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File: 1487862713428.png (619.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3561.PNG)

No. 354315

Back at it again with the attacks against Eugenia Cooney, demanding she'd get removed from YouTube immediately due to triggered fans.

Finally reveals he'd been dating Hannah Minx for a week (lol).

Sarah left as of this week (or did she)?

Still hanging out with Billy the fat fuck and has recently made a video with him and the Hannah Minx knockoff.

No dramu as of yet but we'll just wait and see!

Previous thread: >>>/pt/350005

No. 354317

I forgot to put in Eugenia's response towards Onion's most recent attacks against her as well as how she outed him, hence the title "Eugenia strikes back!".

No. 354320


Good job, anon.
But he dated Hannah for two weeks until she dumped him over the phone for saying "I love you" after a week.

And Eugenia called him out???
I didn't see this in the last thread and I even skimmed it with ctrl+F just now.

Maybe finally she'll finally file a report with Youtube and get him removed from the damn site. It's sad to see her videos get dislike bombed by onionfans.

No. 354323

I think anon is referring to Eugenia saying that she doesn't believe that he's doing it with good intentions.

No. 354330

You know, it sorta makes sense now that he was skirting around the Hannah Minx thread and asking about her often in his own threads back at the time… he was basically trying to root her out so he could say anything he wanted about her without repercussions.

If she's not around to counter his bullshit, he figures he can say anything he wants… that's why he's been fucking pussyfooting around the topic for years.

The idiot seriously thinks that because we don't know her whereabouts (or would ever disclose it if we did know) that he somehow has a right to profit off her name and likeness.

No. 354336


Thank you, that's what I meant.


Thanks! I got confused about the Hannah Minx weeks lol, sorry about that!

No. 354337

File: 1487870452044.png (173.71 KB, 387x411, ffs.png)

He just can't leave her in peace, can he?

Grease, you're 31 years old, married and with children… you are pining over a teenage girl who wants to move on with her life without you in it.

No. 354343

Billie doesn't give two fucks and still has him blocked lol

No. 354344


OMG this dude's getting fucking creepier by the minute! Holy shit!

I am second-hand shutting for her

No. 354345



No. 354348


No. 354351

What I don't understand is how Sarah and Lainey think this is really normal behaviour for someone (Grease)… or any of their family on the whole.

What fucking bizzaro world do we live in.

No. 354352


Yeah. Thank you

No. 354379

One is a teenager the other is an emotionally stunted pedo.

No. 354392

File: 1487884329831.png (8.77 KB, 520x104, ss (2017-02-23 at 09.11.18).pn…)

Hmmm… I wonder who this could POSSIBLY be about?

No. 354393

Yeah, with that and this >>354337 he's attempting to get around her again.

No. 354398

What is he trying to say here? That he gives "pretty people" a pass for being assholes? Wow what a hypocrite but that's nothing new.

God he's so thirsty, it's disgusting.

No. 354399

Billie also tweeted she was having a good day.

I wouldn't be surprised if they were still in contact, Billie needs someone to buy her makeup, and garbs needs someone to stroke his ego.

No. 354402


I hope you're wrong anon, after all he put her through; does she really bee to sacrifice her dignity (again)?

You better not let us down, Billie!

No. 354403

Greaseball is a loser scumbag, but tbh I kind of agree with this statement. I am friends with some girls who have treated others abhorrently, but they are always forgiven because they are beautiful. If you're very attractive, people will bend over backward just to be around you.

No. 354409

File: 1487890665083.png (101.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3562.PNG)

A friendly reminder this dude is 31 years old.

No. 354410

>Finally reveals he's been dating Hannah Minx for a week
Lol of course one of the worst youtube cancers with crazy eyes would find an equally worse youtube cancer to cling to. They're all such gross sellouts.

No. 354411

>If you're very attractive, people will bend over backward just to be around you

Only if those people don't have spines or self esteem. Attractive people might get away with more than the regular person, but there's still a limit.

31 years old and a professional "comedian" and this is his comeback? Wow.

I don't think she will (fingers crossed) because he pretty much humiliated her for all his fans to see. There's no way she could go back without getting bombarded on all sides. His fans would want to know wtf she was doing and so would hers.

No. 354415

Yeah this stops happening around 25 or so when people realize looks aren't everything. If you meet a dude who says "my ex is crazy but she's so hot" he sucks, stay far away

No. 354422

When are these assholes going to bring in a new unicorn. I miss my onion drama.

No. 354423

This, most actual adults would be over the moon if their SO turned out to be a neat and agreeable person with their own hobbies and ambitions, looks take a backseat to personality the moment you get into a real adult relationship

No. 354424

Maybe I haven't hit the age where people are less shallow? Because it seems to me like there isn't no limit to what beautiful people can get away with, at least in my friend circles.

sage for OT, since this really has nothing to do with the thread

No. 354428

New video from Billy the fatass (guest starring Onion)

Holy shit Greg, you look 50!

No. 354430

Onision needs to buy himself some new clothes. I'm sick of looking at that ugly outfit.

No. 354431

File: 1487895985644.png (654.37 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3564.PNG)

Uhh why is he naked???

No. 354432

File: 1487896029881.png (Spoiler Image, 537.38 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3565.PNG)

No. 354439


Plz spoiler the Grease.

No. 354447

I dunno how old you are, anon, but, yeah, there's an age where people wise up and stop letting good looking people get away with shit. I had a friend who was the ~hot girl~ in our circle of friends who was objectively horrible e.g. stole boyfriends, turned people against one another, would ruin other people's relationships for fun by starting rumors, would fuck with boyfriends to the point where two attempted suicide and she thought it was funny. When we got into our early to mid 20's, she was shocked she couldn't manipulate people as easily and that guys wouldn't put up with her shit anymore. People get to an age where they realize "Why should I stick keep dating a hot person who's fucking terrible when I could just find somebody I'm attracted to who won't make my life hell?" and you absolutely reach an age where good looks do not matter whatsoever when you're making friends because wanting to be liked by somebody hot and popular is no longer a priority.

Gerg is stuck, mentally, around 18 or younger if he still gives hot people a pass, but…we already knew he was stunted as fuck.

Sage for OT.

No. 354452


as someone who doesn't visit this thread, these two screencaps of this nut are hilarious without context.

sage for ot faggotry

No. 354454

I stayed away from onion threads for a couple weeks and when I come back he's with Hannah Minx and Billie is back?? WTF. Someone give give her the retard award of the year, please. I know it's still Feb but we don't need to wait.

No. 354456

>>he's with Hannah Minx and Billie is back

No, he dated Hana long distance for two weeks, years ago, and Billie had a massive fallout with them and spilt tea about how abusive Greg is. She's back home and doesn't want anything to do with them any more.

No. 354457

No, no. OP made a typo. We finally have confirmation that Onion dated Hannah at one point, like years ago (if I remember correctly, right before AJ). He's absolutely not back with Billie, but anons are speculating that they might get back together, god fucking forbid, because he's still stuck on her and is talking about forgiving good looking people who do shitty things.

No. 354460

I like how he has to resort to working with literal nobodies because no one wants anything to do with him anymore.

No. 354486

File: 1487905236739.png (573.96 KB, 1440x1862, 20170223_205926.png)

oh no is it happening? they interact a lot on twitter…


No. 354500

Who is this dumb ass? Got excited because I thought she was cash me outside girl

No. 354504

she's the next Billie, only older.

No. 354528


lel, once she gets into the greasesome hell, she'll out him and milk will flow again

No. 354534


She's actually already a friend of Lainey's. She's been in a few of her vieos actually.


No. 354556


We're not supposed to link Onion or Lamo videos.

No. 354561


Imagine having him on top of you as he does whatever he wants?

No. 354590

There's some debate as to whether or not Gerg is trying to lure her into the mcmansion. Somebody pointed out she has a boyfriend and her own life in LA, that their friendly Twitter interactions could just be because Plainey is buddies with her already, but I'm really starting to suspect this is their next mark. Plainey and Gerg are both flirty with her online, Plainey's friendship with her could be used to exploit her trust and lure her in, plus Gerg can't deal with the horror of just fucking his wife. They're probably desperate to bring in a new concubine by now.

It's weird because she's a really good looking girl with nice taste in fashion and good makeup skills, but Gerg usually sneers at girls who look/dress like her because they're too "basic" for the Mr. I-Have-A-Boner-For-Goth-Girls. This girl could seriously do so much better, I hope she doesn't end up pinned underneath Gergs greasy, pimply body as Plainey cries 20 ft away.

No. 354600

File: 1487964131394.png (989.66 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3568.PNG)

New video: Onion and TayTay showing us haturz who's boss…and failing!

No. 354601

But then we'd be under the assumption that she's not straight and is not monogomous either, is her boyfriend into open relationships? I think we're getting a bit too far ahead of ourselves, all we've seen is them sending "<3" and "A real life angel" and "awesome ^_^" to her, considering Gerg's fetishes and how long they've known her for; I would imagine they would've made moves on her a long time ago if they were determined in making her their next unicorn.

No. 354602

It's like some southern dad and his emo son.

No. 354610

ok wow I'll spare you the details but gurg just vlogs his mundane day-getting his tire changed, eating some shitty looking food and an excursion to target where he calls someone a retard. (nice touch!) He gets home and he and lainey are to pop the balloon of the corresponding colour of the gender of the child they are NOT having. They proceed to pop both balloons, Greaseface flips off the camera and very maturely says "HAHAH dislike this video IDC FUCK YOU!"

No. 354611

Greg might be well aware that she has a boyfriend. Considering the last few attempts at a three person relationship didn't work out due to Lainey being jealous (or "negative" as he puts it, lmao) maybe he has convinced her that this time it will be beneficial to them both (i.e. Greg gets to fuck some fresh, new woman while Lainey is kept busy in another room…)?

It seems pretty likely to me as they're probably avoiding teens now after the recent scandal so maybe becoming swingers might be the next logical step for Greg to live out his fantasy of fucking two women at once.

Also, why was this filmed in their guest house? Is there something in the main house they don't want us to see?

No. 354612


Don't forget he was also jamming to Barbie Girl

No. 354613

Also, it's pretty obvious to us now at this point that Lainey is not interested in sex with women, it's just something to fill a gap in her Tumblr bio. She seems fine kissing and cuddling with them but is too jealous to feed Greg's fantasy.

If they do manage to become swingers, it will distract Lainey with a man (as we all know, she's find having sex with men).

No. 354614

Wait, sorry if I misunderstood, but are you theorizing they might get into couples swinging? Because Gerg is insanely jealous when it comes to Lainey even mentioning she thinks a guy is hot, he's super threatened by other men.

I remember Max Landis said in an interview "Men who're completely fine with their girlfriends fooling around with other women, but freak out if they did the same with another man, don't see women as people. They don't feel threatened and don't see it as cheating because they see women as objects. Any normal person would see both scenarios as cheating". I'm paraphrasing, but I think he hit the nail on the head. Gerg could NEVER handle having a poly relationship where Lainey has a boyfriend and is completely fine with her fucking other women because he's fetishizing the act, he's viewing the secondary relationship and their sex life as entertainment for himself rather than seeing a chick Lainey dates as an actual person.

Does that make sense? Max Landis explained it better, I think.

No. 354617

I sincerely doubt Grease will ever invite another man into his relationship, even if it allows him to fuck another woman.

No. 354620

Yeah that's what I meant but now that you mention it, he is very possessive. It was the only way I could imagine they would be flirting with an already taken girl.

What you said makes perfect sense and it summarizes Greg really well. Especially since Greg was very anti-bisexual women up until he realized he could force his wife to be one for his own sexual desire.

I can't imagine why they'd be flirting with an already taken woman though and it really does seem like they're flirting, judging by Lainey's past messages to Billie/Sarah.

No. 354621

Realistically Greg won' let Lainey touch a guy.

Greg wants to be worshiped like a god. Lainey is just a play ting to him.

No. 354622

He looks so ugly and fat. Those clothes do no favors, he dresses like a total dad.

No. 354625

I think the only thing stopping me from considering it's an option for them, is the boyfriend… especially if that boyfriend is not into the idea of sharing her.

Grease is sexist in every way, not just to the opposite sex but to his own as well… he feels extremely threatened by gays because he has a weird inferiority complex that he disguises with arrogance and an over-inflated ego, they're competition who just want to take his sex objects away.

The flirtations could also be a ruse to stir up drama, he knows we watch him like a hawk and the feeling is mutual with him. It'll be interesting to investigate her relationship situation, do we know anything about them?

No. 354626

Guys* (not gays, apologies).

No. 354628

I was gonna say XD

No. 354629

>Grease is sexist in every way, not just to the opposite sex but to his own as well

Speaking of which, does Grease actually fancy himself a feminist or egalitarian or whatever label he's barely researched and is applying to himself this month or does he recognize that he's a shitty, shitty feminist? I asked some feminist friends who know about Grease and asked them what their takes were on him, the consensus was that nobody wants him as an ally. He treats women like shit and makes feminism look bad (and feminism already looks pretty bad these days).

I just can't tell if he's serious and proud of how he's such a good guy, standing up for women because he respects them, goddammit or if he's just pandering to the SJW demographic in his audience that Lainey draws in.

No. 354630


i think they're both acting flirty so they can convince everyone else that "See? This is just how we talk to our friends. No sexual strings attached!!"

mercades has been lainey's friend for a while and she's been pretty disinterested in her since she's not a possible girlfriend. now with all this sarah drama happening, suddenly all three of them are besties? whatever. lainey and onion are awful to their friends when they can't have sex with them.

No. 354631

Does anybody else get a Fred and Rosemary West vibe from Gerg and Plainey?

No. 354632

File: 1487971964799.png (166.57 KB, 562x549, fuqof.png)

He's such an egotistical prick

No. 354633

It's the latter, he's just pandering to a wider audience because his subscription count hasn't been growing… his new outlook is meant to attract the more open-minded crowd, and you can guess for what reason.

Good point, not just to nullify the negative reactions to his fetishes, but they're probably also trying to prove "Hey look! This girl is in her 20's, we're not into underage girls" as well.

All the damn time.

No. 354634

Sure, if Zac Efron took a cheesegrater to his face and rubbed rape seed oil all over the wound.

No. 354636

File: 1487972329406.jpg (33.2 KB, 480x540, blerp.jpg)

You guys, I can't tell which one this is
…It's…Gerg, right? Zac? Gosh, I can never tell those two apart. That is an actual thing that happens all the time and is very true.

No. 354637


Was she blind?

No. 354638

Nah, he cured her blindness with his "faith healing" in his wet dream where all of this actually took place.

No. 354639

He insulted her blindness until it went away.

No. 354640


and then she offered him a movie deal but he declined because he wants to focus on his family. lainey was crying because the cashier got faith healed instead of her

No. 354642

Well, Zac Efron is well known for wearing an entire stick of concealer on his face as well as mascara in public on the regular. Perhaps the cashier was referring to the fact that Grug wears extremely obvious makeup over his horrorshow skin. That I would believe, because if it looks bad with his lights cranked to blinding in videos, it has to look horrific in person.

No. 354643

File: 1487974166560.jpg (48.94 KB, 250x292, jason johnson.jpg)

You know who I think he looks like…I've been watching a lot of bad movie reviews lately and he looks like the dude that plays cool cat. Sage for OT

No. 354644

>rape seed oil

I do not need to know if this was intentional or not, it is perfection

No. 354650

The ironic thing is that concealer stick probs caused is skin issues?

No. 354653

Oh it definitely makes things worse - getting concealer / makeup under the skin flakes causes more infection, using your dirty fingers to put it on your face - or a biohazard beauty blender - contributes to issues. You sweat under a heavy makeup layer.

I understand wearing makeup to cover your facial issues in public because of embarrassment, when it would be better to leave the skin protected under sunscreen and nothing else. But Greg puts on a full cake face every day at home so he can take potato selfies and make videos, he never gives his skin a rest. If he hasn't figured out how to actually care for his skin in his 30s I don't think he ever will. He's just gonna keep globbing on more layers and fucking his skin up, adding more scars and irritation.

I mean. I'm glad he keeps fucking up his face, he wasn't good looking to begin with (face structure of an ogre) but add in aggressive cosmetic treatments and daily war paint, and it lessens his chance of keeping young girls around once they see him IRL.

No. 354654

File: 1487976823507.jpg (126.85 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

I actually disagree. In old photos and the hair cut video you can see he's not bad looking. Not my type but not bad either. I am cringing as I type that.

I think his ugliness now comes from the bitterness inside. His eyes remind me of a chucky doll the way his does his makeup now

No. 354655

And that cashier was Albert Einstein.

No. 354656

File: 1487977023060.jpg (77.43 KB, 1080x1080, greg 2008.jpg)

>>In old photos and the hair cut video you can see he's not bad looking
Uh, no. He's always had a caveman brow. He just had emo hair and when phone and web cameras weren't as sharp, you couldn't see just how jacked up his face is.

No. 354658

cave man brows are fine…… but when you pair them with doll eyes (he does girly eye lashes… come on Greg stop milking emo)…

No. 354659

I feel like Taylor is still too passive to be likened to Rose West, who was actually very domineering. Grease would also never cover for his wife the way Fred did, he'd throw her under the bus in a heartbeat. The way things are now they're more like Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo as anons regularly point out. Just without the rape and murder. That we know of.

No. 354663

Myra Hindley

No. 354669

Yeah, Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo are a better comparison. I was thinking Fred and Rosemary West because of how everybody thought Rose was this bland, dull woman who was kinda cute when she was younger, but got homely with age. Plus, Fred started dating/fucking Rosemary when she was 15 or 16. Then later when they were caught, everybody was eager to pin it on Fred (and he was eager to take the blame, as you mentioned), but then it turns out the bland, full, homely Rosemary was just as much a perpetrator as Fred, she participated in the acts and acted as the bait to attract young girls.

I think, in that way, Plainey and Grek are like Fred and Rosemary, but I agree that the actual relationship dynamic is more like Karla and Paul with a guy who's a control obsessed narcissist/psychopath whose word is law and gets his lackey, doormat, but equally fucked up wife to lure in and attack young girls.

They're like a combo of the two.

No. 354680

He never looks relaxed in pictures. Always tensed up and holding his arms at awkward angles with the most awkward contorted expression. Also, the clothing…yeah…

No. 354685

He freaked out when matthew lush gave lainey attention, so he feels extremely threatened by gays as well

No. 354687


what does that girl even do? just be wealthy and plain looking? its like an opposite billie (poor and attractive). weird

No. 354690

Getting some Kiki-vibes here. He totally makes things up, just to stroke his ego.
Like Keekz when she was in Japan years ago, telling people are calling her flattering names no one ever would.
"Omg Gargoyle, did someone tell you, you look like that sparkling kira kira piece of shit, Robert Pattinson has dumped on Twilight after taking a sparkling crap which also gave a not so sparkling crap? This looks so much like you. XD _ ^_^"

No. 354698

unless it was a typo, the cashier was a "he" which shows even more how egotistical he is that he thinks normally functioning men with jobs would watch his channel. as disgusting as it is to say, you know the majority of his fanbase is underage girls and edgy tween boys.

also, its just an unbelievable story in general because men dont tend to comment on other men's looks like that.

No. 354699

Not just messy eyebrows - his actual brow bone is Neanderthal-like, and his entire forehead has been deeply ridged since his teens. This is not an attractive person. And now that he tried to botox his deep forehead creases into oblivious, his brow is slipping over his brow bone even further - that's not a unibrow in the middle of his forehead, it's an actual fold of skin.

I will never understand how people can wave away the myriad defects in Greg's appearance because they thought his emo hair was cute back in myspace days. Like, get over the early shoops and angles: the man is ugly, has always been ugly, and is getting uglier.

No. 354712

Right, which means Gerg has been standing in front of the mirror, preening and posing (while his kids are crying somewhere in the house) and his delusional, batshit mind came to the conclusion "Y'know what? I look like Zac Efron!"

Narcissism overload.

No. 354720

I don't think he is that bad looking. Like there are worse out there. To each there own I guess.

His ugly personality outshines hs physical features.

No. 354727

File: 1487999005950.png (58.84 KB, 216x238, Screenshot (3).png)

Shut the fuck up onion. The only person you (kinda) look like is Richard Spencer.

No. 354728

File: 1487999074086.jpg (41.5 KB, 512x512, DvXsjqbk.jpg)

No. 354729


If you see him unfilitered without makeup and good angles and hair hiding his face, he looks like a 4/10 IMO. Not good at all. With his personality he's like a 2

No. 354730


onion deserves to get punched in the face even more tbh

No. 354734

File: 1488002964387.png (639.55 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3570.PNG)

Is this what a caveman looks like?

No. 354735

ugga ugga me Gregory ugga ugga me talk facts ugga fire scary

No. 354736

File: 1488004132778.png (759.71 KB, 928x592, seems legit.png)

I'm sick of these fucking posts.

Nobody believes you look younger, faggot. Everyone knows in the new picture you're using a good angle, have good lighting, are wearing a lot of makeup and raising your eyebrows, those things will make anyone look younger. Fuck.

No. 354737


Not to mention there are botox and surgery rumors which I wouldn't doubt. Oh and I forgot he's covering his gross dent in his forehead and wrinkles and mole with his greasy hair

No. 354740

He has the forehead of a fucking Slatton

No. 354741

File: 1488004823133.png (425.24 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3571.PNG)

If Neanderthals cut their hair


Isn't that around the time he starts stalking-I mean, talking to his soon to be wife? (He wasn't even 15 when it was taken!)

No. 354742

You know how people who have had facelifts have that perpetually surprised look? He has a perpetual So-Are-You-Gonna-Stick-That-Thing-In-My-Ass-Or-What look of antici…. pation.

No. 354743


Whoops wrong area to put sage!

No. 354745

The sloping of his brow and eyes are unreal, everything just screams "low IQ"… no wonder he has to turn the contrast way up and filter the fuck out of his recent photos.

No. 354746

He is looking more and more like emo dad

No. 354748

What's with his dress sense? Besides his hideous, greasy hair, his style isn't even emo. It screams "15 year old boy with zero taste". I was starting to think he really had just been wearing the same clothes since he started his channel. Then again, I think he does throw some new shit in there now and again, but…like, where does he even find that shit? How does he find clothes that go with such a specific and bizarre aesthetic? He dresses like nobody I've ever seen before and, no, Gergles, that is not a compliment.

Whenever I see him (I think his style has something to do with it, I don't know how) he looks like he smells like a dirty 4 year old. Does anybody know what I mean? That weird, musty, gross little kid smell? Not "dirty diapers", but…grody 4 year old. My friends little brother and other little kids I've met give off that unfortunate odor and, for some unknown reason, Gerg looks like he reeks of it.

No. 354753


From looking at his old videos, he used to dress kinda normal. Then again, most of those times he wore sweatpants and pajama pants so I guess it varied from time to time.

No. 354754

not to be a party pooper but I dont think his looks matter.

His personality is what we should be dissing. Not how is eyebrows effect his iq.

No. 354755


This is Lolcow, we shit on everyone's looks and style, not just personality alone.

You could say the same for those other ratchet bitches here too…

No. 354758

Well, there's no milk currently flowing (sadly) so things seem a bit slow around here, I guess I can tolerate seeing everyone shitting on everything from his looks to his personality for now.

No. 354768

New milk possibly in that Billie deleted her Dear Onision video. That or she put it on private… makes me wonder if they are in contact again

No. 354772

goddamn it billie

No. 354776

I'm really hoping it's only deleted/private because she wants to put it all behind her, but..

No. 354778


Its possible she just deleted/private due to harassment. I wouldn't be in the slightest bit surprised if his fans were still spamming in the comments of that video with mad hate. It seems more likely for her to just be moving on and remove all things related to him including the video.

No. 354784

File: 1488028451598.jpg (316.03 KB, 999x677, you will never be freed of thi…)

That's the face of someone dead inside

No. 354789

how the actual fuck did he manage to look like a 32 year father of 3 at the age of 15

No. 354790

*year old

No. 354795

File: 1488035325831.png (2.56 MB, 2560x1440, witchfromaGrimmstale.png)

Topkek, as if.
Post a real "age 31" picture, Greg. I can help you.

No. 354796

File: 1488036321953.png (443.45 KB, 1136x640, IDontNeedBillie.png)


This was all I could see

No. 354808

File: 1488040409971.jpg (32.88 KB, 500x281, tumblr_o6dl6paZx91sqqlyqo1_500…)


or this one.

