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File: 1506647232289.png (1.73 MB, 1800x1300, 1506367506897.png)

No. 441397

Last Time On: "As The Onion Rots"

>Lameo still being upstaged by underaged girls while Onion rates them on his YouNow

>Also possible troll gets under her skin when she claims Onion likes long blonde hair

>Discord cows still giving hundreds of dollars to two untalented wet blankets

> Plaino allegedly getting a volcano tattoo but claiming it didn't have to be permanent

>Jaclyn Glenn's Nuke turned out to be not onion related and disappointed thousands of folks

> Onion still traumatizing normal people everywhere with his horrific instagram food feed where he eats a pickle burrito

Will our favorite skinwalker dye her hair mustard blonde? Will Onion be stood up again for another collab? Lets find out in the new season of 'As the Onion Rots'





Also please stop derailing the thread with discussions about Billie, the Discord fags, and macnfaggot. You shall be redirected to /snow/ for your opinion on their individual characters

Also please sage if not milk :)

No. 441399

Also old thread: >>>/pt/438974

No. 441401

I was too late to post in the old thread, but could his liposuction tweet be a dig at Trisha? She preached about society's beauty standards and then got lipo.

No. 441402

I immediately thought it was directed at Trisha, I think he might be attention seeking since Trisha is the type to call people out and he desperately wants that type of attention.

No. 441403

That'd be great if he was, because he unknowingly caught Mariah in it too. It will invalidate all the shit sucking he's been doing lately.

Any idea why he's been interacting with her so much recently? Is he stuck pretending to be nice after the Vamplette slip-up?

No. 441404

Today on Lame's YouNow.

Lainey says she won't watch onions top surgery video because itll hurt her feelings.
-Says she never said she was gonna get top surgery because she's scared of anesthesia.
-She's going to get the volcano tattoo today.
-Will also be getting tattoo that represents her kids later and a sunflower tattoo with her mom at a later date.
-She talked about Mercades with a smile so they must of made up. Confirmed some of us farmers suspisions that she did used to have a crush on Mercades, says she no longer does but would not be opposed to dating her.
-Currently has 3 crushes one of them is a YouTuber.
-Sarah gave her a box of pizza during her stream, it wasn't greg because he said nothing, he would of definitley made his presence known.
-Showed videos of her tumbling and cheerleading while saying she hates them, and that she is a completely different person now.
-Says she started going by Lainey when she was 17 and a half, Onion basically met her and named her when she was an underage girl.

No. 441406

File: 1506648403011.jpg (12.25 KB, 324x324, principal-skinner-pathetic.jpg)

>Lainey says she won't watch onions top surgery video because itll hurt her feelings
>Says she never said she was gonna get top surgery because she's scared of anesthesia

she for sure watched it, and now bc greaser says he doesnt like surgery she wont get it… smfh

No. 441407


Call me a dumb but what's supposed to be behind the flag?

No. 441409


it looks like a wall safe full of a bunch of onions.

No. 441411

can't wait to see a video of her new gay volcano tattoo!! /s

No. 441412

Ok I'd totally see Trisha and Greaseball together… Is that possible

No. 441414

I feel like the youtuber could be binkie princess, that one diaper lover whatever kinda youtuber she mentioned a few times.
If so I vote for her and Gurg join a foursome rs with this one and her emo boyfriend. That would be interesting.

No. 441415

I can't wait for the inevitable meltdown she will have when he finally tries to take the last shreds of her identity.

While I don't think she would ever have top surgery and don't believe she's truly agender, I do think her 'alt-girl-edgy' thing is out of desperation since onion does like girls like that but vocally opposes all the coloring and makeup.

I just can't wait for her to chimp out on him, and give him the 'You've wasted all my great years with your bullshit' speech.

No. 441420

> Plaino allegedly getting a volcano tattoo but claiming it didn't have to be permanent

Nevermind it took TEN volcanoes to get her to even consider it.

5,000 bars = 1 volcano
50,000 bars = 10 volcanoes
6,500 bars = $49.99

People spent almost $400 on this untalented goon to get fucking PLAYED.

Did she seriously say it wasn't going to be permanent? This bitch. She said she would call the tattoo parlor the next day in the stream.

No. 441423

my bad, I didn't realize I misinterpreted the post that I had gotten the 'it doesn't have to be permanent' reference from.

No. 441426

File: 1506650270715.png (178.58 KB, 1080x1164, Screenshot_20170928-225257~2.p…)

Is the love dying?

No. 441432

Lainey has said she wouldn't be in a 4 some or have a gf with a bf.

No. 441435

Here's the video of her cheer leading, if anyone is interested.
I think she said she is the one on the left in the front at the beginning.
Pretty amazing she used to be able to do all of that stuff.

No. 441436

I was going to say, she's really becoming Grug.

She says she recorded an eyebrow tutorial today.

No. 441438

its really as if his poorly written book has come true when it comes to plaino.

>ugly creep dates popular cheerleader type

>fights with her constantly
>makes her go to the dark side to please him

such a waste of a girl. i'm sure she did cheerleading to help secure a good future for her.

No. 441439

yeah well she says a lot of things, don't she?

No. 441443

She talked about being scared of anaesthesia before he made the video, before gerg even knew she was thinking about it. It was in one of her streams when she first started talking about it, so she's not lying on that one.

No. 441444

It's really sad that Lainey used to have a lot of talent and things she was interested in. She made good grades and could have done literally anything with her future but instead she's just sitting around making subpar youtube videos

No. 441446

She just talked about getting top surgery to fit in the trans community. She never actually wanted to go through with it. Same with getting on T. She just says shit to try and be accepted as a real trans person.
She will nEVER actually get on T.

No. 441449

i think its possible lainey's moneygrabbing behavior is inspired by onion or possibly because of their upcoming financial dire straits. When onion made a shitload she actively went out of her way to stay out of the limelight.
i get the vibe she actually enjoys making her videos and having her channels but i wonder what % of it is her own interest, what % of it is her wanting attention, and what % of it is onion

No. 441450

seriously. she talks a lot of shit and contradicts herself constantly. homegirl's an idiot.

No. 441453

The other vid she showed in the stream.

No. 441457

Someone asked her about the screenshots and she said they didn't send her any real proof.

No. 441462

if she's so scared of anaesthesia and onion is paranoid of doctors, they better stop having kids.

u never kno when shits gonna go wrong if u have to have a c-section.

No. 441463

and you* not if u

No. 441466

ine one of his videos, i think one of the billie drama ones, greg said lainey had a friend over to "talk about gymnastics or whatever her interests are" lmao what kind of husband doesnt know any of his wife's interests. i dont even know her and i could name a few (makeup, emo music, fidget spinners, queer theory)

No. 441467

id rather watch videos of that than a beaten down try hard hoping to win the love of her absent husband

No. 441472

File: 1506657373984.png (8.97 KB, 580x93, lies.png)

"This gay volcano will definitely make me prove my gayness!!"

No. 441474

poor plainey, grease said he likes billie's tattoos and now plainey is gonna get more ridiculous tattoos

No. 441475

Seriously makes one think.. she had a lot going for her. So did Shiloh before being with onion. Is this a pattern?

No. 441476


Damn, I wonder if she sometimes reminisces about her old girly life and what could've been if she stayed away from Onion from the get-go. You know, before telling herself how soooo gay non-binary she is and how much happy she is with Cuckman.

Yeah, and it's gonna take a long time for her to get deprogrammed just like it did with Skye (seriously, just watch one of her fellfromtheskye vlogs; there were times where you'd feel like you're watching an old Onion vlog rather than Tantaga herself).

No. 441477

Someone asked her if she missed those days. she said "Yes but thats not me anymore." Then proceeded to make sure she said she hates it now, no consistency.

No. 441480


She's trying to convince herself just like she was trying to convince herself that she doesn't like traveling and didn't mind never EVER going to Fiji.

…to no avail lol

No. 441482

you know 100% taylor wishes she was a secure, happy girl with a social life and hobbies, instead of being a haggard mom of 2 in her early 20's married to a serial cheater. she wants so badly to deflect that she was ever happier than she is now because god forbid someone suspect trouble in "paradise" (spoilers: everyone already knows).

No. 441483

Wonder if she can still do any of it.

No. 441484

it's true but also she's so easy to comfort. onion just comes in for a second or tweets about her or does something so basic and she's swooning and head over heels. i wanna believe that she's aware that her situation sucks but sometimes i wonder

No. 441486

i think she's just so starved for affection at this point that any time greg throws her a bone she gobbles it up like a starving person. it doesn't last long because unless he's lovebombing hard, she's back to being moody and insecure.

No. 441498

I was literally just thinking about this myself the other day, she used to be a much prettier, fitter and not retarded normalish person, she has to miss the fact that she will never do gymnastics again, judging by those clips she had potential to do something in the gymnastics field but nope, instead chose a life of eternal misery with the greaselord.

No. 441506

File: 1506664432059.png (140.12 KB, 750x1088, IMG_1602.PNG)

Welp, she did it.

No. 441507

Imagine being so boring that your whole personality revolves around your sexuality, one of which may not even be real.

No. 441508

Does this bitch not know what a volcano look like? It looks like those chocolate lava desserts.

Also, so much for being in debt with the IRS. These two are the most irresponsible adult cows.

No. 441509

File: 1506664743575.png (122.08 KB, 238x251, Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 3.58…)

a gay sweet roll?

No. 441510


Its a cute tattoo, but doesn't really look like a volcano. Looks more like a cake.

No. 441511

That looks really stupid. It doesn’t even look like a volcano.

No. 441512

Is that how they're portrayed on younow or something?

No. 441513


It's the 4th picture to come up if you type "cute volcano" into Google images. Could have tried a little harder Lainey.

No. 441514

doesnt even look like a volcano lmao, it's like a rainbow sweetroll.

lainey, greg won't love you more because of your new shit tattoo. billie had really nice, intricate and detailed tattoos, not some pusheen-tier blob. move along.

No. 441517


Gay Pride flan?

No. 441520

File: 1506665491737.png (17.76 KB, 313x313, 1749402_1.png)

Pic for reference. It would have looked more like a volcano if she had the smoke coming out of it.

No. 441521


None of her tattoo "ideas" are original. She wants to get logos and stuff from band logos, some basic white girl tats like an infinity symbol on her wrist etc. which was popular 5 years ago.

Covering your body in inconsistent, smaller tattos looks so cheap and badly done. Ugh.

No. 441522


What are you talking about, anon? You're just a hater tryna bring Lainey down to get dat sweet Gregma cock. Taylor's definitely happy being cut off from the outside world and only serving her master while being called a faggot when he makes sweet love to her. She's the one and only space prince, it's not her fault she has ~anxiety~ you heartless bitch!

Tbh if I was Lame I'd probably kill myself .

No. 441523

Lazy. Could've at least tried for something that was clearly a volcano. This leaves people guessing. I would not have thought volcano when I saw this.

No. 441525

She used to do all those flips and gymnastics and she is now a smol agender space prince with crippling anxiety and anemia so bad housework wears her out. Onion sucks the soul out of everyone.

No. 441526

…why did it have to be gay? is she really so desperate to convince herself and everyone else she's super gay despite never fucking a girl that she would permanently mark her body like this?

No. 441527

Someone in the Momo thread mentioned that he was getting upset because someone he followed wasnt responding. Maybe he got rejected by Momo on a collab or something and got prissy and made fun of her for her liposuction lol

No. 441528

Volcanoes are supposed to erupt, whys it just..leaking..

No. 441529

And then she comes up with her "alter-ego Kimberly", which is totally not a personification of her true wishes, who is fun cheerleader attending uni and being part of sorority.

I wonder how Plain feels when she sees her sister enjoying college life?

No. 441530


OPs picture really captures the essence of how he looks like he'd give you multiple STDs, blame you for being a slut when you tell him, then try and fuck you again.

No. 441531

You know what’s weird is she was saying on younow that Greg was designing the tattoo for her… so was that a lie or did he just copy that pic and call it original?

No. 441533

Can't she at least choose what she tattoos on her body why does he need to design it, also he can't take credit for something that is on the first page of a google search.

No. 441535

Did she delete the picture?? I can't seem to find it on her Instagram =/ is that even her username!?
I was just curious about the comments on that pic ^^

And you can tell that even the person you worked it into her skin, found it pretty basic or was actually just not into it. Didn't even bother to give it a personal touch..(=/)

No. 441539


Jealousy of course! Just like she's jealous of Billie, possibly Ayalla, Mercedes and Selena.

Oh and let's not forget that she's jealous of Gregma's 2 or 3 exes for being his #1 gurlz! <3

No. 441540


I kinda want her to brag about how he designed it so people can bust them on using one of the first google results, kek

No. 441541


I feel the same about Gertrude's tattoos, they just look so…bland! Though the "27" tattoo looks pretty cool

No. 441542

i bet she doesn't even know it's not "original"; it'd be trivial for gurg to edit the original and throw a rainbow gradient on it, print it out and be like "here lainey i made this."

she was probably ecstatic thinking he actually did something thoughtful for her.

No. 441545

what's with her tattoo obsession lately? She talked about her and onion boy getting yet another couple tattoo in the future, now she got a gay volcano? Not to mention her only tattoos are related to onion boy and now her fake sexuality and younow. That pretty much sums up her personality.

Her tattoos are all so lame and ugly.

No. 441548

it's on her private instagram for patrons

No. 441551

She said during her stream that a tattoo artist was "designing" the tattoo, not garg

No. 441552

Is this her first tattoo?

When Gargamel was sperging out on Youknow about how doing something like breast augmentation endorses it to your viewers, he gave the example of how his tattoos tell everyone else that he thinks they should have tattoos.

He ignored questions of whether he'd call people who don't have tattoos "disgusting", but I wonder if Lainey is thick enough to take that idea too literally, and is going to get people to fund a bunch of tiny half-arsed wrist tattoos like Daddy has.

No. 441553

Nah - he already branded her with matching tattoos. A 27 on the hip for their wedding day or something and a 14 on the ankle for the day they met.

No. 441555

File: 1506671601543.png (64.9 KB, 280x168, 6AA7237D-C9A3-4DF9-830C-45ECD3…)


Samefag, but pic related.

No. 441557

Wow. That's pretty generic. Like another anon said, filling up on tiny, inconsistent tattoos looks really tacky, add another level of tacky for stolen designs, and finish it off with very hollow symbolism, like a star sign or day of the month.

It does represent their personalities pretty well though: unoriginal, inconsistent, hollow, tacky.

No. 441559

File: 1506672171596.png (133.32 KB, 750x845, IMG_1605.PNG)


Also, their generic 27 tattoo, both have it on their hip.

No. 441561


>looks like fucken spongecake

>imagine your highlight of the day revolving around going on younow begging for money from tweens
>this tattoo is a reminder of your disgusting greed Lainey and now you’ll never forget what an empty shell you’ve become

No. 441564

maybe i’m retarded but how is this a 14

No. 441565

The four is clear, looks like a fieldgoal doesn't it?

No. 441568

File: 1506675398667.jpg (196.35 KB, 591x591, JUSTbot.jpg)

>imagine your highlight of the day revolving around going on younow begging for money from tweens
>this tattoo is a reminder of your disgusting greed Lainey and now you’ll never forget what an empty shell you’ve become

SERIOUSLY. She literally tattooed herself with a tattoo symbolizing that she is an e-beggar that tries to get money from teens.

Her life is one big JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP FAM

So dear farmers, if you are currently having it hard in life, always remember - at least you are not Taylor Lainey Avaroe aka Laineybot

No. 441574

that looks like a gay pride poo emoji

i wonder if she will tell people the vapid-poo is reminiscent of her time as a greasewife

No. 441575

what a stupid bitch, the one with the sunglasses would have looked much better

No. 441576

lainey needs to make a laser removal goal on her patron jFc!!!

No. 441577

Wtf is this picture? Did Grease shave her head from that cutting her mullet video already or is this shoop? It looks like she's been crying with eyes that red.

No. 441578

Thank you anon, that last sentence will give me the strength I need for the day.

The hair is photoshopped but why? Doesn't her own hair look stupid enough lol

No. 441579

Can someone submit Onion's shit vegan burrito to /r/shittyfoodporn ?

No. 441580

File: 1506679113389.jpg (56.83 KB, 590x750, fmsufam.jpg)

It's a photoshopped meme, anon.

No. 441581

>I can't wait for the inevitable meltdown she will have when he finally tries to take the last shreds of her identity.
This will never happen. Is it not obvious that she is a far stronger character than he is?
She is like a thin whip branch. He can bend it to his will, but it will not ever break. Instead, it will just accumulate potential energy. Beware of it turning into kinetic and lashing out.

No. 441586

I wonder why she didn't show anyone first. People could have told her this.

No. 441587

Looks like two crosses. Looks like a Christian marriage tattoo or something.

No. 441589

File: 1506683574203.png (426.67 KB, 2060x736, Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.11…)

it was the very first one for me. jesus. she has clip art on her body forever.

No. 441590

I would've gone with the third one, personally. It's much cuter and memorable kek

No. 441593

Looks like a popped pimple. She's happy with that forever on her body? Does give any fucks about anything at all?

No. 441595

I second this! Third one would have been pretty hipster, and at least funny.

she's a 22 year old, mother of two, with a verbally abusive/emotionally neglectful/serial cheating husband. The number-couple tattoos are trashy as fuck. I don't think a tacky tattoo of a cartoon volcano is the worst decision she could make for herself at this point.

No. 441596

Oh good god this is fucking atrociously embarrassing

No. 441602

File: 1506690241313.gif (1.72 KB, 379x379, woman_kanji.gif)

Reminds of the kanji for 'woman', a permanent reminder she is a female, not a speshul trans non binary space prince

No. 441608

File: 1506691561738.png (52.52 KB, 720x678, 20170929_152445.png)

to me it looked like the sign for jupiter/sagittarius at first

No. 441611

Was this about Moomoo? Maybe he tried to suck up to her, she went like "Ew go away" and he went on a rant.
Sage for tinfoil

No. 441613

It links back to a redbubble run by someone called peppermintpopuk. Nice of lainey to get her habit of art theft immortalized on her body!

No. 441614

File: 1506695181295.jpg (72.85 KB, 736x904, a857ed86e69a6095442987dfe2d5ef…)

It's with noting that they live RIGHT by Mt. Rainier, one of the coolest volcanoes in the states.

Also, did Greg trick her into getting a tattoo so they wouldn't have to get matching ones?

No. 441617

File: 1506696576227.jpg (146.62 KB, 600x594, 2d414409cb199f90e191b276d802ba…)

Sorry for spamming, I've just been recently judging my own tattoos and this was such a bizarre surprise to wake up to.
We need to figure out who designed that thing

No. 441618

…. It is legit one post away from someone saying who Lainey stole the tattoo design from

No. 441620

Yeah she's going to regret this one in a couple years

No. 441622

Either Greg is an ass, she didn't pay the artist enough to care,or she's lazy enough to knowingly get clipart tattooed

No. 441636

File: 1506700261792.png (645.25 KB, 1173x1000, 8TmIA7c.png)

She didn't quite get clipart tattooed - the artist works in a really simple style but it's still theirs intended for sale, not for free use. https://www.redbubble.com/people/peppermintpopuk

Also whether it was her or Greg, they literally just flipped the design they stole. Everything else is identical, except her tattoo curves a bit more at the bottom.

No. 441639

anon are you stupid? it's on her skin so it's not going to be picture perfect. they also probably just drew it from the picture she gave rather than wasting time stenciling it.

No. 441641

Different anon, but the artist has to make a stencil no matter what. It's not good enough to have been done by someone who can freehand. It's clear the artist didn't give a fuck about her tattoo and lameboy is too stupid to know anything about good tattoos.

No. 441642

Can she get in trouble for stealing a design? I know there are artists who don't mind their work being tattooed but they usually frown upon altering the image at all. Also permission is pretty decent?

No. 441647

Does no one here have tattoos or something?
No she or the artists can't get in trouble. It's not like a plagiarized design of another tattoo artists work. It's google clip art. Do people who get pusheen tattoos get in trouble??? No.
The tattoo isn't bad artistically. I'm not saying it's good. It's just not bad. Lainey probably walked in and said "give me this" or "I want a cute volcano" and they said ok and googled it, which is common for tattoo artists to get an idea, he showed her that image probably and she agreed, he printed and traced parts of it, tattooed, the end. This really isn't uncommon practice AT ALL for tattoos

No. 441648

exactly what >>441647 said. unless the art piece was specifically drawn by a tattoo artist as a tattoo stencil and was copied line from line, they can't count it as stealing. otherwise every girl with a "i refuse to sink" tattoo would be getting copywritten.

No. 441649

new thread already. Jesus Christ

No. 441650

She's in a downward spiral. All of these decisions are bad.

I don't know much about tattoos but,I know good ones are expensive. correct me if I'm wrong but, hasn't gurg been complaining of money troubles?

Interesting that spending money on tattoos is ok during a supposed money crisis.

No. 441657


I was going to say the same thing but if you look at >>441420 she would have earned quite a bit off of just that one stream. No idea what the ratio is of what streamers earn vs what viewers pay for gifts. But yeah if they were in such a crisis you would think they would be saving that for bills or tortillas for more pickle wraps.

No. 441659

Damn! That's a lot of money. Thanks anon.
I wish she would use it to oh, I don't know, support her kids and prepare for the future?
Too much to ask?>>441657

No. 441661

File: 1506705774477.png (1003.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0749.PNG)

As the day go by, the "younger" he looks

No. 441662

HAHAHAHAHAH I'm dying what an absolute idiot she is.

No. 441666

File: 1506706613637.png (48.15 KB, 222x225, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 1.32.…)

No. 441667

File: 1506706717722.png (69.87 KB, 775x470, 683545771.PNG)

Looks like that Josh dude actually called the Seattle office of the FBI.
I guess Onionboy thought there was no call made to the FBI because he wasnt contacted immediately.
The FBI isnt like the cops they occasionally get called on you Greg. If a crime or welfare check is called into the cops they have to address it within 24 hours. If someone contacts the FBI about the exploitation of underage girls… they are going to investigate, gather the "facts", make a case, obtain warrants that then knock on your door. It could take months, maybe even years.

I really hope that the eventual downfall of Onionboy is his "collecting" inappropriate and sexualized photos of underage girls.

