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No. 301835



Old thread : >>297301

No. 301837

File: 1475080007497.jpg (134.19 KB, 810x1030, IMG_20160928_182556.jpg)

Postan delicious screenahots

No. 301838

Yikes. I didn't know that even happened lmao.

No. 301839

File: 1475080092084.jpg (217.24 KB, 810x1179, IMG_20160928_182739.jpg)

I apologize in advance for my shitty phone screenshots

No. 301840

File: 1475080155225.jpg (212.23 KB, 810x1172, IMG_20160928_182855.jpg)

No. 301841

I just saw this tweet holy shit onion

No. 301842

File: 1475080211957.jpg (191.98 KB, 810x1179, IMG_20160928_182954.jpg)


No. 301843

File: 1475080283626.jpg (228.25 KB, 810x1295, IMG_20160928_183108.jpg)

No. 301844

File: 1475080618837.jpg (29.33 KB, 596x270, Screenshot_12.jpg)

toasting in epic bread. is this actually happening? can they finally split up?

Bonus: Onion's convenient timing to post about his marriage

No. 301845

No. 301846

No way. At this point if she hasn't left after everything, she's not going to. Onion boy is gonna find a way to rationalize divorcing her to his fans so he can go fuck Billie drama free, or whatever teenage girl he manages to reel in next.

No. 301847


Looks like shit is going down. Finally some milk. Do you think she'll leave? What do you think will happen next? Fuck.

No. 301848


I think maybe they will for real this time. Fuck I sure hope so at least.

No. 301849



No. 301850

but omg i am lowkey excited

No. 301851

Now that I think about it, I could see him taking her phone/laptop away. He probably paid for them, so he would be the type to argue that it's basically his property and he's just acting in the interest of their relationship.

No. 301852

I wonder if Greg saying he doesn't want to be married to Lainey anymore is somewhat "proof" that he's just been grooming Billie to be his next child bride?

No. 301853

I think that would be the one thing that would make her leave.

No. 301854

File: 1475081461727.jpg (61.15 KB, 631x449, grabyourcupsandletthemilkflow.…)

I think this tweet is missing from the tweets that were posted. She's becoming aware that he has isolated her.

No. 301855

Onion is back to tweeting about supporting Hillary Clinton

No. 301856


Yep. As always, we're right. Saw it coming from a mile away. Anyone could tell he was over her and now wants a younger one

No. 301857

WTF happened? Christ I was gone for a day!

No. 301858

It started happening like an hour ago.

According to Plain, he said he doesn't want to be married to her last night. He also tweeted this last night: >>301844

No. 301859

File: 1475082206324.jpg (33.96 KB, 963x331, billygate number 868765.JPG)

gee i wonder what happened

No. 301861

Thanks anon, just caught up on the last thread. Wow, I don't want to hold my breath but this could finally be it guys. Unless they are doing it all over again for attention. Which, judging by how low they have stooped in the past, I wouldn't put it past them but damn it would be nice if this was the turning point.

No. 301862

I honestly don't think Lainey is such a bad person, I think Greg is awful to her and she just tries to do all she can to appease him.

No. 301863

She wasn't such a bad person until she shipped over a literal 16 year old into the pedo house. I have no more sympathy for her.

No. 301864


She spends so much time on tumblr and posts so much SJW shit that there's no way she doesn't know what a shitbag he is and how shitty she has been acting as well

No. 301865

File: 1475084559610.gif (879.07 KB, 245x230, 1475046345585.gif)

No. 301866

idk, that whole situation is weird. but i do think Lainey is totally mentally and emotionally stunted, so being friends with someone so much younger would make sense. and judging by the video lainey posted of sarah wiggling around on the floor like a worm, i don't really think she was greg's type to begin witj

No. 301868

agreed, Taylor's just a naive fangirl when it comes down to it, it's not hard to believe she turned a blind eye to anti-O blogs because it's her boyfriend/husband after all, and now that she wants out she's in way too deep. Sarah seems to be the only guest who was there just for her, not to appease Onion too.

No. 301869

I feel like I'm going to blow up. Milk.
I wonder if Billie Dongdingle will jump in to make it worse.

No. 301870

Guys…she's like 9 months pregnant! Holy shit, maybe she finally saw the light.

No. 301871

Lashing out on twitter is just Lainey's way of getting back at Greg for ignoring her. I doubt that this is going to change anything.

No. 301872

Agreed, she's not gonna do shit. Unless Greg is desperate enough to get rid of her to the point where he's willing to divorce her, he's just gonna attempt to smooth things over by kissing her ass so she stops spilling dirt on twitter. She has zero self-esteem and zero skills; Greg is her ticket to a life where she gets to sit on her ass and blog on social media all day. She's not going to give up that comfort because she has no ambitions or identity beyond her relationship and twitter account.

No. 301874

>you promised to not be dramatic on Twitter anymore

I can hear the rage emanating from this sentence. I bet he wishes he could throttle that bitch and break her fingers.

No. 301875

File: 1475089839183.jpg (24.44 KB, 596x232, Screenshot_13.jpg)

She's back at it. God, just go stay with one of your adoring teenage fans and sue him for child support.

No. 301876

True, but I've never seen her go this all out, besides Cuddlegate 1.0. And I feel this is way more serious, I don't think back then she even admitted that he wanted to go. Greg admitted that himself, trying to do damage control. But this time Lainey said he word for word told her he didn't want to be married to her anymore.

Like, dang.

No. 301878

>immortalizing dramatic moments online just makes them more upsetting
he says while continuing this argument publicly on twitter even though they live in the same fucking house

>I've already tried talking to you in person & you refused
Of course! If they're not dragging this out online for everyone to see, how will his teenage fangirls know that his bitch wife is being overemotional at poor reasonable Gerg, and that they may soon have a chance at being Mrs Onion 3.0?

Nah man he thrives on this shit, especially if there's no explicit proof of him being in the wrong and he can blame the drama on Lainey being overdramatic and high maintenance.

No. 301879

That won't happen unless she gets the prenup annulled, which she could if she got a decent attorney. She has a non-disclosure in the prenup so Greg can talk shit about her but she can't say shit about him.

No. 301880

Well, most prenups have a thing about cheating, and if Lainey can prove that he cheated on her with Billie, then who knows. Of course this all speculation unless we see the prenup in its entirety.

But I feel thats why Greg really pushed a poly relationship with Billie, that way he could argue its not really cheating.

No. 301882

not sure about that, polyamory isn't legally recognized and she could probably prove that he was the one pushing for it. Either way, if she got a divorce lawyer, I'm sure his prenub would crumble immediately.

No. 301883

I think thats the one thing that could help her, and what Greg fucked up on. He relied on her being a doormat and really giving into him wanting the two of them to be with Billy. But she straight up blew the lid off of that when she admitted that Greg pushed her into it. If she stays by that, then his plan goes out the window.

No. 301885

If she does then Gerg could just say that Lainey "cheated" on him with Billay first.

>she could probably prove that he was the one pushing for it
You think so? IIRC she didn't mention anything about him pushing her into it until after Cuddlegate and in that case she could easily be painted as the scorned adulteress who got a taste of her own medicine. Gerg planned this shit out. I could be wrong, though.

Honestly I hope that if they do get divorced, Lainey takes at least half his money and both children and gets her shit together. At this point I don't really care about Lainey anymore but those kids need to be out of that environment, and her taking Onion's money would just be funny.

No. 301886

with how much of their communication seems to happen in text, I'm sure there's all kinds of messages for evidence. Taylor also claimed Greg paid for Billie's Christmas gift, and there's the screenshots of him asking Billie to be his girlfriend while he was still married to Taylor.

No. 301887

If Lainey says that he kind of emotionally blackmailed her into it and that she did not really want to but felt forced to to please him they'll believe her without too much issue.

Won't be the first or the last time that happens.
If Lainey could be smart about this she could ruin his plan entirely

No. 301888

And everyone with half a brain and not a teenage girl boner for Greg can see he's the type to use emotional blackmail, grooming etc.
I honestly think Lainey has a stronger case in this then he would have.
Especially if they take a look at his previous marriages.

No. 301889

I really hope so.

No. 301891

Call me a sadist or whatever but I really want something like this to happen. Then again, it probably has.

No. 301892

I wonder if the prenup is even a legally valid document or if it's something he drafted up himself (like that Cease & Desist in which he pretended to be a lawyer). I could see him relying on Taylor being intimidated and uneducated enough to think any signed "contract" between them is legally binding.

No. 301894

He went to a lawyer to make sure everything was legal in his marriage so I think it might be a legit prenup. Though I can see him selling his kids to her again. Dumbass thinks he's so smart when he paid to put his wife through college and only graduated high school.

No. 301896

No. 301898

I think the only grey area for me is the fact that she said she was going to kill herself, or if she were murdered it would look like Onion caused it. She doesn't deny it in the video so who knows. No doubt Onion is emotionally abusive but I wouldn't blame anybody if they wanted to record or videotape what was happening just so they wouldn't be liable for someone else's impulsivity. If it's true, I really don't like people who try to manipulate situations with the threat of violence. Onion can be an asshole all he wants, but if she were suicidal then she needed to be checked into a facility.

The only thing that counters how shitty her words were is the fact that Onion uploaded the video. Which is the scummiest thing.

No. 301899

It was a creepy thing to say but i imagine that he was driving her crazy and up the wall.
Like the kind of person who drives you so insane you don't know what to do anymore to get them to stop.

And Greg seems to be the type of person that knows the right moment to feign innocence and pull out a camera

No. 301901

it doesn't really matter if he went to a lawyer first or not, if she gets a good lawyer to prove she was coerced into signing it or can get it invalidated he's fucked. there's plenty of proof he's a manipulative shithead, if she had good enough evidence it's a definite possibility.

No. 301902

Maybe he was trying to go for a more quiet break up, like he did with Skye? From what I know, break up with Skye happened more suddenly and there was not that much drama prior to it, at least from her side.

No. 301904

I don't think the question is whether or not the prenub is airtight, unfortunately, but if Lainey has the guts to go through a lengthy legal fight while he will undoubtedly harass her with countless videos about how his gold digger of an ex-wife locked him down with two kids and whored around with other girls (which she also invited on his dime) before making him foot the bill for her future life without him. You know he'll twist it in a way that can't be used against him legally, but he'll at the very least make sure his fanbase won't leave her alone.

No. 301905

Good luck with that, Plain's dad is a lawyer and she's going to sue us all for slander! That said, he can probably find her a great lawyer in Washington. It has been speculated if Skye got a restraining order or something like that because Grease didn't say anything about her until a year or two after the divorce.

No. 301906

Yes but it's likely he'll end up with Billie.
And that won't look good on him and will make more people side with Lainey

No. 301907


I don't think Billie will get serious with him if he leaves Lainey for her. At that point, the money and attention wouldn't be worth the grease.

No. 301908

Plot twist: they're at the hospital right now due to stress induced labour.

(But yeah, Onision still follows Billie, Lainey doesn't… plus she said you shouldn't give anyone a second chance, I'd say it's most likely her again)

No. 301909

So it sounds like Billie Bob finally has let Onion boy hit it. He wanted to leave during cuddlegate, remember? But Billie turned him down that time so he backpedaled hardcore and pretended he never said that. Remember, Onion has been following Billie this entire time while Lamey has followed her and unfollowed her like 5 times. Now that Billie Bob finally opened up her legs for Grease, he told Lainey that he didn't want to be with her. Again.

No. 301910

She didn't turn him down. She actually wanted to be with him and he said that she would have to endure a lot of hate then and she said she's okay with it/ strong. It's in that text at the end of the video "I betrayed my wife". Can't look for the picture right now, sorry.

No. 301912

Yup, Greg was ready to sell the kids to Lainey and settle down with Billay except Lainey pussed out and wanted counseling or whatever. And because Greg doesn't want to be the one to dump Lainey so he doesn't look bad, he had to abandon Operation New Waifu and agree, and then they made a bandaid baby for some reason.

Greg is still pushing to get Lainey to leave him, it seems - telling her he doesn't want to be married to her, possibly fucking Billay again against Lainey's wishes. He doesn't seem to realize that he made Lainey into the perfect doormat who, no matter how much he abuses her, will take it all and never, ever leave him. The most she will ever do is post sad song lyrics on social media and get into Twitter slapfights with him.

The best Greg can do is make her look crazy on Twitter and then divorce her, if he really wants out. She's not going to leave.

No. 301919

File: 1475103393200.jpg (56.1 KB, 614x634, Screenshot_14.jpg)

What a dick. He's just openly trying to provoke her now to make her lose it so she looks crazy and he'll look justified in leaving her.

No. 301920

So now they are completely fine?? Ugh.

No. 301923


No. 301924

Lainey needs to grow a fucking backbone

No. 301925

Lainey seems short with him, and he probably won with the whole "don't put out buisness out there" and is trying to do damage control.

No. 301926

Ew all of his behavior towards her is so pathetic. I can't even really blame her for also being so immature when she's been sucked into the abyss that is life with Gerg.

No. 301928

it's total "it's just a joke bro" territory.

No. 301929

shes posting lyrics now shes such a god damn child

No. 301930

File: 1475107895516.png (21.17 KB, 545x151, 6e4522b29caaa2749ca94982301682…)

No. 301931

got to be about billie

No. 301933

File: 1475108160407.png (308.54 KB, 623x328, tumblr.png)

What a doormat. Isn't she suppose to fight for love?

No. 301935

he's been into "crazy" girls since before Billie. I think it just bothered him Shiloh got away so his next girl had to be a doormat to make up for his ego.

No. 301936


Caaaaaaaaallllllled it!


She's never going to leave unless he makes her. He's her meal ticket, her identity is completely dependent on being Greg's wife, and she probably still idolizes him on some level.

No. 301939

Jesus fuck. I feel sorry for her…what a dick.

No. 301941

I don't feel sorry for her. She purposely rationalizes whatever Onion does by shifting the blame to someone else.

Sure, Billie DawnDiddly is a whore but… so is Onion and in the end he is the one that's supposed to be committed to Plainey. Billie didn't force him to do anything but that's not the way Plainey sees it, nor will she ever.

She'll continue to do this until Onion finally forces her out.

No. 301944

do you think billie like, okay this might be weird but I think lainey is probably really vanilla in bed and thats boring for greg considering how sexually deviant he is. I bet billie is a massive cumslut who "begs him to impregnate her" like he wrote about in his book, maybe it's just me but looking at her makes me think shes dirty and a massive slut.

No. 301945


in one of the Laineybot videos, they said they have sex multiple times a day.

i think the one place she isn't boring is in bed but greg is bored in general, hence billie being there.

No. 301946


Nah, I think she's a doormat in bed too. Even Mrs. Onion 1.0 seemed more slutty in bed compared to said doormat(see "nature pervs" video). Idk about Shiloh though, other than the fact she claimed he was sexually aggressive in bed.

No. 301947

I think Onion has sex every day. He -HAS- it. He takes it. It doesn't matter if Lainey wants it or not. Remember the time Onion said it's okay to have sex with your sleeping wife because when you're married having sex is part of her duties.

No. 301948


Please can some real milk come from this new development. It's been a long dry season.

No. 301951


So he must've raped both wives then? …wtf

No. 301952

It's no secret Onion probably has a period fetish too…

No. 301953

deets? i don't remember anything like that, but my memory's not the greatest, either.

No. 301955

thats from January

No. 301957


Here ya go! I'll be back with the first one.

No. 301958


This one dates back to 2009. (The previous was in 2013-14, I think.)

No. 301960

Agreed, I think Lainey is probably just as uninspired in bed as she is everywhere else. She probably lets Greg do whatever he wants, but isn't very experimental or anything. Like, I kind of think she'd probably be how she is in most of her youtube videos - she lets Greg take over and is kind of just there and whines occasionally.

No. 301962


"……yeah…..uh-huh……ohhh……..yeah baby, that's it….I think?………..Greg………zzzzz……."

No. 301963

Dear gawd I can't believe I am even saying this but…he kinda has a point about the virgin-v.-period blood thing? What's up with that dichotomy? Sage for digression.

No. 301969

And this is why I don't get excited when shit happens, because nothing ever actually happens.

Hoping Lainey is just laying low while shit keeps going down in private.

No. 301970

File: 1475130815349.jpg (129.42 KB, 810x682, IMG_20160929_083205.jpg)

She is back to posting selfies and getting asspats for it

No. 301971

what I find interesting is that onion asked lainey for a divorce. not in the heat of the moment. will onion be the one to break up with her (since she is clearly incapable of doing it herself)?

No. 301972


Ew it's the same damn face all the time! Not even the little ";D" facial can't save her. I still see white!

No. 301973


Who the fuck knows anymore, anon.

No. 301975

>clearly female and presenting as female
>wearing makeup
>short hair is androgynous apparently

k dumb bitch

No. 301976

Pretty much all special snowflakes do that.

No. 301978

there was someone in the last thread asking about MrRepzion and his latest video on onision. MrRepzion isn't nearly as relevant as he used to be, he's only back on the Onision train because he wants attention again, i doubt he truly cares about any of his antics (especially because he's greasy as well).

No. 301979

eh how are you supposed to look agender?

No. 301980


is androgynous not the same thing as a gender but referring to looks?

it ain't hard. you certainly don't do it by looking exactly the same as you always have and making no effort to appear more neutral.

No. 301981

Rep is copying Greg. I saw a video he made with his mommy about Eugenia Cooney. He's a pussy who lied about wanting to debate Greg.

No. 301982

nah agender just means you dont identify as female or male, it doesn't mean you have to look like a tumblr fakeboi (aka oh-so androgynous)

No. 301983


the real question is how the fuck is she "trans" when she's…not transitioning. and doesn't feel dysphoria. and keeps popping out fucking kids from her female vagina.

No. 301984

Cause she's been on tumblr too long after not kicking a blue haired shetwink out of her house because her husband is fucking her?

No. 301985


ah ok. she's TumblrTrans not trans trans.

won't be long before her armpit hair is blue

No. 301986

lawl shes not going to leave him

No. 301987

Maybe more milk will come in the following days. Either they really are splitting up and going through a divorce or they're just doing it for attention like before. But if anything happens, it'll be Onion forcing Plain out. As others have said, she's too much of a doormat plus he's her "dream celebrity crush that she got to marry" and with a child and possibly another child on the way, it's highly unlikely that she'll want to leave. But considering that she said she has 1 friend that "knows" and she doesn't need to talk to her family about it again, it's looking like he has had enough of her and maybe has served her divorce papers.

No. 301990

and this distinction is how he gets out of being the one to trigger it. he's trying to push her closer to it. proof again it won't work, she's not going. suck it, Onners.

No. 301991

Ya, he doesn't realize what he created. Plain's own sister suggested that she get a job and she laughed it off. She's going to keep making band-aid babies and not leaving him. The most we can do is hope that Troy never brings his girlfriends home because Daddy might steal them away.

No. 301994

GOD THIS IS AMAZING. I am in the same boat. This drama fallout will last me for weeks. WEEKS I SAY.

God, I hope there is an epic divorce on the horizon.

No. 301995


learn to never expect anything but complacency from lainey and we won't be disappointed.

tho im a little hyped too anon

No. 301996

lol I know what you mean. I doubt anything will come of it, but at least it's more interesting than the usual drivel.

No. 301997

Jesus Christ it's time like these that make me despise Greasestain so much. He's such a giant narcissist, it revolts me. He will never listen to anything anyone says or ever admit blame for things he's done. He's only concerned with getting the better hand, everything he does is strategic in his mind.

Watching Lainey (and Shiloh) flail and squirm trying to confront him and being completely dismissed is so frustrating and anger-inducing. Nothing will ever affect him. He's not a human being. It's all futile.

No. 302001

i don't know about bad but she's certainly an idiot and deserves to be in this exact position where his last wife was at. i hope she realizes what a fool she is.

No. 302002


I wonder if she actually understands that she is literally in the exact same position as those who have gone before her (specifically Skye and Shiloh). She should have realized "if he'll do it to them, he'll do it to you."

I continue to feel very bad for her toddler, and for the unborn baby. What a couple of fucktards to have as parents.

No. 302003

File: 1475148045574.png (165.06 KB, 468x470, liarliar.png)

He's such a fucking liar, he's seriously bald-faced lying at this point. He KNEW she was 17, she had her fucking age on display when she met him through his forums.

No. 302004

Oh I know. She has no backbone. She'll stay and be a hanger on reverse cuck until the bitter bitter end until she has to live with her parents again.

I've always thought he was a sociopath in terms of the way he strategically dates younger girls with low self esteem and issues. It's easy for him to bend them to his whim and brush them off.
Did you see his 'joke? in response to her tweets about it 'being okay'. The dude feels nothing. He's in this to get his dick wet on teen girls and couldn't give a fuck about his wife.

Preach. Leopards don't change their spots magically. If a man cheats with you and then dumps someone to be with you, don't act surprised when he cheats again on you.

No. 302005


Nothing is going to happen, it's just Lainey lashing out per usual, he could stab her in the face and she'd still forgive him… she's utterly and helplessly devoted to him, this isn't an average marriage, she's his #1 fan.

Lol, and Onion is such a shit… tells her to calm down and keep their private life off Twitter - refuses to talk to her in person, tells her he's bored of her and doesn't even want to be in the marriage and refuses to apologise.


Lainey ain't going nowhere, y'all being taken on another ride.

They'll even probably go and have another "counselling" session after she's popped out baby bandaid, keeping her knocked-up and useless is the way to get her to shut up whilst he's grinding his greasy dick into Billie.

Hahaha, Peter Coffin's wife has nothing on her… seriously, Lainey looks like a poised real-doll in photos because of that constant samefacing.

Thanks so much for replying to my last post, anon. I'm not really well versed in Repzion history, but it makes sense for him to be jumping onto the bandwagon if noone is paying attention to him otherwise, Greaseball does the same thing with rando YouTubers.

No. 302006

Why the fuck is he tweeting her publicly if he doesn't want this drama online, lmao. He's such a piece of shit.

No. 302009

File: 1475151192528.png (27.29 KB, 440x307, lol.png)

Lol, see? She's shifting the blame onto Billie and then her and Grease had make-up sex… this is their pattern, it's not going to break.

