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File: 1575672304380.jpg (195.9 KB, 1024x768, gregandlaineyhaveaseat.jpg)

No. 738157

Previous Thread: >>735562
Onion Thread Archives: >>511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Philip DeFranco covers Greg's history, Hansen and the current investigation >>737028 and 9:06 in the video at >>737749
>Ayalla guests on Chris Hansen's show >>737352 and describes Greg meeting her and Billie at the airport dressed as The Joker
>It's official, the FBI have opened a case >>737244 and 1:06:53 in the video at >>737352
>False content id and copyright claims continue, seemingly without repercussion >>737097 >>737103 and >>737553
>Petition created by 'Jeff' to bring back Greg's Patreon >>736753 >>736525 >>737179 and >>737575
>House is trashed, what's new? >>736487 Wetlands status is currently not known
>Creepy subtweets continue >>736292 >>736655 and >>737432
>Greg grasps at relevancy, making 'meltdown'-themed videos over and over >>736112 >>737306 and >>738079

>Reminder that YT's TOS will change Dec 12, exposing Greg to deletion of his channels for no reason >>735572

>Some members of Lainey's family showed up for Thanksgiving, this is considered unusual >>735157 >>735163 and >>735178 They're now gone from the house apparently >>737706
>It's heavily implied someone's looking out for the kids, be it CPS or another entity/person >>734368 and >>734381
>Patreon terminates Greg's account, using his doxxing of Billie's phone number on Twitter as the reason >>734180 and >>734234

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No. 738160

File: 1575672390005.jpeg (291.75 KB, 1612x2015, laineyiscrying.jpeg)

special mention

No. 738162

File: 1575673452296.jpeg (168.56 KB, 750x427, 9DED07E3-7A74-4A54-80B2-262DCC…)

i feel a good way to kick off threads is to archive his stupid fucking tweets about domming or … whatever he thinks this is

No. 738163

File: 1575673613925.png (6.89 MB, 1242x2208, E6E2F52F-78AA-481D-87FC-5F684A…)

Gargle smoking the evil weed. What a LyiNg dRuG aDdiCt fRaUD!!1!11!!!!!(old milk)

No. 738164

it was a fake cig

No. 738166

What is the fucking point of all these gross tweets

No. 738167

Possibly an attempt to distract from the grooming.

No. 738168

He wants attention for something other than being a predator, plain and simple. Same reason he’s making all these freakout videos

No. 738169

it's an attempt to pitch the whole thing as consenting sex games between adults.

No. 738170

shiloh and adrienne have confirmed that when greg is stressed out he jerks off in the shower for hours at a time. this could be an evolution of that?
he could also be "childproofing" his twitter account but he clearly still talks to teenage girls every single day in his discord

No. 738171

Probably trying to make it look like he’s an authentic NSFW icon who is dedicated to maintaining an 18+ rule. Silly Gargle, you’d think that he’d realize his entire history is on the Internet because he’s an attention whoring pansy who needs to share his self created problems with a bunch of emo 12 year olds

No. 738172

That's not even the reason. It's because people reply. Previously his tweets were getting a maximum of 20 replies now he's getting 600+. He likes being the centre of attention regardless of whether its good or bad press

No. 738173

Hrs an extra level of stupid if he thinks that is going to work.
One of the first questions Chris Hansen has asked every girl he’s interviewed is how old they were when they discovered Onision and very single one was under 18. Most of them under 15 even.

He can reeeee all he wants about how his analytics show his audience is majority above 18, but the evidence proves otherwise.
Silly Gurgle.

No. 738175

Isn't it to sell himself as some kind of sexual deviant for his stupid book? Like some kind of Jared Leto style publicity?

No. 738177

I think it's only to trigger his victims, I mean rolled back eyes? That's commonly used when describing seizures

No. 738178

There's the whole hentai ahegao face thing semi-recently, I'm a little hesitant to think it's a jab at seizures, though I can imagine some of the tweets could be to try and trigger the victims. Either way, rather gross.

No. 738180


Are those baby clothes in the frame behind him?

No. 738182


Hahaha, he's in The Scum! Finally, this has made my year. I knew our gutter press would love this. The Mirror too! The Daily Mail will follow suit at some point. Love it.

No. 738186

Another compilation of Gurggy abusing HomolKai on video: https://v.redd.it/bj3yctro61341

The last bit I havent seen a for awhile and is actually disturbing. He twists her arm, degrades her (she legit krais), and then unsettles her by banging on metal behind her.

Not new stuff, but good to have compiled in 1 place (this one should be combined with all the Lainey flinching one)

No. 738189

I'm from WA and have followed along with this manchilds drama and abuse for about 6mos now….been hesitant to post. My aunt K lives VERY close to him and when he moved is when I really started looking into him. He lives on a street that starts with an F there are only a few houses on that street (both his street & the one that abuts is very quiet), everyone knows eachother. He moved in and keeps junky stuff in his yard, screams, most days has tripod set up outside filming, everyone in the areas now aware who he is and are sick and tired. I was just writing to say that around 2:00 our time 'K' had to file a report with the county. He has been outside obviously doing stuff for a video. The thing is he is visible from the neighbor's back porch and one of the other house's yards and he still does this. He is "trudging around over plants" & like you guys said pouring stuff into the water. When I saw someone talking about how its probably not good to be putting liquid in the water I wanted to speak up to let you all know the neighbors are aware, and the county is now aware….again. K received confirmation that her report was accepted and they have assigned an investigator. She also gave them the video link. Not only do the neighbors take the wetlands very seriously and are concerned about his destruction and disregard for the law, but he is also risking decreasing property value for EVERYONE. There have been past flooding issues and there is a reason you dont mess with the plants, they act as natural barriers plus of course animals live there. I'm telling you, this man has been nothing but trouble. I really hope the young women he has wronged get justice and he faces appropriate consequences for his actions.

No. 738190

I hope this is true. Speaking of wetlands, there haven't been updates since the end of October?

No. 738191

November 12th, but it might be updated soon if anon above you is telling the truth.

No. 738192

File: 1575677705548.png (330.99 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20191207-000617.png)

Grug's made it into The Sun and The Mirror today, both major UK tabloids. The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdoch, who founded Fox News and Sky News.

No. 738193

Blubbering idiot, kek

No. 738194

lmao for all the non-Brit users here.. this is a BIG DEAL. The Sun is the most popular newspaper in the UK.

Pretty much like him being featured on the Fox News website

Can't wait to see the comments

No. 738196


They called him a Fortnite youtuber KEK! Get ready for angry Fortnite moms to demand his ban.

No. 738197

File: 1575679112588.gif (25.15 KB, 220x126, tenor-1.gif)

He's finally famous. Famous for being a blubbering idiot!

No. 738198

File: 1575679137466.png (97.4 KB, 690x615, Fwd: Kay Report.png)

(I'm trying to reply to a post I hope this is the correct way?)


It is true, and what he does is terrible. I asked my aunt to send me a screen shot. Here is a screen shot of her inbox with the first confirmation. The other parts are filled with personal information and individual correspondence I know she wouldn't be ok with me posting (like I said they take this very seriously) so I'm just posting the bare minimum to show she did in fact file a report about what is going on. After seeing the video she is also very concerned about him and his mental health. She's a very nice lady and would never do anything to harm or distress anyone but he is potentially really putting both property and of course animals and habitats in danger and even though he has been talked to many times, had a court order against him and all his defiance says it all. He does not care. :(

No. 738200

He probably justifies how he treats her just like he justifies him meeting underage fans and only sleeping with them when they TURN 18!! so "it's not illegal!!"

Actually putting his hands on Kai I'm skeptical of tbh but it doesnt take someone just putting their hands on you to be horribly abusive. Billie confirmed Greg does not take "no" for an answer. He wears you down with everything in his arsenal just short of things that could get him to be legally in the wrong. He has no moral compass besides "the law" and even that he can barely follow when his water brain doesnt feel like googling how to do his taxes (guess consent laws make up most the occupied parts of his brain)

I dont think Greg would give Lainey that ammo to use against him. I think hes learned just how to abuse people and get away with it from his experience with Shiloh and just perfected it with Lainey. Its harrowing to see her reactions and frustrating seeing her defend him like a meat shield.

A couple of years ago Lainey could have came out and destroyed Greg with everything she probably knows about that swamp creature. Now it's going to probably be who can out who's dirty laundry the most between them if it comes to it. Look forward to the milk but it's sad to see someone go from victim to abuser first hand.

No. 738202

Thanks for letting us know. Hopefully something will come from this but I'm not hopeful.

No. 738203

If it makes you feel any better, they are likely to do something about this. He didn't even bother putting up the mandatory fence that they told him to do nor most of the other things that were necessary. Now he's not only listening to them, but trying to fuck up the wetlands again for views. The biologist involved doesn't seem to like him either.

No. 738204


Seems legit. Thanks anon for your info. I'm amazed he isn't more embarrassed about running around outside screaming if all the neighbors have a clear view. What the fuck

No. 738207


No problem at all. I will update you guys. I will say, the county.. particularly the ENV dept…is really good about this stuff. They got back to my aunt right away. They will def be investigating it since after talking to her they said they were physically opening a case and would be sending an ID # to track progress (she has a resident account through the county's website), every step is usually documented. She hopes they go out there and don't find any actual physical damage since him doing more destruction is the last thing anyone wants, but is what everyone is concerned about. But he will definitely be spoken to & things will be looked at esp. since he's had so many other run ins. No one understands WHY he moved to this quiet little street and refuses to simply act like a normal person, especially since he has a family. Instead he causes problems within about a month after move in with his stupid plow.

No. 738208

I’m trying to get 100% caught up on everything. Who are all or most of Greg’s victims? Both legitimate and close calls that were revealed?

No. 738210

File: 1575680601993.jpg (48.27 KB, 1076x391, Screenshot_20191206-161851_1.j…)

Saw this earlier, tweet seems to be deleted now though. Hmm…

No. 738211

File: 1575680685573.jpeg (397.24 KB, 828x1111, DC8A355E-9C60-4354-AAB0-225F34…)

Lainey illegally smoked weed way before it was legal. CriMinUlL!1!2!2

No. 738213

Read the previous threads.

>No one understands WHY he moved to this quiet little street and refuses to simply act like a normal person

Because he's an attention whore who's stuck in the era of "loud random noises are funny! lol so random xD" that died out many years ago. His family are literally just props and get out of jail cards to him.

No. 738217

God please don't bring Eugenia on the show. She has nothing to contribute other than the videos of him bullying her.

No. 738220

I hope they don't get that desperate. Jaclyn would have more to say because she met him many times and he always sexualizes their conversations. He also degraded her for wearing heels, makeup and getting breast implants which are more along the lines of the abuse that's getting him in trouble now. He bullied Eugenia, sure, but he also did that to Shane and other people.

No. 738222

Stevie Wolfe aka someguy827 would be good too. He's one of the original anti-o's. He's friends with AJ and knows way more about Gergamel than he gets credit for.

No. 738223

She won't do it I reckon, she's relapsing and back in her domestic prison again. If it doesn't support her ED and bonespo why would she be interested, and she'll be a terrible interview.

Jaclyn is in a great position to comment both about the bullying of Eugenia and her own time with Greg. She's articulate and her appearance on he show will trigger Greg greatly.

No. 738225

Eh, they've already had Repzion who has had a lot more interactions with Grease than Stevie. People who have interacted with him a lot would be better than a random anti-o.


No. 738226


I just don't really get what anyone gains from Chris Hansen interviewing these people. Unless they have proof/personal experience of Greg/Krai's predatory/illegal behaviour, it just seems like a big circlejerk about what a loser Greg is. Which he is. But that's not why Chris Hansen is involved now. Those people already have decent platforms to talk about Greg if they really want to.

Sorry to be salty, I just think it's scummy that some people seem to be looking for some sort of fame boost now that bigger YouTubers/reddit/random news outlets are covering Greg the Dreg.

No. 738227

File: 1575682718906.jpeg (81.87 KB, 639x580, 12AED5F8-8E2E-432D-8751-EECC3A…)

Looks like Hansen is going to cover Onision’s false copyright claims.

No. 738228

Don't think this was discussed yet. Greg or someone made a sock of a 13 year old girl to defend his baby carrot https://www.reddit.com/r/Onision/comments/e74w64/onision_yesterday_made_a_sock_account_on_twitter/(this is an imageboard)

No. 738229

Nah, you're right that it doesn't make sense. My post was saying that if he had to interview someone who isn't a victim, then Jaclyn would be the better option since it's at least relevant to the topic of sexual harassment and manipulation. Other than that, I don't really see the point.

No. 738230


Jaclyn makes way more sense than Eugenia. Yes Eugie had some mean videos made about her but Jaclyn actually knows him, also had mean videos made about her, and can give a good interview because she's smart and can put a sentence together because she's not starving her little brain.

No. 738231

He's also trying to recreate his image or 'rebrand' himself as not being a pedophile trying to appeal to underage girls/minors. The bulk of his content has consisted of appealing to minors and teenage girls.

No. 738232

Id be shocked if Eugenia decided to go on the show. She's more the type who would rather stay in her little corner and be the overly polite one. sadly she seems the type to just let another walk all over them. I just dont see her doing what the other girls did.. she seems to take the same stance Shane does to just ignore Onision instead of ever speaking out against him regardless of how he treated her or what he has said about her in his videos (included going against his promise to stop making vids on her). I wish she had a stronger stance. But doubtful as her personality is just too soft.

No. 738233

I hope it's not for the full hour…

No. 738234

Thank you for sharing. I'm really sorry your family and the entire neighborhood has to deal with Greg, it must be absolutely nerve wrecking. But I'm also glad to know that people in the area are aware and can hopefully prevent him from doing even more harm to the environment.

No. 738235

Agreed, this dude is annoying as fuck

No. 738237

Hansen's interviewed most of them on his Have A Seat channel.

No. 738239

File: 1575684686489.jpg (507.06 KB, 669x5337, screencapture-twitter-baileygi…)

this is kinda boring for us, however I do see the value in this strategy because they're starting to pressure Youtube and these false strikes/content id claims are excellent leverage.

this is an imageboard.
pic is the account in link. the account could be anyone with a small dick (or a fetish for them, mcfly dat you?) but it appears not to be a 13yo girl at any rate.

No. 738240

I got the impression that it was a dumb-ass trying to catfish Onion.

No. 738241

yeah could be. they are plainly adult, not 13 no matter the pictures they post. pretty lame attempt.

No. 738242

Wait Stevie's friends with AJ? I didn't know that. lol he must hate Onion even more having insider info from AJ.

No. 738244

I'd love if he brings up the black money/front company in Greg's name. He's talked about it before.

No. 738245

I guess this means that either Skye and Alicia said no or they were never asked.

No. 738246

Good. I think he’ll do a good job of explaining how Onion abuses the already lax YouTube terms of service.

No. 738248

This is encouraging. I don't know how his neighbors wouldn't be bothered by his constant destructive and embarrassing public antics. He just keeps piling dirt on himself.
Greg is the type of person that can't go very long without causing some sort of trouble. It might be cute if this were a child but he's a grown man in his mid-30s with 2 small children. He's been like this his entire adult life. This vid on his time in the military gives a good overall picture of his personality type.

No. 738251

Skye's been inactive on twitter, most likely she's busy with irl stuff. I'm surprised at least Alicia wouldn't go on. I'm sure they've been asked. I feel like something else happened behind the scenes there. Just a hunch.

No. 738252

>The law's cleared his name
No they haven't. The FBI's actively investigating him as we speak. Man this Jeff guy is really uninformed huh.

No. 738253

Or it might be because of the active FBI investigation, since Alicia had that kiss attempt at 15 and Skye could be considered a witness. I'm sure the FBI would want to keep some stuff off of yt
Sage for slight tinfoil, pardon me

No. 738254

Alica would be brilliant to have on. She's the first underage girl he was predatory towards (that we know of).

Her story also hasn't been told as comprehensively as everyone else's. Hopefully it happens at some point because I think it could shed some serious light on things.

No. 738255

I wonder what made them want to bring her on as opposed to someone like Jaclyn? I think she'd have a lot more insight. I like Eugenia but I doubt she'd have much to contribute to an interview, I could be wrong.
>she's relapsing
That really sucks to hear. Jaclyn did say that without an outpatient program and with E staying with her toxic parents/family, it was likely she'd relapse. Damn. I still hope things might turn around for her.

No. 738256

Kind of curious on how long Hansen can get guests to come on his show. There are def more people who have been affected by Onision. But Im sure there are those who wouldnt want to do a live show. He might run out of material/guests before too long.

Its actually impressive he's managed to last as long as he has and that hes been able to find/get people willing to come forward.

No. 738258

ntayrt but agreed, i feel like any creamier milk may be being kept out of public view. if hansen's team are ultimately seeking to pursue a criminal case against onion, they'll want to be delicate about revealing what they're working on.

No. 738259

He probably sought out a quite little neighborhood one for the price but also because he knows no one would actually fight him or anything there. He can be as loud and awful as he wants, most people will just try their best to ignore it or at worst quietly report. So in other words, he probably moved in thinking he'd just make power moves and everyone else would shut up and deal with it the same way people have shut up and let him do whatever he wants online and to his victims.

No. 738261

IME in WA, people tend to be reserved and stay out of other people’s business even when it annoys them so it doesn’t surprise me TBH.

No. 738264

File: 1575691466097.jpg (983.93 KB, 1287x3799, Screenshot_2019-12-07 Disgrace…)

I wish some of them would stop direct linking to his videos, getting him views. At least The Sun had the wherewithal not to.

I'm sure someone else has brought it up but it's funny that he asked Hansen and Defranco for thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands in Hansen's case) for an interview with him, while he apparently asked nothing from The Verge. So either he's not as pressed for money as some speculated, meaning he just doesn't give a shit because he knows he's terminally fucked, and/or he thinks he's taking the piss out of Hansen and Defranco because they're not "real journalists". Apparently chimp brain doesn't think Hansen getting the FBI involved is noteworthy.

No. 738265

Assuming the selfies are real and not someone LARPing as a real 13yo girl, this is a kid acting out because she's not getting enough attention from her father. That and she must be up well past her bedtime.

No. 738267

it's really funny to see greg try his manipulation tactics when he can't control the narrative. His defense of "I BROKE UP WITH HER AND I'M COMPLIMENTING HER. I'M ON THE MORAL HIGH GROUND HERE" looks so ridiculous when it's isolated to a single comment in an article about grooming and abusive his partners.

No. 738270

File: 1575692611088.png (39.96 KB, 857x582, Screenshot_2019-12-07.png)

There were some good comments left on that article.

Part of the reason for pedo's chimpouts, aside from mocking the seriousness of the whole situation, is he's contributing to a potential media circus. Some of the articles are focusing on his chimpouts (even linking to them) rather than his predatory, abusive behavior. He's a calculating little pedophile.

No. 738271

I feel like it's a bait for Greg.

No. 738272

We've already seen back when he had Patreon, thirsty patrons making sexually suggestive/inviting comments and he turned them down. He's not going to take bait, especially none this obvious.

No. 738273

File: 1575693153108.jpg (42.89 KB, 492x278, turpin.jpg)

No. 738274

Have definitely noticed the spergouts have been front-loaded in most coverage, traditional or youtube. It is actually annoying seeing people making fun of him about it, they're playing right into the most obvious peanut narc-brained scheme possible. With this attention and the tabloids having done their job, it won't be long until better takes come out for average people, hopefully.

No. 738275

This is great site for info if you're doing research:

No. 738277

File: 1575693962258.png (30.21 KB, 631x421, lol sarah.png)

No. 738278


YES spill the disgusting deets, Sarah

No. 738279

Lol, this is amazing.

I agree with the comment. I hope they post more about his actual behaviour, but that they published anything at all is already great.

No. 738280

Sarah is taking no prisoners!

No. 738281


god I love these women. after all these years, the ones to lead us into battle are these fantastic intelligent young ladies. love you sarah & co. you got this

No. 738282

File: 1575695947881.png (13.76 KB, 484x193, okgroomer.png)

hahahaha you wish grug, you're more like the kardashian of youtube you fucking washed up creep

No. 738283

considering what eminem says about women in his music and what greg does to women in his videos and in real life, it's not too much of a stretch

No. 738285

File: 1575696332074.png (259.56 KB, 601x555, defective baby carrot.png)

and if Greg was actually good in bed, you know Krai would have told Sarah, since she was willing to tell Sarah how big Greg's dick was when Sarah was still underage. She likely has to fake it for his ego

No. 738286

yeah there's the difference: Eminem is a musician. Gurg is a talentless sideshow act who preys on underage girls.

No. 738289

Yeah Eminem made some edgy songs as an alter-ego but everyone pretty said he's a pretty decent and surprisingly humble guy IRL. So I've heard. Gerg is shit at music and shit at being a human.

No. 738292

afaik eminem actually acknowledges his daughter so

No. 738293

It's so funny to me Onion sees himself as edgy boys like Eminem and The Joker lmao

No. 738294

Eh, fair, but the key difference is that Eminem is ultra-talented. Jimgreg is not.

No. 738296

File: 1575697590089.png (62.83 KB, 631x543, Screenshot_2019-12-07 ONISION …)

Finally Keem says something that makes sense. Took him long enough.

No. 738297

Link for this thread?

No. 738298

No. 738299

thank you gnome, even this is probably you making a calculated decision after playing with your toes in the water for a couple of weeks. that's franco and keem now, wonder who'll join the dogpile next now that it's obvious good boy points

No. 738300

H3 almost talked about him on a podcast he just said "So Onision…" and then it was dropped, idk why but I wanted him to talk about it.

No. 738301

File: 1575700010151.jpg (1.28 MB, 1715x2054, Ok Pedo.jpg)

No. 738302

>"So Onision…" and then it was dropped
That's weird. Maybe it was part of a longer segment that got cut.

No. 738304

Pretty sure impersonating someone else on sm isn't legal. Even worse if they're under age.

No. 738305

>I'm the Eminem of Youtube
Eminem's not a pedophile under FBI investigation. Try again.

No. 738306

Sarah should spill the details about how small and deformed his baby carrot is. That would make him lose his shit and it would be hilarious

No. 738307

All these larger youtuber's should be calling on YT to ban pedo Greg from the platform. They can't ignore this shit forever.

No. 738308

He made her drive herself to the doctor while she was in labor having contractions. He was probably hoping she'd hit the car and both her and the baby would die, two birds one stone. I wouldn't put it past him

No. 738309

More like Stanley who stalks him & then drives with his pregnant GF off a bridge cos the little shit thinks he's entitled to someone's attention.

No. 738310

File: 1575702031881.jpg (244.15 KB, 1440x1168, Screenshot_20191207-015300.jpg)

Lol greg

No. 738312

"Ok my daughter is now 16 I can fuck it"

No. 738317

I watched Shane Dawson for 10 years but I just unsubbed as soon as the video dropped. I think his documentary on her missed so much about her home life and it was way too early to post about her recovery when she’d only been in therapy for 4 months and had been out for a month at max. ED’s (especially one as severe as hers) do not just disappear after 4 months, Shane as an ED sufferer himself should know this and exposing her to 30 Million people just seemed like a cash grab IMO.

She’s such a lovely person and seems so positive all the time but you’re absolutely right about her relapsing, the difference between that video and now is drastic. I really hope herself and Jaclyn are on good terms because she seemed like the only person truly willing to help.

No. 738319

I mean, you didn't drop him when he """""redeemed""""" someone like Logan Paul…?
Sage for unrelated

So what's the chance that the county is going to stop giving him leeway about the wetlands situation considering he keeps ignoring most of their demands, and is now spurging in the water and pouring kombucha in it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738320

Gonna be completely honest I didn’t watch that video because of the whole sociopath thing. The whole pretending he’s poor thing is probably what lessened my interest in watching him regardless.

Also in response to the wetlands, he sure owes a lot of money to rebuild what he destroyed that he can’t afford to pay back and iirc he was required to have that done in a certain time frame?

No. 738322


Nah, that was Jake Paul. There was a ton of shade at Logan in that docuseries, and Logan even refused to be on it. Shane still sucks, though.

As for the wetlands, it will probably only ADD to the situation, not expedite it.

No. 738323

File: 1575708782612.png (84.03 KB, 878x398, gigharborgossip.png)

I'd love to know what the locals are saying. Do they have a Nextdoor page or something?

No. 738328

Yeah, I just find it odd that they gave him such a long extension

No. 738329


It's less of a hassle to give an extension than to take action, is why. Price of legal stuff.

No. 738330

That retard doesn't care about his "reputation" but his kids will live pure hell because of him. They're gonna get bullied and won't have any friends

No. 738334

File: 1575719020454.png (354.48 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191207-204024.png)

This is currently up on page 5 on reddit by popular posts by the way…

No. 738335

Can't wait for him to be the Jared Fogle of YouTube, convicted and incarcerated

No. 738336

File: 1575719225376.jpeg (500.1 KB, 828x1323, 576C9B24-D878-49E4-9BE0-5FE197…)

I wish someone would post all of this into the Gig Harbor crime group on FB. There were a couple posts a while back but these official articles and developments would be interesting to see reactions to.(cowtipping suggestion)

No. 738338

It doesn't take brains to talk shit about the dick you readily took a few months ago
All the girls talking shit about onions peepee are the same clowns who willingly gave him sukmi
Luckily, we don't have to live with it kek. Choices.(bait)

No. 738340

Wouldn't call pressure and grooming willingly but ok

No. 738344

So out of curiosity, are their kids in school? Many of the parents know about these two fucks so I don’t imagine them even going to drop their kids off is a good idea

No. 738345

Did you miss the part where he and his wife groomed a minor for years? Or how he pressured the others until they gave in?

