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File: 1497240174615.jpg (812.31 KB, 2896x2896, IMG_4390.JPG)

No. 395817

> - Greg's "military records" on hand were discovered to be forged and his med records implied that nothing was really wrong with him other than behavioral issues, abnormal blood pressure and ~depression~, along with warts on his freaky dick-textured skin.

> - Lainey is still playing the ~muh anxiety~ card and Grease has enough of her (and so do we).

> - Taytay's relatives paid a little visit to the Onion household and Gregma could no longer contain his rage as soon as her dad showed up.

> - The IRS is now conducting their investigation on Grease as we speak. While this loser tries to stall their plans with a crappy video tour and threatening suicide (lol).

> - Gregma throws a narc tantrum at his ex-wife for not taking the $5,000 alone and abiding by the law (I thought you were all about the law, Grease? Follow it!). He also planned to stalk the shit outta her just like Margo with Venus by trying to obtain her address.

The end is coming, can you feel it?

Previously… >>>/pt/391272

No. 395819

re: their kids room…

Lainey's daughter room looks like the kind of room "decorated" by someone who just went to Target one day and decided to just buy qwhatever they had there (in pink ofc) to fill up the room aqnd call it a day. Probably cause Greg was bitching about it the whole time "can we leave already? stop getting her so many things, why are you taking so long in choosing X thing blablabla".

No. 395822

It could be that someone other than Greg or Taylor bought stuff for Claire/Chloey and tried to put effort into it looking like how a kid's room should be, as they hang out with young adults. Neither parents seem really into being parents, and I would assume make them too into themselves to be assed.

No. 395824

File: 1497241042532.png (275.42 KB, 1532x1712, IMG_0108.PNG)

This is his response to the fan who shot 3 people and mention Greg by name in his suicide tape.

Really Greg? How hard is it to just say "I don't condone that guys actions"

How the hell can anyone possibly like this waste of space?

No. 395827

In his new video about honorable discharge, he basically said that document posted here was right and he was discharged generally under honorable conditions, and tried to play it off as see I was honorably discharged because his fangirls obviously dont know the difference. Lol he admits to lying right to their face. And he tries to act like 'everyone was saying I was dishonorably discharged and now they changed their story and proved they were wrong! See I'm right!' bullshit.

No. 395828

He forgot to mention he wrote books with school shootings, glorifies shootings, always has violence in his video. But omg, he wont kill a rabbit! Just a turtle and chickens!

And the part of the video where he mentions he was a fan basically said he thinks the same way as onion. But he of course didnt mention that lmao.

Also no one has been saying its onion's fault that psycho killed people. Just that its no surprise that a psycho would like and agree with another psycho.

No. 395829

Jesus Christ, I just checked his twitter. The dude is clearly a terrible fucking influence, and now that there is going to be a lot of people looking into him as they do other media figures when this shit happens. Wonder how many people will call him out…

No. 395830

Meant to post this in the last thread, but it reached its limit.


I find this video hilarious in how he keep saying Skye was in "like 1 out of 5 videos," they didn't start the channel together, and she isn't entitled to that much alimony. Meanwhile, he is marking off household objects he's used in maybe one of two videos on his taxes and is suddenly upset when he gets audited.

Gerg STFU and pay the money your supposed to.

If he and Lainey ever get divorced, I feel bad for the kids. They will have a mother/gender fluid parents figure who is unstable and has no real world skills. And they will have the dad from hell who will bash their mother in front of them to try and poison their relationship with her. Those kids are fucked no matter what happens.

No. 395832



No. 395834

File: 1497241792156.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2820.PNG)

See the name Amber on the fridge - I think Gurg loves to keep us guessing about his kids. Claire, Cloey, Amber - who cares, I guess. I think Bandaid is the most apt name for the baby.

No. 395839

or greg's victims are subtly asking for help like that dude who blinked torture in morse code

No. 395840

File: 1497242163047.jpg (929.47 KB, 2550x3507, boop.jpg)

That recent shooter was a fan of Onision, and his journal writings about men and women sound just like Gerg and his views on women.

No. 395842


Yeah, Skye wouldn't want to see you with that ugly mug anyway.

No. 395844

Also 1 out of 5 videos is still pretty frequent. And she could be behind the camera or editing or writing scripts for him. Yet he still wants to claim he did 99% of the work. I wasnt around and didnt watch many videos during skye days, but didnt they even have a "haters united" segment and shit like that together, but he wants to deny she did anything? lmao.

I also like how he shows his most popular videos and says see, she wasnt in my most popular videos, my ex-gfs and current wives are! LOL okay? None of those videos existed during your divorce idiot.

I feel bad for the kids because if they have a divorce, its guaranteed to be messy and onion will keep talking shit about their mom and might try to use them against her (and she might do the same), and that's a huge ass no-no to do with kids after a divorce. Can you imagine your parents getting a divorce and your youtuber dad making a bunch of videos online airing the drama to everyone and trying to paint your mom as a villain while signing his rights of his kids to her because he doesnt actually care about you. Poor kids. And lameo will be screaming at the other woman and not gerg for ruining her marriage (because he will only leave if he secures a new girl).

Nah, that was posted today after someone pointed out "cloey" in here. So its clear this one was on purpose. The claire banner came out at a time where everyone was guessing about the baby, so that also seemed deliberate. I feel like the IRS spurge one would be the realest one and its most likely the kids name is Cloey. Because Cloey isn't a common name someone would pretend their kid is named like Amber and Claire lmao.

No. 395845

Has there been any media outlet that's mentioned the Greg-shooter connection? Wouldn't be too difficult to create a moral panic around Greg's content if somebody like Heatst or The Daily Mail did a piece on how 'PA shooter consumed dark and hateful youtube content popular with young teens!'.

No. 395848

Is there more on this?

Sage for no contribution

No. 395849

Wow, this reads just like a transcript from one of Greg's rants.

No. 395850

I'd rather the media not give him attention because thats what he wants. He doesnt care if he inspired a killer. He'd use it for views on his channel, and it'd attract more shooter idealizers to his channel. His dream is to get on shows like dr.phil and shit to get attention and views. He cant get in trouble for a shooter being a fan of his, and lameo doesnt care if gerg is a mass murderer himself so its not like it will wake her up. His channels are already dying, so i'd just let them run its course.

Lmao the first line was straight up what gerg has said. I feel like this is shit onion wishes he could say, but hes still trying to pretend hes not a sexist, racist, prejudice asshole. I also dont know if this person actually believes women are better than men, whereas onion says that but doesnt actually mean it, and onion often uses the women are better to excuse his shit behavior. Like "men are prone to wanting to fuck all women and will leave you for another woman unless you stop them, so you have to keep them in check. Thanks to my sweet wife lameo for helping keep my dumb man self in check. But that is just ~biology~ so i didnt cheat and im not an asshole and its all billie's fault"

No. 395853

The shooter was a pretty good friend of Damien (makemebad35) and collaborated with him in videos a few years back as well as shared mutual friends and played games together over XBL. They also spoke more recently, according to the shooter's journals and Damien's Tweets.

Damien is friends, or on friendly terms, with ReGergutate.

There's an eerie connection.

No. 395855

I guess he forgot he told everyone HE PAID SKYE TO EDIT VIDEOS.

He did this because he didn't want her to WORK because, he felt, they wouldn't see each other enough.

Then he acted like she was a sponge.

Also, SHE WAS IN I'M A BANANA, the breakthrough video that MADE HIM.

So, fuck off with that shit.

No. 395859

People always seem to say this, but there have been a number of cases where media pieces have both caused him to lose many followers and caused him to go on a rampage in an attempt to defend himself. He's at a point in his ''''career'''''' where there IS a type of bad attention.

No. 395867

Skye was in THE most popular video on his channel: Banana Song. Nope, didn't help with anything of worth.

No. 395868

Lol, of course he realizes.
He's not stupid, just insane.

No. 395869

Boy is equal parts stupid and insane

No. 395871


With his logic, if using a children's slide in s video makes it a business expense Skye really was his partner in the video business. Stay mad, Grease.

No. 395874


Just think if they stayed together while YouTube's gone down with the $$$, Skye's talents would've saved his ass from the inevitable end and wouldn't have to look like a retard e-begging for money.

All he has left is Lamo now.


No. 395875

Grugg, you perfect self saboteuring fuck, good job on showing off all your tangible assets so the repo men know what to look for when you can't pay your fine.

I'm also ready to bet my mum's credit card that Onion is dumb enough to try and pull this tax exemption shit next tax year.

No. 395877


Pennsylvania fag here, I live really REALLY close to where it happened, like a short drive away from me. Google something like Tunkhannock shooter or Randy Stair and you'll find lots. His trail is disturbing and may he burn in hell.

No. 395884

I would love to see this letter up on the screen on Dr Phil's set, with Dr Phil underlining phrases in blue and comparing them to a transcript of Onion's rants, while Onion sits in one of those tall chairs looking pissed off.

No. 395888

File: 1497258730636.png (74.55 KB, 205x444, OC_ONION.png)

No. 395890

I apologise for replying to some posts in the last thread as I've been away for a week, so I'll sage for that reason.

Skye is very, very wise to his bullshit and has said as much before in the past… she won't modify or change anything in relation to what has been technically set in stone by the court. She is so much more intelligent than he could ever wish to be and his reaction makes him sound extremely mentally challenged.

In other words; he can throw a pissy baby tantrum as hard as he wants to - it's not going to change a court order, and Google (lolwtf?!) can't do shit about it either… I'm 110% convinced at this point that he's completely mentally retarded - the fact that he thinks that sort of response is a testament to his superior ~hOnEsTeE & FaX & LoGix~ speaks so much volume about his mental capabilities.

How embarrassing.

I'm laughing my ass off because he's seriously convinced that his teenage and pre-teen fans understand legal issues or even fucking care.

No. 395891

Wait, so it was a boy? Why does it say 'we feel things diffeently than boys do'. Was he trans?

No. 395892

He owned a bra, so that was enough for him to categorize himself as a trans. Mostly he was just crazy.

No. 395894

I wonder maybe they originally did pick Claire as a name. But when the banner leaked they decided to change it. Hmm

No. 395895

I'm laughing so hard at Onision's room tour. Fuck narcissism, the guy has to be mentally handicapped if he thinks he can say he NEEDS a gigantic house to film videos just because he filmed in multiple areas. You didn't HAVE to film there Greg. Are you bonkers?! So, you have TWO editing stations? Your convenience isn't tax deductible. The best part is the Tesla and guests. Because you absolutely NEED to house collaborators in your home (for collaborations that happen rarely compared to how much other content you have without them), but even more, you need to transport them in A TESLA. Yes, no other car would work and there's absolutely nothing short of a Tesla to meet your "business" needs.

He's so fucked. I'm dying.

No. 395900

we were talking a lot about it at the time and I feel it was just too obvious the way he showed it in a video right after.

No. 395905

two editing stations on one floor, i think it was 5 in total.

remember his phase of making shitty videos consisting of shitty whiteboard stick figure drawings? Five editing stations, 3 storey house with multiple guest rooms. more than one house.

i dont know if it's normal to americans or people living outside the city but to me, his house and yard is unreasonably huge. he could downsize and sell a whole lot without depriving his kids or lowering the non-existent quality of his content.

dude needs to visit a third world country or at least spend a few months running out of money for groceries every week.

No. 395907

top kek

No. 395914


And the best part about his IRS-spergout is that he made that video not so long ago where he stated he NEEDED his other house for work. Why he didn't showcase that to IRS? He hasn't sold it yet. Has he?

No. 395915

I feel he's always been completely serious about the whole sicesca/cult idea, and having a house that big meant he could move in his potential followers any time he wanted to on the promise they could work for him/edit/create videos. I really believe he wanted to not only have a cult consisting of obedient teenage girls, but he hoped they'd eventually end up doing the work for him because age is inevitable and he can't capitalize on his brand forever without a fresh supply of new ideas, trends and fashions that young girls can provide.

There's is no other reason why he has a huge empty house that size for just himself, his wife and two kids… the dirty old man wanted to lure in teenage girls to come join his cult of suk mi to feed his greed, fulfil his creepy fetishes and fuel his narcissism.

No. 395916

I hope he isn't keeping any girls there secretly

No. 395917

>Youtube's Dark Side tonight on Dateline: Inside Onision's Basement

No. 395918

As if the guy can do anything without making 10 videos on it (minimum)

No. 395919

I don't think so, I don't think Billie or Ayalla would've kept quiet about that shit if he was.

His cult idea fell on it's ass because he's so mentally unstable, he's being destroyed by his own narcissism.

No. 395920

>has audience made up of teen girls
>uploads video about his tax issues
>boo hoo my channel is dying

Well no shit. What teenage girl sits at her computer and thinks "hey, I'm in the mood to watch a video about someone's tax problems!"

No. 395923

I hope he doesn't keep this up when she's old enough to read her own name. Can you imagine how fucking confusing it would be to have your dad spell out other girls' names on the walls of your bedroom, on the fridge next to your brother's name, etc? Combined with all the other shit she'll be getting in that dysfunctional household it's going to make her feel so unwanted and replaceable.

True, like in >>395824 people aren't actually calling him out for inspiring anything but for his self-centered and insensitive response. He might THINK any attention is good attention, but he's so far gone that the more people see him, the more they'll realise what a crazy fucker he is.

Skye was in some of his videos just like some children's toys were in some of his videos. So just like those toys are tax write-offs, Skye/their marriage/divorce/alimony is a tax write-off. LOGIC! FAX!

No. 395929


I wonder how she feels about his mental state deteriorating as of now. Since she too kinda looked up to him.


Maybe that's why he wanted to track down Skye, she must've been an OG member and needed someone (other than Lainey) to lure in fresh meat and as a backup. She was once known as "his Cooba".

No. 395932

The IRS are not going to ream him so hard. His greed has put him this situation and now he's fucked. He could afford to buy the houses, cars and luxuries so that is that. He can't claim that shit back as "business expenses", it's utterly preposterous… it'd be like saying Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are actors, therefore they're allowed to have everything they want for free.

He's mentally retarded.

They're not going to be the slightest bit interested in doing anything other than their job, his whining dramatics are going to fall on deaf ears because they're grounded in reality, not fantasy.

Good luck in trying to "manipulate" experienced professionals in business and finance, Gerp…

No. 395934

File: 1497281545029.jpg (23.89 KB, 500x375, 1414285961859.jpg)

>"Mr. Gregory, you can't just claim everything as a business expense, when it's clearly being used for personal reasons. You'll have to pay a lot of taxes"
>"Oh yeah, let me just show you this video I just made and show you some FACTS, you cunt!"

I hope he gets fucked by them, so hard.

No. 395938

Lainey was streaming last night, and some (i assume) farmers came on with the names TroyandCloe and CloeAvaroe or something to stir up shit. Well, it didn't make a big difference, and IIRC it's against the rules, too? You losers even spent real money buying her shit for her to notice you. I know we're the scum of the earth on here, but that made all of us look dumb as hell.

No. 395939

Yeah the "Claire" seems like he did it purposefully. Cloey is the least likely to be on purpose and probably the real name, and "Claire" and "Cloey" starts off the same way. If you were thinking of a name that wasn't the actual name, you might say something that is close to it but different.

I was thinking the same thing. How else will he house his sister wives dreams and all their children?? I think the only reason he isn't pushing lameo for a new girlfriend is because his money is tanking and he is trying to fix it first.

I'm wondering if this IRS stuff is for real. Like can he be that stupid to make a video showing evidence that he claimed personal expenses as business expenses and hes basically frauding the system? I thought he was always super careful about legal shit, but this is dumb as hell. And if they look into it, this would be YEARS of him doing this shit. I wonder how much trouble he can get into for this.

I'm also scared of what he will do if he for real loses it all. Like when its clear his career is dead and he no longer has a powerful online presence, or if he ends up owing a ton of money he cant afford and cant figure out a way to scam people to giving him enough money. I could totally see him going on a murder spree if he feels his "life is over".

No. 395940

uhh i hate that type of farmers. Like can you not? It's so embarrassing. We may be bitches but we're not fucking harassers. Nice move giving onions chance for scoring easy pity points.

No. 395943


Tinfoilhatting here, but maybe the Amber has something to do with the shithead farmers that tried to make drama on Lainey's younow yesterday. >>395938

She said that she wanted to cry or something, and kept trying to block them but the chat was prob moving too fast. She probably got upset, ran to Onion crying and then he threw out this "bait" because Cloey's name is on here.

Like the anon over me says, we're not fucking harassers. Please don't do this shit, and if you're trying to troll them then at least don't go about it like a 12 year old would. It's cringy as fuck and you don't get any milk from doing it, other than maybe a decoy photo.

No. 395944

File: 1497285197080.png (613.57 KB, 479x599, purple-dookie.png)

Billie? Is that you?

No. 395946


aren't birth records public? Couldn't you find out the kid's name?

No. 395947


Lol how sad.

No. 395948

That looks like a wig..

No. 395949


The house itself, absolutely. The yard is nice, and a good plot of land never sucks if you can maintain it, but all that house is so wasteful. He talks such trash about American's doing this and that to poor countries/people when he's clearly benefiting off of the American system and has a very American approach to living with wanting way more than he needs.

I showed that house tour to my mother and she couldn't stop talking about the ridiculous size of his house. My mother is not very smart and does not own property, but even she was laughing when he was saying he claimed shit like his bathroom on taxes.

Also, with the tax stuff. Did he get audited twice or something? Did he get in trouble for trying to claim his divorce as a business expense (lmfao!) and then CONTINUE to lie on taxes or is this a continued issue since then? Because I know audits can fuck up a person's life for years. If he actually got in trouble once and didn't learn not to fuck with the IRS then he's doubly dumb and I hope he gets jail time for fraud.

No. 395950


It IS a wig. Lainey has short hair, a dirty blonde pixie cut.

No. 395951


Pls lurk moar, thank you.

No. 395952

I was thinking that as well, but I don't think they are as accessible as like court records.

No. 395954

Also don't newspapers announce births? Pretty sure my kid's birth was announced in the paper. Maybe not all cities/towns do that, but it's possible.

No. 395955

>>Did he get audited twice or something? Did he get in trouble for trying to claim his divorce as a business expense (lmfao!) and then CONTINUE to lie on taxes or is this a continued issue since then


No. 395956

You have to submit the info to the papers; not everyone does.

No. 395957

She wanted to cry over those usernames? Dear God,Lainey.

No. 395959


Sorry, kiddo. I have two jobs. No time to spend weeks studying the backstory on some asshole I read about for entertainment just to catch up on one detail.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395961

Was a boy who was a "girl trapped in a boys body" so he said.

No. 395963

Don't comment if you don't know enough about the subject then, Ms.Condescending.

No. 395967

Sounds exactly like his views on black people too

No. 395969

I wouldn't put it past him. I think it's more likely they're symbols of his wealth, and that makes him feel superior. He'll find anything to feel superior over others, and he thinks authority positions are a foolproof way to be in control. Remember HSanon saying Onion gloated so much about going into the air force as if he was better than everyone else? And how he wants to be a cop so people can't challenge him? He likes positions of authority (I think cult leader is too far rn, but could totally happen one day) but he's too fucking lazy and cowardly to understand you have to actually work to earn respect and accolades.

No. 395972

they're probably just kiwis; dumb attention-whoring shit like that is acceptable there

Would take anything "HSAnon" said with a grain of salt, but Greg would definitely enjoy having a cult, no question about it. I'm thinking that it might be something he pursues when he's older and doesn't have the social media attention to fall back on anymore. Most cult leaders run through a few failed ventures before starting the cult.

No. 395973

I agree with this Anon, everything he buys is for status.
Huge house, tons of expensive shit he doesn't really need, like a 5 work stations with PCs that are worth at least $3k, expensive cars he doesn't really use except to drive to the mall, 3 fucking houses that are all badly furnished, random expensive recliners, a $200 rice cooker…
His house is basically a playground full of expensive toys that he doesn't really need but buys for status and because he is an eternal manchild.

Lainey will never visit Fiji.

No. 395974

they aren't as accessible. gotta pay money for a copy and prove you are a parent/guardian/legal entity. this is to reduce fraud.

think we won't find out until the divorce saga.

No. 395978

File: 1497294822553.jpg (151.47 KB, 1582x864, Capture.JPG)

Look who was on Shane's podcast. I'm sure onion will have a bitch fit about this.

No. 395980


$200.00 rice cooker? Seriously?

No. 395983

Yeah… People seem to forget or may not know that HSAnon got a lot of things wrong that he should have known about Gerg's life if he knew Gerg from HS. The things he correctly mentioned could easily be found online because Gerg spregged his life into pieces. When HSAnon came forth in 2015, Gerg was well known for being a narc and his cult was also discussed heavily by others after SomeGuy found it in 2010.

I think Gerg was so unmemorable in HS, and that's why nobody legitimate has talked about him from those days. Kind of funny.

Not sure if it was posted in previous threads, but on his Patreon a patron asked if Gerg would ever talk about his cultish beliefs in videos because the patron identifies with its teachings or something. It was really spergy. The patron detailed his own beliefs, which he gave a name (his name, so you know HE came up with this genius concept), and told Gerg that if he mentioned that patron's beliefs to credit HIM.


No. 395988

Steve Harvey is having an episode on viral videos and Youtube superstars right now all coming on to share their stories and secrets to success. I'm just laughing because some where Onion is seething over not being invited despite being a "viral Youtube and TV star".

I hope the IRS takes him for everything he's got.

No. 395997


There was no milk in that podcast, everyone was acting retarded there.

Bet they've talked about Onion privately though.

No. 395998

Does anyone else find it hilarios that Onion can't jump into the podcast bandwagon because he just jas no friends and the irl personality of them both is the same as a board?

No. 395999

File: 1497299435330.png (277.41 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-06-12-18-00-10…)

I really think "Cloey" is bait

Ss from video description of one of his main channel videos featuring Shiloh as a character named Cloey.

No. 396006

Oh shit but what if it's not and he named his kid after that

No. 396007

But that could also be proof it is the name because hes thought of the name before. It's common to use names you like in stories or other things you write/do. He was also the one who picked the name "Troy", so i wouldnt be surprised if he got to pick the name "Cloey".

Now I hope its not her name though, because that would be sad that he named her the same name he made his ex-gf use to play a character. I bet Lameo didnt know/remember that if she agreed to the name lol.

No. 396008

HSAnon could have gotten things wrong and still knew him in high school. I don't think many people would remember things perfectly about someone they only knew in passing from many years previously.
Good find!
omf. Whether he did do that, or it's just troll bait, Gurg is such a fucking creep. I honestly feel bad for anyone who's ever been "dumped" by him because they're stuck with this parasite forever.

No. 396009

IMO this legitimatises the name - it's a really odd spelling and the letters were pretty difficult to read. Fucked up if true though, wonder if lainey is sharp enough to know.

No. 396014

>wonder if lainey is sharp enough


No. 396018

If so lololololol Lainey's daughter is named after something shiloh-related and prob doesn't even realize it

No. 396020

He stated multiple times across multiple platforms that he crossdressed, thought he was a girl, hated his penis and wanted to chop it off, and ultimately ended up doing the shooting because he thought when he died he'd get a female body…

So maybe? Never diagnosed though, so who knows

No. 396022

The Sisesca thing is far fetched plus it's a mansion but not a compound.

On previous threads there have been random attempts to bring up Sisesca that made me wonder if it's a marketing tactic for greg to spread exotic drama, the kind of negative attention that does get views, but if these replies here aren't samefagging then you're all just hoping Gurgle is a more interesting kind of narc than he is.

He's previously been able to hoard a sister wife without the trouble of a cult so I doubt it.

No. 396023

Of course he would have commandeered the name picking. Of course.

It really seems like he just can't spell common names and refuses to be corrected. Kid is lucky he's not called "Troi".

No. 396024

File: 1497305895866.png (245.74 KB, 393x421, tumblr_inline_oixt91S4Ow1u9gw2…)

No. 396029

how the fuck can he post this when his book graphically described a mass school shooting??? Ugh

No. 396032

Lmao what an edgelord.
Imagine if this is what Onion's kids grow up to be like (though I imagine they'd become the exact opposite from a childhood of seeing the greasemonster's pathetic life in action, not just YouTube videos).

No. 396035

Grease posted a video on OnisionSpeaks that we all knew was coming: "I'm Sorry, I Let You All Down"

Here's the transcript:

Hey there. I look like a bit of a mess because I just woke up, but I just wanted to apologize to you guys, which I’ve done before many times. That’s what narcissists do, right? They go, God, I’m a screw up. I’m so sorry. Perfect narcissism description. [laugh]

>Immediately defensive, hyperbolic, and patting himself on the back for apologizing. DEFINITELY NOT A NARC.