No. 302010

This is so frustrating to watch, I just want to shake her and yell at her. He clearly doesn't give a shit anymore and wants to get rid of her, how can she be so blind?

No. 302012

She's not blind, she's just accepting of it because he's her free dinner-ticket as long as she remains married to him.

No. 302013

Onion is even liking billies selfie and her tweets but not laineys

No. 302015

Lainey doesn't get a say in the matter anymore, she puts up or shuts up or she'll be kicked to the curb. Once she let Billie into the relationship, she shot herself in the foot… stupid bitch.

All we can take away from this is that we should never follow in their footsteps, don't get involved with married couples, don't get married to people in their mid-20s when you're barely out of high-school, don't get involved with anyone with a terrible relationship history record, and don't fuck around with greasemonkeys.

No. 302017

Not only accepting but she doesn't seem to be much of a thinker either. If it can't be dealt with through a teenage-level song lyric, she can't seem to process it. Her ups and downs are easy to chart.

No. 302018

and if you make the mistake to find yourself with a greasemonkey, run as fast as you can.

No. 302019

I don't feel pity for Lainey. Sure, when it started she was being manipulated as a teenager too young and dumb to know better and no one deserves to be emotionally abused. But now she is a mother in her 20's. THIS IS NOT ABOUT HER ANYMORE. If she wanted to hang around being onion's emotional punching bag, fine, that's her prerogative. But now there are children involved and she needs to grow the fuck up for once and realize she has babies depending on her to give them a good life, because Greg sure as fuck isn't going to do it. He was willing to trade his first born son for a new girlfriend, don't think he's going to care much more for Bandaid.

It's not like Lainey has no options in this situation. It's not like her parents wouldn't support her, they've shown on several occasions they do and would welcome her back with open arms should something happen between her and her husband. They're expecting it, it seems, from Laineys tweets. Lainey also has most of a college education if not all of it (I'm unclear of where she stands with that), she could get financial aid to finish if her parents didn't want to help her, then get a job. PLUS she will be getting enormous sums of child support for two children thanks to Greg being "rich". This is also assuming that a lawyer doesn't destroy their prenup; she might get even more.

I have 0 pity for women with children and options who willingly put themselves and their family in terrible situations because "but I love him" or whatever bullshit. It's so selfish. I'm sure part of it is not wanting to work, either, or losing her e-fame.

No. 302021

This reminds me of that time he recorded Shiloh's mental breakdown. He provokes her and makes it seem like she's crazy while he's enjoying it and pulling the strings. What a sociopath.

No. 302023

I wonder if Onision is the one paying for all of Billie's new expensive makeup…

Scratch that, I already know the answer to that.

No. 302030

File: 1475159825649.jpg (23.64 KB, 320x238, ohbubs.jpg)

But you didn't do the right thing did you, even if she did lie to you (there's proof where she didn't on your own fucking forum) does it feel good to get that off your zitty chest, Greasecock? That you still pursued the relationship knowing she was much younger than she said she was.

No. 302031

FFS. It is confirmed. She is garbage.

No. 302032

Aka Transtrender.

No. 302033

That's so fucking pathetic. How soon can someone get knocked up after giving birth? Cause I think she will.

No. 302034

I fail to see how this is about sex

No. 302035

Posted an hour after fighting online with him saying something "felt good" in a creepy, slimey tone.

Okay, not related to sex at all.

No. 302036

File: 1475164545249.jpg (18.05 KB, 583x171, herp.JPG)

I don't know, but every time people start feeling sorry for her and try to help her she becomes a bitch

No. 302037

Pretty sure that's "genderqueer" or whatever but common sense would dictate it's obviously not trans. If you're not fucking transitioning to another gender (since "agender" is…the absence of gender) then why would you say you're trans? Is she fucking retarded or does she just enjoy being shit on at this point?

The agender prince plainplanet shit is obviously fake but I think it's just some kind of attempt at an identity outside of Greg that he can't control. And attention of course.

No. 302038

most of Tumblr accepts agender as trans because it's not cis.

sage for armchair psychology, but I'd wager that being molested by Greg has left her not wanting to associate with femininity or motherhood in a (maybe subconscious) attempt to not make him want to have sex with her anymore.

No. 302039

Man, this has the potential to be Lifetime movie epic.

Come on, fucktards! IMPLODE.

No. 302040

File: 1475167401184.jpg (510.08 KB, 972x1944, personality.jpg)

You can see how much personality she has just by looking at her Instagram profile

No. 302041

File: 1475167504222.jpg (63.92 KB, 700x690, uou.JPG)

wow lainey, congratulations

keep proving haters wrong :^)

No. 302042



You can see her moving in his bed around 3:15.
This video was posted while or after Taylor was having a breakdown on Twitter.

No. 302043

File: 1475167896492.jpg (51.7 KB, 610x665, pl.JPG)

Meanwhile both Plainey and Onion liked this 2 hours ago.

Bravo Taylor, bravo.

No. 302045

File: 1475169504108.png (82.71 KB, 1242x334, IMG_6888.PNG)


you don't need to transition or feel dysphoria to be trans now.

anyone can be transgender! you're trans, they're trans, we're all trans!

No. 302047

File: 1475169810703.jpg (32.94 KB, 577x314, Screenshot_15.jpg)

Funding her getaway one coupon at a time.

No. 302048

Then why the bandaid baby? Just to keep him from leaving her?

She must know that Greg is extremely reluctant to make the first move in breaking up. Perhaps she knows she holds all the cards…Or maybe I'm giving her too much credit, because she genuinely does not seem very intelligent.

No. 302050

These retarded people are the reason I don't associate myself with the LGBT community anymore.

No. 302051

I'm trying to wrap my head around how fucked up your relationship must be if you're arguing on a public twitter account when you live together. It boggles my mind.

No. 302054

Doesn't get bestfriend/nanny live in their rental/second house? Maybe she's staying there?

No. 302055

No, she got engaged and moved to California.

No. 302056

Greg obviously refuses contraception, so he probably keeps fucking her raw because nothing will happen then once she's pregnant he refuses to let her abort because they will get a nanny anyway and it's his spawn etc.

No. 302057

Sometimes I don't know who pisses me off more, Plaino and Grease or their stupid fucking fans.

No. 302058

File: 1475174272184.jpg (114.69 KB, 744x718, waw.JPG)

Posted on tumblr 2 hours ago.
I'm pretty sure she accepted onion's cheesy dick inside of her and forgave him

No. 302059


Like a good little doormat. So pathetic.

No. 302060

Aw is that what he tells you so you can feel better about being a whore Billie?

No. 302061



No. 302062

grim sceney myspace-esque profile pic

No. 302063

I seriously have no idea how billy bob is fucking him. Does she wear hazmat suit ?

Girllll I can buy you all the make up you want if you spill the milk ~~~
Nasty cheap little bitch

No. 302064

Does gurg not see his child with his ex wife at all? Did he really just sign his rights away and never see his own child?

That's actually really sad to think about.

No. 302065


That actually looks like a mattress set up on the floor, not a bed. I'd imagine with a house as big as theirs, they would have a guest room. So Billie sleeps in the same room with them?

No. 302066

What the fuck? What inspired you to say that to a post that most anons agree with.

Is that you, Lainey?

No. 302067

I wouldn't put it past him. He can act so sociopathic. Pretend you're Onion, what's best? A dirty, screaming liability who shits its pants multiple times a day or a fresh 17 year-old child to manipulate into being your child bride?

No. 302068


During and pre-Cuddlegate, there were couple mentions of the word "kids" and "children" thrown around. Not only that, in the previous thread, someone pointed out a child-sized girly bed in one of Onion's recent videos. His ex-wife probably gave him visitation rights (dunno how, why or when) and that's why he probably doesn't bitch about her as much as he does with Shiloh or AJ. That's my guess.

If the kid does exists and it's a girl, I hope to God she looks nothing like Greasecock.

No. 302069

Another anon said that the video was made at his sister's house though, but they've not got back to us with further confirmation about whether or not that's actually accurate, sooooo…

Until they do, or if anyone else can confirm it belongs to his sister's kid, everyone is free to guess to their hearts content.

No. 302072

That was my initial reason for worrying as well.

No. 302073

Horrorfying. I know

No. 302077

So, how many kids grease has? 3?

No. 302078

File: 1475186437849.png (28.92 KB, 586x242, e340c7d8bbb07cedbae3dfb8a22eaa…)

He's as pathetic as lain

No. 302081

File: 1475187287959.png (69.98 KB, 913x363, muh feelings.PNG)

No. 302082

File: 1475187411001.png (91.34 KB, 911x569, muh feelings part 2.PNG)

No. 302083


It looks like it's at his house and again, that video is recent. Also, didn't he bitched about God not "being there" when his sister's kid was dying back in March-May? Also, I don't think his sister would let him film in her kid's room.

No. 302084


who/what is he talking about?

No. 302085


Shut up losers, you're so pathetic and get a divorce already!

No. 302086

He unfollowed Lainey on Twitter. OoOoooo

No. 302087

File: 1475187824560.png (36.75 KB, 737x139, lol.png)

No. 302088


heyyyyyyyyyy shits goin down friends

No. 302089

oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii braces self for glorious milk

No. 302091

I want to believe.

No. 302092

File: 1475188059338.png (34.72 KB, 989x162, lain.PNG)

No. 302094

File: 1475188274542.png (590.17 KB, 1068x1357, Screenshots_2016-09-30-00-30-4…)

No. 302095

Rubbing my greedy hands together. Waiting for his new child bride to jump into this Twitter fued. Come onnnnn

No. 302096

File: 1475188445686.png (158.24 KB, 1022x896, lain2.PNG)

No. 302097

Until there's an actual separation in process, I'm viewing this as staged drama.

No. 302098

File: 1475188460966.png (583.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshots_2016-09-30-00-33-2…)

O shit, I wonder what his big lie was.

No. 302099

Onion is only following Billy on IG now

No. 302100

i agree anon. we've seen countless fights play out on twitter but no actual changes.

No. 302101

Probably something about him loving her, since she tweeted about how terrible of a person you'd have to be to look at someone in the eyes and saying you love them without meaning it.

No. 302102

100% during their squabble he over dramatically proclaimed 'i never loved you' or some shit like that

No. 302103

File: 1475188646908.png (40.93 KB, 993x299, lainey.PNG)


No. 302104

In a few days, Greg will share tweets about how beautiful his wife is and blah, blah, blah. They struggle to stay relevant/interesting, and staged drama is something that quickly generates interest.

No. 302105

their fans are so fucking retarded, holy shit

No. 302106

this drama also works well for our boy gregory. every time a "fight" occurs, the fans flock to gerg's side and shit on lain. generates interest as well as continued support

No. 302107

File: 1475188995731.png (215.2 KB, 1435x1382, Screenshot_2016-09-29-18-41-41…)

Soooo he definitely told Lamey that he wanted to fuck Billie instead kek

No. 302108

File: 1475189185972.png (35.4 KB, 856x232, 8d209086116a594ea6f0334eb2a9f7…)

o shit

No. 302109

"No darling, I'll only ever love you! All my life, all I ever wanted was a devoted wife I could be a devoted husband to! Thats why it never worked with Shiloh/Skye! They couldn't give me what I needed, which is commitment!"
two years later
"I'm leaving you for an 18 year old because you're standing up for yourself too much"

No. 302110

Yeah, true. Fans with a "rescuer" complex are especially guilty of this behavior. But I think this time, Lainey has more support than any of Greg's former partners, whether this is staged or not.

No. 302111

true, you have to be a special brand of idiot to overlook 2 failed marriages and two rape/abuse allegations that ended in yet ANOTHER wife claiming he's straight up unlikeable. Then again, Onion straight up cheated on Lamo and most of his fans think that whole thing was a "joke" for his videos.

No. 302112

maybe he told lainey that he's in love with billie too? his twitter header of lainey and billy kissing is still up

No. 302113

Poor Greggles, just trying to get his end in with a teenage girl. Such a prisoner of circumstance.

No. 302114


awwwww yessss

No. 302115

what, the unfollow? it's the end of the world ain't it hon.

No. 302116

guys its fucking happening someone hold me im so excited

No. 302117

I'm so excited

No. 302118

100% dude. his fans dont even register that he CHEATED on his wife. onion has ALWAYS said that cheating is morally indefensible yet his fans overlook this.

ive seen so many of his fans justify onions cheating. "he let you sleep with another girl and you're getting mad that he gave her a massage?" it's insane

No. 302119

I think they always start off as real, it's just that once they make up, they start the "lol its staged" stuff and they muddy the waters.

No. 302120

I'm actually proud of her..


No. 302121

His attempts at damage control after drama are awful. I wonder how they'll damage control this. Maybe they're hoping Keemstar will pick up this news for views.

No. 302122

I'd only be proud of her if she logged the fuck off and got a lawyer. There's no pride in what she's doing online right now.

No. 302123

it wouldn't be onion drama if it wasn't aired online though would it

No. 302124


Might be no pride but it's great fun to read no?

No. 302125

onion, 2012: im trying to stay away from all the drama about my personal life

nice try greg

No. 302126

Fun to read, but more difficult to believe. She has enough proof that he's a cheater from his videos on Speaks, and attempts to damage control were on his joke channel which he said online IS a joke channel, and these Tweets. Get a lawyer. It's difficult to take this seriously when she's just looking for attention and not a long-term resolution. How she's been handling her marriage issues, online, has not led to any long-term resolutions. Time to change it up, Lainey, if you are serious because people aren't going to stick around to support someone who's not doing anything different to help themselves when past attempts haven't worked after the same problems kept coming up. Christ.

No. 302127

I WANT to be proud of Lainey. Prayer circle for the end. And much milk.

No. 302128

I misgendered Lainey. Sorry. My bad. I apologize. My message still stands.

No. 302129

File: 1475190465380.jpeg (140.67 KB, 1216x1121, image.jpeg)

Billy said something about wanting kittens. Kek.

No. 302130

Are you serious? Cringe…

No. 302131


So this confirms that Billie was the cause of all this, right?

No. 302132

yup, surprise surprise

No. 302133

we all know that billie will be blamed despite onion being the cause

No. 302134


Not him but Lainey probably won't give anyone the time of day if you don't use their pronouns.

No. 302135

File: 1475190755346.jpeg (105.54 KB, 1242x828, image.jpeg)


Seems that way. She was tweeting a few people freaking about kittens. Then Lainey responds to that. Ha

No. 302136

File: 1475190836735.png (830.15 KB, 883x948, 1.PNG)

god lain's fans are so embarrassing

No. 302138

That's why I corrected myself. Even if I didn't mean to disrespect them, they would view it as automatic disrespect and immediately disregard everything I said, regardless of the message.

No. 302139

give it a month, I'm calling it now

No. 302140

File: 1475191260571.png (1.58 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-09-29-19-16-39…)

Straight from the horse's mouth

No. 302141

Yes, place blame entirely on Billie because Lainey and Greg are certainly mindless drones. Just… Be adults and recognize your involvement in the situation and the involvement of others. You likely all screwed up, and not the whole, "It's my fault I trusted you." Stop playing the victim of your naivety and pressuring others to feel guilt for your involvement. UGH.

No. 302142

File: 1475191445007.jpeg (182.82 KB, 1242x873, image.jpeg)


No. 302143

These people aren't attractive at all. I don't see why ANYONE would find people with these sorts of looks physically appealing

No. 302144

I mean they're definitely all at fault here but it's not like billie didn't know they were in a relationship from the very beginning. she chose to get involved.

No. 302145

What's it about? I refuse to give that fucker views also he's repulsive to look at

No. 302146

Billie is patting his arm during the new vid. With wobbly anime eyes the whole time. Barf.

No. 302148

insulting his fans as usual. it's just commentary/responses to people who sent in short clips. billie looking awkward as fuck and staring at him the entire time ( she buries her face in his arm and then is gone at the end of the vide)

No. 302149

File: 1475191792513.jpg (177.56 KB, 960x1200, CknEGmmVAAA0HPn.jpg)


Despite being plain as fuck I think Lainey's really attractive. Billie is also attractive but her personality ruins it all.

No. 302150

Billie is there, not adding much to the video, so Greg's audience slowly grows more comfortable with her presence and it's no longer a shock when they're officially together. Billie obviously wants YouTube fame, so here's her opportunity.

No. 302151


also Billie looks like she could be his actual daughter…so ew. The entire video made me cringe

No. 302152

I knew Greg was scum but holy shit, he couldn't even wait for the 2nd baby to come. Getting called a cuck for months must have gotten to him bad.

No. 302153


it's not really like lainey has a personality either? she just leeches off current trends

No. 302154


>"Get me pregnant"

>"But child support! Plus you'd probably never let me see my kids"

What did he mean by this?

No. 302156

As much as Lainey is a dipshit doormat, this happening to her while pregnant is rough and can't help but feel bad for her (even while acknowledging it's kind of her own fault)

No. 302158

He has a 2 and a half year old and Lainey is like 9 months and ready to pop any day now.

No. 302159

wait an hour. he'll fuck her again and it will be sunshine till the next blowup.

No. 302160

Okay, so, onion isn't by any means attractive….but there are far uglier and less popular youtubers who managed to get decent-to-hot gfs. Why does he go for the doughy-faced vaguely androgynous tumblr types?

No. 302161

Does anyone else find it creepy, but also incredibly fitting that 90% of the people in the video were girls that don't look any older than 16 (or tumblrites)

No. 302162


As long as they're young and stupid he doesn't gaf. He doesn't like being single either so he will jump on any teen girl he can get who will stroke his ((ego))

No. 302163

They're the ones that are most impressionable and easy to manipulate for his harem. That's also why he picks them so young.

No. 302164


Who can blame her though? She only has no personality because Greg started dating her when she was sixteen usually when most people find themselves. She's only boring because of Greg.

No. 302165

young, impressionable and insecure is onion's thing

No. 302166

not necessarily. she might never have been interesting. if she'd had a spark, she might have reacted to him like Shiloh.

No. 302167

Shiloh was young, but she had more life experience. She had a platinum single before she met him. Lainey went straight from the crib to Greg's mansion.

No. 302169

I feel like they won't break up and this is all for drama and attention. Again.

So embarrassing for adults to be acting like this.

No. 302170

not to be gay or anything but I would be ALL over lainey and billie if onion was just never present/deleted from the picture

No. 302171

Gotta generate interest for that cash money.

No. 302173

File: 1475193314233.png (32.69 KB, 871x183, 9054a8012cbe6e7239ee330082163f…)

ok enough with the passive aggressive retweets just vent it all out gurl

No. 302174

Exactly! I'm dyin over here

No. 302175



No. 302176

Yep, make all this fake shit and then try to sell a book on how their relationship made it through two fuckups.

No. 302177

Sorry left that incorrect sage in there.

No. 302178

No. 302179

File: 1475193503192.jpg (43.6 KB, 578x329, Screenshot_16.jpg)

Man, I hope she really spills this time

No. 302180

With twice the amount of grammatical errors!

No. 302183

yes but we each have something inside us though. Some guy doesn't just come along and tell us how to be, as complete people. I don't buy it. Lainey is always going to be a bit on the wallpaper side as a person, which can serve her quite well in the longer term and as a parent, where stability of personality and activity = success. I think Greg just wanted to try that out after having such wild times before, but now he sees th downside in that steadfastness - she's harder to get rid of.

No. 302184

Haha, this!

No. 302185

If not fabricated, at least Lainey's not putting all blame on Billie and acknowledging Greg's also trying to hurt her.

No. 302186

They sided with her last time too. Lainey actually has a large fanvase that will back her up. She is really lucky, none of his exes have had that going for them when they left him.

No. 302187

File: 1475193855895.png (70.11 KB, 870x383, 9aae61aecefde0f18aa9d65b32a352…)

Why doesn't she just explicitly name Billie for being a homewrecker? Must suck to break up with your 'gf' and husband at the same time (for each other).

No. 302188

That person has always been a Lainey fan, she has quite a few internet friends who are her fans and not Gergs, the Lainey clone is another one.

No. 302189

Lainey should actually put her channel to good use now. I would live for that.

No. 302190


Skye forgives him too easily. I'm scared for her during "bath time", hope none of those two sickos do nothing to her.

No. 302192


Ooh ooh! Does it come in the Shiloh edition???

No. 302194


I like how she retweeted this. She's never been so straight forward before.

No. 302195

da fuck good is a fanbase going to do for you in a divorce with two kids? it's time for the real world for this woman.

No. 302196

File: 1475194909000.png (38.43 KB, 870x260, ffd7b7f96cb2049ef88ae8ef94ee5b…)

I want to feel some hope that maybe she's going to actually leave him, but like so many other twitter tantrums I can seem them making up in like a few days…

No. 302197

File: 1475194948981.png (23.99 KB, 436x223, wowee.png)

She finally blocked me after 5 whole months of calling her out on a regular basis, it's funny how I was blocked for that Tweet rather than a multitude of others which were a lot more scathing, she is SORE.

No. 302200

If she stopped being a wet blanket I would watch her videos.

No. 302201

I'd love it if she started making parenting videos.

No. 302204

I would also LOVE that.

No. 302205

I wonder if Greg has the full access to/ control over it.

No. 302206

Yeah, I'd love to watch everyone's favorite agender egg give advice like "breastfeed your toddler" and "just leave it to the nanny."

No. 302207

File: 1475195455516.jpg (32.17 KB, 800x400, o-tinfoil-hat-facebook-1-800x4…)

I'm not buying it. It could all be publicity.

Let's think about it, Gerg likes play social engineer. Would he really put a video of him up with Billy in it during this fight when he knows how big Plaineys following is?
I think they're all in on it. It's possible that only Greg is in on it, but I just don't think it makes sense for this to be anything but a ploy for attention.
Is he still trying to bury the paedophile accusations? This would be a good smokescreen. I'll believe a divorce if I actually see one.

No. 302208


Why would Billie willingly put herself in the firing line?

No. 302209

If you think Greg isn't going to do everything he can to manipulate the situation abs make it seem like irs Lainey's fault, AND sending his tween army against her… Then this must be your first onision break up. Welcome! Enjoy the show.

Lainey's fan base will be the ones to disprove all the shit Greg will say while also giving her a place to vent, so lots of milk b

No. 302210

>Would he really put a video of him up with Billy in it during this fight when he knows how big Plaineys following is?
Yes because he's a fucking idiot who thinks he's more manipulative than he really is.

