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File: 1524241298446.jpg (299.25 KB, 772x423, 1523840274102.jpg)

No. 508492

Thread image courtesy of >>505888

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH):
>Washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since
>Runs a host of different channels, the most notorious being OnisionSpeaks where he often rages about his current relationships, people he's jealous of, and YouTube.
>Notorious for making videos where he rates and mocks women's bodies of volunteers from his forum, some of which are still high school students
>Nowadays spends most of the day yelling at his supporters while simultaneously begging for cash due to YouTube demonitizing most of his content

Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat, is a transtrender and beauty guru with no makeup-knowhow or personality:
>Started dating LGH when she was 17 and he was 27 in mid-2012. 1-month after publicly dating, the happy couple got married in a secret ceremony
>Gave birth to two of LGH's children
>Partially due to manipulation from LGH to start relationships with women so LGH can have sex with the new member without it being cheating, Lainey considers herself bisexual and transgender and attempts pursuing other women to date
>Makes videos on her Beautybot channel where she makes videos about her makeup routines but instead showcases her severe lack of any skill or personality
>Hosts daily livestreams on YouNow where she sits half-interested and answers softball questions for the YouNow bucks

On the last episode of Life of Onion:
>The Onions move out of the Grease McMansion into a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home for $500k. It looks like a trailer in a swamp, thereby dubbed the Swamp Trailer; Shrek memes ensue.
>LGH continues to make long posts and videos begging haturz to back off and about his constant demonetization.
>Lainey turned LGH into herself in a video, filled with lots of "loving" put-downs and an overweight Gurg
>LGH talks about the Sam situation. It sounds like he misses her but he was really proud of himself that he didn't cheat.
>Lainey also makes a video showing off her wearing a suit for the upcoming Prom video, says how happy she is that she feels comfortable with herself as a boy. LGH looks at her with nothing but disgust, apathy, and snark. Get hyped for gay prom, guys!
>LGH streams to his small group of patrons and makes jokes at Sh having a miscarriage
>LGH makes several videos about how doctors are wrong, after telling stories of being diagnosed with a UTI years ago and a recent story of his son Troy being diagnosed with inflamed testicles (where he made a scene and yelled at the doc)

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.



Previous Thread:

No. 508493

OP here. The last thread got locked, so I don't have a way to link to the new thread here. If anyone's able to edit their comments to link to here, that'd be keen.

No. 508534

File: 1524246616537.png (346.52 KB, 1135x698, me-so-poor.png)

Thank you, Anon!
Also… since when has this changed?!?!

No. 508537

samefag. I mean his donation goal, not the subs, not the amount of money donated/month.

No. 508539


>Featuring all your favorite Onision characters.

i.e. just him because no one would ever want to collab with him kek

No. 508540

It wasn't joking about Sh having a miscarriage. The baby was born and apparently healthy for a year or so. Makes Greg even scummy. Can't imagine such a loss.

No. 508552

File: 1524248939731.png (246.41 KB, 509x427, QbXdFvZxbh.png)

Lainey will be totally into her Prom video and Greg will make it into one big immature unfunny joke.

No. 508557

Thought he killed them all. Did he realise all his stolen character motifs were the most creative he's been in his whole youtube career. When is he ever going to properly thank Shane for his means

No. 508565

File: 1524249973102.png (850.26 KB, 793x595, cunt.png)

Look what Onions has named the Dog Thoughts Video. Guess he does enjoy watching little creatures struggle for enjoyment.

No. 508567

File: 1524250381659.jpg (54.51 KB, 960x540, 1521051491881.jpg)

No. 508569

You forgot to include the link. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=FAjZPhygYc4

No. 508570

It's already been posted.

No. 508579


This? This is the pinnacle of his comedy?

And they've had Caterpie for what, 8+ months? And it's afraid of him? Either he never interacts with the dogs, or he's not very nice to Caterpie.

No. 508582

>or he's not very nice to Caterpie

Think about it, how nice is he to human beings?
So how nice is he going to be to an animal that cant tell people hes abusing them.

Its like those predators that only seem to target very young children or the physically disabled because the predator knows they cant tell anyone whats happening.

No. 508583

File: 1524251953253.png (739.92 KB, 1235x432, 61018.png)

she may be "into" it because she gets to live out her butch dyke fantasy but shes fucking lazy

footface does the least amount of work she can in everything she does i wouldnt be surprised if she doesnt just hang up a torn piece of cardboard with "gayest prom ever" written in black marker and her and onion stand in front of it and he passive aggressively insults her for 10 minutes—– prom video done

look at her new "recording studio", shes trying to be a top tier youtube beauty guru, and her background is just some ugly pink sequin sheet hanging behind her, so lazy

the area shes allowed to record in is so small and cramped her heads just inches from the shitty backdrop, it gives me chris crocker vibes, how he just had a dirty bedsheet hanging behind him

No. 508604

Yeah while LGH is in his double garage kek. They wont put the cars in the garage because LGH needs thensoace while Gay Lamey is stuck in a closet kek.. couldnt he at least give her the other side of the garage??

No. 508605

File: 1524255506743.png (244.9 KB, 1440x901, Screenshot_2018-04-20-13-15-38…)

So he's just trying to drum up interest in his Patreon by teasing marriage drama on his "Patreon-only" Twitter, right?

No. 508606

He needs his space to fap freely and to talk to his discord bitches in secret :3

No. 508624

So you know LGH and all his sycophants claim that he's "sooo much different offline" than in his videos?
After hearing his spergout on Sh's manager and his depiction of his screeching tantrum at that poor doctor who had to call security because he's incapable of discussing things in a rational manner, I think I'm actually starting to believe them.
I think LGH is different in real-life interactions. He edits his shit carefully, downplays the pent-up rage that's constantly lurking just under the surface by trying to appear unbothered and doing that insanely creepy hyena laugh to make himself seem harmless, but in real life he doesn't have that option and his impotent rage gets revealed quickly.
I've definitely noticed that high-pitched hyena laugh is an obvious tell that he's triggered. It's so forced and nothing like his regular laugh. He'd make a terrible poker player.

No. 508625


Is he intentionally stirring up drama? He's worse than Lainey in 2014 with those vaguebook-esque tweets.

No. 508626

i cry every time i see that "look guys i'm young and cute and quirky right?" avatar. his hair is a piss-colored mullet right now. his refusal to update just shows how much he regrets it and knows he looks like a swamp creature.

No. 508631

I'm definitely getting those vibes. An anon in the last thread posted a video where Gurg asked his patrons if they had sex with a step-mom and then admitted at the end to having those feelings. It felt so much like an attention whore saying WOW-worthy stuff just so people think they're interesting ..even if they don't truly mean it.

It wouldn't surprise me if he did want to have sex with a step-mom (or in this case wants to be publicly referred to as "Dad"). It also wouldn't surprise me if he was just lying for attention.


No. 508648

File: 1524261027922.png (1.48 MB, 1428x1212, Screenshot_2018-04-20-14-46-38…)


No. 508649

What does that even mean?

No. 508675

Kek! I’m late, but what a greedy bitch. Wasn’t it 5k before? When has he ever even met his goal and now he’s up’d it to 15k? Shouldn’t have bought that house, Grease. Fucking moron, he’s never going to make it to 15k.

No. 508676

Does lainey have a step mom? kek

No. 508679

If the dog is acting scared of him then something happened. Not trying to diagnose a dog, but I’m speaking from experience. When my mom got her puppies her fat ass husband was mean to them and so they started acting strange around him. They won’t do that to everyone, just the people who were mean. Caterpie is perfectly fine around Lainey, because she probably doesn’t yell at him, but LGH clearly did something to scare the dog and now that’s his impression of LGH.

No. 508680

I recall instances of him saying he wanted to fuck his aunt (I assume it's the blonde one who fixed his hair) when he was a teen.

He isn't just a greasy ogre with a teen girl fetish, he's also likely one of those guys who faps to stepmom/aunt/stepsister porn. Hentai, of course.

No. 508681

It wasn’t patrons only, he said that at the end of his shitting on Sh stream. I just ignored it when I uploaded it before others re-uploaded it because he then tried to pass it off as a joke and honestly we all know he has those thoughts, he kissed his own cousin. So I didn’t think it was important since he literally says it all the time.

Do any patron anons know what this is about? I don’t know what the hell he was trying to do there. It looked like he was putting quotes as if someone called him dad, but that star has me confused like maybe he’s correcting someone?
Tinfoil: maybe Lainey and him got into a fight and she said something along the lines of “you’re a dad” or something about him being a dad or needing to be one and he was like “oh I’m just a dad! Not a husband?” Idk, I’d like to know though.

No. 508682

He's not even skinny fat/chubby anymore, he's more like full on thick/fat in that pic

No. 508683

Samefag, my bad it is a quote it looked like a star, kek. Ignore that. Tinfoil still stands though. Too bad Lainey never tweets back.

No. 508685

File: 1524269312813.png (62.61 KB, 878x268, chapter 12.png)

Greg finished his book. It's a whole 51 pages!

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 12

No. 508686

Apparently if you pledge 1k, you can have a "one on one" dinner with him. What's it gonna be - Olive Garden or tasteless vegan burritos?

No. 508687

jesus christ I'm reading the ramblings of a madman

No. 508688

File: 1524269700321.png (527.37 KB, 704x475, 9800.PNG)

I have questions about that. I dont know all the details when it comes to his family. In this picture is his mom, and his aunt, right? Now is this really his aunt (his moms sister) or is this his moms lover, and its like when when a woman starts dating and then living with a man she sometimes has her kids call the man "uncle John" or whatever. I was sure I read some where that Gregs mom was now gay, or at least that some time in the past she was dating a woman/women.
Whats the truth? Whats the faxxx?

No. 508690

>GoFundMe page started to raise money for the $1000 one on one date
>anons donate and raise the money surprisingly quick
>have Blair White be the one who goes on the date with Onion
>Onion falls in love and the divorce proceedings begin

No. 508691

I think Aunt Kelly is an aunt by marriage. I'm not sure though, but I feel confident in saying they're not related.

No. 508692

File: 1524270226955.jpeg (123.5 KB, 750x716, BDC83510-B546-4746-8304-DB8A65…)

how LGH and Doormat pick trinity members

No. 508694

ok, cool ty.
but what about my thoughts on reading or hearing somewhere that Gregs mom was dating women or was now gay?

No. 508700

Sorry to disappoint, I think he's still going to write more of this story.

No. 508703

>$15,000 dollerydoos a month

Is he insane? I mean, I know he is, but that's a disgusting amount of cash he is expecting people to just give to him. $4,173 is already way more than he deserves.

No. 508705

File: 1524273003215.png (662.48 KB, 1440x2503, Gross.png)

Guess those hentai teasers are really paying off for LGH. Btw, this girl looks like she's about 16-17.

No. 508706


I think it used to be $10,000, because I remember at $7,500 he was going to rent a grocery store or some kind of place to… idk, film his sketches or something like that. And $10,000 was getting new and better equipment, as if his camera magically would make his shit sketches better.

No. 508707

An Onion movie? Oh god, it thinks it's Shane. This should be good.

No. 508710

That's it? Flaccid.

No. 508711

What favorite characters exactly? "Screeching angry old man","Old-Creep-who-shows-kids-porn", "Sperging disgruntled man in his 30's", Victim-man, or "Weird-dude-who-patiently-explains-why-he's-right-and-everyone-is-dumb"?

So many favorites to choose from! Ooh, I hope he includes the ever-popular Embarrassing EmoDad! "It's lit, Fellowkids!"

No. 508721

Wasn't it mentioned by Ogreg the Leelu pees herself when he approaches her?

No. 508724

ugh. those poor animals… there may not be any tangible proof her abuses or mistreats them, but the way they act towards him isn't normal for anything other than a rescue who was abused and mistreated freshly rescued.

Why do they have dogs is they couldn't give a fig for them?

No. 508725

I asked laimey why lgh always talks about Shiloh and her dead child on you now and she blocked me right away…

No. 508726

They're discussing their made up genders but her and the chat can't decide any reason for rejecting their 'assigned' gender. It's maddening. No chat out of her, she looks tired af.

Earlier in Greg's twitch stream she came in for an adaptar, they're installing a dryer. Then later she calls him (AND OMG HIS RINGTONE IS HIS ONISION JINGLE i bet he puts his phone on silent in public lol) and she's at the store buying a new dryer because Greg says "We need a new dryer we need to dry our clothes" Ever heard of a fucking clothes line poorboy.

Anyway, she's knackered and in a mood she was installing a dryer by herself earlier while Greg had a 1-1 gaming session REspitt. She also slamed her make up bag on the table when someone dissed her in the chat about Billie or something lol

No. 508727

No fuck, not Billie, someone said her suit looked like a blazer and blouse and called her ma'am. then she started talking about how she liked the suit and her eyes were getting wet lol, triggered

No. 508730

I saw you anon, I was hoping she would respond. I could tell she saw it, but she tried to pretend she didn’t and started her irritating lip syncing shit. It’s so gross that she completely ignores that and uses the same bullshit excuses, but then again maybe they have been fighting lately because of that. And I say fighting because LGH tweeted that dad thing that I’m pretty sure was directed at Lainey.

>she was installing a dryer by herself

I was about to say, why is he saying “we”? He doesn’t do shit to help her.

Honestly I’m loving this so much. First LGH made a comment in his stream about how he has to deal with Lainey screaming and the dogs and now he’s tweeting passive aggressively.
Farmers - Always
LGH - Never

This house is getting to them and it’s only been a few days.

No. 508733


Holy shit, if someone has this, can you pretty please mirror for us non-patreonfags? This sounds amazing.

No. 508734

A new dryer? What about the one they have on their old house? Is it normal for people to not move with their fridge, wahser,dryer etc?

No. 508735

Ofc his ringtone is his stupid song. Is it his terrible "No-one will remember your name"?

Although I would've thought he'd use the "I'm a banana" this one's a lot more fitting.

No. 508736

Appliances can often be included in the house sale (to sweeten the deal), and since the Swamp Trailer came with a lot of appliances they probably left theirs at the Grease Mansion to help with the sale of that shitpit

No. 508737

Funny how she always manages to avoid the real shit, but can pontificate for hours about her gender and the most ridiculous things people say about her, like the aliens and glass eye.
But get anywhere near the truth or anything with substance that she actually should be addressing and it's back to picking her herpes sores and mumble-singing off-key.

No. 508739

Her moments only have 2 short clips.
Ive noticed that after a drama filled stream there will be only a handful of moments and none of them usually have any of the drama that occured. Is the broadcaster able to edit that? In the beginning there would be 25+ clips/moments.

No. 508744

Yeah but knowing them they probably fucked them up, you saw Lainey's loads of laundry laying around I wouldn't be surprised if she messed up the dryer at the old house over stuffing it or putting overly wet stuff in it. It might still "work" but take several cycles to dry clothes or who knows what (doubt she ever cleaned the lint out)
They're complete slobs. And Greg is a cheapo so probably refused to replace it or pay someone to fix it so now she's using the new home to get a new one (probably told him how heavy and tough to move it would be but since Greg had to buy a new one of course he's gonna be passive aggressive and make her move and set it all up by herself "I bought it Lainey, do your part too, I need to stream tonight to earn back the money spent on your stupid dryer")

No. 508748

Side note but I've had a couple of ct with contrasts and it makes you feel super warm, like you're glowing. I actually enjoyed it.

No. 508749


> 16-17 yo girl

who the fuck else would find anything Incurable Skin Desease does somewhat entertaining.

No. 508753

File: 1524282416590.png (917.13 KB, 951x732, CreepyOldFuck.png)

LGH in his latest video "judging" his young fans' instagrams. Apparently an old hobo pointing out their boobs and labeling them as "lesbians" is comedy gold.

No. 508757


anon you saucy wench

No. 508766

Usually not fridge, but everyone I’ve know have bought their washer and dryers eventually (cause old ones when you move into a house often break after a few months). So you’d think they’d at least bring those.

No. 508767

I live in Vancouver so it’s probably different but appliances are usually included. I only know one time a real estate agent didn’t put it in the agreement and the people actually took all the appliances. So maybe gurggles got fucked by a shitty real estate agents and the sellers took their dryer.

No. 508769

Was gurrgles the one that labled them lesbian?

No. 508770

So, when gurgles was trashing his house by moving the pool table had a sale price been agreed? i'd be pretty annoyed to pay for something then find later all the holes in the wall requiring repair.

It's pretty spiteful and a very gurg thing to do. I wonder what other surprises await the new owners.

No. 508773


oh shit did Sh lose her baby? what happened? sorry for not paying attn, the raven thread got me twisted. can any anon fill me in?

No. 508774

>Skeleton of missing teen found in walls of Puyallup, WA home.

No. 508775

File: 1524291064444.png (527.17 KB, 1045x431, Lesbian.png)

Yep, he wrote "LESBIAN" over this girl's photo to to "roast" her. (I cut the faces out to protect her identity).

No. 508778


Her child died around 1 years of age.

No. 508779

I have dug and dug for this info.
As well as digging through the fathers twitter/fb. I never found any details or public records but I wanna know

No. 508780

Atone see realstreamnews sperging out on twitter? From what I gather greg got his channel taken down and RSN is threatening to take legal action lol

No. 508781

Guys, swamp trailer chronicle is going to be the best

No. 508782

File: 1524295040616.png (230.47 KB, 1392x1456, Crisis.png)

Looks like someone is having an existential crisis. Also, I'm pretty sure "do the routine" = jack it to hentai for an hour.

No. 508783


You can find more info on thread 3 starting around this post:

No. 508784


She posted on her IG story about her child passing back in March when she posted a picture of her daughter and her father, both passed away within short time of each other.

No. 508786

Maybe “do the routine” is referring to his family, kek. Because when you say “do this, do that, repeat” that IS a fucking routine, the dumb fuck. So I’m thinking whatever “do the routine” means has something to do with the family he refuses to acknowledge.

No. 508787

He so never really wanted to be a father. Too bad foot doesn't realize how offensive this is. He wants to be nailing new teen poon, not babysitting the bandaid between hentai breaks

No. 508789

He's maybe a week into this new living arrangement and he's already losing it kek

No. 508790

Correction: Z died only being around 3-4months old. Shiloh's last post of her was Feburary 20th, 2013. She was born Nov 11th 2012, died March 3 (according to Sh's anniversary post in her death on Instagram) assuming everything was final a week prior to her death i assume SIDS

No. 508791

File: 1524297557935.png (21.97 KB, 733x284, heybabe.png)

that's awful. Sh can't catch a break, why is that so trivial to onion? i know that he has issues with empathy but christ almighty

No. 508792


He thinks it's fair game because she cheated on him. Because everything revolves around him. I mean, let's ignore the awful shit he did to her while they were together. In LGH's world, it's totally fine to joke about your ex's child dying because they cheated on you.

No. 508793

File: 1524298574343.png (27.44 KB, 1263x255, Screenshot_20180418-064840.png)

LGH'S Twitter in a nutshell

No. 508796

What the fuck is up with his hand?? Are those stretchmarks or bites or what??

No. 508797

51 pages in Word…? Or 51 book pages? Because the former would be a meagre 25k, the latter would be… really, REALLY little. 51 book pages is more like a novella or a booklet.

No. 508798

> xD
> >w>
> virtuel

Teenager confirmed.

No. 508800

He's looking fucking rough. More like 40.

No. 508801

Think he's referencing DaddyOfFive, though?

No. 508807


Everyone else is a stalker and a psycho and a harasser if they keep up with people they don't like, but not Gurg. He goes ballistic when people mention his kids even in passing, like B saying they cry a lot. He says no one should talk about anyone's kids, then he talks about Sh's in such a psycho way?

No. 508808


It would require a modicum of intelligence for him to see how hypocritical he is. I really hope Sh is okay and living her best possible life.

No. 508812

Their whole life story makes zero sense. Tami says they both left the Seventh Day Adventist Chruch as teens but she herself goes on to marry Gurgdad who was, and still is, one of their ministers. They don't allow marriage to people outside of their congregations from what I understand.

This lasts until Grug is like 11 or 13 and then boom all of the sudden they leave the church and they're both newage wannabe witch whatever the fucks yet given Gurg's viewpoints on just about everything it seems the Adventist mentality was still heavily employed in the household. Not many people have noticed that his entire argument for vegetarianism and his viewpoints on everything are cribbed almost 100% from their teachings. It's why he is so dogmatic about…well everything.

No. 508827

51 PDF pages, so like 25 book pages. Tops.

No. 508828

He gets paid to stalk, so it's okay.

No. 508836


omg. Z was born on Greg's birthday when turned… 27. Also, Z father's name was the same as Greg's fathers name. Weird ass coincidences.

No. 508844

It's funny how people were saying how attractive Lainey was back then

No. 508850

If that breaks 2k at all, I'd be surprised. Book pages are massive. That's… an oneshot or a really really short story. People have written diary entries longer than that and he calls it a book.

>inb4 anon maybe it's just his diary entry


No. 508851


>using ya'll unironically in what is supposed to be a book

No. 508858

I grew up SDA and I know tons of SDAs who aren't even vegetarians. And the ones who are vegetarian don't really care if anyone else is. It's not as strict as people think. It used to be, but it hasn't been that way for many years. Unless they were part of the much smaller section of the church that's still extremely strict, which might be why they left in the first place.

No. 508865

newfag but I noticed that their new house had a septic tank. That household uses ONLY baby wipes to wipe after they use the bathroom and septic tanks can't handle baby wipes.

No. 508868


a booklet by a manlet, kek

No. 508874

The last thread was filled with pointless new house observations; the septic tank, the "basement", and every other boring house detail possible. Can we please stay on track?

No. 508876

It's still milky because look at how hard they're already having it because of it. Don't be a sandy bitch because you're bored. Instead, find new milk to talk about. Thanks.

No. 508880


I think it's pretty obvious he's not "referencing" anyone in particular, he's just making fun/shaming she family vloging channels

No. 508882


Ew wtf he thought he looked acceptable enough for a video? He really doesn't have anything left to work with

No. 508883


On point, Anon, on point!

No. 508884


In this garbage video made back when this Sh stuff was going down, Greg takes the fact that she was with a new guy "after only 7 days" to mean she cheated. He's gone on in the past about them being together 24/7 when they were dating, so it seems unlikely that she did anything while they were together. Even if she had, he's sure to emphasize that HE dumped HER, and his whole outrage in this video was from her seeming to be fine without him when she should be devastated, because in Greg world you're supposed to crumble into pieces after Lord Gurgamel REJECTS you.

3:30- "But I broke up with HER, so she's supposed to still be heartbroken, upset and everything… That's how it works, right guys? When you break up with someone, they're upset for a while before they move on."

So even though he seemed to have ended the relationship, her moving on with her life was NOT ACCEPTABLE. He thought he had some claim over her, and probably still does.

Skip to the end for some HILARIOUS crocodile tears, chest-clutching and all.


No. 508887

As if his feelings getting hurt is more important than a poor baby

No. 508892

God, his fake crying is disgusting. Much like when he decided to stop doing the boob squeeze and made a big scene about doing it for the last time in tears with quivering lower lip and all.

No. 508894

When was this? Is it recent or another thing he went back to doing, like Twitter?

I fucking HATE the boob squeeze shit. It's disgusting as is, but in the context of the majority of his viewers being teens (yes, Greg, TEENS), ugh FUCK this guy.

No. 508896

File: 1524331339364.png (447.73 KB, 784x572, 54656.PNG)

What shitty acting.
He needs to take some notes from the HNNNNNNG meme guy.

No. 508899

I think it was awhile ago when YouTube first started demonetizing inappropriate things. He’s gone back to it since then, though.

No. 508909

You lose them how you got em Greg!

No. 508910

File: 1524334989013.png (797.1 KB, 873x571, fireworks.png)


I thought it was funny he never moved his left hand the entire time he ate lol

No. 508912

>They don't allow marriage to people outside of their congregations from what I understand.

They do. It's not encouraged but they won't stop you. (At least from my experience). Also, not every Seventh day Adventist is vegetarian and some churches will even serve meat.

No. 508913

Yikes… That promposal. I honestly have no words.

No. 508915

at 6:43 LGH says he is on a diet, all those man boobs comments got to him i see lmaoooo

No. 508918


How pathetic. So she says she wants him to do a elaborate "promposal" and ends up having to do it herself FOR HIM. Even though he couldn't look less interested if he tried

No. 508919

They actually did. His new patreon video is about him gaining 15lbs and blaming it on Taco Bell and the move. I would post a link but i dont know how to post patreon videos cause they are on vidme.

No. 508920

I have Halloween vibes again about Grug
Lainey will say " sorry guys, i will dance by myself because Greg was too busy editing to come to the prom" insert makeupless sore sad face here

No. 508921

I dare you to watch the sped-up eating scene at a playback rate of 0.4 which I think is close to authentic speed.

I wonder who'd pay $1,000 for a dinner with him. He tries to picture himself like this hip, urban man with perfect demeanor, yet again shows how average he actually is.

In all honesty, everyone looks weird when eating unless it's really staged and I know it's a nitpicky thing to bring up - I'm just baffled how his fans can't seem to grasp the difference between how he'd like to be perceived and how he actually behaves…

No. 508922

Like his stupid ass isn't crushing fast food all the time. Don't blame the move greggy, we all heard you bragging about the stupid pool table.

