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File: 1509230446816.jpg (38.48 KB, 275x155, thread pic 28.jpg)

No. 457370

-Onion continues to bleed subs and keeps blaming YouTube. Says he will protest.

-Laimey completely disregards her fans opinion and dyes her hair purple and gets an undercut.

-Onion makes another Jab at Laimey (one of many) and says DDLG is predatory, this garners a reaction from BinkiePrincess and her boyfriend who are also Lames friends.

-Laimey ignores most YouNow chats because people are telling her FormanBoss is a child who donated mass amounts of money to her on YouNow.

-Lame gets heat on YouNow, people ask why Sarah is living there. Which prompts Sarah to come on the chat and ask Lame 'What is your favorite show atm", obvious distraction.

-Onion and Lamey continue to pick on their poor dog Leelu.

-Lamey no longer wants a girlfriend and says the idea of one is very unpleasant.

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No. 457371

I apologize forgot to add the last thread.


>>>/pt/456654 <<<

No. 457372

he's on twitch right now attempting to play PUBG in a mask.


No. 457381

>in a mask

No. 457383


He must have run out of foundation.

No. 457386

Or injecting more Botox to his ugly face.

No. 457389

She is live

No. 457392

File: 1509235501389.png (964.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1859.PNG)

It's live and lookin' like a tard

No. 457393

File: 1509235545232.png (1.53 MB, 640x1136, CCEE41DD-3E6E-4FBA-B7D9-4BF5A2…)

Ewww kek

No. 457394

WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT??? She looks fucking stupid…

No. 457395

File: 1509235588909.png (1.58 MB, 640x1136, 5081AA3F-C554-42B4-8C01-100ED6…)

No. 457396

Lmao at the person who said she looks old.

No. 457397

File: 1509235658580.jpg (182.55 KB, 765x456, im a boy i wear flannels.jpg)

When you get a haircut and become a boy again.

No. 457400

File: 1509236021837.png (135.99 KB, 2080x1184, sample.png)

I posted caps two threads ago, but here you go again I guess, this time with email confirmations. I ordered from Tena, Medtronic and Poise (but don't have an email from the latter). Everything was free.

No. 457404

This was going to be my costume. I too googled "easy last minute costume ideas". Good job, Plain!

No. 457407

is-is that the address for the UPS store?

No. 457408

Laim just said she has a crush on Nancy and Jonathan from stranger things, but Onion says she only attracted to him.

No. 457409

A *~*~*scarecrow*~*~*

No. 457411

File: 1509236958370.jpg (49.93 KB, 415x449, desperado.jpg)

This girl is being emo, so Lainey told her she has noticed her so she doesn't know what she's talking about. Again probably a 12 year old an. So now shes going on about why its hard to make internet friends.

No. 457415

File: 1509237068761.png (23.07 KB, 330x110, Screenshot.png)

14 thousand bars is a lot of bars.

No. 457416

File: 1509237110392.jpg (53.6 KB, 417x458, 19.jpg)

Looks like that 19 year old from Washington might be going up to the grease mansion soon.

No. 457417

File: 1509237222057.jpg (61.46 KB, 452x479, sad af.jpg)

Damn someone needs to tell this girl they aren't worth it..

No. 457419

No. 457420

File: 1509237381853.jpg (60.27 KB, 440x452, sadd.jpg)

How long till Laim blocks her lol.

No. 457422

File: 1509237682088.png (303.47 KB, 486x485, sara.png)

Sarah paying her dues.

No. 457423

This thread more than anything else has demonstrated how creepy girls can be when there's someone on cam
These messages are on par with those of the lonely old fat fucks who tip camgirls to smile at them

No. 457424

File: 1509237709783.png (1007.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1861.PNG)

No. 457426

File: 1509237808064.jpg (34.25 KB, 419x305, new hair.jpg)

Sarah's new hair, the Billie transformation continues.

No. 457428

Shes a top fan, I'm pretty sure she can guest if she ask, Lames just purposely ignoring her.

No. 457429

File: 1509237878254.jpg (145.05 KB, 1440x670, Interior_Back_Row-1440.jpg)

do they all drive the same shitty Tesla?

No. 457430


>all those filters and effects on her face, fucked up balance etc

might as well post a drawing of yourself, sarah

No. 457431

She keeps looking down and rambling since that fan started saying things to make her uncomfortable.

No. 457432

File: 1509238169699.jpg (64.25 KB, 431x482, ob fan.jpg)

This is funny cause shes making Laim so uncomfortable she instead did a story time.

No. 457434

Is it just me or does her hair look blue in some lighting

No. 457435

samefagging at least we have definitive proof if that is a new picture

No. 457437

are people seriously thinking its normal to pay someone monthly to be your friend? I like how onion and lameo dont denounce this shit. Like thats not normal or healthy and isnt a thing. Stop encouraging people to pay you to have a chance to "be your friend"

also that attempt at halloween makeup. lol. It's getting funnier to watch lameos attempts to be the walmart version of billie.

No. 457439

File: 1509239932881.jpg (59.86 KB, 566x328, burn.jpg)

Kek, she mentioned this tweet and said she had to block this person because they were just hating.

No. 457443

File: 1509241056530.png (180.63 KB, 602x424, space-prince-brendan-fraser.pn…)

I had to do a quick shoop of >>456637 because it reminded me too much of that JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP meme.

No. 457444

Kek was this in reply to her halloween roasting? How is it hating if it's BRUTALLY HONEST?

No. 457445


Is this suppose to be a retarded scare crow ?

I guess she's still looking for her brain. Jokes on her though, it never existed.

No. 457451

This look is a whole mess, the nose doesn't fit whatever concept its supposed to be, the fuckin winged eyeliner and whatever is going on with the cheeks/

No. 457452

jfc i love you anon

No. 457454

I can't tell if it's the angle but that nos paint looks horribly off center. Maybe it's her attempt to make it look less long
She should've did a witch makeover. Wouldn't had to have done much work kek

No. 457457

Plainey and Sarah just posted the same snap of the zombie frap from Starbucks at the same time. They can really stop dancing around the questions about Sarah now. Just stupid at this point.

No. 457458

Does she have a creative bone in her body? Quick google search of scarecrow makeup and boom- it's Lainey! It's like her damn "cute volcano" tattoo. Or her (Jenna Marbles/Miles McKenna) video ideas. For fuck sake.

No. 457459

I wonder if shes actually going.

No. 457460

File: 1509244355268.png (23.25 KB, 640x257, IMG_4331.PNG)

No. 457461

File: 1509244381590.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4332.PNG)


No. 457462

File: 1509244406840.png (986.4 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4333.PNG)


No. 457463

how long until plainey becomes a sarah skinwalker?

No. 457464

Its actually creepy and suspicious that they hide it. They also dyed and cut there hair the same day.

No. 457465

Well…Halloween's nearly here and looking at her did cringe me the fuck out so…mission accomplished?

Kek, anon. Well done.

No. 457466

File: 1509244778558.jpg (76.4 KB, 628x594, hehe.jpg)

Some of her fans did go in, good.

No. 457467

If you look close enough in the background, you can tell they are in the same vehicle. The black material in the background is the same texture in both photos

No. 457468

I was literally just about to say.
You can see each side of the dashboard from their photos. Sarah is sitting shotgun next to Lainey driving.

No. 457472

whos to say how she was actually convinced to do this, but taylor is way too insecure for this. its sort of hilarious

No. 457476

holy fuck im laughing so hard, well done fans. well done

No. 457479

We need more of this, haha.

Super obvious that they're in that Tesla.

No. 457480

Could some anon post his youtuber with makeup vid and the new one he put up today about the Amazon key. I am trying to avoid giving extra views.

No. 457481

File: 1509248386361.png (100.91 KB, 888x165, Screenshot.png)

sure senpai, here you go



No. 457482

can you specify which makeup vid you mean, or maybe a link?

No. 457484

When she cuts her hair and fucks it up and gains weight she decides to become a "boy", when her hair starts getting long and her husband lusts after hot girls she becomes a "girl".

No. 457486

For accuracy, Taylor and Greg BOTH changed their last name when they got married and neither is Jackson, they are both Averoe. I only emphasize this on the off chance compLainey ever tries to land a real job and her employer googles her. I want them to find ALL the shit.

No. 457488

sage your shitposts tbh

No. 457490

YouTuber without Makeup on UhOhBro

No. 457492

File: 1509253028159.png (36.17 KB, 640x115, Screenshot.png)

this one? if so here you go, sorry senpai;


No. 457494

His videos are so boring. No one is missing anything.

No. 457495

No it’s the more recent one. I think that is an older one.

No. 457496

there are several, if you give me the link (right click + copy link + paste in a response) it would be more beneficial for both of us tbh

No. 457497

Completely off topic but lainey gives me major Amanda Palmer vibes in this pic ugh

No. 457511

The last one is a top kek.

This girl is probably 14 at best (I hope), this is just sad. Don't spend your pocket money trying to get Lainey to notice you.

No. 457513

I feel like Lainey and Sarah are trying to be knock off versions of Billie and Ayallah, and failing miserably hahahaha

No. 457516

File: 1509270105090.png (367.38 KB, 480x800, 1477961727355.png)

Imagine how threatened Footface and Potatoface felt when Billie and Ayalla were in Onion mansion kek

No. 457518

taylor looks so old…

No. 457519

What happened with his friendship with Billy the Fridge? Did he also alienate him?

No. 457523

File: 1509271092358.png (709.19 KB, 1324x968, what.png)

Wtf is on her mouth here?
Lipgloss? Its around her mouth

No. 457525

It's probably cocnut oil. She uses it to remove makeup and moisturize.

No. 457526

But… her eye makeup..

No. 457527

I feel so sad every time I see this picture. Poor little Troy. The things he must have seen already in his young life.

No. 457529

can the fuckface who keeps posting ayalla get banned literally no one gives a fuck, no one likes her here either she is busted like midwest trash billie. they all busted get over it, stop.

No. 457532

grease from grub's microdick.

No. 457536

hALLowEEn boooOOOooo

No. 457537

This is both depressing and disgusting.

So is Younow just where predators go to make money directly from literal children? Yeesh, and I thought Youtube was bad…

No. 457538

onion probably told her to and is laughing at the replies shes getting

No. 457541

It’s been said a million times but it’s hilarious that Onision blew his last chance with the only attractive girl that was super in love with him and now is in a financial situation that he can’t as easily up and leave Lainey. She’s wised up and is doing everything to keep him from getting a new girl in the mix. There’s no way he walks away without looking like the bad guys which is something he can’t stand.

Sage for obvious reasons.

No. 457548

Found triggered Sarah, knew you had to pop out at some point

No. 457550

File: 1509283147478.jpg (23.92 KB, 558x287, Capture.JPG)

He just repeats shit like a broken record even on his sockpuppet account.

No. 457551

Do you think Lamefuck knows this is his fake account?

No. 457555

is he religious? the use of capital letters suggests such.

No. 457559

In the debate with JGlen she said he wasn't religious and he said that was false. She skipped over it and never addressed it again but I always wondered what religion he believes in then. Unless it is his religion from back in the day?

No. 457562

Sure, but he also said "He". That's a religious thing to do, and cannot be blamed on auto correct. Like, another example would be "why do you follow His word".
It's probably nothing, but I went to a Catholic school so I notice that stuff super easily.

No. 457566

A lot of non-religious people think you're supposed to capitalize it. Not to be inoffensive (gurg would never try not to offend) but like as if God or the pronouns is a name.

No. 457567

I hadn't spotted the 'He' until I posted. Hence deletion.
Swry boot dat!

No. 457570

Yea I went to a Catholic school too and I have to say it is rather unusual to capitalise "He" if you aren't religious yourself purely because most aren't aware of it (other than in the word God itself) and Greg is known for being illiterate at times, although he did grow up in a religious household but I doubt he'd care to capitalise such words… I wouldn't think too much of it, all the signs are there and it's obviously him.

No. 457571

Gregs creampie… yum.. sorry, had to, it was the first thing to come to mind when I saw the vid, it looks gross asf.

No. 457572

s-suk mi?

No. 457574

I wonder how footface reacted when they realised Troy was in the pic, surely they could have taken it elsewhere, I honestly think it was a low key attempt to piss her off.

No. 457580

I think Gurg is doing it to be sarcastic. But that might be holding him to too high a standard

No. 457581

He believes in Sciesca (spelling?) a religion he made up

No. 457585

So basically, he's not religious

No. 457591

File: 1509297374723.png (137.28 KB, 436x412, does it follow.png)

Who knows. It truly seems like him but I also think she would follow if she knew about Greg having a second account. She's gotta keep her eyes out for any teen girls that might take her spot as Onion's top girl.

No. 457592

Troy sitting by himself in a dimly lit corner with a teenage girl his Dad is currently fucking in the foreground is really sad. Their children deserve so much better.

No. 457595

Funny though how few days ago his sockpuppet account didn't follow her. Someone mentioned it here and now he follows her.

No. 457597

File: 1509299597602.png (29.17 KB, 165x98, 1507871772498.png)

Was just waiting for this, kek

No. 457598


Why would she follow the account ? and why would he tell her that he has a secret sockpuppet account ?

Do we really know what he'd be using the account for, I mean for all we know its to pick up side chicks on the down low… Telling Lainey about a secret 4th account would probably just make her flip out and become anxious. He's such a narc that I highly doubt he even tells Lainey about any of his fake emails and accounts.

No. 457599

File: 1509300698134.jpeg (85.07 KB, 556x556, 0C10614B-6E2F-4899-9790-1310CB…)

The hair really covers his big ass head after all…

Saged for old milk

No. 457603

Sometimes I wonder how much Greg rages at how easy it is to pick out his sock puppet accounts or when he tries to post anything anonymously. It's like his vocabulary is so limited he can't avoid sounding like a tard even for a single tweet. You'd think he'd have given up by now.

No. 457604

literal serial killer vibe

No. 457606

Gregma upload a new video with half-assed (explaining the same ol’ shit on a different day) rebuttals to his haters while changing to a different personality.

No. 457607

I'm hoping there was someone else sat nearby, maybe around the corner? Lainey and Grease are stupid af but I hope they have the common sense to watch their kids when there's equipment and loose wires around and that they don't just leave it to the flavour of the month.

Same tbh. And I love that he's stuck with Lainey, who is probably as manipulative and crazy as he is. She won't let him walk away and that's jus hilarious to me. He's spent so long manipulating girls, dragging them down and calling them out and now he's got one that will do exactly the same to him.

No. 457611


I can't seem to find the account anywhere on Twitter. Am I missing something? Sage for blonde moment.

No. 457612

Apologies for mobile link, phone posting. I can see it, give this a go: https://mobile.twitter.com/hiimasociopath

No. 457613

File: 1509309899646.png (1.52 MB, 640x1136, 15BD6EA6-625C-4CE3-B2D9-8660DB…)

I take it Onion-boy forgot to put on foundation…

No. 457614

God that is literally the laziest fucking misty cosplay. JUST DO THE DAMN HAIR RIGHT
Plus the unnecessary blush makeup. God, why can't she every put any effort in. Can only imagine the poor kids costumes if they got any outside of Walmart or target crap.

No. 457615

9/10 chance that in his mind, he means himself.

No. 457616

File: 1509310639461.png (101.69 KB, 878x153, Screenshot.png)

is this the right one?


No. 457617

Billies hair is orange right now, this cosplay must give her a skinwalker boner

No. 457618

So Lame said in a video or on younow (i forgot where sry) how she wants Gerg to do some Pokemon cosplay too, like Brock (cause someone else is already Ash regarding to her). She seemed excited when she talked about it, like a cute couple or family type cosplay team. I guess her 'loving' husband was not interested to join.

No. 457619

I can't help but notice he has replaced the full-screen version of thanking his patrons for a super small handful of lines of text at the very bottom that are small enough to be covered by the video controls bar if you were to pause it to read. kek'd a little

No. 457623

Why is Lainey and Greg even dressed up? they don't have friends to go to a halloween party with and I hardly doubt they take their kids trick or treating cause Greg probably is ~paranoid~ someone will poison their kids.

No. 457624

do you think he has purchased them bullet proof vests?

No. 457625

I think she mention that in her Misty video at the end if i am not wrong , what is he even suppose to be?
I bet Troy was Ash and probably Claire/Cloey Pikachu, and of course to keep the tradition Onion have to make look all taggy and fuck up as always

No. 457627

She also mentioned that Greg was supposed to be Brock but he hadn’t even started the costume or anything and that he puts things off until the last minute but she thinks he probably has all the stuff just laying around. And then she irritatedly mentioned that he will probably just end up being Joker again.

No. 457628

For the kids? Kek. He probably doesn't want Troy trick or treating because candy is unhealthy and could lead him to obesity. I wonder if he will make his kids sign a skinny pact and make them go on a shitty vegetarian diet too.

No. 457629

She said on YouNow they were going to a kid friendly party.

No. 457630

Oh, well I'm honestly at least a tiny bit glad they will be taking their kids out on Halloween.

No. 457631

could an upload anon kindly upload the mess that is plaineys scarecrow video?

No. 457632

Aww I actually like Brock, then again…

Yup, that’s the one!

No. 457633

File: 1509313152929.png (1.1 MB, 1070x562, DILF makes greasy trucker cum …)

Why can't he be bothered to wash his face correctly?

Also he promotes some headphones and doesn't say it's sponsored. I'm guessing it is or he just blew $300. The rest of the time he looks through videos that he will no doubt copy write claim between jump cuts and makes the same tired excuses all while trying to be funny and failing miserably.

No. 457635

he looks like he has been sucking stink.

No. 457637

He must have been so ~busy~ in between filming to wipe his face again.

No. 457638

Haha, he actually talked about that chick that is obsessed with him.

No. 457639

He has paint stuck to his beard ew

No. 457641

Grease on younow

No. 457642

Gotta admit ginger hair makes Plainey look less soulless than usual. Billie is doing her skin walker a favour lol

No. 457643

Gurg is talking about sarah on younow guys

No. 457644

File: 1509315504439.jpeg (197.77 KB, 744x1031, 437B8228-50D2-4E43-9E48-0EB928…)

I’m gunna post some photos from younow, I also saw people capturing Onion talking about Sarah but I’m not sure how to link. Sorry for incoming spam

No. 457645

He's so boring. It's all I'm going to delete all my videos on youtube. I'm just not going to use youtube anymore to show I'm not protesting (yeah, I typed that right- apparently protesting in his eyes is just whining in a video posted on youtube.) . Don't worry guys, I'll still post all my new videos to youtube. Blah blah blah.

No. 457646

File: 1509315534159.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 5A8ED5D6-8000-44E9-9D4D-5333F4…)

The second person to ask about sarah

No. 457648

File: 1509315570263.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 959931AD-F1A5-401E-8869-B27479…)

That rando girl who is going up to the McMansion defending Onion.

No. 457649

File: 1509315627813.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, 99958521-4196-4CC9-84B5-8163ED…)

Someone in the chat said she was defending him cause she’s going up to the Onion mansion and she said her age for some reason. She def wants the Onion dick

No. 457650

kek with his skin tone a pumpkin would be perfect

No. 457651

File: 1509315787342.jpeg (34.54 KB, 546x472, 2B101D19-E1B8-4BAD-B32E-253C83…)

>mfw you have to get a real job soon

No. 457652

File: 1509315791928.png (6.22 KB, 245x66, Screenshot.png)

No. 457653

File: 1509315893755.jpg (111.7 KB, 921x639, blegh.jpg)


I hate how dependent she is…

No. 457654

How is this mother of 2 bitching about "starving" ? go cook a meal you useless cunt

No. 457655

Lameo came into Gurgs stream and asked what dinner was, Gurg said “so am I supposed to make you dinner before you get home? I’m busy doing something with Maxie until 5” and then Lameo said she was starving, Onion told her “just pick up a burrito on your way home” and Lame actually said no lmao. Gurg ignored her

No. 457657


No. 457658

compLainey is a correct nick name for this horrendous cunt lol

No. 457659

Sorry i am lost, who is Maxie?

No. 457660

I believe it is one of his pateron fags (I could be wrong) either way she's ugly as fuck and her nudes were on the onion discord

No. 457661

File: 1509316199580.jpg (39.14 KB, 315x475, OTNdmgU.jpg)

I was lurking on crazy Tami's twitter and noticed this masterpiece for her book cover.

No. 457662


I'm guessing that's code name for Sarah.

Onion and Plain think they are oh so smart~

No. 457663

Yeah I saw that, She got super defensive about sarah and told people to stop talking about her because "shes underage" then when confronted she just said shes 19 and left it at that.

No. 457664

it's the girl that maxed her credit card out on plain's younow that she responded "your bank let us down" to when she couldn't gib more shekels

No. 457665

Why do they constantly eat burritos. Do they really now know any other foods to eat or make? I don't get it.