No. 302211

wtf, why

No. 302212

His fans really are that stupid, though. A good percentage of them thought Cuddlegate was a joke.

No. 302213

File: 1475196318921.png (47.13 KB, 871x299, 1fb7986aac70943596268e21aa35e6…)

oh for fucks sake

No. 302215

See? C'mon guys… we didn't even need her to confirm it herself to know that she's never going to leave him on her own accord, he's going to have to do that himself before that ever happens.

No. 302216

File: 1475196588799.png (119.13 KB, 630x629, 1_Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.…)

But she acknowledges that it's mostly Gregs fault this time.

No. 302217

File: 1475196660403.png (126.37 KB, 635x603, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.45…)

Some more new tweets.

No. 302219

File: 1475196716932.png (129.8 KB, 634x660, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.45…)

No. 302220

File: 1475196767144.png (103.56 KB, 636x591, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 8.44…)

Just in case everything gets deleted or something else. If people would rather not have screenshots from everything let me know.

No. 302221

Nah, posting screenshots is in no way frowned upon here, there are several blogs and wikis out there that can use them for their sites if need be.

No. 302222

File: 1475197001761.png (852.5 KB, 1117x731, image.png)

Lmfaoooo -barf-

No. 302224

File: 1475197127973.png (30.43 KB, 872x129, 084d36b5c8d6dd0562a087627d5c7f…)

just me or is this super cunty given her 'girlfriend' is having a huge public breakdown over twitter?

No. 302225

Pretty cruel, I'm guessing Lainey can be tough to live with and probably has many a breakdown but she IS heavily pregnant and has gone through years of Gregs manipulation. She doesn't deserve this off of Billie.

No. 302227

Ye[, it's super cunty… it's like she's just trying to impress Grease at this point by saying "I can be happy in times of strife, I'm so positive, look Greg, nothing can bring me down unlike that jealous bitch, choose me! You need positivity!"

No. 302229

I think she's a perfect match for Greg. She has followers too and she's 19 so she won't last long.

No. 302230

File: 1475197412915.gif (1.85 MB, 480x270, giphy (1).gif)

Well… I don't think she considers Lainey her girlfriend anymore.

Her reaction when Greg talks about his penis/ the part when the pats him btw.

No. 302231

Makes me feel nauseous

No. 302232

Her hair color makes her look like she is balding.

No. 302233

File: 1475197585035.jpg (25 KB, 395x405, grossss.jpg)

>>His greasy, pimply, cheesy dick.

No. 302234

File: 1475197616023.png (118.65 KB, 633x612, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.04…)

Lainey is furious right now (maybe because someone mentioned her kids).

No. 302235


Whyyy do the birds go on singiiiiing? Why does the sea rush to shooooore? Don't they know it's the eeeend of the woooorld cause you don't love me anymooooooore?

No. 302236

She's apparently blocking everyone left, right and center tonight, any tweets that are on the level of "I told you so" or "Why are you still with him?" are really pissing her off.

No. 302238

I do get that (you're right too, it's the first one I've watched live), I was talking in the bigger-picture sense of … life. A life of having two kids, one that stretches out over a long time and where other priorities come along. But right now and through a divorce when it happens, all this dumb shit will go down on twitter for sure. Her best friend is a 16 year old ffs. I'm just sperging about how it shouldn't matter.

Hell, maybe she and people like her will be hooked on the idea of a fanbase when they're 50, who knows. Maybe she'll never grow out of that need. We know Onion will not.

No. 302239

>it's not what I want but I'm not going to do anything to change it other than whine on twitter

Classic Lainey.

No. 302240

I wonder if her fans are now beginning to see how absurd she is, that "rip coco" account is one of her regular posters and a big fan of hers.

No. 302242

File: 1475198577246.png (12.31 KB, 698x119, eoliveson.png)

Dropped pic… there's also this account that she banned earlier as well. >>302197

If you're not outright supporting her or giving her asspats, expect to be blocked.

No. 302243

File: 1475198651338.png (80.51 KB, 585x312, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.22…)

So Billie tries to act innocent. Lainey posted the first negative things (Onision not wanting to be married to her)… yesterday. She's at their house and didn't know about it? Doubt it.

No. 302244

File: 1475198962184.png (32.05 KB, 864x153, b58121328ae4a19bd6ce97eb6e8616…)

suuuure billie. She was tweeting emo shit at almost exactly the same time before you posted that tweet and well before it too.

No. 302245

File: 1475199130414.jpg (15.28 KB, 220x325, SOAP_poster.jpg)

No. 302246

because teenage brain thinks 'winning', 'greg trophy', 'queen'.

No. 302247

No. 302248

Billie goes down to the shops… oh it's probably all okay again! She comes back… we're over, boo hoo.

No. 302249

Whether this is fake or not, all Lainey is doing is ensuring that Onision's next video gets plenty of views.

No. 302250

I could give her the benefit of the doubt because she doesn't follow Lainey on Twitter anymore… Onision doesn't, either. But they follow each other. Same as always.

No. 302251


By the time Onion's done with her, she?gonna be back in the nut-house.

No. 302252

Yes Lainey, this is exactly the problem with the video, you are seeing it correctly, and this is why it is time to walk away now.

No. 302253

but has onion ever unfollowed lain on IG/twitter before? this seems a first

No. 302254

God Billie is so annoying. She seems so happy she fucked up a marriage albeit not a great one. I'm pretty positive Lain knows she came here and posted, maybe she didn't believe at first and now does

No. 302256

It's rather awkward for Greg to walk out on Lainey right now given the pregnancy, just in terms of offline relationships / family. He needs them to see it as Lainey choosing to leave him, I'm sure.

No. 302257

Just checked the old threads, I don't think he's ever done it before, you're right.

No. 302258

Gotta love all the replies to Lainey's tweets going "I think this is billie's fault" "I think Greg's apology is sincere but billie's isn't," etc. Onion can literally do no wrong in the eyes of his fans. He cheats on his wife with a 19 year old several times, makes a video with her in it while wife is having a meltdown in real time on Twitter, and they're STILL apologizing for his behavior and looking to dump it off on anyone else. Billie is a home wrecker but cheaters are infinitely worse. God they're fucking stupid.

No. 302259

File: 1475199886496.png (64.19 KB, 622x340, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.44…)

Is he… talking about himself? I hope he is.

No. 302263

File: 1475200351433.jpg (16.45 KB, 236x284, e4c6a202efb6bb4b48e1bff276abbb…)

This is even better milk than "cuddlegate 1.0" provided for us.

No. 302264

And Billie's twitter just went private

No. 302265

This proves to me that there were clear boundaries that greg and Billie weren't allowed to be intimate with one another. So that makes me laugh at Onion's claims for months he was having threesomes when he was literally being cucked the whole time.

No. 302267

Did Billie set her account to private?? Or did I get blocked lol

No. 302268

Billie dumb-dingus protected her tweets. Kek

No. 302270

Sweet milk time, anons.

About time, shit was getting boring for a few months.

Place your bets, is their relationship over? Will lainey finally leave? FIND OUT NEXT TIME!

No. 302271

it's pretty evident by now that billie at least visits here, if not actively lurks

No. 302273

This is totally fucking bullshit. Lainey has clearly been upset for a few days, and there is no way Billie didn't know about the big fight her and Greg had. SHE'S BEEN STAYING IN THE SAME HOUSE AS THEM. They even recorded that video after the big fight.

Billie you're so transparent.

No. 302276

I don't think she's privatized her account because of lolcow, but because Lainey's Twitter fans are spamming her.

No. 302278

File: 1475201366069.png (8.07 KB, 435x78, grease.png)

Who knows?

No. 302279


Kek, remember that time when Gerg texted her after "cuddlegate" when he asked if she could handle all the backlash if it meant being together with him?

No. 302280

damn girl

No. 302281

File: 1475202202733.png (11.37 KB, 439x134, doormat.png)

And another one implying that she isn't going to leave him.

If anyone is going to do the leaving, it would have to be Greasemonger himself… he kept pushing his luck, several times and thought he could keep on pushing it, it honestly looks like he's trying his hardest to wear her down.

It's like they're both playing a game of "let's see who leaves first", I don't know what kind of outcome either of them is expecting from all of this though.

No. 302284

File: 1475202722606.png (80.77 KB, 628x449, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 10.3…)

I just want her to do it

Does anyone follow twitter and provide screen caps?

No. 302286


No. 302287

File: 1475203236887.jpg (7.12 KB, 221x228, 1454902875566.jpg)

No. 302288

Billie was REALLY quick to block most of our accounts months ago, if any other farmers are following her, they've been lurking and not interacting with her and haven't made themselves known to us.

I'll ask about though.

No. 302289

File: 1475203755852.gif (1.58 MB, 480x270, OmakeGifAnime-ChuunibyoudemoKo…)

give us what we want lainey

No. 302290

Holy fuck, imagine if there was a "letter" situation but Lainey made it public unlike A who tried to keep it private. Imo Lain should strike while the irons hot because if she dropped something like that soon she'd have a ridiculous amount of support from her fans (and seemingly a lot of gregs), more than she realizes.

No. 302291

File: 1475204108660.png (75.33 KB, 803x430, lololololol.png)

No. 302292

No. 302293


God fucking dammit do not do this to me

No. 302294

File: 1475204436238.jpg (219.66 KB, 540x799, Screenshot_2016-09-29-19-57-06…)

I follow her. Here.

No. 302295


What a fucking moron

No. 302296

File: 1475204504384.jpg (206.29 KB, 540x829, Screenshot_2016-09-29-19-57-30…)

and here

No. 302297

I'm following too and have recently interacted with her in a not-so-friendly way, she hasn't blocked me yet for some reason.

No. 302298

File: 1475204773738.jpg (13.18 KB, 259x194, Billieisadirtyslut.jpg)

No. 302299

But how the fuck does that example the puppy dog eyes and rubbing her face all over him? This was after Greg and Lainey's big fight too. She gives 0 shits about her supposed girlfriend

No. 302300

This. If it was about the video, wouldn't she have made eye contact with the camera and try to interact and engage? Nah, it's about Gergle, and how he wants to hurt Lainey in a way he can avoid blame.

No. 302302

Ughhh, that "slyfox2601995" account is so fucking sycophantic, I've bumped heads with them a few times before in the past when they were quick enough to defend Onion and Lamo regarding Sarahbear's visit.

I'm seriously not surprised she's all up Billie's ass defending her whilst Lainey can't see their posts, she strikes me as the sort of person who would stab a friend in the back.

No. 302306

File: 1475205517157.png (67.1 KB, 614x217, lollll.png)

Lainey's deleted her Twitter account.

No. 302307

"Slyfox" started following me a few days ago. They give me shady vibes so I blocked them.

No. 302308

or just changed her username.

No. 302309

nope, its gone.


I do wonder if it was Lainey who deleted the account though. Much as gurgles loves attention, none of this paints him in a flattering light.

No. 302310

>>302308 if she changed her username wouldnt she still be in onions sidebar under "people to follow"?

can anyone following her verify that she deleted?

No. 302311

Or gerg deleted it. He undoubtedly has access to some of her accounts. Or she lawyered up

No. 302312


nah says that her name is still taken

No. 302313

I'm gonna blame >>302291 for this, good going.

No. 302315


When a Twitter account is deleted, it stays in limbo for 30 days in case the user changes their mind and wants to retrieve all their info

No. 302316


i still don't believe she lurks here.

No. 302317

I called it >>301851

No. 302318


yeah, that was my point. she didn't just change her username or else someone could've taken it.

No. 302319

definitely gone. if you check any of the people she was replying to, the tweets come up as unvailable.

No. 302320

You dodged a bullet there, anon. They're fucking insufferable, one of the worst of her followers I've had to deal with so far.

No. 302321

Yeah, if you check the list of people her clone is following, no account that could be hers is on the list.

Thanks, Shaggy, you stupid twit.

No. 302323

File: 1475206263983.png (418.2 KB, 950x602, Lainey.png)

wait is it back????

No. 302324

Fake account, Lainey is @laineybot.

No. 302325

No, it's still gone.

She'll probably bring it back once the fuss has died down, if she was serious about all this - her IG would be gone as well.

No. 302326


NVM I see that now, sorry didn't mean to get everyone's hopes up

No. 302329

Damn I didn't think she'd do that tbh. I wonder if >>302311 is on the money about Greg having a hand in it? She seemed like she wanted to talk more about it, not delete her entire twitter.

No. 302330

File: 1475206689936.png (8.84 KB, 445x78, greasy.png)

You sure have your priorities in order there, don't you Gerg.

No. 302331


A man who laughs at his own jokes. Damn, no wonder he has no friends.

No. 302332

Entirely wishful thinking, but dear god do I hope she'll actually leave him.

No. 302333

I've seen at least 3 fangirls trying to chat up Onion.

No. 302334

This is so weird though. I highly doubt she would delete it herself. Like she says, she has nobody else to talk to. She basically lives and breathes through twitter and vents through it, especially when they're on the verge of a breakup. I bet Onion did it.

No. 302335

me too, but the most she'll do is rant on twitter

No. 302336

If that's the case, then we're already going through their attempt at damage control.

No. 302337

File: 1475208060697.png (53.29 KB, 1168x176, Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 11.5…)

anime>his wife

No. 302338

I wonder if all this means that she's finally aware that Billie and Gerg are in love with each other and not at all interested in her.

If Billie comes back into the relationship again, something is off… I wonder if there's anything in the pre-nup that is allowing him to get away with that kind of shit.

I'm hoping this is the last time though, if not for her marriage (which we all want, but more than likely not going to get), but for inviting around teenagers for El Greaso to fuck in the future.

No. 302339

File: 1475208407159.png (387.87 KB, 552x844, yeup.png)

No. 302341

damn her twitter is gone

wonder if she'll delete her insta and yt too or what will happen next

No. 302342

she's still posting on tumblr

No. 302343

I hope that some point in the immediate future Lainey looks forward and thinks about what's best for her mental health and the health of her children.
It's blatantly obvious that it's not with Onion.
Sadly however she's very co-dependent and doesn't want to hear the truth, rather selecting to sit on twitter and go through it again and again rather like a scratched record.

But eh, one can hope that she packs up her shit and her kids and goes back to where she feels safe and wanted.

No. 302346

Or maybe onion will do her a favor and divorce her finally. It's clear he's only interested in Billie. With all this shit out in the open now there's no point in him trying to appear marginally better by waiting for her to leave first.

No. 302347


Accurate as fuck lol

No. 302350

Meanwhile in exes land, Shiloh's a furry! She's getting her fans to draw her a fursona. Oh yeah, she's also VERY happy with her (new?) beu.

No. 302352

i also second links. thought shilho was dead

No. 302353

Lainey has her twitter back up with nearly everything she tweeted yesterday deleted. Doormat

No. 302354

@luxury_blank on Twitter

No. 302355

File: 1475214535234.gif (345.32 KB, 213x160, fry001.gif)


interesting Shiloh gets brought up during all this when there's no reason to discuss her

No. 302357

heavily pregnant wife, yeah nah he will wait for her to make the move.

No. 302358


Nah, nothing suspicious! Just thought I'd lighten the mood in the midst of all this. I'd give y'all the her IG account but I fear for her safety since Greasecock might be lurking here. You'll never know…

Sorry for the scare!

No. 302359


ugh of course

No. 302360


Guess Oldfag set her straight…

No. 302361

File: 1475215927938.png (321.84 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Still got your wedding ring I see… Also, Duke Nukem isn't a creepy fatass.

No. 302362

They both are literally below trash. For fuck's sake.

No. 302363

>pimply and pasty

No. 302364

People should KEEP mentioning her kids then and telling her what a shit mom she is and that her kids are going to be just as fucked up as daddy if she keeps enabling this joke of a marriage.

No. 302365

I think Taylor deleted her Twitter account in rage after people told her to think of her children and find strenght to leave him.


>Non-retards: What about your children? You should think of their well-being too.


She reminds me of PT a little bit

No. 302366

Is there even proof of this supposed pregnancy? I kind of doubt it, which is why he is fleeing.

Also, not important, but it baffles my mind how putting up a video with a teen (that making lesbians like his dick comment) and alluding to having sex with her is in said video… okay??

No. 302367

Ahahahaha oh man she is like peanut butter he is never going to get rid of her unless he does it, despite trying his best to manipulate her into leaving him. That alone gives me SO much satisfaction. He will never get what he wants.

No. 302368

I'm that same anon and that I don't have an answer for the proof of pregnancy thing outside of its acceptance as fact in this thread (I'm usually just a fulltime lurker, posting today).

No. 302370

File: 1475217882910.jpeg (138.94 KB, 424x470, image.jpeg)

I know this may be in the realm of a-logging, but I feel like if Lainey doesn't get out now, she never will.

During Cuddlegate 1.0, I had my own personal Cuddlegate; I found or my then-boyfriend was cheating on me with a stripper. I thought I wouldn't be able to live without him, I thought that it was just a mistake– but I finally got the balls to break up with him anyway. And now, so many months later, I see what a shitty person he was. And I can't even believe how much happier and better off I am without him.

I know Lainey doesn't read this, but I wish she would, because I want her to know that she can STILL get out. You may feel like you can't breathe without him, but your life will be infinitely better with him out of your life.

I'm sure so many anons here have been in a similar situation. It takes guts to leave. I wish that Lainey would grow a pair and take her children out of that horrible, horrible place, and get full custody of them while she's at it. Onion is just going to start the cycle again with Billie. But at least Plainey will be free.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 302371

No worries anon, a lot of others brought it up too I just referred to your comment since it was the last I read about it. I am kind of doubting it is tbh since she doesn't seem to be going through the stages at all. I could be wrong, but I think it is just a rumor.

But if she is, he is never getting rid of her hahaha.

No. 302373

File: 1475218374635.jpg (322.22 KB, 1280x800, 38761_duke_nukem_duke_nukem_3d…)

>comparing his 5'9" vegan teen diddling ass to a character who was supposed to be over foot and a half taller than him weighing about 500lbs of solid muscle who bathed in beer and pussy who according to the game could bench 600lbs.

Is this really how he sees himself? If so wow.

No. 302374

I don't really care for Lainey, but I kind of hope she finally sees how toxic and awful onion is and leaves. She could take away a bunch of his fans, get a decent amount of child support for the two kids, and try to fight him on the prenup at the very least. Her family would support her in all this. I get that he has alienated her and everything, brainwashed, manipulated, etc. But fighting to stay is the worst thing she can do for herself and her children. Let Billy have him, she'll be swapped out for another teen in a few years herself…

No. 302375

Also, a really weird character to compare yourself to when you try to claim that you are such a feminist. Really gerg?

No. 302376

She sees how awful he is. She's just too brainwashed/doesn't have the balls to leave.

No. 302377

He's like Duke in Duke Nukem Forever. Forgettable, out-dated, and disappointing.

No. 302379

Totally forgot, kind of tired. Sorry buddy.

No. 302382

She is also aware that she wont be able to get newest iPhone or super expensive makeup as soon as it arrives. She will get child support but she will also have to work for herself.

That is why she is screaming how codependent it is. It basically means she doesn't want leave her cushy life where she doesn't have to work while receiving money and free stuff.

As much as she is loves spoiling her child, she puts herself on the first place anyway

No. 302384

File: 1475220510482.png (403.41 KB, 674x830, e9e11b39-4073-4c30-b1ff-1fef8c…)


Not the only bit of evidence, just the most recent slip up (stills from a video where you can see the baby bump in their magic mirror)

No. 302385

File: 1475221213843.png (726.64 KB, 720x718, 20160930_033707.png)

Some of her weight gain

No. 302386

File: 1475221351825.png (739 KB, 719x721, 20160930_033647.png)

Black and blue maternity shirt she wore back when she was almost to term with Troy ft. Glimpse of bump

No. 302387

Same thing gonna happen to you, Billie. Sooner than you think.

No. 302388

Supposedly before deleting her Twitter, she did a massive clean up of followers and brought the number down to 15k.

Maybe she made a completely new profile?

No. 302389

File: 1475221785144.jpg (193.07 KB, 810x1150, IMG_20160930_094928.jpg)

Oh wait nevermind, she is back to Twitter on her old profile

No. 302390

She also deleted all her tweets about Onision betraying her.

No. 302391

Immediate damage control. I really thought this was going to be the day she does the right thing. Guess not…

No. 302392

File: 1475222317099.png (795.86 KB, 720x926, 20160930_035405.png)

One last pregnancy proof photo. She also wore this maternity shirt just before giving birth, now all of a sudden it's back in her wardrobe

No. 302393

File: 1475222732259.jpg (70.72 KB, 640x452, f8b78cb7-2467-4574-bb18-63e198…)

No. 302394

Like Lainey's barely lactating tits, their milk is too random and spontaneous for me to get my hopes up.
I feel you Troy.

No. 302395

File: 1475222986413.jpg (157.46 KB, 987x595, sisters.jpg)

I really think he just filmed that video in his nieces room. On his IG you can see that he visited with his family on September 2nd.

No. 302396


This happens everytime Billybop leaves and she has Onion for herself.

She just can't be mad at him. He is her god.

No. 302397

File: 1475223100126.jpg (104.34 KB, 755x461, sisters2.jpg)

…And he uploaded this video the same day. I don't know why his sister let uncle Gurg film in her kids room but that's most likely what happened.

No. 302398

it's such a space violation, kind of gross actually, but that's Gerg for you.

No. 302399

ugh Lainey needs to get her shit together. If she keeps pulling stunts like this she's going to lose sympathy points and no one will give a fuck… it could be Onions plan of getting out.

No. 302400

File: 1475224241778.jpg (167.14 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

Funny how Onion got what he wanted but at the same time created his own curse.

He got a young girl who thinks he is god, does whatever he wants and trusts whatever he says.
But that girl is now a woman, who looks older than she is, presenting as a guy that actually makes her look like a soccer mom.

He is not sexually attracted to her anymore, she is wasting his money and not to mention popping up more kids, kids that he doesn't love and are a strain on his finances.

He is an eternal teenager (in his mind, def not his looks) and wants to hop onto new meat. But he knows if he starts the divorce first, it will make him look really bad…leaving his wife and children for no good reason other than new young girlfriend.

