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File: 1505932414127.jpg (50.42 KB, 240x180, IMG_0532.JPG)

No. 436507

>Sarah was in the McMansion, but hangs with other people besides The Onions

>Lame started her BeautyBot channel featuring her shitty makeup skillz and skin walking ways to become the next Billie

>We also learned she returns half-bottles and containers back to Sephora after she's done using them, nasty hoe.

>We also get glimpses of the little spawns in her recent daily vlog video.

>Meanwhile, Gregma started shit with NetNobody and his crew while in Cali, there goes your big chance, huh?

>Of course, none of it was his fault as always.

>Attacks Jaclyn Glenn again for the 9,000th time over her fake tits.

>Is vegan yet fails again at it for the 9,000th time.

>Oh and he shits out blood due to poor diet and some other shit (no pun intended).

>Speaking of health, he might be committing fraud against Medicaid.

Sorry if I missed anything.

social links





No. 436510

Previous thread (my bad!):


No. 436515

Re-posting the link where you can file a complaint for medicaid fraud in Washington state:


As well as the number another anon gave to file a complaint:


No. 436516

File: 1505932915620.png (54.68 KB, 218x203, untitled.png)

No. 436517

File: 1505932941930.png (5.65 KB, 454x47, Screenshot 2017-09-20 at 2.07.…)

No. 436520

There should be a limit to how many channels a person can make…..

No. 436522

File: 1505933415708.png (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170920-120520.png)

Sums up their relationship

No. 436524


what is going on with those eyebrows?

No. 436525

File: 1505933504932.png (821.51 KB, 1071x633, ds-109-mad-qua.png)

Didn't watch the video but I was thinking the closest would be..

No. 436527

you can tell by his demeanor that WildSpartanz or whatever his name is really got under his skin with this video. kudos

No. 436530

she fell into the instagram trap and doesn't use enough pomade

No. 436536

Actually, sorry, the medicaid link is only for reporting providers. This is where you can report medicaid clients:


No. 436537

i dont usually criticize their appearances and leave that to other farmers but damn onion looks like pure shit in this video, his face is all crusty wtf

that being said hes actually more bearable than usual in this vid

No. 436540


He looks like he hasn't showered in days

No. 436542

File: 1505936050738.jpg (79.01 KB, 1280x720, 309858137_1280x720.jpg)


This was my guess

No. 436543

File: 1505936218622.png (239.44 KB, 1331x217, lameybot.png)

Just noticed plaineys new banner, Horrific art lol

No. 436544

File: 1505936306149.png (86.34 KB, 690x552, lameybot2.png)

No. 436545

but she looks like a man

I wonder if this will trigger the grease

No. 436546


Holy shit the sameface going on in the art of her with Greg is hilarious

I'm sure he would fuck his doppelganger if he could

No. 436547

So I wonder if part of the reason the IRS is investigating him is that he hasn't been properly reporting his income, to either them or DSHS? That's the ONLY way he could qualify for Medicaid. Their website states that the income limit for a 4-person household is $972/month. Isn't he surpassing that with Patreon alone?

No. 436549

I feel like there was probably a 5 minute Fiji argument cut out of their Disney video

No. 436550

These are literally bases from Deviantart, I swear to god I've seen these poses from my time as a base maker on that site. It's like how her t shirts are bases. Which she can actually get in trouble for. She doesn't give credit to the base artist nor ask for permission to make profit off of their art. Just because you shittily draw On someone's base doesn't make it your art to use and sell. You need permission.

No. 436551

File: 1505936683482.png (348.17 KB, 1298x212, beautybotulism.png)

plaineys beautybot banner

No. 436552

File: 1505936713968.jpg (24.48 KB, 790x145, onion.JPG)

He "loves" his work so much that he neglects his wife to the point where she has to beg for him to touch her kek

No. 436553

they look literally nothing like her. this is like the art for the tshirts she pilfered except on steroids

No. 436554

Someone should report her using those bases in her shirts to the base maker, they could easily get her whole merch taken down and if we are lucky sue her for a share of profits she's made on those pieces of shit.

No. 436555

"yeah i would do a romantic gesture like say you are my soulmate on twitter"
…The bar is so low if that is considered a romantic gesture.

No. 436556


These banners are objectively terribad. I wonder if she paid someone to make that terrible artwork, or if she's once again using fanwork.

No. 436559

I'm actually so pissed at this. I grew up poor and on Medicaid. We had to go to really bad towns, to shitty doctors because it's all that was covered by our insurance. We had to jump through hoops to prove we qualified. For someone who makes as much money as onision to be on Medicaid is offensive and an insult to those who actually need Medicaid and are denied it.

No. 436562

File: 1505937764447.jpg (75.56 KB, 542x578, 1505936312213.jpg)

does she even sell them anymore? do you have a link?

No. 436563

File: 1505937902471.jpg (44.74 KB, 622x475, Capture.JPG)

what's with the poppeye arms on the left kek

No. 436564


No. 436567

God I get that Taylor is doing the whole beauty guru gig because she thinks it will be the most profitable, but she just doesn't have anything to give. Her input consits of, "yeah this is amazing" ,"This is great", "didn't like this too much". Like wtf does that do? Girl has no substance.

No. 436570

Just imagine him driving up to the welfare office in his telsa. Seriously though, He probably is only reporting the earnings from one channel and any patron/younow money he considers charity so he doesn't claim it. The only other option is he is lying through his teeth - there is no way he could qualify for it other wise.

No. 436571

I just can't believe this fuck is sitting in his McMansion guzzling Fiji water all day, with a Tesla in his garage, and claiming Medicaid. Basically living off other people's tax dollars—people with a much lower income than his—while doing everything he can to avoid paying taxes himself.

No. 436572

I noticed that Onision and Laimey hate-art from artfags here usually is a lot better than their fanart. Kinda sad.

No. 436574

…and at the same time, complaining about how horrible and cruel America is, and how The Man is personally fucking him over, while they basically pay for him to be alive.

I bet if he "qualifies" for Medicaid, he also "qualifies" for SNAP.

I hate this stupid fuck.

No. 436575

Could he be able to get it because his ex military status that he got changed? Or maybe it's under laineys name since she has no income?

No. 436576

Because tec laineys channels are under his name since he made it, so the adsense is sent to him

No. 436578

>>maybe it's under laineys name since she has no income?

Spousal income counts. If they weren't married then yes, it would be easy for Lainey to file for aid, but their married so income is joint.

I'm still unclear what the proof is that they may be receiving aid?

No. 436579


Is there a way to get the IRS involved again? Or are they not done with him yet?

No. 436581

File: 1505939688927.png (481.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0533.PNG)

I take it he's eating alone…

No. 436582


Yeah I can't remember it ever being said by them that they are using it

No. 436583

File: 1505939758371.png (103.28 KB, 906x694, oerko.png)

50$ plus just to share a pic

No. 436584

He said here >>436462 that he's on it.

No. 436586

They're not done with him, not by a long shot. His 3 year audit is still ongoing ('14, '15, '16) and it will stay ongoing until they figure out exactly how much he avoided paying via illegal write offs, and pay them back. Big Daddy Gubmit don't fuck around when it comes to taxes. They WILL get their cash.

And since this is the second time he's been audited - the first time, he got caught writing off $90k in divorce expenses (not the spousal support, but "divorce expenses") and was forced to pay it back. He still doesn't understand that he did something illegal.

No. 436587

Did someone actually record him saying it though? That's just a post saying he said it.

No. 436588

Ooooh you know what he's on? TriCare. Vets and their families are on TriCare.

No. 436589

Also she has an income now? Her younow/youtube/patreon is all money shes gaining.

There is no way hes eligible for medicaid unless hes been lying his ass off about his income

No. 436590

The fuck? Only if you're still active or if you served 20 years. He isn't eligible for that either.

No. 436591

in his twisted universe because he has a debt that has not been announced to him, ~he has no income~

No. 436592

Technically she's not a partner with YouTube it's actually under his account like his speaks and stuff, so yeah she's making money but it's still under his name since he created her channels for the instant partnership

No. 436593

The funny thing is if she didn't have onion to instant partner her I guarantee she couldn't get established as a partner on her own

No. 436594


Then how long till Uncle Sam kicks off the door into his YouNow and Patreon accounts? He obviously can't hide dat precious $$$ forever.

No. 436597

I bet hes dumb enough to think patreon/younow donations are not taxable income

No. 436598

They send you a tax paper in the mail to claim your earnings so he damn well knows

No. 436599

Really? I know a Marine vet who only served a couple years, and she and her kids use TriCare (or whatever, she can only get medical services covered thru the Veterans center.) I also know a 'Nam vet who served a tour then went civilian and gets his care thru Veterans services.

But someone who serves / has serves probably knows more than me, idk. It seems like the vets I know, who aren't active and didn't serve 20 years, still get their medical services via the government in the US. Maybe their eligible for a discounted plan?

No. 436600

washington is pretty liberal, which doesn't have to be bad but they hand out government aid like halloween candy, you can literally just call them and say you need government aid and they'll give it to you


since his paycheck isn't steady and he can easily lose all his shit if one day people choose not to watch his shit content anymore, which is probably why he """qualified"""

also why medicaid out of all government assistance? it seems fishy as fuck for me, are they trying to pay for laineys "top surgery" aka breast lift and call it necessary because her gender dysphoria which is why she shows off her tits and uses all of their ~low income~ to buy expensive makeup?

it just seems fishy to me why they would get medicaid, out of all government assistances

No. 436601

They probably have Veterans Assistance which is different and doesn't cover 100% of medical like tricare does.

No. 436603


So if they divorce (would be a miracle), then Gretchen would claim her account(s) as his and argue the work that he put in the videos while she gets nothing from the income, hence the prenup.

He still would have to pay child support tho…

No. 436605

Margo did something similar to Venus. I wouldn't be surprised if Gregma tried it.

No. 436610

She also uses Redbubble to sell her merch.

No. 436612

If they get medicare why the fuck wouldn't he let lainey deliver the lil grease stains at a hospital?
Unless that was just speculation?

No. 436613

>Best way to get someone to not ask you to tattoo "I'm a liar" on your body is to not lie to them

How does anyone bear with this lunatic

No. 436617

greg hates doctors so im guessing if he can avoid going to the hospital, he will

No. 436618

lmao, if that was the case onion should get im a liar tattooed all over him, someone should shoop it

No. 436620

OT but what game is this? I like that comfy design.

No. 436621

I was curious too.

No. 436622

what the hell is gregs problem with doctors? he made a video about how some mysterious dr did a bunch of crazy shit and made lainey cry just to find out his kid had a rash on his testicles, which I doubt the story was even true, he acts as if plastic surgeons are monsters for ~messing up the female form and making it fake~ somehow, but he constantly encourages therapy to teens? he refused to allow lainey to go to the doctor and give birth in a prepared environment just incase something goes wrong, maybe gerg is afraid a doctor will see his abusive ass behavior

anyway, what is the cause of gergs doctorphobia

No. 436623

>>anyway, what is the cause of gergs doctorphobia

His mom is a hippy, and he seems to come from some sort of 7th Day Adventist type background, where chiropractors and woo reign supreme, and doctors know nothing, and everything can be cured with a vegetarian diet and vitamin supplements.

Then add raging narcissism to the mix, where no one is more of an expect than Greg is, and you got yourself a recipe for the cops being called when doctors attempt to treat his son for what they suspected to be testicular torsion (which is unmistakable; that episode went away, but the problem is still there and will get worse.)

No. 436625


Maybe the doctors also touched him on his no-no place

No. 436626

Hello there, now from an accounting prospective they are in a very tangled mess. He owns her you tube making her an employee of a small home based business. He SHOULD be paying taxes 3 times a year since he is self employed for the most of it. Now if they file jointly or separately will not matter st all for Medicaid on HIS part. He SHOULD not qualify. She might if she is technically his employee and makes under the state allotment. (My state is 1200 a month for 2 children, Wa may be different).

No. 436627

yeah, I feel like he left out a lot on the story, I doubt a doctor would threaten to call the cops over ~calmly explaining~

maybe, then again he thought his mom giving him full body massages is normal therefore he can touch billies ass and tits, so who knows

No. 436628

File: 1505945394272.png (302.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170920-170658.png)

She seems to want into the trinity bad and lives in Washington, how many days until Onion brings her over for "collabs"

No. 436629

File: 1505945506384.png (126.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170920-171108.png)

No. 436630

Lol the guy in the video talks about how onion probably made around 1.9 mill in 10 years, and onion goes on about how he spent his money to "invest in business" every year and he acts like making 2 mil in 10 years is nothing. And that "investing" in himself with the money is clearly what everyone does with their millions.

This video is literally showing his greedy dumb ass. He compares himself to a mother struggling feeding her kids to him losing his house. And he acts like because he spent his millions, he needs money since he doesnt have money….because he spent it all…??? So I can declare myself poor if i spend all my millions on myself?

How can any of his fans listen to this shit and be like yes onion is poor and struggling lets help him!!!!

No. 436631

File: 1505945621056.jpg (41.74 KB, 680x461, DKMvbFjV4AI2V_Y.jpg)

No. 436632

wait whos the cheating druggie?

No. 436634

Toby Turner

No. 436635

Toby turner, jaclyns ex who cheated on her multiple times and was abusive towards basically all his ex's.

Lol hes fucking ridiculous. He has a (shitty) excuse for everything.

No. 436637

I wonder if he's angry cause Richie got included in Andy Biersack's Best of Season 2 Andy Show? Reminding him that Richie was invited on but he wasn't.

No. 436640

FFS, old dude is looking rough as shit

No. 436641

Wow, and they didnt even mention Toby stalked Jaclyn multiple times.

No. 436642

Toby did make a video bragging about stalking Jaclyn and Onision hates Idubbz because he "stalked" Tana Mongeau.

No. 436648

Then he is on Younow talking shit about the skydoesminecraft dude for smoking weed when Toby was accused of idk snorting cocaine and stuff. (It’s on his archive channel -his Younow streams if you want to see it?)

No. 436649

Onion is dense as fuck. The video Richie made, "Dear Future Girlfriend", wasn't him bragging about it. It was fucking "artistic" and Richie was playing the part of a manipulative boyfriend. Richie, like Onion, views himself as an actor of sorts in that he plays a part in his work. Richie's performances, like Onion's, is inspired by exaggerated parts of himself and also others.

Onion should've known better also than to completely take the side of someone he no longer even likes as a person, Richie's ex, given that he says his exes exaggerate or outright lie about his relationship with them. Onion is just too egotistical to even ask Richie in the first place about Ayalla's (sp) claims and jumped on the chance to play white knight and start drama online. Now his ego is too big about the situation to even entertain the possibility that his perception of Richie might be fucking misguided.

No. 436652

Im not saying he was "bragging" he lied saying he didnt do that, he indeed do all the things he claims in that video, but then when Onision call him out he step back and claim "it was pure artistic"

If you dont believe see Ayalla's video
( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gBFH7aix40&t=1281s ) im not supporting Grug but Social Repose isnt has inocent like he would like everyone to think

Sage cause not relevant.

No. 436653

yeah social repose is an asshole in his own right imo, he's like onision but less narcicistic and more racist

No. 436654

File: 1505950431499.png (875.51 KB, 750x1334, IMG_7674.PNG)

No. 436656

>i wanted the last word

ftfy asshole

No. 436657

probably why doesn't want to pay for insurance either tbh

No. 436658

He didn't actually say he was on medicaid but he said he was poor enough to get his healthcare for free so…

No. 436661

That's not an apology that's Onision putting that Net Nobody guy on blast and tries to lowkey humiliate him by putting his personal issues out there for everyone to read, whilst acting like he is the bigger person for being "so understanding and trying to give helpful advice". Manipulative af but also so easy to see through.

No. 436662

sooooo it's okay for Greg to bring up NetNobody's children yet you can't bring up his own? not to mention HE was ready to give his kids straight to Lainey with full custody for a 19 year old girl he just met. kek

No. 436663

He has a lot of nerve talking to someone about their child in that way. He loves to virtue signal about how children are untouchable but he is as low as they come.

No. 436667

CLOSURE with a guy you never fucking met and had a handful of web interactions with. CLOSURE. sounds like hes talking about an ex or someone that was close to him. i cant with this guy. closure lmfao

No. 436671

I guess onion can relate to subjecting children to an unhealthy homelife, considering he had an emotional affair with a 19 year old under the same roof as the mother of said child, gave her a nude body massage in their marriage bed after the mother and child left in distress, brought the 19 year old back, made the mother of the 4 year old cry repeatedly (some times when she was pregnant with #2), and stressed the mother out and ignored her with the 19 year old, had multiple fights possibly in front of the 4 year old, and then wanted the 19 year old to be chained in the basement in the same house as the 4 year old.

PS. Calling the mother of his child a cunt and other things (Billie brought this up and he didn't deny it), possibly in front of the child as well.

No. 436672

Netnobody or whatever his name is USES MEDICAL MARIJUANA.
Greg knows that. Becca the cow pointed it out also in his Younow, but when he asks “do you think it’s ok for his son to be around that” they all go “nooooooo”
Like Becca and a few others defended the dude for a split second because of medical use then goes to gregs side saying “WEEDS BAD WEEDS BAD”

A girl, idfk who she is but she’s fucking stupid in the discord in the first place, was like “it’s sad that his kid didn’t recognize him” and greg does “then he should be around his kid more” THE MOMS KEEPING THE KID FROM HIM GREG

And since Becca confirmed on stream with harley that she lurks here, yes there is one hate video about you not multiple videos you damn cow. The video was from Jacob, he’s a piece of shit liar in the first place.
No one cares about you Becca, all you want to do is have a tip war with people on gregs Younow for his attention and laineys attention. In months time someone will come and outbid you for their attention and you’ll be gone.
And beck asked Younow on Twitter Hoe greg broke the Younow rules because there was a mod in his chat for idk using slurs and speaking about Jewish people which idk how his friend Donald trump kid in his discord with the voice changer agrees with greg on dragging his beliefs.
You can’t talk about sexual stuff on Younow either, he was literally talking about his dick because Becca brought up the 5.6

No. 436673

the headdresses is offensive to some tumblr folk
but greg said, and I quote "I'm not racist, I just don't like african americans" then proceeded to explain he hated them because he thinks africa is purposely underdeveloped

No. 436676

I really hope the IRS plows his ass really hard. He fucking deserves so much worse.

No. 436677


Fun fact: Grease once claimed to have Native American descent.

No. 436678

speaking of the tip war with becca I noticed she said she didn't have anymore bars and couldn't be bothered putting more on, it was only until some other person who was mentioned here before idk their name, tipped 1000 bars that she ran and got a volcano.

Shes incredibly desperate and its really blatant she want the grease to focus on her even though hes getting increasingly annoyed with her.

No. 436679

wonder how long he'll hold on for muh bars and muh patron. in the last few days he's narc raged at at least 3 separate patrons, one of which actually got blocked for telling him he was being an asshole. it's only a matter of time

No. 436680

Would Greg be able to get military benefits even though he only served for a brief period of time and was discharged?

No. 436681

Onions a damn puritan. He thinks alcohol is bad as well, even used in moderation and even though its legal. He can't shake his 7th day Adventist values.

As far as legal medicinal marijuana, its as if he doesn't realize safes exist? Or that you can smoke outside or do edibles? I honestly hope onion gets a painful disease that his damn herbal vitamins cant do shit for so hes forced to use prescription drugs. His high and might attitude about people's pain that he can't understand is just asking for comeuppance.

No. 436682

File: 1505953509081.jpg (22.55 KB, 211x311, tami.jpg)

Crazy Tami probably made that up that to make Grease feel special.

No. 436683


it said you can only get healthcare if you have an honorable discharge or VA determination, which greg has neither

No. 436684

agreed, didn't he claim to get sexually abused in a church once?

and lets not forget the blasting of christians and how ~atheist~ he use to be, now he's as uptight as them except to blackmail a young girl into getting a tattoo and tan and dye their hair, but she smoked weed when she said she didn't !!!!!

No. 436685


Wouldn't doubt it. I mean, this is the same lady who told him he has "Viking blood". Then again, his dad looks pretty native himself. Not to mention Grease has strong facial features like the injuns and tans pretty well for a white guy.

No. 436686

I'd have to disagree. His strong facial features comes from Quasimodo being one of his ancestors.

No. 436688


Yeah, he was molested at a church camp by an older kid and liked it, wanting to go further (he was 11 and the girl was 15).

No. 436689

social repose never denied cheating on ayalla or whatever. He made that video probably in a self-reflection artsy way that is self-demeaning (aka 'i know i am a horrible boyfriend and im admitting this is how i am'). That song he came out with soon after that was basically the same vibe. Even ayalla did her own version that was meant to be opposite of his. But onion took at as him clearly speaking as himself and saying these things were awesome/bragging, which is hilarious. SR is shitty for cheating on ayalla, but at least he never denied it or blamed ayalla like onion does and the video was not even close to bragging lol.

He always does this shit. He always puts excessive personal details in his twitter rants that no one cares about. But he will scream bloody murder if anyone dares "talk about his family". Keep burning bridges onion boy. Any moron who still hangs out with this douche and tells him anything personal is an idiot at this point.

LOL. You smoke weed, so you're probably a bad father! I just fly teenage girls and cheat on my child's mother constantly and sign away custody of them to run off with an 18 year old. But WEED!!!

No. 436690

You forgot, "with my wife/mother of my children right there crying next to me".

No. 436691


"I was told he smoked marijuana" well now we know where his weedphobia comes from

and he bragged about fucking a 16 yr old at 14

>"Regardless, I will tell you what I do know, that my mother was instructed to abort me by the doctor in charge of her pregnancy because I had an oversized head. No, unlike Marilyn Manson I did not survive abortion, my mother simply accepted the risk of me being born deformed both physically and mentally, and fired the doctor who gave her the advice to terminate her pregnancy."

mom should have listened

"Eventually my mom met a slightly overweight, slightly shorter than average native american looking man. She seemed to be really interested in him, so interested she decided to have us all move into his duplex where I not only learned the shame of popping my face-zits on the mirror but discovered how to self-gratify for the first time"

No. 436702

I thought this was a troll image ngl I read it as 'lameybot'

Plainey you idiot get a real graphic artist

No. 436704


His biological father looks Native American is what I meant, or maybe Crazy Tami is just really attracted to injuns idk

No. 436706

laineys streaming on younow "today has been a day"

No. 436707

laineys complaining that her vegan yogurt poured over the tesla gg I bet onion loved that

No. 436708

File: 1505955902130.png (913.59 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0534.PNG)


Yeah you're right, or a sub-human who just tans well.

No. 436709

Someone go watch Laimeys stream and see what she's bitching about today.

No. 436710

grease just came in saying "Do they still think we're together" then he hugged her a few times. Lovebombing.

No. 436711

>i need a neck rub
>uhhh i gotta go

No. 436712

But if Billie asked for a full body massage lmao

No. 436713

Then he would gladly give her a massage and a cheeky go on the grease stick.