No. 738346

Someone took a picture of him waiting in his car to pick up his kids. His head looked like a fucking melon lul

No. 738347

I think people have mentioned before that the oldest kid is, but the youngest just goes to daycare or something like that. In old threads people have posted pics of onion picking up the older one from school

No. 738349

wait - i realise how absurd the question is given the context, but daycare with two stay-at-home parents? god, that's one of those moments that's driven home how sad all of this is for the people trapped with him.

No. 738350

To be honest, for development reasons it's good to have kids with other kids - especially if the parents aren't giving them all their social needs. It helps them with development, speech, and learning human interactions etc. (And i think i'm a little relieved the kids are away from being trapped around the onions 24/7, gives me a glimmer of hope for them).

No. 738351

not sure i agree with all that there, but i forgot this is gurg we're talking about, so yeah, his total negligence has actually saved that kid from further horror. yikes.

No. 738354

not sure i agree with all that there, but i forgot this is gurg we're talking about, so yeah, his total negligence has actually saved that kid from further horror. yikes.

No. 738360

Agreed, I'm glad they get to interact with other kids, besides their manbaby of a father

No. 738367

File: 1575727967537.jpg (121.24 KB, 700x670, Kaiocchio and Gregpedo.jpg)

No. 738368

Lol like it's a unique situation to fuck someone and find out their terrible in bed but you like them so you try it again because muh feelings. Onion gaslit and groomed the ever loving fuck out of Sarah, his goal was to fuck her. And anyway, Onion has danced like a clown enough for us in his underwear to see how he moves his body and what he looks like. Doesn't take a fucking genius to see he'd be a shite lay

No. 738371

OMG, this is some quality shade, Anon.

No. 738386

This actually sounds exactly like something Greg would say to her

No. 738387

Because it is. I don’t remover who (I think Sarah) said it during a livestream

No. 738389

File: 1575734970324.webm (216.56 KB, 320x180, cries so much.webm)

No. 738391

Yeah, that's 100% fake. Those pictures look iPhone 4 tier quality, straight out of the early 2010s. Posing as a 13 year old and writing those things is fucking gross, but hey, we know he is by now so it's not surprising.

No. 738394

File: 1575736542967.png (17.45 KB, 543x166, temp.png)

> acts as if he's ever made anyone orgasm
> knows fuck all about female anatomy (pictured, also VULVIS.)

It's no wonder why he thinks he's made someone orgasm. Because he's projecting how it works for men and also because he thinks it's just something that spontaneously happens when he shows up and not something you have to actually do things to achieve.

I have a newfound pity for anyone who has ever slept with him. What a complete waste of time and effort that must have been.

No. 738398

>till you lactate
Hmmm no wonder Krainey was breastfeeding this long.

No. 738399

File: 1575737214893.jpg (Spoiler Image,138.16 KB, 918x1146, ab.jpg)

this is definitely a fake lmao, I know of this girl and these are her pics from when she was in her teens (pic related she's 21 now)

No. 738403

File: 1575739105757.jpg (116.94 KB, 481x1021, Onision vs The Internet.jpg)

Ive seen Onision using that "You think this is funny?" Joker meme.
I hate to compare Greg to the Joker but did he forget how that scene ended?

No. 738410

File: 1575740463117.jpg (477.65 KB, 1080x2173, Screenshot_20191207-123905_Twi…)

Yuckkk wish Taylor would stay away from Sarah, she's dealt with enough shitty youtubers for a couple lifetimes

No. 738413

This is an image board.
Post fucking images.

No. 738418

I'm wondering if that's the actual reason too - if he got sexually off on it.

Deleted my post because I made a mistake and automatically assumed you were talking about B & A's pages, lol. The sage part still stands, though.

No. 738419

This just shows how Greg would nit pic any event to have some control and power over the ladies. They do something most teens and youngins have tried. Automatic criminals. Just something he can spout online about to make them look bad. I actually dont mind Taylor posting though. She makes some points.

No. 738422

Anon was asked for links, posted links. Sage your sperg

No. 738426

File: 1575743032912.jpg (25.66 KB, 905x319, get a job stay away from her.j…)

No. 738432

LMAO why does this faggot compare himself to people who are wildly more successful, attractive, talented etc than he is? It's so fucking embarrassing. But then again this is the guy who tweets about his 4 inch chode hitting a woman's cervix kek. Narc delusion at it's finest.

HAHAHAHA!!! Finally one of them said it! This sped would much rather spend 3 hours fapping to lolli hentai than spend 3 minutes figuring out how to pleasure a woman. He is too selfish to offer anything in the bedroom besides a big nothing burger with a side if instant regret.

Doing God's work anon, this is a milkmas treat

No. 738433

File: 1575744423728.jpg (103.04 KB, 865x615, 2019-12-07_13-44-42.jpg)

I agree. She didn't do anything milky in those tweets either, just made a joke that Sarah seemed to like. Bitch is a huge cow, but this is just a normal cow crossover.

No. 738436

4 inches is too kind of you anon, it's probably more like 2½

No. 738439

File: 1575746060455.jpg (36.6 KB, 499x367, dissolution.jpg)

new greg vid where he cries in his car
mirror: https://vimeo.com/378012036

No. 738440

Was he really trying to be serious and convince us he was crying this time? The guilt tripping begins I guess. Poor baby has to sell his imac. pls be human guyz :(

No. 738442

wait dissolution of marriage??? is lainey divorcing him?

No. 738443

So what do we think? Did krainey grow a spine and really serve him divorce papers? Likely all a charade but…

No. 738444

That's what he says in the video but I doubt it. This kind of stuff is public record so it shouldn't be hard to figure out.

No. 738445

File: 1575746583911.jpg (295.66 KB, 1092x1032, fake dissolution.jpg)

it's just more shit he printed off the internet, probably not anything kai saw a lawyer to create

No. 738446

His screams sound like he's imitating a chicken. Love that he's using a fake ass divorce paper with the ink half faded as a joke to people who say Taylor should divorce him.

It looks fake as fuck.

You have a brain of your own.

No. 738447

File: 1575746666348.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20191207-201918.png)

The divorce paper is fake. It's the second Google image result for "simplified dissolution of marriage" and there is no similar form on the Washington website. Is onion that lazy or is he trying to be a subtle troll?

No. 738448

It says Florida on it, I don't know why anyone would think it was real when he lives in Washington.

No. 738449

no tears, no puke, bad actor. i doubt lainey would ever leave him but a small part of me wants to see him on the hook for both alimony AND child support.

No. 738450

Dead eyed creep.

No. 738451

just did a brief search and didn't find anything, so yup, he's full of shit. no news here

No. 738452

He knows that people want her to divorce him so he made this video to bring in the views. He half-assed it though and it doesn't even look remotely convincing, but you know that there will be some idiots falling for it and going to his channel to watch it.

No. 738453

I'm sure he's just making shit up to get sympathy and look at those priorities, his imac pro, Dobbs, and the TESLA! I truly think that money and his toys are his top priority.

No. 738455

ayrt but yeah. florida isn't even close to trying.

No. 738458

greg sucks at acting. also his actions here have been obvious, he's trying to convince the normies that literally everything going on is an act, and not see him as the actual pedophile he really is

No. 738459

normies are seeing him as a paedo tho, my gran caught him in the sun and tbh it was weird to hear her go on, i almost wanted to tell her to post here kekekke

No. 738460

I think he might be just trying to bait news outlets and commentary channels into reporting his fake stuff as real, for whatever reason, so he can pull the "Lainey won't finger my asshole" maneuver he pulled with the 5 "I betrayed my wife" videos he uploaded back in the day.

No. 738462

Really, now, anon.

No. 738465

What the fuck is this?

No. 738466

i don't know what it is but this could be more phishing shit from the kids in the onion discord so be careful everyone

No. 738467

Have worked with legal documents before as a paralegal and filing clerk, it’s fake.

No. 738468

Oh hell, you don't have to have worked in law to see that it's more googled bullshit.

No. 738469

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but omfg, he's such a terrible actor. Each time I think I've already seen his worst performance, no, it always gets worse.

No. 738470

He literally dabbed when he started crying

No. 738474

File: 1575752177724.jpg (235.98 KB, 1080x1702, Screenshot_20191207-215417__01…)

It seems like there might be something transpiring in Washington, why else would Vince and Chris be on assignment on the west coast?

No. 738475

Could be related or could be for another story that they're working on simultaneously. It's too vague to make a decent guess.

No. 738476

This girl coulda kept her mouth shut and stop attention whoring if she can't say anything about where he is.

Cyr lives there, also Jaclyn Glenn, also Eugenia Cooney. It could be any one of them. They all live in LA.

No. 738477


It just occurred to me that youtube hq is on the west coast so it might have to do with that too

No. 738478

File: 1575753114985.jpg (183 KB, 1080x477, Screenshot_20191207-161004_Chr…)

HomolKai's family is in NM - is that considered west coast or still middle? Or her sister lives in LA I guess, so add this to the list of possibilities.

New template for our dear shop anons

No. 738479

NM is considered southwest and it's in the mountain time zone. Not west coast at all.

No. 738480

>>738474 why is she sharing emails and eluding to something happening. Just embarrassing

No. 738481

is she insinuating that Chris is going to show up at Greg's house lol

No. 738482

It's probably to keep interest up without giving too much away, they seem to have a game plan for what info is released and how.

No. 738483

It's a bit attention whorey since it doesn't even say what it's related to or who they're going to go see. They could be visiting the FBI in Washington, asking locals, or checking out the scenery for a preview. It could be anything.

Who knows, really. She does this a lot.

No. 738488

Guess someone agrees. But if that's like a poop touching accusation, I actually don't role play as demi lovato.

No. 738489

I live a few hours out (made a goofy /ot/ post about running to Krai at the mall once.) People do know his name around here even but honestly only from controversy alone people were surprised to learn he lived here at all even if they were well informed on his drama.

I almost went to his court hearing last year but I didn't post about it (the one that got cancelled or moved?)

To be fair from pretty much Portland-Seattle/PNW is just an organic free range milk farm though. Onion is a special kind of nuts we are rarely graced with but we have an active music/arts scene (theres been some requests for globelamp thread which is only a taste of how crazy it gets.) that's high drama with really intense abuse accusations flying around so people my age (20s-30s) are more swept up in that stuff really?

sage since i'm not sure if this is helpful or blogposting

No. 738490

She doesn't have to do that though. Interest is already up from the news sites and DeFranco covering it.

No. 738491

Sure but normie media moves on quickly, a good chunk of people will just stop caring if there isn't any regular updates
It's for us imo

No. 738493

Samefag, it's not* for us
Keyboard fuck up(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 738503

File: 1575759389897.jpeg (70.08 KB, 1080x477, 4C47AFB1-63A7-4D0A-BF7F-435A50…)

Obvious first choice.

No. 738505

File: 1575759465251.jpg (323.32 KB, 1080x477, bingo.jpg)

I'm just really attached to tantrum bingo, something better will probably come up with Milkmas on the way

No. 738506

Hunter Avallone uploaded a disstrack on Onision for some reason. It's pretty random and borders cringe. Idk if I can post links so just search for it on YT.

No. 738507

at this point there should be a square for fake documents

No. 738509


I mean I should know better than to think everything he does and says are fake, but… His whole "a certain someone gave me this today" looked pretty real.

Shit fuck balls, I hope to fuck Lainey really did step out on him. Would really tie this year up nicely lmao.

No. 738511

It might have some semblance of believability If it wasn’t a google searched fake from that clearly says Florida in the title. Somehow I don’t think even Plainey is that dumb to use a fake form. That’s totally a Greg thing.

No. 738513

>Somehow I don’t think even Plainey is that dumb to use a fake form.

Yeah but anon, we're talking about a woman who went to an online school and probably barely passed with a B.A. in Psychology in which she will never fucking use in her life.

No. 738514

Yes, it's 100% fake. Even the paper quality is ultra shitty and looks like it would tear if you blew on it too hard

No. 738515


it wouldn’t be odd if he just made up a divorce/started a rumor about divorce just for more attention, using tactics everyone knows he’s used before, especially on Skye. No publicity, in Grug’s eyes, is bad publicity.

No. 738516

It's exactly what he's doing.

While that's true, googled documents that mean jack shit is Greg's thing.

No. 738517

On a recent stream someone asked about lamey and Smeg's reply was "as far as the Internet are concerned, Krai and I are divorced".

No. 738520

At least he could have tried and you know, proof read what he was copy pasting.

No. 738521

Well, you know, he should start paying that fat alimony/child support check, then. I reckon with the help of her father, Taylor would get about 4k a month from the two, combined. Child support lasts until they turn 21 or choose to go to college, so Greg will be paying out well into his fifties and I'm here for it, so get on it, little man, get on it.

No. 738522

i would actually rage if he kept Dobbs

No. 738523

File: 1575763268024.jpeg (76.5 KB, 1080x477, 8C0E4288-0F9B-461E-AC47-322E16…)

Thanks anon

No. 738524

Lol whatever.
This is just like his “I’m no longer a father” video he made vowing to never talk about being a dad on the internet again.
He just wants people to stop asking him to explain Plainey’s crimes. He can’t outright deny them so better to pretend he is not associated with her at all.
Question is…is she aware he is doing this? Does she care?

No. 738525

Excellent quality. Kek. Strong contestant for next thread picture.
Don't hold your breath. It's more likely that the FBI will let Grugly and Krainey off without any trouble than them getting divorced at the current limbo.

No. 738526

>He just wants people to stop asking him to explain Plainey’s crimes
This exactly. It's baffling to me that anyone's even entertaining the thought of this being maybe, possibly, maaaaybe real. No. It isn't.

>Question is…is she aware he is doing this? Does she care?

I have the same questions. Not just regarding his video spergouts, but also his vomit inducing sexual tweets and other bullshit. If she read all of that and can still fuck him…Yikes.
But she's fucked in the head now too, so.

No. 738527

File: 1575765378244.jpg (344.83 KB, 523x1179, szaasdf.jpg)

have you guys seen this? lmfao

No. 738528

Everything that autistic sperg does is sloppy.

No. 738529

it's deliberate, to prove people like >>738509 are stupid enough to fall for it.

No. 738530

Eugenia lives in Connecticut.

No. 738532

posted last thread >>737134

No. 738533

next thread pic, early vote is in

No. 738534


No. 738535

File: 1575769091414.png (128.69 KB, 378x678, 1.PNG)

Regina posted these on twitter

No. 738536

File: 1575769119164.png (118.86 KB, 387x675, 2.PNG)

>connect me to your legal tea

Oh gregory is going to try to sue Hansen for slander

No. 738538

File: 1575769284712.png (963.27 KB, 439x5386, onisionvincentemails.png)

I put them all in one image, hopefully they're in order.

No. 738540

has greg had any strikes on youtube for any of his channels before? i find it hard to believe there is nothing on his channels that goes against youtube's policies somehow. if youtube can take mumkey jones down, there must be something he's done that could give a strike to his channels. if enough people send it to youtube's way, maybe something can be done?(don't encourage cowtipping)

No. 738541

At some point Uh Oh Bro was taken down after the tumblr anti-os spam reported it for hateful speech, but it was reinstated.

Honestly it should have stayed down, a lot of his videos do violate Youtube's hate speech policy.

No. 738542

Oohhh, he's getting mad. This should be fun.
And where is HE getting money for lawyers fees?
Hey, do you think the "law office" he talked to is next to his therapist's office?
My therapist told me to laugh at you, Gurg!

No. 738543


Cheers anon, I couldn't seem to load the others.
Does Onion boy seriously not know who Hansen is?

>does not compare to even your attorney fee's

Confirmed Onion just googled chris hansen and read his wikipedia page for any dirt he could find. He clearly has no idea what his show is or the huge team he has behind him.

>He actually sent google definitions.


No. 738544

Kek! Is he going to sue the FBI too?

No. 738545

He is mad. All those messages are 10-20 minutes apart. But, the word is already out. What does he think this will do if he realy sue Chris Hansen? He is just going to look ridiculous. He should just do as his wife: hide and cry.

No. 738547

kek @ greg thinking that hansen's channel exists for the sole purpose of cyberbullying him specifically

No. 738548

somebody's feeling desperate. dance, monkey, dance.

No. 738549

I'm making a ton of assumptions about the law here, but how is he supposed to prove that anything on Chris's channel is slander? It's their word against his. Pretty sure the court won't just accept it cause "he said so".

Allllso, Chris is merely interviewing victims. He does not claim their words as his own. He uses the word "alleged" often when he makes statements. So it would seem the person he would be suing isn't even the person slandering him. Would a person sue a news channel for recording the slanderous statement of someone else? Pretty sure he'd have to sue the actual person that made the slanderous statement. Ie, Sarah, Billie, etc…

Anyways it just sounds really dumb and it's clear he THINKS he's got a real case here but I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

No. 738550

File: 1575771287039.gif (495.52 KB, 500x291, suspense.gif)

The noose is tightening!

No. 738551

Ignore if you don’t believe in this stuff, but antphrodite has done readings on other creators like James Charles where things have came true.
Based on his reading it seems like onion is going to get away with it, live on someone else’s coin, and blame everything on someone else (probs Kai)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738552

lol be mad

No. 738554

File: 1575771581187.jpg (94.9 KB, 937x487, slander.JPG)

LOL good luck, Gurgles.
I don't think Kainey would be a viable witness in any case.

No. 738555

He uploads videos to make it seem like he's unbothered by all of this. But like with Skye, Billie and Alicia, he rages in the background by spamming emails at the person who's getting under his red potato skin.

No. 738556

I'm absolutely sure he's just hissing and growling, like always. Greg doesn't understand that he's talking to adults and not his preferred teen age range. Hansen and Nicotra do have a grasp on how the law works and can check back with actual lawyers, unlike Greg whose lawyer,therapist and general source of information is the first page of his google search results. Greg is just trying to fluff himself up and threaten them. He's gonna crawl back under the stump that's left from when he chain-sawed the tree in his backyard when he realizes that Hansen is not afraid to take legal steps.

No. 738558

Just noticed that when he said "Just got off the phone with a legal office" there was only a 17 minute delay in between his spamming. I highly doubt that red cunt called anyone.

No. 738559

Since he is a public figure he would also have to prove that Chris was acting maliciously, which he isn't he's just talking to victims. He would lose in a heartbeat with the text, nudes and whatever else is on those phones/computers turned into the FBI.
This. He is obviously worried about the FBI now

No. 738560

Greg calls up Joe Blow Attorney:

G: Someone is being MEAN to me on the internet! They're RUINING MY LIFE! Can I sue them?
A: Well, you can If you can prove…
G: I CAN! Great!
Hangs up and immediately types email
G: The lawyer I just called said I can TOTALLY sue you!

No. 738561

What kind of legal consultation takes 17 minutes? One that doesn't exist. He's so transparently grasping at nothing.

No. 738562

It's pretty funny how much this sounds exactly like him.

He probably talked to the secretary and was told that the lawyers are busy, out for lunch or he has to come in for a consultation. He said that he got off the phone with them, but not that he spoke to anyone.

No. 738563

more likely they told him they couldn't give him any real information without further details and suggested he contact Chris's legal team which is why he asked for the contact info.

No. 738566

Kek I wonder how fast his little babby hands were trembling when typing these emails up. Just like the shiloh manager video.

No. 738567

>"If you are a likeable person you have a leg up."

LOL I REALLY hope Onion Boy sues Chris Hansen. Hansen is a smooth Silver Fox with a swag of journalism awards & 3 decades of exposing nonces to federal prosecution. Greg is a broke red-faced narc who got famous for dancing as a banana & liking underage poon. Chris would be controlled & calm in court. I'd wager this is not his first rodeo with sue-happy idiots. Greg would turn up in his Joker suit, constantly interrupt & get done for contempt of court. That's even if the little bitch had the balls to turn up. He bailed on his alimony case then whined like a 4 yr old when it didn't go his way.
Sue him Onion,let's see likeable the Judge thinks your narc ass REALLY is.

No. 738568

We've all been predicting that he's going to throw Lainey under the bus and I don't doubt that he has someone on the side. All I want to happen is for Greg to suffer the consequences of what he has done. Please-please, I hope this guy is wrong about Greg getting away with it.

No. 738569

i hope the girl with the key information speaks up

No. 738573

you know Greg's BIG MAD when he pulls the dictionary definitions out

No. 738574

If Lainey would turn on him, it would be the nail in his coffin (she wouldn't be getting away with anything but it'd help, for sure) but I don't see that happening even if he does start trying to throw her under the bus. She's too far gone in her blind worship of him at this point. If she didn't leave for her kids she ain't getting off this crazy train

No. 738576

File: 1575776289733.png (34.44 KB, 741x399, 56655645.png)

No. 738577

fuck yeah, i knew she was holding back some good shit with good reason.

No. 738578

File: 1575776702558.png (736.22 KB, 1082x599, Screen Shot 2019-12-07 at 8.38…)

My only real regret is that Greg didn't start an actual cult. Out of morbid curiosity, I'd be fascinated to see his design for a cult.

No. 738579

it would be "suk mi"

No. 738582

Says Kai is divorcing him but yet still wears the wedding ring…. LOL

No. 738583

maybe if enough people reported specific videos on his uhohbro channel, youtube would take notice and take his channel down? he makes money from subscriptions off there and youtube takes a cut from the donations too. i imagine youtube wouldn't want to be taking money from people supporting greg. youtube can't take his channel down since he hasn't been convicted of anything, but if he has enough hate speech videos that break their terms of service, he could get his channel taken down for that.

No. 738585

you don't need to be convicted to lose your channel, have you been on youtube at all in the past 5 years? look at daddofive, or any of the twelve million political wrongthink channels. onision's violated their ToS on a daily basis now, youtube just doesn't give a fuck.

No. 738586

You're being naive, anon. He's been doing this for years and have been reported for just as long. Youtube hasn't given a single shit.

No. 738587

He knows these kind of videos are giving him views and he's the biggest liar there is and this video proves it so much for a fact machine..

No. 738589

He’s in for it now! Now Greg boy is gonna have a taste of the karma medicine after what he had done to these girls. Remember filming a girl who had a mental breakdown and seizures and you not only didn’t take her to the hospital but you filmed it and post it on YouTube to prove that you’re the hero in the story. Remember the time you verbally abused the same girl by telling her she’s nothing and mocked her for being hurt after pelting her with candy corn? Remember you shave their heads in order to prove loyalty? Yeah buddy now the joke is on you and your so called “husband” for grooming underaged girls. Hopefully the FBI will bust down the door and grab your sorry ass.

No. 738591

Is anyone else concerned about the kids? If Greg has a daughter, I'm really concerned about what will happen to her when she turns 13 or so.

No. 738593

Everyone is concerned about the kids.

No. 738594

People have been concerned about the kids for 50+ threads, anon.

No. 738595

he already published his cult manifesto for Siscesa years ago.

No. 738596

daddyofive involved police and cps and the channel was pulled down at that point.

the 12th is coming when it'll b a free for all of channel deletions and hopefully greg will wake up with it all gone.

No. 738597

It was pulled then, but they let them keep a whole other channel thats pretty much the same content. Only its 'run by the kids' so its still up.

No. 738599

yes that's true but the kids concerned with the charges and cps intervention are not on it. I agree it's lax af, but I think the TOS change coming in in just days could turn things in an interesting direction. they can potentially terminate greg and he will not have any legal recourse (like he would now).

No. 738600

Anon, it’s all hocus-pocus nonsense.

No. 738601

samefag, and I know people are pointing to the strikes, however most of them are content id which is a little different since it's based on footage/sound recognition vs just an idea of a copyright violation. he still deserves blowback on it but I think he's been able to evade termination this way.

No. 738603

this does seem like one of those cases where greg's total waterbrain and the serendipity of circumstance have come together. all this shit is coming to a head just as youtube is about to launch its new ToS.

pressure is mounting on YT and susan to do something about onision - which they refused to do for the last decade through similar circumstances - and now they have the excuse that 'we can now act in accordance with our updated ToS where we couldn't before to keep youtube safe' (bullshit since they've always been arbitrary, but convenient to evade public scrutiny).

meanwhile, greg has been going out of his way to bite the hand that feeds, polluting YT with his autistic videos and potentially scaring stakeholders with more ugly headlines, and now dumping all of his paypigs onto the youtube subscription feature, making them financially and complicit in his shit. on top of that he's courting attention as he always has, with his narc sense of invulnerability bolstered by YT not doing anything since forever.

this could very well be the end. even without the wetlands or FBI, he has absolutely nothing without his channels.

No. 738604

I thought there would be more outrage about him uploading private videos with the express purpose of triggering the content ID, but I guess no one thinks Youtube would care about that either?

No. 738607

you oweme, the person running an archive channel of his old video says he claimed some of their videos

No. 738608

was that proven? I'd be interested to know if it was. dude may have misunderstood his content id notice from what we discussed last thread:
>>737097 >>737099 >>737102

No. 738610

Not sure. But the video title shown in the screenshot of the copyright email is no where on his channel. So it must be private. Not sure why he would content ID on a private video of a different name and not the actual video in question unless he was doing something shady.

No. 738618

Greg's recent behavior on social media is definitely not going to help him in a slander case where the decision is heavily based on the person's character.
Too bad for him he's so stupid he decided to double down on his "Villain of Youtube" reputation.
He has no tangible proof that any of the accusations made against him are false. So all they have to go on is his character. Judges would take one look at his nonsense and declare every accusation plausible.

No. 738620

It's not like he has the money to sue anyone either. He can't even get 10k.

No. 738621

File: 1575783422949.png (18.82 KB, 945x248, onion boi.png)

He's more likely to spend his money on Billie's nudes than sue anyone's shoe.

Inb4 a sockpuppet DMs Billie-bob.

No. 738622

Don't you mean, Inb4 "I have a legal right to these images, I paid for them. They are my property!" like he did with Shiloh's manager.

No. 738623

I just found about this guy today by fucking typing Jared Fogle on google(nobody cares)

No. 738626

Does that mean this will come out later or will it be sealed? Either way it doesn’t really matter as long as it helps justice be served but just curious. Can she not publicly release stuff if she wants to turn it over to the police?