No. 457666

lmao(learn 2 sage)

No. 457667

Onion just said “the only reason Shane stopped associating himself with me is because I stopped associating myself with him” and made a smug face, and all his discordfags went “ooohhHhhHh” as if he had roasted him or something…
Are we just gunna pretend all the twitter begging for Shane to collaborate with him didnt happen? Or him 3 minutes earlier in the stream saying he emailed Shane begging to collab with him in a video didn’t happen??? I hate Onion

No. 457668

So plain isn't home and still watching his stream?

No. 457669

Better yet… Is she at that kid friendly party watching his broadcast? parent of the year. Can't even be bothered to watch her own children (oh wait Sarah is there for that mb)

No. 457670

I wonder what tea Shane has on Grease. He has never really spoken about how things went down from his perspective, all we got was Gerg's narc rage fest about it.

No. 457671

He just said I have 69 viewers right now, that's the size of a church I'm preaching to a church. This guy is so egotistical its pathetic.

No. 457672

File: 1509316846092.jpeg (37.96 KB, 750x168, 7D342B58-28B0-4141-9391-101BF0…)

Onions true narc self is coming out strong in this stream
>he asked what color he should dye his hair next, and when his discordfags started complimenting his black hair he tousled it and looked at his reflection, making a weird smug face
>he said Shane wasn’t the one who ended their “friendship”, that he was, and was again making a smug ass face when his discordfags starting acting like that was the roast of the century
>just said if his fans wanted to have a triathlon to have a chance to come meet him he would be “down to do that”, all while smiling and laughing

This man actually wants to see 12 year olds fighting to see him so bad he wants to set up a actual triathlon to WATCH them compete for his attention.

Also kek at this comment & name

No. 457673

>Onion setting up tard olympics and the prize for winning is meeting him


No. 457674

File: 1509317321614.jpg (68.32 KB, 438x417, next victim.jpg)

He read the question out loud and didn't deny it instead said for people to go watch him elsewhere.

No. 457675

He seriously looked panicked when he called that out.

No. 457676

at the end of it she said she was going next weekend kek

No. 457677

File: 1509317464947.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 4B2FAD68-55A7-4DE6-8C6E-F4EA35…)

A lot happened at the end of the stream lol. He made himself look stupid multiple times.

No. 457678


it was. they took it during the time they were having a huge fight with the onions (the one that ended with both of them running the fuck away from that place). it was petty but they're young and they were pissed off. they keep insiting that the pic was an accident but i don't buy it. this was around the time where billie wrote "I HATE YOU" with pumpkins and called lainey a bitch. i'm with you, i think they did it because it was the one thing that would drive the onions crazy.

No. 457679

File: 1509317493706.jpeg (29.71 KB, 750x168, B3E278E5-ED28-49FD-8F99-46C42F…)

When Gurg asked “who’s kittenspace”

No. 457680

they were making fun of his shitty skin and he sounded butt hurt. If anybody is brutally honest with him he is a total pussy - which is another trait of a narc.

No. 457681

I noticed that kittenspace called out the sarah questions but when that anon asked about kitten being added to the trinity, She was very quiet and greg pretended that she wasn't his own patreon

No. 457682

File: 1509317552422.jpeg (162.78 KB, 750x740, 178645E7-DDB7-4867-8111-81F2E5…)

When he saw the question about the trinity, kek

No. 457683

Did anyone watching noticed how he begun speaking very fast about this?

Somethings up.

No. 457684

He responded by saying he isn’t lying because he hasn’t talked about Sarah. And that he doesn’t want to talk about Sarah.
>if you want to know where Sarah is, ask Sarah

No. 457686

He's lying by omission, He knew he was caught in a lie after yapping on about being super honest about everything. He's trying to twist it so that it doesn't seem like hes lying, just not answering that.

No. 457687

File: 1509317747403.jpg (Spoiler Image,22.74 KB, 303x543, 2017-10-29.jpg)

Kitten is ugly af
Btw MacnCheese follow her in Twitter

No. 457688

jesus christ thanks for the spoiler

No. 457689

Its getting creepy how much they're going for billie knock-offs

No. 457690

Well >>457679 was not wrong

No. 457691

when he was asked about Sarah he started talking about how
>I never said anything about Sarah
>I don’t like to talk about people unless they have wronged me in a very terrible way, I don’t like to air out peoples dirty laundry for no reason

Kek he made a whole video talking about his ex’s rape and abortion but sure “I don’t like to air out dirty laundry”. This makes the Sarah situation even more suspicious to me because he’s making it sound like something happened but it isn’t “bad ENOUGH” to talk about yet..

No. 457692

File: 1509317947493.jpg (6.7 KB, 286x176, download.jpg)

instantly thought of this

No. 457693

I guarantee Onion will pick on her about her eye brows and we'll quickly see her change them up. Didn't Lainey hate the idea of people going to there house, did daddy onion demand it?

No. 457694

"Ayalla is so ugly, her eyes are really far apart." Onion said this in his video and now hes so desperate for his lesbian fetish he doesn't even care.

No. 457695

Sage for being a moron but how do i watch his younow stuff. I typed in younow dot com/onision and no live pops up

No. 457696

I really dont think she is ugly, but damn, those brows are bad and don't do her any favors. I think her eyes look so wide apart because of how she drew her brows on in these big blocks that are way too close together.

No. 457697

you missed it. he was only on for maybe 40-45 minutes. he cut it really short after the kittenspace question tho

No. 457698

File: 1509318329542.jpg (42.5 KB, 511x408, eyebrow.jpg)

She looks better when her eyebrows are covered up.

No. 457699

File: 1509318387527.jpg (70.89 KB, 716x280, Whcgao0.jpg)

I could see this starting paranoia with Gerg real quick. He would be one of those tards that thinks stoners are going to slip up and give trick or treaters their edibles.

No. 457701

Ah thanks! Didn't know he was only on for a minute or two.

No. 457702

Them eyebrows are becca-tier bad, I'd honestly take Lainey's mcdonald's arch looking eyebrows over them caterpillars

No. 457703

File: 1509319023815.gif (129.28 KB, 270x360, download.gif)

made a reaction gif

No. 457704

she got them neanderthal eyebrows

No. 457705

Idk I feel Onion isn't even attracted to her and this is his ploy to push Lame to divorce him.

No. 457706

See to me the eyebrows aren't the problem, the problem is that the haircut is probably one of the worst I've seen. The colour too. It makes her SO much more unattractive than she probably is

No. 457707

Nah anon the eyebrows are definitely a problem as well.

No. 457711

wtf is up with his lips

No. 457712

nobody cares about you. stop self-posting.

No. 457713

>more winged eyeliner

Does Gargoyle have a fetish for girls who don't work with their eye/face shape? This girl's eyeliner makes her eyes look like they had a fucking disagreement and parted ways and Lainey's eyeliner makes her look like a lonely pony. And the eyebrows…god lord.

Just because it's a trend doesn't mean you have to hop on it, jeez.

No. 457714

he has a fetish for thirsty young teens with low standards who are easily controlled. narcs all have a type and his all seem to crop up with the same look and personality

No. 457715

Kitten Space please pack acne medication Onion grease and acne spread.

No. 457716

That girl Kitten space said she had to go from Lames younow cause she has dance class, she doesn't give bars, isn't a patreon. Shes going there to tame Daddy onions lesbian fetish.

No. 457717

Why does that seem to be the case, for the girls that come to the GreaseMcMansion?

No. 457719


I'm confused. Why does it just seem like your responding to yourself?

Also, kittenspace sounds like a bdsm thing like "little space" but with kitten play. Is that what her and onion will be doing at the McMansion? We will see…

No. 457721

I'm pretty sure it's kittenspace asking why she would get acne. Which says a lot, considering she ignored the comment regarding being predatory to insecure teens. Priorities…

No. 457724

Uh not kittenspace but wanting to know why they get acne. Is it the poor hygiene practices that just rub off on them when they spend enough time there? Or what?

No. 457725

sage goes in the email field when you have nothing to contribute

No. 457726

Sorry, my apologies.
But seriously, is like the acne contagious there or something? Seems like every time a girl arrives they break out, and I'm curious to know if anyone knows why.

No. 457727

shortened or absent showers because greg's furious masturbation showers used up all the hot water?

No. 457729

h-how long must those showers be to accomplish that? eugh.

No. 457730

Well obviously they are young so even if they dont have acne, stress can produce outbreaks and everyone know how bad is the environment for anyone in the Greasemansion

Sage cause speculation.

No. 457731

File: 1509324024574.jpg (40.81 KB, 436x498, youyawn.jpg)

Shes live.

No. 457732

What color are you not going to do again?

Lame- Warm colors like yellow.

Billie stalker.

No. 457733

No. 457735

her real life friend is in the stream. maybe he needs to be shown what kind of person she is

No. 457736

Seems to me that they're not really close/friends anymore and he's just found her channel

No. 457737

File: 1509324509059.png (7.72 KB, 352x55, Screenshot.png)


No. 457738

File: 1509324671632.jpg (37.51 KB, 418x431, sidspace.jpg)

No. 457739

It’s like I can feel her latex face in my hands

No. 457740

Guess she wants everyone to know about her (potentially) visiting lol.

No. 457742

we got a new macandcheese ?

No. 457744

A new try-hard / Billie skin walker, yeah seems like it

No. 457747

Laineys biggest accomplishment is having a natural birth without any drugs. Shes actual smug that this is her biggest accomplishment lmao

No. 457748

>>457703 the fuck are those eyebrows(learn 2 sage)

No. 457749


I wonder how long this one will last. Billie lasted the longest and no one else has come close since then.

No. 457751

Laim is saying she avoids Onion videos that speak on topics that will hurt her.

No. 457752

she's creepily pushing herself enough lamey will get cold creeper feet before that chick comes anywhere close to being invited

No. 457755

Laim is saying there biggest issue right now is that they get frustrated at each other quickly an snap at eachother.

No. 457756

File: 1509326235793.png (247.24 KB, 484x532, ft.png)

She hasn't broken 10k.
Gonna get sum premature wrinkles scowling like that.

No. 457757

Laimey is saying shes mean to Onion.

No. 457758

File: 1509326803011.png (621.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4387.PNG)

So Space Kitten said she was getting out of school early all week. Is Grug and Plainey getting another underaged lesbian to come to the grease mansion?

No. 457759

Shes also on a dance team.

No. 457760

She worries she's too mean to Greg. LOL

Beck had her snoot way up Looney's bum.

She said she's only eaten granola and cake all day.

Super OT, but is this Onion's mom? https://www.facebook.com/TamiJacksonTalkRadioHost/

No. 457761

nope that's not greg's mom

No. 457762

She berated a fan (analoveslainey gag) for not knowing her favorite band.

No. 457763

File: 1509327035125.jpg (46.35 KB, 433x464, lesbian competiton.jpg)

So Beck called that chick Ana a stalker and Laim started giggling and saying Beck was making her live.

No. 457764

File: 1509327118747.jpg (80.5 KB, 846x417, lesbian competiton.jpg)

No. 457765

She was literally cackling at people roasting Ana.


No. 457766

File: 1509327149059.png (290.56 KB, 492x492, sFAD.png)

Someone asked Lame if she watched the Fiji video and she said she saw the thumbnail and wouldn't watch it because she could tell it would make her feel like shit.

No. 457767

File: 1509327288007.jpg (50.18 KB, 483x457, another fan cries.jpg)

She's a shitty person she knows Ana is like her biggest fan but laughs when Beck calls her a stalker. Then tells her that shes disappointed and to go to time out because she didn't know Lames favorite fucking band.

No. 457768

File: 1509327408555.jpg (51.01 KB, 474x492, bitch.jpg)

Sarah came on and she just told Sarah that Ana doesn't know her favorite band and then called her a "fake fan".

No. 457769

Has Lainey even said what her favorite band is? I usually can't tell what she's singing over all that dying cat sounds. All she talks about how gay she is and fidget spinners. She's so full of herself it is unreal

No. 457770

File: 1509327531531.jpg (42.8 KB, 460x469, kiss ass.jpg)

Well duh you live in her ass Sarah, and you're her human tissue.

No. 457771

Yeah, it's The Used or Taking back Sunday I think.

Her fan, Ana is legit fucking crazy though. I think Lainey knows how insane she is. Her twitterbio is literally her whining about making Lainey love her…(learn 2 sage)

No. 457772

I don't know whether I should feel bad or embarrassed for this girl; On one hand she, for whatever reason, likes footface of all people but on the other, footface is acting like a bitch towards her

No. 457773

She says it every broadcast.
It's one of the 12 questions she'll answer every stream.
I hate myself for knowing this.

No. 457774

It’s taking back Sunday. How could you not know this?! #fakefan #NOTblessed

No. 457776

I never hate Lainey this much, i cant believe she have fans in the fist place
Of all people GingerBeck call Ana a stoker really? She is always up in the onions ass watching every move they made

And Max the most retarded person who spend the last penny on her credit card in this "thing" ( yes Plainey is a thing)

Ana is really stupid but i dont think anyone deserved to be bully and mock in front of everyone(learn 2 sage)

No. 457777

"I feel like I used to be straighter, like I used to be way more attracted to guys, must be all the soy turning me gay." She didn't say it was a joke, and no bitch its cause your husband has a lesbian fetish and convinced you to eat the snatch.

No. 457778

Let me return my yellow hair dye and fidget spinners I'm sorry for not knowing the most important info kek Why does she even belittle people for not knowing everything about her? did she forget precious hubby onion didn't even remember where she wants to visit?

No. 457779

Can someone from the LGBT community call her out already, she always brings up the fact that soy turns people gay.

No. 457780

Ana really is a cow herself. Not to derail, but she left her fiancé for Lainey and blew up snapchat because lolcow was mean to her.

No. 457781

Wait, did she really had a fiance in the first place? Wasnt make up?(learn 2 sage)

No. 457782

Yes. Both she, her aunt and her ex fiancé played prominent roles in the Onion-patreon thread in /pt/. It's worth a read to see who the Avaroes attract and hang out with. They're all fucking insane.

No. 457783

File: 1509328488146.jpg (23.41 KB, 317x482, onion.JPG)

I could be wrong but wasn't he making 5k per month? It seems he might be losing money even on pateron.

No. 457785

Even if it's kind of shitty to do, I would say they have some class by not showing his face in the picture. And she did take it down, so all the same. shrug

Hot showers. Overwashing the skin. Stress. Moisturizing with something that doesn't work for their skin type. Eating like shit.

She's going to get premature wrinkles in the forehead from all the scowling/squinting and from the lack of healthy fats in her diet. You can already see them starting to take shape.

Wish her impressionable fans realized that she doesn't know/care about shit about them. She is super self-absorbed. That's not how friendship works.

She's into that hippy pseudoscience, why am I not surprised?

No. 457786

yet she wanted people to roast her??

No. 457787

Nope, this is: https://m.facebook.com/Revamp.Shebang

I also found the Onision Group page that Onion-boy created and follows on his private fb page. No one else has liked the page because no1currs.


No. 457788

He did. And then he suddenly hid how much he got. I wonder why he now stopped hiding his patreon money again.

No. 457791

File: 1509331661096.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, 70FC3A1E-F736-4A30-BC99-3B3533…)

Is it just me or is it weird Gurg has a picture of himself as his banner? Like I’ve seen people with pictures of them and friends but with Gurggle? Just him and him alone. Maybe he wishes he had clear skin like he did back then?

No. 457793

Pity of course!

>YouTube’s tryna take me down!

>My expenses are piling up -sobs- the IRS is after me!
>Give me more money!!!

No. 457794

in his younow stream earlier he said by next year lainey could be the sole bread winner, I suggested she already was and I'm pretty sure I was banned

No. 457795



No. 457798

she looks like lord farquad but some how uglier. even macncheese looks better than her

No. 457800

I feel like they are letting this girl come down in hopes that they will get some kind of attention and views. Just using her for views I doubt they are attractive to her.

No. 457803

File: 1509337307803.jpg (25.49 KB, 552x202, pathetic.jpg)

Where do they find these desperate people, Laimey isn't even nice to her.

No. 457807

If he really believes this then there is no way he will divorce her. Unless, I guess, his ego can’t take being supported by a woman.

No. 457808

Sorry to ask but what's the kitten girl's Twitter or insta? I tried searching through the past few threads but could only find her YouNow handle, can't find anything with that

No. 457809

File: 1509338458069.jpg (86.16 KB, 779x497, sid space.jpg)

Her twitter didn't used to be private, she must be lurking.

No. 457812

File: 1509338744627.png (407.98 KB, 1262x695, Screenshot.png)

think I found out why they picked her


No. 457814

Oh but that lifestyle is predatory right gurgles? Then they invite someone who's open about it to their home with their kids, ugh I feel so bad for their kids.

No. 457815

soy has estrogen. it bombards the body with estrogen. I crave it but its not good for boys.

No. 457816

I was just going to post this. It's a well known niche in the DDLG community.

No. 457817

File: 1509339003915.jpg (264.64 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_oledwfoffV1v6x1l5o1_128…)

I'd also be concerned with whatever she picks up and transfers from the walls in her house to their kids

No. 457820

According to her tumblr, she's into being choked, spanked, and tied up. Lame is a sub, and said she's a sub with the third too. Won't work with someone that apparently enjoys being dominated too.

No. 457821

File: 1509339460190.jpg (223.93 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ol3gfcOnzw1v6x1l5o1_128…)

she looks more like a Sarahclone than a Billieclone. Yikes

No. 457823

File: 1509339610313.png (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 1920x1080, ss.png)

No. 457824

Lame is also adamant that she doesn't want a girlfriend so I wonder how this will play out? She's probably going to have her over and completely ignore her,so she will be forced to talk to gurgles more and she will cry homewrecker.

can't fucking wait.

No. 457825

I love how her ego is so fragile she will avoid anything that will make her feel even remotely uncomfortable with herself. I bet she regrets asking for that roast since people are actually saying mean shit and not “uwu lainey must be going as a skeleton for halloween because xir is such a smol bean!!!!”

No. 457826

She said it wasn't that bad. I wonder if she just avoided anything that made her uncomfortable. Guess we'll see soon enough.

No. 457836

File: 1509340847636.jpg (161.74 KB, 1232x661, nasty.jpg)

This is the kind of people they allow to enter their home when they have 2 children one still an infant… Sickos no wonder Onion jumped off stream as soon as they brought her up!

No. 457842


naah, that's a myth. eat your delicious tofu without worry, anon. lamey is stupid.


No. 457848

I just watched Lames hair color video she was driving the Tesla X, didn't gurgles say he was going to sell it because of his debt. They didn't sell the black one because they've been using it as well.

No. 457852

I scrolled past the pacifier gag and felt Jesus place his hand on my shoulder, telling me to stop.

What level of "stress" does one have to be under to find sexualizing infancy/animal behaviour preferable and okay, I'm almost genuinely curious.

She might be taken though, if her description isn't just outdated, so this could get even messier.

No. 457856

He was, but blamed his "haters" for leaking his ad, making it impossible for him to sell it or whatever.

No. 457863

Oh what a poor excuse, he said in the beginning of his self pity videos that they needed two cars. It seems that he uses this as a shield from criticism - "see, I totally tried to sell the tesla!"

No. 457866

It is certainly disturbing. God please help those children.

No. 457868

Lainey can hardly judge. Ana is only doing what Lainey did to get a husband. They're both obsessive fans.

No. 457869

I hope they spend all their money as big daddy IRS shoves it’s big massive cock up their ass.

No. 457871

Without doubt, there is always some Onion minion looking here at what is said. Always. It might not be them directly but they’re always watching.

No. 457885

Has anyone tried to update Grugly’s Wikipedia page? I seriously think it needs it since his page is open to the public and everyone can see some of his dirty laundry.


No. 457888

Is he already trying to mould her even before she's in the mcmansion? I was a bit curious about the sudden "AGE PLAY IS GROSS" but it makes sense if it's aimed at this sloth face. Also
>Owned Kitten & Little Girl
Onion senpai?

No. 457890

This all makes that video where onion tries to pretend he hates ageplay even more hilarious. They are literally bringing someone who has ageplay plastered all over her tumblr. Yeah sure, keep denying it onion boy. Jeezes their poor real kids are gonna be in the house while he has two girls calling him daddy and pretending they are children.

No. 457892

I have a feeling about this one. Lainey could be getting the boot (oop, sorry, her freedom and also the kids) within months.

No. 457913

What?? But Grease is always calling her a beautiful human. Surely his love is pure and unconditional.

No. 457916

she's a beautiful human who needs to be free so as to get top surgery and to be with her kids. free, I say.

her earnings are going to plummet when she's not with him and he will have sucked her into looking after HIM, not him having to look after her and the kids.

No. 457920

She would look quite like a man in this screencap if not for the eye makeup. I thought trans people did everything in their power to pass as the opposite gender and despised any traits that ruined that.

