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File: 1508291331629.png (92.17 KB, 275x155, pack her.png)

No. 451601

-Lame has a gender reveal party that is extremely cringe.

-Onion buys Lame children's clothes for her 23rd birthday.

-Lame pressures her fans to continue giving money on YouNow. Even making someone call her bank and cry because she can't give her more money.

-Onion quits veganism and goes back to eating eggs due to feeling weak.

-Lame says she is going back to fish because she claims to be too skinny, showing off bruises on YouNow and talking about her being weak.

-Possible milk from a former "fan" who is now tweeting suspicious things that seems to be directed at Onion or Lame.

-Farmers are suspicious that they might have an entire room dedicated to their daddy kink.

Previous thread.

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(First thread, sorry for mistakes.)

No. 451602

File: 1508291609433.jpg (52.18 KB, 594x466, minion falll.jpg)

CakeFaceTay and Juperlee are known Onion and Lame dickriders. They have not been on Lame's YouNow chat lately and are liking Macncheese posts, what did they do to piss off their fans now?

No. 451603

You should include the subreddit link in the next threadpost OP

No. 451604

File: 1508291676502.jpg (92.44 KB, 568x541, sarbil.jpg)

Sarah is slowly morphing into Billie, tbh shes getting cute.

No. 451605

are you saying they as in onision and lainey or using laineys "preferred pronouns"

No. 451606

hell nah, They as in the grease couple.

No. 451607

Lamey better watch out! It's only a matter of time before Gerd starts having naked cuddle sessions with Sarah!

No. 451608

this was posted in the last thread and thats where it should stay.
no one cares about sarah and her selfies here, or how "cute" you think shes getting.
gtfo with that shit.
she also looks nothing like billie except the blue hair, in which case she looks more like plain lain than anything.

No. 451610


lmao Lainey must be seething that this girl who lives with them is better at makeup than she is… I bet she definitely used to feel superior to Sarah cuz Sarah was chubbier than her… watch out Lame, Sarah is way cuter than you now! but on the other hand god I hope Onion doesn't try anything

No. 451611

Chill anon, didn't think it posted in the previous post because it had been locked. I only mention this because I have a suspicion that Spaceprince no longer wants a girlfriend because she has Sarah there for companionship and with her new look, Laim might make a move, tinfoil of course.

No. 451612

File: 1508292113052.png (281.19 KB, 629x627, Untitled.png)

No. 451613

File: 1508292286204.jpg (9.84 KB, 557x103, o twit.jpg)

Stopped watching hentai still ignore wifu.

No. 451615

File: 1508292615532.jpg (23.73 KB, 585x112, shots fired.jpg)

Oh shit, keep it coming Macncheese.

No. 451616

Now we know its about Onion, what did he do? We need to know, was he giving her attention and leading her on?

No. 451617

File: 1508292871751.png (33.68 KB, 543x491, milkeh.png)

friend of mac's and reformed cow dickrider, thought this would help clear shit up on her behalf.

No. 451618

Major tin foil here but what if he met macncheese in la and they fooled around

No. 451619

I think she deleted that tweet. Diff anon. I also screenshot it just in case. Mac&Cheese, save all evidence if he said something to you. He will talk in circles, but screenshots will speak volumes more than he can.

No. 451620

She should have taken it to the next step because you know onion would give her a naked body massage, but come to think of it maybe that's why lainey was so upset is she saw something between those two?

No. 451621

File: 1508293085401.png (64.83 KB, 1170x216, macndrama.png)

I dunno farmers, this all feels pretty put-on coming from the girl who basically introduced herself to Gerg as "barely legal"

No. 451622

phew he's struck out with three of the discord girls at this point. Hopefully this will finally get it through his head that he's creeping these girls out…that or maybe becca will finally get her chance after all. he has to hit the bottom of the barrel sometime

No. 451626

File: 1508293184925.jpg (31.15 KB, 583x182, shadeeeeee.jpg)

Damn so did Onion plan on meeting up with her? What if he did wanna fly her out to LA.

No. 451627

File: 1508293245122.png (59.69 KB, 292x241, Screenshot 2017-10-02 at 11.46…)

kek she is so full of shit, you can go back through previous threads and see her very obviously coming on to greg. baiting and antagonizing lainey about the attention he gives her, etc.

No. 451628

File: 1508293273689.png (215.82 KB, 750x1334, 18EB00CF-61DA-41C7-B711-1E417D…)

No. 451629

Girl, if Greg is abusing his power to lure young girls in, let that be known with proof (because of his history of silencing victims). Now is the time to speak up when this shit is so openly rampant. You'll have support.

No. 451630

Yeah there's nothing she's saying that's really like oh my! He could still spin it off because she's not showing messages from him

No. 451631

File: 1508293328859.jpg (18.68 KB, 596x104, manip.jpg)

So I gather that Onion probably tried to get her to do things using his discord fags or patreons?

No. 451632

File: 1508293461146.jpg (59.17 KB, 514x151, garbagemilk-01.jpg)

She's clearly watching the thread like a hawk anons. Ignore the cows.

No. 451633

I spoke at length (roughly 5 hours) with her on the phone last night, explaining how people like greg are, what they do and how they act. it's opened her eyes enough that she had told me that they had private DM, but it didn't go much further past exactly what was outlined here

she wasn't aware of the discord snowflakes and how far they go for attention until last night, i.e. with the nudes etc. when it was all laid out to her last night, she had an epiphany and that is more or less where this venting is coming from today. we are texting now, and she is reading this but she feels as though everyone here is attacking her, so that in itself is shying her away from saying anything to corroborate.

No. 451634

I don't think we should attack at all, this is why most of Onions victims never speak out. He's a manipulator lets not forget this farmers.

No. 451635

Girl let it out! You'd be a hero and you have proof?!! Everyone wasn't sure what you were doing at first, if you have shade and dms throw it and watch us support you.

No. 451636

Anyone that speaks out against the onion is an actual hero, he's made so many girls leave the internet before, thats why Billie got so much support although she was kind of a homewrecker.

No. 451637

If you actually speak out we would support you because of like what anon said he silences his victims, please don't be one!

No. 451640

Some farmers might have different opinions about you, Macncheese, but I guarantee (like this anon said) most of us will support you more than you even know!

No. 451641

File: 1508293813859.png (203.71 KB, 582x480, trailertrash.png)

exactly, she is clearly just an attention starved snowflake herself. she's been reading here for a month, she knew exactly what he was but still continued to go after Onion's sweaty 5.6

No. 451644

It comes with being a fan girl, I'm pretty sure all of us have opened our eyes to a bigger situation before.

No. 451645


Until she decides what she's doing I'm going to say this is Greg or lainey trying to derail, give her a moment

No. 451646

If she didn't know any better about what kind of person Onion was, why would she even introduce her age as "barely legal"? Something's off about this…

No. 451647

she sent me screenshots to ask if they were creepy. she is working up the courage. give her time.

No. 451648

Don’t stay quiet. You could potentially save another innocent girl like yourself. Don’t let him do it to others. Please share.

No. 451650

Seriously. Onion routinely uses his influence and power to silence victims whenever he's called out. He further silences future victims by talking about his "honesty," and anyone who wants to speak out in the future will have to face his forced, changed version of events. If anything explicit or concerning happened, if you were guilted because of things you did not want to do, please don't be silent.

No. 451651


Screen caps of the dms would be her only redemption and faxxx against him, girl let them floww

No. 451652

He has plenty of underage fans that still support him despite his past. she's not the only one but she woke up and apparently another person Juperlee woke up as well. WE should never shame anybody for finally snapping out of it.

No. 451653

Imo the majority here are frustrated by these girls not wising up to the obvious predatory techniques Greg and Plain put on. It may look like attacking but willingly going along with their schemes and also luring more girls in can't be ignored.

No. 451654

Come on girl! He's going to trash you the second he has a chance and don't fall for his bullshit! Let them out and we got you!

No. 451655

Exactly why shame someone who's helping build a case of his creepy factor

No. 451656

Regardless of how she introduced herself, what makes it okay for Onion to reference it constantly if it didn't matter to him or if he didn't feel it was an important detail?

No. 451658

exactly. why not just come out with the "screenshots" immediately instead of milking everything for attention. they never even actually met up or anything so there can't be that much there.

No. 451659

One of the skeptical anons here, and even I will say: if you've got the receipts, I've got your back.

No. 451660

File: 1508294347467.jpeg (154.84 KB, 750x398, 40466626-A8AF-4212-9EC6-813292…)

No. 451661

He could ask her sexual questions and if she's be with him, there's plenty that could make him look bad even if they never met, it's all about intention

No. 451663

It sounds like the old "she was drinking and was wearing slutty clothes so she deserved it!" argument that idiots use.

No. 451664

Quit being a salty asshole. You are stopping the milk.
Also, who cares if macncheese mentioned her age as 'barely legal' in the beginning? She's younger than onion, much younger. She might have been cringey but I think it's safe to say that most young girls her age are silly/naive. Obviously not all of them are but most of them into onion are and honestly not sure why you are blaming and being an asshole to her. She's no longer an onion Stan and is providing deets on his shiftiness, isn't that enough?

No. 451665

Chris Hanson says is all about intent and even if a meet up never happened it's still cause

No. 451666

Looking back maybe her being "barely legal" was a defence mechanism? Like "oh haha you're 30 and i'm barely legal please back off creepy."

inb4 i'm not macncheese or a stan, just devil's advocate. Also I was/am someone who 100% believes she was trying to get on that vegan hotdog. I'm on the fence now.

No. 451667

No I was actually thinking this to. Maybe she thought he would back off if she said this. When I was 16-17 and wold get hit on I would always say "I'm not legal, barely legal" to get the creeps to go away.

No. 451668

If these girls show caps and dms who cares what was going on at that time? They got creeped out by him and now want to talk about it, people can change their minds we are used to no feelings onion and lainey give this girl a break and see what she says

No. 451669

File: 1508294754813.jpg (41.11 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_0.jpg)

she's asked me to post them so, I will. there's not much to go on except the fact that he is clearly attempting to groom her by giving her an "in" to his household, that he only wanted "help" from a "hardcore."

I speculate because "hardcore" fans would do anything to prove how "hardcore" they are. fangirling is real, and a most girls, especially her age don't often see it as such. but when you take it in the context of his history, it's clear to see.


No. 451670

File: 1508294786040.jpg (44.71 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_1.jpg)

No. 451671


I'm on the fence, too. I saw her mention that she was barely legal, and another time she'd say she "looked 14" or something. She was awfully hung up on her age.

I was in Lainey's patreon only livestream and someone asked if she was crushing on macncheese. She scoffed (like always), and sald no - she had "issues" with her.

No. 451672

File: 1508294817918.jpg (45.25 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_2.jpg)

No. 451673

File: 1508294829648.jpg (54.48 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_3.jpg)

No. 451674

She's not fucking interested, Laim would always hate on her when its clear her husband was the one that is going after her. Telling her to look at videos because hes desperate to get HER there.

No. 451675

Well since she's letting them out let's give her a break

No. 451676

Why would he want to fly someone out and waste money when they don't even know how to use a camera. He is such a creepy fuck.

No. 451677

I wanna know what this other girl has too, screen cap anon ask the other girl too

No. 451678


Yeah - it does look like Greg wants her to prove herself as a superfan so she'd join their trinity under the guise of being his new camera op. What a fucking dick.

I hope he's furious up in the mcmansion rn.

No. 451679

File: 1508295012780.png (264.57 KB, 979x443, 1506982888659.png)

i think this is what you're referring to

No. 451680

Girl you are being very brave. That Gregory scum can be fucking terrifying most times but don't ever let him get on your head. Much love.

No. 451681

And whenever her pics came up or she was in chat he got all giddy and would tell lainey macncheese is talking

No. 451682

She was quite respectful in the way she declined his offer.

Why did Onion assume she's a "hardcore fan"? She never let on that she was one. She only posted her pic in a forum that people of age can easily join.

No. 451683

Doesn't even seem like Macncheese gave him that much attention or reason for him to crush. He saw her, he liked her and he made it his mission to get her there. He is so creepy and Lame is stupid af for staying. But then again shes not better than him, she will only blame her when her husband is the one that is after her.

No. 451684

It's interesting how it's never a guy fan that he approaches with these offers. I'm sure Tomato would just love to be so helpful.

No. 451685

Yep we got you, don't back down if he messages you his threats are empty and he would only get the law looking at him so if he trys saying he'll take legal action, he can't there's nothing you did wrong

No. 451687

You did good, kid. Glad you got out of that situation before it turned worse. You handle yourself in a very kind way. You deserve more than the greasy onion dong.

No. 451688

It makes me sad that anyone can understand this. But he is going to dismiss it like is fucking normal and logical. Just like asking a girl you are fucking to tattoo herself just to prove a point.

No. 451689

Yeah, that's exactly it! Thanks, anon.

He's a fucking creep. He'd be WAY too into what she said and got so sour when she had a date, lol. For having had so many scandals, he sure hasn't learned to fly under the radar.

Not saying macncheese is 100% innocent in this, she did seem very persistent on creating a connection, but she is also almost a child and he should have known better.

He's 13 years older than her.. tsk tsk, Greggy.

No. 451690

Wow he just kept going with the 'you should learn it' and his excuses to her are pathetic. 'Maybe you could find someone else more experienced!'
'It needs to be a HARDCORE fan that UNDERTANDS my content!!'
Wowwww I am getting major child predator vibes. Reminds me of that other sceney bopper predator that kept wanting girls to show their asshole and kept coming up with half assed excuses and saying 'it will be SO funny!'
Greg is a creep.

No. 451691

I don't understand, though. He asked and she politely declined. What happened between September 1st and now that brought on a sudden twitter vent sesh?

No. 451692

Jesus christ this is a whole different angle than what we got with their younow interactions. She's nothing more than civil & polite, if she was thirsty for the grease dick she would've picked up on his camera work innuendo immediately and got herself there.

Absolutely disgusting that he feels secure enough to recruit "hardcore" fans into his harem. He is a full blown predator. How is this man not behind bars?

No. 451693

Okay, I'll buy this. But what I was getting at was that she was baiting him on purpose at first, so much so that some people thought she was a farmer here. She even trolled Lainey about the hair color the one time. I think she knew what she was doing.

But like >>451668 said, it's okay if she changed her mind, in which case Onion needs to back off and stop being creepy of course.

No. 451694

i'm all for the milk but don't start rewriting history now. she was in every one of his younow streams every single day and was very active in chat trying to get his attention.

No. 451695

Lmao, tomatoasslickette would shit his pants if onion offered him a job

No. 451696

I'm assuming he tried to get his discordfags or patreons to convince her to go or communicate with her.

No. 451697


she told me he had told her lainey didn't like her, and she had to try hard to get her to like her. so she was dickriding lainey.

No. 451699

Yeah, let's not give her the hero status. A lot of us farmers saw her in his daily streams and trying to suck up to/troll Lainey. It's not like he just contacted her out of the blue.

No. 451700

this was way before the lainey interactions. immediately after the first video he featured her in she was in his younow stream daily.

No. 451701

She was there as a fan, and she mostly chatted with the other people in the chat. Its one thing to be in a chat and another to make the chat all about herself.

No. 451702

That was very well-handled, good on her.
On the other hand, Greg sounds like a creep as always.

No. 451704

File: 1508295695014.png (78.14 KB, 640x1136, 10CBE06D-F56E-45DC-9A4C-391DFA…)

No. 451705

Of course a fan is going to stick around, but thats all she wanted to be a fan. Onion was the one that tried to make it something else, trying to force her into camera work just so he could get his greasy hands on her. If she was really trying to get to the grease mansion she would be there, obviously onion would not hesitate to let her in. She could of easily gone and trolled Lainey in person by simply talking to him for too long but she politely declined. I think the YouNow thing is irrelevant because again she was a fan.

No. 451706

Lmao, no. She tried hard to get noticed and made the chat very much about herself. She even gave them a live play by play on her getting ready and eventually being stood up on her date.

Not saying what he did was right because he's fucked up and a predator - but she was riding Lainey's dick hard to get on her good side to get closer to him. We all saw it.

No. 451707

File: 1508295753686.jpg (73.02 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_0.jpg)

No. 451708

File: 1508295765295.jpg (129.15 KB, 575x1024, imagejpeg_1.jpg)

No. 451709

Exactly she made the chat about herself, chatting with the other members not just Onion.

No. 451710

It wasn't that he just asked her and she politely declined. He asked her like 3 times in different ways, pushing her so he could get his way. I'm suprised he didn't send any passive aggressive things back after like 'only a true fan would agree to be my camera person' or 'I guess if you have more important things to do' that's usually what he does. Maybe they had another conversation after this convo and he acted like a brat hence her twitter blowup?

No. 451712

He was wiling to take someone that he knew Lainey did not like lol, he has 0 respect for her.

No. 451714

there's more. she's working up to it.

No. 451715

What I really wanna know is, did he try to meet up with her besides the camera thing? Did he maybe suggest something else and thats what made her uncomfortable?

No. 451716

Makes me wonder how truthful his comments regarding Lainey even are.

No. 451717

Wait what happened to Onion unfollowing her etc or stopping speaking to her because he realised she was up to something? Was that a manipulation tactic to get her to prove herself or did she slip up being a troll?

No. 451718

True maybe he just said that so Macandcheese would suck up to her.

No. 451720

Lame did say she did not hate her and that they had never spoke.

No. 451721

This is giving me creepy Austin jones vibes

> prove you’re my biggest fan by learning to work a camera for me

No. 451722

Yeah but don't ALL onion fans do this? There's rarely any now that only go for her because of her 'sparkling' personality. The only reason anyone wants to talk to Lainey is because they want onion (maybe some don't want his dick and resort to flirting, but the end game is onion's attention)
I also think there's a bunch that do this and pretend to be into both/pay patron so they can get noticed on social media and get a bigger following. It's not all about wanting to sleep with him.

No. 451723


No, Lainey said in her patreon IG stream that she had issues with macncheese she didn't want to get into because she didn't wanna start drama. When macncheese was brought up, she scoffed and seemed agitated.

No. 451724

Mm true… someone send the screenshots to footface… more possible milk?

No. 451725

Well we know something happened when he was in California… did he try to get her to show him attention then?

No. 451726

File: 1508296187572.png (341.2 KB, 909x520, 1503442791031.png)

No. 451727


she didn't go into details but vaguely talked about being a jealous person and that she's "not stupid"

No. 451728

first vix, then Becks and now this girl? All in the span of about four months, right? He must be really sick of plainey at this point if he's trying this consistently to get fresh tail into the house.

No. 451729

she wasn't in california. she lives many states away.

No. 451731

Yes, his stans do this. Doesn't make it any less true that macncheese did it too, and wanted to get noticed.

Nobody's saying she's awful for wanting his attention, just that she tried to get him to notice her. Just like the other patreon fans.

No. 451732

This was so long ago.

No. 451733

File: 1508296297290.jpeg (52.17 KB, 800x450, A0D27E37-94BE-415F-AC20-1EB136…)

Ash, you’re doing amazing sweetie. <3

No. 451736

Wait so Lame has a problem with her, but Onion is the one that is trying hard to get her there? Be mad at your husband you useless, spinless bitch. Just like with Billie, Onion wanted to cuddle with her and Lame leaves the house because she "doesn't wanna be in the same house with Billie". He's the one that asked to cuddle you dumbass.

No. 451737


It seems she has a more private opinion (that she has problems with their interactions, she's not a fool etc), and a more public one ("we've never spoke," "i don't even know her") to save face.

No. 451738

Does this have anything to do with the fight that Lame and Onion had last week, during her emo stream?

No. 451739

Yeah but the posts above are a little victim blamey no? Like posting photos of her with the title 'trailer trash' and blaming her for wanting his attention? Like sure, I have no idea why anyone would ever like onion, but at the same time, all these girls are young and a bit silly.
Sage for sounding too tumblr and feeelings

No. 451740

That’s what I was thinking too, anon.

No. 451741

Whether onion still loves lame or not its clear he no longer cares for monogamous sex, he wants another girl and he keeps trying to get them there.

No. 451742

File: 1508296654507.png (64.14 KB, 2164x212, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 04.1…)

What happened with this?

No. 451743

Yeah Lainey is a fucking bitch and a fucking idiot. Greg could literally rape a baby and she'd be like 'well I asked the baby to leave our house and she wouldn't so I guess it's the baby's fault'

No. 451745

New "We're Poly" video soon I bet. I doubt a so called trinity could satisfy him now. Onion Whinestein sex predator

No. 451747

Probably just following Ayala

No. 451748

Juperlee, even if you don't have screenshots, you can still tell us your story. We got you. It must suck to realize how two grown-ups lured you for money. And what is about feeling like a fetish?

No. 451749

Fucking really. Any one remember the very passive aggressive comment Gerg made about Lainey not trusting M&C on YouNow? Lainey, your husband blatantly disregards and trivializes any concerns you have, yet you place blame openly on others. Wake. Up.

No. 451750

Bc sometimes you gotta pet the cows before they give up the milk

No. 451751

Lame gave her a lot of attitude in one of last weeks YouNow stream I was watching. Can't remember what she asked but LAmey got loud and said "You know this, why would you even ask me this" and rolled her eyes.

No. 451753

File: 1508296933837.png (60.4 KB, 286x260, img.png)

since when do farmers have to be sensitive to the feelings of cows and snowflakes?
kek this is a drama centric image board. if macngrease gets her feelings hurt she can always just close the thread?

No. 451754

Maybe because the real cow Onion an Lame have been harassing fans and followers. I still say if someone wakes up more power to them, they are manipulators.

No. 451755

Yeah, you're right, but at the same time, at least we have another person on our side who is willing to provide delicious milk and further proof of Gurgles being a fucking pedocreepfucker.

No. 451757

becca and gingerbeck and other discord fags do follow her accounts and have encouraged her to get on discord… kinda creepy

Can you guys quit blaming the victims no matter how they acted or presented themselves? We know how manipulative grease is and exactly what he's capable of.

This is the same piece of shit that called a 21 year old mentally broken for declining to suck his dick in a 2 for 1 package for lainey.

No. 451759

it has nothing to do with sensitivity. these girls are clearly groomed and because of his "status" (read: dying youtube career, so pandering to the lesser classes to get his fix) they are afraid of backlash at speaking up against him. it's not about asspats to snowflakes, but if you chastise them for speaking up on this forum, they won't continue to do it.

No. 451761

Not saying to be gentle, not even saying to be a kiss ass, it's just that being aggressive and bitchy leads to milk drying up or reluctance for cows to be here.

No. 451764


Are these bitches from guru gossip or something? Screaming autistically at people who may speak out just scares them away.

No. 451765

Because drama doesn't need to exist without purpose. If encouraging people to come forward eventually forces Onion to be accountable for all the shit he's done, in your view, wouldn't you be interested in the "milk" and further demise of Onion's legacy as a result?

No. 451766

its worse considering how many of his discord cult would be willing to do "camera" work. I would consider these "hardcore" fans since they throw the most money at him and give him all their time and attention most of the day. rxbootyslayer paid him $250 once for a month.

Why HER? We know why…

No. 451767

mac here, i just wanna thank you guys for the support. man oh man is it gonna be fun to be bashed by him tomorrow (:

No. 451768

aboot tbh <3

No. 451769

Was Mac a patron? I don't think she was, or if she was, I don't think she was top tier to prove being a "hardcore fan". Doesn't make sense.

No. 451771

I'm reading every tweet juperlee, you should write here how you are feeling, we'll listen to you.

No. 451772

We always got ur back on here now, friend. <3 Well, most of us do.

No. 451773

just to clarify, i was never a patron. i wasn’t aware of anyone else being asked to work a camera either. i think i might’ve been the only one? don’t quote me on that

No. 451774

Screenshot anything he says to you in private from this moment forward. We will have your back.

No. 451775

it doesn't matter if she was a fan or how she acted regardless it doesn't change the fact that a 31 year old man is trying to fly a girl over to his house for obvious sexual reasons

No. 451776

Girl you are the best <3 I'm so happy you opened your eyes.

