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File: 1482879144078.jpg (82.62 KB, 417x640, 1482797741334.jpg)

No. 330321

Last thread: >>327461

Currently our protagonist is facing enormous backlash from the Youtube community over his videos wherein he judges the (often half-naked, underage) bodies of teenagers. Billie is home for Christmas, Taylor is alternating between vagueblogging and posting lovey-dovey and vaguely sexual pics involving Greg, and Greg is doing massive damage control in an attempt to paint his ephebebebephilia as 'promoting body positivity' and 'being brutally honest'. More drama is on the horizon as Greg becomes unwound in a spectacle of butthurt and mainstream attention is placed on his wrongdoings. Stay tuned!

No. 330328

File: 1482880544280.png (85.43 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Well there you have it, he made Carrie Fisher's death about himself.

Dammit Gertrude, let the woman rest in peace!

No. 330341

File: 1482883114292.jpg (34.15 KB, 500x162, tumblr_inline_o7p30kQ4kX1rbpjk…)

No. 330342

In this video he talks about how this guy walked up to him and recognized him from youtube and shook his hand. Guy “says online” that gerg is a “douchebag” in real life, gerg “DMs” him asking what he did wrong, guy says it was because of his “demeanor.” Gerg explains he doesn’t make eye contact with waiters or bother to learn peoples names because they aren’t his friends and he doesn’t care about them. So, i don’t doubt he was a dick in real life. Then he says he will not take pictures with fans anymore, hence “I refuse to do this anymore” (so dramatic)

I use all these words in quotations because these are his (kind of vague)exact words. What im wondering is why he hasn’t bothered to reveal this person’s name? Onion never shies away from drama or the chance to attack someone, no matter who they are. he felt slighted enough to make a video about it, but not enough to make his fans go after this individual? seems out of character to me

No. 330344

File: 1482883887448.png (17.15 KB, 558x107, jaclyn.PNG)

No. 330345

File: 1482884021057.jpg (67.4 KB, 1435x395, Screenshot_20161227-160807.jpg)

Post screenshots, not just links, this is an image board.

No. 330346

Not making eye contact with waiters isn't a thing of not caring about them or them not being your friend, it's being a pompous twat who thinks their better than them when in reality, waiters have done more that ggggggrg ever has.

No. 330347

why does he say douchebag so funny lmao

No. 330348

"if i'm gonna be crucified either way" looool sure. people are crucifying you because you're distant and cold in person. the 3 people who see you in public every year are personally launching a campaign to ruin your reputation

nasty. I didn't want to believe ya'll when you said Sarah's next but now I'm really starting to wonder.

No. 330351

Also in his other video he said the guy was already a hater, then shook his hand IRL. But in this video its the opposite, which means two totally different things.

No. 330355


That's because he's lying and playing the victim card for the 9,002 time.

No. 330357

Isn't she a lesbian?

No. 330358

she's as much as a lesbian as lainey is an agender prince, anon. Not saying lesbians don't exist like some morons say, but it's hard to say for sure when they're all tumblr kids who change their minds every 5 min

No. 330359

File: 1482885735631.png (359.58 KB, 530x354, onion.png)

why is greg growing a beard when he's said many times they're gross and carry literal shit? hmmm

No. 330360

well, to greg, she might be "sexually dormant" or her mind might be "broken"

No. 330361

>If you don't like me, don't watch me.

If you don't like underaged girls, don't ask for their photos, look at them and say if they're attractive or not. Otherwise you're a fan of underaged girls..

Also, Gerg, fuck you.

No. 330362

because he wants to look like a different person to the one in all the 'Onion is a creep' vids.

No. 330365

File: 1482885995122.gif (435.74 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_oelf60nG6s1r2md7…)


No. 330366

Because he's a hypocrite, proven about 28328947 times.

No. 330368

File: 1482886269124.png (36.13 KB, 586x263, LMAO.png)

When you realize what you said makes you look like a hypocrite, so you back pedal. Also didnt he hate on people for giving their opinions on his body negativity videos without watching them? Oops. Didnt back pedal enough onion.

No. 330369

if anything a beard will only make him look older, hence more like a creep who preys on his fans

No. 330371

Oh my gosh he sounds so mad
>You are such a liar
Any argument to back that up greg the man with the brain of a angry 5 year old?

No. 330373

No. 330375

That pic of him and Sarah out for dinner posted late last thread is probably the worst photo of him I've ever seen and that's saying something.

Never have I seen someone's forehead actually making an avalanche down onto their face. He probably can't even fully see with his brows drooping down over his eyes like that.

No. 330378

Can someone do a quick recap of Onision vs. conventions. I know there was some drama, but I completely forgot it. Something about a bulletproof west right?

No. 330381

I swear if onion boy has sarah in their fucked up relationship when she turns "legal" and people support this pedo, i dont even understand.

if she likes lainey onion will be telling her she must fuck him in order to prove her love for lainey because thats what it takes to be with her.

No. 330382

Not sure of all the little details, but at one point he was getting a lot of heat from the public. I believe it was after the Adrienne saga and she released the voicemails/ letter. He was getting death threats according to him and thats the reason he was told not to come to VidCon, because they couldn't promise his protection. But he was actually just banned because none of the Youtubers wanted to associate with him anymore.

I vaguely remember someone saying he legit did wear a bulletproof vest to some sort of meet up as well, don't know the deets.

No. 330385

I think people were mad because he made those videos basically saying you cant be raped if you sleep with a lot of people.

No. 330386

Oh shit, you're right. I forgot he made those videos! As well as the one about how you can't be raped by your husband/ wife.

No. 330393

Says a lot about him as a husband hmm

No. 330396

Right? The thumbnail at first glance made me think it was one of those pictures of him photoshopped more ugly.

No. 330400


In short, anti O FB group/s started massively sending e-mails to the hosts of Vidcon, all containing the text that "Greg had a very bad influence of impressionable teens, etc".
Someone made a joke about throwing eggs at him if they were to see him at Vidcon. Somehow he flipped that into death threats.

No. 330402

Funny how he doesn't post screencaps of this supposed post he made online or their private messages to one another like he does in EVERY other video. Does anyone over the age of 12 actually believe this happened?

I imagine there's some truth to the story, I'd say someone did come up to him to shake his hand. In the video, he claims that looking someone in the eye will "clutter up his brain", no it's just common decency to treat people outside your monkeysphere with respect. So he didn't look this guy in the eye and probably told him so give him privacy even though he's some z-list youtuber…yeah I'd complain about you online too! A more likely theory is that he's hoping the staff member will see the video and retaliate (doubt he even private messaged him tbh). Since he's probably the only human he's interacted with outside of his harem in months, he's just itching for a fight and he doesn't care who with.

The purpose of this video is just to brag about how ~famous~ he is and how he's ~attacked~ by fans when he leaves the house. That might actually be believable if he actually left the house every now and then.

No. 330403


& to add: afterwards he posted on FB something along the lines "haters have won, golf clap." He didn't admit this is why he got banned, though, he presented the issue as the host not wanting him there because they feared for his safety.

No. 330405


TBH, I thought he got that story from simplynessa15's "Goodbye" video, since it was trending. I don't think it happened to him at all.

No. 330412

File: 1482889782896.jpg (115.81 KB, 611x646, girfle.jpg)

No. 330414

File: 1482890156513.jpg (73.06 KB, 614x721, bestones.jpg)

No. 330416


dude, she's 16. i'm not saying she can't be a lesbian but at 16 i'd say its more likely that she's never even been in a serious relationship yet and doesn't know her sexuality that well.

No. 330418


If you see him IRL show an egg to him and enjoy him screaming like a little girl searching for his bullet proof vest.

No. 330419

I live in the same town as this guy and it's just super creepy that Gergles is even that close. I think I've seen his Tesla SUV near the mall once since they're not as common as the sedan around here. I don't think even as a "hater" that'd I'd go say hi if I saw him.

No. 330420

i know this is way off topic and almost derailing, but as a lesbian myself i can tell you i knew i was one way before 16. i may not have known the proper name for it, but i knew i liked people of the same sex as me.

it is 100% probable for a 16 year old to know their sexual orientation, please just stahp

No. 330421

"people with paper thin skin always looking for something to be offended about"

Now does that not sound familiar to you, greg? Hmm? Just a little?

No. 330422


status: groomed.

She's living far from school, friends or anyone other than Onion's pawns. He's the only man she must be talking to IRL and probably one of the people. She went through the "i need to lose weight i'm gross" phase that all onion girls go through. she doesn't wear makeup, something Onion hates and she's willing to be in his videos even though he trashes her constantly - something not even lainey can stand anymore.

she's also a 16 year old girl with daddy issues living with a strange man that gives her money and attention. In 2017 i don't doubt we'll be seeing creepy shit between these two.

No. 330423

I don't even know why he's hating on SJWs lately. The majority of young girls these days (his fans are all young girls) are on Tumblr and probably identify as SJWs. The people who exposed him probably don't identify as SJWs anyway, he's holding a group accountable for what many people (not followers of a single ideology) believe.

In fact he's making an enemy of the only group that would probably defend his paedophilia. He could have claimed that that's ~just who he was~ .w. and that he was roleplaying his fantasy in a safe way with his DDLG obsessed bisexual agender space prince wife, Tumblr would have eaten it the fuck up and defended him. This shit is all over Tumblr atm, including porn blogs that ask for pics of their followers just like Grease does on his forums.

No. 330424


like when he trashed leafy and then started copying him? and everybody noticed cuz he's a fucking idiot? i don't like leafy but god damn i do not need onion trying to be him.

No. 330433


i'm a lesbian too, this is literally a female oriented site. i didn't date a girl till college, most gay don't start dating same-sex till college too. So take that tumblr derail somewhere else, just cause you had everything figured out at 16 means shit. it means you're like 19 and have no idea that in a few years most of your "gay/pan/bi" friends will be in hetero relationships. i know this from experience, "please just stahp!!" cringy as fuck.

No. 330435

sage this bullshit

No. 330436


Because Leafy is a threat to his core demographic, anyone who attemps to usurp him as the pre-teen pied piper is automatically a candidate for vitriol and emulation.

sage for ot

No. 330437

Gangreen, go outside, go live on YouTube, find a public pool filled with underaged girls in bathing suits and judge them as you see them. See if it helps their lives. Fuck you, teen diddler.

No. 330439

saging because ot, but did greg really say whats written in OPs picture? If he did, what video is that? thanks

No. 330440

In essence: yes. Direct quote? No. He says that as long as young teen and pre teen girls "have butts and boobs" they're sexually mature and it's okay to be attracted to them.

video is one of these two i think:

No. 330442

thanks, anon!

No. 330443

last time i'm replying to you because you're arguing yourself in circles, just like greggles. i'm far older than 19, and i'm sorry you had such a shit time figuring out your sexual orientation, but that doesn't mean other people had the same experience you did. sarah may very well may not be lesbian and just thinks she is because its super cool to do these days, but assuming every 16 year old is confused is full on idiotic.

No. 330447

lol but every straight person knows they're straight from the moment they're able to comprehend the concept sexuality. Maybe you're different but most gay people understand which gender they're attracted to from puberty at least. Especially in this day and age where homosexuality is talked about more openly and is more accepted.

sage for derailing with bullshit

No. 330449


jfc he is so dramatic

No. 330456


Just ignore them, it's probably the same anon who spazzes out about "Tumblr hugboxes", "go back to Tumblr" and just generally giving off a bitchy vibe.

No. 330459


Jeez, the mental image of that is creepy as fuck - but it perfectly showcases his hypocrisy. It's "fine" online, because he's so removed from reality it's insane.

No. 330462

File: 1482901157749.png (25.8 KB, 733x533, jesuschrist.png)

I know this is just a song but I'm genuinely scared

No. 330465

Don't forget the recent Luxxy fiasco where he essentially told her she was broken for not wanting his dick and his overall attitude towards Lainey & Billie's "relationship".

Sarah is around Greg's bullshit 24/7.

No. 330466

Usually you don't text post song lyrics unless it's relevant to your life tho. And like who the fuck else is she around besides onion and Lainey and Billie so what are all these love posts about.

No. 330467


There'd be nothing weird about it if this were just another teenage girl posting from her room, but considering who and where she's at it makes 90 % of the stuff she posts auto-creepy.

No. 330469

File: 1482902107370.png (180.47 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0018.PNG)

Yet she lives with onion all the time away from her best friend that he hates?

No. 330470


I asked for a longer video - thanks for putting the effort into making it, it probably wasn't easy to listen to Gergle's delusional BS. You rock, anon!

No. 330475

yes and that's why I believe he stayed clean shaven. but his precious forum has been fucked up (at least till he finds another way) so I think he's going into somewhat-hiding re. that shit for a while. He's got ready access to two teens and one who may as well be a teen so his hands are full at home now anyway. he can concentrate on anime.

No. 330476


Aren't they from an Eve/Gwen Stefani song?

No. 330477

This is scary. It seems like Sarah and Greg loathed each other or were disinterested at best in their previous videos, but who knows whether something might develop. Especially given that they're confined in the same house near-constantly and Gregma is a skilled child groomer.

No. 330478

Can you imagine the milk milk if Sarah and Onion tell everyone they're in a relationship in, say, 2018? (Unless the age of consent is 17 where he is, and i fear being right)

So much milk, sad, sad milk.

No. 330479

Aaaah, noooo, Sarah run! If Billie is his side chick for his wife who is getting to old for him. Is Sarah a side chick in training for when Billie gets too old?

I usually am pretty desensitized, but holy hell this whole thing made my skin crawl.

No. 330480

Just imagine Sarah's Onion fan of a mom giving her tips throughout this whole ordeal.

>They love it when you sulk on social media honey

No. 330481

I fucked up but I fixed it. It put me in a bad mood but it's worth having examples with out having to watch his bullshit.>>330470

No. 330482

Shit, I could only watch like 1:30 of it because Greg is just so fucking horrible to those girls, man. Not saying I can't be horrible when judging people's bodies too since I'm a flabby farmer, but fuck him. My self esteem just dropped even more after watching that.
Great video tho, anon. A+.Those with social media please share it if possible.

No. 330483

thank you for your sacrifice.

No. 330484

Someone please link the video to a site full of angry moms and worried dads

No. 330488

Good idea; mommy websites are cancer, but making places like mumsnet, babycenter, etc aware of Greg could cause a huge uproar.

No. 330492

File: 1482906853915.gif (149.12 KB, 267x200, 200.gif)

No. 330493

Didnt lainey frequent some mom groups on fb or whatever. Find those and post it there lmao.

No. 330495

omg mumsnet, they would go nuts

No. 330496

The age of consent in Washington state is 16 years old.

No. 330497

thats really young… no wonder onion lives there

No. 330498

>In Washington, according to the website AgeOfConsent.us, there are three different circumstances when the age becomes 18 instead of 16 (RCW 9A.44.096):

(1) when a foster parent has sexual contact with his or her foster child, (2) the person is a school employee engaging in sexual acts with a student, and (3) multiple scenarios that include: "The person has, or knowingly causes another person under the age of eighteen to have, sexual contact with another person who is at least sixteen years old but less than eighteen years old and not married to the perpetrator, if the perpetrator is at least sixty months older than the victim, is in a significant relationship to the victim, and abuses a supervisory position within that relationship in order to engage in or cause another person under the age of eighteen to engage in sexual contact with the victim."

I hope this is true


No. 330503

File: 1482912637537.png (Spoiler Image, 81.15 KB, 690x595, ba7aef1052a3e4ca3f1cc55452efe2…)

unfortunately when i was looking for the dirty article on onion i came across some onion porn fanfic

No. 330504

i want to die

No. 330505

I threw up in my mouth.

No. 330506

Nightmares are coming.

No. 330507

Is it early enough to reveal that I'm planning to write a creepypasta based on Onion's 'trinity' and harem? Possibly have one of the exes or girls from said harem/cult being sexually assaulted/tortured on camera as part of the pasta?

Saged for fucked up idea

No. 330509


Not to mention put a bunch of dark shit in it to make Onion 10x scarier than he already is? Is that cool with y'all?

No. 330510

He is so hilariously full of himself.

It's obvious he is lying about the TONS OF PEOPLE who want to hug him and take pictures with him and get his autograph, you can tell from his body language.

Is he trying to prove Cyr right by going on and on about only doing things for profit?

>I don't profit from hugs or autographs

>Watch these other videos where I profit


No. 330512

Band called "dance Gavin dance"

No. 330522

Someone familiar with these sites please do it. It would end in full blown mass hysteria descending onto his social media.

No. 330525

Farmers, tweet this to Blair, Social Repose, Cyr and whoever might do future videos on onion

(Video: Another drama channel picked up the topic. Onion related drama starts around 08:00)

No. 330531

Please share this if you're a member of a parenting forum/page. Would be great to keep the anti-Onision momentum going… he's really starting to crumble

No. 330535


The fuck is (y)? Isn't it supposed to be y/n?

No. 330537


Oh shit

No. 330538

Why does he tell girls to go to a dentist when his teeth is fucked up as well and he doesn't make an effort to have it fixed? Hypocrite ephebophilic cuck.

No. 330539


I seriously hope this isn't about Grease.

No. 330540

File: 1482938579484.jpg (67.51 KB, 328x308, uglyteeth.jpg)

Sorry samefag, but I mean come on… your teeth are ugly, Gerg.

No. 330541


His teeth are so tiny.

No. 330543

File: 1482939758699.jpg (42.79 KB, 680x329, nidemare.jpg)

No. 330545

Look at those canine teeth, I bet he eats meat in secret. Sage for pettiness.

No. 330546

File: 1482940417764.jpg (28.21 KB, 497x447, IMG_20161228_115207.jpg)

No. 330547

I think his teeth are fucked because he got punched in the jaw or some shit and his teeth cracked. idk. it was some sort of physical altercation.

No. 330549

File: 1482941648347.gif (674.87 KB, 400x225, underbite.gif)

Then he should take his advice to these girls and go to the dentist. He's "helping" other people but he can't even help himself. Gerg has an underbite, his two front teeth are crooked, etc.

No. 330550


Not to mention the fact that Sarah is trying her hardest to look better (weight loss, makeup, etc) and it won't be long until Greggles sees her in a whole new light. Sarah has power over Billie and Lainey with just her being the youngest-and being at her most fertile according to Smegma's pedologic-so yeah, I'm fucking scared too!

No. 330551

File: 1482943099257.png (168.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-28-10-51-49…)

sage for OT but was scrolling through twitter feed fast and thought at first this tweet came from Daddy Onion. kek'd

No. 330552

How come Onion isn't pulling the cutesy emo boi act anymore? It would certainly land him more fangirls.

No. 330554

the creepiest part is that based on the grammar it's obviously written by a CHILD.

No. 330556

>Thousands of women helped
Oh my God Greg who do you think you are. The delusion is seriously strong in this one.

No. 330557

he is so mad lmfao

No. 330558

Don't even compare my grumpy god moz to that sad onion
Inb4 anyone says he's vegetarian, he's vegan now

No. 330559

Retarded as usual. You won't escape this time, grease

No. 330561

The video shows he apparently doesn't understand the that teenagers can't consent to send pictures in their underwear and that a grown man having them in videos is inappropriate. Of course his fans think he's a genius.
If anything this video just adds more proof to why he's delusional.

No. 330562


A man perhaps would not get kicked off from the pool ( or would, it really depends if those 11 y<ear old's were included ), but if people noticed he's snapping pictures of 13 year old's he would be seen as major creep and possibly get a punch in the face or a "hey you creep, stop filming my daughter" from some dad/mom. At the very least the 13 year old's would notice, feel very uncomfortable and try to find another spot.

No. 330563

he is seething

No. 330564

>> In defense of Onision

Isn't Andrew Marlowe the Vegan Cheetah's/Charles Marlowe's brother?

No. 330565

the best part about him cross dressing now is that he actually has the moobs to pull it off

No. 330567

Greg is such a stupid shit. If anyone could save him at this point it'd be the SJWs. But he offended them in his video. Smh.
Also, he pretends to be one himself. Who is he kidding ffs?

No. 330568

for real. if a man was taking pictures of under 18 year olds (especially 11-15) in bikinis (not just swimsuits. cause some cover a lot more than the shit in his videos) on a beach/pool even with their permission (but not their parents) to be used in his video where he talks about how hot their body is and people found out, there would be an outcry and the pool/beach COULD end up banning him. This isnt normal behavior!

He keeps ignoring it is underwear and playing it off as if these girls are sending him swimsuit pictures. Those arent swimsuits gerg.

No. 330569

This is the funniest shit because he doesnt even know who to be mad at. repzion the 'meninist' and other YTers who are def not SJW/feminists have called him out, but he somehow is going towards hating the SJW? If the SJW/feminists AND the anti-SJW/feminist crowd both agree you're a fucking creep, you know you fucked up.

No. 330570

this just further proves what an out of touch old man he is and how shut in his harem is that they don't correct him

No. 330571

yup, thats vegan cheetahs brother

No. 330572

Talking about himself in the third person… You're not the victim, Gretchen. And straying away from the actual issue now with burkas. Fuck you still.

Imagine Grease taking said photos of underaged girls at the pool while muttering, 'Oh that's attractive', or 'She fat', or 'Girl needs a cheeseburger 'cause that's an anorexic body'… Still creepy and fucked up.

No. 330573

Skin crawling. And much feminist, Grug.