I’m also surprised her comments about Greg being bad in bed (and Billie liking them aka validating she thinks the same) didn’t make him rage more. He’s just pulling his same stupid attention grab videos but there hasn’t been a genuine reaction yet.

No. 738629

File: 1575785983623.jpg (96.69 KB, 1080x470, Screenshot_20191208_061011.jpg)

Not sure if I'm imagining it but I feel like he changes his Twitter bio pretty much every day, and I guess he still doesn't know what satire is.

No. 738631

He does. I forget what else it was last I checked, but I know it said he was a "god" yesterday or two days ago instead of "diety", also LOL he spelled deity wrong

No. 738632

Onion was so bad in bed Billie fucked him one on one when doormat was gone? That's the female version of when men say a woman was loose or ugly.

No. 738634

I mean, as far as we know she only did it once and was immediately crying after sooo……

No. 738635

He had to argue his way into it, doesn't exactly sound like he's good.
Honestly, he's far too selfish and delusional to know what he's doing in bed.

No. 738636

They fucked multiple times during greasesomes described in full detail
But lets not forget the creepy cuddling and undercover fondling going on in videos with Sarah a few feet apart from them…

No. 738637

What's your point, anon? that Greg is secretly a master in bed and everyone is lying about it? Strange hill to die on.
None of the girls he has slept with had much experience. They may not have any clue what good sex is. And also, people (women especially) are often willing to forgive mediocre sex if they like a person. So doing it more than once is not any indication of a person's sexual prowess.

No. 738639


Seriously, Shiloh repeatedly talked about how miserable having sex with Onion was, Billie sobbed after the only time she had sex with Onion just the two of them, Sarah couldn't even sleep she was so disturbed after her first time with the Onions. Even if he was absurdly talented in bed, which he almost certainly isn't, sex you have to pressure and fight your partner to have is never good.

No. 738640

some details in cases like this will remain confidential. police more than likely have told her not to talk about certain things on social media.

No. 738641

I doubt anyone is arguing that greg is good in bed but here's my two cents. I didn't get that energy from billie when she livestreamed and ayalla joked about all the things onion and her did together. Ayalla specifically cackled about how it was more than a massage. I didn't get that energy when Sarah went out of her way to get lane to tweet to lainey, that they fucked on the very seat she was streaming on.
This is some petty shit to argue over. Everyone liked the guy at some point, now they don't for GOOD reasons. Can we move past the microdick discussion cuz it's tired

No. 738642

guys i couldnt believe what i saw..is he finally divorcing? if yes, milkmas has begun!! Grug makes a lot of terrible retarded jokes but i doubt divorcing Taylor would be one of them(scroll up and read the thread)

No. 738643

It's already been discussed… that paper is beyond fake. Just another attention grab at this point. He's just trying to fish for sympathy IMO.

No. 738645

Of course. Remember cuddlegate and how many "I betrayed my wife" videos he released?

No. 738646

which were all blown way out of proportion… there is no way foot is going to leave him if she hasn't already, and I don't believe for one second any of the shit he's releasing right now is legit in any way… just the death rattle of his career

No. 738647

but why though ? the retard usually likes bragging about how lenghty is their marriage and it survives despite of all ''haturzzz'' …this just goes against it..maybe the paper is fake, but maybe theres also a grain of truth here, but she left him and already threatening him with the divorce

No. 738648


The paper is 100% fake, it literally says the state of Florida.

No. 738650


No. 738651

File: 1575791194108.jpg (232.44 KB, 1157x898, content-id-naming-examples.jpg)

the content referred to in that name is not necessarily the name of the video. it can be the name of a video clip, a pice of audio or a number/code referring to one of those. pic demonstrates. there is no proof of a re-uploading scheme.

Greg apparently employs a company to track his content across youtube, if so they probably generated this code to refer to the specific video clip used.

No. 738652

It's fake and if you scroll up, you'll see proof. He does it for attention just like everything else, I have no idea why you're so surprised.

No. 738653


I'm not sure why you think I'm surprised? The comment I was responding to said it might be "maybe fake," to which I was assuring them that it was unquestionably fake. I assumed it was fake the entire time.

As no one in the case (presumably) will be a minor at the time of filing, the details will likely be available at some point, but might not be immediately.

No. 738654

If there is a crime in this case it will have taken place when they WERE minors. The information won't be made public. Details of his arrest and sentence would be, however. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.

No. 738655


(Usually) the information is only made classified if the prosecution is currently a minor, to protect their privacy. Since the suit will be filed when his victims are above the age of eighteen, their names will not be censored and the information likely won't be either.

No. 738656

Depending on laws in the state and the crime in question, certain details will not be made public.

We don't even know if there are charges filed or if they will be, so there's no way to know (yet) what they would be prosecuting him for and what information would be made available to the public in that scenario. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Hopefully he doesn't slither through this like he has everything else.

No. 738661

Sorry anon, I meant to tag the one above you >>738647 .

No. 738663

In the recent interview videos it's made clear that Grog pressured her, she tried politely to get out of it, and she was crying and distressed afterwards. It sounds like rape, although Billie and Ayalla don't dare to be so direct in ther wording while talking about it.

No. 738664

I commend Sarah for her work, but she’s also played way too much in between “I’m not going to pursue this! I am too busy! I won’t do this!” to “trust me we are working on it.” Why?
I can’t understand.
I hate how her and the rest of the girls have turned this into a dramatized sitcom at this point via twitter. This isn’t something that needs suspense and weird subliminal messages to keep people guessing.

No. 738666


The way the girls and their asslickers have turned this into Days of our Lives is cringe af. Its great that the victims spoke up and as a result Gurgles and his pet foot are allegedly being investigated (surely I am not alone in feeling that there is a high possibility nothing will come of it) but the way Sarah is treated as a celebrity is fucking retarded, with the fan art and how everyone froths at the gash every time she farts. I get that these girls are young but cloutchasing and berating people who treat the situation as “tea” while treating it like “tea” themselves is fucked.

No. 738668

You know that cases like this are lengthy, emotionally taxing and often expensive right? She's a teenage girl, who was groomed by adults into thinking the shit that happened to her was not big deal. It's not that surprising that she's been a little hesitant about all this and she's likely changes her mind due to coaxing from others including Hansen behind the scenes. Y'all need to lower your expectations and realize that Sarah and the other young women in involved don't exist just to feed your curiosity and desire for milk.

No. 738670

Aside from Krai maybe facing charges for sending nudes to minors, I have no expectations of either of them being in any actual legal trouble side from his IRS stupidity. Hopefully at the least, his Twitter or YT will end up being banned and he will chimp out. Twitter being more likely as YT has proven time and time again they don't care.

No. 738672

Wasn't she saying that before Chris offered to help? Seems like she changed her tune after going on his show.

No. 738673

Greg is not scared of the law, because he thinks he's above it. Or more accurately, he thinks his big galaxy brain could outsmart even the FBI by throwing some definitions at them and calling them all criminals for whatever reason.

What Greg IS scared of, and what is coming to pass, is his ego being battered and his reputation being destroyed. The jokes about his sexual prowess (or lack thereof) must be driving him insane, more so than the fact that he's an actual bogeyman in his real life community. He's managed to get away with so much shit up to this point, so he probably thinks he'll keep getting away with it.

No. 738674

I hope these aren’t monetized

No. 738675

Imagine being such a manlet in bed that your wife pretends to be a trans twink just to have a girl, hell SOMEONE make her wet. He is the living personification of Date Rape by Sublime.

No. 738677

Nobody has ever said onion has raped them. Only retarded tinfoilers have because they decided that they were there and ultimately have an authority over what happened.
I have no idea why the new generation of newfags find it hard to believe that these people willingly engaged in relationshits with this manchild

No. 738684

You poor thing, you dont realize that women fake orgasms and lust to please men?

No. 738685

File: 1575809395086.jpeg (188.61 KB, 828x838, EF931A67-9B11-4AA7-9363-94FAA4…)

this faggot is really crying on his private account because ~nobody knows the real me~

No. 738690

If they wanted this to ever be taken seriously and handled seriously they would have handled this professionally. Sarah and ayalla knew what they were doing when they tweeted that greg fucked sarah. They lurk and constantly respond to us on Twitter. They created this circus.
And the best part? You hypocritical faggots encouraged it at every turn. You're the same morons crying about how hard the system is while getting excited whenever billie or sarah make remarks about gregs weiner.
This is pure fucking drama(take this to the flakes thread in /snow/)

No. 738691

They wanted the internet to know, and we do now, fuck silence and pretending nothing happened.

No. 738692

they're teenage girls, in case you'd forgotten. god forbid they act irrationally. anyway, shut up and stop crying.

No. 738693

File: 1575812598568.jpg (23.8 KB, 789x432, IMG_20191208_083251.jpg)

Sooo "Jeff" has went from 38 to 42 and lives in LOS Vegas, California.
Pretty sure LAS Vegas in is Nevada.

No. 738694

When you mix up Los Angeles and Las Vegas kek

No. 738695


Haha it should be pretty simple to offer some bare bones proof that Jeff and Onionson aren't one and the same but of course he won't divulge such personal information

No. 738696

Your definition of “willingly” is alarmingly lax, most normal people consider being verbally and physically coerced into sex by a man 10+ years their senior as sexual assault at the very least. I’m not saying it’s right to put words in Billie or Shiloh or Adrienne’s mouths but handwaving away Gurg’s rapey tendencies because none of his victims ever outright used the r-word is beyond retarded.

No. 738697

Lainey was the same age as Shiloh when she was groomed, has had the longest lasting relationship and she was still scrutinized more than anyone else before getting outted as a pedo. People didn't give her a pass when they were purely nitpicking. Nobody aside from Sarah and Regina are teenagers anymore.

No. 738699

AJ has specifically stated multiple times that it wasn't rape
you're kind of acting like sex isn't a two way street here when its consenual like the girls said it was. It doesn't make him any less a groomer either

No. 738700

Are you a man or just a little bit stupid?
It makes people think rape because of the grooming and pressure, just because the girls don't call it rape doesn't make it cool or consensual. And the definition of rape varies vastly
Hardly a tinfoil

No. 738701

Are you retarded? Sarah and lane have talked about all the places they fucked. They never said rape.
Billie and AJ were not groomed and I've seen people slut shame Taylor for fucking him when they first met. Are you going to say that was rape too and everytime they hate fuck in the shower is grooming and rape kek

No. 738702

Didn't say I thought it was rape, I said it's harly a tinfoil that people think rape because of the grooming and pressure, and various definition in the law.
Reading comprehension anon

No. 738708

is there a reason you keep posting this person?

No. 738710

He pressured a girl who had only agreed to have sex with his wife into sex with him too, the girl cried afterwards. But thinking that he might be a rapist is beyond the pale? Just why are you defending the Onion?

No. 738712

Damn I don't believe in this shit but after this was released, Sarah said she has extra key details/info. OT but I ended up watching his Casey Anthony one and he predicted something else that was recently released too.

No. 738713

Pretty sure Sarah only tweeted that she had extra info bc she was lurking here.

No. 738714

gruesome details? they didn't go into much during the interviews, all i got was that they were "focusing" on Plainey

No. 738715


How was it consensual when the girls in question were all either underage or coerced? And yes Krai was groomed too, are you a newfag or just plain stupid? You’re really sticking your neck out for a guy who had sex with his 17 year old fiancé 8 times a day because he was her first boyfriend and made her think that was normal, even though she was in constant pain and was contracting UTIs…but sure it’s a “two way street” and totally not a disturbing symptom of his need to sexually domineer women kek

No. 738716

You keep bringing up “the places the fucked” as if that is some legitimate proof that sex was normal, and not coerced? Lane tweeted ONCE about a chair Lainey was sitting in in order to taunt her. Petty, yes. But it proves nothing. You’re acting like that statement means Sarah was bragging about sex with Grease. Which is idiotic.

No. 738719

I think we can all agree he's a sexually abusive little shit, full-on rape or not.

No. 738720

Yep and let's not forget, fulfilling his pregnancy fetish, he knocked her up and STILL made her sleep in the hallway on the floor while pregnant with his kid, and then when she had a miscarriage, told her he wasn't going to pay for any of it while simultaneously posting that she had "sepsis" on youtube while not taking her to the hospital. All for fucking attention.

All of this on top of him recording her having a seizure (again, no help or medical attention) after he told her she was too fat and he wasn't attracted to her bc/ she doesn't look like a 15 year old hentai character from tentacle porn.

No. 738721

The sex was definitely coerced and pressured, but it doesn't seem he physically over-powered/forced them. He is a manipulative POS enough to play mind-games and pressure them. All the girls said he had a way of speaking in circles and fucking with you until you just give in, even Adrienne said so. The question is whether the law will consider that to be coerced sex and ultimately rape. Grooming for sure.

No. 738722

This coming from the dude who has been trying for years to convince people that nothing they see on video is “the real him”.
If you want people to see the real you, then be the real you! Oh wait…. he is. And the real him is the shit we’ve always seen in videos.

No. 738726

I would argue that the power imbalance between Greg and Kai, as well as Kai still being a dumbass teenager when they first met makes the waters of - at the very least their FIRST time - really fucking murky.

I can't speak for their sex life in their later years together until now. I would not be surprised if some of it was rape, but Kai had just given up on saying no to it because Greg would just talk in circles until he got what he wanted.

I don't think their recent sex life matters that much though, given that both of them were coercing others, and Kai is a fucking pedo just like Greg.

No. 738727

The miscarriage and subsequent sepsis is one of the scariest things Greg has ever done. Shiloh had literally a dead baby inside of her for weeks and Greg didn't take her to take care of it until the last minute. Horrifying

No. 738729


I mean it wasn't that long ago when kai was constantly showing hickeys and oversharing about whatever went down in the grease bedroom. i always felt as if she was overcompensating for the fact that onion doesn't show her any love so she thinks sex is love and by flaunting that shit to her audience it would be top tier proof of soul mates type of love. But after hearing how kai said to sarah that she doesn't love her like that but they could be fuck buddies … and the nude sharing and like all that other shit I think kai is as sexually deviant as onion.

No. 738752

Greg just ignored it. A caring significant other would make sure they were taken care of and had proper medical care. Instead she had to go back to Canada on her own to deal with it.. and Greg made videos of course exploiting the situation.

No. 738753

Jeffrey Smith is literally the fakest name on the entire planet

No. 738754

>Nobody told me that being a perverted asshole would come back to bite me uwuwuwuwu

Kek. Grug everybody outside of your sped fan base told you what a shit stain you were being for YEARS and you didn't care. You didn't care when your channels went down the tubes, you didn't care when your patrons dipped out because of your cunty bullshit, and you didn't care when the IRS and Pierce County held you accountable for being a reckless retard.

When you're up against the truth you cry, scream and rage like an exceptional child. Now those big meanies Chris Hansen and the FBI are coming for ya and all you can do is make more empty threats through e-mail and post edgelord tweets on Twitter. Keep doin what your doin Grug, 2020's forecast is looking superb for your future lmfao.

No. 738756

So… who else thinks that Greg is so sure he's gonna weasel out of this one that he's already got another girl lined up for when Kai gets tossed in prison? Bets on McFly because he seems to be pretty protective of her information on streams.

No. 738757

New meltdown video. Nothing interesting, he just pretending to be homeless in a box.

No. 738759

File: 1575834339054.png (281.71 KB, 828x506, box.png)

i'm done

Greg pretends that he's living in a box and drinks some apple juice he claims he got from a homeless shelter. More fake vomiting and crying. It's getting boring. I bet he'll be streaming from his basement later on today.

No. 738761

Whenever I think his content can't get lamer, he uploads a new video that's able to be worse than the previous. How does he even do that? He must think this content is good because there's no way you can fake shit content every day.

No. 738769

Greb is live right now on Twitter. Down playing all the allegations and acting as if he's done nothing wrong. He's also bringing up other media influencers who are under fire or have been in the past. He claims he has done nothing wrong and is trying to passively state that if somebody wrongfully accuses another person and the other person gets away with it, then they can sue. He's talking openly about what is going on currently. I hope he slips up somewhere.

No. 738778

lol he muted the stream to have a go at Blasian because she said someone messaged her saying they live near gurg & asked if they should go to his house to check on him because of the recent videos.
He seemed really mad idgi, saying it was the dumbest thing shes said, its not like she said his address or anything.

No. 738780

hes literally talking about shiloh having an episode and that he was upset that his mom was reacting rudely?

saying shiloh was gonna kill herself and make him look like he did it, etc.

saying he ran away from LA to get away from her.

No. 738781

going on and ON about shiloh, wow, he is a fucking idiot.

No. 738784

Always felt like Shiloh was the ‘one who got away’ for Greg. It’s been what, almost 10 years? And all through those years he just can’t keep her name out of his mouth. He loves acknowledgement from her, even if it’s negative

No. 738785


He obsesses over all the girls who he gets close with then subsequently leave his greasy ass kek. He was messaging Sky and her sister for years

No. 738786

File: 1575839471681.png (917.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-12-08-13-08-47…)

Noticed a photo that Billie posted the other day was liked by Eugenia's official account. Perhaps they managed to get in contact with her and she's considering?
Sage for possibly not being related, but it seemed interesting.

No. 738787

He hates that she's not broken anymore, he loves destroying girls and now that Shiloh is speaking out and being strong he's trying to break her back down again

No. 738788

He’s uploading all of these videos so he can use them in court for the insanity plea.

No. 738791


Regina is 22. Lane and Sarah are the only ones who are 18-19. Lane was never a sexual victim of the Avahoes (that we know of), but she was another much younger girl who was friends with Lainey and knows how fucked up the situation is. Saged

No. 738795


If that's his game plan he should stop following up his uploads with livestreams where he acts like his regular old repulsive self

No. 738798

is this a onision livestream thread now

No. 738801

File: 1575842371682.png (145.05 KB, 341x699, screenshot.png)

Another email between Greg and the Chris Hansen team from Regina's Twitter.

No. 738802

Y’all need to stop worrying about the insanity defense . The legal definition is extremely narrow and would never work . I mean Jeffery dahmer killed and ate people but didn’t fall under the insanity defense

No. 738803

>from a predator like you

No. 738805

He's not wrong. They probably deal with people like Greg all the time which is why the bizarre videos didn't work on Chris.

No. 738806


Plus don't insanity defenses only usually apply for stuff like murder or similarly violent crimes?

No. 738809

Vince's a savage. I bet Jimmy feels intimidated by someone who's an actual adult.

This. It's such a pointless discussion, because it's not a case where the insanity defense could even apply to.

No. 738811

Greg can't handle confrontation with adult men, let alone someone like Vince snapping back at him. I'm sure Onion would shit his pants if confronted IRL by some guy his own size.

No. 738812

inb4 "no u!!"

No. 738814

Who is Rei and why is their name above McFly`s in the endcard?

He needs to edit in outside sounds like birds, cars or whatever since the lack of those kind of gives away that he put this weird kennel (which he showed in one of his videos and wanted Lainey to get in as some type of … punishment) is somewhere inside the house.
But with Greg it's always quantity over quality.

No. 738815

hadn't even thought of that before, chris must have dealt with way sicker people than this sperg during his career. greg's laughable attempts at being intimidating are just that. ha!

No. 738816


He was extremely triggered when Shiloh said she never really loved him

No. 738818

Can you imagine if Greg cracked and accepted to be interviewed by Chris Hansen? The purest, mot delicious milk.
He's a coward tho so he won't

No. 738820

Honestly he's stupid enough to incriminate himself even more by doing this when the attention dries up. Wouldn't put it past him but doesn't seem likely since he was demanding cash to appear.

No. 738821

He has a habit of slipping up during interviews, like in the Blair White one
But with his narc brain he might wake up one day convinced he can talk himself out of this, I wouldn't be surprised

No. 738827

OT but Grugly was bragging in a stream earlier that everyone was shocked at how tall he is IRL. Blasian chimed in and while she didn't outright dare disagree with him, she did say he's only a little taller then her. Grug, being the insecure manlet that he is, immediately added bY tHe WaY, bLaSiAn iS a GiAnT. She was like "…I'm 5'8" KEK.

Actual tall men would never fucking consider a 5'8 woman a giant. A 5'9 insecure manlet, however…

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 738829


No ones shocked that you’re “tall” grugly, they’re shocked that a 34 year old balding man wears lifts on his shoes.

No. 738830


Lmao, why? He never loved any of them either. Didn’t he literally tell Sarah he’s never loved anyone and has no idea what it’s like? That’s pretty amazing coming from a father of two.

No. 738831

Or they're shocked he met up with them dressed as one of his "characters" like a normal person

No. 738832

File: 1575846853796.jpeg (86.01 KB, 720x1280, ELTLXwcXUAErHVm.jpeg)

So supposedly Greg got banned off a forum for acting like a creep towards minors.

There is no confirmation that this IS Greg, unless someone can confirm that he uses or used the name Oddikaun, but the writing style is similar at least.

You can thank twitter for the shit crop.(OT/itinfoil)

No. 738835

File: 1575847394414.jpg (26.66 KB, 1283x217, IMG_20191209_002234.jpg)


Seems like Oddikaun is a named he has used before

No. 738841


Yes Oddikaun is a known alias of Greg's, and this is from 2005, anon.

No. 738844

I don’t think anyone here is under the illusion that it’ll actually work, it’s just funny that Grug thinks chimping out on youtube by pouring kombucha on himself in a swamp will absolve him of grooming allegations in court. We all know how poor his understanding of the law is, but this is a new low for him. Sub 100 IQ tactics for sure.

No. 738846

Anyone listened to Man In A Box by Alice In Chains? Cuz that’s what this video is reminding me of

No. 738851

File: 1575849860238.jpg (102.33 KB, 768x960, 78847197_10157857457874711_122…)

entitled 'good times' - looking like a greasy piece of shit. he has no idea how to even pretend to be a human at this point.

No. 738855

ew, you just know he placed his hair over nose like that and this is the best selfie he could get

he's such a narc, losing his youtube platform would be worse than jail for him>>738851

No. 738858

YMCA childcare. k.

No. 738859

File: 1575852120029.jpg (70.55 KB, 1469x348, 2019-12-08_19-41-50.jpg)

No. 738860

File: 1575852144907.jpg (47.18 KB, 836x256, 2019-12-08_19-42-07.jpg)

Jaclyn I can understand, but Stevie? What the hell does he have to bring to the table?

No. 738862

File: 1575852686278.jpeg (137.09 KB, 926x691, 2883AF8F-507F-46D5-856C-FBF8D3…)

Onion’s legal team. All it’s missing is a hand below jerking off to loli hentai.

No. 738865

Busy suing Chris Hansen’s shoe

No. 738868


No. 738875

Wow I didn't know that lmao
She ain't a teen or a kid

This is terrifying

No. 738889

Ragreynolds is on Wednesday. Regina just tweeted it.

No. 738890

I follow both on Instagram, and its rather common for them to like each others posts. If you go through either profile, you'll see that. Hopefully, they did get in touch, however I wouldn't let this be the end all be all say so.

No. 738893

>they decided that they were there and ultimately have an authority over what happened.
I see your point but most of the girls who slept with him admitted they only did so after Greg coerced them. Ayalla and Billie both said how relentless of a manipulator he is, to the point that he wears people down until they do what he wants. Sleeping with someone after persistent coercion is in no way full consent. It's just manipulating and browbeating someone into sex. That's why Billie cried afterwards.

No. 738894

He was a moderator on the pedo playland forums. He dealt with the multiple registered sex offenders on the onision forums and sent their info to greg who did nothing about it. His interview will be interesting.

No. 738896

Rag is actually a decent choice as he actually interacted with Onion, ran his forums & watched as Greg gave no shits about the pedos on the site. It'll highlight how much of a danger this POS is & maybe Youtube will finally dump him for the liability he is.

No. 738899

File: 1575860574290.jpeg (489.73 KB, 828x1196, 232DFBC2-3E5B-46D8-AC61-0E966E…)

Lane is coming on, then possibly Skye or Alicia.

No. 738900

I hope they don't make it a full hour. It could work if they got both Rag & Jac and let each have a half an hour slot.


I think that was the straw that broke the camel's back. If he didn't try to run with his "Sarah raped us" retardation, maybe none of this would be happening right now - or at least not like this, not to this extent.

No. 738901

lane, really? LMAO

No. 738902


No offense to the girl, but yeah. Why?

No. 738903

yeah wtf are they even thinking? guess they are getting desperate for guests..

No. 738904

This would be a smart choice since it backs up what Regina said.

They're just letting anyone on at this point. Lane? What the hell does that clout chaser have to say that Sarah hasn't already said? She got all of her info from Sarah in the first place.

No. 738906

Is she going to talk about how she transitioned from skinwalking lainey to skinwalking Billie?
I mean Sarah's story pretty much covers the whole thing with lane.

No. 738909

Only reason I can think of is to back up the already made claims and set up a more comprehensive time line, maybe

No. 738910

>> 738906

I’m reserving my judgement until the actual interview. So far everyone has brought something to the table, so who knows.

No. 738911

Alicia is the only person left we really need to hear from. Hear side of the story hasn't properly been told yet.. and from what has been infered there was lots of Onion creeping on her whilst underage.

Sam is the only other person I can think of but she seems to have dropped off the radar. At one point Greggy was pretty much ready to bin Lainey for her. Reckon she has some dirt

No. 738912

To be fair, he's ready to bin her any time he eyes a new girl. Remember Jessie Paege?

No. 738914

Greg held her in her lap I remember and instead of cuddling, he labelled it, "hugging while sitting down" unfortunately Krai didnt want to be poly, so they discarded of her but Sam had a huge crush on Grease

No. 738915

oddikaun is also his league of legends username

No. 738918

Damn, Vince didn't hold back lol.