No. 441668

Big tattoos and super popular artists are expensive. The one she got probably cost her around $100 maybe a little more or less

No. 441669

It's so weird that she got a large color tattoo because people donated $500 (if my math is correct). The tattoo probably costs a fifth of that and looks shitty and will be on her body for ever. Is she really that desperate for money?

No. 441670

this is just sad honestly. greg doesnt care about her at all…

No. 441674


are we 100% sure she actually got that weird rainbow puking sweet roll tattoo?
I know theres that photo, but we all know about how photos can be stolen or manipulated.

No. 441675

You can see some of the 17 in the photo on her other leg but idk it could be photoshopped

No. 441681

lainey was telling him to wait, going "wait wait wait wait wait" and onion responded "why are you so obsessed with weight?"

y i k e s

No. 441682

those aren't even hair scissors! you can fucking buy those at a fucking DOLLAR STORE

No. 441685

KEK plain calls him a narc at the end of the video

No. 441694

File: 1506710810898.jpg (64.02 KB, 1287x618, plain.JPG)

he cut a large part of her hair off kek

No. 441697

We know Onion likes to make his girls chop their hair off for relationship infractions, so what did Plain do?

No. 441704


"Make me an anime boy"

Why is she suddenly pretending to like anime? She said she hated it right?

No. 441711

File: 1506712446952.jpg (442.47 KB, 1455x1455, drymilk.jpg)

No. 441713

Greg "loves" anime and she desperate for Greg to love her now more than ever. Duh

No. 441714


If that's her goal (stupid as it is) then being more feminine would probably work better than faking interests and transtrending.

No. 441716

But remember Greg is closeted gay and also always pushes for his SO's to cut their hair & lose their femininity. So it wouldn't benefit her.

No. 441723


True. Only the new girls are allowed to be feminine so he can take that from them

No. 441727

why does he literally always look so annoyed with her?

No. 441729

yup it's like he seriously does hate her, it's so hard to picture them in their day-to-day life. Like imagine them sitting down for dinner, does he just sit there glaring at her?
Sad how at the end she seemed so happy for a second when he complimented her butt.

No. 441736

File: 1506715721463.png (40.16 KB, 221x225, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 4.02.…)

No. 441739


Nah just more and more people think you're absolute shit.

No. 441741

Hrs actually trying the "YouTube is hating on my LBGT spouse!!!!1!1!"
He's really unbelievable. He can't wrap his head around how people suddenly stopped watching his videos.
>it has to be an algorithm problem!!
>some YouTube employee hates LGBT people!!!!
>people are being unsubscribed to me without even knowing it!!!

Also, addressing the "haters" at the very end KEK

No. 441743


My god he is resorting to blowing his face out so much he blends into the fucking wall. That's one hell of an honest youtuber.

No. 441744

I just love how he actually believes the videos he uses in those quick flips are actually 'quality content'those videos disturbed me, they had no valid plot to them other than he's killing them off traumatically made me personally feel like I went 'down the rabbit hole' of youtube. Grease, you're channel is dying because of the choices you've made, people are pulling collabs from you their talking to one another about their experiences with you I hope he gets stood up more.

No. 441745

He's so disconnected from reality. I know I shouldn't be surprised at this point but its still astounding. He's managing to do some remarkable mental gymnastics and in armour made of tin-foil no less!

No. 441746

>I make lots of videos, and many of them are awesome.

No Gregma, that's your narcissism showing. Lying on the ground screaming whilst wearing half assed FMA cosplay is not awesome, it's pathetic.

No. 441748

He made that same video already like 10 times just with different titles.

No. 441749


What.. you don't think covering yourself in shaving cream in your underwear and screaming while humping things is awesome? ***utoob fired me~~!*

No. 441752

>Like imagine them sitting down for dinner, does he just sit there glaring at her?

They definitely don't eat together. You can tell in all of his depressing food pictures on Instagram that he's eating by himself, usually at his computer. Sad!

No. 441753

I love that Grease reads all our posts, addresses them in his videos/tweets, mentions haters all the time, etc….. It's his life

No. 441755

You'd think the dude would catch a hint sometime with how much he lurks.

No. 441756

File: 1506719311293.jpg (34.18 KB, 327x327, retarded1.jpg)

whats with the dramatic background music

No. 441757

File: 1506719432981.png (57.02 KB, 223x207, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 5.05.…)

No. 441759

Grease trying to be deep with this movies vs reality bullshit, isn't this the same fuck who every time there's some sort of mass killing he compares it to others and says 'why does no one care about the others.' Grease your arm chair psychology is nauseating for those of us actually in the field.

No. 441760

>dramatic music
I haven't watched it yet, but let me guess; there is the constant 'video flickering' to give his audience a sense of unease?

No. 441761

File: 1506719955866.png (32.01 KB, 963x261, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 5.17.…)

he has taken to his forums to conduct his polls now. be on the look out for this one in a future "haturrr" response video.

"100% of my ass lickers say I've helped them with a lot! suck it valid criticism!"

No. 441763

Jfc, spoiler that! He looks like something that would come and snatch you at night. He looks like a wendigo wearing someone's skin, not knowing how to operate the eyes.

Sage for terrifying Gurgle.

No. 441765

File: 1506720105738.png (516.09 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1404.PNG)

This is interesting…
Lainey is commenting on Mina's Twitter…

No. 441766

File: 1506720219062.jpg (9.5 KB, 230x300, DEt3fJNUwAA3akg.jpg)

>Onion reaching out to mega-cow Momokun
>Laimey reaching out to mega-cow Mina

No. 441767


Mina is Edwin's girlfriend. Edwin is Cyr's ex friend. Dasha and Cyr both hate Mina and Edwin, so this is interesting.
They have a common enemy.

No. 441768


Lainey has said she followed the Dasha/Edwin/Miina-drama, and they do have a common enemy now so I'm not surprised tbh.

No. 441769

Lainey and Edwin are friends so that could be why

No. 441770

its not that weird, tbh. onision befriended edwin after the drama with cyr and dasha. laineys followed him and mina ever since (maybe before but i wasn't paying attention)

No. 441771


IIRC, Greg guested Edwin on YouNow around the time the drama with Dasha started. It was super awkward and he just wanted to hear the goss.

No. 441772


Pluss Mina and Edwin is pretty fame hungry, so it is not surprising that they are trying to become friends with the Onions.

….and Onision hates Cyr and Dasha, so he would do anything to annoy them I bet

No. 441776

File: 1506721010360.png (98.56 KB, 434x216, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 5.35.…)

Onision with his almost 2 million subscribers barely gets more views now than Lainey's new channel with about 20 thousand subscribers.

No. 441784


YouTube hates lgbt people!
>Tyler Oakley
>Gigi Gorgeous
>Hannah Hart
>Joey Greceffa
>etc etc etc

Why is he so delusional?

No. 441786

She got that tattoo with that level of coloring/shading in a day? And her skin isn't angry red or y'know, bleeding?

Am I the only one skeptical on this being a real tattoo?

No. 441787

File: 1506722691783.png (562.16 KB, 1080x1920, 78909.png)

There's also this. He didn't give a fuck about youtube supposedly targeting LGBT people until he needed an excuse for why his popularity tanked

No. 441788

I think it's real because her hair is gone in the vicinity of the tattoo, also not everyones tattoos go red or bleed. It actually makes it worse that this is probably a legit real tattoo though haha

No. 441795

>"Suffering is manipulation."
Gregory "Onision" Jackson, 2017

No. 441796


It's definitely not bigger than a fist and it's all flatly shaded, so we're looking at a 1-3 hour piece at best. It's definitely not a big tattoo or too much for the average person's body to handle.

There's also a residue of blood on the plastic wrapping and in the purple/yellow/orange areas.

It's a real tattoo smfh

Sage for autism.

No. 441798

Onion is on younow ignoring Lainey in the chat as always.

No. 441799

Could be a henna tattoo at best. She did pull the whole "I never said permanent" thing and said it would be temporary.
Knowing how big of an attention whore she is though it's probably real.

No. 441801

hes full on going mental at Becca over her liking Markiplier.

No. 441804

Holy SHIT.
>Pshh, even supervillians aren't as enlightened as I am.

No. 441806

That is very clearly not henna.
It's a real tattoo. A small, shitty, but real tattoo. Anyone that has gotten tattooed will agree.

No. 441807


It's a real tattoo. And she's on snapchat bitching about how much it hurts, as per ush.

No. 441809

Also it's not a large or overly complex tattoo. Bleeding? I'd hope not, no reason this should get bloody or brusied unless her iron was low.

No. 441810

Drew Monson is #1 in guys on Younow and onion is #8. I gave Drew my free spin because I like him and triggering onion is a bonus. Everyone should do the same.

No. 441811

>top surgery
Did I miss something? Onion is a trans now?

No. 441812


she talks about getting top surgery, anon.

No. 441813

she did NOT say 'i never said it would be permanent'. anon just said it'd be something she would say and it was misinterpreted by OP

No. 441814

"You can't just be a socio path and feel nothing for stuff." Grease, are you being real?

No. 441816

"I mean who even wants to be with a 16 year-old… in a relationship..?"

No. 441817


His right eye looks really fucked up here. Why is it so tilted? Is this nigga taping his eyes when he wears his hair that way?

No. 441818

It's heavily photoshopped.

No. 441819

File: 1506725548113.jpg (43.65 KB, 600x400, large (1).jpg)

fact: i shit myself laughing at this. why is he so melodramatic?

No. 441820

This is pretty lulzy.
>talks about why he probably didn't become a villain or kill people
>goes off on some rant about how pointless life is so we should just be enjoying ourselves
>tries to formulate some deep meaning behind why villains exist in movies
>strange random nervous laughter

He is (and I cringe to even type this) white cis male privilege, personified.
He is the exact type of guy they talk about.

No. 441821

File: 1506725751951.jpg (128.49 KB, 1280x720, mredu.jpg)

Is he trying to copy that Philip deFranco meme?

No. 441822

I liked the guy who was up to bat with him, Grease always needs to dominate or put some one down when they give him FAXX'S about law he was correcting Grease's logic for 16 year olds and how they need to be within a few years of the person not 32 last I checked Grease believes it's not wrong because 'Some are more matured physically'
Gettin lower with them views grease droppin down to 86 HMMMM.

No. 441823

>if my youtube channel dies then all my social media dies
>what am I going to do without attention

fucking dead. Good riddance. Also many keks @ the background music choice

No. 441826

But he's honest about his privilege, so it's not bad.

No. 441829

Shitting on Trisha Paytas for actually donating her profits from new song to a church, Grease so angry and spergy.

No. 441830

File: 1506726693229.png (39.01 KB, 580x268, Screen Shot 2017-09-29 at 7.10…)


No. 441833

I wonder how it feels to have less views/likes than a literal face rig of a dinosaur.

No. 441834


Ahhh so it was a youtube subscriber glitch all along?

That totally explains why he's lost 1800 followers on twitter this month and 7000 followers on instagram. Oh wait

Would like to see Greg explain those fax.

No. 441835

I disagree.
He is whining and complaining about maybe the possibility of having to work a job in the real world, so he's sucking money from impressionable morons. He's made up some delusions that there is no way people just don't find him interesting or problematic; it's big ol' meany YouTube, manipulating their algorithms to discriminate against his space prince!
Like, if Lainey was actually legitimately a bisexual, he is absolutely using her for monetary gain and a political shield.

No. 441836

It's all a massive anti gay conspiracy by all the major social media platforms, clearly.

No. 441838

Words like 'Lesbian' and 'Gay' are getting videos demonetised but Youtube isn't going against the actual gays, Youtube isn't really saying much on the issue but all you have to do to avoid it, is to just not put gay terms in the title of videos.

He's not even gay, way to make his wife's 'problem' into his own.

No. 441842

Personally, I don't think so. I think when he wants to start an argument that involves others using the 'YOURE WHITE' card, then he will acknowledge it to hit before the punch.

He keeps saying YouTube is destroying him, he thinks YouTube owes him, he does not consider it a privilege, he considers it his right to be paid for making videos. He does not acknowledge that creators being paid for making videos was not the original intention of YouTube and he just came at the right place at the right time and got money. That's all.

That's why I don't think he's honest about his privilege AT ALL. I believe he thinks he's entitled and deserves every fancy gadget he gets. I don't for a second think he has acknowledged his privilege truly. He's a scumbag and there is literally NOTHING redeeming about him as a person.

We're talking about someone who is aware he has mental problems (from the Adrienne messages) and still refuses to give doctors or professionals the credit they are owed for their experience. He's a privileged trash bag who got lucky and refuses to acknowledge that he has ever lived with less

No. 441843

I'm pretty sure most of her videos say nothing about being "gay" anyway, so I guess it wouldn't apply to her.

No. 441844

She probably tags all her videos "Gay, BISEXUAL, poly, onision, pride, GAY, space prince, trans, transgender, girl, boy, a gender, smol, Ana, makeup, tutorial, GAYYY, lesbian" if we are being honest

No. 441847

Is there a way to see what they tag?

No. 441848


it's there now, on the front page.

No. 441852


i love that the JUST FUCK ME UP FAM meme works so well on her that the pic looks normal. i legit thought she was just doing some creepy billie shit before seeing the full pic. she's done so many shitty thing to her hair and face that it wouldn't even surprise people if she actually shaved her hair, case in point >>441577 >>441578 . lainey has gone so deep into her stupid tumblr trendy shit that she's destroying her body on a regular basis.

No. 441854

i think if you open the video and then look at the page's source code it'll show you the meta tags. i know people found a way to do it with margo's.

No. 441862

Ok i am not much of a social repose fan myself, but fucking hell he is dealing with this perfectly in a way, I predict that will piss off the onion boy to a new extent.

No. 441865

samfagging but also, I love how Onion calls Richie 'horseface' simply because , well.. Plainey's face kind of reminds me of Richie's.

No. 441868

yeah you just go the the video, right click and view source. then ctrl+f

No. 441869

File: 1506730128515.png (371.83 KB, 1288x572, tag.png)

Going through Laineys Tags, I'll post more interesting ones if I come across them, or if anyone wants me to look at the specific tags of any of their videos

No. 441870

Screamed during her tattoo.
Someone asks if she's gay she says "so gay, I have gay leveled up, I have official gayness on my body."
Someone asked are girls better in bed? She said I wouldn't know LOL oh but she's so gay.

No. 441871

I'm really interested to see if any of her videos actually have gay or lesbian tagged that would make them flagged for demonetization. Maybe check some like her swimsuit video? I'd lose it if she tagged it. Boobs.

No. 441872

From YouNow she is on now.

No. 441875

File: 1506730476837.png (33.34 KB, 853x165, tag_swimsuit.png)

>>441871(don't namefag)

No. 441877

Yes Lainey, actual gay people also have gayness on their body, in the form of actual contact with someone of the same sex, obviously you don't need sexual contact to be into someone but she's obviously not asexual.

Gross how she considers a rainbow tattoo as 'proof' like gay people go out and kiss in front of hordes of people who hate them to fight for their cause and she's married to a dude, has 2 kids, has never done much with a girl and she's ~~sooo gay~~

No. 441878

File: 1506730807157.png (12.89 KB, 1213x50, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 8.18.…)

onion tags his videos with more successful youtubers

we can now see who makes onion insecure

No. 441879

The Guy Fawkes clip that flashed briefly on the screen really did it in for me

we are anomalous
we are legion

No. 441880

Wow what a great find

No. 441881

File: 1506731016796.gif (1.98 MB, 475x269, giphy (1).gif)

>Now, to all the haters: I hope you’re enjoying my downward spiral.

No. 441882

>dad's house
the fuck?

No. 441883

>the, to, you, with
Great job Greg

No. 441884

what video is this for?

No. 441885

I think Greg confuses his tag section for his "list of people who will never love me" and "list of things I don't do with my family"
That goes in your diary Gurgles not your channel

No. 441886

Can't wait for him to 'call out' other youtubers doing the same while also coming up with an idea of why it's only ok if he does it

No. 441887

File: 1506731195844.png (62.67 KB, 221x216, Screenshot 2017-09-29 at 8.26.…)

just clicked a random video but it's like that on most of his onision videos

No. 441888

File: 1506731391007.png (60.94 KB, 830x264, tag_skits.png)


No. 441890

Lames YouNow.

-Asks CrankThatFrank if he hates her, only to realize he wasn't watching, left after a second.
-Asks her fans to ask him if he hates her and she hopes he doesn't because she likes him.
-Keeps directing fans to go to Franks YouNow and ask him if he hates her and got an answer he does not.
-Talked about her gamestop haul.
-Talks about going shopping for her kids and saved money bought 25 outfits for 100 dollars.
-Greg did design a tattoo for her but she did not like it or use it.
-Constantly checks views and get stressed out about them.

No. 441891

Least relevant tag there

No. 441893

Cracking up. Who woulda guessed gregs the one using gay in his tags? Maybe that's why he's butt hurt?

No. 441894

pun intended?

No. 441895

From Lame's YouNow.

-Wants to collab with Frank, Miles, Robbie and Shane Dawson.
-Says wants to collab with Shane but strange things have happened and she doubts it'll happen.
-Returned 4 out of 6 Fenty products.
-Is missing her high school diploma, misty wig, chocolate bar pallette an beauty blender. She thinks Greg put them away and now he doesn't remember. Is Greg cross dressing now?
-Lainey set up Onion's collab with Mathew Lush and feels bad because he cancelled.

No. 441896

What would she even do with Shane? Her husband isn't even the problem here, she's a tiny youtuber compared to who he usually collabs with and has zero relatable personality and no useful audience.

Shane has already said he doesn't like collabing, even with interesting people, Lainey would put him over the edge.

No. 441897

Dang anon wish I could say I was that smooth.
I guarantee he has her new wig. Watch he'll make a new video where he murders some "lady" i.e.; Greg in the misty wig. He just can't help himself. It'll probably be some creepy ass Billie rip off since her hair is like orange-y now

No. 441898

I like how she wishes he would slide into her dms and admits she only found Greg through Shane's video with him. I would bet money her original plan was to seduce Greg to get close to Shane her true youtuber goal husband but then they had the falling out and she got stuck with Onion because she wasn't gonna give up her fantasy of marrying a famous youtuber.

No. 441900

She set up the collab with matt lush when shes the one who is a fan/"friend" of his? Why doesn't she collab with him then?

I hope shane never collabs with her, even after the divorce. Shes an insult to real LGBT people.

Wasn't shane on her list of youtubers she would marry? Onion wasn't even first on the list. She definitely thought marrying greg would get her into the youtube circle and that she'd have a youtube group of friends. She forgot the part where gerg doesn't interact with anyone unless he needs to use them for views and burns every bridge he comes across.

No. 441901

>In living color
Stop anon, you're killing me!
This is too funny.


Well, there's one.

No. 441903

Greg is currently spamming her YouNow with 10 likes at a time.
Meanwhile, that Gemineye person is back, the one that basically "bought" Lainey's tattoo.
And she's given 10,000 bars.

No. 441904

File: 1506732778786.png (348.67 KB, 899x447, 10 likes.png)

Onion only ever gives Laimey 10 likes.

No. 441905

I bet her plan was to date him to get into the YouTube circle but then he started his whole "marry me" crap and she was so starstruck that any youtuber would marry her and fell right into it. What an idiot. I mean who gets married that fast anyway?
I can see Shane having her on his podcast maybe a while after the dust had settled if they ever split but I don't think he would ever have her on his channel

No. 441918

10 likes is the maximum you can give for free by earning coins through chatting and interacting.

No. 441921

I triggered greg earlier when he was streaming by asking if he really thinks he's a good singer and then he spent about 20 minutes or more trying to prove he can sing lmao

No. 441923

that gemineye person is both loaded and insane.

No. 441924


Tbh I liked him better when he was poor white trash.

No. 441925

CrankThatFrank is friends with social repose and in that circle of people who all don't like Gurg, so I doubt a collab will happen.

No. 441926

samefagging sorry but I forgot to add.
It's kind of sad how Gurg burns bridges for Lainey. Like she probably could find collab partners way more easily if her husband wouldn't shit all over people until they don't want anything to do with him or his wife anymore.

No. 441927

man… tomato looks like he has microcephaly lmao

No. 441928


It'd be so much better if she just divorce Gregma, but she won't and it's her own damn fault for being a gay doormat.

Suck it Lame

No. 441930

Her eyebrows offend me. They just keep getting worse.

No. 441938

It's her own fault. She never calls him out on anything and just allows it to happen and stays with him. I wouldn't want to collab with someone who is perfectly fine with their husband acting the way onion does. Her "i'm not him so anything he does is not related to me!!!" isn't a valid excuse. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. That's not how it works and I hope every youtuber she likes stays far away from her even if things end with onion. Shes scum.

No. 441939

OMG. i just noticed the crying baby claiming on Lameo's flag in the thread pic. So fucking funny.

No. 441940

File: 1506736999850.png (170.91 KB, 374x350, little man boy.png)

he has the strangest proportions ever, what a freakish looking body/outfit.

No. 441945

was checking out the moments from plainey's younow

she said she googled the tattoo and tweaked it to be rainbow, then says that becca sent it to her? so becca googled it and sent her the volcano and she legitimately thought it was a good idea


No. 441952

Cryboy onion is my favorite onion.

"They're out to get me. They're forcing me off of their platform because the people who own the platform don't like me personally. More importantly their advertisers, who pay the platform, refuse to have their products associated with me. My fellow content creators all hate me, most of the viewers I have hate watch me, the viewers who don't hate me won't pay me themselves and I am disliked so much that now my bitch of a wife is being targeted. The universe is screaming at me to stop this nonsense, move on, and do something else with my life."


"I don't get what is happening you guys how do I make youtube give me money, I am doing a great job"

No. 441967

that's some good narc-baiting anon

No. 441969


in a video once, CrankThatFrank said something about Onision and not liking him so that collab definitely won't happen lol

No. 441971

Here’s the clip of him singing. If you want to make your ears bleed.

No. 441972

I know it was posted 10 hours ago but that fucking dirty mirror is triggering me. how are they okay with overexposing their faces but can't bother to wipe down the damn mirror? so filthy

No. 441973


This needs to end up in a cringe compilation

No. 441974

I always assumed that in his original music he was using a nasally high pitched voice to add comedic value (if you can call it that) but if this is him actually trying… dear god

No. 441976

I thought it broke Youtube's rules to mis tag your videos? maybe i made that up or something..

No. 441977

It is definitely DISHONEST of him to tag bigger youruber's names in the tags. Hmmm

No. 441978

Hahahaha fuck me thats cringe.