No. 451777

Haha never a patron when he claimed only the most devoted fans were patrons. That's rich Greg. He's just so transparent it's disgusting.

No. 451779

No. 451780

Thanks for speaking out and don't ever let him or Lainey try and scare you off the internet or keep you from talking.

No. 451781

Exactly, what about TomatoBastard who dropped over $1000 only to meet his idol irl.. surely, he's one of the superest fans of them all!

Greg is so transparent.

No. 451782

ill be up for a little while so i’m willing to clear any confusion if you guys have questions? most of our interaction occurred on younow so there aren’t many dms from the past

No. 451784

she followed billie on instagram before either lainey or onion

No. 451785

I know the milk is coming in but wasnt lainey streaming? there might be milk when she reacts, probably already has. Is someone watching that? i wanna see her face oh baby

No. 451786

What was the turning point for you? What made you realize how horrible they are?

No. 451787

So the majority of your interactions on YouNow were likely captured either in screenshots or recorded moments? I hope we have those handy.

No. 451788

Did he make any advances towards you not in Dm’s? Where were you guys planning to “meet up”? Hope you’re feeling relieved tho, hun! Goodluck tomorrow! <3

No. 451789

It's over

No. 451790

Seriously thank you for speaking out, its incredibly frustrating when he scares people into silence. Just remember that he lives in his own world and only knows his logic. He might make a dumb video about you and claim to be right but it could of been much worse. IF you ever actually made it there I'm sure he would of found a way to control you and eventually run a hate campaign just like hes done before. I think your cool.

No. 451792

None, I watched the entire boring ass stream almost fell asleep.

No. 451794

she was never on the discord server and I don't think she was a patreon either, his mods encouraged her to get on discord though. >>451782
why were you following billie before following greg and lame? did you not know of the history?

No. 451795

My guess is he featured her in one (several?) of his videos so he figured he could manipulate her that way.
I wonder if his latest “are you beautiful” video was a dig at her. Sounds like they had a bit of a falling out.

No. 451796

Plus he only has like 8 fans left, so you don’t have to be afraid of mobs.

No. 451797

They are also all 13 or adults that are stupid.

No. 451798

last night on the phone, a friend wa shush explaining how weird it was and i had a moment of realization.
not that i was ever aware of. keep in mind i’m quite naive.
i was a fan of billie and i knew bits and pieces but didn’t quite understand it

No. 451800

And I get the feeling that a lot of Lainey's fans are either docile doormats as herself, or hatewatching her, like the IG-farmers.

No. 451802

File: 1508298392295.png (71.32 KB, 1080x203, Screenshot_20171018-004251~2.p…)

(I'm not her I just got her notifs on)

Then why are you living with a pedophile instead of your own house?

No. 451803

File: 1508298406063.jpg (11.99 KB, 565x88, sarr.jpg)

Sarah is being held captive, just kidding but seriously girl stop wasting your time at the grease mansion being a human tissue.

No. 451805

What did you think of him calling you 18 year old cutie patotie ?

No. 451806


signalling to other people present, perhaps? like, not for gurg's benefit

No. 451810

Macncheese please explain the whole age thing, so some of these anons can move on.

No. 451811


I kek’d

No. 451815

THAT CREEPED ME THE HELL OUT IF IM BEING 100% HONEST. at first i was flattered but he said it so much, and taking his age into consideration, it’s just so odd.

No. 451816

which age thing are you referring to?

No. 451818

Some of these anons are saying you were bating him because you referred to yourself as barely legal, and several times in the chat you talked about looking really young.

No. 451820

I'm glad she did bait that because more people became aware of his fetish for young girls in real time

No. 451822

i was just joking around with the age jokes thing. i wasn’t really aware of his pedo tendencies at the time bc everything flies over my head. believe me or don’t, but i thought it would just be funny.

No. 451823

If Onion goes after you and you want to respond, it might be worth talking to someone who's well-versed in his tactics.

He's going to point out that you followed people he didn't like and didn't know about until later. He'll likely call you a "snake."

However, he assumed you were a hardcore fan, though he based that on nothing substantial and not even his own logic (see >>451777, though you can find it in his patreon vids on YT and past tweets). Evidence of ignoring his spouse's concerns and talking over her about you, or getting jealous about a date you had for no reason (it's not like he spoke to you in private enough to know anything about your dating history), telling you to be lesbian (why? Again, not his place, he doesn't know you well enough at all to comment on that). He may say that women are "superior to men", and that's why he told you to be a lesbian, yet he's now an egalitarian who's come forth recently to talk about how women can be awful, too, in many ways and deserve to be critiqued because men are, too.

Keep these points in mind. He changes his position to suit his agenda. If anyone else has anything to add, go for it.

No. 451824

I get that you were joking, no need to apologize. I make jokes like that w my friends all the time, it only seems suspicious because of Greg, NOT because of you. A joke is a joke, Gurg is too much of a creep to understand that smh

No. 451825

File: 1508298913361.jpg (79.8 KB, 572x487, goo.jpg)

Seems this person also snapped out of it,
I'm glad they are speaking out because this will show them they can no longer continue to silence people.

No. 451827

Remember that you have undying support Mac, we are all here for you! No matter what he says or how he puts his version of “truth” out to the world, don’t let him make you believe you are any less believed. His 13 yr old fangirls will come around too someday

No. 451828

He will most definitely bring up the fact that you follow social repose and Billie. At this point his pathetic and predictable.

No. 451829

File: 1508299023762.png (1.64 MB, 750x1334, B6B7927C-6730-4ADD-A9B1-9E75B5…)

When your husband stops trying to fuck teenagers, that’s when.

No. 451830


Must have happened around the same time as macncheese, because she used to be very active on Lainey's instagrams and streams. Good for you, Juper.

No. 451831

File: 1508299061131.png (65.33 KB, 155x275, 1506468515998.png)

>Everything flies over my head
>I'm extremely naive

please explain


No. 451833

File: 1508299062924.jpg (9.97 KB, 558x92, hi sarah.jpg)

Hi sarah.

No. 451834

Luckily you didn't get to meet him in person so he won't be able to say that you smell bad

No. 451836

she is literally posting here right now lol she is the "friend on behalf" of macncheese

No. 451837

When you start behaving like a mother of two instead of a pedos fantasy. When you start making something of yourself instead of being bait for young girls so your husband can victimize them.

No. 451838

there’s no way this is gonna be believable so idk if i can argue it. i follow billie but didn’t see that she had yellow hair. yellow is one of my favorite colors. so i was like oh hell yeah dye your hair it’ll be cool. i 100% see how this seems sketchy and if i saw that i’d be like “oh this girl thinks she’s funny”

No. 451839

no she isn't. I'm the "friend" on behalf of macncheese, the one who now owns the reddit as well.

No. 451841

I thought you were trolling her, I got a good laugh out of it lol

No. 451843

File: 1508299403320.jpg (12.15 KB, 545x80, tissue.jpg)

Of course you do tissue, or are you to busy being an actual tissue that you have no time for "the drama". Glad it got to Laim already, she's dumb as fuck will still blame Mac when obviously its her sleezy, greasy husband.

No. 451844


She probably means "stop tweeting me about this drama, I'm way ahead of you guys"

No. 451845

File: 1508299483094.jpeg (384.75 KB, 1242x1953, E2B2A72F-A2A5-4C48-B770-B4D8B3…)

Sarah one Person tweeted you, you aren’t special.

Get over yourself

No. 451846

I support you but I still think that was a troll lol, I laughed out loud when I saw it.

No. 451847

I wonder what Greg will be more mad about. Mac exposing their DMs or finding out she wasn't actually a farmer, so he put her on the back burner for no reason. He could've still been trying to woo her to this day if he wasn't so obsessed with lolcow.

No. 451848

File: 1508299585545.jpeg (92.68 KB, 640x1136, 912471B7-E00C-4723-807D-7E96C4…)

Is juper talkin bout sarah orr…?

No. 451849

I believe she’s talking about lainey, Sarah is 17 she’s still dumb.. and a teen

No. 451850

It's too late for plain. She's a willing participant.

No. 451851

yeah dude dont be afraid to admit if u were just fucking around lol, we obv think that shits funny

No. 451852

It’s funny how Sarah’s account was private for a while and now it’s public when drama is popping up around her

No. 451853

He'll most likely paint her as a traitor from the get-go. If he apologizes for anything, it'll be not trusting his spouse or whichever nameless patrons warned him about Ash, painting himself as as a victim of kindness and wanting to believe everyone is honest. Keep that in mind, Ash, as well as >>451823.

No. 451854

She often opens it up during drama, prob to get new followers, then shut it down to private and tweets cryptic replies.

No. 451855

question for macbcheese if she’s still here, is Sarah confirmed living at the onion house? What’s her deal? sage because no contribution to thread

No. 451856

i honestly have no idea. i’m sure she’s there.

No. 451857

Fuck I hate Sarah, can we stop talking about her? She is a literal nobody. A wannabe billy who would come running back to Lainey even if Lainey spat on her. She wants the attention and she wants to be their next billy/trinity member. Sarah if you are reading this, fuck off. Hanging around, trying to scrape the crumbs of drama to be relevant is not worth your name being thrown across the internet so after Lainey and pedo Greg lose their relevance, you will be left with nothing but your name tainted for future employees. Plus, you are annoying as fuck, Billy has a following because she can do makeup. What can you do? Suck on Lainey's withered teet and get verbally abused by Greg. You suck. Fuck off. And whoever keeps bringing her up in here with no relevance to the current situation, also please fuck off.

No. 451860


>Withered teet

No. 451861

@mac did you ever have phone calls or Skyped with him? What was the stuff you couldn’t screenshot?

No. 451864

oh no, it was only stuff on younow. i never really wanted him to have my number.

No. 451866

Mac, what was the deal with telling Lainey to go sunshine yellow? were you intentionally trolling her? you used to follow Billie so you knew Billie had sunshine hair.

No. 451867

@mac did he ever ask you for nudes or steer the conversations towards sex in any way? Even if you didn't realise it at the time, was there anything he asked you that gave you weird or creepy vibes?

No. 451868

Have any of the other younow/discord girls reached out to you?

No. 451869

She already answered this, it was unintentional.

No. 451870

No. 451871

no if he ever asked for that i would’ve posted the screenshots here. we didn’t talk much in dms

No. 451873

I still don't believe her. She claims to be a hardcore fan to the point she followed everyone who onision had drama with? doesn't seem like a "hardcore" fan considering onion is very vocal about who he hates. Mac followed Billie, and knew damn well Billie had yellow hair kek. Stop the lying girl.

No. 451876

she never claimed to be a hardcore fan, that was his wording.

No. 451877

Asking her over and over isn't going to help. Think what you want and let's get other info

No. 451878

i said i hadn’t checked on her so i didn’t see her hair. i have no reason to lie and said you didn’t have to believe me.

No. 451879

She still "fangirled" over him which kinda says she was a fan. I find it odd she unfollowed SR and Jaclynn right after people told onision she was following them. I think she was a troll from the start or she just wanted the attention from "exposing" him.

No. 451881

fangirling does not equate to being a "hardcore" fan. she didn't want attention, it wasn't until it was explained to her exactly what he was doing, that she realized the extent of his greasiness.

No. 451883

Mac, what were your intentions with Onion? Did you really like him or did you just get excited because he's a Youtuber and because of his "community"? I'm really curious.

No. 451884

A fan girl would of jumped the minute he suggested she go out there.

No. 451887

I know it sucks to know you were manipulated, but it takes a lot to step up and talk about it. You should be proud, don't let some of these farmtards shame you. You're a young woman and you're gonna make mistakes, thank God you were smart enough not to post nudes like some of the other discordfags. I really feel bad to all those people he's manipulating. Good on you to take a stand(:

No. 451888

Mac said it herself she fangirled over Onision mentioning her. I still stand by that she knew what she was doing. She played dumb when onion questioned her following SR and Jaclynn, and she unfollowed them when onion mentioned it. I don't see how you can be a fan of Jaclynn and onision without knowing what onion does? I mean Jaclynn has made videos about him before.

No. 451889

okay so i used to be a fan and kinda fell off but still posted on his forums sometimes. i saw he noticed me so i followed him again and kinda fangirled.

No. 451890

i actually was never a fan of her. never followed her. only SR.

No. 451892

Then you should have still known the drama between them. You still stood by onision when he has bashed over youtubers. You still sucked up to him until this point.

No. 451893

i’m immature for my age, i’ve said that. you’re right i should’ve been more aware. i got excited nonetheless

No. 451894

What are you trying to accomplish? Acting like this is exactly why some girls are afraid to speak out when victimized. Chill. She

No. 451895

Mac did they ever try to get you on the discord, you know since its basically a sex chat?

No. 451896

yeah becca did try to get me to join discord. she said they’d love to have me there.

No. 451897

Becca seems like a gatekeeper when it comes to onision. Did she only talk to you once he started noticing you?

No. 451898

anyone with common sense would know onion is a prick. Since when is it okay to be an onision fan? especially onision has done shitty ass things. Anyone with common sense wouldn't be a fan of him.

No. 451899

@mac where did u get that handgun kek

No. 451900


Thank you. A lot of it seems like blatant self posting or another retard who thinks she's relevant. She has less personality than Lame and that's saying a lot.

The Discord was for patreons only, no? Was this a tactic for luring more $$$$ into Greg's pocket or what

No. 451901

That’s fucked. You’ve heard about how they all post nudes right? And apparently one of the girls writes fan fiction about the others. Did they mention they to you when they wanted you to join?

No. 451903

Mac was Lainey ever mean to you? You know since she basically made it seem like you were trying to infiltrate her life, when in reality it was her husband trying to get you in their marital home.

No. 451905

We're all really impressed that you aren't a vulnerable teenager being groomed by a 31 year old. Ffs. Berating her now is petty when she is speaking out and could potentially help a girl he looks for in the present or future.

No. 451906

yeah pretty much

No. 451907

it’s actually an airsoft gun.

No. 451908

Where were you when everyone in this form was bashing her? calling her a goblin? why is it now we must protect her? because she has info now?

No. 451909

Start scouring, farmers.

No. 451911

Glad you didn’t get sucked in, Mac. Sure he’ll bash you a little bit when he finds out but you’re getting off easy in the long run. He ruins people that he successfully sucks in.

No. 451912

That's interesting. Thanks for speaking up. Since his fans are becoming aware of this thread you're going to get random trolls victim blaming but you did the right thing. Take care and don't let him guilt you into anything. He's sick

No. 451913

i actually didn’t learn about the nudes until last night

No. 451914

Not all of the farmers were attacking her, some of us never commented on her.

No. 451915

no, because being abusive toward someone who wants to speak out is going to cause anyone else who has literally anything to share with this particular community to shy away from us. you don't have to coddle her, but don't berate her for doing something she feels comfortable with now.

No. 451916

she was only passive aggressive in streams but never directly mean

No. 451919

Someone superfan enough to get invited to the grease trap. Chin up anon, it's only a matter of time before he targets you too

No. 451920

I feel like it's okay to be open minded when someone realizes what kind of person onision is. When they are aware and don't care and continue to support its fucked - but when the person comes around and admits they were dumb for believing his bs why should we shut them out. Half the people itt I bet were once onision fans and turned at some point or another. Why are some anima here so against a former fan seeing the light and the error of their ways lol

No. 451922

Mac are you willing to get "I'm a cheap faggot" tattooed as a tramp stamp in order to be given the opportunity at a second chance (to become a high-paying Patreon) and save yourself from Greg's wrath?

In all honesty, how did you find him/why do you like his content? I'm amazed young people find the irrelevant asshole still

No. 451923

I'm missing the point of the macncheese shit, to start drama? If the apparent creepiness is only on younow, it's public sooo.. what is this great revelation here except she's here to talk about stuff we've seen?

No. 451924

Because I doubt they've ever been manipulated by someone over time or experienced a grooming sociopath. It's easy to say what you'd do until it happens personally.

No. 451925

Did you really want to get on her good side and be friendly with her? How did you feel when Onion told you she hated you?

No. 451926

i don’t even remember. i think the fact that he’s an asshole made me laugh. i can’t tell you why i liked him other than i thought he was funny.

No. 451927

yeah i genuinely wanted to be her friend. i liked her from what i had seen. it hurt at first to know that she thought i was evil.

No. 451928

Didn't you ever wonder why a grown woman would randomly dislike you and be so passive aggressive with you?

No. 451930

i wasn’t trying to do anything outside of being innocently associated with someone i had looked up to. i knew people thought i was trying to fuck him and that she had believed it, but i didn’t understand why because i felt that i was innocent.

No. 451931

File: 1508303157141.png (57.67 KB, 293x242, IMG_829.png)

yeah the milk has been so dry lately that farmers are desperate and acting foolish. stanning a pathetic onion fan that just a few threads ago very obviously wanted his dick. onion started catching on to her and she chickened out.

No. 451934


So in the span of a few minutes, Greg went from "yes Lainey is ignoring you" "maybe one day she'll appreciate the comments" to having a conversation with her and "no she's not ignoring you intentionally"?? Because macncheese said they could stop privately messaging him fucking lol

No. 451935

Fuck off no one cares

No. 451936

Anon you're getting so damn angry for no reason, Either you're a farmer or a discordfag or sarah, The more fans that finally see what greg and lainey are like the better. Stop chasing them away with your pedantic bullshit and chill the fuck out. Christ you're the only one spoiling the milk and the potential milk to come from grease and foot.

No. 451937

No shit, I hadn't even noticed that but damn he flipped the script real quick if it meant she stopped dm'ing him lol

No. 451938

Stop yelling at a teenaged girl, you fucking sow cunt.

No. 451939

File: 1508303560924.jpg (15.05 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

No. 451941

who said anyone is yelling? are you okay anon? and a "teenaged girl" is old enough to post here so she's old enough to face a bit of criticism considering Mac isn't the first or last teenager this greaseball has fucked over.

No. 451942

Shes jealous because shes getting haggered and aged and all she has left is a fake "gay" persona she puts on for dem LGBT monies. Grease has been pulling away from her for a WHILE now and shes pretty much intimidated by any girl.

Also thanks for coming here, Don't worry about their shit. We're glad you're exposing what an incessant creep greg is.

No. 451943

Stop the infighting. Macncheesefairy can post and use her name as long as she has something to contribute.

No. 451944

lol till the cows come home, I can't wait to see foot's face tomorrow, she gonna look like sadass bunions and corns from crying lol


No. 451946

See, this is why I say Onion had an eye to exploiting her, too. People insisted that no, Lainey was Sarah's love interest, that Greg didn't even like her. Like that matters - Greg doesn't even like his own wife. Genuine affection for a woman has never played a role in the girls he chooses to wreck and after Skye I think the sole reason he seduces girls is to humiliate them and play games with them.

She was Lainey's friend but once she arrived, Greg saw potential and in a very short time Sarah lost a lot of weight and was writing moony stuff in her Tumblr that was very clearly not about Laniey but about Greg.

She may not have gone with the intent of becoming Greg's latest capture but Greg is manipulative and his manipulation works best with young girls who have had bumpy personal lives or outright trauma. Sarah arrived with hair a natural color and around 40 pounds overweight and in under six months completely transformed her look into something that we know Greg likes. Lainey needs to be scared of Sarah. Sarah's already demonstrated a crush on Greg and that she even came back to live there a second time is a sign she can be manipulated to do things against her own self-interest. She may be primarily a lesbian but if she's already had a crush on Greg, clearly her sexual preference is not carved in stone.

And yes, Sarah is an attractive girl and she needs to be far away from both Lainey and Greg. In that house she cannot have fun, date people her own age, get a decent education or grow as a human being.

No. 451947

oh man I bet Lainey's going to be pisssssed if she wasn't aware grease was trying to get mac as his "camera person" especially greg knowing full well she didn't like mac

No. 451948

>when sarah is annoyed grease lusts over other women

Hi Sarah! We know about how you much you feel for grease and the real reason you left ;)

No. 451949

ironically she deleted these from her twitter shortly after they were posted.

No. 451950

Mac, since you only recently came to this conclusion I think there's more interaction between you two that you aren't sharing. And that's your decision. But it could potentially help future "fans" not become wrapped up in this bs. Thanks for coming.

No. 451951

SR is associated with the same fanbase and grease and twitter could have rec'd jaclyn

No. 451952


I think it's been said that her friend, who's been posting here as well (Jupiter?) had a long talk with her yesterday.

So I'm assuming the friend had some clarity and talked to Mac about it.

No. 451953

i’d be more than comfortable with sharing now that i know i’m supported, but there is truly nothing else in our dms.

No. 451956

Thank you for what you have shared and don't worry about any backlash, Just remember, Don't panic and if anyone comes at you, Screenshot it. Document anything and everything.

No. 451957

Were you trying to make him jealous the day of your date when you were talking about it in younow? It was obvious he was on edge

No. 451958

yes I am posting here, no I am not jupiter. my only claim to this is having ownership over /r/Onision on Reddit.

No. 451961

no i was just gonna disappear bc i thought he was on his way so i was explaining hey i’m going on a date so i’ll be leaving

No. 451965

Anyway, I'm glad you realised what a creep he is.

We were all sperging about how Onion would be recruiting you into that hell hole through the excuse of helping him shoot videos. It's pretty shocking we hit the nail right on the head there.

'Hardcore' fan my arse, he had a plethora of choices from his patreon pool and he chose you and continued to choose you when you made it so abundantly clear that you have no experience in operating a camera.

No. 451967

yeah, it can feel harmless to have a crush or admire someone that you think would never reciprocate because if they did you would be creeped out and no longer respect them. and then it would make sense to feel betrayed.

No. 451969

That creeps me out so much. He had so many others to choose from but he picked a teen who wasn't even a patron and doesn't even know how to use a camera. And after she says she doesn't know still pushes her like 2 more times with 'it's a good life skill' and 'you could always learn'

My skin is crawling. Not as much as it did when basement gate surfaced, but it's crawling. Greg is suchhhh a creep.

No. 451971

girl good luck and I'm glad you realized how much of a shithead he is before it was too late. I cannot believe he's been getting away with this abusive and creepy shit for years, he needs to be blasted.

No. 451972

This anon is right.
But whatever you do please don't talk to anyone named JoySparkles or Katie Smith. Please. Don't.

No. 451973

Agreed. Also avoid TallVideos and Mikenactor.

No. 451974

Juperlee's twitter is gone, huh.

No. 451975

So whos she suppose to go to for some kind of back up, or as a sounding board?
Josh? LOL just kidding

No. 451976

on the phone with cheesefaggot, she says she changed her twitter handle, not gone

No. 451977

To Billie, Ayalla and Drew kek

No. 451987

Either this girl is an epic troll, or it confirms my suspicions that people who are still fans of Onion in his final days probably have lower than average IQs. Naive doesn't quite fit the explanations here, and it seems fishy.

No. 451990

She's young, anon. Teens are hella naive and Gregma is an experienced creepdick.

No. 451992


She doesn't strike me as the sharpest knife of the bunch, tbh.

No. 451996

Dunno, but when I was same age as macncheese, I figured Gerg was a creepy dude just from the way Shiloh drama played out and how he jumped on Taylor right away (that was in 2012). Cuddlegate and other drama didn't even happen yet.
And I was pretty naive and dumb back then.

Sorry for the blogpost but what I am trying to say that even then, when he was super popular with tons of fans, it was easy to stumble upon creepy shit he does and think about it for a minute instead of blindly follow him and try hardest to get his attention.

Nowadays, when there is so much proof of him being a total shit of a person everywhere, you either have to be very dumb and/or think you are better than everyone else + thirsty for internet attention.

No. 452011

>I just talked to lainey
>1 minute later

what a liar lmao

No. 452026

This is what I mean. Naivete would explain someone not having the experience to recognise the warning signs on their own. It doesn’t mean being so dumb you see things play out before you and not fucking recognising that it’s happening again. Pattern recognition is a basic cognitive skill.

No. 452036

@mac has someone tried to warn you about Greg and the things he's done before?

No. 452037

@Ashlyn you were the one who posted on the temp lolcow board saying gur invited you to visit, right?