No. 738921

>>738899 ok been following this so I should know, but who tf is Lane?(Lurk moar)

No. 738923


She was friends with Lainey when she was like 14, and Lainey was in her late teens/early twenties, kind of like Sarah. She had her own snow thread at one point, since she was a Lainey skinwalker. However, she saw through the manipulation eventually and leaked a bunch of shit. She went on to skinwalk Billie instead and become friends with her. She’s a clout chaser, yes, but she has some good receipts on lainey’s bullshit and grooming behavior.

No. 738924

Apologies if this is me showing my age but what do you mean by 'clout chaser'?


No. 738925


I disagree, Alicia’s story is definitely important and compelling, as it demonstrates his early pedo tendencies and prolonged harassment and obsession. But Skye has years worth of abuse and trauma, sadly, and would also have an important piece of the puzzle, being his first wife and helping him with his early YouTube success. Adrienne would be a great guest, too, but she’s been silent. Not that I blame her.

No. 738926


She’s after the attention and drama. She gets to be in on the secret since she’s friends with the other girls and tease information, only to withhold it to draw things out.

No. 738927

File: 1575864484159.png (83.92 KB, 634x670, Screenshot_2019-12-09 Deity on…)

I'd be surprised if Jaclyn and Blaire turn it down, especially if these other youtuber's are game.

No. 738928


yeah, I don't blame AJ for staying silent either - I think she's sort of said her piece and has washed her hands of it, more or less. But since Vince contacted Stevie, Stevie could be a proxy for AJs story, if she was okay with him sharing that information. If she wasnt okay with it, Stevie seems pretty protective of her in a really adamant way, so it seems like he wouldn't discuss it if AJ didn't want him to. But that's just my take on it at least. Not sure how that would play out.

No. 738929

File: 1575864555080.jpg (34.88 KB, 444x960, FB_IMG_1575864515238.jpg)

No. 738930

Thanks for posting. Stevie has been following Grug for a really long time, so he can speak to Grug's patterns of behavior, including how he killed a turtle, and many other instances of sociopathic behavior that long-time followers have picked up on. I actually think he will be a pretty insightful guest for people who haven't been following the Onion saga for very long. He's really articulate too so that doesn't hurt.

No. 738932

he's very articulate and honestly is the only Anti-O that doesn't really seem clout seeking to me

No. 738933

I know some anons don't like Stevie for whatever reason. I like him and look forward to hearing what he has to say, especially being a good friend of AJ.

No. 738934

You have your own thread, old man. Go away! >>>/snow/892011

No. 738936

He engages in excessive attention-seeking behavior and is a trainwreck himself. At one point (and probably many others) he's anonymously shilled his work on here and elsewhere. He interviewed some 'anonymous insiders' who made claims since proven false, e.g. 'greg has another bastard child'. He's a trainwreck in his own right that iirc has a cluster B personality disorder. He doesn't seem like a rotten person but isn't a reliable source of information.

No. 738938

I hope they go on. I can understand EC not participating because she's dealing with her own shit, but these other medium sized and especially larger youtuber's should collectively start putting the pressure on Wojcicki or whoever the hell she works for.

Youtube might not care that people like Greg abuse their platform but none of these creators I'm sure are happy about sharing a platform with a predator, and one who abuses DMCA on top of it.

No. 738939

You guys must be newfags, I suggest you look at the earlier thread (2nd-5th threads specifically) on why some of us don’t like him before getting too off-topic here.

No. 738941

He's more likely to spread misinformation because of his retarded theories. I guess the only milk and new information we'll be getting from Chris' interviews now is what we've already gotten and Chris' end of stream updates with the FBI.

No. 738942

The only credible thing he ever did was discovering his white trash NXIVM/Scientology/Wicca cult through the internet archives, nothing else.

No. 738944

I wouldn't blame EC one little bit for not wanting anything to do with this clusterfuck. Onion would jerk his disgusting baby carrot to her interview. EC has enough to deal with.

No. 738945

>He's more likely to spread misinformation because of his retarded theories.
Stevie? If I've seen anyone pushing retarded theories lately it's a couple anti-o's. Two in particular that like playing cop, or claim to work with law enforcement (not Kittensaurus).

No. 738946

Yeah, it's a shame but it was bound to happen. Hansen is trying to nurse his career back to health, and covering Greg has brought him more attention than he would have garnered by covering anybody else. He's going to milk it for as long as he possibly can.

Hopefully Hansen's involvement has benefits beyond just increasing awareness of Greg and Taylor.

No. 738947

I didn't mean to de-rail initially, but thanks for mentioning that he did an interview that didnt turn out to be credible. I actually didn't know that despite spending a decent amount of time lurking. Hopefully he will just stick to factual statements, and hopefully Chris will ask questions that draw factual statements from him just in case.

No. 738948

>He interviewed some 'anonymous insiders' who made claims since proven false, e.g. 'greg has another bastard child'.
lol I remember that, I don't remember him doing any interview though. He fucked up, hopefully he learned something from it. Since he's a friend of AJ he must have a lot of insight from her.

No. 738951

I'd say getting the FBI involved is a pretty huge 'benefit', anon.

No. 738959

He has been a close friend of the OG girls for years and has maintained a friendship with skye AJ and I imagine Alicia.

No. 738961

So? If they have something to say then they should be the ones to say it. He's no Ayalla and people would want to hear from the women themselves anyway.

No. 738962

Stop throwing tantrums like a child and grow the fuck up Greg. You act like you're the only one who doesn't know you're a 34 year old father of two small children. You're well past your teens but you have all the emotional maturity of one. Your problem is on the inside. It's not everyone else's fault that you never grew up and never held yourself accountable for how fucked up you are.

No. 738964

File: 1575868143881.jpg (75.1 KB, 640x857, FB_IMG_1575779856204.jpg)

so glad no one has tried getting joy sparkle involved in this. The fuckstorm is brewing.

Also "smoking is so gross" really grug?(old milk)

No. 738969

I always thought his relationship with the ladies was more so as a means to “get back” at Onion boi and not so much as genuine interest. Ever since Skye came back (with Alicia) and Shiloh finally acknowledged her relationship with Grease at its full-extent, he’s been acting as a gatekeeper of some sorts. Then again, the top ant-o’s are gatekeepers themselves.

No. 738973

>Greg apparently employs a company to track his content across youtube
That's not new info. What no one's figured out is where he's getting the money to pay for this, especially since he has fines coming out of his ass. Sure he's claimed quite a few vids but the money from that is still a paltry sum compared to guessing what all he owes the feds.

No. 738974

The FBI will probably poke around his finances since they don't make any sense at all. They could ask the IRS who will probably let them in on the chaos he caused with his taxes and him claiming everything down to the empty yogurt container on his nightstand.

No. 738978

i feel like lainey has been brainwashed and deserves some kind of chance at redemption away from greg. i don’t mean to downplay any of the shit she’s done, but he started preying on her from the time she was a teen and hasn’t let ever let up with his manipulation and abuse. i get the feeling that this kind of behavior is all she knows to be normal. it’s really common for abuse victims to stick around even when shit is really terrible, and it’s easy to look in from the outside and wonder wtf they’re thinking, but when you’re in deep like that, it can be really hard to escape. we all know how much onion loves to try to manipulate anyone/everyone, so i can’t even imagine what it’s like to be married to him for years.

No. 738980

File: 1575871022937.jpg (66.71 KB, 750x693, DkWvMWHWwAE3H87.jpg)

No. 738995

those were herb/tea cigarettes, iirc.

No. 738996

Yeah and people who beat their kids were often beat themselves. People who molest kids were often molested themselves.
Kai grooms and abuses young girls and was groomed and abused herself.
It sucks, but she did what she did, she can't undo that.

No. 739000

according to @onion_critic's timelines, kai was also molested and sexually abused as a child (age 5 and early teens, iirc), as well as later on in their mid teen years by a high school boyfriend for many years.

given everything that's coming out and kai doing unto others as was done unto kai, it really makes me fear more and more for their children.(old news)

No. 739001


my guess for having lane on is maybe if they didn't go over the texts she was saying she'd release? back when they sent sarah home in a hurry bc of all of that. Idk if they've gone over that in detail on chris' stream

No. 739002

how late are you twitterfags going to be with the herbal cigarettes?

No. 739003

in no way was it stated as 'new info', simply there for the benefit of the excessive number of newfags itt. he probably pays them a percentage as commission.

No. 739004

Meh. People supported and defended her for years, knowing that she was a "victim" and/or hoping that she'd leave Greg. she always responded to the support by mocking them and trying to show that Greg was the ~perfect husband~
Some people started to turn on her only after Billie, and even then she still had a lot of support by non farmers, people only started to compare and treat her the same as Greg only after Sarah started to speak and seeing all the stuff she's done.

No. 739006

No. 739012


I think some point are misunderstanding what being a victim means, and so half of everyone is getting super defensive for no reason when people call her a victim, and the other half starts trying to excuse her behavior. Saying she is a victim does not excuse her in any way or morally take away from what she did. It's a neutral term. It just gives a picture of why she ended up the way that she did. For example, a gang member can be a victim of poverty and poor circumstance that causes them to get involved with the gang in the first place, but that doesn't excuse their actions if they start committing crime. Lainey committed a crime and she deserves jail time. No matter how she got to where she is, that doesn't excuse sending a minor nudes. However, being a victim of Greg's abuse does explain her motives and why investigators are likely going to try and way to press charges until they can pin something on Greg, unless there's no other option.

No. 739013

do you guys think gurg privately acknowledges to himself that he’s a pedophile or does he actually believe that since he hasn’t fucked someone “illegally” that he’s not a pedo

No. 739015

tbh i was thinking before as well and was going to ask for those more tuned in on the history of all this, do you think greg genuinely does not believe that he's done anything wrong at all?

No. 739019


His opinions seem to genuinely change to whatever benefits him at any given point. He has no standards to which he holds himself, and no moral compass he lives by or believes in. He just does what he wants and feels, and his 'standards/moral compass' and opinions change to fit whatever he wants to do in the moment. The only limits he has is the law, because he doesn't want to go to prison.

So in short, he genuinely doesn't think he has done anything wrong.

However, in the past he has condemned people who fuck kids the moment they turn 18 and called people who do that creepy and pedos. He likely truly agreed with that opinion at the time (because he knew thats how others felt, and it made him look good to express his opinion), until he had the chance to do it himself and realised he wanted to. He then justifies how what he does is fine, so suddenly it becomes fine to him and not creepy at all.

No. 739021

Ahem ephebophile..
I'm sure he makes that distinction in his head, and the argument that puberty is the "natural and historical time" for pregnancy (his fetish)

No. 739024

I think it’s disgraceful that someone like Stevie who abuses his own partners himself will be interviewed by Chris Hansen. I think it takes away from the seriousness of what Onision is being accused of and puts the cause at risk. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QbRVlPi7w8A

No. 739027

what is with your hate boner for him? every time he gets brought up you roll out that same video everyone has heard about already. i dont even like the guy but even i can understand he already explained this and its shitty to take something he did years ago out of context for a vendetta

No. 739029

Not sure what you mean by hate boner. I just think leveraging a clout chasing abuser to point fingers at another abuser is not a good call.

No. 739032


Really nice attempt there to discredit Stevie, Greg. So Stevie had some issues and was mean to his gf once, with whom he still is today and everything has been fine for many years.

At this point Stevie could take a dump on his gf's chest and still be way less of douchebag than you can ever hope to be.

Nice try, Greg, no cigar buddy.

No. 739034

File: 1575883591225.png (7.9 KB, 908x86, Image1.png)


EXACT same phrase Gregory Poo always uses. Nice try, Greg.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 739037

File: 1575883958847.jpg (16.9 MB, 5155x6484, Gregory James Jackson.jpg)

This is the first time in your life you've ever had to really face yourself.

You've played these stupid guessing games your entire adult life and now you've lost it all because you didn't want to deal with what's on the inside - the emptiness, the confusion, the self-absorption, the cruelty; everyone you've callously mistreated, abused and tormented for your own personal gain.

The culmination of all that you have done has brought you to this point. All these years you hadn't the courage to take an honest look at yourself, and now you have no other choice, there's nothing left to lose.

Was it worth it, Greg? Was it worth never knowing who you are? What you've become?

No. 739038

"Clout chasing" is a pretty common term in the internet these days.

No. 739039


Stevie is a paranoid, pathetic, abusive and narcissistic piece of shit. He thinks the world revolves around him and gets really, really mad when you point out that it doesn't and that not everything that happens has him at its centre. His girlfriend is also a catastrophic idiot, as in incredibly unintelligent, yet very up herself and cruel to others - both backhandedly and to their face if she is at all criticised. I am not surprised they are still together. Neither of them know healthy relationships either, and never did.

If Stevie appears on Chris Hansen, he will singlehandedly discredit everything Chris (and the girls) have done so far. He will make a mockery of this whole thing in the eyes of the viewing public. He'll come out with a bunch of his stupid ass shite conspiracy theories that he thinks are clever, and claim that Greg has a particular vendetta towards him personally for years (Greg doesnt care about Stevie any more than he has done about other 'haters', and perhaps less) to make himself look important.

Just watch, and mark my words on that one. Stevie being on that show is a terrible idea, it's going to be ridiculous, and all Chris will be able to do is nod along helplessly.

Hopefully the FBI have enough evidence to put Lainey and Greg away, because with Stevie appearing on this show, we will no longer be able to count on public opinion discrediting Onision.

Again, just watch. Stevie, if you're reading, for the love of GOD just stick to the facts. Don't make it about you and your self-perceived notoriety and how infamous you think you are, as you've always tried to do, and please don't inject your own ridiculous and baseless conspiracy theories that you jerk off over because you think you have a big galaxy brain and more insight than others. Just stick to that goddamn established facts.(Flakes OT)

No. 739040


Not everyone who disagrees with someone else is Greg. Chill, my dude.

If you think Stevie has milk to bring unlike the actual victims, so be it. I beg to disagree - but am willing to be proven otherwise.

I would just rather see/support the actual victims - as they have tangible first hand experience with Jimmy. I don’t want some spoiled ass conjecture ass tinfoil ass milk from Stevie.(Vendettachan)

No. 739041

This is such an on point assessment.

I fully agree.

Chris Hansen - if you read this: please cancel this Interview! It’s not too late! Focus on the victims!(Vendettachan)

No. 739042

how is someone with nothing personal to gain from going on an interview or making his spergy videos a clout chaser.i trolled someguy for years in comments but drew a line with this video cause he never denied how messed up what he did was. it makes no sense to say this is about leverage when you want to call out someone like grease for being a scumbag that exploits the mental health shortcomings of his exs while doing the very same thing to someone else who at least took the time to get treatment for whats wrong with him.

No. 739043

I don't like the guy either, but what's with the Ted talk? He's not going to ruin anything. I'm pretty sure he's going to talk about the cult religion stuff & maybe inject some opinions on what's currently happening, that's all.

No. 739044


Seriously, there's no way Hansen doesn't vet his guests beforehand. If he though he had nothing to say, he wouldn't have him on. Hansen has been doing this for decades.


Please sage your stuff. Write the word "sage" in the email field if you have no milk to contribute.

No. 739047

I get the feeling that he compartmentalizes to an extreme degree. There's no way he genuinely believes there's nothing wrong with his behavior but he comes up with all kinds of ridiculous justifications for his behavior. I mean we've seen him do this first hand every time he gets into arguments. He has no actual moral compass or firmly held convictions he just says and does whatever he thinks he can get away with.

No. 739056

this is video of a couple having a fight, not evidence of systematic abuse.

i'm concerned re: the direction that chris hansen seems to be going in, but people here have to remember that even lane and yes, stevie have information that will sound interesting and compelling to normies and boomers. we aren't the ones with the power to lock his ass up, normies and boomers are. they're the ones who will bring legal proceedings. it's annoying to farmers because it's old news to us or we see them as clout chasing or whatever, but this story is big. let hansen do a few streams with side players who can give a broad overview. no one has really talked in depth about the forums yet and i think that's another part of the puzzle that needs to be gone over. regina touched on them but didn't say that much.

No. 739058

>with Stevie appearing on this show, we will no longer be able to count on public opinion discrediting Onision.

lol i'm sorry but this is just stupid.

having someone on that you personally dislike does not 'discredit' anything or anyone. they're still gonna bring information to the table, so how is that a 'bad look'?

this argument is common to a lot of cow threads right now and frankly it's laughable. the girls were still groomed and coerced. lainey still sent nudes to minors. chris hansen talking to someone you think is trash changes none of what greg or lainey have done to women.

it's really fucking delusional.

No. 739062

I get the impression Chris is having these guests on to begin to spotlight the false claims Obesion is making, more so than him really looking at having them speak about how they're victims of Greg. It was doxing that lost him his Patreon, not his abuse of the girls. It may be the false claims that loses him his youtube. Like mob guys going down for tax evasion.

At least that's what I hope Chris is doing with this particularly motley crew of youtubers for guests.

No. 739071

this. grooming girls is only one layer of this shit onion. once you start peeling though…so many shit layers…

No. 739076


This guy has no convictions, for a time it seemed like in his mind as long as something isn't illegal, it is morally ok, but seeing how he acted about having to pay alimony or breaking Patreon policy shows otherwise. Sometimes he might make statements that he doesn't even believe himself but says it to stir a reaction, but most of the time it seems likely that he believes what he says in that moment because it suits him. He's the cow that keeps on giving because of this lack of set morals and inability to go a day without contradicting himself

No. 739081

Catching up on thread, but didn't Onision email Vincent telling him to use "Onision" in the video titles for more views? Also he's been invited on to the show. That phonecall he had with the law office that took less than 10 minutes to discuss the case before Onion was emailing again better be made aware of previous correspondence from Onion and Vince. Wouldn't want to falsely make accusations now James would we

No. 739083


I think those are some classic traits of selfish personalities, though; "laws apply to you lot (ie everyone) but not me, because quite frankly, I'm smarter/more important than you are".

People with this kind of mindset tend to be kinda aware that they're being hypocrites and I'm 100% sure greg does too - he just doesn't think laws/rules/ethics/morality etc. apply to him, and likely doesn't care if he breaks them.

It doesn't surprise me one bit, given that his history is chock full of him expecting others to follow a VERY strict moral code, while his own actions are always considered 'righteous' whether or not they follow the standard the entirety of the rest of the world is upheld to. Because he's simply 'better than that'.

No. 739087


He explains what he does it in his vids so condescendingly. Somehow you’re a bad person if you cheat on your wife or body shame people but when he does it (like w the prostitute to stimulate his bum and body shaming Shiloh to the point of seizure) it’s totally justified.

No. 739088

File: 1575901662381.jpg (933.79 KB, 3000x2000, PedophilePlayground.jpg)


No. 739091

That's my take on it as well. Hansen might have his reasons for picking these exact people and there could be a few more angles that we aren't even aware of. And even if not, hearing multiple different people talk about similar experiences, can make a pretty solid case against Greg. Heck, even if Hansen interviews the guy whose videos have been claimed; it'll just bring another layer of Greg's vile behavior to the surface. There more infos that are out in the open, the less room to wiggle Greg will have.

No. 739093

Deep deep DEEP down he knows, and despises himself for it. NPD means he’s unable to regulate the emotional reaction he’d have to confronting his own pathetic life. so he reflexively self-deludes in order to construct and (increasingly frantically) maintain a narrative that he is anything better than what he is.
That his attempts and rationalizations are so transparent speaks more to his raw stupidity than to his narcissism. Imo it’s frequently overlooked that intelligence and narcissism are two separate axes, but fortunately the latter often means one doesn’t introspect and therefore improve enough to ever really develop the former. Again because the mere conscious acknowledgment that you have failings in any way would utterly destroy you instead of inspire self-improvement. Like all narcs, greg’s entire existence is a sad doome attempt to force reality through the hole that he’s already strained his mind through. All so that he’ll never need to use the parts of his brain that regulate emotion and accept the notion of personal failings. A mix of childhood abuse and genetic short straws saw to it that that would never be an option.

No. 739105

Maybe he saw himself as he was in highschool. I remember him saying he was really depressed and suicidal. Tinfoil, but maybe his grandiose self image developed as a coping mechanism?

No. 739107

Those tweets. Is anyone in an actual BDSM community already came forward to explain how wrong he is ?

No. 739110

Black people came out to tell Gurg how wrong he was about their hair and he doubled down. Why would he listen to anyone in the BDSM community about how that works?

No. 739111

I don’t think anyone gives a flying fuck what the bdsm community thinks in this situation.. it’s kinda obvious what is wrong with those tweets. You don’t have to be some sexual sex expert galaxy brain to figure out that onision is in fact a gross incompetent imbecile

No. 739113

The fact that his tweets are 100% about his pleasure shows he's never given a girl an orgasm. Real dominants focus on their sub's orgasms.(no1curr)

No. 739116

I feel like this sums him up pretty well.
And I feel like he relies on the law specifically BECAUSE he has no convictions. He needs to cling to something to give him some sense of direction. It may also have something to do with his “most honest YouTuber” persona he decided to adopt.

No. 739121

At one point on Grugly's stream last night, they were on the topic of Romeo and Juliet law. One of the paypigs mentions how a 40 year old man dating a teenager is gross, no matter if she's technically an adult or not since she's still a teenager regardless. She definitely didn't think of the fact that Grugly is much closer to 40 than 20, that fact was totally lost on her in that moment. I can't remember his exact response and can't remember the timestamp, but I do know the irony of her statement wasn't lost on Grugly. He said stammered to the effect of "yeah, well…" and trailed off.

Does anyone know how to make clips from Periscope streams? Will the regular YouTube clip making websites work? I've got to make clips of this stream cause it's filled with so much Grugly gold.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 739127

File: 1575912461486.jpg (305.11 KB, 765x535, Greg sues the Shoe.jpg)

Greg would 100% try to be his own legal council if he sued Hansen. And if the case doesn't go his way he'll strip down to his diaper and scream at the judge.

No. 739128

strong contender for next thread pic

No. 739130

"Your honor, as you can see, the shoe has been harassing and slandering my good name. I have shown you my vegetarian body, so you know I am an honest YouTuber. The most honest YouTuber, in fact. This has caused me great distress; if you'd like, I can bring out the kambucha and show you. I'd like 5 million in damages and your daughter's phone number please."

No. 739131


samefag + probably a farmhand

No. 739135

Imagine Greg attempting to put on one last stupid spectacle in the courtroom to see if it can't get him an insanity ruling.

No. 739136


same samefag(Learn to sage newfag)

No. 739137

Yes and that’s not tinfoil at all, that’s literally how narcissism (typically) is developed. we all do it to a degree (overlook or repress aspects of reality so we can get through life). Think of the struggling actor who “needs” to believe in their own ability and talent despite years of failure and rejection. but when its taken to this bizarre extreme and when theres no other response option - thats when its a personality disorder

As reality becomes harder to ignore, so must the delusion deepen to compensate. Eventually when it implodes (and it will), my money is on deep depression resulting in greg either quitting all forms of human interaction until he either cycles back into the same old manic defense mechanisms, or kills himself.

Sage for armchair(armchairing)

No. 739144

i'm the one who wrote this post >>739128 and i didn't write any of the other posts, what are you on about?

No. 739148

vote seconded

No. 739190

A lot of us think that way but don’t express it much because most people here don’t have that view. Majority of people on Facebook and YouTube seem to feel that way though. Lainey is a victim and still has time to leave and save her reputation. But I must admit, if she doesn’t this time, I’m probably going to not feel sympathy for her next time something happens.

No. 739191

Is anyone else sick of reading the tired argument on whether or not Lainey is a victim?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 739192

Eventually these obvious newfags will learn or get booted. I think we are all tired of people re-hashing "Lainy is a victim uwu!" 10/10 would just ignore unsaged posts and tinfoil that's been discussed a thousand times over.

She was a victim when she was young; now shes an accomplice and just as much a piece of shit as grug. Its always been in her power to do something and she has not. That's basically all there is to say.

No. 739194

Fuck's sake

Lainey was undeniably a victim of Onion. That doesn't mean she didn't knowingly and intentionally was inappropriate towards minors. That doesn't excuse her behavior towards Sarah. She is both a victim and a predator. She doesn't deserve your sympathy.

No. 739196

Greg uploaded another tard video where he's filming in a motel room. He's says Lainey kicked him out and i dont believe it but would he really be desperate enough to buy a motel room for a video?

No. 739197

Probably doing a patreon meetup or something like that

No. 739199

Yes he absolutely would be willing to rent a hotel room just to beg for sympathy. he's thrown more money away on dumber shit, and he's never been this desperate before too.

No. 739203

mirror of the vid

the title is 'i want custody' lol

No. 739207

File: 1575932191727.png (174 KB, 547x567, 412.PNG)

Its not going to break the bank, he's spent more in a month buying subs, views and patrons. Plus he'll try to write it off as a business expense.

No. 739208

File: 1575932279793.png (25.57 KB, 243x330, Screenshot (135).png)

why all these names all of a sudden? his last spergs have only had 2 names (rei & mcfly i think)

No. 739210

Who does he think is going to believe this? Everyone knows that he would have kicked Plainey out.

He's definitely going to write it off.

No. 739211

This video was super interesting, I think it's important for us not to get our hopes up and thinking that he'll definitely see legal ramifications or to the degree we think he deserves it. I believe the person that has the last piece of the puzzle might be Sarah though. I think she's normalised so much of the behaviour that even reocognising it as being wrong/noteworthy might take a while.

Thanks for the mirror! I don't know who he's trying to convince with these videos, aside from getting his last few youtube cents until he gets what's coming to him.

It's definitely not going to work for an insanity plea because he was in a fully functional state of mind when the abuse was happening. His meltdowns are purely because of his source of income/platform was taken away. I think the fact that he's a danger to society is too obvious for anyone to miss.

No. 739213


Does he think we all forgot he made Kai leave the house when they were talking about divorce???

No way he would be the one in a shitty motel.