Oh wait, I forgot she isn't really trans, just trendy agender bullshit of wearing gender non conforming clothing sometimes which literally every girl does.

No. 457922

So she IS a paying customer? Probably a low tier, if anything.

Kek I wonder how Becca and others can justify paying so much to onion when a teen can waltz right into the mansion just for being the right age, dressing alternative, and looking halfway decent by Greg standards.

Does Becca realize her donations will be spent on plane tickets and wooing new trinity members? She should change her username to Becca Cucksicle.

No. 457925

I hate when her dick sucking fans say Laim has a manly jawline, no she has a foot face and a pointy chin. She's also fake trans so I'm sure that makes her feel like shit lol.

No. 457927

can this bitch not wear contacts if greg told her she's ugly with glasses (which i don't think, anyway)

No. 457928

just catching up on thread and Lainey younow kek

i bet lainey throws insults at greg based on shit from here. the fact she is openingly mocking that freak ana is hilarious. i don't feel bad for any of them, right now i feel joy that they are all spineless lmao

No. 457929

her portrait is giving me veronica vibes from riverdale. i'm saying vibes before anyone freaks out

No. 457930

I thought the same. But her features ruin it when looking dead on. If she went for a softer lighter hair and eyebrow color she could pull off a really pretty Amanda Seyfred (or whatever her name is) look. Or like Dove Cameron whose eyes are also far apart but both of them utilize blonde hair to make it look strangely modelesque and whimsical instead of terrifying.

No. 457931

Please don't help cow affiliates who are certainly lurking. I never understand people who post makeover tips for these gross ass people.

No. 457932

some of us want to also spread beauty in the world lol

No. 457935

I think you had better read that again, anon. She wouldn't be 8 in 2011 if she's 19 now.

Ha, Veronica Lodge's eyebrows spliced with James Charles' eyebrows, I see it.

No. 457939


>she always brings up the fact that soy turns people gay.

This is some alex jones shit.

anyone have videos of her saying that?

No. 457941

i think anons have made jokes before about greg's diet making him more effeminate. i've heard people making jokes about soy and hormones loads like it's a thing. i think lainey is vindictive enough to throw shit at greg she's read/heard about from here.

i'm pretty sure they both know they're in an abusive shit show of a relationship and they're bickering so much lately because they're both trying to fight for control these days

No. 457942

Check yesterday’s YouNow playbacks.
But she was saying it while also saying she was getting ready to eat tofu for dinner, so maybe she’s saying it to be funny.

No. 457944

>that hugeass head

No. 457951

this kittencunt looks straight up like the horror movie Splice cosplaying Jaqueline Kennedy Onasis

No. 457952

No, i guess too much ~anxiety~ to try out or the "I don't like change"-thing she has. Lol I'm already good at finding lamebot excuses in an instant

The fact that she never goes without make up except very rare times on younow shows so much how she clearly wants to look female. It seems to me that she's afraid that people stop calling her beautiful/handsome if she went no make up cause then she'd look like a weak teenage boy or a real lesbian. Also I think she only wants to hear sexy and androgynous things about having male features like the jawline that anon >>457925 mentioned. Not things like an actual trans would want to hear like a manly voice, a manly face etc. I think if someone outside of her tumblr fanbase said to her she looks like a man she would freak out and stop this shit, I really do. But she only hears it from delusional kids who have their own definitions of gender and call everything male/female/agender if the person wants to hear it

No. 457961

Wearing a sports bra and a baggy T-shirt doesn't even count as gender non conforming. Lainey clearly doesn't want to look masculine. The fact that she has a "boy transformation" is evidence enough that she truly sees herself as a girl.

No. 457965

pls don't compare petplay with DDLG or ABDL weirdo fucks. One is about playing as property non verbally, the other is about shitting yourself over coloring books and fetishizing toddler items.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 457967

"Please don't associate the fucked up shit I do with the fucked up shit those true degenerates do"

Both are fucked up, and fantasies about beings animals and babies / kids - that cannot consent to sex.

No. 457968


You're all fucking weirdos so it doesn't really matter.


Does this girl have any good angles? She looks like ET with winged eyeliner.

No. 457970

idk seeing only half her face makes her look better

No. 457971


Thank you so much, Anon.

No. 457972


I know it's a wig, but I fuckin' knew that a light red color would look really nice on Lainey's features. She should totally become a strawberry blonde to shake things up a bit. Plus the lighter makeup she has on here seems more appropriate for a twenty something mom of two instead of the garish agender space prince bullshit.

No. 457973


Those dead, soulless eyes, though..

No. 457981

File: 1509389609873.jpg (Spoiler Image,696.16 KB, 1600x1200, pt2017_10_30_12_43_59.jpg)

Sorry for my autism but her lips have always triggered the fuck out of me. Morbid curiosity took hold.

Does she know chapstick is a thing that both men and women use? I promise you Lainey, it's not just a ~girl thing~.

No. 457982

im starting to think there isnt a single cow on this site with unchapped lips

No. 457983

And people still insist she doesn't have restricted eating tendencies..im sorry but I've known alot of people who had problems with food sadly and their lips always had this look to them plus she freaking tried to cover her thinspo as dismorphia

No. 457984

File: 1509389766968.png (2.61 KB, 171x90, patronus.png)

I'm disappointed. In Patreon, I'm actually impressed by Onision.

No. 457985

Reposted because I didn't spoiler it before, sorry

No. 457986

She is only thinspo in her mind. I'm telling you now she does not have the discipline or dedication to actually fully follow through on any of it. She went out for Starbucks just the other day for christ sake. She's just the usual attention seeker because people who ACTUALLY have an eating disorder don't plaster it all over everywhere or allude to how thin they are.

No. 457987

I'm even more petty because I am annoyed with the little pockets under her lips. Looks like she is hording m&m's in them or something.

No. 457989

It's possible that her relationship status is outdated. She made a Valentine's day post and then 9 posts later is her Halloween post. That's about a post a month so they probably don't care about this blog enough to notice or care about their description
I just hope it's not like one of those middle-school "taken by a celebrity" delusions towards Greg.

No. 457991

After having made that, I almost sympathize with Gerg having to kiss her when she begs him to. Then I remember how disgusting he also is. Those are the unkissable lips he deserves.

No. 457992

Have you seen Tumblr? People do that shit all the time, as also said she claims she's losing weight so fast and getting small and is "scared" yet claims she's trying to be "healthy" those are signs of it too also pointing out how small she is and when someone says something about it she lights up. She points out how small she is all the time. And Starbucks? There's alot of people with eating disorders that only drink stuff with the thought concept of it's a drink not food. People do and show their disorders differently and she definitely shows she has tendencies

No. 457993

She just wants people to talk about it. She wants so badly to be ana, but Lainey simply isn't. Much of it seems like it's for attention rather than it being a 4realz thing.

No. 457994

I'm not denying that she wishes she was thin. All I'm saying is she is not and makes no effort to be. Not everybody who wishes they were thin and eats like shit has an eating disorder.

Also >>457993 totally agreed, you took the words out of my comment as I was typing it

No. 457996

I think at one point she did have one when she was heavier because she did lose weight pretty fast And even was talking to a friend about her being too fat and wanting to be perfect, she probably now eats alittle more but not alot to maintain the weight she got off

No. 457998

she has definitely put on weight though, she is not as skinny as she was when she lost it. Which is what makes it more laughable that now she decides to keep going on about how thin she is, I would have believed her beforehand but now you can definitely tell it's wishful thinking.

No. 457999

She probably eats her feelings all that candy her fans send

No. 458003

File: 1509391207470.png (199.79 KB, 1080x1369, 20171030_131847.png)

No one post Onion boys' sock account roast yet?

No. 458006

How is that a roast? Weak.

No. 458007

tru luv''

if only we were so lucky

No. 458008

reach but maybe it's a reference to her costume last year? what was she? harley? (maybe he's calling her a clown but we all know he's not that clever)

No. 458013

Or happily oblivious of their toxic relationship with an uncaring and abusive partner

No. 458017

Lainey trying to imply she has an eating disorder or is sickly thin is very transparent. She saw Billie and Ayalla get attention from Onion for possibly having one. Same with Jaclyn. She sees Eugenia get attention on Younow, YouTube, And again from Onion. Lainey, the bland, boring, unoriginal creature that she is, sees ~le tragic smol bean~ as her ticket to fame and onions attention. Notice I don't say love.

Lainey's daddy issues manifest so clearly in her marriage to Gerg, as if her calling him "daddy" wasn't enough. She tries all the usual things to "rebel" and get him to be concerned for her since she sees his interest elsewhere.

Her young age and blind devotion to him was the first thing. Then it was being agender and trans with a sharp haircut and a flannel or cap. Then it was being bisexual followed by being poly. After Billie, she is more desperate than ever to be noticed by him again. Since she has ZERO IRL friends her age, Ayalla and Billie are her only examples to follow of what young 20 somethings are supposed to be.

Billie and Ayalla dress alternative, dye their hair, have EDS, and try to be internet famous on YouTube and Younow? Funny how she decided to do all those things at the same time and in the same year after Billie left. She does makeup on YouTube like Billie and tries to sing (half ass) on Younow like Ayalla. Its all so desperate and obvious.

No. 458020


Why am I thinking about cats' arses all of a sudden?

Obvs her resting expression is "fucking miserable." How much must she have pouted to set her mouth on a permanent downturn?

No. 458029

1000000000000% correct

No. 458055

I honestly feel bad for you when I imagine how long you had to go through lame's insta (which is annoying in the first place) and look at her lips (eww) to make this collage

kek i love you

that's so true, lame didn't do a single of the things you listed before billie & ayalla. the constant hair dyes are of course the most obvious and embarrassing thing, how does she not see how it makes her look?
I'm not sure how long lame claims to have anxiety but allaya once did a video where she talked about having several mental disorders. I don't remember lame having anxiety before the trinity, if she already claimed to have it then it wasn't as prominent

repost for replacing missing text

No. 458056

To add, isn't it funny how onion kept calling Lainey "cool" in the "boyfriend buys me outfits" video? It was always "that looks so cool" or "you look very cool". Not pretty, beautiful, amazing, gorgeous, etc.

Even when Greg was pissed at Billie and they had that big blow up last year, to this day he says things like "she was so fucking pretty". Sad how on a good day, Lainey is called cool, and Billie on a bad day is still called "fucking pretty". You can't fake attraction.

No. 458057

Am anon who posted beauty tip for Wide-eyes. You don't understand. We WANT someone to snatch Grease from Lamp. That is milky. It's inevitable, so I don't really feel guilty helping it along. So if I can backseat coach these "cow affiliates" into better looking people AND better Grease-snatchers, then as far as I'm concerned it's win-win.

Unless you are wanting Lamp to keep her man.

No. 458059

he used to do so many videos calling lainey the most beautiful human being on earth or retarded shit like that before billie came, I always asked myself if he had problems with his eyes. those times are long gone lmao. now he only calls her handsome on insta posts to gain sympathy and play happy couple. at least their fanbase adapted his opinion and spams lame with compliments like she's some insanely beautiful angelic being while she has the most average and plain face you can have

lol that's the big question, we all want a new trinity for milk but we also want gurg and lame to be stuck with each other forever because they deserve it so much

No. 458060

Watching Lainey's streams tipped me over the edge, I literally dislike Taylor (a smidge) more than Grease at this point. I think it's definitely the INSANE amount of smugness and how she refuses to listen when it comes to Grease. Her blaming Billie and not her own husband, etc etc. I just can't stand her and somewhere along the way I went from wanting Greg to be stuck with her forever, to wanting to see that smug rude expression she has glued to her face disappear as she realizes every single "hater" has been right all along. I want her to have to crawl back to her family and apologize/stop acting better than them, and I want her to grow up lol

All of that seems way more pleasing to me. Because even if Greg gets rid of her, whatever teen he leaves her for won't stick around long. Then he'll be all alone which is what he hates most in the world.

It could all work out so perfect!

No. 458061

Yesss, I agree with every word

No. 458062

maybe we could have both! first a new trinity and them being seperated, then the teen leaves gurg after a short time, gurg is alone and tries to get back with his ex(es), lame takes him back (as she is a doormat and he manipulates her) and they are stuck again.

I can't really decide which one I hate more, gurg is an obvious asshole, lame is more subtle, but I hate her selfishness, arrogance and ignorance and her annyoing fake identity. So I guess at the moment I hate her more but it alternates kek

No. 458065

It's a roast implying that Lainey is a monster or a costume

No. 458066

Tbh I want Grease to “reconcile” with his exes, that will be very milky! <3

I find most if not, all of the Onion-women to be lolcows solely for choosing to be with Cucky; regardless of their innocence or guilt.

Saged for incoming butthurt

No. 458068

Even Skye when he had no internet presence full of people warning her about him?

No. 458072

File: 1509399905262.png (523.67 KB, 767x538, anxiety.png)

lol I'm watching lameo's latest younow moments and I burst out laughing at one where she's being asked why she's fidgeting. the continuous clicking noises are hilarious when you imagine she does this cause of the stuff onion put her through: https://vid.me/h9DsA

btw I finally found a way to reupload moments from younow so let me know if you have a request. every way to avoid them having traffic is good.

sage for being very late

No. 458073

Pet play is just as weird as DDLG, if not worse. There's also a clear intersection between the two. Just accept that your kink is fucked up, even if it's not illegal between two consenting adults.

Nah, especially not Skye, and even Shiloh could be excused. Narcs know how to lure people in and tell them what they want to hear.

No. 458077

Skye knew Greg in high school. He was probably still a narc, but I think youtube really did push it over the edge and probably had a large part in them splitting up. Shiloh was also only 17 and clearly very mentally unstable, so I don't fault her. Lainey and even Billie knew exactly what they were getting into though.

No. 458078

yea skye knew him in highschool and accepted him and his flaws and even had common interests. very far removed from his current wife who hopped on his "famous" dick. even tho he was talking with shiloh, adrienne and skye (skye for support reasons) at the time. iirc this is all in lainey first text with onision video. even her texts to her mate about her crush are boring af

No. 458079

all those 'kinks' are basically girls just wanting the guy to have full control, prob out of laziness tbh. i mean how hard is it to be taken. oh so kinky lainey, throw in a lovebite to rock his world.

No. 458084

Greg was skyes first everything so it's understandable she tried and stayed even if he was a narc back then, she was young and didn't know anything else so to say she accepted his narc behaviours and knew is alittle stupid. Young inexperienced girls falling for manipulative guys is nothing new. Shiloh, Billie and lainey all knew what he could do after he pulled what he did on skye, out of everyone skye was not a cow and unfortunately got the most of his shit and she was a good person he even back in the day he would say skye would tell him he's acting wrong and mean and she made him be nicer. Everyone that's talked to skye has said she was always nice and true to everyone

No. 458087

She only does the fidgeting stuff (with the cube and spinners) because 'muh anxiety' which is just as fake as her being trans. She only does it to garner sympathy. Which works on her 13y/o tumblr snowflake kind of fans.

No. 458089

File: 1509401814428.png (772.01 KB, 1011x751, Screenshot.png)

he's live on twitch and whoever said it pegged him, devil's night and he's dressed as joker

No. 458090

9 viewers kek, some of them being farmers

No. 458092

File: 1509402134287.png (4.61 KB, 210x141, Screenshot.png)

one of them is analoveslainey kek

No. 458093

Does anything milky/interesting ever happen in his twitch streams?

No. 458099

I notice his narcissism reach an all time high as soon as Billie came in the picture. He manipulated his wife into bringing in teenage girls, then his wife's girlfriend actually wanted to be with him and preferred him. He started making all those rating videos around the same time as well and become the "fact machine". But now Vix and Macncheese didn't take the bait and his fake gay wife doesn't want a girl his narc must be really hurting.

No. 458100

File: 1509403239010.png (23.97 KB, 324x304, Screenshot.png)

aside from oversexualized conversation with minors, not usually. but his sockpuppet joined and is typing.

No. 458102

Pets aren't just property you sick fuck. Roleplay as a lamp if you're into being an inanimate object. Works for Greg with his kink of getting Lamp to lie still while he penetrates her dry lips with his little party sausage dick

No. 458106

Considering how small his dick seems to be, he'd probably get more stimulation out of sticking it in a power socket.

No. 458116


Is that gerg trying to proove that he does not own a sockpupper account?


No. 458128

one time greg made fun of lainey for "howling like a wolf" during childbirth with the most disgusting side eye. I'll cite the source if it matters, but I rly don't want to dig through their videos.

i hate her but it fucks me up her biggest life accomplishment is something legit (in terms of her giving birth successfully the way she chose, not how she actually is as a mother unfortunately) that is probably the biggest gift she could give a partner, and her partner shuts her the fuck down constantly. probably low key complains about her vagina not recovering to what it was before. it doesn't excuse her trans shit or whatever, but anyone saying that lainey "preys on young girls" is an absolute fuckwit that doesn't know how abusive relationships work. she needs to put her foot down and not be complicit, but you're giving a child bride way too much credit.

No. 458129

Anon where did they say thay animals were property? Maybe they were aaying that was the appeal of the fetish. Also you realize this is all anonymous right? You dont have to take it so personally.

No. 458131

Eh, she’s less of a cow than the others. Reading from her old blogs (before Onion), she kinda knew what she was getting into.

>”Please go back to the kind and gentle person I once knew!”

Girl, that man was never gentle. Glad you snapped out of it!

>Her first everything
Please don’t tell me that included her v-card loss as well. Now I truly feel bad for her, no one deserves to lose their virginity to Onion.

I guess that explains her “excitement” about him in his early vids… ew.

No. 458136

Yeah she lost her viginity to him he was her first boyfriend then husband

No. 458137

Also why he would say she's pure kek

No. 458139

File: 1509409547769.gif (811.98 KB, 402x300, giphy.gif)

joker?! he looks like a washed up old man chaperoning a middle school dance in the 80s

No. 458140

Plus people are going off old blogs from when she was a teen herself and going off content from about 10 years ago when skye hasn't been online to say she's a cow or even remotely acts like one, just saying it's kinda stupid to judge someone who got screwed over by onion and was actually a good person back then. He never deserved skye and it pisses him off when people defend her. So no I don't count her as a cow even from being married to him.

No. 458141

Cyr made it clear that Onion was shitty to Skye, he also said Skye was nice and a good person, and she drove Cyr to the doctor when he became ill because onion refused to do it!

No. 458144

i feel like skye definitely didnt know what she was getting into. It was more of a typical abusive relationship that you don't know the dude is abusive until you are stuck in the relationship and she was young, he had no internet presence and she never saw him do this shit before. Even shiloh probably didnt completely know what she was getting into because it was during his time with her, that all the drama and shit really came out, and you could clearly see he was a complete ass.

Although shiloh made stupid decisions, she was young and it didnt last very long. Unlike lameo, who yes was young, but now shes 23 and she just watches him hurt people and doesnt care while keeping a smug grin when she "wins" aka loses in the end. If people werent convinced after shiloh, the whole adrienne and billie shit should pretty much seal the deal. I dont know how anyone can even give him anymore excuses. Also why lameo is completely despicable and a disgusting human being and why people probably hate her just as much if not more than him. She just sits by and lets her husband treat people like garbage and joins in then acts like a victim and sides with him and acts as if the young girls were all out to get her and the evil ones and her husband does no wrong. Gross.

Idk how hes going to get any good looking idiot to take lameo's place, but whoever it is has to be a horrid person. Which in a way is nice because lameo will finally get screwed over by someone as terrible as her and she will have let the girl walk right into her house.

No. 458146

Onion has been at his worst right around the time that he broke up with Shiloh, met Lame and through the years has gotten much worse. I think this is why Onions family dislikes Lame they see her just let him do whatever she never interferes never tries to give him advice to maybe do things differently, shes an enabler.

No. 458148


Exactly! Cyr said he had bronchitis and was having coughing fits and onion wouldn't take him so skye actually did and cyr said onion was butthurt.

Onion also didn't start attacking people until skye and the divorce then went full on psycho because it made him money slandering her and now others

No. 458151

And his videos now are so different then with skye if you notice they actually were kinda funny and not the same shit over and over, skye said she helped write scripts. Since she left the picture all his videos are the same shit and nothing original which makes me believe skye was a huge part in ideas

No. 458155

Laimey is a lot more manipulative than we give her credit for she learned from the best atfter all. She said she would bombard Onion with twitter stuff because "she would not let him get away". He has made it clear Laim will not allow him to en the relationship. Every time he fights with someone he mentions Laimey ranting off camera and how she is super pissed. She did this with Cyr and with DeeFizzy. She knew what Onion meant when he told her he was going to make the relationship a true 3 way, so she instead put the responsibility on Billie so she could be turned into the person that had to say no to Onion. She has also always coached him thru debates always making at least 2 phone calls adding fuel to the fire telling him to bring up certain topics. I can see thru her bullshit. Onion is no doubt a bad person, but Lame is no better and I don't consider her a victim anymore, she is now an enabler.

