't among the 5 retweets/48 likes? Jessie. Kek

No. 538563

File: 1530397820643.png (1.59 MB, 1440x2221, patreon plug.png)

Translation: "My poor fragile sickly wife isn't feeling well, what a golden opportunity to advertise my failing Patreon!"

Btw, his cool new approach of spamming his videos and SM with begging for Patreon pledges doesn't seem to be working. He's down in donations about $40/mo since yesterday.

No. 538565

How is Lainey "gay" if she's a "boy" who wants to date girls?

No. 538575

wait gurg told her she's bi?

No. 538581

File: 1530399633548.png (63.31 KB, 800x426, Screenshot-2018-7-1 Onision or…)

Because you would never block someone and then talk shit about them… right?

No. 538583

Fucking lol, of course she’s trying to get up Jessie’s ass. Jessie is an adorable human with a heart of gold, I hope she never has any contact, online or irl, with this toxic translarper and her piece of shit husband.

No. 538586

File: 1530400321369.jpg (320.33 KB, 1536x1536, 1530399904071.jpg)

Kek after advertising this brilliant polaroid idea, the Swamp monsters have only managed to sell TWO pictures since yesterday.

>Limited supply guiz, better order these quick before you miss out!

No. 538588

Exactly. Its human nature to be curious about seeing yourself on any kind of media. So you know she looked up Taylors channel searching for the Disney trip, and then got curious as to what all those other videos were about. I mean just on the same tier as the Disney video is RECONNECTING WITH MY EX GIRLFRIEND & TELLING MY FRIEND I LIKE HER, so that surely caught her mom (families) eye.
That reaction we saw from her mom and sister when Taylor was whining about being ugly and not looking as pretty as them and they TOTALLY ignored her. Taylors family is used to her being overly dramatic and attention seeking. Im sure they all think this non binary, searching for a female soul mate thing is just a phase and a way of getting attention and it will blow over, just like her fake emo phase in high school.

No. 538590

File: 1530400888191.png (310.89 KB, 1440x1274, give it a rest GSW.png)

She's been at this for awhile. Thankfully Jessie seems smart enough to want nothing to do with GSW.

No. 538609

Yeah I posted about this on a previous thread. It’s bad enough that Jessie associates with that other poisonous cow Jaclyn, hopefully she comes to her senses soon. Minor tinfoil but I suspect that the main reason Jessie has ignored Taylor to date is due to Cracklyn’s beef with Ogreg. She’s so good natured she’d probably even give Lumpy Space Prince a chance if it weren’t for the tomato faced organ grinder.

No. 538610

Lainey, she said new and talented. None of those apply to you.

No. 538615

Having that talentless herp-ridden attention seeking fuckwit in anyone’s videos (unless it’s a roast) is sure to be a kiss of death.

No. 538619

Let's not forget Onion will try to get in the video. He's like your one friend's creepy dad who tries to get closer to you under the guise of wanting to know his daughter's friends better.

No. 538625

So Ash Hardell is a YouTuber who talks a lot about gender/sexuality, non-binary, getting top surgery soon, but is tolerable because she seems genuinely kind and intelligent, and she actually has a job and life outside of YouTube.

Lainey's been saying again and again how much she wants to collab with her, brings her up as a YouTuber she really likes a lot, Tweets her, and was saying she was hoping to do something with her but she was busy.

Well, Ash just posted a video where she talks about people like her who are still not positive in what they are, puts it in an eloquent way Lainey never could; but the similarities are there: not a girl, wants top surgery, no bottom dysphoria, they/them… So anyway the THE BEST PART is she puts in all of these clips of random people expressing their feelings about this. Lainey is not one of them, even though she claims to be EXACTLY what this video calls for. Just thought it'd make her ree a little. Ha ha.

No. 538626

So Lainey’s dad can’t visit Lainey’s house because Greg was upset at what he said about him but Greg’s mom who called Lainey transphobic names can? Is she really this dumb and can’t see the disrespect for her? Greg is scared of his mommy maybe?

No. 538627

"Hi girls… whats going on in here?"

"Making a video? Want me to help? Ive been doing this YouTube thing for over 10 years, I know what makes a viral video… have you seen my Im a Banana Video Jessie?"

"No? You dont need my help… okay"

"Can I stay and watch then?"

>doesnt wait for an answer or approval, sits down on the couch and stares at Jessie like a dog stares at a slab of meat

No. 538628



No. 538637

File: 1530405337499.gif (1.75 MB, 320x205, 44328D34-82DD-4027-A7EA-7053AE…)

Good thing that at 19 homegirl is too old for Ogreasion’s shriveled baby carrot.

No. 538640


She’s such an embarrassment. It will never cease to amaze me that someone with a “degree” in psychology can be so lacking in self-awareness (or just awareness in general). She’s an ugly, selfish, stupid, basic ass waste of space who will never amount to anything beyond being a punching bag for her retarded narcissistic husband and kek fodder for us farmers.

No. 538644

Wait, this makes no sense. I don't have screenshots but yesterday when I checked there were 8 Onision pictures available, 10 Lainey, and I think 10 duo pics. Lainey's makes sense because it means she sold them but how is there now more of Greg's photos?

No. 538654

File: 1530407423145.png (304.91 KB, 1242x2208, 03DF9FCA-BCA7-41C3-97F1-AF2581…)

He could ship these in an envelope with a stamp for $3 easily. Even $2.

No. 538662

Not sure. I took screenshots in the late afternoon and again this afternoon just for kicks because their other items haven't been selling. It's possible he may have added a few more thinking they were going to sell like hotcakes, or the buyer's payments didn't go through?

No. 538663

But anon, they put SOOOOOOOO much effort into taking shitty half-hearted faux polaroid selfies! And they had to write their names too! That's too much work for them to handle.

No. 538671


But really, how full of themselves can they get? There's some YouTubers I REALLY enjoy watching, but the thought of buying a polaroid directly from them… no thanks? It's so personal. I only want pictures of my loved ones, and if I were selling these pics of myself I'd be sure to take note of the names that bought them so I'd know who to avoid/who the press should look for if I'm ever murdered.

No. 538672

File: 1530409935176.jpg (39.48 KB, 432x432, photo.jpg)

>if I were selling these pics of myself I'd be sure to take note of the names that bought them so I'd know who to avoid/who the press should look for if I'm ever murdered.

That could be what Onisions plan is. Find out who the real creepos are in his cult of failure.
You just know that Respit weirdo bought a full set so he could squirt his tribute all over Gregs face.

No. 538674



i don't want to direct any hate towards the person i'm thinking of but does this not remind anyone of a certain fake-russian's least favorite person

No. 538694

I think that’s reaching, anon. The person you’re talking about doesn’t look anything like whoever this loser is.

No. 538697

whatever happened with Reaper's Creek? Did he just stop working on it or is it finished?

No. 538702

Looks like lainey by the end of this year.
Ooooo grease how does it feel knowing your spouse is always going to look like this.
You'll never have a feminine woman again kek.

No. 538714

File: 1530415283432.jpeg (85.95 KB, 640x487, 5B70306C-B55D-4DC7-9CE1-CDA384…)

What you first type on Google

No. 538733

I lold so hard in Lainey's comkng out video when she implies Greg's mum calls her a tranny.

No. 538742

lainey will have less hair

No. 538743

More like he is scared of Taylor's father. He probably screamed at him over the age of consent and, well, you don't scream at a successful lawyer without getting your ass handed back to you. He's not going to try to be around that guy again, because he knows lawyer logic trumps onision logic.

Greg can't control her dad, but he still can control Taylor, and when she gets to visit her folks. God did Billie dodge a bullet there.

No. 538746

File: 1530417086059.jpeg (293.18 KB, 750x730, 95FCA425-08FF-4BC3-9427-FE5E1B…)

I found this on Twitter about this pic. It’s true though, they do give off serial killer vibes(selfposting)

No. 538755

File: 1530417555682.jpeg (160.03 KB, 663x604, 85F86BDD-431C-4015-B5CD-347A1E…)

>But really, how full of themselves can they get? There's some YouTubers I REALLY enjoy watching, but the thought of buying a polaroid directly from them… no thanks? It's so personal. I only want pictures of my loved ones
It’s derived from camgirls; who would sell polaroids to their followers to sustain the fantasy that they have a personal connection and a one-of-a-kind photo of their waifu.
I wonder how Greg learned about buying polaroids…

No. 538758

File: 1530417624216.png (47.19 KB, 728x390, Screenshot_2018-06-30-20-43-03…)

Like most all accomplished authors, instead of working from an outline and having editors help with readability and continuity issues, he's literally just been winging it and sharting out a few paragraphs when he needs money/attention.
He has no idea what he's doing and at this point I think his novel/manifesto/jackoff tome may never be finished. It is destined to slowly sink into the spergy swamp, much like his YouTube career.

No. 538762

I would bet money her family talks often about that situation and her parents are heartbroken over her histrionics since she married Greg. They probably are only a few steps away from staging an intervention.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some people have warned her. It seems a lot of the YouTube crowd is well aware that no matter how sweet you think Taylor is, her husband is absolute scorched Earth, and one of the quickest guarantees of entering a very shunned crowd of YTers. It’s career suicide to associate with them.

No. 538772

File: 1530419122155.png (1.16 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1682.PNG)

Peep that D-. Shane's got an A.

Looks like he did some deleting. I thought only people do that when they have something to hide?

No. 538774

File: 1530419494159.jpg (Spoiler Image, 221.77 KB, 967x701, Gregs2ndJob.jpg)

>I wonder how Greg learned about buying polaroids…
>It’s derived from camgirls; who would sell polaroids to their followers

I think we just found out what that mysterious "second job" is Greg keeps alluding to.

No. 538775

He deleted the remaining Cyr videos, and probably a few others here and there.

No. 538780

I just saw the disney vid and it struck me how seemingly normal and less awful they are to watch doing normal family shit.

If the onions made videos like that more often instead of barricading themselves inside to ramble about genders and fax, maybe they'd have actual fans. But that would involve leaving the house more than once in a blue moon, so probably not.

No. 538804

Emphasis on “family”; when it’s just Taylor and her gay husband on a “date” or whatever other cringey shit they do in public they’re as insufferable as ever. Having their crotchfruit and assorted family members present clearly forces them to feign basic decency/socially acceptable behaviour

No. 538805

File: 1530423705517.png (48.2 KB, 230x230, onisions spoiler.png)

I just realized how much the general spoiler image looks like Greg when he showed his ass on that Trisha video.
I wonder if we can have a specific spoiler cover image for the Onision/Laineybot threads.

No. 538806

Has anyone accessed his private Instagram yet? My morbid curiosity is telling me he has some dark shit floating around there but I would not spend $20 for it.

No. 538808

I fucking love it

No. 538813

I dunno, I think they still act pretty weird considering they have young children with them. The kind of jokes they made in the Disney video and the one where they go to that little beach (Buzz Lightyear has a "rape face," joking about their unhappiness multiple times etc.) are really strange things to say in front of your clearly visibly/audibly present four-year-old imo. I get that the kid might not be paying attention in some of those moments, but if that's the kind of shit they think is appropriate to say with them around in a video, I imagine they say shit like that around them plenty at home, and four is plenty old enough to be negatively impacted by your parents' shitty "jokes" and attitudes. (Of course, we already knew they name-call and fight in front of the spawn too, so…)

No. 538815

Admittedly I didn’t watch the Disney video because I fucking hate Disney as much as I hate these two fucktards and I don’t like children so that particular piece of content is my idea of hell, but I don’t doubt that if that’s what they were saying while the camera was rolling there would be all manner of inappropriate shit going on behind the scenes.

