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File: 1484905088945.png (404.71 KB, 745x525, 1484882286540.png)

No. 341112


From now on, linking or embedding videos from any of Onision's channels is prohibited.

The reason is that any views still contribute to his revenue even if you use an adblocker, and he's made it clear through his words and actions that he uses drama in his life specifically for his financial gain.Violating this new rule will result in a ban and comment deletion.

Here's how to rehost a video so you can post it without benefiting Onision:

1. Copy video URL
2. Paste it on KeepVid and download the video
3. Upload on YouTube.com as "unlisted" video, do not add tags or anything to draw attention to it
4. Embed on lolcow using the "Youtube" field as always.

Because there's a risk of mirrors being taken down, and to avoid harassment, use a throwaway account. Longer videos (15 minutes and above) will have to be uploaded on a Youtube account with a verified phone number or split up (using any video editing software like Windows Movie Maker) and uploaded in parts.

This rule also includes channels of other members of his household, like Lainey or Sarah.

Previous thread >>>/pt/339716

- Billie and Ayalla have made videos calling Onion out for being the manipulative dipshit he is
- Billie has also provided screenshots of what exactly he expected as an apology
- Videos are currently making the rounds of Reddit
- Onion confirmed as wannabe Christian Grey

Relevant reddit threads:

No. 341114

Part 1 - https://twitter.com/ItsBabyDash/status/822365570087546881
Part 2 - https://twitter.com/ItsBabyDash/status/822366315004325893

> I can't believe that when I go on Onision's profile I still see people liking and retweeting his shit. That is absolutely fucking disgusting.

> I don't ask for much, but I'm gonna ask you for one thing: if you are an Onision supporter and you like me please unfollow me, please block me, please.
> Because I don't care, I don't what motivates you but there is absolutely no fucking excuse for what he's doing to Billie right now. And I want you to get off my page right now if you like him.
> Because if you think it is right to give away private information because somebody smoked weed, oh my-
> I can actually make it really easy: if you support Onision you support domestic violence, you support manipulation of pretty young girls.
> If you think it's normal to chain girls in your fucking basement and make relationship contracts, then I'm actually - I'm wondering what's wrong with you.
> This is a nineteen year old girl getting harassed by a grown ass thirty-one year old man with a wife and a kid.
> There's no excuse. I'm sorry, there's no excuse for supporting this absolute piece of human filth.
> And yes I am fucking angry. I'm absolutely fucking furious because that's not how you treat people and if you have a little bit of human decency left inside of you you'll fucking agree with me.
> With all my heart I don't wish anything more than that Onision gets what he deserves. I really really hope - ultimately my goal: please go to jail. PLEASE.
> Sometimes hard to see when domestic abuse starts, that's why we need to stand up for each other and that's why we need to support each other.
> [she's crying] I just can't believe that making money is so much more important than the feelings OF A TEENAGER.
> [still teared up but no longer crying] I'll make a wish tonight. I really really hope that your kids are gonna be taken away from you. There's nothing I wish more.
> All my respect goes to Billie because she's so fucking strong. Some people, you know that people that are not that strong kill themselves, they commit suicide and that's a fact.
> And I can't believe that he gets like eight hundred likes for sharing her private information. What is wrong with you people?!
> That's like "oh yeah, you can hate me but I will always speak the truth, always the truth" YEAH. The truth is not what YOU decide it fucking is!
> So if you're an Onision supporter please at least able to say with pride "yes to abuse!" say "yes to online harassment!" yes because that's who you fucking stand for. Now get the fuck out.
> If Onision would retweet all the bad things people say about him instead of all the "oh Onision helped me" … that'd be an interesting feed you know?
> And even though it's so sad that all of this had to be public and online, it's also good because Onision is hella stupid and it's gonna backfire.
> So yeah that's it, you can stand up for women and human rights or - oh! Or you can be an Onision supporter. It's pretty much that simple, yeah.
> Sad thing is that you're not gonna win anything from it - I mean you're gonna make money from it, Onision, but at the end nobody really gives a shit about your personal drama. Nobody really does.
> Actually that's not entirely true. Your fans are going to care, your underage fans that have been brainwashed by you and don't have a life.
> I know it's hard for Onision - since he's a sociopath - to empathize but … what if, would he want his kid to date somebody like him?
> [snaps herself holding her tazer, makes a joke about not knowing what she'd do to him if she sees him. wrote (THAT'S A JOKE OK!!! i obv wouldn't lol) over the snap]
> I have people in snap telling me "oh my god you're so right but I still like Onision!" … I'm blocking you because it doesn't make sense.

No. 341118

it's just bizarre that he's actually trying to defend his insane requests. Like trying to make it not seem like it's absolutely butt-fucking insane.

Like the chained up in the basement request. He keeps trying to play it off as just a 'kinky' like it's no big deal when it's actually fucking horrifying.

He's going to implode because there is absolutely no way he can manipulate this into his favour.
I can't believe those requests he made were actually real things that he thought were reasonable or justified.

No. 341119

>just a kinky thing*

No. 341120

File: 1484906577113.jpg (43.97 KB, 625x417, greasy gurgs future.jpg)

The only thing Gurg cares about is his perception amongst his circle of potential underage fucktoys.
Just like he's pretending to be some sort of supermodel with his filtered photos when in reality he has the body of a 15 year old emo cuteboy and his Botox excesses will make sure he's going to look like the Bogdanoffs in time.

No. 341121

I tweeted at him on my twitter(even though I don't use it) about how a stable person doesn't demand repentance. You either accept an apology or you don't and move on.

I hate twitter because of the text limitations

No. 341122

File: 1484906647732.png (146.18 KB, 650x762, 4834db623e91ffb9e7ac523286e97f…)

I am straight up cackling while watching the scroll of his mentions on Twitter. I haven't seen any in support of him for about half an hour. Usually his rabid fans even things up with their mindless wittering and parroting of his stupid sound bytes (FAX! MOST HONEST YOUTUBER! SHE BROKE THE LAW!) but if there are any comments like that I haven't seen them, they're just lost in the damning deluge.

It's delicious.

No. 341123

Thanks for this. I haven't been able to watch them.

No. 341124

gr8 topic pic and good summary OP! sage for asskissing

No. 341125

File: 1484906810874.gif (495.75 KB, 245x220, popcorn gif.gif)

No. 341126

they're all in bed, it's a school night

No. 341127

It's unbelievable it really happens. I mean, of course it's obviously real but despite knowing how shitty Gurgle actually was, I somehow did not expect this. He's mentally ill and he should be institutionalized. I do not understand how youtube still hasn't taken him down since he has violated just about all of their policies, he has committed crimes concerning the transportation of minors to different states just so that he could have sex with them and who knows what else. He PHYSICALLY abuses people and now we have proof of that too. The least that should be done is alarm social services so that he can be put on watch or actually have his children taken away.

No. 341128

File: 1484906929591.png (38.06 KB, 652x229, 6fee4cf0412103213cba1ca31272e8…)

No. 341129

The body of a 15 year old emo cuteboy? He fucking wishes lmao, he's become really flabby. The age is really starting to show. Which is weird because I know many people in their thirties who look the exact same they did at 25.

No. 341130

i really appreciate how onision looks like a little goblin popping up.

No. 341131


Lol he also dresses like it's 2002. I don't get how he has any of these teenage girls falling for him when he can't even put together a decent outfit and wears grandpa shoes and baggy pants instead

No. 341132

35 minutes?

buckles in

No. 341133

File: 1484907410861.jpg (19.11 KB, 339x347, IMG_9401.JPG)

it's 5am for me

>> M I L K S I G H T E D

No. 341134

File: 1484907418562.png (485.92 KB, 839x470, d6ac18b2bb053d04d92b0f3d7dadb8…)

Still from the video for people who can't watch it yet. Those texts are from Plainy to Gurg. She's ridiculous.

No. 341135


No. 341136

Oh god.. I wanna see how this idiot tries to defend himself, but 35 minutes of it..

My kingdom for a tl;dw

No. 341137

>Our ex girlfriend made a video asking us to stop talking about her
>So naturally I have a right to defend myself
>makes 35 minute video

The lack of awareness is astounding.

No. 341138

did that greasy dipshit seriously wait until he thought everyone was asleep to post a new video

No. 341140

He's skinnyfat as shit and has absolutely zero muscle definition on his torso but he's still got a few years before the terminal decline of his test levels are going to kick him in the balls.

No. 341141

literally two minutes in and im struggling FUCK

No. 341142

dude okay he's fucking hiding her face but t h I s I s s t I l l a v I d e o a b o u t h e r you fucking psycho

No. 341143

It's 2 am where he lives. He's gone insane. Well he's been insane, but now he's completely lost it. The support for Billie is baffling him, making him tear out his hair.

No. 341144

File: 1484907623167.png (197.73 KB, 476x636, wUqnjUJ.png)

No. 341145

I'm not from US so can anyone tell how Onision can do this without being punished? Are the laws so loose or does he use loopholes in the law to get away from everything?

In my country I can count at least 3 things that are punished by law:

- Public harrasment/insulting ones reputation/honor. I'm not sure what the translation is but basically it's when you spread publicly false (or in some cases true but very private) information about someone that might violate the person's reputation.

- Domestic violence / abuse

- Harrasment by spamming messages/phone calls etc

No. 341146


>stand up for myself

>speak for myself
>talk publicly

husbando talks for me in a 35 minute rant

right gurg you dont have manipulation issues

No. 341147

will some dear anon give a summary?

No. 341148


How mad are you, you sick fuck.

No. 341149

No one has filed any charges against him.

The word you're looking for is "slander".

No. 341150

Please do stand up for yourself publicly, Lainey. You have your own twitter account(s), your own YT channel. What's stopping you?

No. 341151

File: 1484907860658.png (20.45 KB, 580x163, sure you did.png)

Sure you did.

No. 341152

File: 1484907911040.png (428.99 KB, 840x436, 35bc43ec7ccd78042f8aa6202356a7…)

>"Blah, blah, Billie is bad, she's a liar and then she cheated on my wife."


I'll try and summarise it when I've finished but fml it's long.

No. 341153


>My wife is to afraid of me to tell me she doesn't want me to sleep with her girlfriend

>My wife texts her girlfriend not to sleep with me but she does anyway [alarming lack of evidence]
>illegal drug user [not really, we live in washington]
>my wife can't trust me because I slept with someone else [somehow not my fault]
>illegal drug user
>wearing nose ring i bought proves something(????)
>illegal drug user

did i miss anything?

No. 341154

He really likes to masturbate to this fantasy of himself being calm and logical, doesn't he?

No. 341155

>Never use manipulative language

top kek

No. 341156

hes calling the chaining up thing not sexual even though he keeps saying its kinky ???

No. 341157

Probably he stayed up all night making the video and editing it to rush it out so it could go up against Billie's claims. He's a fucking moron. He deserves to have his acne grated off.

No. 341158

This might be subjective, but who the hell writes up a contract for a relationship?!

The closest to a contract I could think of, that would make any sense, would be a prenup.

No. 341159

"i told her to do those things because she fucked up and had to sacrifice things to prove she was worthy of a relationship"


No. 341160

Their poor fucking children.
I don't see how they can keep their kids in this clearly unstable and detrimental situation.

No. 341161

If it's not sexual, it's pure abuse and humiliation tactics

No. 341162

him saying it's not sexual only makes him look worse. what reason is there other than it being a kink/fetish that would make it acceptable (although in this case ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL)
onision is a dumbass

No. 341163

File: 1484908191201.png (61.24 KB, 744x411, IMG_9492.PNG)

oh my fucking god

No. 341164

Quick summary because I can't sleep.
-Tells Billie to take out her septum ring that he purchased for her
-Goes through her actions and how he is the innocent party in this, yells Billie to be thankful for all her subs from him.
-Again, reveals that private information she shared with him
-General bitching

No. 341165

>dog collar
>gag order contract
>3 days chained in the basement

I'm only at that part and I already feel physically sick.

No. 341166


No. 341167

The more he reveals the creepier he looks.

No. 341168

What in the actual fuck.

No. 341169

Oh god! Just got to the IQ test part!

No. 341170

File: 1484908434412.jpg (76.44 KB, 540x569, tumblr_inline_ohwct4ir9M1rdek8…)


Bitch what the fuck

No. 341171

People should probably save, he may realize and delete it.

No. 341172

>so she'd just be put in her place
Kys Smegma.

No. 341173


He's going to stick at this as stubbornly as his harassment of Eugenia Cooney, if not worse. All while constantly harping on his cover story about the weed.

Predicting Onion in drag and a blue wig pretending to pass out every few minutes from "drugszz!!!1!" before the end of the month.

No. 341174

He literally looks deranged.
Like the face of someone before they kill you.

No. 341175

File: 1484908631830.png (1.4 MB, 1453x875, 1.PNG)

i can't believe BILLIE is the one who has to stand up for lainey and sarah when gerg calls them names. FUCK. how do people still support this guy?

No. 341176


No. 341177


This is actually making me so angry I feel sick.

No. 341178

Someone please back up the video, I think this is the deepest he's dug himself.
/on mobile or I would

No. 341179

Dasha uploaded more snaps outlining abusive behavior and making it very clear how it all lines up with Onion. I dunno if she'll post them on her twitter, but I'll transcribe tomorrow.

No. 341180

File: 1484908904967.jpg (87.29 KB, 488x380, lol.jpg)

stop! criminal scum!

No. 341181

i'm pretty sure he's moderating comments on his video because even though he has so many dislikes all the comments are lauding him for telling the "truth"

No. 341182

>Billie uses her chance to make her own terms to benefit Lainey and Sarah
>Lainey and Sarah still don't try and rein in psychogrease a little

No. 341183

omg I want to improve upon this masterpiece

No. 341184

>Complains about Billie making a video telling them to stop talking about them and then completely shit all over them
>Lainey is so upset and can't trust anyone and it's all Billie's fault
>Saying all the subs he gave Billie, she is now using them as a weapon against him (lol whut?)
>Bought her nose ring and wants her to remove it like she did with Laineys ring that she threw
>Wants to stand up for herself but repeatedly mocked him on twitter
>Reasons why Billie is a bad person
1. Billie wouldn't show her phone to Onion
2. Lied again leading to cheating on Lainey with the whole "Lainey told her not to do anything with me and she did so anyways". And again says "I communicated with my wife and told her I was going to do whatever I wanted to in the relationship because I wanted it to be a trinity"……(doesn't that mean you cheated on her fucktard?) But this time Billie immediately goes downstairs and starts kissing Onion.
3. Drug user.
>Broke the contract to not manipulate and lie
>Siding with Billie means you support a liar and drug user and has destroyed them and then says the only thing Billie has on them is harassment but lol is saying they are actually doing it to him and attacking him
>Got dumped SO many times by them and more.
>Justifies his liar tramp stamp by saying it would show how much of a liar she is and she might be worth another chance to be in the relationship.
>You get dumped for fucking up
>Saying the only reason we are sticking up for Billie is because she's a woman
>Green hair and tan was a different time
>One of the most honest people on youtube
>Lainey doesn't have the same story because she doesn't do drugs
>She hasn't made videos about it because she's shy
>By Billie making a video shows she's going after Onion
>Says Billie is a homewrecker for the cuddlegate and wouldn't leave the house when Lainey told her to.
>"I don't understand secrets. Billie didn't seem much about me before getting into this relationship and didn't know I tell everything about my relationship. If you don't want your secrets out then you shouldn't have been a relationship with us"
>Liar lying more about chained up in a basement and pulls up his texts.
>Still defending chained up wall WITH A DOG COLLAR and saying its super hot and not abusive
>He would have agreed to being chained up.
>Not talking about sex while chained up but just chained up to the wall to be put in her place
>You think we'd put up with her if she was fat and ugly?
>She called him out on calling people bad names yet he turns it around saying like she called Lainey a fucking bitch
>Yes calling a person an idiot because they don't agree with something like she disagreed with them dumping her
>She's trying to demonize him
>I didn't tell your family to be criminals
>Stop attacking the person who LITERALLY has the law on their side
>You have a low IQ and I have a high one because I'm smart
>Thank goodness I was raised by my mom
>Defends the contract and still bringing up that SHE cheated on Lainey
>You could have smoked here, in this room, I was fine with you smoking pot but Lainey wasn't.
>Defending sharing her private secrets on twitter because he was trying to get her attention and then he deleted the tweet and if people screenshotted it then it's not his fault
>I made it clear I was going to do what I wanted and Lainey was okay with it because I was HONEST about my activites

FFS I can't watch this shit anymore.

No. 341185

File: 1484909151344.png (356.25 KB, 831x429, 89b9d5338fdb45c3c1c5f855ba7fc8…)

>"And you remember us all taking IQ tests? Well, you scored the lowest for a reason. I consistently score very high on IQ tests because clearly I have some ability to be decently intelligent, considering IQ tests are a measurement of a person's intelligence. So you, a person who scores lower on IQ tests, who didn't even graduate high school, is trying to hold a debate against someone with a higher IQ, someone who's actually using facts, and you think you can win?"

Take a shot every time he says 'IQ'. Now I'm hammered.

No. 341186

do it!

No. 341187

haven't watched yet but - from the description: "I call people names (but refrains from admitting she does too)"
BUT SHE ADMITS IT RIGHT THERE IN THE TEXT??? "i know i name call"????????

No. 341188

Gerg confirmed 50 Shades of Grey is his fantasy…

No. 341189

I love this so much

No. 341190

Part of me is sad for Billie but the other part of me is happy because I have been waiting for shit to blow up for two years now.

No. 341191

He definitely is. Mine disappeared and all the Team Onion is out in force.

No. 341192

The comment section. I'm at loss for words. WTF???? I know he actively deletes comments but some assholes actually think he is right?!

No. 341193

>"You're talking about ruining people? You cheated on my wife. You fucked someone else while dating my wife."


No. 341194

I'm glad Billie is being heavily supported through this, younger people have killed themselves over less online

No. 341195

File: 1484909557139.jpg (89.49 KB, 640x480, adoring fan.jpg)

No. 341196


No. 341197

How is he skating over this basic fact? How stupid is he?

No. 341198

Plenty of people who are drawn to dark triad assholes like Greasy Gurg. It's how cults work too.

No. 341199

im dead

No. 341200

>"My wife was right about you from the very beginning."

So, he's just completely thrown out the idea that Plainy ever wanted Billie in the house, then?

No. 341201

21 mins and I'm done. This is doing my head in. I guess I always thought he was pretending to be psycho and now I can see he really is, and I just don't want to know anymore

Take care friends. Sage for blogging

No. 341202


>I never got to stand up for myself publically not once in this entire relationship

Look at lainey practically begging gerg to allow her to speak up and say something. Look at gerg using her 'anguish' to make a bullshit video where she again doesn't get to say a word.
How's that New Years resolution going for you, lamo?

God he's such a fucking grub.

No. 341203

>nude pictures you sent lainey
that somehow onision saw as well.. jesus

No. 341204

Nice, sharing all her secrets in the video. And he won't take the video down like he did the tweet.

No. 341205


Downloading a backup right now, will upload if he takes it down.

No. 341206

for backup incase he becomes self aware(streamable has a 10 minute limit and they are still processing should be done in 5-10 minutes)

part 1 https://streamable.com/w7uqk
part 2 https://streamable.com/xxfae
part 3 https://streamable.com/63x7o
part 4 https://streamable.com/o9g7z

No. 341207

>low IQ
>criminal druggy family
>high school drop out!
So similar to >>340978 from the thread we just finished

No. 341208

sage for samefagging

all parts now working and playable

No. 341209

Looks like the boy is here.

No. 341210

If Billie or Ayalla do decide to file a restraining order or a cease and desist, that does give them more fodder though.

No. 341211

lol at him trying to say that him demanding they be a ~true triad~ was somehow going to solve lainey being jealous. "oh you get jealous when i fuck billie? well i'm allowed to do it. now you definitely won't be jealous!"

also at about 8min he's talking about after cuddlegate and saying billie wanted to just be in a relationship with him, but he chose lainey - that's not what happened! he wanted to just be with her but she turned him down! didn't he say as much himself in his original "i betrayed my wife" videos? wtf does he just rewrite his own recollections?

No. 341212

greg is SO. FUCKING. DUMB.

>you hardly mention lainey in your video at all!!!!!111

uhhhhh maybe because lainey hasn't said anything in public so why the fuck would she drag lainey?

No. 341213

He deleted my negative comment and disabled the top comment feature. Video says 900+ comments but when you click see all,its obvious the bulk have been deleted. So nows your chance to have him see your comment since he's reading them all right now!

No. 341214

it gives me so much satisfaction to know he saw my comment and deleted it because he knows it would have made someone think "hmm. maybe onision IS a piece of shit" he's pathetic

No. 341215

Is he moderating comments on the video? All of the sudden so many people support him under the video. Are they insane?

No. 341216

he mentions it near the end of his video, comments approved only

No. 341217

Oh - I must have missed that in the pile of shit.

No. 341218

Going to finish it out..

>Fucked someone exclusively that wasn't your gf, YOU'RE A LIAR AND CHEATER

>Your playing the victim because I told the truth about you
>Now that we aren't taking us back, she made that video and i magically destroyed her life
>I knew she was a moral disaster cause I thought the universe had a plan
>I thought she loved me and loved Lainey even though she cheated on her
>Billie's crime is being a liar, cheater, being a homewrecker, traitor, and on top of all of that being a criminal
>Lainey is the only realest of them all because she hasn't said shit about any of it and not begging for attention and Lainey is the victim
>You're using Lainey's statement of smoking weed on new years being ok but you're using statement against me and im not okay with a criminal and im not ok with you committing a crime
>When I speak of pot its from the illegal use, my family members smoke it, Billie could have done it legally
>I let down my wife when she was right about you from the beginning
>The worst person I ever met, but here let me bring up the rape/abortion so I would bring it up again BUT I'D NEVER DO ANY OF THAT TO YOU BUT IM WORSE THAN THAT?!
>Don't tell people you're the worst person you've ever met when you've been cheated on, raped, made to get an abortion
>My mom has smoked pot, I don't want them to die, but they do it legally
>I didn't post all your private info online like your phone number or address I SPOKE THE TRUTH
>YES Ayalla is ugly! Saying Ayalla was bragging about how guys like to bang her from behind BUT I'M TELLING THE TRUTH
>Billie compared Ayalla to the ANTZ movie ANOTHER TRUTH NUKE
>Your family could go to jail for 30 years if the police raided your house, i only said what state you live in so people could see how illegal it is
>I was going to pay for all this shit and spend more and more money on you
>She hates me more than the person who made her kill her unborn child/person who raped her BUT WORSE THAN THEM
>It wasn't out of spite, it was to prove a point
>I never cheated BUT YOU DID
>You'll feel happy again cause you're an illegal drug user so just go get high
>We're not taking you back cause you hurt the real victim which is Lainey. And you barely mention her and compared to me you barely notice her at all.
>I don't hate you but I feel bad cause you were raised by criminals
>You said your mom gave you an alcohol bottle in a store when you were 3 CAUSE YOU'RE FAMILY ARE CRIMINALS

No. 341219

What so these fucking IQ tests you all took, were they administered by a professional psychologist or any other professional? Shit online in 20 mins doesn't count…What a load of shit, this spastic is a complete arsehole.

