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No. 673012

Thread Image Credit: >>670167
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Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Kai/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Last Time:
- Greg attempts to call out JS for sexual harassment while showing a 5 second clip with no context. >>661522
- He follows this up with an attempt to prove how right he is by shit talking Tobuscus, JG, Blair White, Sh, Social Repose, Cyr, and claiming that JS sexually harassed him when he called Greg a faggot. >>662345
- Greg goes on a manic striking spree. No one is safe as he strikes larger and smaller youtubers as well as new and old content. >>662650 >>663056 >>663069
- Aldlii blesses us with another video where Greg's blatant hypocrisy is exposed in regards to the James Charles situation. >>662683
- To prove how gay he is, Greg makes more charts about his sexuality. Unfortunately for the point he was trying to make, the charts seem to suggest that he is only really interested in women. >>663116
- Greg pretends a little girl with heart issues was unable to get much needed help because he promoted her gofundme. He neglects to mention that most people found the gofundme suspicious because the parents refused to show any proof of her medical condition. >>663281
- In attempts to defend his many and gratuitous under age sex scenes in his book 'Reapers Creak', Greg makes a video talking about his first sexual experiences with a girl named Julia when he was 11 and she was 15. >>664275
- Despite EC reaching out to Onision and asking him to stop making videos about her, Greg continues to release several 'positive' videos about EC. >>664817
- Greg releases two interviews conducted by his friends. Joe's interview was quite interesting and at times it is clear that Greg is frustrated and uncomfortable. >>667326
- In his desperation for money, Greg sets up a new patreon tier ($250) where he will be sharing his 'darkest/personal secrets' and photos not shown anywhere else. >>667576
- Greg makes another EC video. It appears that he is under the belief that he is in some way responsible for EC working towards recovery. He goes on about how beautiful she is and how he cares for her as much as he would for a girlfriend. >>669946
- Greg's secret company Nesiamotu, INC is now delinquent. >>671231
- The whole Onion family gets new names. >>671242
- It is revealed in April the Onions bought a neighboring piece of land for $19K. >>671242
- Greg has taken to 'debating' on YouNow again. He names himself the victor after cutting off and speaking over people with valid points. >>671847
- In response to FPS Diesel's charity Fight invite; Greg claims that fighting is barbaric and he is above that. This is laughable because not even a few months earlier Greg made a video challenging Shane to a boxing match. >>671848
- Greg starts a new Patreon for his lovedoll Julia, named after the first girl he had sexual contact with. >>671917
- Greg is continuing to 'debate' his haters but refuses to have any moderators and is only willing to take on debaters when and if he feels like it. >>672925

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
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- Do not contact the cows and post about it here (cowtipping). You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.

No. 673067

Thanks for the new thread, anon. I’ve been keeping up with this shit daily but reading that summary was still wild from start to finish.

No. 673069

File: 1561540327081.jpeg (59.98 KB, 750x467, D6711F9C-6A93-4DE4-A7E5-A7F865…)

No. 673073

What a fucking creep. Stop talking about other women all the fucking time. All he talks about is haters and women.

No. 673088

Do you guy think he defended James Charles when that drama happened because they share a name now? Kek

No. 673089

this is the kind of shit my stalker ex says right before/after he spergs about what a whore I am.

Why is Onion thinking about Jaclyn anyways? With all his talk about stalkers lately, he sure can't just let some people go. He may not make videos on these people anymore, but he obviously still thinks about them.

No. 673090

Its just part of his usual rotation he goes through yearly, Think about it, Around this time last year he was doing these "Onision vs everyone" debates. His mind just loops the same very small amount of topics over and over again.

No. 673098

Hes wanting Jaclyn to notice him and he does so by harassing her, and if she is to notice him, he will harass her regardless. He has a massive hateboner for her.

No. 673105

This is an interview with an anorexic girl and she says that the most hurtful thing that an anorexic person who is in recovery can hear is "you look so good now"
Watch the video if you want to hear her explanation on it.
It s so crazy this mofo think he is helping EC, his intentions are ALWAYS covertly bad and it shows even when he "tries" to be kind.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 673109

>the most hurtful thing that an anorexic person who is in recovery can hear is "you look so good now

Word. When an anorexic is told 'You look healthier' all they often hear is 'You look fatter."

But God forbid Greg actually does research or listens to folks who had actually had eating disorders.

No. 673119


>But God forbid Greg actually does research or listens to folks who had actually had eating disorders.

Why would he? When one of his patrons, I think it was Becca, came to him and tried to tell him about her problems he cut her off because he "didn't want any drama".
The world circles around him, he just deals with topics and people when he thinks they benefit him. Becca was too chubby and old for him, so he wouldn't give the the time of day. If she had been a Billie-look-alike, he would've listened to her problems all day. It would've probably been to expose her later on, but still.
It's the same with EC. She brings in clicks because the topic polarizes his audience: His fans praise him like a second Jesus and his "haturz" call him out for harassment.

No. 673142

You're not wrong. He really is a textbook narcissist. If he can't use a woman for sex, narcissistic supply or income, he drops them quicker than a lunch tray in a school cafeteria.

No. 673256

File: 1561607506809.png (17.66 KB, 511x151, 67435364.PNG)

Was James just given some bad news from his tiny husband? Taylor doesnt have many (if any) men she interacts with so it has to be him right? Im crossing my fingers for divorcegate.

No. 673257

honestly could be anything. my money is on transitioning. probably a shot of t

No. 673258

that would be my guess too, it could be the start of a sperg

No. 673259

Could also be her dad, maybe she told him that she changed her name or something. I'm still sure she will not go on T or get top surgery, considering how she's using her breastfeeding excuse even for a necessary small surgery.

No. 673262

his most recent discord game is fucking gross, i skipped ahead once or twice and was berated with this gross Supernatural incest “”””””joke””” that went on and on and on that I literally don’t know when it ended because I couldn’t listen anymore. Around 20 mins in, and the girl he’s playing with is obviously extremely uncomfortable and keeps asking “aren’t you streaming?” good job James Jackson, making younger women uncomfortable yet again. Listen on your own accord, it’s fucking gross and cringe.

No. 673299

I also thought about her dad first, the the exact same reason.

Is there a reupload available anywhere?
I refuse to give him any views.

No. 673307

>>673299 it’s on Twitter so might as well just peep it there.

No. 673360

Tinfoil but maybe it's her son? Doubt this bitch has any bit of guts to "come out" to her parents.

No. 673366

no way would she announce her divorce plans on her private twitter that has been leaked before. i'm guessing it's just her talking about coming out to her dad or how greg is being ~supportive~ over some new trans thing she's doing

No. 673383

File: 1561671702491.jpg (43.61 KB, 597x753, noonewantsthis.JPG)

So Grugly has been busy. He's made almost 10 patreon posts for his sex doll in the last week, but no one is actually paying for any of it. All posts are $5 or above and some are $30.

Is it really a "joke" or "for comedy" if no one sees it? This dude is pathetic and desperate.

Also worth noting since he claimed he bought the doll to model poshmark clothes (with those giant boobs? Sure Jan) but instead he's forcing his man wife to model all the clothes instead.

No. 673397

WillNE when talking egirls just spent the last few mins ripping into onion. Rage incoming…

No. 673403

why won't someone in his extended family find this and realize that gregory james jackson truly needs psychiatric help? i guess they really don't care?

he must spend hours upon hours in the basement rotating between love doll content, video games, and sperging on twitter.

No. 673404

wow the likes/retweets engagement is pitiful. old man onion really is finally just rotting and withering away.

No. 673463

File: 1561694793425.png (436.75 KB, 614x644, gross.png)

No. 673464


I can't tell if this is a new low or not because his entire life is just so sad.

No. 673465

>this is EXACTLY the comedy that I have always wanted to do

porn? porn. you've always wanted to fuck a limp doll and show the world. that's not comedy, James, that's… really fucking weird.

No. 673466

File: 1561695220539.png (377.94 KB, 612x651, gay.png)


Is this how he really sees gay men, I hope not. It's really not cool to make fun of people coming out to their family and it seems like he thinks pride is a joke. I'm guessing that right now he must be annoyed by his man wife wanting to go to pride this year.

No. 673467

Who in James Jackson’s/Gregory Daniels’s/Greg Avaroe’s/Onision’s family is going to get him help? The mother who gave him nude massages? The father whom he accused of raping children? Dude has burned ALLLLL his bridges.

No. 673468


James lookin' like the new Chucky doll in the Child's Play remake.

No. 673473

Could someone please write a summery of this? I can't bring myself to watch it.

No. 673478

I started to, but it's honestly so bad. this is the best I can do.

>playing a "business professional" with a teacher-from-ferris-bueller voice

>doll comes out of box bent over and he says it's "rigor mortis", slaps it "awake". continues slapping doll all over constantly throughout video.
>changes it from brown to blue wig
>shoves baby wipes in its mouth (and presumably vagina from the camera angle) to clean it
>Sticks his whole tongue down its mouth hole and says it's not enjoyable, yet continues to kiss it with excess tongue A LOT and frequently readjusts the blouse to keep it covered up
>TICKLES ITS JELL-O TOES IN THE WEIRDEST CLIP IVE EVER SEEN I had to look away (this was not the only time I had to look away)
>tries to fuck it but cries because "he can't get it up" and he's sad he left his ex-wife for a sex doll
>Continues trying to fuck the doll in various positions will crying, slapping it, and saying stupid shit about his ex wife
>Puts it in a short black wig and compares it to someone I've never heard of, possibly made up
>Doll spins its head all the way around and speaks in a demon voice every time they change position, causing him to scream and jump away
>Doll apparently is sentient and angry at James for some reason I didn't understand
>He goes outside and the doll stands and watches him from the window, he comes in and kisses and slaps it some more, then yells at it for good measure

it's basically abusive SFW porn, lots of tonguefucking on James's part and slapping and crying and yelling and weirdness.

No. 673479

samefag but there's one part where he prepares for missionary by lying the doll down and cranking its legs open to the sound of like hard clicking plastic gears inside the doll. he turns and looks at the camera and goes, "what?" before continuing to force the legs apart. then the next shot is them forehead-to-"forehead" fucking, crying, etc.

No. 673486

When he puts the shitty black wig on the doll he says that he is trying to make her look like Andy Biersack.

No. 673495

the fact that he actually fucked it and filmed it made me physically nauseous……… fuck… i wasnt expecting him to actually do it lmao

No. 673498

File: 1561700814784.png (1.3 MB, 2592x692, greg.png)

his nasty ass sold his gross BDSM shit that he uses with lainey on his poshmark

No. 673533

The fact he put a blue wig and probably made a point to show him cleaning the doll could have been a jab at bil again. For the coloured hair and not showering or something. What a creep.

No. 673543

>What Onision Did To Me


No. 673544

>lainey is crying

No. 673551

File: 1561713931238.png (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1192x619, WHY.png)

This entire video is going to haunt me in my dreams tonight.

No. 673555

That was totally a slip up on my part while writing the summary. He put the doll in a red wig, not blue. I must have mixed them up because I thought he was doing a deliberate "this is the opposite of blue, see?" thing

No. 673561


did he? or did he just pretend to?

No. 673566

implying he has the self respect to old back from really fucking the thing

No. 673568

Green is the opposite of red, what a weird tinfoil

No. 673577

it was 1am and I was watching Greg fuck a doll. Not peak brainpower moment. next time you do the dirty work lol

No. 673580

I don’t understand the bandage (?) mustache? It looks so gross.

No. 673595

Okay but the fact that he went out of his way to get this doll pretty much confirms him and Lainey don’t have sex anymore. Those dolls are expensive as fuck and knowing that he’s not doing well in terms of views etc it must have been a pretty big investment. And maybe tinfoil bc I have no idea how the tax system works in the states but where I live everything you buy for work purposes is eligible for a tax deduction, so there’s that. So he obviously made a video with it so he could save some money.
I mean, could’ve gotten a generic blow up doll for this video’s purpose, couldn’t he?

No. 673596

can a kind anon make some gifs of the worst parts?

No. 673604

i feel violated just by looking at this

No. 673605

I dunno if I buy the theory that he bought it cause he’s not getting any. He thinks so highly of himself that I feel like he’d think that is beneath him, cause he can get real girls with his hot caveman brow.
If he were that desperate for sexual attention he’d be sexting one of his patrons even if they aren’t up to his past standards.

I really think he bought it cause he thought he could make money on Patreon with it.
Those posts he’s making are real and he’s asking real money from it. He probably thought it would be easy money, but unfortunately he can’t make that thing look sexy no matter how hard he tries because it’s cheap, his photography skills suck, and it looks like his kids dressed it.

No. 673610


“kAi . . . I’m still ~poLy~ and am attracted to a ~wOmAn’s BoDy~”

>Lainey is crying

No. 673624

Jimmy Jacks thinks “poly” is short for “polyethylene” maybe?

No. 673626

Why he call the doll Jessica at one point? Was it by accident or intentional? It sort of just came out of nowhere while he was humping it or whatever

No. 673628

I think the "model" of the doll is a Jessica. I looked at the realdoll site out of curiosity a long time ago and each like different body/face type comes with a different "name" IIRC. so rather than just calling them "the one with the huge tits", "the one with wide hips and big butt" or whatever, they're ~Jessica~ and ~Amanda~ and shit

No. 673648

He literally thought it was polygamy, originally. Which is why he probably agreed.

No. 673650

Nah anon. If Jimmy can turn lesbians straight, he obviously can turn a sexdoll into a real woman that wants him!

No. 673653

Probably a reach but that girl he's had in some of his vids is also named Jessica

No. 673655

Why couldn't he get a Patron for this, sweet milk potential gone to waste. Needs a blue wig imo. Hope Lainey is bothered by this lmfao.

No. 673662

I think this might be some solid proof towards the "Greg and Lainey aren't having sex anymore" theory. Why sell the "uwu kinky" shit if you have "kinky" sex all the time like Grug tries to imply?

No. 673670

The doll’s Patreon says it’s named Julia.

No. 673677


KaiThot hasn’t had her usual display of nasty yellow and blue hickies lately either. She only did to try and show everyone “look, see! I get laid! My daddy hubby still likes to fuck me even when I look like a 12 year old boy on meth with grandma boobs!”

I don’t think either of them likes sex with each other anymore, period. James Jackson here isn’t attracted to her and hasn’t been since 2015, and Thot was pretty explicit about how she tore after childbirth and it never healed properly since Jimmy wanted to jackhammer her hymen immediately afterwards.

No. 673683

File: 1561758283764.jpg (464.55 KB, 1080x2220, 20190628_173747.jpg)

Gergles is trying to revamp his reject forum so he posted about the new look on his Twitter and has a retarded poll posted on it (literally: "should we talk about dating, anime, video games, or just make friends here!? uwu")

This is the second time I've seen Jimmy Ogreasion No-shoulder Jackson mention discussing neuroscience with his tween and/or absolutely retarded fanbase. Does anyone else find this hilarious?

