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File: 1476243867160.jpg (131.08 KB, 400x542, Onision Mag Cover.jpg)

No. 305712

Previous Thread >>>/pt/303405

To Recap: Greg and Lainey brought Billie back even though it was stated she was never coming back and Greg said in a recent video he would never see her again even though he loved her very much.

No. 305714

Where's Skye and AJ?

No. 305720

Top fucking kek, anon

No. 305721

Love it anon, great work.

I agree with the previous anon about the furniture comment. It's like when you make a house in the Sims and you get the biggest house you can but run out of funds to furnish it.

Seeing how empty their house is makes me feel trapped and I don't even live there.

No. 305723

File: 1476247712519.png (788.32 KB, 1000x667, doormatlainey.png)

Everyone's doing photoshops

No. 305724

The anons making these thread OP images are fucking on fire.

No. 305726


I love it!

No. 305737

I am fucking screaming these images are the best thing I have ever seen

No. 305738

Man, Onion threads move fast, it's hard to keep up with everything. I get the most intense secondhand embarrassment from Lainey, and her deluded sycophant followers.

No. 305740

kek, she should sell it as her merch

No. 305744

File: 1476265152598.jpg (70.78 KB, 596x424, as.jpg)

Hey Lainey, you are too old— I MEAN please go full-on gay and divorce me.

And take the kids with you, kthnxbye

No. 305748

They'll probably slow down now that the milk is dry, unless Lainey has another breakdown.

No. 305755

What? He is so fucking delusional, if she's still riding your greasy cock like you keep on bragging about saying she does "twice a day" then she is not "full-on gay".

If she's taking a break from riding your greasy cock because she's heavily pregnant, then she is not "full-on gay".

Fucking hell, no one can be this stupid.

No. 305756

File: 1476274158176.png (89.2 KB, 643x413, onision.png)

>Hey kids! Post a picture of yourself in this thread and good ol' uncle Onion will guess your age :^)

No. 305758

>Onision guesses your race

Ngl, I went straight to this thread to see him get messy with geography and race but he asked people to write their race below the pics so we're all being deprived of his stupidity.

No. 305759

>accused multiple times of going after underage girls
>accused of accepting underage nudes
>wife was underage when they got together
>"you know what, I'm gonna ask my fanbase of children to submit pictures of themselves along with their age!"

Really? Couldn't he even try to look less like a kiddiefiddler?

No. 305761


How much you wanna bet ALL his exes that lived with him had (been forced) to ride his greasy cock twice a day? I have a feeling they couldn't say no.

No. 305768

File: 1476281977355.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, boardtanvomit.jpg)

No. 305771

I remember from Shilohs Blog, it was more than two Times a day.

No. 305777


Yeah, she said it was eight times a day. How is that even possible, I don't know…

No. 305780


That's nothing! He said that he'll make a contest for his fans to send him videos of them 'kissing something in the most disgusting and dramatic ways'. It was the video where Billoh was sitting next to him and cuddled against him.

I'm like. Did you just requested softcore cp?

No. 305781

This doesn't sit well with me. Considering he's heavily against piercings (as described by AJ), it makes me think he's trawling through these threads looking for a young, depressed, white teenage girl with no piercings to attack next.

"Chance get in an Onision video" (here we go again with the piss-poor spelling) hmm I wonder if this involves flying his new victim out to his home? What a nice little cover he has created there!

No. 305783

Ugh! Why isn't this fucker behind bars yet? I also wonder if he still has the white van that's in some of his videos.

No. 305786

Gurgles is proposing a one week social media strike as a method of protest. Of course he excludes youtube from the strike. I guess this means Lainey won't be able to vent on twitter when things blowup with Billie around.

No. 305787

How long do you think his little social strike will last? I'd give it a day, God knows he (Onion) can't keep his mouth shut for very long.


No. 305788

File: 1476314862028.jpg (77.87 KB, 603x407, ohgurg.jpg)

Some people in the comments are pointing out his exclusion of youtube lol as well as the uselessness of this whole strike.

No. 305791

Hes so stupid why didnt he just keep saying facebook twitter and tumblr instead of saying non-youtube SM? Way to make ut blantly obvious gurg, maybe not as many people would have caught on to your money ploy if you hadnt repeated that phrase 3 times in the span of 15 seconds…

Atleast he started drawing on paper in these so theres no obnoxious glare and camera reflection over everything (although now the lighting is shit surprise surprise)

No. 305792

Samefag but i also love how he says if you pledge to stay off SM and don't you have to pledge 10$ to a charity…you going to personally police that onionboy?

No. 305794

File: 1476319799881.png (116.5 KB, 570x480, Billieupset.png)

Ohhhh wonder what has Billie upset.

No. 305799

"I won't let Lainey's shitty attitude get in my way of her husband (his money, attention, the ability to be a do nothing bitch)" fix'd, bitch.

No. 305804

"Sorry you're so negative about me stealing your husband. God, you are so dragging us both down."

No. 305812

Who else thinks the lainey molesting their child rumor could still be true after watching the rash video

No. 305814

File: 1476325973882.gif (2.86 KB, 277x172, 68745.gif)

No. 305816



No. 305818


what a reach

No. 305824

You know what diapers are, right?

No. 305829

Go away Biloh and co

No. 305830

Bhilo was never posting here :(

No. 305837

You'd think he'd be in better shape if he had sex that often.
>implying Onion doesn't lie there like a dead fish and make the woman do all the work

No. 305839

He seems like the type that won't give a girl oral because it's "icky" but demands she suck his greasepole, and once he's blown his load he fucks off and doesn't bother satisfying her.

No. 305843


from Adrienne's letter, Gerg sounds more like the aggressor than a dead fish. could've changed since then, but I feel like it's just more of his "I have to be in control" shit

>For some reason or another, he would take me being frustrated and argumentative as a sexual challenge, and would pin me to the bed and basically try to fuck me (or, as he says, “make love”) into submission.

No. 305850

>pin me to the bed and basically try to fuck me (or, as he says, “make love”) into submission.
This is disgusting. Would love to hear his "explanation"/excuse for that.

No. 305858

>"Only a stones' throw away from being gay"
That's not how bisexuality works, Greg.

No. 305860


It is when your wife is disgusted by you and only using you for your money and uses "BUT I NO LIKE PEEN RIGHT NOW ONLY JAYJAY!" as an excuse not to touch your greasy dick

No. 305867

I bet he does the same shit now to Plainey, but her dumb mind thinks it's a "proof of love".

No. 305871

WHY are they having another kid if they don't care for the first one?

has Gergles ever given his stance on abortion? (would be shocked if he hasn't, he spews his shit opinions on everything else)

No. 305878

He flip flops on it. He once said it was wrong unless you were raped but then he remembered he needed those fake feminist points and did a 180.

No. 305889

File: 1476380637762.png (92.84 KB, 615x528, jcjJNtI.png)

Still in denial, I see.

No. 305898


Shh shh it's okay honey, it's okay… Just go back to sleep and relive it all over again.

No. 305899

>Husband flies some teenager to their place multiple times so he can sleep with her while having a pregnant wife and another kid
>Admits to it being her husband's idea for this girl to also be her girlfriend
>it's not broken it's perfectly fine!!!

Sure, Lainey. Get help.

No. 305900

Is emo still a thing in the states? He keeps making videos about emos and talking about them, but i thought they were completely extinct.

No. 305901


I'm almost certain they're extinct, unless it's a thing with kids in middle/high school again. Considering this is his age preference/target audience, that would make sense.

No. 305902

Gosh, Lainey, maybe you wouldn't feel so anxious if you weren't in a dysfunctional relationship. This girl is dumber than a sack of bricks.

No. 305904

Wow… So she uses Twitter as her personal diary and tweets things like "you never loved me you fucking liar" and "I never wanted to have a gf Greg made me", and cuddlegate 1 and 2, but if we ever get concerned about her family… We're the ones stepping over our boundaries? Yeah, ok, enjoy being in denial with your 30 year old ephebophile daddy dom

No. 305905

Oh please, she was begging for his greasy dick during cuddlegate 2 and then bragging about how good it was on twitter.

No. 305906

reminds me of those people who make vague facebook statuses about how horrible things are BUT DON'T ASK ME ABOUT IT OMG

No. 305909

In recent news: some of Onion's videos have been demonetized for breaking yt guidelines on the three main channels. Like the little weasel he is, he's starting to move them to the Archive channel and renamed them for remonetization.


No. 305912

Keep reporting them, money and himself are the only thing he cares about.

No. 305919

File: 1476394181568.png (90.52 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"Taylor" doesn't like her name because "it doesn't suit her". Didn't she once say she hated it bc it's a dude's name? Excuses excuses…

No. 305928

The blue hair comment makes me feel… suspicious.

No. 305931


Yeah I wonder if that is towards Billie Mom.

I feel like Greg doesn't know how to be a good parent. You don't constrict your kid to do something because you hate, you do it to teach them common sense. If it's 5 degrees out and your three year old doesn't want to put on their jacket, you don't let it slide, you make them wear a jacket because you don't want them to get sick.

No. 305932


Thing is, I don't see any eyebrow piercings on Billoh right now, but it still felt like he was talking about her. Weird.

I agree with you. We teach basic skills for children and teens to learn so that they can take care of themselves as well as succeed in the real world. Gerk doesn't live in the real world.

No. 305933

File: 1476398535017.png (627.7 KB, 824x600, halpmuhhair.png)

Slutty Yellow? Gonorrhea Green? Blue Waffles? Homewreckin' Purple?

No. 305935

billies mom tattoos her so i doubt shed be judgmental or hard on billie about her blue hair

No. 305937


He mentions that he's a parent (so obviously he is an expert on parenting), but isn't he paying one of their friends to keep the kid pretty much full-time, and in a separate house?

No. 305939


Not anymore.

No. 305941

I'll hate on her shitty personality all day long, but damn she's cute

No. 305942

Can people post candids of her? A photo she didn't take. I ask because I wanna see what she actually looks like. I can take qt ass selfies like this too but I definitely do not translate the same in photos other people take, lmao.

No. 305946

I posted lots of candids in her thread in /snow/: >>>/snow/85507

She definitely looks more homely in photos she didn't upload herself, but I think she still looks fine. Doesn't seem to shoop much, mostly angles.

No. 305960

Yeah, she's still a cute chick, just not carefully angled alternative Insta highlighter goddess which is pretty much to be expected. I don't know if Onion's videos count as candids but I assume he didn't Kotify her in AfterEffects and she still looks fine in those too.

It's kind of a shame she's such a cunt, because good looks+money+genuinely nice personality can get someone really far but she's only got 2/3 of the equation so her train stopped at Grease dick.

No. 305966

New theory, YT changed the monetization rules to push onion off the site.

No. 305967

Oh god I wish.

No. 305970


Oh man, I hope your theory is true anon! 'Cause not even YouTube itself likes Onion.

No. 305972

She just looks more like her age in her candids

No. 305980

I fucking wish. I haven't noticed any changes in the way I monetize videos though. Getting rid of shitheads like Onion would be a dream. It's been a fucked up system for years allowing cancerous people like him and Leafy make money by being pure assholes. That YouTube Heroes program can't come soon enough.

No. 305983

The new Youtube rules are weird af though. They say they plan to enforce them but they're vague and absurdly limiting to what sort of content you can produce and be monetized for. Of course, this will definitely reduce the amount of assholes and people literally assaulting others or spreading abusive messages for $$, but IDK, I'm worried about it hurting more critical/controversial youtubers who are not technically abusing/hurting anyone. I'm worried this will be the total gentrification of youtube lol. It will become TV 2.0 as no one will want to upload videos there for free anymore, and all that will be left is "family friend" monetized content.

sage for kinda OT

No. 305987

File: 1476437320168.jpeg (13.96 KB, 325x155, images.jpeg)

This is Laneys reaction to her life right now.

No. 305997

Is it just me or does Onion's voice sound…older? Like, 40 or 50 years older?

No. 306025

Onion really found the perfect doormat this time.

No. 306036

such low standards.

No. 306086

>still claims knowledge on AoT
>if you call someone a weaboo, you're racist
>anime nerd

Also. Twilight's dead. You can take off your makeup now Greasecock, you're not Edward Cullen.

No. 306087

Holy shit, that is a lot of makeup…

No. 306090

>it's (still) the woman's fault for getting raped bc she was drunk, she consented anyway.
>tells everyone to stop being politically correct.
>male feminazi

No. 306092


Lol yeah, poor ugly bastard.

No. 306096

File: 1476506790896.png (359.11 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2016-10-15-00-44-59.p…)

Saw this on reddit…. Is that you Lainey?

No. 306097

I say that's a fake bait. She knows people know her by that username. She wouldn't risk that

No. 306099


Lainey uses xxuire for other accounts, so it's either Lainey or a troll.

No. 306101

Oh interesting. Actually never knew she used that name. lol

No. 306102

probably a troll since she knows people know her by that username.

No. 306103

I would definitely ignore after that last fake tweet. It's a new account, using one of her other names.

No. 306104

although interestingly enough there is this other post on the account from 8 days ago

No. 306105

I'd believe it if the account was years old. 8 days? nah

No. 306106

I also find it suspect that it only took 2 hours for someone to find it.

No. 306108

Someone got too thirsty for drama and made it up lol.

No. 306109

Ehh. Poster who noticed the reddit post. I was honestly bored and reading random threads, and was shocked when I read this. But only cause it sounded so much like her situation. Didn't know it was her former or alt username.

No. 306110

uh huh

No. 306111

Not going to attempt to convince an anonymous person that I have nothing to do with it. Thus, I am not addressing you anymore. Have a nice day.

In any case, the direct link to the questionable troll/Lainey comment is here: https://m.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/57impx/seriouswhat_is_the_elephant_in_the_room_between/d8smj3b

No. 306113

Even if you weren't the one to make it it's very likely to be a troll post because of the same username

No. 306129

Grease and Plain aren't retards. Grease has been on the internet since the 90's and Plain has been his kept woman for years. Both of them know not to use the same username for everything. That's very poor bait.

No. 306146

Even if thats true, after the Billie-Troll nothing will convince me its legit tbh. And even if it is, it doesn't really prove anything. Except that Lainey is still insecure in the relationship which no one is surprised about.

No. 306155

Does he actually believe in the bs about his "perfect relationship" himself?

No. 306156

>"People who love drama are so pathetic lol"
>gleefully brags about his garbage marriage that is only still a thing because Plainey doesn't have the guts to leave him

No. 306157

Samefagging, but I also love how he put the "LOL this is satire guys :)!" disclaimer in the description to excuse him being an asshole and trying to profit off someone's divorce.

No. 306159

Is it just me or is he trying to sound like Leafy?

No. 306160

Interesting how he is only showing pictures of blond and long haired Lainey and himself before she went to the fakeboi/soccer mom phase.

No. 306161

He SERIOUSLY is. that's pathetic.

No. 306172

File: 1476552104925.png (618.36 KB, 806x608, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 1.20…)

his foundation looks so pale and cakey what was he thinking

No. 306173


He looks like Bo Burnham

No. 306180

If females wear makeup, they're just being fake. If Greg wears makeup he's just cosplaying as that 30 year old from New Kids on the Block.

No. 306181

fuckin kek he's piling it on to try and hide his tomato face. because you know, 5+ layers of foundation is what it takes!

No. 306182


He was thinking he could hide his ugly rancid face with a shit ton of makeup for his video. He doesn't even show his face on uhohbro anymore. But the thing is, he sounds old now, might as well use a voice filter too.

No. 306184


>We talk it out when we have problems

AKA bitch over Twitter

>You marry them because you love them and they make your life more complete

AKA They were underage and you know its easy to manipulate them into bringing more underage girls into the relationship.

No. 306185

he looks like fucking billy corgan.

No. 306187


You know what's fucked up, though? The fact that Miranda Sings and her ex-husband have way more love and respect for one another while divorced than Gerk and Plainey does for each other while married.

No. 306188

This is nightmare fuel

No. 306190

Michael Jackson, in his budget Neverland (i.e. unfurnished McMansion.)

No. 306191

No. 306209

File: 1476560606479.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, IV0jNs1.jpg)

No. 306235


Hold up! Didn't he had a rough time coping with his own divorce to the point of going mental over it? Not only that didn't he also expressed regret over it while engaged to Shiloh? Onion has no room to talk!

No. 306237


aren't the girls he's after a little too young to get the blink 182 references?

No. 306238

That's classic punk rock to them.

No. 306239

Question: is it possible that Onion might've gotten plastic surgery before? Y'know, to somewhat enhance his looks?

No. 306244


lmfao ew don't insult Bo like that

No. 306246

Hypocricy, hypocricy everywhere! Oh and he introduces a new character! Not entirely surprised.

No. 306254

Is this fucker trying to distance Billie from Social Repose? I hope he makes another video mocking him. His fans are turning on him in the comments.

No. 306258


No. Look at him.

No. 306260

File: 1476576248951.png (755.58 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


And Shane Dawson! He's had the goth character for a very long time, but it's resemblance to Richie is very uncanny.

No. 306263

File: 1476577234585.png (77.39 KB, 927x252, 0ccc697225c58667414ad62827c00b…)

Plain is on reddit complaining about her marriage!

No. 306264


Read above we think this is a troll.

No. 306266



Nah it's a troll, and probably British. Nice try troll!

No. 306267

Is it bad I really hope it's not a troll, yeah I know wishful thinking.

No. 306268

Oh i didn't see that, you're right there's no way she'd be using oxford spelling. false alarm!

No. 306269

File: 1476578031129.png (255.97 KB, 961x800, Untitled.png)


Opps dropped my pic.

No. 306270

File: 1476578558884.jpg (26.42 KB, 579x191, Screenshot_43.jpg)

No. 306271


Is she lurking here or what???

No. 306272

Her clone probably told her about it.

No. 306273


It was pretty much confirmed in the "Accusaions about my husband" video.

No. 306274

If he did, he should ask for a refund.

No. 306275


her clone's always been lurking and reporting to lainey anything that might get her attention. @clone get your head out of lainey's ass, find an identity and fuck off

No. 306276

For god's sake whoever is doing this is starting to be annoying as hell. At least wait a bit before following in billetroll's footsteps.

No. 306277

Does anyone know why the clone cloned Taylor of all people? She has the personality of a cardboard box, does literally nothing but sit on her ass on social media all day, and looks like a 35yo housewife…what's the appeal? And why would the clone camp out here where everyone's talking shit about her idol?

No. 306278


Who knows. She's just really obsessed with her for some reason. Maybe she likes the attention she gets for being obsessed?

Or she thinks she relates to Taylor because they both post edgy and depressing *~lyrics guize*~

No. 306282

File: 1476580878304.png (119.56 KB, 583x509, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.17…)

I think she was just obsessed with Onision for a long time and since she couldn't get close to him because of Lainey she probably thought that befriending her would be the next best thing? I can't find any earlier tweets but the picture at the top is an Onision hoodie that she got for her birthday prior.

But honestly clone, get a life and stop lurking here, no one cares about you. Not even Lainey or Greg.

No. 306283

File: 1476581077670.png (414.78 KB, 626x740, Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.23…)

Sorry for samefagging, but that's so creepy.

No. 306284

She thinks his tweets are deep? She's going to end up in a cult isn't she?

No. 306285

no wonder she was so quick to jump down billie's throat during laineys twitter meltdown, she's jealous she ain't the one fucking greasedick and lamey

No. 306289

File: 1476583013582.png (124.55 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Apparently this is Lamo's third pregnancy, she miscarried on her second.

No. 306290

File: 1476583163670.png (188.96 KB, 396x527, vOxqkuY.png)

someone really wants to have their 15 minutes, huh?

No. 306291

It wouldn't surprise me if the Laineybot clone made the fake reddit account just to point it out to lainey and get attention from her. Not saying thats exactly hat happened but it makes sense.

No. 306292

I can get behind this theory. What if Plainclone was Billie Troll too? She can't speak out against Gargamel unless Lainey is having one of her Twitter meltdowns, so she might have whipped all this up. She's pretty open about hating Billie too.

No. 306293


Remember what happened last time we tinhatted?

Don't think the girl is smart enough to do all of what that person did.

No. 306294

That woman is a twisted fucking wench. Holy shit.

No. 306296

How do we know this is real?

No. 306297

we don't.

No. 306298

I really hate this girl.

No. 306300


actually, she was quick to rebuke Onision and Billie when CG 2.0 was happening. Plainclone is creepy as fuck, but atleast she's not a "banana".

No. 306302

yeah, me too honestly. It'd show that Lain is actually listening to peoples' concerns and wants to get away, but let's be real here. Lain is too up her ass and probably enjoys the bullshit Onision and Billie feed her.

No. 306304


What we DO know is that momma-onion doesn't like Taytay, only her "offsprings". So who knows… Though I didn't see that post anywhere on her Facebook.

No. 306306

Update: "xxuire's" Reddit account has been deleted.

No. 306308

have you guys seen this video? it's rly weird. onion comes off as a prick (as usual) but he's weirdly obessed with his kids nuts.

it's awful how easy people can tell they're abusing their kid, i would have wanted to call CPS too

No. 306310

his mom's probably jealous greg's fucking lainey instead of her

No. 306314

He's such an asshole.
Then why take him to the ER, dumbfuck? Oh yeah, it's because without process of elimination he wouldn't have had the slightest clue what might be going on with his kid's body. I'm sure Onion and wife came into that ER screaming at staff to do something about their kid's red balls, and then when the doctor's wanted to test (costing Onion money) he decided his kid's health wasn't that dire. Doctors don't just call security and threaten CPS because a parent is being firm about not wanting a procedure done on their kid. I'm sure Onion was yelling, cussing, and acting like a raving lunatic.