Anyway, I have been screwing up the last few months. Like, really bad. And the way I’ve been screwing up is I’ve been so non-positive about a lot of things and, you know, we all have our moments, or most of us probably have our moments where we’re just, like, stuck in a rut. And, you know, everything seems like it’s falling apart; when it rains it pours etcetera. But that doesn’t excuse me, like, taking it out on everybody else. You know, like, when you’re stressed you’re like 20 times more likely to call someone a number of horrible things, and you’re more likely to lash out and just be mean. It’s like, passing on the bad things to other people making the situation far worse.

>That manipulation tho. Yet again applying his shit behavior to every other person to normalize it and absolve himself of wrongdoing. Just because he takes his anger and frustration out on others through name-calling and belittling them doesn’t mean we all do that shit. Some of us are self aware and have empathy enough to know how to communicate like adults.

So, I’m gonna do what I can to stop. I know I say things. I say, like, you know, I’m gonna wear a mask from now on. And when I say it I totally plan on wearing a mask from now on and then something changes and then I’m like, ok, so I can’t do this anymore. Some people would call that lying, but here’s the problem: lying is conscious. You know? It’s where you say something that you know isn’t true. Um, and I’m just, like, this guy who thinks he knows the future, but I don’t. You know?

>He’s already said this bullshit and we all know he can’t keep up the posi act for longer than a week or two. He’s just a negative person. Also, apologies are fucking meaningless if you're making excuses for your behavior and not setting actual goals to change. "I'm going to try" isn't good enough when you’ve fucked up as much as Grease.

Anyway, So, I just wanted to apologize to you guys for being a mess. And I also wanted to remind you guys that my intention for the future, I think, is cool. And I want to make you feel better. I know that a lot of you are suicidal. I know that a lot of you have body image issues. I know that a lot of you hate the person that you see in the mirror. And these things suck. And I think I can—I can be a better influence than I’ve been.

>”These things suck.” Such insight. So empathy.

So, to the people who’ve unsubscribed, they’re probably not going to see this, but [laugh] let’s pretend they’re watching.

>And, there it is. He’s losing support and money, and probably knows by now the IRS is gonna ream him. Time to back track til the next sperg.

The people who have unsubscribed, the people who have stopped supporting me because I made them feel worse than made them feel better, I’m sorry. That was not my intention, and I feel really bad about that.

>LOL. Sure, Greg. What are the motivations to call people idiots, etc. besides making them feel bad so you can feel better?

So, I’m sorry I let you guys down, and I will do much better in the future. At least, I’ll try to until something changes and then I—I don’t know.

But I’m saying what I know to be 100% true right now. So I’m gonna try. Thank you. And don’t think I don’t care, I do. It’s just been about 25 things that have gone in my life in the last few months, so— Thank you for watching. Have a wonderful day.

No. 396037

File: 1497309916961.png (1013.7 KB, 1234x870, melonhead.png)


God, he looks rough in this video. Redfaced, big headed, crocodile toothed fucker.

No. 396038

File: 1497310044366.jpg (52.54 KB, 500x500, IMG_2885.JPG)

Hell yes! Thank you anon!!! He is so unwatchable to me and the green text you put just ascends it
>pic related

No. 396039

Lol he saw his subscribers werent increasing with his drama antics anymore, so he goes back to apology mode. And yes, narcs apologize gerg. It's called being manipulative, moron.

I like how he gave himself an escape by saying it's not a lie if it's true in the moment!!! But if other people don't follow through, they are filthy liars and horrible!!! But me…nope always honest gergles!

No. 396040

File: 1497310415344.jpg (63.4 KB, 709x500, cunt.jpg)

No. 396041

File: 1497310446304.png (494.34 KB, 590x830, onion.png)

Onion again trying to use Andy to gain fans/follows/attention. He posts that on Andy's patreon. Why would he have to introduce himself to Andy's patreons like hes some important part of the community? lmao.

No. 396049

He doesn't use makeup or filters when he's trying to be "real".
Grease has noooo sense of nuance, or the complexity of human psychology and disorders. He has the intellect and emotional maturity of a preteen.
lol. Accurate

No. 396051

So that Andy's PAYING fans see him being buds with Andy, with the hope that some of them will then decide to throw some bucks his way too.

No. 396055

Omg that post on Andy's wall is so desperate!

No. 396057

isn't that also the guy he's always bringing up to say 'he looks like him'?

Because….. no.

No. 396073

Excuse my ignorance as I have never claimed anything back on taxes nor am I from the US, but when he says hes "claimed" all this expensive shit does it mean he got money back for it on his tax return? So now if the irs investigates and sees the crap he claimed isnt actually business expenses hes gonna get a HUGE tax bill right?

No. 396074

Imagine if Andy deletes that shit, lol. Have they even spoken in years?

No. 396075

I'm pretty sure it just means that he pays less on his taxes when he claims certain things as business expenses (deductibles).

No. 396078

He's on friendly terms (as of late) with Andy's father, Chris. I think that's about as close as he's gotten in years.

No. 396079

Yes, if an item is used strictly for business then it is reimbursed. If these items aren't strictly for business then he can be paying back what he was reimbursed for.

Also, you can only claim once for an item that is a one time purchase, so he can't keep reclaiming these things which he could have been doing.

No. 396081

File: 1497319427198.png (761.71 KB, 933x601, onion.png)

Hi. Be our girlfriend or we will murder you.

No. 396084

Deductions work by subtracting the deductible expenses from your total income. Taxes in the USA are paid by "brackets," meaning the more you make, the higher the tax bracket you will fall into, and the more you'll need to pay.

By deducting these enormous purchases, Onion's pushed his income into a much lower tax bracket, and probably owes a FUCKTON of back taxes as a result. He mentioned deducting a $30,000 backup battery for his Tesla (as well as his Tesla lol) and the solar panels that power it. The IRS isn't going to be okay with that. He's basically deducted most of his purchases, looks like, as well a both of his houses. He's so fucked.

No. 396093

I thought that luring young girls for the suk mi club would be his downfall, but now I think it's more likely to be the IRS,

No. 396103

Did he dye his hair??? It's identical to Lainey's dye job now

No. 396106

Yeah, his patrons voted on a hair color and a patron gave him a gift card for the dye. They chose black, he got like a soft black or something

No. 396113

Why is everyone talking about that name decal? Didn't Gurg specify that the children-looking-rooms are not for his kids cause they are still too small to sleep in these beds. And that only guests use these rooms to sleep in?
So that's not actually their kids rooms and the name on the wall shouldn't matter.

Also video related starting at 12:23
Eugenia talked a bit about Onision here. and I love how no one mentions his name like he's not even worth it

No. 396117

Your whole post was not even worth it

No. 396126

Yeah i forgot to sage
But you don't have to be a bitch about it

No. 396130

I actually can't wait. Another non-American, however I imagine these things can take a long time to come to fruition. Does anybody have any idea how long that might be before Greg receives the final details of the investigation?

My guess is after receiving the details he'll go into rage mode, complain on Twitter about how what they said is Incorrect and Untrue because look at my house tour video that says it all, say he's going to hire a lawyer and contest it. Shortly after he'll realise that's a lost cause and make an e-begging video, claiming how the twisted IRS is literally taking food out of his Family's mouths. His gofundme may actually generate some of the cash, until he realises that he has to pay taxes/fees on that, too. Meanwhile the kids get older and the onions toy with the idea of starting a kid friendly/family channel as a desperate attempt at making more money… this venture lasts about two weeks until some sort of controversy brings it crashing down.

Anyway I'm just really excited for all that to happen and am trying to figure out when we can expect that milkshake.

No. 396133

My Grandfather was audited twice. Sometimes you can clear it up by mail. Send them proof of receipts or whatever. Sometimes they come to your house or place of work to check your financial records.

For my Grandpa it was because he donated quite a bit to charities, which was easy to prove. For Grease, it seems he filed toys like an expensive car and video game consoles as business related. Ironically Greg is probably being audited for taxes he filed a few years ago, back when he was making a substantial amount from UhOhBro and Speaks.

I'm sure he has appealed the audit so there is no saying when exactly that will take place. But since he has alluded to them coming to his house, he has had this IRS problem for quite a few months now.

No. 396165

> Didn't Gurg specify
why are you taking him at his word? seriously of all things to base your theories on.

even if they can't sleep in those rooms, they are still clearly their rooms.

i agree with the general consensus that cloey seems like it would indeed be the name.
> So that's not actually their kids rooms and the name on the wall shouldn't matter.
you sound like a gerg defender here, careful. or one of those moralfags saying we should never discuss his kids.
it is relevant as it's something he is so obviously triggered by, but beyond that, there isn't much to do with the name itself. it's about him sperging out and revealing the name accidentally and losing control over something he controls because of HIS actions, which is pretty funny.

No. 396176

Yeah he said that shit in a video where hes trying to prove his house is a business expense, so he is purposefully trying to minimize the personal use of the room. Why would he have a stereotypical little boys room and a little girls room if not for the kids? Before he had kids, he never had a room like that lmao. He might let guests stay in there from time to time since he claims the kids sleep in their room, but it's obviously for when their kids grow up and they can have a room even if they dont sleep in it.

And he just for funsies has the word "cloey" hanging in the room? It's not even like the refrigerator where you can easily change words around, he would have had to specifically bought and hung that in the room for what? Random guests? LOL. It'd make more sense if he recently had a video with a character named "Cloey", but nope that was from 2011. It's obviously a name he kept thinking of all this time and likely named his daughter, just like how he was obsessed with the name "Troy".

No. 396177


Lainey looks like a mannequin.

No. 396181

He makes "apologies" like this periodically, in 2015 I remember him doing it at least 4 different times by the end of that year. It lasts between a couple of weeks to a couple of months at maximum because he doesn't understand the concept of regret and can't change due to him not seeking help for whatever personality disorder he has. The mask always slips and pretending to be "nice" and "positive" drives him up the wall after a while, especially when it turns out that the facade still isn't giving him what he wants.

No. 396186

For me it seems like he's trying everything he can think of to make the subscriber dropping stop.

He's done now
-Himself as brootally honest
-Family friendly
-Spergout Greg when family friendly didn't work
-Edgar McEdgelord, the self proclaimed Emokid SuperVillain fresh from 2006
-Another Spergout Greg
-Apologetic Positive Greg

He's like browsing his wardrobe and trying out different behavioral outfits to see if something creates a positive response.

No. 396188

Not that anon but what if the decals are up from a sketch? He's had a character called Cloey before so maybe he's since done that character in drag and just put cheap decals on the wall?

Yeah I know, it's a stretch

No. 396191

He's red, she's green. Their kids must be brown.
At least they will have a normal human colour.

No. 396196

didn't billie show proof onion tried to convince her to stay chained up in his basement with a sign around her neck saying "i'm a liar" for a week as punishment for smoking pot?

He probably will once he escalates. Mass shooters already look up to him.

No. 396199

I am nearly 100 percent convinced that Cloey is the actual name of his daughter. The Claire banner seemed planted to me, while the IRS video was made in a state of mental frenzy. He was so concerned with getting that "proof" video posted that he probably wasn't thinking in terms of what his audience/fans would see, and was more focused on his rage at the IRS and getting those "boxes checked" in his mind. Also I am 1000 percent sure that the "Amber" fridge magnet picture was fake. If you go look at that photo Gerg is not even centered in the frame! (In the majority of his other selfies he is front and center) It is very obvious that he framed the shot so that the magnets would be the focal point of the picture. It also seemed to be a rather random pointless picture where he wasn't trying to look cute.

No. 396218

File: 1497363176385.png (12.94 KB, 370x104, shitfarmer.png)


So am I, anon. The "evidence" we have for this is speaking volumes. First, there is the decal in the bedroom. Although the baby might not sleep there exclusively, the crib suggest she at least stays there sometimes. Second, the way Lainey freaks out on YouNow whenever someone mentions her kids with names is the dead ringer. Whenever some farmer goes on there and says that pictures of Troy has been leaked or alludes to knowing stuff about their kids, she goes dead in the face and starts texting, saying "uuh I just have to fix something". She's probably texting Greg for him to scour lolcow for info. She does this every time the kids are being brought up, last time when the shit farmers named CloeyAndTroy started giving her bars and tipped her to get her attention. She got visibly annoyed and texted away furiously. There was a big change in her demeanour. Lastly, we have the planted decoy with the letters on the fridge, which is just so obvious.

No. 396227

One thing that bugs me is that Billie slipped and said they "collectively have kids" which would imply that they aren't all Greg and Lainey's? Also that little girl bed is way too big for non-even-one-year-old. That's obviously a bed for a 4+ year old. What if Cloey is the mystery offspring?

The thought of this psycho having THREE kids depresses me.

Sage for tinfoil because you guys are vicious about that shit.

No. 396237

When did she say this anon?

No. 396238


not that anon, but remembered it from the livestream she did wayy back.


No. 396239

Thank you!

English isn't my first language but I interpret them collectively having kids as they simply have kids together? Since the one asking was referring to the Greases. I wouldn't read that much into it, the larger bed is next to the crib so Plain probably nurses in it before putting the baby to sleep in the crib, and plan on having the kid use it when she gets older.

No. 396247

I think that's because Lainey was pregnant with baby Cloey at the time, so COLLECTIVELY they have kids. But at the time, only Troy was around and baby bandaid wasn't announced, so I can see why it's confusing.

No. 396249


You're right, maybe she just meant the two of them, together, collectively have children.. together. She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, so who knows.

However when she said that, Lainey wasn't even pregnant. They still only had Troy, as far as we "know". But they've had that little girl princess bed for a long time. Who the fuck was sleeping in that bed before they had the bandaid baby?

No. 396254

>But they've had that little girl princess bed for a long time. Who the fuck was sleeping in that bed before they had the bandaid baby?

Maybe it was for Plainey, she has ddlg fetish and used to drink from a sippy cup and shit

No. 396256


Source on the sippy cup? I always just assumed that their Daddy-dynamic was just her calling him daddy, not venturing into the cringeland of serious DD/lg shit.

No. 396257

I didn't think that huge girly bed was for a new baby girl. I thought it was for whatever toxic bullshit shes putting her son through. She's already attachment parented that kid into a mouth full of rotten teeth and such an inability to self-soothe that he cries all day. Is it too too tinfoil to think Lainey the confused Space Prince wants to be one of those moms who are so cool in certain online circles because they immediately recognized their kids were transgendered and helped them transition very young?

Seems like a bandwagon she'd jump on . Big plastic bed for her special transgirl, pick a name that rhymes with his current name so it's less confusing for him.

Alternatel tinfoil is that Greg has another child from another relationship and that's her bed. Greg changes his name so often it might not be too far off-base to rhink he does so to prevent anyone from tracking down birth certificates. There are certainly enough people who hate him enough to do it.

But whatever the truth is. It's hard to see how they'd out decals with their baby's name over a bed she won't be able to use for at least a couple more years in an otherwise empty room.

No. 396260


I thought this DD/LG thing was bullshit until Greg put that girl Jessica Binkie Princess in one of his videos, and she also then confirmed that she is friends with Lainey in one of her YouNow streams. So there's that.

But jesus fucking christ.. you keep that kinky shit on the DL when you have kids. And now they have a DAUGHTER? Not trying to kink shame… but fuck, it creeps me out.

No. 396261


Which video did he put her in? Wow, that's so fucking gross. I'll kink shame the fuck out of that creep.

No. 396263

What's there not to shame? It's fucked up and lame. Realizing you have a nasty fetish and keeping it to your self is one thing, but normalising/romanticizing/glamorizing that depraved shit online is really fucking disgusting.

Grooming kids and showing off your ddlg fetish in front of your teenage audience, ain't that some shit.

No. 396265

Is it the same bed that Grease did a video on one time and everyone speculated that he was at his sister's place? I'm not sure if it's the same bed or not…

No. 396268

File: 1497373523963.png (523.39 KB, 615x787, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 1.04…)

No. 396273

Well, it's no real proof. Of course, there's going to be sippy cups in a house with kids. It would be weird if she bought one while not having kids, but here…
It's hard to tell what could be dd/lg stuff or simply kid stuff.
Makes it creepier tho, to think they could be doing that shit using their kid's pacifiers and toys. Ugh.

No. 396274

File: 1497374147146.jpg (23.9 KB, 624x153, onionson.jpg)

Pretty irrelevant but his Onionson channel is now called Onision Reacts.

No. 396281


I guess I'm going to counter "tinfoil" here, but has it occurred to anyone that Bandaid's names floating around all over the show matters? It could be a massive red-herring either way considering their mcmansion is so empty and devoid of life.

Should it make any impact on these threads regardless? I'm not saying it derails as of yet, but it's certainly getting close to that and taking the focus away from the shit they actually do and continue to do, yanno?

I mean, the toddler is definitely named "Troy" as Doormat herself confirmed it years ago, as well as the crib that had his name on it, ect. But now I feel like I'm falling into that trap as well by talking about his name, I just think it doesn't matter - the matter is that we know they have two babies of either sex, and speculation on a third is just unwarranted without evidence.

Let's just refer to them as Toothrot and Bandaid, then we can keep the thread on track.

No. 396282

This could easily just be her trying to be quirky.

No. 396283

File: 1497375615487.png (914.22 KB, 838x1256, dvv.png)

More booboos and cries for attention…

No. 396287


I remembered right away seeing that bed frame in a different video, except the blankets are changed now.


Can we name the mystery child "Lil' Bastard"?

No. 396288

Rough night in the dungeon?

No. 396289


I still see she's wearing her knockoff ring

No. 396293

whats that

No. 396296

Onion should get a new lover/ GF, that will definitely increase his views for a time being.
Not to mention all the money he saves when he gets rid of wife and kids.

No. 396297

Haha, she's turning into a munchie!

"Ohhhh, my crippling anxiety I can ease with coloring books and singing along to music! -
But I sure as heck have no problem confronting anyone and making videos."

"Ohhhh, I am SO Gay, Poly and Agendered - did I tell you about the time my (straight, monogomous relationship to) husband talked me into a sexual relationship with a better looking teenaged girl who was into threesomes and cashmoney?

(Ohhh, my wrist! - Grease needs 'extra time' now his forums are hawked over and Billie and Sarah are gone)

…and that's just scratching the surface.

No. 396298


Her ring is not made from real gold or diamonds and was bought at jcpenney.

No. 396303

That was before kids (2013). She is wearing a seaband on her wrist because she was pregnant with Troy.

No. 396304

File: 1497378425442.png (482.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4395.PNG)

I bet Skye designed that shirt.

No. 396305

File: 1497378495348.png (425.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4396.PNG)


Why he no longer wears makeup (lol)

No. 396308

what a fucking plot twist :V

No. 396314

File: 1497379625841.jpg (3.29 MB, 4160x2340, 20170612_163935.jpg)


No. 396315

The thing about dd/lg dynamics is that they often bleed outside of the bedroom. This does not work if you have kids.
People aren't perfect, new parents certainly aren't. But there are so many red flags with these two. They are just too selfish and can't even take care of themselves let alone two vulnerable human beings.

No. 396316

File: 1497379786792.jpg (78.12 KB, 1420x795, greasy.JPG)


Mirror of "Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup:"


There's not much in this video that we don't already know, but what's interesting is his insistence that he COULD "debunk" the "non-positive comment" that he doesn't practice what he preaches. But he's too busy, in so many words.

Also worth mentioning - he isn't wearing makeup in this vid, but it IS heavily filtered, from what I can tell. That teal wall behind him is actually much more saturated than it appears. So much for "honesty," lmao.

No. 396317

Wut? Why would Skye have designed it?

No. 396320


That book looks interesting, I'd rather read it than watch Lamey livestream any day.


Even with filters, he still looks like shit.


She also designed most of his merch, other than the top fans/site mods.

No. 396322

File: 1497380492752.jpg (34.55 KB, 633x260, gregmanson.JPG)

So I watched Laineys new "boyfriend girlfriend tag" video. (guess "boyfriend spaceprince" didn't sit right with Gregma.)

greasy moments include:
>onion jokes about being most turned on by putting lamp in a cage

>onion makes himself cry and follows it by "joking" about mimicking human emotion

>onion thinks romantic love is about fighting other males

plainey is there too, and is as per usual annoyed, sad, uncomfortable and placed firmly in the background. Her melancholy plead for a "big christmas tree", billie reference and trying to explai that most 8 year olds don't feel romantic love being her only contributions to her own video.

I don't have a mirror link, but I'll leave this cap. 98% of the comments are praising them, and then there is this. I don't really know what to say.

No. 396323

>"You get the LUXURY of being pregnant, Lainey, so I get to pick the name!"

No. 396324

File: 1497380731719.png (146.21 KB, 750x1023, 1482335213606.png)

Nah, Onion already dubbed Billie as Onion Girl- Lamey doesn't even get to be that, lol

No. 396325

File: 1497380838395.jpg (83.58 KB, 1421x796, stop, you're making me uncomfo…)


Here's a mirror link for you. Grease is exceptionally creepy in this video, have to agree with anon's screenshot above. He acts like a child and seems to take pleasure in making his wife uncomfortable. Gross.


No. 396329

do you believe that lainey kissed 42 people? i don't

No. 396330


None of those people know that long-haired Onion existed…


Ewww you can see them wrinkles down his neck! He ain't hawt emo boy no more! Lmfaooo

No. 396332


It would certainly explain all the facial herpes

No. 396334

File: 1497382555131.jpg (829.4 KB, 2240x1344, 20170612_160326.jpg)

They look related.

Also, just figured I'd share this here. I made Grease (and PT) in fallout 4, as best as I could with the limited vanilla options. Sorry for shit quality, had to use a phone for the pic.

There was a hairstyle called "dishonorable discharge" I felt really tempted to use, too. I'll probably post more in the Sims thread later on.

No. 396336

Is It OK To Worship Onision? (QnA With Onision) Transcript. It's cringy af, y'all. Nothing exciting, but so you don't have to watch it.

Hey there! I’m Greg. Laptop [shows laptop]. I’m going to answer your questions. Onision.co, you see that? Go into the white people only—patron only section. Probably should have edited that out. We’re at the Q&A section of the forum.

>Would you ever consider doing a Patron only meet-and-greet?

Not unless I want to get stabbed. I know I seem kind of homoerotic, but I’m not into that kind of penetration.

>What’s the first musician/band you ever fell in love with?

Well, according to this picture [childhood photo with his favorites], I was a fan of Gregthunder and the—I don’t know. What does it say? Damn, young Onision’s looking so good. Thinking about becoming a priest.

>Where can you see yourself in 10 years time?

Um, I think I gotta go to outer space, and then look at the earth. Or time, and distance you’re away, multiples yourself back on earth. So complex. That’s like an acid question.

>What is the length of your left pinky?

[holds finger to face] It’s like that big compared to my face. Yeah? Was that helpful?

>Which instruments can you play?

I’m really good at the nunyas.

>Do you believe in any type of God or afterlife or soul?

Tell you what. If God ever asked me that question, I’ll say: yes.

Ah, yes. The long-winded one asking my stance on drugs. And my stance is this: I want everyone around me to be as high as I am at all times, and I am never high. Not even really that big of a fan of coffee.

>What was your most fun video to make?

Basically any Fun with Onision where I get to take my clothes off and flex my muscles. That or videos I would record with Cyr, but we all hate him now.

>How can I convince my mom who doesn’t believe in bisexuals I’m bi?

Bring a hot dude, and a hot chick in front of your mom, and then [sticks out tongue, makes making out noises. ew.] You know? Both of them. [laughs] It’s bad advice. You shouldn’t follow it but it was funny to me.

>What’s your favorite food/meal?

Maybe the vegetarian Tofurky roast, or vegetarian lasagna. Mmm-mm, good.

>If you inherit five million dollars the same day aliens tell the earth they’re blowing us up in two days, what would you do?

Uh, duh. Pay someone to kill someone with a spaceship. I coulda just paid the person with the spaceship, but then the money would be of value. You’re complex.

>Would you let someone pay you to live in your basement?

Yeah. $400,000. Pay my mortgage, you can live in my basement.

>Can I pay to get down on my knees and pray to you and worship you like a god?

That’s kind of kinky. [Ewwww]

Thank you guys so much for the questions. [singing] You are the light of my life, and I owe it all to you.

No. 396338

Why is his face so much darker than the rest of his body? I thought he picked a wrong shade of some foundation but if this is a no-makeup look, that can't be the case.

No. 396340


bad skin

No. 396342

Sage pls and bad skin doesn't make your face darker, right? It can make it red, spotted and shit, but not this shade of dark orange. And only his face.

No. 396347

File: 1497384683400.gif (314.54 KB, 600x480, onionata.gif)

cant wait for that Onion-is-over Party

No. 396348

lack of exfoliation
bitch needs AHA

No. 396349

he probably had something done again like a peel

No. 396350

I think what's going on is something like video related (watch from around 2:20). It's likely his whole face is red as fuck, and what's left is just what the filter can't correct. He also probably has it turned down a bit compared to the level he usually uses, just enough so it looks like he isn't wearing makeup but his skin still looks way better than it actually does.

No. 396351

Oh, that makes sense, that's probably it.

