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File: 1541284555517.jpeg (673.09 KB, 1789x2389, 1541282195919.jpeg)

No. 594835

Thread Image Credit: >>594830 (Honorable mentions: >>590257 >>591670 >>591996 >>591670 )
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/589795
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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/ Lainey/Taylor Avaroe, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.
>Lainey is taking a “small break” from beautybot due to viewers hating her content. >>589810
>Greg starts sperging about how his childhood was abusive and makes passive aggressive tweets and videos about his mom. >>590297 >>590316 >>590590 >>591715 >>594690
>Greg is still making videos about Eugenia Cooney, this time with him (as Bane) force feeding her. >>590555
>Lainey releases a video giving people “tips” for dating older men. >>591908
>Lainey now has google clipart permanently on her arm. >>592100 >>592361
>Lainey releases a video about Greg trying on her clothing. His sock stuffing is joked about and made super obvious. >>594092
>TRACTORGATE UPDATE (as of October 30th, 2018)! The government is building a case against him (and by extension, Lainey) with photos from his neighbor. >>594010
>It is speculated that Greg filed a report against his neighbors as a sad attempt of “payback” >>594068
>Greg makes a video about hsanon, it’s almost an hour and 30 minutes long. Here are some interesting clips: >>594619 >>594635 >>594640

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking. (This includes HDR edits of Greg and Lainey’s faces >>590295) /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.



No. 594842

File: 1541286771159.png (524.32 KB, 746x565, 2018-11-03_17-45-31.png)

No. 594850

File: 1541287753830.png (27.29 KB, 541x180, capture53822.PNG)

I guess people are pulling some shenanigans with Gregs Patreon again.
I thought Patreon had fixed that scam of buying in with an empty gift card and dumping it at the end of the month.

No. 594873

"Because a true father is a protector." Says the man who happily signed his rights away to his kids to get teen puss. What a lying hypocrite.

No. 594883

File: 1541293270531.png (1.37 MB, 1258x675, mom and dad never loved me.png)

Half the video is comprised of the "I Can’t Do This (The Broken Children of My Parents)" video that he claimed was going to stay a patreon exclusive but after it leaked here he decided to upload it for those sweet youtube bucks. He said it had gotten 'pulled from youtube' but he wanted the video to continue to have a public presence. He mainly just retreads the same information in the original video and he's upset that people don't believe his FAXXXS about his dad. The only new information starts at 8:30 where he talks about his mom saying she could take legal action because he is not allowing her to see the grandchildren. He says she's 'literally' allowed to see them any time as long as she comes over and that he doesn't want her alone with their kids because she does drugs and she hit him with a belt when he was a child. Also he's going to stop associating with people who regularly play victim (aka his Mom), too bad Greg can't get away from himself.

No. 594887

File: 1541294421859.png (16.66 KB, 451x228, Capture.PNG)

Ohp, here we go, Gurg thinks he figured out the Youtube logarithm again. I wonder if his recent twitter poll had anything to do with the fact that "The Broken Children of My Parents" has been "removed from his channel" (by Greg himself). He even includes a sperg about the length of YouTube videos that are being promoted in his new OnisionSpeaks video. He's so transparent.

No. 594891

>he's upset that people don't believe his FAXXXS about his dad

Maybe people don't believe him because he never showed any proof?
I find it hilarious how when someone accuses him of something, he immediately demands that person to show proof, but he never showed any proof that his dad really is a molester. Maybe practice what you preach, Anus

No. 594892

He likes to forget he's an adult and not some abused orphan, huh.

No. 594901

File: 1541298410998.webm (1.15 MB, 229x180, you cant call lainey a tranny.…)

During his fake outrage he cant stop himself from giggling about his mom calling his wife a tranny.
Who wants to bet that as they sat at the dinner table and Tami said "So Laineys a tranny?" Greg busted out laughing while trying to regain his composure and correct his mom on that horrible, horrible word. And snickering could be heard coming from Sam in the dining room.

No. 594908

>6 fucking ad rolls

No. 594909

Can't wait to see the rest of the trilogy aka his own children's videos on his stupid ass.

>Also he's going to stop associating with people who regularly play victim

Does he mean he's gonna divorce Lainey, then? k e k

No. 594910

Every video he makes will now be 8-12 minutes long, fml.

All he's done is show it's even less dramatic then we originally thought. And I wasn't sure that was possible.

No. 594914

God, they're such whinny bitches.

No. 594916

File: 1541304334362.png (187.44 KB, 558x584, smoking.png)

No. 594923

File: 1541304959378.png (207.11 KB, 434x304, 57.PNG)

>Every video he makes will now be 8-12 minutes long

and we can expect 3-7 minutes of filler footage of him running around screaming in his backyard for no apparent reason to stretch out his videos.

No. 594925

The mom CAN sue him. Grandparents have rights the same as parents do.

No. 594931

Did any patrons watch this? Did they actually smoke weed after all of greg's bitching about it?

No. 594932

Not in WA state. It's a state-by-state thing; some states have Grandparents' Rights laws and some don't. their state doesn't.

Now, if both the Onions have to do jail time for any of the copious fines or back taxes they owe, Tammi can definitely make a bid for custody while they're gone, especially since she's the grandparent who lives close by. Though they usually stagger the parents going to jail so the kids have one parent with them.

No. 594933

Looks like a cigar.

No. 594934

Man, that'd be like Christmas Eve. I can't decide who I'd want to go in first.

No. 594936


why "guilty"?

No. 594938

it looks like a blunt but like… i absolutely cannot imagine either of them rolling a blunt lmao, i wonder if they're just smoking a swisher or something so it looks edgy in the thumbnail

No. 594941

it's just a swisher lel

No. 594942

Quick summary:
This was almost insufferable. They “light” 2 cigars and “smoke” them. They don’t properly light them so no smoke is actually inhaled. Lameo says she smoked a cigarette once in high school. Her a gurgles pass the unlit cigars back & forth while screeching about how gross it is.

No. 594943

>Lameo says she smoked a cigarette once in high school.

"Once". Isn't there more than one photo of her holding a cig from back when she still embraced being a basic bitch?

No. 594945

Maybe Lainey should smoke so she could lose her appetite and emaciate herself more.

No. 594946

File: 1541310942439.webm (4.51 MB, 640x360, Lainey doesnt know how fire wo…)

I have no idea how this woman has kept 2 children alive this long.
I bet she mixes bleach and ammonia to double the cleaning power.

No. 594947

File: 1541311264146.jpg (239.03 KB, 1048x649, GP Rights sux to be Tami.jpg)

>The mom CAN sue him. Grandparents have rights the same as parents do.

Sorry,anon you're wrong. GP rights vary from state to state,with most states not recognizing them at all. Washington State is one of the few that do and tends to only grants them if the parents are divorced or dead.Tami's chances are slim to none and while Greg is a dick, he was right to pull his kids from contact with Crazy Tami the moment she threatened GP rights. He should also consider moving to a state without GP Rights if she keeps this up. Anybody who has been through this had their lawyer recommend they do that if crazy granny threatens this. Here is the skinny on Washington's position on Grandparents' Rights as listed on https://www.divorcenet.com/resources/do-grandparents-have-visitation-rights-washington.html

No. 594948

File: 1541311318096.png (365.82 KB, 817x366, smoking cloves.png)

I think Ive seen one photo of her holding a cigarette, and they did a video years ago of them smoking clove cigarettes.

No. 594952

You'd think that they would be more worried about getting fucked in the ass by the government on Monday.

No. 594956

File: 1541313332083.png (65.74 KB, 587x777, Screenshot_7.png)

says the man who named his daughter Chloey or however the fuck he spells it.

No. 594966

Funny that Greg thinks adults using sex to avoid thinking about/cope with trauma is ~terrible writing~ considering he and his partners do exactly that.
I'd put money on Greg having had sex with Lainey after she'd cried many times throughout their relationship.

No. 594969

Even worse, Cloey lmao

Also, Nevaeh was a popular baby girl name nearly a decade ago. I don’t know why he’d be sperging about it now. He is literally always so behind the times.

No. 594976

File: 1541319124188.png (225.03 KB, 1041x1079, 4_65_36_586_.png)

Could his "doesn't mean I want to fuck you" tweet be Gurgles way of letting some of his more thirsty Patrons/Fans realize they dont have a chance?

I know when Bootyslayer got caught selfposting, a big chunk of her posts were her saying Gurg liking her tweets & photos must equal him having a crush on her.

No. 594977

My guess is that he got caught liking a girl’s photos on Instagram; Lainey demanded he tell her that he doesn’t want to fuck her, and this is his workaround.

No. 594978


That first tweet… in STA there's a sex scene between James and Abbi right after she tells James that she was gang raped. Da fuck, Gerg.

No. 594979

He of all people judges other people's writing lmao

I immediately thought of his patrons cause they all lust after him. Maybe one of them is especially annoying right now and asks to be in the trinity.

No. 594982

>I immediately thought of his patrons cause they all lust after him

Greg gets such an ego boost from this. I dont think he really knows what these girls look like. He just hears their little girl sounding squealing voices on discord and it gets him hard. If he ever had a "Onisions Fan Get Together" and saw the type of girls (in the flesh, no Insta-angles or Snapchat filters) that are into him… he'd be devastated and thank god that he landed Horsey McFootface.

No. 594984

File: 1541320305115.png (412.39 KB, 1080x1088, mikenactor.png)

I just saw on Twitter that Shane started following Mikenactor. He really seems to be keeping up with onion drama, this is a another top hater he has acknowledged after iNabber and Joy Sparkles. What do you anons think? Is he doing it to piss onion off or does he really watch videos about him? Of course these Youtubers do have plenty of other content but the connection is there and can't be ignored. Mikenactor in particular talks A LOT about onion.

No. 594986


Little column A, little column B. I would have said that there's no connection at all if it weren't for the emails between them. I think Shane checks up on him from time to time but doesn't let him know, he said in a livestream once that he knows that Greg talks about him all the time.

No. 594987

And one who did expose her true form (Hamber the Halfwit) was promptly humiliated, excommunicated (temporarily) and dragged for being a fat, ugly psycho. He has probably convinced himself that she’s an anomaly and all his other fans look like Billie.

No. 594988


None of them are up to par for him anyway.

No. 594989

File: 1541321756707.jpeg (182.44 KB, 750x669, D4AAA9B2-1464-4F8C-A699-E10869…)

Here we go…

No. 594990

I think Greg was actually concerned at her lack of common sense and that's saying something.

No. 594991

File: 1541321827747.jpeg (265.27 KB, 750x900, 8153FD35-1574-4FFC-B562-69D7B0…)

What the fuck does being white have to do with this? Christ he is a retard.

No. 594996

Dude… it’s literally a joke that’s at least 30 plus years old. Kek
Calm down.
Eddie Murphy did a famous a joke and skit about it back in 1989. The joke is that every white person stays in the hunted house even after it’s obviously hunted. Chill out anon. it’s not a raciest joke it’s an outdated Eddie Murphy reference that is 30 years too late. Greg hasn’t realized its outdated as fuck kek

It’s a joke that the voice of donkey in the dreamworks movie Sherk made in the late 1980s about hunted houses and white people kek its a very famous Eddie Murphy joke greg is 30 years too late on. Chill out and calm down anon kek

No. 594997

It’s a very popular famous joke from the 1980s. It’s a joke the comedian Eddie Murphy made about white people. Greg is referencing the joke. But greg is 30 years too late referencing the joke. But anon is right. It is a very popular famous joke. Greg is just too stupid and dumb to realize Eddie Murphy is no longer relevant in 2018.
https://youtu.be/InLfUMjyKNo(Samefag )

No. 594999

Not personally bolging myself but

Taylor spends a lot time outside taking selfies. She’s outside a lot in her backyard tumbler and insta photos. Nobody who is outside THAT MUCH taking selfies isn’t smokimg in the right of the photo. Just st speaking from experience. No healthy is taking that many selfies in the driveway every single damn morning unless your smoking cigarettes. I’ve checked the photos and tinfoling there seems to be possible cig butts along the garage drive way photos at the old mcgrease mansion

No. 595003

File: 1541325670783.webm (9.11 MB, 720x405, WEEDON.webm)

I had to.

No. 595006


Lainy doesn’t smoke, she breastfeeds her kids still. She’s nursed constantly from age 19 to now, 24 and is such a boob nazi, she’d never smoke.

There are no cigarette butts in those old pictures, it’s been debunked several times.

No. 595014

With the way things are going, I bet their next video will be "STRAIGHT EDGE COUPLE TRIES CANNABIS FOR THE FIRST TIME".

No. 595019

She smokes an electronic vape.

No. 595020

Tbf that’s how you’re meant to smoke a cigar - bum puffs for flavour. But do not despair, anon, as this does not avoid cancer risk.

And wouldn’t that be poetry… if the cancer of YouTube got cancer from developing a cigar habit. Most likely mouth cancer too.

No. 595022

File: 1541332629796.jpeg (180.74 KB, 750x786, 77A2D61E-A77A-4498-BCF4-3A2F54…)

I think not, fam

No. 595023

All the better. Lame can't keep her bullshit straight and Grug contradicts himself on a daily basis. Tinfoil lite: if Grug goes to prison for Tractorgate, I think he might pull a 180 just to get everyone riled up.

No. 595036

These were tea cigarettes meaning not tobacco and just for show.

No. 595052

Is that his neighbor's house lights behind him? I can only imagine what they think of their new neighbors after seeing him like this because you know he's loud enough to be heard at their house.

No. 595056

Well the neighbors (the family that also got reported) have a daughter who is trying to make YouTube channels so who knows what they think of the Onions.

No. 595057

Huh, I don't see his name on the list…

Clearly only white people can be haunted, anon. At least in Greg's retarded as fuck mind.

No. 595059

I did that once when I was a teen and nearly killed myself. It felt like I had burned the lining of my lungs. The floor was nice and clean though!!

No. 595060

Yeah just isolate the kids from more Grendparents. Tami is as crazy as Onision is and I’m sure the Grandkids don’t see strange people in HER bed. Onision doesn’t want her around the kids because she won’t put up with the boy spitting on and hitting her. Onision should have named that boy Damien

No. 595068

File: 1541342833616.png (Spoiler Image,622.57 KB, 778x828, onioncreep.png)

Could also be because of the way he's creeping on Jessie Paege. Most recently on a revealing photo of her.

No. 595071

i hope jessie doesn't give this walking thumb so much as the time of day. wonder if he's deluded enough to think he'd ever be worthy of her and keep on creeping.

i kinda feel bad for lainey. must be shitty to have your adult husband openly creeping on and drooling over girls both younger and more attractive than you.

No. 595074

How sad that this is Taylor’s HUSBAND. She tries to act like she’s cool with this type of behavior but when she was in her wedding dress as a giddy teenager exchanging vows with who she thought was the love of her life, I bet she didn’t imagine that YEARS down the road, after two kids, Greg would still be salivating over a skinny blonde feminine teen GIRL like she once was. It’s predatory and disgusting and it’s so sad she allows her “soulmate” to pine over anyone other than her.
I’m sad that we might never see the day where Taylor chooses to have self respect and dignity and recognizes the signs that he isn’t content and she’s not “enough” to him.
I hope Troy cuts off all contact with Greg when he’s big enough to see this sort of thing for himself with a simple google search.

Also it’s so satisfying that Jessie never responds.

No. 595076


>troubled star


No. 595082


Yes — without nicotine.

No. 595085


It must drive Thot insane that Anus swooped in and started obsessing over the girl she’s been pining after for a good year or so. With B, she explicitly said she wanted to have her cake and eat it, too, or have a husband and have a girlfriend, but seperately. I’m sure she got it in her head that she could try again and have someone like Jessie all to herself without Anus getting his paws all over her, but that will clearly never happen.

Jessie will never be with them, and Anus will never ever let her have anyone for herself.

No. 595086

pretty sure he's referencing the Haunting of House Hill again, and well, the characters are white?

No. 595087

>Be me, Lazy sunday..
>hears young son singing "I'm a banana.."
>Blood freezes.
>Demand to know how he knows this in overly dramatic manner.
>Son replies "it's about man called greg who isn't wearing any clothes"..
>FRANTICALLY search his uchoob history and find numerous fnaf links to gurg's banana song.
>We're all fucking doomed.

Gurg gonna be busy flagging/bragging tonight.. look kids Daddy IS famous!!!

(DL but not to onions channel) throwback sage for horrifying find

No. 595088


Not to mention at least Jessie responded to Grot once after only a few months, and Thot has been trying for over a year.

I’m pretty sure Grot said in an email to Billie that he made a mistake trying to make this a three way relationship, and that if she still lurves Thot, she should come back and be with only her. That’s probably what gave Thot the deluded idea that she could have a girlfriend all to herself. Of course we all know that nasty ass Anus would just weasel his way back in to try and recreate the magical night when he finally got to bang Billie all alone.

No. 595094

>the neighbors have a daughter who is trying to make YouTube channels
Wtf Kiwifarms must dig a lot deeper than lolcow

No. 595101

We sell banana stuffed toys at my job. A preteen girl picked it up to show her friends and sang "I'm a banana! I'm a banana!" I cringed and wanted to warn them about the onions but was like, fuck it. That's probably all they actually know of his content through these detached fan videos anyway because he's been irrelevant for some time.

No. 595114

I actually love this so much

No. 595117

Preteens sit on their phones and get into something viral for like a day and move on. They probably just know of the video and don't give a shit about Onision or "Stones to Abifail" or whatever the fuck content he produces. I doubt they're fans and just being random. Hilarious thing is that preteens are the worst for consistent views especially when it comes to his type of content.

I don't know about anyone else, but it's much nicer to see Onision live in a mansion because of the whims of preteens then see him constantly downgrade his "luxury" life style over and over again. Nothing like seeing the fall.

No. 595121

I mean, we're seeing the fall in progress right now

No. 595127

She's also like 10 or 11 so I really hope her family keeps her away from the Onion's.

No. 595128

this isn't uncommon for young kids today. i babysat plenty of kids around that age who all had "youtube channels" and "produced content". they're imitating what they see.

No. 595132

Well that was just a response to the anon asking what the neighbors must think of Onion. I'm sure they've had some kind of meeting, they moved in probably around July not too long after the Onion's moved into their swamp trailer. I just hope that they see Onion for the creep he is and doesn't let their daughter hang around and try to get YouTube tips from him.

No. 595144

File: 1541359819796.jpeg (551.7 KB, 2048x2048, D1671F86-B849-42FD-BF5F-BDABD4…)

poor gurgles, billie dresses up as a cute anime girl just for fun while doormat dresses as “boy robin” with her smugness lol be mad

No. 595149

Me too anon, me too.. if only gurg was as funny as this, pretty sure one of his nicegirl thirsty orbiters will bring it to his attention pretty soon. Hilariously outing themselves as lurkers/sekrit h8rs as a bonus feature.

No. 595162

>thanks for being strong

This makes no sense, why the fuck is her “strength” anything for him to be thankful for? Christ the autism is palpable.

No. 595164

Shane is really into researching fucked up people, mental disorders and the like in his spare time, and he used to personally know Greg, so I bet he's pretty fascinated by him and his descent into madness honestly. Not that he's personally invested or anything, but more aligned to the hater side of things – it's entertaining and morbidly interesting in its own way. I don't think he'd ever give Greg the satisfaction of actually acknowledging him, but I do like to imagine Shane, Ryland and co. watching videos about Greg and mocking him together every once in a while.

No. 595165

Because now he has another new picture to tape to the back of foots head while he fucks her from behind.

No. 595168

I'm almost completely sure Greg made her stop vaping, actually. There were multiple videos where he complained heavily about it, and in this recent video she said she "used to vape."

No. 595172

If Lainey somehow had a girlfriend he couldn't be with too, he'd just mope around, make videos about being depressed and not good enough for anyone, and eventually emotionally manipulate himself into the relationship that way. Or if it went on long enough, he'd slander Lainey for loving her girlfriend more than him or something, setting up a reason to divorce. His fans would eat that shit up, as we know from the Billie days.
Ah, we can dream of that level of milk.

No. 595196

Gurg doesn't even know who minor threat is. And doesnt taylor vape?
He wants a content cop on him so bad. Onion you're nowhere near relevant enough for ian to acknowledge you.

No. 595201

Didn't Greg shit on Ian's (idubbz) content along with Joji's (FilthyFrank)?? Yet he tries to copy their edgy humor format and sketch humor. Jesus the transparency.

No. 595205

File: 1541370414960.jpeg (242.76 KB, 750x501, EE61B7A8-05E6-451A-8B53-17868D…)

Tinfoil but trying to spark up some commentary from Gurgle?
Eerily similar to his tweet style.

No. 595208

File: 1541371285729.webm (357.09 KB, 238x180, why would you know that.webm)

I wonder if his uncle is lumped in with the demonized Daddy and Mommy.

No. 595209

File: 1541371737835.png (264.34 KB, 1060x789, THE KERNEL.PNG)

I wonder if he just found out about that article in the kernel. Or hes just doing that passive aggressive thing where he embraces the rumors about himself thinking it makes the accusations less valid.


No. 595217

File: 1541373482226.png (88.37 KB, 797x628, 67511.png)

Totally true. Lainey spent the better part of this year desperately trying to catch Jessies eye, and never got any kind of reply, not even a thanks or smiley face. She finally stopped tweeting at Jessie in September.
Jessie made the mistake of replying to Onision with a basic "thank you"
Just one reply from Jessie and Onision has been tweeting at her every day or every other day.
How long until this unrequited love & obsessive attention turns into hate and he starts talking shit on her because she wont interact with him.

No. 595219

File: 1541373636179.jpeg (394.24 KB, 2048x2048, 85C38017-25EB-4CAC-83EC-ED8E19…)

ot and also total tinfoil but i’m 100% convinced taylor is trying to skinwalk that cringey tiktok dude that keeps springing up everywhere

No. 595220

betting that he's going to call her "toxic" or sth for not interacting with him, acting like she "owes" him anything. smh this man is a 30yo father of 2.

No. 595228

Better yet it's a repeat of the voicemail ordeal where he leaves 100000 messages promising to stop but never does but instead goes from "let's fix this, talk to me, I love you." to "you're evil, you're not human, I'm going to ruin you."

"I'm sorry Jessie, but not really, but I'll leave you alone, unless you respond, then we can run away and I'll leave Lainey." -message 206

"How dare you? Why can't you be human? I complimented you. Don't you want my shrimpy cock? I'm going to tell everyone what a terirble person you are." -message 100082

No. 595230

File: 1541374752380.jpg (321.89 KB, 712x1094, Screenshot_20181104-215305.jpg)

Any patreonfags able to upload this?

Tl:dw Foot is a real boi now and onion is probably gay. Bonus point for obligatory Billllaaaaaay mention.
Original anons were fucking bang on, a hairstyle can change your fucking gender.

No. 595233

Imagine having so little self-respect you sell your own orientation out just to keep the footface you married around only because she's the only thing on Earth that will take your microcock and just put up with you.

No. 595237

"I'm married to a boy"

You're married to a straight woman and you're a straight man trying to get whatever attention you possibly can.

Bad news Grease, people are still going to ignore you.

No. 595240

Is he also coming out as a pedo since he's married to a boy and not a man? I mean he used that kind of reasoning with all the DDLG videos he has made.

No. 595245

Wouldn’t he be bisexual?

No. 595249


Anus, you’re not gay. You’re not even bi. Everyone knows you love wild scene/goth types like Shiloh and Billie, and they’re the ones that got away. Also, why boy? Is Thot trans age now, too? She’s a fucking adult, regardless of gender.

No. 595251


He loves feminine women, but young “underdeveloped ones”, hence why he doesn’t find Taylor’s huge sagging udders appealing. He prefers B’s small perky boobs.

No. 595252

The Shane pics are def a dig at Greg in the Blaire debate. Remember the clip where Shane is talking about like, the big brother thing and says "love the orange wig!" He was referencing Greg's attire in the Joy debate. It's delicious that he knows all the drama about Greg and refuses to give him the satisfaction of a reply acknowledging it.

No. 595257

Gurg is just worried he found the second most retarded person on the planet.

But yeah, he was legit worried/upset.


No. 595259

File: 1541378682576.png (326.24 KB, 750x1073, image0.png)

>>595230 I only want to die a little.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_zsq3AWK7PcIyxssTgZh3IsCNF0lFxT3 (I'm Married To A Boy MIRROR)

No. 595260


Wasn't this faggot athiest, aside from trying to be his own god?

Shit changes depending on who he feels like throwing shade at, I swear.

No. 595268

Doing God's work anon. TY.

No. 595276

I had some preteen trick r' treaters the other day and I asked who they were and one said "Jake Paul" so I gave them extra candy if they promised not to watch Onion boy.

Also why do they always seem drunk in videos together?

No. 595278

>I'm married to a boy

Surely it would at least be more appropriate to say that you're married to a MAN? (if you disregard the fact that Lainey is a woman and alwyas will be)

But I guess that doesn't get Pedonion hard, so boy it is

No. 595282

File: 1541383069675.webm (8.38 MB, 352x240, style=gender.webm)

How to become a boy according to Onion.

No. 595286

Gregma’s a closet-Christian, he’s a Jesus-fan and likes other biblical figures (Samson) while “hating” God w/o realizing that Jesus and the Lord are one in the same.

No. 595287

How the hell is riding around on a scooter a boyish thing? It's a fucking scooter.

No. 595288

Right anon, I guess I've been a boy this whole time! What are the requirements of being a girl I wonder. Doing laundry, cleaning, and being pregnant? Wait… aren't those things Lainey does as well?

No. 595289

She must be a hermaphrodite.

No. 595291

File: 1541384956435.png (211.42 KB, 1446x689, who is onion attracted to.png)

Really, did he need to make a chart for this shit? He just wants someone with a vagina who he can fuck, play games with and when he's done he can ignore. That's been his MO from the very beginning. The reason he doesn't like "girly girls' because he thinks they're too clingy and emotionally needy.

No. 595293

How self-absorbed do you have to be to make a god damn chart about your preferences. That's assuming people will be attracted to YOU, Greg, not the other way around. That's one hell of an assumption to make with a face like yours.

No. 595306


> doesn't like "girly girls' because he thinks they're too clingy and emotionally needy

>is married to an autistic clingy and emotionally needy insecure, jealous basic bitch LARPING as a teen boy to avoid having to take responsibility for anything

Make of that what you will, fam

No. 595322

This is exceptional. By trying to define what gender your straight wife's mind and body fall into, you reinforce the stereotypes you guys so desperately want destroy. Tumblr logic at its finest.

No. 595326

Well luckily he found his forever foot who loves his tomato face, dad bod, backne, micro peen, and burrito farts.

No. 595330

I don't know, anons. It's all kind of strange. Anyone that has kids know they are 100% a part of your social life. You can be discreet about them but, they still show up in social media if you are transparent and honest about your life. Taylor spends about 80% of her day online children not showing up. Onion boy is about 95% online children rarely mentioned.

No. 595334

God knows she doesn't do laundry

No. 595346

This video is such a mess. He doesn't address the point at hand for SO LONG. But basically, Lainey is probably going to start going by solely male pronouns and changing their name to a masculine one. He says that the reason Lainey has struggled so much with her gender identity and waited so long to make this decision, as well as why she continues to wear makeup and female clothing, is because she was afraid of his reaction. He says Lainey was afraid he would leave her if she went full boy, so she kept presenting femininely and allowing him to use female pronouns out of fear. Since he has now essentially granted permission for Lainey to do so, it's all good. No, he really says all this.

Things of note:
- He always uses the weirdest pictures and clips of her when he talks about her in videos. Like the most random shit he can possibly pull up, or something that doesn't help his point at all (for example he uses a picture of Lainey in a bikini with full cleavage out in a video about her being a "boy" and says she looks like a knockout).
- He tries to use the fact that Lainey likes to have short hair and isn't a "girly girl" to prove that she's trans, which is like, pretty much where I expect him to be as far as knowledge on the subject of being trans unfortunately.
- "When it comes to people with biologically female parts, I'm a pretty polyamorous person." What the fuck does this sentence even mean or have to do with anything?
- He says that he and Lainey were having problems in their relationship post-Cuddlegate because they were "struggling with the concept of polyamory," not because he cheated on her and tried to run away and leave her and Trot behind or anything. I've never seen someone gaslight his way out of a situation as much as he has with that one.
- He says in a long-term relationship you typically spend 30-40% of your time in the bedroom together. Fucking hell, he's so far removed from reality.
- He said he doesn't like dating cis women. What he's trying to say is that he doesn't like dating "girly girls," but in the context of what he's saying, he equates the two things. Besides Lainey, he has only ever dated cis women. I'm so confused about what point he thought he was making here.

No. 595351

Okay but… Is she going on T or still going to be faking.

No. 595352

No mention of going on T or getting top surgery. Only that she'll most likely be using male pronouns and a masculine name soon. (For the record, he was using they/them pronouns throughout the video.)
He didn't necessarily say this is starting now, either, just that it would probably happen soon. I wonder if she even knew he was making this video.

No. 595353

Well, there's absolutely no chance that she'll go on t since that requires going to a gender therapist LOL

No. 595357

If Taylor had an idea to get top surgery or even breast reduction, that ruins it because he repeatedly says he is attracted to the "female body" with "male brain." When Taylor was non-binary, Taylor wouldn't have fallen into any category in his little chart. In my opinion, this just furthers his anti-transness, by saying that he still prefers Taylor's "female body." That's, hypothetically, if Taylor is truly trans which no one seems to agree upon and even then highly questionable.

No. 595359

Does he not realize he is implying that sexual orientation is all in the "mind"? That's literally what he says too. That is what anti-gay people use to try to convert gay people straight in those conversion camps. I was completely disgusted when he started saying that he's literally saying people "choose in their mind" to be gay or trans. He's such a fucking idiot.

No. 595375

His chart clearly says he prefers a woman's body. The most he'll sacrifice for her translarping is calling Lainey "he/him" as long as she keeps all her lady parts and caters to his whims. For now she's giving him content and a pedestal to stand on while he virtue signals about a subject he has near zero knowledge on.

No. 595380

Hmm. Who did the split personality face photoshop first?
Anus or shane?
I feel like Shane has been passively trying to send anusion into an asylum for a while now, from the contact with Joy, subbing mikenactor, and tons of other little niggly things.
It's hilarious.
I wonder if he's trying to bait Greg into thinking a documentary is possibly on the cards, when really he's just trolling.

Either way, it's hilarious.