No. 452038

The difference is that you've seen the drama and his creepy behaviour.

I think she just saw a guy that he liked on YouTube, she said that she didn't really know what happened with Billie, either. And she didn't think he was creepy because he is married and has kids, which is understandable, to be honest.

And you're right, there's is tons of shit out there, but it doesn't mean that everyone googles a person they are a fan of or read all that stuff. I like YouTubers and follow them on social media and don't look them up otherwise.

No. 452039

Maybe some of his recent fans don't know about all that stuff that happened back then.

No. 452043

Exactly, not everyone has enough time and have other more prominent interests than looking up gossip about youtubers. When I was her age I wasn't into youtube at all, the only person I watched was Jenna Marbles

No. 452046


I was on this stream and said this guest looks like 12, then macncheese came up and was like "girl I look like 12 too!" and then she corrected herself saying she looks like 11…wtf

No. 452047

She doesn't know about the drama…but she just happens to follow everyone involved?

Yeah, I don't buy that at all

No. 452055

There's just way too much of this convenient ignorance, and posts of "oh I just happen to be on the phone with her right this second while also browsing lolcow." I just don't buy it, man. I won't deny, that camera conversation was creepy af, but every other interaction I've seen between mac and Onion reads very much like an elaborate trolling endeavour.

And girl, if you WERE trolling the fuck out of him/Lainey, that's fine. Lord knows we'd do the same. But I feel like it's important to be straight up about the whole situation and how it got here, not just shrugging it all off as "I'm so naive you guys"

No. 452056

Why is it important for you? It doesn't matter. She's not involved with them anymore and she even shared screenshots. We'll move on soon anyway.

No. 452058

I can't wait for this motherfucker to mess with the wrong underage girl and finally get fucked. He's a sexual predator and it's honestly fucking painful to think about what could potentially happen.

He's such a goddamn creep. The more people are warned about him, the better. SPEAK UP.

No. 452068

Macncheesefairy account is on private now

No. 452070

No wonder, bet his crazy ass fans are all over her yet.
Let's see if the greaselord himself is gonna say something about it.

No. 452071

idk guys, it just seems like she caught wind of all the drama and attention around the onions and she wanted some for herself. She inserted herself into everything that dealt with lainey and gerg she could, made it obvious she was trolling them. Then she conveniently comes crying here looking to be the bearer of milk? I think shes nothing more than an attention seeker. She's had limited, tame conversations with greg that prove nothing. She hasnt given us anything. Unless she brings us substantial proof or milk, she's kinda useless.

No. 452074

Tell me why this matters? the point is it makes gerg look bad.

No. 452076

File: 1508330853818.jpg (29.01 KB, 500x375, enhanced-32081-1428675538-19.j…)


when billie was dating onion everyone on the threads pretended she was ugly. it wasn't until they broke up that people said she was cute. no one wanted to say anything nice to her since she wanted the onion dick.

so what is with those weird anons appearing out of the woodwork to say sarah is cute now? 1st of all, she's not, 2nd of all, we don't care.

At least sage? how is this relevant to the damn thread? she's ugly, ana-chan and she would die in a fire for onion's dick. no one cares. she's garbage. also she loves the attention and lurks here all the time. why would you give her the satisfaction?

just stop with this faggy shit, please. the onion threads are not for this shit. you can't even discuss lainey without people getting butthurt here.

No. 452077

I didn't realise we jumped up the ass of everyone that makes gerg look bad.

She's suspicious is what we're saying, and you're jumping down the throat of everyone who has these suspicions.

No. 452078

I'm not jumping up her ass, this is the first time I've said anything. I couldn't care less what her motives were, the point is he's been caught with his pants down yet again and it's delicious.

No. 452079

She's been private since before she started posting on here last night.

She's given us a little bit, I know we had suspicions on how Onion's initial manipulation is laid down but for him to outright try and egg her into coming to his McMansion by trying to get her to prove her super-fan status is outright creepy. It's like that pedophile who recently got caught, it's the exact same technique.

inb4 go away Sarah, I'm not Sarah or a stan. Don't be an idiot, Sarah is pretty now. Billie got prettier when she split up with Onion/towards the end of their relationship. I do agree that bringing up her tweets/her subtracts from relevant discussion however, unless it's more proof (not that we need any) she's back at the McMansion.

She is suspicious, I don't really buy her story 100% but screenshots are screenshots. Her intentions don't subtract from his creepiness, let's not shoot down milk because we don't like the supplier.

No. 452080

>Sarah is pretty now. Billie got prettier
it's really not important.

No. 452083

Don't forget Onicuck uploads a lot of his younow/discord streams to his OnisionArchive page. We could check there for any relevant conversations.

No. 452089

??? What are you even talking about? When have “victims” stayed silent just because lolcow would be skeptical of their story?

Ah see… this attitude is what drives faked screenshots and lowers credibility of anything lolcow says. That’s why “naive” girls still go visit Chez Oignon mansion, because who’s going to listen to a site full of people who just want to make him look bad? Which is not the same as exposing how bad he really is.

No wonder we end up with so many attention seeking Onion fans in here - they keep getting rewarded. One minute, mods are having to stop derailments of people thinking up nicknames for DickCheeseHairy, next she comes in here with this story and suddenly the word hero starts coming up. Ffs.

No. 452091

>That’s why “naive” girls still go visit Chez Oignon mansion, because who’s going to listen to a site full of people who just want to make him look bad?

I'm not the anon you are debating with but holy shit, that reach. Lolcow is feeding little girls to their doom now? These little girls are eagerly lining up to do that themselves. Then they can come here for a hit of attention after.

No. 452099

Whatever happened to that bbghost girl? I thought Lainey “had a crush on her” and Onision would have tried to jump on it.

Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 452104

Wow. He's deleted all his streams on OnisionArchives He must be really worried about people using stream footage.

No. 452108

File: 1508336476522.jpg (122.46 KB, 1260x499, macncheese.jpg)

ok so if the anon from the temp lolcow claiming to be invited by grease to come visit is mac n cheese, the timings add up, both happened early september. so she's not as innocent as she claims to be.

No. 452120

Does it matter if she is innocent? She isn't the focus here, Gerg is, now we have a few drops of milk.
I could care less if she led him on or not.

No. 452122

sorry macnmold but you won't get away that easy.

No. 452124

Get away with what dude? Why are you sounding so threatening towards a typical attention seeking teenager? She came, Gave milk and screenshots. Heck even if she is a troll towards grease and compLainey who cares? Why start a witch hunt? This thread is for g+l if you wanna bitch and moan about an ex-fan of theirs then do it elsewhere.

It seems really redundant to chastise someone who has now seen the light no matter how they came to the conclusion. I just want grease to sperg about mac and lainey to sperg about jup not funding her anymore lol.

No. 452125

If it's true I'm just more disappointed in the fact that she's playing innocent rather than being like "ya dudes I've been trolling them this whole time lets all laugh together"
Who cares tho, it can confirm that onision is just so thirsty for fresh poon he really can't control his urges towards any cute "fan" at all

No. 452130

jfc who cares if shes innocent or not. Point is she came, dropped caps and realized how bad grease and lainey is, Thats enough for me and it should be enough for the anons in here getting all sorts of self righteous over someone that doesn't even matter. She didn't get sucked in and she came here with the milk.

No. 452131

Nope I am not her. Just someone with a brain who gives not a fucketh if she is a nun or not. I am just happy the thread had more to discuss other than astrology and dreams and I credit that to her.
You need to remember who this thread is for and if you're so intent on discrediting a 16 yr old then go make a new thread.

No. 452132

victim-blaming bullshit is exactly how this rancid spotted pedo has gotten away with everything so far. It was Shiloh's fault for being with him after what he did to Skye. It was Adrienne's fault because she knew what he did to Shiloh. It was Lainey's fault because, actually fuck Lainey she's now a willing participant full on Karla Homolka. But seriously, the self righteous bullshit doesn't at all negate the fact that lil 5 incher Onion was actively and aggressively trying to manipulate another teen girl.

No. 452133

Why does onion need to fly out billies when he's got one taking care of his kids. I think Sarah looks an awful lot like Billie and she is pretty cute

No. 452134

Anyone shitting on a milk maid delivering fresh cream is actively an Onion supporter as far as I'm concerned, wether that's what you intend or not.

No. 452135

File: 1508340675527.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, IMEAN.gif)

tfw some anons act as holier-than-thou on fucking lowcow of all places

No. 452138

I was thinking it might even be sarah and lainey going apeshit about this chick as well lol

No. 452142

I wouldn't be surprised because Farmers, if you find yourself making the exact same arguments against macncheese that Onion himself is likely to use…you need to reevaluate your fucking life.

No. 452145

Hi Sarah. Starting to feel like you'd be the only one who'd be do desperate to drop the macbcheese thing and talk about how attractive you've suddenly become. The reason he needs to keep flying out new Billies is because for some reason Greg finds you gross. I feel like if anything sarah related should come up it's not "oh she's so cute now" but "what the fuck is wrong with her that even gregs desperate ass isn't interested"
She must have like Weird pepperoni nipples or something that's scaring Greg away. I mean I'd be willing to bet money she'ssent nudes to Lainey. She's thirsty af for her post baby snatch. And if she has no way Greg hasn't seen them. Bet that's why she's so desperate to become Billie.
Bottom line is gregs never gonna want to fuck you sarah, you're just a glorified live in nanny.
Back on topic. Could be that she's knows if she was a troll and came out about it on here sarah or his discord fags would report back and he would probably claim. "Oh I knew she was a troll allllll along, I was baiting her to catch her and she sissied out! Proves these trolls will try anything to ruin me and my marriage!"
She's best off keeping it a mystery whether she was legit interested or a troll because the troll side gives Gurgles a leg to stand on. Either way we should be happy to have fresh milk and more to come as Grease spergs out in the following days,

No. 452146

Who keeps shilling this "Sarah looks just like Billie" "Sarah is getting cuter" narrative?

No. 452147

I still don't get how mac coming here is milk. She just said "oh I realized he was a creep" like no shit
Nothing shady went down except he asked her to visit. Everything else we have seen ourselves. Wtf was the point of her coming here except to talk shit, might as well stay anonymous, she should have waited until he actually said something fucked up to screencap it. But of course this is why Greg loves teenagers, they're retarded

No. 452148

I think its sarah tbh

No. 452150

Its more proof he's trying to get girls on the side to come down and persistently being creepy about it. I dunno why people are mad about more of his fans turning to our side, Seems completely redundant and petty to stay mad at them.

No. 452151

It's most definitely Sarah. I imagine living in the grease mansion has made some narcissism rub off on her and she's finding the best way to derail the thread is to get everybody talking about "omg she's so cute! Wow!! Sarah had a glow up"
She's as desperate for attention and validation as compLainey no wonder they sit around suckin each others teets all day

No. 452154

I'm not mad it's more like Greg and co will just think they're right bc technically nothing happened and he'll be more careful with his bullshit when we had someone who could've been actually smart and didn't go about it like an idiot

No. 452155

macncheese tea is nothing good and I'm not sarah thank God

No. 452157

Hollywood Gossip Girl here!!!!
I have to say something because silence is never the answer.

Macncheesefairy- never feel bad about speaking out. Please continue to do so! It can only help others understand what goes on behind the screen. I fully support you (and anyone else) starring your story and experience with no judgement on this end.

Others may try to attack you or say terrible disparaging things, but that's because they are upset, or scared. It comes from FEAR. Fear of the ugly truth. Don't let their insults sting to much.

Anyone saying anything, ANYTHING, negative about this, listen up.
Hear of the Harvey Weinstein scandal rocking hollywood?? Stories about him sexually assaulting women are spaning DECADES, and assaults even happened in other countries too. Just read up if your interested, but the extended fallout is extremely long and everyday the net widens. There are definitely parallels of Weinstein to Onision. History always repeats itself, just with different players.

And lastly to Onision, Lainey, and Sarah, listen up. Do you know how the Harvey Weinstein scandal exploded? Because Rose McGowan was writing her memoir (autobiography). Even though he paid her off in the 90's and was rumored to sign NDA. It's not been released yet, however it opened the floodgates for Lisa Bloom to represent Harvey in preparation for sexual assault claims in advance. A year ago. But that small action spurred on other repoters again chasing the story. Only now is it exploding. Her small tiny book knocked over a huge giant line of dominoes and the pieces are still falling spectacularly.

Onion, you will fall. It will come. Just like Gary Glitter, Bill Cosby, Jimmy Seville, Warren Jeffs, Harvey Weinstein, etc. People will learn who you really are, and your name and image, everything you have so carefully cultivated, will be tarnished forever. You will be splashed across the news as the predator youtube couple that lures in teens. You will finally have the fame you should desperately crave. Your children will be so proud of you both, just like OJ Simpsons kids are proud of him.

Sage for extensively long opinion and Hollywood garble. Please support all survivors of any type of sexual harassment or abuse, no matter the age, race, gender, or circumstances. (To those who consider me a bore or autistic, kindly just don't respond, or better yet, fuck right on off.)(no one cares who you are)

No. 452158

Farmhand said let macncheese talk and don't argue about it, what she provided to us does show how creepy Greg is being by how persistent he was being even after she was iffy. This is milk and why complain about it? It gave us an insite of how creepy he is and how he really doesn't care about lainey. Like it or not mac gave info and proof alot of people said they had but never released. If a farmhand says let it go we probably should and focus on what really matters, getting dirt on Greg. As other anons stated who cares if its from an ex fan? We wanted the dirt Billie had but shame this Girl? Shaming a victim we are no better then Greg, people can change their minds and move on. We are used to the onions being so one track minded and full of lies anyone associated with them automatically is the same, these are kids and teens and even being 18-20 you still do things and act like a teen and can be easily manipulated, this is not a new thing in the world about naive teens why do you think theres sex rings and pedo shit still like onions website? Because these are kids not knowing the full extent of what they are doing even if they are ass kissing, this is a 32 year old man talking like this to a 18 year old if you don't find how and what he's doing wrong and creepy, that's odd.

No. 452159

>Hollywood gossip girl here!!!!
you didn't need to id yourself…. stop the celebrity gossip fuck

No. 452162

Imagine your husband, the man you chose to father your children, was DMing with an 18 year old girl trying to get her to hop on a 5 hour flight (that he would pay for) to come into your home where your children are. Like seriously imagine that and how you'd react. Now let's look at how The Haunted Shovel reacts.

No. 452165

shes just going to have another passive aggressive rant, slather some bullshit on her face, change her hair, listen to mind-numbing music, fidget, eat garbage, smoke essential oils, wear a diaper, and most importantly not take care of her fucking kids. The onions can go to hell.

No. 452166

I'm honestly just waiting for Greg to get on Twitter and start his narc rage. He's probably going to start calling Mac unattractive or fat just to try to claim he never had feelings. It was obvious from the start he found her attractive.

No. 452167

She'll act like it's nothing and it meant nothing while pouting and looking sour saying "I don't control greg" scoffs rolls eyes *points out bruises and baggy clothes "guus im so smal loveeeee me reeeeeee"

No. 452168

I don't think he'll address it, bringing it to laineys stream would be a better reaction because laineys poker face is terrible

No. 452169

She reacts like she is in high school and her BF just picked an other pussy over her. No regard for her children's safety or well-being.
>>452166 If he posts anything good let us know, most of us are blocked.

No. 452170

his replies to tomato said he deleted his twitter app so he might not raage on twitter

No. 452171

Nah, remember when people accused him of liking Jaclynn? he basically went full blown psycho to try to seem like he only loved his truly, beloved foot face. I think he'll at least try to make Mac seem like a dick just because ":( I just really needed a camera man to help me make videos" like?? he couldn't ask Billy the Fridge? or mato fag? maybe Mac was the one who stood him up at the dinner that he was bitching about.

No. 452172

i just really needed a "barely legal" girl with absolutely no experience or interest in camera work to be my cameraman. Seriously if he even tries that hes fucked lol

No. 452173

It is really creepy he only asks young girls and now if he suddenly asks a guy it would make it obvious he's trying to counter since his history is asking only young girls, if mato had a vagina he wouldn't have had to pay for shit and the first time visiting he would have stayed at onions house

No. 452175

Did anyone ever straight up ask Billie if she signed a non disclosure?

No. 452177

I thought he has everyone sign one? She could still talk about what happened and not name names, if he reacted to her info you know that it's true

No. 452179

Does anyone know where Onision went to college/what he majored in? I don't mean to be rude but he seems really retarded and I want to know how it happened

No. 452180

Like the kids crying, he got super butthurt when she said he ignored his kids and left lainey alone while they all cried together. Lainey tried saying that's a lie but then in her my side story even admitted that onion ditches her with the kids to watch anime with billie.

No. 452181

Knowing Plainey's warped view on things she'll be smug about yet another teenage girl failing to take Daddy Grease from her, ignoring that he was the one privately pulling an 18 year old girl aside to try and hire her to film him despite her repeatedly saying she had no experience. Then there's the "I don't trust girls anymore" rant, ebegging and pretending to be hurt by macncheese even though she hated her from the start, and giving out her email when someone inevitably cowtips so they can send her the FAAAAX.

No. 452183

He didn't go to college, the most was running start at pierce college but he never advanced past a hs diploma

No. 452192

Exactly. No amount of weight loss and hair dye can change a plain face.

I mean, look at Plainey…

No. 452195

Don't forget he fired a legit Hollywood camera guy so he could tell tomatoes inexperienced, small time vlogger wife to take over. I'm sure his boner for her had nothing to do with it!

No. 452198

Yeah, milk's been dry for a while now, I don't think mac's a "hero" for basically rehashing the same shit we all knew about: Greg being desperate for new pussy


I honestly find this whole Mac situation suspicious as hell, she can play dumb all she wants, she's lurked here since the beginning and knew what she was doing. Though, I gotta admit those texts did make me chuckle at Grease's desperation for a Billie 2.0

This. When the fuck did we have the moral high ground?

No. 452201

He also graduated high school with a 2.6 GPA, that tells you there what you need to know about his “genius”

No. 452202

This back and forth shit about Mac being/not being milky enough is derailing, fuck. Hero or not, we got some milk. Now the endless bitching about whether or not it was good enough or she's good enough have to start,I swear sometimes this thread sounds so nitpicky.

No. 452204

File: 1508348936807.png (51.54 KB, 220x216, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 1.48.…)

No. 452206


Wow that is NOT a flattering lip color on her. Really highlights the thinness of her lips. Especially that top one.

No. 452207

File: 1508349317967.png (271.86 KB, 959x538, 1416006268394.png)

If you guys are so concerned about him being a pedophile or anything else… drop off an anonymous tips at https://tips.fbi.gov/ Just fill out the "■ information" section about any info you have. You don't have to fill out your name, ect. It's simple!

No. 452209


Pffffftt you soun just as pretentious as Greggma.

No. 452210

sorry for being "that person" but literally the only people in the world who care about whether or not macncheese is up to something is lainey/sarah. what if she WAS trying to sneak into their house and fuck greg on his basement couch? why do any of us care? farmers who are not sarah pls explain why you care

No. 452211

Many of us have already done that. FBI doesn't give a shit unless it's international trafficking rings, CP production, hardcore CP, etc. are involved. This is small time stuff

No. 452213

samefag, but this is specifically @ anons who are so personally upset by macncheese trying to bang greg that they want to drive her off. like..let her?

No. 452214

Actually they gather evidence and wait kinda like the irs, some pedos it took years of online evidence to actually convict, on top of multiple submits it flags something..so yes it does help

No. 452215


I swear to god, Lainey's makeup tuts are so triggering. How the fuck is she applying her lipstick? The weird thing is that I would actually find an incompetent makeup blogger to be kind of sweet and charming, in a funny way, if they were humble and dorky about it. OT but is there someone out there like what I'm describing?

The foot isn't humble at all these days, and her personality is just so shit, she's terrible.

What the fuck is that dollar store decoration on the wall I'm dying.

No. 452216

File: 1508350180503.png (146.84 KB, 429x535, 1.png)

The FBI does care, greg.

No. 452218


What is with your autism? Please stop namefagging. Shut up about Hollywood already. I don't need you to relate Onion to a ~star~ in order to know how retarded he is.

No. 452219

Right! Oh Chris Hanson youre my hero.
Even watching to catch a predator they have decoys that act underage set up fake profiles using real girls images if they ask to prove themselves to set up the meet, Greg has underage girls posting on his forums in underwear and swimsuits and that's not sick? That's not predatory? Okay greg.

No. 452221

In top of that he has them wrote his name on their body, come to think of it it's like these girls are branding themselves for him and you know it gets him off. It's sick. His name on a 16 year old girls thighs or stomach even chest

No. 452223


Lainey is starting to sound like Greg, I think. The way she says certain phrases, I don't know. She's so mannish, which is funny, because it's mannish in a way that doesn't fit her whole agender space prinx transtrender aesthetic. It's just gross Greg mannerisms.

Does Lainey even possess an aesthetic? Fuck, I smoked too much weed before I started reading the Onion thread this am haha.

No. 452225

File: 1508350849321.jpg (41.17 KB, 400x307, To catch a predator.jpg)

Put together what information you have and send it. You'll feel better. :) https://tips.fbi.gov/

No. 452226


Really, it's out of hand. Skip her posts.

No. 452227

File: 1508350883694.png (286.74 KB, 772x556, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 2.18.…)

onision's most recent tweet was this instagram photo.

i'm guessing he's taking his time thinking of his response to the new drama.

No. 452228

File: 1508351061833.png (53.28 KB, 244x160, Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 19.2…)

How close am I to losing my shit? About this much (pic related - how close her eyeliner is to her eyebro)

No. 452229

It would be nice if there was a blog that only showcased all the caps and photos of his pedo ways, it takes alot of time to dig up all those and i feel it could really help for people so they can just save images easy and report

No. 452230


lol why would the Feds go after Greg? They will take one look at this 'evidence' and throw it out. This is a waste of time and.delusional, the IRS is what's going to take him down. Like Al Capone and tax evasion.

>inb4 discordfag or dickrider

I'm not, I honestly don't believe the Feds will do anything about pedoshit with him. His feet have been held to the fire already on this very point so many times now.

No. 452232


She suuuuucks, my god. I want to rip those brushes out of her hand.

No. 452233

You can copy and paste links to the screen captures. Just be sure to provide the evidence and information that you have. You can leave multiple tips. You don't have to provide all the info in one tip.

No. 452234


ugh, but.

i think sarah does look extremely pretty now and greg will definitely try his hardest to fuck her. there's no way that can be in his house and greg not be salivating, jerking off, and grooming at full tilt.

wondering why this isn't a bigger topic of conversation, seriously.

No. 452235

Need the links to his shit and stuff, didn't he take down the one site though?

No. 452236


sage this please

No. 452237

Oh come on that thumbnail looks horrendous and it's all because of laineys fave

No. 452238


There was a case in my town where the guy was distributing and owned tons of CP and they didn't even start the trial for years. OT but it's gross how little they give a shit about prosecuting pedophiles, even if they're actually doing damage.

No. 452239

File: 1508351753428.jpg (26.47 KB, 750x300, wayback-machine-logo.jpg)

No. 452240



No. 452241

She's as pretty as Mac and prettier than smol space prince so I don't get why onion wouldn't want her either

No. 452243

File: 1508352012263.gif (951.5 KB, 200x150, hmmwot.gif)

No. 452246


stop it and fucking sage you asshat

No. 452249

you seem pressed, why not apply for farmhand and stop policing the thread?

No. 452250

File: 1508352430808.png (60.88 KB, 221x227, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 2.45.…)

No. 452251

Okay I agree but this is getting very samefaggy. It's getting really weird. I said this one time before in an earlier thread (was accused of Sarah but I don't blame anyone) just because I think Onion or Lainey would go after her in some way, why wouldn't they? At least one of them? But this "she's so pretty" is getting to be too much now.

No. 452253


Dudes, Sarah is waaaaay prettier than Plain. Like, leaps and bounds. Plus, she's been standoffish to Greg in the past. This will, along with the fact that she's still a child, make her retardedly desirable to Greg. There's so much weird shit going on in that house rn, I'm sure. Part of me can't even believe that she's back there. The whole thing is so wtf.