No. 354809

File: 1488040534245.jpg (92.03 KB, 640x360, tumblr_static_filename_640_v2.…)


or this one

No. 354813

I highly doubt Billie is going back.

No. 354819

Why is he SO RED.

And why is his skin SO BUMPY? Also I just want to bathe him in toner, his pores are so fucking triggering. His nose looks more like the surface of the moon than human skin holy fuck.

No. 354822

She definitely isn't. She just recently re-blogged a post on emotional abuse, and I'm going to assume it's in relation to grease.

I think he genuinely fucked her up.

No. 354824


Oompah-Loompah Onion? Damn lol

not gonna lie, I thought he looked okay the original pic. Not attractive (why am I lying) but bareable to look at.

No. 354825

Love yourself, anon.

No. 354826

File: 1488047544311.png (157.53 KB, 300x300, unnamed.png)

Every time I see this I think of a strawberry.

No. 354827


It's a constant battle with my old ways anon, but I am winning. Besides, he looks very greasy there. Ew

No. 354829


At least that strawberry is way good-looking than Onion.

No. 354833

File: 1488049267604.png (869.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3572.PNG)

lol I'm sure

No. 354834

she looks like she has a stache yo

No. 354835

I mean, sure, if that's what you wanna call it.

No. 354837

thanks for ruining strawberries for me anon. Now I won't be able to eat them without imagining biting into onions huge pored, black head infested and pus filled skin.

No. 354839

Yeah, we called you a pedo because you went out of your way to move a minor across state lines so you could fuck her legally (though it's illegal to do so) and then groomed another minor, moved to her home state because it would be legal to fuck her in her own home state. Then, after awhile of being married to your child bride, she started aging and, well, gosh, fucking a 20 something year old woman just simply wouldn't do, so you started importing barely legal puss into your tacky mcmansion. Then after your barely legal tail ran out of your life like a bat out of hell, your shitty wife picked up on your habits, groomed a FOURTEEN YEAR OLD, brought her up to your fuck palace when she was 15/16 and y'all were happy until your partner in crime was found out as a co-pedo. Plus, you felt justified in rating underage girls and commenting on their half naked bodies, so justified, in fact, that you threw a fit when called out on it and tried to explain to everybody how it's perfectly fine to want to fuck girls under 18 as long as they look physically mature.

Nobody is impressed that you're still married to Plainey, Greg, it means jack shit. The fact that you started trolling your audience for underage/barely legal puss and weren't content fucking a grown woman speaks volumes. At this point, Lainey is no long a bright eyed, bushy tailed teenager, so she's more akin to bait/your grooming partner than she is your beloved wife.

And, for the record, stop trying to use the "I'm not a pedo, pedo's fuck YOUNG CHILDREN, I want to fuck kids with tits!" argument. People use "pedophilia" as a blanket term for any behavior where an adult is attracted to and/or fucking anybody under the legal age of consent, we all know it isn't, by definition, correct. You don't seem to grasp that ephebophilia is just as disgusting and immoral. Your SUPERIOR LOGIC is flawed. You're a sick fuck, Gerg, get your Humbert Humbert ass some fucking help.

Sage for long as fuck.

No. 354840

>we've been together for 5 years. love wins

Josef fritzl's "relationship" lasted 24 years, she didnt stay because it was "love" greg. A lot of abusers "relationships" last a few years greg, just because she cant leave doesnt mean its love. Pull the other one ya dipshit. (before anyone gets salty about making that connection lets be real, we all know onion boy would keep lainey and billie in a basement if he thought he could get away with it)

No. 354846

Very good point, anon. The length of a relationship isn't indicative of said relationship's quality.
Plenty of people stay with abusive partners because:
-They aren't financially capable of leaving (which I think Lainey mentioned as an issue when she tried to leave after the full body massage incident).

-Because leaving would be dangerous. The majority of women who are killed by their abusers are killed shortly after leaving the relationship.

-They aren't physically capable of leaving, e.g. Joseph Fritzl's daughter-wife.

-They aren't mentally/emotionally capable of leaving after years of the abuser fucking with their heads. Jaycee Lee Dugard had many opportunities to leave, but never fled because her captor manipulated her into thinking it wasn't even an option.

This isn't to say that Lainey is in danger of being murdered if she left nor is she being held physically captive, but being groomed by a grown man from a very young age has created a new, twisted version of "normal" for her. Plus, yeah, she has two very, very young children and no financial freedom. She might even feel like she has nowhere to go since Gerg has cut her off from her family. I'm not saying she's completely innocent in all of this, she groomed Sarah, ffs, and seems to have become quite a cunt. She's complicit in Gerg's fuckery at this point. I am saying Gerg's "LOOK, WE'RE STILL TOGETHER, I AIN'T NO PEDO AND EVERYTHINGS FINE, YOU HATERZZ!!" bullshit proves absolutely nothing. It's fucking bizarre that he even captioned the photo with that in the first place.

Sage for blog.

No. 354848

Additionally, it's very hard to leave your abuser once you have kids. Not only does it create a financial burden and make it hard to get a job for the wife (the kids have to be watched and that's expensive), you never really get away from him when you have kids. They will have some sort of visitation, and he WILL use that to continue to hurt you.

In Taylor's case ( I hate using her pretend name), she's in for a penny in for a pound with Greg in his abuse now. He did prey on her as a child, up to an including him moving states to fuck her legally and hiding their relationship from her family until she was pregnant (because he knew he was doing something wrong, which they would try to protect her from).

And, and this point, she's engaging in abuse of her own. However badly she's treated by him, she's now fully immersed in his way of thinking, and won't leave him. He will leave her as soon as the opportunity arises, and maybe once he's gone Taylor will have a chance to heal and realize the shitty behaviors she took on as her own.

No. 354854

Oh, god, yeah. I'd considered how much of a financial strain it would be on her if she left with the kids, but hasn't considered just how much of a living hell he'd make her life if she left.

I mean, she's been a stay at home wife and mother for years now. She mostly likely didn't work as a teen because Greg probably threw money at her like he does with everybody, another method of control ("now you owe me"), so she has either very little job experience with a huge gap in her employment history or has zero job experience. A toddler, a baby and a practically blank resume does not bode well for a single mother. Also, you're right, he's the kind of guy who would use the kids as a tool to manipulate her.

Also, yeah, if they divorced, Greg would probably fight for sole custody out of spite. We've seen how nasty and spiteful he is towards ex friends and lovers and, god, he seriously holds onto grudges like his life depends on it.

He could use the fact he has a steady income and that she has barely any/zero ways to support the children against her. The courts would probably grant him full time custody and give her visitation rights. He's such a manipulative, spiteful piece of shit, I could see some parental alienation going down. Greg would paint himself as the only parent who cares. If mommy loved you she wouldn't have done this, mommy tore our family apart, mommy chose her abusive family over you, etc. while pulling little shitty moves to keep her from seeing them and then using that as further "proof" that he's the "good parent" as opposed to evil, evil mommy. If she didn't meet every demand of his, he'd report her to the court.

When divorced parents use the kids to get back at one another, in some sort of fucked up game, it makes me fucking sick.

No. 354855

Greg would give Taylor sole custody, like he tried to do with their son during Cuddlegate 1.0

No. 354858

I guess it will depend on which part of greg wins out: the part that utterly discards and vilifies anyone who used to be a part of his (i.e. leaving Taylor completely behind with the kids for a fresh, shiny new teen); or, the Greg who cannot stand being made to financially support someone he's no longer in complete control of and has no use for (i.e. being made to pay child and spousal support, something he vilifies Skye for to this day even though he basically stole their channel from her and harassed / exhausted her out of getting her fair share of their assets.)

If Greg loses his shit over support payments again, he may try to get full custody so that Taylor would have to pay HIM child support. He would consider this him winning, and would continue to pawn off childcare to a nanny and whatever teenager/s he's currently grooming in house.

If his desire to discard everything about her wins out, he'll leave her with the kids, and use them to harass her whenever he's bored.

We will get a divorce saga out of this, it's just a matter of when he finds someone younger and more vulnerable to take him up on his offer to leave Taylor and the kids.

No. 354860


i subbed to billie after that video. then she started uploading makeup tutorials, which i didn't mind. but when i would check the videos there would be comments like "you know, onision paid for all that makeup/ you look like a snowflake that wants to be opressed so bad/onion this onion that, gold digger". i wouldn't be surprised that lots of people joined her channel after the drama, so now she gets comments from both onion fans and "fuck onion, he's a sjw feminist" people. so, deleting the video would make sense because it would stop attracting people related to the onision drama (since they probably don't want to watch her makeup videos like i do).

No. 354862


so many people called you a weirdo/demonized you for fucking billie on the side, where is she now?

No. 354863

Very, very true. I see him wanting to start his life all over again with some emo, nymphet fangirl while taking the self-righteous "As a feminist, I believe women are superior, especially as caregivers. A mother should always be with her kids" stance (THAT'S NOT WHAT FEMINISM IS JHFGHGHDF), but then he'll get increasingly butthurt about paying alimony/child support, claim Taylor's not fit to raise his children, claim sole custody and proceed to use the kids as a way to continue controlling her and making her life miserable. He'll also be thrilled if Taylor isn't able to make child support payments so he can play the hapless victim and sad, doting father who just wants the best for his children, but his fucking ex clearly doesn't love them as much as he does. God, it's fucking sad.

No. 354869

Don't post this one… people might start to think he's a badass… Seriously though his skin doesn't look to bad. That is definitely make up caused acne. After about a month of no make up that will definately be more clear. Why doesn't he just get facials instead of splurging on crappy concealer? It's not like he doesn't have to money to get the acne fixed and he is obviously self conscious of it.

No. 354871

>>people might start to think he's a badass
>>Seriously though his skin doesn't look to bad

What crack are you smoking? In this photo, he looks like an ugga wugga caveman, and his skin is horrific - large pores, rosacea, bacterial acne (cause by dirty beauty bender or applications of makeup over dirty skin, or with dirty fingers.)

This is a great photo to post, it counters all of Grug's contrast cranked, filtered, emo bangs selfies of lies.

No. 354872

This! I really doubt she would go back. She seems to be a really nice girl and just wants to move on. Plus from her twitttr she's living with Ayalla (between them traveling) she's talked to both Dash and DFizzy (people who hate Greg) so I think she's just trying to move on with her life and get everything back to normal

No. 354877

File: 1488058832088.jpg (Spoiler Image, 850.22 KB, 1905x966, 1487638178021.jpg)

Uhh, his skin doesn't look too bad? That's because he's filtered out the horrifically bad rosacea in that one.

As somebody who's had acne/rosacea for 13 years, yeah, a lot of it has to do with him wearing makeup, but that's also just him having shitty skin. He doesn't wear foundation/concealer on his back or chest, yet both are still riddled with zits (see: MY VEGETARIAN BODY video).

My skin will get worse with certain brands of makeup (fuck you, MAC studiofix), but if he just looked into noncomedogenic brands, he'd stop making it even worse. Get some fucking Bare Minerals, Gerg. I also used to work at Sephora and I know for a fact you can find full coverage foundations that won't wreck your skin, like, Kat Von D makes a good one. It's a mix of him having unfortunately awful skin and also not taking care of it properly. He needs to get an oil free primer, makeup that won't clog his pores, wash his fucking face for once, use toner/astringent and use tons of benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and other shit. Go to a dermatologist, get on doxycycline. In the meantime, he looks like a fucking beast and definitely shouldn't be making any videos that rate girls looks.

I'd think Lainey could give him some beauty tips, but we've all seen her makeup "skills".

No. 354881

Totally off topic, but I started getting eczema on my face a while back and began using IT cosmetics on a recommendation. Their cc cream has great coverage, is good for aging skin, has 50 spf, and doesn't harm your skin - in fact, it's moisturizing and contains vitamin c. Highly recommended it, and you can buy it at sephora.

No. 354897

Huh, I've never heard of that brand before. I'll check it out.
I'm sorry to hear about your eczema, anon, that must be hard. I recently had to go to a dermatologist because I developed seborrhea (thanks, life). Skin conditions are the worst.

I fucking love makeup, hence working at Sephora, so it irritates me to no end when I see Gerglez and Plainey fucking it up. I'd bet good money that neither of them wash their beauty blenders or brushes and that's disgusting. Mixing full coverage (I assume he's using full coverage because professional lights will shine through lighter coverage foundation) foundation with filthy, bacteria riddled applicators is a recipe for disaster. I was taught that you need to wash your brushes once a week, though you should seriously wash them once a month, and spraying them with isopropyl alcohol in between uses helps kill the bacteria. There's even a special formula for soaking/washing beauty blenders. I doubt they do anything remotely close to that. The two of them are just…ugh…like, seeing Lainey's makeup video set my teeth on edge because not only is she absolute shit at applying makeup, but higher quality brands like Too Faced are absolutely wasted on her. Before she had Greg's money, I'm sure she used Maybelline eyeshadow with the little, included foam applicator. Not hating on people who use drug store brands, we can't all afford Marc Jacobs tier shit, but…those little foam "brushes". No no no. No.

Sage for seriously OT bullshit blog ranting.

No. 354898


There was a time where his face/skin was pretty clear, can't say the same about his greasy hair though…


No. 354899

I'm now imagining him using his kids to acquire access to teenage nannies. Ewewewew

No. 354900

Taylor will never owe Greg CS payments. She is his dependent, and doesn't contribute enough income.

No. 354902

Wait, for real? I've heard of custody cases where the ex-wife had been a stay at home mom until the divorce, but still had to pay child support. Child support is determined on your income, the judge determines how much you're able to afford, so even if she had a fast food gig, she'd have to pay, it just wouldn't be as much as someone who make as much as Gerg would have to pay. It's on a sliding scale. I don't see why Lainey being claimed as a dependent on his taxes/not contributing enough income during the marriage would have any bearing on her paying child support if they got a divorce and Gerg received full custody. If you legally divorce and one ex-spouse has custody, the other has to pay as long as they're making money post divorce.

No. 354903

>use tons of benzoyl peroxide

I cringed. That stuff only serves to damage your skin more in the long run. It took me half a year for my skin to return to normal after going on a BP rampage. If used at all it should be used as a spot treatment and sparingly.

No. 354904


lol shouldn't it reset after they broke up from cuddlegate 1.0 and also from when they briefly broke up after "Lainey is negative about the trinity" video.

No. 354906

Really? As a teen, I was always prescribed benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and a sulfur wash to combat my acne and it worked. It made my skin worse in the beginning, like I broke out more at first while the rest of my face got dry/flaky, but almost all acne treatments make your skin worse before it gets better. It definitely helped me, just not as much as I'd have liked. I had moderate to severe acne and it just wasn't really what I needed.
Everybody's different, though. Like, when I went on Ortho Tri Cyclen birth control, it made my skin HORRIBLE and took ages to repair the damage it did while other people swear it did wonders for them.

Sage for OT

No. 354908

Onion's back to making memes of himself.


No. 354910

File: 1488065271897.png (1.07 MB, 1136x640, IMG_3573.PNG)

New Speaks video: "I was in the military, see?! Stupid haturz!!!!"

No. 354911


He also forgot to censor his (old) last name and showed images of having his arms around his future (then)wife.

Howboudah, Lamo?

No. 354913

he literally had his car towed to his house instead of just changing the tire???

No. 354917

Was anybody actually questioning whether or not he was in the Air Force? Because I've only seen people questioning the validity of his stories about his time serving. Like, people who have served have called bullshit on multiple stories, saying that's not how things work in the Air Force/SERE. People have called shit on his claim that he was honorably discharged after refusing to shoot and skin a rabbit. One offense like that does not end up with you being discharged, you have to seriously fuck up multiple times and then that results in a dishonorable discharge. A veteran pointed out that for that to happen, you'd have had to rack up multiple illegal acts on your record, so the rabbit shit is complete bullshit that he made up since it fits in nicely with his "I am such a great guy and vegetarian, I respect all sentient life, lookit me go" persona. Somebody else said they know he lost his shit, stripped naked in front of a superior officer while screaming and that was why he was discharged. Gerg told that story at some point, cleaned up the details so he'd look less insane and tried to justify his actions by explaining "I was trying to make him understand that I was a human."

I don't know, he's just a fucking, lying moron. He's focusing on proving he was in the military instead of the accusations that he's lied quite a bit about his time serving, it's a strawman argument.

I'm sure most of y'all are familiar with the Onision Drama tumblr, but here's a link covering that stuff if you haven't seen it:



Sage for blogging

No. 354919

Personally, I just buy the vitamin e containing makeup wedges at Walgreen's and use a fresh one for application each day. I don't trust that I'm washing my blenders well enough; the wedges work fine for blending and I know I'm not pushing any bacteria around.

No. 354921

If you are the non custodial parent, you will owe the custodial parent child support. Even if the custodial parent is higher earning, you will owe them a percentage of your income, whatever it is.

No. 354924


No, literally no one was questioning it. He has to take down straw men to feel like he's winning. Because… he's not… "winning" :D

No. 354931

In a recent uhohbro video he announced that he plans to have live debates with this haters again.

No. 354934

Oh hey, Social Repose posted a video about Onion and Eugenia!


No. 354936

He'll do anything for views, won't he?

The best thing to do in that case would be NOT TO WATCH and let somebody who did record and post it on vid.me. Let's not give him the attention and money he wants.

No. 354938

The only way Youtubers make money from views is if you watch the ads. You don't just make money from views. Just get an adblocker, that way you can watch their shit and not put any money in their pocket. Actually, you have to watch more than 30 seconds of the ad for them to get paid, so you don't even really need an adblocker, it's just nice to have one because: fuck ads.

No. 354940

I'm pretty sure she's not going back, I messaged her a few days ago (I don't normally tip the cows, I just felt bad for her) and she said she told sarah she was never talking to lainey or greg again. She also said she has been feeling horrible about everything and feels she handled the whole thing wrong, shes just trying to distance herself.

No. 354947


ugh billie no feeling horrible pls

why does she think she handled anything wrong? how can you handle being told that you're boring for not wanting to be chained to a basement wall improperly like just no.

No. 354948

she knew he was a cunt, said herself she watched him be verbally abusive to all in the house, had no real feelings for lainey. yet she returned time and again for the promise of a free car and to suck his dick. it's great that she got away but let's not idealise the situation.

No. 354950

I'm going to guess because of banana back lash. She said she's been feeling down but starting to feel better.
This is a lil ot now, but last thread maxed out before I could write this. So I was talking to someone a couple weeks ago that use to talk to Shiloh after the break up. Apparently shiloh was given Lortabs when she miscarried, but left them with greg when she went home to which he took them all. I've kinda got the feeling he was high in some vids he's done as well, and if he's had surgery even more pills. Maybe he has a thing for pills, they are legal drugs after all.

No. 354952


Wait, are you suggesting he's a…drug addict?

No. 354953

File: 1488074912351.png (506.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3574.PNG)

Aw that's nice, I take it she didn't walk the stage?

No. 354954

ia she went back time and time again because she's young and not that bright. She liked the efame and the free ride. That shit is alluring for someone with no life prospects and that's what Onion was betting on.

No. 354955

Not necessarily an addict but I do believe he uses drugs he doesn't need, this goes back to the last thread.

No. 354957

Even with his REEEEing over how drugs are bad?

No. 354958

Again these are ~legal~ drugs, I'm agreeing with people in last thread. The person that told me the Lortab thing I also find trust worthy (they've been around a long time and also had some great dirt on EO stevie). I don't think he's an addict, but as someone not unfamiliar with what people on drugs look like there have been many vids I've thought he was on something. Remember he's ok with ~legal~ drugs.

No. 354959

what video is this from?

No. 354966

>online undergrad degree in a research field from a shitty regional uni

lmaoing @ her life

No. 354970


is there a stevie thread elsewhere that you can share this info? that crazy lady cracks me up

No. 354971


i'll never take people with a psychology degree seriously again

No. 354977


Unless they have a masters. (Doubt TayTay is going for that one)

No. 354982

The only thing you can really do with a bachelors in psychology is a shitty management position. She said she wanted to be a counselor but you need experience working with children and even then most places like someone with a degree specific to child development.

No. 354983

stevie gets discussed in >>>/snow/190148

No. 354984

She should imo. At least get a masters on Grease's dime instead of just taking fakeboi selfies all day.

No. 354985

No. 354991

You can actually make six figs doing UX research in tech with an undergrad BSc now. Of course, graduate degrees are highly preferred and it requires extensive experience doing actual research instead of sitting at home all day flirting with underage girls…

No. 354999

Does flirting with underage girls count towards experience "working with children"?

No. 355002

>>354999 SAVAGE

No. 355026

No caps because it's been over 24hrs (sorry!) - but I'm pretty sure Sarah is back home, she posted two videos to her Snapchat with two different friends. (Or cousins, whatever)

No. 355027

>Not to mention there are botox and surgery rumors which I wouldn't doubt.

Wasn't there a whole period where he wore a bandage across his nose? I'm sure the "I cheated on my wife" (or whatever) video had that

No. 355077

Maybe because you swore blind numerous times that she lied about her age (and you got her to agree) when you were asked about it, there's solid proof out there that you KNEW she was 17 and you're fucking admitting to it again.

The only thing you care about is whether or not it's legal, you said yourself that you know it's a taboo subject but you claim that if it's legal then you're doing nothing wrong, YOU HAVE A SICK FETISH WHERE YOU PURPOSELY GO FOR UNDERAGE GIRLS AND EXPLOIT THE AGE OF CONSENT LAWS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

You ARE a pedo, you believe children are sexually mature as soon as puberty starts for them, you think young girls are at their most fertile before they hit 18, you think age "is just a number", you exploit AoC laws.

You ARE a pedo.

No. 355079

I used to think Taylor was a lot more innocent and now I realize she was deliverate in how she portrays herself. In the recent stream with Sarah she was such a shrill and uppity bitch. What happened to being "shy on camera"? It really made me see her in a new light when I used to feel sorry for her. Posting because now whenever I see a pic of her, especially one with Gerg, I see a smugness I never saw before. Shes a lot more calculating than she portrays. I fully believe she manipulated the weed situation with Billie as well as the whole "she cheated" bit because she knows the only way to defy Gerg is to do it through covert means.

No. 355096

The whole "Billie cheated" nonsense 100% came from Taylor because as we all know, Billie only 'cheated' WITH GREG. Why would Grease use the fact that Billie fucked him against her? It's going completely against his own interests to vilify someone for having sex with him, especially after he's made videos explaining why it's totally okay and beautiful and meant to be.

(speculation incoming:)
Taylor probably saw Billie encroaching too much on her territory and started poking Greg about Billie being disobedient and not adhering to their crazy contracts by smoking weed and shit. I'm sure Grease didn't really care at first because Billie was his blue-haired teenage unicorn, but with Taylor pointing out every time she disobeyed his orders it must have started eating away at him. Then he must have tried to enforce some crazy rule to reinforce his control over Billie, Billie was like wtf no (lol be mad) and he snapped. Then once his indignant narc rage was in full swing he was scrabbling for ammunition against her and Taylor probably fed him the cheating line and he ran with it. It's retarded, but then again so are his fans…

No. 355105

damn taylor looks BADDDD look at her weird ass worm lips?
and shes pale/sickly af, i dont think the girl has seen the sun since the day she came home from the hospital as a new born…shortly before greg swept her up as a child bride.

also what does being together for 5 years have anything to do with being called a pedo? youre still a pedo. she was still 17 when u married. the years passed does not change that ?

No. 355107


a crazy manipulator dating a crazy manipulator, Greg truly found love.

No. 355121

I think you're right, anon. Seems very plausible.

Whenever Greg would explain how upset Lainey was over Billie paying more attention to him than to her, as if she was feeling possessive of Billie, it sounded like such bullshit to me. At first, I thought it was Lainey being a normal wife who was sad and jealous, in a reasonable way, about her husband slowly switching her out for a new model and Greg was just trying to sell it as "My poor bisexual wife is heartbroken that her girlfriend doesn't love her back".