No. 595381

why would she be scared of his reaction anon? theyre twin flames uwu

No. 595385

Alright, so… Onion is one step closer to admitting, or he's just reiterating that he's bi-romantic or some shit.

He's had at least two videos within the past couple years about not being straight (some Tumblr word) and another vid about being bi-romantic. He more or less said in a vid, seriously, that he would blow a couple of his male celeb crushes. He also said, unsurprisingly, how attached he gets to some of his male friends.

He obsesses over ex-friends/acquaintances who are bio male nearly as much as his bio female ex-love interests (real or imagined). He's like a heartbroken, emotionally immature teen, but he's really an emotionally stunted, narcissistic 32(?) year old man with mommy and daddy issues that show up in his relationships with others regardless of gender or sex.

He couldn't be with a bio male, even if he was sexually attracted, because it's competition (according to him), and he's forever trying to distinguish he's not like his father who is his first primary male figure in his life. His mother probably bashed the father to hell with sexual assault accusations, though she still sent Onion to him and their parent-child relationship was unstable/toxic. Solid parenting. A+

But Onion still wants a male figure to give him attention and love that his father never did (according to him). His father has kids from another marriage that he actively parents and still talks to at least one of Onion's sisters. This is all warped up in his friendships with certain men, especially when he feels a connection that is made or could be made.

If Onion were to admit he's bi-sexual and wants the D in his A sometimes to feel loved, that would probably open a door to his deeper daddy issues.

No. 595396

That's what is so frustrating about the whole thing. Gender dysphoria is a real medical diagnosis, why doesn't she go see a fucking specialist? Oh that's right: because her husband is a control freak who obviously knows what the fuck he is talking about - his biased Google searches say so. What a joke. Taylor is stuck with Better Help, vaping lavender, and the boys section at Target to deal with this shit because her douche bag husbando can't handle a real professional speaking to his wife about her mental health. Oh and let's not forget these inconveniant FAAAAXXX:

In the beginning it was Greg who kept telling Taylor she was bi-sexual even though she didn't really believe she was. Eventually she accepted what he was telling her and came out with him by her side on her YouTube channel. She also said she was looking for a girlfriend with Greg's permission because he wanted to support her exploring her sexuality (a.k.a hunting for fresh teen puss)

Cue the Billie saga. When cuddlegate happened Lainey admitted on Twitter she was open to the idea of having a girlfriend but it was Greg who kept pushing her into it, proving his intentions were self serving.

After Billie was finally out of the picture Lainey starts dying her hair shades of manic panic, getting more tattoos, and making beauty related videos. At the same time she is more aggressive with her fuckboi/non binary larping with much more emphasis on her "dysphoria" Greg approves and is happy that she can be her "true self" even though she looks more miserable than ever.

No. 595400

"My uwu spouse is a boy" and almost during the same week Lame releases a video "Turning Myself Into A Guy"
So she sat on a four wheeler like once for a video, ditched the Beautybot thing because Sarah isn't sending her makeup and started wearing less makeup, cut her hair like a confused emo girl while being a 24-year-old mother of two, is a boob nazi, would never actually transition, only has top "dysphoria" after years of breastfeeding…
Gee, that's it anons. If you get a tomboy style, cut your hair shoulder length, do a "hurr durr manly thing" once, you're a uwu boy. At this point it's probably more likely Shreg will transition to a female than Lame will ever set foot in a gender therapist's office because she knows that if she does, she will get slapped with a big fat no.

No. 595406

It's just fucking annoying how dependent on labels laundry is to feel special. Just be fucking you, you're 24 year old fucking adult, stop googling and tumblring trying to find a label for your identity. And like the other anons said go to a fucking gender therapist. If your dysphoria was real you'd be leaping at the chance to make an appointment asap. You are privileged as fuck Lainey, pretending to be trans, when real trans suffer unable to have support or the ability to see specialists.

No. 595428

Maybe she's not going because shes worried they'll see right through her bullshit? Or point out that her 'dysphoria' is more to do with the fact her husband got with her when she was a young teen and so her insecurity lies in the fact her appearance is changing to less teen like and more mumsy? Whether or not a gender counsellor goes in that deep I'm pretty sure that's what laim is afraid of. Most likely explanation

No. 595430

>Laimey likes having short hair so she's a boy obviously duh

yeah.. no, that's not how i works fucking retard. way to downplay every single real trans persons issues and struggles..

No. 595434

I think that was sarcasm

No. 595435

Lol he's just pushing Lainey into transitioning so he has an excuse to fuck around again.

"I can't help what I'm attracted to Lain! I need a woman in my life to fulfill all my sexual needs! You had girlfriends to fulfill yours!!"

No. 595439

So, initially he coerced her into hiding her relationship with him from her parents, then he coerced her into being bi, now he's pushing even harder for her to be a boy?? Holy manipulation batman, this isn't horrifying at all.

No. 595441

He feels threatened by men, but boys are fine to him because children are non-threatening.

From the wiki article on paedophilia (compatibility and personal traits section):
>The authors caution that "there is a difficulty in untangling cause and effect. We cannot tell whether paedophiles gravitate towards children because, being highly introverted, they find the company of children less threatening than that of adults, or whether the social withdrawal implied by their introversion is a result of the isolation engendered by their preference i.e., awareness of the social [dis]approbation and hostility that it evokes"

So it's not clear whether Greg isolated himself in the swamp because he's a pedo, or did he become an isolated pedo as a consequence of his comorbid personality traits. Probably a bit of both.

No. 595444

Today is the 5th! Here's to looking forward to the great sperg that he's going to do today.

No. 595446

Oh yeah that's right, he was supposed to be done with all yard work (read: rebuilding an entire ecosystem he nearly destroyed) by the fourth I believe. Wondering how that goes down today.

No. 595450

Yikes. Not to sound like a sjw, but this seems extremely transphobic. Who gives a shit what you’re into, Gregory? We know this isn’t right anyway according to your obsessive flirting with girly girls. You prefer girly girls with vaginas. You’re not fooling anyone.

Sadly T can be easily accessible to people who are faking it if they go through somewhere like planned parenthood. No therapy required, you just go in and say you want to start hormones (ftm or mtf) and they’ll pretty easily give it to you after bloodwork since they’re an informed consent clinic. But Taylor would never start T anyway. She doesn’t want to be a MAN. she wants to be a boy.

No. 595451

Onion thinks she's a boy because she rode a scooter and cuts her hair short? Lame hoards makeup, her favorite show is Americas next top model, she has 0 male interest.

No. 595453

>If Onion were to admit he's bi-sexual and wants the D in his A sometimes to feel loved, that would probably open a door to his deeper daddy issues.

Not to mention it would open a door to getting some sort of fame/audience back. His pool of willing females is getting so low that really the only way he'll be able to get someone other than Foot to fuck is if he comes out and admits he likes getting it up the ass while dressed as a woman. I mean if Chris-chan can find sex partners then Greg can at least get a few to give Plainey's bits a day off.

No. 595454

He also openly admits that HE is the one who pushed for Taylor to cut her hair. He told her she should so she did like the good little broken down puppet she is.

I think he wanted her hair short bc he’s into little boys. I think the fact that it makes Taylor good bait for bisexual teen girls was just a bonus for him.

No. 595455

Lol every pic he used of lainey 'looking boyish' she has a whole face of makeup on

No. 595457

Adding to this how hilarious it is that he says he doesn’t prefer girly girls but Billie and Jessie Paege are both extremely girly and feminine and he’s so thirsty for them.

No. 595461

Sorry to derail but isn't today the wetlands hearing?

No. 595465

No. 595473

Why can't Lainey just roll with being a drag king? Like that gets you some hype and head pats, is just as trendy, but let's her keep her titties and makes the whole thing just more genuine.

They're so fucking stupid.

No. 595474


Honestly I'm 100000% sure that Onion's bi. He treats Shane like one of his exes. He reminisces about the kiss way, way too much and is really bitter. He obviously had some gay feelings for him.

No. 595491


This is what gets me too. While I dont have kids, many of my friends who have had them immediately started to post pics of them on their social media. Wanting to share their love of their kid, whatever right? But Lame and Onion seem so stuck on the idea that "children need to make the choice of being on camera" (which is bullshit anyway. They just want to seem kidless to lure in young teens), and it seems like their kids arent even a part of their lives. Its fucken weird. It's especially eerie when watching Lames vlogs, because one would think her caring for her children would be a part of her day, but nope. Conveniently edited the fuck out.

No. 595495

>which is bullshit anyway. They just want to seem kidless to lure in young teens

Bingo. Out of site out of mind. It takes things to a whole new level of wtf when you consider Taylor larping as a teenage boy and Onion filming very autistic and explicit videos around the house when they both have children there.

No. 595496


Fuuuck. I couldnt even get through this video, it was fucking cringey. His only points and "proof" that she's a boy is that her hair has been cut?????? And even makes the point that HE was the one who initially proposed the idea and of course she obliged. Jesus christ. Does she make any choices of her own??? Someone make a list of the shit that has told her to do and shes fucking done

No. 595497

>which is bullshit anyway. They just want to seem kidless to lure in young teens

Bingo. Out of site out of mind. It takes things to a whole new level of wtf when you consider Taylor larping as a teenage boy and Onion filming very autistic and explicit videos around the house when they both have children there.

No. 595498


Fuuuck. I couldnt even get through this video, it was fucking cringey. His only points and "proof" that she's a boy is that her hair has been cut?????? And even makes the point that HE was the one who initially proposed the idea and of course she obliged. Jesus christ. Does she make any choices of her own??? Someone make a list of the shit that has told her to do and shes fucking done

No. 595499


Fuuuck. I couldnt even get through this video, it was fucking cringey. His only points and "proof" that she's a boy is that her hair has been cut?????? And even makes the point that HE was the one who initially proposed the idea and of course she obliged. Jesus christ. Does she make any choices of her own??? Someone make a list of the shit that has told her to do and shes fucking done

No. 595500


Fuuuck. I couldnt even get through this video, it was fucking cringey. His only points and "proof" that she's a boy is that her hair has been cut?????? And even makes the point that HE was the one who initially proposed the idea and of course she obliged. Jesus christ. Does she make any choices of her own??? Someone make a list of the shit that has told her to do and shes fucking done

No. 595503

I think with "girly girls" he means pretty, normal girls with a normal life and family. Not his precious quirky goth, anime loving girls with a troubled past.
He probably also doesn't like them because those were the girls who were making fun of him in highschool because they weren't into his trenchcoat-serialkiller look.

No. 595504

I don’t think he’s bi or gay. He would’ve milked that earlier if it were true. He’s too scared of men to be attracted to them anyway. He fixated on men in his life but not for sexual reasons. It’s becuase he feels abandoned by them in some way and can’t stand that feeling. He ruminates on anyone who “lets him down” or betrays” him but not becuase he’s attracted to them.

He’s milking the bisexuality thing (only in regard to self-ascribed gender rather than birth sex) for attention. He only is attracted to sex f no matter how they identifier their gender which he sees as totally separate fro their sex.

No. 595505

Ofc he has to bring up Billie two separate times in something that has nothing to do with her.

No. 595508

I imagine he does this very often when speaking to Lainey. I bet he makes sure the topic is just relevant enough that he could twist it into seeming innocent, but I bet he talks about Billie nonstop to Lainey.

No. 595515

I would bet he also brings up their “future girlfriend” a lot even though lainey has said she doesn’t want one again. He needs to keep chipping away at her until she will agree to another one soon.

No. 595517

File: 1541440238437.png (290.35 KB, 1267x761, twittersuicide.png)

Because you would never do anything like that, right Greg?

No. 595518

I would bet he also brings up their “future girlfriend” a lot even though lainey has said she doesn’t want one again. He needs to keep chipping away at her until she will agree to another one soon.

No. 595524

It’s like he thinks people have forgotten the only reason why she cut her hair in the first place was because she fried it. Then people on twitter started saying she was Dan and Phil’s lovechild and she rolled with it. She literally never cared about looking like a prepubescent boy until she put on a button up shirt and people told her how ~masculine~ she looked.

No. 595528

And she even said before she cut her hair the first time that she hopes she doesn't look like a boy. ~*~so trans~*~

No. 595531

No it isn’t. Today is just the deadline to have a plan to correct his environmental fuck up. He’s been to busy with his “job” so he obviously hasn’t contacted anyone about the issue, just appealed the charges against him.

No. 595534

File: 1541442666204.jpeg (182.69 KB, 640x480, 18121523-4CDC-4260-94C3-B1257E…)

y’all know what to do

No. 595536

>voting is a “pick your side” battle with moral certitude
Greg is so close to being a white supremacist it’s hilarious

No. 595539

Every one of his polls is so manipulatively worded to make his followers definitely vote the thing he wants them to. He always adds to the "wrong" answer any kind of remark to make people feel like stupid for voting that one. Not that in that example I would vote latter but he is so up his own ass that he really thinks his opinion is the only one that ever counts and everyone who isn't agreeing with him is wrong.

No. 595542

No. 595544

File: 1541444079635.png (51.08 KB, 1030x464, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.png)


"we are talking about literal science of the literal brain and the brain"


No. 595545

someone call the tard wrangler and tell this poor, misshapen manbaby to use his words

No. 595552

>mentally I am scientifically the same as some people who are different via their body
u what m8? Is he having a stroke finally?

No. 595556

haha, Mr. We Don’t Need No Education thinks commas just go where you’d pause in a sentence, so he’s put one right in the middle of a phrase and made the whole thing nonsensical.

Also that whole fucking paragraph… what? What is he trying to say? What definition of gay? Is he basing his sexual orientation on the dictionary? Maybe you’re just dictosexual then, Obesion.

No. 595560

Him and the fucking commas

No. 595567

>who is the same as you on a scientific level
what the fuck, that doesn't even make any sense.
>scientifically the same as some people who are different via their boy
>literal science of the literal brain
What the fuck is he trying to say

I think you're onto something.

My boyfriend is doing a PhD in neuroscience and I quoted onions ramblings to him and he actually got worried am I about to have a stroke.

No. 595570

Words what, are purpose? How, they?

No. 595576

Did he have a fucking brain aneurysm. Holy kek, is his shitty malnourished vegetarian diet finally getting to him?
>inb4 muh 140 IQ

No. 595577

There he goes using lgbt incorrectly again. Such an ally. You don’t say “I support gay.”

Sorry to nitpick. Shit just is fucking annoying. He claims to be an ally get can’t even use the term properly.

No. 595582

File: 1541448892351.png (3.51 MB, 1242x2208, 44552237-3867-47E4-BC21-2AEB68…)

“i don’t like girly girls” his thirst for jaclyn is so real, i bet she texts blaire his comments and they laugh together and enjoy that he isn’t making videos on them anymore

No. 595587

Nah, I don't think he finds someone like Jaclyn attractive. If he did, he would have tried to pull off a poly when they had collabs back in 2015. He likes petite underdeveloped girls alà Billie. He's faking thirst to get to Jessie imo because he knows Jaclyn protrects her and getting on her good side is easy access to Jessie.

No. 595590

Those tags though.
>failed husband

No. 595591

File: 1541449529920.png (55.96 KB, 606x430, pls pls stop.png)

speaking of which. he's so transparent.

No. 595593

He's such a fucking creeper. And he looks like a 41 year old mom of three in that profile photo.

No. 595594

Honestly, when is he going to give up? You'd think he should start a sperging session how fake she is because she's ignoring the swamp monster.

No. 595596

This is so pathetic. The only reply she’s EVER given him was a “thank you” and he’s still sending her creepy tweets like this almost daily. And she can’t say anything because he’ll make 300 videos about her if she does

No. 595599


I disagree. He's hardly said anything about Cyr for a while now, but how many times has he sperged over Shane? I think he saw Cyr as a friend but with Shane it was clearly something more.

No. 595600

Don't link directly to his channel. This vid was rehosted and posted a bit above anyway.

No. 595601

>literal science

Using the word science instead of the proper terminology = smart to teen girls?

No. 595603

Not that anon, but I think he just legitimately hates Shane and is insanely envious of his success. Having been popular around the same time, he's going mad that his career is dead and Shane is still going strong. Tbh there's a thin line between love and hate though.

No. 595605

But Jaclyn looks like a man, is freakishly tall, and has disgusting fake boobs, right Greg!? I mean, you made a point to say you'd never jack off to her.

I think he finds her attractive, at least in theory (she often has the alternative look he's into), but he's intimidated by her too. Part of the reason he likes little underdeveloped girls is because he knows how easily they can be manipulated. Jaclyn is an adult, and he knows it would never work out with her because she has a life, career, family and friends that he can't separate her from forever. He dated A and sorta "dated" Hannah Minx, so he's not solely into young underdeveloped girls physically, he's just developed that preference because of trial and error imo.

No. 595609

Emphasis on him liking her in theory. He knows she's a stupid judge of character and somewhat of a doormat. He does like her being an edgelord though. But I can never see him actually being attracted to someone who's only barely shorter than him and with heels probably is way taller than him. On the other hand, I must admit, times are hard for him in terms of available women to cheat with on his "boy" wife so who knows how desperate he's becoming.

No. 595629

Who wants to bet Greg furiously mastubating to Billie’s snapchat story with thr Jinx cosplay, or whatever animu she was pulling off. Ohhhh anus, your manic pixie girl slipped thru your fingers and you were left with a foot.

No. 595637

This is just a really hard to pin down tactic of narc manipulation, but claiming you love someone for their brain, or their soul or that you don't care about their looks or their sex is just a way for them to turn around and guilt you for not being physically attracted to them. It's a trap. This "unconditional" love will be used as proof that they're a great and awesome person and you're a horrible monster who doesn't love them enough.

No. 595638

this is interesting but i don't quite understand what you mean. who's who in this situation? if the narc is the one who claims to not care about looks , why would they blame their partner for not being attracted to them? or are you saying if they both do it?

No. 595641


Ewww he looks so fucking old in his profile picture while she actually looks way younger than him lmao

No. 595642

Did his diet lead to early dementia, holy fuck

No. 595646

Sorry my explanation wasn't very clear and it's quite hard to describe. The narc is the one says they don't care about looks and only care about a person's brain/soul. The important thing to remember is that it's a lie, they very much do care about looks.

When their partner makes any reasonable demand or request
>Could you shower more please
>Could you shave
>Could you not be so messy
etc. etc. etc.
They can frame them as a horrible, shallow person.
>I never demanded that you conform to my ideals!! If you make me change then you don't really love me! I love you no matter what!! I only care about your brain!

Narcs like greg are really hung up on technicalities, so if he makes Lainey feel like shit for the way she looks through his actions but he's said he doesn't care about it, and because she can't prove he behaved in that way his word trumps hers.

He gets to shame her into behaving in a certain way via his actions, but if she ever even asks him to change then it means she doesn't really love him. He pretends to give out unconditional love and wants actual unconditional love in return.

No. 595648

Did someone already cover what was in the video of Onion claiming he's gay now?

S/o to anon in the last thread that said Onion was going to come out and claim to be part of the LGBT community btw, you were spot on. It's funny how predictable he is now.

In the video he talks about how he has started to use he/him pronouns when he and foot are having sex. He also claims that she's been wanting to present more masculine for awhile now, but hasn't out of fear of losing him. And now he's forced himself to come to terms with the fact that his wife pretty much wants to be a boy now. Hence her "no longer wearing makeup" while always wearing makeup.

He also kind of hints that he and Lainey have been talking about her becoming ACTUALLY trans (ftm) and asks everyone to respect her if she comes out and asks to be called Eli and use he/him pronouns.

It's almost as if Lainey lurks the threads to get ideas, kek. Everytime anons speculate something about these two, it's always spot on. This isn't going to stick though. She only wants to be ftm when it comes to looking like a young boy. She'll never get top surgery and she'll never get on T. Whose aesthetic is looking like a middle school boy from 2010?

No. 595654

Yes, but with Mike he could keep up with his "he was only successful because of me"- schtick.
Shane is way more successful than Gerg will ever be and he acts like Gerg doesn't even exist. Two ways to break his heart.

No. 595663

Who talks like this? He sounds like that one middle aged relative on Facebook everyone has that comments on every single post and it never makes any fucking sense.

No. 595666

Also she drinks wine. He's weird about any sort of stimulant.

No. 595672

Every one of his replies to Jessie Paege sounds like some awkward fucking dad. We've posted a bunch of his weird tweets to her, and it's seriously cringey.
Her cute, "I have a crush oops", and he replies with "That's good news.", like ew. Stop.

No. 595673

He/Him pronouns when they're having sex? That doesn't even make sense. What kind of fucked up disassociated sex are they having?

No. 595675

>"we are talking about literal science of the literal brain and the brain"

>mentally I am scientifically the same as some people who are different via their body

Those two lines killed me. What a nutcase, honestly. I didn't finish the video, so did he come out as "gay" or what? What's happening? Has Laundry come out as a trans "boy" and that's why he's gay?

He's such an idiot, it pains me. The second line, "mentally I am scientifically the same as some people who are different via their body", is he saying that as a cis man he's the same as a trans person? Like, literally, this whole thing makes no sense and I'm getting angry because it's indecipherable

No. 595679

"And I inserted my banana into my wif- I mean my husband's smol boi pussy"

No. 595691

It really bothers me that even in front of Lainey her refers to B as "My ExGirlfriend".

No. 595703

I'm not even sure. He said he kept going by she/her pronouns during sex, all the way up until this last time when he tried he/him pronouns. He said he'd say shit like "yeah, girl" and he asked if she was okay with it and apparently she said yes because she was afraid he'd leave her if she said no. Grug pretended he had a hard time using he/him pronouns the first time and I'm sure he did, but if we're being honest I feel like he gets off on calling his wife a boi. It's like a terrible anime.

No. 595704

This will end up being spun as a way to fuck lesbians dumb enough to try to date Lainey. Don't be homophobic! Shreg's a gay too! If you don't give him suk mi you're a homophobe and trash. BE HUMAN. He's been looking for LGBT leverage for a while what with the way he fetishizes lesbians.

No. 595707

He didn't even really say he was gay, he just said he was "definitely bi." But he says he's attracted to female bodies, yet he doesn't like "girly girls" so he much prefers a person who has a man's mind, but a female's body. Like, his logic makes 0 sense, kek. And he's definitely implied that he and Lainey have talked about her being a trans boy. It seems like he's saying he's gay because of her, without actually saying he's gay. The video made no sense, tbh.

Basically he said he is attracted to people with female bodies and male brains + people with male bodies and female brains. But he would never be attracted to a person with a male body and male brain or a female body and female brain.

Like, he's worse than these transtrenders, he's making shit up that even they wouldn't understand, kek.

No. 595711


What a fucking mess. No, there's no difference between the brain and the body. The brain IS A PART OF YOUR FUCKING BODY.

I believe Lainey is transgender, but I think they lack someone to talk to who makes sense and is not trying to plain gaslight them into madness.

There's a difference between gender and sex, gender is assigned at birth according to sex, but is not defined by it. What he's saying is basically the opposite of what he's trying to be perceived as saying.

He's saying 'ok you're a dude but don't change your body if you think it's fit to want to be treated as because i'm not attracted to MALE BRAINS WITH MALE BODIES'


No. 595712

I can’t take anyone here seriously who believes Taylor is actually trans.

No. 595734

Don’t enable her fantasy and use her actual pronouns, she (like everyone else) will never be a “they.”

No. 595735

So how long until Gerg claims to be trans too, a lesbian trans woman who needs a lesbian girlfriend? It would be transphobic of Lainey to deny him that right of course

No. 595737

I agree, nothing about her says trans. She just now started going without makeup (she still puts on foundation & does her brows). And Grug claims she only wore makeup for him, but she created a whole fucking beauty channel and didn’t he talk shit about people who wear makeup when he was shitting on JG? I think Lainey is just going through a crisis because people usually graduate high school and enjoy their youth, figure themselves out etc. She got married right out of high school, which is normal for some people, but they usually marry their high school sweetheart. Lainey fucking married a strange man who’s 9 years older than her. You have to be a piece of shit to marry a kid right out of high school. It reminds me of the movie “Lies of the Heart.”

No. 595739

Onion isn't actually gay. Not by a long shot. I'm sure he just wants to attract the young girls who get off on the idea of men swapping moneyshots.

No. 595742


Many people start where Lainey is and tend to ask for neutral pronouns while they gather forces to transition. It's not an easy path and I don't see why I should not believe it from the start just because Lainey is annoying.

It takes nothing from me to use neutral pronouns to people who wish to be treated like that.

No. 595743

I think you're underestimating the dysfunction of Gurger Ding Dong's sexual attraction and past.

He was molested by a 15 year old teen when he was 10 or 11. He reflects on this experience positively, even though he says that the female is ashamed of it.

I believe he said one of his older male cousins (of early teen age) tried to do sexual things with him when Gurger was a preteen. Gurg downplays this as "boys and their crazy hormones."

(There are probably other disturbing things between young Gurger and similarly aged peers.)

His mom dated a man named Greg, and young Gurg heard his mom screaming his name during sex. Half naked massages with his mom.

No stable or consistent male role model. Told his dad, who apparently didn't show Gurg much love and attention, allegedly did things to other family and non-fam members that with consent in a different context might be considered a way to show love.

If Gurger likes effeminate men (or boys), it's probably because he was/kind of is one, and being with one sexually/romantically is a way for him to vicariously and retrospectively live through a warped sense of love he wish he had. Very congruent with his narc self, actually.

Speaking of which…

In his "I'm totes gay for real guiz" vid, he says it's possible for him to be sexually attracted to someone with a "male body/female mind" because he had been before. Any idea who he's talking about? Can't be Andy Biersack or Jensen Ackles, even though he's admitted he'd slide their dicks down his facial grease hole.

No. 595749

I think this is what threw me off. I couldn't understand wtf he was talking about because he isn't even using the correct terms!

I also hold out that Lainey could be trans as well. We honestly don't know what's going on in her head, and she may be dissociating with her "gender" because of her situation, ie. being with a total narc abusive husband, and I still believe that's valid. We can all disagree, but mental issues and illnesses are real, and gender identity may be affected

No. 595754

I think you’re in the wrong place. The people who’ve been on these threads choose not to use her preferred pronouns because we know it’s bullshit. We’ve seen every phase these two have gone through. Greg and Lainey aren’t “just annoying.” These people are manipulative pieces of shit who have used and abused young girls for years. And people don’t believe her being trans because it’s always been her husband that has come out for her. He pushed her into “admitting” she was bi. He pushed her into a relationship with another girl. He’s pushed her to make videos about being non binary and now he’s coming out for her by basically confirming that she’s going to request people call her Eli and use he/him pronouns. How can people take her seriously when right before Greg told her she was bi, she was telling people all over the internet that she wasn’t and she couldn’t believe they kept asking.

No. 595755

Just let this person -→ >>595742 WK for Taylor and "use her proper pronouns"

It will just make it that much easier to weed out this persons posts and disregard their opinions or theories.

No. 595758

He pushed her into being “bi” so he could get a girlfriend but I don’t think he’s directly pushing her to be a trans man. One thing he benefits from and the other he doesn’t. No matter how much he claims to be into it he wants to be with a girl. He might have caused Taylor/Lainey to be traumatized by the abuse he puts her through and the B, Srh, Sm, My sagas which inadvertently pushes her into wanting to redefine her identity with this transtrending mess but he wouldn’t do it intentionally.

No. 595762

Eh, nah I really think he is pushing this. He pushed her to cut her hair and make it "boyish" in the first place (literally how he refers to it in his video). He for sure would have encouraged her to keep it short and dress less and less feminine. Its all control and manipulation and I personally believe his end goal is for her to be a trans male and that would give him an excuse to end things OR a reason to need to have a girl around to satisfy his newly talked about bisexual needs. (he will say to lainey she's fulfilling his gay side but he needs a female too.) I wouldn't be surprised if he suggested to her that he calls her male pronouns during sex..like pushed the conversation that way.

I just think that if Greg didn't want this to happen it wouldn't be happening. No question. If Greg told Lainey he preferred her with long hair and showing cleavage I think she would do it within weeks.

No. 595765

I think you're absolutely right. Taylor wouldn't dare do anything to risk her overlord leaving her, and likely does very little without his express permission and approval.

These tards believing her bullshit need to pull their heads out of Tumblr's ass. They/them's don't fucking exist, and Mrs. Onion is just a sad, brow-beaten house wife who does what her husband wants.

She'll never do anything but wear less make-up, dress in 'male' clothing, and ask people to use whatever name she likes this week. Nothing of legal consequence. Nothing medical. Nothing permanent.

She's pathetic. Full stop.

No. 595783

File: 1541487149137.png (738.62 KB, 1200x929, you wish.png)

lmao no

No. 595791

Seems like he wants to be another person whose name is Greg…

No. 595810

He used defeminization as an abuse strategy in a previous relationship, and it's similar to the "stinky v-jay" insults against another ex, making them both feel self-conscious and ashamed of their sex in one way or another.

No. 595811

Apologies double posting.

No one should have to call her "he" or "they" but I think it's equally stupid to constantly interrupt the thread to police what pronouns people use. That level of fuckery can stay on /snow/.

I hope so, I think if she did anything more permanent it would result in a catastrophic level of regret. I don't feel much sympathy for her anymore, but it doesn't help those kids if both parents have complete mental breakdowns.

No. 595812

it's creepy how his lips are the same colour and texture as his skin.

No. 595835


His lesbian fetish is the reason I believe he will eventually "come" out as trans (but not transition). Saying some shit about how he's got a female mind and a male body would let him harass lesbians to his heart's delight.

No. 595837

They JUST referenced this in the video of him trying her clothes on. He KNOWS what the "face is called", he's just acting dumb so as not to seem arrogant as fuck.

No. 595841

Anyone else found it interesting how Greg had to let us know he made Lainey cut her hair? Just reeks of him defeminising Sh by shaving her head. Didn't he want to shave Bs hair too? Onion doesn't like it when his gaggle of whores could entice another man. What better way to ensure Lainey can't get dick on the side by completely destroying her character and credibility with all this tumblr shite. Would this shit turn on any normal dude?

There was brief period on YouNow Lainey was lamenting over a kind ex who she had been chatting with. She hated when normal dudes would come into the livestream and be like "You're a dude?"

Even when she goes tumbling if there's dudes in the background she amps up the obnoxious behaviour. She dated around male friend groups in highschool, didn't make the school cheerleading team so joined an outside school one because that determination to be the Stacey. She wanted to be a female model growing up. She's a dumb basic bitch that thirsted after Shane Dawson (clearly gay) and Onision. She's the equivalent to the dumb bitches on patroen and she knows it she's just got his kids and he's such a narc he can't have this marriage fail because the haters will win.