No. 508929

I hope everyone makes fun of his weight like he did with Shane Dawson.

No. 508936

when he was showing off his dad stomach at the end he said he needed to lose weight and Lainey went 'ugh, me too.'

not such a smol bean after all???

No. 508937

It's actually so cringe-worthy to see LGH still dress and act like a teenager so unimpressed with everything. You're a married man in your 30s with children.

You just know Lainey wanted an elaborate promposal from him and he couldn't even look impressed at hers. This prom is going to be such a car crash.

No. 508938

Oh my god
>Lainey looks down sad
>LGH: you got a yes what more do you want

This is so sad. The whole idea is stupid, but why would she put herself through this. The guy mocks her and makes fun of her on dates. I’m actually curious to see if their Prom video will be something other than what we expect.

No. 508939

Why is it that this fuck was so concerned about EC’s eating habit’s and weight, but his own wife is sitting there a toothpick and saying she wants to continue losing weight and he could care less? Like it was obvious he didn’t actually care about EC and it was all for views and because he gets off on harassing and bullying others, but you’d think he’d at least actually care that his wife is going down the same path he accuses EC of being on.

No. 508940

It's sad that the only thing they like to do together is spend money. They didn't talk during lunch and it sounds like when Lame tries to make small talk he just doesn't respond.

No. 508941

Lames not a toothpick, but she doesn't need to lose weight. He support her working out and gaining so muscle mass back.

No. 508942

How quick he got up away from her once she said "yeah" when he asked if all they were going to do is dance to My Chemical Romance all day. How long until she drops the prom idea because LGH can't be bothered.

No. 508944

She's not fat but she's hardly a toothpick. She is definitely just painfully average as with everything else in her life.

No. 508945

i feel like since its for youtube/views, he'll actually follow through with it.

anything for money… sad.

No. 508946

I agree with this and when he said “This is what talking to Lainey is like ‘blah blah blah’” I feel like that wasn’t just “banter” like they try to chalk everything up to. Because of the stream where he said she’s been screaming, I think that’s how he actually feels right now, kek.

I mean think about it, the only places they go to on dates is places where they don’t have to talk. I.e; going to the movies where you have to sit in silence and watch a film; and going to get food where you can choose to sit in silence and eat your food.
The only time they talk is on the car ride to and from their date. Or when LGH is making fun of her. I mean clearly LGH is okay with doing more fun things, like he went rock climbing with his sister, but his dates with his wife are so repetitive and they literally do nothing, but the same thing - eat and watch a movie.

Do they even take their kids to fun places like amusement parks or anything? When do the kids get to fucking go out and have fun. My god.

No. 508947

I can see it being dropped too. Either that or we'll be treated to him making sarcastic, mean comments all through the video, doing the bare minimum and Lainey trying not to look like it bothers her.

No. 508948

>i had cereal for breakfast


No. 508949


Lainey IS a toothpick. EC is a paper turned sideways. Idk why anons can’t make up their mind. One minute you guys says she’s too skinny and needs to gain weight, then the next you are nitpicking her pouch and saying she’s not skinny. It’s okay to criticize, that’s what we do here, but at least be consistent with it otherwise you just sound fake and like you are nitpicking everything you can.

Obviously Lainey isn’t small enough to fit in baby clothes, if she was she’d be EC skinny. But she is extremely small and underweight right now. She was average before she got with Greg. She looked healthy then. Now she doesn’t.

No. 508950

File: 1524341688573.jpg (84.76 KB, 1294x813, Capture.JPG)


I'm sure Lainey LOVES these jokes he makes.

No. 508951


Has she even done the "10 things I hate about my GH"?

No. 508952

File: 1524341845838.png (303.72 KB, 548x550, my own, real body image issues…)

Here is the 'I Need To Lose Weight' video mirrored. LGH moves the washer and dryer from the old house to the new house. (Cracks the dryer door.) Gets his truck stuck in the mud and tears up the yard - goes on to complain about his truck several times. Basically a whole video of him showing how moronic he is. At the very end he jumps on the scale to reveal that he's gained 10 lbs because he's been eating a ton of fast food such as 'taco bell'. Vows to his patreons that he'll become healthy again.


No. 508954


I don't remember anyone here saying that GSW is a toothpick like, not once with the exception of the comment above.

On the contrary: She's always perceived as average or with a baby belly.

No. 508955

>that slouch
>implying he was ever healthy


No. 508956

no she hasn’t, I’ve been waiting for it. she can’t act for shit, so that’s probably why she won’t do it. or maybe he has to approve everything she’s gonna say before she can make it.

No. 508957

Other than you, I've never seen anyone here say she's too skinny. People usually just comment on how desperate she is for people to think she's underweight

No. 508958

I think they're referring to when we shit on her for being "so smol uwu" when anyone can see she has a normal post child stomach.

in b4 some bitch is like i did 32572096 crunches and my body is perfect post childbirth

No. 508959

Then you must be new, anon. All past threads are always available. Have at it.

No. 508961

Go through past threads, because I’ve been here a long time and have seen plenty of anons shit on her recently. I’m not going to argue about this, there’s no point.

And can we stop with the samefagging defending yourselves, kek

No. 508962

Looks like you guys were right. At 9:43 LGH says "We're just fixing all the problems around this house". Feelsgoodman

No. 508963

5:47, Gronk to Lame: "Your abuse is finally going to be exposed."

Greg makes jokes like this about Lainey being abusive in almost every recent video they've been in together. Interesting.

No. 508964

This is weird Lainey/Greg logic. Is it hard to understand that not all anons here are the same person? Maybe some think she's too skinny, but I've never seen it…

No. 508965

File: 1524342254165.png (1 MB, 726x780, stuff.png)

I don't think he's ever stuffed his undies this much before.

No. 508966

I read the past threads as they appeared. If you don't want to argue, stop responding to everyone who disagrees with you

No. 508970

Imagine being their neighbors. Yikes.

All Greg seems to do is sulk in the "woods".

No. 508972

And I think she's happy being bland. It's safe, won't bring her whole world crashing down on her. Every video she says she wants to eat somewhere new, but it's disingenuous. Like bitch you drive the car and head into Seattle. Film it and let's all watch Greg self-implode.

No. 508973


Wrong assumption.
I wrote >>508954, but not >>508957 even though I do agree with the latter one too. kek

But I also agree with you, Anon, let's move on - there's no milk there.

No. 508974

what better way to appeal to the misunderstood teen aged fan of his. just another lgh in his 30's in still acting like a teen trait we can add to his file, forest sulking

No. 508975


I hope LGH can't resist bragging about his flourishing YouTube career in front of the neighbors who, after googling, will start building fences and lock up their daughters.

No. 508977

File: 1524343591894.png (255.28 KB, 546x641, cyr.png)

Another Cyr video…

He puts down Edwin for revealing that Cyr hit his girlfriend after they where no longer friends. (Shows off what a nice moral stance he has all while making videos about his ex-friends for that sweet youtube revenue).
He goes on to say "If you know, like I've had so many people write me, you know, like saying their dad struck them or you know, their boyfriend struck them, their mom struck them. If you know anybody who has struck you, you know in a way that is not legal you need to report it right away. You can not wait till your mad at them to report these kinds of things.' Lets not forget he has clearly victim blamed in the past and question what a person did to get abused. Also he's been very hateful to his fans that would send him messages about their personal problems. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

No. 508979

You can tell he's trying to bleed this narrative into the whole "billie smokes weed" thing. It's like the dude can't advocate for anything if it doesn't get his ego's dick rubbed.

No. 508983

Idk why they need 3+ videos for this prom shit. Just do it in one video. Shes so lazy at thinking up content shes dragging it out as much as possible.

And its pretty obvious shes the only one creating and putting any effort into this prom shit. Even if you dont dislike them, this isn't fun to watch. Most people like watching couple videos because the couple is obviously cute together and equally into it.

No. 508984

Dasha has also denied the accusation Edwin and Mina are saying they ‘heard’ from the other room. So why does he keep going on about this when the victim says it isn’t true?

No. 508989

File: 1524345989305.jpg (35.08 KB, 837x270, qapla.JPG)


>neanderthal visage

>cheap facial prosthetics
>jagged yellow dentition
>loud proud and always angry
>unfortunate 60s hair
>not actually human

No. 508991

How ironic is it that they went to see "A Quiet Place"? Kek

No. 508994

File: 1524347534672.png (1.86 MB, 1680x942, ew.png)

seriously tho wtf

No. 508995

File: 1524347715506.png (1.7 MB, 1086x1155, carrottop.png)

Transformation to Carrot Top nearly complete

No. 508996

omg he REALLY does look like a Klingon

No. 508998

>Muh own REAL body image issues

The fucking nerve of this asswipe. After going on and on about Shane, directly comparing their bodies and shaming him for putting some weight back on, he takes this approach? And ofc HE has "legitimate" reasons, like moving, where Shane was given no slack.

He's so obviously trying to play to Shane's audience and be relatable, but it doesn't work when you're an unlikeable arrogant fuck. Nice try, retard.

No. 508999

File: 1524348846009.png (783.04 KB, 1440x2180, REEEEEEEEEEEE.png)

Looks like his "I'm so right and you guiz are SNOBS" video didn't go overas well as he hoped. GET OFF his videos, REEEEEE

No. 509001

Sucking it in, LGH, sucking it in (his head and neck veins looks like they're about to explode). Pretty flabby thighs and arms.

We won't talk about the stuffed underoos.

No. 509003

File: 1524349507554.png (579.33 KB, 1433x2159, egotistical comments.png)

One of the many "egotistical", "insane", "toxic" comments that he had to endure kek

Nobody was saying he should have chosen surgery. What a knob.

No. 509004

File: 1524349951437.png (2.65 MB, 1754x840, Untitled.png)

How can other human males ever possibly hope to compete with such a rugged, athletic specimen.

No. 509009

Thanks anon!
The hyperventilating and the quivering lip really are the icing on the cake.

“You’d better tell the next person that you’re with that you’re a cheater!”

What’s your excuse, Greg?

No. 509010

dry heaves

No. 509012

why the fuck did he never once refer to the "child" as his son?
is it because he's desperately trying to avoid the association?
Is it because he's trying to go the emotional manipulation in getting people to side with him because it's only a little "CHILD".
or is he trying not to gender it to appease lainey.

No. 509014

I can't believe they moved into my town. We're still recovering from Mr. Hands.

No. 509015

>What’s your excuse, Greg?

And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.

No. 509016

File: 1524351703732.png (1.43 MB, 1436x783, garbage.png)

It's been a week, look at how much they've already crapped up their backyard.

No. 509017


Can someone do a transcript? I can't suffer through this, the moment he shoots Lainey down is when I start cringing and closing the tab.

No. 509018

Fucking gross. How is she okay with this? People playfully joking about abuse are fucking disgusting. And you can tell he means to be cruel with it.

No. 509019


I-is that LGH? His face in contrast to the rest of his body… what the fuck. The redness basically ends at his collarbone.

No. 509021


>unsubscribe if you at all disagree with how I successfully protected that child

LGH in a nutshell, everyone.

No. 509022

I love how in this video where he's so heartbroken he had the presence of mind to make sure to overexpose himself to the point where he's almost glowing so his incurable skin condition wouldn't scare off the young sweet preteen puss.

No. 509023

nouveau white trash

No. 509024

He's flexing his stomach so hard but there's no disguising the fact that all those Panera Bread trips have gone straight to his moobs.

No. 509025

This was so much cringier than I was expecting.
I love how their date was just a montage of her trying on sunglasses (while he “jokingly puts her down) and merchandise in a store. She had nothing really to show. Watching them together convinced me more and more that they actually hate each other. There is zero romantic love there. He seems like he can’t wait to get out of there at the end.

No. 509027

Sure anon. I’ll do it in a bit.

No. 509028

Omg their backyard looks like pigsty!! Dont they have an neighborhood watch or how ever thats called. It looks like an actual trailer house.

No. 509029

File: 1524353073240.png (1.43 MB, 996x1080, whyyy.png)

I have no words anymore. I don't understand how one person can be this fucking ugly.

No. 509030

Pick a lane, Gurg. You're either a wAcKy rAnDom comedian who's "flucking lit!" or a bitter, whiny old man who is angry at his lot in life and can barely contain his rage over haturz, a dwindling fanbase, massive tax debt and the fact that you're married to a gay dude who's tired of luring in teen girls for you to prey on.

You can't do both successfully. That "zany" persona is starting to look pretty dishonest.

No. 509031

File: 1524353260731.jpeg (705.91 KB, 2048x2048, 47D13DCF-FF09-4FB9-A39A-E5A959…)

No one on Complaineys insta has called out the fact that Billie did it first. She’s such a Billie rip off. She never ever does “exotic” or different looks unless Billie has done it. Her makeup looks the exact same every look until cases like this. She’s like the Poppy to Billie’s Mars Argo.

No. 509032

Lainey will never get over cuddlegate.

No. 509033

File: 1524353649117.png (3.27 MB, 1424x2139, DameGreggy.png)

I shit you not anon, I had google search "similar images" for this pic and Dame Judy Dench was one of the first ones that came up kek

No. 509035

THAT child.

Not mine.


No. 509037

It was actually extremely sad seeing Greg so friendless and bitter that he’s moving the heavy laundry machines alone (and breaking them). I actually feel bad for how pathetic he has become. He could seriously injure himself too, but he just decides it’s better to just do it alone and record it than to hire actual movers or ask for help.

Also, he’s wasting so much money all the time. If he did things the right way, he’d spend way less.

There are certain things in the old McMansion thag can’t be repaired, like the knife-battered marble countertops, the stained carpets, and scratched floors, etc. at least, not without significant investment. If anyone is going to buy that place, they’re going to spend a lot of time going through making sure everything is worth the asking price. Very unlikely they’ll get lucky with new, inexperienced buyers like themselves coming in and buying it without a thorough walkthrough. I bet they’ll knock of thousands with the amount of repairs that place needs. The funniest part is that Greg is so proud, he won’t ask for help with anything, and so that means that nothing gets done the right way. Just like his taxes. He has to fall flat on his face before he realizes that people hire professionals for these jobs for a reason.

No. 509038

I really, really, really wish Lainey would either tack her backdrop taut or iron out the back of it to get rid of the billowy-ness / painfully obvious fresh-off-the-bolt creases.

No. 509039

This post has no honor.

No. 509040


I won't say Billie's is top notch, but she actually BLENDS. Lainey's red eyeshadow just ends abruptly, it looks like she just smeared it on and left it like that without using different shades and blending it into the skin of her lid. Like someone rubbed blood horizontally over her eye with their thumb.

And then the dark lipstick. It's not even a rip-off, it's just a bad parody

>inb4 stop nitpicking Lainey's make up we have a thread for that

Didn't she also do something with hearts recently that copied Billie…? Like, hearts drawn on with eyeliner or heart blush…?

No. 509041

Uhhh…. I think it's like when you buy a condo or something, and there's an association you're forced to be a part of and follow their guidelines/rules.

I say condos because I know I've seen that situation on TV before. I dunno the name for any of this shit

No. 509042

It seems like he frames his sentences about his children in a way that basically allows for plausible deniability. Like he’s always thinking of how to talk about them that makes them seem so removed from him that it keeps in line with the idea that he will never talk about them. It seems like he has to frame it this way so that he doesn’t slip and actually say a name or something.

No. 509043

File: 1524354257317.jpg (38.73 KB, 373x280, 10.jpg)

No. 509045

File: 1524354335162.png (376.82 KB, 590x285, hahahaha.PNG)

No. 509046

Yes, it’s an HOA and yes they have one at the new place. We will see how strict they are soon. I’m sure they were given guidelines of what they can and can’t do. We will know if Greg fucks up soon because he will make thirty videos about how he’s being bullied by them.

No. 509047

He's looking like a discount Buffalo Bill.

Don't insult Klingons like that man.

No. 509050

In regards to not slipping up, have you noticed he refers to women as "they" now? In that last video about Sam, he called her "they" consistently. I think it's a reflex at this point because he's scared of slipping up about Lainey.

No. 509055

File: 1524355656668.png (25 KB, 216x217, Untitled.png)

No. 509056

>watch at 2x speed

No. 509060

File: 1524356420069.png (757.6 KB, 928x453, laineybot.png)


Lmao, Lainey changed the caption

No. 509061

My Final Video
Published by OnisionSpeaks

final video my final video final video onisionspeaks onision last video i quit i'm done goodbye goodbye everyone see ya later so long farewell ta ta chow bye bye see ya later buh bye satire story farewell video parody spoof sketch

No. 509062

File: 1524356681259.jpeg (492.08 KB, 750x911, 28B443B1-67C8-4DBF-807C-06EDE0…)

no she didn’t?

No. 509064

Surprise! Moving creates garbage!

Now whether they clean it or not remains to be seen

No. 509070

Yet again, he tries to pretend he is "struggling" and proves that by downsizing into a 400,000 house and two fancy new cars. These priveleged dipshits wouldn't understand the concept of struggle if it climbed into bed with them and choked them with a dog collar.

No. 509071

you may have to refresh or something, it shows something different for me too

No. 509072

>>509062 >>509071
I just noticed I was looking at the wrong Instagram so it was captioned different. She couldn't even pick a different picture?

Also LGH's video is insufferable to go through, jesus fuck.

No. 509073

moving doesnt create garbage if what youre moving is garbage lol

No. 509077

Maybe use a bit of critical thinking before posting and subsequently calling out fellow posters.

No. 509078

This is an aside, but one of the things that makes me most infuriated is when he does petty 'haha gotcha' moments.

I see it often with his stupid polls - 'I promise to leave now for good' - and other stupid shit. What the hell is this? Do you think you're ten? You gonna stick out your tongue and go 'NYEHHH' too?

Consistently, it's like he thinks he's outsmarting his 'haters' by issuing these stupid poll answers, or quips in his videos. 'Thank you for all the people who decided not to return to my page and answered HONESTLY in my last poll.' I don't know why it sticks with me so much, but it honestly reminds me of a child - you know, when you were twelve and someone would say 'idiotssaywhat' and you'd go 'what?' and then they'd respond with 'HURRR GUESS YOU'RE AN IDIOT THEN' but it was ok because you were children.

It's like he never grew up from that point. Sorry if this was off-topic or repetitive whatever; I usually just lurk, and I haven't read every thread before this.

No. 509085


>when you're desperate for views

No. 509088

File: 1524360683717.png (2.32 MB, 1416x1985, strugglesofLGH.png)

>I'm struggling you guiz, pls send money

No. 509089

File: 1524360863379.png (1.81 MB, 934x1755, OldladyGurg.png)

Is this LGH, or a woman in her 60's?

No. 509091

Just one of the many reasons he relates so well with preteens. When he has to interact with actual adults, he throws bitchfits because he has no reasoning skills.

Similarly, he's been stuck in a "it's NO FAIR" mentality, stomping his feet about YouTube instead of coming up with actual solutions. He's a child in a 50 year old's body.

No. 509093

I know we're usually dazzled by his horrifying face, but Jesus, what is going on with his neck?
For one thing, it's obvious he needs to spackle it with the foundation he's troveled onto his gross face, but also I'm genuinely concerned that some of those veins are going to pop under the strain of his sad, angsty life.

He needs to coat himself in mosquito spray and do some quiet meditation on the banks of the Milky Shrek Marsh before he strokes out.

No. 509098

File: 1524362408906.jpg (48.02 KB, 350x280, original-481227-1.jpg)

"Woman in her 60's" for 500, alex!

No. 509100

His face kind of looks almost shrunken. And his hair still looks atrocious. What happened to his "Bleach Fails" series? He should add himself to it.

No. 509106

File: 1524364936876.jpg (353.41 KB, 1440x1440, beard.jpg)

Tinfoil: he's growing his beard out to look more like Pooodiepie. It can't be his terrible content, so it must be something superficial like Pewd's beard bringing in all those subs. With him also trying out Shane's "body image issues" for size, he's throwing a bunch of shit against the wall, seeing what will stick instead of, you know, not being a creepy bastard.
I'd expect to be treated to some travel blogging if these shitstains ever went farther than the nearest Panera Bread.

No. 509107

He's honestly less ugly with facial hair.

No. 509108

how many times is he gonna use this clickbait title? Must be sad when he knows people want to see him get off youtube and thats why he uses this clickbait title eighty times now.

Shes so pathetic. Her makeup never looked anything like this until billie, and she continuously is stalking her. At least be smart enough to not steal what she calls her look.Also decide if you want to copy billie or copy them transboys. You can't do both.

No. 509116

These fucking idiots have a large girls bicycle just sitting behind their house. Why? Their daughter isn’t even 3 yet. She can’t ride it. Is Lainey forcing her son to ride it? I’m pretty sure it’s going unused and before the girl can even ride it, it’ll be rusty from sitting outside in the rain for years. This is where their patron money is going.

No. 509117


As much as I hate to give anything slightly resembling a compliment to the onion man, you're right.

No. 509119

File: 1524367589340.png (100.35 KB, 586x712, 042118.png)

Lame is apparently still talking to an ex of her's.

No. 509126

Transcript of "I asked my husband to Prom: A Day in my Life":

>Video opens with Greg and Taylor in their Toyota. Greg is driving.

>Taylor: Hey guyyyys.
>Greg: Oh, what's up? We're going on a date.
>T: Date daaayyyy.
>T: What are we doing today, Gregory?
>G: Uh, we are going to go see a horror film. Or a just.. you know…
>T: Our lives.
>G: A reiteration of our YouTube channels.
>T: (Forced laughter)
>T: Are we going to eat first?
>G: Yeah, I feel like I'm sitting on Santa's lap. You're asking me question that, you like, already know the answer to.
>G: (Annoying voice)"Ah, so you uh, you been doing good on your soccer team this year?"
>T: I didn't know the answer to that. You never answered me! This is how things go with Greg, I'm like, "Are we doing this? Are we doing this?" and he never answers me! And then, when I ask him again, he's like, "Oh, you already know the answer."
>G: This is how things go with Lainey.
>T: Because I… (Greg starts making exaggerated loud autistic noises that sound like BLAH BLAH BLAH, then immediately laughs after.)
>T: …Wow. Really constructive criticism there, babe.
>G: So, what do you think for breakfast, like maybe some uh, PIZZA? (grins at her and laughs)
>T: I'm actually okay doing whatever because I had some cereal, so if you want to go do lunch, that's fine with me.
>G: Oh, by the way! I met this girl on this uh, cam site. And I've been fucking her for years. Just thought that you should know.
>T: Sick. (as in, cool)
>G: I figured, now's the time. Sweet spot, you know?
>T: (disinterested and dismissive) Yep.
>G: (keeps going) while we're over six years married I've been (bleeped) up a cam girl.
>T: For six years?
>G: Yep.
>T: That's impressive.
>G: Hey, Panera bread!
>T: Yeah, but they're past breakfast time.
>G: So?
>T: I don't want Panera bread.
>T: Let's go to…
>T: No, let's go somewhere new. We never go anywhere new and I want to go somewhere new.
>G: I've heard of this new place.
>T: What's it- what's he gonna say, ladies and gents?
>G: Panera bread!
>T: Shut the fuck up.
>G: Let's go eat at the parking lot.
>T: Perfect. I love eating… pavement.
>G: Oh, look! Panera bread is right here!
>T: (annoyed) Oh my god. Whaaaat?
>G: We could.. yeah! Unless you want..
>T: I've never seen Panera bread before, in my life.
>G: ..unless you want to eat at the 'Flaming Onion'.
>T: (clearly irritated, starts ranting) Does that say flaming? You have called this the Flaming Onion, like, three days in a row. Does that say 'flaming'?
>G: Do you want to go eat at the 'Flaming Onion'?
>T: There's also a mexican place right there, "Blue Agave".
>G: Let's go to "Blue Grave".
>T: (laughs and mumbles "Fuck")
>T&G: (in unison) "Blue Grave".
>G: (Greg takes control of the camera) Hurry, go.
>T: Stoooop.
>G: Run! Run in. Run in.
>G: Here's Lainey running in. Because I'm a psycho. Oh yeah.. that's what I like.
>(Lainey walks up towards the entrance, putting on her bag and then turns around to look at him when he doesn't follow.)
>G: Yeah….. (zooms in, then out)
>(Music plays and they show the menu at the counter. Greg focuses on some random barrel decor and says, "Barrels! Oh my goooood.")
>(Next, he zooms in on the food being prepared on a tortilla. Taylor mumbles something and he says, "Woooooow." twice.)
>(Taylor has control back of the camera and Greg is seen taking a picture of his food with his phone. They sit across from each other outside at a small wrought iron patio table.)
>G: I'm instagramming my own food.
>T: Here's mine. I have vegetarian tacos, and I have beans and rice. And I have chips!
>T: This is actually sooo nice. We're sitting outside in the sun.
>(cuts to a sped up video of them eating lunch. Taylor is hunched over, facing away. Greg sits awkwardly hunched as well, not moving his left arm the entire time. Neither one of them seem particularly engaged with the other, and the body language seems very uncomfortable.)
>(They finish and go inside of a place called, "The Garden Room". Greg tries an Italian accent and says, "Welcome to Italy." Taylor laughs and he says, "Yeah I don't know. It just feels like Italy.")
>(It seems Greg is in control of the camera for most of this time. He zooms around the store, focusing on garden ornaments and jewelry. Her totally gay™ soundtrack is playing over the montage. The video will cut out in a few spots so we can hear Greg tell Taylor he doesn't like the glasses she tries on. They leave that store and go to "Bella's Kitchen Essentials". A few more seconds of zooming and panning at kitchen glasses and candles. Taylor walks on the wall of a fountain.)
>G: Okay we're now at the uh, IMAX. What are we going to see?
>T: The Quiet Place! (the most emotion she has shown that isn't frustration or disgust at this point. Greg repeats her, almost mockingly. You have to hear it to understand, I think.)
>T: (holding a pink stuffed animal) I brought this guy because he's a "worry eater" and he will keep me safe.
>G: Yeah actually, he'll just die with you.
>T: No! He's quiet, it will be fine.
>G: And then's it's double tragic, because you'll have cute imagery of a little bear ripped to shreds.
>(They are in the entrance in the dark.)
>G: Are you ready for "A Quiet Place"?
>T: (looking at her phone) I'm literally having a panic attack. I don't like this.
>G: I'll push you in. (puts a hand on her shoulder) Go. Go now!(makes a ghost sound) OoooooOooooo!
>T: It's not about ghosts!
>(the movie is over and they're walking out)G: What did you think about it?
>T: I liked it.
>(now in the car)T: What did you think of the movie?
>G: Uh… I thought a lot of people died needlessly. I thought it was really sad.
>T: Yeah, too many deaths. It was a lot less like… scary? than I thought that it was gonna be. It was like, it was very tense and thrilling. It wasn't like a "horror" film, I didn't think.
>T: What's the plan now, Stan?
>G: We're going to go to Kohl's and them uh, Emerald Smoothie.
>T: Alright so I guess we're going to Kohl's right now.
>(Greg makes some stupid joke about Kohl's as they walk up but I couldn't understand it because it's bleeped mostly.)
>(Lainey has sunglasses on)G: Sir, could you uh, stop trying on the merch? Sir? (she tries on some others) SIR? Yeah, can I get security on aisle 7?
>(The next scene is zoomed on a Nike sandal on Taylor's foot.)
>G: Those are ugly. (Taylor flips him off and walks away.) They look like K-mart made 'em.
>(More loud gay™ music and zooming in on the struggling gay prince trying on some new [and extremely essential and needed for her very important job] Converse. She seems pleased with herself. The next screen is of a book that says, "I know a Rhino" and Greg says, "Oh yeah? Stop bragging." It cuts away to them walking up to a smoothie shop called, "Emerald City Smoothie". Then back to them in the car.)
>T: Well, our date is now over.
>G: Hey look at Dobbs. He's just sitting there.
>(Dobbs is staring out the window at them.)
>G: (in his Dog Thoughts voice) Sup Bro?
>T: How was your date experience?
>G: It was great. I had a great time with you. It was very fun. Just like, hanging out with you.

