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File: 1475548852802.jpg (143.23 KB, 500x375, 1475547378568.jpg)

No. 303405

Onision: Greasemonger edition.

Last thread: >>>/pt/303402

Recap: Billie and Gergles up in a tree, F.U.C.K.I.N.G.
First comes strife and busted marriages, and Lainey's left with a baby carriage.

No. 303406

File: 1475548978074.jpg (244.62 KB, 533x800, aj.jpg)


For the shoop.

No. 303407

This means she tweeted literally 10 minutes after the original screenshot was uploaded here, either she stalks this religiously or she's lying out her arse.

No. 303408

My guess is both.

No. 303409

File: 1475549099935.png (48.35 KB, 1275x341, lastthread.png)

She's admitted on her Twitter account before that she lurks here, she even closed her account at one point out of fear in the last thread when an anon sniffed her sycophantic ass out.

No. 303410

Alright, if a farmhand can confirm that the screenshots came from 2 different IPs by midnight EST and it's widely accepted or confirmed that the address is correct, I'll call the police about the tweet.

No. 303411

File: 1475549153784.jpg (136.09 KB, 1239x574, CryForHelp.jpg)

Let's not forget the vague Tweet from Lainey. It was quickly deleted and called a hoax by Sarah.

And it's confirmed the Laineyclone lurks this board.

No. 303412

Here's what I feel like happened:

>Lainey and greg had another huge blowup, Lainey is freaking out

>she tries to contact someone to help her leave
>accidentally tweets it, sees it, freaks that greg may see it and deletes it
>greg doesn't see it, but she learns from plainclone there are caps on lolcow
>doesn't want greg to know she has an out and makes up the story its shooped
>people either believe her or are being loyal to by saying its shooped

No. 303413

i personally think she's lying to gerg about it so she doesn't get in trouble. these relationships work like a jailer/prisoner more often than not. plus she's a doormat. she does want to leave deep down inside but she is not ready to accept that she has been living a lie with a narc cheater psychopath

No. 303414


Best way to get in contact with a Farmhand? report the messages asking to check the IP or e-mail them?

No. 303415

hahahah OP pic is fucking perfect for onion's thread

No. 303416

Yeh, I know she stalks here but I more meant either super lucky to catch that in that small amount of time or, has lolcow open 24/7 to monitor it. What really are the chances she'd see it on lolcow instead of a notification a tweet notification?

No. 303417

I completely agree. That's exactly what I have been thinking since the first "iz fake!!" claim.

No. 303418

Don't mind me, I'm just reposting this from the last thread so I can alert a farmhand to the "photoshopped" posts in the last thread.


No. 303419

Maybe reporting one of the IP requests?

I'm more concerned about the address being incorrect, though. Worst case scenario is that it's just a hoax, and the police would leave with some documentation about the family. It would really suck for some random strangers to get a visit from the police, though.

No. 303420

thats what i did, hope they don't consider it abuse of the report button tho

No. 303421


Yeah I don't want to send the police to the wrong house. I want to make sure we don't come off as fucktards.

No. 303422

File: 1475549664226.png (172.94 KB, 720x1011, 20160930_224315.png)

Plainclone tweets immediately after she's mentioned on here as well as the anti-o blogs. This has been a consistent pattern for her

No. 303423

I think she would have left by now if it weren't for the child-ren.
I'm also honestly still surprised Gergles even went that far. I didn't take him as a type to ever have or want children since they can be an obstacle from simply and swiftly hopping into a different relationship with no strings attached like he always does.

No. 303424

It's a shame this is all habbening so late at night so we can't get faster confirmation from someone who knows more about their lives. I wanna do this tonight; if she really did make the post then she's probably still in a state of distress and will be more receptive to a check-in. We all know how quickly the situation deescalates once he placates her, so it's important to get this done as soon as possible.

No. 303425

File: 1475550139887.jpg (149.77 KB, 500x375, sistergergs2.jpg)

Here you go. Fixed the left of plainey slightly too.

The wall matches wood knot to wood knot. Vid was posted August 2016, and the house hasn't been sold since 2015, when it was to gerg.

No. 303426

Ha, you're awesome, anon!

No. 303427

i'm not surprised. ive known known and seen many narcs have children, sometimes lots of them- when they really don't want anything to do with them. it's just another pawn on their chess board and nothing more. i'm surprised he doesn't have more, though he seems a bit wary about the fact that courts can MAKE him pay money for the kids and the current rejected childbride

No. 303428

Thanks m8. I'll get some notes together and call in a few mins. Just to double check, the address is here?

No. 303429


Please do call. Im not sure any one could take me serious on the phone.

No. 303431

3 years from now, video title: "MY CHILDREN ARE ROBBING ME!"

No. 303433


Yes, that's the address.

No. 303434

Sweet, thanks. About to call the non-emergency line, I'll let everyone know what happens.

No. 303435

I reported the posts in question and emailed the farm hands.I hope that gets their attention. I still think someone should call the Police.

No. 303436

IMO, I think this girl gets off to the idea of being given any credibility when it comes to Lainey's status/whereabouts. We should just stop even referring to her. She seems to be a loser Lainey wannabe that is trying to use all the drama to gain residual followers.

No. 303437


Please do, record it if you can.

No. 303438

Good luck, anon.

No. 303439



Someone told me that the only way she has contact with Lainey is through twitter. If they were actual friends and she had any more knowledge than us, she'd probably have her phone number. I don't think Lainey talks to her that much.

No. 303440

Lainey said she only has one friend left to talk to about her personal issues when she was fighting with Greg on twitter the other day. I think Sarah is the only person she talks to outside her family.

No. 303441

If the screenshot turned out to be fake, dollar store laineclone is the first person I'd suspect.

No. 303442

fuck that's just sad. he's isolated her so much her only friend is a sixteen year old.

No. 303443

Has Greg posted in Twitter during any of this? Strange he's so silent.

No. 303444

Nothing so far.

No. 303445

Tbf the only person she'd be on par with mentally is a 16 year old. She stopped developing emotionally as soon as Greg handpicked her to be his childbride.

No. 303446

File: 1475552339257.jpg (127 KB, 960x814, 1472874658609.jpg)

Alright guys, after calling the wrong number and being rerouted to a different jurisdiction, I got on the phone with a woman. First I apologized for the call being such an unusual situation, ofc. Then I told her that a woman in their jurisdiction who is in a relationship that is very public online posted a troubling message on social media, and that I'm concerned about her safety because her husband has a history of abuse that she's also received and because she's heavily pregnant and the situation has been escalating in the public eye. I relayed the tweet, and she took details about their names, address, race, whether there are any drugs or weapons in the house, etc. They also asked me about how I found out about all this and his history of abuse. I told her it was emotional and financial, and that there are allegations of physical abuse, but that the latter isn't known for sure. The woman inputted the information and said that they're gonna send someone out to make sure everything's okay and to give them another call if anything else pops up.

Even if this is a hoax, hopefully the police can at least check up on her and her child(ren)'s well-being. They're very good at spotting signs of abuse, neglect, and psychological distress. This also helps add to a record that could help Taylor in the future. As I mentioned in the last thread, I've had to call in some DV reports before, and in one case the victim was actually compelled by it to leave the abusive partner. I've also had to call in an suicide threat before that allowed the police to give the guy the help he needs, so the police do take distress on social media seriously. Well, some of them at least. We'll see how it goes. :)

I really fucking hope u guys got the right address, because I gave them my number.

No. 303447


No. 303448

You're a saint anon. I really hope it's at least a wake up call for Lainey.

No. 303449

Did you tell them that she may lie about not being abused because she's afraid of him? I hope they take that into consideration, because odds are Lainey will be too scared to do anything that might provoke Onion. God bless you anon.

No. 303450


Bless you, anon

No. 303451

bless u

I'm sure they are already prepared for that, anon. It's how it usually goes, anyway.

No. 303452


Thanks m8s. I'm not a fan of Taylor by any means, but she was groomed from a young age, and it's really no surprise that she was too swept up in her favorite celebrity's ~love~ to notice/lol at the warning signs. If she's a victim of domestic abuse and in distress, then getting her proper help is the right thing to do no matter who she may be, anyway.

Gdi, I forgot to mention that. Luckily denial of abuse is extremely common, so the police will probably be more focused on other signs of abuse than what she's actually saying.

FUCK, I forgot to mention the statutory rape too! gdi gdi gdi

No. 303453

Bless you.

No. 303454

You did a great thing, so don't be too stressed.

No. 303455

I realize you must be eager to report back, but please consider not broadcasting every report live and waiting for some time before reportinh. Onion, Billie, fake Lainey, etc all keep track of and frequent this site. The last thing humanity needs is Onion attempting to hide evidence or crafting ways to convincingly lie to authorities. I would even fear Onion taking dangerous panicked actions against Lainey or the kids…

No. 303456


Thanks Anon you are the best.

No. 303457

Just noticed Greg is back to 68 followers. Who unfollowed him?

No. 303458

stop talking about plainclone. she just feeds off the attention and she's no more relevant than any other lainey/onion fan.
Make another thread if she is so desperate to self post (and if anyone else actually cares )

No. 303459


Followings. He didn't unfollow Lainey or Billie, so. Who knows.

No. 303460

Yeah, that's a really good point, if it comes to this in the future we should all def keep it in mind. I just wanted to update everyone who's concerned about the situation and detail how I called just in case anybody has to make this type of call in the future (for any possible abuse situation), and to prevent anyone from taking it in their own hands and doing something stupid or using the emergency line, but you're completely right in that it should've been kept unannounced for a good period of time. Hopefully everyone in the household was/is too preoccupied with whatever hysterics they're wrapped up in to read lolcow.

No. 303462

Of course Onion's video starts with a disclaimer about how skinny and fat people are excluded from his "your weight is OK" message. Everyone whose weight is medically OK is OK, and everyone else can be harassed in an attempt to drive competition off twitter.

sage because I'm just checking if everyone has gone to bed

No. 303464


1 more anon still up. Was this just posted? Kind of scratching my head wondering why Gergles doesn't post anything about what went down tonight.

No. 303465


Cop caller checking in. We're probably not going to get anything more tonight, but it's so hard to sleep when there's happenings afoot.

No. 303466


Still here, still mildly worried

No. 303467

For Lain's safety?

Yeah, there's this lingering feeling of 'something is suppose to happen.'

No. 303468

Mostly worried for baby and baby-to-be. Scary to think about the little ones getting wrapped up in such a toxic situation/environment.

No. 303469

Another anon, sleepy but can't shut off. My gut has bad feelings about this whole thing.

No. 303470

Another sleepless anon here. It's not even about the milk now, it's strange af for so much silence to be coming from onion and co, can't help but feel uneasy

No. 303471

Same, what really worries me is just quiet on all fronts.

No. 303472


It's broad daylight and report writing for me, so I'm just procrastibating.

I can keep an eye on twitter while you guys sleep.

I'll be satisfied with a lack of milk in this case if it means the situation isn't as bad as we think, especially for the kid. Fuck the adults, poor baby.

No. 303474


back to love bombing lainey.

No. 303475

File: 1475559393264.png (526.25 KB, 978x645, Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 1.36…)

she looks so done.

No. 303476

She does, lol. She looks dead on the inside.

No. 303477


So what's the game here in this "love bombing" thing for this kind of psycho? Why return to idolisation? Is this damage control for the concern over her safety?

No. 303478

She looks puffy from crying! What a blatant message to us, too. Christ..

No. 303479

i'm having flashbacks to how he treated shiloh, fuck.

No. 303480


Isn't just that her no-makeup look?

I'm sure she's probably been crying but who even knows when this photo was taken.

No. 303482

ughhhhhh, what a let-down. it's still only nighttime though; hopefully she takes some actions to free herself in the morning. some anons could send the screencap to her parents and get them involved as well.

No. 303483

If she wasn't pregnant he'd already be recording Rainbowgate 2.0 with her now probably.

No. 303485

funny how we were just talking about how suspicious it was that greg has said 0 shit since all this happened.

and here is posting on IG of his clearly-been-crying child bride.

No. 303486


It looks like she's holding a phone or tablet. Was she being a silent spectator?

No. 303487

poor little gal :(

No. 303488

of course, they're both perma-glued to the internet

No. 303489

Greg, Greg,
you smell like smeg

^ I made this for onion boy because he lurks here

No. 303490

he without a doubt looks here. lainey is probably going to be "punished" by his greasy ass for causing a scene.
(unless this is what he wanted all along)

No. 303491

Wouldn't be surprising, but this one seems legit since she's in bed and looks like she's been crying. Unfortunately the police can't really take anyone away or force a couple to separate if there's no evidence of an immediate danger, but they might have provided her with resources or information that she can use to leave. Hopefully they gave her some motivation to do so.

I'm afraid for her, though. If that tweet was legit then he's going to give her a world of hurt over it.

No. 303492

I feel terrible for blowing up her spot, but c'mon Lain, the fact that you needed to hide shit like this is one of several red flags and you need to remove yourself from this environment stat

No. 303493


From things they've said themselves in videos, I reckon this will start with silent treatment (Smeg calls it having time to cool off in another room), then one word answers, slamming some things, angry glares, walking off when she's mid-sentence.

Don't be fooled thinking these are just childish but harmless tactics. Living alone out in WA in that house with this crap going on, and not feeling safe, all this behaviour will have her on edge 24/7. That much cortisol is not good during pregnancy either.

No. 303495

White trash problems..

No. 303496


I wish we could half-spoiler photos, so we don't have to read the sycophantic comments unless we're up to it.

> Dunno. Maybe because she has a beautiful husband too X3


No. 303497

You forgot the "hours long showers."

No. 303498

File: 1475561149327.jpg (12.82 KB, 606x102, 1.jpg)

No. 303499

fuckin' ouch

No. 303500

this is the case of an old ass dude taking advantage of young teen girls and grooming them. take your race shit elsewhere, this happens to everyone. i guess if it was 'black trash' problems, the father wouldn't even be around.

No. 303501

I'm sure we'll see a sad attempt at an explanation video by morning. "Those stalker losers photoshopped that tweet and called the cops to get me in trouble! Ha! Don't worry, as soon as the police arrived they all started to laugh hysterically, at you CRAZIES! Then we went out for drinks. FUCK you haterz, 2getha 4eva"

No. 303502

No. 303503

Nah, for some reason this feels kinda different. Whatever happens, I think things will begin to change very soon.

No. 303505

fuck. i have to be up in an hour for work but i seriously can't sleep. having so much anxiety about this whole thing… just have a bad feeling. hope she'll be okay.

No. 303506

Been trying to catch up so idk if this has been cleared up yet, but the three screen caps all came from different IPs and all three of those IPs had multiple posts made by them.

No. 303507

are you guys serious?

No. 303508

Try getting some sleep. I don't think we'll be seeing Gergles on Investigation Discovery until he hits 40.

Thank you a lot for posting and confirming it!

No. 303509

Thanks for the update! So, it appears to be real?

No. 303510

Oh jesus, so the post really was legit…at this point the drama isn't even funny anymore.

No. 303511

Of course it was legit. It was pretty transparent that she's lying because she didn't want Grog knowing about it. Fucked up.

No. 303512


Also this just made me scared Lainey and her kids all over again.

No. 303513

There was no doubt in my mind that it was a real tweet. Gerg always uses the Photoshop excuse as a lame attempt at damage control (remember Rogue?). There's no way he can use that line this time.

No. 303514


At least she appears to be safe in bed (for the most part). Hopefully she's coming up with an escape plan for tomorrow, though that's just wishful thinking.

No. 303515


Yeah but under those covers she might not have any legs, they might be bloody stumps…

The cops have been called, Greg inevitably probably knows that too, I reckon nothing disastrous is going to happen overnight. It's a slow death with people like Onion boy, so there's time for everyone else to sleep in the meantime.

No. 303517

"But it was photoshopped! All of it!" I can't wait for them to try to squirm out of this one. I have a feeling this is only going to make her fans lose more trust in her or they're going to go over the top like the whole Marina thing. Hopefully it knocks some sense into Lainey on how serious things can be when they say shit like this.

No. 303518

File: 1475571263352.png (72.16 KB, 643x601, tumblr_oehzssXD701rgyhcpo1_128…)

Lainey's dupe also claimed she saw the tweet, then deleted it and claimed she actually didn't see the tweet.

I wonder if Lainey told her anything or she was just fishing for attention

No. 303526

she retracted by saying she saw the caps posted here though.

No. 303527

I'm still attempting to catch up on this whole crazy ass ordeal so pardon me, (it's been ages since I've thought of Onision. I haven't seen any of his stuff since his weird banana suit video.) but has there been any evidence of physical abuse between Greg and Lainey?

No. 303529

No physical, but you can clearly see there is emotional manipulation going on.

No. 303534

Thanks so much farmhand, that clears up all the doubt.

Lainey is lying to cover their ass, either out of fear that Grease would see it or because she had "trolls remorse" after posting it and realised she went too far with attention-seeking.

No. 303536

What is she talking about here?? What did she see she's so anxious about????

No. 303537

No. 303538

I saw this on the last thread but I don't get it. Is it because people saw a tweet she didnt want people to see??

No. 303539

Lainey said she was feeling scared and unsafe and Lainclone is freaking out at the thought that her idol might be in danger. This was before the "b-but it's photoshopped!!" backpedal.

No. 303540

She's one of these problematic fans who rejects factual evidence over anything her idols say, lurks here and claims everything here is "photoshopped", very selective on which posts she chooses are "photoshopped" considering screencaps have always been posted in here unless stated otherwise - I'm really surprised she hasn't claimed her own screencaps have been "photoshopped".

She keeps trying to shoehorn herself into something relevant here, she's nothing more than another sycophantic asslicker follower.

She was apparently "anxious" because she saw Lainey's tweets posted here, then suddenly "calmed down" as soon as Sarahbear said they were "photoshopped" and deleted her posts.

It's best to ignore her, she's like Gerg in the sense that she will attempt to distract attention away from serious matters by lying or being willfully ignorant, I'm personally going to stop posting about her myself after this post, I suggest everyone else do the same.

No. 303542

It's funny because we've NEVER had a history of photoshopping screencaps, not in Onision threads at least and to be honest; I've never seen anons post doctored screenshots in other lolcow threads either.

I don't speak for anti-o's as they're another kettle of fish in comparison to farmers and we don't really interact with them outside of the chan, but I've always been proud of farmers for their vigilance and determination to seek out the truth.

Gergles and Lainey's fans are just salty that their heroes are not what they publicly portray themselves to be and will deny any forms of misconduct until their faces turn blue.

No. 303543

We may be shit talkers but we're truthful shit talkers.

No. 303544

File: 1475583282929.png (4.93 KB, 585x65, disclaimer.png)

Indeed, we even have a disclaimer at the bottom of the board.

No. 303546

That's why I appreciate the farmhands, they're savvy enough to recognise anything out of the ordinary, if those IP's came from any other thread that were defending other cows, or even a cow themselves - they'd say so.

I mean, even we're fair enough to treat everything with suspicion if there's reason to believe something isn't legit, look how the farmers reacted to Lainey and Sarahbear's claim of "photoshopping" in this thread and the last one and immediately sought an investigation into the matter, I think everyone wants the truth here, it's for our own benefit really to keep track of things so we know how to approach the next flood of incoming milk.

No. 303547

No idea, but two of those "follows" he uses to put towards his "OMG LOOK I FOLLOW 69 PEOPLE, 69, GET IT?! HURR HURR DURR" are his own fucking accounts.

Pure narcissism.

No. 303558

In regards to the people asking about the three screenshots from the last thread, they're all from different IP addresses, so no one was samefagging.

However, the Manassas, VA IP did show up again. As we stated before, this can't be 100% confirmed as being Billie, but we're still looking into it.

No. 303559


> the Manassas, VA IP did show up again.


No. 303560

I wonder what Billie would get out of making it look like Taylor is trying to flee an abusive relationship. If she wants to be with him, then wouldn't she not want him to look like an abuser in the public eye and/or get into trouble for it?

No. 303561

But that Virginia IP wasn't related to the three screenshots, right?

No. 303562

The first screenshot posted was from that IP.

No. 303565

Huh… now that's interesting because that same cropped screenshot is the exact same one that's been making the most rounds on Tumblr and Twitter and the one that Lainey and Sarahbear claimed to be "photoshopped".

Unless Billie has an alternative Twitter account that Lainey doesn't know about that's following her - how could she possibly know or be notified of that Tweet as soon as it was posted?

I still don't think it's photoshopped though, the other two images confirm that the Tweet was certainly posted, I just don't get what motive Billie would have for posting it.

No. 303568

Yeah, thats super weird. Maybe Billie is just pissed at both of them at this point? Greg said he'd leave Lainey for her, but then he never and told her it wasn't going to happen. So she was excited to stir the pot with Lainey's accidental tweet?

This just got even more bizzare.

I suppose we can also take into account that the VA IP isn't Billie at all, but I feel thats unlikely.

No. 303569

The first time that IP cropped up, was in a previous thread, when the screenshot of Lainey and a girl with blue hair was posted. That screenshot had Billie's FB stuff on it, and from what I recall, someone looked at the image and didn't think it was photoshopped. Another anon looked at the fake Billie accounts and none of them were using that specific picture. That's not to say they couldn't have changed for the screenshot and changed it back though.

The Manassas IP has been posting only in the Onision threads, and has only posted a handful of times. As we said, we can't confirm 100% that this is actually Billie, it could very well be someone else in the same area, or someone who knows her, etc. But it does seem suspicious, so we have been keeping an eye on posts coming from that location.

I hope this clears things up somewhat!