I don't buy it for once second that Lainey wanted Billie all to herself, Lainey just felt her position as Greg's #1 being threatened by this new girl (which is reasonable, Greg was replacing her). When she realized that crying and yelling, aka "being negative", wasn't going to resecure her position, she went for undermining their relationship. I can easily picture some Game of Thrones shit where Lainey tells Billie "I'm totally fine with you doing ____", but then running to Greg and saying "OMG, Billie is doing ____, that's so disrespectful/wrong/illegal, what are you going to do about it?"

On top of that, Gerg threw her under the bus whenever his wife got pissed. "Billie's a homewrecker, she should've known not to cuddle with a married man", "Billie knew Lainey didn't want her to do anything with me even though I declared it the law of the house that the two of us could fool around. She's a dirty, evil cheater."

Living in that house would be hell. Lainey manipulating the situation to make you out to be the bad guy and make herself look like a victim, plus Greg being more than happy to throw you under the bus? You'd have to walk on eggshells with those two manipulative psychos. God, it's stressing me out just picturing it.

Sage for long as fuck.

No. 355139

File: 1488141110275.png (760.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3578.PNG)

I think he's trying to channel Edward Cullen now.

No. 355140

lel you can still see the dent in his forehead even with the filters

No. 355142

Well, there's no real need to speculate on it anymore, Lainey has said in her own words that she never wanted to date Billie, she never wanted a girlfriend, it was 100% her husband's idea, and she never wanted to share Grease with her.

The tweets are still out there, in past threads and elsewhere, Grease orchestrated it all but painted it so he was his wife's matchmaker and was being such a progressive guy by letting her explore her sexuality.

No. 355154

I love that he obviously expected comments like "I can't believe you look like a teenager at 31!" but then he got comments like "you looked 30 when you were 15." That backfired.

No. 355162


Oh my fucking god. The Edward Cullen hairstyle wasn't even cute back in 2008 (well, I hated it, but thousands of rabid fangirls certainly disagreed) and now he's flaunting this tacky as fuck style like a retarded peacock in 2017? His aesthetic is the absolute fucking worst, the guy has no taste and the fact he's going for a look that was "popular" 9 years ago really emphasizes how stuck he is in 2007-2008. I can't tell if he's frozen in time because he stopped developing as a person once he started becoming popular on YT (I've noticed once a Youtuber's channel blows up, they become stunted emotionally, it's creepy) or if he's desperate to maintain a boyish look so he can appeal to the underage girls he wants to fuck. If it's the latter, it goes without saying that it's beyond disturbing, but it's also pathetic considering how much he's failing to achieve his "forever young" goal. He's like those 45 year old men with beer guts and haggard faces who'd go to the punk shows I attended as a teen, still trying to dress like they did when they were 16 and fit in with the hip, young dudes.

Stop, Gerg. Google "how to dress in your 30's" and give up on this peter pan fantasy.

No. 355166

It's so weird that he's trying to look younger but he doesn't dress younge. You would think if you try to dress like he was 20 he be shopping at like hot topic and wearing band Ts and jeans but no he dresses like hes straight out of a fucking old navy ad

No. 355168

>I've noticed once a Youtuber's channel blows up, they become stunted emotionally

I thought about this, and the only youtuber i can think of that didn't change like that has to be jenna marbles.

No. 355175

His nose looks way too shopped. Am I the only one?

No. 355181

File: 1488149412626.png (547.47 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3581.PNG)

I just realized Billy looks like the fat version of hippie Onion.

No. 355182

It looks like he's used a blur or touch up on his forehead too in the middle, where his wrinkles are usually the worst

No. 355183

File: 1488149441974.png (816.98 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3582.PNG)


No. 355191

File: 1488150853742.png (139.29 KB, 309x278, Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 3.13…)

Yep, you can see the smudge lines

No. 355214

File: 1488154025555.png (545.02 KB, 605x453, 1a1.png)

So Tay is a girl again? Great to hear.
Onion still looks like a tomato? No surprises there.

No. 355215

P.S you violated that whole "no direct links" thing, pal.

No. 355216

I can't believe hes still wearing that dad shirt.

and A+ to greg for shaming his wife about being a "college graduate"

No. 355218

people end up going to their channels to watch their videos anyway. if you really don't want to give them views, use the DL link and watch it that way

No. 355219

>lane is trans

He misgenders them at any given opportunity. Or she never was trans.

No. 355220

After realizing how much of a sketch bitch she is, it actuallo got "easier" to watch their videos. Not that i really do it all that often. But yeah, she's a chick again and onion calls her a pedophile.

No. 355221

Come on, she was never trans, it's just easier to prey on kids when you join in on their trends.

No. 355223

Ergh. There's teasing, and there's being horrible. I actually feel a little bad for her.

No. 355224

I don't think Lainey is attractive but she certainly looks it when sat next to Greg

No. 355227

Kinda crazy when you've grown up around several happily married couples who go together amazingly and they act nothing like these two who are only compatible in the sense that they like to manipulate people.

No. 355243

That wasn't even the boyfriend girlfriend tag?? He just made up his own questions. Like he's such a genuinely shitty youtuber it's so dumb.

Also "do you pay attention to my girl crushes" got to me a little as a bisexual girl I've always just associated "guy/girl crush" as straight people admitting they think someone is hot, but when you actually like someone its just a crush?

It's just a genuinely bad video.

No. 355245

>Also "do you pay attention to my girl crushes" got to me a little as a bisexual girl I've always just associated "guy/girl crush" as straight people admitting they think someone is hot, but when you actually like someone its just a crush?

Fellow bi anon, here, and, yeah, that's a weird way for her to phrase it.

No. 355247


I'll take things that never happened for 100, Alex.

No. 355249

HER EYELINER ALWAYS BUGS ME SO MUCH she needs to realize she's got hooded eyelids and thick eyeliner disappears in the eyelid crease and looks like shit with hooded eyelids.
Sorry it just fucks with me so goddamn much that she used to call herself the "queen of eyeliner" and doesn't even know how to apply it based on her eye shape.

No. 355256

Right at 3:23/24 in the new boyfriend/girlfriend tag on Lainey's channel, you can hear a third voice in the back.

It's heard to hear/make out what it's saying but it's there…and Lainey's looking a little off to the side instead of at Grease.

No. 355263

Yeah, I heard that. I wonder who it was?
Also so uhhhh is Taylor actually working as a "lactation consultant"?

No. 355264

also, didn't taylor say she was gonna be done with youtube and shit ?? like lmfao

No. 355266

The nanny? Didn't they have one that wasn't Sarah?

No. 355268

Oh my god, same. It's not that hard to realize you can't do normal winged liner when you have deep set eyes! Deep set eye eyeliner 101: don't cross the crease, it'll look wonky as fuck. I have no idea how she hasn't figured it out through trial and error yet. I guess that's a lot to ask of someone who applies the same color eyeshadow all the way up to their eyebrows and doesn't seem to know what blending is. I swear, every time she shows up in a video, she's majorly fucked up at least one part of her makeup. Look up some goddamn makeup tutorials on Pinterest or YT, Plainey, fuck.

Weird, I listened to that part about 5 times and don't hear anything, even with headphones on.

Was anybody else creeped out when Gerg said "Because you're growing up and I'm staying the same!" as though it's funny? Lainey even says "Sad reality" and, yeah, it is the sad reality…but why aren't either of them concerned by how fucking emotionally stunted Greg is? How are they so cavalier about it? These two, I swear…

No. 355269

But like even if she does have a job she's moving forward in life not moving forward as far as her maturity. She's just a stunted as Greg I mean see how she equated the fact that she still missed an ex to them having some sign they needed to be together. She's obviously still has the emotions and thoughts of a 17 year old.

No. 355272

on the live stream lainey shrieked about how they didn't have a nanny so… im gonna say no but ,. who knows with them

No. 355282

Weird body language and forced smiles. Fake.

No. 355284

>The only way Youtubers make money from views is if you watch the ads.

Doesn't matter. Views still helps a channel. Why do you think you're not allowed to link to his vids here?

No. 355286

Nahhhhh m8 she's a pedophile, no need to feel bad.

If she is, that's yet more evidence against her 'gender dysphoria' make-believe.

No. 355288

>If she is, that's yet more evidence against her 'gender dysphoria' make-believe.

Has she actually claimed to experience gender dysphoria? Not all trans/non-binary people experience gender dysphoria, like, some trans people never feel the need to transition. Also, as far as I know, Lainey claims to be non-binary, not FTM, so she wouldn't necessarily have issues with her breasts.

I mean, I don't buy her non-binary story for a second, though, lemme make that clear. She seems like she latched onto the non-binary label after spending too much time on tumblr and she seems to be mixing up an interest in an androgynous aesthetic with having a trans gender identity. She's the epitome of a tumblrina speshul snowflake, she just likes having this label so she can feel more unique, interesting, woke and can say "REEEEE U MISGENDERED ME" every other time somebody uses female pronouns.

If she actually claimed she has gender dysphoria, I find that suspect as fuck because it doesn't look like she wears a binder and I'm pretty fucking certain she wears a bra aka that thing that emphasizes your boobs. She's so full of shit. It's fucking maddening to me because I actually am non-binary and she makes the actual cases look bad, assholes like her fuck with the trans community's credibility. I dunno. Fuck that bitch. Just accept you're Cis, Lainey, it's not as if being non-binary is going to make you interesting. That's an impossible feat, nothing can save you in that regard.

Sage for blog

No. 355289

She claims to be dysphoric about her breasts and hips. Pretty sure she's feeling body dysphoria, not gender dysphoria.

No. 355290

I suspect that's like 100% Greg making her feel like her body isn't good enough, not dysphoria.

No. 355291

Jesus christ. Facepalm.

I have a MTF friend who was insanely depressed and about to commit suicide because she didn't have the money to transition and couldn't stand experiencing gender dysphoria anymore, like, it's really, really mentally and emotionally taxing and painful. Thankfully, she raised the funds to have SRS and other procedures. When you have gender dysphoria, you go to great lengths to try and minimize how distressing it is, e.g. wearing a binder, tucking, packing, etc. You don't just go "Meh, I don't like my tits". You guys are right, she's just insecure about her body. Also, yeah >>355290, I feel like it's pretty safe to say Gerg hasn't been doing anything to help her feel better about herself.

No. 355292

Yes. In her "Gender Tag" video she says she has dysphoria about her breasts, but that it does not effect her when she is breastfeeding. She is also happy giving birth/being pregnant etc. Not really sure how that works.

No. 355298

"Body dysphoria" doesn't exist. It's called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and Lainey does not suffer from it. Someone who suffers from moderate/severe BDD will not upload hundreds of selfies on social media.

No. 355310

Onion looks like a "cool dad" force-hugging his uncomfortable teenage daughter.

99.999999% of those selfies are of her face though. She usually avoids showing her body.

No. 355311

i would kill for an onision content cop tbh

No. 355315

File: 1488191885505.gif (45.2 KB, 488x200, 200_s.gif)

The psychopathic killer look works for him

No. 355318

Please happen

No. 355319

I'm 99% certain Idubbbz doesn't want to do an Onision CC, the bigger channels don't want to give him the attention he so desperately craves, like, most big YouTubers will make jokes about Gerg but make a point to not say his name. Gerg was insulting Idubbbz for awhile there in an attempt to bait him into making a Content Cop on him (which is nuts, it's career suicide, it wouldn't build his audience like he seems to think), but instead of retaliating with a Content Cop, Idubbbz helped out a smaller YouTuber, Chubbs, in a video that mocks Gerg. It's honestly pretty funny and spot on.

No. 355320

she's had to hide both a pregnancy then her post-pregnancy body.

No. 355322

Gurg wants content cop made on him so his name becomes more widely known since he is falling into obscurity. To a narcissist like him, negative attention is still attention and he feeds of it.

No. 355324

I'm aware, just saying it's insane that he's so hungry for attention that he'd purposefully try to bait a guy into featuring him in a video that is infamous for destroying channels. I know he believes any attention is good attention and I assume his narcissism has him thinking he'd be the one Content Cop subject who'd come away unscathed, but his jabs at Ian are so transparent. Nobody wants to feed his need for attention, so they either ignore him completely, mock him without mentioning his name or, like in the video I posted above, >>355319, they roast him by appearing on a much smaller channel that won't give Gerg as much exposure.

No. 355326

I got strung out on these Onision dramu threads and I haven't even watched a single one of his videos.

No. 355327

lol, maybe Oniongrease the source of the leaked Hannah Minx nudes? Somebody should check the timeline on that because it's totally something he'd pull when he's asshurt.

No. 355328

Ohhh, whoa. I didn't even know there were leaked nudes of Hannah Minx, but if he was the one who leaked them, he'd have somehow managed to be even more of a shameless scumbag than I previously thought. Yeah, I could totally see him doing that, he's such a petty, butthurt little fuck when his relationships go awry.

>Girls breaks up with you, tell the entire internet she has a filthy, STD ridden vagina

>Girlfriend and you are fighting? Film her having a breakdown, post it to the internet and act like the victim
>Ex-wife wants to go to court to have alimony payments decided by a judge instead of relying on a sketchy, unofficial contract? Accuse her of being a heartless, immoral thief for years
>Girlfriend smokes weed? Tell the internet she was raped, impregnated and had an abortion

Thinking he could be the leaker is not farfetched in the least.

No. 355330

File: 1488207514377.jpg (201.85 KB, 702x923, cryney.jpg)

I was bored. Now I will think about this everytime I'll see Onion tweeting "my wife is cryiiing".

No. 355334


No. 355335

No. 355342

File: 1488212786407.png (167.65 KB, 1242x1025, IMG_4176.PNG)

I wonder why Greg didn't overexposed this video? Finally accepting your lupus?

No. 355343

File: 1488212939615.png (70.51 KB, 634x688, plsblend.png)

the other day i bumped into the "my side of the story" video and i checked it cause i wanted to read the comments (with adblock ofc) and this made me chuckle

No. 355346

I fucking hate how many views it has. Fuck her.

No. 355347


Lainey looks like a fucking egg.

No. 355348


I think if he had exposed it more Taylor would look more like a corpse than she already does. She looks very severe here, and it's not a good look on her.

No. 355351

he wouldn't over expose it more because taylor is right there. in pictures of her that he posts, he doesn't blur them but instead slaps filters on them that show wrinkles, blemishes and other imperfections while in his own photos he hides them. i think he hasn't upped the contrast and brightness mainly to accentuate her flaws at the risk of not hiding his nearly as well as he normally does.
taylor is also looking beyond pale, looks like he's been keeping her locked in that basement for more than a week. the short hair and dark makeup choices aren't really helping her.

No. 355354

Lainey's makeup and way she presents herself is really pissing me off.

>Hey I'm the agender space prince!! Don't call me her or I'll be triggered! But btw here's some bright lipstick and thick wing eyeliner so you don't forget I'm feminine! I'm super feminine, but don't call me she!!

No. 355355

agreed look how white she is! looks like he exposed it as much as he could and have it still look -natural-

No. 355357

File: 1488219558945.png (Spoiler Image, 886.02 KB, 1085x819, minx.png)

No. 355358

i always think if i saw those two out irl i would think "what an unattractive/boring couple." based on looks alone, would any of you be friends with them?

i vote a hard no because greg has really creepy skin that looks contagious and dresses like he shops at nike. lainey looks like she'd sit on your couch at parties, looking depressed and unapproachable. afterwards she would make you feel guilty for not paying enough attention to her. your friends would ask "what was wrong with that really sad girl at your house the other night?"

No. 355361

That's it? I don't see what all the fuss is about, she's just topless.

No. 355362

In his new eugenia video he talks about being invited on Dr Phil which may or may not happen. Apparently they want him to confront a "hater" LOL oh man can you imagine if that happens?

No. 355363

>what was wrong with that really sad girl at your house the other night
fucking kek, that's exactly how i imagine it'd be were they to ever hangout with other couples or go to parties etc.

No. 355366

Oh god those are really unfortunate pictures.

No. 355367

Sounds like an intervention waiting to happen. Unless Lucas Werner has been secretly hating on Greg all this time.

No. 355369

It's still really shitty to leak (half-)nude photos of someone without their permission, and sounds exactly like something Grease would do out of spite. I hope he doesn't have any pictures of Billie to leak once he realises that she's really never coming back.

No. 355370


Is it possible he has ex-gfs/wives' nudes secretly stored somewhere?

No. 355391

Probably. You know he's the kind of guy who would pressure them into it by saying "What, don't you trust me? I thought you loved me!" but never lets them take any identifiable pictures of him.

No. 355401

Sorry I'm late as fuck, I know, but I laughed so hard at this.
So accurate.

No. 355402

There's a difference between body dysmorphia, and body dysphoria. With dysmorphia, you begin to see things that aren't there. How you view your body image is "morphed" from reality.

With body dysphoria (-phoria suffix, for example euphoria associated with happiness, dysphoria being the opposite). The reality body causes you distress.

sage for OT, to clarify the difference between the two words/phrases.

No. 355404

Yeah I feel like she's more just uncomfortable with her body. She's even stated she feel like her breast are oddly proportioned to her body so it's probably her just thinking they are too big. I know tons of girls who've thought that their breast are too large but it didn't equate to dysphoria and most of her size equates to her breast feeding.

No. 355407

Yeah I'm not disagreeing that it's a shitty thing to do (and illegal in some states, isn't it?) but overall it's just unfortunate topless photos. That's something you can just easily ignore or brush off as opposed to a sex tape or something.

No. 355408


Meh, they're probably not even hot enough for nudes

No. 355411

File: 1488227501611.png (164.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3611.PNG)

Onion shits on potheads again, guess Billie didn't gave him what he wants.

No. 355413

File: 1488227567116.png (86.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3612.PNG)

Oh and he has new polls up for "the enlightened".

No. 355415

File: 1488227607782.png (92.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3613.PNG)

No. 355420

Who is the 1/10? His mommy?

G-good thing you're not a woman, right, Taylor? He's definitely not talking about you, right?

No. 355425

Lmao maybe everyone who you've ever told to smoke pot has started smoking again because they don't let naive control freaks take away something they enjoy just to prove a point to their teenage Twitter audience.

No. 355429

Didn't one of his exes say he specifically wants his women to lay there and do nothing?

No. 355430

Well this is pretty telling of how good Lainey is in bed lmfao

No. 355433

I guarantee he's never made a woman cum. Lainey probably just lay there though. They're both horrible in both the bedroom and regular life. Kind of unrelated, but 95% of straight men orgasm during sex and only 60% of straight women do - which is the lowest of any group of people.

No. 355434

Why do you think he has that magic wand?

No. 355435


Wait, didn't he also say it was okay to molest (to the point of raping) your partners while they're asleep?

Hypocricy much?

No. 355442

Greg boasted about how much he'd make Taylor squirt on twitter for a good while. He's incredibly happy being pissed on during sex, and brags about giving her multiple orgasms. Taylor has not commented on it though, it's all been from his mouth alone, so who knows how valid this shit is. Taylor seems like the boring type to just go along with whatever bullshit he throws at her, whether she's into it or not. It's a big no-no in the Avaroe house to turn Greg down for sex, as he's forced himself on nearly every girlfriend he's had.

No. 355454


Spot-on rant, anon; it sums up the reality of what's been going on. I am new to Onision drama (but not lolcow by any means) and honestly, he is one of the worst human beings talked about here.

I was in a similar situation as some of these girls who went to him. They are getting seriously damaged from this. I am still in therapy several years later and have a way to go, still.

Fuck this guy, he needs to be locked up, and I don't say that for many.

No. 355455

OT but has anyone pointed out to Greg that by his logic it would be fine to drive to Texas and fuck an animal because it's, ya know, legal there?

No. 355456

"That's disgusting because an animal can't consent!"

No. 355472

File: 1488240986992.png (43.41 KB, 906x317, gergle.png)

sage for OT but this comment from 2013 on guru gossip kinda predicted the whole basement saga kek

No. 355490

>Not all trans/non-binary people experience gender dysphoria
But it's a medical requirement to experience dysphoria to be diagnosed as trans? This "you don't need to feel dysphoria to be trans" is the tumblr logic fakebois use to justify their yaoi fetish. If you (not you specifically anon) have no desire to be a different sex (i.e. want to transition, because you experience dysphoria), you simply aren't trans. Not every trans person decides to transition, but it's not because they don't experience dysphoria, it's because the surgeries suck & cost a lot, or they'll get disowned, or they're just scared, or any number of other reasons.

Why would anyone call themselves trans/nonbinary if they're comfortable with their gender (i.e. don't experience dysphoria)? (obviously, the answer is for attention/feeling special, or because they don't understand what gender fucking is.)

No. 355519

File: 1488252253727.png (889.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3620.PNG)

Aw isn't that nice? She made him a cookie! Relationship goalz!!! <3

It looks like shit and very unappetizing.

No. 355520


Not to mention that countertop looks dirty. Ew Greg, don't put it there!

No. 355522


>when you married a talentless teenager who can't cook, take care of her kids or make you happy

No. 355524


we gonna keep doing this every month onion? she left. we know you liked fucking billie more than lainey, but she's gone. its time to move on.

No. 355525

File: 1488254085988.jpg (23.97 KB, 599x418, a77a91f86f7a92700a8f1a4ba99a6f…)


oh my god

No. 355526


lainey looks "like someone tried to draw her from memory"

No. 355527

LOL that comment at the bottom

No. 355528

Angie from Screen Team on youtube said that Hannah Minx told her that she never dated Onision. He was stalking her though.

No. 355531

This I believe. He's only saying that he did because she's not around to say otherwise.

No. 355532

That's exactly how they got Eric Hites (Fat Guy) to agree. There's no way Greg will turn down the opportunity to show how much smarter he is than anyone else.

No. 355533


Dude, that's fuckin' scary! Not surprised though…

No. 355537

Guys. Tinfoil me this ; what if it's joy? Onion obsession 1 v 1 would possibly even paint him in a slightly better light than her. The horror!

No. 355542

Maybe that's why Hannah quit YouTube as soon as she could. Getting stalked by a doughy acne caveman isn't fun..

No. 355549

Body dysphoria is still not a term that accurately describes what Lainey may be experiencing. Google "body dysphoria" and see how many results you get that aren't related to either body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria.

"The real body causes you distress"

Okay, so just call it insecurities instead of misusing words thx

No. 355566

Okay vid. At least it had a solid ending.

No. 355567

>pot is addictive
>I'm basing this on the 2 people I know that smoke pot

What irrefutable scientific analysis. It's too bad Eugenia Cooney won't take Dr. Grease up on his professional medical advice.

No. 355569

>we know you liked fucking billie more than lainey, but she's gone. its time to move on.

She bakes him shitty cookies >>355519 and all he can do is make videos and post tweets about how much he wants to fuck other women. kek

No. 355570

Did you know Taylor's father threatened to kill him? That's what ALL sane parents think of doing when they hear of Gergs exploits. He's banned from Vid Con because parents petitioned the venue. Parents and adults see him for what he really is.

No. 355572

He's channeling the "I stuck a fork in the electric socket" look. Like a mad scientist's bedhead. Why is his taste so bad/outdated?

No. 355597

Taylor is next level pathetic. I hope she loved his latest video where he made it abundantly clear he lusts for Jaclyn Glenn's body. How's that make your pancake tits and floppy belly feel, space prince?

Also, the way she gazed at him lovingly in that faux gender reveal video was truly the icing on the cake. She will never leave. She is delusional.

No. 355601


>Also, the way she gazed at him lovingly in that faux gender reveal video was truly the icing on the cake. She will never leave. She is delusional.

I think she does love him. She didn't seem to be a terrible person before she got involved with Greg, so she probably has the capacity to experience real emotions, unlike a sociopath's ability to fake true emotions. If I feel sorry for her in anything it is that, because she clearly loves him far more than he does her (to the extent he does at all or is capable of), and that is a really, really shitty feeling and place to be.

No. 355608

She doesn't love him, she idolizes him. Taylor has put Greg on such a high pedestal, and there's nothing he can do to stop the obsession. He's cheated on her, humiliated her, and even told her that he doesn't love her and doesn't want to be married anymore. Yet she persists.
Taylor only got his attentions after spamming hundreds of "i love you" tweets at him, and she cheated on her then boyfriend to be with Greg.
It's fine if you sympathize, but imo their whole relationship has levels of unhealthiness. I wouldn't dare say they "love" each other though.

No. 355617

Funny you told her to look up tutorials on Pinterest because I was on there looking up "alternative" makeup looks (right up Lainey's alley) and there are multiple photos of Billie. She would love that!