No. 436714

that logan asskisser is annoying as fuck, he keeps asking people to give the cunt a volcano

No. 436716

you can transfer account payments to another adsense, so if greg originally had the profits going to his account, lainey could have changed that so it would go to her adsense account instead of gregs

No. 436717

wait are you serious?lmao

No. 436718

Yup after complaining about spilling yogurt over the tesla while driving to some appointment around 9:05 in the morning, So grease was streaming then as well.

No. 436719

He actually showers too much, he stated he showers twice a day which is bad for your skin especially if it's constantly hot water.. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't moisturise after showering either.

"Showering too much, however, can have a potentially damaging effect on your skin. The outermost layer of your skin's surface (called the stratum corneum or horny layer) is a barrier made of hardened, dead skin cells. … The result of showering too frequently is generally dry, irritated and cracked skin."

No. 436720

Said she said 5 words to grease today, wonder if shes counting the hug she got earlier.

No. 436721

Couldn't he legally claim Patreon as "gifts" though as it's technically donations? we all know Gregums will attempt to jump through any and every loophole he can find from here to the edge of the universe.

No. 436725

File: 1505957709741.png (44.93 KB, 221x203, Untitled.png)

No. 436726

“I save 1k bars for laineys broadcast later”
- Becca today
Ok Bambi where are you.

No. 436727

lmao it was a deflection from the fact she rushed to get grease a volcano because she got competitive at the person who got #1 before her

No. 436728

Why is she still trying, are they leading her on to keep getting money or something?

No. 436729

File: 1505958363493.jpg (29.52 KB, 869x99, IMG_0535.JPG)

Botox confirmed.

No. 436731

People calling out lainey for transphobic comments

No. 436732

Lamey was being roasted on stream for a good little while for being transphobic and hypocritical over the plastic surgery thing. Her sycophant fans are trying very hard to drown out dissent by accusing people calling her out of triggering her by forcing her to…you know…think about a thing she said.

No. 436733


Only onion could criticize someone about being natural with foundation smeared all over his botox filled neanderthal brow.

No. 436734

File: 1505958720821.png (961.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170920-173822.png)

He's so ugly look at his for head caving in.

No. 436735

nice try onion but everybody looks bored af and you sound like an asshole on that vid

No. 436736

Love how her fans invalidate anyone else that might feel bad because of her bullshit and telling them to shut up

No. 436737

it would be funny if tomatoes wife found these threads i think

No. 436738

grease came in

No. 436739

more context pls

No. 436741

he came in saying younow is robbing lainey from her money

No. 436742

The Gremlin hath come, and in addition to the robbery claims, I quote, "the camera battery is failing…just like our marrrrriaaaaage, Lainey."

No. 436743

oh? what does he even mean? taking Lainey's money kek remember when he wouldn't debate anyone unless it was on her channel? so she could "profit"

No. 436744

File: 1505959509807.png (449.48 KB, 720x480, F70626A9-86E4-49E4-8BF6-096AAF…)

how’s it feel, onion?

No. 436745

Greg just said “you got X many love potions and volcanos like 800$” or something like that and said Younow is robbing laineys fans and him.
You REALIZE EVERY SITE TAKES A DAMN CUT BECAUSE OF STREAMING AND HOSTING FEES YOU DUMB CUNT. Oh wait you don’t know that because you don’t even own the rights to your onision name anymore because you haven’t paid the fees ??‍♀️

No. 436748

sorry grease, the best way to not have im a narc photoshopped on your forehead is to not be a narc

No. 436749

well at least he's self aware about one thing

No. 436750

The only way you can avoid fees is Paypal right? But then Lainey couldn't be on her high horse saying that she "works" for her money and doesn't give out a PayPal link.

Bitch, you sit in a chair listening to emo music, talking to people in a chat room. That's not work. That's literally you sitting on your ass whining about your life. And you get donations from girls who want onion dick.

No. 436751

>we all float down here

No. 436752


I need someone to photoshop him as Pennywise…

No. 436753

I mean, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, talk about first world problems. Lainey sits on her ass, at home in casual clothes, listening to music and answering a couple questions for an hour and complains about getting $800 in a DAY.

That's what many people make in a week doing ACTUAL labor. Shut the fuck up. I'm over her shit already. Her and onion are so out of touch its staggering.

No. 436754

so when are they gonna actually announce it's over? or will lainey just have to live off of greg because she's unemployable at everywhere except hot topic, spencers, and seedy bars

No. 436755

>tfw I stand on my feet 12 hours a day, dealing with rude people, cheap asses who harass me all day and constantly try to talk me into giving them unauthorized discounts, having my every move watched, get yelled at for sitting for a few seconds when there is nothing happening
>get paid under 200 a week
>see lainey bitch about getting paid 800 a day
>bitch makes more in a day than I do in a month and complains about being poor
kill me

No. 436756


Don't disrespect my boy Pennywise like that.

No. 436757

Lol Greg totally outed himself as a controlling dumbass. How does HE KNOW how many potions and volcanoes Lainey gets, how much they are worth, and most importantly, how much she makes per stream unless he's monitoring Allllll that shit. Clearly hes riding her ass to make money for his IRS fuck up

No. 436758

Here's the clip of him obsessing over how much she makes


No. 436760

lol she so clearly wants him to stfu she's mortified

No. 436764

Only a matter of time before they kick him off YouNow he makes 10 call out videos and then gets Lainey kicked off of there to.

No. 436765

They bitch about a situation that they (mostly Onion) put themselves in, bitch about money problems when they just want to maintain their current lifestyle. Any reasonable person with a smidge of humility would downsize. Any rational person would understand the severity of their situation when the government is involved and get a reality check. Plenty of YTers have done downsized without openly bitching and begging money from people who don't have the opportunities they had, and likely won't. I'm sure the Onion clan could find a less expensive house that's more economical, albeit smaller, even in Washington. His pride and ego are in his way. A family of 4 does not need a property that large. Even with his collabs, I highly doubt he needs that much space to accommodate them. Fuck.

No. 436766

Lol Like we were really expected to believe he's "being a parent" when Lainey streams. I'm sure during that time his attention is 15% kids, 85% calculating how well Lainey is doing on stream.

No. 436767


Where'd you anons find this picture of gregs mom? it's perfect.

No. 436771

Remember when Lainey stopped streaming because Onision made fun of her for it and anyone who used YouNow? Look at him now counting her earnings. Also what was the point of coming in and saying it midstream?

No. 436772

he is bitter about younow now that he got his warning from the mod on his stream

No. 436774

File: 1505965248467.png (199.37 KB, 297x590, IMG_9595.PNG)

plainey in that yellow bear onesie reminds me of that bear from five night's at freddy

No. 436775

Why are both of them wearing gauges LOL whoever drew it def stole it from deviantart or some shit

No. 436776

File: 1505965624087.png (604.96 KB, 793x683, MY NARC BODY.png)

No. 436779

i never thought someone could have such an ugly neck, but here we are… there really is no part of him that's appealing

No. 436794

He needs "I'm a liar" above his ass.

No. 436800

>We also get glimpses of the little spawns in her recent daily vlog video.

I can't see them, just their toys on the outside.

No. 436807


Rewatch again and you'll see.

No. 436814

looks a lot like gaia online to me. i'm not 100% sure though

No. 436831

File: 1505970898123.png (816.51 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0537.PNG)

First, we're gonna start off a little more tame

No. 436836

File: 1505971077748.png (787.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0536.PNG)


Bon appétit

No. 436844

is he fucking serious? what exactly is he expecting? he's exactly like someone who works out for 2 weeks and expects a total transformation. some people accidentally only eat vegan for longer without realizing it ffs

No. 436849

He is so proud of only eat burritos, all that flour will make his ass hugeee

No. 436850

>how am I looking?

flabby, pasty and acne ridden as usual, gregma

No. 436852


He also seems to be growing out his body hair, you can see his nut-hairs trying to come out of his Calvins

No. 436860

ive never wanted to cry looking at a selfie before

No. 436880

9/10 could need some details like an explosion or some shit otherwise I vote this next thread pic

No. 436886

File: 1505973769752.png (Spoiler Image, 128.63 KB, 639x598, filth.png)

FYI wear clean undies, Your greasy cumstain is showing gurglemess.

No. 436888

thats probably dirt on his mirror

No. 436892

It goes with the fabric rather than being a mirror stain, Also sage your shit cumstain grease and wash your undies.

No. 436896


Must've had his hour-long angry fap sessions. Ew.

No. 436903

during and after a shower kek

No. 436906

he clips 2 seconds of a person smiling/laughing and that is proof? LOL. Yes cause no one can cut up and edit footage together to only show the good parts.

Lol. lameo calls out people for supposedly being transphobic, but if anyone calls her out, its omgah mah anxietiez!!!

i dont even know what hes on about this time but i like how he attacks all these platforms that are giving his stupid ass money in the first place. Younow, youtube, patreon etc dont owe him anything and can ban him for whatever reason they want. Hes lucky he makes any money from the stupid shit him and his asshole wife do. Lameo sits there for an hour fidget spinning and rambling on. That isn't worth even one penny.

but she will continue to claim she doesnt know anything about how much potions/volcanos cost and how much money shes making? keep denying youre greedy asses you lying assholes.

Shes obviously only upset onion is outing her lying ass, because now she cant play dumb about how much money shes making. Hahaha its funny how manipulative lameo tries to be by playing victim, but her own husband constantly outs her own bullshit.

No. 436920

Why did they give Taylor gauges tho? Its like they know she trying that billie look.

No. 436921

File: 1505978727875.jpg (12.55 KB, 500x421, fakeplugs.jpg)

She's been wearing "plugs" lately, but any person with a brain knows they're fake plugs.

No. 436924

They're from the video where she goes "punk", I could have sworn she made a dig at them when she was putting them on and, lo & behold she kept them.

No. 436934

Yeah, next time anons say Onion hides his kids for honourable reasons, remember this post and realise the reasons are probably much darker than that.

No. 436936

File: 1505988495414.jpg (70.28 KB, 749x1130, DKONLXIUQAAV2ev.jpg)

so, Billie dyed her hair yellow.

bets on how long it takes skinwalker?

No. 436937


She looks pretty and all, but that haircolor is kind of terrible tbh

No. 436939

I think it looks nice. Kind of autumny.

If lainey goes this color, maybe someone should make an image that shows the history over how many hair colors she has copied from billie. Just to show sturdy proof she's a creepy, skinwalker freak.

No. 436940

lainey is going to look like a walking corpse with that color.

No. 436941


If true, this person is retarded an in violation of HIPAA. If he reported that, it could be really bad for them.

No. 436944

I don't think Lainey will copy this one. There would be 0 excuse to use for it because it would be 100% copying Billie.
At least with the blue she could argue that it was a progression from purple - jade - blue and that she wasn't copying Billie.

No. 436945

There's no way to report what someone said anonymously in a yt comment.

No. 436946

there was no excuse for any of the other dyes either, but alas she had done them. save for maybe the grey one, since she wanted to go lighter. I'm not sure how dyes/bleaching works but I imagine she is going to do irreparable harm to her hair trying to replicate this.

No. 436948

good, hopefully her hair breaks off and she ends up bald if she tries.

No. 436951


I look forward to her looking like a foot fungus.

No. 436953

I know there's no excuse, but at least grey and blue is sort of… normal now… and the colors were sort of related… So she could have feigned ignorance. But yellow is so out of the common, and opposite from what shes done so far, that even the most stubborn lainey-fan could see she's just a copycat.

No. 436956

File: 1506005050455.png (892.71 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_owlr3hnzLr1s0umkzo1_128…)

No. 436959

lol tweet this at him

No. 436961

I was watching a video onion did reacting to people smashing or passing him last night. It was hilarious. He was SO triggered that a guy said you could land a plane on the bridge of his nose. You could just he wanted to go the fuck off at the guy but because its supposed to be a fun video™, he had to laugh it off while looking like he wanted to break something

No. 436963

I agree with >>436939
I think it will look better as it fades though

No. 436964

File: 1506007363872.png (635.8 KB, 724x683, NARC RAGE.png)

Your right, he has so much narc rage. Here is the new and improved version.

No. 436965

File: 1506007379617.jpg (1.05 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170921_092010.jpg)

The plane flying across his face and then using the golden gate bridge to describe his ugly nose bridge killed me. Then onion said the tip of his nose isnt flat and showed the camera the side of his nose when the guy said BRIDGE. Onion is so dumb

No. 436973

Has anyone seen Bianca's latest youtube video? Found it funny that she used she/her pronouns to describe Lainey. Furthers the point that Lainey never actually uses they/them pronouns off the internet.

No. 436979


Nobody cares about the irrelevant ass kissing wife of an irrelevant ass licker.
If you want to self post again there is a thread in /snow/

No. 436982

not the same anon, but i think >>436973
is relevant to this thread. it confirms plain is being the fake transtrender we all know she is.

No. 436984

I definitely think Lainey is fake trans or at least a fetishist for male crossdressing. I also think though, that part of why the persona exists only online and she only acts like a cunt about it online is shes a doormat.

Look how she acted nice to joy in that stream but then immediately started talking shit when she left. Shes spineless and two-faced. Those are are two most prominent qualities actually. Point being, she'll act tough online but won't correct anyone in real life because she has no balls (Lol at my unintentional pun).

No. 436985

He's blocking people who post this to his stuff kek I just got blocked for it

No. 436993


Is he hating on Pewdiepie again? Because Onoin will never be as hot and porpular as pewds is?

No. 436997

it's almost as if billie had to think which color is too extreme for lainey to copy

and then actually wait and see if the absolute mad bitch does it anyway

No. 437007

File: 1506016026684.jpg (82.25 KB, 805x876, onionboy.JPG)

I guess I struck a nerve with him to make him hyper tweet to defend himself kek.

No. 437009

What a fucking lie just to cover his fucking ass, Even he knows that none of us here wish anything bad to happen to those children, Unless he counts getting away from him and plainey and put into genuine care or with stable family, Which would be a fucking good thing.

No. 437012


Where is that video? Cannot find it! :/

No. 437014


He really thinks he's kicking our asses with DEFINITIONS and FAXX. Dude, you're just making us laugh at you harder than ever.

No. 437015

here is a 30 yr old man saying the word "haters" to reference people who don't think bringing in teenage girls to cheat on your wife with and call your wife a cunt as well as neglecting his children, greg should ditch out on buying houses and airplane tickets to fly out fans and get a fucking therapist

No. 437018

he uses almost as much as his idol Donald Trump

No. 437019

File: 1506017273449.png (1.42 MB, 1442x850, kekaroniandcheese.png)

it always makes me laugh when I see how low his view count has gotten

No. 437030

I feel like the thumbnail he used for "I want to be skinny" is him believing he is already skinny. Sorry Greg, you got some flab on you. The years are catching up to you.

No. 437032

File: 1506019707308.jpg (15.22 KB, 280x250, Clipboard01ssda.jpg)

No. 437033


>Try not to cringe

Too late.

No. 437036

File: 1506020005086.gif (1.62 MB, 358x200, kjhijhug.gif)

No. 437048

shame he's never used that dictionary to learn how to spell.

and "wishes horrible things" where? he started that sperg because of drew saying billie told him the kids cry all the time. he can't even keep his shit straight.

No. 437049

File: 1506021662600.png (270.83 KB, 1080x336, 20170921_132020.png)

It's this one

No. 437051


The worst anyone has said about his kids that I've seen is Drew saying "I hope your kids are crying". Which is shitty, but not really something I would consider "horrible".

No. 437052

Drew said "I hope your kids are crying right now"

Greg took it against his kids but I see a deeper meaning in that statement. Like Gerg hates the sound of their crying and finds it annoying.

I honestly think thats why he bought a ~set house~. Its an excuse to get away from Lainey and the kids and not get bothered by them.

No. 437054

That and so he could brag about owning more than one house.

No. 437060

File: 1506022606738.png (650.66 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0538.PNG)

Onion milks his geekiness once again.

No. 437067

He blocked me too after I called him out. Kinda weird how after months of trolling him, he picks something as innocuous as defending billie to block me. Sage for my billie boner.

No. 437068

did netnobody even bring up gregma's kids?

No. 437082

No, just that Grease was acting like a dick to his cameraman

No. 437085

>milks his geekiness
Can someone help me out with this? Obviously he loves people thinking he loves Death Note. Now I've never watched much of the anime, and never the dub; but Greg is the only person I've ever heard call say Yagami like (Yagga-may).
Again, I could be wrong. It's surprisingly hard to find a clip of the english VA saying the main characters full name.
But this just leads me to think Greg is just a fake fan.
He hasn't made a video about the Netflix Death Note yet, which was a huge YouTube trend that he could have leeched some views from.
In the Disney video, he says "I'm a huge Game of Thrones fan", but he always deflects when asked about it and says "the dragon rape scene was really tasteful". Also, it's almost the final season of the show and in another of his recent video you could see the book Game of Thrones (1st book) on his bed, barely read. He seems like the type of guy to hate GoT, secretly read all of the books, and then complain that it isn't like the books when he finally watches the show. But he forgot that he can't read so now he just pretends to watch the show.
Even his "I WANT TO BELIEVE" poster is obviously (to a fan of X-files) not correct. It's like a weird redbubble poster or something, it doesn't match the poster from the show or even one sold in Hot Topic.
/tinfoil, I just legit think he may be incapable of properly enjoying narrative storytelling.

No. 437087

He hates reading, he was bragging about not reading books at all (he thinks he's above it because he writes books), so I doubt he would ever even try to read GoT.

No. 437089

Between his compulsive need to churn out his shit content, twitter-rants, streams, and multiple showers a day I doubt he takes the time to really get into shows. They're not about him after all so why would he care lmao

No. 437091

>multiple showers a day
What, you don't shower after every poop?

No. 437095

Maybe anon is like my cousin and only poops omce a week.

Probably the same schedule for showering, too.

No. 437098

okay so grease's excuse as to why it was fine to shit on netnobody's parenting, is because someone else said something bad about his kids in the past???????

No. 437101


I dunno man, his very first videos were about Star Wars products and MGS parodies. And he used to run websites based off his tastes.

No. 437104

File: 1506026138267.png (278.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9596.PNG)

No. 437105

File: 1506026161068.png (288.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9597.PNG)

No. 437107

File: 1506026236258.png (272.94 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9598.PNG)

first he makes ANOTHER video about Shane Dawson, then Jaclyn Glenn, now billie, who's next on the onion boy rage list?

No. 437108

Hmmm but didn't plainey say something about this? Or did the story get blown out of proportion?

No. 437111



No. 437112


I swear lainey tweeted something saying he was willing to sign his kids away to be with her and start a new life

No. 437114

>criminal, druggie liar like that person was.
guarantee you he has already seen her new hair and made ample suggestion to plainey to find a way to change herself for him

No. 437117

He decided to be single only after Billie rejected him. Idiot. Let Billie go. She doesn't want you even though you clearly want her and can't stop raging after all this time because you CAN'T have her. The funny thing is, YOU pushed her away and ruined it for yourself.

No. 437118

she probably deleted them after they took billie back, but in her video, doesn't she say they were planning to be with each other and move in with each other?
so does lainey get a liar tattoo?

No. 437119


Lainey does say that, I just checked. Unfortunately, I can't find the caps were she rejects him. I swear I've seen them before.

No. 437120

File: 1506026917850.png (552.35 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9599.PNG)

now he's gonna attack ex patrons who reveal their conversations (like he does with his ex partners or friends)

No. 437121

No, that was an old tweet anon brought up because of his talking about netnobody's kid is contradicting what he said then. Gerg of course doesn't think he's being hypocritical because he was "just giving advice" but really it was just an excuse to drag netnobody's personal life into their argument.

No. 437122

I'm sure he can be reported to the patreon staff for this shit. It's not only wrong and shitty to do, but it's harassment.

No. 437123

File: 1506027236213.jpg (176.15 KB, 1280x1268, c42385a2-8daa-49d5-95a4-3bdf96…)

No. 437125

In Lainey's side of the story video she says he was going to be with Billie not even a day after they broke up so he's a fucking liar.

No. 437126

Someone tweet these at him haha.

No. 437127

God I miss these times!

Such milk

No. 437128

but didn't him and Joy talked about it in their debate? with an excuse like "my spouse was high anxiety so she didn't mean it"

No. 437129


She said in her my side of the story that they were going to move in together not even a day after

No. 437130

oops sorry, hivemind

No. 437131

File: 1506027873184.png (563.11 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9600.PNG)

No. 437132

I'm blocked most farmers are

No. 437133

File: 1506028226333.png (82.67 KB, 320x272, Screenshot.png)

perhaps some new accounts are in order

No. 437134

I concur, great milk. I think most of us wanted the best for Lainey at that point too. That's long gone.

No. 437135

remember when onion hated reaction videos, now he's making them lol

No. 437137

because onion literally has no integrity to speak of

No. 437138

"NEVER WOULD I SWAP MY KIDS…. for a criminal"
Jesus Glorp, you just don't get it.

No. 437139


Would never swap his kids for a druggie criminal… but swapping out Lainey is perfectly fine. kek

No. 437140

so its this bitch greg and lainey or having over to roleplay pedophilia with? if so, what if the princess bike and little girl stuff in their house was for her?

No. 437141

She looks like female Leafy, no wonder why Grug havent invite her to trinity.

No. 437142


Bitch, you are a tax dodger!

No. 437145

It's 5:11 in for anyone who wants to see it, she said "Him and Billie are planning on moving in with each other, planning on being together like not even a day after everything happens, there is no time inbetween."

His video from right after it happened last year said "I also signed a document that Lainey has exclusive custody of our child, that I can only see them if she is completely comfortable with it."

No. 437146

https://hangouts.google.com/call/vdGzpKYU5kYMJfAheTQRAAEE' If you want to go into his call on twitch ;)

No. 437147

omfg anon, it wasnt gregdaddy's fault, it was turbotax giving him the wrong fax how dare you!! /sarcasm

No. 437149

He probably only backed out of signing over custody to Lainey when he figured out he couldn't also evade paying child support.

No. 437151

yeah that's what i think too

No. 437155

he basically did signed Troy away and was planning on being with Billie but Billie rejected him and he "planned" on being single

No. 437159

Old, but…

Re kids: He IS paranoid - he has a hugely inflated sense of self-importance, hence bulletproof vests - and does have a very rabid subset of followers.

With two such damaged and attention-seeking people, not showing their kids is the only responsible thing they've ever done. Footface likely got a shit-ton of vitriolic hate from Grug's little crush army and that will have penetrated even her thick skull sufficiently for her to realise it only takes one obsessive fan thinking they are "freeing" their beloved Onigod from the terrible burden of his unwanted children. It likely helps in other ways with their cool, hipster image (barf) but two such contentious figures should never even mention their kids lest it trigger the wrong nutter's radar. Selena seemed to have half a brain and its likely this was dinned into Footie when she still had some connection to reality.

As for daycare, chances are the kids WOULDN'T do well. Lamo has some weird concept of attachment parenting - one where you're not even interested, let alone attached - and its highly likely the kids are not socialised nor have any impulse control. And daycares have requirements, such as kids being potty-trained, able to feed themselves etc, besides requiring discipline from the parents; get kids up, appropriately dressed and fed, get them there with all they need, pick them up on time. That might fuck with Mommy's all important upload/e-begging schedule.