No. 303570

A few possible explanations:

1. Billie is following her on a alt. account and has been watching her like a hawk moreso than the rest of us because she's waiting for an opportunity where she might leave Grease; then posts it here first knowing that other anons will flock to the same tweet to confirm it - putting Lainey in a difficult situation where she either has to say it's true (Gurg would react) or deny it (everything stays as it is).

2. The VA IP is not Billie but that doesn't make sense in regards to the "pedo comment/screenshot" directed at Lainey from Billie's FB account.

3. It's one of Billie's friends; (Ayalla).

I'm beginning to lean more towards the 1st and 3rd options.

No. 303571

No. 303572

she looks dead.

No. 303573

Manassas isn't too far away from Stafford if traffic is decent, but they're in different counties.

No. 303574

Looks like a cold sore or something on her lip. Seems like Onion's diet not only gave him shitty skin but her as well. Without all that makeup and filtering it looks pretty awful.

No. 303575

Many thanks Farmhand, at this point they're just incriminating themselves with this petty bullshit (whether it's Billie or Ayalla, or both) I don't believe either of the two screenshots (the pedo comment/screenshot) and the Lainey Tweet were doctored at all, but I do believe they're trying to stir up shit to push Lainey into a corner where she feels she has to break off her marriage for Billie's benefit…

Considering Billie and Ayalla are best mates and have each others back, I'd say they're purposely being malicious at this point - especially with Ayalla saying recently that Lainey isn't pregnant and that Billie has done absolutely nothing wrong and has played no part in the deterioration of their marriage.

I don't think Billie is gonna give up easily on the fight for Grease, especially considering he likes her just as much back to the point it's wrecking his relationship with Lainey.

No. 303576

Thank you Farmhand-chan <3

Thank you Anon, you did good. Even if this is all a hoax, at least there's now a record in case things escalate.

No. 303578

When did Ayella say Lainey's not pregnant? I don't follow her, so I miss most of the stuff she says about the whole Billie/Lainey/Greg thing.

No. 303579

The Twitter account that posted it didn't say, so I'm gonna follow that up right now with them and post it for you as soon as I get a reply.

No. 303580

File: 1475600102294.png (22.05 KB, 468x511, hmmmmm.png)

Samefagging, but this was where I first saw them mention it, I didn't ask for further details as they don't really have any history of making shit up, but I've asked for a source anyway… I'll post again when I have an answer.

No. 303581

Damn. :\

No. 303583

File: 1475601446666.jpg (6.89 KB, 236x213, images (13).jpg)


For fuck sakes, this.

Can't they take a normal picture together to "prove" h8rzz wrong?

Instead he takes a creep shot of his bloated wife with her eyes closed, doing some weird facial expression.

And Onion you retard, don't act like you are her knight when you shat all over her 2 days ago just to make Billie seem innocent.

No. 303584

File: 1475601625289.jpg (140.37 KB, 954x621, Screenshot_23.jpg)

don't you people understand the concept of an imageboard?
Screenshot for posterity.

No. 303585

This is just straight up the creepiest image I have ever seen.

No. 303586

Oh wow, he's real mad. When's the last time he was this angry on social media? Also, Taylor looks like she's in a casket in that pic.

No. 303587

I still think it's really telling how he doesn't ~respect her pronouns~. You'd think Taylor's husband of all people would have her back, but nope.
My first thought was hospital bed tbh. Here and in >>303475

No. 303590

…uh wut.

No. 303591

Any possibility that Billie had Lainey's login info saved on her phone or something, and that she posted that tweet from Lainey's account to stir shit and then posted it here then delete it?
I know a lot of friends like to joke around and post on each other's social media and maybe Lainey's info had been autosaved on one of Billie's devices.
Probably unlikely, but this whole situation is sketchy anyhow.

No. 303592

virus spam, just report it

No. 303593

Another good point, we can tack it onto here >>303570 as #4 for another possible explanation.

No. 303594

>Want confirmation of all this? Ask my wife directly on her twitter @laineybot

Except her latest tweets sound like her husband has taken away her social media and is writing tweets instead of her.

No. 303595

All this is too coincidental for it to NOT be billie. It makes sense she saw that tweet within the first 17 seconds of it's existence, lain is "The other woman" so I'm sure she watches her like a hawk. What a brainless twat.

No. 303596

…but then why say it was a "photoshopped" Tweet instead of saying someone else "hacked" her account?

No. 303597

Love how he's like JUST ASK LAINEY!! Like she hasn't lied for him in the past to protect him and isn't current lying about the screenshot bullshit?

FFS, she even lied for him when she was asked if the onisionswife tumblr was hers, even though it was obviously him. Lainey's word is ever only as good as Greg's - that is to say, not at all.

No. 303599

because she didn't know it was Billie? If this is true, maybe she & Onion were both busy when it happened, so it was gone before either of them saw.

No. 303600

Holy shit this'd make sense,

No. 303601

He is mad because his plan is not going as intended. Every time he painted one of his exes bad, 99% of his fans believed him. This time when he tried to shit on Lainey, a big number of his fans called him out and are actually concerned over her.

No. 303602

I think it's either Billie or Ayalla, they would definitely hold a grudge against her for breaking up with her 4 times consecutively in a row and taking Grease away from her "FOREVERS" when he finally admitted to having intimate feelings for her.

No. 303603

Samefag but it won't let me delete

This makes sense as the first screenshot was taken 17s after tweet was made. You know what we say about self posters & speedy screenshots. It's very, very possible Billie hacked her account and tweeted it.

ALSO explains why there was such a high push for "IT WAS A FAKE IT'S PHOTOSHOPPED" as soon as someone mentioned the police.

No. 303605

Yeah, I was about to ask that. I mean, a fake tweet implying abuse isn't going to make Lainey go away from Greg? It's only gonna make people outside of their relationship concerned, but those people have been concerned for a long time anyways.

No. 303606

If Lainey didn't see the tweet when it was posted and knows she didn't post it herself, she would assume it was photoshopped, and not that she was hacked since its not there anymore.

I can see Billie posting the tweet to paint Lainey in a bad light to Greg, like he can't trust her the same way he felt he couldn't trust his other "crazy exes" etc. Like Sh and her supposed "frame Onision for murder" plot.

No. 303607

File: 1475603648462.png (390.04 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-04-13-51-09…)

No. 303608

Lainey still could've posted it for all we know and Billie could've just happened to be the first (not including the second and third) to post the screencap here before Lainey deleted it.

Talking about the Tweet itself, not the screenshot.

No. 303609

lmao what a creepy picture.
I love how close he held the phone to her face and her faint "please don't hurt me" smile

No. 303610

Maybe Billie just loves watching the drama like we do? She saw that tweet and just wanted to be involved in some way.

I honestly can't think of a good motive Billie would have for posting that cap besides "omg drama"

No. 303611

And she seen the tweet & caught it within 17 seconds of it being uploaded?

No. 303612

Billy Bob Thornton could just be playing on the "my crazy, dramatic wife" angle but I doubt she's smart enough.

No. 303614

if she has notifications turned for lainey, irs possible

No. 303615

Maybe she has notifications for Lainey's Tweets enabled as soon as she posts… she obviously wouldn't be using her own account seeing as they're not following each other, but she could do for an alt. account.

No. 303617

Yes, it does, and in the shot of Lainey's whole twitter page (the second one posted) it missed out the top of the page where it'd show the login info. The user also wasn't following Lainey so how would they see the tweet within 43 seconds of it being tweeted.

Billie doesn't follow Lainey.

No. 303618

obviously but we're assuming she's following on an alt

No. 303619

Because the first screenshot was posted which made other anons flock to it quickly and take screenshots, you don't have to follow someone to see their Tweets.

No. 303620

also farmhand already confirmed each screenshot posts came from seperate, regular posters. so its not billie samefagging

No. 303621

I would argue that just because poster#1 had time to cap, then crop the image, and post it, and then poster #2 would have had to go to Lainey's twitter then cap. All in around 30s~ which I find doubtful. Chances are poster#2 just had Lainey's twitter up already and saw the tweet. around the same timeish

No. 303622

This and one of the anons that posted the second or third screenshot fessed up and confirmed that they posted their screenshot on the previous thread, I have absolutely no reason not to trust another fellow farmer; unless it comes from a Virginia IP of course (which they didn't).

No. 303624

That's the most convoluted conspiracy I've heard on here yet, it's absurd.

No. 303626

I don't think Billie is smart enough to pull that off lmao.

This is the same bitch that forgot to crop her profile pic out the first time she posted here.

No. 303627

The simplest answer is almost always the right answer. Chances are Billie is just watching Lainey like a hawk, probably has notifications on from an alt account, saw the tweet, and posted it here to stir the pot without any sinister motive besides DRAMA.

No. 303628

Have you even looked at the three screenshots? The timestamps from their Twitter accounts are different but correspond with the times they were posted by the different IPs on the board, They are not in cahoots with each other.

You're reaching anon.

No. 303629

At least some anons see sense, jesus.

No. 303630

File: 1475604983407.png (913.37 KB, 720x992, 20161004_135417.png)

Sage for OT but scrolling through Ayalla's Twitter is so cringey. What an insufferable narcissist! Bitch you look like the sloth from Ice Age

No. 303631

I'm not saying it was Billie that hacked Lainey 100%, but it makes the most sense. Especially when, like >>303621 says, it's very unlikely that poster #2 seen the tweet from lolcow. They must've already had her twitter up, but that's insanely lucky also as there wasn't that much real milk until the tweet was made. Lainey's account had made 3 tweets since being re-activated, and most likely all 3 were made by Greg.

The actual time stamps of the screenshots being taken were:
i) 17 seconds after the tweet was uploaded
ii) 43 seconds after being uploaded
iii) 4m - the one I'm positive was posted by a farmer.

I know how tinfoil hat it sounds but on threads with high chances of self-posting, very quick screenshots are almost always dismissed because who the fuck sees a tweet within 17 seconds of it being posted unless they're watching EXTREMELY closely - like doing nothing else closely.

No. 303632

Multiple farmer had Lainey's twitter and this thread up at the same time. They were hoping to get fresh milk directly from the source. There's nothing suspicious about that.

Bitch doesn't even know how to pretend to be humble.

No. 303634

It is weird, I will give you that. The first post being from Billie really through me for a loop.

No. 303635

Whenever any relevant news goes down in here, especially if it's a post that sounds even vaguely fucked up - other anons will quickly flock to that source to confirm it, the following two anons were just doing their part, and it's always been like that in here - even multiple posts from the same source at times until it's established that something was indeed posted before it was deleted.

"SCREENCAP THAT SHIT NOW!" is the general rule here whenever mad drama is going down, it doesn't mean those anons are related to each other somehow.

No. 303636

The second poster had literally exactly 27 seconds to get there, take the screenshot, cap it & post it here. Possible, but very, very tight. I agree they could've been sitting with Lainey's twitter open, but at the same time it doesn't sit right with me that the first two screenshots were taken so quickly.

I'm not even thinking about the fact the first poster's IP is from Virginia, in terms of the actual timings of the screenshot it's dodgy.

I'll stop my tinfoil hat semi-derailing now, but the actual times the screenshots were taken is weird. All I'm saying.

No. 303637

uh, why would those 27 seconds include cropping and posting? It's possible to open a profile and hit the print screen key in 27 seconds.
>implying the time stamp updates after the screenshot is taken

No. 303638

Regarding the VA IP:
- If you're not Billie, I'd suggest speaking up now.
- If it is Billie, I'm a little sad that it's been revealed as (I assume) it will dissuade her from posting here again.

No. 303639

Off topic but are his exes etc in that image from oldest to newest? I've only seen Sister Wives for the first season and I know his original wife is still with him and the third just wanted to tag along for the ride. Kinda sounds like Plain, while the newest is Cody's favorite toy.

No. 303640

I was going from the angle of the second poster seen the cap here, and went to check Lainey's tweets. If they'd just had Lainey's profile up then the 47 seconds as a whole counts, if they'd went from here then it'd be like 27 seconds exactly.

No. 303641

if you use something like irfanview you don't even have to do anything extra, there's an option to screenshot a specific section of the page

No. 303642

don't forget the thread also auto updates with each new post, so as long as they had the thread open (which was pretty active at the time), they could've seen it immediately

No. 303643

File: 1475605837984.png (82.55 KB, 673x466, dearlord.png)

After she deleted that post, I left another tab open on Lainey's account and screencapped and posted Sarahbear's tweet within 2 mins, another anon even got there before me within 1 min…

It's not hard to notice it within 30 secs and get a screenshot and post it here, this really shouldn't even be open for discussion.

We ALL do it here.

No. 303644

I just tried it. Ctrl+T for new tab, type "lain" and let auto complete do the rest, Enter, page loaded, hit screenshot key. Took exactly 6 seconds

No. 303645

My two cents, I don't think it was Billie who posted it on Lainey's twitter. It just wouldn't make sense. Like I don't see a 19 yr old just sitting there plotting something like this. If anything she would have posted something like "I hate my husband" or something of the same extent if she really wants to break them up. Can also say if someone has twitter up with the persons page up, it can be easily seen as soon as they post it if they're following it that closely. And as much that has been going on lately, it's possible a few people were sitting there with a tab open. And there were 3 different posts. Imagine if we only had that 1 from the VA ip? Then we'd be calling Billie a liar for photoshopping it and posting it on here. So calm down with the tin foil hats.

No. 303646

Mac computers also have a function where you can select the part you want to cap, if I remember right

No. 303647

File: 1475606406241.png (402.65 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-10-04-14-33-19…)

Sorry for bring OT but its so funny to watch Onision fans defend him.

No. 303648

Yeah, she's too young and stupid to orchestrate something like this, and if she were smart enough to execute it flawlessly with different IPs and such, she'd be smart enough to pull off an even better scheme. This one is pretty lame for the effort that would have to be put into it if it's a hoax.

No. 303649

Bless you anon.

No. 303650

File: 1475607517679.jpg (52.79 KB, 525x362, uncannyresemblance.jpg)

laughed so hard. thanks anon
agree with this, i think she's too retarded to have a master plan even if she did post the screenshot

No. 303651

I'd say the younger someone is the more likely they are to do something stupid like hack their ex girlfriend's twitter if they have the login details for it. She's 19, not a brain-dead 5 year old. She's hormonal and "in-love" with gurgles her pay check, her tweeting it at her age is more likely than a woman who's grown up and emotionally mature.

This really is my last post on this cause I'm annoying myself, but let's not totally consider ourselves smarter than Billie or any of them - she's an experienced home wrecker. If it WAS her tweeting off Lainey's account it wasn't some smart grand master plan, it was stupid as fuck and a very immature thing to do.

No. 303652

If it's just a hoax, it's an elaborate one that really doesn't get much out of it other than Lainey getting a call or visit from the police. The one true thing we do know is that it was put up on her twitter and was deleted shortly after. And only Sarah said it was photoshopped to which cloneLainey lied about seeing. It is possible Lainey had put it up there thinking it was a message to someone else. Or it may have been a cry out for help. It also could very well be just her emo sad statuses that she deleted because people kept bugging her if she was alright but if anything, we know she would have retweeted and replied to people about it. Which gives more credit to the whole Greg controlling her accounts. But one of their main issues was her putting their dirty laundry out there. So she could be posting in a different way and not being so "negative" as to not upset Greg because we all know she's not going to leave him. We really don't know anything at all. Billie would be and is the only one to give us any kind of information right now. She still hasn't made a video or put one up telling her side of the story yet.

No. 303653

If anything, what we CAN be certain about with the three anons posting their screenshots is that Lainey did indeed post that Tweet and it wasn't "photoshopped" like she and Sarahbear claimed it to be.

As for the VA IP, the farmhand said they're keeping a close eye on them and will inform us if anything else unusual will pop up again in the future, I agree with this anon that it makes absolutely no sense for it to have been Billie who posted the original tweet (not the screenshot) because it won't have the effect she's looking for in trying to have Grease all to herself, if anything it would paint him in a bad light.

The most logical explanation is:

1. Lainey Tweeted it.
2. VA IP got to it first and posted the screenshot here.
3. The following two anons swarmed to it like a warm carcass and followed suit in posting screenshots.
4. The Tweet was deleted very shortly afterwards.
5. Lainey's fans freaked out about it when they saw the screenshots.
6. Lainey went into damage-control mode and got Sarahbear to say that the Tweet never existed and that it must of been "photoshopped".
7. Lolcow gives Lainey the benefit of the doubt and calls in a Farmhand to investigate.
8. Farmhand confirms they came from different IPs therefore not "photoshopped".
9. Farmhand decides to mention that VA IP was the first to post the screenshot.
10. Lolcow is suspicious of VA IP because it may be from an alt. Twitter account that's following Lainey's every move.

All this makes perfect sense, there's really no need to go all conspiracy theorist on this.

No. 303654

thank you. now can we stop tin hatting and move on?

No. 303655

I'm actually waiting impatiently for this video to appear, I want all the details, all of them.

No. 303656

Seriously. You guys are getting paranoid as fuck. Like, I don't know if it was 1 samefag or a bunch of people but the amount of posts suddenly jumping on the ITS PHOTOSHOPPED!!!!!!! bandwagon last night after Sarah and plainclone of all people suggested it was absolutely fucking insane. Just look at the facts - what we KNOW Greg and Lainey have done before.

We know Greg is manipulative and emotionally abusive. We know he has taken control of past significant others' social media and pretended to be Lainey on tumblr before. We know Lainey has lied for him about that - she posted on her Laineybot tumblr that the fake tumblr was hers.

We know that Lainey will do WHATEVER it takes to stay with Greg. If that means lying about a tweet to keep him from chimping, she will do it. And her orbiters will follow suit because they don't care what's best for her, they only care about the prestige about being associated with Lainey/Onision's wife.

What do we know about Billie? She's conniving, certainly, and doesn't give much of a fuck about Lainey assuming the pedo FB post was really from her. She is after Greg. Wrecking marriages isn't a problem. She may have posted one of those screenshots. She doesn't care about starting drama.

Hacking Lainey's Twitter to say "I don't feel safe" doesn't benefit her at all. Ayalla doesn't even like Greg, so why would she be in on this conspiracy to get Billie and Greg together? If anything, you'd think she'd be trying to talk Billie out of having anything to do with them. No one in Billie's social circle likes them at all.

No. 303657

that sums it up. All we definitely know is that the screenshots came from three different IPs including the one from Virginia which is rumored to be Billie. Any further speculation is just derailing.

No. 303658

I agree with you, but can we stop calling the Billie theory "hacking"? If they shared a phone at one point it hardly constitutes as a hack. It would even be a stretch to call that social engineering. It's just called being too dumb to log out.

No. 303659

Not to mention Lainey stays glued to her phone so I highly doubt she'd use Billie's to log into Twitter. Plus they never leave the house so it's with her all the time.

No. 303660

>3. It's one of Billie's friends; (Ayalla)

I doubt it could be Ayalla she's been travelling throughout the country for the past 2 months and a day or 2 ago she was in California. It could be some other friend of Billies but it's most likely Billie herself.

No. 303661

Ah okay! I wasn't aware of that so thanks for clearing that up, anon.

No. 303663

File: 1475608844803.jpg (55.51 KB, 195x164, gerg.jpg)

Hey pic OP here, yeah it went Skye (first in this one >>303405) AJ (Adrienne? although I don't think it was a marriage or w/e, see >>303397), Shiloh, Plainey, and yes, Billie. Check Encyclopedia Dramatica.

Also I'm back ready with photoshop and insomnia ready to pass the time until another fucked up tweet appears

No. 303664

That's right, Ayalla was in Vegas yesterday around the time the tweet was posted.

No. 303665

Is there a way to photoshop our favourite spotty dick into pass-able girl? Not potentially attractive, just pass-able?

No. 303666

It can benefit Billie if it makes it looks like Lainey is lying on Twitter about the abuse thing. It can affect her credibility (something Onision made with all the other girls before her).
Anyway, just a thought.

No. 303667

File: 1475609389267.jpg (106.8 KB, 301x606, lain.jpg)

I'll make it my project, that jaw will need some liquifying.

No. 303668

Does Lainey have herpes?

In regards to the validity of the screen shots, it is pretty normal for farmers to post them super quickly from what I have seen, especially if a cow is under close watch due to unfolding drama. Plus it was left up for ~4 minutes. I doubt they were photoshopped, the only real explanation is she was hacked. But as others have said, Lainey would have then stated she was hacked, not that it was photoshopped.

Also, can't the details/code be looked at in the image file to see whether it was photoshopped or not? I swear there was someone who did that long ago with another cow to prove whether something had been edited or not. At the very least, the posted images could perhaps be compared?

No. 303669

So, since Lainey is close to Sarah and they talk on twitter, can we assume the tweet was meant for her? It would explain them facetiming and Sarah covering lainey's ass so quick.

No. 303670

File: 1475609537962.jpg (27.01 KB, 300x335, 300px-Homunculouslarge.jpg)

Lmao! They both look like Homunculous!! Brilliant.

No. 303671

When they inevitably split up, do you guys think she'll keep using the name Lainey or do you think she'll resort back to Taylor? Considering Lainey started as like his pet-name for her cause he didn't like Taylor, iirc

No. 303672

Anyone with cold sores has herpes. We just have to hope she gives him a blow job and gives him genital herpes.

No. 303673

you can check an image's metadata and it'll show which software it was edited with, but all the screenshots were cropped and/or censored, which already calls for an image editing program. It's not a stretch to assume someone opened it with Photoshop to crop it or hide identifying user data, so even if the metadata says PS was used, it won't mean anything.

No. 303674

You are literally retarded if you think it was Billie ?