No. 330575

File: 1482947389601.png (527.77 KB, 585x788, lainey2017-restofherlife.png)

Aw man, i'm so sorry lainey. If only there was something you could do to not get fucked over by people. Good thing in 2017, you wont be around the people who fucked you over multiple times in 2016…oh wait.

No. 330576

He is. He also sniffs used sanitary napkins, just pay him no mind.

Vegan Cheetah/Charles Marlowe doesn't want to touch the Onion Drama with a 10' pole, btw. He's not big enough to withstand the horde of 12 year old fangirls and he knows it. ;__;

Andrew is a decent guy at heart, he just bandwagons on anything with the #feminism tag. He hasn't seen the onision.xyz forum or many of his videos, but he sure has a lot to say about "agency," without understanding that the issue revolves around minors without the capability to consent.

No. 330577

ewww her make-up is so terrible, like what are those streaky eyebrows…

plainey is so self-centered, too. BE PREPPED FOR MY NEW LEWK GUYZ!!!

No. 330578


Yeah, Plankton, literally. It was literally a year like that, 2016, quite literally.

No. 330579


she's shaving her head? and she wonders why greg is no longer attracted to her.

No. 330581

> the only thing that changed is i got better at eyeliner

Oh Plainey, why are you so delusional? Messy eyebrows, messy eye makeup, blotchy and uneven lipstick. How does anyone fuck up their makeup this badly?

No. 330582

didn't she JUST decide to grow her hair out? the amount of flipflopping this girl does…

2017 is going to stay the same if she doesn't get herself, Sarah, and the kids away from her pedo husband.

No. 330583


You don't get it. It's like that intentionally. It's the latest agender snowflake space prince they fashion. Literally. Quite literally.

No. 330584


Yes! There is a big difference between what is technically legal and what is unethical/creepy as hell.

For example: You can setup a charity, and funnel almost all of the money directly to yourself and still be "legal"(at least in U.S. law).

The law states that only 10% of the money collected needs to go to whatever charity you are raising money for.

This was put in for a good reason, to protect legitimate charities during a bad year, as they tend to rely on donations, If you had a really bad year donation wise, you might have trouble covering overhead.

But "overhead" can be the President/CEO of the charity's salary. Just pay yourself and exorbitant salary.

Once people find out, you won't get anymore donations, but you haven't broken any laws.

That doesn't make it right Onion.

No. 330585

>>but 2016 was literally "fuck lainey over" year

A lot of people would agree 2016 was a shitty year, but it certainly wasn't "Lainey year". Several terrorist attacks in Europe, a failed coup in Turkey, Brexit, Trump*, Orlando shooting, Ebola, a bunch of legends died and so much other shit I los track. Only a completely self-centered prick could make this about themselves. Sure, everyone has the right to talk about their personal problems but does Lainey ever express empathy towards others? Is she even aware there's a world outside of Gregmas mansion?

*If you don't think Brexit and Trump were bad things that's fine. I hope we can all agree that 2016 still is pretty tragic.

No. 330587


Definitely. 2016 was a shitshow.

No. 330594


The only thing that's change is your eyeliner? Really? Not the fact you have a daughter now and two teenage Bi/gay girls living with you.

No. 330597

File: 1482950472939.jpg (209.56 KB, 620x412, 1454002675-guy-fieri.jpg)

LITERALLY retarded. literally. petition to make "literally" a trigger word on this board

also that beard is pig disgusting, looks worse than pubes

i know. kek'd then felt like a turd for ever thinking grease would be cool enough to reference moz lyrics.


No. 330598

We know we always say this when he posts videos but WOW. his fans are so retarded. the comment section is absolutely pathetic. i knew teens were easy to manipulate but he seems to attract the lowest IQs

No. 330599


Yea you do know he trolling right? These are the same people who used to pretend to drink piss out of a toilet on younow. its all fake for views

No. 330600

Nah man who cares about that shit when Lainey is getting played by da gay girls

No. 330601

I am triggered by his overuse of literally and honesty.

No. 330606

does greg delete YT comments? i think he deleted mine, lol

No. 330608

cyr liked Blaire's video about Onion heh

No. 330610

Yes, he does.

No. 330616

i guess he deletes comments like crazy, i just found people in the comment section saying the same.

fuck, i wish YT would do something about Greg. I know they won't but they should at least take down the videos where he rates teens. My older sister who has a kid even flagged his shit today. we need more mums

No. 330630

File: 1482955014880.gif (1.53 MB, 389x256, flappinginthewind.gif)

i was inspired

No. 330631

y do i get the feeling he's emulating lainey a little bit with this sjw character?

No. 330642

Sage for blog but it makes me laugh how men think they're being sooo targeted for being told they can't keep pictures of kids and teens just cause. Especially HALF NAKED ones. I'm a woman yet I remember vividly being confronted by some angry hambeast in a public park once because I was taking pictures of an empty playground for photography class, when suddenly her brats came over from a nearby gazibo and wanted me to take pictures of them. She threatened me with police even after I told her it was for school and that I lived down the street. Like gurg needs to stop acting as though people are being unreasonable for not wanting their thirteen year olds being featured on a public website with their bras and panties with his name on it. I got chewed out for less and it wasn't even at a pool, or really even my fault..

No. 330645

Sage for personal n response
Same happened with my 10 year old cousin, she took a picture of a kid at a pantomime because she thought he was cute, her mother told her straight away to delete it and to not take photos of kids. So basically everyone is told not to take pics of strangers kids.

So yeah.. grug if a ten year old girl is gonna get told off for taking an innocent picture of someone she thought was cute, then you're gonna get in a lot more trouble for having underaged girls in provocative situations, geez.

No. 330649

Who is he even kidding? Fuck yeah, a 30yo taking pictures of teens in bikinis he doesn't know is going to get at the very least told off, at the worst is going to deal with the police when someone call 911 on the weird potential pedophile creeping people out.
In what world is he living in?

No. 330656

Anyone else find it more than a little disturbing that he always has his straw characters get shot and likes to show them dying? Just me?

sage for potential blogging/off-topic

No. 330668

Didn't watch but man, he's unable to stop…

No. 330676

At this point it does seem like he is doing it on purpose. All the videos about him is people saying how disgusting it is to rate young girls and he goes, literally rating them.

No. 330679

he hates that he's known for being an unfunny pedophile but still can't stop himself from raking in all that sweeet sweet drama cash

No. 330681

Nothing new but this guy is hilarious

No. 330686

Best commentary I've heard all day:


"But kids in swimsuits…"

"No… this is so fucked up… no!"


"You're seriously creeping me out."

No. 330699

Twitter is a place of "safety" he can't delete your posts, block you entirely or shut you up unless YOU allow him to do that.

(saged for Twittering)

No. 330714

File: 1482962676438.png (26.93 KB, 956x293, rlytho.png)

Yeah gerg. Meat was totally why a 12 year old got acne. There is no other explanation.

No. 330715

This is his cheap attempt at dragging Blaire White. Also what disgusting facial hair. He looks like glued sandy pubic hair to his face.

No. 330724

Blaire isn't letting it go. Greg is going end up with a pedo stache.

No. 330728

File: 1482963034630.jpg (27.79 KB, 692x325, grandmabrain.jpg)

No. 330731

I'm LITERALLY going to throw up. That beard is doing him no favors.

No. 330735

No. 330736

His insults are worse than a 11 year old. At this point, hes just feeding off of this drama and trying to say the most insulting shit in those videos. Yawn. Boring gerg.

Also if lainey dares complain about anything after this, dont expect any sympathy. Your "i'm offended" rants sound ridiculous when you ignore your husband insulting everyone and saying people who wont let him wank to 12 year olds are crazy SJWs offended by everything.

No. 330739

No. 330752

>Video of Lainey doing flips
>Billie is the thumbnail


No. 330753

>PLUS this is the first video on this channel that features BILLIE. So cool right?

Were not on screen once together. Billie barely in the video. Hes really reaching there.

No. 330754

Lainey's a shithead, but it's nice to see her get back into things she loved before Greg. She almost looks normal.

Greg, however, needs to shut up before his dumb ass breaks a bone. Just because he's surrounded by girls 16 to 22 years old doesn't mean he isn't 31.

>Lainey's there
>Billie's there
>Sarah's there
>Greg's there

so who's watching the kids…?

No. 330755

No one thinks half-nude in general is offensive groog but 13 year olds? Yeah, pretty gosh darn offensive, unless you're like a pedo (hint hint grug)

No. 330756

Oh god who let him near children, $5 that he saw a young girl who wasn't as skinny as billy and planned a video on it.

No. 330758

Doesn't Lainey have a fan that's alternately her only friend and their nanny? It's getting harder to keep track of who's where in Gurgville.

No. 330762

>lainey showing some actual athleticism
>greg can't even climb a rope with his pudgy dad bod


No. 330763

Greg was having so much fun ripping them to shreds, not a single nice thing to say about Lainey. A bit sad.

Surprised how well Lainey did considering she recently had a kid.
To Gerg: less you and your wanna be girlfriends, and more Lainey plis.

No. 330764

Troy could be there since that place has stuff for little kids to do. Selena is probably with the baby tho

No. 330767

At the point he us just thriving on negative attention. He knows his e-fame is dying, gotta save money while he still can make some

No. 330768


there are at 4:05

No. 330772

File: 1482966289031.png (399.91 KB, 668x474, 02.png)

at this point im literally praying for idubbbz do a video on grease because that literally could potentially ruin him forever.
i know many anons think that would only give him more attention and he loves that but what do we have to lose at this point? literally nothing.

No. 330773

Growing a "beard" (if that's what he's calling that patchy and sparse sad excuse of facial hair) is probably a bad idea considering he won't be able to cake his foundation over his facial hair…

No. 330775


Did he snap any pics of 13 year old's there or were they too fully clothed?

No. 330776

Lainey is a cunt no doubt about it, but it's kinda sad to see how happy she looks in this video. She looks almost human again.

And then Billie and Onion show up and you're just jolted back into the reality of it.

No. 330777

File: 1482966754843.png (97.93 KB, 250x459, onisionmilk.png)

it's a little dry right now so I made some literal onision milk.

No. 330785


Thing is, he was in the military and half of the shit Lainey's doing was part of his training . Hell, he used to do stunts like that in his old videos. Guess that happens when you decide to sit on your ass bitching about how the world did you wrong, degrade others and so on along with eating over 9,000 veggie burgers a day; huh Grease?

No. 330788

Pathetic how he bashes Sarah during this whole video while he looks like a sack of potatoes himself when he tries to be athletic

No. 330789

Did he make any videos on Trisha Paytas yet? It's weird for him not to jump on the drama train.

No. 330790


Oh anon… We all know Trisha is too old for him!

No. 330793


Kek, I know, but he has a habit of jumping on other people's drama. I was half expecting him to make a video wearing a blond wig pretending to cry on the floor.
I guess he's just too busy with 13 y olds and all the teens living with him, though.

No. 330800

File: 1482969796890.jpg (139.23 KB, 615x830, 31yolddadontwitter.jpg)

No. 330801

Andrew's heart is in the right place. He doesn't all the onion drama. He made this video where he calls Gurg out.

Plus I think Andrew is on the spectrum.

No. 330802


It's okay guys, he has a rule. But if kids don't follow that rule, mind as well use all of the pics of them wearing only underwear in 20 videos.

No. 330803

oh my god this is so cringey and awkward. so this is what onision does for fun?

No. 330806

God yes. Ian's hurting for good content right now. Content Cop is his best series and onion drama is overflowing right now.

No. 330811

File: 1482971832511.png (115.46 KB, 586x501, 1482467204640.png)


people have been asking for it since the beggining of content cop and he's not going to do it. no need to ask for this every two threads, or on every ian post ever. there's too much to cover, it will risk giving grease attention something he doesn't need, and ian has never looked interesed in it. pic related a tweet ian liked on twitter.

No. 330813

Was i the only one who cringed real hard at the try hard filming and plaineys 'determination'
Specially with the awful FOB song in the bg as she stares all srsly into the distance with her hands out stretched,

Then theres tubsion doing his usual jiggling and covering it with snide remarks when the girls are doing fun shit lmao

No. 330816

I fucking love staynegative. I've been hoping he'd attack Gerg for a while.

No. 330820

>I like his content
how could any actual adult like his content?

No. 330824


Half-nude kids aren't offensive.
Fully nude kids aren't even offensive.

What's offensive is a 30-something year old man being given photos of half-nude kids and then not only keeping them, but looking through them and editing them into a video for the public to see, while commenting on their bodies, under the lie of "body positivity", and thinking that teaching young people to find self esteem through the approval of anyone else but themselves, let alone a creepy guy like him, is "helping".
That's what's offensive. JFC

No. 330825


Is that idubbz's twitter? He said that about Onision?

He's joking, right?

No. 330826

I thought that was cringe. I also thought it was really cringe when gerg was climbing the rope and there was an older man watching him. The guy was likely someone's dad, he probably thought gerg was a dad or the 'fun uncle' taking his nieces and his gf out.

No. 330827

Anyone notice gregs *vegetarian titties?
*nearly vegan.

No. 330828

File: 1482975330168.jpg (13.53 KB, 409x94, kek.JPG)

from the comments.
guess he's getting what he wanted!

No. 330830

what a salty cunt Tubby Onion is, holy shit
notice how he kept writing FAIL on sarah's stunts yet kept failing even more himself? kek

he is fucking that girl up, man

this was so sad, he is so flabby. plainey just had a BABY and was doing backflips and shit. whats your excuse, Vegetarian (Almost Vegan) Boday? ex-military my arse lmao

No. 330831

>a tweet ian liked on twitter.
it's not him directly.

No. 330832

Lainey was probably happy to actually get outsie the mcmansion and do something that plays to her strengths.

I think Greg saw the comments on here or the anti o blogs about him never leaving the house because all of a sudden hes going to the gym and taking Lainey places when he never used to.

No. 330833


>vegetarian titties



It's ironic that he used to add his military training to his videos and shit. Dude was climbing all over the place.

Lazy mofo…

No. 330834


Took him long enough to react.

No. 330838

I wasn't aware that PewDiePie took a hit at around 1 minute into his New Car II video kek

No. 330839


that depressed me

No. 330840

Pewdie frequently riffs on the "VEGETARIAN BODEEEEEEEEEEH!!!!!!" thing. I think he also does it during the Cringemas special he did. He does it a lot actually, whenever he has a reason to take off his shirt and flex or talk about vegans or vegetarians he'll throw in "VEEEEEEEGAAAAN BODDEEEEH!!!!"

No. 330841


Did anyone catch the shade at his ex? What's the point of that exactly? He's got all channels, money and the harem; why is he still bitching at her for ~screwing him over~ when he's the one who caused said ~screwing~ him in the first place? Why is he still talking about her in general?

Oh yeah Gertrude, implying that she's still watches your videos with that petty insult; pretty sure she's moved on by now, and probably with another dude. You can stop now.

Saged for rant

No. 330842

Billie uploaded a new make up video and in about half of it she talks about how she mysteriously is breaking out and I couldn't but laugh that its probably because she's rubbing her face all over Grek's greasy body.4

No. 330843

In the interests of helping Gerg: those arms need work, your flab is disgusting. I prefer my men masculine, you know?

No. 330844

You're just being BROOTALLY HONEST, anon - people who can't handle your honesty are fakes.

No. 330846

there's nothing wrong with it at all!

No. 330848

i'd die if anyone did a parody video rating greg

No. 330849

someone should

No. 330850

whoever does this please mention how his eyes look upside down (also if anyone is decent at photoshop please make turn them upside down and i think he might look more normal?)

No. 330851

I'd love to see Ethan from h3h3 to make a video on Greg, but at the same time I think Greg is so beneath him.

No. 330852

File: 1482979651792.png (357.84 KB, 1242x1226, IMG_8202.PNG)

I turned down the brightness on a screenshot from his newest vid and he looked like a pedo demon so I added horns.

No. 330853

File: 1482979789658.jpg (158.82 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_4906.JPG)

No. 330855

File: 1482979868270.jpg (87.13 KB, 580x482, plank mom.jpg)

No. 330856

it lierally looks like someone copied and pasted the smile onto the other person.

No. 330857


I hope she knocks some sense into her, though.

No. 330858

or because she was at gergs and he's too nasty to ever change his pillow sheets.

No. 330859


No. 330860

It looks like he's smeared shit around the bottom half of his face.

No. 330862

this made my night holy god

No. 330867

So he supports Gerg asking for photos of underaged girls? People can change opinion once they found out they are wrong about the person they like.

No. 330868

definitely the next thread pic

No. 330869

Ah, this is good. I see what you did. Bless you anon.

No. 330870

Does he actually think he helps people with real diagnosed body dysmorphia?

Sorry, "literal" body dysmorphia.

The definition of that disorder is being convinced you have certain physical flaws no matter what anyone else tells you. If one comment from Onision can cure that then he must be fucking Jesus.

Anyway, he's desperate to convince his current fanbase that daddy isn't a bad man. He just has to hope they only watch his straw-filled videos and get everything through him.

No. 330871

So when Greg doesn't ask for these photos that are willingly posted by people apparently too young to enter any legal contract without parental signature, what verification process is he going through?

How does he know that the person submitting the picture isn't a cyber bully posting a bad picture of their middle school enemy in order to humiliate her?

No. 330872

Omg so much this.

No. 330873

This is so awkward because he's the only guy in the group and the oldest. I just couldn't picture him having an awesome time with an extra dude in this group.

Lainey was actually impressive here, but she did not hear words of encouragement from Gerg because he was so busy being a shithead to Sarah and paying more attention to Billie.

I think that's the purpose of the label on their body, so that he's sure it's really them submitting their own photo. That's quite difficult to fake for revenge, I think.

No. 330874


Gergles tells them to write "Onision" somewhere on their body.

No. 330876

File: 1482985552492.png (193.86 KB, 450x340, Begging.png)

come on, lainey. you showed you're doing well physically in that video, it was impressible considering you just birthed a kid. ya can do it, plain. make your 2017 worth it. let your family help you, leave gargoyle and deliver us milk. do what no one thinks you can do, plz~~

No. 330877

some of these youtubers will have things in their own closets, so will never touch Gerg.

No. 330878

Idk how he can claim meat gave him acne when he is the living embodiment of bacne now that he's a 31 year old vegetarian.

Maybe he's still secretly shoveling meaty fast food into his maw.

No. 330879

They could be faked still. He's such a moron.

No. 330880


she hardly spends time with her, doesn't she? its weird, cuz i'd imagine that her mom would love to spend time with her grandkids. but surely onion wouldn't let her ruin the harem vibes.

No. 330882

Sarah definitely lost weight, she honestly looks really good. Still worried about Onion's advances though, ugh.

No. 330884

writing a sexual story about Greg and Billy fucking from Billiys point of view right now. Trying to make it so nauseatingly realistic and twisted that it would upset Lainey if she ever read it

No. 330886

"Lainey graduated college (with honors)/finished their bachelors degree so now we have more spare time to do fun things… and that is exactly what we're doing :) Lainey is back at it with gymnastics, for the first time in like a year. PLUS this is the first video on this channel that features BILLIE. So cool right? "

Under Lame's youtube vid… Gargle really manages her social media, so fucking disturbing

No. 330887

writing a sexual story about Greg and Billy fucking from Billiys point of view right now. Trying to make it so nauseatingly realistic and twisted that it would upset Lainey if she ever read it>>330884

It was cuddling time. You snuggled up to Greg in his bed as he turned on your favorite anime.

“I missed you,” Greg said slyly, his icy blue eyes drilling into your soul. “And now I finally have you alone.."

Greg tossed the remote across the room, and grabbed you around the waist. He rolled your body on to his so you sat, straddling him.

You glanced across the room anxiously. The door was closed but not locked. That would be too suspicious. You spat, “Not now Greg. I think Lainey is home. And I know how your wife feels about you drilling my brains out”.

You felt his cock slowly hardening between your legs.

“Baby, please…?” Greg begged. "She just took the kids to the park with Sarah, we have a few minutes to play.”

You slid your pussy against Greg's dick slowly, feeling it through his sweatpants and your leggings. You leaned in towards Greg, and once your breath began tickling his neck whispered, “I want my present, baby.”

Greg laughed, and leaned over towards his night stand. He slid open the top drawer, and handed you a small gold package. You opened it eagerly.

“Vibrating panties? Really Greg?” you laughed. He slid his hands around your ass and pulled you into him.

“You know I like to control you,” he purred.

You opened the package. A pair of red panties and a little remote tumbled out. You slid off of Greg and meandered a few feet across the room. You wanted to give Greg a good view.

Slowly you pulled down your leggings, pushing your heart shaped ass into the air so Greg could admire it. Your neat pussy was framed by a light purple thong. Your legs were slender and covered in tattoos. You turned around and grabbed the edges of the panties, toying with them.

“May I put on my present?” you asked Greg softly.

“Yes,” he muttered, rubbing the bulge in his pants. “How could I say no to those doe eyes. You just look so…”

“Young.” you said with a wink.

Slowly you slid off the purple panties. You walked back to the bed, and handed them to Greg. He slid them into his pocket. He liked to keep your panties after you had worn them. You didn’t visit much.

“Thank you.” Greg said, “Now that those are off, come take care of what’s going on in my pants."

“No.” you said firmly. “There’s no time”. You slid on the red panties and shimmied back into your leggings.

Just then you heard faint footsteps in the hallway. You dove onto the bed, tossing the present wrappings into the closet, and posing innocently.

Lainey opened the door.