No. 595847


Literally no guys are attracted to her and she knows it. All of the “omg yaaaas Daddy” comments she gets on videos or posts are 13-15 year old desperate thots, most of whom are overweight and terrible at makeup. Never have I seen a single guy say she looks good or seems cool, at least going by profile.

She’s so deluded she convinced herself that the cashier at the vape store was hitting on her, when he was probably hitting on Sarah, and/or just being polite. She has no social graces, much like her husband, so it doesn’t surprise me that she squwaks like an idiot in public.

No. 595848

tomgirl with a lesbian soul saga when?

No. 595849

You’re right and he did try to force B to. If I remember correctly, he actually shaved part of Sh’s in a “prank” video and then later on shaved it completely off for her. He claims she wanted him to do it, but I don’t think she ever confirmed. And this is actual abuse, Lainey can pretend it’s not, but you don’t need to hit someone for it to be considered abuse. Most abusive men like cuck here will make women present less “feminine” so other men won’t find them attractive, like you said. All while chasing after females who do present feminine. But what do we expect? He was able to manipulate a teenager into marrying him, he’s able to get her to do anything he wants and it always benefits him. And right now her being a trans boy benefits him because he’s been on a road to failed redemption these last few months and what better way to express his support of the LGBT community and win his “good guy” card than to come out for his wife saying she’s now a boy and he’s gay for her. Even though she has a vagina and he only likes to fuck her in a jack rabbit missionary position.

No. 595852

Remember he's gay now too, so he's protected by the lgbt umbrella and can Have Opinions.

No. 595853

His forehead/brow can't even bend ROFL

No. 595854

He's become that creepy older man that comments deep shit on pics to get a like and if he gets a like thinks you want to bone him.

No. 595855

Trying to comprehend his logic is burning my brain. He’s honestly trying to say your sexuality is based on your attraction to someone’s brain? Which he labels as either male or female?

C’mon Greg, you know google will disagree with you, I thought that was the one thing you were loyal to.

No. 595856

That's so specific but accurate!

No. 595858


He drug Sh into the bathroom during sex and shaved part of her hair to make her "his good bitch", and they shaved the rest during the prank, iirc. He’s always altered women’s looks to feel powerful. Such a vile being.

No. 595862

File: 1541518151561.jpeg (296.88 KB, 750x956, F14434D1-F3EF-42F8-8DBF-279065…)

From KF: Court appearance December 6th

No. 595864

there's literal video evidence he's posted himself of the destruction he's done to that property. funny how now all of a sudden he acknowledges his spawns when it's beneficial. im hoping they both get fucking reamed right before christmas.

No. 595865

File: 1541518560695.jpg (378.6 KB, 1080x1196, Screenshot_20181106-163615_Ope…)

Bringing this update over from KF

No. 595866

Plowing over land and chainsawing a tree isn't quite pulling up blackberry bushes. Plus pouring all the debris into the lake isn't weed pulling. I live out in the god damn desert where everything is housing for black widows and even I get out with a shovel to remove some shitty weeds. I don't plow my entire yard.

No. 595867

Wait did I miss something? When tf did they get a bobcat? Why tf did they get a bobcat?

No. 595869

No. 595884

If she really does change her pronouns Onion will use it immediately to be able to bring in a ”real” girl to the relationship. For a retard, he’s surprisingly good at finding excuses for cheating on his wife

No. 595885

She used to complain that guys were hitting on her in college and say, “ can’t they see my ring!”

No. 595887


Well sure, back in college (I assume her first year before she got knocked up and did online/edubirdie wrote my papers for me college) because she still was riding off of her high of being a cheerleader, having friends, and probably having decent enough social skills. She was decent looking back then, still a foot face with bad makeup but she had a much more flattering haircut and dressed like the average girl would. I bet she got hit on by 3 guys in 1 year and that counts as a “multiple guys” hitting on her.

No. 595889

What? He only shaved a patch of her hair on the side of her head during the prank when she was sleeping in a car. She said he shaved the rest of her hair in the bathroom. Either way, I agree it’s disgusting and at this point I can’t feel sorry for these females that let this creep do these things to them. And Lainey pisses me off because M said he literally shits on their son now and she does nothing? He ignores C and makes T feel like shit about himself. All this bitch cares about is the attention she gets and if it can be masked as positive.

No. 595893

File: 1541522374121.jpeg (506.12 KB, 2048x2048, 36EE7141-67CF-4EE4-9745-707FCC…)


No no anon! Guys (and girls) would rather hit on the right, not the left.

Damn, if she wants to be a guy, does she have to be such an ugly one?

No. 595896

I wish this shit could be video taped. Considering how Cuck raged at Sh’s(?) lawyer on the phone and in debates, I can only imagine the screeching he’ll do in front of a judge. He’ll probably blame it on the IRS, kek. Imagine having that red face twisted in anger and raging at you about how you broke the laws, you broke them! How dare the government put fish in his backyard and tell him he can’t kill them.

No. 595897

Does Grug not understand by now that people archive his shit, send the evidence to the proper authorities and do so with glee?

No. 595899

OT but does anyone think that laundrythot will give up beautybot not because of the low views, but because she thinks she can finally drop the whole “I need to be feminine enough for him” schtick? She’s got to know she’s terrible at makeup, but she kept it up for so long because she desperately wanted to emulate Billie. She would say “uhhh makeup doesn’t have a gender” when people pointed out that running a feminine beauty channel with very feminine looking makeup and pink sparkles and flowers in the background should trigger her dysphoria. Of course now that she’s ending it, she’s really just proving everyone right that she’s not going to continue such a girly endevor.

No. 595904


Sh said that he led her to the bathroom and called her a "good bitch" after a bang sesh and made her shave the rest of her head.

No. 595908

File: 1541523318604.jpeg (365.82 KB, 750x1114, 725B805E-0100-45D1-9FAD-2F6080…)

As far as I can tell there hasn’t been any activity on the case since 10/30 but it is Monday morning so may hear more soon today.

No. 595922

File: 1541524455363.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, E72243B7-453A-4CEB-B4B3-04FA36…)


If Anus wants to fuck a feminine girl and a masculine looking girl, he can have Billie and Ayalla! A has been looking extra masc lately and her boyfriend dumped her sooo

(Would sage)

No. 595934


I guess we know who Lamey is skinwalking…

No. 595947


She actually suits the short hair, unlike Lainey.

No. 595959

File: 1541529543812.jpeg (308.46 KB, 1125x941, 97AA00A6-CBF4-4C2D-809A-07684C…)

>voting for the environment
That’s ironic.
Here’s a helpful list of videos that show Lainey/Greg fucking up nature:
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ynVX__7TVk_OrhhHH6n-c3jtfbFMlly3 (think about something | Originally posted on April 26th, 2018)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a5dA42AK5yPwcM3UEwt1yytsUHNevGoU1 (Patron Only I Cleared Up a Mess |Originally posted on July 1st, 2018)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VJloCP2miURCdfQW6GW4P4NtDu1rfT2o (Husband Styles Me for a Week | Originally posted on July 13th, 2018)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UNMBiHJVW4LWPiWANvtiW9zogtDld9aP (Does Our Relationship Have a Future | Originally posted on August 13th, 2018)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K13iJqPIU4I5z1jXRVzO7WRmts7ggN3C1 (The Organic Man | Originally posted on August 20th, 2018)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jlbeFRZbNoFAte54zhyso3hMRHDJeEwT (I Caught Them on Camera | Originally posted September 11th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r9xDMZISyieyHtG9ytuuzxVU78t-iCAt ( How TERMINATOR Catches Pokémon | Originally posted September 15th,2018)

No. 595960

Does he understand literal science says you need gender dysphoria to be classed as transgender. Not psuedo-science or tumblr science. His 100% female wife is denying literal science by being a translarping whore.

No. 595963

During the final fallout with Billie, he called Ayalla ugly. He's about as likely to be attracted to her as he is to Jaclyn (which he isn't).

No. 595964


I mean yes she looks super butch, but I think the short hair looks good on her

No. 595967

Did anyone here or at kiwi actually send these to someone?

No. 595970

I didn't notice she gained her weight back until I rewatched the husband styles me video. Guess she finally got bored of her ana shit

No. 595971

She looks good with short hair because she’s got extremely feminine features. Lame is kinda in the middle with both masculine and feminine features.

No. 595973

Right because Greg boi has never turned to petty insults when he's raging about someone just to be a child? Like calling Billie stinky, Shane a pedo, calling Adrienne a dirty vag, calling a Skye plain and lazy, Sarah ugly (then checking out her as)? He thinks every woman dotes on his opinion and that calling them unattractive is the peak of insulting. If anything it shows he was attracted to her because nobody even questioned his attraction to her, he was just pissed off she took Billie from him.

No. 595974

Grease goes on and on about politics, but has he even voted yet?

No. 595978

Isn’t Ayalla kinda tall too? Completely off the table for grease

No. 595979

Yeah, that’s what I said. Anon said he shaved only part of her hair then and shaved the rest during a prank.

Let’s be honest, you can tell the difference when he’s being a dick cause he’s butthurt vs. when he’s being a dick bc he genuinely doesn’t find someone attractive. It’s obvious he wasn’t attracted to Sarah or Ayalla. They aren’t as cute as Billie, Maya etc. Sarah probably desperately wanted him to find her cute, but he just didn’t. Look how he treated her in livestreams she did. He would completely ignore her and interrupt her, but when he likes someone he giggles like a little girl and tries to show off. He also wasn’t attracted to Ayalla, he clearly hated her from the start because he kept trying to get Billie to fuck her off. I don’t even think the guy is attracted to his own wife. He’s claiming now that he’s attracted to male brains in female bodies and can’t stand girly girls, but Billie is a girly girl and he was totally obsessed with her.

No. 595980

Proof? Screenshots of the court website?

No. 595985

They probably asked through methods that may reveal their name. I can confirm that the hearing is happening on December 6th.

No. 595986

No Billie likes anime and video games that only the alphaest of males can appreciate. Alphas like Greg Avaroe who kicked his dad's ass. Filled with so much testosterone he overcame infertility and impregnated his gay teen son.

No. 595989

She's 5'6 right? He claimed to have slept with a 5'7 girl in one of his rate me videos. Probably a lie but I can see him cheating on his husband with her. She makes a way cuter "smol boi" in my opinion.

No. 595991

>got dumped by her boyfriend
I thought Ayalla jumped on the lesbo-train?

No. 595993

Why is Onion creeping so much on Jessie if he thinks tall girls are unattractive though? Didn't she make a whole video about being tall?

No. 595994

OT she's bisexual

No. 595997

Stop derailing about Billie and Ayalla, they're not relevant to the thread right now.

No. 595998

File: 1541535592165.jpg (606.32 KB, 2340x4160, 1530340479017.jpg)

>hearing is on December 6th

Merry Christmas to one and all. I can't believe he's pulling the "LIES! TRESPASSERS! BOOOOOOOLIES HATE ME BECAUSE I'M FAMOUS!!!!" card on the GOVERNMENT of all people.

No. 596000

So many of these links are broken, hopefully there's another mirror somewhere?

No. 596001

Greg would literally find any normal girl hot if she had a bit of edge and would talk to him. i don't know what world anons are in thinking Onion doesn't fancy JG. Why else did he get personally offended she had cosmetic procedures to enhance herself. Greg hates confident girls that can reject him. He hates Allaya because she spoke out against him over Billie, if he hated how she looked why did he suffer her company for so long and put her in videos?

No. 596008

Thanks for letting me know the links are broken anon, let's try this again:

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_ynVX__7TVk_OrhhHH6n-c3jtfbFMlly (think about something | Originally posted on April 26th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1a5dA42AK5yPwcM3UEwt1yytsUHNevGoU (Patron Only I Cleared Up a Mess |Originally posted on July 1st, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VJloCP2miURCdfQW6GW4P4NtDu1rfT2o (Husband Styles Me for a Week | Originally posted on July 13th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UNMBiHJVW4LWPiWANvtiW9zogtDld9aP (Does Our Relationship Have a Future | Originally posted on August 13th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1K13iJqPIU4I5z1jXRVzO7WRmts7ggN3C (The Organic Man | Originally posted on August 20th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jlbeFRZbNoFAte54zhyso3hMRHDJeEwT (I Caught Them on Camera | Originally posted September 11th, 2018)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1r9xDMZISyieyHtG9ytuuzxVU78t-iCAt (How TERMINATOR Catches Pokémon | Originally posted September 15th,2018)

The links are the same but they should work now. I would reccomend downloading these videos just in case.

No. 596013

File: 1541537680408.png (1.08 MB, 844x720, hearing appeal.PNG)


I couldn't find anywhere referencing the date of the appeal, but I did find this page including a video of Onion on his Bobcat.

It looks like this page will update nearer the time with details on the hearing date:

No. 596021

File: 1541538737320.png (87.9 KB, 850x706, Untitled.png)

They have a live chat and you can just ask since its public information. Screenshot attached. 6th December confirmed.

No. 596022

Blackberry bushes my fucking ass! Look at him go like a fucking Captain Planet villain.

No. 596026


the people filming him seem like calm, nice people.
i bet they tried talking to him before they resorted to just filming the shit he's up to.

he hasn't been living there for long and barely leaves his swamp + we've seen how spaced out the houses are around there, so the contact between them must've been minimal.

it's baffling to me how quickly he managed to convey to these people that he's a man-child with a tiny peen that cannot be taught anything, ever.

maybe they did find him online which hurried along the process, but still.

No. 596032

You’re the best.

No. 596061

File: 1541542950968.png (135.24 KB, 783x848, doc 1.png)

No. 596062

File: 1541543016724.png (82.15 KB, 773x560, doc 2.png)

Pro tip: don't hire a lawyer and lie to them.

No. 596066

What does this mean?

No. 596069

They paid a fee to appeal the case(s) against them.

No. 596076

He used his onision gmail account for this. Wow. He really doesn't give a shit.

No. 596077

They also rescheduled the hearing date based on >>596021, so they're gonna have to pay another 200 dollars just for that.

No. 596078

File: 1541543756263.png (177.3 KB, 730x813, chrome_2018-11-06_16-35-55.png)

No. 596080

File: 1541543766149.png (129.84 KB, 710x804, chrome_2018-11-06_16-36-37.png)

No. 596082

File: 1541544199150.png (30.51 KB, 1508x166, liar.png)

>Mr. Avaroe had denied County officials permission to search his property.

This is why calls from the government are recorded, Greg.

No. 596083

Bless you, Capt Planet anon

No. 596084

Appeal applications are $250 too.

No. 596085

Oh boy those 1.6 and 1.7 are fighting words. There's video evidence of him doing way more than that.

No. 596086

My thoughts exactly anyone googles that can see all his mental illness on display.

No. 596088

Oh dear this schmuck lawyer isn't aware of the video of onision waterside in his Bob the builder tractor.

No. 596089

File: 1541544633784.png (590.59 KB, 558x370, Capture.PNG)


>clearing property of invasive species

This dumb fuck is on video pushing everything green and growing right into the lake to get rid of it.

No. 596094

the evidence only matters if it gets into the hands of Pierce County, and Gurgenstein deleted everything so someone is going to need to send the videos
If the lawyer sees the videos, are they compelled to redact their appeal or could they just "fire" Grease and Plainey? The lawyer should be sent all the videos too

No. 596108

"bark ships" nice typo, much lawyer

No. 596109

File: 1541545502070.gif (3.86 MB, 600x338, 128522-Weird-Al-foil-seems-a-l…)

>he didn't damage the wetlands
>btw you don't even know where these so called "wetlands" are on his property because he didn't let you search, it could be his front yard for all you know!
>Sure the maps say there's wetlands feet from his property but there's not water outside his back door so it's not wetland property!
>in fact, it's impossible to even classify any of his property as wetlands!

Did Greg print himself out a legal degree overnight and become his own lawyer?

No. 596110

File: 1541545747281.png (13.21 KB, 1060x179, jhfgsf.png)

Since the video of Greg on the Bobcat is online in their database, I'm inclined to believe the officials may have more photos/information that we haven't seen.

There was a report (that got merged into the others) that they were burning shit in their backyard in September. They know he's done more.

No. 596112

Different anon but I'd forgotten that! The only way they'd know about the cardboard burning in the fireplace is if they went through his videos and saw proof of it.

No. 596116

They also spelled their surname "Averoe" on the first line of >>596080

I'm really glad that Onion hired a lawyer that can match his attention to detail

No. 596123

File: 1541546377425.png (772.17 KB, 632x481, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.16…)

Garden has been maintained with open lawn and woodchips since the 70s, eh? And because it's from the 70s you have an inalienable right to keep it that way, laws or no laws?

Photos from 6 months before the onions moved in: no lawn. No garden.


No. 596124

File: 1541546400802.png (605.25 KB, 658x423, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 3.19…)

No. 596127

File: 1541546700428.gif (469.2 KB, 480x228, ded.gif)

I'm fucking dying. Greg hired a lawyer with the same mental disability as himself.

No. 596133

They have the video on their website as seen here >>596013

No. 596134

The other vides, the ones Greg took, should be submitted as evidence. You know, he rents the bobcat, uses a chainsaw on the trees, throws his dogs in with the trees and bushes he shoved into the pond, where he covers the yard with sod, etc.

No. 596138


Anus logic. Knows he’s enough of a moron to not be able to represent himself, but enough of a narc to hire someone just like him.

No. 596139

have ALL of those videos been deleted from Gurgs channels? If so, when did he delete them?

seems like he knows he is guilty and just hopes to pull the wool over everyones eyes.

No. 596141

This sounds like it was written by Greg himself. Thank you to the based anon(s) for the leaks.

No. 596143

File: 1541547738304.gif (993.67 KB, 250x250, 1532553927603.gif)

I honestly feel like he chose the first lawyer he could find and upon googling, my assumption seems correct.

No. 596145

"I Cleared Up a Mess" was deleted recently on Patreon, I'm not sure about the others.

No. 596148

1.5 and 1.6. I fucking can’t with this lawyer. Must have been some cheapo shit one. Literally keep your children out of the “such noxious species” and actually watch them when they go outside then, dumb fuck.

Good luck in court, Gregory. Nobody’s gonna fall for this shit. There’s video and photo evidence of him.

No. 596150

Are we sure he got a lawyer and didn't write this shit himself? The fact that he didnt get one for the IRS stuff makes me doubt he would get one for something like this (which is comparatively minor but he's still sooo super fucked).

No. 596155

File: 1541549606545.png (59.63 KB, 574x256, lellll.png)

ot but lol

No. 596164

Lawyer is posted on Kiwi page 364

No. 596166

He's been "so gay" but a day and he's already unsheathing his claws. You can feel the sass. You go Grease

No. 596167

File: 1541550715475.png (25.8 KB, 669x72, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 4.29…)

This lawyer is either as stupid as Greg is, or she just took the cash and write whatever he said, because money is money.

Her website states a bunch of crap about "government overreach" so Greg probably thought she was perfect. But she's either terrible and her job or just does give a shit - aside from the misspellings in her appeal, he proved her own points wrong:

She admits there's hydric soils near the property:

No. 596171

File: 1541550868356.png (51.31 KB, 685x143, Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 4.30…)

And then proceed to prove that they have all of the wetland indicators, because obviously there's a pond at the back with at least 12" of water and wetland plants beside it, and the government and biologist neighbor will provide proof of it.

And photos of Greg using a bobcat to tear down wetland plants without a permit. He's totally fucked, and he may as well have burned the cash he gave this lawyer along with the cardboard in his fireplace, or in his bonfire pit out back for burning trees illegally cut down.

No. 596172

If it wasn't for this, I'd think he wrote it himself. It reads like it.

No. 596174

File: 1541551279535.gif (932.29 KB, 355x200, E88C8159-F7A7-49C2-8E8E-160953…)

Is there any way some beautiful techsavvy anon can compile all the evidence clips from these videos into one irrefutable piece of proof?

No. 596187

Poor Nevaeh must have really rustled his onion layers

No. 596201


That video is probably the most damning of all of them. I couldn't get through the first three minutes of Grugly babbling on about the futility of soulmates or whatever.

No. 596209

I never said he didn’t like JG. He’s always liked her, that’s blatantly obvious, especially now that he’s attempting to whiteknight her and making videos kissing her ass. No one was talking about her. And why does it matter? Until there’s new milk involving them, stop bringing them up. The shit with M is still fresh and everyone was quick to move on from it. Why do we always go back to girls from years ago?

No. 596210

Agreed, that entire video is proof. Thankfully it's uploaded elsewhere.

No. 596241

We have a lot of onion shills trying to derail and some farmers take the bait. There are also farmers butthurt about how the milk came out. Nothing interesting is happening other than tractor gate. I’m actually disappointed that very few people are talking about what he did to M. He used her memory issue to essentially manipulate her. He yells at his 4-5 year old son about MARIO CART. He doesn’t do anything to help Lame with the kids and Lainey refuses to believe that Greg is abusive to her and the kids. M revealed a lot about them and confirmed a lot of farmers suspicions. They’re both shitty, hypocritical people to the core.

No. 596252


Shut up you pos. They are relevant as the onions taped about them in their most recent video. Shreg constantly brings up his ex’s and who he is attracted to. It is very related to the convo. Go lick shregs dick somewhere else.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 596255

File: 1541563157286.gif (474.79 KB, 500x240, DetailedVigilantCub-small.gif)

No. 596265

maybe he's talking to when he calls her a faggot
also accepting her as male means another excuse to fuck her from behind

a foot to hang himself with, you mean

No. 596269

Ask and you shall receive.

No. 596271

kek, bye

Exactly, majority of the shit she said we all already figured (him not helping Lainey with the kids or cleaning the house), but I don’t think any of us considered just how abusive he was toward the kids. We speculated neglect, which Onion pretty much confirmed himself in his video making fun of Lainey for getting pissed at him for ignoring the little girl. But actually treating his son the way he treats people publicly? Starting to actually believe someone really caught them in public where Onion was screaming at Lainey and the kids.

I guess I’m just disappointed because we’ve been waiting for someone to finally come out and confirm what we already figured went on and when someone did, the subject quickly changed.

Back to Onion screaming at T, it just keeps bringing up when he first came out and said he told his son to hit him when he was angry. Anons, including myself, were concerned with why a 4 year old was so angry he wanted to hit someone, and now we know. The poor kid is neglected by his father and when they do anything that could barely resemble bonding, his father screams at him and belittles him over a game. Not even his kids are safe from his narcrages. I can almost imagine him making an ugly face while screech-mocking C because she can’t form coherent sentences yet. And laughing like a hyena because he thinks he’s so funny when that’s actually fucking traumatizing.

No. 596272

Doing the lord's work anon. Wish I was a fly on the wall of the defense attorney's office while they look up these Onion videos for research purposes.

No. 596275

"The F&W officers found no violation" - but the report says they found that it was true he'd cleared 4,000 SF of land with the bobcat previously shown. So, you, a violation. Without a permit.

Now, the previous house flippers could have cleared most of that, and Greg just put the finishing touches of tearing up the last few trees and bushes on the wetland buffer he doesn't own. But it's still a violation. Which is the report. Which the lawyer clearly didn't read.

I wonder if the lawyer just cut up Greg's email and put it into an appeal format; there's way too many misspellings, typos and colloquial language used. The phrase "front, rear or back yard" is used at one point for dog's sake, along with the other typos pointed out.

Also: "the County issued an order to correct without having the slighest idea about the area the wetlands are located" screams Greg's poor sentence construction to me.

No. 596282

Omg. it would be so tragic if someone sent this thru that online support chat in >>596021

No. 596296

Good work, anon. This makes me despise Grot and Thot even more, if that’s even possible. I’m not au fait with US law but I’m gonna go out on a limb (or a branch, if you will) and say that I’m pretty sure whatever the US equivalent of the EPA (environmental protection agency in Australia, which is a government body) is has every fucking right to be on the property of someone suspected of breaking the law. In which case Gurgamel can shove his “TRESPASSING REEEEE!” right up his fat pimply ass.

No. 596305

It would be more useful to them with weblinks to where the videos are (or were) published by him and date of each one. A compilation is fun for us, though.

No. 596309

File: 1541570797605.jpg (36.85 KB, 477x359, hoggishgreggy&drfoot.jpg)

Anyone could do a lot better but I gave it a try.

No. 596313

Kek. Legalfag here. This was most likely written by a legal assistant. Although, this is bad even by paralegal standards…

Went to Kiwi Farms and got the name of the attorney. Did a bit of digging and found out she was suspended for six months in 2013 for lying about hiring an expert witness.

No. 596321

I’ve never even heard of this before. I’m pretty sure there’s no law that states the government is not allowed on someone’s property. They can’t enter your home without permission or a warrant, but Dumbass has to be reaching on this one. Sometimes he thinks he’s capable of creating his own laws and rules. Just because you don’t want them to walk in your yard does not mean they can’t, kek. And maybe I’m completely ignorant on this, but why is Lainey even involving herself in this? I know they both have their names on the house, but if we’re being completely honest she can stay out of it if she wanted. You don’t have to testify against your spouse (not that she would even have to I don’t think) and it was clearly Greg doing everything. Sometimes I wish she’d just grow a backbone and screw him over, it’d be funnier than watching her constantly come to his rescue. I mean she’s even saving her own money to pay his IRS debt when they literally have a prenup and have always kept their finances separate. They still keep them separate, the only thing they share in is his debt and I guess all other legal trouble he’s in. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the one paying for his lawyer and fees. She’s just a fucking doormat. Like think about your kids for fuck sakes. You got this annoying tomato that ignores you and your kids all day and constantly risking you losing your house. No other YouTubers are dealing with this, so why he has the audacity to blame it on everything else but his own stupidity is beyond me.

No. 596325

File: 1541572540264.png (45.97 KB, 686x527, suspension.png)

I wonder if anons felt uncomfortable talking about M's situations because she did confirm what we were all saying. People were so quick to latch on to Other Megan being outed and nitpicking Lainey and Greg. People on all sides have been quiet about M.

Oh, interesting. It's only 6 months but seeing what happened and >>596078 really puts into perspective of how unprofessional she is. Maybe she was the one who advised Greg to file a report against his neighbor.

No. 596330

Its been bugging me that people have stopped talking about M, especially since some anon said Gurg recently admitted that he has decided to not talk about certain things haters say in hopes they will forget about it. (though I cant find that post now, so I don't remember what video that's from)

Honestly, I don't think we should let that stuff be swept under the rug. But it already has been.

No. 596337

Exactly. It’s not like they busted in his front door. His insistence on always having the last word and maintaining that everyone else but him is in the wrong is simultaneously hilarious and infuriating. As for Draino, allow me to don my tinfoil: the only reason she makes videos at all is because it’s the single source of income in the swamp trailer. She clearly hates being in front of the camera, she doesn’t have an original, creative, talented, humourous or charming bone in her body, the negative comments on her videos outweigh the positive and the like to dislike ratio is shifting in favour of the latter. She has never worked a day in her life and probably has no intention of changing that, she has no experience or qualifications (the cereal box psych undergrad doesn’t count for anything and does not make her employable) and she two kids to provide for. If she hadn’t been beaten down into a codependent mess my her abusive cunt of a husband she would have probably hauled ass to her parents’ place in NM at the first sign of financial trouble but her larping as a smol fragile bean uwu has become a self fulfilling prophecy because now she is clearly incapable of making responsible adult decisions. She stays because she equates her sham of a marriage with stability and security.

No. 596338

I agree. I think it was overshadowed by stupid stirrings in the swamp, like the transtrending shit with Kalvin and subsequent screeching/kissing Jessie and crackwhore Cracklyn’s asses which we all died laughing at. I’d like to think that it was intentional calculating move on his part but seeing as he is a few stubbies short of a sixer that would be giving him too much credit.

No. 596339

File: 1541574796278.png (150.17 KB, 336x307, Capture.PNG)

He changed the title of the video when he uploaded it to YT.

I dont understand why he uses these incorrect phrases for common things/occurrences.
He FIRED his parents? His parents were employed by him?
Why didnt he go with his tried-and-true
>I broke up with them

No. 596342

They were within their rights to come onto Greg’s property as long as they didn’t enter his home or anywhere that he had a reasonable expectation of privacy. If entering someone’s property was an illegal search, police wouldn’t even be able to knock on people’s doors without a warrant.

Im not even sure why their lawyer is humoring the idea that it was an illegal search, it’s actually ridiculous. It makes me feel like Greg just pitched a fit until they agreed with him

No. 596344

We can talk about M's experiences and tractorgate at the same time, I feel like both are really important things to talk about.

I wish that M could speak out on her own accord, she has a huge upperhand. If he says anything against her he'd look like a gross asshole like with how he looked with AJ. Using a girl's memory issues to discredit her? That's gaslighting, Greg. You seem to love that word now.

No. 596347

>That's gaslighting, Greg. You seem to love that word now.

He does that a lot now. He hears these words enough because people use it to describe him over and over again. I think he feels if he starts using it, that hes "taking the word back" or making the word or phrase loose its power.

No. 596351

Gosh she was so pretty with long hair! It really did well to mask any unflattering features she now HIGHLIGHTS with the short hair and nose highlighter. The nice eye color is wasted on her, but can some photoshop anon shop her with her current hair color but LONG? I feel like it’s such a waste that that hair color and eye combo could look decent if she actually tried. I still can’t believe Grease convinced her lesbian hair is attractive on a girl.

No. 596352

Ok, so how is Greg's wetland destruction not on the front page of reddit yet?

R/legal advice is always at the top of r/all, and Greg's case is a prime example of TREE LAW which is the biggest meme on that subreddit.

No. 596355

The M stuff got discussed in detail when it was first released. Onion won't address it and with Lainey being too scared to live stream and Onion severely restricting commentary on his videos and streams it's just not getting traction.

It's hardly forgotten about and evidence is out there. It will always be public knowledge. M herself doesn't want to address it and states the messages were leaked so that's probably why it's not still being discussed.

Who cares if his weird patroens won't acknowledge it, as usual we have the FAXX and get to watch Onion dig himself into another hole.

They're my favourite reality trash couple. Onion consistently proves what a stupid cunt he is. He's turning 33 and Lainey is 24 and they still talk like fucking teenagers and have childish views on almost everything. They're so fucking cringey

No. 596361

File: 1541585790614.jpg (37.28 KB, 600x355, 1526606400669.jpg)

>goes on lolcow
>worries about how information gets leaked
Not directed at you in particular, but I've noticed this was a trend in the thread when the leaks got posted

>Who cares if his weird patreons won't acknowledge it

I feel like more people are bothered that almost no one is calling him out for his behavior towards Maya and his kid(s) on public platforms while Greg is playing Good Guy™ everywhere. He claims to be for sexual assault/rape victims, but perpetrates those actions himself.