No. 341220

what the hell. he mentioned billies "secret" and slandered ayalla again…

No. 341221

I guess he didn't want people forgetting about his 35 minutes of drama during inauguration day.

No. 341222

More than likely ones on the internet.

No. 341223

I just want to know why the fuck youtube and twitter and the like allow him to harass young girls. And if they commit suicide who should be sued? Because these outlets just let him do this, they allow him t post these disgusting videos ripping apart TEENAGE GIRLS and edging them closer and closer to possibly self harming or worse. And despite being reported time and time again nobody does shit! I don't fucking get it.

No. 341225

does he scream about FACTS!!! when he's in the shower furiously masturbating and sobbing in turns?

No. 341226

File: 1484911327843.png (264.73 KB, 1160x950, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.21…)

No. 341227

File: 1484911425846.png (71.34 KB, 1170x216, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.23…)

No. 341228

he might have got one before dropping out of chair force

but i do like how he's the smartest person in the room but somehow agreed to and didn't see any warning signs with letting a teen dropout illegal drug addict and stupid head live with him hid wife and children

(imagine big sarcastic airqoutes around the billy descriptors)

No. 341230


I don't even know where to start with that shit show of a video, it all makes me angry but I had a fleeting thought RE: him being "kinky" and "not boring"

wasn't he giving Social Repose shit for being a sexual sadist/getting off on girls crying? Hard to act holier than thou when you're literally chaining teenagers with no real submissive experience against their will.

That's not anywhere near the biggest issue at hand but just another bullet point on his hypocrisy list

No. 341231

File: 1484911627535.gif (10.97 MB, 640x480, onion.gif)

Exclusive lolcow found footage from the Onion estate!

No. 341232

Don't forget that they're mentally ill as well.

No. 341233


It's just an online test, he's talking about the results from this video of him, sarah, and billie.

No. 341234

File: 1484911788370.png (1.19 MB, 2654x948, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.29…)

No. 341235

lmao I was going to do something like this. it's beautiful.

No. 341236

Hahaha, is that Death Note? Nice.

No. 341237

File: 1484911949536.jpg (47.04 KB, 469x355, 1480582033735.jpg)

jesus christ what is this dudes deal. He literally rants about the same bullshit every video.

>m-muh illegal drugs

>I gave her 10000$
>muh drugs
>illegal drug users

No. 341239

but they explain the logic of it to you for 35 mins first

No. 341241

"it puts the chain around it's neck or else it has to sleep with greck"

No. 341242

did he seriously bring up that she was raped and go into detail about it? and then detail how she was forced to get an abortion by an ex? what the fuck

No. 341243

File: 1484912321999.png (670.92 KB, 1818x720, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.36…)

He literally edits out/doesn't show the part where Billie says Lainey said it would be okay for her to smoke pot on NYE if she asked permission just to try and prove the point/further the narrative that Billie hurt Lainey and this is all being done in their benefit/defense.

No. 341244

Murrican armed forces only IQ test insofar as they don't want literal retards running around with their gear.
I seriously doubt greaseface is even one SD above norm.

No. 341245

lol usually when a partner suggests something out of the ordinary it's not presented as an ultimatum.

Greg really is a psychological abuser.

No. 341246

my head exploded just reading this summary

No. 341248

Thank you Anon/s, for your sacrifice.

No. 341249


he can't stop making videos can he? I can't believe the shit coming out of his mouth in this one

No. 341250

I know it's already been said but

>you cheated on my wife

>you fucked someone else while dating my wife


Goddamn it. This video is fucking infuriating to watch. For someone who drones on and on about consent it didn't seem like there was a ton of consent when he just straight up told Lainey they'd be in a three-way relationship and he'd do whatever the fuck he wanted. He didn't ASK Lainey, he told them.


Goddamn it all.

No. 341251


>says in the video that she could stop consenting mid-"scene" but that would mean that they wouldn't "take her back"

>"clearly i respect consent"
if you respected it, she could stop at any time and you would still be there for her. what you are describing is not bdsm play, it is pressuring her into a physical act as an ultimatum that she clearly wasn't OK with, and therefore, really fucking abusive

>"we're just talking about her being chained up so she can be PUT IN HER PLACE for lying", etc

At the end of the day, BDSM IS PLAY. Being "put in her place" with no choice but to stay in an uncomfortable environment if she wants to continue the relationship, is not play. That is punishment. That is not BDSM.

He uses kink and BDSM as an excuse but from what it seems, he is trying to isct like this is a 24/7 dom/sub lifestyle; however, with billie who is NOT HIS SUB and even if she was HAS EVERY RIGHT TO SAY NO WITHOUT HIM LEAVING HER. She's 19, I 100% doubt she has experienced that sort of thing before, nor do I have any belief that she has the mental capacity for such a lifestyle at that age. You have to have a lot of experience to engage in that sort of thing safely.
He doesn't care about her or her safety. He cares about getting his rocks off and that's disgusting. The mental damage that sort of act can cause is very intense and the fact that she can agree to it but, oh, idk 2 days into their fucking "contract" if she wanted to bail due to feeling like a LITERAL DOG she couldn't do so without being abandoned. Calling this clear abuse kink is an embarrassment to the actual kink community which is centered around safety and trust.

Fuck. This. Guy. sage for rage

No. 341252


I don't get why he still tries to bring up "she hurt lainey", like everyone is against greg and nobody cares about taylor

No. 341253

I just don't get it. He said it was nothing sexual, she would watch anime etc. But then he goes on saying he's kinky. SO GRUG IS IT SEXUAL OR NOT??

You can clearly see Grug, that she is not comfortable with it from the beginning. If I loved my partner and they are effy about it and trying to make a deal with me, I would just drop it because I don't wanna do something they 100% don't wanna do. Fuck.

No. 341254

what's shiloh up to these days anyone know how to get a comment from her?

No. 341255

Especially when he said, straight from his own mouth, that he pushed for them to get together despite a lack of interest in doing so

No. 341256

You won't get anything from Shiloh. She is doing everything in her power to forget about Onion and move on.

No. 341257

File: 1484912955352.png (77.16 KB, 1166x268, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 6.47…)

Idk why he keeps acting like you're not worth shit if you're not kinky.

Not all sex lives are. He just sounds like a 16 year old who had sex blindfolded once.

No. 341258

No. 341259

There's only comments by peopble saying they support onision / don't understand how one could support billie / pity Lainey on his video.

He must be deleting so many comments right now….

No. 341260


I love this chick.

No. 341261

At the end he says he's deleting any bad comments so yeah. He's def filtering them out.

No. 341262

He deleted mine, so yeah, there is some censoring going on.

No. 341263

It's comments by approval only. Because he's not afraid of truth. So he doesn't even need to delete. He can just ignore them.

No. 341264


sage for samefagging, but my bad - the part about lainey giving permission comes up later in the video.

But then he just goes back on his previous point and says "I won't date a criminal, period" so it wouldn't matter if lainey gave her permission.

No. 341265

You have to keep in mind this is all coming from a guy who believes the penetration is deeper if you shave.

No. 341267

making someone do it as a form of punishment(non sexually) and for admittance back into your life isn't kinky. it's worse than christian grey levels of fucked upness

No. 341268

LOL Someone needs to bring up his honesty and not having secrets when Plainey started airing out their dirty laundry and he pitched a fit over it and made her delete it all plus her having a private twitter. That's not so honest and truthful now is it?

No. 341269

her ig is untitledandnamed, her snapchat is curlupintofloof (i think, its written in weird text on her ig) and her twitter is luxury_blank

No. 341270

she's so sweet and adorable! I think she would really enjoy lolcow, dunno if she knows about it though.

No. 341271

lol are you serious

No. 341272

He doesn't understand consent. "Do it or I break up with you" is not consent.

No. 341273

Please don't share Shiloh's accounts. I hope she never has to hear that mother fucker's name again. I wouldn't even blame her for instantly hating anyone named Greg.

No. 341274

Yes, he stated that in one of his older videos.

No. 341275

No. 341276

Must be some freakishly bushy women he has penetrated..

No. 341277

He "likes having fun with people's consent"?
Mother. FUCKER.
Fucking piece of shit.

No. 341278

File: 1484913658774.png (69.65 KB, 1162x206, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.00…)

He's seriously never going to get over these 3 damn words, will he?

No. 341279

maybe thats why he goes for the younger ones .. ifthey only started to grow pubes it cant be that bad huh

No. 341280

aside from maybe being a furry, shiloh's life looks nice now and she looks happy, her boyfriend looks pretty good looking too

No. 341281

To add: NOTHING about that was truly consensual. That's not "having fun with people's consent."
You told her you'd break up with her otherwise! My god, you moron!

No. 341282

this has got to be the best tweet ever.
like poetry to my eyes.

No. 341283

He deleted this, ha. FUCK YOU GREG.

No. 341284

I imagine she'd find it distressing to be asked about this situation.

No. 341285

yeah hes way better looking than grease

No. 341286


yeah sorry didn't really think that through, pretty shitty thing to do just got caught up in the milking

No. 341288

sage goes in the email field anon

No. 341289

File: 1484914055354.png (132.15 KB, 1162x570, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 7.06…)

No. 341291

File: 1484914131722.gif (316.18 KB, 480x262, staymad.gif)

No. 341292

Five bucks says he makes three more within a week.

No. 341295

Fuck no, you aren't done with this, you're going to make a new video tomorrow.
You're NEVER going to live this one down, you fuckhead.
He stooped way too low. The hole he dug himself into this time is way too fucking deep for that.
I hope he leaves the girls alone, but I also hope people keep reminding him of what a piece of shit he is.

No. 341297

>high IQ
>said my peace

No. 341298

he's just trying desperately to associate it to being kinky instead of being a manipulative punishment technique which it truly is in the context.

No. 341299

Also, he may police and delete comments all he likes, the dislike ratio speaks for itself.

No. 341300

Pretty good video

I think the best example though of him not understanding relationships is when he was talking about how you dont need anyone except your SO. and that if you want to hang out with anyone except your SO you dont really love them

No. 341301

from a youtube perspective, they rate likes and dislikes the same- as engagement- he wins anyway

No. 341302

in the video he keeps saying that the reason he talked about her rape/abortion is because he wants to prove with "facts" that he's not the worst person she's ever met.

…uhhhh onion, ever consider that she's saying that's just how fucking horrible you are. That, to her, you literally are worse than those people?

No. 341303

not even a stable person just anyone with any ounce of human empathy and decency would never ask for repentance especially not in such a cruel way

No. 341304

Nah it's the same as with Margo and Venus drama. When it all went down Margo also got a lot of instagram comments and such due to people being curious about the drama but after that passes they end up alone and forgotten. I think a similar thing will happen with Onion. After he's completely ruined and people start losing interest in the drama he'll be left with nothing but a tarnished reputation and a few delusional fangirls. But those numbers would go down until he has nothing but his boring dramaqueen wife

No. 341305

Did Ayala delete the onision video?

No. 341306

He also referenced 50 Shades of Grey, which I haven't personally read, but many people have said it romanticizes an abusive relationship. What can you expect though when someone turns their twilight fanfiction into a series of books.

No. 341307

Nope. Still up.

No. 341308


This fucking cunt.

You're going to get ruined, Greg. Hear all this noise about you? It's bad fucking noise. You are going down.

No. 341309

Yeah, but I don't think he would understand this thing called empathy when she did ILLEGAL DRUGS

No. 341310

just a thought but if he's so "brutally honest" and doesn't understand secrets, then why would he (according to his logic) wait until break ups to share all this shit.

If he just didn't think secrets should be a big deal, then they shouldn't be a big deal while he's dating someone.

I get he does it so he can publicly shame people during a break up, I'm just saying his logic/defense makes no sense.

No. 341311


It's about this hot rich dude that's into BDSM who makes a college girl be his sub by making her sign a contract. But when she doesn't sign it he stalks and harasses her. Sound familiar?

No. 341312


Hey Lainey/Karla, assuming that you're even being allowed on the intertubes at this point, how about you speak for yourself because right now? no one gives many fucks for your feels period.

No. 341313

can you guys check for me if you can see the comments i made on the new video? i posted a reply to his pinned comment, should be the last one posted. for me it shows up if i refresh, but i dunno if others can see it. saged for being dumb

No. 341314

it does, it's powerplays and bdsm on more than a creepy not ok level.(just like him))

dude tells his ex to sleep in the hallway, current ex to chain herself up in a basement for forgiveness and he tells them they should be thanking him for the subscribers hes giving them

No. 341315

he's absolutely guilty of this,anon

>- Harrasment by spamming messages/phone calls etc

No. 341317


I don't see anything critical of him on the pinned comment but idk exactly what you said/to look for

No. 341318

i said something along the lines of "not so broootally honest now, are we?" reffering to the filtered comments. but i guess it's only visible for me then. thank you!

No. 341319


Oh, Greg. You are going to get your ass handed to you like such a little bitch. Just keep talking, you manic fuck.

This is the best. He cannot stop himself.

Someone archive these vids, please. I can't because working.

No. 341320

Hope Leafy, H3 or someone else with lots of subs is making a video atm. That's all that needs to happen to take this to the next level. Reddit and Tumblr have laid the groundwork.

No. 341321

anyone else notice how he's changed the narrative from spending/paying her $10,000 to "tens of thousands of dollars", trying to make it sound like it could have been $20,000+

No. 341322

Also Gregory YOU are the homewrecker. During Cuddlegate Billie was just in a relationship with Lainey. I'm not going to forget that you saw Lainey walk out of your house with Troy. You were also willing and going to sign Troy away to Lainey. You are much more to blame for all of this shit than Billie ever will be.

Also you saw the aftermath of all these relationships with Billie, you saw how she hurt Lainey, you saw Lainey cry, and you still brought her back. YOU are hurting your wife more than Billie ever has.

No. 341323

>we're not taking you back this time

He's so fucking condescending and manipulative, trying to make it seem like she's begging to come back

No. 341324


>>341206 posted some links and here it is via vidme in 2 parts:


Also downloaded just in case for some strange reason they get taken down.

No. 341326


thank you so much anon.

No. 341329

Completely irrelevant but how are her eyes so fucking huge? I always thought her fotos are shooped because they look so unreal.

Cyr's and Dash's tweets&and replies on Onion are pretty hilarious if anyone wants more of this.

No. 341330


Who the fuck are you talking to anon?

No. 341331

Onision is a dad. it's so weird to think that he was making this video, yelling into a camera about how his IQ is higher than a teen girl's while his kid is in the other room. The only hope Troy has of ever having a healthy relationship is going to be lots of therapy. My heart really breaks for that kid in that environment with an absent mom, an aggressive dad who puts everyone down, and various girls coming in and out all the time.

No. 341332

I took it as the anon comparing Plank to Karla Homolka, could be wrong, though.

No. 341334

God imagine Billie chained up in the basement as Troy plays with his toys in the same room. So hot.

No. 341335

Good to see someone with a healthy kink appreciation unlike the rest of these boring people /s

No. 341336

her jawline is shooped. very badly and unrealistically too.

No. 341337

i lold

No. 341338

Okay, so I'm a huge chunk of the way into this. He keeps accusing her of lying or being wrong, but I actually can't find any inconsistencies between her side of the story and his? Am I missing something, anons? He confirmed all of her points, and she hasn't denied any of his accusations either????

No. 341339


Tbh, I noticed that too. Nothing she said was a lie, I guess he just didn't like the way she said it?

No. 341341

Her lies was her not wanting to show him her phone and text messages which seems pretty reasonable in most relationships. At least that's what I got from it.

No. 341342

Alright, people keep referencing their son Troy and I just want to fucking point out that THEY JUST HAD A FUCKING BABY A FEW MONTHS AGO.



No. 341343


Saged for irrelevancy but did anyone catch Gretchen admitting his mom smokes pot? I wonder if she hits the hard drugs too…

No. 341344

3 children including Sarah

No. 341345


Not to mention Sarah.

No. 341346

Lol oh for sure. I'd be very surprised if pot was the only thing she did.

No. 341347


And also (I think) that she smoked pot when she said she wouldn't, even though Taylor apparently said she could.

Honestly, I think Taylor has demonstrated some rather impressive string pulling skills. I think it is kind of funny that Greg apparently doesn't realize it.

No. 341348

To be fair Claire can't yet walk around and accidently stumble upon Greg's prey chained up in the basement, but Troy certainly could.

No. 341349

He's so manipulative. He cut out the part where she said that the secret she told him, the number of people she could count on her finger. It's not a regular secret, it's a private piece of someone's history. He's so utterly disgusting.

No. 341350

yeah but his accusations are insane

>i slept with you, and its your fault because my wife is afraid to talk to me about our relationship

>you're a criminal for using a legal drug in the state it was consumed
>you want to keep your phone private, i don't have any friends so im not afraid to show my messages
>did i mention illegal drug user
>no really did i mention illegal drug user
>you're dumber than me therefore you don't deserve a voice in this conversation
>did i mention illegal drug user

No. 341351

Around 24-25 minutes in, Onision starts talking about how he didn't mind revealing that Billie was raped and had an abortion because "we should be judged for who we are" and called her a monstrosity. I'm actually pretty physically sick to think that he views Billie's entire identity as a rape victim who was forced to have an abortion. Not a young vegan/vegetarian alt girl into makeup and anime and stuff, no, that's not "who she is" to Greg. UGH. WHAT THE FUCK.

No. 341353

I also downloaded a copy too/OT

No. 341354

omg. I'm crying. This is ART.

No. 341355

His video is so mentally draining to listen to. I can't even imagine how Billie must be feeling right now. It would probably be best if she made one final post or something, shooting his "fax" down ( I mean…he's so deranged that everything he says can be easily shot down ) and then took a break from the internet for like a month.
Spend time with friends and family and remove this shit stain out of her memory as much as possible.

No. 341356


Lizzie, this is what we've been trying to tell you for over a year - she's a carbon-copy of her husband, the only way to save her is that she has to save herself; and that would be through divorce and therapy.

It's either their way or the highway, you seriously don't want to get involved with either of them; Billie is now probably the near dozenth person he's tried to ruin, do you remember Eugenia and Luxymoo too? You may not remember Skye, AJ and Shiloh - but surely you've seen the way he's also treated Danisonfire, Social Repose, Cyr and Dasha too?

Grease is a true-blue lunatic, and his doormat wife is the same by proxy through his influence.

Do yourself a MASSIVE favor and stay away from them, if you want to help somehow - warn people about them, try to help out Sarah (only if she still isn't fully indoctrinated by now) if you want to but in general, Grease and Doormat are the lowest standards you could possibly have of a friendship - you are expendable to them.

No. 341357

"I'm not afraid of the truth"


No. 341358

File: 1484919599370.jpeg (127.47 KB, 749x1199, C2ll9K8UQAASxJG (1).jpeg)

Dasha is on fire! Everyone should tweet this pic with the caption 'CRIMINAL' at Onion boy

No. 341359

Has he slept at all?

No. 341361

he needed to make sure he got the final word in when Billie went to bed lol

No. 341362


I couldn't watch the whole thing. The guy is sick ://

No. 341363

Quick question, but is it possible to start a petition to have him removed from youtube/twitter, providing evidence (like the screenshots) that he uses his following to attack and slanders people and ultimately… destroy lives, or would it just be a waste of time?

No. 341364

Plainey divorcing him rn would cut the last thread tethered to his sanity. Would love nothing more than to see him go live on youtube, say an emotional, rambling goodbye, then shoot himself in the head until the feed eventually cuts out. I wonder how long he can keep making shitty content before his fanbase grows up, he gets too old, he essentially loses his income and he's left with two kids to pay for and a shit reputation. Also how long he can keep pursuing teenyboppers as he approaches 40. Good luck Gergles!

No. 341365

From what I understand YT only takes action when the person being slandered contacts them. So it's up to Billie/Ayalla I guess?

No. 341366

It hasn't worked in the past, but then again he never stooped this low in the past publicly. Combine that with his 20 rating underage girls videos. It wouldn't hurt to try as long as it's a well made petition ( description on point with evidence ).

No. 341367

Petitions outside of government things are pretty pointless. YouTube has no real obligation to care about a petition. It would just give him more fodder to be like "IF YOU HATE THE TRUTH, THEN AVOID ME! Everyone who signed hates the truth!"

No. 341368


I've archived a few hundred megs of shit in here as well.

No. 341369

I've been going through the replies to his tweets a lot of the tweets i've found supporting him/rabid fans are accounts with less than 100 tweets/followers/following. Someone/multiple is/are trying to worm their way in hard. Or he's got Sarah up all night making stan accounts

No. 341370

I love it when lolcows come into their own threads and try to "reason" with us or get us to support them in some way; if you have more than a single thread on here (Grease must have over a dozen threads here by now) then it's more than likely you keep having threads made about you because people genuinely fucking hate your guts.

No. 341371

>comparing his IQ to a 19 year old's

No. 341372

Agree. It would probably be in Billie's best interest, mentally, to just quit the internet for a while and try to make some friend irl that have never heard of her or onision. I think her being silent and not saying anything else will infuriate gerg. Of course he'll be like, "See! She didn't respond! She can't handle the troof!!" But inside he'll be seething

Gurg- you're gun is out of ammo. You played your trump card. You're impotent.

Sage for blogishness.

No. 341373

they linked to this thread on reddit, so @ new people/redditors: pls read the rules and try to understand the culture of this board if you are going to post

No. 341374

The only kinks he's into are degrading and humiliating subservient teenage girls before fucking them and impregnating them (which is another reason why those "rate your body" videos are so fucking wrong).

But no buttsex, "poopoo" comes from there.

No. 341375

File: 1484921237570.png (109.34 KB, 996x550, truthers.png)

These fucking comments, teenage girls really love the "TRUTH NUKE"!!!!!

No. 341376

Comment under Billie's video with 154 likes:
>you're cool billie but like… i'm still on greg's side. you got several facts wrong he's not harassing you…

What's wrong with people, seriously?

No. 341377

how does his new vid have so many upvotes and comments supporting him? does he delete negative comments?

No. 341378

He could get in trouble if Billie would just take all this evidence to the authorities and press charges or at the very least get a restraining order.

She could also contact Youtube (which no one in his videos have done) and hope they put a stop to it since us reporting his videos does nothing.

Does anyone near Greg know if gathering evidence for the local authorities would get his house visited or CPS involved? We've got more than enough to prove child endangerment.

No. 341379

Comment approval or deleting.

No. 341380

>I wonder how long he can keep making shitty content before his fan base grows up

Back in the day i used to watch gurg, it was when he was first kicked from vidcon because of his onion speak channel and was friends with Shane still, this had to be around 4-5ish years ago now? The sad part about the internet is that even when the kids grow up there's always another wave of kids that will come and replace them. I don't know many people who liked him back then who still like him or even watch him now. I'm just hoping that something really big happens like Sam Pepper style and kills his channel. I don't think a petition would work that well to be honest.