No. 739214

He's always banging on about how great of an actor he is but he can't hide his glee for a few seconds to make a serious "boohoo give me money" video. He genuinely gets off to all the controversy and negative attention. I know we've been saying it for years but nothing proves it more than the past 20 videos where he's pretending to cry and then flashes a smile. It's absolutely psychopathic and idk how he doesn't realise how terrible this looks while he's being investigated.

I also have to say, these are the funniest fucking videos he's ever made. I'm thoroughly enjoying this era of onion.

No. 739215

He’s probably trying to outrun Hansen and the feds loll

No. 739216

Let’s pretend this is real
He wants custody of children he doesn’t take care of and a daughter he doesn’t talk to because he “doesn’t see the point”, and children he was willing to walk out on to run away with a qt 18 yr old alt girl.

No. 739217

File: 1575933874702.jpeg (94.65 KB, 640x640, CF6AD90D-330A-4DDB-8D6B-5F2DEB…)

Found grugly’s hotel. It’s only about 60 dollars per night, I’m surprised it isn’t a pay by the hour.

No. 739218

na in the video he's talking about custody of dobs the dog

No. 739221

Ah alright. I don’t have sound. Even then he wants the dog and not the kids lol

No. 739222

He's just making guesses, anon. Take that "prediction" with a grain of salt.

His meltdowns are for attention because he knows that people want to see him lose his mind and he makes clickbaity titles for the views, not because his source of income is gone. Those meltdowns have been in private by mass spamming emails to Chris Hansen.

He conveniently "forgot" that he fucked people and she cheated all by herself so I wouldn't doubt he'd forget that too. And you're right, he wouldn't be in a shitty hotel if it were true.

No. 739224

Taylor's reputation is thoroughly ruined. There is no coming back from what she did. Her loving husband and king will throw her under a bus and she will take it just like she took all the other abuse.

Taylor did this to herself, the dumb smug bitch.

No. 739226

Another boring video where Greg makes it obvious he lurks lolcow and gets to see retards discuss if it's real or not. This has to be the most boring he's been in regards to a scandal in a long time. Please for the love of God will people only watch mirrors of this shit you are not missing anything.

No. 739227

File: 1575934347108.jpg (86.13 KB, 748x638, newsweek.JPG)

Yes his real meltdowns are happening - they're just off camera.
I saw on twitter he has also been messaging some guy from Newsweek. Too bad he didn't share the messages though.

No. 739228

Has anyone noticed a change in Grugly’s appearance? Aside from being red-faced and greasy, he’s no longer taking care of himself - he looks disheveled, his eyebrows aren’t trimmed and he seems to not shave much in other parts of his body (probably down there too). As much as he’s holding back and hellbent not not giving teh haturz any semblance of victory, this whole dilemma is really getting to him…I think

No. 739229

God I can't even get halfway through the mirror because the cringe is too strong. He needs acting lessons badly, I have never witnessed someone so terrible at acting "insane". His timing and facial expressions are awful, its like watching a middle schooler try to act in a play or something. Whoops guess I shouldn't talk about middle schoolers, don't want to sexually arouse any lurking onions.

No. 739230

I've noticed it too.
Always has wet/uncombed hair. No longer wearing foundation, desperately needs a haircut/shave.
It's like he's given up grooming himself (heh.)

No. 739233

He wants people to believe he's going insane, which he is not. His poor hygiene of late is all part of the act.

No. 739234

I don’t think he’s brushing his teeth either, ew. I know the videos are fake and all but I honestly think he’s finally losing it, he seems frantic and about to snap at any moment

No. 739236

File: 1575935533943.png (184.01 KB, 1196x489, 463461.PNG)

This is the only tidbit he gave.

No. 739237

Maybe but it’s unlike him to neglect his appearance, even in his “dramatic” moments he’s always been mindful of his appearance but not this time.

No. 739238

eh. If it were just his fake meltdown videos then I would agree, but He looks like trash in his live streams too. And was looking similarly horrible in the last couple podcasts he did before this meltdown shit started.

No. 739239

Quite honestly I wish that there was some grain of truth to this. If Lainey was moving all her shit out with her family there and he had to bugger off for a few hours.

Though, let’s be real here. He’s creating a false narrative so he can try and discredit the haters and make it that these video clips used to incriminate him he can say we’re out of context

No. 739245


Kek, there are other crimes to focus on people! Not onion and kai's crimes though.

No. 739247

my favorite part is where he says people are only in it for money and then proceeds to ask for money to also be part of it.

No. 739254

Geez, he's just taking pointers from HidingInMyRoom. Bet he knows him because Elvis called him "The Asian Onision" and went to Japan where that guy confessed he only got kicked out of his wife's place for like a week yet has been making "boohoo I'm homeless now" content for months. Greg's definitely watched Elvis's recent interview with him and is doing the same thing now. What a transparent loser.

No. 739261

File: 1575939596860.png (379.17 KB, 680x438, 3iy5ey.png)

Onion fans really know how to pick their memes.

The memes origin is a woman who is being abused behind the scenes, whilst her friends are oblivious of it and refuse to listen. So it's a fun and ironic choice really.(Nitpicking a literal meme)

No. 739265

anon, that's a different headboard (darker wood, different height), different wall decor (mirror vs art), different textiles

similar but still different, not sure that's the same hotel

No. 739269

The fact that Greg makes such a specific mention of Dobbs (his and Kai’s pet dog) makes me think this video is specifically directed towards Krai. I mean, he has always made public videos directed towards one specific person. Also, there’s always a grain of truth in these fake ass breakdowns. Whether or not that means they really are divorcing, I don’t know.

I also think the title referring to custody is a sadistic jab at Kai. Not just a click bait title to gain views. Maybe he’s angry that she admitted she feared for their daughter and that information was made public with Hansen recently? So he makes this mindfuckery jab to scare Krai into fearing for her daughter again…

No. 739273

>what is lighting
he's just hired it as a set. where he went to film this doesn't matter, he's not living there. he booted lainey out to stay with family last time.

No. 739275

Geez, he’s imitating Joaquin Phoenix’s joker nervous laugh. All his “acting” seems to revolve around shittily ripping off the latest joker. He even got idiotic tattoos like Jared Leto’s

No. 739277

GOD DAMMIT KEITH! Get the hell out of here!!!!!!

No. 739278

Do you have any prog. that records your desktop? That's the only thing I can think of.
I do find it funny that Hansen and co. are apparently going out west just as Greg goes on the move, whatever his real reasons are for getting a hotel room.

No. 739279

>he's just taking pointers from HidingInMyRoom.
Oh shit you might be right! lol I almost forgot about the asian onision. I'm kind of hoping Elvis will make a video on American Onision but this whole thing might be too fucked up, even for him.

No. 739282

>outrage/online culture has done this to me
No Greg, you've done this to yourself. You lost your Patreon because you deliberately doxxed Billie, you scumbag. The internet didn't make you dox anyone, numbnuts.

No. 739289

>Deep deep DEEP down he knows, and despises himself for it.
I agree. Just like this whole fucked up story, there are so many layers that he's kept hidden from himself, he doesn't want to look at them.
He never out-grew this adolescent mentality. To everyone else around his age who sees the way he acts, he comes off like a child. That's what some of these tantrums are about, yes some are fake but he really never learned how to deal with his emotions - most people can see that he's emotionally stunted. In the end, he is where he is because he couldn't be bothered to ever self-reflect and grow as a person, he didn't want to get help. His mind is trapped in a prison of his own making. And it's made all the worse because he's hurt so many people along the way.

No. 739297

>Another boring video where Greg makes it obvious he lurks lolcow and gets to see retards discuss if it's real or not. This has to be the most boring he's been in regards to a scandal in a long time. Please for the love of God will people only watch mirrors of this shit you are not missing anything.

If he IS lurking,here's my suggestion to go viral:Make one of these 'freakout' videos end with a noose & a toe tag. There you go Greg. Do that & I'll give you AAAAAALL the views you want.

No. 739307

https://pscp.download/ to download the whole thing, then you can use some other tool to make clips/edit.

No. 739310

Do you guys think something might have happened with kai, she probably didn’t apply for a divorce but maybe she’s getting nervous and distancing herself?

No. 739312

Nothing happened to Taylor. If it did, she would have gone home with her family when they came to visit. She's just being a coward like she always is.

No. 739316

lmao, no

No. 739317

I was wondering if maybe family is putting pressure on them. Her family suddenly came to visit and now he's away. I don't know if he's just away for the attention/views, might have nothing to do with their situation. Or maybe he himself was getting overwhelmed and didn't want to deal with having an actual partner and children for a bit.

No. 739318

calm down anon. i bet he'll stream from his office tomorrow with his sycophants

No. 739321

I’m not saying it’s enough to warrant being on Hansen’s show, but Stevie WAS once doxxed by Onision who listed his address as close to Stevie’s address when he lived in Nevada so he WAS harassed by Onion at one point.
Sage for old milk

No. 739329

That last video is fucking stupid and his acting is fucking terrible.
Seconding the anon who says he's ripping off hiding in my room's idea about the motel.
You can tell how pleased this retard is that people are supposedly comparing him to the joker when in reality people are saying he's trying too hard to be the joker.
Anyone that thinks this is real is a tool. It's very obvious from his acting.
I did have a tinfoil about the motel room through. Depending on where it is, I could see Lainey having to go to some Christmas thing with her family and the kids, and seeing as Greg and her father don't get along, he has to stay in a motel. Either that or it's for a Patreon meetup. I doubt foot would ever kick him out.

No. 739330

I don't think Stevie was worthy of a spot but I'd rather him than that Diety bloke.

No. 739335

yeah i mean no offense to him but he's new on the onision trainwreck scene and the only thing he's got to bring to the table is that greg copy right claimed his videos. weak.

No. 739341

If krai did throw his ass out we would’ve got like 5 Kais evil and abusive to poor greggy videos or tweets from him by now. Greg’s a vindictive little fuck after all, it’s not true 10000%

No. 739344

Chris and Vincent should try to coordinate some mini-interviews in one episode with a handful of commentary channels (old and new) and allow each of them some time to speak on their experiences as creators, mainly focusing on correspondence with Greg, YouTube's lack of response, and how it's affected their channels.

It'd be WAY more reasonable time-wise, and true to Chris' efforts to "hold YouTube's feet to the fire" over their protection of predators, and them basically giving predators to profit off others trying to warn people and document their behaviors.

They really shouldn't asked for their hot takes on the situation. As nice as some of them are, their conspiracy theories would muddy the waters.

No. 739350


don't take the bait just ignore them and move on lmao

No. 739351

Ignore the bait

There is no way in hell Lamey kicked him out. If anything, greg absolutely would have taken the house and kicked her out. He thinks everyone is fucking dumb but we all remember what happened last time one of them got "kicked out" or whatever.

No. 739352

I second this, there’s only a few YouTubers who followed up in depth on Onions bullshit throughout the years that would make for a stand alone interview like how repzion was. The other YTs that only have copyright strikes and no other interactions with onion would make for a short and boring interview so having a bunch of the less significant ones all in one go would make for a more interesting video overall.

No. 739356

I third this. A lot of youtubers are honestly probably just trying to catch some air by latching onto the drama. Honestly should just stick to talking to the women.

No. 739360

Having Repzion on at the beginning of the entire series made sense because he was able to give a good in-depth introduction to who and what Greg is all about.
Not sure what new info could be shared now by other youtubers who do the same thing Repzion does unless they plan to focus more on the copyright strikes. But we don't need another recap of Greg's past by outsiders, IMO

No. 739363

i do think that the strategy of going for the paycheck is probably the best bet if the ultimate goal is de-fanging onision and making him incapable of harming others anymore. police investigations can run in the background in the future, but if youtube is pressured into doing the right thing he'll be totally cut off. his youtube channels are the foundation of everything for him. without them, he'll probably contract to a tiny cult of the most dedicated snowflakes, but teenage girls probably aren't impressed by a dude without an income whose homes are going to be gone once the IRS gets impatient.

No. 739364

I agree but it seems like this is the direction they want to go in. They should have just stuck with people who have physically met and had to deal with Greg. Repzion has already shared the youtube side of things and so did Blaire. Besides Jaclyn and the guy who modded his forums, everyone else they asked is redundant.

No. 739367

I agree I think that Jaclyn might be good because shes actually had interactions with Greg

No. 739368

I would like to see from a YouTuber that collaborated with Greg to go on if they had any information on how he presents himself to people he needs to work with.
I agree that another recap of Greg from another YouTuber is not needed. That’s what everyone else on the bandwagon right now is doing anyway.

No. 739370

I want to see one of greg's fans get interviewed tbh. someone like mcfly

No. 739372

also, isn't the ToS update tomorrow for you yanks? wouldn't that be crazy if the beginning of the end starts within 24 hours

No. 739376

Like any of them would betray their precious cult leader now, hardcore orbiters are (hopefully) his only real fans left. There’s also some videos floating around about people being harassed once they stopped donating to his Patreon that are interesting on their own probably wouldn’t make for good interviews.
Maybe a bunch of former Patreon supports all in one video might be better. I really want to know what goes down in those discord calls with all the minors and if the Skype calls and personal texts have anything good if he actually delivered on those tiers for his or potentially Kais Patreons

No. 739377

Ive been secretly hopeful of that, but I don't actually think Youtube is about to start deleting people, despite the mass paranoia from people thinking they will.
However, in my dreams, Youtube has been ignoring people like Onion because they knew they were rolling out this new rule that gave them the right to delete anyone at their discretion.
But imagine the fallout from other creators if they up and delete someone with a million subs. (even if it is deserving in this case) They'd all panic.

No. 739378

Man I feel so bad for her.

We all had bad first time sex but just imagine losing your first time to a greasy old man who thinks that his tiny skinny prick has the magically ability to make anyone cum upon insertion.

No. 739380

i think they just need to frame it the right way and YT can walk away and save themselves from the utter humiliation they'll face if they have to remove him after he's arrested. to palliate peoples' fears they'd just have to emphasise the severity of the situation, FBI involved, etc etc, no threat to normal creators! exceptional circumstances!

No. 739402

If they let it go to the point where he's being arrested before he's taken off youtube, they will be in some >serious< shit. There is absolutely no way the public eye of the internet would let that shit go. Even if they did claim they let it stagnate because of the ~fbi~ the internet will demand to know why they didnt take measures to dampen his pYT resence at least. If they are keeping it up for the investigation they should still make sure his videos arent getting any reach.

No. 739404

Lol what "supporters"? He has like 15 max supporters left, while literally thousands of people hate him

No. 739405

This is going to be a lot of tinfoiling on my part, so saged for a litany of reasons. That aside:

Hansen and Vincent said they were in contact with someone blood-related to Grug’s kids. There was speculation it was Grug’s bonkers mother, potentially, but we still don’t know who it would be, obviously, until future interviews are confirmed. But Grug did have Lame’s family unexpectedly, or at least somewhat suddenly, come up to the Swamp Shack for Thanksgiving. If this was actually unexpected or sudden, I halfway suspected that Lame’s family knows about these allegations and Hansen’s involvement in exposing Drug and Lame, and Lame’s family went to see what the home environment was like to report on it later. Massively speculative on my part, of course.

I also wonder if Lame’s family interacted with/contacted them and visited the Swamp Shack to give stern directions or ultimatums to Lame about how she needed to leave, or needed to collect evidence against Greg.

Here is where more of my autistic tin foiling comes in (sorry): There is more concrete evidence against Lame at this point, compared to Greg, due to her sending and receiving nudes to and from minors. If she does get apprehended because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was pressured to flip on Grug for a potentially reduced charge. I’m sure her family would recommend she takes that route, if it is offered to her. But this is all extremely speculative and I can’t verify any of this, of course.

Alright sorry, I’ll try to quell my sperging now.

No. 739407

did anyone see that clip with bastion where he straight up called her a retard? this is how he treats his fans who pay him, i can't imagine being married to this fuck


No. 739410

Welp, she paid Onion-fucker to be her friend, after all. I hate to say he wasn't wrong.

No. 739415

Lmfao bastion is the best nickname yet

No. 739417

File: 1575964623737.jpg (140.48 KB, 1032x901, Screenshot_20191210-025543.jpg)

It seems Grugly got yet another violation from the county back in May. It seems to be a fucking waste/garbage violation, probably to do with his the trash all over his property.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 739418

File: 1575965548382.png (1.15 MB, 2911x2544, d244q3uscr341.png)

jeff jackson posts another update

No. 739421

I'm not going to tinfoil if this is Jimmy or not, because it doesn't really matter right now, like at all ( but I'm inclined to say it isn't him - there's no "vast", "most everyone" and also 'winned', etc ). But maybe, who really knows.

In any case these posts are as entertaining as they're delusional. The [ paraphrasing ] "over 3000k people viewed this petition and only 13 signed it" made me laugh out loud.

No. 739422

After Lainey snitch on her father over the prenup to Onion I doubt anyone give her any legal advice again. At this point everyone probably give up and are just waiting.

No. 739427

File: 1575968672449.png (161.61 KB, 1567x1571, yawn.png)

It's not that deep. Just autists cowtipping.

No. 739430


Who else other than Onion would bring up his IQ in an argument.
>Onision winned debates against countless of people


Kek imagine the mental gymnastics his followers employ to not be bothered by this sort of treatment. I don't know much about blasian but seeing how comfortable he is saying that it's probably not the first time he's done that and it hasn't stopped the payments from coming in

No. 739435

>Thus he has been known as "the destroyer" in debates

Funny thats not how I remember things lmao.

No. 739436

okay can we just recognise that this is only either 1) greg, 2) someone pretending to be greg to generate milk

because lmao(Tinfoil)

No. 739438

File: 1575972369078.jpg (137.97 KB, 1101x409, IMG_20191210_105652.jpg)


Forgot pic but I thought the destroyer term sounded familiar. It doesn't confirm that it's Greg but if it is someone else they are well read on the Onion lore

No. 739439

Actually, just realised that 'jeff' posts 'see a therapist' in that update, and the now-deleted spergout from earlier in this thread started with 'you guys need to see a therapist'. Probably related. I wonder if there is a really angry fan out there, but it doesn't seem like Onision would have any adult male fans left

No. 739442

Lol, the aspirations part made me laugh. He achieved a whopping 1 out of 10 and even that didn't last long.

No. 739448

This should be a text book example of red flags you should run away from. Dated 18 girls, favorite death is drowning, has a phobia of "worshipping others" for things he can do himself. Just shove him back up Tami's cunt where he came from and abort him this time.

No. 739451


"…but something that I'm not, is anyone else. :)"

Okay Character….

No. 739452

>I feel 20 feet and landed on my head

Explains a lot. Too bad he didn't land hard enough.

No. 739455

I like how he listed that under interesting facts, lol.
"You know, just in case you think all of this is fucked up or something, just keep in mind that I fell 20 ft and landed on my head. Also, the umbilical chord was wrapped around my neck three times. Interesting facts!"

No. 739457

A-sexual? Really grug, with that porn addiction and inability to survive an hour without sukmi
Sure okay

No. 739462

He really thinks he is a musican huh

No. 739464

Someone want to explain to Greg he doesn't have employers and can't be fired. He's self employed. He's such a retard again no wonder he has fucked up his taxes he's such a spastic. No one is trying to get you fired Greg you'd have to be capable of holding down a job first. If you can't make it as an online content creator it's because people hate you.

No. 739473


I have often questioned my own sexual preferences, only to find that I don’t like men whatsoever, and i’ll only truly ever be a-sexual or heterosexual

Kek Kai is crying

No. 739474

File: 1575989501425.jpg (983.66 KB, 1440x1614, Screenshot_20191210-091731.jpg)

No. 739478

Late, but there is no way he got kicked out of the house. When his friendships end he goes on and on about how much he 'invested' in these relationships, see Cyr and Shiloh for an example how he acts when he really ends a relationship. He would bitch so hard that he wasn't living in the house HE paid for and how much he's spending to fund Laineys and the kids life. Also he keeps talking about Dobbs like the poor puppers is a proxy for the kids but we know how quick he was willing to sign them away for Billy. My best guess is that Lainey is probably swinging between crying and smugly giggling with Greg about how they got the internet fooled.

No. 739486

Really enjoyed this! Good overview of the trainwreck, she was a fan of him when she was younger and has a clear view of his tactics.(not milk)

No. 739488

No. 739494


>you ignore the fact that his IQ is far above average

>Onision winned debates against countless people

Kek, ok Jimmy, clearly your big male alpha brain won again.

No. 739496

File: 1575999551859.jpg (19.05 KB, 760x75, shitINonision.jpg)

Thank you for uploading, dear anon.

>When you're so bad at acting that you need to stand in the shower in order to appear to be crying.

Greg, please get a job that fits to your skill level.

I'm waiting for him to get with another miserable girl who has to satisfy him 8 times a day only to tell Lainey "But in my videos I've said that we're divorced! I'm just doing it for show, come on, be human, we need the money." and then he hands her real divorce papers.

Tinfoil, but maybe he didn't want people to know that he still gets money from his paypigs, or maybe it took them this long to wire their money and now they're "allowed" to appear in the end card again.

Image attached made me lol.
I didn't even know we were that close.

Well, given a teeny-tiny chance that Jeff actually does exist, it's no wonder he thinks Greg's a brainiac. I'm sure I lost brain cells reading this.

No. 739498

He posted a new video.

He's "crying", saying he shit on himself, points out some little cuts on his leg, keeps crying and then begs for his patreon back again.

No. 739499

I wonder how pitiful he's willing to become

No. 739501

next video will be him living in a trash can wearing a poop smeared diaper ..seriously is this his retard logic to make patreon or chris feel sorry for him and give his patreon back ? the crying looks real tho

No. 739504

keep dancing, monkey

No. 739506

Since he's passing these as "his real life" now I really am wondering where the fuck the cps are.

No. 739507

the "poop" on his shirt looks like coffee or dried old blood or something.

No. 739508

They will probably be coordinated with whatever happens with the feds, I'm sure they have been made aware of the investigation

No. 739509

It looks more like melted choco ice cream, not blood. Pretty disgusting regardless.

No. 739510

Joke's on us. He's still just pretending to be retarded.

No. 739511

I'm starting to wonder if onion has a humiliation fetish and these videos are just another way to get off
Wee bit tinfoily

No. 739512


I think he's just high on attention and acting depraved because he's a spaz

No. 739515

I won't share the ss because I don't want to be banned, but somebody posted a full address on the Twitter chat of his Livestream going on right now.. they claimed it's his but idk.

Hopefully this post isn't a bannable offense. Also saged.

No. 739516

File: 1576005632077.png (883.25 KB, 1042x597, i'm begging you for money.png)

No. 739517

Onion’s address (current and past) has been leaked a million times. At this point the only part I cant come up with from memory is the street number just from seeing it so many damn times on social media. The fact that nobody has actually gone to his house despite the Grease trailer’s location being all over the internet for years is proof that something dangerous/deadly coming from doxxing is pretty rare, IMO. doxxing is still fucked up and takes away a huge sense of privacy and security, but the chances of something big actually coming from it/someone showing up to your house is so rare. sage for high word salad.

No. 739518

No wonder Onion boy’s the way he is, he’s got the devil in him


> There was one point in my youth where I was told to kneel down in front of my Television by my step-father. He then instructed us to say “I love you Satan” to the TV, as he, I suppose, believed it was a device of the devil, or was just high & confused. I am only aware that event took place as my mother found out about it, and logically, a mother would not be expected to forget a moment like that.

No. 739519

Jesus he is looking more ugly then usual.

No. 739523

Onion has also used that same "THE. POLICE. SIDED. WITH. ME." line before

No. 739524


Just read all of that for the first time. Spooky. Especially his mom having a bf with the same name. He's def got some serious mommy issues going on..

No. 739525

that wildly depends on who you are …if youre a woman and an internet personality then the situation changes drastically ..but if youre a crazy lunatic who owns a shotguns and is mentally instable who the fuck would visit that?

No. 739526

You think an ugly bucket of shit who is also male having no stalkers show up at his house is proof that doxxing doesn't result in dangerous shit? He's a man, an ugly unsuccessful one that hasn't had a lot of fans or visibility for years prior to this. No one cares about him. He's not an attractive young woman getting doxxed, he's a 34 year old pasty flubmonster.

Seriously, ew what the fuck? No wonder Lainey is so fucked up, she has to look at that every day.

No. 739533

If he's still successful at drawing in any new teens girls after these pathetic videos, I swear I'll lose faith in humanity.

Imagine your partner behaving like this, act or not. No wonder Lainey is nowhere to be seen, the cringe is unbearable and even she knows that.
I bet he had to leave his neighborhood because the neighbors didn't want that pasty, imbecile lunatic screeching and running around there. If I was a neighbor, I would have called the cops by now and ask them to have Greg tested for alcohol or any other kind of drug abuse. kek
What a weird hill he chose to die on.

No. 739540

I’ve been doxxed and had someone try to break in; it’s not common but it does happen. The only reason no one has visited Gurgles is because there are young children in the home

No. 739541

I've had a poke around the swamp before but didn't go very close to his house in the end.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 739545

What a coincidence that there was an anon posting scat last night and today Onion posts a video talking about shitting himself. Not saying it was him, just a weird coincidence tbh

No. 739553

his crazy mother told him this happened, just like she told him his dad's a pedo.
I can't believe people think this utter madwoman would make a viable Hansen interview.

No. 739554


i get second hand embarrassment from watching this hes so cringey.
that stuff on his shirt is dried blood right? did all the pimples on his back burst?

i wonder where complainey is

No. 739555

Agreed. His mom sounds absolutely batshit, and seems to suffer delusions. I wouldn't be surprised if Grug had the same problem, since he used to think he was a demon or something like that, and made his Sisesca cult out of a garbled conglomeration of delusional ideas.

No. 739559


Is he imitating one of his kids having a tantrum?