No. 538819

Hahahahaha! Oh please admin sama <3

No. 538829

No. 538842

Holy shit, my sides. Bless you anon, for taking my post and creating comedic gold while sparing me (and others) from having to watch the whole Disney video. You are a national treasure. Legit surprised that this behaviour didn’t get the greaselords kicked out of the park. But then I guess the staff have better things to do than muscle in on a screeching manchild with a video camera.

No. 538846



the woman in the video directly in front of him on the rollercoaster was CLEARLY pissed off.

No. 538853

He is sooooo fucking fat.
Those man tits are disgusting

No. 538854

thats lainey… not even greg's wife thinks he's funny.

No. 538857


No, not that rollercoaster, the other one. The woman with long hair and sunglasses.

No. 538858

I think he said "Lordy Lauren" maybe in which case that's Lainey's sister Lauren.

No. 538860

File: 1530437697616.png (23.38 KB, 1051x375, Screenshot_2018-06-30-21-00-10…)

I feel almost like he has more pictures and then made the number of them lower to make it seem like they were selling or that they really are exclusive (Greg probably hates the idea of limited edition because it means not everyone who wants to give him his money can). Or of course your theories and potentially people had two in their carts and didn't buy. Greg's and the duos are at 8 now and Lainey's at 5, I'll keep an eye on it to see if it jumps up again

Also, I checked out a pair of shorts they were selling of Lainey's because I was interested in seeing the size (can't fake that) and this was the description. I just can't with these people

No. 538862

File: 1530439607631.png (208.37 KB, 1104x537, lol.png)

Lmao, you're right. And to think he got angry at people just retweeting that drawing

No. 538865

Why is it the first one? How does this work, did it decide based on popularity of the picture or what?

No. 538873

It's considered as the most relevant picture, that's how it's decided. Basically currently more people associate this picture with Greg according to the algorithms. Makes sense as it's very popular on tumblr and twitter

No. 538883

File: 1530452388104.png (1.16 MB, 882x990, eww.png)

So with a bit of effort images like this could be all that is retrieved…

No. 538884

That would be absolutely perfect. It has my vote.

No. 538886

File: 1530453726993.png (791.1 KB, 1319x457, Im So Happy.png)

A bit of fun with his Mystery Box Opening footage.

No. 538889

File: 1530454608483.jpg (68.82 KB, 1173x473, Capture.JPG)

There's a when you order vs. when it arrives meme here, but don't want the ugly man thinking anyone is thinking anything positive about the black and white pedo on the right. He LOVES pulling this picture up in videos.

This is the same guy who made a "career" (lolololololol) shitting on people for their looks and/or their attempts to appear more attractive.

No. 538898

Where's the picture from, when was it taken? If I may ask.

No. 538900

File: 1530457283220.png (455.76 KB, 804x876, 1512709482871.png)

No. 538901

File: 1530457330139.png (93.07 KB, 898x393, 888.png)

Did an image search to see if I could find it and this is what I got lol
I'm pretty sure it's just a screenshot from one of his videos

No. 538907

File: 1530459935859.jpg (9.59 KB, 275x260, 1529785033910.jpg)

Bravo anon, bravo

No. 538914

that's been "top pic" for probably two months now lol

No. 538925

File: 1530463749768.png (23.04 KB, 735x237, Screenshot-2018-7-1 Onision or…)

No. 538926

File: 1530463824218.jpg (404.88 KB, 1055x839, Meltyeyes_onion.jpg)

This is another iteration seen around.

No. 538933

>all whom
>most all

No. 538935

I wonder what has caused this recent Twitter mini-sperg about papa Onion

No. 538938

Lack of attention

No. 538940

It was one of those hour long, 140 degree showers, where he suddenly has an epiphany about the sexual assault of people hes known for years.

No. 538941

Virtue signaling, victim playing, pity pattering, and yet another attempt to provoke his Daddy into fighting back, all under 140 characters! I hope Mr. Onion's Dad never responds and keeps living his apparently happy and successful life without him.

No. 538942

trying so hard to drum up that sweet, sweet righteous indignation attention. I guess doing this with a's dad didn't work out like he'd hoped. so sad.

No. 538946

Lainey just posted an Instagram ad for a watch she'll never wear again with her baby clearly showing in the back. She could have easily cropped them out, seems intentional.


I feel weird about seeing this. Poor dude deserves anonymity, it's bad enough he has a fucking monster of a son

No. 538949

Yeah, at least cover his eyes and the logo better..

No. 538950

You can clearly see his number and make out his e-mail, do you want people to contact the guy??

No. 538959


greg does. thats why this is the first time he's dropped his full name.

No. 538976

File: 1530477157119.png (442.64 KB, 944x564, babycarrot.png)


In the recent speaks video he accuses binkieprincess of being pro ED because she promotes flattummyco on her insta. Which is… quite a stretch.

He's also back to overstuffing his pants. You can stop pretending now Greg! We all know you have a micropeen.

No. 538978

D-? I checked a few days ago and he had a B- then. The fuck?

No. 538995

File: 1530480765270.png (1.51 MB, 1225x686, patreon only.png)


Seriously, does he think this content is worth paying for? Who knew that you had to pay a buck to watching a video of a guy cleaning up his yard. The only reason youtube wouldn't monetize it is because of all the copywrited music.

No. 538998

File: 1530481117622.png (313.32 KB, 556x796, my ex.png)

Perhaps no one leaves comments on Laineybot's patreon because she never responds, and when she does it's short and comes off really rude.

No. 539000

File: 1530481942707.png (95.6 KB, 1056x994, patreon poll.png)

No. 539001

These are his choices of topics? lmao. No wonder he gets no views

No. 539002

File: 1530482334361.png (96.09 KB, 1070x1020, patreon poll 2.png)

No. 539003

>STDs 7

what the fuck

No. 539009

File: 1530484192805.png (1.22 MB, 1250x797, my father.png)


How I know my dad doesn't love me
1. He made me get my hair cut shorter than I wanted!
2. He called the cops on me because I wouldn't eat and I was having a bad attitude.
3. I had to go on a road trip and I had plans with my girlfriend. I called my step mom a bitch and flipped him off while he was driving. I was being a snotty teenager and he pulled over the car and probably told me to knock it off but I kept on provoking him so he attacked me.
4. He lied to my cousin about why I was in Juvenal hall. He said I 'punched him' but I was kicking him.
5. He looked at my computer files and lied to me and said he didn't! That was my property.
6. Even after I told him I didn't want to talk to him he still tried to contact me and make up with me.
7. He shouldn't talk to me but still send me a birthday gift and a Christmas gift every year. (I haven't gotten a gift from him in 12 years!!)
8. He's a sex offender and a monster.

No. 539010

no fucking way that many ppl voted. he only has like 10 stans

No. 539012

what video did that come from? i see that picture all the time but never the video

No. 539013

You can pick more than one so most likely it's a few patreons picking several options.

No. 539014

So hes just a whiny baby that didn't get his way with his daddy so he throws out accusations like a little bitch.

Fucking daddy issues.

No. 539015

lmao I see this farmer on every single Onion tweet. Take a chill pill.

No. 539022


> Juvenile Hall

I thought Greg hated criminals! Ho boy

No. 539023

What an obnoxious little cunt.

Can't wait to see the Troy version of this video tho.

No. 539024


I don't think that's her kid, anon.

No. 539025

somehow thats even worse tho.

No. 539026

"My dad doesn't love me because he's an accused predator" way to make it all about yourself you narcissistic POS

No. 539035

So pretty clear why he hates his dad. He dared to try to have some authority/control over his kid while his mom just snuggled him and let him do whatever he wants.

No. 539038

No. 539060

>Love is having someone's back

>REEEE My dad never sends me birthday presents even though I told him to leave me alone!

What a self-involved little prick.

No. 539062

Legitimately trying to wrap my mind around the fact that a grown man in his 30's is crying about his daddy making him him get a haircut he didn't like when he was a kid.

He has zero perspective. He truly believes he is a victim because his dad doesn't buy him presents. Is he retarded? I think he's actually retarded.

No. 539080

God he is so autistic it’s unbelievable.

No. 539082

It's cause he's still had the mind of a teenager. He can't wrap his head around why a parent would want their child to look like them, discipline them, and not send gifts after the child asks them to leave them alone.

He's a grown man who has kids and still doesn't understand that his father was parenting him. Then he accuses his father of being a child molester and defends his mother who gave him naked massages.

No. 539166

File: 1530503252854.png (77.71 KB, 561x306, downdowndown.png)

Damn, what happened? Is it because its the first of the month? Just yesterday he was at almost 950 patrons and over 4K.

No. 539172

guess tobuscisis check bounced

No. 539179

yeah that would make sense with a 1K drop, but he lost 109 patrons, did his fake patrons get found out by Patreon and dumped?

No. 539181


beginning of the month, anon. It always happens

No. 539191

>he was molested by his father and has a delusion that he also molested 'adult' women (seeing his father with adult girlfriends possibly) to normalize the abuse he endured in his head. He calls his father out randomly and has for years and always uses the phrase 'he molested a child ' because that child was him. Not one of his sister's or any girl child it was onion. He makes his dad out to be horrible but his sister's still see him and he is mostly described as just a normal decent guy. Most child molesters that get away with it for years always usually seem like just a normal guy as no one around them had any idea that the abusing was taking place.

No. 539203

Except his #'s never bounced back from the beginning of last month like it usually does.
Also it still shows Toby Turner's "Panda God" donation, so the drop definitely isn't from him. Will be interesting to see how much changes in the next week or so, Shreg has been hemorrhaging patrons lately.

No. 539205

it says he still has 1 patreon at $1000 tier which im guessing is toby? unless it just doesn't update that fast. and hes at $2,986 now. That's the lowest I've seen.

No. 539239

i only noticed the $ drop, thats why i assumed it was toby. sorry for the confusion.

No. 539248

Notice that people would rather he make “hater” videos than fan ones.
That is sad AF.

Admission of actually being a trender? Seems like it.

No. 539254

>Ghetto people
Say what now?

No. 539267

black ppl obv

No. 539273

File: 1530521716048.jpg (175.39 KB, 1917x269, Screenshot_20180212-172421.jpg)

Greggory Jackson Daniel doesn't care about black people. He also made a list ranking all the races on his old forum.

He thinks he's not racist because he pops boners for Asians, but he's too misogynistic to be self aware thst he's just fetishizing a whole race.

No. 539275

gag, stop flaunting your crotch to teens you fucking weird ass old man.

What a generous man Shreg is, pay him and get a video of him doing house chores to copyrighted music.

No fucking way would Shreg want to strap on his bulletproof vest and go in to a city to interview people. He's too autistic for that, not to mention no one wants to talk to someone wearing a bulletproof vest.

Comparing hair cuts to sexuality lol okay. Fuck Shreg, you expect your father who you accuse of many crimes to send you gifts? Fuck you lol.

No. 539276

>he pops boners for Asians

Well that explains Draineythot’s quest to transform herself into a K-Pop boyband reject.

No. 539277


Wow, this is awful. If he was remotely popular or liked, it'd ruin him.

No. 539278

Just imagine for a minute (suspend disbelief if required) that Grugly’s parents are normal people. No accusations of molestation or incestuous oedipus shit, just regular middle class Americans who socialise with other middle class Americans. They’re having a regular middle class American barbecue and talking about what their regular middle class kids, probably in their late 20s/early 30s are up to. The Jacksons are up and they have to explain that while everyone else’s kids have graduated college, have boring jobs in middle management, maybe a kid or two or one on the way, their son is married to 23 year old foot who thinks she is a 12 year old boy and spends all his spare time screeching into a camera/smearing himself with shit and posting the results on the internet while the mother of the grandchildren they never see e-begs for shekels so she can purchase overpriced face paint she doesn’t know how to use because filming yourself sitting in a cupboard rocking back and forth while picking at herp sores and bleating about “muh dysphoria” is apparently a career these days. Just let that sink in.