No. 458158

So apparently that insane Laimey fan (Analoveslainey) has posted DD/LG themed photos on the Onision Discord chat server and its kinda disturbing.

No. 458160

File: 1509411443738.jpg (11.13 KB, 236x294, 2945d4252bab508744ed6be97c2314…)

not that anon but I had to check too
>One is about playing as property non verbally, the other is about shitting yourself…

I just don't understand how they can deny that they were into these things considering the people lainey associates with, the "daddy stuff" and the collars

either way it's kind of OT.

No. 458165

File: 1509411607261.png (1018.7 KB, 968x1920, lolwut1.png)

No. 458166

File: 1509411622445.png (1.1 MB, 1015x1920, lolwut2.png)

No. 458167

File: 1509411635950.png (830.65 KB, 1033x1920, lolwut3.png)


No. 458168

IDC if its kink shaming baby play or whatever the fuck is predatory. So you get a hard D or your P throbs when you age play, so what happens when you see a baby just being a baby? I'm actually really concerned about their kids and the people they allow to get close to them.

No. 458169


So Gerg says he's not into ageplay but obviously his or plaineys fans must think they are if they are posting this weird shit and always mentioning their ages, have blogs filled with it etc.

No. 458170

This is so true. I also was just watching the old stream of onion storming into Sarahs room 8 months ago, and it was all because "Lainey was crying". That whole shit was a damn mess and presumably all started by Lainey.

Also, Lainey is the one stalkery enough to comb through Billie's instagram photos on her 2nd account to find pics of her on a guys shoulders and holding his hand so she didn't lose balance. (~so scandalous~). This led to one of their fights or breakups or whatever, I lose track. She also was the one who looked through Billie's phone and found her talking about smoking weed too right?

This is why I dont believe her bullshit that she doesn't stalk Billie online obsessively. She obviously knows where to look because she was always looking for shit to get her in trouble because she wanted to be queen bee in the trinity and be the "good one" if she couldn't be the pretty or talented or interesting one.

No. 458171

Wait how old is Ana again? 15?

No. 458176

File: 1509412479869.jpg (79.5 KB, 887x440, Splice the movie IRL.jpg)

Just sayin'…

No. 458177

File: 1509412659521.jpg (50.44 KB, 446x503, youyawn.jpg)

She's live.

No. 458178

She just said she would be shocked if Forman was under 13, but that she can't do anything about it.

No. 458179

Instant Foreman raging
Hilarious shit

No. 458180

"Even if I blocked Foreman he'll just tip me anyway"

No. 458181

She's been ignoring Kitten space the entire time.

No. 458183


LOL she even ignored a question about kittenspace on purpose.

No. 458184

Onion just flys these girls in and you know she saw Macs messages so of course she's gonna ignore the girls he's thirsting after and try to get him to dislike them somehow

No. 458186

Kitten space asked her, what song doesn't make you said, she ignored. Then Ana asked the same questions and she answered.

Initiation has begun.

No. 458187

she's still there. just @Kit brings up her name. I found the viewer list to be inaccurate

No. 458192

File: 1509413749136.png (11.37 KB, 78x77, Screenshot.png)

YouNow's thumbnail for her stream is on point. #blessed

No. 458193

"I wanna do a viewers buy my outfits, but well Money. I wanna do it when I reach my goal on Patreon."

Bitch you drive a 2 teslas, you live in a Grease mansion, you get paid more than a thousand dollars a month by fans, you keep getting sponsors on your videos! I'm sick of these people abusing their fans.

No. 458195

She stopped ignoring here once greg entered the room and did his lovebomb thing

No. 458196

True she started responding and Onion had texted her like a minute before.

No. 458197

File: 1509414013102.jpg (86.72 KB, 600x800, IMG_0013.JPG)

Rare preggo photo of lame.

No. 458199

File: 1509414090157.png (7.71 KB, 302x64, Screenshot.png)

I chunk you anon

No. 458200

File: 1509414113292.jpg (51.69 KB, 463x464, sid ana.jpg)

Its embarrassing to see these 2 pedos competing over Lame. Also they both share something in common with Grease they don't really like chocolate.

No. 458201

File: 1509414225965.jpg (5.8 KB, 252x108, youywan.jpg)

#12, good.

No. 458202

File: 1509414259706.jpg (15.56 KB, 382x85, fug.JPG)

These people are insane…like they are youtubers they aren't famous celebrities not that it would make it any better, plus she ignored this message anyway

No. 458203

File: 1509414308443.jpg (16.36 KB, 171x197, number 1.jpg)

Jaclyn is number one which pushed Laimey to 13, kek.

No. 458205

Is she seriously not wearing makeup bc someone mentioned that she always wears makeup on her stream? Jesus they lurk so hard . Pathetic.

No. 458206

Lame is either really stupid or straight lying. She said one meal of fish 3 weeks ago made her stop bruising and shes been feeling better because of it. With Anemia you have to be on Iron supplements for 3 full months before they raise your levels to a good place and you can stop them, sometimes you have to continue to take them.

No. 458208

File: 1509414626694.png (246.44 KB, 477x482, Screenshot.png)

No. 458209

why did she just look at her phone and go "no" with a disgusted look. did a farmer upset her with >>458176 nudes?

No. 458210

Think she was disgusted with the song that started to play lol. not too sure.

No. 458211

not sure how younow works, but if someone blocks you, you can't see or @ them right? if so, kittenspace preemptively blocked me. someone posted her nudes from discord in laineychat and I was gonna ask her about them. rip me

No. 458213

No. 458217

why does she look like a pre-gerg Lainey here?

No. 458219

Nice butt acne

No. 458223

File: 1509415764651.jpg (61.78 KB, 442x457, filter.jpg)

"I hate this one." Gee I wonder why.

No. 458224

File: 1509415893810.jpg (59.31 KB, 499x337, why lie.jpg)

No. 458225

File: 1509416049622.jpg (66.4 KB, 460x431, new trinity.jpg)

I foresee Billie 2.0 she seems to be really comfortable and inserts herself in the middle of lame and onions conversations. Also why aren't gergs letters bold?

No. 458227

I think it's because she enabled her autism switch

No. 458228

When Lameo states how the Snapchat filters make her look like a catfish lol

No. 458229

Analoveslainey has a YouTube channel were she talks about PTSD and sings embrassing songs to Lainey worse than PoopBecker. Where the hell do all these sad pathetic 19 year olds come from? There needs to be cringe compilations for the Onions and there fans. It could really be a profitable YouTube channel.

No. 458230

Bold text is for paying subscribers, as well as the fidget spinner icon

No. 458231

File: 1509416282566.png (376.96 KB, 483x482, crylain.png)

Dumping some that I snagged.

No. 458232

Sorry *thier fans.

No. 458233

File: 1509416397443.png (353.86 KB, 489x490, trueform.png)

No. 458234

File: 1509416456994.png (309.41 KB, 490x484, perfect.png)

No. 458235

File: 1509416512493.png (224.41 KB, 265x446, laincow.png)

No. 458237

File: 1509416534127.png (317.15 KB, 484x484, rough.png)

No. 458239


fucking lol'd

No. 458240

Head's up she is streaming early tomorrow (around 1pm PST) and will be in costume. She told fans she's going for a 666k like goal.

No. 458242

File: 1509416933745.png (9.79 KB, 395x94, kek.PNG)

the dude that was talking lainey up about NM said this in JG's younow

No. 458244

I wonder how paranoid it makes Taylor and Gurg that there are always people watching them that don't genuinely like them.
But I guess to be like them your shame would have to be a zero long ago, so maybe it doesn't bother them at all.

No. 458247

In the stream when something kinda came up like this about the roast video she said "I know some people try to hurt me but when I know their doing it to hurt me I don't give a fuck" not verbatim but then she gave her smug as smirk and continued to play with her autscube

No. 458248

While it may not bother her in each individual instance, I imagine over time it messes with her, as referenced by her autismal need for spinners in the first place. She's been clutching the weighted blanket a lot lately too.

No. 458249

yea I agree, it has too. Her demeanor literally changes wand you can tell when someone struck a nerve.

It's just confusing, I was surprised she said that when she plays like "I'm so smol and fragile" but then has a rude bitchy attitude with her fans but then you can tell when she's obviously about to sperg.

No. 458250

She jumped the shark long ago.
Her fans are unfortunately too young and impressionable to notice and some may be dumb enough not to care.

No. 458253

She straight up looks like a dude here. Like a 12 year old boy who just started his emo phase.
Almost like an ugly crankgameplays that ethan kid who hangs with markiplier

No. 458254


Oh god really?! I am sorry (Skye)… :(

Fine, have it your way anon.

No. 458257

Maybe he feared something was (probably) going on between them, may have also had to with the abrupt decision to leave her due to his autistic paranoia. Not defending him, just tinfoil.

He once said Skye was was his biggest inspiration, and by once I meant frequently.

No. 458260

No because at the time when cyr was there he was skyping with Shiloh, cyr has said he felt bad about not telling skye what onion was doing yet onion couldn't take him to the Dr, cyrs bromance was strong at the time sadly

No. 458262

Plus they were never left alone Greg would always leave skye at home to film videos when she wasn't in them, and if he felt threatened by him he wouldn't have him stay there even before the Shiloh shit.
He left skye for one reason and that was 17 year old pussy.

No. 458263

I see, but didn’t she already knew when he was Skyping in front of her? As “friends” might I add.

No. 458265

Yes but she didn't know about the texting until he decided to sleep in another room, cyr knew what his real intentions were and skye had suspicions only for him to yell at her and tell her she's mean and doesn't understand Shilohs just a friend who he enjoys watch him edit, he even had Shiloh try to befriend skye. In his bunk ass divorce docs you can see he had it where skye could live there with Shiloh there as long as they all got along. Crazy.

No. 458267

And Im calling it now, if lainey and him divorce it will be written that lainey can live there as long as she's nice to everyone and they get along.

No. 458269

Whoa, this is getting interesting!

Did the friendship ever end well or did Skye and Shiloh ended up being bitches to each other?

This may have explained his “I don’t like threesomes” video then, the girls were originally supposed to be part of the trinity but it never happened.

No. 458272

No because shit moved hella fast, skye felt it was odd he was pushing her to be friends and was actually nice to Shiloh, they never talked much and after everything Shiloh also slandered skye

No. 458275

The hell did Shiloh accused her of? I hope she felt some remorse after this…

No. 458276

It was more of she's a liar and shit and went with what onion was saying about her

No. 458281

The same way she befriended Adrienne and then turned against her to slander her saying her dirty vajay jay

No. 458283

I see, she was brainwashed, just like how she slandered AJ. Guess Lainey can’t use that excuse next time she packs her bags for good.

No. 458284

Yeah she felt bad for the things she said about AJ for sure and regretted her actions at the time.

Grease literally drove shiloh crazy, But also crazy insecure but unlike lainey, Shiloh got away and her mother kept her away from him.

But lainey LOVES being a manipulative mean bitch even to her own fans that lick her cunt all day.

No. 458288

Yeah Shiloh also said she felt bad after the fact and said it was true he was driving to states where it was legal to fuck her and when she was at a weight loss boot camp he drove to fuck her.

No. 458290

Samefag but did she ever apologized to them? I once saw Skye talking to Shiloh’s tranny friend during her fellfromtheskye days.

No. 458292

Remember Adrienne wrote in her letter that she would not say what but that she felt extremely bad and sad for stuff that Skye went thru and what Onion had put her through. My guess was that she was very depressed and instead of helping his wife he traded her in for a 17 year old.

No. 458293

No. 458297

I’d kill to read what was censored in that letter!

Wow… at least take some responsibility. Gawddamn

No. 458301

Not sure if this has been posted yet but it's a pretty good video, she doesn't suck lainey's ass like most people seem too. Bit of a neckbeardy avatar tho.

Saged for no milk.

No. 458307

do you obsessively cap lainey all day?

No. 458313

Hi Sarah.
No, I only suffer through fifteen minutes or so of her stream and then release myself from that torture.

No. 458315

Realistically, I think it must have contained some deeply disturbing shit, beyond depression and cheating ( we pretty much knew that, it wouldn't warrant a complete censor ). I think most of us would love to read it just to see how huge of a pile of shit Gergle really is behind closed doors - but I appreciate that Skye got to keep her privacy.

No. 458323

if he hated skye after a while, think about how thoroughly he must hate taylor and how that manifests in their private life. i'm sure it'll come to physical abuse soon if it hasn't already. taylor so clearly has lost the game. she's got nothing. she's pretty ugly, boring, unintelligent, a horrible person, and yet, i feel so, so, very sorry for her knowing how toxic it must be to live around a man you want to be loved by, who wants nothing to do with you and can't even, or doesn't even care to hide it, publicly, even when his finances depend on cultivating the myth of him being a sweet, loyal, sentimental husband. a man who thinks you're ugly, boring, etc and shows his feelings for her readily to his audience. she has to know that, on some level, she has nothing to offer, and that it'd be best for everyone for her to just slink away into the shadows and out of greg the gooch's life. the worst part is that EVERY one of his exes has been waaaay too good for him and had too much to offer. taylor just can't compete. in a way, her npd may be the only thing preventing her from offing herself. i know i would in her situation. sad.

No. 458325

File: 1509429676610.jpg (340.62 KB, 1200x908, lame in a meme.jpg)

No. 458328

theyre both bullshit

No. 458330

do you obsessively think all anons are sarah?

No. 458337

Wasn't the letter originally leaked in full, then Adrienne released the censored version herself? Anyone that was around for that remember the gist of what was cut?

No. 458339

pro-ana shit doesn't mean u have an actual eating disorder though, it means you're exploiting others for attention though
it says alot when someone insists they're not into age play but their fans are very obviously influenced to be into age play because of them

No. 458341

dont pretend shiloh didnt help greg fake their dead baby lol

shiloh did all sorts of horrible shit under gregs influence and because of how fame driven she was with greg she went along with some crazy shit, that's why greg probably misses her and saw some parts of her in billie …

No. 458351

this. none of the bitches he has been with are innocent pure babbies. They all went into it because he was "famous" and had money.

No. 458359

True, but all the stuff Shiloh did was damaging to herself mainly and clearly drove her to a break down - she didn't help him groom teenage girls and shit.

No. 458378

nice video rebuttal, anon. you speak of sarah in the past tense, she is their forever caregiver tho

No. 458380

I remember she mentioned that Onision would shout Skye's underage sisters name during sex when he was sleeping with Skye. Interestingly sister Netunesa looks a lot like Shiloh and they both do the same "growl" thing in videos.

No. 458381

she probably has some kind of mouth disease that dries out her lips, candida or infection or something. no healthy person would have to use chapstick all-year

No. 458385

I forgot what Skye's sister was like. She was also a suicide girl wasn't she? idk if she still is. That's actually creepy how similar she is to Shiloh.

The video is a reupload, not from onions channel.

No. 458388

WOAH. I've seen pictures of her, but I wasn't around for the Skye days and never saw any of the videos with her in them.

She makes the same expressions and the resemblance in looks is uncanny. I've always believed the "Grease screamed her name during sex" thing and now I get why he went for Shiloh. How awful for Skye that her husband turned out to be such a shitty person. I can't imagine how awful she must have felt worrying that her husband wanted her little baby sister :(

No. 458389

Gurgles has been into edgy alt girls for the longest time now. surprised he's not bored

No. 458390

It's because he never mentally matures, so he still finds the "different" style of it appealing. He doesn't realize that most of the edgy "super random" cool Goth girls do it to fit in or satiate some insecurity. Some girls do it because they like the alt stuff/goth lifestyle, but most of them are just like the "preppy" people- they do it to fit in. It was an easier way to fit in for those people, they put on this persona of crazy tats/hair/piercings/black clothing and in their eyes it suddenly made them "deep" or interesting. It's like 2017's gay trend. SO many kids are pretending to be gay in middle and high school because they get a lot of attention for it.

No. 458392

File: 1509441856921.gif (403.93 KB, 540x540, Sarah Detected.gif)

Just because Sarah lurking is a meme now.

No. 458394

holy fuck how has no one pointed out that billie looks legit just like her

i know a lot of her asslickers are here but billie has a pig/pug/fat girl face, so do "netunesa" and shiloh (even tho i love her now). he just a type burned in his little pea brain. what is weird is that lainey has NEVER once looked like this or acted like this, why did he settle with her before he was all broke and fucked up ???

No. 458396

File: 1509444316624.jpg (201.37 KB, 721x480, nina-hagen-quotes.jpg)


She reminds me of Nina Hagen

No. 458397

Thank you we really need that, kek

No. 458398

Never saw Skyes baby sis before.
Immediately I thought she looked like a younger, brunette version of Onionbois mom.
It makes sense now why he wanted to bang his Skyes sis, she reminded him of mommy.

No. 458402

I thought the same when I saw this moment. A bit creepy. They could be siblings. Not long ago I read the stuff about Shilo's sister cause it still stuck in my head that he screamed her name during sex. If someone did that I would leave him in an instant, it's so fucked up. Onion wrote about her that she was weirded out by him, imagine what a creep he must have been to her when Skye wasn't around. Glad she didn't fall for him.

No. 458404

at least with shiloh when you think about it, shes only one year older than lameo, and this happened 5 years ago. She was 17-19 when all the drama happened. Also she was more famous and had more potential before onion helped ruin her career. But she obviously has mental health issues and being with onion boy didnt help her crazy.

I feel like i'd still feel sympathy for lameo if she bailed out by her teens. Being a 23 year old and mother of two though is just inexcusable. She was also a complete nobody and clearly did it for fame and money and is exploiting her fans and enables all of onion's behavior. I've never seen any of his ex's just roll over and let him do what he wants even to their own family and friends to the extent that is lameo. Everything about her is just horrible. I cant find one redeeming quality in lameo.

No. 458406

The pic wouldn't upload from my phone, this is my capture of crazy tami-eyes

No. 458408

Her eyes expose so much white it’s unsettling af

No. 458409

onion is so sick in the head for holding on to this barely legal teen type. I'm soo curious what went wrong in his youth that he's so obsessed with them. He gives me serial killer vibes, a lot of them always go for the same type of women.

I agree, lameo is a shit person the way she let onion cut her off from her family and friends, treating them like shit online and for keeping her kids in one household with him. She doesnt mature at all. Of course, normally you could say she's in an abusive relationship and being manipulated, but she is also online all the time and hears the truth about her husband on a daily basis.

No. 458414

Lame is stupid enough to think that. Also, if you have anemia you feel like shit all the time, I've had in when I still was in college and I was incredibly tired all day, it's a thing you definitely want to get rid of. Lame isn't anemic, at least not in a severe way. Nobody would voluntarily keep that condition just for sympathy, she exaggerates.

She looks like shit here and way older than 23, kek. Her choice of clothes is awful for that haircolor.

No. 458415

Kek, I remember AmazingPhil doing that video and he just asked fans to send him links to clothes and bought them himself.

But that's too classy for Lainey of course.

No. 458416

thats barely a costume for him

No. 458417

File: 1509452392250.webm (6.22 MB, 320x240, its_inside_the_room.webm)

That gif cracked me up. It also inspired me.

I hope its okay I borrowed it to flesh out the video.

No. 458418

kek fantastic, someone send it to the onions on Twitter?

No. 458425

Sarah, no amount of calorie deficiency will take away that ugly mug. (face)

No. 458436

File: 1509461553497.png (169.11 KB, 1136x640, D6225FD3-8554-4777-8AE3-1E2035…)

Not only did he creeped her out, he verbally abused her as well for standing up to him.

No. 458437

i dont need a link but where is this text from lmao the writing is so bad holy shit
is this his fucking livejournal or something

No. 458438

Ehh, she looks like Skye but the eyebrows give her a Shiloh-appearance.

No. 458439

The Sicesca page on LoO.

No. 458441

File: 1509462869945.jpg (28.43 KB, 401x300, pissdrinker.jpg)

if you think that's bad you should read his military diary, his writing style is like a narcissistic, self important 14 year old boy who is attempting to write a life biography, logging every and any event in his days like it has any meaning to it.

No. 458442

I have and it was pretty painful. He went so much into detail that he even talked about his literal shit problems (diarrhea and constipation)

No. 458445

File: 1509466028954.jpeg (126.83 KB, 1080x1080, 86FA8C9D-EB45-4DC7-8C81-EF2D2B…)

Oh noes! We’ve been outed as a hate blog guys, run… RUNN!!!! But seriously, they’re trying to take us down kek


Oh and way to out yourself that you lurk here, Greg.

No. 458446

Farmhand on?
Please delete all of skyes sisters pics now!

No. 458451


Wait, why? She hasn’t been on the web since 2013, and probably looks different now compared to her younger years.