I'm glad he got charged $10k. It was well-deserved for hospital staff having to put up with that arrogant prick. Nothing makes me roll my eyes more when people go to professionals for help and then shit talk about how they know better than said professional. Well Onion, if you knew so much better than doc then don't burden the ER with trivial concerns (it's the reason staff made you wait bc ER admits patients w/ more serious conditions first).

No. 306315


Fuck's sakes, is there anyone that's been with Onion that she's actually liked? She despises Plain and she eagerly made fun of Shiloh in one of his videos.

Or does she think no one but her is good enough for her precious "indigo child"?

No. 306316


She liked his ex-wife. She even pleaded with Onion to bring her back.

No. 306329

Which one?

No. 306331

Isn't Skye his only ex wife?

No. 306332

Yup. He was engaged to Shiloh and asked Adrienne to marry him pretty much as soon as he met her.

No. 306335

The more you research Onion's youth and see what sort of influence this woman had in his life, the more parallels you find between his story and the childhood horror stories that are the upbringings of actual convicted serial killers. His mother is a schizoaffective delusional nut. One peek through her YouTube channel Vamchoir is like staring into the collective minds of multiple crazy people simultaneously all at once, and much like her son, the entire time you get the same cold dead thousand yard stare. They're pretty hard to watch. In my opinion almost everything currently wrong with him was brought upon him by his mother.

No. 306341

Even though I am 99% sure this is a troll, I totally can imagine the part where Onion locks himself in the office and won't help with the kids unless Billy comes over.

No. 306343

Now that you mention it, he totally is.
Fucking pathetic.

No. 306345

Second this. It's very creepy but if you know what youre looking at pretty obvious.
I think He has multiple mental disorders as well. Just sad for his kids that he doesnt get help. Which would ease his suffering / emptiness he feels when he has no one to control or take advantage of. But i guess it's the only thing he knows.

No. 306352

I don't get that response because everyone here had pretty much agreed it's a troll from the start.

No. 306357


is there a thread on here for his mother?

No. 306362


Not that I'm aware of, but there honestly should be because Tami is just as fucked up as her son.

No. 306364


>Just sad for his kids that he doesnt get help.

Just sad for his kids that whatever their father has, there's a chance that one or both of them will possibly inherit his and their mother's mental illnesses.

No. 306366

How have they abused their kid?

Also, can someone please make an onionmom thread ASAP?? I'd love to learn more about her…

No. 306368


No wonder greg is fucked up, his mothers a fucking piece of shit.

I could totally believe lainey had a miscarriage. I remember reading somewhere that the chances of miscarriage is 20-25%, but some other sites say it's 10-15%

It's still pretty common under the 12 week mark

No. 306375


I've made a thread for any Onion Mom drama and discussion

No. 306377

She should be in /snow

No. 306387

File: 1476641034573.jpg (19.06 KB, 296x240, sadkla.JPG)

Remember when Onision tried to refute his ED article?


PS. He wrote all the captions on the pictures himself, but in 3rd person

No. 306388

File: 1476641111506.jpg (41.43 KB, 520x655, tumblr_m8lqf2feyx1rco94wo6_128…)

Also I have to post this shit here

No. 306397


No. 306398

How convenient for onion that his strike is during his wife's birthday. So neither him nor Billie have acknowledged her birthday online.

No. 306399

FUCKING hell i cannot rad that it takes like a full minute just to scroll down the page how did he bother

No. 306402

No. 306406

Wow, he's such an idiot/ dick. And of course he's posting the video the day SR goes to L.A. so he can't do a response video. The end of the video he's referring to is "please don't be my girlfriend".

I wonder if the rest is true though. Would be hilarious. I thought that SR came with Billie to Seattle when she visited the first time?

No. 306414



holy shit onion you're a pasty vegetarian bodied orc with an inflamed face and massive mouth. this photoshop just highlights how far from vaguely attractive you actually are.

No. 306421

File: 1476658001609.gif (3.23 MB, 264x242, 0cc.gif)

>get help, and stay away from women until you do.

No. 306423


His voice when he says it is even funnier. He's trying to sound all intimidating.

No. 306425

Can someone do a summary for those of us who can't make it through Grog's videos?

No. 306426

sr cheated on his girlfriend. thats it.

No. 306428

Why do all these idiots (Onion, SR, and that Onion stalker SG827) go after each other for things like this that they do themselves?

All of them seem to think they treat women right, while this other edgy faggot that they hate is a player/wife beater/etc, but they do it too?

No. 306430


Onion stalker? You mean d0ntstandsoclosetome?

No. 306431

and haven't they both moved on from it already?

No. 306432

Gerg hasn't, obviously. He needs to stop inserting himself into others' relationships to cause drama and focus on dealing with the drama within his own.

No. 306433

the projecting is hilarious

am I misremembering or did Gerg try to befriend SR at some point early on?

No. 306434

this is why no one wants to be near you or collab with you onion, you're a lunatic. god how is cyr still friends with this guy

No. 306435

Who are you and why do you go out of your way to hate on SG every time he is mentioned in a thread. What is any different about your hate boner for him and his for Onion.

No. 306436

Social Repose responded pretty quickly. He calls Onion out on his lies and hypocrisy of course but there is some good milk right at the end!

No. 306437


He seems like a really nice genuine person to be honest. Gergs such a dick.

No. 306438

He seems like a dick when it comes to relationships, but he also seems very well spoken and clearly Greg is just spewing shit to hate him. I'm glad he came out and cleared it out and put Greg on blast about being such a fucking hypocrite.

No. 306439


No. 306441

"Not mention when a bunch of shit was going down months and months ago when him and Billie first started dating and they broke up for the first time, he fucking followed her to the airport and told Billie that he was willing to leave everything behind and take her and start a new life with her."

LOL. Why doesn't this story surprise me at all? He is so desperate to get rid of Lainey. Actually I am surprised Billie didn't take him up on it.

No. 306442


I only watched to the end to see the milk, and it is pretty good to be fair. Social Repose basically calls Gregma out for inviting a second person into his marriage when he's married with kids and broadcasts this arrangement and his drama all over social media.

BUT - even creamier, he goes on to say that after one of the breakups, Gregma followed Billiebob to the airport and told her he would give up everything and essentially leave Plainey to be with her and this is a "true story that Billie told me".

Could be BS but he does seem to be pretty genuine when telling that and it's totally something Gurg would do.

REALLY want to see Plain's reaction to this.

No. 306444

File: 1476665752552.jpg (229.08 KB, 960x1200, Cu7ciniVYAAxnCw.jpg)

not preg?

No. 306445

I honestly think Greg hates SR because as far as music, SR is a lot more talented than Greg. He actually has a good singing voice and does a pretty good job at arranging his acapella videos.

Meanwhile greg does videos like this.

No. 306446

could these be old pics?

No. 306447

unless her stmoach just didnt get super big. Not all women get a big belly when they get pregnant, and thats a pretty baggy onesie.

who knows with her…

No. 306448


She said it's a bday gift from Billie so doubt it.

No. 306449

ooooh, that's juicy as shit. i wonder if billie will confirm or deny.

>REALLY want to see Plain's reaction to this.

she's not gonna do shit aside from maybe tweet some emo lyrics or ruminations about how she's ~codependent why can't i stand up for myself??~, then go back to normal in a few days.

No. 306450

File: 1476666672165.png (318.88 KB, 581x497, Tt9afVp.png)

I can see her shedding a single tear every time she dutifully calls Billie her gf, and Billie dry heaving every time she has to force herself to make a kissy face back.

No. 306452

hopefully all the stress didn't cause her to have the baby early

No. 306453

I guess those ideas of her popping the kid out early isn't too farfetched now.

No. 306454

Imagine how Billie must have felt when she had to lick that pussy.

No. 306456

No. 306457

It was more than a week before she posted a selfie after making her accounts active again, and even then it was obvious she was posting old pics.
She's had plenty of time to recover from birth, so we can assume she had her premie baby and is now back to posting whole body pics.
She got BIG when she had Troy too, I can't imagine her being able to hide a full term belly in a cheap, china-made onesie.

No. 306458

File: 1476668137385.png (99.7 KB, 750x1191, IMG_0925.PNG)

No. 306459

Does he actually say Onion and Billie are dating? Not even trying to keep up the Lamo's gf pretext??

No. 306460


Oh god. That was terrible.

No. 306461

Even a small belly I would imagine would show at 8 (?) months
Her having the baby makes some sense. Could explain why Billie bop was there. Just couldn't imagine being able to recover from a complicated birth in a week or so. The baby would be in NICU too.. I guess everyone is different but the last thing I did when my son was in NICU was take pictures in my husbands loli lovers "birthday gifts". That girl is fucked up. There's no turning back from onion. She's gonna need some deep therapy

No. 306463

ew, i forgot greg lived in seattle. makes me wanna casually walk past the mcmansion next time i'm in town…

No. 306464

I'm sure Bully had a grand ol' time lapping up Plain's goopy pregnancy discharge

No. 306465

Fuck, I need to quit coming here when I'm eating dinner.

No. 306468

File: 1476673182565.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, spew.jpg)

No. 306469

Is that a bed in their living room?

No. 306471

She had to get through that to get to the prize! Which was… a greasy, acne-ridden angry looking gergdick… yay…

No. 306472

looks like it. My guess is that Greg "works" late at night upstairs and Lainey sleeps downstairs w/ the baby. Or maybe they just live totally separate lives now.

No. 306473

I don't know…Either Lainey had the baby or I think Lainey's still pregnant.

Embarrassingly enough, I remember back in the myspace days, twisting my body in all sorts of ways in order to look a certain way in photos. I think Lainey is doing the same thing, especially in a baggy kigurumi? Easy way to hide the belly, therefore throw off the "h8rz".

Or Lainey had a miscarriage sometime after that facebook post in that breastfeeding moms group that was found saying they were "25 weeks along" or some shit.

No. 306474


looks like a bedroom to me. the bathroom in the background doesn't look like it has a door and that's common for master bedrooms.

No. 306475


yeah, it seems like that's the bedroom those two share and the place where they film their videos has a spare bed where Onion sleeps or something when he's not jerking off to hentai under the pretense of "working on videos".

No. 306476

He has a bed in his office, I'm guessing it's for himself when he "works late hours" but also when billybop visited, she was sleeping there (you can see it in his videos).

I'm pretty sure he would lock himself in his office with Billie, while Doormat was going mad on Twitter.

No. 306477

Their house is weird, but it seems like a bedroom with a huge rug, and then a bathroom that doesn't have a door. But then there's also a weird stool in the bathroom, which could be for a vanity, but the wall also doesn't go all the way up to the ceilings, there are belts hanging on top of it.

I have no idea what they did to this place considering how fucking nice it looked in the listings.

No. 306478

I think the bed in his office was so that his gal-pals could sleep next to him while he edited, I remember a creepy video of Shiloh crying in her sleep because she was "lonely at night" and him talking about getting another bed for her.

No. 306480


I think it's possible she's bending forward in some kind of thigh gap pose, making all of the fabric fall to the front and hiding her belly? Just a thought. It'd be fucked up if she just had the baby because Billie was just there.

This is such great milk, too.

No. 306482

Oh ok, I guess that's possible. I thought that it was their kitchen in the bg at first glance, my bad.

No. 306483

It's fucking ridiculous how many people are defending Gurg when logic is staring them in the face. Gurg is all about "two sides to every story," when it's about him, but only takes one side when it's about someone else. And I think it's obvious Hill Billie is slowly under the influence of Gurg, leaving her friends behind, as she and SR are on bad terms now. Her bestie is next.

No. 306497

Fuckin' prophecy is coming true after all… All hail Sicesca!

No. 306503

I remember thinking when this pic was posted that she looked tired like maybe he had been in labor all day? It was twoish weeks ago.

No. 306505

She would have been in a hospital gown if they went to one. And this is when she had her meltdown too and all that bs will drain a person.

But there was multiple sources of proof stating she was pregnant, most importantly from his mom and then Lainey herself. And that is the only thing we do know. It's possible she had given birth a few days before that pic, or had a miscarriage from all the stress but I would think she'd have another freak out over it and put it all over Twitter to reel in more sympathy while Gerg and HillBilly watch anime together ignoring her and the loss of a child. But since she's on the bandwagon of fucking Billy again, mocking people for trying to help her if she had of been in a bad situation, I wouldn't put it past her not caring about losing a child, especially one that was a band-aid. But hey, this is all speculation. I say we give it another month before we start tin-hatting, actually, don't do it at all, cause you fuckers reach hard sometimes.

I was also not expecting milk from SR. Can't wait for them to try to get out of this one other than saying "I never said that, I dindu nufin."

No. 306506

I kinda hope that sr, Billie and Ayallah are trolling Greg. Plain makes desperate tweets about wanting his greasy cock when she's heavily pregnant, tweets about how good it is after. I'm sure since Billie is on bad terms with sr that she actually fell for the old fuck who could be her father.

No. 306514

File: 1476699827384.jpeg (114.59 KB, 750x813, image.jpeg)

Anyone catching this?

No. 306515

File: 1476699876055.jpeg (134.01 KB, 750x997, image.jpeg)

No. 306516

File: 1476700442861.jpeg (131.62 KB, 750x976, image.jpeg)

No. 306517

She can deny all she wants, but it won't erase what's really happening. I don't see SR lying about it. He's not a drama starting type and he has nothing to gain from it and it'll only hurt his friendship with Billy even more. I have a feeling this is just going to push Ayalla away from Billy. She seems to have some sense and has already expressed her dislike toward Greg/Lainey.

No. 306518

File: 1476701033379.png (69.39 KB, 586x388, wtf.png)

I think it's safe to say that she's never going to leave now. Billy and Greg could fuck right in front of her and declare their love for one another and she still wouldn't leave.

No. 306519

Forever a fucking doormat. It's got to be painful to be this pathetic. Jesus, woman… get your shit together.

No. 306520

File: 1476701531941.png (122.13 KB, 1151x418, lain.png)

Here's a better view of her denial.

No. 306521

File: 1476701693445.jpg (77.37 KB, 1188x361, dg.JPG)

So how did Lainey drop her off during Billygate when Billy stayed with Onion while Lainey stormed out of the house.

No. 306522

Cause it's full of lies and denial. If Billie had told SR that, then she would have definitely told Ayalla. Ayalla would be the one to debunk all of this.

No. 306523

>We all are very much into each other (Lainey, Myself & Her), so we wouldn't need to pull stunts like that… we'd just communicate like normal people who care about each other

UH HUH. That's why you and Lainey talk primarily over Twitter–especially during Cuddle Gate 2.0, right?

SR's story is the only one that's believable. Gurgles lies all the time and Lainey is in so much fucking denial.

No. 306525

Lainey knows what SR saying is the truth, or at least very plausible but she won't admit it because she wants to pretend to her fanbase that her marriage is completely fine.
I don't think she is actually in love with Onion anymore, it's all about keeping appearance of Onision wife for internet fame and attention plus having financial security. If she divorces Onion, she will lose that and the new girl (possibly Billie) will get it instead.
But I feel no pity for her, especially how she is ready to tell lies and shit on people concerned for her for him and his retarded narrative.

Actually it's amusing to watch Onion trying to get rid of her without looking bad in the eyes of his fanbase. "She is too insecure and is abusing me and Billy!" or the more recent one "She is a stones throw away from becoming a full-on lesbian and it's totally okay if she leaves me to be with a girl. Men suck, girls rule!!!"

Like you can see he is basically trying his best to divorce her because she has become unattractive to him and a financial strain, yet she stays glued to him like a limpet on a rock.

No. 306526

Reading the replies in her tweets, she is SUPER delusional. Someone replied saying "that's still leaving someone behind and starting a new life" to which Lainey replies that if she hadn't asked for the divorce, then Greg would have stayed. Also tells someone else that they are all romantically involved but only her and Billy are the ones dating. But admitted that Greg asked Billie out after they decided to divorce.

No. 306527

It wouldn't surprise me if Billie told him that story and sort of lied about it to make it appear how desperate Greg was for her (which he was). SR believed that story, but Billie probably lied about it.

No. 306529


this is just sad. this is just very, very sad.

LOL as if anyone is going to believe what this assfuck has to say. He's the one who wanted to divorce Lainey to be with Billie.

And of COURSE Billie's going to deny it–she doesn't want to lose her "girlfriend" read: her sugar daddy

Onision is a compulsive liar and narcissist and Lainey is a doormat in denial.

>Feel free to contact my wife if you have any doubts.

Yeah, so Lainey can be a snotty fucking brat and block you out of pure denial if you don't agree with them or their precious husband or their precious husband's girlfriend KEK

No. 306530


>takes a break from social media

>stays on youtube
>continues to use forums

lol ok I see you Greasebag

No. 306531

I do recall at one point it was brought up that she drove Billie to the airport while she was upset (don't remember why she was upset that time).

But during cuddlegate 1.0, since she fucked off and went home, it would have been Greg driving her back to the airport would it not?

I swear to god I can't keep up with all of the different versions of things that have happened in the bilbodrangus saga.

No. 306532

File: 1476707607505.png (20.46 KB, 580x162, ayalla.png)

As I said, Ayalla would the one to know. If someone would ask her if what Billie told her what she said to SR, then we'd have an answer. But as someone else mentioned, she could have exaggerated and lied about it.

No. 306535

During 1.0 Billie was still in the house after Greg helped Lainey pack her shit and she took the kid and left. I think around 2.0 during one of their spats, she had drove Billie to the airport once.

No. 306538

so sr was talking about 1.0 and onion about 2.0?

No. 306539

SR would be on about 1.0, onion is just pulling bull out his ass

No. 306540


Yeah because the first time, Lainey went somewhere with Troy(home? a friend's place?) and remember Greg tried to mack on Billie but she wasn't having any of his shit, so he took her to the airport. Richie is definitely talking about CG 1.0.


I think Lain is genuinely confused and talking about 2.0, whereas Greg knows exactly what happened and is spewing shit just to cover his ass.

No. 306541

lain probably is confused but i wouldn't put it past onion to tell her it must be 2.0

No. 306543

soon doubt will catch on with her and she'll be posting them lyrics again

No. 306545


>"nothing's wrong!!! i just really like this song u guys!!"

>a week later, they unfollow Billie and Greg and tell everyone that Greg and Billie cheated for the third time

No. 306547


That projection, though. Especially the parts about the concept of reaction videos (Hello, he lives off of that with Google, maybe Google should sue his ass.) and the cheating. LOL, Onision, you are literally, is not the biggest, womanizer on YouTube right now.

So fascinating to watch. Never have I seen anyone project so hard.

No. 306550

File: 1476719726164.jpg (95.5 KB, 1196x615, meanwhile.jpg)

No. 306552

I think you need more zits, anon.

No. 306554

No. 306555


yeah I knew I would get shit for that. Not trying to start anything and I don't care what you guys call them nor do I care, but I personally can't bring myself to call them something they don't identify with, even if they're a spoiled piece of shit doormat who honestly doesn't deserve any kind of respect.

No. 306556


samefagging but I just caught my typo. sorry about that.

No. 306558

Cloiney? That you?

No. 306559


eugh okay now that's an insult
implying that i was ever hot 4 oniondick

No. 306560



Why does everyone keeps saying "kids"? (And this was before Lamo was pregnant…again!)

Oh and, we haven't heard any updates from HSAnon 2.0 about this shit either…

No. 306561


What u want cloney? Go away!

No. 306564


Did anyone ever confirm that Skye had Greg's first kid from what HS Anon 1.0 said to SG?

No. 306566

Hahahaha, great work

No. 306573


Grek is an unfunny idiot in general, but he was definitely more hilarious when he was with Skye. Man, Skye was his rock, wtf happened.. you gave up a great woman, Grease.

No. 306574


We don't know yet, she's speculated it wasn't Skye's but never came forward with who's. Though, there's (some) evidence dating awhile back that her and Onion may've conceived even before HSAnon 1.0 came (publicly) into the picture. Which is why we're still waiting for the confirmation of HSAnon 2.0.

No. 306576


Nowadays he talks about her in a positive way. Like, how she saved him from pulling the trigger and shit before he recants and backpedals for the sake of his two sex slaves-I mean wife and her girlfriend and audience. Even new-meat and Lamo aren't gonna fill the void. You dun goofed Onioncock.

No. 306577


Greg claimed he never loved Skye and only married her "as a friend". Skye's better off without him. One of the HSAnons said that he cheated on her multiple times in high school. In one of her last posts before she disappeared, she claimed that she developed some mental shit because of Greg and had to go to therapy to deal with it. He never deserved her.


Like around the AJ era? Because that was the last time he ever talked about Skye in a positive manner before he started complaining that Skye was stealing money from him through spousal support and had his fanbase chase her off the internet.

No. 306580

File: 1476725188938.png (24.32 KB, 596x349, image.png)


You're right, she's better off without him anyway. Although, who the fuck regrets divorcing their "friend" while they're engaged at the time to someone else(Shiloh)?

As for the positivity towards her; watch the "I could've pulled the trigger" video, recent Shane Dawson videos, and the strip video. He thanks her, pauses and backpedals.

No. 306581


Oh, I forgot to mention! He hasn't debunked that "rumor" yet, and you know he loves to prove us haturz wrong for wearing tinfoil hats (to his fans).

No. 306582

Hey HSANON 2.0 here, I haven't spoken up cuz I don't really have any new info. All my friend said was the kid isn't skye's and they think its another ex. But don't know who. I know everyone kinda puts skye on a pedestal but that relationship was not a healthy one. They were both garbage to each other apparently and fed off of one another's issues. Its really good she got out when she did.