No. 739562

probably just a coincidence and i'm probably tinfoiling here, and i know only a few people saw this on the thread yesterday, but someone was spamming poop pictures and now suddenly his new video is about him "pooping on his back". might be a weird coincidence or grug might have been lurking this thread yesterday(tinfoil)

No. 739563

I was lurking the other day on greggle's archive channel and literally every video with 20k views or under is re-titled "onision drama" wtf also srry if this is old milk

No. 739564

considering all the shock value gross shit on twitter it makes sense that that was him(unsaged tinfoil)

No. 739565

He absolutely lurks here. He has absolutely no life outside of the internet, but I'm sure you already know that. He includes things in his videos sometimes that more or less confirm he lurks here. I've always thought he includes stuff from here in his videos to seem like he's "trolling," and trying to act like it doesn't irk him, but that's speculative. He just loves attention, regardless of whether it's positive or negative.

No. 739566

Lmao, that's so pathetic, but not surprising in the least. He wants to draw views to his other, smaller channels since UhOhBro and his main channel are demonetized, iirc.

No. 739569

I don't know, I've seen boards here spammed with shit pics multiple times before. The farmhands are usually on top of it, but they just took a little longer to get all of it removed this time.

No. 739571

>If Onision was guilty he would not have pointed out to Chris Hansen that the FBI were sent to harass/investigate Onision for something Onision didn't do

LMFAO okay how does this sentence make any fucking sense? So what you're saying is that because you told Chris Hansen that the allegations aren't real and the FBI is just being sent out to harass you, that somehow means you're telling the truth? Did that really sound convincing in your big swollen brain Onion?

>You claim Onision has autism despite having no proof. Muh "above average" IQ

>Onision has WINNED debates against countless OF people

Kek. Yeah Greg I think it's pretty safe to say you don't have autism and it's really just you being extra strength stupid.

>You claim Onision creates fake accounts to defend himself because it's so mind boggling that anybody would believe my bullshit er.."muh honesty"

No idiot, we know you make fake accounts because you say bullshit like this and all the above that are a dead give away for anybody that has read your chimpouts before. Plus saying "Onision" 50 times in a short blog post doesn't help your case either.

Even the mouth breathers that still support you would be too embarrassed to write any of this shit lmao. This one in particular is truly exceptional though, even for him. Topkek Grug.

No. 739574

>>You claim Onision has autism despite having no proof.

His ol buddy Billy the Fridge said in one of their recent podcasts that he though Onion was on the spectrum. No, no one has proof, but we can sure as hell make assumptions based upon continued patterns.

No. 739575

Before he even posted his new video I was thinking it sounded like him. It reminded me of the weird juvenile way he acts as young "characters" in his skits. Especially when at one point the obviously male poster (obsessively brought up "ejaculating") just broke down and typed in all caps "poop" over and over broken up with "poopy fart". I could literally hear it in the retarded voice he uses in his videos. I don't want to type everything he posted for obvious reasons but it sounded like him / someone with a shit fetish projecting hardcore, then he posts about shit the next day? Weird timing indeed.

No. 739578

Someone on reddit did a recap of his recent livestream. More of the same, but thought I'd share it here so we can all laugh.
For someone who claims we never "see the real him" and that the "real him" is what is on stream - he is still a horrible person on stream.

>>He’s literally talking shit and gaslighting the claims made by Sarah, Shiloh and Billie.

>>Sarah: he still spouting this bs that “oh I was mean to her but now they think it was a grooming thing because I hurt their feelings blah blah”. And just…general denial of what he did to her.

>>Shiloh: he’s saying the video (the cut ear abuse video) was all fake and, oh boy, what ‘gave it away’ was Shiloh’s bad acting.

>>Billie: saying how he hates pot because someone ‘betrayed’ him who smoked it.

>>He’s major gaslighting his audience and banned someone for making a joke because “they sounded young”. Funnily enough, it was later said the person was trans and that’s why they sounded the way they do which Greg called bs and has kept them banned.

>>Edit: he’s literally slandering Shiloh and Hansen

>>A fan asked: will you defend yourself?

>>Greg: no.

>>Edit edit: he said he made the £10,000 for an interview thing because he “didn’t want to talk about it”, bullshit, you would take the money.

>>Edit edit edit: says JaclynGlenn will make more videos on him because it’s “profitable for her”. Says he never consciously chose to “pick trending topics about people” and when he ‘realised’ he was doing it he said it was disgusting. Wow Greg.

>>Edit 4: he’s saying it’s dumb to admit to a crime you’ve committed. So that’s why he’s not admitting guilt. Someone apparently offered to pay him £5,000 documentary.

>>Edit 5: OH WOW. He said he would consider doing a documentary if Shane Dawson did one, supposedly to ‘ask him questions’. Bitch. He’s still trying to spout the pedophile shit about Dawson.

>>Edit 6: fan: you should do more joke interviews. Greg said he doesn’t want to and wants to continue the meltdowns because he “watches them when they’re done”. He said he would do a Joe Rogan interview to, again, ask him questions instead of him answering questions.

>>Edit 7: WTF, he said “there’s a lot of stuff to success. Like, if you get r*ped and pregnant you now have a rape baby.” Implying that will affect your success. Fuck you Greg.

>>Edit 8: he asked about his 1-on-1 appointment with a fan and apparently the guy was waiting for over an hour. He blamed the guy even though he emailed him about it.

>>Edit 9: he’s stopping the stream because apparently “water spilled on the computer” and it’s crashing yet he’s still on a rant because someone asked a question.

>>Edit 10: he’s saying people are “painting him like a raving lunatic” to get more money, bitch you’re claiming the videos. Apparently it’s not the truth just about money. There’s a kid crying on stream but it’s a fans kid. He’s talking about his real reaction to the patreon being shut down: apparently he went “oh…I don’t give a fuck”. Aight Greg. He says there’s other ways to make a living, that we typecast him so he made the meltdown video for OUR sake.

>>Edit 11: “I made that video so obviously a joke”. A fan asked for him to pour some soda, Fago, on him and he said no. Now the stream has stopped because, I think, Greg got pissed off as he thought the guy was making fun of him and calling him a “f*g”. But maybe not.


No. 739580

>he’d do a documentary if Shane made one on him.

He only would do it with Shane because Shane finds a way to victimize literally anyone. Shane never makes brutal documentaries, they’re always lighthearted and make the subject look amazing no matter what. It would be a smart career move for onion, but holy shit I hope Shane’s smart enough to not pursue that even though it could pull in a lot of views.

No. 739582

I was in the thread when it was being spammed and the whole fit started when they posted their unsaged you guys need to see a therapist comment and when no one gave them attention for like 5 mins the floodgates opened. The narc rage is legendary.
Onions seeing a “therapist” and now talkin about shit while this is happening in the thread too. It’s fucking him. No doubt about it.
It was pretty funny seeing an onion asslicker literally shitting up the thread irritating as it was.

No. 739583

IIRC, Greg tried to reach out to Shane when he made his own "documentary" about him and got ignored.
I have a feeling Greg just wants to try to turn the tables on Shane so he'd take literally any chance he got to talk to him.

I also remember Greg saying on an older livestream that if he went on Chris Hansen's show the first thing he would do is say "Raise your hand if you've been convicted of a crime", ie - turn the tables onto chris for his check bouncing charge.

He has no intention of EVER answering for his crimes or to address the accusations in any real way.

No. 739584

Kek Imagine the nightmare that would be Shane touring the swamp manor, or his filming house. He’d probably walk around and put on the disgusting wigs. Shane’s fans would obviously sympathize with grek bc Shane doesn’t have the balls to make an exposè and would paint it as onion being misunderstood. Then like apologize to him on the couch abt not collabing.

No. 739586

It would be safe for onion though, Shane never asks the hard questions or if he does theyre very downplayed and laced with excess empathy. If Shane made a documentary, gum would just have to play into a victim narrative Shane wrote for him, and all he’d have to do was strawman and say he felt bad abt cheating on his wife (or something instead of grooming/specifying the age/abuse).Shane would let him get away with straw manning 100%.

No. 739588


Wow, five minutes without attention and the shitgates opened. Thanks, I wasn't watching it actively as it unfolded. I did see the shit spam before it was axed, though. The thing I thought was weird (aside from the fact that posting shit is weird but whatever) is that some of the photos had shitty diapers. I remember there were at least two of the shit spam that were with shitty diapers, and one was like, a bloody/shitty diaper I think. Wasn't sure if that was related to the incident with Madison's kid and Grug not changing the diaper, thus causing the child to have a bloody ass. I'm probably sperging by making a connection that isn't necessarily there, but I don't know. At this point, I wouldnt be surprised if Grug messed around with her kid when he was supposed to be watching her, but I'll quit my sperging.

No. 739589


Shane very much seems to basically be a PR person for some big figures. That's how the EC thing came off, at least. But you're right, he doesn't ask any hard hitting questions. Nothing particularly deep. It would turn into a PR piece for Grug and just get him more attention, which he absolutely would relish. It would be remarkably stupid of Shane to even consider it, which I doubt he is. I don't care for him so I don't follow him.

No. 739590

I don't think Onion would be able to contain his arrogance and complete lack of social graces. I don't think even Shane could make him look good.

No. 739598

It was definitely him. The language and the 'comedy' use was him to a T.

Tell me who the fuck uses 'poop' and 'poopy farts'? Even 9 year olds now wouldn't use language like that.

The guy who coined the retarded term fluck is most suspect.(tinfoil)

No. 739600

There has been a troll like that for months now, it's nothing new. He probably saw it this time during his daily lurk and ran with it.

No. 739602

>Wah wah I'm the victim. Wah Wah you took my Patreon
Your doxxing of Billie took away your Patreon, waterbrain. Keep lying. The reason people don't perceive things the way you do is because you're a 34 year old man-child who cries and screams on camera for attention. You've been exposed as a pathological liar more times than anyone can count. You're an abusive predator. Eat shit groomer.

No. 739603

under any other circumstance, totally, but as few others have said, there's a well-established scat spammer who posts that way very consistently

i was also in the thread as it went down and saw one post that has since been deleted, that seemed to be an XRumer test post. onion has big galaxy brain and it wouldn't surprise me if he might try to test that at an otherwise opportune moment, like when his thread is otherwise targeted, to blend in a bit. xrumer is a software designed for spamming forums. could also just be scatman's fallout, but onion is a petty little man so who knows really

No. 739606

I'm sure most of his cult members come from broken, dysfunctional homes. Obviously something's seriously wrong with you when you let someone treat you like that. Can you imagine PAYING someone to treat you like shit? Now he's desperate to dupe whoever he can for a few shekels. His paypigs are DUPES and he knows it.

No. 739608

My tinfoil is that the poop troll was that freak Josh. His humor is remarkably childish.

No. 739610

>if she was pressured to flip on Grug
If she won't do it, he will. For all we know he's done it already. I bet he's itching to throw her under the bus, he's been trying to get rid of her for years - sounds harsh but it's the truth. He doesn't love anyone, but I'm sure some of his paypigs think they're so special because they see the real him. HE doesn't even know the real him.

No. 739612

Over the summer (I think it was June,July) some tard was coming here spamming scat pron for over a week. Fortunately I've all but forgotten most of what I saw. People like that deserve to die from a bowel obstruction.

No. 739615

Stevie said on his twitter that he's not going into theories, he's sticking strictly to facts. I think some anons hem and haw a little too much, like they don't trust Chris and Vincent's judgement. They're both seasoned pros, let them have on who they want. If it ends up sucking then we can complain lol.

No. 739617

Same. I keep asking myself how and why, only to remember that he and his wife groomed and manipulated this girl since she was 15/16. He played a child, used, abused her, then threw her away. FBI needs to tear him a new asshole.
If they were smart they'd handle it that way. So far I've seen no indication of intelligence on their part, just more conniving bullshit, passing the buck, "not our department", typical corporate behavior.

No. 739618

How deceived we have been anon, how deceived we have been.

No. 739619

Ever since he poured kombucha on himself after an anon here told him to, I 100% believe he lurks here hard.

No. 739620

What's he even playing at anymore? He's decided to record a tantrum every single day, then go livestream afterwards? What a fulfilling life that must be.

I wonder if he ever gets tired of that hollow void on the inside where his soul used to be? He's just LARPing as a human being at this point.

No. 739624

I guess he's given up on creating the best content he's ever done. Or whatever it is he claimed some months ago.
Meanwhile he's been dissing channels that rely on drama, saying in his live stream that its "disgusting" and yet what does he think he is doing? All of these videos are feeding drama. They aren't funny. They aren't artistic. It's literal garbage content meant only to take advantage of the drama and get views.

I'm not sure how he can go on steam and act like he is above it all.

If he were truly above it all, he'd work even harder to create content that is unrelated to the drama at hand to show people what he can do. (not that I think any of his content has ever been good, but I dunno.. at least try?)
He's just so arrogant and absolutely has to get the last word in and that is the reason no one will ever take him seriously again. These drama views will fade, but his reputation will remain. And he made it worse by acting a fool and ensuring the entire internet is now laughing at him.

No. 739627

>If he were truly above it all, he'd work even harder to create content that is unrelated to the drama at hand to show people what he can do.
That's just it, he feels the need to compulsively feed into it, to respond in some way that's usually petty, like the vids he made where he dressed in drag mocking his exes after they started speaking out. He thinks he's accomplishing something when all he's doing is showing people who he really is by pulling this kind of shit.

No. 739629

>The main reason I describe the house to you is to accurate depict how loudly and unforgivably I could hear my mom screaming “Greg” night after night… haunting.
>Eventually it stopped when I simply yelled “WE CAN ALL HEAR YOU!” and suddenly, from that point on, silence conquered our household.

Here's the thing, if he knows how fucked up it was hearing his mother bang some dude (with his own name no less), how could he then go on to essentially do the same thing to his own children? He's so far gone at this point he can't even reflect back on those experiences which were obviously horrendous for him, and demonstrate even the slightest bit of empathy or consideration towards his own kids. It's like he WANTS to be under a jail at this point.

No. 739630

We can complain regardless. They're letting Lane and Stevie on who are attention whores so yeah, of course their judgement will be in question now.

That's pretty much it. He did something similar when he challenged Shane to a boxing match. He dressed up for that too.

No. 739632

Completely anecdotal but my uncle was just convicted of 5 counts of aggravated child molestation in 2018. I read the court transcripts recently and it’s noted that he kept telling the judge “it was done to me” as he was being sentenced.

I think it’s more common for people who experienced sexual trauma to commit sex crimes.(blogging)

No. 739633

As far as the interviews, I'm not going to preemptively throw the baby out with the bath water. Stevie's and Lane's interviews haven't happened yet, so it's more than presumptive to assume to know how they'll be. Stevie's fucked up in the past, just maybe he's learned from his mistakes. The same goes for Lane.

No. 739635

Yes it is very common. This is why Greg needed some sort of therapy bloody ages ago but he's refused to seek any sort of treatment for whatever reason (I don't believe for a second that he's in therapy like he's claimed recently).

I'll be the first to admit the mental healthcare system in the States is abysmal at best, but there are still some good people out there who do some great work both in the US and up North. If Greg had sought help for his issues years ago, I'm all but certain most of this wouldn't be happening right now.

All that calm, controlled bullshit he does on livestream, that's not the real him. He can say it is and have his paypigs fooled, he's not fooling everyone. And yes, some of his tantrums are fake. He hides a lot. That's what he's done all his life.

No. 739636

It’s common for people who’ve committed sex crimes to have had them committed against them in the past, not all survivors of violence are going to commit more violence

No. 739637

His habit of playing dress up for some situations is so weird. He did that with Billie and Ayala with the joker costume and his platform heels. He also did that with Blaire white (he had blood all over his face).for the debate. Then he always uses the same excuse, he had just filmed a video. Which is odd to me because really, how long does it take to wash your face and put on shorts and a t shirt. I wonder if he thinks it’s intimidating, he probably does.

No. 739640

It's funny you mention your uncle; I was just thinking Onision is like that one fucked up, dysfunctional family member that you'd rather ignore but you know he has to get help one way or another so you keep tabs on him, waiting for shit to get handled.

Some of his behaviors and his constant deflection remind me of some addicts I've known, that's how fucked up he is. He doesn't even need drugs to act this way.

No. 739643

nah fam he had a literal giant head already, too late

he definitely uses it to disorientate, to get the other party on the back foot and not sure what's going on.we saw that effect with Blair and the blood on his face.

No. 739644


someone saw him at their local dairy queen. glad the kid's getting some icecream tho

No. 739646


I think he wears these outfits to be intimidating, probably, but I also think that he may hope it makes him mysterious or interesting to whatever girls he tries to reel in. It's not like he has a personality of his own, so this is one way he can attempt to be interesting. He likes being a spectacle. The center of attention. Wearing shit like that out into public is certain to prompt passersby to stare at you, or gossip about you and point or laugh or whatever. And when he picks someone up from the airport like this, for example, im sure he thinks that people stopping to stare at you translates into being interesting or popular or worth people's time. And young, impressionable girls may think he is "cool" or "edgy" or "interesting" since people would undoubtedly stare at him for his costumes out in public. I Think it inflates his sense of self and makes him feel important if someone stares at him or points at him or whatever.

No. 739648


Wow, weird/disturbing to see him holding his child.

No. 739652

Well Kainey is alive and still with Onion so twitter can stop sperging about her whereabouts now.

No. 739654

Even grosser considering that’s the child he felt comfortable initiating a threesome in the same bed as. Luckily I don’t think they’re making many memories at that age.

That has to be so tough for Sarah or Billie to form close bonds with the kids but ultimately not be able to get them away from a dysfunctional household. From the email he sent Billie about Troy missing her, it’s clear he uses them as a relationship hook as well as a way to deflect criticism from the wider public.

Unrelated but did anyone see Madison’s twitter about seeing if anyone had cut off a friend because that friend was in a toxic relationship but trying to see if people were able to rekindle it after they weren’t with that person anymore. Is she buying the fake “kai left me” think onision is spouting?

No. 739655

File: 1576038322981.webm (1.81 MB, 270x480, DASH_480.webm)

no sound but it's not super relevant anyway

No. 739656

Well, now we know Kai is alive lol. She seems like she's trying to stay low-key.

No. 739657

The girl behind him doesn’t look like krai to me. Am I blind?

No. 739659

File: 1576038510686.png (1.18 MB, 1009x1800, greg-and-lainey-married-predat…)

and a still

No. 739660


Nope, I'm inclined to agree with you. What color was Krai's hair last time we saw Krai in any video or stream or photo? This person appears to have dark hair. But it's hard to catch

No. 739661

It looks like Kai to me.. Looks like she just has her hood up which is distorting the lighting on her face and she's sulking while trying to hide herself/stay low-key.

No. 739662

Her hair was orange-ish in the last podcast we saw her in, but she dyes her hair often so it's not strange if she went dark again.

No. 739664

Or is wearing a wig, which they have plenty of. We know Kai is in stealth-mode.

No. 739665

This just shows that no matter where they go there will always be people who know of their crimes. The girls and Chris Hansen did such a great job exposing these predators. They can no longer hide and expect no real consequences for their actions.

No. 739666

Damn, around this person's face, I thought that was long-ish black hair, and I thought the grayish color on the top of the head was a weird hat. But now that you suggested a hood I kind of see what you mean.

No. 739667

File: 1576039021726.jpg (617.72 KB, 1440x2868, 1575164267957.jpg)


Blonde I think - pic from sister's Instagram story 10 days ago (pic from >>736145)

No. 739668

Seeing them with their kids after knowing what's gone on their house >>739629 is kind of horrifying.

No. 739669

Thanks for the references for hair color. But yeah, Krai's hair changes constantly, so dying it isnt out of the question at all. It's hard to tell from a cap with lighting like that, but like anon mentioned, it's hard to imagine who else Grug would be with. I guess assessing what Krai's height is, versus Grug's height, might be a better way to tell if it's Krai or not. But it's hard to put much stock into it since the lighting is bad and it's not particularly clear.

No. 739671

That's weird all by itself. Since when does Greg take the "family" out anywhere? (minus T it looks like) I bet he's trying to pretend to care about his family now so that Lainey won't suspect he'll make a deal with the feds.

No. 739672


Looks like her with a hoodie on

No. 739673

I wouldn’t be surprised if he was purposefully going out with the kids to pose as this loving/involved father “in real life” and gain some sympathy points. It’s a wonder he hasn’t exploited them more before this point tbh.

No. 739674

Their other child could easily be walking with them, we don't see enough to say for sure.

No. 739679

jesus christ you can see his ape brow from like, 20 feet away

No. 739685

It is pretty funny how you can see his views on each spergout drop consistently each time

No. 739686

he’s gonna make each consecutive one more insane then. im not sure what he could even do but I’d call he’ll turn this into an ARG type thing

No. 739690

Only 30-35% of child sexual abuse perpetrators have been victims, according to the most comprehensive studies out there.

Only 10-11% of abuse victims become abusers.

I mean, we do know that Greg was abused by an older child, because he brags about it, but that doesn’t explain why he’s an abuser.

No. 739693

File: 1576045166734.webm (7.34 MB, 640x360, welcome to your destiny.webm)

I was feeling nostalgic and started looking up some of Shilohs old music videos.
I thought a small tweak of her video "Alright" was fitting.(OT/ twitter content)

No. 739694

File: 1576045306231.png (27.43 KB, 598x313, Screenshot_2019-12-11 _patient…)


Looking forward to seeing Shi's new tat.

No. 739695

It's funny that you could tell it was him without him having to turn around because his head is so big. I guess this also means that his daughter is talking now since he's holding her and not ignoring her.

Suggested a hood? You can clearly see it.

No. 739696

Topkek edit.

No. 739697

lmao you will know the exact nanosecond he sees this

No. 739699

holy shit it's just so good

No. 739700

that poor vulnerable child …its so concerning to see this retard handling kids . i just hope cps will take action soon
also he seems to have had an argument with the person with the beanie since he is closing the door in her face

No. 739701

That kid looks so small for a 3 year old, I saw some people on Reddit saying this and I agree. Knowing how neglectful her piece of shit parents are she's probably malnourished that's why she's not growing

No. 739703

I hope she just looks small next to his giant head. Hope the kids got to enjoy some ice cream. Does DQ offer vegetarian options, or have the parents just dropped that

No. 739705

DQ offers one type of ice cream bar that is non-dairy, slushies, and their fries are cooked in vegetable oil. I don't think those kids got to -enjoy- ice cream. Not because of a lack of vegetarian options. They didn't get to enjoy it because they are there with Onion and Krai.

No. 739706

its so selfish to force your eating habits on a such a small child ..let them decide when they are old enough to make decisions(vegan derailing)

No. 739707

Is this her uniform when in public now? Once they leave the comfort and safety of the swamp she pulls her hoodie over her head and doesn't remove it until they return home. I bet you she's really anxious about someone coming up to her or Greg and confronting them about all the allegations.
Is it just me or does it seem like she saw the person filming them.

No. 739708

I don't think you can assume that means neglect. Some kids are just small, some kids are unusually massive, it happens.

No. 739709

Jesus Christ. Greg's head is so massive that light bends around it.

No. 739712

Y'all keep confusing vegetarian and vegan. Ice cream is vegetarian unless it's some kind of specialty flavor that has like, bacon in it.

No. 739716

Greg flipped out on Ayalla for accidentally posting a photo of troys back. Hes gonna lose his shit when he sees this. At least a 2 bottle of kombucha meltdown

No. 739717

They both have a history of attention whoring. What do you expect the interview to be like?
At least stevie has a good friendship with actual victims and doesn't need to resort to flirting with laineys rapist for milk.

No. 739718


Milk and cream aren't vegetarian. Most ice creams have dairy products in them

Back to the point. Don't know if it's a good or bad that Kai haven't left the greasemansion. Really waiting for Hansen's stream and updates about the investigation.

No. 739719

does anyone know how many members he has on uhohbro?

No. 739720


sage for nitpicking and furthering this retardation, but ice cream / dairy isn’t VEGAN.
most vegetarians eat dairy and biproducts. vegans don’t eat anything by / from any animals.

google will serve you well if you’re still confused.

No. 739722

He obviously lurks, and despite the overall negative content he gets off on the fact there's people talking about him 24/7.

He's being maintained into relevancy in one corner of the internet, why would he not be here jacking of every time someone mentions his name(s)

No. 739723


- Vegetarians don't eat meat, the end
- Vegans don't eat any animal products, nor wear them, own products tested on them, among avoiding other things (use in the entertainment industry for example)

Greg is as vegan as my foot

No. 739724


My last two cents to this because I don't want to derail more but the fact that some vegetarians eat dairy products don't make dairy products vegetarian. It only makes those vegetarians lacto-vegetarians. And if they eat eggs too they're lacto-ovo-vegetarians. If someone says they're vegetarian and you offer them food that has milk or eggs in it they probably won't eat it. Because - surprise surprise - milk and eggs come from animals. Veganism is just vegetarism amped up taking away every animal product from other things than just food. Google is your friend if you need to find out what food is from animals and what isn't.

Anyway. This thread is not vegetarianism or veganism so back to Gurgles.

No. 739726


Oh, if only we had a word to describe vegetarians who abstained from milk and eggs and other animal products. Wouldn't that be novel, to distinguish them. But, no, it is you, oh person who can't tell the difference between vegetarians and other things, who has shown us the light of ignoring definitions.

To me, at least, the haircut looks pretty identical.

No. 739727


I think we can all agree that this isn't relevant, and should all get back to being disgusted by the Swamp Thing

No. 739729

It helps if you don't derail in the first place. You're not performing a courtesy by ending your post with "back on topic".

No. 739730



No. 739734

thanks to the intrepid anon who grabbed this, greg controls his appearances so much that it's weird to see him like this. i'm sure he's fucking pissed that someone invaded his privacy - he should get used to the feeling. being infamous is not fun. people up in gig harbor or puyallip or wherever gonna start outright shunning this bitch.

never seen cloey. feels fucking bad for her, why the fuck doesn't lainey carry her if she actually gives two fucks about keeping this asshole away from her daughter, oh wait, she doesn't. it's gross to see him holding her.