Unless, you’re worried about Onion…?

No. 458454

Why being all this up she moved on and bringing all the shit that pushed her offline is not cool wth

No. 458456



No. 458459

What's so wrong with giving skyes family privacy? You sound like onion

No. 458468

Shiloh gets privacy but skyes sister doesn't? Shiloh slandered skyes sister yet gets her pics taken off because of what Greg did to her? Come on. Like seriously? Greg did way more to skye and her sis and they should get more respect then this is Shiloh gets it.

No. 458472

Lol all of his exes haet each other

No. 458473

Forgot to sage

No. 458476

Why are people chimping out on skye's sisters pics being posted. Am i missing something? Aren't those pics really old during onion era? How is that an invasion of privacy. I'd understand if people were posting her current social media and recent pictures but I don't think that info is public, as with skye's social media. And sometimes old Skye/Shiloh pics are posted once in a blue mood in comparisson to lainey, but i don't see anyone crying privacey when that happens so ???

No. 458477

they're just inciting infighting to derail, nothing to see here

No. 458479

Because its privacy and bringing images and names up makes people look for shit, onion stalks them too so why feed into his shit? You sound like onion. Old or new it's stupid Shiloh gets respect when she did terrible things yet skyes sister doesn't when she was just her sister? If someone wants privacy let them have it, they obviously don't want to be public and bringing up old shit causes newfags to dig so yeah it does matter

No. 458481

Thats a good point
I never heard much about Skyes sister before this thread
I may do some digging now
Suicide Girls you say ehh?

No. 458482

go back to your discord

No. 458484

Why are people doing this?!!
Leave her sister out if it holy shit

No. 458485

That's not cool why blast her old shit like this
I get there's no milk but this is sad.

No. 458487

Please calm down I'm taking care of it

No. 458489

Can you also remove all things about skyes sister and sucide girls

No. 458490

Please stop self-posting / spamming the thread. You obviously know how the report feature works.

No. 458491

Hi Skye! Sorry about what your loser ex-husband did to you and Alicia but please stop being butthurt and calm yourself. Thanks. <3

No. 458496

I have no idea who this is but that comment is hilarious… not only does it look like a good fit, calling it a “baby onesie” as though it is the size for an actual baby is too big on you is reaching so far she passed the target.

No. 458497

don't compare the queen to that peasant you bastard

No. 458522

File: 1509478156431.png (629.38 KB, 480x555, lameinsta.png)

lame in boy-mode is so disgusting

No. 458524

Literally since an anon posted on here saying Lamecunt always wears makeup so how is that masculine, idiotbot is now drowning the internet with her bare footface.
Could you be any more pathetically obvious Taylor. Ugly cum rag.

No. 458526

Since when is lolcow a safespace??

No. 458528

I actually think she looks better without makeup. The natural brows are more flattering for her face and her eyes look a lot bigger without the crazy winged eyeliner.

No. 458529

This is a decent picture of her. I think maybe her eyebrows aren't as badly shaped in this. or it could be because most of her face is covered

No. 458530

When someone's trying to live a private life and not be brought into this mess, she made videos 10 years ago and doesn't want any part of onion why bring her up? She isn't Shiloh. She's not in the picture and hasn't been, it's sad when everyone does this because there's no milk. Let them be private stop digging for info like onion. It's doing the same thing onion did when skye and her sister did nothing wrong.

No. 458531

File: 1509479492420.png (1.98 MB, 1053x793, boi.png)

I agree with you on the no make up but it's not the bare face that disgusts me but the haircut, clothes, and posing. Her new pics remind me of that phase she had in 2016 where she made cringey boy poses.

Actually most of the time I prefer her eyes without make up because I hate her winged eyeliner.

No. 458537

And this is why Lolcow isn’t fun anymore. People like you get easily butthurt over stupid shit.

No. 458539

tbh i think this is an improvement, her makeup is fucking atrocious
i am so beyond confused why she does her eyebrows like she does tho because from this it looks like she has a pretty decent natural shape

i know, i know, beautysperging, but honestly i feel like plain could look so much better than she does and i don't understand why she seems to want to look like garbage??? she clearly lurks, i'm just so baffled as to how she justifies the way she looks

No. 458540

my dude this is lolcow
this is the whole point of the board is gossip and shit talk
go back to tumblr if yr trying to take some moral high ground, christ

No. 458547

Just google "Arisu suicide girls" and you'll see more of Skye's sister. It's not that interesting.

No. 458549


anons were only talking about onion lusting over her, not about herself, it was all pretty old stuff that was brought up, the butthurt reactions are over the top in my opinion. we didn't look for social media or anything and I doubt onion fans would go harrass her for being discussed one time here when she never did anything

No. 458555

A farmhand already replied to you, wasn't that enough?

No. 458557

I had never heard of her sis, I literally just looked at the pic an anon posted and thought, "huh, she does look like Shiloh."
Then I moved on with my life..
You are getting too worked up over this, you're making it more noticeable in the thread.

No. 458558

streisand effect kek

No. 458562

I had no idea "you" were a person until this thread. I can't be alone in this, so I find this statement very hard to believe

No. 458563

Blimey, you must be a regular lurker to have spotted your mention so fast.

No. 458565

>assuming everyone knows your social media

No. 458566


is this real?

No. 458568

I just wanted to point out Sarah is on a plane in that image. That’s a tug in the window and another plane window in the background.

No. 458570

I think you're trolling or otherwise you would be super obsessed with onion drama to lurk here everyday, I doubt someone who wants to leave him behind would read this thread all the time

No. 458571

Your dms are closed.

No. 458573

Report and move on, Skye wouldn't post here stop being retarded.

No. 458574

I'm finding it a bit odd too. If your still getting death threats from his idiot fans I doubt this thread will do any extra damage, you were only briefly mentioned.

No. 458576

sage your shitpost. she is in the tesla. see the headrest threading, then compare with

No. 458577

go to settings, privacy, "allow dms from anyone"

No. 458578

kek nothing got out of hand until your got your knickers in a twist over a few comments.

No. 458579

lollll maybe if you didn't come here to spaz cause someone posted your Twitter NO ONE would be fucking talking about you still.

No. 458580

I don't even think Gurgs fans know about Skye or Alicia.

No. 458583

this is hilarious, anons had already moved on, just the complaining made it blow up. posting your twitter here is actually attention whoring

I think so too, it's too old stuff and the remaining fans are mostly young and don't know drama that's older than billie drama

No. 458585

tinfoiling but what if she is actually netunesa, and she selfposted in a desperate grasp of relevance. she was randomly brought up, being "back" yet last tweet is over a month ago

No. 458587

all these girls look the same but i guess ive seen ur tits and vag now for free, grats skyes sister

No. 458588

She deleted her comments.

No. 458594

Can we not add to Greg's wank bank? We know he lurks

No. 458595

so shameless selfposting for feigns of relevance or cowtipping.

No. 458596

This is your final warning to stop posting about yourself. Anyone who's interested can DM you.

Please move on, everyone.

No. 458597

was the original post about her twitter being "back" a selfpost?

No. 458604

We can confirm that it is Skye's sister who has been posting and offering to talk about the situation. Please refrain from posting current information or anything after she stopped being involved with Onision. She has been banned from commenting.

No. 458605

OT but I was watching the richer breault episode of to catch a predator on youtube and one of the top comments said "If only this could happen to Onision" KEK

No. 458609

Thanks admin, going forward can we all keep in mind that despite the amount of time that has passed that these people went through some pretty fucked up shit in regards to all this and it most likely still effects them today. Not trying to be a moralfag or anything but I just feel the only person who should face the brunt of things is onion.

No. 458612

this is hilarious

can upload-anon upload lame's new roast video?

No. 458614

File: 1509484476338.png (84.71 KB, 736x163, lame.PNG)



it should be done in a sec

No. 458615

File: 1509484557213.png (80.43 KB, 802x164, Screenshot.png)

literally was just doing it. another mirror


No. 458616

thank you anons, you're so quick!

No. 458618

Her Halloween makeup is awful

No. 458620

Wait, Alicia was here? Dafuq?!

For some reason I always suspected the Altamirano family was lurking. The troll page and thread are gone too.

No. 458621

Tbf, wouldn't you when it comes to dealing with Onision? Time means nothing to his salty ass. Especially if it was to keep an eye on it for your families sake. I feel really bad for them because when it comes to the internet they can't just be normal people =/

No. 458623

File: 1509484824318.png (104.88 KB, 898x158, Screenshot.png)

new onision vid as well


No. 458624

yep, he's proven over and over he will not let go. he's brought up skye and the alimony repeatedly and taken shots at shiloh too. i can't blame alicia for lurking.

No. 458626

wow, of course she only used the comments that express she's a ~pale ghost~, the rest is "haha see, I'm totally self-ironic about my make up skillz" and "my hair is soft"

No. 458627

File: 1509485035297.jpg (72.37 KB, 887x678, cap.JPG)

uh oh incoming ana chan Lainey for the next week cause someone called her a skeleton

No. 458628

Someone earlier on in this thread (can't be f00ked to scroll back) called it that she would use this an excuse to post people calling her skinny

No. 458629

I don't get it. is this seriously funny to him? Making Fred references in 2017?

No. 458630

File: 1509485316672.png (703.73 KB, 989x596, lame.png)

that comment

>do you have a problem with my lack of gender?

reminds me of these vine cringe compilations of tumblr special snowflakes, it would fit in so well

No. 458632

Why is he still bitching about the alimony? It’s already been paid off over a month ago. Move on Grease!

No. 458633

Fucking lol look how happy she is to be called thin. This woman is so vapid. Shes gonna complete her muchie transformation soon. All lying about anemia and "im losing so much weight ;(" she is so annoying.
This thread has become nothing but lainey and now her sad channel reminds me of Suzy who is a snowflake. Its so boring to watch

No. 458640

if we ignore the complete retardation of this videos, why is he setting up a football table? did he buy it? i thought they were broke kek, why would onion and lame need one, do they want to play with sarah? no one else is around. or did kittenspace mention she likes football tables so onion is already preparing the basement?

No. 458642

how dare you

No. 458643

Not if I wanted to completely erase my existence from Onion’s life and forget being once married to a greasy narc-sociopath.

But now that I think about it, is it possible that Alicia herself was sperging about Skye not having a ~sekrit child~ here and sperged about the occult discussion from the temp page awhile ago?

Really odd…

No. 458644

File: 1509486548195.png (256.03 KB, 1231x447, Screenshot.png)

originally I speculated it might be promotional, because the name of the product was included in the title and the description of the video, but on Amazon pic related is what comes up for search. the one he bought is actually


little less than half the price

No. 458645

Well I mean, would you not always be worried over what is said or found out about you with regards to him? i know I definitely would so you can bet I would either lurk here or ask others who do to let me know if I'm brought up

No. 458646

Idk man, even Shiloh doesn’t lurk here nor asks about constantly being brought up.

I bet they kekked about Gregma’s recent diaper-fetish though!

No. 458647

She looks so much like Onion in this vid

No. 458648

File: 1509487245341.png (162.11 KB, 640x463, gifts.png)

looking at his twitter it's possible that he got it as a birthday gift. it makes me so mad that they get so much expensive shit from fans since they started ebegging while they are producing the most boring, half-assed, repetitive and annoying content and have been dicks to people for years

No. 458650

I just can’t believe he’s turning 32…

No. 458654

Still lurking almost 10 years later can't be healthy. What is she going to do? Nobody would have thought much of old pictures of her and now it's been exposed that she lurks and someone posted her SG name.

No. 458657

lame's on younow, any anons wanna join me watching it for the lols?

No. 458658

I'll suffer with you

No. 458659

The anon actually posted the wrong name, but the real one isn't difficult to find anyways. I agree she probably shouldn't have posted here but rather should have emailed admins. But it's done, and I feel we can't bash Onions actions against them then incite more action so let's just all agree to report anything in future that is not relevant or brings them back into it unnecessarily? All I'm saying is there are some understandable reasons for them to lurk and you're right it's not healthy so lets try and minimise the reasons for them to have to. Just my thoughts…

No. 458660

already shitting on leelu (idk how to spell it) saying someone can have her (they asked 'can I borrow your dog')

No. 458661

says leelu ignores her and doesn't come to her unless she has treats…. Did she not do research on the dachshund breed??? mine wont come for anything. Also I can imagine the dog is terrified of them.

No. 458667

File: 1509490092072.jpg (20.12 KB, 798x120, younow.JPG)

suspicious as fuck lol

No. 458670

Greg broke her younow and she is currently fighting with him. He closed out of her younow despite her telling him stop (he was supposed to fix her mouse????) and now she's irritated and he's trying to leave

No. 458671

kek lame asked for a hug and onion reacted very annoyed

No. 458672

and left without fixing her mouse fucking kek

No. 458673

that was so funny, unfortunately i couldn't take a moment exactly when that happened, stupid technical problems, i hope someone did. he left so quick. also lame's annoying for being the type of woman who lets her husband do everything that has something to do with computers

No. 458674

File: 1509490572952.jpg (40.37 KB, 1230x239, kek.JPG)

Midnight blue is the next color. I wonder where she happened to get that idea from? no idea.

No. 458676

well she has to recycle billie's old haircolors now that she's fucked up her hair and can't bleach it lol

No. 458680

does she not realize she's being demonetized because she keeps putting Gurg in her vids? Gurg acts vulgar as fuck in her videos most of the time so they probably just auto demonetize her

No. 458685

She probably does but Grug won't leave her videos alone, he'd probably accuse her of being 'selfish'

No. 458686

she just said her favorite videos are fun little videos with greg. too bad that he hates her so much that he doesn't include her in his videos

No. 458688

It's his classis narc way, do stuff for me but i'll never do stuff for you

No. 458689

Greg is being professor oak apparently

No. 458690

God, is there truth to the 3rd kid thing?

No. 458692

She's calling in Greg again if any farmers wanna cap it if there is milk. I sadly have to leave so I cannot get it.

No. 458693

I watched on of her old videos yesterday where Greg told a bunch of anti-PC jokes off camera while Lainey and Sarah “react”. It was disgusting. She’s an idiot for letting him on her channel. He’s an idiot too for the self-insertion. Her channel would probably do better.

No. 458695

Her stream ended cause greg literally shut off her laptop despite her saying no to lol

No. 458696

File: 1509492774753.png (244.19 KB, 476x473, help.png)

wasn't milky but i took a screenshot of lame calling him cause she's an idiot who can't do anything herself. is it really so hard to push ctrl+alt+del to close the browser?

i love how he ignores everything she says just to get out of the room as soon as possible

No. 458698

this is them fighting when gurg made the stream freeze.


No. 458699

I bet they're still fighting right now

No. 458700

No. 458701

She’s got a Mac anon, kek

No. 458702

She sounded annoyed yesterday that he didn’t have his Brock costume done and now he’s not even going as that, which I bet annoys her. I bet they are fighting a lot today.

No. 458703

I feel so much second hand embarrassment watching that.
Imagine your petty fights airing for all of the internet to watch.

No. 458704

lol but you get what i mean, as someone who's on the computer basically all day she should know how to solve a simple problem like this. no, she's too smol and weak and needs her dadddyyy

No. 458709

jeezus she look so sad when she asks for a hug, i can’t imagine how she would act when billie was still around asking for affection from both her husband and girlfriend

No. 458711

File: 1509494508065.jpeg (39.03 KB, 600x750, 20485131-78FA-43BA-919A-441E72…)

If “HSanon” (coghSomeGuy827probablycough) was correct in saying Grease was trying to shut down Skye’s interwebz career because she was starting to “talk too much” (one anon back in the temp thread said she used to chat with people on tinychat) or something. Other than that, who the fuck knows anymore.

No. 458725

some patreons have sent lainey nudes on her snapchat, theyre so attention starved they complain about the fact doormat just leaves them on read without a response

I hope to god their underaged fans don't do this, secondly lainey not condoning this behavior is irresponsible and predatory as fuck

No. 458729

It’s official, we’re at the mercy of the Onion clan. They all fuckin’ lurk!

First Gregma, Lame, Sarah and the loser discordfags and now the Altamirano sisters? Couldn’t they all just…fuck off somewhere?

No. 458730

It's sad that they posted their nudes to lolcow on that one /snow/ thread before sending them to their idols. I guess we're more important in their messed up heads. Then again, they might just be so screwed up that sending nudes to strangers is normal to them. They are Onion's well cultivated fanbase, afterall.

No. 458736

Don't wanna sound like an edge lord or anything but they're much more at lolcow's mercy, they refuse to admit they lurk so they can't argue against anything thrown at them directly without looking desperate and bothered, Onion is probably affected the most due to his need to constantly tell everyone how he's feeling while simultaneously acting like he doesn't need to listen to anyone else, it's a narc's worst nightmare.

No. 458742

I don't get why people think it's okay to post stuff about people that creepy ass onion is obsessed about and stalks personal info shouldn't be posted and esp stuff that's not onion related he's a creep

No. 458746

And Lame constantly shoving “it’s they/them!” down our throats when we no longer or don’t believe her at all.

I bet our Tumblr sisters are jelly they don’t get this much attention.

No one posted personal info, calm the fuck down Skye.

No. 458749

File: 1509503708527.png (2.37 MB, 640x1136, 75B523DB-A334-472B-988A-A9245D…)

Ew. 32 going on 50

No. 458750

File: 1509503820739.png (1.87 MB, 640x1136, 9B8D9818-5FEA-4FE9-A437-5F86E9…)

>MY pumpkin

No. 458751

Other than the potential lurking by anyone who has ever unfortunately graced the presence of Fuckboi (he's like some sort of cringe demon that has to be cyclically purged… poor souls have my sympathy), does it seem as though Taylor the misgendered Muppet Trannybot has some new fresh teen poon she has fished out of the tumblr gutter that is certified fresh from high school?

She has been behaving creepily towards some of her YouNow viewers. I mean if the nude pics from her "fans" are true, isn't she just as responsible as her husband for "collecting" images? If she is "collecting" images, whilst taking their money doesn't that not bode well…? I mean is he crackin dat whip for new teen poon that hard geez he broke her into a new hair color?

No. 458756

Eck why do all these girls think plaineys hot! This is gross *barf
Her hair alone sends chills to my soul

No. 458760

File: 1509505948410.png (337.05 KB, 750x1334, C2A76A00-DF72-419C-BED1-D22F74…)

Sage for no milk but man he’s really trying to push that he’s 6 foot but we all know him and painey are the same height.

Also look who retweeted it lol

No. 458764

File: 1509507685476.png (181.51 KB, 640x1136, 3996F456-AF7C-4335-85B3-959592…)

New poll: a simple “no” would’ve sufficed.

No. 458771

>implying Tom Cruise is actually 5'6.

Please. The guy is shorter than that, maybe 5'4 at MOST. So then yes. Onion would be right.

No. 458774

File: 1509510706437.jpg (575.17 KB, 1418x2471, Screenshot_20171031-213019.jpg)


No. 458779

they dont, tbh. they like oniondaddy, but in order to get to him, they have to go lamey first

No. 458780

Someone linked her that video that was linked here yesterday.
>I don't read the comments
Seems like the reason she "doesn't read" them is because people are telling her to credit her "inspiration".

No. 458781

File: 1509511920690.png (24.61 KB, 604x365, 34634ss4463.png)

No. 458783

I kekked.

No. 458807

>>lainey not condoning this behavior is irresponsible and predatory as fuck

Dude I get what you mean but you're saying the literal opposite. She should 'condemn' it, 'condone' means to approve of it.

Lainey absolutely is condoning their saggy nudes. I have no idea why as Greg is into 2D Harley hentai, not the kind of naked shots you'd see on the cctv of a care home for Downs sufferers.

No. 458817

Lol he makes it so obvious that he lies about his height. If he was tall enough not to be embarrassed of himself he wouldn't see the need to convince everyone so often that he's his imaginary 5,11. Also using Tom Cruise for comparison, a guy who is generally used as an example for short guys? Thank you gurgles, I love to laugh about your insecurities you manlet. The funny thing is he would be even shorter if his head wasn't so huge.

Both him and Lame have the habit to say things so often that their fans believe them: being honest, being tall, being smol, being skinny, being gay…

No. 458818

File: 1509529218260.jpg (90.06 KB, 406x750, onionshort 2.jpg)

With an estimated 3 inches for lamo's kitten wedges, the height difference between them is 6 inches max - making him 5'9 at most.

And I'm being really fucking generous here, I'm letting him keep the inch he gains from those dress shoes with height insoles.

6 feet kek

No. 458819

File: 1509529313871.jpg (86.57 KB, 732x743, onionshort.jpg)

Close up pic where they're slouching less during their wedding.

Why the fuck do they have such bad postures?

