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File: 1489476605774.png (655.84 KB, 926x591, IMG_3784.PNG)

No. 359590

-Onion had his first debate since 3-2 years ago with former friend and collaborator Jaclyn Glenn, where we've learned that he's too mentally incompetent to debate with adults and will only use pathetic attempts and his trusty doormat-I mean loving wife (lol) to get on top.

-Greg's run out of ideas for videos that he now resorts to talking about his exes and is currently denying the existence of his children (please watch his current Speaks videos in any way shape or form). He stopped talking about Eugenia due to herself (and Jaclyn) asking him to…for now.

-Meanwhile, Taylor is getting a visit from a ladyfriend soon. Said ladyfriend has some serious mental issues of her own so we'll see what milk will it bring us.

-Joy Sparkles was up to debate Onion until he raged quit and accused Joy of lying to not confront him as well as being a crazy manipulative liar and tried to threaten her with a lolsuit which of course…the C&D letter was forged from Google. He also (somewhat) admitted to this (lol fucking loser).

On to the next greasy adventure!

Last thread: >>>/pt/354315

No. 359591

File: 1489477243647.png (290.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3785.PNG)

Morning tweets:

No. 359593

File: 1489477390326.png (157.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3786.PNG)


>Lainey, gtfo out of my sight u stupid bitch!!!!!

No. 359594

Him and Lainey are fighting yet again and he's throwing a massive pity party talking about how abusive he is but doing nothing about it.

The cycle continues. Though plains """gf""" seems to be talking about changing herself on her twitter.

No. 359596

Loving this. Please be Onion hating this new "gf" of Lainey's the subsequent abuse of Lainey by telling her "NO" in full narc display, Lainey using Greg's bullshit and hypocrisy and throwing it back at him, Greg is in a corner as Lainey finally stands up to him, Greg flips into a self depricating pity party to save face and to get Lainey to pay attention to HIM…. AND of course she will forgive him as he love bombs her whilst she browses twitter for a new member of the greasome because she is a fucking moron.

No. 359598

All this for all these years and has he EVER sought professional help? No. He needs to get help or STFU.

No. 359600


Him saying she doesn't need a manipulative man is manipulative in itself lmao. Fishing really hard for sympathy and compliments I see. It's just like these pretty girls posting "I'm so ugly" pictures. Except he's telling the truth and trying to pass it as him self-depreciating.

No. 359610

Ahh, I see they can't keep their marriage disputes private per usual.

Both looking for pity points and attention by admitting there is CLEARLY something mentally wrong with him and ultimately ends with him actually doing nothing about it (like seeing a mental health practitioner) as usual too.

Countdown to this being his next video's content in 3… 2… 1.

No. 359611

Samefagging, forgive me.

But I love the way he says "I was diagnosed with chronic depression." when we know for a fact he hasn't been to see a mental health practitioner since he started his YT career, and to this day; he continues to vocally dismiss doctors and experts from all medical and health fields in favor of his own pride and ego.

It's entirely possible he may of been diagnosed with that when he had a medical exam when he enlisted into the air force? (maybe some service-anons here can educate us on that process?) But that was over a DECADE ago, and mild depression is easy to treat with therapy sessions if he actually attended them and stuck with them. He might not even have to take medication for it if he learns how to manage it with all the available tools a therapist can provide him with.

Also, depression is not the sole cause of his abusive, fucked up nature… it's most likely a comorbidity with whatever fucking cluster B personality disorder he clearly has - which is the primary one that he seriously needs help for.

This "woe is me" shit is just for attention and pity points because he's had his ass handed to him this week and he's embarrassed about it. He won't seek help, he'll just use all this as an excuse to get back up on his soapbox and make videos about how he's had some epiphany about his mental health and that now that he's admitted to his problems, he can help himself overcome it and he can help you overcome it too!

He's so fucking transparent, I swear.

No. 359615

LOL he says she needs a person that doesn't use words to manipulate and trick her…so he uses words that manipulate and trick her AND his fans.

Fortunately I think people are really starting to see through him.

No. 359625

He legit thinks meds to help ur brain should be illegal. Boy knows he's fucked and has issues, but he also has such a god-conplex and thinks he's above help. He will never ever get help, and he will never allow his friends or family to get help either.

No. 359626

How can't Lainey read between the lines? He said on live stream he wanted her to be financially independent enough to leave (if she wanted to) and now this shit? He's trying to get her to leave……. how funny that she's holding on to him for dear life bahahah

No. 359632

It's not the first instance he's outright said it or alluded to it either. He's been doing it since as far back as "Cuddlegate 1.0" back in January/February 2016. Since then, he's vehemently cowed her in so many ways such as locking down on what she says over social media, taking control over her "own" channels and streams, and made her his bait to lure in potential broken fuckpieces.

I can't stand her, I really can't, she LETS him do it.

No. 359635

Onion is probably dissatisfied with the new teenage bait Lainey reeled in. He wants someone at least as hot as Billie.

No. 359636

I feel empathy for Billie because she has a personality outside of his "I just thought she was hot" butthurt description of her. She's still young and trying to find her way through life. But she's also shown her viewers what she's interested in outside of smoking a fucking blunt/pipe/bong or two when she wants to.

It's not even that, it's the fact that he burdened all these fucked up fetishes on her when she's not aware, mentally prepared or completely sure to comply to that… greasy lifestyle (nb: no one mentally stable would even acquiesce to his demands in the first place.) far away from her home, friends and family in the first place.

He kept on hiding behind and using Doormat as a shield to belittle her, using Plainey as a manipulative tool to drag her back in each and every time…

That's fucking sick, if it wasn't Billie - it would've been someone else.

No. 359637


He's set it up so she's dependent on him, obv manipulates and gaslights the fuck out of her. Like, he married her as soon as it was legal to so he could mold her into what he wanted. He wanted her glued to him so he felt powerful and in control, but then when he inevitably gets bored of them, he can't figure out how to get rid of them in an honest way, so it's the cycle again. He doesn't care that he creates the situation and leaves shells of people behind.

No. 359639

Damn, Lainey.. things aren't looking good for you…

His Things GIRLS Do That GUYS Hate video was literally all about her.

She doesn't roll up her dirty sanitary napkins, she cries all the time, she leaves the salsa out, she takes too long to put her stupid makeup on… she's just a loser mom with no future. He fucking hates you now and he will hate you even more when he's force to give you alimony/child support.

Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for her.

No. 359642

i was wondering cuz of the makeup mention in that video if that video was about Billie. his way of trying to humiliate her because she's moved on and didn't she flew to the UK to see that guy? it's probably his not-so-subtle way of digging both of them.

No. 359645


You're right, it wasn't just about her.. but I mean none of the other women he tried to dig at give any fucks about him, so… Lainey is the only one who can be hurt by his retarded opinions.

No. 359646

>has such a god complex
Explains why he's near religious over Death Note.

No. 359647

Put it in the back of your mind.. YES she needs to get out of there as soon as possible, YES she needs to stop complying to his demands, YES she needs some actual freedom.

Listen carefully to what he said though; "Lainey can leave any time she wants to when SHE has the money to do so".

He's basically caught her in a trap, she can't go to a lawyer about this and file for divorce or alimony because he roped her into agreeing to another woman in their relationship. He has full control of her channels and she's not making any money off it because he's the "star" and publisher of those channels.. she ain't got shit, even if she wanted to get away.

I don't feel sorry for her, because of the sht she's already done - but if she just flips her non-existent hair at him, takes the kids and goes back home… I'd have a smidgen of respect left in my heart for her.

Not gonna happen though.

No. 359651

In other words; Lainey… if you're reading this thread as much as he does and we know he does.

Currently staying with him isn't going to effect anything he's already done to you, you need to bail and save yourself and your kids.. but as long as he continues to avoid therapy (don't you want your degree to come to SOME use?) he's going to be on the edge of hurting not just you but your babies too.

I know you won't listen to "haters" because he told you not to and controls every aspect of your life, but go with your gut feeling if you can't trust anyone else.

No. 359652

His controlling isn't going to end when they inevitably part. He's likely going to use his own children against her, and he won't let go of ANY of his exes because he can't handle not having control over them. You see that kind of shit over and over and over with controlling assholes like him.

No. 359654

I would have so much respect for her if she walked away.. Hell, I'd even donate to her GoFundMe. This isn't funny or cute anymore. Those kids are going to be so fucking damaged, especially if they are in that toxic environment their whole lives.

SAVE YOUR FUCKING KIDS. Leave. Spill the beans. Detach. Stand on your own two feet. Be someone your children can look up to! Damnit, woman! Your kids deserve better, and ONLY YOU CAN MAKE THINGS BETTER FOR THEM#$%^&*I(OP":dvmnbjsdf

No. 359656

I don't even want to tell her "I told ya so!" at this point cos it's fucking unhelpful.

Go home Lainey, your parents seem desperate already to be a part of your childrens lives… sometimes parents learn too with how they went wrong with you and just want to make it up to YOUR children, that's how good family are in general.

Fuck that mess of a man, you can do what you like without him, wouldn't that be awesome?

No. 359657

Its hilarious he got so pissy over her spilling her feelings out on Twitter for a few days whenever they fight. And here is making endless tweets and videos about whatever it is they're fighting about.

Wish she'd just tweet about it on her public account.

No. 359659

His interests and "humor" haven't changed since he was a teenager. From 2005 on his old website, to 2008 on his myspace page, to today he lists his favorite shows/movies, and it's all the same shit he likes now. Family Guy, Supernatural, shitty anime. It's depressing, lol

No. 359667


Not only that, he's looking for a backup when shit does hit the fan. (See current exes videos)

No. 359668


People have been telling her to get out for her own good since forever, it's pointless to post this.
Once he lovebombing her again, she will post a smug selfie to "prove her haters" because a red, acne ridden sociopath is her whole world

No. 359672


Lainey is well on her way to becoming financially dependent. She's just got her bachelor's degree in psychology. Granted, she'd need a Masters or Ph.D. to really do anything career-wise, but at least she's getting a free ride for education out of this manipulative, narcissistic psychopath.

No. 359677


I hope she finally becomes independent. But she’s not going to fully until they break up and she accepts it's officially over. Even then, she's not going to jump right into a career because there's a looot of work she'll have to do to recover from 5 (extremely formative) years his bullshit.

It's been said before, but her chances of getting a job in counselling are slim to none while she’s with him. They do substantial background checks. Even if she deleted/locked everything up, there's still lolcow, tumblr, encyclopediadramatica, way back machine, etc, etc, etc.

No. 359686

You really think she's going to put her kids in public school and/or daycare so she can go to work? I'll be surprised if she works a day in her life. I'd be less surprised if she ended up knocked up again… and again.

No. 359688

File: 1489513227155.png (238.3 KB, 500x1579, youfuckingcunt.png)

No. 359690


Didn't Plainey say she didn't want to have kids so shortly after getting married? Greg wanted them, and he has an impregnation fetish.

No. 359692

So he tries to get pity points by using chronic depression because everyone laughs at him over the retarded cease and desist letter he sent.

Must be hurting his narcissistic feels.

Top kekkerino.

No. 359693

Mirror of "What happened Last Night"

No. 359695

I don't think he's trying to get rid of Lainey when he says shit like this. This is what he does when he fights with someone and wants to keep them around like with AJ. Not because he loves them, but because he wants the control and wants to be the one who ends things on his term. Starts a pity party, saying how he understands his faults, starts blaming a disorder for his problem, and says you don't deserve a shitty person like me. Lainey is dumb enough to fall for it every time. i like how they are already fighting when it's only been the two of them in that house for such a short time. This is why he always has Lainey bring in a third person, whether it's a friend for Lainey or gf for both of them.

No. 359697

I think this is all a build up to breaking up with Lainey for "her own good" because he's "too messed up". Setting it up so he looks like the hero, yet again.

I mean, he has depression when it's convenient to his narrative and then totally denies when anyone else who he claims is just using mental illness as an excuse.

No. 359699


>shittalks youtubers who say they are depressed

God he's such a walking contradiction. I hate his bullshit excuse "We're all hypocrites hurrrrr" in some ways, sure Gerg but nobody is as big as a massive hypocrite as you. You talk shit on someone for something and then do it. You're so full of shit. Ugh. I hate how he's trying to get sympathy, what a weasel. I wonder what was said and by who too …


Yep, had the same thought. This will likely happen, maybe he'll lose it on her or something or maybe he'll get caught with someone else

No. 359700

Can anyone give a quick summary of the new vid? Are him and Lainey breaking up?

No. 359701

The Onision cycle never ends lmao

>acts like cunt to whole world

>gets tons of shit from whole world
>pretends to be self-aware for 5 minutes and realizes how awful he is
>feels better and goes back to being a dick

No. 359702

Let's spam Greg's Twitter with his hypocrisy about mental illness. Retweet at him with his hypocrisy. People need to see his double standards, and he needs to see that a large group isn't buying his bullshit pity party. It's fucked up he uses mental illness against people to belittle them and raise himself up, but when it comes to him, he's the hero/victim who needs understanding from others. Get to Twitter and get to the YouTube comments.

No. 359704


Says someone he respects hurt his feelings with their brutal honesty, and it set off his depression. He talks about how he was diagnosed while in the military with chronic depression. He claims you should be equally mentally ill to be together, otherwise you’re dragging that other person down with your mental illness. Talks about how he was hurt in past relationships by people with mental illness (Shiloh). That's about it.

No. 359706


Usually he does that yeah, but in this case I feel like he laying the ground so he can dump Lainey because "she hurts him and makes him depressed". That way he won't be the one receiving the backlash from his dumb fans during divorce and he will be free to hunt for poon without having kids and space prince in the house.

No. 359707

Most sane people who follow this shit already know he is a fuckup, and his brainwashed fans will not believe anything that goes against their master Onion.

No. 359713

File: 1489520110223.png (540.37 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3787.PNG)

This ain't 2009 anymore Grease, stop it!

No. 359714

This whole "I'm not worth it you shouldn't get involved with me I'm too messed up" is simply his way of:
1) Not looking bad when dumping Lainey because he's "doing her a favor, for her own good" and
2) Being able to blame his next teen bride because "you knew exactly who I was before getting involved with me"

No. 359737

>I've slipped back into chronic depression
>Oh I'm sorry to hear that Greg, when did it start?
>Huh? Oh. Last night.

No. 359739

File: 1489524970201.jpg (53.64 KB, 620x339, You lazy fuck.jpg)


Gerg, at least invest 2 miserable pennies into one of these

No. 359742

I thought he cured his own depression with happy thoughts because he's a real man or whatever.

No. 359744

He totally did but Lainey had to ruin everything!

No. 359748

homeboy can't even afford to heat his own house lmao

No. 359755

you can't "cure" depression. Look I don't like the guy but I felt like he was being genuine. I hope he is okay. My partner has mental illness so maybe I'm just a bit biased but he definitely has shown a lot of the signs over the years.

I am going to be so mad if this is the case. I think it's disgusting to fake these things because it makes people suffer. It does make the people around the victim of mental illness suffer as well at times but I think thats okay as they both can support each other. But lying about it is horrible.

No. 359759

That anon was obviously being sarcastic, Greg himself has said he's "fixed" his depression with just being happy while also shaming others who suffer from it.

No. 359761

Oh. I'm bad with sarcasm

No. 359764

Now that Sarah is gone Onion resumed his normal treatment of Lainey. No need to keep up appearances.

If they ever go to divorce court it would be a circus. Not sure how it works, but I can imagine onion using videos to disprove allegations of abuse and Lain using some like Billies video (ironically) to assert her claims or his tweets even.

What a bizarre couple when you think about it.

No. 359770

I think he has depression. As someone mentioned above, high probability there's comorbidity of depression + personality disorder.

BUT he still uses his mental illness as an excuse for hurting people, whenever it's convenient for him. Despite admitting he has abusive behaviors, he doesn't try to better himself at all. He's seemingly "over it" in a few hours/days, and then goes on to tell others with depression that they're 1st world problems don't matter, and they're just stupid and weak.

This is part of his cycle, and it's nothing new. That's why it's hard to take him seriously.

No. 359772

depression can be treated and it usually ceases during the span of 9 months of therapy, ironically, onision has mocked mental illness and medical professionals for years so

No. 359777

My partner suffers from it. It's not that easy. I've been with him for 7 years and he has always been like that.

No. 359782

Could he be trying to get Lainey financially independent to minimise his alimony? Does it work that way?

No. 359783

No shit you can't cure depression. I was being sarcastic. He claimed to have "cured"his depression on twitter himself months ago.

That said, I could not care less. He's an awful person regardless of whether he's truly depressed or not lol.

No. 359787

I have always had a sneaky suspicion that their prenup states that if Lainey ends the marriage she will NOT get alimony, but if Greg does then she will. Which is why whenever they have fights he always seems to be encouraging HER to leave.

No. 359788

The replies on his tweets have me crying ??


No. 359789

The replies on his tweets have me crying


No. 359793

OT, but some YouTuber followed me on Twitter. I kept staring at their name, their profile picture, I googled them, like, nothing gave me any reason to believe I'd known them beforehand, but she was so familiar.

Then scrolling through this thread, I saw her name and it hit me: Olga Kay, former Onision collaborator.

How fucking weird is that? I figure it's a 99% chance that she's just following huge chunks of people in the hopes she'll at least get some of them to follow back in the process, but it weirded me out considering how much Onion shit talking I've done on Twitter. Did they have a falling out? I don't even know what their deal was.

I dunno. Thought I'd mention it.

That's a very good point and, besides the fact he's bored of her and wants some new teen tail, could very well be why he's always pushing her to leave. We all know how asshurt and bitter he was about paying Skye a reasonable amount of alimony, it's not farfetched to think he'd be really against the idea of going through that again.

I could see him trying to sabotage shit by being even more verbally abusive, humiliating her more and cheating all in an attempt to give her enough reason to get up and go, but that could hurt him in court. I'm not too familiar with divorce proceedings, but I do think evidence of adultery and abuse end up with you coming out on the other side of the divorce all sorts of fucked.

No. 359795

you know what he's like about technicalities. even if money isn't any factor in this he doesn't want people to say (either in real life or the internet) that he left his own children.

No. 359801

Also very true. He needs to manipulate the situation so that he comes out in the end being Mr. Perfect, like his bio would read:

>Gurg, Professional YouTuber who's helped countless youths overcome their debilitating mental illnesses (such as, but not limited to, cutting, depression, eating disorders) by giving them tough love and hard faxxx. Selflessly entertains thousands with brilliant comedic skits and commentary on his 4 channels, brilliantly talented director and actor. Creator of the fantastic, classic viral video "I'm a Banana!" which was featured on the beloved, internationally famous television program Tosh.0. Some have said Greg is even more talented than Seth McFarland (citation needed).

>Greg is also known for having had a series of relationships with a number of beautiful, yet sadly, unstable women who he was unable to help despite all of his sage wisdom and advice. He's a freshly divorced 19 year old man (citation needed) who recently divorced a weeping, gloomy, boring woman who is known as Lainey to his innumerable loyal fans. They had two lovely children together, both are his entire world, and despite Greg's desperate need to continue being a part of his kid's lives, Lainey has been nothing but cruel. She stole his innocent babies away from him in the middle of the night without any warning and has refused to let him be involved in their rearing due to his belief that a child needs to be around the stronger, more mentally stable parent. He was a loyal, honest, fact machine of a husband who did nothing but love and provide for his family, but Lainey decided to cock up everything he did for her by being a total bisexual, psycho bitch who's not even vegetarian, she is a total thieving cunt, stealing from him, who shows zero appreciation for him after years of only taking and never giving anything in return. It goes without saying that Greg is the sole victim in this entire situation and only a full body massage could possibly help soothe his debilitating heartache. Contact him at Onision.xyz.

No. 359804

What fucking planet do you live on? I've seen a therapist for 18 months and am far from "cured".

No. 359805

Guess I should've kept reading.

No. 359808

i've noticed for the last five threads or so that whenever it starts to sage, a new onion drama pops up (like the current debate debacle, cuddlegate etc) does he plan his meltdowns around lolcow or am i just grasping at straws?

No. 359809

he can afford to, he's just a miserly bastard

No. 359810

it would be like "the world series defense" at worst, and "ponderosa vs. mcpoyle: the trial of the century" at best (or vice versa, i'm hoping for the latter)

No. 359811

File: 1489537711294.jpg (66.9 KB, 743x306, 23958239235.JPG)

The comments on his latest Speaks have me howling. Glad more and more people are realizing how inane this moron is.

No. 359814

File: 1489539124074.jpg (40.73 KB, 250x250, 73717421.jpg)


"because I'm a good actor"
no you're not, Greg

No. 359820

File: 1489540475797.png (109.3 KB, 241x428, 1.PNG)

Old Tweets between Lainey and Sarah Surfacing.

No. 359821

File: 1489540492032.png (101.11 KB, 240x423, 2.PNG)

No. 359822

So Taylor was smoking the drugs? Where was Grug? How was she punished for it? Or did he give her a permission slip?

No. 359823

Lainey doesn't even stop crying when she's high. Incredible.

No. 359831

Wow… it finally happened. Gerugamesh managed to hurt my feefees. Fuck. If it weren't for the fact that this literal shitstain would have made 34 vids on me I would sit down and make a "why i LOVE onision" vid, only to tear him limb from limb in it. No other youtuber or e-personality pisses me off more. I'm pissed at myself for letting him get to me, and I am a grown ass woman. The self esteem issues he might actually plant in young viewers with this utter bullshit makes my blood boil. I don't blog on here, and I apologize, but to any anon suffering from any kind of mental illness, please remember that the bile he's spitting in this is pure manipulation. I'm going to go spoon my perfectly healthy SO now. Sad sage.

No. 359843

Everyone needs to stop blogging about their ~experiences with depression~; take it to /ot/, it's an extremely common medical issue that almost everybody in the West has experiences with, and Greg is a dangerous predator who deserves all the misery that comes to him.

No. 359844

I'm the anon right above you and I agree. Sorry for blog.

No. 359847


I'm sorry but who are you again (Shiloh)?

No. 359852


No. 359853

they said onision "would have," not that he did make videos about them, anon

No. 359854

File: 1489545883526.png (192.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3788.PNG)

>Why are you attacking me?!?!?! Can't you see I'm mentally ill?!?!?!?! Please stop!!!!!! T_T

No. 359856


Ah okay, thanks for the correction. I thought it sounded like Shiloh would say that.

No. 359857

File: 1489546147179.png (433.42 KB, 641x617, sarah&laineyapr2015.PNG)

I was just reading through the last thread, and >>358524 post and her "im so gay" comment to the new girl triggered me into digging up more of her disgusting tweets to Sarah. Also, I haven't seen these shown anywhere, so leaving these here now….

No. 359858

File: 1489546222598.png (68.35 KB, 644x471, sarah&laineyfeb2015.PNG)

No. 359859

File: 1489546314180.png (467.46 KB, 643x616, sarah&laineyselfie_dec2014.PNG)

No. 359860

File: 1489546416347.png (407.48 KB, 638x635, sarah&laineygirlfriend_dec2014…)

No. 359861

Would someone mind summing up why Onion is having a meltdown and trying to dump Lainey again? I missed the last thread.

No. 359863


So basically, depending on where her birthday falls, Sarah was 13 in some of these tweets with Taylor.

No. 359864

Then go read it. Link is in OP's post. just skim the last half.

No. 359866

Nah, literally just a random anon. I can see how it could have been her though.

No. 359867

Her birthday is in October so no, just freshly 14! Imagine being a 20 year old talking to a fucking 14 year old girl like, lainey is so fucked in the head

No. 359868

I don't think we know the actual deets, but he's been having a meltdown since Joy Sparkle BS leaked the convo they had about him dipping on their "debate" and the cease and desist letter he sent. basically bawwwing that people are being mean to him, even though thats how he makes his youtube bux

No. 359870

One theory is that Lainey has a new GF that Greg has 0 interest in, and he probably tried to manipulate her into dumping the new girlfriend, but Lainey actually grew a pair and called him out on his manipulative BS.

No. 359871

Read through 1200 posts of mostly "wow gurg is ritard" looking for actual information? Pass.

Thank you, much appreciated.

No. 359875

lainey has turned into onision 2.0 in attempt to keep up with him lol

No. 359876


Well, she said 2017 was the year she was going to stand up for herself, so maybe she is, in her own ineffectual way. Greg won't be able to handle her getting uppity and defiant (to the extent that's she's actually either, given her doormat status), which is what I think we're seeing here.

No. 359878

Taylor's birthday is in october. Sarah's is in like august.

That girl might not actually be a gf yet. And if onion doesn't approve, i doubt he would let her have one. The way he took over with luxy shows how much his own attraction to them is important.

No. 359885

Maybe not an "official" girlfriend, but she's coming to WA next month so she's in the vetting stage. Either way, it seems that Greg may not be attracted to her, and when he told Lainey he didn't want the two of them be with her (TRINITY), perhaps Lainey called him out on his BS and that made him "sad"

No. 359892

The plot twist none of us expected, lol

No. 359898

But if the onion didn't want her, why would he buy her plane ticket and let her come over?

No. 359899

What's this about Lainey being high? Ever? Wtf?

No. 359901

He's really vague about it. In his latest video he says that
>someone I respect a lot said some things to me that where, under normal circumstances, probably harmless but fucked me up pretty bad.
It must have happened in person because he talks about "looking for his phone so he could get out of there". I'm assuming it was plainey because he doesn't really have any other irl friends, does he?

No. 359902

File: 1489553954297.png (167.34 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2566.PNG)

She claims they're just friends still. So, I don't think whatever happened last night has anything to do with her.

But wow she's getting defensive. I don't understand the point of ask.fm and dumb things like this girl uses if you're not going to answer the question properly.

No. 359903

File: 1489555461062.png (379.3 KB, 448x672, B-_U5wGUoAA8TIS.png)

lol have you ever, honestly seen a blunt that looks like this? Please don't try to derail by spreading false info, thanks.

No. 359907

No one was spreading false info. It was literally in the screenshot.
Why so defensive lainey?

No. 359916

Sorry but are you every person on the planet?

No. 359917

Even if Grease has been diagnosed with depression it does not mean that he isn't manipulating his dying fanbase into feeling sorry for him by tweeting out multiple tweets about how depressed he is. He's just attention whoring it out on social media.

No. 359920

If you don't think that cropping a photo while relying on said crop to highlight and validate an obviously sarcastic comment isn't spreading false information, then idk what you would consider would be.
My point was it wasn't a blunt. There's plenty of other gurg drama to be had without shitting up the thread with irrelevant pictures and posts.
Also it's pretty cute that you accuse me of being plain as an easy out to dismiss my point.

No. 359922

I'd bet good money on Lainey growing a pair (inB4 "she wishes") and insisting on bringing up this Alexandria chick to put her through the first stage of the vetting process.

Maybe Gurg baww'd because this girl didn't want to join the trinity and slobber on his greasy knob, maybe he baww'd because she's an old hag compared to the girls he likes or he could've sulk-stomped all over the house because Lainey picked a girl who doesn't meet Gurg's standards. He bitches on and on about makeup (but if you don't wear it, lol, you look amish/mormon) and this girl likes to wear quite a lot and seems to enjoy it as an artistry, I'd say, to a certain extent. She could give Plainey some fucking tips (though her brows are fuckt). While she's alternative enough for Gurg to pop a half-chub, she's the kinda girl I could see him dismissing as "basic".

I could see Lainey feeling bitter as fuck over the Billie fiasco and saying "We kept Billie around for ages despite me not wanting her anymore, that turned out just great. She ended up just being your girlfriend in the end, so, y'know what? I get to pick this time and I like her. If she doesn't want to fuck you, as well, then get the fuck over it…I thought this was about fulfilling my needs, after all?"

That's a bit too assertive for Plainey usually, but I'm certain she's still pissed about what went down with Billie and might be putting her foot down for once. Then, since he's not getting his way, Gurg decides to turn up the transparent manipulation tactics to 11 and is now flopping around the house, loudly sighing, accusing Plainey of being cruel, whining about his "chronic depression" to his fans to gain sympathy points and possibly set up Lainey as the villain down the line if need be. He's such a fucking child.

All speculation of course, but I could see it.

No. 359923


>"can you guys like… give me attentioN!! hhahaha IM SO GAY!! give me attention pls tell me that me and my friends are hot PLEASE"

No. 359924


>not really your business lol

well if you guys stop commenting cringy shit on each others pictures, we wouldn't fucking know. DM the bitch if you don't want us to know your "business". when you two spent all the time kissing lainey's ass, and lainey spends all the time kissing your ass, people are bound to speculate

god i hate them both

No. 359925

Seriously, or make your Insta private. You're on a public forum, you haven't taken any measures to make this information private, yet when someone says
>"Hey, that shit that's constantly going on. Yeah, right there, the shit left for the world to see that leads us to a pretty obvious conclusion. That. Do you mind clarifying what's going on with that?"