No. 355618

If he wants to get rid of Lainey why does he keep knocking her up?

No. 355620

Y'all remember that one time he was "infertile"…

No. 355652

He has no foresight and it is what hate wanted in the moment.

No. 355653

Samefagging, but it's also probably a fetish

No. 355654


She's probably just pissing out of fear. Anyone would if they had to stare into the eyes of foaming at the mouth caveman.

No. 355656

Are you new to the whole Grease drama? Just wondering because it's been fully established that he has an impregnation fetish for a few years now.

No. 355662


I still wonder why he tried to impregnate the others but not his ex-wife? They've been together for 5 years (7 if you count their 2-year dating prior to marriage)? And we all know how much Onion loves sex 24/7.

No. 355665


"I used to suck dick for coke!"
"I seen 'em"

No. 355670

File: 1488308772099.png (509.93 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3637.PNG)

Throws multiple Shiloh shades (starring Billy as Shiloh) without the two retards realizing that. And still bitching about meat and politics.

No. 355673


I'm sorry for samefagging but I'm starting to think he hates Shiloh more than the others and is using this "fact" (had another guy's kid) to inflict torment on her, it's no longer "I can't get over her!!!".

No. 355674


Shit, *more torment

No. 355677

It's possible that they did try and it could've been that Skye was infertile rather than Grease, or she could've even been on birth control on the sly because she didn't want one… there could've been a number of reasons that we're not privy to.

He got Shiloh pregnant, she miscarried… he tried to get AJ pregnant, she demanded the morning after pill and he got Lainey pregnant twice (the second child was a bandaid baby though, born out of jealousy of Billie) - he would've definitely of got Billie pregnant if she had stuck around, ESPECIALLY considering her telling him that she didn't want an abortion after an unfortunate encounter, he said "I would've never of forced you to" of COURSE he wouldn't; that was him basically trying to use her traumatic experience to his own advantage; not to comfort her but to exploit it for his fetish.

No. 355679

Ugh poor Billie. I'm so glad that she got away from him.

No. 355683

File: 1488311923774.png (806.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3638.PNG)

Like emo dad.

No. 355685

Besides a fetish, tt's also a manipulation/control tactic. Some abusers intentionally try to impregnate their victims(not just Lainey, he's attempted it many times in the past)- it makes them more vulnerable, emotional, and they can then use the kids to make sure they never leave.

No. 355709


Kek, someone called him out on twitter for trying to look young and be validated by young people and he clearly was buttmad about it and said "hurrdur but theyre adults whatever" and then posted a status about how keeping it real doesnt mean being an asshole…pot meet kettle. Oh man onion is such a raving lunatic. also he can push his hair over his aging makeup covered, zit infested face all he wants but we've all seen him unfiltered and it's not very great, like a 5 on a good day. And that's being generous, I bet in normal lighting he looks even worse.

No. 355721


Lol, someone should bring the "trying to look young at 31" thing to him in the debate; it'd be for great lulz and entertainment!

No. 355733

like the new creepy character on ouran host club

No. 355742

Actually there are some trans people who don't experience gender dysphoria or feel the need to transition. It sounds nuts, I know, but I was just watching a video about a couple that has a radio show where they discuss their poly relationship, the wife is dating a trans man and he states that he has no desire to transition. He's not a fakeboi or anything, he just doesn't feel the need to for whatever reason. There's plenty of material that covers how gender dysphoria is not required for you to be considered actually trans, actually. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&rlz=1CAHPZS_enUS709US709&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=do+all+transgender+have+dysphoria&*

I'm sure the fakebois of Tumblr use this to their benefit and, god, it pisses me off that they do. I also don't believe for a single fucking second that Plainey is non-binary. She's just that terrible sort of human being who mixes up "collecting a bunch of labels" with "having an original personality". I seriously doubt she has BDD, she's just insecure about certain body parts, y'know, like most of the population, but she's an asshole tumblrina so it can't possibly just be old fashioned insecurity.

Besides being a fetish and besides being a manipulation/control tactic, it's his way of making women prove that they love him. He doesn't actually want a baby (sorry, Troy), he just views a woman wanting to carry his baby as the ultimate proof of their loyalty and devption. He tried to pressure AJ into having a baby with him after their first time having sex…I mean, fuck. When Lainey agreed to have a baby with him and got pregnant, I'm sure he was fucking thrilled because now he had irrefutable proof that he's special to somebody, but I guarantee he never actually thought past the "getting a chick pregnant" part of the fantasy and got super tired, super fast, of caring for a pregnant Lainey and pushed all of the nighttime feeding and diaper changing shit onto her. He just likes the idea of getting a woman pregnant because if a woman agreed to carry his kid, it must mean that he's important to someone, but once the reality of pregnancy and child rearing hits him, he gets irritated/bored and wants to find someone new, someone who doesn't expect him to be there on a serious, emotional level for them. Ugh, relationships being a two way street, amirite, Gerg?

Sage for blog/slightly OT

No. 355756

this is how he sold lainey on the girlfriend idea.

greg seems to think that being a nurturing partner and caring about your SO's feelings is women's work. even if lainey doesn't like the new girl, she's still attached to her because that girl is providing for her on an emotional level and she's been conditioned to think that men just don't know how to do that.

No. 355771

number 9 was how the dumbest of the two genders runs the world
im sure lainey is stoked on that

No. 355774

File: 1488328452472.png (122.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3639.PNG)

Onion tweets of the day:

No. 355776

File: 1488328482815.png (136.54 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3640.PNG)

No. 355777

File: 1488328560825.png (102 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3641.PNG)


"Get the fuck outta my life, Lainey!!!!"

No. 355778

omg they knew he was 'tarded from ultrasounds, and his mom chose to birth a neadrathal / throwback baby. Hoooly shit.

No. 355779

File: 1488328654599.png (137.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3642.PNG)


He does love you Taylor, he loves his exes more! <3

Oh and extra pandering to Billy.

No. 355783

Lainey being non-binary and outraged over pronoun usage completely depends on whether or not she can use it to bawww her way out of a problem. She can't be fucked to care if Greg addresses her using female pronouns, if he mocks trans people or if he says there's only two genders. She'll suddenly remember that she's non-binary and is deeply wounded when misgendered if she wants to play the victim. Same with Gerg, he uses female pronouns and labels, like "wife", for Plainey until he goes on a self-righteous rampage and, suddenly, Plainey is "they/them". Fuckin' assholes.

No. 355785


Using neutral pronouns and being butthurt over Lainey being misgendered is akin to the "You made Lainey cry" tactic; he does it whenever he wants to make himself look good, make the other person out to be an insensitive fuck and derail the argument.

No. 355788


No. 355789


>Jaclyn comments on a hashtag and explains her views on censorship

>Onision somehow believes this warrants two tweets talking about how his mom almost had him aborted

Also, doctors who are worried about the health of the mother/that the baby might be too disabled to live a happy, healthy life and will be a huge burden, both emotionally and financially, on the parents are haterzzz, you guys.

No. 355790

Jaclyn Glenn said she's willing to debate Onision

No. 355791

if it wasnt for her annoying twitter, i would assume that gerg killed her and just props up her corpse for videos.

No. 355796

I am gonna be honest. I've always liked her

No. 355805

kek she pointed out onion misgendering his space prince wife

No. 355808

Fucking kek'd

No. 355818

Shiloh was never pregnant by him though.

No. 355822

I'd love to see Jaclyn rip into him. She's actually pretty damn intelligent and can probably hold her own against onion's manipulation tactics and "facts".

No. 355823


If not he can just make a sock puppet like he did with Mr. Repzion.

No. 355828

Only according to him, and he continues to deny it… he pushed her into a doorframe during an argument and she miscarried after it.

If you want to believe him though, you go right ahead.

No. 355830


I hope she does, but not on any forum/website. I want to see him squirm on Dr.Phil as she rips him to bits.

No. 355845

do you… actually… believe this stuff??
anything that is not cis or someone transitioning from one gender to the other because of dysphoria is just someone not fitting rigid gender roles and wanting to be special or thinking being trans will solve other problems in their life

No. 355856

>Taylor please, you got money and shit, just please be the one to break up with me first

No. 355858

File: 1488347128882.png (12.97 KB, 742x176, kek.png)




No. 355860

We need to make this happen

No. 355861

File: 1488349515794.png (65.08 KB, 950x256, genderdysphoriatransitioning.p…)

I'm sorry that the fakebois like Lainey have made you so cynical and skeptical regarding anybody who doesn't meet your strict definition of what is "actually trans", but the related pic is a screenshot from TransEquality.org's FAQ section. There are plenty of reputable sources that all say the same thing. Maybe do some research next time.

You're just as bad as Gerg's "Unless you get the surgery, you're just a man in a dress!" bullshit. Yes, there are people out there who don the non-binary/trans label and take advantage of the fact you don't need to experience gender dysphoria or feel the need to transition to try and seem more legit when they're actually full of shit and believe not being cis somehow makes them more special and interesting, but don't be a dick by assuming everybody who says they don't have gender dysphoria or feel the need to transition are liars.

That being said: No, I don't think Lainey is agender and I don't think she experiences gender dysphoria for that reason, I do think she's a stereotypical, tumblrina special snowflake and I wish she'd cut that shit out because all she's doing is harming actual non-binary people with that shit.

Sage for OT(Derail)

No. 355862

Can we please stop with the trans BS? Taylor is a transtrender, that's the general opinion on here. If your opinion is any different, fine, but we don't need a lesson on transgender issues/definitions or whatever.

Kek at greg trying so hard to get Cyr to "forgive" him just because he misses him. PLZ BE MY FRIEND AGAIN CYR lmao. Just push under the rug the fact I treated your gf like shit, y'know.

Sage for, idk, sage.

No. 355863

Samefagging, sorry, but about Jaclyn Glenn, her going against Onision wouldn't really have a point. She's known to be the human centipede of ideas. In the past she's repeated word for word videos and comments of other people without giving any credit, so I'm pretty sure that any debate involving her would just bring about arguments that have been regurgitated hundreds of times before she even heard them.

No. 355864

I have no idea why you think I'm arguing that she is legitimately trans when I just posted:
>No, I don't think Lainey is agender and I don't think she experiences gender dysphoria for that reason, I do think she's a stereotypical, tumblrina special snowflake and I wish she'd cut that shit out because all she's doing is harming actual non-binary people with that shit.

Nobody's arguing that she's legit.

No. 355866

You missed the point. Just suggesting that you guys stop going OT with the transgender talk.

No. 355867

Word, that's fair. Will do.

No. 355884

See >>355620
He likely did knock her up and like >>355828 said. He also probably caused her to miscarry. He only denied it so he could absolve himself of any guilt as he usually does, since he can do no wrong and every partner who moves on from him is "dirty"…despite the fact that they've been sleeping with him for how long?

No. 355899

I call such UTTER BS on that 'my mom's doctor told her to abort because of the head to body ratio' tweet. Holy fuck what an idiot. A midwife or obgyn would never ever tell you what to personally do when it comes to your baby's health, they will ONLY give you access to the information and tests results so you can make your decision.

He's such a fucking salty charlatan. 'OH BOO HOO I'VE BEEN HATED SINCE I WAS IN THE WOMB BOO HOO' I hope someone pushes him off a bridge and gives him a late ass term abortion the stupid sod. I can't stand Gurg.

No. 355900

He probably gets his hatred towards medicine from his mother. I'd say she filled his head with all these negative stories, "Did you know they once tried to get me to abort you?? Yeah that totally happened! They're crazy!"

It sounds like he's never been to a healthcare professional as a result to know that this is bs.

No. 355902

His own words from a counter-article he made to his ED article:
>>"Now as for what exactly happened, we took her into the doctor about “13 weeks” into the pregnancy & that’s when they told her the baby had died. I was there myself, I saw it with my own eyes. It was really depressing, I hugged her as she cried, I literally remember her tears sinking through my shirt."

She claims he caused it by shoving her into a doorframe, whenever anyone tried to bring it up with him; he completely dodged the question and ignored it.

From the same article he wrote:
>>"I still have no idea whether or not I can even get anyone pregnant. The timing of her pregnancy was really strange, especially considering I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive. Also, the doctors conclusion on dates/development timelines seemed really, uncomfortable."

Now, unless Lainey's been fucking someone else behind his back… he's always been full of shit about this.

So there you have it, according to both of them (Grease and Shiloh); yes she was pregnant and lost it, and no he wasn't ever infertile… he was simply absolving himself from guilt as the anon above says. If he truly really believed he was infertile then the first paragraph of this post >>355677 is a very likely scenario… But let's not forget and take into consideration; his well documented fear and hatred of medical professionals. Do you REALLY think he'd believe a doctor telling him that he was infertile? No. If he actually went - he'd be ranting about getting second, third, forth and fifth opinions about it until his face turned blue.

He knew very well he wasn't, you can even feel the greasy lies pouring from his liver lips here:
"I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive".

It's like, Christ… own up to your mistakes you slimey fuck. He never does though, 10+ years of his bullshit online has proved that enough.

No. 355905

I know he grew up in the 7th Day Adventist Church, which I'm sure is where he gets his hardcore views on vegetarianism/eating healthy (soy bologna isn't healthy, but whatever, he's still obsessed with food and health) since that's a big focus in the church. They're really obsessed with keeping your body clean, e.g. no caffeine, tobacco, drugs, and you can still see a lot of the church's teachings reflected in his current viewpoints.

You can tell he thinks he's rebelling against his religious upbringing by being such an obnoxious, in your face atheist, like, after a very religious upbringing, I'm sure he thinks atheism is 3edgy5u and he's just being a total badass when he tweets shit like "You prayed for Christina Grimmie and she still died". He totally thinks he's escaped the church by being the king of critical thinking, but it's so funny because he doesn't even realize he's unconsciously continuing to follow the teachings he learned throughout his entire childhood.

He freaks out at and condemns meat eaters, smokers, drinkers, drug users, promiscuous people, like, he doesn't even try to approach it with an open mind and understand that it's none of his business what other people do, he's still that stuck in the religious mindset and being an outspoken atheist doesn't change that.

I also think his whole "I love fucking and I'm so kinky and look at all my fetishes!!!" bullshit is also him, even on a subconscious level, acting out in some kind of immature version of rebellion since it goes against 7th Day Adventist teachings.

Oh, Gerg. You have no fucking clue what you're doing, do you?

No. 355906

I think you're right anon. Just leads into his many, many mommy issues.

No. 355910


I really wonder how his sisters turned out/what the rest of his family thinks of him.

No. 355912

Samefag. Forgot to mention that I'm sure his religious upbringing contributes to his anti-doctor approach to medical issues. I'm not familiar enough with the church's teachings to know exactly how they feel about medical science, but I wouldn't be surprised at all if some of the shit leftover from his strict religious upbringing that's deeply ingrained in his fucked up, twisted brain has something to do with why he fucking hates medicine.

If a doctor saw a fetus with an unusually large head to body ratio, it would most likely just mean dwarfism and no doctor would be like "Ma'am, we're going to have to induce a miscarriage for your own safety!" over that. A doctor would only insist on a medically induced miscarriage if the pregnancy put the mother's life in serious danger. Even if your baby has a serious deformity, like ichthyosis (harlequin babies. Don't google image search it, ffs), that would really impact it's quality of life, they tactfully suggest that you terminate the pregnancy, but they wouldn't tell you to do so. The only things that come to mind when he says large head to body ratio is dwarfism and hydrocephaly and, again, neither case would cause a doctor to insist on the mother terminating the pregnancy.

He's absolutely, totally full of shit, basically.

No. 355913

Sorry for samefagging… but this is a guy who has said on multiple occasions that he really dislikes protected sex and greatly prefers bareback, thinks having a foreskin is an anti-rape device, has a well known impregnation fetish, has attempted to get every partner he's ever been with pregnant and truly believes his opinions are more qualified than those in the medical profession.

And yet, there are still people out there who actually believe him just that one time when he said he was "infertile" without any credibility whatsoever behind that story… and there's proof he isn't because he's had two sprogs with Doormat.

Come onnnnnnnnn.

No. 355921

Same shit with the marriage counselling, his refusal to see a therapist, screaming at a doctor who said his son had testicular torsion and shopped around for another doctor until they told him what he wanted to hear, waiting until his baby son's mouth was decaying and rotting until he finally took him to a dentist, claiming a doctor gave him a "fertility test" that "didn't look very positive" (yet never mentioned a low sperm count or any correct terminologies for the condition which a doctor would've told him if he was truly infertile and would've started him with treatments) and of course, his equally ragey hatred of all drugs.

Always full of (soy) bologna is the greaselord.

No. 355926

How far back is the sprogs medical drama? I wonna read up on it as i took a break from onision drama for a few years when this all went down

No. 355927

Why was he so fixated on being "infertile"? It's such an odd thing to continuously insist without really looking into and we know he never actually got tested by a doctor because, you're right, they wouldn't just say "It doesn't look very positive, son". For most men, the idea of infertility is scary and upsetting, whether it's because they want to have children someday or because they interpret it to mean they're "less of a man", but Gerg just kept insisting without doing much of anything to verify whether or not there was any validity to it. He did that at home test in a video that said he was infertile, but it was on his "comedy" channel, he's had two kids since then and he's him, so that was clearly total bullshit, but at the time he just kept insisting it while being cavalier as fuck about it.

Just why? Did he think it made him interesting, did he think it gave him carte blanche to fuck girls bareback and feel no guilt about it? Was it all just to make Shiloh look like a liar regarding her pregnancy? Because if it's the latter, then, jesus christ, what a piece of shit.

Also, I just love his reasoning: "I've fucked girls without condoms and haven't gotten any pregnant. Welp, I must be infertile". Brilliant, Gerg, pure brilliance.

No. 355947

I was rewatching some of jpmetz's old video, and it's still so relevant 7 years on haha

No. 355951

Isn't it funny that Grease has this intense hatred of any medical professional, and yet his wife once wanted to be one? I mean she still insists on someday becoming a child therapist- but before she was a bio major wanting to join the medical field. And also somewhere inbetween wanted to become a lactation consultant.
I really wonder if Greg's opinions have spilled over to her. He makes every doctor out to be some scary man trying to play god and fuck with everyone's emotions (they made lainey cry!!!) which just screams projection. He may have convinced her that she was "too good" and kind and whatever bullshit for that field, that he didn't want to see his smol space prince turn into a monster like the other doctors. Sorry this is a little tin-foily.

No. 355953


"Dr. Taylor E. Anderson" now wouldn't that sound nice? 'Cause it does have a nice ring to it.

No. 355956

File: 1488381543228.png (247.24 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3644.PNG)

Great, now he thinks he's Kurt Cobain

No. 355957

Dr. Tea? lol

No. 355976

Why is his english so bad? This doesn't even resemble a proper sentence. Is he trying to say "Does Onision look like Kurt Cobain?" Because the answer to his current question is an obvious "no"?

No. 355978

A heavy drug user who offed himself.. isn't Kurt Cobain the antithesis of Onion's moral high horse? Why would he want to associate himself with that?
I guess he can put that aside, though, for the attention of all his kitten fans who bought Nirvana shirts at Spencer's.

No. 355993


Because he's also a Seattle man and Onion's idol (Onion LOVES his rocker idols, even if they're evil loser druggies. i.e: Trent Reznor and Marilyn Manson).

We have to remember, he was about to go the same way Kurt did back in 2007.

No. 355995


Samefag: I apologize if I insulted anyone's music tastes, I like them too.

No. 356000

So should we expect either him to kill himself or Lainey killing him

No. 356008

Sage for no new news but I was creeping on taylors FB and its just so sad looking at her moms FB and seeing all the old happy pictures of her pre greg and her family vacations and just knowing that he took any chance for her to have a normal life. Like she could have stayed in school close to home and made friends her own age and visited her family whenever she wanted.

Also her old FB (taylor Elaine) is public and even just three years ago she's completely changed. Even during the beginning of her and greg she was so happy and it looked like she genuinely loved her life. Now all she does is cry on twitter about her quckly deteriorating marriage.

No. 356011

he's just super into referring to himself in the third person.

No. 356016


Himself. Since Skye didn't pull the trigger either when she had the chance. (Sarcasm)

No. 356025

Even in old videos from when Greg and Taylor first started dating,you can see how much happier and livelier she was at first. Years with onion really wore her down.

Greg should really stop using the "Lainey is Camera shy excuse" to explain why she acts like a dead fish in every video with him. Viewers can just go back and look at her videos with other people to see how outgoing and confident she is when Greg's not around.

No. 356027

File: 1488401649066.png (700.68 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3647.PNG)

Late, yes but I felt like sharing this! Taken from his most recent military video

Also, why is he wearing a ripped t-shirt? He has money so wtf?

No. 356034

File: 1488403289728.gif (472.85 KB, 300x200, 2979416-9988943084-laker.gif)

>Greasy pit stains

No. 356038

File: 1488403874942.jpg (24.23 KB, 640x480, dylann1.jpg)

I can't be the only one who sees some resemblance

No. 356046

I see it too. Grease does seem the type.

No. 356049

File: 1488408141458.png (40.58 KB, 576x336, stillmad.png)

lol someone's not keeping their promise to shut up about his exes on twitter. Also what happened to that whole ~no negativity~ thing he was doing?

No. 356057


Man, he REALLY hates Shiloh

No. 356062

File: 1488411013034.jpg (68.14 KB, 620x553, IMG_3648.JPG)

My nigga…

No. 356063

File: 1488411077176.png (337.04 KB, 643x394, IMG_3649.PNG)

No. 356065

OMG how is his skin this freaking bad? I'd feel repulsed kissing anyone with skin like this, even if they weren't Gurg.

No. 356066

It's a skin disorder, the 'how' has been pointed out in nearly every thread, jeez.

He's been doing that since forever, it's an never ending cycle.
>Yay, I'm positive!
Week later he isn't.
>I'll never talk about 'x topic'
Talks about it in two weeks.
Everything this guy said he wouldn't do, he eventually ends up doing, it's not going to change, sadly.

I wouldn't be surprised if years down the road he ends up hurting someone. Give it 10, 15 years.

No. 356068

Isn't that just a mic hanging in it? Not to give him the benifit of doubting that he wears tattered old greasy rags, that it.

No. 356070

Yeah, I think it's just the mic pulling the shirt down ( unless we're both blind, kek ).

No. 356072


Not that it matters, he's been using that shirt for 8-7+ years now.

No. 356076


Forgot to sage!

Oh and for further inspection: it's indeed ripped.

No. 356077

OT, but it's disappointing that the forum/underage girls thing went nowhere, legally or otherwise. He was making videos about how "he' not a pedophile" since 2012, you'd think by now something of that nature would come around to bite him in his greasy ass.

No. 356079

>I manipulate people
>lying is evil

No. 356083

He either rubs his face in rape seed oil before or after for his "vegetarian" ways, or… y'all know he takes a Nrillo Pad to his face for his glowing "Zac Efron" fantasy.

That complexion is fucking bad for someone in their 30s, you're a fucking lazy cunt.

Look out Doormat! He gonna share his greasy bath water with you! We know you're already doing it!

Poor Billie broke out in acne for days and reported about it, I get fucking itchy just looking at him.


No. 356086

Shut the fuck up with your "empathy" shite in regards to rosacea.

You would barely measure up to him whether or not you share the same condition.

Fucking stop, you've done this for a few threads (whether or not it's you) and it's stupid as shit, we don't care about you and how triggered you are about anyone mentioning it.

No. 356091

File: 1488417967706.png (17.74 KB, 489x214, cunt.png)

Wonder who this is directed too?

No. 356094


He's probably back on that train he was on a few years ago where he was calling out other youtubers for saying they "loved" their subscribers.

No. 356095


Is he trying to be MCR now?

No. 356096

I was merely answering a question - you seem to be the triggered one. Take some Midol and calm your tits.

Probably no one. There's barely been any milk lately, so he has to throw a bone.

No. 356099

Richie made a short little song about him saying Billie told him Greg actually does watch his videos lol

No. 356102

LMFAO. It's like SR completely crushes him in every video. And duuuh, he watches everything.

No. 356107

Short, concise and to the point. I'm biased though, I like Richie.