No. 458821

the way to long pants of his rented suit make him look even shorter kek

No. 458823

File: 1509531466367.jpg (17.03 KB, 236x316, 537e4c16bc95208a0afe2c7b34206a…)

Y'know for a secret wedding they planned behind the backs of Taylor's rents, there is a shocking amount of effort put into this!

I mean look at the cakes, I'm sure they had to pre-order sunflower cakes from walmart weeks if not months before hand for that kind of workmanship.

And his suit, wow he must have scoured the every tux rental place in Washington to find that perfect fit of the hem is dragging on the floor.

Let's not forget onion's hair. Damn, he must have booked some fancy celebrity hair stylist that couldn't even finish blow drying his hair before he was called off to another red carpet event.

They're legit couple goals! How I hope one day my boyfriend will also propose to me with an equally beautiful 2 dollar costume jewelry ring that will turn my finger black.

No. 458825

I was about to say that. The problem is he would have had to admit that the pants were too long and that is a thing that doesn't exist in his perception

You're killing me anon.
The haircut is almost as awful as his current one, 100% self cut. He was really trying to impress his child bride kek

No. 458826

was lainey already pregnant here?

No. 458827

No. 458828

Gross.(learn 2 sage)

No. 458830

She sounds like an abuse victim asking for permission to stream at a time he designated for her

No. 458831

If Lainey wasn't such a scumbag, I'd feel bad for her. This is her getting married to the big celebrity she'd been pining after, and its just a cheap affair where her "celebrity" doesn't even own his own suit and everything looks like it was bought at the dollar store.

But hey, now she scams children out of money, sits on her ass all day putting on makeup, and refuses to use her psychology degree to actually help people. I guess you reap what you sow. Have fun being married to a pedophile.

No. 458832

How is that possible to confirm?

If it was her it would be nice if she could've spilt some old milk about how much grease was lusting after her during his marriage to her sister..

No. 458833

File: 1509536921820.jpg (45.65 KB, 685x678, waardenburg.JPG)

She looks like pic related
Does she have the same Waardenburg Syndrome I wonder?

No. 458836

The fluffy style of his hair also gives him a strategic inch at least. and his overly long pants disguise the heel at the bottom. his pants bunch up just at the heel to hide his shoes. haven't we seen him with overly long pantlegs before? i think they were some jeans, just dragging on the floor and anons were wondering why he'd style himself so shitty.

His perpetual "big" hairstyle, high heels, long pants to hide those heels, very few shoes he's willing to wear, petite foot size…he's a manlet alright.

Onion lives in oniony layers of denial, his whole life is self-delusion. So he even fools himself (not just fans) into thinking he's close to 6 ft. He never goes to the doctor too…he never has to face facts.

>when will they learn

No. 458837

tom cruise is 5' 7". greg is trying to push the idea he is almost 6'

No. 458841

Hah, but this wasn't the secret wedding. This is the one Taylor's parents were invited to and it was planned one year after.

Secret wedding supposedly occurred in some mud near river bank.

Their whole wedding story belongs to /r/sadcringe

No. 458843

File: 1509540549390.jpg (39.16 KB, 460x561, 9iZzwHv.jpg)

no, she doesn't have the nose, the light eye color, or the white strand of hair at the front. You should google a little before making wild speculations.

No. 458855

What is hair dye and contact lenses?

No. 458860


Lainey looks pretty in that screenshot.

No. 458861

Bro she’s probably just got FAS

No. 458885

Waardenburg syndrome is pretty conspicuous. I very highly doubt kitten whatever has it.

No. 458894

A+ anon this made me lol.

No. 458895

File: 1509553959406.png (585.67 KB, 1882x922, wouldulookatthisidiot.png)

you're reaching too far

Anyways, I got this video in my recommended on YT and noticed a familiar face fighting with people in the comments..

(if anyone wants a link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kMe4JEX7Wg)

No. 458898


Exactly. I mean if he wanted to go cheap on a ring, there are plain bands that are made from metals for sensitive skin. I know plenty of people with plain bands for their rings.

No. 458903

lel says shes not a fan but follows them both on all accounts what a tard but FAXX

No. 458911

Watching the video just reminds me of how fucked up Billiegate is in terms of their kids, and how fucked up Lainey's teenbaiting is overall.

Honestly, in another universe Lainey and Greg might very well be one of those couples where the dude rapes and murders young girls and the wife lures them in.

No. 458912


Why hasn’t this girl been flown in yet? She seems like onion’s type (pretty/alt, young, has low-paying job that she hates), plus she’s already into YouTube so she could be the camera person he “needs” so much.

Lainey’s liked a lot of her stuff on SM too.

Anyone have any theories?

Sage for semi-relevance

No. 458913

In another universe nothing, he already exhibits a lot of signs of Paul Bernardo (lusting after the young sister of his ex-wife) obsessed with purity and teens, narcissism, rape (adrien), he's got a basement torture centre already up and ready to go and he's got his perfect Karla Homolka in Plainey. She will lure teens in to cull favour with Greg exactly the way Karla did with Paul and she'll get jealous and ultimately make them disappear (Like Karla did with the victims). This may seem over the top but these two are a breath away from being sexual predators. Greg already is one with his multiple violations of the Mann act of 1910 (transporting underage teens across state lines to fuck them). If not for the constant scrutiny he'd be a lot worse. For the public's safety I'm glad these pieces of shit insist on broadcasting their embarrassing lives because at least there's a public record to hold them someone accountable and keep them from going full on BTK.

No. 458914

Plainey probably realizes she's too much Gregma's type and if she happens to be even slightly into him it's game over. Plus she doesn't need an emotional kleenex anymore with Sarah over.

No. 458920

File: 1509559239181.jpg (47.25 KB, 762x474, cap.JPG)

Did he really just ruin Plainey's pikachu not even a day after Halloween? he's also wearing Lainey's wig, beanie, and pikachu jacket in the video (fucking kek that he fits into it when he claims to be so much bigger than her) I love how he shows her complete disrespect yet she still kisses the ground when he walks by.

No. 458925


For fucks sake..

can you imagine their kids looking out the window and seeing daddy murdering their toys with knives and guns..

Those kids are fucked.

No. 458928

in his defence she is pretty stocky

No. 458934

Their wedding was sooooo tragic. It just shows how much he didn't really give a fuck. He was making fat ad sense rev, and this is the wedding you dump on your new teen bride? He couldn't even be bothered to get a real stylist to fix the horrendous bowl style hack jobs he gives himself? The pictures that were taken are shitty too, like he couldn't get a decent photographer? What a dream daddy, kek.

No. 458943

Because they sit on the computer all day.

I feel bad they almost look happy in this pic.

No. 458945

Because she was contacted on Twitter, but u should prob drop it.

No. 458953

File: 1509562913911.jpeg (32.66 KB, 324x294, 71EFC978-A3BD-4D42-8C39-3EAE16…)

Ok but wtf is Lainey’s hair

No. 458959

Lainey said Gretchen's sisters did her hair for the wedding lmao.

No. 458961

Only positive answer requires his young fans touching him, can't say no when you're a fan of Onision!

No. 458968

And Plainey had to let Onion's mom pick how her hairstyle is gonna look.

weird shit

No. 458971

File: 1509564114694.jpg (130.92 KB, 802x834, Untitled.jpg)

he looks like he smells of week-old sweat and piss

No. 458975

File: 1509564624300.jpg (39.13 KB, 500x500, rxnk1VA.jpg)

This could have been you Bilbo

No. 458976

Fuck I always get so sad when the wedding photos come up again.

I know there's nothing wrong with a simple wedding but I'm wincing at the fact it's in their back yard, rich YouTuber Gerg couldn't even be bothered to buy a cheap suit to get tailored that he could reuse and Lainey's dress looks more like a flower girl's dress than a wedding dress.

No. 458979

>And Plainey had to let Onion's mom pick how her hairstyle is gonna look.
>had to


No. 458985

This. You can have a decent wedding without having to break the bank, but this looks like they just wanted to get it over with.

No. 458988

Gotta make sure she doesn't feel TOO special

No. 458989


They always half ass everything though. Look at their house, a sparsely decorated huge mcmansion with almost no real decorations other than Greg's cheap anime posters and target bullshit, with clutter, clothes and empty hot topic bags all over the floor. They are incapable of being tasteful and reek of nouveau riche.

No. 458992

lol the jacket is not even THAT tight. This shows lame's not as skinny as she claims and he's not as big

As a kid it would have made my cry if someone did that to a plushie, I hope their kids don't get to see this shit

why? she is such a doormat, i would never let someone decide how i look on my wedding

the fact that he was already rich during that time makes it way worse, if normal people had a wedding like that you would think 'okay, they don't have the money' but he was a youtube celebrity

No. 458995

File: 1509566122724.png (27.89 KB, 691x350, dieblabla.png)

i was almost too bored to even post his repetitive bullshit tweets. almost. he's turning into a robot.

No. 458996

File: 1509566413180.png (8.37 KB, 697x136, reply.png)

samefag, this is actually a very good question but the edgelord won't give an answer to it cause all he wants is attention and to piss people off

No. 458998

I wonder what Skye and his wedding was like if they even had one, did she have to give in to mama onions wills and desires of how to look as well? But then again they loved her so probably not, still it would be interesting to see if he actually put more effort into his pre-fame wedding with skye then he did when he had money with Taylor. Would just drive it in harder how he'll never love her the way he did skye or Shiloh.

No. 459000

Unless you smoke weed, self harm, or disagree with Master Onion breath.

No. 459001

I genuinely could have sworn I saw this exact tweet during one of his other post-tragedy sperg outs, only realised it was fresh from the date. That's tragic.

No. 459002

File: 1509567601523.jpg (46.77 KB, 500x670, VzVnY2d.jpg)

I think this is more accurate

No. 459003

"Wipe feet here" would be more appropriate with her

No. 459004

yeah me too, i had to double check if it was from today to not embarrass myself posting it kek

No. 459005

Gregs so against alcohol, I wonder if that's even wine in those glasses. Probably fucking ice tea considering Lainey also wasn't old enough to drink at her own wedding kek.
"Sorry Dear, we can't afford to break the law even on our special day."

No. 459006

It's the Siscesca Kool Aid

No. 459007

File: 1509568469026.jpeg (51.91 KB, 640x476, 08C58821-A4F6-41BA-B9E6-CF7A04…)

I was just about to post that!

No. 459008

He could have gotten a really pretty silver ring or one of those hypoallergenic or "kind to skin" ones. He probably spent more on buying the tacky, shit ring and then replacing it when it got too green than it would have cost for a nice silver one. There are decent silver engagement rings with nice stones that run cheap. It's the gold/diamond combo that gets ramped up in price, whether it's fake or not.

It looks like they were forced into it at the last minute.

God forbid people grieve, especially when Greasemonkey had to deal with the awful, unfair consequences of his completely innocent tax evasion! Everybody knows sympathy and empathy only matter when it benefits him!

No. 459010

File: 1509568582902.jpeg (45.29 KB, 640x443, 2AE3DA02-0F41-47D0-A118-25AE52…)

Inb4 Alicia gets butthurt

No. 459011

I honestly can't get over how much his mom looks like noel fielding

No. 459013

Sky is the only one dressed like she knows it's a wedding.

No. 459014

File: 1509568799641.jpeg (59.17 KB, 640x482, A4E085BE-D29C-451A-9CBD-51214F…)

No. 459015

File: 1509568985362.jpg (120.62 KB, 400x300, 7Tg6CNH.jpg)

Why does he purse his fucking lips so much? Smile asshole it's your wedding.

No. 459016

File: 1509569025343.jpeg (57.98 KB, 600x600, 756089EA-4CAA-4F30-ACFE-3C6FF3…)

If anyone cares about what her wedding band looked like, it’s the same band she had until divorce saga.

No. 459017

Bless you anon
The sad thing is he actually looks genuinely pleased. Like yeah he's all smug and whatever but way less fake then the smiles in his wedding to Taylor. Plus looks like they did it somewhere else see then home. Cheap but still. His mom definitely looks happy, any pictures of her and Taylor? even outside of their wedding?

No. 459019

how old was he at his first wedding?

lol that's so true

No. 459020

Gurg's mom dislikes Lainey. I doubt there's many, if any at all, photos of them together

No. 459021

About 20, they got married in ‘05.

No. 459023

File: 1509569650241.jpg (115.09 KB, 580x386, cfh4sxM.jpg)

Tami posted this last year on her twitter, wonder if she still feels that way…

No. 459025

Didn’t later on that year Lame said Tami hated her and if she moved in she’d divorce Onion?

No. 459031

It’s actually a smile, abait a tiny one.

No. 459033

Plain has stated a few times on YouNow that his sisters dislike her and she mentioned once that her and Onions mom are fine that before they didn't get along.

No. 459034

I wonder if Greg is manipulating their relationship to keep Lainey isolated. Like telling her that his family doesn't like her, or deliberately saying things his Mom would dislike about Lainey.

Wouldn't doubt it tbh.

No. 459036

uncle jesse?

No. 459040

He tweeted that his family disliked Lainey although she's an "awesome human" a few months ago. I'll look for the tweet.

No. 459051

No wonder Tami doesn't like her. What a bitch response to what seems to be a genuine compliment.

No. 459052

File: 1509573473638.png (170.64 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-11-01-15-51-54…)

No. 459054

File: 1509573801146.png (86.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3703.PNG)

Highly doubt that is actually his Mom' so Twitter since this was the first tweet.

No. 459055

Oh someone is in high asslicking mood today.

>some girl with barely any following

I see she has the onion mindset too. "I am worth more because I have more followers than you."

Sorry Billie 2.0, Lainey will never invite you to the mansion. You should make yourself visible to Onion more so he forces her to invite you.

No. 459058

File: 1509574904212.png (98.62 KB, 259x211, thumbnail.png)

new onision vid. too bad he only likes about 5 different films and tv shows so he has to redo the same costumes over and over again.


No. 459063

Is this seriously a new video and not a repost?

No. 459065

It’s new, on YouTube.

Not surprising he didn’t watch the 1989 Batman movie.

No. 459066

lol he's so repetitive it's confusing. but it's ALL YOUTUBE'S FAULT THAT HIS VIEWS DROP!

No. 459068

what is with him and this joker thing

No. 459072

cough harley quinn cough
At least, that's my guess.

No. 459073


People like Onision love The Joker because he's a "brilliant villain" who is so "charming" and "coy".

In reality The Joker is brash, very far from charming and rushes into things too fast. He's a sociopath.

No. 459074

>Not surprising he didn’t watch the 1989 Batman movie.
if he was a actual batman fan he'd know the burton movies. I bet he ~doesn't have time~ to watch. this ignorant fuck.

he thinks he is sexy as a joker

No. 459075

Narcs, abusers and edgelords love the Joker, he fits all three.

No. 459076

The joker is a crazy asshole with a huge internet following, and a lot of people love him as a character.

Gurg wants to be that. He probably knows that he's fucked up and crazy, deep down inside. He thinks he can play off his traits well and people will love it like they love the joker. The only problem is, the Joker is a fun character cuz he's fake. He doesnt hurt real people. Onion hurts real people with his crazy shit, so nobody likes him. Gurg's too stupid and narcissistic to figure that part out, though.

No. 459077

So he didnt went like Brook or Dr.Oak for Halloween? Kek Father Goals

No. 459082

In this picture she looks like one of those women who have been chained up to some loon's basement for 15 years. The more I look at it, the more I feel like it's some kind of testimony material in some fucked up criminal case.

No. 459087

Onion’s going to have a beauty channel now? Lol

No. 459089

If you're gonna do the Joker every year, at least improve your makeup skills, try harder gurg

No. 459091

I liked The Joker character-wise, and to think I once fell for Onion’s “personification” as a fan makes me hate myself a little more.

Saged for geek rage

Not that it’s enough but he does know of the 90’s Batman cartoon, so there’s that.

If ya wanna go on that route, that dress blatantly screams “fuck me!” and I have a feeling the “consummation of the marriage” happened on the same day (I had that feeling ever since I first laid my eyes on Gregma’s first wedding pics).

No. 459093

he'd be far better off than taylor

No. 459094

Onision debating a conservative about feminism.

It's cringy af. I hate the idea that Grease, the fucking misogynistic idiot, is this self-appointed representative of feminism in any capacity whatsoever.

No. 459106

aldii's video of his "feminism" was what introduced me to onision, died laughing while watching.
Now I guess they have more material now, lol.

No. 459107

Lainey is live on younow

No. 459110

it's time to ask this bitch about matching snapchats with sarah

No. 459119

So how she the younow going? Can't bring myself to watch, I've suffered enough this week

No. 459121

greg appeared in chat
a younow ambassador showed up while she was discussing relationships. dont know what a younow ambassador is.
she's talking about change since she first started dating onion

No. 459122

i'm also about to roll my second joint. no work tomorrow + wide awake(blogging)

No. 459123

liveposting returns when admin?

No. 459124

There is a Younow ambassador in her stream right now and it's like night and day from how she usually is. She's actually answering a lot of questions and is seeming super polite and positive even with the questions asking about her getting another girlfriend and such. She's not just giving yes or no answers, she's actually going into detail with them. Greg just popped up in her stream and she told Greg over Younow that she was going to text him real quick. I can guarantee you she's texting him about the ambassador in her stream and to watch what he says.

No. 459125

plz bc of forman

No. 459127

i can't think of how to bring up sarah, but year forman. wtf is an ambassador, he claimed he was a fan

No. 459129

she clicks, fidgits and shakes too much.

No. 459130

so no authority

No. 459131

>taken from the younow website
Ambassadors are passionate members of the YouNow community. They act as guides for other users.

Ambassadors are here to help new users make the most out of their YouNow experience. They can answer your questions and give advice about anything and everything, including:
Earning coins
Giving gifts
Leveling up

No. 459132

what is the name of the ambassador?

No. 459136

This stream is fucking painful to sit through. She says she's not binding because she is still nursing.

No. 459139

her audience is doing my head in too, like they want to know nothing about her personality

No. 459140

I can't wait until she stops nursing and her unhealthy diet makes her gain a bunch of weight.
Even though I ate horrible unhealthy crap to produce I still lost a ton of weight breastfeeding, slowly started to get it back after I stopped but I'm eating a lot healthier now again. She'll balloon up I hope.
Anons ask about Sarah! Spam the chat if you have to

No. 459141

She's getting triggered AF for being called out about never talking about any trans issues or people and suddenly she has a ton of trans friends.

No. 459142

she avoids comments, and then people always ask why it's anyone business who lives with them

feel like i need a cheat sheet of responses that wont get me blocked

No. 459143

"most of my friends are trans" oh hey it's the kool kid klub why dont they ever collab

No. 459144


"almost all my friends are trans or nonbinary"

bitch where??

No. 459145

Yeah haven't been blocked yet but it's trying, mate.
I play it safe for milk.

No. 459146

I was the anon that was asking the questions. I was surprised she got so strung up because I wasn't going hard her. I called her out though when she said she has many trans friend. When I said she mentioned before that she only has one friend, she backtracked and said some bullshit about having 1 close friend but many trans friends.

No. 459147

Might be some help to blocked farmer: I was blocked on one of my accounts, but I deleted it and made another one with another email and I could comment again.

No. 459148


I saw that. She was avoiding my questions too but was made visibly uncomfortable by them.

No. 459149

It's pretty amusing watching her eyes dart back and forth wildly when she's reading stuff she doesn't want to answer.
Did anyone catch this stuff about how she doesn't "identify" as male and that she basically just wants a sharper jawline and a deeper voice?

No. 459150

Why else would he have married her? kek

No. 459151

this just looks like an edit of onion tbh

No. 459153

Exactly. She said she just wanted those two things to be change a TINY BIT. Like okay? How the fuck are you trans again???

No. 459155


im so triggered holy shit

No. 459157

yeah, she just literally has no idea what she's talking about. she says she's not either gender and doesn't conform to gender specific things or believe in gender roles, but then actively dresses more "boyish" (in her words) or does more "male coded" things to try and present more masculine. she was also full of a ton of excuses for why she wouldn't ever actually take hormones or get surgery or commit to binding. she's just full of shit. sage for nothing new.

No. 459158

It's why the whole agender thing is bullshit. They just want in on the Oppression Olympics.

No. 459159

Sounds like a volunteer mod, tbh.

No. 459161


pick literally one.

No. 459163

She's so full of shit 2 weeks ago she was saying she will bind and that her nursing won't be affected because she has over supply.

No. 459164

sage for OT but how does that dress scream "fuck me?" it's just a plain, fairly conservative cheap wedding gown

where tf are you from where that's a scandalous dress

No. 459165

>be selfproclaimed millionaire off of exploiting people on youtube
>spend 1k on your wedding to the "coolest" person ever!
>spend 1k paying your concubine barley legal pussy

No. 459166

It’s not that it’s scandalous, it’s just that…it’s “easier” to take off. Think who bought the dress ‘cause it sure wasn’t her family.