Maybe Troy being held up to the window is the only time he ever sees Mummy and Daddy except on video. They're probably more mythical to him than Santa - "look, there she is….shhhh, don't make a noise, you'll scare her off" as his wee face is scrunched up against the glass looking at her back hunched over a screen…

No. 437165

not gonna lie, watching her stream she knows how to apply makeup like a professional in comparison to plainey. maybe grease will scout her for her makeup ~talents~

No. 437173

Can someone screen capture Lainey's makeup vid?

No. 437174

"As for daycare, chances are the kids WOULDN'T do well. Lamo has some weird concept of attachment parenting - one where you're not even interested, let alone attached - and its highly likely the kids are not socialised nor have any impulse control. And daycares have requirements, such as kids being potty-trained, able to feed themselves etc, besides requiring discipline from the parents; get kids up, appropriately dressed and fed, get them there with all they need, pick them up on time. That might fuck with Mommy's all important upload/e-begging schedule. "

the only time lainey agrees with parenting is for extended breastfeeding, other than that she throws them to the side

No. 437175


Anyone else remember when he told Jaclyn he didn't have time to watch videos criticizing him? Fuck spending time with my family I need to make a 15 minute rebuttal to a girl on the internet because she stopped giving me money.

No. 437177

maybe since sarah works at a daycare now close to their house they get a discount for their kids going there

No. 437183

Oh so you can fuck and do everything else with a "teenager" but you can't leave your kids for them that's just absurd. ok

No. 437189

spot on especially
>Lamo has some weird concept of attachment parenting - one where you're not even interested, let alone attached

yeahhhh she sucks

No. 437190

Can someone post links to his tweets attacking his patrons who pulled their pledge so we can compile them to report him to patreon

No. 437191

pateron doesn't care I've reported him countless times with evidence.

No. 437193

File: 1506033562669.jpg (1.04 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170921_163459.jpg)

So if onion is going to make videos with freelee dissecting Trishas poor diet, when is onion going to tell becca she is fat because she eats like shit?

Onion has the nerve to call her "thick" when she's even fatter than Trisha lol. Onion prefers money to honesty

No. 437196

The more the better though eventually they might do something

No. 437206

sage for OT and shameposting, but on tempcow someone suggested we attempt to snag the /r/Onision subreddit. I submitted a request but it seems they act on the ones that have been upvoted the most. if those of you that have a reddit account wouldn't mind upvoting, we can get this trainwreck up and running


No. 437208

Anyone remember which video this was? someone definitely needs to link it to him in those twitter comments. FAX

No. 437211

just upvoted <3

No. 437215

Laineys video "my side of the story" don't have the vidme link to it unfortunately, just youtube which is against the rules for good reason

No. 437219

Eggfuckinzackly. Poor kid doesn't need to have DS or autism or anything other than what we see - parents for whom he is nothing but a momentary interest occasionally. He "wouldn't do well in daycare" cos the poor little sod is probably damn near feral.

Although having said that, it's likely better to get zero parental attention than have either of these narcs focus on you. There's a bit more to parenting than shoving an udder in his face when he is long past the age of requiring a proper, nutritious meal. It's quite incredible how Trenchfoot has managed to winkle out the very worst of every millenial/new age/Tumblr trend and jam them altogether in a nightmare of narcy, self-obsessed entitleist BOLLOX!

No. 437222

Someone better save that video, because I bet it is going to mysteriously disappear soon.

No. 437223

don't worry, Aldiii got us covered. God love them.

No. 437225

Should be done encoding in a few


No. 437226

i honestly hope he gets into a beef with this girl, ive watched a couple of her videos and shes very no nonsense and it could be very entertaining

No. 437227

Lainey won't "let him" leave, remember?
This is how he convinces her she has power in the relationship.

No. 437228

File: 1506036088570.png (52.34 KB, 223x202, Untitled.png)

No. 437229

was waiting for this, thank you senpai

No. 437234

He uploaded a video called, top surgery, tatoos and implants. Please someone reupload it so we can hear what bullshit he's going to say

No. 437235

how many videos is he going to upload today?

No. 437236


On it right now, internet is just a bit slow at the moment.

No. 437238

File: 1506037239452.png (46.4 KB, 219x194, Untitled.png)

>Uploading now


No. 437239

File: 1506037283781.png (46.49 KB, 220x198, Untitled1.png)

>Uploading now


No. 437240

File: 1506037370258.png (254.8 KB, 1334x750, IMG_4534.PNG)

Ex-patron: called [Billie] … a druggie

Onion: < pulls up dictionary definition as usual but points to the adjective definition when the appropriate definition should be for the noun >

The noun definition is "a drug addict, or habitual user of drugs" and Urban dictionary pops up as first result with "someone who uses copious amounts of drugs".

I feel moronic even doing this definition nitpicking; how does Gurg maintain narcissism while doing this all the time?

No. 437241

I still can't get over him pulling up the dictionary definition of collect during the blaire white debate as if THAT is where all the confusion was. He really is out of touch with people

No. 437242

the ex mod is live on younow while becca is showing the current mod who cries over being called ugly volcanos on younow

No. 437244

I got to the part where he pulled up the definition of 'Freak.' I just can't with this guy, he is just so fucking retarded. It's like a 12 year old giving a talk at school with a powerpoint

No. 437246

this actually looks decent

No. 437247

Somehow she seems to be getting worse and worse. My jaw actually dropped at how she "cleaned up" her lips with the concealer at the end. I'm continually baffled that this girl thinks she's in a position to be doing makeup videos. They are so cringeworthy and bad

No. 437248

…are you blind?

No. 437249

File: 1506038153730.jpg (21.01 KB, 500x191, 1800LensCrafters.jpg)

No. 437252

How no nonsense could she be when she used to pay money to Onion?

He didn't go on Patreon until it had been well established that he's insane and a piece of shit. I have minimal sympathy for anyone who gave him money after that.

No. 437256

File: 1506038512869.png (1.22 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4535.PNG)

He goes on about this chick being in a first world country and how his tweet rage on Manchester was about how we should value deaths that aren't just white and first world, which would be a good point if it weren't coming from a rich while man who dodged taxes while taking in money and now complains that he's barely surviving while living in a giant house he owns, driving an expensive car, and whinging about paying back what he owes.

How the fuck does anyone watch this guy beside haters? My stomach feels weird every time he stops the tape to start his bullshit robo-ranting.

No. 437259

No. 437262

File: 1506039138485.jpg (10.78 KB, 376x374, what is this post.jpg)

No. 437265

LMAO he says "when i see pornography where someone has scars under their breasts, I turn it off."

So he admits that jaclyn getting a boob job pissed him off because then she isn't attractive to him anymore. So it's all about if your body turns Greg on.

Thanks for clarifying Greg!

No. 437266

its his discord mod money spenders

No. 437277


Does he not research his "fax" about boob jobs? Scars under the chest are not a thing anymore they go through the armpit..looks like lainey can't have top surgery because that does put scars under your chest rofl

No. 437283

not a medfag but I've seen images pre and post procedure where they hack the nipples off. is that still a thing? can you imagine his horrified expression?

No. 437286

Sometimes actually, but that's also if some people want smaller nipples they can redo them so to say and they heal with minimal scars

No. 437289

Does this mean he's against breast reductions as well?

No. 437294

If he's saying scars disgust him then yes, total top surgery leaves a scar line under the breasts if you look at trans people who remove their chest, to his standards even a breast reduction causes scars sometimes a line going down from the nipple which people get for pain and such from too large of boobs I'd say so but he'd probably try to back it up he's not against it but he said he wouldn't let his partner get any surgery because then they are not themselves..

No. 437295


3 types of incisions : under boob, arm pit and nipple. Surgeon generally will ask you which method you prefer. There is also fat injections too which leave practically no scar.

Dunno why he acts like scars are a definite thing to happen with surgery, or that they aren't something you could pay to have removed. Scars are easy to remove .. He's stupid, thats for sure.

No. 437297

so by extension, her tiger stripes should turn him off. I mean, stretch marks are scar tissue. is this where his deep seeded disgust for her began, and he is just now letting it come to the surface?

No. 437298

I keked at that apparently the only way he can tell if boobs are fake is if there's scars

You would know if you watched the video yourself. He's not.

No. 437300

This bitch is triggering. I know fuck all when it comes to makeup but even I can tell that was horrible. Are we sure this isn't some satire shit she's trying to pull?

No. 437308

Theres girls who get fake a and b cups and I bet he's looked at porn with them fake titties and didn't notice seems like he only hates large ones

No. 437309

As repugnant as his views are on boob jobs, I almost respect the fact that admitted his views were all about what gets his dick hard and almost dropped the point about influencing young girls or some BS

No. 437311


So he clearly is unsupportive of Lainey getting top surgery…

I hope someone brings it up on YouNow because she's said again and again that he is okay with it.

Thanks for or uploading!!

No. 437314

Sarahs live on Younow.
It’s light outside behind the curtain in the room.
Wood panning in the room = side house.
Michigan it’s dark here in this time zone right now.
She’s in WA McMansion confirmed
She also has a job, if you look at her snaps her name card is in it and not posting job names for obvious reasons but she works at a daycare near their house

No. 437316

It is disgusting to me that he first of all believes that his opinion on breast augmentation is important enough that he needs to broadcast it online and second of all that he is broadcasting what gives him a tingle downstairs to an army of 13 year old girls. He knows his demographic but still does creepy shit like this. Guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore but still, how can someone be so fucking unaware.

No. 437318

File: 1506041595253.png (45.93 KB, 381x595, Screenshot 2017-09-21 at 8.52.…)

OnisionSpeaks sub count

No. 437320

>I would not be satisfied with my spouse getting top surgery because, like i said, i do prefer the feminine form.

wow so lainey lied to us! inb4 liar tattoo

No. 437321

He only threw it in at the end to justify making that video about Jaclyn and not boob jobs in general. Yeah I bet you're real concerned about young girls undergoing surgery to alter their bodies to fit society's expectations gerg, it's not like you're some sick dude averse to breast augmentation because you prefer "underdeveloped" barely legal-looking bodies.

No. 437323

holy shit how DISHONEST

No. 437324

If you go to Lainey's patreon there's a exclusive video that has Sarah in it. I'm assuming they won't ever make videos with Sarah in them public. On phone so can't get pic

No. 437327

File: 1506041915346.jpg (34.11 KB, 667x488, cappp.JPG)

No. 437328

lainey is on younow. someone asked to talk about greg's video on top surgery.
"i haven't seen it"

No. 437330

oh I hope she watches it. Watch her never mention top surgery again after it

No. 437331

I bet he went along with it before because he knows her trans shit is fake but is backtracking now on the off chance she does consider it

No. 437333

Shouldn't Sarah still be in school since she just turned 17? I wonder how she's going to school and work.

No. 437334

she's trying to make friends with the blargh lul

No. 437335

If they really are on medicaid, hate to break it to her but they won't pay for it lol

No. 437338

did I hear that right? she is now going ~blonde~ ?

No. 437341

Wow. She is going to copy Billie with literally every hair color she does. It's just so… sad. She's 22 years old and she's so broken.

No. 437346

Someone should ask her if she's ever seen Single White Female lmfao.

No. 437352

woah she really over lined her lips

No. 437355

depends, if the girl has fairly small nipples and breast there's really no need to cut the nipples off, just reduce the fat from the breast and take off the extra skin, unless of course she wants her nipples smaller

since women tend to have bigger nipples than men, then again even in most boob jobs they cut around the nipple, hollow out a layer then put the implant or fat there, and thus once it heals the scar tissue will just look like natural nipple outline, they don't really cut off the nipple though, they remove the skin around it and the unwanted nipple tissue then bring the rest of the breast and the newly formed nipple together, but not actually cutting off the gland itself or the areola entirely

No. 437356

File: 1506043646529.jpg (184.63 KB, 960x1440, p14158_p_v8_aa.jpg)

has any1 edited this to be billie and plain yet?

No. 437358

File: 1506043751263.png (5.15 KB, 208x94, Screenshot (2).png)

kek this person is top tier bait

No. 437367

Has no one asked her about Sarah being there or how ling she will be there?

No. 437368

kek there's a fake billie in the chat

No. 437369

which one of you farmers is "billieclone" ? seems like you got her shooketh

No. 437370

This stream seems like it's going to be some quality milk.
"I was the one who left. Me."
mhmmm sureeee

No. 437371

Someone wrote "you left because he cheated on you"

No. 437372

she's on the verge of sperging or rage quitting, could go either way at the moment

No. 437373

Seems like plainey pissed off one of her fans

No. 437374

is anyone recording? I hope so

No. 437375

Capture the moments I can't watch right now and I wanna see her get triggered.

No. 437380

It's hilarious how assmad she gets when she says she didn't even want to date this girl. So why be so pissy? lmfao

No. 437382

No. 437383


Saw these two saving moments from the stream when she was talking about Billie

No. 437384

It's not that milky, she's mostly just being annoyed that people are still bringing it up after this much time. At least she's not changing her story, she's confirming that he wanted to be with Billie after they broke up and that he signed for plain to be the primary caregiver with him having visitation rights. She says it's not the same as "signing the kids over", but is there any other way to "sign kids over" though?

No. 437385

Thank you <3

No. 437386


>There are things in this world that are more important than getting people to like you.

What about liking yourself? That's pretty important. People go through body modifications not always to be liked by others, but to like and enjoy themselves. He's so dense. It's the same reason he wears makeup and pretends he doesn't care. He wears it because he likes himself better like that.

No. 437387

File: 1506045337325.png (710.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0539.PNG)

Someone got butthurt enough…

No. 437389

File: 1506045497189.png (436.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170921-205701.png)

I saw this and instantly thought of onion.

No. 437390

>"My special talent is being a doormat"
>That is true, literally true

fucking KEK

No. 437396

If you went on her younow to be an ass then what did you expect? Are you posting this trying to brag about it or something? No one cares if the Onions block you, it's not some badge of honour you get asspats for.

No. 437397


ew is becca the fat deer that pays $$$ to get onision's attention? the drag queen one? she's even grosser now that i've seen a full body pic! onion probably thinks she's disgusting, she's pathetic

No. 437398

The girl who lainey bashed in the stream is live now ranting and it’s great https://www.younow.com/hinasenpai/170068942/40394482/0b696f9v/b

No. 437399

Lainey blocks everyone who doesn't kiss her ass. You don't have to be one to get blocked.

No. 437400

this would be a cute channel idea (attempting makeup trends) but lainey has an awful set up, an awful personality and i'm not sure why she titles these as tutorials when they aren't? i don't think the fact that she is bad at makeup is a big deal considering it's supposed to be "attempts" but the tryhard posing and feeling herself at the end is too much.

also why would she use stick concealer over liquid to clean up….

No. 437402

isnt this the chick that was literally throwing money at them hand over fist? wonder if she's gonna charge everything back kek

No. 437403

No that’s Becca.
This girl was a mod who said she was bullied out of the discord and patron.
Another ex patron attacking greg rn.
She’s going in. She’s talking about how the discord is handled and it’s insane the stuff gregs pass in there

No. 437404

they really love biting the hand that feeds huh

No. 437405


the madman, she picked a piss yellow! she picked one of those neon colors that only look good if you're super hot. like that yellow/green highlighter dye has only looked on hayley williams at best. and in billie it seems to work too cause she's cute alt girl too. but on lainey its going to RUIN her already jagged apperance. if lainey actually darees to copy that shit she's crazy. like legit needs a mental hospital. theres no way in hell lainey could pull that off. it even looks awkward on billie, i mean..

No. 437406

Some milk here. she was a patron of Gregs and participated a lot in the discord chats

No. 437407

I watched her battle that becca chick the other day for bars, easily in the 50-60$ range, for one stream

No. 437409

The milk is live in this stream thank god

No. 437410

she confirmed on stream about half an hour ago that she was going that route

No. 437412

File: 1506047103352.png (43.3 KB, 320x320, Thonk.png)

Billie posted a new hair color and the very same day Lainey is ready to go blonde (the color billie just had)

I wasn't with this whole Billie skin walked thing until now, strange coincidence again

No. 437413

Lainey has learned from Gerg.
"Its not blue, its JADE"
"Its not yellow, its BLONDE"

She plays semantics to deflect from what shes doing.

No. 437414

Streams back up! She's talking about the patron fags

No. 437415

So now we have to subject ourselves to these videos to know these things? Fuck off.

No. 437417

Onion has been on a Fax machine rant someone taunt him till he admits Sarah is there and he tells us she works for him lol.

No. 437419

this hinasepnai woman should be a farmer she has lots of milk

No. 437424

It always seem to be the same story with these retards, they're fine with all the shady shit Gerg and Doormat have been up to, even sharing his views and sense of humour, until they discover that their patron bux can't buy the Onions' actual friendship. Then they completely turn on them and want to spill the tea.

hinasenpai seems extra touched by an angel though.

No. 437427

Even Gerg teased Lame about her hair being blue like Billie's in a video recently.

No. 437428

They always find a way to bring her up in their videos together, I get joking about it as a way of coping with their dead marriage but why put it in every other video while they claim to have "moved on bla bla"

No. 437429

Quite a spike around sept 11 / IRS visit.

No. 437432


Yes, if you're too lazy to watch the content go fuck yourself. His videos are reuploaded here constantly, don't expect other anons to spoon feed you information and clog up the thread with your bullshit.

No. 437434

she needs to be institutionalized for choosing an unflattering hair color?! lmao CHILL

No. 437436

this hinasenpai character reeks of mtf trans tbh

No. 437438

I think they mean laineys obsession with billie

No. 437439

Hinasenpai seems bio-female to me

No. 437440

No I think she's just irish anon

No. 437443

does that somehow invalidate what shes saying?

"shes a tranny, dont listen to her"

No. 437444

Someone should mention lolcow to her

No. 437445

she just said she is going to research the "other side"

are we /her guy/ ?

No. 437447

why even bring up if shes trans or not
its like bringing up someones skin color while listening to their argument.

No. 437448

She reeks of needy little bitch to me. In the chat she kept saying "thank you for inspiring me to stream even though I have anxiety", then when plainey didn't read her comments she went on asking about if she was being ignored. Her going off on younow right now is all about her feeling that she was treated unfairly because spaceprince didn't read her comments.

No. 437451

who cares
we all know that most fans of the onions have mental and personality issues
once they crack and want to spill Im here to listen, even if they are crack pots
Ill sift out the crazy and drink the milk

No. 437452

I'll drink to that!

No. 437456

> Asking what fetishes are to people as young as 15 y.os in discord.

No. 437457

but they just said that donald kid is 12 and sits in the discord. thats even greasier

No. 437459


I haven't even said anything before entering her broadcast, must've been Gregma or his fans who sent this from two days ago).

No. 437460

File: 1506049612423.png (65.76 KB, 640x640, it is trash.png)

>discussion of younow/discord/patreon boot lickers

No. 437462

Wait you actually think it's not possible for law enforcement to find out who leaves comments on the internet? You'd report the clinic and the comment and leave the research to professionals. Violating HIPAA is different from regular insults online, the person's employer would take any investigation very seriously, and what this person is saying is actually one of the stronger HIPAA violations - they're doing it intentionally, publicly, to damage a person's (barely human though gurg is) reputation. Sage for minor topic/late response, but gerg could actually sue the shit out of this person if they are actually guilty. Anything that potentially puts money in his hands is fucking dumb.

No. 437463

If he sues them, we know it's true.
Chances are though, it's not true, they're just seeing what sort of telling response they can get.

Some of you need a valium, I swear

No. 437464

Discord milk is interesting. Not the people that post there but Greg and Lainey's reported behavior. Like apparently Greg told a group of his lower paying patrons that they where less important to him.

No. 437465

hinasenpai transcript (sorta)

>"I've had people just… trying to add me, just to harrass… I've even had people try to harrass me on Greg's younow. I've seen some people on Lainey's as well"

>"Basically I was a moderator, I managed to become a moderator on my own merit, and anothers as well as a mod, but I dont wanna name names. I don't wanna do that, because I'm not like them… and I dont want to name anybody unless they come (at ?) me"
>"They can deny all they want, I know for a fact from their discord has young viewers in there, and I know for a fact that there has been disgustingly sexy…"
>…"…Greg and Lainey's hundreds of dollars. I'm sorry, but I'm just going to say it like it is, obvious favoritism for those who pay the most, those who pay the most get the attention and you know…"

No. 437466

File: 1506050010103.png (16.13 KB, 592x197, 2017-09-22 04_13_05-KEEM ? (@K…)


No. 437467


I agree with this, it's just when farmers zero in and focus specifically on individuals and link their social media- thus giving obvious attention starved individuals exactly what they want.

No. 437470

hinasenpai confirmed Gregs DDLG fetish with Laniey

No. 437471

Now I know why Greg was wearing those masks for a while.
He said it was to shield his skin from the harsh lights, when in reality is was him hiding the light bruising and tell tell signs that last for a while after that type of treament.

No. 437478

All of the discordians are garbage. The tiny ones are especially vomit enducing. Meowsifer is a yandere wanabe. Ilka is a doormat
Anastasia is a slut and trying to hook up with all of the mods and lamey. It wouldnt suprise me if they all circlejerk while listening to gurgs shitty music.

No. 437481

It was completely obvious to everyone that he was having work done at the time, anyone that believed that shit excuse is an idiot

No. 437482

onion isnt even fun to hate anymore smfh

No. 437484

he's really not. now I just wish he would die or get incarcerated for a very long time. he's already so close to irrelevancy, if he couldn't access the Internet for a time then it'd all be over.

No. 437488

File: 1506051466296.jpg (892.71 KB, 960x1389, pbbbbt.jpg)

bored and dirty

No. 437491

the shooping is great, but the funniest part for me was "married mother of two"

No. 437492

No. 437496

I think lamey just pushed her over the edge, personally I'm glad they're pushing away more fans and said fans are waking up to how shitty both gurgle and plainey are

No. 437504

This. Lainey is pushing out all her fans, Hina was a greg discord mod in the beginning and left after plunger accused her and some other mod of starting drama. Some time after those mods left the Onionspawn drama started, so it was pretty clear they got framed by the attentionwhore modteam.

I bet they were tardwrangling the fatbecca/ginger/donald etc… When they left, those retards unleashed their rage. It's funny to see how the only relatively normal fans onion had were pushed away by his greed for money aka letting a 12-year old moderate.

No. 437535

File: 1506057020022.png (300.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170922-000856.png)

This chicks entire twitter is about Lainey and Onion she wants in that grease mansion bad.

No. 437537

she looks like she's in elementary school…

No. 437539

File: 1506057453521.png (195.9 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170922-001426.png)

The NarcNest has started breaking down Sarah, fast weight loss, depressed tweets and feeling worthless.

No. 437540

smells like a selfpost

No. 437541

gregma and plain aint gon love you, gurl stop self-posting

No. 437543

I know she stalk Lolcow but I ain't her just stumbled upon her profile, didn't know she had already been mentioned.