No. 596362

The only public platforms to call him out directly are his tweets, fb and YouTube all of which he monitors and deletes criticism or block users. I guess it's more annoying channels like TheBlargh don't have visibility anymore since the Onions couldn't hack people disagreeing with them in real time on streams.

It's annoying we don't have as direct access anymore but remember the M milk took a while to come out almost a year from the events. They've also just lost Sarah had to move house because of the IRS and now tractorgate. There's plenty of time in the future for a sperg out

No. 596363

Greg reminds me of Contrapoints, same creepy ass fetishism of lesbians.

No. 596365

Do you think Greg has been sperging about not harming kids because he lives in a bubble and thinks the government agencies will read his twitter? He's working his kids into his defence against the environment. I thought it might also be to deflect on him being a dickhead to Trot and hating Clot's existence. Wonder if he's going to gaslight Lainey to transition and make this case somehow the government against a fucked up LGBT family. He might act retarded enough to make the news who knows lol

No. 596371

Wouldn’t it be crazy if they actually DID spank the kids regularly but spew out the anti-spanking anti-discipline propaganda just to throw of the scent for us CrAZy HaTeRs who would call CPS on him?

Yeah I don’t believe that either but I’m sure Greg has done that sort of reverse psychology on us in other ways we aren’t aware of. Just was an interesting thought, but sadly those kids are going to grow up “free range” style with no real structure and love and guidance.

No. 596395

Greg and taylorn army acknowledging it because the only place it got leaked is here and unless his fans know about something he’s not going to “defend” himself because “the haters” are the only ones who know. If she called him out on twitter or the leak was talking about on Twitter by his fans it would be a different story. It would be more of cuddlegate. Plus he knows he’s not popular enough to survive another huge abuse scandal so he’s going to sweep it under the rug and hope it never gets brought up.

No. 596408

which is exactly why we shouldn't let it go. I just don't know anyone with enough reach to get it out there.

No. 596410

Anyone with enough reach usually ignores Onion completely. The only people with a large subscriber count that have talked about him have only done so in the beginning of their channel, piggy backing off of him before moving onto to topics that people actually care about. Some people know he exist, they just flat out ignore him. It's almost like YouTube sent everyone a memo telling them to pretend he doesn't exist until he's completely off YouTube. It's funny in some circumstances, but also highly irritating because he gets away with so much bullshit. Like this should be discussed by people. They literally brought girl after girl into their home and abused the shit out of them and now one of those girls have finally come forward and said that's exactly how he treats his wife and kids. Yet, no one is ever going to talk about it. Anytime people do make a video on Onion, it's always the same shit. Some boring ass shit about how his channel is dead, but never anything about these girls and the people he torments in his house.

How can someone hated by so many for all of the fucked up shit he does get away with so much horrible shit? At this point the only person who can do anything about it is Lainey and no one gives a fuck about her either.

And if we're being honest here, now we know why Lainey was having a panic attack when the CPS worker came to their house the first time. Anyone would get scared, but if you knew you did nothing wrong you would be more angry than anything. According to Grugly, she was crying and freaking out asking him to come home because she knew they're, or at least he is, guilty. She can say she's anti-spanking and all that bullshit, but psychologically abusing and traumatizing your children is just as bad. Hurt people hurt people. If he's screaming in their son's face when he loses a game, imagine how he'll behave when these kids are teenagers.
She literally says she's afraid to date anyone else because she knows if she does, Greg is going to force her to bring them to the house and if they come to the house they'll see how Greg really is and Lainey is fucking terrified of another M coming out and exposing the truth.

No. 596413

Lol let it go. Go make a video on YT, or message drama channels and see if they'll pick it up. Wow, another onion girl exposes his abuse. How many has it been already? And his fans don't care? Old milk.

No. 596415

File: 1541609230786.png (620.32 KB, 957x537, new haircut.png)


Well she decided to cut it again.

No. 596417


The smile of a "man" who's one step closer to getting to fuck as much teen poon as he wants cause his husband can't satisfy him.

No. 596418

"i want to be a 14yr old scene boy"

No. 596419


What happened to not wearing makeup anymore

No. 596420


Funny because if you google "scene boy" they all have way longer hair than her

No. 596424

She looks like hell warmed over. For god's sake. She doesn't look like one of her precious anime uwu space prince fuckboi twinks, she just looks like a sad, tired housewife who has completely given up trying. That usually doesn't happen until you're like in your 50's, Taylor. This is so bad it is actually hard to express.

No. 596426

why the fuck does she insist on cutting her hair like a terf hitler

No. 596428

Is there a bird nest in your hair or are you just happy to see me?

No. 596431

Dont use hooktube anon it gives them views!

No. 596432

I think the maya stuff got forgotten quickly because the news came to us via proxy and not from maya herself, maya has zero online presence and onion never acknowledged it. I agree that the whole situation was very milky and fascinating but the delivery was emotionless and the subject got lost.

No. 596434


No. 596435

> (mirror)

No. 596439

File: 1541612631459.jpg (479.84 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181107-184120_Ope…)

Greg the fag must love how his now-husband is balding!
Taylor will have a hard time feeling like a 14yo scene boy when she's half-bald soon.

No. 596440

She probably shaved that triangle bald spot into her head.

No. 596442

It looks like her toupee is coming off

No. 596444

Okay sorry if this is really stupid, but didn't she mostly pick pictures of asymmetrical haircuts? Why is she so bothered that one side has a closer shave than the other? She talks about it at the 6:15 point.

No. 596445

You are clearly one of his ass eaters that come here to derail and change the subject when there’s actual milk.

Wow, she actually looks like a gay teen boy now. It’s funny how she’s trying to act like she’s going to slowly come out as a trans boy when she can’t even come out as nonbinary to her family and Greg’s family doesn’t take her seriously. Which also cracks me up because his family can “disrespect” her all they want and he maybe scolds them, but he still provides them with houses, etc. but if it was her family (and it has been in the past) that disrespected him, he’d demand she no longer speak to them and if she did he’d screech about her disloyalty to him. She hasn’t even legally changed her name from Taylor and she’s had plenty of time to do so, this bitch is faker than her husband’s love for her.

No. 596446

>tfw you married a feminine barely legal cheerleader and 6 years into the marriage has a deeper receding hairline than you do

No. 596447

File: 1541614073799.png (141.93 KB, 279x279, Untitled.png)

@ 3:04 Onion: "I'm on Ebay! If you wanna buy stuff! I'm… I'm sellin' everything :("

lol poor desperate poor onion, all of you mistakes cost you so much real life cash these days and I love it.

No. 596448

Wew lad those are some serious reprimands to be taken out against a lawyer. Nice going Grunt, you're being represented by someone as scummy and retarded as you.

No. 596450

What the fuck. Comb your hair. You're the mother of 2. Nothing wrong with being naturally androgynous or liking the style, but this try hard fetish shit she does is outright gross.

No. 596453

Anon said 6 months isn't a long time, but that's half a year without a fucking job. That's nuts! Plus, she was lucky that she had mitigating circumstances that were considered by the court because misrepresentation of documents can often be felonious. One of her mitigating factors was pathetically that she was stressed and couldn't keep her shit together on which expert witness was hired for the case. That's a super sloppy garbage lawyer and she's incredibly lucky that her actions didn't result as grievance with her client. Her client also died I think…during the litigation so I suppose he couldn't make claim to her shoddy workmanship.

I've seen more egregious acts committed by attorneys, but this speaks volumes about organization skills and she did admit to knowingly misrepresent information to the court.

No. 596454

I like how he always gets up to leave before the video is even complete. Like he can’t even pretend to want to stay around her for too long. He’s got to get back to showing the little girls that use their mothers’ credit cards hentai porn.

No. 596455

With her nose ring and short hair it seems like she's looking for a Troye Sivan-ish style. Too bad she doesn't have his more masculine features.

No. 596461

She should consider getting a hair transplant if she wants to look like a BOI and not a like man according to herself. That hairline makes her look like a 45 year old dude

No. 596463


so here's a script of the video - kind of - because i only wrote down the intro of them looking at pictures of haircuts together. after that she goes out by herself, nothing noteworthy.

> it starts off brilliantly though, this video is a fucking goldmine - greg knows we know about the bean-peen

greg: hey i'm shorter than lainey - how bout that
lainey: i wasn't trying to make you shorter than me, i was just trying to make it not -
greg: lainey made us switch chairs so i would be shorter - talk about a small penis
lainey: i - yeah.

>he's aware that lainey's fans don't appreciate his being in her videos all the time

greg: welcome to my channel my co-host-
lainey: no
greg: -is-
lainey: no! shut up. hi guys, it's still my channel
greg: snorts
lainey: just in case you didn't know-
greg: sounding butthurt they were worried.

>it even get's to the point where lainey is now telling us why the hell greg's involved at all

lainey: so i'm getting a haircut tomorrow, because i look like a drowned rat
greg: nodding in agreement, looking at the camera like 'you said it, not me'
lainey: i need to fix this, so greg is gonna help me pick a haircut out - that's why gregs here today.

lainey: so i have some pictures here, here's the first one
picture of cole sprouse
greg: you already have that haircut-
lainey: i don't! it's fat- look at my hair-
greg: someone could style your hair to look that way
lainey: oh yeah? just-just style- they just pin all this up-

>and here's greg, scared of her spending to much money and wasting everyone's time

greg: what i'm saying is you're going into a place that charges a bit - i would get your money's worth - get a hair cut that's dramatic, that's a real change gesturing at the camera so these people don't waste their time watching nothing
lainey: they will not waste their time because i'm an amazing contribution to this platform
greg: don't make this-
cut to next picture
lainey: i don't like this because it's to blocky and my hair is not gonna do that
greg: right, yeah yours is gonna kinda like-
lainey: it's gonna sit on my face like this she's pressing her hair down
next picture, greg's already back at it again with the yawning
lainey: there's this one - too long i think
greg: i like the whole… disproportionate concept
next pic
greg: like that- i like that keeping the bangs long thing
lainey: yeah well i- i kind of have to or i'll look like… i don't even know what i'd look like

>insert horse/foot-face joke here

greg: actually looking at her for once, smiling you'd look like a choire boy
lainey: i'd look like a ten year old
greg: a choire boy

>i bet he'd really like that, huh

next pic
lainey: i think this is really cool-
greg: yeah
lainey: -and cute. i feel emotionally attached to this hair-
greg: i kinda get that (i think that's what he's saying, honestly i can't tell. it's at the 1:25 mark.)
lainey: -and i don't know why-
greg: yeah
lainey:-but i don't know if i could pull it off
greg: looking over at her it's also a very attractive person, so maybe…
lainey: yeah that's probably-
greg: putting his hands on the face of the person leaving only their hair visible to lainey how about now, are you still emotionally attached?
lainey: yeah - and i mean their hair type looks really simular to mine - it's like this right now but-
greg: yeah
lainey: when it falls forward it's gonna fall like mine does
greg: yeah, so just do that
looking at two pictures of girls with short white hair
lainey: found this okay
greg: that's cute. but it also is-
lainey: i don't wanna be a 14 year old scene boy - i mean i do - but i don't.
greg: (his eye movement is weird here, going from side to side like when a cartoon character is lying but i'm not sure if he intended that to be the joke or not) i don't want you to be a 14-year-old scene boy
lainey: i feel like i've reached the point where i need to be like… a gentleman. can't look like this anymore-
greg: yawning, again. right, that would not be gentlemanly

>they have to have been lurking. talking about the tiny peen, lainey's fans disliking greg and now alluding to anons saying that she should at least try to be an adult male, instead of a child. kek

new pic
greg: you've already had that haircut, you've totally-
lainey: yeah, it's pretty basic
new pic
greg: that is the douchiest haircut you could possibly-
lainey: i feel like i would not like this because it mullet-y - i already-
greg: yeah, what are you, sam pepper?
lainey: good point
greg: yeah

>ah, how do you do, fellow kidz?

nice reference there greg, good to know that you keep up with the kidz and stuff.

new pic
lainey: i feel emotionally attached to this haircut
greg: okay, again - it's because of the person
lainey: SHUT UP
greg: these people - they have magestic eyes-
lainey: that's true
greg: -that's not an emotional attachment there-
lainey: -the other one i still like-
greg: -right, you're like looking at the face you're like uuuUUUuuH eMOtioNs - this is a mob on-
lainey: i'm-
greg: it's a mob on his head do you wanna have a beatles haircut?
next pic
lainey: i feel like this is gonna be to short on me and not frame my face correctely - i need the side bang and not the front
next pic
lainey: dark, spooky, vampire-
greg: you've already done
lainey: no i haven't
greg: you've already had basically that haircut. you should go with the one that we said…
inserting pic from before
lainey: i'm scared
greg: very- it's gonna be very- on the sides and very- on the top and just falls right on over you'll be so cool-
lainey: i'm gonna look like a gentleman, i'm gonna look dapper. i'm stressed, i'm stressed.
greg: you're the best stressed
lainey: y-yeah probably true
greg: rap, singing? i'm the best at being stressed
my name is laineybot
lainey: ok see you in the morning bye
greg: and if you if wanna buy stuff i'm on ebay
lainey: he's on ebay
greg: almost tearing up selling everything :(
lainey: this turned into a big ol' promo. i'm gonna see you in the fucking morning.
greg: my name is (weird user name that's made up and i'm not gonna put any effort into writing it out, something with boobs i think)

>this is where it cuts to her, going to get a new haircut on her own and i'm not gonna type that shit up lmao

(at the end of the video it's her and onion again though, talking about the end result, so if you're interested to hear what they have to say…)

honestly, this vid is worth watching if you're looking for clues of them reading the stuff that's being posted here - there's a lot of 'em.
i'm really glad it's over though.

No. 596467

File: 1541617958452.png (500.74 KB, 632x302, Capture.PNG)

All that just to put their shitty plastic picnic table next to the water. Can't wait to see them explain this in court.

No. 596470

Damn, she's as unprofessional as they are. I have zero doubt that she'll be in hot water again because of them and will lose her job for good this time.

No. 596472

>the delivery was emotionless

Who cares? It’s milk. The moralfagging that some anons were putting out was so fucking annoying. M pretty much outed what we all thought and anons were too worried about it being leaked without permission to actually do anything. On a site where we constantly have people dropping leaks without permission.

At this point I feel like silence is complacency. Greg is a predator, he victimized M and was 100% trying to manipulate her into not saying anything. So was Lainey.

If one thing came out of this for M, I hope she realizes how shitty Lainey is for the enabling her husband to do this. Lainey has implied she was a liar in her “why I wouldn’t date anyone” video. I hope she’s laughing about how fucked they both are.

No. 596476

>greg: what i'm saying is you're going into a place that charges a bit - i would get your money's worth - get a hair cut that's dramatic, that's a real change gesturing at the camera so these people don't waste their time watching nothing

Even Onion knows his wife’s content is repetitive and boring as shit. He lovebombs her and pretends to support her, but I don’t even he can watch one of her videos. Which says a lot because he loves himself so much, you’d think he would. Her dull ass content is probably why he stopped editing her videos for her. I can only imagine the long pauses when she’s trying to decide what to say next.

Exactly!! It’s funny because anons had a problem with M’s messages (that she didn’t even care about) getting leaked, but were desperately cropping and zooming into pictures/videos trying to spot the kids.

No. 596503


First off: doing the Lord's work, transcribeanon. thank you for watching so I don't have to.

>lainey: i don't wanna be a 14 year old scene boy - i mean i do - but i don't.

>lainey: i feel like i've reached the point where i need to be like… a gentleman. can't look like this anymore-

Nice save there, Foot. Seriously, she's so full of shit.. Do you ever hear Kalvin Garrah, or Contrapoints or Blaire White 'forgetting' what gender they are or wanting to be 14? As someone who supposedly identifies more as masculine she seems to forget about it a lot of the time. She's not trans, just an infantile tomboy. She should 'identify' as that. Jeezus, Taylor, stop obsessing over your gender or your hair and get a fucking hobby. Read a book or take up knitting.The way you fill your day obsessing over yourself is sad. If you read actual books or made some art you might not be so desperately in search of a personality or identity.

No. 596509

>small penis

Good to know Gurg is still obsessively refreshing the thread.

Doing the lord’s work anon, but allow me to add a comment that was overlooked:

>it looks comfy and cosy

Greg, you fucking autist, how the hell is a haircut “comfy and cosy”?

No. 596533

She transage too

No. 596546

File: 1541626871578.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, 9710DFD3-2971-45C7-9398-122EB6…)

Holy shit, OT, but I was watching a random clip from My 600lb Life where Dr Now is dealing with a terrible patient, and I stumbled across this gem:

Even on random ass videos, commenters know that Anus is the joke of YouTube.

No. 596571

Onion's going to look like the Assanti brothers after the government tosses him to the side like garbage when they finish fucking him.

No. 596577


>Onision if he was really fat

>so onision then

I’m howling

No. 596593


We don’t hate him because he’s fat, he’s fat because we hate him.

No. 596594


Since Obesion lurks, I predict a Twitter sperg about either a) How we’re all evil for fat shaming or b) how he’s clearly thin and in shape and not some fat lazy old fuck by flexing his vegetable body.

No. 596599

Further documents have been posted on Kiwi about Greg's lawyer's suspension: she was caught lying in signed declarations to the court more than once. She assisted her client in trying to hide evidence that a wetland definitely existed on the property before they filled it in. After she got caught when the original report was sent to Ecology, she kept lying.

The Most Honest YouTuber is working with a known liar to help him cover up his own lies.

No. 596600

Further documents have been posted on Kiwi about Greg's lawyer's suspension: she was caught lying in signed declarations to the court more than once. She assisted her client in trying to hide evidence that a wetland definitely existed on the property before they filled it in. After she got caught when the original report was sent to Ecology, she kept lying.

The Most Honest YouTuber is working with a known liar to help him cover up his own lies.

No. 596602

File: 1541632187622.jpeg (66.66 KB, 500x429, E6C3CBFA-D252-47E6-8D40-6EB549…)


>Anons try to have a discussion about how people are avoiding talking about M.

>Anons instantly feel the need to nitpick about how fat Gurg is.

No. 596603

Get over yourself. It's not nitpicking if it gets under his skin.

And we don't have to talk about Maya. There are multiple conversations going on here. You know, like a normal imageboard.

No. 596604

It’s still nitpicky regardless if it gets under his skin.

No. 596606

Not >>596602 but if you want to nitpick him to ~hurt his feefees~ then do it on Twitter or anywhere else but here. This thread isn't for Greg bait, it's for us to discuss him. I've been following his drama since before Shiloh came around and have contributed to these threads since they started on lolcow. I stopped checking these threads regularly when they got taken over by sperging idiots like you who think they know lolcow because they witnessed temp but ignore the fact that it was a pure containment measure to keep you tards and your undesired nitpicking and sperging out of the threads. Get over your own damn self.

No. 596607

>it's for us to discuss him

We are discussing him. There's more than one thing to talk about ffs.

No. 596610

Honestly what more else is there to say here right now about M. You've saw the screenshot anon if you're so assblasted about it take it to your own twitter it's not our job to confront people with the facts. The facts exist whether he acknowledges them or not

No. 596612

Nitpicking is still against the rules. Comments regurgitating old nitpicks and surface-level snarky observations like
contribute absolutely nothing to the thread.

No. 596613

Repeatedly calling him fat isn’t discussion.

Does anyone know if the hearing for tractorgate is public at all?

No. 596614

the fact faggory himself doesnt wanna discuss the info and the anons who consider it old news says a lot even if they're not saying anything. for someone who debates and screams about the smallest details to ignore it is strange to me

No. 596616

>Honestly what more else is there to say here right now about M.

What more is there to say about Greg and Lainey being ugly and dumpy?

No. 596617

it was moved to December 6th

No. 596619

Fuck me, then add something to discuss. What do you want to say? Onion was a dick when he blames Trot for losing a video game. He forced himself on Maya when she thought he gave her and Lainey the ok to date. He screamed in her face for half an hour because she rejected him. She said he looked like the monster of frankenstein. He's obviously wanting to fuck another girl that's not Lainey, they're trying to entrap girls via Lainey? Reading "it sucks onion won't talk about Maya!" over and over again is also not fun. People at the time of the leaks were tweeting him screenshots. Sorry if you missed the initial discussion do you have something further to add?

No. 596620

It’s only been out to the public for a month and some anons are playing it off like it’s been a year since it was posted. These are probably the same anons bring up Billie for the thousandth time.

I’m wondering if Greg will pull what he did with Sam and wait a month or two to make a video about it. If he does make a video he’ll have to delete evidence that he felt that she wasn’t attracted to him first lel

No. 596621

Yes, should be. Details will be posted here when it gets closer to the date: https://co.pierce.wa.us/Archive.aspx?AMID=395

It was originally scheduled for late November but was apparently re-scheduled for December 6th according to the chat posted. Just keep an eye out on the above page for the date and details in case it gets moved again.

No. 596622

yeah thats what i mean- like its blatant that it made him out to be a nasty and aggressive dude, so if he made a video about it it would bring more attention to him and it. idk i dont care either way about HIS response but the milk is dry if it's just hurr durr he's fat and laneys an aged regressed soft dyke larping as a boy

i just wish something big happens soon idk

No. 596623

Just make a fucking Discord if you all want to circlejerk about how ugly they are all day JFC

No. 596624

Bless you anon.

No. 596625

I'm down if someone makes one. The one we had was destroyed by infighting.

No. 596641

Might as well make one dedicated to Maya leaks and milk. Don't see what's there to keep going about, but oh well. Y'all do what y'all want to do.

No. 596642

Why are you so salty anon?
Let anons have their discussion about M. It got derailed in the thread it was posted in.

No. 596644

There is a difference between finding a subject interesting so you discuss it more yourself vs. bitching and whining that nobody else is discussing it and moralizing like a retard. I’m smelling some new fags here taking the thread way too seriously.

No. 596649

Anon is right… it's time to stop with all the nitpicking and lame edited thread pictures(Stop)

No. 596661

I’m actually surprised drama youtubers haven’t made any videos about M. The only one who has is that idiot RSN.

No. 596667

She can not for the life of her say she wants to be a man. She can't take the lie that far. Boy, dude, guy and now gentleman - but never a straight up 'man'. The transtrending is all centered around her fear of aging.

No. 596671

I find the most important thing with the M leaks is that we can finally state what has been rumored about Lainey. fuck Greg because we all knew he was like that. Of course it’s no surprise that fucking gremlin tries to use people’s weakness against them no matter how low and morally corrupt it is. But Lainey has always skid by because nothing was every publicly said by B or that other chic that was their best friend ((the one that helped making the onion skit))and now isn’t, neither has Sarah said anything.

But now we know for sure that Lainey is just as much of a toxic PoS as Gregma that’s also super manipulative, emotionally and psychologically abusive. Neither of them deserve to be around any girl EVER

No. 596672

If you have something to add to the discussion about maya then do it. It’s crazy how everyone is complaining that no one is talking about it anymore when they’re also not adding anything to that conversation

No. 596675

RSN is the only drama channel that still cares about onion. Nobody wants to deal with his crazy backlash, and he’s not relevant anymore in the YT community

No. 596676

I'm gonna come out and say it to put an end to the infighting, but the reason most of this was swept under the rug is because some anons on a discord disagreed with others leaking Maya's texts without her consent. This was a large fight that went on for weeks until the discord got nuked due to the fallout.

The ones arguing in here to let it go are probably the same moralfagging newfags who kicked up a fuss when it first went down because they miss the times of Tempcow when it was all about rapidly spamming funny insults to Lainey and not dealing with any actual, productive drama.

This is my first and last post on the subject, so save your (You)s, it's just time someone cleared up why this massive and important leak has gone largely ignored. It's anons trying to cover it up because poor Maya, an adult who flew out to another country to visit Greg and Lainey with zero preparation other than insisting ~she knew Lainey in a past life~, who shared her screenshots with anyone who messaged her on Instagram, as proven by the fact several anons with absolutely no prior interactions with Maya got all the milk, should be protected from embarrassment.

But by all means, continue sperging about screenshots and haircuts.

No. 596685

Exactly, a lot of people forget how shitty of a person Lainey is because of her translarping and her overall wet towel demeanor but she is just as bad as Greg. Maybe even worse. She knows Greg is abusive and still pursues to find other girls for him to abuse. The only thing that stops them from having a longer shit relationship is her jealousy.

No. 596691

By refusing to talk about it, arent they doing Gregs dirty work by covering it up?

No. 596693

Yeah they're literally doing the shithead a massive favor.

No. 596695

Anyone got the leaked screenshots to re-start the Maya saga?

No. 596696

That’s how I feel about it…
It’s really gross people would sweep his harassment of M under the rug over petty feelings.

No. 596697

At that point they may as well just be onionflakes. Kinda shitty that they're covering this up, because its more telling how quiet the onions are about it

No. 596698

How does this put an end to infighting?? I mean, thanks for the context, but people are still arguing about morality vs the actual milk.

No. 596699

Fucking lurk more

No. 596702

Maybe you anons shitting up the thread could open the discussion about Maya Wtf is your deal(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 596703

No. 596704

How? People bitch about "muh spilt maya milk". Are we going to talk maya, or moralfagging?

No. 596705

File: 1541641155270.jpg (601.15 KB, 975x4437, 44CEbxf.jpg)

Reposting Maya caps so we can stop the meta-arguing and discuss some drama

No. 596706

File: 1541641167074.jpg (960.7 KB, 1126x4001, 0ary8IM.jpg)

No. 596707

File: 1541641184876.jpg (695.49 KB, 2243x3999, JqvtHif.jpg)

No. 596708

File: 1541641202392.png (927.33 KB, 1126x1334, FqJh87y.png)

No. 596710

File: 1541641268789.png (487.18 KB, 1498x2668, CxZbMRQ.png)

No. 596716

I'm still appalled that M still wanted to protect Lainey after all that she put her through. Lainey never deserved her.

No. 596729

It's typical for young girls like M to see someone like Lainey in this terrible relationship with no friends and all this responsibility and think 'abuse!' and try and save them. She doesn't know any better. She's too young to realize that there is a reason she has no friends and there is a reason why she choose to have kids with this loser and choose him before everyone else. She's part of the problem. But M doesn't (or didn't) see the world that way yet, to her it was all black and white. A victim and an abuser. Simple. Except it's not. She probably does see that now.

No. 596731

>It's anons trying to cover it up because poor Maya, an adult who flew out to another country to visit Greg and Lainey with zero preparation other than insisting ~she knew Lainey in a past life~, who shared her screenshots with anyone who messaged her on Instagram

Fucking this ad infinitum. While I think we can all agree that what maya was subjected to was horrendous she was stupid enough to fly out there on the basis of this previous life bullshit. It doesn’t negate the abuse but this “flying people out” without meeting them in person or even knowing much about them is fucking retarded. Claiming to know someone in a previous life is even more retarded.

No. 596732

It sucks his stans don't read this. This should have more reach.

No. 596736

What about the fact that Lainey has lunchable cookies in her purse when Greg's always screeching about his vegetarian body? They shame others for having unhealthy diets/lifestyles yet give their kids lunchables(Emojis)

No. 596737

They are cerealtarians

No. 596739

I wish there was a way to expose him to his most loyal of fans, like say Booty, but they're all too brainwashed. Another kind of exposé like the Heatwave(?) article covering his shitty dating history would be a good way to get this kind of thing across but it probably makes him hard thinking about the notoriety that could provide.

No. 596740

re-leaked caps to drama channels?

No. 596743

I don't think drama channels have a good enough reach because they're too emotional, he can poke holes and say they're jealous haters. But an unbiased, well written article by a stranger seems to be the nail in the YTer coffin.

No. 596745

File: 1541644929720.png (142.62 KB, 1392x1022, Screen_Shot_2018-08-25_at_5.54…)

I'm pretty sure before anything got leaked one of Greg's minions (or Greg, Lainey, or Sarah themselves) were sending Maya anon hate on her blog.

No. 596746

Well seeing as pretty much all of them lurk/post on here they must be aware but as you said, they’re too brainwashed to do anything

No. 596747

File: 1541645102175.png (62.65 KB, 275x253, 1522150556810.png)

So why do onions fan kids think he suddenly is ok with fucking either a trans man or even a "female body male mind" partner? What in his history of females has made either statement true? He wants a docile sub. He has always fucked docile subs. He had that in Billie. Too bad he conversates like a mid functioning autist and blew that teen body he craves for two tennis balls in a sock.

No. 596757

Because science says so, scientifically, and his fans can't question science otherwise they're rednecks. They're not as "open minded" as he is.

No. 596827

Do we even need drama channels to talk about Greg anymore? He's not a massive youtuber now, or even a semi-popular one. Anyone on youtube who even vaguely knows who he is at this point is only aware of him because of his drama with other creators. He was arguably still quite popular when the Billie stuff was going down, but he drove away the majority of his fanbase and support from youtube at the time all on his own by sperging about his relationship drama constantly and revealing himself as utterly insane. No one needs to do it for him. Not to mention, any girl who would get involved with him and his smol husband currently would already know all this stuff about him, or easily be able to find it out. They're either willfully ignorant or just plain stupid, and there's no helping them.

The thing is, he barely pulls in a couple thousand views max on his videos, youtube stopped promoting his shit, he isn't gaining any new fans, he barely gets any attention on twitter anymore, and his patreon minions are all fleeing except the same little gaggle of fucking weirdos who haven't been convinced about him for the past several years, so likely won't ever be. The IRS and environmental agencies are after him, his own neighbors are after him, his entire family hates him except for some cousins maybe, his divorce is inevitable, even his own kids are going to hate him one day. He's aging, and badly – gaining weight, skin and features only getting worse by the day, becoming more and more out of touch. He was discharged from the military. He has no skills or job history and will never be able to get a decent job after his youtube shtick inevitably falls through within the next couple of years.

This man's life is already crashing and burning before our very eyes. I'm not saying that any harm could come from it, but there isn't much else to accomplish by continuing to try and out him to people. Everybody already knows who he is and what he does. "Most everyone" has a purely negative opinion of the man. The only thing left is just to throw his ass behind bars so he can't hurt anyone else, and that's kind of already in motion.