No. 539279

>the only thing I have against those born in Africa is their ignorance of disease


But seriously, fuck this racist cunt. My god.

No. 539281

I absolutely love the fact that he didn't even punch his dad even tho he always talks about assaulting him. He was literally in the backseat screeching and screaming like a pig and kicking him

No. 539291

I mean if I had Shreg as a son I'd want to retroactively abort him too.

No. 539304

Still desperately trying to connect to his pre-teen/teen base. "I have arguments with my parents just like you guise. I'm one of you, fellow kids."

No. 539306

Probably Onion will make video in the future about his 'ungrateful' son…
maybe Gurg is jelous that doormat still receives gifts from her parents?

No. 539319

"Improve songs" first good idea he's had in years

No. 539333


Like a toddler on a plane.

Like other anon said, I wonder if he's actually retarded. Not even trying to be mean here… He literally has the brain of a very slow teenager and he's in his 30's.

No. 539335

I feel sorry for his dad.
Imagine how long Gergle must have provoked him and pushed his buttons by behaving like the biggest asshole on this planet and constantly harrass him and his wife to finally go too far and make him snap so bad that he choked him.
But of course Gerg thinks everything he did was ok, but how dare his dad leave him in a cell for a weekend after he started kicking him like a maniac until he bled all over him.

I really hope his dad has a great life with a not psychotic wife and loving kids.
I can't even imagine what it must have been like being married to crazy Tami and having Gerg as a child.

No. 539351

Well, his mother's doctor had wanted mama Tami to get an abortion while pregnant with Greg, because the ultrasound (not sure if she had amnio test) had shown signs of physical and mental disabilities. Predominately the super large head was the issue. Also, down syndrome and other chromosomal syndromes have many physical attributes that are identifiable, and it can include a micropenis.

So the doctor saw the really large head and super tiny micropeen in the womb, said oh no its retarded, and suggested an abortion for Tami.

Note that Greg has never said the doctor wanted his 2 older sisters to be aborted, just him. Per his own admissions. This is also why he hates doctors, because 1st they wanted him aborted, then they circumcised him, makin his peen even peenier. Just fyi for your musings.

No. 539358

>oh no its retarded

No. 539371

I can see Plainey suggesting topics like this whenever he runs out of video ideas… Anything to get him to clean lol! Do it for the patrons, not your family!

No. 539373

Omg this really encapsulates all that Grease is interested in… It's really really sad that this is what his life revolves around. Just gotta add Eugenia Cooney back (I guess she is "Anorexia")

No. 539374


Fucking hell, I wonder why Greg is SO obsessed with eating disorders? He's made so many videos on them, freaks out on people that he suspects has them, and says that he can cure them. That he, almighty Greg, can cure eating disorders.

Just, why? It seems so out-of-left-field compared to all his other obsessions.

No. 539378


I thought LGH was uncircumcised. I’m AJ’s letter, she said that during their second or third Skype conversation he told her all about his uncircumcised dick and asked what she thought about circumcising.

No. 539404

Yeah I think he is uncircumcised, which makes his impotent rage on the obsession ever weirder

No. 539407

I think he meant improv songs, retard can't even spell

No. 539459

File: 1530562692912.jpg (293.63 KB, 1000x800, 5c0.jpg)

>makin his peen even peenier.

No. 539461

>obsessed with eating disorders
>It seems so out-of-left-field compared to all his other obsessions

Its a two-fer. He gets to make videos about one of the most popular YTubers and disguise it as concern while he rakes in the adsense nickels. And he also gets to pretend he cares about his teen & preteen viewers and "help" them through a difficult time of their life. Then tweet "how has Onision helped you with cutting" then delete the tweet 20 minutes later and sit back as the little girls send (what seems like unsolicited) praise about how great a person he is.
And his words of wisdom are always so insightful, if I remember correctly there was one spergout where he just said "Stop cutting, just stop it"
Super helpful.

No. 539464

File: 1530563965842.png (129.5 KB, 561x612, 806 patrons 2896 dollars.png)

I know another anon said that its a beginning of the month thing, and it always happens.

But it just seems to keep dropping day by day this screenshot is 6/30 - 7/1 7/2
Could the Patron loss be because of his freak out about his dad? His fans think its unsavory the way hes trying to use this drama for views.
Or could he be pissed about the patron loss and thats why he had to find something to be angry about and his dad is what the Wheel of Drama landed on?

Im just so happy to see the Patreon tit slowly dry up.

No. 539469

File: 1530565279979.png (39.84 KB, 515x221, screencap76209.PNG)

Even his fans unconscious minds are telling them to run.
Taken from the Community section of Onision's Patreon.

No. 539472

His numbets do tend to drop at the first of the month, but in May he was bringing in around $4100/mo.
On June 1, it dropped down to $3750 (this was prior to Toby's $1000 pledge) as recorded in this post
and unlike other months it never came back up. It just kept dipping lower and lower until Toby's "donation".

I'm very curious what will happen, although I have a feeling he will pad it again through Lainey's Patreon.
I think patrons are getting tired of the repetitive content and haterz are even getting bored of him.

No. 539480

File: 1530567033348.png (343.16 KB, 1200x1741, Screenshot_2018-07-02-14-25-17…)

So Shreg just completely restructured his Patreon, lowering all the prices, probably in a panic because he's been hemorrhaging patrons.

Tinfoil: he also did it to cover up the fact that Toby is still injecting $1000/mo into it. I just looked on Toby's patreon and it lists Onision as someone he pledges to, so that $1000 drop hasn't come from him pulling his pledge.

No. 539481

File: 1530567142890.png (133.54 KB, 1191x949, Screenshot_2018-07-02-14-26-45…)

No. 539483


The haters (and farmers) are sick of him. I genuinely come her mostly for DraineyThot. At least she’s still relatively new and embarrassing, where Grease has been doing the same mind numbing shit for 10 years, he just manages to get stupider and more autistic, but nothing really surprises me anymore with him. Plainey is at least still fun to make fun of, but these threads are getting dryer. Not that I don’t love coming to them, especially with brilliant artwork by the anons here. Fingers crossed for divorcegate.

No. 539485

File: 1530568409111.png (319.8 KB, 709x526, bootyslayer.PNG)

Am I wrong or is she the only one that continuously requests one-on-one face time with Onion every month. Where as his usual gaggle of giggling teenies are cool clumped in a group as the laugh at his dad jokes.
If I was Lameo, Id keep an eye on that lady, or shes going to end up as "that ex from New Mex" in Onions future videos.

No. 539499

File: 1530570582000.png (86.53 KB, 743x480, Screenshot_2018-07-02-15-25-30…)

Asking for money advice from someone hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. And Shreg ironically suggests not eating out, having a gas-efficient car and shopping at cheap grocery stores.
Shreg, who eats half his lunches at Panera Bread, drives a truck and shops at Whole Foods ffs.

No. 539501

Bit of a random thought, but anyone think the drop in his patreon is from his min channel being blocked?

I know UhOhBro brings in a fair amount, but I wonder if people were checking their credit card statements, noticed his patreon, checked his channel and saw no uploads so canceled? I'm sure not everyone is subbed to both channels.

No. 539502

In a few years he can reinvent himself into the next Margaret Palermo

No. 539503

Can you imagine watching a video about STDs from a dude who refuses to wear condoms? Jfc

No. 539504

File: 1530571238406.png (475.48 KB, 905x969, Screenshot_2018-07-02-15-38-35…)

Kek so he was so upset he had to sperg to YT about this, but you can clearly see from the red line at the bottom of the video he watched almost the whole thing.

No. 539506

We can't really blame him - they don't make condoms THAT smol kek

No. 539513

File: 1530572448590.jpg (215.28 KB, 924x632, 3vtdlv.jpg)

Hes tweeting about how we as a society are now taking women's allegations of sexual assault seriously.

Has he forgotten the type of people he buddies up with and gives over a thousand dollars via Patreon? And lets not forget what hes done to ex-girlfriends and unsuspecting teens who have visited his house.

No. 539517

File: 1530572813225.jpg (8.12 KB, 355x226, 41kQUuGSY7L._SX355_.jpg)

He could use a finger cot. Im sure they would fit snug tight.

No. 539520

File: 1530573068420.png (794.91 KB, 1190x888, Screenshot_2018-07-02-16-00-46…)

Shreg is really hard up for attention. He just uploaded a fake apology to the DDLG Community, making sure to say "I hope Binky Princess's boyfriend doesn't get upset with me."
The drama channels have been ignoring him, his patreon is down. Shreg is desperate. Sperg incoming, I guarantee.

No. 539522

Me thinks he's trying to drum up some drama with the furry community. Desperate as always. Also ofc he watched the vid, it was prolly during one of his many hentai breaks.

No. 539524


I feel creepy and weird for noticing this, but…
the last two times hes been in a diaper hes had his tighty whiteys on underneath. When he first wore a diaper on camera he was laughed at for the lack of bulge and how his "peen seemed even peenier" So I guess thats the reason for him trying to add bulk to that area with his underwear.

No. 539525

Yikes, this is solely directed at Madison.

No. 539539

More towards her bf, actually. Greg's actually so desperate he's actually picking on a guy rather than a girl this time! I'm not familiar with these people and not really interested in learning more… Is the channel a joint channel for the two of them or does he have his own?

No. 539550

booty has been around longer than lainey has.

does lainey show her patron numbers? just curious where her moneys at vs greg

No. 539551

File: 1530575893997.png (50.08 KB, 250x234, 54534543.PNG)

Cant find anything about how much cash is rolling in.

No. 539552

Tbf if Onion really wanted that girl, he probably would have made a ~poly~ move on her long ago, hence why Lambo feels safe enough.

No. 539554

The only thing that would "save" him would be getting a divorce and making videos about it.

No. 539566

Booty is bigger and taller than Greg, too. Smol man's ego wouldn't be able to take it.

No. 539571

underrated post

No. 539578

it's privated, been like that for as long as I can remember, can you guesstimate based on how many have pledged to each tier or is that private too?

No. 539581

File: 1530582629329.png (80.61 KB, 1086x1012, poll.png)

No. 539582

How about pulling your monthly pledge from this idiot?

No. 539586

did you vote for weird kinks, you freaky anon, you? lol. you think that would give the most milk? I would have voted for Onision.

No. 539592

Iguess he has 58 active patrons?

No. 539606

He reminds me of Logan Paul in his Japan video. Jesus Christ, what a retard. Does he have no concept of how normal people behave in public?

No. 539608

His Patreon going down at the beginning of the month is for two things, if someone leaves mid-month they technically stop the subscription which goes into effect the next month plus the people who's accounts bounce but I don't think the latter actually takes up all that many and they usually re-subscribe within a week (plus any new Patreon). Any loss past that is people who left
A dream about Greg kidnapping a group of young girls? Well that's basically a nightmare scenario of what he does/tries to do with stokholm and abuse
Interesting he got rid of the tier to be in a video with him plus the ability to meet him. Too bad he kept that you have to spend 1200 dollars a year to be invited to the annual theme park gathering where you probably have to pay for everything (I doubt he'd even buy ice cream for the kids who go). Though now we might get more people getting that tier since you no longer have to pay 250 to Skype with Greg and he unfortunately has lots of bootyslayer-type fans that would love to still. So it might help for the fans in 75 tier thinking it's a good deal to upgrade
It was decently recent she made it private. She and Greg privated theirs after some tumblr had a popular post on their Patreon scumminess. It was 1400$ then, it's likely much lower now

No. 539612

File: 1530590963345.png (262.75 KB, 905x712, Screenshot_2018-07-02-20-56-26…)

The fact that Shreg liked this tweet is pretty ironic considering his straight wife has been doing nothing but fetishize the gay and trans communities for years and
has been trying to profit off their legitimate struggles.