Lainey, girl, you need to stop worrying about people like Mac and start looking at your own personal doormat, excuse me I mean bff. Sarah resembles Billie, has grown into a total Gregma altgirl and she is not AoC. Think about it, potato.

Do we have a Sarah thread in /snow/? Is anyone interested in one?

No. 452256


lol I'm the anon right below you and clearly it's not just samefagging, people are thinking about this.

No. 452257


Am I the only one annoyed by how often he uses the "=" sign? As if making into a mathematical formula makes it a fact or some nonsense.

No. 452259

Wasn't lainey saying on younow yesterday that she had no friends? Even though sarah is obviously there and shit?

Maybe lainey already knows.

No. 452261

File: 1508353043968.png (75.57 KB, 750x1334, 3C92047F-5BB6-4AF3-BC2A-8A1B07…)

i’m assuming the smartest thing would be to just ignore this, yeah?

No. 452262

yeah, onisions wrath is a very annoying thing to have on you. just ignore him

No. 452263


I would personally bet money that Lainey is at the very least, concerned. No way she can compare herself to Sarah and not feel like a potato, and I don't even think Sarah is that pretty.

She's young, and she pulls off alt way better than Lainey. It's that simple.

No. 452264

He looks like the tan mom meme here

No. 452265


I don't know enough about Josh to say yes or no. What do you want to do? If you want to get the message out that you think Greg is a creeper? By all means, do it.

No. 452266

Ignore anything from joysparkles too

No. 452267

i think i’ll just politely decline to be safe.

No. 452268

Wait for Onision to make the first move. Decline this. If you ever want an interview you can just request one later

No. 452270


Onision's wrath isn't half as potent as it used to be. Let's not give him the power he used to have. Now he's mostly a fat old uggo who relies on other fat old uggos for friendship by way of payment. That's a pretty steep drop.

No. 452271

fucking kek
>that milkshake from mcdonalds, if it even has real milk in it. was produced by violating a cow. ..in it's reproductive area

No. 452272

Very smart move, He doesn't need you for an interview and he can just use the caps you posted here. (Yes Josh we know you're FBI anon you clown)

This, Shes just as manipulative and insane as onion, Do not go near.

No. 452273


If you've already given all the information here, then there's not much of a point in an interview. If he wants info, he can read what you've already put out.

No. 452274


Seconding this…who is Josh? Is he some kind of orbiter?

No. 452275

this. thejosh is cancerposting.

No. 452276


Why don't you leave, Josh?

No. 452278

In my personal opinion I think The Josh is a good guy. He works with a small team of people, he is well educated and he hates Greg.
I would go for it,I think it is a good move.
Nope I am not Josh.

No. 452279

Hi Josh's mother

No. 452280

But your broken English sounds exactly like Josh.
(Not in a bad way)

No. 452282

i’m just gonna wait until i see what greg does. i don’t want to make any bad decisions.

No. 452283

You're doing good, Thanks for letting us know about josh trying to contact you. He can very easily use whats on the thread for anything he wants to make.

Like we said before if anything comes your way from grease or plainey or sarah or any of the discord asshats just screenshot it. Laugh at them with us.

No. 452284

i would suggest reuploading the videos that include macncheese simply because he was obviously grooming her in them and may try to privatize or delete any proof of him complimenting and obsessing over her. if anyone can get their hands on the younow moments, that would help as well.

No. 452285

Broken English? I am from England and British haha. Anons, just because someone gets spoken of positively in here does not automatically make the commenter that person, or their mother?

No. 452286

i’m not aware of most of the youtube channels/hate blogs so if someone else messages me asking about what’s going down, i’ll just post it here to make sure!

No. 452287

Josh you got two hands and a keyboard do your own work

No. 452289

that’s actually jupes and i agree with her, someone should repost them.

No. 452290

>Anon, I posting
josh stop being a vulture

No. 452291

hun it's because no one here knows who/what theJosh is. It looks like he gets no views

No. 452293

FFS I'm not Josh and you're not Sherlock Holmes so stop clogging up this thread with your idiotic accusations and contribute something worthwhile.

No. 452300

Because people have fucked with us before. In RL fake reports are extremely rare but it’s different in this microcosm. And consider how Onion would use it to his advantage if he was about to produce other receipts that change the story.

Happy to drink the tea if it’s there and everyone else’s is satisfied it’s legit.

On that note, has Onion commented on Weinstein being outed as a more successful version of his fuckface self? I’ve been hoping to see something trite and hypocritical on twitter from him but I’ve not noticed anything. Too close to home I guess.

Yeah, he’s haemorrhaging followers everyday now and has the negative attention of many other youtubers. He may hope to use drama like this to make a comeback but going after macncheese now like he did Billie before would probably be the final nail in the coffin.

Either he knows that and won’t do much, or he’ll do it and it will backfire more than he could expect.

No. 452303

Yes. Please ignore anything from Joy Sparkles. She tends to exploit situations and make them worse.. I also suspect she wants Gergs 5 inch because she gets off at any attention he gives her.. good or bad..

No. 452306

Is it just me or can you only browse so far back on moments for a particular streamer? I never got any Mac-related moments so I think it’ll be up to the people who have them to post them.

No. 452307


You can only go back a couple of streams, yes. And with his streams, he started disabling the playback function so you couldn't capture his YouNow moments.

No. 452309

I would be so mortified if I very publicly married a guy in my teens with spotty skin, embarrassing clothes, and a five inch dick. The cognitive dissonance it must take to be poached as a teenager by a predator and then watch him do the same thing to others and then blame the teens is absolutely fucking unreal.

No. 452311

Yes mac ignore that crazy guy he just wants the wrong kind of attention

No. 452316

I'd be interested in speaking to the Josh. But I'd probably ask to speak to the Josh's lawyer first. Ask him questions about libel and slander in your country and state first. Discuss at length that you have control of what gets put in the video and that you have the final approval of the video before he posts it online. Discuss the questions first. Ask what type of video is being made and what context.

After asking all the questions and receiving answers, only then would I agree (or disagree) to am interview. But that's just me anon. You do you boo.

No. 452317

My solace in Onion and Foot going unpunished is they are living their own private hell. He's lost his reputation and he's stuck with an unattractive incompetent learned helplessness doofus that's totally aged out of his ephebophile demands and two children making it nigh impossible for him to lure in that teen pussy he's craving like an addict. And haunted shovel, well, she's stuck in a bare walled white trash hovel in the middle of nowhere with a husband who dislikes her, no friends, no opportunities, no travel, nothing but tawdry trinkets while she does the modern day electronic equivalent of begging for change to survive. It's a beautiful thought.

No. 452318

File: 1508356147899.png (520.85 KB, 680x445, bcf.png)

are we talking about the same person here anon?

No. 452319

The Josh has a lawyer on retainer solely for the youtube videos he makes. He consults with his lawyer beforehand so that everything is on the up and up. Does that make sense???

No. 452325

Here's the thing about slander, Google it but slanders hard to get legal action on and of it's reguarding true statements it's not slander, slander is defaming..amd since Greg like to use the dictionary..

Defaming- to attack the good name or reputation of, as by uttering or publishing maliciously or falsely anything injurious; slander or libel

Which you do not fall under because you have proof of him being a creep and youre not stating untrue things about him, you're expressing feelings of uncomfort

No. 452327

Slander is also what Greg does to jacklyn about her tits.

No. 452328

Can we make josh talk a bannable offense? He never serves proof and his videos are so dumb he almost makes onion look good. He literally makes up shit which is unnecessary since onion does enough dumb shit for people to discuss and josh's videos make it seem like critics are just delusional haters like joy and tallvideos

No. 452335

Mac, ignore all temptations you have to talk to Josh or Joy, should they appear enticing at all.

Though we (anons) clearly have a bias against Gurg & company, many of us seemingly have an obligation to seek truth out of the tinfoiling bullshit, which is often discouraged. Many anons typically investigate sources and aren't all that willing to accept shit at face value. We've been burned by fictitious claims and sources before. We fact check in order to keep our shit straight. Besides our disgust for Grog, it's not too much of an echo chamber.

More importantly, we don't benefit monetarily from Glug's drama. Josh and Joy do. They will twist your words and exploit your situation to the public as they see fit for as long as they want under the guise of some bullshit "moral obligation" to the public or whatever. Sound familiar? (cough, Onion, cough) It will not do you any good. Josh and Joy aren't taken seriously, anyway. (Josh has used ancient false sources like a noob, for instance. He's incredibly incompetent in critical thinking.) They may mention you in vids with the information here, but don't give them the benefit of an interview.

No. 452336

Does the Blargh record his streams?

No. 452340


Sometimes, yeah. I've seen The Blargh in both Lainey and Greg's streams, and they both say hi to them lol.

No. 452351

Does anyone have the recordings on Onision calling Ashlynn a cutie patootie on his YouNow? It used to be on his playback moments from the stream ,but it's suspiciously not there anymore.

No. 452359

Didn't he do a midstream where he commented on people's pictures and said a bunch of stuff about her and skipped past lainey?

No. 452363

Live stream*

No. 452365

All I can really contribute advice-wise is to please please not go to Joy. She's crazy, and a lot of people don't take her seriously.

No. 452367

He's so stupid that he thinks going vegan caused him excruciating back pain. You're just getting old onion boy

No. 452370

dude has no credibility. if greg ever turns on you publicly he will use this against you.

No. 452371

like seriously what a fucking idiot. couldn't he do one of his google faxx searches to figure out the two aren't related

No. 452373

File: 1508359230271.jpg (179.42 KB, 627x582, niceskingreg.jpg)

kek did he dye his eyebrows now? you can see in the pic related that they weren't always as dark as in the vid..

No. 452385


In one of his videos (I think it's when he's faking a proposal to Lainey, I hate myself for knowing this), he fills in his eyebrows, lol. I think he does it from time to time, like he puts on foundation etc. Helps when he turns up the contrast to make him look like a teenage ghost.

No. 452393

Ignore any request or conversation from Joy Sparkles/Katie Smith, too. As soon as you talk to her, your credibility will take a nosedive.

No. 452402

holy fucking moly this isn't photoshopped, right? oh my god. gregma how could you ever be a cult leader looking like that? omg this should be on the laineybot.com website if it's not already

No. 452406

half is generous. His wrath is now about 10 hardcore fans "going after you". Not scary at all.

I dont think onion is even gonna address this situation, because it will just make him look bad. Lameo of course wont care aside from being emo and blaming mac for her own husband's attempts at cheating. She will just screech "show me the screenshots" then scoff because its not a picture of her husband fucking another person. Of course onion uses shit like "be my camera person" to get them there, and isn't going to straight out say it.

No. 452407

File: 1508361745368.jpg (136.75 KB, 740x852, ew.jpg)

>I'm a 31 year-old man who refuses to exercise, sits slouched at a computer all day, and eats bread to get up my calorie intake.
>This back pain must be because I don't eat egg whites anymore!

No. 452411

As people have said ignore Josh and Joy.
Josh likes to stretch facts alot to fit his narrative and he's really shit at interviewing people.

No. 452412

File: 1508362546128.png (2.51 MB, 1136x640, DAEC2037-FABC-4DD6-B43E-0B485E…)

This ain’t the first time he’s milked his “back pain” for views - actually, “this” is the first time!

>my back is hurting and I dunno why!

>please feel sorry for me, 5 stars for pain!!!

No. 452413


Is it because of botox that the middle of his forehead is not getting wrinkles ? It looks fucking weird …

Holy fuck, doesn't matter how long I've been on lolcow for. I just can't get over how ugly he is. From the crocodile teeth, forehead dent, ugly pinched nose, greasy hair, lazy eye,frumpy brows,odd skin flap between the brows, blotchy skin to the weird side wrinkles on his forehead.

No. 452416


It's also why his forehead is frozen causing him to get that oh so attractive neanderthal look.

No. 452417

File: 1508363304780.png (49.66 KB, 230x170, intercourse.png)

nah he looked Neanderthal back in 2010 too, pic related

No. 452422

Actually thought this was Robbie Rotten from Lazy Town's eyebrows photoshopped onto Gruggle when I first scrolled past. Fuck me sideways.

No. 452423

File: 1508363639830.jpg (52.51 KB, 273x437, dontdobotox.jpg)

Yeah but…

No. 452427

Omg is this photoshopped?

No. 452428


He kinda looks like Cliff Burton here tbh

No. 452429

No. 452430

Afraid not.

No. 452431

compLainey said yesterday she might be doing an earlier stream, Can a kind anon keep us updated if she does?

No. 452436

Why doesn't he use his money to shave down his eyebrow ridge instead of wasting it on botox?

Also, we've come a long way from the first couple threads, where he could still pull of being cutsey to some degree (and with a fuckton of help from makeup, lighting, etc)

No. 452441

File: 1508364754978.png (168.53 KB, 1080x1091, 20171018_161029.png)

I wonder if this was her attempt at getting onion to keep trying to be vegan and it resulted in him getting butthurt and quitting like the lazy slacker that he is.

No. 452443

File: 1508364940075.jpg (83.44 KB, 600x644, big-head-in-the-hospital-2nd.j…)

His back pain is from hauling that big ass head around

No. 452449

No. 452450

Whys he in a facemask again? Wonder if he had more botox done to save his ever falling neanderthal brow

No. 452452

File: 1508365916337.jpg (155.61 KB, 500x346, im-not-clicking-that-shit.jpg)

i cant stand hearing even 1 second of that shit

No. 452453

she is a trillion times cuter than lame and doesn't go around exclaiming "IM A GUY IM SO GAY LOOK AT HOW MUCH OF A SPACE PRINCE I AM!"
Watch out sarah, you're the next target.

No. 452454

I think he's hiding his face so that when he is confronted with any of the recent drama he doesn't give away any obvious facial cues.

No. 452455

lainey on younow

No. 452456

Laineys on younow guys

No. 452457

Stop derailing this thread with infighting about who is prettier and calling each other names of cows.

No. 452459

she is hyper spastic tonight omg

No. 452460

She got presents

No. 452461

Lames about to go live to show off gifts that her fans stupidly bought for her. I'm usually watch Anon but I can't right now.

No. 452462


yea she usually just acts like a bitch towards her fans… this is weird

No. 452463

lmao she's got the moomoo turtle lip going on

No. 452464

File: 1508366411722.png (214.6 KB, 468x464, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 6.37.…)

she is talking 100 miles a minute this is weird and she's eating on stream like mad

No. 452465

holy fuck the song she put on, I thought it was shilohs "can't hold on" wew

No. 452467

File: 1508366580858.png (8.43 KB, 359x70, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 6.42.…)

No. 452471

Give the TY to your child you fucking cuntbot

No. 452472

File: 1508367048197.png (433.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171018-154943.png)


No. 452473

Lmao its alllll for lainey, So fucking selfish to the end.

No. 452480

Onision on twitch. His patreons on discord talking about how they were raped at the age of 4 and sobbing.

No. 452481

She literally looks fucking retarded today. Like more than normal.

Sage 4 bitchpost

No. 452483

Keep us updated!

No. 452484

lainey is super chipper today. maybe she's happy macncheese confirmed she's not coming after her onion

No. 452485


God, wtf.

No. 452486

holy fuck every single one of gregs patrons has issues with their fathers, from rape to suicide and special snowflake trigger in between

No. 452487

onision countered her story with saying "hey at least your dad went to jail. my dad is waaay worse"

No. 452488

he Has to be reacting like an asshole. honestly i feel bad for the person like how messed up can you be that you think grug is the right person to talk abt this.

No. 452489

hey you've been raped but i had it worse so fuck you! god what a despicable turd

No. 452490

Or maybe she got a bunch of free shit lol

No. 452491


Between grugly and lamp, I'm about 2 die from cringe.

No. 452492

The fact that so many people are dying to buy her stuff and ship it (you have to be a patreon to get her PO box) baffles me!

Also, kek at Social Reposes stalker being up Lainey's ass.

No. 452493

Most beauty gurus when given so much shit like this would usually have a giveaway for fans. Love the fact that even giving some cute plushies to her own kids doesn't even come to mind.

No. 452496

File: 1508368226942.png (73.59 KB, 243x207, twitch.png)

In case anyone missed what Onion looks like on stream today.

I think Lainey is acting hyperactive for two reasons. She is high on all of her new material possessions. She got a tons of stuff she really wanted and didn't have to pay for it. Also think she is overcompensating and acting extremely chipper in the face of all this new mac drama. Like the whole "Trolling doesn't get to me ugh not at all" shtick

No. 452497

she had to have seen the drama it's all over her stream

No. 452498

No. 452499

File: 1508368444558.png (46.79 KB, 792x184, Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 01.1…)


No. 452502

File: 1508368528477.jpg (6.81 KB, 259x195, download.jpg)

No. 452503

girl lmao

No. 452505

OML she has nerve

No. 452507

lainey on stream right now reminds me of someone on adderall or something

No. 452508

what the heck did lainey smoke today

No. 452509

Guys she is probably just seeing if she gets brought up. She could possibly get a reaction from Laim.

No. 452510

i think she is tipsy

No. 452512


Especially since she's so lethargic and boring on all her other streams. It's really weird to see her this wired.

No. 452515

I can't watch Lainey's crazy ass unboxing and bragging anymore.

Anons please feel free to report back any things of possible significance. pls

No. 452516

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's been suspected that Sarah takes adderall, maybe lainey was especially slumpy today so her bff had to hook her up with "that good meth"

No. 452518

#thatfeeling when your "fans" get you better gifts than your husband..

No. 452519

>Gets shit ton of presents
>talks about christmas already

jfc plainey

No. 452520


samefagging, but now she's chugging a shit ton of water. uppers confirmed… lol

No. 452521

Why does he have the brow of a buffy the vampire slayer character?

Never gonna happen but I hope she's happy because she's got a side man and she's getting some new dick. That plot twist would be funny as fuck.

No. 452522

Lainey seems like she's having a manic episode. Something aint right with her.

No. 452524

yeah she was scarfing down food by the mouthful at the start of the stream and talking with food in her mouth if that narrows it down.

No. 452525

I hope everyone calls her out on breaking the law by taking Sarah's prescription.

No. 452527

Yeah I've never seen her be this hyperactive, Is she just high from getting all the free shit?

No. 452528

younow chat is much less active now if anyone not banned wanted to ask her about mac

No. 452530

File: 1508369626282.png (124.74 KB, 307x293, 98294789274.png)

is it me or do her pupils seem small as fuck?

No. 452532

Shes ignoring macncheese questions lmao

No. 452534

i’ve been popping in here and there just to see if anything was going on.

No. 452535

does look like adderall, but who is watching the kids?

No. 452536

What is she asking?

No. 452537

She ain't asking anything, Anons are asking about it and shes just avoiding it

No. 452538

I have 2 stop watching, her moving around so much is fuckin triggering me

Update if there's milk guys

No. 452540

Peep that defensiveness about being on something. lmao

No. 452542

Does she think were stupid? She's slurring her words.

No. 452545

Of course she thinks her viewers are stupid. They Give her money just to get her po box to give her gifts.

No. 452546

I'm glad I'm not the only one that caught on to that holy shit she kept on slurring over everything.

Also grease is still streaming on twitch and lainey walked on

No. 452547

Stupid discord, lainey came over and said something to him. I didn't catch it.

No. 452548

Onion boy's probably not gonna be happy his wife's doing drugs but, with all things considered, he most likely doesn't care

No. 452549

If I was high, I'd avoid onion like the plague. Kek

No. 452554

Not to burst anyone's bubble but when you take adderal your pupils get larger not smaller, opiates make them smaller

No. 452555

Oh my bad I don't know anything about drugs lol but still she's acting funny

No. 452557

Uh I'm on 45mg a day. My pupils become smaller.

I'm on the adderallainie team

No. 452560

Why is everyone jumping right to adderall? More like a benzo or possibly alcohol.

No. 452562

I would say alcohol, she isn't against drinking and her grandmas there to watch her kids.

No. 452564

Pinned as fuck under those bright lights.
I hope she’s not still breastfeeding if that’s the case.

No. 452565

her dogs have been to the vet several times recently. if she is not tipsy on alcohol(most likely scenario) it could be possible she took some of their medication for pain relief. her dog leelu is a Dachshund and those breeds are extremely prone to issues and prescribed RX's.

she may have gone crazy mommy after learning about the macncheese stuff and tried anything to numb her emotions.

No. 452566


meh, they don't look strange to me, I think she may have just had a little buzz and was excited about presents.

No. 452567

Amphetamines elevate the heart and therefore dilates all blood vessels including the ones that make your pupils dilated, adderal is an amphetamine most cases your eyes get bigger

No. 452568

gonna piggy back with my tinfoils because I'm an adderallanon too, so sarah lost a lot of weight and I'm not doubting that the medicine had a lot to do with it (combined with maybe growing out of her early teens baby fat) maybe our smol gay bean wants to play too

No. 452569

I think she pretty looks cooked in this post

No. 452571

is her jaw clenching?

No. 452572

Oh wow, looks like it. I was wondering why she looked so weird today

No. 452573

File: 1508371864674.jpg (102.11 KB, 600x644, image.jpg)


Couldn't help myself.

No. 452575

Maybe Lame just realized Onion is dead bored of her and shes now desperate to change her whole personality again.

No. 452576

It kind of looks like it in that pic and several times in the stream.
Do you suppose pills were a free gift with purchase of Sarah? I can't imagine Master Onion being ok with his wife seeing a shrink or being on meds.

No. 452578

very cute anon

No. 452579

I was wondering the same thing. I can say from personal first hand experience dealing with drug addicts all over the spectrum, meth, pills, alcoholics, etc; she definitely looks buzzed as hell. Showed my boyfriend the stream and even he said "man I want what shes on"
We know Onion lets her drink she's said before. I don't really think he cares much what Lainey does, sure he'll use it against her when they inevitably separate

No. 452580

@onision has still not unfollowed @macncheesefairy on twitter.

No. 452581

If he shaves his brow ridge, there’d be nothing holding the eyebrows up and they’d dangle down to his cheeks.

No. 452584

File: 1508372849427.png (12.7 KB, 588x87, Screenshot 2017-10-18 at 8.27.…)

No. 452585


See, I'm sketchy of this whole thing. No one here seems interested enough to be camping on her twitter.. Those tweets were caught/screen shot seconds after she posted them which reeks of selfpost.

I think this was all fake, and they both know it ( Onion and cheeseface). Onion has always been right on that shit when one of her teens pussies turn an run. Cheeseface is out for one thing, and one thing only.. Attention.

No. 452587


Is it just me or does she look extra shiny? Maybe Onion was complaining about her smell after all. Not because of armpit hair, but cause if you do speed enough not only do you sweat heaps but it has a weird smell to it.

No. 452589

i'm drinking your kool-aid, anon. it would make sense that during the great milk dry-up this forced shit starts happening.

i think mac has been a newfriend farmer for a few months, got interested and started baiting onion for the lulz after seeing how easy it is for young girls. eventually after he started getting serious with her and wanting her withing arms reach for real she chickened out and tried to xxpose him here for ass pats.

No. 452591

I think we should not dismiss her so easily

No. 452592

Maybe we should just not pay so much attention to it unless it develops further. It's not particularly milky to begin with anyway.

No. 452594

One thing we know for sure now is something drove Lainey over the deepend. She is a horrible actor no way she could fake that manic episode. Which is exactly what it looked like. Whether it was brought on by drugs or a breakdown is up for debate though.

No. 452596

File: 1508373707933.png (351.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171018-203400.png)

Lainey was weird as fuck, this was her moving big boxes around (?)

No. 452598

She couldn't wait an hour to "clean" kek

No. 452600

I mean, she somewhat succeeded, so many anons rushed to her side after seeing those not so milky dms and immediately called her a "hero" for doing what exactly? Telling grease that she couldn't go to the mcmansion? At this point, with all the shit that's out there about those two and the constant red flags they give off, nobody has any honest excuse not to at least do some digging up on them.