No. 596830

File: 1541660471965.jpeg (129.39 KB, 1125x621, B8BE240D-0CF9-4312-BD44-443D63…)

Way to make it obvious you’re still checking up on M, Mr. and Mrs. Avaroe.

No. 596833

File: 1541662856420.png (298.55 KB, 769x581, creeper smile.png)

If you don't care about his secret channel name (it's ethovie) he talks about his financial issues around 3:11.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zBiSzUOs0uFNKy34bUurSnA8zs1spCd6 (Patron Only: My Secret)

No. 596835

File: 1541664241699.jpeg (578.26 KB, 1536x2056, A837EABB-68BA-4132-AB2E-6C3BB0…)

No. 596836

Wtf Jojo siwa? You made a video about her? The way you protect her is so weird.

No. 596843

File: 1541670445671.webm (2.54 MB, 480x360, not THAT much more.webm)

I like how he catches himself when he realizes that if he says hes doing OK or BETTER money wise, his fans may stop sending in their mom & dads cash.

No. 596859

Agree 100%

No. 596870

>Size does matter. If you're too big, people will not sleep with you.

Then why does he constantly stuff his underwear to pretend he's "big"?

No. 596871


It's just something he tells himself anon. Probably from Lainey saying her abusive ex was too big and she didn't want to sleep with him, so Onion has to project that onto all women.

and I'm sure "too big" in his eyes is anything bigger than your index finger.

No. 596882

File: 1541690182237.jpeg (446.26 KB, 1580x2112, 967FD120-2F7E-4477-BB46-7E175F…)


I'm the anon who posted those tweets, and after seeing them, I couldn‘t help seeing him for who he truly is;

A hero. Saving America singlehandely, one tweet at a time - keeping those pesky republicans at bay.

No. 596889

How appropriate is it that Laundry is a bald eagle? Fucking brilliant

No. 596893

Wow she actually does pass as a guy here
An ugly lanky mid 30's early balding guy, but a guy! Foot must be so happy.
Its gonna be harder luring in teens for them now I think.Then again, if the proof everywhere of how much they've fucked up every other poly attempt and fucked up the girls they brought in isn't enough to scare the deluded onion and foot cravers, what the hell will…

No. 596894

Kek this is so great! Good job art anon

No. 596896

Really shows what kind of a fucking autist he is the way he thinks it's acceptable to just pick M up, put her in front of laimboi and just push them together. It's so forced and creepy. It's like smacking two barbies together like "now kiss" treating them as if they're toys for his pleasure and he can put them however he wants them
He manhandled her so much during the visit like who the fuck does that? She was there for like a night, first time meeting them, before he started thinking it was OK to pick her up, try to carry her around, push her into laim then try to kiss her?

He should put more effort into stuffing. Doesn't even look like a big dick, just looks like three bloated balls.

No. 596897


Holy fuuuuuuck does this mean he was making 400k, is now making a piddly 20k, and has to pay a 100k fine for his tax fraud?? That's beautiful.

No. 596898

This. If someone starts talking with a "YouTube famous" (keyword, shady sounding) couple online and doesn't even look them up before flying out to their home, to another state/country, I feel absolutely no sympathy for them. Especially if they're 18+.

No. 596903

Were the M leaks posted to kiwi?

No. 596906

I haven't used Tumblr in years, but isn't this a screen from someone's Tumblr inbox or however you receive asks? What is this screenshot of?

No. 596919


It’s a screenshot of an answered ask

No. 596920

>everything Ivoted for became a reality
Wow I guess Captain Planet wasn’t aware of the very important carbon tax or else he’d be sperging

No. 596921

Where are the answers tho? Even to biggest insecurity? Sometimes I wonder if I feel Maya in the thread. Speak your truth girl

No. 596922

11/10 anon

No. 596926

Same I think she’s upset she didn’t get the attention she thought she would and she’s discreetly sperging itt

No. 596933

I’m one of the anons that wanted it back in the discussion and I’m not M. If she was continuously the one bringing it up, farmhands would catch her. You must be the anon that wants to shut it up, probably a patreonfag. Not to mention she has pretty bad grammar, no offense. I think we’d know if it was her. Some of us just want to bring it up because it’s the most milk we’ve gotten since cuddlegate. There’s been splashes here and there, but M is the only one that has actually come out and said yes, Grugly is actually abusive.

Which only pisses me off that anons and other morons kept calling CPS and made these cunts look innocent and harassed.

Exactly, it’s disgusting how this creep tries to act like he’s an advocate because of his wife, all while being accused of sexually assaulting multiple women. And anytime he is accused, he blames it on them and says they’re lying or that they’ve apologized, etc. According to him, Lainey is a lying sack of shit too because she was dating the guy and they had sex multiple times throughout the relationship. You can’t have it both ways. Either Lainey’s ex raped her and she’s a victim, making Grug a rapist and his ex girlfriends victims for doing the same shit to them (if not worse). Or he can keep saying these women are lying, which makes Lainey a liar by his definitions.

Also, I know this is old but about Lainey being assaulted by her ex, if this really happened to her and she was truly bothered, how is she okay with her husband saying you can’t rape your wife?

No. 596938

I’m the anon who posted it. I was an anon talking to M and she showed me a cap of her inbox. She won’t post on the farms and even if she did, she’d be identified relatively quick.

Anyway, Greg (or Lainey and her Tissue) is still lurking M’s social media like the abusive creep they are.

No. 596940

I understand M has confirmed his abuse in private screen caps has she publicaly stated on her tumblr or anything about this? Thst would indefinitely make Onion address it. Only reason he addressed Sam stuff is because she was streaming and being public.

From the screen cap of her tumblr asks it does look like either the Onions or their fans have found her tumblr. I'd reckon fans as Grge probably doesn't want her to address it publicaly. Maybe she's scared of his backlash. Idk what Onion bscklash is tho these days, Booty subtweeting you, lol who cares

No. 596943

She hasn’t stated anything about it on her tumblr at all. Almost all of her posts are aesthetic posts. Nothing really personal is posted there.

No. 596946

Where you speaking to her recently? The file name for the tumblr asks says screen shot at 8/25/18 @ time. She was getting hate back then?

When did the M milk get dropped? Maybe it is the Onions, does she have them blocked? They're calling her an abuser? Do you know anymore anon?

No. 596948

I haven’t spoken to her recently, and I’m not particularly sure when she got sent the asks, I just know she was getting “cryptic” messages about Lainey and Greg.

I highly doubt M is abusive, the only major thing about her “past” Greg has on her is that she got hit by a drunk driver and now has memory issues because of it. She even stated that and (how he tried to use it against her) in the leaked caps. It’s not rare for abusive people to call their victims the “true abusers.”

No. 596949

Going by the Onion lolcow archive thread, M milk only dropped in October. If M was getting tumblr asks about this it would have to be from the Onion camp. Interestingly again going by Onion thread archive Sarah was back with the Onions during August. Coincidently a few weeks after those tumblr asks Lainey gives up streaming for good and Sarah is leaving to never come back.

Anon do you have the inside scoop?(Samefagging)

No. 596960

I've seen a few posts on the anti-O tumblrs (in ask form) claiming M also has an abusive past. Hm.

No. 596964


Wait, he tried to use her brain damage against her? How did I miss that?

Yet he spergs about his "incurable skin disease". Fuck.

No. 596965

Did the caps originate from Shreg's patreon discord cult?

No. 596988

It wasn’t a cap so it’s easy to gloss over.
Are you insinuating that M is abusive or has been abused before?

No. 596998

>Are you insinuating that M is abusive or has been abused before?

Also would like to know because this sounds like some bullshit Onion has come up with. Anytime he’s accused of something, he makes wild accusations about the people accusing him and/or their family.

M is pretty private and seems to have only messaged the anon that posted her screens. I don’t know how anyone would have been able to find any evidence of her being abusive. Her being abused in the past would make sense because she instantly called Onion out on it and told Lainey that he was abusing her. She’s been the only one that has gone to that house and has accused him of abusing his family. She didn’t even say he abused her (I don’t think) she just said he abuses Lainey and the kids.

No. 597000

No, someone above mentioned it was farmers who talked to her and she shared that info with. Apparently she'd share it with whoever talked to her.

No. 597001

Anon has pretty much outed themself maybe they should post more details or convos they had?

No. 597003

Onion established in a video his grand discovery of how ignoring drama is the best way to go. It'll eventually go away/something else will replace it.

No. 597004

If it blew up a whole discord, might as well make it worth the milk.

No. 597012

File: 1541718473376.jpeg (201.3 KB, 1124x1143, 10A3A462-FEBB-4E34-911A-411031…)

>trusting some random anon on dssctm

M isn’t the cow here. Greg and Lainey are. There’s really nothing out there that makes M out to be an abuser. However, her interactions with them show how shitty they truly are. It’s weird that people are attempting to discredit her without any proof.

No. 597013

>what she put them through

What the fuck did Lainey and Greg go through?!?!

No. 597014

Well, until there are receipts, what that anon says is irrelevant.

No. 597015

Nothing lol
The Avaroe’s really are trying to play it off like she’s the abuser behind the scenes. How pathetic.

No. 597017


It was an Anti-O discord and everything has already been posted, there's nothing more to leak. I'm one of the farmers who spoke to M and compiled the evidence. Those are the "receipts" you want. I didn't say there's anything more, so I'm not sure what you're trying to do here. I'm not the one trying to claim Maya is abusive.

Posts like >>596964 prove that the leak was never discussed in enough detail. I hope the ones who were sperging earlier can see that now.

I'm gonna write a greentext version of this to catch up the TL;DR crowd.

No. 597019


Summary of >>596706

>Maya messages Lainey a long love letter stating she knew Lainey from a past life

>Maya has followed Lainey for a while since before she came out as bi, but isn't a fan of Greg's because she dislikes his views
>Lainey and Maya chat a lot, begin to facetime but both are anxious about it and plan ahead every time
>Greg ruins this by cold-calling Maya on facetime
>Greg also uses Lainey's phone to send Maya a long snapchat message
>Lainey flipflops on Maya in a hot-or-cold way but at the same time "everything felt so right"
>Maya buys her ticket with her own money to see Lainey for V-Day
>Greg catches wind of the planned trip and buys Maya a new ticket for the next day, giving Maya 12h to prepare
>all of this is communicated via Greg calling Maya from Lainey's phone, again
>no other communication was had with Greg aside from him sneaking his way in
>Maya arrives in time for xmas
>Greg picks up Maya from the airport, flexes about how she must be starstruck
>Maya doesn't even get to meet Lainey because she's too tired to greet her guest
>meets Lainey in the morning
>Greg picks Maya up and pushes them into a hug
>once Greg leaves, they feel more comfortable
>they bond over shopping at the mall and listening to emo music
>"we started being convinced that we were lovers in a past life"
>Greg spergs at his son for being bad at Mario
>Lainey brags to Greg about Maya's souvenirs
>Driving to Casa de Grasa for xmas celebrations, Maya and Lainey sit in the backseat giggling and too scared to make a move
>Maya kisses her
>later gets anxiety over it
>Lainey texts her to calm her down because nobody in that house ever heard of speaking face to face
>Greg brags about buying a ton of gifts to prove the IRS wrong

No. 597020

Jesus, how many farmer went in?

No. 597021

Speaking of revitalizing the M milk, variations of "Gurgenstein" need to become a new nickname in the thread summaries as well to commemorate the fantastic, truly apt description of Smegma that came from M's leaked texts. Not only does that bobblehead uggo actually resemble Frankenstein, coming from M it has a "out of the mouths of babes" innocence that makes it truly hilarious.
It must get under Greasenstein's oily red skin too, because someone he found attractive was repulsed by him and rightly called out his hideous features.

(It's from one of the leaks in which Greasenstein screeches at M for not finding him attractive (after basically forcing her to admit it), M tells her friend (leakee) that Grugly "looks like a monster!")

No. 597022

Farmers shouldn't even be talking to any of these people. The whole point is to see what happens, not cowtip(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 597023

I'm sure that's what y'all were thinking when you spent months trolling Lainey off of YouNow leading to this milk drought. But go off.

No. 597025

Implying M is a cow. This isn’t the first time a farmer has reached out to an ex (see: luxymoo) and it won’t be the last.

No. 597026

File: 1541720776876.gif (2.05 MB, 500x275, 1DF2A5A1-B090-4E55-A545-01CA07…)

The Maya-Gate reintroduction has brought about some emotional posts from anons. It’s weird and unpleasant and has really changed the atmosphere in thread. I don’t hate maya or like maya or anything, I’m ambivalent and just enjoy the milk. Could care less about the source tbh.

No. 597027

Then remove the "no cowtiping" rule.

No. 597030

I wouldn't consider those twitter trolls farmers since they constantly post screen caps from here against lc culture.

No. 597031

Stop replying to yourself. Your samefagging and derailing in this thread is too much. You also need to stop posting multiple times in a row.

No. 597032

I was only the last one(Ban evasion)

No. 597034

Sorry about that, you got lumped in due to
excessively using VPNs to post.

On that note, this is a friendly reminder that VPNs are allowed but ban evasion is not and will lead to a permaban.

No. 597039


that (((farmer))) is probably either sarah or booty

No. 597040

Not to mention that telling everyone that someone is abusive is a typical abuser/gaslighter damage control tactic and has Gurgle’s stank all over it.

No. 597059

No no anon, Greg made those videos about breaking up with his mom, so he's totally not a hypocrite.

No. 597060

Anus got his "trinity" denied, that's what.

No. 597061

what happened to poshmark clothing pile? is he just salty cause all those $5 or whatever bags got returned because hes retarded?
>thinking they actually sold that many anyways

i wanna see his ebay shit

No. 597062

>It’s not rare for abusive people to call their victims the “true abusers.”

Narcissists always love to use DARVO on their victims, Its gregs favourite weapon.

Defend, Attack, Reverse victim and Offender. Its his go to tactic. Same with lame these days.

No. 597065

His whole "#metoo" shilling seems like it was defending himself from possible accusations. He's always waiting for someone to call him out on what scum he is.

I hope the M saga gets more traction so he not only has to worry about the IRS and the tractorgate isn't the only thing to fuck him over.

No. 597066

She can counter his me too with her own me too(Ban evasion)

No. 597090

Do you even know what cowtipping is? Cowtipping is announcing your about to fuck with a cow ON THE THREAD. Therefore tipping the cow off to your future intentions making them go on lockdown further. It is not getting leaks and posting them to the thread. LC is all about getting that shit and posting it to the threads.

No. 597094

THIS a million times. Newfags don't know what cowtipping means. Bragging about messing with a cow and thus tipping them off and causing them to withdraw and deprive us our milk. Posting milk after the fact is fine and is what lolcow survives on.

No. 597112

lol booty has been lusting for him over a decade, hasnt she? + she literally got outed for posting here and then demodded from discord.
sometimes the onionflake thread has good stuff, even though its usually just passive aggressive infighting

>another stupid channel

His account hopping to try and regain monetary options on videos is so fucking boring. But I guess I'm just stating the obvious.

No. 597120

File: 1541733129468.png (30.05 KB, 237x343, boooooty.png)

Booty only got demodded from lainey's discord lel.
Greg's still keeping her as an admin around for some reason.

No. 597121

Damn, I didn’t even see it when I posted that. Wasn’t it just over shit they did to him when he was a kid? I’ve seen him sperging about how they abuuuused him when he was a youngin bobblehead. Was it at all over how his mother treated Lainey while in their house? Because most of the time only his feelings matter and you’re fine as long as you don’t say shit about him. That was confirmed when Booty was on here talking shit about Lainey and still inches deep in his ass. If she said anything truly bad about him, she’d have been gone.

No. 597122

Why are the roles related to Scientology?

No. 597131

he probably desperately wished/wishes his cult could have been as successful as Scientology. I'd imagine he idolizes Hubbard.

No. 597135

>OT levels

Please don't tell me that Grunt read Dianetics once and now thinks he's onto something profound. The last thing he should be prioritizing is couch jumping.

No. 597144

He really is the perfect candidate for Scientology except for the whole mental health screening thing. He’d sperg out during the interview

No. 597145

>It's like smacking two barbies together like "now kiss" treating them as if they're toys for his pleasure and he can put them however he wants them

So the Barbie video with Sk or whatever was just a vision of the future? Or just how he was already treating females.

No. 597150

Yeah, it's the one where he rips up photos and burns them all melodramatic or whatever the fuck.


+ his mom keeps/kept posting weird shit on Fb

I don't think anything has happened since, aside from him giggling when using the word tranny in a different video referring to his mother.

No. 597151

God I really should check that thread more often. What a fucking mess.

Anyway, here's her post history for people who can't be bothered - this is the dog he is more loyal to than his own wife/husband/spouse:

Poor fatbecca, if only you weren't a horse. You might've had a chance.

No. 597157

Greg can't read, he probably watched some pro Scientology YT video that was 5 minutes or something.

No. 597158

File: 1541740229182.jpg (168.9 KB, 1351x650, tomboi.JPG)

I thought it was interesting how like pretty much all of the hairstyle photos, save like 2, were of female or androgynous women, so I scrolled through the top google image searches for "Tomboy haircuts" and "Short tomboy haircuts" and found every post lainey showed. She for sure googled tomboy.

Wish I screencapped lainey during her younow days where she said multiple times "I'm not a tomboy, I am trans." to random younow people passing through, kek.

No. 597159

File: 1541740249814.jpg (177.39 KB, 1327x639, tomboi2.JPG)

No. 597166

Thank you for your time

No. 597173

When you actually think about it, it’s fucking bizarre she tries to identify as trans. I think most of us got used to it so we’re just like “meh, fuck her.” But why the actual fuck? Like there’s transtrenders and then there’s Lainey. At least the majority of the transtrenders take it to a whole other level of getting their tits removed and screeching their sjw bullshit, but what the fuck does Lainey do? She gets a soccer mom hair cut and brags about her husband fucking her sweaty pussy (Greg’s words not mine). She does everything a woman does (not a very respectable woman, but still) and tries to slap the trans label on it. Like it’s unfathomable that she actually has the audacity to say she’s trans. This bitch is a new level of stupidity. A typical transtrenders would have left Onionboy the first time he called her a girl, but didn’t Lainey write in one of her various sad ass love letters she hangs up for him that she was his “little girl” or something? Greg could literally say “I’m trans” one day with 0 change and it’d be the same thing Lainey does. Like KG finally said some shit about her, but how is she getting away with this shit? This is exactly why Onion has to come out and defend her, because there’s no way she’d have the balls to argue with an actual trans individual and tell them that she’s trans. She knows it’s absolute bullshit. How do these two still have a platform?

No. 597176

Of course my dumb ass commented on the wrong thread. Does anyone know when/where the hearing is? I live in Gig Harbor and a bitch has no life and wants to see this shitshow irl lmao

No. 597177

The hearing is currently scheduled for December 6, 9-12 at the Pierce County Annex, 2401 S 35th St, Tacoma, 98409

No. 597178

>>597177 Thanks for the info - can't go then so I hope they reschedule

No. 597183

I find it very odd that she claims to be trans and experience dysphoria, because she does near nothing to relieve that supposed dysphoria, and she never will. Transitioning involves physically transitioning, which Lainey equates to wearing a binder sometimes and having short hair, while continuing to get predominantly feminine haircuts, wear makeup and girls' clothing (for example, she only wears girls' pants, clearly preferring the way they fit her body), shave her body hair, use feminine grooming products, etc. She also doesn't plan on altering her hormones or having surgery to remove her breasts or change the shape and function of her genitals. She does not use or desire to use packers or STP devices like most transmasc individuals, to our knowledge. Her body language and they way she speaks are very feminine. All of this has been pointed out again and again, of course.
But transitioning also involves socially transitioning – that is to say, visibly living your life as your true gender and presenting that way socially. In every way, Lainey still lives her life as a woman, and fulfills traditionally feminine roles. She is a wife and mother, she breastfeeds her children and is almost solely responsible for child-rearing, she likes to have sex as a woman (being penetrated vaginally by her husband, always being the sub which is typically classified the more "feminine" role, etc.), she is solely responsible for cleaning and cooking, which are the stereotypically feminine household tasks, and almost no one in her life at all acknowledges her preferred pronouns or view her as anything other than a woman. She is hardly "out" to anyone at all. I'm willing to bet she doesn't regularly check her family, old friends, or random strangers when they refer to her femininely. In fact, we know she doesn't.
Now, is it inherently wrong for her to prefer to live this way? Of course not. She likes what she likes, and clearly feels comfortable living this way. If she wanted to act more masculine and balk at the traditionally feminine things she does, she would. But the thing is that she doesn't. So what part of being socially classified as a woman makes her uncomfortable, exactly? And what does she plan to do about it? Because to me, it doesn't seem like Lainey experiences social dysphoria at all. Everything about being a "woman" is something she enjoys and wants to do.
And if she doesn't experience social dysphoria, then what does she experience? The only thing we know for sure is "chest and hip dysphoria," which, like everyone has already pointed out, is probably linked more to her desire to be thin, and to present as younger than she does (both for her own purposes and to remain attractive to her ephebophilic husband). All in all, she doesn't have almost any markers of a trans individual.

No. 597190

File: 1541754329394.gif (2.84 MB, 333x333, OnisionHubbard.gif)

L. Ron Hubbard was in his mid to late 30's when he wrote & published Dianetics.
He was 40-41 when he officially started the Church of Scientology.

Greg is still on track age wise to follow in Hubbards footsteps. And religious institutions dont have to pay taxes, so it would fix his IRS problems.

I actually scared myself thinking about this. Putting aside the failure that was Gregs first attempt "Sicesca." What if Greg did start a successful cult, holy fuck.

No. 597193

Greg would probably be scared to start a cult because the fat older ugly women that follow him might feel entitled to his company in person. Greg makes rating videos shitting over the looks of teen girls, his older patron fags don't think he's laughed at their desperation? Not to mention Lainey could not cope. Onion's life is set to be the same shit show until he leaves Lainey, then he's free to narc the fuck out

No. 597200

That's why she doesn't want to go to a gender counsellor because I think they'd establish this right away

No. 597201

and yet she talked shit about the hairdresser trying to make the cut look more "feminine". I mean, how is the hairdresser supposed to know that she's "trans" when all of the reference photos she gave her are of tomboys, ftm trans people and very effeminate guys? How else are you supposed to interpret that other than she wants to look like a woman with a boy cut? Dumb bitch.

No. 597216

Why not go to a barber in the first place if u want a masculine haircut?

No. 597220

The Hubbard/Scientology references probably stem from Shane talking about youtuber cults. Which if true, why does Onion have duch a hard on for Shane and is he just trying to ignore Sicesca. Go big or go home Shreg.

No. 597221

File: 1541773427010.png (6.12 MB, 1242x2688, D4377044-058C-4165-8AD8-77B5C0…)

Not Gregs greatest idea to have done that seeming as she is suicidal as it is. Poor girl.

No. 597222

File: 1541773506912.png (11.56 MB, 1242x2688, BA5C0565-205D-436B-8C6E-058510…)

No. 597226

File: 1541774583485.jpeg (485.86 KB, 1125x1166, 400AED16-A6DE-41A5-819A-2AE9A2…)

Found her. Of course some idiot fan of his sent him to put her in his “I care about Eugenia! LOOK AT ALL THESE PEOPLE SHE TRIGGERS” video. The man doesn’t actually care about people with EDs unless it can benefit him and even then.

No. 597228


Eugenia Cooney & Her Recovery
It's about 15:27 in.

No. 597254

This is fucking abhorrent. Grease doesn't do his research and anyway, He's got no shame in using someone elses unrelated ED to try and bash eugenia, His fans are utter nasty cunts. Fuck.

No. 597256

No where does it say in this girls bio that she aspires to be like EC… in fact it pretty much says she's wanting to get better.. but I do wanna ask, how does this girl know who Onision is, but she doesn't know who EC is? Inb4 she probably only knows about Onision because people told her - the way she worded it sounded like she was familiar with him. If you know the douche you know his continuous harassment of EC. Nevertheless, couldn't she report his video for this?

No. 597260

fuckin' hell, off topic but does anyone know of a host that doesn't spent a lifetime preparing a video for a mirror? Others used Google so i assumed it was fine?

No. 597262

His personality is the epitome of cult leader. People pay Him to just let he berade them. Do not doubt yourself he is already in the making

No. 597264

I only know of google drive. Never mirrored myself through that, but I think you just need to set the share to anyone with a link. And obviously don’t use your actual email…

No. 597265

File: 1541790096719.jpeg (516.67 KB, 750x996, 8600D9AE-BD9C-451D-93C2-3308A6…)

Yes obvious tweet about terrible USA

No. 597267

Literally this, when anon above mentioned the women that lick his ass I thought of this. Like they all want so badly to be in Lainey’s place and she is retarded enough to be okay with it. These women are so obsessed with him, they defend him when he’s accused of horrible shit and when he does horrible shit. Like I have no doubt they legit want to replace Lainey and her kids with themselves and their’s. They are so desperate for his attention they have legit panic attacks when they think he’s going to kick them out of his life. He has everything he needs for a cult and he knows it.

No. 597269

wbk he's King of the Cucks. He like his little patroen cult, he gets to vet which girls get the opportunity to meet him in the flesh, how delightful for the narc.

Fortunately we all know Onionboy is very arrogant and vain from his various videos of rating girls looks, so his manchild wife and fat groupies obviously disappoint him.

And don't fret anons about M milk, I reckon Swampboy can only focus on legalities before best thinking about how to monetise the abuse of another girl.

No. 597271


Hubbard was a pedophile and preyed on innocent young boys as well as being outed for tax evasion. Seems like Greg is more than halfway there.

No. 597277

Does anyone have a mirror of the new laineybot video about her ex?

No. 597293

Hubbard was well known for coercing teen girls into sex, but I'd never heard about the boys. What a narcissistic bloviating creep, just like Onion.

No. 597295


The Woolsey fire and Camp fire are separate fires in different parts of the state tho.

No. 597296

File: 1541794482980.jpeg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024, 56458617-16C1-4FD4-A716-3D6E93…)

not to go ot or anything but here’s the cake we got for my friends birthday

No. 597300

File: 1541795549087.jpg (45.82 KB, 1280x720, VideoCapture_20181109-211118.j…)

I got you.

"What my ex boyfriend did to me"

No. 597304

Careful anon, if Onion sees this he’s going to sperg about how you sexually assaulted him through a picture.

>Fortunately we all know Onionboy is very arrogant and vain from his various videos of rating girls looks, so his manchild wife and fat groupies obviously disappoint him.

Kek, this is why it’s so funny that M admitted she found him unattractive and said he looked like Frankenstein. The last time he had a girl in his house he was actually attracted to, she found him repulsive. He can’t get the cute, teen girls like he wants. Must be depressing having to settle for Lainey and the discord stooges. I feel like he has no idea M came out and said anything yet, because there’s no way he wouldn’t be sperging about it right now. He’s got time to make videos harassing EC, despite the legal issues he’s facing.
Tinfoil, but - either he’s seething in silence or he’s trying really hard to dig up any form of dirt he can on M. Problem is, he didn’t know shit about her and she’s private on everything. He failed to get the information out of her that he wanted with his questioning (when M said he was smirking) because she was uncomfortable with him immediately, unlike the others. So, he can’t really respond to her. I just find it strange how he hasn’t addressed the Mario accusation.

No. 597305

Wow I somehow missed that too. Thank you for sharing.

God damn he really is an autistic psycho.
Poor girl. I’m so glad she didn’t just fall for his mind games and was smarter than that.
Don’t know how a girl so smart and pretty could even get mixed up with that psycho in the first place though.
I can’t een imagine how awkward it must have been staying there.
It sounds like if Greg was out of the picture, that she and Lainey May have actually really hit it off.. but I don’t believe Lainey wants to date a girl. She’s probably bi curious at the most, but clearly a preference for men. And abusive men at that.

I laughed so hard when Greg was getting angry about Maya not being able to set his VR up and then she realised he forgot to plug it in. He’s seriously such a dumbass.
It’s even funnier to me because he always tries to claim to have an IQ, but knows nothing about anything. IE “sans elephant”.
Just sad the poor girl had to experience Greg while mourning the loss of her grandmother. On the other hand, hopefully that made her thankful that losing someone is hard, but it’s not as hard as living with a psycho infantile manchild.
She must have been on a natural high getting the hell out of there.

I really don’t know how Lainey still puts up with his shit. But I guess abuse is all she knows. From what she said in the video about her ex, the thing that seemed to affect her the most was the on and off part of it. Greg is a stable abusive relationship. I guess she puts stability above everything else, even though he threatens to leave her every time she won’t agree to a trinity with another damaged teen.

No. 597311


It’s sad she doesn’t seem the parallels between her past abusive relationship and her current one.

No. 597312

File: 1541798515681.jpeg (221.31 KB, 1326x1566, EABEABB8-77F1-4DCE-A72A-344481…)

>which I also am

Very subtle, Greg. Thank me for my service REEEE

Also, hasn’t he stopped being a vegetarian a while ago because his diet wasn't doing him any favors? Has he picked that up again or does he think being vegetarian for a while grants you bragging rights for pretty much the rest your life?

>I was in an abusive relationship

fucking kek, you still are laundrythot.

No. 597316

I believe you're confusing being vegan and being vegetarian.
Lame really knows how to pick 'em huh? David, the ex, is more of a classic psycho whilst Shregstein has more experience in being a raging dimwit. It took her getting together with Grug to realize how much of a pos the other guy was. If by any chance, Lame meets a guy who actually is better than Grug (financially especially), she might understand what kind of a burning dumpster fire this marriage is.

No. 597321

He's been a vegetarian a long time, he gave up being vegan cause he couldn't be bothered to read ingredients.

No. 597324

>says her ex bragged about himself and insulted others while her husband does the exact same thing.
>says her ex threatened to kill himself all the time while her husband makes suicidal videos continuously because his wife and kids aren't enough to keep him happy in life.

As sad and as fucked up her relationship with her ex was, at least he fucking chased after her, kek. Onion would be ecstatic if Lainey actually left and she has said things similar to this herself. It's funny how she's now become her ex - forcing Onion in a relationship whenever he breaks up with her because she "won't let him go."

Obviously she was assaulted by her ex, but it's disgusting how what she describes to be her experience when it happened is almost exactly what A said Onion did to her. Both were kind of OK with having sex, changed their minds and were forced into it anyways. Just because Onion hasn't done it to Lainey (for all we know, she's blinded by him I mean how do we know what really happened in that hotel room) doesn't mean he's not guilty. And as a victim, I can't believe she says absolutely nothing and sides with her husband. Especially after him grabbing and kissing M. Like, M actually told Lainey she was uncomfortable, it wasn't like Lainey didn't know. So, even though M told her she felt uncomfortable and Lainey knows what that means, she still took her husband's side and tried to make M feel like shit.