Hes is too fucking stupid to have basic self control online, has no idea what logic is, what even a debate or a fucking fact is, and has proven over and over he is obstinately ignorant on every imaginable topic, particularly academic topics. I imagine hes been googling basic pop-sci tripe and now thinks he's an authority. I'd LOVE to see him and his gaggle of tards discuss any current topic in neuroscience. My lord

Learn to spell and think first Jimmy poo.

No. 673691

He might not be able to consciously admit it to himself, but he knows on some level he has lost any pull he had. Even trying to use Lainey as bait hasn't achieved anything.
And let's be real, when it's a choice between the likes of megan / booty and a sex doll, the choice he's made doesn't seem that crazy.

No. 673703

File: 1561768927350.jpeg (455.79 KB, 750x739, F7FA460C-7A01-4788-9B65-6C4FEC…)

No. 673705

Please censor all this doll stuff cuz holy shit just looking at it makes me want to pour bleach in my eyes

No. 673711

File: 1561770368732.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 320x240, feet.gif)

No. 673713

File: 1561770648626.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.47 MB, 320x240, mouth.gif)

No. 673714

File: 1561770798579.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.27 MB, 320x240, kiss.gif)

No. 673716

File: 1561770878904.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.82 MB, 320x240, legs.gif)

Nightmare fuel.

No. 673718

Is his head shooped here? His noggin looks fucking ENORMOUS.

No. 673720

File: 1561771172762.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 1279x667, window.png)

Who knows but her teddy's crotch buttons are undone at the end.

No. 673722

File: 1561771367448.png (553.97 KB, 383x660, wet spot.PNG)

What is this strange wet spot on the box? My theory is that he used the doll, came inside, and then stored her upright in the closet. I'm pretty sure that's confirmation he's used the doll…

No. 673723

What's the red stain on the teddy?

No. 673725

how dare you make me consider the effects of gravity on James's spunk. I wanna vomit.

I don't see a red stain on the doll's clothing, I see a red object on the floor behind James. this is right when he took it out of the box.

No. 673753


I can’t get over his fucking proportions. That head is fucking unreal!

Aside from that, this is some seriously homophobic shit. How can he seriously try to come off as the perfect LGBTQ ally when he makes crap like this? The stereotyping makes my head spin. God, I wish Willam would dedicate a Beatdown to “James” and tear him to shreds. Ugh /rant

No. 673758

Willam already has. I love Willams parting shot with Greg.
>next video… I cant with him anymore. I feel like Im being attacked with words and forehead.

No. 673761

i nearly gagged

dem yellow teeth

i didn't think i could be anymore repulsed by onion but here we are

No. 673798

How self aware is he? Hes obviously getting off on this as some sort of disgusting exhibitionism, but is it deluded pride or perverse masochism

I honestly think he is so mentally ill and moronic he got off thinking how hot this is. But, I can also see the argument this is self-humiliation in a weird BDSM thing, because it is objectively fuxking repulsive and pathetic.

Also these gifs have canceled epicac and every other emetic there is. They're done they can officially retire

No. 673849

Onioboy/Jimmy Neutron has officially became Chris-Chan 2.0


No. 673943

File: 1561794504425.png (89.04 KB, 723x673, notgoodinthehood.PNG)

Greg says he gets hundreds if not thousands of messages from people that tell him he has helped them so much, basically saved their lives.
Is this the kind of help hes giving? Id get more out of a fortune cookie. He basically just fluffed up the "Hang in there" kitty poster.

No. 673952

I don't think Taylor ever enjoyed sex.

No. 673955

Whole thing feels like a dig at his wife.
The possessed doll thing is evil dead references? Almost quoted verbatim, idk.

It's sad he actually finds any of this funny

No. 673963

in his latest Debate on YouNow, james says he's planning to do a sketch where he chains his lovedoll up……. lmfao

No. 673964

samefag - also, james said that during an "intimate moment" he had billie and lainey both on dog leashes and collars

No. 673978

In his dreams, kek. I truly don’t believe they did more than maybe have Lainey make out with Billie for two seconds before Greg cucked her by fucking Billie hard in front of her.

No. 673980

She's had some pretty horrible experiences regarding sex, though. I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 673988

So that’s what I’m not getting.. I’ve always thought that Lainey and Billie didn’t really have sex I mean even still the thing Laineybot talks about regarding her attraction to girls is only ‘kissing’ like unless she’s trying to keep it PG (which I doubt)

Anus is a disgusting person orchestrated the whole poly to suit his sexual needs, it was strictly about sex to him.

No. 673990

Everything is always about sex with Greg. Remember that creepy dude in high school that tried to be funny but was just annoying, that bragged about banging chicks but never brought them around, yeah that's Greg. This is what they grow up to be.

Big question now is first there was cuddlegate.. now will it be dollgate? Taylor catches Greg fucking the doll and he autistically screeches about comedy and she doesn't get it, only to say it was "all a joke and a skit". (And yes Taylor will inevitably back him up like the doormat that she is)

No. 673997

James really got a sex doll… it’s weird as hell. Best part he thinks putting on a mustache will somehow make it less weird because now it’s comedy! You can’t take it serious because he’s wearing a wig and mustache …

No. 673999

There will be no Dollgate.

I think I speak for all life in the known Universe, Taylor included, when I say it's infinitely better that Onision fucks dolls instead of teenagers.

Who would object to Onision acting out his sexual frustrations on rubber instead of on some poor lasses skin? Not me, and not Taylor.

No. 674002

Well, first he changes his name from Gregory Avaroe to James Jackson, then he replaces his wife by a lifeless sex doll.
I wonder if there are more to be changed in the Avaroes' / Jacksons' life…


No. 674005

Honestly she's probably happy he got a sex doll, she'd rather he fuck a sex doll then have her try and bring in a new trinity member.

No. 674010

He went on & on about all the threesomes they had but I’m pretty sure Taylor confirmed they were all together in bed like twice and she mostly made out with Billie. Idk why I remember these details.

No. 674077

Are his fans just hopeless sad cases? What teenage girl wants to see a dude old enough to be their dad make out with a fuck doll?

No. 674126

File: 1561829962832.png (44.46 KB, 559x543, top pay pigs.png)

Although his fans are hopeless, they aren't supporting his new love doll fixation. He has failed to pull in any new pledges to 'Julia Love' even after releasing this to his main patreon.

No. 674129

Keep in mind Foot was pregnant back then. Fucking gross

No. 674137

probaly he just convinced them to try them on and then made jokes about it and then they took them off and went about their business.

Lainey's stories indicate there was no real threesome action.

No. 674138


Somewhere one of them said they got to third base. As a gay(tm) that's sex to me.

No. 674140

those dolls on the low end start at $1000, don't they? who wants to take bets that he will write the doll off as a business expense next tax season?

he should put these videos on manyvids instead of his patreon because JFC those gifs feel pornographic. why would his audience (or anyone) want to see these?

No. 674155

You can buy the off brand ones on eBay for like $400 new so he probably got one of those

No. 674224


Anon, James here might have said they all performed oral on each other, but both Lainey and Billie are people who say they are bi but then only ever date guys and never show any interest in the same sex. 100% guarantee neither one of them has eaten pussy. They only ever kissed awkwardly I’m sure, and Jimmy Jackson said he would make out with one while he fucked the other or had the other blow him. I hate that I know this.

No. 674226

God.. u can tell even thru text how terrible and creepy they think it is,

No. 674254

He said in his initial video about Julia that the main reason he bought it is so he could use it to model merchandise lmao so of course it will be written off.

Sure Anus, whatever u say. Because you know you can’t just buy like a mannequin like normal use to show off their clothes.

I honestly wish irs knew he’s having sex with it too.

No. 674255

File: 1561855806314.png (434.4 KB, 1200x534, possiblyit.PNG)

Went to eBay and sure enough I found one that looks like Ol Jimmy's "mannequin for merch".

If anyone wants a link to compare:


No. 674256

the black haired booby girl in his videos said the doll is taller than her and she's 155cm, so its possible
in his debate, when people were asking him if he'd write it off as a business expense, he eluded to the fact that he would, but he said he "won't discuss business online" lol

No. 674264

I can't believe he more or less filmed porn with a sex doll in full view of his glass patio door. Can you imagine explaining this to Lainey?
>Yeah keep the kids upstairs. I need to film "comedy" with a sex doll for an hour or two.

No. 674275

It will be funny if he never even makes back the $500 he spent on the fuck doll.

No. 674316

he wouldn’t care tbh, i wouldn’t doubt that he bought the doll for its actual purpose and the patreon is just an afterthought

No. 674342

File: 1561872743988.jpg (347.84 KB, 640x928, JuliaIsMyNewBillie.jpg)

I think this is a life long investment he has made and from outsider looking in, what a god damn mess.

No. 674350

File: 1561877525834.jpg (37.59 KB, 446x290, download.jpg)

Its happened again. Its not the usual first of the month dip. He lost almost 200 dollars in just one day. It must of been one high pledge patron or a couple mid range ones. When you start to lose those die hard fans who were willing to plunk down a C note, then you know your end is inevitable.

No. 674377

Next thread pic, please! There's so much wrong with this, yet it's so fitting.

Now that he has found his most doormatty third, there's no need to throw money at him anymore, hoping that any of his patrons will be picked.
And maybe the love doll video was an eye opener to them regarding how creepy Gregory / James actually is.

No. 674417

Who are all these people giving him money? Whenever we see peeks at his discord or whatever it’s always the same 5-10 people. Where are the other 430?

No. 674422

that doll is the only person he can ever win a debate with

No. 674451

People who pledged with their parents credit card 3 years ago and promptly forgot about it

No. 674455

Tinfoil here, but maybe he made several fake accounts to donate to himself and fluff up the numbers

No. 674461

dang, he's down to <450? Onion boy could be down to 200 by the end of the year

No. 674463


At this point, it’s barely even tinfoil. More like accepted fact

No. 674471

Dozens maybe, but that still means there’s hundreds of people who think he is worth paying for but then never post on his Patreon or attend the Patreon events. Seems odd

No. 674492

Does Toby Turner still give him $1K a month?

Look at the whole thing anon.
The world's famous #1 comedian James Onision Jackson, with over 2 million YouTube followers, actually only has <400 fans left

No. 674505


Lainey and Billie are both straight as arrows, they awkwardly kissed for Obesion James’s pleasure, I’d hardly call that a threesome as much as it was who could hold his attention longest in bed (ick)

No. 674512

>as it was who could hold his attention longest in bed

Well that sure wasn't a contest kek

No. 674539

If it was to model merch why would he buy one with a bust so large it wouldn't flatter any tshirts/vests etc? Having boobs that big would just make any tshirts look either stretched out or else super super baggy to fit her

No. 674599

The stupid thing has such ridiculous proportions I am not sure how he expected anyone to believe this story. Also… neither he nor his man wife wear feminine clothes? So whose clothes is he planning to model on Busty McPlasticVag?

No. 674633

he's probably going to turn into one of those old men that buys the doll clothes and bags and shit instead of having a wife. i mean he's got a husband now instead, afterall.

No. 674644

He is still pledged to Onion, don't know how patreon works with the fact that Onion keeps changing his pledge levels and if you can put a custom amount because $250 is Onion's max pledge.

No. 674672

File: 1561949096249.jpeg (434.6 KB, 750x1004, 192798D5-1404-43FA-B4DF-137319…)

The Onion is sperging on Twitter again tonight. Highlights include
> replying to old tweets from Jaclyn & Damon Fizzy from May to try & reignite the Eugenia drama flames.
> comes for Ronnie Radke about transphobia… typical hypocrisy
> Stalked Jeffree Star’s twitter and found a tweet where Jeffree said it was nice meeting Greg. Quote tweeted it & said Jeffree was gonna delete it because it was evidence and lo and behold… J* deleted it.
> Is now posting weird ~nice~ tweets about missing Jaclyn…

No. 674707

Patreon always takes 5% of whatever is donated, that means he's basically throwing money in the trash by donating to himself kek

No. 674718

File: 1561951702938.png (290.91 KB, 564x844, announcement.png)


They're being more careful with money now days.
He is planning to change his Onision Channel to mainly a 10 things channel.
Most of his income is from patreon.

No. 674720

Didn't he say the other day he makes no money on patreon any more? what happened to being brutally honest?

No. 674743

File: 1561957304620.png (404.91 KB, 562x640, twitter.png)

There was a reason; he was making a video about it. I only made it through 2 minutes and gave up in frustration. He thinks he's right and that his ex-friends have no rights to say he's a shit person after getting to know him better. Perhaps a less sober anon will be willing to check if there is any new milk.


No. 674756


it's truly amazing that he continues to insist, to the point of delusion (which is nothing new) that people harass him or have no right to hate him or are destroying his career. Part of putting your material online for anyone to see means that anyone, obviously, can watch it. This does not shield you from criticism. If you cannot take criticism at all, or even if a healthy way, then posting content online is clearly not the best "career" choice for Greg. It's just so pathetic.

No. 674757


Nothing really new here. Just that he finds out that Andy Biersack deleted all tweets directed towards him, everything else is just "bUt YoU sAiD wE wErE fRiEnDs".

The only funny thing is the little slip up he has when calling Lainey his "spouse" and then quickly tries to justify why he didn't say "husband".

No. 674759


It seemed fairly clear to me that he said he wasn't making any money on Patreon as a very poor diversion tactic so he didn't have to answer how much money he makes per month. He obviously does make some money on Patreon, as we know, because the amount he makes can be viewed, but he makes at least some money per month from YouTube as well… advertisements, etc. He doesn't make as much as he used to when he was (for some reason) somewhat relevant, so he wouldn't want to divulge how much he actually makes now versus how much he used to make. And he wants his "fans" to think that he is still really poor so he can continue to beg for financial support. He just said his earnings get sent to his "company" so he didn't have to answer the question, I think. As far as I remember, his company is now essentially defunct, but I'd have to check to see if this is still the case. He's full of it, as always. :P(:P)

No. 674761


lol, was that not something he could have edited out, or at least re-filmed so he didn't leave the "mistake" in and have to find a way to justify it? Just goes to show how little effort he puts into his "work," so it's a wonder he believes many people would ever want to pledge to his Patreon for such uninteresting and poorly made content.

No. 674781

At around 1:30 or so, there's someone yelling. Is it one of his kids whining?

No. 674803

File: 1561968151227.jpg (40.63 KB, 339x500, Night_of_the_Living_Dummy_(Cov…)

Same energy.

No. 674836

File: 1561977558331.jpg (133.36 KB, 450x333, gregpuppet.jpg)

No. 674842

Someone with photoshop skills pls shoop >>674836 on the cover instead of Slappy

No. 674888

J is the last person Greg should mess with…I hope J has some sort of dirt on him from other people.