That screams needy attention whore. She could easily DM her. Couples don't even write on each other's social media accounts unless they want everybody to see how cute they are. Otherwise, you speak privately. She's either playing a little "Ooh, look at me, look who's flirting with who" game or is profoundly retarded and doesn't realize private messaging is for private shit. For her to catch a 'tude over somebody pointing it out just…I immediately dislike this girl. What a snotty bitch.

No. 359927

Greg and Taylor are truly perfect for each other. Pedophile power couple.

No. 359937

Right?! I don't know which is worse, the two pedophiles who were preying on a 13 year old, or the mother who was all privy to this.

I swear that woman needs stringing up, how could anyone willingly traffic their own daughter to these two sickos? Even when there was tons of evidence that she was being very sexual to Sarah online, there's no way she didn't have a clue what was going on.

That kid is gonna be messed up for their entire life unless authorities intervene and get her help and therapy, they're seriously going to grow up thinking that this is normal behavoir and have such a skewed idea of romance, sex and relationships - I wouldn't be surprised if she turns out to be a pedophile herself when she's older because of it.

I wish someone would just compile all these screenshots and phone Washington's police dept. to ask for advice on what to do about all this, because they're going to continue to prowl the internet for young fans to fuck; it won't stop - because they're both very mentally ill and they don't want saving.

No. 359956

OMG Lainey's recent liked tweets are 100% her new victim.. one is a picture of her in her panties lol

No. 359972

File: 1489599811642.png (362.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3789.PNG)

Meanwhile, Onion wants to invent laptops.

No. 359981

Did he get exiled to one of the empty guest rooms or something? He's done a lot of recent videos in this place

No. 359982

His video descriptions are, unsurprisingly, poorly written. They're truly on par for his content quality.

No. 359996

File: 1489606154497.png (185 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1283.PNG)

Then maybe you should tell your friend to make her profile private and stop accepting anyone who sends you a friend request

No. 359997

File: 1489606171631.png (211.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1284.PNG)

No. 359998

File: 1489606261754.png (198.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1286.PNG)

No. 360003

No one would care about you at all if you weren't involved with pedo, absusive, psychopaths.
You're not special.

No. 360004


You should be scared. You should be terrified for her well being. Look at all the threads on here for proof that the people she's talking to are awful people. They have abused and manipulated SO MANY young girls. This is not something to take lightly. These people are dangerous to one's well being.

No. 360005

She's already starting to sound like a lolcow herself with this kind of reaction. If she doesn't start ignoring it all, she's going to end up with her own thread on /snow at some point where all her details are going to be on show for all to see.

No. 360007

OMFG, rolling my eyes so hard I am blind now. All these girls that think they're somehow going to be the one who is different from all the other girls that went before her.

Alexandria (since you are reading here) you do realize there has not been a single relationship, aside from his mother and sisters (and even that is debateable) that Greg has not burned to the ground and salted the earth behind him? Including his wife. The single greatest predictor or future behavior is past behavior. Maybe you should think about that.

No. 360008


yup, someone's been sipping the greg kool aid.

what people are doing is not stalking, alexandria. its just posting your public tweets and posting them here. and as the anon said, don't accept every single rando into your facebook.

No. 360010

Lolcow isn't the only site that's posted screenshots of her, DSSCTM, EO and another half a dozen blogs on Tumblr have done the exact same thing during the past week… what you're meaning to say Alexandria is that you're narcissistic enough to Google your own name on a frequent basis and Lolcow's site is the first to come up in search results if you've been posted about on here.

It wasn't your mom… it was you.

No. 360015

it's incredibly telling that the only women in Onion's life that stick around are blood/marriage related. you never see him just hang out with a chick unless it's ~work.

if Alexandria does go out there it's just a matter of time before he's angling for greasomes.

No. 360019


I mean, it's not even just female relationships, it is literally everyone. I guess his sisters are the closest he's coming to not completely trashing the relationship, but I don't get a sense he's particularly close to them. He's thrown literally everyone else under the bus, male friends and female friends alike, including his current wife. She's just too stupid, too vapid, and too Stockholmed to take control of her own life.

No. 360024

If you get involved with a public figure it should be no surprise you become public as well. If you really didn't want attention you'd delete all your social media and just contact Lainey privately. You're not a victim of harassment because someone took screenshots of your Facebook

No. 360029

Jaclyn Glen talking about the awful debate with Gerg on a podcast today (drunken peasants)

No. 360044

Wtf, onion's new video is so creepy and hes still talking about andy biersack and at the end he interviews his dad and its so cringeworthy ugh

No. 360048

File: 1489612258434.png (43.99 KB, 586x203, Boohoo.png)

>I guess I'm slipping. It's powerful. Makes you give up let go.
>I've been suicidal but kept it away from people I cared about.

"Kept it away" by tweeting it publicly. Fuck off and see a therapist Greg, no one wants to hear you whining like your whiny bitch wife.

No. 360053

The fuck is this stupid cunt on about?
Nobody here or on twitter has contacted her fucking family, Unless she's counting lainey as family the dumb bitch. If you wanna thrust yourself into the doublepedopsycho life thats on you, Just be prepared that when you step out of line, You're fucked.

Keep munching that baby making carpet to gain some form of e-fame though. I hate this bitch already.

No. 360054

>stop talking about your feelings to me Taylor you selfish bitch

No. 360055

>How can't Lainey read between the lines? He said on live stream he wanted her to be financially independent enough to leave

Good points, anon. Not to mention all the vids he continues making on his exes, people he has crushes on, etc. I think the writing's been on the wall for quite awhile.

No. 360056

Hahaha. What does this girl expect is gonna happen when she ultimately visits lameo and gerg and he makes her be in one of his videos. She also claims shes been a victim of an abusive relationship. Why the fuck would you support gerg then and plan to visit them? HOPEFULLY your family sees this bullshit and intervenes so you dont end up screwed over.

No. 360057

>internet famous

I can already tell she's an attention-seeker, probably with poor impulse control. Calling Lainey internet famous is the biggest joke. Give us all the milk, girl!

No. 360059

Alexandria (lol, white trash name):

Your profiles are public. Anyone can see them. Anything you post publicly is in the public domain; it does not constitute stalking, nor is it illegal. If you posted your home address, or made political donations, that too is now public information and does not constitute stalking OR harassment to re-post it.

Alexandria's family: she IS in acute danger if she goes to "visit" Taylor and Greg. His previous girlfriends have PTSD and have had psychotic breaks after experiencing his abuse. He WILL demand that Alexandria join his idea of a polyamorous relationship if she wants to be in a relationship with his wife. He makes up insane rules and demands that anyone is his sphere drop any and all boundaries, and adhere to whatever boundaries and rules he invents. This included demands of his last girlfriend to be chained in their basement for a week with a sign around her neck that said "liar", as punishment for smoking pot and speaking to her family, both things he forbade her to do. When she spoke publicly about this, he berated her, because he's "just kinky", but this girl did not consent to a BDSM relationship, and this was not about sex, but punishment. Greg in the past created his own religion, and has the mentality of a cult leader. He consistently seeks out underaged girls to start relationships with, and is only now approaching girls who are 18-19 because of public scrutiny into his behavior.

In every case, he (and now his wife, Taylor, as well) has started this abuse process by offering to buy a girl a plane to visit. No girl has ever gotten out of this situation unscathed once she begins engaging with them. Should she break off the relationship now, Alex can expect her private conversations with Taylor to be published, and Greg to unleash the anger of his young fans at her. This is the best result you can hope for at this point, but it will be better than the damage Greg and Taylor can and will cause in person.

No. 360060

A lot of his exes had past abusive relationships. He always goes for the dim ones who are apparently blind to red flags.

Don't forget "YouTuber". Sure she has a channel but who actually knows her as a Youtuber? She's a Youtuber's WIFE who does nothing but flirt with teenagers, tweet emo song lyrics and take smug selfies all day. She's even less of a content creator than her greasy husband.

No. 360061

Yeah I really dont get how all these girls in past abusive relationships flock to gerg? At least when shiloh dated him, she wasn't witness to all these other relationships and the obvious pattern. Lainey was dumb as fuck, but anyone after lainey and billie at this point is just, are you the biggest moron ever? Theres overwhelming evidence that hes abusive in every relationship. And he even ADMITS it now. Yet these people tweeting about how terrible abuse is and how lucky they are to be out of that relationship now want to go visit him and date them/be friends? That just blows my mind. It's one thing to end up in multiple abusive relationships. It's another to jump right in to one with someone screaming in your face that they are manipulative and emotionally abusive. I don't even understand why you'd even want to be near someone like that who would remind you of your past terrible relationships.

Also shes whining about the person posting her personal facebook posts. You mean that one post where you're talking to taylor about homewreckers that has been posted months ago as well? How is that even a personal post LOL. She's acting like their posting all her statuses and personal pics on here.

No. 360065

lol she deleted her Facebook

No. 360069

>too stupid, too vapid, and too Stockholmed to take control of her own life.

Taylor's new twitter bio.

No. 360071

Fingers crossed he kills himself

No. 360072

File: 1489617443142.png (33.77 KB, 580x131, Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 3.36…)

I guess enough teens finally took the bait to convince him they'd LOVE to chained up in his basement, trying to make him happy.

No. 360073

File: 1489617486721.png (367.87 KB, 519x644, PedoTaylor.png)

Let's not forget the pic Taylor set to 14yo Sarah in her underwear. The Grease's would both rather spend time with teen girls than each other.

No. 360088

The gender dysphoria just radiates from this pic.

No. 360091


hey, Alex! just a pro tip:

if you don't want strangers on the internet to know about your relationship with Lainey…maybe, don't post constantly abou your relationship with Lainey? Maybe tell her to stop publicly flirting with you on ever social media she has?

hahaha crazy, right?

No. 360092

I hope she is really feeling this way (and I think she is) rather than mocking us, like greg likes to spin.

No. 360098

This is some good tinfoil…the newest target doesn't seem like Gregma's type at all. Taylor probably wants a new captive plaything to pretend to be a lesbian with.

That said, this girl seems like an unstable bitch, so I'm kind of hoping that she'll be the next visitor to the House of Horrors. She seems like the type who'd flip the fuck out under small amounts of pressure. Every one of Greg's captives but Ayalla has been incredibly passive so far, would be interesting to see what happens when they make the mistake to take in someone who's aggressive.

No. 360099

Wasn't Sara 16-17 when this happened? It wasn't long ago.

I don't see it as much of an issue, there's other legitimate shit to pin down.

No. 360100

She was 14 when this stated. She only turned 16 a few months ago.

No. 360101

* when this started

No. 360103


Taylor didnt't write that (I did)– other Anon was being sarcastic. Like it should be her twitter bio.

I personally don't think she has enough self-awareness to feel any of these things, because if so she would try to fix what is wrong with her and makes her settle for and accept the ration of shit Greg dishes out to her on a continuous basis, at least for her childrens' sake.

Instead we're treated to yet another internet flirtation with yet another young woman she's dragging into their decaying orbit.

No. 360105

I don't know, it's pretty fucking creepy sending underwear/seductive posing pictures to a minor. But maybe that's just normal for you.

No. 360108

She was 14, but imagine how you'd feel if an adult man with children sent a suggestive underwear pic to an underage girl online. Whether or not it's predatory/creepy wouldn't even be a question in that scenario.

No. 360110

"I'm so dysphoric, look at my tits"

No. 360119

unrelated but Lainey has that ugly bulgy mouth of someone who had a lifetime of braces and dental work has.

Also, did she scribble over the cleavage/"curves" in that pic for this upload, or is she trying to say when she sent it to Sarah that it was already like that? because if it's the latter, I doubt it. Lainey is such a piece of shit.

No. 360120

She sent her an unedited version, later on, as a joke, they edited a "censor" bar over her body to make it look like she was nude. As if sending lewds to a 14yr old was "okay".

No. 360138

Taylor and Greg are perfect for each other. For whatever reason they both stopped maturing at the age 16. There have been studies that show that pedophiles never stop being attracted to the the girls they were attracted to when they reached puberty. For a normal adolescent they set their eyes on 14-40 year olds. For these two it's probably never going to be more than 20.

No. 360144

Interesting that when JG went to make vids with gurg lainey and him were fighting bad and he had to pay her $100 everytime he did wrong
My bad I'm a little out of it on pain meds.

No. 360155

Taylor is obviously stunted because of Greg. The video about Billie shows that 100% she doesn't even have the maturity to realize just because she missed Billie doesn't mean they should be together and most people learn that in their 20s.

No. 360198


Taylor married a 26 year old, it's not exactly pedophilic in nature to get with a man almost 10 years your elder.

No. 360208

Alex deleted her twitter

No. 360212

Her Arrested development after marrying him can be interpeted as such, though.

No. 360214

when one of the parties is a teen it doesn't look good, either

No. 360216

That pic is from 2015. Sarah's 16 now, so she would've been 14 at the oldest. Taylor was always grooming her.

No. 360218


you're correct, but the rules Greg gives himself in regards to age of consent make me believe that is the ONLY thing that would stand in his way. Remember he sited that when a girl hits puberty it is the optimal time to get her pregnant thus making it somehow okay to be attracted to them. Considering most girls start puberty at 10-13, this says a lot. Since he is so into definitions.

Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.[1][2] Although girls typically begin the process of puberty at age 10 or 11, and boys at age 11 or 12,[3] criteria for pedophilia extend the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.[1] A person who is diagnosed with pedophilia must be at least 16 years old, and at least five years older than the prepubescent child, for the attraction to be diagnosed as pedophilia.

No. 360220


I don't like Taylor for stated reason among others, but I don't think she's a lost cause either. The longer she stays with Greg the more damage.

No. 360221

She's got one of the manliest faces I've ever seen on a woman, it's even more obvious when her face isn't buried in make up. Kind of supports the rumors of Gerg being a closet gay.

No. 360223


I remember him saying that although i don't remember if he said it about puberty aged girls specifically, but he did say it to excuse his attraction to younger girls.

No. 360224

What do you mean exactly? Taylor was 17 when they married. Either 15 or 16 when they met. They're both perpetual teenagers. He chooses younger girls because they're easier to manipulate, and now Taylor does the same crap. Pretty sure the only girl Gerg went after that wasn't a teen was Adrienne, and she was 24 tops.

>Remember he sited that when a girl hits puberty it is the optimal time to get her pregnant thus making it somehow okay to be attracted to them.

I've never heard him say that but it sounds disgusting enough to be true.

No. 360230

People who have experienced abuse are far more likely to end up in more abusive situations down the line, most likely because abusive behavior has been normalized for them. It becomes their new, twisted, fucked up version of "normal" and they don't recognize the bright, neon red flags whapping them in the face.

Also, predators like Grease seek out emotionally and psychologically vulnerable people. They like to go after people with low self worth who are eager to please, they like to go after people who are financially struggling so they can play monetary hero and then hold it over their heads, they like to go after the people I mentioned before who see abusive behavior as perfectly acceptable after their perception of "healthy relationships" becomes skewed due to long time abuse, they like to find people much younger than them because they don't have the life experience to know any better, they like to go after people with low self esteem who constantly doubt themselves so they can gaslight the shit out of them and never be questioned. Predators will also go after people who are considered delinquents because they know, if the cops are called or their behavior is outed to the community, they can always say "Well, who are you going to believe? This mess of a human being or me, the successful dad with a mcmansion?"
Society is superficial enough where they will take a guy like Gerg's word over a young, troubled teen's. It's fucking sick.

It's a weird, disturbing dance between victims and victimizers, they seek each other out continue to carry out a bizarre cycle of abuse. Sometimes the victims can break away and get help, like Billie, or they just get sucked into the abusers world and are conditioned to accept their abusers actions as normal, like Lainey.

Alexandria is fuuuuuuucked if she goes to Washington.

No. 360231


I don't remember if he ever said that in particular, but if I recall correctly he has sad in the past that the optimal time for a girl to get pregnant is something like 17 or 18. Which is why it's okay for a man his age to be attracted to them enough to act on it.

No. 360232

I remember something similar but can't for the life of me remember when or where he said it.

It's bullshit anyway. Teen pregnancies are more likely to run into complications and more often than not result in low birth weight. Optimal age for pregnancy and birth is more like 21-26.
It's a classic ephebophile factoid used in an attempt to normalise their attraction to people who are mentally underdeveloped. If a guy ever says some shit like that to you, run.

No. 360233

It was in one of the age of consent videos he made within a year before sarah moved in.

No. 360236

He also said something along those lines once upon a riceball like a couple years ago in one of his videos about the physical differences between a 16 year old, 17 year old and an 18 year old and how since some 16 year olds can look 18 it's fine to be attracted to them enough to act on it since they look like fully developed adults.

No. 360237

>>Claims that dating undarage girls is a "taboo" subject but is harmless as long as they're AoC.
>>Has repeatedly said that women under 18 are ideal for breeding.
>>Has repeatedly said it's okay to fuck girls as long as they show they're already developed.
>>Shiloh, Billie, Sarah and Taylor were all under 18.
>>Ran a contest on his forums which explicitly asked for body shots from his underaged fans.
>>Convinced his wife and another adult woman to traffic a freshly-turned 16 years old over to a state where the AoC is 16 for them both to "enjoy".

But no, he's not "exactly pedophillic in nature" huh?

No. 360238

He's also said it in now-deleted response article he made to ED, the article is still saved through Wayback Machine on there.

He also admits that he knew Shiloh and Lainey were 17 when he got with them, described it as being "taboo" but doesn't care because it's "legal".

The girls never lied to him about their age, he made Lainey say that in a video to get everyone off his back.

No. 360243

I think that anon was trying to say Taylor isn't a pedo. IMO she may have married an adult man but when it comes to her GAY WOWIE side, she sure likes 'em underaged. Most of that may be Gerg's influence but I'm pretty sure that at this point she'd still be flirting with 16-year-olds when left to her own devices.

No. 360244

He thinks he's clever by pointing out it's not by definition pedophilia, that he doesn't fit the dictionary definition of pedophilia. He's not attracted to prepubescent girls (under 10 or 11), that's why he makes such a big deal that, sure, he's attracted to 15, 16 and 17 year olds, but since they're pubescent "THAT'S NOT PEDOPHILIA!!"

He doesn't seem to get that the word pedophilia is used as a blanket term for any creep who's attracted to minors, that we know that he actually fits the definition of ephebophilia (the attraction to children ranging in age 15-19), but we don't fucking care what the correct terminology is because ephebophilia is still fucking wrong and creepy. I bet he even harbors some hebephilic fantasies, girls between the ages of 10-14, as long as they have tits because that's the basic requirement for Greg.

Greg, it doesn't fucking matter that you're not technically a pedophile, you're still attracted to an age group that you should not be attracted to. You're not fooling anybody or outthinking anybody by pointing out a technicality, we're not calling you fucked up because there's a mix up concerning dictionary definitions, we consider you fucked because any normal human adult understands that being sexually attracted to minors, actively grooming minors and fucking minors is wrong on so many fucking levels.

He doesn't understand that he's basically using "If there's grass on the field, play ball" as a defense.

No. 360245

File: 1489657303853.png (1.25 MB, 1500x1500, heknew.png)


He also said it on his Twitter account sometime last year, I even think the screenshots exist in a previous thread but I can't remember the exact time and date of when it happened.

Also, I have the screenshots in relation to this >>360238 so yeah, he's slimy as fuck.

No. 360248

He really thinks that a 15 or 16 year old with a developed body makes them perfectly fine to date and fuck, that society is just being uptight and he's a rebel (insert CSI:Miami sound effect), that's it's all good as long as you make sure to bone them in the right state.

For a guy who thought smoking weed in a state where it's illegal is so UNTHINKABLE that it warrants being chained to a wall, naked, for a week, he sure doesn't give a fuck that he violated the Mann Act. I think we can all agree that trafficking minors across state lines to get his dick wet is infinitely worse than smoking a bowl in Virginia.

If Gerg ever reads this: It doesn't matter if you're abiding by a state's age of consent laws, it doesn't matter if the girl looks fully developed at the age of 15 or 16. I mean, for fucks sake, our brains don't stop developing until we're 25 years old, tits do not make you mentally or emotionally mature enough to be able to handle an adult situation. You're stuck on the legal aspect (ironically, since you broke the law) and the physical aspect when everybody's horrified because it's an issue of the child's mental and emotional state.

I had a friend who had big tits and hips at 16 and guys like Gerg would slink around her like hungry jackals, saying "Well, she looks like a woman", meanwhile she was emotionally and mentally immature for a 16 year old and is being scarred by having so much sexual attention pushed on her by older guys. She just wasn't ready. That's the point, it's fucking traumatizing, it leaves long lasting psychological wounds when somebody is sexualized too early.

I mean, FUCKIN' A, dude.

No. 360249

Sorry, for samefagging but I just also wanted to add that if you can find one of the previous threads when Lainey had her meltdown during "cuddlegate"; there are also screenshots where she said (paraphrasing) things along the line of:

"You took me when I was still a child, knew exactly what you were doing and trapped me in this relationship with you."

She's more than fully aware of what went on, and he made her delete all those Tweets and temporarily shut down her account until "she calmed down and stopped talking about their private life"… I think it was during the first cuddlegate, because it wasn't until cuddlegate 2.0 that she created a second private account and that's when we stopped seeing her meltdowns.

No. 360250

actually the age of consent in Canada is a bit tricky…. the age of consent is technically 16 however if you are an authority figure the age of consent is 18
and if you are meeting anyone under the age of 18 off the internet for sex.. it is considering luring and is illegal.

No. 360251

*considered (sorry)

No. 360252

Ooh. So he's violated the age of consent in Canada, then. I know in the US, he had sex with Shiloh for the first time while she was underage. Attending a weight loss camp in Pennsylvania at the age of 16…I dunno if that's a violation of the Mann Act, though, since he didn't drive her across state lines, he just made sure to meet her in a state where it was legal for him to fuck her. He really, really puts a lot of thought into "How can I fuck them legally?". I mean, didn't he contact a lawyer to discuss these things? Like a lawyer had to tell him "Just as long as you meet her in the state and don't drive her across state lines, it's cool"? The guy has zero self awareness, any normal human being would think "I have a problem" after making that phone call.

No. 360262

Alexandria Moran is scared af now that her budding fake romance with Lainey will be ruined now.

You can remake social media accounts all you want, there's always a mole around ;) and don't doubt that Grease himself will make videos violating your privacy.

No. 360267

>and don't doubt that Grease himself will make videos violating your privacy.

Truer words have never been spoken.

If she thinks lolcow posting photos of her and discussing her "private life" (scoff) is oh-so-violating, just you wait, honey, until Gerg shits out 10 videos painting you as the monster who broke his sweet, fragile space-prince's heart and, oh, how the "YOU MADE LAINEY CRY!!" accusations will fly that day.

No. 360274


No, no! That will never, ever happen! It will be different with her! Because she's special and not like those other girls!!

No. 360275

He has said something along the lines that "16, 17, etc. are prime ages for women to get pregnant, so there is nothing wrong with older men to be attracted to girls around that age as long as it follows state/ country consent laws." basically admitting he's ephebophile

No. 360278

Holy shit, really? It sounds like something he would say considering BOTH his books have these weird passages where he describes getting the object of his protag's lust getting impregnated.

Gross. Greg you're gross.

No. 360279

I believe he made it right around the time people found out about Taylor and were saying how he's a disgusting POS for going after her.

No. 360306

Billie was 18.

No. 360315

File: 1489686684299.jpg (201.22 KB, 810x1070, IMG_20170315_151325.jpg)

I don't know if this is a troll or a mentally deficient fan, but I am laffin at that Twitter bio

No. 360324

I'm thinking troll.

No. 360330

new video on his speaks channel called 'MY Ex is targeting my spouse" seems to be shit talking shiloh

No. 360337

Apparently shiloh's ex friend sent lainey a letter talking shit about shiloh. Lol. That "friend" always seemed psycho.

Also what happened to no more drama videos gerg.

No. 360339

File: 1489690391433.png (475.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3790.PNG)

Didn't Shiloh have his name-tattoo covered? 'Cause "Veronika" is saying she didn't, idk

No. 360342

Mirror of his latest speaks vid:

Plainey gets an email from an ex-friend of Shiloh, saying not to trust her if she tries to contact Plainey. Then Gurg talks about how honest he is, and that this letter confirms it, blah blah blah.

No. 360343

Is this the same ex friend that made an "expose" video on Shiloh that was basically "I gave her some money and then Shiloh stopped talking to me when she got a boyfriend"

No. 360348

Wow he is so easily baited, anyone could write an email claiming to be Shiloh's friend. He took the letter as trufax instantly and didn't bother to see if it was legit or not.

No. 360354


It took him less than twenty minutes to film that video yet he claims to work 8-10 hour days for youtube. Ok, Greg.

No. 360355


Yeah, that's the one.

No. 360356

I like how he brings up that this could be her friend trying to get back at her, but then still says it confirms all these things about shiloh lmao. Yeah an EX FRIEND who obviously has a vendetta against someone isn't the best source of info.

yup. clearly she wrote the letter to get back at shiloh under the guize she is looking out for lainey. Shiloh wrote to lainey years ago when she first got with gerg, which isn't that weird. There is no indication she has tried to contact lainey in the past 4 years.

No. 360365

Right? He'll take any info, no matter how flimsy and shady, as long as it reinforces his Honest™ narrative.

Also, Shiloh has/had terrible judge of character, so it wouldn't be surprising she'd be friends with a snake, especially after being with Gurg.

No. 360366


Shiloh contacted Lainey during the cuddlegate saga, she was trying to "save her". Of course, TayTay didn't listen because Shiloh's an evil liar whose trying to steal her precious hubby away from her. </3

No. 360367

Slightly OT but how can a grown ass man have a "passionate relationship" with a 17-18 year-old?

No. 360368

christ it's really getting to him that she's moved on with someone way better than him and actually has a happy life now. must chap his ass she goes out and has fun with someone he can't measure up to.

No. 360369

God, I feel so bad for Shiloh.

She's finally moving on with her life, is dating a (as far as I know) nice dude, is finally feeling comfortable enough to dip her toe back into the shallow end of the internet after Gurg's anti-Shiloh campaign and, bam, one ex-friend has beef with her and runs crying to Gurg.

I'd bet good money that Shiloh wants nothing to do with Gurg, that she'd rather not become the target of his obsessive rage, that she just wants to get on with her life and continue healing after being mindfucked for so long. Like:
1. I'm sure the ex-friend knows the one thing Shiloh does not want is Gurg hounding her ass and defaming her name online and is sparking Gurg's ire as a nasty revenge tactic.

2. If Gurg stopped for a second and was even slightly capable of seeing things from somebody else's point of view, he'd be able to figure out that an ex who's happily dating somebody else, years after y'all broke up, would have no interest in fucking with your life, especially if you traumatized them and especially if they know how fucking psychotic and obsessive you are when it comes to grudges. Like, really, Gurg, how likely is it that she'd want to start shit with you after all this time when she's finally gotten her life in order?

I don't blame Shiloh for reaching out to Lainey and giving her a heads up when she and Gurg first started dating. I wrote to my ex's new girlfriend once warning her that he had a history of abuse and that, while she may think she's the exception, past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior. I think it's actually your responsibility to a certain extent to warn other women when your ex is abusive, you don't want anybody else to go through that and that certainly does not make Shiloh a "psycho stalker ex-girlfriend".

Of course Gurg is so fucking egotistical and hungry for drama, he's more than eager to believe that his "evil" ex is out to get him and his poor, weeping angel of a wife. The melodramatic fuck.

No. 360370

He probably scowls at a sleeping Lainey, aggressively picking at his acne, wondering "What makes that guy so special? What makes her think he's better than me, huh?" and he can't fucking fathom that maybe, just maybe, nice, decent guys are infinitely better than ones who have no problem filming you having a mental breakdown and sharing it with the internet.

No. 360371

but muh editing!! the other 7 hours and 4 minutes are making jump cuts!!

No. 360372

I agree, I feel fucking awful for shiloh, The poor girl is still being shit on by that greasy fuckface. Who believes a random fucking email from someones "ex-friend" like what??

Honestly I think this is the perfect time for shiloh to finally come back and refute this shit because he just won't fucking leave her alone. If anyone can, Contact shiloh and let her know. She should be allowed to defend herself for fucking once, And fuck him for deflecting his shit once more and the absolute shittery that is his own wrecked marriage. He must be so insecure to still be trying to one-up Shiloh.