I'll make a new post for the Promposal because they're really like two separate videos, but she has to pad her shit because she can't make anything interesting enough to make two separate ones.

No. 509127

Is that an ex of her’s kissing her or some other girl? If it’s some other girl why does she care? And if it’s her (which I honestly can’t tell) why would she be going through those photos and getting excited enough to show her patrons? Is someone missing and reminiscing their teenage years that were stolen away?

Honestly, Lainey and her husband’s marriage reminds me of those sad marriages from like the 1900s and earlier. A young girl marries an older guy and pops out his kids almost immediately, never having a life of her own and doing anything and everything he wants. The only difference is women back then weren't lazy and they didn’t dress up like 10 year old boys.

No. 509128

I can't imagine greg being okay with this.

No. 509129

It's an old picture of her and her ex kissing.

No. 509130

That’s her, with long hair? She looks so different. Why would she feel the need to save and share that?

No. 509132

i dont think that's her. the nose is 100000% different. i think maybe people were just asking about her exes and what they looked like and she showed them?

No. 509133


No. 509134

File: 1524369288375.png (194.28 KB, 948x861, 042118-1.png)

Here's the picture she posted before.
For context, she was sharing old pictures of herself she found on photobucket, I believe?

No. 509136

she sounds like shes regretting a lot rn

No. 509137

oh… that does sound cute, actually.

No. 509138

He looks like the kid from “The End of the Fucking World.”

I wonder why she’s reminiscing about this. Probably because a 14 year old boy was sweeter and more romantic than her angry fucking husband. Plus she still talks to him, I wonder what about..

No. 509139

Second part of this video transcript: The "Promposal".

>T: Okay, it's now the next day. And I realized that I haven't asked Greg to go with me to prom yet, so I need to do a promposal. I'm not very creative… I didn't have any good ideas for this, but my Discord came up with a great idea. To dress as "L" and ask him to prom in candy because L loves candy and he loves L, so I thought it would be a cute little, uh, idea. So first I've just gotta get my cosplay stuff on. I've already have my black skinny jeans. Gotta take off the socks because L is always barefoot for some reason. We just need this white shirt. Long sleeve white shirt. And this is a wig. I feel like this is not the correct L wig. Like this is not a good L wig. It needs to be straighter. It's too curly. I need emo hair. I want to go straighten it but I'm afraid I'll ruin it. (puts it on) It looks so big on me. I look like the grudge. I don't look like L. I look like…. shinigami! (cuts away and it's slightly tamed) It looks okay if you ask me, it's not great. But you can like, tell I'm L, right? Especially if I sit all L-like? Okay now I have to spell out prom in these M&Ms that I got.

>(Ultra gay™ music plays as she spells out "PROM?" with the candy)
>T: It's perfect!
>T: (jump cut in a different wig) I found a better wig. So now… we are ready. (nervous laughter) Okay.. here we go!
>(Cuts to Greg walking in. He looks at the camera and then looks at Taylor.)
>G: It says, "Prom question mark?"
>T: Yeah!
>G: Ugh, I want to eat those but I'm now on a diet. Yeah, I would definitely go to prom with you.
>(he takes the camera and focuses on Taylor)G: Sitting like L sucks! Prooooom? (laughs) You got a yes. What more do you want? Geez. (He is saying this in a 'joking' tone.)
>T: Excitement.
>G: (extremely over-exaggerated excitement)OH MY GOD! YES!! HOLY GOD GOLY WOW~! Is that good?
>T: Yes.
>G: Alright.
>T: (Taylor, admiring herself as usual in the viewfinder) I look cute as fuck.
>G: (something gets bleeped) L would never talk like that.
>T: Do the voice. I'll just do the face.
>G: (impersonating L) My face is currently of a standard that I accept. My hair is at a length and fashion that I find adequate for the appearance that I desire.
>(Greg and Taylor sitting on the chair together)G: Alright, so, a super genius is my spouse. ha ha ha ha ha take that, world.
>T: We already knew that though. (plucks her wig off)
>T: Well, I guess I'll see you at prom.
>G: Alright.. hasta lavista. Until prom. We're gonna dance to… My chemical romance.
>T: Yeah, probably.
>G: (immediately stands up) alright.
>T: (jumpcuts to her alone) Alright guys, I hope that you liked this video. If you did (I'm not typing all of her self promotion shit)
She says prom won't be Tuesday but sometime next week.

No. 509140

Divorcegate when

No. 509141

Look how normal she was here. She wasn’t brainwashed into thinking Church’s were evil, etc. She was a normal kid who would’ve lived a normal life. I feel bad for who she was because she got manipulated by a grown man and now she’s stuck living a miserable life with him and paying off his debt and taking care of 2 kids at only 23. She should still be in college or starting her first job in her field of study. I hope she snaps out of it sometime soon. She’s just a fucking idiot because of him, but I think if she could get out of his grip she’d be able to realize how fucked up he was and make changes. I mean she was just a kid. I hope she doesn’t let her kids be manipulated the way she was into believing such ignorant fucking things.

No. 509142

He posts photos with his ex all the time and talks about them so he shouldn't.. And I don't think Greg's in love with her anyway. Then again he's a huge hypocrite so he'll prob make a big deal out of it.

No. 509143

Maybe this is how she gets him to give a shit about their prom? Bringing up tender “dance” moments with past boyfriends ought to make LGH feel a little possessive/territorial/competitive? Compared to the alternative (pure apathy) I could understand the appeal

No. 509145

Maybe that's what she's trying to do? I don't know. He's just never seemed possessive about her like he has some of his other exes. Plus he's already made her unattractive so I doubt he'd feel threatened by an ex anyway.

No. 509146

Well he’s never been possessive with her because he’s never had to. His exes all had minds of their own in some way. Not Lainey though. She’s always done whatever he wanted whenever he wanted and honestly, it’s difficult for HIM to get away from HER. So he doesn’t feel the need to be possessive because she’s always right there begging for his attention. That’s why when they have a 3rd person in their relationship he’s always jealous over that person instead of Lainey, kek.

No. 509147

The one time they had that Twitter spat about that dude in a band that Lainey was so excited about who blocked LGH, it wasn't even about jealousy, it was about "Loyalty" kek

No. 509148

What a weird thing to share with your discord? An "ex" so when she was in middle school? when did she have time to date anyone between greg and her old abusive bf lol. She had to be middle schooler or fresh high schooler. She totally wishes she could go back to those days, meet someone who she could do cute romantic stuff with and who would be into doing things like a "prom" or adventure in fiji, etc. Instead she gets to go to walmart with greg while he stares at his phone and looks annoyed at her when she speaks lmao.

In that picture it looks like she has a genuine smile and was happy. You never see that with gerg. She should have gave up on "fame" and just lived her normal life. Every time during this greg shit that I thought lameo might have an epiphany and change for the better, she's done a 180 and gone further in the other direction into being a bitchier, awful, horrid person. I can't even muster up any sympathy at this point to feel bad for her. I also think she misses being a cute feminine girl that guys would think is hot, but she loves the attention from being a gender-obsessed space prince. She wants both.

No. 509149

I think back then he still found her cute and feminine and young and a "catch". At this point, i wouldn't be surprised if she is TRYING to make him jealous. I think she actually LOVES when drama happens because after its over, she gets a lot of attention/love-bombing from him. Even during the drama, he probably talks to her a lot because he either has to talk to her to fight with her or rages about someone else and wants someone to tell him how right he is which lameo does like a good little ass-licker.

There has been like no drama for awhile, so he must be giving about 0 shits about her and still scrolling through his forums/twitter/patreon looking for a younger girl to convince lameo to date.

I feel like shes going to stay with him way too long, and then when things end she will truly truly regret it because she will be almost 30, have grown children and never had got to live out her teenage/college/young 20's dreams. Every year she wastes staying with him just makes it worse and worse.

No. 509150

I bet this is also why he got tired of her relatively quickly

No. 509151

Why do they have a little girls bike? Surely Cloey isn’t old enough to use that

No. 509152

The eternal mystery. It's been asked for a while and we still don't know. That, and the lawnmower and other things they've trashed their yard up with could be in their garage if LGH wasn't selfishly using it for filming. Their neighbors must be so relieved these trashy fucks are secluded away from the rest of them so they don't have to see their swamp trailer park.

No. 509153

Could just be hand me down toys from LGH's sisters.

No. 509158


This comment is spot on. There is nothing wrong with asking for a second opinion, where he fucked up was chimping out for no reason and making a retarded competition between a medical professional and his " Go0Gle FAAAAXXXX!!!111". Even if I was upset I would try to keep my shit together for the sake of my kid: because facing an exploritory surgery is scary enough without your Dad losing his shit and being threaded to be thrown out by security. Lainey was so upset she was crying, and LGH is having a sperg filled pissing contest with medical staff. Way to show that you are retarded, self absorbed little prick on and off the camera dumb ass.

No. 509159

Who the fuck goes and says that CT scans are painful? They're fucking painless as they come
Onion you true dumb fuck

No. 509160

Maybe Troy wanted a pink bike. I'm sure Lainey has posted about the gendering of toys etc., so it's not beyond unbelievable that they got him a pink bike.

Man, Lamewad could make a killing turning her channel into a mommy channel because she's a "space prince" and could make bank talking about gendered toys etc. People would lap that shit up.

No. 509174

File: 1524388383971.png (699.5 KB, 719x1046, surelainey.png)

Lainey will lie even about who drew a simple drawing.

No. 509179

If LGH wasn't forced to be with Lameo and her money, he'd divorce her over this lmao

No. 509181

Sounds a bit like LGH. kek

No. 509182


Ty anon you forever have my gratitude. <3

No. 509183

Can they go FIVE minutes without fighting or bitching at each other…? LGH keeps sidestepping her questions and making fun of her. How hard is it to say "yes, we're eating first" or "no, let's watch the movie first".

No. 509184

>G: Alright.. hasta lavista. Until prom. We're gonna dance to… My chemical romance.
>T: Yeah, probably.
>G: (immediately stands up) alright.


No. 509189

so buttbothered

No. 509196

Haven’t seen this posted anywhere, I know it’s vaguely old news but interesting enough I think. RSN is gross and I wish he’d put the mask back on.(wrong thread)

No. 509199

Both RSN and the patreon cows have their own threads

No. 509201

File: 1524409008753.png (305.15 KB, 663x443, 2018-04-22.png)

when you have to dress yourself like your husband's favourite male anime character, to ask him if he goes to your homemade prom in your own house with you

~* Just Lainey things *~

No. 509205

just a random duvet in front of the fireplace, and an already filthy carpet… they work fast. The inside of the house looks like the outside.

No. 509209

How does he still have 2.1 million subscribers?? Does he buy them? Because I see massive drops every time there's a socialblade screencap.

No. 509212

Shouldn't all this stuff be put into the garage so it's not destroyed in the rain? Who stores their lawn mower outside like that?
Oh right, Lainey's Life Partner who wanted the whole garage to himself.

No. 509214

I know it's just paraidolia (sp?), but it looks like there's a severed dog's head in the fireplace, and I just can't unsee it now.

didn't he have like 3+ million? even with a steady leak of subs, it'll take a while for all of them to vanish.

No. 509217

File: 1524418325539.jpg (33.88 KB, 537x663, FB_IMG_1524418254245.jpg)

I think I can name one

No. 509219

Lameo looks better with that wig on. Maybe if she dyed her hair black (not that disaster blue black she had before) and grew her hair out like this, LGH would still be attracted to her. That is if she stopped talking like a discount Shane Dawson. I know it's non-binary teenspeak "yaaaass bitch I'm looking lit af space prince uwu" but it's so cringy.

No. 509225

For those who don’t want to give the blobfish views.

No. 509237


She can’t decide who she wants to copy: Billie, Shane, Jessie, Eugenia, or anyone Greg is remotely attracted to at the moment.

No. 509239

No wonder she always looks like such a trainwreck, she's trying to copy so many people at once

No. 509242

And one of the first things he said when he walked in was that she wasn’t sitting like L right (only meaner). And then she was like actually disappointed at the end and he called her out on it. Like he expects people to make him feel good about stupid shit he does, but he can’t even fake emotion for his wife. Like she dressed up as your favorite anime character and everything. Most people would think “aww” and he just thinks “damn I wish I could eat those m&ms… oh look there’s a person sitting next to them.”

No. 509244

I’m pretty sure he only sperged out because that guy was a ‘hater’ lol not because she was excited.

No. 509246


yea, he'd blocked gurg on twitter so because of that he expected lamey to do block him in return. after she tried defending herself saying that she wasn't aware, he basically was mad at her for trying to defend herself at all instead of just blocking that guy - because by then she DID know.

No. 509247

I know armchairing isn't allowed, but I feel like that's 100% spot-on. I felt really sorry for Lainey at that moment, even though I know she's almost as bad as he is. But nobody deserves to have their SIMPLE ASS QUESTION thrown back in their faces like that.

If that was Lainey's friend or acquaintance and they treated her like this, everyone would tell her to cut them off and remove the toxic influence from her life.

No. 509248

File: 1524429749707.png (324.83 KB, 638x2307, Onision_Relationship_2015.png)

No. 509249

Lainey's new BeautyBot video… She used make-up from the Wish App that was given to her by her friend Dani. Long story short, she claims to have some sort of allergic reaction to the foundation or concealer, even though she applied concealer all over the face. She also used purple eyeshadows and applied a glittery pureple eyeliner all over the lid which made her eyes hurt and unable to blink. She also got the Fars like Unicorn Essence bottle from Wish but kept mentioning how much she's wanted it for years and hopes she got the real one from Wish (she didn't). Basically, she didn't really like anything and kept bashing everything. Low-key wondering if her "friend" Dani is trolling her with all this Wish stuff.

No. 509250

Sorry to samefag but I meant Farsali not Fars like

No. 509263

Why is his face as red as a baboon's ass?

The way her stupid sheet backdrop keeps moving because she's literally elbowing it is so mesmerizing. What a cunt talking about how much she wants the $50 primer but she's not about to spend it on herself. Buy your own makeup you greedy pig!

No. 509271

File: 1524435770876.jpeg (303.17 KB, 1242x1249, 5416A581-EB15-44CE-AC73-38FFA7…)

This is so typical. For the anons that speculate that LGH tried to isolate her from her family because of what he did to exes, he actually did this. Some anons know about it and have mentioned it, but mostly I’ve seen speculation about it.

He’s a fucking creep. Just because someone blocks you doesn’t mean they dislike you or even think about you. Sometimes people see someone say dumb shit and block them and never think about them again. He was full of himself if he thought that guy cared, kek. How obnoxious. Your s/o is allowed to fucking enjoy music and fangirl over someone who’s actually famous despite them blocking you? The guy doesn’t harass him. This is hilarious. Yet he can give a girl a full body massage and fuck her, but Lainey isn’t loyal because she got excited someone famous tweeted at her. Cool.

No. 509274

File: 1524436620310.png (850.24 KB, 1001x797, WashYoFace.png)

Why does she continually do these stupid videos without washing her face first? She still has yesterday's makeup smeared all over her eyes. So gross.

No. 509275

Yet another video where a patron spends tons of money on products and she shits all over it.
Btw, what happened to "I haven't been wearing any makeup and I finally feel like myself!" That lasted how long? A day?

No. 509277

File: 1524437166428.png (1.79 MB, 1440x2172, independent thinking.png)

Kek LGH celebrating an "independent thinker". Just don't be too independent with your thinking or he'll throw that pledge in your face. If you're not a figment of his imagination, that is.

No. 509280

yep he tries to isolate taylor from her family but his family literally insulted her and hurt her smol bean space prince fee fees by not respecting her pronouns and that's a-ok with him.

No. 509281

>Just a person that doesn't like me, tweeting you & you fondly reacting to it. No loyalty.

What a child. Not only to think this way, but to think it so much that he deems it appropriate to publicly shame her over it.

I can't remember the last time anyone sperged out at me about loyalty. I think it was in middle school.

No. 509284

File: 1524439176965.png (2.1 MB, 1440x2456, Final Video.png)

A comment on his"Final Video". Spot on.

No. 509289


He totally wrote that shit lmao. The style of writing, ":)", praising Lainey as a great human, talking about watching da hatUrZ and then giving LGH a chance and realizing everybody was wrong and he is totes a super awesome content aggregator cough I mean "creator". Oh wow and they also mention he just happens to have the most diverse patreon perks, kek. Sure Jan.

No. 509290

KEK. But god forbid that "independent thinking" person starts to question, sorry, HATE on his weird acts…

No. 509292

Greg stop sockpuppeting yourself. Your not fooling anyone. No one likes you, not your wife, not your patrons, the only person that likes you is yourself.

No. 509295

Also hilarious how someone's only an independent thinker when they agree with him. Haturz are brainwashed idiots. Unlike, say, the 12 year olds who consistently parrot everything retarded thing he sharts out of his mouth.

No. 509296

He banned two Patrons in one day a month or so ago because they disagreed with what he was saying; one for not liking his shitty suicide jokes, the other because they questioned his "FAXX" too frequently. He doesn't like "independent thinkers," he likes people that suck his dick; the fact that he had to ban his own Patrons speaks to this, as does the fact that he's now banning (censoring, that thing you can't do to him, but he can do to you) everyone with even the slightest criticism on Twitch.

What made him go from unbanning everyone, to having to ban like crazy? Perhaps moving into a deluxe trailer in the woods where he can't escape Lainey and hentai-fap in peace has made him all the more sensitive?

No. 509299

He couldn't have made it any more obvious if he tried. Starts off by casually mentioning he sends "nice" personal messages to patrons. And she thanks him for not only taking pledges but HONESTLY earning them. Where have we heard that before?

I kekked at him thanking her for "letting me know your story". What story, bitch? The epic tale of how you overcame the haturz?

There's not one intro post in his patreon that has been this well thought out and didn't have a life story/picture of themselves for him. So ridiculous, who buys this shit?

No. 509302

she's trying to be all nonchalant and subtle by voicing her want of it, and since she didn't get the real one, she's hoping one of her patrons will send her the real thing. She could literally get the $20 mini one, because let's be honest, she's not struggling.

No. 509305

I'm honestly wondering if the patron was being sincere in sending her make-up from Wish. I know many people use Wish for make-up and think it's so great due to the price, but a lot of their stuff is hit or miss in quality since it's made in China (mostly miss). So the quality of some make-up from Wish is the same quality as fake make-up which can contain some pretty toxic stuff. And I'm not gonna lie I was the Anon that posted a few threads back that it'd be hilarious if someone like a patron sent Lainey fake make-up since she was begging for more highlighters [pls don't ban me again I'm just referencing this]. If the patron was sincere in sending it, I feel bad since Lainey basically hated all of it. If the patron was trolling her, good on her.

No. 509307

That same Patron who sent the Wish clothes as well as the makeup has given Lainey over $700 on YouNow. So most likely not a troll. She's an older lesbian who is probably trying to buy Lainey's love; give it up, lady, Lainey's not actually gay.

No. 509308


I doubt she’s trolling her, Dani seems to be very friendly towards Lainey. She even came up to visit Lainey and they got piercings together.

No. 509309


Oh man, I feel bad since Lainey was basically shitting on a lot of the stuff Dani got her from Wish.

No. 509310


so basically lainey got herself a sugar momma - is it finally time for divorcegate then, now that someone who actually HAS money is showing interest in her?

even if lame is not a lesbian, getting with some rich, older lesbian MUST be 1000x better then having to get with onision.

come on footface, this is your chance!

No. 509311

She doesn't even need it. Her makeup skills are bad and a $50 primer won't magically fix that. She can buy drugstore brands for a while.

That 120 or whatever color palette made me cringe. She could've got the same palette from BH cosmetics or even a similar one from Coastal Scents but instead she's smearing potentially toxic shit around her eyes. She deserves it though.

She shits on everything. She's an ungrateful cow. She could've tried to make that work by mixing the concealer with a moisturizer to make it a little more blendable or something but she's retarded and just slaps anything on her face.

No. 509314

LGH brought up Shi again on twitch.
The story starts about 30 seconds in.

No. 509316

Like how much older? There's something deliciously ironic about an old lesbian trying to buy the love of a young lesbian dude who preys on underage bi girls. It's the Circle of Milk.

No. 509317

>I have big pile of trash

You don't say?

No. 509319

It's called his life.

No. 509322

She's 40 apparently, but it's hard to believe

No. 509325

He broke up with Shiloh once because she laughed when he slipped on ice?? We all know Greg would have laughed at someone slipping and falling.

No. 509331

yes, yes, and yes! I was gonna mention in my initial post but based on watching YouTubers try on fake make-up, a majority of the ones that did purple or red looks ended up with burning eyes. It also doesn't help that as a previous Anon mentioned, it looked like Lainey still had on make-up from the previous day or remnants of it due to not cleaning up properly. If she gets infected eyes and constantly picks at them (cause let's be honest she picks at everything on her face with her grubby hands), she could make it worse for herself. This also makes me curious if she's aware of make-up expiration dates. She has so many palettes, all of which have been opened even though they are untouched. Once you open a palette, it has an expiration of about 2 years or less. Sorry for all the beautybot and make-up talk but I feel like this recent video shows how ungrateful she is towards probably one of her best-paying patrons and how unhygienic she is.

No. 509332

I'm probably just an idiot but I can NEVER get the DL to work

No. 509342

He is so petty with his "breakups" but expects people to stay with him while he is the biggest asshole to them. Also his patreons just defend anything he says. They barely heard the story and were already going "omg what an evil person for laughing!!". Like they've never laughed at someone who fell and was clearly not hurt at all.

>I just couldn't comprehend the lack of consideration

LOL. Fucking hilarious coming from him. The most inconsiderate horrid person who laughs at other people's pain on the daily, even his own wife.

No. 509344

He is such a fucking baby it’s disgusting. It reminds me of Adrienne’s letter about how he curled up in the bed crying. There’s something deeply mentally wrong with him. I laugh at my fucking self when I slip on ice. What kind of creep gets butt hurt because someone laughs at something fucking funny. How can anyone love this chode? And to think that Sh and Lainey were both teenagers and like 10 years younger than him when they were together.

Honestly what’s it going to take for Lainey to leave him? I know we often say she’ll never leave him because she hasn’t, but there have been times when she’s tweeted incriminating shit about him and she left him for like 2 weeks during cuddlegate. I feel like one more thing and she’ll probably lose it. I just don’t know why someone would want to continue working hard at being in a relationship with someone like this. Lainey has claimed to love feminine women, maybe that’s why she’s with her husband. He acts like a pre-teen girl.