About young onion:can confirm he went to juvee for beating up his dad, and that dad abused both onion and mom. I'm not sure if this was biological dad or one of the replacement dads. This is all the info I have though. If you guys have more questions I can try and get answers. I've thought about contacting him just to see if he remembers me…but I don't really want to bring that level of crazy into my life.

No. 306586

File: 1476726701342.png (73.59 KB, 525x243, Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 1.45…)


>who the fuck regrets divorcing their "friend" while they're engaged at the time to someone else

The same person who would call out Alicia's name during sex with Skye and Shiloh.

And isn't that all Greg is good for? Backpedaling and covering his ass? Seriously, how does a human like this exist?

No. 306588


>They were both garbage to each other apparently and fed off of one another's issues.

And I thought I was seeing things when I saw the power-struggle they had on each other in videos and livestreams. I kinda knew there was something "off" about her but didn't want to upset the anti-o's since they whiteknight her at times (including myself). Can you pleas explain more of this? If you don't mind…

No. 306592


>Seeing or "talking" to each other in July.

Wait, didn't Shiloh confessed to him that she loved him in December of that year? Shit doesn't make any sense anymore…

As for Alicia, iirc she hated his guts.

No. 306595


Shiloh and Greg broke up in July 2011 and by that time AJ said they'd been together for a year, but he had divorced Skye in December 2010, meaning he'd been "talking" to 17-year-old Shiloh for five months (July 2010) before he served Skye the papers and used her car to meet up with Shiloh.

But that doesn't fit, considering everything else about them says that Shiloh didn't talk to Greg until early December 2010.

Then again, Shiloh had a penchant for lying about stuff back then and/or it could be another situation Greg lied about to cover his ass.

No. 306598

Lol funny how this video mocks "haters" just like Laineys videos. And they ended up crashing and burning. History loves to repeat itself especially with Onion

No. 306599

If you look at the dates of the emails in the video, they've been talking since December of 2010, so idk who to believe…

No. 306601


Nvm, you have to have a yt account to see it.


I thought they were debunking rumors earlier in that year. From watching some of old someguy videos, even he thought they've separated. (Video was shot and recorded in February, they filed for divorce in December of 2010.)

No. 306604

I used to doubt he had a kid before Lainey but something Billie said here is convincing me otherwise. Around the 3:00 mark she says that Greg and Lainey "collectively" have kids. The wording, to me, seems like she is saying they care for another child that isnt a child they had together, but with someone else. Obviously Lainey has no prior kids so that leaves Onision. Especially with his aversion to condoms…

No. 306606

So bitter

No. 306607

I can see that.

I don't think Lainey's staying for the fame, she's just a doormat who doesn't have anything or anyone else, so she clings to her sham of a marriage until Greg kicks her out for good. Maybe he and Billie will decide they want to be monogamous and he'll make a big deal out of his sacrifice for the woman he loves and paint Lainey as the bad person for overstaying her welcome.

No. 306608

He wouldnt throw his kids away? Lol he forgets people screencapped Laineys tweets about him saying he would sign over the kids and the tweets about her leaving with the kids and how he didnt try to stop them. He got back with Lainey AFTER Billie rejected his advances.

No. 306610

Ew ew ew, saw this and then the "lamey tells the world onion is not abusive" vid.. help. God damn these two, i s2g.

No. 306611

Take some screen shots with the captions on, maybe?

No. 306612


I can't believe I'm giving this fuckass a view and I'm thankful for AdBlock Plus, but for anyone else who doesn't want to click/add to his wallet:

>"happily married" despite breaking up for the second time publicly just a few weeks ago

>"the kids"
>"you losers"
>"you're jealous"
>"SocialRepose is so smelly!!"
>that fucking doodle app
>"4 vs 1", despite the fact that plainey is seriously in the dark, Billie could be lying to save her ass, and Ayalla said that she doesn't care.
>a 30-something is smug over the fact that he's got a 22 year old and two 19 year olds on his side
>OG human pile of trash calls someone else a human pile of trash
>Greg suddenly cares about cultural appropriation

His voice is one of the most smug sounding, annoyingly smarmy things I have ever heard. That one HSAnon from the other thread was right about how he talks down to everyone, holy shit. The fact that anyone would want to listen to it for more than five seconds is beyond me.
And again, even Greg says "the kids". Also, Richie/SR said "the kids" too, meaning there are multiple kids in that house. Either Lainey's had the baby/is going to have the baby or Greg's in custody of his alleged first kid.

No. 306618

File: 1476736699253.png (34.93 KB, 578x170, P7LwXT1.png)

reference to "I'm trying to be happy"? >>306516

No. 306619

why is trying so hard to sound like leafy

No. 306620

In terms of the 'kids thing', did someone See this?

No. 306621

File: 1476738143870.png (1.65 MB, 946x609, capture_002_17102016_140157.pn…)

No. 306622

Gotta get extra attention by posting a bit of his kid

Meanwhile Lainey has a hickey. A magical hickey that makes you forget everything.

No. 306623

>that profile photo

I'm noticing that all the photos he posted of her in his videos are also when she had long blonde hair and didn't look like a fakeboi soccer mom. I bet he never imagined she'd let herself go so much.

No. 306624

When you scroll further trough the comments, someone points out they've got twins

No. 306626

He doesn't really address anything that SR brought up in his videos, besides SR claiming greg was going to dump everything for Greg. Most of this video is him saying that he feeds into the drama so he can make more money.

No. 306629


She looks so sad…

No. 306633


Tbh who cares. She did this to herself.

No. 306634


Also, is it just me or does that hickey look infected?

No. 306638

The highlight on Billie is perfect, anon. Bravo.

No. 306640

File: 1476741052285.png (74.77 KB, 322x526, Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.44…)

yeah, someone points it out quite matter-of-factly.


If it was infected, nothing we could say about it now because it's from over a year ago.

No. 306642

File: 1476741283830.png (679.43 KB, 933x597, Screen Shot 2016-10-17 at 5.53…)

holy shit, there's three of him.

No. 306643

Those craggy onion mom face genes are damn strong.

No. 306644

have we not learned yet to not believe every dumb fuck fan says? having twins makes no sense especially since the kid in >>306621
looks too young to even be Troy's age and the fact both Onision and Lainey have only ever talked about having a boy and singular kids up until rather recently.

No. 306645


-shudders- I hope the sisters didn't get the psycho-gene though.

No. 306646

fucking lol

No. 306647

wow that whole "never talk about the kids to respect privacy" bullshit went out the window fast when it came to needing new material and defending oneself from allegations.

congratulations Onion everyone on the internet knows that Troy had a ball rash.

No. 306648

Fucking terrifying to the 10th power. I'd go under the knife if I had a face like this. i do hope his sisters didn't get that strong crazy gene that Onion and Mama Onion possess.

No. 306652

I think that they just have a son and Plain let the tumblritist get to her head and she's raising Troy as an agender thing.

No. 306653


It looks like they're in public, maybe that's someone else's kid?

No. 306654

thats a pretty good point and i could see them doing something dumb like that

No. 306656

So I checked out SR's allegedly horrifying video and it was actually well made. What scared me is how, word for word, SR basically described Onion to a fucking T. I think that's what really set him off, deep down.

No. 306658

She only spoke about breastfeeding one kid in the fb group post. I think it's a random kid or Greg's kid from another relationship since Billie said they "collectively" have kids.

No. 306660

Also, posting an ambiguous picture in order to fuck with people is very Greg.

No. 306661


I think SR even said it was an "art piece" or whatever. Like, gerg obviously doesn't understand when something has been made in a form of a PSA.

No. 306662


Probably someone else kid.

No. 306663


Onion did just post a photo of himself with his sisters. It could be a niece/nephew, which I am more leaning towards.

Like, if he did have a child with Skye, I really doubt that the kid would still be that young and that he would have more that weekend visitation with the kid. Also, it would be evident in any divorce documentation.

I doubt Shiloh would leave a kid in his care and she is literally the only partner I am aware of (because of how public he is in regards to his love life) that he could potentially have a kid with.

I don't think there's another kid in that situation and everyone is looking for something that more than likely isn't there.

No. 306664

Yeah, you've pretty much summed up what I came to say lol

No. 306665


Then why would Richie and Billie mention "kids" a lot then? That's the mystery. They did it pre and post Cuddlegate(s) a a matter of fact. Not to mention, Lamo once blocked me on IG just for asking if she's a stepmom. That's sketchy af!

No. 306666

Just now jumping on the bandwagon and Jesus Christ, can someone please get this man-child thrown in jail? Preferably for life? The more I read about him the more I feel sick to my stomach.

Also stunned that people with such obvious mental issues are allowed to even be near children let alone raise them.

No. 306669

go back to tumblr

No. 306670

go back to tumblr

No. 306672

Yeah. Especially because Richie just did it in his video. He's been to their house, so he should know it and I don't think he would mess it up (also, would just be too many coincidences). But I respect that he doesn't say anything about their children in his videos.

No. 306674

I just had to see this video for myself and Onion's story sounds so fucking stupid and unbelievable. SR sounds a million times more credible than onions.

Holy shit the projection! Gurgles needs to just go die already. This is the first SR video I've watched and I think I'll give him a sub.

How does any woman stand Onion's high pitched whiny voice? He sounds like a weird mixture of a middle aged man and a kid that hasn't reached puberty. If I had to hear that everyday, I'd lose my sanity… like all his past woman slaves.

No. 306675

Greg gets to learn what happens when he gets into drama with someone whose got shit on him.

No. 306676

god fucking bless richie

No. 306678

omg hahaha this is great, SR is a tool but I love that he drops all the tea and calls him out for everything.

ofc greg will just ignore it and probably just assplode about the "theory" that greg want's SR's ass

No. 306679


Richie is amazing.

No. 306680

Dude. I love him.

No. 306681

he confirmed that at least Billybob and plainy are financially dependent on him

No. 306682

well billie, we already know one is his official wife

No. 306683

"you can leave your wife for the 3rd or 4th time i've honestly lost track, you can take billie off the payroll" fuck lmao

No. 306685

I just laughed my way to six pack abs after watching this. Richie's theory isn't exactly wrong either.

No. 306686

KEK that was the best bit. Tacky bitches are blind to his 0/10 self because money!

No. 306687



No. 306688

My favorite part of the entire video. Fuck lmao

No. 306689

File: 1476758600432.png (77.81 KB, 639x637, crawlinginmyskin.png)

Interesting that Billoh just posted this.

No. 306690


I think this might give even more insight to their relationship, too. Idk if it's been shared before.


With Skye, the kid would be anywhere between 5-13 years old. With Shiloh, it would be 4-5 years old. I don't know onion boy's sexual history (and I really don't want to know), so there could be other potential women out there that he could have knocked up. But ignoring age and how hard it would be to hide the existence of a second child at this point, here's my thing: he would have never been able to drop everything in WA to go to NM to date/marry/etc. lamo if he had a kid before Troy.

No. 306691

LOL that ending. I never liked SR but he just owned smeg's ass and I am actually respecting him from how he is responding.

No. 306696

He's so gleeful he can barely contain himself, I like him a little now. :3c

No. 306697

File: 1476761732984.gif (1.28 MB, 245x245, fuck-yes-richie.gif)

Richie is normally fucking annoying,but fuck yeah. Spill the tea Richie.

No. 306698

So.. Is this Onions personal facebook?


It shows up in Billies friends and Laineys friends… though Billie and Lainey don't appear to be friends on facebook.

No. 306699

That's an account he made to troll people into thinking the picture of him as a kid was a picture of Troy.

No. 306700


Why did he do that?
Just a dick move ?

No. 306701

This is great. I actually don't think he is lying at all about all of this. Were you guys saying Billie is on bad terms with him now? I missed that

No. 306702

Probably, most of the things he does are dick moves.

He said it in the video. You think a vapid whore is going choose a friend over cash?

No. 306704

holy shit social repose is taking one for the team and just shitting all over this maniac i couldn't be happier right now

No. 306706

Best line!

Didn't know that Ayalla was also on the dole. There goes any hope of her talking Billie down because $$$$$.

No. 306707

Oops okay, I watched the first video now. I'm so wary about wasting my time and giving these people views but it's worth it this time. Plus he even has a recording of Smergle's so I don't have to watch his. I used to dislike SR but I don't feel so bad about him anymore.

By the way, is it possible people just say "kids" plural because they're including the baby that she is pregnant with now?

No. 306709

File: 1476763455537.jpg (39.54 KB, 768x768, ZXVGQll.jpg)

The hero Lolcow needed

No. 306710

Holy shit this comment was gold. I usually hate this guy, but this was great…

No. 306712

Is Onision dating Billie or Lanie

No. 306714

you must be real new, he's married to taylor a.k.a lainey, and they're in a "three-way relationship" with billie

No. 306715

File: 1476764910396.png (39.22 KB, 498x244, Cv9cZiK.png)

No. 306716

If only he'd make all his videos in text too to save us from hearing his annoying, whiny high pitched maddening voice.

>He's too busy fucking another woman besides his wife.

True as hell. lmao

No. 306719


Holy shit.
Richie is not fucking around this time.

I need Greg to make a response.
Do it, Greg. Feed him.
I need to see Richie lay the smackdown on on his punkass.

No. 306721

SR's response has me thinking… Onion attempts to provoke so many YTers (like that video about what he wants to ask other YTers) and none really responded. SR is the only larger one in recent memory who's responded, aside from Leafy's video and maybe H3h3 telling Onion flat out on Twitter that he's an attention whore about the Leafy vs idubbz shit.

Anyone have any inside secrets about what other YTers think of Onion?

No. 306722

pretty sure they all think he's a crazy piece of shit and he just wants attention

No. 306723

I bet it eats him up inside a little that bigger YTers or most moderately successful ones ignore him. Either way, though, any drama (reciprocated or not), gets him views. He clearly cares only a little about how he appears to anyone outside his immature fanbase.

No. 306724

File: 1476767563842.png (1.65 MB, 944x610, capture_001_17102016_221130.pn…)

ngl I'm liking him a bit more now

sage for same fagging

No. 306726

Jesus, he's fucking killing me. I never paid attention to SR before these videos. I hope he keeps making them.

No. 306731

oh absolutely. it's why he keeps going back after Felix and Shane - they're really well known and didn't give him the attention he wanted so he's gotta keep trying. doesn't matter if it's good or bad he just wants them to acknowledge him publicly and by name.

No. 306734

As much as I generally despise this guy, this video was fucking incredible.
He has redeemed himself slightly in my eyes for being so blunt in calling out Onion's bullshit

No. 306737

File: 1476771740752.jpg (51.69 KB, 535x798, 6wTEGud.jpg)

I need Onion to blow up and call him a liar in his i'm-trying-hard-to-be-leafy-but-i-am-obviously-upset voice so SR can spill even more tea.

No. 306738

File: 1476771892825.jpg (39.23 KB, 272x309, 1472450203698.jpg)

>the rage comes from his raging boner

No. 306958

File: 1476776016412.jpg (10.83 KB, 200x176, 152.jpg)

No. 306968

What's funny to me is, that throughout this whole wanting to go start a new life with Billie, no one has came out and said it was a lie, other than Lainey who now is probably questioning everything and being ~negative~ again. It's just being brushed off as "pfft yeah right like THAT would ever happen". If it were a lie, Billie would have been quick to go on twitter about it rather than posting stuff about adventures and crap. This is just giving more credibility to SR and what he says is the truth, or at least what Billie had told him.

No. 306971

oh my god greg sounds like a southpark character lol his voice is so weird.So whispery but snottish.

No. 306973

he "liiiiturrrahly" is a leafy copy right now and it's so damn confusing

No. 306974

This litruhly 30 year old man is litruhly having an identity crisis. Sooooo cringy!

No. 306975

onion seriously needs to get off the internet and invest in an education for when his youtube career inevitably trails off into obscurity.

No. 306976

Agreed. Onion has more issues than Vogue magazine's entire circulation.

No. 306988

^This. I laughed so hard watching it, holy shit.

No. 306989

It really is a horrifying if you've lived through the conditions described. I'm a bit triggered tbh. Ah well.

But yeah this is exactly like Onion. And horrifying for him of course too, because narcissists hate being exposed for what they are. They'll go to lengths to avoid it, because if they get exposed, then their supply fucks off and they're left with nobody to admire them.

SR has gotta be upset that after all this, his friend Billie is falling for all of Onion's shit.

No. 306990

I think Onion made a bit of a mistake going after Richie. He's been friends with Billie and Ayalla for a long while, and obviously Billie has told him stories. I'm sure Greg thought he'd just take it like most Youtubers do when he's on the warpath, but Richie is not about that life and has dirt on Greg too.

No. 306992

>I didn't chase her to the airport!
>I didn't need to, I could just text and call her to tell her I was goig to leave Lainey for her lol
>checkmate bitches!!
Onionlogic. He can't even deny shit properly.

No. 306999

>"none of that stuff happened guys! Ummm I'd know I was there"
>is presented proof to the contrary from her own fucking Twitter
>"ok well it happened but it's all in the past and therefore not real, no more questions"

I'm surprised her stupid ass hasn't deleted all that shit considering it's constantly brought up as proof of what went down. These idiots want so bad to pull the wool over everyone's eyes but because they can never shut the fuck up about their drama on social media everything that's happened is plastered all over the place, right from their own mouth. Lainey basically live-tweeted cg 1.0 and how everything was falling apart.

No. 307007

File: 1476807828707.png (612.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-18-12-21-52…)

Seems like an odd request

No. 307008

Basically confirming that daddy onion bought her a new phone to make up for cuddlegate 1.0/2.0/???

No. 307014

File: 1476809663117.png (45.04 KB, 540x324, asasas.png)

This was posted on the EO tumblr, apparently Ayalla tweeted it then deleted it.

No. 307018


Ah, I was about to post this but I wanted to wait until the anon posted proof that it wasn't doctored.

Allegedly, Ayalla might be referring to Jaclyn Glenn, a youtuber who's known for her relationship with Tobuscus/doing videos on atheism and plagiarizing peoples' videos on atheism, who Greg was thirsty over and forced to choose between him and SR. She chose SR and he threw a tantrum on social media and people are tinhat theorizing that's why Greg is going after SR now, especially since there are rumors of him and Jaclyn getting together.

No. 307020

Or she deleted them after their Last "breakup"

No. 307022

Throwback when Richie and Billie were still friends and made a video reacting/throwing shade at Onision throwing a tantrum at reaction videos (I think this was when he was mocking Black Friday, who was actually a fan? I'm not sure)

The date on the video makes this right after Billie fell out with Lainey and Onision and now she's absolutely in love with both of them and Richie's full of shit? okay whatever you say Billie Jean

>"I guess if you want to watch my next react video, where I react to images found on Google Search, you can look forward to that."
top kek

No. 307025

An enemy of the onion is a friend of ours

This really reminds me so much of the actual presidential election so I'm so glad this was your reaction image anon

No. 307029


The dude is fucking illiterate. He can't even spell 'straight' correctly.

I read "sooooo cringy" in his fucking voice. Thanks anon.

Someone befriend Richie and get him to give you all the tea. I hope more comes from these two on the milk front.

No. 307030

I'm not really a SR fan, I think his whole acts a bit gimmicky and stupid and over the top but the information he's delivering to us here is sweet. I hope he has more to spill!

No. 307041

I bet Gerg is flustered since most people ignore his videos about them. And it wasn't a good idea for him to go after someone in his personal life who can expose him. I wonder who will get the last word in.

No. 307043

I'm waiting for Greg's strike on social media to end, you know youtube isn't social media or anything, and him going on a fucking sperg out towards Richie. Plain can't ignore him wanting to dump her and his kids for Billie now that it's out there so his life must be miserable right now.

No. 307050

Its great this all happened on his "strike" on social media. I can only imagine how much he's sperging about it IRL to plain and bhiloh.

No. 307051

That's kind of impossible to do when you are psychotic and so far up your own ass. He will never be able integrate back into society again, hence is desperation to make YT$.

No. 307052

File: 1476817657219.jpg (6.18 KB, 181x200, 68465368542.jpg)

that's my favorite thing about all of this

No. 307058

I am honestly surprised he hasn't said anything yet to >>306675

I thought for sure he'd have one of his MS paint vids up by now.

No. 307060

Maybe he realized SR is gonna fuck him up even more if he continues. Onision is quite a coward too.

Or he is digging more info on SR so he can diss him more.

No. 307061

is Billie over there? I can just imagine him trying to guilt her into giving him info.

No. 307062

I kinda hope he's complaining to Billie about how much she has revealed to people, meanwhile Lainey is reblogging some sad shit on a secret tumblr somewhere, hating her life.

How did Gerg not see this as a bad idea? SR has nothing to lose from engaging in drama, while Greg gets to do damage control with a barely legal snowflake and her big mouth, and his depressive tumblrina wife.

No. 307065

Watching this for the first time, and holy shit at Greg having two houses? I didn't realize that was the case. One is nearly empty for his skits and then he has another large home for living in. If you have that much space how can you even be pissed that someone stayed with you for two days, even if you offered? You could literally just stay in different houses.

No. 307081

Video went private? Someone's lurkin'

No. 307083



They only have Troy. They keep the amount of children they have extremely ambiguous as well as keeping the existence of Troy very private.

Their logic for saying they have "children" is that they refer to the two dogs as their kids. They only have one child as of right now.>>306690

No. 307107

The doppleganger admits that she lurks here. She's the one who sperged when the fake tweet surfaced.

No. 307117

old phone flushed?

No. 307134

File: 1476836585584.png (2.69 MB, 1588x1184, Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 7.17…)

Wtf is wrong with her eyebrows?

No. 307136

Overdrawn / used too much dipbrow. Dipbrow really only looks good in photos.

No. 307137

kek she's over lining her natural brows

No. 307139

Dem brows give Billiebob dingleberry a look of Ellen Page and it's ruining her for me. Stop.