No. 396353

File: 1497386111799.jpg (51.2 KB, 956x569, same blue.JPG)

Samefag from >>396350

The image on the left is from Laineybot's "My Anxiety" video, and the image on the right is Onion's "Why I Stopped Wearing Makeup" video. Same room, same wall, same couch, but one is filtered to shit and one isn't. In the video above, Wayne Goss explains the limits of this type of lighting tool. Gurg's trying to look "real" and "relatable" by showcasing his bad skin, but doesn't want it to look TOO bad. Because narcissist, lol. It doesn't just filter people though, it filters the whole environment. Which isn't a big deal or a dead giveaway unless there's something else to compare it to.

Onion's moved so many of his videos around that I can't find an example of him outright abusing the limits of this tool, but think of all those videos where he outright looks like Edward Cullen. And that time he barged in on Sarah's YouNow and immediately turned on the beauty lighting because he wasn't wearing makeup (and blinded poor Sarah).

No. 396358

Years and years late for the react bandwagon.
As with the gaming bandwagon.

Goddmn it Greg. When you try to adapt, try to adapt to CURRENT trends. You want bucks? You gotta acknowledge reality to profit from it.

No. 396361

File: 1497389062047.jpg (76.68 KB, 956x569, gerglame.jpg)

No. 396362


Not only is he lightyears behind on any Youtube trends, he has said so many times that he hates react videos, that it's plagiarism and that it's unfair to steal content from other creators like that (I agree with this, tho), and now he's so poor and busted he actually makes his own react channel….

For a man who lives his entire life online, he's so slow.

No. 396364

it is strange because this stream was before band aid was even an eggo, and during CG1 Lainey kept talking about "the kids, our children" etc. etc.

If Greg does have an extra offspring, I doubt it'd be living with them and I doubt Lainey would consider it to be hers. The only other thing I can think of is that there is another kid between troy and cloey. I just refuse to believe A) greg would want a kid from another relationship and B) someone would want that kid to be with greg.

No. 396365

What are the current trends though? Commentator 'rational', drama and edgy community? He tried to be both, failed both.
Idk if there's something else, youtube went to shit imo.
Pewdiepie always tries to go with what's popular and he just cranks out YLYL and Try not to cringe kinda videos. So maybe shitty boring reaction vids are still trendy.

No. 396366


They talked about kids in plural to throw people off. I think when CG1 happened and she left his ass for 3 minutes, she tweeted she had taken the kid to a friend's house. No mention of kids, but correct me if I'm wrong. They used to talk shit and throw out red herrings all the time.

No. 396367

She probably refers to Troy with they them pronouns in "tru feminist" fashion.

No. 396368


No. 396370

she used the words "kids" and "children" a lot for a long time to keep people guessing, I vaguely remember reading that she or someone else justified it because they consider Leelu and Dobs to be like their children too. Regardless, they only have Troy and Cloy

No. 396371

Maybe his face just has more melanin. My face is naturally a shade or two darker than my arms and I have good skin and use sunscreen daily.
I bet he needs to moisturise more and irritate his face less with all the products he keeps putting on it. Probably falls into the trap a lot of people with bad oily skin do and overcleans his face which dries out his skin and strips it of the natural oil barrier, so it produces more oil to compensate.

No. 396372

File: 1497389832947.jpg (16.91 KB, 240x286, dCMTldH.jpg)

No. 396373

I feel like they tried really hard to seem "normal" and like a fun couple here, even though we know Greg clearly freaks Lainey out

No. 396375

I don't have caps but I remember he specifically tweeting something like "how could he do this to me and the kids?" during the height of her freak out on twitter, which to me makes it less likely it was so some sort of fake out.

No. 396379

Mom-group friend here. There are only two kids. I 100% guarantee it. Any other "pregnancies" with Gergamel were miscarried (speaking of shiloh.)

People are going to keep bringing this up, but two kids. First is 4 in January, second is 1 in November.

No. 396385

Two too many.

Thanks for the info.

No. 396401

Iirc Lainey also miscarried (at around 11wks) post troy but pre cl/oey/aire. There were understandably tears when crazy mama onion gleefully presented her with knitted booties despite lainey's loss with the explanation that she'd already made them or some other willfully ignorant/hurtful excuse. Ughhh Mama and son are really exceptional.

No. 396411


No. 396423

Just a friendly reminder that Lainey was pregnant with Gerg's child when he blasted her publicly for being "negative" about Billie, and frequently ignored her and paid attention to Billie when she felt insecure. Lainey was also likely still pregnant when Glurg decided to ignore his wife's insecurities and fuck Billie.

But, no, Onion, you are SUCH a good husband because you ultimately chose your wife.

No. 396426

I thought this story was a mixup, and actually it was Greg's sister that had the miscarriage and Greg made weird videos about it.

No. 396435


Please, don't remind me. I start feeling bad for Lainey.

No. 396452

File: 1497404513874.png (13.52 KB, 583x114, lolmyarse.png)

No. 396461

Hmmm I wonder which one lol the guy has so many haters now it's unreal

No. 396472

"Help, police, someone online said my child's name to my spouse after I showed that child's bedroom to the world. Feelings have been hurt. Send backup asap. I'm a battle hardened soldier and deserve respect."

No. 396475

File: 1497406661265.png (28.72 KB, 522x106, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.15…)

Yeah, he's deep into the "apologetic and kind" cycle of abuse. Lainey's family probably caused her to come to consciousness momentarily, so he's got a need to love bomb, both Lainey and his fans.

No. 396476

File: 1497406679984.png (269.15 KB, 927x594, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 7.16…)



No. 396479


Ew. Nigga looks 50

No. 396483

His MAC Foundation doesn't match at all.

No. 396485

Whoa. Has Andy always looked like a fucking chick? Is he trans or something? I don't remember the dude looking that feminine.

No. 396487

Sage your shit posting

No. 396493

She's everything I hate about millennial rolled into one person, muh depression and anxiety, muh quirky buzzwords, muh nerd culture, muh social media addiction

No. 396499

File: 1497409857828.png (61.95 KB, 626x293, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.09…)

Also busy flirting up a storm with his fans again. Double barf.

"What tax video? What baby names? Ahahaha!!"

No. 396500

File: 1497409878903.png (620.32 KB, 847x583, Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 8.09…)

No. 396501

i bet he uploaded this and thought he looks young and cute

but really he looks like his cheeks are full of bees wtf

No. 396502

Fillers, maybe?

No. 396503

Nah he looks like he's trying to do the :3 face like emo weebs used to back in the late '00s when he peaked. In other words, he's trying to look like a cute teenage boi~ uguu

No. 396507

ugh, that creepy little grin on his old man face makes me sick

No. 396511


Read this as "boobs". Still fits.

No. 396513

This really isn't the place but yeah and nah. He's just that fucking pretty.

No. 396514

topkek anon

No. 396528


Why is his hair so greasy? And lol one of his man-titties is sticking out

No. 396530

those cheeks. did he get fillers? is that why he went through another "mask" period? im disturbed by how much of a manlet he's becoming.

No. 396531

nice tits, jigsaw

No. 396564


He's helping Lame-o breastfeed the kids

No. 396614


Poor kids having to swallow Onion juice.

No. 396621

File: 1497420468271.png (473.71 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4400.PNG)


I see a slight difference too with >>396476 . Here, his face looks flattened yet defined.

No. 396626

She kissed 40 people before meeting gerg? She was 17. Shes either lying, telling the truth and was some social ass butterfly in school (but muh social anxiety), or has kissed people since being married to gerg (besides billie which we know about). I wouldnt be surprised if gergles convinces her to kiss every girl he invites over so he can perv over it. But if she did, he would have taken pics and shown everyone.

Also she said shes only loved 2 people. So either she didnt love her ex-boyfriend we know about or she never loved billie. I'm going to go with Billie.

Also love how she argued with him about how he couldnt be in love when he was 8 years old and that's not real love. Yes lameo, we also think its not real love when you obsess over someone over the internet before ever speaking to them and call it love and then marry them in two nano seconds.

And gerg had a 2.7 GPA in high school. Are we surprised?

I hope he does get fillers and shit, and ultimately fucks up his face more than it already is.

No. 396628

She said she never loved Billie and they only ever kissed.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I saw caps.
(Onision claimed he got to 'watch two beautiful women make love' what an idiot.)

No. 396630

Yeah shes said she never loved billie, but then backtracked for sympathy pretending she did and that shes so heartbroken over billie. So shes either now going back on it and admitting she never loved billie again, or trying to pretend gerg was her first love and that she never loved her ex-bf she had for years.

No. 396638

so gerg fucked her girlfriend when she never had? what the fuck?

No. 396640


It was 2.6 actually, yeah. He dum

No. 396641


Lurk moar

No. 396644

Wait, really? So this moron is basically retarded. At the least mentally inept

No. 396650

I would've imagined it had been obvious a long time ago.

At least >>396336 should've given you the biggest hint of it.

No. 396652

File: 1497433406289.png (359.95 KB, 956x569, Onionskull.png)

No. 396656

People like Gurgles excel at intuitively manipulating people and exploiting systems. He very obviously lacks raw brain power, impulse control or emotional maturity which is why people like him get fucked up in the long term.

No. 396665


Oh you mean that same thing PewDiePie did that was extremely successful?
Seems like it isn't working out so well in Onion land

Hey, at least Onion can brag about not losing as many subscribers as "NAYA NAYA NEWS NEPAL"

I don't have much faith in astrology shit despite Lamey's video but I have tried looking into it before.
Looks like moon signs as well as a sun sing matter.
I would be a Libra-Virgo yet I don't meet the characteristics of either when looking through them. Though maybe part of it plays into the alignments of the planets upon birth as some would say anyway. Good luck finding out the exact hour and minute of your birth, Anon.

This is fucking terrifying. He matches everything but the neanderthal brow.
Maybe several men were entering and leaving her house often. Maybe all their semen combined to make the abomination that is Onion boy that fateful night.

How can his actual PAtreon link to a virus download unless Patreon itself was hacked into? That or is he leading them off from Patreon entirely? (I don't know how to Patreon, folks. Sorry).

Any time the mask goes on; he gets work done.
That's the only reason he was mentioning it recently, he's getting more cosmetic work done. So much for needing money to survive.
He's reminding me a lot of that DarkSydePhil guy who "needs money" to keep two houses. OT so sage.

No. 396669

>And gerg had a 2.7 GPA in high school.
He says in that video complaining about his shitty book reviews that he was in honors english in HS "while simultaneously attending college". Does he mean he took college credit courses? Cuz that's not the same thing lol

No. 396670

File: 1497444490160.png (288.79 KB, 398x588, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 8.47…)

so the video buffered here… why is one of his eyes so slow???

No. 396671

He couldn't of been in college, if he graduated high school at 18 and joined the USAF at 19 - he wouldn't of had any time do any course at college unless he dropped out in the first year which is… weak.

But this is the first time I've heard him mentioning college at all, I think you're right… he just took a credit course.

No. 396672

Sorry to samefag, but I just wanted to add that with all the enlisting process, paperwork, medical checks and deployment preparation - he would've had to of waited a significant amount of time for all that to happen as well.

There's wouldn't be any time for college in give-or-take half a year; let alone a single year.

He over-exaggerates/lies about his "achievements" so much that none of it ever adds up or makes any sense in the end.

No. 396679

No wonder they cry all the time.

No. 396684

I'm sure he's just referring to the classes you can take in your upper years of high school where you can simultaneously register and pay tuition at a local community college, and receive college credit for your high school class. It's literally the easiest way to get college credit, some people are actually able to enter college as sophomores or 2nd semester freshmen when they use the opportunity right.

No. 396689

He went when he was still in high school but he flunked out because he thought he was too smart to study.


No. 396691

Hi there high school anon 2.0 here. We have a thing called running start. It's where you attend courses at a community college that you would normally take at high school. It allows you to get credit for both. Often ppl will start sophomore year so that they graduate with a high school diploma and an A.A.

He however didn't participate in this program. Not with that gap, or spending time in juvee.

No. 396694

You when to HS with him??

No. 396695

holy fuck that archive has some weird signs of his narcissism.

>And lastly, my ex-girlfriends' sister of which I began to love like family ~ she told me she wished I would die, she wished I did not exist… I smiled, and said she was horrible for saying those things, I said she was ugly on the inside, that she did not deserve to look at me… I made her cry many times due to what she had said to me… in a way this makes me a monster… in a way, this makes me a god.

tldr, Onision was an asshole to an ex whoms sister got mad at him, so he started to torment her so he could feel like a god.

>This time I did work hard, and I did learn the material of the class, in fact I am typing on my own computer right now that I built from scratch. How did I learn this? Easy, at […] college, in the class which gave me a 0.7 – Why did I get such a low grade? Because my grades did not turn out well when it came to tests. I know how to put together a computer blindfolded now, I know mostly all the terms for computer parts and general vocabulary, yet somehow even after my effort, I was shown the road, because I could not cut it in computer tests.

Elliott rodger shit right here actually, Elliott bragged about his WoW character the same way.
tldr putting together a computer from parts takes an hour and is easy af, Onision thinks he's amazing for being able to do it.


No. 396698

I just read that and wow… even in school he had no self-discipline, disrespected teachers, wouldn't put the work in and expected everything to be handed to him on a silver platter without any effort, good lord.

And that continued throughout his three years in the USAF as well… he really did strike it lucky with being an early adopter of YT with Skye's help and support, he's fucking useless at everything otherwise.

No. 396699

Yup. He's 2 yrs older than me but I remember him

No. 396702

>in a way, this makes me a god

Imagine being so much of an egoist that he would seriously believe that saying stuff to make people cry is godlike. Meanwhile I'm over here noting that being mean and acting out of emotion is probably the easiest, 'human' characteristic to express.
What the fuck is godly about getting people to hate him?

No. 396708


That was Alicia whom he tormented. Read the MySpace messages, it'll make sense.

No. 396710


What was it like hanging around Grease and his crowd, since y'all had mutual friends.

No. 396712

Dude had no friends lol skye was a friend of a friend tho I don't remember her. I posted several threads back about their relationship. He was not well liked, gave off a school shooter vibe. He was good looking in high school tho, if you're an edgy teen.

No. 396714


Was he the type of loner who walked around in the hallways and sit by himself during lunch while giving everyone psycho eyes?

Lol how did the girls and Skye fell for this loser?

I shouldn't be so hypocritical, I was an introvert myself and had very few friends. But I never wanted to shoot up the school or hurt anyone.

No. 396729

Alicia is Skye's sister… he specifically said it was an "ex-girlfriend's sister". I do recall him having a creepy infatuation with Alicia though.

No. 396733

Those programs require that you hold a high GPA in order to participate as a high school student, and that you've completed all the high school level courses in that subject. Like, at the minimum a 3.0, but more likely a 3.5.

This is because even things like college level Algebra I is way more intensive and covers more material than the basic high school algebra course that's taken in your freshman or sophomore year. The high school version covers less material over twice the time; if the student can't cope with the high school pace at a 3.0 or higher, they're going to fail the college level version.

No. 396746

File: 1497461835963.png (30.08 KB, 591x111, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 10.3…)

PityCycle™ engaged

No. 396756

Oh god, another round of that..

No. 396758

Probably because Onion, when you're on top, you don't want any friends/say everyone is a terrible friend. And when you're on bottom, you suddenly want "friends" again, but only the popular ones.

No. 396791

He's crying cause Andy is literally ignoring him.

No. 396800

File: 1497468177730.png (46.03 KB, 210x173, 2017-06-14 21_22_15-(9) Onisio…)

In his newest video he is sad about Andy Biersack not wanting to be associated with onion anymore. Onion blames this on his decline in viewers and decline in popularity, but not because he is a vile person that spouts shit online 24/7. He really has zero self-awareness.

No. 396801

File: 1497468211768.png (74.38 KB, 833x259, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 3.18…)

>>396746 He made a video about Andy and this was the description of it. In the video he basically throws himself a pity party saying Andy doesn't want to be in any more videos with him because his views dropped. He also whines that Andy hasn't invited him on his podcast even though he is way more "entertaining" than some of the people that he has hosted, for example Social Repose. His tears are juicy.

No. 396802


His head is the colour of a blood orange.
You should really get that blood pressure checked out, Grease.
That goes without mentioning your hygiene levels to counteract the effects that's having as well. Sheesh.

No. 396808

Hahahah I knew hes butthurt because Social Repose got invited to the Andy Biersack podcast.

Yeah Onion, you are totally more entertaining, that's why your views are dropping

No. 396809


Greg literally answered his own question why Andy doesn't want to talk to him….. He wants to keep his image clean. Who would want to talk to the 30 something creep who yelled at everyone for being sad over the bombing in the uk?

No. 396813

File: 1497469848697.png (107.84 KB, 1112x136, 2017-06-14 21_46_07-(9) Andy B…)

31 year old man you say?

No. 396823

File: 1497471174736.png (1.26 MB, 1386x844, lovemedaddyandy.png)

Here's the Andy Biersack bitchfest


No. 396824

File: 1497471184425.jpg (259.24 KB, 2211x1305, vamchoir.jpg)

Can we all just take a moment to lol at how retarded Grem-mom is.

'Have to admit I was laughing the entire time I worked on this gag. The "dad" character is completely new. '

Like, what work did this even involve??? At least we know where Greg got his immature sense of humour from.

No. 396825

This is the most pathetic shit ever, if he truly felt that Andy was such a valuable friend - he'd discuss any issues he has with their friendship personally and privately; like normal fucking adults do… not whine on a social platform for pity points and views.

You're right though, Grease. You're "not ~tRyInG~ to be dramatic", you've completely made it utterly dramatic without even trying. Your idea of "top content" is nothing much more than sitting your slimy, pimply, lazy ass down in front of a camera to vomit up your boring beef with other YT'ers to anyone that cares to listen.

…why does he have dildos for legs?

No. 396827

That dad character gives me the creeps for some reason..

No. 396828

Does he not understand by now that Andy finds him to be a disgusting person?

No. 396832

Geeee could it possibly be because you made a really gross video about him, Gerg? Naaaah can't be that.

No. 396841


I don't know much about this Andy fella, other than that he seems famous and probably shouldn't associate himself or his brand with Onion. At all. Even his collabs with him are creepy as fuck. How did they even get in contact?

Andy looks like a soft butch with a really thick neck lol.

No. 396843

The programs I'm referring to don't have a GPA requirement, it's just paying tuition to get college credit for a high level high school class. Not everyone who gains credit that way is a good student. Obviously it's a different situation for actually attending a college course, at my school you had to have an IEP (be gifted, basically) if you wanted to do it before senior year. Onion's whining appeal letter about his GPA doesn't seem to be about his HS GPA dropping though, it sounds like what the person who posted the link said - he just didn't try. Basic level gen-eds are more demanding than high school, but they're still easy if you try and you're not a total moron.

No. 396845

So basically she's illustrating a child's summary of Married…With Children and thinks she's original and hilarious for it?

No. 396852

File: 1497473607291.jpg (114.21 KB, 1863x522, Capture.JPG)


I only believe he made this video as an attempt to guilt trip Andy for not wanting to talk to him. Isn't it kinda funny he's angry at Andy for wanting to visit his family? He really has something against people he's obsessed with visiting anyone besides him lol. He still has his twitter head as Andy so… He's acting like he's entitled to Andy since Andy has done vids with him

No. 396853

So he's mad that someone has priorities other than stroking his ego.

No. 396858

Andy brings him views and potential fangirls, of course he is butthurt because Andy won't collaborate with him anymore.
He thinks his shit video will make those fangirls turn on Andy and support him instead, lol what a stupid narc.

I am loving Onion downfall.

No. 396860

Did Gargle forget about the video he made where he gave a blowjob to "Andy" and proceeded to molest it?

No. 396862

How many friends does Onion have left? People who have known him for over, let's say, three years.

No. 396864

molest? more like rape! in a very graphic and traumatising way mind you.

No. 396867

I even bet by the end of the night he'll try and get Andy's dad involved like he's done a couple of times already in the past.

His dad is a right shit as well, he was perfectly fine with Grease raping a doll of his son when he was informed of it.

No. 396869

File: 1497475662463.png (438.7 KB, 760x472, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.24…)

Greg texted Any yesterday and asked him for another collaboration. And "asked" in a leading way, as if Greg were confirming their previous plans. Basically, Greg assumed that since Andy is on the Warped Tour, and the tour is in his area, of COURSE Any would want to link up to Greg's sinking ship.

No. 396870

File: 1497475747718.png (233.43 KB, 883x502, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.25…)

Greg shows these images and is like, "think of the views, Andy! Remember how we got a lot of views together??" Acknowledges that his own views are but a fraction of what they were.

No. 396872

File: 1497476107559.png (384.67 KB, 675x449, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.29…)


Andy, bless his soul, let Greg down very gently, considering the "I'm raping Andy!!" video Greg made, and his toxic reputation; no one wants to touch Greg's terrible image. Why would anyone commit career suicide to do a favor for him? The other YTers are happy he's finally been hoisted by his own petard. Andy told Greg his plate was pretty full with the Tour, and that he was spending his off time from the Tour with his family.

Greg thinks he's lying, and that if Greg had 10 million views per video Andy would collaborate with him no matter what. Greg is absolutely blind to the fact that people don't want to work with him because he's unpleasant and stressful. Add to that, that he's a toxic brand no one wants to be involved with - for many people, it wouldn't matter how many views a collab would get them. They don't want to spend time with Greg, and they don't want to support abuse.

This is Greg's "do you REALLY THINK he would ignore me if I had more views?" face.

No. 396873

"I wasn't invited to be on the show. Other people were just, randomly on, and it's like I don't exist."

This feels like death to a narcissist. LOL BE MAD.

No. 396875

Even if onion was capable of getting 10 million views, I really doubt Andy would care. He's in a pretty successful band so I assume that's going to be his priority, not making youtube vids with a washed up narcissist

No. 396876


Greg thinks Andy is using him for views? Andy literally has his own brand… Did he forget BVB was a thing? and how popular they were? Andy doesn't need Greg for shit.

No. 396878

lol exactly, Andy's career is more successful than Greg's has ever been.

No. 396879

File: 1497476624447.png (548.24 KB, 878x501, Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 2.42…)

Greg says the last time it only took 45 minutes to records; how Andy didn't call him last time he was in town; etc etc etc. Greg lays it on thick, trying to guilt a person who's avoiding him into making a collaboration. Greg says he knows his brand is bad… so why would Andy do this for you? Because you thought of him as a friend? He may have been at one point, but you fucked it up, like you fuck up every relationship you have.

"I'm sorry you didn't have time for me this Warped Tour"

No. 396880

I wonder why the faxmachine didn't screenshot Andy's reply? He just says "he responded saying that.. he just said a bunch of things!" and explains that he said that he's too busy and wants to see family. I guess it's easier to manipulate his followers to feel sorry for him if he doesn't let Andy speak for himself.

God, his smugness when he says he's not boring and would bring the show and the woe is me tone of his voice at the end makes me feel violent.

No. 396883

I love that Greg offered to drive to Andy, like it's some huge concession. The dude is playing Warped Tour, if he had any time or inclination to record with you while he's working on something involved and important and would be doing you a huge favor in the first place, yes, of course you should drive to him. That's not a favor, Greg.

No. 396886

The sign off is "You know I'd bring the show [if invited on The Andy Show], but no: I've been rejected, and I accept that."

Narcs are all just alike. You don't accept shit. You're attempting to lay a massive, public guilt trip, rather than apologize for your actions to him in private - and leave it at that. Just an apology. No laying blame or making excuses. That's how you start repairing shit. But Greg'll never learn, so the public, milky, downward spiral never ends.

No. 396888

I don't know why he has a tesla when riding coat tails is clearly his preferred mode of transport.

No. 396890

he's so transparent.

1. play victim with a public guilt trip.
2. doesn't get what wants, so goes into a narc rage where he obsesses over it for a few days/months about what a victim he is and how terrible they are.
3. say sorry, but still paint himself as mostly innocent.
4. do the same shit to someone else.
5. throw subtle shade about his ex-gf/friend/whatever publicly for the rest of his disgusting, pitiful life.

No. 396892

File: 1497478314586.jpg (36.65 KB, 333x304, ugh.jpg)

His minions are now on it, sigh.

No. 396893

Just one obsessed fan.

No. 396903


late, but: the other reason sicesca fell on its ass is because it's retarded, like greg.

No. 396909

I can't believe that he got rejected and decided to make a whole video trying to shame someone into hanging out with him…I know I shouldn't be because this is such textbook narc behavior but like. Holy damn. If Andy caves and decides to pay him a visit, how fucking awkward will that be? I can't imagine anyone I consider a friend being happy to see me after such a weird display.

No. 396913

Yeah reminds me of early stages of Adrienne videos and voicemail.

Basically he ranges from pretending to take full blame and acting contrite through to full on "you cunt" narc rage. He's starting part way into the cycle by playing the understanding victim. The question is how will Andy respond and how will that progress the narc cycle.