Tl;dr any sane person wouldn't associate with Gregma or Lamo, all that's left are catfishes, attentionwhores, and psychos; those fucks know what they're getting into and don't deserve any sympathy

No. 452602

Whatever the case is, Onion will have a case against her once he mans up and divorces her.

>s-she's a druggie judge/fans, I tried to help her many times before but she didn't want to! I've been a supportive husband but I just can't take it anymore!!!

>She's been also very negligent with our kids due to her drug use, she doesn't deserve custody!!!

No. 452606

>implying that onion would be a single parent. Top kek.

No. 452607

i still dont understand what is new exactly? We know he wanted Macncheese has a camera man, that they talk privated and they wont collab cause she was busy, not for any other reason.
So i dont know why u got all hype about.

Im not attacking her, but is fishy she pull out the naive cart when she follow Greg and Billie, if you follow any of these two you can tell very easily how fuck up is Greg, i have her same age, soo yeah you are not a little girl who cant tell what is an apropiated behavior and what is not.

No. 452616

>My wife… sadly, is a druggie.

>insert billie/winners don't do drugs rant.jpeg

>I tried to help her many times before but she just refused! I've been as supportive a husband as I can be… but, I just can't anymore…

>Sad onion

>So I've decided it's best that we split apart for the time being. Lainey, along with our kids, is going to try and get the support she desperately needs… with her family. …Maybe they'd be able to help her, where I couldn't…

>cue crying onion

Fixed it for you.

No. 452621


She disliked Mac, but thats because Mac is too similar to herself(Complainey). Whiney,needy and an absolute attention whore and not to forget a fucking butterface. Talking to Mac is like talking to herself.

Hands down it was something he did in LA and nothing to do with Cheeseface.

In my opinion, looking at those text/DM's between them… He didn't seem that into her. He seemed just as into her as he did with poopbeck. Woof. He didn't butter her up,kiss her ass or even try to convince her to come.. Just simply stopped messaging her. All the other girls he got weird around and hinted and them being together.

Tinfoil : Maybe Lainey hacked his Twitter or he left it on and saw a convo between him and some girl from L.A.

No. 452622

Shit you're right, I've read it in his "pity me" voice too!

>Please donate to my patreeon… it will help me get the help Lainey needs… Also, please don't send Lainey anymore money… she'll just use it on her drugs instead!

>cue moar Onion-crying

>I'm sorry, Lainey… but I just can't stay with you anymore…

No. 452624

i think hes stuck with her. he cant find anyone thats not ugly as fuck to date him, and lameo gets more views than him lately. If his channels hadn't died, i bet they would be over by now.

who even cares anymore? people here suck up when drama unfolds so milk gets dropped. No one can predict if she had other messages or info to drop. She could have been a troll or actually a dumb onion fangirl.

No. 452633

she already stated here on lolcow that she had nothing more to give than what she has posted already

No. 452635

Isn't it a bit suspicious that Onion hasn't addressed this drama? I guess this drama is different than the others. Onion can't really benefit financially from drama on YT, so why waste time with vids that don't yield profit? Past girls were interviewed by other YTers (Joy) or made hate vids because they're disgruntled patrons. Mac didn't make too much of a scene that Onion needs to respond to. He'll likely address it in passing on YouNow if at all.

No. 452638

He was into her enough to want to fly her out to be his "cameraman" when she told him repeatedly she had 0 experience. She's not even lining his pockets like toilet clogger was. He probably didn't outright extend the trinity invitation because he's more cautious after being exposed by Luxy.

>the kids will be a comfort and motivation for Lainey to get help, I can't take that from her!

No. 452652

Greg would just have to say
"Hi guys, so as a lot my older fans and fans from broken homes may know, sadly our court system is biased. Like so many other divorces the system decided to side with my wif-(cue pause and fake tear) ex wife Taylor or as you all knew her Laineybot in regards to the custody of our children. Despite my pleas and protests about her addiction and instability our court system believe the mother has more rights than the father. The only thing I can do is hope now that she is living with her parents she gets the help she needs and takes care of our children," insert lots of fake gross tears and over exposed lighting

No. 452659

File: 1508378931241.jpg (52.65 KB, 553x545, maddi.jpg)

She's asking for your help not for you to out her for basically begging and sharing her texts.

No. 452663

Someone is selling an Onision sweater at the flea market lol.

No. 452664

File: 1508379023449.jpg (25.12 KB, 567x223, flea onion.jpg)

No. 452665

Any favor comes with power play and humiliation if it's Onion

No. 452666


What is it selling for ?

No. 452667

File: 1508379194435.jpg (37.46 KB, 576x206, onion tweet.jpg)

Made a difference? A difference would be donating to starving children not people wasting their money to spoil your faketrans wife, while all you do is buy her Pj's and kid clothes.

Also wasn't he going to give his children away to be with Billie? Can you really love your kids if your willing to sign them away.

No. 452669


But why does Gregma have 3 twitter accounts ?

-Gregory Onision

No. 452673

"Branding". Not uncommon for YTers. However, for many YTers their personality IS their brand, so their main twitter = brand twitter.

No. 452675

Transript of Onion complaining about his back pain and trying to show how morally superior he is.

>Hey guys, I hope you don't mind a real talk kind of video. I wanted to discuss my transition from veganism to vegetarianism. I have had consistent struggles. My struggles basically fall in line with a consistent problem. And my consistent problem is that when I convert to veganism from vegetarianism I start to get physical negative repercussions.

>And what I mean by this is the first time I transitioned to veganism I didn't have enough energy and this was because I was not eating enough food. Like I was not consuming enough calories. And because I was not consuming enough calories, I felt winded, I felt like very low energy sleepy. I walked up the stairs and got really tired from that alone.

>So my second shot at veganism - what I did was I ate a ton more bread. Like, I know bread isn't like the most healthy thing in the world but I wanted to increase my calorie intake and that was a good option for me and it was successful. So I've been eating a ton of healthy vegan foods. Like green beans, like regular beans, like broccoli, like corn, you know a number of vegetables like potatoes etc. Everything you would expect a vegan to eat but here's the big issue. And maybe someone, a vegan can help me with this and I hope it's not in the form of a protein powder or some kind of supplement because I can't stand those. I hate those. They defy the whole logic that veganism is natural. If it's natural then we should be able to accomplish it with out doing a supplement. A supplement is something you do because there's typically something wrong with you. You have a deficiency in some area and that's basically it. So why am I taking a supplement if my diet is deficient. Right? Maybe I should have a different diet.

>Okay, so that's my logic there. So I don't want any supplement suggestions. I tried supplements and as I said they completely and consistently taste like crap. So, if you know a food that can help me with the issue I'm about to discuss; I would love to consider consuming it as long as it's vegan.

No. 452676


part 2

>I have been waking up with horrible back pain. At first I thought it was because I slept wrong but now it's like if I try to lift an object in a not so perfect manner my back starts hurting really bad and this has never been a thing for me. So I recently transitioned to the vegan diet like a month ago, about. And now I'm getting all these pains. Right? So I had the initial near crippling back injury where I was moaning in agony every single time I moved and that slowly over a period of like five days healed. And then I got an additional back pain from lifting something in a non-perfect way. Meaning my back was slightly bent. Your back is suppose to be strait when you lift objects, otherwise you could injure yourself.

>So that was something I wasn't use to because typically my back can handle it. But on top of that I did this. Where I… I don't want to do it because I don't want to be in pain again. But I stretched by putting my arms out and it felt like the center of my chest was about to rip open. That is not a thing that I've ever experienced since like maybe seven or eight years ago. A long time I've not experienced that and it just coincidentally happens around the time I transitioned to veganism.

>So, if you haven't picked up on it, I really want to be a conscious eater. I want to care about the environment. I want to care about my own health. I want to care about animals health. I want to care about everything that's productive and healthy and logical. Right? But if your diet causes you to be in agony, if your diet causes you physical discomfort, like significant physical discomfort. You're starting to lose the sales pitch on me. I'm starting to lose my interest. Okay?

>So the main difference between my diet right now, witch is veganism and the former diet I had witch was vegetarianism is even when I was a vegetarian I'd avoid dairy because it was illogical. Like people have to violate cows. They have to force impregnate cows to make milk. Right? That's horrible.

>If an alien species invaded us on that bases alone we would have a losing argument. We kill billions of animals every single year. It's absurd. We're disgusting. We're gross creatures to do this. Like when we put pigs in their pins or whatever. Their pins a lot of times are so small they can't even turn around. So they are one of the smartest animals in the world and their put in this little cage.

>That's insane that we would do that. All for the sake of what? Flavor? Because we know red meat is bad for us. So you're doing it because of a taste, right? And that makes you kinda of terrible if you actually take part in pepperoni pizza, pig bacon etc. But yeah, I don't take part in red meats at all and I don't want to take part in the whole dairy thing so as a vegetarian I avoided cheese. I avoided cheese, I avoided milk. Sometimes there would be a milk ingredient and I wouldn't care because I didn't do everything with a fine tooth comb. I wanted to be a normal human being that avoids the majority of things but I'm still by definition a vegetarian at the time because occasional milk doesn't violate what my diet stands for. But the point is I drink almond milk, I have vegan cheese, etc.

>The main difference between my diet now and my diet then is egg whites. I would regularly consume eggs and eggs are just chicken periods typically. Vary rarely they have anything inside them that's like an actual baby or anything. It's literally like, it's a disgusting analogy but I have to do it so you actually understand. It's like if a women saturates a tampon in period blood and then you eat that tampon. That's basically what an egg is. With out the tampon. You're just eating the menstruation part. Yeah, it's disgusting. It's gross that we even consume chicken eggs but we do. We've been accustom since birth to do that and that act by itself doesn't harm anything.

No. 452677


part 3

>Anyways, I've gone on this whole separate rant. Not intentional. What this rant is really about is me debating if I should eat egg whites. I know there are down sides, like one downside, to eating egg whites but I've known people that have eaten meat, red meat, their entire lives and they're in their 90's or 80's. Late 80's, you know. So maybe they haven't lived the most pain free life. Maybe they have a lot medical problems up to their point. They likely do because that's insanely bad for your arteries. It's bad for your body in general. It will give you cancer etc. If you consume meats you have a 50% chance of dying from cancer or heart disease or both. So it's obviously not good for you but their are people that have made it that far. So what I'm saying is if people who have eaten those foods, those terrible-terrible foods, have made it that far. Then I think me eating egg whites - I feel like I at least will live healthfully with very little health problems to a ripe old age unless I get hit by a bus or something.

>So anyways, I thought about this in depth. So if you guys in the comments can you please cover the issue of why egg whites are so terrible to consume because I'm getting a lot of physical pain by not eating egg whites so it seems. And also just as a bonus can you please explain why honey is bad because I'm still trying to figure that one out. Like bees pollinate crops. They pollinate like 30% of our entire countries crops, right? Then make honey. So what is so bad about collecting that honey so long as we treat the bees well?

>Anyway, this was a very adventurous rant. I did not expect it to be but I just wanted to talk to you guys about this because I want to be transparent with what my diet choices are. You can follow me on instagram to see some of the foods that I eat. Thank you so much for watching. That you so much for liking this video and appreciating my venture to have the most superior, beneficial diet for both myself, planet, animals etc. It all matters. It's not like one thing matters and I should kill myself you know. If I only really cared about the planet and didn't care about myself at all, I'd literally just jump off a bridge or something. Because lets face it we trash this planet. We are very consumer driven. We are like insects. Lets not go into that though. It sounds a little bit creepy. But the reality of our existence is horrifying. Anyways, thank you for subscribing to this channel. Thank you for watching me and enduring me. I hope you have a wonderful day and look forward to your feedback.

No. 452678

File: 1508380367627.jpg (46.35 KB, 567x521, cappy.JPG)

This is interesting

No. 452681

I'm impressed that you've been able to deduce the requirements of being able to direct message on twitter

No. 452682

She claimed to be over him though? a little weird to still be following the creep ass who wanted to fly her out for his own needs idk

No. 452683

could be out of self preservation, to see if he shit talks about her/the situation

No. 452684

Holy fucking shit. SEE A DOCTOR. GET BLOODWORK. YOU HAVE INSURANCE. STOP WASTING YOUR MONEY AND TIME TRYING OUT ALL OF THESE SUGGESTIONS BY PEOPLE (AND WebMD OR GOOGLED ARTICLES) WHO DON'T KNOW YOUR MEDICAL HISTORY OR CURRENT MEDICAL STATE WITHOUT TESTING. YOU'RE FUCKING STUPID. DON'T USE THE WHOLE "I have statistics on people who die from doctors, blah, blah, blah." Your comprehension of research and statistics is fucking piss poor and superificial, cognitive bias bullshit. If you had awful experiences with doctors, ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF without your fucking ego and teach that to your audience instead of instilling fears about the medical field that do NOTHING to better it, you fucking fuck.

No. 452688

i’m just keeping an eye on things for now. i plan on unfollowing soon

No. 452689

Weird you'd private your account but not unfollow/block him.

I smell a smelly smell.

No. 452690

I follow her and she hasn't said anything else.
But I think Onion hasn't unfollowed her because he's trying to show her he's not mad in hopes that she gives him another chance. He would unfollow Billie or anyone that wronged him immediately.

No. 452692

Why not just confront him? tell him he should pay attention to his wife

No. 452693

Onion would vilanize her, not good advice.

No. 452696

and dropping screenshots here wont make him hate her?

No. 452697

She didn't drop screenshots that made her look bad, only screenshots that made him look bad.

No. 452698

i was advised to lock my social media down until the shit storm blows over but there hasn’t been one yet so maybe it was for nothing

No. 452699

He can call her a hater just like he did with Adrienne. Remember he got butthurt finding out Adrienne was posting on "hate forms"

No. 452700

I'm just thinking to myself what the fuck is going through Plains mind? Her husband is not satisfied with her he wants a younger model. He was trying to manipulate an 18 year old girl into going there, and a girl that Laim didn't like. How does she justify this, how does she still believe that he loves her?

No. 452715

>how does she still believe that he loves her?
People in the last thread were mentioning how spoiled Lame has been all her life. At least at the Grease Mansion she can whatever the fuck she wants, and she's obviously internalized the bullshit Grease put in her head about her family. If she moved back home, she might have less "freedom", and perhaps less money, since she apparently can still manipulate Grease into giving her $$$ whenever he fucks up. Just my 2 cents.

No. 452720

Still reading but this shit made my blood run cold.

He is fucking disgusting. Greg, you are a vile piece of shit.

No. 452721

I have a similar situation to MacNCheeseFairy but I’m too scared to talk about it. She is not the only one.

No. 452722

give proof or shut the fuck up

No. 452723

Post proof or leave. No one cares about this ambiguous bullshit.

No. 452725

I like this, Lainey couldn't just have a free for all with daddys big bucks so she runs to onion where she can manipulate him so she can spend money all she wants, She found a nice little market to exploit LGBT fans with her fake transtrender bs and fake anxiety to gain even more money and presents. Meanwhile leaving her 17 year old ward to watch her 2 kids.

No fucking sympathy for lainey at this point, Money hungry cow that stage 5 clings to grease and is intimidated by every other female beside her friend sarah and thats not going to be the case for long.

A little tact anon? Lets not chase away anyone thats in a bad position with the greases

Talk to us.

No. 452726

you should share,its better to get awareness out about him rather than hide it. You'd be saving dumb teens from this predator.

No. 452727

Im very sorry I’ll shut the fuck up I didn’t mean to piggy back on ththe drama just saying Greg said the same stuff to me around the same time. I won’t post any more I’m sorry again.

No. 452728

Damn is really cringe how you get in all rape victim mode
Grug fuck minds in long periods of times, and just if you let him
You can easly stop answer him and that's it

No. 452729

no please share! you shouldn’t have to feel like you need to be silent about things like this. it feels better to talk about it. it’ll help others as well.

No. 452730

Yo don't be intimidated by grease or some of the farmers in here, Take screenshots and share it you'll be okay and its more proof for younger fans that might be in his radar, Please.

No. 452731

Not all anons are going to agree but for the most part we are always on the side of those that won't take onions bullshit and speak out.

No. 452732

It's helped mac, some anons will be aholes some won't but the majority of us want to help and hear people's side

No. 452734

Anon, I apologize for my initial rudeness, but can you please post some proof?

Unsubstantiated claims are really sketchy and pretty useless. I'm on your side, but posting vague messages doesn't add to the conversation at all. I'm sure most people here would like to hear your story, but can we have caps or something?

No. 452736

What the fuck are you even trying to say?

No. 452739

Sorry, but the reason everyone's hounding you is that we've been taken through the ringer with a few anons who lied about having Greg hit on them. As such, we're skeptical unless proof is given.

No. 452740

I might not fully get the picture sometimes, since I've only really delved into the Grease chronicles starting this summer. But I don't necessarily think that Grease doesn't still think he loves her to some degree. Atleast in his mind.
If I was Lainey, I might not believe all the stuff being said about my husband, but I'd be so careful about what I said and did around Grease. Because you can almost guarantee he's been keeping a mental log of everything and will definitely use it against her when the time is right.

Random articles I was reading earlier today that are spot-on with the Greaseter.

This one should scare the hell out of Lainey:

No. 452742

Help us expose these gross patterns he has. This is not the way someone who "loves" his family should behave.

No. 452747

I think every time these things don't pan out, she thinks "I've won!" and goes back to being comfortable. She doesn't seem to even comprehend that Greg will just keep doing it, although the proof is right there and evident through repetition.

No. 452749

>this is the first time I transitioned to veganism I didn't have enough energy and this was because I was not eating enough food.
No, no that’s not true! He started this “I’m gunna be vegan now!” (and forced Skye into his “new diet”) sharade back in 2010 which only lasted for…five days prior to his second trip to LA, all because he realized the bees are treated the same way as the animals for their honey.


Why are you spelling straight the Onion way, anon? Or is English your second language?

No. 452755

Please understand that there are many of us here. Just because two asshole anons said to shut up, doesn't mean that we all think that. Nor should you.

No. 452756

This. I think most of us can agree Onion’s victims (major or minor) deserve a bit of support on here. :)

No. 452762

My apologize anon. It took a little liquor to make it through this one.

No. 452777

Ah, no worries then! Even Blaire had to get a little drunk to debate the grease monster. :)

No. 452778

You have to remember, he tried to sugarcoat it saying Lainey, as a mother, deserves to be with her children and its "her choice" if she is so mad at Gurgles that he can't see his own children. He would ~~~~Never~~~~ abandon his children!!111 its lainey's choice!!!!!!!11

No. 452782

She probably knows he doesnt love her, but she knows he cant love anyone else either. That any other girl will probably not deal with his bullshit and be as doormat-y as her, so she "wins" in the end because she will always take him back while other girls wont.

She gets "fame" and gets to sit on her ass and do nothing while people throw presents at her and she uses her fans for money while hating her fans at the same time. She gets to be the perpetual victim she loves to be, and she thinks she can get a girlfriend to replace the "emotional love" that she doesnt get from onion. Right now shes using sarah for her "emotional love" and person she can talk to since she cant talk to her husband.

Its also easier for her then to leave and have to do something herself, and she has kids so she really doesnt want to have to grow up and be a parent. Right now she has a house she never had to worry about buying, a car bought for her which she never had to do, a job that was basically given to her and she never had to gain fame or anything herself, she gets a nanny to take care of her kids whenever she wants. Shes a selfish bitch so love and morality isnt going to stop her from living her easy lifestyle as long as she can. She doesnt care if it hurts her kids, she only cares about herself and her own comfort.

No. 452790

File: 1508393566726.png (346.22 KB, 568x367, laim future.png)

20 years later the poly relationship worked after all, Billie, Laimey and Sarah so cute!

No. 452791

>He started this “I’m gunna be vegan now!” sharade back in 2010

My fucking god, in 2010-2012 I was a fan of Onionboy (what can I say, I was in Highschool. I'm a guy tho so he didn't try to fuck me.) and I remember this shit vividly. I distinctly remember him saying "I think it's unnatural to suck on a cow's teet" before.

I also remember him making a video on poly relationships and how anyone in them is a slut by definition.

It's so weird to think about how much he contradicts himself. I seriously wonder what his actual views are. Does he even have any?

No. 452795

If his diet is truly the result of his back problems, doesn't that contradict himself? Didn't he preach how veganism is the pinaccle of health? da fuq

No. 452798

Plus he made Lainey feel like shit for eating fish when she was having health issues even though her anemia was more likely to be diet-related than his old man back problems.

No. 452804

File: 1508395773064.png (2.4 MB, 1136x640, 2A28F0D7-3B6F-4B86-BF94-2844D8…)

>I also remember him making a video on poly relationships and how anyone in them is a slut by definition.
Wait, I think I know which video you’re talking about! Oh and title is changed.


>Yeah it’s fine that you’re poly but my definitions indicate that YOU ARE A WHORE

He also went after people who have casual sex and seemed really disgusted (pic related) with the idea of fucking around outside a relationship.

Hey anon, how boring was Skye compared to the wicked bitch of the (pacific north)west?

No. 452810

I'm still in disbelief over this because I remember him saying this around the time Lainey was pregnant with bandaid/gave birth. Well duh Greg, a pregnant/lactating woman will need more nutrition than whatever shit you eat.

No. 452814

Ginger beck was neither lainey or gregs type and most likely got a plane ticket that was intended for that vix fag. Lainey didn't even know beck was coming

No. 452817

This is probably exactly what happened. He just used it on a fan because his other plan backfired

No. 452844

File: 1508408590247.jpg (86.04 KB, 275x275, 1467998748873.jpg)

>It's like if a women saturates a tampon in period blood and then you eat that tampon.

No. 452847


He doesn't have a shred of self awareness, that's why.

No. 452849

I know I'm about a hundred years late to the party but HOLY SHIT SHE WAS WIRED AS FUCK. Is this going to be a thing now? I got second hand cotton mouth and jaw pain from watching her.
Imagine you've been up for the past 48 hours, paranoid as fuck, and Greg comes home from the goat cheese spa or whatever. Wat do?

No. 452860


you're getting old, gurg. that's all.

No. 452865

Am I the only one who doesn't trust this bitch? She creeps here and obviously wants attention. Those texts were only bordering on creepy, more just asshole-y. He didn't say, come fuck me. I think she's trying to play us.

No. 452871

Who gets paranoid after only 48 hours? Takes at least 3-4 days for that

No. 452874


I agree. She sounds like a friend of mine who sends "just got out of shower"-photos to men and then acts all innocent when people confort her for sending basically nudes. "I'm so innocent, I don't know it's flirting, I'm bad with people, I wouldn't know if that's flirting. For me it's normal".

Mac seems to be exactly like her. Also the fact that she willingly shares the screenshots and is communicating here openly with us reeks of need for attention. Isn't Greg giving you enough of grooming? Or did he promise you money and flight to McMansion if you create some drama?

You're smart enough to post a lowkey dig Lainey for copying Billie, labeling yourself as a Billie clone too, pushing yourself forward as a "barely legal" and now you act all surprised and upset when he actually took the bait and wanted to fly you over as another basement bitch?

It's okay to regret shit you've done but claiming you had no idea what you were doing is just as bullshit as Onisions content.

No. 452876

If ur read the thread u'll find its 50/50
If ur gonna keep talking about her then Sage ur shit.

No. 452877

>Am I the only one who doesn't trust this bitch
>In a thread where others have expressed the same thing.

Sage your shit and lurk.

No. 452885

I agree that the dm's that are released aren't much on their own, but the thing where he says he wants to go the "fan route" are definitely worrying if he has asked more fans than her.

She probably is/was naive and the Gurgmeister knows that most of his fanbase is like that.

No. 452887


does her intent even matter? Sure, she's an attention whore but she's delivering enough milk to keep the spergs from talking about how bad Lainey is at makeup or how much Greg really resembles a tomato, and that's good enough for me.

No. 452888

Why should I sage my comments when it's relevant? P.S. been following this shit forever.

No. 452889

you gave an opinion, and not even one that furthered discussion in a profound way. lots of other anons think the same as you. if youve been around forever, youd know when to sage and when its acceptable to bump..

No. 452891


Yea, but he's always went for fans. Billie was a fan.