So he is trying his best to make Taylor initiate the divorce first, so he can make himself look like a victim and keep a good portion of his fanbase.

But I'm sorry Onion, you made her into such a big doormat, she is not gonna leave first. You will have to force her out, along with forcing out your own children. And by that you will show your true nature even to the dumbest of fans.

The downfall of Onion is happening either way and I am enjoying it.

No. 302402

I remember a while ago Onion made a video complaining about how he still has to pay alimony from his first marriage. Would that happen again if he divorced Lainey?

Billie is presumably back home by now, but when all this shit was going down on twitter were they all in the same house? the fuck.

No. 302404


Yet that's the same color scheme shown at his home (bedding-wise), and I'm pretty sure one of the girls would make her daughter's room even more girly than that. If that's the case, then why is he holding that stuffed animal creepily? Nobody (sane) fucking does that. Ugh, confusion.

No. 302405


No, he got a prenup, which means no money for Lamo. That's why she's "codependent".

No. 302406

I'm pretty sure Onion locked himself in his room with Billy, while Lainey was going crazy on Twitter

No. 302408

File: 1475226993242.jpg (37.47 KB, 609x359, before onion after onion.JPG)

No. 302409

>"I'm leaving you for an 18 year old because you're standing up for yourself too much"
more like he just got bored of her (and she got older).

No. 302410

lolol proud of what exactly?? he's the one putting an end to things. what a riot~

No. 302411

completely agree. they're all insignificant and terrible people. no standards at all.

No. 302412

>Who can blame her though?
anyone with a brain. stop excusing her shitty behavior. she watched as he did this to someone else and willingly let it happen to her. she's an idiot. she's boring because she's vapid, the type of person that would be a fan of his to begin with.

No. 302413

This reminds me of Arrested Development when Tobias is like 'Sometimes I suggest that failing marriages have an open relationship' and Lindsey is like 'Does it ever work?' and he replies 'Oh, no, not ever. But maybe it'll work for US!'

I've never seen a successful poly marriage tbh. Monogamy makes the most sense for a stable family. It's how we've done it for eons.

No. 302414

This is so detached and hollow in comparison to what Lainey was feeling and putting out there, it's sick. I bet his little fans are patting him the back for his honesty or some such garbage.

No. 302415

There is at least one hunter gatherer culture in which everyone is poly, so that when a father (hunter) dies, his child doesn't suffer. The whole village is one big family and everyone's taking care of the kids.
But yeah, there's a reason why this doesn't happen in modern western societies.

No. 302416

She admitted to it herself in the tumble post about her son having to get cavities and still breast feeding him.

No. 302417

>how we've done it for eons

but you're wrong.

poly relationships can work if everyone is on the same page and mature enough, and imo it needs to be poly from the get-go. going from monogamy > poly is the problem.

also these three are literally children, greg included, who have 0 maturity. of course it didn't work.

No. 302418

meant to sage this, oops.

back to the topic on hand. Billie wasn't actually with them for very long this time, was she? it seemed like she had just gotten to their dungeon before shit hit the fan. i wonder if after the big fight lainey made billie gtfo, and while on her ~plane trip~ lainey did damage control on her twitter because now she has greg to herself again.

its fuckigng disgusting, and i feel bad for her children. if she honestly thinks her kids aren't going to pick up on the fact that mommy and daddy literally hate each other, then she's an idiot.

No. 302419

It's always like this. Billybop visits, for two-three days everything seems fine but then the super emo, "you betrayed me" tweets start pouring from Plaindumb's Twitter.

Billybop is a dumb slut, but Plain is fucking insufferable.

No. 302420

File: 1475232811155.jpg (656.62 KB, 1140x1878, asf.jpg)

Plaindumb, Billybop and the rest of fangirls are all desperate and willing to fight for this piece of hunk

No. 302421

This is always the argument people have when they're defending their own poly relationships before it turns out no one in the relationship was actually on the same page. Could it work with just the right people? Sure. But the likelihood of actual mature people getting together without some kind of agenda is vanishingly small.

Everyone goes in thinking their poly relationship is going to be a mature one. A lot of the time, it turns out there was a lot of un-selfacknowledged delusion and questionable motivations going on with multiple parties.

Source: nothing scientific, I just know a lot of people who've been in poly relationships.

No. 302422

You're right, she DOES have a lot in common with PT personality-wise.

No. 302423



No. 302426

File: 1475235914092.jpg (14.23 KB, 325x295, caveman_2.jpg)

That last pic…

No. 302427

I pretty much called it last night, deleting her Twitter was just part of the process for damage control >>302336 she has no intention of leaving her meal-ticket, she confirmed that with two Tweets in the same night herself.

Tbh, I don't fucking care what she says and does at this point, last night was hilarious with the three of them losing their fucking minds and each throwing individual tantrums on their own Twitter accounts, all I'm concerned about is that the three of them are lolcows and as long as they keep providing milk, I'm entertained.

No. 302428

File: 1475236705025.png (323.94 KB, 444x460, hahahaha.png)

The pure irony of this image that she's left up after she's deleted fucking everything.

No. 302429

Wow. This is so fucking depressing. I don't understand why any of her friends/fans aren't trying to help her? Someone should start #SAVELAINEY or #SAVETHEKIDS or something. If Onision can make multiple videos attacking Eugenia Cooney for a supposed eating disorder, someone should make multiple videos about his treatment/isolation/abuse of his wife.

I also had a horrid thought… if the next baby is a girl.. We might have an incest situation on our hands in a few years…


No. 302430

File: 1475238085295.png (186.59 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_oeawno2COb1rgyhcpo1_128…)


No you're not, bitch… don't lie. You know Grease wouldn't allow it, give it a month and you'll be back in their damp, sweaty bed again once Grease makes Lainey post forlorn, pining and guilt-tripping subtweets to lure you in again exactly like they did the last three times you broke up with them.

In fact, staying away for a month whilst Lainey drops the baby sounds like it was already the plan that was going on behind closed doors before you all fabricated this whole drama… that's way more interesting than Lainey simply being unavailable to fuck around post-pregnancy.

God, taking these things into consideration is seriously making me think that last night was a farce because Lainey is due to give birth any time now.

No. 302431

The majority of anons in this thread can't stand Lainey, so it's not gonna happen here.

You might have better luck with asking the anti-o blogs, they still seem to have a handful of Lainey supporters there.

No. 302432

I don't give a fuck about Lainey but yeah poor babies.

No. 302433

>wife upset
>husband doesnt care
>girlfriend doesnt care
>instead they make a "video" together

lol plainey is such a cuck

No. 302434

I don't think he'd outright molest his children but they will have friends and romantic partners as the grow up. I just know he will be the creepy dad towards any pubescent girls that come by the house. Also consider how horrible his life philosophies are and the kind of role model he'll be for a young child, he will be an awful parent regardless of the new babys gender. I really do hope Lainey jumps ship soon, leaving his ass and moving out of state is what's best for those kids. It's the best for her too and I hope she is finally waking up to the truth about who her husband is.

No. 302435

This… Is interesting. What if Lainey and Billie were already broken up by the time Billie visited? What if Greg literally planned this last trip so he could fuck her one last time before saying bye forever? Man, that's so shitty on both their parts. Lainey might not have even known until the last minute. Fuck

No. 302437

File: 1475239922313.jpg (5.94 KB, 300x300, 31TqXetlvWL._SY300_.jpg)

lol whatever

No. 302438

Nah, they were together (after breaking up 100th time because of Gurg) when she visited again.

I am pretty sure Plainey just caught them about to fuck, went apeshit, Gurg then told her he doesn't want to be married to her anymore and didn't want to communicate anymore so she decided to use Twitter.

No. 302440

and to add: Billy is just being dramatic about how she is leaving forever so people pity her.

Just like how she is lying that she has feelings for both Plainey and Gurg, when we know she is 100% only into Garg.

No. 302442

File: 1475240436493.jpg (29.33 KB, 540x274, tumblr_o1u68uCBgh1qjaoa6o1_540…)

Billie may be a conniving trollop but I wouldn't call HER the homewrecker.

No. 302444

Hahaha, this.

They invited her into the relationship before she even arrived there the first time.

No. 302447

Eh I think "home wrecker" a lot of the time is an excuse to take heat off the cheater, who is obviously the biggest offender by far, but it's still scummy to fuck someone you know is taken. In Billie's case it's especially bad because she was supposed to be Lainey's gf and she absolutely knew where the line was drawn. As evidenced by Cuddlegate 1.0 Greg wasn't supposed to have any romantic or sexual contact with her without Lainey around. They did it anyway. They they continued to flaunt it in Lainey's face (that was partially Lainey's fault because she was retarded enough to let Billie back in their relationship).

Obviously Greg is the biggest scumbag here though. We all called it from day 1 that Billie's involvement was a way to "upgrade" to a younger, hotter model of girlfriend since Lainey is too old now.

No. 302448

This, one hundred times this.

No. 302450

File: 1475243826913.jpg (80 KB, 801x676, IMG_20160930_155522.jpg)

This was right before she deleted all her drama tweets and temporarily deleted her Twitter.

She is so fucking retarded

No. 302452

File: 1475244070946.jpg (20.15 KB, 810x118, IMG_20160930_160026.jpg)



No. 302453

imagine him on top of you

No. 302454

As much as I want to feel bad for her, I just can't. Sure she's in an awful situation with an awful guy but she's the one who pursued it after being warned numerous times, she's the one who keeps going back time and time again, she's the one who actively went out searching for a girlfriend while she was married and brought her into their relationship. Gurgles has to maintain that he's always the good guy and Plainey knows if she leaves she won't have his money or fame (what little there is) to rely on so neither will try to separate.

I want Billie to spill the beans. All of them. After that, there probably won't be any milk left for a long time. If Plainey is preggo and almost due, I imagine they'll lay low for a while and if Billie is really "gone forever", I don't think they'll look for another replacement soon, especially after the whole Sarah debacle. Which leaves them having petty arguments over twitter about how miserable they are with each other.

No. 302456

You're right on all those points, but I disagree about Lainey searching for a gf. Greg pushed her into the poly thing at first, and she did it because she is aliter doormat. I also think she really just wanted z friend, and confused that with wanting a girlfriend. Billie came into the picture around the time Selena left for Cali.

Where did Lainey and Billie meet anyway? Was bill just s fan that got lucky to pass the Greg approval?

No. 302457

File: 1475245332544.jpg (133.82 KB, 918x527, onelessfan.jpg)

>I was just doing what came Natural to me.
>Im not manipulative just because lainey freaks out over nothing

He has successfully triangulated Billie against Lainey, as if there was any doubt at this point. She's getting a better warning about her future with Onion than anyone else who came before her ever got. Billie you are one dumb bitch.

Also the woman she is replying to left a comment on Onions most recent pic with Lainey. He's already losing fans, it's glorious!

No. 302460

The video was such a shitty thing to do, but imo the most telling thing was Greg telling Lainey he didn't love her, and apparently that he never lived her. Even if he said it in anger, that's such a shitty thing to fall to when in an argument, and most of the time has s hint of truth to it. To then make the video with Billie all googley eyed with Greg, is like him reaffirming whSt he said to her.

No. 302462

I have a feeling she is only gone for now, not forever.

No. 302468

everyone assumes he said he didn't love her, but we don't know that. it would be a stupid move on his part because it takes away her main motivation to do things for him. I think it's more likely that he actually said "I lied about being monogamous, I'm not happy having just one partner and I can't make it work anymore", that would also explain why he said he doesn't want to be married to her - "I have strong feelings for more than one person and it's unfair to them that I can only have one spouse. If you really loved me, you'd understand." it would be A+ Onion logic and a perfect breeding ground for more manipulation while taking away some of the commitment.

of course he's tired of her and wants her gone, but I think this is what happened.

No. 302469

No. 302470

I honestly believe Lainey when she said Greg told her he doesn't love her anymore. Because he doesn't love her, he wants out and he wants Lainey to be the one to end it. They got into a fight and he let it slip that he's over her. I doubt he intended to, or even if he did he was hoping it would be the nail in the coffin. Problem is that he groomed her too well, she isn't going anywhere.

No. 302471

Where did she say he doesn't love her anymore? She said he doesn't want to be married to her anymore.

No. 302472

She didn't but it's implied. She said he didn't want to be in the relationship or be married to her anymore. It's pretty much saying "I don't love you but I'm not going to straight out say it".

No. 302475

There was a tweet convo she was having with someone the night of the initial fight where she said Greg told her he didn't love her and sudnt wang to be with her. She said it in s weird way tho

No. 302476

I feel like I am taking crazy pills.

Onision has touched a naked 19 year old in a "full body massage" everywhere except her crotch and boobs? (I can't remember if he did touch her chest but I know he did massage her naked butt.)

Since then he had sex with said 19 year old in multiple threesomes with his wife.

Then he flips out on wife, says he doesn't love her and it was all a lie, meanwhile making a video with 19 year old practically eye fucking him.

I just… how is this normal?? How come these facts are not being considered by the entire internet? Lainey is a joke of a person and a terrible mother, billie is a homewrecker since it's obvious where her true feelings lie, but how is onision not in trouble with the law over this?

Isn't this considered adultery now, which is illegal?

No. 302479

spellcheck your fucking posts, you're constantly shitting all over this thread

No. 302480

Lmao stop being so dramatic about adultry being illegal. People cheat all the time, you don't get prosecuted for it. The only thing that may happen is that onions prenup may fall apart b

No. 302481

But I have fat fingers and auto correct is a bitch, anon.

No. 302482



And it IS illegal, meaning that the cheater usually gets left with the short end of the stick after the divorce, especially if kids are involved. Just because people do it all the time doesn't mean that is okay or they get away with it? Especially if there is tons of proof immortalized on the internet.

No. 302483

The short end of the stick has endless teen pussy and no screaming babies (or wife, for that matter)

He gives no fucks.

No. 302484

wut. Almost every state is no-fault for divorce AND automatically splits custody equally. The assets that Greg acquired during the marriage will be split equally while Greg's assets from before the marriage will be kept by him if the prenup holds up.

No. 302486

Ugghhh that dumb bitch. It's like she considers anything that isn't a magical spell to make Gurg go back to her to be useless advice to be ignored. Standing the fuck up for herself would get her on the path to independence and a decent life for her babies but it won't make Gurg love her, so in her mind it solves nothing.
Someone needs to take those kids away from these fucktards.

No. 302488


She doesn't actually give a shit about Gurgles loving her, she just doesn't want to have to get a job and be a single mom and give up her lifestyle of doing nothing and whining about how she's totally a boi you guize, while having to watch Onion parade his new jailbait all over youtube

No. 302490

I wonder how she feels about the baby that she's potentially exposed to an STI.

No. 302495

Maybe he didn't directly say he never loved her but…
>lied to for 4 years straight

That's their whole relationship so whatever this is about goes further back then the cuddlegate era. Maybe he said something to effect of he never really wanted to marry her or even be with her in the first place. Which she interpreted as he never loved me/he lied all those times he said he loved me. If that's what happened it would feel the same as never being truly loved.

No. 302503

I can see this happening. And realistically, if your spouse says they don't want to be married to you anymore, that usually means they don't have feelings for you anymore.

No. 302504

Did plainey delete her twitter again?

No. 302505

Seems like it.

No. 302506

I think so. I follow her and she's not showing up on my list. She'll be back. She can't stay away from it.

No. 302507

File: 1475261173735.png (444.25 KB, 688x297, ugh.png)

She did post this recently though. So she's still active on tumblr for now.

No. 302508

Greg's probably just scrubbing her account more. She still has her private twitter.

No. 302510

He can scrub all he wants but it's been screened and saved on here as well as other places. This isn't just a oopsie moment, this is a huge deal. I hope Billie-bob Dingle lets us in on what happened like she did last time. Apparently she can't handle all the hate.

No. 302511

This. Greg is incredibly smug about making technicalities work for him ("good thing they were above the age of consent in their states"). He got with Shiloh and Lainey and Billie because he knew he could get away with it even if it was skeezy.

I really doubt he'd do something like molest his own child, purely because he knows he couldn't squirm out of the consequences for that.

No. 302513

>But you loved her?

No he didn't, Taylor.

No. 302514

Onion is probably telling her not to make the video.
Or at least, let him "help" with editing the video

No. 302515

wait, where did they say that he actually had sex with billie? i thought that in the threesomes he basically just watched and the most contact he had was when he gave her a full-body massage and everything went to hell the first time

No. 302516

No. 302518

he states in this video >>302516 that they had sex multiple times lol

No. 302519


It's funny how it all turned out. Initially he always made it very clear that his wife was free to have a "girlfriend" because he was such a cool guy and didn't portray it as a poly realtionship. This was clearly the end game though, and with him falling in love with Billie, I can see why Lainey went nuts at them, especially since she is several months pregnant. Lainey was the cuck all along. The cuckquean.

Onion still a cuck tho.

No. 302520

He started turning his fanbase against his wife.

Sorry Taylor, your days of internet fame are over.

No. 302521


"Yeah we're not getting a divorce but I needed her to fuck off for a minute so I can get some new poon, and I kinda need her to be there waiting on me when new poon gets tired of me"


No. 302522

She's probably going to keep her twitter deleted for awhile now to avoid some of the immediate backlash. Since that shit video was released Billie has unprivated her twitter, hmm….

I'm sure it has nothing to due with Onion defending her and putting all the blame on Lainey!

No. 302523

Not shocked at all that he painted Lainey as some crazy, emotional bitch while he made Billie seem like the perfect specimen. It kind of infuriates me that he blamed Lainey for her and Billie getting back together the second time, despite the fact he thought it was a bad idea. If Greg didn't feel like it was a good plan, WHY agree to it? You can't have a poly relationship if the other person doesn't want one… just say "no, not comfortable" then there is no poly.

ALSO, how the fuck is he going to say that he wants to be single, but then go on in the next sentence that he expects everything to go back to normal? THESE PEOPLE

No. 302525

he says that but also says that him and billie never kissed or anything. but that he loves billie because they had sex together. getting cucked while your wife gets eaten out by another chick does not mean sex, onion

No. 302526

I'm seeing a pattern here. It's just like when he broke up with Shiloh and wanted everyone to see that he was totally reasonable and it's all her fault for being crazy.

No. 302527

Most of Onision's fans only pretend to like Lainey. As soon as a scandal like this happens, they all jump to his side, claiming they always knew she was bad for him.

No. 302529

He is a big liar. He expresses his wish (to be single to continue fucking billybop) and then tries acting like a goody two shoes and hopes for everything to go back to normal.

No. 302530

he can't have it both ways, clearly, judging by Lainey's reaction to the relationship/s.

Now my question is whether he's going to attempt some sort of meet up with billybob while on this "break"

No. 302531


It's all part of his plan, remember? He's gonna leave her anyway. Dunno how or when but he will. He's already planting the seeds.

No. 302533

Taylor needs to make him pay for her masters degree. She also needs to find a hot guy her own age to fuck while Greg is single but they're still married. She's too much of a doormat to do that but it would drive Greg crazy.

No. 302534

My first reaction was that Greg wouldn't care, but I could actually see him getting pissy if she upgraded.

No. 302535

I love how at the end he says "I only have sex with people that I love and I love that third person and can never see them again." and he's all upset. You dug your own grave and now you're stuck in it. Lainey's never leaving and yourself even said there will be a 90% chance that you two will remain together.

No. 302536

God, this. Taylor needs to seriously:
1. Sneak off and get some fucking BC, like the shot, so he won't know about it, so he doesn't try and sabotage her.
2. Get a great degree for herself on his dime
3. Find a great new hot guy/girl (not hard) who isn't a sociopath (also not hard) to fuck around with in the mean time
4. Then peace out on that fucker once she has graduated and gets a job and moves in with the new beau
Boom. Onion rekt.

No. 302537

How he says that Lainey told them not to do anything but he went and did what he would with any other "friend" like cuddling, etc and is confused on why Lainey is pissed? Like, let her find a guy you get suspicious of and then come home to find both of them in bed after you said not to do anything. He is fucking ridiculous. Lainey is as much fault here but he is making her seem like it's completely her fault. They wanted to spice up their sex life and Gurgles caught feelings and that's pretty much it.

No. 302538

Can someone do a summary please I can't watch the video as I'm in work lol

No. 302540

It's all Lainey's fault because she was negative! Me and billie were so positive but then Lainey ruined it all by being ~dramatic~. How could Lainey ever possibly think she was the third wheel, we totally reassured her often, except when he would go play by ourselves when she was negative (most of the time).

Naturally, onion takes no blame, and shifts 100% to Lainey.

No. 302541

Greg is saying that him and Lainey are on "break" from each other and that this whole thing was Lainey's idea and she's too insecure and never trusted Billie. Yet kept bringing Billie back and then getting insecure and negative while Greg and Billie were all positive and he brags about how amazing their threesomes were but says they never had sex, so take that one as you will. Then Billie goes away and comes back and Lainey makes Billie leave crying and that makes Greg upset and sad and what set it over the edge was Lainey airing their dirty laundry all over twitter and calling him and Billie out. And now Greg is upset because he'll never get to see or fuck Billie again because he loves her.

No. 302543

Sorry for being a total newb but how long have they known Billie?

No. 302544


since December 2015

No. 302545


So according the Lainey he never loved her but he loves Billie even though he hasn't known her for a year…makes perfect sense.

No. 302547

absolutely. they are not done yet.

No. 302550

Did you forget that she has two kids? There's not many great/ hot guys her age that would be fine with that. Hell, I'd stay away.

I also don't get why he says there's a 90% chance that it'll be okay again… Doesn't seem like something that can be repaired so easily, especially because his hatred for Lainey really shows in the video.

No. 302551

File: 1475277728153.png (Spoiler Image, 274.31 KB, 1221x1372, IMG_0288.PNG)

Just like he did with Skye: "ugh, she just SITS around all day staring at her laptop!"

Billie Dong Tingle's ray of sunshine tweet seems extra cunty now.

No. 302552


I assume he meant they never kissed/had sex without Lainey being present (whilst watching movies/gaming).

No. 302553

File: 1475278828607.png (69.21 KB, 611x322, Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 7.38…)


I love how she got good advice and just ignored it. Now it's too late for her. There's so many people siding with Greg although they were Lainey fans.