No. 341381


No. 341382

he has comment approval turned on for this video, already discussed upthread, just scroll.

No. 341383

Really hoping Vice pick this up

No. 341384

they picked the Venus story but really didn't do anything with it.

No. 341385

Pepper is making 1.5 mil views every video he uploads. The internet won't kill these sickos. Luckily Greg isn't getting any younger. I think kids won't be able to relate with him much longer.

No. 341386

The tit has barely slept since 3 days before Christmas… it's wonderful.

No. 341388

>comparing his IQ to a 19 year old's, AS MEASURED BY A FUCKING ONLINE TEST

No. 341389


If you're out there, Billie. The best thing to do is block all of that household from ever contacting you again, stop mentioning them or trying to refute their bullshit and his fans will forget about you within three weeks if you stay low.

He'll never shut up about you, but his fans will have lost interest and the harassment will die down, they're not very bright and have low attention spans.

No. 341390

said my PIECE, onion. clearly your *~high IQ*~*~~ doesn't influence your inability to spell

No. 341393

6:58 Justifying his rules because she 'messed up' and needs to 'sacrifice certain things for the relationship' but Elaine is ok because she doesn't do drugs.

I can't believe he doesn't hear how insane he sounds. You can't justify those demands. It's beyond psycho.

No. 341394

derp. that was the point of those vids all along.

Both Ayalla and Billie were contacted by farmers and asked to state that he cease & desist, or make a vid, or something like that so that they could get restraining orders more easily if he continued to harass them and they'd had enough of his abuse.

I'm not going to scroll for the posts, but they're in the last onion thread.

No. 341395

I see it

No. 341396


Is this Null? Thank you.


Fuck you. For Billie to fade away is in Greg's best interest. Not Billie's. GTFO.

No. 341397

>My kink or the highway, you boring 19 year old.

No. 341398

If anyone saw that video he made, they'd definitely grant them a restraining order - by making that response video to Billie he's basically shot himself in his own foot, he's admitting to wanting to abuse her and has been trying to get her to do things without her consent through blackmail.

No. 341399


Oh hi, Greg supporter. Why is it good for Billie and Ayalla to shut their mouths? They haven't done shit wrong except cross the path of a fucking sociopath.

No. 341400

i haven't finished reading the thread yet but i have to say, when onion is finally investigated by the police i'm worried they'll find shallow graves in his garden or some shit………

No. 341401


yes just shut up and the harassment will end lolwtf is this shit

No. 341402

File: 1484923042287.jpg (221.15 KB, 500x280, 82cd79549672a601c6f463803a2ae8…)

No. 341403


Josh, I think you're a really special man and I think about you often. One day I'll work up the courage to join your website or email you but I don't know when that day will be.

I love you.

No. 341405

Not the same anon, but really? Why would it be in their best interest? To get some god damn peace from his toxic personality, his fans and the general madness.
Even if they get a restraining order all he has to do is not mention her by her name in the future. It's that easy.

No. 341407


>stop mentioning them

That's best for Greg.

>stop trying to refute their bullshit

That's best for Greg.

>his fans will forget about you within three weeks

His fans still harass AJ, Shiloh and Skye periodically when this shit brings their names up.

Who the fuck are you?

No. 341408


Sage your posts then fuck off back to EOliveson… those anons are basically telling them to lay low for a while so their fans stop harassing them. It worked when Shiloh ignored him and it worked when AJ ignored him - the more they keep fanning the flames after both of them have told him to shut up about them is doing them no favors, it's just causing them more problems.

No. 341409


Confirmed for samefag and Gerg shill.

No one ever gets 'peace from Greg' you asshole and both girls can easily get restraining orders at this point.

No. 341410

Sage for possible OT? If Zoe Quinn could get so much help from the media and everything for harassment from an ex, why can't Billie? She even got legal help as well

No. 341411

I love dasha. And #OnisionIsOverParty seems to be a popular choice right now if anyone wants to keep tweeting about it or at him.

No. 341412

I wouldn't bother, they're just gonna sperg out that you're either grease or a supporter of his.

No. 341413


Okay Greg. Will do. You're the first person here in three days who's even remotely suggested that Billie or Ayalla shut up and slink off into the darkness instead of fucking ending this cunt.


So much samefagging going on all of the sudden!

No. 341414

fucking kek

No. 341415

GG was a whole different scale that involved a whole community of gamers as well as journalists. This is just a relationship made public, no one would be involved otherwise–I don't think people would be that invested.

But who knows, if more people bring awareness to this it could bring up a new discussion about domestic violence. There's enough victims and supporters out there to care.

No. 341417

You're an idiot. I'm >>341355. I'm not even sure how to address the 'Gerg's shill' thing because that's just…well, laughable. Sage at the very least.
Sorry you're so milk thirsty that you can't see why removing yourself from toxic environment and finding joy in other things could restore someone's mental health and give them more peace.

You're right, last post I'm making on this.

No. 341418


It did NOT work when Shiloh ignored him! What kind of drugs are you smoking?

No. 341419

Zoe got a lot of support because GG blew up into something way, way, way bigger than I think Eron Gjoni ever anticipated because a few people were confused about the timeline and thought Zoe had slept with a journalist to get video games reviews. Once that was cleared up, the weird movement didn't end.

Billie and Lainey and Onision were just kind of making bad videos and doing their weird relationship stuff, which is way less newsworthy to most people.

No. 341420


Derailing the thread.

No. 341421

You know usually I'm posting all over these threads when milk flows, but this whole situation is so fucking unbelievable that it leaves me speechless.

The fact he can say with a straight face that he doesn't hide anything is bullshit. He hid the fact that he told Billie all of this when he made the last Were Breaking Up video. He knows it's fucked otherwise he'd said something about it.

No. 341423


fucking this.

No. 341424

Does anyone have screen caps of that? It'd be interesting to contrast his reaction to the time he cheated on his wife (he didn't care when she left) and when Billie left he wrote videos and texts begging her to come back.

No. 341425

whats the tweet count on laineys private like?

No. 341426

For the sake of not directing you to two shitheaps of anti-o blogs, try onisiondrama tumblr; they're more of an archive these days and you'll probably find what you're looking for there, if it's hard to navigate back to those posts, try asking them.

No. 341427

The threat of being chained up in the dungeon perhaps?

No. 341428

Ok, so, I was listening to Nelly (whatever guys) and I was thinking "Pimp Juice" could easily be adapted to a onion song.

No. 341429

Ayalla really shouldn't wait on that restraining order. He's angry and vindictive, and has implied things like that police might go find drugs in their houses. Well, cops and courts REALLY don't like retaliatory actions, and if they have restraining orders against him, it will be really hard for him to fuck with them the way he is.

http://www.empowerhouseva.org/ Billie, Ayalla, if you're reading this, contact their legal advocates. They'll help you for free.

No. 341430

Not a bad idea, deleted the post because I posted the wrong link, but I'm gonna see if I can figure out something for the Nelly song lyrics!

No. 341431


No, no. They should leave it alone so that he can continue to piss their information all over twitter and youtube.

I mean, what's the worst thing he did? Tell Billie it was a good idea to chain her to a basement wall? Threaten Ayalla's family with the cops? No, Greg's done nothing harassing at all to them. They should just kick back and let him get away with telling the world Billie's private life. /eyeroll

End this fucker.

No. 341432

If I recall, I think most of this stuff was said in one of his videos, it may of been the original "I betrayed my wife" video… otherwise I have vague recollections of him Tweeting about it; but I'm not 100% sure.

No. 341434

Thanks I'll look today and see what I can find.
I had forgotten when that all went down. That's a good place to start. Thanks.

No. 341435


Sorry for samefagging, but I remember the Tweets now, in one of them he said something akin to "children should always be with their mother, so I would fully hand over custody to my wife." or something like that… I digress anyway, might be a good idea to ask one of the archive tumblrs or see if they got posted onto lifeofonion.com

No. 341436

File: 1484925611729.png (204.77 KB, 589x685, cuckd.PNG)

I'm afraid this isn't how it works gurgles

No. 341437

File: 1484925613445.gif (66.79 KB, 600x624, 8e3.gif)


No. 341438

Someone posted his PO Box in Rap's video comments

>MFW I wanna send him the BDSM handbook, but don't want to give that sick fucker more ideas…

No. 341439


There may be something here?


Sending your cult of underage buffoons to spam a pre-made definition that you created yourself into Urban Dictionary is definitely not how it works.

No. 341440


What's the over/under on Karla crying rn?

No. 341441


It's especially sad because that was the best definition he could come up with to 'fix' cuck? I've never read either of his books but that's some sorry assed writing.

No. 341442

File: 1484926019351.png (220.16 KB, 800x480, tumblr_o1kns9u70L1ugnm7xo1_128…)

Look for the cuddlegate tag, there's a lot of tweets, videos, and screencaps. Here's one I found between blue Onion and white Billie

No. 341443

I always liked how he worded that.
Woman I was suppose to love. Not simply woman I love.

No. 341444

This guy kills me, he's acting sane in these messages which leads me to believe whenever he gets bored of Lainey he sucks right back up to Billie, trying to make her believe he's repenting.

Side note - anyone else hate emoticons? its painful watching him trying to be young and flirty with this 19 year old.

No. 341445

When they're not overused by disgusting, slimy, narcissistic greasestains… I don't mind them.

No. 341447

sage for blogpost, but seeing his texts really remind me of the texts between an ex and the girl he was cheating on me with, you can totally tell he's a scumbag even in the early stages.

He's really disgusting and I feel shit for Billie and every other girl he's hurt, its lucky none of them killed themselves.

No. 341448

His biggest "weapon" right now is Lainey. Because "she's hurt and crying" and his stupid fans are buying that. If Billie had any conversation that proves that Lainey never really liked her and the whole thing was basically Onion trying to get laid, now is the time to use.

Lainey seems to be a HORRIBLE person, I don't get why everyone always covers her ass like that.

No. 341449

I'm more fucking amazed at how similar Lainey types and acts like him outside of the public eye (through private messages and such) no one is going to convince me that he's not been trying to start a cult for the past 10 years to suit his fetishes and exempt himself from taxes.

She's in shoulder-deep with his shit, like… watch out Karla, Rose and Myra; you have competition!

No. 341450

I'm not sure, for me it's either she types exactly like him or he uses her phone/accounts to prove points and she just lets it happen.

No. 341451


The way Greg talks to women after he's fucked with them is classic abuser talk. It's nothing all that special. Lovebombing.


Lainey is the worst of all. I said this yesterday but she's like next level Stockholm shit. He's fucked with her for so hard and so long that she simply does do what he tells her, even if that's all about roping in another sixteen year old. She doesn't care.

No. 341454


It's kind of interesting. Will Lainey be the first female serial killer accomplice in America? We have Myra and Rose from the UK and we have Karla from Canada, but no one in the US.


Tbqh Lainey's private twitter doesn't sound all that different from when she's 'texting' Greg, part of me thinks she really is that self-centered and shitty.

No. 341456

Isn't her private twitter blocked?

No. 341457

It is.

No. 341458


Weren't there posts from it in the last thread? I'm about to leave work but I could have sworn there were posts from lain_boy? Could be cracking up, though.

sage for tired

No. 341459

So she doesn't deserve protection.

No. 341461

I don't think there were. It would be awesome though - an unfiltered look to Lainey's thoughts about all this. There are 94 tweets and counting… Does she even do anything apart from whining all day?

No. 341462

I wouldn't be surprised if he goes too far in his abuse and misunderstanding of consent ( bedroom or otherwise ) someday and ends up killing one of the girls.

No. 341464


It was screenshots from her Instagram, I think. Her second profile. Her Twitter remains a secret…

No. 341465


I think she tweets, whines, and cries.

Unless it's Greg doing all the tweeting, whining, and crying? I swear I just want them to go take care of their fucking kids, haha.

No. 341466

now he's calling billie a baby-killer? fuck his onioncunt with a stick

No. 341467


Okay, yeah. I fucked up, then for sure.

It's weird, there's been such a freakishly huge amount of info over the past 24 hours. It was a milk bath.

No. 341468

How'd you see her private twitter? I mean she is really that self-centred and shitty there's no disputing it but the way she types via private messages is exactly like him. Not like oh "Plaine sounds a bit like Smeg" it looks like he's typed them all.

No. 341469

"Baby killer" = the guy who forced her to get an abortion.

No. 341470

Hmm… do you remember all the selfie photos he took with the girls around halloween and was using Lainey's phone to do so? We're also well aware now that he won't let those girls hide anything away from him on their phones…

No. 341471

I'm hoping he considers the killer to be the one who pushed Billie to have an abortion she didn't want to have? Maybe I'm projecting onto him, but I wouldn't consider a girl having an abortion to be a killer, but I would consider a person forcing her to abort a murderer.

No. 341472

File: 1484928344185.png (597.63 KB, 710x504, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.0…)

No. 341473

Usually it's the amateurs that go wayyyy too far with it all.

No. 341474

oh christ 8 am time to whinge

No. 341475

He borderline raped Adrienne the day he met her face to face.

No. 341476

8am, should I make breakfast for my kids or sit and sadblog on Tumblr?

No. 341477


Didn't AJ repeatedly say no and he fucked her anyhow? She gave in because she was like oh, well, might as well get this over with or something?

What a fucking asshole he is.

No. 341478

File: 1484928624823.png (12.19 KB, 894x20, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 11.0…)

The only negative$ on his history. Does that mean he spent money on youtube yesterday??More money than he earned

No. 341479

File: 1484928626783.png (175.26 KB, 1286x542, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 16.0…)

Not all that relevant so sage, but the woman who was pretty much playing Hannah Minx in his recent videos replied to his "Seeing people spread lies, so as usual, here is the truth" tweet with this.

No way was Lainey comfortable with them filming together. You just know she tweeted furiously about it.

No. 341480

Yea " between his kisses was me going “nononononono”, and him kissing me harder to shut me up. I finally pull away long enough to remind him that he said we were supposed to wait a month, and that maybe we should get to know each other in person a day or two before we jump into having sex. He asks me “Why?” as he continues kissing me. Eventually I realized I was fighting an uphill battle, so I gave up and just went with it."

No. 341481

Asking someone to get a permanent tattoo that says "I'm a liar" and thinking it's simply kinky to have someone chained up in the basement for a week is already going too far. The leap from this kind of insanity to taking it steps further isn't that big when the person is pretty much deranged.

No. 341482


What a pig. I really hope Billie and Ayalla hit him where it hurts. A restraining order would be the best thing because he's so hung up on 'the law'. Meanwhile, he's a rapist. And he keeps getting away with it.

No. 341483

I'm starting to wonder that the reason he doesn't keep these fetishes private and would never consider hooking up through fetlife; is because he wants to be recognized - I think it's all part of his sick powerplay fetish, unless he has someone worshipping him like a "god" - he's just not interested.

To sexually get off, he needs to fulfil a "humiliation and degradation" fetish, a "teenage impregnation" fetish and a "power and control" fetish.

Otherwise; I don't think anything else gets his tiny microdick hard enough.

No. 341484

The emote wearing a top hat was enough to stop the breakdown I nearly had

No. 341485

It's not the same chick that played Hannah. A bizarre tweet to make regardless.

No. 341486


He's still working his cult angle. His gross fetishes, his sisterwives. Get Sarah the hell out of there.

No. 341487

By broadcasting his sexual fetishes to his fans it makes it easy to for him to find people willing to go through with his fucked up behavior. These girls know what they're getting into before it even happens.

No. 341488


Fetlife would eat him alive. Plus He's 50 Shades of Greg, the BDSM world hates that movie with a passion.

No. 341490

The sad thing is that they romanticize it. It's the same shit as twilight and 50 Shades of Grey. Edward/Christian are only doing what's right for the woman, to help her.

No. 341491

ouch, in the last one he's picking apart ayallah's looks. that is completely uncalled for and mean spirited. what a manchild.

No. 341492

Well the victim list is starting to pile up now, if Lainey and Sarah decide to leave and expose him - that will be 6 women in total who have been through some really fucked up shit with him.

By the time he's 40 I'd expect that tally to be around 15 or so… they should all get together and get him locked up, perhaps that's just wishful thinking though.

No. 341493

Not necessarily. if he just learned some of the lingo, he could explain he's not SSC (Safe, Sane and Consensual) and is into RACK (Risk-Aware Consensual Kink) and no one would really think twice about it. Not everyone does BDSM as "scenes" and stuff.

No. 341494

Lainey will never leave. She is the ultimate doormat. He has done unforgivable things to her but through emotional manipulation and gaslighting, he made her blame herself and other people for his mistakes. There is no hope for her.

No. 341496

How the fuck does Lainey's family feel that their husband has 19 year olds chained in the basement for punishment?????????

No. 341497

How do they feel that Lainey basically lures all of these girls in?

No. 341498

She won't leave, but he will FOR SURE find some girl to replace Billie. And things will be worst this time since he's either getting crazier as the time passes or he's simply not afraid to say all the shit he does (since people apparently find it normal to shave your head in shame). The next girl will suffer.

No. 341500

He's just mad as fuck that he didn't get to play around with her shapely body.

No. 341501

I wish we could tip the proverbial cow and tell Lainey's parents about their fuckery to see if they take action in regards to their grandchildren.

No. 341502


But do they know about this? lol

No. 341503

File: 1484929978291.jpg (94.21 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_o58anlRPJ61qbnxbno1_128…)

Cue the adult murder porn music.

>So happy on the day of their wedding, looking forward to the years of ahead of wedded bliss. Little did Miss Taylor know what was ahead of her.. And she would never have that monogamous, sane dream..Chains and abuse.

No. 341504

i can see him bringing in a new girl, but moving her in and getting her pregnant so she cant/wont leave

No. 341506

It sounds like he was okay with Billie getting pregnant since he said if she did get pregnant he'd take care of them both. HOW'S THAT LAINEY?

No. 341507

It was the same story with Adrienne. He tried to get her pregnant. He uses pregnancy as a control tactic. He figures if they have a baby with him, they won't be able to leave him. It's like he has abandonment issues.

No. 341508

I wanted confirmation of this for the longest time… anons were aware that she only sees her family at the holidays, but we weren't aware it was just Thanksgiving and Christmas, that's seriously so fucked up… it's even more fucked up to realise that he's in control of that, not her.

No. 341509

File: 1484930319843.jpg (209.18 KB, 720x403, 1702_BTS_13_HotLoad.jpg)

No. 341512

It's funny how he used to scream that he was sterile when he was with Sh.

No. 341513

no wonder her family isnt allowed at the onion house… he has a sex dungeon built for 19 year olds

No. 341514

I'm well aware of the latter, that's why we only see photos of them meeting in places like Olive Garden at the local mall and never anywhere else.

It's less abandonment issues and more about control, it's his fetish.

No. 341515

That does help. I wonder if this contract is still in effect.
Greg says he signed an agreement to give Lainey a monthly sum of money that a friend of Lainey's agreed was fair. He also signed away full custody of their child to Lainey. He says he planned to see their child on a regular basis, but it is Lainey's right to take that away from him if she wants.

No. 341516

tbh i think this needs to happen. Those kids are not safe, will gladly contact someone if anyone has an email address. even if they tell me to fuck off they need to be aware of whats going on in that household

No. 341517

Is this allowed to post?If so I think I found it

No. 341518

are you fuckers serious that her family isn't informed of the latest situations? Of course they are. Gargoyle is all over the internet and after the forum drama he's gotten even more infamous.
don't tip the cow, especially when there's no reason to do that.

No. 341519

might be worth moving this to discord

No. 341520

*I'm late buuuuut


moderates comments

lmao fucking patheitc. He is so SHOOK from the backlash of his last video that he has to approve/moderate these comments to even semi-seem right lmao But like/dislike ratio don't lie Onion boy, compared to Billie's. ROFL

No. 341521

Billie is awake and tweeting

No. 341522

Cow tipping is really frowned upon because it has the potential to put situations (especially dangerous one) in jeopardy.

DSSCTM has contacted her parents many times before; they don't want to be interfered with according to Gurg.

No. 341523

I'm sure Lainey's parents are painfully aware of everything happening but powerless to really do anything. She's an adult and they risk losing all contact to her if they try anything. Unless they have solid evidence of anything, their hands are tied.

No. 341524

I'm sure they're aware that Onion is a cunty mccunt face. I doubt they keep regular tabs though… seems like the sort of thing that would be painful to acknowledge. They ought to know about chaining teenagers in the basement though

No. 341525

stop trying to make it happen. don't tip the fucking cow.

No. 341526

File: 1484931108505.jpg (13.98 KB, 617x97, 1.jpg)

No. 341527

The contact idea was her dad since he's threatened to help protect the kids

No. 341528

This is pretty much the most logical conclusion to their lack of interference… they barely see their grandson as it is.

No. 341529

I wouldn't be surprised if they are putting together information to attempt to gain custody of the children.

No. 341530

Wouldn't that be lovely, then nobody would be hanging onto a sliver of guilt to destroy him with no holds barred.

No. 341531

What really has me fucked up about this- is what this mean for the goddamn children. They have a father.mother that thinks chaining someone to the wall like a fucking animals is okay. Prayer circle for those kids. They're going to need a fuckton of therapy.

No. 341532

File: 1484931540321.png (81.21 KB, 750x628, IMG_4816.PNG)

No. 341533

I can already imagine it:
"YOU LIED TO ME TROY. SOOOO What do you wanna do? Chain to the wall, or shave your head?"

"Mom, please help- dad is being unreasonable again"


No. 341534

You're brainwashed if you're still living there after all the shit he tried to blackmail Billie with.

No. 341535

I was just watching the video of Shiloh alongside the Billie one and I almost cried. I sound like a big faggot, but I felt really disturbed by it. Their faces are distressed and I don't know it's scaring me that Youtube still gives this guy a platform. I can't believe reality.

No. 341536

No way has her family been informed of the latest situation. I'm pretty sure they'd of tried something - Lainey's dad doesn't seem like the kind to just lie down when he knows his family are in danger. But that doesn't mean we should actually tip the cow, I said I wish for a reason. It's not our place to get involved directly with their lives, just sit back and drink up the milk.

I know it's said time and time again but they really are currently for lack of a better word "placid" versions of the ken and barbie killers. You can totally picture their wedding photos being featured in a documentary about couple killers.

No. 341537


And after your cousin said she/he could help you out. You do have another option but it's too dumb to do anything about that.

No. 341538

if you're not brainwashed but are still gladly living with Greg, what does that say about YOU? what are your morals? do you have any?

No. 341539


sweetheart you are completely delusional, on top of being brainwash. They never think it'll happen to them huh.

No. 341540

Not to mention she witnessed all this abuse FIRST HAND as it was happening, even if she doesn't care about his exes past stories and experiences with him… when having that same shit happening in real time, in front of you and you're choosing to stay?