If Andy ignores him, the narc level will go up aggressively and if he has anything or pretends to have anything on Andy, it'll come out as the Fax Machine engages.

If Andy reassures him but doesn't relent… I don't know how long that can stall him.

If Andy gives in and pity collabs, love bombing returns… for now…

If Andy is assertive and says "hey you're creepy and mean pls go away", full rage mode engaged like when Blaire White got him angry, long "you owe me an apology" type videos, Eugenia Cooney level harassment, full lists of everything he thinks Andy owes him.

It's all on you Andy. Gergle is all about honesty and fax. I think you should deliver.

No. 396914

>you owe me an apology

More like "You owe me a public apology, I contributed to your fame and gave you views, hdu leave me"

No. 396917


What weirds me out me but hopefully wasn't meant is that Billie was considered part of the cult enough that she was relied on to help parenting the kids, hence her use of the word 'collective', which does kind of imply a different type of family.

Billie also said that the kids cried all the time, or that she'd never seen kids cry so much or something to that extent. So she was involved with them to some degree?

No. 396920

IIRC greg would whisk billie off to play video games alone and lainey/whoever-was-her-chamber maid-at-the-time would be stuck with the kids

No. 396921

ngl i hate people who use the word heckin, shaygnar does it constantly when sperging about doggos and puppers.

which are also not my favorite words.

No. 396922

Just stop it. There was no cult, she was in a relationship with them and went through periods of living at their house, of course she hung out with their offspring.

No. 396924


god's work, anon. what an unfunny, cringey shit.

No. 396926


new 'single' lol no just because you say it does not make it so

No. 396929

hey how did we confirm that momma onion knitted booties and got all cunty about it when lainey ended up miscarrying? wasn't that from a reddit post?

No. 396932

Dude this is so embarrassing Greg has no shame.. how completely pathetic. He doesn't want to be friends with you anymore, let it go.

No. 396935

God their house is ugly. You can really tell what the combination of their two lacking personalities results in.
There isn't even a minimalist vibe acheived. Just ugly furniture in empty rooms.

No. 396937

Lol he wants to collab with him when hes busy with warped tour. And doesnt think andy wanting to see family is a valid excuse LOL. I dont think Andy needs views from your tween girls even if you had 1mil views. Also why does Andy have to tell you everytime he goes to Washington? LOL. You're not a priority to him. Hes not best friends with you. Wtf.

Onion is the one using him for views, and made seventy videos about him. Just because he was nice to priase onion a couple times and collab with him, now he thinks he entitled to always hang out with him and make videos together lmao. Like dude hes famous and has a bunch of much closer friends. You're psycho ass isn't a priority.

I can believe it. This is Shane all over again LOL. He collabs with them a few times, then thinks hes entitled to always hang out with them. The only reason he isnt shitting on Andy completely is hes hoping its still a chance he can hang out and he doesnt want to burn the bridge or alienate BVB fans who believe in the andy/onion ship lmao.

No. 396938


calm your tits, it's a tinfoil, who gives a shit? they saged.

No. 396940

Thats actually a really good point, Grease is known for flashing screenshots all over the show especially when it might benefit him. Why not show andys reply? I wonder if it was a lot harsher than he lets on..

No. 396941

No. 396942

I was thinking the same thing! You'd think he'd be too embarrassed to make this video. His One (1) famous "friend" doesn't want anything to do with him. He's mad enough to make a video but won't show screenshots? Andy must've said something that was a little too honest for King Gregory.

No. 396944

Probably because hes hoping this video will guilt andy into collabing with him, so he doesnt want to breach his trust yet since if onion boy is going to show his personal texts, he might not reply anymore. I dont think he wants to completely burn the Andy bridge yet.

alternatively, andy's reply might have been too nice and reasonable, and his fans might side with Andy instead of onion.

No. 396945

File: 1497486341031.png (36.31 KB, 587x320, onion.png)

>no doubt soon-to-be friends

lol. He's trying to manipulate people into paying him money because it gives them a chance to be his friend. Sure onion boy. Tomato paid the most money and that's hardly a friendship lmao.

I hope hes trying to find lameo's replacement in these discords.

No. 396949

lol he was rolling in dough when he released his books and he made his fans pay for that at the time too, Hes so full of shit

No. 396953


No. 396956

That must be bullcrap. Look at her attempt at drawing stick figures in two frames. No way she can knit.

No. 396957

The only time Gerg is going to see a jump in his popularity again is when Lainey films him getting arrested and hauled off to jail for tax fraud and at the end of the video she looks right into the camera and whispers "I'm free!"

No. 396965

Truest ever post about the "Avaroes".
This is how they are inside, this is what they project outside.
Emptiness sparsely furnished with ugliness.

No. 396969

Greg, you posted a graphic and disturbing video of you raping Andy in effigy and you want a collab? You're lucky he didn't hit you with a restraining order. After Greg's mockery of that American Idol girl who was shot by a deranged fan and Greg being an influencer of a mass shooter, Andy could easily get a restraining order but Greg is hurt, so sad, that Andy won't pump up his falling numbers with a new video.

It's weird, isn't it, how he expects everyone he fixates upon to abandon their families for him the moment he decides he wants their attention.

Greg will never realize that value has more meanings than number of fans/views or money. I'm not a fan of Social Repose - I barely get what he's about - but the couple of videos of his I've seen were funny. He's a real musician with a real act and a fan base that doesn't need permission to use dad's credit card online. He has much more in common with Andy and Andy's fan base and it isn't an embarrassment being around him. He may have fewer viewers than Greg but he has far higher social credibility and artistic value.

Greg (literally) will never understand that to some people talent and interest is just as, if not more important, than bottom line views per video.

No. 396975

Even if he did give them things for "free", they would still come with a price.

No. 396997

The other thing he doesn't seem to get is that at least Social Repose is (however loosely) involved with music and alternative stuff, so it's relevant to whatever Andy does. Gretchen has nothing to offer in that respect. he's bland and talentless. why would a musician invite him on his show?

No. 397008

File: 1497499385695.jpg (19.72 KB, 824x140, Capture.JPG)

God I hope Greg isn't planning on going…. I would seriously be worried about Andy.

idk if this counts as ot but I'll sage it anyway to be sure

No. 397009

File: 1497499678463.png (765.1 KB, 835x581, disaster.png)

lol jesus christ

No. 397016

He looks like Hitler

No. 397017

more like Hitler's autistic spoiled son

No. 397021

What in the blue fuck is happening with his nose?

No. 397022

I think it's a weird combo of shadows and filters working against his nose

No. 397023

Jesus, it looks like Martin Freeman if he were very poorly drawn by a psychopath.

Every time I scroll past this, it cracks me up. 10/10 anon.

Kek, definitely.

And then the camera pans out and she's in Fiji.

No. 397026

File: 1497502625926.png (250.94 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n4epcd5jjv1tuiyreo1_500…)

Do you think he gives lessons on looking that disgusting? He looks like he has a dirty Sanchez.

No. 397037


And we know that social repose is not a huge gerg fan. If the creepy Andy-doll video wasn't enough, I wonder if SR would have filled him in and told him to steer clear, since I doubt an actual celebrity in a band has time to keep up with YouTube drama. Though I'm sure they had more relevant things to talk about than some washed up old grease ball.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 397043

I'd like to add in, when I was a lazy, didn't care, didn't do my work and failed almost every class my freshmen year, they offered me college courses to take after school so I would graduate on time. Everyone in those classes were there for that very reason and they were basic entrepreneurship courses. As we know Onion's love for school and work ethic, it is possible that he had to do the same and is just putting it off as "I'm so smart I took college courses while still in high school."

No. 397051

File: 1497510138035.png (785.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4416.PNG)

She looks really old here

No. 397052

She looks like a halloween mask

No. 397053

shes looking more and more like her husband

No. 397057

>those eyebrows
>that nasty ass caked on foundation

No. 397058

Yeah I really don't understand his logic. By airing out all of this it's clear how Andy is trying to deflect him and Onion is being SO embarrassing about the whole thing. Wouldn't giving all these details just humiliate him further?

No. 397059

Or raise a child.

No. 397061

lol idiots in bands gossip as much as everyone else. yes he probably filled him in/convinced him to stay away. andy may be in a hot topic band now but, just like germ, his """fame""" could be impacted at any moment so he has to think about the long term, which doesn't involve associating with crazies who make videos fake-raping him.

No. 397071

File: 1497521054085.jpg (33.65 KB, 600x450, do6vc2.jpg)

sage but he looks like Punsie McKale.

No. 397078

He literally admits that he wants to use Andy for views and possible patrons and his fanturds still pity him.

No. 397097

I don't think it's ever worth getting involved with him, not even once.

His "friendship terms/goals" always seems to be:

"If you don't give me free publicity and do collabs with me when I ask, then you're not my true friend… you're a worthless, horrible friend."

"If you don't spread the good word about me to all your other popular friends so we can collaborate together and broaden my reach, then it's your fault for not making the effort to manipulate them into that and I hate you."

"I've now publically broken friends with you, hopefully I can milk it and make myself look like the victim whilst you ignore me. If you retaliate in any way, I'll attempt to turn it into a 'scandal" so I can get even more views out of it."

He knows he's a conman and an untalented, skilless failure and he views friendship as "contracts" - not something given freely. He doesn't understand social concepts and constructs, they're entirely alien to him.

On all his social media accounts, he's always voiced his brainfarts and opinions into the void - like he's talking to himself. On a rare occasion he'd interact (distastefully and inappropriately at those times) with whomever he collaborated with to keep the link between them alive. It's only really since starting his Patreon (where he's obligated to socialise for cash) that he replies back to someone and even then it's usually just a "LOL" in return.

The lesson here is don't try to make friends with sociopaths, even if you're desperate for the cash.

No. 397098

Haha I love how he says "Andy had multiple opportunities to invite me on his show" as if Andy is the one who blew it/dropped the ball on their friendship.

No. 397099

Yep, that price being that they'll always be indebted to him so he's free to use them as he likes, just like all his other ex-friends and ex-lovers.

No. 397111

Not that his words actually mean anything, but he's said he hates concerts because he's scared of being murdered (lol). He doesn't understand that he's more likely to have a mass murderer for a fan than have someone try to murder him. That being said, I wouldn't put it past him to fork out the cash for a VIP pass sulk off stage near Andy like an attention-starved child. He's that pathetic.

>she looks right into the camera and whispers "I'm free!"
>And then the camera pans out and she's in Fiji.
topkek anons

As another anon pointed out, he didn't show the messages from Andy. He probably said he didn't want to work with him in the future, and this is Grease's last ditch attempt at leeching views off of his fame.

>he views friendship as "contracts"
Don't forget about romantic relationships, too. ie. Billie contract + quick to marry every girl he's ever dated

No. 397113

>he's more likely to have a mass murderer for a fan
He did have a mass murderer for a fan and Onion tried to brush it all off even though it's something he'd make 10 videos on crucifying someone else for.

It's sad that you can physically see the effect living with him has on a person. Billie went in with a clear complexion and came out with bad acne and skin that cleared up in no time once she left them. Lainey on the other hand is starting to rival her husband in makeup layers trying to hide how bad her skin is. It's so thick and dark you can see the line around her lips where her natural skin color is.

No. 397115

Yeah, I was referencing the mass murder fan guy.

No. 397116

We didn't have that option at our school tho

No. 397118

>>he's more likely to have a mass murderer for a fan than have someone try to murder him.

Like Randy Stair? Some of the Twitter crew last week bumped heads with a couple of Hybristophiliacs on Grease's account that are into school shootings and mass murder… and that was just days before Randy Stair happened.

>>Don't forget about romantic relationships, too. ie. Billie contract + quick to marry every girl he's ever dated.

I didn't forget, don't worry. I mostly focused on friendships because he can't even maintain something as simple as that.

>>As another anon pointed out, he didn't show the messages from Andy.

He didn't publish any responses from Lainey's dad either just days beforehand. He wants a clear advantage in all the rare social interactions he has… he did the same yesterday when talking about a "stalker". Everything he says is bullshit, he just tries to omit any sort of details that may potentially put him in a bad or even questionable light.

He's transparent, you just have to try and remember all the examples of his hypocrisy, lies and contradictions for it all to make sense.

No. 397120

sage your blogpost tho, if you insist on doing it. other anons only mentioned their schools to point out that low-standard high school college credit programs exist, and that onion's below average intellect isn't in question regardless of whether he was in college classes as a high schooler or not. The options your school didn't have are completely irrelevant.

No. 397124

Personal facebook and now bawleeted video explaining why elaine and mother in law clash (circa 2014/15). Will hunt it down I got 3yrs of fb posts and vid.me to wade through :/

No. 397129

My bad! I only pointed it out cuz further up the thread I was talking about going to school with him. I was at work and couldn't say too much.

No. 397137


It's still a bit strange to call your menage a trois a trinity, which has strong religious connotations.

Of course, Greg is retarded, so it makes sense that he would look for an omgsocool word that means 'three', and being raised Seventh Day Adventist would almost certainly have been heavily exposed to the concept of the trinity. It made the whole thing have a weirdly religious tone, not because of cult reasons, but ultimately because Greg is functionally illiterate.

No. 397138


it looks like a house you'd shoot porn in. empty and beige. not sayin' anything, just sayin'.

No. 397139

So beige.

No. 397142


sorry forgot to sage!

No. 397144

Oh shit. in that case, my mistake, I didn't realize it was you I was replying to.

So he actually managed to get himself into a smarty pants program, then?

No. 397147


Well…he did have a high score on his asbav while applying to the military.

No. 397152

If you don't have healthy/normal self esteem it can really fuck you up to be labeled as a "smart" kid. Any kind of unstable identity issues can really lead to a warped sense of self when you're being defined by your supposed intelligence all the time. If mediocre Onion did make it into something like that, I'm not surprised he has such a complex about being right all the time.

No. 397153

HS Anon 2.0, do you have any old yearbooks? I want to know what clubs he was in, and I especially want to see what's up if your school did anything like senior summaries or quotes.

No. 397165

I'd want to see receipts. I don't trust his account of anything.

No. 397174

It's ok really. No that's just it…he didn't. You have to have a high enough gpa to even qualify for running start. His wasn't high enough, by his own admission. Plus, he spent time in juvee for assault.

No. 397176

I don't! But I have a couple friends who might. He was two grades ahead of us tho. We did senior quotes but I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't have one. I can tell you right now I don't remember him in any clubs.

No. 397181

If he had a high ASVAB why the fuck was he SecFo? Did he go in open general or did he actually pick it??

No. 397183

Lainey has a new video up about what she looks in for a partner.

This has very little to do with the video's actual topic. Lainey's hand wrap is for a cyst. Girl, get that shit drained or straight up removed. You don't have a real job, you can afford the recovery time.

No. 397185

Proud of her for what? For finding out what time Andy's band will be playing? Can't see why else he would be proud of her.

No. 397186

File: 1497554594877.jpg (Spoiler Image,30.59 KB, 640x480, pyogenic_granuloma_1_high.jpg)

Bet it's pyogenic granuloma. I got one on my finger the months after having a baby. I tried treating it for 4ish months and had to have mine surgically removed. "Pregnancy tumor".

No. 397187


He went as open general. As for the asbav, I think it's somewhere around this site where he declared that.


No. 397189

Makes sense then. Thanks!

No. 397190

File: 1497555201945.jpg (34.17 KB, 1036x236, space prince seeking fuckbuddy…)


This video is vapid af. I get the feeling Gurg and Plank are getting horny for another third. It's funny how she's been putting out so many more videos lately, despite MUH ANXIETY. I bet Grease is pushing her to, since she's obviously more likeable than he is and can actually accumulate some views.

Also, lol at the fucking onesie. Girl, you're in your 20's, get your shit together.

No. 397192

Is that the onesie that Billie got her?

No. 397193

File: 1497556322517.jpg (62.46 KB, 500x896, IMG_0314.JPG)


Sweaty ballz ?

No. 397195

Yeah I honestly dont get how anyone sees all the shit he does and relationships hes killed and exploited and still want to hang out with him. He has a history of friendships ending. And when his friendships ends, he always makes a hugeass deal about it, many videos/tweets, always has something bad to say about the person and plays the victim. Like the dude has no chill.

>I'm more drawn to personality than to looks.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sure there lameo.

Here is what lameo values in personality:
>someone to have fun with. Can enjoy time with them no matter what we're doing
>someone "i can be comfortable around/be myself around"
>someone who understands me/who i am as a person/things i feel
>somebody "i can talk to about anything/everything"
>somebody to vent to who wont give you advice/try to fix the problem immediately. Just to listen to you/comfort you
>physical affection
>someone hardworking/has ambition in life (I laughed at this. Expects others to have ambition, has none herself.)
>somebody who loves me/cares about me.

Also great quote by lameo: "Sometimes you get into relationships with people who dont really care about you and that probably hurts the most"

Can you believe she says all this and is married to onion boy. What a joke.

Also they are definitely looking for a third person in their relationship, while trying to pretend they are not.

No. 397197

Don't forget the whole "My high school ex bf was an anomaly and I didn't love him actually but I totally felt a strong connection and love with Billie"

Yup Lameo, you are not full of shit at all

No. 397199


"Well…he did have a high score on his asbav while applying to the military"

Uh, no, no he didn't. Not at all.


"In result, I scored a 54, which is good to some, but for me, it just not good enough. Maybe because my sister scored above a 70 ~ by that I am both impressed and confused in her/myself."


"ASVAB 57 General"

Passing is 36.

It's a percentile. (Using the score of 57, to be generous.) So, he scored higher than 56% of people who took the test but 43% scored higher than he did.

You can take a sample ASVAB online. (http://official-asvab.com/samples_app.htm) It will be easier than an actual ASVAB and may not ask questions based on correct answers already given (Like the real ASVAB does if you take it on a computer) but really, it's a distinction without a difference. The ASVAB is not a difficult test. The purpose isn't to pass/fail (though it is, to an extent used that way), it's to determine skills and aptitudes.



No. 397201


So he was still a dum-dum military-wise, of course.

Oh and his iq is 136, I knew it was bullshit right away.

No. 397202


Well, not a dumb dumb just PAINFULLY AVERAGE. Not even 10 points above average.

No. 397280

The ASVAB is not that difficult. If you graduated high school and aren't a complete potato, you'll do fine. It's not like it's the SATs. It really doesn't say much about ones intelligence even if they would "ace" it.

No. 397310

File: 1497571846374.gif (Spoiler Image,753.84 KB, 500x561, baby.gif)

He's obviously carrying a baby in Dog Thoughts 20 video. So there's some definitive confirmation, I guess.

No. 397385

File: 1497579368742.png (233.41 KB, 571x585, Screenshot 2017-06-15 at 7.12.…)

lainey is buying a fidget spinner, is doing rainbow eyeliner for pride, and looks like a tard. she's got to cut things short because she needs to hang with greg tonight. also she keeps asking about dance gavin dance & what time they'll be on which sounds like bullshit covering for greg. enjoy!

white eyeliner gurl learn how to put that shit on wtf

No. 397386

An IQ of 136 is in the highly gifted range. Where did you read that his IQ is that high?

No. 397390


So his minions stalk here ? Literally not even an hour has gone by.

I lowkey think they like reading smack about Smegma to be lurking that hard.

No. 397394

What the fuck? Can't say I'm surprised though.

No. 397400


exactly, no one bothered. plus he's posting this on his gaming channel apparently too? so it's recorded on his side lol

No. 397405

No. 397442

He has another video up on onision reacts shitting on shane and clearly being a jealous little bitch

No. 397448

File: 1497588199482.png (162.61 KB, 846x451, onion.png)

Lol can he make it any more obvious hes making fake accounts on his website to act like a video about shane was requested.

No. 397457

File: 1497588690571.png (21.42 KB, 784x340, onion.png)

Even more obvious..account is made then post is immediately made shortly after. And the person immediately leaves and never logs back on after that. And then the video is made a day later despite the post having 0 replies or interest by anyone else.

No. 397478

never been on his forums but isn't the FAX that there's an edit option for him on that post mean he's logged in as that user?

No. 397483


He might be able to edit all posts since he's the admin, but don't quote me on that.

No. 397498


Dat high school education. Such 135 IQ.

No. 397520

I regret going to nap and reloading the page when I woke up and glimpsing all the milk go away.
Or maybe it wasn't milk, didn't get a good look.

Pretty intrigued by this post though >>397390
Fact is we know Greg makes shit up about himself as well as his "haturz" like saying we call him "Onion BOI" and other exaggerations. Makes me think on that message he posted he sent to Taylor's father without any context whatsoever.

No. 397554

The main reason Greg is not gaining followers anymore is that he can't, won't or he hasn't even tried to find stuff his demography is nowdays into. Everything he does is relatable to a teenager in 2009 but not so much for a teenager of 2017's.

I wonder if in ten years he'll find fidget spinners and all other stuff teenager are now into and then makes videos about them.

He's >>literally<< like the awkward uncle who tries to relate with you by trying to be rad and hip.

No. 397557


Or rather the things that could be relatable. His marriage and financial problems are stuff no edgy teenager has interest in.

No. 397563

He already had a fidget spinner video. Lmao.

Hes not gaining followers because hes become too much of a public dickhead because he thought he was invincible that now his fake nice acts are not remotely believable anymore.

Also hes old, lost his original fanbase aside from the serial killers and psychos, and his new fans end up leaving after he sperges. He also killed all his relationships with youtubers, and so he cant have fun collab videos with other people. There are just so many more youtubers now who are new and more interesting, and onion has nothing to offer. He lived off his being the villain of youtube shit, but there are a ton of horrible villain youtubers now too. His content is garbage. I'm surprised anyone watches him lmao.

No. 397567

It wasn't a "menage a trois" either though, that would've required Billie to of been their permanent live-in partner and the relationship to of been successful. It was an LD relationship and the maximum time they ever got with her was around 6 or 7 times for a couple of weeks each visit… and on only one occasion did she go home not in tears, there was a breakup after every visit otherwise.

They must've been together for about 4 months in total, it was that toxic being in a LD relationship with him that she couldn't hack it more than 4 months… that's quite some achievement for a 31 year old adult man to fuck something like that up.

No. 397576

He was definitely planning for her to live with them permanently, since he was going to limit her to seeing her family twice a year during major holidays only. But every time she visited, it became dramatic as fuck, so there was no hope in that happening lmao.

No. 397582

I would literally pay money to see what greg and lainey would score on the sat or act (esp greg)

No. 397590

Yeah, that's what I meant… it would've been a "menage a trois" if she ended up acquiescing to his demands and lived in his basement.

No. 397593


the three of them fucked. that's what menage a trois means. three people fucking.

it has zero to do with duration or success or whatever so wtf are you talking about? you sound like greg. re-read your OED and get back to us.

No. 397594

ménage à trois is actually meant to refer to a live-in relationship between 3 people, not just sex. learn 2 french or don't get so cranky.

No. 397600

In American slang it's 3 people fucking.

No. 397606

File: 1497622288146.jpg (662.25 KB, 1052x1769, Screenshot_20170616-170923.jpg)


No, the slang word for sexual activity is threesome.

Don't try to make your mistakes right by lying about slang. It's very Greg-like

No. 397608

Not the anon you're referring to but it is slang. It was featured in one of Katy Perrys songs and is used quite often.

No. 397610

The term has been around for hundreds of years with the exact meaning (romantic/ sexual) and has always been used. It's not becoming slang just because Katy Perry used it.

I'm pretty sure she would have moved in with them if he hadn't given her these terms. Her family and friends are just important for her. It's great because he's the only one that ruins everything for himself, every single time

No. 397614

No. 397618

Ménage is the French word for household, anon. Ain't a ménage à trois if they're not part of the same household. Gregma's such a failure he couldn't even get that right.

No. 397626


ot but if you live in the USA menage a trois is indeed used for three people sleeping together. i'm not in france so why would i use their vernacular?

'lying about slang' is gretchen-esque? you are a joke. under that definition everything in the world is gretchen, take the enormous stick out of your ass

sage for whatfuckingever

No. 397628

Menage a Derailment

No. 397630

We are all so proud of you anon for being so anal about the use of a word. But no one asked and so one really cared.

No. 397632

That's enough semantics. Continue and you'll receive a temp ban.

No. 397634

File: 1497628145840.png (153.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4417.PNG)

He's got people moding his Facebook now. Coward.

No. 397648

Not just people, his patreons!!! Not doing it for free, paying for it.
Actually paying to be a moderator.Holy shit.

No. 397650

says the dude who still makes jabs at his exes 10 years later

No. 397651

File: 1497632303183.jpg (60.12 KB, 695x594, doing it for free.jpg)

Now this is even more pathetic than doing it for free.

No. 397654

Shiloh is finally back on twitter and making herself public online again, I wonder what greases reaction will be when he finds out? I really hope he doesn't fucking try to harass her.

No. 397660

I hadn't seen a recent picture of her until now. But, she's looking good. Not just weight loss, but she actually seems to have some life back in her.