No. 539621

File: 1530593780329.jpg (194.48 KB, 571x711, dzGxQAAuZJL.jpg)

Im sure Gregs Patreon numbers will go up as long as he keeps giving them such great entertainment.

Last week Patrons got to watch Greg cut down trees and trim weeds.

We can only guess what next weeks Patron-Exclusive Video will be.

No. 539626

Lainey and Greg both have fetishized girls kissing, and pretty recently too. How many times has lainey done a gratuitous girl-on-girl kiss? Or as her "gay boy" self where she very gayly loves boys
Hell, Lainey fetishized the most tame dating simulator "Dream Daddy" that she turned into a daddy fetish thing despite it just being a cute gay dad dating other gay dads filled with dad jokes and father-daughter parenting issues
Please anon, he's only just beginning, next video he'll show off his great vegetarian body and cut the logs shirtless! His sexy rosacea, acne/backne, inevitable sunburn, lack of any definable muscle, and sweaty armpits will get all the girls screaming!

No. 539638

Screaming in sheer terror, that is. I’m still perplexed as all fuck re: anyone ever finding him attractive irl.

No. 539653

No one should be getting sex advice from a guy that wants dry pussy because a "wet pussy is nasty".

He supports Shreg and Charles Trippy and Allie 3.0? Yeah Toby has no taste kek.

Not "gayboy" she's fuckboi.

No. 539655


Didn’t his whole career come from fetishising a kiss with Shane?

No. 539656

His wife came from that, so I mean

No. 539660

File: 1530602917646.png (561.52 KB, 619x539, Untitled.png)

So who ever Shane kissed at that creator meet-up would be the person Taylor would of stalked and hunted down?
In an alternative universe we could have a Drew-Taylor relationship.

No. 539661

She couldn't get Shane, so she settled for Onion. So basically, yes lmao

No. 539662

Just as greasy as grease kek, I love Drew though.

No. 539663

She fuckin wishes, Drew is such a lovely dude! Remember when Greg felt the need to go on about thinking he's ugly, and didn't get why Shane wasn't cool with it? Guess poor ugly Gruggly's never had a real friend to stand up for him.

But for real Lainey's such a blank canvas sponge, she probably would have ended up at least a bit kinder and more tolerable had she ended up with such a sweetie.

No. 539666

I honestly wonder if Taylor would have grown up to be less of a cunt if it weren’t for Shreg’s influence, or if she was genetically predisposed to being a cunt regardless.

No. 539668

She's still be a cunt, but just the same basic bitch tier her entire life was prior to him.

No. 539670

She knows she’s nothing but a basic bitch at heart, hence the translarping and other attention whoring antics. I’m low key living for how she repeatedly tweets at LGBT creators in desperation for recognition and they don’t even acknowledge her existence.

No. 539680

He didn't say upset though, he said aroused, then slaps on a wig and says "now he's aroused". Gross. Just wondering, has he ever done a sincere apology in his life? And not something just there to drum up views?

No. 539708

But that's just a girl in a swimming suit, it's something you see all the time at PUBLIC SWIMMING POOLS, which makes it ok and totally not creepy at all, right Greg?

No. 539713

File: 1530620490072.png (271.55 KB, 547x638, the 100th age play video.png)


I really shouldn't of voted for 'Weird Kinks'. It seems like Onion has taken all those votes for it as a green light to continue on his ABDL spurg.

No. 539714

File: 1530620657604.png (288.96 KB, 504x562, tattoos.png)

WHAT MY TATTOOS MEAN (Tattoo Tour)(Mirror)

No. 539715

>symbol tattoos with greg that are easily modified in case they break up
>her favorites are the one for her kids (the elephants, right?) and lavender sprig

No. 539722

I love making fun of people who are into fantizing about their step daughters. Also, I’ve admitted to having a kink for step mothers and admitted to kissing my cousin when she was asleep but that’s DIFFERENT. My incest is the GOOD kind.

No. 539725

Ooh! Whining about demonetized videos like the greedy bitch she is. Also, I thought Sam did the design of the elephant tattoo. Yet it's Laineyfoot's favorite, even-though Sam "disrespected meeee!". What's up with that Lamebo?

No. 539726

muh chest dysphoria

No. 539727

Ha ha miss ladyflatass telling Shregg over here to stop fantasizing about girl on girl, because once she hooks shreggy in her booty chamber, she ain't gonna stand for his polyamory shit lol.

Lo aww, he's confused, because all his porn starts this way, he doesn't understand the difference between cartoons or hentai, poor thing.

Toby is supporting the ctfxc? He's really throwing his money on all the dead lame horses. That channel never did well or the same after Charles replaced his popular old wife with a DUI convicted new wife… of the same name!!!!
Seriously, the ctfxc has had so much drama, but at the end, his vids have tanked in views so bad. They are on Onision territory of abysmal views.

But i can say this:

people just do not like it, and these men wondering where their popularity and fans go, like they can't be self aware to know their actions make them look like shit to everybody.

No. 539730

File: 1530627577374.png (600.31 KB, 859x583, plainey ss.PNG)


No. 539734

Calls herself "lain". Eyeroll galore.

No. 539737

>oh the time I thought I was cis

You are cis

No. 539738


Sucking in the gut and pulling the skin tight to try and look all smol..

No. 539739

Them stretch marks.

No. 539740

Wants like 6 more (tasteless, random) tattoos.
Muh struggling to survive tho

No. 539769

“There is nothing in this world that is more beautiful to me than two girls kissing”
- Gregory Jackson

No. 539782

File: 1530635676193.png (726.97 KB, 887x700, hag.png)

No. 539784

Fuck her teeth are like those of a homeless person who smokes 3 packs a day. Bitch has enough money to cover herself in random ugly tattoos but can't be bothered to see a fucking dentist. That's just nasty.

No. 539802

Correct me if I'm wrong, but is Lainey now introducing herself as Lane?

No. 539811

No. 539855

File: 1530645615293.jpg (277.42 KB, 1080x1807, Onion likes em underaged.jpg)

Wasn't "Laine" the name of an old guy friend or ex of Laney from high school, or an early fan she used to speak to, amd had a public falling out on social media?

Don't want to shame a natural biological body process, but I see why an imature guy like lgh doesn't want to face her during sex anymore. She's physically changed, grown and matured into an adult mother of two, and Grease prefers the minors still going through puberty.

No. 539858

Lane was an underaged kid who sarah and lainey used to chat with. Sarah confessed wanting to be in a relationship with Lainey to Lane the kid, and they both used her for compliments and someone to whine to.

Lane said she didn’t agree with how Greg and Lainey treated Billie and Lainey said she betrayed her etc.

No. 539882

I meant before her fuckboi persona (who's straight I think?) when she basically claimed to be non-binary but wanted boy pronouns. Her space prince era basically
Oh yeah, he seriously fetishized his career with Cyr, always making gay jokes and queerbaiting a potential sexual relationship between them. In the middle of it all he had made a video confessing he was questioning if he were bi or not but "knew" he would enjoy sex with a guy.
If she had never dated Greg, in order to grow up into a good person she'd have to learn to be less attention-focused and expecting everyone to basically worship her, not use guys and climb up her partners until she got someone more prestigious, not act better than her peers, stop making up stories that make her seem special even at the cost of her family, and likely more than just these things she's told us!

No. 539893

Nah, Lainey would have probably find another narcissistic abusive partner instead. That's pretty much what happen with her and the exboyfriend.

No. 539904


Shane & Blaire’s collab is up.. onion sperg in 3..2..1..

No. 539922

File: 1530652158322.png (427.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180703-160406.png)

Daddy Greg reporting for cleaning duty

No. 539923

It still pisses me off to this day that he never got any shit for this.

No. 539924

No. 539926

Its really shitty she didn't give credit to sam, At the end of the day sam was still the artist for christ sake.

No. 539927

how tf did he get away with this?

No. 539928

yikes. those wouldnt look nearly as bad if she just got some sun, exfoliated, moisturized, exercised, hydrated, and leave Greg.

No. 539929

File: 1530653049206.png (965.7 KB, 1217x679, knockonwood.png)

I think its strange that throughout this video she keeps mentioning "If me and greg split up" constantly, even flashing her vag to knock on wood.

Lainey you tard, He's always going to cheat on you somehow.

No. 539930

Also notice the handprints on the mirror, grease definitely put his little babbyhands there to fuck the foot from behind while staring at himself.

No. 539932

Don't know really, but his response is so generic, it's like he's been doing it for years. It's gross and disgusting, and exactly why he's rightly earned the label of pedophile.

No. 539945

She could have just cut that out. Why must she expose us to her crotch? And evidence her lack of dyaphoriuh in th process?

No. 539946

It was at the peak of his popularity if I recall correctly. That plus his excuse that he hadn't seen the attachment was supported by his response not including any mention of the picture. He had enough fans and friends that people have him the benefit of the doubt. And that was for the people who actually knew about it, a lot of people thought it was a made up rumour and the proof wasn't that available when it was relevant too

No. 539951

if she wants to be ~so masculine~ why does she continue to shave her legs?

No. 539953


And now Lane is literally a Billie skinwalker, too.

No. 539959

Has Lainey seen the picture? I sure hope so.

No. 539970

This is some odd out of place bashing for someone that very luckily escaped the greases clutches while putting out a warning that sarah was interested in being with lainey. (Her guardian at the time I might add)

No. 539977

Wtf how did I miss this

No. 539981

Did you edit this, or did she just not blur for once? I don't ever recall her stretch marks being so visible.

No. 539982

She pushed out two kids dude, no shit she has stretch marks.


No. 539984

I doubt she cares since she was 16 when they actually started talking and 17 when they started fucking. Not to mention she was perfectly fine grooming a 14 year old Sarah (and sent provocative pictures to her too)

No. 539987

Just wondering, how do you know Lainey sent provocative pics to an underaged girl?

No. 539992

So, there is actual proof of Onision responding to an underage girl who asked if he’d be interested, and yet no one pulls this up on him to ask him about it during those shitty debates and such? How did this get buried so fucking hard. Whether he saw the pic attached is frankly, not even relevant as he shouldn’t have responded anyway.

No. 539993

Because it was public/admitted lmfao.


No. 540001

She initially sent pictures to Sarah to censor then posted the original pics when people made a fuss. I'll find it later but it's of Lainey's butt and her tits (low hanging shirt and booty shorts) while she lay down on her bed. Technically tame but who sends a 14 year old pictures to censor? Plus if I recall it was never used for anything, and Lainey and Sarah had some suspect conversations which makes the scenario more at the very least weird

No. 540003

Plus the fact that Shreg is losing roughly 10,000 subs a month while Shane gained nearly a million this month.
I feel like there's definitely an angry sperg headed our way. He must be fuming about how "unfair" YouTube is being to him.

No. 540005

File: 1530661801283.png (127.34 KB, 843x643, Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 7.46…)

>>Shane gained nearly a million this month
Holy fuck your right anon. Can't wait to see what dumb shit Shreggy's gonna complain about this time.
My bet is he's gonna just talk about the stupid shit Tana's done and somehow find a way to blame Shane for it.

No. 540006

And yet Gurg calls Shane a pedo…
They both should be locked up or put on a list.