No. 674917

He made it look that way but what is actually deleted is his reply to j*. If you click it the j tweet shows up and he calls that proof. This is so dishonest.

No. 674918

Hello, Titanic passengers! This is your captain speaking. The crew will be rearranging the deck chairs for this next short while. We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for sailing White Star Lines.

No. 674946

File: 1561996175262.jpeg (243.83 KB, 1125x1659, 376BB382-1101-4502-AC91-3B5586…)

No. 674971

Next thread pic (with some fun/relevant text additions) please

No. 674982

Haha great work! But the "he walks, he stalks" is too fitting to not be included

No. 674996

Lel. He looks as stilted and disturbing as the new Chucky design.

No. 675013

File: 1562001905694.png (262.18 KB, 339x500, dumb2.png)

My attempt. I'm too shit at this, but I hope it brings some of you joy.

(reposting cause I fucked up his dumb first names new name)

No. 675018


Wonderful, Anon! The protagonist of any Goosebumps story is always some random 12 year old, so it’s a perfect fit that James Jackson would be the one to stalk them.

No. 675073

File: 1562008891174.jpeg (263.57 KB, 750x824, F07F952E-155F-4476-A0F8-12294C…)

Repzion used this thread’s fanart picture as the background for his video. I’m sure Greg will admire the artwork when he hate watches, kek.

No. 675089

Repzion is a huge faggot and the thread isn't about him.

No. 675090

Greg James talked about him, so it's semi relevant.

No. 675091

Repzion is a good dude and the best anti-O out there since DSSCTM threw in the towel

No. 675113

This came up in my recommendations and god I forgot how blessed we are with transcript anons. His voice and his rants are so god damn grating!

No. 675129

calm down, gurg.(hi [cow])

No. 675132

Haha brilliant anon! Great work!

No. 675140

File: 1562015662312.jpg (236.26 KB, 400x580, goosebumps.jpg)

No. 675145

He said in a debate that he makes $0 from Patreon. He then clarified that the Patreon money goes into his shell company.

No. 675146

He is super good at handling his legal issues with the IRS.

No. 675149

ohhh that is creepy. did you even have to tweak his psycho eyebrows at all

No. 675153

Nice work, anon

Between the "company" and his $500 girlfriend I hope they rape him more.

No. 675202

File: 1562023338887.jpg (231.71 KB, 1074x978, Screenshot_20190701-192135.jpg)

No. 675207

Lol "legal reasons" seriously what the fuck, hes been called out every fucking time he sends fake cease and desist emails or makes statements like this, and it highlights how actually retarded and ignorant of legality he is, and yet he persists.

That's it I'm convinced he is actually undiagnosed, seriously mentally disabled.

God bless repzion for the latest video, it should truly be the most sperg inducing we have seen. Come on Greggy, dance

No. 675209

File: 1562024251426.jpg (678.15 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-193638_Chr…)

Thought yall might enjoy

No. 675216

I wonder what court accepts statements from imaginary characters on behalf of plaintiffs. Will Emo Charlie need to show up to testify he warned repzion?

Did greasy James Jackson sperg so hard he thought emo Charlie can issue legal communications via Twitter?

Quivering bitch emotions over everything, poor guy

No. 675233

So I’m not well versed in the law in this case, but I’m assuming old Greg here thinks that Repzion “stole” his Patreon content and is redistributing it because he used clips of it in his latest video.

Now, I don’t know how much of that podcast repzion actually uses in his video, but if it was just short clips, it would be the same as someone reviewing a movie or tv show and using clips from said movie/show in their review. Which is usually not illegal unless the property holder really wants to be a dick in which case they’re just forced to remove it.
If repzion used the entirety of the podcast on his video, Greg could have SOME course of action, but again I am assuming it’s not some huge ordeal. I imagine Greg is getting all giddy over there thinking he’s going to take repzion down forever, but I’ve known of many many cosplay girls with Patreons who have tried to do something about their lewd pics getting leaked and they haven’t been able to actually do anything even when they know who leaked them.
So can Greg actually do anything in this case?

No. 675237

There's no way he'd either 1, spend that money or 2, have that money to spend to fight repzion over it. So,
even if he COULD, he won't. He'll just huff and puff.

No. 675265

the new joker movie looks terrible

No. 675266

Also wasn’t Greg blocked by Jeffree? So how the hell did he manage to quote tweet?
Starting to think that he stole the screenshot from someone else to play the victim when he was crying about Jeffree making gay jokes about him

No. 675268

he used one of his multiple sockpuppet accounts

No. 675285

however annoying repzion is, I do appreciate how much he gets under jimmys skin

No. 675297

Here is some legal advice for Jimmy.

No. 675309

File: 1562034439147.jpg (443.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-221336_Chr…)

Jimmy Chuckydoll Jackson canceled uploading a video tonight and instead is going to hysterically cry and effeminately curse repzion to his ~patreons~ cult instead. Either that, or what else would the "unfortunate news" be?

Kalvin, Rep, and FPS are trolling him so hard right now on Twitter I'm actually worried for his ugly husband's and the kid's safety. I hope they get out of the house while hes impotently raging for the next week or so

(Its only going to get worse, repzion said others were putting out patreon reviews this week too - obviously Kalvin and FPS Diesel - Kai/Lainey get out now!!!!)

No. 675314

We can't trust him to be honest but here is what he said about his financial situation.

>Thank you again for being pledged. It's like the biggest deal because right now you guys are like primary income. You are like my source, my rock and that makes it so I can continue making videos with out being horribly-horribly wrecked every single day wondering what am I doing and so forth. And I guess the same applies to like a lot of people where patreon is like their sole income in some cases and that's kind of scary, but it is my major source of income so you guys are doing a big thing being here.

No. 675319


Haha, jeez, do you think he uses the word "like" enough? Sounds like a valley girl. No offense to valley girls though, that's rude of me to compare them to Gruglet.

No. 675320

Spoiler that shit! It's nightmare fuel! Not your fault though. Grames is disturbing even without clown makeup.

No. 675443

>doesn't even @ him

No. 675444

>primary income
>major source of income

which is it

No. 675526

It looks like his poshmark has been deleted?

No. 675527

Any mirror anons around? Dont link to his videos please it gets him views

No. 675531

>criticizes things he does and says publicly to his millions of subscribers
>"ur stalking and harassing me!!!!!! and ruining my career"

No. 675532

instead of making a living off of fans supporting you… you could get a job? like a normal person?? keep crying lol

No. 675536

If screwing over Greg is wrong, I don't want to be right.

No. 675546

No. 675548

I feel like his poshmark had to have been illegal in some way. It was dozens and dozens of Walmart novelty tees and basics, which James and Plainey mostly bought for haul videos. They write off the expense as business, then put the clothes for sale at the SAME retail price. As if they’re even worth $1. How is that legit…

No. 675549

Recap: onion tries to hide behind his spouse again, even though shes now a non-entity online and no one cares about her anymore.
He also destroys his own entire ethos regarding attacking Shane, etc etc by saying you are still "evil" if you do "evil" and "dehumanizing" things to someone you believe has done evil. Lol

No. 675550

Anybody know if he posted something to poshmark "modeled" by his glorified fleshlight? That might get it deleted.

No. 675551

Kai’s Poshmark also got deleted??

No. 675552

>"you saying 'Hey, it's okay to stalk somebody because I believe this, this' and this is not relevant."

Does he even hear himself? He justified all his slander of Shane because he BELIEVED he was a pedo. he BELIEVED he was serious about jerking it onto his cat. Did that stop him? Did he care? No, he used those things he BELIEVED about Shane to justify his stalking of him.

He BELIEVES he is justified in making videos about Eugenia because he "says nice things about her" and "calls her a hero" and he BELIEVES that Eugenia would be okay with being complimented. He's never asked her if shes okay with it, but who cares, right? His beliefs are exempt cause he is RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT.

How can one person be so non self aware? How is it even possible?

No. 675553

I wonder if this was the "unfortunate thing" that happened yesterday that he was whining about on twitter

No. 675556

nope, her poshmark is still up

No. 675557

I just looked and it seems to be up and running.

No. 675559

File: 1562092350745.png (122.59 KB, 703x558, Capture _2019-07-02-15-31-33.p…)

How does he even has power to do this?

No. 675562

Yup, you're right. He put the wrong link in a video description. What an idiot.

No. 675564

we're not your personal army dude

No. 675565

Onision uploaded a "Final podcast" on Patreon.
Could an anon with access please share?

No. 675572

Lol poor man baby doesn’t wanna do podcasts anymore now that they’ve been leaked. So now what kind of exclusive content does he even have?

No. 675601

Repzion needs to take this up directly with YouTube, not with randoms. But of course he wants the pity points.

No. 675606

File: 1562101353471.jpg (535.97 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190701-224145_Chr…)

Just a gaslight/manipulation example from his tard forum - this is James responding to a fan who defended him, but said she would love to see him box for charity and that he could win (makes sense, boxing matches are fun entertainment particularly for charity).

Jimmy no-shoulders replies with manipulation and gaslighting because he is terrified and his extremely weak masculinity is threatened. Notice boxing match becomes "beat the shit out of" and the pouty "you dont really care about me"

Fucking embarrassing. Ofc this obviously not very bright fan responds to him twice profusely apologizing, he does not respond. (I screenshot her responses too but they're not interesting just sad)

No. 675622

What a dick. This girl is sucking up to him in the most gullible way possible and he just finds a way to make himself sound like an ever bigger asshole.

Girl, please. Love yourself.

No. 675627

File: 1562106744792.png (77.12 KB, 561x646, no onion for you.png)

Final Podcast

Video on treating people like human beings:
Already posted >>675546

Video on someone admitting to committing the crime of piracy against this Patreon:

No. 675636

I don't think onion will actually pursue any legal action on his "stolen" patreon content, but I do think it was dumb for kalvin and repzion to make posts about distributing it. If only because that gived gurg ammunition to screech about theft and call them CrImInAlS. It's much better when he doesn't know the details and he has no real arguments other than "So and so is STALKING ME"

No. 675640

Greg: Money GOOD. Piracy BAD.

No. 675699


The only job Gruglet would be fit for, since he has no special skills, is not particularly intelligent or knowledgeable on any topic, etc., would be a birthday clown. He could dress up in his banana suit and try to relive his "fame" days, which is what he does in his free time quite often I'm sure, and kids would likely find it very entertaining. But I'm not sure that having him around minors is the best idea, so that might not be a good "career" path for him either hah

No. 675701


That's actually a really good point - I don't know anything about tax law, so I can't really comment definitively one way or another on its legality, but at first blush, I agree that it seems like this is probably either a ridiculous loophole or probably edging on illegal to some degree. If anyone here knows about tax law, maybe they can confirm your suspicions.

No. 675741

Yeah he would probably molest all shit out of the kids.

No. 675813

If I had to guess, whoever his accountant is told him to get rid of it because he can't legally write off business expenses that he has sold and recouped cost on. Having it up was evidence that he was double dipping basically.

No. 675867

Not a good idea at all.
He'd be just screaming at them if they don't find him funny, call them haters and tell them that cute animals die if they eat meat.
Responsible parents (which Gaylor is not) wouldn't let him near their kids.

No. 675983

lol that person in particular "Tasch the Milf" sucks his dick in a desperate attempt to get Greg's attention every single day, all day on his forums, and he always lowkey insults her

No. 676037

Not even the ‘tallica boys deserve that comparison anon, including Lars.

No. 676045

File: 1562192556100.jpg (172.65 KB, 580x580, m_5cf5ad0e8557afa45330a3b2.jpg)

he does have a poshmark up still - onisionshirts

james jackson thinks this cursed, disgusting, pilled to hell shirt should sell for $9…

No. 676054

File: 1562193193188.png (931.29 KB, 2614x608, lollllllllll.png)

does he sell it for higher because "THE ONISION" wore it? lmao what a joke

No. 676112

File: 1562199008406.png (95.66 KB, 672x899, comments.png)

Nothing new, he was just whining and says he's stopping podcast because they are hard to 'manage'. AKA, it's harder to find and then copyright strike when only audio is used. Also he tries to get more money out of the idiots paying for this shit by saying he needs their money for his future plans.

He forgot to turn off comments on his 'Kalvin Garrah Could Face Jail Time'. It's hilarious because he has no support what so ever.

No. 676117

So shes basically the middle aged and not so chubby version of Fat Becca.

No. 676143

These comments are great, especially “old man yells at clouds” and “did someone pull a you on you,” bravo those people.

No. 676156

>james jackson thinks this cursed, disgusting, pilled to hell shirt should sell for $9…

Also, it's almost 100% polyester. No wonder the fucker sweats so much.
Even if it was poly-cotton blend it would be lot more breathable than this abomination.How cheap is this guy? Even at my poorest I never bought all polyester clothes cos they're hot & uncomfortable.

God he's such a cheap trashfire.

No. 676161

>Nothing new, he was just whining and says he's stopping podcast because they are hard to 'manage'. AKA, it's harder to find and then copyright strike when only audio is used. Also he tries to get more money out of the idiots paying for this shit by saying he needs their money for his future plans.

Also he's too lazy to edit a podcast-especially an audio only one. I assume he doesn't have guests.God, how lazy do you have to be to chimp out of editing a 'podcast' where you're the only speaker? Can you imagine the bitchfit he'd throw on the regular if he had to edit an audio podcast with guests over Skype?(think Jim Sterling's Podquisition)The content he makes is so lazy & half assed. But because he churns out garbage on the daily he's 'the hardest working YTer'.Quality where you maybe make one to three videos a month is an alien concept to him. He's like the Chinese Bootleg Factory of YT. By the time a trend reaches Greg, it's already passed it's use by date & has been done better by dozens of other creators. No wonder James loses track of his own age. He's still living in 2007.

No. 676187

File: 1562212261171.png (387.16 KB, 545x483, 436612.PNG)

He just had to put her in the thumbnail. He has such a contrarian child mentality. If hes told not to do something he has to do it even more.

No. 676194

Holy shit if that thumbnail isn't exactly what he wants in life right now.

No. 676195

replace Lainey with Billie (or his sex doll) and you're into something kek

No. 676244

It’s because he’s still stuck in that edgy rebellious teen mentality.. remember his videos about how he still is resentful about his dad telling him to cut his hair and eat his dinner. He’s a legit man child

No. 676289

File: 1562262773257.png (Spoiler Image, 1.02 MB, 1280x720, onions baby carrot.png)

He once again showed his mostly underage audience the outline of his tiny baby carrot in the "am I fat" video, fucking gross. I'm surprised he didn't stuff his underwear with multiple pairs of socks like he usually does before recording that though

No. 676307

god i wish repzion would post a video about onision saying he stopped making videos for a day, since according to onion, stopping doesn't mean permanently (you know, like the red light)

No. 676310

File: 1562271690171.png (746.64 KB, 1125x1565, image0.png)

Seems fake but okay.