Hopefully, she's learned a lesson and does not go back to being a batshit crazy attention whore.

No. 397662


No cow tipping! Now he will find her a lot sooner and you know damn well he lurks here.

No. 397667

File: 1497637109614.png (747.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0560.PNG)

Onion has "updated" his Andy drama video description.

No. 397668

I've been enjoying following Shiloh for a couple years. However I cringe any time someone asks what her instagram is. Glad when nobody responds with her info!

No. 397669

>I didn't believe someone who's famous that they're busy so I made a jealous ex-lover style video and cried over the phone to them until they told me the same thing again but this time I believed them

No wonder Onion's exes all vanish, he's insane.

No. 397671

Oh my god he is so pathetic.

Him and Andy were never friends. If I remember correctly, Andy's dad is a fan of onions and arranged the collab they did. Im pretty sure Andy got paid for the 1 minute of footage he did do with gerg and they weren't friendly at all after that because, let's face it, why would he?

No. 397672

'I hope I can be successful enough to be able to push all that aside and become a big priority' Seriously? Why would Greg ever be a priority in Andy's life??

No. 397673

I wonder if even has Andy'contact info or if he had to make more sad tweets and emails to Andy's dad asking for Andy to come out and play.

No. 397674

Jesus Christ, can you imagine being Andy trying to diffuse the situation when a clingy narc latches onto you and demands a collab? Poor man.

Also kek at "I hope I can be successful enough to be able to push all that aside and become a big priority." He's never going to come to terms with the fact he's washed up. Golden.

No. 397675

His goal is to seriously become more important to Andy than his band or family/friends. I bet Andy and his friends laugh together and joke about gergs obsession.

No. 397678

In his twitter header he's got Andy worshipping an old ass photo of him that doesn't even look like him anymore, but who's the other long haired guy wearing the skull tee?? Why does he have other men in his header. It's so bizarre..

No. 397679

I'm thinking it might be Andy's body, looks about the same height/build. Not sure though

No. 397681

Closeted homosexual attraction. People have been saying it for years.

No. 397688

I think it's also Andy, from his younger(teenage?) years in BVB.

No. 397699

Seems like he was trying to bait Andy into publicly going back and forth with him, to generate drama views but it totally didn't work.

No. 397701

>"Every video we do together does very well"
>1 million views
Meanwhile, BVB music videos make 11-23 million views. He was always just doing Onion a favor as a fan by appearing in his shit videos once or twice. Not once has Onision ever promoted Andy Biersack or given him attention, it's always been the other way around. Talk about entitled.

No. 397702

>"I hope I can be successful enough… and become a big priority…"
Why does he think Andy doesn't want to make him a priority because he's not successful?

In his video, Onion said that Andy has marginally less successful people on the podcast. Onion's rapidly declining success has nothing to with it. However, Onion's declining popularity has everything to do with his shitty online and IRL personality. Perhaps there's more to gaining the positive attention of others, like Andy, than success in numbers, Onion Doom.

No. 397705

He also had that creepy obsession with leafy for a minute (who looks like he's 13). Not to mention the Shane Dawson worship "omg we kissed!!! no homo". pretty sure onion is a self-hating homosexual.

No. 397709

I can't decide if it's that or just queer baiting. I sometimes feel like he's trying to start something similar to the dan & phil are they/aren't they bullshit whenever he publicly obsesses over a guy

No. 397716

He would just claim "I'm bad at written tests!!1!1!!!" I'd rather pay to see him do an IQ test….or even better, put together a computer against a professional IT nerd

No. 397720

Andy wasn't a fan tho. I think he was doing his dad a favour by being in his videos. Andy never gave 2 fucks about gerg.

No. 397722

It's even better knowing Andy has done multiple videos with social repose a couple months ago

No. 397727

Who has less than a million subscribers.
But yeah obviously andy's avoiding greg based on his youtube popularity.

No. 397728

Jeez he sure wants to get close to all the underaged BvB fans

No. 397738

He thinks he can blame it only on his views. Andy couldn't possibly avoid him because of his terrible personality. He NEVER blames anything on himself, he is always blaming all of his problems on everyone/everything else.

No. 397739

File: 1497647280550.jpg (22.17 KB, 357x198, jaclyn's good taste.JPG)


Onision's newest video is a recording of him talking shit about Jaclyn Glenn in his patron only Discord while he fails at gaming. Enjoy.

He just recycles the same pointless, petty, juvenile content over and over. What a shitlord.

No. 397740

He put up a new video that was an excerpt of a stream where he played video games with fans who paid. He,and his brainwashed followers talk about Jaclyn Glenn and how she did understand/didn't fully watch he video on her boob job. And how at the end of the video he apparently he that getting a boob job was fine as long as it made you feel good about yourself. And apparently, now, he is okay with fake tiddies.

So what was that whole bullshit about how he can't jack off to girls who have fake tits, Jaclyn hates herself, and boob jobs look ugly and damage your body?

Sage for rambling rant. I know, he is a hypocrite to the day he dies.

No. 397741

File: 1497647351868.png (456.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4418.PNG)


Second-hand embarrassment…

No. 397744


why does Andy's dad like Gugh?

No. 397745

My favorite comment of his is about Jaclyn's height. "She's like 5'9" and being adorable is all about being small and she's not small!" He says he found her intimidating.

I guess tall women don't give the same optical illusion small women give when he pricks them with his micropeen. Or maybe they remind him more than usual that he's fucking a woman rather than a girl. And obviously, Onion's opinion of any woman is based 100% on her fuckability and nothing else, lmao.

No. 397749

You're asking me? Lmao

He's a 40 year old man that likes onion, it's hard enough figuring out why 13 year olds like him.

I think Chris Biersack is still a fan and they still talk on Twitter.

No. 397752

It's just weird to me that he'd like onion after seeing that video where he literally rapes an Andy doll. :S

great dad

No. 397756

Andy's dad is just as wack as onion boy. If you look up his name, you can easily find his craziness and proof of how he uses Andy.

No. 397761

No normal dad would like onion lol

No. 397765

>Seattle, WA
Doesn't he live in a shitty suburb of Tacompton?

No. 397767

Do you think he's going to go full Ricardo Lopez on Andy?

No. 397773

>I bet Andy and his friends laugh together and joke about gergs obsession.

Grease probably never even crosses Andy's mind, except when he's bothering him/to think of how to reject him.

No. 397779


It was too clingy, this kids sound entitled and bratty. Then again, I'm stating the obvious .

No. 397780



No. 397791


Puyallup. "About 10 miles southeast of Tacoma and 35 miles south of Seattle."

No. 397793

I don't think greg is smart enough to make a contraption like that, he's more of a "show up in your backyard naked" kind of stalker.

No. 397806

File: 1497657554400.jpg (167.25 KB, 576x1024, chris-biersack-tweets.jpg)

Andy's dad is as big a narc as Onion.

No. 397862

I died a little watching a couple of minutes of that. His narcissism is so fucking obvious. He asks what Jaclyn said in his video, what did his patrons think of his video, oh Jaclyn's just mad because she didn't watch the whole video, what do his patrons think his position on breasts are…

I loved it when one of husband patrons told Onion about Social Repose being on Shane Dawson's podcast but it wasn't enough for me to watch further.

It's also very important for him to pretend to not watch other people's videos, but what kind of cunt makes a video about someone and then won't even listen to their response? Oh, an oniony cunt, I see.

No. 397897


Yeah, he pretended to be retarded about what his detractors are "plotting" but we all know damn well better.

No. 397956

File: 1497681717606.png (65.72 KB, 834x233, jaclynsalt.png)

Jaclyn replied to his stupid video about her in a comment rather than feed his supply via video reply (which he reckons he wouldn't watch anyway).

Bonus kek that in a similar video on Social Repose on his other channel, he says to his patreons on screen that Social Repose only makes so many videos about Onion because it boosts views via people searching for his name.

surejan.jpg like onion doesn't make videos about Jaclyn, Eugenia, and SR, as well as Beersack (lel) and Shane Dawson, for the exact same reason, and they haven't body shamed his wife.

No. 397967

Man, milk's been dryer than Lainey's tittymilk supply lately…

No. 397981

It's like a dormant volcano, building up pressure. I predict Gergamesh is gonna go out in a blaze of cringe soon, he's still got another extinction burst left in him, and it's building up now.

No. 397983

Nothing he has tried has brought him much attention lately and his videos still get low views.

Lainey is making videos about people she is into, probably by Greg's command, so I guess Billie 2.0 plan is in the motion already.

After that probably comes Doormat Divorce saga.

No. 397991

I still would love to know the mental gymnastics Lainey has to do to be okay with Onion rating younger more attractive females for videos… & these aren't just random strangers either, they are girls who are clearly into Greg. I would never be okay with my boyfriend salivating over fresh faces while I was off lonely tending to our kids. LAINEY WAKE UP. If you happen to lurk, it's obvious to everyone but you that Greg isn't out to find you a "twin flame," he wants another young girl to diddle.

No. 398009


Yep, he's in Puyallup like >>397791 said (though didn't someone end up leaking his address a few threads back). I commute to Seattle for work and there's no way in hell that he would be able to afford living in the city, let alone doing his shitty videos here without someone calling the cops on him, probably.

No. 398016

we have to remember the IRS are going to come inspect his house. he's using that audit agency which is probably keeping things running smoother for now but for sure, he'll blow.

No. 398051

Plain has convinced herself that Greg is her kindred spirit soulmate and nothing can convince her otherwise.

Cant wait for her kindred spirit to kick her out.

No. 398112

Onion just released another banana video on his main channel. He's trying really hard to escape his ex-wife's shadow (talent-wise) and hanging on to his former glory.

Grease, it's over; you're done.

No. 398115

File: 1497733388492.png (941.16 KB, 1476x762, bananoob.png)

Not only is it a shit video, it's an old recording, too. He's got longer, reddish hair in this and he's in the NM desert with his Prius.

God, Onion. Would it fucking kill you do actually do some work?

No. 398116

When does hell week end?(never)

No. 398125

how old does that mean the recordings are? that's pretty weird that he would be sitting on them for so long.

No. 398128


Not weird at all, he keeps all his old videos and cycles them through his backup channels, OnisionArchive and OnisionEncore. He lived in New Mexico when he first started dating Taylor in 2011/2012, because she was still attending High School there, so he got rid of the puppy he got with Shiloh and moved down to be with her.

He keeps deleting and reuploading because that'll allow him to make more money on the same content.

No. 398138

So much about "I'm a hard worker who works 12 hours on creating content" shtick.

We all know he is actually just avoiding his wife and kids.

No. 398140

File: 1497736965182.jpg (85.64 KB, 1126x343, Onion's Original Content.JPG)


Yeah, he's been cycling through every video he's made that's gone viral, either reuploading it or uploading a different iteration. His desperation is giving me second hand embarrassment; pic related. Even the video that plays automatically when you visit his channel gathered less than 25k views.

His entire comedic repertoire:
> I'm a banana!
> I'm an emo/emos are stupid!
> Using the names of bigger youtubers for views!
> Top 10 Hot Knife Pokemon Memes!
> Blatant ephebophile rates teen girls' bodies!

He's neither funny nor creative, and isn't charismatic or attractive enough to hold onto a fan base once he falls out of the algorithm's favor. And he knows it. If he wasn't such a greasy, spiteful, narcissistic assclown I'd feel sorry for him. A lot of people would. But he's not even worthy of pity, kek.

No. 398145


lol one of those videos is from 2010. He's so desperate he's using outdated material to hold on to dem $$$

No. 398162

Lol just give up hope on lameo ever "waking up". She will never unless he dumps her and doesnt beg for her back (cause she will go running back even if he cheated on her fifty times). And even then, she will probably be a doormat to her next relationship too. Im sure shes weary of girls throwing theirselves at him, because she was them before she got his attention, an obsessed fan mass tweeting him/trying to talk to him and get his attention.

It's funny to me because she also said she thought billie was her "kindred spirit" but that didnt work out. So maybe your "kindred spirit" radar is broken there lameo.


I also dont think shes in love with him anymore if she ever was. First and foremost, shes in love with the idea of love and with the idea of who she thought gerg was. I also think she doesnt want to have to see him with another girl/having another girl take her place, because he will move on in a nanosecond while lameo grieves about it. Shes probably going to be back into the poly bring a third person thing very very soon, because she wants another relationship (the relationship she actually wants which is with someone she can have an emotional connection with and listens to her) while still keeping onion from leaving her for someone else/not having to change her lifestyle. Lameo is pretty selfish since she will drag someone into her hostile relationship just to benefit herself. And if it doesnt work out, demonize them and throw them under the bus alongside her terrible husband. How anyone likes this bitch is beyond me.

No. 398163

It's funny because if they divorce, im sure onion is gonna try to go after lameo's channel saying he did all the work for most of her videos and was in most of her videos, but he disgraces skye's work on his channel. No way is he gonna let her have a successful channel while his dies.

20k views is already too much for this garbage. Lol hes on a roll in name dropping people in videos for views again too. (shane, social repose, jaclyn, andy) and he used the austin jones shit in a video which got him a lot of views. The austin jones thing is funny to me because he basically is austin jones and in the past people also forgave austin saying what he did wasnt a big deal because it was just "twerking videos" of minors until more proof came out recently. Sounds like how people dismissed onion asking and collecting pics of minors in their underwear in his videos.

No. 398171

Lainey has a new video reacting to her old pictures and it actually broke my heart seeing the first picture Greg ever took of her. All the usual Lameo insults aside, looking at that picture I didn't see "Lainey," I saw Taylor. A VERY YOUNG girl who hasn't had ANY real life experience yet, who is clearly so excited that she is living a real life fairy tale with a handsome (back then, obviously Greg's looks went down the drain) prince who came to steal her away from her boring New Mexico life and bring her to Washington for her to enact all her Twilight fantasies. (Twilight takes place in Washington, and I really peg young Taylor as a Twilight fan) …So this idealistic young girl just feels like all her dreams came true, only to be in an actual nightmare. It just makes me so sad looking at that photo. Like Greg is a disgusting pedo. She looks like a literal baby (She even still has her baby fat!) and a twenty(five?) year old MAN scooped her out of her home before she could experience life. Sage for the super rant.

And yes, I know Lainey has done some DISGUSTING horrible pedo-like things herself, but I'm not mouring Lainey, I'm mourning Taylor. A sweet looking misguided idiot of a KID who shoved herself into the lap of a predator who will one day kick her out in favor of a baby-faced little teen he can groom next. :(

No. 398185

That's what's so sad about their situation. She went with him before she really got a realistic view of the world, and now she's so ingrained in Greg's skewed vision of how the world works and his perverted, like-fueled reason for being, that for someone outside of their marriage, it's absurd.

She's 22 years old and has spent her entire adult life with a shitbag for a husband, in a twisted Twilight fantasy like you say - she's a huge twilight fan and probably LOVED that she was moving to Washington for that alone.

I remember reading on her Reddit account (if that was even real, but it was very specific) that her life-advice was not to get married at 18. It's fucking sad, because she's become a clone of him and his antics. I feel like sometimes you get to see her personality, and it's not all bad. She had potential before she got married and became his baby clown car. Imagine being her age and already having her major marriage problems blasted online, and from her husband nonetheless.

No. 398188

File: 1497748134593.jpg (38.38 KB, 1040x222, RIP Taylor.JPG)


Agreed, Anon, this video is depressing.

Lainey's become a predator in her own right, but it's terrible to be reminded that she used to be a different person, with the potential to become…anything but what she is now. I do still hold a small hope that she'll escape from him one day, realize the error of her ways, and after years of therapy begin a normal life, à la Skye and Shiloh.

Seventeen/eighteen is just too young to make any major life decision for most people, and the decision she made at that age was the worst one possible. It's sick that Greg corners people in that age bracket the way he does. He'd discard Lainey in a heartbeat and do it again, if the opportunity presented itself.

Here's the vid.me reupload of this video for anyone that wants to watch, since Doormat deserves no views either:


No. 398194

Sage for blogpost-y and no contribution because I'm a little drunk

But it fucking shocks me how little life experience she has. I'm a year younger than her and I couldn't possibly imagine being in her situation. She's never had a job so she's never felt that gratification of working for her own money. she never got to explore her sexuality on her terms which is something that as a young bisexual woman myself is utterly shocking. She never got to experience a true 21st birthday witch in itself is an experience. She never got to have a "girls night out" going out with friends and having fun. Shes never been able to travel or go somewhere or even got to experience a true spring break or any other normal college age fun. She barely has any friends at all. I mean I imagine she's got some that she doesn't discuss publicly (un-named friend she stayed with during cuddle gate) but it's not like she gets to go out and just have fun without Greg. It's obvious the only reason they pay people to watch the kids is because if someone else doesn't help out it's ALL on taylor.

None of this says I support her or I'm trying to justify what she's done it's just as someone in her age group she has missed out on so many great opportunities that are so great to get to experience all because of her choices. She's not 22 she might as well be a 30 year old woman sitting at home taking care of kids all day.

No. 398195

Upside of the Google Ad Boycott: Creepy YouTuber Onision’s Channel Is Dying

How many dead YouTube channels would be worth it to finally end Onision?


haha. Never change Heat Street.

(Don't have to bother reading the article. It doesn't say anything we don't already know. I just posted it for that shade.)

No. 398201


Damn, Doormat really is a shell of her former self. It's like looking at someone's final days be the inevitable end.

Oh and using slang doesn't save her from her boring personality.

No. 398204

Its true. Taylor basically died, and now we only got lameo. She had the chance to not be a shit person, but its gone. Shes become a shithole by being with gerg all this time. She will likely continue to be a shithole after greg.

I like how she cant recognize herself and feels like a different person from pics that were right when she was married too. Yeah cause like everyone was saying, 17-18 is very different from 22/23, but you and your husband acts like age doesnt matter. Pedo creeps.

I also like how she said she hated when people were comparing her to shane dawson, but she doesnt know why. I know why. They were comparing you to a boy/man, and you are a girl and hadn't jumped on the trans trending bullshit yet. But you're not gonna admit that now. Your omgah i always felt agender bullshit can go in the trash now.

No. 398209


Nearly every single criticism she had of herself is still true today though. Her makeup is still busted and she still has a combover and no fashion sense

No. 398226

File: 1497754713046.png (730.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0007.PNG)

Cringy Onion pics of the day

No. 398227

File: 1497754770165.png (935.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0008.PNG)

No. 398229

File: 1497754812155.png (452.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0010.PNG)

Still e-begging

No. 398232

the crustiness of his skin makes me fucking sick jesus christ

No. 398264

Ewww look at the flakes on his sideburns next to his ear!

No. 398283

Ahahaha, omg, his forehead, I can't even…it's like the whole middle is glued to the scalp, no movement at all. And he is trying so hard to flex it with his neanderthal eyebrows, and the whole thing contorts in such a weird creepy way. Gurg, so young, so handsome, so…crusty.

No. 398290

Same. I'm 22 and have lived abroad, have a wonderful boyfriend, true friends, and a career in place.

I wish Taylor never met gurg. She might have had a chance at being a decent person and a relatively normal life. Now she's a gross predator with no personality of her own and no friends.

No. 398294


LMAO he is paying facebook to display his e-begging ads oh wowwww

No. 398298

>paying for sponsored ads
>paying for Andy's patreon
the ~struggle to survive~ is real, gaiz.

No. 398303

Stop anons pls, you're making me feel like shit.
I'm 22 and a miserable med student almost always at home because of exams. One year abroad when I was 18 and slight summer-holiday travelling are the only highlights of my recent life lol

Still better than having kids and being stuck with an asshole narc Gurg though. I really wonder if she's really gonna stay with him or divorce.
And is it me or does she really seem like she doesn't care that much about her children? She's whining on twitter/tumblr all the time, shouldn't she be a bit more cheerful just by being with her children and playing with them?
Watching them grow and love her?
She acts like an emo teenager instead of being more mature. And I don't think you can blame that on anxiety. I really feel bad for her children.

Sage and sorry for sad blogpost

No. 398310

Onion's getting some grey hairs in around his temple and sideburns.

No. 398375

yeah especially since the daughter is probably gonna use all the useless shit grease brought for lainey when they were roleplaying pedophilia

grosses me the fuck out

No. 398376

File: 1497810987191.gif (977.63 KB, 500x306, dennisreynolds-billboard1.gif)

totally ot but doesn't onion remind y'all of dennis?

sociopathic, conniving…

No. 398377

must be why he wanted to dye his hair. only OLD guys get greys! onion is young and cool!

No. 398382

Lots of people have made this comparison in the past

No. 398383

my bad, i just started reading this today. i haven't seen onion since his "i'm a banana" days.(sage needed)

No. 398389


Onion actually likes that show. Seems fitting.

No. 398390

File: 1497815803249.png (451.08 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0015.PNG)

So artistic

No. 398391

File: 1497815867440.png (363.6 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0016.PNG)


Exploiting Smosh breaking up for views.

No. 398394


I like how in the video Onion makes fun of Anthony missing when he and Ian just did youtube for fun. He jokes how jobs aren't supposed to be fun. Yet the reason he did youtube in the first place is so he wouldn't kill himself. Everyone started on youtube for their own personal reasons. His hypocrisy knows no bounds.

No. 398397


So does that mean Greg doesn't enjoy making yt videos and everything is supposed to be taken seriously?


What a cranky old man.

No. 398404

His head is GIGANTIC lol

No. 398426

wtf his neck looks so tiny compared to his balloon head

how does he look at this pic and think it's acceptable to post??

No. 398435

sage for OT but I just caught his steam stream and have never cringed so hard at attempted gaming. he wants money so bad, why doesn't he use Twitch? banned?

No. 398446

At least you've been abroad and are creating a massive earning potential/comfortable lifestyle for yourself and are doing something meaningful. Taylor's nothing more than a breeding cow and will never be anything greater than that.
>He jokes how jobs aren't supposed to be fun.
"I'm miserable so everyone else needs to be miserable too!"

No. 398463

Because he can't handle live streams without being surrounded by fans. Twitch chats are 99% trolling and he'd narc rage live infront of viewers far too often as a result, coupled with the fact he can't play games and is shitty so would sperg out over losing too.
Also doesn't have the charisma to be entertaining without hours of jump cut editing & scripts.

No. 398464


Wow, what a pussy.

No. 398468

surely he could use a less-known platform like stream.me that KEEMSTAR basically babied into existence - they have IP verification and etc.

I think the issue of livestreaming is less of his narcness - he would just ban on sight anyone he recognizes (or lainey, his main mod) and more of people on gaming platforms will call him out and flame his "gaming channel" and the trickle down effect. sage for drunk reply

No. 398477

File: 1497830553908.png (29.27 KB, 578x302, Screenshot.png)

OT but he gave up on his other hopes and dreams and settled on KEEMSTAR. I hope it wasn't because of what I said about his gaming.

obviously he didn't tag Daniel Keem, but LUL nonetheless

No. 398478

He doesn't even seem to like his fans all that much and if anything I'm convinced he wouldn't be capable of pretending to care about the few fans he has for the duration of a stream.
Think if he had to try to keep up this facade regularly in live streams. It would surely be a source of much milk in the form of sperg-outs though.

No. 398487

File: 1497833667490.jpg (75.67 KB, 716x414, IMG_20170618_175113_486.jpg)

Passive aggressively dragging your wife through the height of your social circle over something as mundane as this? What's he trying to accomplish?

No. 398489

dwarfism proportions lol

No. 398491

Jesus christ petty much? Can't let Taylor be happy for one fucking minute.

No. 398492

File: 1497834103869.png (67.93 KB, 583x305, Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 6.00…)

Here's the whole chain. It's fathers day; looks like she washed their cars; and he's pissed off at her for it.

No. 398493

Um???? Laney, it's father's day. MY day. In honor of ME. Why aren't you dedicating all day to ME, the father? /s

No. 398494

File: 1497834375076.png (72.4 KB, 642x342, Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 6.03…)

Noticed this from earlier today: the smallest amount of money he can conceive of to do something fun with is $1,000.

Not $100. Not $10. Smallest amount of money any regular person has for something fun is $1K

No. 398503

This idiot has a brand new Tesla but doesn't understand the fundamentals of car care? Really? I'm betting that the paint is already chipping/scratching in some areas. lol I wonder if he realizes that minor wear like that will affect the resale of his other "business" Tesla.

No. 398506

He can't even take care of himself. His car probably has bacne.

No. 398507

I know some people get really pissy when anons bring her up, but I'm not going to ever post her insta/twitter etc, so you'll just have to deal.