“Hey you,” you exclaimed sweetly, “I missed you”. Your voice was sickly sweet. You jumped off the bed to hug your girlfriend.

Lainey shyly hugged you back. She nervously glanced at you and Greg. For a stupid girl she was awfully smart.

“I’m about to make dinner, if either of you want to come help,” she stammered.

“No, we are going to both stay and watch the rest of this episode.” Greg said firmly.

“Actually, I’ll go help,” you chirped.

“Billie. No. Stay.” Greg glared at you.

“Oh don’t be silly, I can catch up later!” you exclaimed, darting out of the room and down the hall.

Lainey followed hesitantly.

You sat down in the kitchen. It was time for the painfully awkward and hollow smalltalk. Talking to Lainey was always a drag.

“How was your day?” you asked.

Lainey began to drone on. You began to set the table. Suddenly you felt a tingle in your pants. Your panties were beginning to vibrate. You sat down on a stool, and pretended to listen to Lainey as your clit was teased.

“Sounds great sweetie, your eyeliner looks awesome today, btw.” you giggled.

Lainey cracked a slight smile. “Thanks. I got some new eyeliner at CVS while I was out. What did you and Greg do this afternoon?”

“Well, we just..”

“Nothing. Just watched anime.” Greg said firmly. You looked up to see him hovering in the doorway to the kitchen. He looked at you, and slid his hand into his pocket. Suddenly the vibration in your panties became twice as intense.

Might be a good way to show how fucked up this whole thing is to some of his horny teen fans. I write erotic literature as a side job. thoughts?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 330888

has baby #2 ever been confirmed or is it just a theory?

No. 330889

File: 1482991731214.jpg (6.45 KB, 236x151, 1460670374287.jpg)

dear god why

No. 330890

there isn't enough alcohol for this right now

No. 330891

should i keep going? is it a noble cause?

No. 330892

Why. Why would you do this.

Also: Nothing about it is gross enough. If you're going do sick shit like this, you need to make it about how you can't tell if his microcock is in or out, and how he's a two pump chump but insists on you making a porn star fuss over him 5x a day, in addition to the constant rapey dad shit he does.

Also, put this on your blog or whatever. This isn't the place.

No. 330893

No. 330894

It's a theory. There is some evidence (Lainey saying she is 22 weeks pregnant earlier in the year) but I don't personally believe it. There has been absolutely nothing since that indicates the presence of a newborn in their home. Some questionable things here and there but nothing substantial.

No. 330897

Sorry, will do

No. 330898

File: 1482992637629.jpg (20.79 KB, 400x348, CrH8hFgXEAAtnX8.jpg)

absolutely fucking not

No. 330899

Goddammit anon, that actually turned me on.

Thank you for adding that you write erotica as a job because that makes me feel less disgusted with myself.

No. 330900

It made me laugh. Waiting for the mention of SUK MI, his flabby veg body, his greasy hair/skin, onion pit stank, etc. tho.

No. 330902

O I lied

No. 330904


Uh how do we know his armpits stink? Just asking!

No. 330907

Look at his poor hygiene. Can you really expect him to smell like anything other than BO?

No. 330910


You're right, he probably wears the same outfit an entire week.

Take a bath gergles, you old dirty bastard!

No. 330913

Ahaha I just saw that in that video too. They admitted she like pops his zits. Probably doesnt even wash her hands.

No. 330914

Even if you don't post it here, please finish it, I peed laughing at how perfect this was, give me a link or something.

No. 330916

No. 330917


Pretty much this. It almost read like a personal sexual fantasy about them.

No. 330922

she has a post-baby looking stomach during the flips. but then she's also doing flips, so…

No. 330923


That wasn't even realistic description of Onision. He wouldn't let Billie leave him just before sex. He'd curl up in a ball and would start crying. Like he did with A.

Also as he doesn't take a no for an answer instead of turning on the vibrating pants he'd force Billie to take them off and then give them again to Lainey. While Lainey would wear them very visibly he'd look at Billie with disgust and tried his best to make it look like he wanted Lainey to wear them in the first place and Billir was just a filty test piece who is now missing all the fun.

No. 330924


Don't forget about the angry tweet polls like

"When someone gives you something to wear for a special occation, would you just take the item and flee?

A. Hell no! It's so disrespectful! Why would anyone even think about doing that?
B. Well yes because I'm a greedy bitch who doesn't care about anyone's feelings"

Then he'd show the results to Billie.

"See Billie, everyone thinks you're LITERALLY a greedy bitch. You don't deserve those pants. Give them back. I'll give them to someone who LITERALLY cares about me."

No. 330929

Yeah, that was my first thought. If it was a decent beard, like a proper man is capable of growing, it would of course hide a good portion of his shitty skin, but his ginger pube merkin look is only going to make it look worse, and exacerbate the problem. I mean, I'm just literally being brutally honest, you know?

Underrated post.


No. 330933

nice mom-gut lainey. definitely not obvious that you've recently given birth. she does a good flip though.

also its so obvious in this vid how much he hates sarah lmfao. he picks on her like a high school bully picks on the fat kid.

No. 330935

Why would you even share this with us? It's fucking gross and you sound like you're sexually attracted to them all… no one wants to read your fapfiction, Christ.

No. 330936

christ, she actually looks alive again.

No. 330937

please fucking stop. this is nauseating.

also here's a writing tip: if you're writing in second person, make it present tense. this shit reads like a shitty mills & boon download with the way you've written it.

sage for teh flamez.

No. 330938

Agreeing with what everyone is saying about your plot (lol) choices, I don't think you know how to write a dark 2spooky parody or convincing sexy story about them, let alone a mix. Make more direct references/quotes for a richer feel for irl characters. If you're writing in second person, you can't say stuff like "heart shaped ass" or "your neat pussy" because nobody really describes themselves visually like that, instead you describe how things feel as you do the actions etc. Obviously if you're writing a narcissistic egomaniac it's acceptable, but Billy doesn't fit for that.
General basic errors too, like "you spat" needs to go at the end of speech or else the reader at first recognises it as literally spitting. Less "suddenly…." "slowly…" etc. Sage because I'm so far OT now

No. 330939

File: 1483017153748.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-12-29-08-10-34…)

So changing the subject. Im surprised no one has commented on this Tweet from Lainey. It's surpriseing Greg let her see her family, maybe because of the new baby?

No. 330940


It's posted here already: >>330855

No. 330941

Look up a bit anon. >>330855

No. 330942


Opps sorry I missed it. Any thoughts on the conversation that went on in order for her to see her mom/parents.

No. 330943

someone had to take the photo. grug was prolly there for 'support' or some shit. if shes growing a backbone like she claims she is, she probably didnt give him much choice. he knows she's got the upper hand when it comes to the milk now, with his reputation so shoddy.

No. 330944

I'm really puzzled to what you mean by that… are you under the assumption she's not "allowed" to visit her parents or they're not "allowed" to visit her?

It's been said time and time again in past threads that she's not estranged from her family, Gergles might hate her family and they hate him, but there's been more than enough evidence (and now additionally this) in the past that she still sees them often enough for people who practically live 1,500 miles away from each other.

No. 330946


Uh wat? I was under the impression Lainey didn't see her family much and Greg isolated her from her family.

No. 330947

Nope… she sees them often enough, especially around holiday seasons.

No. 330951


How the fuck would you even know this?

No. 330952

Either Greg or farmer portraying Greg to troll.

We've no idea how much Lainey sees her family - and if this is the first time she's seen them since Claire's apparent birth it's DEFINITELY NOT enough.

No. 330953


Lainey immediately looks more alive here than the past several weeks, wtf.

No. 330954

Not same anon, but she's always visited or had her family come over during the holidays? There is pictures of them all the time around the holiday season lol. It's not often but its not an abnormal amount someone living in a different state sees their family. and onion only made a video saying her DAD was not welcome in their house or w/e. And you think a mom is gonna give a shit what onion boy says about not seeing their daughter? Lmao. Like he would really do anything to stop someone from visiting. All he can do is rant on social media or yell at Lainey about how much her family is terrible.

No. 330956

Fucking sage your bullshit, newfag.

>>It's been said time and time again in past threads that she's not estranged from her family.

They see her every fucking major holiday, whoever conjured up the long-standing rumor that Grease has her "isolated" from her parents clearly either haven't been paying attention for the past dozen threads or naively believe any fucking rumor that the anti-o blogs circulate without proof.

Get your shit together and lurk more.

No. 330957

Then what makes her family so god damn inept they cannot see what is going on here? I mean really lol

No. 330958

Have you even SEEN the way Lainey reacts to people trying to help her? It really doesn't take a lot of brainpower to work out the answer to your own question here.

No. 330959

Yes I have, and if that were my kid I would not be even concerned with her reaction because choice wouldn't be a factor. Bullshit I would let some microdick mongoloid kill the dignity of my child and potentially prey on my grandchildren like its no big deal. Perhaps taking any sort of initiative is just something that is a familial lacking among them.

No. 330960

Not much they can do when their daughter was going to see onion no matter what, even seeing onion behind their backs then got married to him without them knowing. Its obvious they didnt like him. In the video he made about her dad, he obviously hated him and wanted to get his daughter away from him. He banned him from their house because of all that and probably mainly because he told lainey when she was thinking about getting a divorce he would help her get around the prenupt and not be screwed over by gerg.

Her parents obviously care about her, but she turned 18 and they cant do anything about it when an old man convinced her to marry him behind her parents back. He was super rich and could pay her way out of everything so she didnt have to rely on her parents. They either can choose to be in her life or disown her, and they are obviously decent enough parents that they stuck by her.

No. 330961

The marriage was done behind their backs, they couldn't fix something if they had absolutely no knowledge of what was happening.

Gerg made her lie to them, for months on end until after she turned 18.

She doesn't want to leave him, everyone and their dog has tried helping her out - even her dad wanted to give her advice on how to null the prenuptial… then she went and told Gerg everything he said.

This is down to Lainey's own responsibilty, she's not a child any more.

No. 330967

File: 1483028918507.png (298.13 KB, 884x373, lmaook.png)

I saw billie liked this tweet. What would they title this video if it happened?

"My boyfriend? who is married to my girlfriend who doesn't really like me that much so idk if shes actually my girlfriend and shes an agender prince so i just offended her i guess Does My Voiceover!"

No. 330968

And whoa… she suddenly looks like 10 years older than she actually is in that photo.

Remove it before Grease finds it, Billay!

No. 330969

File: 1483029074873.jpg (178.13 KB, 978x666, milkl.jpg)

No. 330971

Here's the thing, Taylor isn't a kid anymore.

No. 330972

its like she reblogs/posts about how much she wants to get away and everything is terrible, but then will always do nothing about it so. Tomorrow you will see some lovey dovey post. Not worth speculating over.

For real. Shes 22 with two kids. She has plenty of a support system that will help her out if she wants to leave. The YT community hates onion and will be on her side if shit hits the fan. She just finished her degree and this is the prime time for her to apply for jobs. The only reason she aint leaving is cause she doesnt want to.

No. 330973


She'll be 23 next year, Grease will be 32 and Billie will be 20.

The three of them are adults, we need to let go of trying to reason that they're beyond responsibility for their actions because they simply act like kids.

The only people we should be showing concern for is Sarah and the babies.

No. 330975

What even was the point to getting her degree? She has two children, Greg will have her on her third before 2017 is up, and I doubt he'd let her have a full time job. She spent all that time and money for a wall ornament that's going to get chucked aside in favor of a new low-tier Youtube award.

No. 330976


No doubt by the time she leaves Onion after he goes officially bust, there will be a donation link up on every one of her social media accounts.
So much for the degree. Though at least she does have that.
Late entry into her field could prove to be a hassle however.

No. 330977


>>They see her every fucking major holiday, whoever conjured up the long-standing rumor that Grease has her "isolated" from her parents clearly either haven't been paying attention for the past dozen threads or naively believe any fucking rumor that the anti-o blogs circulate without proof.

1. Onision dragged Lainey's SISTER, MOTHER AND FATHER on social media revealing private information and conversations.

2. Banned Lainey's FATHER from the house.

3. Moved Lainey from her FAMILY when he very well could have moved to New Mexico.

4. Damaged trust between FAMILY by lying about aspects of the relationship. For example, having them think she was living in a dorm when she was really living in an apartment with Onion.

> Get your shit together and lurk more.

You do understand that isolating her from family doesn't necessarily mean locking her in a dungeon, right? And that the guy we're talking about uses head games and not force?

No. 330978

>Greg will have her on her third before 2017 is up

Pls anon, no. This reads like a horror story. No more children, pls.

No. 330979

I don't want to blog post too hard but it really infuriates me and upsets me to see Sarah in this situation. Is there anything we can do about it, seriously? I was in a situation almost exactly like this when I was 15-16 years old and it really set me back at the most vulnerable time in my life. Those people were even poly, too.

Didn't Sarah's dad basically kick her out because she's queer? And her mom apparently doesn't give a shit about her. This girl is going through a difficult time and should be in school! With friends her age(16 FYI)! And maybe a fucking therapist! Not sleeping on the couch of a 30+ year old man with a penchant for grooming teenage girls and just in general being an abusive cunt to everyone he talks to.

I've been following this drama for a long time and it's never made me THIS upset. There are so many fucking things wrong with this picture. Holy shit. I'm so disgusted with how many times this girl must have been failed to end up where she's at. I hope she makes it out unscathed. Sorry for the blog post. I'm just… wow.

2017, please give us a court order for Grunge to stay away from anyone under the age of 18. Especially his children. Jesus christ those poor kids.

No. 330980

File: 1483033662820.jpg (135.42 KB, 1031x669, gerhobo.jpg)

No. 330981

He reminds me of Cyr a few years ago when he cut his hair and stopped shaving…

No. 330982

File: 1483033770087.jpg (46.76 KB, 581x287, havetobelies.jpg)

No. 330983

Thank you anon, well said

Where are you getting your information from? I looked throuhh Lainey's Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram and there is no proof she is in touch with her family. The most reccent she has reached out to her family is her sister via Twitter. We really have no idea how often the family talks but I have a feeling how Greg has isoclated Lainey, its not much.

No. 330984

File: 1483034090985.png (70.22 KB, 506x638, mum.png)

lol okay anon.

No. 330985

Those four points don't prove whether or not she's estranged from her family.

She's a grown adult, married with kids, families don't see each other often in most situations where they live 1,500 miles away from each other; visiting and get togethers are usually reserved for holidays.

Gerg and her family don't get along, that's been made well known for ages, but Lainey has shut him down in the past for speaking bad about her mother in the past on Twitter… if the father is banned from the house, there's still nothing stopping them from contacting each other and speaking to one another or even meeting anywhere else besides the house (he wouldn't of been giving her legal advice if she was fully cut off from him).

You're acting like she's still a 17 year old who needs to remain attached to her mother's apronstrings at all time because she doesn't know any better, I hate Gerg as much as the next anon does… but he's not isolating her from anyone, if anything - she's isolating herself from the world by not getting off her ass and doing something with that degree.

Oof! You can feel that "isolation" from all the way over here.

No. 330987


Isolated from != estranged. Nice moving the goalposts. :)

People who are interested can go here then scroll down and read the screenshots. http://www.lifeofonion.com/index.php?title=Taylor_(Wife) Not included is how he said her father cheated on her mother. Greg doesn't get along with her family because of Greg.

You obviously don't understand the significance of isolating someone from their family. Love to explain it to you, but you're not paying me to educate you and you think text memes prove a point so….

No. 330989

>>text memes

What the fuck are you even talking about any more?

Parents don't drop their kids because they're pissed off with them for saying shit about them, families get into spats all the time… and Lainey isn't going to drop her parents just because Gurg doesn't like them.

It's like you've seriously convinced yourself that Lainey doesn't have a mind of her own, whatsoever…. and Gerg is always wiping her ass for her because she's not capable of doing it herself.

No. 330990

On another note, Onion and his comedy

No. 330991

No. 330992

dude she is 22. A lot of people dont live in the same state as their family at that age and see them a few times on holidays. Her sister also went to college and is busy with her own life. If you looked at most peoples social media, they arent always posting their mom on it lmao.

We already know onion has shit on her family and they dont like him either. That doesnt mean they are not talking to lainey. Shes not going to post all her texts with her mom on the internet for you. Even after onion shit on her, her sister starred in one of lainey's video with her and obviously it didnt destroy their relationship. Her mom just visited her like always lmao. If you look at every time around this year theres pictures with her mom or sister. This is routine.

No. 330993

Did he just destroy his kids toys? What a waste.

No. 330996

she looks like a happy, cute regular girl here. no twitter pout lol. just looking at her you wouldn't be able to guess the horrors she endures at the mcmansion

No. 330997


I'm starting to think his inner psychopath is REALLY coming out tbh.

No. 330998


He really took the time with the baby. Maybe that's his "fuck me for being stuck in this marriage with two kids" venting.

No. 330999

If you honestly think a 29 year old man taking his 18 year old wife out of state to live thousands of miles away, belitting her family on social media. banning her father from his house because he didn't approve of the relationship ISN'T isolation, then you're an idiot.

As the other anon pointed out, isolation isn't solely keeping her away forever. She may have a decent relationship with her mom, but what we've seen with him vs. her dad is classic isolation. Banning him, calling him names, putting him down in front of Lainey, etc. etc. The biggest reason he focused on her dad is because he can actually get her the fuck out of their if Lainey ever wanted to.

No. 331002

Pretty classic abusive spouse behavior where they are suspicious of friends or family (especially if they are of the same sex as the abuser) who could offer their victim support in any way and particularly so in cases where they go so far to ban their victim from associating with those people. Additionally if Gerg is the only man in Lainey's life even including family and friends, she can't compare his behavior to other men to see how demented it is.

No. 331003

Imagine how sick in the head you have to be to take your kid's toys and burn their eyes out. With how tight Onion is on his money where he won't even heat the house, you know the kid doesn't have many toys to begin with.

No. 331004

the only reasons he'd doing this is because he saw that video with the red hot knife go viral

and the reason something like that is so popular because its a strange sanctification to see something slide through and melt something. this is nothing satisfactory with this, its just down right psychotic

No. 331005

more call-out videos

No. 331006

No. 331007

No. 331009

the best one I've seen so far

No. 331010

stopped watching when he said "oneeshion"

No. 331011

No one said gerg didnt do shit to try to break their family relationship. Look at the original context. The first person who posted implied they were surprised gerg "let her see her family" as if he doesnt allow her to see her family at all when she has routinely seen her family at this time every year. Gerg did the same thing with trying to cut billie off from ayalla and it didnt work and shes friends with her still and talks to her.

Yeah we already know he wants to convince lainey to ditch her family. If lainey doesn't do it, then she will still see her family. If lainey listens to his insanity, then she will cut herself off from her family like she did when she agreed to run off with him. Its pretty clear both lainey and her family (at least her mom, sister) want each other in their lives, and if lainey ever needed their help leaving gerg, they would support her. And its pretty clear lainey has daddy issues and complains about her dad to gerg which he feeds off of to demonize him.

No. 331013

At least the top rated comments are mostly people asking what the fuck is wrong with him.

No. 331014


Oooo, this is a fucking good one.

No. 331016

File: 1483042650381.jpg (97.4 KB, 400x533, IMG_7637.JPG)

I know this has been posted before but this was my first thought.

No. 331018


Also a good one.Fingers crossed even more of these pop up and that bigger YTers start talking about it.

No. 331020

Oh my god this is great.

No. 331021

this one is probably my favorite

No. 331022


Slightly repetitive, but he basically says what a lot of us here were saying - these kinds shouldn't need approval from this creepy motherf…well, mothers are too old, so nevermind.

No. 331023

Can't tell which is worse, Onion's recent cp-esque or…this?

No. 331024


cp-esque videos I mean*

No. 331026

No, see, you have to look at it through gurg eyes. If you knock up a 14 y/o, shes a 15 y/o mother.. Start em young

No. 331027

jesus, classic victim blaming here. blame a girl for wanting to wear a cute skirt out, but don't blame the fucking assholes that creep on them. its like he's not so subtly saying "DON'T BE MAD AT ME BECAUSE I LOOKED"

also, i already fucking hate the word "panties" but omission saying it makes it 100 times worse.

No. 331028

13 000 views since it was released an hour ago.

>>UhOhBro! Another Onision scandal! by Bearing

No. 331029


Kek, sadly you're right, this would be typical Onion logic.


I somehow forgot about this video or I have blocked it out of my mind, so holy shit.
Gergles for president 2020:


Vote for me!

Don't forget to post your thigh gap on my website so I can rate it! 13? Sure thing! It's just like your friendly town swimming pool, it'll be fun kids!

No. 331031

This video promotes a petition against Onion

No. 331032

I am so glad someone took that 2nd PSA and paired it up with Onion. I thought about doing the same at some point because it's him to a t.

No. 331034


I felt violated after watching it…

No. 331035

I only wished they included Onion calling Lainey his soulmate when the PSA guy says it's part of his strategy to call potential victims his soulmate.

No. 331036

Moar victim-blaming, also explains why there's tape on his nipples.

No. 331038

That feel when you write a long ass comment trying to sign the petition, your browser glitches and your whole text is lost.

No. 331039


His face's an eye-sore.

No. 331041


Lol, check this one. Here he describes everything he does or did at some point.

No. 331043

File: 1483048486524.jpg (56.45 KB, 620x303, gangstagergle.jpg)

No. 331044

What frighting peek inside his mind…

No. 331045

He's probably just trying to be edgy

No. 331046

Wow this disgusts me. He could have given these toys to charity, a local hospital, especially around Christmastime I'm sure there were a lot of kids who would have appreciated these toys.