No. 303675

She will continue to use Lainey because she is never gonna be over him

No. 303676

At this point, I think most of all the anons who were going back and forth with discussing the "what ifs" "but"s and "maybe"s for the past couple of hours are all tuckered out, I know I am… I'm just gonna go with >>303653 as it chronologically makes sense.

Let's move on, the Farmhand said they'll post again if they find anything unusual, until then we're just derailing the thread really.

No. 303678

God, these typos:

*and also running the pictures through a few different image forensic sites

*the tweets look UNtempered with under the forensic lens, not tempered with.

No. 303679

*untampered, not untempered, if we're correcting people here

No. 303680

I recommend deleting your original comment and posting the corrected version, you know people on here can't read or might suggest >>303678 is someone else trying to discredit your findings, since untempered vs tempered is a big deal.

No. 303683

Holy shit please ignore my stupid. For some reason my computer is giving me the red squiggle YOU ARE WRONG line underneath "untampered" and I was apparently too dimwitted to realize.

Done, here we go again. Sorry for my mistakes, I was too excited to post. I made it a bit better too, I hope.

Gotcha. I just tried analyzing the metadata and also running the three pictures through a few different image forensic sites and none of the images have any spots that look edited around the tweets themselves.

The first two shown don't seem to have any connection to software that allows image editing. The third one does have Adobe tags, however the tweets look untampered with under the forensic lens because Lainey's tweet is identical to the other two caps under the lense. I am assuming the Adobe tags are due to one of two reasons: they shopped the red squares on to hide their identity because they could not cap on Lainey's profile fast enough and still wanted to share (which they stated in their comment), or that they just used a capping feature attached to Adobe.

Not sure if that was directed at me but no, I don't think it was Billie, it looks very real. But being hacked is the only other explanation (and already disproved, from Lainey's claim it was photoshopped in the first place).

No. 303684

File: 1475611631658.jpg (349.78 KB, 1057x600, gregirl.jpg)

That's what it reminded me of! Yes! God I do not miss neurobio. I found this tool last night accidentally and have had some real fun with it.

Anyway, here you go. It looks so much like every other lolita intsagram shoop, they must abuse distort soooo bad. I hate hair.


Yeah I came to that conclusion last night with >>303359
Oh yeah looks like you've seen. Linked for clarity then.

No. 303685

Thanks anon, I believe another anon in the last thread made similar observations too. We've no doubt that they weren't doctored, it's just Lainey tucking her tail between her legs again as usual.

I just think some anons wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt because it's the first time she's made a post as extreme as that, and getting a farmhand involved has actually proved beneficial to us as additional confirmation that they weren't tampered with in the first place.

No. 303686

> Plus it was left up for ~4 minutes

Nope. It just still showed up on my timeline because I hadn't refreshed yet. I took a screenshot immediately, then clicked Lainey's profile, and by that time it was long gone.

(3rd Screenshot Anon here)

No. 303687

Ah! Sorry for posting the same thing then, but I'm glad you had some similar findings. I wonder if it would be a good idea for a few people set up that option to send them her new tweets directly, because then there would be more witnesses and physical proof for future slip ups…

No. 303688

Oh my god anon it actually looks like he's just a really ugly girl who's shooped himself kinda uglier-kinda prettier. I'm not sure which yet.

No. 303689

Oh my mistake! That makes sense though. Can I ask, did you shop the red squares on? It might be splitting hairs at this point but I was just curious about the Adobe tags!

No. 303690

Some of us would have to make additional accounts then, and I don't know how dedicated the already present Twitter users are to that idea… she went on a massive blocking spree the night she began posting about Grease not loving her - accounts that were not supportive of her, questioned her or said "I told you so" were all blocked, I wasn't the only one blocked; another four of us were in the same night… which is funny because she didn't care to block us back when we complained to her face about having Sarahbear over.

It'd be cool if any other farmers wanted to do this though, I just try not to dedicate too much time to them and from talking to a several other Twitter posters, they don't want to either… negative vibes and all, it just gets frustrating dealing with their ignorant fans at times.

No. 303692

I know we're all done tinhatting here, but isn't it kinda weird that billie is waiting so long to post her side of the story when she was super quick to do it last time on her livestream?

Tell me to stfu if this is irrelevant, but I think it's weird.

No. 303693

File: 1475613009405.jpg (47.33 KB, 190x240, IMG_9209.JPG)

The long mouth freaks me out

No. 303694

I see it more as her wanting to really be on gurgles good side for v2.0 so she won't be as open this time
But then that just adds to the theory that she was hiding behind a alt acct.

saged for tinfoilhattery

No. 303695

Nah, this is relevant and not related to the earlier stuff, you're fine.

It's possible that Gerg caught wind of that and told her to not disclose any personal information about them, so she's probably left it alone in hindsight.

I'm hoping this isn't the case though, because I really want her to spill the beans.

No. 303696

I think it's pretty obvious from the anime tweets that gurgles and billie goat are still speaking, so they're planning their next move in regards to getting Lainey back on team threesome.

No. 303697

File: 1475613337168.jpg (99.2 KB, 1087x622, yes.jpg)

Yep! I used PS6, I actually still have it open so I took a screenshot. Sorry for the awkward crop, I don't want to give away which language my software is in (hahaha)

No. 303698

File: 1475613400087.jpg (349.67 KB, 1057x600, gregirl2.jpg)

Yeah I thought that was what was wrong with it. fix'd.

No. 303699

I think she deleted her "I'll make a video" tweet. Onion already put out a video making her out to be a victim of his wifes insecurity and insanity so she's probably not going to make her own since he white knighted her.

No. 303700

Can you retards stop shitting up the thread with your stupid conspiracy theories?

No. 303701


I was thinking more along the lines of if Greg wants Plainey to divorce him, rather than him having to do it, Billie making a video bashing/blaming Lainey (with Greg's ok) would put more pressure on Lainey to do it.

And that would gather more fans on their side and less backlash if he were to get together with billie.

No. 303702

Can confirm trying to argue with a fan on instagram. Doesn't seem to believe me about the tweet.

No. 303703

The obsession with Shane continues…

No. 303704

>she's an experienced home wrecker

I've heard some mention of this before, anyone got some sauce on this? It might be better to post this in Billies thread in snow though…

No. 303705

Don't bother after it's made known that they have no intention of listening to you, for every 4 of his loser fans, I only manage to get through to 1 of them at any given time… it's tiring, if they don't accept proof within the first couple of replies, dodge the bullet and block 'em.

No. 303706

It gets really fucking annoying Reading through 100 posts about the same shit

No. 303707

Why doesn't he just give it up already? He's been trying to bait Shane into acknowledging him for years now and Shane doesn't bite, what makes him think that he's going to start now?

No. 303708

I have two Twitter accounts I can use, they're still not blocked by either of them (only Sarah). I'd post proof about the screencaps, but that would mean referring to lolcow, so I'm lost. Any suggestions?

No. 303709

I vote to move all "Billie did it" conspiracy theories to, you know, the Billie thread. Shit that one up all you like, there's not much happening there.

No. 303710


Yeah, Shane only bit like 3 times out of Onion's 100 videos about him. One comment mentioned the kiss, one was when he was wearing a wig and said he looked like him and laughed and the most recent was how Onion keeps mentioning him for views

No. 303711

I believe eoliveson has crossposters from here to there and vice/versa, maybe screencap the posts from there mentioning the authenticity of the three screenshots?

No. 303712

File: 1475614952917.png (109.85 KB, 387x631, bluehairedbitches.png)

Coincidentally enough, the Onisiondrama blog just posted this an hour or so ago, there's no mention of lolcow and the story itself is more or less accurate from a non-farmer's perspective if you're okay with using that.


No. 303713

File: 1475615044879.png (271 KB, 584x158, capture_001_04102016_140336.pn…)

No. 303714

I just found that, but thank you for assisting! I'll tweet it in a minute

No. 303715

File: 1475615220945.png (462.76 KB, 588x268, capture_002_04102016_140443.pn…)

~so deep~

No. 303716

Oh the fucking irony!

Gerg, you can say you're "honest" and "truthful" a thousand times a day, but your word against your own fucking background and current history just doesn't make it so.

No. 303717

Tweet posted. Feel free to @mention people under it.


No. 303718

This vid popped up on my recs list so I started watching it and holy shit, at 1:37 in:

>There is were our sons used to play


Am I hearing that correctly? Was this pointed out before?

I'm not sure if I am reading your reply incorrectly (apologies if I am) but what I meant was a notification app/add on something that would forward her tweets directly to your email or something. Unless that requires making a new account? Regardless, her stans are insufferable, I agree with you there.

No. 303719

aaaand blocked by Laineybot

No. 303720


Yup it's been mentioned before

No. 303721

I can't stand fully watching his videos, would anyone mind explaining why the stills for them have gotten so shitty looking lately? Why a dry erase board and MS Paint looking BS?

No. 303722

why tf are people still supporting lainey, I'm so done with that bitch. Her and onion are the same level of retard no wonder they're still together.

No. 303724

because most of us aren't completely retarded and realize how much of an influence the greaseball is on her? fuck off.

No. 303725

He definitely said sons.

No. 303726

Haha, welcome to the club.

I usually just log out most of the time and keep manual tabs on her by just keeping open a tab on her page whenever I'm here on lolcow, blocking me is futile considering I can still make screenshots and can still see whatever she posts unless she fully locks up her account to private.

And she won't do that because she fucking lives for the attention.

No. 303727

good for you

No. 303729


sure, I think Laney is a total idiot but that being said I also think that since grease has mentally broken her and manipulated her since she was so young she might find it extremely hard to get out of that. As someone who has been in a similar situation the abusers really warp your brain and make you go like 'crazy' so I feel for her

No. 303730

File: 1475618071188.png (3.17 MB, 1920x1080, 2HTuXKU.png)

No. 303731

IRL kek, thank u anon

No. 303732


This has been mentioned before, but I think its BS. Ever since Lainey posted a picture of her kids foot and got some negative reaction from it she withdrew "picture privileges" and now barely even acknowledge their child. They are trying to keep the amount of kids they have ambiguous but it's clear they only have Troy. They also refer to their dogs as "children" a lot to keep people guessing.

No. 303733

yep, i vaguely remember during cuddlegate 1.0 lainey saying something about the dogs being with her and most of us agreeing the dogs were part of the 'children'

No. 303734

it creeps me out how eerily silent all of lainey's social media accounts are. she's usually on twitter, and even stated that it is reactivated, but i don't see any signs of life from her.

gives me goosebumps, seriously.

No. 303735

she blocked me within minutes of me tagging her in this tweet >>303717 (see >>303719), so she (or Onion) is highly active, just not posting. Hm.

No. 303736


i really think that was greg. also the new photo of her on his instagram laying in bed makes me wonder if he maybe drugged her and that's why she's giving that weird smile that people give out when they're out of it. she just looks strange, not really 'there', you know?

No. 303737

By making the person feel crazy, the victim questions their overall self-worth. Then the abuser will pick them up so the victim feels like they care and the victim becomes dependent on their validation. Then, of course, the abuser knocks the victim back down with little "reminders" of the victim's incompetence, so the victim never really feels confident about signs that indicate abuse or surviving without the abuser. It's constant cognitive dissonance, seeing signs of abuse but not feeling confident in what they see.

No. 303738


That's a little far reached, I think

No. 303739

She's pregnant, it's not unusual for her to be tired. Take the tinfoil hat off.

No. 303740


perhaps so. oh well, i just hope she is at least unharmed as we speak.

No. 303741


never! this tinfoil hat looks purrty.

No. 303742


There's still a small possibility that she isn't actually pregnant, via Ayalla's word…. Could be bullsht to protect billie, though.

No. 303743

File: 1475620675312.jpg (9.27 KB, 343x102, complainey.jpg)

is that one of us farmers? in any case lmao

No. 303744

She is, you can see her baby bump in one of her recent videos.

No. 303745

Those stills were too dark to see anything from the last thread.

No. 303746

What about the facebook post about Troy's surgery? She said she was 25 weeks pregnant.

No. 303747


You're right, I forgot about that

No. 303749

Did all you spergs migrate from the margret thread? If so please go and never come back

No. 303750

I still haven't got confirmation of that, I'm still waiting for it from the Twitter user that first mentioned it. They claim it came from a message from a friend on tumblr, they sent a PM to Ayalla asking why she condones her friend treating a pregnant woman badly and she replied back saying Lainey isn't pregnant.

I've asked them again for a screenshot, so they're in the process of asking that friend for one…I'm still waiting on that; if I don't get it in the next day or so - I'm just going to assume it's hyperbole without proof.

Not only that, but there was Lainey's FB post to a Mothering group saying that she is indeed pregnant whilst looking for advice on breastfeeding Troy, so I would take anything Ayalla says with a grain of salt really.

No. 303753

Am I the only one who thinks that this silence from Lainey + hospital bed is because she just gave birth? Though Onion definitely got a hold of her account.There's so many conspiracy theorists around, I swear.

No. 303754


take your tinfoil hat off. We have no idea if that is a hospital bed.

No. 303755


Yes, it's just you.

No. 303756

Absolutely. Not a single one of us were discussing that possibility earlier.

No. 303757

Anon, if that was the case, she would be in a hospital gown

And she's not, so calm your pants.

No. 303758

I think it's plausible she's in the hospital now. What was tinfoil hat and sperg was all the long long paragraphs about theories about the vague tweet and about Billie hacking her and posting it and screenshotting and deleting it etc.

No. 303759


It's a month to two months too soon for her to give birth. They would be loosing their shit right how if she was in the Hospital, I seriously doubt it because Greg has been bashing IJustine and Politics.

No. 303760

wtf is with the two shots from the same session in bed but posted 10hrs apart. can't get a happy pic together onion?

No. 303761

The ultimate distraction would be premature birth. Onion is digging to the depths of Shane Dawson and topless instagram #freethenip posts, I doubt he'd hold off on this opportunity.

Because you know he's so good at keeping dramatic developments private.

No. 303762

but what'd it look like if he suddenly announced his kid's birth after keeping the pregnancy secret? people usually come out once the first trimester is over.

No. 303763


How is the pregnancy a secret if she's made Facebook posts mentioning she was 25 weeks along?

No. 303764

and they've been doing their best to hide it ever since, are you blind?

No. 303765

he probably won't mention it at all. he'll probably tell lainey not to say anything too. for their "privacy" and "safety of the baby"

No. 303766

Does anyone have the date from when the 25 weeks was posted? That would answer every question about when she's due because you would just add 15 weeks and there you go

No. 303767

She's due Nov 9-11 (she announced when I was 27 weeks)

No. 303770

read his block of text

No. 303771

Did anything come out of that police call?

No. 303772


The lady told me that they'd send out some dispatchers, but I never got an update, which is to be expected. Who knows what happened after that, aside from that IG pic where it looks like Taylor's been crying.

No. 303773

File: 1475630040072.jpg (56.92 KB, 480x596, 7gw0qIo.jpg)

Billie is so much cuter than Lainey tho, I can see why he'd choose her!

No. 303774

wow you're all low lives, lmao

No. 303775


lol get out of here troll.

No. 303777

Ayalla isn't as pretty as she thinks

No. 303778


Uh oh here comes a flock of Onion fan to derail the thread

No. 303779

this bitch doesn't even talk to Lainey lmoa

No. 303780


Hi Bhiloh

No. 303781

File: 1475630170535.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, try harder please.jpg)

No. 303782

get a life

No. 303783

Lainey looks like a bloated corpse, wow

No. 303784

File: 1475630242472.jpg (99.32 KB, 1080x1350, lainey.jpg)


No way. Billie's fat. Lainey is a total qt.

No. 303785

uhm, how do you even know Farmhand isn't lying?

No. 303786

Can we get a farmhand to ban these trolls trying to derail the thread.

No. 303787

you're literally retarded

No. 303788

looks like a tranny (oh wait…)

No. 303789

curves > tranny face tbh

No. 303790

funny all this spam takes place about 20 minutes after Greg Tweet something

No. 303791

Billie, no one thinks you're cute. You look like you're infested with STDs.

No. 303792

File: 1475630446471.jpg (20.6 KB, 259x286, 853844.jpg)

I'm assuming this thread got posted somewhere.

No. 303793

maybe she's not a supermodel but she looks naturally beautiful unlike COMPLAINEY

No. 303794


Onision fans, please go.

No. 303796


weren't they supposed to be "broken up" . guess it doesn't matter what onion does she'll always go crawling back to him

No. 303797

I have a strong feeling these posts are coming from Virginia. Let's see some ips

No. 303798


I'd bet it's just one troll. Seems childish enough to be Onion Himself, peace be upon him.

Ruh-roh, someone's mad about anons calling the cops?

No. 303799

holy shit people, learn how to ignore the trolling/shitposters and just report their posts.

No. 303800

it's not Billie, she has a life outside the internet

No. 303801

File: 1475630590580.jpg (220.19 KB, 599x1288, alltheseidiots.jpg)

I made this about a day after Onions shitty we broke video was put up. I then got distracted and never posted it…

So >>303773 if you're not Billie herself which one of these fucking morons are you? Because it's only the cutest for that piece of shit right? Apparently that's what an adult relationship with small kids involved is about!

No. 303802

that was so obviously photoshopped

No. 303803

Billie doesn't care enough about Lainey to hack her lmao

No. 303804

ugly Sarah rears her ugly head again!! nobody cares about you bitch

No. 303805

like there's only ONE person living in Virginia lmao right.

No. 303806


> it's not Billie, she has a life outside the internet

Not once Onion is finished with her

No. 303807

Billie and Ayalla aren't compassionless, they're just not sstupid, retard

No. 303808

Like Billie would care

No. 303809

Does our Onision thread have its very own sperg chan? You'll have to try alot harder to even come close to Tay-Spergchan

No. 303810

Don't think Billie needs to make sock puppet accounts after the video Greg made–he portrayed her as the victim (together with himself) and Lainey as some sort of evil witch. His fans agree with anything he says anyway.

What's obvious about it? Plus, I think it would have been easier to create a new account and take a screenshot. But… it's still the first (or second?) post of the VA IP. That's suspicious.

What's with all the new people in here? Where did y'all come from? Read the thread before you repeat yourselves over and over.

Because she's doing so much, eh? She usually just talks about coffee and complaints about her job. Or is dying her hair or doing her make-up.

The post wasn't from Sarah and what has she ever done to you?

Farmhand, can we have an extra eye on this thread while it's so active? Like we had with the Venus/ Margs thread? That would be great.

No. 303811

Ayalla isn't a narcississt just because she's confident, you must be jealous

No. 303812

I wish I looked that good without makeup tbh

No. 303813

I have my money on Billie and friends being an infiltrator here. Maybe one of her shitty trash alt e-friends so if the IP is checked it doesn't say Virginia. That, or Onion trying to pretend like this doesn't bother him and that he's just really here "for the lulzzz xDD"

No. 303814

If you wished you looked like that ugly hag without makeup then you must be completely unfuckable
and ayalla is already unfuckable

No. 303815

what would Billie even gain from posting Lainey? she already has everything she wants, it's only a matter of time

No. 303816

because she's a petty little hoe that likes to start drama and feel special because a pedophile favors her over his current wife/slave

No. 303817

they've already split up

No. 303818

Just look for Northern Virginia IP, not all Virginian IPs are Billie :-)

No. 303819

at least Onision is successful and famous. Lainey is nothing but a sad girl riding his coat tails

No. 303820

This is literally retarded. Seriously, this is someones life and not some tumblerina's ship of the week.

If you look at it logically there seems to be something wrong with the guy that makes an effort to ONLY be in relationships with girls that have no real life experience and how many relationships have failed (greatly due to their own actions and infidelity). Don't get me wrong, Laney and Billie are stupid but Onision is the puppet master.

No. 303821

she blocks everyone who doesn't kiss her ass.

No. 303822

famous for what? making clickbait videos showcasing his insecurity and narcissism that cater to the emotionally immature and stunted? he'll dig his own grave doing this, and i can't wait to see it

No. 303823

What the fuck are these posts? Onision is already known for grooming girls. Lainey just happened to be who he picked at the time.

No. 303824

onion fan's, onion himself, or more of the caked makeup trashy billie squad

No. 303825

it's obvious because Billie rarely uses Facebook and DOESN'T CARE OKAY STFU.

No. 303826

she's getting sponsored on IG so she's doing more than you, shit stain

No. 303827

It's like I'm drowning in a sea of teenagers. Go do your homework kids!

No. 303828

she cares about being a homewrecker. it's how she feels good about herself. she probably got bullied by the mean preppy girls :( and was so unique and special that she dated child molestors and aging married men

No. 303829


They're hard to tell apart online, which says plenty about Greg's maturity, or lack thereof.

No. 303830

lol such an accomplishment

No. 303831

I had a great revelation but I'll wait until Greg's sea of retards leave to post about it.

No. 303832

How old is he now, 4?

No. 303833


I guess he'll be weaned to give Bandaid access.

No. 303834


How important is it?

No. 303835


Somewhat. Looks like they're gone so this shouldn't get buried.

Anyway. Greg was ranting about his psycho haters mistaking Lainey's cold sore for a busted lip, but I'm positive that in her selfies from a day ago that it wasn't there.

Could be something… Could be nothing.

No. 303836

File: 1475632120751.jpg (67.04 KB, 608x626, Screenshot_26.jpg)

Plainclone's dream came true, someone mistook her for Lain.

No. 303837

That seems like way too long. I think the max to stop is suggested around 2. I stopped at 7 months because I couldn't take it anymore. I wish Lainy would step up and start focusing on her kids and helping them instead of trying to work on child Grug aka be a doormat.

No. 303838

Get some comparison screen caps

No. 303839


What picture from a day ago? I am looking and can't find it.