No. 356116

I love him so much! I saw him at warped one year but had no idea who he was till greg exploded on him so thanks greg for helping me find him

No. 356122

File: 1488425376695.png (553.9 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3670.PNG)

When you're trying so hard not to snap along with "combating hater attacks" with your failed logic.

No. 356128

"ask the women in my life how I treat women" yeah sure and Brock Turners sister said he was "deeply caring." Just because someone is liked by some else doesn't mean they are a good person.

No. 356141


Haha, she does. She looks like an egg that's had eyes, mouth, nostrils and hair painted on.

No. 356151

File: 1488429927325.gif (1.29 MB, 245x230, 101-Idiocracy-quotes.gif)


>>I had just taken a fertility test and the results were not very positive

Here's a pro-tip for picking out when someone is lying - they'll sometimes use qualifiers in odd places. By that I mean, it's normal to say something like "it's not very hot today", but saying "the door is kind of locked" is weird and gives reason to suspect you're not telling the whole truth.

When test results are given in terms of positive/negative, then it's an either/or thing, right? If tests have ranges, then you get results as a number, or a range label like low, mid, high.

I really doubt the doctor told Onion his test results were "not very positive". He chose that wording himself, and likely because it's vague and lets him ease into the lying.

No. 356163

lol hes gonna be mad about that video. Especially thanks to the Billie comment

No. 356165

I love how much richie gets under his skin

No. 356188

Richie has a knack of turning up at the right moment and saying something utterly scathing about / to Greg.

No. 356189

File: 1488440311326.jpg (132.54 KB, 720x960, 382432_3505734847475_190259514…)

wow what happened? :/

No. 356192

File: 1488441179809.jpg (91.39 KB, 640x857, 524257_270681179733724_1894653…)

Hey Lainey, is that a joint?? :D

No. 356196

It's been discussed before anon. It isn't a joint.

No. 356197

she was plain then, she's plain now.

No. 356200

That she is, but she looked a hell of a lot better then than she does now.

No. 356202

That's the impression I got too. The results were probably positive in that he isn't infertile at all and does have viable sperm (ugh), but they weren't the most virile sperm (ick) the doctor had ever seen hence not VERY positive. That's probably the case for lots of men. Many people who want to have a baby don't succeed right away, that doesn't make them infertile.
>what was that about manipulative language, Grease?

No. 356210


I actually think she's way prettier now.

No. 356213

I think the point is that she rarely smiles in pictures or videos anymore. She just seems kinda defeated.

No. 356215

Does anybody else think that Greg has been attempting to give off a Bo Burnham type vibe? Emphasis on "attempting," but it just seems like with his latest videos that he's trying to pull off Bo's style.

No. 356221

in comparison, yeah she's always been plain. I mean her acting in his old videos is proof enough, but I think what makes it more obvious, is that she's TRYING to be like edgy and someone shes not…and instead of giving her a personality….it just brings out how plain she is even more…

No. 356234

Could potentially be on the hunt for new teen girls? It's as vague and innocent-seeming as the "Where is my soulmate?" tweet that reeled Taylor in. Imagine all the responses saying "Omg it's like he's talking to me!" Just like the tweet that Taylor responded to, he's probably trawling through the replies for girls who seem flattered.

Sage for tinfoil hat theory.

No. 356236

File: 1488461767103.png (713.04 KB, 1196x796, smugshit.png)

This is something that actually annoys me a lot about her. She's trying so hard to give off this edgy vibe with her shitty makeup and smug selfies but then whenever she's not getting enough positive attention (every five minutes) she cries like a child. Which are you really, Taylor? Smug bisexual edgelord or attention-starved crybaby?

>polite sage for sperging

No. 356243


I don't evenn know what he means by that. We can see how he's treated the women in his life, with the exception of his mother (whom he has thrown under the bus at least once) and his sisters, and some of them have in fact commented on it. Including his wife.

I strongly suspect he's Mr Cluster B, but seriously, no self-awareness at all.

No. 356259

Right? Cause lainey has said not that long ago that he's verbaly abusive.

No. 356274

He's in no way infertile. He got taylor pregnant right after they got married with no problem.

I have no proof of this since FB wont let me look up what posts people commented on anymore but I was the anon who posted the claire due date screenshots. One post she also commented on was a mommy blog that was asking how long after birth it took for women to ovulate, Lainey said it had been almost two years and she still hadn't gotten it. I didn't screenshot it bc it seemed very personal, but it points out that either claire was an accident or they planned her almost as soon as lainey could have children again.

No. 356282

He's not smart enough to pull off wordplay jokes. He'll only get the tone right, and even then it won't fit at all.

I'd assume Bo would hate him. Listen to his comments on the Helen Keller scene being pulled from his show of his own volition. Bo has grown up, and realizes edgy humor isn't all its cracked up to be. Dark humor needs to be smart, and witty - gerg can't do that.

No. 356285

well, since he had so much "trouble" impregnating his other exes I assume he believed he was infertile, but again this is grease. He's not the brightest bulb.

I guess it just caught up to him and the risk was "in his favor," with Taylor. Hell, maybe she's just way more fetile than his exes.

No. 356287

Not exactly sure how it works after you have kids, but if she's saying that she didn't have her period for that long it's likely to be more related to poor diet/horribly stressful home life.

No. 356289

Its from breast feeding

No. 356291


Definitely. He's talked about him on his twitter a lot. But Bo is actually funny.

No. 356293

It wouldn't surprise me at all if other exes were taking birth control on the sly.

>breastfeeding for two years
such gender dysphoria wow

No. 356301

This is pure salt over the fact he has a near 3 rating for his page on Facebook, so he has to explain to his fans the only reason he has that rating is because of the HATURRZZZ.

No. 356312

File: 1488482878888.png (745.74 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3689.PNG)

Recent uhohbro video:

Talks about what he "loves" and hates on women, how teen girls look older with makeup (ahem!) and how babies' asses disgust him (but not teen girls' booties! Amirite Gregma?) then jams to his shitty music at the end.

Bonus: he thinks mom jeans are sexy! (Hahaha ew)

No. 356339

you are one of the tumblr special snowflakes who make agender people look mental. Protip: because you are all mental.

No. 356354


Agenders are all mental. In fact most who are "trans" are mental cases.

Either way, Lainey isn't a mental case but transtrending as we already know. She just happens to be a crybaby along with it.
How's that luxurious, super-famoos YouTube lifestyle going?

No. 356400

Thats not how you cite, you retard. Literally all those links that popped up are LGBT pages. One of them was everyday feminism for fuck sake. Of course they're gonna say yes. Even if sciences said no, they would still say yes.

Good point anon. If he had taken a fertility test her would have said something less vague like low sperm count. They have home test too and even those will tell you low/high/normal.

No. 356406

File: 1488497817129.png (1.58 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_om7mf2ZiF81qh8fyjo1_128…)

No. 356409

File: 1488498028182.png (1.22 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_om7mf2ZiF81qh8fyjo2_128…)

No. 356420

Billy is doing a live video being interviewed by some guy ragreynolds.

I don't know if any milk will come from it but he did make a video about her being worse than a child molestor.

No. 356421


Dude wtf is he wearing? Why so many straps?

No. 356424

maybe a baby carrier backpack thing?

No. 356437


Most awkward thing I've ever watched

No. 356443

It's one of those baby carriers

No. 356444


Billie's lookin cute.

No. 356446

File: 1488506002348.jpeg (7.31 KB, 240x240, stringio.jpeg)

ignore ragreynolds

No. 356492

He's just trying to show he raised her, and how shes grown up so much over the years. Let Onion man show off his parenting skills! He raised Lainey to be just like him.

No. 356500

top kek

No. 356502

That's a face that just screams pedophile.

No. 356503

A loveless marriage and two children you didn't want. All her smiles look forced nowadays. >>354833

No. 356507

I used to think her voice was so monotonous because she was uncomfortable on camera, but now I feel like she just has a flat affect from depression.

I mean, the girl (I MISGENDERED U, PLAINEY, OH NOES) sits in a house all day with no real social circle besides the young girls her husband imports, then any chance of a real friendship with these young girls is fucked up because she feels like she has to compete with them for her own husband's affection/attention, her personal business is blasted all over the internet whether she wants it or not, she's admitted he's verbally abusive, he's admitted that he's manipulative as fuck, Gerg's put it in her head that her family is evil and she's been pressured to cut off any access to familial support, Gerg probably shits on the idea of her seeing a therapist or taking antidepressants due to his vehement hatred of doctors ("Just go vegetarian, Lainey"), she has no real direction in life, no goals or dreams to look forward to and achieve because Gerg is dead set on keeping her cooped up in that mcmansion until he finds a shiny, new replacement who's stupid enough to stay…the girl's life is empty and meaningless, her days are just filled with crying and existing.

Like, do they ever go on family outings or vacations? All of their pictures are taken inside the house or in the yard, it's seriously like Gerg has something akin to an FLDS compound set up. She's depressed as fuck and it shows in her voice and demeanor. The chick's dead inside.

I guess once Gerg lures in a new child bride and kicks her ass the the curb, her family can get her deprogrammed (like, seriously, they might have to resort to hiring a professional deprogrammer, it might be that bad) and she can move on to building some semblance of a real, fulfilling life.

No. 356508

But but but he's a fax machine spitting truth nukes! You can't argue with him!

She mentioned several times on Twitter (posted in past threads) that she has a codependent personality. I don't know if she is capable of love any more than Gergles, given that she clearly does hero worship him, and because of her personality type she will be forever blinded by that. They are both totally dysfunctional and incapable of ever being in a healthy relationship with anyone because of it.

Great post. An acute example of him thinking he's so fucking clever and guileful when he's actually 100% transparent.

The thing is, denial is absolutely fucking exhausting. She's trapped herself there, and the only way for her to deal with it is to live in pure denial 24/7; it will get more and more fatiguing until she ends up having some kind of nervous breakdown. She can either use that to reflect and accept reality, or try to recover and go right back - and even deeper - into her state of denial. I don't feel sorry for her at all though, because she's done it TO HERSELF, and not only that but she's brought two kids into her miserable fucked up world as well, and imo that is unforgivable.

tl;dr they're both dysfunctional arseholes who deserve no pity.

No. 356510


Oh, hey, I was both >>355905 and >>356507.

Yeah, it must require so much mental energy to keep up those blinders, plus continuously rationalizing and excusing her husband's behavior whenever something starts niggling at her brain, telling her "this is not normal". I can't imagine being able to keep that up forever, but you see those wives like the woman who was married to Jaycee Lee Dugard's captor. She was a total doormat who both enabled her husband's crimes and was complicit in them, she had to justify, rationalize, ignore, etc. her husband's actions every day and managed to do so, somehow, for years. She's basically what Lainey has to look forward to if she doesn't get out soon.

99% of the time, I don't feel bad for Lainey since she's an accomplice at this point, she's actively engaging in grooming kids and enabling Greg, but then I remember how young she was when Greg first got ahold of her. He got his claws in deep during such an important developmental stage; he groomed her, moulded her personality and seriously influenced her worldview since the age of 16 and this has become her reality, she doesn't know any different after so many years. It's not like she naturally developed into the awful person she is today, she's Greg's own Pygmalion. I'm not excusing her behavior, her behavior is abhorrent, but I do feel bad that she just never had a chance once she got involved with Greg. That seriously bums me out.

No. 356511

ding ding ding, you hit the nail on the head. took the words right out of my mouth, anon.

No. 356513

I think there's just something wrong with people named Greg. There's another Greg who's drama is blowing up over him threatening underage girls with suicide using crazy levels of manipulation just to get nudes. I literally have never met a Greg who didnt have a deranged look in his eyes and a habit of pressuring girls into things

No. 356526

File: 1488543426395.png (2.65 MB, 2528x758, pedophiles!.png)

first two rows of google images for "greg" can confirm this theory

No. 356542

File: 1488548999204.png (23.63 KB, 498x252, HvPpKAn.png)

he's at it again with the dumbass polls


No. 356543

File: 1488549089992.jpg (110.44 KB, 1259x1348, suchahotonion.jpg)


No. 356544

why isn't there an option for all of the above

No. 356545

None of them is great, but greg is the worst. he has done all of the shit that they did and then some.

Leafyishere makes fun of kids, greg made fun of his young fans

Trisha overshares and freaks out online, greg does that, loves it, makes money from it

Tana lies and pretends to be on a moral high ground with issues like racism, greg did the same exact thing, especially with calling people transphobes after he himself said mtf transgenders are just men in dresses

he really is the worst

No. 356546

I agree 100%. Can't really beat him because he's been playing the shit human game for so long now.

No. 356547

I do feel bad for Lainey, but I also think she should be held accountable for the shitty things she has done while with Greg. Of course it's super sad that she got sucked into this mess by Greasy but she still shouldn't get a free pass.

No. 356554

No. 356555


Oops! I mixed those links together, please forgive me

No. 356560

Buy vighkel's Tesla shirt and get chest and back acne for free!

No. 356563

I can't stop laughing.

>What should be illegal?

>List a few things that you think should/shouldn't >be illegal: (anything, but here are some ideas) 1. >Head Medication 2. Alcohol 3. Cigarettes 4. >Marijuana 5. Prostitution 6. Age Restrictions?

Age Restrictions for Onion = "I wanna bang a preteen dont judge me"

No. 356568

I'm surprised he's selling anime DVDs for a really low price, given they're expensive af to buy (and Onion's a money hungry cunt).


No. 356570

File: 1488561158963.png (667.78 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3690.PNG)


No. 356571

I saw that one too and wanted to scream. Saying "age restrictions" should be made illegal is like the biggest pedo indicator out there. He has a bunch of questions about making it on youtube– no doubt he built his channel for the money and hoards of underage fan girls at this point. Fucking creep.

No. 356575


His replies/answers are cringey too, that whole profile is cringe!

No. 356576

he's selling those graphics cards for 100$ more than you can buy them for…and they're used.

No. 356577

File: 1488562494876.jpg (148.41 KB, 642x1386, feminist.jpg)

Bamanboi considers Onion the worst person ever and regularly openly expresses his disgust and hate towards him.

He's always got good points too, this is spot on again

No. 356579

File: 1488563320055.jpg (46.43 KB, 505x570, lol.JPG)

I'm loving the humorous replies he gets as well

No. 356580

File: 1488563979139.jpg (56.73 KB, 634x357, 252B70A500000578-2936668-_He_s…)


The only "celeb" he remotely looks like

No. 356583

File: 1488566305550.png (210.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1197.PNG)

Here he goes again talking about shit he has no knowledge of.

No. 356587

what a fucking idiot. Though I bet his psych major wife doesn't know shit about anti depressants either.

No. 356593

It's not even that hard to understand that anti-dependents change the chemical structure in the brain and sometimes one changes it in a bad way, hence why most people go through 3 or more medications before finding the one that works for them. We literally went over it in my intro-biology class so Taylor should fucking know this. Smh they are both fucking stupid.

No. 356595

File: 1488570367572.png (640.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3691.PNG)


No. 356599

If he's love bombing her this hard, he's either been abusing her behind the scenes since he's lost his blue-haired obsession, or he's working on another barely legal teen to import.

No. 356601

She looks like one of those resus monkeys. Kek

No. 356602

He wishes he looked like Effron.

No. 356603

File: 1488572094883.jpg (90.54 KB, 488x747, dEADpLANK.jpg)

No. 356605

All that godawful skin.

No. 356608


Call my name and save me from Greg!

No. 356609

File: 1488573073023.png (116.01 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-03-15-30-06…)

>never used

No way!

No. 356610

from the grease

No. 356611


how do we allow creepy onision to date young girls with low self esteem and no parental or psychiatric help???

No. 356612


he looks so…evil

No. 356613


she looks like any other white trash girl ever tbh. its no surprise that onion turned her into the alt sjw fakeboi queen he wanted

No. 356614


Ah, thx!


So…it's a fix-your-greasy-face type of kit?

Saged for stupid!

No. 356615


mcr was whiny but at least they weren't talking about harrasing young girls

No. 356618

omfg. he's against antidepressants and his wife has a degree in psych. the irony.

No. 356622

Oh god used skincare equipment? That touched their faces?? Can you say "bacterial infection"? God help the poor buyer - they should have to post a face pic to demonstrate the results, and where that product has been…

No. 356623

it says never used, can you not read?
and that's the point. he's never used it although he should.

No. 356626

Is this not the one Lainey used in her #spon video?

Even if not, I wouldn't trust a word either one of them says about whether or not it's been used.

No. 356627


And you believe that? Looks just like the one Lainey used in her video. You think they have multiples laying around the house? Onion probably thinks he'll get more money if he says it's unused. Also because it's gross buying used skincare products

No. 356630


its cause he doesn't actually know shit about anime. lainey gives him bootlegs plushies and shit.

No. 356632


>selling all that attack on titan shit

why do i feel like attack on titan was something onion and billie both watched and loved.

No. 356633


is he…? struggling with money?

most of what he's selling seem super cheap and easy to get. like things that people put on sale when they're having money problems. it seems odd that he's getting rid of cheap shit like that.

No. 356634

It was sent to them for free for a review. I've seen a lot of you tubers give it reviews and a lot of them say that the company send it to a shit ton on Youtubers. Even Trisha pastas reviewed it.
How are you going to charge this much for something that was sent to you for FReE

No. 356636

They probably get sent #spon products all the time; if they didn't purge the house would be a horde. And clearly the machine doesn't work well; in this case it looks like Taylor did the obligatory video for it and then they're trying to offload it by saying it was never used.

No. 356639

There is no doubt that he makes Taylor sell their used shit for money. Probably reminds her everyday that his money is only his and she needs to come up with most the money to clothe and feed the kids.

No. 356640

Don't forget he's also selling his greasy acne-ridden t-shirts!

I feel sorry for the male buyers

No. 356660

File: 1488593229599.png (58.83 KB, 639x500, Screenshot (7).png)

No. 356667

How are their faces this fucking dirty looking. They look like Pig Pen's parents.

No. 356672

No. 356676

God she is so boring I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of that

No. 356678

File: 1488597968692.png (158.59 KB, 408x306, ugh.png)

I only lasted long enough to get an unflattering picture. Nice cold sore.

No. 356683

Anything juicy?

No. 356687

File: 1488602777877.png (231.28 KB, 579x136, capture_002_03032017_204331.pn…)

lel just can't stop trying to bait billie

it was messing up too much for me to stay in, but i did notice someone's username had 'billie' in it. wonder if she cried seeing it.

No. 356690

She mostly didn't say anything. She would read a few questions and answer them. I only stayed five minutes because she is so boring.

No. 356692


She always looks so fucking smug it pisses me off

No. 356694


she looks like an euphoric 16 yrs old with acne

No. 356696

What a manly jaw
No wonder she's "agender", she is really ugly for a woman

No. 356704

guess that means he used Billie then, as he was infamously nothing but "mad".

No. 356729

Bit OT sorry, but as for lookalikes, when I saw Legend I thought the guy in this scene was onision for a split second. Zach efron my ass.

No. 356731

File: 1488621851917.png (69.38 KB, 401x226, plainlain.png)

its ok just remember that she hates herself more than anyone else on the internet hates her because she really knows how shitty of a person she is. She has the personality of an old door mat and she knows it, which is why she is trying to make herself more "interesting" by changing her gender identity and sexuality, but it's obvious she's a she when greg repeatedly refers to her as his wife. She also must know that he doesn't truly love her (is he even capable of loving anyone but himself?), otherwise he wouldn't have acted the way he did with billy, but she already has 2 kids with him before reaching the ripe age of 25, so she knows she's better off with him because no self-respecting adult who has a proper life would want her, especially not after googling her name and seeing all the shit she has done over the years. All she can do now is act smug and pretend to be happy with herself, but we all know she's just trying to compensate because she isn't, and she's desperate to show it with her 2deep4me emo lyrics that she likes to post because she stopped maturing at 16, when she met greg.

i'd feel bad for her, but she's an adult now so she is responsible for her actions. i feel bad for the children.

No. 356735

You have actually summed it all up perfectly and that is both amazing and hilarious

No. 356736



No. 356742

File: 1488630540845.jpg (48.45 KB, 635x634, FB_IMG_1488629072995.jpg)

She was pretty here in my opinion. She was never stunning but she and that girl next door kinda vibe.
It's sad that Gorg sucked the life out of her.

No. 356747

File: 1488635540894.png (728.76 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3692.PNG)

Fuckin' scary

No. 356752

greg has the flattest ass i've ever seen oml

No. 356756

In the live stream she said she wants another tattoo but can't get one right now. Could she be pregnant with a 3rd child?

No. 356760

One of the saddest things about this wedding is that she basically had no control of anything. I'm pretty sure I read that she didn't choose the dress or the hair.

No. 356761

it's like a taste of what she had to look forward to…

No. 356764

Yeah, Onion's family demanded to choose a dress and hairstyle for her.

What a bunch of nutjobs

No. 356765

So she's admitting to Grease using Billie? No fucking shit… we knew that from the start.

Exactly, by retweeting that - he's only bringing it more attention, like he was proud of using her… pure sociopathy.

No. 356766


I wonder if that's what happened with his previous wife? You know, the hair and dress n' all…

No. 356769

did you catch some air leaping to that conclusion? she probably can't because grog said so.

No. 356777

Whoa, seriously? Why!? Why did they demand that? Why was that so important to them, they couldn't let the poor teenage girl who they knew their shitty son/nephew/whatever would ruin pick her own dress and hair? Oh god, I'll never understand these people.

Seriously. If anything, I imagine Gerg's like "I bought a Tesla! I bought TWO trampolines! I bought a blacklight pool table!" and the second Lainey says "I'd like to get a new tattoo, nothing too bi–", Gerg cuts her off and says "Listen, money doesn't grow on trees around here. You take money for granted, you don't work, you have no idea how much I have to do just for us to get by and you ask for tattoo money? Lainey, we have children, you selfish bitch*."
> 10 minutes later: Spends 100's of dollars on plane ticket to fly in new 16 year old girl

No. 356781


Most likely he didn't want to spend too much money on her and nor did the family.
We already know the mother's mad in general though like her son so maybe it's not money related at all, but I have the hefty suspicion that's the root of the situation.
I mean, why would he pay that much for a disposable harem? They grow past 20 eventually.

No. 356790

File: 1488652424122.png (719.51 KB, 597x572, cunt.png)

Wonder what surgery he's had done now.

No. 356791

bait. in the past when he's had surgeries he just wore masks in the vids. He doesn't actually want people to know he has to get surgery.

No. 356792

Obviously not an eyebrow lift, like he actually needs. UGGA UGGA GURG

No. 356794


lol and it was obvious those surgeries were botched too!

No. 356797

She did say she weighed 116 pounds in the YouNow. I didn't hear the beginning of her statement or the question, but she was like "That's okay for my height, I guess."

No. 356803

File: 1488655796336.png (361.13 KB, 435x410, pedobear.png)

Not really it was pretty boring. She did confirm that she wants a girlfriend again but she "doesn't think she'll be ready for a long time". She's still sad about billie but she's "come really far".
Greg also tweeted "I miss you" @her during the broadcast and she said something like "Well greg misses me so I'm gonna go soon."

No. 356805


I don't think "I miss you" was directed at Lainey lol

No. 356806


Nvm I read it wrong

No. 356807

First off, yes, accurate file name. Secondly, he's so full of shit. >>356791 is right, it's bait. Gerg's so fucking vain and insecure that he would never casually admit to having surgery done, unless he goes the "I had a deviated septum and had trouble breathing, it's not cosmetic!" route. He'd have a heart attack at the very idea of anybody finding out he's not a "natural beauty"
He desperately needs his teenybopper dickriders and any potential, future cum receptacles to think he's such a "naturally handsome" man, this is just him baiting TEH HATURZZ. I guarantee he's gonna be like "HAH, GOT YOU. YOU FUCKING HATERS WILL BELIEVE ANYTHING, I PROVED HOW STUPID YOU ARE AND HOW VERY CLEVER I AM. I. GOT. YOU!" in his next video/IG photo/tweet.

No. 356809

>She did confirm that she wants a girlfriend again but she "doesn't think she'll be ready for a long time"

Fuck off, Lainey. How the fuck can you be #devastated over losing her when you're straight and she was your husband's girlfriend. I could buy it if she's lonely, that she misses having some kind of regular human interaction that doesn't involve her just murmuring at Gerg while he takes mirror selfies while wearing a suit, but heartbroken? No. Bitch is straight, Billie was Gerg's fucktoy. Also, knowing Gerglez, she's not gonna have much say in the matter, he's gonna import a new plaything as soon as a willing fan he deems fuckable offers herself as tribute.