But no, gotta make a shitty video in a desperate attempt to make a few $$$. Even the fucking fake screaming he does creeps me the fuck out. Who would get satisfaction out of something like this? At a time when people are calling him out on his crap and his marriage is hopefully going to dissolve, isn't he supposed to be on his best behaviour? Videos like this mustn't be doing him any favours…

No. 331047

I'd just like to point out Shane Dawson also makes videos where he burns toys or melts them. So maybe he got this great idea from him.

No. 331050


Ugh, talk about self-projection.

No. 331052

it makes me so happy that this is the best he's looked and he can't ever go back to it. he's fucked his eyebrows up, his hairline is receding, tomato face is the worst it's been, and that pudgy pasty body. he'll just keep declining and it's beautiful.

No. 331053


I just signed the petition, but as I didn't want my name and info out there, I didn't get to make my comment public:

"Onision, also known as Gregory Daniel, Gregory Jackson, and currently, Gregory Avaroe is a known pedophile/ephebophile and predator. He left his first wife for a 17 year old while he himself was 25. He's known for grooming his young fans. His current wife was a 17 year old fan when they first met while he himself was about to turn 27. He moved down to her hometown and became sexually active with her upon meeting her for the first time. Months later, he managed to convince her to lie to her parents, move to Washington with him and marry him once she turned 18 without notifying her parents. Only a couple months later, she became pregnant with their first child. They both entered a polyamorous relationship with another fan last year who had just barely turned 18 and just this year, began housing a newly 16 year old fan of theirs. According to an ex-fan who wanted to enter a relationship with his bisexual wife, Greg often inserted himself into the narrative and began pushing his own agenda of attempting to start a sexual relationship with this girl, only for both of them to cut contact when she wasn't interested. He's not only a predator and pedophile, but also a bully, as he had previously led a witch hunt against another Youtuber, making monetized video after video on her personal health and encouraging fans to attack her own channel and social networking sites, all of which ended up gaining national attention. Gregory Avaroe considers himself an honest role model and feminist (this same man who said that he couldn't have raped one of his previous exes because she had sexual partners before him) and uses that to justify using pictures of barely dressed teenaged girls in his videos and thumbnails. These videos reportedly earn him an estimated and alleged six figures a year and YouTube refuses to look into and continues to essentially pay him for this unacceptable behavior. I'm signing this petition in hopes to get Youtube to properly look into this and not only ban him from uploading or communicating with children on this site, but also demonetize his account so that he and his wife do not profit from exploiting half-naked teenagers and children."

If anyone else decides to publicly sign the petition, feel free to use my comment.

sage bc kind of blogpost-ish

No. 331054


Young Onion was kinda hot, now he looks 10x worse than Donald Trump.

No. 331055


Wouldn't it be possible to use a throwaway(email) account? It worked with the Facebook rating posts.

No. 331057


you also have to input your address as well to make the signature legitimate.

No. 331059

Another response video. This woman is totally spot on, IMO.

No. 331061


In other words, it has to be real legit then?

No. 331062

This is actually a good video and it felt like she said everything I wanted to say and that the other response videos didn't say.

No. 331063

No. 331064

what a nice person, trying to see the good in Onion. I liked her video, but I honestly think he's beyond redemption

No. 331066


Bingo. It has to be absolutely legit, otherwise it won't let you sign.

No. 331067

This is probably the 100th petition against him. I don't think it can work, unfortunately

No. 331068


He never pulled online shit involving 13 year olds publicly. It's worth a shot.

No. 331069

File: 1483052317706.jpeg (135.63 KB, 701x551, screens.jpeg)

Let's all pray those emo posts and re-blogs before the one in questions weren't in reference to gergs either…

sage for tinfoil-hattery and derail, but the idea still has me queasy

No. 331070


I was about to say something but >>331068 basically summed it up. Circulate the petition and keep it moving. I just really don't want to see him (and Lainey, to an extent) smiling smugly over getting away with using pictures of half naked teens anymore.

No. 331076

pretty sure it's song lyrics. onion doesn't like drinking in his house, remember?

No. 331079

>Joy Sparkle BS16 hours ago
TheOnlyTexasNinja I didnt see it, until you pointed it out…big big sigh Well, glad they had fun… you know apparently Sarah has a ring thats the same he gave to Billie, which is concerning, I hope they arent screwing her on the DL, buncha sister wives crap.. and the girls have no idea wtf they are getting themselves into… :(

sarah has billie's ring??

No. 331081

Can people residing outside of the US sign the petition too? Sorry if this is a silly question, this is my first time I'm considering signing one.

No. 331082

No. 331083

shut the fuck up with this shit and lrn2sage.

No. 331084

reckon she's got a crush on billay? greg belittles her constantly and she's never fucking seen with plaino, but she's always with the blue haired wonder nut. hrrmm -rubs chin-

sage for the tinfoils.

No. 331085

that's what i thought too. but "fuck the feeling i get when he comforts me" sounds pretty damning

No. 331087

Where can I find the petition?

No. 331088

No. 331089

He reads the threads guys. If he thinks implying something between himself and her and between her and billie will get him more views (money) he'll orchestrate it (badly)

No. 331091

Thanks anon. But is it going to help with anything when it reaches the goal? I remember signing other anti-onision petitions.

No. 331092

Thanks, anon!

No. 331095

Signed it regardless if it goes anyplace.
I wanna see that juicy YT paycheck Onion gets go towards lawyer fees. People keep saying this shit is "dubious" but all it takes it a few upset parents who feel their children are victims of an online predator. We don't even know if Onion chats it up with these young girls on his PC, not like he'd admit it. Police should really be involved, a shame they're not.

No. 331096

usually when a petition reaches the goal, it's delivered directly to the target, in this case it would be Youtube.

If the petition gains enough attention and traction while reaching its goal, Youtube will be forced to act, either stating that Greg's channel will stay or deciding what kind of discipline he will receive.

No. 331097

The petition is poorly written. Besides the writing errors and repitioion, it really needs to grab attention and make sense to people that have never heard of Onision and don't use YouTube. For example this successful petition where YouTube removed a channel that was exploiting children for profit. It gives examples of the appalling behavior, explains the process of how these videos are made, and how the creators are making profit.


This current Onision petition won't get far and if it does make it to youtubes mailbox, I fear it does not explain the situation well enough for YouTube to take action.

No. 331098

File: 1483061675515.png (439.88 KB, 1055x1872, image.png)

This kinda explains Onion's hatred for humanity.

Though ironic since the original poster is histrionic/narcissistic themselves.

Saged for blogpost.

No. 331099

>“Hitler did nothing wrong”
Haha, I actually thought that was pretty funny and I have a webm somewhere of it, but yeah the guy who was doing it was clearly an ass.

No. 331100


but there's no harm in trying.

not implying that this is your specific attitude of course, but being cynical and dormany and pessimistic won't serve any good if we don't atleast continue to try to get this greasebag off youtube.

Even if this petition doesn't grab attention due to being poorly written, maybe someone should make a well-written and descriptive one that brings attention to the problem at hand.

No. 331101

only 100 signatures? kek come on anon, thats not gonna do shit

No. 331102

i agree, i think someone should either make a new one, or contact the person who made the current one and give them suggestions on how to edit it

No. 331110

Gerg you might wanna hide your murder fantasies right now all things considered…

No. 331112

File: 1483069845139.jpg (110.21 KB, 596x713, gergele.jpg)

No. 331113


you realize that's a quote from a mormon prophet, right? sage

No. 331114

File: 1483070588949.jpg (34.14 KB, 466x379, g.jpg)

Classy fucker.

No. 331115

that tweet about trans makes me wonder if he's trying to throw shade at blaire

No. 331116

it is, blaire's been all over twitter reminding people of his bullshit

i know a lot of people don't like blaire but i'm glad she regularly calls him out on his shit

No. 331117

lel, that's good news. he's pissing her off even more. I don't like blaire either, but damn. blaire makes good call out videos.

No. 331118

File: 1483071209122.png (15.3 KB, 587x185, blaire.png)

No. 331119

Yes Greg, your wife.

No. 331120

I thought he was talking about his wife, oh well

No. 331121


No. 331122


No. 331123


I was talking about the person who posted that quote via fb, not Gordon Hinkley himself.

That same status came from a histrionic narc whom I know personally. Hence the resemblance of self-projection.

Oh and my post was saged, but I see yours isn't.

No. 331124

God she's so gross.
I don't care how much she calls onion out. Can't stand her.

No. 331125


At this point; the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

No. 331126

Blaire didn't back down even after the drama concerning her BLM videos. She was threatened and shit. She's not gonna let Greg get away with it.

No. 331127

File: 1483075307079.png (305.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Here are the results!

No. 331128

Also found the goat-fucker article everyone thought was ED.


No. 331132

File: 1483078594601.png (206.58 KB, 1080x1429, image.png)

Onion's getting his vegetarian lard ass handed to him!

No. 331133

File: 1483078620462.png (116.5 KB, 640x722, image.png)

No. 331134

File: 1483079530827.png (157.85 KB, 331x311, 1479196562327.png)

oh god damn she's really going in

No. 331138

File: 1483082003217.gif (493.34 KB, 200x116, laughing woody.gif)

he is getting his ass reamed so hard. this is glorious.

No. 331140


My politics and Blaire's are so at odds but I always find myself admiring her style.

No. 331142

Go make a thread elsewhere then, she's ripping him apart and it's glorious. Abrasive personalities like that destroy passive aggressive narcs so perfectly.

No. 331145

File: 1483089014617.png (101.56 KB, 592x537, Screenshot_2016-12-30-21-07-58…)

No. 331148

2016 has not been a good year for Onion hasn't it?

No. 331150

File: 1483090834227.gif (692.72 KB, 320x250, 0jeCD73.gif)


o dang son the claws are out and I am loving it~

No. 331152

lmao holy fucking shit, the best part is keem at the end

No. 331153

Remember the time he and Shiloh faked memory problems for YouTube views? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

No. 331154

I also remember when he blamed it entirely on her. Goooood tiiimees

No. 331157

File: 1483094688857.jpg (26.2 KB, 400x527, McYCQys.jpg)

No. 331158

I can't wait for the shit storm when someone picks him for their Make A Wish gift and he turns them down.

No. 331167


is that billie in the mirror?

No. 331170

No. It's Sarah.
It's also old as fuck.

No. 331172


if you think 3 months is old then you must be fucking granny by now

No. 331181

Nope. It is old as fuck and has been talked about.

No. 331183

No. 331184

More call-outs…

No. 331185

File: 1483111313629.gif (471.71 KB, 259x197, chris-pratt-1432654573.gif)

hooooly shit

i dislike this side of youtube in general but i fucking love how shoeonhead and blaire are roasting onion. fucking get this asshole

No. 331186

File: 1483111864000.jpg (42.29 KB, 519x266, 4876532978.jpg)

No. 331187

File: 1483112046328.jpg (43.99 KB, 520x181, as consistent as trump.jpg)

pretty rich coming from a man who threw a tantrum because his "friend" didn't feel represented by the 2-party system

No. 331189

File: 1483113155726.jpg (331.2 KB, 1210x716, Onion about onion.jpg)

Just found this blog. The actual truth about Onision.

>>Did Onision Really Abuse His Ex Girlfriends?

>>When someone is an abuser, you’ll notice repeated abuse. Onision’s current wife has made it very clear that she is happy & has not been abused in any way. Because of her honesty, people who hate Onision have turned on her, demonizing her as her statements to not meet their anti-Onision agenda. In all reality, every woman Onision was with made attempts to befriend &/or reunite with him after they broke up, however Onision chose not to.


Not sure if deranged fan or onion himself

No. 331191

File: 1483113282615.png (28.61 KB, 674x107, 6.png)

it's onion talking about himself in 3rd person again.

sage for samefag

No. 331193

Is he mad at categories because he's been put in the 'pedophile' one?

No. 331194


Imagine the butthurt while he was typing that pile of shit

No. 331195


This is incredibly well-written, compared to >>331088 . Let's try and circulate this one?

I've already signed.

No. 331196

File: 1483114464261.jpg (167.99 KB, 1024x768, svg.jpg)

I feel like Cyr is constantly throwing shade at onion. But not in a passive-aggressive way. More in a greg-is-nothing-more-than-an-old-2016-joke kind of way.

No. 331205

You seem like a kid, this place isn't for you.

No. 331207

God he's so embarassing. Has he no shame at all? I wish lainy had the balls to step in and tell him to chill. Or maybe toss a couple Xanax into his mouth while he's going on one of his "I've done nothing wrong ever, everyone else in the entire world is the problem" rants

No. 331208

Learn how to image board. I still have your info. Figure out how this site works before you start posting and get your facts straight. Greg's father has never been convicted. That's one of Gregs lies.

No. 331213

File: 1483116350581.jpg (216.55 KB, 1024x768, 45235.jpg)


Whenever he writes stuff like this it reads like something a toddler pretending to be a grown up would write.

No. 331214

Onion wrote it some years back to counter the anti-o blogs, it's placement on Google always seems to get bumped up whenever he tries to cover up his own controversies,

No. 331218

>A person's rise to the top should not be obtained by pulling others down. There is no honor in bullying

"It's only okay when I do it! There's HONOR in pulling Eugenia Cooney down and rallying to get her youtube channel shut down because she's sick! Telling impressionable underage girls who already have enough body image issues to submit half naked pics to me that they are fat or look like Shrek is not bullying! It's honorable!"

No. 331220

I kind of wish h3h3 would review onion videos, because I feel like it would reach a vast demographic. I'm sure he has his reasons, but I truly feel like it would be gold.

No. 331222

Do you fellow anons think 2017 is the year when gargoyle is going to become the irrelevant has been that he truly? Or do you think he's going to last an extra couple years?
I can't see his "career" surviving much longer.

No. 331223

He will last a couple more years.
My hopes are his fan base dwindles and he ends up making unboxing videos.

(Unboxing videos are my guilty pleasure, but nothing anyone should be proud of making.)

No. 331224

Hahaha, has he fucking updated it?? I'm assuming so because of the mention of Cyr and the NEED to mention he once had a 26 YEAR OLD ex… writing a "tell all" site about yourself does not make anything you say or do any more truthful, it wouldn't make it any more truthful if his fans wrote it either.

What an idiot.

No. 331227

I think he's going to go down the same route as Marge. He's going insane because he realizes that his looks are fading. He lasts a year or two while making vids wearing masks. Then he'll reemerge in 10 years forcing his kid to dance in front of the camera and sing the "I'm a Little Banana Song".

No. 331229

File: 1483119046260.png (517.45 KB, 547x412, Friendship Ended With ....png)

No. 331230

Omg top kek, anon

No. 331231


haha YES he was selfish and proudy

No. 331232


Couldn't be more perfect even if you tried

No. 331234


Yes! Either him or Idubbbz.

No. 331235



Omg, anon, that's so perfect.

No. 331237

Sorry. I dun goofed.

No. 331238


>my wife left me for a woman

What a coincidence

No. 331239

"I'm Gynesexual"


No. 331240


Jesus fucking Christ.

No. 331241

lmao you can tell he's so mad that lainey played him with her tumblr talk

No. 331242

File: 1483124487436.gif (139.87 KB, 379x440, 1479164257916.gif)

>Gynesexual/Gynephilic: attracted to females, women, and/or femininity.
So he's straight.

No. 331244

And that would make Lainey…?
I didn't watch the video but this makes me laugh.

No. 331245

>Fakes being a SJW for views
>Hates on SJWs after the forum drama
>New video: still pretending to be a SJW.
Wtf Greg?

And why do people need a label for that? Fuck man.

No. 331246

Can anyone explain what he said in the video? It doesn't need to be a transcript, just sum it up please. I already know it's retarded tho.

No. 331247

Someone posted above that Ian respects that Greg speaks his mind. I don't think we will see an video from him.

No. 331248

>Respect Greg because he "speaks his mind"
And the fact he's a lying hypocrite who contradicts himself every 2 sentences and takes advantage of his teenage fanbase? Doesn't that make you lose respect for him, even if he's "brootally honestee"?
So fucking disappointed, man. Anyone past the age of 18 who still supports Greg at this point is a retard. Period.
Sage for being triggered

No. 331249

Gross. I don't really watch his videos (not my kind of humor), but now I'm less inclined to give it a chance.

No. 331250

I know it's old news, but I still can't get over the hilarity of onion calling plainly "her" and "she".
In the same fucking breath will tear someone to shreds for doing so.
He's so all over the place.

No. 331251

did anyone notice how fucking dirty his jacket is? gag

No. 331252


He's a butthurt retard that his wife out witted him in tumblr talk. He has to use/read google definitions of words because on his own he doesn't know what they mean. (retard) Blubbers on about how if his wife grew a dick ( clit dick, heh ) he might still love her. Says because he finds trans with dicks unattractive that it makes him a gynesexual.

No. 331253

Correction he liked a tweet saying that someone respected Greg for speaking his mind. I don't really get twitter so that was my bad, but still…

No. 331254

File: 1483127823615.png (151.53 KB, 624x709, 1.png)

oh gergle.

No. 331257

i noticed that, what the hell was up with that?

No. 331258

omw he is fucking pathetic

No. 331259


its more than likely probably spit up from a baby. but he couldn't be bothered to change.

No. 331263

Poor attempt to copy Rob Czar's Toyture channel?

No. 331264

Wasn't he offended about people questioning what genitalia Lainey had, but then talks about chicks with dicks as if it wouldn't be a private matter?

No. 331265

It's because everything he does is right but what everyone else does is wrong.

No. 331267

I'd really like to comment on one of his videos asking him for an example of a time he took accountability for a mistake he has made. I wonder if there are any

No. 331268

im sure he'd come up with something using his convoluted logic, but in reality: nope

No. 331271

File: 1483136092198.gif (794.44 KB, 438x242, gynesexual.gif)

No. 331272

File: 1483136304927.jpg (35.76 KB, 480x634, 196988_10205143273411362_55900…)

I feel this is a bit relevant

No. 331273

im entranced by dat lazy eye blink

No. 331274

he literally has a jump cut every second too.

No. 331275

Lol the botox is so strong in his drooping brows that he can't even close both of his eyes properly anymore

No. 331276


omg I died. I never noticed that before.

Does he actually have problems with his one eye ? Or was this actually a lucky screen grab of his lazy eye blink ?

No. 331277

File: 1483136870352.jpg (76.41 KB, 578x275, t_43q8796.jpg)

this reminds me so much of the way onion fans react to criticism

>>omg guyzz it's only a joke

No. 331278

he's doing this weird blink for a couple of frames. I mean, if he's so obsessed with jump cuts, you'd think he'd'd cut out all his stupid faces

No. 331279

I feel more like he's flirting with her, which is utterly horrifying. He barely says anything about the other girls.

No. 331281

Probably makeup, let's be real. Greg doesn't hold the baby.

No. 331282

I'd love to see Onision do what he says others to do

He doesn't like meat eaters? Well then he shouldn't talk about them because if he does he clearly secretly wants to eat meat

No. 331284


No, he's been having lazy eye problems for awhile, even older comments on his videos pointed that out. It's just we're barely noticing that now.

No. 331285

Butt ugly with a herpes lip.

No. 331292

File: 1483142390193.png (52.2 KB, 633x596, learneddistermfrom16yos.png)

Lol. Reminded me about how right after lainey decided she was no longer a girl and was agender/non-binary, sarah googled around to find a term that explained her sexuality was probably gynesexual. Lainey didnt even know that term until her lmao.

No. 331293

No. 331294

Has anyone ever done an Onion starter pack? I've never seen one…

No. 331297

There have been several.

No. 331299

File: 1483146485813.png (1004.54 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

She's after your greasy cock! (Ew)

No. 331300

gynesexual isn't a thing

No. 331301

I thought gynephilia is when you are turned on by the idea of yourself as a woman, a la Caitlin Jenner? Nice one Greg.

No. 331302

Someone tweeted this to him and now he's chimping out

No. 331303

I asked a couple of questions like that which are nearly impossible even for a covert narc to fake genuine non-narc answers, but no answer, either drowned in a sea of fan comments or deleted

No. 331304

No. 331305

this is an hour fucking long. if cyr mentions greg give us a timestamp

No. 331306

I'll watch it because I like all these guys

No. 331307

No friend, that's autogynephilia.

No. 331308

Just skip to 15 or 20 minutes… he can't stop talking about Onion because he has a lot of material against him, like Onion accusing him and his friend Stephan (?) as gay and that they shouldn't do gay stuff when he's around, something like that.

No. 331310

He looks like a caveman with droopy eyebrows

No. 331313


Listening to it, at 17 min now. Hope he says something really milky about Gergles.

No. 331320

- he's "robot like" in his black and white views, including his habit of provoking human emotion in others for fun / profit (like a sociopath)
- cyr doesn't think Greg would kill anyone - but only because it's illegal, and Greg has a weird black/white hangout about laws, i.e. if he does something, and it's not illegal, he's a good person no matter what
- greg is paranoid of gays; when cyr and his very long term friend stephan would wrestle / rough house around the house (as they'd done since childhood) greg would get angry. Greg insisted that they were gay because they liked to roughhouse. Greg was confused as to WHY anyone would play around / wrestle for fun; to him, it HAD to be because they were gay, and he started an hour long screaming fight about it. Eventually, Greg told them that IN HIS ARMY EXPERIENCE in Korea, men were touchy with each other, and Stephan was asian, so it was okay. Because they needed his permission, according to Greg (lol)

No. 331321

File: 1483152718150.jpg (88.64 KB, 798x606, gerler.jpg)


>posts this in public

>in private screams at them for being "gay"

It's really no wonder Stefan hated him.