No. 676314

He has a small dick lol.

No. 676324


No. 676332

If she's real, he must of been interested. He never listens to anyones sob stories unless he wants to stick his baby carrot in them.

No. 676339

Forgive me…

Sitting next to his window watching the clear Calabazas sky while wearing his pale pink and fluffy Louboutin bathrobe, Jeffree smirked while muttering to himself; “it’s time…”.

J’s delicate yet well-manicured fingers picked up his iPhone then sent a text message to his young lover; “Nate, sweetie, please forgive me. If you want, you can go ahead and have your fun with his bitch. Xoxo heart emojis*”. Afterwards, he calls Anthony…

“Have they arrived at LAX yet?”

“Just about.”

“Great, great… have you picked up their lady friend yet? We do need a babysitter.” He says the last sentence in annoyance.

Yeah, she’s waiting in the car.”

“Excellent. We’ll be in touch, babe!” And with that, he pressed the red hang button.

In his private thoughts; “Oh Gregory; you don’t really know how to keep your mouth fucking mouth shut, huh? Play with this diva, -snaps fingers- and you WILL get burned. You stupid cunt.”

Twenty minutes have gone by and the doorbell rings, Nathan on behalf of Jeffree opens the door which reveals The Onions, the shallots and Mercedes at the doorstep along with Anthony.

“Hey guys! Welcome to our humble abode! Man, I’m still gettin’ used to this Cali weather ya’know?” Kai and Nate make small talk comparing the hot weather of California and New Mexico while stepping in.

Nate shows them in the pink wonderland that is Jeffree’s main space of the manor.

“Please guys, make yourselves at home!” Nathan directs them to the lounge area where some of the doggos come in and Troy notices them.

“Look mommy, pretty doggies! One is pink!” Troy giggles.

“Yes honey, they’re very pretty! Hey Cloey, look at the pretty doggies!” Taylor lovingly engages with trot and clot at the sight of the many Pomeranians that came in before making light convos with Mercedes. Meanwhile Greg silently looks at them all with disdain and hidden disgust.

About five minutes later, Jeffree comes in.

“Well hello everyone? Hi, how are ya?” Sees the kids, “Ooh whadda we have here? Hi little ones! What’s your name, sweetheart?”

“T-Troy?” trot points at himself.

“And you, pumpkin?” Cloey just makes a whiny sound.

“Her name’s Cloey, she hasn’t learned how to talk yet but we’re working on it.” Kai sheepishly chimes in.

I see… well, make yourselves at home everyone! There’s food and refreshments to your right,” points at the kitchen area “I’m sure y’all are very jet legged and hungry right now ‘cause bitch, I would be.” He starts laughing like his casual Jeffree self.

They all head to the counter area next to the kitchen before J* speaks again.

“I’m sorry I don’t have much vegan things here but there’s plenty of non-meat items lying around. Do you guys like Oreos?”

Jeff tossed an unopened package of Oreos to the counter table while Greg continues to glare and brood, feeling helpless in his surroundings.

“Why did you bring us here?” He asked.

“Oh I thought you should get to know me better and move on from what happened six or seven years ago.”

Greg shudders “I…you’ve seen my video? Look, about that-“

“I was being very rude and very creepy towards you when we should’ve connected since we both were friends with Damon. And to think we could’ve collabed together, we could have become stars…”

Greg was dumbfounded, pale blue eyes wide like saucers at the proposal.

“I-I was just playing a character…”

“Yes and my natural eye color is blue hahaha”

Greg was irritated, sneering in humiliation.

“Why the fuck did you brought us here? I know it wasn’t for a collaboration.” Greg says the last word meekly.

“Actually we are collaborating, and you are the star!”


“Hey, I’m willing to share the spotlight. So why not?”

Again, Greg was dumbfounded but was immediately rescued from his stupor after another distraction.

“Yo J,” Nate calls out, “Andrew needs you with…” Nate sees Greg facing Jeffree “…something.”

“Gotta run, be right back!” J* scurried off to Andrew, still wearing his fluffy pink robe.

“Are the cameras set up?”

“Yeah, where do ya want the last one?”


“Hey, are you sure you wanna do this? He’s kinda greasy-looking, more so than Shane at his worst.”

“Meh, I’ve had rank. Besides, he looks clean.”

“Alright dude, don’t get too rough on him.” Andrew snickers and walks away.

Well how am I supposed to have fun then?! He yelled in a playful manner.

Greg, feeling suspicious…

“Cameras… what’s going on here” he mutters.

Taylor finally speaks her mind…

“Greg, I don’t like this, something feels off…”

“Yeah, well tell me something I don’t know.” He snidely remarks.

Kai looks hurt yet annoyed as if she’s kind of used to it.

“Just keep quiet and behave, we’re already in much trouble as it is.” Greg states his final word, subconsciously predicting the dangers that lie ahead.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 676386

File: 1562282976438.png (433.79 KB, 659x746, final debate.png)

He's still milking those 'debate' streams and it looks like he plans to continue the 'debates' as a way to put out more content that doesn't require any effort.
FINAL ONISION DEBATE (Onision's Noise Complaints)

No. 676396

wtf does that mean the noise complaints died down so he didn't need to use collars anymore? is he talking about a muzzle?

No. 676397

or does he use shock collars to shut his dogs up… x-x(x - x)

No. 676401

what the actual fuck. sadly i won't be surprised if he is shocking his dogs. lazy and undeserving to have any kind of life in his care

No. 676411

Shock collars, because actually training dogs and meeting their needs is too much trouble for Onion, the Animals’ BFF.

No. 676415

Is Sarah still in touch with Taylor? Haven't heard anything about her

No. 676417

James addressed shock collars in a skit not too long ago. Starts at 2:20 if you guys want to watch.

>No solution is the best solution

His actress brings out a shock collar and goes off on Greg about using it on his dogs. Greg defends him self saying that if he doesn't use it the dogs will be taken away and killed.

No. 676431

reported. hope that shit gets flagged. no one needs to see the details of your genitals greg.

No. 676443

Thanks! That was what I was referring to. You are awesome for finding that!

He literally did not consider training or behavioral work with the dogs. Lazy jerk.

No. 676512

File: 1562295419145.png (199.48 KB, 509x606, stud finder.png)

No. 676513

I'm shocked there's even a chub to spot

No. 676553

You know he fucking did lmfao. He ghost writes for his imaginary fans/haters all the time. Notice how the person who sees Greg for what he really is-is also the abusive asshole that is stopping this "patron" from pledging anymore? It's the same narrative every time: somebody has a revelation that all the big bad Anti O's are really the problem and Greg has been the victim all a long. Because it's only hypocritical haters that accuse him of being problematic and prevent others from enjoying his wholesome sex doll videos. Also, if this person is real and you knew she was afraid to even send it to you in the first place, why would you post it publicly? Even if it's just for your patrons that is really fucking careless and stupid.

No. 676673


The Stud Finder
> James is knocking on a wall with a couple hammers, wearing his BNHA uniform shirt
> "Julia" opens the door and stands in the doorway
> Jim shows his Oscar-level talent, goes "Oh, hey there. I didn't see you there."
> Julia says nothing
> "Y'know, I'm a hot(?) construction worker. I got this in my pocket." Pulls out doodad "Do you know what it is?"
> Julia says nothing
> "Yeah, it's a Stud Finder. And, apparently- oh, starts making beep beep noise orgasmic screech while pressing doodad to chest I guess it found a Stud!"
> Julia says nothing
> "But wait, oh no!" starts lowering doodad from chest to crotch "Beep beep beep beep beep!"
> "Looks like it found a rock hard Stud in my jammieeees!" rubs doodad on crotch
> Beep beeps and screeches while staring into the camera
> "Ahh jeez! Really found a big Stud here! Ohh Gooood!" still rubbing doodad on crotch
> "Oh my God, oh my God I think it found something(?)"
> moving doodad from crotch to ass "I think it found a Stud in my butt!"
> Shoves doodad in ass, screeches, camera shows Julia who says nothing
> "Oooh it found- oooooh it's in my asshole! Oooh it's fucking me in my asshole! Beep beep beep!"
> Shows his pajama ass with the doodad clenched between his buttcheeks
> screeching "It's stuck between my asscheeks!" screeching
> Julia backs off and closes the doors
> "Hey wait where you going baby-bee-baaaabe. Too far?"
> Shoves doodad again near his crotch screaming "BEEP BEEP BEEP OH MY GOD AGAIN"
> Sobbing as credits roll

No. 676675

To clarify, there are indeed shots focused on him rubbing the doodad on his crotch.

No. 676679

Wow. He couldn't even be bothered to move the doll around to pretend its alive and reacting. So fucking lazy. What terrible content.
I'd swear he got the idea from AI Angel but he's too lazy to make something that complicated.

No. 676681

>I'd swear he got the idea from AI Angel

even the hairstyle/color is the same.

No. 676692

This doll is a prop just like all other women to Grugly.

No. 676701

I almost didn't believe the level of sheer insanity (and I do not use that word lightly) of this and clicked the link, but had to click away when it got to him staring straight into the camera and screaming "BEEP BEEP BEEP" while he rubs his crotch. this dude is seriously sick. I'm concerned that he'll become a public menace someday, those poor children, I can't imagine the damage that living with him has done already

No. 676708

Tinfoil that this is all part of his long con - Leave an online trail of insanity, and keep a get out of jail card in his pocket in case something truly blows up. Maybe he wants to suggest that he can’t be a responsible parent.

No. 676709


No. 676717

I don't understand how a GROWN MAN WITH CHILDREN can film that,watch that, edit that and STILL say, "That is comedy gold" and upload it to the fucking internet for people to actually watch. (Pay to watch, at that)

No. 676723

Not smart enough or capable of that kind of long term planning. Lainey might be able to use it if he steps out with a camerawomen or babysitter in the future though to prove he shouldn’t have custody even though he’s demonstrated that he wouldn’t fight to have them at all and is more than happy to push the responsibility to her.

No. 676725

This is fake as fuck lol
>he snapped my laptop in half because my niece was watching I'm a banana

Sure jan

No. 676749

File: 1562348538578.jpg (21.89 KB, 300x168, tamijenner.jpg)


No. 676771


God, I forgot how terrifying Crazy Tami looks. She and James Jackson have the same crazy eyes.

No. 676774

Currently in med school but i’ve never heard of this type of cancer before. Oh my fucking god.

I don’t know how much lower can Jimbo go at this point

No. 676787


Let's just pretend the lifeless doll is a metaphor for his non-existent and/or dwindling audience. That's the only way I can even remotely feel comfortable with the summary you just provided, which I Wanted to think was hyperbolic or inaccurate somehow, because I didn't want to believe that a human person would make a video like this and legitimately think it has comedic value, but here we are.

No. 676856


He was diagnosed with depression? Since he vehemently refuses to go to doctors and considers them, in most cases, to be illegitimate, I don't take his assertion here very seriously. What a twat.

Scratch that. I love twats.

What a dickbag.

No. 676858

He will cling on to any diagnosis for a defense even if he doesn't legitimately believe it. Now he can use "but I have depression!!!11!!1!!!" as an excuse or defense.

No. 676862

He had to cop to that one because he diagnosed with it in the military before they shitcanned him for his usual insane antics. As such its documented in publically accessible records, which anyone can file for through FOIA.

I believe the diagnosis followed an incident where he held his M9 standard issue service pistol to his head in his barracks over in Korea during a cowardly attempt to get out of his service tour early. Unfortunately, this worked and they let him go. Thus creating yet another scenario in life completely all of his doing that he gets to play the victim about and lie/change facts to suit whatever narrative he needs at the time.

No. 676952

No. 676953


He got a lot of downvotes for that video, kek.

No. 676955

Honestly unless he gets hit by a car or hits someone else with his car, i don't know why anyone bothers making thread after thread about him. Giving him attention is giving him what he wants.

No. 676973

>gets hit by a car or hits somebody else with his car

Hmmm that's oddly specific. Why just limit it to vehicular homicide? You know, I would argue his life is still a train wreck worth watching. If for nothing else: the splendid degredation of his dignity and sanity. Everybody knows he is a shit bag, including the IRS, Pierce County and YouTube. All the lulzy shit he does is cow worthy, and it's his own fault his channels turned into dumpster fires. We are just spreading awareness of his dumb fuckery because the least we can do is make fun of it so people can truly see how painfully autistic he is. Sorry for being a sperglord.

No. 676976

I mean.. at least she’s aging better than he is lol and she did insult Lainey

No. 676978

Reupload is here >>676512

My Suicidal Thoughts, Mirror is titled 'Depression'

No. 677034

File: 1562387462895.png (236.59 KB, 509x616, juvenile detention center.png)


He is still bragging about how he 'beat' up his dad and called his step mom a fucking bitch. He also believes that parents who allow their kids to experience juvenal detention are pathetic and not worthy of being called a parent. This coming from the man who won't even train his dogs, lets his child hit him and his sister, and attempted to sign away his parental rights as soon as a teenage girl showed some interest in his baby carrot.

Anyways, no wonder why his channel is dying. There is only so many times you can listen to the same story with out getting bored.

No. 677042

>We are just spreading awareness of his dumb fuckery because the least we can do is make fun of it so people can truly see how painfully autistic he is.

Fair enough. All I'm saying is, until something really huge happens that finally nails his ass to the wall, I'm pretty sure he's only too happy to have so many threads giving him attention. My 2 cents.

No. 677106


I wouldn't necessarily argue with that, because the negative attention that he (rightly) receives is the only thing keeping him relevant in any capacity, and he requires some degree of relevance to remain afloat. But man he makes it so easy to shit on him that it's a bit difficult not to - it would be easier to abstain if he didn't exude such ridiculous righteous indignation for shit he has no idea about, and his constant hypocrisy makes it all the more tempting. But still, fair point, and dually noted.

No. 677182

Definitely a criminal.

No. 677260


Gruglet speaks repetitively about how he is a vegetarian and is thus better than people who are not, by trying to assert some superiority morality. But we know that he has killed his turtle, and mistreated his pets, to say the least, so his righteousness on that front, as far as vegetarianism is concerned, tends to hold little or no weight. He uses this as potential leverage to spin himself in a good light and as a means to obfuscate from his mistreatment of animals.

He also commonly references how he beat up his dad because he was a pedophile, likely for the same reason: to depict himself as morally superior. But this potential pattern of behavior leads me to believe that his valiant battle against his child molesting dad is just another way for him to try to look good, despite his own pedophilic tendencies. I cant verify my claim but I do always wonder what he intends to obfuscate by repeatedly divulging this information.