No. 509348

I feel like she's still with him because either she wants to prove that she can make it work or that she doesn't know what to do without him

No. 509357

Or she's scared of what he'll do when they break up. Greg holds grudges and will do all that he can to make her feel miserable, just look at all his other exes. Plus they have kids which will most definitely result in a court battle, ego fighting and more slanderous lies.

No. 509362

She deserves fake make up, cheap bitch.

I feel like a lot of people think wish is legit lol

No. 509363


I think the kids are a big part of it for sure. Once you have kids with someone it's a lot harder to leave them, plus you're stuck having that person in your life forever no matter what. A classic case of "stay together for the kids". But sadly they're probably better off having their parents divorce…at least they'll have a chance at a normal childhood that way.

No. 509366


Grug has a history of slandering anyone who so much as disagrees with him; we’ve seen how he obsesses over his failed friendships with Shane and Cyr and how immature and heartless he is with his past girlfriends and Onion wife 1.0. He and Plain have been together for over 6 years, imagine all the dirt he has on her (and vice versa). If Plain were smart, and we all know she’s not, she’d realize that their prenup was bullshit, she makes more money than him now, and HER FUCKING DAD IS A LAYWER. She could wipe the floor with his pimply red ass in court, and she has the bigger fan base now, so all her space case princes could be the spine she doesn’t have when her gay husband invenitably shits all over her for the years to come.

No. 509368

lainey won't leave him because if she does she'll have to get a job. simple.

No. 509371

>Honestly what’s it going to take for Lainey to leave him?

Hot guy with fame and money asks her to divorce onion and marry him. AKA never happening.

If they get into true financial struggle where it would actually affect her life to be with him over being single, she might decide dumping him is worth it since he has no money or fame to give her. Shes scared of change, being proven that the past 6 years of her life were not spent on her "soulmate", losing her internet fame/money (she probably is motivated by onion to make videos and will be lazy by herself), and the thought of being a single mom with two kids (immature men aren't gonna wanna deal with the kid thing and she isnt attracted to mature adults since shes still stuck in her teen phase).

No. 509373

I literally thought someone actually took my suggestion and sent her fake make-up but it was instead a patron being sincere. But still watching the video made me laugh so hard, it's like karma for her constant begging for things she doesn't need. I mean, she's a grown ass woman with two kids and she makes thousands per a month. If she budgeted things, she can afford some nice make-up for herself without begging or trying to drop "subtle" hints on what she needs so her patrons can send her stuff. Someone pointed out that patrons pay at least $10 a month just to be able to know her P.O. box to send her stuff. Wtf, $10 so I can send even more money your way in the form of items that you want plus shipping? I still don't even understand what Lainey does that attracts people to donate money to her besides haters who want access to the "exclusive patron-only content" so they can leak it for everyone to see like the house tour.

No. 509376

she could keep doing the YouTube shit. honestly her dumping lgh would probably gain her lots of views and subs from the drama alone, and a lot of her subs hate him anyway, so really she could only go up from here. I think hes really holding her back.

also, she could easily find a dude willing to overlook her kids to date/marry. as much as we rag on her she's not ugly or fat.

No. 509377

What annoys me is that she’s completely aware that she could mop the floor with him having a lawyer in her immediate family. But then her dumbass had to go and tell her gay husband about the holes in their supposed prenup her dad pointed out after cuddlegate

No. 509378

Her gay husband thinks money = quality, I'm sure she has the exact same mindset.

No. 509380

is any dude really willing to overlook having to deal with Grease though? cause you know he would slander whatever new guy she was with.

No. 509381

She's said she's saving money for her gay husband's audit.

No. 509391

>taylor gets married to a normal man
>kids love him
>call him dad

greg would prob murder them all after crying on yt

im barely joking

No. 509392

taylor sucks, but I want to see her move on because I just really want Gurg to be sad and alone forever. That dude does not deserve a loving relationship. He just shits all over it.

No. 509395

lmao, greg would not be sad in the slightest if taylor left. he'd be living it up.

No. 509396

He'd feign devastation to lure in the next 18 year old to use and abuse… or he'd use it as a reason to move in a replacement he's probably already talking to, knowing his history…

No. 509404

>I feel like a lot of people think wish is legit lol
They do. People complain about how YouTubers act like makeup from Wish is so bad because they've had decent experiences with it but it seems like it's so hit or miss it's a stupid gamble to take when there are inexpensive reputable brands available. Those people are just that stupid apparently and deserve to fuck up their eyes and skin with cheap shit from China that for all they know has urine in it.

This is true. When Billie left and the infamous where's my support went down GSW acted like it was so wrong people treated her like she was a hero for escaping a bad situation. That could be her support if she left LGH. People are tired of seeing his killer tomato face and flabby gut with puffy nips popping up in her videos all the time.

No. 509407

I'm not surprised. I remember when it was just a dumb Fb app, but now I see it has YT ads and shit.

I'll buy shit from China no problem, but nothing that goes into my body or stays on it (like lotions, etc). Or stuff that you leave plugged in (fire worry). My paranoia overpowers my poverty, ha.

No. 509417

no, he'd be panicking because he didn't have a backup plan to replace lame with and would try to seduce her back to him tirelessly until he managed to dupe another teenager to marry him.

he's terrified of being alone. look how fast he was willing to throw away lame and the kids when B was still in the picture. he's endlessly trying to find the next girl to dump lame for under the guise of a threesome. he's a huge pussy and knows that after the drama bomb of divorcing lame he would have nothing.

No. 509422


I think his main problem is trying to find someone who fits his narrow ideal of beauty, has no backbone, and who only strokes his ego and never argues with him. On top of that, they have to be non-threatening enough for Lame to allow in the house while he grooms them.

No. 509425


Dude needs constant audience for shit he does. He is so mentally fucked in the head, that once he is alone - only with himself- he goes complete batshit. That's why he won't leave Lainey (or let her leave) until he has a replacement ready.

I remember someone posted a cap here from one of his old sites (before he was Onision). Him and Skye were still dating and were long distance for a short time.
He was describing pain he felt because she was leaving. It seems like a normal entry at first but when you look at it better, it goes something like this:
>I'll miss her listening to me, I'll miss her watching me do something etc etc

Like it wasn't that he was going to miss HER, instead he was going miss her being an audience of his. It was lowkey so fucked up.

He sees his gfs/wives as his audience (whom he can fuck) and nothing else.

No. 509444

File: 1524500827896.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.68 MB, 4032x3024, BA83E507-EE83-4828-8A67-44FAD7…)


i wasn’t sure if i should post this at all, since it’s such a disgrace kek

No. 509446

I almost broke my neck trying to read that

No. 509448

File: 1524501525509.jpeg (Spoiler Image,323.69 KB, 1280x884, C49025C4-4998-4E93-8E09-2A28F9…)

samefag, this is definitely a lot more savory and i hope you like it -
i went ahead and finally gave lame the binder she deserves.

No. 509453

It's beautiful, I especially like the attention to detail like the herps on Lame's crusty lips. The only issue is Ogreg's hair should be a bit more baby poop coloured then platinum blonde, just add a bit more orangey brown to the roots to fully encapsulate his terrible terrible greasy mop. Besides that it's wonderful, you did well anon. bravo

No. 509457


Right? He was already talking to and very much into Shiloh when he served Skye divorce papers. When he repeatedly broke up with Adrienne during their short relationship, he was trying to get back with both Shiloh AND Skye. When he broke up with Adrienne, he was back with Shiloh immediately after. When he and Shiloh finally called it off, he was talking to Lainey days after. When Lainey left him briefly during Cuddlegate 1.0, he was planning on moving away with Billie not one day later. He won’t leave his straight wife until he already has someone young and new lined up and waiting.

No. 509460


It's speculated he was talking to Lainey even earlier than that. Some people think in the voicemails he left Adrienne that the 'girl in school' he mentions is Lainey and we know she started sending him fangirl tweets during the Adrienne era.

It's really weird. He's in his 30s and he's never had a meaningful period of time being single; he's always got another girl lined up ready. The thing is, he's older and even more unattractive now. His channel is dying so the only opportunity he has to source out new girls is through Lainey and most of her subs seem to hate him too.

No. 509464


It is actually nicely drawed lol

No. 509501

lmfao love that lainey's head is literally a foot, nice work anon.

No. 509507


Anon you have real talent, please invest in proper drawing materials or programs so you can reach your full potential and bless us with your Onion art

No. 509514


thank you so much, i'm trying but sadly - unlike onion - i'm actually broke

No. 509543

Actually gave me chills. Well done anon.

No. 509544

File: 1524519444282.png (257.49 KB, 1440x1334, LGH is so deep.png)

Confirmed: LGH is trying to break into the women's prison demographic.

No. 509545


fucking perfect

No. 509546

What point is he even trying to make here? He's so ridiculously bad at explaining his points. To be fair, I doubt there's a good way to explain most of them.

No. 509551

Someone watched Orange Is The New Black.

No. 509554

His point is that from now on, his current and past harem members should be referred to by numbers. Billie - 1, Lainey - 2 etc…

No. 509555

I was going to say this, because I was reading LifeofOnion last night and I’m pretty sure it said that he was talking to Lainey near the end of his relationship with Shiloh. I know he responded to her during the time he was with Shiloh and they were dating long distance. They texted as well, but I don’t think anyone knows exactly when they started texting each other.

No. 509556

He used to rate underage girls with a numerical grade… maybe that's his way of saying "just cuz I called you a two doesn't mean I'm calling you fat and ugly" However your idea is just as plausible.

No. 509557

File: 1524520655979.png (128.44 KB, 1428x905, Person.png)

LGH is on a twitter spree today.

No. 509560

Is this another jab at Lainey's boy-space-gender?

No. 509561

I thought he was only using twitter to communicate to patreons?

No. 509563

File: 1524520802010.png (77.77 KB, 579x282, Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 5.58…)

yeah. it seems more nonsensical than usual. somethings brewing it the grease trailer swamp.

No. 509567

File: 1524521005174.png (157 KB, 1426x785, lovebobomb.png)

He's also lovebombing Lainey, perhaps he fucked up and misgendered her.

No. 509568

Or maybe he called her a 3

No. 509569

hes trying to become the next hitler

considering what her instagram photos look like, is that a compliment or an insult?

No. 509570


just looking at that profile picture again and again makes me sick to my stomach, i fell like if i cringe any harder i might have a stroke

No. 509572

What’s he even trying to get at? He gains and loses patrons all the time.

Notice how he always lovebombs her after making subtle jabs towards someone on Twitter? Also when things start getting tough in their house. Tinfoil but I feel like Lainey may be making threats or getting fed up with his shit because I don’t remember him ever being this scared and trying to make up after hurting her before she started putting money in the savings account for his debt. I mean just over a year ago he was such a cunt that he TOLD her he would fuck Billie if he wanted to. Now she wears the pants.

No. 509573

But anon, sticking your tongue out is what all the kids are doing! I am shooketh you don't think this is LIT!

No. 509574

The reaction and public blowback to this prom shit might have her manties in a twist.

No. 509575

Samefag but also I just went through the likes on some of his tweets lovebombing her and she never likes them.. kek

No. 509576

File: 1524521821829.png (183.46 KB, 1440x1182, psycho.png)

He's still sperging out about people hatewatching him.

No. 509577

did someone slip him an edible?

No. 509579

I would hate to be a fan of LGH right now. All he talks about is da haturz

No. 509580

File: 1524523080404.jpg (129.02 KB, 2208x1143, ohhaimark.jpg)

I knew this was giving me skeevy 90s vibes… obviously way more deformed tho

No. 509591

It's just like you hate-fuck your wife, Greggles. Same feeling.

No. 509594

It's almost like he only mentions fans/patrons when comparing them to the brainwashed idiot HATURZ lol like he's unable to show appreciation to those who actually like him without sperging about haturz in the same breath.

No. 509595

A wife.
Two children.
Three dogs.

And he feels so unloved he needs to hug himself?

That would be sad if you weren't such a toxic piece of trash. Go into swamp, Greg.

No. 509596

I just noticed that Lameo's "binder" in this drawing has onion patterns and that just made kek out loud. Good job!

No. 509613

File: 1524528347746.png (202.8 KB, 1440x971, so depressing.png)

>I'm glad we all talked

And by "we all talked" he means "I lectured you while you giggled and agreed with me"

No. 509622

File: 1524529854222.jpg (672.48 KB, 1440x2561, Sure Jan.jpg)

Kek this is the follow-up to that ridiculously obvious fake patron intro.

>Look guiz my fans aren't teenagers, many of them are mature women!

>Btw, what a great idea for a birthday gift to yourself: send me money!
>No one will notice it's a pic of an Ostrich

No. 509623

This is like a plea to get other people to join his Patreon at Discord level so they won't be left out.

No. 509624

I now see why people compare Lamo to a foot. I see the resemblance.

No. 509625

File: 1524530294907.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2024, Struggles.png)

>I am financially struggling you guize

Kek most of the comments are either calling him out on this or saying it's a misleading title because it's not funny in the least.

No. 509626

What does "watch without filters" on Patreon mean?

No. 509627

I think he censoring himself from saying “uncensored”

No. 509628

"Hentai breaks".

No. 509632

File: 1524531926705.png (811.12 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (987).png)

No. 509633

Greg get over yourself, you're well beyond that "level of crazy". You're one of the biggest hate filled creepy assholes on youtube. Do we need to remind you of your very public relationship fallouts with many romantic partners and friends?

No. 509635

Whaaat, they have leather furniture?

No. 509649

Lameo keeps trying to stream on YouNow and has restarted the stream twice already. The Swamp Trailor has been giving them some wifi connection issues apparently. I love how many issues the new house keeps causing them kek
Lame also said that her vanity is shit and is falling apart

No. 509650

maybe it's not the vanity that's shit, but the person who put it together.

No. 509651

Greg's mentioned Sh two days in a row on his twitch. I'm curious if he's trying to get a reaction.

No. 509660

On YouNow GSW confirmed that she and LGH share a bedroom and that her beauty studio is in the basement closet

No. 509665

No Foot no… your husband is literally putting you in the basement closet while he's out in the garage watching hentai… I'd feel sorry for the bitch if she weren't so cunty because that's just sad.

No. 509672


and she spent like 5 minutes justifying it. how the other "studio" was too big and she likes the closet so much better. it was funny to watch her flounder as she tried to overcompensate.

(doh! sry)

No. 509673

Why do these people pay to talk to him? Someone tries bringing up their experiences and he immediately interrupts them and makes it all about him. Such an unpleasant twat.

No. 509680

He probably is.
I'll bet after the whole incident with the lawyer, Gurg's ego took a boost cause he's probably now thinking SH still watches his stuff and keeps tabs on him, else she wouldn't have known he reposted their old videos.
So my guess is he is hoping she will make contact with him if he keeps talking about her.

No. 509742

It could be that, or it’s probably the fact that people are taking her side. Everytime he talks shit about someone and people take that person’s side over his, he continues to rant about them for weeks because he’s so upset that people aren’t on his side and he’s trying his hardest to get people to think his “opponent” is a bad guy.

No. 509743

i honestly dont know what any remaining fans find entertaining. The constant sperging about haters or the constant sperging about his financial problems?

its laughable that he tries to make shiloh or any of his ex's as the crazy abusive one. All he has to say is she acted like "he wasn't good enough" aka she probably didn't boost his ego enough after all the emotional shit he put her through and constantly breaking up with her after stupid shit like laughing when he fell on ice. You never experienced domestic abuse moron. You are the abuser.

No. 509744

>G: Uh… I thought a lot of people died needlessly. I thought it was really sad.
>T: Yeah, too many deaths. It was a lot less like… scary? than I thought that it was gonna be. It was like, it was very tense and thrilling. It wasn't like a "horror" film, I didn't think.

sorry i know this is old but did they even watch the movie? only two people die and then they show one or two people who have died. that's not close to being a lot or too many.

No. 509746

File: 1524562715559.jpeg (749.48 KB, 2048x1536, 59577B37-A7BE-4AB9-A2C1-F50F9D…)

made with love - lots of ~*+•^.,_~*gay*~_,.^•+*~ love.


No. 509747

lmfao this is beautiful anon
wish it was digital tho

No. 509748

One of LGH's fans mentions their brother died and makes really shitty incest jokes. He also brings up his shitty philosophy about tragedies.
This is great. 10/10

No. 509751


I feel bad for their poor children…no one should hear their father fap to hentai.

No. 509752


poor cow just came out of the closet and now her gay hubby is shoving her back in. peep that transphobia

No. 509771

it's amazing that after all his desperation to finally come up with a genuinely funny line, greg finally landed one and it was "DUHHH I'M LAINEY"

No. 509778

File: 1524583361989.jpeg (1001.54 KB, 2048x2048, DFA77828-D31E-4079-91A5-6F2C38…)

The timeline and decline of Plainey the Straight Wife:

No. 509782

Plainey filmed a mukbang with LGH because she's unoriginal and can't come up with her own ideas. She talked about it last night on YouNow and then complained about a bug bite she had. People in the chat were saying that it was bed bugs kek

No. 509785

I personally think the really short pixie cut made her look somewhat cute but that quickly went downhill

No. 509786

They'll probably get more bugs living in a swamp.

she cut her hair and got a permanent attitude on her face. i don't blame her living with greg.

No. 509793

Is he talking about Jewish Holocaust victims and their numbers…?

No. 509799

Anon remember you are talking about the mother of two children who has the necesity to bring a stuffed animal to a "scary movie"

No. 509801

Not only that but she spoke about the toy as if it was alive…"It will protect me!".
I just can't with her nonsense.

No. 509806

Yeah, it’ll protect her because her husband won’t. He can’t even protect himself. If they were ever in a situation that required doing SOMETHING to stay alive, they’d be so fucking doomed. Lainey is too scared to WATCH a scary movie and her husband curls into a ball and cries when he gets yelled at. I can’t even imagine what would happen if they were attacked I just know it would be pathetic, kek. And neither of them would think “my kids! I have to get back to my kids!” Which is usually a parents first thought about anything that means they’ll be gone a little longer.

No. 509808

so she missed the whole movie because she was talking to and hiding her face in her stuffed animal? these people should really stay home and wait for movies to come out on digital because apparently they can't handle them. lgh must have been too busy googling futa hentai during the movie since he also thinks a lot of people died needlessly.

No. 509809

File: 1524591402410.jpeg (131.76 KB, 750x1334, 685E0A85-88F2-4313-AF5F-7695A7…)

Can you imagine the cringe?

No. 509813

maybe the recent comparisons of her and SH have gotten to her, people have been on her for not having any talent at all.
i wonder what her actually singing would sound like, i can barely imagine her voice outside of that monotone she's usually stuck in.
and a music video of her lip-syncing to her own song?
is it christmas already? kek

No. 509814

Where’s her promised 10 things I love about Greg video? She’s asked fans for vid ideas but still hasn’t put that out yet.

No. 509815

Holy fuck! I'm tempted to up my pledge for that kind of content

No. 509818

She wants to be shi so badly, No wonder, She was the one that lied about shi to get her out of the picture, guess she's threatened because grease doesn't seem to shut up about shi these days.

No. 509820


God she's just going to end up embarrassing herself if she does this. Sh really does have a beautiful singing voice. Even if Lainey can carry a tune, she's going to sound shitty by comparison.

No. 509822

This >>509809 has been a pateron goal for a while but I do agree that she feels threatened by Shi.

No. 509831

She probably doesn’t think she’ll reach the goal, kek. Even if she does she’ll never upload it or even start it, just like the 10 Things video.

No. 509836

Riiiiiiight that never happened! Did we ever get any updates on that?

No. 509839

File: 1524598545557.png (650.81 KB, 817x518, gsw.png)

She made a reaction to LGH's "10 Things I Love about Laineybot" video. That's it. I think she was fine as long as she got to defend herself and look the victim. As far as making a '10 Things I Love About Onion" - she probably knows that LGH couldn't take the joke. It always takes him around half a year to embrace any nicknames we give him and even after you can tell he's still salty.


No. 509844

She'll never do it. She's too much of a plain doormat to do it, probably doesn't even have a sense of humor. Her first thing she'll "hate" will probably be "OH HE DOESN'T WANT TO BE IN A GAY RELATIONSHIP WHEN I'M A SPACE BOI!!! WAH! :(((("

No. 509847

File: 1524600560176.png (1.09 MB, 882x570, 2018-04-24 15_07_35-RAW VEGAN …)

What a lazy mukbang vid. Raw vegan isn't just a plate of raw vegetables. Not to mention she doesn't even like most of the food she put out.

No. 509848

In Lainey’s newest video they have the baby in the background the whole time and Greg even interacts with her off camera. It might be good not to bring it up to them because it will discourage them from being as open with their lives as they’re slowly becoming. I’m not telling anyone what to do but just a thought.

No. 509849


They're ~starving~ guise and can't survive. Look at how little food they have

No. 509850

How fucking boring, no one wants to watch that sort of mukbang. Enjoy your stomach cramps.

No. 509851

She hates, and spits out almost everything! This is the most complainey video yet. Can you imagine what kind of diet those kids have? No wonder they had a kid with rotting teeth at the age of 2 and a half. Trot” is an understatement. LGH is especially cocky in this one too. His titties look perky in this too.

No. 509852


not to mention it's organic which doubles it in price

No. 509853

File: 1524600837531.png (678.68 KB, 883x579, Untitled.png)


In that short second of taking a screengrab she was talking about a bug falling in her food lol

No. 509855

I like to think they sat down and made this video because we made fun of their date.

No. 509858

Not to mention how much of that food Lameo spits out. kek

No. 509859

File: 1524601387574.jpeg (528.92 KB, 2048x2048, E546C180-42A0-4CAC-B319-40188E…)

No. 509860


That's because she's so ana. Hardcore ana.

No. 509863

As much as I hate to admit it but I agree with LGH on this cringefest video. Lameo tries fucking fruit and vegetables and she spits everything out and squeals "aaahhh it's disgusting, it's gross". She's a legitimate bulimic.
She used to say her "thinspo" was a bad thing but then she spits most of her food out nowadays too lol. I don't even believe it was THAT bad.

No. 509865

Isn't it tick season? She has more to worry about than a bug falling in her food. Like the IRS and her kids possibly wandering out into the swamp.

No. 509866

Kek no wonder shes anemic. So greg was telling the truth when he shamed her for.eating fish (when he said if she maybe eat some veggies etc). So berries are disgusting but she eats kiwis with the skin on!!!! jesus take the wheel

No. 509868

That’s where we got that from. In that reaction video she said she was going to make her own 10 Things in response to that. She never did though. Which is ridiculous because what else does she have? People want to see that, not another “is our relationship toxic” video

No. 509870

Like that’ll happen. I cringe everyday because I see lurkers repeating/posting what we say on here to LGH on his twitter. The second we say something here, people rush to Lainey’s stream and her husband’s Twitter questioning them and telling them, ruining any milk, kek.

When you make a mukbang, it’s usually food you like and you actually eat. How is she providing her kids with any nutrients if she doesn’t even eat healthy foods and is deadset on breastfeeding them until they’re like 12?

No. 509873

samefag inb4 they eat other foods, I mean that the whole reason she breastfeeds them still is because of the nutrition value it has, but she isn’t getting nutrients herself so how is that remotely beneficial to those kids? They’re better off actually eating themselves.

No. 509881

I heard a cough at around 3:25 and baby noises at 3:47. They keep them kids real quiet, it’s weird.

No. 509885


If you thought her gay husband's songs were monotone, be prepared to listen to this shitshop

No. 509888

Holy shit her video is terrible. The whole point of the eating shows as everyone here and in the comments pointed out is people like watching people eat food they ENJOY. You’re suppose to like the fucking food not go “ew this is disgusting” and spit it out. How can she not even get something this simple right?
Gotta love Greg giving her shit about being picky though. And his classy cheating joke and trans jokes. Definitely seems like a loving husband who’s totally respects her feelings and doesn’t undermine her every chance he gets men

No. 509891

Lameo's song will make LGH's diarrhea songs sound more tolerable lmao. I wonder if she'll autotune to oblivion or try something more classic/acoustic.

No. 509892

lmao anon spitting your food out like a petulant child is not bulimia

lame does not and has never had an eating disorder, she's just an average sized girl who wants to be special and thin and uwu so fragile

No. 509898

She admits to binge eating, she said she eats a ton of "comfort food" on stream, her teeth are greying with transparency, her skin looks shitty and her eyes look dead, it's not that crazy to assume she has bulimia.

No. 509902

She might but that doesn’t mean you can say she has it because she’s overacting being grossed out about foods for a video and spitting them out. Some anons love throwing things at the wall just to see if anything sticks lol.

No. 509903

Samefag but I mean it shows she’s wasteful but not necessarily bulimic.

No. 509905

I wonder if the gay husband put her up to this as a jab at Shiloh.

Shiloh has actual talent though unlike Taylor. Her voice is going to be like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 509906

there is literally no proof Lainey has bulimia stop arm chairing this retarded shit

No. 509907

i don't wanna nitpick too hard so i'll be brief, but bulimia is a much harder eating disorder to hide than anorexia; puking is pretty loud, and eventually you either clog your toilet or have to deal with bags of vomit and while the mcmansion was huge, i think gerg would have picked up on it and mocked her for it bc he will take any opportunity to publicly shame her. if she is, which i personally doubt, she'll definitely get caught in the new house considering how small it is. either way it's an armchair kinda thing so no point in feeding into her dream of being a frail helpless lil anachan with ~*~anxiety~*~(derailing)

No. 509908

The fuck kind of toilet have you got?