You're. Fucking. Brainwashed.

No. 341541

This right here. Even in Gerg's tirade of a video he showed texts from Billie where she asked him to not name call either you or Taylor and just generally not be an asshole to either of you. Yet you sat idly by while he told the internet about private and truly hurtful things. If you condone it, you support it.

No. 341542


It's not like they can stop anything of this from happening. We all know they don't have a say in anything that happens in that house…

No. 341543

At that point, Troy would put himself up for adoption to get away from them.

No. 341544


And she even joked about the situation before someone called her out on this thread saying "wans't you Billie's friend?". Then she was all "I'm not finding it funny blah blah blah".

This girl is as shallow as Plain and Fax Machine are.

No. 341545


this(sage your shit)

No. 341546

I think the last time they intervened (her dad in particular) was sometime mid/late 2015 where he contacted Lainey to discuss the possibility of annulling their prenup.

She was having none of it though.

No. 341547


So Sarah, tell us, since you've all been lurking here since yesterday blew the fuck up–what were the rest of you going to do while Billie was chained to the wall in the basement?

Have you ever heard of the Sylvia Likens case, Sarah?

You know more than anyone else what a piece of shit Greg is. Give up on this 'great' 'cushy' lifestyle and go live with your cousin who apparently loves you. Lainey is not your friend. Greg is certainly not your friend.

Go home.

No. 341548

sure, nanny.

No. 341549

Congratulations. You're an empathetic human being. Seriously.

No. 341550

I know it's lame, but can someone post on knowyourmeme?

No. 341551

nah. he's still too young (thankfully) to remember most of the on going stuff, or understand what is happening. he's almost what, four? not saying he can't be affected by that shit, but yeah. give it a couple more years and damage can be irreversible though

No. 341552

>We'd unchain you for bathroom breaks and showers

That's a fucking lie. It wouldn't humiliate her if anyone in the house was down there constantly letting her out to go to the bathroom. Greg only says that to get her to agree. Plus you KNOW he'd be filming it because "I need proof you're not doing anything wrong"

No. 341554

i know I'm late, but 4000+ comments…and only around 150 show. so much for honesty

No. 341555

You can say he didn't threaten you, but he made it very clear that if you don't like what's going on you can leave, he'll even buy you a ticket. I was stupid at 16 too, I probably would have put up with some pretty stupid shit to get paid to stay home all day and play online.

No. 341556


Fucking this! Billie defended you, and what did you do? You sat back and posted popcorn .gifs. Classy, Sarah.

Greg and Lainey are tutoring you well.

Don't pretend that you give a shit because until the day that you and Lainey get out of there and make sure that this fucker can never abuse anyone ever again you're both just part of the problem.

No. 341557

But she can watch anime… /s

No. 341558



No. 341559



No. 341560

comments are set to approval only because honesty, facts etc

No. 341561


She's a kid but she's quickly turning into Plain. Greg's perfect little Stepford child bride. She's too young and too dumb to know that he's grooming the fuck out of her. Sad.

No. 341562


And yet here you are with "Knight" next to your name. FFS, get real.

No. 341563

I know she's just a child, but I feel like she's turning into more of a Greg jr, then a lainey clone. It wouldn't surprise me if she would be side by side of onion smirk on face watching Billie chained up.

No. 341564

Damage done at an early age is pretty irreversible. I don't imagine they're the kind loving parents who have their disagreements out of sight of Troy, he's probably stuck to My Wife's tit for half of their weird threesomes-that-aren't-really-threesomes. That kid is going to grow up with serious issues, sadly. He's going to remember Daddy sneaking around behind Mommy's back with various teenage girls and locking himself in his office screaming and smashing stuff for the rest of his life.

No. 341565


This is so fucking repellent. 'Unchain you for bathroom breaks and showers.'

Please God, let Bilie and Ayalla have a lawyer. He has to land in jail for this. He fucking has to.

No. 341566

No. 341567


i have no doubt in my miind that they're fighting in front of troy. Both too immature to realize what it'll do to the child

No. 341568

Haha, and to think she was trying to convince everyone that nothing is going on in that house between them all and that she is "just friends" with them.

Friends don't stand by and let their friends be blackmailed and abused under the conditions of a man who had you shipped over to Washington just a few days shy after your 16th birthday.

You are free to leave that house, Grease even said he'd pay for your plane ticket… why are you not taking him up on that offer?

See how that doesn't make sense for any of you being just "friends"? You've been fully aware that you were being groomed by these nutcases since you were 14, Sarah… you are brainwashed by a married couple with sexual fetishes for people like you.

No. 341569

Already on it, anon. I'm filling out the form now.

No. 341570

No. 341571

File: 1484933127570.gif (2.2 MB, 610x350, giphy.gif)

No. 341573

You know what Sarah (since you lurk here)
So many of us have defended you here, and I was one of them.
At this point I can't believe I ever did, I know you're young, but I think at your age you should be able to recognize what is decent behavior and what isn't.
Seeing from your twitter name, you apart of Greg and Lainey's game.
YOU support the following: manipulation, abuse, and harassment.
Being in that house currently makes you involved, you are not a separate entity.
I no longer feel sorry for you, your a little smug shit head and I do wish I could smack the smirk off of your face.

Shame on you.
Sage for Sarah shaming.

No. 341574


praise the lord lol I was wanting to contact a news source yesterday about this obvi gonna attach the tweets but any other thoughts re: best images to stick in there?

No. 341575

*You're, samefag had to correct.

No. 341576


It is the same thing as with his followers. Teenagers notoriously lack empathy except when it affects them, and Greg is pretty much the Lord of the Flies. As is Taylor. I used to think she was his victim, but I now believe she's as culpable as he is.

No. 341577

If drawanon is still around, may I request a sketch of Grease (in his little suspender pantsuit), Lucas Werner (in a "my jizz saves lives" shirt) and Dave Kelly (Shmorky; in a diaper) chained at the necks together and sat around a little girls tea party table discussing how much they love adolescents.

Thank you in advance.

No. 341578

Let us know what happens!

No. 341579


Fuck and I was wondering why all the top comments are positive ones, even if the dislike bar is as big as the like bar.

No. 341580

I've stuck in the tweet where he reveals Billie's secret, Billie's texts and also a screen cap of Sarah's twitter. Giving a whole run down of his fuckery as accurately as I can.

No. 341581


He did threaten you, dumbass, remember? Then you backtracked and said "ha ha, I was joking don't you get my funny joke?"

No. 341582

I'm sorry, but what was Billie's secret? Everyone is talking about it but the threads are moving so fast tgat I must have missed it.

No. 341583

Think about this for a moment. Greg is so genuinely divorced from reality that he truly believes telling people he expected Billie to chain herself to a wall in his basement is a rational course of action when dealing with interpersonal issues.

Or that they would nod their heads in agreement with him because hey, that's what we all do.

He's terrifying. I sincerely think he's dangerous and I'm glad that Billie is out of there because she dodged a bullet like nobody's business.

We're going to chain you to the wall in the basement. Shave your head. Brand yourself with words that I choose.

Greg wanted to be Gertrude Baniszewski, for real.

I have never in my life wanted to see someone get what's coming to them as much as I do Greg. He deserves to have the most horrific shit happen to him.

No. 341584

How does no internet news site report on this issue, though? Pewdiepie gets like all the clickbait news articles written about him being "a racist" "white scum" etc for making some edgy jokes and Gurg can abuse several girls and no news site wants to report on it?

No. 341585

Please include the chaining!

No. 341586

I hate to keep spreading it but since fuckhead put it in a video, she was raped and forced to have an abortion.

No. 341587

Out of respect for Billie I don't think we should discuss it past saying it's a very dark secret.

No. 341588

File: 1484934114692.png (190.96 KB, 627x157, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 12.4…)

No. 341589

just check the last thread, i don't think we should be repeating it

No. 341590

Because your husband cheating on you with your supposed set-up girlfriend is MUCH WORSE than being degraded and humiliated for your husband's sexual pleasure, go to fucking hell.

No. 341591

Lainey is TrAuMaTiZeD because Billie cheated.

Greg? Nahhhhhh he told her he was going to cheat so it's A-OK. But BILLIE!

No. 341592


Bitch you're mad that the girl you said you never wanted to date and never trusted from the beginning that your husband selected slept with your husband after he told you he was going to do it and you weren't allowed to be jealous? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

No. 341593

She is milking this to get her husband to pity her That's it.

No. 341594

Jesus fucking Christ Lainey. Take responsibility for your own emotions. No one can make you feel any way but yourself. You let yourself have trust issues. No one else.

No. 341595

This person here. I'm not much of a writer and they only allowed three picture submissions so I included the video screencap of him talking about the dog collar, the twitter cap of him talking about the basement chaining, and the screencap of their contract.

Is it a bad idea to post what I submitted? I know they're lurking so I wanted to ask before I dropped this 2500+ character thing I sent them.

No. 341596


All is see here is what about ME,ME! MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

No. 341597


I wonder if Billie had just ASKED PERMISSION before she cheated, it would've been okay?

No. 341598


Lainey no1curr about sadblog

If there's a Kiwi Farms friend lurking or posting here, could you please mirror the Ayalla video also? There are a lot of images in the Greg thread just prior to this one; I'm not sure that all are archived but there are some important ones that I'm hoping are. Maybe someone is bored and feels like taking a look through?

No. 341599

The fact that she thinks that "trauma" is comparable AT ALL to the trauma Billie would have gone through from those secrets that has been BROUGHT BACK UP by her HUSBAMD is just totally ludicrous. It shows how fucking self involved and unempathetic this fucking pathetic piece of shit is. She NEVER loved Billie, like her husband they both wanted OWNERSHIP of her. The fact that this bitch is supposed to be a psychology graduate just fucking blows my mind. The fact she is a MOTHER just makes me want to headbutt the wall until I knock myself out. People like this exist and that is fucking scary.

No. 341600


Says the woman who was going to have a chick chained to her basement wall. Plain, are you for real? Go read your son a story or something and get your fucked up skinnyfat ass off of tumblr.

No. 341601

File: 1484934591460.png (105.9 KB, 1188x533, onion forum makeover.PNG)

Unrelated to the current drama, but just wanted to point out that Onision's forums are open for viewing again and it looks like he removed the "Pictures for Onision's Videos" subforum. I think he also added rules at the top of the subforums saying not to post inappropriate pictures. Maybe he actually was contacted and forced to remove the subforum

No. 341602

she did actually

No. 341603

File: 1484934652124.gif (456.28 KB, 304x200, raw.gif)

No. 341604


Wishful thinking. Probably just privated or has post requirements to view it. Plus he also asks for pictures on his tumblr.

No. 341605

Yeah chaining was confirmed by onision and billie to have happened

No. 341606


how the fuck is Plain always holding her mouth? this photo drives me crazy, who the fuck does she think she is? joan of arc? she's like this long-suffering so sad woman; god, i can't fucking stand her.

sage for OT photo annoyance

No. 341607

It's just her face structure. I have that same ugly jowl thing so I try not to make that stupid pouty face.

No. 341608

Email sent to them as well.

No. 341610

Thank you anon!!

No. 341611

File: 1484935334283.gif (443.68 KB, 500x235, giphy.gif)

Immediately reminded of this. He's a POS

No. 341612

Where was it confirmed to have happened? It was confirmed that it was discussed and agreed upon, but Greg made it sound like this discussion happened after she left the house and had smoked once. She hadn't been back, and then the breakup for the jillionth time happened.

No. 341613

one minute,gonna look for the tweet if it was deleted

No. 341614

File: 1484935483639.gif (463.02 KB, 500x361, giphy.gif)

It's the least we can do. If you find any other local or state places that'll pick it up, post some links and I'll copy and paste what I've sent already to two.

>Everyone please chip in to contact these places!

The more people that blow up their inboxes about this, the more likely they'll report on it.

Nah, too harmless. He's Trunchbull. Bad skin, hates women, takes advantage of kids, has a torture room.

No. 341615

File: 1484935538990.png (35.15 KB, 586x112, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.05…)

No. 341616

I won't believe it unless he deletes the videos. If he got in trouble for it wouldn't he have to do that?

No. 341617


He says she agreed but not that she actually did it. So I'm thinking she didn't and he's trying to paint it like it was consensual when she was actually pressured into saying yes.

No. 341618

I wish someone could confirm it actually took place. I think that's way worse. Like, did Lainey know? Did Sarah?

No. 341619

Since he said "Still awesome" it sounds like it happened

No. 341620

I doubt she did it because if she had, he'd be smugly giving all the details about it.

No. 341621

I think he's referring to the texts between them and she may of changed her mind to say yes at the last minute?

No. 341622

That makes sense. "She agreed right before we dumped her" could mean she agreed just to get him off her back..which means getting rid of pot was the last straw? Weed Saves Lives

No. 341623

"Still awesome" I think referring to his chained to the wall punishment fantasy which is totally awesome and kinky and normal and not sexual and not abusive.

No. 341624

Besides playing the victim (you fucking cunt), the only thing she acknowledged so far was the fact that Grease told Billie's secret on Twitter: Clone asked if she thought it was right to do that and Plain responded with a "no" and kept talking about herself.

Besides that, she's has been quiet about the whole situation: chains, green hair, etc.

No. 341625

It never happened. This happened after she smoked weed on NYE snd she was in VA and hasn't been back to WA since before Christmas.

No. 341626

My friend from Seattle says the news stations he sees the most are q3, king5, or komo4. Whatever those are

No. 341627

File: 1484936448173.gif (786.23 KB, 250x231, Fhtte1z.gif)

Onision's fight on "weed"

No. 341628

do you see how spiteful she is right now? I'm sure lainey's not saying anything because she knows its nothing that'll bode well in her favor. she was probably looking forward to having billie chained up in the basement.

No. 341629

I know everyone thinks onion will murder someone some day, but at this point I think it will be Lainey from the way her mental health is dropping from being with him.

No. 341630

Exactly. She will keep playing the victim that was "cheated on" because that's only thing she can do. The only thing left for her is complain that Billie lied. She will pretend all the other crap didn't happen.

No. 341631

Kids in the bathtub, then hermself?

No. 341632


right after she shots onision in the head, hopefully

No. 341634

I just DM'd the guy who did the HeatStreet article about what's going on and he's interested. I'm gonna put together a list of links to info for him and hopefully he'll get a story up on this.

No. 341635

Good luck! The more people the better.

No. 341636

When I think about- Lainey acting like she is traumatized is smart…Greg won't pressure her to bring in fuckbuddy #2 anymore. And she'll use this an excuse.

No. 341638

We can't tip the cow, but we can inform and spread awareness ;)

No. 341639

Thanks! I would suggest anons contact other media sources that might be interested in this kind of thing–Greg needs to be stopped, fuck him

No. 341640

File: 1484937167164.png (835.51 KB, 1226x303, sweetjesus.PNG)

>googling around for more information
>find blog with this header

I'm repulsed. He's like a strawberry soaked in grease drippings for 31 years and then finally released.

No. 341641

Greg is the obvious one to be hate here. He's all up in your face, blatant with his verbal abuse and disgusting fetishes. Lainey is a lot more insidious with her shittiness. Fine, you don't like the fact that your husband is banging some twitter teen on the side. But she didn't communicate this to him firmly, just idled around with her thumb up her ass, and then decided to manipulate the situation to make Billie seem like a "traitor" so Greg would lose his damn mind. And stood back and watched as her 31 year old husband tore apart this teenager on the internet, and made herself out to be a victim. Greg's a pig, but I find Lainey just as repulsive, if not more. They deserve each other.

No. 341642

sage for samefagging

Just obviously don't be a sperg about it if you contact people. Keep it concise and don't sound like a psycho looking for revenge or something lol

No. 341645

File: 1484937506146.jpg (34.55 KB, 300x300, IMG_0420.JPG)

god i hate lainey. deleting her twitter was a ploy for attention. she THRIVES off all those "omg is martyr space prince st. lainey of arc ok????" posts.

pic related; it's lainey.

No. 341646

I googled 'Seattle news' and found these:

>Komo News

>Seattle Times
>Kiro 7
>Q13 Fox
>CBS Seattle

No. 341647

File: 1484937577741.gif (1 MB, 307x328, kahwi ayy.gif)

lmao wp anon

anyway, just caught up on this thread and i was disgusted until i remembered that they have 2 children and now i'm beyond horrified

No. 341648

File: 1484937611443.png (243.47 KB, 553x590, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.39…)

oshit P.1

No. 341649

File: 1484937694931.png (231 KB, 539x575, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.40…)

oshit P.2

No. 341651


i kneeew this was an inside joke between the two of them and greg made it seem like billie was talking shit behind ayalla's back on purpose. thanks for confirming my thought anon, much appreciated

No. 341652

File: 1484937784838.png (226.39 KB, 550x585, Screen Shot 2017-01-20 at 1.42…)

oshit P.3

No. 341654

god, that was one of the most disturbing things that I've read for a very long time

sarah needs to get the hell out

No. 341655

Even if they can't do anything to make Taylor leave, if they recieve documentation of what happened now, and the various other things greg's done, there's a good chance that they could successfully sue for custody of Troy and "claire". Greg may skirt the law, but family court doesn't take kindly to shit like this at ALL. Judges in family court are supposed to do what's in the best interest of the children, and there's a very high likelihood that they'd let Taylor's parents take custody with evidence to Greg admitting that he wanted to chain a teen girl in the basement for smoking weed and Taylor's complacency. Hopefully this gets back to them and they're compelled to take action.

No. 341657

Idk, she said in her response he did manipulate her to agreeing to it… I got the impression he got what he wanted, although I really hope you are right

No. 341659

Will he not pay for a dermatologist? JFC, accutane retionds aha's bha's vitamin c serums, these are all things he could be doing to fix his face.

No. 341660

Fans waking up and realising he's an insane fucktard, I love it. You really didn't think this one through, have you, Gergles.

No. 341662

I can't make it past 3 minutes, I am so disgusted at this manipulative pos

fuck him and his doormat

No. 341663

Hey I just fucked you
And I'm so crazy
But you betrayed me
So chained up maybe?
And all he teenage girls
Try to chase me
But you betrayed me
So chained up maybe?


No. 341664

I'm studying Forensic Psychology and Mental Health..

He's a mess of Cluster B personality disorder red flags, to be quite honest with you. It is impossible to 'diagnose' anyone without prolonged and exploratory interviews, but his 'Dear Ex-Girlfriend' video is so interesting (from a scientific angle, from any other it's grotesque) I almost want to take it into class and see what my lecturer makes of him. He certainly has strong elements of Antisocial personality disorder, which is by definition often identified chiefly by a noticeable pattern of the callous disregard for the rights and feelings of others, a strong tendency towards manipulation, and the ability to seem charming (though they are likely to be irritable and aggressive when pushed).

Lack of remorse is also a big flag with ASPD.

Personality disorders tend to merge into each other within their particular cluster; I see him presenting some Borderline personality disorder flags (a pattern of intense but unstable relationships, outbursts of anger especially in response to criticism). He can't stop putting his life on the internet, often to his detriment, and that's often the case with people suffering from histrionic personality disorder, especially since they often seem to be dramatising their worlds and depend for their wellbeing on attracting the attention and approval of others.

The way he has created an entire fantasy world for himself is fascinating. In his world, he is unquestionably right, always, he is a beacon of knowledge and a steadfast champion of truth. He even says it a few times in the video: 'Come into the real world'. The 'real world' for Greg, is this place where he can't be questioned because he's adhering to a set of rules he's made up himself, and he doesn't understand when the rest of us don't go along with them like the impressionable young women in his life. The way he uses a complete devolution of logic, too, it's just WOW. He purports to be very intelligent ("I consistently score high on IQ tests") but when challenged by something even he can't fully justify to himself ("You shared my secrets with the world") he takes this toddler-esque step back into willful ignorance and proclaims: "I don't understand secrets."

saged for blogging, armchair diagnosing, derailing, sorry about that, he's just like a really morbidly interesting and grotesque sub-species of wasp

No. 341665

File: 1484938894359.png (489.09 KB, 982x547, enabler.PNG)

Sarah is now private.

No. 341666

Why is onion trying to tweet all these celebs?

No. 341667

lol trying to establish that he's a "nice" guy by being friendly to people that don't give a shit about him and never will

No. 341668

douchebubble is tweeting and instagramming about his wonderful self esteem again.
sage for disgusted…

No. 341670

I guess I can't expect her to handle any of this well, since she thought moving into the greasy mansion was a better idea than seeking out family.

No. 341671

I don't know who this person is, but I hope Lainey reads it.

No. 341672

File: 1484939623846.png (144.42 KB, 648x681, f8a9f8da819ce11cbcee3c56caaf57…)

He reeeeeally only sees what he wants to see, doesn't he.

No. 341673

File: 1484939725428.png (130.44 KB, 1242x736, IMG_3686.PNG)

Well, I still follow her and she liked this tweet.

No. 341674

Hey guys, can someone slap together links to all of the threads (in order) since this broke out? I'm trying to gather info to send to the HeatStreet guy and there's just so much–it'd make it easier if I can get a list of the threads and then go through them. I would appreciate the help so so much.

No. 341675

Please stop abusing sage. Sageing a post doesn't excuse a chain of derailing comments. If you have nothing of value to add to the conversation, don't post it. This includes random reaction images and speculating about mental health diagnoses. There's no need to sage posts that are on topic, however.

No. 341676

yessss thank you

No. 341677

>martyr space prince st. lainey of arc

No. 341678

If you're trying to put everything into a chronological order, your best bet is to do it straight from their Twitter accounts, nothing can be guaranteed to be in chronological order here, we just use screenshots whenever they feel relevant in context to our posts.

No. 341679

Invite you into this Hell
Your secrets i'll always tell
My vids are all just a sell
Now please just shave your head

Lainey cannot eat fish
Now lets secretly kiss
Always was looking for this
And now please just stay

Your glare was holdin', chained up, tattoo's showing
Suck me, my cock needs blowin'
Where you think you're going Billie?!

Hey I just fucked you
And this is crazy
But you betrayed us
So chained up maybe

and all the other teens
try to chase me
but you betrayed us
Wheres hugs for Lainey?!

No. 341681

I'm just trying to think of the best way to present the most info to this guy.

No. 341682


More than half said no. "If I was single" is just a soft no. Lmao. The other half said yes for the opportunity to sleep with her husband and reach into that wallet.

No. 341683

File: 1484940367829.png (30.73 KB, 653x223, 327684ebb0d0ee1e5bbe04b4120b08…)

No. 341685


You just showed that we were right about you, Sarah. You suck as a friend.

No. 341686

He got a 57 on his ASVAB and he's bragging about IQ. 50 is average. His score wasn't even one deviation above average.

My IQ is only in the upper 120s, I barely went to high school (but somehow still graduated) and got a 96 on my ASVAB (An actual, official ASVAB test taken at MEPS, not some online test.) I did, however, brush up on some of the algebra I forgot beforehand. Just to give you a comparison.