No. 360373


Don't forget the complete head-shaving

No. 360374

I think shiloh just deleted her instagram guys

No. 360375

She just changed her insta username but I wont link it here in case of Garg lurking

No. 360376

i bet he fucking sent that email to lainey because he needs a reason to make a video about shiloh. he sees her happy with some other guy and i bet it fucking kills him its hilarious.

No. 360379

File: 1489696150406.png (302.45 KB, 597x587, Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 20.2…)

I get the feeling that the girl who posted that ranty video here is the same girl emailing Lainey. She probably got pissed that we all just gave her zero attention and just went straight for the source. Yeah sure you totally care about Greg and Lainey and aren't just trying to get back at Shiloh for some reason.

I'm pretty sure that she's moved on at this point and wants to put it all behind her. By the look of her instagram she's doing well, I mean look at her~

No. 360380

She looks great! Cute.

Shiloh, if you lurk: Don't let Greg of the Grease get you down, you're doing pretty well for yourself. Good on you, Girl.

No. 360384

That girl seems obsessed with bringing shiloh back into the gerg drama. I remember years ago when they were still friends and she had shiloh do Q+A videos talking about the gerg thing. This friend seems more obsessed with gerg than shiloh is. Now that they broke up as friends, she goes running to gerg. What a bitch.

Shiloh just needs to continue ignoring their asses. Gerg is so into himself he really believes every girl he has broken up with spends their whole life wishing and dreaming they were back with his greasy ass. Lainey also is a moron and thinks everyone is out to steal her precious gerg and goes running to gerg with every email she gets.

No. 360385


she looks SO much better damn

No. 360386

Does the timing of this email strike anyone as odd? I mean they both were literally fighting each other and it seemed like another break up was on the horizon and lainey so happens to get an email that "warns" her about shiloh. Considering that grease already made a video about laineys assumption of his exes too, I dunno, This seems like a desperate ploy of a narc about to lose their source of validation… I mean we all do wonder if these random emails he gets from parents are written by him, Could this be too?

Sage for tinfoil

No. 360389

Wait so someone wrote an email saying Shiloh "might" be "targeting" Lainey? Who even cares. Is it happening? No. god he is so desperate for drama and all of his exes that he's probably dying at the chance of a Shiloh interaction

No. 360395

If I remember correctly, the "letter" Shiloh wrote to Lainey was actually a public journal entry directed at her when she first got with him… after that, whenever anyone asked her to get in touch with Lainey again; she just washed her hands of it and said she no longer wanted to get involved because she wanted to put it all behind her and move on in life.

She said repeatedly on her own Tumblr (before she deleted it) that she will no longer even be engaging in any more Q&A in relation to Grease from his fans or his ex-fans… she said more or less the same thing on her Twitter account as well… she also ignored comments relating to him on her instagram before she made it private (then made it public again sometime early this year).

So no, I don't think Shiloh has recently been in touch with Lainey at all, there's no reason for her to get involved ever again.

No. 360396

He deleted a video about stalking his exes just before writing the C&D letter to Joy… there's a screenshot of it before he deleted it here >>359359

So yes, it's far too coincidental… he probably had a jealous shitfit when he realised Shiloh is better off without him with a better looking guy and a more interesting life and wants to sabotage her happiness for his own pleasure.

No. 360404

I wouldn't be surprised if it was Grease who contacted this Veronika douchebag to begin with seeing as an anon posted a link to her beef video with Shiloh within the last couple of threads, and considering he lurks here frequently… it's probably how they've suddenly got talking.

I can imagine it now "Oh hi Veronika, I saw your video and omggggg, that's just how Shiloh is - she hasn't changed a bit… let me help you try to get your money back off her, the least I could do for you is plug your terrible experience with her to my wider audience and expose her for what she did to you. :-)"

If she was the first to contact an abusive ex-boyfriend of hers, who literally has nothing to do with her life anymore just to make some stupid fucking point that Shiloh didn't spend money on exactly what she wanted her to spend it on (she didn't steal it, it was given to her) - that's scummy as fuck, no excuses.

If it was Grease who contacted her, which is more likely because of the kind of person who he is, then this really should be of no surprise to us.

I hope Shiloh continues to ignore the lot of them, it's pathetic as shit.

No. 360405

Is this Veronika girl, the girl that made the Q&A's with Shiloh a couple of years back?

Sage for stupid question

No. 360413

File: 1489704897715.png (45.39 KB, 584x329, creeper.png)

I can't tell. On her twitter she said her relationship with Shiloh was 4 years long so it's possible. Either way this is some stan that's very personally invested in this drama. Her pissy tweets about Shiloh go back to September last year. I find it pretty sus that she tweeted at Billie and Richie multiple times and then decided to email Greg. She also follows DSSCTM, Blaire White, and Cyr on twitter. Looks like she doesn't care which side she's on as long as she's getting the attention she wants. I guess this was the last attempt for the spotlight after her dumb video and rape allegations against Shiloh didn't go anywhere. What an obvious snake.

Get a restraining order Shiloh. Christ. She picked the wrong girl to be friends with.

No. 360416

File: 1489705340650.png (10.43 KB, 340x71, trgc.png)

Then enlighten us or gtfo because your milk sucks

No. 360417

File: 1489705606369.png (243.89 KB, 839x557, uhhhh.png)

Didn't a bunch of anons here a while back make a bunch of these?

If so… she's probably been lurking lolcow for a while.

No. 360419

File: 1489706087543.png (307.33 KB, 624x352, we use vegenaise for lube.png)

Yep. I made a different one and I think someone even used it as an OP pic. I don't know if that one was on lolcow. Maybe she found it on twitter but it would be a pretty convenient coincidence.

No. 360420

Ah, thanks for clearing that up… it's possible she picked up the meme from elsewhere then.

Her Tweets don't go far back at all, and near enough 80% of them look like she's subtweeting Shiloh, I just find it weird she also seems to be ripping the piss out of Greasestain himself on a few occasions - so why contact him if she doesn't even like him? It sounds like she has some deep mental problems of her own.

No. 360422

She's pretty! Shiloh, you're doing a great job at triggering Gerg because you're not suffering

No. 360423

>flawless reputation
does she mean shiloh? because her rep is anything but flawless and i'm more than positive shiloh KNOWS that … this girl just has a personal vendetta against shiloh and can't fucking let go… (sounds like greg)

No. 360424

"Next, bored of this one" LMAO great job anon this made my night

No. 360426

Was gonna tin foil hat and say what if she was just greg catfishing everyone and hes actually behind this account just to terrorize shiloh… but then i realized that's a major stretch kek

sage for no contribution

No. 360429

File: 1489707230343.png (20.42 KB, 443x163, hmm.png)

Reading the Tweets on her account now, could it be possible that Grease actually hasn't even directly been in contact with her and has just picked up information from there to use as he pleases to stir up drama and use it as content for this latest video?

How can she be so stupid to contact him, I mean there's plenty of tweets she's made where she's making fun of him, doesn't she realize that outing herself is just going to attract negative attention to her? Noone is gonna praise her for being a cunt by trying to get her ex-friend involved with her ex-boyfriend… it just seems so odd.

No. 360430

Yep, a good 90% of her tweets are about Shiloh and the rest she's trying to get attention from Social Repose. I count 20 of 24 tweets between Sept 30 to Feb 16 are subtweets about Shiloh, along with several tweets at Billie and Richie. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 360431

Shiloh's ex-friend is also claiming that Shiloh "raped her" the first night they met and stole her credit card. She honestly just seems salty because she also calls her a one hit wonder and all of her tweets are about Shiloh.

No. 360432

She sounds like a psycho stalker. She's sounds like Greg.

No. 360434

Lol she clearly follows all of onion's drama and has tweeted billie, jaclyn, social repose, eugenia, blair white, joy sparkles, etc. I think she also misinterpreted onion's video which was talking about how shiloh contacted lainey and thought it was recent, so she wrote that dumb letter. Shes insane.

No. 360435

holy shit poor shiloh attracts the fucking crazies…Sounds like shes mad shiloh didn't lick her puss and got a new guy frankly, Tinfoiling sure but still she sounds like an obsessive ex (much like greg) rather than just an ex-friend. Bitch move on!

No. 360437

It sounds so fucking unbelievable, like:

>>She raped me the first night I stayed with her!

Yet remained friends with her all the way up until the point Shiloh got a new boyfriend and starts hanging out with him more than she does with her.
>>She stole my credit card!
Yet continued to feed money into Shiloh's PayPal account whenever she asked for it.
>>Make posts laughing at Grease and says he deserves to be called out on his bullshit.
Yet contacts him because she misinterpreted one of his clickbaity videos about Shiloh contacting his doormat in the past.
>>Says halfway down her Twitter account that she's completely done with Shiloh.
Yet can't stop subtweeting about her the majority of the time afterwards.

Yep, she sounds like a fucking lunatic.

No. 360442

File: 1489710890333.jpg (23.82 KB, 550x256, a43ca22.JPG)

No. 360446


I actually want to see Greasecock shave his head. Then again, this sounds like he wants to induce a PTSD episode on Shiloh.

No. 360447

inb4 he gets the retweets and it turns out he just shaves his face ("What? Your face is /a part/ of your head?") or shaves a portion of his head (something akin to a hitler youth) and cuts the video with him grinning like an asshole.

No. 360448

Shiloh looks way better now than when she was with Greg. I bet he's seething. Greg can talk all the shit about her he wants,but there's no denying that they had way more chemistry than him and Lainey do. I suspect there's something going on at Grease McMansion to account for his latest ex obsessions.

No. 360449

File: 1489711808531.png (73.63 KB, 200x235, 200px-OgreOnion.png)

he returns

No. 360450

Fuck me. This is exactly how it's gonna go.

No. 360451


this bitch isn't gonna get 100k retweets not even bieber gets that on most of his tweets

No. 360454

This bitch has a lesbian symbol in the back of her profile pic, Holy cow, I wouldn't be surprised if Shiloh dumped this girl to the curb for being creepy and wanting her, Signs are pointing to it being exactly that. Makes for great cow material lol

No. 360455


No. 360456


makes sense. iirc, she was also helping shiloh do "girl on girl" sets back when shiloh had a mygirlfund

No. 360457

Ew shit yeah you're right I remember that, Damn this just gets creepier lol

No. 360462

In the majority of his videos lately, specifically the ones about his exes, he emphasizes how happy he is with Lainey. Who is he trying to convince? Hint: Himself.

No. 360465


Hopefully he hardly gets a fraction of that. Imagine how pissed he'd be that nobody gave him attention.

No. 360470

File: 1489718309069.jpg (47.17 KB, 556x556, IMG_3793.JPG)

Imagine what this would look like compared to 10 years ago…

The extra layer of grease, Botox and hidden wrinkles.

No. 360473

"I'm going to tighten my mouth to look tough" Grease has been a fuckboi even before he started youtube. I'm honestly surprised he isn't a faggot.

No. 360476


his lack of upper lip makes him look so fucking disgusting

No. 360490

Will he have to put makeup on his head if he shaves it??

No. 360492

Maybe the basic training look makes everybody similar, but he's seriously serving Pvt. Gomer Pyle realness in this picture. Fucking gross.

If this bitch is setting out to fuck with Shiloh's life all because she wouldn't reciprocate feelings, then she's the female equivalent of the neckbeard who throws a screeching tantrum and threatens to blackmail his female friend because she put him in the "friendzone". It was Shiloh's money to spend, I find the rape accusation suspect as all hell (I usually never call potential rape victims liars, I may not say they're 100% right, but I try to never call them liars) since who follows around their rapist like an eager puppy and pumps money into their paypal for FOUR YEARS.

Congrats, Veronika, you're a cringey legbeard who's butthurt that Shiloh's happy with her boyfriend instead of you, you're just as bad as those "freindzoned" ratfucks who lash out at their love interest…no, you're as bad as a bitter ex who's sends his ex-girlfriends noodz to revenge porn sites.

You're fucking traaaaash.

No. 360494

All of this.

Like how low is she to send that malicious email to Shiloh's past abuser, in an attempt to start up an internet smear campaign again. It was all under the guise of "warning Lainey" too, which is sick.

Veronika is just self-inserting herself, trying to dig up drama that happened over five years ago. All she wants is attention and her own personal army against Shiloh. Bye, Veronika.

No. 360496

The fact she almost, 100%, definitely self-posted that video being like "Hey go check out how horrible Shiloh was to one of her loyal friends!" in this thread is just laughable.

We make fun of people here and we can get pretty ruthless, but who goes to an Onision thread on Lolcow and tries to stir up anti-Shiloh sentiment? Who expects us to dogpile an abuse victim of the guy we loathe? A girl who ended up being diagnosed with PTSD after she finally mangled to untangle herself from that toxic relationship because Gurg mindfucked her that bad?
If Veronika is real and not just Grease making up shit to kick off drama for his channel/to scratch that "My ex is happy, I need to ruin it" itch, then, bitch, Veronika, you are my enemy. Nice attempt to recruit us for your petty bullshit. Not happening.

No. 360507

the gross massive head that almost tore his wacked out mother in half

No. 360509

>i've noticed for the last five threads or so that whenever it starts to sage, a new onion drama pops up

I've noticed that trend too, anon.

No. 360510

His haters are his fans. Lolcow makes up a good portion of his relevancy.

No. 360518

>everybody's horrified because it's an issue of the child's mental and emotional state.
>He doesn't understand that he's basically using "If there's grass on the field, play ball" as a defense.

I really wish someone (not batshit like Joy) could confront him directly on this. Not that he probably won't worm his way out using a horde of bullshit justifications, but still.

No. 360521

Fans? Because of the attention? Giving something attention does arguably keep that thing relevant, however, without this attention, 16yo Sarah wouldn't have gone home. She WAS in danger.

Can't speak for anyone else, but the only thing relevant to me is his and his wife's predation. Were it not for that, I wouldn't give two fucks what they do with their lives.

No. 360523

He never gets more than 3K retweets even with pinned topics or self-induced controversy, who is he fucking kidding?

Nah, if you took lolcow away, he'd still be a mentally-defunct attention-seeking edgelord - he's been a douchebag for 10+ years and he got worse with the drama around 6 years ago; the lolcow onision threads only started up around the beginning of 2016… this is just a constant and chronic habit of his.

No. 360524

Apparently, someone prominent enough in the anti-o community on Tumblr is in the process of preparing receipts to engage with him about his bullshit and behavoir.

It's not DSSCTM or EO either; but whether or not he replies back to them is another matter - he probably won't.

No. 360525

If he knows they have receipts then he definitely won't reply.

No. 360527

are there zits even on his bald head??
existential questions, man

No. 360528

File: 1489749433328.png (67.71 KB, 1204x286, ????.png)


No. 360529

Unless he's gone back on his word about debating through written correspondence (as he told Venita back in 2013) then I don't think he'd converse with them with or without receipts anyway. I guess it's worth the shot, but meh… it's their time and effort wasted I suppose, not ours.

Don't gaze too long into that abyss, anon… lest the abyss gazes back into you.

No. 360534

Lainey is on Snapchat complaining about being SO SAD.

No. 360537


Good, maybe Alexandria told her she couldn't go out there. I hope Taylor spends the day ~crying.~

No. 360542

There's no "her" wtf unless he means scrambling the letters. God I hate him

No. 360544


He really is pretty stupid, but what's super annoying anout him is he's the variety of stupid that thinks he's actually smarter than everyone else in the room.

They're the most boring fuckers on the face of the planet.

No. 360545

Does she not realize what a boring piece of shit she is with all that whining about ~sadness~ while not doing anything about it.l?

No. 360572

So edgy xD I'm a banana! :3

No. 360575

I'm really hoping so. The shitty thing about them is they don't go after other popular youtubers or other people in the public eye but just regular people the meet on twitter and just expect them to be okay with their lives and bitch when they aren't

No. 360577

uh, lolcow onion threads go as far back as 2014, I'd say. There's archived threads from then, at least.

No. 360579

anon, it's a joke about "harassment," being pronounced as, "her ass meant," that's all.

No. 360619

File: 1489778555168.png (106.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3794.PNG)

Onion doesn't like people having fun.

No. 360634

File: 1489778963829.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_omz4mqNHMn1qh8fyjo2_128…)

No. 360651

is she wearing a goddamn baby blankie

No. 360655

It's probably a spit-up blankie for her baby.

No. 360693


I remember seeing as tweet from lainey about how drinks from sippy cups (This was before she had a baby, like in 2013 she said this) and she would take bubblebaths with greg and call him daddy…no doubt if she wears a diaper too.

No. 360694

She repurposed the throw up blankets to be Lainey tear blankets.

No. 360697


so for her? she is a baby and acts like one

No. 360700

I'd be sad too if I was a fat 22 year old with two suckling babies hanging off the udders I tell teenie boppers I totally don't want

No. 360705

File: 1489786018585.jpg (86.72 KB, 425x450, nofunallowed.jpg)

No. 360727


No. 360755

File: 1489794447662.png (432.15 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3795.PNG)

Onion describes the perfect body…and TayTay's far from having that. (Stop lying through your teeth, Greg!)

No. 360767

Is he false picky or something? He pretends to have these crazy standards but I'm pretty sure he'd fuck anything if he was single

No. 360772

love bombing plainey again. he's either trying to "prove the haters wrong" by presenting how TOTALLYNORMAL&HEALTHY their marriage is… or he's rewarding her for reporting the letter from veronika. painfully cringe.

No. 360774

haha i just got around to watching his video about shiloh's "friend" and he seems to go a lot easier on her, no? I think he's really into the idea of Shiloh actually keeping his name on her body. Also how he felt the need to throw out that they're poly

No. 360777

i really want to know Lainey's reaction to this/all the love bombing

No. 360778

or he's trying to warm her up to the idea of shiloh entering their relationship

No. 360781

I Like how he uses an old photo of her, pre ~agender space prince~

No. 360782


Didn't Shiloh covered that tattoo though? I hope so

No. 360784

yeah but she's a gay man now, so…

No. 360785

>He pretends to have these crazy standards but I'm pretty sure he'd fuck anything if he was single

It is kinda weird, isn't it? He has all these crazy standards in his vids, but he consistently dates women who are unattractive (though he does clearly have a 'type' that he likes). Only Skye and maybe Billie are anything that resembles "cute". Perhaps he has ulterior motives for dating unattractive women, though?

No. 360786

>the PERFECT female body
>female body

but m-muh smol space prince pronouns!!!

i love how grease can make a video purely about taylor's tits and ass but the second jaclyn mentions the fact that taylor has a vagina all shit breaks loose. also love that he used one of her pics during the draco malfoy phase, pre-baby band-aid body.

No. 360795


Part of me feels like she probably doesn't even watch his shit to even have a general reaction to it. Why would she anyways ? She sees his greasy unfiltered zitty ass everyday.

I'd be pretty sad person too if I had to wake at the crack of (onion ) dawn every morning.

No. 360807

I do wonder if he tried to desexualize Lainey for whatever reason; his haircutting obsession and now shes not even a woman

No. 360808


De-feminization, anon

No. 360813

He probably tells her about his awesome new videos and that she should watch them and tell him how awesome and right he is. She is just a robot to feed his ego anyway.

i think the agender shit is all lainey's bullshit cause she made some agender/trans friends on twitter and wanted to join in. And onion just used it for video ideas since he can basically call her female/woman anyway and knows its bullshit. That's why everyone close to her calls her "she". You know the people you'd want to respect your pronouns? Yeah lainey wants to be a "she" but shes forever stuck in the agender shit now and can't say oops it was actually me just trying to figure out my identity and i thought i was agender cause im influenced by other people and naive cause she will get a ton of shit for it. She also uses it for pity points when she knows shes wrong.

No. 360815

She got a shitty haircut and her twitter followers told her she was a cute boy. No one respects her pronouns because they aren't going along with her tumblr delusions.

No. 360830

Much dysphoria. Seriously, the photos he uses are before Lainey was public about being "trans". Are you too ashamed of your significant other's current style to use a more recent picture of them, Onion? Don't you think that asserting your significant other's "female body" will further confuse how seriously the public takes/respects that they're non-binary? Who are you trying to convince?

No. 360847


look at all that mud filling in the triangle shaped dent in his forehead

No. 360853


Lmao you forgot to mention the fuckin' lazy eye

No. 360876

Soulmates never die

No. 360877

Reading his tweet about how he perceives st pattys day and the responses he got is pretty funny to me. He's blaming today and the Irish people as the ones who cause drunk driving accidents and hitting kids crossing the street. He's so ignorant it's unbelievable.

No. 360907

Tell that to my 10+ years of living with it.

No. 360908

really fucking surprised no one has called him out on his defeminization/objectification fetish

read the shit he did to shiloh, the head shaving, branding, hallway sleeping, weight gain, uglification, impregnation, etc. They're fucking dark fetishes but they are real, and real common among sad internet porn blackholes like Onion. Would bet my life savings on him having a secret tumblr account filled with this shit.

he is beyond disgusting.

No. 360909

I mean, he seems to have something of a fat fetish, but is insanely particular about what constitutes as "too fat". Like, he'll comment on a woman who is objectively overweight and you can sense his raging boner just by the way he's describing her, but the second that belly even slightly droops over their waistband: GREASE PENIS DENIED.

He's described girls who are fit and at a healthy weight as disgustingly "anorexic" and he emphasizes that women aren't attractive unless they have, at the least, a little belly pooch. He seems to gravitate towards bigger girls.

Which begs the questions: why is he gushing over Plainey's boyish, slim body and declaring it THE PERFECT BODY? She's nothing like the chubby, zaftig, plump, thick girls he swoons over, if anything she's more like the "disgustingly anorexic" girls he shits on all the time.

When he first met her, she was on the heavier side of average…maybe he's feeling pretty bleh about how slim she is now, like he got a bait and switch with his child bride. I assume he's just lovebombing the shit out of her for whatever fucked up reason right now, he's made it abundantly clear that he'd prefer to plow someone with a body more like Shiloh.

No. 360910

he turned his own wife into a BOY right after she gave him kids, kids he doesn't even care about because it's only about a fetish. now that she's a boy he tries to humiliate her further by making her get him new more feminine girlfriends. she didn't "get a shitty haircut and decide to become a boy", she probably refused to shave her head and compromised by presenting as a boy to show her devotion. she's just a toy to exact his pathetic domination on, this is textbook.

No. 360911

He constantly mentally abused Shiloh for her weight gain.

No. 360912


Yeah that sounds very PTSD-inducing

No. 360913


He told Shiloh countless times she was a burden to him and needed to lose weight.

No. 360914


Jesus. What a charmer.

Then I have no idea what he likes. He gushes about how plump girls are hot as fuck, but then harassed Shiloh for gaining weight. He shits on slimmer girls ("EAT SOME FUCKING FOOD, YOU ANOREXIC"), yet is fucking an androgynous fakeboi.

Every girl who steps foot into his life ends up with an eating disorder or at the least ends up with disordered thinking regarding food. His swooning over big girls is bullshit, then, I guess.

Yep. I feel like he views Lainey as his bottom bitch, like he has a hierarchy concerning the women in his life and she's the most important, the alpha, like his right hand woman who enables him and is complicit in his fuckery, but also the one who receives the most abuse. He probably doesn't view her as a sexual being, she's just his favorite toy to dominate and abuse and he gets off on making her dance like a monkey just to gain his favor.

Then someone like Billie would be the beta female of the household; isn't a primary figure, but gives him sex and narcissistic supply. They're interchangeable. These girls can come and go because it's not the actual person he's "in love" with, but, rather, what they offer.

He dehumanizes the "main" girl to assert dominance, then brings in a feminine girl to fuck to meet the sexual needs the "main" girl can't provide since his need to dominate and humiliate by defeminization makes him uninterested in her sexually.

Wait, does that make sense?

No. 360916


Don't forget, he made a skinny pact with his ex-wife to stay thin so they'll still continue to be sexually attracted to eachother forever! (lol until the divorce at least)

Speaking of which, if Lainey's is the bottom bitch and Billie's the house slut; where would Shiloh, (Sarah?) and Skye be ranked as?

No. 360918

Adrienne is the same age as greg

No. 360920

Ughghhhh. Yeah, because marriage is about loving each other until one of you gets fat. I wouldn't be shocked if in his wedding vows he said "I will love you through sickness and health, I mean, unless you become a fat fuck, fuck that, amirite?"

I'd say Shiloh and Skye would be his past bottom bitches, they were his primary "love" interest that he focused most of his attention on abusing and/or defeminizing, but since there wasn't a third party involved in those relationships, he probably was like "Oh, well" regarding sex because there wasn't another woman to have as his "sex partner", someone separate from his "main target of abuse partner".

Sarah would be in the Billie category. Someone brought in to supply sex and narcissistic supply. They're abused as well, since he can't NOT abuse any women in his life, but they're secondary characters who he keeps around as sex objects and won't defeminize so he can remain sexually attracted to them.

I'm sure he still fucks Lainey, but it's probably more as a way to assert ownership over her. "You're mine, I get to fuck you, I get to tell you what to do, mine mine mine".

I think he has a major virgin/whore mentality with women. Lainey is the mother of his children, she is his partner in crime (literally), she does as he commands, but he's stripped away her sexuality. Someone like Billie is a sex object who feeds his insatiable need for attention and admiration. I'm pretty sure THAT'S why he's so into poly relationships: he prefers two women to play out these roles, he doesn't like having one partner who he's both defeminizing and abusing a la Lainey and having a lustful, sexual relationship with.

No. 360923

Taylor was nowhere near chubby. She was a gymnast and a cheerleader she was pretty athletic when he met her. Although it did make me laugh that the boobs he picked out for his "perfect girl" was much smaller than taylors.

No. 360926

I dunno, I saw a picture of her when they were first dating or maybe it was from their wedding and she didn't look anywhere near as slim as she does now. Her arms looked pretty thick. I also don't think she was chubby, she looked to be on the bigger side of average. That's pre-chubby. But, I dunno, maybe I'm wrong about that.

No. 360929

She's thin now but she was pretty average for a teenager when they got together. Muscular arms look fat when they are relaxed

No. 360930


THIS makes so much sense! The madonna-whore dichotomy.

No. 360937

File: 1489850622436.jpg (20.85 KB, 764x149, 989.JPG)

lmao his views have seriously dropped

expect a big new meltdown soon bois

No. 360939

She was like 5 months pregnant at their wedding, anon.

No. 360940

wat, now she wasn't

No. 360942

File: 1489852273349.png (107.81 KB, 406x750, 026E41BF-5488-4D1E-836E-DEB39D…)

Yes… she was. This was in summer of 2013. She conceived around march-april and gave birth to Troy in early january of 2014.

No. 360945

This looks like such a tacky wedding. I especially like Grease's dyed hair.

No. 360946


Ohhh. Well, then that explains the thicker arms. Not saying she was fat or that her arms are fat or whatever, just that her arms were thicker than they are now.

He's just all over the place with his tastes. He does have a type, but it really just consists of alternative girls (usually the mall-emo variety because he's still mentally 16) and a certain type of face. He tends to favor cute girls much more than sexy girls, cute girls with button noses…like Billie, basically.

No. 360947

did shiloh lose weight? them thighs though im in love

its like greg is injecting his girlfriends with fugly drugs, they're always hideous when he is with them

No. 360948

File: 1489852761623.jpg (92.26 KB, 612x612, QHcPj.jpg)

No. 360949

File: 1489852829878.jpg (68.48 KB, 500x667, tumblr_myowm2Rv6l1sm272bo1_r3_…)

No. 360950

>that no ass

No. 360951

good lordt why have i never noticed that before? i wonder if her fam knew she was knocked up

No. 360952

This picture disturbs me every time I see it.
This was the "proof" Taylor tried to use to convince her parents that she was living in her dorm, when really she was living with grease in an apartment he was renting.

No. 360955

File: 1489853482849.png (1.56 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2686.PNG)

I can't believe she's had that stuffed toy since before Troy was even born wtf.

>Lainey's pile of "stuffies"

No. 360968

That wasn't their real wedding. The real wedding was done with nobody around but a couple of months later they had a 'ceremony' so all their families could attend.

No. 360969

I still can't get over the fact she lied about that, because she would have to spend way more money to stay at a dorm, so how the fuck did her parents not look at her tuition bill? And if they did still pay for it and she never used it, I'd be fucking fuming.

No. 360970

yes, I know that anon. but i'm still curious if her family knew she was pregnant at the time

No. 360972

They did pay for it. And her parents tried keeping her close to home, offering to pay only for local schools, but grease wanted her in his home in Washington so he had to start paying for most of her education.

No. 360973

Her parents were paying for her schooling, Greg mentioned that her father threatened to stop paying for school unless she stopped seeing Greg when he found out about them being together/Greg knocking his daughter up, so he would've been the one paying for her dorm fees. I'm assuming that, yeah, she let her dad waste thousands paying for her to live in a dorm while she went off and played house with a fucking creepy YouTuber. That's such a selfish, shitty move.