No. 441979

Whoever told him he can sing needs to be spayed. HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

No. 441982

File: 1506744188442.gif (1.93 MB, 600x337, so serious guys.gif)

Transcribing for all those who can not stand watching him.

>What goes into YouTube deciding who lives and who dies on this site? First off, an argument that people might make is that I don't make as high of quality content as I use to. Which is untrue, because I make lots of videos and may of them are awesome. So that doesn't quite fit. My content has been consistent for the longest time.

>Another argument is that people get bored of the same repetitious content. Firstly, I have some of the least repetitious content, especially on the Onision Channel. But even so you can bring up Happy Wheels number four-hundred-and-fifty-two-thousand on whoevers channel and that can get a million views per video. You know? So repetition isn't necessarily a bad thing on YouTube.

>You could bring up controversy. You could say that suddenly I'm irrelevant because of controversy. But I've had countless incidents of controversy through out many-many years.

>There are a number of things that you can say are the reason my channels are no longer doing well. Like for instance on UhOhBro, where you could say well your transferring a lot of videos that some people have already seen to that channel. The problem with that theory - Onision Archive did quite well when those where transferring videos from one channel to another and then that channel plummeted as well.

>Onision Archive, Onision Encore, UhOhBro, Onision Speaks, Onision - all of those channels have tanked. But why now? Why are all those channels suddenly falling apart for the last few months; coincidentally right around when the adpocalypse hit.

>It's very confusing to see an entire network of channels go down inexplicably. When your content is consistent. When you consistently upload. You haven't reduced the quality. What is the explanation for the death of Onision?

>On top of that, whats really sad is the death of my channel has also effected my spouses channel. They use to pull in a hundred-thousand views per video. A video they just uploaded just over a day ago has fourteen-thousand views. (ASMR Video). Typically by now they would of had at least eighty-thousand views.

>So, it's not only seeing the death of my own channel but I'm also seeing the death of people I care about channels. So this is a problem and sadly this is cancerous because the source of most of my traffic for all of my social media was YouTube. So if my YouTube dies - then all of my social media starts to die as well.

>Now lets ask a question about this sub-glitch, because there is a sub-glitch. If you go to socialblade.com and you type on Onision, or UhOhBro, or Onision Speaks, you'll see that I've been losing hundreds of subscribers daily. Actually thousands if you combine all of them. Daily for no reason. Why would I consistently lose subscribers day after day after day regardless of the content I make unless there was some kind of glitch in the system.

>Now you might say, Onision - you're just making excuses. That this is all BS to convince yourself that you don't suck. Problem, I talked to YouTube and they both confirm and deny, depending on the person who I was talking to, that their was a sub-glitch. And I talked to other and they confirmed the same thing. That there is a sub-glitch and they've talked to YouTube and they had also confirmed and denied a sub-glitch.

>Like for instance, a while ago I contacted YouTube about paid channels - Whether or not they are being cancelled and YouTube couldn't give a strait answer until they finally said "uh, we don't think it's gonna happen. We don't think paid YouTube channels are going to get cancelled.' And then they announced that paid channels where going to be cancelled.

>YouTube doesn't seem to know what it's doing and they don't seem to have their story straight. But one thing we can rely on is common sense. If a YouTube channel or channels have done well for about nine years, like mine did. Consistent and beautiful growth. I would get thirty to seventy-thousand subscribers a month. If they did that consistently and then all of a sudden adpocalypse hits and then suddenly the channels start to die - that seems like an algorithm problem, doesn't it?

>So YouTube is picking people to kill. People that have invested their entire lifes into YouTube. They are with out notice, without compensation, without anything - ending. Firing without justification essentially. Which is convenient because we are not technically employees, we operate through 10-99's. We're contractors so they're allowed to screw us like this.

>But I just think it's interesting that I can pour my heart into a video these days and where I use to be able to expect a potential of five-hundred-thousand views, I can now expect a potential of maybe twenty-thousand if I'm lucky. What is that? How come YouTube is preventing people from staying subscribed to me. How come I get so many reports of people that have been automatically unsubscribed from me? How come the system is so rigged? I don't understand it. And I've seen many other YouTubers struggle for a long time. Inexplicably, especially LGBT channels.

>There is a select few LGBT channels that thrive and the rest - it's like they've been picked off one by one. It's kind of like the token black kid on South Park. 'See, we have a black person - we're not racist.' So YouTube is like 'See, we have a LGBT person, we're not homophobic.' It's an interesting strategy.

>Regardless their is something very-very wrong with YouTube. It's very-very broken. There are people that are thriving beautifully. Who are making millions upon millions of dollars because YouTube has deemed them appropriate for you to watch. It's interesting, it really is. It's interesting to see you're whole life ripped away from you because of a personal opinion that a few employees may have.

>Regardless, I have to make a living. Obviously. Right now I'm making enough to survive. I have pending debt but I'm remortgaging my house so I can take care of that debt and then be in debt for the next thirty years like the typical American. But I want you guys to know that if you want to make sure that you're not forced to unsubscribe. That you… To follow me on social media or something like that so you can actually keep up with me. Or if you want to see me continue to make videos successfully - patreon.com/onison. That seems to be the only site right now that isn't sucking, to put it politely.

>Thank you so much to everyone that has supported me all this time although I know many of you will never see this video. Many of my supports. Because YouTube doesn't show it to you. Doesn't notify you in many cases. You're probably already unsubscribed and you don't even know I'm struggling right now because YouTube has made sure that I've been silenced. It's very interesting.

>Alright, Thank you for watching. Now to all the haters - I hope you're enjoying my downward spiral.

No. 441983

>Alright, Thank you for watching. Now to all the haters - I hope you're enjoying my downward spiral.

Haha, yep!

No. 441989

>I have pending debt but I'm remortgaging my house so I can take care of that debt and then be in debt for the next thirty years like the typical American.

I loved how he seemed to think he it better than the 'typical american.' Like it's okay for normal people to have debt that takes along time to pay off but he's above that. It's kind of along the lines of I'm only making as much as your dad, feel bad for me.

No. 441991

I genuinely love that he doesn't get how controversy after controversy adds up. It's not just "oh he made a video about this person" or "he cheated on his wife with a teenage fan", it's "oh he did this and this and this". It builds up. It's not as easy to ignore as just one by itself.

>Happy Wheels number four-hundred-and-fifty-two-thousand on whoevers channel

kek acting like he doesn't sit there watching Markiplier's videos and seething over his popularity.

No. 441994

>They are with out notice, without compensation, without anything - ending.

So he really thinks he should be compensated for his failing channels?

No. 441998


Nah man, this is how he sounds with his original voice


No. 442000

>So YouTube is picking people to kill. People that have invested their entire lifes into YouTube. They are with out notice, without compensation, without anything - ending. Firing without justification essentially. Which is convenient because we are not technically employees.

He's so god damn entitled!

Oh Onion, you're gonna need a J-O-B~~~

No. 442001

He should get a job piercing ears at Claire's so he can get paid to hurt little girls all day.

No. 442006

kill em, anon

No. 442015

she should just shave off her hair, buy a wig and start over again, her makeup looks fine in this, well from what I can tell with the overexposure, if she just stuck with this makeup and let her blonde hair grow to medium length or stuck with her brown pixie cut and dressed more mature she'd be hot

No. 442017

or drawn on with a sharpie, it doesn't look like a real tattoo tbh

No. 442018

So I was just at an event where I had the opportunity to speak at length with a YouTube executive whose job is to manage content creators, and placating a lot of pissed off YouTubers after this summer. They had no idea who Onision is (and yes, I was extremely embarrassed that I asked). He is nothing to them.

No. 442019

File: 1506749300023.png (584.21 KB, 959x476, newshirt (2).png)


>We have the iphone signifying vanity

>Horse face
>You know who I'm talking about

Fixed it. Sage for shitty photoshop skills

No. 442022

>Now you might say, Onision - you're just making excuses. That this is all BS to convince yourself that you don't suck

so close to self awareness…yet so far. thanks for the transcript anon, idk how you can stomach gregma tbh

No. 442025

File: 1506750252195.png (394.36 KB, 764x462, opewjorw.png)

funny how he refused to cater the slightest to fans and then told everyone to not watch him if they don't like them, and when people listen to him he pulls this shit kek

someone should make a "but first I was like___ and now I'm like____" meme

No. 442027

wtf, he looks like a Titan. His body is disgusting.

No. 442028

They're discussing the sound a cow makes and Greg says the sound would be much lower:

>"How would you know, Greg?"

>"Uh-oh! Hehehe"
>"Exposed! Starve any cows lately, Gregory?"

I'm sorry if it's a stretch but that sounds like either a reference to his interactions with Momokun (or what he has planned in regards to Momo), or maybe they're both in on fucking around with Momo. Or maybe they're making the newbie mistake of referring to us as the cows rather than farmers. Idfk.

No. 442030


I think they were talking about us since anons earlier in the thread were wanting their smegma-laced milk for the day.

No. 442031

I assumed she was referencing him admitting to starving his pet (chicken?)

No. 442032

he looks like a randomized sim

No. 442037

I wish someone from youtube would just delete all his channels and ignore him for eternity. No one would even care. Like ten angry fans would tweet at youtube for him, then get over it and go find better youtubers to fangirl over.

>On top of that, whats really sad is the death of my channel has also effected my spouses channel.

Lol proof he was hoping lameo could bring in the dough and encouraged her to upload constantly and create a new channel. This dumbass doesnt realize hes the one who is helping the death of her channel. Lameo tries to appeal to the SJW crowd and her husband is everything they hate. It'd turn anyone off.

How does he retain any audience when every other video is constant whining about how hes entitled to more money than his audience's parents and that they owe him money and must donate to him on patreon if they have iphones or they are horrible.

No. 442038

I was wondering what Someguy was up to then came across his post and, well… I'm glad he realized the error of his ways and all but do y'all think there's some truth to this? That one day he'll off one of his detractors out of sheer lunacy as his screws are becoming loose on a daily basis?


I know it's silly to ask about these things but he's right about Gregma going unhinged as the days go by, especially when the ad-pocalypse and IRS hit him hard this year.

I also wish he'd just tell the truth who "hsanon" really is.

No. 442040

File: 1506759054802.png (188.62 KB, 990x557, Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 6.10…)

what did this mean at 2.04? is onion just being a v for vendetta edgelord, or reference to chans?

No. 442043


The chans and the rest of the anti-o movement. We're all (or at least most of us are) faceless here, he can't see us

No. 442045

File: 1506760640931.png (272.79 KB, 552x506, crymore.png)

someone needs to start spreading this screenshot because it's hilarious.

porn is the last thing i think about when i see the word "Gay"

don't think too deep into it, he has the mind of an edgy 15 year old, and he tried to make a dramatic video.

No. 442049

File: 1506763032084.png (60.61 KB, 720x384, 20170930_111643.png)


No. 442050

>Yeah I'm getting to the top
>Now that I am on the bottom, the only logical conclusion is that I'm gonna get to the top
>Yeah getting to the top c'mon universe
>I'm the chosen one, get me to the top
>Anytime now
>They'll all see

No. 442052

Next thread pic? Especially if someone with skillz can add running mascara on.

No. 442054


> Now that I've alienated myself from my few true friends with my horrible misbehaviour

> and have surrounded myself with desperate faceless yes men
> why aren't things going my way, like I feel I'm entitled to?

Translated from Onionese to normal human English

No. 442055

Lol he really is so fucking entitled. You being "on top" was a fluke in the first place. And you ruined it by being a complete asshole creep to everyone. Seriously what moron ruins the easiest most comfortable job in the world all because he can't stop being a jackass abusive pedophile?

He hasn't even hit rock bottom yet and hes already whining acting like he is so pitiful. Keep going down. I hope he one day loses everything for real. If you are still sitting in a fucking mansion owning a tesla and buying all these luxuries for yourself getting 5k a month from your weird fanbase, and still whining, you deserve nothing. Him and lameo are the most spoiled entitled greedy narcissistic people.

No. 442056

God it fucking pisses me off how they act. I'm in college and some months I've went eating rice, beans, noodles and free frozen lasagne from uni because of how little money I had, only fueling my car $15 at a time. This loser has the capacity to live a normal, middle income life but him and pointyface think the world owes them an upper middle class lifestyle. You ain't poor; sell the house, sell the cars, downscale to a 2 bedroom home, buy a used toyota, make uggo use her fucking psych degree

No. 442058

>sell the house, sell the cars, downscale to a 2 bedroom home, buy a used toyota, make uggo use her fucking psych degree

This kills the narc.

No. 442062

>kinda of

No. 442075

File: 1506778315199.jpg (92.17 KB, 1600x900, spiderman.jpg)

seems onion thought this was a good look to emulate

No. 442077


No. 442081

Say it louder for the people in the back. She is a trendy bitch who is a basic white girl and hates herself, so she's clinging to a sexuality and orientation to make herself less 'boring.' Gay people dont become gay because they're bored, esp considering it's still very dangerous to be openly gay in most parts of the world (and even the U.S.) She's a shitty person.

No. 442082

File: 1506782200025.jpeg (352.06 KB, 2048x2048, B645E526-F2D8-4BAC-9CE8-160730…)

So poor he can’t even afford to renew domain name

No. 442085

i kind of want to buy it just so he can't have it…

No. 442087

Omfg that would produce the best Gregma outrage.

No. 442088

Omfg that would produce the best Gregma outrage.

No. 442090

No they're not, at least not onision.net. if you try to buy it it takes you to a page where you can pay like $70 to have them ask onion if it's up for sale

No. 442095

File: 1506786043072.jpg (96.71 KB, 603x554, crymoregerg.jpg)

Here's a quick attempt

No. 442096

File: 1506786973704.png (198.94 KB, 750x1180, IMG_7002.PNG)

Already tried. :(

No. 442102

I feel so sorry for him. He had to pay for a flight to LA for a business dinner, his wife had to pay for a tattoo because she promised her followers and now he has no money left for his own domain and has to live off a diet of pickle burritos. Poor Gargamel.

No. 442105

It's just sweet lady karma smacking him in the face for being such a dick 24/7. I can't wait for his future video "you need to join my pateron so I can have my website back"

No. 442109

I can't stop laughing from the fact that his onision video was uploaded yesterday and is not even over 10k views kek

No. 442110

I'm honestly surprised he hasn't tried claiming lolcow is the reason he's losing views because we upload his videos.

No. 442111

File: 1506791390502.gif (201.57 KB, 500x284, 1506043017302.gif)

>thinks this is the bottom

No. 442112

That would be admitting that a huge chunk of people watch his videos to laugh and smirk AT him, not because his content is funny or engaging. Of course he'll never admit that.

No. 442117

>c'mon universe

maybe he'll start praying to sisesca and bring out that cultish stuff out again

No. 442118

File: 1506793735332.png (83.69 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3598.PNG)

Lainey used to be so adamant about not being gay. It's so cringey seeing her OVER compensating. What actual gay person has to remind people every fucking second about how gay they are?

No. 442119

File: 1506794039903.png (47.27 KB, 640x625, IMG_3600.PNG)

Samefag pic related

No. 442122


She would get SOOOOO fucking mad when people would imply she was bisexual because Onion used to talk hella shit on bi people. Then all of a sudden he makes this big deal about how he's okay with it, and I shit you not within a month or two THEN she's like oh im so gay and Greg made this totally innocent suggestion that I should explore that side of my sexuality hehe

No. 442123

File: 1506794906063.png (30.42 KB, 215x223, Screenshot 2017-09-30 at 2.08.…)

No. 442125

Greg should write another book o: that's a way to make money right there.

No. 442126

One step closer to becoming a family vlogger!!

No. 442127


Poor Troy, he'll grow up to be an ugly mofo (same with Clair/Cloey)

No. 442128


I remember when he made a video bitching about people crying in their coming out videos cause Lainey didn't.
Maybe it' because it's something they actually struggled coming to terms with!!

No. 442129

There are youtubers becoming homeless due to getting less money from youtube and he thinks he's at the bottom, he just can't stand earning similar money to 'normal people'

No. 442130

I love how Gerg is always saying things like "people are saying my content isn't as good as it used to be" or "people might say" etc. and he then always says "but that's not true, in fact my content is now better than ever". Like….. yeah sure ok, just because you say so.

No. 442132

Reeks of desperation.
I wonder if he will ever get to the point where he shows his kids as a last ditch effort to remain entertaining. Similar to the puppy episode, but far more desperate.

No. 442133

>Thats not true
>In fact
It's crazy and actually concerning how sure he is that his opinion is fact.

No. 442136

I JUST did this baby image simulator in the last thread to see what his kids will look like. He DEFINITELY has been lurking. Sly dog, he is so out of video ideas he steals from us Anons now.

No. 442137

They got the idea for the Laineybot beauty channel from my posts on here.

They're following our feedback as closely as we're following their antics.

No. 442139

if he gets more views on this video,
maybe he'll actually reveal Troy and Bandaid someday

No. 442141

File: 1506798736468.png (8.36 KB, 1326x33, tags.png)


video tags

No. 442142

File: 1506798787676.gif (Spoiler Image,672.35 KB, 300x203, loll.gif)


If someone ever does snag the domain off him they should edit the page to have nothing else but this on it.

No. 442144

lol he wishes

No. 442146

File: 1506799868527.png (47.87 KB, 215x224, Screenshot 2017-09-30 at 3.28.…)

No. 442147

So basically, because "our hero" admitted he was wrong, we have all been proved wrong.

Nah Grug, just means he's just as wrong as you are lol. Bye

No. 442149

He's gone and done it. I knew he would get around to using his kids. How fucking low. So pathetic.

No. 442150

Didn't he privately tell Eugenia he would stop making videos?

No. 442151

File: 1506801277950.png (988.74 KB, 619x544, 5520004.png)

he's apologizing for specific things because he wants onion's help in going after after joy sparkle kek

No. 442153

>Don't you SEE!? This guy who once hated me apologized for his behavior (not for being "full of it") so now he made amends! And I just shittalked him for five minutes! Why do people hate me?

No. 442155

OT shit
I had an ex who looked and acted exactly like Gurg and when it started getting colder he would say things like "freezing is just an illusion" "the cold doesnt exist" … I can totally imagine Gurg saying things like this and the fact that he doesnt heat his home makes it even funnier

No. 442158

I think both Onison and Repizon are obnoxious dumbfucks, so this changes literally nothing for me.

You're both idiots Greg. N you're so desperate to be liked that you readily accepted the "apology" he gave just cuz he wants dirt on JS (a more relevant, lulzy cow than yourself. You are just sad)

No. 442163

File: 1506803553801.jpg (53.85 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-140812163623-634.-…)

He looks like Mork.

No. 442164

Annnd now repzion is a fucking cow in his own right. Siding and apologizing to onision and asking favors is the most idiotic thing he could do.

No. 442173

Well repzion gave the narc the ego boost he needed. Greg lives for this shit. I love how his first instinct is to make an announcement about the email.

>my quality hadnt gone down

Sure buddy. A serious video about an enemy emailing you and how you are so right. So entertaining! Im sure your fans are riveted!

No. 442177

Yeah Repzion has become a desperate cow himself in these last months.
Tipp for Gurgamel: Rep is selling pictures of his feet to survive now because he is losing viewers. Maybe get some tips from him and find people who want to jack off to your nasty stompers. Or even better, take pictures of your wife's face for foot porn collectors for some extra cash. Since you two 'barely survive' rn on like $7000 patreon cash + yt money and younow donations.

No. 442183

Jeeze, he's been sitting on this for AWHILE!
Rep made his Joy video like a month ago.

No. 442190


Would some of us even want to pay for Onion-dick pics?

Hahaha what a fucking loser! It's not like this is gonna give you anymore applause and whatnot

No. 442196

>Apologize to Onion
>Get shat on by him in video because he wants to show how superior he is to you

This is what you get for being a cuck with no integrity, Repzion.

No. 442197

he's also been licking lexxynichelles ass, he's either desperate for attention or is going insane

No. 442198

i googled who that lexxy girl is…
time to delete my internet history.

No. 442199

>I was right about everything all along!
>He should've apologized publicly!

Way to make your "haters" see the light.

No. 442200


any suggestions would be great :)

No. 442201

Aldiii's dreams of fiji video

No. 442203

Pictures and dates of when Billie sported certain hair colors and when Lame did, side by side, displaying her skin wearing. Also clothes and wigs shes worn of Billie's since the breakup and the makeup styles shes copied

No. 442206

boob nazi stuff

No. 442209

File: 1506808136165.gif (470.3 KB, 240x240, snowwhite.gif)

I've never been in love with an anon so much before.

I would change the spelling at the bottom from "Billy" to the correct "Billie".

No. 442214

Didn't Repzion had a thing for this Lexxy chick? Maybe that's why Onion is trying to have her on his side lol


No. 442215


HOLY SHIT ANON! you madman, you actually took it! damn, we don't deserve you.

i agree with >>442203 putting bunch of billie's comparison pics there would be awesome. and the lolcow fanart

No. 442216

File: 1506809265027.png (18.9 KB, 438x389, 1490188972146.png)


No. 442217

Need to get her actual name on there. Future employers should probably know what kinda person she is

No. 442218

This, and as much as I love all the making fun of her I do feel maybe at some point this should be used to properly document all her problematic ways in a way that people will take seriously

No. 442221

A hidden diary in the mindset of a stockholm syndrome victim.

No. 442222

You should also buy the .net, the .xyz and the .biz so she can't use it at all :)

(I think net and xyz are the important ones)

No. 442223

She's so dull I'm having a hard time coming up with things.

Maybe photos of her various fidget spinners?

No. 442224

check em

No. 442226

Omg anon I feel so honored I've never had that happen to me

No. 442228

if u can do that thing where the cursor is an image, make it a foot or an onion.

No. 442229

Post all her tweets saying nigga and saying how Greg made her get a girlfriend!!!!

No. 442230

a slideshow of her most unflattering pictures including her ugly makeup looks

No. 442231


I would add an actual contact so you can document any Greg DM sperging, and so we can link you content without getting in trouble with farmhands.

No. 442232

Post the video of the Draw My Life Greg made about lamps dad

No. 442233

File: 1506811126951.jpg (901.27 KB, 1000x1500, pt2017_09_30_16_37_45.jpg)

Here's a hair one.

No. 442234


Oh..my..god..I am dying
I love you, anon!