Not everything tested for is general knowledge or shit you should have learned by high school, but the majority of it is.

And, if you take the test on a computer, it is adapts to your knowledge/skill level. For example, it won't give you some very advanced math question if you can't manage the algebra questions. The test is tailored to find out exactly how much you KNOW.

Source of his ASVAB score:

No. 341687

Slightly off-topic (not sure if I can sage this) but would forcing your partner to shower with you whenever you feel like it be considered degrading, humiliating and…embarrassing? 'Cause…isn't that what happened between Grease and his ex-wife???

No. 341689

Is that Sarah's cousin?

No. 341690

I don't get that one, can someone explain?

No. 341691


I don't quite understand either, but she said on Twitter that she wouldn't elaborate.

It could be sex with him or perhaps she has been with others since, not really our business, I guess.

No. 341692

lol. I've noticed a couple of the SJW twitter accounts whose asses lainey tried to kiss on twitter have publicly posted condoning what onion did. I'm sure she's feeling "extremely betrayed" right now.

No. 341693


If you come into my life
I'll fuck you so hard
I'll fuck you so hard
I'll fuck you so so hard
If you come into my life
I'll fuck you so hard
And you should know that
So chained up, maybe(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341694

I don't understand either. And now she says she doesn't want to talk about it anymore. She probably shouldn't have brought it up in the first place, she's feeding the fire. Now people want answers. If I were her I would have stopped posting after the video and let Onion keep raging and slandering her so she can gather evidence for a restraining order.

No. 341695

Please stop

No. 341696

I don't get it either, shaming her for having sex with whom? Isn't she only fucking him mostly and his doormat on occasion?

I'm not sure what you want them to report on? They have mentioned Grease being abusive and a short summary of his shenanigans of the past and current events in their last article; but I'm not sure what else they would find to divulge in to write a gripping story, it may also bring attention to Billie trying to keep things private and they'd only be parroting what Grease has said which isn't exactly… a nice thing to go through again.

No. 341698

I hope they both file but they're young and I'm not sure their families would help them either. I assume it costs some money and they also have to gather evidence too. I don't know how it would work online either since they'd have to continue to monitor his antics to make sure he's not talking about them, right?

No. 341700


it's probably about her not being a virgin before she entered the Holy Trinity.

No. 341701


Why does she still seem apologetic about such silly things? He's a freaking sicko why would it be bad to say "lol be mad" to such piece of shit? even if he wasn't shaming her?

That makes me cringe a bit, also the time when in her "dear onision" video when she's like "You say i broke the contract but your SO told me i could do it if i had asked for permission"

WHY IS THAT RELEVANT? Nobody should try to control what you do, why are you trying to be like "but she said i could"?!?!

To me it only proves how immature and brain washed Billie still is. It's kinda disturbing and sad to watch.

No. 341702

No. 341703

That makes a lot of sense actually. Never thought of that.

No. 341704

Orrrr…. it's related to this: >>341615

No. 341705

I saw it as pointing out how scummy and manipulative Taylor has been, telling Billie one thing and Gergles another to help orchestrate this mess.

No. 341706

He's shamed one of his exes in the past for having multiple partners before him. He's definitely one of those fucks who thinks virgins/practically virgins are the best type of women.

No. 341707

Right? Even getting back on Twitter this morning just to say "I still hate him" - it sounds like she's just throwing a strop but she's still into him.

No. 341708


Invite you into this Hell
Youre secrets i'll always tell
My vids are all just a sell
Now please just shave your head

Lainey cannot eat fish
now lets secretly kiss
always was looking for this
but Now please just stay

Youre glare was holdin', chained up, tattoo s showing
Suuuk mi, my cock needs blowin
Where you think youre going Billie

Hey I just fucked you
And I'm so crazy
But you betrayed us
So chained up maybe

and all the other teens
try to chase me
but you betrayed us
wheres hugs for lainey

You cannot smoke pot at all,
This is my biggest downfall,
My dick is uncut and small,
Lainey's not really gay
I beg and cry and freak out
I'm crazy please have no doubt
next year i'll do a shootout
So Billie please just stay(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341709

shut the fuck up already

No. 341710


No. 341711

File: 1484941584990.jpeg (80.82 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

Lol he looks so drained

No. 341712


No. 341713

he probably hasn't slept. I know I was up until like 7am est following this shit and he's hours ahead of me

No. 341714

I'm putting money on it being about her ex. He's the kind to rub salt in a wound so it was probably more along the lines of "u had sex with a baby murderer!!!!!!! u were so careless u literally got pregnant!!!!!!"

I think you mean condemning, Anon.

I wouldn't say still into him, more trying to come to terms with the fact this is a man she naively loved and was in a relationship with for the better part of a year.

No. 341715

File: 1484941929931.jpg (17.35 KB, 413x395, 685746854.jpg)

>Your neck doesn't match your face
>You look mad like a Buffy demon

I'm so glad known people are finally coming for his ass.

No. 341716


i still think that tweet was referring to the text billie sent that he "revealed" which said something along the lines of, "i only said no because i don't want any evidence of it"

he thought that meant she agreed it was hot, so he's right and the texts PROVE IT!!1

No. 341717

Willam is my all time favorite… this might be the thing that finally gets me into the Onion drama.

No. 341719

new video from elvis the alien

No. 341721

so glad willam read laineys shitty fucking makeup

No. 341722

I was only bothered by her messaging "I'll always love you".

No. 341723


I just dont understand lainboy and gerg, like they talked about how during cuddle gate 1.0 billie wasnt going to leave and was just going to stay with gerg and that means shes a evil succubus homewreaker, when HE WAS THE ONE THAT WAS WANTING TO LEAVE LAINEY?! like how is he blaming billie for something he did and that HE was going to leave lainey and even told her he wanted a divorce and didnt love her. ??

then he talks about how he fucked her because he wanted to and "didnt know" that lainey said not to like, im pretty sure he just said he knew lainey was jealous of billie SO WHY THE FUCK WOULD HE DO SHIT WITHOUT LAINEY ANYWAY? like it makes no sense. I really relate to billie and her situatiion and i just get so fucking mad that he LITERALLY DID WHAT BILLIE DID if not WORSE and is ruining this young girls life

im just livid rn

No. 341724

honestly, abusive relationships make it extremely hard for the abused to leave.


sage for ot

No. 341727

This one is gold - Sorry if it was posted before.

No. 341728

File: 1484943168069.gif (1.22 MB, 260x169, the_magic_onion_dick.gif)

How onion thinks EDs are cured.

No. 341730

okay so I jumped right in cause I didn't want to miss anything how did Onision and Lainey even find out about Billie smoking pot

No. 341731

On New year's that is

No. 341732

He went through her skype chat logs with ayalla.

No. 341733

i'm overjoyed to see willam dragging him and lainey. keep the hate train coming

No. 341734

looks like lainey's starting to get dragged on twitter, too. i never thought this day would come.

No. 341735

show some tweets?

No. 341736


That scream at the end. Lmao.

No. 341737

File: 1484943586859.png (204.86 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0431.PNG)

No. 341739

Wow in the video Billie tries to add terms to get him to stop saying mean things to Sarah and Lainey. Thats sad.

It's like onion can't comprehend the fact he is not the one who gets to decide who someone hates the most. If Billie says youre the worst person shes ever met, then you are. You don't choose it. And spilling her secrets sealed the deal that you are in fact the worst person.

No. 341740

It's cringy how he's tweeting other famous people/Yters. Especially PelleK. Like jeez, that guy is especially kind, don't drag him into your shitty life again just because you collabed when he had no idea you were this fucked up.

No. 341741

That one Reddit thread is still blowing up, nearly 6k upvotes and new comments all the time.


saged because no new info, but I thought people might like to read comments if they weren't aware of it

No. 341742

Lol he tweeted leonardo di caprio the other day. Like he wants anything to do with your insignificant ass.

No. 341743


Somebody should post it to a BDSM subreddit.

No. 341744

Aww man, I checked this morning and that same thread was in it's 7k mark, perhaps his fans have caught wind of it.

No. 341745

They're kinda doofy but it was a good watch. Glad it's getting views.

No. 341746

I agree. Someone please???

No. 341747


I've been following the thread all day. This morning was 2k and has kept growing since.

No. 341748

He said the green hair/dark tan/no eyebrowns wans't because of the weed episode, but something different that happened before. Did he ever said somewhere what was it?

No. 341749

Weird, maybe I'm mixing it up with another one then.

No. 341750

lol he expected billie to just go back to hanging out with them and having greasesomes looking like that?

No. 341751


I'm guessing when she "cheated" on Lainey

No. 341753

That time was the lillie tattoo and the payment of a few debts, wasn't it?

No. 341754


Yeah, well she refused to get the tatt, so I'm guessing the green hair, fake tan was an alternative? With the shaving of Shiloh's head, and Lainey's most recent even shorter space prince cut, makes me think he definitly as a fetish for it. Wants to de-feminize her and make her ugly as a punishment, it's certainly a turn on for him. Shaving off your eyebrows isn't like a week in the sex dungeon either, they would take months to grow back and may not even grow back properly. How he can equate changing your appearnce to "dressing like goth for a day in highschool!" I don't know.

No. 341755

I like how gerg never has to do these "punishments". Where was his tattoo when he cuddle cheated on lainey and almost ran off with another girl.

No. 341757

but…but… billie clearly took advantage of him!!

No. 341758


He'd probably say the "I betrayed my wife" series was his punishment, except for the fact he intermixed truthful videos with bullshit ones on his "comedy" channel, totally blurring the story so a lot of people think the whole thing was made up.

No. 341759

Okay lainey. Now you wont be able to blame billie for all the upcoming shit your husband does and when he continues to cheat on you. Enjoy! Or what? Are you gonna keep blaming every girl he cheats with as he makes a bs excuse. It's totally going to be all those girls fault instead of the one consistent man in all of this aka your husband.

No. 341760

Just thought, does anyone remember tweets from Billie after cuddle gate 1.0 where she implied Lainey was a stalker? Or stalked her account? It was when she was posting a lot of love sick tweets over Billie and generally being a pathetic, crazy bitch.

No. 341761

Hardly a punishment when he enjoys making those videos. He loves airing his dirty laundry and he knows he can spin it in a way where his tweens will think hes not that bad.

He acts like those tattoos with shiloh was a punishment to prove his love. No because it was your own idea and you made shiloh also get one and you changed yours last minute to not even be her name.

No. 341764

He has a definite "Humiliation and Degradation" fetish, as well as a "Teenage Impregnation" and "Power and Control" fetish… those on top of a very apparent abnormally high sex drive due to his cluster B disorders, makes for a very dangerous mix indeed.

No. 341765

Wtf I can just imagine him going through everybody else's logs too like Lainey's and sarahs

No. 341766

When (not if) that eventually happens again and she repeats the same mental processes, she is clearly insane and can no longer fall back onto any excuse like this ever again.

No. 341767

well of course, he should be allowed to see everything if there's nothing to hide!

No. 341768

I generally don't follow OnionChan's drama because its 1. depressing and 2. way too convoluted to keep up with but this is pretty good milk.

I know how hurt Billie must be right now but I do wish that she had the composure to make that "final reaction" video a little more stoic and composed. He has absolutely NO way to defend himself and deserves to have a taste of his own medicine– publicly broadcasted factual information presented in support of a logical argument. As it stands, someone who wasn't wholly informed of the situation at hand could still have some leeway to speculate about whether Billie is just being a hysterical tween. Doesn't matter, she isn't, but it wouldve been nice to see her really put greg in his place.

Anyway, Greg's "Dear Ex Girlfriend" video is disgusting, especially since he opened with "you're welcome for all the followers!" as though other people prioritize their youtube psuedocareer over their personal life like Greg does, as though he can't fathom that that's wholly insane, disordered behavior

No. 341769

Yes, I remember… it was more along the lines of Billie not blocking either of them so Lainey kept reading her Tweets then whined on her own account that Billie wasn't sorry enough or heartbroken enough to have really cared about her.

No. 341770

Watching her come to this realisation has been one of the good things to come from all this. Lainey and Greg are not people to look up to.She seems like pretty clued up and funny girl overall. Hope many other fans are seeing the light too.

No. 341771

File: 1484946335702.png (781.19 KB, 942x597, c41382d1e95ac5ac17c899bea94bc9…)


No. 341773

File: 1484946357159.png (1.65 MB, 946x608, capture_004_20012017_130509.pn…)

looks like another video is incoming. probably going to have Lainey in it

No. 341774

idk how youtube allows his content on their website. Imagine if Billie or someone else hes bullied killed themselves because of it. His ass would get thrown in jail so fast.

No. 341775

Couple of sickos!

No. 341777

Well, they do both look like serial killer potential in this picture.

No. 341778


That godawful eyeshadow though lol. She learned nothing from Billie.

No. 341779

Hahahaha, they look fucking REKT!

No. 341780


it doesnt really matter but god lains makeup looks so fucking bad

No. 341781

not in frame: the chain around her wrists and ankles

No. 341782

It's like looking at Onion and his twink lover.

>couple of guys in love

No. 341783

Noone cares what she has to say any more, it's all created, scripted and edited by him in the first place… all she's gonna do is whine about how she's at no fault at all and how Billie is the one who "ruined errrrything".

But I doubt he'll let Lainey talk anyway considering he's pretty much barred her from talking about personal stuff over Twitter openly.

No. 341784

Imagine being chained up by these freaks while they look at you with their stupid smug faces. Disgusting.

No. 341785

Wow that's like the least flattering picture he could have posted of her. Looks like she's constipated. Also why does she use the same color to fill in her brows and poorly do her eyeshadow?

No. 341786

It's so weird because usually even the people who are terrible at makeup have some vague idea of which shades go where but she literally just smears a rectangle of eyeshadow over her eyes. She did it with that godawful gold look too. Sage for non contribution.

No. 341787

I would feel seriously suicidal if I was in billie's place right now. This level of public humiliation and harassment is insane. She probably can't sleep. I know she's not a perfect angel but at the ages 18 to about 21 is when a lot people fuck up and make mistakes and do things impulsively. I'm not sure but it may have been the first time she lived away from her parents. So I really feel for her. She is learning a huge lesson right now about so many things, including how to judge whether she can trust a person. Onion had so many red flags and she chose to believe they were nothing and she paid for it.

No. 341788

File: 1484946929095.jpg (Spoiler Image,5.29 KB, 260x147, download.jpg)

Lainey looks like zelda from pet semetary

No. 341789

Yep. Zelda and Scut Farkus lovechild. She's so hard in the face.

No. 341790

She's very lucky to have a best friend like Ayalla ( and other friends probably + family who loves her ) and that he didn't completely alienate her from everyone ( rather she didn't let him ), because otherwise all of this shit would have been even harder for her.

No. 341791

That eyeshadow is horrendous.

No. 341792

I feel bad knowing that both her and Ayalla could've stayed friends with Social Repose (I know he cheated on Ayalla but they were friends afterwards still and she became best friends with Billie even though they dated in the past as well) and been touring all over the country by now, either as roadies or promoters or PAs.

No. 341793


I can see it now. Grease reads Lainey's texts for 12 minutes. Lainey goes yea. Yea. Yea. Seriously. Yeah. Maybe a couple minutes of "MY FEELINGS" and "I WAS CRYING" if she has the balls to speak at all. Something something muh fans muh haircut muh gender. And both of confirming how psychopathic they are in the end.

No. 341794


"Just a couple of guys in drag makeup." Ftfy

No. 341795

lol that caption.. not at all try-hard

No. 341796

also random intercepts of "She CHEATED on me" "She lied to us" and "I never smoked weed at her age"

No. 341797

I think it would be very interesting to have Lameo in a video talking about "her side of the story". Could also be telling since you would then be able to see her facial expressions.

No. 341799

Ayalla stopped being friends with him for reasons unrelated to onion, so i doubt it.

Lameo will always be filtered by onion, so nothing she says is worthwhile. He edits her videos and can edit out whatever he wants, and hes going to definitely be there in filming.

No. 341800

Could just be a comedy video? I'd love to see Plank and Germa dig an even deeper hole, tho.

No. 341801


PS girlfriend applications are open now and going fast, so if you wanna be chained up in our basement, just email my husband at onision.com/contact.

No. 341802

Its 17 mins long

No. 341804

fucking kek. yes. hahahahaha

No. 341805

Billie, SR.

No. 341806


Both. Ayalla/Billie confirmed it already ~besties in lesbians~

No. 341807

Ah okay! I thought a large part of it was to do with Grease ratting out Ayalla about SR about the "crying fetish" and shit whilst she was over there at Halloween.

No. 341808




He sounds like that old uncle who's desperate to sound cool

No. 341809

File: 1484947619241.jpg (113.61 KB, 532x640, image.jpg)

This mother fucker touches himself to Willy Wonka, doesn't he …. He's trying to build his own personal sugar factory …

No. 341810

I'm the same anon, I meant SR dated Ayalla, and Ayalla dated Billie in the past.

No. 341811

File: 1484947757526.png (74.79 KB, 750x564, IMG_9494.PNG)

did y'all see this one?

No. 341812

are you sure? I thought Billie pretended to date him as a joke (though they were obviously flirting), then Ayalla actually dated him. Unless this was the 7-way relationship from high school talked about on Ayalla's ask.fm (which might have been a joke, too).

No. 341813


Suuk mi, oompa loompa… Ah ah I've got a golden tiiiicket!!

No. 341815

Hahaha, you did it! Oh plz no daddy-onion.

No. 341816


Samefag, my bad. It was Ayalla who dated SR and Billie.

No. 341819

I just want to grab her face and blend that eyeshadow out so fucking badly. Like it's uneven, splotchy, unblended, and the eyebrows are a more long

No. 341820

File: 1484948555436.png (44.18 KB, 586x227, onisionaliarcolormeshocked.png)

So the LIAR onion took what ayalla said about herself and made it sound like billie was insulting her. HAHA. Such honesty my ass.

No. 341822

I'm starting to think it's intentional because she likes this "style". She can't seriously be this bad at make up. This looks like some next level no mirror do it in the dark challenge.

No. 341823

How long ago was this, anon? Just wondering so I can claim he's lying on this.

No. 341824

It says on it 2h, so 2 hours ago

No. 341826

File: 1484948979236.png (1.05 MB, 610x598, capture_005_20012017_134911.pn…)

No. 341828

Brilliant! Thank you, anon.

No. 341829

She's trying to look like her husband and mock the eyebrow falling into the eye look.

No. 341830


Skye at 22 (and married to Greasemonkey) looked way younger than her age at the time.

Saged for adding salt in the wounds, cry moar Lamo!

No. 341831

File: 1484950212457.jpg (154.91 KB, 633x835, cultmember.jpg)

Onision's fans

No. 341832

Was just reading. There's more just like that one. Sickening.

No. 341833

File: 1484950438565.jpg (20.38 KB, 626x126, 1.jpg)

Like pic related. OMFG, brainwashed idiots.

No. 341834

Apologize to lainey for what? The cheating happened ten years ago and they already dealt with it. This is about weed, but lainey is the one bringing up the cheating thing. They all chose to ignore and get over it and ask her to come back, so how is it relevant now?

No. 341836

"i just want you to become honest" sounds like a fucking cult initiation

No. 341837

"billie please just purge your soul of sinful behavior so you and Greg can be happy again :x it hurts seeing you both suffer because of your lies"

No. 341838


Isn't she insulting Plain by saying that? lmfao

No. 341839

how do these people not see that Onion says EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS EXES is a liar or crazy. the only fucking common thing between them is Onion. that says a fucking lot.

No. 341840


She didn't even cheat. Her and Greg had already banged god knows how many times while Lainey grimaced and joined in, he already bragged a ton about it. It was a shaky poly realtionship with blurred lines, how Lainey can put 100% of the blame on Billie is insane. The amount of times he's said "I told Lainey I was going to do whatever I wanted to make it a trinity!!" and people not realize how bad that sounds. He knows his wife's feelings and reactions to things better than Billie.

Lets say Lainey never had the "talk" with Billie about not banging Greg. Billie and Greg banged because Greg said it was ok, then Plainey finds out. Who's to blame then Plain. Her logic astounds me.

No. 341841

File: 1484950829745.png (323.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170120-231934.png)

No. 341842

Young people rarely see faults in their idols, despite how shitty their idols are.

No. 341843

But she's still their knight. It's pretty clear where her loyalties lie.

No. 341844

It's gerg's fault mostly for the cheating thing. But even if lainey wants to see it as billie cheating, her and gerg chose to forgive it and were the ones to ask her to come back. Shes bringing it up now for sympathy. If you guys hated her so much for cheating, why didn't you just dump her and not ask her to come back and do ridiculous things for you. You guys are the insane ones.

No. 341846


>to be hones SO YOU CAN BE HAPPY

that's the cultish part to me

No. 341847

You are actively supporting it by supporting gerg and lainey, so yes you do. If you end up leaving, then I'll see it as you don't support it. If you act in his videos, retweet/like his stuff, try to make everyone act like hes not a bad person by saying what he wants on twitter/tumblr, you are supporting his empire of abuse. So no. Sorry, you are supporting it and you're old enough to know right from wrong.

No. 341848


Hi, lurking Sarah. As a matter of fact, you do. You live there and support Greg and Lainey's disgusting behavior. You play along and help lure people in. If I remember right you're the one who screened girls to enter the McMansion. You're not neutral by any means, you're helping this behavior continue, bravo.

No. 341849


>I don't support

>Displaying the KNIGHT nickname

OK Sarah

No. 341851

Is she just saying that when it applies to HER since her cousin story and full name was leaked?

No. 341852

Social Repose parodies Gerg's "kink."

No. 341853

Lainey is also abusive. Instead of standing up for herself and saying she doesn't want a poly relationship she manipulates Gergles into attacking. She's basicall you given onion an out and that would be blaming everything on Billie.

Anons comparing her to karla homolka aren't really exaggerating. Lainey is evil.

No. 341854

The Drunken Peasants "Crazy People" segment featuring onion

No. 341855

ergh he's so fucking dumb I can't even with this video 4 mins in and I give up whole heartedly.

No. 341856


Skipped around and heard 6 seconds of talking. TLDR greg buttmad about people calling him insane, says he's not abusive because being publicly humiliated was totally optional.


No. 341857


I got up "I was completely utterly stable as 19" and then gave up watching this man, and just reported the video.

No. 341858

he's so absolutely convinced the reason she didn't want photos taken of her chained to the wall is because of her ego

are you fucking

no you trog it's because photos like that can destroy the reputation needed to DO SOMETHING WITH YOUR LIFE IF YOU ARE A WOMAN.

No. 341859


Based Richie.

No. 341860


a thing of beauty is a joy forever. magnificent. really. i bow to you, good anon friend who wrote this. excellent job!

No. 341862

so the "shaming her for sex" thing came because billie had sex with someone after they broke up and gerg got mad

No. 341863

This guy makes fabulous videos, I'm glad he's using his talents to destroy onion

No. 341864

"You made me hit you" confirmed as onion defense.