No. 302554


I think she's just doing what she can to stay with him at the moment. The fact that she deleted her twitter when it is something he mentions in the video that annoyed him and Billie. I think she did it as a gesture. Especially since he adds in the end of the video that she has apologised to both Billie and him. Also how he makes sure to say they are on a break and not getting a divorce, when Lainey was hitting that divorce button with full force during cuddlegate 1.0. I think she would either want to stay with him or be divorced from him, and the "break" is Gurg's doing so he can prep the new child bride.

If she really is pregnant during all of this then I do feel for her. I think she brought Billie back in the relationship so she could experience some genuine love (Gurg being a psychopath) I mean the amount of "I love my gf" BS she posted at the time. But Dawn Dingle was mostly playin' her.

No. 302555

"My wife is so negative for not being comfortable with the teen harlot I forced into our relationship. She's nine months pregnant and the fact she can't control her hormones is severely abusive."

No. 302556

I mean, arguably Lainey was the one who wanted the third person both by her admission and Greases. That doesn't excuse Greg's disgusting behaviour - pretty sure if you're going to try out polymory you should be aware that it's a shitty idea to blatantly favor the new person over your original partner. And Lainey's insecurity has been there since before they got together (although yeah the drastic-ness may be influenced by being preggers)

No. 302557

>it's not a divorce…it's a cool off

What an obnoxious twat. I'm convinced the only people who side with Onion are thirsty tween bitches who want his pimply penis in their cunnies.

No. 302558

No. 302559

I find it funny lainey has a video "reasons i'd divorce onision" and the shit he currently doing to her is pretty much what she said she'd divorce him for doing and she;s still being his doormat

No. 302561

Her instagram is down. Is Greg doing it or is she?

No. 302562

weird, she kept most of her drama off Instagram and she had over 200k followers.

samefagging but like i said here >>302554
I think she's doing it as a gesture to grovel back to Girgamesh, because she doesn't want to be a single and heavily pregnant mother.

No. 302563

Do we really believe Lainey wanted Billie to come back or is it lies Onison is shoving down our throats to put him and Billie in the best light?

No. 302564

Its so muddied at this point, we'll probably never really know

No. 302566

her backup IG account is still up.

No. 302567

File: 1475282464658.jpg (38.03 KB, 748x336, Screenshot_18.jpg)

No. 302568


But aside from that… it says you can only disable your account once a week. Which means that she couldn't have done it again–so she must have deleted it. Huh.

No. 302569

did she disable it before? she only disabled her twitter.

No. 302570

Sorry, I thought this was about twitter. My bad.

No. 302571

File: 1475283345176.png (179.54 KB, 720x1020, 20160930_205151.png)

Chubby Lainey sycophant keeping her priorities straight kek

No. 302572

I thought it was Greg who pushed her into dating Billy?

No. 302573

wait is this lainey or a fan that thinks shes lainey?

No. 302574


Just a teen tumblrina obsessed with Lainey. Funny how they BOTH seem to be in the midst of an identity crisis

No. 302576

This is some Single White Female bullshit.

No. 302579

File: 1475286447226.jpeg (110.25 KB, 540x332, image.jpeg)


No. 302580

File: 1475286453721.jpg (79.97 KB, 675x1200, CtO85jgW8AASQ7a.jpg)

this one could be lainey, if the lips looked a bit weirder. lainey got weird lips.

i'd go as far as to say lain clone is a little more attractive than lamo herself.

No. 302584

File: 1475286654089.jpg (202.01 KB, 1200x1200, CtjtIHiXYAA0fvr.jpg)


also the billie bob collage she made was on point with the pic of the highlighter faced girl kek.

No. 302585

File: 1475286704940.jpeg (19.05 KB, 540x51, image.jpeg)

No. 302587

File: 1475286924717.png (197.54 KB, 720x974, 20160930_215145.png)

Sycophant is lurking and tweeting about this thread…

No. 302588


She could dye her hair. Grow it out. Stop doing the same poses and expressions as Lainey. Do something different with her makeup… Lainey doesn't wear eyeshadow. Or lipstick that suits her. She could also crawl out from inside of Lainey's asshole as well.
Some people think she's funny but I've talked with her before and she's just a stuck up little brat who uses straw man, blocking, or yelling to win arguments. I can't stand her.

No. 302589

you confuse tweeting about this thread with common sense

No. 302590

Wait… dollar store Lainey isn't a clever troll?

No. 302591

>how to get a sugar daddy

The fucking irony of this coming from a Lainey fan.

No. 302593

File: 1475288173578.png (63.32 KB, 1154x198, Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 9.15…)

Called it

No. 302595


w e w l a d

No. 302596

thatsreally fucked up that they take laineys pictures on twitter and write like theyre her
its almost like catfishing

No. 302597

I know this is old news, but who wants to bet the reason Billie chopped off a bunch of her hair was because constantly bleaching and dying it fucked it up beyond repair?

No. 302598

she didn't chop it off, she's using clip-in extensions. also go to the Billie thread for this kind of post

No. 302599

oh cancel that i'm retarded, i thought the girl was using laineys pictures, not that they were both so bland looking that i couldnt tell the difference

No. 302600


I was going to say anon. I mean a catfisher would probably use billies pictures overs laineys. billie looks like a bit of a soap dodger but she's a lot more photogenic than plain.

No. 302601

I-is Billie a furry?

No. 302602

File: 1475289941032.png (172.94 KB, 720x1011, 20160930_224315.png)

You guys, stop. We're hurting her self esteem :(

No. 302603

I'm spamming him with song lyrics, got Crawling, Bring me to Life and Wasn't Me so far. Any suggestions?

No. 302604


hey i said i thought lain clone was better looking than plaino. though that probably hurt her feel bads because god forbid anyone insult the qween.

No. 302605


Wifey came in and she caught me red-handed
Cuddling with the blue haired whore
Picture this we were both butt naked
Being greasey on the bathroom floor

No. 302607

my sides!

No. 302608

Who gives a shit about some Lainey wannabe? Is this a self-post?

No. 302610


How could I forget that I had
Given her an STD
All this time she was standing there
She wouldnt stop tweeting bout me

No. 302612

Sorry, didn't even realize we had a Billie thread.

No. 302613


Frozen inside without your touch,
Without your love, Billie
Only you are the life among the Lain!!!!!!!!!!

(SAVE ME!!!!)
Call my name and save me from the Lain

No. 302614

I'm spent. Sent out 175 Tweets, not blocked yet, maybe more later

No. 302616


he busy signing over troy and the future sprog to lainey like during cuddlegate 1.0

i guess this would be


any other suggestions?

No. 302617

Billie Gates

No. 302619

I imagine it would be incredibly stressful to be in the life circumstance of being close to giving birth and being headfucked / manipulated in this way, just the worries associted with losing what you have at that time. Plus the hormonal state she will be in as her body changes for birth. He's choosing his timing very interestingly.

No. 302620

I thought he couldn't do worse than ruin Shiloh's career and filming her having a breakdown to use it against her.
Now he's 'breaking up' with his terminally pregnant wife using the fact that she's hormonal. How classy.
I'm sure all this stress and sadness is not affecting his almost new born at all. I'm sure his little kid is not picking up on mommy's sadness. Only Onion's feelings count after all.

No. 302621


No. 302622

it's so fucked. the child will 100% be affected by the stress his mother is presently experiencing, even if she's made shitty decisions. then he/she will be born into this toxic household

No. 302624

There was a profile up at teenspot where she said she liked athletic guys and pale girls, she made it in 2011.

No. 302625


It absolutely fucking boggles my mind that people can be so open about this shit online. Like, is this some sort of staged play?? I can't imagine ever airing my dirty laundry in such a public way like this, jesus christ

So fucking trashy

No. 302629

Well given the circumstances she can very easily get that prenup trashed

No. 302630

File: 1475305530926.jpg (137.24 KB, 796x1375, IMG_20161001_090421.jpg)

He just fucks her with his greasy pimply dick, and she becomes a good little doormat again.

Don't worry Plainey, now he is going to force you to invite billybop again :^)

No. 302631

Then once baby number two is here they'll work on yet another bandaid baby. These three are fucking stupid, oh my god…

No. 302632


I just want them to divorce already! -weeps softly-

No. 302633

It'll never happen. Greg doesn't want the one to do it or he'll seem like the bad guy and Lainey depends on him for money without working. So either way, they are still both very miserable as long as they stay together. The only good thing to come out if they do ever divorce will be drama from Greg bad mouthing her like the others and if Lainey ever grows a spine, then she would might do a tell all. And then he can bring in Billie and we can watch that shitshow.

No. 302634

File: 1475310469372.jpg (172.37 KB, 1228x840, over.jpg)

I'm pretty sure he is preparing to be the one who is going to divorce her without making him look bad in the eyes of his dumb fans.

His recent video is basically him portraying himself like an angel, while Lainey has been a bitch for the 10th time already, harassing poor gurgles and billybop who only want to give her ~love~. I think this is the first time where he directly portrays his wife as someone bad.

He is going to drive her crazy again, then make a new video how he has been harassed enough, and he already gave enough chances to her and how he is the victim in all of this and how it would be the best for Lainey to move back to her parents (taking the kids with her, of course).

No. 302635

He's portrayed every other ex as bad. Even Skye because he has to pay alimony. And his fans still sided with him every time. But I still highly doubt a divorce will ever happen between the two. Even Greg said in the video that there was a 90% chance they'll be okay. If anything it'll have to be Lainey to be the one to do it.

No. 302636

If I didn't hate Lainey so much, I'd feel sorry for the way Grease keeps using gas lighting against her.

No. 302639

omfg what an absolute selfish dickhead. the whole point was that his wife made it clear she was uncomfortable with onion obviously starting a relationship with another girl and and he does is say how emotionally wrecked~~~ he was and that's totally why he asked billy to fuck. and she's def not a home wrecker because she rejected him.

>my wife is a liar so i forgave billy for lying
>my wife destroyed
>my wife's insecurities
>my wife's mood swings
>my wife is always in a bad mood
>my wife screwed over billy
>my wife knew i can't sleep with someone without catching feelings so it's all her fault

I honestly can't feel bad for Lainey because his fuckery with his ex wife, Shiloh, and AJ was so publicized. This is how this shit ends Lainey you dumb fuck.

No. 302640

I think anon meant this is the first time he has portrayed Lainey bad, specifically? In cuddlegate 1.0, he took the brunt of the blame and was very apologetic for his actions because Lainey was taking the initiative to leave. Now that she's being permanently pathetic and he's realizing that 9 months later her dumb ass is never going to fuck off no matter how obvious he makes it he doesn't want her, he's militarizing his minions against her so he can come out of this looking like the harassed husband.

I think the "chances are we'll be fine" is because she's pregnant. Maybe they'll patch things up long enough for her to pop out Bandaid before he drops some truly vile shit like "you just aren't attractive to me now that you've had all these kids" and then rides off with Billay (or maybe even a younger, edgier model) into the sunset.

No. 302642

Well Lainey did delete her Twitter.
Maybe he will wait a month until her Twitter is permanently deleted ( while trying to make her del her instagram too) and then kick her out?
She won't have social media to vent to…

No. 302643


I bet he says that just because he wants to seem out like a forgiving and patient husband. And he really can't divorce a pregnant woman without seeming like a huge asshole.

So I call 6 months or so after Bandaid is being born and the shit hits the fan next time. "I gave her so many chances, I forgave her and she decided not to fight for love" and of course some self pity on the side, videos of him crying in a car… The usual stuff.

No. 302644

>This is how this shit ends Lainey you dumb fuck.
>This is how this shit ends Billie you dumb fuck.

No. 302645

Well Billie, better start preparing Ayalla to become a nanny to your children with Greg :^)

No. 302646


Have you seen the replies? All of his fans want him to be with Billie instead.

No. 302648

His fans are terminally fucking retarded and should kill themselves. If I had a Twitter I'd be asking them all why they're so retarded they believe his bullshit with no question.

No. 302649

>See Lainey? Everyone is telling me you are an abuser and I should be with Billy. I think it's time for you to pack up. Don't forget to take children with you :^)

No. 302652

File: 1475328386316.png (813.81 KB, 1202x1198, Screen Shot 2016-10-01 at 14.2…)

Whoever runs the @Shaggywan account on twitter please just fucking stop.

No. 302653

Guys, what if Lainey has issues during labor? I can't remember but didn't she have a rough first birth? Being 9 months pregnant that baby must be huge. She looks huge.

No. 302654

I can't wait for this new shitshow. Billie deserves to have her youth, life and body destroyed by Onion-san's greasy pimple dick if she continues refusing to see the truth.

"I'm not like his other bitch wives, I can change him :^)"

No. 302655

Onion said she almost died while giving birth for the first time.

Maybe he is hoping that she will die this time.

No. 302656

File: 1475329324318.jpg (48.76 KB, 847x227, 1475324736797.jpg)

Posting from Billie thread on /snow/

No. 302657


I know girls like this. Makes sense to me that Billie would be one of them.

No. 302659

She had a lot of problems during the pregnancy too didn't she? I'm assuming that wasn't the case this time if they were flying Billie in every few weeks to fuck.

No. 302662

found a video mirror so we can stop giving him yt bux

No. 302664

if she's preggo all this stress could really do a number on her and the baby.

I wish she'd just pack up and leave already, and I wish billie would wise up and realize that if greg is capable of cheating on his pregnant wife, make passive-aggressive videos about her, and have the woman he was fucking on the side in the same house as his pregnant wife, she's going to go through hell when he gets bored of her.

Where the fuck is greg finding these stupid ass women? I know they where both young when he groomed them,but fuck… 16 year old me would have been running like hell with all of THIS shit going down.

No. 302666

It's the Hannibal syndrome, aka "he's an asshole to everyone but me, I'm the exception to his rule, so he really must love me! The other girls just didn't deserve his love the way I do!"

No. 302668

Unrelated but will the download button ever come back? I don't even know why they got rid of it.

No. 302669

ugh… i really dont know if can keep up with onion drama anymore the fact that hes literally bashing lainey for shit that he wanted and basically forced her to do and we ALL knew this was going to happen idk…
its just too much like hes such a fucked up piece of shit. And even the drawings he made is trying to make her out to be this crazy bitch for figuring out what his plan was.

saging for blogging

No. 302670

Billay is probably going to have it even worse because everyone will know she was his mistress before she was his girlfriend/wife, so when shit hits the fan she won't have even half the support Lainey has now. When Greg gets tired of her it will be really easy for him to paint her as a homewrecking slut who seduced him and ruined his marriage boohoo won't some fresh new 17-year-old come and show me what REAL love is??? ;_;

Then again, I don't think he's going to marry Billy. It would be too much hassle for him and IMO she's more in it for the attention and not for twoo wuv with her personal god like Lainey. I think he's going to cycle through a few more girlfriends before he marries again.

No. 302671

Just noticed that Lainey's birthday is in two weeks (10/16). I wonder if we'll hear from her or Greg about it.

No. 302672

Plot twist: he serves her the divorce papers on her birthday.

No. 302673

I'm starting to wonder if him not wanting to end it has something to do with the prenup. Like if Lainey files first, she loses everything, but if Greg files first she take more.

No. 302674

wouldn't surprise me. all of his other exes were the ones to leave first so I'd bet he never thought he'd be the one doing it.

No. 302680

two theories:
1) she's giving birth right now
2) she'll visit her family on her birthday and not come back

No. 302682

She needs longer and ligher hair. You need some angular, modelesque bone structure to pull off a pixie cut and she doesen't have it.
She could be very cute if she grew her hair out, gave it some waves, and dyed it a warm blonde.

No. 302683

What a disgusting bitch

No. 302685


She wanted to be in America's next Top Model iirc…

No. 302688

This. The worst part is that even though she can look up Skye/Shiloh drama at any time to realize how much Greg destroyed their lives and ESPECIALLY reputations, she still continues to go forward with being his next child-bride. Yeah she might get ~internet famous~ for a couple of months/years of being Greg's child bride but as soon as he gets tired of her the backlash and hate she'll receive will have made any fame she had before completely worthless. Greg's fans will hate her wherever she goes, just like they do with his exes. She'll never recover from it.

No. 302689

Ong what a fucking new fag. Fuck off, you're not welcome here if you can't even understand the basic rules of an imageboard "shaggywan"!

No. 302690

Legally, I think sodomy covers both anal and oral sex.

No. 302695

Well what he does is have many "break ups" until the other person finally breaks up with him. For example with Adrianne, he broke up with her multiple times during the week they were dating, and he'd try and amend things. And who the fuck can put up with that for a long time?? Adrianne breaks up with him, and then he doesn't try to get back together thus "she dumped me".

It's insane to me that when Greg "breaks up" with someone, it means that he's single and can fuck around the very second it's established.

No. 302696

No matter how many times it happens, I'm always amazed that Onision can go straight from "she's so perfect, I don't deserve her" to "she's a horrible bitch who never loved me" and none of his fans care.

No. 302697

Not only did he break up with his wife, but now he's garnering sympathy.

No. 302698

Omg…I never realized before but I went to high school with onion.

No. 302699

At least he isn't filming his disgusting face.

No. 302700



>I didn't cry when I found out he died… I've never cried because of anyone I know dying… but this time I really felt something I had never experienced before… somewhat of a temporary loss in purpose of my own… thinking, if Jad, the good person he was, with so much potential and promise… died so soon… what does anything matter? What is fate and meaning?

[sighs] Fortunately I've made quite a few videos… I'm glad I can at least leave music and imagery behind…
>I actually have some good audio bits of Jad and I goofing off back in high school… he was the only person other than my wife who actually made silly bits with…

Leave Jad alone Greg! Stop exploiting his memory for views!!!

If Jad knew what your life is currently like, well…

No. 302701


Deets pls?

No. 302703

Ah I'm trying! I dint think he hung out with my group or anything. He's 2 years older than me, I'm currently in the process of asking some of my friends if they remember him. Ifor I saw a photo of him from high school I might recognize him.

No. 302704

I wonder why he's not showing his ugly mug in his latest videos. Did he get into a physical fight with Lainey and she scratched the shit out of him? I wish

No. 302705

File: 1475359431578.jpeg (39.1 KB, 500x500, image.jpeg)

No. 302708


His last name was Daniel if that helps, during his final years in high school, he started dating his (future) wife Skye. I hope this is helpful!

No. 302709

Do you happen to know what year he graduated?

No. 302710

he was just trying to have feelings about his friend who died a while back, in private with a teenage girl, and his pregnant wife lainey got mad wow what a terrible person. look, his fans are retarded but that's a given anyway in that they follow him in the first place.

No. 302717


He graduated in 2004. (Holy shit! I was in 7th grade…! Sorry for self-blogging!)

No. 302719

Ok. YeaI'm taking to my friend and she said that we caled him the dog guy…I'll post more when I get it.

No. 302720


Lmfaooo wtf "the dog guy"??? Why?

No. 302721


PS: you're not "HSANON" or Someguy right? Are y'all legit? Just checking bc of last time with the previous threads…

No. 302722


Not them but what happened with the previous threads?

No. 302724

I'm new here n I've seen a lot of dislike towards someguy, is there a reason why?

No. 302725

Hypocricy and creating drama to make himself look good in comparison while contributing almost nothing.

No. 302726


Some farmers speculate that Someguy is actually "HSAnon" or "Michael" due to the intense a-logging and "hogging HSAnon.

If anyone's interested to add more, go ahead and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 302727

I used to like Someguy (didn't use lolcow then)

What exactly did he do….

No. 302729


Tell us about the dog guy!

No. 302731

he's just a crazy delusional dude who would blogpost on here a lot and thought everything onision did was related to him in some way. he'd also samefag calling himself hot and other embarrassing shit. he has his own thread on snow somewhere where videos of him abusing his gf got posted so feel free to go there if you want to discuss him further

No. 302732

Haha no actually. I'm pretty new honestly to onion drama,just started following this year. I never said anything before cuz I didn't know he went to lakes. Not sure if it's relevant, but I'm female and I don't think HSanon was

No. 302733


Nah, HSAnon was a dude who went by Michael here. But please share any info that you have, we kinda need some lulz for the moment. :)

No. 302735

For sure! In trying to get some. I don't remember him but I'm sure one of my friends will. We were all the weird crowd at school

No. 302737


Were y'all the goths, headbangers (metal heads), skaters and stoners kinda weird?

No. 302738

Can you verify that you went to school with him? Like take a picture of a yearbook cover?

No. 302739

Yea actually we were. It was a mix of alll that with a good amount of weeaboo thrown in.

No. 302740

Hmmm I never actually bought a year book or anything. I will to see if I can find something with like the mascot or something in it

No. 302741

sigh apparently my friends and I did know him. During w.a.s.l. my friend and I drew fan art of him….super embarrassing to admit.I'll post more when I get it.

No. 302742

File: 1475381760421.jpg (121.83 KB, 960x720, FB_IMG_1475381692085.jpg)

Here you go! My graduating class!

No. 302743

You've convinced me, thanks.

No. 302744

Haha no problem. I hope this doesn't end up as a waste of time. I'll keep digging though till I get something good or until his milk flows again

No. 302746


What exactly is a "w.a.s.l" if you don't mind me asking? Did you see Onion hanging out with other people/girls or was he the typical creepy loner kid always by himself?

No. 302747

Oh it's the Washington standardized test. You have to take it like freshman and sophomore year. I think if you do it then, you can skip it the next two years. Least that's how it was when I was in school.

If I'm remembering him correctly, he was super quiet and seemed angry all the time. He may have hung out with a couple people from my group, but the older members. No girls. Not seriously anyways

No. 302748


So he hung around mostly dudes and shit? Also, why'd y'all call him "the dog guy"? Was he like Brock from Pokemon - a hornfog? Lol

No. 302749


Horndog* oops

No. 302753

I'm sorry! But this song just SCREAMS Onion to me. Read the lyrics and you'll see what I'm talking about.

No. 302754

God no I love this song please don't apply it to onion vomit

No. 302755

Washington assessment of student learning

No. 302759

Seems like Lainey's asslickers whom she always interacted with on Twitter are all against Greg.

I bet she is gonna shit on all of them when she returns to protect her dearest daddy Gurgles.