No. 442236

include screenshots of bille looking at greg all doe eyed

No. 442237

File: 1506811451244.jpg (65.84 KB, 720x719, 1457798768953.jpg)

Plz add some of the younow moments when she gets irritated that Eugenia has more viewers or how she isn't the top of guys despite being a smol gay space prince.
I stopped watching Rep when he made pathetic vids about how he was going to kill himself if he didn't lose his virginity. How has he sunk lower than that?

No. 442238

In the husband page please please show his creepy underage shit like the links to the archive and stuff so when people go to her site it also has his creepy ass in there and people can see

No. 442239

Also his live ratings and passing her pictures, how they find a Billie clone too

No. 442240


Lol inb4 takedown notice/ C&D

No. 442241

Is the lifeofonion site ran by him? I don't think he can do anything anyways since he's a "public figure" and there's nothing threatening in it..should look to copywriting her username as well

No. 442242

you can name yhe unflattering pics slideshow My Modeling Portfolio lol!

No. 442247


Life of Onion is run by OnisionDrama, you'll be fine if you use it.

No. 442248

The Tumblr site onision drama?

No. 442251

remember to sage

No. 442252

How do you know this? Not doubting you just wondering

No. 442254

Asking myself if I should troll Lamey on YouNow today?

No. 442259

File: 1506814002610.png (28.64 KB, 275x146, 1503339840535.png)


Caption all her racist tweets and/or the ones using "gay/fag".

No. 442260

power by godaddy
this is my new homepage
aldi i salute you too

No. 442261


Yeah, that OD. They've mentioned to owning it on their Tumblr page and on the LoO wiki. I even submitted an old Onion blogsite from 2007 to them (I too was confused if OD owned or not so I submitted his blog to Tumblr and next thing you know, it's there.)

I believe they welcome Grease updates from other people as well if y'all wanna try.

No. 442265

File: 1506814845299.png (53.39 KB, 220x209, Screenshot 2017-09-30 at 7.29.…)

No. 442266

File: 1506814994503.png (180.1 KB, 311x600, sizequeen.png)

No. 442267

…he's 30 years old…and thinks this shit is funny…

No. 442268

File: 1506815367473.png (168 KB, 591x370, Screenshot 2017-09-30 at 7.42.…)

>Onision LA Collab video


No. 442270

Webmaster anon, please, for the love of pixyteri, DO NOT do any of this


It will just turn into the gazzilionth anti-O blog, nobody needs that, that's so boring.

Keep it in the hilariously satirical spirit it now has. That's amusing.

No. 442272


I agree 100% with this! Keep it satirical completely from the LaineyBot first person point of view.

No. 442273

also agree, because this way it makes people who stumble upon it more interested rather than seeing a page of receipts and saying "fuck this"

No. 442274

Would love a stat anon to work out what percentage of Onion punchlines consist of gun violence, the threat of gun violence or violence in general.

Suuuuuuuch good quality content dude. Very well written and produced lol

No. 442275

link her to her new fan site

No. 442276

Do yourselves a favour and DO NOT WATCH THIS, it's so so so bad just.. don't.

No. 442277

You should make a fake quote by grug in the my husband section and make it a super long rant that covers his stances on teenage girls and weed

No. 442278

File: 1506816305371.jpg (160.84 KB, 800x649, am i gay comment section.jpg)

>the comments on the video

No. 442279

Well taking his most recent video as a sample, 6/10 of the punchlines contain gun violence

No. 442280

File: 1506816345497.png (14.66 KB, 789x102, img.png)

No. 442285

what the literal fuck.

I'm not a regular lurker of the Onion thread, but I think I have some catching up to do.

What the fuck.

No. 442290

No. 442294

isn't rucka rucka ali that guy that released that racist "ching chang chong" song a couple years ago?

No. 442295

File: 1506818737088.png (843.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0752.PNG)

I…I'm not even sure what this is

No. 442296

File: 1506818743158.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170930-184123.png)


Was compiling her copycat videos and it looks plaineys glasses lookbook and "husband dyes my hair" are both gone?

Anybody have backups on vidme?

No. 442297

Chickpeas avocado black beans and fritos wth no wonder he's getting fat..trailor park nachos

No. 442300


>to the best of my knowledge

he's a joke, all he eats is unhealthy/fattening vegan food instead of actually researching what stuff he should be eating since his options are limited. why is his best friend freelee not commenting on his food choices like she does with every other vegan/new vegan?

No. 442301

Those vids are on her regular channel, not "beautybot

No. 442302

you're my hero

No. 442303

Maybe she doesn't give a fuck since he agreed she's disgusting too for having implants.

It was stupid to help him at all. He's not going to do veganism any favours, even if he learnt to cook.

No. 442304


true lol, imagine doing a dying channel a favour and let them collab with you only for them to call you unnatural because of ur boobs. the fact that he still thinks he's gonna "rise up" again after all this shit is the funniest thing in the world

No. 442307

Probably the traveling tacos Plainey was going on about Greg making for her last night on younow,I was wondering how they were going to eat tacos being vegan.
Greg calls them haystacks.

No. 442309

Someone please post the link to the laineybot website on lameos younow

No. 442310

All of his music is lol
That's his whole persona

No. 442311

“Vegan to the best of my knowledge” it’s either fucking vegan or it’s not onion.

No. 442312

Traveling tacos? So the shits.

No. 442314

watching lainey's stream:

>talking about crushes, "i'm down to 2 now"

>someone says "i used to make a list of crushes when i was younger" and lainey goes, "i made a list of all the people i kissed once. it was long. too long…" keeps talking about kissing sooooOOooooO many people "it was like an upwards of 40 people"
>asked about how many partners she's had and at first she didnt answer, then said 2-3, but one wasn't consensual so she doesn't include it
>asked about birthday plans "no not really any plans". someone mentioned olive garden and she said "i probably will go to olive garden and i have a gift card"

No. 442315

So Lainey wants to ask her crush out on her birth date, damn the Onion won't even take her out on her birthday.

No. 442316

someone just asked her if she's seen laineybot.com but she didnt say anything

No. 442317

but she did just say "hold on i need to check something really quick" i feel like she's looking rn lmao

No. 442318

He's not even trying. He doesn't care and acts like it's such a bother to be vegan. If I didn't know him, I would think he is one of those hateful meat eaters that is trying a vegan diet for a week.

No. 442320

She looked real uncomfortable for a second but i would think she would freak out a little, at least.

No. 442321

File: 1506821695596.png (885.15 KB, 1366x2238, screencapture-laineybot-150682…)

Screenshotting for posterity

No. 442322

File: 1506821716898.png (1.98 MB, 1366x2703, screencapture-laineybot-my-hub…)

No. 442323

File: 1506821731488.png (1.35 MB, 1366x2405, screencapture-laineybot-my-ido…)

No. 442326

someone asked if she'd ever get the anastasia beverly hills lip palette and she goes "this is gonna sound really stupid but… what is a lip palette"

also she's talking about how people make fun of her for having a spinner

No. 442327


Waaaait. She has her bachelor's in psychology. I'm getting my PhD in the subject, but every time I see SJWs/wannabe SJWs majoring in my field, I die a little inside.

No. 442332


>(765) 649-1775

Is that her real number?

No. 442335

LMAO!!! That is some funny shit.

No. 442341

Google the number anon

No. 442344

File: 1506823817527.jpeg (6.49 KB, 275x177, images.jpeg)

Domain anon, you should add this ( >>442142 ) to the hubby section. Also we know how much he likes gif/pics of him being "violated" so add this fanart too.

No. 442351

it just comes up with indiana phone numbers?

No. 442352

here ya go


No. 442353

sonuva bitch i didn't refresh
either way it goes to a place called the onion factory

No. 442355

I never liked Rep, so this is just facepalm worthy. Gj Rep, did you not even for a second think Gergle's going to make this public and then draw insane conclusions about his "haterz" ( people who have valid reasons for disliking him )?

No. 442356

File: 1506826993858.jpg (75.54 KB, 550x354, 545771821.jpg)

or this one of footface sulking in the background

No. 442357

lol repzion has been pathetic for a long time now and no one here thinks hes "our hero". Also how pathetic he went and apologized to onion boy in an attempt to get dirt on joy. Like what would onion even tell him? If onion had dirt on her, he'd say it in his own video. What a complete moron. I'm glad repzion's channel is dying as well. I get how people think joy is crazy, but how does anyone think shes worse than onion boy to the point where you start sucking up to him. He loves to use these half-assed apologies as proof that hes correct and da haterz are wrong and apologize, and repzion gave him what he wants and will get nothing back. What a dipshit. And repzion is hardly any better than onion boy and joy, and people could call him out on so much cow bullshit hes done.

i wouldnt put this one because hes gonna go on ten year rants about how the site is raping him and act like a victim.

No. 442374

Yeah, I doubt he was a 'hero' to anyone - perhaps to some anons who aren't familiar with his past, but that's probably it. It's like the most vocal anti-O's have a battered wife syndrome, because at some point they all go back with some form of a cringy apology. SMG - basically admitted he saw himself in Gergle ( also offered apology in the past, albeit regretted it later because Gergle did what he always does - turned the whole thing into something that wasn't ), Rep apologized to get dirt on Kati and because 'reasons', The amazing cunt keeps having him on the podcast for conversations, Joy turned out to be pretty much insane and I'm not sure what DSSCTM is doing, because I haven't checked on any of his activity.
I guess for the most part it really is people who have a lot in common with him and want attention.


As it should, he said a lot of insane shit in it. These aren't his 'biggest haters' or a representation of everyone else, just the most attention starved ones. If he wants to see genuine claims against him ( that are fucking valid ), there are plenty to go around, from hundreds of people.

No. 442375

why is this retard so oversexed

No. 442377


What the fuck did I just watch…?

Good song parody tho

No. 442383

I wish I listened to you. It's really really bad. I didn't know there could be anyone as unfunny as Onion, but there is.

It's also interesting he does a collab like this and pretends to be white knight for lgbt.

No. 442385

File: 1506832101173.png (30.53 KB, 640x532, HlRZ5LB_d.png)

>>asked about birthday plans "no not really any plans". someone mentioned olive garden and she said "i probably will go to olive garden and i have a gift card"

No. 442394

interesting, Victoria X Rave was in there, she used to date Hair Jordan… the guy who ditched the collab with Onion.

No. 442398

I like how onion has taken multiple trips to L.A recently. But for lameo's birthday she just gets a trip to olive garden paid for by a gift card.

she was best friends with hair jordan. idk if they still are. But a bunch of low-sub/view youtubers are attention whores who are desperate to work with anyone that might give them views and dont care even if it is onion boy abusive pedo. Theres a reason no one who is doing well on youtube ends up collabing with him.

No. 442408

No. 442409

It really was Haird Jordan or just an assumption?

No. 442412


Yeah that's it, ugly ass house

No. 442416

he brought this shit for $650k that means he would have been paying 5-7k a month on mortgage, why can't his dumbass just sell the house and buy something reasonable, no matter how much he puts it in a video and calls it a business expense like he does with his dogs

No. 442418

How they handle to make this house look so taggy and cheap?

No. 442419

who knows, grease always manages to make things look ugly

No. 442425


Everything King Nothing touches turns to shit.

No. 442442

The house itself is mismatched, excessive, basically a textbook McMansion but it could be decent with some remodeling. Plainey and Gargoyle don't do shit to decorate outside of the ~luxurious~ basement to change teens in and hanging up a death note poster though. I can't imagine having as much money as they used to and not at least going to the home section at fucking Marshalls and at least buying a $7.99 painting to liven the place up a little.

No. 442470

Grease didn't let skye decorate their house to begin with and I feel like his way of decorating is to be able to show people his interests on camera. Like a teenager basically.

I really don't think lame could be good at decorating at all. I truly think her bi flags are the extent of her decoration contributions.

If they had a proper decorator do it For free, I'm sure Onion would throw away the wall art and explain that his anime posters are paintings too. And maybe even revert the house back to its barren wasteland state with so many more excuses

No. 442476

File: 1506851653838.png (436.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171001-115103.png)

No. 442495


Jfc, onion is a magnet to cringey personalities.

Repzion must be super fucking despo to think this would go any differently, or that it was worth grovelling to Onion for Joy Sparkles milk. What a loser.

No. 442497

lol can we get all these idiots off youtube. Hes no better than onion or joy

No. 442498

The person who ditched his collar wasn't hair Jordan, it was MatthewLush (gaygod) who is friends with deefizzy. There's a video from his younow in the tub

No. 442499

I've always wondered why he hates her so fucking much. he stole her youth and gave him children. she now has zero social support system so of course she's a miserable fuck up.

he hated her even before this agender stuff, i just don't get it. he married her???

No. 442504

> he just came at the right place at the right time and got money. That's all.

you mean Skye came at the right time and place and Onion stole all her money

No. 442506

I think there's a couple of things going on. The first is that she's aged out of his age interest range. The second is that he's already broken her, so there's no interest for him in conquering her or whatever. There's no resistance there from her. So he's at a point where she is not sexy in the manner he likes, and she is not intellectually or emotionally stimulating either (regardless of how fucked up his brand of intellectual/emotional stimulation is– she doesn't provide it).

No. 442508

File: 1506865407343.gif (1.91 MB, 331x197, niceu.gif)

You're my new hero.

(Also, nice digits)

No. 442516

The original person that ditched him was hair Jordan. Matthew lush texted him AS he was streaming saying he was canceling too.

No. 442549

Oh I get it, it's funny beause gay and being gay is hilarious.
Are they all mentally twelve?

No. 442553

it's sad bc she's young and onion acts like his IRS fraud only effects him (she's in her early 20s who was the one who pushed out the kids and will naturally feel anxious as hell when they might not be taken care of) so she deserves to be treated well on her birthday, but i don't understand the problem with not really going out for your birthday? I always thought it was kind of embarrassing for adults to make it a thing

No. 442556

I mean, Billie had literally no resistance to him either. And I'm trying to figure her aging out of his interests, she definitely acts like a dumb twat so is it literally just her face? She needs hydration and vitamins like a mother fucker, but she's not deformed or tragic beyond help. I can understand the no stimulation part, though the other girls he's been into were pretty dumb too. I'm thinking it's the bubbly optimism younger girls can have, but if that's the case why give her so much shit?? She's relatively young, really inexperienced and sheltered for her age so of course she's making up fake anxiety she doesn't know how to deal with anything.

I really want to understand, I feel like I know too many dudes with this ephebophilia bs going on with the same narc entitlement

No. 442557

File: 1506876541930.png (48.56 KB, 221x201, Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 12.48…)

No. 442558

I dont think they are talking about celebrate with ballons and Chuky Cheese
But with an adult and someone who travels a lot is expectet to Onion to take her to a nice place even to L.A or something but he isnt even capabale of that.

No. 442560

>>442557 …..what the actual fuck did i just watch

No. 442566

It's British slang. I hope she's not using it to refer to Onion because it's more friendly/endearing than condemning.

>he's already broken her
This 100%.

I think he likes the act of breaking them and being in full control but then he resents them for being broken and controlled. He needs a constant supply of victories to make himself feel good, which is why he's always picking fights and starting arguments. With doormat Lainey, he doesn't get to beat her because she's already surrendered. I think that's why he seemed so obsessive about Shiloh and Billie - they still had some fight left.

Sage for theories

No. 442567

I can't stand this stupid free to use metal music he loves putting in his videos

No. 442568

>let's use google

oh here we go again

No. 442569

File: 1506878882091.png (55.05 KB, 216x202, Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 1.24.…)

No. 442570

Billie did have resistance. That's why it ended. Lameo would just have agreed to not smoke weed and wouldn't dare defy him, she would give up seeing her family no question, she'd make an apology video or get a tattoo if it meant she got to stay with onion boy. He would reveal her personal info, and she would not do anything about it or hate him. He screwed over billie once, and she left permanently. All the other "break ups" he had been siding with her and demonizing lameo so she was being lovebombed all that time. I think onion fully expected he could treat billie that way and they would have a fight, but in the end, he could manipulate her back. Because thats what he loves doing, but he fucked up lol.

Lameo definitely put up more "resistance" in the beginning and would speak out on twitter when he hurt her. I think the reason her and onion boy described that period after their almost divorce as them being "better than ever" is because it was somewhat of a challenge for him to win her back and he got her angry enough to want to break up with him. Now its gotten to the point where he can literally cheat in front of her face, bring over any girl he wants, and do literally anything. Then all he has to do is tweet "lameo is the most beautiful person" or some shit, and she just rolls over and goes omg love you daddy <3.

lol that girl is vegan. He got butthurt because they made a passing joke about vegans being pussies? How insecure he is.

No. 442574

I think this is true. He has such an intense narc need to be in control that he resents them when they DON’T break too (see his obsession with Billie - she didn’t cave to his psychotic demands to shave her head and chain herself in his basement and he went on a crusade against her for months). I also think this is why he goes apeshit over girls like JG and Blaire. They’re out of his control and step all over him whenever he tries to talk shit and do things he hates and it makes him furious because he has no way to bring them to heel.

There’s no way to date onion and win. You will always get too old, too broken, or not broken enough.

No. 442575

10 seconds into the stream
>Veiny explains that volcanos are "like likes and animation thing on younow"

sneaky bitch, no mention that they cost money and that she earns from them

No. 442577

I wonder if it has something to do with his weird obession of being in danger (i.e. the bulletproof vest for going to public events) that he's made the basement the living/sleeping room with all the entertainment stuff and the big bed in it.

Why do you need a huge ass house to live in the basement?

sage for old shit

No. 442578

It would make sense to have a windowless room for filming (or one with small windows) so that they don't influence the lighting too much, but I don't understand why they'd choose it as one of their main rooms.

Their whole living situation is just weird.

Did they decide to not show Sarah to not get backlash again?

No. 442582

Her outfit. She dresses like a middle schooler. Also its pretty clear someone is with her that is not onion boy. Can they make it anymore obvious sarah is there?

Also lol if anyone still believes she has severe social anxiety after seeing her act so comfortably filming and playing around in a public place, etc

>I'm a true LGBT icon now

Lol yeah totally. Getting a rainbow volcano makes you a LGBT icon. What have you done for the LGBT community besides make it a joke by using it as a trend and allowing your husband to fetish-ize lesbianism? She hasn't even been in a relationship with a girl. Adding billie to please your husband doesn't count. Shes a dumbass.

Also wow, she is advertising you can buy her to do things for you for a lot of money. Shes probably going to now promise to do something for "20 volcanoes", etc.

No. 442583

a nice birthday dinner (or at least going out with the family) is pretty standard. she's making it seem as if she has no plans and needs to ask other people to come with her because her husband isn't doing anything

but i agree with you, it's kinda lame for adults to care about their birthdays but she does. she's been talking about it on her streams and asking for presents that she can open in a video lmao

No. 442584

>Complains 24/7 about ~muhh anxiety~
>Acts like a tit and draws attention to herself in the tattoo shop

Taylor Logic

No. 442585

… is she trying to dab with her herbal vape pen? or is she smelling her armpit?

i hate it all

No. 442587

classy bringing her baby and vape pen to go get a tattoo

No. 442588


The worst part is that she has quite a few followers that ask her for advice regarding gender or LGBT related issues and she ALWAYS ignores them. She doesn't even acknowledge them and the ones I've seen were clearly not trolls (some of them were on her patreon iirc).

I don't think she brought her baby. I think the carrier was just in the car.

No. 442592

File: 1506880776329.png (946.04 KB, 1021x621, 123.png)

baby sitting on floor

No. 442593

just wanted to bring that up. she NEVER talks about any serious lgtb topics going on because she doesn't care. her gayness is all about herself. not a single tweet that goes beyond shallow words like "SO GAAAYY", all her videos are about looks or who she would date. But yeah, you're an lgtb icon now because you have a fucking rainbow colored tattoo now that you've been paid for and because you talk 24/7 about how gay you are.

also that poor tattoo artist probably had to listen to her babbling "omg blessed", "fuck me up", "I'm gay as hell" the whole time.

No. 442595

Spot on. Only uses her "gayness" to find a new gf or to post dumb pics of herself with #bipride
She doesn't give a shit about the actual community.

No. 442596

Why does she act like it's painful.I have a tattoo on the same exact spot, and you can barely feel it on there. In fact I think it is the spot where tattoos hurt the least and you only feel a bit of tickling. Such a drama queen.

No. 442603

where did she have the baby at while getting her tattoo? Obviously Sarah was in the small area with her did she just leave the baby out in the waiting room? If she had it back with her when she could have easily let Sarah watch her than that's ridiculous.

No. 442604


Nah she did decorate. Sure the paint job was his but she decorated the everything else. The glass bottles, that big ass dragon fan they had on the kitchen, etc.

Gregma should've let her remodel the house though, it looked like it was falling apart and livable for insects and rodents.

No. 442605

File: 1506882450522.jpg (43.45 KB, 794x314, onionboy.JPG)

god I hate this asshole so much. He's actually holding "contests" just so he can collect his pics. Watch most of the people entering all be female with no males.

No. 442610

That's gonna be the "don't judge challenge" all over again. And people hated that one because people been drawing acne or unibrows on their faces to look ugly and that basically says people who have those things naturally are ugly. So I can already sense backlash on this one.

No. 442611

File: 1506883006463.png (54.31 KB, 224x215, Screenshot 2017-10-01 at 2.36.…)

No. 442613

My god, he is so fucking cringy

No. 442614


He got butthurt with the comments and now claims Shiloh's life got better because of him.

Whoever posted photos containing her IG name, this is all your fault!!! We told you to stop!

No. 442615

I love how when people used to say "Lainey is better than you" he would always agree with the person. Now he's all "Do you think Lainey would like to see you say that?"

No. 442617

Lol hes really pimping her out so much lately. He realized everyone hates him and wont collab with him and he probably hopes he can use lameo to reclaim his fame. If she gets a big following, then he benefits off it. Hes still trying to play the lainey is perfect and unhateable shtick.

No. 442619

It's really going to back fire on him when everyone see's her for who she is and starts hating her just as much as Greg.

No. 442620

he totally does

>what did lainey do? ever?

remember his words when the divorce finally happened and he's making 1000 videos shitting on her

No. 442622

3.16 mins into lamebots tattoo video you can hear her baby crying. WHO THE FUCK TAKES THEIR BABY TO A TATTOO PARLOR and the LEAVES IT in the reception! Also can we all note how she was blasting music in the car with the baby in the back seat. She is such a shit mum.

No. 442623

did you mean 2:16? cause at 3:16 you can't hear crying

No. 442624

Shit sorry I meant 1.48!