Though I’m probably just reaching so just ignore me.

No. 459174

kitten admitted to having autism but no mention of any other

I wish i was joking
skye is the prettiest girl grease has ever been with, she didn't even wear any makeup? She had this charm about her you could see in grease's old skits and her old channel

No. 459175

File: 1509588482878.png (49.38 KB, 728x235, Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 10.0…)

Did he throw a tantrum and go on a deleting spree because Youtube wont pay him for re-uploads ? Or for having the same video uploaded twice on two different channels.

Like damn, I thought he liked keeping all the videos up for bragging right.

>" see, I earned youtube 500,000,000 million views"

No. 459176

10k Anon and over the spam of 6 months plus all flights payed.

No. 459177

Bro, you're being overly generous 1k? That wedding was done under a budget of 200. I bet you the only thing Greg contirbuted was his presence. The cakes and plastic sunflowers from Michael's are clearly the work of Taylor with help from Selena.

No. 459180

File: 1509589730613.jpg (228.05 KB, 850x477, fuckyouuuu.jpg)

No. 459181

Nah, filmmaking is too good of a job for him; should just go back to plumbing.

No. 459190

there are garbage bins behind them on their wedding pics this is so tragic

No. 459192

imo he'd be a good narrator - he can yell for a long time without getting tired, he just needs to work on his inflection.

No. 459193

Their train wreck of a wedding makes JG's las vegas commitment ceremony look like a June wedding at the Ritz.

No. 459195

Except he's a child who can't handle anyone except for him having control or else he'll throw a tantrum and go sulk. He would be a nightmare to work with, especially in something collaborative like film/creative industry.

No. 459197

File: 1509593002567.jpeg (62.46 KB, 799x764, D8C12F40-5238-43BB-8754-294536…)

Guess Toenail was never loved enough and Gregma probably knew she she sucked as a wife so why bother having a nice reception (at least it’s outside!)

Yet ol’ Blue Eyes remains best wife

No. 459203

"That's like totally untrustworthy and weird. That's actually fucked up and stupid." -Laineybot said this on her stream with Sarah when they were clearing up rumors, because someone suggested they just pretended like Sarah left and didn't tell anyone she was there. Now look at them hiding that the tissue is back despite evidence that she is there.

No. 459204

Its on the Blargh around the 1:15 mark.

No. 459212

I do believe Lamey was restricting calories recently, she would go on about how she can't gain weight and was losing a lot. Now suddenly she has gained a few pounds and feels okay, you can't just turn off a switch and suddenly be able to gain weight.

No. 459216

File: 1509595695573.jpg (208.73 KB, 800x764, goMeihuaTemp_mh1509595676444.j…)

Was curious to see what she'd look like with makeup on and the other anons were right. Old blue eyes was the best looking of the bunch.

No. 459221

She's prettier with no makeup by a longshot. But tbh I know Greg was always one of those asswipes who said all women look better with no makeup, which is clearly untrue, so it's possible she just didn't wear it to keep him off her case.

No. 459225

That and she probably didn’t know how to wear makeup well. (tbh it looks like she’s wearing pink eyeshadow here)

Damn, giving an Amy Lee
-vibe here. Nice!

No. 459227

File: 1509596659396.jpg (18.01 KB, 217x188, skye.jpg)

One of Skye's comedy sketches turned out to be Onions real future mother of his kis.

No. 459229

Should've been Prince.

No. 459230

Should've been Prince.

No. 459239

Dat foreshadowing thooo!

No. 459242

she is literally the sole reason onion ever had fans. she comes off endearing as fuck, dated humor and all, even if you took out her adorable laughing. onion only had fans post Skye because his drama was notorious, that's it. it was hate following.

billie looks like her, a lot. based on how otherworldly gracefully she has dealt with onion and his nonstop abuse i am convinced she is a goddess

No. 459243

watching this really cements how boring lame is. skye was so adorable, likable, and funny in that quirky kinda way. no wonder onion boy is so frustrated.

No. 459250

I wonder if Onionboy, Lainey and Sarah are seething over this thread, especially Lame as she’s not either Billie-bob or Best Wife.

One can only hope!

No. 459251

Best wife indeed.

Lame will never be anything even remotely like this. She doesn't even know how to pander to anyone but confused girls.

No. 459254

Just binged watch Skye's videos, you can really tell she had a big influence on onion's old content. It's a shame she got run off the internet, I think she could've been big and probably would've overtook onion eventually lol.

saged for skye whiteknighting.

No. 459256

So um, Onion deleted the Haters United videos

No. 459258

didn't he do this months ago?

No. 459260

File: 1509601989809.png (312.57 KB, 1127x971, Screenshot.png)

it was months ago, but trails exist. you can find a few searching the titles. such as


No. 459266

Really, how long ago? Wow I’m late to the party.

No. 459270

File: 1509602815819.png (202.82 KB, 534x268, Screenshot.png)

time has escaped me, but it's been easily a year since I've seen that playlist personally. but looking for the videos, I kek'd a bit. sorry for shitty shooping, not at desktop atm

No. 459272

You liquified her too though, what's the point in that if you want to prove she's better looking? who cares who's best waifu

No. 459289

Kek fucking liver spots man, too bad he’s not as smart as Mr. Burns.

Tbh I actually enjoyed watching his old videos regardless of being a “hater”, it’s what got me into the fandom post-Shiloh. I’m not even sure if I should feel sad or dgaf.


No. 459290

ok fuck I forgot to sage and link the last post, so this is my last drunkpost on lolcow tonight. insert copy/paste

fuck deleted my previous comment because I assumed something that was on youtube 7-8 years he would have surely reuploaded by now, but no the original was on his channel.

he fortold his future in this one, around -2:00 on the video he foretold his future ..several years in the past. anyone who says this is a new fetish should be educated tbh

the link to my reupload is https://vid.me/xCvbU

No. 459294

No. 459296

File: 1509604870228.png (32.09 KB, 1085x296, Capture.PNG)

I'm not sure the wayback machine covers media files from youtube since youtube provides it's own archive wayback for developers, but I will do my best for you. from the beginning of time.

No. 459301

Oh thank you nonnie-senpai! I never knew YouTube had its own archive system, gotta check it out!

No. 459302

it's not publicly accessible, but youtube developers can access, modify or repost deleted videos etc using the same idea as the wayback machine. it's finished downloading the entirety of his youtube from the wayback machine. when I ripped the entirety of his history stored, it was only what each page looked like for each year. no media present. this link is everything archive.org had for the Onision channel from 2010 til now


No. 459305

Its asking for an account, do I have to make to see the files or…?

No. 459307

shouldn't have to, should just be able to click download. but, here is an alternate link shared on google drive. gdrive has virus scanning, if thats your fancy


No. 459316

Ah, I see. If it’s not too much trouble, would you mind downloading this video? I was always curious about the garden… thanks! <3


No. 459320

I see the backups are failing checks (samsung s6e here, it refuses to open) so I'm going to host it externally. any link you want mirrored reply to this post and I will grab everything and host it with a link for you from my own personal domain

No. 459324

Would you do it on vid.me or is that impossible?

No. 459326

if the video archive is hosted on youtube prior to the wayback machine agreeing they would stop striping video and the video was removed from youtube, the only hope is someone who uploaded it privately or youtube devs unfortunately

No. 459332

Not even Vimeo would do the trick since it’s outside of YouTube? Nor Dailymotion?

No. 459336

I highly doubt he would have selfposted anywhere else. I assure you there are fans of his who downloaded his videos and reuploaded, they will be found. it will take time but people will find them.


I'm not skye, I don't think the person I'm talking to is either. stop Sarahposting

No. 459338

Stop selfposting Skye, you're just as bland as Lamo and your wedding just as sad

No. 459341

Basically every famewhore who licks lameo and onions asshole and defends their clearly terrible behavior.

They can't be terrible! They have views and subs and befriending them can help me, so they are totally good people. You people with no subs are bad!!!!! No popular people are terrible! You know nothing about their lives they plaster all over the internet and tell you everything about, but i do because i have subs and i dm them a few times! How dare you judge them on the shit they've put out all over the internet! You're not allowed to judge people with a lot of subs!

Then if the table ever gets flipped on them, they finally realize oh its a problem! I was personally affected so NOW it matters!

btw before anyone gets triggered 'they' as in onion and lameo.

No. 459343

lol, lainey wishes

No. 459346

Oh I get it now (I think), the video has to be directly reupload to YouTube like it originally was once but under an unlisted name or something. Am I right here?

No. 459348

Calm your tits, Sarah!

From the looks of it though, Skye’s wedding must’ve had a goffick themed wedding (no thanks to Onion)

No. 459368

more or less. I'm hoping to make a mirror of everything he's done in time. unfortunately I have to host it on my own domains for now.

the entirety of the wayback machine for his youtube channel sorted by YEARMODATIME format is available here:


I am working toward a rubyonrails solution to ripping and storing his/her current streams and archiving those as well.

No. 459375

So first, you’re trying to rip the video files from the pages themselves before doing anything drastic?

No. 459377

not sure what you mean by drastic, but no. I'm talking about feeding their livestreams into a script I've been working on, so they are encoded and viewable live/on-the-fly and after the fact for anons not wanting to give them views. I will pick up a domain for that purpose. I guess y'all could come up with a name since it's only gonna cost a buck. can't really hold a voting raffle on an imageboard, so the post with the most responses wins? I guess? if people want that, I mean.

No. 459387

further to this post, providing admin/farmhands were okay with that idea making a temporary poll is also an idea. more or less trying to make a media-based version of lifeofonion.com from this point forward, and adding the pieces from the past as they pop up

No. 459389

I meant that if you’re trying to be on the safe side with these files before they’re watchable to the public?

As for a domain name, well…

Sicesca.com (why not? Domain’s outdated)

No. 459392

File: 1509611456309.png (32.43 KB, 1285x284, Screenshot.png)

this is why greg abandoned his faith

No. 459395

thought I answered the question with my upload. I reside in a country where his DMCA claims are treated frivolous unless he has a basis for a claim. when he deletes his videos, my reuploads are treated as the origin video in court. the idea behind reuploading to vid.me whenever he deleted videos popped up when I was informed of this ~loophole~ this week, so I am attempting to save source video files for everything he uploads from here on

No. 459398

That would be a great idea! I mean, we got a Lainey site after all (with or without poll).

He was too cheap to believe in Sicesca… kek

No. 459400

Again, good idea!

But aren’t his claims frivolous anyway despite the country origin?

No. 459402

he has creative rights if he can prove the video is his creative work in the united states. if he removes that work, he removes that entitlement and forfeits benefit when it comes to dmca worldwide

No. 459405

I see, and he can’t go against you anyway since he’s too cheap to do that.

No. 459406

that's not how DMCA works at all, but in a situation like Onion's where he won't fight it nor do anything but shitpost on Twitter about it; it's nearly a win. I mean, everything will be mirrored on vid.me, because so far they have stood up against him ..but I imagine there is a limit to this

No. 459409

Even if the videos became unlisted on vid.me?

It’s been a year and Anons haven’t gotten their videos taken off, I’m sure you’ll be fine.for now.

As for me, I may have to do some research on dmca.

No. 459410

I meant in general, but eventually he's going to round up the names of the people uploading his shit. the idea behind this project is to keep a wayback of media on him and rapistbot, since I guess archive.is and archive.org both don't keep media hosted on places like youtube, etc anymore. it's generally a massive task to horde data on that type of scale, but once it's been uploaded and encoded on youtube, those 4k videos end up being about 180mb each, so someone with a server and a couple terabyte hard drive could potentially keep a half decade of his antics on record as they are posted. it's considerably harder to mirror his older stuff, but once it's found and someone is looking to preserve it, something like this would be beneficial

No. 459480

So Onion is deleting videos again? Didn't he say because he deleted so many videos it maid YouTube think it was a dead channel so they started to remove subscribers?

No. 459521

No. 459525

I see. Though I’m not sure how dssctm’s site is still running since he uploaded the exes drama 2 years ago but that’s where his (onion’s) dmca claims stop since it’s on a completely different domain.

No. 459529

we will see how this setup pans out. I am mirroring it locally at home as well, so if it came down to content going down it's easily replaceable

No. 459534

That’s great to hear! Grease can’t keep deleting shit forever

No. 459543

File: 1509644989395.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, A292F915-18BE-44A2-837E-372C14…)

Gregma researches on how to become a successful twitch streamer…on his own merit and goes full racist on an Asian kid (despite once living in South Korea).

No. 459545

>my twitch is… well, getting luke warm I guess
I have seen first time male streamers start off with 20 viewers in a night. I think I've seen him top that once, and he is ~*famous*~

No. 459571

While the ego stroking is excessive and reeks of self-post, I think everyone can agree Skye is best wife. "Adorable" and "goddess" are a stretch, she's plain and unfunny but she fought for her alimony, driving Onion to a multi year narc rage, and she seemed friendly enough. Shiloh (not a wife but they were engaged so close enough) comes in at number 2 because while she was a shitty drama mongerer, she was decently cute (debatable) moderately entertaining at times and very milky. CompLain is the bottom of the barrel, lazy, flat out ugly, predatory, and devoid of personality. That her "career" is doing better than her sweaty smegma-scented lard of a husband is telling of how shit he truly is.

No. 459575

File: 1509649798628.jpg (666.88 KB, 1000x1859, pt2017_11_03_03_07_04.jpg)

No. 459577

File: 1509650094371.png (127.34 KB, 997x374, first.png)

this is the third time this video has shown up in this thread, stop shilling your video dude

reposted for proof and sage

No. 459578

Lol it's hilarious he lies about his height considering he screams make-up, plastic surgery etc are lying.

Also nobody sperg but this type of hair would look so much better on lainey, i don't understand why she won't grow it out it makes her face look less long.

No. 459586

make sure to stream before ur fanbase has to go to bed

No. 459587

it's so much funnier now how he spergs so hard about tall women being masculine and women wearing heels (apparently because it's unhealthy, but we all know the real reason).

keep being an insecure little manlet, gurgles.

No. 459591

Lainey probably thinks harassing Miles McKenna on Twitter means that they're ~friends~

No. 459592

I can't imagine anyone who likes watching gaming streams would want to watch onion playing them. Even if you didn't know know he's an ass, he isn't fun to watch at all. And there's so many better streamers. He can stick to his cesspool of annoying discorders no regular person likes.

No. 459599

Grugly’s birthday is next Saturday anons, what should we do to celebrate…or wreck it?

No. 459601

hire clowns to his house

No. 459602

not even acknowledge it. tell him it's not his birthday and he's wrong about the date. just little things

No. 459604

File: 1509654632449.jpg (147.13 KB, 1136x640, monsterdong.jpg)

It might be fun to send him some Magnum condoms. Although, it's not like the guy would use them anyway. Is there such a thing as XS condoms?

No. 459605

judging from what Adrienne said in "The Letter", not only would normal-sized condoms slip off, but he refuses to use them

No. 459613


Yeah they're called snug condoms. Don't want to hurt micro dick's fragile ego by calling them XS.

No. 459619

File: 1509656320462.jpg (39.23 KB, 272x309, 1444173920734.jpg)

anon, you saucy

No. 459635

dat joker make up 7 years ago on his attacked thumbnail tho lmao

No. 459638


Sorry for something very old, but can we please appreciate the moment when Taylor states that only onion thinks she is bi, and she did not?
Video is pretty hillarious and some new people might dont know about it.

No. 459640

lol and her recent statement
> i feel like i used to be way more into guys than i am now

yes because your husband brainwashed you

No. 459643

now it makes sense why he is/was (?) so against condoms, they are too big. i always cringed when he talked about the pull out method

No. 459645

File: 1509661308640.png (27.83 KB, 690x287, safersexwithonion.png)

oh nevermind, he made this tweet when he was about 30 years old. took me a while to find it. so he clearly still thinks like that.

No. 459647

This dumb ass probably makes the girl go on top and do the work because he thinks his cum will fall out of her and avoid pregnancy

No. 459648

>"Pulling out is only 1% less effective"

Oh god, even though he said that a whiles ago it makes me cringe so damn hard. What an idiot. Makes me wonder if his kids were really meant to be…

No. 459659

File: 1509662588777.jpg (22.68 KB, 370x307, goffic.jpg)

from lame's new vid. so he was dressed full school shooter in high school? I normally wouldn't say anything but he has the fitting personality too

and kek at the way too long sleeves

No. 459660

He probably does, probably tells Lainey he can't do anything for her because she'll "ovulate" if she's turned on too much to get out of eating her out too. He claims she doesn't want him to do anything and prefers to just lay there like a cum bucket after all.

No. 459662

I bet the reason he only shops at hot topic is because he's so bitter about being too tiny to fit in any actual adult clothes. Makes sense, shop at a store aimed at teens to get clothes that fit better. Not only does it fulfill his need to look lpyoung and hip but hides how tiny he is.
Has anyone ever asked Jacylyn Glenn about his height? She'd know and seems more then willing to take shots at him

No. 459668

lame's on younow, let's watch

No. 459670

No. 459671

Honestly, with her "boy" or "lesbian" or whatever identity, he probably has a ton of easy excuses to not have to get her off.

No. 459672

You know what doesn't happen when you're 6'0? Too long of sleeves, even when you size up.
Fucking embarrassing midget piece of shit.

No. 459673

yeah right because it's so unusual that it's announced here

she said that it's especially cold today, so onion's not heating the house kek

No. 459675

>not even below 0

put on a sweater you retarded fidget spinner

No. 459677

File: 1509664414932.png (350.64 KB, 478x479, cold.png)

that's apparently not enough for our smol bean

No. 459681


Well, he can't let people grieve about lost ones, so I say lets not celebrate the day of his creation.

>Greg : Its my birthday !!!

>Farmers : Why should anyone care ? There are hundreds of thousands of birthdays happening today, so why should anyone care about just one.

No. 459682

File: 1509664670199.png (319.19 KB, 476x468, grannielame.png)

now she 100 % looks like a grandma

No. 459684

Agreed. Let's just celebrate all birthdays ever.

No. 459685

Or just tell him that “today’s the day your mom made the mistake of keeping you” or “should’ve been aborted.”

No. 459687

looks like maxieboxie got her limit upgraded kek

No. 459692

back to the wings, i see

bless u cappers cause i cant tolerate these people enough to watch myself

No. 459693

just remind him that three days later is the anniversary of the date he should have followed through with his suicide ideology

No. 459695

>There are hundreds of thousands of birthdays happening today, so why should anyone care about just one.
Genius, anon. I'd love to see him "logic" out of this one.
Then again we have already seen him go back on his own preaching when it came to deaths of the celebs he cared about.

No. 459702


"Please… I need some beets for my soup… I am but a babooshka."

No. 459703

I'm going to bed soon so lame's boring ass may help me getting tired

she just said she's 107 lbs, probably has already been discussed but i don't believe her when her and onion already lie about their shoe sizes and his height. Girls usually deduct a few pounds (sorry, not all, but we're talking about lame)

No. 459704

she has a new crush

No. 459706

has she mentioned anyone else, or is it still that wall-eyed bass, kitten?

No. 459709

she said older than her, that chick is 19 isnt she?

No. 459710

I’m sure she will just say she’s over them in a few days. Lainey’s “crushes” are as juvenile as the ones kids have in elementary school. She’s a real yawn fest.

Also, thanks anons that put themselves through the torture of documenting YouNow. Just can’t subject myself to that agony today.

No. 459712

she didn't go into details, only said that it's not a youtuber and this >>459709

No. 459714

File: 1509666382887.jpg (46.02 KB, 480x480, 16123415_1312566505449170.jpg)

No. 459738

Wasn't Lamey pregnant on her wedding day? Some anons said she was pregnant in the wedding photos.  Either way, I guess the pull and pray method isn't as effective as Gregma claims.

No. 459741

Seriously how thirsty can you be. She has new crushes all the time.

No. 459743

she probably just makes them up since nothing ever comes of them, has several every week, and she has to keep up her "gay" charade

No. 459744

she and grease are the world's most boring people. the best she can do is to make up crushes every now and then, otherwise it's squinting at the screen playing with fidget shit. we don't even need to talk about greg lol.

No. 459747

Oh my god literally shut the fuck up. I'm so glad it was confirmed skye and her sister lurk here like pathetic pieces of shit because I'm so sick of comments like this. Onion got famous on an out dated viral piece of shit meme I'm a banana and his content has always sucked to anyone legal, whether skye was involved or not. She looked like an ugly stick beaten zombie in her early twenties and never got better. If she's "best waifu ~" that's like being the best shit in a diarrhea cake. Let it fucking die. She's ugly. She had a chance for a future but will never be any body. Her only relevance is as onions ex even now. I can not understand people licking her moldy ass anymore than I get licking plaineys. They're both mediocre pieces of shit. Skye literally looks soulless and half dead and her videos are dated shit. This is like how Billie became apotheosisized post break up. Just so sick of the wet panties for skye. She was ugly. Shut up.