No. 307140

Long may he reign!

No. 307141


Maybe she wants to compare screenshots sent in by followers to the ones posted on here so she knows who to block? After all she could ask if anyone saved them, not asking for screenshots specifically.

No. 307142


All hail!

No. 307143


I did some digging and if you check out the life of onion wiki for the high school anon named Michael, he kind of hinted that onion does have another kid but onion gave up parental rights. Idk if its with skye or not. I'd link but I kind of can't right now. But this did happen in either the first or second thread made about gerg.

No. 307145

File: 1476838019882.png (432.39 KB, 573x671, brow.png)

Maybe Plain did them? She use to do horrible on her eyebrows until she actually got tips.

No. 307147


didn't even notice the brows cus of the abundance of highlighter on her nose tbh. looks like she smeared a bunch on her forehead as well.

still better looking than plain.

tho i'd say shiloh was probably the most attractive of gregma's sister wives, imo.

No. 307152

File: 1476838921010.png (1.7 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20161018-185705.png)

From his newest video.
Banner says Claire and in some shots you see balloons. Sounds like Lain gave birth. Id highly suspect it happened after her twitter drama.

Also, Gerg is either using some kind of high exposure lighting or makeup in the video as well lol.

No. 307154


Honestly, I've seen worse eyebrows. At least they're eyebrow shaped. Her highlighter is anything but subtle. I'm not an expert with makeup, but I'm pretty sure if the first thing you notice is the highlighting product and not the area it's supposed to highlight, you're doing something wrong. Probably too much product.

No. 307155

truthfully i think billie is a really attractive girl, her shitty attitude and ties with gerg ruin it tho. what a shame

No. 307157


hes using both and ugh i hate him so much

No. 307158

Pretty sure it's makeup. It's so caked on and powdery. His face looks so much lighter than his neck down, and his lips looked untouched as though he just had his face layered in mate translucent powder. Normally a filter will even out his entire face, lips and all. Seriously, wtf was he thinking?

No. 307159

Grease's voice is so annoying. He sounds drugged and whiny. It's more obvious when it's contrasted with SR's more normal voice.

No. 307164

Honestly I thought his voice was edited for copyright reasons but nope, he really is that weird-sounding.

I glanced at the picture and thought "well, I've seen worse" but then I enlarged it and wow, girl really thinks we can't tell where her real eyebrows end and the sharpie brow begins?

No. 307165

Could be decorations from a baby shower. Kind of loling at the fact they cheaped out on deco though. Got some string and some paper and wrote the baby's name. Meanwhile Onision drives a $100k car.


No. 307167

the amount of money/energy/exposure that goes into his online life vs his real life really just proves how little of a real life they all have in this clusterfuck cuddlegate. I have not once ever seen Lainey or Onion post a photo of them out having fun looking normal with other humans. It's always selfies and proclamations of being OK, but they never actually live like they're having any fun. They seem like they're couped up in the mcmansion 6 days a week except for on sunday when onion has an emotional breakdown over paper backs at Trader Joe's.

No. 307168

*paper bags, not backs

No. 307171

This is why I was so surprised when him and Lainey freaked that someone recognized them outside, they never talk about going out as a family or anything. Their lives are so fucking bizarre

No. 307177


Look at those snaggly ass teeth. Billie is good looking compared to Lainey, but lets not think they're actually good looking. They're pretty average looking.

I guess Shiloh is okay looking, but I still think AJ was the hottest, then Skye

No. 307178


If they actually had friends and went out more I bet lainey wouldn't be going crazy half the time. They probably both suffer from cabin fever being held up in that house all day.

No. 307191

This video posted on Dec 23, 2015.
>Onion brags about fingering a 15 year old when he was 11.
>He says Shiloh was the worst relationship he ever had.
>He doesn't bad mouth skye.
>He doesn't bring up AJ
> 'Christina' seems like the most likely candidate to have a kid with onion because she seems to come in later in his life in the teenage years, in his'Why I beat up my Dad' video he says he lived with his dad when he was 15 for 6 months because his mom kicked him out.

No. 307199

Shiloh looks like a pudgy pig, honestly…

No. 307209

The whole Social Repose vs Onision was one of the only times I was excited for Onision to make a clap-back, purely so Richie would do one too. To the point I actually went to his channels a few times to see if he had uploaded anything.

And nothing.

I would have given him those drama-bucks, but it seems that when shit gets too heated Greg is a little pussy bitch and doesn't do shit. I'm not surprised really, just disappointed.

No. 307213

So I'm pretty sure Lainey has had the baby.

Ayalla and Billie did a YouNow stream and Billie is looking at her phone and she awww's at something and says "look how little!" and Ayalla tells her to stop creeping on her gilfriend. Could possibly be looking at baby pictures?

No. 307217

Sounds likely. It's so weird for a nineteen year old teenage girl to date a woman that just got her second child and is married. I just don't get it.

No. 307219

youtube $$$$$$$$$$

No. 307220

File: 1476847858367.png (275.92 KB, 447x346, trtrtrt.PNG)

Isn't that in the background, near the fireplace, a baby swing or not sure what it's called. Only very young babies can fit on those and why would they have it out if Troy is clearly a toddler now? I am putting money the Claire sign and that thing shows they have a new born.

No. 307222

I don't want to know what's going on in his latest video but the second screen cap looks like he's photoshopped himself on someone's body. It looks like he had a mental breakdown.

Sorry about your dad, onion babbies.

No. 307223

Usually called rockers but you can also go by swing too. I agree with another anon it could be for a baby shower but from the latest clip of Bilbo, Lamey could have had her baby already.

No. 307225


Lainey already stated that she barely has any friends and the few ones she does have live far away like Sarah. Greg doesn't have any friends, only people he collabs with and even they don't want anything to do with him afterwards.

No. 307229


Yeah, Lainey definitely gave birth.
It would explain why Onision took a week off from everything except Youtube and his own forums.

No. 307230

Using they/them is confusing

To the, like, two people who refer to Lainey as "they," could you please just not? Maybe I'm an idiot for not getting it right away, but when you use they/them it makes it kinda hard to understand.

And why does anyone give a fuck about her gender anyways? She's just an ugly girl with a dyke-y haircut trying to stand out. If she actually gave a shit about being n/b, she probably wouldn't be happy with her husband fucking empregnating her and frequently refering to her as his wife and a lesbian, two exclusively female terms. She could easily just ask him to call her his spouse or s/o, but she doesn't because her agender shtick is just bullshit.

No. 307242

Unless you're not a native English speaker, I really don't see how it's hard to understand.

Sage for autism about fucking pronouns.

No. 307244

people have been using they for someones gender they don't know for ages so I'm p sure it isn't any different with an agender person, even tho i do think lainey in particular isn't even agender and is just using it to fill for her lack of an identity

No. 307249

I'm not a native english speaker.

Yeah, but we already know Lainey's a girl. No need to use they.

No. 307251

Agender doesn't exist. Sage for off topic.

That makes the most sense so far anon. Did the stress make her go in to labor early?

No. 307256


yeah that's what I'm thinking

the stress of CG 2.0 made Lainey go into early labor because she'd only been pregnant for what? almost eight months-ish?

This would also explain Lainey's full body pictures.

No. 307257

someone speculated that the pic of her that people thought she had bruises was her on the hospital bed, probably just after giving birth

No. 307274

File: 1476863512251.jpg (31.31 KB, 580x435, 1425574625070-1.jpg)

She is a transtrender. If she expects other people to respect her pronouns she should get her greasy husband to do the same.

No. 307278

she got an iPhone 7

No. 307279

Oh fuck, so they got a daughter now.

Lainey better be out of Onion house by the time Claire reaches puberty.

No. 307282

File: 1476867842503.jpg (34.84 KB, 540x540, 1470985123673.jpg)

I'm scared

No. 307286


What are you guys talking about? You guys need to chill. Greg's probably going to love Claire just as much as Tami…loved…him.

Oh no.

No. 307287

>I just gave my teenage daughter a fully naked body massage and it's completely innocent because my mom did the same to me

No. 307289


>I just gave my teenage daughter a fully naked body massage and it's completely innocent as it was with my wife Billie because my mom did the same to me

>forces teenage daughter to eat vegetarian/vegan
>fakes drama with teenage son for views/to get on Judge Judy
>forces teenage daughter into skinny pact
>physically abuses teenage daughter and says it's okay "because she's fat!11!!1!"

I'm calling it now.
This man is one of the biggest pieces of scum to women and is the last person in the world to be having a daughter, let alone children.
If Lain doesn't run for the hills now, she doesn't deserve the respect of anyone.

No. 307295

he's trolling with that bunting, surely.

No. 307321

>forces teenage daughter to eat vegetarian/vegan
Come on, onision isn't even a vegan, why does there have to regularly be vegan-bashing in his threads?
If normal parents (ie not onion) explained to kids where their food comes from (instead of indoctrinating that cows = mindless meatsacks but dogs = friends), I guarantee most will cry and ask to not be forced to eat a meat diet anymore. I've never seen a single kid complaining they're forced to eat plant-based (they could always eat meat outside of home), but I've seen maybe 50 kids saying they're forced to eat meat by their parents, even though it breaks their heart to be hurting animals.

I'd be more worried about all the processed crap they'll feed their kids since that's all they eat.

No. 307323

I can barely enjoy the schadenfreude anymore now that there's a new baby in the mix. Seriously, those poor children. They will never have normal lives and will be robbed of the basic joys of just being kids. All the money in the world (assuming the YouTube money doesn't dry up soon or isn't spent all on young whores for mommy and daddy to diddle) won't compensate for having two dysfunctional parents who put their own selfish needs above the needs of their kids.

Seriously. These kids are going to grow up and see all this shit. It's embarrassing and I feel sorry for them.

No. 307328

I'm just hoping the shoddy "Claire" banner was a red herring thought up at the last minute, these guys love to troll.

Greg having a daughter is the worst thing to happen ever.

No. 307332

>honestly thinking that Lainey is anything other than a cis girl

No. 307334

You've NEVER seen a kid complain about plant based diets? Have you seriously never heard parents complaining their kids wouldnt eat their veggies. Shit I know kids who will only eat mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.
Kids can be picky eaters.

No. 307336

Forget the eyebrows, what's up with that nose highlight?

No. 307341

Onion accuses Richie of BO but doesn't he have issues with BO, doesn't make any sense…

No. 307342

I mean, if the kids don't know hat mac and cheese/ chicken nuggets are then they won't beg for them.

The problem is Onion knows nothing about actual nutrition, and he lives off of processed meat-free shit. So even though he's going to raise his kids vegetarian, that still doesn't mean they'll be healthy.

No. 307344


Are we seriously gonna debate about what kids like and don't like to eat in an Onion thread? Stop. We're here for Onion.

No. 307345

Can someone explain to me why someone who has so much money doesn't go to the derm and go on accutane for that god awful skin, and then get laser for the scars… Most normal people wish they could or do even though its expensive ..

No. 307346

Isnt onion anti doctor because of his mom or something along those lines?

No. 307347


I don't like going to doctors because I've had them screw up, but I still go to my derm because its better then looking like shit.

No. 307348

Whats BO?

No. 307349

Lets not scare our children out of eating what they like to make them line up with our beliefs. How about when they're older they can decide what they want to eat, if they want to eat meat or not. I'm not saying to let your child eat shit constantly but making your kids feel guilty and scared to eat animal products is pretty fucked up. It's annoying when vegans do that shock shit to adults, much less to little children. You're kind of gross.

No. 307350


Simple. Onion doesn't trust and hates doctors of all kinds. Also, in one of his old videos he once explained how he once "tripped balls" due to his prescribed acne meds, haha. I'm gonna try and find it…

No. 307351


body odor

No. 307352

He pulled the same shit with AJ. Once she put out the letter, all he and Shiloh had to say was "her vagina smells!!"

Don't wrack your brain over it. He's just a 30-something with the brain of a 13 y/o.

No. 307353

Is the reverse not the same?

No. 307354

I don't think anyone has ever tried to scare and shock their child out of eating vegetables. I think most parents give their kids a healthy balance of fruits/veg/dairy/ and once in a while what the kid wants.

No. 307356


You have to positively encourage them, as yelling or forcing them to just makes them have a negative association with those foods. Parents who fuck up are ones who give in and always give the child what they want. ( You typically see those toddlers inside McDonalds on the daily )

No. 307358

File: 1476895904986.png (566.47 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-19-12-50-18…)

Urgh to me Lainey's and Billie's relationship seems so fake.

No. 307359


Yeah, I know but a lot of people have been saying he looks greasy and (probably) smells like shit. I was just wondering if there's anything or way to confirm this, that's all.

No. 307360


I wonder how Lamo feels that she's "going out" with a girl Lauren's age, I hope she (deeply) feels dirty inside.

No. 307364

This seriously just seems like a regular female friendship.

No. 307372

He didn't do it, he didn't fucking do it… Pussy.

Also, mare religion-bashing. What else is new?

No. 307375


look at those tweets to her sister. Lainey must be so jealous that Lauren is living the life of a normal 18-19 year old, compared to how she was instantly married with a baby, at Lauren (and Billie's) age, to a guy who was pushing 30 and spouting broken promises about traveling and "Digitour".

I can't stand her boring, entitled ass, but damn, the pity is real.

No. 307379


She could always leave, but nooooo!!!! She'd rather stay locked away in the Onion tower pushing babies and hitting up little girls to fill the empty void she call life. Bitch dug her own grave when she started stalking Onion online.

No. 307381


>teh gays are soooo important!!!!!

>radio silent on Islam

No. 307385

the only time he comments on islam is when he uses the burqa argument whenever the topic of women's dress codes come up

No. 307388

If you feed your kid shit and foods filled with sugar, That's what they crave and will say everything else is complete shit. So really it's the parents in the beginning who should be feeding them healthy food, but Lainey and greg are probably frozen meals/instant food kind of people. Has anyone ever seen Lainey make a meal from scratch (or greg for that matter?)

No. 307389


Hell no.

No. 307392

The only they make from "scratch" are sandwiches with processed vegan "meat" and veganaise. They probably don't know what vegetables look like, let alone know how to prepare them.

No. 307393

File: 1476908535795.jpeg (52.56 KB, 225x400, image.jpeg)

Found this on eoliveson just now.

Hahahaha Onion looks old af! No wonder he's hiding behind his crappy writings and drawings, holy shit! As for Lamo, well, she'll continue letting herself go is all I can say.

No. 307394


I forgot to mention how unhappy he looks with her and baby band aid.

No. 307395

Well that confirms to me that she had the baby. I feel bad for both those kids. I'm sort of believing that Lainey was in labor during the whole Twitter thing while she went silent. Wondering if the baby was in NICU this entire time and that's why just recently we've been seeing things.

No. 307402

File: 1476913525299.png (533.02 KB, 908x475, ghost.png)

Is it the filters that are making the aquarium water look green?

No. 307403

If your face is STILL red even while you have that filter on, then it must be a literal tomato

No. 307406


Is it just me or does his face look bloated?

No. 307407

that's actually really fucking tragic to think about, pushing out a baby prematurely and the whole time knowing your husband is fucking your fake gf now you're not there to be a cock block

No. 307408

Yeah I was thinking just that. She got knocked up because Billie and onion were all over each other, and now she's had that baby prematurely because Billie and onion were all over each other. That poor kid is nothing but a spite baby.

No. 307413

File: 1476917524949.png (614.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>On a date with a gorgeous lady…and my kids.

No wonder he looks mad as hell, he didn't wanna go out! Lol

No. 307417

File: 1476918905684.gif (1.47 MB, 300x225, 4sBuzKD.gif)

That ending, he got BTFO, goddamn. "You could just make good content instead of just starting shit with people." It only took about five minutes to destroy Greg.

Also, the start of Greg's video honestly startled me because I thought SR played a Leafy video by accident. I know he's trying to stay relevant and latch on to younger, successful youtubers but out right mimicking them? Sad.

No. 307419

HAHAHAAHHA jesus Onion really is reading these threads and living his life in direct response to them.
I haven't seen them mention leaving the house in ages but as soon as someone points out they look sad and lonely as fuck, they're throwing themselves outside to save face.

No. 307420


I wouldn't surprise me if they only cleaned the fish tank out like every few months. This is the guy that left his turtle in a lunch box for hours at the hottest time of the day and killed it.

Not even the fucking flower crow filter can hide his bad skin.

Hey Greg, if you're lurking. Fucking adapt a new diet you skinny fat prick. Why would anyone want to go vegetarian when they see your acne riddled red greasy skin, and skinny fat body?

No. 307421

Same, the parents are immature shut-ins with a fucked up relationship, who knows how they're going to turn out. Daddy is a selfish, overdramatic, insecure sociopath who has no problem bringing young girls into his home for sex, and Mommy is a doormat transtrender who can't stand up to her husband. What the hell are the kids going to take from them about life and relationships? Unless they just hate them so much they strive to be normal.

I hope one of them at least takes the son out to the park or something so he's not a pasty shut-in as well.

No. 307422

Jesus Christ, this is not the face of a 30-something year old man. He easily looks like he's in his 40s. Anyone with as much money as he has (along with an obsession with youth) would frequent a dermatologist, a spa and use at home treatments to keep up a young appearance but holy fuck… onion has turned into a scallion.

No. 307423

Ya know, I gotta thank Onion. If it wasn't for his pathetic drama I would've never discovered my new found love and appreciation for Richie. Yo Greg, I promise you I will hold this "social retard" in my heart forever. Well, unless you divorce your wife/wives and marry him first. Then he's all yours. Cuz who would I be to stand in the way of true love?!

No. 307424


If greg gained like 20lb-30lb it would definitely age him even more. His skin is most likely really shitty because his diet is so poor. I can't trust diet advice or lifestyle advice from a guy who wears more make up than me to cover his face…

No. 307425


I wonder if he'll take our advice to stop caking a lot of makeup and going after little girls. Probably not.

No. 307426

>Is it the filters that are making the aquarium water look green?

not in the slightest. A tank depending on stock that size can turn green in about 1-2 months but that tanks clearly gone a LOT Longerwithout a change, meaning that that tank has some deadly nitrites in there killing their fish left and right, and it looks like its to the point the only way NOT to kill the fish is to do a 25% water change daily. He probably doesn't even treat the water so the fish are either going to die from chlorine poisoning or the horrible nitrates.
Also I don't see a heater or bubbler in there, which is mandatory for most fish. It's probably got a goldfish in it too that need, depending on species, at least a 55 gallon to themselves or more.
so that tank basically has stunted growth, fish being burned by high ammonia, organs being fucked by the high nitrite and chlorine poisoning.
that tank is a death chamber.

No. 307427

Why is his face always a different shade to the rest of his body???

No. 307428

Lol, Greg wouldn't take his kid out because that would mean leaving the McMansion where he has Plainey and Billiebobdingle fighting for his affections. And it's not like Plainey would take her kids out because that would mean leaving Gerg and Billie peace to have more "naked massages". And you know since Billie's 'on the payroll' (according to SR lmao) she's even more desperate to get on Gerg.

No. 307429

noticed he's really obsessed with L from death note. not in the normal fan way, more in the way where he tries (and fails) to replicate L's way of being extremely perceptive, smart and emotionally detached. That's just what comes to mind when i hear him go on a long winded explanation of something trying so hard to sound all smart and logical when he just sounds like he's on drugs.

Idk i think there's a reason he's taken a liking to L as a character and tries to be him IRL but just comes off as a fucking psycho…..if you've seen death note u might see what I'm getting at

No. 307430


Skye used to play L in the DN parodies, but that's probably just coincidence though.

No. 307434

Was lainey's makeup done by the mortician? Also, she left the house in that cheap, fugly hottopic jacket? Christ…

No. 307436

I used to own the exact same one. It was 15 bucks on ebay and terrible quality. Doubt Grease would buy her something actually nice.

No. 307437


I see what you mean anon,When I was like 16 I was heavily into death note and trying to replicate L. Then I grew the fuck up and adapted my own personality. Greg must try to integrate L mannerisms into his everyday life the whole 'knowing everything' 'I am so intelligent' god complex that Onion has…

No. 307440

>when i hear him go on a long winded explanation of something trying so hard to sound all smart and logical when he just sounds like he's on drugs.

Thanks anon, you made my night haha.

No. 307443

It's not the early 00s My Chem/Taking Back Sunday/eyeliner/bracelets/etc emo, but there is a surge of kids who are into to stuff like Twenty One Pilots and Halsey who call themselves emo (lol)

Sage for off topic

No. 307450

it's weird, you'd think someone as narcissistic and batshit as Greg would latch on to Light's personality instead

No. 307456

File: 1476934545576.jpg (58.84 KB, 444x314, file.jpg)

Hits too close to home for him, I'm sure.

No. 307459


No. 307464

ugh his skin makes mine crawl

No. 307465

>"Why do I hang out with you?"
>"Because I give you money"
Summary of their relationship right there.

No. 307474

Her shoulders are broader than his

No. 307478

…but Plain can't be Misa Amane because she actually has a job.

No. 307479

Gosh his fans must really be underage or something because what's with all the "relationship goalz" comments? Idk about anyone else but it was kind of uncomfortable watching this video. Knowing about all the shit they've said to each other those quirky little quips just seemed like low key aggression.

No. 307483

Lainey looks like she is in her late 30s

>Celebrated 22nd birthday few days ago


No. 307487

Trashy white jokes, and throws in a Eugenia reference. Classy. Shows how feeble his mind really is.

No. 307490

>>Celebrated 22nd birthday few days ago

Holy shit…Plainey looks SO old for her age and the boyish haircut doesn't do her any favors.