No. 597325

He isn’t stable or constant for her though? No matter how much he claims he won’t leave her he can’t be trusted. He almost left with Billie and that didn’t make their relationship “stronger” becuase he put a random young girl’s needs above Lainey’s (inviting the girl with little to no heads up to lainey, spilling sugar water on a table that lainey has to clean up on her own, moving a desk around for the new girl at the expense of lainey, etc) until it was clear that his needs wouldn’t be served again in the form of a trinity.

He has said in the past that he will never leave her but he has shown that he doesn’t mean that. He will leave at the drop of a hat if it benefits him.

No. 597330

What military skirmish was Onion to be a Vet? I don't think the battlenof peeling potatoes counts. Shit like that triggers me. It's like stolen valor.

No. 597332

Wow, I didn't read that, I'm pissed also. This dumb piece of shit, actual veterans would laugh in his face and then spit in it. He's never been in combat, he was a fucking guard for a door and never saw any action. He literally got himself kicked out of the military on purpose. The only thing he's a veteran of is YouTube and he's fucking failed hard at that and has been fighting his ass off to keep it as a job. Isn't his neighbor a veteran? If only they came across this dumb fuck's twitter. I hope they're the type of neighbors to throw a barbecue on holidays like this and not invite Onion. Lainey would hear about that shit all day, even she'd get sick of him.

No. 597409

Anus has been around much longer than EC so its not hard to imagine that people "know" of him in a certain way.

No. 597422

He started his channel like 4 years before she did. He hasn’t grown with YouTube, he’s just been slowly buried. Saying people know of him is giving him too much credit, he’s literally irrelevant for most people. He’s had the same inactive accounts following him for years. I highly doubt anyone would remember him if they haven’t seen him in a long time because people didn’t even know he was the guy that Shane kissed that one time. Shane didn’t even remember he kissed him and he’s been harassed by Onion for years. And there’s no way to know about Onion from recent years without hearing about his constant harassment toward EC.

No. 597423

"Veteran" means "someone who served in the military." For all his lying, Gross has never claimed to be a combat veteran.

No. 597435




a person who has had long experience in a particular field.

Only long experience Gregamel has is being a failed you tuber. (If an artfag could make an image of Greg as Gargamel and Taylor as either Azrael or Scruple, would be top keks)

No. 597436

Her little spiel about abusive relationships at the end makes me laugh. Greg calls her a cunt in front of the kids, is constantly looking for other girls to replace her (Billie, Sam, M) constantly ignores her, and even her snapchat messages with M imply that she herself has called Greg abusive in the past. I bet she tells all the girls who like her that Greg is abusive.

She can try to lie to her fans about her shitty relationship but she can't fool us. She also was with Greg 3 Months after she broke up with her ex. She never gave herself to heal.

No. 597439

Title 38 of the Code of Federal Regulations defines a veteran as “a person who served in the active military, naval, or air service and who was discharged or released under conditions other than dishonorable.” This definition explains that any individual that completed a service for any branch of armed forces classifies as a veteran as long as they were not dishonorably discharged. However, with regard to applicable benefits, other considerations are important and will be covered in later sections.

No. 597441

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Greg tells a real veteran that he is one too.
>"yeah I uh… didn't want to kill a rabbit so I made up an elaborate lie to be allowed to quit"

No. 597445

When she was talking about the underwear picture she sent to her ex she said it was "technically a swimsuit picture but like in underwear". I heard that excuse before, I wonder who she learned it from…

No. 597449

She’s such a dumbass. That argument is the most retarded argument ever. She wasn’t walking around a beach in a bathing suit. She was in her fucking underwear taking a provocative pic. There’s a difference no matter how many SJWs Lainey worships try to say it’s the same thing.

Also I wonder how Onion feels knowing Lainey had plans to move in with her ex when they graduated. She had a whole life planned out that never even involved him. He asks like he swooped in and rescued her, when really she’s in the same position she would have been in - just with an older, different guy. Nothing special there.

No. 597450


Was Gurg discharged with honour or dishonourably discharged? I can't remember

No. 597451

He claims he had an honorable discharge, but other sources have found that he received a general discharge with honorable conditions. I don’t know what it means or what the differences are, but apparently it wasn’t dishonorable.

No. 597460


he probably once REEEE'd at someone trying to use the parking lot that he was banished to by his superiors

No. 597461

>She’s such a dumbass. That argument is the most retarded argument ever. She wasn’t walking around a beach in a bathing suit. She was in her fucking underwear taking a provocative pic. There’s a difference no matter how many SJWs Lainey worships try to say it’s the same thing.

That's the same excuse anus used to make videos rating the bodies of young girls in underwear. Foot being the brainwashed piece of shit she is obviously agreed with him and is even using the same excuse to defend herself now

No. 597468

No. 597492

>Don’t know how a girl so smart and pretty could even get mixed up with that psycho in the first place though.

Isn't M ESL? I swear they had a girl in their house who was. I can see how that would be easy to take advantage of.

>mail order child brides


No. 597493

>literally abuses his pets and humans
>buys make up that tests on animals

But yeah, sure Gurg, you're such a great human. Sorry, an "awesome" "human".

He still doesn't read shit imo.

No. 597511

Thanks anon.

>To receive a General Discharge from the military there has to be some form of nonjudicial punishment to correct unacceptable military behavior or failure to meet military standards. The discharging officer must give the reason for the discharge in writing, and the military member must sign paperwork stating they understand the reason for their discharge. Veterans may not be eligible for certain veterans benefits under a General Discharge, including the GI Bill.

Apparently this is what Onion was discharged under, even though he claims he was honorably discharged which is fucking impossible because

>Honorable Discharge - If a military service member received a good or excellent rating for their service time, by exceeding standards for performance and personal conduct, they will be discharged from the military honorably.

He definitely did not exceed performance. General discharge isn’t as bad as dishonorable, but it’s still a punishment. I can’t believe this dumbass really tried to say he was honorably discharged after telling everyone exactly why he was discharged (not doing the shit he was supposed to when his higher ups told him to do it). And he sexually harassed his superior didn’t he? By dropping his pants and flashing the guy? Or just getting butt naked. No way would he have been honorably discharged.

No. 597551


Anus is the kind of guy to go apeshit at stores when they ask to see a military ID so he can get discounts.

“I’m a veteran, can I get a discount?”
“Sure thing sir, I just need a valid military ID, please.”
“I don’t have a military ID.”
“I’m sorry, I can’t offer a discount without proof of ID.”
“Oh my god, are you fucking retarded? I served in the fucking Air Force, I was a cop! I was honorable discharged!”
“Sir, calm down—”
“I’m a fucking celebrity, mmkay? Everyone, even you, even me, will die someday. Facts. That’s just the way it is.”
“I’m going to have to ask you to please leave.”
“Are you fucking serious? REEEEEE be human! Oh my god, Onision is a son of a bitch…” incoherent rambling.

No. 597560

File: 1541829560833.jpeg (575.34 KB, 1125x1548, 7B440160-F1D9-4555-B25C-F07BEC…)

On Lainey’s twitter people are stating she went from one abusive relationship to another; on YouTube people are calling her an abuser as well (due to how she treated M.) as Greg. Grab your screencaps before she/her mods delete the posts.

No. 597562

>Recycling old news for that coin

I am so pleased that others have clocked onto the fact that she's SAID THIS ALL BEFORE. Its nothing new, Everyone knows about it. She's literally at the point of just repeating old topics for sympathy pats and views. She's disgusting

No. 597563

File: 1541830352176.png (105.31 KB, 586x736, blasian.PNG)

I was sure Ive seen Blasian in his discords and streams licking Onisions asshole. He used her as his scapegoat when ever he said or did something racist. He'd prop her up as his "black friend" or ask her for her opinion on race issues (like the black hair thing) knowing full well she would side with him no matter what.

Is he now calling his Blasian
>fucking stupid
>fucking moron

My best guess is Blasian didnt make her usual monthly Patreon pledge and he doesnt have to play nice anymore.

No. 597565

It's not like she has any kind of life wherein she can make new memories and have new stories to tell. All she has is old shit to rehash again and again. I'd feel bad if it was anyone but her.

No. 597568

Exactly. She doesnt go on vacations, she hardly leaves the house. Anything she does would involve her children obviously. So she has to heavily edit the story she would tell to delete any mention of them, and that leaves a boring story.

No. 597584

Before this recent video I had no idea Lainey and David broke up and got back together so many times, nor that they were together for that long. She dated a violent druggie stalker rapist on and off for all of high school, so the bar was set so, so low for Grease Lightning to swoop in and "save the day." It's so wild how that worked out.
What I wonder is, how? How did a fairly affluent young girl with seemingly pretty supportive parents, who had friends and all the resources in the world, with no record of any mental illness at that point, even end up like this? I mean, how did her self-esteem end up so low? How did she end up so fucking dumb? Why would she stay with David THAT long – no cops, no restraining order, no nothing – and even afterwards, end up married to an even worse person? For a totally normal girl from a totally normal home, her life ended up so fucked up. I guess she's called Doormat for a reason though.

No. 597605


He used to make videos about anorexic girls whose pics where posted on tumblr, 'helping them' long before he found EC and declared her his new target.
A lot of the people watching these videos were anorexics, some of them even linked his videos on the proana tags on tumblr, as triggers.
So any anorexic browsing through them has a chance of knowing him for that, but not necessarily knowing who EC is because between all those pictures of starving girls she fit's right in.

No. 597610

I tinfoil that since david is pretty mentally ill, Perhaps even lainey has gaslight him into thinking he was abusive. Honestly the fact you bring up that theres been nothing done and yet she says often that he always tries to contact her just doesn't make much sense to me. She's known to be pretty covert and manipulative as well, She stole from her sisters closet to the point that her parents had to put a lock on it, So its not like she had fantastic morals even though she tries to act like she's better than everyone now.

I dunno, I think laineys exaggerating more than she lets on.

No. 597619


She said in her video when he left his phone in her car, she CALLED him to tell him she was leaving it at the office after she snooped through it. A lot of her body language in the video screamed bullshit artist to me.

No. 597660

Well according to one of Lame's videos, her 1st grade music teacher French kissed her and if it is exactly how it happened, without any exaggerations, that could have scarred her view on men.

No. 597661

Onion is going mental because his Patreon bucks are dropping. I can't wait until he starts insulting the potato nose giant and that psycho German.

No. 597674

File: 1541867760528.jpeg (382.16 KB, 1242x1833, EDA1C600-DF70-4F99-A80F-0CE7A2…)

Wasn’t he making a little over $1000 before? It doesn’t seem like his patron money is going down. Maybe I’m wrong though, but I swear he was shown making a little over $1000 in previous threads.

No. 597676

File: 1541867909768.jpeg (154.27 KB, 1242x1192, 5501D6EE-B0DC-4182-8C10-816A31…)

Samefag, but how long has he had the age restriction on his patreon? Even with it, it does absolutely nothing. The kids that sign up use their parents credit cards, thus their parents probably create the account, so technically the account is 18+. The kids aren’t though. So, hopefully this dumb fucker doesn’t try to use this as an argument the way he did with his teen nudies forum.

No. 597678

File: 1541868332132.jpeg (283.18 KB, 750x1272, B716AB1A-0DDB-40B1-BF73-8CFA78…)

No. 597679

File: 1541868393396.jpeg (92.72 KB, 750x770, 625AD06D-321F-4595-A828-A3511E…)

He switched to 18+ for the faux ego boost

No. 597690

Thank you for letting me know.

So, about the "I'm Gay" video Onion did, I started thinking about it and if Lainey is coming out as trans now, how is Onion going to talk about her to other people? "My husband…" I highly fucking doubt it, kek. He can say he's gay all he wants and be okay with it because he knows that she has a vagina and like he always says "if you have a vagina, you're female." He'll never look at her as an actual guy, she's female to him always. So, what's he gonna say when he's talking about her for whatever purpose people talk about the person their married to. Just keep calling her "my spouse" which he used because she was nonbinary? Like, if she wants to be called a guy now, he's going to have to refer to her as his husband and no way in hell is he going to do that. Unless he still refers to her as his wife when speaking to people who aren't familiar with his YT life.

No. 597744

So his trial, if he's fined how screwed is he? Topping that on top of his debt.

Also tinfoil but I think Lainey will be skinwalking Onions other obsession. Andy Biersack.

No. 597746

I think he'll 100% continue to say "my spouse" and argue that it's a gender neutral term so it doesn't matter, bla bla bla, cue dictionary definition of "spouse." There's also a 0% chance of her coming out as male to anyone in their personal lives, just like she's never really come out as nonbinary either (except maybe to Tami based on that "tranny" story). Her sister, her parents, and all her New Mexico friends still call her Taylor for god's sake, and she's been going by Lainey for her entire adult life. If she can't even ask them to call her by a nickname in the span of six years, she'll never ask them to call her a masculine name or change their pronoun usage.
OT, but I've never understood why she hasn't ever legally changed her name if she hates "Taylor" as much as she says. At 24 she's had plenty of time to do it, and they used to have plenty of throwaway cash. Not to mention her husband has changed his name several times and almost got Sh to do it with him. And did they change their last name to Avaroe together, or did he change his name first and then she married into it? Either way, he could definitely have helped her along with the process.

Honestly I could see it. She realized she couldn't pull off the Billie look, so now she's switching over to trying to look like the kind of guy who appeals to him. Everything in her life revolves around him after all.

No. 597755

I also wondered why she never changed her name from Taylor, but then I thought about it and I’m not so sure she actually hates Taylor. If you think about it, she never went by Lainey until she met Onion. Like you said, she’s only gone by it in her adult life because HE gave her that nickname. I mean it’s creepy af. He’s named her, he’s come out for her, he’s controlled everything about her and molded her into who he wanted to be whenever he wants her to be it. Like it’s funny how he called her Lainey because of her middle name and suddenly she hates her first name and worships the name he gave her.

Also, he changed his name to Avaroe before he married her, so she’s only taken that last name from him.

No. 597757

File: 1541883994053.png (10.41 KB, 378x194, vet.PNG)

No. 597758

how did she have time to date all of her friends boyfriends if she was with this dude almost the whole time

No. 597763

File: 1541884745285.png (52.09 KB, 656x799, laineyname.png)

(my bad, had to block out the judge's name).

Samefag, but it looks like she filed to change her name a few days before they got married and the name change was dated for 2 days after they got married.

No. 597767

do you really have to go to court to change your last name when youre getting married anyway? And why not just change her first name while she was at it? Just looks like she doesn't mind Taylor but REEEs about it cause her master onion banished that name already.

No. 597769

I don't think she hates "Taylor" either. I agree that she only denounced it because he did. It's like when she married him and centered her entire life and identity around their relationship, she disavowed her "old self," and that was a part of it. Maybe hearing that name makes her feel weird or sad for that reason. But I'm sure she still identifies heavily with it, especially when she's seeing her side of the family and old friends. I'm sure if they ever divorced and she went back home, she'd go primarily by Taylor again.

Besides David, she only mentioned dating one guy she met on Myspace or something, and another guy she only dated for eight days who cheated on her. At no point did she even reference that story at all. So I have no idea. Then again, I've never known the origin of that story myself. Surely that wasn't in a video of hers?

From what I understand, you only have to petition a name change if you and your husband are both changing your names, or if he's taking your name. But yeah, why not change her first name too? It couldn't possibly cost that much more, and you're already updating all of your legal docs anyway.

No. 597770


Iirc, you can change your name when applying for the marriage license. It's the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to get your name changed whether you're the bride or groom. Going through all the paperwork to change it on stuff like your driver's license and social security is where it becomes a pain in the ass.

No. 597771

I think it's because her middle name is Elaine so she'd be Lainey Elaine Avaroe, which sounds bizarre.

Anyways, she's said before that Taylor isn't her deadname, she just doesn't like it. I know lots of people who don't like their full names and none of them have changed their legal names because of it.

No. 597786

Right, it just brings it back to the argument of “why does she hate Taylor when it’s more of a unisex name than Lainey?” It’s so obvious she only hates the name because Grugly named her Lainey.

She wouldn’t be “Lainey Elaine Avaroe.” You can knock off one name, she can just be Lainey Avaroe. It isn’t required to have a middle name.

No. 597787

The rules about name change on marriage differ from state to state in the US.

No. 597803

I’m assuming since Greg’s also changed his last name it was more involved. I’m not sure when he changed his last name so I could be wrong. My friends recently got married and had to go to court because they were changing their last name (not taking either of their last names or combining them—they chose a new last name)

No. 597812


Isnt it just strange that Onionboy nicknamed her by her middle name?? Like, with my partner, I wouldnt choose to give him a cute nickname based on his middle name, mainly because he's gone his entire life going by his FIRST name, so if I wanted to use a cute nickname, I'd make one based on that.
It's just a weird thing to do.

He's only done it so that he can create some sort of new persona or personality for her. Its fucking weird

No. 597818

Wasn't it because Taylor sounded too masculine? Hehehe ironic

No. 597829

Not to mention "Anderson" literally means "son of man"

No. 597855

Which video does she mention this? Never heard that before wtf

No. 597858

I thought it meant 'the son of Anders'.

No. 597859

It was a patron only Draw My Life

No. 597860

Lurk more anon. She said it in a “Draw My Life” video she had on her Patreon that someone leaked a while ago. She got super upset on livestream because the person who leaked it brought it up when she was making out with MD.

No. 597862

It does, but the name Anders means strong and manly. So yes the last name is saying son of Anders but Anders itself means manly.

No. 597899

Here you go

No. 597912

It’s officially Obesion’s birthday. Congrats on getting even older, Anus! Enjoy the day and keep on counting down to the 6th!

No. 597913

Never forget that he tried to get Skye to pay for him to change his name to Sicesca.

No. 597915

File: 1541913947681.jpeg (82.98 KB, 1242x699, 85BE4274-8E6D-4F3E-86D5-B58182…)

I just realized this was her thumbnail for her abusive relationship video.. she literally took a selfie with a smug face. She is no longer “almost” as bad as Onion, she IS as bad as him. I’ve never seen someone talk about the abuse they experienced in such a lighthearted way before. The only thing she was missing was a black and white filter.

Seriously though everything she described her ex did to her is pretty much exactly what Onion still does to her. You’d think after the first experience she’d be more aware.

No. 597916

She's gotta prove to da haters and her parents WRONG. Yeah, so what if Greg constantly calls her boring, annoying and a cunt, at least he didn't rape her.

No. 597917

Also Taylor is already a masculine name while Lainey comes from her middle name "Elaine" and ready super feminine, so it would make no sense to switch to that either.

"Lainey" is just the person Onion produced". Lainey is the name Greg gave her, I'm 100% if she wanted to drop it he'd have plenty to say about it.

No. 597920

Considering he renamed Skye "Netusesa" and Shiloh "Draculoh"….

No. 597921

Every time I go through this thread I think I can't find anything more bizarre about Onion than what's already been out there.
Every time I'm proven wrong.

No. 597923

File: 1541916801553.png (18.15 KB, 585x166, cry more.png)

No. 597924

File: 1541916955458.jpg (132.28 KB, 744x573, basement.jpg)

As hard as Onision tries to promote the idea that he hasn't aged (his most recent 2004 vs 2018 Tweet) anyone with eyes can see what father time has done to his looks. I wonder if he has some kind of Dorian Gray situation going on. But because it was a deal with the devil, Satan had to put a twist on it and the painting that sits in the basement of his old house (now Tamis home) continues to get younger and more attractive as the years go by.

No. 597925

Actually, he's still got a couple of hours until it's his birthday in his time zone. I wonder what he's doing to celebrate?


No. 597927

>tomorrow is my birthday so I won't be on any social media.

>I'll be stalking Jessie Paege, jerking to B's Instagram pics and downloading the second installment of "Harley Quinn goes to the Pound"

No. 597928

B actually posted a picture with the caption "I love you senpai" written on it today, so he's got perfect wanking material. Unfortunately.

No. 597930

< 15 minutes is not a fucking podcast come on.

Ugh its all bullshit anyway. His whole voice message is negated by him saying "this is real" at the end.

No. 597931

bless you for this. anyone else think that draw my life was a little victim-y? i'm not disregarding the terrible shit that's happened to her but she mentioned how her friend cried when she got second place and everyone gave her attention instead of thot. like why even mention that? or the fact that her ankle has a permanent fracture on it and that she's probably gonna need surgery for that, she sounded very spiteful of her gymnastics teacher that told her to just bandage her ankle. i think seeing people around her get attention from negative actions or behaviour, like her abusive ex, or gymnastics friend taught her victims always get the attention and sympathy pats she's always wanted. victims will never get blamed or confronted! theyre the poor helpless uwu victim like our space prince with the troubled past.

No. 597932

I thought he would of started the podcast thing years ago. The people he obsesses over like Shane and Andy Biersack have been riding that train to success for a while.
His podcasts are really just a shitty OnisionSpeaks video with a black screen, right?
I really think the whole podcast thing is just a way to add filler to his Patreon perks. His fans think they're getting something new and cool.

No. 597933

Skye was Tantaga. Skye's sister was Netunesa. He gave them both new names.

No. 597937

>My father is also incest
>My father was also a cheater and incest
>I have a father who is incest

Does he think the word incest is to be used as an adjective like evil or benevolent? I thought listening to his podcast would be easier. Id only have to listen to his voice and not look at his red caveman face, but I get triggered hearing his failed grasp on the English language.

If you're reading this, try using "incestuous" next time.

No. 597939

I think he meant to say a product of incest?

No. 597940

no, he was saying that his father committed the act of incest, but didnt know what word to use to convey that idea.
like someone who commits rape, you call a rapist, you dont say
>that man is a rape

No. 597941

I don't believe for a second that he was almost crying. Remember his fake crying video where he showed pictures of his childhood? It doesn't seem like he's capable of crying except maybe when the IRS is taking his money.
If he was so emotional you would hear it but all I hear is his usual gay blabbering we know from his speaks videos. He's just trying to make this ""podcast"" appear more exclusive and personal than it is.

No. 597944

Does anyone know what the catalyst was for his current hatred towards his mom?
It must of been some single thing or incident. He does this often, like with Cyr. Out of the blue because Cyr didnt vote the way Greg wanted, Greg "breaks up" with him and digs up everything he can think of that shows him as a garbage human being, when just a week earlier Greg must of been fine with him because they were best buds. Or Madison, he was cool with her for years, doing skits, and allowing his children to be around her, play-dates with her kids, then she (weakly) spoke out against him and suddenly shes a sexual predator, a home wrecker and deviant.

All the examples of why hes pissed off at Crazy Tammi are from his childhood. Its things that if they were bad enough to ruin his life he would have disowned her once he moved out of her house, like he did with his father. But no, hes "firing her" when hes in his mid thirties.

His crying and whining about her hitting him with a belt comes off as someone who dredges up things from the past because they're pissed about something the person did recently and they have to pile on the examples of why that person is shitty to make sure everyone sides with him.

No. 597945

no one knows for sure but it was most likely her telling him his kids are too wild and they would need to discipline them/ trying to disciplining them herself. In greg's mind that read as abuse and forbid her of being around them and their kids again. Also he didn't allow her to be alone with her kids and she threatened to fight for grandparent rights but I think he just piled that in for his argument.

No. 597956

He's trying to beef up his sad origin story for when Shane comes to his senses and finally makes a series about The Most Honest Youtuber.

No. 597957

jesus fucking christ anon have i ever told you how much i adore you

No. 597961

gonna wildly predict this is just because he saw success under a pseudonym and applied that concept to them, i dont think there's anything odd going on there. this was the era of smosh/whatthebuck and so on, i think the only person doing well under their own name back then was Shane Dawson

No. 597962

He basically confirms he beats his dogs in the first 2 minutes

No. 597972

fucking hell she's so insufferable. "she cheated on me" no you manipulated a situation where your husband was in love with another girl and desperately wanted to fuck her while she was in love with him to and they did it behind your back because he's a manipulative pos and you're an idiot.

No. 597973

File: 1541944105195.png (418.24 KB, 438x645, THE FAXX.png)

Im waiting for the mysterious disappearance of Laineybot, Shane Dawson, and the hippy neighbor, and in turn the HBO miniseries that will surely follow.

No. 597976

cant get this to work

No. 597989

Maybe his hippy mother is a time traveller, wouldn't you want to belt seven shades out of him for all the future shit he does too? I darkly jest, we all know that abuse never fixes anything and i don't understand how someone does that to a child.. but I've got a feeling he's just overly exaggerating the type of treatment he had as a kid. A lot of us have been slapped, punched, belted, and it was the norm back then. HeMaybe his hippy mother is a time traveller, wouldn't you want to belt seven shades out of him for all the future shit he does too? I darkly jest, we all know that abuse never fixes anything and i don't understand how someone does that to a child.. but I've got a feeling he's just overly exaggerating the type of treatment he had as a kid. A lot of us have been slapped, punched, belted, and it was the norm back then. He's not a special uwu abused snowflake.

>>597976 (talking about his mum and adults in general treating him like a dog:)
>like a dog
>like i want to beat a dog that won't stop barking
>that's what i want to do, i want to take my kid and and i want to decimate him. It's out of context from that previous anon.

No. 597990

u had a stroke half way thru your post but i agree. he exaggerates everything he goes thru because of course its mega aboose when it's toward gweggy weggy. he's a crybaby cunt and probably deserved it.

No. 597997

File: 1541955077793.png (194.96 KB, 568x520, reacting to onision videos abo…)

No. 598000

Wow. Her admitting that he doesn't do anything around the house, AND that he "called [her] an asshole ten times the other day." But he's not abusive guyz!!1

If she actually had a brain I'd say this could potentially be a spiteful "Happy birthday Greg" video

No. 598001

Is it cow tipping to watch these kind of videos on yt directly to influence her to make more of these kinds of videos?

No. 598006

Geez Louise…
So, Taylor Elaine's basically admitting that she stays in her safe, little bubble, pretending her life and marriage are #lifegoals and #couplesgoals and ignoring all the shit Gregory Avaroe has pulled on her.
She can't even watch nor handle the truth without getting all teary-eyed or panicky - that woman's delusional and needs some friends who kick her butt to finally make her wake up.

Given her reaction to the scene in which her husband talks about "showing the haters", anons are probably right about their real motivation to stay together. Or at least it's Greg's motivation to stay with his wife…

No. 598014

File: 1541957549673.jpeg (421.66 KB, 1125x727, F9A23D02-B156-4CF3-8AFA-61D140…)


Lainey’s face when he says “I’ve admitted to being verbally abusive in the past” makes me laugh.
That looks like a “you still are” reaction. But uwu Greg has never abused her ever.

No. 598028

It's really interesting to watch Taylor try to navigate the cognitive dissonance of knowing deep down that Greg is an abusive piece of shit and wanting to keep up the facade so she can stay in her alternate reality where he's a loving husband and doesn't just see her as a second rate fleshlight and footstool.

No. 598042

No. Cowtipping is if you're announcing on the board that you're going to do something to them.

No. 598053

I for one wonder if he's gonna whine about not getting any birthday presents.

No. 598056

Imagine not only being married to someone who blasts all of your relationship drama online but thinking that it's a cute/funny video idea to react to them. He's so genuinely hateful in some of the vids she watched and she's just like "aw he's so silly"

No. 598063

I don't know if Onion would want to admit that no one gives enough of a shit about him to buy him presents. Unless he can frame himself as a victim like he could with his mom. "She abused me and now that I exposed her now she won't buy me birthday presents off my Amazon wishlist, which my cult/patrons can access by donating to my patreon. "

No. 598067

So he tries to twist little things out to be hugely malicious all the time. Holy fuck how can she live like that?

No. 598103

Judging by how she constantly looks dead inside, she doesn’t.

No. 598121

He probably Amazon'd a bunch of shit to lie is from fans or whatever. Also every expensive thing for the next few months will be a birthday gift.

No. 598123

When you go to her channel, the main video that autoplays is her pregnancy pic.

but im a boy

No. 598130

>I'm in a bad mood [making video out of spite]
>I'm cold [still not turning on the heat, Greg?]
Her movement during this is so blatant lol
>got called an asshole by him 10 times the other day [she put boxers on top of the car, and he called her a liar and said she wasn't honest because she forgot she did it [if she did it and not him]]
>she hides in her hoodie
>looking at the love book video (again? she can't remember and neither can I)
>9:20 timestamp for I BETRAYED MY SPOUSE where you can immediately see her fall apart
>jumps around the video a bunch
>"cuddling" she immediately pauses the video and gets up to walk away
>"referencing the cuddling" she starts making gagging noises like she's going to throw up "cuddling" does so again and looks exasperated and hides in her hoodie again - stops the video and makes frantic hand motions as if to say 'no stop enough'
>"Billie" 'NO, NO I was gonna watch this but I don't want to'
>~11 time stamp for IM GAY video "This video means a lot to me" you can see her wringing her hands just off frame takes off her glasses at the end like she's going to start crying
>I'm so happy, things are great right now

I like how it's reaction video shit, and she keeps covering the mouth to hide said reactions or pick at her herpes idk

When she talked about not dating/poly shit, I feel like you could almost see her actually personality. I'm basing that on her well written reviews for things irl that have been posted previously.

Also this video is 15min long – that's almost a whole Onioncast!


No. 598131

Underrated post

No. 598142

It’s funny how she says that they are both over Bilbong, yet she reacts like that when she hears her name and the fact that Greg cuddled her. Not only that, Greg still has dreams about her.

No. 598165

Nah, lately she's been saying that she's still super in love with Billie as an excuse not to bring in other girls for greg. Which is even more unbelievable since they were fighting for a solid 50% of that "relationship"

No. 598169


50% is being generous anon. I’d say they fought 80% of the time, usually over who Anus loved more.

No. 598194

lol this is great anon, I love it.

jesus, the mental gymnastics at work here. you'd think with that psych degree of her's she could figure out that just ignoring the shitty things he's done to her and pretending the marriage is stronger than ever is an unhealthy and maladaptive coping mechanism, but nope.