Greg used her father threatening to stop paying for her college as proof that he's just an awful, controlling guy and to paint himself as the lovely hero who stepped in and saved Lainey by covering the costs. It also gave him an opportunity to convince Lainey to cut off her family and isolate her more.

Any normal human being would
1. Be furious that their 17 year old daughter was secretly dating and pregnant by an older guy with a history of underage fuckery
2. Letting him waste his money on something just so she could hide the fact she was living with a fucking creep.

She lied, let him throw his money away and made horrible life choices…but, oh, sure, Gerg, he's an out of control monster. Sure.

No. 360977

Goddamn this picture is unsettling. Lainey is gripping the shit out of those flowers, Gerg attempts to look sincere by looking into her eyes but she's looking down. He's also grabbing her one hand with both her hands. It's very phony-looking. There's zero love between these two, and if there is, it's horribly superficial and awkward. I'd feel bad if they weren't such pus-filled boils.

This literally looks like someone's last-known photo.

No. 360997

Where are you getting this from? He prefers thin women. His narcissism and superiority complex means he wants a societally idealized body, meaning thin with big boobs and young. Now if he's actually more attracted to larger women idk, he called Shiloh fat all the time and mostly everyone of his exes were thin

No. 361002

…Where am I getting it from? Dude, the videos where he rates bodies, videos where he sees a thicker girl, countless videos, that's where. Time and time again he'll comment on women, women who are like a size 14, and talk about how hot they are. He'll scoff at people when they call objectively overweight women fat and insists you've crossed the line and gone into fat territory when your stomach hangs over your waistband or if you have lots of fat rolls, but as long as they don't have that and have a pretty face, he'll call them hot. As I said before, he's said multiple times that women are supposed to have at the very least a little belly pooch, that women shouldn't have washboard abs, because it's not feminine or attractive. I just detailed all of this in the very post you're responding to.

On top of that, whenever he does see women who look like they could be a model or on the cover of Women's Health, he acts repulsed and calls them disgusting and anorexic, that they need to gain weight.

I understand where you're coming from: yes, narcissists want their partners to reflect their social standing and success, they want trophies to show off, they want people to be jealous of them for having a babe girlfriend, but narcissism isn't a one size fits all disorder. For instance, Gerg loves girls who would be considered alt; shitty dyed hair, emo/goth aesthetic, etc. That is not the social ideal. That kinda shits on your "His narcissism dictates that he'll desire a partner with a body deemed perfect according to societies standards" claim.

Plus, Lainey is nowhere near even APPROACHING super babe status. She's cute, at best. Again, just like how not all people are the same, not all narcissists are the same. He's probably more focused on showing off how his partner is utterly devoted to him as a way to convey success and appear impressive.


No. 361019

personally, i think greg just wants to lure "fatties" so that when they've starved themselves for his love, it looks more drastic in before/after picture and he gets to pat himself on the back for being responsible for making them "healthy". either that or he's just a sadist who loves punishing women anyway and anyhow, whichever.

No. 361022

File: 1489866777282.png (663.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3796.PNG)

Dem eyes…

No. 361025

I mean, it seems pretty obvious now that you guys mention it that while he says "Ermergerd, I love me some thicc girls, mmm, big bellies BUT NOT TOO BIG, mmm, front butts", y'all are probably right about it being bullshit since, yeah, all the women (girls, really) in his life end up with eating disorders, plus he gave poor Shiloh grief for being big.

My guess is he's hopping on the body positivity trend and is pandering to the tween girls in his audience who are desperately insecure about the pounds they've piled on during their awkward phase. "Don't worry, your lord and master Onion thinks you're beautiful, I'd still bang you. No, really, I don't care if you're 14, I'd still bang you."

>either that or he's just a sadist who loves punishing women anyway and anyhow, whichever.

Haranguing girls about their weight is a classic control method. It breaks down their self esteem and leaves them vulnerable and open to manipulation and other fuckery. Plus, he'd get a sense of control dictating their size and what they eat. For most people, one of the only things you can be certain of is that you have control over your body, hence why Anorexics resort to obsessing over their own; everything else in their life might be chaotic, but at least they can control their body. By taking away somebody else's bodily autonomy, it would give him a great sense of power. It's fuuuuucked.

No. 361028

He makes me cringe out my asshole

No. 361029

I had no idea she was pregnant, that's so fucked up
I'm pretty sure greg went after lainey as a rebound to get at Adreinne and Shiloh. I don't believe he ever loved lainey; I bet he loved the feeling of control he had over a retarded fangirl who would do anything for him.
I'm sure he regrets it now. He doesn't like lainey and he prefers his women thin, why else would lainey start starving herself and trying to go all anachan

No. 361031

I think control is definitely the biggest reason for why he's so concerned about his partners' (& Sarah's, poor dumb kid) bodies and diets. Telling them how to eat and seeing how that affects their bodies fulfills his need for control, even if the end result isn't 100% what he's sexually attracted to. He also defeminizes his partners yet is clearly more interested in feminine girls. He gets them young, made up, feminine and maybe a little bit chubby and he leaves them aged, bare faced, defeminized, with shorn hair and an eating disorder. It may be difficult to distinguish what he's actually attracted to and what's just a result of his vampirism.

No. 361037

So Greg has been exposed so often now, that fucking fat girls is his last resort for that epheb-pussy. Good lord…
Hey Greg. I live 30 mins from you. Mind if I stop by, at your well known address? We can share some tofurkey and have a little chat.

No. 361059


Love yourself anon. The ambient grease surrounding Greg means no meal consumed in his presence can actually be considered vegetarian

No. 361071

Y'know if lainey was knocked up before this wedding, I'm starting to think that greg never intended to marry her but only that because they got pregnant her father forced his hand and thats why laineys father hates him so much. Sage for tinfoil

No. 361091

thats why she's the only one who won.

except for Shiloh now that she's happy and doesn't give a fuck ;) its actually sick she won't even disclose her abuse just because she knows it will give him attention and she just dead the fuck out of him. i hope she lurks, love her now.

No. 361104

ive heard anons saying she's starving herself for awhile, where is everyon getting this??

No. 361117

Her Twitter lol

No. 361120

No. 361130

I'm just saying, the times I had watched his videos where he talks about women being beautiful at bigger sizes he's just trying to play a role. I don't think he actually believes it. Even in the debate with Jaclyn he said something like "I didn't care my ex was 210lbs I thought she was beautiful even though by a doctors standards she was medically obese." Such manipulative language like, "oh I love your body, ME, but no one else will because let's face it you are actually fat." I think he just says it to be "a nice guy" but then go into his creepy rating vids where he shits on pretty much everyone who doesn't resemble Billie in some way

No. 361141

Sometimes I wonder if his outspoken attraction to slightly softer women is a way to shame Lainey

No. 361150

File: 1489895624744.png (457.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3797.PNG)

He says every woman are all the same and most do nothing while he does all the work…

And more "I luv mah wifeee!!!!1!2!!1 <3" in the end

No. 361152

Veron is pretty much Shiloh's stalker. It's hard to "warn" someone about a situation you could not possibly have any first hand knowledge of, particularly when nearly all of your evidence is passive aggressive tweeting based on public images rather than personal conversations.


Anyroad, Greg. I am starting to think he would not actively try to get Lainey to leave him officially, perhaps just demote her from wife to nanny when he finally finds a suitable replacement. Lainey leaving is too much of a risk, what if her father encourages her to go to the courts and poor Greggles has to fork out maintenance payments for his newest lazy, self indulgent ex who he never really loved sexually in the first place ;).

I do feel for Lainey sometimes, even now. She was a fangirl, promised the world, love bombed, adored, and then slowly her identity has been whittled down. Greg has, at times, talked a lot of shit about her past sexual exploits, but she was 17. Heck she's STILL young, and now she has offspring, had her entire identity changed, and appears to be coming to the realisation that she's no longer Greg's chosen one. She's just a broodmare now.

She is his perfect little emotional punching bag.

No. 361155

I think it's all an act so he doesn't get girls calling him sexist or whatever the fuck for choosing a skinny girl over a chubby one since body positivity is so in…

to put an end to this "he likes em fat no he doesnt" argument….
He had a fucking skinny pact with his first wife.

No. 361157

Anyone else notice how small the arms where in the video

No. 361167

File: 1489906318819.png (323.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1293.PNG)

She literally asked him to stop talking about her

No. 361168

"It's up to you now" = "go and bombard her with messages, my little flying monkeys!"

We knew he'd break his word. Just didn't think it would take less than a week.

No. 361170

He truly is obsessed.

No. 361174

weaselling out of the agreement on his usual technicalities

No. 361182


Damned snake.

No. 361186

I think what the anon's here >>360509 >>359808
were saying was there seems to be a pattern, or rather a certain timing to these events…

No. 361187

>She repurposed the throw up blankets to be Lainey tear blankets.

Her kids are doomed.

No. 361188

File: 1489918796020.jpg (12.1 KB, 301x83, Capture.JPG)

she deleted her beef with onion and posted this

she falls for his lovebombing every single time

No. 361191

No she didnt, she privated it. I went to look for it and I think she blocked every follower that she didnt know personally.

No. 361192

Onisions words and actions often don't match. He says thin girls are anorexic and he likes big girl's, but then he only dates thin girls or girls he preassures to become thin.

I remember him saying to Shiloh that she was perfect if she only now lost the extra pounds.

He says things to appear morally superior. Just like when he posts unflattering pictures of Lainey and praises them for their beauty.

No. 361195

oh my fucking god "it's up to you"
he knows exactly what tf he's doing by tweeting that
can somebody just remove him from this world

No. 361200

Hardly any of his YouTube audience follows him anyway

No. 361206

Placebo lyrics? Such a manly man she is.

No. 361210

Does she listen to Placebo? At least Grug doesn't know who Brian Molko is.

No. 361227

Ok but who is writing him daily, and at great numbers, and is an adult. "I can't make fun of Eugenia… my hands are now tied to help those with eating issues." How about you and your wife with a psych degree lead people to some helpful resources when there triggered or use your YouTube dough to donate to some ED centers if you're so concerned with anorexia. Not getting buttburt because you can't make a video about a girl you're secretly super attracted to and can't control and it drives you insane

No. 361230

> a girl you're secretly super attracted to
Sorry but ew… I seriously doubt this is his reasoning.
Eugenia is severely ill. It's like being attracted to a broken swollen bruised whatever - I'm sure there are people who ARE into that, but it doesn't make it any less gross or any less harmful. It's like those feeder fetishists. It's glorifying (mental) illness.

While Greg is all about control and I could see him going all "Misery" on someone, my impression has always been that he's used that poor girl to get views/money off her issues while trying to paint himself as this saint who keeps pushing for her to "get better."
There are actually a lot of youtubers who've spoken about Eugenia, and it was a short Youtube phase, but Greg has harped on it incessantly and never dropped the subject, despite saying he would do so multiple times (at least 3, I believe, and I try to avoid watching his vids so lord only knows).

But attraction? Nah. Greg must know that Eugenia has extremely low energy. He needs victims who have enough energy to do all the things he doesn't want to (including watching the kids, as well as constantly monitoring/stalking people/sites) on top of being able to have sex with him.

He may have fapped to the situation though just because of the distress he's inflicted and attention from her, in that kind of sick mindset of people who become desensitized to normal porn and have to watch really fucked up shit they wouldn't actually do in order to get their jollies for just a moment. Except factor in the whole socionarc-ness on top of that.

sage for a slew of reasons. hope it made sense tho

No. 361236

No I think he is attracted to her. She has a pretty face and she's the type of alt he likes. The fact she is so sick means she is extremely vulnerable. I think he has a boner for her on top of the attention and validation he gets from blasting her. He wants to be the one to make her get better

No. 361237

>>He wants to be the one to make her get better

He also wants her gratitude. This is why I clenched my jaw when he demanded and received a personal request from Eugenia to stop making the videos - it placed him in the position of power, and made her submit a request to her abuser. I KNEW he was mentally masturbating over the power it gave him when she emailed him - that's what he wanted all along, for her to contact him.

I'm sure he doesn't understand - or care- that what he's doing (making videos, tweets about her) is making her worse, or mental torture for her. It gets him attention, which he loves and feels he needs, and he does want her to be grateful to him. He got a taste of that gratitude when she asked him to stop, but all that did was whet his appetite.

No. 361238

Silly anon he doesn't need to donate actual money, simply posting the link to an ED help centre and making them available for his massive, not-at-all-underaged audience to donate their parents' money to (which they probably won't) is charitable enough~!

Nayrt but it wouldn't surprise me if her alt look and obvious vulnerability is a turn on for him. I doubt he actually wants to have sex with her or bring her into his Trinity but the whole mentally delicate alt chick who won't fight back against abuse thing is definitely doing something for him. Eugenia even looks a bit like an emaciated Hannah Minx. If she was ugly in the face and/or had a style he wasn't into he probably wouldn't be obsessing over her the way he is. Plenty of anorexics on the internet after all, so why harass this one in particular? He is attracted to her in some warped way, even if he himself would never admit it.

No. 361240

I'm >>361230 and definitely agree with what you said in response to me. I didn't think about Hannah. That is a good observation. He's proven to be a sick fuck in other ways, so I wouldn't be surprised, as I also said, if he got off over the situation in some aspect or another.

I don't think he is straight-up attracted to her though, but boy does he love fixating on her body, especialllllyyy her thighs and hip area.

No. 361245

>Plenty of anorexics on the internet after all, so why harass this one in particular?
The real tragedy is that we never got Felice Vs Onion before she disappeared.

He doesn't even realise what an obsessive weirdo he is. Honestly I'm not surprised that all his fans are so young because he behaves like a preteen online. If it wasn't for his face next to his tweets, I'd assume they were posted by a kid.

No. 361246

Makes me wonder if he's aware of Ashley. >>>/snow/241927

No. 361249


He probably is since he lurks here, but Ashley is not as pretty and "punx rawk" as Eugenia.

No. 361252

I'm sure he is. He doesn't care about her because she's not pretty and emo.

No. 361253

File: 1489954667858.png (753.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3798.PNG)

Onion pic of the day

No. 361254

I'm uncomfortable

No. 361255

What the hell is he doing? Just dressing up alone by himself for selfies?

No. 361256

Is he a limo driver now?

No. 361257

File: 1489956693089.png (145.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3799.PNG)

Onion loves Lolcow

No. 361258

At first glance my thoughts were that he's trying to cosplay some young, much fawned-over animu boy. Not convinced that's not what he's actually doing, yet

No. 361267

File: 1489958091139.jpg (47.11 KB, 600x800, f1dbef40467d807baf6c7b3456637f…)

With the red hair this is all I see.

No. 361275

this is embarrassing to look at

No. 361279


his eyes look so dead and glassy. newsie-looking motherfucker.

this is what he does with his time. just dresses up solo in his greasemansion, taking photos of himself in various costumes and fapping in the shower. what a sad, lonely existence. he's cool to no one but teenagers and socially unfit adults.

No. 361281

This is not a wig

No. 361282

File: 1489959548855.png (639.15 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3800.PNG)

No. 361286

Does gerg know that Carrot Top lives in his house?

No. 361291

Seriously, is this Greg or Carrot Top? I can't tell the difference.

No. 361292

File: 1489960700356.png (164.99 KB, 512x229, Untitled.png)

No seriously are they cousins??

No. 361293

Carrot Top has more facial surgery (implants) and also take roids and works out like crazy (same acne probs tho, from the roids).

Grug is skinnyfat, ugly, and zitty, rather than roided up, ugly, and zitty. That's how you tell the difference.

No. 361294


Yes. This is exactly what he's doing. He's having makeovers all by himself, putting on all those sweet ebay wigs and masturbating at his reflection, locked in his office, while agender smol space boi is wrangling a toddler and a baby.

No. 361308

not in any way calling this attractive (infinitebarfing.gif), but covering up so much of his face with the wig/hat helps him a LOT

No. 361311

Indeed, he would look great in a burqa!

No. 361318

This guy has a haircutfetish for sure.
I know cause I have same fetish lol
I'm in every forum related to that and what he does with his grilfriends hair is basically all our fantasies (that normally no one really does because we don't want to harm other peoples self steem for the sake of a boner, so we just write tons of fiction and infinit haircutting scenes) like shaving your girlfriends head after/while/before sex kind of forcefully, knowing se don't want and will look terrible with it, taking your wife to the hairdresser and watch the hair being cut short waaay beyond her confort zone, doing it as a punishent (like for Billie)
The fetish isn't about short haired girls, it's all the process and all about destroying and transforming, for some people, the more uncomfortable the haircut the better.
What he does is just like any fetishist video made with payed models to go on a haircut roleplay looool as soon as I read about Shilloh, then Billie then Lainey I knew immediatly, I'm in this fetishist scene forever.
Haircut fetishist confirmed.

But he's a scumbag. We're not assholes like that normally.

No. 361324


Onion has def had surgery tho, the drunken peasants mentioned before but his face has changed a lot.

No. 361326

I'm super interested in this bc I didn't know this was a thing. I'm a girl with really long hair and I'd be so upset if my S/O wanted me to cut it just for his fetish IF he didn't actually like short haired girls.
So from your experience do you feel like Onionboy instantly regrets the hair cuts after the fact? Like what happens when theres nothing left to cut? (such as Plainey)

Sage for OT

No. 361328


So uh, why didn't Skye share the same fate as them (in the haircut department) since she was with him longer?

No. 361329

He's gotten botox in his forehead regularly - that's why his eyebrows have such a "joker" appearance to them. He's trying to smooth the deep creases he's had in his forehead since his teen years, they make him look even older than he is.

He may also have had a photo facial or laser resurfacing during the times he's worn masks in all of his videos for a while. These procedures would be used to reduce pore size and scarring from acne, and would have minimal downtime (the masks may have been used just to cover when his skin was very bad, however.)

We haven't seen him have the kind of downtime involved with a forehead life, nose job, or implants though (and his facial structure hasn't changed in those ways - just the brow flattened a bit.) For anything more than botox or a photo facial / laser resurfacing, he would be unable to make videos at all for a couple weeks - you are super fucked up after nose jobs, implants and lifts. Your entire head is wrapped tightly with splints, you can hardly speak or open your eyes, let alone put a mask over it all and goof off on camera.

Conclusion: no, he hasn't had anything more invasive than injections, peels, etc. His appearance changes are down to injections plus filters, bangs and BRIGHT AS FUCK lights rather than surgery.

No. 361330


are you kidding me lol its a punishment not a kink
hes just power crazy and loves control

No. 361332

Yeah it's a control and power thing. He's not attracted to women with super short hair; in fact, after he forced Shiloh to shave her head he seemed disgusted by her. It's an abuse tactic and he gets off on the power trip, not the hair.

No. 361333


That's why I was questioning the "haircut fetish" lol

No. 361336

She had pretty long hair, she probably had a significant attachment to it. I highly doubt he never asked her. everyone else had medium to short hair.

I don't think for him hair cutting is some sexual release thing / a "kink" it's mostly just about being an abusive fucker and eliminating competition from other men

No. 361351

File: 1489977361044.png (692.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3801.PNG)

Onion pic #2

No. 361352

File: 1489977452700.png (115.84 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3802.PNG)

Please tell me these are all lies and the guy's just retarded! Anyone?

No. 361353

File: 1489977477809.png (98.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3803.PNG)

No. 361354

File: 1489977621462.png (115.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3804.PNG)

Also, he won't leave Shane alone.

Little does Gretchen know, Shane and his arch nemesis social repose and doing a podcast together in April (highly doubt they're gonna talk about him).

No. 361357


>Maybe it was my acne

Hahahahaha, oooh for once he's actually honest about something. Being a pizza face is probably the only thing that gives any slight illusion of being younger. ALSO, being a student doesn't mean "high schooler", they probably assumed he was in college or Uni student and he took it as then calling him a teen.

No. 361362

who tf just asks someone what school they go to? unless he said "can i get the student discount" that's a weird ass thing to ask a customer out of the blue

No. 361364

Because it only happened while Grease was in line day dreaming about his fantasies of being a kid and fucking kids.

No. 361370

Not to defend grease but i get asked that a lot. Unlike him tho, I assume they think I'm in college, like I am. Then when I tell them what university I attend they tell me they thought I was in high school.

No. 361373

You are a freak lol

No. 361381

Go back to 4chan.

No. 361382

File: 1489985964838.png (100.31 KB, 589x806, onion.png)

What a surprise. The greatest ally of LGBT folk everyone. And greg you fetishize bisexuality/lesbians, so of course you deny straight people fetishize it haha.

No. 361383

File: 1489986129343.png (31.19 KB, 587x250, lameo.png)

Also unsurprisingly, lameo and onion continue to have nothing in common aside from both being annoying manipulative attention seekers.

No. 361390

How is Lainey supposed to prey on children if they can't even watch her videos! Ugh, come on youtube, so unfair.

No. 361449

>Just use words that are NOT also commonly used in porn
Time to restrict anything that uses "Asian" and "Teacher" and every other mundane word that also shows up in porn titles and descriptions.

Also damn, he and Lainey are on totally different pages on this. Yikes.

No. 361451

If he finds out that one of his videos has been restricted for the same reasons, he's gonna kick off twice as much as everyone else. I hope it happens to him so we can watch him spazz with seventy angry tweets and a stupid video about it.

No. 361452

lmao of course he doesn't understand the difference in sexualizing and fetishizing

No. 361453

This man makes videos about threesomes for his audience of teen girls but he thinks lesbian and gay vids are what needs to be restricted? If I were being "cautious with ads", I'd be restricting his vids about his ex girlfriends/ex friends/internet personalities he doesn't know. A random coming out story from some youtuber is less likely to need restricting than one of his videos about Billie.

No. 361493


If I were being cautious I'd restrict his entire channel from the entire world

No. 361494

I just realized this recent SNL skit reminds me a lot of how we feel about Taylor, even if she was not actively initiating a lot of Onision's behaviors/drama. Except she is, so, it's cool and all she can whine about her coming out video, but I would rather care about people who are actually positive/neutral voices for the LGBT community. Taylor doesn't belong from what we know, and yeah neither of their channels should be encouraged or deemed family friendly.

sage for non-onision video

No. 361501

Shiloh posted on Instagram last night about not concerning yourself with people who try to get you down, and went live not long after. Anyone catch it? I was asleep.

No. 361509

This whole thread has turned to shit. Lolcow is dead.

No. 361512

One thread isn't the entirety of the farms. There's no good milk atm and that's why the thread is going through a shitty dry period, it happens.

No. 361513

Agreed, but not that "lolcow is dead" it's just that since 3 days ago from here >>360510 and onwards, it feels like anachans, diet-chans and 34"waist-chans have taken over the thread.

Please anons, keep on topic instead of going all over the place with wild speculations - yes, he has fucked up fetishes and you can find discussions on his fetishes in previous threads, there's no need to beat the dead horse over it.

If you're looking for specific information, go to the main /pt board, click "catalog", ctrl and f "Onision", enter the threads, ctrl and f certain "keywords" you're looking for… most of not all questions and discussions have been answered and talked about before.

It's really on you to seek out information yourself rather than depending on oldfags to seek them out for you each and every time you can't be bothered to make the effort, it just creates a cycle of old information circulating around for newfags to derail each new thread with.

I agree with you too, but whilst I don't mind it at most times - repeat questions that have already been answered and discussed such as this >>361104 really get annoying after a while.

No. 361518

Don't like the snarkiness of >>361509 but fucking this. This isn't PULL, bitches. So please, let's try keeping it like that.

No. 361519

Why do you say that? Besides stuff like what >>361513 mentioned in a more helpful and descriptive post.

I do agree that there is no real reason to discuss haircuts at this point. No one is having one or has had one or has been threatened with one since Billie freed herself from the mcmansion. Otherwise idk, I'd rather be laughing in horror than seething in horror.

No. 361524

Gurg constantly uses thumbnails with half-naked women/girls to attract horny teens, and he whines about other people using words common in porn when they're really talking about their sexual orientation/LGBTQ+ issues.


No. 361528

File: 1490025262762.png (760.27 KB, 800x1200, what.png)

Can we talk about the fact that he's using Hannah Minx as a cashcow, in obscene and unlawful ways when she hasn't been around to defend or say anything for nearly 3 years?


I know some of you like to ignore certain shit, but come on…

This isn't just "stalker" status (it fucking well is), he's using a woman who no longer has/wants to be a part of the YT community to live her own life.

Talk about this shit, get it out there… this woman isn't even around to defend herself.

No. 361548

how fucking embarrassing.

No. 361583

File: 1490038718866.png (841.45 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3805.PNG)

Even Google doesn't like the grease master

No. 361584

That fact that he has so many pictures of her after their falling out is telling.

No. 361596

Of course he would have stopped if Hannah had gotten in touch and ask him to…

No. 361598

He probably wishes she would contact him and hopes the videos will make her do that. Then he will make a video about how hannah talked to him. haha. But she never will.

Hes the only person still obsessing over hannah minx. It's also extra weird if they actually "dated" to make that many videos and hire a look alike. Who does that about an "ex". It's one thing to do that about a random youtuber but if you actually dated, only onion would do this weirdo shit.

No. 361623

No, this thread turned to shit because some people shit it up with too much tinfoil,"haircut fetishes" and gerg cosplay.

No. 361624

> there seems to be a pattern, or rather a certain timing to these events…

Cyclical is the word.

No. 361631


Aren't most Onion threads turned to shit anyways?

No. 361632

Everything he's involved

It's like his power

No. 361634

Ok, a thing I don't get about Onion is:
how the fucking hell people can stand him? how he can stand himself?
He's a joke, an exhausting annoying joke

And, seriously, he is not cute and this has nothing to do with his behavior. He's fucking ugly. Ew, fuck NO

No. 361636

For the most part, I don't think so, no. As long as threads aren't derailed with things that have been discussed ad nauseam, tinfoil, etc.

No. 361650

Some children find him funny from what it seems.
Though I don't know how. I'm all for mean spirited jokes and calling people out, but Onision has no wit or analytical skills when it comes to his "jokes" so they're honestly terribly done in the first place.

Hurdurr this chick is fat, this chick is anorexic, look at me dressed like a girl and pretend to be bulimic but said sketch provides no further insight or jokes beyond surface level hurdurr don't want to be fat so I'm going to vomit my dinner up

No. 361659

Reverse king midas

No. 361685

The only contact he'd get from her nowadays is a restraining order.

No. 361730

He reminds me so much of a sad, unemployed clown for hire… or some washed up, holiday camp entertainer; whose sanity broke once he was caught diddling the kids (his only fans) backstage by a janitor.

He looks the part, acts the part and lives the part in every way, like… your mom would be there watching you like a hawk as he performs his banana shite song onstage and pulls you back once he starts to leer closer, you'd begin with a weird crush on him because he's a silly adult who wears far too much of his wife's makeup to cover his flaws… then that facade cracks once you see his pores up close.

He'd only be "famous" within the holiday camp, but he's let it get to his head and constantly has delusions of grandeur and thinks because he's entertained your kids for 10 minutes; that he's some worldwide, renowned superstar… whenever he doesn't get what he wants, he takes it out on his struggling wife who doubles as his manager and tries to cover up his kiddy fetish whenever he's questioned about it.

At least a holiday camp entertainer would have to get a background check before he was allowed to perform for children… this guy is just a random bum who got lucky before the YouTube bubble burst, no credentials whatsoever; he's never even held a job, has no further education… jumped into the air force for 2/3 years after high school and somehow thinks he's better than everyone else.

No. 361744

I dunno, I think the guy's "haircut fetish" theory might hold some weight. Fetishes (not kinks, everybody has some kind of kink, fetishes are different) are all, when you break them down, about power/control or loss of power/control. Greg's fucking obsessed with power and control, as we all know, so he may very well get off on forcing his partners to cut their hair. The one thing many people feel they have control over is their body and women tend to have a strong attachment to their hair, so what better way to feel all powerful than to force your girlfriend/wife to shear off their hair, to take away their control over their own body, take away something they're attached to and take away their ability to feel beautiful. We already knew he loves to defeminize his partners and he loves controlling his partner's diets/weight, so it's not exactly outlandish. The haircut fetish thing ties into the mindset we already know he has.

I worked as a Domme (professional dominatrix) for a year and while this is the first I'd ever heard of haircut fetishes, it doesn't surprise me considering anything can be a fetish. People assume getting off on a fetish means you're fapping or shlicking to something, in this case, Gerg would be fapping to Shiloh getting her head shaved against her will, but it's a mental thing, it's all about how it makes them feel.