No. 303840

sage goes in the email field

No. 303841


They were on Snapchat and, conveniently, they're already gone even though they shouldn't be yet.

I didn't screen them because I didn't think it was important, but I know some other anons saw the Snapchats too. Maybe someone else got screens?

No. 303843


Gosh, what a pathetic loser. Maybe the reason for why Shane was being "fake" and distant towards you was probably because he was tired of your shit, and "warned" you about Smosh so they wouldn't have to put up with you either. Get it through your greasy head Onion, NOBODY LIKES YOU AND THEY NEVER HAVE! Fuckin' loser.

No. 303844

off topic but does onion have any actual friends at all? you know, besides young girls?

No. 303847


Another YouTuber - Cyr

Not sure why he tolerates him though

No. 303848

File: 1475633809299.png (834.41 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

>I'm gloomy without "anime". :(((
>serial killer stance



No. 303849

His best friend who passed away. I don't think he's has any male friendships since.


No. 303850


I wouldn't really call him a friend. They're really on-again-off-again due to Gregs frequent fuckups.

No. 303851

File: 1475634379518.jpg (12.48 KB, 236x277, 6b6b5ec335f0723d2e2835e3361e03…)

No. 303852

I know you are a troll but


No. 303853

Troll probably got it from here >>303743

No. 303854

File: 1475634665060.jpg (41.79 KB, 464x333, pregnant.jpg)

It was posted here August 2nd. I'm assuming that was close to the time it was posted on the facebook page but she deleted it so can't confirm.

No. 303855


Weird coincidence that all of Greg's wives and girlfriends have been brunettes. Maybe he's a Bundy reincarnate.

No. 303856

File: 1475635029795.png (65.8 KB, 550x310, 20161004_223421.png)

This was posted in billydump's thread at the same time trolls invaded this one. But it's totally not her, guys!!

No. 303857

Cyr has been around since the Shiloh era. IIRC they even lived together at one point. He's the closest thing Greg will ever have to a friend.

No. 303858

Was that a zenyatta quote?

No. 303859


All of these posts are from the Manassas, VA IP address. If you guys want it blocked, then let me know, but if you want to let whoever it is stay around, I`ll leave it.

No. 303860

File: 1475635580831.gif (686.02 KB, 500x370, x-files-truth-is-out-there-gif…)


No. 303861

Is that the same IP that posted the photos before (the one of the blue haired girl and the twitter thing)?

No. 303862


HA I knew it!

No. 303863

no surprise.

No. 303864

Leave it up! I feel like it is Billie and I want to see if she spills any secrets on accident.

No. 303865

Yes. Also the first person to post the screenshot of Lainey's tweet.

No. 303866

>ayalla isn't as pretty as she thinks

hahaha great to say about your friend, billie bob. i hope she sees this

No. 303867

>like billie would care
>billie doesn't care
>billie has a life
>billie is so above this tbh

such an obvious samefag. Hi Billie, you fried hair home wrecker. can't wait to see it happen to you

No. 303868

ty for confirming

No. 303869

>but if you want to let whoever it is stay around, I`ll leave it

It'd be nice to keep them around, but if the obnoxious spam and derailment continues then idk if it's worth it.

No. 303870


I think she already has. In

>>303815 she tips her hand like she knows what Greg is plotting.

No. 303871

I KNEW it was Billie throwing a shit fit!! Hey Onion, control your trash!

No. 303872

I get it now. Billie posted that screenshot because she is literally basking in the "Glory" of this situation. She thinks she's so special that she got a married man to leave his wife and kids… the reality is that she's easy and lacks any common sense, therefore making a perfect teen victim for an aging pedophile like Onision, who would literally stick his dick in a grapfruit if it had an edgy haircut or would tolerate his abuse.

No. 303873

Manassas has also posted in the crush thread in /g/ to say :

"I have a crush on a really handsome cool guy who a lot of people look up to. The best part is that he likes me back. He's taken right now but he's leaving her. I can't wait."

As we've said before, could be a troll, could be Billie shitposting. If the derailing continues then I can ban the user, and we can see if anything else pops up in future. But I will honestly leave the choice to you guys.

No. 303874


She won't have fried hair once grease makes her shave her head (:

No. 303875

she said something to the same effect in the Billie thread in /snow, too.
She said that she knows for sure the details, can't post them, can't say specifics, but that Lainey is halfway out the door.

No. 303876


If it's Billie, though… Why would she be so obvious/childish about it?

No. 303877

Smells like a troll tbh. Knowing that IP's would be checked for such obvious samefagging.. but then again, Billie doesn't cross me as the intellectual sort. More like that dumb alt slut who's drunk and whoring with all the guys at the club/party and laughs at everything everyone says and says stupid shit guys laugh at so they can date rape her later

No. 303878

so, it's either a troll who knew IP's would be checked and decided to have a bit of fun, or it's billie's dumbass trying to come in here and be "subtle"

No. 303879

No. 303880

Well have you SEEN Billie?

No. 303881

Because she's obvious/childish. I just don't think there's much going on in that empty little head of hers. One of the posts linked to the Manassas says something about 'how do we know the farmhand isn't lying'.

No. 303882

Billie admitting to being in on the "get rid of lainey" plan.
When are you moving in, Billie? Before or after Onision's wife has her second child?

No. 303883


forgot link


No. 303884

I vote leave Billiebob on the thread. It's great milk when a cow shows up.

No. 303885

>at least Onision is successful and famous. Lainey is nothing but a sad girl riding his coat tails
>she's getting sponsored on IG so she's doing more than you, shit stain

These 2 comments in particular are giving me an lol. Billie got the same tea promotion that all instahos seem to have gotten and it's gone straight to her head. Oh no she's not riding anyones coattails!

No. 303886


I saw let them stay unless they keep flooding the thread with stupid shit. Part of me really hopes it's Billie and not some troll.

No. 303887

That's pretty hamfisted, seems like it could be a clever trole who knows how to use proxies. Did they post on /g/ after their IP was originally revealed? They could be playing us after learning that farmhands can check IPs. Either that or Billie's really, really stupid.

Thanks for giving us the choice to keep or ban them btw.

No. 303888

That and one other comment are both Manassas IP.

No. 303889


someone screenshot that and send it to ayalla


i would do it but i dont have insta. the first pic is her and billie bob hahah. billie probably thinks of her as the "ugly friend"

No. 303890

I wish we could give that IP a name tag only visible to us and for Farmhand's confirmation to stay hidden from them, oh the fun that could be had.

No. 303892

The writing is very similar. Billie is DUMB af. She will out herself when she posts. She can't help but be an obnoxious, obvious, self obsessed whore with not a deep thought in her small, blue head

No. 303893

It honestly seems like Bill had a little too much to drink and decided to "troll the haterz". Lol dumb bitch

No. 303894

Looks like Ayalla's home with Billie… It's probably them.

No. 303895

I think it's likely that this isn't Billie (one of her friends probably), but on the off chance that it is, she's probably not aware that her IP can be checked cross-platform and not just on /pt/. This IP doesn't seem to understand this board at all. In their first post (the infamous FB screenshot) they dropped the picture and added it in another post without quoting the original comment. Now they don't seem to know you can quote multiple posts in one comment.

No. 303896

How do you know? Makes sense though

No. 303897

Two wanna be alt edgy hoes with blue hair and not a lick of wit, cleverness, or tact. flying around the world on equally trashy men's dimes and sleeping with married men and HIV ridden band members. hi girls

No. 303898

File: 1475637036192.jpg (54.1 KB, 580x483, Screenshot_27.jpg)

Ayalla and Billie are hanging out right now. They were having a laugh about the ~*stupid haters*~ and I guess >>303777 is their GENIUS attempt at throwing us off.

well isn't this awkward.

No. 303899


Someone said earlier Ayalla is traveling, I would have to look into her social media to confirm

No. 303900

Seems like it.
Ayalla seems to be the one who abuses the word "literally"

No. 303901

I looked at Ayalla's twitter pics, and she has a great body actually.
Billie on the other hand…. those arms are looking a bit flabby.

No. 303902

ayalla, the only time anybody would steal you is for fresh organ harvesting

No. 303903


They both look reeeeally gross without makeup.

No. 303904

Look at these two beauty queens. So hot and confident in their looks that they're covering their faces. Yep.

No. 303905

she sure doesn't mind shoving her mediocre whore face in onion's grill for all of youtube to see

No. 303906

I can't remember. Isn't Billie a high school dropout? Would explain why her alleged posts sound like they came from a cocky 14-year-old with arrested development. Just the way Onion likes it!

No. 303907

File: 1475637678276.png (422.03 KB, 1136x640, image.png)


Ted Bundy 2.0 then? Hasn't killed any of his hoes…yet.

No. 303908

I wonder if Greg's actually decided not to be with her because of too much backlash and she's acting like a retard here to stay relevant…

No. 303909

That's what every homewrecker thinks. "He's going to leave his wife for me."
Nah. He's got bandaid on the way. He can't.

No. 303910


No wonder they're covering their faces. And omg that giant arm! Kek

No. 303911

i think she's just dumb, and she doesn't seem too interested in learning anything or pursuing any hobbies/skills besides being a road whore. i wouldn't be surprised if she was a high school dropout, but even if she did graduate it doesn't matter. you can't fix stupid

No. 303912

her spelling is pretty bad if you check her IG, the only place where she posts longer paragraphs.

No. 303913

Gerg likes to think of himself as the intellectual superior of us all. It makes sense he wouldn't even notice how dumb and plain his childbrides are, because he genuinely does not care about them, what they have to say, or anything about them. They are a tool for him to use and toss aside for the new, dumb model. the dumber the better

No. 303914

Unless Hill Billby provides evidence aside from "I'm totally 100% serious about my legit sources, guiz," she's trolling about Greg and Lainey divorcing. She has nothing but Greg's money for a plane ticket back to fuck him because that's all she's good for in his eyes.

No. 303915

Yes, she dropped out because she "struggled to much". If you can't handle high school, what can you do?

No. 303916

You're already 19 Billie, that's a bit too old.

No. 303917

pretty much all of gerg's recent videos have been those weird whiteboard videos. is he trying to hide his face because a million more acnes popped up or because someone did a welfare check and he's pissing his pants

No. 303918

I know how this is gonna go. Onion can't trump a master Home Wrecker… they're going to get together, Billie is going to fuck around with a bunch of guys, and Onion is gonna make videos about how bisexual girls are whores.
Hopefully he makes a video shaving her head before they split, though.

No. 303919


Duttehvajayjaygate 2.0 let's go!

No. 303920

is this whiteboard thing not just him being like 'hey draw my life videos were popular like three years ago, i'll do that style then', his skin's probably gross too though lbr

No. 303921


Guys, billie might be conniving, unintelligent, and a willing participant in Onion's manipulations and abuse.. but don't forget the true mastermind behind this all. an acne ridden infested onion

No. 303922


Or running from da po-po's, who knows…

No. 303923

billie tha type o' gal to fuck a married man who fucks everything and then calls that #winning

No. 303924


I wonder how he's going to react after he sees what his side piece just tried to pull. I can't imagine he'd be too happy.

No. 303926

I'm sure, in her dumbass BilliBob slang, texted him all
"lmao these ppl dont even know me. i told them to STFU, tbh, and get a life!" laughing emoji
and greg will respond with one word, or an emoji, not because he wants to seem mysterious, but probably because he doesn't give a fuck about billie and thinks she's dumb and is only interested if they're planning the next dick sucking session

No. 303927


Wouldn't be surprised if Greg told her to do it.

No. 303928

gerg couldn't handle an intelligent partner, because they would either quickly surpass him and his tard rage would come up, or they wouldn't tolerate his abuse and manipulations and he would be left holding the empty husk that is his personality and all he has to romantically offer

No. 303929

File: 1475638506734.png (72.66 KB, 584x492, Lainey.png)

No. 303930


Jeeze, Billie Down Syndrome makes Adrienne look classy by that comparison.

Sage for seeing it from Greasecock's perspective.

No. 303931

Gergs just furiously masturbating in his room thinking about 'watching anime'. He won't care about here as it won't bring him the drama views to add to his nest egg to buy BillieBobThornton a new house

No. 303932

is this recent? SJW pissy pants identity "politics" at a time like this, lainey?

No. 303933


Adrienne? What's wrong with Adrienne? She was the most normal, sensible, of all of Gergs girlfriends/wives.

No. 303934


Just Tweeted.

No. 303935

Billie Dingle makes Jessi Slaughter look classy

No. 303936

fuck, she is h o p e l e s s

No. 303937

Hey, Lainey, you should identify as "single mom"

No. 303938


This is why I sometimes have a hard time feeling sorry for her.

Yes, abusers fuck with your head and warp things, but everything was laid out for her and she acknowledged she needed to leave and tweeted about being scared… but now she's back to this superficial shit?

No. 303939

I'm fishy on those tweets, they still don't seem written the same as her other stuff, capital letters etc. Like the topics right but the tone isn't

No. 303940

Possibly tinfoiling, but didn't one of the Virginia IPs make a sparky comment about Lain being trans?

No. 303941

*snarky Fucking autocorrect.

No. 303942

the world of mental abuse and manipulation doesn't make much sense, anon. she's in a vulnerable spot, especially being pregnant. it's hard to leave. it's hard to accept the reality of how things are. she has been groomed since a teen. she will learn eventually or she won't… either way, it's not our life in the end. for her sake i hope she gets out, but it's not going to be the way we want it to be

No. 303943

that's what I was thinking. it's definitely not her normal style of tweeting. I still think if Onion doesn't have full control over her accounts at this point that he at the very least has access to them. he could be tweeting in her place to make things seem "normal".

No. 303944


Yep! Said "looks like a tranny… (oh,wait)"

There might've been another but irdk.

No. 303945

they did. what's tinfoily about that? i thhink most of us agree that it was billie or someone related, if not a troll but w/e

No. 303946

No. 303947


Very true. I wish she would've just listened to people warning her before she got involved with Greg at all and he had a chance to manipulate.

No. 303948

that's my thinking, I think he's some level of control of her account. maybe not full but some and he's realised people are getting suspicious so he's trying to tweet her sort of subject

No. 303949


She does tweet in normal grammar sometimes, though. Usually when she's upset.

No. 303950


Too perfect. I want to believe and she's possibly stupid enough but still.. you have to be really oblivious to not think you'd exposed given the IP was already traced before.

No. 303951

So do I, but sometimes people don't believe or understand until they experience it first hand. She probably was raised around emotionally and mentally stable people.. so this is the last thing she could ever imagined or expected. especially from her celeb (lol) crush

No. 303952

I'm sure by the time Onion really started in on her it was too late for her to really get out. he moves fast with them for a reason and especially after everything with Shiloh I'm sure he learned a lesson in trapping them so they can't just leave.

No. 303953

I was wondering if maybe those comments sparked Lain's tweets, but it looks like she's replying to someone who brought up a trans labeling discussion separately.

No. 303954

yes, manipulators adapt and learn. victims, sadly, are always available and always naive (until after the narc uses them and crushes their sense of self and security)

No. 303955

File: 1475639473668.png (72.12 KB, 585x532, Untitled.png)

She doesn't always tweet in all lowercase. Besides, Onision couldn't be this tumblr if he tried.

No. 303956


Yeah, I know. I have nothing against her either but I was seeing it from onion's point of view(italics: sarcasm), since he's degraded her over 9,000 times bc she was a "slut" and "dirty whore" which is def not the case. Once he's trough with villainy, he will do the same, only this time she's a legit, bonafied slut.

Again, sage.

No. 303957

I don't like billie, i think she's dumb and i think she's a whore who causes unnecessary drama to make herself feel better.
But, if she's a big whore/narc like onision, then he may have finally met his match. He won't tolerate being cheated on or her fucking other guys or picking other guys over him. Billie, if you give onision a taste of his own medicine, you are truly redeemed. Do the right thing.
Screw him over.

No. 303958

are you telling that poster to sage, or are you saying that you have saged? because, you havent.

No. 303959

I doubt Greg could give any fucks about this topic to discuss it in Lain's account. He's too busy taking down Trump supporters and meat eaters at the moment.

No. 303960

the caps is still unusual but that's a damn fine point, onion couldnt be tumblr if it gave him free access to all the teen girls he can handle

No. 303961

Ya, there's no way Greg could control Billie like he did Shiloh and Taylor. If they continue with the relationship, then it's going to be a trainwreck.

No. 303962

He doesn't give a fuck about anybody, not his children, not his wife, not even billie. he wants her, and he's a psycho, and wants to validate himself by thinking he can have whatever he wants when he wants it. I'm sure he's never felt more alive than when teenage girls are sworn to him no matter how shitty he treats them.
You need to be locked up in intensive treatment, Onion, fucking loser

No. 303963

Billbo literally looks like a fat boy with down syndrome when she doesn't wear makeup and she's passable with it. Are you drunk?

No. 303964


I have saged. I was trying to write it in a different point of view (Onion's).

No. 303965

Maybe we're not giving billie enough credit for the slut she is. She's not only a slut, but a money hungry, fame hungry slut, who's obviously full of herself and doesn't respect boundaries. It's doomed for failure and onion won't like one bit of it. muahahahaha!

No. 303966


you didn't sage.

No. 303967

you didn't sage though

No. 303968

Billie dingle has a decent face. Pretty, some would say. She's not gorgeous, however, and she looks like she's gonna balloon up in a few years. just watch

No. 303969

billiebongs gotta be admired on that front, she knows what she wants and she is going after it. even if getting it is via going after the greasiest, nastiest thing i've ever seen. girls no education but at least she's willing to suck dick to get places.

No. 303970

she's getting by with her limited intelligence by being a whore. she better make a good investment before her looks go south or a prettier girl pops up.

No. 303971

as far as prettier girls go.. don't fool yourself, billie, they're everywhere. surrounding yourself with uglier girls can only do so much for so long

No. 303972

maybe, but i was bigger at that age and ended up being fairly underweight in a short period of time without really trying. then again i'm pretty sure she's getting onions support on her weight via that 'Why Your Weight Is Okay' video so she can do what she wants it seems, unusual for onionbollas

No. 303973

i honestly think allayah is better looking than her anyway, she's a super nice body and when she puts effort into how she looks she's pretty. saying that neither of them will be winning miss universe will they

No. 303974

Here's a fun scenario. Billie is uncontrollable, which sends Gerg into an obsessive state of mind over her. She interprets it as "love", and like a whore, basks in it while disobeying his wishes. SO, he decides to sabotage her by ruining her looks. Maybe he'll put nair in her shampoo. Feed her high calorie shit and drugs. get her constant supplies of alcohol and cigarettes. then, she becomes bloated, chunky, and greasy in her face. his obsessive period ends because she's unable to pull the attention she did before- and so he leaves her for younger, thinner, more edgy girl and the cycle continues.

No. 303975

You're right.

Billie, your lack of boundaries is not only concerning and disturbing, but also inspiring. It gives us hope that Greg will have a taste of his greasy medicine. You are the Queen of Homewreckers. Never has a title been more deserved. Cherish this moment.

No. 303976

Make us proud, Billie. You know what to do.

No. 303977

allaya has a better body, billie has a better face.
both are vapid cunts. o well

No. 303978

More attention seeking and living in the past

No. 303979


I'm sorry for spamming, I'm a friend of Billie's and I didn't mean to be annoying. I'm just upset that you are being so mean to her. I posted in the "crush" thread to make fun of you guys. Sorry again. I failed at trolling you. You can ban me if you want but I promise I won't be back.

No. 303980

tear They whore up so fast.

No. 303981

i think allayahs face is better as well but hey personal preference. but Billies gonna be more up onions street because she's more baby faced, allayah looks a bit like she's had a hard life.

No. 303982


sure jan gif

No. 303983


Already been posted.

No. 303984

do an AMA or fuck off Billie

No. 303985


waiting for farmhand to confirm this.

No. 303986

Allaya seems like she has a bit more personality- but not by much. Honestly i'm not too impressed with either of them.

No. 303987

I'm sorry, I'm stupid, please explain how and not to sage.


He made previous videos about the subject while with Shiloh, then made fun of her weight and stripped her of her individually behind closed doors.

No. 303988

File: 1475640572652.png (101.83 KB, 345x230, Tommy_Lee_Facepalm_2574.png)

sure you are.

No. 303989

File: 1475640577695.jpg (41.75 KB, 480x480, 7macb0N.jpg)

No. 303990

if it was Billie's friend, then there's no way billie wasn't aware of it. but i think it was billie or allaya or both all the way. blaming it on the "friend", classic

No. 303991

Jfc, the term you are looking for is QUEER, you fucking idiot. And what the hell does an agender person "transition" to, anyway?

Doesn't she have better shit to worry about than her imaginary gender issues? Like her abusive husband, her impending divorce, or idk her kids????

No. 303992


write "sage" on the email section of the reply, under the "name" one

No. 303993

exactly what i was thinking of typing it hahahaha. Photoshop anon, do grease and billie on this picture

No. 303994

literally put "sage" minus the quotations in the quick reply field that says email

that's it

that's how you sage

No. 303995

no i wouldn't choose either of them ever but hey ho

yeah i know, it's why i found the weight video he made odd but all i can assume is because billie isn't as thin as lamo he's made it to reassure her he loves fucking her

No. 303996

maybe this her way of escaping "REALITY", because that's all that tumblr nonsense is in the first place. i think she's just so desperate to have a sense of self outside of onion that she'll latch onto anything

No. 303997

billie sure has some hammy looking arms

No. 303998


All the farmhand can do is confirm the location of the IP not that it's Billie for sure.