But seeing Shiloh in the studio working on music again makes me SO happy. She has been at it a lot lately, and she's looking beautiful and fit. I bet it would KILL Greg that as his success is going down, hers is rising again. The moment she posts any new music I will be sharing it with everyone I know, just to get those views for her. I bet Greg is going to hate to see her popularity increase when she releases it. Just like I love how Billie is still super gorgeous and happy and active on Youtube/Insta. Billie must still drive Onision insane. (Also, Greg had recently posted an old video of him and Lainey, and I swear they acted way more into each other back then. It was like a mirror of the last batch of Greg and Billie vids. Such as the closeness and the flirtatiousness)

Saged this obviously

No. 398512


What about the person who has fun laughing at you for free while you get audited because you can't buy enough shit to fill the hole in your personality?

No. 398514

On gerggles IRS audit, I took an uber pool yesterday and guess who was sharing/carpooling with me from the airport? AN IRS AUDITOR AGENT. I showed him the relevant info from the last thread, the house tour video, the items he was claiming for "business" on his taxes, and how much gerg made. The IRS agent laughed and said "he is so screwed". He said:

-to claim something/a room for business (like a home office) to fully claim it as a business expense it can only and solely be used for business, if your child may use the home office let's say to do homework (personal use), it can only partially be claimed (50%, 60%, etc) and you would have to document and show how much of a percentage it was used for business compared to personal use
-the only thing he could fully file as a business expense are the items necessary to film his YouTube videos (& related, merch,etc) so his cameras, mics, green screen, lights, editing software, etc. & computer (as long as said comp isn't used for any personal use & just for vids)
-if his filming equipment is used for any personal (non YT business) related filming then it's only partially covered
-the vast majority of the items gerg has filed as "business expenses" are not allowed and are not considered deductible (shit in the background of 1 or 2 vids, bathrooms, children's beds/rooms/playroom, roof, shed, lawnmower, staircase, hallways, couches, bed, etc.)
-filing these items are common knowledge not business expenses and if onion intentionally did this to save money and avoid taxes he is commiting a crime
-bc onion & his family live in the main house (where about 50% of items are claimed for business) it is not considered a home office and absolutely cannot be 50% claimed for business, at the maximum maybe 20% but it would still be a red flag
-his personal wardrobe (regular clothes he wears for personal life that he sometimes wears in speaks) are not "business expenses", his teslas (both of them) are 100% not covered as a business expense (even if he uses it to drive collaborators, it could only be for the exact amount of hours he used it to drive them), the back up battery and solar panels are never & will never be covered & are considered luxury & not necessity
-can only file a portion of the beds the collaborators sleep in for the exact amount of hours/days they sleep in them, must be documented, plus acknowledgment from collaborators w/ signature
-the IRS will 100% do a house visit & he will be forced to comply (and no, a video tour means nothing to them & will likely be used as evidence against him) you have to have an IRL house tour (anything over 20% of a house claimed is immediate cause for house visit)
-as they audit him, it will be concerning the past 3 years of his expenses/taxes, if they see red flags and a pattern of fraudulently filing personal items as business, which they will, they will go back even further to the past 5-10 years, basically anal raping him
-if he has not carefully and meticulously been documenting each items use (hours/days used for business) AS IT WAS HAPPENING (or in the time period) with evidence, logs, 3rd party statements then he is fucked, they're not covered, and he has to pay up those back taxes
-he cannot rush right now to create or get the documentation/evidence of business use at the last 2nd after he was informed of his audit
-if they IRS concludes he knowingly/intentionally filed items that were not used SOLELY for business as a full business expense on his taxes (agent said ignorance doesn't count) then he will be SEVERELY fined, forced to pay every/all back taxes from the items he fraudulently filed as "business expenses", have his YT wages garnished (take $ out from his paycheck), and almost most likely if not surely will be charged criminally for tax fraud, tax evasion, etc. and depending on how many years he's done this for will affect the amount of criminal charges (which will result in jail time or probation & hefty fines)
-even worse shit if he knowingly did this to be in a lower tax bracket (rich gets taxed more, poor gets taxed less) to pay less taxes
-he is an independent contractor not a business owner
-the IRS will factor in his 2nd house which is supposed to be for work/office/editing/filming and rip him to shreds over why then his family home is 50% "business expenses"
-5 editing stations? They may (but most likely, since he's a solo channel, not buy that excuse) let him slide on that, but only partially on the comps bc they're used for personal too
-IG selfies are not business related for gerg
-shit gerg filed as "business expenses" for lainybots channel will not be covered (he will have to pay back taxes on all items he claimed for business for Lainey's channel, i.e. Her equipment, her comp, the fireplace?!) bc Lainy would have had to been documenting that for years herself and file it under her name as a "business expense" (not gerg) & prove her "business" is regular & turning regular income/profit & not just a hobby for a stay at home mom
-this will all result in the IRS audit ripping his asshole so deep that he has a serious chance of receiving jail time or porbation (criminal charges), backtaxes for everything he fraudulently filed as "business expenses", massive fines for false filings, plus interest on all of it (which can add up based on how many years he's been doing this), and if he can't pay up (in the time or plan he has) they will start garnishing his YT paychecks, seizing his assets (such as his cars, expensive equipment, electronics, even his 2nd house, or any other properties in his name i.e. His mothers house/his old house-they go for the most expensive first) could all be FORCEFULLY seized to pay off his debt to the IRS, these seized assets will most likely occur since there's no way on earth onion has enough money to pay off the massive debt he will soon owe
-he is without a doubt 100% "literally" committing a crime. being his 2nd audit regarding improper filings for "business expenses" (divorce from skye was 1st audit) they will show no mercy & not believe he was ignorant of the law, therefore showing intent to defraud, which is a crime of tax evasion, tax fraud which they will fully go after him for $$$ wise, possible court too since it's not his first time & intention to commit fraud to benefit financially


Best case- they fuck him hard but don't prosecute him for criminal charges but will still owe a massive amount of backtax, fines, interest, but give him a generous payment plan that he spends many years paying off, wages garnished, has to sell tons of shit, downsizing a lot
Worst case- goes to jail for a few months, probation, assets seized, broke, files for bankruptcy, has to move to a studio apt, is toast & spergs like we've never seen

Plus IRS agent said that any anons can go on the IRS website and speak to an agent on anon & ask them hypotheticals/questions

Saged for long ass post (rry sorry just tried to distinguish solid faxxx from an IRS agent from our educated guesses)

No. 398516

Son, I was honestly happiest when I was homeless and squatting. Gurggles is such an entitled child.

He needs material wealth to be happy and that's sad. My boyfriend and I ate salads out of dumpsters and stole refries out of people's yards and were happier than Taylor and Greg. Their relationship is so miserable.

No. 398518

File: 1497841704550.png (215.96 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0018.PNG)

Parent want to sue Onion for their kid's behavior

No. 398519

File: 1497841907654.png (469.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0020.PNG)


Makes fun of Smosh Anthony for leaving and accuses Ian of manipulation and wanting all the assets to himself or something.

Talk about self-projection!

No. 398520

god this post made me happy

No. 398521

Oh and the "audit agency" he's using to handle his audit is a regular cheap website that poor normies use when they get audited. Not a good lawyer that he meets IRL & does research & gets familiar with his specific case or anything. They handle thousands of cases at a time only over the internet and will not keep him out of trouble and he's cheaping out when he really shouldn't. The website is equal to those shitty poormans lawyers who deal with car accidents and have shitty cheap potatoe quality ads on late night tv that are basically scams.

What Greg most likely did:
>audit lawyer
>clicked first link

Sorry left this out, IRS agent laughed when I told him who gerg was using to "represent" him.

No. 398522

He's such a moron. Rarely do people with that much money handle their own taxes, they hire outside services to handle it because the IRS doesn't fuck around.

No. 398523

I hope they rake him over the coals.
Jail time is no less than what he deserves

No. 398524

Oh look, it's you again.

No. 398525

File: 1497842877244.png (675.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0021.PNG)


No. 398526

He looks more and more like Mira every day…so fucking ugly

No. 398527


Thanks for this, anon! Can I ask how long we might be waiting for this new milk to develop?

No. 398529

He spent a few minutes with his son for once and has been showing off the temp tattoos Troy gave him all day.


I spoke of this earlier (not the anon above, but in a different context): the wheels of government churn slowly. I'd say the audit and research will continue through the rest of this calendar year at least. They're going to schedule the visit; shit will be wrong; they'll ask for more receipts because of it; he can't provide them, etc etc. Like a couple years in total.

We'll hear about the process the whole way thru from Greg though: when the visit is scheduled; after the home visit and they laugh at his idiocy; when they ask for proof from previous years; possibly when they have him in for a deposition. He should have hired a proper lawyer at this point but hasn't. If he doesn't hire one after the home visit, this could get lulzy quick, because he can't hold his temper and no one's going to bow to his schedule / whims once the home visit proves he's a fraud.

No. 398530

Yeah but Gerg has always hated spending money on things that don't revolve around YouTube videos or banging young girls. So of course he cheaped out on filing taxes, and hiring help for his fuck up.

No. 398533

Timely! Greg turned one of his "gaming" videos into a story time about the IRS and how he's so awesome and much smarter than them.

Last time he got audited, he had to pay $18,000 back, for trying to write off his divorce as a business expense ("like how is it not a business expense when they tried to take my business" <- this is why high school grads need tax pros and lawyers, you fucking moron.)

So he's trying to explain himself yet again, and how utterly reasonable his LOGIC is verses the actual law.


No. 398534

in that video he claims that whole thing about him trying to claim his divorce as a business expense was stupid, but wasn't he just trying to justify it in his house tour video??? Lmao

No. 398536

Getting thru the vid - he's been writing off all the travel expenses people incurred coming to him. Including for Billie although he didn't mention her by name. Why would he write off other people's travel expenses? Even if you pay for it, the IRS is gonna side eye it because those people aren't employees.

>>in that video he claims that whole thing about him trying to claim his divorce as a business expense was stupid
No he's still claiming the IRS is stupid for not understanding the divorce was related to him business.He still thinks he was right and they and the law are wrong

He's also still saying the "house tour" video was totally normal and valid as documentation. He appears to begin to see reason - that maaaaybe he shouldn't be using the fine lawyers at irs-audit.com (he even shows the crappy ambulance chaser website!) - and then he's like, nah I should fire them and not have ANY LAWYERS AT ALL and just talk to the IRS myself face to face.

He's so smug and stupid. After all this time, it's gonna be regular taxes that bring him down.

No. 398537

File: 1497845178605.png (550.35 KB, 847x477, Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.04…)

He thinks this website looks like a totally legit place to get tax advice from. Except he thinks he's also smarter than them because "they're not helpful" i.e. they tell me things I don't like or agree with, or that videos and not proper documentation.

No. 398538

Isn't this how Al Capone went down due to tax fraud? History repeats itself yet again!

No. 398539

File: 1497845363634.png (326.45 KB, 820x468, Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.03…)

In his IRS story time video, he shows these maps of his property once again that declare things like a staircase used in a couple videos are part of his write off…. which is completely batshit crazy but he's tripling down on this bullshit. Your kitchen is not a dedicated filming area. None of this is what you think it is.

He's just proving his own fraud, it's mind blowing.

No. 398540

File: 1497845543276.png (431.52 KB, 851x480, Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.03…)

It just keeps going… if he'd just claimed the second house he might have gotten away with this for longer (that wouldn't be super legal either, but way easier to argue when the family doesn't live there.)

Yes. Capone was smart enough to hire lawyers and accountants tho - Greg's not even that smart (Capone didn't launder his money into enough legit businesses and pay income tax that way; gangsters learned from his mistake that you pay the fucking IRS.)

No. 398553


He thinks he's not gonna pay more than $5000 worst case scenario because the IRS is looking into his travel expenses now. And even then, he thinks he's safe because he's providing "documents" everytime they ask for it. But the receipts are not the problem, Grease, it's the fact that you deducted anything and everything. So basically he's just providing proof so the IRS can properly fuck him sideways.

No. 398555

This is a guy who uses HR Block for his taxes. He just uses the forst service he can google.

No. 398556

take care of your expensive cars you turnip.

No. 398558

Sorry I left out one more thing I asked the IRS agent, about "employees"
>>398536 post reminded me, thanks anon

-Sarah is not considered an employee, not bc she's underage, but bc of her age requiring paperwork, in accordance with their state law, she would require a form to be signed by her parents & school, the employer (grease) would require special permits, special insurance, as well as records proving age and documentations of work (along with not "working" between 7pm-7am)
-Sarah's travel expenses, her "paycheck", and bed, shower, & food, etc can not be considered business expenses (or included in partial business expense for an item i.e. "race car bed collaborators slept in!!1"
-Billie is not considered an employee, even though an adult can be in a romantic relationship with their employer(s) and still be legal employed, she & onion never filed any W2 forms & have no proper documentation of her hours/work/use of items being covered as business expenses
-Billie cannot have travel expenses covered bc the beginning travel and all the rest of the flights were due to personal reasons, she didn't fly to them to be their employee
-Billies "paycheck" isn't covered bc no proper documentation of hours/work/etc, no receipts, no contract (sex slave contract doesn't count), no taxes taken out of her pay (under the table payment, these would be filed be filed under billies name), no statement by Billie stating it was in exchange for labor (w/ hours, job description)
-Billie can be considered an independent contractor to onision (an independent contractor himself), but without documentation of what exact hours she worked, etc then there's no way to prove when, what, & if she worked for gerg, therefore not covered, leading to all her expenses and use of items filed as "business expenses" to not eligible to be covered as business as well.
-Since no documentation for Billies "work", it could be seen as a luxury personal expense (such as sugar babies being paid by their sugar daddies)
-cannot have any collaborators (other big YTers) travel expenses covered unless he kept all the plane ticket receipts w/ proof that they were flown out for reasons directly related to his YT "business"
-a video of him and the collaborator(s) is not legitamite evidence enough, bc it does not prove they were not there (or flown out) as friends for personal reasons, such as a friend in vlogs (& YTers don't deduct their expenses from their taxes) or hobby (such as Lainy is not paid a prectage of every vid of gregs shes in)
-could say maybe they're (unpaid?) actors (depending on state, some sign up w/ actors guild is required, some not) but would still have to show evidence of receipts, documented AT THE TIME PERIOD (not years later) of exact days/hours worked (also with time items they used i.e. beds, 2nd house) but that's really a big maybe
-this nigga can't file shit for any of his fake employees (jailbait) & YT ex-friends as business expenses on his taxes bc he has no documentation & are illegitimate

About a year for the investigation, in total a few years to go through court and accounting for everything with no receipts.
We should see shit hit the fan in several months prior/during/directly after the home visit and possibles earlier when they request all his filings/receipts/documents which he did all himself lol
Hopefully his future social media posts about this whole audit will be mysteriously sent to IRS & used against him, bc you now this bitch is going to yell everything that happens from the mountain tops of twitter in real time too!

No. 398560

why is he showing this? he has small children living there.

No. 398563

Because fuck privacy when you have a point to prove. Or something. /gronion think

No. 398567

It's funny how he forgets things when he spergs out. Doesn't he realise people can easily track his address. And now he has publicly shown us the blueprint of his house and where his valuables are.

And if someone's crazy enough to hunt down SocialRepose and his house for a glass of milk, what can a good ol' house robber do when given this information directly handed for them.

All that's missing is that he actually leaves his house with Lamo and the kids and is stupid enough to announce that too.

No. 398573

File: 1497866163088.png (218.3 KB, 398x398, greg.png)

I've know greg (online) for many years and can confirm that he doesn't know how to tell what a reliable source is. he is a good example for why kids should pay attention in school.

No. 398574

I never wanted to see Carrot Top this close.

No. 398575

File: 1497867065775.jpg (179.42 KB, 627x582, niceskingreg.jpg)

is this better

No. 398576

Do u want to make me cry jfc

No. 398577

I just got out of hospital…. I think I need to go back now….

No. 398581

>About a year for the investigation, in total a few years to go through court and accounting for everything with no receipts.
So what you're saying is, we'll have milk for years to come. Sweet!

No. 398582

I'm actually bummed out that it will take so long for Greg to be hit hard with the IRS justice. Simply because his online relevance is fading so darn quickly. At what point do we think Greg will leave the internet in an attempt to save face when he is no longer even remotely relevant? What if we miss the IRS milk? :(

No. 398585

spoiler this pls

No. 398589

I mean, obviously he's only had female (and agender spaceprinxe) partners until now but I definitely get self-hating homosexual vibes from him too. If only because his particular brand of red-faced, screaming misogyny is something I've only ever seen in gay guys. He gets way nastier about his female exes than about his male ex-friends. Look at how he treated Adrienne who he knew for like two weeks vs. how he treated Cyr who he was close with for years. At the very least he respects men way more than he respects women (i.e. not at all).
Oh and of course the several hours long argument he had with Cyr about whether two guys wrestling is or isn't gay. He's very homophobic, and you know what they say about loud homophobes…

That's probably a factor too. He knows his main fanbase is teenage girls and he knows teenage girls are really into that shit. I do think he enjoys it, though, and "muh views" is a convenient excuse.

No. 398599

He also used to shit on people who said youtube was a job to them. Are we surprised hes flip flopped?

Wait what? Hes mad that she cleaned the car? How does her cleaning the car affect anything? LOL. His dirty ass would be.

Hes been writing off flying his poly fuck toy to his house? Hahaha, gerg please send the IRS those videos about your threesomes. Im sure they will love to see who these "employees" you are flying are.

I really hope his dumbass gets fucked over from this. Hes just giving IRS more proof that he wrote off personal expenses as business expenses with these videos. How does anyone think this guy is clever? LMAO.

No. 398601

According to that tweet, washing the car = wasting life??? I'm assuming he means like… because ur wasting time…? This is up there for the most rediculous things he's said ..

No. 398637

Quick correction about Billie's "employment": he did, in fact, fill out some documentation for her, as an independent contractor. He was using sending those forms to her as an excuse to try to bait her into conversation as late as March.

He still can't write off all payments to independent contractors, as well as her flights, room and board, because those visits were for personal purposes as well.

No. 398638

Sorry, also meant to say that he has treated all collaborators as independent contractors and given them tax documentation as such. Doesn't mean he can write off their travel expenses and a bedroom they possible slept in for a night or two.

No. 398641

I thought it was more like wasting water? Still ridic either way.

No. 398643


>Quick correction about Billie's "employment": he did, in fact, fill out some documentation for her, as an independent contractor. He was using sending those forms to her as an excuse to try to bait her into conversation as late as March.

Just like with Skye and the $5k, he went as far as asking for her address for obvious ulterior motives. Dude's getting creepier and creepier.

No. 398650

File: 1497891337189.png (57.68 KB, 720x293, Screenshot_2017-06-19-09-52-40…)

Good job taking the moral high ground here, Obi Wan.

Just because more people died in one event doesn't detract the importance of dealing with terrorism in others.

No. 398653


It's funny because the only times he ever brings up events like this, it is in THIS EXACT CONTEXT.

So, the only time YOU care about tragedies, Onision, is when you can use them against your opponents.


No. 398654

Does he realise portugal is in europe and is first/second world? It's not some obscure place in the middle-east, it's right next to fucking Spain.
I thought he only cared about third world deaths?

No. 398655

It sounds like he thinks it's in South America. Plus he should watch the news, people are talking about all the things he's mentioning.

No. 398657

Narcs like Greg don't understand that people can care about more than one goings-on so he uses that as a way to berate people. "Look at me, unable to locate the country/spell Portugese, but look at all of those Portugal Fire Deaths that you ignore but not me! Look at me caring about it."
It's like he has to cover his ass every time there is something happening so that no one can tell that he can't grieve/mourn/create awareness of an issue like an actual person.

No. 398663

this is in response to grenfell isn't it? Well if he's going about it in the numbers there's now an presumed 79 dead with that number expected to rise…. Fuck off Greg, trying to make a contest out of tragedy isn't edgy.

No. 398665

File: 1497895257100.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0875.PNG)

Lainey apparently made a makeup tutorial for this ~special~ look. I guess she's decided to keep using that Billie-inspired lip glimmer she had on in a prev video. I can't reupload it atm but maybe some ither anon would like to reupload it.

No. 398668

Based on when he posted that tweet, I think it's about the guy who drove into a group of muslim people in London last night. I can't be sure though.

No. 398669

sage for samefag but the reason a lot of people were talking about it on social media is because a lot of news outlets were refusing to call it a terror attack etc.

No. 398670

Same boring look every time. I love that she has the transtrender/pansexual colors as eyeliner. The wingtips make her lips look like a glittery puckered cat butthole.

No. 398672

sorry for samefagging, forgot to sage lol

No. 398679

File: 1497896624473.png (Spoiler Image,482.65 KB, 627x582, grg.png)


I took the filters off

No. 398680



No. 398681


kf plz go

No. 398682

welp, at least when his youtube career takes its final shit, he'll have a future as a freddy krueger impersonator?

No. 398683

It's just crazy to me how bad his skin is. Does he have a condition or is it just because of shitty diet? For a guy who's supposedly straight edge you would think he would be healthier.

No. 398684

what are you looking at, smoothskin?

No. 398686

Lmao 10/10.

He looks like that Goldeneye 007 game from the Nintendo 64 where you could turn on "big head mode".

No. 398688

File: 1497898560203.jpg (39.93 KB, 600x300, u9d1IIa.jpg)


he looks like a burn victim

No. 398689

File: 1497898802959.jpg (337.84 KB, 720x720, 20170619_115750.jpg)

No. 398691

i fucking cackled imagining greg's pimply tesla

No. 398692

You can be vegetarian and straight edge and still have a poor diet. I think it's a combination of bad genes, bad hygiene, no skincare routine, and eating processed food.
It's strange though, because he's almost at an American Psycho level of narcissism and lack of empathy, yet he could never follow Patrick Bateman's morning routine because he's also lazy

No. 398693

This looks so painful… I can feel my skin burn just by looking at this

No. 398696

lurk moar

He has rosacea.

No. 398697

A combination of both.

No. 398698

It looks like a serious skin condition, maybe something like rosacea. Anyone saying you can get skin like that from processed food or not having a skin care routine is completely retarded.

No. 398699

Sage your shit.

Having a bad diet can fuck up your skin as well. That's not retarded. He has rosacea, but he also doesn't take care of his skin and has a poor diet. Factors add up, it's not one or the other.

No. 398702

Yeah, it can fuck up your skin, but not THAT badly.

No. 398703


I know this picture is a little OTT in terms of coloration but it looks like Greg's had a chemical peel that went south, doesn't it? Can any anons who might work in or around dermas or skin care peeps weigh in? If you aren't too disgusted by the photos we routinely show on this board, that is.

I sometimes think Greg's about as crusty as Shayna or Luna. They all have a tangible layer of filth on them. Greg always looks like a plastic surgery procedure done way on the cheap though, like he got it through fucking groupon or something.

Pretty sure he's got a number of broken capillaries dotted all over the place, wonder if he's got spider vein clusters too.

No. 398705

Hah I always saw Billie as an escort. Greg is fucked if he really tried to write off that one lol

No. 398707


samefagging to add: I know he's got rosacea, but I can see him running after completely inappropriate treatments to try and keep himself looking young while not realizing they'd aggravate the rosacea.

No. 398708

Sorry, I dropped my sage. I still think it's retarded, you can have the worst diet in the world and still not have Rosacea. So it's disingenuous to say he has shit skin because of his diet and hygiene. Diet can exacerbate it and trigger flare ups but doesn't cause your face to look anything like that. As for taking care of your skin, do we actually know gurg's skincare habits? He's extremely vain and a routine for rosacea would be really basic and simple so I would be really surprised if he literally did nothing.

No. 398711

A chemical peel would be a really fucked up thing to do if you have rosacea. I can't imagine anyone even would do a peel on him and surely he couldn't go through the process of doing one himself without having to research it and realise he shouldn't do it. His colour is honestly not that surprising for someone with rosacea. It can be really severe.

No. 398713

Greg's pretty retarded and unable to identify credible sources, he might have just assumed it would work for him because his skin is somehow different, narc logic is weird.

No. 398714

I feel so happy about the tax fuck up… I can see his future vids like

> IRS sent IDIOTS to my house (I am the smartest guy)

> Why I punched IRS agent in the face
> I may loose my house… (please send $$$ or I may kill myself)
> I'll represent myself in COURT (cause Im smarter than layers)
> US goverment is trying to kill me!

sage for being childish

No. 398715

File: 1497902590504.png (70.84 KB, 587x450, lol.png)

Looks like he's about to throw down with Joy.

So this is what its like when cows collide.

No. 398716


>I challenge you to a duel, stalker!!!!

No. 398717

The problem is that he knows he has rosacea, but refuses any treatment. Gregma is notorious for hating authority and dismissing all expert opinions. Getting a prescription would imply that he admits that a doctor knows more about something than him.

This will be glorious.

No. 398718

>inb4 they use info from lolcow threads against each other

No. 398723


ntayrt and OT but it looks an awful lot like a bad chemical peel that an aunt of mine had. Her skin was okay (not great but okay) prior to the peel and after the peel it was like this, pitted looking and lumpy. I think she may have picked at it while it was healing. She had bad skin to begin with and still managed to get a dermatologist to sign off on it, she basically bitched until she got what she wanted. Knowing what we know about narcs and how pushy they can be, I wonder if Greg didn't think that a peel was the answer to all his problems, pushed for it at some cheap derm, and made it worse by touching it and fucking with it and putting filthy masks on it while it was healing, etc.