So, again, it's not exactly farfetched to imagine he's, mentally and emotionally, getting off on the power/control that bullying and punishing his partners with ugly haircuts allows him. It could even be a subconscious sort of fetish. I dunno, again, it does sound plausible to me.

No. 361745

were you on the joy thread? lol

No. 361749

It is fair to say he does have a thing about cutting women's hair to the point of defeminising them. We have 3 examples: Shiloh, Lainey and Billie.

Shiloh said that while she did want her hair somewhat shaved, not to the point that it was done. Lainey doesn't even identify as female anymore (whether that is down to Greg or not is debatable). Lastly, Billie was told to shave her head as punishment which is pretty telling, especially in relation to the Shiloh saga.

I'm not sure if he would jack off per say, but he is really into having control over women and their looks and I think it's more of a psychological control than a sexual one.

No. 361750

>I'm not sure if he would jack off per say, but he is really into having control over women and their looks and I think it's more of a psychological control than a sexual one.

Right, but I addressed that. Fetishes are sexual in nature, but not everybody with a fetish gets sexual gratification through their fetish by masturbating, it is more psychological in nature. It's a weird mix of psychological and sexual in the way that one with a fetish will get off sexually on a mental level, but not necessarily physically.

Like, when I worked as a Domme, there'd be clients who'd want Forced Feminization aka grown men who want to be "forced" into wearing female clothing, wigs, makeup, etc. or there were guys who liked being tied up and bound in intricate ways that would make one feel super claustrophobic. Due to their fetish, the experiences that anybody else wouldn't consider sexual would have a strong sexual connotation for them and the experience alone would be sexually gratifying. I worked with Dommes who had clients who'd jerk themselves off during/at the end of sessions, but I actually never once had a client who even asked if they could do that (I'd have said no anyway, since ew and it's illegal).

I had a client who just wanted to have his neck held in classic, wrestling leg locks (obviously more sexual in nature, having your head/neck squeezed between a woman's thighs) and, at the end of the sessions, he was just in a fantastic mood, smiling ear to ear, paid me and left.

That's the thing about fetishes, it's so hard for "normal" people to imagine something sexual that doesn't involve a typical, physical act like masturbation or penetration. The pleasure derived from being dominated or from dominating is all psychological and emotional. So it really could be plausible for Greg to have a haircut fetish where he derives some kind of sexual pleasure from the act of dominating and humiliating his partner by forcing them to cut their hair without actually indulging in some sort of physical release.

Sage for going OT and blogposting

No. 361751

Nope, I have no interest in her.

Why the fuck does he keep wearing suspenders over baggy t=shirts? He looks like a special needs kid, the haircut, the skinnyfat build… he legit looks retarded.

I mean, I'm glad his fashion-sense is finally reflecting his personality - but I can't help but cringe everytime I see him in this get up, moreso than usual too.

No. 361752

File: 1490111576777.jpeg (144.74 KB, 342x500, simpleonion.jpeg)

You never go full retard.

No. 361768

File: 1490118813213.png (26.78 KB, 585x283, lameo.png)

lmao she tweeted this then deleted it. Also she posted more of her overpriced used clothes on poshmark.

No. 361773

It's from Darkness by callMeKarizma

No. 361775


Okay, first of all, this song is fucking terrible. Secondly, this is the epitome of the "my boyfriend treats me like shit, it's fucking over and now I'm wallowing in heartache" music teenagers listen to (well, I listened to Elliott Smith for that, but Lainey has shit taste) so…yeah, I'm guessing Gurg reeled her back in with the lovebombing when he realized his smol space prince wasn't a happy camper, then reverted back to his typical trash self once he knew he'd hooked her and she's pissed. She won't leave, though, the bitch has no backbone. She's like if jellyfish could be even more boring and androgynous.

Here's the song with lyrics if anybody wants to listen to Lainey's ~pain~ manifested in the form of music.

No. 361776

hes been sperging on twitter

No. 361777

File: 1490121189781.png (432.43 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-30-39…)

No. 361778

File: 1490121236202.png (424.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-31-00…)

No. 361779

File: 1490121288743.png (491.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-31-38…)

No. 361780

Yeah, I just checked it and he's just…this is typical Onion sperging. Shitty, shitty jokes and surveys. I don't see any milk.

He's probably cackling at his own…sigh…jokes as he taps them out and posts them on Twitter while Plainey sits at the other end of the couch, ignored, wrapped in a blanket, weeping and listening to god awful music about hurt feelings.

No. 361781

File: 1490121349389.png (833.69 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-31-48…)

No. 361782

Greg spends so much time tweeting and taking pics and making videos, when does he have time for his kids/Lainey?? With all that YouTube money you'd think they'd at least go on vacation every ONCE in a while…

No. 361783

File: 1490121493077.png (286.24 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-11-37-53…)

No. 361784

Don't insult jellyfish like that, anon. Jellies are pretty and have contributed greatly to science. Lainey (which my phone corrects to "Laundry") has contributed exactly nothing to the world. Shitting out babies with a deranged narcissist for a father doesn't count, at least not in a positive way.

She's not even venting on twitter properly like a real person would. Instead she's tweeting suggestive song lyrics from shit songs and getting uppity when people wonder if that means anything. How does this pretentious airbag have fans? It really boggles me. I can sort of see how Grease appeals to retarded edgelord preteens. Who does Laundry appeal to?

No. 361785

Lol that song sounds like its describing her shit with onion boy, but its lameo so she aint gonna do anything but post depressing song lyrics then deny it means anything. It's like she knows onion is complete and utter shit, but she will continue to support him and allow him to treat everyone like shit but she only cares when hes treating her like shit. When hes treating other people like shit and lovebombing her she gets this smug look in all her pictures with him.

And people usually post a line from a song they are relating to so no one falls for her its just a song bs. It's not like shes tweeting some catchy line in a song. She picked a specific line that she related to.

Hah. Hes still triggered when anyone says LOL BE MAD since hes reminded he lost billie who he prefers over lameo.

No. 361786


Dude, anon, this isn't anything of interest, why are you shitposting typical, garbage tweets from Greg as though they're significant in any way? Are you reading into his fucking awful attempts at humor and finding some hidden messages that nobody else can see? Because otherwise these are just fucking pointless and irrelevant Onion thought farts.

No. 361787

oh im sorry i thought this was an image board you use to post screenshots and laugh at cows. apparently im not tinfoil hatting enough.

No. 361788

Dude, I KNOW, right? I fucking hate the guy and his wife, but just ONCE I'd like to see them post some pictures of them taking a trip to Mexico or some shit. Hell, even a day trip to a nearby city, something. Instead Lainey's just locked up in the fucking mcmansion with two kids, sighing and weeping, while Greg dresses up in suits, does his makeup, tries on various wigs and might take a 4-wheeler for a spin around the yard. It's fucking bizarre.

Even when I was young and my family was broke as fuck, my parents figured out ways for us to have some kind of vacation: road trips, staying in shitty, cheap as fuck beach towns, etc. They're great memories, I had such a great time because when you're a kid, even going out and eating breakfast at a diner and jumping around in the ocean is a fucking blast.

But, nope, Troy just gets to stare at him mom crying and his dad taking selfies in anime wigs, sometimes witnessing his parents getting into fights with random teen lovers and never goes anywhere interesting. The kid's brain is probably atrophying.

No. 361789

Yes, you post screenshots and laugh at cows, but with the screenshots you're posting, there's nothing to laugh at, this is Gurg in his typical state. This is Gurg on any given day. You're posting these as if they're something of note, as if you're contributing updates regarding Onion milk, but it's just Gerg's pathetic attempt at humor. It's the epitome of milkless.

No. 361791


I'm very sorry anon, but that's never gonna happen. The only time Grease ever took one of his women to an exotic place was 10 years ago to a shitty part of South Korea.

No. 361792

File: 1490123183457.png (412.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-21-12-02-01…)

I don't think it's a stretch to say it's a fetish at all, after all he did it to Shiloh during sex. Bringing back what she wrote about it, look at how he told her.

No. 361793


and that was for military purposes and to keep a cumdumpster nearby.

No. 361796


After reading that so many times before, it still sends shivers down my spine. It's like hearing a testimony of a molested child.

No. 361797

Lol i always remember during one of the couple tag videos or whatever onion indicated he didnt know lainey's dream vacation spot and she said i've literally told you a million times and showed you hotels there. it's fiji. lmao. yeah girl, you're never going to fiji or anywhere besides onion's couch on onion's dime.

Lameo doesn't matter, but its really sad these kids aren't gonna get to go on fun vacations or road trips or anything. Onion thinks having a "super fun house" with a "fun basement" is vacation enough.

No. 361798


Different anon, but then don't read the thread? Do you expect people to not post anything just because there's not much going on? I was interested in the screenshots, go complain somewhere else.

'British people teeth' right after 'LOL BE RAD'–I'd say he's still stalking Billie, she's flirting with this British weed youtuber right now and they're talking about her visiting.

No. 361799

he compared his humour to physical abuse, still is subtweeting billie and being salty, and did what farmers predicted in asking how to get his videos unrestricted after shitting all over lgbtq videos. but youre right, absolutely NOTHING of note and its definitely not funny to watch him be a total idiot and alienate half his fans.

saged because I shouldnt even have to justify posting onions dumbass tweets in his thread. people post way dumber shit thats even more irrelevant.

No. 361801

File: 1490124236121.png (310.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3807.PNG)

Speaking of britfags (sorry if I offend any British farmers here)…

No. 361802

I was just about to mention that. Having a significant other who doesn't want to leave his house seems already like a torture to me..Oh but he is also an emotionally abusive narcissist.

I wonder if Lainey still holds onto the dreams she had about their future when their relationship first began. I mean how else does she not get the urge to pack her bags and leave?

No. 361816

She gets the urge, but besides spending a few nights at a friends house during Cuddlegate, that's the most she'll do. The second she grows anything resembling a backbone, Grease starts lovebombing the shit out of her.

It's typical of abusive relationships; when they first started dating, he blasted her with compliments, showered her with attention and other shit…the aforementioned lovebombing…making her feel like the most special girl (sorry, agendered space prince) in the world and reeled her in. Once he knew he had her in his pocket, he slowly started to test boundaries, testing to see how much of his shitty behavior she'd put up with and then slowly started to introduce more and more abusive behavior. Like a frog in a boiling pot of water, it's so gradual change that she doesn't even realize it's happening and it creates a new "normal" in the relationship. Then when shit gets really bad, when he pushes too far and she's had enough of his abuse, lies, manipulation and whatnot, he reverts back to the loving, sweet, doting version that she first fell in love with.

She wants THAT guy, the guy she fell for, and is hoping that every time she puts her foot down and calls him on his shit that he'll go back to being "sweet Greg", but she needs to get it through her head that "sweet Greg" never fucking existed. It was an act, everything he did during the honeymoon phase was a lie and the shitty, absent, abusive man she's married to now is the real Greg.

It's textbook narc abuser fuckery and she's the textbook narc abuser partner. She's such a stereotype that it's a joke. It'd be easy to feel bad for her, knowing he groomed her with lovebombing and other shit from such a young age and isolated her from any outside support system, but she's become so complicit in his fucked up behavior that it's impossible to feel any sympathy for her.

No. 361819


My best guess is that he'd have to beat the shit out of her or the kids for her to seriously contemplate leaving. It's easy for her to say "He's not abusive" because the verbal and emotional abuse have been so normalized within that fucked up compound they live in, but if he took it to a physical level and did something like break her arm, that might cross the line and prompt her to leave because it'd suddenly make it "real abuse" in her mind. "Might" being the key word. I have a feeling that even if he fucking decked her in front of the kids, she'd just spend a week elsewhere, cry on the phone to her parents and friends and then he'd woo her back with promises to never do it again.

I'm hoping to god that if he ever abused the kids, her motherly instincts would kick in and she'd have enough sense to prioritize their safety and wellbeing, but…I dunno, my mom was a social worker and I've heard countless stories of women who still wouldn't leave even after their man did unthinkable shit to the kids. Man, their whole situation just depresses the shit out of me.

No. 361820

File: 1490129150507.jpg (2.8 MB, 1458x3588, temp.jpg)

Restricted results left. Unrestricted right.


No. 361821

Speaking about their poshmark, why does Garg own so many American Fighter shirts?

No. 361822

lol he really ain't ever gonna let go of that "LOL BE MAD" text is he. It makes me happy how he's still mad and has stayed mad. Probably the best thing Bilbo ever did.

No. 361826

In the event he physically harms her and she cries to her parents, I hope that they have the presence of mind to contact the cops and at least get their grandkids out of there. They already know Greg is a creep and would probably love to get their daughter away from him. I have no experience with this sort of thing, though, so I'm not sure how complicated that would be.

No. 361830

Lainey absolutely strikes me as one of those women who is so fucked up she blames the child when her husband/partner abuses the kid.

No. 361837

The thing is, if she had visible marks and other evidence of physical abuse, her parents could document it and the cops would put it in a report, but it'd totally be on Lainey to press charges and we all know she wouldn't. Also, since she's an adult, her parents can't make her do anything, they can't forcibly make her leave Greg.

That's why he went about dating her the way he did when she was still a minor; He groomed her, lovebombed her, impregnated and married her and only allowed it to all be public knowledge once it was too late for her parents to step in and stop it. It's so fucked. He also used their concern for their daughter against them by telling teenage Lainey something like "They're trying to keep us apart because they don't respect or trust you, they think you're too immature! I respect you, I get that you're mature!" which is going to totally appeal to a teenager. UGHH.

So, yeah, Gerg went out of his way to make sure her parents couldn't make her stop seeing him and to make Lainey distrust/resent them so she won't take any of their advice.

If he physically abused her or the kids and she told her parents, they could call social services, but social services goes out of their way to keep families together despite their reputation for breaking them apart. If Lainey didn't tell them "Yes, my husband is abusive", which I'm sure she wouldn't, and they didn't see obvious signs of constant abuse and neglect, they'd probably leave the family be. They'd see that Greg has money, a roof over their head, food to fill their bellies, toys and I'm sure he'd put on a big "I'm such a loving father and husband, there's been some kind of misunderstanding…" act for the caseworker. I just made myself even more bummed out.

No. 361838

Oh, same. I could see her being one of those moms who'd see her husband backhand one of the children across the mouth and just calmly keep watching TV and chirp "Well, if you don't like it, you shouldn't leave your toys out for daddy to trip on" in response to the kid's bawling.

No. 361845

Lainey ( Taylor Elaine Anderson / Avaroe) reminds me of the 15 year old girl that just ran away with her 50 year old teacher.
Lainey is never going to admit she made a poor decision in marrying Greg, not until he has left her for someone younger. I'm genuinely curious as to why he supposedly changed his mind about leaving her for Billie. Lainey said it was because he realized it was morally wrong, but I don't believe that for one second. I hope the divorce happens sooner rather than later for Lainey's sake, so she can realize he doesn't love her at all and move on with her life quicker while she still has that life ahead of her. I can't understand how her mind works at all. Just knowing my husband was about to leave me for the 19 year old girl he had been screwing would be plenty evidence that he doesn't love me, and I'd have been gone way before that point.

My last point is that Greg is a hypocrite. He said in one video that he's okay with Lainey going for girls because he serves "hot dogs" and girl's are like "hamburgers" and he knows she can't get "hamburgers" from him so he doesn't care if she dates a girl. BUT if she dated a guy/"hotdog" he would care because HE provides that for her. WELL, Billie is a "hamburger"… Greg is already getting his "hamburger" from Lainey, so his OWN screwed up analogy works against him. He shouldn't have been 'allowed' to have sex with Billie BY HIS OWN LOGIC.

sorry for all the caps I just wish someone would call him out on this.

No. 361852


Greg manipulated Lainey so he could eventually have a second girlfriend he could fuck. This is fact. Lainey would also not be allowed to sleep with other dudes lol despite them having a poly relationship now. Its sad because she's clearly the most jealous, insecure person and she still got manipulated into being cheated on, and blamed the girlfriend entirely. Imo she got obsessive with Billie, love bombing her like Greg does, to try and convince herself it was okay when he was fucking her in the greasesomes. She only took her back so much because if Billie loved her and was her girlfriend too, then Greg wasnt really cheating on her. Even tho he was. lol.

No. 361856

I think Billie turned him down.

No. 361862

This is scary how accurate this is..

No. 361874

Yeah, I think I remember Richie mentioning that. He said Onion was crying and begging Billie to stay when he took her to the airport during one of the times she was being sent away, that he offered to leave Lainey+the kids to be with her, but I'm almost certain Billie shut it down. If that's how it went down, hooo, Grease calling Billie a homewrecker is fucked. It was already fucked up as it is, but knowing that he offered to abandon his family to start life anew with a 19 year old girl and now has the nerve to call her the homewrecker is just…jfc.

I agree. I think, at this point, it's a matter of pride for her. She feels like the whole world is waiting with bated breath for their marriage to fall apart and she's staying with this guy to prove to herself that she didn't majorly fuck up and to prove "teh haturz" wrong…which is a seriously stupid reason to stay married to someone. I understand not wanting your kids to be from a "broken home", but jfc, having divorced parents is infinitely better than growing up in that environment. She needs to suck up her pride and realize her parents saying "Told you so" isn't the worst thing in the world, that getting out and raising your kids in a home where there aren't teen fucktoys coming and going, where a barely legal girl might end up chained to a wall in the basement, where the unhappiness is almost tangible, that's 1000x more important than proving to everyone you didn't make a mistake. I hope she leaves ASAP, goes to therapy, deals with the years of mindfucking Grease has done and moves on with her life.

No. 361882


He tries to shut down everyone who presents proof that his demographic is underage. Age restricted videos shouldn't be of any real concern to him if the majority of his audience is 18+, right?
He knows his audience is mostly underage and impressionable, so more likely to worship him, and wants their preteen money.

No. 361891

I hope him and Lainey start making Spiderman and Elsa videos, because apparently youtube loves it.

No. 361897

File: 1490145629238.jpg (88.8 KB, 576x1024, LaptopFamicloneOpen_zps0a017ef…)

by inventing laptops, he means that he will probably make the initial design of it and then hand the blueprints to some Chinese company to make it for him.

It's probably going to be poorly made and built. pic related

No. 361910

No. 361915

Keem: "So, ON THE UPSIDE OF THINGS, Mr. Onision has lost a ton of money."


No. 361921

When did this demonetization happen?

If Greg knew about it before the "debate", then he knew he couldn't make any more off harassing Eugenia anyway, and forced her to ask him to stop making his videos just because he's a power hungry dick.

No. 361938

It's too little, too late. The majority of the money he'd make off those videos was already made. Should have done this earlier, YouTube.

No. 361949

File: 1490155245255.png (44.37 KB, 638x328, onion.png)

I remember the ONE example sarah and lainey gave on a younow about how lainey supposedly doesnt take gerg's shit was when he wanted to watch something but lainey didnt so she said they were gonna watch something else or something along those lines. Is that the talking back? lmao. I bet he actually wants lameo to talk back to him because he loves arguing and conflict. He always needs someone hes arguing with it or starting drama with and hes running out of people.

No. 361950


Being hopeful, but I really would like to believe that this is a sign that Lainey is at least attempting to stand up for herself and not let Greg treat her like dirt.

No. 361958

this is so creepy and the emoji makes it 100x worse

No. 361978

Saw in a screenshot he made a video about women in islam… See, that could be a good outlet for him. If he stuck with just that. There is so much to say about it, and as much as he digs teens, he has to draw a line at six yr old childbride cousin marriages?

No. 361979


I think this translates to…

>"Lainey wouldn't shut the fuck up and leave me alone so I put my foot down and showed the bitch her place, now she knows not to make daddy angry ever again. Proud of her! ^^ :)"

No. 361981


Onion was just using that to push his "I hate religion!!!111!!1!1!!!!" to the masses, don't be fooled.

No. 361982



No. 361988

I read it as him taking credit for her being allowed to be upset; like, she can't even own being upset and making arguments herself - he has to be the one who gave her permission to do it / taught her how.

No. 361999

> Speaking about their poshmark, why does Garg own so many American Fighter shirts?

because he has a tesla and buys his clothes at walmart.

No. 362009


Is this how the law operates in WA? Where I live (outside US), it's the police who press charges and set up an interim AVO (restraining order). It's made very clear that the victim has no say in whether charges are pressed and whether the AVO goes to a magistrate to be potentially extended to a year or have conditions amended.

Leaving it up to an abuse victim, especially where children are involved, seems like a terrible idea.

Is a police report alone enough for CPS to do anything to protect the kids?

No. 362011


Is Walmart the same place where he bought those ugly laceless black shoes? Because ew.

No. 362012


Let's not tip of the cows.

No. 362019

File: 1490170456425.png (83.02 KB, 588x585, onion.png)

Onion writing some "deep" poetry/lyrics on twitter. Sounds like there's trouble in paradise and onions trying to act like he knows hes so wrong and terrible and makes the same mistakes over and over. Guessing lainey and him fought when she "talked back".

Part of me thinks hes mocking lainey's use of "deep" song lyrics to convey her feelings lmao.

No. 362023


So far, not a lot of people bought their shitty clothing. Idk if I should laugh at the current 2-3 people who bought Onion's t-shirts that will contract his grease and pimples or feel sorry for them?

No. 362024


He's mocking her ~pain~ (I think)

No. 362025

How is that a tip off?

No. 362027

Wtf don't they have enough money?
Why don't they donate their crappy Walmart clothes to Salvation Army or some other charity?

No. 362032


Maybe the money from the sold shirts and shit is taylors allowance?
If she sells enough of those greasy shirts she may be able to leave grease kek

No. 362034

"A 2008 study in the Journal of Emergency Medicine suggested that the risks of an attempted homicide increase about sevenfold for women who have been strangled by their partner. The study also found that 43 percent of women murdered in domestic assaults, and 45 percent of victims of attempted murder, had been strangled by a partner in the previous year. "

If Onion doesn't snap and choke a woman/girl to death one day I'll eat my hat.

Who triggered him with their English accents? What English girl has he been rejected by? I've always wondered

No. 362037


Why do they even think someone's gonna buy such overpriced old crap? If you don't want your clothes, donate them to charity, selling them for more than you bought it for is plain ridiculous.

No. 362038

Isn't the DrewIsSharing guy Billie is possibly seeing British? I am sure that caused Onisions recent Brit rants.

No. 362040

I agree with this >>361623 and think it's pretty irrelevant and inconsequential to the larger picture.

There's no deeper meaning to it, he's just an asshole.

No. 362045

File: 1490179674316.png (695.64 KB, 1273x523, jfc.PNG)

Who would pay $20+ for this nasty thing? Save your money, people.

No. 362046

File: 1490179723896.jpg (81.08 KB, 580x580, m_570ed4eab4188e2743004a41.jpg)

Pics of the inside 1/2

No. 362047

File: 1490179740215.jpg (141.54 KB, 580x580, m_570ed4f42de5126081004bfa.jpg)

No. 362048

He is but I mean in general.

No. 362051


>Overdosed on faggotree

No. 362052


Heh, forgot the extra t

No. 362055


just another ex emo dude that had no father figure in his life to give him a good raise and stop his bullshit in early ages

obviously he became a shitty, whining brat living out of reallity
and will never ever be a decent, real man

he's just a degenerated cunt living in his own little world and catching insecure needy ugly young chicks cause he'll never be good enough to fit the real world or get a woman with their shit together.
social media rat, useless adult.

He's just the portrait of what bad parenting can do to a child


No. 362056

Today on: Things That Never Happened.

He does this periodically, so far - everyone from his town thinks he looks like an teenage A-lister superstar… he likes to post about it on social media in hopes that his young, braindead fans will chime in and agree with the imaginary people in his head.

No. 362063


Could they atleast vacuum the damn floor before plopping the clothing on it ? And iron out the clothing so it at least looks presentable.

I lowkey hope Onion is selling a wack of Lainey's stuff in a slow attempts to get rid of her. Its much easier to throw people out if they have no possessions within the house..

No. 362064

Why did he used train out of all other words? It's creepy as hell. I'm sure she "fought" back (probably just disagreeing with him instead of taking whatever he throws at her) because she was tired of his shit like every else is.

No. 362066

Sorry for derailing a bit but I found Onion's old deviant art account, apparently he's also a "core member" there…


No. 362071

Looks like the wardrobe of a rural high school girl. Oh wait

No. 362072

How edgy. Esp. for a father of two nearing middle age.

No. 362077

>'I am Onision, best known for my appearances on Comedy Central, MTV, ABC & the YouTube channel "Onision"'

Yeah okay Greg, everyone knows you from your many tv appearances

No. 362092

Haven't finished watching it yet, but Greg just posted a video complaining about his increasingly low view count. I shouldn't be so gleeful about this, but I'm just happy he has less and less access to potential future victims.

No. 362096

He showed what I assume to be his son's bedroom with a car bed in it (sheets and pillows on it etc) but there was literally NOTHING in the room? Please tell me his son has another secret bedroom that he just didn't want to show or something? but since they have two kids, I can't see Greg just "wasting" one room with nothing but a childs bed, so I'm assuming it's his actual room. They can take time to cluster up the living room with tons of posters etc, but can't decorate their child's room? I find that sad.

No. 362097

>selling them for more than you bought it for is plain ridiculous.

Plainey thinks she and Garg are *~celebrities~*

Lel, no wonder they are selling those Walmart shirts, YouTube hasn't been bringing money lately it seems.

Why doesn't Grug sell his Tesla? He only drives it to the nearest Taco Bell anyways

No. 362100

File: 1490201048862.png (1.1 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2017-03-22-17-43-18…)

Greg you are so hot and young looking!!!!

No. 362102

I think you're confused anon, that's clearly zac efron

No. 362103

How is he fucking surprised though?

He's made zero new content for the past 8 years - his videos center around "comedy" skits such as badly dressing up and spazzing out in front of the camera in his greasetomb, rating girls and women's bodies, talking about how "honest" and "factual" he is, stalking his exes and other YT'ers, inappropriately and creepily talking about his sex life and how much Lainey cries, embarrassingly giving grade 7 level commentary on social and political issues and… that's it.

That's all it's ever been with him and he continues to wash, rinse and repeat the same old shit and his retarded mind still can't figure out why he's not attracting new subscribers.

Dear lord.

No. 362105


Genuine question here that I almost feel bad asking bc I don't like pointing out someone's flaws in their appearance, but what is the big spot-like thing on/near his left temple in the past few videos? I'm surprised that as self conscious as he is he didn't cover it with hair. There's like three dot looking things all in a cluster there.

No. 362106


* same anon here, I meant his right/our left

No. 362108

File: 1490201320801.jpg (159.5 KB, 810x1237, IMG_20170322_174701.jpg)

Fall of Chucky.

No. 362110


I think he's slowly transforming into his true form and is unable to hide it anymore. Like in The Fly. Although merging Gurg with a fly would probably be a major improvement.

No. 362111

this is…..embarrassing……

so much for that mud mask huh

No. 362114

He says he's not wearing any makeup in this latest video, but he is very clearly wearing eyeliner and nothing else.

No. 362115

He explains it himself. Youtube has been enforcing 18+ policies etc. Like lol your content isn't appropriate for younger viewers, your viewers are all underage. That's why. It's not a conspiracy theory, you're just shit Greg.

No. 362116

He absolutely deserves for all of his channels to become irrelevant and die. Especially with how he was JUST saying that LGBT YT was freaking out over nothing, that "gay" and "lesbian" are pornographic terms so they shouldn't be surprised by the restriction.

Greg, nearly all of your content can be summed down to a grown man in a party city wig humping the bible to be ~edgy~. Are you seriously surprised that Youtube doesn't want advertisers to support your content? Lmao.

No. 362117

File: 1490202629313.png (1.75 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_0924.PNG)

It's like his forehead is downsloping and his face is melting off after being thrown acid to it. -shudders-

Saged for posting the (almost) same damn pic

No. 362119

Fuck he is so unattractive. Even if his skin was fixed and the redness was gone he would be so ugly. He looks nowhere near Zac Efron.

No. 362120

I'm glad that his outsides are starting to match his insides. Ugly, old, and peeling/flaking away.
Maybe this is a sign to take a fucking break from YouTube and take your wife to Fiji, gerg. You certainly can afford it. Why not do something nice for someone else for the first time in your pathetic existence?

No. 362123

All his videos on Eugenia Cooney were demonetized as well.

No. 362124

damn this is the worse i've seen him in a long time. the loss of money must be killing him, which is probably why he is selling everything he can.

the reason for the loss of views, but likes being steady is simply. he's probably getting the same amount of fan girls coming to his videos and swooning over him, but people that are only interested in his drama/ click bait are 100% over it and don't want to feed him money anymore. those people aren't liking his videos, if anything they dislike them and move on.