No. 303999

oh yeah, when onision finally divorces her and she has control of herself this whole agender thing is going to stop, but for now this and her selfies are basically the only thing she controls.

No. 304000

Wtf even happened in here holy shit.

Um, unrelated but not? I just saw a video someone made that is a pretty great Re: My Wife and I Broke Up and outlines tons of points as to why smeg is not only wrong, but contradicts himself.

The clip added at the end is fantastic because it's from an old vid where he says doing things that are eerily similar to his current behavior is COMPLETELY wrong.

No. 304001

I pity lainey. the situation is very screwy and sticky, and he caught her early enough to mold her into a sad doormat.. i doubt that's ever what she wanted or expected for herself. nobody really does going into a relationship with a narc like onion. even then, she idolized him and put him on a pedestal anyway. all for some dumb youtube videos.. i do blame her for her poor taste.

No. 304002

Laineys been moulded into a bit of a nasty person, but she's also been groomed since she was a child by a very nasty person so it's all you can expectt. i'm trying not to make a 100% judgement on her till she manages to get away from gerg, then i can see if i actually dislike her or if it's all gergles influences

No. 304003

I agree with this, it couldn't of been Billie, we text alot and her writing style is NOTHING like this!

No. 304004

okay billie

No. 304005


aren't you bored yet? spill milk or stfu

No. 304006

i just pity her. being bullied by gerg for years, and now being bullied and thrown under the bus by a groupie whore side bitch. the whole situation is very sad

No. 304007

File: 1475641181627.jpg (203.37 KB, 636x424, ea567f7b4140852a7c20030a782aff…)

No. 304008

Onision isn't Lainey's first abusive partner. It's sad, but she's probably the type of person who gravitates towards assholes.

No. 304009

oh it's sad, i deffo pity her, i was a weak willed fan girly teenager when i was 16, i didn't like onision then but if i was that 100% could have been me (if i'd been attractive on any scale rather than human potato)

No. 304011

She'll never mature or grow up being suffocated under Gerg's influence and being used as a breeding cow/punching bag.

No. 304012

File: 1475641463472.jpg (44.94 KB, 450x236, surejan.w1200.h630.jpg)

No. 304013

This is not Manassas IP (Farmhand here, ID not working for some reason)

No. 304014

Interesting. What to make of this, farmers? Did billie request one of her e-friends in a different place to come take the blame for all of it?

No. 304015

now that she knows IP's can be checked

No. 304017

Lurker, not a poster, and this is unrelated to the topic currently being discussed but I have a question that maybe one of you can answer.

If a fan sent Greg multiple things, and he only posted a few of the less incriminating ones, could that be his way of acknowledging them without directly answering so it couldn't come back later as him cheating? Could it be his reminder/set up to groom?

I'm worried for the person who's been sending him things, that's all.

No. 304018


The last videoclip…sounds like regret was taking over.

No. 304019

sending what? nudes, messages? how's he responded?

No. 304020

lol so are you onion's third/fourth/fifth side chick?

gerg is a narc pedo, don't even concern yourself with it. send your nudes somewhere else before you end up with your head shaved and your life in tatters

No. 304021


Not nudes. Really long messages about the exact kinda gross shit Greg would love to hear that no doubt lifted his ego.

He responded to one in a jokey manner, and published the other few without commentary. The few he published were less ego inflating (except one) and left the long ones unanswered/unpublished.

I'm trying to be vague so I don't reveal identities (but, like I said, there were a few girls he did this to and the person I'm speaking of hasn't tried to interact with him in a couple weeks.)

No. 304022


I promise, it's definitely not me. I'm not even a girl, haha. It's just someone closer to me and I tried to show her the shit he does but she won't have it.

No. 304023

if he's responded to sexting (which i assume this counts as, or is it only images that are sexting) from a minor even in a jokey manner I think he could faces fines, signing the sex offenders list or jail time. But then again the law may count sexts only as images.

No. 304024

just show her these threads. if that doesn't convince her, then maybe she's just a dumb hoe who flirts with married men. let her rot

No. 304025

why the flying fuck would an agender person transition…?

No. 304026

ah from what i see sexting doesn't really cover written word these days it's just images, that's a shame.

No. 304027


Not quite sexting… Just stupid shit like how he doesn't deserve to be treated like shit and she hopes he'll see it one day and answer her.

She's also 20, looks young though. So I misused grooming but she's still young compared to him.

I'm just concerned this is his way of acknowledging her until he can answer and then there's 0 chance she'll listen to me.

No. 304028


>>let her rot

Would if I could. She's family.

No. 304029

luckily she's too old for him then, i wouldn't worry too much.

just keep making your points, there's a lot of hate sites with stuff to back themselves up

No. 304030


If the person is a minor, report him to cybertipline.

No. 304031

Geez anon, tell her to quick being so pathetic and thirsty. He is not genuine at all, and he already has his bitches lined up. tell her to find a decent guy before she gets posted here as his next victim

No. 304032

turns out it was neither a minor nor sexting, i just have a dirty mind when I read 'kinda gross shit Greg would love to hear that no doubt lifted his ego.'

No. 304033

She's trying to transition out of Gurg's life.

No. 304034


She likes attention and reminds me of Billie a little bit because she has colored hair, too. Billie also followed her somewhat recently… Past couple weeks. Which is concerning, too.

No. 304035


Kek. I meant gross as in complimenting Greg and saying brainless shit gross.

No. 304036

This is something she'll have to learn on her own. Since you're here asking for advice, i trust it isn't going so well already. She will find another controlling narc douche like onion. Hopefully he won't be married, bc that's whoreish and shitty, but whatevs

No. 304038

i think bundy is fug, but compared to onion he doesn't look so bad after all..

No. 304039

who the fuck is lain1313?

No. 304040

File: 1475644763470.gif (684.2 KB, 500x281, 1472416453282.gif)

My God, what has happened in this thread.

No. 304041


Laineys biggest fan / impersonator.

No. 304042

plaineclone/ fan, just leave her alone she's desperate for attention

No. 304043


Right? I'm not a onion regular, but you know the milk is pouring when a 500+ comment thread is a day old.

No. 304044


I'm mostly just making sure it doesn't seem like, to anyone else, Onion will get to her before she moves on. Especially with the Billbo following.

And, yeah, she is being pretty damn whorey.

No. 304045

Would he skip over Billy for this mystery girl?

No. 304046


No clue. She doesn't have a track record of going after married men or anything, so he might like that. I can't really comment on what she looks like because we're related.

No. 304047

what HASN'T happened? we even had a guest appearance

No. 304048

Does she think Onion doesn't have a long list of girls he talks to just like her on the daily? has it dawned to her he's married with kids and just had a public affair multiple times? i mean, sometimes you just can't reason with people.. i'm not sure what to tell you. Hopefully grease fucks off to an island somewhere or something

No. 304049

Lol, Nah. Billie is his next victim. But we don't know how long that will last. Maybe after?

No. 304050

hook her up with a decent dude. she's obv thirsty. get her some

No. 304051


I think she likes the idea of a few seconds of internet fame… She's aware of the Shiloh vids so I don't know why the fuck she thinks it's worth it.

No. 304052


Found THIS video on the same channel, it's about Onion's attacks towards AJ pre-letter I believe.

As for the voicemails in it, Billie Jean and Ayalla; listen very carefully and listen well. This is not a game, leave Greasecock alone while you still can.

(As for Mrs. Onion 1.0, what exactly did she do to "cheer him up"? Strange…)

No. 304053

Because this time she will "fix" him because she's "different".

No. 304054


Just let her be and allow her to learn from her own mistakes. Sometimes people need a hard lesson when they're swept up in dumb shit like this.

No. 304055

I can't wait until Onion and Lainey finally split up for real, Onion and Billie get into a monogamous relationship, and then Billie starts fucking other guys. Onion's meltdown will be utterly beautiful.

No. 304056


If he does steal her away, I'm going to do my best to make sure he doesn't isolate her from me at the very least.

No. 304057


Ha. Basically.

I'm going to link her to these threads tomorrow when she's up.

No. 304058

are you talking about billie right now? lol

No. 304059

I'm excited, because this is exactly what's going to happen. Gerg is gonna have a meltdown about Billie fucking other guys. But that'll be okay. lainey was crazy. it only matters when HE feels upset or wronged. I hope she gives him chlamydia

No. 304060

If that happens and you don't want to drive her away, then you basically have to be her emotional tampon until she decides to leave. Being friends with someone in an abusive/controlling relationship fucking sucks. If you don't kiss their partner's ass and their partner decides that they don't like you then you're cut off. Not worth the time and effort unless you really, really care for the person.

No. 304061

anon said they're related to this person

No. 304062

File: 1475647563689.png (Spoiler Image, 372.72 KB, 480x596, 1475630040072.png)

Choose one.

Literally shit colored eyes

No. 304063

This is just vile, anon. And a bit of a reach..

No. 304064


No. 304065


spoiler your literal shit, dude

No. 304066

well she is a teenager

No. 304067


Anon, she isn't unattractive because she has brown eyes. She's unattractive because she's unattractive.

No. 304068

whats wrong with having brown eyes again?

No. 304069

Because she is so full of shit, it's overflowing through the "windows to her soul".

No. 304070

Please ignore the literal shitposter.

No. 304071

but you are completely retarded, just like she was completely retarded to watch him do this to another woman and dive right in. absolutely pathetic.

No. 304075

fun thread, guys.

No. 304076

Billie has her own thread here >>85507

Go there and stop derailing.

No. 304077

File: 1475652207405.jpg (105.19 KB, 1200x666, Ct83ZwpUkAA743P.jpg)

what a retarded sperg

No. 304078

Don't ya see what Onion is doing? He's got us turning on our fellow anon. But we're al here for the same reason, the milk.

Why can't we all just get along?

No. 304079


So why not do it for free, smeg?

No. 304080

This is the first time I've seen anyone claim that youtube is 2deep4u.

No. 304081

Greg is aging out so hard. The scene whores want him out, the established youtubers want him out, he has to force his fanbase to pair him with whoever he's "bi-romantic" for with contests.

Speaking of friends, he only has one and that's cyr. No one else likes him and he knows it so he rags on bigger youtubers. This fucker is going to need to learn a trade to take care of his child support because he's aging so bad and loves to fuck teenagers.

No. 304082


Cyr once stated they were only "business partners", not friends. Also, he never showed up that one time to Onion's house a while back.

And not to mention the money will run out soon.

Onion; if you're reading this: wait, we know you are, nobody (outside your cult) likes you and would love for you to go away.

No. 304083

I sleep for one night and boom! Bullshit everywhere! Greg isn't going to leave Lainey nor will Lainey leave Greg. Billie can have her fantasy of him leaving Lainey for her but it's not going to happen. If it does then fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Lainey is too dependent on him and he wants to keep that "they all leave me, I'll never have true love" crap. And whoever the VA person is, needs to come clean and stop shitting this place up. And guys, just take away the tinfoil and the conspiracies and set it aside. Not everyone is Billie/Ayalla and Billie isn't some mastermind troll. If you want to argue about their looks, then go to Billie's own thread and shit that up.

No. 304084

nah, she's weak. it will be messy but she won't rule over him.

No. 304085

File: 1475657165889.jpg (9.17 KB, 225x225, 1467295004814.jpg)

No. 304086

So IF Lainey leaves him and he gets with Billay, we have a pattern.
>Onion grooms a teenager with low self esteem and very little life experience and so is easy to control
>marries her and isolates her from her friends and family who all hate him
>gets bored with her after a while
>seeks out another, more edgy teenager with her own life and friends, which makes her more interesting
>declares that she's the one who trooly understands and wuvs him unlike his boring bitch wife
>fucks around with homewrecker teen until wife gets fed up and leaves his ass
>life is bliss with homewrecker until she proves too much for him to handle
>paints her as crazy bitch who ruined his marriage with her slut ways and boohoos about not having twoo wuv with a decent girl
>rinse and repeat

No. 304087

File: 1475660499240.jpg (779.91 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161005_114019.jpg)

Shooping Onion's caveman features into a girl is almost impossible with phone apps.

No. 304089

The eyebrows made me lol

No. 304090


Farmhand, can you ban them from /pt in general, especially the Onision threads, if they want to stay and talk about Billie, considering they love her so much, they can fuck off to /snow and post about her in her own thread instead.

No. 304091

Videos like why your weight is okay and anything that paints him as a "nice" guy who is accepting and appreciative of women are just the window dressing. Behind closed doors he's all skinny pact and dirty vajayjay.

No. 304092

File: 1475667969499.jpeg (90.87 KB, 682x764, received_10206601097208633.jpe…)

I can see Onion doing this when his fanbase dies and his latest teenage bride breaks up with him

No. 304093

Yeah, he "loves" women because they stroke his ego and make his dick tingle. He's the kind of faux feminist who encourages women to love their bodies and embrace their sexuality not because he truly believes that it's their right as human beings, but because it helps him get what he wants. If two fat topless unattractive lesbians started making out where ce could see it he'd be grossed out and tell them to go away and cover their sinbags. Hot nubile bisexual teenagers in his bed only plz. It's the same reason he likes to whine about the age of consent. A 30-something fucking 16-year-olds should be legal, nay, a basic human right! For love and equality ofc

No. 304094

Sooo… who's making a summary for people who doesn't know what the shit is going on?

No. 304095

Grease's way of thinking right now is to replace Lainey with Billie, not just because she's younger and open to suggestion and manipulation… but because he's fucking getting old, running out of ideas and he's not attracting younger subscribers as much as he used to anymore, the impending and inevitable trickling down of potential subscribers has already been in effect for the past 5 years and he's shitting his pants.

Billie is much more confident and comfortable in front of his camera, she's young enough to know what all the current trends are, younger people relate to her, his fans find her more fun and "prettier" than Lainey and she puts up this facade of "positivity" and "acceptance" to keep up appearances - and that's why he wants rid of Lainey.

Between a year and four years down the line (if Billie does get with him long-term) she'll be showing all the classic signs of his ex-girlfriends, he'll wear her down and shatter her ego, probably not intentionally, but because that's his nature, that's just what he does.

Then, she'll no longer be of use to him and he'll go on the hunt for another teenager, stirring up drama to make her feel like she's going mad, gaslighting, lovebombing, the whole works… until she leaves.

For a pattern that hasn't been broken for 15 years, without the aid of intervention or aid from medical professionals, it is going to remain a pattern for the rest of his fucking miserable existence, no special snowflakey, manic dream pixie girl is ever going to change him.

No. 304096

In what sense? You mean since the weekend just gone?

No. 304097

I fucking love it when sleazy, middle-aged, below-average looking men think they stand a chance with much younger, attractive, happy-go-lucky girls.

Lol "easy going and chill" is an oxymoron of "high ethics and standards" - warning flags are all up in that shit, hilarious.

No. 304098

Yup, I don't understand anything and I don't have time to read the entire thread.

No. 304099

try facetune

No. 304100

Pretty much Lainey put up a suspicious tweet, Sarah claimed it was photoshopped, farmhand confirmed that the IP's came from 3 different places and one of them came from Virginia, the same one that posted up the picture of Lainey and the blue haired girl saying she was a pedo. And that's really all.

No. 304102

No. 304103

No. 304104

Out of curiosity; has anyone ever seen Onion's old live stream videos before? 'Cause…they're kinda freaky if not, painful.

No. 304105

File: 1475674281855.jpeg (152.22 KB, 1024x732, image.jpeg)

I tried ;o;

No. 304106

The fact that Onion still has the banner image up on Twitter of Lainey/Billie kissing is just the worst. He really does not take responsibility for anything.

No. 304107

Is that James Blunt?

No. 304109

File: 1475676909115.png (346.04 KB, 800x450, oniongirl.png)

After a fucking lot of Photoshop I got him looking maybe like one of those weird antisocial nerd chicks who walks around with a shoulder bag covered in I ♥ Yaoi pins.

No. 304110

I would highly suggest the next op do a summary tbh

No. 304111

Looks like overshooped Shiloh kek

No. 304112


looks like the kind of girl who walks around cons with a free hugs sign.

No. 304113

File: 1475680642455.jpg (6.71 KB, 184x184, omg.jpg)

Holy shit, he looks like a pre-spoopy bonelord Ashley Issacs/Hamtaro-chan.

No. 304114

File: 1475680996252.jpg (152.09 KB, 500x500, billay.jpg)

The eyes are ace anon, I couldnt have gone for those.

That's fucking nightmare fuel. A commendable effort though

Christ yeah, thought it looked familiar.

I'm so pissed it all kicked off after I went to bed last night.

No. 304115

Holy shit he looks like hiwamu, haku's shitty fakeboi friend

Hey anon, I like one of the edits you posted, I think at the end of last thread? What apps do you use? (Especially whatever you're using for these comedy gold ones)

No. 304116

A summary of what exactly? There are sites like lifeofonion.com out there for the background history of Gerg.

Nothing has been going on, it's been the same ol' usual shit for the past four threads - Lainey flipflopping between rebelling against Gerg and being his doormat, Lainey constantly breaking up with Billie and getting back together with her for Gerg's sake, Gerg trying to bait other YT'ers in a bid to farm their fans for subs, Greg being a douche to Lainey as usual and being his greasy self with Billie.

There's nothing much to summarize on and if a random anon wants a little update whilst they've been away for a few days, they can just ask.

No. 304117

File: 1475681566522.gif (3.01 MB, 589x563, Angie.gif)

I'm using photoshop elements 15 I think. I'd get something more powerful but I've never needed it and can't find a torrent anyway. I'm using the recompose tool for these clusterfucks. I stumbled on it when trying to merge gergs face with the forever alone meme.

No. 304121

File: 1475682275746.jpeg (49.02 KB, 600x633, image.jpeg)

Here this is an old one

No. 304122

File: 1475682935014.jpg (73.1 KB, 800x450, Onision_104.jpg)

That's some witchcraft.

No. 304124

Is his head really that fucking big???

No. 304125

>do an AMA

Self identifying is against the rules, so if Billie did an AMA (ask me anything?) she'd likely be banned.

No. 304128

File: 1475684063187.jpg (50.31 KB, 840x475, o2016.jpg)

I'm not a long term Onion drama watcher but some anons have mentioned towards the end of his first marriage his little fans were complaining about Skye not being "fun" anymore or something to that effect. Of course any long term partner of his is going to be beaten down, depressed and utterly miserable. Appealing to the youtube audience why I think he obsessed over Hannah Minx. She's attractive to him (boob squeeze), was into making videos and drew her own fans. Since Lainey is fully drained it's time to bring in a new girl and this one has colorful hair that appeals to his teen fanbase. There really isn't much of substance to her aside from her appearance from what I've seen…

Anyway this how he portrays his life in 2016.

No. 304129

Same anon, I went to bed and the thread had like 200 replies, then I logged this morning:
>600+ replies
That's when you know that milk spilled.

No. 304130

File: 1475684342177.jpg (70.91 KB, 840x475, ofuture.jpg)

…And this might be his life in 2019, give or take a year. Unless he goes for a more normie type, he seems to alternate. I have no shooping skills but the stick figures work well with mspaint lol.

No. 304132

Virginia IP theory: It was Billie all along (duh) and the reason why the spam wave was so fucking obvious is that she's trying to ~reverse psychology~ us, because the real Billie wouldn't be so obvious about it, it has to be a troll!

No. 304133

Wasn't there a vlog where Billy talks how she threw a shit fit and ended up on psych ward?

No. 304134

yeah she made a youtube video about it. it's deleted or private now. maybe there's a mirror somewhere? she talked about how much of a bratty bitch she was like it was something to be proud of. though i guess for her it is.

No. 304135

In all honesty, you both didn't miss anything; basically VA IP took up another anon's invitation to reveal themselves yesterday morning and they finally obliged and invaded the thread last night… spewing forth inane and inadequate vitriol and made quite an awkward embarrassment of themselves.

Imagine the thread suddenly turning into Justin Bieber's YT channel comments section, and that's all you missed, seriously.

No. 304136

Someone should call CPS on her parents. "Halp! I raised a blue haired she-twink who only leaves home to fuck youtubers."

No. 304137

I agree with you. I think Ayalla was posting with her and she even threw herself under the bus with at least one comment. I was there last night when it happened and those comments were coming quickly and since we have flood detection I really think it was both of them.

No. 304138


Wait until she ends in up in psych ward after Gorg.

No. 304139

Samefag here >>304135 but I just want to tack on that no *~big reveal~* was ever made, they danced around about who they were for shits and giggles… they said shit that we already knew, provided no proof of their claims (that we already knew), acted like a child, threw a shitfit whenever anyone mocked Billie, and had the grammatical and english comprehension skills of a pre-teen.

They were generally pretty much a carbon-copy of every Onision/Billie/Lainey fan out there.

At this point, I don't care who they are… they're just a disruptive nuisance with nothing useful to offer.

No. 304141

that all happened like 17 hours ago and the two haven't said a word since. let's move on now

No. 304142


This has got to be the best description inside the mind of a pedophile narcissistic. Are you studying human psychology by any chance? He is such a fucking asshole, but he has enough smarts to know that business has a short term and a long term plan and he must act accordingly.

No. 304143

Nope! Just a narcissistic pedophile!

Haha, nah… I've just been reading books on criminology and psychology for about 15 years, I don't have the patience to pursue further education or a career in those fields, it's just an interest really.

But I agree with you, his patterns with new teenagers don't just fulfil his sexual desires, it's also to help him financially with his business… sort of working the same way as these big music corporation managers or scouts do who constantly need fresh, new talent to keep the money rolling in… kids want idols to look up to, he's not getting any younger so he needs teenagers to help him keep up with the times.

I feel he's no different to them in a way, the majority of them abuse their positions of power and end up being fucked up, sexually deviant perverts and usually get away with their shit.