This to me is just him testing the waters if he's sending the same shit to every girl. Once again, Mac isn't that important to him and he clearly didn't care enough. I personally think Mac got salty when he didn't chase after her or try harder. He didn't say anything rude or insulting to her, and clearly still follows her and she's still following him on EVERYTHING.

He knows she's an attention seeker and probably saw this as nothing more then a plea for attention from him. ( The way she acts in his and Lainey's YN chats is a clear sign ) Hands down homegirl is probably still a patreon of his too.

All in all. She probably posted here so he'd start paying attention to her again. Have half the anons believe her, and some even go as far to egg him on by tweeting him or trolling his chats.

No. 452898

Learn to capitalize and punctuate, then I'll listen.

No. 452900

I finally just watched the moments and I'm honestly shocked at the large contrast of her personality. She literally exaggerated her movements and was being loud and excitable. Literally not her as a person at all. It's like she took our advice and is trying to have a personality.
Idk if she was having a manic moment but if she was trying to seem younger by doing this, it kinda worked? In the sense that she's acting like a tweleve year old so maybe Onion is into that

No. 452906

>belittles someone for improper grammar
>on lolcow


No. 452908

She's high off her tits on adderal anon

No. 452918

Billie wasnt caught by Greg,was by Lainey
And Billie went after Greg when arrived.
Get your facts straight

No. 452922

are you from germany?

No. 452923

I love how lamey used to switch colors every week in the beginning of her hair dyeing phase but now that she's billie blue she's kept it the same color kek

No. 452924

Tinfoil but is Grease getting bolder in his attempts to divorce Plank?:

>hunting for ~barely legal~ pussy a lot more frequently

>ignoring her more than usual (similar to Skye and Shiloh)
>hanging out with more and more people, while dumping her with the kids
>Shipping Sarah out
>the LA trip
>momokun speculation/anons trolling her
>the bf buys me clothes video
>her getting bitchier and bitchier by the day since the LA trip
>"I'm addicted to hentai"

And now the obvious mental breakdown/adderall use

Anons, a storm is brewing and a flood of milk is coming…

No. 452926

She almost gave me a panic attack moving all her boxes and whatever the fuck her tweaky ass was doing, moving the camera, staring for a sec, moving some more REEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 452929

i dont even think hes trying to divorce her. Shes making him money rn. He just knows he can do whatever he wants and she wont leave and will deny what hes doing so she can live in la la land where hes a perfect husband.

He has cheated on her multiple times, talked to girls multiple times in attempts to date them, brings girls over without her permission, insulted her family and friends and revealed personal details even about her sister, was about to throw his kid aside to leave her for a teen, insults her and her interests all the time, admits to being verbally abusive and manipulative to her, always brings drama to the house. Yet she puts on a smug face and flashes her ring, while whining about how untrustworthy and terrible girls are and at the same time exclaiming how gay she is and how much she loves girls and wants a gf. Yeah okay, lameo is clearly mental. Onion is probably bored about how easy it is to keep her and will let her stick around so he can continue to use her for money while finding someone better. She will 100% get tossed if he could get with someone youtube famous who will help him regain his fame, but thats not happening.

No. 452932


This isn't tinfoil, it's obvious to anyone who has been following him since before they got together. He gives no fucks and thinks he's in the clear since she signed that prenup. Why do you think he tried to leave her for Billie so quickly? He's a complete fucking moron that thinks he's smarter than everyone else and seems to be under the assumption that 1. His shitty prenup will hold up in court to begin with 2. That he won't be liable for child support if he gives up custody/his parental rights

No. 452938

honestly if he ever does split with lainey, i think she will be too dumb to contest the prenup in court. he’ll probably be like “ok here’s a couple thousand now sign the papers” and she’ll just do it because she’s not strong enough or intelligent enough to defy him.

(blogpost but this very thing happened to a family member recently - husband dumped kids on wife and gave her 10 grand so he could fuck with another woman in peace and her stupid ass just accepted that deal. reminded me utterly of lainey.)

No. 452946

He's so stupid going "I need a fan to film for me" does that mean Lainey isn't a fan of his "content"? like Lainey has Sarah to babysit so she could damn well film for him. It confuses me how she wouldn't think twice without thinking "I was once that fan"

No. 452955

Well, dem 5 years are almost up!

No. 452967

she wants to change it, but she can't because blue and green stains your hair. She's tried bleaching it out, but to no avail. Though she can probably force some colour out/neutralise it by putting red or pink over the top for a while.

No. 452969


They're already broken up. Onion admitted to her that he has no feelings for her anymore but wouldn't leave her because of the kids. They're currently in a situation like the one he was in with Shiloh where they were living together still but not together romantically.

He told her she's free to date anyone she wants and he would stay single cause he's trying to be a fucking martyr as usual. She's crying and upset but he's already decided so she can do nothing.

They however decide to continue pretending to be together to ensure their earnings are intact for their survival. Plainey is secretly hoping he will change his mind if she's devoted enough to him. She prays every night that he will love her again and hopes that he will come cuddle her in the lonely basement.

Her only solace is that onion has promised to stay single cause he doesn't deserve it, so she thinks she still has a chance of winning him back eventually.

But the Mac thing has devastated her because she knows now that it was all a lie. Onion is hunting for a new victim behind her back.

Also, onion has begun to get progressively angrier at her because he thinks that she's a wasteful slob. Just like how he outed her before on twitter about not cleaning up her dirty cups, he has outed her on her own channel about having too much clothes. He's not really planning anything by this, he's just fucking mad that she's a slob.

No. 452972


I support this tinfoil but she bring in dudes bc shes straight as fuck

No. 452973

Only problem with this tinfoil is Laim could not resist going on emo Twitter and Tumblr rants about her broken heart and home.

No. 452974


It doesn't matter if Lame is too stupid to recognize it, the court itself will not accept the pre-nup unless it's a legal document. I swear, you can find this out very easily via google. Instead of being stupid with spec, why not look it up? Here:

9. NO INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: Because their separate interests are at stake, both parties to a premarital contract should (and in some states must) be represented by their own attorneys, or the agreement will not be enforced.

Be less like Gerg, not more.

No. 452975

Hold the camera for me must be code for hold my microdick please, just like with Tomato's wife.

No. 452976


Maybe thats why she's taking drugs … ? Better high than sad.

No. 452978

When they inevitably split up, he's going to attack her negativity like he did in the Billie video and he's going to rag on her lack of household skills.

It's been a while since I felt bad for Lainey but this divorce is gonna legit destroy her life.

24, two kids, a sketchy online degree in fucking pyschology, and a nonexistent employment history (not even one internship). What can she do to survive? She already aging like milk so younow and YouTube isn't gonna last, especially with her plain face and boring personality.

And she's not even going to get much child support or alimony because at the rate fuckface's career ie going down the drain, he will probably be struggling to even buy his Figi waters by Christmas next year.

No. 452979

I watched Lames birthday video,how the fuck do they hide their kids so well? Also the grandma was sitting in the passenger side and then she was moved to the back LOL assholes. Also every time they hold hands or kiss onion has to tell the camera that he's doing it because laim asked, what a jerk.

No. 452983


Maybe they put them in the closet ? so one day Plain may throw a "coming out of the closet" party for them.

No. 452984

She doesn't dare bring in dudes cause that's her entire sthick. She's the cutesy gay agender cunt and being with two guys is gonna make her a cis gender slut to the public. Also there is the factor that no sane straight guy is gonna go after the blue haired space prince with two kids and a deranged husband who has fucked an Andy biersack doll online. A stupid teenage girl who believes their special cause they're 'bi or gay' might do it tho.

Maybe all those posts we thought were about Billie was really about onion?

No. 452986

He can't ever be alone as much as he claims he would hense why he always has someone lined up before he dumps whoever he's with, he's done it forever and he still does. Mac was like a Shiloh that's how it all started even with lainey, lainey gets upset whenever girls come into the picture because she knows exactly what he's doing since it's how he got her..like they say, you lose em how you get em

No. 452990


No way, she’s still clearly in love with him and is still a semi-effective bait for new girls (even though she’s trying really hard to stave off getting a girlfriend because she knows what will happen). He can also date much younger girls with her to bridge the age gap. It “wasn’t weird” with Billie because it was an 18 year old and a 20 something rather than a 30+ year old guy with a just legal teen.

He doesn’t have to leave her because he can do whatever he wants and she’ll take it.

No. 452998

He called her old in her birthday video, I also suspect he tells the camera he is only hugging or kissing her because she asked for it cause a new chick could be watching. He doesn't love Lame at all, this relationship is a time bomb that is going to explode soon.

No. 452999

What still makes me laugh is Billie fucked other guys according to onion while she was with them, he obviously didn't throw dick well. Reminds me of guys that are insecure and always brag about sex. Oh wait he does that kek

And he isn't into lainey like when she was 18, he probably beats his mini corndog to teen hentai and porn videos..and his monster hentai with tentacles is so he's not looking at another man's junk since his is a baby snapping turtle head

No. 453004

Lamo's grandma called her "Taylor".

No. 453005

File: 1508439739467.jpg (129.07 KB, 720x1168, Collage 2017-10-19 13_58_11.jp…)

Lame just said she's a size 4 1/2 in kids shoes but Onion claims he's a size 11. This is their feet next to each other from a video they did, they did a side by side to show that Lames feet wasn't as bit as his. There's no fucking way that's a size 4 in kids next to a size 11 men, someone is fucking lying. Is he that insecure about 5'0 body he lies about his shoe size, pathetic.

No. 453009

They're both lying. her foot is giant

No. 453010

I know he's probably wearing socks because the floor is absolutely disgusting in his house thanks to his shaving cream endeavors and Lainey's slowness but I hope he's got those ugly ass old man toe nails that are yellow and gross and that's why he didn't show his bare foot too. He eats horribly so it's a possibility

No. 453011

Slobbiness** damn autocorrect but she acts slow too so

No. 453012

File: 1508439977056.png (1.19 MB, 1366x870, sneakers.png)

spoiled princess confirmed. in the birthday vid she describes these sneakers are "very dirty and old". like, ok?

No. 453017

I just replaced my sneakers, note cause I wanted to but because the bottom sole was hanging half off and wasn't pissing me off. the condition those shoes are in I could wear them a good year or two. She's fucking spoiled and nuts. They're name brand too! Bout to buddy up to Lainey and get those damn shoes, maybe she'd mail me them for some younow bars kek

No. 453019

God those are ugly

The picture of their feet next to eachothers her heel is also alittle back not in line with his so her foot is almost the same size..id say an 8 the smallest but a 9 or 10 those toes are long..maybe her foot without toes is a kids 4

No. 453020

judging from when she had her shoes next to her head, I think she's a size 8-9 women's.

Does she really need to lie about her shoe size to fit her small bean shit? Jesus she had mental issues.

And Greg's fucking lying too. Assuming Taylor is a size 9 or size 7 men's, then max he's a 9.

No. 453021

File: 1508440467741.jpg (280.25 KB, 1000x1118, fuckoff.jpg)

i'm queer and this shit is soooo tacky. it just a part of who i am, i don't need to prove it to everyone in the most unsolicited, obnoxious way possible.

No. 453023

She honestly looked way more cute when she had brown hair and wore dresses.

No. 453024


i fit size 3 in kids and size 5-5 1/2 in women's, so she's roughly around 6-7 in women's.

Funny that she brags about fitting kids shoes though, they're fucking huge in comparison to adult shoes. I sometimes go for them generally because my feet are too wide for women's shoes. So her feet are wide and basic.

No. 453026

kek, sounds like my shoes except i still cant replace them yet because #poorproblems in the bf buys my clothes video greg showcased pairs of shoes she owns becuase she claimed she needed new ones

No. 453027

Do you really think taylor is allowed to say anything that makes him look small? Lol

No. 453029

I wear a size 5 in women's her feet aren't that small.

No. 453030

Seriously who wears this shit? The only place acceptable would probably be some gay pride parade or event and even then these particular shirts are tacky

No. 453031

No shit, I'm gay but if someone got me one of these shirts as an actual gift (not for a gag) I'd be pissed, it's ridiculous. Whats with fair weather lesbians breaking their necks to show how "gay" they are?

No. 453032

posted this too late in the last thread so it got lost, but this person is absolutely delusional. she goes by "Onisions Wife" and thinks they're adam and eve reincarnated or something? and expects or wants greg to kill lainey as some kind of prophecy so they can be together? it's really incoherent. she releases videos every few hours every day.

No. 453035

You can tell her grandma is low key embarrassed of her and she seems like the type of grandmother who would brag that their dolebludging 30 year old grand kid took her to the market.

No. 453036


I said I was a size 5, not her. I was just stating that kids shoes are actually bigger than adults. ( wider ) Only difference is the numbering on the sizing.

size 3 kids = size 5-5 1/2 in adults.
size 4 1/2 kids = 6-7 in adults.

No. 453037

I've been trying to wrap my mind around this for weeks. This person uploads an insane amount of videos everyday like this and it's honestly spooky as fuck.

No. 453039

I thought it was just spam at first using his name for clicks. I finally looked and it's crazy unsettling

No. 453040

Her whole wardrobe is becoming rainbow and gay shit so she can scream shes gay, yet shes married to a guy and the only girl she ever dated was forced upon her. You know what would make you gay lameo? Dating a girl and not being married to your husband. Everything else doesn't make you gay. Like holy shit, its okay to be bi in a straight marriage, but ive never seen a bi person have to scream they are gay, pretend they are totally not into guys at all, all while being married to a man and never dating a girl.

Even gay youtubers dont mention they are gay as much as lameo does like jeezes, stop. It's like shes making a mockery of the whole LGBT community.

No. 453044

That still isn't big especially when next to a size 11. My bf is a size 11 and I'm a size 8 and we are still not as close in foot length as lame and onion.

No. 453045

She showed the box in the vid it says size 4. So gurgles is probably the one lying. Also im a perfect 7.5 in all womens shoes and i fit into 4.5 and 5 kid shoes (sneakers cause there super big for a weird reason plus cheaper :D)

No. 453046

Yeah my bf is a size 13. And his shoes/feet next to mine is giant (im a 7.5)

No. 453047

File: 1508442249679.jpg (3.56 MB, 4128x3096, 20171019_144200.jpg)

My size 8.5 next to my boyfriends size 11. Arguing about foot size is kind of petty but its hilarious that they both lie, Lainey to fit her smol bean bs and Onion to hide his man child complex.

No. 453049

Boyfriend is size 11 mens and I'm a 9 womens. Difference is still much larger compared to those two.

Only other explanation than them lying is that those are her pregnancy feet and onion could be using a women's 11 instead - making him a size 9.

No. 453050

It is petty but I love that you did this for size comparison.

Also, EUGH compLainey's feet are disgusting. Her foot and her footface compliment each other.

No. 453052

New video with cringy title

No. 453056

File: 1508443123441.jpg (51.75 KB, 500x500, tumblr_mkcmv6RN2b1rfppc9o1_500…)

Shit they could share shoes.

No. 453057

Any actual info? The title perhaps? Or an upload for those of us who refuse to give her views.

No. 453059

I'm not an uploader but on Speaks there is
"YOUR PROBLEMS DON'T MATTER? (Be Happy, End Anxiety) Motivational Speech"
Presumably 9 minutes of him "saving lives"

No. 453060

This video seems like an obvious dig at Lamey for having anxiety

No. 453061


I think she's more along the lines basic. ( 7.5-8.5 ) with the possible wideness added to it, since most go for kids because they're wider. ( Kids naturally have fatter feet/ are still growing thus them being wider )

I hope all of you aren't generally taking Gregma's word for it, that he's a size 11.. The manlet that wears heeled shoes, and throws a fit whenever you point out his lackings. The manlet that stuffs a sock in his crotch except for when mocking SR.

Gregma seems like the type who believes big shoes equate to big cock …


According to google, even if Plainey was a size 10 ( if ) that would technically make Greg size 8 in mens .. SO if she was actually size 8 that'd make him a size 6 in mens. Kek.

No. 453062

Thank you anon.

No. 453071

File: 1508444161550.png (114.17 KB, 437x221, Screenshot 2017-10-19 at 4.14.…)

No. 453072

>another RED shirt
>Spoken word/"rap" at the beginning
>talking like he's giving a TED talk
>showing off "business expenses" (costumes so he can be called cute, cameras and lighting so he can be seen as 'hard-working')
>goes into a huge fucking analogy before even stating the point of the video
>"I myself have talked hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of people to stop cutting themselves." Don't believe him? Just check his solicited testimonials!
>nice beet red bald scalp @ 3:25

Alright fuck it i'm 3 minutes in and he's virtue signaling that him not complaining about his life is fucking BRAVE

No. 453075

Or it's a cover for the fact that she wears kids clothes for their DDLG fetish. The onesie, bike, room, target video full of kids clothes. She was also furious at Greg for going a size bigger than she asked for because it ruined her little girl, so smol aesthetic.

No. 453077

Someone tell him to say that to his wife then? Being married to the guy who supposedly magically heals all of his fans and she still has anxiety!

No. 453079

All of these videos lately have been a jab at Lainey, in most videos he's practically describing his wife. I believe he wants for her to initiate a divorce or change.

No. 453082

Could his anxiety vid have anything to do with foot faces carefree attitude in last livestream. Maybe they are seeing a therapist together. Tinfoiling of course.
Will have to see what she is like in today's stream to compare.

No. 453084

lol did they really get so butthurt over people calling out lameys giant feet/gurgs tiny manley one’s that they made a video to prove they’re different? holy fucking insecurity. literally no one would care otherwise.

that said there is like…an inch in difference. at best. which wouldn’t be a big deal except they’ve made it out to be.

No. 453085

My take is that he's just trying to project out "guys, I'm not going to complain about money anymore. Please come back"
His begging and paid channel was the penultimate nail in the coffin, and now he's trying to backpedal.

No. 453091

File: 1508445596969.png (Spoiler Image, 873.17 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20171019-133458.png)


Onion cosplays himself

No. 453093


Correcting her grandma for calling her taylor, at least she's consistent i guess.

No. 453094

Foots on younow

No. 453095

She talks to her grandma like every day and only corrects her for the sake of this video

No. 453096

she looks exceptionally rough today

No. 453097

File: 1508446784248.jpg (45.83 KB, 768x407, onion.JPG)

Greg gives me a headache (also Lainey has new "merch" so I'll be dropping a cap of that as well)

No. 453098

File: 1508446884925.jpg (98.32 KB, 1425x903, haveyoueverwantedafootonashirt…)

No. 453103

File: 1508447322428.jpg (86.82 KB, 839x356, test.jpg)

I wonder if she internally gets triggered when people say she looks or sounds masculine, since she's faking this fake boy shit.

No. 453104

I can just upload my own Onision shirts on redbubble and no problems should happen, right?
Onision's "merch" is just a link to every Onision shirt on redbubble.

No. 453105

File: 1508447622580.jpg (17.56 KB, 239x272, triggered.jpg)

Her eyebrows trigger me, she doesn't even bother combing the product in you can see where she drew it.

No. 453108

It really, really bothers me that Onion thinks he's in any position to offer profound life advice. I can't look away from this train wreck.

>Complaining about grammar on lolcow
>Implying that correct capitalization and punctuation on an image board correlates with intelligence
>Has a comma splice in the post complaining about grammar

Fucking kek. Learn to use commas properly; then I'll listen.

No. 453109

This gave me an idea. Whenever I catch her stream, I'll compliment her how masculine she looks. Something like "omg , you really look like a handsome guy today ??? are you on T????"

I suggest others who watch her stream do the same for shit and giggles.

No. 453110

File: 1508447895192.png (1.95 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_5805.PNG)

In the last clip you can literally see the line where she's slathered lipgloss around an inch around her lips. Is this some skincare routine stuff I don't understand?

No. 453111

File: 1508447939994.png (2.1 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_5806.PNG)

Another angle, you can see how it's around the sides of her mouth too

No. 453112

Billie went orange, in case anyone cares.

Lainey seems to like blue so maybe she won’t change it. I don’t think she’s trying to emulate current Billie, I think she’s trying to recapture Billie’s looks when they knew her and her husband was head-over-heels-going-to-give-up-his-family-for-Billie in love.

Sage for Billie talk.

No. 453113

Man by new shoes i mean a pair of free ones i lucked out and found at a yard sale or id still be in my old shoes. Shit i still have my old shoes for a backup. Thats why their constant bitching and crying about being broke and struggling to survive pisses me off so much. Like i live in a small ass removated camper with my boyfriend and 5 month old baby. We have enough room for our bed on one end and a crib on the other. Id kill to have even the basement of a house like theirs to live in. But i aint making go fundmes and patreons begging for money. Actual struggling people rarely do that shit. We live with what we have and work to make things better. The onions can fuck on outta here with their struggling bullshit.
Saddest thing is I probably do more and buy more for my daughter than plainey and greg do for their kids and they can afford to!(no one cares)

No. 453114

File: 1508448179435.png (844.27 KB, 1306x834, cringe.png)

Quality Comedy

No. 453115

Agreed. I don’t think she likes when people say she looks like a man, despite the hypocrisy of her insisting she’s a soft boy.

No. 453117

"wow like 5 people have told me I look masculine today what am I doing different? shook." Lmao is it you farmers?

No. 453118

Is saying she was really anxious yesterday that's why she started cleaning everything out like she was doing. Was she having an anxiety attack or an aderall high?

No. 453120

Someone should mention that Greg made a video basically telling her to get over her anxiety kek

No. 453123

I have actual anxiety not the fake "oh no im slightly stressed by my shitty life it must be severe anxiety!!"anxiety that lainey has. That was the opposite if an anxiety attack. She was manic most likely from drugs or a mental break. But not an anxiety attack

No. 453126

That's probably why he made the video lol.

No. 453127

someone who is streaming a wall is ahead of her on #girls on younow and the trending list kek

No. 453132


Holy shit, he really does have tiny feet! kek!!!

No. 453134

I think she just wanted to copy billie in general. Being a "beauty guru" youtuber and having alt hair colors. Lameo did say she wanted to go blonde immediately after billie went yellow, so she is a creepo. She just never went through with it, probably because the blue wont come out of her hair.

She doesnt really have anxiety attacks. lol. She plays that shit up. She calls everything a panic attack when she just feels slightly uncomfortable

No. 453135

File: 1508449158345.png (368.39 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171019-173817.png)

which one of y'all did this lmao

No. 453138

So this is the super speshul death note parody he promised his patreons? Lmao money well spent. Also it rubbed me the wrong way when she was like extra props to greg for making this bday so much special, bitch your grandma bought u the shoes that you "needed" cause greg spent all your money of plabe tickets. Also for a "small bean" all the clothes she bought fit weird in her arms and chest cause she dosent want to admit shes a medium. Like those sleves are atleast 3 inch. Too short

No. 453139

i just had to

No. 453144

File: 1508449721529.png (514.59 KB, 657x459, sad.png)

I feel like a creep sharing this but whatever..

catching little glimpses of their kids makes it all the more sad how their lives are going to end up.


No. 453146

I'm actually geeking that their feet are the same size. She's like 5'6" or 5'7" right?

No. 453150

I think she's said that she's about 5'3"

No. 453156

File: 1508450112354.png (220.28 KB, 1536x1626, IMG_5807.PNG)

This comment cracked me up. She was talking about if she ever choked on stream, her viewers should contact Greg. I can see the video.

>MY SPOUSE ALMOST DIED (Onision Saves Lives)

No. 453158

Great eye!

No. 453159

She's actually taking some responsibility on stream, saying she treats her crushes badly because shes insecure.

No. 453160

File: 1508450731249.png (22.33 KB, 391x344, Capture.PNG)

is this my meal ticket?

No. 453161

Are you a teen girl

No. 453162

File: 1508451075046.png (89.5 KB, 502x493, Capture.PNG)

nope. I totally forgot I added him to steam. just checked out his profile and found this. guess he doesn't limit himself at just 2d waifu

No. 453163

I can't believe onision is a fuckin furry fucking kek

No. 453164

I don't do makeup but I noticed in one of her videos she put concealer OVER eyeshadow that she messed up. Aren't you supposed to just clean it up?
Same with your pics, it's like she just slathers on gloss and then wipes it clean instead of just having basic hand-eye coordination.