No. 442625

lol can you imagine this freak walking into your tattoo shop dressed in a lisa frank shirt looking and acting like shes 12 while carrying her baby daughter and claiming shes getting a gay volcano tattoo because shes soo gay. I dont think i could not laugh at that.

No. 442626

I'm sorry anons, I am not giving clear info. On the Vidme upload of Lames tattoo vlog at 1.48 you can hear the baby crying.

No. 442629

File: 1506887065818.png (1.86 MB, 1670x944, Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 20.4…)

Is the girl in the background with Lame-o and Sarah? It'd explain who was looking after onionspawn. She has purple hair.

No. 442630

id assume sarah is behind the camera. I dont know what sarah's hair looks like now though.

Also its pretty funny how during the sarah drama, they said they were not going to bring her back in secret, and they are doing just that.

No. 442631

hey lainey i’ll give you 100 volcanos to actually be a mother to your children

No. 442632


It depends. Where I'm from you have to be 18+ to be in that area. Not sure how it is for Washington though

No. 442634


Trying to make it seem like he's laughing it off, but it's so obvious he's always seething about any criticism ever.

>I was told a little while ago that someone I dated over five years ago is having a great life now, so obviously I didn't destroy it. Otherwise, it would never be good again.

>I was told

ya ok lol

>Otherwise, it would never be good again.

She rebuilt herself despite you trying to destroy her, you creepy, abusive garbage heap. And that "see what I did there?" laugh after… he's obviously aware of how he manipulates and twists things to benefit himself.

It wasn't hard to find her new social media from her old one. His discord minions prob would have found her new shit anyway to get drama going. But yeah, agreed to not posting about her here.

Yeah, like after she left him temporarily and he put out the vid painting Lainey like an anxious buzzkill who nagged him and Billie all the time and ruined the ~trinity~.

No. 442637


I didn't post it, but Shiloh has a new persona and is releasing new music soon, so it's not like she's in hiding anymore. Her profile is very public now.

No. 442638

Rep is a spineless piece of shit, and just as self-righteous as Greg is. Expect nothing less.

No. 442640

>If I TRIED to destroy her she would never recover!
How does he have any fans, he's repugnant.

No. 442642


I see you don't have children.

Babies, while being a complete bunch of bacteria, would be a lot more irresponsible to bring to a sterile space where the actual tattooing happens.

Also, babies cry. Even if you made sure they have everything alright, they might cry. Maybe the person babysitting the bandaid had/wanted to tag along and stayed in the reception.

Not defending Lameo, but seeing "bad parenting" in a situations like this is just plain stupidity.

No. 442645


He never mentioned that it took 5 years for her to get back in the game.

No. 442646

His fans are as weird and as bad him.
I forgive the young and new ones that aren't aware of the drama, but there are many older ones that are as sociopathic as he is.

No. 442648

Whether or not the anon has children is irrelevant, so sage.

Those kids have two parents. She could have easily left them with Onion at home or got a babysitter. Don't nobody want to hear a screaming fucking baby while people are trying to concentrate when permanently inking a person's body. It was irresponsible.

No. 442650

File: 1506891956671.png (122.13 KB, 500x748, IMG_0753.PNG)

Turns out that Becca the fat fuck gave Lame the idea for the ~gay volcano~ tattoo

No. 442651

Why doesn't rep have his own thread in /snow?
I'd love to read up on all the shitty things he's done. He comes off as a younger Onion at this point.

>He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster

No. 442653

>He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster

Indeed, that's what happens when you take things too seriously.

Should've just laughed and enjoyed the freak-show like us.

No. 442654

If someone else tagged along we would have seen them in the Tesla. Obviously Sarah is filming so no reason for them to be extra private and take separate cars to a tattoo parlor. She most likley just left her kid with the receptionist. Which is messed up. Bet they found her extra annoying "This is gonna be so lit, and gay, like me, bless. Watch my baby for me please, you'd be soooo lit, Sarah leave bandaid behind and come film my gayness, Bless!"

No. 442659

h-how did you find his house anon

No. 442661

if you weren't a newfag you would already know about that listing. lurk more threads

No. 442663

tbh the whole "new persona" thing she's putting on kinda seems like greg has soured literally everything about her old self so much she doesn't feel comfortable unless she's someone else.

No. 442665

Since the majority of this thread is apparently women, and I'm a newfag; what was the general reaction to Greg's "you're beautiful" song to Lainey? I personally think it's one of the funnier pieces of his content.

No. 442666

File: 1506897125383.jpg (882.35 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171001_162946.jpg)

Peep that anemia though.
Gotta love how Gerg tauts vegetarianism as a miracle diet when Lainey looks so much more gaunt and washed out then she did before the diet and being cooped up all day.

No. 442667

What happen to her fucking color? She is about nothing to turn albin

No. 442668

that's a pretty shitty comparison considering the left photo has an obvious warm toned filter anon

No. 442673

File: 1506898116731.jpg (791.94 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171001_164741.jpg)

Made a new one for you anon.
Before onion and now.

No. 442675


well she did move from new mexico to a cooler and more northern state, so its not a surprise she lost some colour in her skin. Oh, and she's more of a hermit now so very little time actually hanging outside with her non existent friends

No. 442678

That has less to do with a vegetarian diet as it has to do with her just generally having a shitty diet and Gerg and her only eating processed fast food. You can be healthy on a vegetarian and even vegan diet if you do it right.

No. 442679

it's equally as bad, I have no doubt she looks worse now but the pictures you've chosen don't really show a fair comparison because the filtering and lighting of them are so different

No. 442683

Effects of Onion influence according to anon:
Anemic tan and bleached teeth.

Effects of Onion influence in reality:
Amping up the brightness to over 9000 while filming.

No. 442684

I wasn't trying to bash all vegetarian diets, I was bashing onions so-called miracle diet which consists of pickle wraps, bean burritos, fritos, etc.

He acts high and mighty about it, brags about not needing to exercise but he and Lainey look like pasty, skinny-fat, pimply, pieces of playdoh.

No. 442685

Those glasses age Lainey soooo much. The blue hair looks unhealthy and her short, choppy hair style is very unflattering. The way Lainey parts her hair gives the illusion her hairline is receding. I can't think of a style that would be flattering. Her face is long, so long hair would elongate it more. Short hair makes her face look big.

No. 442688

Nah, the reason Lainey is like this is not because of vegetarianism it's because she's trying to starve herself to get Gregs attention

No. 442690

Don't give her shit.
Seriously though, her poor fucking kids…
I often wonder if they keep them out of the spotlight more so because someone might pick up on the neglect.

No. 442692

Right just going to put this out there, did anyone else actually find Lainey quite likeable in this video? I found myself enjoying seeing her acting like a normal person. Kinda made me sad she has ended up where she has because I don't think the way she acts in most of videos is the real her. I really hope she gets to find herself properly again.

No. 442693

With the way she starves herself it makes you wonder how often she feeds her kids. I know someone who did the same and often forgot to feed her kids because she was used to feeding them when she ate. So the less she ate the less they did, really makes you wonder, plus I know from personal experience that you can have an underfed baby on breastmilk, sometimes you just don't produce enough or it's not enough for that's specific baby. In PA here when I buy formula for a week and a halfs worth its 34$ and that's while also feeding my 5month old baby food. I don't see Onion spending that much on formula and there's no way Lainey produces enough milk to feed two kids let alone properly feed one if she starving herself. That was my issue, I wasn't taking in enough calories, and I'm a bit chubby. So, I can't see Lainey possibly pulling it off. I bet any money when we do see Troy and Cloey eventually they aren't going to look healthy. Cloey is probably a thin little thing and would explain why Greg doesn't want to show his kids outside of glimpses. And He's too self centered to admit defeat and go to doctor, plus we all know Plainey would never put her kids over keeping that Ana figure she's desperate to have. I feel so horrible for these children especially that little girl. Probably why they cry all the time like Billie said too.
Sage for me being a overemotional new mom sorry for the rant

No. 442697

Judging her by her videos without gurg alone I too find her likeable. I just wish she would drop her omg so gay on fleek bless up persona, aside from her history of being a shit person it's the only thing that really puts me off watching her.

No. 442705

Vegetarianism and Veganism when done right will give you no problems. But of coursr that requires reading on nutrition and COOKING. Obviously things this two are too lazy to do!

No. 442708

don't worry, she'd never accept that deal no matter how bad she wants the volcanoes because it would require her to do literally anything.

No. 442725

Yeah we get it, it's been said enough now, and you didn't even sage your post, fuck

No. 442733

Onion is such a pussy for being so triggered over being called a pussy.

No. 442748

I think Billie probably didn't know what it's like being around young kids all the time. Not defending the Onions at all, but young kids cry a lot. I am betting those kids are highly neglected though. There is just no way you can spend the time that they need with them and spend as much time shooting and editing videos, using SC, Patreon, IG, FB and whatever other platforms they're on, and sitting on YouNow, Twitch, etc. with a thumb up your butt and no kids in sight. Even if they take turns, like they say they do. It's obvious they have other people watching them and if it is Sarah, that's a pretty expectation to put on someone that young.

No. 442750

I know her schedule is sort of all over the place, but when is she likely to be on YouNow?

No. 442752

Did anyone ever re-upload Billie's video telling Gurg to fuck off after the breakup?

No. 442753

The only one I could find is the one that is laced with JoySparkle BS.

No. 442755

She is live now

No. 442757

I just used my free spin on Joy just to spite Lainey in hopes Joy stays at #1 in girls

No. 442759

Looks like JG is #1 right now.

No. 442761

What do the numbers and the stars mean by their names?

No. 442763

He didnt google vegan pussy.

Also wasnt that the people in the music video he was in w the "I'm gay" thing?

No. 442764

I've always wondered the same

No. 442765

As long as it isn't Plainbot

No. 442767

Can you tell JG always go on Younow at the same time has Plainey?

No. 442768

Lamey on YouNow

Is going back to short hair soon, wants to be silver/blonde, whatever the fuck that means.
Wants to get best dab on her tombstone.
Is to scared to date and doesn't want to at this point.

This shit is repetitive, wondering if I should go watch Joy's crazy ass.

No. 442770

The Stars next to their name on Younow is the level they are At by commenting or being active on the site.

No. 442771

True. Lainey's declarations of how much her "gay is showing" comes across as 1) her trying to convince herself and everyone else and 2) fucking superficial and making being gay and trans a brand, which is insulting.

While other YTers who openly identify as gay or trans try to make a positive difference in the lives of individuals among those demographics, Lainey openly identifies as gay and trans and makes vids about fans she'd date in those demographics.

Why do people look up to her?

No. 442772

"I love giant things" Laimey 2017, bitch we all know your beloved Onion has a microdick.

No. 442773

People are asking Laimey if they can send her a birthday gift and she tells them they have to be a 10$ Patreon to get her PO box, its honestly disguting.

No. 442774

Super gross.

No. 442778

It's funny to me how Laimey is so far down on younow while JG is on top by a lot and even Joysparke BS is a few places above her .

No. 442782

File: 1506912707008.png (308.97 KB, 891x434, kitten.png)

This Girl really wants a seat at the Grease mansions dinner table.

No. 442783

Wish someone would ask Blair White what she thinks of lainey. No pther YTer goes after her because she hides under the guise of her trans bullshit and people don't wanna fuck with that

No. 442785

If Blaire would make a video on Lainey my heart would smile.

No. 442786

Lame's talking about Onions sister not liking her because shes quiet.

No. 442789


lol that's definitely a shit excuse, Skye was just as quiet and shy yet Onion's sisters liked and hung out with her.

No. 442791

JG is generally well-spoken and discusses some challenging topics with audience.

Joy is a nutter and growing psychological case study.

Laimey dyes her hair, spins, and is "so gay" for cute girls on repeat until dead, never deviating from those points of interest to challenge self or viewers or show any depth in character. Is her alter ego cheerleader Kim supposed to be the self-centered and superficial one? No need for that, Laim. ;)

Can't imagine why you're not reaching the top.

No. 442792

Does lamey know about laineybot.com yet? Can someone point it out 2 her?

No. 442793

they didn't like Shiloh either and she was not quiet.

No. 442796

File: 1506913873212.png (309.61 KB, 494x487, ashdash.png)

It's crazy how much gemineye spends on Lainey.

No. 442797

Drives me nuts how she sticks around just to beg for likes. She's super boring, and ignores over half of the stuff she's asked.

No. 442799

I wish that basic bitch the best of luck with that hair. Removing blue is no fucking joke. Blue is for life—especially if it’s not a fucking pastel blue.

No. 442800

No. 442804

I tried to post in the chat Laineybot.com but i dont think she even opened, then a got bored so i tried in JG Younow but their little brain really thought it was about her patreon or her Younow

No. 442806

I found it amusing how much more visibly distressed she becomes when the like counter grows stagnant.

No. 442813

Seriously. Her hair is going to fall out. I bet she’s going to try to bleach the color out instead of just trying to fade/strip it and will end up with straw for hair.

No. 442816


Yeah and mama-Onion was poking fun at her "seizure episodes" in one of Gretchen's videos.

"Tantaga" must've been special to the Daniel-Jackson clan…

No. 442820

It's like the stagnation (dull, unmoving) is the visual representation of her personality. Fits well.

No. 442823

dang i wasn't around for cuddlegate so i've never seen this video before or really known anything about billie other than what gets brought up in the threads in the recent past, she really tore into onion kek

good for her, i was surprised to see someone so close to them actually pop off

sorry for discussing old milk i was just surprised

No. 442829

File: 1506916627569.png (664.74 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-10-02-04-55-17…)

No. 442846

you're a mess.

No. 442850

Anonymous now No. 442848
Was this immediately after she logged off her own chat?
It's funny because she "HAS to eat dinner every night at the table as a family because it's important to her" as she told her fans a few days ago and that's why she can't stream longer than an hour but she has enough time to log into JG's stream. I bet it really burnt her ass that she couldn't surpass JG as number one in girls today.

No. 442854

Maybe next time you should tinyurl it

No. 442857

Greg is currently reacting to The Josh live on the Onision reacts channel if anyone else wants to check it out. He's acting pretty bitter he gets more views and likes than him.

No. 442861

Lol she decides to go blonde after billie dyes her hair yellow. Shes just gonna keep copy catting hair colors and changing the shade slightly.

Too scared to date. Shes married. Also she flip flops this shit on the daily. I'm surprised onion hasn't lost his shit on her yet because shes playing him with this girlfriend thing. She keeps agreeing shes poly and will look for girls together to bring in a girl, but then will come up with an excuse if anything gets too serious. This dumbass identifies as poly and gay based off one forced relationship that was created by her husband. Lameo never wants to actually bring in another girl. She just wants to use being gay/poly as a thing to make her special and to keep onion from cheating because she will egg him on about a gf, but then say its just we havent found the right girl yet. It's too bad shes stuck with him because he became so unpopular he cant even find a replacement. If he had dumped her years ago, she might have had a chance to grow a real personality and have gotten her shit together by now.

No. 442869

I feel she stops her girlfriend search as soon as Onion pushes her to keep the relationship going. She doesn't want a girlfriend she's straight.

No. 442873

File: 1506921645717.png (529.51 KB, 859x480, ewwwwwwwwwwwww.png)

gerg posted a vid today and EWWW HIS FACE

No. 442877

and they said neanderthals died off centuries ago

No. 442881

>Why do people look up to her?
Not many do. It's mostly kids that are going to grow out of it and opportunistic chicks that are really looking for their ticket to the Mcmansion.
TBH, Plain is really boring and the threads have somewhat declined in quality ever since she was fully included. It's all
>lainey's streaming
But never says anything interesting or anything we wouldn't already know.
>lainey looks like x
Yeah, it's been repeated 500 times she looks like a different coloured foot each week.
And the occasional
>I feel sorry for her, she could do so much better.
On the other hand Gerg's not doing anything interesting atm either.

No. 442893

Do you think it's time she got her own thread?

No. 442895

I'd personally prefer it because 70 % of the stuff posted currently is about her, so why not! I'm sure anons would enjoy it. Just not sure if a stand alone thread on her could survive, there's only so many things you can say about a foot after a while, kek.

No. 442898

I feel like her thread would belong better in snow, rather than pt, the thread would probably devolve into a "let's shoop/imagine giving footface a makeover U w U" or makeup advice thread with the occasional pity/saving plank fantasy

eh, at least the makeup sperging will finally come to an end

No. 442901

lainey and onion drama is explicitly intertwined. there is no point in having separate threads when they are going to crossover constantly.

No. 442905

maybe a snow thread for her beauty channel. that's as far as I can see it working.

No. 442907


Can someone make this happen please? It's getting kinda boring talking about this ugly bitch and she's not producing much milk other than ~I'm sooo gay!!!~ and her latest skin walking ways.

Besides, I bet after Onion she's gonna continue with her antics to become ~YouTube famous~ anyway so why not? Less derailment that way.

No. 442922

I agree. at least she keeps the thread moving when onion isnt doing anything. she'll be brought up in this thread anyway if she does something noteworthy and i don't want to see a bunch of "post about it in /snow/!!!" posts

No. 442923

File: 1506927548934.png (961.16 KB, 680x1024, Shook.png)

What do Narcs dream about? I've never heard Grease mention dreams other than lame "worst nightmares"
(fixed my first post)

No. 442928

she went from cheerleader who was heading in a good path and now she's a genderless pretentious little shit for pedo to groom teens with and knock up

No. 442931

Onions career is dead, no one takes him serious, the milk is dry, Lamey keeps the thread going, with her money hungry, fake trans shit. I agree that talking about her looks clogs up the thread though.

Saged for opinion.

No. 442934

guess this is another reason why hes "broke"

No. 442936

Nice, but the caveman's body is overly flattering. Needs more dad bod.

No. 442937

If his thread dropped off /pt/, and Lainey had a thread that was more active… would that trigger his narc fears of being ignored? Would he do a bunch of milky shit just to feel alive?

No. 442938

Joy, are you self posting again? We've told you about that. And it's old milk. You should have at least saged it.

No. 442939

what? the point was more about onion paying lainey not joys video, idgaf about joy

No. 442940

File: 1506930150656.png (283.54 KB, 652x281, fdsafadkls.png)

i have a feeling she's going to look like the witch from troll 2 in a few years

No. 442945

He'd probably finally make a whole video addressing this site instead of just calling us "da haturzzzzz" and make himself out to be a martyr-type who is totally fine with hate towards himself, but not the ~beautiful human~ that is his innocent space prince who he totally loves and is totally not defending just because he's sick of her crying over laineybot.com while he's trying to convince her to fly over another teenager.

No. 442950

File: 1506932153728.png (2.02 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0755.PNG)


This is more accurate!

No. 442956

File: 1506933355631.png (17.3 KB, 587x228, attentionwhore.png)

It begins…

No. 442962

I absolutely (of my own opinion) think she does NOT need her own thread. I agree w the anon that said the drama is intertwined. Yes she is a separate entity from Onion but also is very much part of the drama. She's a cow herself, she wishes she was in /snow/. After her video defending herself post Billie, I think many of us had graduated her to cow status here.

I don't think there should be a separate thread. I think it only clogs up the site with more onion threads (we already have discord fags and Billie in snow)

No. 442964

This dudes idea of preventative treatment is to be vegetarian and eat cheese pizza. He probably doesn't let his own kids get vaccinated often.

Also I'm looking forward to the paetron drop from this possible sperg out

No. 442965

File: 1506935260477.jpg (51.07 KB, 640x872, 22193071_1009616832514216_3780…)

The sheer stupidity of Garg will always astound me.

No. 442966


Either that or he just asks the most stupid shit cause he’s livid someone with a following actually talks to him

No. 442967

File: 1506935540911.jpg (35.89 KB, 640x624, 22157074_1009618245847408_2861…)

More MooMoo thirst


No. 442968

File: 1506935592160.jpg (35.7 KB, 640x649, 22184939_1009618269180739_2013…)

No. 442973

GAGGGG. Though this raises a question, has onion ever called anyone besides his greasy self a "hero"? Or given such compliment?

No. 442977

File: 1506937085772.jpeg (52.77 KB, 775x424, 300DC6C4-9AAE-4DC4-BACE-061D21…)

No. 442979

File: 1506937159676.jpg (58.82 KB, 675x450, 1481920546959.jpg)

>mfw gurgle succesfully manages to lure moomoo into the trinity
>mfw plainey starts imitating moomoo

please lord make it happen

No. 442980

lmao this is perfect

No. 442981

2/10, would not fuck

No. 442982

troy look like he got a foot head

No. 442984


No. 442987

File: 1506937951580.jpg (189.29 KB, 654x644, monkeyboy.jpg)

No. 442989

"Thanks for being a hero" lmfao

You'd think with how morally superior he thinks he is, that this would inspire him to stop being such a fucking waste of oxygen and donate some blood himself (not that I'd want his nasty blood, but at least he would have fulfilled some kind of purpose in his life).

I love the thought of him being told that his diet of barely vegan burritos, fake meats and granola doesn't contain enough leafy green veg in order for him to have a high enough haemoglobin count. SOMEONE WHO ISN'T BLOCKED PLEASE URGE HIM TO DONATE, I'd love to see how he twists that to make a video. "Blood Donation clinic discriminates against me and my LGBT spouse".

No. 442995

totally this

No. 442996

Plus don't forget that if we have a seperate thread for her, it'll end up being like the same shit as over in the Margo thread where people freak out over the mention of Venus because somehow she's "unrealted" to the Margo drama.

It's impossible to seperate the two and it'll end up that all of the same posts will be posted twice or the interractions between the two cannot be posted (á la the Margo thread).

No. 442997

"Preventative treatment"? "Consider it"?

I swear his narcissism and disdain for educate students professionals is so bad that he probably thinks he's some genius that just thought "hey, we should, like, prevent deaths from infectious diseases, totally yeah". Greg, even third world countries have government programs and NGOs doing a fuckload more than considering it.

And this is supposedly a more helpful thing to tweet than expressing sorrow over the Vegas shooting.

No. 443007

looks like he’s holding the baby in that shot.

No. 443015

at least she responds some of the stuff from chat (not to defend her, she's definitely so boring), onion ignores the chat completely and only talks to his discordfags

No. 443017

For some reason this made me sad

No. 443020


It's Obviously Cloey, and you can only see one part of their head to make any comments about how they look (which, why would you want to anyways? It's a baby. I swear some of you are worse than Onion.)