No. 437544

File: 1506057953686.jpg (95.08 KB, 720x960, DHY_cUlXYAAXTSI.jpg)

Picture she drew for Onion and Lame… I honestly feel like they lead them on to continue getting money from them. Why else do her and beck keep fucking insisting.

No. 437545

this is creepy af, they should take out a restraining order on this chick

No. 437546

all of greaser's fans got issues, this is nothing new. stop posting about this girl, she just another attention seeker

No. 437547

Shes too fat for onision to love her. Probably too fat for Lainey to love her as well

No. 437548

Where was it mentioned that Greg was going to sign his parental rights away to be with billie?! I just looked in the past threads and can't find where it originally came from? Anyone remember?

No. 437549

I'm embarrassed for this calf

No. 437550

In his first I betrayed my wife video.

No. 437551


When are all the discordfags and grease fans gonna learn to sage their shit so they don’t look so obvious?

No. 437566

if onision was actually buying health insurance for his family he'd be bitching about how costly it is a lot more…they must be on medicaid.

No. 437567

File: 1506064685091.png (20.4 KB, 625x259, DOITDOITDOIT.png)

Jaclyn just came out with this, What could she mean?

No. 437569

Hina senpai is clearly lurking on here, not sharing any ACTUAL milk, but just lurks and self posts. Ugly, special snowflake.

No. 437571

My money is my on Onion DM's. Like incriminating crap like maybe Greg trying to get in her pants before she got the surgery or who knows what.

No. 437572


or DO IT ONION, talk about her tits again so she drops a MILK BOMB on us.

No. 437573

Ugh pls Onion boy make her drop the nuke it'll be an early Christmas present for me

No. 437574

All my twitter accts are blocked
I hope someone hints at this to grugly

you just know that the nuke that may be dropped is during one of those visits to the "set house" grugly made a pass.

i never understood why lamo never questioned his time at this other house for hours and hours, she cant watch him 24/7 if hes miles away

No. 437575

I've seen this hina person mentioned once on the temp board but nowhere else really, Seems like shes just an ex-fan thats done with the terrible twosome.

I get the feeling this is becca or some discord faggots that are pissy she got noticed. Sage your fucking shit.

No. 437576

I think so too. I really hope she does it, we need some good milk

No. 437578


Sage your sperg plungergirl.

No. 437579

I think it may be worse than just a pass
Greg and Jaclyn may have fucked, and Greg feels safe enough talking shit to her and about her because he thinks she wont reveal what happened because it would make her look just as bad, since at that time she was in a relationship, and she obviously knew that Greg was married.

No. 437580

It would explain why he's so possessive over her own body, He gets like that with women(girls) he considers to be "his"

No. 437582

I doubt it, Jaclyn never seem so into him, maybe more deep shit about Billie ?

No. 437583

File: 1506067155177.jpg (55.75 KB, 424x559, plainey.jpg)

The only costume our doormat space prince would probably try to squeeze into.

No. 437584

Even though I'm curious, if this is regarding onision, i do hope he rather leaves her alone instead of continuously abusing her…

But then again… she WAS warned. Way back when she decided she'd be the "cool chick" who'd befriend onion despite people telling her not to.

This is the consequence. No one ever listens. They always think they'll be the special one that can handle him.

No. 437585

I don't see JG as being one of those girls who would even look in Grease's direction I could see Grease chasing after her getting rejected and then doing all this purely out of spite of his rejection to me JG is just too smart for that, she's not a doormat or easy to manipulate like the discordians who want to join his trinity.

No. 437586


Well, in my case, I do see JG as the gold-digger type who chases after decently popular youtubers, which Greg used to be, so it makes sense that she would look in Gregma's direction.

No. 437587

Care to give examples of her chasing after popular youtubers? They did one collab together, I hardly would call it chasing and I believe he was the one to request, an anon can correct me if i'm wrong.

No. 437590


Dave Days, Toby Turner and currently Social Repose. All of them have quite a high count of subsbribers.

No. 437591

Dave Days - singer
Toby Turner (Tobuscus) - rapist (alleged), and youtube star
Greg Jackson (Onision)- dlist youtube star
Richard Giese (Social Repose) - recording artist and youtube star

She doesnt seem to date (or secretly fuck) guys who work at Taco Bell…. so?

No. 437593

how is it weird that a youtuber dates/hangs out/collabs with other youtubers? You could say that about literally every youtuber.

No. 437594

>asks for examples, expecting to stump the room
>gets multiple examples from different sources
>"umm w-well whys that weird?"

No. 437595

Is this why Onion is sabotaging his own reputation? So there's nothing to lose from an info nuke?

No. 437597

This. How is jaclyn's dating history relevant? We only know the guys with exposure that she has dated, so that is retarded to complain about.

Wow, a YouTuber has dated YouTubers and hangs out with Youtubers? Fuck me and call me Sally, I would have never ever expected that people meet through hobbies and work! Wait, do you mean that people like people with similar interests??

They did one collab and the narc is mad she told him to fuck off and he could never get a chance to set up a scenario where he could convince himself, that he dumped her and not the other way around. Narcissistic people hate and have rage over scenarios they can not convince themselves to be real. When new evidence comes up that proves the narc wrong, the narc needs to do a paradigm shift and make up a new story. That is how they cope psychologically.

Some narcs get fixations on people they can not control and who have traits the narc desires.
Armchair, but I do think this is the case with Onion and Jaclynn. To him, Jaclynn is everything to hate. She and Social Repose have a loving, intimate relationship where they are attracted to each other and have the same interests.

Onion hates Lainey, doesn't find her attractive and they have nothing in common. Jaclynn embodies Onision's lack of ability to get and keep a spouse he wants.

No. 437598


If you're allowed to make assumptions and jump into conclusions then we are allowed to do so too, anon.

No. 437599

No ones complaining
Someone gave their opinion that JG was a gold digger sniffing around popular YTers.
Someone else (probably a Jacklyn asshole licker) asked for examples of the popular YTers shes chased, thinking no one would know her history.
Once the list was posted, they had to spin the discussion and make it about something else.

Thats all.

No. 437601

I'm not even the one who asked you moron. It's just dumb as fuck to be like oh a youtuber hangs out with other youtubers?! Conspiracy! No shit that a youtuber wants to collab with popular youtubers to get views to their own channel. That's what every single youtuber does. They even were under the same network and are encouraged to network within each other and collab.

LOL someone is butthurt. Go make a jaclyn thread if you're gonna start derailing this.

No. 437602

File: 1506072749802.gif (482.65 KB, 500x221, 8887809.gif)

>I'm not even the one who asked you moron.

No. 437603

You are the one who's needlessly outraged and swearing. Calm down. Some anon gave their opinion, it may be true or not, no one cares and getting so defensive about it won't achieve anything.

No. 437610

Guys, who cares? Let's just hope her tea is milky.

No. 437611

god why don't all these losers join the green party, you have to pay for membership and you'll actually be doing something worth while and meeting real IRL people in your area

No. 437625

File: 1506079254026.jpg (517.44 KB, 1600x1200, pt2017_09_22_05_17_49.jpg)

In her new vlog, this part stood out to me.

This felt like an allusion to something specific, and that specific incident or whatever shes referring to, is the truth nuke and this is her hint or warning to onion that shes close to revealing it.

No. 437628


Around the 5 minute mark

No. 437632

I think she's spot on with this. The reason he is so OTT with her (and Billie) is because he has no control over them, and so can't control anything about them: the boobs, what they eat, the color they dye their hair, what they wear. It infuriates him that two women he desires not only don't desire him, but don't even care an iota about making themselves appealing to him, or care in the least what he says and thinks.

That is one reason I kind of love Billie, is because he is clearly very not over her, and it drives him nuts to know he could have had what he most wants, but he just couldn't stop Gregging.

No. 437633

Personally I think he's brought this up again because of the 'Skeptic's guide to wellness' show Jaclyn made recently with Fullscreen. He's absolutely seething that Jaclyn's career is thriving while he has multiple dying channels and is in massive debt to the IRS.

No. 437634

that harley chick is streaming, and she was talking and slipped a bit

>why do people on lol-younow get so triggered

you creepin harley? nice weight loss

No. 437635

Maybe they dated for a hot minute and she dumped his crazy ass. If it was cheating it would explain why he never got to let his anger out the usual method. By ripping them apart in his videos and outlining why he "left them" no way he could spin himself in a good light if their relationship was all cheating. So instead he's attacking her and her choice of her body to get it out of his system.
I mean we know his usual routine, it was surprising to me how long it took for Onion to cheat on Lainey as it is. But if he did it and for once managed to keep it on the downlow? Plain would be devastated. I hope that's what happened

No. 437636

Yeah he did, theres also messages to bilbo from him asking if she can handle it and her saying shes strong in reference to being together after cuddlegate.

I remember the messages, does anyone have screenshots?

No. 437638

Maybe it was like Hannah Minx situation where they dated for like two weeks except he was already married so he was cheating?

Anyways, I always him buying a house just to film in kind of suspicious. As if he wanted to have fun on the side.

No. 437640

I felt the same way about that set house.

Both Greg and Lainey like to bring up that Greg is always around her, 24/7. And the only way he could cheat is by Skyping someone while hes in the bathroom pretending to take a shit.

Well how did they explain away the years he would drive off to his second house, telling Lainey he was making a video. Lainey isnt 100% sure what he was doing then.

And Ive noticed that his big push on most of his Patreon goals is for him to get out of Laineys eyeline… I mean get out of the house to record funny skits.

No. 437641


No. 437642

Harley fuck off.

No. 437643

I think its some kind of Mexican stand off situation.

Greg and Jaclyn fucked around for a quick minute, and Im sure Jaclyn was the one who came to her senses and stopped it. Greg was pissed but cant say anything about it without shooting himself in the foot and pissing off Lainey. And Jaclyn has never spoke of it because it puts her in a bad light.
So both have been aiming their guns at each other waiting to see who blinks first.

No. 437649

I really can't imagine Jaclyn fucking Greg, barf.

No. 437658

Nyx - Liquid Suede Lipstick = $6.99 (rounding to $7)
Too Faced - Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick = $21
Tarte - Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint = $20
Sephora Blending Brush - Possibly from the Ready in 5 Face Brush Set = $25
Real Techniques - Miracle Complexion Sponge = $5.99 (rounding to $6)

This video = $79

Complete Total = $654

Idk why I keep doing this since she's already confirmed she just returns the shit back to the Sephora.

No. 437659

File: 1506088001562.jpg (201.82 KB, 800x480, b7IVLRp.jpg)


Supposedly, this was in reference to Onion's "joke" videos about him and Lainey being broken up that he put on his UhOhBro (is that the "comedy" channel?) after him and Lainey decided to work things out.

I swear there was another text of Billie saying it "wasn't the right time", but I haven't been able to find it.

No. 437660

that last message tho ~peep that textbook manipulation~

No. 437662

Something I've suspected for a long time that could also be what jaclyn is talking about: past Billie stuff. I bet Richie told Jaclyn stuff that Ayalla and Billie told him.

That first time they "cuddled", I fully believe they did more. And when she was brought back, both of them were dying to do it again but without Lainey in the picture. They wanted to focus on each other only and not keep up the charade that she was ~the main dish.

No. 437663

Haha Notice how he says to her
>(we = Lainey, you % me)

Even from his choices of words and how he separates lainey's name from himself and billie just shows who he focused on in the """"""""relationship""""""""

Its so obvious and blatant lmao

No. 437665

Why not? i think Gorg and Social Repose are on the same level of nastiness.Which obviously doesnt stop her from fucking "well known" youtubers.

No. 437676

Did you know lolcow has this cool feature called making new threads? you should try it with Jaclyn in /snow (sarcasm obviously)

No. 437680

can someone PLEASE extract milk from jaclyn PLEASE please I NEED IT

No. 437681

File: 1506093570245.png (445.95 KB, 1700x1480, lainey 1.png)

Old screenshots dump

No. 437682

File: 1506093590032.png (375.81 KB, 1212x1160, lainey 2.png)

No. 437683

File: 1506093607243.png (229.98 KB, 1416x812, lainey 3.png)

No. 437688

Does anyone have the clip of Ayalla saying they that Lainey said B and O were allowed to do more than cuddle but she gets shushed

No. 437689

I was under the assumption that Greg "dated" Billie after they had sex. but these tweets are leading me to believe that he dumped Planney after simply cuddling with Billy; and later they invited her back into the relationship where he then unsurprisingly had sex with her?

No. 437691

Sooooo close to self-awareness and self-respect. And then she goes and accuses BILLIE of destroying their family. FFS. It was good to be reminded just how basic and garbage Taylor is. She can't even be honest with herself.

And lol at ~sweet and innocent~ Sarah shit-stirring there. If she wasn't almost a textbook example of a teenager's immaturity and poor decision-making skills (not to mention a textbook example of Stockholm syndrome) I'd think she pretty much deserved whatever Taylor and Greg will dish out to her in the near future.

SPOILERS: She will never get Taylor's puss, and either Greg or Taylor or both will throw her under a bus to save themselves. Not sure what the bus will be, but you know, past behavior and all that.

No. 437693


I think how it went was Lainey left the house after Greg even asked to cuddle Billie because she was disgusted he would even ask and she didn't want to be around Billie. Greg and Billie "cuddled" while Lainey was out of the house. Billie was sent home on Laineys orders and when Lainey came back, Onion told Lainey they had cuddled. This made Lainey want to leave Greg. They split up briefly and Billie and Onion planned to move in together right away. Onion had an "epiphany" (ie, Billie told him it was wrong) and he went back to Lainey and they "worked it out". Billie was eventually invited back a few months later.

No. 437694


kek. all billies fault, amirite?

No. 437696

it's so fucked up. even if they DID divorce over her and she had a role in wrecking her marriage, she never RIPPED their children from their home, greg gave em up

No. 437697

God, I'm just how remembering how warped doormat's view of the sex incident was. Greg managed to convince her to blame herself and Billie, he did nothing wrong

No. 437700


It's shit like that that makes me lose all sympathy for lamp.

No. 437707

File: 1506096627224.png (3.77 MB, 2068x1348, nope.png)

Sage for offtopic, but to the anon who said she looks like shes in elementary schooler..

No. 437708

self posting?

No. 437709

samefags sage your shitposts

No. 437711

Genuinely no, just gotta lot of time on my hands and thought it was funny seeing the video compared to her profile picture on twitter.

No. 437714

Interesting, because we usually dont talk about discordfags unless 1. they are milky and relevant to milk OR they are mods/admins. So, pretty sure you're self posting.

No. 437715

File: 1506097063102.jpg (40.3 KB, 361x350, 9971f40f6ad8ac1ce54d96b08b3cc0…)


More like elementary school TEACHER! rimshot

No. 437716

There's a discord thread in /snow/, use it!

No. 437717

Nah, I'm just a nasty bitch who got a chuckle from how shit she looks in that video

No. 437736

File: 1506100953335.png (113.27 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9601.PNG)

this friend of billie's hasn't talked about onion since yesterday, she probably knows some milk

No. 437737

It's still baffling to read how she actually blamed Billie for Greg wanting to dump her space prince ass, even bringing her kids into this. "She ripped young children out of their homes" yada yada, it's your pathetic excuse of a husband who couldn't keep it in his pants and went all the way to look for teenagers to "cuddle" with. Peep that misogyny!

No. 437738


Hey guys, as some of you know I have a skin disease, ummm…but I chose not to wear makeup today because, it just doesn't seem appropriate for the situation that we have. What I'm talking about today is a video I made on Onision Reacts where I spoke of breast implants and I said that I, or I implied - I don't know if I out right said it, but I heavily implied that people that get breast implants when they aren't needed are freaks. I lost a lot of you right now because humans are creatures of emotion and not logic - you can't listen to something all the way through if someone does something, you just react emotionally and that's the end of it. For those of you that are still here the definition of freak covers people that are abnormal. So in a big way I'm a freak. You know if you actually look at what words mean in the language that your speaking. It is very important what those words mean because otherwise what does anything you say matter, if they don't have meaning. If the words your saying don't have definitions, it means nothing. This is why definitions are so important. So when I say someone is a freak, it's not necessary an insult. First off, it's just something that people react to emotionally and has a certain impact because very few people want to be freaks. ummm, okay. I don't mind being a freak myself. I have a skin disease, like I said, rosacea. It's not fun but I don't hate myself for it. I'm not going to go get surgery for it or anything. Not that there is a surgery that I could even utilize to correct my disorder, or disease. Um, but the point of this video is that someone made a very good point that I needed to address regarding transgender people. I said if you get a breast implant that is not needed then you are a freak, or something along those lines. And people where like, what about your spouse? Your spouse has talked about how they wanted to get top surgery so they no longer have breasts. Uh, I would be unhappy with this decision if I'm going to be bluntly honest as usual. I prefer a person with breast, who doesn't have scar tissue all over their chest, and I know this is hard for some of you to receive. I know it's really hard for you. Umm, but some people have these views and if I'm gonna be thrown down for having the views that I have- then so be it, at least you know them as opposed to a lot of other people you may watch who do not tell you their true feelings. Like you find out 'Oh my god, they been a racist this whole time'. It doesn't work with me that way. If i was a racist I would of told you a long time ago. Regardless, I would not be satisfied with my spouse getting top surgery because like I said I prefer the feminism form. Now if my spouse never had breasts in the first place; I would be fine with that because there was no surgery, so was no scar tissue. Let me describe, too much information, but let me describe something for you guys. When I see pornography that shows scars underneath someone's breasts I immediately turn it off. I.. I,'m just so not attracted to fake breasts; it's unbearable. Umm and you know, people want to get breasts alterations. That's their own decision until they start encouraging other people to get the same procedure. You get the same procedure as someone you watched on youtube or something like that. That is partially on the person you watched no doubt for subconsciously influencing you. Acting like it's a good thing. And this is a first world country that most of us are living in; so this is a first world problem. You know, In many countries people have much more important things to worry about than the size of their breasts. So I think we should all stop acting like we are enormous victims of a video where I expressed my opinion and just deal with it as it is. It's an opinion and it's an opinion that I'm allowed to express. It's an honest opinion. You got it strait from the core of my consciousness and it wasn't put through filters. This is who I am, I'm not attracted to people with fake breasts. I do not find scars attractive. I am not turned on by people who, when their breasts bounce they look abnormal. It just doesn't work for me. So, back to the transgender issue. If somebody looked like a boy or looked like a girl, and they did not have any physical alterations, then that's fine. Literally my spouse could have male genitalia so long as it was natural, I would probably be very fine with that. But my issues is when that you take something that is unbroken, something that is in perfect condition and you needlessly alter it. Now if you have breasts too large, ones that will way you down, ones that hurt your back, that is clearly a disability. That's an abnormality- one you need to correct. If your breasts are super small, that's not an abnormality. That doesn't make your health worse or anything like that. So why would you intentionally make your health worse by having someone cut on you? I hope you guys are understanding my point. It has nothing to do with transgirls looking like girls or transboys looking like boys. It has everything to do with whether or not you needlessly go under the scalpel. So what I'm saying is, no, I don't support cutting up genitalia that is perfectly fine. If you want to do it, that's your choice; I can't stop you but I won't say 'yah, you should get that done' because we're human beings. We're flawed. Your genitalia will likely never look like how it perfectly would look if you where born that way. So if you want to identify as a boy. Then identify as a boy. But again, I don't see the logic in cutting on yourself just because you have an identity. I just don't understand it, because surgery a lot of times comes with side effects. It's not like someone can wave a wand and your magically the other thing. If it where like that, I would support it, because there would be no scars - you wouldn't look like something… like a science project. I know that offends people but I can't stop saying true things as I see them. That's why I'm dying probably. That's why my channels are suffering so much, probably. Because I literally do not filter things. I like saying things the way I see them. So, science project, yes I said that. If you have someone that is amazing, who would leave no scars, who would have no health risk, who would generally do a wonderful job, wouldn't leave any foreign objects inside of you, you would still be a 100% yourself, etc. - maybe, maybe that makes sense. But the problem is there are so many consequences, it doesn't make sense long term, and the influences that got you to alter your body in the first place probably weren't healthy. If I see someone that looks like a male but has a breasts; I'm going to call them a male if they want to be called that. If I see a female, but has no breasts and has a bulge in their crotch; I'm going to call them whatever they want to be called. They deserve to identify as that, but when it comes to body modifications… truth be told I have no idea. I don't know what it's like being trans. I don't know what body dysmorphia is all about. I have a skin disease but I still don't know what body dysmorphia is all about. I hope that you guys can appreciate that despite the fact I have the seemingly intolerant opinions of body modifications that are so dramatic. That I'm actually respectful enough to all of you to tell you exactly how I fell rather than BS you for the sake of approval. You know I can say things that would make you love me. I could say things to manipulate you into thinking I was just the most perfect, noncontroversial, likable guy, but there are things in this world that are more important than money. There are things more important than getting everyone to like you; because if they like this fake you- they don't really like you at all. K? So, with all that being said. To the people I upset, that was not my intention. I wasn't intending to hurt feelings. I was intending to speak my thoughts exactly as I thought them. Okay? So it's not like I make any of my videos to bully, or to gang up on people or otherwise be terrible to them. I make these videos because I see things a certain way and I want to express how I feel about those things. Just like most anyone should be able to do. Now I want to apologize for the excessive length of this video, but I feel like a lot of you appreciate me making videos like these and I enjoy talking about what's going on and where I'm coming from. And I know a lot of people will say, you know, whatever hateful thing they want to say in my direction. Obviously for the sake of hurting me, but I'm to use to this. Been doing it for 10 years. One last thing I would like to address is I have tattoos. I have them on my ankle. I have them on my waist. So you may ask, doesn't that make you a freak Greg, because you modified your body. And the answer is yes. If someone said they weren't into tattoos I would fully understand. If they said I was a freak, I would fully understand. And that's just how it is. If someone said I encouraged other people to get tattoos through my having tattoos, I would agree. I would say my having tattoos does encourage other people to get tattoos as well, as it's an advertisement. It's me, someone they may like saying to everyone else 'I approve of tattoos'. Okay? That's why I say when someone gets breast augmentation, and they have a lot of people looking up to them, that they are telling their audience that they prefer their breasts to be a certain size. And if they where the audience member that does not have breast of a certain size, that they would want to do the augmentation to those individuals as well. I'm responding with as much logic and least emotion as I can because emotion does not seem to get us where we want to be. Has not seemed to get me where I want to be. So, with all that being said I hope you better understand my position on trans, on tattoos, and on breast augmentations on hetro females. I don't know why I involved the hetro part. Females. Regardless, I guess I look forward to your feedback. Hopefully you're not too emotional, like so many people where in the past. Completely ignoring what I said and only focusing on whatever they misheard for the sake of making themselves feel better, and trying to make me feel worse.

No. 437739


No. 437742

File: 1506101533177.png (110.16 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9602.PNG)

she lurks

No. 437744

He loved definitions because he thinks using them makes him sound intelligent, but he is too unintelligent to know that language changes over time and despite what the dictionary says that may not be the way a word is actually used. For example, I'm sure he was misusing the word literally before it was considered colloquial.

No. 437745

"Please do not ask him questions he can't answer because his inferior narc pride won't allow him to!"