No. 302767

File: 1475413000071.jpg (15.2 KB, 589x96, animay.JPG)

Has anyone noticed Onision posting about "anime" recently? It's not really about specific series, it's just anime. Stuff like: "Anime has changed my life." "I like anime more than you." "Anime is one of the best things in my life".

I was thinking it might be a code word for Billie (she has"anime" hair color). Tweeting like that so his wife doesn't notice.

Or maybe I am giving it too much thought and he is just trying to pander to weebs.

No. 302768

Usually I think the conspiracy theories on lolcow are retarded, but this might be plausible. Then again, didn't Adrienne say he masturnates to hentai?

No. 302769

I may be wrong (I dont want to re-watch his videos), but I think he mentioned him and Billie watching anime together when Lamo is depressed.

No. 302771

I also forgot to mention, Billie liked that tweet.

No. 302773

No. 302782

Lmao who cares about song lyrics tho gtfo

No. 302783

I had a similar theory. Like if Billiebob has been on his mind a lot maybe he's posting about anime because it's what they were doing (watching anime) while they were together and it now holds that association for them. I feel like it's more like his way of getting Billie's attention because he expects that it's going to remind her of him and she is most likely already in love with him. Grugg is a master manipulator of naive girls after all. I won't be surprised if he tries to play head games with her even from a distance despite being resigned to his marriage with Plainey.

No. 302784

File: 1475419514550.jpeg (51.85 KB, 711x307, image.jpeg)

Greg and Shiloh used a secret nickname on Twitter when he was still with Skye

No. 302786

File: 1475422020413.jpg (22.79 KB, 1347x46, 898.JPG)

literally Billoh

No. 302787

I found it really off also. The only anime he has ever expressed interest in is Death Note (which is really basic) and that doesn't imply that he has an interest in anime as a whole, just that one show.

But Adrienne did mention that he masturbates to hentai and it made her uncomfortable. I figured that this was a way of letting Lainey know that he's not sexually attracted to her anymore and that he's jerking off to animated girls instead. Probably another way of making her feel like shit.

No. 302788


It's more Lainey then Greg.

No. 302789

File: 1475423955640.jpg (105.09 KB, 588x837, bot.jpg)

Blast to the past: Cuddlegate 1.0

Lainey had more balls that time…well until she doormated it up again

No. 302790

But that's also why I can't take her seriously anymore. She knew all these things and let Billie come back-she made tons of happy tweets about her girlfriend. I know that Greg is manipulative but I think there's at least some truth in his latest video. Lainey's behavior is all over the place, i.e. I love my gf, she's the worst etc and that happened like three or four times. If she wouldn't have been okay with Billie coming back she would have said so on twitter instead of tweeting how much she misses her.

No. 302791

File: 1475426686632.jpg (171.37 KB, 1670x618, sdsd.jpg)

No. 302792

I feel like all this milk is too tainted by the fact that this cunt thrives and makes money from the drama, it doesn't taste amazing

No. 302793

No. 302795

Instead of arguing the semantics of who pushed for the Billie relationship, Lainey should consider one big red flag: Billie was caught trying to initiate a relationship with Greg, regardless of if Lainey was in the picture or not. This show who she has feelings for and who she doesn't. I would never pursue polyamory but even using logic, I would reason that a 3 way relationship isn't mutually 3 ways if the person brought in cares only about 1 person and not the other. The texts she sent Greg are proof of this.

Also, this makes the second time Billie chose to be on Greg's side and not try to do anything to fix her so-called relationship to Lainey. The fact that she physically opted to be with Greg and not Lainey. Who is she really there for then? This says it alllll.

I have so much to point out about how wrong this whole thing is.

Like the fact that Greg and Billie have admitted they love each other but Lainey says she has only ever loved Greg and never told Billie she loved her. So…Greg loves Billie and Billie loves Greg but Lainey doesn't love Billie and its unclear whether or not Billie has claimed to love Lainey. Even if she claimed she did, I call bullshit because she has seemed very eager to jump into with Greg with no thoughts about Lainey's involvement or lack of involvement at all.

At this point it would be generous of me to say that Billie doesn't mind Lainey's presence so long as she is doing what she wants to Greg. She is willing to go through the motions of fingering and kissing Lainey or whatever, but emotionally it is clear who her focus is and that is why this is dangerous to Lainey's marriage.

Lainey isn't sensitive or paranoid. Anyone can read between the lines of this clusterfuck.

No. 302796

> its unclear whether or not Billie has claimed to love Lainey.

she has deleted the tweet since, but when called out for tweeting about kittens and sunshine while Lainey was having a breakdown, she tweeted "I have strong feelings for both of them"

No. 302797

Strong feelings could mean she super dislikes Lainey and loves Greg. If she really cared, she would have flat out said she loved both of them and not a vague "strong feelings".

No. 302798

So this is what it's all come down to now?

Grease emotionally blackmailing Lainey by "separating" from her because she won't allow him and her ex-girlfriend to fuck any more.

He can sugarcoat and dress it up as much as he wants to with over-dramatic videos, but they won't ever hide this straightforward fact.

Of course she's going to say that, she's not going to openly admit that she's only in love with Grease

No. 302799

Totally agree with this. The fact that Billie was initially supposed to be PLAIN's gf and then went on to become essentially Greg's sidebitch is just mind-blowing. Like the tables have turned completely. Now Greg is the one who seems to want to have a girlfriend on top of a marriage.

And if that post on lolcow was really made by Billie then it makes even more sense why she would have been throwing her friend under again.
Of course, there's always the remote possibility that the whole thing was fabricated for attention. But putting their children in that kind of environment would negate any kind of blame avoidance on their part. The situation is fubar any way you look at it.

No. 302801

I still don't know WTF it means that Greg said that when Lainey indicated she didn't want a long term polyamory commitment, that he said he "wasn't interested".

I can only interpret this as meaning he didn't want to stay married unless he could have Billie. How else can this be interpreted?

Is he saying that Lainey wanted to play with Billie, the new toy, until she got bored? And he objected on the basis of ethics or some dumb bullshit? Isn't up to his wife what she wants to do with HER supposed girlfriend? Why does he get a say, in any case? This started out being for her allegedly, and now it seems (unsurprisingly) that he has made it more about him and his feefees for Billie.

If Lainey wants to screw around with Billie for a little while and then drop her, why does it matter to him?

If this is the correct interpretation, its still massively fucked because now he's calling the shots of this arrangement when its supposed to be at the least, a decision they make together, and most logically, a decision Lainey makes on her own.

What kind of cockamamie sense does it make that he gets to give her an ultimatum?

Smarten up Lainey. It is within your every right to decide what you are comfortable with. He is married to YOU. He needs to support YOU. How does it work that he claims he supported your decision to invite Billie back and claiming he thought it was a bad idea, but he doesn't support you ending it with her or putting an expiration date on the whole thing? More piles of Onision bullshit.

No. 302802

He meant he didn't want to be in the poly relationship if Lainey knew she didn't want it forever. When she said that, he knew he'd would never keep having his "awesome threesomes" and it would end regardless of how long Lainey would have kept it up. So either way, it was already determined that they would never have a poly relationship again.

No. 302803

Hey! Back. That dog guy thing was my mistake. She was referring to him in the present as dog guy cuz she saw a video he made about his dogs. I do have info though.

Apparently he told friend A, that when he was 16 that he beat up his dad and went to juvee for it. That's all she really had to say but other friends of ours stepped in and did remember him.

Friend b was really good friends with skye. He started dashing her and was apparently abusive and obsessive. A complete psycho and we are lucky he didn't decide to shoot up the school.

No. 302804

Hm if I was Lainey, I would find this to be absurd. It's supposed to be her relationship isn't? I don't recall when she decided that she was sharing Billie with Greg, and I bet she doesn't either. And that's why she is acting out and depressed.

No. 302805

So it was the ultimatum of either being monogamous the rest of their marriage or staying in a polygamous for the rest of their marriage with or without Billie.

No. 302806

Did your friend tell you in what way was Onion abusive to Skye back in high school?

No. 302807

I think Lainey might really be bisexual but I think she never meant to embark on a permanent relationship with one. I think she wanted to have some fun exploring her sexuality with no strings attached, and she thought her husband was supportive of this notion. I think she always intended to have her marriage be the only serious relationship and I don't think that's unreasonable. I would think, being her husband, he would be able to recognize what her true desires are, but then again, thats assuming he gives a shit.

No. 302809

No..just that she is glad skye got away from him.

No. 302811

During CG1, Lainey said it was Greg who pushed for it. Now, Greg is saying Lainey was the one who kept pushing for it. And then you have Billie who just gives vague answers and clearly has a dedicated side to Greg. There's no telling what the true story is. If Lainey really wanted it, she wouldn't have said what she did back then about it being Greg's idea to push for it. But she is also young and got married at a young age and neither don't know a damn thing about being in a poly relationship and was doomed from the beginning.

No. 302812

File: 1475430946728.jpg (107.1 KB, 615x540, Screenshot_19.jpg)

The fact that Billie was initially supposed to be PLAIN's gf and then went on to become essentially Greg's sidebitch is just mind-blowing. Like the tables have turned completely.

Even Lainey knows it's bullshit, she retweeted this the night of her breakdown. I can't fathom having such little self respect

No. 302813

Did Skye have Greg's love child or was HSAnon full of shit?

No. 302814


I'm like 75 percent sure that HSanon was someguy.

No. 302815

File: 1475431914134.png (260.21 KB, 500x565, tumblr_mpfpvrZL451qfusnio2_500…)

Skye would have put it in here then

No. 302817

Anon confirmed with us that she went to hs with Greg, not someguy. That was the entire problem with HSAnon.

No. 302818

That's what in trying to find out right now. I honestly think she did. We know he's got a kid floating out there with an ex. I'm just waiting for friend b to come back and confirm if it's skye or sooner other poor girl

No. 302819

what's the proof there's another kid?

No. 302820

File: 1475432562154.jpg (201.17 KB, 1280x1268, tumblr_o1jhe2jbo21tcmf7wo1_128…)

Figured this was relevant to the current situation.

Billie and Greg clearly prioritize each other, but Greg doesn't know how to slither out of the marriage like he has done in the past with other women, plus he doesn't want to have to give Lainey any money when she leaves.

No. 302822

File: 1475432723610.png (32.05 KB, 642x348, tumblr_o20vw8T9GL1v68lr4o1_128…)

Greg loves making up the rules as he goes along…

No. 302823

Nothing yet, except common knowledge among friends

No. 302824


Exactly. I like how it was initially "I want to get my wife a girlfriend" and became "unless this threesome is forever I want no part in it." If it wasn't supposed to be serious initially, should it be casually involved with a third? A flexible third? It's so obvious this whole thing was an excuse to have a relationship with Billy too.

It blows my mind how he can sit there and justify himself when originally it wasn't supposed to be his girlfriend too? Jfc Lainey, you are so blind.

No. 302825

Sorry, *shouldn't it be casual involvement with a third?

No. 302826

Emotional blackmail/"separating" while she's heavily pregnant. That fact being kept from his fans (whom are mostly very young) is part of the reason that he seems to be sliding by somewhat. He's getting called out a little bit in the comments but imagine how much worse it would be if everyone knew she was carrying his child while all this mess has gone down.

Up until very recently she was referred to as Laineys gf. Now he's saying menage a trois and poly, wtf changed so suddenly? Oh I know, it's Greg getting close enough to Billie while not giving a fuck about how Lainey feels. I'm glad someone noticed this and said something.

No. 302827


Maybe they didn't put the kid in the documents for Onioncock to avoid child support and to not see said kid. Neither he, nor her family wanted him anywhere near them. Back in 2012, Onion kept comparing alimony with child support and slavery (if anyone remembers) for some reason. After HSAnon, some fucker on the first thread went to Facebook and asked Skye if she knew Greg, she never replied but they DID report to see a picture of and some kid that looks like Onion. Oh, and let's not forget the last time Onion, Billie Jean and Taylor repeatedly stated "children" a lot pre-Cuddlegate.

No. 302828

In fact, wait. It's so obvious, it's painful.

Onision makes this entire situation about HIS feelings and Lainey needs to apologize to HIM when this was originally supposed to be Lainey's girlfriend. It was her decision to date or not date Billy, according to him. Her gf, not his. She set her boundaries, he and Billy repeatedly crossed them, and he makes a video emphasizing she is in the wrong?

Why aren't his followers asking themselves why was he even involved in any of this in the first place? (Other than the fact they are immature.) FFS someone should make a video parodying his from her perspective and pointing this out, because he would look so very guilty.

No. 302829

It's so disgusting how Greg's fans have flocked to defend him in light of his video. I have no doubt that he's taking advantage of Lain's emotional, hormonal state to ensure be that she's overreacting, despite us knowing better. Can we do anything to help turn the tables on Greg like he has on Lain, again, and bring awareness to his sociopathic behavior in regards to this situation? I don't think enough has been done outside of Tumblr and here. Even his Twitter posts are loaded with support.

No. 302830


I'm all for posting everything hinting at Lainey's pregnancy to Twitter and tagging all her fangirls as well as himself and Billie so people can see.

No. 302833

I'll do it. Does anyone have the screenshot from Greg's mother?

No. 302835

Call me a sociopath but I'm cool with lain's suffering. The bitch mocked the others for putting up with Greasecock and was assisting him with providing underaged girls for him to groom. It's not like she's gonna leave anyway. Stop feeling sorry for the bitch, it's just another "fakeboi who cried wolf" story to get asspats and sympathy.

No. 302836


Still nothing?

No. 302837

not related to sociopathy at all. stop trying to be edgy.

No. 302840

Greg plays the whole, "I just fell in emotional love, and I can't deny how I feel for another person because I'm so honest. To deny that is to be dishonest, which I am not."

Meanwhile, HE'S the one who expressed interest in having a threesome back when Lainey was just going to have a girlfriend (In his "I Betrayed My Wife" on Speaks.) HE'S the one who helped Billie woo Lainey, talking to Billie more than her, granted it was about how to get them together so he could fulfill his fantasy. He was the puppet master.

But, no, he wants everyone to believe he just "accidentally" fell in love with Billie. He introduced his threesome fantasy, coerced Lainey into being open to it to please him, told her that he can't sleep with anyone unless he loves them so she can't get mad at him for loving another woman because he warned her, so her resentment towards him is unjustified. And Greg was just being honest with Lainey about the WHOLE thing with absolutely no other seedy intentions. Bullshit, Greg. You're transparent as fuck.

No. 302842


Onision, please go.

No. 302843

If you get the screenshot, do it. Let that info flow.

No. 302845

this might sound dumb but I think it might be better not to reveal the pregnancy and let fans take his side and tell him to leave Lainey for Billie. If word spreads about the pregnancy he might stay with her longer for damage control

No. 302846

I doubt Greg will leave Lainey for Billie just because the fans prefer it. Right now, his mindset is "If I can't get the long term poly relationship I want and Lainey is going to speak up, I'm going to turn people against her. I'll make her look and feel like she's just being ungrateful and paranoid." A divorce is likely something he'll try to avoid, which is why he's trying to have his cake and eat it, too. He doesn't want the pregnancy to come to light because it looks bad given the circumstances. He's probably telling Lainey not to post about because the fans will invade their privacy, which isn't exactly false. But how do you think everyone would take all of the drama between them and Greg's constant talk of "awesome threesomes" if his fans knew it was with his pregnant wife? What if Greg started using that against her in his videos? What if he didn't and his fans or viewers just flooded the comment section with, "Give her a break, she's pregnant!" The whole relationship and keeping the pregnancy secret is to help his image.

No. 302847

but imagine if he twists it into "I wanted to protect her, but now I have to say it: my wife knew our love was over because I fell for Billie, so she went off birth control and locked me down with another kid."

No. 302848

I found the screenshot and I'm ready to post. so yeah or nah?

No. 302849

Yeah! Do it.

No. 302852

do it who gives a shit what the repercussions are

No. 302853

No. 302854

Nicely done, Anon. Let's hope others retweet this,too.

No. 302855

File: 1475438601284.jpg (64.2 KB, 610x523, gcu1Tsf.jpg)

No. 302856

At this point I don't care about ruining his reputation I just want the kids away from him. Maybe its wishful thining but if enough fans support him and Billie he'll eventually leave Lainey for Billie. Maybe not now but months from now. If the fans scold him for hurting pregnant Lainey he might feel compelled to prove to them he's a good husband and try his best to fix the marriage again.

No. 302857

I think the whole timeline of events leading up to the cuddlegates went something like this:

-Lainey, being the emotionally and mentally stunted womanchild she is, sees this cool new tranny trend on tumblr. Decides to adopt it as her identity since she virtually has none outside of being Onision's wife.

-Tells Greg of her new trans genderqueer space prince lesbian whatever sexuality. Greg loses his cheesy boner, which was already flagging because Lainey has aged out of the teen bracket.

-Since Lainey is awkward, friendless, and socially retarded as fuck, she asks her husband for help in selecting a gf for her to casually experiment with. A lightbulb goes off over Greg's head!! A perfect way for him to lure in a childbride for himself under the pretense of it being a fun time for Lainey.

-He picks the perfect victim for them both and we know the rest.

Greg is manipulative as fuck and Lainey capitulates to his every whim. It would not be difficult for him at all to convince her to let him into their relationship and eventually make it entirely poly. When he said "If the threesome isn't permanent then I don't want to do it anymore" it was probably worded in a much more malicious way that made Lainey feel bad and like she was going to lose Greg if she didn't let him have his way.

No. 302858

>She asks her husband for help in selecting a gf for her to casually experiment with

According to this >>302789 and few other tweets, she didn't come up with an idea of a gf, supposedly she was fine with Gurg.
It was him who decided to use her bisexuality and encouraged to get a gf because he is very "busy" and she is lonely.
He also mentions that in "I betrayed my wife" videos.

No. 302859

He just posted a new video about Eugenia. I don't even want to watch it. Why can't he let that go? She expressed how uncomfortable she felt with him making videos about her.

No. 302861

Another way to take the attention off of his scandal. I think calling him out in his comment section is necessary.

No. 302862

Its funny how in his video slamming the haters~ for stereotyping Lainey as the bisexual woman who just wants to have sex with woman, when in the end he did the exact same thing. Just because a woman is bi and in a hetero relationship doesn't mean she needs to slut herself out to other women. But he's ALWAYS had weird ideas about bisexuality in women, like when he implied all bisexual women will cheat

No. 302863

He uploaded a video today and yesterday showing his face on his UhOhBro channel.

No. 302864


weird how he would go for billie since she's also bi

No. 302865

I swear if a woman expresses discomfort by him and his actions he doubles down and go in some more.

No. 302866


He's such a dick. Eugenia is such a sweet girl and doesn't deserve Greg making all of these fucking video's about her. She's fine. She isn't dying. But she IS uncomfortable with all of these video's and tweets about her telling her that "she's killing herself". Why can't people just leave her alone?

No. 302867

He slammed bi women so hard after his final break up with Shiloh, but thats the only women he's dated, except for Skye. Adrienne was bi, Lainey is bi, Billie… its clear he was hoping for something.

No. 302868

Because he finds the idea of two women together "absolutely beautiful." Once he found out his wife was bisexual, he used those staunch beliefs and whatever Google graphs he shat out (not even looking at / considering the original studies, sample sizes, methodologies used, or limitations) to coerce her into finding a girlfriend.

No. 302869

Tweeted this at Sarah and she blocked me. Hm…

No. 302870

I could swear that Lainey was expressing an interest in finding a gf before Greg found Billie. It was what started up the cuck comments on the first place. Of course this was like a year ago at this point. If Lainey undeletes her Twitter I'll go back and try to find it.

No. 302871

Whose idea do you think it was for Taylor to get knocked up with Bandaid- Greg's to pacify her after Cuddlegate or Taylor's to keep him from leaving for Billie/obligated to her?

No. 302872

Obviously doesn't mean Greg didn't encourage her to have one first, though.

No. 302873

Nobody knows yet, and unless another incident happens where one of them lashes out at the other, we won't know.

Then again, it'd be pretty awful if they basically had on record that they're kid was a band-aid. Poor kid.

No. 302874

Maybe Lainey is now back to doormat mode again so she told Sarah to block anyone who is concerned about Lainey but against Greg

No. 302875

Oh hey, Plaineybot's Twitter is back. Still the same old tweets though.

No. 302876

She is also back to following Onision….pathetic

No. 302877

10 followers? they really did some cleaning up. wtf

No. 302878

Ughhhhhh, what a disappointment.

She will NEVER leave Greg unless he kicks her out. She has no self-esteem, and her entire identity and financial situation is dependent on him.

I wonder if she shat out Bandaid in the interim.

No. 302879

it's slowly restoring followers apparently, my bad.

No. 302880

>In fact after a while we all wound up in bed together, only once we got to a certain point in bed, my wife sat up and everything came to a screeching halt. She clearly indicated that she was not ready to go further than we already had, both myself and the other person felt a bit rejected.

How do his dumb fans not notice this? Instead they cry "Boohoo, poor abused Greg".

Stupid bitch

No. 302881


I made a backup of Plainey's last ~3k tweets in case she deletes again and anons like >>302870 need it in the future.

No. 302882

I have no sympathy for her at all. She's such a fucking worthless idiot

No. 302883

File: 1475443493141.png (26.42 KB, 589x232, da.png)

Gonna pretend nothing ever happened.

No. 302884

File: 1475443505125.jpg (14.64 KB, 527x105, Screenshot_20.jpg)

did she give birth and that's why she'll be back in a week?

No. 302886


This is why I struggle to feel bad for her.

No. 302887

I reckon we should all get a wager going that Billie is going to be back with them as soon as Lainey is able to start fucking them again after pregnancy.

No. 302888


The new video will probably be an update.

No. 302890

If Billie does make a video, I hope Ayalla is in it because last time Ayalla didn't give a fuck and made Billie uncomfortable by confirming that the massage during Cuddlegate 1.0 wasn't at all innocent like Grease was trying to make it out to be.

No. 302891

Nice blog post, noone cares.

No. 302892

Your friend is a fucking idiot and literally nobody here cares about her.

No. 302893

at least sage your blog posts.

No. 302894

Ayalla is probably our best hope at any truth because she hates both Gurg and Lame.

