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File: 1532644697731.jpg (664.58 KB, 1029x804, 1532368837068.jpg)

No. 554136

Masterpiece of a Thread Image Credit: >>552787
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/549111
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg/Anusion/Anus is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Anus continues to harass Shane publicly via twitter, most notably saying that Shane's lack of wanting to pursue a lawsuit out of not aiming to negatively affect Anus's family was "a threat" >>549218
>Anus breaks the back window of his truck due to not properly placing a packaged bunkbed, blames everyone else >>549334 pic of incident >>549440 and proper box placement >>549540
>Anus and Sarah were in a room off-camera at some point, and Anus made a comment to her saying, "Dat booty tho" (recreation >>552187 ). Sarah now flips whenever someone else comments that to her, hence her flipping out in Lainey's discord >>549773
>Anus made 2 new chapters of his shitty book >>550024
>Lainey got new hair ..again. This time it's purple >>550201
>Lainey and Anus make a video where they publicly fight. It's a goldmine of excuses >>551204
>McMansion still hasn't been sold after 42 days >>55 1653
>Anus spergs about Trump, compilation here >>551950
>Anus deflects as his Twitter spergs continue, targets are Shane, Trump, people who support Shane, Billy the Fridge, >>552581 and Demi Lovato >>553354
>Lainey and Sarah make a sketch where they touch each other a lot >>553109
>Anons share a tweet Anus made in 2013 where he talks about masturbating to 6 year old boys as a strong counter-argument to his Shane spergs >>553328 Onion in response calls out his hypocrisy and apologizes >>553786 but doesn't apologize for his harassment of Shane >>553827
>Discord insider shares how Sarah wanted in on the trinity >>553371
>Anus blocks people who tweet "dat booty though" but then decides to make a video about it, exploiting Sarah >>553851
>People continue to tweet at Anus about Sarah …who continues to deflect by talking about Lainey, compilation >>553933

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere if possible.
- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 554144

A+++ writeup and thread pic, Anon.
Also I love how the list of nicknames for Shreg has finally surpassed the amount of shitty youtube channels he has.

No. 554146

File: 1532645574404.png (14.43 KB, 591x170, that's a lie but okay.PNG)

A horrible lie Greg. Is that why you're trying to play off "dat booty doe" as just a joke?

No. 554148

File: 1532645791861.jpg (103.31 KB, 729x286, Untitled-1 copy.jpg)

No. 554152

interesting to note, he deleted his fan/hater poll before this current sperg

No. 554153

… why and how do they think this is interesting to viewers?

No. 554154

File: 1532646808557.png (173.9 KB, 1429x752, kys.png)

How very patriotic, Anus.

No. 554155

Why the hell did she upload this old garbage?

No. 554159

You know Shreg is triggered when he actually says "Fuck" instead of "Fluck" kek

No. 554160

File: 1532647157366.png (116.93 KB, 1440x507, edgy as fluck.png)

So edgy

No. 554162

I'm a lurker, but I just want to thank everyone for devolving Onision's name. We went from Gregma to Ogreg to literally just Anus. Thanks for the laugh guys.

No. 554163

Likes to chain girls up in his basement
But rejection fetishes are weird

No. 554164

Imagine being this edgy and illiterate of the material you're trying to mock.

No. 554165

File: 1532647889423.jpg (30.98 KB, 741x240, wow.JPG)

Does Greg have a "backstory" for this, too? According to his logic, he's officially a pedophile.

No. 554166

I noticed Anus has removed a couple posts on his community Patreon page, one of which was mildly pointing out that perhaps Eugenia has a medical issue that her patents are well aware of, another about Sarah.
Apparently free speech only applies to him telling people to kill themselves on Twitter, but not for people who literally pay him money to voice their opinions or concerns.

No. 554167

Not sure if this is much, but I was watching a compilation of Anus being creepy and annoying about k-pop and noticed he referred to the youngest member of BTS as being the "attractive" one and how he lost it whenever he came on. In the video he was referring to, said member was 17… unsurprised that trend of him and 17 year olds continues. not sure how recent this was, I'd have to actually dig up the original video.

No. 554168

File: 1532648627647.png (548.12 KB, 1242x2208, 0AF2BC47-F8F6-4ADE-BF18-CA9676…)

Didn’t he shit on billie for working at target?

No. 554169

>to literally just Anus.
It's so fitting too, all he ever spews is shit after all.