No. 437746

Im a newbie, so Im sure that you peeps that have been here since Skye have seen this over and over.

I hate that he insults people and then back tracks trying to twist and do some wiggle room with the definition of a word. Calling people freaks but then saying that hes considers himself a freak and being a freak is a good thing.
If he called someone an asshole and got flamed about it, he would probably backpeddle and say "but what I meant is that assholes are needed, they serve a purpose, thats the way we cleanse our body of unwanted matter, so being an asshole means you help the human body of our society."

No. 437747

File: 1506102474295.jpg (280.61 KB, 1024x512, im-one-of-the-few-people-youll…)

>(he thinks he's above it because he writes books)
Greg can't even be original in his awfulness, pic related.

No. 437748

Hes been told that when someone calls him a "pedo" its because now the stamp of pedo or pedophile is a broad stroke. People use that word when thinking of anyone thats attracted to preteens and early teens.
Its the same way a lot of people use "paranoid" They use it to describe being nervous or anxious.

He just hates being branded a pedo so he makes sure everyone knows the rigid definition is people who are attracted to prepubescent children, and "thats not him"

I ended up calling him a hebephile (ages 15–19) when Id troll his twitter. It didnt have the same sting as "pedo" but was a perfect description of his sexual interests. That got me blocked.

No. 437752


I don't think Sarah is there anymore. She keeps posting vids with other teenagers and you know the Onions would never allow her to have friends over, eating non vegan food instead of kissing Lainey's man puss 24/7

No. 437753

Dude don't use quotation marks for quotes
>use greentext like this

No. 437756

lamey isn't bi. she is a fucking pillow princess. she wants her cunt licked but won't return the favor.

No. 437758

Does anyone think she really has some kind of sexual confusion? I mean did she have these feelings as a child during the early stages of her sexual awakening? Or is it all Onisions doing?
I mean… if I was Greg Id see how far I could take it. It try and gaslight her into thinking shes actually a 2000 year old dragon, see if that sticks.

No. 437760

Criminal implies she was convicted for a crime. Is he just spewing words that make her look really bad or did something happen? Weed is legal in WA so its not from smoking pot

No. 437761

just checked washington court records, only billie webb was charged in 1975.

what state is she originally from?

No. 437762


She is from Virginia and that is where she did it so naturally he justifies calling her a criminal.

No. 437763


Virginia. To my knowledge, she does not have a record and Onion is just chastising her for her "illegal activities". And it's only legal in Washington if you're over 21, isn't it?

No. 437767

>Does anyone think she really has some kind of sexual confusion?

I believe she doesn't like her body, or parts of it, at times. I believe she'd like to be someone else, at times. I don't believe for a second that she feels that her sex doesn't match her gender.

I do believe she thinks she's cool now that she's got the mid 2010s basic girl alt look. I do believe she thinks she has a get out of jail free Trans Opression card, without ever actually experiencing any unpleasantness or opression related to her half assed transition.

Considering Lainey is running about 1-2 years behind on most trends (see: blue hair, fidget spinning in late 2017), I give it another year or two of the space prince look before she becomes cisgender scum again and tries to forget this ever happened.

No. 437768

This criminal conversation reminds me: what exactly is the timeline of events as far as when onion claimed to be a conscientious objector, when he was discharged, when he started talking to Shiloh, when he divorced Skye and when he drove to meet Shiloh in a state where 17 was the age of consent?

I ask because perhaps he tried to get out of his contract when he started talking with Shiloh and had plans to meet her and have sex. Isnt there speculation he was still married to Skye when he had sex with Shiloh? Because he could have been court martialed for that if he was in the military.


No. 437771


He got out of the military in 2009. He started talking to Shiloh late 2010. And he did drive to meet her while he was still married to Skye and was at least romantically attached to Shiloh before the divorce.

No. 437775

Thanks anon.
I guess like cyr said, onion would kill someone if murder wasnt against the law. He thinks immoral things are ok as long as he isn't charged with a crime! Except now he's a tax dodger.

No. 437776

File: 1506106193035.png (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1334x750, FFC9DEB9-F9FB-4C62-9483-A1AE04…)

In Lainey’s new vid, you can see her nipples clear as day through her shirt. Pics don’t do it justice

No. 437778

Correct me if I'm wrong, just going from what I remember

They really used the word 'cuddling' to soften what actually happened. I'm pretty sure they were naked? And he gave her a 'full body massage'.

No. 437779

Spot on. He made her sign his bogus divorce paper that even stated skye could live there still with Shiloh there as long as they got along. He drove to Shiloh and their real divorce had not even been filed yet he tried filing in a county where he didn't have to do anything but file online..if he thought skye was in the wrong for defending herself why didn't he show up in court? If he was so honest and believed she did what he said why Greg? Why wasn't your crusty ass in court to fight the case, because you are the liar

No. 437780

repost for science

No. 437781

dat sag tho

No. 437783


Both happened, and he fully admitted to both. He gave Billie a full-body nude massage, with lotion and all. He said he didn't see anything wrong with it because his mother used to do that same to him. Lainey was actually more angry about the cuddling than the massage because she explicitly said no cuddling, but she didn't say no nude massages and bought his story of "my mom used to do it to me so therefore it's normal, not sexual and ok".

No. 437784

File: 1506106662961.png (Spoiler Image, 238.29 KB, 548x662, 20170922_125500.png)


Forgot to spoiler it last time

No. 437789

File: 1506107259724.png (237.91 KB, 592x722, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 20.0…)

Finally, I'm getting thirsty

No. 437791

well time to make a trip to purchase some adult beverages

No. 437796

I'm the anon who asked,
Is a different person, I was curious as I actually didn't know her history.

No. 437797

File: 1506107956626.gif (3.96 MB, 337x263, giphy (1).gif)

Yesss Onion.

Sabotage yourself in a way only you can.

No. 437799


lol so he is basically confirming she has something she could blackmail him with; if not he would be all cocky and confident. Thanks for confirming the milk Grease

No. 437800

>He made her sign his bogus divorce paper that even stated skye could live there still with Shiloh there as long as they got along.

I have a strong feeling cuddlegate wasn't the first time he tried to start his trinity…

No. 437803

Here comes the Narc rage/sperg, Grease always doing as expected while others would simply respond to this once, I expect 5-10 twitter statuses by the end of the day. JG drop the nuke!

No. 437804

Well, considering he wanted a paper signed where they could live all three together if they 'got along' yes.

No. 437805

God I really hope JG actually has dirt on him and it's not something we already know

No. 437806

I have a feeling it's not anything big sadly:/ she better have stuff to back it up or he's just going to say she's lying and now she should say something or it seems like she's just saying that to hush him..jg please drop the bomb and please be it's something amazing

No. 437807

maybe its something about billie and what she told social repose. when the trinity broke up, billie was worried about what dirt social repose had on her and ayalla.

No. 437810

the only thing i can think of is maybe he tried sexting her back when they were on good terms

No. 437814

Jaclyn Glenn did mention once that Lainey and Greg were arguing a lot during her stay there and he would pay Lainey anytime he was a dick to her. Maybe her new information has something to deal with that?

No. 437817

File: 1506109209154.png (96.51 KB, 849x166, Screenshot (4).png)

No. 437820

I don't like Trisha, but at least she's curvy fat. All of the fat in the right places (still way too much fat for her body but w/e). Becca is just rolls. If trisha even gave Greg the time of day we all know he be kissing up to her.

honestly, is it really a surprise when he twists things to suit his agenda? The guy cannot admit he's wrong… EVER. He's always right,and always WIN'S cause he has all the FAX GUIS

No. 437823

File: 1506109478963.png (66.57 KB, 239x210, Screenshot (5).png)

No. 437824

File: 1506109546195.png (110.9 KB, 842x166, Screenshot (6).png)

No. 437826


She's so fucking incompetent, jesus christ

No. 437829

What fucking adult doesn't know how to sew a simple fucking stitch?

No. 437830

sorry for this one, didn't realize this was him reposting an old video

No. 437833

File: 1506110154158.png (53.34 KB, 593x224, Screenshot (7).png)

this one isn't showing up in his list of videos, not sure if it's unlisted so sorry for shitty thumbnail


No. 437834

Wew, thanks. Just came here to ask for a link

No. 437835

please JG give us the milk and then you can ignore him forever like DFizzy and Shane

No. 437836

Yesss wake the witch, I want to watch this explode.
Ayalla is in it too. This won't be pretty


No. 437838


Also, her throwing the needle on the floor in her hissy fit is 10/10, excellent content. Jesus she's incompetent.

And she could have cleaned her desk or whatever a little before starting this shit video.

No. 437839

Don't post the youtube videos you were fine with the vimeo link.
Even reuploading them to youtube gives him $$

No. 437840

She's trying to rip off Shane's humor and its pissing me off. She does his frustrated growl thing where its a laugh at the same time, joking about suicide, doing terrible at DIYs and saying "I hate this" or "I hate it" repeatedly. In videos from last year and before she was a moody, humorless bitch with no originality
so she decided to jack someone else's personality (Shane) and someone else's look and makeup style (Billie). I know Shane and Billie didnt invent those things that they do but its obvious Lainey straight up steals ideas from their videos.

No. 437842

bet he's gonna make a video about blackmailing and tell JG to come forward with whatever info nuke she has

No. 437843

he rushed to push this video out to push his agenda that they're liars and manipulators, trying to devalue anything she has to post kek

No. 437844

"How to you turn with scissors?" She doesn't know how to cut in a curve with scissors? She lacks preschool skills and wants to homeschool?

Some of the hacks, like the nail thing, are silly, but a lot of them were so super easy that even Taylor's retarded efforts turned out workable - the sports bra and crop top things would be really fun and easy if she just figured out how scissors work.

No. 437845

File: 1506110896898.png (55.11 KB, 214x200, Untitled.png)

No. 437847

File: 1506110955834.png (407.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9604.PNG)

No. 437848

File: 1506110967679.png (121.18 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9605.PNG)

No. 437849

File: 1506110980288.png (123.29 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9606.PNG)

No. 437850

>I hate liars when liars think they are in the right
Yet he blocks everyone to comes at him with solid proof of him lying

No. 437854

File: 1506111237341.png (391.89 KB, 770x596, glenn.png)

Jaclynn comes across as someone who would fuck someone to get ahead in life. It's obvious she flaunts her body and uses it to her advantage to garner views and fans. Though I believe she would fuck someone to get ahead in life, I think shes the sort to leave that to the last ditch attempt. She probaby just flirts to get her way, if that doesn't work shed fuck ya.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 437855

File: 1506111272672.png (57.81 KB, 218x193, untitled.png)

No. 437856

Go make a Jaclyn thread in /snow if you wish to nitpick her

No. 437859

thanks for these, wasn't sure if you were around so I tried to post vids in your absence

No. 437862

File: 1506112508499.png (869.66 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9607.PNG)

here we go!!

No. 437863

3:50 in and no milk yet. Just making fun of onion in obvious ways

No. 437865


i'm reuploading this right now for anyone that doesn't want to give them views or whatever.

No. 437866

File: 1506112721913.png (33.69 KB, 585x233, Screenshot 2017-09-22 at 4.38.…)

No. 437868

I love his weird relationship with The Truth.
He loves it and wants people to tell it all the time, but also you're a garbage human if you tell The Truth about him?

Everything about him just changes as and when he needs it to.

No. 437872

Nothing milky really. They mostly just made fun of Greg for always dragging up old drama

No. 437874


No. 437875

File: 1506113247728.png (57.63 KB, 566x593, Capt.PNG)

pair of pieces of shit

No. 437876


I'm hoping she just needs a little time to dig up her proof.
(pls jaclyn drop somethin good)

No. 437877

File: 1506113256906.png (95.44 KB, 888x150, Untitled.png)

No. 437878


2 poos in a pod.

No. 437884

Ok but didn't he cheat on lainey. since he loves definitions, cheating is defined as being "sexually unfaithful." sorry Greg no room for your explanation. You are a cheater too.

No. 437885

didn't she say she likes one girl? and she wonders why she still doesn't have a girlfriend when she's talking to like 5 at once

No. 437886

Nothing new, but it's definitely going to drive Grunt crazy, so maybe fresh milk will flow soon!

No. 437887


No. 437888

lainey is literally the definition of a fuck boy at this point

No. 437891


He justifies it by saying they "didn't have sex"(sure they didn't) and by saying he misunderstood Lainey so he didn't MEAN to plus it's actually all Billies fault. BILLIE cheated on Lainey, not Onion. Lainey told Billie not to sleep with Onion exclusively. She told Onion too, but then Onion tricked her so she misunderstood and accidentally gave permission so it wasn't cheating even though Onion knew exactly what she meant and how she felt he totally didn't cheat. /s

No. 437894

Lainey knew at LEAST partially that onion wanted to fuck Billie, or else she wouldn't have gone straight to Billie and asked her to not fuck him. Lamey just wanted to play dumb and also delude herself because she can't let go of her fictional version of their marriage

No. 437895

I hope Ayalla takes legal action against this prick.

No. 437897

Pretty sure I'm Lainey's video she says Greg said he and Billie are now going to do whatever they want regardless of how Lainey feels, and admitted to having sex with her. It's in her my side of the story video. Therefore he was sexually unfaithful as lainey did not want them to have sex and they are married and he is a cheater

No. 437899

File: 1506115012333.png (326.61 KB, 649x572, Capt2.PNG)

No. 437900

File: 1506115030432.png (127.96 KB, 1080x744, 20170922_151623.png)

Also, even though they were poly, Lainey never consented to Greg fucking Billie alone. Greg knew Lainey didnt like it, she expressed her jealousy for it and her being uncomfortable with their closeness, and his response to that was "you have to accept this as a true trinity." If wasnt a discussion, it was a command.

Just because Lainey didn't argue the point (because she felt helpless, he and Billie had guilt tripped her in the past several times when she felt insecure), Greg knew what her boundaries were and chose to disregard them, and told her he was going to disregard them.
Consent is
>are you okay with This?
>I am going to do this regardless of your feelings

So yeah. He CHEATED because he went against the boundaries of what she was comfortable with.


No. 437901

I can't believe he uses as backup the tweet of a nobody kek

No. 437903

File: 1506115321083.png (1.16 MB, 607x665, 3276131003.png)

he really must think she doesn't have anything if he's baiting this hard.

No. 437904

I believe wholeheartedly that he is doing this as a way to discredit anything she has to say. now, all he has to do to respond to it is claim extortion for anything she says. or use
this video, also released as a precursor to anything she has to set them up to look like they're lying about whatever they have to share.

No. 437906

I wonder if she's trying to find a legal way of doing it maybe? I have a feeling this guy forces everyone he knows to sign one of those contracts that makes it so you can't talk about onion and his personal life

I feel like that is partially why Billie didn't say anything, nor did ayalla or possibility even lane because they have milk they're just not allowed to spill

No. 437908

same, the best thing she can do is just let him stew. it's gonna ruin his whole weekend if she just stays quiet.

No. 437909

I hope Jaclyn goes radio silent.
Onision will rage all day on twitter and younow, maybe even throw together a shitty response video to their wheel one, and then rage some more all weekend, and she can just twiddle her thumbs watching him go ballistic

No. 437910

he's going on younow in like 40 mins or something, bet he's gonna have another rage like with the emails to billie

No. 437911

perhaps we should give him a little push in that direction

No. 437912

i like the way you think anon

No. 437915

Can someone make one of these for onision for cheating, can't be that hard

No. 437916

File: 1506115893939.png (986.91 KB, 1136x640, IMG_0540.PNG)


They've been watching him…

No. 437920

can imagine the messages/emails they have? jaclyn and blaire are friends and blaire and shane are friends(don't know about JG) but i bet they talk so much shit about him kek

No. 437921

remember when a farmer made lainey cry

No. 437922


On onions social repose video, it says there are 234 comments. When I scroll, I see 50-100 TOPS. So this shows hes moderating comments and deleting negative ones. Again.

No. 437926

isn't moderating his social media one of the "perks" patrons pay for the privilege of doing?

repost, forgot to sage

No. 437930

yeah it's probably one of the discord tards doing it. such a great perk!

No. 437932

File: 1506117002949.png (810.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0541.PNG)

That looks…really gross, ew

No. 437933

I know Im being a kiss ass, but I fucking laughed HARD during that whole Wheel of Drama vid.
Best part was the Blaire White bit imo

No. 437934

narc's live

No. 437936

Is it just me or is he really pushing that smile and care free attitude?
He'll break for a second or two and look pensive.

No. 437937

bring us the milk anon

No. 437938

File: 1506118027715.png (Spoiler Image, 735.5 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9608.PNG)

peel the onion, so many layers

No. 437939

File: 1506118097438.png (863.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0542.PNG)


Flakes, flakes everywhere!!!

No. 437941

Greg: I apply cream on my skin everynight
Me: gets flashbacks of american psycho

No. 437942

Beccas guesting and looking fucking horrendous

No. 437943

>Lainey and I often have conflicting stories depending on when you ask us


No. 437944

when does she look non horrendous?

No. 437945

File: 1506118582601.png (5.03 KB, 355x149, Capt3.PNG)

check mate to gurg

No. 437946

she is looking extra plump today. her shirt really accentuates her arm fat

No. 437947

File: 1506118663496.png (6.24 KB, 178x70, wew oke.png)

No. 437948

No. 437949

lol calling Greg out on his precious dictionary definitions worked like a charm.

No. 437950

omg nobody is siding with him

No. 437951

>The more cows you kill the more are produced. Simple. Supply and demand!

No. 437952

inb4 I was just pretending to be stupid

No. 437953


No. 437954

is truly disguting when he says duh, and what is his point btw

No. 437955

When someone asked him if he saw the Wheel of Drama video I swear he said
>no, Sarah watched it and I saw the intro and I couldnt watch anymore"
or something to that effect

So Sarahs still there?

No. 437956

Lainey came to the live show and gift him likes and he didn't even acknowledge it, becca told her thanks insted of him kek

No. 437957

Onision: you're going to die more soon

oh lordy

No. 437958

File: 1506119047328.png (Spoiler Image, 175.83 KB, 476x634, ew.png)


he's on the edge of losing it. he's arguing and belittling his patrons to make himself feel better. he's so desperate to be right. trying to cover up his autistic rage with laughing. he thinks he's such a good actor when he's transparent and predictable af lol

No. 437959

he's talking about how he doesn't have to pay the IRS money for his business meals and shit anymore because suddenly he realized he could just submit his RECEIPTS to prove his statements. all of a sudden his debt goes away!

No. 437960

File: 1506119117139.jpg (164.61 KB, 1528x422, 1497094845810.jpg)

No. 437961

Now he is trying to compensate for his ugly dick by driving a fast car

No. 437963

He rented a car in LA. Wouldn't an uber be cheaper?

No. 437964

LMAO Greg can't even remember Lainey's birthday

No. 437965

he doesn't know lainey's birthday kek

No. 437966

he is not a peasant duh

No. 437967

File: 1506119469380.png (377.18 KB, 1080x1761, 20170922_162958.png)

Called Dana S. "a cunt and a waste of life" then I assume he blocked her because he said "bye".

No. 437968

what shit. if its the truth its not hard to remember.

No. 437969

what the fuck? does he have eczema??? omg imagine this troll heaving above you and his skin flakes raining down on your body. d i s g u s t i n g

No. 437970

>been married to someone for 5 years
>can't remember this someone's birthday

No. 437971

big ol' bessies face gets redder and redder

No. 437973

He seems really fucking manic
Is this just the ebb and flow of his personality disorder?

No. 437974

Yeah I noticed that as well, he's really fast paced and hyper

No. 437975

I think he is purposely putting on a facade. he may have perused this thread prior to going live knowing that farmers would come in, and he is overcompensating by acting like he has been freebasing all day. could also be a side effect of nearly approaching aneurysm-levels of rage.

No. 437976

If I didnt know he had such a hard anti-drug stance Id say he was on some kind of amphetamine

No. 437977

>I still wonder why people call you fat. I don't get it


No. 437978

what a hypocrite

No. 437979

b-but anon he isn't being hypocritical. she is paying him for his ~HONESTY~

No. 437980

he is currently playing Smells Like Teen Spirit pretending to swallow what I affectionately call "Kurt Cobains Microphone" in Fallout 4 - a shotgun.


No. 437981

his obsessions with guns and violent humor is really disturbing. such edge

No. 437982

didn't HS anon make some comment about him torturing animals or something? it's only a hop-skip-jump~

No. 437983

This stupid greasy onion doesn't deserve to even wear that shirt

No. 437985

Whenever he guests his fans, they always seem a little bit… off. Either fame hungry hanger-ons, starstruck children, or mentally "off". Like, crazy eyes off. I can't explain it
sage goes in the e-mail field

No. 437986

I'm sure that if he didn't have a big audience or money, he would be the next US mass shooter

No. 437987

or insecure women looking for a man's approval

No. 437988

First time watching the live stream - is there's always this much autism? Christ

No. 437989

this is watchable compared to other days imo

No. 437990

they look like deers in front of a monster truck

No. 437992

I'm sure he's VERY pent up today. He's trying so hard to suppress his NARC RAGE from being humiliated in Jaclyn Glenn's video. This is right after a popular Youtuber dragged him with just a few tweets about his unprofessionalism.

I'm loving his desperation on display… His stupid ass tweet "I DANCE FOR VOLCANOES & DIGNITY" and then pretending to fuck his computer chair after playing Soviet-sounding old man music. Like he had this music ready, and he's flailing around expecting teenagers to toss their $$$. Fuck my sides!!!!! Onion thread is good tonight

No. 437993

>talks about how happy he is lately
Also onion
>talks about suicide being an option
>drinks from a bleach bottle
>constantly pretends to shoot himself with a fake gun

Kinda hard to prove to the haters that you're fine with your family after losing fame and fortune when you constantly being up how miserable you are lol

No. 437994

File: 1506120730373.png (94.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0543.PNG)


He remembered her birthday during their 5 years

No. 437996


Yeah, and how everyone feared he was gonna be the next school shooter by senior year or something.

No. 437997

Greg just muttered something about going out to your lambo

confirmed he watched the whole wheel of drama video

No. 437999

of course, a narcissist like him wouldn't resist

No. 438000

so I was making very ~unhealthy food~ consisting of 93% meat, 7% bun and he is offline. did he ragequit?

No. 438002

he was manic
he seemed to really be trying to look happy
guested his stalkers, then jumped off to his secret club house to have a quick circle jerk with his discordians

Im waiting for Gregs rain of twitter hate in the next few hours

No. 438004

I was present for most of it, just wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything. Jaclyn seems to have prior engagements this evening with her partnership so I doubt we will see anything. I hope what
says will happen. I hope she stays silent for at most a day, maybe two. it will set him up on a perch where he feels he has squashed whatever she has on him and then she drops something, anything. be it Billie/trinity related, between him and her, his actions or words toward foot fungus or anything. if she has bit her tongue this long, surely there is something there that is potentially damaging and I am very calcium deficient.

No. 438006

Didn't HSanon1 just end up being someguy tho?