No. 509909

Purging usually isn't loud. After you've been doing it for a while, you can learn to do it without making any noise at all.

But I agree I don't think she's bulimic. Her eating is disordered and she has a horrible diet but it's probably not more than that (from what we can see at least).(derailing)

No. 509912


I'd kill for a platter like this. What a fucking bitch. That fruit platter looks pretty good.

No. 509913

File: 1524605006515.jpg (42.3 KB, 603x340, 1522507539889.jpg)

>kiwis with the skin on

No. 509914

She looks like Philly D in the middle right one.

No. 509915

What if foot is pregnant with another possible child support payment and that's why everything is so gross. Like the Onion household isn't the best with money. They're passengers of the "struggle bus" and yet fucking platters of organic produce Foot is willing to just toss into their swamp.

No. 509916

File: 1524605494830.png (582.83 KB, 620x442, lol.png)

No. 509917

Yeah purging is easy to hide once you're used to it. I can do it hands free so there's no gagging or anything. It's pretty fast and quiet. Also, I've never clogged a toilet. You might want to hire a plumber or something lol.(derailing)

No. 509919

I'm not trying to minimize anyone's ED but please everyone keep the ana sperg to a minimum. We've had that discussion a few times over and every time someone comes in with "muh purging experience" and tbqh, it's fucking annoying. Can we discuss shit like how LGH seems genuinely disgusted by her and not the remote possibility of her binging and purging.

No. 509920

Oh christ can we stop all the bulimia talk before it even starts? Nobody cares about speculation or blogposting.

No. 509922

>and tbqh, it's fucking annoying.
Thank you and guys please stay on topic.

No. 509925

I cant trust someone who hates all those good veggies and fruits (who dislikes all berries??), but eats cherry tomatoes whole and kiwi with skin on it.

People don't want to watch a mukbang where you eat nothing, have the most boring food possible, and still exclaim how gross everything is. You know they bought all this shit just to put it in this video and are going to trash half of it, but will complain about how poor they are. Also fucking disgusting how she just throws food all over her yard/porch.

No. 509926

For real. I’m from fucking New Zealand so kiwi fruit is in majority of households and idk about you Americans but it’s really not a common practice to eat the skin kek. Like it makes it taste way worse. Bitch is weird as hell eating that all that fruit/veggies weirdly.

No. 509930

I think absolutely no one eats the skin. Europe doesn't do it either.

No. 509932

I like how he goes on insulting veganism because in his head its choosing to not enjoy life anymore if you dont eat the stuff he enjoys. But has gone on multiple rages about if you eat meat you are horrible? Isn't that also convincing people to give up something they enjoy/give them satisfaction in life? Hes a moron lmao. He really only sees the world from his point of view. "I don't enjoy meat, so everyone can give it up or they are bad. But I like milk and cheese, so people don't have to give that up. They are still good people!"

No. 509933

LOL the comments tho, Damn shes getting backlash. Stupid bitch, A mukbang is supposed to be food you enjoy, I think she did this deliberately to push how "smol" she is. Christ

No. 509935

since when? mukbang is just binging. not to mention most of the mukbang sessions are followed by purging or are cut so much they look real.

No. 509936

I think she enjoys people speculating about her having an eating disorder and commenting about how smol she is and think "oh she barely eats!".

mukbang is just an eating show. It doesn't have to be binging. And mukbangs started off as livestreams, so people didn't "cut" them. There are youtubers who do obviously edit the shit out of their videos and are obviously spitting out the food though.

No. 509937

What mukbangs have you been watching? Majority of mukbangs are supposed to be people enjoying and eating vast amounts of food, Usually most would watch while eating along as well. However in laineys case all she does is spit everything out, she might have well just renamed the video "I try fruit and vegetables with my gay boyfriend/husband"

No. 509938


Yep. It's also because he failed at being vegan. I mean he was taking advice from Freelee which explains a lot. He should have aimed for higher protein, fat, and more complex carbs not Bananatards beetus express high sugar crash diet. But then again Greg's diet has always been shitty even as a vegetarian.

No. 509941

File: 1524608509532.png (1.72 MB, 1221x681, fakerflincher.png)

What was that moment 3:32 minutes in? LGH threw a rind behind him and it seemed like lainey stopped, Thought about something, Then did this big awkward flinch for no reason?

No. 509942

File: 1524608687690.webm (2.23 MB, 640x360, PROM_QUEER.webm)

No. 509943

I feel like she was trying to act like a little girl by exaggerating trying all the "gross foods". Watching this was so painful because they probably threw everything out afterwards.

No. 509944

That was beautiful, Many keks had anon thank you for that

No. 509945

Also you can hear their kids multiple times during that video, so they are sitting there watching their mom look disgusted at fruit and veggies and spitting them out. Way to teach your kids good habits. Can't believe this bitch thinks shes a legit psychology major.

Idk how they just sit there completely ignoring their kids, not even glancing at them most of the time. How weird must these kids feel that their parents just are talking to a camera and pretending they dont exist. If they make a sound, they probably just shush them and look annoyed because they have to edit it out.

she said she thought it was going to fall on her, like when something is thrown in the air and it has a delayed fall.

No. 509953

Greg, we can relate to you, in this single moment.

No. 509959

This Lamey compilation is amazing anon! Kudos!! You really picked accurate angles of her.

None of this food in this "mukbang" has a theme. They aren't related or prepared in a delicious way. Slytherin is awared no points.

Looks like Greasey went for his bimonthly botox and his fresh new face fillers too. Puffy!!
Thats a lot of makeup he slapped on himself, it does not pair well with his hair or skintone.


THIS IS THE BEST. Look at his little house!!! Look at that cheap wall paneling! Take a gander at that hollow lightweight door!!!!

The Onions new digs are so trashy that even the ac ductwork sticks out.
That like, aesthetic suicide.

These 2 pictures finally explain, to me, why Greg's mom's obstetrician thought Greg had Down Symdrome while in utero.

A marker is a thick or wide neck. Extra skin/fat on the back of the neck, at the bottom.

Also his giant broad head is sometimes marker.

And his strange tounge clef thing, a tounge tie sometimes accompany Downs babys.

And his hand crease. While its not a 100% simian line, it goes pretty straight across the hand.

And they say that men with Downs usually are infertile, with a chance of like 30% to have a baby, and people with Downs have a 50% chance of having a child with Downs.

And testicular tortion or undecended testies are also a symptom of Downs.

Cue twilight zone music….

The picture is not here, but why the hell is he keeping his lawnmower outside and not in the garage???

trailer trash.

Heh get it?? Taylor Trash?? Kek.

No. 509965

after that mukbang vid i support LGH over foot

No. 509972

File: 1524613025728.png (276.78 KB, 552x524, 75834.PNG)

What happened to him?

No. 509976

The face of a man who had to downgrade to a swamp trailer and is now forced to be in very close proximity with his mentally unstable transtrending wife.

No. 509977

I'm also from NZ and some of us eat it with the skin on. It's not super common but it's not unheard of either.

No. 509980

>idk about you Americans

Literally everyone is saying it’s gross, can you read?

And I agree, enough with the sperging and blogposting about your own ED stories, no one cares, no offense. This is about Lainey and her husband. And it’s just cringey when farmers do that..

No. 509981

It's one of those rare instances where LGH is, dare I say it, slightly more mature and likeable than Complainbot. Well I'll be damned.

No. 509985

File: 1524616169126.png (311.55 KB, 361x346, gregerge.PNG)

No. 509987

?? What video are you talking about anon

No. 509988

Greasy… that middle age flab spread…. Woof!!

He looks like a defeated Al Bundy in spirit

No. 509990

Anyone else notice how cut this video is?
Like it seems like they're having a productive conversation till you notice how it's all cut and pasted together, just watch the shadows in the bottom right jump around.

No. 509994

They had to cut out as much of the baby noise as they could. Seems as if both Troy and Cloey were right there on the deck with them while the video was being filmed.

No. 509996

Also I'm pretty sure the kids are just off camera on the lower left, Greg keeps looking over there and at 5:30 even throws something at whoever is sitting there???????????

No. 510001

File: 1524620276181.png (2.06 MB, 1334x750, D662016E-3232-4BBA-8867-183262…)

yeah, LGH even puts his finger to his mouth in a hushing way, probably telling one or both of them to be quiet. how sad, i wonder if trot can even make a sentence because his parents are always working and he has to be silent

No. 510002

That and the awkward silences kek

No. 510003

God forbid someone inadvertently gasps when a kid takes a header, but they proudly teach their children fresh fruits and vegetables are gross?

No. 510004

Greg's head looks like it's shopped onto his body.

No. 510005

File: 1524620773028.jpeg (226.57 KB, 750x1075, 38AF832D-5083-400B-85F6-29DC92…)

billie’s birthday is coming up and she’s turning 21, i wonder if LGH is gonna do a twitter rant about pot or about dumping her soon or on her birthday. what if he asked her to come back since she can legally smoke pot now kek

No. 510006

I just watched that and it was like a bit after the kid coughed that he did that. It’s so weird the way he’s looking at them when he does it. It’s almost like the kid addressed them and that was his response. Instead of saying “just a second” he silently put his finger to his mouth with that creepy smile.

No. 510008

"Shut the fuck up while mommy and daddy make another worthless video"

No. 510011

File: 1524624219741.png (148.66 KB, 1440x763, woke.png)

Apparently depression is all about being woke, not a chemical imbalance. Also it might be easier to take him seriously if he hadn't made videos ridiculing depression.

No. 510013

Sounds like he's having trouble sleeping foot to face.

No. 510014

Is he waking up to how much he hates his life?

No. 510015

This is the most retarded, cringiest thing I’ve ever seen. Sure, Greg that’s why people who have depression find it difficult to get out of bed and their minds are so foggy they feel numb to everything as if they are in a daze they can’t get out of. This twat has never had depression. He’s just mentally incompetent. Why does he try so hard to be poetic? The shit he says is so stupid and makes no fucking sense. Like people with depression aren’t losing their minds? They’re lost in them you dumb fuck. It’s like I still think maybe just maybe he is trolling the internet when he makes a video with Lainey seeming somewhat all there and then he does shit like this and it’s like no, he really is that fucking ignorant.

No. 510016

File: 1524624673542.jpg (49.97 KB, 639x601, Facetune_24-04-2018-22-44-55.j…)

There are so many comments calling Lame and LGH out for being so negative and wasteful in her newest video. Also a lot of people were commenting how they clearly don't even know what a mukbang is kek.

This comment was funny too. I doubt Foot would be too happy after it, especially since she called LGH out about his cheating jokes.

No. 510017

That’s a very depressing statement. I feel like maybe he is depressed nowadays.

No. 510020

I'm pretty sure Lainey and Onion bought all that food from Target, not "locally bought". Judging based on the kombucha, the Honest Tea, and from working at Target, she just bought a bunch of expensive crap from the Target grocery section. She bought at least $50 worth of stuff for that failure of a mukbang.

No. 510023

All these fruits wouldn't even be able to be grown there, it hasn't been that warm for that long.

No. 510024

File: 1524626377084.jpeg (738.33 KB, 2596x1946, 9BAB51AA-862C-4A48-907C-74EC01…)

Caveman and Lump rockin their signature profiles.

I can’t believe hoe tragic they’ve become.

No. 510025

Honestly, I don't know who they're fooling. They're trying so hard to be on trend with everything they do.

No. 510026

File: 1524626600643.png (93.44 KB, 640x907, IMG_6254.PNG)

Gronk also posted this to Instagram. I feel like he's getting tired of being so close to Laundry and the kids

No. 510027

>Caveman brow
>Lumpy chin
I dare you name a more infamous duo kek

No. 510031

i have no pity for him, but i think it’s all coming together. he used to be “famous”, his channels/views were great, he had a big house, nice telsa, a hot girlfriend/daily threesomes, a nanny to watch his neglected children.. now it’s all gone

No. 510033

I think Lame was spitting out the food because that’s what Shane did in his food videos. Since she already copied his body issues, and spitting his food out had something to do with that, I think that’s the angle she was going for

No. 510036

the hell's up with her chin??
looks like she's got two of 'em. or an abscess or some shit.

just weird looking.

No. 510038

Minus the daily threesome, more like a little bit of dry humping and Gurg watching in the corner like the cuck king he is

No. 510040


the spitting out of food is almost always reserved for unhealthy foods in people w/ an ED. everybody is different but a majority of them wouldnt spit out vegetables bc theyre vegetables and often times all they allow themselves. plainey is literally just being a kid.

LMAO shane actually likes vegetables, so shes doing bad if shes trying to copy

No. 510041

File: 1524628193303.png (226.35 KB, 483x494, IMG_6255.PNG)

Lameo has a weird lumpy chin that appears whenever she is disgusted it seems. It's been mentioned in previous threads a few times

No. 510046

File: 1524628816395.png (169.07 KB, 1426x849, poll#201000.png)

I do believe we are witnessing an existential crisis.

No. 510047

File: 1524628837479.png (163.77 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-21-50-43…)

No. 510049

We've been waiting for some good milk for awhile and Gronk is finally starting to break kek this is great

No. 510051

File: 1524629375287.png (269.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180425-000515.png)

New patreon video. I dont know how to reupload patreon vids but ill post a brief sumary of it in a minute. Its literally a video of him talking in a black pitch garage.

No. 510052

He's sleeping next to Tayloer, so yes.

No. 510060

File: 1524630145984.png (126.13 KB, 380x178, logo.png)

Will we ever find the truth?

No. 510061

Oh thank god his shitty book isn't finished yet.

>I don't believe in not publishing my honest thoughts

wew what a wordsmith

No. 510063

He is legit having an exitensial breakdown. He talks about his supposed suicide thing in 2007. Then spends the next ten minutes talking about how he had it all but it wasnt enough. And now that he has nothing he feels the same without purpose. He says he feels stuck reiterates that is not with his spouse and tries to justify why he doesn't travel by saying that hes been to places and they all look the same to him so why bother?. He also talks about how we are all destined to become unneded and seems scared by this tought. The whole video is filmed in a pitch black room you can see his face and body but nothing else and with randomly haunted house noises inserted, i thought at the beginning they were planes but then realized it was scary movie sounds edited inn..kek.. and keeps biting his lip and has the sad im about to cry dog eyes.

Isnt this the same existencial crisis he had befor divorcing sk? And then blamed it all on her for her making him depressed because she was depresses?

No. 510064

File: 1524631115399.png (169.02 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-22-36-37…)

No. 510065


What the fuck, Plain has that tumor on her chin again. She had it in her thumbnail for her Tasting Snacks around the World video. Jesus, I didn’t think she could look any more nasty.

No. 510066

Yeah everyone saying that in the comments is a teenager. The way he explain thing in the video corelates with him feeling unwanted because he is not famous anymore. Also he called his Banana video a famous song. Kek.

No. 510067

tl;dr waah I didn't use my money properly and I deeply regret marrying my rebound after shiloh because rebound is actually crazier. waah wahh wah

kek this is glorious

No. 510068

What killed me was the haunted house special effects

No. 510069

… obviously the children are there…. WHY ARE THEY SWEARING AND SAYING FUCK!! They said they didn’t like Sam Gasping at the children when they fall but literally keep swearing and saying fuck in front of them

No. 510070

I don’t know who I’m more upset with?? Im either mad at myself or made at grease family!! I watched a grown ass woman cry about eating vegetables she doesn’t like….
But I’m literally sitting here as a grown ass woman crying about watching a woman I don’t like!! What’s worse??

No. 510071

File: 1524633186509.png (146.26 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-23-09-50…)

I dunno if this still relevant

No. 510072

File: 1524633205681.png (135.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-24-23-10-11…)

No. 510074

File: 1524633792454.png (962.02 KB, 1440x2368, poisonseeds.png)

LGH is unraveling.

No. 510075

File: 1524633846712.jpeg (27.9 KB, 257x200, C43CEF1D-7193-4CAF-8831-F7432C…)

He’s literally having a break down and my body is ready for the milk

Underrated comment KEK

He fucking hates his life and it’s no ones fault but his own

No. 510076

He is jesus christ.. Also that new video I couldn't stop laughing, The greasy garage turned into the blaire witch project.

No. 510080

Where can said video be found?? Please provide a hint
As to where I can watch this explosion

No. 510082

I don’t want to sour the milk, but I wouldn’t put it past Lainey’s husband to be trying to stir up attention since moving to the swamp may have been a wake up call that he’s an overweight normie dad with no internet legacy beyond being an obnoxious creep who completely isolated himself from the YouTube community and lost his popularity all by his own fault. I want to hope he’s finally spiraling, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s all a desperate stunt.

No. 510086

I honestly believe if he didnt fuck things up with billie so badly, he wouldn't have lost so much viewership. She was refreshing and new, and a lot of people found her more interesting than lame and people have gotten bored of lamey and the two topics she only ever talks about (being "gay" and "agender"). They are not a power couple to watch, so having a new girl with new drama would have been more entertaining. He fucked up by having kids with lame.

lol he really can't handle not having fame and attention. lame and his kids hardly mean anything to him. he'd give them up for his fame in a nanosecond.

I love how he thinks his pathetic "depressing" video about his life not being perfect cause he fucked it up by being an asshole and losing the easy fame he never deserved is so deep and depressing, but will laugh and not give a shit about even his patrons telling him they are suicidal, suffered abuse, etc. How can anyone not see hes a narcissist and only gives a shit about himself?

No. 510088

File: 1524635677185.jpg (127.76 KB, 1041x459, Screenshot_20180425-015257.jpg)

Kek!!! Some girls suggested a therapist and this is his excuse

No. 510090

how is that even an excuse? how could his thoughts hurt them? is he going to call his therapist ugly? like, wtf

No. 510091

He probably thinks all therapist are doormats like foot.

No. 510092

File: 1524636023410.gif (1.23 MB, 264x232, I_fuckin_hate_you.gif)

Im laughing at all the faces of hate and exhaustion LGH makes at his cow-dyke wife during her "I spit everything out" video

He hates her so much

No. 510093

Imagine an actual professional who has dedicated their life to dealing with people like him tearing him a new one. A good therapist doesn't coddle you and makes you face your issues and of course his narc ego would not be able to handle that.

No. 510094

lmao this is dumb as hell. It's a therapist's job to deal with all types of people with varying problems every day. As if no therapist's client has ever told them some disturbing thought or was even mean/rude to them. And of course he is basically telling his fans not to see a therapist in fear they will hurt the therapist. good message.

i just imagine at that moment, him going through his life wondering where he went wrong, and thinking how much he regrets jumping to lameo so fast from shiloh when he could have taken his time and found a prettier girl who would decide to remain a girl since he still had fame back then. He always thought when he was tired of her he would have his pick of the next girl he wants and be able to choose among many attractive young girls. But all he has now are his sad ugly discord chicks.

I feel like having billie in their threesome gave him such false confidence that he must be hot as hell and wanted by every girl. I still don't understand what possessed her to go near this ugly man when she was cute enough to get way hotter younger guys who are not psycho. Hes been getting slapped in the face with reality ever since as every girl hes tried to pull has preferred lameo and not want to go near him.

No. 510095

so are any of the one million patreon-fags here gonna up the video?

No. 510097

My guess is it ain’t as milky as it appears to be. Prove it or it didn’t happen

No. 510098

samefag u need to learn some patience

only one or two ppl seem to upload

No. 510099

File: 1524637315040.png (387.41 KB, 934x477, DRAMATIC.PNG)

No. 510100

>some even will clap
>they will breath
>they will become like me
what is this pituitary retard trying to say? it really feels like he's just farting into his keyboard

No. 510101

And she zoomed in and included them.
She loves being shit on. A true sub.

Is this him admitting he's depressed again?

Watching this video is incredibly depressing once you realize where the kids are in it, and that they are silently watching daddy shit on "spouse" and spit food everywhere. Also, great to teach your kids "all these fruits and veggies are yucky, but cookies are good!"
I just re-watched, and Gronk curses Lamey out and their oldest is giggling as he yells at her.

Fuck, we get to watch them set bad examples for their kids and then someday I'm sure we will get to see the Onions "struggling" with their misbehaving uncontrollable, cursing, hitting teenagers and they won't understand why.

No. 510105

The ship-wrecked, cave-dwelling acoustics are too much, fam.

No. 510107

I thought I wanted this but I don’t…. I’m threw
Minutes in and began fast forwarding and skipping around…this is so boring…I was seriously hoping this bitch was actually going to self implode on camera…. instead I am watching a 30 year old beta cry and whine about how the world is so mean!! Booooring! Dude
You’re seriously 30 years old… the world owes you absolutely nothing!! You mean nothing to the universe!! Nobody means anything to the universe!! We are all nobodies!! Grow up and deal or kill yourself!! Figure it out and man up!! The world owes none of ya anything!! None of us matter in the Grand scheme… deal with it

No. 510108

Sounds like a rejected Linkin Park song.

No. 510109

He's closer to 35 than 30 kek

No. 510110

File: 1524638710155.png (611.07 KB, 599x432, and hes gone.PNG)

He hates his fake-gay wife so much he cant even hang out till the end of the video.

Anyone else notice that in almost every video she has him in, hes like a dog whos pulling on his leash wanting to get away, and shes usually left to do the outro on her videos alone.

No. 510111

I thought so at first too, but re-watch it.
Kids are in the bottom left corner and he's tending to them.
Like, probably being a decent dad for once.

No. 510112


kiwis with the skin on are delicious.

No. 510113

Honestly in that video he seemed to be the only one looking at them and smiling and making any kind of visible acknowledgement to them. Like at one point he threw a piece of fruit in that direction and gave what appeared to be a loving smile. More loving I’ve ever seen him look at Lainey anyway. It was really weird. How she manages to record a video that makes me like him more than her is amazing.

No. 510114

File: 1524639660119.jpeg (101.41 KB, 750x457, 0C6872C7-107B-4581-A03E-85D5FE…)

No. 510115

What does LGH expect to win in court against Real Stream News guy?
That gay little face mask he used to wear?

No. 510123

>If you leak paid content, know that I will pursue you for damages cause I'm broke and can't afford my lifestyle

He's so obvious.

No. 510126

Bullshit. He always threatens to sue someone until he remembers he has to pay for a lawyer with a chance of not even winning the case, kek. And what is RSN even going to be able to give him? He’s as broke as you Greg! It’s like rubbing 2 ice cubes together and trying to make a fire.

No. 510128

Has he made claims like this before?

No. 510129

He was going to sue keemstar and joy sparkle, but it was empty threats (as always)

He'd never go to court because he fears that all the pedo shit that haunts the Onision name would be dredged up, either by the person who hes suing in an attempt to muddy the water and tarnish his reputation, or the haters would start posting all the allegations about him anywhere the court case is published. Remember when he happened to come in contact with some old military buddy, the first thing this buddy asked Greg about was all the pedophile accusations he had heard about him, thats how bad it was, and still is.

Heres how legit his threats about suing someone is. When confronted with legal action against himself by Sh's manager, instead of saying "fuck yes, take me to court because Im 100% right" he pussied out and took the video down and cried to his discord fags. Hes a bully who when pushed back doesnt know what to do and runs away.

No. 510139

Well it is a common theory that Lainey actually resents the attention her children get from Onion, especially her daughters and that's why she suddenly start doing in the ddlg and "daddy" stuff, I mean that stuffed animal at the movie for sure just proves she's still into role playing being his "little girl"
I actually feel a little bad for him since he did seem genuinely uninterested in the whole "role play" but guess he's stuck with doing it now that she's the money bringer.
I honestly can't think of one time in a video Lainey looked at her kids like that or even acknowledged them. She just completely ignores their existence, they could even be wearing noise canceling headphones in this video as well, though trot laughing at LGH being mean to his mom makes it less likely. He'll maybe the kids like their real dad more than GSW. We really don't know how he is with the kids, he could possibly Be a decent father to them, doubtful, but possible, he for sure neglects them, but maybe less so than Lainey. Maybe he actuallly gives them attention.

No. 510140

File: 1524646671533.gif (194.74 KB, 220x170, 176.gif)

>being a decent dad for once.
>Kids are in the bottom left corner
>he threw a piece of fruit in that direction

I throw food at my kids like scraps to dogs all the time.

No. 510141

File: 1524646704966.jpeg (213.64 KB, 640x732, 6B78B2C7-49DB-407F-BCCE-201ACC…)

Thoughts from twitter?? True milk?? Or false??

No. 510142

get out of here you commie

i need to see a gif or something because i refuse to watch

No. 510143


Usually I'm skeptical about these sorts of things but this actually sounds exactly like him.

No. 510145

Samefag I didn’t screen cap the post correctly……it sounds believable but I’m skeptical

No. 510146

File: 1524646990202.jpeg (331.29 KB, 1753x698, C236D939-CDAF-4CE3-BEC4-BC20DA…)

She’s losing potential fans, even people who “want to like” her are calling her cancer

Added commentary from Germany kek

No. 510148


> failing classes

> only one who cared about "cliques" (and he still does in his fucking 30's)
> bullied/beat up with reason

There was also an anon here that said Greg's nickname in high school was "dog boy" but they forgot why.