No. 341865


Crank up that brightness Onion!

I can't believe that he legitimately believes that people don't change much from when they're 19.

No. 341866

this is a piece of art

No. 341867

He seems pretty shaky.

No. 341868

Damn. He's really coming down on billie for having a one night stand after they where broken up.
>"that's not love. That's selling your body for a cheap thrill."
What a feminist.

No. 341869

any time greg talks about his self esteem being through the roof you KNOW it's in the toilet. this motherfucker can't lie convincingly to save his life.

so take a drink for every time he tells us how great he's feeling, because it's friday and i'd like to share my joy at this extreme amount of milk and the savage raping that he's about to experience due to the brick wall that's headed right for his greasy face.

pig. gonna down down, onion-pig-san.

No. 341870

>"Of course the cops are on my side. I was in the Air Force. I was a cop. I was a cop in the Air Force."


No. 341872

lol he never even saw combat did he? Like why bring it up, you clearly didn't do shit while you where there.

No. 341873

Funny… "Jeb" in the northern parts of the UK means fucking "bellend".

No. 341874

He's deleting negative comments again I see. What a lil chicken shit

No. 341875

>I was a cop in the Air Force


I thought he got kicked out while he was doing his training? Every time he brings up his AF history it gets more and more over exaggerated

No. 341876

File: 1484952545963.jpeg (219.66 KB, 1537x1486, image.jpeg)



>less than 10 displayed


No. 341877

Sooooo, where is Plank's video? Or am I missing something?

No. 341878

He also said the reason comments where being screened was so there wasn't a hate brigade after Billie. Seems like he's doing a great job lol

No. 341879

How can Sarah (a known lurker) see all this shit and still be brainwashed. That censoring is not BROOTAL HONESTY. Just fucking leave this shitshow before he destroys your life too. And don't waste your time with Lainey either, shes a selfish scrub that literally uses you for asspatting

No. 341880

I guess it's coming.

No. 341881

>>"listen to my words, see how calm I am, see how just generally chill I am with this conversion, see how rational I am, and realize that maybe, just maybe, I am the calmer party and I am the person stating way more truths, because I am right"

Perhaps your lack/suppression of emotion and empathy in all of this is alarming, gerg.

No. 341882

wait how do we know there's a lainey vid on the horizon?

No. 341883

Jesus fucking christ he goes full in-depth about Billie's life. This is disgusting. I'm 7 minutes in and genuinely disgusted. It's not even at a point where I'm enjoying reading these threads or finding them funny anymore, I'm horrified at it all.

"Realise that maybe, just maybe, I am the calmer party and I am the person stating way more truths, because I am right"

Smegma just because you think you're right doesn't mean you're telling the truth. He also says that the police are on his side because Billie broke the law. He's genuinely so stupid.

No. 341884

He mentioned it in the video several times, but linked nothing.

No. 341885

You beat me to it anon. Glad that I'm not the only person that stuck out to.

No. 341886

Maybe she won't do it because now she is under so much pressure. That would be a smart plan.

No. 341887

I feel like she HAS to now because of the pressure

No. 341888

He made it sound like it's already recorded and she did the editing, etc to tell her side. Maybe she chickened out of posting it, who knows.

No. 341889

She could also just break down, cry and have Greg tell us of for being so mean to her.

No. 341890

No. 341891

Stab Onion in his sleep knight Sarah!

No. 341892

you know he's doing all the "editing" and what not for it.

No. 341893

Right - He said she even did the 1st edit. I guess he did the rest…

No. 341894

O look, another video, who would have thought.

So Greg can change his mind but nobody else can? okaaaay.

No. 341895

I love how he says he'd be willing to be chained up if he had to prove something but we all know if Plankton even attempted to call him out he'd sperg out and gaslight like nobody's business

No. 341896

File: 1484953485445.jpg (319.04 KB, 1000x1199, tumblr_mxl3y22LDW1qidg3co1_128…)


Billie, we know you're lurking here and there.

You have nothing to apologize to anyone for. This wasn't our business to begin with. He tried to make it our business, but it's still your private life, girl. You're not required to explain any of this.

Fucking hell. If this happened to my daughters…

Please stop apologizing, Billie. You're okay with us here, especially the moms. Anyone who has a problem with you probably isn't worth it. At all.

I want to tell both of these girls that they have every right to love themselves. Maybe Ayalla and Billie should reach out to Adrienne or Shiloh? I don't know for sure but I don't think that AJ would tell either of them to fuck off; she's incredibly sweet and she might even be someone who can genuinely aid Ayalla and/or Billie. I don't know about Shiloh, but I think AJ wouldn't mind talking to them.

No. 341897

Why does Onion think the 'truth' makes him the correct party?

Yes you're telling the truth but you're telling the truth about shitty things you've done.

Also "Billie is a drug user and that's shitty in a relationship" (He didn't say this just what he would say)

Truth: Billie is a drug user

Opinion: that's shitty in a relationship

He doesn't know where to draw the line. Like say a murderer confessed to their crime, they're telling the truth, doesn't mean that they're almighty and should be seen as the better candidate Jessus.

No. 341898

She can fuck whomever she darn well wants to after a breakup.


Haha! Is he finally admitting to being a rent-a-cop for the chair force?!

No. 341899

Certain "truths" he had no right to say. It's not his decision whether or not to share those private details about Billie's life. Then the attempt to justify it by saying it doesn't help people who have gone through those traumatic events. No fucker it doesn't help them to have some asshole share those private events without your consent on the fucking internet.
sage rant

No. 341900

File: 1484953790186.jpg (50.69 KB, 556x350, IMG_8057.JPG)

He's a real cop and other cops respect him guys.

No. 341901

Which one would Onision support/defend?

A) A murderer who is brootally honest about how he murders people in cold blood (think Ted Bundy, Dahmer, etc) and does not lie or try to hide it

or B) Someone who lies about being a murderer (for attention, to protect someone else, etc)


No. 341902

goddamn that brightness. if he turns it up any brighter his face/neck will disappear.

not even going to bother with this video, he's a piece of shit, end of

No. 341903

"Ah shit somebody ate my lunch again"
"… there he goes again, thanks tom"

No. 341904

Brb, laughing too hard - I need to hit a pipe.

No. 341905

He would also out a gay person if they were in the closet because being silent is wrong and they should have nothing to hide.

No. 341906

The thing is Greg thinks facts and truth are synonyms and they're not.

Technically, TECHNICALLY, a lot of what Greg spews are "facts" in the sense that they're not worded as personal opinion.

"I think Ayalla is ugly. Ayalla isn't attractive to me." Opinion, you may not agree with me.

"Ayalla is ugly. That's just the blont trooth." Fact, an absolute, no ifs ands or buts.

Thing is, most of the FAX he spews are actually false facts and not true facts. Dumbass doesn't understand the difference and neither do his followers. He speaks to them in a way that his opinion is presented as a fact and "you can't argue with the facts!!!!!" You know, except you can, because your facts are false….

No. 341907

File: 1484954031001.gif (4.03 MB, 447x252, pqvYw0m.gif)

No. 341908

nice job richie. can't wait for onion's butthurt video(s) on this lmao

No. 341909

"But but but?? Muh penis! Muh kinks! No way it was better than muh penis!"

No. 341910

Oh we're kink shaming? What about that anal sex tweet? Jesus I'm soo frustrated.

No. 341911

File: 1484954233307.gif (23.84 KB, 300x300, IMG_9495.GIF)


No. 341912

Pretty sure onision is paying for likes and views at this point

No. 341913

King tier.

No. 341914


fucking kek anon

No. 341915


He's been doing it for years, no reason to stop now.

No. 341916

If Lainey support onion and her own treatment of Billie right now, I hope she enjoys the shit show she will get one day when onion dumps her. If she releases a sympathy video she's pure garbage. Pure. Garbage. Sorry. But that's the brutal truth.

No. 341918

I bet he jibbers and drools in bed, post-coital like that.

No. 341919


Her makeup is triggering me already.

No. 341920


No. 341921

She talks Just like Greg!!!

No. 341922

"I didn't want to break down crying on camera, so I waited to make this video till I could tell my side without struggling"
When are you not crying? You fucking doormat

No. 341923

Willam talks about onion in this episode… I'm honestly glad Willam dislikes him as well, it is not about onision's drama tho… just putting it up here in case you haven't seen it

No. 341924

Please be fucking trolling. Air Force MP's are not the same as patrol cops in actual domestic policing jobs . Not one fucking bit. Cops also routinely narc on the ones they don't like all the time because the policing world is like a huge douche filled frat party of dimwittery.

No. 341925

THat editing…. Oh myshit

No. 341926


No. 341927

she looks fucking terrible

No. 341928

i can't see comments. anyone else?

No. 341929

File: 1484954761272.png (467.67 KB, 844x481, f18a9bade1d687c1d64c8e60ecfb16…)


EXACT same font/white background as Gurg's vids today. It says 'I' as in 'Lainey' but that is GREG fucking commentating because he can't LET HER SPEAK FOR HERSELF FOR ONE FUCKING SECOND.

No. 341930

Someone summarize what she says please. Can't look at this piece of shits faces anymore.

No. 341933

So he just wanted to fuck with Billie and see if she would do something humiliating, even though he knew Lainey didn't want Billie back. Can he make himself look any worse?

No. 341934

It's him in control.

No. 341935

She actually in all seriousness looks like a 15 year old boy who very poorly attempted to do drag style makeup on a dare.

No. 341937

holy jumpcuts 0.0 is unwatchable

No. 341938

please ban the underage retards from the marge/venus thread if they continue!
No one who wants to learn about grease wants t go through 1000+ combined woe is me blog posts to get the info

No. 341939

I mean that's obvious. I meant what does the puppet say*

No. 341940

Run Lainey!

No. 341941

It's really obvious that Gregma did the text overly, which implies he did the rest of the editing as well which basically means he could have snipped anything she said that made him look bad or doesn't support his narrative (by the numerous jump cuts that's what I'm guessing he did).
Also Plainey needs to fuck off. She's a complete enabler.

No. 341942

she keeps saying "i couldnt get over her" yeah im pretty sure ONION couldnt get over her and youre just covering lmao

No. 341943

File: 1484955012572.png (846.04 KB, 1425x787, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 00.2…)

These subtitles are clearly by Greg. She says she does not know but the subtitles do - How?

No. 341944

shut up

No. 341945

What? It's from The Office (US). But Greg also said since he was an AF cop, all other cops will be on his side, not Billie's.

No. 341946

Jesus christ 19 fucking minutes long.

These two are so fuckimg buttmad

No. 341947


Don't encourage her by saying she looks like a boy, she'd probably like that. That haircut, along with her makeup, are both fucking awful. I guess that is why she wears that hat all the time lately.

No. 341948


>"I don't agree with the release of private information"


No. 341949

I wonder if he was just a gate guard and took that as "I was a COP!!!"

No. 341950

On why he leaked Billie's secret:

"This whole secrecy thing, that doesn't help people who have been forced to get abortions before. That doesn't help people who have experienced horrible crimes before. Telling or encouraging or condoning people hiding horrible things that happen to them is encouraging people to get away with the crimes they have committed. And I know there are a lot of victims of crimes watching this and you know I know you feel uncomfortable with it. But you should know that I'm 100% right when I say it only helps people who've violated you to stay silent about it. And for anyone to encourage people to stay silent about these things, uh, they're the enemy. People who are spreading awareness, people who are talking about the real issues, those people should be appreciated. Because the truth being out, that's not necessarily harmful. That if anything is cohesive towards a productive result. I'm just saying, like I would hope that you guys could hear what I'm saying and understand that I'm coming from a rational perspective."

On being called a psycho/further on why he leaked her secret:

"So you guys think I'm a psycho cause I wanted to chain someone up, uhh, that's - that's funny considering it was a purely consensual thing. Like there was this girl I dated who said she wanted to piss on me (or maybe she wanted me to piss on her?) That's not the point. But when we broke up I didn't go "Ohhh she's a psycho freak." Y'know? She wanted me to piss on her. So what. Some people have kinks. If it doesn't hurt anyone that's fine. Both my wife and another person have said that they would have no problem being chained up and watching anime y'know? Like I talk to multiple people online and they're like the whole chaining of the dog collar thing, that is a - that's a real kink and it doesn't hurt anyone. It's really fun. I think the main reason that would upset the person who was upset about it is cause we were gonna put a sign over her that said "I'm a liar" and "I'm sorry for betraying you Lainey" Because I feel like that is what you need to do to redeem yourself. And you can go on saying that's psycho, you can go on saying that's abusive but if you're getting someone's consent, if you're asking someone to agree to it and they have the right to say no, y'know, they dont have to be in the relationship. The person in question is many states away they're perfectly fine over there, uh, away from our claws or talons and every single time in the past they've come back to us, uhm, regarding one term or another. The terms before were buying gifts for Lainey. Apology gifts for lainey. Which I actually wound up buying because the person had no money. Because they blew all their money on makeup and, uh, illegal drugs and gasoline. The around 10k dollars that I paid them for doing, uh, contractual work for me. So I dunno this is just all absurd and I feel like… I feel like it's very odd that the internet sided with that person, considering all they have to say is that I told too much truth in their opinion and that I cost and that I gave them options to get back with us that they felt were extreme. They were options, they weren't mandatory, y'know we didn't put you through any abuse in that sense. We didn't force you to do anything like that, so it's being like shared around like its like that and that's dishonest. But of course, y'know, I feel like the majority of people based on the internet are dishonest and I feel like the majority of people based on the internet response are drug users and I dunno how you guys keep your jobs because you gotta get drug tested for a lot of jobs. But I mean maybe its better that I'm rejected because it seems like just a bunch of bankrupt moral-IMMORAL people have been reviewing my videos telling ME that I'm terrible when I'm a law abiding citizen I tell the truth consistently and, y'know, theres no victim here, there's just somebody who, sigh someone was honest about. And I-I-I as a person who doesn't have secrets I can't understand the secrecy. I can't understand trying to help people get away with what they've done."

They're just the bits that stuck out to me in Smeg's video, I'll do Lainey's next if anyone would like.

No. 341951

That's really cruel, love it.

No. 341952

File: 1484955339210.jpg (23.49 KB, 234x215, IMG_9496.JPG)

>> mfw this thread

No. 341953

Are you the same armchair psych from earlier?

No. 341954

> i do not agree with the releasing of private information
well that's interesting, considering gurg revealed all of billie's shit, including her rape and forced abortion

but hey lets just ignore that :)

No. 341955

No. 341956

Time stamp?

No. 341957

Please do!

No. 341958

6 minutes in and it's honestly painting Gergle in much worse light than Billie.

No. 341959

Fucking lol

>we offered an apology video but she refused which is why we offered the other more extreme stuff

it was the last thing you offered you fucking numbskull

No. 341960

Count how many times Lain looks to the left.

No. 341961


This WHOLE video makes Greg looks TERRIBLE.

No. 341963

someone archive this before Gergles realizes how bad it makes him look and takes it down

No. 341964

it bothers me so much how she's placing the majority of the blame on billie and herself.

okay, lainey, greg is your husband. he has been your primary partner for several years. it was HIS job to make sure you were comfortable with the relationship with billie if you were going the poly route. HIS job as the person who is supposed to know you best and loves you to make sure you still felt comfortable and loved.

he failed. he failed spectacularly.

blaming billie for things because it's safer or because greg is so adamant he's in the right isn't going to make your life better.

No. 341966

(Her) right eyelash is falling off

No. 341967

Holy fuck what stupid bitch she is, does she not hear herself? He's the problem, it's all his fault, he deliberately flew a fan girl over and manipulated the situation.

I'm so sure he's the one who was contacting her throughout this, there is literally no reason for her to blame Billie when gurg literallly instigated all of this.

He edited this video and wrote out captions to defend himself, but her words are giving away the problem at hand….it's gregs fault he isn't attracted to Lainey and that Billie was there for Greg since day one

No. 341968


That had me screaming at the computer. They never released private information, only Onision did. For a fact machine Greg sure is fucking up.

No. 341969

LAINEY STOP ACTING LIKE THERE'S A POSSIBILITY "YOU" WILL "TAKE HER BACK", as if billie wants anything to do with you vile people!!! she's said that gregma ruined her and you're whining that after all this you still have feelings for her and that you're kindred spirits?

No. 341970


So, Lainey basically falls for Billie but is suspicious at the same time that she's trying to steal her husband…

Fuck off, Lainey.

No. 341971


>imagine hating your negligent mother this much

No. 341972

The cognitive dissonance is UNBEARABLE.

Cheating = meh, whatevs.

Newsflash Lainey, many people knew Billie was after Greg and not you. The only one, out of the three of you, who didn't know was you. In other words, HE KNEW. And he USED IT TO HIS ADVANTAGE and made HER and YOU take the blame for HIS CHEATING.

He's the one who married you, NOT HER.
He's the one WHO TOOK A VOW, NOT HER.
He's the father of your children, NOT HER.

I don't get it. You seem pretty well spoken and intelligent. You are just fucking BLINDED by love and/or Greg.

sage for rant

No. 341974

he does it for the first whole 4 minutes of the video

No. 341975


>It's abundantly clear Billie was never in the relationship for me, she was in it for some other reason, I don't know at this point

Lainey are you just fucking dense or covering up you knew she was only in it for your husband?

No. 341976

File: 1484956326445.png (326.04 KB, 1266x940, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 10.5…)


No. 341977

Shit, mb, Im an idiot… posted the wrong video
It starts at 0:30

No. 341979

What she's saying is checking out, but I really don't understand why she's solely blaming Billie.

this has already been posted.

No. 341980

Lainey is not even a person at this point. Billie is gone. You got what you wanted. Now leave her the fuck alone.

No. 341981

im inclined to believe the majority of what she's saying (the text edits are 100% greg tho) shes super misguided, and seems really lonely. this video is more sad than anything else.

No. 341982

No meme just dead

Rip me

No. 341983

oh lainey, wake up and smell the coffee, sure billie may not have been there for you but your husband was the centre of this entire issue. HE brought billie back HE wanted to fuck her HE chose her over you. how is this not obvious by now

you wanna stand up for yourself then stand up against your 31 year old husband looking for new girls to fuck cos he's sick of you. jesus fucking christ theres no hope for her

No. 341984


No. 341985

This whole video is 20 minutes of plainey demonizing billie while giving the okay for greg to do the exact same shit. Like bitch it's clear to anyone that's been in a healthy realtionship that if you had stood up for yourself and had not allowed greg to do whatever he wanted you wouldn't have had nearly as many problems.

Lainey fucking sucks, what a cunt.

No. 341986

>makes captions for wife's video
>"This video doesn't make me look great but oh well!"

No. 341987

Really? So what are her pronouns now?

No. 341988

It's a fairly common abuse tactic to mix in logic and reason before drawing outlandish and harmful conclusions. Don't feel even a little sorry for complainey, she feeds off the drama.

No. 341989

I've been waiting for the day to see Willam in an Onion thread. I knew it had to come someday

No. 341991

She has a psych degree. I do know many psych's who are fucked up, but to watch someone on cam like this. LOL WHAT THE FUCK.
Is she even aware that this video made Gergle look 70 % bad and Billie 30 %, lol? AHHHH.

>muh misgendering me
>muh not respecting muh pronouns

No. 341992

You're right she's not a person, she's a sack of brainless shit who lured some fan girl back into the ring over and over because she can't admit to herself that Greg wants to see other people and that Billie was probably a ruse since day 1

No. 341993

It still makes me laugh that all of the sudden he respects "her pronouns". Before he didn't give a fuck and now every time he refers to HIS WIFE ises they fucking kek

No. 341994

File: 1484956738053.jpg (335.85 KB, 418x558, Sn5u6bx.jpg)

So how is Lainey being punished? it sounds like she broke rules 1, 2 and 5? she wasn't honest with greg, got jealous and didn't tell greg her issues to his face

what the fuck did gurg make her do to earn his trust back? greg doesn't seem to be doing public humiliation to her and i dont see an apology video from her

(sorry for potato photo internet sucks)

No. 341995

liar/manipulator, fuckboy/space doormat

No. 341996

probably why she deleted her twitter. maybe that was one of her punishments.

No. 341997

The whole video is like "I don't understand what he meant by it but okay" LIKE THE FUCK?! Can't you fucking ASK if you don't understand something?? If I don't understand what my boyfriend is saying I ask him can he elaborate so I understand better and not just go with the flow and then be like oh shit THAT IS WHAT HE MEANT??

I can't believe what a shitty husband Greg is. Okay Billie didn't tell him what you talked about but WHY DON'T TOU TELL YOUR HUSBAND WHAT YOU WANT?

After he told he "imma do what I wNt fam" why didn't she just say NO and not run to Billie and throwing all responsibility on her??

Fuck this marriage. Do they only text or some shit?

No. 341998


And all of those captions were shit that tried to minimize what he did

>both of themk released private info, not just him


>He told me he wantes a TRUE BALANCED THREE WAY relationship, not just a three way relationship

No. 341999

From now on, linking or embedding videos from any of Onision's channels is prohibited.

The reason is that any views still contribute to his revenue even if you use an adblocker, and he's made it clear through his words and actions that he uses drama in his life specifically for his financial gain.Violating this new rule will result in a ban and comment deletion.

Here's how to rehost a video so you can post it without benefiting Onision:

1. Copy video URL
2. Paste it on KeepVid and download the video
3. Upload on YouTube.com as "unlisted" video, do not add tags or anything to draw attention to it
4. Embed on lolcow using the "Youtube" field as always.

Because there's a risk of mirrors being taken down, and to avoid harassment, use a throwaway account. Longer videos (15 minutes and above) will have to be uploaded on a Youtube account with a verified phone number or split up (using any video editing software like Windows Movie Maker) and uploaded in parts.

This rule also includes channels of other members of his household, like Lainey or Sarah.

No. 342000

Agreed. I don't know if Billie's the shit slinging, foul mouthed homewrecker they portray her as, but he knew what kind of person Billie was and allowed this to happen in his household. Invited her in, even.

Him self-flagellating in public doesn't make him look better, either. As if it cancels out his horrific behavior. It's like a cherry on top of a mountain of sewage.

No. 342001

Greg also broke number 3 and they all broke number 6. BUT BILLIE IS THE WORST THAT CRIMINAL. /s

No. 342002


Her sleeping with Greb everynight is punishment enough. Look at her souless face, you know hes put her through the ropes.

No. 342003

She refuses to acknowledge that Billie was only there for Onision considering that she's just the doormat to him anyway. It's a little delusional that she'd think anyone wouldn't be there for onision considering he's the famous one

No. 342004


The love contract was made quite late game after all the cheating, just before they broke up. Greg is certainly guilty of number 3 though, with his demands she hardly ever see her family "illegal drug users".

No. 342005

ty admin-sama. been bothering me we've been giving him views.

you can also use Youtube Downloader (free, easy to use) to download any youtube video. you just need the url!