The rosacea has taken a real turn for the worse recently, and yet I don't see it keeping him from fucking around with his face, like someone who picks at scars until they've got craters everywhere. I'm honestly surprised he's managing to keep makeup off of it at least part of the time.

He relies so much on his looks for validation, I can't even imagine how much this is driving him insane. His vanity must be taking a massive punch in the nuts right now, because his skin is absolutely vile looking.

No. 398728

There's no way this is real, is it? Is this actually him with no filters?

No. 398729

File: 1497904258833.png (120.68 KB, 616x754, Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.29…)

The replies to this tweet made me giggle.

No. 398734

File: 1497905495010.png (29.61 KB, 585x470, sothatswhy.png)

Missed this too. I guess since joy is now reaching nearly 50k subs on her channel, Onision is falling into a narc rage over it, especially since his new channels aren't doing so great, Not a fan of joy but it is fun to see him seethe over it.

No. 398736

But of course it's okay and totally normal and not creepy at all when he makes videos about Eugenia

No. 398739

File: 1497905824468.png (135.83 KB, 593x544, dropeverythinganddowhatIsay.pn…)

lol jesus christ he's losing it

No. 398740


props to callum g, keeping that shade flowing

No. 398741


tinfoiling but i can totally see the two of them planning this out and doing this to get views, period. they both suck.

No. 398745


It's really not tinfoiling. He tried to do it with TheAmazingAtheist. TJ declined.

If he were to proposition Joy in the same way, how do you think she would react?


No. 398746

File: 1497906704892.png (121.47 KB, 589x558, cows.png)

Joys side of things, Lol This is funny as fuck, let the milk flow!

No. 398747


Someone should remind Joy that Greg's the one getting audited, not her.

No. 398748


took me a minute to find it…


No. 398751

File: 1497907069888.png (34.93 KB, 583x323, interesting.png)

Any farmer up to getting these messages?

No. 398754

1. sage goes in the email-field
2. you have to be 18+ to post here
3. no, it's obviously not, it's a joke

No. 398755

File: 1497907863081.png (28.95 KB, 590x217, 2017-06-19 23_30_17-Sammuel L …)

God I hope they'll get in a "debate"

No. 398757

File: 1497908007527.png (12.73 KB, 588x84, 2017-06-19 23_32_48-Sammuel L …)

We got our self a milk-show!

No. 398758


When lolcows collide.

No. 398759

This "debate" is going to be so deliciously milky. Joy's definitely a cow, but even with her garbage, she does see through his manipulation and calls it for what it is. Grease is used to intimidating children and emotionally stunted adults. From what I've seen, Joy's held her own in their DMs. She seems to know how to deal with a narc and get under his skin. Her being obsessive is actually kind of an asset because pretty sure she'll have a lot of info on him to confront him with.

No. 398760

This botch is retarded. Never give in to a narc's demands, it just fuels them into greater power fantasies.

All she had to do was be like, lol, nope go ahead and "sue" me with your google.com "lawyer". Greg would have raged anyway.

No. 398762

what's her YT gaming URL?

No. 398763

File: 1497908369371.jpg (619.64 KB, 598x2677, GAkOSpW.jpg)

I know they're already posted. but i just wasted time doing this so here.

No. 398764

She's just as attention-hungry as he is, though, so it's not surprising. That's what her entire channel/online presence has been from the start. Let's just sit back and enjoy the milk.

No. 398765

Why? They're both cows for similar reasons. Watching two crazies attack each other without help is better.

No. 398766

Lol he refuses to do anything unless he profits from it. No ones buying the "only lainey is getting the money from her younow, so i dont profit!! She is a charity case herself!" excuse.

No. 398767

File: 1497908766172.jpg (157.79 KB, 594x698, uD7gCjD.jpg)

No. 398769

How long is 5 minutes in Joy time?

No. 398770

File: 1497909176964.png (11.01 KB, 596x94, 2017-06-19 23_52_32-Onision (@…)

The hell is going on.

No. 398771

I have this dream of bumping into Greg at the Hot Topic in a mall somewhere and treating him like dogshit. It's a problem. I think about this a lot. Like, I'd definitely lose a job for the opportunity to tell him off. I'm trying to think of the important buttons to hit and I think his age, his skin, youtube failure, Billie and…there's got to be something else.

What are the other things that would make him lose his shit on the spot?

No. 398772

He's going to bitch-fit to his patreons lol joy must have made him rage hard.

No. 398774


Fuck this, I'm actually a) at home b) don't have anything to do and c) felt like watching some milky drama.

Annnnnnnd it's behind a fucking paywall. Thanks, Gretchen. Asshole.

No. 398777

Don't worry, I'm positive his narcissism will prevent him from disappearing. Just look at Margo, she is a nobody nowadays but still following her dream to become the kawaii fashion guru youtuber she deserves to be.
If he was to leave the internet, Laney is all he has and we all know how fed up he is with her lmao

No. 398778

File: 1497910234272.png (195.26 KB, 582x615, 2017-06-20 00_09_56-Onision (@…)

1pm tomorrow apparently..

No. 398779

File: 1497910269583.png (396.12 KB, 627x929, 2017-06-20 00_10_53-Onision (@…)

No. 398782

Lmao at his screaming and petty insults and threats when he doesnt get his way.

No. 398783

To be fair, they both seem insufferable to talk to.

No. 398785

That's because they're both insane. But crazy's good at taking crazy down.

No. 398786

Yeah joy is annoying too, but onion was the one who gave her attention again and started this convo with her so hes the bigger idiot. And his responses are hilariously childish. All he can do is insult her, hoping she will give in to whatever he says. I'm sure this is how he talks to lameo and everyone else if they dont agree with him/do something he doesnt like. "YOU IDIOT. WASHING THE CAR IS A WASTE OF TIME. ONLY IDIOTS WILL DO THAT! BYE!"

No. 398787

File: 1497911375804.png (214.89 KB, 582x472, dwight.png)

Yeah I gotta admit I did laugh at her responses to his demands, Hes a fucking child

No. 398788

We knew that already from the Billie situation.

No. 398791

Go live on discord? Discord isnt a streaming platform LOL. It's for group voice/chat channels. Of course he would go to his discord so he can record a video of him talking to only people who will agree with him about joy lmao. What a loser.

Why not stream on lameo's younow like he was begging joy to do with him? Haha.

No. 398809

I can't believe he has to explain to his patrons what the IRS is but pretends most of his audience is over 18.

No. 398815

Mute your mic, record throughh speakers

No. 398817


>piece of shit

So much for feminism, huh Grease?

No. 398818

does anyone know who his supposed "stalker" is? that d0nstandsocloset0me dude hasn't (seemingly?) made videos on him in years. who the hell is stalking him??? (not that I believe he's being legit stalked - we all know this is about views and that he cant deal with people commenting on his bullshit)

My only other guess is andy warski

No. 398819

>it's okay for me to make a dozen videos on Eugenia, obsess over Shane, and fuck a homemade Andy sex doll, but how dare you make videos about me and all the terrible shit I've done

Don't get me wrong, Joy is an obsessed cow, but does he really think he has a leg to stand on here?

Also that hundred of thousands of subs tweet… if they were actually watching you, they would've come back and your views wouldn't have been affected much if at all.

No. 398820

not that anon but you didn't miss shit, he's gone to play a game now. was nothing worth recording.

No. 398821


oh wait maybe i should read before asking questions lol sorry(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 398822

ty for update

No. 398823


for someone being so severely 'stalked' he doesn't seem all that fearful/worried???

No. 398824

a lot of them share the same username "rfsale##" or something along those lines. hilarious

No. 398825

Joy made a response video to the one challenging her to a live debate, Onision To Me: Debate Me NOW Or I'm Suing You! and there's nothing in it. She didn't share the DMs. Said she's going to live stream shortly, I assume to show the DMs.

No. 398828

>I'll show you the DMs in the next episode

mfw I accidentally just watched a 15min reactionvideo.

Don't watch it, spare yourselves, like anon said it's fucking nothing in it.

No. 398834

That sounds like a typical video by Joy.

No. 398841

He did a video on Fidget spinners and I just can't understand how he has any fans above the age of 15. He legitimately makes fart noises and moaning for comedic value.

Kys, dude.

No. 398845


Honestly? The thing that would make him lose his shit is completely, 100% ignoring him. Pretending they don't exist or you don't care what he is talking about it if he is angry.

If everyone did this in unison, it would be the most fantastic thing to watch. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world.

Onision wants attention. He's a narc. Bad attention is still attention.

No. 398846


Also, screaming as a punchline. I wouldn't have found that funny at the ripe old age of 13 and I don't find it funny now. It amazes me how he has fans.

No. 398847


Yeah, he does that a LOT. The pointless screaming is so hard to handle. TBF if this dude made some good quality videos I'd be less inclined to want to watch him burn out, but he really doesn't have one single redeemable quality to him, not even in his videos.

No. 398862

File: 1497928946931.png (898.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0038.PNG)

Nightmare inducing

No. 398863

For a moment I thought that this was one of those pictures that parents take after playing with their kids, but knowing Greg it's probably for one of his videos.

Agreed. He always seems to get the most upset or flustered when the person he's ranting at / about doesn't acknowledge his existence. But I guess his combination of narcissism and stupidity is too much to ignore

No. 398868

joy is live on youtube right now talking about shiloh


No. 398870

I got about 20 seconds in… Joy is too crazy to listen to.

No. 398871

Sage goes in the email field.

There's no reason for her to bring up Shiloh at all.

No. 398875


What did she say about Shiloh?

No. 398876

Joy's second video with "onision's messages" in the title has all the messages he sent. If anyone wants to bother to screencap them all and post them here, theres too many for me to bother with it.

Seems like hes been cycling through all ideas to get attention, and went back to instigate drama with haters and attempt a debate. And of course, joy gives him the attention he craves because she craves it too.

No. 398877

Onion needs to understand that nothing will bring him views except the new divorce saga featuring laineybot.

No. 398878

his stubble reminds me of the lady who got an infection in her armpit

No. 398880

She's now talking to Jaclyn Glenn

God, can't these two mental retards (Onion and Joy) give it a rest…wait, nvm! Go at it you fools, entertain us!

No. 398881

its okay grease, lainey is probably annoyed by people who don't wash when they're covered in oil

No. 398884

Damn im going to miss the "debate" tomorrow because of work. If anyone is around then and can record I'd appreciate it and i'm sure other anons would too. i wanna see the sperg out if it does come to fruition.

No. 398889

Lol jaclyn said he had messaged her today too, and he said he didnt know why she was mad about the video he made, but he wanted to talk about youtube analytics with her or some bullshit.

isnt there no debate because they both didnt agree on the same platform? lol

No. 398902

File: 1497940000495.png (277.48 KB, 1483x876, IMG_5690.PNG)

out of all the fashion crimes in this image, the most shocking one is underneath those shredded jeans is… more jeans.

No. 398904

File: 1497940268198.png (114.24 KB, 607x692, IMG_5692.PNG)

Onions have layers

No. 398906

Is this recent? It looks like Onion is stuck in the early 2000's.

And are those ratty beat up dress shoes?

No. 398907

August 2015 if you can believe it

No. 398908

Can't be recent. Different hairstyle aside, onion hasn't worn anything but women's work out pants that outline his grotesque little dingdong in years now.

He and Joy should stop the bickering and realize they're made for each other already. Both suffer from NPD, have the same aversion to personal hygiene and share a proclivity for early 2000s fashion, they're basically the same person.

No. 398912

as much as he insists he's 5'11 or 6'0 he still looks like a manlet, such unfortunate proportions

nothing ever comes out of a debate with him. But joy seems as bonkers as he is so i really wanna see the mess that comes out of this…and hoping he rages again like he did over the emails

No. 398916

Joy was asking for Shiloh's Instagram…LIKE NO. I spammed the chat to make sure no one gave it up to her, and thankfully they all started spamming the same "don't share Shiloh's info." There is no reason Joy needs to follow Shiloh. I enjoy following her but I don't really interact with her, I just quietly observe. The last thing we need is Joy sharing info about Shiloh for attention.

No. 398918


Shiloh was with him 6 years ago. She's over him, doing great and looking better than ever. No-one should drag her back to the drama and emotoonal abuse where it took so much for her to heal. She doesn't deserve it. Don't share her information, let her be.

Also I'm kind of waiting for the debate but in the end I thknk that either they play super nice and civil towards each other and avoid flammable subjects or they chimp out in the last minute.

No. 398967

most of his height is in his head

No. 398976

Why would he show up to meet his idol in such a hideous outfit?

No. 398977

Is that a raccoon the man is carrying in the background?

No. 398979

File: 1497968003729.png (1.84 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0039.PNG)


Can't be worse than this outfit…

No. 398991

Before I enlarged this picture I assumed this was an 11 year old boy lol

No. 398993

Damn, it is. I was too distracted by Gurg's ugliness and manlet proportions to even notice it.

If he does show up at Andy's tour when it's in his state, this time I hope he does better than this fugly, outdated outfit. And no, Grease, grandpa sleeveless jackets and grey sweatpants do not count as better.

No. 399009

It's easy to google anyways lmao.

No. 399012

File: 1497975219276.jpg (1.82 MB, 4356x2486, convo1.jpg)

No. 399014

File: 1497975298963.jpg (2.04 MB, 4416x2778, convo2.jpg)

No. 399015

why is he so angry jfc he reminds me of a child trying to argue with someone

No. 399017

right? it's ridiculous. he's emotionally stunted, and it's an obvious intimidation tactic to get a rise out of her. as obnoxious as joy is, gotta lol cuz she does know how to trigger him

No. 399019


No. 399020

No. 399022

File: 1497976406952.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, lulz.gif)

This shit is hilarious. He just can't help himself from sperging out like a total moron as soon as someone won't play his games, can he?

No. 399024

File: 1497976614866.jpg (46.37 KB, 455x359, plainsdad.jpg)

Guess he patched things up with Plain's dad? Guess he's not such a horrible person when Gerg feels he needs something from him.

No. 399025

joy's just the right type of batshit insane, holy shit. i love how greg is trying and failing to keep cool, just repeating shit over and over again so he can look like an unstoppable force, too bad joy's an immovable object. waiting for the inevitable shitstorm, this is too good

No. 399026


This is hilarious. He literally has no idea how to handle or deal with someone who he has no control whatsoever over.

Also, Taylor's father is his lawyer. Sure Jan. I suspect Taylor's father wouldn't piss on Greg if he was on fire and that was the only way he could put it out. Apparently Greg can't help himself with his lies, either.

No. 399028

He's hilarious and sad. I dislike Joy a lot but they're such a good match because she knows about his bullshit and is not backing down. And he DID agree to her terms.

Exactly this. Or the alternative is that Lainey talked to her Dad and told Onion about it (more likely imo). I don't think Lainey's dad would have a conversation with him, he's only tolerating it to not lose contact to Lainey and her kids.

No. 399033

Anyone know if the "debate" even going to happen? Looks like it ends where Greg's just gonna go on YouNow, and Joy on YouTube… so I don't know what's actually going on.

No. 399036

File: 1497978047002.png (15.35 KB, 590x110, 2017-06-20 18_59_17-Sammuel L …)

Apparently it's still on. They said 1pm Onion time, so that would be 3pm EST.

No. 399038

File: 1497978281744.jpg (147.83 KB, 592x912, goodtimes.jpg)

Patreon, because you're too socially retarded to have fun human interactions without blind adoration and money being involved.

No. 399039

1pm PST is 4pm EST

No. 399041

She's on midwest time. So 3pm her time and 1pm west coast time.

No. 399042

Or, you can't get along with anyone in any state of mind and thus have no friends. It's not booze that's at fault, Greg. People can have normal fun while drinking. You can't have fun even sober, so why do you care?

No. 399045

You're right, my bad.

No. 399046

For my fellow eurofags, if my calculations are correct that's in about two and a half hours from now, 1pm GMT -07:00

No. 399047

Yup. 10pm Berlin time, 9pm London time.

No. 399054


This is getting to Eurovision level of being there, huh? I hope Onion would try to make myself more handsome (lol) for his fans and do a little skin service.

No. 399055


God Onion is a fucking idiot. Joy is what, the third person he's threatened to sue this year?

No. 399057

He's threatened to sue Joy twice. She's the one who published his fake "cease and desist" letter he copy / pasted from google.

No. 399061


the ONLY thing that yanks my asshairs over this "debate" is how any potential onionsperg will make Kati look like the big ol' winner. in reality she's just as big a /pt/ level lolcow as grelp is. of course it's funny to watch her get at him because only someone with a sick mind can entertain relentless verbal spars he threw in these exchanges. all i'm banking on is one of Kati's patented filthy tirades about gerg's hateboner for her will gross more people out than it would entertain.

either way i am (shamefully) here for this.

No. 399062

Holy fucking shit. He really is acting like a child. Everything he says is just… I'm speechless. I know pretty much nothing about this Joy person, but she acted like a perfectly sane, normal, reasonable, mature person compared to Grug, holy shit

No. 399066

I 100% am eurovision-level here for this tbh, gonna go out to get some snacks even. I really hope this thing goes down, I'm so very thirsty for some good milk.

No. 399068

same lmao. there goes my diet.
I bet they are just both gonna be on their own platforms just raging about eachother.

No. 399071

i won't be able to actually watch, will someone please keep us updated? also someone count how many times he calls her an idiot fraud bitch lol

No. 399075

I don't follow JoySparkle's thread so I don't know why she's considered a cow too, but damn, she destroyed him. The angrier Onion got, the more politely and logically she replied.
Also I love how Onion projected by calling her "insane" when he was the only one sperging and saying illogical things. GG Joy.

No. 399078

The fact that she's such a lolcow herself kinda makes this better for me, it's so fucked up that she comes off as the reasonable and level headed one when talking to Greg lol. Really illustrates how next-level crazy he is.
Also cow vs cow slapfights are the best, it's a big, messy race to the bottom usually.

No. 399083

I will try and record it and upload it for you guys later.

No. 399086

File: 1497985311689.jpg (21.49 KB, 573x107, 01dc7006fe3689ba1087f424c3309a…)

No. 399088

Noice it's on Youtube. That way the "debate" will be automatically saved.

No. 399090

Which timezone?

No. 399091

Fucking this. Let's not forget that Joy is a massive cow. They are both two different kind of crazies that the pisses off the other. That alone is going to make it milky. but they need to be locked up in mental institutions.

No. 399092

Guessing her timezone which is Midwest according to >>399041 and it's currently 1:12PM here.

No. 399093

I don't get why he loves dragging Taylor into all of this narc bullshit? Even calling her Patreon a "charity" KEK. Grease, that's the same stupidity that landed you in trouble with the IRS. He just wanted to get all the money from her YouNow.

No. 399094

No one really believes Joy when she claims that proceeds are going to charity… right!?!?

No. 399095

She's pretty autistic about rules, I think she is. It's something that Greg can't say is stupid, but is going to irritate him because he has to say which charity and make plans, as opposed to immediately getting to yell at Joy, which is all he can think about.

I don't doubt she'd give the cash to charity just to needle him. She's crazy, but it takes a crazy to engage in a long, voluntary narc battle I guess.

No. 399096

I mean, I've seen her donate. Like with the Daddyofive thing

No. 399097

idgaf at this point personally, I just wanna see crazy take crazy down lol

No. 399098

I really hope no one does.

No. 399099

If I recall, she pockets a lot of the "donations" that people give.

No. 399100

no one really cares tho? is anyone here watching this mess for charity?

No. 399101

So she is mountain time? That's only an hour ahead on onion…

No. 399102

no. she is in the midwest, or two hours ahead of greg, who is in pacific time.
the debate is supposedly 1PM gergtime, so it would be 3pm her time.
either way, folks in europe will see this happen around 9pm or 10pm your time so grab a beer and watch the shitshow unfold.

No. 399103

File: 1497987000276.png (36.95 KB, 585x114, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.2…)

She said 2:30 so that should be now if she's midwest

No. 399104

debate starts in 30 minutes

No. 399105

my favorite little narc thing of greg's is that he insists on challenging people, live, for weird and arbitrary reasons. all i can picture happening is him saying "IDIOT, IDIOT, IDIOT BITCH FRAUD STALKER IDIOT" for an hour straight and he'll walk away from it thinking that he sure showed her, no one messes with king gregory. and lainey will cry from how smart and brave he is.

No. 399106

Not that anon, but it's one of the reasons why she's a cow.

No. 399109

That's not why I watch, but it does bother me that this bitch is lying about where the money is going because some people ARE stupid enough to support her because of this.

No. 399112

Onion has been pretty silent all day. Makes me think he's going to back out of this.

No. 399114

He's going to show up on Lainey's younow, because that's what he demanded. He agreed, then reneged, on going on Joy's YT, and decided it was HONEST FAX that Joy had to do this on younow or be a liar coward bitch cunt, etc etc you get the picture.

They're just going to be on different channels come time for the "Debate" imo

No. 399116

File: 1497987794696.png (46.18 KB, 208x178, 2017-06-20 21_42_43-(30) Joy S…)

Joy just uploaded a video

No. 399118

she's live on her YT rn. no one else there, just started.

No. 399119

File: 1497987919542.png (32.97 KB, 702x258, 20170620_154413.png)

he's playing a game on steam right now. inb4 "sorry I was busy playing with my PATREONS"

No. 399120

I would suggest we set up a drinking game, with the rules that every time he narc rages/calls her names/demands FAAAAX we take a drink, but I don't want to kill us.

I really hope they come to a compromise, I need this to happen.

No. 399122

She's looking for charity suggestions to give to for their debate. Someone suggest Autism Speaks.

No. 399123

Gergle better show up because this has the potential to be better than xmas.

No. 399124

How much she says she loves him is unsettling. Like I know she doesn't mean she LOVES him, more like loves how entertaining he is due to being crazy. But like. stop.

No. 399125

She's set up with the moderator and everything, but Greg's not coming.

No. 399127

I knew it was too good to be true. Gerg would never do anything that wasn't 100% on his terms

No. 399128

Yeah I'm really thinking he isn't going to show. I am keeping an eye on both Joy and Lainey's younow to see if he goes on there.

No. 399129

Their set debate time is in about five minutes, it's not over yet, fingers crossed!

No. 399130

Or he's going to do what Joy did the last time they were going to debate and claim he needs a mental health day.

No. 399131


No. 399133

someone record that shit plz

No. 399134

File: 1497988808404.png (294.36 KB, 479x481, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 12.5…)

No. 399135

God he is so predictable

No. 399136

Jeff said he's going to try to get on his YouNow to ask him to come to YT/see what's happening, I guess

No. 399137

he's just eating and ignoring everyone. Joy is on youtube (which people are telling him) so once again this is no milk

No. 399138

File: 1497988967121.png (277.22 KB, 479x472, Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 1.00…)

He's literally sitting in his garage, listening to edgy metal, wearing war paint.

He's only got 900 people watching and Joy has 2500, so the mod is going to ask Greg to join them because she's got more people, lol

No. 399139

They're just playing chicken rn, joy's mod is going to attempt enter his younow, gerg is playing music and eating cereal.

No. 399140

Gergle, you stupid piece of shit. This is so frustrating.

No. 399141

he's now saying he wont go to Youtube so Joy doesn't profit

No. 399142

What's the point of this? The only people who would even be amused or impressed are his teenagers. The rest of us know he's a retarded cuck.

No. 399143

and Joy stated the profits would go to charity, Onion want's Lainey to profit even though it has nothing to do with her..

No. 399144

Apparently Plain is a charity case.

No. 399147

Joy's offered to donate $200 of her own cash, right now, to a charity, as a good faith gesture, so he can see she's serious about donating.

No. 399148

Why wont Joy go on younow???? she constantly is on here, but when it comes on onision all of a sudden she doesn't want to use it. Greg said 'Lainey is a victim to you guys so she should come on here'

No. 399150

Oh my god he's saying if he goes over to her chat she profits, but on lainey's younow only laniey profits??? YOU'RE FUCKING MARRIED you tard. Joy said something just now about donating 200 dollars in good faith hoping he'll show

No. 399151

Jeff is now a guest

No. 399152

My guess is neither of them actually want this debate to happen.

No. 399153

because she can have a moderator and not have grease just bombard the debate and use the glitching to his advantage.

No. 399154

>Why wont Joy go on younow????
Because it's dumb for Lainey to get the money when she is the most pointless player. Why should she profit from this? Especially when she's Grease's spouse and he'll just end up with the cash anyway.

No. 399155

He's desperately trying to deflect right now lmao

No. 399156

So Jeff is now in Greg's younow and he is totally changing the damn subject trying to talk about his hat and game of thrones. Greg. Are you fucking serious? Holy. Shit.