I'd believe it.

No. 510149

Wait, Greg's a drop out?

>using the term cancer after Greg uses it so strongly


No. 510150


Samefag, but no he gradded. But he got shit grades and struggled in class.

No. 510152


Real or not stories of teenage glurg never fail to delight

No. 510153

File: 1524647611268.jpeg (268.05 KB, 640x746, 52B2ABCB-5E2A-4A19-BECC-B9DCF7…)

Same twitter poster

No. 510154

File: 1524647647793.jpeg (238 KB, 640x741, BE6C21BE-F9EA-49B6-9B64-A85A2B…)

True or false?? What do the cows think??(learn to integrate)

No. 510155

As much as I don’t like Shrok I was loving him being repulsed and dragging her. He hates her so much.


She does the “little girl” act purely for attention. She wants to appear fragile and smoll~~ it’s a fact that he has a saviour complex exept hes bored of lainey now and doesn’t give a fuck. The more desperate she acts the more he gets fed up of her, it’s a downwards spiral.

No. 510156

I think I just puked in my mouth

No. 510157

He doesn't have a younger sister.

No. 510158

Greg called jock tutors younger sister a skank.

reading comprehension 101

No. 510159

it was the other guys sister

true, because of his bacne in photos

No. 510160

Tutors younger sister

No. 510161

File: 1524647992298.png (4.31 KB, 622x626, Your bait is bad and you shoul…)

>True or false?? What do the cows think??

No. 510162

Sorry I screenshot the twitter post incorrectly…. the original twitter post says the football player and gregs tutor had a younger sister…. and after greg wasn’t understanding the material greg became more and more frustrated so instead of learning the material called the football players little sister a slut and skank…… because greg is all about taking personal responsibility

No. 510164

> What do the cows think??
please return from whence you came and never return again.

No. 510166

I’m going to need to filled in on wtf that means?? Explanation plz?

No. 510168

Same fag. I mean to ask is there any truth to this claim or not? Is twitter to be believed. I doubt high school friends of greg are following him in twitter and posting bullshit about this fag. I hate greg as much as the next person but I don’t believe this person knew the fag

No. 510171


so Don't Watch This Video (Lost Within) is an incredible watch because it's really a lot of the shitty stuff he's done over the last years coming home to roost. It's a LGH video so of course there's the usuals ("I have helped so many people!") etc.

Honestly I think it's most likely going to be just the stress of moving + the IRS stuff, I don't buy that gerg is actually depressed, but it is interesting to watch him try to deal with actual regret and shame and stress in his usual way.

the editing is 10/10 too, its him in a pitch black room with what sounds like spaceships(?) taking off as background sounds lol

No. 510174


cows = greg and lainey
farmers = anons

whoever wrote that got the terminology wrong, so it's either one of the cows themselves, a discord fag/fan or a newfag.

No. 510175


No. 510176


Same, it looks delicious. I can't believe she said, "nobody likes raspberries". WTF they are delicious! I hate her even more after watching her gag and spit out this basic fruit. What the hell does she even eat as a vegetarian?!…oh shit yeah..CEREAL!

No. 510177

This was already posted here >>510099

No. 510179


Gurg has a depressing outlook of the world and thinks everyone is secretly out for selfish reasons and profit because that's all he wants. He thinks everyone thinks like he does and it makes him feel hopeless about the world.

No. 510180

Never in my life have I seen a chin do what Lame's does. It's so gross, like a huge fleshy spot that needs draining. Vom

No. 510183

Cereal, burritos and tacos, and Boca chicken nuggets.

No. 510185

File: 1524652118508.jpeg (209.39 KB, 630x773, BF895DEC-9B62-4DA1-AA58-1B5DE5…)

From the waybackmachine that greg didn’t have many friends in highschool. I’m inclined to believe the twitter poster. He was clearly bullied and took it as a form of superiority. He didn’t have many male friends or peers. It’s totally reasonable to have friends of the opposite sex but it’s a bit unusual when the majority of your same sex peers dislike you. When you cling on to the females cause the dudes hate you, you’re probably inept and lacking in a majority of areas that would make you relatable to your peer group. Being disliked by your peers doesn’t make you superior greg

No. 510186

I tried to understand, but to me it's more like he's trying to push this idea that he's some unique woke fuck who thinks he's helping others recognise the 'reality' of it all by making a video.

I couldn't even focus bc of the makeup and filters, and making it so that he's the only thing in the shot and what even was up with the background noises? I feel like he's just attention seeking. The entire thing just screamed 'edgy' at me and unless something comes of this video, I don't care.

No. 510187


Ikr? Every time I see a picture of that lumpy chin I try to make my chin do the same thing but I can't. I'm mesmerized by it lmao.


Plus, calling his tutors sister a slut… dude could never handle real or perceived authority. I 99% believe the Twitter post.

No. 510188

File: 1524652855164.png (15.24 KB, 800x83, im14andthisisdeep.PNG)


While we're playing the wayback game…

No. 510189

File: 1524653289112.png (455.43 KB, 640x1136, AB813D89-4178-41C6-9CF3-D0A7CC…)


Fuuuuuuuuuuuck I know this is a double post but here is a clearer image of original twitter posts “ alleged” milk claim….. double post but clearer view

No. 510190

File: 1524653369314.png (395.28 KB, 640x1136, 62BAF6CA-65F7-40C7-8025-6EA6F3…)

Same fucken fag and same damn post but a better image of the alleged story

No. 510191

That was painful to read….. what the fuck???? What is this guy???? Cringe doesn’t begin to describe this white knight faggot!! I was 5’2 and 103 pounds in high school but would have kicked this bitches ass for being such a gay edge lord moron! How just how?!?! And bleeding leaking pimples??? Smearing it across his face in Lou of water?? I’m gaging!!

No. 510192

File: 1524653819747.png (110.58 KB, 500x529, unless-you-are-anathiest-you-h…)

lol all those

>- Gregory J. Daniel

what a fucking retard

No. 510193

lol calm down.

No. 510194


Samefag but

> I will end your life only in consideration of the fact you inadvertently trying to make my offspring orphans, and this is entirely unnacceptable

LMAAAO. Gather 'round, shadow fans. We need an Onion action movie. I want it for the same reason I want him to keep writing "books". It's just fucking gold.

No. 510195

Someone needs to slap those Grease quotes on images and get them circulating kek

No. 510197

Omg that video. He thinks he's a speshul thinker because he can picture the Taco Bell cashier as a potential friend. As a human. HOW AMAZING. Also, I don't believe him.

No. 510198

File: 1524657487655.jpeg (11.59 KB, 225x225, B100EE7D-4462-4DAD-A000-BC85DE…)

Your welcome?

No. 510200

File: 1524657696845.jpeg (164.54 KB, 1000x562, 8917B1BF-C6D5-47B6-B81F-A58C87…)


No. 510201

perfect ascetic

No. 510202

File: 1524657827877.jpg (362.87 KB, 1080x1189, CURSEDbutnotWORST.jpg)

No. 510203

File: 1524657995420.jpg (85.44 KB, 769x620, greatest fear.jpg)

No. 510204

File: 1524658001179.jpeg (259.68 KB, 1000x1000, 57141A3D-8C64-4652-9980-112C17…)

No. 510205

I think about this video everyday now

No. 510206

File: 1524658359504.jpg (71.53 KB, 390x383, maximumedgelord.jpg)

No. 510207

kek is anyone tweeting him these? I don't have Twitter or I would

No. 510208

File: 1524658532089.jpeg (260.29 KB, 1000x796, 8AD4B736-547D-484E-9461-CD9B7B…)

I’m sorry but I believe I have the best one yet…. to early to declare a winner??

No. 510209


ooof. I think this one takes the cake, but the one with GSW in it is still making me laugh.

No. 510210

Both my creations …… I’ll take my bow now

No. 510219

These are all so great!!!! Top Kudos anons!!

Ooo ooo ooo!! Can you do one with the evolving quote, against a pic of Grunkle in his Adult Diaper phase???

No. 510222

File: 1524660904854.jpg (231.03 KB, 1200x1156, i like tortles.jpg)

No. 510228

File: 1524663803681.jpg (79.48 KB, 348x695, nightmaresfordays.jpg)

This is so twisted, but so fitting.

Sure, why not?

No. 510230

He posted a new Sim video in his Uh Oh Bro channel 16 hours ago and it has only got 5 fucking views lel

No. 510231

Nah that’s a glitch
It’s got 6K views
Still abismal for a channel with 2 million subs

No. 510232


>wake up sheeple!!

LGH, this isn't r/atheism.

No. 510235

I fucking hate when guys try to knit their brow and squint their eyes in an attempt to look hot, it's so cringey and obvious. There's a guy who added me recently on snapchat who does the exact same thing as Greg. I actually asked him if he was stoned because he kept fucking squinting! It's like Greg has tried to study male movie stars and tried to mimic them. Like that facial expression only really works if you are Brad Pitt and in a professional modelling shoot, otherwise it looks tryhard and cringe. Extra cringe points if they are holding their phone taking a mirror pic and they make that face.

No. 510238


Buddy, calm down and stop samefagging with really obvious writing tells. Just laugh at him slowly self-destructing. We've waited for so long, a few lazy videos more can't hurt.

No. 510239

He looks like a caveman and she looks like a little rat in this shot

No. 510253

File: 1524672163321.png (13.59 KB, 581x187, onionboy.PNG)

Any patreon anons wanna grab it?

No. 510258

It’s called cystic acne and it’s not from bad hygiene, fucking moron, kek. LGH is nasty, but let’s not use him to shame everyone else who has the same problem. I think this person is exaggerating now and even though we all talk shit about LGH cystic acne is something people can’t help, it’s a medical condition that has to be treated. So how about we only criticize things people can actually control. Except Lainey’s chin. Everytime I see it I wanna punch it and see where it pops up next on her face.

No. 510261

lol at first i was like yeah yeah but then i fucking lost it

No. 510262

File: 1524673209843.png (478.32 KB, 550x446, Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 1.18…)

greg telling one of the kids to shut up
plus you can hear the kid humming around 3:47

No. 510265

Lurk moar. This was already posted.

No. 510266

File: 1524673830489.png (156 KB, 1044x1077, 20180425_122755.png)

He updated his coment on people suggesting therapy. He is definetly not the brightest of the bunch if he thinks no one has these thoughts but almighty LGH.

No. 510267

File: 1524673999565.png (695.21 KB, 1087x664, mukbang.png)

This pretty much says what he thinks of his straight wife. Since getting together with Gurg she's been trying to emulate the characteristics he likes rather than growing as a person. Even if they do get divorced I really think she'll jump to the next guy - her biggest issue is pretending she's something she's not. to get approval from her husband and fans.

No. 510269

File: 1524674322025.jpg (41.72 KB, 480x270, edge.jpg)

he might as well say "welcome to my crazy mind" jfc

No. 510270

>plus you can hear the kid humming around 3:47
Not trying to start shit or be an ass, but why the hell does everyone make such a big deal about hearing the kids? Why does it matter? It's not just on this board either, the youtube comments are just the same. Can't we just focus on Foot and Gronk?

No. 510273

the kids are the biggest mystery lmao

No. 510274

I like how LGH and GSW's idea of "vegan" food just means fruit and veg.

No. 510275

kek, what an absolute asshole. Also peep the big ass bowl of cereal. It's "10 Things I Love about Laineybot" 2.0

No. 510277

Her chin or whatever the fuck is that bump is more disgusting to look at than his caveman ogre brow.

No. 510278

File: 1524674970483.png (129.25 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-25-10-47-47…)

No. 510279

Maybe that trauma (if this is real) from being so unclean and probably called out on it ,because he was a dick and deserved it, is why he takes so many showers now as an adult. He constantly has to defend how hygienic he is.

No. 510280

exactly. Everything looked so good. What kind of fuck doesn't like berries?

No. 510282

I was about to say the same thing. If he really did that to himself in school, he's going overboard with 4 showers per day trying to compensate. Maybe that's why he was bullied - he smelled like a flaming garbage can from a mile away? Wish the source was more reliable though
Spoilt transtrenders don't kek.

No. 510283

The fu…?
This. This… CHIN

What… why… I don't… um…

Chins don't do that. Chin muscles can't do that, like, at all!!

What is wrong with Taylor's chin?

I still think she had a jaw reconstruction or a chin implant installed because of a weak chin.

Why else would the muscle not me attached to the chin???

Lameys Foot Chin

No. 510284

She had a strong chin even before meeting LGH though.

No. 510286

it's clearly just her pursing her lips in a way that makes a fat pouch lol…

No. 510290

He is such a pussy for blocking people who call him out in the comments

No. 510291


To the anons saying, he's in his garage: He isn't. He's in front of a green screen (visible by his hair and general outline) which was later replaced by a black background in post, plus the video appears desaturated as is visible by his complexion, then he simply added an echo to his voice to make the whole thing "scarier". It's already been pointed out that he has used sound effects.

I agree with the anon who said he did it for stirring up drama. It looks too staged to be spontaneous; it's definitely heavily edited / filtered.

He might be lurking after all… spinning the whole "hunted mansion" trend into a "hunted narc" approach, which is … kind of creative.

No. 510293


Meaning, I suspect that as a smaller child, she might have had othomaxillary surgery. Or the chin implant done as a 13-14 year old.

Her family could for sure afford any surgery like that, especially if teeth were crowded or the dentist recommended it to be done.

Just trying to figure out this chin bump.

Can any of you or your friends and family make your chin muscles ppp out like she hiding a peppermint candy in there like a 'Roo?

No. 510298

I know this is his poor excuse to deny therapy but how is he this retarded? Does he think therapists aren't capable of handling this? It's part of their job. I'm sure they can deal with edgy teenagers who grew up to be whining manlets.

No. 510300


>ruin anyone's mind


No. 510301

therapists get people in their office who have seen and been through the worst of the WORST I highly doubt onionboi even scratches the surface. kek

No. 510303

File: 1524678432220.jpeg (92.87 KB, 750x332, F77CD9BE-3B82-4589-ADDA-C762D2…)

I’m cringing for saying this but Lainey’s gay husband was funny time to time in her mukbang vid, probs cuz he was shitting on her constantly.
Also not liking berries?? Or bananas? What an absolute meme.

Also this comment lmao

No. 510304

File: 1524678510487.jpg (42.83 KB, 480x480, faces do weird things.jpg)

you "chin implant" tinfoilers are literally the worst. please stop, you're derailing from perfectly good actual milk.

No. 510305

File: 1524678511222.png (37.21 KB, 640x532, IMG_6261.PNG)

He's so desperate with all these polls he makes

No. 510308

No one talks to this sad man, so he passive aggressively responds to farmers.

He thinks commenting hate is the same as saying it in the person's home? Oooookay.

No. 510309

okay and why? at least provide a tl dr for the anons who wont be fucked to watch it because either they dont like him or dont like watching videos in general, bad milk-anon

No. 510310

While I agree with the chin implant part, I don't think this face is a reasonable comparison, most people can make a double chin with the skin under their chin.

Lame's is in the middle, where there should be no extra skin or fat deposits…or normally controllable muscle.

No. 510311

Literally harasses all his ex's by talking and ranting about them in videos to this day.
>it's because I'm HONEST

People leave truthful harsh comments pointing out his problematic behavior and respond to children that defend this idiot

I mean yeah, some of the comments are trolly, abusive or questionable but probably nothing worse than what he says about others on a daily basis.

He's such a baby. One of those losers that can dish it out but can't take it. You'd think after this long on the internet and Youtube, he'd grow a thicker skin.

No. 510312

First the ana sperg, then the chin sperg. Let's stop derailing and focus on the Sh topic or the mukbang parody or anything else.

No. 510313

Fucking LOL. He's such a chump.
>I'm so woke and my mind is so dark and intelligent that I don't wanna go to a therapist because they'd soon be manipulated by my amazing arguments and intellect.

What a faggot. He argues like a ten year old boy, anyone who isn't a retarded 12 year old 'fan' could pick apart his arguments in like 5 seconds if they actually were given the chance to speak, let alone a licensed therapist. The fact that he even posted this is cringey. Motherfucka talkin' like he's some Hannibal Lecter mastermind evil genius that can fuck with the mind of a therapist.
God I hate him.

No. 510314

What an insecure loser, I hope like the majority of that poll is I hate him. I probably don't even need to check it to know that is how it is.

No. 510325

lmao he thinks therapists are going to be manipulated by his ~mind~. He thinks lameo is some legit psych major who could be a therapist and sees how he easily manipulates her and thinks he can do it to everyone. They are not idiots like your wife. Therapists wont play your stupid mind games. They are getting paid to deal with your bullshit for like an hour a week and its on you to want to help yourself. You're hardly gonna taint their mind like you wish you could lmao. Although i think therapy is useless for onion boy since hes not even gonna try or want to change.

No. 510326

Well…… I hope when he finally does "it", he live streams it (in color please Greg)

No. 510327

he really does think hes the joker.

No. 510329

Gurg needs to stop reading Joker X Harley fanfic

No. 510335

File: 1524683064987.png (542.97 KB, 2600x2000, Swamp Family.png)

i drew foot and LGH kek

No. 510336

Because they try so hard to virtue signal about being great parents and they actually are training them to sit quietly and watch them insult each other until they’re done recording. Come on, anon. Sketch as fuck.

No. 510338

Onion-boi is so beneath pewds that I highly doubt he's even on his radar, let alone directed solely towards him but instead merely those like him. Granted, i can not deny that the video is hella relevant.
Chill, Anon. tl;dr
The vid is about how hate helped to shape him into a better person, but the first min or so he talks about how ego got in the way but how he goes about it is pretty similar to how gronk acts only he's kidding, plus he said "we don't need to get into any names, okay?"
I HIGHLY doubt he was referring to LGH, just a fun coincidence.
Link to the vid https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=VEDEQDk2rB8
Beautiful Anon.

No. 510339

His green screen is in his garage. >>510298
Anon, you just don’t understand Greg. His torture soul is wrestling 10,000 demons but only he is strong enough to keep them at bay. I know I for one can rest easy knowing his superior mind is hard at work keeping us normies (aka dumb-dumbs) sage from something so deep and surreal we can never possibly understand.

No. 510344

become a member of the swamp family and give an alligator its wings.

No. 510352

I don't get what you guys are talking about. All I see is the ball of someone's foot.

No. 510356

Can some anon with editing skills make a 'curb your meme' compilation of all the times LGH and GSW contradict themselves and such? I think it would be a brilliant way to showcase how ridiculous they are and I will def give it a like…

No. 510357

Nah Onion has been a running Joke in Pewds vids before. They both rose to youtube fame at the same time and he's well aware of what a fucktard Greg is.

No. 510361

File: 1524686108388.png (9.34 MB, 2208x1242, D0D5BDD1-CFC5-47B5-B51C-99FA1D…)

From her newest vid «My husband does my makeup» in where he refuse to use the proper tools and products and spends the entire time whining.

No. 510363

File: 1524686132672.png (10.59 MB, 2208x1242, BC283F0F-EDBC-452F-87F8-3F664E…)

No. 510364

does she have gray face makeup on or something or is that her natural skin tone because she is looking casket ready

No. 510366


LGH smeared eyeliner all over her face and called it artistic freedom, and tried to blend it out as contour…

No. 510367

Seriously looks like he's just done up a corpse.

No. 510370

omg no one has that kind of time, dude

No. 510372

His blending looks better than anything she's ever done tbh

No. 510374

There are heroes out there. The kind we need, but not the kind we deserve right now.

No. 510378


Okay what with the corpse makeup and the way he's holding onto her, it legit looks like he's strangled her to death here.

No. 510379

And don't forget his red face…

Yeah, it looks violent.

No. 510381

No way this is true. Our high school was VERY cliquey. Greg in fact hung out with my clique when he hung out with anyone at all.

No. 510382

I don’t know about dog boy…possibly…he was called columbine tho and he was the reason we were no longer allowed to wear trench coats

No. 510383

some random anonymous user with no proof says it's not true so consider that shit DEBUNKED.

No. 510385

File: 1524688207755.png (320.04 KB, 863x2288, temp.png)

desperate times call for drastic measures.

watching dem comments

i hope no one posts a comment, then edits it to something hilariously insulting to onion and posts the screenshot of the onion-liked insult here. in fact, i hope it doesn't become a series. that might be humiliating.

No. 510386

I’ve come on here before, high school anon 2.0 you can go back several threads and see my proof (posted a class photo) as well as stuff about greg

No. 510389

I forgot what page I left open when I turned on my tablet and for a second seriously thought this was a frame from a VHS snuff film. It scared the shit out of me

No. 510395

I actually agree for once. Like the “duudee” voice he did about veganism was actually funny. I don’t get why he doesn’t do shit like that as an actual video instead of his stupid screeching and ranting bullshit. Like if you want a rant channel, you can’t offend every single person for no reason. And screeching and smearing shit on your body is 2008 funny. Sometimes he does say funny shit, but it’s always in Lainey’s videos and it makes you think “ok…” and then he does something fucking stupid on his channel and then you’re like “yeah no.”

No. 510401


Wtf he literally tried to see what she would look like with a beard/ 5:00 shadow. And she didn’t even catch on to that. What straight man deliberately tries to fuel is wife’s agender bullshit. Like he’s trying to see what she would look like as a trans man? And she doesn’t even want to be a guy. What is he trying to do now?

No. 510403

File: 1524691489717.png (159.12 KB, 1440x777, EDGY AF.png)

So edgy.

No. 510405

File: 1524691540557.png (136.41 KB, 1440x524, pussy.png)

Stop calling him a pussy, guize.

No. 510406

Beautiful. Captured the man boobs and the chin lump perfectly. It's a masterpiece.

No. 510407

I love how she wants a girlfriend but ONLY IN CONCEPT. She wants one to to do her makeup or whatever but rightfully can’t trust Greg around a new girl.

Idk why but when she says I love you to him at 5:32 is oddly depressing. She still really loves him after everything he’s done to her and probably will do in the future.

No. 510410

>You'd think after this long on the internet and Youtube, he'd grow a thicker skin.

But anon, he has an incurable skin condition!

No. 510416

It just proves they can't cook for shit. I've had and seen plenty of vegan food that looks great. They could even make cauliflower pizza or something, but no…

No. 510421


Yeah, what's with random "oh I knew Greg" anons coming out of the woodwork and posting censored information ANYONE could have made including captions like
>what do the cows think??

I feel like we've had at least a few newfags since two, three days ago. Please read the rules and info.

No. 510438

I haven't seen anybody in these "boyfriend does my make up" videos hold the girl's head like that. He was also beating her face with the sponge, what a dick. The whole thing was so uncomfortable to watch, he treats her like an object.

No. 510439

fucking kek'd, i guess this doggo's comment >>510303 really got under his crusty skin.
I can't believe I missed this, absolute gold. Great work Anon!

No. 510440

No. 510442

At least Greg somewhat watches the cussing, Lainey Cool Mom Taylor was dropping f-bombs and I'm pretty sure we were listening to the baby girl at the table lol

No. 510451

Mentioning "f-bombs" I thought they were bleeping them out, what gives?

No. 510461

> There is a huge difference between stating your opinion in your own home to your own audience (your YouTube channel) and stating your negative opinion in the home of the person you're talking about

What the actual fuck. He's acting like haturz are literally wading in his mucky swamp and screeching insane insults into his garage.

Hey dipshit: you broadcast your shitty opinions on a public platform on the internet. Everyone gets rude comments, it's the nature of the beast when you seek internet fame. And guess what? When you share every gross aspect of your questionable personal life, sperg out every other day and throw wild accusations about more popular YouTubers, people are going to comment.
His arch-nemesis Pewds gets tons of hate, however he doesn't throw constant bitchfits about it. He laughs it off like a normal person and when it got to be too much he turned his comments off for a bit. It's not that complicated when you're not a whiny, thin-skinned fuck.

No. 510466

I think they know now that nothing will stop either one of them from getting demonetized, even bleeping lmao

Greg drops A pretty loud "FUUUUCK" towards the end and even mentions having sex with Lainey. I can't even imagine what these two talk about in front of their kids when the cameras aren't there

No. 510484

File: 1524699578835.jpg (63.21 KB, 522x515, HmmMmMmMm.JPG)


No. 510496

First of all, therapists can't "medicate" you. He either saw a psychiatrist which is doubtful considering his track history, or the therapist suggested he consider getting evaluated by one.

He has terrible comprehension skills, and is such a defensive, scared little pussy that he probably freaked out, threw a fit and is terrified to see anyone else. Judging from his reaction at the dr office with his child, he clearly doesn't understand that as consumers, we can calmly ask for second opinions. Doctors aren't trying to attack us ffs.

No. 510498

File: 1524702651887.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1625x2046, 5CD7C72E-8B41-4A51-8ABB-D40EE5…)

I don’t know why, but I felt extra autistic for doing a physical painting instead of photoshop. Oh well, It was such a strange video to watch that it felt necessary. I wonder if their neighbors had a good view of the ogres spitting food into their backyard?

No. 510500

lmao this is perfection

No. 510501

This is truly beautiful, symbolically and artistically. Nice job, anon.

No. 510503

this is delightfully bizarre and accurate, anon. kudos.

No. 510504

Kudos to you anon this is amazing, I love the little snake tongue detail on lainey. Perfect.