Ke$ha is just one of the examples of that sort of scenario, I have no doubt that it happens all the time and considering Onion has been doing this shit for over 10 years now, I think he has enough experience to know exactly what he's doing.

No. 304145



Gee, I wonder where he got such a perception of people.

No. 304146

the interesting thing is he could probably make an okay career doing some sort of youtuber scouting work, but his ego and underage fetish would never let it work. /he/ needs to be in the spotlight (lainey's videos prove that). and he wouldn't be able to stop himself for going after whatever girls he would draw in.

it'd be like a more perverse version of venus's crazy ass mother tbh

No. 304147

That's a pretty good comparison to be honest, especially considering Venus' mom used to make sexually suggestive videos of her daughter when she first started out… unlike Onision though, Venus seems to of been her only target so far.

He'd probably end up using Billie in his videos the same way he did with Shiloh, him being the main focus whilst his fans begin to feel affection for his fun, pretty and outgoing girlfriend.

Lainey was never interested in that shit, I think she only began making videos in an attempt to prove to Onion that she was just as cool as his ex… when in actuality; outside of Twitter she's a shy and introverted person.

That all changed when Billie (Shiloh MKII)came along of course.

No. 304150

File: 1475692720865.jpg (486.7 KB, 1997x2778, Ygr3MBh.jpg)

This guy may be a more accurate comparison. Meet Dan the hymen Collider Schneider. Dude created iCarly, Drake and Josh, and a slew over other Nick shows where he showed his clear interest in teen girls and foot fetishes by disguising them all as kitsch jokes. Reading into him almost the same as reading into Grunk, albeit if he ever worked in television and ten years from now gained 300 something pounds. You will never find a picture of this guy next to a female from his shows who doesn't look scared out of their minds and is just forcing a smile.

No. 304151

literally onion in 10 years lmao

No. 304153


You do realize there's a "YouTube" box down below, right?

No. 304155

irl kek anon

No. 304156


Excuse my ignorance, but was that story about him having sex with underage teens true? It almost reads like a joke..

No. 304159


Unfortunately it is very, very true.

No. 304160

Today's odd news: Greasecock's main channels (except for uhohbro and speaks) can no longer be seen directly via search YouTube page, you have to click a video from the other channels to get to the main one and the archive channel. They still work but the platform is just…odd.

No. 304162

Oh wow, cheers anon… I'll have a good read about him later on when I'm free, I know a few of us come off at times like "armchair psychologists" but this kind of shit is really interesting, same goes for delving into profiling other criminological and psychological cases, such as serial killers, mass murderers, ect.

I think that's my only interest in Onion - I want to pick apart his mind even though he's proven to be dumb as a bag of rocks, but his ability to feel no remorse or empathy on top of his manipulative and contradictory nature is fascinating.

Otherwise, I just really fucking hate him and I hope he crashes his Tesla into a pylon.

No. 304163

you can find his main one if you search "onision channel" but yeah, just searching his name they don't show. kind of weird.

No. 304164

Onion blaming his mommy for beating him

No. 304165


He mentioned he's a father again wow… been a while Gerg

No. 304167


Gosh, I feel the same way, only I try to find any sign of "good" he has left. But at the same time, it's quite frighteningly and depressing…

No. 304168


Maybe he needs to see a therapist about these issues, but he's not gonna do that.


No. 304169

File: 1475698404610.png (237.11 KB, 786x434, knowlege.png)

I'm glad he put Plain through college because he's too retarded to help his kids with homework.

No. 304170

triggering story anons. sometimes rumoured to be the father of Britney's sister's kid, right? he's an outright child predator if the rumours are true. his face is enough to give you nightmares.

No. 304171

The fucking glare on the board in these stupid dry erase board videos is so annoying. Can't even properly light a video and hes been doing this for how long?

No. 304172



He also had trouble spelling spelling the word "straight". Lmao


The chick from Zoey 101? Damn…


He's been making videos for 10-13 years.

No. 304173

He clearly made that video in response to speculation about those instagram pics of Lainey. It's sad how obsessed he is with what other people think, despite his insistence that he doesn't care.

No. 304175

He only cares about himself, everything else is an afterthought.

He won't go near anyone in the medical care field, he's paranoid that therapists will have a field day with him. Mommy-dearest taught him "big pharma" is bad and that the mind can fix itself through psychic mantra healing, it's one of the reasons he squirmed out of going to a marriage counselor because they'd instantly know after spending more than one session in a room with him that he's seriously fucked up.

I don't know about that anon, as far as I know - Lainey plans on homeschooling the children.

No. 304178


This video says it all…

>if your parents want to get rid of your mental problems through drugs, they've never loved you at all!!!

>is mean to the kitty.

No. 304179

What are chemical imbalances? HURRRRR

He pisses me off so much.

No. 304180


I felt bad for the kitty being around Onion…

No. 304188

Because someone reported this, I will confirm, that was actually me.

No. 304189

File: 1475708618102.png (18.88 KB, 584x134, dysphoria-titties.png)

I just don't get her. Being trans means your body doesn't match your inner gender, and by body, it also includes your genitalia and not just tits and hips.

No. 304190

By now he's blamed his father, mother, and sister for beating him. Onision is worse than the attention-seeking teenagers he makes fun of.

No. 304192

Even though I think it's just fishing for attention, was her possibly having BDD ever discussed?

No. 304193

hahahaha, you're fucking kidding me?!

I refuse to watch any of his videos, I get triggered every time he edits his speech before the 1,00 mark kicks in and every 30 seconds afterwards, his face, his expressions and his mannerisms wouldn't let me eat in peace either; even though I'm vegetarian.

Would you or any other anon be so kind enough to give us a rundown of the video, if it's not too much bother?

No. 304194

It's just about how he thinks drugs ( psychiatric ) are a temporary fix and that he thinks conversation can fix it better.

No. 304195

This just in: the normal human feelings of not liking your body and wishing it was different is now being trans, regardless of if you actually want the opposite genitals or want to live as the opposite gender. Feeling kinda not girly and wanting a slimmer figure is being trans

No. 304197

anything to feel as ~**~special~**~and oppressed as possible

No. 304198


Not sure. She always has something negative to say about her appearance. I'm too average looking. I'm too fat. I'm too blahblahblah. She starved herself years ago, partly to please Grek, but partly because of some underlying mental disorder.


Why can't she just call herself a tomboy? Tomboys can be really cute too. I hate this Tumblrina generation that you can only be adorable if you're trans or gay or w/e.

No. 304199


It's hard being a rich white girl, u guise. :'(

No. 304200

So she experiences "chest" dyphoria but breastfed for 2-3 years?

Ok Lainey.

No. 304201


I think if someone truly had chest dysphoria, they would feel fucking tortured of having to breast feed because it'll remind them over and over that they are not the gender that they feel on the inside. All she talked about was breastfeeding Troy, and how mothers who don't or cannot breastfeed should be sent off to death camps. Not literally, but insinuated it, kek.

No. 304202

Lainey probably just has ridiculously low self-esteem and claiming shes trans is just an outlet

No. 304203

It's like she's looking at the dictionary terms of "body dysmorphia" and applying it to herself like nearly every tumblrina does out there without ever experiencing it.


Nah, she looked happily plumpiah in her photos, smiles and with friends before she got with Gerg.

The word "tomboy" to describe yourself usually stops after your 20's, I really think she does want to grow up, and I think she does have an inkling of who she wants to be, I think she's caught herself in a trap and has only began to realise it since she first let Billie into their bed.

No. 304207

Fucking heck, you're right… that's too overly try-hard with English syntax there.

Very odd.

No. 304208

sage goes in the email field, new friend

Is that what they define as dysphoria now? Not liking your body?
This is off topic, but I'm really getting tired of dumblr's gender politics.

No. 304210

You guys act like Lainey is physically incapable of constructing a coherent sentence.

No. 304212

File: 1475711289012.png (50.57 KB, 250x250, mewtwo.png)

>The word "tomboy" to describe yourself usually stops after your 20's

Adult women can't call themselves tomboys anymore? Is that what you're saying? Sorry, am a bit confused.

I really do believe she's just a tomboy. She's not interested in becoming a man, and you can't transition into agender, lol, what the fuck even. What does that even mean, you're gonna cut your entire genitals off as well as your tits and just look like Mewtwo?

No. 304213

Thanks for the confirmation, farmhand!

I'm pretty sure that's the same person who had sage in the name field multiple times last thread and maybe some other threads, not sure they'll learn. There was also the anon who thought saging was just saying "saged for ___". I legit dunno where these people came from.

No. 304214

Tomboys typically dislike make up though.
As for transitioning…I'm not sure what she's trying to transition into either. I can't tell if it's just seeking attention since she's aware their fan base is very young and into this crap or if there's an underlying mental illness there.

No. 304216

Ahh, not new, but I still don't fully understand the full ways of sage, more of the reason why.

Well she did it with her "photshopped" tweet and every single tweet she's ever come up with.

Stop with the strawman tactics, okay? Go back to Tumblr if you're so offended by someone on a chan saying that adult women usually don't describe themselves as "tomboys" anymore.

No. 304217

I think Laineys just desperate to not be cis so wants to have something to want to transition to so she can be trans and cool and edgy~ what she's saying is she wants to look androgynous.

No. 304219

>Stop with the strawman tactics, okay?

Huh? I wasn't offended about the tomboy statement. Cool it.

No. 304220

You sage so you don't bump the thread or/also when posting something off topic.
That said, you're still not doing it correctly.

No. 304221


Androgynous! That's the word I'm looking for. Maybe she could call herself that instead.

No. 304222

Androgynous isn't edgy enough. It also doesn't apply if she's experiencing legit dysphoria ( and that's a big if ).

No. 304223

i'm surprised she's not cottoned on to it herself yet, surely it's right up her street. tumblr androgynous people always got loads of follows and people being like 'omg ur so cute' which is basically her dream

No. 304224


>>It's like she's looking at the dictionary terms of "body dysmorphia"

She does. An actual trans person told her she's not trans and she retweeted someone who hit the person with the dictionary definition of trans.

I told her to stop asking for advice from LGBT members and speaking over them when she didn't like what they had to say. She blocked me.

Why would you want to be in a community that doesn't want you? Multiple people have told her that she's making everyone look bad by using her sexuality to lure underage girls and that she's not trans but she just plugs her ears and surrounds herself with Tumblrinas who coddle her.

No. 304225

I think that would fit her best too, just because you like a look doesn't mean you have to feel you have to be one, the other or either… it's nothing to do with gender or sexuality.

No. 304227


I have a feeling androgyny is becoming old school. You know how fast Gen Z kids move to one trend to the next.

No. 304228

I actually think she's done with everyone and Ballsack has given her an ultimatum; stop posting personal shit or you're out on your ass.

No. 304229

He's either in control of her accounts or >>304228

No. 304231

that's true, i've not seen as many people with androgynous blogs or whatever. looking forward to whatever 2017's trend is and her hopping on it.

No. 304232



No. 304233

But who gets to it first? Billie, Gurg or Lainey?

No. 304234

Calm down anon.

No. 304235

hard to say, i'd say billie just because she's younger but then isn't the whole colourful scene/hipster/mermaid/whatever era over now? probably Lainey in a desperate attempt to mainttain staying young for gurgles

No. 304236


What a fucking bitch, seriously.

No. 304237


I am calm, mate. I'm just making a dumb joke.

No. 304238

I doubt they're going to still be married in 20117. Gergles is going to figure something out to end it for sure, it's way over due.

No. 304239

>>I doubt they're going to still be married in 20117.

Omg, thank you so much… that's just made my night, I can sleep giggling to death now.

No. 304240

i'm not so sure, she's still there and there's sprog number 2 due imminently

No. 304241


Especially since Lainey is about to turn 22, which is the equivalent to having to fuck a 60 year old disgusting vagina.

No. 304244

I'd say even older than that by the time 20117 comes around.

No. 304245


Goddammit I thought that was a typo lol

No. 304247

File: 1475713630862.jpg (55.21 KB, 425x282, laugh017.jpg)

No. 304248

Why did Onion tweet that his second 'book' makes much more sense if you read STA first?
Is it to prepare the reader that both his content and writing style are shit?

No. 304249

LMAO, nooooo… it's so it gets anyone to buy both books.

No. 304250

isn't the character in the 2nd one in sta vaguely or s/t?

No. 304251

Kek, I don't know. Is it/ which one? I have only listened to some of the audio online and it was insufferable.

Good thinking!

No. 304252


No. 304253

give me a minute to have a read, i only tortured myself with the first one but i'm sure i saw the sta character in book 2 somewhere

No. 304254

okay, set in the same universe and they go to the same school at the same time

No. 304255

oh maybe a character i can't remember called john is in both?

No. 304256

Bless you for looking it up, anon. That must have been one fucked up school, kek.

No. 304257

i live to serve~ but nah i just wanted to check i hadn't just completely made up the fact

No. 304258

File: 1475716484417.gif (624.92 KB, 320x249, boxxy.gif)


I am cuckboy, you see?

No. 304259

really want a well known youtuber to roast his ass, leafy did it but he didn't really get him that good. i think the only person that could rly make him look like shit is idubbbz

No. 304260


Surely non-binary means someone is neither trans nor cis, seeing as trans and cis use binary models of both sex and gender. Like why insist on being considered trans?

No. 304262


Good to know that neurological disorders can just be talked out.

No. 304263

Because she gets more retweets when she captions her selfies with ~sad prince they/them #transvisibility~

No. 304264

You just need to be more positive, anon.

No. 304266

In the first book where James was going around and judging everyone, Arthur was getting into a fight with someone. James was stealing Mean Girls commentary and compared the kids as animals in the zoo. I'm ashamed I know that.

No. 304267

thanks! like i said i read the first one but i've blocked most of it out by now. so so bad.

No. 304268


Idubbbz is the man. He's what Leafy wishes he was. But I couldn't see him doing a Content Cop. He wouldn't want to give Gerg the attention.

No. 304269

Holy shit.

So I never watched smeg's old emo advice/waaaahing videos before and have been skimming through a few.

And I found this gem.

3:08 in:
>How I WISH someone was here to cuddle other than Cyr, cuz cuddling with anyone but the person I love in a romantic manner is weird to me.

This video is from Aug 23, 2011. That isn't very long ago so it makes absolutely no sense how he contradicts himself?! What with the whole freaking cuddlegate fiasco?! UM.

No. 304270

Welcome to Gerglandia, the magical world of constant lies and contradictions. Take your complimentary copy of Stones to Abbigale otherwise known as "I can punch you into a coma with bad writing" at the door!
Someone with Twitter should post this to him ( although you're getting blocked ) because his contradictions are hilariously pathetic.

No. 304271

he's just an out and out liar, contradicts himself constantly

No. 304272


He did do some commentary on him with Chubbs, but I'd love to actually see a full length Content Cop done.

No. 304273


Haha oh I am aware, I just found him blatantly stating this pretty shocking considering what happened.

I really think someone SHOULD send this to Lainey. He defended the ever loving crap out of himself by saying he cuddles with EVERYONE and ALWAYS cuddled with everyone and it is totally innocent. Like, wasn't that his only argument to keep her from leaving him? How could he have been like that since high school if this video was made in 2011? The proof is right here in this video. I guess I could make a twitter and send it to her and just get blocked.

No. 304274

I liked him better here. He doesn't act like he is right 100% of the time, which he does now.

No. 304275

>saying he cuddles with EVERYONE and ALWAYS cuddled with everyone and it is totally innocent.

Yup, that was his only ( and the strongest ) argument. I'm pretty sure that if we went through all of his videos - a lot of the old ones are sadly deleted - we would find a lot more crap like this.
Also, you're amazecakes if you Tweet this to Plain!

No. 304276

"i'm a brain-dead ape, but i'm a confident brain-dead ape" fuck that killed me

No. 304277


There's a 98% chance she won't give a shit, though. People have sent her proof of him being a lying shitbag before… she laughed it off.

No. 304279

I think she's past that stage of just laughing it off with everything that's been going on. I mean even if she fakes it online I highly doubt she would really just shrug it off irl.
Also, I'm 99, 99 % sure that in one of his older videos he said he could only love one person ( in his typical "this is how it is and it's never going to change, I would die for that person" manner ) and look how that panned out. He's a walking contradiction.

No. 304281

He wrote a book? Is it 50 Shades of Grey bad?

No. 304283

He wrote two. I have only listened to some of the audio and it's legit horrible, not just saying it because he wrote it.

No. 304284

His books are ridiculous.

No. 304285


I remember when he made this video and I was cottoning on to the fact there was something wrong with him. This sealed it. He just happened to get a voicemail right then and he just happened to play it on the video instead of leaving it like most people would and it just happened to be his ex. Uh huh.

No. 304286

Both his books are "middle schooler's revenge fantasy" bad.

No. 304287

I would like to write a choose your own adventure book based on Onision's life, but I have better shit to do.

Still, it'd be interesting to compare the choices Onision would actually make, the choices that a rational compassionate human being would. And also a monkey.

No. 304288

File: 1475723498321.jpg (641.8 KB, 1236x2067, cyoa015bf.jpg)

Never mind, there already is one.

No. 304290

File: 1475723661403.jpg (21.88 KB, 599x163, 1.jpg)

Pic related should definitely be the final chapter, though.

No. 304291

Would even argue that he is staying true to his words… He does love only one person… Billie. Lainey, plz get the hint and leave this shit.

No. 304294


Top kek

No. 304295

File: 1475726663594.png (121.85 KB, 613x549, Onision.png)

No. 304297

lol that sad reality where Trump supporters are shittier in logic than Onion……

No. 304298

Here's another contradiction!

>either stop looking at how pretty I am and listen to my shitty opinions or gtfo!!!!

>posts over 9,000 selfies, "am I pretty???? Look how sexy I am!!!!"

No. 304299

You don't know how tax laws work, you?

No. 304300

File: 1475727744996.jpg (14.42 KB, 185x263, 0000016975403_p0_v3_s263x185.j…)

Can I just talk about Shane Dawson for a moment? I don't think that someone who makes videos on a daily basis can be "fake". Not only that but the dude thought that Greg was a character and he was playing a part in all his video's. The only reason Greg made that video on him yesterday is because he's jealous. Then Shane never responded to him because he was to busy tweeting about Christina "Look what your god did!" Grimme. I love this guy.

No. 304301


( same anon ) I found one but there's more. "I'm planning on only being with you for the rest of my life".

No. 304302

i love shane and and i love how just his existence pisses gerg off, he's constant reminder of what he'll never be

No. 304303

Unless you have a tax llm, you sit down.

No. 304304

Of course he's jealous. It's such a bizarre obsession he has. On one hand he hates and envies him and on the other he's constantly after his attention.

No. 304305

>Unless you have a tax llm, you sit down.

No. 304306

That other anon has me re-watching his old shit. I can't believe he still has this on his channel, kek. Does anyone know where I can find the other black and white one?

No. 304307


Don't derail.

No. 304308

So by his own logic, Onion's a whore and Billie-bob's a whore. Seems legit.

No. 304309

Onision is the exact same person he was 10 years ago, so he assumes that everyone else can't outgrow their edgy phase without being "fake."

No. 304310


I'm sure the content of his opinions has changed - usually to suit his whims - and he'll then say that this shows that he's changed. "I used to think tattoos are lame but then I got one with Shiloh. I'm a changed man!"

No. 304313

these old videos were GOOOOOOLD. it gave such an "honest" look into how his brain actually works.

No. 304314

I love that he gave Lainey such shit for tweeting about the drama between them, but he still had these videos up which was basically him just word vomiting about every little bit of drama in his life.

You could argue he's learned not to do that shit, but he still has these videos up, so who knows.

No. 304315

I think he was high here. Lmfao

No. 304318

Someone needs to send this shit to all the alt-right one percenters asap. The tsunami of lulz alone would be worth it.

No. 304320

I'd say don't give him attention because he's going insane now that he's aging. If you do have to send it to someone, send it to Milo. He couldn't handle him on twitter.

No. 304321

who's this video about?
i've never watched his old videos before

No. 304323



No. 304330

Why did Lainey decide to sperg on Twitter over tumblr gender?

No. 304331



No. 304337


How's Blaire a cow?

No. 304339

I just noticed that stick figure Lainey is pregnant.

No. 304340

Shes not

No. 304342

She only has dysphoric feelings about her chest and hips because they make her look like a grown woman. Onion has probably spent years saying how attractive thin curveless teen bodies are. No wonder she used to starve herself when they first dated.

No. 304343

And also he is living garbage. Can we stick to talking about the living garbage this thread is about instead?

No. 304344

Well there's this. But I'm pretty sure ian won't make a content cop on him. That'd be giving onion boy what he wants, attention.

No. 304346

That is anon's edit of Billie in the future yelling at Onion and his new underage toy

No. 304347

File: 1475755074994.jpg (284.69 KB, 480x640, Billie goat.jpg)

No. 304348


To be fair, Greg makes a compelling argument against hitting your kids: it obviously didn't stop him growing up to be a total cockwomble.

No. 304349

File: 1475756587687.png (626.35 KB, 720x1280, tumblr_oelg93NvNX1rgyhcpo1_128…)

No. 304350

you're right

No. 304351

Thanks to the new Instagram feature, if you follow billybop and Gurg, you will see that they like each other's selfies, but they never like anything from Plainey lol

No. 304352

I really wish Blaire White would rip into Plaineybot for her whole fake ass trans space prince shitshow. It would be so fun to watch.

No. 304354

Funny Greg and Billie follow each other on Twatter. I thought they were having any more contact?

Wonder how Lainey feels about that.