No. 677284


He acts like he is so superior for not eating meat, but he also buys from brands that test on animals (so does Thot), uses shock collars on his dogs, generally treats the two female dogs like shit, plow through wetlands on his tractor, disrupting the wildlife and fish, burns cardboard and trash, and uses plastic for everything. He’s the farthest thing from an animal rights or environmental activist. He drove a Tesla for the prestige and was quick to trade it in for a gas guzzling truck when he had to “downgrade”. He’s never donated or volunteered at a shelter. He killed his turtle and still brings it up later because he thinks it’s a funny story. The conditions his guinea pigs were in was appalling. The same goes for his fish tank.

Jimmy would lose a fight against an actual tree if he didn’t have a tractor to sit on.

No. 677485


"Jimmy would lose a fight against an actual tree if he didn’t have a tractor to sit on."

Hahahaha god damn it, that was beautiful. thank you.

No. 677488

He whines about his Tesla a lot. It was just a status symbol to hold above others.

Thanks for bringing up his truck, now I'm snickering thinking of how he broke the fucking back window like the retard he is.

No. 677506

File: 1562478612215.jpg (93.36 KB, 609x610, pp1.jpg)

Not too surprising here but he's claiming videos made by Petty Paige now.

No. 677507

File: 1562478683382.jpg (61.24 KB, 1158x379, pp2.jpg)

She's unbothered because her videos on him are older so they don't make much in the present.

No. 677611


Let's not forget about his 8 showers a day while people in other places don't even have enough water to drink, and the changing climate makes it scarce in areas that were okay before.

There's nothing that he does that benefits anyone else but him. And if there is, that's because it benefits him in the first place.

No. 677690

>complains about parents letting correctional institutions "parent" their children
>also reflects on juvie as a humbling experience that gave him peace of mind (probably can count those experiences on one hand)

He brings up this story A LOT. Like he feels like a total hardened bad ass or something for punching his Dad and going to juvie ONE fucking time (don't forget the blood splatter on his white shirt, super epic Tarantino like visuals). He certainly has a fondness for this whole experience, yet he resents his Dad for not preventing him from going to juvenile hall? Obviously it taught your ass something, which is ultimately the point of letting your kid face the consequences for breaking the law. It's really sad that he is a Father now and he can't let this shit go now.

No. 677756

>"as far as vegetarianism is concerned, tends to hold little or no weight"

I mean, his melted ice cream dad bod suggests he holds some weight.

No. 677930

How much longer is Greg's marriage going to last? It's obvious that he was only into Lanie when she was an underage teen, but now he's trapped by his own ego and the validation he gets for being married to a "trans man." I'm sure the image of being married with kids plays into things as well. But it seems like he resents her, and she's probably only loyal because she's a groomed emotional abuse victim and he's destroyed her self-esteem. I feel like things have to blow up at some point when he preys on another underage girl, but that would have to involve Lanie actually standing up for herself, or the cops giving enough of a shit about him to actually arrest him.

The whole thing's just sad.

No. 678018


I think the marriage is clearly in its death throes at this point, and the recent acquisition of his "Julia" sex doll, written off as a "business expense" for the perfect comedic material he's apparently always wanted to do, demonstrates this pretty well. He doesn't seem to be attracted to Kai because Kai is not underage anymore, like you suggested, and that's probably a huge part of it. Pulling in another young, unsuspecting and easily controlled girl to be part of their relationship hasn't worked out, and so this sex doll is an easy, lifeless entity that he can control and do whatever he wants with. And I think we all know how much he values control over others. But things have devolved to the point where a lifeless doll is his sex partner, and it's better this be the case than him praying on some young underage girl. People have caught on to his patterns of behavior and I think he knows this, which is probably part of why you see him getting a name change. And why he is partnered up with a sex doll at this point.

It is, truly, comedy. I'll give him that. But comedy in a sad way.

No. 678096

At 1:16 in his “suicidal thoughts” video. There’s a knock on the door right near the end.. it reminds me of when Lainey is filming and Greg knocks on the door and says “times up” when he gets tired of babysitting his own children for 4 minutes.

I really hope Lainey is doing the same to Greg now and making him more involved in the children’s lives and not giving him all day long to jerk off in the basement alone.

Lainey does seem to be growing a backbone lately. It excites me.

No. 678133


Because of a knock at the door? Come on anon. If she truly had a backbone she’d finally leave his greasy cheating ass and take those poor, unfortunate children with her. She’s not exactly smart either.

No. 678146

Still a far jump from the door mat she used to be though. Old lainey would never stand up for herself or give Greg time limits. It’s an exciting glimpse into the future.
She’s no longer completely mesmerised with him.

No. 678231

>She’s no longer completely mesmerised with him.

Proof? I don't think she is completely mesmerized by him either like she was as a teenager, but that doesn't mean she has awakened from the cognitive dissonance she lives in to survive her fucked up marriage with Greg. Anyway she has her own thread in snow now so if you have any actual receipts to show she is growing a backbone you should probably post them there. I won't hold my breath (no offense).

No. 678283

File: 1562614218863.jpg (58.34 KB, 830x374, no.JPG)

ok which one of you paid for this? it is not worth the cringe to give Gurg money for this shit. Better to let it crash and burn so he never gets his money back on that "investment" and can cry over how no one likes him.

No. 678286

File: 1562614944277.png (213.39 KB, 892x567, pledges.PNG)

My first thought was that some YouTuber became a high tier patron so they could get all the juicy info and photos to make an expose video. But there is no $25 pledge level so there must of been one $15 and two $5 pledges. Meaning there are three fucked up people wanting to see James pose and then abuse a naked sex doll, what the fuck is wrong with these people? I dont count the original $2 pledge because that obviously was Onision himself.

No. 678293

THE CONTENT HE ALWAYS DREAMED OF MAKING!!!! Sorry I know that keeps being said but it is so true. He has always been an autistic manchild in every creative outlet he has pursued: videos, books, websites, etc. But my God Greg, just when I thought you hit the bottom of the barrel of retarded ideas you prove me wrong yet again. He should just do super chats while he molests his new and improved waifu.

No. 678296


I'm just sincerely hoping that this disturbing sex doll Patreon (the kind of comedy he always dreamed of making, as you reiterated) turns off what few existing patrons he has on his other Patreon. His number of patrons continues to drop as we've seen over the last few months, so it'll be interesting to see how many more patrons he loses.

No. 678311

I’m afraid of this $30 tier. Would he just pose the doll naked in videos or is he going to fuck it

No. 678342

File: 1562623420165.png (130.15 KB, 601x315, Onision sister in law.PNG)

I doubt he would actually make a video of himself having sex with the doll. For all his bluff and bluster about his Adonis body and sexual prowess. Greg is a VERY insecure man, especially about his penis size. This is the man who freaked out on Laineys younger sister because she was griping about her current boyfriends penis size and how she wished he was as big as her previous b/f's. I always felt that that whole incident played out like this - Lainey ran to Greg and told him the conversations she had with her sister, because we know Lainey rats everyone out. Greg realizes that Lainey and her sister probably had "girl talk" about their significant others penis size and Lainey probably revealed his deficiency in that area. His anger about being laughed at behind his back stewed and built up until it finally reached a boiling point and then he made all those weird tweets directed at his sister-in-law about how she was a shitty shallow person and a size queen.

No. 678350

File: 1562623821334.jpg (63.29 KB, 518x278, dims.jpg)

If his Julia Love videos are anything like his usual "comedy" skits where hes beating a woman then his adults only Patreon may end up getting suspended.

No. 678363

No need to even go this far. He will give it up if he doesn’t get actual money from it soon. He has only 2 patrons

No. 678403

I can't believe anyone would stay married to this piece of shit after he publicly attacked her family when it was none of his business. What a scumbag.

No. 678480

Ignore if it's been discussed. But what ever happened between onion man & that bootyslayer chick?(Lurk more, newfag)

No. 678486

File: 1562640668294.png (844.8 KB, 1083x693, beautiful.png)


I'm not sure if Jimmy has been trying to discourage Lainey from considering top surgery. In this video he doesn't really say anything new but it seems like the subject make have been brought up because of Lainey's trip to pride and her supportive friend being in town. Of course it's just speculation but it seems quite likely.

No. 678511

File: 1562642938000.png (583.59 KB, 1289x504, Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 11.2…)

These are the two windows open on my computer rn and I was just thinking about the contrast between the two in terms of meaningfulness, how they conduct themselves, how much they contribute to the world, and their real value as individuals. How radically the fork in the road diverges.

No. 678544

>made tons of videos tearing down women for their weight, hair, and features.
>still equates cosmetic surgery with low self worth
>still gaslights Taylor and his audience into believing he gives a shit about trans issues for woke points

Nice try Greg. Julia has gotten more attention from you then Taylor probably has in months. When are you going to make another version of Banana Song with your sex doll? Might as well start a YouTube for her too while your at it. Kai is crying.

No. 678547

Chaos Untold did a review of the Julia Patreon. She said she paid the two dollar tier.

No. 678555

File: 1562658463583.jpg (642.88 KB, 1612x561, Onisipoints.jpg)

>These are the two windows open on my computer rn and I was just thinking about the contrast between the two

It's funny you should make this comparison as I have a similar one. Greg likes to call himself 'The hardest working man on Youtube' and you only have to look at say, a Contrapoints video to know this claim is shit. Whatever you think of Contra's content, no one can deny there is serious effort & money put into her videos. The wig for the System-Shock get up, for instance, was handmade by Wynn with spare computer parts. She writes 5000 + word scripts. Meanwhile, Mr Green Screen over here half-asses it & laughs at pics of fat people. He also puts out shitty vids every other day while most creators do 1 weekly or monthly. Quality has never been a priority with Gurgles.

No. 678558

File: 1562659226124.jpg (60.94 KB, 740x384, Greg party city.jpg)

Not to mention those shitty Party City wigs & fake moustaches are ridiculous. What professional YTer would wear such cheap shitty costumes in 2019? Oh yeah, Greg,cos he still thinks its 2007 & becoming a YTer partner is still rare & novel.

No. 678568

File: 1562660478838.webm (1.24 MB, 360x640, bUt shE liED aBoUT hEr AGe.web…)

I just want to add this.
Billie Eilish is 16 in this video I think. (17 currently)
Jimmy here decides this is a 10/10 joke.

EDIT: Found this on tumblr I forgot to mention.

No. 678572

>complimenting contras horrible videos
>comparing two misogynists as if one is a lesser evil bc he is dumb enough to spend money on looking tacky rather than djuking the IRS
>muh 5k word tranny script

Summerfags are here kek.

No. 678583

look in to your heart anon, it's already over.

No. 678587

>complimenting contras horrible videos

What bit of 'Whatever you think of her content' is complimentary?

Point is, if you want views these days, you've got to put in the work. I put Contra in cos 1) she has similar political views to Gurgles 2)She at least makes her chicanery look good on screen(her views are a bit bullshit but bitch can set decorate ) 3) The transtrenders tagline amused me

Even Shitty old Logan Paul puts in more than Gurgles.

Point is, Gurgle's Amateur Hour doesn't cut the mustard to pull in views. Whether or not you like the content, is here nor here. It can't look like you're fucking around in your bedroom in 2009 any more.

No. 678591

That's a good point, and I think you're right. Onision's problem is that he's a relic of the period 10 years ago when most YouTube talkers just walked around ranting to a camera, without any editing. When one of the biggest things on the site was atheist vloggers like The Amazing Atheist insulting and dismantling young earth creationists. Now the demands for everything from production to quality of content is so much higher that there's no way Onision can keep up, because he never would've made it in today's online climate.

No. 678592

I don't see how Contrapoints is a misogynist, but whether she is or not is completely irrelevant to this thread.

No. 678594

File: 1562670725887.jpg (81.13 KB, 720x960, 1562667462966.jpg)

lol damn, somebody just posted this in the kanadajin3 thread, and while it kinda fits there, it screams Greg(armchairing)

No. 678596

Lainey found out about Gregs secret Tinder account during a live League of Legends stream

https://youtu.be/N_Imkr2RWvQ(cancerous autism)

No. 678597


I only mentioned Contra as an example of modern production values. You're right she's not the topic here.But she's a good baseline for what level of production is considered standard for a high viewing channel these days. Just raving for 20 minutes in a messy room doesn't cut it now.Heck, even teenage Kalvin Garrah has better structure & production than Greg does without any of Gurg's money. I'm often struck by how old fashioned Gurg is. He still has 2009 level camera work, he has a 'Baby' era Bieber haircut, he talks about Emo & Death Note. It's hilarious that a man so mired in the past thinks his channel is gonna resurrect itself. Good luck with that Greg.

No. 678598

Fuck off. Sage your bait.

No. 678602

no shit sherlock

No. 678610

No. 678612


Do we really have to police each other's damn pronouns here? Some people on Onion threads believe in preferred pronouns, others don't.I've used BOTH he & she for Lainey/Kai,seen both used for Contra, Blaire, Kalvin et al & seen BOTH corrected. Unless there's an actual Mod rule on this shit, y'all need to quit it & agree to disagree. Let people use the damn pronouns they want here until the Mods say otherwise.(we don't care about pronoun policing; stop derailing over it)

No. 678627

I've always regarded this as a threat / jab at Lainey that if she ever dared to complain about his penis or sex with him, he'd publicly rage about it and name and shame her.

No. 678656

Gonna get banned for this, but if the mods want to stop the pronoun policing they should also reprimand the people who intentionally misgender as well, not just those who call them out. Otherwise it seems a bit… biased.
Obviously this doesn't apply when talking about Lainey, since no one believes she's actually trans.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 678688

File: 1562696387267.jpg (216.93 KB, 1358x656, greg wiki.jpg)

All right, which one of you mad lads did this?

No. 678691

lolcow is one of the few spaces women can gather and gossip that isn't a tranny hug box. we refer to individuals by their sex, and aren't complicit in their delusion and mental illness.

No. 678719

There are transphobes all over the internet, including lolcow. There are people who think transness is valid all over the internet, including lolcow. We're not a monolith.

With that being said, Greg is still a transphobe despite using his "husband" as a shield.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 678735

wow. so someone finally came out and said it. HELLO ALL YOU WHITE FEMALE TERFS.(summerfag)

No. 678739

Lol sup

No. 678741

File: 1562704771992.jpeg (246.35 KB, 1125x1273, 8C3CB059-61F7-49D7-9D95-D9613F…)

You think this might slow down Onion’s rabid claiming spree now that he has to do actual work instead of auto claim everything with his name in it?

No. 678816

Jesus christ you're fucking new here

Ha, watch him now spin it as an excuse why it's OK to make claims

I don't get why other youtubers don't ensure onion's claim spamming strategy backfires by only ever depicting him in cartoon form. There's no lack of material or artists just on this site alone.