No. 510506

This is beautiful anon

No. 510535

Please paint more often

No. 510546

Wow, his latest video he waxed metaphysically, or……..attempted to. Every supportive comment got a heart, right from him. I even left a sort of nice one, and at the end I wrote “boob squeeze”. Wonder if I will be fortunate enough to get noticed

No. 510555

File: 1524710702348.png (1.17 MB, 980x734, bermasferk.png)

I started making one of these too. lol great minds.
I'll upload mine if I finish it.

No. 510559

Someone please make a Grek image of him shouting about people needing to get out of his swamp, overlaid on some of his insane rants on YouTube and Twitter.


This is AMAZING. We are not worthy, anon.

No. 510561

mail it to their po box lol

No. 510569

Holy shit this is beautifully terrifying. It's like something you'd see on an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog.

No. 510574

reminds me a little of something you'd see in the Invisibles.

Or maybe in Transmetropolitan in the Future Dome (whatever it's actually called) as some weird foliage thing birthing and feeding itself. Never doubling. Just constantly consuming itself whilst regrowing.

Dunno why it's so oddly specific.

No. 510596

they are not deserving of something so beautiful.

No. 510597

Creative, stylistically well-done, and funny. You have a lot of talent, anon. Do you do commissions?

No. 510603

Please, please illustrate a children's book about the Onions. Surely some anons would be able to help with a story line? You're very creative, great talent!

No. 510647

scary stories to tell in the dark: onion edition

No. 510648

I saw Onision's new video title (basically that it's him pretending to be Trisha Patas) and I specifically smoked just so I could watch it high. It's so great. He's definitely a cross desser and willing to make fun of fat people still when he made a video about how he should stop being fat.

No. 510652

File: 1524727427298.png (531.72 KB, 860x812, blairewhite.png)

Lol did anyone else catch blaire white's diss at onion and lamey on her new video

No. 510658

File: 1524730135072.jpeg (219.98 KB, 1242x672, B95CEB2E-7BA0-4BB9-BEF3-965692…)

Wtf is his pfp and cover pic? He is really going down hill since moving into the new house. I think the swampy scenery is making it worse for him.

No. 510659

lol, Blaire still looks like a girl imo.

And cuter than Lame.

No. 510660

when did they buy this trailer vs when did he start writing his book

No. 510662

I honestly thought the header was a shot from lord of the rings or something. He legitimately looks like a freaking hobbit with that giant curly mopped head.

No. 510663

File: 1524731078767.png (13.02 KB, 762x105, lol.PNG)

No. 510664

File: 1524731724277.png (1.07 MB, 1048x484, newvid.PNG)

No. 510665

HOLY SHIT the Gurg Witch Project video, he has gone through literally all the fucking comments and liked each and every one (and presumably deleted all the HatuRZ!1!!1) Fucking kek. He has actually lost it.

No. 510673

He sounds like an edgy teen trying to emulate Chuck Palahniuk, I had to turn it off after two minutes. He has spent the last decade using YouTube as his soapbox for self-important pseudo-philosophical bullshit like he's some wise revolutionary, when his life experience is little more than being a shut-in who only talks to teenagers. He's never had a real job, doesn't travel, doesn't have any productive hobbies other than jerking it to hentai, has no friends, his romantic relationships have all been castaprophic shitshows, and he admits he doesn't even read. And yet he believes he deserves not only an audience, but to be paid to prattle off this bullshit?

No. 510678

I wouldn’t be surprised if he is dyslexic and can’t actually read. Motherfucker can’t even form coherent sentences much less spell or use correct grammar. Him “writing” a book is him using dictation. I’d put money on it.

No. 510683

This was pretty funny. I usually can’t watch more than ten seconds of Robbie Faggatron because her cheap wig/heinous fake tan/Walmart fashion/make up skills to rival GSW’s in their shitfulness hurts my feelings but this was a look that didn’t make me immediately want to stick my head in a bucket of bleach.

No. 510691


Wait, so you went to HS with Onion? Anything else you'd like to share?

No. 510693

Then explain why it sometimes has "Greg" in place of Daniel's name.

No. 510699

It's probably symbolic of his emotionally desolate existence. So edgy.

No. 510704

Is he shitting on Lainey?
I can't tell. Sure sounds like it.

No. 510707

Holy shit
He looks like the spitting image of my asshole ex here

No. 510709

The way he holds her is degrading as fuck. It's like he sees her as a subpar human, that's how it comes off to me.

No. 510716

Looks like a scene from a crime movie where the murderer is hiding the body.

No. 510717

Divorcegate is coming… This video HAS to have him second-guessing his "marriage". KEK

No. 510722


probably him second guessing not only his marriage, but every other marriage/relationship that he's been part of - because apart from the one he is in currently, none of them have ever worked out the way he wanted them to, and the one that did is one that he is still very much unsatisfied with.

i wonder if he were to divorce lainey, or the other way around - would he really go back to dating, relationships break ups etc. for a long time in order to find what he's looking for - or would he (again) take the next best thing and put a ring on it?

because on one hand he's not getting any younger and it's going to be hard if not impossible for him to find someone who's up to the standards that his previous girlfriends set* so he might do best to just take what he can get - but on the other hand that seems to be exactly where he thinks he went wrong in the past.

billie's beauty & youth, shiloh's talent, lainey's blank slate/doormat,skye's humor etc. - he'd like all of that combined in one person, but that person would never, ever go for him.
and he likely is very much aware of that, even though he is a narc - he knows he's got nothing left to offer.

in all honestly, where would he even go to find a replacement now, apparently he doesn't want to meet someone at work, school or in person in general.
the less likely you were to meet under normal circumstances the better - so the internet, but his audience is ugly and talentless. the only thing they can offer is the same doormat behaviour lainey has mastered.

he's never going to get out of this.
probably sobbing in his garage right now, listening to "if i could turn back time" kek

No. 510724

My bad, Anon, you are right.
What I should have said instead is that it might not have been pitch black in his garage, but anytime during the day really. He just edited the video so heavily to convey this dark, spooky, dramatic atmosphere.

It doesn't make the video more credible, though. Kek

No. 510725

if lainey and the kids leave him at that house, i'm hoping he reveals his true form as a swamp monster and the whole thing turns into a b-grade horror movie.

No. 510728

I'm getting Dexter vibes…

No. 510729


Lame's complexion looks like she's dead. Her highlighter does more harm than good. She needs to bronze a little more, and fucking use blush so she looks at least a little alive. Unless that's what Greg likes.

I'm still trying to understand Lame's transgender stuff. She doesn't identify as a woman, but she likes makeup. That's ok – plenty of men on Youtube like makeup too and look fabulous. Except Lame isn't good at makeup – is she going for "man in drag" looks, because that's how she ends up? She doesn't want to identify as a woman, but her mannerisms and some of her language is still feminine. She really ends up looking like a confused child boy.

"Do as I say, not as I do" much?

No. 510733

Oh lord have mercy, what is he 16? Shrek is so full of himself in his lil swamp.
No kidding, Lameo would never leave gronk but he sure as hell would leave her.
also does anyone know when they're going to the gay prom?

No. 510734

it's supposed to be sometime this week, i think

No. 510736

I agree she will never leave him. Not even if some hot guy with loads of cash came along like some anons have suggested repeatedly. Don’t get me wrong I want her to leave him just as badly, but she’s so “in love” with him and the idea of who she thinks he was when she first met him (and he was her “Edward Cullen” sweeping her off her feet to Washington) that she will never let go of her dream. He’d have to leave her for divorcegate to ever happen in a million years, but she would be kicking and screaming (figuritively) all the way through the proceedings and trying to convince him not to for the kids sake etc etc.
She’s obsessed with him and the only way I can see her having the guts to leave is if she’s pushed/forced out one day by a Billie 2.0.

No. 510758

I don't want to start with the chin thing again… but in her last stream she seemed pretty triggered and upset about it. Either she was in a particular bad mood or just hates talking about it. kek


No. 510765


Wow, 3edgy5u! but seriously that whole video was a giant jab at Lainey. Too bad she's too stupid to realize it.

No. 510767


Sounds like she doesn't actually know what people are referring to regarding her chin.

No. 510768

Well guess what, Lameo, if you weren't so fucking boring all the time people wouldn't have to make up rumors to be entertained

No. 510773

Thi is beautiful, but I feel very disturbed somehow…

No. 510776

File: 1524759408081.jpg (76.54 KB, 650x400, 3vX4AQE.jpg)

holy shit i can't breathe

No. 510805

Why does this sound like hes trying to convince lameo to leave him? Also funny how he shits on the "soulmate" idea in this video by saying people's SO are basically replaceable because theres plenty of people like them. Lameo is obsessed with the idea of soulmates and basically hangs onto that idea as the reason she should stay with onion, and now hes shitting on it.

No. 510810

>tfw I live in a swamp
Hope it aint onion swamp

No. 510812

Oh this is gonna be one of the videos lame won't watch cause they are too "deep" lol

No. 510827

Exactly my thought. It you listen to it from that perspective that's exactly what it sounds like

No. 510831

Poor Greg. Lainey will never leave you no matter how hard you try to subconsciously will it into existence. You made your bed.

No. 510840

No, Lameo said that Greg is her "twin flame" and that someone can have many soul mates that are in and out of your life.

No. 510842

Right now Tommyc is doing a live stream about Onisions valor, if anyone is interested in it. He leaves his streams up so one can listen later if they want.

No. 510844


He's probably been shitting on it for a while. I'm guessing that's why she always calls him her "twin flame" and not "soulmate"…

No. 510845

He was two grades ahead of me so we only were in school together for two years. But you can ask me questions and if I know the answers I’ll share. I can say tho that when our school took the state exams one year he sat out of the exams with the freshman’s and sophomores, so I don’t think he ever took the WASL. Not super exciting but kinda interesting tidbit

No. 510852


He ever get his ass kicked like Twitter person said?

No. 510856


was he the same with women - er, girls, I guess, since he still goes for ones the same age as when he was in hs, I imagine - back then?

Like, targeting girls significantly younger than him? and being just as controlling and abusive? and would that be beyond your scope of knowledge?

No. 510857

Not that I remember. Honestly we didn’t really have violence between cliques. When fights happened they occurred within friend groups or they were gang related. He wasn’t liked tho that’s for sure

No. 510858



No. 510859

He didn’t go for significant age gaps no. I don’t remember her very well but first wife was best friends with one of my friends..let’s call her k. K said he was controlling of first wife and that neither of them treated the other very well

No. 510860

What do you mean? Like do i remember any rumors about him?

No. 510862


Yeah. You said that he wasn't very well-liked, so what kind of things did people say about him?

No. 510869

Like I said up thread ppl called him columbine and because of him our principal banned trench coats. It was the usual high school bullshit. Got made fun of and ppl would say he was gonna be the next school shooter. He was one of those dudes who would like sit all silent in class only to randomly say something “dark and 3edgy5u”

No. 510871

So Onion and Skye didn't treat each other well? If Onion was controlling, what was Skye's behavior toward him that others thought she was toxic?

No. 510872

Do you keep in touch with other people from you HS who know LGH, and if so, what do they think about him now generally speaking?

No. 510873

wonder how long it'll take him to screech about someone from his old hs in a either video or text somewheres.

i bet loyalty, liars, losers etc. will be just some (or one of) the ways you'll be talked about in.

No. 510875

I also attended HS with Greg and I don’t think anon is telling the truth…….. my experience with Greg and our HS is much different…. can Anon confirm any truth…… I believe the original twitter poster….

No. 510877

share your spin on things, then. i mean, what's other anon lying/wrong about?

No. 510878

Like I said I don’t really remember her but k said they were both abusive to each other. I’m afraid I don’t know much more than that concerning the two of them in high school

No. 510879

Samefag original twitter poster had photos of greg from high school and yearbook photos….. so I’m Moe inclined to believe I attended Hs with Greg and them not anon

No. 510880

I remember him having a big fight with one of his friends because his mom (who was utterly crazy) had flirted with him

No. 510881

Haha actually a lot of them. I work with my best friend and have kept in touch with most of our core group. My best friend was shocked, she didn’t realize onision was Greg. K knew about him obviously cuz she’s still close to first wife and when he was brought up she told us to stay awake that he was serious trouble

No. 510883

I’m not sure he will remember me. I’ve thought about it before, but I don’t really want to get wrapped up in his drama. We weren’t close or anything but my best friend and I enjoyed getting on his nerves.

No. 510884

File: 1524773504075.png (331.51 KB, 1416x881, most honest.png)

He 100% said it to himself while sadly gazing at himself in the mirror.

No. 510885

Several threads back I posted a school photo from our yearbook sooo…valid as well. It’s very possible he did get in a fight and it happened before I went to school there. I just said I didn’t remember one happening

No. 510886

3 days ago from her YouNow. When she was talking about how much more she prefers her new studio ( the lower level closet). She said she had way too much space in her old one…
Her old studio that was in grease mansion had too much space.
She was still sitting when she showed this part of the storage closet. Thin white comforters on two walls to help with sound, I think.

No. 510887

It’s not our responsibility to look for evidence and proof. We shouldn’t need to research your claims

No. 510888


But if ALL his videos are 100% honest 100% of the time, how can you be MORE honest than 100%??

No. 510890

File: 1524774003341.png (5.91 MB, 1242x2208, A4818BBE-0F51-4337-90B3-7DD0DD…)

School photo

No. 510892

File: 1524774058003.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1242x2025, AF8E6900-E2C1-455B-8421-037257…)

Same fag, took me a minute to edit for privacy but I’m on this page of the yearbook

No. 510896

File: 1524774299934.png (407.95 KB, 1440x2175, get out haturrzzz.png)

>If you have something to say about me, my viewers etc. get on your own channel

Where you will immediately false flag them? It's going to be a fulltime job silencing criticism on the internet, LGH. I guess you needed a new hobby anyway now that you have no privacy to fap away your days in the basement.

No. 510897

this. he has always loved knocking girls up, maybe seeing them pregnant and having his baby, but he absolutely never wanted to permanently be a father to kids.

if anyone still is wondering, I believe on her blog Shiloh alluded to it being SIDS.

it weirds me out that he makes such a big deal out of "NOBODY CAN SEE MY KIDS, IN THE EYES OF THE INTERNET I AM NOT A DAD" yet it legit looks like that was edited just to keep him shushing the kids in the video. the jump cut is literally just before he does it.

No. 510898

Wouldn't LGH have been 20 years old in 2006?

No. 510900

That’s the year I graduated so yea he would have been about that age. He’s two years older than me. So he was there when I was a freshman and sophomore. That was just proof I’m high school anon 2.0

No. 510901


Onion would have been class of 2003, unless Anon is showing they went to the same high school?

No. 510903

Yea that’s all the photo was meant to do.

No. 510908


But that photo was posted before, by a person that said that people called him "dog boy" in high school, many threads ago.

No. 510909

Samefag I was class of 2005 from Lakes?????? My initials are A.B if you know me (female)

No. 510910

Any Gurg stories you can share?

No. 510911

Oh man! That’s crazy! That’s super vague. Can you tell me what group hung out with? That would help me narrow down if I know you. I hung out with the goth/weeb crowd. We ate lunch to the right of the stage over in like that little corner area

No. 510912

did he date a black chick in hs like he says

No. 510913

He graduated in 2004.

No. 510914


lolcow reuniting ppl kek

No. 510915

That could have been me? I only started following this thread right before Billie drama. So if it was posted before that it wasn’t me. Let me ask my friend about that nickname real quick, she actually had class with him. My main memory is from one interaction directly with him and then like just basic being in the same friend group memories. Like I said I wasn’t close to him or anything

No. 510918

Not in high school. Least not when I was there. The only black girl in our group was k, the girl super close with first wife

No. 510919

Samefag. I coach junior volleyball and honestly can’t remember there being any real cliques. I soda was friends with everybody. I hung out I guess with the more sporty people but seriously i can’t recall a lot of specific groups. I ate lunch outside on the left wing picnic tables before the cafeteria during summer and winter we went to “jens” house who lived near by. I attended college in Vancouver if that helps you identify me.

No. 510920

File: 1524775538108.jpg (344.47 KB, 1440x1242, Screenshot_2018-04-26-13-39-38…)

Not super fresh, but I think it's pretty funny.

>I dunno.. I guess my wife.

No. 510921

I mean coached junior volleyball in high school lol sorry I don’t anymore

No. 510922

Ok my bad guys! I just asked my friend and she said yea ppl called him dog boy cuz he used to wear a collar and a chain leash. He also wore makeup back in high school sometimes. Just smudged black eyeliner tho

No. 510925

HS anons: were there any rumors surrounding Gurg? Or things your friends ever said about him that were weird or unflattering?

Was he generally unmemorable?

No. 510926

Jen….skinny tan blonde girl? I think she was a cheerleader? Maybe it seems more cliquey to me just cuz of who I hung out with. I’m trying to think of something so that we can identify each other without giving too much away

No. 510927

I remember that….. I was friends with Greg in MySpace. We hung around the volleyball courts and I remember him dressing all gothy and edgy but that wasn’t my scene. I wasn’t into that. But do you boo….. he just made such a big deal about being different and that’s why he got picked on. The vegan thing was never a sticking point and his dad Randall wasn’t any type of religious minister

No. 510928

I remember him mainly because my best friend and I were loud and annoying and we’d bother him. He sat out of WASL with us one year and we fucking drew fan art of him and kept throwing it at him. Cringe I know.

No. 510929

All I can think about when I look at that swamp is that mosquito season is starting and that place is going to be a buggy nightmare. Lainey is going to be one giant scab after she picks herself to death kek.

No. 510930

of course he'd separate his audience from his discordfags

muh echo chamber blah blah blah

No. 510932

She goes back and forth on her bullshit. She started her relationship by messaging him that she was his soulmate, so she holds onto that shit dearly. I think when she was trying to convince herself of reasons why onion and her should still be together and she could acquire a gf, she changed it to twin flame. She probably was hardcore googling to reason out her shitty life choices that she based off her original belief of one "soulmate". She constantly has mentioned soulmates over years and years and wants onion to be hers to justify her marriage and how their relationship started.

He also self named himself the most honest youtuber and claims everyone calls him that.

No. 510933

He was definitely “edgy” and into goth and anime. He had Japanese class with my best friend. He did attack his dad though, least it was believed within our group that he did

No. 510935

>he just made such a big deal about being different and that’s why he got picked on.

The more things change, the more they stay the same kek

No. 510936

so his dad wasn't a pedo?

No. 510937

File: 1524776141391.jpg (311.65 KB, 1077x837, Screenshot_20180426-215230_You…)

Lamebot's new video - 'Clean with Me'. Such riveting content from our favourite foot.


No. 510938

His dad wasn't a minister? Did you hear anything about his dad? Afaik, LGH said his mom and his dad divorced when he was young, and she had main custody for the majority of his upbringing. Did anyone from your HS even know anything about his dad?

No. 510939

i believe you if only because he goes on and on about all his exes, even in hs and hes only mentioned it in passing vs obsessively like all the others

did he date anyone other than sk, and did they brag about how great he was or whatever

No. 510941

Hahahaha no one ever bragged about how great he was. He was basically tolerated by us excepting for two others who honestly have turned out to be as toxic as him. I think he had one other gf that lasted for like a week.

No. 510944

No he wasn’t. The only thing we heard about concerning his dad was him beating him up. Don’t hold me to this, but if I remember correctly he did go to Rainem(sp?) Hall for it

No. 510947

>extreme bedroom makeover

She… cleans. She cleans. That's all she does. Just FYI.

No. 510951

Samefag but maybe you’ll remember me? Initials were A.W. Sigh. I dated Austin, dude with the blue hair who dressed like a girl a lot

No. 510953

I think it's possible that his dad was involved with Seven Day when LGH was a child, and who knows what happened after his parents divorced. His father is an investment advisor now or something.

No. 510956


They can't go five minutes without fighting.
At 3:00:

>L: How come there is an entire wall of stuff I made for you but there is no stuff you made for me [laughs]

>LGH: [flatly] You mean that entire book I wrote you
>L: [sorta jokingly] I wrote you one too, bitch
>LGH: [rolling his eyes] Yeah, but mine was like UHH-laborate
>L: And mine… [suddenly louder] Mine had like… three times as many words as yours di–
>LGH: [cuts her off, does this ape gesture thing and makes some kind of "hohohoho" grunt noise??]
>LGH: [sorta jokingly] Shut up

No. 510958

i wonder what the place looked like before they moved in if theyre cleaning so much

or is she just doing it as busy work and because she ran out of video ideas (I HAVE SO MANY VIDEO IDEAS/OMG GUYS GIVE ME VIDEO IDEAS???)

like bitch we all seen youre old laundry pile of a home. IDEALLY it was cleaned before you moved in, so you aint impressing anyone.

No. 510962

Lmao I stand corrected, they hung up two mirrors and a shelf.


No. 510965

i dunno if i can take that kind of excitement right now, sounds pretty hardcore

No. 510969

Lmao holy shit Bug-Eyed Tami flirted with one of Grease's friends and he got mad at the friend? Is that right?

I want to believeeee. Of course Tami was the one who gave her kid the notion that he can sexually pursue anyone.

No. 510970

Anon you remind me of a detective trying to get information on a suspect, kek

No. 510973

already destroying their new walls, christmas lights stapled to the walls, using a screwdriver to hang everything to the drywall

No. 510976

>christmas lights strung around room and window

nice high school deco my dudes

>quotes death note

>SGW: Are we gonna hang this (mirror)?

>LGH: No, just ourselves.
>jump cut to her saying to stop

kek, that deadpan reply was p good Gurg.

>Lainey sorts laundry idk if it's even clean???

>Lainey gets rid of clothes aka asks Greg which he likes better and tosses what he doesn't (I assume it'll go on her posh)
>gets rid of rainbow tights (sooooo gay), mentions you can buy her shit on poshmark

Anyway the room looks OK, but I don't get people who have light up shit everywhere (pacman ghost lamp, seemingly bright digital clock etc), or stuff over their bed (I'm scared of shit falling on me lolz). And it seems kind of collegey, at best, which is embarrassing for a couple going into their 6th year of marriage.

Choice comments:

>Your room it's not nice. It looks trashy. Everything in it looks cheap and tasteless. The furniture doesn't match with each other. The colours of the furniture don't go with the walls. Those lights are like the kind of lights some college students would use ina dorm. You could use a duvet cover… Everything is aesthetically just horrible…. All those cables hanging from the wall, all that shit just pined to the wall…Am I the only one that sees this?

>So many things that will end in poshmark. Also why do you beg teens to buy you clothes if you gonna sell them?

>Most of the clothes you get rid off you bought them at least six months ago Why do you keep buying clothes you don't like and reselling it to the original price?

+ a million comments of people saying they didn't know they moved, and one saying it was Patron only info

No. 510977

samefag, someone in the comments said it's just a different room in the same house too l o l

No. 510979

I’m loving her pulling out a red/black piece of fabric being confused as to what it is and Greg tells her is a sex thing to blindfold and she just goes “oh well put it in my kink box”

Like I’m sorry? You didn’t even know what it was?? Is your “kink box” just filled with random items Greg has collected for you or what? Why even leave that in??

Also guys cmon. Greg isn’t going to divorce her. She’s saving money to help pay for his tax debt remember? He’s definitely holding out until she pays for half of it (or all of it) and then leave. I think even he’s smart enough for that.

No. 510982

Not to livepost but he’s reacting to pewdiepies new video right now and pdps video is about listening to criticism and not having an ego trip and actually changing your content to stay relevant and good on YouTube. I can’t wait for this

No. 510986

And they quote Death Note with that "I'll take a potato chip" scene again. Is that the only one he knows well enough to quote…?

No. 510987

Hold up, how the absolute fuck does he have over 500 viewers right now?!

No. 510991

does the stream title say pewdiepie in the title

No. 510992


so you're saying he went to juvenile hall? like jail for teenagers?

No. 510993


twice, even

No. 510994

"PewDiePie (I Was Asked To React To PewDiePie's New Video)" oh you know it. 465 viewers now too

No. 510996

Then that's the reason why. what a loser lol

No. 510997

yup, I couldn't stomach that shit either. Has he said anything of note?

No. 510999

He is comparing Pewds to Jared from Subway and other pedophiles now. I can't.

No. 511000

KEK, WHAT HOW?! my sides.

No. 511004

In the 24 minutes he livestream that he only got just over 4 minutes into pdps fucking video and kept pausing it to ramble on about bullshit. He went on and on about pdps gross joke of “everyone’s got there tricks to see 12 year old tits” and how he couldn’t even bring himself to use it in a scenario regarding himself because he would never say anything like that. But didn’t Lainey make a comment in one of her videos last week about looking like a 12 year old boy and Greg said that’s how he likes them?
He stopped streaming and said the rest of the reaction would be on his patreon but I believe he said “why is this millionaire complaining?” At least 3 times kek.
Due to his constant pausing and not listening to pdps full statements he kept (I suspect purposefully) missing the point.

No. 511006

Yea I believe he did.

No. 511007

'why is a millionaire complaining' - wasn't his latest video all about how money and success didn't make him happy?

Gosh darn, he can't stay consistent for more than an hour. Completely will to flip-flop his world view if it allows him to get a cheap-shot at someone.

No. 511009

I feel like that's essentially his default option. Make them into a pedo.