No. 342006

Thankyou admin, a rule that genuinely makes sense.

No. 342007

Her right brow(our left) looks swollen, but it's probably because her make up sucks.

No. 342008


Thank god

No. 342009

The 17 minute "Final Video"

No. 342010

streamable clipper is a broswer extension (no login required) that lets you clip up to 10 minutes of video straight to streamable without downloading

No. 342011

Kind of a hard option but for any anons with high speed internet, does loading his worst videos and archiving them on mega is also an option be they offer 50gigs free. It's not a hosting place but a great way to archive his garbage for reference just in case he takes down copies

No. 342012

I'm just baffled that they're all about honesty but can't sit down and FULLY discuss things.
Why didn't she tell Grug she is against doing what he wants and if she did and he did it anyway, why is Billie the only one in front of the gun?
Yes the video talks bad against Onion too but she just keeps ignoring it.

No. 342013

seriously, she said they argued and fought a lot, and billie spent more time with greg. so why would she bring her back? she sure as shit didn't so it cos she "loved" her like she claims, she did it to appease greg since he was probably badgering her to bring billie back.

No. 342014

still dont want to sit through 17 minutes of this retarded piece of shit

No. 342015

Lainey's "My Side of the Story".

The 30+ minute video is currently being uploaded.

No. 342016

I like this idea, but since we all know the Grek Squad lurks here, Greg can still get the videos taken down if we reupload them.

No. 342017

She's really stubborn about admitting that Greg isn't attracted to her or something. He doesn't want to be in this relationship but she's gonna cling onto his ankles till he's dead.

He said that Billie was going to be her girlfriend and he wasn't part of their relationship, but he obviously lies and twists the truth to a stupid fangirl wife because he wanted the girlfriend, not Lainey.

No. 342018


This video doesn't make me look great but I added captions to make me look better because clearly my wife is incapable of saying what she really means! I just helped :) :)

No. 342019


She probably thought she could get past the cheating if Billie really loved her. Onion stood by and let it happen because he wanted dat ass. I've said right from cuddlegate 1.0 that this was his end game. She is so fucking blind it's ridiculous. How can she say "it kind of became a three way relationship" like it just happened by accident, when he was clearly interested in her from the very start.

No. 342020

File: 1484957324243.jpg (105.53 KB, 629x806, germ.jpg)

Brainwashing: check

No. 342021

File: 1484957346613.jpg (41.55 KB, 629x348, gerg.jpg)

"more from Laineybot" gerg's ugly mug
for real, lainey's video is just another gerg failsafe.
"but my wife is taking blame! therefore i'm absolved!"

No. 342022


Because she thought Billie was hot. Literally the only reason.

No. 342023

I want to transcribe some of Lainey's video but it's so fucking boring. I thought I'd enjoy this but it's torture to listen to.

No. 342024

She even cleARLY SAYS that Billie was chill with her for the first few days and then suddenly she was all over Greg. She brought a onision fangirl into their house, expecting her to only fawn over Lainey who as of forever, has no real redeemable reason for a little gold digger to go after.

No. 342025

Everything sounds nice until Greg came into it.
I still don't understand how Lainey can got from "My girlfriend" to "Okay, I share".

No. 342026


I can't blame Billie for choosing Greg over Lainey. Greg is a shithead but he can make himself look fun and cool to teens/young adults. Lainey is incredibly boring and rude. She spends all day sitting on the phone. If she had any personality to begin with, Greg sucked it out of her the first couple years of marriage.

No. 342028

I feel some girls, especially in a relationship with a power imbalance, will suggest threesomes or something similar to "keep the man satisfied" and to make sure he doesn't get bored and leave.

Of course it backfired. But what other explanation is there? Shes probably a masochist.

No. 342029

And the 30+ minute "Dear Ex-Girlfriend" video.
(Upload in progress, will be available within 30 minutes)

No. 342030

I actually still, weirdly enough feel bad for Lainey, she should just leave Greg and stop her Harley quinn fantasy

No. 342031

Feel free to suggest any alternatives or experiment with different hosts.

No. 342033


thank you, i like this idea. i never opened the videos posted here for those reasons.

No. 342034

Wake up, Anon. Taylor is also abusive, she just doesn't foam at the mouth like Gergles. Don't buy her poor me I'm the victim here bullshit.

No. 342035


pretty much. he never even wanted a gf in the first place. onion and her have said so.

No. 342036

Willam is known for not taking any shit on social media and will retort back, so I'm hoping for onion to get pissy, and we can all enjoy a back and forth grilling his insecurities.

No. 342037


I agree, especially with her "you" statements on her video seems kind of scary and aggressive, I have zero sympathy for her at this point.

No. 342039

Same. I'm not sympathetic in regard to her actions (she's still an enabler/manipulator)but I do feel bad about how pathetic and depressing her life is. It seems like she could have been a nice and well-adjusted person if Greg hadn't fucked with her.

Now she'll do mental-gymnastics to convince herself that the past 5 years weren't a mistake

No. 342040

I'll only feel bad for her if she leaves, genuinely admits she was an asshole and all the terrible things she's done, and denounces everything Greg has done.

No. 342041




(just in case Gurgles can take down the unlisted vids on YouTube)

No. 342042


I'm sorry but why was the DL Link taken off from embedding in the first place?

No. 342043


Agreed, it is really striking to compare how happy and bubly she looked when she first hooked up with Greg, and how she looks in the last year or so. Being around Greg has literally sucked life out of her.

No. 342044

It's weird and Laney is gross but in their video I can kinda see their side of things and they're pretty normal sounding… Like. If this was just a break up between them and Billie, it'd be a normal break up of very grey right/wrong and basic incompatibility. It's really Onion who is totally fucking insane and takes shit to the next level.

No. 342045

You're probably a better person than me then, Anon. I'm glad her life is miserable, you reap what you fucking sow.

Saging my salt

No. 342046

There were some issues with it. It should be back in place in the near future.

No. 342047

does lameo not realize it takes two to tango? everytime billie "cheated" on her, greg "cheated" as well. Greg had sex with her. Greg cuddled with her. Greg GAVE HER THE MASSAGE. How does he keep getting away with this shit

No. 342048

Keep your wits about you anon.
Greg knows that Lainey is sadder looking and more sympathetic, of course he'd try to make her do a video on this to take some blame off of himself (and onto Billie)

Greg is the villain, Lainey is just a sad lifeless pawn.

No. 342049

Why does he think paper and pen tests 100% prove people don't have mental illnesses? Has he ever actually seen a psychologist?

No. 342050

>chair force

Hey now, some of actually had legit jobs in the Air Force. He was probably a fucking gate guard before they contracted it out to civilians.

No. 342051

I can't take her seriously if she gives gerg a pass but calls Billie a horrible person for her actions. Gerg has done a million times worse but he's still a good person in her eyes. No.

No. 342052

You think the sad face isn't part of the act? They're just playing good cop bad cop. Poor sweet defenseless Plain everyone was SO MEAN to her. Give me a break. All she had to do was use her big girl words. She wanted a messy break up so she could claim she is traumatized and not have another teen in her house in a couple of weeks.

No. 342053


Too bad for her, if he can't bring one home for the trinity, he will bring one home or travel to one to "collab".

No. 342054



No. 342055

I honestly still think Laney is a victim of Greg's abuse and is emotionally stunted at seventeen. They desperately want a friend and Greg has convinced them that to get one, they will need to lure girls to their gross McMansion. Greg has destroyed Laney. I really don't get how people can say they are just as guilty and gross as him. They were a lonely obsessed fan and he has brain washed and destroyed them. They will never leave or get help and depend on Greg for everthing just like a million other abuse victims before them. Billie asked that Greg not call Laney names,rememeber? Laney absolutely is a victim of abuse and is brain washed and was taken advantage of. Even if they laugh and mock people who offered help, it's because they are brain washed, emotionally and mentally. It's just shitty that no one has sympathy for Laney anymore when she was a teenager too and Greg took advantage of them and molded them into what he wants.

No. 342056

didn't he flunk out during officer training because the DS were too mean to him?

might explain his subconscious need to punish people for minor offences

No. 342057

File: 1484959024514.jpg (24.49 KB, 603x118, 1.jpg)

No. 342058

"She also laughed in my face when I told her that she had cheated on me"

NO WONDER? She "cheated on you" with your HUSBAND. Does she seriously not see the fault with Greg for that?

No. 342059

She doesn't need out sympathy, tho.

No. 342060


No kidding. Billie's not your HUSBAND, dipshit. She didn't put that cheap fake ring on your finger.

No. 342061

I'm not sure why he even had friends i thought the only person you needed in your life was your SO.

Crazy how he everyone around him is a psycho and he is the only sane one

No. 342062

Does he have amnesia? Or is he just that delusional? Him and his little gang of sisterwives have been talking about Billie and Ayalla for days on end. "Don't talk about me but I can talk about you all I want uwu"

No. 342063

She is absolutely amazing victim of abuse but that doesn't absolve her of her shitty behaviour. That doesn't mean luring teens and emotionally abusing everyone around her is ok. If a rapist was diddled as a kid do we just say oh okay then, carry on? Absolutely not. When she shows remorse for the shit she has done it will be different. So long as she continues, she is an active abuser. Doesn't really matter why. She is accountable (or should be) for her own behaviour.

No. 342064

How come he removed the tweet with the link to her video and a pathetic "I'm sorry"?

No. 342065


He also constantly talks about his ex in his videos and throws shade at them… oh the hypocrisy

No. 342066

Still there.

No. 342067

*a victim, don't know what my phone was thinking.

No. 342068

I don't think he was ever an officer. He was kicked out as an E3 or E4. I'm super interested in seeing his Article 15s and what UCMJ violation was written on them.

No. 342069

I can see it still

No. 342071

Taylor is passive, which is pretty shitty but hardly abusive.

Would you feel bad for the girl who tried to steal your husband?

No. 342072

I mean, yeah, she has done shitty things but she sits there saying "my insecurity was my mistake" and sure think she's faking it whatever but I think she means it tbh and that's fucking sad. I really have a hard time believing Lainey realises that inviting teen girls over is creepy. They are in her age range. She is capable of remorse but the things she says were her fault aren't her fault? "I felt guilty that my husband liked another girl more than me and I'm so bad for thinking that!" like no bitch your husband is bad for that. Idk. I believe her. I believe that she feels guilty and bad for her jealously and insecurity because onion has fucked her up that much.

No. 342074

She really does not need our sympathy. She had enough emotional awareness to realize she didn't want to be around Greg when he gave Billie that body massage and she left the onion house with her kids. She's in denial yes, about many things, but she isn't a victim anymore.

No. 342075

the anti-o community has been supportive of lainey since she entered greg's life, many many people reached out to help. but after 5 years and shitty things she's done, not many people have any sympathy left for her.

she's not excused for being a shitty person because she's a victim, she is fully capable of making her own choices and decisions.

No. 342076

She is not passive though, she actively condones all of his shitty behaviour by staying there and comforting him when HE is the one being shitty. Sure I wouldn't feel bad for a girl who tried to take my husband but I would be even MORE mad at my husband and I certainly would point out his GROSS hypocrisy and behaviour at the very LEAST.

No. 342077

lmao is this bait? hardly stealing her husband. her husband gas-lighted her and purposely got involved with her girlfriend even if she wasn't comfortable with it. stop blaming billie for something greg was controlling. everyone is fucked up in this situation, but greg is the biggest instigator. save your sympathy for someone who deserves it. none of these people do.

No. 342078

Feeling bad for Lainey ≠ Defending Greg and giving Billie all the blame

No. 342079

Lol. You all know Lainey made this video because she wants sympathy right? She literally stated that in her messages to onion and other people. She's pissed cause people aren't feeling sorry for her. Don't give her the pleasure of feeling bad for her. That's what she and onion want. Shift the focus from him to his poor pathetic wife and since she's sticking by onion it makes him look like the great guy and Billie is bad. No greg is the worst one in this whole thing and she's enabling his terrible behavior. Feel bad for her if she actually lives the sicko. Don't waste your sympathy on someone who loves the attention.

No. 342080

>I really have a hard time believing Lainey realises that inviting teen girls over is creepy.
Yeah, she's a sweet little ignorant angel. <3

No. 342081

god they are really such white trash at heart. they're like that gross couple that comes into your job and the husband makes a passive sexual remark that haunts you for days

No. 342082

Do you see everything in black and white?
Yeah she should leave him because hes a piece of shit, but not leaving him does not make her abusive

No. 342083


if you want to pity lainey keep it to yourself or go to the blogs, no one here cares

No. 342084

I didnt say that gurg was innocent, please read people comments before responding, you are argue something no one said

No. 342085

what about what she said/did to lizzie and hayley? or even jess? she was flirting around with a bunch of girls and then just dropped them. i feel the worse for lizzie. she's young and looked up to lainey. to personally message her to tell her she's a FAKE FRIEND for supporting billie when they've only talked a couple of times? that's not passive.

No. 342086

Sorry my keyboard is so stuck and rusty lmao

No. 342087


fucking lol someone tell willam that the bitch he dragged is a sex pig and willam will go off on him EVEN MORE

No. 342088

Support for her over recent threads has not only waned, but turned around so that she's "just as bad" as Onion. She's not. Even if she manipulates a situation because she doesn't want other girls in her house. She is forever a seventeen year old thanks to Onion's constant abuse. I do not doubt that Onion is using her now to create sympathy. I don't doubt that she is selfish and only thinks about Onion and herself. But I do not think she is a dangerous psycho like Onion. She is a lonely fan girl with destroyed self worth that Onion has throughly broken.

No. 342089

She didnt want to date them anyway, is that abusive? How?

calling someone a fake friend for supporting his husbands mistress seems pretty fair

No. 342090

Yeah and apparently it's working like a charm. One, two threads ago there was maybe one anon talking about feeling sympathy for her, the rest were zero fucks given. Bitch makes one video, looking kinda sad and excuses start pouring in.

No. 342091

Correct. But shit like telling Greg one thing and billie another then putting all the blame on billieach does. Her poor me if you're not on my side you're a terrible person, that does too.

No. 342092

Honestly all her telling Billie one thing and Onion another says is that she's scared of disappointing him and making him mad at her so she wanted Billie to put her foot down instead. Just screams abuse victim. Like what you think she did that to cause a fight? No. She worships Onion and is desperate for his love and approval at the cost of her own happiness because she is a victim of his abuse.

No. 342093

File: 1484960775822.png (442.25 KB, 1125x2001, IMG_9668.PNG)


No. 342094

not saying lainey is 100% in full abuser mode. just that they're starting to display some abusive tendencies, which is not surprising but it's not good either.

hayley was called sexually dormant and told her mind was broken because she didn't want to date a man. lainey didn't try to apologize or assure her that THEY didn't feel that way - they just dropped her and pulled the "so betrayed, so lied to, girls keep playing me!!" act. trying to make someone feel guilty for their sexuality is abusive.

and lizzie was not her Friend. this was a fangirl who only spoke to them two times, and only after lizzie bought them a 50$ itunes giftcard. to go after her in this context is abusive.

No. 342095

It's a power grab wherever she can get one, she wants control of someone like greg has control of her. any excuse to get attention from her husband which is pathetic to start off with

No. 342096

>>hayley was called sexually dormant and told her mind was broken because she didn't want to date a man.

no, she didnt do that, grease did, shes not obliged to speak for her husband or apologize on his behalf.

>>and lizzie was not her Friend. this was a fangirl who only spoke to them two times

No matter the context its not abusive to privately dm someone you thought liked you and wanted to befriend you to tell them how dissapointed you are in them suddenly doing a 180 and support their husbands fucktoy.
Maybe they werent friends but calling her out isnt "abuse"

No. 342097

File: 1484961268127.jpg (57.33 KB, 664x293, c29JKbO.jpg)

I know it's a bit old but calling somebody them even if they are delusionally being gender neutral is the weirdest impersonal way to talk about a spouse

No. 342098

Nor was it her place to considering the fact that Lainey never considered the girl a friend.

No. 342099

Honestly I think you're so far off. She wants control like Onion has? No. She's a victim here just like Billie is. I just think it's sad that no one cares how fucked and destroyed she is now just because she hasn't over come his abuse. Billie would be guzzling grease right now if he hadn't flipped a psycho switch about weed.

No. 342100

I thought the Luxy girl was straight, but started to like Lainey and was seriously interested in dating Lainey, but when Greg butted his greasy head into the relationship that's when she couldn't do it.

No. 342101

Would love a #fucklainey tag right about now

No. 342102

fantastic, anon, now why don't you write a long heartfelt message about how you support her and send it to her. really let out all your sympathy and emotions and how much of a poor innocent victim she is. alright? then fuck off and stop coming here. lurk if you want but no one wants to hear it.

No. 342103

Thats true, i would say its desperate and pathetic but its not "abusive", like that gets thrown around way too much, are you also abusive for disagreeing with me now?

No. 342104


Yeah im sure if onion beats up a girl in front of lainey and she doesnt do it herself, but does nothing to stop it despite knowing about it and just continues attacking that girl instead of her own husband, she wont get in trouble at all for it. Cause you know she wasnt the one who actually abused them. Totally.

And no messaging someone way younger than you who obviously has anxiety or some shit they are the fakes person you have ever metover standing up for someone being abused doesn't make it abuse. It makes you a horrible fucking person who is OKAY WITH abuse. So much better.

No. 342105

can you stop. onision is an emotionally abusive person, she knows this, she not only lets him do it, she aids him in guilting people for his approval. and she has a psych degree on top of all this. she is not guiltless, no one should feel bad for her until she leaves him, we would all support her

No. 342106

totally the same thing, ignoring someone saying a girl on the bus was fat is literally the same as ignoring murder. She is not her husband, lets agree to disagree.

Also if clone is so an attention whore she only liked plain because she thought that would gain her attention here when that didnt she made a thread for herself that also didnt work, after that she posted those caps. Anxiety my ass.

No. 342107

File: 1484961670211.jpg (67.04 KB, 750x432, IMG_0441.JPG)

this was exactly what lainey wanted. hope she's proud.

saged for slight ot/anger

No. 342108

Yup. Pretty sad to see it. Congrats to grease for knowing what cards to play, I guess.

No. 342109

And yet these people will still have sympathy for greg and be his fans cause lainey sticks with him even though he was worse than billie.

I love how lainey thinks gerg is pitying her and cares about her. He just wants her to tell her side cause it scores HIM pity points. Dumbass.

No. 342110

It benefits Plain to have people not desert or lynch moneybags. His shit posting buys her $5 hot topic BDSM wear.

No. 342111

Literally Lainey exaggerated everything and insinuated billies intentions because she's a doormat who won't admit that it is all gregs fault or the fact that he was going to leave her in a second

No. 342112

sarah is no longer private but still KNIGHT with the stupid heart emojis

No. 342113

sage for rant

I have a bit of sympathy that lainey might be staying there for the kid and seems genuinely scared of him. she was so scared of him she had to try to convince a fan of his from when she was a tween who flew out to sleep with him, not to sleep with him.

but sympathy doesn't absolve guilt in her actions, she's enabling and to some degree participating in emotional abuse

No. 342114

Whiny Plainey is manipulative in her own fucked up way. She knew the game she was playing and how to get Billie out. You could tell how HEARTBROKEN she was while she flirted with the Mexican while the whole thing was beginning. Such sadness.

No. 342115

it's "abusive" because lainey is 22 years old and shouldn't be messaging her teenage fans to call them fake when lainey didn't even want to be her friend in the first place. also, calling her out for what? if you think lainey is being abused, billie was being abused too. that doesn't get thrown out the window because you sympathize with one over the other.

No. 342116

Comments on Billie's video are insane since Plain posted. Everything from calling her an ugly smurf looking slut to long winded rants about how she wronged grease and Plank.

No. 342117

Lainey even notes that "this was [her] out". I think that she's picked up a lot of his manipulation and abusive tactics. And who would be surprised – she doesn't have anybody else in her life.

My own thoughts are she was "so unable to get over Billie" because she's isolated and even if it was a girl she didn't like, having somebody else in the house was refreshing. Maybe she could absorb some of his constant verbal insults. I'm sure Sarah also serves some of that purpose to Lainey.

No. 342118

She's mentally stunted, this video proves 100%. She lacks the mental capacity to get over someone or realize when it's time to let go in a relationship. But she shouldn't be excused for this. She is 22 with children. If someone is bad for you, you get them out of your life and move on.

Maybe Billie was a shitty girlfriend but she's 19 and openly admits she has issues with mental health. I did a lot worse to my exes when I was 18-20 and I'm a bad place mentally. Yeah cheating on a girlfriend isn't cool (even cheating by greg and Lainey's standards) but it's not anywhere near as bad as emotional abuse, manipulation, public humiliation, and releasing private medical information.

Yet she's going to place all the blame on her 19 year old girlfriend not her 31 year old husband and father of her children. KOOL

No. 342119

File: 1484962925797.jpg (73.34 KB, 480x476, IMG_9669.JPG)

No. 342120

Yes, shes 22 your point being?
Calling teens fake is abuse now?

Yes, Billie was being abused too. But in my mind its different because everyone warned her about grease, she has no ties to grease, the relationship was new enough to now have her completely brainwashed and he also had a wife.

No. 342121

No. 342122

Lainey was also warned extensively about Greg. She chose to stay this long. What you're saying makes zero sense.

No. 342123

Everyone warned Plank too, just saying. DSSCTM even went to the extent of writing a snail mail to her parents,none of that mattered jack shit.

No. 342124

shit i actually didnt know that

No. 342125

You sound retarded and new.

No. 342126

To be fair, DSSCTM is creepy and a cow in his own right. I wouldn't have listened to him either.

No. 342127

not new, middleaged i'd say

No. 342128

In lainey's video she said gerg decided it was morally wrong to run away with billie and that he should be single.

I thought the story was he tried to kiss billie, and she was the one who refused, which is why it ended up him trying to crawl back to lainey.

No. 342129

Lurk more, or if you're impatient spend like an hour reading up on things before you argue in favour of one of the greases. http://www.lifeofonion.com/

No. 342130

Yes. She did that, then Greg sent her a text saying he didn't deserve her love and would just be single and crawled back to Lainey iirc.

No. 342131

wow Lainey conveniently left that part out. Shes acting like billie was the one trying to steal gerg, and he realized it was wrong and he went back to her. Lol nope. It was actually billie who stopped it from happening then.

Yeesh, lainey is learning the ways of manipulating a situation to her favor.

No. 342132


Yeah that part of the video confused me a bit because i remember it very different.

Pretty much what >>342130 says. Does anybody else remember how that went down and have some relevant links?

No. 342133

File: 1484963867324.png (39.45 KB, 844x125, Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 2.01…)

is this real lol

No. 342134

Seems about right anon LOL

No. 342135

File: 1484963988433.png (49.76 KB, 564x532, GregAskedOutBillie.png)

Honestly guys this took me less than a minute to find PLEASE go read up on things before posting

No. 342136


The only reason he did this was because he knew he would get a LOT of flack for leaving Lainey for Billie. He even said it in one of his texts to her. This was the deciding factor really. In the end it had to be poly, so he could have his cake and eat it too with none of the backlash.