No. 302895

>implying this whole Cuddlegate mess has anything to do with actual polyamory at all

No. 302896

It's best to ignore the a-logging blogger, these types are looking for anyone to disagree with them so they can derail the topic and bring attention to themselves and their own opinions.

No. 302897

File: 1475447494635.png (855.45 KB, 534x801, 0bead013a84de1e0cd79021f160ff9…)

I wish this would happen to greg.

No. 302898

Which video was this? What was said to imply it wasn't innocent?

No. 302899

Definitely, her loyalty to Billie is what makes her slip up because she doesn't like anyone painting her in a bad light… the first time it happened, Billie was explaining how the massage was just a massage and Ayalla chimed in "and then some!" before Billie made hushing noises to shut her up.

No. 302900


That smug face.

No. 302901

This is more or less of what was said in the video >>302899

I don't know if anyone still has a copy of it as Billie did the video live over on YouNow, if there is a copy of it floating about, it would be in the thread that was centered around Cuddlegate when it first happened.

No. 302902

She's loyal to Billie, but is Billie loyal to her? We know how Greg isolates his gfs and wives from everyone.

No. 302905


No. 302906

Ah, so that video is in her own thread on /snow too? Thanks bunches, anon.

No. 302907

Holy shit. See around 2:55min in.

Video posted July 31st
>We are getting divorced in a month.
>It's actually two months… from now.

Shit hits the fan almost exactly two months later.

It seems so completely planned, whether Lainey is in on it or not.

No. 302908

Phew, haven't been here in quite a while and I honestly have to say I thought Plain and Gergles would have been divorced by now.
It's painfully obvious he doesn't want to be with her and it's pathetic how after everything she still clings to him. It's pretty tragic that these two are on the way of having their second child.

No. 302909

So she says "pushing to date Billie." She might've wanted to date a girl but perhaps onion was really pushin Billie in general. When she asked him to help her find a gf, he probably went through his fans and found a girl that HE liked, really hit it off with, became infatuated with, and became desperate to meet. I bet that's why he was pushing Lainey to be with her. As soon as he found Billie the wheels were turning to fuck her from the beginning, I'm sure. They may have both been in on it. Lainey picked up on how badly he wanted her to be with Billie in particular.

If it's not the above theory, then the whole finding a gf thing might've been planned to find a new wife for onion from the beginning???? Seems to convoluted and calculated even for onion, though.

No. 302910

Why is Grease so confident that Billie wants to be their (his) "forever" partner anyway, has he even asked her or is this just a case of "this is what I want" again? Billie doesn't exactly have a great track record herself when it comes to ruining marriages (apparently she was involved in another marriage breakup just before getting with Grease and Lamo).

No. 302911


Interesting discussion going on in the reply section of this Tweet. Few Lainey fans think she didn't actually make that Tweet. They say it sounds like Greg has written it and he might have a control over her account. They also say the theory isnt far-fetched because he made a tumblr blog ( http://onisionswife.tumblr.com ) where he pretended he was Lainey and answered asks as if he was her.

No. 302912

That blog is now deleted but there is an archive of how it used to look archive.is/zfum2

Onison's personal tumblr used to reblog posts from it.

No. 302913

File: 1475449681905.png (71.84 KB, 628x647, da2.png)

I have to admit, I thought the same thing when I first saw it for a minute but I don't think it's the case.

No. 302914

I wonder how mad he is that even if he deletes this shit it remains archived :3c

No. 302915

Its probably a jab at Lainey giving birth around this time. Like "Haha, I'm leaving you when you have a kid!!" Little did they know…

No. 302916

She said multiple times during Cuddlegate that she wanted to be with Greg.

No. 302917


No. 302918

If Lainey's fans want to protect her or want to help as much as they can; they need to start addressing Onion's fans whenever he posts on Twitter, so far I've seen a couple of her "fans" that have sided with him and Billie over her in his replies.

If these fans of hers truly cared about her (it's been all talk and no action thus far) they should be preparing for the inevitable shitstorm that will happen when they separate for good.

This has happened to ALL of his exes, Lainey isn't any more special than they were and will endure the same harassment and hate as they did. There's already a large portion of his fanbase that are attacking her right now.

Personally, I don't give a fuck about Lainey but I do however find her fans to either be disgusting backstabbers or just plain ol' sycophantic asspatters who are quick to tell her how wonderful she is - but incredibly slow in speaking out against his fans and making a difference.

No. 302919

she'll never leave him. if she hasnt by now she never will.

No. 302920

100% sure laineys clone stalks this thread, she changed her twitter name to tumblrina. bitch u aint cute

No. 302921

nobody cares about her, make a thread in /snow/ if it bothers you that much.

No. 302922

Can you post this in the YouTube field or warn that it's to his video? I don't like giving this retard views. Just a request I'm sure others could appreciate too.

No. 302923

I don't think Billie does. I hope that she's just milking his fame and has the sense to gtfo once she's around him for longer than a few days and realizes that he's actual shit.

She also seems to have a life / friends. I doubt she'd move away from Ayalla… I hope that Ayalla would try to stop it if so.

No. 302924

this. I think that's also part of Billie's appeal in Greg's eyes - she's more of a challenge because she actually has a life and friends away from him who she seems to really care about.

No. 302925


Is there any proof that it was actually him pretending to be Lainey? If so then… damn.

No. 302928

I can confirm that the reason Billie entered the relationship was just so Greg could get his magical threesomes. I reached out to Taylor when she was first looking for a gf, we talked, casually flirted, just cute messages back and forth for a month. And the conversation became about Greg once, and I told her that I wasnt attracted to him at all, and would only be interested in her.
After that I never heard back from her. And then she started posting about Billie so I fucked off lmao.
I feel like Greg reads through her messages tbh.

No. 302929

I'm not entirely sure, but it could very well be for any or all of the reasons that we have mentioned ourselves. I mean, she doesn't seem like a complete idiot and it's likely that she is already worried that Gurg might steal her friend away.

No. 302930

This certainly adds to the theory that he temp deleted her account and made that last tweet.

No. 302931


No. 302933

He's probably one of those bfs/husbands that are like, "If we have no secrets from each other, I should be able to have 24/7 access to all your online accounts," but she has no access to his stuff. He probably excuses it as him being "protective."

No. 302935

File: 1475456473763.png (166.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0811.PNG)

I'll feel bad if she actually sees me posting :/ i legitimately tried being her friend but whatever. Here's a twitter convo, i can provide more screenshots but i don't have any milk sadly.

No. 302936


What's with the emoji's?

No. 302938

why didn't the friendship work out?

No. 302939

How much longer after this did the convo about Greg come up?

No. 302940

She said it didn't work out because she brought up that she didn't find Greg attractive, and Lainey never replied again.

This is actually kind of cute.

No. 302942

How did the convo start?

No. 302943

she sounds so lifeless now in comparison, yikes. and I don't mean "now" as in since Onion presumably took over, but lately in general.

No. 302944

let me flirt fam


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ it's pretty obvious she wasn't comfortable adding a third since the beginning, as she pointed out several times. Seems like Greg convinced her she needed one.

Dunno. We were texting like everyday and then suddenly nothing. I tried reaching out after cuddlegate 1.0 and got nothing back.

It was over text forever ago so I don't have logs, but very shortly after the topic of Greg came up, she ditched. I remember her telling me how much anxiety she has about people using her to get close to him. That's when i expressed my opinion, trying to reassure her that i would never do that to her. Ironic considering what has happened.

No. 302946

This is really enlightening tbh. I believe that she had anxiety about people using her to get to Greg, would explain all her freak outs. If it was legit just her looking for own girlfriend, you saying you weren't attracted to him would have been perfect. Sort of adds credence that the girls had to pass Greg's "inspection"

No. 302947

Didn't a lesbian go over to the house and she left the very next day in disgust? Does anyone remember this?

No. 302948

I think this is so interesting. All of sudden nothing after mentioning you're only attracted to her, an actual genuine person who could've been what she was looking for (if she really was looking for a girlfriend type thing). Instead ends up with Billie who was obviously Onion's choice. It's so obvious he doesn't give a shit about her. I still have a hard time feeling bad for her, though. She could easily escape and if there's people talking to her like you have, it's not like she would have no chance of rebuilding her life.

No. 302949


Are you talking about Lainey's first girlfriend? Jess or whatever. Didn't know that's why she left, though.

No. 302950

Any confirmations or sources about this, anons?

No. 302951

File: 1475461320325.png (1.31 MB, 1208x1544, Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 9.17…)


Can't see their tweets because the other girl is private. They did a video together as well that I think is on the Laineybot channel.

Jess wasn't there long at all. She visited them once and then… disappeared. Never saw anything about her being grossed out, though? Hope other anon has a source for that.

No. 302955

you sound sweet be my gf lol

No. 302956

File: 1475462715186.png (193.57 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I was about to find the Laineybot video with the Jess chick and, well, surprise!

No. 302957

File: 1475462956071.png (48.9 KB, 716x339, jess.PNG)

Wow. Anyways, this is from the first thread.

No. 302958

File: 1475463106191.jpg (16.44 KB, 552x103, plsno.JPG)

Uh huh.

No. 302960

>apparently she was involved in another marriage breakup just before getting with Grease and Lamo

No. 302961

Greg used similar wording on his Twitter. Really lends to the belief that he has control of her accounts

No. 302963


Shiloh once mentioned Onion controlling and overseeing her social media accounts in case of "suspicious activity". He also had control of Skye's original YouTube channel (Tantaga) as well.

No. 302964

I've tried looking, apparently they went to warp tour together. Did she ever visit again?

No. 302965

File: 1475465960174.png (152.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0814.PNG)

oki bby we gfs

also here is just a little interesting chat, notice the date

No. 302966

He doesn't even bother to make it look like it's not him posting.

I suppose taking accounts away was a punishment for Lamo. And now Gurbels has full control over them. I can imagine their conversation

>Wife you ruined everything I divorce you and be with Billie instead

<Pls Grg no
>Yes Wife
<No I do anything
>Delete your social media
<No Grg it's all I have
>I divorce you and be with Bilbao
<Ok I deleted my social media
>Now put it back
>And let me run it
<Pls Grg no
>I'll divorce you and be with Billybumble
<You can run my social media Grg

No. 302967

hooray I'm so happy I'll eat cheesecake with you and we can dance thru the flowers!

Dang, really curious about Billy's thoughts right now…

No. 302968

He probably confiscated her phone as a punition and sent her off to have her baby by herself.

No. 302970

Forget Billies' thoughts.I am wondering how Lainey feels. If Greg made her delete her social media and he has full control once it came back, I wonder how isolated she feels. Part of me feels bad for her and the part of me feels like she should have known better

No. 302971


It's totally him. Same writing style. I wouldn't be surprised if he took control of it while she was incapacitated giving birth. He probably is using/will use that time to figure out a way to split up with her without making himself look like a massive douche.

No. 302972

As long as anons continue to collect evidence in the form of Tweets & convos, make it all available to the public, and direct expose YouTubers/blogs/fans to the information, everything he's done and tries to do WILL catch up to him.

No. 302973

I haven't felt bad for Lainey during this but now it's more worrying. The idea of him taking over her social media and not allowing her any contact with other people is quite scary as it shows how controlling and ruthless he is. Considering shes heavily pregnant all of gregs actions are just showing how self centred he is and the fact he literally does not care about his family. He's twisting masses of his fans against his unstable wife to make himself and his 'upgrade' look innocent. Laineys old enough to know better but she's not mature enough to act on it. It's frustrating and very annoying to watch what she could be easily end continue. But her and her children are in what's seeming to be an increasingly abusive and dangerous situation. It's not very funny anymore.

No. 302985

I agree but I seriously wonder where the baby fits into all of this. If it wasn't for Lainey being pregnant i feel like she would already be stowed away at her parents house with the kid. Wonder if Greg is kicking himself for his preggo fetish right about now or if some part of him actually wants to stay with her.

No. 302988

What if there's something in the pre-nup regarding any kids and that's why Lainey is hesitant to actually leave him? She could be naive enough to believe it, and not realise thay she can argue it?

No. 302989


Speaking of… We're still waiting for HSAnon 2.0 to confirm which ex did Onion impregnate.

No. 302991

File: 1475482992454.jpg (109.88 KB, 810x605, IMG_20161003_101629.jpg)

This is definitely Greg's style of writing.
She always types lowercase and in a different style.

No. 302992

Good lord, Gurgles really doesn't know his wife well enough to sound like her. It's really no surprise since he never loved her. Or anyone. Or anythiiiiinnng yeeeeaaauuuhhhh

No. 302993

File: 1475485547400.png (289.67 KB, 619x560, tumblr_ocf75axbrr1tgb6wyo1_128…)

No. 302994

Please, Grease. You won't be able to draw in those dumb teenage girls so easily when you're 41. You already look like you're old enough to pass as Billie's dad.

No. 302995

I initially thought Lainey must be as much an attention whore as Onion to put her personal life on Twitter, but now I think she's more like a hostage trying to communicate with the outside world. She's so alienated and controlled, and now she doesn't even have that outlet.

No. 302996

>"the proofs will speak for themselves, he'll never get away with this! "
Oh please, with all the obvious proofs there were on how horrible he was to his last wives, this is no different.
It would take something monumental for his fans etc to turn around and smell the shit so obviously sat in front of them. It reminds me of all of these high profile paedophile cases where the evidence has been there for decades but nobody cares because it's too problematic to deal with.

No. 302998

lol how long does he think he will be able to hide his bald spot with that shitty hitler youth combover?

No. 303000

I think so too. He isolated and brainwashed her. She may be an irritating idiot, but we really don't know how bad things may really be for her. She's too much of a doormat to save herself.

No. 303001

File: 1475491908311.jpg (115.7 KB, 646x603, gsd.jpg)

Imagine Cuddlegate 2.0 turning into a murder drama where Onision murders his wife and then pretends she is still alive on social media by using her unpublished selfies and videos.

No. 303002

Maybe he already killed her.

I had no idea he posted the same thing there. Her insta is super boring with the same bland picture of her face over and over.

No. 303003

i was thinking this the other day..

No. 303006

Inb4 he kills her. And says she died during child labor.
Spooky Halloween story right there.

No. 303009

I don't think she hates them otherwise she wouldn't tolerate them at all, but she certainly dislikes them.

She doesn't like Lainey because she keeps bringing Billie back just to break up with her and she's caught Lainey flirting with other (underage) fans whilst with Billie.

As for Gerg, she probably doesn't care for him because he blocked her when she wouldn't thank him with dick sucks for attacking her ex-boyfriend when she had already forgiven him.

No. 303011

There's a myth that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding. Considering Grease has already advocated for the pull out method, it wouldn't surprise me if he relied on something like that as contraception and the baby was unplanned.

No. 303012

She already did. Lurk more, idiot.

No. 303013

That's basically the exact same thing he wrote on his own Twitter account, and there's been no other Tweets made since, no replies or nothing… if it was Lainey, we'd be back to subtweeting emo lyrics by now.

No. 303014

Oh boy, can he be any more obvious with his fucking pedophilia/ephebophilia.

Scrap that, he's been fucking obvious with his pedophilia/ephebophilia for 10 years already, he's actually PROUD of towing the barely legal line, don't let this creepy asshole travel to east asian, south american, indonesian or polynesian countries… I swear.

No. 303015

It's kind of one of those "true but also more complicated" type things.

It's true that when the baby is really young and breastfeeding A LOT as in about 6 times a day or more, a woman may not ovulate.

As the baby grows though which happens faster than people expect, the breastfeeding is quite a bit less. Plus some babies don't really breastfeed a lot, or mother will supplement with formula.

Basically, its not really wise to rely on it for birth control, even if there's a chance mom isn't ovulating.

Considering the timing of everything, I think it's very possible this is what happened. Though its more likely Gurgle didn't know this and just has a hella impregnation fetish that gets him in trouble. He doesn't seem to care about the results though as much as he has a dominance and ownership thing that's tied to impregnation.

No. 303016


If it's an ownership issue then why didn't he stay with his first wife after he knocked her up(if it's possible)?

No. 303017

File: 1475500559133.png (93.03 KB, 526x330, subtweet.png)

This will be the 4th time that Lainey has broken up with Billie, if she gets back with her again; there's no question that she's only doing so to get in long-term with Gergles. Even her best friend (Ayalla) is subtweeting other people's viewpoints on why it's never a good idea to keep going back…

She needs to forget about them and move on, there are PLENTY of single YT'ers out there who are more mentally stable and better looking than these two idiots.

I don't like Billie, but I don't wish Gerg's presence on anyone, being exposed to that douchebag fucks you up for life. It's naive and stupid as hell to think that he will change his ways for you when he has absolutely no intention of changing himself or getting any sort of help with his serious mental disorders, he's a lost cause and nobody should be losing themselves in the process of being around him.

Lainey is becoming a lost cause herself, if she doesn't get out by the end of the year there's no helping her and people are going to have to accept that and stop complaining, because for the past five years; she's just using her peers as a sounding board, they have no other use to her.

No. 303022

Pretty simply really, he only gives a fuck about that when its convenient. Gurgle loved Taylor as an idol, a beautiful object that represented something. Now he doesn't care because she dared to show personhood by having complicated feelings and not wanting to be stepped on constantly for his benefit.

Abusive dudes into BDSM shit like that don't really care about the people they are with. They use it as a "reason" for their sadistic, controlling tendencies.

No. 303023

Well he also advocates the pullout method doesn't he? Troy is like 3 years old and supposedly they have sex every day so whatever they were doing was working well enough for a long time. Bandaid had to be intentional. The timing was too perfect. Teeter on the edge of divorce and suddenly she's knocked up.

No. 303024


Then this video (from awhile back) doesn't make any fucking sense. It's like he's damning people who get knocked up 'cause human nature or some shit.

No. 303027

He is constantly hypocritical throughout his whole social media presence. There is a video made by him a while back where he speaks against threesomes too. Not to mention how he was giving hell to Adrienne because she is bisexual.

No. 303032

Hello there! So friend b,who was friends with skye said as far as she knows skye didn't have a kid with him. However, it is general consensus that he does have another kid out there. We aren't sure of who it's with though. Sorry I'm not of more help. I only have a little more info about him from high school, but it's more just confirming things we already suspected instead of new milk

No. 303034

I thought they had like 2 kids and one on the way right after baby 2? If not my mistake.

It is kind of weird that Troy is still breastfed occasionally though.

No. 303035

Confirm it to us, anon

No. 303036


Damn, I wonder who it is then. He never mentioned anything on his old sites about having other people's kids a long time ago. Especially if they were once his "high school sweethearts".

No. 303037


Bring your friends over!

No. 303038

Taylor is in her early 20s with two kids, no job, no skills, and no money.
I can't see a decent man or woman, her age, wanting all that baggage.

No. 303039

idk. They've maintained Troy is their only kid but during the first cuddlegate Lainey was all "the kids" "the children" etc. It wouldn't be a stretch for them to hide another kid since they would've hid this one if it weren't for Greg's mom/the dentist thing.

No. 303041

File: 1475513136798.png (98.84 KB, 640x1136, image.png)


They ratted you out fam.

No. 303042

i figured it would happen ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ o well

No. 303043

Yeah around the 3:03 mark Billie repeatedly says they have "kids".

This whole thing just screams The Yellow Wallpaper to me. Being cut off from the world and kept inside due to her mental unwellness, while this kind of "treatment" only serves to exacerbate the situation. Greg is the most ignorant moron.

No. 303045

At about 3:11
>They have them.
>They collectively have kids

I thought the theory that Onion has more kids was a bit out there but the way she worded this was really off for a couple with only one child at the time. It would have been so easy to simply say they have A son or A kid. Anyway I'm looking forward to hearing from our recent high school anon if she can get more info on this.

No. 303046

This definitely seems like greg is running her account tbh

No. 303047

Twitter/ SM in general is her only outlet, she really doesn't have anyone. Not anyone that lives near her anyway. She has to ship girls all over the country just to hang out with her, and only with Greg's permission. It never surprised that she would go to Twitter to lash out.

No. 303048

I have a small idea that Lainey was already pregnant when cudlegate happened. Would match up if she would be giving birth around this time.

No. 303049


I wonder who's the poor soul that decided to give some parental rights to Greasecock…

No. 303050

Billie could be referring to the kid plain is carrying but that's still weird. Most people say they have kidS only when the second one is popped out (and that's smart considering all that could go wrong with a pregnancy)

No. 303051

File: 1475516837014.png (552.3 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Daddy Onion is sooo sexy!!! -barf-

No. 303052

Why does everyone think she's having the baby? She's 35 weeks pregnant. 5 weeks to go unless she delivers a little early (usually 2 weeks). I know because I'm a little more pregnant than she is and I remember when she was 25 weeks, I was 27-28 (I still haven't delivered). Also, I got pregnant end of Jan, so it was after Billie left lainey got pregnant(mid Feb).

No. 303053

Eugh. That skinny fat flab…

No. 303054


No. 303055

well stress can cause premature labor, so it's possible all of this caused her to pop early.

and congrats on your future sprog :)

No. 303056

Aw thank you :)

No. 303057

Aw thank you! And that is true, I guess I was more bothered by the whole "she's gonna pop any moment" or "she was already pregnant when billie was there"

No. 303058

The recording of Billie was from Cuddlegate 1.0, before Lainey was pregnant again (if you consider she was 25 weeks along in August)

No. 303060

I'm really starting to believe the idea that Gurg has control of Lainey's account, or maybe just took away her computer privileges.
If you look through her old tweets, it's pretty clear that she isn't much of a stickler for grammar and spelling. Since phones autocorrect most of the time, it's possible that she's now only posting via her phone.

No. 303061

I feel like if Lainey posted nudes he would just call her a slut.

No. 303062

Do they have body shaping Meitu apps now? This doesn't look like those video stills. He was was too flabby before.
His face also doesn't match his body, he looks really creepy.

No. 303063

I think it's just the angle/ he's trying really hard to flex hence the facial expression. Kek.

No. 303064

File: 1475518549352.png (74.45 KB, 635x359, Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 2.13…)

Okay, the first tweet that sounds like Lainey again! The only weird thing is that she hasn't tweeted or mentioned Mercades since April. Really weird timing, but maybe she is trying to reconnect with old friends?