No. 362125

Oh my god, how can somebody lack so much self awareness? How can one person be so oblivious? Grease, it's age restriction. Your content is only going to appeal to teens and age restriction is shutting that down. If there is a mark on your channel, gosh, what could it be? What could the mark be? Haranguing a severely sick girl for views? Preying on your audience for underage puss? Being accused of insane, abusive behavior? YT isn't gonna want to promote a creepy fucking ephebophile, they don't want to promote a batshit insane abuser and you just creep everybody out, dude. Plus, I mean, fuck the content is dated and horrible. It's so. fucking. bad.

You're fucked, your channels are fucked. Thank god.

No. 362128

This better be true. Oh what a glorious day.

No. 362132



No. 362141

I'm disgusted his face looks like a red humpty dumpty

No. 362142

anyone know if he got lainey to sign a prenup?

No. 362143

Are you new? It's a well known fact he got her to sign a prenup.

No. 362149

File: 1490209406223.jpeg (55.12 KB, 400x294, image.jpeg)

Such great news. Tonight we feast on Grease tears!!

No. 362150

Is it now time to voice the phrase "uh oh bro" in our favor?

No. 362152

Jfc, I stayed some time away from Greg's threads and then when I pop up I see this. Fantastic. He's not only looking like his true self, a monstrous inflamed onion, but also complaining that his channels are dying. However I'll only be completely happy when he stops luring new girls and being "popular" among teens. I know the end is coming tho. Gotta have hope.

No. 362154

Getting his eyebrows shaped in a flattering way would be way more beneficial to his face than the makeup he piles on.

sage for non contribution. I'm just surprised it never occurred to him considering how vain he is.

No. 362156

Around 3:30 in the video he suggests a conspiracy theory that the big YouTube bosses don't like him, so they don't promote him. hmmm, okay… I think the problem is just your content, Greg. It's shit and most people over the age of 16 have moved on for good

No. 362161

Thank fucking god. Hopefully this means this shithead is going to go away. His channels were becoming more of less irrelevant even prior to this anyway.

No. 362164

Haven't seen the vid but I remember a child's car bed being in a previous video of his. Anons were speculating that it was either his son's bedroom or the bedroom of his sister's kid. More likely to be his son's room at this point I guess? Would explain why it's otherwise bare; just like the rest of that house. It's probably cold, too. Poor kid.

No. 362166

So I'm guessing he's tried every skin treatment under the sun to fix his face and it's still this bad ? Like Jesus reminds me of Bella Thorne who has to do chemical peels on her chest but even her skin isn't this bad

No. 362167

Lmao. This is the most justified takedown of an internet dreg I have ever seen.

What do you think gurgles will do for income when he can't make money from YT anymore? Mcjob?

No. 362168

I would love to see the utter shit fest of Greg going out to the real world for a job. I can't see him getting anything other than a part-time minimum wage job, but even then he'd have zero ability to handle having a supervisor/manager. His god complex would wreck havoc on that poor McDonalds.

The military would be his best bet, considering Lainey and the kids would get benefits- but he's already shit the bed on that one, too.

No. 362170

No. 362171

No. 362172

I loled.

I loled again.

Can you imagine him explaining his CV in an interview? "I embarrassed myself by dressing up as a banana and singing about it on camera, then built a career on it and continued to be a banal cunt, except when I was abusing and traumatising young girls. But I'm also perfect, a genius, and always right in every way, even when I'm wrong. You're just lucky I'm greasing (heh) you with my presence, you fucking peasant."

No. 362173

File: 1490215327095.png (281.74 KB, 388x486, yikes.png)

No. 362176


lol nice age spots

No. 362179

What the fuck, how is he constantly so oily looking? His hair looks like it's been slathered with crisco.

No. 362180

Because Gurg doesn't actually own his Tesla and either has a car loan or a leasing agreement.

It's funny in a horrifying way because Gurg, being a actual sociopath and social predator, has the highest potential to turn into a complete horrorcow. He's three or four breakdowns away from a triple homicide and charing his cell with Nick Bate. Remember, he already took a pic of himself lying on his garage with his AR (and probably muzzle sweeping his wife holding the camera in the process).

Expect him to do some seriously stupid shit as Youtube tursn off the shekel spigot for him and pressure starts mounting.

No. 362182

all those showers he takes probably dries the fuck out of his face so I think he uses products meant for naturally dry skin. he's skincare retarded.

No. 362183

On his forehead, repeated botox will make you really shiny. But seeing as the rest of him is also that way, he's just a superproducer of sebum, which is why he's got such awful skin (and presumably, smells.)

No. 362185

I'm not entirely sure, he'd have to sell the Mcmansion for certain… it makes me wonder if that's one of the reasons why he's only ever sparsely decorated a few rooms over the past five years, but maybe I'm giving him too much credit by assuming he has the ability to think that far ahead.

He couldn't of been stupid enough to think that his "celebrity YT status and career" was going to last much longer than a decade; it's been in decline as every year goes by and there's proof of that out there with screenshots people have periodically taken of his YT analytics and rankings. He's never even made any effort to extend his reach outside of YT, he's never even bothered to improve any skills either like being able to compose music, producing, writing or directing low-budget movies, designing websites for people or even leaving the fucking house - it's all half-assed "work" and "art" you see teenagers post on places like Deviantart, he's not going anywhere.

No work experience either, no credentials, no worthwhile achievements, he purposely got himself discharged from the Air Force around a decade ago… that's not even to mention; his online track record in regards to his shitty behaviour and very shady dealings/borderline criminal activity with teenagers online.

No self-respecting business is going to want to employ him, the best he can probably hope for is helping out some poor immigrant by cutting onions for their burgers in the back of a takeaway van.

No. 362187

>>slathered with crisco

It's rape seed oil.

This is why we dubbed him "Greaselord" and any other synonymous title in relation to that.

It wasn't just to describe his loathsome personality and slimy nature, he is grease incarnate - inside and out.

Sort of like that Junji Ito manga… except, this is real life.

No. 362189

Is that a big mole on his forehead? The one he supposedly removed some time ago?

No. 362190

I'm not sure why he's saying his videos get less than 100k views. Most of them are at/above that. There's some that are like 70-90k but he's still doing way better than his content deserves.

No. 362192

I'm thoroughly convinced that half of those views were clicked on through "recommended" side bar links from watching other YT'ers, are simply bots or he's buying views.

I can't imagine anyone outside of his fanbase wanting to spend more than 30 seconds on any of his videos. His views just don't add up to the sparse amounts of interaction he actually gets on his social media outside of YT. Most of the replies he ever gets on Twitter are made by people who hate him and outside of that; he gets less than 2k retweets and less than 3k likes even on the "best" of his spergy, controversial tweets.

Same with his Facebook page, he can't hit over 1k likes at any given time.

No. 362193


honestly i think it's weird that he ever got a million+ views.

No. 362195

It's because most people are there for the click bait and drama. But people are getting bored even with that.

No. 362196

File: 1490220568802.gif (65.43 KB, 874x1179, hmmmm.gif)

I don't understand it either, but he's definitely dropping like a fly…

Does anyone remember what happened in July-Oct '16 that made him spike up and drop so suddenly like that?

No. 362197

No. 362199

Wasn't that around the time Billie cusifed? I remember her supposedly smashing pumpkins in their backyard befide ahe left so that had to be around October.

No. 362200


No. 362201

Nice one, anon… this seems to be around the time Cuddlegate 2.0 happened and it was the last time he allowed Lainey to vent publically online, shortly afterwards she created the alternate private account.

Just an additional question though, was this around the time that he was hardcore trolling Eugenia as well, or was that way before then? I just find it a bit strange that he'd peak and drop so extremely over Lainey having her second public breakdown as it barely spiked and dropped during Cuddlegate 1.0.

Nah, the above anon has it… Billie broke up with him after Halloween (the start of November) and the spike and drop happened before the 16th - so the above situation could most likely be in relation to it.

No. 362203

It's true.
See >>361910

No. 362204

File: 1490222632536.png (104.47 KB, 590x458, montgomery-burns_promo_crop.pn…)

gerg's future, liver spots and all

No. 362206

This is awesome, thanks for posting anon.

No. 362207

>> Billie broke up with him after Halloween (the start of November)

Oops, I meant to say Billie visited for the last time (with Ayalla) around Halloween, then they bailed just a few days after… he and Billie broke up for the last time around the first week of November, so it wasn't any time before the 16th of October.

Sorry, I didn't mean for any confusion.

No. 362210

The only hope onion has of getting anywhere near his old views under these new rules is if he starts going out and vlogging stuff with him family like the s-jolies (I can't spell.)

Shame him and lamp don't have the personality for it

No. 362216

Dude has zero foresight and never learns from his mistakes…which happens to be a typical trait of narcs and psychopaths. I think he's truly mentally incapable of thinking beyond the here and now and not acting impulsively, despite seeing how it's damaged his professional reputation throughout the years. All he cares about is feeding his basic desires now and then whines like a punk bitch later, blaming whoever, this time shadowy YouTube execs, instead of stopping to analyze his own behavior and realize the shit he's been doing all of his life isn't benefiting him in any fucking way. He's all about FAX N LOGIC, yet CONSTANTLY gives into his emotions.

Like, a normal, healthy adult would've weighed the pros and cons of outing all of their ugly, personal drama for views and realized that putting 10 years of reputation damaging information online…where it will stay forever…is not fucking worth a spike in adsense money when a YouTube career is not something you can rely on financially in the long term. Any normal, healthy FATHER would think "What can I do to make sure I'm bringing in money to support my family 10 years down the line, not just this month?", but he can only think "This month I'll stir up shit with ____ and that'll rake in some cash."

It's so fucking exasperating, but at the same time, sooo satisfying to see him get his comeuppance. He's fucked. He hasn't set up any contingency plan, he hasn't developed any skills outside of "Infamously Creepy YouTuber and Internet Embarrassment", Lainey doesn't even have any work experience to put on her resume so it's not like she can finally get the fuck out of the house and help to bring in some money. Plus, I feel like his unstable ego couldn't handle not being the sole breadwinner, it would take away from his sense of power and control if everybody around him wasn't relying on him for money.

Lainey said she didn't want to leave due to her own lack of finances and stayed because Grease could support her and the children, but if he's not bringing in any money, does this mean she'll bail? God, is he still paying Skye's alimony? Ooof, he's so fucked.

No. 362217

Grease needs to stop pretending that he does youtube for anything other than money and exposure. He brings up the whole "m-muh suicide attempt" in which he declares life would be worth living if he dedicated himself to…making internet videos? He doesn't explain much further than that, so I guess life was REALLY that shitty in Korea for him put a gun to his head, but then thought of fuckin YouTube and changed his mind.

Ever since he got his feet off the ground with his banana video, he's copied that same algorithm for success every time. He relies on being outlandish, offensive, or dramatic to pull in viewers– and for the first time in ten years it's dawning on him that people can't watch the same content for years without moving on? I know he strokes his own ego with the "quality" content he spends every day producing, but his focus has always been quantity. He'll point to his five or six YouTube channels, all uploading a video every day, as an amazing feat of productivity and other youtubers couldn't POSSIBLY put the same effort forward that HE does! But overall it's shit.

He's mad that Jenna Marbles can make a video about her dog and get millions of views while he's left in the dust with a mere 100k (if that). He tries to think rationally, that if he produces more then he will by default have more success, but in the process loses any sort of quality control he might be barely grasping on to. And he has no self-awareness.

Like the thought of maybe these other youtubers get more views because they're more likable/funny/produce better videos will NEVER come across his mind. His ego has been unchecked for years and it's finally catching up to him.

Can't wait to see cuckyMcfucky take my order at the local McDs tho.

No. 362218


Alimony ends in August.

No. 362219

>>Lainey said she didn't want to leave due to her own lack of finances and stayed because Grease could support her and the children, but if he's not bringing in any money, does this mean she'll bail?

She could start looking for an internship in her field, and start working within the next year or two. A psychologist at a decent private group practice will make a reasonable living, even if they're just a L.C.S.W. and don't have a masters or PhD. But she'd have to be not lazy, so we'll call this optimistic. And Greg would die without financial control over her; he'd demand to handle any money she makes anyway.

>>God, is he still paying Skye's alimony?

Yes, but it's not much. $1k / month, and he gets it all as a tax write off. As an independent contractor his tax rate is super high (they take like 40%).

No. 362220

I don't even think Lainey would be in the right headspace to be a psychologist after leaving Greg. Shes' a very sensitive girl and would probably take a few years to recover and I'm sure their prenup set her up to get nothing.

After she does recover she'd have amazing insight for abuse sufferers though and would probably be a decent psychologist after cutting off the maturity crippling tumor that is Greg.

No. 362221

You can't do shit with an undergrad in Psychology. To be a psychologist you need at the very least a Master's, and many go ahead and get their Ph.D while there.

No. 362222

It's always driven me insane that he cites the fact he uploads daily, as if churning out a ton of garbage is far more worthy of admiration and asspats than putting out a small amount of quality content. I'm not a fan of Idubbbz, but I remember him talking about how much time and effort he put into his Keemstar Content Cop, e.g. staying up all night to paint that Keem gnome. Then Greg gets all pissy and makes little digs at Ian, scoffing at his popularity like a petty, jealous bitch when he could instead learn a thing or two from him.

It's so weird that he mentions how Leafy blew up "for some reason" and then became unpopular after some time "for some reason", as if this is all due to the machinations of biased, finicky YouTube execs rather than Leafy blowing up because of idiot fangirls and then jumping the shark due to a combo of the Content Cop episode, acting like a dramawhore/fucking dick and because people noticed that he just churned out a ton of garbage instead of uploading better quality vids at a slower rate. For a guy who prides himself on his business sense, it's staggering that he can't see the similarities between himself and Leafy. It's baffling that he's blind to the fact that people really dislike content creators who obviously put jack shit effort into their videos. People resent laziness and shitty behavior. He got away for it for so long because his teen fans have zero taste and because he had a certain je ne c'est quois for igniting outrage, but now even that shtick is tired as fuck. It's really something to watch a guy be so fucking arrogant about his "creativity" while completely unable to come up with a new format, even if his life depends on it.

No. 362223


This. She's still at camp counselor (a job a teenager can get) with her level of schooling.

No. 362224

Not at all true. You can work as a therapist if you become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or Marriage and Family Therapist (MfT), both of which require undergrad only.

No. 362225


In a lost of states to be a LCSW you just have to have certification. It doesn't pay enough to take care of herself and two children.

No. 362227

No. 362228

Not in my country, but fair enough. The most you could do would be maybe work in group homes but even then they want further certification. Regardless, I highly doubt that would pay for 2 children, herself, and the "lifestyle" she appears to enjoy.

No. 362229

I mean, my mom got an undergrad degree in psychology and worked as a social worker. She wasn't an LCSW, though, she was a caseworker and, hooo, that job really eats away at your soul, but money is money. Lainey could do that in the meantime while going back to school to get certified to become an LCSW if she really wanted to work as a therapist instead (I think most people would rather do that than be a caseworker). I mean, that's a plan, but that plan depends on her being smart and realistic about their current situation instead of believing their "fame" will keep paying the bills, plus we all know Grease would lose his shit over her working outside the home.

No. 362230

A LCSW does not have to work as a social work, which does not pay very much. They can also provide individual therapy, or counseling services for employment, or coaching.

I used to see a therapist with a LCSW cert only. She charged more than $200 / hour and had a full, out of network, private practice. I also used a career coach who was a LCSW (came from a social work background) and she charged $400 / hour for career counseling, no insurance, just straight cash.

It's not impossible for Lainey to make good money if she's smart, with her current degree. But she's not smart.

No. 362231

I don't think we should use joy sparkles as defense against Greg. Joy is actually psychotic and might be a cult leader for mentally fragile (the only people who like her) people.

I don't think he denies the existence of his children to somehow discredit them being his children - he just doesn't want to expose them to his audience which isn't a negative. No one actually has any rights to know of/see his kids.

I do however think he's disgusting lol

No. 362232

Right, she really could work on getting certified (if that's required in WA) while working another job, like as a normal social worker, in the meantime. Every therapist I've had has been an LCSW and they were charging my insurance about $100 a session. Depending on the state you live in and it's standard of living, you could absolutely support a family of four with that kind of work. However, like >>362220 said, Lainey would definitely need a shit ton of therapy herself before being qualified to counsel anybody else. I could see her being deluded enough to believe she's perfectly qualified, in terms of mental hygiene, to be helping others and that scares me. Like, if she had a patient who was a young teen girl, being groomed by an older man, Lainey would probably say "Oh, that's fine, society places an unfair stigma on those kinds of relationships, but MY marriage worked out just fine!"


No. 362233

Where are we talking about her recently? I haven't seen it for a couple of days.

If that's the case, stop bringing her up - she's not relevant here.

No. 362234

Also, Lainey has some fucked up issues with boundaries after years of being with Greg, she'd probably develop really, really unhealthy and inappropriate relationships with certain patients. Having strong, set boundaries as a therapist is huge and she'd…she would be shit at that. Hell, I could even see her grooming younger patients at the behest of Grease, targeting vulnerable people and being like "Oh, I can save you from your abusive family, I'll take you in, you can come stay with us" like she did with Sarah and then, bam, some poor 16 year old who's fleeing an abusive situation is sucked into the trinity.

Obviously this is all hypothetical, but…it's pretty easy to imagine.

No. 362235

Nightmare fuel, I'm definitely going to find it hard to sleep tonight.

No. 362236

There are a ton of shitty therapists out there, because undergrad psych programs attract fucked up people who are trying to figure themselves out. Lots of narcs and other PDs.

No. 362238


Even if she only needs her bachelor's in psych, I don't see how Lainey could have a career in counseling when her shitty, dramatic life is a (very light) google search away? Even with her pseudonym, all the anti-o blogs, encyclopedia dramatica etc. have her real name.

No. 362239

God, true. I've always loved psychology and really viewed it as a dream job for awhile, but I'm aware that I'm not mentally/emotionally right for that kind of work. It appealed to me when I was younger because I got it into my head that it was my job to "save" other people. I'd give out advice as though I was qualified, meanwhile, I wasn't dealing with my own garbage heap of emotional and mental baggage. I think that's appealing to a lot of "damaged" people, fixing others as if that will fix yourself by proxy while also distracting yourself from the unpleasant reality that you have plenty of your own shit to address by instead focusing on other people's issues.

No. 362241

This. I work in the field although not in the states and I remember myself and where my knowledge was after my undergrad. The thought of those people being able to give counsel is pretty awful to me, I'm sure there are one or two who are talented but overall you really don't learn anything about anything other than the most basic of techniques. Taylor is even more terrifying considering she has shown some predatory behaviour regarding minors and other vulnerable individuals.

No. 362242

Right, I can so easily picture a Jaycee Lee Dugard type news story where a young girl who'd gone missing is eventually found after a period of time, cooped up in the Grease family compound after being lured there by the therapist she trusted. Like, Lainey would be Greg's accomplice, helping to bring in fresh meat and…I dunno, I don't want to keep imagining it because it's making my tummy hurt.

No. 362247

He brands himself for years as the most hated/villain of youtube, and wonders why people would rather watch jenna marbles? Yeah because she is likeable, something you refused to try to be? So many youtubers don't make that great of content, but they are likeable and funny, so people watch them for their personality. Also shitting on your fans for years and not being appreciative of them probably didn't help. Theres a reason so many youtubers thank and appreciate their fanbase and go to events to meet them. It keeps and grows their audience. Idiot.

Onion thinks his content is so marvelous he can just be an asshole and people will watch him. You are not talented in anyway for thousands of people to overlook your awful personality.

You can be a social worker (case management stuff and other jobs) but not a licensed one providing therapy without a masters, then generally two years after working to accumulate hours and then taking a licensing exams to be a LCSW. It's not that easy to be a LCSW.

But there are jobs she could do with a psych degree, whether or not its related to her degree. But shes not gonna do it.

No. 362253

Who else wants to believe they're in the progress of separating, which is why Lainey is selling stuff? He's making her earn her getaway?

No. 362271

He tries to hide that he has kids as it fucks with the image he thinks he has. Everyone knows he has them. He doesn't show them, so why revert to full denial? The answer is 'teen girls'.

Joy has her own thread in snow. It's pretty active at the moment.

No. 362272

this is a real truth. good on you for recognising what those urges were.

No. 362284

we all know Lainey could never be LCSW bc of the internship hours. She's probably barely allowed to leave the house as it is

No. 362287

I think the timing of this is interesting given it falls right on the heels of youtube demonetizing all videos made on Eugenia Cooney. It seems a deliberate move on youtube's part, though YT will still get revenue since it puts ads on demonetized videos. kek

No. 362288

This is far too plausible for my comfort, anon.

No. 362289

Onion having an existential crisis when he realizes he cant just consistently bully some innocent youtubers for free cash whenever he needs views anymore.

No. 362290

>Youtube has been enforcing 18+ policies etc.
The affect of this policy only makes sense in terms of subscribers, but views? Anyone NOT 18 can watch his video if they're not logged in. YT policies are pointless virtue signalling at its finest.

No. 362292

File: 1490247647801.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.11 KB, 810x313, IMG_20170323_063951.jpg)

But Gerg, you are the school shooter.

No. 362293

Oops, ticked the spoiler image accidentally

No. 362295

Why the hell would you even HAVE that thought.

No. 362296

Wasn't that basically what his book was about? I never read it but people mentioned him saving a chick and there being a school shooter lmao. Why is he obsessed with this idea? He doesn't even go to school anymore. Is he hoping someone shoots up his kid's future schools so he can be a hero?

No. 362299

>Taylor is even more terrifying considering she has shown some predatory behaviour regarding minors and other vulnerable individuals.

Definitely. She's not fit to work in her field of study, let alone work around/with minors.

No. 362300

And that's great. I'm just saying, the timing can't be a coincidence. Youtube turned to shit after google bought it anyway, so I'm not sure what gerg was expecting.

No. 362301

The school shooting was at the beginning of the book. That part of the book was pretty graphic so he probably thinks of that shit a lot. Those kids of his are going to need so much therapy.

No. 362305

in gerg's failbook, a "jock" named Jason ended up tackling the school shooter but then randomly turned into a massive asshole signing autographs and taking photos outside the school after the shooting.
then gerg's enoby self-insert beat him and 3 other jocks up because "he touched my girlfriend's ass."
ugh i could go on and on about the horrors of that bullshit but i won't.

sage for stones to abbigerg

No. 362310

has he ever flat out said he doesn't have kids?

No. 362311


that fucking divot in his forehead
it looks like the doctors used forceps on him to yank him out of the womb and left a permahole

No. 362316

LOL, can he be more of a textbook narcissist?

No. 362324

Such a good point.

Shitty videos cut it in 2013, but in 2017 there are thousands of YouTubers who create high quality videos attributed always to a higher production value than what Gurg does. Good YouTubers put a lot of time and money into creating interesting, funny, creative and aesthetically pleasing videos. Greg almost always films in his house, with cheap Walmart costumes and focuses on his shitty opinions.. He had so many years to gradually improve his video quality. He's so glued to YouTube that he can obviously see successful YouTubers filming cities with drones while fitting music they paid for the rights to use plays in the background.

He's so dumb.

No. 362328

I never realized how enormous his forehead is. Holy shit. He's like some kind of autistic Mega Mind.

No. 362329

top lel

I tried reading his book (free PDF available somewhere on the net) but it's unreadable garbage and I couldn't get further than the first 2 pages.

No. 362331

School shootings were in BOTH of his books let's not forget! 'This is Why I Hate You' had one in it too. Dude is obsessed with them which is creepy in itself tbh.

They're awful. I only got through it because I watched someone read both of them and rip them (and Gurg) apart.

No. 362332

If anyone is interested.

No. 362335

Yes! Eyeliner or mascara. Weird to show his skin but still be vain about the eyes. Unless… tattoo eyeliner?

No. 362337

Gerg was 14 when Columbine happened. His teenage edgy probably thought it was so cool.
Problem is, he never matured and he still has that same teenage edgy mindset.

No. 362342

That's honestly excessive. Why write TWO books with that topic in it and now hes mentioning it again? He doesn't even go to school anymore and hasn't for many many years. In what scenario would he even be around a school to save it from a school shooter? Either his own kids or hes waiting for his new teen girlfriend to be done with classes?

He probably just wishes he was some hero that everyone praises and idolizes for doing something amazing, but it's creepy how he keeps fantasizing about a school shooting and not any other scenarios.

lol i just read a short part of the school shooting part and it's ridiculous. It's like he doesn't know how real human beings act and every other sentence is about how the dude's mind is focused on saving abbi, ignoring every other human he could help lmao. idk how anyone got through that whole thing.

No. 362343

I think it'd be really cool if Gurg were an hero too.

Actually I think this is a distinct possibility if his YT career is really over and I feel strangely uncomfortable about that. I just wanted him to stop abusing and exploiting young women and harassing people. Beyond that I don't give a shit what videos teens watch. Why does he have to be such an irredeemable dick instead of getting his shit together?

No. 362345

>Why does he have to be such an irredeemable dick instead of getting his shit together?

Because his mommy gave him naked body massages

No. 362348

I had a great idea:

Let's do a bet about the reason why grease is going to jail one day!!!

No. 362349

So since his videos where he bullies other youtubers get demonetized, can't make videos rating teenage bodies either and nobody cares for his comedy videos…How long until he attacks Lainey for abusing him or some shit?

No. 362350

he's the kind that would hire a shooter just to shoot the shooter and get the glory and some teen pussey
the kind that would set the house on fire with the kids inside just to rescue them and be dah hero

No. 362359

I'm perfectly happy with him bombing, I've been rooting for him to crash and burn for years; maybe with the newfound boredom he'll either off himself, end up in prison or get off his ass and actually seek help for his mental illnesses.

Either way, I've not even got an ounce of sympathy for him… he had years to sort himself out, instead he got the utmost pleasure in hurting others and demanded everyone to respect him for it.

No. 362363

File: 1490273239428.png (3.99 KB, 691x98, movingon.png)

Just a quick update on Sarah if anyone was curious as to how she is doing after leaving la casa de la grasa behind… hopefully, it's safe to say she's moving on now and experiencing life as teenagers are meant to be experiencing it.

Good for you, Sarah.

Good. For. You.


No. 362376

Huh, hold up a darn minute! I've just realised; if you look at when the spike and plummet happened… it was only on the main channel "Onision" that he owns; yet that same spike and plummet didn't occur so extremely in views and subs on the rest of his channels.

The YouTube glitch happened in Feb 2017, it has nothing to do with the rapid decline of his accounts.

This fucker must have been buying viewbots for his main channel during the summer/autumn period but wasn't able to afford doing the same for the rest… I'm not saying that some new subs and views are not organic - and >>362197 helpfully noted that Cuddlegate 2.0 happened around that time, but that shit was only discussed by him on his "Onisionspeaks" channel - the spike and plummet should of been there if that was the cause.

This sounds like YT has been cracking down on him for a number of reasons… from either being caught buying views, people getting sick and tired of his reused, mundane content, or fed up of his bullshit in general.

Isn't it beautiful?

No. 362377


He loves Columbine so much he dressed up as a school shooter for his school essay report.

No. 362379

Greg has such a boner for school shooters. He'd come to school in a trench coat everyday after Columbine, everyone thought he was goin to be the one to shoot up the place. It's so disturbing that he fantasizes about being the hero to stop a mass shooting, like he has to hope that only something horribly tragic could happen so he can redeem himself.

Don't forget that when Christina Grimmie got shot, the first thing he did was go to twitter and brag about how if she was wearing a bulletproof vest (like he did at vidcon) then she would still be alive.

No. 362380

He was post-columbine in high school; of course he wouldn't support them but could allude to how cool they were in dress and mannerisms… if he told his teachers the truth, they would've routinely of sent him to an on-grounds councillor.

It's a definite fantasy for him considering he can't shut up about it; made two books in relation about it, and he likes to imagine playing either the hero or the shooter… probably a combination of both with his fucking Christian god/martyr-complexion and his vehement pro-gun stance.

Such a loser.

No. 362386

grelp writes about being an angsty 17-year-old high schooler because he never emotionally evolved out of that stage. It's pretty safe to assume this guy was abused a lot and didn't really grow up in a happy home, but something really fucked up must have happened for him to be this stunted in growth. it's not healthy to pine/lust after past loves YEARS after the relationship ended. What happened to gerg in high school? who knows. knowing him, it was probably something so trivial that he perceived as a "betrayal" and he can't get over it because personality disorder/autism/general jerkassery. he's a whirlwind of fuckup and he should probably take his own advice and institutionalize himself. (sage)

No. 362399


Maybe it really is possible that he was molested by his mom (and the multiple stepfathers) when he was younger. Don't forget, he was also molested by a 15-year old as a kid (and "liked" it) while at church camp.