No. 443023

my thoughts on the back and forth of wanting a girlfriend or not:

1) she needs to play that she desperately wants a girl to prove she's gay - a lot of people come up with the fact that she's in a heterosexual marriage with two children, so she's pulling the "yeah but I'm poly"-card, to give the illusion that she's so gay because she's looking for a gf too but doesn't find any due to her ~anxiety~ and all women being evil and untrustworthy
2) maybe greg gives her less attention when she clearly states she doesn't want to bring in another person into the relationship because he's bored of her, so she goes back to wanting a gf to get more attention and to keep him
3) it's a way to channel her frustration about her messed up marriage, so she keeps up the dream to find someone else to be in love with

to me it's all so fucked to bring yourself in the situation that you have to prove everyone you're gay because you have nothing else to offer. for most here it's clear that she's not really interested in women and that this is all an online persona to make herself special. Sorry that nothing's new in this post, just wanted to summarize a little bit

No. 443024

kek that gay laimey volcano and the stack of pickle burritos! I agree that the body needs to be more flabby. Could be the next thread pic when that's fixed.

There's also plenty room to insert more recent onion related stuff

No. 443025

Lainey doesn't want a girlfriend. She's leading her fans on so they donate more. That's why every stream she's vague about her crush of the hour. If she wanted one so badly it would've happened by now.

No. 443029

This is also probably part of it. They think if they become her patreon and donate a lot of money so she notices them they have a chance to date her since she always makes the would i date you videos. She also loves the attention and people complimenting her/wanting to be with her especially if the person is super attractive which is why she only ever "considers" the prettier than her ones. It makes her feel like shes not the footface with the horrible personality that she really is. And she probably uses it to "tell" gerg if he dumps her he wont get access to this pool of pretty girls that like her. Lameo does get a lot more attractive girls liking her than onion does atm but they get fewer and uglier as time goes on and the psycho couple does more psycho shit.

No. 443030

I'm seeing a massive patreon drop in the near future somehow or other. This dude can never behave and keep his mouth shut. There were so many individual drops already because he sperged out when they disagreed with him, it's only a matter of time until he completely loses it and offends a big part of his patrons.

For me personally his downfall is the best milk that ever came from him (besides the whole billie situation). It's so satisfying to watch his channels die and his desperate attempts to stay relevant, of course a lot of things repeat themselves and it's taking a while, but I think there's still more milk coming

No. 443032


Plus she's probably only pretending to have interest to keep Greg silent. As long as he believes she's on the hunt he'll leave her alone about it, so she pretends that she's being really picky or has one.


I didn't expect them to be so… blonde. Almost looks white blonde.

No. 443035


Her baby is probably eating food by now (baby led weaning) and I honestly doubt (IMO) her older one still nurses. She would never give her kids formula. Also I doubt she's starving her 4 year old, she probably just throws a squeezy fruit pouch at him when he whines that he's hungry.

saged for parenting shit that no one cares about

No. 443036

File: 1506950177438.png (758.87 KB, 953x594, lameo.png)

I was wondering why lameo all of a sudden was so excited about a lisa frank shirt, and then it clicked. Expect more toddler/baby looking crap in the future.

No. 443037

> if he dumps her he wont get access to this pool of pretty girls that like her

that's a good point

that makes her even more of a shitty person

little children are often very light blonde, even if the parents are darker blonde or brunette. I think lameo is a natural dark blonde. hair tends to get darker when you get older.

I agree. there is no point in making fun of the onion kids, they have it hard enough being their offspring. It's ok to talk about them being shitty parents I think but the kids themselves should not be the target

No. 443038


I thought Lainey said Troy is still breastfed. I'm sure that's not the only thing he consumes, but I could have sworn I read that both kids still breastfeed.

No. 443045


She said she still breastfed him to comfort him before Cloey was born, when she was pregnant and had colostrum. So, if she only had colostrum at that time, it seems like she weaned off Troy during her pregnancy.

Since then she's only said she breastfeeds and that that's why she can't use anxiety medication.

No. 443047

Thanks anon!

No. 443048

yeah breastfeeding is always her shield against doing something about her anxiety. even though she has a psychology degree, alternative options like talk therapy (which is in my opinion always the first thing to go for) don't seem to exist for her

No. 443056

Sage for OT but I had PPD/PPA and have breastfed my baby since she was born and have taken meds since she was 7 weeks for like 2 months now… there are options. Plainey doesn’t want real solutions to her problems, she wants sympathy. She probably feels morally superior by not taking medication and “just dealing” with her anxiety thru her fidget spinnerz and vegan lifestyle(sage goes in the email field)

No. 443062


You forgot to sage, anon. We all know Lainey just avoids getting help. The girl has a degree in psychology and counseling and doesn't utilize one iota of her knowledge to help herself. She's a self indulgent crybaby.

No. 443068

Oh yes. It would be the ultimate milk.
Imagine Moo and Gerg threads filling up at the same time

No. 443069

It was about an hour later anon, so presumably she went to eat and then immediately went back to lurk. Jacklyn's stream is much more entertaining than Plainey's… I wonder if being so boring ever gets to her.

No. 443089

She also said she wouldn’t get another tattoo because she was breastfeeding so I think she quit feeding band-aid early

No. 443090

the only anxiety she really has is that her husband leaves her for a younger and better looking chick

No. 443104

She's always saying she's really underweight but looks fine, must be her man shoulders.

No. 443118


Good god no wonder they are friends, they're both ugly as hell and fetishize children.

No. 443122

holy shit, can you guys quit the fucking mommy circlejerk? we get it, y'all are boob nazis, let's all shut the fuck up about what good parents you are. christ, you guys are like the munchies that come to the munchie thread like "haha those guys am i right fellow farmers"

No. 443123

"I've hit rock bottom guys! How will I survive? <:^("
> is still able to hire a nanny even though both of them work from home

I … uh … what?

No. 443138


this. nobody wants to read through thirty minutes of your blogposting circlejerk bullshit just to try and catch up with the actual drama we're all here for.

everyone report off topic posts and move on.

No. 443142

How long til Gregma starts sperging out about how people should stop mourning the LV attack victims because there are starving children in Africa?
Seems like the attention whores of this website generally love to use cows as a launching point to blog about their boring ass lives; it happens with BPDs and junkies in Luna's thread too.

No. 443144

File: 1506963814120.jpg (129.25 KB, 878x449, harley-quinn-the-joker.jpg)

I hate to make this comparison because Im sure that Onionboy will take it as a compliment. And I apologize if this similarity has been brought up in the past. I only found this site a few months ago so I don't wouldn't know.

I was watching an animated Batman movie and the interaction between the Joker and Harley Quinn reminded me so much of the (rare) public displays of affection we see on some of their videos. Footface is always clinging to him, trying to get the tiniest bit of love and validation from Grug, and he pushes her off, with disgust sometimes.

Harley and Footface are so blinded by love they can't see that they've fallen in love with a psychopath/narcissist. And that blinding love also makes it impossible for them to see how much hate and disdain their significant other has for them.

No. 443146

The Josh just dropped another vid(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 443153

File: 1506964228550.jpg (683.97 KB, 1079x2419, Screenshot_20171002-061116.jpg)

Lamo made it on That's it, I'm Inkshaming

No. 443156

U right. Sry buddies. Will delete previous blogpost, my bad.

Back to the milk:

What if onion has a secret fat fetish, hence the moomoo asslicking? I mean he has been assumed to have a pregnancy fetish, what if it’s cuz of the extra chub? Maybe fatties remind him of papa onion.

No. 443162

No one cares josh. All of your information you are fed is fake.
Stop self posting.

No. 443169

lamo JUST uploaded a "how i do my eyebrows" video lmao this is going to be such a trainwreck

can a kind anon reupload it for justice? my internet kinda sucks.

No. 443170

File: 1506965527725.png (43.53 KB, 223x200, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 1.29.…)

Please don't let the reupload of this and future Beautybot videos trigger extreme makeup nitpicking/blogposting. It derails the threads. Thank you.


No. 443171

I cannot believe she is covering her fucking tattoo in gauze the next day reeeeeee sage for tattoo aftercare rage

No. 443173

I have thought this for awhile. What's interesting is that Harley was the Joker's psychiatrist at Arcam Asylum before he turned her crazy. Lainey has a degree in psychology and I wonder if she feels like she is the only one who understands him and can save him from all his sociopathic tendancies

No. 443174


Am I the only one bothered by how the lights always leave rings in her pupils? I know that's what lights do, but she photoshops pictures all the time so you'd think she can do it for her thumbnails.

It makes it look like she has Acanthamoeba keratitis.

No. 443177


I really think she needs to go see a brow specialist and get a personal consultation to see which eyebrow shape, size, length, and color would better frame her entire face instead of this mess. It's not even that expensive, and some consultations are practically free of charge.

Lainey, you rich. You can afford better eyebrows. Step up.

No. 443179

It isn't a light, Greg is one of the aliens from the host. The body snatching is complete.

No. 443181

What video is this from

No. 443186

True, but before Onion boy take it as a compliment, the difference is that the Joker doesn't actively pursue other romantic characters desperately, he just isn't a loving person so somewhat still loyal to Harley, as far as I know.

Onion just tolerates Plainley until he manage to get a good replacement cause he can't stand being alone.

No. 443188


also some anons really need to learn to sage. i've seen this for days that so many irrelevant posts are unsaged

so there are enough of her stupid preteen fanbase who actually want those eyebrows. remember when she asked billie if she could show her how to do eyebrows kek. she hasn't improved tho

No. 443195

Can we stop giving makeup advice even if she doesn't follow it half the time? The goals to not help them

No. 443206

File: 1506970055040.png (162.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1488.PNG)

No. 443209

Sage for pettiness and tinfoil

Greg won't talk about the Vegas massacre because Moo has expressed "grief" over it and had family involved. He'll keep biting his tongue because he's desperate for attention from her.

No. 443211


What? Who's "her"? Saged for autism

Wait, didn't he, his then-wife and sisters went to Vegas for momma-onion's birthday? He made a song about awhile back

No. 443214

he did talk about it though? >>442956 unless these tweets are deleted now

and if they are gone, it only supports your idea more

No. 443215

Her, as in Momokun. The cow he's been spamming awkward tweets at about AIDs and tats.

No. 443217

I skimmed his twitter and there's a tweet about gun owners. One tweet dismissing a plague thing, and a final one about seeming uncaring. He's definitely bit his tongue.

No. 443220


Oh that hoe, but it's not like she's giving him attention or anything; it'll be like the Kallel situation all over again.

No. 443222

File: 1506972282596.png (46.99 KB, 219x212, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 3.13.…)

No. 443223

He is so butthurt lol.

No. 443225

You have to share some of the best comments.

No. 443226

Can't Richie and Jaclyn copyright claim/sue over this? Since Onion's using their identities for monetary gains?

No. 443228

File: 1506972931190.jpg (680.44 KB, 1652x1746, IMG_2337.JPG)

kek someone replied to his link on twitter with this, didn't he say 20+ videos are stalker level or something like that at one point?

No. 443229

his rebuttal vids are always so juvenile, 5 minutes of bleeped out swears, yelling incoherently, and prancing around like an idiot.

i hope Jaclyn and Richie respond and embarrass his ugly ass

No. 443230


Lol now he's accusing them of being crackheads? Kay Onion

No. 443232

sage for non-contribution, but why is he implying Jaclyn and Richie are addicts? Where did that come from?

No. 443233

this isn't even how jaclyn or richie act. at least richie/jaclyn's video had some good points and was witty and good at making fun of onisioon. this is just immature trash. and who is that horrible charlotte russe dressed hannah minx looking weirdo. why does every girl in his videos have to scream like a retard

No. 443234

also pretty sure accusing two youtubers of being crackheads with no proof is not only slander but defamation of character right? he's so obsessed it's tragic

No. 443236

Holy shit. What a shitshow. He most definitely put something on his micropenis to make it seem bigger when he swang it around for 30 seconds.

No. 443237


They once admitted to smoking weed in one of Richie's videos.

No. 443238

prob because somewhere in his life social repose admitted to doing coke once 14 years ago and that means he's a drug addict in onion world

No. 443239


Yeah I thought he put on a strap on for that scene or some shit.

No. 443241

I guess we don't need a haters united reboot after all…

No. 443242

File: 1506973469264.png (10.93 KB, 740x95, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 3.43.…)

he is moderating to the extreme right now, all of the comments are kissing his ass. this is all that I could find so far.

No. 443250

File: 1506973957983.png (44.93 KB, 219x213, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 3.51.…)

No. 443252

File: 1506974033090.jpg (55.03 KB, 480x624, IMG_0756.JPG)

Remember, it's the dogs' fault they died. Greg dindu nuffin but gave them some luv <3

Saged for old milk

No. 443255

>>443250 JESUS fucking christ

cant say im surprised, of course hes fucking addicted to hentai.
This MAN has kids??????????? actual fucking kids??

Can we also discuss how too many hentais revolve around high school-girls?

No. 443256

What the fuck??? Greg, you have kids that will one day see these videos. Jesus

No. 443259

Can somebody link the video where onion calls social repose a horseface and puts on a shirt thats mocking him?

No. 443260

File: 1506974386386.gif (355.87 KB, 250x170, greg is addicted to hentai por…)

No. 443261

No. 443262


lmaaoooooooooooo i cannot, is he serious?

>it's very healthy to self gratify, to exercise… it's good for you

YES it is, but it's not healthy to fap to loli-harley quinn (just assuming he's into that) and there is nothing respectable to "blurt out" that you're addicted to fucking hentai.

fucking creeeeeep.

No. 443263

This was one of his early younows, when he would stream on Laineys account- he was talking about a Harley Quinn 3D hentai video he saw where the bad guys tied up and beat the Joker and then tied up Harley Quinn and made the Joker watch her being suck off and fucked by dogs.

Thats some pretty fucked up hentai. And its the kind that you really have to search for.

I wonder what he has on his computer?

No. 443264

"When we keep an addiction secret… then we feel there is less of a priority to fix it."

And that is why you are still addicted to underaged girls.

No. 443266


>"Lainey, Troy, Cloey…. your daddy is addicted to hentai, but it'll be fine, I'm 3 days clean from it now so I've obviously recovered"

No. 443267

I get the feeling he was caught by Taylor and she freaked the fuck out and he decided to make this video as recompense.

No. 443269


i bet its SO MUCH loli like jfc

No. 443270

Im sure that Lainey knew about him watching and jerking off to "naked cartoons"

What I think really happened is that she saw some of the borderline illegal shit that he likes to jerk off to and it freaked her out

No. 443271

Without a doubt

No. 443272

no wonder the hentai stuff made shiloh uncomfortable, this guy is so vile. how can lainey seriously say that it doesn't unsettle her that her husband jacks off to hentai on a daily basis? not only that, but 90% of hentai is very rapey so it's even more worrying that he's "addicted" to it

No. 443273

>b-but she's not 12!!! she's a 100 year old shapeshifting vampiric demon! she says so right here at 15:29!! FAXXX

No. 443274

Does this nobber not have anything better to do than pull his widge off to hentai? You know, like… look after his kids? No wonder the house is a fucking shit tip.

No. 443275


Why are you doing this anon lol I'm cringing so fucking hard that crazy hard melody damn I wish I had some talent like this

No. 443276

No wonder the carpets are so filthy and a vacuum cant fix that mess
>cum stains

No. 443277

sage for slightly unrelated, but i actually left a reply on jaclyn's twitter a while back talking about how hypocritical it is for greg to talk down to women with boob implants when he openly talks about watching hentai which pretty much always has girls with balloon tits and weirdly proportioned bodies, unless it's loli shit which he probably watches, which raises even more concern

No. 443278

File: 1506975390147.jpg (92.14 KB, 1280x720, 4722524666001_5593207420001_55…)

This'll be Onision soon enough.

>Susan says her son, Hans, legally changed his named to “Sexy Vegan.” She says Sexy constantly promotes himself as the “Vegan Messiah,” has tattooed his name on his forehead, walks the streets wearing nothing but a Speedo, and carries a full-length mirror wherever he goes.

>Sexy says he changed his name “for the liberation of 70 million animals.” He says Susan and Raquel want him to be a “Toyota when he’s a Ferrari.” He says he’s “too beautiful and talented” to have a 9 to 5 job and that is why his mother should support him. What will it take for Susan to stop enabling Sexy?

No. 443281

Wow in that "addiction" video he pretty much says in more or less words that he prioritizes hentai more than his children, and wife. Not surprised though.

No. 443283

Oh my fucking god, how is he real

No. 443284

if any anons want to shoop some Onison Hentai addiction bait image I'll tweet it to Lainey every day.

No. 443285

Ha! Right. Maybe the vacuum is backlogged with his jizzy cum rags which is why they don't clean up. Actually can't believe him, after all the shit he gives to people with addictions and spouting all that straight edge stuff and making himself out to be so pure, this is his vice. Hentai. Cartoons fucking.

No. 443287


i wonder what lainey actually thinks of it? she probably hates the fact that he's addicted to literal fictional porn, like 100% he'd rather beat his meat to cartoons than actual people. i would hate to be her rn kek

No. 443288

anyone notice he didn't link the hentai video to twitter? or did i just not see it? i figured he didn't want his precious momo seeing it lel

No. 443289

Now I have a permanent image of Grease fapping his micropeen with tweezers in front of his computer to loli hentai engraved in my brain

No. 443291

You are correct, it's not on twitter as of right now. I feel like that just makes the "forced to upload for the sake of his marriage" theory more credible.

No. 443292


fucking lol, they're in the same house and can't even talk it through like a normal couple. i swear the internet is more important to them than their actual lives

No. 443297


Who’s the cameraman in this? Lainey? Or isn’t this the “reason” for Sarah being there?

Also, why is he thrusting around in his underwear? It’s even grosser if a high schooler (Sarah) is filming…

No. 443299

Now it makes sense he was upset over the Blaire White drawings- He was so immersed in his hentai addiction he couldn't tell it wasn't real.

No. 443300

File: 1506976618771.png (32.03 KB, 578x124, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 4.36.…)

No. 443303


Yeah Onion, because this only happens to you. Because everything is about you and the worl only spins around YOU!

No. 443305

File: 1506976932897.png (103.35 KB, 322x281, goldengod.png)

>"I haven't jerked off to cartoons in THREE (3) D A Y S! I am cured, I overcame my life threatening addiction and I'm better than all of you!"

No. 443306

sorry for quality, had to enlarge sicne im not a member on his site but how can lain rest easy when girls like this are after onion?

might be catfish though, watch out onion

saged for kek

No. 443308


kek nice self-post, rly subtle

No. 443309

Wow, I always thought he was one of those hentai obsessed freaks. They're always the same, autistic white-knight women haters. Why does hentai always attract these weirdos?

No. 443310

>"I haven't jerked off to cartoons in THREE (3) D A Y S!

Man… when he finally blows his load to toddler-harley quinn this weekend its going to be make such a huge mess

No. 443311

WE KNOW.I know it,your wife knows it,the whole internet fucking knows it. You just need to accept it gurgles

No. 443312


anon last time I checked
I was 17 and had a penis

No. 443313

suuureee you do, anon, sure

No. 443314

>hentai addiction
This guy never ever takes responsibility for his own actions.

He uses manipulative language calling it an 'addiction' to deflect blame from himself.

Addiction my ass, he's consciously choosing to watch that shit day in day out.

No. 443315

File: 1506977495609.jpg (8.64 KB, 368x158, robosbtfo.jpg)

you need to be 18 to post here, son.

No. 443317

Does anyone have a video of that moment he talks about the Harley Quinn hentai?

No. 443318


i mean you're either self-posting or bragging about your underage robot dick so you're fucking garbage no matter what

No. 443320

File: 1506977622088.jpg (81.92 KB, 610x343, ban.jpg)

hope the mods arent watching

No. 443322

File: 1506977834246.png (243.86 KB, 483x354, nice.png)

most underrated post ITT

No. 443323

Plus he uses that term to garner pity points and praise.

We should totally pity him for being a disgusting pervert, guys! We should praise him for not being a pervert for THREE whole days!

Who falls for this kind of bullshit? His wife and fans are mentally handicapped.

No. 443324

it's no doubt it's loli, it explains why he was so upset when jaclynglenn didn't have loli tits anymore and looked like a grown woman

>I like hentai and am addicted

>I like women that look like women, big tits, big ass, big thighs
>except if you get plastic surgery
>I like flat women

oh grease, we all know what you like

No. 443325

wow I bet if I had a vagina I wouldn't be getting called out right now

yall are petty as shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 443326

File: 1506978094680.png (26.08 KB, 617x204, triggered.png)

No. 443327

You need to be 18 to post here. Of course you'd be called out, idiot.

No. 443329

damn this dude is triggered by everything

No. 443330


hentai is well known to have women with unrealistic/ridiculously disproportionate bodies, so he obviously does watch loli shit because otherwise he's a total hypocrite lel

No. 443331

>Retarded assblasted male doesn't know how to read the rules and attention whores with shit posts.

>"WAAAA MEANIES" when told to go away.

lol they'll always be intellectually inferior.

No. 443337

Can't wait until onion lets his narc parenting shine through by making videos such as "Why my son is stupid and wrong" and "My daughter is a filthy liar"

No. 443340

File: 1506979910059.gif (279.99 KB, 295x248, milk3-1.gif)

l m a o

>coffee raises your risks for a heart attack

yes grease, die without drinking coffee, who cares

there are so many milk droplets in this video

No. 443341

Well, Mater's wife leveled up to disgusting onion.
I guess he's butt hurt over the DP stream and his wife never topping JG on YouNow last night.

No. 443342

Lainey’s live on YouNow.

No. 443343


And no scars! We know he hates women with any body imperfections.

No. 443346

File: 1506980244073.png (149.01 KB, 315x330, yikes.PNG)

"I've never looked this good in my life" You sure about that Lain?

No. 443347

has anyone asked her about the hentai video?

No. 443348

Damn. She is going live early so that JG can't beat her. Fuck

No. 443350

I tried she just ignored it, and she will probably continue to ignore it if anyone else asks.

I actually feel bad for her, jesus christ..

No. 443351

Okay YouNow trolled Lainey so hard. Their volcano is now a pizza. Her body's going to be covered in shitty emoji art soon.

No. 443352

Well now it makes sense that Laimey lately keeps talking about wanting to look like a 'anime boy'

No. 443354

He called his children 'things'. 'Things' in which to partake of. Gross.