No. 438007


I hope it's something milky with one of his exes tbh, one can dream

No. 438008

whoever it was had a lot of information that was confirmed amongst the shitshow of misinformation or embellished truths. I'm not sure personally, but if we think back to the turtle incident, or more recently the hamsters (I think thats what they were?), well..

No. 438009


At first, yeah. But even someguy is too autistic to pull it off

No. 438011

File: 1506123363524.png (121.04 KB, 630x843, Screenshot (8).png)

selfposting but anyone else share this gem from aldlii to them? should I expect a block? I am gregs age, so I would prefer an engagement rather than being stifled

No. 438018

KEK nice

No. 438022

some of the cows replying KEK

No. 438023

Honestly looking for a girlfriend within your "fanbase" is so fucking creepy & predatory, not to mention it's probably the reason all of her relationships end so badly.

No. 438024

I know, I was on my phone! sorry guys!

No. 438025

honestly though, she's got a great body and a nice face, can't fault her for using that. she's miles above plainey so no wonder gurg is miffed

No. 438027

She was a fan of gerg and ended up marrying him. She knows first hand how wonderful those relationships turn out.

Also love how now they want videos, and not pictures so they can avoid catfishes/photoshop so now they are 100% serious about finding someone to bring in asap and its not just for a video. How can anyone feel bad for lamey at this point when she brings this shit upon herself? Even if the girl originally likes both lamey and onion, lameo is gonna 100% turn into a jealous bitch if she comes over once she sees onion fawning over her, which will make the new girl end up disliking lamey and probably siding with onion who will be love bombing her.

I am gonna laugh my ass off if she ends up getting dumped because she brought in a girl onion prefers over her. I just cant imagine anyone "stealing" gerg from her because hes so washed up or it would have happened by now. Maybe shes in luck and gets to keep the rotting onion because hes become so undesirable.

No. 438028

>She was a fan of gerg and ended up marrying him. She knows first hand how wonderful those relationships turn out.

Except this time she wants to be the exploiter, the one who has all of the influence in the relationship. Probably because that's been robbed of her. It would be sad if she wasn't so spineless and pathetic.

No. 438030

I don't think these girls have a genuine interest in either of them. They just want a jumpstart on their internet fame and think that getting in with plain and greg will be an easy way to do it. Yet another reason why Plainey should just get a fucking tinder if she's so desperate

No. 438031

What kind of faggot are you to self post on purpose and point it out? Do you fail to comprehend the point of an anonymous image board or are just you fishing for attention?

No. 438032

God actually could you imagine her bringing someone over who doesn't already know about all the craziness in her life? They'd take one look at her sparsely decorated mansion and red, flaky husband and run.

No. 438033

File: 1506126700483.jpg (108.98 KB, 1842x544, criminalfaxx.jpg)


Since he LOOOOVES definitions and da troof so much, let's see how much he likes this one

No. 438034

Yeah its like she wants a gf to be her accessory/play thing to fawn over her and hang out with her when onion boy ignores her. She doesnt care about them on a human level which is why she wants a fan who will "obsess" over her and do whatever she wants them to.

haha i would love to see her attempt in explaining her fucked up situation to someone who doesnt know them and bringing in some rando who thinks they are getting into a normal poly relationship only to be met with these two psychos who want them to give up their entire lives to live with them and do everything they want and then have them be exploited online, and personal shit thrown around. No normal healthy person would put up with that shit.

No. 438035

stop same-fagging and self posting. nobody cares.

No. 438036

Why can't this B just be on tinder like a normal person?

No. 438038

File: 1506126997422.jpg (54.92 KB, 486x409, 1439614257182.jpg)

youre a saucy wench anon, love it

No. 438040

if you want a fucking laugh look at the uggos like the green hair hippo and the emo children

No. 438042

Gregs probably obsessing over Laineys Younow money like

"We need to have a fund for plane tickets ready to go! Keep begging for volcanos or you dont get any affection today!"

No. 438043

Bcause even moreso than a third, the Avaroes want free content for them to make their YouTube bux "reacting" to. I honestly can't think of a lazier type of content to make as a youtuber than this garbage

No. 438044

nitpicking but did he not say he was flying out this weekend? it's Friday night? he was at home? is his weekend Saturday when he wakes up til whenever he shows up Monday?

No. 438046

no-one cares though. this thread is for greg and lainey, they're the one whose character we care about.

No. 438048

File: 1506127429190.png (77.45 KB, 908x374, Screenshot 2017-09-22 at 8.41.…)

Just noticed Onision used an incorrect definition in his ex-patron video.

He uses the adjective definition, but in practice he uses the term as a noun, calling Billie "a druggie" which is defined as a drug addict.

No. 438051


Damn, she looks like a sexy Jean Grey here. No homo!

No. 438053

she has a masculine jawline, and moreover all-around facial structure. I wonder why grease was so offended by the boobjob. she appeared more feminine afterwards, so he should be more attracted to her, you would think

No. 438054

Nah because she's not underdeveloped anymore, the breast implants are a reminder that she's very much out of puberty

No. 438055

that is what I was more-or-less getting at. she has overwhelmingly male facial characteristics, she was more or less flatchested, now that she has implants she isn't the ~lil boy~ onion once fawned over. tell me he isn't closet gay. I dare you.

No. 438056

Lainey on YouNow

No. 438058

remember when a farmer asked him if he has NPD

No. 438060

Methinks when Onion tries to say his dad molested a him as a young it was more of a sexual fantasy than recollection. It's all a little bit fucked up when you keep in mind how he likes to fuck lainey and call her a faggot. How deep does this rabbit hole go?

No. 438063

oh my lord. they still want to know the context of the meals/the meetings. his narc brain conveniently forgets.

No. 438064

File: 1506128785979.png (278.09 KB, 461x423, Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 8.59…)

Someone wanted Plainey to do the "Greg buys my outfit" vid again and this time she actually gave an answer. She said "We're kinda in a financial crisis right now so we can't, that's what Greg said" even though $500+ worth of makeup is reasonable. Lol

No. 438066

Laineybot wishlist link for the anon who asked


No. 438067

greg admitted on his stream that he has been able to prove some of his statements to the IRS so his dire claims aren't so dire anymore. they collectively clear about 10k a month, they can. it's not because they can't, it's because he doesn't want to be around her. I will bet my ass on this.

No. 438068


Wait wtf?! Are you for real? Because we all know how much he hates his dad and once claimed papa-onion may or may not have touched him at all.

Or Crazy Tami really fucked him up into thinking this was normal.

No. 438070

File: 1506129227569.jpg (57.63 KB, 474x476, reallybro.jpg)

Says it all really

No. 438071

>Would you ever stretch your ears?
>No I would not

so why the banners on faggybot and garbagebot channels? both depict very male characters that look nothing like her or greg with plugs?

No. 438073

Already noted in >>437240

No. 438078

cows are crossing over, Dasha just retweeted Jaclyn Glenn. please let there be something worthwhile. this is all I want for christmas.

No. 438082

Is he going to make videos being honest about that so people know he's "surviving" ok again?

He must still be on the hook for overclaiming though?

No. 438084

sarah gave 50 likes or something

No. 438089

that half filled in brow tho

No. 438091

Next level of half-assing YT content. Brought to you by the Onions

No. 438103

Imagine if it were a man doing and saying this shit…Taylor's such a creep.

No. 438104

speaking as the one in the image, I would not in a million years dream of being this brash. then again, millennials think this is normal. maybe foot has conditioned him as much as he has her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 438113

no one cares

No. 438119

did she used a crayola marker as eyeshadow?

No. 438125


Yes, and she plans on returning that crayola back to Sephora tomorrow.

No. 438126


That's your answer right there, he doesn't read.

No. 438127

Why does he ask if his food is vegan in every food insta pic? Like, maybe he's trying to be engaging to his dwindling fan base but it makes him sound dumb as shit. Just learn what food you stuff in your greasy face is vegan or not.

No. 438130

Jaclyn is live now…lets hope she spills

No. 438133

>"that's what greg said"

she doesn't even know her own family's financial status. sad.

No. 438134

She probably isn't allowed to know.

No. 438135

File: 1506139731540.jpg (102.52 KB, 600x406, 631008_v4_mobile.jpg)

From a Cracked (sorry) article. Sums up Gurg perfectly as a "technical genius".

What if I told you that television shows were dangerous? It's true. In the year 2000, four out of every five injuries occurred in a home that owned a VHS copy of Robocop III. Someone might say, "That's compelling Robocorrelation, but that data alone does not suggest Robocausation." Fine. But maybe your first instinct was to say, "Robocop III is a movie, not a TV show, you fucking dumbass." If so, then congratulations, idiot, you're a Technical Genius. You're smart enough to spot a technicality, but too dumb to know everyone else did too and it was light years away from the point. You're the kind of person who tells your doctor, "Um, it's Chief Chirpa?" when he tells you that getting the Wicket doll out of your asshole will require surgery. "And, um," you'll add, "it's an action figure? Maybe you should have gone to a non-stupid medical school.

The nice thing about being a Technical Genius is that it feels like proof you're smarter than everyone. They can say you don't "get it" all day, but they're the imbeciles who think Robocop III is a TV show. Look at it like this: You are the only one in the history of Koala Times Bus Tours to contract syphilis from a koala bite. You might be embarrassed, but at least you aren't like those other fools screaming "Don't touch the koala bears!" when they are in fact marsupials. I mean, if koalas were actual bears, your whole face would be missing, not still here and covered in pulsing chancres.

Technical Geniuses reach maximum annoying when they decide that pointing out technicalities is a sense of humor. For instance, if you announced, "My wife is pregnant and we're having a boy," a Technical Genius might quip, "Well, technically only women can have babies. Unless you count the Chief Chirpa action figure currently breaching my anus – um, which you should, since it is the dictionary definition. Heard of it? Hey, everyone! This idiot with no dictionary is watching me shit out a Chief Chirpa, and he doesn't even know which gender gives birth!

Technical Geniuses have such a rigid understanding of the rules of language that they miss the meaning behind words. They mistake sarcasm for a mistake that needs correcting. Their idea of wordplay is assuming you meant the wrong homonym, which makes them both a walking Family Circus cartoon and the person condescendingly explaining to the Family Circus characters how "cool" may sometimes refer to "tubular" instead of temperature. And god help you if you get into a written discussion with them, as the tiniest typo can turn even the most important debate into a fourth-grade grammar lesson. They'd rather tell you that "non whites" should have a hyphen rather than agree that killing them is wrong.

For the most part, the Technical Genius just derails conversations with unlikeability. But their fierce misunderstanding of unspoken rules can lead to problems way more serious. You know what happens when you can't see past the immediate and literal meaning of words? Well, I'll show you. It's technically unfair how there's no "White" History Month or "White" Entertainment Television, right? And fine, black lives matter, but isn't it MORE loving and accepting to say that ALL lives matter? See? I'm only two sentences into my life as a Technical Genius, and I've already talked myself into racism. All it took was the limited observation skills of a bad '90s standup routine with the deliberate cultural ignorance of a bad '90s standup routine.

Remember when that panty-dropper at Google got fired for writing, word-for-word, how women aren't good at robots because of their emotions and milk-squirting nipples? That guy was absolutely a Technical Genius. Men and women are different, sure, but if you're either of those things, you already knew that. You also might know how, almost always, these differences aren't worth mentioning and vary from person to person. Yes, a woman is a bad hire if you need someone to stand next to a wolf for 29 days without bleeding. But even as someone who's not a wolf scientist, I can think of a few workarounds: wolf nose plugs, baking soda underpants, menopause, chaining the wolf out of vagina-biting range … are we sure we even need to fill this standing-near-a-wolf position? See, this is how a healthy mind operates – it solves problems, asks questions, and keeps ladies safe from crotch-biting predators because it's the right thing to do. A Technical Genius makes a short-sighted, clumsy observation and acts like they put all reason in checkmate. You know who could explain this better than me? The outrageously bad con man the worst 20 percent of our population voted into the White House.

Helping Understand Technical Geniuses With Stupid President Donald Trump
This is a classic example of a Technical Genius. To this dumbshit, it seems like he's turned the tables on the entire concept of racial oppression. He raises the same point made by most clueless fucks on their first day of imaginary struggle: "How come whites can't do one of the things blacks do? Isn't that the REAL persecution?" It's worse than ignorant. It's the kind of childlike question you might ask the Star Trek crew if you're a checkerboarded alien who knows nothing of their world's Ray Sizzum.

There are different rules, unspoken or not, for every caste, race, and gender. You have to play some pretty intense make-believe to say you don't know that. And only the dimmest, pussiest of white people invent their own oppression, like not being allowed to say "Merry Christmas" or "the N-word." I'm not either, but I bet white billionaires have different troubles than the characters on Black-ish, and it seems impossible that Donald Trump hasn't had this explained to him by Omarosa's hairdresser many times.

The things Technical Geniuses say are often so frustratingly wrong but also "not wrong" that they act as traps. Your every instinct is to add context to them, but don't – you will only become them. Look again at our evil president's "Black-ish" tweet. You might feel the urge to correct the five grammatical mistakes he made in its three sentences, but any decent person should feel compelled as fuck to explain just the most basic, introductory concepts of race to him. This grown man thinks that the unfairness of having a show called Black-ish when there's not one called "Whiteish" is "racism at highest level." That means you have to start your explanation with "Um, have you heard of a little thing called slavery?" And look what's happened. You're the one saying dumb, obvious shit now.


No. 438136


After his last marriage went to shit, smart girls are a no-no for him. Dum-dums only!

No. 438138

File: 1506140140425.gif (859.32 KB, 480x230, gordon-fyrslves.gif)

they make $10,000/mo and greg says they are poor? and they are on medicaid? i am so fucken mad

No. 438139

Won't buy her clothes but will fly Beck out and take trips to California.

No. 438140

Really puts the $300k tax debt in a different perspective.

No. 438141

No spill. I must be getting real old; younow is boring af to me and her and Richie are ignoring requests for milk

No. 438142

Probably she doesnt even have anything in first place

No. 438145

How could Lainey be stupid enough to not see that Onion doesn't even like her anymore.

No. 438147

She fucking knows it but is so desperate for love that she ignores it and just cries.

No. 438148

File: 1506141602867.png (985.62 KB, 1440x1628, 20170922_233240.png)

Alex Jones posted a video today with this thumbnail, lmao.

No. 438150

I watched a video of Lainey and is this a character? Does she purposely fuck up everything on video to keep this dumb/helpless image? Its annoying she can't even follow directions well, she does everything so sloppy.

No. 438152

Are Ayalla and Billie still friends? Of topic sorry.

No. 438153

Yes they live together afaik

No. 438155

I'm glad that Sarah is hanging out with other people and not completely isolated. I do feel its only a matter of time before Lainey wants more attention and Onion starts saying Sarah's being a bad friend.

No. 438158

And every time she gets close to just admitting it to herself, he lovebombs her and she gets to believe what she wants to believe is true.

Ha! Who is crazier: Alex Jones or Onision?

No. 438160

Confirmed for autism, weighted blanket in her wish list.
Weighted blankets are used for sensory issues, re; autism.

No. 438161

Wow I had never thought of that product. I'd say she just want the feeling of being embraced.

No. 438162


Brace yourselves anons, we have another Chris-Chan waiting in the wings!

No. 438163

For Troy?

No. 438164

i think she uses it for her anxiety

No. 438165

that is a common product for autistic children

No. 438166

File: 1506146515706.jpg (54.55 KB, 720x617, IMG_20170923_150124.jpg)


No. 438167

File: 1506146540699.png (1.19 MB, 1136x640, IMG_0545.PNG)

Decided to watch an old Onion video to kill off boredom and…are those FUCKING VIENNA SAUSAGE CANS?!

… I'm not sure if I should sage this but I will.

No. 438168


No. 438169

Does Lainey really have a 4,000 camera on her birthday wishlist? That she has shared with her fans? I'll bet money that Onion hasn't even taken a look at it.

No. 438170

Why does she insist on dressing like a 12 year old emo kid.

No. 438171

because she's married to a pedo in a time warp

No. 438172

File: 1506147014063.png (50.02 KB, 724x441, nofriends.png)

Gurg got stood up again

No. 438173

>find BASIC human decency

says the guy who wanted to leave his wife and kids for a 19 year old

No. 438174

Can't you usually cancel plane tickets the night before?

No. 438175

Oh my bad, I didn't realize that he pushed a fucking plane ticket onto whoever he's having dinner with

No. 438176

This guys a fucking dumbass, he's doing it again wasting all his fucking money on his dead Youtube career. He's flying out again but hes "broke". Won't even buy Lainey fucking clothes at a thrift shop because of money but will buy plane tickets.

No. 438177

because it would require HIM to buy the clothes for Lainey's video. Why would he ever waste his "precious" money on his foot of a wife? he obviously hates even being in videos with the girl

No. 438178

Wait why cant lainey buy her own clothes? She makes so much on younow

No. 438179


He wouldn't get his money back. You can usually only get a full refund if you cancel within 24 hrs of booking. Also, he's the one flying to LA, not whoever he's bitching about.

I wonder when onion will learn he's washed up? No one wants ANYTHING to do with him, not even to roast him. (except jg and sr and if they were smart they'd just ignore him)

No. 438180


She's probably forced to give it all to Gregma because "we're poor!!!"

No. 438181

She wanted to do a video called 'my boyfriend buys my clothes' and Gerg doesn't want to do it because ~we have no money~ when in reality he just doesn't want to spend money on her.

No. 438182

anxiety or some shit probably, unless she's using it for the kids or saving it to leave gregs ass and quit the prince space act

No. 438184


V optimistic of u, anon

No. 438185

Lainey says she buys her own stuff and she is the on that pays any vet bills and pet food. But still Onion bought shit for Billie, hair dye, sweaters even gifts for Billie to give to Sarah and Lainey. But won't do it for his wife. He hates her and I don't even feel sorry for her, its way to obvious and she knows it.

No. 438187

i thought it was just a lens?

No. 438188

Who the hell in their right mind would ever want to live that way? She's with someone that she has to force to be with her. She keeps fishing for more people to be with so she clearly sees that there are plenty of fish in the ocean to choose from. She just….won't allow herself to be happy. Someone who went to school for psychology… Just fucking dumb.

No. 438189

File: 1506148127335.jpg (147.4 KB, 1019x625, lames.jpg)

No. 438193

I doubt she even knows how to use it. Bitch can't even cut a curve with scissors, or sew.

No. 438194

It seems that she would have support from her family if she chose to leave him, she wants to stay.

No. 438195

She's said it plenty of times on YouNow, that she doesn't like to date people that go after her. She instead dates people that will take her heart and break it… fucking idiot.

No. 438196

you don't say

No. 438197

>he likes to fuck lainey and call her a faggot.

lol i think he only does it to appease her. that kinda thing seems like her fantasy from watching too much yaoi and wanting to be the "cute pretty boy sub". i don't really think onion's gay, maybe into crossdressing though with that feminine clothes and makeup phase he had.

his exes have been feminine when they got together though. even lainey now still looks like a woman now, just horrifically styled. honestly the closet gay accusations come closest with his obsession with shane and richie, those are genuinely pretty weird

No. 438198

I live far away from Greg, and would legit take her and her kids in. I'd help her out, help take care of them while she gets therapy, gains independence, and eventually goes out on her own. But I know she'd never take anyone up on the offer to help her children or herself.

No. 438200

I think she's weak or brainwashed
you have to keep in mind lainey was one of gregs fangirls for a while, so being married to him would have seemed like a fairytale dream come true, and with laineys teenage mindset, the "romeo and juliet" complex, is what I call it, aka when one of the partners parents hates their relationship, and the "love" that the child gives to the partner is only stronger, so the parents hating laineys relationship made it "stronger" aka gave her a reason to actually be in it , she's afraid of leaving because her family is already pissed at how much damage greg has done and how manipulative he is and complete trash, if she left him she would have no where to go, and all that and she would get a big "I told you so!!!!" from the internet, as well as greg

No. 438201

File: 1506148599379.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, EBAF6D3E-6972-4AAE-8539-615F8E…)

Lainey has been liking this girls tweets a lot. She’s probably one of her many crushes. She looks so much like billie in this pic (younger billie)

No. 438202

I would too, I'd teach her how to get a job, go to a legit school, help her build social skills and whatnot, years of gregs control has done a lot of damage, she's not who she was before, it's kinda mourning to see the happy cheerleader with lots of friends she use to be to the space price with shitty husband who's sucking her dry and pretends to have anxiety at everything

No. 438203

Lainey's had several "Crushes" and they all seem to not move forward. I bet as soon as Onion starts trying to get them to fuck him also they bail. Billie fell for it cause she wanted the Onion dick.

No. 438204

She went from a student with good grades and a cheerleader, to an Agender mother that wants her tiddies chopped off.

No. 438206


Does anyone else think there may be a California girl he's visiting?

No. 438207

Being with Gregma makes her wanna chop off her tiddies and forget she's female. Damn that's a rough life kek

No. 438209

I think onion gives the absolute bare minimum to Lainey to string her along, plus a million excuses (I have to work a lot for us, I need a spare house for filming, I need to go out of town to collab to help my channel etc). She clings to the hope that he is being honest about his excuses, but he really is just backed into a corner.

1) IRS debt
2) Getting old, doesnt appeal to teens as much, doesnt have a replacement lined up
3) his shitty behavior is plastered online, Billie's leave me alone video ruined what was left of his reputation
4) making drastically less money on YouTube
5) divorce would mean alimony and child support x2

It's ironic and poetic that the ~most honest youtuber~ has to live a lie every day with Lainey, the rebound, stage 5 clinge, footface fake boi.

No. 438211

probably because greg want's a prepubescent body or big perky round barbie tits, and can't stand a woman getting implants aka obvious implants or implants they are honest about, so lainey wanting top surgery seems like a loopway to have her husband attracted to her body, which he's clearly not, and she's extremely insecure and has "FAILED HER!!!!!" by his own logic, but this time he actually did fail her, instead of claiming a woman getting implants because she wanted them,everyone in her life has failed

No. 438212

we know he is, but he's on the down-low about it ,probably because she is underage and prepubescent looking so gerg can't use the "BUT BUT BUT IT WAS LEEEEGGAALLLL THHEREE" or the "BUT BUT BUT SHE LOOKS OLDER THEREFORE IM NOT A PEDOPHILE" excuse just yet, he's in the grooming process, lainey is going to end up like shiloh

No. 438213

Some other anon mentioned she seems like shes copying shane dawson's humor. He also made life hack videos but did it in a comedic way where he fucks everything up. I bet shes doing the same thing because all she does is copy people.

She will probably go the selena route, grow up, meet new people, find a real relationship, and then slowly fade out when she realizes she doesnt want to spend her entire life being a puppet in onion/lameo drama.

She obviously saw shane and his boyfriend doing it, and wanted to copy it and be cute too, but she forgot her husband hates her hahaha. We can already predict what the clothes would be. Some shit from hot topic and some wigs to look like billie.

He probably bought her stuff in the beginning of the relationship too, and paid for all her college shit and moved to new mexico to be with her and shit. He always does this crap for a new girl. But now shes old news and just a money drain to him so shes got to work for her own spending money while he spends shit on new girls he wants to leave her for.