No. 304356


No. 304359

The never said that (this time). Billie just said that she would never come back. And I think they're okay with being open about it because Lainey doesn't really have a say anymore.

No. 304362

>>Has dysphoric feelings about her chest and hips.

Yet, she's perfectly fine with breastfeeding and shooting out his spawn from her crotch… not just once, but coming up to twice now.

She's full of shit.

No. 304364

It's a shame most of his fandase is too young to vote so he can't actually convince anyone worth convincing that trump is a bad candidate.

No. 304365

This is probably Lainey's train of thought

>My butt is too big and my tits look like pancakes

>Now my hairdresser fucked up my hair and cut it too short
>That must mean I have dysphoria
>I am a boy now
>A special prince from outer space

No. 304368

In the vid where she cut her hair short the reason was that her hair was too fried, so it needed to be cut.

But I guess just cutting your hair short makes you a non-binary prince/ss

No. 304369

I think it's more like
>Taylor is an awkward teenage girl with abusive past and low self-esteem
>like practically every teenage girl she's insecure
>gets suckered into relationship with Onion who is all about dat body-shamin' (skinny pact) but subtle enough that she doesn't realize what he's up to
>goes on tumblr, learns that feeling less than 100% comfortable with your body = body dysmorphia = TRANS!! (and you don't even have to transition!)
>like many tumblrites who have yet to grow into their own identity she adopts 'trans' as her identity, chops hair off and calls self ~androgynous space prince uguu~
>this brings her glorious social media attention yaaay
>probably realizes deep down that the psychological definition of body dysmorphia experienced by legit trans people doesn't apply to her but who cares, tumblr told me you don't need to experience dysmorphia to be a trans anyway fuck professionals and truscum lol
>can't admit to being just another cis white girl because aside from being the latest onionwife, 'trans' is all she has to define herself by
I think most of them will grow out of this puberty identity crisis shit eventually. However Lainey's biggest problem is that she's emotionally stunted and stuck to Grug through her finances and babies, so it's going to be more difficult for her to grow out of it than for regular teenagers who go to college, have their own friends, get a job, etc. It's hard to develop and adult perspective when your only offline view of the world is the blank walls of your controlling husband's unfurnished love compound.

Imagine if you could sue your hairdresser for giving you dysphoria, though.

No. 304371

File: 1475769440812.jpg (57.83 KB, 1461x159, waw.JPG)

Gee, I wonder what this reminds me of….

No. 304373

That's EXACTLY how the "I'm scared" Tweet that Lainey posted was damage-controlled.

>>It's photoshopped.

>>It never existed.

That statement in itself is fucking contradictory in the first place, how can something be "photoshopped" if they keep claiming it didn't ever exist in the first place.

Sounds like Gerg saw the Tweet, told Lainey to sort that shit out and Lainey got Sarah to lie for her instead of Gerg doing it himself this time around because of the implied abuse.

No. 304374

This. All of this. Definitely hit the nail on the head. I am interested to see what kind of person she'll be when/if she gets away from onion and starts living in the real world.

No. 304378

She should get into anime or gaming or cosplay or even exercising. At least then she'd have hobbies outside of Gurg.

No. 304379

for those wanting to watch deleted videos, uhohbro.com has a lot on.

No. 304383

Can someone post a screen of stick figure Lainey yelling from Onion's video?

No. 304384


just look up in this thread, ffs. it's just a couple of posts higher than anon's edit

No. 304387


Am I retarded? I scrolled through like 80 times… didn't see it

No. 304388

File: 1475780707788.png (372.51 KB, 780x834, yelling.png)

No. 304389


Thank you.

No. 304391


She's also bisexual, I mean, couldn't she just stick with that? It's all a part of the ~*~special unique snowflake uwu~*~ tumblr trainwreck anyway.

No. 304394

It's sad that when you look at Lainey's instagram, she rarely smiles anymore like she's genuinely happy. The earlier in her pics you go, she looks happier with the most recent ones looking like she's mentally drained.

No. 304396

He looks like a wet dumpling

No. 304397

Oh shit! Justice perhaps?

No. 304402


~things thay did not happen~

No. 304404

His spelling. Jesus when did he drop out of school? "Rufuses"?

No. 304405


what happens when onion interacts with humans from the outside world

No. 304407

I'm sure the man who can't even spell refuses knows more than the doctor who went through extensive schooling and had years of hands on experience.

No. 304408


He didn't, he graduated in '04. He also once had a difficulty spelling "straight" (strait) in his old blogs and early YouTube video descriptions.

No. 304409

File: 1475788496750.gif (635.46 KB, 500x281, rupologise 2 onion.gif)

No. 304410

I'll never stop finding it amusing (and telling) that he flat out admits he doesn't ever read books and yet he felt himself talented enough to "write" two himself.

No. 304413

not to mention it took him just a week to "write" it

No. 304414

No. 304415


I would love to hear the doctor's side of the story.

No. 304416

Fuck off Daniel. No one here cares what you have to say.

No. 304417

Fuck off Daniel. No one here cares what you have to say.

No. 304418

Rep's pathetic attempt at a neckbeard is cute, still a faggot though.

No. 304419

i like how hes trying to be relevant by posting onision as his thumbnail.

No. 304420

For Greasecock and Snowflake's sake, I hope nothing medically bad happens to their kid.

No. 304422

File: 1475793081201.jpg (49.93 KB, 839x473, maturity.jpg)

Even in his version of events, which I'm sure are exaggerated to make the Dr look horrible, he comes off as frothing at the mouth belligerent. Getting security brought in and threats of CPS are not normal things to happen even with terrified, emotionally charged parents concerned for their childs life. Didn't he go the ER earlier this year sometime after cuddlegate 1.0 for himself and have a DR threaten to call in security? These aren't normal things that commonly occur Onion lol! He is the type of person you can't take anywhere, this is another reason I feel bad for Lainey. The Dr wanted them to travel to another hospital without him because he was concerned for their safety and that tells Onion nothing about his own behavior.

Me too!

No. 304427


I believe that video was it.

No. 304428

I just want to interject something: My brother cannot spell well, but is a physicist. My husband's spelling abilities are poor, but he's extremely intelligent and successful as well in his field.

There are better signs of Greg's ignorance than his poor spelling.

His entire video about his son was just another, "I'm so smart! Look at my brain boner!" With a little research and some of those Google graphs he loves so much, he could've made a more compelling argument about doctors and hospitals trying to milk money from insurance companies and patients. He could've broadened the topic and shifted focus on the general public, to be relatable, instead of focusing on himself and his victimhood. But he didn't. The purpose of the video was, "I'm more intelligent than a doctor," instead of using his experience as a platform for a greater topic. This, once again, is an example of Greg's self-absorbed nature as well as lack of insight in utilizing his experiences to reach mass, diverse audiences.

No. 304429

Read the fucking rules or go back to tumblr.

No. 304430

Nice blog, fuck off.

No. 304432

i rufuse to believe ur as smart as you think you are

No. 304433

Because I thought Greg's video showcased how he views himself as a victim, is selfish, made no attempts to be relatable, and was lazy content?

No. 304435

Then you should've left the first part out. No one gives a shit about your family.

No. 304436

Simply to bring context that poor spelling =/= unintelligent, and they're better ways to point out Greg's ignorance. Chill out.

No. 304437


Go to eoliveson for that shit, no one wants it here.

No. 304438

you could have simply written that
>poor spelling =/= unintelligent

No. 304439

I don't want to give him views. What's this new one about? Did the police come to his house again?

No. 304440

christ ya'll are fucking triggered here.

No. 304441


You won't give him views 'cause you're in lolcow, he won't make a profit here.

Summary: takes place after Cuddlegate 1.0; kid has a rash on his ballsack, parents take to the emergency room. Doc suggests doing a few tests to see if Troy's alright, Onion throws a fit and "does research" on Google for symptoms. Calls doc a sociopath and a coward for doing his job and goes to a different hospital where the other doc said he was "okay" and they both laughed at the doctor. The end.

No. 304442

Oh really? Good to know. Thanks.

Depending on how bad the rash is, it's not necessary to go to the ER for that. I don't know what their pediatrician is like but for ours they have a number you can call at all hours and a nurse will call back and answer your questions. It's very helpful because for new parents you don't need to go to the doctor or urgent care or ER for every little thing. It saves time and money and stress too.

Maybe their pediatrician doesn't do it, or they don't know but if you're reading this L/G, do that next time for your kids.

Also use Desitin. That clears up most rashes immediately.

No. 304443

So according to admin-same in the chat, Billie-chan was an elaborate troll the entire time and the tweets WERE shooped.

No. 304444

File: 1475806884181.jpg (65.57 KB, 625x572, d2.JPG)

Caps incoming, saging because there are a TONNE and I'm too tired to edit them all together. Please don't whine at me for all the spam that's included.

No. 304445

File: 1475806931873.jpg (81.39 KB, 627x578, d7 important.JPG)

No. 304446


Damn, and I deeply wanted Lamo to run… -sadface-

…and she (probably) got her ass kicked by Onion for nothing. Assuming she did by her latest IG pic.

No. 304447

File: 1475807342104.jpg (80.94 KB, 630x573, d17.JPG)

On second thoughts I won't be posting all screenies but have them all to clarify what original admin said.

But long story short;
- The screenshot of Laineys facebook with Billies profile picture was doctored
- The tweet about feeling unsafe was doctored using 'inspect element', so not photoshopped but edited at the source and capped.
- All three screenies of said tweet were posted by the same person under different IPs
- The poster also went to /meta/ to ask questions about IPs, super crafty throwing farmhands off the trail
- Poster was a longtime user but no one of note. Super apologetic apparently (original admin tracked her down as she used her own IP for some posts). They are now permabanned

No. 304448

File: 1475808771203.png (145.14 KB, 1181x766, Untitled.png)

Here's Greg calling a mentally ill teenager a sociopathic murderer. This kind of shit is why I have trouble feeling bad for anyone who chooses to get involved with him.

No. 304449

Damn, like good job putting all that thought into it. They were in it for the long-run and tbh I respect that.

But its shitty to have fucked with the Lainey tweet like that. People were seriously worried for her, and its not cool to fuck around with that shit. Especially know Greg and that he probably did something IRL to get back at her.

No. 304451

seriously. this is fucked up on so many levels. and worst part is if the cops got involved over this shit.

No. 304452

I fucking knew it, man.

No. 304453

JFC. I just… wow. Had me fooled.

But why would they want to do this?

No. 304454

I forgot about the cops being involved. That poor anon that went through all that. Now if something actually does happen we'll be less likely to believe it too. Fuck that shit ass troll.

No. 304455

For the lulz probably. Or they just really hate Billtard and Grease and want them to look bad. Or both.

No. 304457

I hope anon who called in doesn't get in trouble for this shit. That's fucked up.

No. 304458

That's some dedicated trolling. But it's fucked up because the police might not take anyone's claims (other than Lainey's) seriously, and Lain is too much of a doormat to call the police herself. That farmer should have thought ger plan out more

No. 304459

No. 304464

but you bitches probably won't learn anything from this

No. 304468


That moment when…


They were actually telling the truth this time…

No. 304469

next time someone decides to fuck with the site like that, please don't. we observe and mock and should only get involved if someone's in legit danger. don't pull that shit.

No. 304472

if she thought about listening to anons before about leaving greg… she sure the fuck isn't now.

after all, we can't even tell when something's shooped and dismissed her own word very quickly.

she probably just wanted some goddamn peace and that's why she made Sarah tweet about it. and i still highly doubt greg is running some master plan and keeping her social media accounts from her.

No. 304473

To clarify, the user has been permabanned, apologized profusely, and I believe honestly did not intend for anyone to call the police or for any harm to come to her. But yes, they made all the Billie impersonation posts (including the fake screenshot of her supposedly being logged in) and used multiple proxies to make it seem like the "deleted tweet" was real. Everything was very elaborately fabricated by this single person, and further posts by them attempted to "corroborate" it to make it even more convincing.

And yes, people, please don't do this. Especially in a case like this where US police have been known to enter situations with guns blazing.

Also, don't trust screenshots. It is very easy to doctor a screenshot without ever involving Photoshop or other image editing software.

No. 304474

Lainey won't even take her friends' advice. There was never any chance of her listening to us.

No. 304475


It fucking sucks that the cops are going to be less likely to take this seriously if something bad actually happens, but I can't bring myself to get mad at the troll. That is some serious dedication to the craft. She probably just wanted to have a laugh and didn't think that it'd get out of hand. Hopefully this is a good learning experience for her and anyone else who thinks it's funny to make people think that somebody is in a dangerous situation.

Wouldn't have done anything differently though, better to be safe than sorry. It's best to get a victim intervention while a situation is still escalated so that they're more likely to leave and/or get help. At least Taylor wasn't in harm's way. Well, any more than she usually is in the Onision household.

No. 304490

If they really hate Billy and Gurg, they just made them look better while making everyone else look insane.

No. 304495


> - The tweet about feeling unsafe was doctored using 'inspect element', so not photoshopped but edited at the source and capped.

Clever girl.


What's with his obsession with her? Does he want her to gain weight to be his next childbride? He's just bullying now, not even concern trolling.


What if the anon that said they called the cops was the troll too?

No. 304496

I think it's safe to assume this person was the "friend of Billie's" but I guess I want to confirm for clarification if that was the same person behind the fake screenshots?

This is honestly all so shocking. A prank or a joke is supposed to be actually funny, and if it stopped at convincing us Billie was one of us, it might have been amusing to at least someone, probably a few people. But making a bunch of people believe a mother and child are in danger is just not funny by any means. I was honestly really scared for her age I'm glad she's (presumably) safe.

No. 304497

No. 304500

It was pretty brilliantly shitty. I hope Gurg didn't take it out too harshly on Lainey though…

Holy shit this fucking psycho. He needs to leave her alone.

Yeah, they were all the same person it seems.

No. 304502

Hotdamn, that was a shitty thing to do. I also feel sorry for the anon who was kind enough to talk to the cops.

No. 304503

Oh yeah, of course. That's why I said for the lulz first. But some people are stupid and don't think shit through, so there's always a possibility they thought they cooked up some grand scheme to ~sick own~ Onionboy and co. and instead made everyone who believed it look bad.

No. 304504

>What's with his obsession with her? Does he want her to gain weight to be his next childbride? He's just bullying now, not even concern trolling.

He is probably frustrated from all the shit going down, so he is taking out on Eugenia and trying to steal her fanbase.

No. 304505

Around 0:18

I did laugh. Especially because I knew how upset onion would be.

No. 304507

File: 1475834138617.jpg (62.84 KB, 579x688, 88.JPG)

It's mindblowing how his fans try their hardest to suck onion dick

No. 304516

Didn't Greg throw a fit when Cyr went on tour with this guy?

No. 304534

Yes, and then played it off as a joke.
Knowing him, his narcissistic mind was probably raging over Cyr being friends with more successful youtubers.

No. 304536

File: 1475843010356.png (338.64 KB, 500x731, tumblr_nrb15xEfS61r1kiq7o1_500…)

There was also this from 2012

No. 304537

File: 1475843874627.png (46.61 KB, 826x266, kek.png)

No. 304546

File: 1475846570431.gif (85.29 KB, 480x600, ancient.gif)

I'm actually really impressed, although I believe them for not expecting it to blow up like it did; I think we can learn something from this here…

Maybe in future, it would be wise to keep any independant conversations about Lainey x Billie out of the Onision threads unless they DIRECTLY relate to him - like, if someone really wants to discuss Lainey as a lolcow in her own right; the best thing to do would be to create a thread about her in /snow and discuss her activity there.

The same goes for Billie, who has her own thread in /snow.

Otherwise, we're not only derailing the topic of Greaseball, but inviting in anyone who has beef with Lainey and Billie… and it just involves everyone in here and makes us more open to shit like this happening in the future.

No. 304547

I find it really funny that Sarah saw that screenshot of the fake "help" tweet by lainey on here as soon as it was posted. She must lurk here constantly. Is lolcow your home page, sarahbear?

No. 304554

Fake Lainey saw it. Not sarah.

No. 304556

File: 1475848757457.png (414.18 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Pedo-stache Onion.

No. 304561

My bad, sorry!

No. 304562

File: 1475850529490.jpg (32.05 KB, 433x682, Middle_Finger.jpg)

i wish people would just post selfies without cringe pseudo-justifications EVERY time

No. 304563


If you look closely, you can see his hair graying.

No. 304565

He needs an eyebrow lift stat

No. 304567

His face looks so strange in pictures compared to his videos.

No. 304570

They probably don't even have a pediatrician tbh, especially with how crazy Greg is about doctors. Wouldn't surprise me if they went to the ER or urgent care whenever they need to. Do they even have insurance?

No. 304574

>>303405 here's a thought: what if Onion divorces Lainey, and him and Billie get married and then Lainey comes out with a video spilling secrets about Onion?

No. 304575

I really hope that anon isn't being too hard on herself today. Almost all of us thought Lainey was in crisis at that moment and the anon thought they were doing the right thing which is admirable. Also those fake tweets got around a bit so I doubt they were the only one who contacted police.

This wasn't the usual trolling though, that shit went above and beyond and needed OG Admin to step in and assist. Like how often have cows lied and claimed photoshop to cover their asses?

But it does serve as a reminder to not get too invested like that anon gone rogue. It is a shame we had one bad apple and now there's going to be more suspicion towards us and the receipts provided.

No. 304577

I'd like her more if she did tbh.

>I really hope that anon isn't being too hard on herself today
Same. They didn't do anything wrong. Better to call when there's no problem than to avoid calling when there is one.

No. 304582

Is this the plot for a fantasy novel? Because this ain't gonna happen, especially the part in which Doormat spills out the truth.

No. 304594

True but it also speaks to the fact that they don't have any parent couples or friends who have kids that they can ask for advice. Really shows how isolated he is and how he wants others to be too.

I'm not sure what they're doing about insurance.

No. 304597

I can imagine these kids are going to be Gracie levels of being developmentally behind. No interactions with any kids and their parents don't even seem to give any fucks.

No. 304603

I can't wait until this stupid special snowflake genders and sexualities trend dies down.
I think she's an idiot, but that said I hope she gets out and manages to turn her life around somehow.
Is there an OnionEx Support group or something yet?

No. 304604


Unfortunately no 'cause every other ex hates eachother, or Shiloh.

No. 304605

White knighting law enforcement, meaningless life story and moar Shiloh bashing. Enjoy!

No. 304628

Oh hey, he referenced the "Truth" video. Probably not the smartest thing for him to do since it makes him look bad.

No. 304631

I'm not going to watch this, but I'm going by the click bait thumb nail. Onionboy has no idea what being in jail is like. It's not something for edgelord points. It fucking sucks.

Sage for ot-ish

No. 304635


Ugh, I get sudden flashbacks from watching that video from time to time. His dark and cold tone of voice puts Seto Kaiba's own callous voice to shame. I sometimes wonder if he's used that same voice towards Lainey and Skye.

No. 304653

they'll come up with some new and stupid name for feeling really comfortable in your gender and all start 'identifying' as that.

No. 304743

"If there's a domestic dispute it's literally a contest with the other person to look more sane than they are.[ when the cops show up ]"
That's some manipulative shit right there. If there ever is an actual situation where Lainey has to call the police ( and is emotional ) he already knows how to make her look insane and himself as the innocent one.

No. 304746


I got the same vibe as well when he confessed. He knew how to play his cards right and when the time comes again, he'll know what to do. Billie-bob better leave him alone while she can, and ASAP.

No. 304747


grease featured at a lecture on male feminism

No. 304750

Someone with Twitter post this to Gerg!

No. 304751

No. 304770



Side note: next time, put the link in the YouTube box.

No. 304775


My bad. Noted.

No. 304791

File: 1475912434005.png (205.3 KB, 500x375, Cronos de Medici.png)

>His dark and cold tone of voice puts Seto Kaiba's own callous voice to shame.

No. 304805

Learn to use the youtube field, idiot. This knob doesn't deserve views ffs.

No. 304815


Who doesn't deserve views? Milo Yiannopoulos? Because that's subjective. And I acknowledged I forgot to use the youtube field. Also, go fuck yourself.

No. 304816

Salty newfag.

No. 304822

Seriously I wretched when I realized this faggot made me click on that fuckbucket's video. What a shitstain.

No. 304823

Pathetic as fuck.

No. 304825

The YouTube field is just an embed, you're still giving him views unless you re-host the video.

No. 304826


That may be true but we're not paying him. Here; views don't equal cash.

No. 304827

Milo is cringey as fuck. He's the MRA equivalent of the SJW "die cis scum" girl but at least she matured and grew up.

No. 304828

Enough SJW shit. Onion uploaded an old ass video…on his main channel…and Cyr's in it, go figure.

No. 304830

>youre all SJW because you disagree with a political extremist
The irony, anon. So that makes you an MRA now, right?

No. 304832

Cry more because people on the internet don't like your spergy pasty white boy MRA daddy.


No. 304833


I'm neutral to the whole stance, idgaf. Our main focus is Onision and not who's a SJW and who's not. This thread has been derailed enough already.

No. 304834


>"These are cows. They're made of milk!"


No. 304835

>I don't care who is an SJW or not
>was the one who brought up "SJW" first
>complains about derailing and doesn't sage

Yeah sure. Really transparent.

No. 304838


Okay, believe what you want if it helps you sleep at night.

No. 304849


Being this fucking new and proud. Is this Greg?

No. 304858

No. 304859

what in the name of all that is holy is that? is it his version of a threesome?

No. 304860


His mental gymnastics is nothing short of amazing. He really is trying his best to run away from the cheating label despite everything that's been said and done!

No. 304861

Damn it, I posted the video twice, sorry!