They can even diy, just like Onion's iconic whiteboard period.

No. 678833

He'll just claim his discord asskissers sent him the timestamp so he can continue to pretend he never watches any haturz' videos, you know since those are the only genre of gurg videos he claims.

No. 679202

Hey is this thread down? Haven't seen an update in hours.

No. 679215

Nah, Jimmy's just been the most uninteresting cow for a while now.
He's gonna have to file for divorce or bring in a new teen, if he wants attention again.

No. 679219


No, but since people get banned here over as much as sneezing in a thread no one can post anymore.

No. 679223


kek, this

No. 679250

there's no milk

No. 679272

Cry more, newfag. There’s just no more milk. Greg /James is predictable as fuck and therefore no one cares about him anymore.

No. 679278

Part of me is sad he can produce no more milk, but the larger part of me thinks if people finally stop talking about him he will lose it for good. His twitter and YouTube is still full of the same handful of people commenting on every post he makes (negative comments. But still) . I hope those people drop off so we can see how Onion reacts when even the haters don’t care enough to comment on anything he does.

His recent video about “you’re destroying my liiiiiiife” was kind of amusing but other than that, he’s just boring.

No. 679362

File: 1562879420299.jpg (176.25 KB, 1310x847, lovedolljul19.jpg)

And he's back to making $2 with his amazing content, the one he's always dreamt of creating.
Well, looks like nobody's interested in him or his silicone girlfriend, not even his regular patrons.

Too bad.

No. 679371

i wonder how long before he pulls the plug and pretends it never happened like his wetlands and subsequent new forums gofundme

No. 679387

>that description
He's lost his damn mind!

No. 679390

I wouldn't say it's impossible. He just needs to get a divorce, and then some new milk would come.

No. 679403

I'm not sure it'll be this easy this time.
He allegedly bought the doll for his skits, so I wonder if there will be discussions in the Avaroe / Jackson household. Maybe Lainey wants him to resell the doll since it's been quite an amount of money spent.
If he keeps it, it's a huge blow to his ego because secretly he will admit how unhappy he is about his marriage and that he isn't able to lure in another third, so he isn't all that hot and sexy as he thinks he is.
If he sells it, he'll keep the image he's trying to build for himself, but he'll be unhappy IRL.
It's practically a lose-lose situation, but I'm not sure Greg / James has already caught onto it.

No. 679434

A very good point, Noted.

No. 679444

James Jackson would rather fake a patreon out of his own squirrelled cash that justified his creepy sex doll than let laundry sell it for pennies in the pound. You do realise these lose value the first time they’re spunked in and beyond?

No. 679449


I think you're confusing laughing with crying there champ, but I can see how you would make that mistake.

No. 679453

Also, how exactly is Greggy poo not producing any milk? The dudes been producing more milk in the past few months than Chris-chan did throughout his entire "career" as a lolcow.

I suspect a lot of mods and admins deflecting the fact that they banned over half of all the internets total ip ranges and thus no one being able to post here.

But thats fine, you ladies keep deluding yourselves.

No. 679455

Give you one example: A few weeks ago I saw someone banned in a Greggy poo thread over not understanding how a chan message board works.

You gotta ban people over that, really? I just checked your rules page for the lulz and its twice the size of a mastodon's cock. Its ridiculous.

You lady-mods need to seriously mellow the fuck out, like have a coke and a smile or something and stop being so menstrual all the time.

Let the people, you know, have some fun with this shit and point and laugh at the lolcows. This message board seriously defeats its own purpose by being so uptight and frigid to its posters.

Hope you'll take my advice, but we all know you won't, but hey we can all dream, right?

No. 679458

If he had all this milk claimed why aren't you posting it here inteads of having the free time to whine? makes ya think

No. 679459


For real? You didn't notice the sex doll, the FPS challenging him to a boxing match, a lesbian challenging him to a boxing match and him talking to his "haters" non stop in live streams?

What rock have you been living under? Prolly too busy banning IP's, amirite?

Also, how is making suggestions to improve this board "whining?" Ah forget I asked…. this place IS ran by women, so deflecting is pretty much all you got when someone mansplains simple shit to you, right? Ask your husband to explain my posts to you, given he hasn't left 10 years ago to get a pack of smokes….

(Oh and just banned under my former IP, fem-mods make the best mods, ya'll….)

No. 679460


Let me explain this as simply as I can to you again:

- If you want people to post milk on lolcows, or anything really, allow them to post and keep your chubby sausage finger off that ban button.

No. 679461

You type like a 12 yo boy.

No. 679464


You lovely gal-mods DO realize that even a raging narcissist such as Null allows people to criticize his kiwifarms on his forums right?

Why does he allow that? Well simple: If you can not handle criticism, you shouldn't run a website of any kind, really.

You gals do have your ban-happiness in common with noolsenpai though, only he actually allows criticism, so that makes you gals worse than kiwifarms.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 679474

To above anon, take all criticisms and ideas to /meta/.

Sage for no milk, but does anyone know from his other platforms if this new sex doll is taking a larger roll in his, uuummmm comedy(?????) The patrion seems dead in the water.

No. 679477

Why does this sound like it's written by onion himself though?

No. 679480

All of them are written super creepy.

No. 679520

File: 1562899336832.png (427.49 KB, 1010x567, living in the past.png)


What's up you guys? I am a coward; or that's what different people with different opinions think. Some people think I'm brave, you know, cause I constantly make videos despite what anyone thinks. (Shows screen shots from female teenage fans that where left between 2012-2016.) I just keep on making videos, that's brave to some people. Like a lot of people will delete their social media the moment they get any conflict. I've seen it happen numerous times. They just strait up abandon the internet. But for some reason on social media we like to call each other names. I do it, you do it, we all do it. And it's kind of strait up cray because we don't like being called names yet we constantly do it to others. Not to long ago I was called a cowered because I was challenged to a fight, a boxing match by a youtuber. (Shows screen shots from 2015-2016 of people tweeting about how they'd like to fight Greg.) I didn't even know who the youtuber was so I didn't feel there was any reason to accept this challenge. I had no personal beef in it. Well, immediately people said 'hey this boxing match is for charity so your a cowered.' They would use that word. And I just thought that it was interesting because when I was challenging someone to a boxing match, just a couple of months prior, (Shows a picture of Shane.) No one was calling that person a cowered even though that was also for charity. And that kind of brings me into the whole human psychology dementia really. If you like somebody and they get challenged to a fight, you say they are the bigger person for ignoring the challenge. If you don't like the person who was challenged and they don't accept the challenge, you say they are a coward. I have a list of examples as to how this works. Like for instance I make a lot of videos about someone, people say I'm an obsessed stalker. (Shows screen shots of his EC videos and D Fizzy telling him to back off.) But if other people make a ton of videos about me, then their heros and fine. Even if I make constructive, positive, loving videos about someone; that's still considered evil to many people. (Shows a screenshot of his twitter post that features a recovering EC that he had pinned for over a month) Yet if someone makes hateful vicious videos attempting to destroy me, that's apparently totally healthy behavior. Anyways I just wanted to end this video with a test. Click like if you are actually watching this video and are not a bot. Just click like, and click dislike if you are literally a bot. And the reason I'm doing this test is because I'll make a video about saving someones life or how about how someones a hero or whatever and it gets overwhelming dislikes despite how constructive and positive and cool it is. (Shows a screen shot of a news article 'YouTube Has A New Plan to Stop Dislike Bots') Anyways, lets go save some lives. I can't fly. laughs

No. 679550

the reason he keeps making videos despite all the hate is not bravery, it's complete lack of self-awareness. He actually thinks he's making videos that are "positive, constructive, and cool"

No. 679595


>Greggy poo

>you ladies
>you gals

This sounds like Repzion. That's pretty fucking embarrassing, bro.

No. 679596

File: 1562929236319.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.48 KB, 500x500, extremesteveo.jpg)

This place is so hilarious. On the one hand you got ban-happy cunts banning everyone on the other hand you got them talking about what they wished their vagina looked like so that someone would finally clean the cogwebs out of their fat disgusting salmon smelling holes….


of course they won't take any advice, i'm actually fucking proud that you guys don't man. kudo's!(diagnosis: manlet faggotry)

No. 679597


And Greg / James / Onision can't differentiate between hate and criticism. Okay, there are some people out there who just straight hate on him.
But the majority criticizes his behavior as well as his actions because he's often childish and unreflecting, and, as you've already pointed out, lacks self-awareness.

Mostly I see people make fun of him or call him out when he criticizes people for something and does the exact same thing, or has done something alike in the past and then reprimands people when they do it. He's just so totally unable to relate and compare his own actions to the actions of others. smh

No. 679601

I wonder if he actually genuinely believes that whole "most honest youtuber" shtick? Or does he know deep down that hes in the wrong and that's why he's projecting so hard?

No. 679630

I think he’s just too stupid to understand that his nitpicking “I was technically right” childishness isn’t heroic.

No. 679640


He never thinks he’s wrong, and that’s what Crazy Tami taught him. He mistakes “brootaly honest” with airing everyone’s dirty private laundry.

No. 679657

i think he has moments where he has to convince himself he is right about something by doing some mental gymnastics. (the recent Stop sign thing is a sure sign of that) But in the end he does end up convincing himself, so he can never grow or change.

Sometimes in his videos he acts self-deprecating and it will make me wonder if he is more self-aware than we give him credit for, but then every time he does a live stream that doubt is shattered because there he is aggressively arrogant and argumentative and absolutely sure he is in the right about everything. I think the greg we see in those live streams is the real greg, and thus those moments of self-awareness in the videos is all an act to attemt to make himself appear more likable.

No. 679864

Funny to me that the most recent tweet in this screen cap is 3 years old

No. 679867

In Petty Paige's last livestream, she said onion was copyright claiming his content in her video 3 times for the same content. As video, audio, and audiovisual. Is this new? You can claim the same footage 3 times over? Then, you can get 3 strikes on your channel for 1 video. I haven't heard any other creators talk about him doing this, I was just wondering if it was yet another escalation in his copyright spree.(sage goes in the email field; lolcow.farm/info)

No. 679911

File: 1563003120373.jpg (30.87 KB, 660x315, No YOU 2.jpg)

TBF Strange Aeons has called him that.. Heck, I've called him that. But yeah, it does sound somewhat like Repzion. I am amused that both Greg & Repzion need to google what an idiolect is. Greg in particular doesn't seem to grok that you can SAY you're a 20 yr old woman all you like, but if you write in the same tone as our favorite sperglord, replete with his usual grammar & spelling mistakes, & post only pictures of his ugly mug to a 2 day account, chances are someone's gonna play Spot The Sock.

No. 679955

in the new system you have to specify exactly where and when in the video the alleged copyright theft is occurring - no more just claiming a whole video. he's obsessively picking over petty's videos.

No. 680008

So much for never watching the haters videos. It appears that in fact that they may be the only other videos he watches on youtube. It's just like him… He only takes in media created by himself such as youtube, books, and music. The next best thing for a narc to watch is videos about themselves.

No. 680059

File: 1563054180625.jpeg (524.99 KB, 750x932, 64A2F91B-C1A2-4C18-9D71-C542FB…)

He looks like he would bite.

No. 680061

why do his eyes look shooped?

No. 680077

Because they sort of are. Old school photographers used to retouche family portraits as a rule. They'd pretty them up significantly so that it could be framed, and they'd put the best of them in their own shop window as a self-advertisement of their work. They were always as cheesy as this one, with oversaturated colours, dewy eyes, tacky backdrops and idiotic facial expressions.

No. 680097

Jesus Christ, I've NEVER seen anyone as obsessed with his own mug as Grugly, & that includes fucking Dasha & the instathots of her ilk. I've said this before, but he's posted AT LEAST a dozen 'Here's a pic of me from 2002 next to a pic of me in 2019, I haven't aged a day!' posts on his Instagram. (Who the fuck are you trying convince, Greg- us or you?) Childhood photos of your favorite youtubers can be charming, but 1) he's posted heaps of child pics of himself loads of times before 2)no one cares, Grug 3)What 33 yr old man has childhood pics just lying around around to post on a slow news day & put heart emojis on? I've never seen anyone so wedded to the past, without ANY thought to their future. He obviously decided to be a teenage sperglord forever. And he wonders why we call him a narcissist. Jaysus.

No. 680106

unpopular opinion, but I actually found him almost attractive in the 2010-era when he had his natural brown hair, and it was shoulder length
he aged terribly and looks like a solid 3 now though

No. 680109

back in the high-contrast filtered days of his OnisionSpeaks rants, with Skye in the background in the original onion lair, he wasn’t bad looking. like if you saw him on the street you wouldn’t think anything was particularly bad about his looks. can’t really say the same now though. some people age like milk and some people age like wine.

No. 680127

File: 1563069311092.jpg (10.26 KB, 219x200, xzccx.jpg)

good luck on learning to love yourselves anons.

No. 680143

It so embarrassing that he refers to himself as onision.
I cant wait for the "young James Jackson" throwbacks.

No. 680151

File: 1563074770885.jpg (156.61 KB, 1138x758, Vain Asshat4.jpg)

I couldn't give a fuck debating about his looks. He's completely average, but the raging narcissism is what makes him so repulsive. It's the vanity, the self-obsession that irks me. He really believes he is terrifically handsome. He posts comparison shots with movie stars or video game characters. The 'I haven't aged' posts are ridiculous. I mean, look at this shit. Hey Gurgles, ever hear actual handsome men like Anson Mount or Henry Cavill pull this shit? No you don't.

No. 680152

File: 1563074932769.jpg (197.04 KB, 1180x746, Vain Asshat.jpg)

More of Narcissus gazing at own reflection. Holy shit, how does an ordinary-looking man who barely finished high school have such a high opinion of himself? Tosh really created a monster when he featured that damn banana video.

No. 680153

File: 1563074992538.jpg (174.83 KB, 1195x545, Vain Asshat3.jpg)

There are over a DOZEN of these. Christ, the vanity.

No. 680154

File: 1563074992625.png (295.97 KB, 564x560, jj.png)

Now he wants to be called JJ. Also he can't be bothered to stop eating while making a video? Gross.


No. 680155

File: 1563075023924.png (403.29 KB, 570x624, ab.png)

Sorry guys, this was was removed from youtube.

No. 680156

File: 1563075101242.jpg (144.66 KB, 1179x677, Vain Asshat2.jpg)

OK last one. So. Fucking. Vain.

No. 680157


Okay, GregGreg it is then

No. 680158

File: 1563075605229.png (126.54 KB, 565x598, dislike bots.png)

He really believes in he's awesome but it's just the dislike bots hating on him.


No. 680162

Jesus, an entire video on this shit? If he spent a fraction of the time playing with his kids as he did gazing at his own hideous visage, they might have half a chance not to grow up hating him.
How does a grown man end up this vain? Models & movie stars don't have half the ego of this manlet clown. Baffling.