No. 362402


I always thought the same

No. 362404

he's so stuck in high school, it's kind of astounding.

No. 362405

ugh i don't want to speculate about that because it's truly fucking heartbreaking but the guy legit has both mommy AND daddy issues out the ass. it could explain a lot of his sexual deviancy but we all know Gerg doesn't trust doctors and would never be able to open up about that to a psychiatrist.
he either trusts people way too easily or not at all. just another notch on the fucked up dichotomy belt.

No. 362406

No one cares unless proof, there is none.. nothing.

No. 362407

no shit, anon, which is why i saged and made clear i was speculating. but please bump the thread more with your stunning commentary.

No. 362408

I already don't like you… tell me why you're made before we talk and we can work something out?

No. 362410

no one's mad, gerg. but plz feel free to write a book entitled "this is why i already don't like you"

No. 362412

Chapter One..

Imagine something you can do when you're neglected by e –

Fuck off Stevie with the numbers

No. 362415

File: 1490289016316.gif (29.18 KB, 500x475, You-tried.gif)

nice try but no

now back to your regularly scheduled gerg shitfest, sorry for derailing folks.

No. 362420

Sorry for >>362415

You still a bum.

No. 362453

File: 1490295110476.png (474.39 KB, 846x732, Untitled.png)

New Video "Blindfolded Haircut Challenge"

Wow..just wow. Onion really has run out of ideas. So awful.

No. 362454

All that gross skin hanging over his belt line… so sexy and manly, Greg.

No. 362456

>openly challenges people he hates to do it
>implying they'd even spare his video a glance to see the challenge

Grinch looking idiot.

No. 362459


he looks deranged

No. 362460

Haha he wants this challenge to catch on and challenges the biggest name youtubers he can think of. But they all most likely do not like him and would not pay attention to him. Why not challenge his youtube friends…oh wait.

No. 362462

File: 1490295478906.gif (927.29 KB, 250x230, hahahahahahahahaha.gif)

Holy shit he actually looks monstrous, What a fucking idiotic twat. So fucking desperate and laughable.

No. 362468

I always think "This is it, this is the creepiest and saddest Gerg can get. He can't sink any lower", but he ALWAYS exceeds expectations. He always managed to find a new rock bottom.

I remember watching him years ago and thinking there was something definitely off about him and NOT in the way he thinks ("I'm so quirky and different and alt and…"), but as time goes on, I feel like I'm watching the most depressing, cringiest trainwreck happen in slow motion. His desperation and fucked up perception of reality just make my fucking skin crawl and that's not even taking into account that the guy's an admitted ephebophile. Greg literally makes my stomach twist, he makes me that uncomfortable. There's something so blatantly skewed about the guy and he's too detached from reality to EVER have the self awareness required to change for the better.

I'm sure he's going to somehow manage to get even more fucking sad and desperate in the next year, just watch. It's going to be such a goddamn shitshow.

No. 362469

He looks like a monster!!! Every day he's getting closer to carrot top without the muscles. I'm assuming he's actually going to shave his head after this so he'll look even worse. Can't wait. The downfall of Onion has officially begun.

No. 362471

To be fair, the video he recently uploaded about how his channels are dying was kinda bittersweet to watch. I can't stand him but idk, I felt sad watching it because I remembered he has two kids to care for (at least financially since he probably doesn't even spend time with them) and if he's yt career is really going downhill, his kids will suffer since he doesn't seem to have any skills or a diploma to compete in the real world. Maybe plank could work since she has an online diploma but yeah. In the final min he said something like "if you hate me then congratulate yourself" or something along those lines and the video ended shortly after that. I felt bad, man. Especially because it looked like he was about to cry, idk.

But then I realized there's absolutely NO need to feel bad for Greg. All the people he hurt and publicly exploited online for YouTube cash and drama, especially young women. Just… Yikes. He is an awful person who deserves everything he's getting. Hopefully his children​ can count on planks family if necessary.

No. 362472

File: 1490297702653.jpg (347.23 KB, 733x733, IMG_7644.JPG)

His vegan body looks like a sad man begging for death

No. 362473

I feel kind of bad for him too sometimes. That feeling is usually squashed when, a week later, he uploads a video along the lines of 10 Things I Hate About Seducing Teenage Girls or 10 Reasons I'm Canceling My Dish Subscription

No. 362479

At least it's a normal video and not him being a piece of protozoa shit

No. 362482

Yeah see it's always squashed for me when he grooms another teenage girl into obeying his every rule and if she doesn't then he'll punish her publicly one way or another, never leaving them alone until the day they die therefore never allowing any of his emotionally traumatized ex's live a life of peace and happiness ever again…….

someone as fucked as Greg should never be sympathized with, some on people

No. 362483

Jesus Christ his music is god awful and embarrassing as hell holy shit I had no idea he even did music.
Couldn't even watch it paired with his horrendous voice and hideous face yikes

No. 362484

Dude has had PLWNTT of time to get a real solid job. Instead of doing so, he decided to air out his dirty laundry, and harass people for quick bucks.

No. 362485


No. 362489

>But then I realized there's absolutely NO need to feel bad for Greg. All the people he hurt and publicly exploited online for YouTube cash and drama, especially young women. Just… Yikes.

Perfectly sums up why no one should feel an ounce of sympathy towards this man losing his Youtube views.
Instead of working on himself, developing skills outside of just turning on a camera, Greg chose to abuse the people in his life for drama and views. He could've learned so much from the people he shut out; Shane could have helped him really build his channel and produce content people want to watch, Richie could have helped him produce music, the list goes on. He took so many of those people for granted and when his superiority complex and ego got in the way, he cashed in on creating drama and burned every bridge in the process.

Greg rather make himself a martyr than someone with a substantial amount of talent. He falls back on being offensive and edgy because it's all he knows. When faced with the challenge of self improvement/betterment, he recedes into his old habits and starts unnecessary shit with whoever he just recently collaborated with. He picks easy targets like young girls, people suffering from mental illness, and the unfortunate people in his personal life who trusted him enough with embarrassing private information. It's about damn time he gets his precious Youtube dollars taken away.

But guys his VEGETARIAN BODEH will be more healthy than anything you could ever dream of having!!!

No. 362490

not to mention that his ad revenue is the only thing keeping his ego up. every view he gets is validation that he's a good guy and everything he does is right. it's scary watching someone deteriorate but sometimes people have to get to that point to REALLY change.

greg keeps going through points in his life where his feelings get a little hurt and he makes a big show out of it, calling it depression, calling attention to his "faults" and "apologizing" - but it means nothing because nothing is really at stake to him. not unless you take away youtube. in a way, youtube is like HIS maturity crippling tumor

No. 362503


this reminds me of that one time when Chris Brown directed a whole video where he was the hero that sacrificed himself to savve the world.

like what is it with dudes who abuse women but have fantasies about being the savior that everyone loves. dog, you're not. stop treating people like shit, grease, that's all you have to do to get people to stop hating you. your action fantasies are pathetic. just be nicer lol.

No. 362507


its so funny seeing someone who is so superficial starting to look like this. no wonder he started tweeting about being depressed and what not, he's obssesed with apperance. now that he's getting older and he lost his 19 year old gf, he must be fucking miserable.

No. 362512

File: 1490303630520.png (554.3 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3810.PNG)


And I thought military!Onion was scary-looking, or Tarzan!Onion

No. 362514

His mommy touched him one too many times

No. 362516

The best part is that this happens around a week after he bragged about having a shitload of views/subscribers and tried to use it as an argument in that debate he had.
Bitch, now what's your excuse? Apparently no one's being "helped" by your garbage videos anymore.

No. 362524

He is too lazy and weak to be vegan.
He tried it for a few days but failed.

No. 362525



No. 362526

If you looked that much like Carrot Top already, fucking WHY would you wear eyeliner, it's making it 10x worse.

No. 362530

File: 1490306564194.png (925.3 KB, 848x3824, tick tock Greg.png)

I saw a face in his clock and had to make this

No. 362531

Even the clock has the thousand yard 'Nam stare…

No. 362537

I 100% feel bad for the kids because you know they will be the first to get shafted when they have to make cutbacks. He already doesn't even pay for heat in that house, while he has s toddler and a newborn fucking baby. Those poor kids.

No. 362538


He looks like Baba Yaga taking a shit

why does he looks like a walmart cheap old witch halloween mask all the time?

No. 362550

Is hair cutting some kind of psychotic break for gerg? He seems to do it a lot (and on camera) and the methods to do so get weirder and weirder. Plus his weird obsession with head shaving, what gives?

No. 362555

File: 1490310200092.png (687.75 KB, 587x399, capture_001_23032017_160120.pn…)

No. 362557

File: 1490310383474.png (780.42 KB, 588x452, capture_002_23032017_160126.pn…)

No. 362558

nice lipstick on ur teeth, lamo

No. 362559

Let's see how long until Greg claims his trinity.

No. 362560

And once again she looks 100x happier when gerg isn't in the picture. Seriously, she never looks like she's happy in any picture with the grase bucket. She's a pile of attention whoring, tear-stained shit but it's obvious as fuck she'd be better off without Onion.

No. 362566

We were wrong about the new victim being Alexandria, but i stand by the idea him and Lainey are fighting because he either a) doesn't want to put his dick in the new girl so told Lainey they had to end it or b) wants to put his dick in her and Lainey told him no. Would explain why he's in their guest house spiraling out of control

No. 362568

>I challenge Jenna Marbles, Shane Dawson

They don't want to be your friends, Grease.

No. 362571

It's actually sad that she looks happier in photos with random girls she doesn't know that well than she does in the photos of her wedding or in any of the others she takes with gargoyle

No. 362574


Wait a second!

A not trashy daddy's problems way of look teen? This girl looks nice, not the emo/alt/destroyed colorful hair grease likes.

Flowing hair, tanned skin like people that actually go outside with friends, huge smile that makes her look self confidant?

Run away before they destroy you, your look and do the walk of shame online

No. 362576

Mercedes has been Plain's friend for years, she's appeared in a bunch of videos.

No. 362578

why is Lainey dressed like she just stepped the fuck out of the Heaven's Gate cult?

No. 362580


Bc she's trying desperately to look like a fuccboi but really just looks like bloated soccer mom

No. 362581

she just stepped out of the onion's gate cult

No. 362583

I had no idea kek wtf she would hang out with those sick people?

No. 362602

He's definitely got some unresolved issues with his mother. I've no doubt about that. If he wasn't such a pussy he'd have gone to therapy already to handle that shit.

No. 362603

>he had years to sort himself out, instead he got the utmost pleasure in hurting others and demanded everyone to respect him for it.
My thoughts in a nutshell.

No. 362604

>This sounds like YT has been cracking down on him for a number of reasons… from either being caught buying views,

If he got caught buying views, I'm pretty sure his channels would be closed. It's against youtube's TOS.

No. 362609

What face is he even making there?
Pretty sure Taylor's family is loaded. She needs to just move back in with them already. It's her only option at this point.

No. 362612

>youtube is like HIS maturity crippling tumor
That about sums it up, and I agree. It's quite possible youtube is what's held him back from actually getting his shit together. He's put so much energy and focus into working all day everyday that he never took the time to actually reflect on himself.

No. 362613

lol. Thanks for making that, anon.

No. 362614

Who took the pics though?
Sounds highly likely.

No. 362618


are those… professional pics? or is it just a good iphone camera? i'm poor and i can't tell

also. lainey's life revolves entirely on the internet, its pathetic. she "finally" meets her internet friend and she probably spent most of the time just taking pictures for her damn twitter. how fucking sad. all her "friends" are her twitter friend. she hardly ever does videos, she just spends all fucking day on twitter. she's a grown ass woman with kids, the fuck is she posting whiny lyrics for?

No. 362619

Jesus christ he keeps getting creepier and creepier.

No. 362620

>he never took the time to actually reflect on himself.
Youtube is the distraction (excuse) he uses to not work on himself. Grade A adulting.

No. 362621

I don't think those were taken by a professional photographer (which is what I would call "professional pics"), but I'd guess they're taken on a decent camera.

No. 362622

something i have always wondered,

how the fuck does lainey have a degree in psychology and not see anything with onion? like what did she even learn? how can she not see how insane Onision is? I get it that she got her degree online IIRC, but still she must have learned something right? i mean, sure maybe he's not a full on psycopath and what not, but the dude clearly has something wrong going on.

No. 362624

Possibly Stockholm syndrome but tbh probably she's simply choosing to ignore it because staying with him allows her to keep a nice lifestyle without working.

No. 362627

Because Lain is just as fucked up as Grease. Having a psychology degree doesn't mean you are going to be a rational or good person. Nor does it mean you will be self aware. The majority of people with psychology degrees are nuts anyways.

No. 362638

lmao she looks more and more like a middle aged housewife with each passing year.

No. 362639

honestly, it just looks like it was taken on an iphone 7 on portrait mode. nothing major, just attention seeking per usual.

No. 362644

File: 1490324330728.png (105.21 KB, 400x450, 1442343151123.png)

I physically cringed upon seeing this picture

No. 362649

Very true. I mentioned up thread that my mother got an undergrad degree in psychology and worked as a caseworker for social services and that woman is insane. Despite having that degree, she chose to ignore my brother's glaringly obvious asperger's, dismissed it as "ADD" and now he's in his early 30's, socially incompetent and relies on my parents as his only friends because he never got the help he could've gotten had she recognized it and put him in a program. She also ignored my actual ADHD and emotional issues, I had to be the one as a teen to insist on going to therapy and getting help.

Just because you have a degree in psychology and even if you work in a field that heavily relies on interpersonal relationships with clients, you can be absolute shit at recognizing when those close to you have problems, even if they're staring you right in the face. Probably, most of the time, because of a mixture of denial and because you perceive the behavior of the people around you as "normal" out of habit. I dunno, I also have a friend whose mother is an LCSW, but has been in total denial that her son (my friend's brother) is a total psychopath criminal who deals drugs as a living. Denial is a hell of a thing.

Lainey's degree doesn't equal being in tune with her surroundings nor does it grant her self awareness.

Sage for blogposting.

No. 362651

>Come travel across the country to live with us, little girl, so don't have to have a long distance relationship via social media!
>Sits on opposite sides of the couch, only interacting via social media.

God, that's depressing on so many fucking levels.

No. 362654

Did anyone get a mirror or even see the vid on the UhOhBro channel about Columbiners??? It was uploaded about 12 hours ago but it's already gone, he clearly made it right after we were talking about it but must have had a rare moment of self awareness. He looked super gross, was wearing like a hoodie and a ski mask, and it was really weird to contrast to his essay mentioned in >>362377

No. 362655

Wtf is with mothers being awful and going into mental health??? my mother is actively working as a therapist at the moment and spent the last 8 years going to school meanwhile never getting me the help I needed from 13-18 (then I did it for myself) and not getting tutors for my 3 siblings she "homeschools" (they use the computer or play video games all day) and one of them also has aspergers and his speech impediment rubbed off on my two younger siblings so they sound retarded and are sheltered af as well.
It's embarrassing for me and I fear they'll end up living at home forever, too.
Also sage for blog posting but I've never seen anyone else have a similar situation.
I'm really sorry, anon. The only thing beneficial about having fucked up parents is that you can ensure you end up nothing like them and stop the cycle.

As for lain, it's not like psychology courses are that in depth. It's all textbook shit, you don't truly learn much until you do an internship and have hands-on experience seeing whackos before you.
People like Greg are also master manipulators…& he's rich af

No. 362667


No??? That's fuckin' scary…

But apparently he removed 10 videos from his main channel cause the count was 900, now it's 890.

Something's not right…

No. 362670


This new girl looks happy, healthy, tanned and normal. Y'all I'm gonna call it and say she's not Onion's type at all. If they were friends this whole time and nothing has happened then I think she's safe. Also Lainey that blouse is terrible and unflattering on her (big boobs + broad shoulders) I get she was trying to dress like a fuckboy but like someone said she looks more like a bloated housewife.

No. 362671

to sage, type sage into the email field only, leaving the other fields empty - like I've done here. it's best to refrain from blogging at any rate.

No. 362675


He moves demonetized videos to his archive channels and remonetizes them.

No. 362678

i find her as annoying as greg

No. 362687

she is not new, she has been friends with Taylor for a long time now.
I suspect she doesn't like Onion but can't convince Taylor to leave

No. 362689

Better than paying money for a dumb book.

No. 362690

definitely, but she's even more obnoxious than someguy imho

No. 362694

you should sage OT posts, idk her but her unnecessary texting during the intro should have been cut and redone. i turned off the video after that.

if there is more bullshit like that later on, i definitely won't be watching that (hell, i probably already won't due to wanting to use my time and ears for better things).

greg is worse than annoying tho

No. 362696

it spans the entire series. the accent and the screaming is just too much. greg is a vicious dumbass. she's just obnoxious, but yeah

No. 362700

I didn't see it. Can you elaborate? In case no one saved it.

No. 362703


Basically he was just going through dated true crime but mostly Columbine memes with his usual edgelord commentary, trying to distance himself from his fan boy past by being extremely reactionary. Definitely came out of nowhere, aka from here.

No. 362707

Some guy made two videos about how he knew Greg back in the day while being a mod for his Metal Gear Solid forum. The first video gives a basic intro and then the second details how he had to deal with Grease being an utter cock and how everybody who knew him back then quickly learned how insufferable he is and that he's, basically, always been a weird, narcissistic piece of shit who feels a bizarre need to be lord and master of those around him.

The guy's reading a prepared statement/script type thing, so it's a bit awkward to watch, but he seems like a nice guy.

No. 362708


No. 362716


OT but…

Bless this man. An absolute savage.

No. 362721

File: 1490343458760.png (250.25 KB, 1242x1532, IMG_1765.PNG)


If anyone was wondering if these two are still just friends.

I also looked up the girl in the comment and she's from New Mexico, so probably knows or is related to Lainey… "welcome to the family".

No. 362723

No. 362725

Wtf. Are they really dating? That's random as hell since they were friends a long time ago. Do these girls have no standards or they really want the boost in subs so they "date" lameo and have creepy Greg beg them to kiss in front of him. Lameo can't have two seconds alone living with gerg anymore. She keeps inviting people to come over and live/stay with them. I've never seen someone hate being alone with their SO so much they are desperate to get anyone to come stay with them. She's always had Selena or Billie or Sarah around and now she's bringing Mercedes. If Mercedes is acually dating her, she is pathetic and obviously wants money/views since her channel only gets 1-2k views. Highly doubt she all of a sudden fell in "love" with lameo when they were friends forever and she was always dating a guy lmao.

No. 362728

This is so stupid. Stop self posting.

No. 362732

Even if it was, it was a good first hand onion story and provided relevant links.

No. 362737

Imagine Troy took the pictures of his bloated mom and her new gf

No. 362740

File: 1490349941163.png (4.47 MB, 3343x2508, 1490349753055.png)

YouTube's hottest couple! Goals!! Plainey has a budget photoshoot with her new gf while Grug blindly cuts his hair

No. 362745

Not that anon, but it's definitely not a selfpost… it's been making it's rounds all over the anti-o blogs in the past couple of days and it's relevant to Grease's past.

No. 362746

It's not that unexpected though? Lainey flirted with Mercedes HARD lately… clearly crossing the friend line. When it has been brought up you guys said they're just old friends. Well, not anymore. But the hints were obvious

No. 362747

I'm assuming Mercedes is no longer with her boyfriend then? Lainey won't be allowed to date her unless Grease is allowed to fuck her - so their "trinity" game must be back on.

Isn't this girl like 17?

No. 362748

>la casa de grasa
fucking love you, anon. this needs to be the next thread title

No. 362749

Even if she's dating her, it's not gonna last… they're not capable of being polyamorous as they're both insecure and neurotic as fuck.

Doormat won't be allowed to date Mercedes unless Grease is allowed to fuck her, this has been made clear to her on several occasions and he is in charge of the "screening" process. Doormat may be accepting of it for now, because more than likely - he's currently allowing her to "rule the roost" to make her feel like she has a sense of control… but he'll pull the rug right out from under her feet when she's not expecting it and her jealousy will work to his advantage. In the end, her jealousy will get the better of her and she'll start hating Mercedes when Grease finally has his nasty way with her; the new girl will start falling for him because anyone has a better personality than Lainey and all kinds of shit will kick off just like it did with Billie.

Considering this Mercedes chick has known them for years, there's no fucking excuse to get yourself into a situation like that with two well-known lunatics - I've no sympathy or interest, she's done this to herself and Grease is going to not only ruin the relationship between them, but the friendship as well.

It's weird how it's happened right out of the blue when he's just been complaining about his channels failing, does he think trying to create drama is going to raise those statistics again? How foolish, noone cares - it's like beating a dead horse; his audience have already seen what happened with Billie; they're not gonna be interested in the same old shit being repeated all over again.

No. 362750

Mercedes has been trying to get internet famous for a while.

She is in it for fame, just like Billie was

No. 362752

Hahaha, all she gonna get out of it is a muddy name for herself on search engines.

She can kiss any future career prospects goodbye; but I guess it's worth it to her because daddy onion is going to provide for her until he's squeezed the last, sad, remaining shekel from YT's teat.

She sounds dumb as fuck, "teehee, watch me hook up with two lunatic perverts whose YT careers are currently failing; it's gonna be sooooo worth it for 15 mins of internet fame that means absolutely nothing in the real world."

No. 362757

i feel like someone should ask renaschell_ if the family invite extends to lainey's paedo husband, and their two dragged up children.

i hope this is the beginning of lainey leaving grog but i don't have a lot of hope left when it comes to the greasewives.

No. 362759


If it helps, all of the Eugenia videos he made were deleted by him. I expect them to eventually pop up on his Archive or Encore channels. I have no idea what else he was salty enough to delete off of his channel

No. 362761

"Not that anon" quote of the year. This is Joy BS all over again, more milkers trying to gain relevancy from making videos that correspond. Someone needs to end this.

No. 362762

Wasn't Mercedes around a lot before Billie, and then when Taylor got with Billie she just sort of vanished? And now she's back in the picture? Its suspect tbh

No. 362764

Which part are you having the most difficulty in understanding? The guy in the video is someone who worked with Grease in the past, so it's relevant to the topic - whereas Joy has no relevance to him because she's just some dumb fantard who managed to milk one single lulzy response out of Grease one time.

No. 362765

Self post milkers. How is that so hard to understand.

No. 362766

Hey, guys if you want to make a video about Onision. Make it here on Lolcow.farm We will give you tons of publicity from used to be fans of the Grease man himself.

No. 362767

He was a teen during columbine right? Maybe that's where his fixation with school shootings came from.


No. 362768

If it was posted here first, I'd agree… but it wasn't - it's been shared over Tumblr and Twitter for the past week or so which makes it pretty old milk by now for someone who wants first dibs at attention.

It's still relevant to the topic regardless if they self-posted or not anyway.

No. 362769

You are fucking pathetic. every single one of you. You give him more publicity than his entire twitter followers.

No. 362770

Then leave, noone is forcing you to post here… if you don't like it, just go.

No. 362771

are you ok babe? you seem pretty upset about a video getting posted

No. 362772

I'm upset you bitches are as big of fans as Grease's fans. You all follow him like little dogs.

No. 362773

You have to be over 18 to post here, fantard.

No. 362774

He would've been 14 when Columbine happened (1999); it's a pretty weird subject for a young teenager to obsess over; but considering there's so many obsessed fans of the shooters all over Tumblr, I'm not really that surprised… he'd fit in well with them.

No. 362775


He recently put the Billie videos on the Encore channel. Idk if he re-monetized them as I didn't bother rewatching them.

No. 362778

I think they've been friends for a really long time, like before her marriage to Gurp… I think they knew each other in New Mexico before Doormat moved to Washington.

They've always been a bit flirty and over-friendly and they've met a few times since she got married and has even been in some videos… which is why I'm sorta not fully convinced they're actually dating; it'd be far too coincidental considering Onion is shitting the bed over his YT popularity.

I'm going to consider the commenter on her IG as a "drama plant" until there's some real evidence that they're dating.

No. 362779


Jeeesus. Hi, I'm the anon who posted the video a second time, apparently, I wasn't aware it was already ITT. I'd scrolled through and didn't see it, which surprised me since it had just been posted on the onision drama tumblr a few days ago and found it relevant, but uhhh…sorry, my bad, didn't realize it'd been posted already and that it automatically makes me an overweight Canadian dude who's probably on the spectrum.

As for the new Mercedes milk: oh, jesus christ, girl…you know better. Anybody who's been around the Greasefam should know what the outcome of dating those fucks is. You won't get fame, not in the way you want fame at least, Mercedes. What great timing, too, with Greg's fucking career going down the toilet. If anything he'll try to start shit with her for the drama and milk it for views.

Is she really 17? Man, I have a hard time imagining Greg wanting to fuck her, though dominating any attractive teenager through sex, even if she doesn't look alt, has to be appealing to him. This is probably Lainey's way of acting out. "Hah, I got my own fucktoy, nyah nyah nyah." We'll see how long that lasts.

No. 362780


I doubt that they are dating, it's a little bit odd and I also wonder whether it's not a scheme to make Billie jealous

No. 362782

>>362779 Mercedes is 22. She was born in '95.

No. 362784

Yeah, a lot of things don't add up - would you really want to get with someone who is so obsessed/clearly not over their ex? That's just asking for trouble.

A long distance relationship is not going to work for them, Lainey can't handle being in a poly relationship due to selfishness and jealousy, and Gergles is a straight up lunatic who can't keep his hands to himself, she'd just be following in Billie's footsteps.

No. 362787

Thanks for clearing that up, I'm pretty sure some anon in the last thread said she was 17… if she's 22 then we don't have to actually give a shit, bitch is old enough to look after herself.

No. 362791

I know this is weird to point out, But since watching through onions more "serious" barely edited videos I've noticed he tends to do three knocks when he's trying to think, Just wondering if that could be considered a tick or something?

Sage for tinfoil

No. 362797

File: 1490362608749.png (70.92 KB, 500x713, interesting.png)

Grease continues with his shiloh hate as usual.

Shilohs mate Harrygasm weighs in

No. 362801

I hardly ever comment on people's looks but jeez, this is a face made of nightmares.

No. 362804


>Onision hate blogger

So uhh, meevie door did this?

No. 362805

Do you know what tinfoil is? You're just pointing out a tick, that's not tinfoil hatting, jesus

No. 362809

File: 1490364428685.png (10.6 KB, 488x77, lmao.png)

Holy shit, this particular one though!

He's seriously writing "emails" to himself to generate drama when there is none! Just so he can bring up an old ex he has a really fucking strange and creepy obsession over… this guy is NUTS - he's seriously getting worse!

No. 362811

Well I didn't know, sorry.

No. 362812

Yeah, that email was sus to begin with, not surprised that it's fake. Shiloh has pretty much done everything in her power to disassociate herself from anything onion-related. Why would she suddenly want to get close to Lainey, after five years of keeping to herself? Like nothing adds up.

I could email Grease right now claiming that Shiloh got a tattoo of his face on her ass and he'd take it as cold hard fact. This just speaks volumes on how Greg doesn't fact check at all and LIVES for any ounce of drama he can muster to manufacture.

No. 362813


Maybe? In his old Speaks videos (especially those during the Greasewife 1.0 era), he'd constantly move his mouth in weird ways during long pauses or after he was done speaking before continuing to speak again.

No. 362814


Maybe they were tinfoiling that he has autism (hence the ticks)

No. 362815


It was an anti-o blog who orchestrated the entire thing(read the tweets closely). I don't believe Onion wrote the email himself, but he really did believe it.

No. 362816


How do they know it was sent from a "hate blogger" though? Did they come forward to confess to them about it?

So basically, for all we know; it could've been some top secret "hate blogger" who confessed to them about it in private.

Veronika is lying to them and made sure to cover her ass about it in case she was called out.

Or Grease wrote it to generate drama for views.

No. 362817

Is there any proof of it specifically being an anti-o blog? It could just be some rando who wanted to fuck with Greg. Only saying this because tumblr generally tries to keep his exes out of the spotlight out of respect for their privacy.
And yeah, I don't entirely believe Greg wrote the email itself, but he created the video in reaction to it to START some drama. He could have easily deleted the email and moved on with his life (like any sane person would do) but because he's Greg, he's gotta take any chance he can get to run her name through the mud one last time! He obviously gets off on putting others down.

No. 362818

taylor is dead to me but damn she looks happy here

No. 362820

Yeah exactly, most of the main Tumblr anti-o blogs even censor out his exes names with abbreviations when talking about them, and unless this "hate blogger" came forward to Shiloh and confessed to what they did out of troll's remorse, how do they even know specifically of who wrote it?