No. 438215

I thought the same exact thing about the life hacks and the boyfriend buys my clothes videos. the thing is that shane adds way more in the middle of his life hack videos – even if it's just trying out what others do he does some little bits and rants in the middle. It's not always my sense of humor, but it's way more entertaining that watching plainey just mess things up on purpose. you have to at least do one of them correctly, or you're pathetic. it's like the same level as people falling down on purpose for a laugh

if the onions did a boyfriend buys my outfit video it'd be awful. she said that she thinks that gurg would really pick out good outfits for her, but everyone knows he'd mess it up on purpose and be awful with it

No. 438216

File: 1506149950109.png (1.13 MB, 966x613, before the onionn.png)

She had a nice life before she abandoned it all to become a child bride.

No. 438217

File: 1506150100172.png (803.18 KB, 942x579, before the onionn.png)

No. 438218

Jarring contrast seeing her with friends and having hobbies/interests. Now all she does is post selfies

No. 438219

it's hilarious how greg won't leave lainey until he has a replacement lined up. is he really that afraid of being single? there are probably more girls who would jump on his dick if he WAS single, because not everyone is bi (or attracted to foot).

No. 438221

I don't know anon. The only ones I see showing interest in onion are girls like bambi and plunger. It's slim pickings for the onion.

No. 438222

She doesn't want to go after girls that might actually be interested in dating but still wants to keep the illusion that she is poly and gay.

No. 438227

In her "Lainey reacts to old videos" video, she says she went to Camino real middle school in Las cruces NM. The district for that school is where a lot of the top 10% of earners in the city live. The school is near a golf course.

And her dad's a lawyer? She could have had a much more promising future with all that money behind her. Her gold digging, fan girl ass thought onion was a lateral move to a more money.

Fast forward to now and he owes 300k like a dumbass. Wonder if her dad is back to making more than onion lmao. That would really chap onions ass.

No. 438229

For sure, she's really a rich entitled girl. Even on YouNow when she talks about makeup and people give her advice on more affordable makeup and drug store makeup she gets defensive and says "It really wasn't that expensive."

No. 438233


Please don't, the last thing this bitch wants is for everyone to feel sorry for her - she enjoys it. She loves that we feel sorry for her and is the eternal victim.

No. 438234

Agreed, no one cares about her life before Onion and those photos shouldn't be part of the conversation anymore. In my opinion they cause empathy from some farmers because she's such a 'young girl omg' but everyone needs to remember time and time again that she's just as bad as gargamel.

>She has lied, manipulated, and omitted details about her life while promoting as an open book.

>She uses young kids for income and begs people less wealthy than her for money. >She actively scouts girls to become gregma's sex partner while spouting lies about it being for her own benefit.
>She is an enabler with no spine being used as a doormat.

>also a fame/gold digger who succeeded so her being young isn't even a big deal she let grease knock her up so she would have him in her life okay

No. 438236

i mean compare plainey and her sister, just look at their twitters. i'm not saying she'd end up in a sorority and being super social, but she'd probably be more adjusted and doing better in life on a larger scale. sure she's getting volcanoes and love potions every night, but her and her husband wouldn't be taken seriously in any normal setting

No. 438249

Why does she need a $4000 camera? To take selfies with it? LMAO

spoiled bitch

No. 438250

Not to mention
>Moved a 16 year old to their grease mansion to use her as a personal issues tissue box and didn't give two shit that the girl is missing high school and screwing up her future.

No. 438251

No sane person wants to be poly in the first place.

No. 438256

and he can find more worthwhile girls, the ones that don't go after "married" men for any reason, not that he deserves them, or anyone else he can manipulate and put on the "women he picked up when they were teenagers and later gave them a list of mental issues and pregnancies then left them for another teen"

No. 438259

Did Lameo and Selena knew each other from school? I thought so, but how is it possible that they spend a lot of time together after she moved in with Grease?

No. 438261


How, how the fuck can a spoiled bitch like her have so little shame to make a wish list with things she obviusly doesn't need. I'd feel fucking embarrased if I was her. Fuck you foot

No. 438266

Yeah, they've been best friends since high school.

Selena would spend time at their place and slept in guest house, she was even their baby sitter for some time.
Later she moved away, attended college, matured and most likely realized what they are doing is wrong.

Last time I remember seeing her with Lainey is during first cuddlegate, when Onion decided to leave his family and move in with Billie. She was giving company and supporting Lainey during her tough time.

But then Onion and Plain made up, then invited Billie back, more cuddlegates happened, also other crazy drama - like stuff with Luxymoo then with Sarah who is 16 yr old etc. It's just neverending shitshow with them so Selena probably realized Plainey is not gonna ever change and is using her as emotional tissue.

Laineybot mentioned Selena stopped responding to her messages.
I think Selena realizes if she tried telling Lainey that she thinks what they are doing is wrong, Lainey would tell Onion immediately and then Onion would make a video blasting Selena.

Selena obviously doesn't want to be associated with their crazy shit drama so I think it's good that she just told Lainey to fuck off by ignoring her.

No. 438269

A plain ticket would be anywhere from 300-500 for economy. I know how cheap he is but for some reason I don't think he would allow himself to be seated with people that are 'struggling' more than he is.

No. 438271

I bet Grog is going to LA to cheat on doormat.

It makes sense to me. The person conventionally decided to not collab with him anymore but he's still going up to have dinner with them? Sounds suspect. No video evidence of their meeting hm. He could be having dinner with anyone up there and Plainey would be none the wiser…

I don't know, it just makes sense to me. He sowed the seeds last week or whenever it was to go REALLY collab with people. I doubt another person wants to collab so soon, he's such a loser. But he's done it recently so perhaps Plain won't question it…

The perfect crime.

No. 438276

thank you anon! good lord did all the farmers forget shes as much a dickbag as onion?

No. 438281

it's insane that he thinks it's normal to tweet about it when he gets stood up. hasn't he heard of backup plans? it'd be different if he was trying to say that he's free to make other plans, but he's just trying to shame the person who cancelled on him and make himself seem like the model of human decency

he sounds like a desperate friendless loser. nothing new tho

No. 438284


He's spent the last 10-15 years guilting and manipulating young and vulnerable people in to doing exactly what he wants to the point that he has no idea how to have a normal adult relationship anymore.

Any of y'all that have been in an abusive relationship probably know exactly what i'm talking about. This is just an attempt to get whoever to come crawling back to him like "waaaaahhhhh Greg im sorry I won't do it again pls have mercy" just like Lainey does every time he is ugly to her or ignores her

No. 438285

Holy shit I actually think you're right, what was it he told Skye he was doing when really he was going away to cheat with Shiloh?

No. 438286

Onion is tweeting about being depressed in LA and missing Laimey. He needs her to validate him and try to get his nasty affection. They use each other, this is no relationship.

No. 438287

Wouldn't surprise me if he was doing it because >>438271 is correct and he's trying to suppress any suspicion

No. 438289

That's right anons.. After all her 5 year might be running out just like with Skye.

No. 438290

I mean, he constantly breaks up with her. Only pays her attention and affection when is convenient for him. Argues with her about her money. Completely demeans everything she enjoys. Invites girls round to the house without him knowing. Has told her they are never going to go on holiday and see the world, despite that being one of her dreams yet he is able to go on holiday without her when it benefits him. He is probably cheating on her AGAIN. If he does cheat and leave it would probably be doing her a favour but she's far too stupid to realise that.
Imagine living that life working that hard to make all that money but never living. Never hanging out with friends. Never getting to go out and do cool stuff together. Never going on holiday. Never going out to visit family. What is the point in a life like that?

No. 438293

*without her knowing

No. 438294

I'm the person who wrote that post and that was my initial thought as well.

He doesn't miss her. He's locked up in his office "working" most of the day, what is there to miss? His depressing wife and screaming kids? He's definitely trying to cover his ass. The only time he expresses affection toward Plain is when he is trying to atone for something he did wrong, lovebomb, or trying to show the haturz how happy they are together. He's definitely covering his ass. She is of no benefit to him. I don't see him really giving a shit about being away from her now. The lovesick honeymoon phase he loves so much has been over for a long time now. Onto the next one.

It's in his nature to cheat. It wouldn't surprise me at all. All his self-sabotage and narc spergouts are cyclical. He is going to do the same thing he did with Shiloh to Plain. He always needs to have the next woman set up. It is so predictable. He'll keep doing shitty things because it is in his Grugly nature. I wonder if he will eventually jump ship from his marriage or if he'll try to keep the cheating on the DL.

I wonder how he'll try to spin this one if he goes public.

Keep digging that hole Onion, I'll be here laughing all the way.

No. 438296

File: 1506182207385.png (302.54 KB, 585x575, Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 11.55…)


>I'm feeling insecure because this person really struck a nerve. Please validate and compliment me.

No. 438298


I wonder if its with Tomato Assliquettes wife, Bianca. That way, if he gets caught, he can say it was a "business lunch".

you just know he wants her

No. 438299

Your obsession with Bianca is concerning and illogical. She lives in Texas dude. Of all the people he could be fucking in LA.. really?

No. 438300

I would guess someone from Patreon or Twitter's whose DMs he slid into being the more likely scenario.

While him cucking Tomato is hilarious it isn't really probable.

No. 438301

I should also mention I doubt he has a cover story made up in the event he's caught, he thinks he's much too clever. Fucking narcs man.

No. 438302

File: 1506182643120.png (13.65 KB, 598x101, Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 12.03…)

No. 438303


Hi, Bee

No. 438305

All of the replies are strangely positive considering the hypocrisy of the tweet. Guess he's on a blocking spree again

No. 438309

Jaclyn lives in LA, right?
Maybe the nuke she is waiting to drop is about him fucking around while in LA.
Shes probably knows things through friends and the local LA YT rumor mill about Onionboy messing around while on his business trip.

No. 438310

File: 1506183927105.jpg (82.94 KB, 810x445, IMG_20170923_182258.jpg)

he retweeted this

No. 438311

I love the delicious irony of him telling Jaclyn that 60k views isn't good and now he's lucky to even get that many.

No. 438315


Pretty sure Jaclynn Glenn lives with Social Repose, both in Washington state.

No. 438316


Richie lies in Virginia and Jaclyn lives in LA.

No. 438323


It's been so long I can't even remember.. can any other oldfags chime in? Was there any buildup to him getting with Shiloh? As far as I remember it was kind of just like "oh btw im getting a divorce and here's my fresh meat"

No. 438324

File: 1506185728035.webm (6.2 MB, 320x240, The Dead Ones.webm)

I know that a persons history will taint your perception of someone, but-
During yesterdays YouNow stream he was guesting random people before he ended the show. Greg brings a guest on and its this little blonde girl who Im guessing barely started middle school this year. He leans in towards his monitor, Im assuming to get a better look at her, and says "WOW! ok, hi.
To me it seemed like he couldn't help himself, his first reaction was to say WOW! in a sort of creepy way, then he caught himself and says "ok", and tries to continue on with a "hi"
Maybe Im seeing and hearing things that aren't there because of the rumors that swirl around him. I loved that she trolled him either accidentally or on the sly.

No. 438325

would Skype her in the same room as "just a friend" with skye next to him for a few weeks and be texting her, he then started to lock himself away in his office sleeping there until it came time for him to drive to meet her

No. 438326

Yeah that is a complete reach, probably shock that he didn't expect someone that young.

No. 438327

Well he didn't do drama that much back then iirc. At least compared to now.

It was basically him occasionally liking or replying to Shiloh's tweets, it didn't look suspicious. Then suddenly he posts a video how he hit a deer while driving to another state. Meanwhile, Shiloh is in the USA at that time, in the state where Onion was driving to (she was attending weight loss camp there).
Soon after, Onion declares he is divorcing his wife.
I don't know what Skye was posting on her social media during those times…

No. 438329

I'd put money on him secretly meeting someone. He did the exact same thing in the Skye era. Wasn't he travelling for 'collabs' when he was secretly visiting Shiloh.

No. 438330

Yes but skye already knew of Shiloh because of them already talking as "friends" she even said she expressed being uncomfortable and he told skye she's just jealous and immature about the situation

No. 438331

My theory is that he flies to LA, meets up with Tobuscus, they have a flight booked to Thailand, where they spend the weekend fucking underage ladyboys. Toby of course pays extra to have the little trannies pretend to not want it and fight him off, they return to LA by Sunday night. Grugly hops on a plane and returns to Washington by Monday and no ones the wiser.

No. 438336

File: 1506188109190.png (27.38 KB, 434x272, NOT_AGAIN.png)

I giggled

No. 438341

Someone should ask the most honest Youtuber who this cancelled collab was with. See if they corroborate his story.


No. 438349

he definitely is. that's why all his collabs are mysteriously bailing out, so no one asks for the videos.

maybe this time it was his fuckbuddy bailing but he went anyway incase he could coerce her.

No. 438357

File: 1506191075840.png (636.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9612.PNG)

No. 438358

File: 1506191106364.png (548.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9611.PNG)

i wonder if she makes her kids call her daddy from now on, fucking gross

No. 438359


wow he is really laying it on thick, i'm starting to believe you tinfoil anons that something is certainly up in LA.

No. 438360

Anon, no.

No. 438361

File: 1506191592902.png (10.08 KB, 342x130, 56746711.PNG)

hmmm, "someone" wasnt listening when Greg was quietly tapping at their window
so now hes resorted to yelling in the streets to get their attention

No. 438362

I'm guessing he learned from his mistake this time.

No. 438364

File: 1506192807376.jpg (38.35 KB, 640x360, 1505696713573.jpg)


two options

>some billie look a like followed onion for the lolz, onion sent her a creepy message. the usual "come to my greasemantion, i'll pay the ticket!!!". she got scared and didn't respond. similar to the vix situation.

>i don't know if everyone has noticed, but some of the edgier channels on youtube follow onision on twitter. popular ones, that get so into their "free ppeach" shit that they think onion deserves a chance. anyways, onion is desperate for views so maybe he sent one of those channels a message. asking them for a collab or whatever. and the channel owner just kinda went "damn, i'm edgy enough to follow onision of all people, but to actually collab with him? No way in helL" and ignored the message.

No. 438365


i honest to god thought "damn billie changed her hair again???". creepy as hell, she's legit becoming as weird as onion.

No. 438367

Completely thinking this.

No. 438373

File: 1506194259097.png (221.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170923-133809.png)

What a good message to send to your 12 year old fans. So everyone must lick his onion ass if not he will try to destroy you. He's also telling the truth he's done it to all his ex's and ex friends.

No. 438376

There's a lot of people who follow him purely to watch his sperging too. He probably saw one of them and thought they'd be a good person to collab with, they ignored him, he's mad.

No. 438385

Wait, please tell me the rlm pic is a reaction image and not indicating that they're following him

No. 438386

am i the only one who thinks he wouldn't do that? he has such a boner for honesty/truth/facts he'd just tell lameo up front and gaslight the shit out of her to make her think it's fine. that's what type of person he's always been.

No. 438387

>am i the only one who thinks he wouldn't do that

Yes, because he has literally done it before

No. 438388

File: 1506197482682.jpg (56.6 KB, 833x652, onionboy.JPG)

Looks like he's unfollowing a bunch of people. I wonder what they did to upset the poor narc (he was following like 122 or 123 I can't remember)

No. 438390

Can I just point out how weird it is that as soon as there was speculation on here that he is cheating he starts love bombing lainey, then when it is said on here that most of his followers that he may follow back don't actually like him he deleted a bunch of them? I think there is a good chance he is lurking at the moment

No. 438392


He's bored as fuck sitting in a hotel room in LA so you are probably very correct.

No. 438393

I wonder if Greg would be upset if people thought he called Lainey daddy. Cause he is not into masculinity at all.

No. 438394

File: 1506198197215.png (163.72 KB, 325x459, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 21.2…)

lol wat

No. 438396

Wouldn't it be amazing if he tried to collab with moomoo since he's been trying at her

No. 438398

At this point hypocrisy may as well be his first, middle and last name

No. 438399

ok so i might be wrong but i thought with all the others he was just "talking" to a girl while with someone. and only fucked once they were broken up so no one could call him a cheater. he didn't fuck shiloh until skye and him were over. but he was "talking" to shiloh with the intention for more. he was "talking" to lainey and shiloh while with adrienne. and he went to fuck lainey in a place where it was legal to fuck a 17 year old. do you see what i mean?

i'm not saying that isn't cheating or immoral, because it is. but he always has an excuse or his reasons set in place. and he tends to put it out in the open a little bit to say "SEE! it's not me doing bad because i was HONEST."

No. 438400

He was going to fuck shiloh until the car broke down and he got caught on his way to fuck shiloh. He was really in everyones face about how he was "friends" and "just talking" to that Vix girl, same with macncheese. Which is what he did with Shiloh while still married to Skye

No. 438401

I noticed that as well. For sure he is. Why did he just pin a tweet about trust issues? Reckon Plainey's been lurking too and is on him now?

No. 438402

Forcing skye to sign a bogus paper before he left to screw Shiloh is cheating. The real divorce wasn't even started and he said he was traveling for business, why say business if it wasn't betraying and cheating and a lie? He got caught with her in the same hotel room from images and matching videos of him and Shiloh and then lied and said she was on Skype, Shiloh later confirmed he was indeed still married and had lied

No. 438403

what's macncheese's twitter? wonder if she happens to be in LA

No. 438404

i wasn't around during shiloh days so idk, thanks for clarification. i've been looking on ediotz for more info to see if he cheated on skye and someone mentioned skye's sister netunesa mentioned somewhere he DID cheat on her

No. 438406

Coming from skye own mouths not enough? Come on.

No. 438409

It was also in their divorce documents and stuff that he did

No. 438410


No. 438411

evidence…. is…. on…. the… divorce papers… look them up

No. 438413

Him traveling to cheat with Shiloh is on legal documents.

No. 438414

Onion has set the stage for cheating on Lainey
>2 dogs
>new distraction puppy
>1 toddler and 1 baby
>YouTube upload schedule
>Younow stream schedule
>her texting a bunch of girls
>bring Sarah over
>"work" all the time
>out of town collab

I doubt he'll divorce foot though. He'll probably wait until Lainey is super invested (publically at least) in a new girl and then fold out the carpet for his.

>Greg how could you do this?!
>you can't complain, you have a gf too

No. 438415

>imagine being this lazy

No. 438418

sorry guys, i'm just going through the old archives. i got in during the second cuddlegate. i'm not the anon who posted for evidence. i just was under the assumption he was one of those creeps who does the "no i'm talking to them not fucking them lol" shit with full intentions to cheat, because it covers his bases of being ""honest""

No. 438424

Ediotz has been dead for ages, that has to be one of the worst places to go for clarification

No. 438434


Twitter name is the same, but I think she's said before that she lives in Oklahoma. I doubt she's there. Does she even involve herself with them anymore?

No. 438435

File: 1506202832187.jpg (237.62 KB, 1130x507, ghey.jpg)

yea but a breeze in the past can be pretty exciting. i did enjoy this image lainey drew with her avid use of the word faggot. so ghey, always wuz gay

No. 438440

woah was she aware that she drew Onision's twitter profile?

No. 438442

Has anyone ever uploaded Lainey’s draw my life video that’s on patreon? Any ex patreons?

No. 438444

I think this is the lawyer from UK that offered his services to crazy Joy Sparkle BS awhile back when she got into her thousandth pissing match with another YTer

No. 438448

She's always on his streams in the chat, she no longer watches Laineys YouNows since Onion told her Lainey hated her.

No. 438451

Why aren't people making a bigger deal about Sarah being back in the McMansion after there was strong evidence Lainey and possibly Greg was trying to groom her into a sexual/romantic relationship since she was 15/16? It's super fucked up.

No. 438453

Because the proof is unfortunately not enough for any real action to be taken. As much as we can figure what is going on in that house, we cannot know for sure when it comes to Sarah. Also, in terms of Sarahs welfare, it is hard to tell what would be best for her wellbeing, not knowing her homelife or her mental state. I'm not saying I think it's good she is at the mcmansion, but that we don't have much information to be able to do anything.

No. 438454


>I'm a huge faggot. <3

>i have no friends
>photos 5,555,984,394
>video: I em crie :"""""((((((
>im relly crie gna dye now k

This is disturbingly similar to 2017 Lainey's social media

No. 438457


Imagine being so insecure in your marriage that you have to hate a complete stranger.

No. 438462

Hate to be all noring accountant here, but isn't tax evasion also a felony?

Actually, more than one. A LOT more. Every single instance against every single section of the tax code may be counted separately (countries, rules, legalities, blah blah blah) so Gunge is really on thin ice, what with having multiple felonies.

Tax has never been so much fun. I can guess exactly what he's tried to get away with and he is absolutely fucked FOR.EVER. Even if he,somehow clears all the income tax and penalties, he's going to get creamed with capital gains. And I bet he's tried to claim employees illegally too.

Oh yeah. He's "gonna have you guys help pay" through gofundme. TAXABLE, you moronic fucknugget. It'll be hilarious if he gets done for evading tax for that…and he will, because he's too arrogant to hire a tax specialist.

Multiple felon. Multiple. Just rub that in, feel the burn. Couldn't happen to a nicer arsehole.

Saged for happy tax rant

No. 438464

Balls, sorry. That was in relation to him getting all up himself over blackmail being a felony. But I'm a twat and forgot to connect the post.

No. 438472

I don't think there's anything that can be done. They only kicked her out of the mcmansion the first time because people were talking about reporting him for paying a minor to be his nanny. She has a job someplace else and probably has her parents permission to be there.

No. 438477

File: 1506209705690.png (809.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0548.PNG)

Eating your sorrows away I see… kek

No. 438478

his new video.
what the fuck did i just watch, is he preparing for a serious escalation here?


No. 438479

A 31 year old man who legitimately eats burritos for every meal. No you're definitely not fat Greg… being vegan automatically prevents that right?

No. 438480

ready to glare responded to onision

No. 438481

ok im like 3 minutes in and he sounds like a fucking psycho

No. 438482


>dat Taco Bell - KFC

FFS! You're in LA!! There should be dozens of vegan places!

No. 438483

File: 1506210706802.jpg (63.17 KB, 1037x680, haggard.JPG)

He honestly looks really haggard. He has such an unsettling look in his eyes, too. It's just really hard to watch him without cringing or feeling uncomfortable.

No. 438484


what the hell, he sounds fucking insane

No. 438485


Lainey, you in danger girl

No. 438486

he is trying to justify his verbal abuse towards lainey

No. 438487

Lainey fucking R U N

No. 438489

What the fuck is he even talking about? I don't even know where to begin….

No. 438490

Jaclyn Glenn is on younow and talking abt onision right now

No. 438492

I'm confused as to what the point of this video is. Is this a response to the criticism regarding him hanging out with tobuscus? Or has he truly gone insane?

No. 438493

ok theory : the dirt jacklyn has on greg is that he is verbally abusive to lainey and she has receipts, so he made this to like, explain in advance and try to prepare his idiotic fans

No. 438495

File: 1506211444715.png (53.58 KB, 219x200, Screenshot 2017-09-23 at 7.56.…)

>Additional vid.me link for anyone who prefers that platform/future anons.