No. 598198

Hilarious how she always says this after a girl is brought to the house and it all blows up. She also always goes back to B because she knows there’s no chance in hell she’ll ever go back to the Onion household. If she said she was in love with M or someone else, she’s afraid there’s a chance they’ll come back. So, it’s easier to claim she still loves B. Funny thing is; Greg doesn’t give a flying fuck if she claims she’s still in love with B, so she’s not saving herself any trouble. He’s going to hound her eventually and the second she starts talking to another girl. That’s why he got so excited when he found out she was talking to M. If Lainey is actually bi she’s fucking screwed and that’s probably why she won’t talk to any girls. How fucking confusing would that shit be? You think you might be bi but you can’t find out because you got trapped in a marriage when you were fresh out of high school and whenever you do try to test the waters, your husband demands you share because he’s entitled to sukmi. If Lainey doesn’t leave him, she’s going to have a full on mental breakdown one day.

No. 598219

>If Lainey doesn’t leave him, she’s going to have a full on mental breakdown one day.

I can’t wait and I hope Greg videotapes it!

No. 598236

File: 1541997515976.jpeg (166.25 KB, 750x983, F336AD5D-1E87-40EB-B35B-3C210A…)

Grugly’s parents…or grandparents, whatever they are

No. 598237

File: 1541997562372.jpeg (172.82 KB, 750x974, DB35DA1F-F566-4CAB-BB37-21E347…)

Dude looks like young Onion and the lady has them psycho-eyes

No. 598238

Oh yeah and Gregma’s resorted to milk his old Mr. Odd videos

No. 598248

File: 1541999508380.jpg (523.31 KB, 1440x2902, Snapchat-75650436.jpg)

Onion should have stayed in his dad's ballsack

No. 598256


gpa looks like logan paul. his entire family is balls-to-the-wall insane. His dad seems to be the only semi-sane one, tho? at least he had the brains to distance himself from onion-mama.

i would kill to get the onion clan family history, i wonder how many criminals and lunatics they produced.

No. 598266

I'm sure she's had plenty of mental breakdowns already, and he just isn't aware because he's busy ignoring her. Watching her gag and tear up as a reaction to remembering Cuddlegate reminded me of all the times they'd talk about Lainey having panic attacks, sobbing, throwing up from crying so hard, etc. during the Billie saga, and how he and Billie would just go do their own thing and leave her to it.
She's never had the chance to get over that situation in a healthy way, and she never will as long as she's still married to Gaslight McGee. Instead of taking the breakdown route currently, she's going the "dissociate from the trauma and bury those memories as deeply as possible" route. Equally as depressing imo.

No. 598281

He gave onion his brows and maybe eye shape, but is far more attractive. Why'd he post this anyway?

No. 598282

Sounds like the MKULTRA shit I sometimes read on tinfoil sites kek

No. 598283

Not sure why tbh, I just grabbed them from bad banana’s Twitter. It’s only fair if we get something from hers as she usually “borrows” info from us

No. 598284

It's remember war happened day, I assume he was a soldier (a real one)

No. 598288

File: 1542010519339.png (48.04 KB, 776x476, 2018-11-12_02-15-18.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1RDFpWi7UpO6DEAiB0NJ5VzF-CA0kmfZt (I'm Gay… And I Failed As A Husband… Part 2 Mirror)

No. 598291

He's really trying to milk this now since the first video got him half a million views.

No. 598296

File: 1542015927275.png (264.81 KB, 981x263, Im still gay.png)

When he finds something that he thinks is going to give him the big views he'll do that type of video over and over for years.

No. 598297

File: 1542016289208.jpg (146.8 KB, 1313x525, Screenshot_20181112-045024_Fac…)

These are from mama Onions facebook and she posted them for Dia de Los Muertos.

No. 598305

From the perspective of a real trans person, it only goes to show how fake lame’s trans shit is. Most, if not all, relationships fail after one of the people comes out as trans (if the other is straight, like onion here is), because of the simple fact that the person is straight and doesn’t want to be in a same sex relationship. Even if they try to work it out, it usually fails.

Give it up Gregory. If Taylor were actually trans you’d leave her ass. You’d never let her transition. The only reason why you’re milking this shit is because Taylor will never transition because she’s not trans. I’d love to see an alternate world where she was actually trans, didn’t want to breastfeed anymore, wore a binder constantly, started T, etc. all the things REAL transmen HAVE to do because they are so unhappy in their bodies.

Taylor wants to look like a preteen boy to attract their new fan base of young, impressionable, tumblr snowflake, emo kids. They eat this shit up because they don’t realize any better

No. 598307

The reaction she had about B wasn’t because she still loves her.
It’s because it triggers her, because Greg cheated on her with Billie.

I have PTSD, and I’m not a psych, so I could never say that Lainey has it.
But what I can say, is that I’ve watched Lainey religiously in the past couple years since my diagnosis, and I’ve seen her have symptoms so similar to mine, that it’s almost bizarre to watch.

Lainey has said before she has a severe trigger, and she said that on younow, she said she would never say what it was because people would troll her with it to try to upset her. I knew instantly it was the Billie situation. But hoped others wouldn’t catch on because I don’t believe she deserves to be triggered.
She’s just trying to make her money on YouTube. She isn’t a perfect person, but neither is anyone.
I will always have a soft spot for her, despite the fact that I don’t believe she’s trans.
But I loathe Greg with all my heart and soul.

I’m saddened to see she’s pinned all the blame on B and none of it on Greg.
I used to make a gagging noise when I was reminded of the person who caused my PTSD too.

Definitely doesn’t mean she still loves B. She’s repulsed by her and the situation.(armchair)

No. 598309

Lainey confuses me because sometimes she comes across as a sane, reasonably well-adjusted and sensible individual. And then I remember who she's willingly married to, or she starts sperging about being a troon.

No. 598313

ptsd from cuddlegate, that's a new one

No. 598314

i agree with what youre saying but it still doesn't make sense why she talked about still loving b on her instagram livestream. or about having that special place in her heart for her. whether lainey loved the idea of her or her beauty why would she continue talking about her for like 10 minutes. its really odd since anyone else bringing her up will cause triggers everywhere

No. 598316

She has to, it's her shield against Greg bringing in another third. She knows he really loved B so if she pretends to pine after her too she can keep staving him off.

No. 598318


I appreciate it! The more he talks about this bs theory the more difficult it will become to take it back in case of a possible future trinity. Now that he has labeled himself as gay, which lesbian or bi girl wouldn't be suspicious of him demanding to be part of the trinity?
If I were Lainey, I would invite another (ftm?) guy into the relationship and wait for his reaction. He's gay now, after all.

That said I truly believe what anons have been tinfoiling about: he's setting his marriage up to fail "I've tried everything to make him/them/shim happy to a point which broke me." Sadfaceissad "I became so confused about who I was AND THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN! THEY WERE SUFFERING!"

No. 598319


Time and time again, it's clear Lame never wanted to be poly. She didn't want to explore being bi. She's not bi at all. She is still desperate to be Greg's one and only. Greg just wants fresh teen poon and she knows it.

Lame has locked herself into a crappy game. Either she gets cheated on or the potential new friend who can offer outside support gets run off because they don't want to play Lame and Gurgenstien's stupid games.

Greg wins either way.

No. 598320

> Either she gets cheated on or the potential new friend who can offer outside support gets run off because they don't want to play Lame and Gurgenstien's stupid games.

Greg wins either way.

I agree, anon. But it rather feels to me like either Greg wins or both lose. It doesn't change much, though.

No. 598323


He's kinda prepared for that with his autistic pie chart about female bodies and male brains.

Funny how that gets no comment from the trans community. If a lesbian said she's only attracted to female bodies she'd be hung, drawn and quartered.

No. 598329

I think the phrase that specifically triggers her the most doesn't even have Bilie's name in it, it's really "Greg Cheated" or when he says "I cuddled with her because I told lainey I would do whatever I wanted"

The triggering aspect is his name and an act of infidelity, because as much as he tries to brainwash her into thinking Billie cheated on HER, she still feels like HE cheated on her.

All of cuddlegate consisted of her getting pissed at greg for having sex with billie, it was only until he manipulated her that she went with the billie cheating narrative. Easier to live in denial that way and then get back together without friends, fans, and family thinking she took back a cheater.

No. 598336

I really hope they find another fucked up teen who will not have a problem to split them
So Lainey can’t pull the same “she cheat on me!” Again
She has to understand no matter who is in the three way ecuation, it will always be Grug’s fault
You have to expect fidelity from your husband and father of your children, not from a teen who probably didn’t even finish highschool and doesn’t understand the consequences of her actions yet.

No. 598338

Sorry semi OT but not: I do find it strangely interesting how both gurgle and yanderedev did videos on "goblins/intellectually subpar morons" at around the same point. It's been interesting to see how they both handled it, both as ridiculous and manipulative towards their audience as each other.

No. 598339


Anus wouldn’t stand for having an actual guy, but as long as the person is young (18-20 preferably for him — he prefers 16-17, but he knows he’ll get shit for it legally) and has a pussy he doesn’t care if it’s a ftm like Thot claims to be.

And he also wouldn’t stand for having a legit lesbian who is only interested in Thot because he’d do the exact same thing that he did with Maya — sperg, REEEE, make black and white videos about how he’s so rejected, kick her out, and convince Thot that the girl was a home wrecker and not fighting for love or some bull he spouts off.

No. 598340

Spot on work.

Not to mention he'd accuse any lesbian of just not being open enough or not thinking properly.

No. 598358

File: 1542044522224.jpg (6.96 MB, 4032x3024, image.jpg)

Just checked my email randomly and I guess Anus is trying this new humble angle that will probably last a week. I pledged literally months ago, I think at the beginning of the year for milk gathering purposes, and it was only like two dollars. Does he really do this shit where he looks back at every single person who ever pledged, ever? This is what he considers work?

No. 598359

Holy shit. I know the personality disorder diagnosis is clear with Onision but fuck if he isn't too text book. Even his humble angle makes assumptions that only someone completely up their own ass would make. In it, he assumes that you're sorry you no longer pledge and the entire email is a automated response to an "I'm sorry" with the prompt that many are sorry for no pledging. Many don't pledge and aren't sorry about it, you egotistical fuck.

No. 598361

eh, this is a pretty common strategy for getting customers leaving to return. see the email netflix or the like send after you cancel. it's still hamhanded greg-writing as usual but this is i think an oddly smart move from him

No. 598362

What. This is the same woman who made a two-part video series about how her parents were shitheads for putting her in an Adventist church where she was abused as a child.

This new sentiment makes absolutely no sense, just as Grunts random turning his back on mommy makes no sense. Is every single thing that happens in their family at all totally manufactured for the internet?

No. 598363

>it's clear Lame never wanted to be poly. She didn't want to explore being bi
This. Greg forced her to "come out". Greg encouraged her to "get a gf". In a sense, it's Grerg's fault she's a transtrender too because she's probably confused, doesn't feel stable in her identity and desperately wants to be special and get attention.

No. 598387

I never meant to imply Lainey actually loved her, we all know she didn’t. She’s not over the whole situation with Greg and Billie. Greg is the only one still “in love” with Billie. I bet as soon as Greg sent the “apology” email to Billie, Lainey freaked out.

No. 598391

>I bet as soon as Greg sent the “apology” email to Billie, Lainey freaked out.

Imagine that - being such a pushover that you have to hope as hard as you can that the girl doesn’t respond, because if she does then that means Grugly will do everything he can to get Lainey to agree to bring her back to the house and of course, Lainey would to please him. Like if she isn’t into girls or being poly, just fucking say so. If he leaves, big deal. Get the kids a new daddy that actually spends time with them on holidays. At this point I honestly think she’s terrified of getting a life of her own. She has never been on her own and imagine trying to raise two kids as a single parent when you haven’t even learned how to be an adult that can take care of their self. Lainey can’t even cut herself an apple. Learning how to live on her own for the first time, with two kids, would be harder than living with Greg.

No. 598407

Next plain video: I need to tell you something (my PTSD story).
She would love another selfdiagnosis to add to her list of ~uwu smoll anxious baby~ quirks.

No. 598426


>Lainey can’t even cut herself an apple.

THIS So much this.. Foot aspires to be a man, yet her very being contradicts her translarping routinely. I mean how many fucking men (regardless of their sexual orienration) do you know who needs their s/o to cut up fruit for them/ carry them into various rooms within their home/defend their "honour" both online and irl?..

It's astounding that anybody could ever fall for this shit, it truly blows my fucking mind.

No. 598439

she's not a man though, she's a ~soft boi~

No. 598448

File: 1542062317144.png (512.75 KB, 574x762, Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 23.3…)

nice they got matching hair now

No. 598450

This last birthday really got to him,huh? He really wants to look like a teen boy more than Lainey does at this point!

No. 598452

cant be a creep to teen kids without the creepy self cut mini mullets

No. 598462


I’m gonna vomit, he looks terrible.

No. 598464

Bad Banana is a he.

No. 598474

File: 1542069156090.jpeg (255.66 KB, 1242x1439, A4595979-51D9-49E2-B754-2E86F7…)

she would love to say she has PTSD, she clearly still ponders on that year or chddlegate and suffers “trauma” from it. her husband legit almost left her and their children.. and she stayed. i bet she hardly sleeps at night and just thinks of every shitty thing in her life

No. 598478


Wow, Lainey, 2016, the year your daughter was born, was the worst year ever. Has no one called her out on this?

No. 598486

Reupload "I Dyed My Hair… And Failed"

No. 598492

>Lainey has said before she has a severe trigger, and she said that on younow, she said she would never say what it was because people would troll her with it to try to upset her. I knew instantly it was the Billie situation. But hoped others wouldn’t catch on because I don’t believe she deserves to be triggered.

Too bad her husband clearly doesn't agree.

Shit like this is why I feel bad until she does the next horrible thing to reset me back to disgust.

No. 598493

Even if she did want to be poly (to explore with a female), Greg confusing it with polygamy originally kind of explains everything.

Poor cult man. You'll always have the Patreon crew. Till they run out of money, anyway.

No. 598495

Yeah, I think Lainey is scarred by women now. Greg weasling his dick in ruined any chance of Lainey exploring a woman for the first time alone, no pressure. Maybe Billie would possibly still be around if Greg had been patient and let Lainey get used to puss before jumping into threesomes, but he's a degenerate who thinks with his dick. Good job Shreg.

No. 598500

Lainey doesnt like girls, if it was the case her reaction towards Maya could have been different but it was the same has with Billie, she makes them believed she is a different person, more flirty, warm and fun girl but the moment they arrived see a cold, insecure, sickly and jealous woman.

No. 598501

That's actually insane, like sometimes girls are a little insecure and jealous, but Lainey is actually paranoid with REASON. How can someone live like that and not admit that she's not "cutesy jealous." She's literally terrified that he'll leave her because he was actually going to.

Just another thing to prove that she could care less about her kids and only worries about Grugly and herself.

I definitely find it hard to believe she likes girls because when you think about it, the only thing she's ever done is kiss them. In every relationship, she's never tried anything more and we don't even know if she's sexted these girls. I mean, when they were in a poly relationship with B, it was Lainey going down on Greg, not B. She's never gone down on a girl, nor has she had a girl go down on her. Instead, Grug forces his way in, weiner drooping and she gives him sukmi while he stares at another girls vagina. At least grab a boob, Lainey and give yourself a little credibility.

No. 598503

I'm saying Greg never gave her a chance to be alone with Billie really. I'm giving Lainey the benefit of the doubt here, some people are slow to warm up to new sexual experiences. Now imagine trying something new sexually while Shreg is looming putting pressure on to the relationship to include him. He jumped in to the relationship before Lainey was possibly used to the idea of being sexual with a woman. I think Lainey was possibly genuinely bi-curious, but now she's scarred I doubt she will ever try being with a woman again.

No. 598505

File: 1542075381786.jpg (127.57 KB, 654x409, RUdPyQP.jpg)

>I'm giving Lainey the benefit of the doubt

No. 598511

mte there's plenty of lesbian/bi anons who are like wtf because she counted on her hand the amount of times she kissed b. not everyone is overtly affectionate or sexual but you would think after finally getting to be with another girl if she really wanted to lame would've at least felt a tit or something. grug made it out like they all fucked multiple times but lame made it clear she never went near the puss or touched b during their threesomes. she might at least be more comfortable if her creep husband wasn't there stretching out his shrimp dick so enthusiastically. he makes everything way more awkward than it needs to be for his straight wife.

No. 598516

File: 1542077384175.png (33.78 KB, 382x349, 578668.PNG)

Greg seems to very anxious that Fatbeccas internet boyfriend is angry at him.

Does anyone know if Sylar has hacking skills? Could he be threatening to play script kiddie on Shregs websites or do damage to his online presence.

I only bring this up because Shreg usually shrugs off anyones hate to him. He seems concerned about this. Concerned enough to cry to his sooper sekrt group of middle aged cat ladies.

No. 598528

He shames and harasses people who leave his Patreon, but sure Onion, whatever you say…

No. 598532

File: 1542079836773.png (21.21 KB, 962x374, 2018-11-12_20-58-38.png)

looks like Becca and Greg finally unfollowed each other too.

No. 598533

Did this dumb piece of shit really try to dye his hair blue without bleaching it first? Wow no wonder he failed, I swear this guy is retarded

No. 598534

It's more likely Sylar heard something sketchy about Greg via he himself (since they both had the same… "interests"), or fatbecca.

No. 598536

Sorry fam, that part is old news >>>/snow/691458

No. 598537

He just recently unfollowed Becca, it's not old news.

No. 598548

File: 1542081343183.png (442.69 KB, 1160x532, Grieber.PNG)

Even though it has nothing to do with dying his hair the first words out of his mouth in this video is defending his looks and showing that 2004 VS 2018 photo hes been pushing trying to show the haters that he doesnt age.

I laughed at the end because he finishes up rubbing that blue dye into his hair looking beet red and his usual Grugly self…
then returns with a full face of pancake makeup, colored in eyebrows and his hair styled to look like a nightmarish Bieber circa 2010.

I wonder if while he was in the bathroom, rinsing that shit out of his hair he stood in front of the mirror and saw how horrible he looked and started frantically slapping on the foundation/concealer.

No. 598554

he was probably scared to after lainey bleached it before and destroyed it because he was too much of a manchild to let it sit long enough.

No. 598560

>>598548 nitpick; but is onion's face getting chunkier or is it just me? he looks like he's about to pop into a seven eleven and steal their hostess cupcakes.(nitpick)

No. 598574

I apologize for this video getting cut off, my account is verified now so future reuploads shouldn’t be limited like this one. Love you friends. In case you were wondering who “chicken” is in this video he is talking about skye his first wife.

No. 598575

How many grown women do you know who can't do anything for themselves? Lainey doesn't want to be an adult anything, she wants to be a smol child that's taken care of, even though she's a parent to two children.

If you go back to older threads there are screenshots of her literally saying she never wanted to have a gf. Her having to get used to the idea of getting sexual with a woman directly contradicts her being bicurious, she didn't even want to kiss her.

No. 598584

Tbh I feel almost insulted with the idea that this PoS might also be suffering from PTSD. I supppse it is possible as people get it from abusive relationships. At the same time it makes me more disgusted with her as I can see her bullshitting that Billbo gave her self-diagnosed PTSD (plank would never go to a shrink/therapist cause she would be advised to remove the walking trigger from her life kek) and ~it hurts her so muh, please be gentle, she's trying hard uwu~. She loves to play all the mental illness cards for tumblr clout. She is literally the worst and I don't care about any of her real or imagined issues. She also does not since she does nothing to try to make her life better in any way.

I am scared we are giving her ideas on how to expand her morose persona.

No. 598585


Right? And meanwhile Greg was desperate to fuck Billie alone. What’s extra sad is sex and the kids are all Grot and Thot have in commom. Grot made a whole video about all the things he loved about Billie and all they would do together: watch anime, make smoothies after sex, she was enthusiastic to be in his videos while Thot’s “camera shy” (sure Jan), and as it was mentioned before, he actually did want to go down on her, but not his own wife.

Not wonder Thot is a fucking wreck, the only thing she can do to keep her husband happy is to let him fuck her dry from behind and force her to watch the kids all day.

No. 598600

File: 1542091419713.webm (4.92 MB, 531x356, Greg Alpha Dog.webm)

Im glad I actually watched that stupid I Dyed My Hair video-

I never knew Greg had an altercation during a 2012 YouTuber Get-Together.
He says he was in on the "prank", but we all know how Greg likes to rewrite history, I'll bet you his heart was racing and was about to cry when this dude pushed him then threw a water bottle at him.
Of course afterwards he probably told anyone who would listen
>I totally knew he was joking, I was in on the prank. If it had been real I would of laid him out, I was a military cop you know.

We all get a peek at how this self proclaimed Alpha Dog, Dom Daddy and all around badass actually reacts when a aggressive man confronts him and physically challenges him… you get a slow retreat, arms crossed, shoulders hunched and pouty face, waiting for the other men in the room to save him from a beating.

No. 598602

File: 1542091677006.jpg (424.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181113-004518_Chr…)

Lol I did the same thing when people were leaking all over tempcow, so I checked my messages and saw this.

No. 598603

File: 1542092219816.png (340.94 KB, 500x400, Capture.PNG)

We were worried about why he had a female mannequin on his Amazon wish list. >>590220 >>590257

I guess now we know why. At least he didn't put a blue wig on it (100:1 Plainey has burned all the blue wigs Greasy owned)

No. 598605

idk why but these remind me of elliot roger or whatever that idiots name was

you can tell hes been gaining weight by looking at his gut and man boobs in other videos

No. 598607

What. A. Pussy.

His posture, attitude, and over all demeanor says it all. He hasn't a fighting bone in his VEGAN BODY™. On top of that the other guy is like 6 inches taller than him too and has to look down to glare at him.

No. 598615

He claims that Skye just "gave up" on youtube.
Skye was being harassed by his fans wasn't she?
Imagine having your emotionally abusive ex husband still lie about you to his fans, several years after he cheated, divorced you, and got remarried. What scum. I hope Skye can take him down legally for still talking about her.

No. 598621

Yup. When she made a new channel, he called her out on it and sent his dipshit fans after her to harass her off of YouTube. Ironically she predicted Gergs current ego in her video "The romantic douchebag"

Sucks because she was way better at editing and originality than he is.

No. 598632

she stopped doing Youtube to pursue her education. to greg nothing is more imporatnt than being famous on youtube - nothing. so to him she gave up, but to the rest of the functioning world, she decided to better herself (and is so obviously better off for it)

No. 598662

Turning 40 this weekend really did a number on Gergenstein Head.

He's so desperate to look young, you can smell the insecurity through the screen.

But no matter what he does, compared to his pale Left Foot, his face is as red as a baboons behind.

No one is going to poly with a pedophile who has a tomato where his head should be.

Sk really balanced out the older, viral Onision video output with her sweet editing skills and her creative humour input.

It's very apparent from her channel, fellf…, just how much her contributions were to the Onision business model. And the ass tried to weasel his way out of paying her what she was due. Notice after the divorce he kept insisting Onision was his brand, his business, and she was trying to steal his livelihood? All lies.

After she was gone, Gregamel's sharp witty video style of the aughts deteriorated to ultimately a 40 year old screaming all around in a diaper and showing his nutsack sans frank.

He still tried to find Sk and Al to harass them a little while back. He'll never let anything go. In 10 years, if he not in the pen still, he'll still be mooning over Billie and sending her emails to shave her head to fight for love.

Lainey really should have had target fixation on Shane instead of the Grease Monster. Hindsight, 20/20 etc.

No. 598665

One thing I’ve always wondered about is how the conversation went when Obesion wormed his way into Lamp and B’s ”relationship”.
So he managed to force his wife to get a girlfriend under the guise of ”she has a vagina and I’ll never be able to give that to you”. But how the fuck did he then excuse wanting to fuck B? Lamp has a vagina that he can use, so that excuse is a no-go.
Did he just straight up tell Lamp that he’d fallen in love with B? Because if so, goddamn, that must’ve been so fucking awful for Lamp lol.

No. 598675

'I Dyed My Hair… And Failed'

Christ almighty, how exceptional do you have to to fail at dyeing your hair? The instructions are on the fucking box. Of course if you don't follow them and wash it off too early it won't take. Of course, Greg can't be told anything, even by a box of fucking hair dye. Education, life experience, the advice of elders,basic instructions are all beneath him. It must be nice to be so fucking full of yourself that you think you know literally everything.I know it's only fucking hair dye but it's a symbol of a whole larger problem with Gurgles.It's the reason why barely got a high school education; why he got kicked out of the chair force; why he can't take criticism & went spaz when folks tried to give him constructive advice about his stupid book. It's the reason he still has terrible acne at the grand old age of 34(an age when most of us have figured out what skin care is best for our particular skin issues); why he lost his fortune to the IRS: because he cannot follow directions or listen to the voice of authority.God forbid he actually do what it says on the box. How degrading to actually use the product the way the hair dye company designed it to be used.
If he was busting to go to the toilet and someone directed him to the nearest urinal, he'd probably hold it in out of spite.
God he's a tool.

No. 598681

>I have PTSD, and I’m not a psych, so I could never say that Lainey has it.
>I’ve watched Lainey religiously in the past couple years
>I will always have a soft spot for her, despite the fact that I don’t believe she’s trans.

Anon you sound like you're projecting big time onto Lainey. I don't think this is the place for chronic stans.

No. 598689


Anyone know where to find a version with audio? I'm really curious how it started, although it wouldn't be too hard to guess.

No. 598692

File: 1542117746050.png (322.43 KB, 1136x640, 6F338131-96B6-445F-ACFE-E00803…)

He says his views skyrocketed after Skye left… k Gruckenstein, sure

This graph is fake news

No. 598698

Are those huge spikes at the end when cuddlegate happened?

No. 598703

He clearly read the instructions, don't get the dye in your scalp
>hurr durr my head is the bowl because I'm S-M-R-T!

Take it he rinsed it off early cause it was stinging he seeping open scalp wounds? uwu greg

Also why did the narc have to put suspenders on to wear a t-shirt to dye his hair, what a vain insecure mess lol

No. 598704

Not that anon, but I’m pretty sure it is because at the beginning of October he made his ‘Life After I “Cheated” On My Spouse’ video. (I think October 6, 2016 is when he made this video). And the spike seems to have happened on September 26th of that year. So like 2 weeks earlier.

No. 598705

lainey has said in a couple of videos and streams that basically B and Gregma decided between themselves that they should be fully poly with each other early on, she comes across as very bitter about it and that she wasn't on board with this. They were already getting close, spending time without her "watching anime" whenever she was upset with them, so they probably got very close emotionally. Lainey said in a recentish video about being poly that Greg would break up with her if she dumped their gf because of her jealousy (which he denied lol) she also said that he would "be single" with air quotes obviously referencing "my marrige is over" video where onion claimed he would be single because he couldn't be with B due to Lainey. Imagine being in a scenario where your husband is constantly trying to manipulate his way into openly cheating on you.

No. 598707

His spikes are his relationship dramas, the only things that get him views or to go viral apart from I'm a Banana which went viral because of his wife's insights into the presentation of the clip.

Those first spikes would have been Sh, viewership noticably stagnated when he married Lainey and picked up again with cuddlegate. I watched him from Sk to the AJ drama, when Sh came back and left again after all the sepsis and miscarriage drama is when I ducked out. The early Lainey years were dull, B got him notoriety again.

No. 598711

Of course she was bitter, kek. Her husband practically begged her to get a girlfriend and when she did, he wasted no time trying to move into the relationship. I want to know if they ever even discussed the possibility of being poly or did he just google a bunch of shit about it after B had already gotten there. “Is it illegal to fuck my wife’s girlfriend.” Probably taking Lainey by complete surprise and that obviously meant he was attracted to her “girlfriend.” If you think about it though, Lainey is pretty jealous obviously but they both admit they find other people attractive and she feels perfectly fine with that. So, clearly Grug is doing physical things to these girls that’s making her jealous. If he just said they were attractive she wouldn’t give a shit, but if he’s touching them then that’s a different story. And if that’s the case, fuck her for being mad at them and no her husband.

And honestly that’s why he’s so desperate, because B did get him notoriety. If Lainey brings another girl into the house it’s a win-win for him. He gets some more views + he gets to hook up with a teen. If he really gave a shit about Lainey, he’d think about how that felt. Instead of making a video about how he betrayed his spouse and crying because he lost his Blue-Haired Goddess but pretending it was because he felt so bad.

No. 598725

That utter desperation.

No. 598730

I'm sure Lainey wanted Greg as much as Greg wanted Lainey:
Lainey just wanted a famous YouTuber so she could be a trophy wife, failed to get Shane and settled for the next "best" opportunity whereas Greg chose Lainey as a rebound after breaking up with A. They're literally just two idiots who wanted to have someone in their lives at that time and are now stuck with each other because of the children and their egos (since they apparently value their hayturz' opinion more than their quality of life.)

No. 598789

Of course. Greg is totally the kind of guy who would cheat on his wife, but his fixation on honesty prevents him from doing so unless he can somehow convince his wife it’s okay. I almost feel like it’d be easier on Lainey if he snuck around behind her back instead of constantly trying to convince her to be poly

No. 598797

It’s really not that far fetched to believe she may have PTSD.
Can you imagine being beaten down by Greg everyday, and then being forced to have a girlfriend, then when she arrives she’s clearly not interested in you and just flirting with Greg, and then have Greg just fawning over her while you’re pregnant with his child and raising another one by yourself because Greg doesn’t help with anything, all the while having to hear them have sex in your own freaking house, and be forced to join in with sex acts with a female you’re not even attracted to and are threatened by, and later have Greg sign custody over to leave you for her, the girlfriend that was just supposed to be your own, all along, that you never really wanted?
Just living with Greg’s behaviour on a day to day basis would be enough to screw most people up, she was already a vulnerable weak person when he snagged her, and then he beat her down even more and moulded her into his perfect meek and completely controllable plaything.

Come on.
I’m not a Lainey Stan, I call her out all the time. She does shitty things too.
But people have been diagnosed with PTSD for far less than that.
PTSD isn’t really that uncommon. Severe cases maybe somewhat, but mild cases exist too.

She can’t even stomach hearing the word Billie.
She doesn’t really see her friends and family.
She’s very isolated.
She’s faking being trans perhaps to gain a level of control back in her life, as most PTSD sufferers do, sometimes with eating disorders, sometimes with other things. Gender is something she can control. Making people call her “they/them” makes her feel in control because essential, she is controlling those people.
She’s stuck with her abuser and has no idea she’s even being abused.

Don’t worry, I highly doubt Lainey would ever want to admit to herself she has PTSD, that’d mean she would have to admit and understand that Greg is an abuser, she will never do that.
Besides, she would never read here, she can’t even handle bad YouTube comments.
Another symptom of PTSD is extremely sensitive to criticism.
I’m not saying she has it. I’m just saying it really shouldn’t be ruled out.
We all know what a psycho Greg is. And he got to practise his psycho expertise on a young and inpressionable mind with a clear power imbalance. That doesn’t usually end well.