No. 540012

I bet he's also going to ignore that Shane gets a lot of his videos demonetized too despite actually trying to keep them g or pg and cherry pick his worst videos that might have ads (ignoring that yellow monetization still means some companies are fine with running ads on them)
The worst is that after this and the many sexual exchanges between the two of them Lainey was able to become Sarah's legal guardian

No. 540013

Was there any real evidence of Taylor having actual legal custody? Obviously Sarah's mother knew where she was but I doubt there was any real legal document marking her as a legal guardian. Shit is a long process.

I bet that Sarah will be back in August. She will be freshly 18 and ready to party.

No. 540016

And Greg can watch his two fake Billie's fulfill his step mom kink. Perfect.

No. 540017

Pretty sure lgh talking to that underage girl was brought up in some of the first debates, I believe it was someguy that brought it up; onion of course excusing it away mainly due to it being a hater trolling. He also said he couldn't see the topless pic unless he clicked on it and said he didn't click it.

No. 540019

Maybe it wasn't full legal guardianship then. She lived with them for quite a bit though and it seemed Greg didn't like her, and he really didn't care about her when there was Billie and alaya and those other girls living there too

No. 540026

I think we should have pressed for documents. You have to meet with lawyers, a psych team, and a physician and get an evaluation to see if you will be a proper fit. And you have to go to court to determine if rehoming the minor is a good decision.

No. 540034

I think they (or at least just Lainey) said that Sarah's mom had to sign some papers but that might have been something else. Is joint custody a possibility? Or were these potential papers just something she had to sign for Sarah to go live with strangers in another state/travel as she was still only 15 or 16 then. Now obviously that could have been a lie but it's possible those papers were just an exaggeration of something else much more minor and they left it vague enough that people would assume legal guardianship to try at shut the "haters" up.
It's probably also why they could dump her so easily too

No. 540035

Maybe he won't sperg, but well all can be sure he has the biggest rage boner right now (and with big i don't mean its size because lbr.. we seen baby carrots bigger than whats in those pants )

No. 540041

Is there confirmed Shane pedo drama?

No. 540046

No. I think they meant LGH and Plain should be locked up or put on a list.

No. 540058

Yes, I did mean LGH and GSW are the ones that should be locked up or put on a list.
Not Shane, the pedo accusations against Shane were false and pure bullshit.

No. 540062

File: 1530674790364.png (561.77 KB, 1242x2208, DDE26FF9-E888-4A44-82A0-639774…)

It was probably a temporary guardianship form then. It’s not as intensive of a process and usually used in emergencies or if a parent is going to be gone for a period of time.

No. 540067

File: 1530675043364.png (9.58 KB, 436x305, Capture74987.PNG)

Taylors new tranny-boi name is very appropriate.

No. 540070

File: 1530675134368.png (387.69 KB, 1407x1043, We're psychic!.png)

Kek we must be psychic. I didn't watch this so who knows what he said, but he definitely watched Shane's 3-parter. And he alwaus finds a way to make everything about himself so I'm guessing thete was a good sperg or 2 about Shane in there.

No. 540074

lol i love the probably purposeful mispelling of tanacon tho

No. 540088

Nah, he's just predictable

No. 540109

Is he ever going to update his avatars to his current pathetic sponge with eyes look he's sporting? That YouNow image is pretty outdated.

No. 540112


Ya huh, Purposefully* eh?
Very interesting tinfoil anon, I watched him rush tweet this live. Don't think much thought was put into it at all.

No. 540113

>thinking shreg would purposely do this
>forgetting he's actually retarded

No. 540134

I looked a bit into Washington's laws and it is a more lengthy process, you still need to go to court for temporary guardianship. But maybe because Sarah isn't from WA it was different. But I'd imagine going from state to state it would be an even more complicated process. If we asked for proof now it would be a situation of "Oh, we didn't hold onto those, oh well."
Has anyone seen any Sarah action at all lately, anyway? I still think she lay low for now and may make an appearance in August after her birthday.

No. 540137

I remember this. He made up an excuse that he didn't notice the attached photo. And was just innocently asking for her social media to consider working with her.

No. 540146

Grease will only work with attractive girls, He never, EVER works with men nor girls/women that are unattractive to him, Theres no way he didn't see it.

No. 540150

He only works with men who have bigger YT followers, and allow him to get attention off them.

No. 540152

Not sure if anyone has heard of this, but it reminded me so much of Onision.
Youtube famous
The emo-dad look
married 30 year old man looking for teenpuss

No. 540155


He must be part of LGH's pedo jerkoff circle.

No. 540163

Late to the party as usual old man!

No. 540164

Oh, I was wondering when this wound came.
Of course he can't resist watching Shanes videos.
But I'm sure as always I didn't watch it myself, my spouse/patrons informed me/asked me to talk about this
And of course he has to spell her name wrong. Every time he wants to show how little he cares about someone/something he intentionally misspells something.
He thinks it's degrading, but it just makes him look like a uninformed retard.

No. 540165

File: 1530694453197.png (820.13 KB, 776x476, anuglyturtle.PNG)

No. 540166


Oh lord. She doesn't even try to make an effort. Such a waste of human space.

No. 540168

Her voice is more annoying than usual and she looks terrible

No. 540170

File: 1530696539355.png (1.91 MB, 1521x759, swampqueen.png)

"swamp queen"

the jokes are writing themselves at this point.

No. 540171

>mispelling something
>when the only views he gets nowadays come from overly searched tags

doubt it

No. 540172

File: 1530698073655.png (380.83 KB, 772x513, outside looking in.png)

Poor Onision. Never invited to the cool kids sleepovers.

No. 540174

Next thread header please and thank you, top fucking kek

No. 540175


Why oh fucking why does she keep persisting with this beauty guru bullshit when she is clearly basura caliente. She can’t be that lacking in self awareness to not comprehend how much of a cringefest this is. And so much for being a 12 year old boy, she’s still beating her face like a 52 year old tranny lot lizard.

No. 540176

I know she's had the Grav3yard Girl palette for a while, but I love how she never gets really any palettes close to release. She either gets sent palettes by fans or just happens to see it when she's in sephora. For a "beauty guru" she is NEVER on top of new releases in makeup and its hilarious. Instead she waits till months later to "copy" a real beauty gurus tutorial.

No. 540178


i wonder when lainey got those stretch marks because i recall onision making videos about how stretch marks were ugly and could be reduced by "if the woman just started
taking care of themselves"

No. 540180

Are we surprised this bitch never moisturised her stretching skin

No. 540182

File: 1530706492513.png (697.13 KB, 700x699, Screenshot (1188).png)

It's so fucking bad. This bitch can't do anything!

No. 540186

trannybot can't do makeup, shim should find a better hobby.

No. 540191

She's really trying to make that trend of following a tutorial into a series, huh? So unoriginal.

No. 540192

It's because he projects all the time. Screams "pedo!!" until his face resembles a tomato when people bring up Shane, spergs about his father being a pedo, and why? To deflect attention from his own pedo-ness.

No. 540193

Why does she insist on this kind of washed out gross blue undertoned lighting? She would look so much healthier and alive with a warmer lighting set up.
I just compared her newer videos with her older ones on beautybot and they have gone from having multiple angles and noticeable editing to single angles with sloppy minimalistic editing. Somehow the laziest woman in the world got even lazier

No. 540194

I wish I could sage because I'm a day late but holy shit did anyone notice how poorly healed most of her tattoos are? Are they so gross in that household that she won't wash her ankle at all even if it means her tattoo won't heal well?

No. 540196

Not just that they healed shitty, they were done shitty to begin with. She probably goes to the cheapest place in the area. There are so many great Seattle tattoo artists but she chooses lazy, shitty artists.

No. 540197

When she first started her channel her excuse was "don't hate on me, I know I'm bad, I'm just a beginner". She's had this channel for a while now with no improvement, what's going to be her reason to not being good now? What grand reason is there for no one to still be allowed to even give her advice on application
Side note, Lainey, that trend's over. You're late and using a tutorial of Jeffree won't bring the trend back to life. Though I appreciate the dedication of having your hair stuck to your forehead like Thomas Sihtbert lol

No. 540198

I recall one of her earlier streams, in the carport, with clot, she spoke about rubbing lots of coco butter on herself. So she learned for the second one. But I think she indeed, did not use any coco butter while pregnant with trot, because bitch is covered with stretch marks.

At least Lamey can learn. But only after ignoring sound advice, going through with it, and then experiencing the results afterwards, and recognising the value in the soumd advise that was ignored. Then, and only then, when presented with the exact same situation again, she chose to follow through with the sound advice. But most of the damamge was already done the first time.

But too bad she can't realise that meeting Onision was her biggest mistake.

No. 540199

I want to pledge to onions patreon just so I can kick his ass at some video games.

No. 540201

I wonder if she decided to follow a Jeffree one in hopes that he would see it and want to collab with her. It's probably a stretch, but when Garrett followed one of his tutorials, he watched it and wanted to collab with him. Could be Lamo wanting to revive her channel with a collab.

No. 540206

File: 1530717548924.jpg (87.27 KB, 1600x1280, 1510339181867.jpg)

No. 540207

He's so late to the party. How can he even speak about these when he never even gets invited to go to vid con? He literaly cannot comment on the beefs creators have had with vid con, because he's been banned for years. Sour grapes grasping for any views

No. 540208

File: 1530719744679.png (364.08 KB, 538x549, don't talk to me about my dad.…)


He's such an insufferable little cunt. He was bragging about how he beat the shit outta his dad in front of his wife but the truth is he was laying on his back and kicking like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He also says that there where three people who brought accusations but from what we know in one of his previous videos he confronted one and she changed the subject. That action itself does not confirm any truth to what he is saying. There is a good chance the family member was like 'oh, there he goes again talking about sexual stuff - it's best to ignore him.'

No. 540209

I don't understand. You know how the Shitty Watercolor guy accidentally got kind of good because of how much he was painting? How is Lainey only getting worse and worse???

Regarding getting Jeffree's attention: Oh boy, I know she doesn't deserve an audience but I would love to see him react to her trash video, could you imagine?? Just silent judgment then staring into the camera as if to say, "Did this bitch really just…."

No. 540302

Didn't Gurg have a bad experience with Jeffree Star? Would love for Jeffree Star to shade Plainey and Gurg

No. 540303

Yeah I think jeffree called him a fag, kek! Yeah christ I'd hate jeffree to waste his time on compLainey, I'd love him to throw massive shade.

No. 540307

Yeah, either that or because Thomas following his tutorial was what kicked off the trend and she couldn't come up with anything better
Jeffree would have none of her bullshit claims to being lgbt though even if he saw it (unlikely since Garret is popular and Shane's friend unlike Lainey). He doesn't even use any labels for himself and has donated thousands to lgbt youth shelters. He'd smack her up as she takes a breath to talk about how ~gay~ and ~transmasc~ she is. It'd be a waste of time but he'd throw the best damn shade at her

No. 540308

File: 1530731649411.jpg (733.53 KB, 1920x2997, When you order it online....jp…)

Samefag but I just had to do a comparison of hers vs Jeffree's tutorial. She should have followed his foundation routine instead kek

No. 540310

File: 1530731933937.gif (3.06 MB, 500x300, 1530378797579.gif)

Jesus fucking christ when you put it side by side like that, No fucking contest.
Lainey, How? Just fucking how did you manage to screw this up THIS badly?

Bitch, I know you and the redfaced monster are reading this, Delete your channel.
Its worthless, You're worthless. Do shit you're good at instead of larping as Billie because this is desperate.