No. 399157

"I'm here to moderate so you don't rip each others heads off"
Onision - "Who do you think will be the next King in Game of Thrones?"

No. 399158

Greg wants Lainey to be the impartial moderator. Jeff offers his channel as a middle way.

No. 399159

>man thinks his own wife is an impartial third party

Gargoyle logic.

No. 399160

Now he's trying to play dumb, he doesn't want to go on YouTube because he wants to be in complete control of the situation…

No. 399161

>His wife
I don't know if Greg is actually mentally retarded.

No. 399162

He literally just said "I don't know how to use YouTube" after Jeff asked why doesn't he just go on there.. SURE JAN.

No. 399163

Lainey just texted him saying Jeff made hate videos so now Onion is upset. He's talking shit about Blaire rn

No. 399164

He is truly insane. Jeff is offering to do this debate through his youtubelive but he is now acting like that is just too difficult and he doesn't want to waste time trying to figure it out or some shit.

No. 399165

How does a fucking youtuber have the gall to say that? lmao greasy is so lame

No. 399166

Oh Lamey fuck off, you're no victim.

No. 399167

Jeff's a moron who's letting Greg derail, and talk his ear off, and bring every other topic under the sun.

No. 399168

He's stalling like crazy. Talking about this Joy shit with Jeff instead of with Joy herself. He's just trying to waste time before he fucks off with this live stream shit.

No. 399169

Sarah is watching so she's possibly watching the thread too since it was known that she gives feed back to Lainey from this thread

No. 399170

One with 10 years of "experience" of that, he's done YouTube debates in the past as we all know.. he's being avoidant of it because he wants it be under HIS circumstances…
– claims he doesn't want to go on YT because Joy will make money (even though she stated she will donate it all) and it's not bout money… want's Joy to come on YouNow so Lainey can profit instead.

No. 399171

hes acting like such a child telling Jeff about how crazy joy is, like he doesnt understand how joy could of been joking/trolling him? how would greg be a person to not understand she was fucking with him

No. 399172

It's really starting to piss me off how Jeff is allowing this to happen.

No. 399173

You're right, Hi Sarah, tell Lainey to control her husband before he digs your graves even deeper in to financial disaster… Greggles is bordering defamation right now.

No. 399174

Jeff calling Onion out about his bullshit cease and desist order made my day. Onion can only talk over Jeff and throw out insults. He's getting so flustered. LMAO.

No. 399175

Greg is having a mental breakdown. He's being super aggressive to Jeff

No. 399176

Jeff is too nice and decent for this drama of 2 lolcows

No. 399177

Jeff is dragging him right now

No. 399178


No. 399179

jeff couldnt take it anymore and is cussing greg out. great just gave greg what he wanted :/

No. 399180

lolol, Jeff has lost it.

No. 399181


No. 399182

hahahah jeff is dragging his rosacea-ridden ass

No. 399183

Jeff fucking snapped

No. 399184

Oh man, I am LIVING for this.

No. 399185

im sooo mad jeff couldnt keep his cool. greg is just soo happy now that he caught jeff being "fake" so dumb. even though greg has been insulting him

No. 399186

Please let someone record all of this. Jeff is my hero today!

No. 399187

Came to see Gerg rage, see Jeff rage. This sucks, he just got a rise out of the "mediator".

No. 399188

I've got this recorded I'm hoping it works. Jeff lost it and gregs pretending like he wants a normal conversation

No. 399189

I'm recording.
Will upload after.

No. 399190

Greg is loving this right now, sad

No. 399191

I wish that Jeff had stayed chill but lbr gargoyle was never actually gonna debate regardless of jeff's attitude

No. 399192

disappointing. wish he didn't rage but it was good to hear him say some of the things he said

No. 399195

Keep recording, not sure either how well mine will turn out.

No. 399196

Exactly. When people do this they're giving him exactly what he wants.

No. 399198

Jeff has completely lost it, greg is pretending to want to have a civil conversation with him, while both are wasting time and not getting to the point of this whole live debate. Joy should just got to his stream at this point.

No. 399199

Now that Jeff is raging Greg is acting all calm and shit. He's gonna make a video about this and act like Jeff and Joy were too childish to debate.

No. 399200

Jeff, oh my fucking god, just stop. This is so fucking pointless.

No. 399201

Jeff gave gerg exactly what he wanted, this is not something to celebrate, he walked right in to his trap. Jeff losing his shit and screaming just makes onion look like the sane one. He pushed jeff's buttons and he fell for it, fucking embarrassing. I'm so not here for jeff-milk.

No. 399202

Yup, Greg won this one

No. 399203

Although I wish he didn't rage and snap like that, but it's fucking refreshing to see someone rant at him. But he's been at this for 10 minutes and just caters to Greg's controlling needs. To be honest, the only thing that'll kill this fucking roach is a headshot.


No. 399204

this is embarrassing… Jeff, no

No. 399205

Yea, he's just making it worse now.. Greg could be destroyed right now but we need someone who's level headed, I'd love to volunteer.

No. 399206

Yeah he needs to stop, Greg's just getting off on it. This is dumb.

No. 399207

I wish I could join this live chat right now and undo all of this. This. Is. So. Embarrassing.

No. 399208

watching greg live and not in just videos is so cringy. like he loves acting so fucking smug about everything its barf inducing

No. 399209

greg is such a dumbass. seriously if anyone mildly informed was on the stream he would be getting rekt. "I'm not a pedophile IT'S EPHEBOPHILE" fuck off.

No. 399210

He kicked him off lmao

No. 399211

Okay now he's got one of his Patreon/Discord buddies to suck up his ass.

No. 399212


Yeah, he tries too hard and puckers his lips to look "good". It's cringy as fuckkkkk

No. 399213

Felt a little good to see him get dragged for a moment though.

No. 399214

apparently Joy is on there? at least on the chat

No. 399215

Jaclyn is there

No. 399216


Jeff's in Joy's chat, explaining what happened and he knew that he was falling into Greg's trap but he didn't care because someone needed to tell him off.

Joy's chat is telling her to concede and just go to younow, which they're okay with because she raised 300 bucks for charity.

No. 399217

he just added Jaclyn Glenn

No. 399218

Joy's considering going over to Greg's younow - even though she has more than twice the viewers right now. She's going to donate what was already raised.

No. 399219

Social Repose on Younow!

No. 399220

He's trying to shame Social Repose for not letting a stalker in his house..

No. 399221

started insulting jaclyns boobs instantly.

No. 399222


didn't mean to reply to that my bad

No. 399223

Does he not realise that neither of them give a shit lol, they're just laughing at him

No. 399224

I hope she does. I dislike Joy as much as the next anon, but this Jeff thing was a disaster. You do nothing by screaming at someone that he's a "pedo, rosacea, dinosaur", etc. Like, either debate him or gtfo, don't feed his ego and give the motherfucker exactly what he wants.

No. 399225

Literally they are just laughing at him together. What a damn fool.

No. 399226

Edwin is there in the chat

No. 399227

And now he's listening to Manson
How edgy

No. 399228

Pretty sure Lainey would have Joy blocked so obviously she won't show up in the guests.

No. 399229

So Joy is here now but he's acting like he can't see her and will only wait 4 more minutes and if she doesn't *~appear~* he's getting off

No. 399230

Tomatoguy is here

No. 399233

With his fake laugh/smile/personality

No. 399234

Joy's blocked and he's just casually talking shit with that Tomato fucker…

No. 399236

and I was right, Laimo just called him to tell him she's blocked..

No. 399237

He's unblocking her now.

No. 399238

this would have been so much simpler if his dumb ass just went to Joy's live stream in the first place.

No. 399239

I like how lameo is always watching this shit and texting/calling gerg to help him out. How she can see her husband act like a middle schooler moron and still support him is beyond me.

No. 399240

He's trying to stall so hard, Lainey had to unblock her lol

No. 399241

she's there in the guest

No. 399243


No. 399244

I am so annoyed that I am on a wifi-less coach ride across the country so can't stream for this. I was so wanting to witness this live. Such a bummer that it's afternoon time in the US but night time over here in Europe since I was free this afternoon. (I know that there was no way it would have been afternoon time for me though, just being silly in my lamenting.)

I can't stand Joy but the idea of the two of them facing off is too good. It would satiate my gossipy wee brain so much.

No. 399245

I think she's lurking here because no one else even mentioned that till I suggested it before, Hey Lainey!

No. 399247

>Joy makes a good point

No. 399248

I hope she stops calling him hun and honey.

No. 399250

It's 6:30am where I am, I was literally about to go to bed finally then this started haha, let us all pray that this will have all the milk we can drink for months to come!

No. 399251

"Look at the comments - you can see me admitted to be not being a pedophile"

But you're still a shit person.

Joy is getting riled up, too. This is just going to be a shit show. He's derailing the conversation because she doesn't call him Gregory…. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 399252

You're not missing much so far, it's a mess. At least when he debated Jaclyn there was one coherent person

No. 399253

Grease is fucking insufferable.

No. 399254

I love how he claims to be a feminist but always cut her off and insult her.

No. 399255

What a fucking shit show… I love it!

No. 399257

she eats so fucking disgusting

No. 399258

ofc she has to bring up her "illness"

No. 399259

I like how gerg thinks keeping a "calm" face and "monotone" voice makes him better than the other person/win. Lmao.

Holy shit gerg and joy are both the most obnoxious people to talk to. LOL. Hopefully this will be good.

No. 399260

lmfao I thought so too, she looked like a rabbit.

No. 399261

LMAO, she's saying he lied about fibro while she's lying about it herself. She used fibro as an excuse why she can't remember his name. Yup, better than xmas.

No. 399262


No. 399263

I hope someone has a counter with how many times he says facts.

No. 399264

They both are. She keeps saying "fibromyalgia" repeatedly like she chants it every night.

No. 399265


No. 399266

Did you know!?

No. 399267

Actually brain fog can cause waves of confusion and memory problems

However, the arguing about random bullshit is so stupid

No. 399268

Have you heard about our Lord and Savior Fibromyalgia?

No. 399269

muh fibromyalgia greeeeggg

No. 399270

His wife is mentally ill or did he forget she has anxiety? so him insulting Joy for a mental illness is fucking funny

No. 399271

This debate is boring as fuck

No. 399272

Spread the good news anon. <3

No. 399273

But she doesn't have it. Look up her thread on snow, so I won't derail with her shit here.

No. 399274

When will they get to the fucking debate JFC

No. 399275

holy shit dont let the illness obsessed cow get a chance to talk about her fibromyalgia or she will never shut up. Move on. And gerg again, obsessed with googling definitions. The cows are cowing together.

No. 399276

Soooo if he's insisting that she's mentally disabled, isn't he kind of a bigger piece of shit for wanting to sue a disabled person for slander?

No. 399277


Who is Jeff?

No. 399278

And he's claimed to have depression

No. 399279

What are you talking about don't you care about fibromyalgia?

No. 399280

omg I don't give a fuck about her stupid fake illness let's hear a real debate, bring up his trying to defraud the IRS!

No. 399281

I don't think she was actually talking about forgetting his name, but talking about forgetting to refer to him as Greg instead of Onision. Greg just twisted it to make it seem like she was dumb. She's a loon but he's definitely trying to make her look worse.

No. 399283

Of all people we get to "debate" him we get fucking joy. She has no idea how to argue with him or how to get to him

No. 399284

I signed up to Younow just to see this shitshow, but I don't get how tf does it work and why it doesn't make me comment, I press enter but it doesn't post it
sage for OT

No. 399286

>fibromyalgia is a mental illness because the definition of illness is "a sickness effecting the body or mind"
>body or mind
I am actually rage quitting right now, he is so fucking stupid.

No. 399287

Jesus Christ I already had to quit watching this, Greg alone is insufferable enough to listen to, it's just too much with this Joy cow

No. 399289

There's a limit on how often you can post.

No. 399290

Usually there are 100-2000 people watching a stream. There are 5k watching, and the servers won't let people comment because of the high volume.

No. 399291

Anons, does not one sane person exist that could debate him in a serious manner? This is funny and all but, she is looking kinda crazy right now.

No. 399292

>Greg: tell me who i've made multiple "hate" videos on
>chat: Shane, Cyr, Billie, Shiloh, Jaclyn, Richie, Skye…

No. 399294

You may post liveblogging and discussion there. Posting in succession is allowed.

No. 399295

I think all the sane people know not to bother. No matter who debates him, he's too stupid to know when he's wrong. Nobody wants to waste their time on him.

No. 399296

as soon as you press enter, wether on mobile or PC, it will automatically post, but you probably won't see it as the chat is being spammed.. I'll comment LOLCOW and I bet you guys won't see it.. and yes like the other cow said you are limited from commenting too often

No. 399300

this "debate" is like two people who used to date in high school and now at age 32 they're still salty as fuck. i don't know what to even think.

No. 399320

"Lainey didn't lie because she was emotional" OMF
Getting triggered right now, I bet Lainey is flipping out.

No. 399321

This is so pointless, I'm leaving because neither are reading the comments and it's just Greg cutting Joy off constantly. He got the exact platform he was looking for, one without a mediator. Him constantly going off-topic as a distraction tactic is seriously triggering.

Fuck you Greg, you fucking coward. You sick fuck. Can't wait for the IRS to come for your ass.

No. 399322

bless you son

No. 399328

Yaas this Lainey stuff is gonna get milky.

No. 399337

He's losing his marbles.

No. 399339


I don't follow Kati as a cow because I think she's boring but how dare she try to drag Shiloh into her quest for drama? She knows how Greg treats his castoffs. I hope someone lets Shiloh know that there's an idiot out there trying to pull her back into drama with Greg–Shiloh would tell Kati to fuck off these days, I think. She's really strong and she's really got her shit together.

Seriously Kati, stop being a fucking cunt for views. I wish her and Greg would be stranded on a desert island with one another. They could narc rage at each other for years, all day every day.

No. 399343

You may post liveblogging and discussion there. Posting in succession is allowed.

After the livestream, you can continue to post in this thread.

No. 399364

She is still new to the Anti-O community, she has a lot to learn and in regards to Shiloh, she has no right to drag her in to this by name dropping her, she should have used the term "ex" which at least Greg did (not out of respect obviously).. the only reason she would want her Instagram would be to try and contact her and get information from her.. ugh, let Shiloh live in peace, she's moved on ffs.

No. 399369

and to name drop her like she knows anything about her, that just pisses me off..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 399646

File: 1497998501366.jpg (41.14 KB, 604x455, 503.JPG)

No. 399663

he's a small guy…

No. 399699

ok sarah12321@hotmail.ca

No. 399720

Did someone record and can at least upload the portion where Joy and Greg are actually on younow together? I missed all of it.

No. 399728

At least two anons did, might take awhile before it's uploaded but I'm sure it's going up at some point.

No. 399736

>>399735 Lainey's back on YouNow and taking guests

No. 399741

i'll see if i can have it up by tonight but my wifi is really really slow atm, i know another anon recorded it so theirs might be up sooner.

the whole stream was a mess anyway

No. 399742

omfg that british guy was cringe. Lainey clearly felt uncomfortable af lmao. "i'll see you when we game or chat cus im a $65 patron now!"

No. 399745

So Lainey is live now and is upset because Billie and Ayala is on too or something and is saying she wants to make up with Billie.. Oh boy.

No. 399754

File: 1498003262120.png (227.15 KB, 550x594, 1.png)

I'm in the process of uploading right now. Huge file, so it's taking some time.

Will post it here as the first thing, when it's done.

No. 399758

File: 1498003492774.png (12.1 KB, 589x107, shutup.png)

No. 399761

File: 1498003721513.png (34.36 KB, 593x458, factmachine.png)

No. 399762

File: 1498003733956.png (16.58 KB, 589x198, It wasn't their debate.png)

No. 399771

Literally in Lainey's livestream that's going on right now, she said that she didn't expect to talk to her. And that she was texting Greg and he told her to come in.

No. 399772

lol, sarah is STILL there, bitch will keep talking about them/billie/herself forever

No. 399773

File: 1498004572169.png (12.41 KB, 591x102, Whyaretheyeveninvolved.png)

lol jesus they can't even keep their story together

No. 399780

can you capture the moment on younow?

No. 399781

File: 1498005172184.png (11.69 KB, 588x103, youdidntwin.png)

No. 399782

File: 1498005190839.png (11.76 KB, 586x99, thatsnotconsent.png)

No. 399785

File: 1498005544406.png (14.46 KB, 584x181, theysaidno.png)

No. 399786

File: 1498005557711.png (16.21 KB, 582x225, getoveryourself.png)

No. 399787

File: 1498005587177.png (10.94 KB, 593x99, shedoesn'twantyou.png)

Sorry for the spam guys, Hes just going ham on twitter again

No. 399788

File: 1498005618990.png (16.8 KB, 583x221, yeahright.png)

No. 399789

"I just like abusing people, I'm not really into S&M"

"Don't kinkshame me or my spouse!"

No. 399790

Seems the onions can't differentiate at all between other people bringing up billie and billie actually talking about them, she's been quiet for months like wtf

No. 399791

File: 1498005915441.png (12.44 KB, 591x105, thenwhydidshegetinvolved.png)

No. 399792

He must believe everything anyone tweets at him, sarah was basically facepalming when joy read that tweet in her chat just now.

No. 399797

File: 1498006514279.png (149.32 KB, 585x1897, jfc.png)

He's sperging the fuck out on twitter

No. 399798

Sarah wouldn't be getting "ganged up on" if grug wasn't a pussy and fought his own battles, instead of making his doormat and a 16 year old speak for him. Pathetic!

No. 399800

Sorry if it's already been mentioned, theres a lot of new milk today and haven't had time to lurk, but isn't it grand how Onision called Sarah "PLAIN" and then Sarah goes and dyes her hair blue just like Billie? lol

No. 399803

when is he not?

No. 399804

YouNow debate:

I have to go to bed, but it was my plan to add precise time stamps for you guys. I will do that tomorrow.

No. 399807


Not only that but noone is FORCING her to be on camera. Everyone forget about her ass a long time ago in the chat and everyone moved on. Why doesn't she use her own logic that she's an "adult" and can just walk away at any time. Oh right- muh victimhood

No. 399819

lmao, no one "dragged her" into it, she chose to show up and stay for hours and invited the other children to the chat together with joy. Gerg tweeting about her was what upset her enough to finally log off, she said herself she didn't feel attacked, god he's so embarrassing. Is he just stupid or does he do this intentionally to stir up drama and gain sympathy? I don't want to believe that he's capable of being that cunning.

No. 399820

File: 1498007514564.png (43.89 KB, 592x473, drew.png)

Drews currently going at him since billie was brought up in this whole thing.

No. 399822

File: 1498007566438.png (35.83 KB, 599x321, drew (2).png)

No. 399827

File: 1498007930984.png (38.32 KB, 593x412, loool.png)

Heres hoping drew and grease go at it

No. 399831

thank you so much anon ily

onion is a piece of shit but this dude drew just jumps at any chance he has to be relevant. inb4 " but thats her bf!", he knows what will get him views

No. 399833

I'm sorry but why is everyone soo shocked about the kids thing?? He said he wishes for them to cry (lol ok) so why is everyone so butthurt? SUCH A NASTY THING TO WISH ON CHILDREN lol babies cry get over it. I don't know why this ugly ass Drew had to even butt in. He knows "defending" Billie will lead nowhere since Grug is what he is. Geez.

No. 399834

His reactions seem more genuine than simply views. Billie was brought up a fuckton today so it's natural that he would have something to say.

No. 399837

If he makes a video then you can argue this is for views…

No. 399848

File: 1498008863540.jpg (29.74 KB, 552x360, jackie-chan-whut.jpg)

You mean the 16 year old you got involved in this in the first place by scooping her up and trying to indoctrinate her into the cuck household? The lack of self-awareness is so strong…

No. 399849

File: 1498009022985.png (246.03 KB, 576x567, lol.png)

No. 399850

I am living for this! Drew doesn't even get down to Grugs level.

No. 399852

File: 1498009235303.png (175.75 KB, 584x606, wahhpoorme.png)

No. 399853

Gerg just uploaded a video to his channeling, I'm reuploading right now. Is it ok to post here? Farmhand mentioned posting here after the livestream but this is relevant to him?

No. 399855

can see the girls thumbnail who sent that to him, how retarded is greg at reposting shit from other people and throwing them into the fire?

No. 399856

I'd like that.

No. 399857

Not a farmhand, but yeah, this seems relevant. Just be sure it's a reupload and not just a copy from youtube itself. I'd love to watch.

No. 399860

why does he think anyone cares about this? everyone already hates you greg, trying to get the negative attention off yourself isn't going to work.

No. 399861

I've ripped it from youtube, halfway uploaded on vidme at the moment.

No. 399868

Drama brings views.

No. 399876


Here we go, it's unlisted so only accessible via this link. I'll transcribe it for anons who don't want to listen to his dribble.

No. 399878

Thanks anon!

No. 399881

DAMN IT, sorry anons I didn't realize the time and I have to get to an appointment. If someone hasn't transcribed by the time I get back, I'll finish what I started.

No. 399884

In gergs "I finally confronted my stalker" video at the 6:50-7:00 mark he says "I truly love Lainey, but not as much as Lainey truly loves me" …..WOWWWWWW

I mean we already know that, but to just nonchalantly throw that out there like that.

No. 399885

Sounds like he's going to cry throughout the whole video? Or shaking with rage, likely.

>I truly love Lainey, but not as much as Lainey truly loves me.

Yeah, no shit.

Grease going on and on justifying the Billie basement punishment is incredibly disturbing and creepy.

No. 399888

It kills me to say this, but he's won the fight. He seems so calm and collected and that gives a better impression than Joy's frantic screaming.

You had him, Joy. And then you let him fuck you over.

No. 399889

Calm and collected? He was insulting the shit out of her and he did raise his voice a couple of times before running away and letting lainey deal with it.

No. 399890

She was too focused on trying to make fun of him imo, she was trying to make him look stupid for her audience but ended up being the monkey herself.

No. 399892

He's not calm. He's not anything like calm. He wasn't calm on the stream. The videos are his only opportunity in a world which does not bend to his narrow dictionary definitions, to pretend he's in control of anything at all.

I agree it's best to ignore him and let him die in a vacuum. It was a meeting of two lolcows, equally insane.

No. 399893

The moderator she chose didn't help either. Him falling into Gregma's trap probably gave him an ego boost.

No. 399894

I think they both lost, but Grease's baiting worked and both Jeff and Joy lost their cool.

If the downvotes on the vid are any indication (about 50%), he's not gonna manipulate his way out of it.

No. 399895


>Grease going on and on justifying the Billie basement punishment is incredibly disturbing and creepy.

How does he not realize that asking such a thing from a person (especially a young, unexperienced girl) is incredibly disturbing and unhealthy, and certainly not reasonable? I don't care if instead of Billie this person was a 40 year old man; it's creepy and tyrannical.

No. 399897

I hope someday someone who's rational/calm and collected and most importantly well prepared debates him. None of that losing-my-temper-within-3-minutes bullshit, no attacking appearance, ad hominems, etc. Just someone who can push this motherfucker into a corner, finally, for christ sake.

No. 399898

No one is going to win. This is like a convention of assholes. Just point and laugh.

And holy shit Onion get off the internet and clean your house or use a backdrop when you film a video. Oh wait, he wants people to see the mess for sympathy points because he's a father.

No. 399899

Richie and Jaclyn did the best and they were only on for a minute.

No. 399900

There is.

You ignore him. Andy Biersack in a champ at this. You keep everything offline. You repeat yourself. You keep it via email. You don't give him the time.

No. 399903

Yeah, jeff was obviously trying to stay calm and unbiased but wasn't prepared for gerg to push all his buttons until he found the one to set him of. He definitely should have known better than to let the onion make him cry

No. 399904

Because all they did was cuddle and give Greg the side eye. And even having them in his audience was an ego boost to Greg, even if they spent the time laughing at him. Any attention is too much attention for him.

If Joy wants to "win" she should make her videos and never interact with him 1 on 1. Just ignore him entirely outside of making content. Wait for him to send lulzy "legal" letters. And ignore those, too.

No. 399905


I'm referring to the video linked, where he's talking about what happened. He might not BE calm, but in this video he seemed like it, which is better than Joy who's probably going to make another 50 videos on how grateful she is for getting to talk to Lainey etc.

I'm not saying i'm happy about it, but Gurg pushed everyone's buttons and kept repeating the same shit over and over, while Jeff and Joy sperged out like trashy motherfuckers.

No. 399906


> The type of individuals who make 20 min long videos about people they don't like, like who in their right mind would want to sit down and watch that ?

Why doesn't he ever ask himself these questions while making videos about his ex's/Shane/Eugenia/Lainey's dad ect ect for the millionth time…

No. 399907

He hated that Richie was there and that she asked him to stop texting her in public. He texted her yesterday and made it seem like it was ages ago.

No. 399909

Because he thinks that his humour is A+ a