The most likely scenario is that Veronika is lying, she can't stop subtweeting Shiloh in a creepy way and she's the only person we're aware of who has a massive hateboner for Shiloh… how do you even "prove" you've not sent an email? You can rustle up an alternate email account in seconds.

No. 362821

File: 1490366903367.png (107.09 KB, 619x566, 1.PNG)

Yeah the stuff she was tweeting about Shiloh really matches up with the statements in the email. Like the whole "dating a 19 year old", "stealing money" shit. Unless this was an extremely dedicated troll who somehow unearthed Veronika's tweets, figured out all the subtweets were aimed at Shiloh, then used this information to write an email.

I think you're right, Veronika did something really petty and fucked up, got caught, and is now backpedaling trying to blame anti-os. I remember when the video first got released one of Veronika's friends was begging Greg to censor her name from the video so Veronika wouldn't get hate. So it's safe to say it's legit. Pic related.

No. 362823


Harry didn't specify, just that they (her and Shiloh) had "proof" of who's the culprit.

Something's not right

No. 362824

I feel really sorry for Shiloh's friend then, they fell for whatever "proof" she provided that she did not send that email (which can't be done) I think Shiloh needs to start considering getting a restraining order against this girl.

No. 362825

I've messaged them asking for specifics, if they reply back - I'll let you all know.

No. 362826

File: 1490367712493.png (19.48 KB, 617x201, Capture.PNG)


No. 362830

Who ARE these people, they're all backstabbing slimy assholes to each other, I swear.

They all hate each other, but they're quick enough to lick each others asses.

You've got Shiloh who apparently wants nothing to do with Onision, then her "best friend" starts being friendly with his wife. Then you've got the ex-friend who is obsessed with Shiloh enough to contact Onision when she's badmouthed him frequently herself. Then you've got Stevie who claims to hate Grease but fancies him, and just… I don't need to continue, there's just too many of them.

It's like anyone even remotely orbiting around Grease are pretty fucking messed up in the head themselves.

No. 362841

This was around the time Greg was sperging out about the mystery fight wasn't it? Maybe she just wants to show support in case Lainey ever gets the fuck out. Which she won't

No. 362852

Are you talking about the "what happened last night" fiasco where Greg said Taylor triggered his chronic depression by saying something harmless that DEEPLY HURT? Because that was just over a week ago.

I tried digging to see if anything notable happened early March, but nothing out of the ordinary. Taylor was really piping up about the mean old internet, saying she was ditching social media, etc right around this time, so maybe that?

It's still suspicious that all the people that claim to be super close to Shiloh also reach out in support of Taylor. Taylor actively bashes anyone who assumes she's an abuse victim and has made several videos with Greg laughing about people offering assistance– so I can't really see WHY these people would want to help her. Taylor also talks massive shit about all of Greg's exes, so it's pretty back-stabby to get behind all that.

No. 362855

Shiloh did some fucked up shit while with Greg too, but I think most people have moved on from that. I'm over defending Lainey at this point, but that doesn't me j don't want to see her get out of there.

No. 362858


New girl broke up with her BF last year apparently. It's weird she's got a Nikki Reed face angle/teeth/smile going on.

No. 362863

Eh she was doing that with mercedes before she was an agender prince and it just felt like how she overly flirted with selena but they were clearly not dating, and onion has a lesbian fetish and anytime lainey has a friend over he starts shipping them and telling lainey how gay she is and that they should act gay together. This Mercedes girl probably just decided she now has "fallen" for lameo so she can get some views/internet fame again. No real friend of lameo would willingly join their fucked up marriage with two kids when she KNOWS lameo is verbally abused and cheated on by onion boy. She probably saw billie's spike in subs/views and wants that.

Yeah im sure veronika psycho wrote that letter and is just denying she did to shiloh and them, acting like they don't know anything and always make her the bad guy. Her twitter pretty much proves she wrote the letter and she's crazy.

No. 362864

What greg? i thought you said you were the one to dump all your exes!

No. 362868

File: 1490376113510.png (1.5 MB, 909x576, capture_001_24032017_101953.pn…)

No. 362872

>the new billie smh
>good luck girl

love how disenchanted their audience is now after they shit the bed with so much billie drama. any girl who joins the trinity is going to be called "new billie"

No. 362874

Is Lainey knocked up again or is that just a permanent pooch…

No. 362875

File: 1490377331469.png (8.1 KB, 291x93, 0.PNG)

Doubt. She just gave birth early November. It's probably left over baby fat, considering it's only been a few months and I doubt Taylor does any form of exercise to work it off.

Also Mercades replied to someone with kissy faces after making this comment. She's not denying joining the Greasesome.

No. 362876

File: 1490377379989.png (30.71 KB, 672x296, just friends.png)

If mercades twitter favorites are any indication, they're not actually in a relationship.
>>362721 this is weird though I wonder she's trying to keep their relationship secret for now.

No. 362877

Not to fat shame but, Lainey, seriously. I can see her gut sticking out while new girl is pushing her arm back on Lainey's belly.

No. 362879

Yeah good luck new billie on denying it when your family member already gave away that you are dating. lmao.

might be a permanent pregnancy pooch. she might have not had her stomach rebound as nicely as it did the first time.

No. 362882

She's had two kids you twats, and they're both still very very young. Unless she triggered decides she wants to get into fitness, she'll likely always have one. It's normal.

No. 362883

She's still young, I would think her body would still bounce back Like it did before.
To me, it looks Like She's Been gaining weight. She looked slimmer right after she had her second baby.

No. 362886

But that still brings up the question as to why someone attractive like Mercades would want in on A) bloated soccer mom fuckboy with possible C-section and pregnancy scars and B) Onion (needs no explanation)>>362883

No. 362888

Before the "giving lip" tweet, I thought it was his mom who triggered his "chronic depression." I imagine he got his sadistic / passive aggressive / angry sense of humor from her. But you guys were probably right; it probably was e/lain/ey.

No. 362889

File: 1490379775417.png (27.31 KB, 514x221, temp.png)


No. 362900

File: 1490380882756.png (280.99 KB, 1443x857, harryonion.png)

No. 362903

I don't understand. Is this supposed to be the proof?

No. 362905

Harry just shared Shiloh's ig on twitter. Wasn't she trying to keep it lowkey or something?

No. 362906

This proves nothing lmao.
Also who tf would take the time to pretend to be Veronika? She's a nobody. The only reason we know who she is, is because she self-posted her anti-Shiloh video in a thread. I don't see a motive from anyone BUT Veronika and her massive hate boner.

No. 362908

Lol sounds like shes lying. Idk why this harry person believed her just like that lmao. She definitely wrote that letter.

No. 362910

>I'm not well versed enough to write that letter lmfao

did this bitch really just say she's too dumb to write a fucking email. she's very obviously lying.

No. 362913

Yeah i wouldn't believe this as truth either Veronica clearly has a vendetta against Shiloh.

No. 362914

This isn't proof, it's basically someone saying "it wasn't me, it was someone else".

How fucking gullible can someone be?

No. 362917


Case solved.

It was obviously Veronika like we knew at the start because her fucking insane Twitter ramblings match up with the email. Even her own friend begged Onision not to expose her and by doing so; created a Streisand Effect.

Shiloh's friend needs to wisen up and stop taking a nutjob's word as "truth" without any evidence supporting it… they also need to stop spreading around the nutjob's word as "proof" because unlike them, someone is going to come along and actually investigate it.

How embarrassing for both of them.

No. 362920

Her friend is evidently as dumb as a bag of rocks.

So, not only did they believe Veronika was innocent just because she told them so, but they've also willingly shared Shiloh's new username out there for crazies like Veronika and Grease to stalk… I'm pretty sure when someone changes their username without making any announcement about it - that they're trying to be as low-key as possible.

Get some new friends Shiloh, the ones you've have and had clearly don't live up to expectations of "best friend".

No. 362950

File: 1490391079394.png (382.72 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2231.PNG)

Shiloh's response to the drama.

No. 362953

File: 1490391960229.png (72.19 KB, 590x522, storyunfoldswhat.png)


No. 362960

Well, Mercades doesn't deny joining the greasesome, ergo "new billie".

No. 362961

>She's still young

22 going on 42 is more like it.

No. 362964

I think Amb3Games is referring to the fact that there's been enough circumstantial evidence that points to Veronika being the author of the email… rather than just believing her word that she didn't write it.

No. 362965

lol he actually thinks Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles want anything to do with him? Shane probably lost the self respect but Jenna would never stoop so low or expose her audience to gergs cancer.

He's fine with being an asshole to everyone and burning bridges until it seriously cuts into his profit margins. He deserves failure.

No. 362979

I really wish Taylor Anderson's followers would take her preferred pronouns more seriously. She wants to be called a he than everybody do it. Give her the compliments she so desperately wants.
"Loving the man vibes"
"Those manly broad shoulds give me life"
"Looking very mannish today"

No. 362981

I wonder if she'd change her identity again.

No. 362982

I've thought about this before and I think she would definitely cry.

I mean you wouldn't be lying either, she looks like a man.

No. 362996

>Why do we catch colds but never anything that makes us stronger?
We fucking do, Grease, you moron. It's called adaptive immunity.

>I'll respect your beliefs when your beliefs line up with science & common sense.

This from the man who subscribed to such theories as "evolution isn't real because chimps are real", "europe isn't western because I am western" and "you can't rape anybody if your dick aint cut!"

No. 363031

>Omg Lainey i love it, with your pooch and collared shirt, you're serving Dad realness.

No. 363035

File: 1490414381995.png (170.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3861.PNG)

A bit of derailment going on but interesting nonetheless (since we're talking about his women here).. so I went to check out the links in Revolver Adam's videos and one of them lead to old message hoard site.

There was a chat box up top so the curious me decided to see.

some of it sounds a bit too flirty to be a friendly convo

No. 363036

File: 1490414421988.png (211.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3862.PNG)

No. 363037

File: 1490414485804.png (160.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3863.PNG)

No. 363038

File: 1490414561627.png (174.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3864.PNG)

No. 363041

File: 1490414695689.png (179.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3865.PNG)

No. 363042

File: 1490414810734.png (84.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3866.PNG)


Onion's recent reply that didn't make it in the archive

No. 363046

Who is he talking to?

No. 363047


That's skye.

No. 363048


"Tantaga" is Skye's old alias and former YouTube username (while with Onion).

No. 363049

This really isn't that interesting. It's from 2005 and it's his ex wife.

No. 363052

My theory as to why he is so fucked up is that his mother saw him as a father to his sisters and her own emotional support. He hates his father which would be him just parroting what his mother would of said, favoring Gregums as her quasi "partner" after Greg's father failed to be the partner she wanted. Women who out their sons in this situations typically are creepily sexual toward the male child (sexual touching, inappropriate massages, sexual fixations etc). There is also a lot of evidence in psychology that this type of "parenting" can cause NPD.

TLDR: Greg was treated as a golden child and replacement partner and had a very unhealthy upbringing

No. 363055


The interest was that the convo was "too close" to be a friendly chat among two friends (meaning they were probably more than "just friends" as Grease likes to push to the masses)

No. 363080

File: 1490426493580.png (119.59 KB, 1147x901, tumblr asks.png)


Figured that this might be useful. She totally wrote those emails but straight up lied to Harry. Meh, no skin off my back, I guess. And Gerg will eat up the drama that Veronika sent to him, even though it's more than likely untrue.

No. 363082

I've said over and over that Taylor has the most manly face I've ever seen on a woman that wasn't transitioning. Even before she married gerg, she had a manly face, she just became manlier afterwards under his influence.

No. 363083

Ordinarily I'm loathe of armchair, but I have to agree with you anon. There's just too many things pointing to Gerg having an Oedipal complex, and I say that having watched most of the vids he's made with his mother. Very odd chemistry between them - their boundary issues are quite obvious.

No. 363086


>we'z enemies now

>I hate Shiloh
>I dindu nuffin, leave me alone!!!
That's all I got from her Tumblr

No. 363091

She does and the funny thing is, she would hate if you told her that despite her 'he/they' pronouns.

No. 363093


Taylor is a man, we should all start using he/him pronouns. After all, isn't "he" a ~spchul star boy space prince~ right?

No. 363095

lol, i guess she wants to be an ~androgynous prince from outer space~
sorry lainey, you are actually a ~masculine doormat from casa del grasa~

No. 363096

Don't worry about it, Harry and Shiloh are more than aware of what's going on now and were advised to take precautionary measures for her safety and to seek legal action if this nutcase keeps harassing her.

No. 363112

So why are you all complimenting Plainey

No. 363113

What a fucking attention whore. She seems pretty damn irrelevant. Not worth discussing imo unless she actually does anything of note. People like this want to be discussed.

No. 363131

Because we love her masculine features.

No. 363132

File: 1490471600116.png (20.08 KB, 652x89, as.png)

I guess Edwin is getting in on this. Not sure why he responded to Mercades' tweet and not Lainey's.

No. 363133

Most youtubers are a bunch of idiots who gladly trade their integrity for an ounce of internet fame

No. 363151

File: 1490481660690.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-03-25-18-40-03…)

Wonder if she's gonna bring greaselord and the kids too kek

No. 363153


Shes definitely a keeper? She is married with two kids! Do people ignore this fact? LOL. If she is a keeper, you keep onion boy as well and their two children. Jeezes I get poly relationships are a thing but who just accepts your family member being in one without even looking into it at all. That should be something carefully considered and discussed about. Not something you do on a whim. Especially when they have TWO KIDS. Your kids notice who keeps going in and out of their lives. Jeezes christ.

No. 363154

That's why none of it adds up and noone has mentioned that they're officially dating, not even Grease or Doormat… it only seems to be that renaschell_ person who keeps commenting about it so far.

There's not even any photos of them kissing and Grease was all over that shit as soon as Billie arrived on her first visit. Also, it's not like Grease is ever going to let Lainey out of his beady sight… she barely leaves the house as it is.

No. 363155

Maybe the reason he was "depressed" lately and lainey "talked back" to him was because mercades didnt want a threeway with him, and he thinks he can pull a luxy and invite her over with the pretense she is lainey's gf then weasel his way in. I feel like lainey is trying to have a gf and not have it be like billie, but this is gonna backfire because if onion doesn't get what he wants, he starts dragging people's personal life into it and demonizing people.

No. 363156

File: 1490482651588.png (472.85 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-03-25-18-41-54…)


Here's Mercades' response

No. 363157

OT but I just tried to watch one of Mercedes YouTube videos and holy shit she is annoying.

No. 363158

Still vague, no direct responding to it - until the three of them open their traps about it, I'm just gonna shrug it off as an attempt to get rumors circulating and people interested in their every move for his dying career.

No. 363159

A lot of them get into youtube with no integrity to begin with. coughJoySparklescough

No. 363161

>she just became manlier afterwards under his influence.

Onion has that affect on girls, I noticed.

No. 363163

Lol she seems like someone onion would make fun of for the way she talks. Also in a old Q&A with her and lameo, they say they grew up and went to the same school together and all her videos imply that mercades is into dudes. They even asked lameo and her if they were confused about their sexuality in an old Q&A and shes like no were just best friends. But you know, now after lameo becomes an agender space prince who is married with two kids, they decided they start dating. It's sooo believable that they are into each other and they aint doing it for fame/money.

They could have randomly asked mercades family member to start drama for them, but i kinda doubt it. lameo is probably trying to keep it on the down low so she doesnt get hate. I'm surprised onion hasn't made a video making them act gay together. That is more suspicious that he didn't do that and more reason i think they are dating lmao. Onion is probably calculating how he can get mercades to suck his little peen.

No. 363164

It could've been over anything, even refusing to do certain household chores or just to shut his controlling ass up; it's just all speculation at this point.

See, that's where it's not making sense either; if they wanted to keep it on the downlow, Mercedes or Lainey would've told that relative to shut up about it the first time they made a comment about it… this is the second time now.

No. 363165

>masculine doormat from casa del grasa
Fucking kek, anon
They don't give a fuck about their kids, never did. Their only hope is CPS.

No. 363166

Honestly it's all probably a ploy to make billie jealous more than anything lol

No. 363167

>Also in a old Q&A with her and lameo, they say they grew up and went to the same school together and all her videos imply that mercades is into dudes
That could've changed. But yeah, I still don't think there's anything concrete linking them romantically. As anon said >>363158 it's most likely a ploy for gergs failing career. Who is taking these >>362868?

No. 363168

They know their fans will deny it for them until lameo and onion say it's fact in a video or tweet, so they probably don't think it's a big deal that her family member commented. Their fans dont even really know they have a second kid since they didn't state it.

i think only onion still cares/wants billie back. And billie is over him and obsessing over the drew guy, so theres no hope there lol.

People's sexuality could change and they could like someone they were friends with before, but i think it's more mercades saw a way to boost her followers and get free things by dating lameo. If they are actually dating, she probably wants to date her temporarily for boost in subs then peace out. She only was in her life when she was constantly on camera then disappeared until now. Doesn't seem like some great friendship.

No. 363169

Renaschell makes her comment, and Mercedes replies with a ILOVEU and a laughing emoji and Renachell_ replies back with a "kermit drinking tea" emoji after her post… also Renachell is the ONLY person to comment and allude to them "dating", noone else has.

Yeahhhh… I wouldn't put much stock into these shenanigans for now.

No. 363171

Mercades just posted this video.

No. 363172

Can someone summarize this for those who don't want to watch it?

Is there any mention of Grease's involvement in this relationship?

No. 363173

Holy shit, I just have the strongest urge to bully them. Their voices are so annoying, I almost feel bad for grease.

No. 363175


It doesn't say anything and they don't explain the title. I think it was just clickbait and they're just hanging out because they're old friends catching up. At the end of the video she mentions that Lainey will have a video up soon of them so we'll see.

No. 363176


They also didn't mention Edwin's question even though it was first kek

No. 363177

In the video one of the questions what's your proudest achievement and Mercedes says "getting over ____" which I assume is an ex of hers and Lainey said " i'd say the same but we're not there yet" which might be referring to Billie? So yeah I don't think they're dating.

No. 363178

Lainey looks awkward as fuck… as they momentarily hug just once throughout the video for a ~*whopping*~ 6 seconds; first she looks off blankly to the left with a fixed smile and then then there's a slight disinterested look as she quickly shifts her eyes to the right JUMPCUT then they break off the hug with a laugh and a friendly backrub.

That's not the body language of people dating… it's clickbait.

No. 363179

GOD it makes me so mad that she pulls this pity party over Billie. Like the girl was 18 and probably had 0 experience in poly relationships and obviously leans more toward boys than girls. They literally set her up to fail. Then after dragging this poor girl through the dirt Lainey still tries to get sympathy points. Fuck you Lainey.

No. 363180

They COULD be dating, but if they are I really don't think it's because Taylor wants to. I could see this Mercedes girl wanting the spike in followers and views and making some kind of deal with Gregma since this clickbait shit really only benefits the two of them. Taylor, in typical doormat fashion, probably said she didn't want to and then ended up doing it anyways because she loves the easy life that sweet sweet youtube ad revenue provided.

No. 363181

I'm just waiting for Grease's reaction to all of this if they do start dating, when Lainey doesn't want to do something; he'll manipulate her into doing it whether she likes it or not.

Doormat is as Doormat does.

No. 363187

She's looking really dumpy compared to the gymnastic vid not that long ago. I wonder if she's pregnant again.

No. 363188

Maybe she's trying to turn Greg off

No. 363189

there's no way gergles waited six weeks to pester her for sex so at this point i wouldn't be surprised if she was again

No. 363219

I bought something from Lainey's poshmark because why the fuck not and it smells like a dying grandmother's house.

No. 363226


What did you buy? Did they not even wash it?

No. 363234


her relationship with shiloh WAS the messiest relationship he ever had. it was a rollercoaster of bad decisions and two mentally unstable people "in love". does he really think that the relationship ended over hentai babes? it ended because they both almost went mental several times because of it. delusional as always, grasita

No. 363236


holy shit lainey looks bad. i know that most people here have always found her ugly, but god damn she looks her worst right now.

No. 363237


That's not someguy though, he goes by Revolver Adam and he was explaining his past with the Onion forums pre-YouTube days.

This testimony from another dude explains it all.


No. 363238


KEK at his rational thoughts
>when you didn't go to college and have spent your entire adult life watching anime

No. 363239


ahhhh shit, i'm sorry! i deleted the comment. thanks for not being a dick about it.

that is suspicious.

No. 363242


>Like the girl was 18 and probably had 0 experience in poly relationships and obviously leans more toward boys than girls

she also dated a certified pedo, who ended up killing himself. i have no doubt in my mind that billie struggles with her mental health and emotions way more than our emo snowflake. girl had her fucking abortion exposed, and lainey thinks she's had a rough life because her ex smoked weed. i can't imagine how lainey thinks she's the victim

No. 363245

File: 1490503015469.png (96.49 KB, 750x785, IMG_1620.PNG)

Oh how I wish this were actually him but lmao

No. 363250

Mercades misgenders the space prince but y'know shes totally agender even though everyone around her calls her she/her lmao. She literally just wants random internet strangers to call her they/them, but if you talk to her, just call her she/her.

They don't seem like their dating. And if they are dating it's probably not physical like how lainey was "dating" billie but did nothing but kiss her for greg to fap to. Lainey just wants a girl as a friend and calls it a girlfriend because of their "emotional" attachment so people can respect her as a bisexual agender internet icon. It's a friend.

Lainey doesnt care about other people and what they go through. She only cares about herself and will give herself eighty excuses for her behavior and why you should pity her, but billie is the extreme devil who did her wrong, so she gets no pity and deserves to be ridiculed and called out for her behavior while her sweet onion prince gets to have excuses made for and told how amazing he is. Billie has more reasons to be forgiven for what she did than onion does, but lainey of course never wants to blame onion and loves the fact she gets to scapegoat billie as the problem. Lainey is a piece of shit.

No. 363254

>Lainey just wants a girl as a friend and calls it a girlfriend because of their "emotional" attachment so people can respect her as a bisexual agender internet icon. It's a friend.

Yep, exactly it. She just wants people to fawn over her for her ~cute gayness~ and be included. Until Mercades visits the Greasedom and they actually act like a couple I'm not believing it.

No. 363265

Laundry just posted a video on his channel introducing Mercedes as his new gf

No. 363266

i dont see it.. sure you dont mean mercedes? the video already posted?

No. 363270


where? i don't see shit

No. 363272

>what's your proudest achievement and Mercedes says "getting over ____" which I assume is an ex of hers and Lainey said " i'd say the same but we're not there yet" which might be referring to Billie?

Lamo might be referring to Billie, but we all know that the real truth is that she is still trying to "get over" the fact that her husband is bored of her and wants to fuck someone new.

She uses Billie as a scapegoat to ignore what her husband did to her. Crazy bitch

No. 363273


Dammit! Please forgive me, I saw an Onion FB post on my feed and now realized I fell into one of his red herring tactics.

Nothing new was posted on TayTay's channel.

No. 363275

File: 1490513437748.jpg (14.91 KB, 492x91, wuw.JPG)

Plainey finally got taken somewhere that isn't Olive Garden

No. 363277

You guys know that the only reason Plan is pretending to have a new gf is the massive drop in views Gurg was crying about, right? They are desperate to be relevant, this gives them something for us to talk about. I would just ignore this fake gf-non-drama until it gets milky. This is stale and fake.

No. 363278

Social blade reposts consistent subscriber drops on some of his channels. He's moved his Eugenia Cooney videos to OnisionEncore and remonetized them. I've reported them (though it doesn't do anything) and alerted youtube to his circumventing tactics.

Onision, you may think you're hot shit but you're really just cold diarrhea.

Youtube loses advertisers meanwhile this idiot and his antics have been going on for years and I'm like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Have fun now that people know that you're not on autopilot anymore! Good luck with that.

No. 363279

Lol they put a clickbait title on it and both onion and lameo retweeted mercedes' video and she still only has around 2k views on it. Yeah onion and lameo's fans are dwindling.

No. 363289

It only gets worse from here…

That Clancy guy just recently uploaded an Onion video about Sicesca. No comments from brain dead fans have arrived…yet so there's some hope left.

No. 363305

Yeah that video was a big waste of time, it sounds like it was made in one take without a script.

Anyone could gleam the exact same information from watching the three Sicesca videos he references.

No. 363314

Even the photos of Plain and Mercedes together appeared the very next day after he made his videos about his channels failing.

Let's also not forget they tried this same shit by "flirting" with each other over social media a while before then - which basically was that Mercedes wrote vague tweets that sounded like lyrics not posted to anyone in particular and Grease was directly replying to them as if they were meant for him.

It's a bullshit ploy for views, do you really think Mercedes' immediate family and friends will allow her to move into la casa de la grasa ASAP to get into a relationship with a married couple with 2 kids and be made to estrange herself from them? She would literally have to give up her former life for the "trinity" because Grease wouldn't have it any other way… another anon mentioned earlier that he's currently giving Lameo the "rule of the roost" - a false sense of security that she's the one in control and in charge of their relationship and if she got into a relationship with Mercedes, he would manipulate them both and pull the rug right out from under Lameo's feet when he wants that control back. They can't handle poly relationships, they don't have the mental stability or the emotional maturity that it takes to maintain and nurture a relationship like that.

If Lainey has truly learnt her lesson from the experience with Billie the first time around, any sort of relationship with Mercedes in the future will be like this >>363250 but again, this sounds like it would be Mercedes first poly LGBT relationship herself; so would she even be physically and emotionally satisfied with a non-sexual relationship like that? Would they lock her into it; where she is only allowed to date Lainey but not have any other lovers of her own? Yes, because Grease and Lainey are highly jealous people (she can't handle sharing with Grease and he can't even fucking handle a GF getting a fucking shoulder-carry at a concert) who will make her commit to only them or she's dumped.

There are SO MANY cons to this that completely outweigh the pros… until we get some concrete evidence that they're actually dating and she keeps on returning to the Mcmansion; then yes - they're probably dating, in the meantime they're not, the three of them are just trying to generate rumors and drama so Grease gets a boost to his accounts again, he's probably even paying Mercedes for it.

No. 363316

File: 1490534414659.jpg (43.57 KB, 640x480, gas-and-sushi.jpg)

No. 363317

Yeah, going to have to go with them just trolling everyone at this point. They knew people would flip their shit when they saw Lainey with another chick and assume she was the new Billie, and they used for views and $$$. These two are desperate for money now, remember that

No. 363322

cuz #dadbodgoals

No. 363328

Plus, she's said that dating Billie was not her idea and she didn't even want to. She admitted in on twitter. So her "boohoo she betrayed me and I'm still not over her" is complete and utter bullshit done purely for attention.

I'm glad to see my typo/phone correction is catching on.

No. 363342

And they also admitted the first sexual experience with a girl was DURING the greesome like I've been in a few poly relationships and you NEVER bring the person into your relationship like that right away. Especially if she was only supposed to be taylors gf. They did everything wrong they could have in a poly relationship. Then tried to get another girl to do the exact same thing with (luxy) and Greg harassed her for a week because she was the only one trying to be smart and actually looked into what a poly relationship was. And Taylor pulled a pity party after BOTH. She's literally a 17 year old girl and I hope Greg is happy with what he made.

No. 363385

I'm surprised Grease isn't spazzing out on Tyler and Mercedes for going out and eating fish, which is against his vegetarian code. I mean we have all seen what happened last time Tyler ate fish…

No. 363386

there's vegetarien sushi, inari pockets etc.
plus I think he's over that topic with Taylor

No. 363405


He's said before that Taylor is pescetarian (basically a vegetarian who eats fish).

He probably doesn't like it, but she wasn't being sneaky.

No. 363419

Imo he has no right to complain about her eating fish as long as he isn't stepping up his game and finally going vegan. He's not better than her tbh but you know, he's too dumb and lazy to ever be vegan

No. 363421

her and Mercades are on younow https://www.younow.com/laineybot

someone in chat said something about Onion being behind the camera and Lainey got upset, moved the cam around to prove he's not there, just being salty about people thinking he controls her. Mercades said she thinks Lainey and Onion are amazing.

but funny how much more animated she is when he's not around isn't it.

No. 363425

he absolutely hates it and has dragged her on Twitter about it, which is fucking embarrassing when you remember these are two people married and living in the same house

No. 363429

True, he's tried before and was too lazy and stupid to do it for more than a week. Now he just does mental aerobics to get around the fact that he's not.

No. 363443

File: 1490569653553.png (1.22 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 363445

Fucking do it then you whiny predator

No. 363446

When doesn't she ever not want to die or cry

No. 363448

did billie show up in her stream again? Onion's tweets imply that but i didnt watch. Maybe stop mentioning billie and how you're so not over her then. We all know you give 0 shits about billie and are just mad onion thinks shes more interesting and pretty than you.