No. 356811

The botox makes his eyebrows look like ^

No. 356825

File: 1488662311259.jpg (52.14 KB, 640x476, IMG_3693.JPG)


At least they made this one look decent (that dress screams "easy access" for some reason though)

No. 356827

File: 1488663149421.jpg (45.29 KB, 640x443, IMG_3694.JPG)

No. 356829

File: 1488663263305.jpg (62.46 KB, 799x764, IMG_3695.JPG)


>He's my man now, bitches!

No. 356830

Jesus, Skye looks ill in these.

No. 356832

They look just like a bunch of kids here, it wasn't a shot gun wedding was it? Why get wed so young?

No. 356833

Huh, this is the first time I've ever seen a picture of Skye before. She was a cute girl. I'm sorry Gerg wrecked her life for awhile there, I hope she's doing well now.

I have no idea how they managed to find a dress that's so painfully boring and drab. It's like they just wrapped her in muslin, stapled the back closed, pinned up her hair while it was still wet from the shower and threw her into a wedding.

No. 356834

File: 1488664615623.jpg (59.17 KB, 640x482, IMG_3696.JPG)

Final one (I think)

No. 356835

From what I remember, Gerg said they were more like friends than an actual loving couple, he was in the army, he was lonely and she was his only real friend, he wanted to take her with him where he was stationed, but you can't do that unless you're married and so, bam, wedding. If I got any details wrong, correct me, but I think that's how the story goes.

I think most of that story's true, I'm sure he did want to take her overseas when he was stationed in Korea and it is Military policy for you to have to be married to have someone live on base with you, but I don't buy the "we were really just friends" bit. That sounds like Gerg revising history so he can get away without sounding like a total twat for cheating on Skye with Shiloh.

No. 356836


It was just a reception (like Taylor's), they too got married via courthouse.


And that was only the beginning, anon…

No. 356837

>> Gerg said they were more like friends than an actual loving couple, he was in the army, he was lonely and she was his only real friend, he wanted to take her with him where he was stationed, but you can't do that unless you're married and so, bam, wedding.

Additionally, many men marry simply to get out of the barracks - married couples are assigned their own houses instead - and you get a pay bump.

From the sound of it, Grug harassed her until she gave in in HS, and guilted her into marrying him, and then out of having a job because it meant she might possibly not be waiting for him whenever he came home, like a dog.

No. 356838


That and trying to erase any feelings he had towards her.

No. 356841

Is it so hard for her to put chapstick on? Holy shit. Someone needs to do a collage of her crusty ass lips. She doesnt live in New Mexico anymore, keeping your lips moist doesnt take that much maintenance!

No. 356842

File: 1488665441641.jpg (87.36 KB, 799x419, IMG_3697.JPG)

I'm surprised he let her wear shit like this, unlike Shiloh or Lainey (to some extent)

No. 356843


Skye was the one who was depressed and sitting around the house all day, right? How fucked is it that Greg criticized her for that and cited her being listless as one of the big reasons he divorced her, like being depressed and not having the energy you used to have is something you can just stop through willpower alone. The dude goes on and on about how he battled depression and suicidal thoughts and acts as if he's now an expert on these topics, yet is still the least empathetic human being when it comes to depression/mental illness. I suspect that's because he's incapable of empathy, but it still drives me up the wall.

>and then out of having a job because it meant she might possibly not be waiting for him whenever he came home, like a dog.

Yep, and then acts shocked/wounded when she becomes bored and depressed. It speaks volumes when he can't fathom why sitting around at home, on a military base (I've visited a military base, there is jack shit to do) in a foreign country might make somebody feel shitty. Add his tendencies to treat partners like total fucking garbage on top and, voila, an insanely depressed housewife.

Was she the partner he was referencing when he mentioned how he pressured an ex into not taking antidepressants because he didn't like how they changed them? If so…god, I'd love to deck him in the back of the head right now. Those circumstances and your husband's shitting on you for wanting to take some Welbutrin? Jesus christ.

No. 356844

He was still feeling out what he could get away with, perfecting his art. There's a reason their relationship lasted as long as it did, and that's because he a) had something else to occupy his time (i.e. a job), and b) hadn't yet worked out the best ways of controlling his partner. He's much better at it now, and has nothing to distract him from it.

No. 356845

I like to think about his future. He already looks like a wreck and is going downhill. Wonder how he'll cope when teens won't take interest in his old greasy ass. It is going to happen. What then? His whole identity is built on getting admiration from others. Negative attention just won't do. He will be so fucking frustrated.

No. 356846



>Skye was the one who was depressed and sitting around the house all day, right? How fucked is it that Greg criticized her for that and cited her being listless as one of the big reasons he divorced her, like being depressed and not having the energy you used to have is something you can just stop through willpower alone. The dude goes on and on about how he battled depression and suicidal thoughts and acts as if he's now an expert on these topics, yet is still the least empathetic human being when it comes to depression/mental illness.

Yeah but he forgets to mention the fact that she was working for a time while he was starting up his second career along with taking college courses in graphic design and helping out with his old website and doing housework .

No. 356847

>>Yeah but he forgets to mention the fact that she was working for a time while he was starting up his second career along with taking college courses in graphic design and helping out with his old website and doing housework .

As has been said before: Skype is the one who knew web design and video editing. All the early technical work on the channel was hers. By right, her should have had to buy out her 50% ownership of the channel - yet he bitches endlessly about having to pay her a tiny pittance of spousal support, and she got nothing from the channel or their house. Just a whopping case of PTSD, lost years of her life and career when he demanded she move to a foreign country not work, and therapists bills. His support MAYBE covers her monthly therapy, but not anything else.

No. 356848


she looks like a less pretty version of kristen stewart here

No. 356850


i'm pretty sure everyone dressed like that at the time. just looking at the picture i get nostalgia

No. 356853

…Are y'all for real?

I'm…holy fuck. Sage for being speechless. This guy just somehow racked up 10000+ motherfucker points. How does he do it? Whenever you think "This guy is the fucking worst", he exceeds your expectations.

No. 356856


I know, I grew up at that time too. I meant that in a sense that he doesn't/didn't let Shiloh or Lainey wear whatever the hell they wanted unlike Skye.

No. 356859


>Starting his career

As in "he was doing the video making, everything else including editing she did.


Unfortunately it's all true.

No. 356861


I meant Skye was doing everything else while Grease just sat there and played with the camera.

No. 356864

File: 1488669353099.png (552.85 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3698.PNG)

She looks like she just woke up

No. 356865

File: 1488669388729.png (260.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3699.PNG)

Oh and this:

No. 356882

He even made a video about how he didn't want Skye to work outside the home because then they would never see each other then he acts like she was a fucking leech.

Also, she was going to school when he convinced her to drop everything, marry him and move across the ocean.

Skye was in a lot of the earlier videos. Old Chibi Derf (Which is modeled after Fred and even is his name backwards) and most notably, the Haters United series. She was the one who made those videos funny.

No. 356883

i watched the stream. plainey is paaainfully boring. no real milk. she doesn't acknowledge or appreciate any of her fans, or have any kind of enthusiasm whatsoever. she acts like it's this huge inconvenience and gets so easily triggered by trolls. why even fucking bother? oh right, $ and she's starved for attention because her grease pan husband only gives her attention when he needs something/to prove a point.

No. 356914

Put the logo of a wannabe child fucker on a baby onesie. No biggie.

No. 356932

She is really beginning to look like an awkward teen boy, bad skin, dumb hair and all.

No. 356939

If you'd shown me that picture without any context, I'd have thought that was a 12-13 year old boy for sure. Now, if she'd started looking like a 12-13 year old girl, that might pique Gerg's interest in her again, but, alas, nay. Right age range, wrong gender.

No. 356956

I really don't see Lainey and Onision lasting for a long time. I feel like, one day, Onion boy's gonna go out for food or something and never come back to his wife or his kids.

No. 356965

Nah, at this point they're in it for the long haul. She's proven that she won't leave under any circumstance, he doesn't want to leave and look like the bad guy, and she not only lets him fuck other girls but also lures them in for him. They're so perfect for each other~

Oh yeah, does anyone have any updates on Sarah?

No. 356972

Boy does she have the same dead eyed,beaten down look on her face as Lainey.

No. 356976


Hard to believe that was only the beginning.

No. 356989

I tend to forget that this was taken probably twelve years ago. Lainey was probably 10 when this photo was taken, which makes me hate that fucker even more.

No. 356992

Lainey was 10, Billie was 7

No. 356993

Oh, and Sarah was 4

No. 356994


All of the girls were in elementary school when Onion got married, this should be brought up more often.

No. 356999

She'll leave when the youtube money starts to run dry. Won't be worth the abuse and cheating anymore.

No. 357075

she looks sick like her lips are ghost white

No. 357076


She does look sickly white, her eyes are also more dead than before.
Though I think the lips being pale is due to her expression, they usually go paler when someone does that.

No. 357089

Does anybody else follow Sarah on social media?

I didn't realize how isolated she was in the mcmansion, because she's constantly posting pictures of herself at parties, hanging with friends etc.
Same with her Twitter. She's still liking onisions and Lainey's tweets, but they're a lot more positive interactions than they were. At first I felt kinda bad that they might be sending her home to a shitty situation, but she seems to be a lot happier?

The only exception is her Tumblr account, she stopped with the thinspo but it's still where she gets all of her teenage edge out

No. 357097

Daily reminder that he posts unfiltered derpy candids of his wife with her bad skin on full display but every photo he posts of himself is carefully angled and filtered.

No. 357098


Which goes along with my theory that Greg encourages eating/food problems amongst his childbrides due to his own warped views on health and nutrition. I am glad Sarah seems to be doing better; hopefully she is getting past some of the assholishness she picked up from Greg and Taylor.

No. 357112

look like grunge has chosen Joy to be his debate partner.

they're starting to 'cow'llide haha im sorry sage for dumb

No. 357113

Wonder who he'll get to moderate since happycabbie died.

No. 357122

File: 1488746934658.png (72.86 KB, 509x681, onionpanic.png)


No. 357123

I remember that post a thread or two back how Onion demonized Lainey for eating fish. And Lainey tried to defend herself because she had to. I think a lot of people are forgetting that she had also been recently pregnant and needed more than what her body usually required, and Onion probably expected her to be vegan during it. It was no wonder she complained of feeling dizzy and feeling like she would pass out.

No. 357125

What are his panties in a bunch over now?

No. 357126

File: 1488747564978.png (22.46 KB, 507x218, onionpanic.png)

No clue but he's vague tweeting like a motherfucker and already begun the "Believe me followers, Everyone lies but me" shtick.

No. 357127

Knowing Onion he probably didn't even try to provide her with nearly enough good, wholesome, and varied nutrition to make up for the restrictions he wanted to force on her. His diet is crap.

No. 357129

File: 1488747712061.png (61.95 KB, 485x403, onionpanic.png)

No. 357130


it's like he's channeling his manic 'call AJ obsessively' moment hey newsflash gerg not everyone can reply to you at your convenience quit getting your skinny dick in a knot

No. 357131

Of course he did. He only chose her cause he knows that he would lose a debate with the others. Joy is an easy target.

Unfortunately they both love talking over other people so it's not going to be much of a debate.

No. 357132

File: 1488747814109.png (27.51 KB, 480x273, onionpanic.png)

No. 357133


now's your chance Billie ;)

No. 357138

the only way i'd debate his ass is face to face. i wouldn't want to have my screencaps out there for him to warp to his benefit

No. 357139

File: 1488749098987.png (63.38 KB, 507x535, onionpanic.png)

No. 357141

File: 1488749359822.png (59.29 KB, 505x452, onionpanic.png)

No. 357142

File: 1488749406812.png (10.39 KB, 497x124, onionpanic.png)

No. 357155

File: 1488751228294.png (147.72 KB, 1264x532, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 4.59…)


No. 357156

File: 1488751310001.png (50.48 KB, 494x501, onisiondebate.png)

So onion is going to be debating jaclyn today

No. 357157

File: 1488751333780.png (1.02 MB, 1256x1266, Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 5.01…)

No. 357158

Does this count as milk? It's a little sour for my taste…

No. 357159


I have the exact same question. I mean, it feels like milk? If he actually shows up.

No. 357160

I think its tasty milk indeed, He was just caught out trying to bullshit his way out of debating jaclyn, Tried to act like she didn't want too and now is proving wrong, Dude is shitting himself.

No. 357164

like how he picks youtube so no one can counter his points live and he can make more money off of it

No. 357165

onisiondrama made a really good post about debating greg. not sure if it's the best idea for jaclyn to agree to debate with such a short time for preparation

No. 357167

Onion's on Lainey's younow http://younow.com/laineybot

No. 357168

sage for samefag, Jaclyn's on it too

No. 357169

Low shots every time he can get, I see

No. 357171

lol sure gerg, we know you're putting on makeup quick.

No. 357172

Watching Greg "debate" is so infuriating, #bless Jaclynn for doing this

No. 357173

I'm waiting for her to piss him off. You can tell he's not taking it seriously at all.

No. 357174

damn she's really going at him about the private convos

No. 357175

How can Greg say public figures shouldn't have privacy when he demands for that privacy whenever it suits him? "Don't approach me in public, don't talk about my kids" etc etc

No. 357176

File: 1488754366873.png (280.43 KB, 275x347, capture_001_05032017_145217.pn…)

that freeze frame

No. 357177

You know he unplugged his computer because he realized she was going in.

No. 357178

fuck that had me laugh out loud. gerg turned to stone when he heard jaclyn make a solid point

No. 357179

No. 357180

it's back up

he keeps singing ugh

No. 357181

love how he has to laugh every time she has a decent point, like a snotty child being told off who doesn't want to look annoyed

No. 357182

So far this isn't a debate, just a semi friendly…..something.

No. 357183

The face of a constipated man trying to slyly squeeze out a shit.

No. 357184

tbf everyone complaining it isn't a debate, that it's too friendly, but i think jaclyn is just trying to avoid onion boy getting annoyed and suddenly conveniently losing connection or something

No. 357185

"you're a smart girl"

he's so fucking condescending, christ.

No. 357186

Damn I'm working, what's been said? Anyone recording this?

No. 357187

Nothing relevant so far.

No. 357188


No. 357190


Joy has arrived!

No. 357192

at the moment they're discussing Eugenia and the "girls" who have come forward saying Onion helped them. Jaclyn flat out said she believes a good majority of them are not real and he keeps interrupting her to try and make his own points.

No. 357193


No. 357196

this is actually not so bad. he laughs or derails whenever possible but jaclyn doesn't give up. she's pretty good at not letting him go.

No. 357197

i wish she'd bring up the fact that laney used to tag her pics with thinspo, but it's ok for her to do it gergles. and that he used to call young girls shrek bodied. and how come billy the fridge is immune to his weight comments?

No. 357198


"ten year olds shouldn't be here"

"yeah well youtube is 13yrs up"

he just shot himself in the foot lmfao

No. 357199

"I like hurtful jokes, even if they're about me."

literal quote from Onion

No. 357201

>so comedy is a slaughterhouse?

This stupid motherfucker.

No. 357202

Is he still debating Joy?

No. 357203



No. 357205

I cannot deal with his brow area. He looks like a fucking Neanderthal every time her furrows his brows.

No. 357206

omg every time he comes out with "sooo if you're" and makes up a situation to derail… I actually have a migraine from this doss cunt spastic I can't watch anymore

No. 357207

I want to smack him so bad

>>if Eugina emails me, and tells me to stop i will


how can anyone possibly be so scummy

No. 357208

I couldn't take any more of it. She makes a valid point against him, he can't take it and either derails or talks over her.

hasn't she tweeted him asking him to stop?

No. 357209

I love that Jac stops that shit immediately every time.

No. 357210

"the views aren't really there for the Eugenia videos anyway"

No. 357211

Obvious strawmanning. That's all he has.

No. 357213

This would need a mediator badly. They reached a great conclusion ( he's going to stop if Eugenia e-mails him ) and now they're going in circles again with the same topic, mostly due to Gerg.

No. 357215

Why the fuck should Eugenia have to ask him for anything?? In what would is that fair? She should have to go hat in hand and approach the person who has caused her massive harassment and distress, to soothe his ego?

If I were her, I wouldn't do it, I'd just keep ignoring him. You know he'd just double down on harassing her once he got a direct line of communication.

No. 357216

I think Jaclynn realized that and said as such, but then Greg hounded her for trying to deflect and change the subject because he was winning.

Thats when I tuned out.

No. 357217

wow he's manipulative as fuck

No. 357219

yeah this is giving me straight up anxiety he is so dense

No. 357220

Why are we talking about math right now? I'm so confused.

No. 357221

Sooooo, does anyone know if Joy is going to debate him? I saw her tweet about the 'real winner' and it made me think this was he way of chickening out completely.

No. 357223

His arguments are so… stupid. And he doesn't really reply to Jaclyn's points at all (idk if he does it on purpose or if he genuinely doesn't get what she's trying to say). They're just talking past each other at this point.

And don't even get me started on him trying to corner her with his yes/no questions a few minutes ago. Luckily she foresaw where he was trying to get with that.

I get so angry listening to him talk.

No. 357224

>Do you understand math?

What the fuck?

No. 357225

Oh my god, please get a mediator for the next debate ( although not sure who ). Circles, circles, circles, same topic for over half an hour.

No. 357226

He's just desperate to exhaust her, so she asks to sign off and he can declare her the loser for "running".

No. 357227

she's pretty good at rebutting his points tbf. sad his teenage followers cant see past his manipulation

No. 357229


No. 357230

plainey actually called him to complain about one of jaclyns video lol

No. 357231

lmao at Lainey "calling in"
further lol at Onision "my wife says you talked about her vagina her vagina she says her"

No. 357232

lol I was so hoping that was Joy, who stalked his phone number somehow and was backing out of the debate.

No. 357233

Seems so, idk, I'm confused. Did she actually do such a ridiculous thing? Did he tell her to do that?

But really.. I see no need for them to talk about genders right now. wtf. Talk about that to Lainey directly.

No. 357234

phone rings
So my wife called that you were making fun of her vagina.
I'm so glad they moved on to the next topic, but this killed me.

No. 357235

This is so retarded. Lainey only brings up MUH AGENDER SPACE PRINCE don't talk about my vagina to act oppressed and try to make a villain people. Bitch you're still trying to fuck underage pussy with your greaseball husband.

No. 357236

Wtf is the point of this? Are they going to talk about anything interesting? I hate seeing Greg steering the conversation.

No. 357237

Greg LITERALLY asked her to look up the definition of agender god why the fuck does he get so hard for google definitions

No. 357238


it's getting hella boring. like people keep saying they need a mediator or else this is just two people arguing. not that jaclyn isn't trying, but Grease such a child when it comes to this shit.

No. 357240

Grug is ignoring her and listening to Lainey on the phone agagin

No. 357241

…did gerg just imply Joy is an ex?

No. 357242

Jaclyn is great it's just annoying how he's managed to steer the conversation to something that demonizes her and is completely pointless.

AS many have pointed out, this is something himself and Taylor use to distract from the real problems.

No. 357243

… if Lainey wants to say stuff, she should just join. She's so damn annoying.

Were they talking about Billie beign in the chat just now or what whas that talk about exes? He's trying so hard to distract from points that actually matter. Also, why are they debating Jaclyn's video when, supposedly, people were going to debate Greg and not the other way around…

No. 357244

No, it was about Billie.
As he talked about blocked people.

No. 357246

Jaclyn was taking about Joy being blocked, and Grug took the opportunity to talk shit about Billie. He was just twisting what she said about who was being blocked.

No. 357247

sage for tinfoil but at the time i believe Joy was blocked in the chat. just…would explain things.

No. 357248

Joy is supposed to jump in

No. 357249

He keeps saying Lainey is a member of the trans community. No she fucking isn't. She's not changing genders, she's rejecting gender because she's "agender" and she doesn't care about pronouns except when it's convenient for her.

No. 357250

I can't wait for Joy. Cause it's going to be a great train wreck.

No. 357251

I missed most of the last debate with Jaclyn, someone please do a TL;DR summary?

No. 357252

i like how he goes from being friendly to all of a sudden condescending, what a mirror for all his relationships. he looked positively shook when billie was brought up briefly and had to throw in some side comments. make it any more obvious you want her back dude

No. 357253

I think they've got her blocked because she can't get on, leaving greg to monologue about how he "worries she's not okay" because she made so many videos about him.

No. 357254

She posted in the chat, she's not blocked. She probably chickened out.

No. 357255

She just posted 'lol im here'.

No. 357257

That chat has been laggy as fuck; it takes like 10 tries to get a reply through

No. 357259

He brought up luxymoo apparently she's watching, holy shit

No. 357260

oh god not ragreynolds

No. 357261

Oh wow. That on the rag guy is broadcasting with him

No. 357262

He makes excuses as to why he can't debate with Cyr or SR but he's willing to debate with a teen girl.

No. 357263

I thought he said he would debate Cyr?

No. 357264

I would like to debate onision.

No. 357265

He said they'd have nothing to talk about so essentially making excuses.

No. 357266

nah he said that he had nothing to debate with cyr. that they would just "talk about the old times"

No. 357267


He's too much of a pussy to be even be a 'hater' he's always sucked onion's dick publically then talked shit

No. 357268

So rag used to be a mod on onision forums. He tried to take over and got kicked off.He formed another board and tried to siphon members from onisions and then they had a falling out. Weird.
Apparently greg banned all meat eaters from his forum too at one point.

No. 357269

Oh, okay. In a way I agree that they wouldn't have much to talk about at this point ( Cyr ). Dunno about SR.

No. 357270

Still better than having someone on who is just essentially agreeing with everything he's saying

No. 357273

Who is this guy and why is he making me agree with Greg

No. 357274

"Taxation is theft."
Get this guy off and bring someone actually interesting on.

No. 357275

I checked out because of this. I don't need the identity crisis

No. 357277

Makes me wonder if maybe he'd be a decent human being if he was ever diagnosed and treated with whatever the fuck is wrong with him.

No. 357283

He tried to guest Luxy before he left, Threw Joy under the fucking bus (with ragraynolds) because her connection was bad and she couldn't guest.

No. 357285

I assume both Joy and Luxy are blocked because they're two of Taylor's favourites. He's just playing dumb.

No. 357286

He said he believes her like five+ times or more, come on. I don't, though.

She was posting comments and DMing him, she's not blocked.

All in all this "debate" wasn't interesting.

No. 357288


Lamo, FFS. She's such an annoying whiny cunt that does nothing but complain. Two people having a talk and she injects herself into it going "WHAT ABOUT ME AND MY VAGINA? LET'S TALK ABOUT ME AND MY VAGINA AND WHY WE SHOULDNT TALK ABOUT MY VAGINA. DID I MENTION I'M AGENDER NOW?!?"

No. 357290

To be fair, that was the only hilarious thing in this debate. It was so idiotic.

No. 357291

Was it explained why she called him? Instead of just going into the room he was in and sitting beside him. I don't get their relationship one bit.

No. 357292

Probably because she was covered in baby vomit and shit and they go to great lengths to hide any hint of a kid.

No. 357294

Not sure. I wouldn't be surprised if they text/call each other while just being in different rooms. But that was the highlight of the debate.
On going circle about Eugenia for half an hour and suddenly phone rings "Jac made fun of my vagina." Like, lol.

No. 357295

Lameass blocked me, top kek

No. 357296

Funny how her internet shits out, but its fine every other time she Younows

No. 357300

Aw, i just got home. i missed it.

No. 357303

She's on Younow atm and talking shit about him.

No. 357304

Also, she said "there's not going to be a debate".

No. 357305


lame, Joy. seriously lame. as usual.

No. 357306

Did she really make over 40 videos about him in a few weeks?

No. 357307

And now she is with Jaclyn on YouNow, the connection is indeed shitty.

No. 357309

She's always said that about the debating onision topic, She said it would be a conversation since onision would refuse a mediator and he backed her into a corner without any preparation, She said she wasn't going to debate him today and to let jaclyn do it. She'd do it later this week when her connection gets fixed.