No. 680207

Fuck, with that jawline, he looks like Big Mac Tonite

No. 680223

File: 1563088072184.jpg (78.41 KB, 753x610, jjgregjamesonision.jpg)

He's certainly not doing himself any favors.

1) He's wasting a ton of water.
2) He never actually shows his face for a longer period of time except for when he adds that weird wavy filter.
3) He shouldn't let his 5-year-old son edit the video. It can't be him editing. I've never seen anyone's skills degrade so drastically. Mind you, he's been editing videos for what now, 10 or 12 years?

Much vegetarian and environmentally friendly.
Much handsome.
Much skill.

Time of screenshot: around 2:16, I didn't add anything to it.

No. 680227

File: 1563088271654.png (51.56 KB, 776x492, Capture_644.PNG)

The fans arent paying for the privilege of his company so hes having to move everything to some ghetto set up. I always wanted the quick bright burn out, but watching the slow steady decline is way more enjoyable.

No. 680232

God he looks like a rotting tomato.

No. 680238

File: 1563091934650.jpg (137.79 KB, 980x1040, dae.jpg)

that comment though

No. 680276

Don't you people ever learn? Those that try to hurt Onision only end up hurting themselves. Onision will always win, because he speaks the truth and disproves anything you say with facts. Give up and stop being so jealous.(kek)

No. 680278

His face looks like it's melting on the right. That's terrifying, jfc.

No. 680279

How are you winning,Greggy-Poo? Your views are tanking. You lost most of your assets due to your IRS situation. Your haters get way more views than you do. You're married to a fake boi with hairy armpits when you like alt. girly-girls. Your sex doll Patreon bombed bigtime. Your regular Patreon loses subs every day.Pls tell me, in explicit & lurid detail, how exactly you are winning. I'm aaaaaaall ears, Gregory.

No. 680284

File: 1563115083665.png (22.33 KB, 220x276, UwdqKwq.png)

No. 680289

Oh, nobody wanted to pay for his stupid forum? So tragic.

No. 680290


I'm not Greg. But think about this: Every single debate Onision has had with you "Anti-O"'s he has won. How does that make you feel? Couldn't it be that perhaps Onision is a 100% right all of the time?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680292

File: 1563118740843.jpg (6.8 KB, 170x170, Flabber.jpg)

w/e you say man

No. 680297


Reported b/c it's baiting and spurs infighting.


I don't know why he set the forums up in the first place. I still think that's one of the reasons why his patron is tanking: usually his patrons seem to crave his attention which they now can get for free on the forums, so no need for fans without a big buck to sign up there.

Which leads me to believe that he either needs to bask in more attention and by more people than just his patrons or he's still trying to find another cute girl and have history repeat itself since that's how he got in contact with multiple of his partners.

In short: patron alone doesn't do it for him, he needs to draw in more (different?) people.

No. 680302


Oh, so as soon as someone, a single person comes in to actually defend Onision its "baiting"? How is that working out for you? So basically that means only talking shit about Onision is allowed here, as long as you don't say anything NICE about him?(kek)

No. 680303

File: 1563121797930.png (161.52 KB, 1458x829, grooming grounds.png)

>tfw not cute enough
if she had her hair the right shade of manic color blue, maybe he'd give her a shot at auditioning for a poly trial

maybe he shares all this "i'm depressed and suicidal" emo bullshit on his twitter and youtube lately because lainey wont let him fly out new freshly legal poon :(
poor greggy

No. 680305


You guys are being ridiculous, like seriously. What empty and hollow lives you must lead obsessing over a youtube comedian like this.(kek)

No. 680306

File: 1563122269192.png (115.83 KB, 1356x795, nice lol.png)

90% of his forums are girls begging to be part of lainey and greg's relationship
its kinda hilarious

No. 680310


it's too bad they didn't shoop a soul in there.

it's so strange how people say he has pretty eyes and to me they are straight nightmare fuel.

also people who actually understand (ie not his fans) how youtube works understand why the dislike bots are unlikely. (engagement is engagement whether good or bad) he knows this too and is blatantly manipulating his audience to engage his videos.

most true and honest youtuber strikes again!

No. 680312

File: 1563123169475.jpeg (312.57 KB, 750x638, 98C8CAAF-98EB-46AC-825F-94A7C2…)


>youtube comedian

please say sike

No. 680313

You sound like a child. If you where grown enough mentally you'd realize that no one is right 100% of the time. Also it's natural for people to be intrigued by a train wreck. That's why trash TV has never failed to pull in views, but times have changed and their are real people exposing their lifes to critique and criticism. He chooses to air out his dirty laundry and we enjoy the dumpster fire and chuckle. I'll tell you a secret, when he stops producing milk this place becomes a ghost town. It has happened a few times and when it does James goes nuts because he can not live without the attention. Instead of defending a 30+ year old man from big ol' internet bullies, how about working on finding a sense of self.

No. 680319


I don't know about you but I would personally not call someone who has made millions as a youtube comedian, helped millions of people and who published 3 books a train wreck. But to each its own.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680321

either retard or greg self posting

No. 680328

Wow, what a douche. She's basically pouring her heart out and he goes
>ok thx
>that's all gib moneys now

Girl, pls. Love yourself. There's a billion men more suitable for an internet crush than James fucking Jackson.

No. 680329

Summerfags probably. Or someone linked this forum and some underage whiteknight thirsty for Greg's micropeen decided to go on a selfrighteous crusade.

No. 680334


I'm one of Onision's many proud fans. He has helped me quit harming myself.
What did you do today? You used gay slurs on a hater message board.
Keep telling yourself Onision is the bad guy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680345

File: 1563129200942.jpg (27.55 KB, 540x395, get a load of this fag.jpg)

>I'm one of Onision's many proud fans. He has helped me quit harming myself.

No. 680346


I can't say I'm too surprised that you haters are Trump supporters. Bigots and fascists till the bitter end, right? Keep staying miserable, keep being jealous of people more successful than you.
The perfect past-time for a hater.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680349

These girls need to learn how to love themselves.

Right now Greg's ideal 'unicorn' is a cute alt girl that is super insecure, and also has unlimited money from super rich parents or inheritance.

Neither of them have a chance. First girl is too old and not his type. Second girl claims she's nonbinary-masculine and we all know that is NOT what he's looking for.

No. 680352

File: 1563130821130.jpeg (22.49 KB, 150x150, 77708CB7-FF7A-4EB9-B120-18E9DE…)


>people more successful than you

> “So the forum is in debt $135+ right now. Will be moving to a new free-ish forum so we can keep posting.”

No. 680355

File: 1563131410168.png (852.43 KB, 1334x750, 1547853410173.png)

with these fags and report

No. 680357

Has he really? Funny that! His entire big shane exposé seem to come to a screeching halt after one such debate.

No. 680365

File: 1563132976582.jpg (20.33 KB, 400x215, u7kQq1Dh.jpg)

>inb4 new whiteknight post claiming that "most everyone" knows onision is "100% right all the time"

No. 680370

Ah, yes. Greggy Poo once had a successful career, but he blew all his bucks on trashing the environment, bringing in girl after girl into his home, attempting to pull the wool over the government's eyes in tax payments, and now he owes a fee to an internet forum. And, let's be clear, Greg self-published three books, because no literary agent or publishing firm in their right mind would ever promote his bonfire fuel to the public. Greg is basically the male version of E.L. James.

Greg was formerly successful, and now he's trash. And for every fan he's shamed into bettering themselves, there have been dozens more who either laugh at his pathetic tactics or have been harmed by his harshness. Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to dismiss the people he's victimized directly and indirectly? Just a thought.

No. 680381

how obvious it is at this point that this anon is actually Greg himself …I mean those are words he uttered before(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 680383

As an oldfag I haven't posted much because James Jj Greg has been boring lately.

The sex doll is jarring. It's just sick. He has a young daughter and a wife even if Kailey is bugging over her identity. It's crazy.

His other rants and streams are just par for the course. This sex doll marlarky is weird I'm just waiting for the relationship break down between Kai and James, although Kai is dull online these days. They both are.

No. 680389


He even misspoke there saying "I'd be jealous too, if I were you guys"

He's lucky the overactive moderators here deleted that post.

No. 680391

"I'd be jealous too, if I were you guys"
lmfaooo what a fucking idiot
just leave now while you still can retard.

No. 680392

Did anyone screen cap that deleted post where Greg was flexing?

No. 680393

File: 1563138647726.png (15.62 KB, 784x234, delusional.png)

No. 680394


thank you!

No. 680400

File: 1563140011822.jpeg (351.94 KB, 1125x611, BC63CDF8-F6D6-4365-B138-477C44…)

Can you all sage your retarded tinfoiling? It’s obvious that the Greg anon is just a summerfag trying to derail the thread. It’s not surprising the newfags are falling for it.

No. 680401

Unless you want to receive spam , I'd suggest leaving name and email field blank.

He's known about lolcow for years but has never shown up to defend himself IIRC. It's probably just a summerfag whiteknight like >>680400 said.

No. 680404


>Calls people newfags

>Doesn't know what sage means(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680405


>Twice it gets sage wrong even.

No. 680406

Speaking of tinfoil hatting, that second post conveniently got deleted.
Learn what sage means before becoming a moderator, perhaps?

No. 680408

Before you call others out on not knowing what sage is, try not being an newfag.


No. 680409


Yes, you need to look that up because obviously you don't know what sage means!

No. 680411

Quote: "age
A word originating from the popular Japanese forum website 2chan. Sage (pronounced "sah-geh") - from the Japanese word "sageru", refers to replying to a post using the word "sage" in the email field in order to increase the number of replies without age-ing (or bumping) the post. This can be used as a courtesy, allowing one to quietly add comments that may not be interesting enough to warrant pushing the thread to the top. It can also be used as a way to show displeasure with the post being replied to.
"Sage" is typed in the e-mail field!"

SAGE only works when you put that in the email field when YOU comment, as to not bump a useless thread. Now how in the hell were you going to "sage Gregs posts" inside this thread, IDIOT?(ban evasion / Greg Whitenight)

No. 680424

File: 1563145666781.jpg (8.14 KB, 180x180, FB_IMG_1500550615002.jpg)

Holy fucking shit this is hilarious. Go back to twitter you perpetual walking embarrassment of a manchild and take your definitions with you.

No. 680427

File: 1563146094748.png (270.91 KB, 1839x924, btwitsWhiteKnight.png)


No. 680531

File: 1563165201513.jpg (159.06 KB, 818x503, pPdNZ3c.jpg)

For how long has this thread chain existed? And Onision's fanboys just now cottoned on to it?

No. 680533

i always LOL when onion stans use his "3 published books" as evidence of his success. ANYONE can self publish a book. Literally anyone. It is not an accomplishment.

No. 680535


Brett Keane wrote a book.

Nuff said.

No. 680539

I think it was a slow burn. They've lurked for a long time, watched their lord and savior being raked over the coals and exposed and couldn't handle it anymore.
They tugged on their tiny balls for some courage and put their IP's in a row ready for the bans. Its sad that their troll attempt only lasted for a few hours. You'd think that a true fan of Onision would have a fire that cant be extinguished with a few IP bans by the mods and a belt spanking by Anons.

No. 680544

It's sad when they can't even get basic Onion facts right. As a long time watcher of this train wreck I can tell you they couldn't even get his eye color right. I'm a bit disappointed how they didn't even bring up his fantastic neanderthal genes. (He talked about it when they did those DNA test.) As far as huge fanbase… well, I can tell by the views he gets.

No. 680545


nothing says success like hate-fucking a plastic doll on camera while your wife and children sleep upstairs, then uploading the footage to your questionably aged fanbase for a solid ~1k views.

No. 680551

I'm very left wing, I have a master's degree from an elite university… I'm just fascinated by the messes terrible people like Greg and Mira get themselves into.(no1curr)

No. 680566


You seriously think I need all that? The way this place is run with some stupid half ass scripting to try and deter trolls from trolling the fuck out of this place I'm amazed its still up.
Some of the trolls I've known in the past if they came to party here this place would be shut down in a day.
I can probably shut this place down myself, if I gave it some effort.
Go ahead, call my bluff on that one, ladies.(go ahead kek)

No. 680567


Oh and before you think I mean a simple DOS attack, think again.

No. 680569

dude you are seriously deranged with those gifs what the fuck …we don't need to see that

No. 680570

>>is a fan of Onisions
>>has images of women being beaten save to his HD

Why am I not surprised

No. 680573

you know what they say …psychopaths stick together …Greg is a known woman/animal/child abuser himself …and there's hardcore proof for that everywhere

No. 680574

he's an incel, what do you expect?

No. 680576

Yawn, you derailed incel

No. 680578

>this obvious jaw shoop

No. 680579

stop adding your email, retard. jfc.

No. 680587

File: 1563188424401.jpg (62.56 KB, 696x534, 2xCTJv0.jpg)

>tfw 1337 haxx0r
>tfw you don't know how to spell DDoS

What >>680579 said. When does school start again for all these summerfags?

No. 680589

I kinda feel like Julia looks like Lainey as a teenager.

No. 680595

Pls share this thing’s attached face photo, I want to laugh.

No. 680602

The problem with James now days is that his glory days are truly over now. He’s not even fun enough to keep a lolcow thread going. He is boring and he is sad, documented and archiving his shit now can be fun for later if anything ever happens in his life which I doubt because… he’s just a regular Caucasian dad in America with his over priced toys, middle age crisis and a loveless marriage. He’s not unique anymore and I think that must fucking sting and that’s why he wants to blame his failure on “us” “haters” and all those mean stalkers and obsessive creeps that make videos about him. It’s easier to blame al that than face the fact that … he is boring, average and will fade into irrelevance just like all those other 2012 memes.

No. 680604


I always ask this once as a courtesy:

- Are you absolutely sure you want me to take down this site?(heh, you don't want to see my dark side kiddo)

No. 680607

Um it's not just ladies who use this forum.(Keithposting)

No. 680610

lol you're just boring everyone, get a better hobby

No. 680612

File: 1563203837227.jpeg (59.18 KB, 635x513, 5235A176-6ABC-472F-A2F3-578FB0…)

Imagine sperging out on a dying thread because mommy didn’t give you enough attention. I

No. 680616

pleaaaase free us from these shackles, we're damsels in distress and need you to break the spell.

> ooga big tough man, me tough guy, me post gifs of woman being beaten.

You totally proved that James is a peaceful guy with peaceful fans.

No. 680618

He attracts broken girls and guys like Randy Stair. Let me guess, this guy also idolizes the Columbine shooters and would only try to hurt someone weaker than himself or didn't see him coming. Bonus points if he thinks he's a girl and he has a soul bond with a fictional character. So scary guys.