Billy at least looks her age (the emo/scene style is horrible tho)

No. 307492

is that why they called her claire

No. 307496

I don't like SR and his shitty feather headdresses, but it's hilarious how he's so much more mature especially in comparison to Gurghs video cut in. It's like watching an adult respond to a 13-year old.

No. 307497

How is Onion gonna deal with two kids now?

No. 307498

What is the fucking point in her having a channel if she cba to even speak?? A wet slug has more personality than her seriously

No. 307499

Its clearly just an excuse for Greg to make more money. He films and edits everything on that channel, and all Lainey does is just sit there and lets Greg do most of the talking. All of the money that Lainey makes clearly goes straight back into Greg's pocket.

If Lainey every did leave Greg I could see him trying to pull a Margo on her and her channel.

No. 307500

>If Lainey every did leave Greg I could see him trying to pull a Margo on her and her channel.

He would first try to send his fans to chase her off the internet with death threats. Then if that wouldn't work, he would pull a Margo

No. 307501

the same way he dealt with his first kid.. he's not

No. 307503

Billoh can be Misa.
>dumb, gullible teenager
>(Instagram) "model" with an edgy look
>infatuated with an obvious narcissist
>defends said narcissict against any and all criticism and hates anyone who's against him
>will do shitty things to please said narcissist, even if they're detrimental to herself or the people around her

However Gregma isn't nearly as clever as he thinks he is let alone a genius like the DN characters are supposed to be. He'd take the comparison as a compliment.
sage for weebshit

No. 307504

None of this is surprising. He's a shitty pet owner.

The man killed a tortoise because "hurrdurr it came from the desert and should have survived my neglect!"

No. 307506

File: 1476980100922.png (1.41 MB, 1724x878, Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 10.1…)

Ugh his whole demeanour just disgusts me. The way he talks over Plain made me very uncomfortable too, their entire relationship is so fucking dysfunctional

No. 307510

His face looks like it's covered in first degree burns, use some fucking aloe vera you scabby sausage.

No. 307514

He sucked all life out of her

No. 307515

Lainey is so fucking manly looking, maybe this trigender space prince shit is legit lmao

No. 307517

quadgender* don't misgender her

No. 307522

Their pronouns are they u shitlord

No. 307523

shitlord?! i'll have u kno that as some1 w/ irritable bowel syndrome this is v, v triggering and i need a safe space and a grief counselor for th emotional distress u gav me

No. 307524

He looks more haggard than his wife who dropped her 2nd kid while he was fucking her side piece.

No. 307527

His looks are rapidly going to shit (as if he had good looks anyway), I hope his current fans outgrow him and stop supporting him while he doesn't lure any new fans with his pudgy, old and red looks.

No. 307528

Didn't he do a video or something once where he was trying to say he looked younger now than when he was in the military because ~MUH VEGETARIAN DIET~

lol SURE Greg. Keep telling yourself that.

No. 307529

File: 1476988300896.jpg (85.74 KB, 996x947, nicefoundationbro.jpg)

Found the comparison photo.

No. 307531


Did he get a brow lift?

No. 307532

Those angles and that makeup

Or does vegetarianism just exchange the size of your head for the size of your nose?

No. 307533


This photo makes his botox obvious; he's got the kind where they target the dose so you can still lift your brows, which is important for a performer (source: have had this same procedure.) The middle forehead smoothes out, and your brow arch moves further off to the sides.

No. 307534

All the shooping and angles in the world will never change the fact that he has a tomato head. But he's always looked like a cro-magnon it seems. I will never understand the thirst these girls have for him.

No. 307538

File: 1476988917289.jpg (188.81 KB, 2048x1365, datforehead.jpg)



Took the words right out of my mouth

No. 307539

They don't give a shit about him they're only interested in the $$$

No. 307541


>Relationship goals!

said by people who have never been in a relationship before

No. 307544

Lol, obvious jawline shoop is obvious, holy shit.

No. 307545

It wasn't just neglect, he baked the poor thing alive. Tortoises are supposed to live for several decades, this is common knowledge. He had it for a month. Part of me thinks he did it on purpose. You have to be a fucking idiot or a sociopath to put an animal under a plastic tub in the sun in summer.

He's probably one of those assholes that thinks his fish are stupid/can't feel pain/don't have good memory etc. It's infuriating.

No. 307554

Honestly, what the fuck happened to his brows. He looks deranged.

No. 307555

Botox. When you get the method where you can still move your brows, that's what it looks like >>307533

No. 307556

he;s a retard who buys pets thinking theyre low matenience to the point all he has to do is let it rot in its tank and look pretty.
fish aren't easy pets, you have to change filters weekly alogn with a decent amount of water, make sure you dont get random spikes or theyll get diseases like ick or swim bladder disease, his turtle was probably malnourished as fuck and had bad pyramiding. the worst thing is pretty much anything that isnt a cat or dog is ignored by the animal neglect laws
fuck onision the animal killing prick, his children have no chance if he can't even do basic matenience on a fishtank.

No. 307557

less than a minute in and I'm already so fucking uncomfortable. The way she looks away from him at around 0:15 along while he just won't stop talking over her.

No. 307561

He bought a guinea pig not too long ago, I wonder if the poor thing still lives.

No. 307563

Me either. I don't fucking get why all these girls on the net and the two idiots he has IRL are thirsty for him. He's ugly as fuck without the filters, foundation, angles lighti–never mind, he's ugly with them too. My guess is that they're blinded by his hair and think that makes up for an ugly face with Neanderthal features. Too many stupid girls think a guy with long hair is hot but NOPE! They forget to actually look at their face or imagine them without it.

No. 307564

the only reason lainey and billie are thirsty for him is cos he's got money and "fame". you think any of them would stick around if he lost all his money and his job. NOPE

No. 307574

So I thought onision made drama baity videos so he could make video response after video response and not have to attempt any real creativity in his videos. I guess he met his match in SR, and the tea was so strong he had to resort to making that anorexia video once he saw SR and Eugenia had collabed recently.

He's such a pussy he'll go after a young girl for revenge (no shock there) instead of clapping back at SR. I guess he knows SR isnt afraid to escalate shit while Eugenia will just take the hate.

I guess the kind of role model he seeks to be for his children is the 30 year old kind who bullies young girls

No. 307578


Her makeup is fucking horrendous and way too heavy for a woman her age. She needs to toss the black eyeliner and the dark lipstick because they can age you if you don't know how to apply it.

She'll do much better with a more natural look and play around with lighter colors. I almost want to give her a makeover, what are the best mobile apps for that?

She also needs to grow out her hair, sorry Lainey, but the short look is fucking horrible for your face.

No. 307579

He's really not concealing his hatred for her very well, is he? This is like the 100th video about the possibility of divorce.

No. 307580


>Her cheating on her girlfriend would hurt my feelings.


No. 307581

wtf…what was the point of this video

No. 307582


That's what I would like to know too!

No. 307583

He's prepping people for him filing for the divorce. He's going to blame her being "greedy / didn't love me enough / too crazy / not positive enough / unstable" - it's finally dawning on him that she's really never going to leave him, so if he wants to get rid of her he'll have to nut up and do it himself. His gaslighting and abuse aren't working this time.

No. 307586

File: 1476999140336.png (684 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-20-17-29-15…)

Hey did anyone see this???

No. 307587

Maybe Billie is trying to rush Onion into cutting things off with Plain?

No. 307588


Legit used to think greg was hot in like 2010-2011, but again, I was a teen who thought any guy with long emo hair was good looking.

No. 307590


Laineys features are too butch for long hair, but also too pudgy (but not in a good round face way) to pull off a pixie cut.

No. 307591

Laundry should try a pob.

Also I wanna give her a makeover. Her whole look and wardrobe. People call her plain but she could be beautiful with styles that suit her

No. 307592

That or shes moving in with them soon

No. 307593

For people who don't want to watch the video here's a rundown.

> Greg wouldn't care if he caught Lainey kissing a girl, unless lainey was cheating on billie with another girl. They would "hurt my feelings" says greg

> If Lainey is caught kissing a guy it's fine, unless she has sex with him. Then Greg would file for divorce.

> If Lainey had sex with another man without Gregs permission, Greg say's it would be 'Selfish' of her. (ironic)

> If he realized his wife was a pathological liar he would file for divorce. "No one should have to live with that kind of crazy person" - Greg (ironic)

> if lainey hit greg he wouldn't file for divorce but force her to get therapy.

> If Lainey was physically or emotionally abusive it warrants divorce.

> If Lainey was manipulative to their kids (ironic in the future no doubt)

> "If my wife tried to sadistically torture or kill our dogs I would probably divorce her" (ironic, you literally did that to your turtle)

> "If it came to my attention I was in a loveless marriage, I would not want to be in that marriage. Or if I found out my wife was super greedy and had the opinion that the things I worked really hard for were magically hers. Greed is actually the driving force as to why I split up with my ex " - Greg

> If Lainey thought Greg was ugly. He says he becomes turned off when the person he's with doesn't find him to be hot.

> If Gregs waifu became a drug addict.

> If she got an STD

> If she got pregnant with someone elses baby

>If she was institutionalized for a mental disorder he would 'wait it out'

> If she stopped taking showers

>If she chose the pets over him

>If she voted against gay marriage

> Shames meat eaters and says if she ate meat he would 'question her intelligence'

> If she wanted to marry a woman

>Brings up sex change but says he probably wouldn't divorce over just a sex change.

TL;DR : Onion is a hypocrite and does all the things he says his wife should never do, because if she did do them he would divorce her.

No. 307594


Same Anon, on the 8th point I mean't to clarify he is talking about his ex wife Skye.

No. 307597

Thanks anon. I think Greg is worried about paying all that child support.

No. 307599

when they do eventually get a divorce i wonder what it'll be for…honestly sometimes i think since laineys such a doormat he won't divorce her as long as she lets him fuck billie/whichever teen comes next

No. 307600


She definitely pulls of longer hair better, her features are not too butch for it. I think past her shoulders would be best.

No. 307602

> "If it came to my attention I was in a loveless marriage, I would not want to be in that marriage. Or if I found out my wife was super greedy and had the opinion that the things I worked really hard for were magically hers. Greed is actually the driving force as to why I split up with my ex " - Greg

Why does he brig his ex-wife into this? Everyone knows the real reason for the divorce was Shiloh (he recently admitted this himself). Oh and if the marriage was indeed loveless, why'd stay there for five years? He could've left her after the military thing was over…

No. 307603

I think she's subtweeting her ex (SR)

No. 307604

He says that he would divorce lainey if she told him that he didn't love her, but he did the same shit to Lainey and yet, no divorce.

No. 307607

Onion: why dont people respect my family's privacy?

makes countless videos discussing his personal life and choices for views

No. 307612

I wouldn't say her features are pudgy, but it's her bone structure that isn't angular enough to pull off a pixie cut. She looked much better when she had shoulder length blonde hair though.

No. 307614


Yeah, I am not in the "Plainey" camp. I think she could be really cute if she worked it a bit, but her fashion choices and makeup choices are pretty much the exact opposite of what she should be doing. But I guess she's shooting for the "tomboy" look, which is not doing her any favors at all.

No. 307615

And this is mostly stuff he has already done to Plainey. Fucking kek

No. 307619

File: 1477004724708.jpg (83.07 KB, 540x540, blonde.jpg)

I think blonde hair in general seems to soften her features, dark hair is too harsh on her. Lainey sort it out you could be cute.

No. 307620

Side by side, Taylor looks bigger than Greg. That girl looks built like a defensive lineman.
That Jay Leno jaw doesn't help the profile shots either. Pregnancy weight aside, she looked so mich better with longer, lighter hair.

No. 307621

AAAAGGHHHH!!!! What the fuck, Taylor?!

No. 307628

holy shit that jaw shoop on onion

No. 307629

Is it just me or does Onion like his women to look like dudes?

No. 307630

File: 1477005747923.jpg (18.49 KB, 300x300, 300x300.jpg)

reminds me of emily osment

No. 307632

why would you admit this? embarrassing.

No. 307634

who cares

No. 307635

Took the side of their pets over him? Wtf does that even MEAN?

No. 307637

It means if you don't focus on him 24/7 you're dead to him. What a narcissistic prick.

No. 307638

probably asked her to get rid of them and she wouldn't. wonder if he means Adrienne though? in her letter she'd said something about him wanting her to get rid of them and she'd found them new homes.

No. 307639

Seriously, he looks like one of those shitty scream halloween masks, but Greg's scarier.

No. 307648

Why does everyone think plain's face is pudgy? I don't think her face could get much slimmer tbh. She does have a big head, though. Fivehead.

No. 307649

Who gives a shit? Several of us were fans pre-divorce, most of us were between 12-16 around then. I've never known a young teen girl to have good taste in men.

No. 307650

Apparently if you love your pets you're a shitty wife. What a joke.

No. 307652


Who is SR dating now?

No. 307653

Well now that Lainey has apparently popped out Bandaid, he really doesn't have much of a reason to wait it out much longer.

No. 307654


Is this a shop or did she ever actually go bleach blonde? I thought once she went pixie short she kept it dark. Someone tweet at her to go this color, she looks WAY prettier blond.

No. 307657

File: 1477022372927.png (2.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-20-23-54-29…)

Uh oh why do I have a feeling Greg is making a response/video mocking Social Repose. Oh boy….

No. 307658

It's going to make him look even more pathetic if he does.

No. 307659


My popcorn's ready.

No. 307660

I really hope SR isn't bored of the back and forth yet so we can get more tea

No. 307661

File: 1477022845027.jpg (90.37 KB, 1000x666, ZoczhIF.jpg)

I hope he is just so SR burns him again

No. 307663

I bet his response is as weak as Leafy vs. idubbbz. Delicious.

No. 307668

I hope he makes Lainey do a video like this. She'll try to list things and realize he has already done them. Or she wouldn't have any reasons why she would want to divorce him at all. Meanwhile his list of reasons is miles long.

No. 307669

He already did, last week. But HE was the one who got to list all of the scenarios, and she only got to say yes or no.

No. 307674

It just seems really weird that he'd drop her in a second for emotional abuse, but would just shuttle her off to therapy and work things out if she started punching him in the face whenever she was angry. idk I feel like it says some weird things about how the dynamics in his relationships work.

No. 307680

Someone punching him = he is the victim 100%, he saves them, he is the hero, they are in his debt, he is in control
"Emotional Abuse" = much more subjective, often two-sided, hard to prove, holds a lot of power over Onion because he is so full of shit that no one would ever believe him, it's easier for him to drop her and run and be, once again, the victim/hero

No. 307685

Plain needs to get away from his ass. She said she was going to home school Troy. He's going to turn into Greg Jr if he doesn't see how real people act together.

No. 307698


So he posts this video even though his wife had his second child recently. When Troy was born, he was trying to portray himself like a good dad, making a song for him etc.
Now his second child is born, and he can't stop talking about divorce.
I hope he finally goes with it, kids will do better without him.

No. 307699

I hope so too. All he's doing is trying to prepare his viewers for their eventual divorce. I remember there was yet another video where they were talking about divorce and Lainey thought it was a joke then he firmly responds, "No, seriously. We're getting divorced in two months."

It won't surprise me at all whenever it finally does happen. She doesn't want to leave him since that'd mean she'd have to get a job and move out of that unfurnished McMansion. Grease is going to pull that trigger, I'm betting winter 2017 as just a guess.

No. 307700

A lot of people are turning against him in the comments, even his fans.
He is digging his own grave. Nice.

No. 307701

>No, seriously. We're getting divorced in two months."

Funny how, two months after that video, cuddlegate 2.0 happened. And that time it was obvious Onion and Billybop were making a video (where she obviously gives him googly eyes) locked in his office. Probably had sex in there too. I'm picturing a scene like this: >>306550

Too bad for him that Lainey is too much of a doormat to go for a divorce, so I guess he is the one who will have to do it.

No. 307703

>Several of us were fans
but why?

No. 307704

Because a lot of us were really young when Onision started out and young people have bad taste a lot lol, I some what liked him when he use to make videos with Shane Dawson etc, it was when the shit happened with Shiloh I realised he was a psycho.

No. 307707


I've never been a fan but a lot of his fans believe that he is really as truthful and honest as me says and glorify him because of that. "Onion always looks at both sides of things! He never lies! He's not like other YouTubers!"

No. 307710


Yeah I was never a fan like that, I just thought his "omg so random" humour was amusing when I was 13, his fans who defend all the fucked up shit scare me.

No. 307718

He wasn't even ugly in 2010 and before, especially if you had a thing for shaggy hair. Now he's shit in every way

No. 307719

I was somewhat of a fan in 2012 (I was almost 21), it wasn't until last year that I've became "fully aware" of his bs, though I was losing hope in him anyway. (I mostly stuck to his comedy videos, I didn't gave a shit about his opinions or personal life, even when he played the pity card.)

No. 307720


I also shamefully admit 2010 Onion was hot. Now he's old, wrinkly and gross.

No. 307721

File: 1477059947169.png (622.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Hey, I'm confused… Is this fat or muscle? Also, that shirt doesn't look like it fits him anymore…

No. 307723

on the arms? fat. you can tell with the way it doesn't sort of define to the elbow, just flobs straight in, if he shook them they'd jiggle. and it is too small, if he was facing straight on or to the side more you'd be able to see it stretching over his belly.

No. 307724

Another jab at SR in his latest video.
I did kind of laugh at the SR bit… I am ashamed

No. 307725

File: 1477061543169.png (726.85 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


You mean like this?

No. 307727

yeah, he's managed to angle himself there so you can't really tell if it's the angle or flab

No. 307728

Just fat, he looks pretty doughy in the middle too and his lower arm wouldn't look like that if it was muscle.

No. 307730


Yeah, except he wasn't as fat in that picture as supposed to now.


That belly looks like it's about to pop out of that shirt. It's okay Onion, you can stop hiding dat "vegetarian body" now, we'll understand!

No. 307731


Cringe. He is in his 30s. Is he really just resorting to a youtube slap fight with someone younger than him?

Newsflash, Greg, take care of your marriage an family like an actual man and stop being a retard on social media.

No. 307732

File: 1477065107639.png (79.71 KB, 852x284, Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 8.51…)

Lol, the comments got to him

No. 307733

>she made a video about reasons she would divorce me…

no, you made that video too

No. 307734


>She's a pretty logical person in most instances.

Lmao, that's rich!

No. 307735

>logical person
>most cases

He low key hates her, doesn't he?

No. 307736

Didn't someone once say that Troy is basically treated like a little adult who can make his own decisions, so he’s never told no and they let him do whatever he wants? I don't remember who said it or whether they were full of shit but I remember them explaining that Troy's hair was really long and scraggly because he didn't want to have it cut.
Being raised by a doormat and a narc who both think he can do no wrong is probably going to turn the kid into an absolute terror, and a lack of interaction with other kids at school is going to make it 100% worse. I hope Bandaid (Claire?) escapes as soon as she can crawl. Being raised by wolves would be better than this.

>when ur dad has mom arms

No. 307737

I vaguely remember something similar to that too. I think Lainey had posted something on that parenting fb group she's on. I do remember reading that the kid pretty much gets away with murder.

No. 307741

Onion deleted this picture from his Instagram.
I guess it really is Troy. Lainey is probably dressing him *~gender neutral~* or some shit

No. 307742

Oh wait nevermind, it's an old pic.

No. 307743

File: 1477068922531.jpg (128.97 KB, 987x522, um.jpg)

All you need to do is buy her an animal costume and she will forget all about adultery you committed.

No. 307747

She's going to turn into a furry like Shiloh?

No. 307749


After the Onion saga's over yaah.

No. 307750


Um, the proper term is Otherkin, shitlord. Check your privilege.

No. 307751

Stop being racist against dragons.

No. 307752

Hi Onion

No. 307753



No. 307754


I'mma summon the blue eyes white dragon on y'all niggas!

No. 307759

I can't comprehend how it's suddenly ok for him to openly say he loves Billie now after all that (and while they both insist she's only Lainey's gf).

Can't help but pity Lainey, though she's clearly made her choice to put up with this shit many times over now.

No. 307762

New video of Onion shitting all over Plain's family. He's isolated her good.

No. 307763

I don't pity her, she had it coming and is also a mean bitch to people that try to help her.

No. 307764

Someone should call him out since botox isn't vegetarian. I bet he doesn't use cruelty free makeup either. He just uses vegetarianism as a platform for him to be self righteous, he couldn't give a fuck about animal rights.

No. 307765


video for errybody

No. 307766

petition to get greg to shut the fuck up of all of eternity

No. 307767

No. 307769

Shitting all over Lainey's dad again…I guess she doesn't mind

Hypocritical of him to call him out on the leaving family for the babysitter, when Onion wants to leave family for a 19 year old.

Maybe that's why Lainey is a doormat to Onion, huge daddy issues…

No. 307770

He's been pushing the "ménage à trois" narrative for a while now. It went from Billoh being Laineys girlfriend to all three of them being in a poly relationship, and the next step is him and Billoh being in love while Lainey is the jealous third wheel who ruins everything with her negativity. Step three is already in progress but he had to backpeddal a bit when fans sided with Lainey over him.

No. 307771

Oh wow, so her dad offered her advice how to get around onion's prenup during one of the cuddlegates but she refused to listen…

100% onion brain slave

No. 307772

Wasn't she in an abusive relationship before getting with Onion? He's probably been exploiting some issues that were already there.

No. 307773

Its crazy to me how much shit he says thats the same shit HE does.

I have a feeling Lainey's dad contacted her after the last Cuddlegate and was trying to help his daughter get out of a loveless marriage. and lets be honest, Lainey has NOTHING if she were to ever leave Greg. I'm sure her dad realizes this and was trying to get that point across to Lainey. But she's being hardcore manipulated herself and when she told Greg he thought it was just solely for the thrill of taking his stuff.