No. 438496

File: 1506211473620.png (295.42 KB, 365x455, gregface.png)

mfw Greg delivers some 10/10 crazy

No. 438497

WTF? It makes me think he just punch for real Lainey
I do not understand the point of that video

No. 438500

Oh my god why does he put every single aspect of his life on display in public like this? This is not honesty this is exhbitionism

No. 438501


holy shit I just thought this was the LA Vlog, did you get this from patreon anon? I can't find it. Nice job!

No. 438502

He sounds like a self-righteous, inexcusable, serious PBS commercial.

No. 438503

>okay to abuse spouse when they threaten your children
>okay to abuse spouse when they threaten your animals
Is he trying to paint Taylor as psycho as he is?

No. 438510

>if someone is consistently passively negative it's chill to verbally abuse them and when you are abused you should try and help your abuser to stop abusing you.

classic. we already know he calls Lainey names as it was something brought up by Billie in her requirements for coming back the second time. it's no surprise that he's trying to get his audience on board with when he eventually comes out with a sob story about how his marriage ended. my bet is a combo of Lainey "cheating" with one of the other women he tells her to get with, and Lainey "goading" him into abusing her.

also he thinks he's the grey area one, but once again he's so black and white. a woman is either a perfect angel who has never done anything wrong, or she deserves to be abused because she's not perfect.

and Gurgles, not calling your spouse names is hardly an "ideal" that's unrealistic. that's like the bare minimum of being a decent partner.

No. 438511

THIS IS FUCKED! "you don't punch an angel in the face" what the fuck! he's shitting on every abuse victim - saying they must have deserved it?? i hope he cops heaps of shit for this

No. 438512

File: 1506212837446.png (38.1 KB, 730x404, fallingapart.png)

Poor onion boy is getting depressed now

No. 438513

The worst part for me so far is he says no one hits a kind, perfect angel. Uhh, is he not fucking aware that CHILDREN every day get abused and killed for offenses like: pronouncing words wrong, spilling a drink, breaking a dish, etc? That women are killed for things like: talking to another man (in a completely non sexual or friendly way), not keeping the house clean enough, not having dinner ready when her husband gets home, etc? People who abuse or kill someone do it because THEY are mentally ill. Less than 1% of cases probably have to do with a man protecting his children etc and usually cops investigate and find the guilty party anyways.

He's fucking gross.

No. 438514

File: 1506212932773.png (51.12 KB, 528x552, the grim adventures of onision…)

wew lad gurg is unhinging

No. 438515


It's almost like networking is real and being a cunt has negative consequences.

No. 438516

holy shit what the fuck did he do?

No. 438517

exactly. he sounds like a fucking incel

No. 438518

dang sorry team i was a few minutes late my b

No. 438519

God if she does I hope she just spills it at this point

No. 438520


the last 3 minutes of this video make it really obvious that he's trying to get a jump on the truth before it comes out. I don't think he's ever been so transparent.

No. 438523

Well he made a point to include physical violence in his little rant video. Maybe he got too physical in front of Jaclyn or something. He says he has never hit significant other but you can still be overly aggressive in other ways. Tinfoil hat in place.

No. 438524

i can't find this on any of his channels?

No. 438526

File: 1506213913940.png (222.14 KB, 497x447, Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 8.23…)


After skimming thru this I'm shocked he has any friends. He behaves like a cringey 12 year old trying to be edgy.

He looks like Quasimodo's cousin, Queasihobo.


Is this him lowkey admitting to abusing/hitting someone .. Who just happens to be female.

Tinfoil hat : Jaclyn Glenn said she had a truth bomb, did she perhaps witness him beating/hitting Lainey ? Maybe even have footage of said incident ? Or maybe Billie was or witnessed it and releases said info to Jaclyn …

No. 438527

I agree, nothing ever comes out of the blue on onision, its always relevant to his personal issues at the moment.

No. 438528

it was posted to patreon

No. 438530

File: 1506214072893.png (22.16 KB, 530x251, waaaah.png)

gurg is having a time on twitter rn

No. 438531

I hope to god someone backed that video up because he just removed it from vimeo

No. 438532

File: 1506214090992.png (126.29 KB, 527x525, waaaah 2.png)

No. 438533

File: 1506214114716.png (28.49 KB, 533x329, waaaaaaaah 3.png)

No. 438536

File: 1506214287611.png (34.19 KB, 860x208, jglenncomments1.png)

On his "Dear Jaclyn Glenn" video from 19th Sept 2017, which conveniently has likes/dislikes ratio hidden (how honest).

So he's confirming that he's only going after Jaclyn in retaliation (wasn't her video about him from 4 months ago!?) and is not going to go after Freelee because they're "friends"? So both have boob implants, but only one warrants a disgusting opinionated response about their body.

No. 438538

KEK he fucked himself over by going after jaclyn, that's beautiful.

No. 438539

File: 1506214573447.png (159.03 KB, 864x1217, jglenncomments2.png)

Another from the "Dear Jaclyn Glenn" video. Loving the top comments, I'm surprised he didn't delete them. At the bottom, he calls boob jobs "selfish & inconsiderate". Once again though, he won't call Freelee out on it - only Jaclyn.

No. 438542

I love the fact he straight called Lainey a woman in his video

No. 438544

Jaclyn said they fought a lot when she was there and that she almost didn't go because they were beefing on twitter.

No. 438545


I hope she has videos, because we both know that Lainey and Greg will deny it without physical proof that can't be faked. With her talking about how hitting a woman is fine as long as they deserve it, really makes me think she might have seen it/ recorded it.

No. 438546

So you should never call your significant other a C U N T or a B I T C H, or anything like that, right? Most of us can agree. But what we ideally want doesn't typically wind up being how we actually act in real life. We inevitably call people names, maybe not significant others, but we call people names or we think negative things of them or just generally non-positive, non-constructive things of other human beings in our lives and I want you guys to ask yourselves why. Why are you negative towards people, why did you call them that name, why did you hit that person, why were you otherwise non-positive?

This video is very important. I don't feel like anyone's made a video as clear and to the point as this, so I hope that a few people see it.

When you see a man who is labeled as an abuser, like a physical abuser or a verbal abuser et cetera, do you ever stop to ask yourself - is this not a black and white issue? Like, let's say a man hits his wife. It's a terrible thing. I've personally never hit a spouse or anyone I've ever been with. Never hit them. But let's say a man hits his spouse. Do you ever ask yourselves why? What if that woman had done something terrible to his children? What if that woman was a psychopath? And tried to harm their pets in a way that was completely unjust? What if that woman had just threatened his life? You guys don't think about these things because we're conditioned to think that women are always the 100% victims of something and it's completely unjustified to do anything negative towards them whatsoever because they're always innocent, and that's sexist, that's not pro-feminism, that's not pro-egalitarian, it's just very prejudiced and discriminative. You got to understand that women aren't just men without the equipment down there. Seriously. We have certain imbalances, we have differences in chemicals in our brain et cetera, that trigger us to behave in certain ways, typically. I mean, that seems to be the result that society has taught us. But that doesn't make women automatically always the victim. Hitting, whoever throws the first blow is obviously the opposite of the victim, but what I'm saying is there are scenarios where a woman can get called a name, but why was that woman called the name? Why was that woman treated poorly, verbally abused, what did the woman do?

Sometimes women are stereotyped to nag. Sometimes women are stereotyped to be very impassively negative. Now if someone's consistently impassively negative to you for weeks, months, years, do you think that the person that they're dealing with might at some point call them a B I T C H? The lesson from this video is simple. Understand that if you see someone who's in a violent situation, who's in an otherwise verbally abusive situation, whatever, you don't typically go up to an angel, a perfect angel, and say something negative to them. You don't typically go up to freaking the most beautiful, wonderful, kind, considerate, loving human being on earth and punch them in the face. If someone's giving you a back massage, you don't call them a C U N T. If someone's giving you a meal, you don't say they're a terrible person. There are certain causes and reactions to our behaviors. So what I'm saying is that instead of looking at this as sexist or someone who views the world in black and white, you should consider the possibility that we are actually equals. Men and women. And that we both do lousy things. And that sometimes people respond to other people doing lousy things by doing lousy things themselves.

Now let me be clear. Hitting people is unjustified. Okay? It's in most every scenario not okay. If someone's about to kill your child, maybe. Okay? Maybe physical violence is justified if someone's about to end someone's life. Okay? Most of us can agree with that. If someone is being terrible to you, you might say that it's okay to call them a B I T C H or a C U N T or whatever. That is where the grey comes in. But we are simple people. We love convenience. We love labeling people and throwing them away forever as if they never did anything good in our life and so we categorize people as abusers or categorize people as horrible when they're just human beings like the rest of us and they have their own story. They have their own feelings, they have their own reasons. And that doesn't make them right, but how can we say that we're just as a society if we aren't willing to look at the full picture? You shouldn't be going calling your spouse or significant other a C U N T, male or female. You shouldn't be calling your spouse a B I T C H or really anything negative. But that's ideal. That's like this fake made-up world where people never argue. That's this fake made-up world where everything is rainbows and sunshine. It's not life. Life is complicated and relationships are complicated, people argue, people yell. People have problems. Now if they're throwing stuff, that's a threat to your safety, you should call the police. If they're otherwise physically violent, that's a threat to your safety, you should call the police. But if we're just talking about people arguing or calling names, find out why they called you a name. Counsel them on how to stop calling you names. Try to improve yourself and improve them at the same time.

Because it takes two to fight, typically, and the way our society goes out for people because of stereotypes, where we just act like someone is instantly wrong because of the sex they were born as, we're not a just society. We're not a fair society. And we don't realize that men aren't less valuable just because they don't have breasts and they don't have a vagina. Men are equals to women. And they deserve their own story. They deserve to be heard. And again, you can swap the genders, the same applies. We're talking about equality here. Some women abuse men. Physically, verbally, et cetera. I'm not trying to exclude anyone. I'm just saying, understand that people do things for reasons. They're not always good reasons, but there's still a story behind it. So I hope that we can look at domestic situations with a lot more reasonable perspective. We can take on these issues with a much more logical mindset.

Hopefully this video does something. Hopefully some of us are actually thinking in a far more human and fair manner.

No. 438547

File: 1506215419603.png (320.86 KB, 448x528, thisfuckingsmirk.png)


Transcript of the video:

>So, you should never call your significant other a C-U-N-T or a B-I-T-C-H or anything like that, right? Most of us can agree. But what we ideally want, doesn’t typically wind up being how we actually act in real life. We inevitably call people names—maybe not significant others—but we call people names, or we think negative things of them, or just generally non-positive, non-constructive at some point toward other human beings in our lives. And I want you guys to ask yourselves: why?

>Why are you negative towards people? Why did you call them that name? Why did you hit that person? Why were you otherwise non-positive?

>This video’s very important. I don’t feel like anyone’s made a video as clear and to the point as this. So, I hope that a few people see it.

>When you see a man who is labeled as an abuser—like a physical abuser, or verbal abuser, etcetera—do you ever ask to stop yourself: is this not a black and white issue? Like, let’s say a man hits his wife. It’s a terrible thing. I personally have never hit a spouse or anyone I’ve ever been with. Never hit them. But let’s say a man hits his spouse. Do you ever ask yourself: why?

>What if that woman had done something terrible to his children? What if that woman was a psychopath and tried to harm their pets in a way that was completely unjust? What if that woman had just threatened his life?

THEN YOU LEAVE. You grab the kids, the pets, whatever, and GTFO.

>You guys don’t think about these things because we’re conditioned to think that women are always the 100% victims of something and it’s completely unjustified to do anything negative toward them whatsoever because they’re always innocent. And that’s sexist. That’s not pro-feminism. That’s not pro-egalitarian. That’s just very prejudice and discriminative.

> You gotta understand that women are just men without the equipment down there.

- Onion, 2017

>Seriously. We have certain imbalances. We have differences in our chemicals in our brain, etcetera, that trigger us to behave in certain ways, typically. I mean, that seems to be the result that society has taught us. But, that doesn’t make women always automatically the victim.

>Hitting. Whoever throws the first blow. That is obviously the opposite of the victim. But what I’m saying is, is there are scenarios where a woman can get called a name, but why was that woman called a name? Why was that woman treated poorly? Verbally abused? What did the woman do?

Married an asshole who uses insults and fists instead of actually communicating their emotions?

>Sometimes women are stereotyped to nag. Sometimes women are stereotyped to be very passively negative. Now, if someone’s consistently passively negative to you for weeks, months, years, do you think that the person they’re dealing with might at some point call them a B-I-T-C-H?

>The lesson from this video is simple. Understand that when you see someone who’s in a violent situation, who is otherwise in a verbally abusive situation, whatever. You don’t typically go up to an angel—a perfect angel—and say something negative to them. You don’t typically go up to the most beautiful, wonderful, kind, considerate, loving human being on Earth and punch them in the face. If someone’s giving you a back massage, you don’t call them a C-U-N-T. If someone is giving you a meal, you don’t say they’re a terrible person. There are certain causes and reactions to our behaviors.

Like, what kind of victim blaming garbage is this shit? This is really, really fucked up.

>So, what I’m saying is that: instead of looking at this as a sexist, or someone who views the world as black a white, you should consider the possibility that we are actually equals. Men and woman. And that we both do lousy things. And that sometimes people respond to other people doing lousy things by doing lousy things themselves.

>Now let me be clear: hitting people is unjustified. K? In most every scenario, not ok. If someone’s about to kill your child, maybe, ok? Maybe physical violence is justified if someone’s about to end someone’s life. Okay? Most of us can agree with that.

>If someone is being terrible to you, you may say that it’s okay to call them a B-I-T-C-H, or a C-U-N-T, or whatever. That is where the grey comes in. But we are simple people. We love convenience. We love labeling people and throwing them away forever as if they never did anything good in their life. And so, we categorize people as abusers, or we categorize people as horrible, when they’re just human beings like the rest of us. They have their own story. They have their own feelings. They have their own reasons. And that doesn’t make them right, but how can we say that we’re a just society if we aren’t willing to look at the full picture?

>You shouldn’t be going, calling your spouse or your significant other a C-U-N-T. Male or female. You shouldn’t be calling your spouse a B-I-T-C-H, or really anything negative. But that’s ideal. That’s this fake, made-up world where people never argue. That’s this fake make-up world where everything is lollipops and sunshines. I messed that up. Rainbows and sunshine. That’s not life. Life is complicated and relationships are complicated. People argue. People yell.

People have problems.

>Now, if you’re throwing stuff, that’s a threat to your safety. You should call the police. If you’re otherwise physically violent, that’s a threat to your safety, you should call the police. But if we’re just talking about people arguing, people calling names, find out why they called you a name. Counsel them on how to stop calling you names

What the actual fuck ?!

> Try to improve them and improve yourself at the same time because it takes two to fight typically. And the way our society goes after people because of stereotypes where we just act like someone is instantly wrong because of the sex you were born as.

>We’re not a just society. We’re not a fair society. And we don’t realize men aren’t less valuable just because they don’t have breasts and a vagina. Men are equals to women, and they deserve their own story. They deserve to be heard. And again, you could swap the genders, the same applies. We’re just talking about equality here.

>Some women abuse men. Physically, verbally, etcetera. I’m not trying to exclude anyone. I’m just saying: understand that people do things for reasons. They’re not always good reasons, but there’s still a story behind it.

>So, I hope that we can look at domestic situations with a lot more reasonable perspective. We can take on these issues with a much more logical mindset. Hopefully this video does something. Hopefully, some of us are thinking in a far more human and fair manner.

Greg calls Lainey a bitch and a cunt out of anger and thinks she deserves it. Tries to say everyone’s flawed to dilute his abusive behavior. Tries to say you’re sexist if you think poorly of a man being abusive to his partner because of stereotypes?

No. 438548

omg anon, we posted transcripts at the exact same time. hah

No. 438549

ayyyy anon ;_; next time let's post ITT and coordinate and we can go halfsies.

No. 438550


thanks to you both, this is so fucking weird to read… gruk is a mess

No. 438551


i feel like i just witnessed christ

No. 438552


this is so cute.

No. 438553

tldr "i call my wife a cunt and a bitch and people might call me abusive because i'm a man. that's not right. i call her those names because she is rightly pissing me off"

highlight: "counsel people on how to not call you names!"
a month ago: called billie a used-up drug-addict slut loser

No. 438554

don't forget a "sloppy, secondhand girlfriend"!

No. 438556

Video sounds just like his why do men cheat video, sounds like he's gearing up and doing damage control this whole video was off even for him and that says alot

No. 438559

File: 1506217258840.png (457.06 KB, 846x474, qetLyRm.png)

>Now if someone's consistently impassively negative to you for weeks, months, years, do you think that the person that they're dealing with might at some point call them a B I T C H? The lesson from this video is simple. Understand that if you see someone who's in a violent situation, who's in an otherwise verbally abusive situation, whatever, you don't typically go up to an angel, a perfect angel, and say something negative to them. You don't typically go up to freaking the most beautiful, wonderful, kind, considerate, loving human being on earth and punch them in the face.

I wonder who he could be talking about…

No. 438560

so he's justifying abuse or trying to take attention away from his abuse by claiming ~THEY PROBABLY DESERVED IT~

No. 438561

Lamebot is on younow.

No. 438563

>Lame would rather subject her two young children to someone who absolutely despises and abuses her than "let the haters win" and get the fuck out

Every day the milk sours more and more.

No. 438564

"Yesterday I had 4 crushes today I have 5." laimey is a complete fuck boy.

No. 438566

File: 1506218673101.png (281.91 KB, 571x608, talk shit get spun.png)

KEK gurg got her a new fidget spinner let the lovebombing begin

No. 438567

> Wont buy Lainey clothes for a video cause ~too poor~
> Buys Lainey a dollar fidget spinner

True love you guys

No. 438569

Someone asked why Onision won't do the Husband buys my clothes challenge but will fly to LA. She said because its a patreon perk and if he reaches a goal he goes to LA to collab lol.

No. 438570

So she has what, 20 of these stupid things now?

No. 438571

Man, this Law & Order SVU episode is taking forever to finish!

No. 438572

No. 438573

File: 1506219359384.png (17.87 KB, 581x100, GUpr7wu.png)

No. 438574

I'm tinfoiling so hard this dude is definitely fucking someone in LA or had intentions to and it fell through.

A spinner? Bio change? Lovebombing? That strange video from earlier? Something is up.

No. 438575

Being the autist Onion is he probably would show up..

No. 438577

We all remember the video where she play slapped him and she flinched.

Can't these two just fade away?

No. 438578

100K likes for Lainey to be a daddy to some random girl.

No. 438579

yeah ill believe it when i see it lol

No. 438580

Onions at game stop and out buying spinners, hes supposed to be working. He wants to be far away from his family lol.

No. 438581

Troy loves my Little Pony.

No. 438582

No. 438583


Most likely a comment from Lainey's younow broadcast.

No. 438584

My take on the "sometimes women deserve to be hit and called a cunt" video

Maybe hes trying to give an excuse or explain away his reasons for it being ok to hang out, collab and be friends with a man like Tobuscus. And the people hes trying to prove his point to are close to him, or part of his little inner circle, because you can only see the video if you are a Patreon right? If this was to set up his defense for hitting or abusing Lainey it would be on one of his public channels.
Thats just my two cents

No. 438585


I dont want to shit up the thread, but—–
can we have some brainstorming on who the collab was suppose to of been with?

The only facts Ive seen are that this mysterious person is a semi good friend with Jaclyn and Ritchie… not a super best friend, but like a "peripheral friend" I say that because if this LA collab person was a good friend of JG and SR then Greg would have known and wouldnt have even attempted to collab with them.

I draw a blank at who it could be. Any of you more deep into the YouTube LA scene know of who runs with who in those circles?

No. 438586

half the big youtubers are living in la, in laineys stream they said that greg was in la because a perk on his patreon is hell fly to la to collab, not sure if its with a patron then?

No. 438587

It was likely someone he unfollowed recently.

No. 438588

it's his patreon 'goal', not perk. so it most likely wasn't a patron

No. 438590

Half the big youtubers are in LA… you are correct. But Half the big youtubers are not friends with JG and SR. Im trying to narrow it down.

No. 438591

Tonight's stream moments, she was open to a lot of questions about dating, new trinity, Binkieprincess etc

No. 438592

Veeoneeye is currently in Cali (most likely L.A) and has previously admitted to getting underage girls drunk and sleeping with them, most likely isn't him as he is a big weed smoker but it's a start..

No. 438593

File: 1506223124024.jpg (60 KB, 960x960, 21685981_1482182631865564_6515…)

suggestion of an offical name for grug's kids

No. 438594

File: 1506223161310.jpg (71.73 KB, 600x800, BjLukgBIYAAIiXZ.jpg)

why is he an actual broom?

No. 438596

My take on that tweet was
He got to LA, started DMing everyone he could think of to make up for the lost collab with the friend of Jaclyn & Ritchie.
Every person he DM'd politely said "No thanks" but Im sure some gave him an earful about how he makes hate videos about their friends. The tweet before this one is him saying "but Im just passing on news articles and evidence" basically him trying to say hes not saying that about their friend, just relaying the facts hes seen online. And then he tweets about these people he makes videos about are literally predators.

No. 438597

File: 1506223252312.jpg (4.46 KB, 300x168, arnold.jpg)

sage for ot but i'm drunk and this post made me lose my shit

No. 438598

File: 1506223309898.png (285.39 KB, 522x449, Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 1.20…)

lmao I know he had his hair like that for years, no it's arguably worse….
here is the info on his abusive past that makes me think it could be him https://www.dailydot.com/upstream/jason-viohni-veeoneeye-allegations-youtube/

No. 438600

I think you have connected the wrong dots

Who ever Greg was going to collab with isnt a suspected woman abuser or sexual predator.

The person Greg was going to collab with is an aquantence of Jaclyn and Ritchie

The other people Greg has been trying to set up collabs with since hes now in LA probably have friends hes talked shit about, saying they are self-admitted predator of drunk girls

No. 438601

File: 1506223572037.jpg (92.94 KB, 408x408, keenan.jpg)


y'all better stop talking shit or his High Dwarf lookin ass is gonna' curse you.

No. 438603

File: 1506224115290.png (114.78 KB, 324x261, those_same_fucking_shoes.PNG)

I know this is petty.
While hes walking through the airport you can see hes wearing those fucking high heeled shoes again.
I never noticed them until someone brought it up in a video he did with Billy the Industrial Freezer and those other fags trying to lift 20lbs weights at his local gym. And now I cant help but rage when I see him wearing them every day.
I guess its like the bald guy who has his favorite baseball cap that he thinks hides his bald spot. That chunky heel helps sooth his manlet pride.

No. 438604

lol anon he wore them to the beach as well in his LA VLOG video.

Men's Black Pleather Slip on dress shoes… to the beach.

No. 438605

But his tweet said they were a "self admitted predator of drunk girls" and there are only so many YouTubers around the L.A area that have admitted to such things, Vee's girlfriend Victoria X Rave is also friends with Jaclyn and Richie..

No. 438606