No. 540323


someone please make a nice little collage of all the times his thumbnail said "i'm done",
it's like every second vid at this point

No. 540334

>Wants people to believe him about these very serious allegations
>Uses a stupid accent the whole time

Also amusing: he triumphantly calls out this person on their misspelling of "paedophile" not realizing that's how it's spelled in several other countries.

No. 540335

What's with the faggy hat? Is he seriously still trying to hide his ugly balding head? He looks like an asshole version of Crocodile Dundee.

No. 540337

ppl who put foundation w/e on their lips trigger the shit out of me, it just looks sloppy - esp when lame does it

im 99% sure she ONLY uses the ring light

No. 540339

What the fuck is she doing with her eyebrows? It’s like she has two trained caterpillars laying on her forehead. Going for Martin Scorsese look.

No. 540343

File: 1530736774610.png (300.39 KB, 1440x1544, Indepence day sperg.png)

Someone must have triggered Shreg. Nothing like a good old fashioned Independence Day sperg!

No. 540345

File: 1530736980617.png (1.17 MB, 1440x2076, clapback.png)

Interestingly, he had no response for this.

No. 540347

Please help I can’t find the tea anywhere. Why was Sara staying with the onions again. Do we know what made her family situation so bad?

No. 540348

File: 1530737150894.png (669.74 KB, 1085x441, adrienne.png)

No. 540349

It's not worth hearing his autistic screams as well as his paypigs

No. 540350

Also not worth it if you want to hear grease tell the same tired fucking jokes over and over again, Constantly imitating king of the hill with weird incestuous overtones. Constantly imitating jim carrey and failing miserably. And also the odd time he asks the most weirdest out of place questions. "What do you guys think about uh necrophilia" <- Just an example thats been said on stream.

No. 540352

He accuses his father of murder in this video. Can he seriously just go to prison already? I'm getting really sick of him getting away with constantly accusing other people for crimes they didn't commit.

No. 540353

But he was in the same city! I think?…

No. 540360

File: 1530739484761.webm (2.01 MB, 194x180, stepmommy.webm)

He does that all the time.
Its either-
"Hey guys what do you feel about _________?"
"Have you guys ever _________?"
But always inappropriate or fail edgy.

No. 540361


AJ is the one (known) victim of Greg’s I genuinely feel a certain way about. Shiloh is a thundercunt of epic proportions (what that fat, ugly piece of shit and Gurgles did to AJ was deplorable) and Billie is an idiot, but AJ was basically raped by Shreg. She should never have even felt the need to apologize. I really wanted her/her father to sue Grugly after he started throwing around incest/molestation allegations around the time of the RSN rape business, but alas. He is such a malignant pustule, if only he would wander into the swamp, never to return.

No. 540367

Watching the video- she doesn't use the right fucking brush for the job and just gobs shadow onto her lid. A monkey could do better.

No. 540368

She took back the apology and not only that, it seems Greg still hasn't read it. The apology was for it becoming public and leaked, not for the contents inside the leaked email. I love how he doesn't read facts so he can still tell the "truth" but the truth doesn't work that way. Like with his discharge papers, he hadn't read them until a year ago so he could keep saying he was honourably discharged. Also just cause she said in her email she didn't think she was raped doesn't mean she wasn't at least taken advantage of and sexually assaulted. Greg pushed past her boundaries and her refusal of consent many times. Not to mention he refused to use a condom and nearly prevented her from using the day after pill
It was sketchy but basically her mom didn't care enough and let her go live with her crush. Sarah went on and on against her parents and home life. While we don't know how much was true it was clearly at least mildly fucked since her mom let her communicate freely with adult Lainey and then live with her after
He'll kick you. He doesn't like it when his Patreon a are better than him and either throws a shit fit or blocks them or both

No. 540372

This actually makes me feel physically ill, I can’t evdn begin to imagine how traumatized AJ was/is after he assaulted her. It may not have been outright rape but it was irrefutably coercion, any which way you look at it. The condom/morning after pill adds another layer of barf-inducing abuse. How the fuck is this cunt not locked up?

No. 540377

File: 1530741050722.png (46.3 KB, 592x361, 654511.PNG)

No. 540392

He has done this repeatedly, guilts girls for not wanting to have sex with him. The last girl was Maya and his reaction to that sexual rejection is disgusting. He guilts them and acts sad about it, it’s a manipulative tactic to get them to feel sorry for him and give in to him.

No. 540443

I'm wondering if Jeffree knew who he was then and hated him for what he'd done or if onion went to a concert and antagonized Jeffree. I wish either one would spill the deets

No. 540447

i doubt he even remembers who he is

No. 540453

iirc this was at a recording studio when he went with Shi. Jeffree was there at the same time.
I doubt Jeffree even knew who he was, other than he was Shi boyfriend and did Youtube videos.
Jeffree probably had the first impression Onion was a douchebag and just wanted to fuck with him knowing that Gronk wouldnt fight back face to face.

No. 540456

Reminds me of Lainey's 10 things I love video about him.
>Lainey: okay I think you're being a little bit ridiculous
>Madison as Onision on a black and white screen: so someone said something to me that was really shitty today

No. 540458

File: 1530748391735.jpg (475.24 KB, 2048x1534, IMG_20180704_184458[1].jpg)

Poor Lainey, she's actually putting some emotion into the kiss while Greg stares into the camera because this is just a product he's selling to make money (and an ego boost for every sale) haha. Also I'd like to point out that they still haven't sold out, have removed Lainey's sleeping solo picture as an advertisement and replaced it with what was a picture of a duo and Lainey solo but Lainey's solo is cropped out, and are now trying to sell another type of polaroid where the backing is some weird hawaiian theme for a lot more money.
Ok, that makes sense. I couldn't understand why he may have met Jeffree cause I sure as hell doubt he would have gone to Warped Tour.
I think Greg probably gave Jeffree a look or Jeffree could sense the homophobia from a mile away and since he's super sensitive to that sort of thing went off on Greg (tinfoil for conspiracy though)

No. 540464

File: 1530749377614.png (654.43 KB, 860x535, cropped pic.png)

>>540458 (samefag)
This is what replaced the Lainey pic (as you can tell, it's cropped from above) as well as the new hawaiian theme that's going for 9.99$ for solos and 10.99 for duos plus the 5$ shipping charge within the US. I'd like to point out that Lainey get's this fridge photo she clearly wasn't expecting while Greg's are all properly posed (shit photos but at least he tried with his)

No. 540471


So, your mom sent her children to spend summers with a molester?

it's not just his mom, his mom's side of the family is crazy. and he is crazy.

No. 540508

File: 1530751429746.jpeg (59.85 KB, 662x510, 48C228CE-E991-4E37-A4B3-442D89…)


You could use her chin as a can opener.

No. 540524

kek, her horsey footface is starting to eclipse social repose

No. 540618

File: 1530756709518.jpeg (170.68 KB, 750x747, 8588F2C3-BD0E-43F1-A98F-3AA2FB…)

Mah dsyphoria

No. 540624

File: 1530757178995.png (344.73 KB, 1185x844, shutupcarrot.png)

Grease having a mini shitfit on twitter yet again.

No. 540635

Mini Onisions to encourage abortion.. That was hilarious and accurate. No more narc hellspawn pls.

No. 540641

I need the farmers help on this one! I had an onion sex dream! I have been under a lot of stress and pressure at university and took two sleeping pills with 4 beers. Than bam onion sex dream, where a Japanese woman was helping service us with you know “adult tools” all in the mobile home I grew up in. Okay so what should I do farmers? Do I just go ahead and kill myself? Blow my brains out? Or push a q-tip into my ear and keep going even after feeling resistance? I wanna die!(nice b8 m8)

No. 540650

delete this

No. 540669

"crazy bitch magnet"??? doese he mean the 12 year olds that posted their nudes on his forum???

No. 540670

Jfc. Instead of spending time with his family, he's sperging about abortions, being a "blitch magnet" and blocking haturz on Twitter.
>Daddy can we light sparklers? Can we bbq our veggieburgers now?

No. 540675

Guess Gurg is pissy about Madison's video

No. 540681

>A less talented, female version of Social Repose. Not joking. To the core.

Wat. Who is he sperging about now?

No. 540684

Yeah I couldn't figure that out myself, My first guess was lainey but he lovebombed her in an earlier tweet.

No. 540687

Gee, Shreg. I can't possibly imagine why someone might not feel comfortable coming to you or your wife with concerns. Oh, maybe it's because you flip your shit and publicly shame people over the slightest hint of criticism and your cunty wife doesn't lift a finger to stop any of it.

No. 540698

File: 1530761251172.png (183.89 KB, 731x625, shutupcarrot.png)

He's jumping around being righteous as fuck. Someone must have bruised his ego today.

No. 540701

He's talking about A. Because it was her rape/cohersed sex that triggered him recently since it was brought up when he mentioned being against rapists

No. 540703

I thought school was stupid tho

No. 540712

>A lot of us are pretty damn smart

No. 540747

tinfoil but judging by sarahs tumblr I think she wanted to be with greg specifically

No. 540780

File: 1530767193873.png (444.26 KB, 774x782, patrondox.png)

Grease decides instead of helping a patron with their situation, Post their situation to twitter with their real name. Not offering to help in anyway but very willing to reap the likes and sympathy asspats for himself.

No. 540788

>thinking a fence will stop your house from burning down

is this some onision advice

No. 540869

Stretch marks can just happen to some people, no matter how proactive they are. Some people get huge fast. Some people are genetically predisposed. Some people don’t stay hydrated enough. There are a ton of factors, but most of it just something that happens no matter what you do.

I definitely think they’re both watching a lot of popular channels and scrambling for ideas, especially recently.

This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

Yes, he claims it kills his boner to be rejected but it’s really just him gaslighting people into feeling bad about their real feelings towards him.

No. 540903

File: 1530774842264.png (2.53 MB, 1605x952, end-it-now-please.PNG)

Lame's cringy "Rules and Punishments" patreon video.

No. 540908

Okay, so he literally has “spanked her” in a non-kink, punishment sort of way? They’re such fucking weirdos.

No. 540911

this smug motherfucker even admits his polaroids are stupid

No. 540939

is she going to actually post this video onto her yt channel? its giving me secondhand embarrassment

No. 540941

Fuckin wild. When theyre arguing over what smugly pays for in the house, you can see how hard she is biting her tongue. I bet she was trying to avoid admitting that shes footing groogs IRS fallout debt and it killed her not to.

No. 540947

okay so to recap, in this video greg admits to
>never doing the dishes
>never doing the laundry
>never buying the groceries
>calling lamp names
>treating leelu like a football
>being bitter over lamp earning more than him
>cheating on lamp

No. 540952

I’m loving that they’re not selling shit since they ditched Poshmark.

No. 540954

Don’t forget about holding Caterpie over the railing.
Imagine if they slipped up and talked about the kids. I bet it would be similar slip up stories of hilarious and totally not abusive situations.