What a joke.

No. 307775

>my wife is so amazing because she wouldn't dream of stealing my money

Wow. That and the reason he'd leave her have been repeated a lot. She can't leave because if she tried to get money for the kids, she'd be stealing 'his' money and being horrible because she's not understanding and loyal enough for Gargoyle.

I bet her dad was being resonable with trying to help out and Gargoyle doesn't want to listen. I had a really rough patch in my marriage and my parents offered to help. It hurts one's pride but since they have kids, she should take it. I'm sure they would support their daughter and grandkids.

Too bad she's absorbed his lies and can't escape.

No. 307778

Lainey and Shiloh should collaborate a PSA: Don't Let Your Teens Watch Shifty Youtubers or This Could be Your Kid

No. 307779


how is lainey ok with him just spilling her family's dirty laundry all over the fucking internet

No. 307780

At 2.10 the magnets on the fridge say "yay twins". Yep, he's obsessively reading our posts here (such as >>306624) and was hoping we'd notice that.

No. 307781

onision reminds me way too much of someone who sexually abused me when i was a teenager (see the correlation?) so i cant watch his videos but the threads on him are so funny i feel like im missing out :/

No. 307783

i don't watch the videos because watching him makes me feel gross, like i need to sit in the shower for the rest of my life… if you look around there's transcripts generally. plus the threads give you more than enough details

No. 307784


Don't worry about it, anon. Most of us can't stand watching his videos for various reasons.

I, for one, feel like drinking bleach every time I hear his voice/see his face for more than three seconds.

No. 307785


From what I can remember, I'm pretty sure she was, which would explain a lot.

Like, if someone who had just got out of an emotionally abusive doesn't give themselves time to adjusting to life without that partner and to go through the healing process, some asshole has the potential to white knight them and start the whole emotional abuse bullshit all over. Or at least that's what I learned from personal experience.

No. 307788

All of this sounds like the desperate attempts of the parents of a minor seeing Greg as the manipulator and abuser he is and trying as hard as they can to get her out. And if her home was as toxic as he says, that just damns him more since it proves Lainey was an especially vulnerable teen who felt like she needed any way out and he took advantage of that so he can say he saved her. They might be fucked up themselves, but they at least seem to genuinely still want to help Lainey if (when) shit goes down. He seems to feel continuously threatened by them being in Lain's life. I feel like their inevitable divorce is going to be much nastier than his previous breakups.

No. 307789


>I have a feeling Lainey's dad contacted her after the last Cuddlegate and was trying to help his daughter get out of a loveless marriage

Didn't she say something about not talking to her family about the situations on twitter when she was fighting with Greg?

It wouldn't be wrong to speculate that, since they've both stated people often contact her parents and tell them what Greg's doing and Lainey said something about not talking to her family about the situations on twitter when she was fighting with Greg, someone told Lainey's parents/her father about Cuddlegate (both 1 and 2.0) and he tried once or both times to bring her and the kids home to New Mexico.

Either that or something more recent must've driven her father to do/say something that caused him to make this stupid video.


Yeah. One of the admins for eoliveson interviewed him when Lainey and Greg came out publicly after she turned 18 and all he could do was talk about how wild in the sack she was. He was a douchebag tbh.

No. 307790


I know Lainey has to be in contact with one of her sisters (Lauren) because Lainey did recently tweet at Lauren to text her back.

Lauren more than likely relays any information she gets from Lainey to their father.

No. 307791

File: 1477086743002.jpg (71.5 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 307795

She probably doesn't talk to her family when shit happens because she knows her family will just be "told you so."

Doesn't mean they don't try to reach out to her.

And I'm sure he dad probably fucked her mind up big time if what some of the stuff Greg said was true in the video. Lainey clearly has no idea how a man or is suppose to love and respect her.

No. 307797

It's disgusting how apparent it is he goes after girls with family, emotional and/or mental issues. I can't think of any other sane reason why he keeps getting them with all his petty relationship drama. Not only are they very young (underage) with no real life/relationship experience, they're also extremely vulnerable. They think a prince charming will come along to solve all their problems and Onion sees that and swoops in with his money and alarmingly quick declarations of love. If someone's already damaged by insecurities it's easier to manipulate them and keep them.

No. 307799

Gerguls himself is damaged and emotionally stunted. Like seeks like.

No. 307803

Oh cool more abuse that he readily admits to! Alienating your partner from their family is abusive, Onision.

No. 307806

File: 1477091703027.png (24 KB, 519x127, YS7vlhj.png)


No. 307807

Plaineyclone containment thread: >>>/snow/186605

No. 307808

Can we stop posting about her, she's not interesting. She's not relevant. She doesn't even speak to Lainey as far as we know.

No. 307809

saw this mentioned on eoliveson, i know it's a skit but still so weird

No. 307813

These people are really bent. Whose mom agrees to do this type of stupid shit? Haha, yeah, incest…gr8 joke amirite?

No. 307814

second this.
If anyone posts any screenshots of laineyclone can we write them off as her posting on here for attention.

No. 307815

Off topic, but what happened to Plain's other friend? Regina? Anyone know?

Saged bc unimportant but since they don't talk anymore, maybe someone can get milk out of her

No. 307817

Onion chose Billie over his wife and kids so hypocrite much?

No. 307819

Just wait until Billie-bob gets preggo from Onion as well. Then he'll focus all this pent up anger on the both of them … all while looking for a new 16 yr old to bang.

No. 307822

well by then he'll be wanting someone more like lamo again so cloney may have a chance

No. 307823

Ugh gross, they even sound alike. No sane mother would agree to make a skit like this with their own son.

No. 307833

the funny thing about this pic is that unless the filter is piss yellow, that's a knockoff rilakkuma kigurumi. even minus the filter the face looks pretty wonky from what i can tell. he wouldn't even shell out around 60$ to please his wife

No. 307835

I thought she said it was a birthday present from Billie?

No. 307843

I thought it was Pikachu.

No. 307847

And in his books, his main characters (obvious self-interests) go after girls who are from broken families and/or been in an abusing relationships.

Also this is from his second book:

>Ashley is a product of my imprisonment. I literally have millions of little potential human lives screaming within me to impregnate her as soon as humanly possible. If we were to reproduce I would no doubt “love” the children she produced. This is of course because if I didn’t “love” them then they would be less likely to effectively survive. If our species collectively lost “love” for children, our species itself would begin to die off. We would leave our children in the streets to die; we wouldn’t feed them or at times even risk our safety for them because we weren’t pre-programmed to care.

Knowing that 12 year olds read his shit and praise it makes me sick.

No. 307849

u gaiz biology is totally a thing but my character like realizes the opposite woah so deep

No. 307855

This sounds like one of the hentais he's known to whack it to.

No. 307856

Fucking Cringe

No. 307857


We know he's talking about Laineys Dad, but shit. It sounds like future Greg. I wonder is that why Greg hates him…

No. 307860

>I literally have millions of little potential human lives screaming within me

his sperm needs to chill

No. 307864

Greg is the personification of the saying "we hate in others what we hate in ourselves." He goes after people like Lainey's dad and SR because they do shit that hits too close to home (cheat, leave their spouses for younger women, etc). I doubt he's self-aware enough to realize it though.

No. 307870


Guess the guilt is too much for him to bare, and that's why he attacks others who do the same and his victims.

No. 307879

So he tells the guy to grow up and move on, and when he does and tried to act civil he just calls him a hypocrite and says he shouldn't praise the existence of his own grandchild??

Greg, shut the fuck up.

No. 307881

Hope the picture works, but here is a really old pic of Lainey with super long hair. I still think she looks better with around shoulder length and light blonde.


Won't let me post actual image, sorry.

No. 307882


Wow even though it's not a super clear photo, you can tell it looks better. Makes her face look less long and horse like.

No. 307883


Yup, I definitely see what you mean. I think Lainey also doesn't have straight hair naturally, let me see if I can find a pic of her with wavy hair.

No. 307885


Why don't y'all just make a Lainey thread in /snow/ and talk about her there. She's never gonna get better nor will her looks, go away.

No. 307886


We're being critical with her looks, autist.

No. 307887


When she said to hell with hair straighteners, then again the bleach fucked up her naturally wavy hair.

No. 307888

No, Lainey is directly tied to Onion unlike some other people that get mentioned here (SR, Ayalla, etc etc) and usually if one is having drama then the other will be involved too. Its no different than having a Suzy/ Arin/ GG thread.

No. 307889


How about no? Because this thread is about Onision and Lainey and Billie and their milk?

No. 307890


>Made by a special banana

"Special" being the operative word here.

No. 307891



Ah, here's another pic of her with wavy hair. They look really weak but I know she straightens her hair. I think she'd look extra nice with long, wavy, blonde hair.

Maybe I should make another thread just to talk about her appearances.

No. 307892



Last pic, I promise. Anyway, damn, she really changed a lot over the years. Wish she'd gain a bit more weight.

No. 307893

Seriously, what's the point of this? Do we really need to focus on what's hot or not in her? We're in the Onion thread, in lolcow! We're supposed to laugh and ridicule them at their expense, not idol her. Again, go away sympathizers.

No. 307894

File: 1477157414687.jpg (137.18 KB, 507x525, fe3.jpg)

No. 307895


Wouldn't say it's idolizing her, just noticing a pattern in Onion's childbrides. They all seem to deteriorate both mentally and physically. Lainey is the biggest doormat out of them I've seen though.

No. 307896


We're not idolizing her, idiot. We're criticizing her appearance. We think she looks like shit with short hair.

No. 307897


Yeah I don't think saying how shit she looks in comparison to old photo's is exactly "idolizing" her.

No. 307898


In that case, why don't we show all of their before and after pics, that'd be interesting.

No. 307901


His child brides*

No. 307902

File: 1477158204198.jpg (10.46 KB, 174x290, shiloh.jpg)


Before onion

No. 307904

File: 1477158338590.jpg (6.45 KB, 320x180, shiloh2.jpg)

with onion, I know one is from a photoshoot but fuck. How does she go from a girl who clearly enjoys doing her hair/make-up to bald? It seemed gradual as well, her hair got shorter, she started wearing less make-up etc. Lainey is going in the same direction and was the same before, enjoyed hair/make-up. Is it some weird dehumanizing thing for Onion or does he have a fetish for girls who look manly?

No. 307905


According to Shiloh, he forcefully held her down and shaved her head and shamed her from wearing makeup.

Shiloh is probably the most egregious example of how fucked up Onision is. To go from a canadian pop star on the rise to being abused and having your career and online reputation destroyed by a greasy old man from the internet.

No. 307906

Are there before and after pics of Mrs. Onion 1.0 as well?

No. 307907


Ugh, she looks dead inside…

No. 307908


Yeah agreed, I know Shiloh did crazy shit but I believe he initiated it all and drove her to that. I know this will be seen as white knighting and I know she's a furry now lol, but I'll always feel bad for Shiloh. She had so much going for her and onion ruined it.

No. 307909

File: 1477159101514.jpg (112.79 KB, 537x876, beforeafter.jpg)

No. 307910


Lainey looks way worse now though, I wonder if Billoh does replace her next, she'll go the same way? If it happens and Billoh gets a pixie cut and looks dead inside this is not a coincidence lol.

No. 307911

File: 1477159591825.jpg (359.72 KB, 1280x853, beforeafterlain.jpg)


I found that image from that eoliveson tumblr page, here's another one.

No. 307913


This OT but kinda still OT, goddamit Lainey fix your eyeliner, her wings make me sad inside.

No. 307914

File: 1477159959650.jpg (314.6 KB, 899x675, kek.jpg)

I love this edit lmao, it looks like an old man kissing a toddler.

No. 307915


this made me snicker a bit because Skye's after photo is just like "free at laaaast~"

No. 307916

File: 1477160091556.png (569.36 KB, 799x493, onsion.png)


LOL yeah, even with the filters he uses I think she looks young enough to be his daughter. The thought of them fucking repulses me.

No. 307918


Oh, but don't worry, anon. When Binkie hits that really old age of 20 years old, Grease will be on the prowl again looking for tender teenage flesh again.

No. 307920

His head is humongous compared to hers

No. 307922

File: 1477161324117.jpeg (42.3 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)


I found this… it looks like a courthouse setting if I'm not mistaken-oh…

No. 307923

Oh yeah! Here's the webpage I found it from, it has a lot of Onion pics pre-YouTube. Blanks and clickable!


No. 307924

File: 1477161460510.jpg (37.57 KB, 810x231, IMG_20161022_203653.jpg)


Onision status: buttmangled

No. 307925

She was too pretty for him

No. 307926

Am I seeing things or is Billie not wearing pants? Look in the mirror.

No. 307927

reading that page, he mentions his step dad taking him hunting vaguely?

> and Doug, he's just a good guy all around… one of those people you want to go camping with you ~ or hunting, whatever.

No. 307928

File: 1477161777324.jpeg (5.36 KB, 225x225, 4475745564.jpeg)

start the countdown to another buttmad onion video

No. 307930


Indeed, but look at her smile closely… It's like she's saying "he's my man now bitches! >:)"

Also, this pic gives me Natural Born Killers vibes…

No. 307934

File: 1477164104453.jpg (52.21 KB, 500x500, friends-family-greg-daniel-pho…)

No. 307935

could be shorts

No. 307938

She's actually quite pretty in the top photos. Maybe it's just because I've never really seen ger smiling, but they just look waaaay nicer.

>using a filter
>still looking like that

She really does look like his kid here. I think he genuinely believes that he looks young and cute and that's why he doesn't realise that all his child brides make him look worse by comparison.

No. 307939


Yeah idk if it's in comparison to onion but I think billybob looks young in general, more like 15/16 than 19 the tattoos are the only thing that give away her age to me.

No. 307940

I think it's because she still looks like she has babyfat in her face. Plus she's in that claire's accessories/hot topic stage and that makes her look even younger imo.

No. 307941

I still looked like a teenager when I was in my early 20's so it's not totally uncommon. I guarantee once Gregoyale officially replaces Lamebot with her (which, let's be real here, is definitely gonna happen sooner than later) the stress will make her looks will go to complete shit within a year.

No. 307943

>>the stress will make her looks will go to complete shit within a year.
She's a pudge, too. She's got the kind of body that turns to marshmallow after your teens unless you work at it. And we know gerg hates fatties.

No. 307944


Idk she doesn't look pudgey to me just has a baby face, people on here think Lainey is fat though and her face is long/horse like to me, any thinner and it'd look even stranger lol.

No. 307947

File: 1477166351641.jpg (67.61 KB, 500x500, friends-family-greg-daniel-pho…)

Some of the pictures look so normal, it's kind of sad

No. 307948


Straight up, Skye was the best looking of them all. Didn't even need any makeup to look pretty.

No. 307959

I think she should grow her hair out and let it be her colour or a darker one, it might suit her way better.

No. 307967

skye was his prettiest girl.

On his old site as a previous anon says, he had this to say about her

"This is my wife Skye… she's amazing in every aspect to me… I'm really happy I married her… she's such a positive attribute to my life. All these pictures should give you some idea of how great she is to me…"

No. 307988

Agreed. This is probably one of many reasons why he regrets divorcing her.

Jesus. These photos just highlight how creepy it is. He looks old enough to be her father. This grosses me out so much. It's no different from those women in their 20s and 30s that fuck old 60+ year old men because they're loaded. I don't get how they live with themselves.

No. 307995

that's quite a reach anon

No. 307996

maybe you do need another thread so you can continue to play dress up dolls with Greg's sister wives.

No. 308001

>She's a logical person in most instances
Just had to slip a little condescension in there, eh Greg? Can't have that girl think she's worth too much.

No. 308004

>ratty-ass "dreadlocks" on a white woman over the age of 40
Is that the hallmark of a batshit narcissist parent? Didn't Margo have dreads too at one point?

No. 308005

If someone told me that was some dude in his 40s and his teenage daughter, I wouldn't question it. Jesus.

No. 308027


Wonder why Greg didn't get mad and ban her from the house for cultural appropriation.

No. 308039

File: 1477187710122.png (428.74 KB, 688x895, 001.png)

Nice edgy quote t-shirt from Spencer's Bilbo. I thought these stopped being cool with teenagers a good ten years ago?

No. 308043

File: 1477188231428.png (65.98 KB, 719x385, 20161022_215844.png)

Tin hatting a bit here, but this is the chick Lainey gets flirty with on twitter. We all know gregs stance on smoking..
New recruit to his manipulation?

No. 308044

File: 1477189256523.png (30.07 KB, 588x135, yelling.png)

Sorry, what does she mean? I don't get the young kids slang.

No. 308045

She looks so good all she can do is scream

No. 308055

It's tumblr speak. Instead of saying somebody looks pretty or actually being creative with compliments, they just respond to a nice selfie with shit like "im SCREAMIGN" or "im so mad!!!!" and other such dumb shit. Lainey probably just blankly stared at the selfie with her usual plain expression and silently tapped on her keyboard "im yelling". I don't get it.

The yELLING part is an example of the new version "showing off you're drunk", misspelling a Facebook status thing. Except the new Tumblr version is tyPING liek. this?? But with emphasis on being (fashionably) mentally unstable rather than drunk.

No. 308056

File: 1477192457565.png (58.75 KB, 585x227, Twitter.png)


That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

In other news, did anyone else see the tweets from SR and Ayalla? Funny they tweet at almost the same time.

No. 308090

Sounds like they're talking about Billie, but it could be about backstabbing friends in general for all we know.

No. 308091

File: 1477212011056.jpg (58.97 KB, 768x415, IMG_20161023_103917.jpg)

Bracing for awkwardness and complete lack of chemistry

No. 308100


Or they're talking about each other… They are EX'S after all.

No. 308113

>Working night shift. Exhausted.
>see this pic and wonder why the old lesbian is kissing the young lesbian
>realize it's Greg.

No. 308121

File: 1477242142576.jpg (126.52 KB, 728x705, IMG_20161023_185920.jpg)

So onion was seventh day adventist too…I thought only his mom was.

No wonder he is so fucked up

No. 308129

No. 308130


religion didn't make him insane, his pedo dad and batshit mom did

No. 308132

Don't mean to tinfoil but I think Greg's dad is just a normal dude and the pedo shit was done to him by mommy who convinced him that his dad did it. Those two are fucking psychotic.

No. 308135

Hah Binkie. I agree though. That video of them looked like she was his daughter.

No. 308138


As annoying as memufacturing is, this is the funniest thing I've seen about gerg

No. 308147


No. 308148

hes so uninformed it hurts

No. 308150


does anyone want to bite the bullet and do a summary?

No. 308151

Not watching but damn, either Lainey has wide shoulders or Greg has a very narrow frame. Lord lol

No. 308152

Very fitting considering who she's sitting next to.

No. 308153

Can't wait to see Greg lurking behind her and talking for her the whole time.

No. 308154

'we're not not voting for trump because og all the reasons literally every other sane person has already said (bad with money, sexist, homophobic, forever going bankrupt blahblah)' also he made a joke about Trump really liking his daughter but we all know he'll be the same when his is of age.

No. 308155

…classy. Out of all the logical reasons he could have given, he has to mention the possibility of him diddling his daughter, which is what Onion is going to do in the future. Fucking lol

No. 308158

i'll be fair that wasn't a reason, i just thought it was ironic he'd bothered mentioning it. like Lamo had said she didn't like him because he didn't like women and gerg said well he likes imported brides and really likes his daughter. but yeah, when she hits 16 gergs gonna be all over his daughter so.

No. 308162


The fuck happened to her makeup?!

No. 308165


It's just Grease yammering on and on about vagina grabbing and why Hilary is better because she's a woman and close to her husband and blah blah blah, with Lainey not having a word edge in at all.

No. 308168


She added shitty eyeshadow without blending it or putting it on the correct part of her eye. Probably trying to look more like Gerg's taste (Billie).

No. 308169

File: 1477265975338.png (3.85 MB, 2880x1800, Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 6.32…)

Fat or still pregnant?

No. 308170


She just has broad shoulders and bigger breasts from breastfeeding, is all.

No. 308171

post baby belly with no bra so they're sorta sitting on the stomach

No. 308172


Poor Lainey. I just wish she can play with lighter colors instead of dark 99-cents-prostitute ones.

No. 308173

maybe when she's desperate enough she'll dye her hair blue and put glitter on her forehead

No. 308175


She should try strawberry blonde and grow it out. Maybe once she starts looking more feminine she may have a chance of getting Grek's attention again.

Unfortunately, Billie is so much more girlier and that's what he's more attracted to, so I think it's too late. Wouldn't hurt to try if Lainey is lurking here.

No. 308176

baby weight doesn't just disappear right after the kid comes out. I'm sure Onion will shame her into losing weight soon.

No. 308177


I know. I just thought she looked really round for it to just be baby fat.

No. 308178


lmao go back to sleep

No. 308185

File: 1477271445298.png (2.39 MB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

Look what I found anons

No. 308186

File: 1477271493181.png (2.59 MB, 1920x1080, 2.png)

No. 308187

is this some sort of stay woke meme
smh fam

No. 308188


So that means that their now son is named Jacob oh shit

So it's now Troy & Jacob okay, Claire must've been a friend's kid/someone's birthday or they have 3 kids

No. 308190

File: 1477272279273.jpg (137.37 KB, 1024x768, sowhatsthetruth.jpg)

me right now trying to figure out wtf is going on with their new spawn.

Maybe the Claire thing was for whatever little girl was in that IG post with Lainey, a niece maybe?

She's for sure had the kid though, lets not even question it anymore.

No. 308191

File: 1477272409872.png (306.03 KB, 249x238, Tin_foil_hat_2.png)

Shit I just realized in >>308186 mention's a Claire as well. "Get Claire more shorts."