No. 459749

File: 1509673721321.gif (97.56 KB, 275x275, sarahdetected.gif)

i knew this would come in handy

No. 459750

Compared to Lainey, Skye is full of life lol

No. 459752

Sarah is a kidnapped child with abusive parents apparently and will also never be pretty lol. Billie is a fame whore with a stupid lisp. Lainey is a predator. And skye is still fucking ugly =)

Hilarious and gross tho! Sarah is a child and should be banned from commenting and being discussed IMHO. But yay for your Sarah memes! Keep mocking a literal child. It's cool and not against the rules at all.

No. 459754

There are no rules Sarah GTFO

No. 459755

>not against the rules at all.

It isn't; Sarah is old enough to be discussed.

Stop sperging about who's the prettier ex please, everyone.

No. 459756

This is saying literally nothing. Lainey is boring and dull and spent the majority of her marriage to onion not being on film. Skye is still ugly and best known as onions ex even with time to move on and do something relevant. Even crazy ass shiloh is doing stuff besides stalking an image board.

No. 459760

I'm a newfag, but people said that was the second wedding for family, not the secret wedding.

She prob didn't let him pull out kek

No. 459762

uhh… maybe she doesn't want "relevance". not everyone wants to be a fucking e-celeb

>those 10 yeart old videos are outdated

no shit

No. 459767

Anyone that watch lame stream? Was kitten space in the chat, is she going to go to the grease mansion? We need some milk around here.

No. 459768


Chance for her future being a YouTube celebrity like onion? I swear Plainey and Greg listen to 2008 SHIT music like Taken Back Sunday or Marilyn Manson. They have no actual friends. They never leave their house even though they can afford to vacation. They are straight up losers with no education or work experience . Their only appeal is people's love to hate their damn smug attitudes when they are trailer trash with money. Oh yeah, and with like minded trailer trash fans. You know, girls with daddy issues who still listen to My Chemical Romance and post nasty nudes on forms. Yeah, I am sure his exes are jealous and feel like they wasted their chance of a life like greg's .

No. 459770

She said something along the lines of “I can’t wait for it to be the weekend so I can have a fun time”
But that could be unrelated.

No. 459772

Lol what are discordfags doing here anyway? Even if you bitches succeed in taking Taylor’s place as the next greaswife, you’ll never be Best Waifu.

No. 459784

#tbt Onion live cringe 2010 (sure killed what little legacy Heath Ledger had)


No. 459798

>using the word literally in every post.

Onion, please.

Sarah is gonna sperg after seeing this meme kek

No. 459807

Speaking of Billie, what's up with her having an IMDB page? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm8914933/

No. 459812

File: 1509681733403.png (77.19 KB, 857x168, grampa-and-granddaughter.png)

Video should be ready shortly.


No. 459813

File: 1509681769698.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, 4FF21C38-1499-45C5-9DBF-9F17AE…)

>mfw Gergles made IMDB pages for all the nobodies in his low-tier videos
Even his dogs! lmao Hey Greg, I’m on IMDB credited for an actual indie film, does that make me an actress now? My fucking sides

No. 459816

Bruh, she stalks the Lolcow threads of her ex-husband, this probably fits on her schedule.

No. 459819


Gergles is really out here pretending to be actually talented. The fact that he made his page so fucking detailed.


No. 459821

They were happy, sharing kisses and wishing they were together in high school (abait highly impossible kek). Gee, I wonder what triggered this ordeal?

>Desperate emo girl

Accurate, Grease.

No. 459822

He love bombs her when he's preparing to bring in some younger p.

No. 459824

Ah, tbh I was hoping this current thread would trigger them. Well, New Meat and The Onions should be on their best behavior; you don’t know who else might be watching.

No. 459825

File: 1509684138464.png (1.62 MB, 2220x608, fuckinghuge.png)

I know its been said over and over..


No. 459826

I don't think I'll ever get over how hideous he is…. he looks like a legitimate neanderthal.

No. 459827

File: 1509684426219.png (239.99 KB, 548x425, Screen Shot 2017-11-02 at 9.45…)

ew that fucking awkward kiss/makeout at the end. I bet Grease did that because he either A) misses when lainey was an actual girl B) fantasizes about her being high school aged C) both lmao

No. 459829

Did he make this? It says his height is 5'8".

No. 459830

google searching "onision height" returns 1.8m or something like 5'9, so manlet status

No. 459843

the demo reel on his page… yikes. it could pass as something decent in 2006, but 11 years later it's shit-tier content. gets all the details in and then misses the biggest parts. classic

No. 459845

No. 459848

>”Back in my closet”
>”I used to think I was straight”
>”I was miserable before I realized I wasn’t straight!”

Jesus, Taylor. It’s almost as if you’re trying to convince yourself that you’re something that you’re not.

No. 459850

That comment on her dating and then ruining a group of friends is interesting. Sorry if I've missed some elaboration on that somewhere. I absolutely understand teenage idiocy knows no bounds, but it makes me think Complainey has been tearing other girls down for other men's mistakes for longer than I figured.

Why does she think "Tiny Taylor" is cringe-worthy when she's pulling this smol fragile prince bean shit years (and experiences, like having two actual smol bean babies) later?

And this mother/wife/human onahole to her husband constantly ew-ing at looking feminine lmao

Gotta fake it to make those Patreon bucks.

No. 459852

Onion seemed pretty disgusted with the recent information too, given he’s the biggest manslut.

No. 459854

wtf is going on? he straight up is looking like carrot top

No. 459856

I bet he was whispering to her
>tell me your 14… keep telling me your 14

No. 459857

I have never known an actual gay person to constantly mention how totally gay they are in every situation while obviously trying to convince themselves they are not straight the way she does

No. 459859

Being Onisions space prince lesbian wife is her only identity. Without any of that bullshit her personality is non existent

No. 459860

File: 1509700080889.png (1.36 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_2017-11-03-10-07-20…)

haha I thought the same a ls you anon. Plainey actually looks better with that cheap wig than her own hair, makes her face look younger anf less foot-y

Gerg was probably like "Oh wow now I remember when I actually used to get turned on by you"

No. 459861

Kek someone's edited this, I wonder how long it will take for Gurgly to prove he lurks and edit it back. I wonder what else has been changed considering it said earlier he was 5ft 11 (dream on pimple dick)

No. 459862


I noticed that. She mentioned she dated friends' boyfriends. So Plain has been and stayed a cunt.

No. 459864

I thought having new crushes every other week was a thing for 12 year olds. Lame is a woman who's been married for years and already has 2 children. Normally that would mature you over time, at least having kids.

No. 459869

Oh really lame? To me you didn't seem so miserable when your married your MALE youtube idol. She's trying to convince everyone that she was one of these depressed, lonely and ~different~ emo kids struggling being still in the closet when in reality she was the most average you can get and a cheerleader kek.

I couldn't watch the end, gross. They do this all the time. He's probably really happy to see her hiding the space prince hair under a feminine wig for one time

No. 459870

After marrying onion she sperged about how she was so happy and the happiest shes ever been and was miserable before. Now shes changed it to i was miserable before realizing i was gay! Really? She realizes sexuality only matters in terms of relationships, right? What happy gay relationship has she even had that shes sooo happy now? How do her fans not see she truly believes gay is a personality and changes her or something, and she makes a mockery of actual LGBT people.

What a surprise lameo wrecked friendships and threw her friends aside for dudes in the past? Well good thing shes grown up and changed…oh wait…nope.

No. 459871

I'm starting to worry he actually just loves her. I have seen no evidence to suggest otherwise since the Billie saga.
As much as I want him to hate her I don't think he does.
Also she looks so much better in the blonde wig than now with her blue hair slice.

No. 459872

He totally loves her. Thats why he cheated on her with Billie multiple times and has been trying to bring new girls ever since! Yeah remember when he gave zero fucks about her and signed his kids away and didnt care she was divorcing him until billie rejected him? Yeah people in love experience 0 heartbreak after almost losing their wife!

Onion capable of love? HAHAHA. He "falls in love" and tells them i love you after knowing someone for like a day. Hes being nicer to her because they are obviously planning to bring a new plaything for him in and shes making him money while hes tanking. She dances like a monkey for him and does everything he asks. You have to feed your pets once inawhile.

No. 459875

>I'm starting to worry he actually just loves her. I have seen no evidence to suggest otherwise since the Billie saga.

lmao, come on anon.

Love doesn't mean getting turned on because your fakeboi wife put a wig that makes her look more feminine.
Also after Billie saga, there has been tons of evidence.

No. 459878

That thumbnail just reminded me how much better she looked with that brunette hair color. If she had THAT color and grew it to her shoulders or longer, and maybe did some soft curls occasionally she'd look MUCH better.

Also to beat the dead horse again, I can't WAIT for the day she realizes her way-too-extremely-long winged liner is as bad as her old brows

No. 459879

Appearently Jaclyn Glenn and SR broke up… can't wait for Gerg to sperg about it

No. 459880

1.8m is 5'11

No. 459881

oh ffs, looks SR cheated. Way to go Richie giving Onision something to be smug about. Idiot.

No. 459886


No. 459887

File: 1509711685117.jpg (89.05 KB, 645x529, JG.jpg)

Jaclynns Twitter

No. 459888

File: 1509711862824.png (11.21 KB, 589x90, fdfd.png)

she also made this tweet that was deleted after

No. 459889

The onions can act as smug as they like but at least Jaclyn/Richie had the sense to end their relationship when it got fucked up.
Lainey is still with the man who cheated on her and was willing to abandon her/their kids for an 18 year old

No. 459892

Will be interesting to see if it’s real… and of course Onion’s compassionate respectful response (lol).

No. 459893

Actually looking forward to it. You just know it's going to be really spergalicious.

No. 459894

>I used think I was straight
I don't know everyone's experience, but who actually honest to god thinks they're straight when they're not? Usually you'd notice you're attracted to people your gender and then maybe try to suppress or deny it to yourself. Sounds so fake.

>Genuinely loving anyone
Anon, please. Have you seen them interact?

No. 459895

Onision is just surrounded by cows, whether he hates them or not.

No. 459896

if he did cheat, SR is really laying it on thick rn on his own twitter.

onion is gonna have a field day with this. i can already see the smug 'i told u so me and my waifu's marriage is perf' tweets incoming. honestly, im so bored of lainey bullshit rn that im hanging out for it.

No. 459901

Damnit SR/Jaclyn now Onion is going to get a narc boost.

No. 459908


Sucks, but she should have kept this private because now Onions gonna take aim at her. Jaclyn should have just said they broke up without hinting at the reason why .

Cue " 3 videos and 79 tweets from Grug "

No. 459912

i feel kinda bad for jaclyn, she always seems to be attracted to jackasses. on younow she said richie was a jealous guy and that she liked it but it's actually a red flag that someone's is or is thinking of cheating

wonder if gregs gonna make a move on jaclyn now

No. 459916

she's obvz got low self esteem how is that not obvious.

No. 459918

and would/will do it again kek…

No. 459919

INB4 jacklyns invited into the trinity /s
But seriously this sucks, I can already see Lainey's smug face on her younow tonight when it gets brought up

No. 459920

anons don't feel sad about SR + JG who cares. they'll be milk when greg reacts it'll be fun. also JG is a dramawhore too, I'm sure SR was getting tired to the back teeth (and he's a horse) about Onision drama that involved 2 (as of now) exes.

also anyone see that JG younow vid about the posted keys. she's drinking wine from the bottle and over exaggerating. she's annoying too. they're all cows woop woop

No. 459929

The smart thing for Grug to do about JG and SR situation is to not comment on it at all, and if its brought up in a lifestream to just say 'thats life shit happens' and move on.

No. 459932

THIS. Jaclyn loves to think of herself of being oh so intelligent and wise but ended up with a cheater tryhard like SR, and didnt expect him to cheat on her? please.

Onion-boy, don't disappoint us pls. Ill be waiting for your HA-HA videos about the situation.

Who here thinks he will 100% take Jaclyn's side, butter her up, in order to make her be his friend again?

No. 459935

Do you think JG will crawl back to Onion's good side??

No. 459936

Anon you know he can't do that. We have a situation where he was right (at least about SR being a cheater), he can't just not say anything about it kek

I do but she wouldn't take him back as a friend. So I expect him to first take her side, then see that she's not reacting like he wishes, and finally hating her again

No. 459937

I don't see that happening, but it would be neat if she did. The milk would overflow.

No. 459940


Shes a famewhore, so she would have two options regarding onion : a) ignore him completely and move on (to search for a new youtuber she can fuck for fame) or b) acknowledge him and ask for forgiveness, telling him " you were right and i was wrong pls be on my side again" because this would definitely add to the drama/ get her more views.

I bet it will be option b. Mark my words my dear anons

No. 459941

At what time does this onion wakes up? I bet he is going to fap all day long thinking of rubber boobs when he heard the news.

No. 459942

She won't acknowledge him, but she will probably just say well he wasn't wront on a YouNow. Onion made a whole video saying she could be controlled and that her parents didn't love her. This only began with Richie then he hated on her, so if she does become friends with him she's a complete idiot.

No. 459944

Stop derailing. Go talk to SR's or Jaclyn's own threads.

No. 459954

We don't even know for sure that SR cheated.
And even if he did and Onion was right about that, it doesn't change his disgusting behaviour towards her. She'd be a total idiot becoming friends with him again.

No. 459958

Didn't he have a thing with Hannah Minx? He seems to miss her.

No. 459962

180 is 5'11 amerifag

No. 459989

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking, not even saged. We all know how terrible they look and there's no need to spam up an already fast moving thread with redundant nitpicking or arguing who's the prettier ex or hopeful. If something is outrageously terrible, you can of course comment on it, but we don't need 100 comments per thread just rehashing the same complaints about hair, skin and makeup.

- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates. Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules like >>>/pt/412863

- Sage is there to 1. not bump a thread to the front page (useless in Onision threads since they're always on top anyway) and 2. to allow users to hide these posts via our custom feature. Sage does not mean you can break rules.

Let's try to make these threads enjoyable for all farmers, even the ones new to Onision drama.

No. 459996

File: 1509732628498.png (348.24 KB, 719x522, 20171103_130943.png)

No. 459998


Could we also make it a rule not to have a million comments arguing about whose prettier or the better Onion wife. ( Tired of hearing about Onions ex's or about how someone thinks Sarah is cute ) Its rather repetitive and tiring reading about his ex's in every thread, especially when Gurg isn't even sperging about them.

No. 459999

I'm sure this rules will only improve the thread, thanks.
Personally, I've been guilty of liveblog streams, obviously I won't continue, instead I'll be posting long post at the end of the liveshows because I know how fucking painfull it is to watch spaceprince.

No. 460019

Edited in, thank you.

Whoever makes the next thread, please include >>459989 if you can. Otherwise I'll add it when I see the new thread. Thanks!

No. 460020

File: 1509735496534.png (397.67 KB, 638x436, muhbigchanges.png)

lol this melodramatic thumbnail

why can't he just leave cyr alone? he hasn't tweeted back at onion since his sperg out that ended their friendship

No. 460021

When has greg ever been smart about anything? he is a 32 year old manchild and this breakup is gonna be an early christmas for him

No. 460022

He’s lonely kek

No. 460028

tinfoil: onion slowly tries to suck up to cyr again cause he already has an established fanbase on twitch and he's thirsty for collabs (or whatever you can do together). but i could be wrong, i don't really get if it's supposed to be a joke or a jab at him

No. 460030


she needs to go back to that hair. She looks so much better(nitpicking)

No. 460037

damn grease, it's definitely time to get that botox redone.

No. 460042

File: 1509739994385.jpg (73.74 KB, 1097x779, tempp.jpg)

speaking of his patreon, has anyone noticed how his earning are as low as they were back when he started? i added a line in paint for easier comparison in the pic

No. 460044

inb4 "Patreon Cut My Income IH HALF (+ Other Travesties)" youtube vid

No. 460045

File: 1509740327385.png (23.88 KB, 224x342, nlRpjyp.png)

Just noticed this shit. He needs 10,000$ to get a new computer? what kind of a computer is going to cost this much?? and with all the unnecessary trash he's been buying and bragging about, it's amazing he hasn't bought a new computer yet…

he must be lying.

No. 460046

Complained said on YouNow he put a new computer in her space and she didn't even know where the computer came from!

No. 460047

Considering the video and sounded quality of his videos hasn’t improved in years, I’d say a faster computer is the last thing he needs to be focusing on.

He’s one of the only youtubers I can think of that’s been creating “content” for nearly 10 years and yet his technical quality stays the same.

Quantity does not equal quality, gurg.

No. 460054

From the kind of PC parts he sold his computers always feature top of the line server processors, huge amounts of RAM (upwards of 32GB), premium motherboards, multiple graphic cards and expensive multi-monitor setups (that he uses for video editing lmao).
So yes, for Greaselord a new PC must cost a few grand.

No. 460059

Before I forget, a lot of this stuff also was overpriced branded GAYMUR shit too, for good measure.

No. 460063

just finished building myself a PC with one of those new Ryzen processors, 64GB ram, SSD and etc, with a new case and everything combined was less than 900$ CAD. he must be paying ultra-premium prices reserved for celebrities

No. 460069

>he must be lying

Of course he is. Dude even lies about his "business investments" to the IRS. Of course he's lying to his teen fans.

No. 460071

I don't know if you know this but Onision has literally never told a lie, ever, in his life.

No. 460073

File: 1509743024695.jpg (44.24 KB, 477x706, onionandlame.jpg)


lamey and onionboy

No. 460074

Yeah, he’s brutally honest and never cheated on anyone.

No. 460076

Wait wtf, Lainey says she was basically the same in high school as she is now 'emo' But wasn't she like a basic white girl cheerleader? Is she now lying about her past to be more Gurg's type?

No. 460081

No. 460086


No. 460087

no you dont understand most of that money is obv going to 30 shirts for his loving fans

No. 460090

They have like 5 editing stations and eighty computers already. And even if he wanted a new computer, you dont need to spend more than 1-2k MAX and thats pushing it for a really good computer.

HAH. Accurate.

She was typical basic white cheerleader who does all the basic shit but dabbles into emo/scene stuff to be trendy and cool. She probably just copied whatever the people she was friends with liked just like she does now. So shes exactly the same except now she doesnt do flips. And look at her smug face when she says all the guys wanted to date her. Hahaha. Yes what a sad emo kid who was living a miserable life being straight and without onion!

No. 460098

30 shirts lmao, if i was a patron i would be very unhappy about that, there is no way to tell if you'd get something out of it. you could be paying for someone else's shirt.

>i would do more, but I'm pretty sure I'd get super confused

what? oh yeah you were already confused about the UK charging import tax when you tried to send a 3ds to that fan one time. he is such an idiot, just thinking about that again makes me so angry that it hurts

No. 460101

Raffles are against Patreon TOS, doesn't that sound like a raffle? Just saying.

No. 460103

He said he had an online relationship with her. Don't think they met in person. And I'm not convinced it even happened, since Hannah has never been around to defend herself since she left the internet.

I'm also pretty sure Hannah would be a huge cow herself if she stuck around long enough.

No. 460104

File: 1509745268713.png (122.35 KB, 794x630, RQ1smrJ.png)

Holy shit you're right. https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204199489-Can-I-offer-a-raffle-as-part-of-a-reward-

Report him before he reads here and edits it :)

No. 460109

No. 460112

File: 1509745621745.png (551.39 KB, 1096x818, sR4MBqv.png)

If anyone wants to report, here is the link:


I took a screenshot evidence (pic), here is a link for it: https://i.imgur.com/sR4MBqv.png

And of course the link to his page: https://www.patreon.com/Onision

No. 460115

do i need an account to report

No. 460117

it doesn't really matter if it's true because they still didn't even meet kek. i don't know if they actually never met but they definitely didn't see each other in person during their "relationship". that he calls her an ex is embarrassing.

No. 460124

no, it's a google doc. they ask for an email but emails are easy to make.

No. 460125

File: 1509746480204.png (26.42 KB, 263x446, 15,000.png)

this is actually the same thing

No. 460128

thats super ghetto, unless theyre owned by google? anyway ty.

No. 460129

yes it's a much more expensive prize too! i reported already but for those who didn't and would like to report, please use this as well as the stuff here >>460112

No. 460132

and the hefty amount of money for the hard work that they do by surviving while people give them money for the computer and the shirts

No. 460133

i reported with both goals and i really hope patreon gives a fuck and doesn't just ignore it. maybe if he's being reported for violating the rules often enough he gets banned.

No. 460137

File: 1509747475270.png (15.4 KB, 688x181, lamebot.png)

prize for the laziest youtuber goes to…

No. 460138

same, I wonder if they have a department that monitors the outcome of these google docs, and when we could expect them to review