No. 453165

File: 1508451371478.png (43.22 KB, 536x89, Capture.PNG)

he is a creature of habit

No. 453167

wasn't/isn't sh a furry as well?

No. 453168


Not to rain on your parade, but I'm pretty sure Lainey used his Steam account to play that game for her videos.

No. 453171

>UK furries
Kek, I bet those posts he made about the way British people say "dog" were more sexual than first assumed.

No. 453173

Is this really his real account? UK Furries seems pretty random and if anyone would make a fake account for grease, this seems like something they would add

No. 453174

the login is vighkel, the same one he uses for ebay, etc.

he's on stream playing CS:GO

you tell us, anon.


No. 453175

File: 1508452826320.jpg (45.2 KB, 810x632, cap.JPG)

one of the comments on his steam kek

No. 453177

Did they just shove their children outside when it’s dark??
>go outside so mommy and daddy can make a video!
>be extra quiet and you’ll get a treat!
That’s how I imagine a majority of this happens.
Lainey claims she practices gentle parenting and yet what’s gentle about pretending your children don’t even exist when you record? Which, let’s face it, is a huge chunk of their day.
They could talk about their children and never show their faces once. The way they have chosen to approach the kid thing screams neglect.

No. 453180

Lame was talking about not getting a girlfriend until she fixed her anxiety and paranoia issues because it wouldn't be fair to her. I bet you thats why Onion wants her to get over her anxiety, he needs a new young cum dumpster asap.

No. 453181

dude that's a reflection

No. 453182

you know that's a reflection in a window right?

No. 453183


Looks like a blue haired LeafyisHere.


It'd lowkey be funny if someone started selling Onion merch, except with our fanart on it that portrays their true appearances.

( Maybe Laineybot website holder should ?? A way to make back what was spent on it )


She's got Onions derp eye in this pic. kek.

No. 453186

Out of all the valid reasons to not want a girlfriend foot picks the worst one

No. 453191

Yeah, I mean, I think not wanting to burden someone else with your issues is a fine reason not to want to date, but the thing is… she's already married to Greg. So, she's either capable of handling her shit enough to feel emotonally stable enough to have a relationship OR she's saying she doesn't give a shit about Greg and doesn't mind making HIM deal with her shit.

No. 453193

She called her and Onion twin flames again, bitchhhhhhhhhh he don't love you.

No. 453195

where did she say this?

No. 453196

YouNow, she explained how you can have many soulmates but only one twin flame an Gerg is hers lol.

No. 453202

Lol she’s said earlier that Billie was her twin flame and Greg was her soulmate.

No. 453203

house of wax vibes

No. 453204

gerg and space prince are sole-mates ahah same foot size see what I did hahaha

No. 453207

this is hilarious because a twin flame is someone you have a passionate, symbiotic relationship with but are ultimately not good for each other even though its painful to let go of such a connection. either she doesnt even know what a twin flame is or shes a bit more lucid than i thought

No. 453209

samefag but if you just google twin flame definition this is the first thing :
A twin flame is someone who gets you ready for your soul mate. What makes a twin flame tricky, however, is that you confuse your intense love and passion for meaning it's “meant to be.” You're trying to make your twin flame, who is a teacher, into a soul mate, who is your forever love.

lainey is so dumb

No. 453212


Adderall wouldn't make her eat a shitton, it's a suppressant. Plus she's all crunchy breast mom - she's probably just on a sugar high.

No. 453214

She doesn't know what a bisexual person is, she doesn't know what a gay person is, and she doesn't know what a transexual person is. Why would she know anything about this shit? Billie was probably into it or some shit and she just absorbed the words and uses them however she pleases, just like all her other fake identities.

No. 453216

She had probably just finished sucking Onion off, its all the grease.

No. 453221

Lainey's talked about Gerg being her "Twin Flame" in a video before and looked up the definition. I don't remember which video or her response, though. If anyone can pull it up, go for it for context.

No. 453225

File: 1508459661962.png (197.53 KB, 606x583, Screenshot (2).png)

how long does YouNow keep streams for?

No. 453226

Tinfoil maybe she knows what it means and is moving on from Gerg

No. 453234

I havent kek so hard in my life

No. 453237

Someone signed Blaire White up for the same furry site according to her Twitter so it's probably just a hoax with Gergles too.

No. 453238

you have to opt into the group with your account. you can't join groups for other people. so, unless someone "hacked" him, no. he joined them himself. or lame did.

No. 453240

lmao and he said the eye thing was inaccurate in Shadmans drawing

No. 453248

Lmao. My mom is barely 5ft and is a size 5, there's no fucking way she's a 4 1/2.

No. 453251

Imagine being so insecure about everything that you have to lie about your damn foot size. Sad.

No. 453252


Soooo…. Is furry hentai what he watches ? Or does he just straight up watch videos of actual dogs humping ? I wouldn't put it past him to be into beastiality …

No. 453253

OT but aren't multiple posts only samefagging if you're pretending to be different posters? why does everyone ITT get it wrong

No. 453263

I think you're right about that. She is a 6-7 and nothing more cause she really would be big foot if her feet were any bigger at 5 feet fucking 2 inches tall.

Which means, fucking onion has lady feet.

No. 453264

Ive mentioned it before.
He was discussing freaky animated porn hes seen on the interwebs on younow (when he used to stream from laineys account) and he told his fans he watched a cartoon porn that had some henchmen tie up the Joker, and made him watch as they forced Harley Quinn suck off and then get mounted and fucked by multiple dogs.
The crowd of girly fans seemed stunned and he attempted to move on quickly.
You dont stumble onto that kind of porn, he was searching for it.

No. 453270

"i'm so smol and frail u guys uwu only 100 lbs. my feet also i wear baby shoe size 4 1/2!! uwuw uwu~~ so smol and gay"

also why's lainey taking a selfie next to gerg's foot

No. 453279

sarah go away you're a chubby little potato faced rectangle glasses nerd

No. 453281

why would he share that

No. 453282

adderall doesn't make you eat it makes eating suck

No. 453286

File: 1508468115725.png (1.12 MB, 1114x620, work equipment.png)

Part 1 - Your problems don't matter?

>(Spoken word rap)

>like the pain of my face when I don't turn the light on
>all the shadows in my face revealing I don't got my beauty on
>the cash flows from me, even though it's all fake
>I'm trying to rap but the pressure of rhyming I can't take
>crash a can, small town love

>Sorry, I got a little distracted by myself. Anyway today I want to talk about suffering. Pain. Agony. You see some people have it in their head that a child who drops their ice cream cone suffers the same as someone who just lost their husband to cancer. People actually believe this. And I personally disagree with this idea. Lets first go into the argument that a person that cries over a speeding ticket, their suffering should be given just as much attention or appreciation as somebody who just saw their dog get hit by a bulldozer. Don't over analyze it, I'm just saying. So here's the thing. If you approach somebody who is somewhat emotionally stable and can respond to reason. They're very upset about something and you ask them. Lets say someone that just lost one of their cats to say cancer. You approach that person and you say 'hey, what other pets do you have?' They'll say they have their dog Mikey and their pet gerbil Herbert. Then you say to that person, "Well aren't you glad that Mikey and Herbert are perfectly healthy? Wouldn't it be so much worse if you lost both of those pets too?" And right now you sound like a mobster. You're threatening them. You need protection money or something. Let's continue in this little talk for the sake of having it. That person might start to think. "Oh man, Yeah I'm kinda grateful that my other pets are fine" and so they start to appreciate what they do have. And maybe suffer a little less with this realization.

>Or how about say someone who cuts themselves. You know, because someone at school was bullying them. So they went home and thought that slicing their wrist open would somehow make their life better. Which we all most know that doesn't really make your life better at all. You can reason with a lot of people. I got myself, I've talked hundreds if not thousands of people out of cutting themselves. And I'm not the one claiming this. It's on forums. It's on Twitter. It's in my inbox. People thanking me for my approach to their problem. The thing is, sometimes I get flagged for not respecting the suffering of people who say just got a B on their homework when they really wanted an A. Even if they cry just as hard as someone who just lost their husband. Someone who just lost their parents. I'm not gonna say the person that just got a B on their homework assignment deserves the same amount of respect and appreciation as someone who just lost their spouse or other dear loved one.

>But this is basically what some people actually want you to do. They want you to act like everyone's problems are equal and that's just not the world we live in. And you know how I know that these problems are not equal? Do you know how I can shut down almost anyone arguing against my point. Ask them the following question. To the person who got a B on their homework instead of an A. "Would you rather be blind? Would you?" If your problems are so real and deserve the same amount of respect then surely you would be fine trading places with a person who was just diagnosed with a terminal illness. Surely, of course. It's equal. Right? That's your argument, but see that's not realistic at all. Because I and I'm sure many others can easily see that sometimes when we cry; we're crying about things that are less serious than other things. And that if we approach a topic like this realistically, we can actually feel better by thinking about these things rather than automatically getting upset with people because they point out that other people have greater problems.

>Like for instance, to get a little personal. As you guys know my spouse and I have had some financial troubles as of late. But I took part in a line of thinking that made me feel a whole lot better and that was as follows. "Gregory, oh person feeling so sorry for themselves. Your youtube channel isn't doing well. Because every time you get a video demonetized the traffic drops by nine-tenths. And unfortunately a huge portion of your videos are demonetized. Also you are learning very painful lessons the hard way in regards to taxes. But Gregory, I ask you this. Would you trade your position with the position of a person who has a very sick child?" And immediately after asking myself this question I thought 'no way'. No way would I want to trade the health of a child for my situation. I would rather be horribly poor than risk the health of a loved one.

>And in using this line of thinking, I began to feel much-much better. I started to realize you know what, my situation is bad but it could be so much worse. Now just because it can be so much worse, it doesn't mean that we're not allowed to complain. It doesn't mean we're not allowed to feel bad. But it dose mean that we're allowed to feel better about our situation. We human beings are allowed to hurt. We are allowed to react to things in numerous ways but we are also allowed to think of possible solutions to our suffering. In fact your own well being encourages you to think on the bright side rather than just feeling sorry for yourself consistently. But guess what. While happiness isn't always something that a person can easily accomplish; it is almost never a bad choice.

No. 453288

Part 2
>So I want you to think about the pain in your life. The sad times. And I want you to think about some of the absolutely horrible things that have happened to people around the world. I then want you to ask yourself what it would be like being them. Like for instance people who lose their homes in hurricanes or people who have to run from their own countries because their countries are at war and their entire families are in danger. You see the reason we make such a big deal about our problems is very likely a product of evolution. It is our way of beginning the problem solving processes. In a child's mind when they drop that ice cream on the ground, that is the most serious and horrible thing that could happen to them. Or so that is how their mind thinks because of a significant lack of life experiences.

>Just like you freaking out about getting a B on your homework. You take that so seriously because that is your version of an absolutely dreadful problem and taking it so seriously serves the benefit of your future. So you do better on future homework. After all if you had the mentality that things could be so much worse and it is not such a big deal then maybe you wouldn't have as much of a drive to do better in the future. Maybe with this mentality now you wouldn't mind getting a C or a D or flunking out of school all together because you keep thinking 'other peoples problems are far worse'. So for the sake of continuing to succeed in life we make a gigantic problem out of often nothing. I mean when you look at the big picture.

>Then there is the more healthy option. Which is probably taking your own problems seriously but also acknowledging and respecting the fact that many other peoples problems are far more serious. And while you should do what you can to solve your own problems, you most certainly shouldn't go to someone who it terminally ill and complain to them about your life. As theirs is no doubt far more difficult and they don't need to hear you complaining.

>So in conclusion, understand that no matter what happens to you the odds are that it could get so-so much worse. And also understand you've in the past you have taken these things so seriously because your natural programming is begging you to fix these problems. Your biology wants you to be at the top of the food chain. It wants you to be your absolute best and for many of us, we can not become the best unless we curse ourselves every step along the way when we fail. But there is an alternate route. There is the route of self awareness. There is the route of instead of emotionally reacting to your problems, logically reacting to your problems. And instead of resorting to some kind of obsession or otherwise emotionally imbalanced response. You could simply go and critically think about what happened and how you could possibly fix it. The truth is on some level our problems matter because they matter to us but maybe we could do something decent for other people who have greater problems than ours. And not act like our problems are equal to theirs. Just because we cry as hard as someone else doesn't mean we understand their pain. In fact there are unimaginable levels of pain that others go through that I have yet to comprehend and so do you. Most of us don't know what it's like to lose a sibling. Most of us don't know what it's like to lose a significant other to their mortality. Most of us don't know what it's like to get our legs blown off overseas. Most of us don't understand true struggle. True struggle is not getting rejected by the cute boy at school. True struggle is not getting upset over the fact that you are not the valedictorian. For many of us the older we get the wiser we get. The more numb we become to our previous problems. The less emotional many of us tend to be. The more efficient we become as we now react to our problems logically instead of emotionally.

>Someone needs to be calm. Someone needs to address these issues with a level head. And that is why I'm encouraging you to all acknowledge the simple reality, that people who say the suffering of individuals who have loss less is equal to those who lost more. Those people haven't gone deep enough in this topic and realized it's all a result of our programming. Part of some wild design to keep us moving forward beyond our control. But it's gotten to the point where some of us are far better than our programming and some of us know a better way to handle our problems. I know in many cases it can be difficult but if you think about it, most problems only conquer you if you let them. I hope you'll try to not let most of your future problems take away your happiness. Sometimes you gotta look at the screwed up things that happen in life and just smile. Because if you don't let these situations rob you of your happiness, then these situations are that much less powerful. Regardless I feel like I have more than expressed my point and I thank you so much for watching all of this. I hope you have an absolutely lovely day.

No. 453289


>He's obsessed with looking like the joker

>His wife is a door mat that likes wearing a colar
>They just got a new dog …
>He's into beastiality and furry porn

Lord all mighty, what the fuck happens in that house after lights out.

No. 453300

Except that Taylor is a more gender neutral name than Elaine or Lainey.

Doesn’t have that effect always for everyone, and sometimes, especially as you come down, your appetite for real food will be off but your desire for novelty flavour is way up. It’s off chops, not off chips.

However, she could just be mildly drunk or even more likely, took barely anything of any drug and talked herself into being higher than she was, acting buzzed but having the munchies at the same time.

No. 453309

>the position of a person who has a very sick child
Greg trying very hard to practice empathy, something so alien to him he was to work out its mechanics.

No. 453311

Uh why does he still have those fucking tarot cards? I thought he didn’t believe in this shit anymore (lol)

No. 453317

She's still breast feeding so I don't think she would take any substances. I think she might have had a mental breakdown cause of the whole mac situation.

Probs happy that mac has been outed and out of the picture, but at the same time feeling dead inside cause again her husband was trying to cheat on her.

No. 453332


It wasn't a selfie it was a video and they compared because people were telling her, her foot was bigger than gurgs, she proved it wasn't then asked for an apology lol.

No. 453335

She said on YouNow today that when she gets really anxious she starts cleaning, and thats why she was cleaning on YouNow yesterday. So in a way she was having an anxiety episode, that is if she isn't lying.

No. 453337

Today someone(Sarah) brought her a pop tart during her YouNow and you can hear her giggle. Then someone asked did Onision bring you a pop tart? She answere yes but Onion was streaming on twitch LOL. You could hear Sarah, Onion was on stream, idk why they are lying so much, it makes it seem more suspicious and it makes me feel like more is going on.

No. 453343

It seems as soon as Sarah landed, the thought of getting a girlfriend no longer crosses her mind. They are being extremely secretive despite clear evidence that Sarah is back, Sarah is looking cute and got a semi scene girl makeover… Hm.

No. 453347

Man, that's fucking sad because he's barely any bigger than her. I bet you anything Greg's manlet insecurities and passive aggressive comments about her size probably made her desperate to fulfill this smoll bean agenda.

Yea, that's probably it. I don't think there any doubt that she does have pretty bad anxiety. I mean look at what happened to Shiloh after a few years with grease dick, completely mentally broken with suicidal tendencies.

Adrienne even admitted that a week into dating him she was already feeling terrified of upsetting him.

Grease is abusive as fuck.

No. 453350

Nah, I still believe that plainey is straight as a fucking arrow. And all her gf shit was really about finding an human tissue to dump her problems on while being positive to her.

Sarah fulfills that role with the added bonus of being free childcare labour. So she's set now, she only need volcanoes at this point.

No. 453351

Actually I do agree that Laim is straight and is just using the LGBT community to have some kind of personality, but I do wonder…

No. 453353

Lainey backed off the gf stuff because it became too real. The second onion flies someone over, starts talking to a girl (mac), etc she completely flips the switch to i dont want a gf. Then would jump back to I want a gf after awhile. Shes going to constantly make excuses about why she cant have a gf, because she doesn't actually want one because she knows onion wants in on it, and theres a chance he will dump her for a new girl. Also because shes not gay at all, and doesnt actually want a gf. She just wants a friend, thats why shes content with sarah being around now and isnt freaking out over getting a gf to hang out with her.

She just uses the gay stuff to make herself interesting, for money and fame, to please her rotting onion husband who fetishizes lesbians, and is a mockery to real LGBT people.

No. 453357

I think you mean months, Shiloh was with him for roughly ONE year.

No. 453359

After YouNow today, Onions video about anxiety today makes more sense. Laim was acting weird and different to the point where we speculated drug or alcohol use, today she states she was anxious yesterday and it makes her clean and want to move around. She must of had some kind of episode off of YouNow while she was with her Onion and maybe even her kids, so Gergles decided to make a video focused on anxiety to basically tell her to stop it.

No. 453361

i know anon lol that was my attempt to poke fun at lainey being a foot face

No. 453366

Lainey’s public breakdown when? (Mac, if you’re here and lurking; please watch this too. It’s a must!)

No. 453367

Yesterday many anons were speculating that Laimey was on drugs or drunk because of her behavior on YouNow, moving around alot, slurring words, chugging water and cleaning. Today she said when she is extremely anxious that is how it manifest.

No. 453369

Plus think about greases accusation towards shiloh and a dog…

He could have been the one to force it. I honestly wouldn't put it past him at this point and shiloh at the time would have done anything to keep him happy.


No. 453370

Whatever the case is, I hope her next breakdown (and fight with Onion) goes live ‘cause I wanna be entertained.

(I almost felt bad for this, I really did)

No. 453371


From what I’ve read about them, Shiloh seemed like a doormat herself.

No. 453372


Except Sarah's ugly and has one of the most punchable faces I've ever seen. Also, she has even less personality than Foot, and boy is that saying something.

Fuck off, Sarah, no one cares about you, you stupid brainwashed brat. You'll have your own thread on the future when Gregma and Plainey ruin your entire fucking life, don't worry about it.

No. 453373

File: 1508475542217.jpg (59 KB, 674x386, footsie.jpg)

No. 453375

Holy shit her foot looks bigger than mine (and I’m a size 7)! Hahaha

No. 453380

File: 1508476798498.jpg (973.17 KB, 3264x1836, 20171019_234307.jpg)

I am drunk and wandered into my boyfriend's closet.  His shoe size (according to the labels) is 9.5 (he is Asian so he gets a pass). My shoe size is a 6 or 6.5. I wish it were a perfect 7 since my mom died recently and I my feet are too small for her nice af shoes.

Plz tell me moar how Failainey is a smol bean. (Also ignore my ugly runner/dancer feet).(no one cares)

No. 453383

Some people will test the waters when trying to reveal their sexual kinks or interests.
A man may watch a video with his wife that includes anal sex because hes hoping to see what her reaction to it is and maybe he can continue to nudge her into doing that act in bed.
Greg may have wondered if his bestiality fetish is really that taboo, and thought mentioning it to his audience would be a way of testing it out. He may have been hoping that some of the girls would of laughed or DM'd him later saying it was kinky and they've wondered what that would be like. But from the reaction I saw/heard, it was shock and disgust. Thats why he changed subject immediately.

No. 453384

>I am drunk

lol, what does that have to do with you checking your boyfriends shoes?
please tell me that you ARE NOT one of those young girls who when they've had two wine coolers have to let everyone know
every 5 minutes

No. 453385

Seriously? Fuck it felt so long back then cause they were always breaking up and getting back together.

Man, those were the milkest of days.

No way, shiloh had more backbone in her pinky than plainey does in her entire being. That's why her milk was the best. I mean at the very least she did expose his abusive ways and put her foot down about his sickening cartoon porn habits.

No. 453386

I will admit that in that one pic that someone (sarah probably) posted in the last thread,
>>451596 sarah doesnt look that bad. But thats because of angles, the all important Instagram angles.
If you get just the right light, just the right angle and know how to use make-up to hide your flaws, then you can look attractive.

Now if Sarah could only fix her adolescent boy reaching puberty voice.
>the most physical contact we've ever had… is a fuckin' hug duuuude

No. 453390

nitpick but move your greasy hair out of your damn eyes greg for fuck’s sake. you don’t look like a teenage boy nor does having strands in one eye make you younger than you are. lord

No. 453392

I was talking about when she got back from Canada and became engaged to Onion she showed doormat tendencies. By that time, she was completely broken down to the point her mom had to hide her passports before it was too late.

No. 453399


Ok, its been entertaining reading about how onion and lame are lying about their shoe sizes. But, you guys legit don't know shit about shoe sizes.

The difference in a size up is miniscule. It's 0.8cm for every size up.

So if onion is telling the truth about being a size 11, then he's 26.7cm. A big kid's 4 and a half is 22.9cm.

The difference between those two is a measly 3.8 or 1.49 inches for you amerifags. That's pretty much the case when you look at the picture.

In the end the only thing worth noting is that a lame is a size 6.5 which is some average as fuck size and far from being some tiny smol bean. And from the bf buys my clothing video, her sizes are pretty average and no where near being a tiny fragile little space prince.

In conclusion, she's skinnyfat at an average size – her 104 weight places her at a normal weight for her height. And with no muscle mass at all, i suspect she could drop another 4 pounds into being underweight and still be considered average.

No. 453400

>bagged lettuce
damn they're lazy parents despite being home all day. vegetarians that don't even buy fresh produce, i just can't even fathom.

No. 453401

She's 5'3" for the 100th time. Also having bigger than size 7 wouldn't make her "bigfoot". My sister is 5'2" & her size 8.5/9 feet don't look disproportionate w/ the rest of her body.

But yes, the onion has little boy feet to go along w/ the rest of his puny weak insignificant midget dad bod.

No. 453404

arent those bagged salads notorious for being recalled because they have E. Coli or Listeria?

I really hope they dont get E. Coli or Listeria :)

No. 453405

I can't believe he still keeps talking about cutters. Is he seriously that stupid that he doesn't understand that cutting is an impulse that some mentally unstable people have? He seems so salty about them that makes me wonder if a girl that cut herself rejected him or something.

No. 453406

Footface would love e coli and listeria.
Yes theres the down side of nausea, muscle cramps, fever and possible death.
But think of the up side - vomiting and watery diarrhea.
Just think how much weight she'd lose and smol'r bean she'd become.

No. 453423

yea there were stories of the dog licking out shiloh or something, the dog they had that ate spaghetti that greg got rid of.

fuck, maybe laimey and greg both like dobbs so much since he's the only pooch with a dick and it's prob bigger than onions

No. 453424

also while some are sperging about feet sizes, did anyone notice the hack of him walking in his new shoes in his date lmao. clearly the heel in his old boots has fucked up his step up, he's slapping the ground while he walks he's no arch haha

for someone who makes endless videos on how people could be more attractive to him, he's got the worst diet, living environment, posture, style and personality. like for being such a narc he sure does love to look like a tramp

nothing about them is inspiring, they are literally a trainwreck i can't stop watching

No. 453425

also lmao, do you think he falls over in videos and is always on the ground writhing because he is so top heavy!

he's got little feet the same size as his smol wife, his balls are bigger than his weiner, his back prob hurts trying to support that big old head, especially as he juts it forward cause i suspect his eyesight is terrible too, meaning his is titling, dude's prob always seconds away from falling over

haha. onion boy.