No. 308192

poor lainey, all the trump dicksuckers are going to go ham on her channel for this video and her little sensitive soul is going to post more song lyrics again

No. 308197

No twins, just a troll. They would have known by the time they told onion's mom. She confirmed it was one baby. You know by the ultrasound that confirms pregnancy.

No. 308198

SR made another video replying to the drama between him and Greg.

No. 308199

there's no juice though, he's just clearing up rumors of the drama being faked for money

No. 308200

File: 1477274625849.png (289.51 KB, 846x488, Untitled.png)

Claire and Jacob where both mentioned in the halloween video

No. 308201

Well he did say he won't make another video about it, so if greg ever gets the balls to do another video we probably won't have more tea.

No. 308202

Its either a troll on their part, or she really did have twins.

Which, honestly, would explain why she gave birth earlier than we thought since when you have multiples the gestation period is shorter. The only thing is what >>308197 said about greg's mom mentioning only one new baby. Although do we know for sure they had gotten an ultrasound that day? Don't remember the exact status his mom made.

No. 308203

Most first ultrasounds are around 6 weeks to confirm heartbeat(s) and sac(s). Read somewhere they waited until second trimester (14 weeks?) to tell his mom.

No. 308204

Greg's mom announced May 14th, that was second trimester start

No. 308205

Thats what NORMAL people do, but considering how fucking scared of the doctor's Greg is, who knows when they went to the doctor.

No. 308206

Yo, second pregnancy, and they did it all the first time

No. 308207

Or Greg/Lainey lurk here and are just doing all this shit so we talk about it.

No. 308208

This. Why else would he have the white boards up in the video? He would have caught it in editing and redid those parts if he didn't want people to know

No. 308209

I could see Greg lurking. Plain's low self-esteem couldn't handle it. Greg probably trolls to get us into tinfoil so he can show her how crazy haters are. If she actually lurked, I think she would've left him by now.

No. 308214

File: 1477277386053.png (605.7 KB, 870x530, hmmmm.PNG)

No. 308215


So basically either they had twins & were too dumb to realize the shit on the background or they're trolling and it's one kid.

Hopefully someone will confirm soon

No. 308217

also lol onion is getting roasted on /pol/ yet again for his awful video with lainey saying he hates trump

No. 308218

Wait, wait, wait. Remember a long time ago that anon "came forward" with kik screenshots talking about how psychotic Lainey actually is or something?

Didn't they say that their kid's name was actually Jacob and they called him Troy online just to fuck with people? Or am I completely misremembering that?

No. 308221


It's plausible and wouldn't surprise me.

I'm going to have to dig, but I got you anon. I will find the answers.

No. 308223


I can't remember who the fuck it was but I know it wasn't an anon the longer I think about it, the "anons" were two or more people who were supposedly friends with Lainey and telling whoever posted the kik messages I'm talking about, about all the crazy shit that supposedly went on in their house. I don't know if that helps, but I can't remember anything else about the messages and I can't even remember if I saw them on here or Tumblr.

No. 308224


It might not have been because I literally just remembered about someone on Tumblr finding an obituary for Lainey's grandfather that included her married last name and Troy's legal last name. So if you did see those kik messages, it was probably false because here's the link to the obit: http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=137696415

No. 308225

No. 308226


That's right. Hmm.

No. 308228

They had "Troy" on their wall once in the nursery, with those wooden lettered blocks people get. If they did call him Troy instead of Jacob then they are dedicated.

No. 308229



It was "Jacques" not "Jacob". Got my J names confused.


Screens anyway in case anyone was curious as to wtf I was talking about. Most of it sounds like bullshit, though.

No. 308230


Yeah. I don't believe those screenshots for a second.

No. 308231


No. They sound like they were written like a bored 13 year old thinking it was hilarious. "Braided pubes".

I only got excited because I thought it said something about Jacob.

No. 308232

File: 1477280495383.jpg (26.88 KB, 500x500, oldonion.jpg)

Looking through old Onion stuff. He actually looks good here. If only he'd taken care of himself, his skin, his body, etc.

No. 308233

This really seems like a Greg fan troll tbh.

There's no way Onion would take care of children that are not biologically his, nor that he would have given his wife permission to fuck or probably even get IVF.

No. 308234


He doesn't even take care of the rumored ones he had before lamo.

But I have to agree that it's most definitely a troll.

No. 308237


He looks so horrible now, look at the new laineybot video. Ugh. And he is okay there, not great but not disgusting and zit and wrinkle covered with greasy hair and tons of makeup

No. 308238


It's probably not too late. If he just took care of his skin and worked out, it would probably make a world of difference. Older guys can look attractive (in my opinion, anyway), but he's not taking care of himself.

Being hateful 24/7 and never happy is probably taking a toll on him, too.

No. 308240

you have low standards anon

No. 308241

Lainey actually looks so much better in this video. Her pixie cut does her no favors at all

No. 308243

File: 1477285291477.png (287.38 KB, 540x492, blonde2.png)


I think her hair being so dark now does her no favors as well, idk why she and onion think she looks better brunette.

No. 308244

greg says hes only ever kissed 8 women.His 'onisions ex's' video he says hes dated 14 women 15 including AJ. Most of the women he's dated he said he's tried to or has fucked them… though in the exs video there could only be about 3-4 women max he hasn't kissed. dudes a fucking pathological liar, but we all knew that

No. 308245


hey, fuck you, lol. He looks way better there than he does now.

No. 308246

You're right. Honestly, I think it's an abuser thing. Get with her because she's pretty and then make her change to 'take away' her beauty. Did it to Shiloh (making her shave her head). I think he enjoys the control and the excuse it gives him to move on to the next young and pretty target. That's disgusting.

No. 308255

Claire is probably the name of some underage girl they keep in their basement.

No. 308258

Sounds so legit I laughed.

No. 308261

He looks good here because you can't see his fucking face.

No. 308273

No. 308277

File: 1477303086602.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.59 KB, 640x360, 640.jpg)

Oh shit! Someone leaked a picture of Onision's son!

No. 308287

better =/= good

The dog shit might stink a little less but it's still dog shit.

No. 308300

File: 1477320206896.jpg (82.86 KB, 400x665, tumblr_njc2sv99lp1r9yl3oo2_500…)

me neither. notice how here the same person says "what she forces me to call him" and "why does she make you call him a different name?" umm. anyway, even without that part it's ridiculous

No. 308302

Holy shit has anyone seen this?!?!

Hellz yeah he's lurking!

No. 308312

What a bunch of bullshit. She worked to support him when he got kicked out from AF, and when he became youtube famous he told her to quit. That is what his old journals say.
Basically the only true thing he said is that he hardcore emotionally cheated on his ex-wife with Shiloh.

No. 308315


only lasted for 50 seconds.

It seems like he didn't like how people were praising Skye in this thread. Holy shit, it's not bad enough that his fans chased her off the internet…doesn't matter though. His fanbase knows that everything he's saying is pure bullshit since he changes his tune every year.

Hey Groggles, we know you're lurking. How about you leave Skye alone and start fucking around with Billie Jean more so your wife can provide us with more milky tears? Who knows, maybe she'll realize how much of a dried up cumshot you are and leave with the kids.

No. 308316

He works so fucking hard to make himself look good and act like a victim, it's disgusting.

No. 308317


That, and he DIDN'T let her work either.


>Another issue has come up with Skye obtaining a job… I have recently deeply considered the possibility of her obtaining a job, and again, it seems so… inappropriate.

The reasoning behind this is that she simply would not seem me nearly as much as she does now… and this is unacceptable.
>If she is going to have a job, she must still be able to see me at least 80% of my time off work, and with me currently working a midnight schedule, we would be lucky to see eachother 50% of my off time… I do not like this percentage… though it would be a part time job, it would also be a day time job, and in result, it would alter her sleep schedule, taking many more hours away on top of the working hours.
>Later on this year, I will be switching over to a days schedule, and then, we will both advance in our productivity in the field of finances and self improvement.

80% of his fucking time, later on he moved it up to 95%…

No. 308320


Maybe he really does regret leaving her. That's why he's trying to paint her in a bad light again, to remind himself how much of a greedy lazy bitch he is in his eyes. He could have left after he got kicked out of the military.

No. 308322


I'm just glad some if not, most of his fans are calling his bullshit and are even praising her for "robbing" him.

No. 308325

File: 1477324508937.png (97.64 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


95% of his time (increased)

No. 308339

>hated everyone
>including me
>posted on twitter multiple times how much she wanted to be with Onision


No. 308340

Oh I just realized he was talking about skye lmao

i'm dumb

No. 308341

Wow, that's creepy as shit.

One of the hallmarks of an abuser is restricting the abused partner from gaining employment (so they remain financially dependent) and demanding monopoly of their time. Pretty clear that Gregma has a storied history of both of these things.

No. 308344

He even complains about Skye giving attention to cats…ugh

No. 308348


Gotta have dat sexy time 8-10 times a day or Onioncock won't function!

No. 308351


Have we ever herd Greasecock talk like this to any of his exes and Lainey (including Billie) afterwards? 'Cause this sounds like something a serial killer would say to his significant other, regardless if they were just friends…

>Skye […], you know I love you… more than anything… I have a past though, one with other people, I've loved as friends… >I've loved… sometimes, you just can't lose that… if I had to kill the world away, just to leave you alive, in my life… I would likely do it, that is, if I had forgotten about my family… but what I'm saying is, no one compares to you,


No. 308355

In my wildest dreams onion really is a serial killer. I feel like he'd be a Gary Ridgway type of fellow, slipping out while the doormat is sleeping to go get his dick wet and strangle a prostitute or two (or the other way around). I could see it if he wasn't a lazy sack of shit with a pathetic internet addiction. If he murdered someone he wouldn't be able to resist posting about it on social media. I long for the day, no offense to any potential victims.

No. 308359

It also baffles me how anyone could find this romantic and not at all creepy and possessive. How low could someone's self worth possibly be?

No. 308372

Reminder that Twilight was a thing.

Teenagers are idiots.

No. 308373

If I didn't know anything about Greg and I saw this video I would think it was cute. Compared to how they are now, she hardly talks and she looks like she wants to kill him.

No. 308375

File: 1477333476279.png (65.19 KB, 1347x444, image.png)

He stalked the shit outta her in high school.

No. 308377

No. 308378


His concept of love is paper thin. Instead of turning this 17 year old away and turning off the Skype chats so that he can fix his marital issues with Skye–like most normal adults should do–he instead goes for the divorce route and to follow his heart irregardless of who's lives he's going to ruin.

And it's happening again with Billie Bob. He'll realize that he loves Billie a lot more than is appropriate and, again, instead of fixing things with his wife and mother of his children, he'll leave her and go after his heart once more.

For love.

No. 308379

no but he refers to skye in that video

No. 308380

>Skye acted like she did not need anyone… I knew that was because she didn't…

Funny that now his ideal woman is the exact opposite. He must really resent Skye.

No. 308381

It's been six years, why can't this fucker get over it?

No. 308385


Resent her? Like, he can't find any other girl like her? 'Cause we all know he can't.


Maybe he's trying to destroy what feelings he once had towards her, idk.

No. 308388


No. 308389

why did i torture myself by watching that. i feel nauseous.

No. 308391


I too felt dirty inside…

No. 308394

Has his voice always been this high?

No. 308395

No, he's been trying to imitate leafy lately for some reason.

No. 308396

11 seconds. I just can't do it.

No. 308397

No. 308398


No…? His (normal speaking) voice is usually deep…

No. 308400


>Armpit hair


Greg is a fake feminist confirmed.

No. 308401

I don't watch that YT'er so I didn't know. Thanks.
It's really off putting. I've only seen a few of his videos so I was wondering why he sounded like he's 12 all of a sudden.

No. 308402

He also said his mate has to look good for him since he does the same.

No. 308403


" If your fat then you don't care about me, rude"

I wonder what he thinks of ever expanding Lainy ?

No. 308405


But… He's fat too and doesn't exercise.

No. 308408

I'm surprised his wives and girlfriends weren't madder about the fact they had to look good while he continued to look like sourdough bread.

Well, he never actually applies his rules to himself.

No. 308409


You missed the most misogynistic one:

"If a guy does a 6 on you, you should do the 9 on him. It's called being polite."

Is that how consent works, Smegma? Fuck right off.

No. 308410

File: 1477342231644.png (832.09 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Who'd want to fuck this though?

No. 308412

File: 1477342387788.png (534.86 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Or this?

No. 308413


Well okay, maybe not the worst one, making someone's weight about you is pretty terrible too.

Sage for samefagging

No. 308414

File: 1477343000021.png (1.46 MB, 1136x640, image.png)


Sexy vegetarian body!!! -gags-

No. 308415

… is that tape on his nipples? what the fuck?

No. 308416



No. 308417


" Another is being told STOP THAT OR NO, or any other words that concludes rejection "

-SO rape is fine ? Because they can't tell you no… Or he's not attracted to them anymore/ not financially supporting them.

" Number 8 is poor attitude. If I say hey put this blind fold on, you better fricken love it otherwise nothings gonna happen. Because I'll be too busy not being attracted to you anymore. A can do attitude is the only way"

-Again implying they're not aloud to say no… And must obey greasy Onion dick.

" Number 16 is Creepy sounds or facial expressions. I've literally had someone make this face :O at me when I made love to them. I was like geez I get that you are feeling pleasure but could you please close your mouth. It was just stuck open and creepy like. "

-How does one moan ( if ever with him ) with their mouth shut ? Or not making odd noises …. Is this him implying Plainy just lays stiff as a board/ mouth duct taped shut ?

No. 308421


tbh I never understood why he'd call her that… she even referred to herself as that during the divorce proceedings…

oh, one of her cats (Caboo - still alive, I believe) has the anagram of Cooba… fuckin' creepy…

No. 308422


Sex with Onion must've been a chore for his women…

No. 308423

All I am getting from this video is that his mom just laid there when he fucked her to lose his virginity and did nothing and that's where his kinks came from.

No. 308428

>How does one moan ( if ever with him ) with their mouth shut ?
Lbr, it wouldn't be moaning. It would be mouth-closed persistent humming to block out the sound of him asking to make a baby.

> I've literally had someone make this face :O

Isn't that like one of the standard O faces? There are worse faces somebody could make and even they don't wander into "creepy" territory, they're just odd. I suddenly feel very sorry for everybody he's ever had sex with if an open mouth moan is that alien to him.

No. 308430

I love that he tenses really hard and still can't make his body look proportional to his massive head.

No. 308432

Sounds like that cult that River Phoenix was in.

No. 308433

He really manages to make everything about him, even someone's weight.

All I'm getting from him there is "I'm a rapist at worst, coercive asshole at best"

No. 308434

Eugh use a spoiler if you're going to post something that triggers the gag reflex

No. 308435

he might as well say he prefers to have sex in the missionary position with the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation.

No. 308437

He basically presents himself as a rapist in this video and yet his fucking dumb fans defend him.

What the fuck is wrong in their heads, he doesn't even have that emo hairstyle anymore to cloud their minds.

No. 308443

lol, you care. hey

No. 308452


This is so fucked up… If your partner isn't your lover and best friend you won't have as fun a relationship and it'll probably end. This just shows how warped Greg is, He only cares about sex and appearance.

Saging for opinion

No. 308453


I'm still cringing at how how he fucked her every chance he saw her! He fucks her when he comes home, he fucks her when he or she leaves him. He pretty much implies how much he liked (and misses) fucking her. Fuckin' creep!

No. 308466

File: 1477356384464.png (33.49 KB, 800x220, kek.png)

One of the funniest comments on his "My Turn Offs" video

No. 308469

You didn't get the memo? He's hardcore transphobic, racist, homophobic, biphobic - if it doesn't fit in with his black and white way of thinking; he's terrified of it to the point of trying to parody it.

He's ALWAYS been this way, the whole "liberal" way of thinking he puts up a facade about is just another way to lure in girls whose minds are more malleable and susceptible to manipulation - he'd have wayyyyyy too much of a hard time getting a girl with conservative values into his bed.

He's conservative/republican deep down to the core, his "liberal" way of thinking is just a charade… he's been proving this is the case for years.

No. 308470

Creepy as fuck. This really does sound like something a serial killer would say. If I were dating a guy like this, I'd go to the cops.

I still firmly believe that Onion has never truly loved anyone. He sees women as possessions and once he gets tired of them, he tosses them away. I think he just has infatuations and is only in love with the idea of having control over someone.

No. 308471

He has more in common with Donald Trump than he realizes; he's just projecting through him - like he does 95% of the time with everything else.

No. 308488

Don't think too much, anon. He's just a retard that thinks he knows everything about politics and wants to justify why he is right and anyone who thinks differently is wrong.

No. 308490

>-How does one moan ( if ever with him ) with their mouth shut ? Or not making odd noises …. Is this him implying Plainy just lays stiff as a board/ mouth duct taped shut ?
Well Lamey clearly hasn't got a voice anymore anyway, which is obvious by her silence and letting Onion talk over her even in her own videos. So yeah, she probably doesn't moan during sex.

No. 308494

Greg is too busy watching anime to care about Lainey anymore.

No. 308505

File: 1477363587892.png (40.75 KB, 1242x268, IMG_7537.PNG)

Until your husband's dick accidentally slips inside of Billie.

No. 308508

I genuinely wonder whose idea it was to have band-aid. Plain, offering to fuck raw to keep her place in the empty mac mansion or Gurgo to keep her from leaving before he decides that HE wants to toss her.

No. 308511

File: 1477364665056.jpg (129.31 KB, 920x537, image.jpg)

Sorry for being a bit out of the loop, but can someone fill me in a bit? I read his ED page a little while ago I know he's a looser who gets paid by YouTube (partner?) and was on tosh once. I know he is an attention seeking faggot who flew a girl to another state to fuck her because she was underage. But what's this here wives thing? He's married to Lainey and they have a ked, right? That's all I know. Who are Billie and Shiloh? Thanks, don't flame me :(! I tried. I'm used to oldfags like Audz, Kiki, hannabeth and Jac drama.

No. 308514

File: 1477364991203.jpg (37.46 KB, 872x260, 1476237779470.jpg)


Gerg's idea.

No. 308516


oldfags remember to sage

No. 308517

oldfags also remember the saying "lurk more"

No. 308521

"Band-aid" is the quick-fix baby, not a cute word for gross prego smeg-mo threesomes

No. 308527

I didn't say I was an oldfag. I said those people are oldfag cows. I regret making that post because it got me banned but now I can't delete. So I'll just learn about onison

SAGED for oldfags(don't ban evade)

No. 308596

Use lifeofonion.com instead of his ED page, it's a whole wiki dedicated to him and you'll find more information from it.

No. 308597


Related: Onision and Consent.

"It's just a prank guise!" and his stans wanting this to be scripted.

No. 308599

File: 1477403641590.png (13.48 KB, 700x84, friend.png)


A comment on that video lol, they just shaved part of her head? it's like onion's fans think if anyone shows any emotion to his shitty actions they're "crazy"

No. 308601

God… this is so pathetic. She's a mother of two and yet she expresses her thoughts like a whiny 13 y/o.

Also, nobody's buying this… we know what her trainwreck of a human being husband is up to.

No. 308602

I'm leaning towards it being both of their ideas… his very special fetish is impregnation, but of course he can't exactly indulge in that on a constant basis without dealing with the consequences of such a fetish.

Lainey probably indulged him as she initially bailed on the threesome he wanted with his other special fetish (teenage girls) so of course he probably got extra pissy and whiny at her when she returned home and wanted to work things out. He most likely got her to ride him bareback to satiate the impregnation fetish before he was finally able to bend her fingers backwards about the threesome idea.

"Look! I made you pregnant again, this proves we're going to stay together forever Lainey! So you might as well let Billie into our relationship, I'm not going anywhere, this proves it!"

The timeline of the pregnancy seems to coincide with cuddlegate 1.0, so Bandaid is the just the result of a near divorce and Greg's greasy impregnation fetish.

Billie is gonna have to learn to start taking it up the ass if she hasn't already, otherwise she's gonna end up in the same boat as Lainey any time in the future.

Greaseball's two main fetishes are impregnation and teenage girls, he's written about them in BOTH of his books and has pretty much admitted to both on his social media (not to mention AJ's confession as additional evidence) on numerous occasions - Billie is currently only satisfying one common fetish that a lot guys usually have (2 women x 1 man threesome) she's only barely satisfying his two other (disgusting) personal fetishes, the next step will be asking her to move in with him before he starts pushing her to start indulging in them for him… I'm sure having two young, manipulated, supportive doormats as lovers will make it way more easier for him to rope in other teenage girls to his Mcfuckymansion in the future.

He's got it all covered already, he's probably planned it for years.

No. 308605

>Billie is gonna have to learn to start taking it up the ass if she hasn't already, otherwise she's gonna end up in the same boat as Lainey any time in the future

nope, greg isn't into anal

No. 308608

I'd be surprised if it wasn't for the fact that his teenage impregnation fetish is more fucked up than anal ever could be.

No. 308623


Unless its his own head up his ass which we all know he thoroughly enjoys.

No. 308630

Now I'm wondering how many bastard children he has.

No. 308641

File: 1477421475769.jpg (144.96 KB, 832x853, onionlamp.jpg)

I laughed way too hard at this.

No. 308642

File: 1477422151253.gif (58.75 KB, 412x280, Topkeks.gif)

Who made this?

No. 308643


Some anon submitted it to that eoliveson page.

No. 308647

I never actually saw this video before. Shiloh was far from perfect but the difference between her and Plainy is pretty striking. At least she was fun and silly. Look, they're outside! They went places. Crazy.