No. 331322

- his audience are very impressionable people, according to Cyr.
- Cyr enjoyed working with Greg because Greg was completely willing to do anything in a video, but they had a lot of creative differences.
- Cyr is planning to cut a lot of his content that greg took part in, because he doesn't want to be a hypocrite in criticizing him, and then having Greg appear in his videos
- Greg has ended their friendship 3-4 times; Cyr did not end it. This time it was because Cyr decided not to vote for president (in CA where Dems always win) and just voted on the state propositions. This infuriated Greg.
- Cyr only used public info in his video about Greg - but apparently he's got some TEA from when Greg divorced his first wife; he doesn't go into it here, but he says he will after he really thinks about exactly what to say

No. 331323

Just makes me tinfoilhat even more: Greg is secretly a self loathing homo who enjoys shitting on the females in his life.

No. 331324

That would also explain why he likes to defeminize women, like Shiloh and Lainey, and always reminds his audience that ONISION LIKES PUSSY, OK?? whenever he has a chance.

OK, I stopped. But it does make sense, admit it.

No. 331325

- He doesn't want to be the kind of guy who uses a past friendship against Greg; he respects greg's privacy even if Greg doesn't respect his.
- all Greg has on Cyr is that he's pretty broke, and greg helped him out in the last 9 years. Cyr regrets taking that help, and is working on paying greg back. He says to Greg, friendship works as an exchange of money: period. That's all there is to it for him.
- around 34-35 minutes they seem to get off the topic of greg

No. 331327

No. 331328


they pick up again around 40 minutes. some alright milk.

No. 331329

His penchant for little girls' bodies.

No. 331331

- greg is a work robot, like the movie Nightcrawler - he is driven like mad to work. He works all the time, nonstop, very much a workaholic. He values his work over anything in his life - anything.
- "why need friends when I have my family?" is his ethos. Greg does NOT care, at all, if people don't like him.
- now at 51 and they're not talking greg any more

No. 331332

cyr is our hero

No. 331334

god, I hope that Onion pushes Cyr far enough to release the rest of the milk someday.

No. 331341

Probably wants to make sure Greg wont try to sue him for defamation or slander.

No. 331352

On another note; Onion kindly reminds us haters that he is A CELEBRITY!!!


Saged cuz too long to screenshot

No. 331355

He needs some soothing balm for his butthurt.

No. 331356

I hate when people humble brag about how much shit they have on someone " but they're too respectful to release it "…


This. I wonder if he's going to even spill any tea because he doesn't want to be sued by Greg. Has Greg even sued anyone for something as trivial as "slander"…. ? I mean nothing Cyr says could make Greg look any worse then his own actions and words.

No. 331357

File: 1483159106719.jpg (26.63 KB, 603x297, kys.JPG)

And the final results are in! Yeah Omission, "wow" indeed.

No. 331358

File: 1483159529531.png (188.17 KB, 589x693, Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.44…)

Lol, the autistic definitions, this is exactly what Cyr talked about in that podcast

No. 331359

File: 1483159577336.png (92.67 KB, 626x460, Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 8.43…)

"One time my video was on Tosh.0… back in 2008. I AM FAMOOS!!!"

No. 331360

File: 1483159669279.gif (700.94 KB, 500x282, graceofgod.gif)

No. 331361

It's getting pretty obvious now that's an unrestrained autist…

No. 331362

Yeah Gerg you're now a famous ephebophile on YouTube. Nice.

No. 331363

He makes himself look like an ESL-chan just starting to learn English with a constant need to look up a basic word in the dictionary.

No. 331364

hes super sperging out on twitter right now that people call him a celebrity

No. 331365

Haha, Blaire made him so angry. The way he's addressing her throughout this video is actually pretty terrible.

No. 331366

That beard makes him look more like a pedo

No. 331367

lookin' paranoid, dude

No. 331368

Gerg once again straying from the actual issue of letting underage girls submit photos to his forum, and him curating the photos in videos and criticising these girls' bodies like he's an expert in therapy. Keep digging that hole.

I hope the parents of these kids file charges against him because there is no consent for the photos.

No. 331369

Lol, he's blanked out the comments on it, too - comments are at his approval only

No. 331370


Words of a ~feminist and one promoting ~positivity. Such rich vocabulary.

Isn't it possible that these forum members would fake their age at registration so that they can enter the site and override the age limit? That's why the demographics info he collected could still be inaccurate.

Isn't this hate speech already? Can it be flagged?? Greasetrap is so angry and butthurt.

And right, we just projected your creepiness unto you. It's just our imagination that collecting underaged photos of girls in their underwear is not creepy. We're so malicious, guys, omg.

No. 331371

Whatever happened to not watching someone you don't like, Gurgles? You're a fan of Blaire, admit it.

No. 331372

i think it could be flagged since he says, "i want all of you, if any of you know her channel…i want you to go to her channel and just LOAD her comments with how much of a fraud she is". which, if i'm correct, would fall under 'incitement to harass other users or creators'.

No. 331374


Flagged. It never seems to do any good but I did it anyway. Timestamp is 11:32

No. 331375



Onion looks greasy af..and how long has he been wearing that shirt again??? Durrty bastard, his cock's probably leaking smegma as we speak and hasn't washed it for over a week (or two).

No. 331379

His increasing irritation is hilarious.
People don't squirm this much over something unless they know deep down that it does apply to them.

No. 331383

I madee the mistake of reading the comments. Ugh. But this video just shows how fucking buttmad and nuts he is so if his point was to ridicule those critisizing him hes done the opposite and made their case for them.

No. 331384

Thanks for the timestamp. I flagged it too.

No. 331385

lol "approved comments only"
this is hopefully the bringing to the end

No. 331386

Samefag but I can already imagine the screaming match Cyr described in that hour long podcast… Gurg screaming expletives and homophobic slurs to Stephan and him. So triggered.

No. 331387



No. 331388


kek, nice work anon

No. 331389

I commented and it appeared to be approved, since it showed up 10-15 minutes after I posted it. It's not there when I log out though. Does that mean Gurgles blocked me?

No. 331390

File: 1483165143416.png (17.72 KB, 577x113, dasha.PNG)

people are catching on to your little peen, Gerg.

No. 331392


I posted a comment to edit later. XD

No. 331396

He seriously thinks he's a "celeb"? He's a Z-lister at most… he shares the same "celeb" ranking as someone like Chris-Chan.

Having a 3-minute segment one time on shows that showcased other Z-listers back in 2008; is not something to be proud of - especially when the videos were the brainchild of your ex-wifes to begin with.

This is just another bullshit distraction tactic yet again to drown out the comments that he's a creepy teenfucker, just like when he bragged about the "thousands" of "faith-healing miracles" he performed on his fans by telling them they're dumb shits over fucking YouTube.

He's been EXTREMELY active online since the whole "kiddiegate" scandal blew up before Christmas, he's losing his mind; he's barely spending any time with his family and it's wonderful watching him go insane over all of it… the more he tries to cover it up, the deeper the hole he keeps digging.

No. 331398

This. The more he tried to lament the treatment hes getting like posting that video where hes pretending to be a woman and tries hyperbole to make out hes the victim seems to just suggest everything people are saying about him is true and hes got no comeback.

On a similar note i have heard people say hes acting skills are good however in the videos i've seen of him including recent ones i dont buy it. if he did have acting talent its run of just like kids in swimsuits would when they spot him with his camera lurking by the public swimming pool with his pedo grin.

No. 331400

>>just like kids in swimsuits would when they spot him with his camera lurking by the public swimming pool with his pedo grin.

This was actually the worst fucking analogy he could've used to justify his "innocence" in this whole clusterfuck, like… No gurgles, normal functioning adults don't hang around public pools taking photos of random children in their swimsuits; in fact - there are strict policies at public pools nowadays that say if you so much as bring a smartphone or camera poolside or in the spectating section, you'll be asked to leave.

No. 331402

Samefagging, but another good one was when he tried to justify it all by saying something akin to "It's everyone elses fault for sexualizing children's bodies, I don't see their bodies like that." like he was dropping all responsibility from the fact he was asking them for thigh gap pics and rating them in videos!

Then he was like "I didn't ask them to post photos in their underwear!" but he did nothing to stop it either, he didn't close those threads or tell those underage fans to stop submitting them, instead he published them and rated them in his videos.

As soon as he was exposed, he baleeted every incriminating topic that he created from his forums… if he wasn't sexualising children, he wouldn't of felt guilty enough to have gotten rid of them all.

Not to mention, they shouldn't of been on there in the first place and he shouldn't of been asking for them in the first place when his forum didn't have an over-18s restriction on registration to begin with.

Too bad they're still on his channels though, he's not going to delete those if he can monetize off them.

No. 331406

he looks exhausted. loving his downfall

No. 331409

File: 1483171922165.png (366.89 KB, 796x774, thatawkwardmomentwhen.png)

>tmw subscribers from all five of Gergs channels added up doesn't even surpass Shane's 2nd channel

No. 331410

File: 1483171940013.jpg (4.65 MB, 3263x2550, know-your-ages-of-consent.jpg)

Would a kind anon erase the glasses and moustache off this guy and change "Uncle Merv" to "Uncle Greg"?

I would be so grateful, thank you in advance.

No. 331411

And that's not including all the crossover subscribers between Greg's channels; I wonder if he even has 3 mil unique?

No. 331412

Why does he even need that many channels when he can't think up content other than:

>>Sharing his gross sex life

>>Look at his harem
>>rating teenagers bodies
>>Watch his aspergers/sociopathy/narcissism reach max levels
>>reaction videos

That's all hs content revolves around, he's a one-trick pony - he's been that way for years.

No. 331413

The amount of subscribers and followers he gets means shit anyway, half of them are probably bots.

For example; he has 378,000 Twitter followers yet he NEVER gets more than 100 replies, 2,000 likes or 500 reblogs at ANY given time… that is so piss poor for someone who constantly brags that they have millions of subscribers.

No. 331414

File: 1483173135691.jpg (854.78 KB, 3263x2550, logic.jpg)

fixed his eyebrows too

No. 331415

You're a saint, I'm tickled pink… thank you!

No. 331416

Age of consent in Washington is apparently 16??? or is my geography off?

No. 331418

Oh shit, I see what you mean… I've no idea how old that image is; maybe the AoC was lowered since it was made? I don't know… it was just a funny image I found on Googles.

No. 331419


He looks as broken and haggard as his exes once were…

No. 331421

jfc, five channels? really? for what purpose.

No. 331422

sage for ot

But this girl looks so much like Billy that I actually was confused when I saw her

No. 331425

Jesus this was a hard watch. Cyr was right, he is like a robot. "I'm not thinking of it as wrong therefore it's not". This tool actually thinks the world is supposed to function this way. He's disabled comments to bend an unfavorable reality to his personal world view because the rest of us don't see things his way.

It's safe to say, autism confirmed. Not since Chris Chan have I seen someone this totally divorced from the real world and functional logic. I love the fucked up hair too, he had to have thrown shit all over his house in a rage before getting behind that camera.

No. 331426

File: 1483176328543.png (475.5 KB, 954x746, gurglesstrategicmaps.png)

No. 331427

same, her and onion boy can both go die in a fire

No. 331428

love your artistic style, anon

No. 331429

same, those try hard bitches are finally doing something good for once <3

No. 331431

Kek, I love this one too!

No. 331433

File: 1483177470193.png (351.93 KB, 450x448, 1478115661089.png)

He's losing his shit :) God this is amazing to witness, fuck that tranny though

No. 331435

holy shit is that Blaire?

No. 331437


That explains the weird ass video he made a long time ago (and possibly the impregnation fetish)…


No. 331438

I've been wondering for a while if he's on the autism spectrum (Aspergers has been reclassified to Autism since 2014 and before then; Aspergers shared many of the criteria that sociopathy does), I've not really seen a sociopath or narcissist or anyone with a cluster B disorder react the way he does when they've been caught out on their shit.

The tantrums, the spazzing out, the violent outbursts, the lack of self awareness, pure denial and no responsibility for his actions, victim-complex, acting like an eternal manchild, there's absolutely no empathy there either.

(saged for armchair psychology because in the end, it doesn't matter one bit whether he's autistic or has a cluster B personality disorder - he's a fucking nutcase and if he won't get help for his mental disorder/s he needs to be fucking sanctioned for everyone's sake and safety.)

No. 331439

The awkward moment when onion thinks fully clothed wrestling is sexual but nude body massages with oil are not…

I smell bullshit, but whats new?

No. 331440

He's a narc. He's losing his good looks and really can't convince himself that he's an intelligent narc.

No. 331441

File: 1483179244041.jpg (15.73 KB, 384x217, babby.jpg)

it's always nice when he gets caught in the shit opinion web he spews

No. 331444

Lainey's from Las Cruces, New Mexico, I thought?

No. 331445

meh, she's in New Mexico and it's legal. That's all that matters to Onion.

No. 331451

Isnt Sarah from Michigan? So wouldnt that be the age they have to go by for consent or it could be seen as "transporting a minor"?

No. 331452

Remember how he made a video saying it was okay to call lainey a cunt because she was insecure and still felt down about herself despite him telling her shes pretty? Is this how those conversations go? lmao. If anyone talked to me like this, id gtfo.

No. 331453

Every time I see his face, he looks like a backwards 18th century farmhand who's been startled by a rat.

No. 331454

The age of consent is indeed 16 in Washington, he flew Sarah over there within days of her 16th birthday.

No. 331455

File: 1483185304847.png (53.53 KB, 288x538, YoutubeMusic.png)

Youtube recommends Shane and Shiloh for your listening pleasures.

No. 331456

What are even those titles? I can't imagine what his music sounds like, let alone what his lyrics consist of.

Please tell me it's all basic as fuck… like middle-school poetry combined with fruityloops or some shit.

No. 331457

So there is a pretty big chance that he's nailing her too

No. 331458

It's even worse than middle school poetry

No. 331459

I can't speak on behalf of all anons here, but I don't think many of us want to think of that as a possibility… but we've barely been seeing her hanging out with Lainey since she got there. Neither has anyone really seen them act chummy with each other like they used to on Twitter.

If anything, we've seen Sarah hanging out more with Billie when she she's visiting, the rest of the time she seems to be with Greaselord.

Maybe Lainey is spending more time being a mom and doesn't really have the time to give Sarah as much attention, but it's a far stretch considering Lainey is her routine usual self on Twitter, but doesn't have Sarah on her private account and… uhh, I know I'm trying to find every possible excuse here to not think that he's boning her because I seriously don't want to think about it or believe it.

But yes… there possibly is a chance, as depressing and soul-crushing as that sounds.

No. 331460


But she's gay though?
Or according to her, attracted to anyone but boys, so it wouldn't make sense that suddenly, she's boning Greg.
If anything, she probably has a crush on Lainey or Billie (Billie would make the most sense, since Lainey was been giving her the cold shoulder for hanging out with Billie and only recently, she just refollowed Sarah.)

I'm pretty sure the reason why Greg is such an ass to her is because she's gay and therefore, he can't groom and bone her the way he has with other girls he's dated.

No. 331461

it's a gut wrenching feeling that I'm hoping is just entirely speculation…

No. 331462

File: 1483187009053.png (118.31 KB, 325x572, oniobbeauyt.png)

I was hoping that someone will bring up this song. This is the worst case of a straight dude whiteknighting female fans (and Lamo) in order to get teenage pussy that I've ever seen. Also - lol at the blatant hipocrisy of blaming media on girls starving themselves and bitching at shallow guys giving dishonest complements. Pot, meet kettle.

No. 331463

Its clear onion uses lainey as an excuse for them to be with him tho. Like oh you love and want to be with lainey? Then you should try being in a threesome with us. Even billie is included in the bunch now too. Im sure with luxy he was hoping if he got her to agree to be "exclusive" with lainey, hed slowly inch his way into like oh ill just watch, oh ill just touch my wife while you touch her, etc. I doubt he cares if someone is only attracted to girls. Hed love for some lesbian to be "converted" by him or some creepy shit.

Lainey and sarah just posted selfies together today. lol. I think they are closer now cause billie is not there.

No. 331464

Now don't quote me on this, but I'm pretty sure that a couple of anons mentioned something in the last few threads that she said something about being "heteroflexible"?

(If anyone remembers that, was it said in a video, tweet or on her Tumblr?)

If that's the case, she may not be completely sure about her sexuality at this point, and it gives him a shoe-in to manipulate that meaning to his will.

No. 331467

Let's take into consideration that she's actually a lesbian.

If you think about it, why is she living there with no intention of going back to her parents if they really have kicked her out? Of what use would she be other than to please Lainey or Billie? That's still fucked up, isn't it? Being their play toy/object as a "friend" that's been paid for by Gerg to entertain them.

Lainey and Billie are closer to her age but they (Gerg and Lainey) would have still flown her out there for their (omg no, she's Lainey's GF/friend!) own satisfaction.

How is she going to find potential girlfriends (even her own age) considering Gerg is really fucking strict in regards to allowing anyone outside their unhealthy (cult) circle into their house anyway? They wouldn't allow her to naturally go out and make friends online or offline, they'd have to check them out first.

There's nothing there that will benefit her, she's going to get seriously fucked over whether or not she's banging them… she needs to go home, finish school, fall in love naturally (if relationships are her main goal in life) and experience bonds with people who are not seriously fucking messed up in the head.

No. 331468

File: 1483190805207.jpg (179.5 KB, 1815x789, huh.jpg)

sorry for OT, but.. who's this? why is she calling her little lainey?

No. 331469

thats sarah's neice. if memory serves me correctly, she convinced her sister to name the poor kid lainey.

No. 331470

if stuff goes sour with sarah and the onion household, she's really going to regret naming that kid lainey

No. 331471

That's a nearly new baby though…

No. 331474

The posts are from March 2015

No. 331475

timestamp on the tweets, lav. that kid is nearly a year old by now.

No. 331476


>There's nothing there that will benefit her, she's going to get seriously fucked over whether or not she's banging them… she needs to go home, finish school, fall in love naturally (if relationships are her main goal in life) and experience bonds with people who are not seriously fucking messed up in the head.

THIS I can heavily agree with. Took the words right out of my mouth.

No. 331479

Anyone know what video this happens in? I must have missed it.

No. 331481

This is great on so many levels.

Remember how just a few months ago when him and SR were doing their back and forth and greg something along the lines "Why does he need to make 11 minute long videos about this? See how mine are just 2-3 minutes! If your hate videos are so long then you're probably LYYYYIIIING"

And here is, making an almost 20 minute video about his haters.

No. 331484

fucking lol at the comments. So clear that Greg has deleted EVERY negative comment. Such a brootally honest guy!1!!

No. 331487

Anyone else notice that he couldn't bear to cut away from his face? Not even for a screenshot? Not even when he's silently watching a video? Seriously?

No. 331488

i think he mentioned in the video that he was only approving comments, because he didn't want Blaire's name in the comments.

No. 331490

I wonder how long it took him to figure out she was a tranny after he made the hijab comments.

No. 331492

He's pathetic and his stupidity always wows me.
He blocked me a while ago for calling him out in the comment section (i was always there lol). Having to manually approve comments just proves how emotionally devasted he is. Hopefully he's going to keep being shit on. Only his fans think he's winning this battle, lmao

No. 331493

it would also explain why he chimped out so much about being called a cuck

No. 331495


This would be his music

No. 331497

File: 1483207852173.jpg (19.61 KB, 592x107, waww.JPG)

wow lol

No. 331498


didnt HE submit the video? it's not like they found him and thought it was sooooo funny

No. 331499

How come onion gets videos taken down for no reason but his videos never get taken down when a bunch of people report him? wtf. How butthurt is he to report that shit. He talks shit about every YTer but cant handle when they do it to him lmao.

No. 331500

Destroy him

No. 331504


lmao when he says people should keep their shitty opinions to themselves…

No. 331505

Onion is most definitely not on the autistic spectrum. Cluster B sometimes gets mistaken for autism because they both have empathy issues but the difference is autists still have empathy and just process it differently, sociopaths can't process empathetic feelings at all. Also spergs usually try to have their beliefs fit some kind of logical pattern. Gerg obviously does not have a capacity for logic.

No. 331506

The only explanation I can come up with is that he's sucking someone's dick at youtube.

No. 331507

File: 1483210362795.jpg (179.91 KB, 741x780, C1Bp66VUUAIJ3ZC.jpg)

No. 331509

File: 1483210500650.jpg (148.55 KB, 1200x682, C1Be2bkVIAAAuJC.jpg)

so. butt. hurt.

No. 331510


He used to be friends with HappyCabbie. Back when, you know, HappyCabbie was alive. HappyCabbie liked to give the impression he was a kind of YouTube insider which may or may not have been true. But it's really STRANGE how Onision's videos a un-fucking-touchable while someone like Blaire can have to deal with a bogus claim within, what, a day?

No. 331511

Blaire makes a point i didnt even notice. He used that 13 year old girls picture in his rant video. When he clearly knows her sibling wanted it removed in the original video. Why use it again??? What a dumbass. He acted like he would remove it too, and he never did. How does anyone support this creepo

No. 331513

Has anyone tried contacting YouTube directly about content in an Onision video? Not about gurg himself, obviously that would yield a generic response, but about something specific, bullying, transphobia, minors who want their fucking pics taken out of the videos, etc.