No. 357310

Also just saying, I've been in joys younows, They always drop connection whenever she guests anyone and her connection has been dropping a lot this week so I believe her.

No. 357311

I counted 36 ( just going by titles ) + I remember some that were deleted.

No. 357330

I missed it! Anything good happened?

No. 357332

File: 1488775133053.png (519.68 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3709.PNG)

The crazy old hag came for a visit. (Interesting…)

No. 357335

Oh god two narcs for the price of one. Good luck, Taylor: tears won't work on either of them without an outside audience! Enjoy.

No. 357342

I would love to see a Lincoln Douglas debate. As an ex debate kid I'd really like to see him try to handle any kind of structure or time limit. If anyone he offers to debate is on here, please consider proposing this.

No. 357364

Not at all. Greg talks/thinks in circles and disrupted the "debate" twice without notification to answer phone calls from lainey while interrupting/ignoring Jacklyn. The rest was trash, greg pandering to positive comments and then a boring conversation between rage-whatever and greg.

There was a lot of lainey bashing earlier in the comments though lol

No. 357365

Lol, wonder if he called momma up to calm him down after that debate. "Haterz are out to get me, Ma!"

No. 357367

Is the "debate" with Jaclyn up anywhere?

No. 357373

So this "debate" was nothing but idle chitchat where they just talked about Eugenia, Lainey's rank vagina and what else?

Why won't noone fucking bring up ALL the shit he's done for the past 10 years, his sick fetishes, his abusive nature and the fact that he's built his whole career on lying to his audience?!

No. 357381

I'm guessing it's along the lines of his other debates where he purposely does things which distract the other person when they're talking. i.e. his debate with SG827 when he was listening to things on speaker so there was a feedback loop on stream, and also onion was distracting him by saying that stevie sounded like seth rogan.

No. 357382

No. 357405

About the whole "comedy over morals" issue… He just beat his own point about Eugenia. Eugenia is also an entertainer. Comedians fall under the entertainer category. His imperative is valid for all entertainers, "all is well if done for the sake of entertainment." If he is entitled to hurt and trigger people with his entertainment, she is also entitled to place her being an entertainer above avoiding triggering her audience. Especially considering that she is not aware that she is doing that and she can't be held accountable for triggering anyone, as she is quite certainly mentally ill and anorexic.

No. 357420

He's not a "comedian" though, unless you think someone screaming and flailing their arms around like a spastic is "comedy".

No. 357422

Towards the end Onion just seems to start losing it. I love how he resorts to "look at my views! You don't have as many views as me therefore I'm right!" Real solid logic there Gorg.

No. 357424

Someone told me the same thing a few days ago when I didn't even ask for their opinion about it, or even instigated it.

It was so strange… they were just like "Oh, he has a billion views you know."

And I was like; what? After 13 years of being on YT, especially when it first set off, the lucky bastard… which his ex-wife accumulated those for him in the first place with his one and only "popular" video?

I was just shaking my head, not even hard; just in sadness… I'mm really sorry that Skye continues to get fucked over by him for those videos she not only edited, directed but produced.

What a sad, wannabe-military veteran, dysfunctional greasestain he is.

Very sad.

No. 357430

That's the thing about Greg's "success", it was built off the work his ex-wife did for him. They built the foundation of his channel and then after they divorced, suddenly Greg was taking all the credit, and he got away with it too! He owes so many people for his success, Skye, Shiloh, Cyr, Shane, Olga, the list goes on. He wouldn't be where he is now without those collabs and yet feels no gratitude for those who helped him. He hasn't had a hit since the early 2000's, and only relies on drama to keep himself relevant.
The fact that he's been producing videos nearly every day for 10 years and only has around 2 million subs (combined from all 5-6 channels) to show for it is embarrassing. For him to boast about views is cringe-worthy when his channel growth has been so slow.
He knows he can't pull in new viewers just by himself, so he leeches off Eugenia or Social Repose, or even Cyr still. He's just a pathetic attention whore.

No. 357432


Just imagine where he'd be if the divorce never happened? (And if he wasn't an abusive asshole to everyone).

No. 357433

This video was so annoying to watch. By the end, he's spin it so that she's the one apologizing for something completely unrelated to the topic at hand, and he just smirks all the way because he knows he's come out on top.
I wish someone from here would tear him a new one, tbh.

No. 357434

The point is that HE thinks he's a comedian, makes certain statements about the standards he should be held to as a comedian, but then holds other 'entertainers' to a completely different standard. Anon pointed out yet another way in which Grease is a hypocrite.

No. 357442

Why do the youngest, dumbest kids always debate him? It's never an intelligent adult. Says a lot about who he feels he can actually stand up to.

No. 357454

File: 1488824135139.png (693.69 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3711.PNG)

Onion tries his damndest not to look or be annoyed with her music.

No. 357459

File: 1488824810124.png (874.11 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3712.PNG)

Oh look, he's trying facial masks now.

I'm sorry Greg but you can't cure your face by using your own shit as moisturizer.

No. 357469

Generally narcissism can't be treated.

No. 357470


that rikers orange looks good on you greg

No. 357477

Jaclyn is neither young nor dumb, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. She does make solid points but there's no point in arguing with Onision without a neutral person navigating the whole thing, which he does not agree to.

Guess all the comments about skincare got to him. Why is he putting it on his face in such a weird way though?

No. 357478


Ugh he is so fucking gross, creepy, obnoxious and self obsessed. I fucking hate him.

No. 357479

Didn't he insist on there being a mediator with the Rep debate? Why would he be so against one now?

No. 357480

happycabbie was the person he used as a moderator for his last debates but he died.

No. 357482

He's scared of other men so for that he needs one. Since it's evident he views women as inferior he feels confident he can manipulate people like jacyln to his benefit even though she's obviously smarter than him

No. 357490


>Since it's evident he views women as inferior confident he can manipulate people.

Man, he sure is a male-feminazzy

No. 357503

wait, like he literally died??

No. 357505

So his second most popular video has Euginia in the title. But he said he doesn't use youtubers for views.

No. 357510

yep, early last year.

No. 357512

Jaclyn uploaded the whole thing!
it's basically Jaclyn realising everything that everyone has accused onion of being is true. I feel so bad for her.

No. 357516


Watching greg talk was honestly so infuriating he would constantly make that smug look on his face trying to make her doubt herself.
and then using the yes/no questions to lead her on. which good for her calling him out on it

but i cannnot believe anyone would actually like interacting with him on ANY level. god

No. 357517

Anyone else feel like the only reason Lainey called to tell Greg about the smelly vag thing is because the two of them were being amicable and agreeing at the moment? Its so obvious she was just trying to stir the pot.

No. 357518

also dying at him correcting her pronouns and rolling his eyes while doing it lmao

1:21:30, if anyone else wants to see it in all its glory

No. 357520

I agree, also kek at greg "misgendering" taylor.
my WIFE said you talked about HER vagina publicly and blah blah

No. 357524

Props to Jaclyn for putting up with this nonsense and not completely losing her cool because he is like a greasy brick wall.

No. 357528

File: 1488853424369.png (28.8 KB, 540x188, Euginia.png)

I wonder ho this is about

No. 357529

He made a grand announcement in the "Debate" that he would stop making videos about Eugenia if she asked him not to. Apparently, she heard abut it, and asked his to stop.

I think it's bullshit that she should have to supplicate herself to him, because it just feeds his ego further (vexxed did the same to Venus, and had a meltdown when senpai never noticed him) but we'll see if Grug hold to his "word".

Chances are he'll come up with a dictionary definition of the situation - like, if the video doesn't mention "anti ana" it won't count - to get around it when his views get low.

No. 357533


He's always weaselled his way out of keeping his word/opinion. I wouldn't put it past him to even find a new victim to thru a hissy on.

No. 357534

can we all sub her bc greg is so into subs and views as proof of his superiority

No. 357536

Hadn't he said he would stop making videos about Eugenia before? I know this time she asked him to stop but I bet onion will have another one in no time. If he's been doing so many videos about her it means it's given him a lot of profit and Eugenia is only getting worse (I don't even know how that's possible but it's happening). The temptation to keep talking about her will be to strong so I doubt he will keep his word.

No. 357537

For some reason I get the vibe that the phone call wasn't even real?? He sounds like me when I would try to fake a call to get out of an awkward situation or if I felt uncomfortable alone. Especially the "what about privacy?" part and just…everything about it was super off but I know we're talking about onion and Lainey here so I wouldn't be surprised if it was that fake and mechanical always, just throwing out a theory.

I totally feel like Greg would do that too. we already know he uses her to try and manipulate the situation.

No. 357545

A lot of us would love to, but it would bring us unwanted attention and some of us seriously don't have time for it… I don't think any of us are crazy enough to want to engage with him or his fans.

Speaking of which; has anyone else here had any of his weird as fuck fans randomly contact them out of nowhere? One of them started messaging me about their life story out of the blue and thought I would give a fuck about their measly opinion about how much they love Grease… when I said I wasn't interested and should talk to a medical professional about their troubles, they went apeshit and went on a weird tangent at me.

Like, seriously… he actually attracts fans who are similar to himself in every way, there's no helping them or convincing them, the best thing to do is just block them and hope that one day they snap out of their bullshit.

No. 357546

He's transparent as fuck, you know he told Lainey to call him as soon as he felt uncomfortable answering Jaclyn's questions… if someone was fucking serious about "debating" someone live - you would NOT let anyone else interrupt it.

No. 357547

Yes, this is the third time he's said it.

No. 357552

File: 1488870042668.png (448.07 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3734.PNG)

Now he's making fun of everyone who thinks he should be in prison (well, duh Grease!)

No. 357553

File: 1488870230086.png (861.13 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3735.PNG)


New uhohbro video where he has the right to tell women what he doesn't like about them as well as confessing that he forced Lainey to drop her friends bc they warned her about Onion. Good job there, Greg!

No. 357554


Samefag but I also like how his hairline's receding and looking more like Papa-Onion!

No. 357555

… it looks like he's doing blackface

No. 357559

Why doesn't anyone realise that this is just some basic random shithead/lunatic, who is using a free service such as YT as a platform to express how much they love their sick fetishes to anyone who will listen to it?

He tries to dress it up as much as possible with all this fucking horseshit that he's some kind of genius of the entertainment industry, but he's not got a single fucking credential or qualification under his belt… "Oh, he has nearly a billion views" they say, like that's some kind of life achievement - some fucking nutcase in a daily tabloid who raped and murdered his own child could get just as many views, that doesn't make them a respected superstar though does it?

He's a niche, someone who only attracts a small certain demographic… not a single person I know has ever heard of him and my friends are people who watch streams and podcasts all the fucking time. I'm serious, not a single person I know has ever heard of him and they've been puzzled as fuck whenever I've mentioned his fuckery in the past… that's the level of his "fame".

For someone who only gets 2k RTs and likes even with a pinned tweet; is never going to be important to anyone, his head is so far up his own ass that the tip of his tongue is touching the grey matter of his demented brain.

No. 357560

I'm not going to watch this because no thanks but based on the thumbnail is he saying guys can't stand girls using facial masks? As in they don't like girls who take care of their skin? I 100% believe this coming from Greg because his skin is so wrecked. If he can't have glowing clear skin, nobody can!

No. 357565


No…? He's talking about girls shouldn't wear makeup, again.

No. 357569

File: 1488873690923.png (41.19 KB, 547x349, haha.png)

Interesting choice of words, wouldn't you say?

No. 357570

You are not a "young person", Grug. You are a middle aged, married father of two.

No. 357572

You could hear a voice echo through the phone. I think it's more likely that Lainey was trying to stir up shit, and he wasted to distract from Jaclyn.

I hope she does a video going over the whole debate again.

No. 357574

Thanks, the thumbnail looked like he was mocking clay or charcoal masks not makeup. Pretty rich he thinks girls shouldn't wear makeup yet he slathers it all over his face and uses filters on IG to hide how fucked his complexion is.

No. 357581

>He keeps saying Lainey is a member of the trans community.

Taylor is NOT trans. I was going to say I don't know anyone stupid enough to make such an idiotic statement… onion never disappoints.

No. 357586

Would you rather be:

an orange billionaire 70 year old who is POTUS
a red middle class 30-going-on-50 creep who lures teenage girls to his dungeon

No. 357591

>Posting Onision Jr…

No. 357597

There was some doubt before the billie shit, but it's 100% clear now that lainey is an awful awful person who is also manipulative and her agender for attention bullshit is her own thing. She probably wanted onion to bring it up so people will side with lainey, and therefore side with onion, and thought she was being a good little trained puppy helping "daddy" 'win' the debate by supplying him arguments. Maybe she will get a new iphone for it after the debate! We all thought onion used lainey to have people side with him, but she probably encourages it too, because then people won't hate on her awful husband, which affects her money supply and reputation. Shes full of shit when she says she wants no attention and will avoid the internet. Shes as big a hypocrite as onion is. Shes also super jealous and was probably getting pissy over onion talking to a pretty girl, so she wants to make sure she gives him reasons he must hate her. And she wants to always stay in onion's good graces and be "better" than his exes so he will lovebomb her, by being as awful as him.

He acts like a total child, holy shit. How does anyone like this guy or want to be around him. Lainey is a total lost cause because she loves this garbage. Her maturity is also at about this level. Gross that these people are parents.

No. 357601

File: 1488897211944.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3736.PNG)

Ain't this DeFizzy?

No. 357605

File: 1488897934485.png (425.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3737.PNG)

Tweet of the day:

No. 357607

>This is how I slay the ladies
>not a picture of his abusive behaviour

No. 357608

I think it is. That's pretty sad Greg has to tweet pictures of his friends who no longer like him. Maybe he thinks this will bring him back? Make him feel bad or something I don't know but it's strange because Damon tweeted at Billie that he was glad she got out of the situation and he made fun of the basement thing so I don't know why Greg would be so happy to post this.

No. 357609


He may have actually felt loneliness, it won't be long before he posts pictures of himself and exes.

No. 357610

He wants to say that because deefizzy is shit talking him now, it obviously holds no weight because they had fun before and he said nice things about onion before. He does this with everyone. As if you can't dislike someone and think they are a horrible person if you once liked them.

No. 357615

With a bony ass?

No. 357617


it's practically inverted as he's bent over, oml

No. 357621

"even if they pretend they were bad" nearly every single friendship grug has had has ended acrimoniously?? so most likely they weren't fucking pretending?? everything about this is manipulative, do you think this is how he gaslights lainey?

No. 357631

That gross outfit has me wanting to sanitize my eyeballs

No. 357634

New Speaks video mirrored: https://streamable.com/tejlt

"Youtubers Who BLOCKED Onision"

>goes on hilarious autistic deefizzy rant, while playing back old footage of them collabing once as if that means anything

>tries to brag about the few "celebs" who follow him but are mostly irrelevant retards

No. 357640


lol I was about to post this too! (In picture form).

I wonder if those "irrelevant retards" just sub to him just to see the train wreck.

No. 357647

>that flat ass
Guess the vegan bodeh doesn't come with buns

No. 357648

Comes with moobs and love handles, tho

No. 357666


No. 357671

I can't wait until this fucker goes bald.

No. 357690

I want him and Lainey to break up so bad. Not even for the break up milk, I just want him to get caught fucking ANOTHER 17 yo because there is no way he can justify it now that he's over 30.

No. 357707

File: 1488931334753.png (745.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3747.PNG)

You obviously don't pass.

No. 357708

File: 1488931434375.png (672.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3748.PNG)


I meant smash! You're not smash material! Whatever…

As for the next pic: spider-onion!

No. 357714

Lol it looks like someone shooped his big ass head onto a seven year olds body

No. 357715

Looks like he's 160 cm, tops

No. 357716

File: 1488932431029.gif (829.45 KB, 256x192, OnionCreepinOnTeenagers.gif)

No. 357717

File: 1488932549115.jpg (46.76 KB, 500x357, IMG_3750.JPG)


My nigga… they're almost identical! (Minus the gray hair…yet!)

No. 357719

Maybe he's got clothes underneath that are ruffling his pants but I s2g it looks like he stuffed his pants

No. 357720

He's deff wearing shorts or boxers underneath but idk about the dick outline being real or not. If that jerk off video that went around was actually him then he's not small just average and that looks like a pretty average bulge to me.

No. 357721

y'all see this (Everything wrong with onision in 10 minutes) some interesting comments on this one

No. 357732

what the fuck is with this mop-y curly too big for his fucking head toddler haircut.
he's so goddamn transparent

No. 357735

reeks of self post

No. 357739

Jerk off video? excuse me while I vomit, anon. When was this?

No. 357741

File: 1488935706799.png (990.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3752.PNG)

This is why we can't have nice things! (Sorry, fellow FMA fans)

No. 357742

I'm not exactly sure if it was closer to when he was with AJ or right before he got with Lainey but it was on onision drama when I first started following him not long after they got married. He denied it when it was going around but a few people pointed out the clothing and a bracelet in the video looked very similar to things he was photographed wearing.

No. 357744


Yeah, that shit happened during the AJ saga: http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=RedTube_Troll

Granted, there is an old Speaks video of himself jerking off while accusing everyone who watches porn of abusing and exploiting people (lol) who're in said pornos.

No. 357747

Thanks anon! My memory of it was pretty fuzzy

No. 357753


Anytime. :)

No. 357763

File: 1488940225080.gif (987.75 KB, 294x224, ein-outofhere.gif)

No. 357764

it's so cringey it's almost making me feel sad about his puer aeternus complex instead of being amused by it

No. 357772

He looks SO short, his legs are like half the length of his torso. He has the most unfortunate body/face/head/everything. Also lol at him stuffing his pants.

No. 357777

I'm having a hard time putting in to words how utterly disgusted I am with his whole uncle "kall me banana tihi" bullshit. It's actually making me angry.

No. 357790

i would pay good money to see him run for prez

imagine the drama

No. 357792

Well…he was almost aborted because of his big ass head kek

No. 357795


You know, he can always use the rest of his Botox injections and plump his…I'll let you finish the rest.

No. 357815

God, I hate him so much

No. 357825

those love handles and fat thighs…
How tall is he? This looks like it was taken in a funhouse mirror.

No. 357826

Oh ffs, when the fuck was this dumb banana vid made?! Let it go Greg. It's not funny now, wasn't funny then. Sidenote: it does look like he put this costume on his regular clothes. Dumbfuck.

No. 357831

Manlet status

No. 357834

Not that tall if there's an exercise bar in the doorframe and he looks just short enough to walk under it without banging his head.

No. 357858

How pathetic of him to shove a wadded up pair of socks into his boxer briefs to wear that Spiderman costume.

We're onto you, fucktard.

No. 357861

It's because it's an old man name. Who looks at a cute little baby and goes "Ah yes, I know the perfect name…" and calls it Greg or Keith or something. Imagine being a child and being called Greg. It's just not right.

No. 357863

>when the fuck was this dumb banana vid made?!
2009, seven fucking years ago… and it's not even his biggest creation, it's Skye's! Greg was just dancing like a retard in a banana costume (Skye was too) and off-key singing.

>Gregory James Daniel
ew it even sounds like an old man's name! then again, his parents are/were conservative Christians at the time and it was the 80's so there's that, I guess.

No. 357884

I'm starting to think that he really does have sex with his mom…

No. 357885

File: 1488992648076.png (94.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3753.PNG)

No. 357888

He jerked off on OnisionSpeaks? For real?

No. 357891

Yeah, look up to title "sex, porn & masturbation", you should see a black and white thumbnail featuring a blonde Onion.

No. 357893

Forgot to tag you >>357888

Also, when you get there, you have to listen VERY CLOSELY to the audio.

No. 357906

Wow his new Speaks video includes him laughing at other Youtubers for breaking down (Like Jack for losing his grandma) What a sociopath cunt.

No. 357908


At this point, all we can do is laugh at Onion's expense, anon.

No. 357909

I wonder how he'll react when his crazy hag mom dies

No. 357910

Is he really still referencing his howmanyyearsold banana video? Let is go Onion. Does anybody even give a single shit about that video anymore? Weren't his fans like 5 years old when he did that video?

No. 357934

that video is so creepy. its in black and white by the way. but it seems like theres someone in the corner and also it sounds like hes taping a pen not fapping. but its creepy how he immediately is condeming people with "sick sexual urges" and the conversation is mostly centered around keeping people with those urges satisfied with the fantasy rather than the actual act. someone should link it to him now that hes a openly teenager dating "king of kink"

No. 357944


Skye's behind him and he was fapping (you could hear it during the first 40 seconds and hear something sticky and something being put away in the very beginning of the video).

>is condeming people with "sick sexual urges" and the conversation is mostly centered around keeping people with those urges satisfied with the fantasy rather than the actual act. someone should link it to him now that hes a openly teenager dating "king of kink"

Yeah and that porn actors are victims of exploitation

No. 357946

No wonder Shiloh said he was obsessed with Hentai.

No. 357957

File: 1489015717119.png (45.11 KB, 732x514, Screenshot 2017-03-08 at 3.26.…)


I know I'm late with this but:


No. 357959


You thought Tom Hardy was Onion?

May I say what in the living fuck?

No. 357961

to be fair, that isn't a very flattering image of Tom Hardy.

(but I don't think it looks anything like Onion either)

No. 357972

File: 1489021750294.png (414.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3758.PNG)

On international women's day, it sure says a lot.

No. 357982

Didn't he give Skye ptsd and the alimony was funding her help

No. 357984


Nah, the therapy is separate, just the royalties (I think)

No. 357985

I thought it was because she had helped him make the videos and therefore he owed her a part of the youtube money?

No. 357988

Part of the alimony was towards her therapy for ptsd, it's in the divorce papers, as well as he had to get her a car after crashing theirs.

No. 357989


I think y'all are both right.

No. 358006

File: 1489039530853.jpg (78.06 KB, 750x450, IMG_3760.JPG)

Billie…please don't…! Don't do us like this!

No. 358007

Hate to say this, but if she goes back, she deserves it. Goddamn…

No. 358011


Oh come on, she could be going anywhere and I doubt Ayalla would be so casual about it if she were going back to the Onion McMansion.

No. 358013

Who knows she could be going to england to meet that english youtuber that smokes the green she likes so much, Sage for tinfoil.

No. 358014

Just asking but, Does anyone know how long ago billie removed her onision video? I just noticed that its been removed, Though she could have removed it since the drama is over but still..

No. 358015

nah, I think if she was going back to Onion Ayalla wouldn't tweet like that. it'd be more pissy. I think >>358013 is probably right.

few weeks ago I think.

No. 358016

I think you're overreacting, she could be going anywhere… Grease still hates her, she still has him blocked and like the above anon said; Ayalla wouldn't act so casual about it if she knew she was going back.

No. 358021


Drama much? Take a fucking Valium.


My god, I fucking hope so. That guy is cute, nice, and was hilariously disgusted by Greg's treatment of Billie. Billie deserves more friends like that dude. Girl also needs a serious change of scenery and pace to get her self-esteem back on track after that shitshow.

No. 358022

File: 1489044751785.png (27.22 KB, 584x92, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 12.3…)

well, there is this..

No. 358023



i'll ship that

No. 358024


I'm so happy for her.

No. 358025

Ahh Gotcha!

Well hopefully she is seeing him! He's pretty cute!

Also yeah I just noticed onions very recent tangent on twitter about pot yet again, He seems upset tonight :^)

No. 358031

Is this like a normal thing in today's teenagers now? Just up and flying to meet random ass strangers you tweet at in hopes of romance and e-fame? You think she'd be more cautious about that after what happened like only a month ago.

It's great that she's free from Greg, but she's a poor decision-maker even for a teen.

No. 358037

i agree, if she's going across the pond to meet this guy so soon after being a greasewife i would lose some respect for her. there's only so many times you can drop everything to stay with strangers on the internet before you start to look like a naive idiot.

No. 358045

> Gross that these people are parents.

It's tragic is what it is.

No. 358046

Greasewife is an amazing term. Like spearwife and saltwife from GOT

No. 358048

where would she get the money for a trip like that? god, imagine if greg paid her off to take the video down.
sage for outrageous speculation.

No. 358050

Oh come on guys she was clearly talking about the troll guy with the pipe who looks exactly like onion

No. 358060


I hope I am, knowing what happened in the past, sometimes makes one doubt her.


I am calm, maybe you should take your midol, since it's probably that time again for you.