No. 739735

Onion probably can't fit into his bullet proof vest so next best thing to use is his daughter as a human shield. The kids are probably their new defense mechanism in public to be left alone. His daughter looks tiny, I'm sure their kids have terrible diets. Honestly it's so sad, they suffer in so many areas due to Jimmy. He is a terrible person and worse father. He's got severe mommy and daddy issues and he's never attempted to address them. The time his family was involved in the church must have been the most stable time of his life. He emulates all the worst aspects of his upbringing. He tries to start cults. He wants to be better than his parents at messing kids up. He wants to be worshipped and respected and for everyone to pretend he has a massive cock. It's just not right.

No. 739743

Literally no one was implying it was deep. You need to re-read what you posted. The spergy email about Gurp sleeping in the wetlands was from this month. The code enforcement agency never opened a case in response to this email because the sperger didn't attach their information and the county doesn't accept anonymous reports.

The case for waste/garbage was opened in May in response to something else.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 739744

File: 1576070232192.png (85.78 KB, 670x366, Capture _2019-12-11-10-06-38.p…)

Nah, Anus didn't give a fuck, Lame was the one who flipped. Also Anus showed the back of both his kid's heads in a video of them looking at an aquarium, if he complains about someone else filming the back of his kid's head it will just be more proof he's a massive hypocrite

No. 739747

I am 100% sure he will flip the FUCK.OUT. Probably even threaten reddit with an attorney to get it remove because of "muh private citizen lawz. cease and disease right now"

Cant wait for his twitter chimp out

No. 739749

what a shame he's a celebrity and not a regular citizen with expectations of privacy then

No. 739750

Huh, funny. Maybe this will make jimmy see in his little cave brain how unpleasant it is to be filmed when you don’t want to be.

No. 739757

File: 1576073116206.jpg (173.92 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20191211-140451485.…)


It looks like her to me

No. 739760

Of course it's her, you can recognise the distinct foot shaped face.

I think we're probably getting just another generic spergout video, which would have happened in any case.

No. 739761

Id say so too, based on the long face and slumped posture kek

No. 739762

File: 1576073403926.jpeg (Spoiler Image,46.86 KB, 800x450, 523276D0-3AE5-461D-A027-54FDA4…)

I don’t see any difference

No. 739763

me: spends youth dating/married to a pedophile and now can’t quite figure myself out
Me to me: ur trans

No. 739764

He looks so uncomfortable in society and I agree, that child does look malnourished as fuck.

Probably feeds them a pringles only diet.

No. 739765

In the video with sound, it sounds like Onion is asking Lainy if she clocked out…does she Work t Dairy queen or have a 9-5 somewhere? Sage for the small tin foil.

No. 739766

He said on live stream “I hate society” then of course his dumb fuck patrons parroted back a normie meme “we live in a society”. Also, that’s literally all they do. They only parrot memes in hope of greasy approval and they rarely ever have an original thought. They have no character, they spend all their time watching onion boy instead of idk developing a personality.

No. 739767

Her having to get a gig job would be the most amazing thing. Imagine being her, thinking you are going to be married to your Prince Charming who will save you from having to be an adult and doing adult things, then ending up being forced to doing 9-5 while your semi-naked Greek God films himself pouring kombucha on himself in a protected wetland while faking a mental breakdown.

No. 739769

So many people have said this but no. The person filming was in the kitchen. Some random employee was talking about clocking out. They wouldn’t be able to hear lainey and grek from the kitchen, especially on a phone from 20 feet away.

No. 739771

The voice doesn't even sound like him and it obviously comes from the kitchen. Besides realistically that bitch has no life experience and is in her 20s in the current job market. We probably won't see it for a bit if at all.

No. 739774

it does sound like him but the voice sounds closer to the camera than he is.

No. 739779

Requesting the original video Stevie is talking about in this video.(spoonfeeding request)

No. 739783

has Chris Hansen ran out of of ideas ? apparently hes gonna invite RagReynolds on his stream to talk about onion but who the frick is even that ? there could had been so much better candidates : jacklyn glenn, eugenia cooney, skye, adrienne etc

No. 739784

ragreynolds was a mod on his old forums iirc, so he could provide some incite about what was going on there, not sure if his forums have been talked about in-depth in the other Hansen streams.

No. 739785

Rag was a moderator on his forum and it would be interesting to hear what the deal is with his forums. Pretty sure he reached out to Jaclyn so she probably will be on. I don't think Eugenia would make for a good interview and Greg has more or less cyber bullied her, she's never been groomed by him,and even tho he'd fuck anything I don't even think he thought a romantic relationship with her was possible.

No. 739787

He was a mod in Gergs pedo forums. So he's a good source for Hansen.
Eugenia definitely shouldn't be interviewed, she's a lying attention whore.
Jaclyn definitely should come up, as should Skye, Alicia, Maya and AJ.
But we don't even know how many can get interviewed bevor Jimmy and Taylor go to prison.

No. 739788

Rag was a moderator on the forums, he also spent his early teens on there and can talk about both the forums environment and onion being aware of predators on there etc. He's well spoken so I think his interview will be good.

No. 739792

Rag was a mod who forwarded information to Onion of several child predators on the forum, which onision did nothing about.

No. 739793

RagReynolds is a better pick than Eugenia who isn't very bright or Jaclyn normally severely flip flops between being Grug's friend to a cringy nemesis. Adrienne probably doesn't want anything to do with this mess otherwise she would have showed up by now like the rest of the exes.

No. 739795

It seems a lot of people are forgetting about Sam, onionmans camera woman who lived with them, but was kicked out. Greg raged at sam because sam said he had cheerios for breakfast once. I think it would be interesting to hear what living in the onion mansion was like.

No. 739797

i don't understand why rag reynolds would be a bad choice for a guest. he was a mod on the onion forum and can attest to greg not doing anything about the predators on his site. i think it will be interesting to hear about and to see what questions hansen asks him, since hansen has been making references to cp being on onions forums/servers since he first mentioned the fbi investigation. i just hope we get some info that wasn't already available to the general public.

No. 739798

People have been bringing her up for weeks.

No. 739799

File: 1576086806054.jpg (38.05 KB, 570x541, swampdemon.jpg)

He posted a baby carrot sperg video. He's "crying" under the shower. Fake vomits. Makes a bunch of "I'm possessed" voices.
Sooooo, yeah. Nothing special.

No. 739801

I think he’s possessed, someone call the priests!

Satan is reeling its ugly head

No. 739802

That's his actual pic, btw. I just capped it, I made no edits. He looks horrifying, lol.

No. 739806

I know kek, I saw the video after you posted the pic

No. 739807

imagine taking your kid out for ice-cream and then coming home to film this.


No. 739809

the only interesting thing he could do at this point is actually showing hog or shitting on camera but he won't because he's worried about monetization and his youtube channel. but if he were really hamming it up and trying to plead insanity then he wouldnt be worried about the rules. he would just shit everywhere. the point of these videos is just to get views but greg is no performance artist or actor, so they just get weaker and weaker. sad

No. 739811

File: 1576089973424.jpg (123.83 KB, 978x491, Screenshot_20191211-133834.jpg)

In the stream from Periscope yesterday, Grugly gets super butthurt at an apparent trans dude named Ryan who made a joke about the movie Cars looking to hire Gurp for the next Cars movie. Ryan then says something about Gurp's screams in the beginning of his last video sounds like car brakes. I mean, I think that's what Ryan said as his mic volume is low. Gurp gets super triggered about this for some fucking reason and even pulls off those hideous sunglasses he always wears (and obviously thinks he's hot shit in) and starts rubbing the fat roll above his nose in frustration. He asks Ryan to sing the bologna song (???) and asks Ryan if his name is Ryan and then boots him from the chat, clearly butthurt.

A bit later, one of the paypigs tells Gurp that the reason that person's voice was that way is because they're trans. Gurp says he doesn't care and expresses his butthurt again and what Ryan said about Cars. Gurp says an onision fan would never say that. I think it begins within the 14 minute mark.

Why the fuck did Gurp get so offended at something so dumb?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 739813

how old is Ryan? So much for being a trans advocate huh Gurgles? The fact that movie Cars pissed him off so much makes my sides hurt.

No. 739814

File: 1576090167328.jpg (184.96 KB, 907x902, sdfasd.jpg)

Link of his latest video for anyone who can't be fucked to look for it

No. 739815

I was hoping he’d drink kombucha with his own semen, I still have that hope

No. 739817

He'd be a great guest; not much is known about Greg's start as a forum tyrant.
This shit is way past the point of being boring; hopefully everyone has realized that he's pretending to be crazy for attention by now.

No. 739818

another proof that he's lurking here ..people here have been joking about his baby carrot all the time

No. 739820

at least he made it a whole 1 minute 30 seconds before fake puking

No. 739832

Did he do anything worth mentioning in this one? Don't wanna watch it.

No. 739837

H3 Podcast talks about Onision in their new episode


No. 739847

>He thinks that Greg is making a ton of money off of the copyright claims because he claimed Ethan's video really fast.

>He compared Greg's grooming to R-Kelly's.

>He brought up the things that happened with Shiloh and forcing the women he's been with to dress up like boys. He refers to the women as sex slaves. He brought up that Taylor's "transitioning" is Greg's kink.

>His theory on the meltdown videos is that Greg is doing them so people will make videos about them so he can immediately claim them. He knows that Greg will push it by constantly claiming until the other person gives up and he can take the money from it. Ethan didn't give in cause he knows how the system works. Also called him a dickless bitch kek. He doesn't like talking about it and understands why people don't talk about it cause he knows that Greg will claim it to hell.

>He wants Greg to tramp stamp his name on him when he goes to jail.

He's right though, people should fight Greg on those copyright claims. Not only will he lose out on that much needed money, but he goes full narc rage when enough people fight him.

No. 739851

I'm pretty sure Gurg had to reupload his latest masterpiece, because for a split second he did a full body shot where it appears he was naked. In the new video it's been cut out.

No. 739853

Anyone have a mirror of the original? I want to be amused by the size of his teeny baby carrot.

No. 739854

Do we get to see his duck?

No. 739861

I guess 0:37 is what you guys are after but his hand is in the way.


No. 739864

File: 1576102810187.jpg (35.76 KB, 880x515, carrot.jpg)

I guess you can go frame by frame for a clearer pic ( if you're that dedicated ), but you wouldn't see much even if his hand wasn't in the frame.

No. 739866

This picture sounds like "This is my disgusting forty years old man BODEEEH"

No. 739867

looks like a babies pinky finger, lmao its so teeny

No. 739872

"Oni Ogre-nision"
can't help it after seeing how red his face got in the shower and his faces.

No. 739877

doesnt even look like his dick is in the shot, just a foreshortened foot/leg.

No. 739881

Alas the wee carrot must be concealed by his pale skinny-flab.

No. 739882

Alas the wee carrot must be concealed by his pale skinny-flab.

No. 739883

I mean, he really did choose 'oni' for the reason mentioned in the video, iirc. This isn't news, so not every random video like this needs to be posted. The ogre part was funny, though.

Yeah, I only posted it because a few anons were interested in the "nude shot" - there's nothing, just his hand. Not that his baby carrot needs to be seen, ever, lol.

No. 739888

There’s something dark surrounding the pink area, is that his nut-hair?

No. 739895


eh the reason i asked is because that particular video is very hard to find.

overzealous mods much?(ban evasion)

No. 739898

In the most recent Insider article on onision, there’s a quote about how he feels that "most info [sic] should be kept private to have a successful court case."

Why would he want to strengthen their court case against him? He must have really done some bad stuff if he doesn’t want it to get out. I mean he thought the abusive requests to Billie were totally fine and if he’s willing to own up to stuff like that, I can’t imagine…

No. 739900

We keep sinking further and further into the abyss, is this the part where its staring at us?

No. 739902

File: 1576108188627.jpg (125.15 KB, 828x1075, examples.jpg)

do you think we can use youtubes new rules against him or are they too far up his ass to ever delete his channels

No. 739906

>Depicting an identifiable individual being murdered…etc

didn't he rape an andy biersack doll? i know he kills 'characters' that are based on people but im not sure if that counts

No. 739909

File: 1576108754157.jpeg (Spoiler Image,703.7 KB, 1011x736, E7AD5DEA-3942-42B2-8592-DFE7AA…)


No. 739910

File: 1576109128565.png (39.87 KB, 1454x241, chrome_O4PxqyKl4B.png)

No. 739912

if anything he'll likely try to use the new rules to his advantage, particularly the last one

my eyes! no one needed to see that. can only hope if a nude does show up no one will post it

No. 739917

This has been posted before. Seeing it once was more than enough.

No. 739918

>has Chris Hansen ran out of of ideas ?
Please leave forever.

Literally six people responded with "ragreynolds was a mod".

I agree with this >>739615

No. 739919

Rag's on in 5mins.

No. 739921

>Why would he want to strengthen their court case against him?
Remember when he wrote to Hansen "You'll get more views if you put my name in the title"? Well this is the same thing. He's that smug and arrogant thinking he won't suffer any consequences, which is why he was removed from Patreon. Topkek

No. 739923

Watching the livestream now, it's excellent. Also a lot of Onion-roasting in the comments

No. 739927

>Onion probably can't fit into his bullet proof vest so next best thing to use is his daughter as a human shield.
Had this been anyone else I would've disagreed with you. His own careless, negligent actions and behaviors towards his children make it so easy to think this way.
>He emulates all the worst aspects of his upbringing.
Therein lies the problem. He's just perpetuating the same dysfunction that he grew up with. It's curious he hasn't left his kids/Lainey yet. He forever keeps twisting the narrative insisting that he was the one who dumped Billie when it was the exact opposite - he wasn't thinking about his kids when he was getting ready to run off with her. If there were another Billie in the wings (maybe there is who knows) he'd be gone now. He never changes.

No. 739929

Chris hansen just compared onionboy directly to jeffery epstein on the live steam. Gotta love it

No. 739932

They're in a Dairy Queen. It's hardly "taking the family out". Just eating junk as usual.

No. 739933

So apparently the FBI has been investigating Onion for a LONG time.

No. 739935

Probably the biggest take away. All in all, a great stream.

No. 739936

Ah i hope onion can feel them breathing down his fucking neck

Rag did good

No. 739937

Apparently, chris will have another victim next week. Wonder who it's going to be

No. 739938

Chris didn't say they'd investigated him before, just that FBI's been aware of Onion for a long time, "on their radar" he said which doesn't surprise me.

No. 739939

Man, Another victim with a horrific story? Who the hell do you think that is?

No. 739941

It reminds me of that time he did a tiktok vid on the hit or miss girl, got a small spike in views from it, and proceeded to make the same video day after day for the next couple of weeks because he thought he finally struck gold.

No. 739943

Not investigating, they just had him on their radar. An official investigation is very close with people he's been abused by speaking up recently

No. 739944

Rag was excellent. His ability to maintain objectivity and a level of impartiality was really impressive. He's in his early 20s too which blows me away I thought he was much older.

No. 739945

Samefag, I made a grammatical error.

No. 739948

The "victim" next week is just Lane guys

No. 739949

File: 1576116611479.png (32.3 KB, 736x299, 4564366436466434343433.png)

No. 739951

I really like how Rag kept on focus and didnt try to sensationalize everything. He was incredibly matter of fact and sensible with what he felt should have emphasis on. I think the Chris Crew did good getting him, I just really want them to get Jaclyn on, she'd kill it.

No. 739952

I'm glad you put that in quotes cause she's only a victim of her own bullshit. She has literally nothing to add and there are better people (Alicia, Maya and Skye) to interview.

No. 739953

Meme grandpa, but one does not simply get on the FBI's radar without being taken seriously. Other than threatening a President or looking up information on how to make a bomb, you're not going to be taken seriously by an already over burden agency. I think it's something to be excited about.

No. 739954

I think some of Chris's questions can be a bit leading at times - Rag handled it like a pro. I know Jaclyn's been contacted but idk if she ever responded.

No. 739956

Who knows, there might be stuff we don't know
I won't knock it yet at least

No. 739957

lol being in debt isn't enough to put you on the FBI's radar, anon.

No. 739959

the FBI keeps tabs on people who have "questionable" (i.e. illegal/immoral) tastes in porn. ISPs share that info with them. they use the history to make sure that the creeps don't ever make a leap from just watching iffy stuff, to actually committing a crime (like directly abusing children/watching CP.)

Makes me wonder what he's been watching on his computer that's added him to FBI watchlists. I feel like "only" hentai wouldn't be enough, given how many people watch that shit. he'd have to be going to truly depraved sources.

No. 739960

File: 1576117374275.jpg (284.22 KB, 828x711, 5AB88BFA-BD40-4F7D-95CA-61811B…)

Jaclyn declined the interview according to this tweet.

No. 739961

Chris is definitely pushing the cult angle. But to a boomer, he's not entirely wrong. We're all so used to the cult of personality, youtube mega fans of Game Grumps, Shane, J* etc, that we forget this shit gets creepy. And as we've seen with ProJared and maybe Dan of Game Grumps, young women are being taken advantage of by C list celebrities. I think it's refreshing almost to hear of Greg's sexual deviancy as cult like.

No. 739962

It wasn't explicitly mentioned who declined and who didn't. What I heard was Jaclyn never responded to their request.

No. 739963

Well he did try to make an actual cult and was serious about it. It has nothing to do with being a boomer, but because of Greg's previous history.

No. 739964

You also immediately get put on a list if you're dumb enough to go on the dark web.

I think Greg's forums and constant reports put him in the FBI's watch list. I mean people are constantly calling the police for his psycho videos, I have no doubt people reported forum activity and general abuses of Greg over the years.

No. 739965


This video seems staged to me. Conveniently they all go out together as a family to do something nice for the children with Grug holding the little one, looking like a doting father. Positioned on the correct side too so that the back of her head can be seen but not her face. And it just happens to be released just before the interview.

No. 739966

File: 1576117715879.jpg (21.44 KB, 750x279, onionteamkek.jpg)

He's such a fucking narc he thinks other people would actually believe there is an "Onision Team". We know it is just Greg sitting in his own grease, furiously typing out emails to Vincent. Like, does he think anyone believes he has a team? Or is this another attempt at trolling like his "bad acting" narc rages

No. 739967

>FBI keeps tabs on people who have "questionable" (i.e. illegal/immoral) tastes in porn.
I've never seen that mentioned anywhere. Illegal, of course, but questionable/moral? They're not the morality police.

We know Greg likes to keep just barely afoul of the law, so instead of watching live action bestiality he watches cartoon versions of it. Disgusting and gross, but not illegal.

No. 739969

The video of him dressing up as multiple deviants to abuse a pov doll probably made them keep a closer eye on him since he did it in response to the grooming allegations finally being confirmed by Sarah. That idiot is always doing something retarded to come off as psychotic and now he has the FBI watching him.

No. 739970

Probably due to all of the FBI tips that people have sent over the years through the online form, lol

No. 739971

that probably is the real him, generally correspondence gives him away and has done in the past

No. 739972

>You also immediately get put on a list if you're dumb enough to go on the dark web.

You also immediately get put on a list if you're dumb enough to go on anonymous image boards.

No. 739973

i saw a tweet from her about… maybe 10 days ago and she def said she would absolutely go on.

No. 739974

no you don't lmao.

No. 739975

You can get "listed" for a lot of different things, some of which don't make sense. Hopefully it's not as bad as the Hoover era but who the hell knows.

No. 739976

Based on what Chris said I got the sense the FBI were probably watching Onion before that pov doll vid.

No. 739978

sage your shit newfag.

No. 739980

I meant that it probably made them take a longer look at him.

No. 739981

I think because of whatever he knows about NXIVM he probably sees parallels between that and what Greg is doing. There's also Sicesca, but that never went anywhere.

There's usually some Cult of Personality that develops around youtuber's, especially the larger ones. What differentiates Greg is that he's obviously used this to prey on vulnerable people.

No. 739985

Immoral as in it might not be technically illegal in your location, but it's fucked up and wrong and is a red flag. It's not illegal to view actual bestiality videos in some states (learned this during reading of the horrorcow zoosadists thread, don't come for me like Onision knowing the AoC in all 50 states and Japan) but that doesn't mean it's not disgusting and wrong. shit might technically be legal but it'll still get you on a watchlist. I'm sure he's gone to tons of fucked up sites thinking he's safe because it's in an incognito tab.

true. I think just accessing a copy of the anarchist manifesto is enough to land you on a list as well

(deleted/reposted bc I said communist instead of anarchist whoops)

No. 739986

Greg really shouldn't have joked around about "Mulder and Scully" coming after him. Tommy C (youtuber) said this and I agree, it's not smart to piss off the FBI. Given their history, they'll get you on something you didn't do just out of spite.

No. 739989

Hhe might've been watched since that Shiloh hotel incident. When police showed up to search his stuff

No. 739991

I reckon this is most likely it. They went through all his shit and knew he had a camera set up there, so he probably has a flagged file ¯\_(ツ)_/¯(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 739993

If that's the case then Onion boy better lawyer the fuck up, sell his house so he can pay for a decent defense instead of prancing around for youtube shekels pretending to divorce his wife and dry heave on cue. I don't LIKE Greg but I don't hate him either (although the thought of punching his face has crossed my mind). Everyone's entitled to a fair trial and competent legal defense.

No. 739997

I think Anon means that a Boomer is going to understand what a stereotypical cult is, much more easily than grasping concepts like "fangirls". His understanding of Lainey/Kai and the gender pronoun stuff shows he's pretty w0ke for a boomer tho

No. 739998

anon, i don't understand your ability to not hate Onision the Pedophile. I honestly whole heartedly believe this man has done way worse shit than we even know yet, im tinfoiling he really sold and collected CP.

No. 740001

Decent show tonight. I'm not sure what Lane can bring to the table, but we'll see. Reserving my judgement because I thought Regina wouldn't have much of real substance to provide either and she proved us wrong.

Totally not surprised that he's on the FBI's radar. It could very well be one of those cases where they have been watching him for a while and are just waiting for something they can legally bust him for ( Lainey more so than him right now, I guess ).

No. 740004


Yeah, Rag made a good point tn about how fucking irresponsible and dumbfuck it is to put your name on a forum when you're popular with kids. imagine if Logan and Jake Paul ran an official but unmonitored forum for their fans. It'd be overrun with creeps taking advantage of all the kids present. It's a liability. Kid specific services like club penguin would limit how players could communicate with each other to mitigate that liability.

No. 740005

File: 1576121674161.jpg (163.49 KB, 813x557, 1357030017.jpg)

Obligatory J. Edgar Hoover meme.

No offense to any of the decent people who work there but there is a long sordid history that was never remedied. To suggest otherwise would be disingenuous.

No. 740007

Not the same anon. I understand why some people hate him but I don't hate him either. If he did something to one of my family members, say if Sarah were my family, I'd hate his guts, but this is all on the periphery for me. I want to see justice done and for Sarah and the other girls to recover and move on with their lives. I don't know what justice would look like for Onision because much of what we have so far is speculation and allegations.

Even the most reprehensible people on earth deserve a fair trial. The reasoning behind that is if you take away the rights of one person (whatever they might be accused of) this sets a precedent that could affect everyone else. I don't need MY rights taken away just because some over-zealous Nazi had a personal vendetta and used whatever barely legal (or totally illegal) means as leverage against someone else. That's not okay. I will say that based on what we know for a fact, it's obvious that Onision has used his platform to prey on vulnerable people, so at the very least he shouldn't be allowed on any platform. He can't be trusted.

No. 740012

Anybody have any idea why he's recording these videos in a hotel room? What a waste of money.

No. 740014

to trick really dumb people into thinking kai actually left him. he will probably try to write it off as a business expense.

No. 740016

His rights aren't being taken away. They aren't black bagging him and beating him with a rubber hose. Investigations happen when allegations of abuse are raised and in this case by multiple minors.

No. 740017

You’re the most rational normal person on here, congrats on not having bpd. Onision still sucks.

No. 740022

Isn't the usual way the FBI get records of creepos is to host their own lure websites with dodgy content and then find out who visits/watches them? Considering Grug watches like 5 hours of porn a day based upon all the information we have about him and his thirst Tweets all day long - he obviously would have hit a few FBI lure websites on his travels across the pornosphere. That's probably how he got on their radar.

No. 740023

His web history would be a sight to behold.

No. 740030

It was probably a number of things. Chaining someone up in a basement naked while kids run around upstairs is something that serial rapists and killers do. On top of that, he makes disturbing videos and has a few weapons that he probably shouldn't have. On top of that, he tried to make a legit cult and has had tried his best to have "sex slaves" who were barely legal. He's creating his own downfall by thinking with his tiny dick.

No. 740031

I mean all we have to do is remember the habbo hotel raid lol. If there are teens and it’s online you’re bound to get pedos, even second life had an outbreak but all these companies took responsibility and changed things to try and keep their young users safer…. Anus did not

No. 740042

There are a few ways:
>FBI sets up a honeypot
>FBI finds real communities or law-breakers, tries to find out who they are
>FBI agent sits in questionable communities and logs chats
>Informant from questionable community spills details about illegal happenings
>FBI gets tips about an illegal/potentially illegal happening
There are a lot of ways that the FBI can learn about or track potential criminals and there is a number of reasons why they do so. Setting up honeypots for pedos is far from the only thing they do.

No. 740051

He's also arrogant and thinks he knows everything. Most people who've spent a fair amount of time following him know he acts like a giant man-child most of the time. It bears repeating just how immature he is for his age. He's stunted, he's failed to grow as a person all these years. Then he has the audacity to blame the internet for the stupid shit he does and gets in trouble for.

For years it's been variations on the same theme with him but he thinks he's fine just the way he is, yeah that's why he was deplatformed from Patreon and Chris Hansen is crawling up his ass, because everything is okee dokee.