It's just so weird that he has genuinely problematic (for lack of a better word) content in some of his videos that no amount of flagging gets any attention from YouTube, but anyone else gets their shit taken down for next to no reason. It can't be because he gets a ton of views or subs because….in the scheme of things, he really doesn't. He's pretty small, especially for an old youtuber. His videos rarely hit a million views. And Youtubes been fucking up so badly lately it doesn't even seem like they care about generately money anymore. What's the deal?

No. 331514

generating* wtf autocorrect

No. 331516

File: 1483211567504.png (714.74 KB, 1054x674, onion o-face.png)

Judging by how he treats women he's attracted to, this is how he really feels about Blaire.

No. 331517

File: 1483211616581.jpg (66.58 KB, 611x340, onibutthurt.jpg)

This is what he tweeted her before that video got flagged

No. 331519

File: 1483211848526.png (302.51 KB, 633x647, emm.png)

LOL she did another one of these voiceovers https://twitter.com/Emmahdorable/status/815259494724866048

No. 331520


Hes only singling her out and being super mad at her cause that comedian he liked liked her video lmao. She literally says the same thing everyone else has already said, but hes acting like shes the worst of the worst just because his feewings got hurt when someone he liked realized he was a creepy pedo. How about you just stop being a creepy pedo onion? That seems easier.

No. 331521

that one comment under blaire's video tho

>If Onision's wife switches between man and woman on a daily basis, does that mean he's gay every other day?

No. 331523

File: 1483212537493.png (46.82 KB, 197x200, pikaacolypse.png)

No. 331524

He's all butthurt that Jim Norton likes that voice over video. Jim Norton does not care, Onion. He's way more of a "celebrity" than you'll ever be.

No. 331525

Does anyone have that twitter poll he did where it showed a majority of his audience was around 14-16 y/o? He loves his facts so much so why not talk about the facts he himself set out to find.

No. 331526

File: 1483212882908.png (58.23 KB, 587x238, ohgodcringe.png)

I also like how he tweeted the video at him directly. That is…embarrassing. Why would you tweet this video at him where you look absolutely insane.

No. 331527



Also, if you asked me who I think flagged the video between Onision and Jenny McDermott (who made a video response this morning), I'd guess it was Jenny.

No. 331528

File: 1483213225863.png (18.04 KB, 582x239, lmaoniceoptions.png)

I like this poll. Even with those biased options because hes too scared to write adult, its 40% kid. And you know driving age could be 15+ lmao.

No. 331530

This is probably why he's in denial about her being trans.

No. 331531

File: 1483213716943.png (329.38 KB, 538x313, iasip.PNG)

lmao saw this while looking at her twitter feed

No. 331532

God he's such a bullshitter. Why don't you use actual age groups as the choices? Also, 15-16 year old children can drive? So this makes no sense. He could have at least said "old enough to legally drink" if he wanted to keep it this vague. But he knows hardly any of his audience falls into that category.

No. 331533

Polls are worthless. He still likes to fuck kids.

No. 331539

I love this because it's probably true.

No. 331540

"I'm breaking out lately, no idea why"

Onion's crap diet???

No. 331541

One-sided face break outs are usually caused by hormone changes.

No. 331542

Or sleeping on a filthy pillowcase that hasn't been changed and is imbued with grease.

No. 331543

So, I've reported a lot of his videos. Does it make a difference at all? I don't know much about YT. Do you have to be a established youtuber for anything to take effect?

No. 331544

can someone post a positive comment on his newest video and then edit it after he approves it?

No. 331545

it's from laying her face on gerg's chest after fucking him while lainey is crying and sad tweeting in the living room

No. 331548

I wish i knew too…i reported his channel but I'm sure many have been doing that

No. 331549

Omg I couldn't even watch half of this, it's just him rattling off as many insults as he can (which are just a combination of the same three really uncreative words…surprise, surprise since his level of english is piss-poor). I don't like Blaire (because she's an anti-women so she's likely trans for fetish reasons and picking up dem sweet oppression points) but god damn this is absolutely glorious. I'm watching grEgg McMuffin's downfall and I'm so giddy with excitement.

No. 331550

This is so bad I'm getting second hand embarrassment. It's on his Onision channel, so is he joking or does he actually think this "song" is good? Also, I hate people who just talk their songs… wtf

No. 331551


Thats what you get when you stick your face between a Smegma's legs. You are what you eat.

No. 331552

File: 1483217225883.png (93.96 KB, 580x255, whydoeshespeak.png)

-someone pulls up one of his own polls about age-


No. 331553

Well, his polls are garbage. Because he words them in ways that skirt responsibility and ownership for his scummy action. Fuck this guy.

Bet he's got some wicked dickne.

No. 331554

He does realise that google polls can never be 100% since you can register under any age, when I was young I used my dad's account which registered me as a 42 year old, yeah totally accurate.

Also Onion, your polls are biased since only your fans take them, try asking the public what they think of your shitty channel.

No. 331556

but it fits his agenda LMAO. Hes a fucking hypocrite.

All he is doing is tweeting his video at people saying he proves facts. Literally his videos show like no "facts" what crack is he on. All he does is scream cunt ten million times. And misinterpret what people are saying about him.

No. 331557

For sake of comparison someone should make a poll and put it out there, so that he can't claim it's all HATERZ. Even if his braindead fans spam it, it'll have more of a population outside of his teenie patrol.

No. 331560

And its his own polls hes getting mad about LOL. I'd understand if it was posted on a "hater" website. But this is straight from his fanpages. He uses his own polls as facts all the time. And calling google "scientific analysis" lmao. Its just compiling data from the website. If people lied about their age, they dont have a way of factoring that in.

No. 331561

File: 1483218706884.png (730.15 KB, 1440x2101, 20170101_081109.png)

Christ this is weird

No. 331562

yes lmao

No. 331565

"But guize! I'm a gynecologistsexual! Clearly I don't like dudes. Cyr is gay for wrestling with his friend tho"

No. 331566

Nice to know that Greg is spending the final day of 2016, not with his family (and Sarah), but fighting with strangers on the internet and false flagging videos.

No. 331567

>[Leafy] He's really cute

Yeah the guy everyone says looks like a 13 year old trying to grow a beard, weirdo.

No. 331568

so greg has a daddy kink…lainey calls him daddy…does this mean when his kids call him daddy as well he gets turned on?

No. 331570

File: 1483220292839.png (74.27 KB, 594x311, Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 1.37…)

Let it be known: greg's a-scared of girls

No. 331572

Here's to hoping he pops a hernia. Literally hernia 2017!

No. 331573

I AM LAUGHING SO HARD. This (LITERALLY) proves how fucking mental onision himself is lol. He purposely stretches everything other people against him say, but if he said he was going to slap somebody it's only a "joke" or it's "honest".
-when you're too stupid to win at arguing/have been exposed for the liar you are, resort to violent threats.

Ok, Greg, but how many times have you responded with judging people or saying things like "you dumb fucking cunt" when you were in the wrong? A bit hypocritical for the brooootally honest onision!

No. 331574

All of onions defences recently have been
Mic drop
Mah polls
Ur a dumb cunt/bitch/whore
Liar liar pants on fire
Kill urself
Omg u r so like wrong? why? cause ur wrong

No. 331575

he sounds like one of the 13 year old girls he desperately wants to bang. literally.

No. 331576

It would be very easy to get him to do something just by suggesting he can't or shouldn't, I would bet.

No. 331577

my favorite thing about all these tactics he keeps using to garner sympathy (you THREATENED to PHYSICALLY HARM me!!!!!! being a great example) keep backfiring hilariously on him

it's so easy to see how panicked he is. this is honestly amazing, he's backpedaling so hard

No. 331578

Onion's pro-guns now, while throwing jabs at women and accusing parents of 'killing' their kids with fast food and cigarettes.

And the downfall continues…

No. 331579

Funny how he'll call everyone else out for changing their minds or things like that but he can do it for every thing in his life

No. 331581

samefagging but I feel like this is his edgy way of trying to look less like an SJW. Funny because with his facial hair and new "hot" voice, he looks and sounds even more like a homicidal maniac.

No. 331582

File: 1483225125835.png (138.89 KB, 583x343, pussi boi throws in the towel.…)

If you can't beat em, block em.

No. 331583

It's pretty hilarious that this is his new "hot" voice considering he was trying to lure more people in not long ago by trying to imitate a LeafyIsHere voice.
This guy is just unbelieveable.

No. 331584

So he's pretending to be Gavin McEnnis now?

No. 331587

This is giving me one of those newborn doll vibes.

No. 331588


im dying, he's absolutely guilty by fueling this.

No. 331589



No. 331591

Holy early 2000's scene queen, Batman!
Damn I didn't think I would see her again

Sage for OT

No. 331594

I'd just like to point out that Onision states at around 1:30 that he jacked it to a fully clothed pic of Lainey, likely taken when she was underage.

But keep saying that having access to photos of underage girls in their underwear doesnt make you a pedo.

No. 331597

Onion kept calling Blaire dumb names. Does he really think he can sway that guy to side with him with such language? Fool.

No. 331599

Leafy doesn't like you, Gurg, because you're LITCH-RUH-LEE a THIRTY ONE YEAR OLD MAAAAAAAAAN. Srsly you're THIRTY ONE YEARS OLD WHAT THE FUCK. (God. Leafy's humor is unfunny.)

No. 331600

lol @ consecutive "mic drop", apparently he kept going back and picking up the mic he dropped to add something back in.

No. 331602

Are you kidding? His spaz outs are classic Cluster B.

No. 331603

He regularly non-literally shoots antagonist characters from his skits in the head. If we're going to start interpreting these things as serious threats then Onion is far worse.

No. 331604

Onion can't math.
Also, if he's not anti-gun anymore, as a way to justify then buying guns… well, along with the sister wives and cult thing, this is starting to become a bit dark. Like FBI shoot out at the polygamist sect compound dark.

On another topic, I thought I read somewhere that lainey also accepts using masculine pronouns as well as "they" so maybe Sarah is actually crushing on lainey. Not that this makes her any safer, I think lainbot is pretty emotionless and manipulative to these girls too, she just spergs out less on camera compared to Gerg.

No. 331605

File: 1483235407773.gif (1.75 MB, 720x404, DennisCollapse.gif)

there is such a strong parallel between gurg and dennis in the iasip family fight episode

No. 331606


He still owns his weapons from the military and (according to himself) is an expert marksman.

All I can say is… RUNNN BITCHES, RUUUUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 331607

File: 1483235662456.png (154.41 KB, 1250x536, Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 12.5…)

No. 331608

He's saying he's anti-gun now because of the ~death threats, like that statement Blaire said in her video of her being out for blood, if it were her child in Greasy's video.

How many times in a row is he going to wear this outfit and that oily hair? Ew.

No. 331609

File: 1483236058208.png (44.21 KB, 638x338, image.png)

Oh no u gaiz, he's gonna beats the shit outta Blaire if he sees her at VidCon!


No. 331610

Yeah I totally trust that statement after you could barely climb a rope while your just gave birth wife was doing flips.

No. 331611


I've asked myself the same thing. I'm starting to think he only does that when we point it out, gross.

No. 331612


wtf does he still bring up his military shit. That was two wives ago, where he served for a shortass time cause he couldnt handle it.

No. 331613

File: 1483236407715.png (47.18 KB, 623x434, isanyonesurprised.png)

l o l

No. 331614

Does onision realise that all the language he uses panders to a younger audience than he think he has, methinks he knows about his overwhelmingly 13 year old audience.

Like, everyone over the age of 15 is going to realise onision sounds like a giant edgelord.

No. 331615

File: 1483236540040.png (89.81 KB, 587x660, oboigirl.png)

lainey only ever speaks up to defend her agenderness. Lets just ignore the fact my husband is a psychotic pedo making 18 minute videos calling someone a cunt. My agenderness however must be defended.

No. 331616

Hope that she knows that gender dysphoria isn't the same as feeling shitty about parts of your body because your husband finds his side chick who's slimmer more attractive.

No. 331617

imagine the shit she'd go through if she actually spoke against him. He's already acting ape shit as it is.

No. 331618

Its not so much as she should speak against him as she should have left his ass ten years ago, but she will support him probably through anything he does, which just enables his behavior because he knows he can say/do anything with no repercussions.

No. 331619

is he actually going to vidcon? that surprises me

No. 331620

her being agender is such a huge deal for her to defend, but not once she speaks out about her own fucking husband calling people fags and whores

No. 331621

Ohnoez you guys, Onion is military trained years ago and he's anti-gun now. So badass. He can handle himself without hitting, but he will shoot you…

Srsly make up your mind Onion. You're so confused. You want sympathy but then you want people to be ~afraid of your VEGETARIAN MILITARY BODAAAY. And nope, you still haven't addressed the issue of using underaged girls' photos in your videos. You're the one blowing things out of proportion when the easiest route would have been removing all your videos with such photos, and restricting access of underaged people to your forums. Pathetic.

No. 331623

Sorry. I meant Pro-gun.

No. 331624

i imagine onion being out of breath just from running up a flight of stairs

No. 331625

he probably would be. for all his touting of being swat/marine/military trained, he sits on his ass all day making vids. it dont take long for ones fitness level to drop through the floor (speaking from experience) so these days i reckon he'd be flat running 100m without gasping for air.

No. 331627

We all saw the video of him struggling to keep up with the fitness level of his post-pregnancy wife. His military training is worthless now.

No. 331628

lmao yeah there's only so much your military training can do for you if you've done literally nothing to hone up those skills in the years you've been out. stop bringing up your ~*~military experience~*~ gergles

No. 331629

it's so funny to me how onision tries to act like it's "FACT" that his viewers are mostly 18+ because of his analytics from youtube. Most kids lie about their age on YouTube as 18+ to watch age restricted content. I did when I wasn't 18. He's so fucking dumb it hurts.

No. 331630

Notice how he changed his Twitter icon to a more "adult" looking one in response to the video s/he made.

No. 331631

No. 331632

this is a great video.

No. 331633

>lets be frank here, he's a piece of shit

oh boy let me settle down here and drink some wine, this gon be good.

No. 331634

summary, even though i think it's a great watch:

>acknowledges onion boy is a piece of shit.

>talks about the drama that's been happening and the hilarity of onion losing his shit
>looks at the forum and discusses the 'TOS' and how it doesn't specifically state who owns the copyright of the pictures posted there for commercial reproduction
>discusses whether or not it's legal for onion to be reproducing these images for commercial use.
>basically sums up that onion is breaking the law by reproducing images for commercial use of people under the age of consent because they have not signed a release and other legal shit. the parents of those kids can probably legally sue the ass out of onion.

this is a pretty god warning video actually. onion might not be actively reproducing kiddie porn, but he is opening his ass up to some big lawsuits from parents of the girls he's using in his videos. something to think about, p'raps?

No. 331636

I wonder what he's going to do after watching this. Say he's a fake? Call him a cunt? Kek. That's basically all he can do at this point. He can't defend himself from facts.

No. 331637

What fucking hyperbolic bullshit, NEITHER of them would ever see each other at Vidcon because Grease is practically terrified of someone gunning him down because he's so fucking hated by everyone.

No. 331638

He brings up an interesting point. In journalism, we are taught that we cannot take the photo of a minor fot publication purposes without the parents consent on a release form unless the children are in a public space (ie a parade or some other public event) where "there is no expectation of privacy".

These girls offer up photos but they do not have the rights to do so given that the photos are presumably taken in the privacy of their parents home, as far as I understand.

Then again, I'm no lawyer. I'd be interested in the opinion of one.

No. 331639


The only times she's ever bought up being "unhappy" with her body was when Ayalla and Billie were parading around their house in their swimsuits.

For someone with "body dysmorphia" she sure enjoys taking photos of her body on a regular basis and posting them all over instagram for other people to judge.

No. 331640

Gerg's either thought of this already or he's going "fuck fuck fuck" right now. I tend to think he never got releases as there are documented examples where someone didn't submit an image but still was included in a vid.

No. 331641

File: 1483245963006.jpg (229.42 KB, 1058x1102, 2016-12-31_21.43.40.jpg)

So I made a video on gurg and here's one of the people defending him. Yeah, you definitely have adult fans, grease…

No. 331642


Speaking as a paralegal-in training; you're correct.

No. 331643



Oh god.

No. 331645

He probably won't do anything. He hasn't been able to on most of the people who called him out because he has nothing on them. He chose Blair because she was an easy target for him and it was someone willing to fight on his level.

The way he tries to defend his actions sounds more and more like an episode of To Catch a Predator.

No. 331646

Just get a comedian he likes to like the video and he will ultra rage again. Lmao. That's the real reason he went at blair and not someone else hahaha.

No. 331647

Also not a lawyer, but a law student, and can confirm.

No. 331648

This is LITERALLY painful to read.

No. 331649

How butthurt will he be if someone tweets it to Daniel Tosh and it gets a like then?

No. 331651

He is using this method instead because he exercises control over these girls that do what he wants. You can't do that with googling porn images. It's just too easy. And those porn girls do not have his name on their body.

Also, Onion is not a twenty year old. He's in his thirties. These young girls aren't in his age group.

No. 331652

>>331651 exactly, he's always talking about how hard age of consent is and there is literally no difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old, yet he fails to notice it should be a non issue because he should be looking at women in their late 20's- 30s
can you even imagine the 30 year old woman who would agree to date him?

No. 331653

Gerg's mind cannot comprehend media law and ethics, so this will just be another ~hater video for him. It will help the YouTube case against him if the kids and their parents/guardians themselves file copyright claims on his videos because their photos have been published without proper documentation. The focus of YouTubers should somehow shift to the kids themselves who were involved in the videos, to convince them to come forward and complain to YouTube that they have been used for Gurg's benefit.

No. 331654

File: 1483252424980.png (77.16 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I take it 2016 didn't go so well with Onion…

No. 331655

File: 1483252551124.png (83.58 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Whoever told you this is either fucking blind or autistic…

Saged bc I like Ian.

No. 331656

File: 1483252597954.png (848.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Dropping more…

No. 331657

File: 1483252627085.png (657.73 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 331658


Forgot to add that at least he took a fucking shower. Damn, Onion!

No. 331659

Who cares this much about him growing a beard? Oh, that's right FUCKING NO ONE.

No. 331660

it actually just looks like he rubbed dirt on his face ahahahaha
i'm glad he felt the need to mention his "daily" showering

No. 331661

damn the beard actually ages him more than his 31. he already looked like an episode from botched, wonder if this is distract from his melting face

No. 331662

Onision - "The Most Honest Youtuber" Parody

No. 331663

Does anyone else think his facial hair makes him look even more psychotic?

No. 331664

that fucking 'hoo hoo' laugh im gonna die.

No. 331665

it makes him look unwashed and grosser than he was before

No. 331666

Meh I disagree. He looks about late 20s with beard and early/mid 30s with the beard.

No. 331667

When a fully grown adult man can't grow anything remotely close to a beard without it looking patchy and thin, it's time to give it up and retain some dignity.

He's been growing his "beard" since being exposed which was around 10 days ago… men who can grow beards have extremely dense stubble within two days of not shaving.

If anything, it makes him look even more like a disheveled pedophile.

No. 331668

File: 1483254521831.png (82.67 KB, 580x561, tumblr_oj2lclnnlf1r1kiq7o1_128…)

No. 331669

oh no a petite trans girl made a joke about slapping me I am threatened

No. 331670

It shouldn't take 10 days to grow patchy stubble, Grease.

You would've had a beard by day 4 if you could actually grow one.

No. 331671

Yup I knew it. He's still hanging on to his military heydays to make himself look so strong and untouchable, but inside he's crumbling.

Why does he claim he's responsible for getting Carter banned?? He's not even the one who released that video of Carter and Maggie…

No. 331672

ah yes a twitter poll and just who would lie about their age on the internet huh

No. 331673

Wait… what is he even talking about? Wasn't he just a MP for the Chair Force who just wandered around on bases as a short term career?

No. 331675

"SWAT/Marine CWC trained Onision" lmao wow that sure is a lot of words for someone that got kicked out of the air force, keep telling yourself that you're badass Greg. Maybe someday someone will believe it.

No. 331678

it's because he doesn't want to be called out for not being able to actually sing

No. 331680

sometimes I just imagine that Cyr, Dasha and all their friends that come in and out of that apartment all just laugh at this poor loser. lmao

No. 331683


One thing that stuck out was…

>I am not proud of my service, but I'm not necessarily ashamed of it either.

No. 331686

I don't want to watch his videos, sorry… I'm only asking if what he's saying is true or is it more hyperbole?

No. 331688

Wasnt he only in for like 2 years? And the air force is one of the easier branches in terms of physical training. I doubt he underwent the training he has claimed to. Military police are also largely looked at as useless by other servicemen. In fact, the joke is that they are douchebags because they were the ones bullied in high school so they have something to prove when they become an MP. Its so fitting for onion, I laughed when I found out his job.

He acted so resentful of of his "service" for a while but now that he realized its something he can try to lord over people as a sign of superiority, hes changing his tune.

He makes me laugh because he exaggerates the fuck out of everything. He has no credibility whatsover.

No. 331690

I just noticed how ever since he got called out for trying to look like a 14-year-old in his profile picture he updated it to a more grown up one. I think he's getting scared.