No. 598802

It's pretty funny that he's resorting to trying to use the whole "my haters are just close-minded redneck conservatives who fuck their cousins" angle with this to justify the backlash. Most of the people who expressed confusion and distaste for that first video weren't transphobes, Greg, they were LGBT+ people and allies who were saying it was problematic and baffling as all hell. I'd consider myself pretty liberal, pro-LGBT and well-versed on trans issues, and I thought it was one of the most poorly worded/explained viewpoints I've yet to see. And that's saying something.

No. 598804

>I almost feel like it’d be easier on Lainey if he snuck around behind her back instead of constantly trying to convince her to be poly

It definitely would. At least then she’d be able to pretend they have a happy, loving relationship. Instead she lives in fear of losing him because she’s already lost him before. Either she loves really hard or she’s afraid of being on her own with 2 kids because she knows he’s going to be a neglectful parent if he isn’t forced to live in the same house as his kids. Any man who gets off to the idea of getting women pregnant is not the type of person to value parenthood or give a shit about his kids. He just likes the idea of putting his seed in a woman. Sick pos.

No. 598806

I totally agree with everything you say, I have no doubt she could have PTSD from the whole experience/living with onion in general, except that she WOULD say she has PTSD but chalk it down to Billie being the cause not Greg.
She is clearly afraid to go to a therapist because she knows very well the therapist would be like wtf? your husband is abusive. IMO the trans stuff is just a distraction to fixate on another part of her life then the actual issues. She is aware he's abusive, she's even admitted it and so has he talking about verbal abuse.
Idk if you've ever been in an abusive relationship but you refuse to talk to your family/friends about things that happen because you know it's embarrassing and that it makes no sense you're still with them.

No. 598807

Whineybot definitely lurks. She may not be able to handle criticism but she willing subjects herself to it. Whiney, like anus, is fueled by negative attention.
I don't doubt she has had a bit of trauma in her life, but most of the time it is self inflicted.
She turns down any help offered to herself and is very quick to trash any friend that does try to help. She is a boring, plain girl from a small town with no real world experience and a narc personality.
To put it plainly, she cannot be help until it is to late.

No. 598812

She would admit to PTSD(victim-complex), but she would say Shreg helps her with it and isn't caused by him. She would be in denial. She'd blame the haters or B but never Shreg.

No. 598814

Why does he call her chicken, wtf

No. 598815

Lainey doesn’t have PTSD what are you guys on about? It’s no surprises she doesn’t wanna hear the name of the girl she was cheated on with? That’s nothing weird or out of the ordinary. Being sad and hurt doesn’t mean you have PTSD. This armchair psychology is becoming so stupid and wild.

No. 598816

I really doubt she would just come out and say she has PTSD because I think that would displease Grugly. He has to control the narrative of their relationship (hence all the gaslighting, his captioning on her My Side of the Story video etc.) and part of that is his constant "Everything is fine now, and in fact we're better than ever before! Nothing I did has lasting consequences and therefore doesn't matter anymore!" story. If she was to say she was actually traumatized by something he did and she's still suffering, he would be angry that she was ruining that narrative, therefore holding him accountable, fueling the haters and whatever else. He also likes his women to bounce back and act totally fine IRL too. He can't stand when they actually have hurt feelings and mope around. Sk became depressed and despondent after many years of his abuse, and he divorced her for it. Due to his complete lack of empathy, he was simply annoyed and bored by that behavior. Lainey knows by now how to be his perfect little punching bag, or else get kicked to the curb.
I agree with all the other reasons anons say she wouldn't seek professional help, but her nasty husband wouldn't appreciate the disruption, and that has to be a big factor too.

I'd agree, but if she implicates B as a cause for "cheating" on her, I think that also by default implicates Grug. I have no idea how she could twist it to say otherwise. And she can't really claim to have PTSD from her "girlfriend" of collectively 6~ months lying to her about smoking weed. Then again…I wouldn't put much past these two.

No. 598818

I'm not surprised if you've never watched that dreaded Banana video in its entirety. In the video Sk is dressed in a chicken suit toward the end, and credited as "chicken." That's all.

No. 598822

Thank you! I think we all know someone who has PTSD (and some anons have it themselves) so let’s be honest here. I’m what situation would someone with PTSD side with their abuser and behave as shitty as Lainey does? I’m tired of people making her out to be some victim. She’s as much of a creep as he is. She helps him bring girls into their house and when he tries to do something with these girls or even touches them, she gets mad at the girls. After the girls leave, he attacks them online and Lainey attacks them in private messages. She gives her creepy husband ever secret he needs to use against these girls. Things they told Lainey in confident. She clearly has anxiety and security issues, but PTSD is a stretch.

No. 598827

I'm saying I wouldn't be surprised if she "self-diagnosed" or just wanted another special sprinkle to add to her collection of labels.

No. 598831

No. 598844


I don’t know anon, Laundry says if she can’t find Greg in the house right away she freaks out and immediately assumes he left her and the kids for good (which is totally a healthy fear to have about your own husband). He can only lock her and the kids out under the guise of “working”, but even then he’s in the damn house. How much do you wanna bet that when he travels away she literally calls and texts him like 10 times an hour.


I’m sure she’ll come out with a video “I Have PTSD” with an edgy thumbnail where she talks about the trinity all over again (even though her My Side of the Story video clearly shows her stating that she would never talk publically about it again) and says it gave her PSTD so she’ll get sympathy galore. She’ll blame 95% of it on Billie and the rest on Anus, since she does hold him somewhat accountable for the first cuddlegate (and it was the one and only time it seemed like she might leave him), but she’ll conclude by insisting her and Anus are “stronger than ever”.

No. 598848

File: 1542147879162.webm (1.68 MB, 336x300, 5757884.webm)

>Laundry says if she can’t find Greg in the house right away she freaks out and immediately assumes he left her and the kids for good

No. 598866

It is actually common for people with PTSD to see their abuser in a distorted way. Battered Women Syndrome which is a subtype of PTSD includes the symptoms of takin full responsibility over the abuse, and finding it difficult or impossible to blame the abuser himself; fear for their safety and the safety of their family; and an irrationally belief that the abuser is all-powerful and will hurt her if she contacts the authorities and seeks help; learned helplessness and dependence on the abuser to control their life. Or she could also have CPTSD in which you have experienced abuse throughout your entire life and have normalized it and have trouble deciphering what normal relationships are like.
Lots of armchair psych today. But it is TOTALLY a symptom of PTSD to sympathize, normalize, or even believe your abuser is a good person and just misunderstood. I probably sound like I a hopping on a bandwagon but I do have CPTSD and I do see a lot of my symptoms in her.
I'm not saying she has any of these things, but that I wouldn't be surprised if she did have one of these as a diagnosis. But even more, I won't be surprised if she does end up self-diagnosing based on this conversation.
She seems far more aware of his shitty behavior now more than ever though, so maybe something will give and she will realize how fucked up and selfish she has been. It is all really a coping mechanism, there is no way someone could remain sane staying with him and there is obviously something major wrong with her. But it will always be "uwu i am a sad boi victim of billie she hurt my heart </3" Ughhh I am conflicted with writing all this out because I know she will use it to just be like "I'm a victim, what about MY side!" But it is true, there have been traumatic events.
Next you know, though, she will be taking a "Do I Have PTSD Quiz" and self-diagnosing. She will either claim to have all the symptoms and blame them on her abusive ex, Billie, and all the mean girls trying to steal Greg away. OR She will claim to not have any of the symptoms or be vague and say "I used to have that but not anymore, everything is better now :)"
Sorry for the big rant.

No. 598874

Stop armchairing about Lainey potentially having PTSD. It does nothing but derail the thread.

No. 598876


That pretty much confirms that when they were physically separated during cuddlegate, he just up and left with no warning and probably left a text message later.

No. 598886

>It's pretty funny that he's resorting to trying to use the whole "my haters are just close-minded redneck conservatives who fuck their cousins" angle with this to justify the backlash.

Considering he kissed his cousin while she was sleeping, this is extra hilarious.

No. 598887

I know this was posted days ago, just now catching up with the thread, but for a 16 minute long video this barely mentions Greg at all. Its mostly all Pre-Greg and then all about Billie.

No. 598888

but why bring up the possibility of having Lainey having it when it’s obvious she doesn’t? What the fuck would have given her PTSD?
Lainey is a functioning human being no matter how much she tries to portray herself otherwise. “Uwu I cant do this on my own! I don’t know how to do this” etc. Lainey communicates fine, has no problem expressing emotions and feelings, can take care of herself and her kids, is actually really outgoing and does have her own tricks to get things her way.

No. 598892

Well, I can't imagine it was fun to be pregnant and having a baby while your husband is desperately trying to woo another woman lol.

No. 598921

iirc after Smegma tried to force the first threesome and Lainey stopped it because she was uncomfortable, he asked Lainey (via text of course) if he could cuddle with Billie because he was still horny. Lainey left with Troy and went to stay somewhere else because she was upset by this. Then the whole Cuddlegate thing proceeded.
So it was more like she left, probably expecting him to say "No, come back! I love you the most! I want to anime and chill with YOU!!" …but then he didn't contact her at all and spent the night rubbing on Billie's body.
Either way, sad and hilarious.

No. 598925

File: 1542160571743.jpeg (27.53 KB, 540x442, DEgHvIFVYAA82Hu.jpeg)

Also this tweet pretty much confirmed he ignores her/refuses to talk to her in person when they are having problems

No. 598932


He didn't leave, Lainey left the house because she was uncomfortable and Greg helped her pack. Didn't ask her to stay, just helped her pack a bag so he could have the house alone with Billie.

No. 598935

Typical narcissist. I had to leave notes for mine to read as I couldnt handle the anger when I tried to talk to them in person. They blow up and immediately start shouting to keep you quiet

No. 598943

But after Lainey found out about the topless body massage he was willing walk away and sign his rights to Trot away. He was practically tossing Lainey out with his son like he was spring cleaning.

No. 598953

>horrible people can't also have PTSD from an event that almost ruined their marriage that is in itself stemmed in a circle of abuse/gaslighting

oh ok.(stop armchairing)

No. 598958

File: 1542168809273.png (1.14 MB, 1317x873, shiloh cameo.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sGJ9v-x7hG2AZhtwY2U7r5IdwY5Aldvl (Onision's Top WORST Songs Ever Mirror)

I see he's not listening to Shiloh's manager still. 4:05 is the timestamp of the video.

No. 598977

>”You promised to not be dramatic on Twitter anymore” - Gregory Jackson, 2016

No. 598993

when HE does it, its just Honesty and FAXXXXXXXX. When anyone else does it, it's dramatic.

I hate this dude so much.

No. 599022

File: 1542185949375.png (1.77 MB, 2178x824, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 09.5…)

looks like it's eugenia and lgbt hot takes for the next 3 months, gang!

No. 599023

Can we talk about the fact that grease made Lainey drive herself to her appt and the birth center in full blown labor? While very likely with Billie….

No. 599025

File: 1542186766753.jpeg (236.74 KB, 750x816, 1C7905D8-323E-43A2-933C-82505F…)

1) as if he can go a full day without screeching autistically all over the Internet

2) that comment, kek

No. 599028

File: 1542187037096.jpeg (165.88 KB, 750x550, 399F7641-72A9-4022-AD21-C5F1F4…)


Scratching your skin with a kitchen knife for edge points isn’t a fucking drug habit, fuck his fans are retarded

No. 599030

I would expect nothing less from fans of a man who thinks his hentai "addiction" is just as bad as serious drug addiction.

No. 599034

That's so fucked up. Laim is a piece of shit but who in their right mind would stay with someone so callous and selfish they'd rather stay home with "your" girlfriend whilst you drive yourself to hospital alone probably in pain. No family to drive her because Greg has moved her far away and basically isolated her from them except for like yearly visits. Laim is truly fucking stupid for putting up with his shit

No. 599035

it's old ass milk so probably not

No. 599047

File: 1542191687775.jpeg (443.02 KB, 1125x1600, 09B16BDB-A1D6-4AEF-A80D-373475…)

An update on tractorgate?

No. 599049

I’m not au fait with the legal language here but I’m assuming this means that he has failed to act upon the instructions to correct the damage and is a step closer to having his ass handed to him

No. 599051

Yellow labels usually are used on mail that were sent to the wrong address due to the sendee not updating their address. So either they sent something to his old house (it was listed as a current address when tractorgate started) or something else happened.

No. 599054

i'm not sure why but i'm laughing at the thought of onion sending back the letter with a note saying, "Google says I'm within my rights!! It's all facts!!! Fuck off!!"

No. 599057

Considering they sent people who worked for them physically to his address because the violations occurred on the property, I doubt they sent it to his old house…

No. 599066

if that was set as his mailing address they would, which it was. it's not like the clerk who mailed out the notice knows he no longer owns his oldaili g address, they would just mail it to whatever was in the database.

No. 599068

Could it be that the letter was sent certified mail, requiring a signature, and Gregoyle refused to sign/purposely missed the mailman and never went to the post office to pick it up? Although I dont know anything about whatever yellow label means.

No. 599069

File: 1542199412067.jpg (432.28 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181114-074348_Chr…)

According to this quick Google search, it IS possible that Obesion refused to accept the letter/left it unclaimed at the post office

No. 599070

File: 1542199549464.png (290.57 KB, 1424x1330, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 13.4…)

court transcript gonna be like

No. 599072

>who in their right mind
>right mind
There you have your answer anon.

No. 599076

It would be hilarious if his rating underage girls bodies online would be brought up during this destruction of wetland case, and one of the lawyers passed on the information to the Washington State Cyber Crimes unit.
And the dominoes begin to fall.

No. 599078

This is hilarious because it’s so accurate and realistic.

What are the CP laws of Washington? I’d look it up, but I’m in public so…. because there were images of I think 14 year olds in their bras if I’m not mistaken? And where I’m from that counts as CP. So could he get in trouble for that?

No. 599088

File: 1542203965339.png (53.32 KB, 1143x344, lol.png)

I was looking at the laws, and found this. Had Lainey been a year younger and had he waited an additional year he would have been guilty of this law which was enacted a year after he started grooming Lainey.

No. 599096

Let’s not forget he already did commit a crime by bringing Shiloh to a state where fucking a 17 year old was legal. Where’s your FAXXX now, Mr. Brutal Honesty?

No. 599112

Not only did he make her drive herself there, but now he won't even acknowledge the child.

No. 599129

That's so humiliating, if signing trot away previously wasn't enough. Foot really is a doormat with no self steem and self respect for staying with him after that

No. 599138

This is a very ignorant stance on self-injury.
Sorry but as stupid his fans are, self-harm is an addictive, maladaptive coping mechanism. Saying you cannot be addicted to it cause it's not a drug is as stupid as saying you cannot have shopping addiction, BED and so on. Drugs are not the only thing you can get addicted to, even if the nature of the addiction is different and you will not get the cold sweats frim not cutting. It's quite normal for people fighting whatever harmful habit to say they are X days, months, years etc. clean.

I must say it's hard for me to believe that onion's disgusting attacks on vulnerable people with mental health issues could help anyone with serious problems, but who knows. His fans are stupid after all. In most cases therapy (to teach positive coping mechanisms) and solving the underlining problem that made someone self-harm in the first place are necessary, not shaming and guilt-tripping that do not even address the root of the problem.

I think that onion fans that claim they have stopped hurting themselves are either exaggerating how helpful he was or were toying with self-harm to copy their peers behavior. If you hurt yourself because of a personality disorder or trauma,an idiot screaming bs at you like 'your body is beautiful, how dare you destroy it, reeeee' will absolutely not help you.

No. 599148

This really reminds me of the movie "Lies of the Heart." He seems to be totally infatuated with women when they are teenagers and have young bodies. He also is obsessed with the idea of getting them pregnant, but when Lainey actually got pregnant, her stomach blew up and she had the kids, he seemed to distance himself away from her. I remember he used to put her in his videos and help her with hers before she got pregnant, then after they had their first kid he started locking himself in a different room, spending all of his time watching porn, etc. It even got to the fucking point that he forced her to get a girlfriend and became obsessed with B. But if B really did get pregnant, he'd be disinterested in her and move on to the next willing teen girl. He likes the idea of young girls with young bodies and defile them. Then he doesn't want them anymore, but now he's stuck with Lainey because he actually had kids with her and that's a serious responsibility. Plus, he's got them in his back pocket if he is ever really low on views.

No. 599153

Was it Sarah she was with or the friend she stayed with? She drove there will he was alone with Billie "not cheating". I'm pretty sure Onion mentioned he'd never want Lainey pregnant again because of her healing time. He had Billie to fuck and fiddle with under a blanket. He needs access to constant dry vag and Lainey is too much of a killjoy when she's not directly involved. Why doesn't he just turn fucking Mormon, I think the dickheads out in the prairies would be the same speed as him.

No. 599155

File: 1542221496815.jpg (117.12 KB, 1080x1062, IMG_20181114_185132.jpg)

Of course small peen boy needs tips on how to maximise exposure to his jap. Wonder how many times a girl has asked Onion "is it in?"

No. 599158

I believe Selena still lived in the area then, she even used to stay in the side shack of his old house too when coming to visit.

No. 599162

What happened to sarah?(lurk moar)

No. 599165

I believe she has left the household. For the past couple of weeks I've been trying to get hold of her to find out more. She hasn't responded to my emails yet but I'll let you know if she does.


No. 599169

He just can't hide what a sick and weak excuse of a man he is.
He wants to "spread his seed" and "fight for love" and has to marry a woman right away but he doesn't give a shit about the woman after a few months and he even more doesn't give a fuck about his kids.
He just needs to know that every woman he's been with is tied down by him and that she doesn't have a chance to ever get over him. (At least in his mind, he probably still thinks that Skye is watching his content and that she's getting mad when he's saying that she contributed nothing to his channel)
He doesn't want to pay aliments nor child support because he doesn't care about anyone but himself.
But he always wants to remind his exes and their future partners that he was there first
If Taylor ever divorced him he wouldn't even try getting custody for the kids but you know at every birthday he'd try to see them just to piss Taylor off.

No. 599178

File: 1542226479050.png (Spoiler Image,3.38 MB, 1920x13857, happy anniversary 1.png)

happy anniversary greg and lainey!
images are large, enjoy.

No. 599179

File: 1542226504851.png (Spoiler Image,1.73 MB, 1920x8397, happy anniversary 2.png)

No. 599180

File: 1542226543483.png (Spoiler Image,1.66 MB, 1920x6217, happy anniversary 3.png)

here's the pastebin for her tweets.

No. 599183

All those thirsty ass tweets to im guessing girls are so cringy. They read like someone’s creepy 50 y/o dad hitting on any young girl he see’s thinking he’s a fine piece of ass when it reality he’s a sad shell of a man lol

would sage but idk how to on mobile sorry

No. 599185

Sage has been removed for quite a long while in /pt/ fyi.
So it's literally nothing milky. Just the usual whining we used to see on her main, more "I'm uwu trans" bullshit, and her CONSTANTLY crying for a girlfriend. lol at Gargoyle calling her his husband in that one tweet though.

No. 599186

omg anon I love you <3
Christmas came early this year

No. 599187

kek where is she going to go to whine about these leaks when they get back to her?
no more private twitter, no more sarah, no more madison, no gf.

No. 599188

File: 1542227809687.png (44.25 KB, 760x379, sad.png)

it was nice while it lasted

No. 599189

wow, she must be constantly lurking to delete her account 24 minutes after it got leaked

No. 599191

Well, so much about: "We'll take the day off to celebrate our anniversary."

When the HaTuRz are more important than your marriage.

No. 599192

That was REALLY quick. My guess is one of her lackeys is over here right now. Can't imagine little miss uwu Transboy refreshing the thread constantly.

No. 599193

File: 1542228065545.png (64.55 KB, 998x554, Untitled.png)

keeping an eye on her private instagram to see if anything changes #s wise

No. 599194

Does this mean anon who leaked could technically order a charge back for failure to fulfil perks?

No. 599195

File: 1542228757755.png (11.42 KB, 302x225, we can see you taylor.PNG)

If you search her username, you can find her new @ name. RIP leak anon.

No. 599196

File: 1542228822022.png (16.14 KB, 533x81, chrome_2018-11-14_14-53-35.png)

wasn't this a lyric she posted when she and greg first got married?

No. 599198

Bless you anon
You better unlike that tweet though before she narrows you down

No. 599199

File: 1542228998141.jpg (62.95 KB, 537x306, 1492787312475.jpg)

Since you're lurking Doormat, if you have to say how gay you are 200 times a day, you're not gay. You're not even convincing about it and it's obnoxiously annoying.

No. 599200

Reading these tweets almost makes me feel sorry for her, what a miserable life. Maybe you'd have friends and a functioning relationship if you weren't dating Onision, Lainey.

No. 599202

File: 1542229528253.png (852.57 KB, 1200x756, paraparaparanoid.png)

She blocked fifteen people.

No. 599203

File: 1542229552659.jpg (19.33 KB, 801x147, 2018-11-14_16-06-12.jpg)

But don't you dare use female pronouns on her!

No. 599204


Holy shit, doesn't she EVER post about anything other than her goddamn gender/orientation? I follow a few politically active SJW trans Lefttubers on Twitter, and even they aren't this obsessed with gender. Unless something like Trump's repealing of protections for trans people comes up, the majority of their posts are about movies they like, shoes they wanna buy, the mac & cheese they're making for dinner. The fact she keeps telling herself she's a boy smells like someone trying to convince themselves of something, like the closeted gay senator who rails about the evil of gayness. Actual trans people who just wanna live their lives don't shout,"I'm trans!' every goddamn minute of the day. Who are you trying to convince, Laundry,yourself or us?

No. 599205

File: 1542229797386.jpeg (81.47 KB, 1242x180, C5681813-CBEE-49C0-BFC4-8F3E6F…)

Remember when grease shamed B for drinking coffee? Big laughs

No. 599206

Anon who provided this gorgeous (I mean, her tweets are pretty boring but it’s hilarilis how even on her private accounts her only identity is transtrender and gay) present, you have to update us. Did you catch a block?

No. 599207

File: 1542230316906.jpeg (148.09 KB, 1242x1282, D328D622-392B-488A-873A-761348…)

“I can’t trust ANYONE and therefore the private Twitter perk is GONE, you did this to YOURSELVES!”

(Sorry for triple post mods don’t sue me)

No. 599208

she's so laughable. Anons can leak her private streams and she's like "yeah what can I do" but leaking her private tweets breaks the deal? lol
maybe Gerg's not allowed to view her private tweets and she's afraid of him seeing her venting and recall their "we said you're not allowed to be dramatic on twitter again" conversation

No. 599209

Lmfao this is actually hilarious. Confirming our suspicions. Newsflash Doormat - you crying about how gay you are or how much do you want a gf isn't something top secret EVERYONE ALREADY KNEW. >>599208
Uh oh, if that's the case Grug will find out eventually and have the talk with her. Tinfoil: he forbids Lame to even use a Twitter account.

No. 599210

I don’t think she knows what it means to be a crunchy mom, kek. She does absolutely fucking nothing. The only thing she does is breast feed her kids, but she doesn’t make her own anything. Sounds like she’s jealous of AB’s family and the adorable videos/photos she puts out.

No. 599211

File: 1542230821446.png (44.23 KB, 411x407, Opera Momentaufnahme_2018-11-1…)


No. 599212

Wow, her tweets are all whiney and boring, not surprising. It's all "i want a gf" "im soo trans". And the fact she tweeted about billie so many times lmao. I don't even know why she bothers to private this shit when we already this is all she talks about.

No. 599213

So she does fucking lurk here, kek. That was too fucking quick. She deleted her Twitter and posted an announcement like 20 minutes after the leak. Anons who said she doesn’t lurk were wrong.. she just blew her own cover.

No. 599214

He's going get another visit from the cops. There isn't a question in my mind about it that he ignored their warning intentionally. They went to his home before, they know exactly where to send these notices now. This time he's falling out the the civil crosshairs of fines and into ones of criminal punitive measures like jail time and having to forfeit his home to the county or state on top of that.

No. 599215

she actually admitted in an instagram livestream back in September that she used to "obsessively read hate blogs to the point where it was the first thing she would do when she woke up in the morning"

i doubt she ever really stopped completely.

No. 599217

File: 1542231804672.png (31.17 KB, 591x270, billie.png)

was this about Greg emailing Billie saying he's sorry?

No. 599219

He probably refused it before he got representation? After his attorney enters in an entry of appearance, she should be receiving any matters regarding the case.

I wish his attorney presenting a better appeal because it's pretty much just a denial (in the legal sense) of fact. Shouldn't there be more Motions to enter into evidence or are they planning on that shitty "nu uh" legal equivalent? Not sure how these low key tribunal type affairs are managed or how evidence is entered. I'm wondering if they're going in empty handed because the assessment has already been done by the expert witnesses which are at the beck and call of the state. It's now the appellant's burden to refute those claims with at least zoning maps, photos and statutes.

No. 599221

he made the "Billie, Shiloh and Adrienne" video on Sep 26
Makes sense he wrote Billie the email a few days prior, told Lamp about it and then recorded the videos after Billie didnt respond

No. 599230

File: 1542235124333.gif (1.16 MB, 815x603, you-are-not-the-sun.gif)

I'm now 100% sure that Lainey knows Greg is abusive.

No. 599232

It's also a line from the Brand New song "Not the Sun" – https://genius.com/Brand-new-not-the-sun-lyrics

No. 599233

That profile picture! She always has the worst fan art

No. 599234

File: 1542235580479.png (5.54 KB, 384x73, lel.PNG.png)

that describes their relationship perfectly.

No. 599238

woah removed already… they work fast

No. 599244

Stay away from the young lolis, Keith

No. 599246

new to this reuploading thing, if there are any issues with viewing please let me know thank you.

No. 599248

File: 1542236847238.png (395.6 KB, 537x478, tik tok.png)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jZV2l2CDFXPiJMm0PRDN1bkUUQoLEdRc (REACTING TO CRINGEY TIK TOK VIDEOS mirror)

No. 599250

File: 1542237204428.jpeg (611.68 KB, 1125x1642, 1D46AFBB-AE66-4D1A-8AF8-E9030E…)

Greg’s going through his mid-life crisis and Lainey is whining about Billie and being trans on her secret Twitter.
How long until divorcegate?

No. 599252

anybody think she's so worried bc of how many times she mentioned finding guys attractive and boyfriends? we know greg can't handle other men kek

No. 599253

"Am I the only one who doesn’t like Billie eilesh"

That tweet is hilarious cause Billie Eilish not only has the same name as her ex, she's also a cute teen with blue hair so that probably gives Foot an anxiety attack uwu

No. 599255


I think she found out so quickly bc she’s been monitoring lolcow to keep track of the potential legal issues from her husband’s swamp clearing fiasco.

No. 599256

File: 1542238049079.jpeg (437.35 KB, 2048x2048, D1EDA2C4-89D0-4BF8-8972-A94645…)

He always tries to cut that long top short sides style on himself and fails every time.
Greggspectation vs. reality

No. 599257

Every day is a mid life crisis day for Greg. This picture makes me physically recoil, how can a person fuck their life up so bad day after day after day. Is this from today? Because so much for staying offline all day, and also it looks like he's alone and that that picture as a still from a video. Fucking yikes.

Lainey spends all day refreshing lolcow and greg fucks up his hair.

No. 599258

File: 1542238087340.png (113.42 KB, 228x332, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 6.28…)

christ he looks rough. those alien eyes, and sunken expression dont help.

No. 599260

isn't his aunt a hairstylist too? like why tf do shit yourself especially cut the back of your hair by yourself. everything he does is a fail.

No. 599261

He looks like a frog in this photo.

And here we have what we call, "The Asherbee".

He looks fucking retarded with this new haircut. He's always trying to replicate other youtubers but he will always be a failure.

No. 599262

having him next to Felix just puts into perspective how weird and ugly he looks lol

No. 599263

Who cuts their hair at their computer desk? Disgusting.

No. 599264

Pewdiepie has a fade that is probably even because it looks like it was probably done by a professional. His head shape is also more of a typical attractive male shape.
Greg's hackjob emphasises his weird oversized midget head. He really should have left the sides a tiny bit longer, the bald sides look awful. I bet he starts wearing suits and weird fitting dated formal wear again to distract and look more 'alpha'
That's what he did for ages when he shaved it last time.
God I really don't want those shitty overall braces things to make an appearance again. He always looks so special needs in them.

No. 599265

Imagine how much worse it looks without his ‘optimal’ lighting/angles.

No. 599266

that video description. How is that even related?

She 100% probably doesnt like her just because shes named Billie. lol.

wow what a mess. he cant be bothered to actually get a professional haircut and thinks this looks good?

No. 599267

To clarify anons this was his attempt last time, we haven’t seen the finished product of this newest go at it yet. But it is obvious he’s trying to give himself that young hipster male haircut like pewdiepie has.

No. 599268

Why get a professional to do it when he's clearly the expert in everything?

Just saying that sarcastically is vomit-inducing.

No. 599270

yikes she must've been feeling some type of way… what a great relationship. another tweet said she felt unloved and just needed to go to bed, do she and greg even sleep in the same room now?

welp maybe plain will finally disappear from her ~main~ like she was threatening to

No. 599272

File: 1542239625963.jpeg (198.54 KB, 1125x399, 04709ACC-1EE5-4879-8E47-9A4E8D…)

lol I wonder how Greg is gonna react to her private Twitter. It only solidifies what we’ve been saying about her and her relationship with him.

This tweet is one of my favorites. She’s not denying that Greg is a shit person here.

No. 599273

>So she does fucking lurk here, kek.

Ok, then, Imma gonna tell her now: Lainey, stop obsessing over your gender/orientation status every second of every minute of every hour of the day. Either transition, get another GF/BF or STFU. EVERY tweet was about being trans or thirsty. It's obsessional and ridiculous. Most Trans bloggers post more about the movies they watch & the events they go to than crowing 'I'm Trans!' or 'I am so gay!' every waking second. So fucking undignified for a mom of 2. Get some fucking hobbies, read a book,join a club, learn to draw, go somewhere. If your only identity is being Trans or Gurg's Spouse or a Mom you're a shell of a human being. And if Greg ridicules you for having hobbies and friends that don't include him, he's an insecure little manlet who needs to grow a pair. Seriously, y