No. 740053

>host their own lure websites
They don't even need to do that anymore. NSA hoovers everything - all the agencies literally collect and share data with each other, this is worldwide too if I'm not mistaken. Read up on Fusion Centers, they collect everything, for your security of course. The ACLU had some interesting things to say about that.

No. 740054

No one in their right mind who owns a platform would let someone like Greg on there, at least not until after the dust has settled and a trial/verdict took place. How yt keeps someone who's been outed for predatory/abusive behavior but removes other people over petty political shit speaks to where their priorities are. Fungus could run a better platform than those speds.

No. 740055

Yes but the FBI isn't going to watch someone for being an arrogant swamp monster.

No. 740061

I wouldn't be surprised if his questionable behavior before his general discharge from the chair force as a "conscientious" objector and the fact that he owns guns probably didn't help with the FBI knowing who he is.

No. 740064

Alicia, Skye and Maya obviously don't want to go on the show though, if they did they would have been already

No. 740068

File: 1576143487035.jpg (79.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Its funny how Rag Reynolds really minimized his part, its almost as if we didn't see the evidence of his involvement in all of this.
He helped facilitate the pedophiles and did nothing when kids nudes were being leaked.
How Regina can be so positive about him is beyond me. Rag says nobody did anything, but he didn't do anything either and defended Greg all the way. He only quit after the forums where offline and even trolled people that where exposing Greg. He did so with a furious passion.
For years Rag was one of Greg's go to guys when it came to pedophelia.

No. 740069

I agree with stevie even though he apologized tbh
i dont think his age gives him an excuse to be a fuckhead

No. 740070

Calm down anon. He was a kid. Give credit where credit is due, this falls solely on Greg

No. 740071


You can only forgive someones age for so long. He was 13 when he started, he wasn't 2. Any kid at that age will know pedophiles are bad because mommy and daddy told them about what they are.


Rag could have at least been honest about what he did, but he knows too that that will put him on the radar as an accomplice. I think this Hansen interview will come to bite him in the ass.

No. 740072

The reason people make excuses for anyone under 21 is to absolve themselves of any responsibility. It's much easier to blame everything on the onion man.
The truth is onion attracts some nasty folks.

No. 740073

Antphrodite. Tarot reader famous for predicting the James Charles drama did a reading on Onision. He will throw Kai under the bus. And one of the girls knows something or hasnt said something yet that can open Kai's crying eyes.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740074


No. 740075


I do think 13-year olds are excused from not seeing the truth of a predatory online culture - especially since many of the girls were around his own age or even older at the time.

As he got older, it seems reasonable to expect him to understand it's fucked up, which it seems like he did.

If we're starting to hold actual kids accountable for not calling out pedophiles, by that logic it makes no sense to call Sarah, Billie, Shiloh etc. victims since they were all older than Rag was and "should have known better".

Get some perspective.

No. 740076

By that logic Greg and Lainey aren't predators because all their victims were teenagers lol. It's a big stretch to say he's bad person because he didn't run to the police when he saw sketchy shit happening, most kids in that situation probably wouldn't make the right choices because they're fucking kids. Hell, even a lot of adults would struggle in a situation like that not because they're bad people but because it's a very stressful and upsetting position to be in.

No. 740077

Honestly, it doesn't take tarot reading to predict Onision will throw Lame under the bus if needed. This sounds like someone just stating the obvious lol

No. 740080

Yeah, that's what I figured.
It sounds like you're expecting a literal child to have the same reasoning capabilities as an adult. If you'd watched the interview you'd have seen where Rag said there were things like doxxing happening, and other things that most people would question/criticize, that were normalized in that community. That's what happens in toxic communities, reprehensible shit is normalized and everyone looks the other way.

Rag said that as an adult he was able to understand the ramifications of the things he did when he was a kid. I don't fault him for a second and don't see how anyone could.

>He helped facilitate the pedophiles

Which completely ignores the fact that he reported a convicted pedo (Riplie) to Greg. You're misrepresenting the truth quite a bit.

No. 740082

File: 1576147422803.png (1.19 MB, 1525x1040, Screenshot_2019-12-12 One of Y…)


>People hated me, with a passion, for my opinions I openly held

Greg, people hate you because you're a remorseless, abusive, lying, predatory asshole and you seem very proud of it. So endearing.
>Onision's videos are still being monetized. YouTube did not immediately return request for comment.
Suck a dick, youtube.

No. 740083

File: 1576147815865.jpg (380.94 KB, 1243x1276, rag.jpg)

Here is the thing about Rag Reynolds: They say on Reddit he became a mod when he was 18, but according to what he said yesterday he became a mod when he was 13? He quit in 2016 when the Onision forum was shut down which was coincidentally when the Blaire White video came out about Onisions creepy forum.
Rag would have been 18 by then, when it was shut down, and coincidentally he got out the dodge when the shit first started hitting the Onision forums.
So he was a mod for 5 years, up until he was 18, he seen the pedophelia on there for all that time and the underage nudes of his "friends" being leaked and he never went to the police and never quit moderating there till it was shut down.

No. 740084

No. 740086

No. 740087


So he was still a child at 18?

No. 740088


So he was still a child at 18?

No. 740089

>They say on Reddit he became a mod when he was 18
>according to what he said yesterday he became a mod when he was 13?
So it's up to you if you believe Rag or reddit. Apparently you don't understand the concept of a toxic community and how that affects everyone involved, especially the most vulnerable, which includes Rag.

Rag was in a relationship with a predatory older woman from the forum who was in her 20s when he was under age, and you're wondering why he didn't question certain things? Try thinking before you strawman. And sage your bullshit newfag.

No. 740090

someone is feeling very burned that Rag was interviewed instead of them, I suspect.

No. 740091

No. 740093


Say what you want about me, I really don't care what you say about me. And you are deliberately misinterpreting what I just said but its there clear as day. I didn't say I believe Reddit since they got it wrong, which I cleared up. However one fact remains:

Rag moderated on the Onision forums for 5 years from the age of 13 up to the age he was 18 and the blair white video came out, the forums got shut down and shit hit the fan for them. Thats when he quit. He says nobody did nothing about childrens nudes getting leaked and spread and about all the pedophelia. He was 18 when he quit. So are you trying to say that at age 18 Rag was still a child? Because he wasn't.

And are you trying to tell me a 16/17/18 year old doesn't know any better? Because they do. He could have called the cops on the Onision forums any day of the week, he had evidence, he did nothing. He was accountable and an accomplice.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740094

Using your same logic, Sarah and the other girls weren't victims either, because "they weren't kids". Stop anon, go take a breath outside, you need it.

No. 740095

He said on the stream that he joined the forums at 13 then became mod 5 years later at age 18. By that point everything was normal to him and he just kept things the same.

He said he stopped modding when Onion deleted the forums and made a new one but never gave him his mod role back. That was when the picture rating fiasco started, and after that is when Blaire dropped her video.

No. 740096

File: 1576149639012.jpg (124.53 KB, 480x640, Fagreynoldsdaddyissues.jpg)


That would be your logic. Sarah and the girls where groomed, and didn't make victims for themselves. They never groomed anyone themselves.

Actually by YOUR logic Kai would be completely innocent.

See how that works there, champ?


So he BECAME a mod at age 18, and he KNEW the pedophelia was going on. Yet he still became a mod as an ADULT. Well then, that makes it even WORSE.
I mean Regina's nudes where leaked, other girls nudes where leaked and spread, pedophiles where running wild there "oh hey, ima become a mod at this place now that i'm 18!"

Oh yeah, Rag is totes innocent. How could I be this stupid, right?

No. 740097

>He was 18 when he quit.

Using your logic, Regina was also an accomplice. Regina and Rag were both underage victims of a toxic community they both essentially grew up in. Funny how you keep ignoring that.

No. 740098


Your argument holds no water, it really doesn't.
But nice try.

No. 740099


PLUS your NEW argument says he STARTED modding when he was 18, that makes it even WORSE.

Specially considering he KNEW about the pedophelia on there. Would you mod a pedo forum? At age 18?

There we go.

No. 740100

This is Rag's old ED page, which already accused him of pedophelia back in the day, its a very interesting read:


Rag managed to get this page deleted twice.

No. 740101

sage goes in the email field btw friend

No. 740102


Not when you're delivering new information it fucking doesn't.

But nice try trying to defend yourself, Rag. We happen to be in the same time zone.


Shame it didn't work, but hey, you tried. like your self published vanity press book.

No. 740103

He was literally 16 when that page was written. And if you read it, they said he wrote it himself.

ED isn’t exactly a great source for reliable information.

No. 740104

Didn't know this was a rag thread.

No. 740105


Again your lying Rag, you're lying. The FIRST version was written by rag yes as his own vanity page, then they changed it when they found out what a lolcow and a pedophile Rag Reynolds himself is.

You are kinda speaking to me as if I haven't been a moderator on ED since 2007.(cringe)

No. 740106


It isn't. But this shit is VERY relevant since Rag Reynolds for YEARS was Greg's go to guy, and he helped facilitate the pedophiles.
Even when he wasn't a mod yet. He was so deep up Greg's ass only his fat ankles stuck out.

No. 740108

Looks like someone's a little upset about Rag's interview.

No. 740109

At least sage your posts ffs

No. 740110

>Its funny how Rag Reynolds really minimized his part,its almost as if we didn't see the evidence of his involvement in all of this.
>He helped facilitate the pedophiles and did nothing when kids nudes were being leaked.
>How Regina can be so positive about him is beyond me. Rag says nobody did anything, but he didn't do anything either and defended Greg all the way. He only quit after the forums where offline and even trolled people that where exposing Greg. He did so with a furious passion.
>For years Rag was one of Greg's go to guys when it came to pedophelia.

Are you serious??He was a fucking CHILD, FFS. He should NEVER have been put in that position. Truth is Greg didn't want to bother managing the site, but was too cheap & too controlling to HIRE for $$$ an actual adult moderator/IT manager & delegate the task of removing inappropriate content or boot skeevy members for bad behaviour. Expecting a teenage boy to know how to handle this is frankly ridiculous.Greg used this kid as cheap labor. It was GREG's responsibility to monitor his own fucken site, not some rando kid in Scotland.

No. 740111


Sure, try to make it about me again. Because thats all you got. I'm done here. I said my piece and you are welcome to make from it whatever you want.

I highly recommend doing your own research on Rag Reynolds to see for yourself.
And be proud of that interview Rag, we're all very proud of you including me. Do you think you pulled the wool over Chris Hansen's and Vincent's eyes, Rag?

Do you think you did well enough? Do you think they won't dig deeper in to this including the FBI?

If you are absolutely sure of that, i'm sure this interview won't bite you in your fat ass in the long run.

I think your interview fooled them about as much as your toupet does.

No. 740112

Obviously the sped that's derailing and doesn't know how to sage isn't here for reasonable discourse. Ignore it till the mods handle it.

No. 740113

Anon why so mad? Did rag got to see your nudes or something? Tone down your personal vendetta

No. 740114

File: 1576150719402.gif (651.71 KB, 452x324, tenor.gif)

so anyway, lane is going to be on chris hansen next week right. she might have more to say about the shit that went down when she blew the lid off sarah living there that resulted in sarah being sent home when she was 16. i remember her being on a stream saying she was being harassed to the point of panic attacks by grease after it all went down.

No. 740116

I'm curious to know what Lane has to add to all this.

All the interviews have helped put a lot of pieces together, strengthening the case for Greg being deplatformed. His channels should've been deleted after all that mess with Billie went down. I remember being furious at the time at what he did to her and Ayalla.

He's bullied and harassed people for years using his platform, and now he's complaining that "the internet" is bullying and harassing him. He never fucking learns.

No. 740120

I thought Rag sounded like a bitch who liked the sound of his own voice and was diminishing Onion's behaviour a lot and spent a lot of the interview downplaying his own role of being mates with people spreading nudes and doxxing. Rag has been doing videos for years on Onion and flip flopping on what is acceptable and not. Watching it, it even seemed like Hanson was getting frustrated and kept making a point to ask Rag for his actual opinion on Onion. People in the live chat kept saying Rag was well spoken and articulate, he just kept repeating the words desensitised and toxicity to mitigate his own involvement in the toxic culture. Claiming there was never evidence Onion was a bad guy but then talking about all the nefarious things happening on the forums. You can't claim ignorance, he knew it wasn't decent behaviour.

Glad Hanson still going after Onion but I didn't particularly think Rag was a good person to interview.

No. 740124

Tinfoil, but what if the sperging, anti-Rag anon is actually Deity who's super butthurt that his interview with Hansen got cut and replaced by Rag?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 740126

Since I was the most recent anon to post a rag post I'll just say I wrote that before reading the recent spergs. I find it more strange there's Rag wk in the Onion thread since most seasoned farmers know Rag is a troll. Good to see even the newfags doubt Rags credentials, they'll be integrated in no time!

No. 740130

OT but it look like the Waterheaded One has removed/unlisted/privated the fake Hansen interview videos. Did anyone happen to notice when they disappeared?

I wonder if he took them down due to YouTube's new ToS. He had better be affected by the new rules because god knows he's broken plenty of them. idubbbz had his Leafy Content Cop removed after the new toS took effect. I believe it was for 'bullying' or some such nonsense.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 740132

What the hell happened to the thread lol

I know they were already gone earlier yesterday, I scrolled through his videos shortly after the new rules were posted here

No. 740133

checked the URL, removed by user

No. 740134

Even if Rag was a toxic teenager who used to moderate onision forum you have to keep in mind 2 things. 1) It's Onision site and what happen on the site is his responsability. Using a teenager for free labour is bound to create issue. 2) You have to give some slack to every teenagers who grew out of this situation, ackowledged it was bad and tried to help ppl who ask Onision to assume his responsability. Rag could have easily stay quiet.

No. 740135

Here is the video with evidence against Rag Reynolds.

No. 740137

I don't what that vendetta-chan was going on about either because Rag said multiple times he thought things were handled wrong and condemned what was going on but didn't understand how horrific it really was until he was older so he'd go along with it when things blew over. That seems normal for a teen. It's not like you magically wake up with years of perspective and experience the day you turn 18 especially when you yourself have been groomed by the community from 13 on.

Not to mention the woman in her 20s who preyed on him when he was 15 ish and how he said older moms told him they wanted to fuck him while acknowledging that he was underage. He can be a troll and a victim.

The only thing he was saying about Onision is that he didn't have any proof that Onion boy was asking explicitly for nudes from kids and the whole picture fiasco happened after he was no longer a mod. He didn't have any proof that Grease himself was misusing the site to prey on teens. Just that he was responsible for taking a hands off approach to a pedo hotbed and he realizes that's pretty fucked now.

No. 740139

I did wonder why Rag didn't say anything about Robert Ripley aka Robert Casio posting a video years back that thanks "oniceon" and he says something thanking Greg (by NAME) for whatever reason. I mean, he really could have solidified the connection between Grug and Robert the convicted pedophile and child pornographer. Maybe he didnt know that Robert posted these videos, i don't know.

No. 740144


Thats just saying "oh i'm sorry about what I did but I was a little wittle baby" while you weren't Rag, and you still did them. And you never ever told Chris Hansen about this.

Don't worry though, I did.

No. 740145


Plus you were in your late teens when you did that shit. Hell, you knew about the pedophiles yet STARTED moderating the cuck forums when you were 18.

Just come clean, and admit you were starstruck by the cuck, so starcuck, and you let pedophiles roam free on that forum. You never gave a shit about Regina or any of the other kids that got their nudes traded there, hell, you facilitated it and let people like Alakazam in.

We got the receipts, Rag. You aren't weaseling your way out of this shit. You just dug your own grave.

No. 740146


I'm glad you're proud of that interview with Hansen though, you finally got to talk to a real reporter. Hansen should have grilled you though:

- Why did you become a moderator after you knew that place was literally infested with pedophiles, Rag?

- Why did you get pedophiles like Alakazam unbanned, Rag? Why did you even request this to the cuck personally over the email, Rag?

- Why didn't you call the cops on that forum and the pedophiles that traded your friends nudes, Rag? You were in your late teens, Rag, even a 7 year old knows how to dial 911, Rag.

Have fun with the shitfest and FBI grilling coming your way, Rag. You're proud of the interview, and so are we. Because its the end of you.

No. 740147

Learn2sage. No one has a vendetta against fat boy Rag fuck up, his interview wasn't objective or they interesting. He just confirmed he was a mod once and never came across things apparently that could link Onion to being a bad guy. Then he went off trying to victimise himself when the whole point of him being on was to talk about Greg and he basically refused to give personal opinions about Greg, diminish his own relationship with Greg and when asked if there was anything he would like to say to Greg it was just Hello. It was a shit interview honestly and towards the end you can easily see Hanson wasn't impressed. They should probably vet people better and do a pre interview to get a sense of what to discuss. There was barely anything said about Greg or the behind the scenes of running the forums.

No. 740148


Hansen should have grilled Rag harder.

No. 740149

Seriously learn to sage. Hanson did ask more pointed questions in the second half because Rag was beating around the Bush and being vague. Rag refused to give direct answers and Hanson being a professional was the one withholding bias. There was nothing impartial about Rags views

No. 740150

You're gonna whine he didn't have anything to say to Greg? If anything that would annoy Greg more, not even being worth addressing directly kek

No. 740151

Hansen show iIf you want ppl to testify against Greg you nesn't about grilling anyone. He provide a safe space for ppl who want to come forward. It's a shame Hansen didn't had all those infos on Rag during the interview. Rag would have been more honest it he knew Hansen was able to fact check some of his claim. Still I'm afraid all this agressivity might dissuade other former Onision fans to testify.

No. 740152

Yeah but the thing was the context Hanson was asking it in. Before closing the interview he essentially tried to grill Rag for his personal view on Onion in regards to the allegations and his behaviour and Rag was being withholding. Hanson was giving Rag opportunities to voice his opinion but he just kept being disingenuous. It's hardly ballsy to not directly address the guy you've spent the last hour discussing. Especially after some of the shit Rag has said about the actual victims and his conduct towards those that have been trying to bring light to how shitty Greg is. Congrats on the interview Rag, glad you got to plug your YouTube video you made on Greg theta over an hour long. You sure showed him saying Hiya

No. 740154


maybe rag is scared of onision? other interviewees have expressed that sentiment, it could be why he didn't have anything to personally say to greg at the end of the interview. rag basically said "everything i would say to onision has already been said by the victims" and i think that's more powerful that reiterating "get help" again. he didn't ever meet greg, and if he has nothing to say to him he has nothing to say.

rag is still only 22 like regina and i'm sure he has his own trauma from what happened on the forums. just because he is a guy doesn't mean he wasn't groomed by weirdos on greg's website. he said himself that he is still figuring out how these experiences affected him

No. 740155

Rag and Regina are the same age, I don't get why he can't be both the victim and a troll in this.

No. 740157

Didn't come off as grilling to me, just sounded like a general question you ask any victim.
Rag didn't need to be more clear than he was on his own view of onion, he condemned his actions multiple times. That's enough, and Hansen wasn't there to to grill him, he was interested in the facts known about the forums.
That's what rag delivered

No. 740158

I don't understand what he's suppose to be a victim of? People have mentioned some older woman on the forums had a relationship with him? Is that why he is a victim? Was he coerced to leak Shilohs nudes, he was linked to that back in the day. Did Greg force his opinions on him? Are Greg's dumb fans that harass his exes on social media victims because they got swept up in toxic trolling culture? Play with fire you're going to get burned. I think it's an insult to compare Rag to the girls Onion has harassed and targeted for years. I don't believe his exes have been making a living monetising videos about it, but correct me if I'm wrong

No. 740160

He got involved with Grug when he was in his early teens and in a way was also groomed. If people excuse the girls for doing "dumb shit" when they were literally the same age as he was, why shouldn't he get some pass as well? He still did a lot of shady things behind the scenes but that doesn't change the fact that he was also a minor when most of the bullshit happened.

No. 740161

it's clear he was interviewed for his insight into the forum's culture. debates about whether he's a victim or not are extraneous to the interview.

No. 740164

I don't understand the sentiment whatsoever or connection. Because the girls got groomed and developed romantic feelings for Greg and Lainey, Rags trolling past and belittlement of actual victims should be forgiven cause he was young? I think kids even know what bullying is lol come off. How is this related?

No. 740166

He was part of a toxic community during his formative teen years, he was groomed, and he was victimized as well.
You can't seriously not see how that could impact a person

No. 740167

Given that rags grew up on the forums. He saw much of the going ons as normal. Yes he was an unpaid moderator in 2016. But wasnt that for only 6-9 months? I dont get why he is getting any hate. It's good that he can give actual insights to the forum itself. He could have not said anything. But decided to speak out.

No. 740168

>Rag sucks and is as bad as Jimmy

Guess what, no one cared about what Jimmy did. Neither his ex wife, his ex girlfriends, his ex friends, his ex paypigs. No one gives a shit until Jimmy fucks them over.
Nobody listened. But they do now and they're all trying their best to take him down, so have multiple seats and stop sperging.

The threads became such a shitshow since pedogate started.

No. 740169

Yeah ok, feels bad Rag seeked out that community and got so indoctrinated he moderated it for 5 years and also took part in hate campaigns and nude leaks. Hopefully he's cut out his past toxic behaviour for the good.

No. 740172

Exactly. I knew pedophilia was wronf at 13, but I thought that was old disgusting creeps violently raping toddlers.
I didn't associate the 27 year old guy who groomed me to think we were in love with a pedophile because he was "nice" to me.
Realising that shit you've been through is fucked up only once you reach adulthood happens all the time.

No. 740173

He didnt mod for five years idiot
And you cant blame a kid for wanting to interact with an idol, if so you have to blame everyone for seeking out the forums

No. 740176

Well I do think Onision fans are faggots!

No. 740183

Holy shit, take the Rag sperges to his own thread ffs. The rest of us don't fucking care either way.

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No. 740184


well by all means then Rag, CLARIFY it for us? I mean last night u said you started modding there when you where 13, and that you left when the forum went to shit in 2016. that woulda made you 18 when you left and even with my shitty math that makes it 5 years.

then the other thing u said is that u started modding there at age 18. that makes it even WORSE since by then you should have known better and u knew that the forum was littered with pedophiles.

so which is it? clarify it for us completely: at what age did you start moderating there, and at what age did you stop?

well you already said you stopped in 2016, you where 18 then, so you best keep up with your own lies buddy. it needs to end in 2016 which is what you said live on hansen yesterday.

so in short, at what age did you start moderating there?

edit: to the mods, this is NOT derailing. rag reynolds was a moderator for greg and his right hand man for years. we have to know about all of this.(ban evasion)

No. 740185

I swear there's always a sperg over anyone who has ever been associated with the onions.
Like I get it,none of us here would ever understand stanning the onions let alone sleeping with them, but when they see the light and get out, some people are just plain dickish. With Sam or Madison it's kinda justified because Madison is a cow who still cares for Lainey and Sam was only salty because she couldn't stay with Greg, but there's still people calling Billie a hooker and Shiloh a homewrecker and it doesn't do anything but ruin the milk and cause fights.
While it's retarded that Reynolds was ever a fan, he WAS a minor and it wasn't like he stood by, he went to Greg and told him about the pedophile on the forum.
Not only that but he himself was in a relationship with an older person on the forums while he was underaged, so I feel like people should cut him some slack.

No. 740186

>so I feel like people should cut him some slack

Yeah, a teenager is almost literally retarded and does and thinks almost literally retarded things. Call CNN, because this is news.

No. 740187

Exactly. Sarah was a snotty toxic little thing while she stanned Lainey and Greg but almost everyone can agree that she was just a kid. Shiloh was a teenager when she used to shit talk Adrienne because Greg literally pitted her against Adrienne. But now she's supporting the other girls.
Why is Rag be an exception?
He was literally being groomed as a minor into sending nudes of himself.

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Who the fuck is this rag reynolds sperg and what is their vendetta?
I didn't know anything about the guy before his interview. To me he seemed to talk about himself too much, when the point was to get info about the forums. He plugged his youtube video twice. It was a stupid interview yeah, but for a proper investigation it is best to interview as many people as possible. I trust Chris and Vincent to know what they are doing.

It's also been stated multiple times throughout the interviews (since it's obvious people here post without even watching them) that basically they aren't just interviewing underage victims specifically of Onision's. They want to get a clear picture of the whole thing, and make sure it is consistent.

No. 740199

he just posed another video from his hotel room ..do we know he's actually living in a hotel now or just renting it just for these meltdown videos? did anyone keep up with his discord if he is still livestreaming from his usual basement?

No. 740200


Seriously, I know we've shit all over him in the past, but the knowledge that Onion was luring his underage fans into a community of pedos is not nothing, what are some of you people going on about. Most people would find that genuinely horrifying.


I think the people holding Rag absurdly accountable (if not just one person) because he was a teenager must also be teenagers, because for real. It's not like he committed a crime, he was a teenager who stanned a shitty YouTuber, much like tons of other teenagers who later grow out of their shit behavior. Plus, he was also being groomed, so. Like, I don't give a fuck about him one way or the other, but the sperging about him is objectively excessive.


I can't imagine he lost his house, so I'm assuming it's just for the meltdown video, unless he just left of his own accord.

No. 740202

He probably bought it for one day and filmed a bunch of videos to upload over the next few days

No. 740203

Thinking the same. Perhaps he doesn't want to risk a neighbour reporting him as he's extremely fucking loud in these videos.
Poor hotel staff & other guests, though.

No. 740204

I think people are forgetting he lives in Scottland. He probably didn't know there was anything he could do about a website hosted in America.

No. 740206


He said he JOINED the forum at 13 and didn't start moderating until he was 16 and stopped when he was 18. Christ, if you're gonna sperg, at least pay attention to what someone says so you don't look like an idiot that can't understand basic English.