No. 331692

So he was just in the MP then? The lying bastard, haha… even the Coast Guard get more intense training than the OSI do.

Next he'll be saying he can kill a man in 700 different ways… I bet the little shit was one of those kids at school who bragged about made up shit so that he could feel/seem more superior in comparison to his peers.

No. 331693

I think it coincides more with him being exposed for encouraging and circulating photos of underaged girls… like a sad, feeble attempt to remove himself from that event, he's barely slept a wink since the incident and has pretty much foregone the holidays in favor of trying to clear his name.

No. 331694


He tried out for SERE but couldn't kill a wabbit. Yeah, some badass veteran!

No. 331695

That is 100% bullshit. Air Force MP's do not receive CQC training from Marines at all. They are used mainly as cheap security guards for check points and road stops in the field, on base they are used for insult fodder among people who have an actual job to do and set the bar for themselves higher than an enlisted rent-a-cop.

His erratic behavior and at the time already devolved mental state would automatically fail him for consideration in any sort of combat position. He didn't even appear to be in all that great of physical condition in his chair force photos either so there's another reason to not believe he ever did this shit to chalk up on the board.

In combat he would get people killed and I don't mean any sort of enemy. Greg is the type of moron who acts like they are hard enough to handle combat but the moment the first bullet snaps by their head they instantly regret the decision and spend the rest of the firefight clinging to the heels of their Sergeants like a leg hump dog until the whole thing is over, just to pretend they did a god damn thing out in the field later on when no one who was there is actually around to hear. In close quarters you cannot do that shit. One wrong thing happens and you can lose people…fast. Greg would shit himself and curl into a ball on the floor in such a situation if he's truly as big of a non confrontational pussy as Cyr made him out to be. He needs to always be the center of attention, he will not listen to other people nor take orders from them, he had to constantly be the soft and pacifistic weakling to prove how evil the military was in his own words. All of this crap he spouts off about his 'training' is bullshit overcompensating. He's a weak and small man on the inside and knows it, but knows it helps his online image to lie and say he isn't. Pathetic and makes the rest of us actual veterans look bad. What a waste of good oxygen he is, I swear.

No. 331696

He's only this pissed because a comedian he liked gave the video a like. His wife is tumblr personified and he is a feminazi.

The petite tranny makes his dick rise but since she's a tranny, he can call her a stupid dumb fuck cunt while still claiming to be a feminist and losing his mind on screen.

His opposition is now all SJWs even though he is guilty of the SJW mindset. His way is the right way and you're homophobic, sexist, racist, more *ist because tumblr makes them up.

Now he is growing a beard like Shane Dawson after saying facial hair was disgusting? The meltdown is real and his legacy is being a youtube pedo.

No. 331697

Also, for anyone interested in his bs, check out his military diary, it's kinda…interesting to say the least.


No. 331698


In other words, it was a good thing he didn't go to Iraq then? He could've done Skye a favor if he did (if you know what I mean).

No. 331699

thank you, knowledgeable military anon

No. 331700

He never would have been considered for either Afghanistan or Iraq. He is far too unstable for that. He was doing other enlisted men and women a favor by being kept away from there. Hypothetically since guys like him wind up pretending they're John Rambo at some point and end up wasted pretty quickly…his ex-wife would at least be able to have enjoyed some decent benefits. She wouldn't have been married to him any longer before we went full Onion, collected the benefits of good health insurance and whatever pension he had and such.

In fact Onion's self inflicted annihilation via mid combat narc-rage stupidity (ie running into an open street while sustaining sniper fire without taking cover at all and assessing where that fire is coming from first thus losing that melon sized noggin full of sheer retardation of his because he thought real life is just like Call of Duty) would have been nothing but a net gain for Skye when you think about it. She'd be living pretty well by now. I feel for her honestly, shy girls like her often seem to wind up with these sort of narcissistic edgelords and always get the short end of the stick. It's sad.

You're welcome, fellow Anon.

No. 331701

Holy shit this is rich. I am showing this to a few of my combat buddies. We could do with a good laugh to bring in 2017 LOL.

No. 331702

Glad to see ImAlexx doing a video on him. It's not as informative as some of the other videos out there, but he's mutual followers with H3H3, Ian, Cyr, and some other big names and his fanbase is decent, so hopefully more and more people feel inclined to make videos about him and his pedo antics.

No. 331703

>>it helps his online image to lie and say he isn't

That's pretty much all his online career is; lying, hyperbole, cheating and manipulating.

If he drums into his teenage fanbase's heads that he's a "honest, factual, logical and reasonable man" even without proof that he is (he actually does this on a daily basis) then they'll blindly believe him without question, he basically brainwashes them.

The more hardcore fans will do anything he says without him even having to go to the trouble of encouraging/suggesting them to at most times.

I used to feel sorry for them, these days I realize they're just as deranged and as dangerous to others as he is and not really worth saving.

No. 331705

>>His opposition is now all SJWs even though he is guilty of the SJW mindset.

Sorry anon… but what? Are you new to all this? I'm asking because it's been established here since he started this facade at the end of 2015 that he's anything but an SJW - he's never been a feminist, he's always been racist, he's always been really disrespectful of everyone else but himself, all that "feminazi" bullshit was just a ruse to lure in the SJW crowd because he wasn't getting any new subscribers and followers and his teenage fanbase were moving on to more current trends.

Sorry if he had you fooled.

No. 331706


Yeah, and none of us would have to witness Fifty Layers of Onion if that were to happen. Can't tell if this is a great or bad thing.

Otherwise, thank you for your information and your service anon. Much appreciated!

No. 331707


Please do and tell us how it went!

Forgot to sage

No. 331709

I really love how all of these websites he "coded" back then were all the same layout and template as every other site he created like the Sisesca one, he just used different graphics.

~'*-O N I O N A E S T H E T I C S-*'~

I swear his resume reads just like Vicky Shingle's resume does: Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Comedian, Celebrity, Veteran, Entertainer, Writer, Director, Musician.

I'd say they should get together and start dating, but she's too old for him.

No. 331710


Nooo I want him to date Sheena!

No. 331711


Gergles…TVD is my guilty pleasure and dude…Gergles…at no point in your existence have you ever looked like Ian. In some videos he actually reminded me of a very poor man's version of Paul Wesley ( with TVD make up on ), but that's about it.

No. 331712


There need to be more of these, this is hilarious.

No. 331715


I hope one of the exes fantasized oh having Ian smashing them while on the sheets with the Cuck king.

No. 331725

File: 1483274122271.jpeg (101.31 KB, 700x1200, image.jpeg)

No. 331729

he should add Sarah's theme song to that playlist

No. 331730

obv with out the concern from her mom though

No. 331731


For the exes

No. 331733

you can stop now.

No. 331734


The song originally has to do with sex-trafficking victims but since Onion sort of treats them (harem) that way, seems legit.

No. 331735

File: 1483276128485.gif (413.43 KB, 500x209, Leonardo-DiCaprio-Shrug-Reacti…)

I mean like, is it so hard to fathom that more than one person lurks this thread

No. 331739


I just came here and saw what happened and thought I should join in (since My Heart is Broken was kinda reminiscent of the exes in a way). But the Onion playlist is legit (see Twitter link).

No. 331749

As a cop that works in the Public Information Office, I concur.
If things get suspicious again call:
253-841-5431 and ask to speak to the sergeant in charge of the POP unit (like the word "pop").

No. 331751

Are you serious?

Do you really work with the cops?

No. 331753

Greg likes to lie about going through SERE training too. If he pulls that shit again, he's gonna get torn apart. Greg isn't the only former airman on Youtube.
Emptyhero comes to mind.

No. 331754

and for a moment I thought sere training meant gerg was going to be a hooker in japan

No. 331756

Wait onion was just security forces? For all 2 years he was in the military? Which was 10 years ago? LOL.

He's so fucking delusional if he thinks that's anything to brag about. I'd be more afraid of Lainey beating me up and she had a baby 2 months ago.

No. 331760

>I'd be more afraid of Lainey beating me up and she had a baby 2 months ago.
Right? At least she doesn't struggle to lift her own damn body. You could probably just run uphill to get away from Grease.

No. 331761

Some unseen pics of billie and lainey. Well I haven't seen them before?

No. 331765

i think anon meant that similar to an sjw black and white mindset, onion is incapable of understanding that different opinions doesn't necessarily mean the other person is evil

No. 331766

i love that her and lainey dated pretty much the entire year on and off and there's only like 4 pictures of them together in this montage. Most of it is with her and Ayalla and other friends. Really shows what she really cares about the most tbh

No. 331770

File: 1483290675996.jpg (24.69 KB, 480x480, onisionmethod.jpg)

saw this and couldn't help but think about gerg

No. 331777

LOL she put in the picture of her on that guys shoulders that Greg and Lainey freaked tf out about

No. 331778

if I didn't know any better, I would have thought that she was single the entire year.

It's also hilarious how she only put gerg in the video twice, at the end and in one of the pictures he was even disguised lmao.

Trying to stay away from the drama?

No. 331779

This is why he's no different to one of those TV evangelists or faith-healers, people with legitimate illnesses can't be cured by a few words from someone with zero experience in the medical field.

His fans are delusional, they were never suffering from anything serious in the first place, they know appraising him gets them noticed by him and gets a retweet - for those two reasons alone, you bet they're going to say what he wants to hear.

No. 331782


No. 331783

so fucked up to put a girl negatively in the thumbnail. he's just egging people on at this point.

No. 331784

Well its what Cyr said, he likes to provoke negative emotions in people.

Well Greg, farmers here at lolcow like to provoke negative emotions in you.

No. 331785

File: 1483297209332.jpg (175.08 KB, 1280x645, tumblr_oj37dkr7Fj1rgyhcpo1_128…)


No. 331796

Yeah if he had an ugly pedophile brother who was never invited to thanksgiving.

No. 331798


"You look like you're from Spain, ew."

No. 331802

and he probably spent less than five minutes cleaning himself up before spending another thirty minutes crying angrily and masturbating.

No. 331803

File: 1483302402170.png (439.74 KB, 452x712, Screen Shot 7.png)

Did anyone else notice this photo in the video? It was shortly before the purple hair photo and Billie has the dark blue short hair… they might be on better terms than we thought.

No. 331805

He looks like an elbow covered in soot.

No. 331806

How does he always get away with shit like this? Jesus

No. 331809

i kek'ed

No. 331812

Lainey legit has the face of a dude

No. 331813

File: 1483305214328.png (448.09 KB, 583x596, 564.png)

As promised, she got her haircut even shorter.

Is this a new collar for her gross ddlg fetish shit?

No. 331814

Those eyebrows. Well then.

No. 331815

That fucking collar, it screams "insecure hoe with daddy issues" everytime I see it on someone

No. 331817

I'm dying that looks like someone else' hand on her face rather than her own hand, wtf

No. 331818

or not washing your pillow case enough…..

No. 331819

I like how Onion called a girl out for scary eyebrows in one of his ~*~body positivity~*~ videos but Plainey and Bilbo's always look like shit.

And I'll never understand how they can be okay broadcasting their weird sex life to their young fans. Telling the world you have a DDLG fetish when your husband is being accused of storing pictures of underaged girls in their underwear is a fabulous idea. How can he continue getting away with this shit? It seems obvious these two just groom their fans to bring into the harem when they're "legal."

No. 331821

New year // new hair // new collar that was on trend 2 years ago

No. 331825

File: 1483307567559.png (212.5 KB, 1219x445, collar.png)

Lainey really has a penchant for cheap aliexpress-eque collars.

No. 331827


He's spending a dollar on his wife but buys Bilblob a new phone. KEK

No. 331828

Can someone buy this retard some fucking Carmex. Barf.

No. 331829

As much as we all hate him, Onion isn't an idiot. He's an illogical narc but not retarded.

In order to be considered for a combat position, you have to be seriously stupid. You have to have very low ASVAB scores. The military is only going to send the stupid douchebros out to get killed.

No. 331831

Yeah, she's no longer hiding her basic Tumblrina DDlg fetish any more. That cheap ass collar is practically in every "little's starter pack".

I'd be embarrassed to show off a $3 collar like that if my husband was making six figure sums every year, he disrespects her enough to not even get her an expensive personalized one, pathetic.

Your "daddy" is a cheapass greaselord who doesn't respect you in the slightest, Lainey… your "sex-life" is an online joke and you're not fooling any adult with this bullshit; you're just giving everyone second-hand embarrassment.

No. 331832

No. 331833


No. 331837


He got a 50-something on his ASBAV, read that on one of his old sites somewhere.

No. 331839

He's ready for the winter classic anon

No. 331843

Sarah helps Onion burning shit (filming that is).

No. 331845

Christ, these people all just live to take jabs at each other, don't they? I don't understand how they have the energy.

No. 331849

File: 1483314676708.png (318.46 KB, 750x1071, IMG_5263.PNG)

I noticed that Greggel was commenting on billies recent photo and then he posted this. He's in the dog house again kek

No. 331853

Wow gurg, how original.

No. 331855

Why does he feel the need to refer to himself and Lainey as their usernames? It's pretty annoying.

No. 331857

He covered Onion's deliberate use of photographs of mid-late 20s women, women who couldn't be mistaken for teens at all, so that's good. He managed to show the deranged "tits and ass" side of Gerg. I can't make sense of his moustache or the background but whatever.

No. 331862


10/10, brutal but that's the total truth

No. 331864

He has absolutely no originality

No. 331867

I wish the Sprite bottle had exploded and hit him in the eye.

No. 331871


What did he say on Billie's photo?

No. 331872

What the actual fuck. Is he a 16 year old boy? Is this 2009?

This is some dated teenage edgelord tier bullshit.


Also for someone as supposedly concerned with his health as onion I'm surprised he's cool with breathing in all those smoking carcinogens

No. 331873

Nah this is a trend on YouTube right now. They've been promoting a lot of these videos. They get a lot of views. Onion's just trying to cash in on the fad and get some views while distracting from his pedo controversy.

No. 331874

Hey Onion you have dirt on your face.

No. 331875

Thanks for clearing that up, I had no idea.

What a dumb trend. Do people not realize this shit is incredibly unhealthy?

No. 331880

they should just graduate and huff some duster

No. 331883

there are funner ways to get cancer

No. 331885


Jesus Christ please moisturize your face laney you look almost as crusty as Onion

How the fuck do neither of them know anything about skincare?

No. 331886

Jaclyn's video talking about Onion vs Blaire. Kinda ot but kinda not but idk.

No. 331893

holy fuck that montage of him swearing makes him look honestly psycho

No. 331894


And he sounds so mad too!


I can't help but wonder if he says things like that to Lainey when he's mad at her.

No. 331899

someone should splice in clips of him claiming he's a feminist in between his meltdowns.

No. 331900

No. 331902

File: 1483322372110.jpg (426.55 KB, 2048x2048, 56FB24B5-43F4-4198-9E35-7C9801…)

Oops dropped pic

No. 331905

No. 331906

how the hell is Sarah still there? shouldn't she be in school

No. 331907


I remember her saying once that she was homeschooled now and living with them permanently.

No. 331908

Maybe they are home schooling her

No. 331909

Has HeatStreet mentioned at all that a 16 yearold is living with him? I feel like that's important for readers. He's giving opinions on underage bodies, living with a 16 year old, while in a threeway relationship with a 19 year old.

No. 331910

She has made it public that she is doing "online" schooling. Obviously there's no proof of that, but for her sake I hope she will be getting her HS diploma.

No. 331912

virtual school is really easy so it probably barely takes up any of her time, especially if she's not trying to get great grades and just wants to pass

No. 331913

Was this on twitter?

No. 331916

I wish it were possible to report Sarah's parents to CPS.

No. 331920


Briefly, I think.

No. 331921

how sarah acted in this video its pretty blatant that she has a crush on him :/

and their dynamic seems to just take jabs at each other which is probably something he hasnt done before to this extent and could be starting to think about her in a relationship

idk honestly this video makes me feel so gross it really just felt like they were play fighting and flirting the whole time

No. 331922

Jaclyn, Blaire used screenshots from the heatst article, so there were no photos of the girls involved. And even if the photos related to the actual screen shots were of fully clothed kids, the fact remains that 13 year old kids can still post whatever on his website and submit images for his monetized videos.

Onion also dismisses the legality of including photos in his monetized videos with permission, and because these are kids, the permission must come from their parents or legal guardian.

Again I hope an influential YouTuber makes a video for the kids involved in the videos, and not necessarily for Onion to watch because that's nothing new anymore. They could convince the kids to not be afraid to be honest to their parents/legal guardian about the situation and let them report Onion's ass for copyright violation and cyberbullying. A YouTuber that could talk sense to them. Onion will lose his shit when he finds out that he has no control over these kids anymore once they take action against him.

No. 331923

Anyone see this? Cyr on a podcast talking about Onion

No. 331924

Yes, it was already posted. >>331304

No. 331926


Sarah should cut her bangs to get rid of that big ass forehead.

No. 331929

Onision plays Call of Duty like every single 12 year old stereotype, complete with screaming faggot and body shotting

No. 331930

File: 1483328042517.jpg (39.75 KB, 750x535, 15841357_759634027524084_19841…)

billie talking about the things that really matter

No. 331933

File: 1483330531653.png (687.17 KB, 603x667, arrestthisman.png)

Yeah, the vibes I was getting were making me seriously uncomfortable. They were both exchanging glances like they're obviously fond of each other, not to mention all the giggling. I agree that it seems like Sarah has a crush on him, she's trying to be "one of the guys" and indulging him by letting him take jabs at her.

No. 331936


Same. I bet not even that would make Lainey leave him. Can you imagine Greg, his wife, two gfs and two kids living together? Ofc he has to find a new gf, Billie is getting "old", she's going to turn 20 iirc

No. 331937

if this goes any further I might just have to jump ship.

lol but who am I kidding

No. 331938

File: 1483332584882.jpg (4.54 KB, 196x116, download (1).jpg)

I always say that, anon…But here I am. I will probably always be here until the day he disappears for good or become totally irrelevant.

No. 331939

what bothers me is that the "fully clothed girl" was featured in videos where he called her perfect and said he would date her (if he wasn't married yada yada)
in a different video he called her "hot" and as far as we know this girl can be 15 years old, so the fact she's fully clothed doesn't mean he isn't acting creepy af

plus the picture of the 13 year old was asked to be removed from the original video, stating that she is popular so people will recognize her room. but then he goes and puts that same picture in another video, not blurring out her room or the girl

No. 331943

gurg, how is that "daily shower" working for you?

No. 331950



No. 331952

I like that. Maybe it's about time she was given a proper nickname.

No. 331953


Hehe, or Skarah

No. 331954

File: 1483347718510.jpg (155.6 KB, 1492x781, Clipboard01.jpg)

Is he talking about Sarah calling him sexy? Don't know who else it could be.

No. 331955


I think I'm gonna be sick…

No. 331956

File: 1483350173010.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 86.98 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

Just think; if Sarah loses (more) weight and grows her hair out, well…

No. 331957

She legit looks like a middle schooler. What the fuck, Onion?

No. 331959

Either that or he knows that's the conclusion people would obviously go to. Cue his young fans jumping to comment that they think he's "sexy" too. He's absolutely depraved. He's getting off on hundreds of teenagers defending him from pedophilia accusations while simultaneously calling him attractive or "daddy" or whatever the fuck.

I'm honestly concerned about Sarah. She's just a kid. She vagueblogs about an obvious crush on Greg on her Tumblr. Greg reads this board, and sees that she's doing said vagueblogging. He sees us speculating that he's making moves on Sarah. Maybe he's putting on an act to make US seem like the disturbed ones for thinking he's hitting on a minor. But that doesn't change the fact that Sarah is still a child and would be confused about a man interacting with her in this manner.

No. 331960

He even has an underbite holy shit he is literally like what you'd imagine a caveman to look like. He checks off every stereotype.

No. 331961

I found it weird that he used the term "taboo", making it so seemingly obvious who he'd be talking about, so maybe he really is putting on an act… idk.

No. 331962

File: 1483351722497.gif (1.1 MB, 211x146, whereshestopsnobodyknows.gif)

Come one, Come all, folks, place your bets!

Which month and day will Gerg leave Plain and who will it be for?

No. 331963

There's so many people calling
Sarah cute and adorable (and even stuff like "kissable") in the comment section of that video, while others say they identify with her…

I bet those comments will make her more desirable to Onion. Ew. This is so fucked up on so many levels…

No. 331964

Not too sure about the day but In going to say November! And he will kick her out to have more privacy with Bilbo (her days are numbered too though!)

No. 331965

it's almost like they project themselves onto her and wish it was them…..don't go on a power trip and go crazy, Sarah. Don't be Shiloh 2.0.

No. 331966


Billie's already Shiloh 2.0 remember?

No. 331967

eww he has fat little babyhands

No. 331969

he probably has an extremely small cock

it would explain why he is attracted to literal minors. he needs his dick to be one of the first they see irl so they don't laugh at it

No. 331970

File: 1483355658868.jpg (95.32 KB, 749x610, backfired.jpg)

No. 331971

if this isn't shooped, send this to to every commentary youtuber

No. 331972

> hurr durr i help countless young girls with their body image issues

No. 331973

what is their URL? I won't bother them I just want to confirm this is actually a real post.

No. 331975

goddammit I keep samefagging but if this post is by you or a friend and you don't want to give out your blog, maybe take this to an Anti O blog.

ya know, assuming you're not just a troll.