No. 680621

File: 1563207412795.jpg (172.07 KB, 750x635, h8OlXet.jpg)

>pssh…nothin personnel…kid…

At least sage your shit if you wanna manure-post.

No. 680632


He 100% did idolize Columbine, down to the trenchcoats and school shootings in his book. Let’s not forget he was a joke in high school who got his ass kicked for being a dick to everyone.

No. 680633

No one cares about you, Keith, go the fuck back to tumblr.

No. 680638

if we all hate Greg why are fighting amongst each other ? its pretty ridiculous . pls mods ban that incel troll

No. 680649

Wow, congrats on paying for a service that allows you to hide your identity in order to share your compilation of strange and disturbing gifs. You sound like a genius, and your sense of humor is out of this world. I can't imagine why women wouldn't be interested in you..

No. 680651


good call. i mean, what are the chances that someone who thinks themselves as the "good guy" posting these images is also the same kinda guy who hates women because women shun him while being the same kind of guy women would shun?

if it was a venn diagram, it'd just be a circle.

No. 680662

I didn't see the post, but let me guess.

>hurrdurr i have this new technology thing called vpn which i can use to miserably fail to threaten an anonymous imageboard because i have mommy issues

>dae roasties bad amirite

No. 680677

did james/greg or one of his orbiters get drunk and decide to go on a one person crusade to show lolcow whatfor? what a fail. there were a few suspicious posts on kiwifarms recently that seemed like greg was trying to dig up info on eugenia and followed the naming of his soapyaaf reddit account.

No. 680682


Anus doesn’t understand the concept of subtlety. Or cleverness. Or creativity. Or originality. Or intelligence.

No. 680688

Didn't the 'haturz' make fun of Onion for bragging about paying for a vpn when you can get that shit for free? I bet he's big mad even his hater forums are becoming less active, still more active than his gay forums but still

No. 680694

recently Greg/James has been commenting on kiwifarms and he was called out by using his very obvious nicknames so I wouldn't be surprised if he came here since his trolling there didn't go very well with the mods

No. 680703

sage your tinfoil

No. 680706

It's strange that this autist is laser-focusing this violent sperg solely and specifically on the Onision thread only. His mental illness is very Onion focused whoever he is.

No. 680709

Or it's another attempt to make TEH HATURZ look crazy.

No. 680711

File: 1563227482861.png (179.53 KB, 1291x1217, temp.png)

Just wanted to include the song in the link: Paul Stanley - Live to Win (2006) HQ. Apparently it was in the World of Warcraft South Park Episode.


(I guess you can't post /both/ an image and a YouTube link. Sorry. I'm an idiot. Please forgive me.)

No. 680714

I’m pretty confident this is gurg/James sperging out. He’s really just showing us his private fap folder contents

No. 680717

here's another song for your playlist, greg, you hopeless dork

No. 680722

What the hell does that have to do with anything, it's two week old milk that some autist wanted to rally KF to satisfy his le epic trolling plans XD

Also, sage your BS.

No. 680727

Kind of a coincidence this thread is suddenly getting so much attention after weeks of it being confirmed dead. Gurg couldn't stand not being on the front page any more.

No. 680733

File: 1563230547520.jpg (184.68 KB, 794x1059, il_794xN.1587717678_s11u.jpg)

Poetic cinema. Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it. Anyways, should we be running to our internet bunkers on this one? Is this big mean internet man with master's degree from an elite university gonna hurt us?

No. 680792

What the fuck? What part of 'not your personal army' did this idiot miss?

No. 680802

File: 1563242025447.png (339.7 KB, 563x621, gross.png)


He truly is an idiot. Steven King's group sex part in 'It' was written purposefully and with reason. The seen really does effect the story and character relationships.

On the other hand Greg rights porn for himself. The only reason he wrote about this in his 'book' is so that he could brag about how sex came naturally to him. He even says that we don't have a right to be upset at this chapter because it was a real story and it would be like getting mad at an 11 year old him. This man in his mid 30's see's nothing wrong with writing in a sex scene with an 11 year old boy just to fill a chapter and make his tiny peen hard.

No. 680807

File: 1563242468766.jpg (29.56 KB, 288x454, reapersbuttcrack.jpg)

Since when does he sell physical copies of his book?
I wonder how many he has lying around (and how poorly they sell). lmao

No. 680830

This is rage-inducing. Any normal adult would look back at a 15 yr old taking advantage of an 11 yr old &go,"Well that was fucked up." The fact that he doesn't see anything wrong with a teenager basically molesting a preteen is maddening. A sexual experience of an 11 yr old could, in the hands of a skilled writer be framed as a key, ultimately negative experience, but Greg is too much of a hack for that. And this idea that 'it actually happened so you can't be mad at 11 yr old me LOL' is idiotic. He chooses to employ a steamy erotica novel tone over what is basically child abuse.I sincerely doubt if it happened, it was, at 11 yrs of age, the cool experience he claims it was. It was probably embarrassing,damaging & one of the reasons he's a narc mess today who hates women.
Fuck you Greg. Go join NAMBLA or something, you pedofreak.

No. 680849

4 uploads with "kill" in the title in the past 5 days.
Just pointing that out.

No. 680854

>4 uploads with "kill" in the title in the past 5 days.
Just pointing that out.

His preoccupation with violence is worrying. I genuinely worry Greg will show up to Youtube headquarters & pull a Nasim Aghdam when his channel gets removed from 1 strike too many.

No. 680859

It doesn't help he's been talking about suicide alot on his twitter. But it might just be a coincidence

No. 680864

when he first got dropped by youtube and couldnt run away from the IRS much longer 1-2 years back, he admitted his drop in money would normally make him commit suicide by now but he couldn't cause he has a family. scary and fucked up to think as soon as his finances weren't 50k a month he was ready to end it. he probably feels tempted now more than ever but held back by haturz winning and traumatizing the shallots and his husbandwife.

No. 680870

Claims he likes Stephan king, doubtful he has read a single book of his

No. 680876


He claims not to have read a book since high school, and it shows.

If he had he'd know that King & the author of Twilight series have both been called out for problematic content in their books. What rock is he living under to not know this? Success doesn't mean immunity from criticism, much as he'd like it to.

No. 680877

Hey off topic, why does the 'p' word turn up as red? I hope it's not a bannable word, as I think it's context here is justified.

No. 680879

Victim, triggered and some others turn red automatically. It's just a joke because they're overused by Tumblr culture.

No. 680884

"baby blue eyes" idk why this has me rolling. it's so obviously greg because even during his peak i've never seen any of his fans compliment his serial killer stare.

No. 680926

File: 1563275528063.jpg (42.73 KB, 300x300, Wypr3tt.jpg)

>tfw lolcow still isn't down even after mommy made you extra tendies to keep up your strength while you hack those roastie bitches

No. 680944

His eyes are fucking CREEPY. They're too far apart, first of all. Also, they droop at the corners. Then, of course, you have the giant eyebrow fold that he desperately tries to minimize by opening his creepy eyes wide as they can go. Besides the eyebrow fold, you have his jutting brow ridge which gives him a definite neanderthal look. This is only accentuated by the giant dent in his forehead.

His bone structure is actually really fucking terrible and unfortunate. This is why he NEVER films himself from the side at a true profile angle. He's careful not even to look at someone he's filming with if it means showing the camera his true profile. At that angle, the size of his massive head is really observable. It also shows how bad his gross caveman brow is. His jawline is terrible, the whole bottom of his face is absolutely bizarre. Very ape like, horrible genes. I used to have a few photos saved to my phone showing exactly what I mean, I don't remember how I came across these RARE shots of Grugly from a true profile angle. I know one was from a video, that I can no longer find. It was of him and Lainey, Grugly was sitting in a chair and Lainey was standing up I think. The background was white. Grugly would turn his gargantuan head to the side and look up, giving the camera a true profile, while listening to Lainey. I can't remember what the two creeps were talking about but it's fairly recent. Another image I had was a candid shot of Grugly at the grocery store. I just went on Google to try and find some shots profile shots of Grugly and there are NONE. Which is bizarre considering Grugly has put out so much content, including photos, for the past decade+. You'd think there's be shots of Grugly from all sides, but no.

He's been very careful with the content he puts out in order to maintain the dishonest image he's created of himself over the years. Y'all know the look, eyes wide open. Always shot from the front. Contrast up. This isn't how he looks at all. I know sometimes people post those HDR images highlighting his horrible skin but honestly that is so far and away from the truth of how objectively unattractive he is. It's his BONE STRUCTURE, the way his face is put together, which makes him truly hideous.

If anyone can find any actual shots of his profile, post them! This angle is what makes Grugly truly self-consciousness, that's why it's so hard to find any shots/clips at this angle. The only thing I could find a few minutes ago while I did a quick search was a few shots at 3 quarters.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 680945

File: 1563281897127.png (666.75 KB, 699x879, greggy.png)

I've always thought he looks like a straight up Neanderthal more and more as he ages
Then, I watched his 23andMe video, and it told him he has more Neanderthal DNA than 80 percent of customers, and i kek'd

No. 680954

Jesus if James here is an example of the neanderthal ancestry no wonder we fucking rekd those guys.

No. 680964

I couldn't find the neanderthal information in the 23andme video . Can anyone point out where they got it from ?

No. 680980

File: 1563294809026.png (3.02 MB, 2838x1470, gurg.png)

was near the end lmao. makes soooo much sense ahaha

No. 681162

sage for OT but no, that scene was written because the guy was high as fuck throughout that entire decade. It has rightfully been recognised as creepy and awful since the book's release, especially since it drags on for several pages. A bunch of twelvies having an orgy in a sewer in order to 'bond' only makes sense if you've done a mountain of coke, like King did.

Greg's writing is far more egregious, but they're both fucking unnecessary and awful.

Oh please, Greg is a huge coward, and there might be males at YT HQ so that would scare him even more. He'd have to wait until he was sure it was only women working that day, and then the worst he would do would be to go in and scream at them and perhaps kill a mannequin he brought with him.

No. 681250

File: 1563315983559.png (1.67 MB, 1345x925, Capture.PNG)

Gurgly bought himself a new Tesla. He acts as if it's normal for a "struggling youtuber with IRS problems and a family to support " to spend 40,000 on a brand new vehicle..

No. 681259

I wonder if his sychopants are happy to see what their parents' hard earned money goes monthly into
not too long ago this shitstain claimed to be in debt and that he could not afford to pay his shitty forum nor the damages he has done to the wetland .

No. 681270

He must be making more on YouTube than he lets on. His 2k a month on Patreon is barely enough to support a family of 4.

No. 681275

> oh no forum is $135 in debt
> look at my new Tesla

James Jackson is a lunatic.

No. 681287

We knew Greg wasn't as broke as he lead us to believe

No. 681302

I haven't watched the video yet, but things don't add up. If any dear anon would be so kind to reupload, I'd appreciate it very much!

Is it really his Tesla?
Could it be leased / rented?
Did he borrow it from anyone?
Could he have been on a trial run?

If it really is his car how do his patrons keep falling for his 1) "I'm so broke" and 2) "most honest YouTuber" BS?

Questions upon questions.

No. 681308

Teslas Are Junk? Is Model 3 Worth It?

A bit of a tin foil but I think he's been trading stocks for a while now. I remember Jimmy posting a screen shot of stocks last year in his discord with no context. His ass lickers claimed they where his 'fake' stocks. Some time this year I think he briefly let slip that believed Robin Hood ripped him off. I think Billie the Fridge encouraged him to get into trading because Leafy was doing quite well for himself after dropping the youtube game.

No. 681319

He said he canceled his forums just to afford this car. lol

No. 681336

yep ..that is how much shit he gives about his fans.

No. 681356

File: 1563323971107.png (198.04 KB, 1248x621, car payment and down payment.p…)

Mashed up screen shots from his video. Looks like he is buying and he says he got a reduced monthly payment because he served in the air force.

No. 681380

File: 1563324817009.png (314.14 KB, 543x575, trans.png)

No. 681399

kek when lainey starts T and i see actual evidence of dysphoria pre-Greggy, i'll maybe take her serious as a trans person

No. 681408

Imagine having a child that runs away from home, marries a pedo, has his children and then tr00ns out. Fuck, this is gonna be an epic saga.

No. 681481

Indeed. Note the glamor 'before' selfie'. No trans person could stand posting a pic like that.

No. 681488


I really really hope she goes on T soon, only because of the fact that there would be no way greg would stick around/not look for a third. It would be the beginning of the end, and it would fuck with gregs whole "I love my husband, I'm so gay" trans ally schtick.

No. 681502


Exactly. It's easy for him to 'be an ally' when she still looks female. I wonder how 'in love' Greg will be when Lainey starts to look like Kelvin Garrah or grows facial hair.

No. 681515

He put the car in a video so it must be tax deductible, right? Lol

No. 681575

he must think IRS is really stupid . Grugly/Jimmy overestimating his lonely struggling brain cell as always

No. 681591

>thinking doormat has the balls to go on T
shes way too scared of greg leaving her to ever go through with it, and shes said it herself, she doesnt want facial hair, she wants to be a "gay cute scene twink boi uwu"

No. 681596

She’s gone a lot farther with it than most of us thought she would tho. Rather than changing nothing about how she looks while wearing full glam makeup looks and saying she isn’t a girl, she’s now making small but tangible changes. Even growing body hair is something Greg hates but she’s doing it anyway.

Tbh I’m not sure he’s in a position to leave or get another girl. His popularity is tanking and she’s still getting sponsorships. I don’t know how much cash he has in the bank now but the cash flow is more than likely tipped toward her now. Plus child support. She understandably doesn’t want a third. I think she was able to put her foot down because if it were up to him they would have an unending line of young girls parading though their home.

No. 681597

Thank you anon, you're the best!

Yeah, that was what I was thinking first, too.
But if he doesn't / won't get in trouble for buying a new Tesla that can only mean that he makes enough money to afford both, paying off his debt and the new car.

Neither of these options make him look good:
He either tries to go behind the IRS' back (=/= most honest Youtuber)
he has lied about his finances and isn't as broke as he always claims (=/= most honest Youtuber). Thus, he's had even fewer reasons to claim videos about him because it's not ruining him.

Ahahaha, I'm waiting for Repzion to sue him because Greg will pull the "I'm not able to financially support my family" card but shot himself in the foot yet again. He just has to brag about his material possessions, y'know.

No. 681601

"Kai, I know you don't have any real hobbies or friends but from now on our evenings together at Panera and our family trips to Disneyland are off the list. I need to buy a Tesla! You'll learn to love it.
Oh, and listen, no Starbucks either."

How much does electricity per kw/h cost in his area?
How much of the electricity in the USA is still generated from lignite? (EU fag here who still hears Trump roar about saving jobs in lignite production.)
I'm genuinely curious since I remember him having solar panels on his previous house which probably decreased electricity prices for him.

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