No. 443355

And how she all of a sudden likes anime when she has said many times that she isn't into it.

No. 443357

This is hilarious, particularly because it happened so soon after her getting it.

I literally laughed out loud. That's what she got for being a greedy moneywhore.

No. 443358


I asked her, she said she didnt change her opinion about anime, there are less anime she likes. But she thinks its cute.

No. 443359

So much milk in one video.
>talks about having a thing for Quiet from MGS.
99% chance he beats his meat to Mato's wife, since he had pretend to be Quiet in one of his recent videos.
>sheer amount of narcissism about addiction
Yeah, anyone can stop anything. They just have to publicly announce it. Right. Its not the worst thing he's said but it's scary how dangerous his ideas are considering his target audience. And three days doesn't clear an addiction.
> Lainey constantly deflecting to "Greg" is always so busy "working", we just never have time together!
Makes her situation so much more pathetic. He is locked up in a room "working" while she's sitting around Greasemansion, forlornly scrolling through her DMs, ignoring most of them and sort of talking to a few girls to lead them on. Popping in her Discord. He's speinding his free time jerking off. It really doesn't surprise me but it's so sad for her.

No. 443360


She will even ignore questions about vegas…. we know her husband is watching and she isnt allowed to have her own opinion on topics like that.

No. 443361

Now we know the real reason him and lame sleep in separate bedrooms.

No. 443362

onion is live too

No. 443363

I doubt she has an original opinion about anything. She gets all her opinions from tumblr or Greg.

No. 443365

Macnfaggot and sparklehoe are in full force on Greg’s live stream I see

No. 443366

Too bad he is ignores the chat. Could be fun to troll.

No. 443367

yeah it's really frustrating, laimey is easier to troll

great so now my decision is final, I'm watching onion

No. 443368

File: 1506982793921.png (334.01 KB, 802x390, wtf.png)

okaaaaaaaaayyyy, and why did you point this out?

No. 443369

Grug looks so pissed off and like this is just a massive chore

No. 443370

File: 1506982888659.png (264.57 KB, 979x443, wtf2.png)

jesus christ this chick is mental

No. 443371

I wish someone would ask who’s wastching their kids if theyre both streaming. Lainey loves to point out that the kids have a father who watches them.

No. 443372


Someone got triggered by the chat I guess.

No. 443374

she's trying hard to get noticed today

his streams are a fucking mess, I never get what they are talking about. it's like listening to a private conversation of some retarded idiots. it's all so annoying, he hardly ever reacts to the chat, they talk boring shit all the time, there's too many people talking anyways, nobody cares about his discordfags

sage for rage

No. 443376

kek he just said that lainey said macncheese was diabolic and up to something

No. 443377

Lol Greg just said Lainey thinks macnfaggot is up to something or conspiring with Billie.

No. 443378

Good job "Kitten Space" whoever you are ;-)

No. 443379

"you a social repose fan?"
"you could be a lot less goth social repose"

No. 443380

File: 1506983375261.png (41.8 KB, 758x158, Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 3.28…)

macncheese is suuuper butthurt about lainey not trusting her. she wants the gurg d so bad.

No. 443381

Sorry for seeming like the armchair shrinks but hes totally gaslighting her, trying to make her seem irrational by broadcasting it on his stream..
Everyone can she she wants that greasy smegma.

No. 443382

File: 1506983542466.png (972.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2340.PNG)


No. 443383

File: 1506983549137.png (284.22 KB, 932x490, macngreese.png)

so people are trying to get him to guest macncheese, should we join?
Could be milky

No. 443385

I think it would be the best if Lainey had a thread in PT and Onion got demoted to snow
we're the only ones that actually pay attention to him he would lose it

No. 443387

macnfaggot just said she couldn't be guested because she was getting ready for a date. Onion said "i hope it is not a guy" (because they are bad or something) but she said it was a guy, and he instantly looked SO disappointed kek

No. 443388

Lol Greg wont be on a stream with lainey, he would rather be guested by her on her stream.

No. 443389

I'm sorry but this just looks like a man in drag. This makeup looks ridiculous when she's just sat in a scuffed part of her room on a webcam of all things.

I like heavy makeup looks but there's something off about this.

No. 443392

holy shit guys, i just asked her if she saw him get upset when macncheese said she had a date and she got so irritated, i feel bad for her

No. 443393

File: 1506983908070.jpg (63.72 KB, 1024x708, DAXoGoLV0AAty8Q.jpg)

you farmers are doing great on younow, thank you. i keep getting banned.

No. 443394


Yeah that question really crushed her mood I guess.

No. 443395

Don't feel bad. She already knows he wants to bang other girls. Any evidence brought forth won't make her stray from him because she is a doormat and desperate.

No. 443396

omg he was asked who was macncheese and he responded

>i don't know she's just an 18 year old girl who's a fan

(sorry if that's not 100% his words)
but JESUS he has to mention her age everytime

No. 443398

Sarah prefers to watch Onion could she want the greasy microdick to, god he's so ugly, just why.

No. 443401

No it's to keep tabs on him

No. 443402

All of onions patreons apparently have some sort of fancy 'phobia'. He sure knows how to lure in super special snowflakes.

No. 443403

Grease just wished mac n cheesy a fun date!

No. 443405

File: 1506984282358.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2342.PNG)

it's uncomfortable to watch

No. 443406

Haha - She reminded people of her pronouns and he said "yeahyeahyeahyeah…".

No. 443407

wow people are complimenting her in this stream and lainey can't hear so greg goes "people are complimenting you" and she just goes "uhh my pronouns and they/them just a quick reminder"
what a BITCH how do people like her?!

No. 443408

Laimey is pissed about people "misgendering" her and keeps looking like a kicked dog cause right after she complained about someone on discord saying 'she' Gurg also used the 'wrong pronouns'

No. 443409

File: 1506984427024.png (1.28 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2343.PNG)

that macncheese girl gets on my nerves with her trying to get his attention all the time, glad i told lainey tbh

No. 443410

File: 1506984439009.png (281.86 KB, 491x522, loveee.png)

Look at all that LOVE!

No. 443411

Jesus laimey looks pissed off the whole time.
How are people not annoyed with her attitude?

No. 443412

Because shes butthurt about macngreese

No. 443416

File: 1506984542702.png (283.76 KB, 479x465, adressing the cheese.png)

Onion was addressing mancheese and look at that, Lainey is pissed lol.

No. 443418

Onion is politely telling Lainey to get the fuck out lmao.

No. 443419

File: 1506984612626.png (599.63 KB, 958x480, lameopissed.png)

lameo is such an attention whore

No. 443421


And he keeps mentioning her.. it even annoys me.

No. 443423

He ended the stream with telling macfag to go lesbian lmao!

No. 443425

Anastasia girl seems to be into Lainey but was rude as fuck to Grug the last stream. And Lainey follows her. Kek

No. 443426

Are you guys slow?
Its obvious he keeps mentioning her, her age and the fact that Lainey doesnt like her, just to piss Lainey off.
Anyone would be pissed if their husband acted like that, the only difference is anyone else would leave his pathetic ass.

GOSH LAINEY, just leave him and get someone who loves you and treats you well!

No. 443427

he doesn't mention anyone else as often. and macnfag is not even paying him anything


yeah i think he really wants her to get a divorce because she doesn't let him leave. and probably he's enjoying to piss her off

No. 443428

macncheese needs to just go on her damn date and stop trying to shove herself in between a married couple, it's seriously gross. lainey is no better for not calling him out when he's all heart eyes over mac, she just sits there sulking like a child

No. 443429

Could this be edited into some Onion shit for the next thread?

No. 443430

I doubt she has a date, i bet she is chillin at home no makeup, hair up, and needed an excuse to not go live on grugly’s stream. Plus she was trying to make him jelly…. which i think worked. Saged for tinfoil

No. 443431

File: 1506985117667.png (8.96 KB, 482x77, tea.png)

Spill the tea sarah.

No. 443432

I swear she is just a troll to show everyone what a doormat Lainey is. Lainey would rather sulk till the situation is over than actually talk about the issue.

No. 443433


i thought the same, has she ever guested with him before or is it just when she goes live on her own? probably doesn't want him to see her true, unedited makeupless form. lainey needs to sort her shit out and get mad at greg instead of getting mad at ppl misgendering her lel

No. 443434

that stare in his eyes! so focused on chat to see what macnfag is writing while rubbing his wife's upper chest weirdly not even caring what he's doing there

could be true but she was mentioning having a crush on Instagram or Twitter, so that was either about onion or the guy she's Dating. anyways it's funny how onion was clearly not happy about it and how he wished it was a girl so she could be a new trinity member

No. 443435


she seems like an infiltrator to me, since she's following billie too. i've said before i think she's just rubbing it in lainey's face that greg is thirsty as fuck for her and that lainey ain't shit to him

No. 443437

Macnhoe has been trolling Lainey for days. She suggested Lainey dye her hair mustard or yellow knowing Billie has that hair.

No. 443438

it could all just be an ego boost for her because she gets all that attention from him and now even the younow chat wants him to guest her, compliments her and stuff

No. 443439

i've never seen macncheese show any romantic interest in lainey, just lots of ass sucking comments. with greg she's trying to make him jealous and all sorts of dodgy shit, i wonder how much longer lainey is gonna put up with it honestly

No. 443440


yeah exactly, seems like she's mocking lainey and flirting with gerg lel

No. 443442

it seems that off camera she's already complaining about macnfag, as we heard earlier >>443376

probably there's gonna be some emo tumblr posts and tweets about it very soon. I also think people will mention it more often in lainey's stream now, so that's gonna piss her off more and more

No. 443443

Someone just called out Greg for fawning over macnfaggot and that Lainey was mad. Greg said “I’m not fawning over her. She just says a lot of cool shit.” Sure, Jan.

No. 443444

File: 1506985765841.png (46.22 KB, 640x327, IMG_3605.PNG)

Damn. No response anytime soon. I want another video of them making fun of onion's love life.

No. 443445

Where was this? also sage goes in the email field

No. 443446

File: 1506985784770.png (155.31 KB, 589x349, teea.png)

Spill it Sarah is there lots of tension at the grease mansion?
Are you nervous cause Lainey has to got to go on a patreon date and you must babysit her weeping children, and chill with a human onion.
Are you upset cause mancheese is going to take your spot when Onion pushes Lainey to like her?

No. 443447

she says basic ass shit that's not even funny. we all know he's fawning over her for her looks and age

No. 443448

Yes i mean what quality posting! Such an interesting and insightful person with such depth!

No. 443449

I heard it too. A few minutes ago.

No. 443450

She’s probs mad “for laimey”

No. 443451

somehow goblin girl cheese is still able to hang out and spam him on twitch now too. there never was a date.

No. 443453

File: 1506986067724.jpeg (193.26 KB, 750x1094, BB312184-2033-4C87-BB26-B0E9F9…)

Oh shit

No. 443454

The milk flows!!!!

No. 443455


holy fuck, what's she gonna say to that i wonder?

No. 443456

He actually reacted to this and said that Mac was innocent & all is cool.

No. 443457

File: 1506986228251.png (345.72 KB, 551x568, muh chest dysphoria.png)

Muh chest Dysphoria but touch me Onion so we can show our love and affection to Macncheese!!!

No. 443459

Someone tell him shes a fan of Social Repose and Billie, Social Repose will trigger him.

No. 443460

someone spam the link to lainey's new official website. seems like something that would make em flip

No. 443461

File: 1506986509092.jpeg (146.24 KB, 341x668, B8B82C6E-103F-45AB-BF32-552D87…)

No. 443462

Wait wtf? I'm guessing that's a troll?

No. 443463

it's definitely a troll. it's a new account. also billie hates him

I hate that he gets twitch subscriptions now and that he heard about the fact that you can have a free twitch subscription with amazon prime. he's so gonna mention that in his next ebegging videos and tweets

No. 443464

File: 1506986821024.png (62.09 KB, 486x436, macncheese.png)

No. 443466

she couldn't even try to cover up that pissy expression

she must have deleted them because she isn't following either nor has she tweeted them.

how did gerg react to that

No. 443467

I dont know if he blocked me or if he end his live?

No. 443468

i believe he didn't react to it but twitch wasn't working properly in my browser the past few minutes

No. 443469

Same for me.

No. 443472

File: 1506987638112.jpg (17.39 KB, 564x107, mad.jpg)

No. 443474

At least someone get trigger

No. 443475

Why didn't she say this directly to the person? vague tweeting someone who has directly called you out is some pussy ass shit

No. 443476

Hmm. Maybe she should read this thread if she thinks she isn’t getting enough negative attention.

No. 443478


if she is a troll then this is backfiring on her hard as fuck lel

No. 443479

I don't know why everyone is freaking on this girl. She seems like a normal fan to me. It isn't her fault Grease wants that "barely 18" puss and lameo is jelly.

No. 443483


this sounds like a self post, don't defend her. she's actively trying to make a married man jealous and is purposely trying to antagonise his wife. she's not some precious flower that can do no wrong. go back through the threads and look at how she acts, she's not innocent by any means

No. 443484

File: 1506988806182.jpg (201.8 KB, 874x1000, weird.jpg)

I noticed a weird pattern about all the Onision-obsessed catfish girls. They all made their accounts only a few months ago. What happened in July of 2017?

No. 443486

>>443483 >>443479 >>443481 >>443480

I do not understand why she is even talked about. She's brought zero drama and zero milk so far, and her presence in the onion saga is neither interesting nor amusing. It makes me yawn.

I wish posts about her would stay in the onion flakes thread in /snow/ and be purged from here unless something truly milkworthy happens.

No. 443489

It's crazy to me if they are so willing to catfish someone to actually go to their house and film with them and such. Bizarroland.

No. 443490

Guys I really don't think it's loli.
In one of his porn UhOhBro videos he shows a specific video with a CGI anime woman being raped by a beast and talks about how "hot" and "kinky" it is.
I think he's into the more rape-y side of Hentai with screaming girls, not necessarily loli.
I have an autistic theory that all of his behavior has to do with his first girlfriend and an eventual "asian wife" fantasy before he moved to Korea and learned that Korean women don't like cavemen.

No. 443491

I think it’s interesting cuz on his stream he pretty much said the only reason she’s not over there to be his “camera person” now is cuz she said no due to volunteering or some bullshit. So if she said yes, she’d be there asap. But who knows maybe it’s nothing.

No. 443493


Can you fcking stop about separate the threads and all that BS?
Onion havent post any significative thing in this month and this thread have been moving cause Plainey (ignoring all the make up gurus who pop-up everytime she upload a video)

It is a fucking waste of time jumping from one thread to another since all Onion actions revolv around fucking with Lainey, without Onion there would be any milk in Lainey's thread.

No. 443494

Maybe in July onision realized the only thing that could save his channel is more drama with barely legal girls, so he found some chicks to help him with that and pretend they're 'catfishes'.

It strikes me as something he would do, and frankly, those 'catfishes' do seem to bait us lolcow users more then they do him.

No. 443495


>monster hentai


what world does this dude live in seriously. imagine being married to a guy who leaves you alone to look after your kids so he can watch cartoon women getting raped by monsters

No. 443500


Lainey's only saying that because she's super butthurt that Macncheese gets more attention from Gregma than she does

No. 443501

it's definitely quite milky, onion fawning over a fangirl to piss lainey off

i agree, more threads would just end up in endless copied posts and a lot of confusion

this fucking guy. he kink-shamed social repose but he's fapping to fucking rape hentai all the time

No. 443503


holy shit yeah i forgot he tried to shame richie for his alleged crying fetish, while he's sat there watching rape cartoons. hilarious. i'm totally gonna bring that up in his next stream kek

No. 443504

Some Farmers focus in depth about Lames shitty makeup, this Macncheese milk is a lot more milky than that!

No. 443506

What milk? There is none in either of those.
Sisters, you can't tell milk from bleach.

No. 443507

yeah do it. i doubt he'll respond on stream but at least the viewers are going to see it. so maybe he'll feel forced to tweet about it or make a video justifying his fetish

No. 443509

Developing milk.

No. 443511


just like he did with the billie situation. "i didn't try to manipulate her into anything! muh fetish! she was just boring!l

No. 443514

Sucking on a dry tit in hopes to encourage lactation?

The cow heard is plentiful, you need not be that desperate.

No. 443516

wow I didn't know that. i bet he's waiting for her to have some free days to ask her again to come over kek

No. 443519

for a lot of anons here the macncheese thing is enjoyable, otherwise it wouldn't be discussed as much. it's all happening very subtly and I guess there's at least a new vix situation coming. or maybe even macncheese finally going to the mcmansion, who knows.

No. 443523


i wonder how quickly she'll regret being so smug and trying to annoy lainey when she goes there and realises gerg's caveman looking ass is completely insane/controlling as fuck

No. 443525

I know, I'm just getting more and more reasons to believe you're all being played.

These are all my posts.
Think about it.

No. 443527

He's already telling her to become a lesbian and saying she shouldn't open the door because her date was going to be late.

No. 443530


so creepy, i don't even think she's bisexual either which makes what he's saying even creepier. probably exactly what he did with lainey since according to her he "pushed" the idea of her being with a woman in the first place

No. 443532

One more caveat:
Lolcow's 'algorithm' for becoming and staying popular is much much easier to crack and achieve than YouTube's.

Onision is desperate for any kind of attention and relevancy. Ever since the apocalypse, he's been increasingly blatantly pandering to us and monitoring us.

No. 443538

Lainey seems genuinely uncomfortable with the situation of macncheese
Besides whats the point on being relevant un lolcow if at least more than the half of us sees the vidme instead of Youtube (which means no views )?

No. 443540

fame/infamy > money

As long as you stay relevant, you stay in the game. As long as you stay in the game, you haven't lost yet.

Also, sage this meta-discussion, please

No. 443541

She is uncomfortable because she knows her husband wants to bang her. MacnFag hasn't really done anything. Not her fault lameo's husband doesn't respect his marriage.

No. 443543

This is crazy, why are some of you anons so determined to make these threads go slower? For some of us anons this is the only cow we follow.

Also during Billie era, she was discussed quite extensively in regards to her intentions w the onions. I know nothing has developed w macnfaggot yet but it's interesting to see how post-Billie Lameo is doing with the reality that she's quickly becoming expired goods.

It's true, onion gets attention from us, but none of it is going to save his YouTube career. Nor will it save his reputation. He also truly never learns so we can be confident that his actions aren't necessarily influenced by us.

No. 443546


stop saying she hasn't done anything seriously lol, go through the threads and look at all the evidence of her being a snakey bitch. she's thirsty as fuck for greg and constantly pesters lainey because she knows she's in a position of power because greg is a sad cunt who can't stay loyal to one woman. lainey is a doormat, we know that. and greg is a cuck, obviously. but that doesn't mean macncheese is an innocent petal who isn't malicious towards lainey and isnt trying to squeeze herself in between a married couple.

sage for rant but i'm sick of people trying to act like she's got nothing to do with it lol

No. 443547

Whats up with some farmers getting so angry at macncheese whatever because shes upsetting lameo? Who cares about lameo? It's not girls flirting with onion that's the problem. It's her husband fawning over them and giving them attention that's the problem. Some people here sound like when lameo blamed billie for her own husband cheating on her. I find this macncheese shit hilarious because lameo can't live in la la land where she claims her husband is not a cheating scumbag and totalyl devoted to her. Anything that wipes that smug look on lameo's face is the best.

she better be careful posting them anime girls that greg likes

No. 443548

I hope she sticks it out long enough for her and Greg to run off into the sunset like he wanted to with Billie, that milk would be glorious. It'd be great to have him divorce Plain so he can live it up with macncheese only for her to dump him when she gets bored and the ensuing meltdown when he realizes he can't play the famous youtuber card anymore to attract average/above average girls.

No. 443549

I saw a comment earlier from an anon about how macnfag was 'tearing a married couple apart' and literally I don't understand why you'd even put that into the cow's head. If she's a troll, I want her to succeed. If she isn't a troll, I still want her to succeed because fuck Lainey.

Some of these anons seem to be playing sides, or I'm just tinfoiling hard idk.

No. 443550


it's not because she's upsetting lainey, it's because people are saying she's "done nothing wrong" when she clearly has. she's in gregs stream trying to make him jealous. he's a married man even if he doesn't act like one, no one is saying he's innocent and no one is saying lainey is either. it's not about lainey's ~feelz~, it's about an 18 year old girl actively trying to get involved with lainey's husband knowing she doesn't like her, and mac dismissing it and being fake as hell on lainey's livestreams in order to get in her good books so she can flirt with greg

No. 443552


wouldn't go far enough to say she was ripping a marriage apart but she's definitely trying, that's why it's good that people are keeping tabs on her during streams and shit, lainey isn't going to let anything happen and greg will either continue how he is now or straight up cheat, either way it's milky as hell which is why it's talked about on here

No. 443554

I'm sorry anon you sound like a jealous onion fan and should consider your place I this thread. No one cares if macnfag isn't getting in between them. That's the best milk for us. Also he's going to find a different girl whether you like it or not.

Also that 'married man' nonsense hasn't been relevant since he fucked Billie sideways and made lameo leave.

No. 443555


i'm by no means a fan of any of them, just annoying as fuck when people say shit like "why are we talking about her? she's done nothing wrong/it's not milky" lel

No. 443556

again, who cares? We are here to observe this cow shit go down. We know onion is gonna flirt with other girls and he has fangirls who flirt with him. Lameo also ended up marrying him because she was hardcore flirting even when he was with someone. Who cares if she "rips their marriage apart". Then their marriage was shit to begin with like we all have been saying. All these anons trying to "warn" her and stop this from happening are clearly lameo/onion fans.

Definitely some lameo/onion fans who post in this thread, might even be sarah who is just like lameo and only blames other girls for the shit onion does.

No. 443560


the only reason i ranted was because people were saying to stop talking about mac because she's not doing anything wrong etc, the shit she does is definitely worth talking about since it's leading up to greg bringing her over as a "cameraman"

No. 443565

>Hey, I think this video will help a ton of people and the reason I believe this is because the line of thinking that I'm about to introduce to you has helped myself significantly. Lets say you have an addiction. You can be addicted to most anything. Like I can be addicted to Doritos if I really liked them enough and they rewarded me enough, I would become addicted. Just like you can also be addicted to pot. If you like pot enough you can become addicted to pot. Or you can be addicted to Pepsi. Most anything, okay? Most anything can be addictive.