No. 304862

no problems! also if someone gave my partner a full body naked oily massage who was not like an actual masseuse i would 100% be like this is cheating

No. 304863

What kind of person with any idea of what a healthy relationship looks like would think that this isn't cheating? Even if they didn't have sex he's clearly having an emotional affair with Billie. I almost feel bad for all of his braindead teen fans, they're all destined for a lifetime of trainwreck relationships with this retard spouting his crap for them to listen to.

No. 304864

Greg, you cheated. Lainey point blank said don't do it, and you did it.

also LOL at this hot mess being back together. Christ.

Honestly if it wasn't revealed that the Billie Troll was a troll, I would have taken this as proof at their claims that Greg was about to leave Lainey for Billie

No. 304865


Not to mention that he was acting all pompous with his "hurr durr i didn't fucked binkie or kissed her so in reality i didn't cheat", but he actually asked her to kiss him after Lainey stormed out of the house. So technically, yes, he was about to cheat while still legally married to Lainey at that moment.

No. 304866

>so the three of us are still together.

Plain is such a doormat. Big ol' preggo doormat.

No. 304867


Troy is going to grow up extremely confused and messed up. He'll wonder what a real, healthy relationship looks like since all he'll know is daddy is never satisfied unless he has a harem full of barely legal girls.

No. 304868

This precisely, hes turning a blind eye to the concept of emotionally cheating. For gods sake his wife is pregnant and naturally needy, so of course shes going to be pissy when he's lavishing billy with attention

No. 304869

i think my favourite thing about this drama is that even though i am dire at relationships at least i'll never be onision bad

No. 304870


Best guess: Greg gave Lainey a choice, either she complies with the poly relationship, or he divorces her and stay with Billie or anybody else. Lainey decides to keep the poly relationship since she's pregnant and has nowhere else to go.

He's a sick fuck, seriously.

No. 304873

I can't even comprehend his logic. Even if he cuddles with his friends Lainey told him not to do it. If you are in a healthy relationship you honor what they say. You don't do the opposite of what they ask of you

I agree unless the personal is a masseuse, it's cheating. I have a hard time understanding how giving someone a full body massage that you are attracted to isn't sexual.

If they are still together why are Lainey and Billie not following each other on Twitter? As well Billie said she would never go back to their house.

No. 304880

If Lainey actually did lay down and agree to having Billie back… that's the exact reason I don't feel bad for her.

After all this, she still can't grow a spine. And she does have somewhere to go. Guarantee her parents would take her back in a heartbeat, especially because they never liked Onion in the first place.

No. 304881


Nice video description Onion… I wonder how long they're gonna keep this poly shtick going before it crashes and bugs…again?

No. 304882

*burns. Sorry, typo

No. 304883

usually a couple of months so hopefully we'll get a christmas argument

No. 304884

File: 1475957349349.jpg (119.72 KB, 480x360, gerg clinton.jpg)

i kek'd

No. 304889

top fucking kek

No. 304890


Yay!!! I want a divorce and Onion's complete YouTube decline as my Christmas presents!

By the time round 5 or 6 is finished, I'm not too sure what mental state Lamo will be in…

No. 304891

Lain is gonna have extreme complex ptsd when gerg finally lets them go

No. 304892

If she gets a good lawyer, she can make Greg pay for her therapy.

No. 304893

It's incredibly shitty that he justifies himself with loopholes and technicalities; e.g the topless massage from his mom and trying to equate that as the same thing. People like that always find a reason. Greg and billie deserve each other, theyre both scumbags who find ways to justify how they hurt others

No. 304895

I've been in an abusive relationship. I get that it's hard to leave and it feels shameful to have to go back to your parents. And in her case, he will more than likely be in her life forever because of the kids.

But, jesus christ, she needs to leave. I hate seeing people let partners do this shit to them.

No. 304896

I'm sure dad would LOVE to dough out some cash for a good lawyer.

No. 304897

This is the thing that bugs me the most. They could just live their fucked up life by themselves and not hurt anyone else, but nooooo they had to make babies and put innocent lives into their spiral of craziness! I can't even imagine the type of persons that will grow up in that shit environment. I'm worried for the kids, seriously.
Because if I were them, I would hate my parents guts as soon as I'd grow up to an adult. I hope shit goes down between Plain and Grease asap and the kids go on adoption, it's still better than living with these mentally ill individuals

No. 304906

…and I thought what Skye went through was pretty bad. He just keeps getting worse and worse with each person he gets with!

No. 304907

"even those eyes" Lol

Gringus' only decent feature

No. 304908


Not when they're in serial killer mode, that shit's scary!

No. 304909

how many videos is he gonna make about this?

No. 304916


This freed my soul, thank you anon.

No. 304918


Grek was topless when his mom gave him the massage. So he logic'd that if its okay in that situation, it's totally okay to do it to a barely legal teen while the wife is mad.

Maybe Lainey should suck another man's dick and if Greg chimps out, she'll logic it out by saying: "I did it to you, so I figured it was okay to it with my friend."

No. 304919

He's redacted the story. Originally he was fully nude and getting an oiled massage from his mom.

Seriously what.

No. 304920


That's some incest shit right there…

No. 304926

but its a FULL BODY MASSAGE, which means all body parts must be touched

No. 304927

I always thought full body included literally everything except what's generally covered with underwear…. but what do I know? The only people I've had touch me like that were intimate partners.

No. 304929

This is so wild that they're trying to save their poly relationship. Cause the red flags everywhere aren't enough.
Onion has a pretty sweet deal tho, he fucks around because he knows he can get away with this kind of behaviour. He even so boldly tries to get his fans steered away from the idea he's being manipulative by being manipulative (which I'm guessing works well considering his fan base is littered with teeny boppers readily willing to hop on cock). so gross, gerg is icky

No. 304931

File: 1475972023566.png (15.02 KB, 584x110, billclinton.png)

What a coincidence.

Greg wants a new plaything, Billie wants an e-famous boyfriend, and Lainey wants to stay married no matter what. All three of them know that their "poly" relationship is a farce.

No. 304934



Oh the irony…

No. 304945

so evidently they aren't breaking up over that last drama….but i'm curious what y'all think the long term result is gonna be. Is Gregoyle going to get tired of trying to passive aggressively get Lainey to divorce him and end up doing it himself, or is Lainey just going to end up living in the broom closet as an aging woman, out of sight and out of mind so greg can continue grooming and fucking new teenagers?

No. 304946

File: 1475980517758.png (72.38 KB, 1146x324, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 9.33…)

Sounds like someone should come forward and spill the milk that made Greggie tweet this.

No. 304947

So… Greg flat out admitted that he and Billie have fucked, gave each other oral, and kissed at least in the presence of his wife, right? It's not just threesomes involving Billie and him doing things with and to Lainey. At this point, it's all mutual, as far as they've (Greg) has admitted.

No. 304948

I can only imagine how fucking rude he was to whatever poor dumb fan came up to him.

No. 304951


He probably hid behind Lainey like he hid behind Shiloh at that party.

No. 304953

File: 1475985445000.jpg (47.33 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_odi1mkDAJS1r2md7…)


No. 304955

Someone probably just said hi or waved or something equally harmless and he flipped shit.

If it had been a teenage girl, he would have probably molested her.

No. 304960

I wonder if they tried to talk to Lainey and not him and that's why he's mad lel

No. 305107

File: 1475990335876.png (452.16 KB, 564x273, capture_004_08102016_221625.pn…)

sage for samefagging, but wondering if this is related to >>304946

No. 305109


This is what happens when you spend too much time in cyberspace and isolation, you forget how to talk to real people irl.

No. 305111



How hard is it to say "Hi! Glad you're a fan. :)" or some cheesy shit.

No. 305116

Greg and Lainey claimed it's for the sake of their son's privacy, but I don't get how a quick "hey" would hurt anyone. It makes me wonder if they plan on isolating Troy for the rest of his childhood.

No. 305118

File: 1475994586804.png (88.09 KB, 1536x746, IMG_0711.PNG)

did she just passively mention her pregnancy?

No. 305119

File: 1475995107716.jpg (93.31 KB, 581x483, shiloh.jpg)

Speaking of Shiloh this is what she had to say recently about her relationship with Onion.


I always lol at this pic, he's using her a human shield to protect him from idle chitchat.

No. 305124

File: 1475999465441.jpg (183.89 KB, 808x1049, IMG_20161009_094836.jpg)

now plain is defending his ass too

No. 305125

unless they're trying to take photos of the kid get over yourself lainey.

No. 305139

Maybe they wanted to take picture with onion and plainey, but if they posted it to social media, it would "reveal" that plainey 9 months pregnant and would show, yet again, what a piece of shit onion is for making that video where he portrays his pregnant wife as someone bad.

No. 305141

Pretty sure you're right. Plain was probably shy but happy to receive some attention but Grease doesn't want to risk his captive making IRL friends.

No. 305145

I don't think Lainey is capable of ending it on her own. Onion's got to dump her or convince her that she's somehow responsible for their relationship failing and it's best for them to go their separate ways. I bet if he believed she definitely wasn't going to go after him for child support he'd have already kicked her to the curb. Or maybe he likes having her around because she lets him treat her like shit and he loves hurting her.

No. 305148

She probably thinks that the prenup is rock solid and she won't get anything - let's face it, there's a reason she doesn't work, and it's not to be a mom to Troy. She wants onion's money, she wants to be the onionwife. And no matter how much advice to the contrary she receives she won't listen to it anyway because she's stupid.

I'd lol if someone replied to Lainey and onion going "why so upset? Cuz they found out you're 8 months pregnant?" Or something to that effect. They'd get blocked but other people would see it.

No. 305151

I never really felt bad for Lainey in this situation with Billie because she's not seeing any shit she hasn't seen before as an Onion fangirl. He marries a young girl, cheats on her, drives her insane until she runs for her life and sanity, and marries the younger, newer girl and repeats the process. He did it, what, three times? She was one of the new girls, and was dumb enough to believe it would never happen to her? And if Greg gets what he wants and replaces Lainey with Billie, Billie is retarded enough to think it won't happen to her? I know they're young but goddamn they're so stupid I don't feel a drop of sympathy for them.

I think Lainey should look at the girls before her, and leave with as much dignity as she can muster and watch Billie crash and burn.

No. 305164

I'm surprised they even went out in public.

No. 305174

File: 1476029098651.png (468.33 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Speaking of which, she's now a furry!

No. 305177

>Skye got overweight
>Shiloh is a furry
>Lainey is a prince fakeboi

The Onion effect

No. 305180


>Skye got overweight

Seriously? Well damn…

No. 305181

Any new pics of Skye? I know she's a sweet girl who deserves her privacy but I'm morbidly curious…

No. 305185


I am too now that you've mentioned it! I was just reblogging what the previous post said about her being fat.

No. 305187


Wait, look up a Billy Don Norwine on Facebook, you'll probably find pictures of her there.

No. 305199

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in onion's head.What does he actually feel?Is he fucked up because of his childhood or is it genetic? Was he born a psychopathic narcisisstic asshole? I think he'll end up killing someone sooner or later.

No. 305211

File: 1476041564187.png (148.55 KB, 500x369, IMG_0635.PNG)

Funny you say that, everytime i see his photo im reminded of Dexter. Especially with the stones to abbigale photo.

No. 305215

He's going to be the world's oldest school shooter.

No. 305217

Does anybody know Skye's full name? I swear to god I found her on Facebook one time about a few months back, but I cannot recall her last name now.

No. 305220

File: 1476044687600.png (712.12 KB, 656x593, skye.png)


Never mind, I found it, it's Skye Altamirano.

No. 305221

He's talking about baby foreskins again, it's been awhile since he talked about that particular topic.

No. 305222

new sproglet time innit, he'll be using it to remind lainey she better keep its foreskin if its male

No. 305223

No. 305225


This video is proof that they check up on us and eoliveson. Welp, I sure as hell will never react to Lainey's cries for help ever again. Come two months from now when she's flipping shit on Binkie Bob Brillo Pad again, let us all turn the other cheek and ignore her.

No. 305226

Onision being in all these videos just shows how controlling he is. She can't talk for herself without his approval, can't do anything without his approval. It's her channel, why the fuck does he shoehorn himself into her videos but shes nowhere to be seen in any of his?

No. 305228


She's socially inept, lol. She whined at him to stay.

No. 305229

I mean it seems like sometimes she figures shit out, but then falls back from insecurities / conditioning.
However I don't know why the fuck he'd not abort the kid after knocking her up, he doesnt seem like he has any fatherly instincts, hes just a creepy old man with an image complex

No. 305231

Speaking of foreskins…(during the shaycarl drama/incident)

She don't look fat, anyone friends with her on fb?

No. 305232

File: 1476047863686.png (48.79 KB, 204x204, 20161009_171613.png)

No. 305238

Wow. I was one of the anons genuinely concerned for her and her children that night, good to know how she really feels. She deserves every ounce of misery she feels because she invites abuse and mocks those who intervene. I should have known she was a lost cause, but I can't help but feel concern for those kids. What a sad "family".

No. 305241


Well that is proof they lurk this thread.

I love it they make us the bad guy for being concerned over Lainey even when we legit thought she was in danger. We didn't know it was a troll till after the fact. We thought it was really a cry for help.

And tell us Lainey how do you feel about one of your husband's recent video where it makes it seem you are in a relationship with Billie? You are just going to let her back after all that has happened? Why bring her back?

We are really are concerned for you but if you are going to act like Greg's puppet and go alone with it then fuck you too.

No. 305243

Wow. What an absolute cunt. She deserves whatever he does to her from here on. I hope he ruins her life. I just feel sorry for their kids.

No. 305244

Fuck her. Maybe we thought it was real based on her repeated cry for help emo tweets that she is entirely too fucking old to be putting out there, still. That's the kind of attention seeking behavior 14 year olds pulled on MySpace. They eventually grew up and cut it out when they realized how annoying it was. Plainey missed that memo. She'd benefit from reading The Boy Who Cried Wolf to her kids and taking some lessons away from it. When she's had enough and makes an attempt on her own life and no one intervenes, it's because of this kind of attitude.

No. 305245

File: 1476050223078.jpeg (60.77 KB, 600x960, image.jpeg)

No. 305246


No. 305247

God I hate his shitty opinion on this topic. He sounds like someone who has never been friends with someone who was circumcised (further proven by the fact that he cites porn as his reference…as if that's something to be proud of).

Circumcised men have no problem jerking off, Pizzaface. They're no less of a man (bet that one goes down really well with Lainey…he's essentially implying that your genitals dictate your level of masculinity) and they're not being abused by their parents. You'd probably know that if you had friends.(derailing)

No. 305250

Well I'm done. Not only does she clearly not want help, but that photoshop just reveals how petty and retarded this shit is. He reminds me a lot of my abusive ex but between idiots here and Onision creating drama for views, who knows what's real and what's fake. It's all a gossip tabloid at this point, about non-celebrities.

Lain can suffer in her jocks.

But most people here will still give all the attention they both crave. They obviously lurk to lap it up, the narcs they are, and there will always be tards here to give them supply.

Anon out.

No. 305253

Hey Plainey we don't care about you, we just want onion boy to be miserable.

I think they're perfect for eachother, but yes I would love shit to hit the fan so we can all sit here and laugh whilst bathing in the sweet sweet milk.

No. 305254

Can someone summarize?

No. 305256


Gurg and Lainey just express their disdain for people being concerned about her. How annoying it is, how people try to contact her family to help her, etc. They bring up the fake screen shot. The whole video has a pretty condescending tone and Lainey kind of mocks someone that said they would drive down to her to help her/give her a place to stay. Gurg mainly leads the vid. Plainey in super baggy shirt to hide preggo belly. That's about it.

No. 305257


One of the mods on eoliveson said that. No, definitely no more sympathy for her. She can rot in her own personal hell.

No. 305258

File: 1476052495459.gif (123.57 KB, 300x239, m4JC5mX.gif)

I think it's this

No. 305259

Welp, there goes my sympathy. Good to know what she thinks about the many people who have been genuinely concerned for her and tried to help her over the years. She deserves all the trouble and unhappiness that will befall her.

If she doesn't want people to be concerned about her well-being then she should stop vagueblogging song lyrics like a fucking 12-year-old, but then that would remove her only source of attention because she has literally no qualities that would make anybody give a shit about her otherwise. Dumb cunt, looking forward to her imminent replacement.

No. 305261

Ugh, they're 100% right about the fake tweet, which is the shittiest fucking part. That troll did way more damage than good and its given them so much "proof" that people don't care and just want to cause problem.

No. 305263

Lainey's a cunt.

No. 305264

>You hate others for the love of drama.

>January 27th, 2007

>I was going to post something extremely long about how upset I am with two people I know, within my personal life - who are continuously trying to break my wife and I apart psychically and vocally… but I’m not going to as I believe it can only cause a greater level of drama, which is exactly what they feed on.

>In fact, they probably know I’m talking about them right now, and are dialing my number just to tell me/others how wrong I am for my wife, and somehow by saying I love her every hour of the day, feeding her full of yummy food, trying to make her happy emotionally/other ways, putting a roof over her head, that in result of that I’m a bad husband.
>Well misery person 1 & 2, the feeling is mutual, you are bad for her. But you don’t see that because you’re so blind to fact due to my personality that disagrees with your less-than-esteemed lifestyle.
>I wish this wasn’t so negative, but it’s the best I can do for now without actually saying names, or…
>[sighs] But if you had seen what I originally wrote, everyone who is within a logical mind-state would no doubt see my point of view.
>My overall point is to beg of you two to leave us alone. I don’t want to hear from you anymore, and I really am tired of your (both of you) problems bleeding onto our life. I learned long ago to stop caring when I repeatedly offered it and it was just shut down repeatedly. I say I love, and you say I hate, I said “can I help?”, and you said “can I hurt?”…
>I’m sure you’ll continue to call, and harass us with drama, but just know, the world as you see it is different on the other end, we’re happy alone… so happy. I love my wife so much, and you’re trying to cut us apart… both of you. For that I should say more, but I won’t.
>Not now, not another moment wasted on you.

Sounds familiar?


No. 305278

Before her fakeboi phase, Lainey would brag about how little she ate and then act offended when people were concerned. There's no doubt in my mind that she's loving how much she's worrying what little fans she has left.

No. 305281

He's already ruined her life. She's in her early 20s with 2 kids, nearly her entire life history publicized online, and will inevitably be dumped and cast aside for someone younger. He's made her socially retarded and mentally and emotionally stunted to the point where she actually buys into tumblr tranny trends. He cucks her regularly with a younger girl and she constantly moans about it on Twitter - regardless of how happy Greg says they are, obviously Lainey isn't or she wouldn't bitch and moan so fucking much.

Lainey is already a miserable cunt. All she has is onion money that isn't sustainable (not that she'll be around to enjoy it), kids she neglects to the point where nearly half the teeth in their mouth have cavities, a half-empty rented McMansion. She has no real friends. Her family is sick of her bullshit.

No. 305291

Well, I'm sorry that I gave a shit.

But hey Lainey, here's an old adage for you:

You've made your bed, now lie in it.

No. 305297

Billie Bob is back at their house, hanging out with Doormat.

No. 305300

but isn't she 'never' going back? man someone buy that house a dictionary.

No. 305302

No. 305305

I completely agree, anon. I think next time we should just ignore it. She probably just likes the attention and I'm sure Billie does too.

No. 305307

Didn't take Greg long to manipulate Lainey into letting Brillo pad come back, did it?

And anyone else notice how when he's fighting with Lainey, his comments over fan submitted pictures in his uhohbro vids are nice and borderline sexual but as soon as everything's going his way again he just sits there and insults them the entire time?

No. 305308


We don't know that for sure. She Tweeted earlier about going to see Dirty Heads with Ayalla. Out of curiosity I checked the schedule tour and they are going to be in Virginia this week. There is no proof she is back with Greg and Lainey

No. 305309

File: 1476070286039.jpg (81.31 KB, 481x800, billie bob and plainey.jpg)

Well, I said that because Billie posted this so I think she is with them.

No. 305311


Da fuck…Are they fucking with us?

No. 305312

I would just be embarrassed if I was either one of them at this point tbh.

No. 305314

omg come onnnn

No. 305315

it's a thread dedicated to them, of course it won't be ignored next time it happens.

it's not lainey's fault someone faked the tweet. sadly she doesn't even have the backbone to take it that far.

No. 305317

That's fine but I for one probably won't be falling for it anymore.

And especially with this >>305309
she can go fuck herself

No. 305318

>I won't let them hurt me ever again!!! :(((
Like a good little doormat, huh Taylor?

Just how long are we gonna wait till the next shitfest? I'm dying!

No. 305320

Lel Lainey gets to watch her husband fuck and eat out a younger hotter girl yet again while her pregnant ass sits around and watches

No. 305321

oh my fucking god….they brought blue billie bitch back..and so early too

No. 305322

I can't wait for him to dump her stupid ass.

No. 305326

>fuck you guys for doubting my perfect marriage
>now excuse me while I try to drown out the sound of my husband fucking my ex girlfriend

No. 305327

>Both make super emotional tweets and videos about all the nitty gritty details of their lives and relationship(s)
>Depict lots of terrible scenarios full of drama and fighting
>Lawl that people give a fuck and act like they are above those oh so silly internet folks when THEY started it all

Wow. They are really the worst kind of people. They dramamonger on purpose to profit and then act like they are above it? Fuck both of them. At this point I feel it's all fake for attention to make money.

Also shouldn't they be doing something important like parenting?

No. 305328

please. her rapidly aging and ruined body would just be a turn off. she probably gets to listen from the next room over though.

No. 305329