No. 358063

You're all still jumping to conclusions, there's nothing anywhere that says where she's going… she could be visiting family for all we know.

And please take discussion of Billie to her own thread in /snow… there's no reason for us to be hawking over her every move in this thread.

No. 358078

File: 1489075355731.png (676.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3767.PNG)


No. 358079

File: 1489076028295.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, disgustingsamus.gif)

No. 358080

there is no god, this is his swamp now.

No. 358082

It's like he doesn't understand that the shit he does to his skin, actually makes it worse as each and every day goes by.

He should not be using masks on a daily basis, he's basically stripping away natural oils and his pores will work overtime in producing twice that amount because of it. He uses cheap dollar store "stage" makeup and probably only uses baby wipes to take it off. He wears Doormat's makeup the rest of the time otherwise his complexion is like a minefield. He shares his dirty bathwater with his emotionally dead wife. He's more pallid than a limp blobfish because he sits on his ass all day on the internet and barely goes outside, and when he does go outside on a rare occasion, you know he isn't wearing sunscreen. His "vegetarian" diet consists of nothing but processed, ready made meals full of carbs… I really don't need to go on, do I? Because it's just so obvious to the rest of us.

No. 358092

I like to think that this is peanut butter and is the only way his dogs will kiss him.

No. 358094

You mean they're still alive?

No. 358095

A-are they? I haven't seen evidence of them since Lainy first moved there with the "dog thoughts" videos.

No. 358104

File: 1489083464661.png (102.85 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3768.PNG)

It's very sad that he laughs at his own jokes.

No. 358105

Classic narcissistic behavoir.

No. 358106

File: 1489084640371.png (43.99 KB, 586x203, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 18.3…)

the fuck is wrong with him

No. 358108

Don't you dare doubt his expertise at HELPING his fans! How dare you! He HELPS them with his sagely advice! He saves lives!

No. 358109

He's really projecting like crazy right now, he's currently unravelling that cluster B and it's hilarious.

Only within the last two hours, people on Twitter have been discussing his mental state and now he suddenly starts going on a rant about how mentally ill people need help, but not before they should STFU ever talking about their problems to loved ones because according to him "that's selfish".

It's really getting to him, he's lost control, he can't stand it when people point out his hypocrisy when he can't take his own advice.

No. 358111


Didn't he mention before that his ex-wife (the thought of her) saved him from blowing his brains out?

If this hypothesis is true: not only does he owe her alimony, he owes her his life.


No. 358116

they've been in videos since then, even the guinea pig is still alive (it was in that weird music video he did in his boxer shorts).

No. 358123

Any normal adult would tell the kid to tell their friend to see a therapist/counselor and get help. jfc

No. 358124


> my jaw would be sore from sucking D.

So if he had to sell his body, he'd sell it to men rather then women ? Tbh though his herpie-derpy face would scare off even the blindest of men.

No. 358125

Ain't enough booze in this world

No. 358130

he kept it from those he cared about because he didn't want to give them false hope

No. 358139

File: 1489099255178.png (830.09 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3769.PNG)

Onioncock's son video:

Look at that mofo, born psychopath!

Btw nice incoming turkey chin Greg.

No. 358140

File: 1489099502734.png (836.08 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3770.PNG)


Smash or Pass video: featuring Onion's ever-disappearing ass

No. 358141

So he can't exploit eugenia anymore, So now the son videos are starting, Fucking hell he must be going down the drain fast.

No. 358142


How long till we finally see Troy(completely)?

and the other bastard children?

No. 358143

When he can't create anything with a modicum of substance and his subs/views drop like a hot potato I'd bet.

No. 358145

fuckin kek

No. 358150

File: 1489101568743.png (596.49 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1129.PNG)

This was on his tweet about his son.
Anyone know what they're talking about??

No. 358151

Could they be talking about when Ayalla posted the picture of her and Billie at Onion's house back on Halloween and then Troy is in the background?

No. 358154


A few threads back when Ayalla came to visit, her and Billie were taking selfies together while Troy was right next to them, playing by himself and not facing their direction.

No. 358159


Kind of shitty tbh. But I mean they are teenage girls, who cares about playing with children in the room in the house you're a guest in when you can take selfies, right?

No. 358162

Lolno, that's a parent's job not the job of rando houseguests.

No. 358164

Ok, can someone who've seen this explain please? is that his son or is it young Onion? Looks like an old picture. He's going to show off his kids now or what?

No. 358165

it's not shitty of them, it's only a problem because onion is a hyper controlling cunt. if the photo didn't show a face or identifying features, most rational parents would be ok with it. if they had taken selfies WITH troy, that would be a different story and i would actually probs side with onion for getting so pissed (something i never thought i would say) if it did happen.

No. 358166

File: 1489107686431.png (252.36 KB, 622x564, AYYLMAO.png)

It honestly feels like he's losing it lately, He's just going between all his usual topics to hate on. What a broken record!

No. 358171


This is more than usually stupid, even for Greg. Perhaps he should work on his reading comprehension.

Here's a clue Greg, you moron. No one thinks Taylor is their enemy. For many, if they think about her at all, they think she's a shitty person because she not only enables and encourages your egregious behavior, she on top of that appears to be emulating it at this point. She also seems to run interference anytime you start feeling heat, instead of making you accept the consequences of your shitty behavior.

As for Sarah, no one thinks she's an enemy either. To the extent that anyone thinks of her, if they think of her at all, they think she's your victim regardless of whether she knows it with her immature 16-year-old brain. Some may also feel that she turned into quite the little shithead asshole while she was under your and Taylor's loving care and guidance, but that is a trait of 16 year olds, so I am on the fence on that one. I am just glad she isnt there any more to be raised by you and your awful wife.

No. 358181


what a dumbass. making a big deal out of nothing. you couldn't even see the kids faces. she didn't leak his personal shit by showing the back of one of his kids. meanwhile onion can literally leak every intimate thing that he knows about his girlfriends and its not a douchebag/creepy move. yeah sure.

No. 358183

never got the leafyishere internet hate trend tbh he just criticizes dumb ppl in his videos just like everyone does.

No. 358184

Is funny cause the only face picture of his son he actually leaked himself in a video

No. 358186

tbf he'd had all this shit pent up after his "NO MORE DRAMA" promise. He has to release it somehow

No. 358198

It's a small Greaselord.

How is it "shitty" of them? They're not the child's guardians or babysitters. If Grease is stupid enough to leave his unsupervised child alone in a room, whilst ALL of them were taking selfies that night (including himself) then that's his fault; not theirs.

No. 358205

After a year waiting, I finally got a reply from onion's stepmom

They're asking for what research purposes, what do I tell them?

No. 358206

Say your writing an article about his past (as a youtuber with a large following of very young teen girls), or gathering information that may help his former victims?

Why did you reach out to her?

No. 358208

Say you're writing your criminology thesis on adult men who refuse intervention for their cluster B personality disorders and how they influence and affect those around them.

No. 358214


I messaged them last year when we found out that papa-onion wasn't "convicted" of doing shit and just felt as us as anti-o's (if that statement is okay to use here) should get at least some truth to this.

Really I didn't know they were gonna reply as I already forgot about for awhile.

No. 358215

No. 358219

>an article about his past (as a youtuber with a large following of very young teen girls)

I think this would've been a better idea, it is believable and not as malicious.

No. 358226

Regardless, it was a terrible idea to inform us of this considering he lurks his own threads… don't be surprised if he or his wife contacts her first before you even get the chance to even proceed with this.

Take discussions like this to the Discord chat in future.

No. 358234


Alright, I won't speak of this further in the public.

No. 358235

He should've killed himself and did the world a favor

No. 358243

File: 1489128747683.png (28.82 KB, 500x272, cunt.png)

Lots of comments towards him are very negative for this tweet. What a fucking twat.

No. 358248

The sanctimonious, hypocritical, narcissistic dipshit never takes his own advice though does he? He just always wants to set the standard without putting any effort into saving himself at all.

You heard him ladies, save yourself and avoid fucking nutcases like him.

No. 358252

I'm totally gonna take the advice from the guy who's been divorced and can't get with someone his age because he's a retard with a huge head yet no brain who should've been aborted

No. 358255


His twitter display picture has some redneck retard vibes. (No offence to the mentally challenged)

Saged for random thoughts.

No. 358267

File: 1489139734705.jpg (45.35 KB, 614x497, IMG_20170310_105429_960.JPG)

He is so dense.

No. 358271

I didn't know the president told the entire English speaking world what letters to use.

He's an idiot.

No. 358274

He's like a retarded adult jimmy neutron. Holy shit.

No. 358289

How to debate Greaselord.

1. Make sure it's on neutral grounds… any video or streaming service is out of the question, he's able to type in real time and so are you.

2. Have a mediator present… the mediator is there to stop things getting out of hand, nullify distraction attempts and bring random bullshit attempts from either side; back into reality.

3. All forms of outside communication are off-bounds. Turn your phones off, make sure you have a piss or shit beforehand otherwise you're out, this includes sudden family or pet duties.

4. This also counts for any other distractions in a similar vein, loud feedback from microphones, car/house alarms, your internet shitting out and anything you can think of will disqualify you unless you have a VERY reasonable excuse to tell the mediator.


5. If the debate is solely text based, there must be an agreement from both parties at the start that they understand the above criteria are not only acknowledged but agreed upon.

6. If either of the debaters are using voice channels, they also must abide to the above rules and agree to their conversation being recorded in real time.

No. 358291

And Greg is a "comedian"

No. 358293

This is good. I would add that leading questions and hypothetical situations be kept to a minimum/or just ban them completely.

The whole time he was debating JG he would try and lead her into agreeing with him with yes/no type questions. He can't actually argue his points so he resorts to manipulation to get the response he wants. And the hypotheticals were very off-topic and draining to listen to. They are also such a weak argument, asking "what if"s that barely relate to the topic usually end up with him avoiding the original question and derailing conversation.

No. 358296

The only reason why I say it should be on neutral grounds is because a lot of us DO want to debate the fucker.

But if we so much as say our real names or give anything away to our real lives… how is that gonna look on us? His Greasewife is already fucked over from ever being a councillor through proxy.

How will it look for those even trying to converse with a mentally unstable pervert? That's why I shake my head each and every time those are passionate enough to engage with him outright in any way.

None of us don't want that… or any kind of link or association.

So it must be on neutral grounds, he's proved he's already able to type since the start of his online presence 13 years ago and is still able to do so unless his arms were suddenly broken.

No. 358297

He's not… just self proclaimed.

No. 358308

File: 1489160629557.gif (1019.14 KB, 500x400, hom.gif)

Come at us, you sick fuck.

No. 358310

I would love for a venue to contact him asking if he would like to do stand up and his video following saying not all comedians have to do stand up and how stupid he would sound in it. Or better yet him do it and fucking tank

No. 358328

File: 1489168429550.png (1.02 MB, 1136x640, IMG_3771.PNG)

Grease is back to shitting on women again, calling them freeloaders and dirty shit-talkers.

His girl-hate is slowly coming out.

No. 358340

So since he hates girls that means he hates trans women too huh, I seriously don't understand how stupid he is

No. 358350

Well good thing Taylor isn't a girl then, right?

No. 358374

File: 1489177033492.png (755.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3772.PNG)

None because you've completely ruined Power Rangers for me, fucking cuck.

No. 358388

One day he has that gross emo hairstyle then the next that Neanderthal brow is being shoved right in your face

No. 358390

Ranger or Ben Stiller in Zoolander?

No. 358394

Don't insult Zoolander like that.

No. 358398

His face looks disfigured af but he even can't blame his disgusting appearance on anything but shit genetics and life style choices kek

No. 358399


has he been fucking with his lips why do they look like that

No. 358405

File: 1489186337561.png (634.43 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3773.PNG)

He REALLY needs to let that shit die…

It's been seven years man, seven fucking years!

No. 358406

Looks like that thing is seven years old too judging by the stains.

No. 358407


He needs to leave his face alone.

No. 358439

Desperately clinging to anything to keep himself relevant. How pathetic

No. 358442

Good for her!

I'm sure, if he's heard about it, his salt levels are through the roof. No wonder he's in full face makeup in a stained, 8 year old banana costume, boasting of the brief moment of mainstream relevancy he once had (which was produced by Skye.)

No. 358444

File: 1489195394373.gif (423.53 KB, 267x200, 1487956132103.gif)

Yeah I noticed he would publicly sends hearts to her, Fucking cute af. Can't wait for the absolute RAGEFEST from grease!

No. 358447


Wait, wtf is going on???

No. 358452


Sorry, I'm the anon that deleted the post about Billie going to U.K to meetup with her guy friend. Wanted to respect her privacy in case Onion lurks here.. but let's be real, he probably lurks her Twitter anyway. Good for her on visiting other countries though.

No. 358455

Any other anon feeling second hand embarrassment? Cringy as fuck.

No. 358456


Oh sweet Jesus thank you! (And you as well anon for providing information)

Btw I'm sorry for overreacting earlier, knowing what happened in the past, I was really doubtful and frightened for her.

No. 358457


I'm still feeling those effects since the power rangers post, anon.

No. 358458

Oh, yeah, that was eye-roll worthy as well, but we're used to countless of selfies where he pretty much looks the same/same stupid facial expression ( different costume ) - what he's trying to achieve with those who the fuck knows.

The banana costume on the other hand is just pathetic. Trying to relive the "glory days" ( which were cringy to start off ), like fuck off Gergle. Go have a mental breakdown and spazz all over Twitter or something, that'd at least be entertaining.

No. 358462


Gosh, what a washed-up, has-been loser.

It's like if the kid (now older) was still boasting about how he played the main role in the shining +20 years ago. Jeeze

No. 358463

At least that kid had a main role. Grease is like the extra who said one line in a movie and still won't stop mentioning it to everyone years later like it makes him famous.

..or, you know, the extra who exposed himself during a scene in that movie.

No. 358473


He doesn't wash any of his bananas.

No. 358480

Wait lol, that happened? Or are you talking about the bear?

No. 358490

All those scenarios are very likely to happen considering he isn't a comedian.

Every "achievement" he has is either greatly exaggerated or completely fabricated… it's what those with NPD do, unfortunately. His mental disorders have been untreated for so long that he's trapped himself behind a wall where nobody can get through to him.

He's going to suffer for the rest of his life because of it and he'll make sure that everyone else in his life will suffer for it too.

His son is going to turn out to be even more mentally damaged than he is if he doesn't seek help before he's 35.

No. 358493

This photo is the pinnacle of realising how sad and pathetic he truly is… this is a mentally deranged and emotionally broken man who is still trying to cling to his youth because of his fear of adulthood. You know that he knows himself it's unobtainable and futile, but he will continue to cycle through it because he seriously has nothing else left to offer the world. He no longer even has a personality, his untreated mental illnesses have been in the driver's seat for near enough 15 years now, and that is the only thing that defines him… he's a shell, an empty husk, his brain only functions on a limited capacity, there's no room to grow.

If it was someone who was a sweet and respectable guy, I'd feel really bad for them and would try to help… but considering this is Greaseball, he hasn't got even a slither of sympathy from me and he never will until he made a simple fucking effort to see a fucking therapist and stick to it.

But he won't.

Enjoy your wasted adulthood whilst you can, you fucking dullard.

No. 358504


Lol no it's that Stephen King movie.


Yikes, banana smegma

No. 358505

File: 1489215407088.jpg (62.78 KB, 808x717, Clipboard01.jpg)

Meanwhile, Lainey and some girl are flirting via twitter, yet again…

No. 358507


Onion has three years before he's 35, is it too late for him.


The sad thing is, he wasn't completely like this +7-8 years ago; he was treatable back then. Hell, he should've accepted the therapy the military gave him when he had the chance instead of "no, imma cure my mental illnesses by making YouTube videos!".

YouTube is no longer a coping mechanism for him. How long do we have to wait before he fully snaps and does something?

No. 358508


Run away little girl

No. 358509

>>young padawan
Can these people be any more fucking blunt?
>>I'm so gay
Yes, like you say 90$ of the time… no fucking personality whatsoever.

I'm seriously convinced that Grease is in control of that account a majority of the time, I hate imagining a grown adult woman hitting on teenagers to lure back to her husband.

No. 358510

Overdone make up? Check
Septum piercing? Check
Under 25? Check
Idiot thats easily manipulated? Check

No. 358512


Odd detail I noticed as well, Seems she's followed by another friend of Lane and they're liking her stuff, Minor detail but I find it very odd as hell that Lainey keeps going for girls in the same circle.

sage for samefag and tinfoil

No. 358513

File: 1489216666463.png (815.99 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3775.PNG)

Shits on parenting (and his dad) and denies being a parent (lol)

No. 358514


Saved for forgetting to say Kaka's there (and on the thumbnail)

No. 358516

I've also noticed that she's already over Bilbo after a month, she and Grease are definitely back on the game.

Her Tumblr posts of "heartbreak" were exactly a month ago, now since Thursday has she only started posting trap selfies in the regular 4 "expressions" she has.

The search for teenage-lover #4 is on.

No. 358522

File: 1489223034083.png (183.76 KB, 500x479, Taylorfuckskids.png)

>I'm so gay wowie

I knew this sounded familiar. How sad she's a mother of two small children.

No. 358523

>kiss me
Jesus christ isn't this legit proof of lainey grooming a child?

No. 358524

In addition to other evidence that's been circulating around, that's seriously some damning evidence that there was something going on between them.

They were never "just friends" that's why she and Grease shat themselves and booted her out of the house when people were planning to get the law involved.

They literally shipped her over from her state just days after her 16th birthday so they could molest her, fucking gross.

No. 358525

When is that from? I don't remember Sarah having short blond hair.

No. 358530

>I'm so gay.

That's all she ever says.

No. 358534

What the hell is wrong with his nose? It looks like he is sucking in his nose or it's been flattened somehow..

No. 358535

If she keeps saying it she's hoping she'll convince herself.

No. 358537

I don't think that's Lainey talking… looks like a group chat of three people. Pretty sure it would only say 'to Sarah', not 'to Sarah and Lainey.' If it were just a normal 1 on 1 conversation. Privably whoever lexie is that took the screenshot and said kiss me

No. 358538

Off-topic, but I'm really sick of bi/pan/non-homosexual girls going on about how they're SO GAY WOWIE!!!! the word barely has any meaning nowadays

No. 358539

and of course i fucked up sage

No. 358541

It's just not really believable coming from a married mother of two children lmao. I'm so gay I let a cishet scumbag impregnate me twice.

Btw sage goes in the email field just in case you don't know it yet.

No. 358548

That's all there is to her personality, and it isn't even true…
Just imagine; if she were to turn into a mommyblogger it would actually be an improvement! Not many people can say that. Of course, it would make it significantly harder to lure in new teenagers so that will never happen.

Tbh if I were in a heterosexual marriage with children and my partner kept screaming about being WOWIE SO GAY I'd be pretty pissed. Bitch you're married to a man, you're not gay. At best you're bi but even that's only for your husbands benefit. STFU

No. 358556

Remember not only is she sooooo~ gay she's also sooooo~ trans! Sounds legit. It's not like she has a husband (who calls her his wife) and has gotten pregnant twice. That would have to be a nightmare for an actual trans person.

No. 358558


In a monotone voice with a dead eyed expression

No. 358562

since gurg has a lesbian fetish he probably doesn't mind. if anything he might find it hot

No. 358570

True, but he clearly doesn't respect her as a person or the legitimacy of lesbian relationships. If he did, he would realise that Taylor saying she's gay/lesbian would mean she was only attracted to women and not men like him. But he doesn't take female homosexuality seriously and knows she's only doing it to satisfy his fetish so he's got no problem with it. He's one of those guys who would badger a lesbian couple for a threesome and insist that women need "real dick".

OT/blog but my SIL is married to another woman, who is bi. The bi girl was dating a guy when she met and fell in love with my SIL. Bi girl confessed this to her then-boyfriend and he just thought it was hot. He was extremely confused when she broke up with him and started dating SIL, and for months didn't seem to accept that she dumped him for a woman because to him, lesbian relationships weren't real relationships.

Of course Taylor is only playing into Grease's girl-on-girl fetish + scouting for a new teenager for him to fuck and not actually looking for a relationship with another woman. It's really scummy of her imo, especially since she's so quick to cry about other girls leading HER on. You're the fuckboy here, spaceprince!

No. 358572

File: 1489256531511.png (850.22 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3776.PNG)

New speaks video where he shits on Shiloh and AJ.

States that they were both trying to get back with him at some points in life by telling the 'victims' that Gertrude's a bad person for them (Shiloh/Lainey) so they could get with him (lol).

Apparently Taylor told him all of this. Delusional bitch.

No. 358576

Plain is so arrogant and stupid look at what she's done with her life now, she lives with a man who is not in love with her, is not wealthy enough for her to have sufficient heating or furnishing in their house, and has shat out two children she claims to be a mother towards but hauls them off nannies since that's the one luxury onion doesn't mind affording.

If she had listened to his ex girlfriends I'm sure she would have made something of herself by now. But looking back at how she used to tell him he was her soulmate (and with speculation that she was doing this to other YouTubers as well) I think she got what she wanted

No. 358582


I didn't know that Onision dated HannahMinx lol.

>I hope you find someone who is way better than me. Better looking and a better personality.

Not going to be hard, Onision. You're pretty shit. lol.

No. 358585


The fact that he's still obsessed with talking about his exes says it all.

No. 358586


From the looks of it, they already found people better than Onion.

No. 358589

Oh, wow. That room is so…ugly. Ugly carpet, shitty furniture,looks like a cheap motel.

No. 358593

File: 1489263193700.png (593.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3777.PNG)

He's losing it, he really is…

No. 358605

WHY IS he trying to look like a Myspace emo boy from the early 2000's???

No. 358608

appeals to tweens

No. 358609


Oh god that polyester carpeting is making me itch just looking at it. And dont even get me started on the faux vintage cabinets. So american, in the worst possible way. My apartment is better furnished just with stuff I found in the garbage and i live in eastern europe. Lol

No. 358611

I thought tweens are into Kardashians, Instagram and countouring>

No. 358612

It appealed to tweens in his hayday (2007). He's still living in the last decade before he got old and fat.

No. 358621


Now you're making me feel old, anon…

No. 358648

File: 1489275508388.png (167.45 KB, 500x585, TaylorFucksKids_Dungeon.png)

There's also this "dungeon" dialogue between Taylor, Sarah ("Jailbait"), and a 3rd party on twitter.

>They were never "just friends" that's why she and Grease shat themselves and booted her out of the house when people were planning to get the law involved.

You got it, anon.

Even if it is a group chat, which i don't believe, the pattern in the dialogue makes it pretty obvious who it is.

No. 358649

It looks like this was in 2015, but I haven't seen enough info to confirm that date.

No. 358650


Whelp, Taytay shot herself in the foot now if this gets into circulation (in the professional sense)

No. 358652

He just uploaded a video with no audio. He's absolutely lost it.

No. 358653

File: 1489276435985.png (21.55 KB, 810x120, Capture.PNG)

comment on his speaks vid 'YouTuber Boys That Cry On Camera (Total Break Down)'
fucking creepy. these are the kinds of adults he attracts. why mention that your daughter is over 18???

No. 358654

File: 1489276485525.png (62.11 KB, 868x243, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.53…)

Weird. Was he talking about Skye, or the other one?

No. 358656

File: 1489276523451.png (321.54 KB, 572x402, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.53…)

And check out the space heater in the background - maybe their heat really doesn't work

No. 358657

File: 1489276617061.png (253.97 KB, 819x391, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.55…)

Adrienne. He made a soundless video about a girl he dated for 3 weeks, years later. He is out of things to talk about until he can get a new teen in the GreaseMansion.

No. 358659

File: 1489276767057.png (278.06 KB, 407x446, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 3.58…)

Includes photos of her. Again, YEARS after they dated … for 3 weeks.

All because she dumped him after he essentially raped her (i.e. jumped on her in her hotel room, without a word of introduction.)

No. 358665

>Apparently Taylor told him all of this. Delusional bitch.

You forgot lying, phony, manipulative sack of shit whose only real reason for existing is to be her husbands doormat and teen girl groomer.

It's a video about a failed "relationship" fromfive years ago? He must be desperate to keep his dying channel afloat. kek

No. 358671