>So lets say you have an addiction to something, but you feel like it's hindering your life. Like it's making you struggle to function or to maintain your financial stability etc. What do you do about it? Well, if we keep our addictions secret, then we feel there is less of a priority to fix that. But if you start making promises to people or you start giving other people expectations of you - then you have that much more motivation to actually solve the problem.

>As you guys know, I've had an issue with hentai. I'm talking like super hero hentai, like Harley Quinn or just general cartoons of video game characters or whatever. Like Quiet from Metal Gear Solid. I've been into these nude women from video games, from animes etc. and it's become kind of an addiction for me.

>So recently I just blurted it out. You know, I blurted out to people in my life that I have this addiction. And I'm not proud of the addiction and so… Sense then I haven't had an issue. I haven't. It's been three days so far. Typically I would look at hentai every day or hentai type content and I haven't fallen. I haven't broken. I haven't had a problem since then.

>And part of the reason why I was able to just kick it is because I finally admitted that I had a problem to people. You know? It's too time consuming is the problem. Like it's very healthy to self gratify. To exercise your organs because that's what they're suppose to do. It's kind of like exercising your muscles or your heart being exercised. All these things are good to exercise so long as you already have a body that is not disabled.

>So there is nothing wrong with that. It was just the fact that this was taking away from me making videos. It was taking away from me actually focusing on my life and that's bad because most anything that is something you receive too much of can be a bad thing as you may know.

>So I've admitted something humiliating to you guys with out any shame because there is a lot of pride or there is a lot of respectability in a person coming forward and saying 'Hey, I have a problem.' So what I'm doing now is challenging you guys to take whatever addiction you have; whether it be to unhealthy food, or whether it be to something else that isn't good for you. A drug or otherwise. Maybe even coffee which increases your chance of heart attack, allegedly. According to many studies. Whatever your addiction is, I challenge you to either make a video or go to your loved ones and admit that you have that addiction, if you really want to kick it. Because when you admit you have a problem you are now carrying the weight of your loved ones expectations. You now have people to let down every single time you are suckered by that addiction in the future.

>So I kicked my problem because I made this promise to people. I like keeping my promises. I don't like letting people down and if I did not come forward with my hentai issue then there would be almost nothing keeping me from continuing to partake. Now it's not to say that I'm not going to look at naked images of women ever again. What it is to say is that I'm not going to let that consume my life because it's not healthy when it's to that extent. And while it hasn't caused me to not upload videos everyday on schedule; it has caused me to have less time with my significant other, with the stuff in life that is… Things I need to partake in to be a healthy human being.

>So again, this is some what of a humiliating video but sometimes we need to make these changes and in order to make these changes you gotta do something bold. Now you guys know way too much information but it was important for you guys to understand that I'm coming from a place that could be comparable to many people who are addicted to many other things. Even video games. Too much of those can ruin you. I know of marriages that have been destroyed by people focusing way too much on video games and not on their significant others. So, we are human. We have problems. Hope we can fix those problems by taking the initiative. Thank you so much for watching. Have a wonderful day.

No. 443567

Who gives a fuck about her character though? If macncheese is a conniving bitch even better, they deserve to be fucked with. And can you even homewreck a couple like the Onions when one has his bags packed for the first mildly attractive alt girl he sees and the other's preferred method of communication is sitting on younow looking constipated until her fans spam her husband's chat to talk to her?

No. 443569

"…To exercise your organs because that's what they're supposed to do.. your muscles and heart being exercised."
In that sense, would bumping lines of cocaine count as heart exercises? Lol seriously does he even listen to what he says before he uploads?

No. 443570

>Im sure that Lainey knew about him watching and jerking off to "naked cartoons"
i'm sure this is partly why she hates anime.

30+ old married man with 2 kids addicted (must jerk off daily) to hentai. what a fucking world~

No. 443571

I love you for doing these transcripts. Thanks!

It really sounds like Lainey wasn't aware of how much he watched it. It's also hilarious that he doesn't understand addiction, not surprising though.

No. 443573

i hope jaclyn doesn’t respond to him anymore, it would drive him insane!

No. 443575


damn, grease actually wants that pig ass.

that explains why lainey has been talking about how much she wants to cosplay now smh

No. 443576

Remember when Blaire White pointed out his 'Pokemon Hentai fetish' lmao. Honestly a 32 hear old father of 2 with a hentai fetish married to a fake trans smol bean.

No. 443577


We're not that important and he may lurk but thinking he tailors his content to us in specific is crazy talk, please check yourself.

No. 443581


Billie era moved insanely fast and was some of the best Onision milk, especially after he made that whole series of vids blaming Lainey and Lainey's response to the whole thing followed by Billie's fuck you flip the ring and the bird vid to them both.

Lainey should always remain a part of this thread, but so should anyone currently being 'auditioned' by Greg. I don't mind macncheese talk at all.

No. 443583

Isn't it slanderous for Onion to imply that Jaclyn and Richie snort crack?

No. 443584

Who did he tell? Did he bend down to Troy's eye level and say 'Daddy has a cartoon porn addiction ok little buddy? I'm sorry we're going to have to get rid of the wonder women blankets that Chloe has, oh, and your green lantern backpack.'

No. 443585

seriously, the whole "his a crack addict!!!11" is such a dumb insult that even middle school children are above.

No. 443587

nah anon, i believe it. he knows we compose a decent chunk of his audience and even if we don't watch his videos on youtube we still watch them, which i could totally see him getting some sort of narc satisfaction out of. perhaps somewhat tinfoily, but def not crazy talk.

No. 443591

Probably nobody. Dunno why you would think that part of his talk is true when all the rest is cockshit.

For one, the vid is an obvious jab at Billie - "hey look, I gave up on my vices for other ppl, you should've done the same"

For two, the guy's a manipulative connieveing bastard with a history of making vids with the intent of covering his tracks.

It's possible, for example, that Jacklyn Glenn know knew about this. She recently threatened to expose him. He made a video making fun of her. This could be a video that neutralizes what she wanted to expose just in case she gets too triggered.

I doubt that's the case, but that's along Onision's line of thinking and acting. Think of something similar to that.

No. 443594

i knooowww like when battling an addiction, 3 days is nowhere near the end of the road like. honestly i'm all for him trying to stop fapping it to rapey hentai but he needs to stay on his guard and not feel on top of the wolrd after 3 lil days (if any of this is even true, i mean i dont doubt he faps it to hentai but he might be pulling this addiction crap from his ass for views)

No. 443595

na its bc he was turned on and got freaked out

No. 443598

>perhaps somewhat tinfoily, but def not crazy talk.
Not even tinfoil. I'm significantly older than Onision, and much much older than most people on here. The shit I've seen and learned makes me draw these conclusions. They've far from unfounded, they have a solid background in experience.

No. 443599

Why are people even believing him when he says he stopped…he said he's stop doing alot and look at him. And from the sound of it when he says he's taking away from his s.o I'm pretty sure he's not even fucking her like he used to which would also explain why lainey feels the way she does towards these girls, before when they did supposedly you could see more affection what little he actually gave her. Now he's even more stand off and doesn't even look pleased to kiss her. Body language doesn't lie

No. 443601

Lainey' only kink is being a doormat. Time to stop being a dead fish in bed plainey your hubby is bored!!

No. 443602

It's also another way for him to play hero and say see guyzzz I halpped people with addiction.
There's no way he stopped and he's just going to wait until lainey goes to bed and beat it. He wasn't satisfied from just lainey because if he claims she's so sexy and whatever you don't jack it to henti and even so he probably warms up to henti to bone lainey..always cuming second pun intended

No. 443603

So, by his admission, his priorities are:
1. hentai
2. uploading videos
3. family time

Wew, lads. Our work is cut out for us with this one.

No. 443607

She is going down the path of diaper lover now. I wonder if Greg will change her diapers?

No. 443609

>work a normal person job and be a productive member of society
>ruin your reputation online by pandering to people that hate you for those YouNow clicks.

I mean, I know he doesn't have much of a shame receptor but I guess I just couldn't understand why he would do this. Even in desperation, what's the endgame?
There's no longevity in this model without destroying your life permanently. This space prince opera being a farce seems a little far-fetched to me. He can last on hate viewers forever.

No. 443610

Should say *can't last
Also, Lainey is a terrible actor, so I can't see her keeping up the facade. I also think she values her "integrity" to some degree, even though it doesn't look like it all to us.

No. 443611

I really hope JG doesnt respond to that, not because i worried about her but im the only one who think she gets so butthurt about what Grug say that she is giving exactly what he wants?

No. 443613

Late to the party but why are you so personally invested in lameo's emotions? Who cares what happens between them? Are you forgetting Lameo was just as thirsty for him whilst he was in a relationship?

Yeah I've been noticing this too. Whenever farmers complain of a milk drought he does something milky. Anons were complaining about him being stale yesterday and today he reveals he's got a hentai addiction? The man is shameless.

If he wasn't so autistic I'd genuinely believe he's trying to jump on the edgy bandwagon. Imagine this coming from pewdiepie, you'd accept it as a massive joke.

No. 443614


All these. If you care so much about Mac's ~morals~ and getting between The Onion's ~sacred marriage~, you're in the wrong place.

Troll or no troll, her chances of getting as far as becoming part of the trinity are very slim. Greg doesn't follow her on IG or twitter and there's no way lainey would let her get close. I'm honestly just enjoying watching her get under lainey's skin so easily.

i'd love to see them make fun of his hentai addiction, he'd lose his mind.

No. 443616

File: 1507000327980.png (99.74 KB, 749x752, IMG_2715.PNG)

hmm, he sure does like putting the girls he likes the most in thubnails

No. 443618


she is his favourite “18 year old cutie patootie” after all, kek i bet lainey is happy to see that after how butthurt she got earlier

No. 443619


yeah that’s a good enough point, i just got annoyed at the people suggesting we move the topic of mac to another thread and stuff. i think he’s doing that so he doesn’t trigger his precious ~space prince~, i have no doubt they talk in private though

No. 443620

You sound like Sarah.
Lainey and Greg pretend to be polygamous (lainey to keep Greg, Greg to cheat on lainey). So this "he's married" shit is dumb. If onion takes the bait, he's scum like we all know he is, Lainey can leave while shes still young, and onions kids can get away from him.

No. 443621

sage for kind of tinfoil, i think jaclyn has other stuff to worry about for the time being, but i feel like her and SR will eventually make some stupid response and onion will accuse them of stalking again, it seems like the same thing over and over again tbh. i’m still disappointed that jaclyn doesn’t have any dirt on him

No. 443623


didn’t intend for it to come across like that but now that i’m looking back i get why. again i just got annoyed at the person who kept saying “mac hasn’t done anything wrong, why are we talking about her, move it to another thread, etc” and i started ranting so my bad

No. 443624

File: 1507001753428.png (60.4 KB, 286x260, goblin.png)

Why did we shit talk GingerBeck into oblivion but suddenly GoblinGirlCheese is off limits?

The self posing has been proven and it is insane. Don't be fooled, farmers.

No. 443626

File: 1507001899760.png (101.55 KB, 750x1334, 7B7CB597-692A-4E3F-AD87-8F3424…)

did he jack off to some cartoon girl with red hair and thought about jaclyn’s tits again

No. 443627

File: 1507001937420.jpg (19.84 KB, 412x232, 1144cfa88ce6eb6677208775929826…)

Why does she look like Smell from This is England?

No. 443628

I like the Macncheese almond milk but I'm not considerate of Laineys feelings, some of you farmers seem worried about their marriage being ruined. Are we not here for the milk? A marriage can only be broken when if they choose to break it.

No. 443630

Greg does follow macncheese on twitter? Stop spouting off shit you have no clue about and lurk moar.

No. 443634

File: 1507002240920.png (203.71 KB, 582x480, trailertrash.png)

>it gets worse

No. 443635


i kind of hope the mac situation escalates a little, it’s not like gerg hasn’t flown people out without lainey’s knowledge before. plus he has the “muh cameraman” excuse to use against her if she gets angry lel

No. 443636


christ. the things makeup and good lighting can do. no idea why big bruiser becca has the nerve to call herself a “catfish” when this bitch is lurking around

No. 443638

she looks like Noah Cirus

No. 443639

Onion has said Lainey hates macncheese, today he said Lainey think she's plotting something. Macncheese also said she doesn't know how to convince laimey so she's obviously tried. Onion and Laimey have talked about her and I'm sure onion has already tried to convince lainey to let her come over to "collab", she's a dormat it will happen.

No. 443640

File: 1507002660458.png (93.04 KB, 654x153, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 11.43…)



No. 443641

File: 1507002819531.png (206.29 KB, 535x471, damn.png)

>those aliens from Men In Black

No. 443644


oh god this pictures is so fucking funny

>tfw lainey has a crush on every single girl on her twitter feed except you . jpg

i can't believe how deceiving her pics were. mess, she's not even cute

No. 443645

File: 1507002935710.png (97.21 KB, 291x270, IMG_0917.png)

No. 443648

Laimey posted a snapchat looking sad captioned "uhm bye", is Onion having a hentai session?

No. 443649


>that hunch

i wonder how her “date” went kek, onions probably still fuming over it

No. 443650


she’s replicated billies fried ass hair perfectly, no wonder greg is infatuated with her

No. 443651

File: 1507003061664.png (216.79 KB, 595x469, 18 year old cyuuutie patootie.…)

No. 443654

File: 1507003262566.png (39.32 KB, 512x243, img-10-02-17.png)


if only all his tweets and rants about small boobs being better were a roundabout way of saying this

instead we know he likes teens and can't stop being obsessed with JG's plastic surgery

No. 443655

File: 1507003339446.png (424.42 KB, 507x418, dfadfa.PNG)


just for comparison's sake, this is what billie looked like on her shitty webcam when she streamed. kek onion what a downgrade.

No. 443657


not an ana-chan here, but she looks chubby and we know that onion prefers the girls underweight now. with how he pushed billie, sarah and clearly lainey about their weight. gonna need to lose a couple of pounds and tons of self esteem, try harder!

No. 443658


yeah billie was never really much different looking from her pictures to irl, luckily for her she’s naturally a reasonably attractive girl but mac definitely isn’t since she looks like a goblin even with a full face of makeup on kek

No. 443659

File: 1507003762362.png (1.34 MB, 750x1334, D48899EC-13D8-4C57-A143-0F5CEF…)

Greg prob relapsed kek

No. 443661

Probably had an argument about macncheese or found out thru a video about how much he enjoys hentai. I knew there would be some milk soon, come on Laimey give us a twitter rant.

No. 443662


if it’s about greg he’ll just love bomb her and tomorrow she’ll be like “um guise it was just song lyrics :/“

No. 443665

simple mistake anon it's not important anyway, chill the fuck out. my point still stands, mac is potential milk.

No. 443669

File: 1507004920154.gif (3.98 MB, 414x232, E38C5FE5-20B5-4D98-8E75-55011A…)

No. 443671

lil dick nigga

No. 443673

Why was that shot even necessary? Like wtf?

No. 443675

Their living situation/house lay out is so odd. Their bedroom is the basement right. Trots room is 1st floor? Imagine having your young child 2 floors away from you all night. How do they check up on the kids

No. 443676

Lainey sleeps with the kids at night. Greg sleeps in a different room.

No. 443677

The way she acted in the reception of the tattoo shop omg. cringe.

I found my ankle tattoos hurt a bit, definitely pinched. Not as bad as feet tho.

No. 443678

File: 1507006758838.png (1.04 MB, 680x1024, DoNarcissistsDreamofAnimeChild…)


No. 443680


I can't look away, I'm being mesmerized by his cock jumping up and down… help…halp!

No. 443681

Fuck. Me too. thanks a lot.

That looks hella fake tho

No. 443682

Pretty sure it’s not his real dong, so u don’t have to feel bad for watching.

No. 443683

That's a sad little dick.
You literally have nothing going for you, Onion.
Not even in the trunk. How pathetic.

No. 443684

File: 1507008910117.png (391.46 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0758.PNG)

From Repzion's Onion-response video: if you look closely, you'll see the Lolcow page in Grugly's reply.

No. 443717

Entertaining to see not only Lainey but poop beck, sparkleslut and becca get triggered when macnfag gets all gregmas attention.

No. 443728

Did this bitch forget that she had kids or something? I'm sure they appreciate that, Plainey. They're going to have such fucked up lives.

No. 443734


did you see the livestream he did when he was rating girls the first time? becca was posting her picture in every single one and gerg looked more disgusted each time, it was hilarious

No. 443735

File: 1507014355980.png (526.66 KB, 750x1334, 674EB0DE-10CA-4040-BBD0-08FDFC…)

looked up onision on youtube to see if joy still showed up, but i noticed that repzion’s video is doing better than onion boy; so who really is getting defeating in the end?

No. 443743

Oh wow even Laimey is doing a lot better than him by now. He barely cracks 15k views anymore

No. 443750

lol he's not even trying to stop, just refrain from locking himself in his work room multiple times a day to "exercise" his dick with hentai.

No. 443764

i read this thread from time to time beacuse i enjoy drama but i've kinda felt it was a lot of people desperate for a laugh clasping at straws

and then he uploads a 6 min video where he admits he's addicted to hentai, and then lectures us on how admitting it is good for you. then towards the end of the video he backtracks and says "i wont cut it out entirely, i just will do it less"

i just

i love it

No. 443770

Not into dudes so I have no experience with their at-home underwear habits but are boxer shorts supposed to be that weirdly baggy in the front or is his dick just so tiny that it can't fill up the space?

No. 443772

I think most dudes prefer a little more support but I've never dated micropenis so i don't know if that's universal

No. 443773

>>443743 ITS A SUB GLITCH! Gosh anon

No. 443775

File: 1507027869198.png (124.93 KB, 1353x399, onionsb.png)

Just checked his social blade and jesus christ, what a fall from Grace.
How can he even pay for food now?

No. 443777

Lame streams almost everyday right? Hope she's bringing her fidget spinners today after all that stress with onion and macnfaggot

I also hope the chat is gonna bomb her with questions and comments about it

No. 443778

swear he had a D rating last time i checked

No. 443779

Anon did you forget their ~$7,000 patreon income plus younow earrings plus whatever? Their income has been estimated in a previous thread, they make way more than the average american

No. 443781

I swear some of you have impossible beauty standards. Where is that chubby?

Sage for irrelevancy

No. 443783

Never forget the bestiality.

No. 443784

True, but given his current trajectory I doubt he'll make anywhere near as much on patreon next year. Once those current patreons get bored or can't afford it anymore there's not going to be any new fans to replace them. If you add the IRS hit to the mix he's gonna be truly fooked in 2018. I wonder if he's hiding the patreon $$$ because its already falling or if it's just him being generally dishonest.

He's still wasting money like crazy because for some reason he thinks he'll be 'back on top'. Tripped up by his NPD for the millionth time. Probably views the patreon thing as a permanent income too, just like he did with youtube.

No. 443787


i think it’s definitely a below average dick size thing, most guys will still fill the space even when they wear baggy boxers kek

No. 443788

how dare you disrespect the late robin williams in that manner.

No. 443789

one thing that bothers me is that none of his paying customers/“friends” question why him and lainey haven’t downsized anything since the whole “muh money crisis” shit started? they’re still living exactly as they always have and they don’t see anything suspicious about it, how can you be that careless with your own money is beyond me. these people must be on another level of autistic

sage for rant

No. 443790

the bottom text should say "not RUN by Taylor" instead of "not RAN by Taylor" but other than that…


No. 443791

Oh yeah he's definitely not able to save up money, reduce his lifestyle or have a realistic view of future income developtments. It can only end up bad since none of them can imagine having a normal Job with an average income

Also kek on the micropenis talk

No. 443792

I agree with this.
She is definitely not thin or in shape but still not chubby.
If he needed to get a job who would hire him?

No. 443793

That's what I was wondering too. My guess is that a lot of the people who pay them think they deserve a better lifestyle because they buy gurg's shit talk about working so hard and giving everything for his videos… Also a lot of them don't question anything they do

No. 443795

>Can't wait until onion lets his narc parenting shine through by making videos such as "Why my son is stupid and wrong" and "My daughter is a filthy liar"

Underrated. This cracked me up anon

No. 443796

>>constantly jacking it to hentai
>>said Asian people tend to be more attractive than everyone else

Kek no wonder plainey is such a doormat and wannabe Anachan. She has to keep up with onions fantasy underdeveloped, submissive Japanese schoolgirl who wants to give him hafus.

No. 443797

File: 1507030885581.png (124.71 KB, 806x364, adrienne_gerglcock.png)


here's a reminder from his ex girlfriend to anyone wondering about the greasy cock size. it's not big.

No. 443799

Are you talking about the attachment?

No. 443807


Those look like boxer briefs more than boxer shorts (since they're tight around the legs). I think my husband wears those same ones. They should not be baggy in the front like that, they should have a lot more support. So, well…

And the only way he'd achieve movement like that is with something stuffed in there or with grossly saggy balls.

No. 443817

> you tormentor of souls

kek, so on point

No. 443818


>Half a hot dog.

Dear fucking Jesus no wonder he stuffs. Did he just forget to stuff for the SR video ? Or thought using his tiny peen would make people think SR has a tiny peen.

No. 443819

I like how "It's keeping me from making videos" is mentioned first rather than spending time with his wife and children.

No. 443821

I love that losing 60k subs is still a 7% up. I've seen channels older than his with less than half his subs get double the views.

No. 443824

ok so reminder greg asked his underage fans recently to post pictures "looking their best" and "making themselves to look ugly/the most unflattering", now he's "challenging them to make a video admitting humiliating addictions"

what the fucking fuuuuuuuuck

No. 443829

personally i think he did this video, and the hentai one after each other intentionally.

this video was his shit attempt to trigger them after their hilarious wheel of drama. they touched on everything lol, it prob made his blood boil.

the hentai video was to expose himself so if they were to retaliate with it, he has already become a martyr for it.

onision is thick as shit, but he is manipulative. i reckon he is scared with what JG and richie could know about him and his family (who i think the threat was against as she said it wasn't Onion directly)

catching up on the thread, and seeing a lot of mad bastards thinking onion thrives off LC. calm down, he is not catering videos to us, but he and Lameo do refer to us as haterz

No. 443830

talk about bad eyebrows. when u got a face that fat you need a more prominent frame thicko

No. 443831

i think that the abusive video he posted a couple of weeks ago is going to resurface, what the fuck was that

somebody has milk but theyre not going to spill it.
saged for tinfoil