No. 303065

>his expression
He looks like any day now he's going to try out for Nirvana. Godspeed in that endeavor Onion.

No. 303066

Does he have a small third nipple below his moob like Mark Walhberg? What the fuck is that?

No. 303067

Is he breast-feeding too?

No. 303068

they're not that uncommon

No. 303069


Really? Flirting at a time like this, Lainey?
You know, I can see Gerg actually having her accounts and posting shit like this to girls and women to make her look bad/push the idea that lainey is the one who wanted to bring billie into it. he'll probably post these, or manipulate her into posting these, and take screenshots. if divorce is impeding then I know his narcissistic ass is going to try to gain any leverage he can to start a smear campaign. he already does with his SM and videos. Now, just to implicate her further…

OR this could all be for attention. w/e

No. 303070


Lmfaooo nah, he just has some big man-titties. He could always wear a bra just like Chris-chan and call himself a "feminazi" again!

No. 303071

What a hypocritical piece of shit. When he pretends to be a feminist he's just so fake

No. 303072

i could see that since he didnt hesitate to make that video of shiloh and post it on the internet to make her look crazy

No. 303074

she's probably just so desperate for love and attention that's she is willing to engage with anybody. basic flirting is the only way her socially awkward self knows how to communicate and get positive attention. poor girl. lainey, get tf out

No. 303075

They used to be good friends and hung out a lot in 2015, Mercades is straight. I think it's more for emotional support.

No. 303078

He still can't decide whether he wants to keep appealing to emo special snowflakes or move on to tumblr feminists.

No. 303080

He 100% would. He called Cyr's girlfriend a slut because she posts sexy photos of her on instagram.

No. 303082

There he goes again, shitting on people and while "recapturing" his relevancy from 2010. Please stop, it's not working and leave Eugenia alone.

No. 303083

Lainey posted some selfies on Snapchat just now. Safe to assume she's probably running her own social media.

No. 303084

Lainey would do anything greg asked her to do. Including being deceptive or doing something he's gonna use against her later

No. 303085

she looks fuckin miserable

No. 303086

What is with all the meme reaction faces that stopped being funny like 6 years ago?

Old man Onion, you are stuck in time.

No. 303087


She sure does. Her eyes look dead.

No. 303088

>or doing something he's gonna use against her later

This. She is dumb as hell.

Hey, she invited Billy back just because she wanted to make Onion content without thinking of consequences.

No. 303089

Why do I feel like the heavier girl is referring to Billie and the skinnier girl is referring to Lainey?


No. 303090

use the youtube field.

No. 303091

They maintained that but from what I read in the mom screenshot it was stated she had 3 grandkids, I thought.

So if its not with Lainey its someone else. I kinda doubt its someone else though, Adrienne didn't get pregnant, Shiloh miscarried, and that mostly leaves Skye, whose divorce documents imply no kid involved.

No. 303092


It's the other way around.

No. 303094

One of Greg's sisters has a kid so maybe His mom was referring to that, unless she was specifically talking about Lainey in that context. I haven't seen the screenshot in awhile.

No. 303095


Maybe they didn't involve the kid in the documents, is that even possible?

No. 303096


HSanon 2.0 stated it's from one of the exes, not sisters.

No. 303097


He's like a teenage girl posting selfies with self conscious captions to justify them. "Just trying on my new bra tee hee" "look at my eyeliner it's so crooked lol" "hey why can't women go topless like me amirite?"

No. 303098

Does lain have anywhere she can go if she does want to leave?

No. 303100


New Mexico

No. 303102


lol, it's like a 12 year old made this video 15 years ago, wtf

No. 303103

I'm sure her parents would take her in, especially if she had the kid(s) with her.

No. 303107

Some airlines don't let you fly past 28 weeks–plus I'm not sure whether she has the funds to fly herself and her son to her parents. I'm not even sure whether she told her parents about this, if you look at >>301843 she says that she doesn't need to talk to her family about this again. They've been against their relationship from the beginning, I'm sure they would tell her, again, to leave him/ come home.

No. 303108

She may not be able to fly but her husband has just bought his 2nd Tesla, she can drive.

No. 303109

I'm pretty sure her parents are wealthy enough to pay for her plane tickets if she really has 0 access to income and really wanted to go back home.

No. 303110

File: 1475527380964.jpg (108.49 KB, 960x960, lRKL8rP.jpg)

is this Selena the one who used to be their nanny?

No. 303115

No. 303119

I feel like if her parents gave a shit about her and her children they would already be up there with her to help her with the upcoming birth. She's going to pop any time now.
I would not want onion around, I could see him inviting billie to keep him company while plainy is in labor.

No. 303120

I doubt they know about it all, they probably have no idea about Billie.

No. 303122

Well if she really conceived in Feb~ she won't be due until around November/ December. We're only speculating she's had the kid since she went dark on SM, but thats more or less because gerggles took over.

No. 303125

Billie just tweeted about watching a lot of anime.

Her and Greg couldn't be more obvious, holy shit.

No. 303126

File: 1475532155383.png (74.12 KB, 1178x274, Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 23.0…)

Just further proof greasecock lurks here.

No. 303127

File: 1475532215932.png (56.2 KB, 634x308, Billie.png)

No. 303128

File: 1475532715152.png (246.48 KB, 1190x906, 11212600_1125023530857550_1443…)

I rarely post but jesus, this is one of the worst comebacks/attempts at an insult I've ever seen. Like what does it even mean? His analogy just hurts him more, coz if 16yos are ancient, he's neolithic. What's he trying to desperately prove?

No. 303129

damn this is sickening

No. 303130

File: 1475532955046.jpg (27.86 KB, 480x257, gene.jpg)

Hahaha This is so blatant, its unreal!
How could lainey not see this shit at all jesus christ, Then again is lainey really around?

No. 303131

File: 1475533069098.jpg (79.63 KB, 960x540, images.duckduckgo.com.jpg)

Doesn't this idiot know that you're suppose to handle aging with grace and not fucking teenagers?

No. 303132

EXACTLY. I tried writing a comment twice before giving up because I couldn't even understand what he was trying to convey in the first place so I gave up.

No. 303133

Or… Maybe he forgot to log out.

No. 303134

okay, so "anime" is the code word. ya know,i find it weird how billie is so "attracted" to onision. she's a trashy alt girl, he doesn't fit that at all. he's a below average looking narcissist with a wife and multiple children. i think billie just genuinely enjoys going after men she's not "supposed" to go after. she gets some validation for being picked over other girls. which, as has been stated in this thread many times, is stupid because this is just the love bombing stage… maybe gerg will do her a favor and shave that fried hair off and give her the youtube fame she craves. fame isn't always good, billie bob, ya fucking trashy whore

No. 303135

I always thought Greg was into the whole innocent virgin thing since he's such a massive pedo who thinks fucking multiple guys makes you dirty and gross, yet he's all over Billie who makes you feel like you get an STI just by looking at her

No. 303136


Let's not forget; capturing her mental breakdowns in candid camera, "I wanna make a rainbow" 2.0 etc… Yeah, Billie-bob, go get dat life gurl!!!

No. 303137

Nope. Lainey, I think has a higher sex drive than she lets on online. Who else, Shiloh and Adrianne? Two independent people.

No. 303138

File: 1475533787450.jpg (112.83 KB, 500x375, gurgyuno.jpg)

Maybe I'll just create these cringey monstrosities for him if he's so protective of his meme heritage

No. 303140

He seems to be into virgins and abuse victims. Girls susceptible to manipulation, basically.

No. 303142


Wasn't his ex-wife a virgin before Onion got his slimy claws on her?

No. 303143

billie doesnt come off as retarded to me. we know she lurks this thread so she's probably come across some posts proving how much of a piece of shit onion is. she knows exactly what hshes doing

No. 303144

She's kind of retarded for letting his greasy, impregnation fetish dick anywhere near her. I don't care if she's just doing it for internet fame or money. Girl has no self-respect.

No. 303146


Wait. We KNOW she lurks this thread?

No. 303147

see >>300656 and >>300694 in the last thread

No. 303148

Maybe it excites the freakshow to imagine we're as young as his retardo fanbase, fucking vomit. Or he thinks only young teens could possibly believe he's old as fuck, which he is.

No. 303149

If he reads here and replies it really just seems like this shit is all a desperate ploy for attention. Gurg you miserable pile of vomit, can you just kill yourself now? :)

No. 303151

Yeah Greg, do it!!!! Swallow bleach, eat lead, whatever! Just die already you miserable piece of human shit!

No. 303152


No. 303153

He's subtweeted about this chan on several occasions, going so far as to rip ideas from posts about him and he's posted on here a few times; not just in his own threads (he would attempt to derail the thread and cause infighting between anons)… but tried to create a vegan lolcow one and "revived" a year old thread about Hannah Minx asking for her whereabouts and contact details within the same hour… anons were quick on the ball though and pretty much chased him off, that was back in early spring of this year, I haven't seen signs of him posting since except from the obvious lurking he does and going back to Twitter to whine about it.

No. 303155

File: 1475537759170.jpg (11.67 KB, 584x111, NpX9bcV.jpg)

Did she mean to DM someone? This is some sinister shit

No. 303156

File: 1475537829713.jpg (136.09 KB, 1239x574, taylor.jpg)

No. 303158

Seems to be gone now.

No. 303161

That's some fucked up shit…

I'm hoping someone offered to meet up with her and get her out of there.

No. 303163

File: 1475538284731.jpg (352.38 KB, 1365x636, qrI7hoN.jpg)

it was gone by the time I clicked her profile


No. 303165

Or its to stir up more drama and attention. On there long enough to be seen, but not look purposeful. Then again she could be in an unsafe situation as she seems pretty vulnerable.

No. 303167

How do you mistake a tweet for a DM though?

No. 303170

File: 1475539002346.jpg (27.41 KB, 518x252, Screenshot_21.jpg)

I doubt she'd let Plainclone freak out if it was just for drama

No. 303171

well shit, i hope she and the babies are okay and she can gtfo.

also really hope this isn't some bullshit drama-mongering.


No. 303172

this is exactly it, its the insecure immature mentality that gregoyle exploits: making girls feel validated because they were 'picked over' another girl. It's sad but it's not surprising given what billie is like.

No. 303173

someone speculated earlier she's just using her phone to tweet now, since greg took away access to the computers. maybe on the app she fucked it up somehow? i dont use twitter

No. 303174

We'll have to see what happens in the next few days, but I remember Shiloh going through the same motions towards the final breakup, he just became more and more aggressive towards her until she had to fly back home.

This, and if it is for drama sakes, then it's going to be the worse and most shittest case of "cry wolf" she's ever pulled… I rather we not jump to that conclusion though and stay concerned.

No. 303175

does Taylor even have a history of stirring up fake drama? all she does is whine without changing anything, but has she ever used her twitter for fake dramawhoring?

No. 303176

The start of your pregnancy is not when you conceive, this is a big misconception. If she got pregnant mid Feb, her "pregnancy starts" end of January/early feb. They count from the first day of your last your period. Can confirm because I'm the pregnant anon. Since she's due 2 weeks after me, her due date is prob Nov 9th.

No. 303177

yeahhhh it's really not possible to mistakenly post a dm as tweet on mobile twitter

No. 303178


Pull the trigger mother fucker!!!!

No. 303179

Yes, but nothing as fucked up as this.

No. 303180

plainey, tweet emo song lyrics if your in danger

No. 303181


No. 303182

I'm hoping someone creates that hashtag with those screenshots and it get's wildly out of hands like that "kidnapped" (drugged up) British girl the other month. That'd force the truth out, surely?

No. 303183

She has, but like the other anon has said its never been this serious sounding. Usually just click baity titles and making sarcastic tweets about whatever is going around in the rumor-mill at the time

No. 303184

Thats irrelevant, you just proved the point that she isn't due for another month or so, so why would her parents be in town?

No. 303187

I'm agreeing she is not in labor yo.

No. 303188

Not the same anon, but I'm confused… are her parents in town?

No. 303189

No, but someone was being dumb about how her parents don't care because they're not in town since Lainey is about to give birth. The point trying to be made was that she still has awhile before giving birth if she got knocked up after cuddlegate, so they'd have no reason to be in town.

No. 303190

Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up.

No. 303191

Why would you show Greg her possible cry for help

No. 303192


It must be that serious if she's asking one of Greasecock's arch enemies for an escape plan. Richie better hurry tf up before it's too late!

No. 303193

it's been established that he lurks this thread, so he'll see it anyway.

No. 303194

Should someone CALL for help?? I mean, if she feels unsafe it's either due to someone else, or her own suicidal urges.

No. 303195


>driving by yourself with a four year old

>preggo as fuck


No. 303196

Hahaaa, I thought you'd turn up. I don't condone interfering with cows but you'll have to tweet it/tag almost everyone who interacts with plainey (Sarah, fakelainey etc) rather than just Onision if you want it to take off.

But yeah >>303191 makes a good point, inb4 total cut off from social media and a hidin'.

No. 303197

>I rather we not jump to that conclusion though and stay concerned.
I agree, for two reasons. 1) If shit is really going down and she is in danger, it would be awful timing to assume she is faking. And 2) if she IS faking there will be a huge, HUGE backlash and both of them will lose a lot of fans/followers because that will ruin their reputations. And the internet always has a way of finding things like that out.

No. 303198

Does anyone else remember in his older videos how he would talk about him and Skye never having sex? And now it's all he cares about.

No. 303199


>It's been estiblished he lurks this thread


No. 303200


I agree overall but you're dreaming if you think the retarded underage fanbase will react appropriately to such a terrible hoax. They love the milk even when it's spoilt.

No. 303201

If it's fake or drama mongering, then where's the further whining (she rarely just tweets once) and passive-aggressive Onion tweets? Shit is going down in the Bulb Vegetable household or else they'd be trying to backpedal already.

No. 303202

No. 303203

where are those super stalky people to call police when you need them

No. 303204

Sage for oldness but this lain video from May is hilarious to revisit at times like this.

No. 303205

He lurks, see >>303153 for the rundown and past threads for details.

I'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt this time around, because it's the first time she's pulled a stunt like this, if it is a stunt.

No. 303206


Even if someone did and the police did nothing (as they've been known to do with serious abuse situations. Not always, but there's a super real chance of that.) then Lainey would be in more danger after they left.

No. 303207

I agree. I wonder if Lainey Tweeted really quick for a specific person to see, and then deleted it before Greg saw. Can you delete DMs? If not, that could be why she didn't DM the person. Greg's more likely to see an undeleted DM than a deleted Tweet very few people had a chance to screenshot.

No. 303208

that actually makes a lot of sense, seeing as she didn't @ anyone, it could be a way to make sure Greg won't know who she's talking to.

No. 303209

You can delete DMs.

No. 303210

Still, they're obligated to show up at the house, and they will do an inspection to determine how much danger both she and the kids are in. I've had to call the cops on a domestic situation a few times, and my mother works for a domestic violence shelter, and they really do help. At the very least they can provide her with resources about abuse or talk to her about her options. A visit from the pigs might actually get through her thick skull and prompt her to leave.

No. 303211

The police can do nothing unless lainey decides to press chargers or if there is clear signs of abuse.

No. 303212

Ah, good point!

No. 303213

has he been doxxed before? anyone know his address?

No. 303214

Please someone do this

No. 303215

its his own personal little pedophile battle royale

No. 303216


I have his address….

No. 303217

But if someone tweets, can't you follow them or get an emailed version sent to you?

No. 303218

Is her twitter deleted again?? It doesn't show up on search for me

No. 303219

There's the very high possibility he has a key logger installed in whatever/all devices she uses, or has notifications of whenever she tweets like >>303217 suggests. He probably also goes through her account A LOT, so I'm hoping she's got the fuck out of dodge.

No. 303220

Then post, lolcow rules state you can.

No. 303221

call the cops, she may be harming herself if he's not the one doing it to her.

it's still up.

No. 303223

shows when i go directly to it

No. 303224

No. 303225

File: 1475541391574.jpg (33.64 KB, 645x217, lolcowrules.JPG)

Top left corner.

No. 303226

Greg is a narcissist, by the fucking book. Not going to go into it or anything else he might have. These types are very controlling and very heavy with their manipulations. They throw tantrums like children. I have no doubt he goes through her device and monitors it constantly. He's obsessed with his image and he's obsessed with control. He's run wild with selfishness and status. He needs his ego knocked down and his presence from the internet removed, except for places where you can read what a shitty person he was

No. 303227

Please do the needful and call their local police, I'm serious when I say that there is actually a good chance that they will have an impact. It's a wake-up call for a lot of victims when the cops show up because it alerts them to the seriousness of the situation.

No. 303228

Yeah, I just looked them up, it used to be a bannable offence at one time and I thought it was still the case.

No. 303229

No. 303231

Didn't someone on an anti-O blog contact the police recently in regards to Sarah? The police went to the house and supposedly did nothing. Do you think they will take this seriously?

No. 303232

It's only banneable, and has only been banneable, to post underage and family/friends of lolcows dox.

No. 303233

Victims of abuse have mild to severe trauma bonding and stockholm syndrome in place. Lainey needs to leave to be able to process the abusive manipulative relationship she's been in, but she will not be doing it willingly unless something drastic and immediate happens. Hopefully it doesn't take her getting beat on or catching AIDS or some other incurable std to finally get away

No. 303234

Greg will use her up until it literally kills her, and he'll be ready the very next day with his new child bride

No. 303235


Were they called for domestic abuse? They have a special protocol for those cases where they have to evaluate how much danger the victim and their children are in. They're also obligated to get CPS involved if the environment is thought to be harmful to children due to abuse or neglect.

No. 303236

Holy shit he lives in Tacoma? That isn't very far from me…

No. 303237

lmfao i'd love for greg to try to make a snarky video about CPS investigating his household and being charged with neglect/domestic abuse

No. 303238

Someone on an anti-o blog said they phoned the police on them and Gerg made a video the day after saying that they came to his house and rolled their eyes, telling them it was an inconvenience.

So they either didn't show up and Gerg just wanted to piss off those who were concerned, or they were some really shitty officers.

No. 303239


Noooo but there's a (deleted) YouTube video where Greasecock admits to having her shower with him (ew!) and…having sex. It's called "Onision's Marriage"

No. 303240

I read a lot of police do this to make them think that they're on the same side, so maybe they'll put their guard down.

But I think it was more onion trying to downplay it

No. 303241

No. 303242

Are you sure that's the right address? It might be for the old house he used to film in before he sold it off… I'm pretty sure someone said he lives in Seattle now.

No. 303243

I would DM to Lainey but it's pointless if Greg watches over her social media.

No. 303244

Lainey can't be DMed unless she follows you, you can try IG

No. 303245

There's a good chance he isn't telling the truth…when the police show up, they're obligated to do an evaluation. The visit also gets put on a record that can be used in legal cases such as custody, domestic violence, protection orders, etc.

No. 303246


I checked King County records, nothing shows under his name.

No. 303247

He never lived in Seattle. I think he owns the small blue house and rents & lives in a larger one
Anyone that watches his videos does this house look like the one he currently lives in?

No. 303249

I thought the same thing, especially the coincidental timing between when the anti-o first posted that they reported him along with his video shortly afterwards, I mean he lies 90% of the time about everything anyway, there's nothing stopping him from lying about a police visit to settle his fans down and make it seem like having an underage girl around wasn't such a big deal.

If the authorities say it's okay, then it must be okay and we're all just bi-phobic, right?

No. 303250

He and Taylor apparently no longer live in the house they rented. I remember Greg tweeting sarcastic remarks about not receiving his security deposit on the house a couple months ago.

No. 303251

It's his house, I recognise the kitchen atleast from a video recently with his play buttons. So sad that he owns such a beautiful house and other than some shitty bits of furniture it looks like he's just moved in.

No. 303252

File: 1475542595246.png (1.46 MB, 1762x624, Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 7.55…)



Right pic is from the listing. Same wall.

No. 303254

>3.75 baths
Can't be him, he'd look cleaner

Eagle eyed! How recent was the video?

No. 303255


It does a bit, including some of the rooms. If you have reason to believe this is the address is say it's good but if we're just guessing on looks I'd say wait a bit for more confirmation.

If he didn't lurk I'd say test it out with pizzas.

No. 303256


Im afraid if I message her in instagram it will tip Greg off.

No. 303257


Oh snap never mind

(sage samefag)

No. 303258

Dang, if that is where he lives it's an area that a lot of WA residents consider bumfuck nowhere. They must rarely leave their house. That's embarrassing he spent so much money on a house near nothing and how he doesn't have enough $ to furnish it nicely at the very least.

No. 303260

No. 303261


From August 29th of this year. :) Doubt they moved since then, or we would've seen Greg bitching about something like the security deposit from the other house.

No. 303262

No. 303263


I know there's a video of him outside and the front looks a lot like that, but I don't remember what video and I don't want to browse his shitty channels

No. 303264


He lurks so it doesn't matter. Question is will she see a msg before he dels it

No. 303266

File: 1475542878721.png (750.85 KB, 603x567, same.png)

This is definitely the house he's currently living in, there are photos of Lainey (and Billie in other pics) against the same panelling outside the house.

No. 303267

That's a beautiful kitchen, too bad they only eat crap.

No. 303268

I don't think her message was fishing for attention. Who really knows what kind of fucked up shit goes down in that house.

No. 303269

Just to clarify your post, right pic is from this link of the same house [http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/11712-136th-Ave-E-Puyallup-WA-98374/49186331_zpid/],
picture 30 of 30, rather than >>303247 link.

No. 303270

Better not be a kit house

No. 303271

has anyone called yet??

No. 303272

This is a desperate option and I feel stupid for suggesting it, but… Why not contact Keemstar with screenshots of the tweets and shit? At worst, he'll unintentionally direct traffic to Onion's channel and at best more will be aware of the situation.

No. 303273

File: 1475543212418.jpg (42.39 KB, 689x449, property history.JPG)

House hasn't changed hands since around this time last year, so yeah.

No. 303274

Funny I was thinking about tweeting to Phillip DeFranco about this disaster.

No. 303275

what kind of monster doesn't melt the cheese on their tofurgers

No. 303276

That would only cause Keem's fans to troll underage bananatards.