No. 511010

He sure did make that comment. Why is he not criticizing himself for joking that he likes 12 year old boys?

No. 511011

File: 1524780221717.png (848.77 KB, 1416x669, Screenshot_2018-04-26-15-01-04…)


Sorry for crappy screenshot, but this is the tweet he keeps referring to.

No. 511012

Since there were a couple people here that had mentioned PewDiePie's video and we KNOW he lurks, do you think that's why streamed his reaction?

No. 511015

He also went on about how when HE is accused of something untrue, he goes on and on defending himself because he's so honest, while people like Poooodiepie address it only once.
Talked about how Pewds, Jared from Subway, and his own father were so respected in their communities which makes them BAD and dangerous.

No. 511016


so he went to juvie. do you know if he was in any behavior disorder or learning disorder classes (Like maybe any remedial courses or a more structured and disciplined study hall for kids who act out, for example) or just in normal classes with everyone else?

No. 511017

I have no doubt that he watches us like hawks, but I saw lots of comments on his Twitter and YouTube mentioning this video.

No. 511019

Thank you Anon! I had no idea and I thought he was making it up and does he not realize that pewds is insinuating that Matthew was the pedo?

No. 511020

Perhaps it would’ve been better if pewdiepie made a video yelling “I’m not a fucking racist/pedo!”
Oh but then that’s too defensive.
But he made videos apologising and addressing them already?
ONLY ONCE? Too vague. Clearly hiding it. Must be true.
When people are accused of something that’s ridiculous they can address it once and have everyone realise it’s false and move on. In Greg’s case he has to address it multiple times regardless of if it’s true or not because people believe it based on the type of person he portrays himself as. How much greener could Greg get over jealousy of pewdiepie honestly.

No. 511021

Oh no nothing like that. He was in regular classes with the rest of us. He probably got ISS a lot but that’s just speculation on my part.

No. 511025

Samefag but I am 99% certain he changed his ridiculous twitter profile pic because of our relentless roasting of it.

No. 511026

Greg's just mad that kids and teens flock to Pewdiepie without him even trying. Greg has to really work for his "fans" and next prospects.

No. 511028

He did the exact same thing when hurling those pedo accusations at Shane.
>He only made ONE video, with SWEARS in it defending himself! This means he has something to hide, okaaay?

No. 511031

Because anon, he’s not attracted to young boys. So it’s okay to joke about. He is attracted to young girls, so he can’t joke about it.

No. 511032

What's even more ridiculous is he talks about the N-word incident and basically excuses it, saying he can look past it, but this tweet is the one thing that truly troubles him about Pewdiepie kek
Why is LGH so obsessed with pedophilia? He spergs out at the beginning about his own shit being taken out of context (and reiterates that he did NOT target young girls to rate kek) but did the exact same thing to Shane and is trying it with Pewds now. It's unbelievable what an idiot he is.

No. 511034

>Why is LGH so obsessed with pedophilia?
Mainly because he projects more than an IMAX theater

No. 511036

Not only that, but Pewds has successfully managed to grow with his viewers and has tons of adult fans too. This is something LGH can only dream of. Plus, he's managed his money wisely and is actually honest kek.
He's insanely jealous that he doesn't measure up in any way. It occurred to me that LGH's idiotic feaux-deep existential crisis video was a sad attempt to get that "forced positivity" vibe that Felix did so successfully.
Anything Gurg can do Felix does better.

No. 511037

PDP of all people is like the WORST possible option to choose as a possible pedophile, lmao. Doesn't he dislike all his 12 year old fans and kids in general?

It's like he spun the wheel of popular youtubers and thought "hm, who will I accuse of pedophilia this time around"

No. 511041

It's up on UhOhBro now, the comments are brutal, but he's trying his best to delete them. Gonna be a busy day for LGH.

No. 511044

That’s still only him reacting to the first 4 minutes. The rest he said is going on his patreon so if anyone could grab that I’d be enternally grateful kek

No. 511049


Does that mean that Lainey is now Dog Girl?

No. 511051

Saturday and the video will be up on Tuesday.
She said it on youNow.

No. 511052

hes also made millions off youtube and was complaining the entire time. Then he wasted it all and lost his fanbase by bitching and moaning. So how can he complain about a millionaire complaining?

He has also been with Marzia who is around his age for like seven years now. Nothing shady about him dating or flirting with young fans like onion has done his entire career. But of course felix is the pedo.

No. 511054

>(I suspect purposefully)

I'm pretty sure he's just a retard, tbh.

No. 511056

PDP almost never interacts with fans in any way other than the meme videos. Has he EVER done anything in that direction? I've never even heard anything about him flirting with anyone else besides his girlfriend.

No. 511057

Whenever Greg says something people don't like, it's a joke omg you guys I'm a comedian

When anyone else does, it's not a joke and are they even doing it for money?

No. 511058

No. 511060

File: 1524786427112.jpeg (2.95 MB, 4032x3024, D2B01293-3685-4B3B-823F-18DEDD…)

I forgot the final detail!
Sure, why not.

No. 511061

A Patron sent him the video and asked him to react to it. The moron didn't watch the vid2o before livestreaming about it, and as he was bitching between constant pausing, PDP would make points to refute what LGH had just said. Hilarious. And at one point, Pewds mentioned the ego involved in saying "if you don't like me, don't watch," and LGH got pissed and said something along the lines of "Clearly the person who sent me this thinks this relates to me… and it's just not true, they're clearly not paying attention." KEK

No. 511063

I really hope Aldlii makes a video just from this audio.

No. 511064

I actually know a girl who has a prominent chin and can fold her chin muscle like up towards her mouth. Lame has denied ever having anything done to her chin

No. 511065

he is so insufferable to watch. He just rants about whatever he wants to rant about. He goes on a whole monologue from one sentence. And hilarious how his giant ego and "im better than you" attitude shows while hes watching pewdipie's video about ego.

I'd rather lameo watch and react to pewdiepie's video cause she can't handle even the nicest of comments if they disagree with her.

No. 511066

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_Z3VPDUGAM(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 511068

fucking dead, you nailed it

No. 511070

The part where Pewdiepie says
“If I had ignored the comments I would have either let the hate build up inside me or kept doing the same tired content” with Greg’s narc face in the corner is classic.

No. 511071


No. 511074

Its supposed to be a caricature, but it looks identical to the Onions!!

Taylor's shnoz and that janky ass chin bump

Onion and his sloping caveman brow ridge.
Those eyes slipping down his face too!! It's like a candle was kept out in the sun too long

No. 511078

File: 1524789777942.jpg (58.43 KB, 581x581, DzKU5o4.jpg)

When she threw that thing in the "kinkbox" this is what I thought of. I know it's shit lol. Any talented anons wanna spin their version of it?

No. 511080

Oh anon, I love this even tho it's trashy

No. 511084

Should add a prostate massager.

No. 511085

What's this? Some army dudes debate Onision's military history, how's this relevant?

No. 511086

File: 1524791509972.jpg (179.94 KB, 1050x860, Irony or Projecting lol.jpg)

Greasy Dog Boy, oh you

Trying to piggyback off of more successful youtubers is not gonna work this time.
With the Cosby verdict, the GSK arrest, and Trump and Korea, no one is going to care at all about your deluded shreiking.

People are seeing a created, false identity masks being torn off, exposing the sick twisted hidden character of these famous, or infamous persons.

So naturally, if Greasy Dog Boy starts attacking beloved youtubers, the general population, already in disbelief from these recent days, will be able to see right through his fake "onision" persona even faster than before.

Its a bad move. A desperate move yes, and not surprising, for him, but strategically, its the wrong time to execute.

Oh, and I dug up this old gem of his. Pertinent to his sitch, no?
Straight from the Greasy Dog Boys mouth.

No. 511091

File: 1524792826581.png (507.92 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-26-19-32-32…)

No. 511093

File: 1524793081254.png (140.2 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2018-04-26-19-37-24…)

No. 511096

beat me to it! drawing anons are you present?

No. 511098

This is so good but it kind of scares me.

No. 511099

This is beautiful. Full marks for making me snort-laugh, anon,

No. 511100

How do these clowns not have scurvy?

No. 511109

even if they did how would they know outside using web md?

No. 511113

File: 1524795844718.jpg (62.5 KB, 599x624, 10.JPG)

Oooo Laundry is mad… she almost never comments on, or even seems to watch, his shitty vids.. kek

No. 511116

Fucking kek. Can you imagine? Ogreasion googling “teeth falling out and flesh rotting” and coming to the conclusion that he is actually a zombie because doctors r dUMmieZ!

Incidentally, one of the symptoms of scurvy is a nasty ass red rash…

No. 511118

And by “soul mate” he obviously means “cash cow”.

No. 511119

They might already have it.

They have both complained about being tired, I'm assuming they have horrible gums which they mistake form lack of dental hygiene, they both seem to get sick a lot, lainey is anemic and is prone to bruising, they both look crusty and dehydrated.

No. 511120

File: 1524796623303.png (1.85 MB, 1775x968, poodiepie.PNG)

No. 511122

File: 1524797019835.png (122.46 KB, 445x211, efaef.png)

Am I the only one who instantly thought of this?

No. 511125

And given the fact that he had to have teeth out at the age of two Trot probably has it as well. They’re such a putrid family.

No. 511126

The first thing I thought of when I saw the thumbnail was Shane too. Gronk is trying really hard to copy how Shane looks in his thumbnails kek

No. 511127

Desperate times call for desperate measures, anon.

No. 511128

hot damn, that was fast. Thx Anon.

No. 511129

He’s actually so stupid. How is this man in his 30s? He just sits there and ignored the fact pdp said he was using the term hate very loosely.
Pdp was saying that a “hate comment” that says
“You’re fucking shit I hope you die” is not worth looking at.
But a “hate comment” that’s like
“You’re just a hypocrite when you do this and this. Stop with this shit content no one wants to watch it.” It’s technically a hate comment right? But there also might be some merit to what they’re saying.
He doesn’t even watch the whole video. He streams for 24 minutes on YouTube but hey pay for his patreon where he says he’ll watch the rest and actually only get 10 minutes and he doesn’t complete the video.
His small minded ego is so pathetic.

No. 511133


No. 511136

File: 1524798979766.jpg (13.43 KB, 300x450, 9780007431854.jpg)

sry lainey

No. 511137

>9.6 million vs 9.6k
>a shriek echoes through grugly's swamp

No. 511138

My God…why is he so incredibly fucking stupid? How does not he comprehend what Pewds is talking about? Oh and @ 04:01 of part 1 he literally says "fuck you, okay? Let's be blunt, fuck you." to the Patrons who sent him this video, I shit you not.

No. 511139

File: 1524799334354.jpg (76.28 KB, 534x667, Wow.JPG)

Speaking of…

No. 511140

haha she’s probably getting cuddlegate flashbacks, thinking how close she was to being replaced and to add fuel to the fire, he even made a video after the breakup talking about the things he ADMIRED about B. sad times in the swamp

No. 511141

Speak of the devil, huh? I honestly hope this was a wake up call for them, no one deserves to be treated like that.

No. 511142

lmaoo the day that they'd ever see 9mil views… He'll croak before that ever happens.

No. 511143

lol it's clear Greg doesn't understand constructive criticism.

No. 511144

Also, I like how he said to private message him so he could shit on that person privately.

No. 511146

File: 1524801631080.jpg (1.14 MB, 3988x3988, BeFunky Collage.jpg)

The comparison between Lame's "boyfriend does my makeup videos" from now and 3 years ago are feckin sad. He drained every last bit of youth out of her and now he couldn't act less interested if he tried.

No. 511147

File: 1524802403082.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 751F8A78-B147-4D2B-B6CD-8A921B…)


Fresh off the mortuary slab chic right here, y’all

No. 511150

Honestly, does LGH know that he can filter the comments on YouTube? Like instead of sperging about deleting hate comments, he could easily filter them or turn them off. I mean if he filtered them, no one would be able to comment anyways. I just don't get it, lmao.

No. 511151

He can't turn them off anon, he has a physical need to see praise (even if there's not much).

No. 511156



No. 511158

if he did that the what else would he do for the rest of the day?

No. 511159

the best part of this thumbnail is her profile so she can dab on the haters for pointing out her abscess

No. 511166


Oh my god anons, he is so mad. Sore spot, eh Glug?

No. 511168


Look how gentle he was then, lightly brushing her face, as opposed to the way he manhandles her now. He’s got so much pent up rage from ruining his own goddamn life.

No. 511169

File: 1524809113833.jpg (215.88 KB, 969x915, asd.jpg)

this screenshot isn't even edited, he is actually this red. oh my god. just go to a dermatologist already

No. 511170

how can people be long time fans and still think theyre couple goals? the top pic, ok fine. the honey moon lie was still strong. but now????

just cause theyve been together omg going into 6 years doesnt mean its a goal if both parties are fucking miserable

No. 511175

No. 511179

Oh please. Of course she has to hardcore defend her "soulmate" bullshit or her whole life is gonna be a waste. Basically "we don't talk and have no interests in common, yeah you cheated on me and are verbally abusive, but this unexplainable connection means we are meant for each other!!! You are not replaceable and that means i'm also not replaceable to you!!!!". Okay calm down you 12 year old.

Dude, soulmates are bullshit. You just pick someone you get along with/are attracted to and love them, it's not a supernatural force. It's also not a reason you should stay with a dickwad

No. 511183

Holy shit anon, this is legit nightmare fuel. How the fuck can someone live with what I can only assume is a painful condition without seeking medical intervention. Fuck me.

No. 511184

"Why can't i just ask my ass-sucking patrons who give me cash and are too scared to disagree with me because I have a proven track record of deleting patrons for disagreeing with me, and it's unpredictable for them to know which things will cause me to rage and delete them or at the very least, insult them??"

Oh gee, I wonder why only listening to your personal echo-chamber would be a bad idea.

>haters are the minority

Not in your case onion lol. It's easier to find someone who dislikes you than likes you

And this is exactly what pewdiepie is talking about with people's giant egos. Onion already goes into the video with a closed-mind and wanting to argue against whatever pewdiepie is going to say because he dislikes him, so of course he won't ever change his mind about anything. Idk why anyone thinks he has any hope to become a good person or change. There is no hope, no therapy, no person, nothing that will change him. This is who he always will be, an aging raging turd.

No. 511186

he (used to?) takes four showers a day. he's making his condition worse.

No. 511188

This looks like a still from a snuff video, with her eyes all bruised/Lame being so pale and Onion reaching in to finish the job by choking her.

No. 511190

Rosacea isn't painful, and there's noting you can do to stop your face flushing red when you exert yourself, go out in the cold or drink alcohol. It's also a genetic condition, so even if he was at the dermatologist weekly it wouldn't stop his face flushing red. Please try to learn, anons. Yes he looks like the silly, creepy man he is. No he does not have a painful or treatable condition. As for his too-large head, I have no idea. The doctors warned his mother to abort…

No. 511196

Do you have rosacea? It can actually be painful. Before I was diagnosed, it burned and stung all the time. I don’t get why people always have to hate on his red face. There are so many worse things about Onion.

No. 511197

File: 1524812844174.png (55.61 KB, 469x235, Screenshot (9).png)

I sent VeganGains the mukbang video(cowtipping)

No. 511198

It can definitely be painful and if left untreated it can develop into painful boils, pimples, rhinophyma and even spread to the lining of eyes - leaving you with dry, sensitive and irritated eyes.

No. 511199

Probably because of ignorance, but also because he refuses to seek help in lessening it.

No. 511201

Yeah, he is an idiot for not seeking treatment.

No. 511207

File: 1524813906250.png (845.53 KB, 1155x417, Gorgre VS Jason.png)

Does that "lake" Gregs new trailer is near share property with a Camp Crystal?

No. 511209

File: 1524814096316.png (36.9 KB, 713x747, Avengers.PNG)

What do you all think?? Have I gone too far?

Mitsubishi was not at all involved in this cruel joke(cowtipping)

No. 511211

I haven't been around or posted in a few months but is this the norm around here now? day of the captcha when, etc

No. 511214

ah right, me responding to a spam post and asking about it is clear indication of my lurking hours.

No. 511215

If you see a spam post, just report it. No need to really comment about it.

As for the second part i assume they thought you were the same anon as >>511209 or they didn't break up their post into two message of intentions.

No. 511221

Except there's quite a few treatments available that would at least reduce the majority of the redness?

Gurg is just too stupid to go to a doctor for a completely treatable, minor, skin condition.

No. 511222


I have no idea what this means. Is this an attempt to troll onion into thinking he has a chance to work with mistubishi? What does the Avengers have to do with anything?

No. 511224

list of the avengers and characters who die in the movie. Greg's dumb enough to open the email from his business account thinking its a sponsorship im sure

No. 511225

In this clip he claims to have already gone to a doctor for it as a teen, and it caused "colors to become inverted" in his vision, so he refuses to go now.

Sounds like a lie, though… he hasn't told this story 5000000 times, so according to Gronk logic, it must be a lie.

No. 511226

Plainey is the one who "handles his business email address" though, he says. And it's a low grade cow tipper bait for sure. Was there really a point in posting here or even doing that?

No. 511227

because you believe trust's foot to control his business email. As if he would give her any adult rehabilitates

No. 511228

File: 1524819207393.jpeg (143.08 KB, 1280x960, onionswanswamp.jpeg)


i call this piece "Gregory Tchaikovsky's - Swan Swamp"

No. 511232

File: 1524819585758.jpg (421.75 KB, 1280x960, dscn5029.jpg)


was also largely inspired by this,
"gurg and lainey's kink session gone wrong"

No. 511233

File: 1524819947903.jpg (119.3 KB, 500x582, OnisionThe_Citizen.jpg)

Have a shitty fine art MS paint, anon. Cheers.

No. 511234

Top kek, bless you anon

No. 511237

He does that thing that heaaaps of cringy boyfriends on youtube videos do where they act all masculine and pretend what they don't know what anything is for and do the makeup shot on purpose because they are trying to be manly. Like I get that most dudes don't know much about makeup, and Greg does his makeup pretty shittily, but it irks me that he did it so fucking bad on purpose. He wears makeup in most of his fucking videos, why does he act like he doesn't know how it's done at all? It doesn't make him appear manlier, just like a fucking tool that ruins his wives videos.

No. 511238

Not to mention that when he imitated Lainey in a video he drew wings on his own eyes. Yet when he does her makeup, he doesn't even attempt the wings that she normally has and instead just smears her face and she looks like she has grey shit all around the socket.

No. 511239

> I disagree
will this result in punishment?

lol these are both great

I love how anons ridicule their annoying "oh so kinky" image

No. 511240

Jesus. Do they ever drink anything that's not in a single serve plastic bottle? They're the most wasteful twats on the planet.

No. 511242

yes! LGH likes to look down on people who eat meat but he himself gives a fuck about the environment, he thinks that he's good because he's a vegetarian. Normally people who are vegetarian or vegan are also more aware of other environmental issues and try to produce less waste, of course not everyone but my point is that it comes with a vegetarian lifestyle in my understanding. They both also don't care about animal testing in cosmetics or shower products because they don't educate themselves on these things.

No. 511245

This. The fact that they’re too lazy/egotistical/fucking retarded to even consider the fact that they are under constant scrutiny in a public sphere to acknowledge their hypocrisy pertaining to animal welfare speaks volumes for the extent of their narcissism. It’s not that fucking hard to be mindful of one’s consumption irrespective of dietary choice. Especially not in the developed world with ease of access to pretty much everything.

No. 511270


I wonder how Greg sees his decision to choose Lainey over Billie, now that she is in the climax of her decline.

Billie wanted him back and texted him after his fake break up video. He could have cut and run and had a new teen bride. Now is is stuck with the space prince who spits fruit at him and will never let him go.

He threw away his chance at starting over just so he could make a snarky video to Billie.

No. 511278

Choosing Billie would have extended his personal popularity because she was young, fun and relatable but I think he overestimated his ability to pull her back in after jerking her around and being abusive to all the girls in the house. Even though he would have had a little more popularity for a while, Lainey is good for him to keep because she is so willing to do whatever he wants and take over all the work in the house.

No. 511281


Back then she actually looked like less of a foot. Maybe it was because her cheeks were a little rounder (either from baby weight or just a healthier diet) or maybe it’s the haircut flattering her better.

Now she’s just straight up ugly. Sad when she was considered nothing but average before, but in comparison she actually looked cute and girl next door-ish instead of dead.

No. 511282

Billie dodged a bullet there, to state the obvious. I can only imagine the stories she’ll be able to tell her grandchildren.

No. 511283

File: 1524837433607.jpg (383.73 KB, 614x1717, twitter_convo.jpg)

Well, interesting…
Can anyone confirm those claims? I remember old screenshots from LGH's former forums rating races according to his preference, I think I still got the screenshots.

Oh, and I couldn't care less to anonymize WhoAmI. kek

No. 511291

Not sure if anyone is interested, but they're drinking Atlas blackberry cider. I thought LGH didn't drink alcohol??

No. 511299

I know people say the chin thing and call her horsey and all that stuff, but if she had a completely different personality and didn't have the agender bullshit and wasnt married to that faggot, I wouldn't find her as ugly. Her eyes are a nice colour and when she's at her slimmest, her pointy chin and skinny face could be kind of cute in an elf like way, there's a lot of ugly/weird cute types out there that have weird or harsh features that look cute. For me it's her fucking boring monotone voice, the way she scowls and bitches at everything and everyone, the cringy references to calling herself a 'boi', the general bratty attitude and facts she loves Greg. She just seems like such a genuinely unlikeable person that she's completely disgusting and gross to me. Her diet probably isn't helping her looks either,I'm sure her skin wouldn't look so dry and crusty if she actually ate fruit and drank more water and the dyke haircuts and awful colours needs to fucking goooo.

But yeah, mostly she's just a shitty person.

No. 511300

KEK! It's like he's talking about himself! He is the epitome of washed up! Is he serious?

No. 511303

He was also drinking a Kombucha in the mukbang and don’t those have alcohol

No. 511304

he put the mirror there so he can see himself doing lainy frpm behind. classic narcissist

No. 511305


"and then he gave me a full body massage…-"

"ugh, stop it granny!"

No. 511307

>anon's cute laugh @ 3:04

No. 511309

Woh woh woh, this is so unrealistic…

His dick needs to be way smaller.

No. 511311

His makeup skills are pretty terrible but he did her eyebrows better than she does lol

No. 511313

File: 1524846447722.png (53.19 KB, 534x395, chapter 13.png)

Chapter 13 of Reaper's Creek

No. 511340


9:22 - Is… Is Pewdiepie one of us?!

No. 511341

In the bedroom makeover…
Lainey: (holds up pants) These are just a little bit too 2008.

Yeah like your fucking husband's dated humour and general style.

No. 511342

lol that's what ya get for being an idiot onion fan

No. 511344

That would be fantastic!

Nah, Anon, no hate towards his sycophants in this situation. I really hope, this has opened some people's eyes keeps fingers crossed.

No. 511346

i'm pretty sure it's already been reasonably established that HiImASociopath isn't LGH, but… is it 100% for sure not him?

Certainly sounds like him, especially with the whole 'but he'd NEVER ban a fan! Totally a mistake!' shit.

No. 511349

Can we just be realistic here? LGH doesn’t need fake accounts to do his biding. The only thing he uses them for his to give himself likes and favorable answers to his polls. The guy is literally notorious for being a massive cunt that insults every single person he encounters, fans included. Why would he need to use a fake account to do what he does with his own face?

No. 511351

she said that? i didn’t really believe anons who said she was copying jenna marbles, but she really is because i think jenna has a joke about “2008 hot” so unoriginal

No. 511354

File: 1524854386759.gif (951.73 KB, 478x296, ezgif-1-41115fb9b3.gif)

yes. see https://twitter.com/sub2onision/status/967827926753390593

also i made a gif of LGH making fun of the book lainey wrote for him.

No. 511355


Jeez I can't with how much he belittles her. I know plenty of couples who flirt and jokes around by making fun of each other but LGH is just mean-spirited and you can tell Lainey is more annoyed or offended than a participant.

No. 511356

I didn't realize that. God forbid LGH starts getting drunk

No. 511358

there are things you can take for rosacea, things that would make him look less like a helldemon spawn. i thought it was just a meme and people were upping the contrast but he legit looks like a scary tomato.
(ot but rose water and rosehip oil work wonders)

No. 511364

Environmentalism was his excuse to buy the Teslas.

No. 511365

He would have drained Billie's life force, just like all the other girls.

No. 511366

Its non-alcoholic. Though the prospect of Greg drunk would be incredible

No. 511367

isnt that hiLm? i thought the other account bailed

No. 511369

File: 1524855649152.gif (990.95 KB, 500x213, 4g9.gif)

Good catch.

No. 511372

ah, i see. i don't follow anything related to any of these people outside of these threads, and there's just so damn much to go through.

so, yeah, thanks for answering.

No. 511373

Uhh I think that's more of a reference to "onions have layers" from the actual movie

No. 511374

File: 1524856392929.png (248.26 KB, 614x225, Capture.PNG)

>I was 5'10
>shit talking of dad
>I'm so glad I got to write how I fingered a girl older than me

This is the longest chapter, I think.

I feel kind of sick.

No. 511380

Do not contact the cows and post here about it. You will be banned.