No. 331979

No. 331982

wow, the other posts are fucking sad too…

just think about all the other girls that came to this same conclusion after he tore them down

thanks anon

No. 331983

No. 331984

No. 331985

I'm thinking that he won't leave her because he uses her as bait to fly more young girls to his filthy house.

No. 331988

File: 1483360560279.jpg (16.99 KB, 480x360, adrienne.jpg)

he certainly does have reoccurring types. Lain is like adrianne 2.0 but w/o hair or self respect.
that is one disgustingly stubby pinkie.

No. 331989


Oh come on man, don't insult Adrienne like that!

No. 331990


See, with AJ, I'm pretty sure he only dated her to either test the waters by being with someone his own age and to see if his manipulation tactics worked on fans that were his age (AJ was just another fan, like Shiloh, Lainey and Billie)

or to throw suspicion off because he had just been in a relationship with an 18 year old.

Or am I reaching?

No. 331991

I think you're probably reaching, but it's worth considering at least.

AJ was a rebound from Shiloh and he was desperate to emulate the same experiences with her, this is someone who hasn't spent even a month being single since high school, he's emotionally and mentally stunted in a lot of ways.

It sounded like he was willing to make it work with AJ as long as she accepted his conditions, unlike his younger girlfriends - AJ dumped him when his demands became unrealistic and out of hand, rather than acquiesce to them like Shiloh or Lainey would.

The ‎ephebophilia/hebephilia may of been somewhat benign back then and the fetish became stronger as his mental health deteriorated more with age, I really don't know… it's definitely got more noticeable and worse over the years after Shiloh to the point he doesn't even care what everyone else thinks about that anymore.

But I think he would've stayed with AJ if she had allowed him to have complete control over the relationship and used her as his doormat… I think he just prefers weak-willed females, someone he can disrespect and treat like dirt and they'd still come crawling back to him – and teenage fangirls fit that niche for him perfectly.

(saged for theorizing)

No. 331992

>in 2017 I'm going to stand up for myself

No. 331995

File: 1483364927483.png (260.63 KB, 540x643, help me.png)

ftfy Sarah

No. 331997

You're giving him too much credit. He's not that cunning, he's an emotionally unstable retard who seeks validation constantly. Maybe dating his exes doppelgangers is like a power fantasy or a way to 'correct' perceived slights from past relationships, for example aj hurt his ego so he made lainey his doormat.

Anyway sorry for the armchair psychology I was just reading about fragile narcissism and spit balling.

No. 331999

File: 1483365996392.gif (965.09 KB, 320x180, Onision_vs_Blaire_White.gif)


No. 332000


when y'all pretend that sarah is actually a lesbian its as bad as when people pretend that lainey is agender.

No. 332001

lmao he looks like an unkempt little boy with his messy unwashed hair and dirt all over his face.

No. 332003

Seriously, she's 16. Has she even had a real relationship at this point? Who knows if she's a lesbian or not?

No. 332005

File: 1483369007647.png (13.05 KB, 586x86, sarahh.png)

This was awhile ago, but she knew lainey by this point, and theres no indication shes had a relationship since then, so im going to assume not even a kiddie relationship, let alone real one. Makes sense not to have had one since she was only 14 when she met lameo and only 16 now.

No. 332007

File: 1483370612179.jpg (87.89 KB, 1010x286, transjacylinrespondstojaclyn.j…)

Blaire responded to Jaclyn's video in the comments. tbh for a while I thought they were the same person.

Anyway, Jaclyn made a solid case against Onion. Only whish she knew that what he does is in fact illegal in the sense that Onion-man needs the permission of the parents to publicize and monetize pictures of minors.

+ I still can't get over Onion butchering actually and literally and I'm not even a native speaker.

No. 332008

This is old but I'm re-posting because it's so fucking disgusting.

No. 332009

Considering Onion only seems to care about anecdotal evidence from his fans to lend him credibility as the grand arbiter of body positivity, this one will hit him hard. I'd like to see how he responds to this.
Your move, Omission.

No. 332010

Seems legit, they've been posting since September. Tons of thinspo (usually about 20+ post a day.

No. 332012

He probably will say something like "if you didn't want the brutal honest truth then you shouldn't have submitted the picture, also you're an idiot for cutting yourself."
Something along those lines.

No. 332013


Has a point there though.

No. 332021

You share onions logic. Great job anon.

No. 332027

Yeah, he will just be like i never told them to starve themselves or hurt themselves. if u watch mah videos im always tellin ppl to not do that -posts hotline numbers at end of video to seem like he gives a shit-

I'm sure so many people with eating disorders stumble across his videos and find them "helpful" as a form of thinspo/reverse thinspo. Like 'Oh I wanted to eat today, but then i saw this guy ridiculing fat people…guess i wont because im fat.'

No. 332030

I don't understand how he can say he's doing it for health reasons and he's the only one who will be honest with them.. has he heard of doctors?

No. 332036


Trust me no I don't. Why do pro ana girls post pictures of their underweight bodies online and basically ask for compliments?

No. 332037


I don't know because their insecure and want validation? Are you retarded?

No. 332040


people with eating disorders have this mentality that if you are not with them then you are against them.

if someone sent me a picture myself while they are just skin and bones and then tell me the to tell them that they look fine or their cut themselves I will still be honest.

No. 332041


So you saying that it's ok to tell an underweight girl that she's fine just in case she will cut herself?

Come on then? Since you know everything, tell us what you would do if a anorexic girl asked you if she looks fine? ignore her?

No. 332042

No matter how stupid a teen acts, the adult is responsible. And now stop derailing.

No. 332043

If you are going to cut yourself just because someone wouldn't give you a compliment then you get no sympathy from me.

No. 332044


stop talking about it then

No. 332048

oh fuck off edgelord

Teenaged girls with eating disorders are mentally ill, they are obsessed over the idea of not being fat and believe that being fat makes them a failure or a bad person. It's a sickness. I hope you can find some sort of empathy for this girl who Onion insulted in a video with over 100,000 views. Can you imagine how embarassing it would feel to be called your worst fear by someone you respected, and have it on YouTube where anyone could see that?

Have a little fucking sympathy, man. Whoever this girl is, she needs professional help and support from her family, not a 40 year old psychopath "rating" her body.

No. 332050


its pretty clear. but people insist that theres nothing weird and that she's totally lesbo for lainey, when lainey unfollowed her a long ass time ago and stopped hanging out with her as onion becomes firendlier towards her

No. 332051

Sure is getting a little tumblr here…

No. 332052

just shut up

No. 332053


stop going and on and on

No. 332054

Sage this dumb shit

No. 332055


he looks so fucking bad with that beard, but he won't take it off because he knows we hate it >>331656
. truly a child

No. 332056


We would if it was real

No. 332057

So I should tell anorexic girls they're healthy?

No. 332058

hey guys, you're contributing nothing to the thread. time to move on and get back on topic.

No. 332059

new vid with sarah, lain and gerg

No. 332060


if you want them to stop then stop giving them stuff to reply to

No. 332061

>I forgive you for voting Hillary

Wow so cool. So edgy. So believeable that you're a "woman".

No. 332062

when he turns his head hes looking at Sarah not lainy

No. 332063


Lainey actually seems happy here.

No. 332064

is laineys channel becoming they "see we do fun things" channel?

billie not there so she best gerg sextoy in house

No. 332065


Lainey looks like a cancer patient. . .

No. 332066

No. 332067

No. 332068

she already had one. shes been tweeting about how shes getting subscribers from being in onions videos and debating whether she wants to start her own channel. Im sure she will.

No. 332069


Will Onion breath claim that income because "he made her famous" ?

No. 332074


Lainey's calling Sarah her best friend in that video, so they still are close and on good terms I guess.

Also, Sarah's and Greg's humor seem pretty similar in that video (vulgar, often childish, the kind of joes you'd maybe expect in a teenage movie) while some of Lainey's answers seem slightly more intelligent / original.

No. 332075

Jesus fuck why don't billie and ayalla just date instead of chasing after gerg and plainey. Clearly they're super close and probably wouldn't be as fucked up if they just would've avoided them and went for eachother. They're both bi right? Like i know you can't make yourself fall in love with someone but they seem like more than friends in a lot of clips

No. 332076

File: 1483384046943.png (119.14 KB, 492x1080, pls get better.png)

To everyone wondering, I found the girl who posted this stuff. She found out the anti-o blog reposted her and she's really upset about it, so I don't want to post her URL here, but she's legit. Attached are some more of her posts. She has a lot of older posts about bulimia and self-harm.

No. 332077

File: 1483384067339.jpg (29.19 KB, 549x412, Doronma.jpg)

Lesbians and bisexuals aren't a real thing.(b8)

No. 332078

sage for super OT but my relationship with my best friend is similar and ive had a lot of people ask the same question you have. being attracted to women doesnt mean you'll be attracted to ALL women, and you cant just make yourself sexually attracted to someone you're not. they probably see each other more as sisters than anything tbh

No. 332079

I don't know if we should be taking "Sarah's Tumblr" seriously in regards to posts alluding to crushes.

One of the anti-o blogs posted screenshots (sometime around the time she moved in with them) from her Twitter where she said she absolutely doesn't have a Tumblr or runs one.


No. 332081

File: 1483384724517.png (136.01 KB, 450x750, huh.png)

No. 332082

hmmm. maybe she just didn't want to give it out to someone random, since she posts a little more personal posts there? her supposed tumblr goes back to january 2016

No. 332083


Ayalla is gay. They dated before richie

No. 332085


nobody cares

No. 332086



No. 332087

I've no idea, I just thought I'd give everyone a heads up because we've been fucked around with twice before when it comes to trolls and there are a few weird roleplaying accounts floating about as well.

Like if something weird comes up in the future on that Tumblr, maybe it would be a good idea to see if that post correlates with anything she's said on her Twitter first.

No. 332089

File: 1483385969445.png (809.71 KB, 492x662, 1452299000857.png)

Quit pretending to be attracted to other women, you're embarrassing yourself. You fell for a meme. Everyone's in on the joke and we're all having a giggle behind your back. Honestly, It's time for it to be put to rest, your parents are worried and it isn't that funny anymore, we're all concerned about you.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 332090


Both of you! Stop derailing!

No. 332093

No. 332094


You know that Blaire White is an anti-feminism, anti-SJW, youtuber right?

No. 332095

> honest

You sound like fucking Onion. How about if someone with an eating disorder sends you a picture of their body for judgment with a threat to self harm, you just don't play that game and send them back phone numbers for recovery services and mental health crisis hotlines. If you actually know them, send emergency services over because of risk of harm to themselves. This "honesty" at all costs thing is arrogant bullshit.

Sage because go play with your children and get off the internet, Omission

No. 332096


Onion's business model is just playing out drama for views, so I guess he's already planning out the script for the next drama once this current one fades out.

Of course, his drama plans involve sacrificing the dignity and reputation of a teenage girl.

No. 332098

His only advice is become a vegetarian and if that doesn't work become vegan.

No. 332100

File: 1483388641796.jpg (453.13 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_0065.JPG)

Pretty sure she's lying for whatever reason. Here's an example that her pics on Tumblr and Twitter are posted at the exact same time. That would be a dedicated troll.

No. 332101

>>Like if something weird comes up in the future on that Tumblr, maybe it would be a good idea to see if that post correlates with anything she's said on her Twitter first.

That was exactly what I was looking for, thanks anon.

Heh, funny how she said she doesn't have a Tumblr just two days before posting that photo to her Tumblr.

It's like, everyone who Lainey and Grease associate with are just like them in personality… fame-hungry pathological liars who have no shame in being used as puppets for views.

No. 332103

I just noticed Greg's pro-homo tweets started after Cyr called him out for being a homophobe. He must be obsessively following Cyr's content.

>> Leafy is cute

Retweets someone saying gay guys think he's hot

No. 332104

Yep. I'm glad he drew a bit of attention to Grease and pissed him off but at the end of the day he's still an asshole whose just gagging for some MRA dick. Hate giving him any further attention when it's not relevant to anything new in the Grease drama.

No. 332105

She has a lot of potential regarding her looks. Probably the best looking girl Greg got his greasy fingers on considering she's still in her awkward teenage phase. I’m aware it’s lighting, filters and angles but lightning, filters and angles don’t do shit for Lamo. Hope she gets out of the mansion.

No. 332106

File: 1483389785819.png (66.82 KB, 589x555, hospitalsletsgetridofthosekill…)

LOL According to onion, hospitals are the third leading cause of death.

No. 332107

Or, hear me out - hospitals are full of sick and injured people, who tend to die more often than the general population.

Christ, he's so fucking stupid. One of those people who thinks they understand stats, while making themselves look retarded.

No. 332109

As someone in his age group he's so far behind mentally its cringe. He can only get naive, desperate teens there's no way in hell someone would give this psycho a chance in hell. Jfc. Even as a teen though this Sarah chick is pretty dense… Sage for blogpost from rage over this moron. Why do ppl think they're so interesting when they're actually the least interesting person on the planet?

No. 332110

File: 1483390255322.gif (1.85 MB, 500x388, goddammit.gif)

god I hate this idiot.

repealing Obamacare doesn't mean the end of universal healthcare

No. 332111

I don’t want to start an obama-care argument but fuck… even when Onion talks about social issues he will find a way to make it about himself.

>>you voted for people in MY life not having healthcare.

This issue affects many different people. It’s not black vs. white. As if all poor people voted for Clinton…

Also, great poll. Very scientific.

No. 332112

I wonder how employers are going to feel when they google her name and see pictures of her in BDSM collars with captions like "Daddy's angel". She will never find a job.

No. 332114

As if she's ever going to apply for jobs

No. 332116

According to onion the taxpayers should just keep bleeding the $$$ to make sure she lives a comfortable life without lifting a finger

No. 332117

does he think hospital buildings fly out from tornadoes and land on top of people like in The Wizard of Oz?

Sure there are malpractice incidents, and those should be taken seriously, but the actual hospital doesn't kill the person.

Also for shits and giggles I googled the leading causes of death in 2016 and according to the CDC… hospitals are not the third leading cause of death, its chronic lower respiratory diseases.

Soo…. real fucking honest

No. 332118

The idea was to ruin her life. Even if she leaves him she's left with two kids, no money and no possible way of getting a job. She's completely dependent on him and that's exactly the way he wants it. Look at poor Shiloh's career, he wants those who leave him to suffer and the best way to do that is to make a fool of them online.

No. 332123

Greg needs to be violently sodomized, preferably by bubba behind bars

No. 332132

File: 1483392654039.png (52.07 KB, 1059x253, foronion.PNG)

here Onion, this is for you

No. 332135


I hope this hatred for hospitals means when he's dying he'll just decide to rot in a corner somewhere .. Maybe even film it for entertainment purposes.

No. 332138

Nah, he'll wait till the very last possible moment, and when he gets there and the doctors tell him there isn't anything they can do for him, he'll blame the hospitals.

No. 332139


That's pretty decent I think. I remember when I was going to go to the Navy they told me to aim for a 32 or higher.

No. 332146

We'll it depends on what MOS you are aiming for. I got an 88 and still had very little options, but that was the marine corp things are much more competitive. I think 32 is actually just the minimum you have to get to be infantry or open contract.
Sage for off topic

No. 332150


Yeah, you could be right. Idk about Marines but the air Force and Navy are pretty lax so I guess their scores could be lower (or I could be way off base lol)

No. 332155

50 is ok. Today, for example, if he wanted to go into a decent job like programming or cyber security, he would need a minimum of 64 or around there. 10 years ago a 50 might've been considered higher though.

A 32 would get you shipped off to the front lines to die like a man but AFB doesn't really have ground troops. Something that low would get you maintenance or something.

No. 332160

He doesn't understand why people have issue with Obamacare. Universal healthcare is good, but forcing people to have health insurance through penalizing people for not is stupid. That's why people didn't like it. How hard was that for this autist to grasp?

No. 332164

This is Gurg, KEK. Wait til you see him upload another video and praise the ana-chans.

No. 332166

so that's who he's copying now.

No. 332167

iirc, you have to score higher than army and navy for marines

No. 332170

File: 1483398929006.png (4.48 MB, 1598x2546, lookingextraderanged.png)


Yup. He kept looking at her specifically to see if he was laughing at his stupid jokes.

Is the bottom one too obvious for the next OP pic?

No. 332171


Oh son of a bitch.

No. 332176

Apparently Blaire White was on shane dawson's podcast (Filmed 2 months ago)

I bet that'll piss off Onion boy

No. 332178

No. 332181

>Come on then? Since you know everything, tell us what you would do if a anorexic girl asked you if she looks fine? ignore her?

might be a hard concept for you to understand, but yes. exactly that. if an underaged underweight girl sent me pictures and asked me what i thought, i would ignore her.


No. 332185

Hi, Greg!

No. 332186


Greg wouldn't ignore them. He'd post them in a video and ridicule the sender.

Sage for OT and general idiocy.

No. 332187

File: 1483401302056.gif (1.55 MB, 400x286, fugggg.gif)

we knew it was going to happen, but why must it happen?

No. 332190

no, greg would sperg out, make a youtube video calling her hot, tell her to go vegan and then cry about sjws.

No. 332193

File: 1483402852156.jpg (Spoiler Image, 26.51 KB, 500x500, holy fucking shit.jpg)

god dammit he did the editing for me lmao

No. 332194

all of his videos on his main channel feature him dancing in his underwear in the cold and his ~~super kool~~ blow torch. but this one features an update on the state of the sad fish tank and dat totally legit vegetarian bulge at 2:50. lmao

No. 332196

He is more and more blatantly insane appearing with each video…

No. 332198

He sure is a crap shot for being an expert marksman. Also Gergles of you're going to stuff your pants make it less pathetically obvious.

No. 332200

obvious attempt to copy cyr is obvious

No. 332201

yep, "strategic" placement of baby car seat at 1:35

No. 332202

He's much too old to be doing that, for gods sake he has children, it's really disheartening to know that his kids have to grow up with a father who acts like a mentally unstable retard.

No. 332203

I thought it was an attempt to copy pewds. But whatever it is it doesn't work. You need to be cute to pull off the insane but attractive guy trope. Otherwise you only come across as mentally unstable. He might have some kind of reverse body dysmorphia thinking he's more attractive than he is.

No. 332209

So I just saw Shane Dawson had Blaire White on his podcast "Shane and friends". Makes me believe this is why Gurg was so triggered about Blaire's video, more than anyone else's. Cause we all know he's pissed off about Shane's success and hates everyone Shane is close with for no real reason.

sage for tinfoiling

No. 332210

He comes across as more mentally disturbed than usual in this.

No. 332211

he either is literally going insane or he's playing it up so he looks more like a crazy psycho instead of a crazy sexual predator.

No. 332212

SO RANDOM!!1! ^-^ rawr

No. 332213

gurg wishes he had an OUNCE of pewdiepie's charm. also when pewds makes these kinds of videos its always obviously satire, when greg does it, it just… comes off entirely wrong

No. 332214


Greg, it's not 2010 anymore; you're no longer funny… It's time to stop! You're getting too old, and mentally disabled than you already were!!!

#I've been waiting for a Fun with Onion video for awhile now, was great disappointed. Rawr!#

No. 332215

No. 332216

Does he seriously think that cleaning the tank killed his fish?

No. 332218

He doesn't understand that he neglects his animals and that their deaths are his fault.

No. 332219

They were probably shitty fish you get at Petco anyway, and the fact they sat in dirt and grime so long probably made them even less healthy, so the stress of finally getting their tank cleaned probably did kill them. Either way, Greg is terrible at keeping pets.

Rip fish.

No. 332221

File: 1483408327098.gif (911.01 KB, 500x280, no.gif)

…what if he does the same thing to his kids?

No. 332223

File: 1483408460093.png (618.24 KB, 1136x640, image.png)

Oh man, that dad-bod yo!

No. 332224

Classic gurg logic. that if your pets die, it's because they're stupid and clearly don't know how to survive, and remember to go vegetarian or you're scum and don't love animals.

No. 332225

File: 1483408498249.png (876.23 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Suk mi daddy!

No. 332226

Likely. He farms out their care entirely; that's what the nannies / Sarah are for, because he doesn't understand caring for anyone's needs but his own, regardless of whether they're a helpless, dependent pet or a helpless, dependent child.

No. 332227

two words: Waco siege

No. 332228

Jesus Christ this needs a spoiler, I am triggered af. Gross. Ew. Gag.

No. 332229

File: 1483408605589.png (886.95 KB, 1136x640, image.png)



No. 332230

What a pudgey mother fucker. Nice sock tho.

No. 332231

wtf did he stuff his underwear?

No. 332233

File: 1483409455411.png (231.42 KB, 643x537, 1480269713368.png)

Come on, do you really think his junk is that big, anon?

No. 332234

Desperate, try hard, unstable, not creative, boring, gross, redface … So much fun when you're all alone, huh, Grease…

You're like Peter Coffin. Not funny.

No. 332235


inb4 he is showing his junk and body on purpose hoping those will turn his underage fans on
inb4 he is already planning to expand his harem

No. 332236

no i mean he literally must have stuffed his underwear. dicks dont look like that in underwear even when theyre big…

No. 332237

Fish typically don't do extremes well so technically I guess cleaning the tank sent them into shock which killed them, but the solution is obviously not to just neglect them entirely. Cleaning the tank regularly is what anyone with a functioning adult brain would do.

No. 332238

File: 1483410513091.png (39.59 KB, 472x234, gotchabutmightbetroll.PNG)

Lainey posted this