No. 342137

File: 1484964014206.png (336.81 KB, 999x571, CGtextBillie.png)

No. 342138

this can't not be greg

No. 342139

Yes, because they are children and don't know whats normal, they just follow what Greg tells them to think. Over a thousand children being manipulated by Greg. So fucked up.

No. 342140

These and the whole story are on life of onion.

No. 342141

Kinda scary to be in a world where this is called simply experimenting. But I guess they're probably 13 and going to hopefully grow out of this cringy stage.

No. 342142

File: 1484964251293.png (26.3 KB, 742x98, Screenshot 2017-01-20 at 9.01.…)

Knowing that the Three Stooges lurk here, I wanted to post my comment I left on Lainey's video, knowing that it will never be approved for anyone else to see.

No. 342143


That is precisely how it went down. Lainey threatened to leave after cuddlegate and Greg immediately signed away rights to the kid, told Billie he loved her and wanted to be with her. Billie said no and left, so Greg made up with Lainey.

No. 342144


But these two only sar to me that he made advanced towards billy and then he backed off , wich is exactly what Plain said in her video.

I was asking if there was proof of the situation being billie rejecting onion and then him going back to ~his wife~. Because that's what i remembered happened

No. 342145


Sorry, samefag, forgot to add, this was revealed by Lainey on Twitter and Greg in his idiotic stick figure video.

No. 342146

To Greg: Adultery is a crime.
How did you wreck Skye's car again?

No. 342147

telling someone they need to be chained up in a basement for forgiveness ins close minded or super fucking boring. it's psychopathic

No. 342148

lol now he's now claiming he had no idea how plank felt, what a bellend

No. 342149

I can't link the video where Greg admits billie turned him down. Ffs go read the other site.

No. 342150

I commented on this exact point on his video where, while lambasting billie, he said he doesn't have the heart to cheat or some shit like that. I'm sure he deleted it but I just wanted him to see it.

I posted, you lying POS, you had the intent to cheat, you were just denied the chance when Billie rejected you.

He tried to kiss her after the massage and after he told her he loved her wasn't it? Weren't they on a bed when this happened too? Greg knew what the fuck he was doing.

Honesty my ass.

No. 342151

Willam talking about Onion in the Beatdown

No. 342152

has been posted. twice. i know the thread is crazy but it's not hard to ctrl+f people

No. 342154

Come on, third time lol.

No. 342155

alright, so lainey is apparently unable to trust anyone now according to her. (even though she was trying to pick up girls a few days ago)

how long until they bring another girl in? starting bets

No. 342156

a month max. If they have someone lined up, immediately.

I also like how lainey put all her trust issues on billie. You wouldn't be so worried about girls coming into your house and cheating and stealing your husband if you trusted him not to cheat. It's not like billie slipped onto his micro dick.

No. 342157

jfc i know this thread is moving fast but at least skim first.

No. 342158

How long since their last break up did she move in on Luxy? It felt like a week, maybe two weeks.

No. 342159

Read the fucking thread before posting. This is the third time this tranny vids been posted.

No. 342160

She was already trying to lick this other girls clit on the same day grease went after Billie on Twitter

No. 342161

I dunno how long until onision turns on sarah for tweeting the things about not releasing private info.

sage for derailing but greasecock and plank claim they are polyamoros but i thought that meant an open relationship? what they are doing by keeping lolis as pets seems more polygamous

No. 342162


Doormat said she didn't approve of the release of information either and he solved everything by adding the "Both sides uploaded private info", so i don't think Sarah is going to get any backlash

No. 342163

Theres a chance that girl sees all this drama and will go lol nope dont wanna be a part of this physically. I know i would at least. A new car isn't worth that.

I don't think they will care she said that. Only if she says anything that goes against them, or says anything that makes it sound like she isn't supporting them 100%. Since lainey also said it, it's probably been approved.

No. 342164

Sooo…how is it possible that Lainey didn't know what Greg meant about making it a true Trinity, but had the foresight to tell Billie she didn't want them sleeping together after the talk with Greg took place?

Someone tried to play dumb. Too bad most people bought it.

No. 342165

Its pretty obvious Lainey manipulated the whole situation pretty hardcore. Like hubby like wife I guess?

No. 342166

She acts like she wasn't clear she knew what gerg meant so she went to billie to make it clear. Lol why not make it clear to gerg. Oh right. That wasn't actually what happened. He just told you this was how it was going to be and you went to billie in hopes you could fix the situation through her.

Shes changing the story to fit her narrative of billie being horrible and make gerg look innocent. Shes become manipulative. What a surprise.

No. 342167

Lainey isn't speaking very nicely of Onion in the new video… she's mostly blaming Billie for everything but there are a lot of comments about Onions shitty behavior too.

No. 342168

>Someone tried to play dumb. Too bad most people bought it.

No. 342169

probably because greg is 100% shitty and she had to include those details or else it would be complete lies and bullshit and wouldn't match up with anyone else's story.

No. 342170

Lainey is definitely manipulative and selfish, but she's obviously not as crazy/narcissistic/psychopathic as Onion. You can see that very clearly from this video, she never claims something completely ridiculous is normal like Onion tries to do all the time.

No. 342171

Yeah she just missed it out altogether as if it never happened

No. 342172

In Sarah's new video on twitter, has Lainey lost a lot of weight really quickly or is that me?

No. 342173

File: 1484967544356.png (1 MB, 587x595, capture_001_20012017_185820.pn…)

dancing in the fucking kitchen

No. 342174

Could just be the pregnancy weight..

No. 342175

Re-watching Plank's video, I feel like Garmel has really fucked himself over with this one. A lot of people are now blindsided and adore her, which may be ego stroking for Gergel right at this moment….but let's not kid ourselves, he's going to get rid of her at some point, it's in his nature.
The backlash once that happens is going to be beautiful.

No. 342176

has anyone been able to find out sarah's real age? that person on reddit was saying she would still be highschool age right now

No. 342177

Onion at this point the only 'ex friends' talking about you are the ones making fun of you, they moved on, doesn't mean they can't have a bit of fun with the easiest guy to impersonate ever.

No. 342178

Laughing my ass off because I was out of school for 4 years, took my ASVAB and got a 69. Didn't this fucker join like right out of high school? Online IQ tests mean nothing Gurgles. It's always the ones that are the dumbest that make claims to how smart they are, like icky Vicky.

No. 342179

They will turn on her. Gerg never stops making videos until they go into his favor. If he screams im telling the truth, i'm right enough times, his fans start thinking its true even when what he is saying is ridiculous. Then he stops.

Also don't worry. Lainey will never actually stand up for herself. Even if she gets dumped or left. She will just cry.

No. 342180

Lainey should feel more enraged that Onision the jackass told her that he would do anything he wants and basically said fuck her feelings. Like "i wasn't going to be insecure/i wasn't going to cause a problem" How the fuck is stopping your husband from fucking other women being INSECURE. God, i am still infuriated with doormatbot for this stupid mentally.

No. 342181

You mean the indentured servant is watching chores be done but not actually doing them herself? Well how in the world is she earning her greasy keep then?

No. 342182

She's definitely not as nuts but she's also glossing over so much shit onion did. She's focusing on things that pale in comparison to anything he did.

billie clearly isn't perfect either, but 35 + 20 = 55 minutes talking about what a HORRID EVIL CRIMINAL LYING PERSON she is, when everything was almost entirely instigated by greg's draconian rule over his slave-family, is missing the point.

No. 342183

Fucking Lainey.

Lainey wanted a "monogamous" relationship.

Onision convinced her within minutes that he isn't going to have that and sleep with Billie.

And now Onision is okay? I understood if they took time developing this, but not within minutes.

Lainey is fucking broken yo

No. 342184


Greg will never get rid of Lainey as long as he can keep bringing in replacements while convincing Lainey they're their new girlfriend or whatever. He's such a fucking scuzzy cunt.

No. 342185

>They will turn on her.
They will, you're completely right, but this is still good press. Perhaps not as many are going to turn on her.
I don't think she's going to stand up for herself, but I am 100 % sure he's going to end this relationship and move on to, well, younger things.

No. 342187

At this point Lainey is doormat enough for her to be letting abuse happen in her home, it's completely Gregs fault, I just hope she's never at the stage to let Greg act in whatever way he wants to her children, since he's pretty much established they aren't something worth fighting for.

No. 342188


Not excusing Lainey, just hoping her kids will be ok.

No. 342189

Oh definitely. Right now he is keeping her cause he gets to invite whoever he wants to the relationship and no one thinks hes cheating. Shes always going to just be watching some girl snuggle with her husband on the couch and get angry at the girl for trying to steal her husband from her.

Oh well. Once her whining of being left out becomes a problem, he will dump her and say lainey's jealousy was the problem.

No. 342190

Omg Sarah way to respect the spaceprince gender

No. 342191

It's not a secret she's 16. Lurk more.

No. 342192

Did Sarah just assume Laineys gender?

No one in her life follows her pronoun bullshit lmao

No. 342195

lainey no longer crying cause she finally got some sympathy instead of the evil billie. her and her perfect angel husband can now be in peace from the horrible billie and her marijuanas.

No. 342196

She looks like charlieissocool like but less cute

No. 342197


Sarah captioned it that because Lainey says "m'lady" to her in the video.

No. 342198

File: 1484968773974.jpg (156.42 KB, 470x618, dash.jpg)

All the Lainey support is making me sick. Just when I thought things were turning against Grease and Plank.

No. 342200

Damn, that's less funny. I mean Lainey acting like a fedora is appropriate but I liked the other joke better.

No. 342201

Lainey and Grease arent one entity

No. 342202

Billie isn't perfect but she kept it classy by leaving their kids out of it.

If she wanted to be a dick and be as bad as they make her out to be, she could probably reveal the kids names and spill tea about their parenting.

Of course,she might have realized that would put her in a negative light to his fans. And she probably realizes the kids are innocent. But just pointing out she didn't sink to Greg's level in that regard

No. 342203

She's so far up his ass they may as well be.

No. 342204

All Plank did with her video was paint Germa in an extremely negative light ( I guess this is clear to most people at least on here, so that's good ) and shared some negative details about Billie. The main focus for me was still a) how deranged Gergle is b) how all of it is okay with her/how she justifies some things that shouldn't be justified, while also leaving some details out. Plenty of overly bizarre rationalisations.

But yeah, I was kind of sick when looking at Twitter replies on Germa's Twitter. The tone under Billie's video turned from people being supportive to calling her a slut, how Gergle was right and lo' and behold one comment said "she should really quit her lying, manipulation, aborting, etc" I shit you not. Like, what the fuck.

No. 342205

damn, he's more clever than he puts on

>how to fix?

No. 342206

Your comment made me think that if Greg and her were part of a human centipede, she definitely would be the ass end.

No. 342207


Meh lainey changed details in the story to make it seem like billie was the one who went after onion relentlessly, while onion was the one who realized he was morally wrong and didnt know what he was doing was cheating at the time. That makes him seem more innocent than he was.

She also blamed billie for causing all her trust issues, and didn't blame onion at all.

And its obvious lainey pawning for sympathy while onion acts like he cares about his poor wife makes him look like some great guy. Anyone with a brain would see it for what it is, but his fans kind of lack that.

No. 342208

One more thing, please don't post personal information of minors and/or people unrelated to the drama. Lane1313_ is underage and only distantly involved with this, so from now on, refrain from using her real name. Thank you.

No. 342209

This is obviously some serious smugness after intercepting billies online support even billies fucking hastag on twitter. Serious deflection off her husband on all blame is on billie, I absolutely fucking hate this fucking cunt.

No. 342210

amazing how fast they turned on billie once lainey unleashed the sympathy video.

i know billie isn't the best person, and i personally don't like her. but her secret being shared so many times is going to really fuck her up.

if any of you are so inclined, try to send billie your support. it may not make too much of a difference with all the harassment going on, but it might help a tiny bit.

No. 342211

Dude. Why. Dont get involved.

No. 342212

i think they mean as in participating in the hashtag and tweeting her and stuff, not like LET ME SAVE UR LIFE

No. 342213

yeah this is what i meant. like i said i don't really care for her but i don't think she needs to be harassed relentlessly

No. 342214

Well, as quickly as this all started it has died. As usual.

No. 342216

I don't really like her either, but this is one of those things where even if you don't, you should still be able to recognise an extremely fucked up situation. And it's like…when 12 year olds are telling someone 'to stop aborting'…what do you even say? It's that deranged.

At the end of the day it's really frustrating that this is going to be another situation Gerle's just going to slide by or so it looks for now.

No. 342217

typical of onision drama tbh. they bash it into the ground, and beat the dead horse until people get bored

No. 342218

This thread is full of derailing and bickering about who's a bigger bitch. Stop or bans will commence.

No. 342219

This always confused me. I've seen pictures of him wearing dress blues and having the officer lapel on his coat (the US insignia on the coat has no circle surrounding it, indicating an officer) but he has no rank on his shoulders, and then seeing him in BDUs (the regular camo uniform) he is a one stripe. Was he in ROTC or something before just becoming a regular enlisted person?

No. 342220

File: 1484971250922.gif (2.07 MB, 480x270, cgvh.gif)

Another thing Gargoyle has in common with Trump. Every time we think THIS IS IT, this scandal will ruin him he somehow wiggles his way out of it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 342221

Cyr and Richie are both live on younow right now.

No. 342223

Link please.

Exactly. It's extremely annoying. But oh well, if not sooner, give him a few years when the botox, fillers, make up and filters won't be able to help anymore. Perhaps that's going to open more fantard's eyes.

No. 342224

I'm linking his fans this video

No. 342225

Correction: cyr is live now and Richie was live an hour ago


No. 342227


Has Cyr said anything important? I'd watch but younow requires me to install the app.

No. 342230

Did anyone actually catch Ritchie's younow? When he tweeted it out he said he would be talking trash about people he doesn't like, was hoping for something.

No. 342242

File: 1484974422909.png (7.2 KB, 275x198, youfuckingcunt.png)

Seems that laineys "wah poor me feel bad for MEE" video worked, She's completely intercepted billies support and hashtag.

No. 342247

I can find only 13 tweets with the #istandwithlainey tag and some of those include #istandwithbillie and #istandwithayalla. Billie's still has way more for right now at least as far as my phone and browser are showing but it does suggest the lainey one to me first too…

No. 342251

I fucking hate her so much. She's just like Onion and is only doing this because she's butthurt people sided with Billie. Her video didn't change shit or make her look any better. All of the things she revealed about Billie? So what. So what, she laughed at her. She was ridiculous. Fuck you Lainey, you're an ugly, plain cunt who desperately clings to anything she can to feel special.

No. 342252

Billie, Ayalla, we knew you guys lurk here; please get the restraining order 'cause they're not gonna stop! They're still twisting your words and sending their fans to attack you (slander and cyber bullying). We know you pleaded cease and desist but they're still going on about this. For your sakes, just do it!

No. 342254

Just for the hell of it, I've reported the cunt's video for hateful and abusive contact. Seeing as she's not as big as Onion and all. Maybe the rest of us should do the same.

No. 342255



No. 342256

File: 1484978306088.png (124.81 KB, 628x264, ayylol.png)

Lol i saw someone tweet this at him. Yeah greg you are exactly the same as you were when you were 19 so the same as a few years ago…but wait this has changed I guess. Huh weird.

No. 342257

Her need to be the victim always even though the other person was clearly hurt is so unhealthy. Get help, Lainey

No. 342258

is that facebook page real? seriously i knew he lacked self awareness but this is fucking crazy

seriously someone with more knowledge get cps involved the dude is a legit psychopath

No. 342259

Its from the Adrienne days. Heres another one like that where he says publically attacking your ex's is wrong. http://onisiondrama.tumblr.com/post/10540582273

No. 342260

Needs moar views

No. 342261

Has anyone tried tweeting at/emailing the companies that sponsor his videos and asking why they support a guy who rates children wearing underwear/wants too chain up a teen in his basement? I feel like getting at the sponsor money is the only way to get at him.

No. 342262

Meant to include this twitter account as an example of what I mean: https://mobile.twitter.com/slpng_giants

They've been pretty effective at getting ads removed. Onion's content is pretty repulsive.

No. 342276

I'm sick. Is he and his wife actually going to get away from abusing and exploiting the youth of others blatantly and online so easily? why is this drama so hurtful to me? what is justice? I A M D O N E

Admin you can ban me now I'm ready

No. 342278

can we send this to Scarce or something, Keemstar even. At least it could get attention from more people

No. 342283

he's literally repeating the same shit over and over every video as if it'll convince people. no smegma, nobody cares and we all see you're a psycho

No. 342284

so in lainey's video she says greg and billie were gonna move in together, but all of the sudden greg decides not to. why do we think this is? i'm convinced he's completely over lainey and at least was into billie.. why wouldn't he ditch lainey and move in with billie. his psycho brain is so confusing.

No. 342285

Haven't anyone else realize that he's content with being a mediocre dying youtube star considering he's below the radar on most notable social media and he can get away with being an abusive shitter since no one popular is calling him on his shit? He's not earning millions like pewdiepie but he still gets those underaged girls throwing themselves at his and twatprince's feet trying to get in on that empty mcmansion. Keemstar gets away with SWATing people so it's not like calling him on on his shit matters anyways

No. 342286

Because despite Lainey not getting a prenup she could still lawyer up and potentially he would have to pay child support. Also I think he was worried about the backlash about dumping his wife with 2 kids. He thinks he is soooo smooth but how could he convince his fans that dumping Lainey and the kids isn't heartless? No way would it be as easy as his other 'she's a lying bitch' videos. The only argument would be him lying and saying LAINEY WAS OBVIOUSLY GAY AND WANTED WOMEN MORE THAN ME.

No. 342287

Onision is too narcissistic to ever be content with irrelevancy, but you're right that calling him out won't do much.

No. 342288

the only way he could get rid of her without too much fans flipping out would be if he got a new girl into the relationship people liked more then lainey (which isn't hard)

we could see this almost happen when Billie was in the picture and a lot of his fans told him to just get rid of his nagging wife and be with billie because they thought she was much more fun

No. 342289

late comment, but we will sic the whole subreddit on Onision if he goes for Willam.

No. 342291

Because her step dad (lawyer, he admits this in a vid) found a loop hole in the pre nuptials.

No. 342292

So Onion-kun cheated on his wife but its ok cos…its him and he can do stuff like that..but Billie cant cos no..and there some where are small kids watching Onions rage.

No. 342293

does anyone on here use ONTD? i was thinking about making a post there about the billie thing since other big gossip sites (buzzfeed, perez etc.) read it but have no clue how to word it. anyone willing to help?

No. 342295

I reckon it's because he's been with Lainey the longest, has 2 kids and she has the most shit on him. He's hiding something dark that Lainey knows for sure.

No. 342299


Lots of people are calling him out in the replies

No. 342305

Comments are fucking gone fam

No. 342308

I meant on the tweet, not in the yt comment section

No. 342309

r/BDSMcommunity might be the place for that

No. 342310


Exactly. When I clicked on the link, only one yes man comment was there.

On the bright side, Richie's video was mostly filled with positive feedback (comments-wise)!

No. 342311

File: 1484996880621.jpg (90.39 KB, 603x946, wey.JPG)

weird, i'm seeing it differently

onion can claim he is a fax machine as much as he wants but the truth is still out there

No. 342312

File: 1484997226518.jpeg (49.2 KB, 585x323, sarah.jpeg)

Did anyone watch Sarah's younow a few hours ago?

No. 342313

I was there and admittedly tried pressing her buttons, but she didn't spill anything. I was just her and her 12 year old followers talking about anime and bad music.

No. 342314

File: 1484997938801.png (104.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


That's interesting, I could've sworn I saw only one asspat comment…

No. 342315


Oh nevermind, I should've clicked on the archive link in the first place. At least some aren't as retardwd as his fans so I guess there's some glimmer of hope after all.

No. 342320

Why can't Greg understand that the coercive tactics he and Lainey were trying to use on Lainey is abusive?

You basically told Billie to do these horrible and uncomfortable things or they are gone for good. That's like holding a metaphorical gun to their head. That is not okay, that is abusive.

I am also tired of all his fans saying the Onion never abused anyone. Abuse does not have to be physical. What is wrong with his fucking fans, I honestly worry for them.

sage for blog

No. 342323

ayalla is on younow too

No. 342330

File: 1485002490031.png (133.35 KB, 862x456, Skjermbilde 2017-01-21 kl. 13.…)

Well, seems like grease betrayed billie too

No. 342331

Here's what I've been using. Feel free to edit it as you like and correct me if I used the wrong last name for Billie, I couldn't figure out if it was Ingle or Webb.

Popular Youtube star from Washinton state, Onision, a 31 year old husband and father of two, erupts in multi-day social media firestorm against Billie Dawn Ingle, the now ex-mistress to his marriage after their arrangement was ended by Ingle's intake of marijuana despite it being legal in Washington state where Onision's family resides.

Ms. Ingle was involved in an arrangement involving Onision and his wife and was invited to their home where they reside with their two small children and an underaged unrelated female who came to live with them after running away from home from another state.

In the wake of the end of their affair, Onision started a social media firestorm against her involving referring to her family as 'drug criminals' for indulging in marijuana usage and hoping that "Pot users could OD and die".
Onision went so far as to post evidence on his Twitter to restricting Ingle's visitation to her family to twice a year on major holidays because of his opinion of them.

In a more disturbing light, Onision and Ingle's both posted text messages between them where in order for Ingle to be 'forgiven' for her marijuana usage she would have to agree to be chained in the house's basement by a dog collar for a week. Onision went on to reassure Ingle that she would be unchained for bathroom breaks and be allowed to shower.
All the while above the basement the family of one other adults and three underaged children would go about their daily lives ignoring Ingles' presence in the basement below.

When Ingles refused to this along with the stipulation that she have her eyebrows shaved and be tattoo branded with 'I am a Liar' on her body (one of two tattoos Onision demanded she allow on her body as proof of her loyalty), she was shamed by Onision for being "boring" and told that "It would be hot."

Onision is no stranger to outing his sexual deviancy to his largely teenaged and female fans. He's been in hot water prior for posting scantily dressed photos of underaged female fans and rating their bodies in videos posted on Youtube and monetary enabled. Some of these scantily clad fans are as young as twelve years old and the parents were not consulted prior for permission to have their daughters identities posted for worldwide viewers.
Onision has not restricted this to Youtube, involving sexual content on his Twitter and inviting his followers to vote on polls involving such questions as "Would you date my wife?" where on answer was 'Yes but I'm underaged' and even one poll even asked his followers what size they preferred for men's genitalia.

As of 1/20/2017 Onision is still continuing his online attack of his former mistress and posting private information regarding their arrangement with his wife on his social media.

No. 342332