No. 540958


Transcript of this horror show
L - why am i so white?
G - And buff, big boy (laughs) alright we started this video off with cringe Let’s talk about more cringe.
L - more cringe
G - (mocking lainey) More cringe! Alright so we don’t know what we’re gonna call this video yet but involves rules in our relationship. I’m not exactly into DDlg although sometimes I do get called “daddy”, because–
L - It’s my daddy. (greg cringes) Well, you are.
G - It’s- it’s just– it’s complicated
L - it’s not complicated– (greg talks over her as she says something about not having to be into ddlg to call someone daddy?)
G - (cutting lainey off) Well, it’s comp- it’s complicated because i’m not a huge fan of being called daddy just now. (laughs)
L - yeah just because you’re on camera. It never bothers you otherwise.
G - Anyway, what are the rules of the Onision-Laineybot relationship? Rule number one–
L - No smiling, no laughing, no having fun. (laughs)
G - When did we have this rule?
L This is what the internet says it is.
G - (feigning surprise) Ohhh, okay, ‘cuz I was like “you’re really making me look good here now”. Anyway what is a rule you have for me?
L - Don’t fucking cheat on me.
G - Good rule. My rule for you is turn off the lights after you leave a room.
L - Hm. That one’s broken as we speak, I’m sure. There is a light on somewhere in this house.
G - What’s another rule you have for me?
L - Tell me where you go, like, if you’re gonna leave–
G - ( yawning) You really need to know where I am at all times?
L - I don’t need, but I like to, like it’s not like thing (?), but if you’re like “hey I’ll be in here”, I’d be lke “cool”
G - My rule for you is pick up after yourself.
L - ditto.
G - cool.
L - cool.
G - Another rule I have for you when I ask to be left alone, please leave me alone.
L - (cringes, sighing) Oh my god.
G - What’s your rule?
L - I just think your rules are hypocritical. ‘Cuz if I’m like “okay stop talking to me” you’re like “(weird incoherent gronk impression), y- talking to me from down the hall over there.
G - Well, you use that one moment in our life to–
L - It was not one moment!
G - A good rule to have in a relationship is don’t s–hack into my bank account, spend all my money and run away. What’s the rule?
L - don’t call me names.
G - Yeah, okay.
L - “Yeah okay” (or “not okay”?)
G - Yeah. You know, easier said than done. Doofus.
L - It’s not. It’s literally not easier. It’s easy as fuck, you just don’t do it.
G - Dinglehoffer.
L - Stop.
G - Dwight Schrute.
L - That’s.. a compliment.
G - A rule for you is don’t cut my manhood off in the middle of the night.
L - I’m serious. Rules that are like “okay don’t throw me in the woodchipper, that’s my rule”, like obviously I don’t want you to murder me in cold blood.
G - What about warm blood? I could throw you in a tank of heated up blood and just drown you in it, and like kill you in warm blood.
L - Rule number five - don’t kill me in warm blood either.
G - How about boiling blood?
L - How about no blood and no killing.
G - how about we just not specify the temperature.
L - Yeah, let’s ju–just blanket statement “no killing”
G - A rule we have is don’t forget our anniversary. That would be upsetting. Don’t say the wrong name.
L - I don’t have another name on my fucking brain.
G (over lainey) Ohh mashed potatoes–
L - Okay, that might be a name I have on my brain.
G - (over lainey) Oh, toaster strudels–
L - Can you make mashed potatoes?
G - Always eat healthy amount of foods.
L - What does that mean, specifically?
G - It- it- means, don’t eat nothing. Basically. No more smearing iodine on your own legs and your partner’s legs and then trying to convince them that–
L - I didn’t do that - that was the aliens.
G - (continuing over Lainey) That they were abducted by aliens.
L - That was the alien. You would’ve dumped me if I was weird like that.And like, was like “oohh look babe, the aliens got us”
G - Stop treating Leelu like a football.
L - That’s you, if that’s anybody that’s you. I’m nice to Leelu.
G - She’s.. puntable.
L - Wow.
G - No more dangling Caterpie over the balcony when she poops in the house.
L - Rule - A real rule is no yelling. Which I break a lot. I don’t yell, but I get loud–
G - (cutting her off) I don’t yell, I just screan with tears in my eyes, Lainey says.
L - I don’t scream, I just raise my voice.
G - While…
L - because I’m mad and crying.
G - no sleeping with women I have not been briefed on. (laughs) He’s a rule, stop making more money per video than me.
L - No.
G - Damn.
L - Why would you want that?
G - I’m saying I need a raise.
L - But why would you want me to not have a raise?
G - I want you to give me your money.
L - I essentially do. I buy your food. (laineybot.exe crashes momentarily) Hm. I buy your food.
G - There you go. We typically agree on a lot of things so rules are.. ehhh– It’s for people who aren’t really necessarily hugely compatible a lot of the time. Like if someone has to say “I have to look at your phone all of the time” and stuff like that or “I have to GPS locate you” and all that stuff, sounds like a real issue.
L - I mean, we look at each other’s phones, but it’s just li- it’s not really, like, a thing, like “ohh it’s Tuesday, time to lok through your phone”
G - I don’t–
L - “hand it in”
G - When do I look at your phone?
L - You use it sometimes.
G - I use it, but I’m not like, looking through your text messages.
L - I know. But if you wanted to, you could - that’s the point.
G - I don’t want to. You’re boring.
L -That’s rude. You’re boring. You’re more boring than me. Let’s talk about our punishments.
G - (stares creepiy at camera) Spankings.
L - It’s rare. It’s happened a couple times, where he actually uses it as a punishment. I can name three times.
G - Real quick, I wanna explain why we’re so low energy, we’re both very sick. Medically.
L - As opposed to what? Mentally? That too.
G - (annoyed) Cruel (?)
L - Your punishment is that you don’t talk to me. For hours.
G - Yeah sometimes when Lainey does something that really frustates me, I will literally leave the room. Take that. Whatchu gonna do now?
L - Cry.
G - Follow me?
L Yeah. That too.
G - And what do you do to punish me? Leave me?
L - I don’t do anything to punish you, you think that my crying is a punishment towards you but it’s not. It’s just my feelings that are pouring out of me. I don’t punish you, I’m a nice human being.
G - Is there any rule that we should have, like, that we don’t? I feel like just being energy-conservative–
L - Oh, we’re back to the lights are we?
G - Yeah.
L - Wow.
G - Energy conservative and cleaning up after yourself, that would improve most everything.
L - Dude, I clean up after you, like ninety percent of the time. You–
G - Like if we could both - if we could both be more consistent, and I say “both” - more consistent with laundry and dishes–
L -(over greg) I’ve not seen you do the dishes in months.
G - Like, you haven’t - you haven’t done laundry in like a day, I haven’t done it in like four years so we both need to be more–
L- (over greg again) I literally transferred the laundy five seconds ago
G - Right. That’s a while ago so I need to be more consistent, you need to be more consistent. I know when I did laundry, when you were in New Mexico.
L - You put your own stuff away, and nobody else’s stuff away. Just yours, so when I got home, I had to do the rest of it. But literally, a year ago, you made me a promise that I was gonna do dishes and you were gonna do laundry, and since that day - not touched the laundry.
G - I think from now on, we should have punishments for not doing stuff, so do I have laundry or do I have dishes? I prefer dishes.
L - I prefer you have dishes.
G - okay. So from now on, I’m gonna do the dishes. And if I don’t do it, you will put insects on me while I sleep.
L - No.
G - And you will drag me don the stairs while I sleep.
L - No. You’re too– way too heavy for that
G - You’ll pour water on me while I sleep.
L - No. It just gets my bed wet.
G - You will roll me off the bed and then dump a bucket of water on me.
L - That’s mean.
G - And you’ll say “wash the dishes”
L - (doing a bad accent) “Get up and do the furken dishes. Right now”
G - I think that may have happened to me as a child. Yeah.
L - I think you have some unspoken trauma, sir.
G - I’m pretty sure my mom poured water on me while I slept at one point.
L - That’s horrible.
G -(laughs) Okay, so that’s what we established. New rules, is that you must push me off camera as much as possible.
L - (pushes him and stares into the camera) “Hiii, welcome back to my channel”. Anyway guys, that’s our rules that aren’t really rules, but are rules. Hope you liked the video, if you did, thumbs up bitches..
G - (mouthing something “please help me?”)
L - Thanks for watching. Byeee

No. 540963

Her dad kicked her out of her home because he was a Christian and Sarah came out to him before she turned 18 as an Atheist.

No. 540965

So he abused his wife as a punishment… Why would they make this video? Are they both actually retarded? This makes them look like the most dysfunctional and abusive couple ever.

No. 540971

I hope he's joking about the sperm bank thing. I seriously hope he is.

No. 540976

his balls would be drained for the day from "work" before he got off his ass and actually even attempted to donate

No. 540991

I doubt they have hentai magazines there.

No. 540994

Sperm banks actually have very high standards. They would never accept Greg's musty carrot cum.

No. 540995

She looks ana, is this edited?

No. 540998

Depends, they're private companies so they set really any standard they want. My partner's friend's sister donated eggs (and got compensated) without disclosing her familial history of schizophrenia which is fucking terrifying.

No. 540999

Thank you for transcribing that. How creepy. I really hate the bit about how he says if he wants to be left alone then leave him alone. When you have small kids, alone time is a luxury. But you just know he's pulling that shit every day

No. 541012

File: 1530793936222.png (862.14 KB, 863x864, theswampybunch.png)

No. 541013

The first two pics depict the swamp duo perfectly.

No. 541020

So basically Greg admitted to being a deadbeat husband who mooches off of his wife while also hating that she's the primary breadwinner of the family. Can't wait until he complains when people start reading him to filth over this despite it being based entirely in what he said himself

No. 541022

Literally leaving the room during an arguement is so manipulative. Lainey is so stupid for staying in a relationship with this idiot

No. 541025

The fact that he said he punishes her by not talking to her is more fucked up than just leaving the room. How does that solve anything?

No. 541028

Imagine being two grown ass adults being so boring and immature you think it's cute to make a video about… Chores. And literally punishing your adult partner. Even thought they didn't go deep into their kinks, what made them think it was appropriate to talk about their kinks with their mostly teenage audience? Gross.

No. 541034

Stop saying “their” kinks. You mean gregs kinks! It’s all about greg always and peice of human garbage Lainey goes with it! There isn’t a chance in hell Lainey get anything she wants! Gregs kinks are Lainey’s kinks, she doesn’t have a choice

No. 541036

Pretty much admitting grease does fuck all, wants laineys money and he hits her.


No. 541052


Thank you for doing all this.

This is amazing: documentation from Greg and Taylor's own mouths of everything we've suspected, emotional, mental and now physical abuse– FFS!! It honestly boggles me they posted this thinking it was quirky and cute or something. It just goes to show how fucked up both of their thinking is.

No. 541117

File: 1530808793013.png (118.66 KB, 800x480, 47BD968D-D938-42DC-8FC5-271228…)

I feel dumb for being baited by him, but his ignorance of everything outside his bubble is so frustrating.

>”send the immigrants to Alabama so they can learn to integrate!” - guy from Washington state who has videos about which races he wants to fuck

No. 541121

He “sparks” lame as a form of punishment. Whaaaaaa?? How is this any different than a man backhanding his wife for burning supper? It’s not! You can’t hit your partner as a form of punishment. That’s domestic violence. How are ass slaps different than a slap to the face? I guess lame went from her fathers home to gregs so sparks are the only form of punishment she knows as a child

No. 541130

Aww! Look who's been practising his signature! Too bad no one wants it.

No. 541138

Lol, I didn’t notice. The improvement looks like he sat down for an hour writing his name. Which is good and professional if you think about it, but hilarious that those first ones are so bad.

No. 541187

File: 1530815036446.png (565.12 KB, 785x678, 4311.png)

Id like to make a request of the Anon who tweaks the Onions photos to expose how bad their skin is. Could you sharpen a screenshot (not this cap Im posting since its not that great quality) of Gronk wearing that stupid hat in his newest video? I think that once his red blotchy, scarred skin is brought out, the connection to Freddy would be almost complete, all he'd need is a red & green striped sweater.