No. 308649


Pretty sure Shiloh came out and said it was all faked because she wanted to shave her head (probably greg planted that idea in her head)

but that vid is fake. If anyone flopped out of a car like that they would wake up. (n they came out n said it was fake too)

No. 308650

WTF is Greg wearing? Why is he wearing a boiler suit :S

No. 308651

Remember when Greg used to have friends when he was with Shiloh? (shiloh has the prettiest smile holy shit)

(btw, are Gregs two front teeth fucked up and twisted slightly? They don't seem straight at all)

No. 308665

There's too many furniture. Lamo should sit on a blanket on the floor, otherwise A+++

No. 308666

No. 308667

File: 1477430807125.png (294.89 KB, 1022x1416, hypocrite.png)

what about this onion? he said it himself in the shane dawson vid that people don't change so i guess you're a transphobic hypocrite

No. 308669

whats also fucking ironic is that he still refers to his "agender" wife as she. man he talks so much shit

No. 308670




No. 308671

File: 1477431089649.jpg (8.02 KB, 275x183, download (2).jpg)

this is magnificent

No. 308673

File: 1477431176442.jpg (161.53 KB, 930x720, sweet transvestite.jpg)



Because crossdressers, transvestites, and drag queens don't exist.

No. 308674

well, i don't think he has an extreme, or irrational fear of trans people.

insert wordphobia has become such a bastardised term

No. 308676

I loved Shiloh. She's insane, but he destroyed her. Such a shame.
Sage for Shiloh worship.

No. 308677


please sage reaching political debate bait

the point isn't even that he's transphobic, it's that he's a massive hypocrite.

No. 308680

File: 1477433877459.jpg (82.5 KB, 810x563, IMG_20161025_181532.jpg)

No. 308681

>no more cisplaining

Said the girl who tells trans people they don't understand

No. 308682

File: 1477434120226.gif (3.95 MB, 300x168, giphy (1).gif)

No. 308685

File: 1477434517560.png (476.16 KB, 672x374, tumblr_ofmhedY9aE1rgyhcpo1_128…)

From eoliveson.

No. 308686

i will sage next time. my apolagies.
the hypocrisy is beyond massive.

many keks
her kids are fucked.

No. 308687

He looks like a fucking cartoon character.

No. 308690

He's always looked like a rejected muppet, tbh.

No. 308693

We should stop calling him "onion" and start calling him "tomato."
Why isn't Lainey offended when Greg calls her a "stones throw away from being a lesbian" if lainey is agender/a space prince? Why is he allowed to use the "wrong"'pronouns in taking about her?

No. 308694

fuck this dumb bitch, love how she's pretending to be agender despite the fact that she's an obnoxious boob nazi and breeding-cow. she's as cis as they come, literally the only things she's done in her adult life beyond shitposting on social media involves her female sex organs.

No. 308695


ummm she's obviously not cis..she has short hair….and wears flannel…..

No. 308697


I believe she made a blog post about it somewhere, she said she wanted part of her head shaved because she wanted that style, and according to her Gregma dragged her to the bathroom one night and shaved the rest of her head while saying she was a "good bitch" or something along those lines. Which I can totally see Gregma doing tbh.

No. 308698

i second the tomato notion.
because she isnt a gender. she is a doormat made from recycled tumblr filth.
she is literally a dairy cow, tomato breeds with her and she produces milk
go back to tumblr
>long haired males cannot be cis
that's what i thought the story was.

No. 308699

>she has short hair

learn sarcasm dumbass

No. 308701

File: 1477440542699.jpg (1.5 KB, 94x94, onion.jpg)

you got me

No. 308706

File: 1477442066675.png (2.08 MB, 1868x1222, Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 5.37…)

what look was she trying to go for..

No. 308708

The "12 year old boy" look like she usually does.

No. 308711

Why does she blend 1 color of eyeshadow up to her eyebrows now?? Gross

No. 308714

her eyeliner is okay
but she really needs to check out youtube makeup tutorials on eyeshadow that aren't Billie's kek

No. 308715

Her makeup always bugs me but the new eyeshadow thing is the worse. It reminds me of this girl i went to high school with who dropped out and became the local meth head who puts blue shadow on her lids then blends it up.

No. 308716

You would think Billie would at least give her some tips Jesus

No. 308729

She's trying to look grunge

No. 308730

Funny that she would do that makeup now considering tomato has complained about women wearing makeup. She is probably copying Billie because it's apparent that he likes her more. She even did the awful eyebrows like her. She's probably so confused about her identity and how to present herself and that's probably why she jumped on the transtrending thing. She has no personality or identity. Now just waiting for her to dye her hair and start dressing like her, too.

No. 308733

glowing from her two amazing love affairs and the joy of just giving birth to her second (?) child.

No. 308735

Billie isn't any help when it comes to makeup either.

Her eyebrows are okay when they aren't blocky as fuck and she could teach pLain to do hers, but her eyeshadow skills are terrible. She generally slops on some bright colors without blending it well, then puts on a shit ton of highlight, and those stupid rhinestones from Claire's that she sticks on her face.

No. 308746

Holy fuck is it just me or has she aged DRAMATICALLY just in the last year? Before then she at least looked like she could pass for her 20's, but now she looks like she's pushing 40.

No. 308748

Well, pushing out 2 kids in your early twenties is not kind on anybody's, tbh.

No. 308749

A few anons started noticing it around the summer of last year before Billie even came onto the scene, Greasestain probably noticed it moreso as he lives with her and wanted a fresh teen, stat.

No. 308750

She looks like she was crying :o wet eyeliner mark and the inner corner looks smudged on both eyes, plus super squinty and maybe red eyes (hard to tell from the filter)
/tinfoil hat

No. 308755

Ugh, she should be slapped with a dead fish for those fucking eyebrows.

No. 308761

File: 1477468290091.jpg (21.51 KB, 594x126, hur.JPG)

Plain is so bothered over Jaclyn Glenn saying there are only two genders.

I bet in reality she is probably low key butthurt over the rumors that Onion had a boner for Jaclyn and wanted to fuck her.

No. 308762

File: 1477468619518.jpg (16.79 KB, 697x119, jkj.JPG)

hahahahah "employed"

No. 308763

who wants to bet she's the new "nanny"

No. 308764

Looks like she has been crying…

No. 308769

If the fucking Internet is your safe space I don't know what to tell you except 'seek help'

No. 308781

File: 1477476865674.jpg (33.83 KB, 432x350, flawless vegetarian skin.jpg)

Short hair and flannel yet wears makeup. A true revolutionary!

Tomatoes have smooth skin though. If anything he looks like a blood lime.

No. 308802

I'm non-binary but I love to fuck my greasy husband with my VAGINA and also give birth multiple times thanks to my handy dandy UTERUS. I also like to use my BREASTS to feed my younglings… and despite none of these things giving me dysphoria, IT'S SO HARD BEING TRANS U GUYS OMG.

Seriously. Can Blaire White put her in her fucking place? She's so tumblr-delusional. I cannot believe this is a college educated young woman.. Has to be a joke.

The level of special snowflake syndrome is astonishing.

No. 308807

you do know that there are also ""actual"" trans men who have vaginal sex and give birth? like I'm not a fan of tumblr trans trenders either, but your example is pretty dumb

No. 308809

File: 1477493662032.jpg (88.22 KB, 810x501, IMG_20161026_160609.jpg)

fakeboi is getting insufferable with her bullshit rhetoric

for fucks sake, that anon was mocking lainey

No. 308814

We all honestly saw this coming a couple of threads ago; he wants her there with him 24/7 so he can monitor and control her - whether it's paying her to "edit his videos" or become their "live-in nanny", it's been his plan for the longest time and he tried/done the same shit with AJ, Shiloh and Taylor.

He DESPERATELY wants a "ménage à trois" to become official - all the cucking he's been doing for the past year has been practically killing his self-esteem… he's always tried to live up to an imaginary "alpha male" status in his head (even though we all know he's less than a "beta") which is why he craves (and gets off on) control over the girls in his life… he won't stand for being mocked as a cuck for much longer.

I'm more interested in betting on how long it will take him to convince her that her friends and family are all terrible people and attempt to isolate her, tbh… his patterns over the past 13 years have become so unvarying and uniform, and with the lack of psychiatric intervention from medical professionals; all this shit is going to repeat itself until the day he dies.

No. 308816

shes so special that she can't be either..

No. 308817

But not special enough that her own mistress and husband still always refer to her as their girlfriend and wife respectively - as well as using other female pronouns for her.


No. 308818

Moar back peddling and accuses everyone who doesn't agree with him as virgins, retards, hairy and dirty people. Yeah, you showed us Onion!

No. 308820

pewdiepie mocked gurg's VEGAN BODY!!!!! again in his newest video. does gurg ever shit on pewdiepie or does he go after easier/more dramamongering targets mostly?

No. 308821

wasnt he saying that lainey was a bad wife for not rimming him and now hes saying he wouldnt do anything anal…hypocrite lmao

No. 308823

Tbh, if I had to make a choice - I'd rather be all those things combined than a greasy, acne-ridden, abusive, broken-minded, sexually-stunted ephebophile with an impregnation fetish and Peter Pan complex.

No. 308824

No. 308825

Yeah and? Those are all female organs and Trans men are still biologically female. Triggered?

No. 308826


Can you guys please stop and take it to /b if it's a touchy subject for you both to discuss? Acting this way with each other just shits up the thread and derails it.

No. 308827

It's not even off topic considering the child bride herself is a raging ~*trans*~ snow flake.

No. 308829

File: 1477496972055.jpg (18.13 KB, 340x270, gerg.jpg)

Holy shit, you can really tell here that his face is fucking neon pink and he's trying to cover it up with ivory/porcelain toned foundation… it's making him look like one of those Gloworm dolls from the 80s.

No. 308830

So Lainey is butthurt because Jaclyn doesn't agree there is "gender fluidity" or "lack of gender" or other tumblr bullshit.

Jaclyn literally calls out people like Lainey who make up special labels for themselves because they wear short hair and want to feel "special".

No. 308832

It is when you're arguing semantics between each other, arguing between each other what is trans and what is not.

Noone cares about that, make fun of Lamo all you want, but don't argue between each other.

I don't understand why they're now both triggered by Jaclyn anyway - didn't he fucking say publically that he no longer follows her since two months ago?

No. 308833

Well Onion is being onion, he loves attacking other YouTubers for drama and twisting their words etc his channel is slowly dying and he is a narcissist who needs money and attention.

Plainey, I guess she just want to:
a) Suck up to Onion
b) Attack Jaclyn over some non-issue because deep down she knows Onion tried to fuck her and is jealous
c) Act like she is special and a poor victim, for Twitter attention.

No. 308834

According to that same video, anyone who doesn't enthusiastically agree to anything he wants to do is a bad lover. It doesn't matter if he actually enjoys anal or not, if he asks for it she should give it or else she gets the hose again.

No. 308837

Have you noticed a weird sudden change in Lainey since CG 2.0? I mean… the miserable subtweeting about Billie and Gerg has stopped, she's now posting "smiley, happy-go-lucky" photos to her Instagram, she's engaging more in the topics of interest to Gerg and (awkwardly) but surely attempting to flirt with her girlfriend moreso than she's ever done before…

It makes me wonder, what exactly has he said, done or threatened her with to cause that sudden change? I have a feeling it's all these recent videos he's been making about his "turn offs" and such, especially the one where he publicly humiliates her a dozen times over her clothes and haircut; I think he's browbeaten her into his ideal of a wife through verbal abuse disguised as "joking".

Don't get me wrong, I can't stand the woman… but it does cause me a little uneasiness regarding this rebooted Laineybot V.2.0.

No. 308838

For me it's honestly hard to tell because lainey is so bland and has literally no personality, so anytime she starts doing anything like this it feels fake.

No. 308839

That's why he's so fucking creepy, any other sound-minded girlfriend/boyfriend would even be fair and accepting of their partner not even being in the mood (for example) sex for any period of time, especially if it's due to medical or mental reasons; it's a non-issue - especially in marriages, the reason why you're wanting to marry in the first place is because of love and understanding.

This asshole marries within a month and demands and expects his spouse to fulfil every need of his, otherwise he'll threaten to divorce you and leave your babies on the doorstep if you don't so much as acquiesce to his wishes.

He'll literally go as far to vindictively ruin you, financially, mentally and socially without a second thought, he's so emotionally-stunted that he will even resort to fucking baby tantrums if he doesn't get his way at first, and when that doesn't work… out comes the hateful vitriol that he takes pleasure in; especially when his fanbase joins in with it.

No. 308846

Wtf? Can you please find me a source for where he says this? Who the fuck calls out their wife over SOCIAL MEDIA for NOT LITTERALLY LICKING HIS ASS?!?! It boggles my mind how these people have 0 concept of privacy. Why not just make a video telling everyone Lainey's credit card numbers?

No. 308853


It was to FIBGERBANG his bootyhole!

No. 308854

Not that anon, but I do recall a big hullabaloo amongst the anti-o blogs because he made a statement on one of his videos about Lainey not fingering (or rimming) his asshole when he wanted it - whether or not that was one of his "joke" videos or not is not something I'm in the know about… I kinda shrugged it off as one of his inane, distraction tactics around the time he was talking about him separating from her and him wanting to drop everything for Billie.

No. 308856

It's the honeymoon stage of any abusice be relationship. I'm on my phone rn but just google abuse cycle, and you'll see that after shit hits the fan the abuser sucks up to the victim and makes them feel like the abuser is head over heels for the victim. Onions relationships fit perfectly into this dhit.

No. 308858

Anon didn't provide the link so here at 7.22

No. 308859


Agree. I don't think any of Lainey's behavior needs to be explained by anything more complicated than a fucked up abusive relationship.

No. 308862

the comments people are making about greg in her video are gold

No. 308863

Thanks anon, I appreciate your reply (don't worry about the typos) because I completely forgot about this. So much bullshit comes and goes out of his mouth that it's so easy at times to be distracted by the smaller details - not seeing the forest for the trees if you will.

It's just a little strange that he's not exactly been lovebombing her as much as usual on social media when Billie is back in VA, he's mostly been doing the opposite like the "turn offs" video and the uncomfortably cringey haircut/clothes video where he insults her every 15 seconds.

Is he trying "reverse-psychology" on her to bend her to his will? Maybe he's realised he's getting better submissive results from insulting her than from fake-complimenting her.

No. 308864

File: 1477506472423.png (318.67 KB, 998x1264, onionroast.png)

so satisfying

No. 308868


Why did he feel the need to bring up his ex and her weight in this? Anything to shit on his ex's haha.

No. 308869

Those masses of upvotes/likes towards those comments are really getting me the most, that's incredible!

I've never seen him get more than 100+ upvotes on a single positive or supportive comment on his own videos, this is giving me some hope.

No. 308871

Because those are the only experiences he's ever had and known in his pathetic, meaningless life, his own… noone elses.

He doesn't want to share in others experiences, he doesn't want to learn, he doesn't want to go out into the world and open his mind or expand on knowledge.

All he wants to do is smolder in disdain about his past experiences, sweat in his greasy little computer chair, jack off to his fetishes online and indulge in them once in a while when when he finds an opportunity to find some kind of legal loophole.

No. 308874

File: 1477508687926.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

I hope him and SR continue to shit on Onion

No. 308876

Okay, I didn't want to watch it all the way through but when 7.22 happened I fucking lost it.

No. 308878

I think that Greg tweeted this, he's the one that uses & all the time. Not something I've seen Plain do.

No. 308880

What if he's currently in control of her twitter and is tweeting all this lovey dovey shit because she's tied up in the basement and he wants everyone to think she's happy and okay

No. 308881

I'd believe it.

No. 308882

Onion white knights Lamo's "gender", did not watch.

No. 308883

>My agendered wife

No. 308884

He thinks the people commenting on his channel got their views from Jaclyn. Must have nothing to do with the fact that the vast majority see these snowflake genders are bullshit.

God he's such an asshole like there is nothing redeemable about him. Hoe can you get a kick out of guilting someone like that when they've literally done nothing wrong?

No. 308885


I'm really sorry for the caps, I really am, forgive me anons…

But this guy is a walking mass of contradiction and hypocrisy.. I want to wring his fucking neck or punch him in it.

No. 308886

There are so many words they could use for their relationship outside of binary terms if her agender was real -

Spouse, lover, lifelove, partner, pride, sin, greed, sweet deadliness… the list goes on, but it's always "MY WIFE".

No. 308887

i don't want to hear the word gender for the next 5 years

No. 308888

File: 1477512364489.jpg (384.19 KB, 2112x1632, Cycle.jpg)

Notice how he's been trying to defend her a lot lately though, as well. He'll slip in his little jabs at her but for the most part he's been posting her pictures saying how beautiful she is and defending her dumbass agender shit. I feel like he may be slowly moving away from the honeymoon stage into the intermediate stage of abuse

No. 308889


Sometimes it's actually healthier to take a bit of a break from this cuckmonster for a while in comparison to the general clickbait shit he tries to cling onto.

I do it at periods when the bullshit gets too much, no shame in it anon.

No. 308890

I'm so gladshe made a response, and I'm happy to see people fighting back on his bullshit.

I see this going the SR route where Jaclyn is going to make another response to HIS response video and then he's going to realize "Oh shit, people aren't just taking this shit laying down, I'm done" and its just going to prove how much of a fucking pussy he is.

No. 308891

I'm gonna argue with you here and say only the subtle/to outright ways apply to him and charts like this has made his "loved ones" laugh at people because they mostly imply some sort of physical abuse has gone on.

And that's where he has them by the balls (figuratively speaking).

I can and will make a cycle of Greaselord like this, but you'll have to give me a few days as it's not on my priority list - this has given me some inspiration though so I will get to it.

Thanks for that, anon.

No. 308895

Onision is an emotional abuser, not a physical or sexual abuser (although he has done/ said questionable things to dispute that). And the actual act of emotional abuse occurs over a period of time, its not just one singular instance. Thats the only difference, everything else lines up perfectly, even down to him wanting therapy after CG1.0.

No. 308906

File: 1477518224838.png (28.47 KB, 581x107, Lain.png)

Sorry I offend anyone or seem ignorant but isn't Lainey still considered a women if she gives birth and breast feeds? She seems to take on typical female roles but refuses to accept the title as female…da fuck?

No. 308908


That's your answer.

No. 308910

Despite being a mother she's never actually grown past her desperate teenage identity-seeking years because she hasn't had to have any real responsibility and Gerg treats her like she's just a bratty child.

No. 308911

i wonder when she's gotta fill out paper work for herself and she's gotta check a gender box if she flips her shit. Or when she's out somewhere and someone calls her ma'am. Or when her kid calls her mommy.

in reality she only puts on this "agender" facade online. In real life she would never say to another person "i'm not a woman", they'd look at her like she was nuts.

No. 308912

idk why she doesn't just call herself androgynous, (even though she really isn't). Its not a gender but it's still a label so she can feel special. win-win.

No. 308915

Who's betting Greg's gonna cite PLain's "gender identity issues" as one of the reasons for the impending divorce? (But it was such a STRESS on our WHOLE marriage, guys! You just don't understand!)

No. 308918


This is why Greg wants to leave her. Greg is a heterosexual, and only wants to be with WOMEN.

No. 308923

Hi Billie

No. 308924

But imagine having no personality or identity because you got married and had children at the age you're supposed to be discovering yourself. Imagine having to chop off all your hair because your fried it dead and deciding you might as well be genderless because your hair is gone anyway and you have nothing else to identify with.

I never understood people who tied their entire identity and personality into their gender or sexuality, even as a bisexual girl myself, but it's clear Lainey has no other sense of self. Kind of sad.

No. 308926


I said this once and I'll say it again:


No. 308928

Hey, thanks a lot for your reply. I will definitely check that out. Also thanks for being nice about it. I've been reading/lurking this site extensively since posting that and am slowly learning how not to newfag as much lol. Yay for nice anons!

No. 308930

ack, hit post way too soon. Anyways, was just going to add that the history of this kid is fucking extensive. Like even beyond his odyssey of an ED page. Really bringing the lolz for me. Like I thought ppl like Jac and Jeffree were fucking train wrecks…this kid rly brings it to a whole new level. I cannot bring myself to actually believe he is an adult near my age.

No. 308931


Didn't say it wasn't.

I posted it because everyone thinks she's doing this agender thing because she wants to be special but she's likely doing it because she doesn't have any other sense of self and this is the only identity she has, even if it is made up.

No. 308932


That was on his normal channel wasn't it?
He was pissed off Lainey wouldn't finger his asshole. So he hired a prostitute to finger his asshole, he later came out either on his Onision channel, or the Onision speaks channel saying it was all a joke.
It's greg tho… so who knows. Maybe he says Anal is gross because Lainey is against it

No. 308933

the last video from cuddle gate 1.0 was obv a way to make it look like all the previous ones were ridiculous for you to believe "like come on finger his ass is why she left? has to be a joke now"

he just thought of a way to try to trick his fans to think the drama was all a lie, theres no way the last video is real

No. 308934

File: 1477530378990.png (Spoiler Image,129.63 KB, 161x496, milk.png)

Spoiler image of where lainey is right now. Greg confirmed to be running her twitter.

No. 308935

Someone fucking ask her why her own husband calls her "she" and "wife" or what stage of transitioning she is at. God just make her stop. She clearly does nothing all day except tumblr and twitter and it got to her head because like >>308931 said, she already is lacking an identity and the internet is probably the only thing she knows anymore.

No. 308936

she's said many times before that Greg is allowed to use female pronouns.

No. 308937

Then she is not agender.

No. 308944

File: 1477537036626.jpg (168.19 KB, 1033x679, 1446254779329.jpg)