No. 453430

Crazy Tami told Gurg that she saw Shiloh forcing their dog to eat her out. Gurg told Shiloh and they laughed. I don't think it's true.

No. 453431

there was a vlog of the two of them, shiloh was like eating from a bowl, and he was implying dog love.

he's had both laimey and shiloh dress up as harley, prob prefers the dogs doing the hard graft and him coming in to finish.

anyway i think greg is a tramp and honestly he seems so backwards that i wouldnt put this past him. he's against drugs and anything that could change your perception for a few minutes, but he loves to play a deviant in love even tho i'm sure he's shite at sex. he's such a straight edge loser

No. 453433


Interesting how Harley Quinn is, in theory, Greg's ideal girl. She's a Manic Pixie Girl with a dark twist, who endures Joker's abuse without any complaints. Also, she's a former "good girl" (a sane psychiatrist) corrupted by Joker. I think it's pretty similar Grug's boner for corrupting young, naive, mentally healthy girls. What a shame they don't turn into Harley Quinn, huh, Greg?

No. 453460

In Lameboi's birthday video she gets a coffee and emphasis that it's a treat because its her birthday. Anyone remember when she was obsessed with coffee then Gerg sperging on Twitter about coffee being equivalent to a drug addiction. Laim mysteriously stopped drinking it, when Gerg said the word lit was stupid she stopped using it, when he said top surgery was a no she no longer desired it when she had said many times she did. I would never stand by someone that shames you until you change or just become to afraid to keep doign what you want because you will he scrutinized by your partner.

No. 453461

Ew lmfao what an unfortunate man

No. 453465


I wonder if it made him salty that she considers that a treat and a luxury. I could see him typing her essays about how its still an addiction and how she's wrong for giving in and getting one.

No. 453467

He still loved Billie, who was coffee obsessed. With the off blue hair and the coffee Lainey’s like a decaf version of Billie now.

No. 453468

Old but did anyone hear the male moaning at the beginning of the birthday vlog? Is that greg?

No. 453469

And the fact that she cant enjoy anything without him bringing her down.Like when she said coffee was a treat and he puts his nasty finger inside the cup!

No. 453474

And he behaves like that in front of Lame's grandma…

No. 453475


No. 453477

File: 1508510798050.png (3.33 MB, 1136x640, 00AFFBB0-E3BD-4E55-AFE5-CE05D1…)

I think that’s Troy’s kid cuisine meal on the far left. Also, I think her grandma is her dad’s mom - she looks Mexican

No. 453478


Billie wasn't with him long enough for him to force her to stop anything. He certainly tried making her stop certain habits, but miserably failed.

No. 453479

are they really drinking canned Perrier…..

No. 453481

Why yes, yes they are.

No. 453482

I liked kid cuisine when I was a kid

No. 453483

>Onision on twitch. His patreons on discord talking about how they were raped at the age of 4 and sobbing.
>onision countered her story with saying "hey at least your dad went to jail. my dad is waaay worse"

He's such a hypocrite. No matter what nonsense he spouts about being thankful for what you have he truly believes he's a victim and is suffering the most. Wasn't he two when his mother and father got divorced? From what I gather all info he has on his father being a pedo was secondhand from crazy Tami.

No. 453484

Yes, and court documents showed papa-Onion was never a (convicted) pedo at all.

No. 453487

i also noticed this in the video, but I didn't think it was a kid's cuisine tray. it looks like a minion's divided plate. there's no food on it, but at least he gets a juice box

No. 453494

File: 1508515146836.png (39.38 KB, 1039x370, ee4e2510-2e6f-417f-8137-4143ae…)

My kink is when artists drag Lainey for not giving credit

No. 453497

Man, what is this shit. No one on that household can be assed to fix an actual meal, I guess. This is pretty shameful given they have actual guests there, and an elderly person at that. FFS.

Looks to me like there is fruit or something in one of the little sections, and something I can't identify on the main section. Mac and cheese, maybe? Spaghettios? Something shitty, I am sure, based on everything else you can see on the table.

No. 453501

Considering this is the umpteenth time she's been called out for stealing (yes, stealing) from artists, you'd think she'd stop that shit. But I guess some people are too stupid to learn from their "mistakes", or something.

No. 453503

you are giving her too much credit. you know her ~fans~ are giving her these images, and without vetting she is throwing them up on a shirt so everyone can be as gay as her

No. 453505

My god, she's such a lazy bitch. Too busy spinning fidget spinners on younow amd vlogging to fix a healthy meal for her kids.

No. 453507

I can see it now, Grandma's return and lame's dad asking how darling Taylor was doing

And Gran would be like, 'her husband locks himself in his room and talks to himself. Sometimes he screams in there. He really likes this show called Han Tai, I think it's an old Jackie Chan kind of thing? We had burritos and bagged salad every meal, Taylor didn't know how to chop the vegetables. Their dogs pee all over the place, their children are being cared for by some girl I forget the name of, and Taylor spends most of her time doing flack… doing flick, I think she calls it. It's when you put makeup on and get it in your eye. Oh and I organized their food storage. We had a great time.'

No. 453513

I wonder with which kind of news grandma will comeback
That Greg behave like a jerk all the time, she had to clean the house cause it was a big mess, Taylor behave so fucking weird and their children just eat shit food.
I spect milk from Papabot

No. 453516

you probably didn’t have 7 cavities removed at age 3 though.

troy eats like absolute shit 24/7, and his dental issues are proof of it.

No. 453536

thank you for telling me! im trying to use the terms right and i kinda wish there was a lolcow dictionary somewhere

No. 453537

File: 1508520423354.png (67.31 KB, 536x387, austin.png)

I think you'll find out soon enough buddy.

No. 453539

actually anon is wrong. that is what samefagging is, but it's polite to sage and write samefag when you're replying to yourself with additional info.

No. 453540

Lainey is such a cunt, it's not surprising that she doesn't think it wrong to steal something someone else created, because the bitch has absolutely no creativity herself, it's not even in her mind to consider it bad.

No. 453547

>I think her grandma is her dad’s mom - she looks Mexican

I agree with you. She looks like every single aunt/grandmother in my family (Im spanish)
But isnt Taylors maiden name Anderson? Or did her parents divorce and she took her moms last name. I just assumed that her dad was white, mom was mexican, and Taylors maiden name was her dads last name.

No. 453550


She's also 25% Swedish, so that might be where the name Anderson comes from.

No. 453554

She confirmed its her dads mom on YouNow yesterday, also she's Mexican and Danish.

No. 453567

there is a "dictionary", actually


No. 453570


Andersson is Swedish
Anderson is English or Scottish

No. 453571


Yes, but with the americanization of the surname, it might still be swedish. Just think of all the scandinavian surnames in Minnesota that have been discreetly altered over time?

No. 453587

Andersen is Scandinavian actually
Anderson is English/Scottish/anglicized

No. 453602

Wait. Wasn't this bitch trying to claim she was like half Spanish a while ago. If her grandma was half Spanish and half Danish, then Taylor is only 1/8 Spanish, right?? It's like that DNA commercial where the black chick is 3% Scandinavian, you can't claim that without other people rolling their eyes so hard that owls be jelly.

No. 453607

does that mean she is the new woahhvicky?

No. 453612

Maybe Anderson is her dad’s dad’s last name and not grandma’s

No. 453619


Don't want to start infighting, but both are passable in Scandinavia. Source: am a Scandi myself.

Anyway, she says she's 25% hispanic and 25% Swedish. For some reason I just assumed her mom was of Swedish heritage, but idk.

No. 453633


Just to make sure: Spanish people are white.

No. 453637

nice shilling Josh

No. 453638

thank you

No. 453655

File: 1508532095894.png (622.85 KB, 771x897, complainLain.png)

No. 453657

I'm so disappointed and surprised that there has been no word of the drama from Greg or Lainey.

Have they finally learned their lesson not to blast their shit all over the internet? Or are they keeping it on the DL because not many people know about the drama? I'm intrigued, and hope for a blast off when granny leaves.

No. 453658

Maybe he’s getting old and running out of steam to pull the crazy stuff he’s done in the past.

No. 453661

lol it's just frito taco salad
The red is tomatoes, the brown is beans or similar. the stuff on gerg's plate is fritos.
sure it's not the best food out there, but there's plenty of veggies and plant based protein in the meal.

No. 453668

austin jones was also probably looking for his biggest fans to hold a camera for him too!

she could pay someone to design something nice specifically for her, but she just freeloads off her fans who probably have to pay her for their "artwork" to be noticed, who are like 12 and steal art off other deviantart artists.

i wonder how her grandma likes that lameo's husband insults her son and says hes not welcome in their house.

No. 453669

Okay you know what? I'm not the josh. Apparently even though this is a board where we can contribute our opinions and swim in the milky goodness, sayin thejosh makes some people go banana crazy and delete posts.

If saying theJosh is a requirement to having your post deleted, I'd ask that's it's included in the written rules. (Like posting about shi and her info gets deleted stat, understandable because greggles might harass her.)

If you care so much, petition the farm mods to include the Josh as person non grata on the rules before posting. Otherwise, lemme speak my mind, shit. I've saged like the rules say to, you can click the link to skip over saged posts.

Honestly, I think the onions create so much hate in us farmhands that we like to lash out at others because it's easier than lashing out at grease (you can get an instant reaction here in relations to trolling lamey and having her ignore you.)

Ps. The original post was about old milk on onisions fake youtube accounts(ban evasion)

No. 453671

nah, you wanna dickride Josh so bad, reupload his videos

No. 453688

Josh stfu and go back to lurking

No. 453689

Isnt Josh the same fucking thing like JoySparkle? It isnt even funny their milk it is borderline stalker

No. 453690

Gregma is having a live Q+A on his Reacts channel right now, and only managing to pull in 50 or so viewers kek

No. 453691

Was Josh the one that collabed with Gurg and then called him out for treating his camera man like shit?

No. 453693

nah he is an ex patreon

No. 453694

Nah,it was Netnobody
And he wouldnt apologize to Greg,ever

No. 453699

He dresses like a fucking child

No. 453703


Ah, I remember. Thank you.
All those names confuse me from time to time

No. 453704

….Grease lets troy play on his steam while grease is signed up to furry groups.


No. 453734

File: 1508541252755.png (1.7 MB, 1904x806, onion.PNG)

what the fuck is on his desktop?? The only thing I recognise is that annoying dreadlock shitcunt veeoneeye.

No. 453738

File: 1508541508050.jpg (229.35 KB, 690x948, dcg9af.jpg)

I love that each time Footface tried singing around her Grandma, grammy would turn her back and get the fuck outta there.
The first time grams is arms crossed and politely walking away from that horrible noise.
The second time grams has booked it half way across the store to get away from the cat screeching.

No. 453761

did lainey’s family draw straws to see who got to go pretend to give a fuck about her or is gramma the only one not banned from gregma’s lair?

troy is probably much more interested in the colorful interactive games than furry groups with text he can’t even read.

No. 453763

they might’ve changed it to cloey once she was born.

also you didn’t scratch out her first name above her bio.

No. 453774

File: 1508543680140.png (262.15 KB, 750x1334, A79EC262-1883-43BF-B636-A4A021…)

From Lainey’s grandmas Facebook. Bandaids name IS Claire.

Thanks anon, fixed it.

No. 453776

Lame is live in younow

No. 453792

Good catch… looks like this to me:

Left column: Pic of himself, crew shot of young Jack Black with long hair, two more pics of himself.

Second column: three screenshot of tweets? Two have yellow symbols in them.

Third column: two fairly recent pics of veeoneeye (ugh) and woman with pink dreadlocks hugging/kissing. Screenshot of text "Am I Dating Veeoneeye?!"

Right column: screenshot from a video of a blonde man by a car, two screenshots of tweets. One by verified user.

No. 453808

Wow so when Gerg made that video in his kitchen with the Claire banner showing, he just fucked up rather than planted it. He is stupider than he looks.

No. 453819

Look at the way the avocado is just falling off the chopping board. These people are gross

No. 453848

that some highlvl nitpick anon, you know, things move around when you interact with it. its ok. theyre gross for many other bigger things than dinner time

No. 453850

Look at the way the bag of spinach is just torn open haphazardly, and they dont even have a bag clip on the top to close it. These people are gross

No. 453854

File: 1508558674344.png (358.65 KB, 719x512, 20171020_230304.png)

He looks old and miserable, lame is still a fan girl.

No. 453855

is he standing on his bathroom stool to brush his teeth for bedtime?

No. 453856

File: 1508558896813.png (591.02 KB, 719x712, 20171020_230554.png)

Look everyone were so happy!!!

No. 453857

they do put food on their counters often which is nasty imo

No. 453873

this triggers the /ck/

No. 453881

I wonder if he put up the "Cloey" letters by combining letters they already had for "CLairE" and "TrOY"? That could be why it was spelled strangely too.

No. 453882

Not to tinfoil too hard, but they could have told the family they'd decided on Claire and changed their minds to Cloey when she was born. Doesn't matter much at any rate, just lets us know whose thread to watch for in fifteen years.

No. 453886

Hes a master of subterfuge and deceit.
I mean- no ones even figured out Sarahs living there yet again.

No. 453887

File: 1508565072463.png (1.64 MB, 640x1136, 5F8CAF68-FD34-469F-B61F-30AB4D…)

Couple goalz y’all! <3

No. 453889

Dude, just grow q pair of nuts and divorce her. C’mon, we won’t feel too bad. Promise!

No. 453892

File: 1508565733539.png (149.04 KB, 750x1334, D8211B5D-6722-4F3F-9067-63A77C…)

In his ‘Haters United’ Series, shiloh’s characters name was cloey..

It’s even spelled here, the way he spelled it on the banner.

No. 453893

claire was written on the banner not cloey

No. 453894

Cloey was in decals over the bed in the irs video. Sorry for saying banner. Still though, same point.

No. 453896

File: 1508568037940.jpg (63.71 KB, 305x775, whenyouhavetoupyoursearchontee…)

Apparently this is his new perk? something about this… is very off

No. 453897

This is just what becca mostly gets to do but someone else has to probably pay more for it. it's a combo of a few tiers, I think the new stuff is the verbal thanks and the shirts, he won't get a backer at this level most likely

No. 453898

Greg unfollowed Macncheese on twitter so he defiantly knows about the drama

No. 453901

prob why he's love bombing foot face

No. 453940

and a bag of unwashed spinach and processed fritos. yum, yum. it's lazy as fuck, i certainly wouldn't photograph this, i'd be embarrassed. they're home all day and can't prepare a healthy meal. no wonder they look and feel like shit.

No. 453945

Whom? The teenage girls that you groom? Cause sure doesn't feel like you love Lamo.

No. 453988

It's sad, she looks at him with those dreamy heart eyes. Meanwhile he checks himself out in the mirror with a smug grin all "yep I look banging. I'm sure I can still get those teenage fangirls juices flowing."

No. 453997

no one is defending gurg, we just don't feel the need to suck the asshole of every single bimbo who worships/has worshipped his pedo ass just because they have "milk". if you want to do that go ahead, but others are free to not believe them when they come here bawwwing and want to play the victim.

No. 454002

Yeah seriously, giving these cows hero status just for getting rejected by Onion and Lame is fucking pathetic, Mac was oh so into Gurg until he told her the way into the trinity was through Lame. She texted Lame constantly until Gurg said on stream "she's texting you again, how pathetic" now she's here spewing her shit because she got rejected.

No. 454003


hell yeah let's scare away the dumb bimbo bitches stinky armpits so we can go back sperging over make up, vegan food, astrology and erotic dreams of our beloved onion

No. 454005

Nobody is saying scare the utters away but at least don't suck the shit directly from her asshole, Jesus Christ. The white knighting in here. Cheese was into it until she got rejected and she's hardly a child, she's here now to get asspats and that's exactly what we're giving her.

No. 454008

Becca gtfo. Nobody cares what special perks you get from Gurg. You spend thousands on him so any perks you get is because you're paying for them.

No. 454009


why are you moral fagging on lolcow, of all places? Yes, she wanted the onion cheese and is now back pedaling on ~ I'm so naive u guyz ~" but who cares? You sound like you also want the onion cheese

No. 454010

Hmmm. Sounds like you’re privy to more info than most, Onion flake.

No. 454012

Someone please name ONE, just ONE way mac suffered due to all of this other than being rejected.

No. 454014

she had her real, un-shooped face revealed I guess.

No. 454015

Who cares?

No. 454017

No. 454018

She got rejected? I thought she rejected Gurg

No. 454019

I want the onion cheese because I'm not wanting to suck Macs photoshopped dick? Appreciate the milk but why don't we suck his patron whores dicks then? There's no difference. One of you is bffs forever with Cheese which is why we are giving her special treatment. Why wasn't she a snowflake? She has the most milk and Gurg seemed to like her the most.

No. 454021

Nah, Gurg liked her, told her she had to get in via Lame, Lame rejected her because Mac contacted Gurg first, then Mac comes here to expose him.

No. 454023

Then make a thread about her. She is irrelevant unless she comes back with more milk, I'm just saying the dogpiling won't accomplish anything except scaring away the 'milk'. I know is watery but is better than erotic dreams and fucking astrology

No. 454025

True, you're right. The utters had b en dry for too long.

No. 454028

So sorry to interject but I think you mean the spelling 'udders', and posts of this caliber are supposed to be saged

No. 454030

Posts of this caliber should be staged they say as they fucking spellcheck me. Sage for grammar nazism.(learn 2 sage)

No. 454036

i love how you said sage and then didn't did do it.
that being said, sage your posts: sage goes in the email line.

No. 454038

>get onisions phone number
>hangout with onision once a month

Not weird at all!!!!!!!!

No. 454039

That is quite obviously a reflection…. it appears to be Cloey/Claire in a highchair, I highly doubt they would place their 1/yo kid in a highchair by themselves outside at night.

No. 454045

File: 1508597966876.gif (3.38 MB, 700x285, KEKEKEK.gif)


Why does this anon sound fucking jealous. Jfc lmao

No. 454046

This looks like more of a perk for him to groom young females, what grown ass man in his 30's gives out his number to young teenagers and females.

This is not normal perks, also who wants his merch when they are ending up at the thrift store.

No. 454052

Seeing his messages with Mac and him wanting "hardcore fans" around the new perk is actually concerning. He needs more validation because he is no longer popular, I believe he needs to fuel his narc and will ask his fans to prove themselves in extreme ways.

No. 454053

Seriously though Laimey is either fucking stupid or still star struck. He can never be wrong in her eyes, he wanted to cuddle Billie she blames Billie, he convinced Billie to fuck him, its Billies fault. Onion exposes private information, its Billies fault and they both releases information! Now this 18 year old chick shows proof that he wanted her there despite Lame not liking her and she is okay? Please onion fuck someone in front of Lame so she can be queen cuck doormat.

No. 454054

Also the only reason she probably didn't like her is because she knew her husband wanted her cheese, bitch be mad at him wtf.

No. 454055

Wait is this why they are love bombing each other? He unfollowed her Lames happy and he wants Mac to see? Lol

No. 454056

if she blocked greg, it would appear as if he doesn't follow and likewise for her. she doesn't follow him anymore, so. its possible one of them blocked the other.

No. 454059


I am 5ft 3" with size 9 feet. I've been called hobbit :/(no one cares)

No. 454063

Sage goes in the email field, hobbit.

No. 454071

Sage for sage

No. 454074


this love bombing crap is his response to mac isn't it

No. 454076

Her smug face basically says it all. He's just going to pretend Mac never happened while foot is probably going to be passive aggressive /smug that onion still "chose" her

No. 454080

I feel your pain a little. I'm 5'7 with size 9's and I look like a clown with pointed shoes. It's surprisingly hard to find round toed heels anymore.

No. 454081

Cloey might me Lainey's ''kiddie'' persona during their DDLG dungeon time

No. 454084

kek imagine your kink involving a character your ex's ex portrait in the infancy of his career. now that is beta orbiting.

No. 454087

lamo's new video is making me uncomfortable.

No. 454088


Loading it right now to post it here

No. 454089

File: 1508610661126.png (936.68 KB, 1200x780, lamosbirthday.png)

No. 454090

File: 1508610737063.jpg (29.24 KB, 640x640, 1508610647362.jpg)

is she talking about herself, or a singular person or multiple people. it's hard to discern

No. 454091


Um?! Why did somebody give her a fucking KNIFE as a birthday gift?!?

No. 454092

bitch stop, they is singular too, we use it singularly.

"my friend did a thing" "what did they do?"

fuck off lame has way more stuff to bitch about.

No. 454094


pls go, sarah.

No. 454095

I dont even think lameo loves him anymore. She just doesnt want to have to change her lifestyle. I guarantee you if he was a normal guy with no fame or anything, she would have jumped ship, just like how she dumped her supposedly abusive ex for onion.

Shes trying to love the idea of him she had when she first started dating him. She probably sees other couples and wants to be like that, so shes pretending and trying to ignore all the terrible things gerg does. If it doesnt affect her, she doesnt care. When it does affect her, she just goes emo for a few days so he will love bomb her and she can pretend he likes her still. She clearly cares more about being comfortable and building up her youtube fame then being in a genuine relationship.

This is the reason she loves onion boy so much. She got fame out of her boring life she would have never achieved herself and people showering her with gifts and money for doing nothing.

No. 454097

shot for every time she says

>oh my loooord

>this is everything i need in my life

No. 454099

>this is so me
>how is this so me
>me me me

What I heard when I watched it.

No. 454101

Bitch you don't even know what it who you are lol.

No. 454102

did you just have a stroke Josh?

No. 454103



No. 454104

not sarah, i just hate people doing this shit. they is singular and people need to reinforce this to stop tumbrlinas from using their special snowflake fi/fer/fee pronouns.

No. 454105

File: 1508612307235.png (306.08 KB, 719x397, 20171021_135703.png)

She really got a transgender pride flag? This transtrender ass B, Blaire White why the F haven't you roasted her?

No. 454106

I'm not calling you a bitch anon, I'm calling Laim a bitch because you quoted her lol.

No. 454107

To murder Gregma.

No. 454109

File: 1508612463254.jpg (33.59 KB, 600x613, doit.jpg)


do it lainey, kill him and set your gay ass free.

No. 454111

I'm so angry Blaire hasn't destroyed lamefuck yet.

LAINEY! You are NOT trans, you are not BI and you are not fucking agender.
Someone deal with this bitch please,I can't take it anymore.

No. 454114

File: 1508613271283.png (98.17 KB, 719x544, 20171021_141038.png)

So Laim captioned their picture yesterday "happy you're alive" and Onion is saying he's glad he's alive? Is he going to fake a suicide attempt for a speaks video?

Yeah Onion you'll only forget your family is an 18 year old accepts you then you'll sign them over lol.

No. 454116

>I'm getting all this candy with Halloween coming up, probably gonna get some cavities
Oh no, like your son? What a shame.

Nevermind that all those socks are because her husband would rather fly teens out for "film experience" than turn on the heat with Winter coming. So #goals.

No. 454117

>when you almost die while trying to choke yourself and jerk off to hentai then stumble out of your room and remember your family exists

No. 454118

File: 1508613928772.png (57.73 KB, 554x144, Capture112.PNG)

sage for tinfoil but it's kind of odd that Lainey has these sheets on her wishlist. I didn't really believe the whole "room specifically for DDLG play" thing but I can't see greg agreeing to these sheets in their room and I doubt she'd put something for her kids on her wishlist.

No. 454120

Not to defend placemat and her owner but Neko Atsume is pretty meme-y, she probably just really liked the game… Then again that doesn't mean they can't still buy them and succ mi on them.

No. 454123

It probably wouldn’t do Blaire any good to make a huge deal of it. She’d end up getting all these fragile teens calling her insensitive or whatever. But blaire already Made it clear she thinks Laimey is full of shit when she used finger quotes in reference to her sexuality during the “debate” she had with gurg.

No. 454126


They don't even sleep in the same room. She cosleeps with her kids in the basement and him in another, separate room.