The comparison between both is eerie
-wears shitty fedora
-lures young girls to his basement lair to be chained up
-horrific scars on face
-enters the nightmares of teens
-accused of pedophilia
-deep-seeded psychological dysfunctions including Oedipus Complex

No. 541191

Oh shit, polaroid collector sperg here, I have some shit to say about their awful spending habits -

That film with the hawaiian pattern is a limited edition from Polaroid Originals, formerly Impossible Film Project. They retail for $18.99 a pack and you only get eight shots, not ten. So ~$3.30 a shot

Unless they went to a thrift shop, car boot or yard sale they bought a refurbished polaroid600 type from PO, probably with the film bundled for slightly cheaper. Cheapest they do is the one step2, which is ~$120 and most polaroids can't focus at arms length for selfies, so I suspect it was this model. if it was a refurbished 600, we're looking at between $120 - $300 dollars on a camera that is absolutely pointless for them to own.

9.99 x 8 = 79 - they're not even recovering the costs of the camera. They are actually retarded.

No. 541263

File: 1530818511267.png (304.42 KB, 585x561, 856343.PNG)

Im amazed and disgusted.
Someone actually bought his shit and is happy about it.
And by the avatar its a late twenties hipster dude. He should know better.

No. 541280


Are you sure it’s not taken with the Fuji Instax SQ? Just pondering.

No. 541290

I agree I’m not a tech expert espt cameras but I know you get pick up the newer Fuji instant cameras for like $60 bucks in Canada where things tend to be much more expensive on the dollar. I think it’s a Fuji but idk

No. 541300

File: 1530820236361.jpg (489.12 KB, 1000x667, Chris-Gampat-The-Phoblographer…)

Yes, 100% sure. Fuji instax square film is smaller much smaller than polaroid 600

Pic related is not mine (Don't have any instax square to compare) but it's a size comparison. left to right
>Polaroid 600, instax wide, instax mini, instax square, fuji 100c

They're not interchangeable. You can only use fuji in fujifilm and lomo cameras, only polaroid in polaroid cameras. That particular frame is only being made by impossible atm
It only works in vintage polaroids or the one step2.>>541280

No. 541315

File: 1530820723638.png (24.44 KB, 735x287, Screenshot-2018-7-5 Onision or…)

No. 541323

It’s a Fuji. I have one of those and they poloriods are unique to that brand. At most they are like $60-$70 But you can get them pretty cheap on sale especially if you get like a bundle deal w/ the Polaroids. The regular white polaroids by the box come out to like $1 a picture with the themed ones being a little more expensive (or cheaper depending on where you get them) but definitely not $10 a picture. They are basically charging 10x what the Polaroid would be just cause it’s of them.

No. 541324

Cool! I’m thanks for the info and confirmation. I mean I always knew he was a greedy piss stain but this only adds to the faxxx based evidence! What an idiot

No. 541348

When two cows collide… Apparently he was promoting Momokun

No. 541354


He pledged to mooriah? Kek my sides

No. 541374

File: 1530823125625.png (87.53 KB, 421x817, Screenshot_2018-07-05-13-32-45…)

Interesting. That means Shreg has been hiding people he "mutually pledges" with to "promote" his Patreon. For the past month he's only listed these 4 accounts as people he supports. One is his mom ofc. I'm not familiar with Stepanka, but her Patreon offers "sexy" photoshoots. And we all know about Toby's $1000 pledge.

I wonder how many other people he mutually pledged with but doesn't tell anyone about.

No. 541383

Why does grease think that just because AJ Blew him that means he has access to her vagina? Vagina and mouth are two very different holes. It’s easier to blow guy you sorta like than let him pound ya! With your mouth you’re still in control of the situation and a mouth is easier to wash away regret and memories. With a blowy the Mistake is easier to scrub clean; swallow, brush your teeth, mouth wash it’s over with. Cleaning out down there is a lot harder and much more Intimate and harder to clean out once a swap creature finishes in you! Greg a girl giving you a blowy doesn’t give you a free pass to her holes. Easier to blow a dude and maintain physical control than him fucking up on you and again harder to clean out the regret

No. 541387

Stepanka is a girl I used to subscribe to, uses her boobs and really over the top clickbait titles (her most recent being "raw uncut raw dog) titles to live off YouTube. Lost a lot of subscribers recently because she got sick with some illness and none of her subscribers wanted to click on a boob thumbnail only to hear that she's dying. Wish I could sage for OT, but
TL;dr: attention whore probably grasping at some sort of patreon dick ride to fame

No. 541426

As if you care about whether people grope others, Onion.

No. 541448

it's only a matter of time before you get cancelled, gurg.

No. 541464

It's not. The credit card sized ones are, but the hawaiian frames are not. Look at the link I posted.

No. 541468

File: 1530828516510.png (107.29 KB, 735x692, Screenshot_2018-07-05-15-05-34…)

Oh great. Another video of Shreg telling marginalized communities what to think and feel with his uneducated opinions no one asked for.

Normally I would ask our patronfags to hook us up but I don't think I can stomach another of these.

No. 541470

File: 1530828846324.png (796.52 KB, 744x545, transphobia-incoming.PNG)

Good luck with this one anons, it's a whole lot of bullshit.
tl;dw Cis Heterosexual Dude Tries to Talk Over Trans People.


No. 541502

Holy shit..

No. 541506

Nice cum stain on your shirt there Shreg.

No. 541507

"Vanilla people" How did this dumb white cis hetero man decide he has the right to speak for a community he's nor his gross transtrending wifething has ever been part of?

No. 541517

Can't he just spend like a second googling shit before he opens his festering gob? The transtrenders came up with the term truscum.

No. 541526

why does this idiot dance around like a little boy that needs to pee

No. 541539

This is very ironic for someone whose entire edginess comes from Google definition FAXXXX .

No. 541541

his worst video yet. i am appalled. never in my life seen a video invalidate trans people more than this one. what a cunt.

No. 541545

Why all their clothes have cum stains btw?
I attribute to the baby and the stains being from milk or even threw up but now Clout is too old for that, so?

No. 541553

Isn’t it Greg’s DUTY to inform us about this possible predator lurking around? Why is he protecting their name?
Shreg, always contradicting when it suits him.

No. 541560

hahahah, oh fucking wow. If he actually had people watching his shit this would blow up in his face so bad.

No. 541562

Who hurt Laineys feelings?

This happens all the time. Someone talks shit to her, or bring up valid points that make her question her fake trans ideas and she lays in bed, depressed and crying. So Greg has to fire up the camera and yell at those people making his wife cry.

And its not even because Greg wants to defend his wife. Its because hes pissed that shes laying in bed all day overcome with depression, so now Greg has to watch the kids all day.

Stop making Lainey sad and whiny, because then Greg has to listen to her cry all day and he has to actually play dad because shes to blue to watch Trot and Clot.

No. 541564

Gotta be the most ugly male dresser alive. Does Lainey buy his clothes?

No. 541566

Sorry, Greg. The people questioning your wife are just being BROOOTALLY honest. I thought of all people, you would appreciate that.

Sorry I'm slow at work today again. I have had a headache for the last week and it just keeps getting worse…

Why don't you drink water/take a painkiller/get some rest/go to a doctor?

Nah… I'm totally not using my weeklong headache as an excuse to be a lazy ass at work for a week. I really have a headache.

Everyone else: surejan.gif(no one cares)

No. 541580

Translation: Your comments are making Lainey triggered and I don’t want to hear her scream-cry anymore. Also, you’re hurting my bottom line- wait a second, this is perfect! I don’t have shit for ideas on my dying channel anymore! Thanks for the content idea. I thought I was going to have to spin the wheel or make up more salacious accusations about someone from ten years ago in my past.

No. 541596

My fucking sides when he puts on his 'deep voice' for a 'serious talk' basically patronizing people as to why they need to do what he says. As if he doesn't realize he's doing it intentionally - his stupid fans just drink it up.

No. 541620

someone should keep an eye on the comments kek

No. 541621

File: 1530839055869.png (1 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1007).png)

No. 541622

File: 1530839077715.png (981.63 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (1008).png)

No. 541625

File: 1530839311751.png (2.1 MB, 1429x1710, stuck in time.png)

Kek the video got stuck right after he said "Trans people need to.." which is perfect as I didn't want to hear anything that came after those words.
This picture is a great metaphor for Shreg. Stuck in the past, with the same repetitive content, same idiotic logic and refusing to grow or educate himself.
Also he looks like a retarded duck.

No. 541651

File: 1530840296252.png (293.12 KB, 1440x1412, Wokeness.png)

Interesting that he uploaded that video telling the trans community what to do while simultaneously dismissing their concerns about Scarlet Johannson taking on a role as a trans man.
He's so arrogant it's painful.

No. 541653

Does Shreg not understand that he
and his idiot wife are literally the poster children for "social justice warrior bull"? It's remarkable, no matter what side of the issue you stand on.

No. 541663

I bet he didn't name her because he didn't want Lainey to know (due to rumours of them fucking)

No. 541669

He really talks out of both sides of his mouth.
To all the real trans bean anons out there, you’re not suffering alone. Your allies here mad AF for you.

No. 541673

File: 1530841779208.jpg (17.79 KB, 336x357, 9535df5776bfe94.jpg)

>due to rumours of them fucking

You just made me conjure up a mental image of Shreg fucking Momo from behind like a little Chihuahua frantically trying to hump a Pitbull.
Damn you anon.

No. 541686


lmfao his vewy swerious voice ahahaha with a fucking death note poster in the background

No. 541689

>We must be tolerant of people who are clearly tolerant of others. We must be intolerant of people who are clearly intolerant with people who are tolerant of others.

uhhh is he okay y'all

No. 541690

kek, I thought he held "social justice warrior bull" values himself? For once in my life I actually agree with him regarding this unnecessary outrage, but I can't help but to laugh seeing him flip flop so fast.

No. 541701

i'll never get over his stupid fucking seagull brows

No. 541708

File: 1530846519881.png (558.67 KB, 1440x702, Oh Shreg.png)

It's just so deliciously ironic for Shreg to be sperging about "SJWs" when he literally spends his days vitue signaling and sharting out tumblr shit.
>Eating meat is literally murder!
>Feminism is too tolerant of men!
>If you refuse to date someone because of their gender you're a bigot who doesn't understand love!
>Send immigrants to that racist shithole of a state, Alabama!

>REEEE Stupid SJWs ruining my movies!

No. 541729

File: 1530849741805.jpg (302.72 KB, 1002x1032, Onisions views sunk for a reas…)


Hey Greggles, edgelordy much this week? Too bad that no matter what controversies you try to dig up, no matter how inflammatory your comments are, you will never ever regain your past glory.

Your 15 minutes were up years sgo, you've aged out of relevancy with the age group you desire. No famous or popular youtuber wants to do anything with you.

Ps. Whats up with your lipsticks as of late? Your make-up color choices make you look like a puckered butt hole.

No. 541733


how the fuck does this make any sense? Like I guess I can see his reach with Blaire a tiny bit - but Samuel L Jackson wtf

No. 541748

In case anyone isn't aware, this Blaire White tweet was from awhile back, I forgot to mention that. Sorry if I caused any confusion.
Just thought it was a nice compliment to his "Listen up, Trans people!" and tweets today.

No. 541754

He does not mean Samuel L Jackson the actor but the character he plays in Django (a slave of white man that hates other black people).

No. 541770

File: 1530852530863.webm (603.12 KB, 320x180, We Must Be Tolerant.webm)

I could of made a 10 hour loop for those of you who would like to use it to get to sleep or meditate.

No. 541787

the first two pics holy shit they really do have the copy married couple shit

No. 541790

File: 1530854502480.png (232.53 KB, 1036x992, Rules_first_page.png)

>big death note rules poster in back

im fucking dying

No. 541844

So we're not going to have him drooling ov