No. 554175

File: 1532649968146.jpeg (375.17 KB, 750x1031, 5139E87A-FFB7-4684-8E8A-304AC8…)

This is pretty stale milk from some older threads but anus is literally obsessed with teenagers. He desperately wishes he wasn’t one and u can tell by the way he photoshops his pics / slathers on his greasy make up

No. 554176

File: 1532650017686.jpeg (412.23 KB, 750x927, BE3747CE-79BE-46EF-AB50-9E6292…)

In these pics he either looks like an adult man trying to be a 8 year old boy or a 13 year old girl

No. 554177

File: 1532650047226.jpeg (547.71 KB, 750x1265, F0F66BC8-417F-4B37-9BCB-157401…)

But he really looks more like this

No. 554178

He's actually got tits.

No. 554179

File: 1532650166477.gif (1.06 MB, 500x264, mebitch.gif)

Your post made me smile anon, Glad to see lurkers have a good time here.

He also started sperging during the inabber livestream which have been getting a ton of viewers I must say. Must be setting off his narc rage.

No. 554180

File: 1532650203996.jpg (36.6 KB, 643x794, UgliestBoyInSchool.JPG)

Here, have the worse version.

No. 554182

love the file name

No. 554183

File: 1532650591096.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 1497125042750.gif)

File name really tickled my greasy pickle anon

"How do fellow prepubescents?"

No. 554189


What in the actual fuck? Spoiler that shit, his enormous bobble head and Freddy Krueger skin coupled with those pasty man tits is nightmare fuel.

No. 554191

He looks like a lollipop covered in shit with those proportions.

No. 554195

For tan lines like that he gotta have been wearing a tight mid-sleeve super low cut scoop necked tee. How fashionable - I bet that really showed off his man tits and his sad stomach pooch.

No. 554199

File: 1532651863759.png (220.42 KB, 445x451, 1490903199398.png)

Not to mention he spends his days playing video games with people way younger than him (and he doesn't stop talking about sex/his tiny dick with them), is obsessed with shitty anime, won't shut the fuck up with King of the Hill or Sesame Street references, and is married to a perpetual teenager whose only interests are stupid teen shit. Once again, by his own logic, he's a predator.

No. 554208

File: 1532652223484.jpg (547.73 KB, 800x1220, putitogetherfools.jpg)

and all of Laineybot's predetory behavior in one as reference

both of them are disgusting and no amount of backstories can adjust their internal lust for younger and vulnerable children as they have demonstrated over and over again by meddling with underage females

No. 554209

>>554206 this >>554165 too. He's gross

No. 554214

File: 1532652643198.jpg (635.18 KB, 900x1246, onisionthepedophile.jpg)

All of onision's pedophillic jokes in one

No. 554215

Pretty interesting how when anything happens with GSW he rushes in to defend her, but when Anus gets hammered on social media she goes silent and hides in the shadows. They have the weirdest dynamic.

No. 554220

File: 1532653876003.jpeg (180.39 KB, 750x739, DA7527B2-034A-47CC-B6BF-4CF84A…)


He said this is his favorite picture of Lainey: she was 16/17. By his own logic he’s preying on someone who isn’t an adult. He flip flops from saying adult (he constantly would in Billie’s case because she was 18-19 when she was there) to tHe LEYguLl aGe oF cOnSEnT in Sh and Laundry’s cases.

Fucking nasty.

No. 554221

File: 1532654034543.jpeg (880.02 KB, 2048x2048, 70B552F3-684E-45C2-871B-557120…)

Someone should tell LaineyThot that you can look tomboyish without looking like a little boy. She was actually somewhat attractive when she was 19-20 and had short hair. How her braindead 15 year old tumblrina fans can still call her “omg such a handsome Daddy!” when she looks THIS rough is genuinely mind boggling.

No. 554222

Creepy I thought that was from the time when Lainey actually left Greg for cheating the first time and the little boy was Troy and the third was b. Was this precuddlegate?

No. 554223

On top of being young she also looks EXTREMELY young without makeup. Like 14/15.

No. 554225

Why is she uploading old content? Needed a break/out of ideas/dogdjng sarah drama?

Who is the drunk girl she hooked up with?

No. 554227

It's kind of funny,his favorite picture of Lamey is where she doesn't even really look like herself (at least not at all how she looks now). Her face looks a lot shorter here too, not as footish probably because of how the picture is angled, maybe also because she has a flattering haircut which she doesn't now. She looks also really natural and really young in this. Now she is always caked with makeup and uses filter over filter for photos and videos. Either way yes she is pretty in this picture so I understand why he likes it. But it's soooo far from what she looks like now.

No. 554230

Does he mean there's a second shitty apology video just for patrons or that he posted the same vid onto patreon as well? https://web.archive.org/web/20180727014355/https:/twitter.com/Onision/status/1022657807663869953

No. 554231

File: 1532656066844.png (816.16 KB, 897x465, gross greg.PNG)


His explanation of Dat Booty Doe. Why did Sarah and Lainey say not to make the video? Why is Sarah so uncomfortable about the comment? He's omitting something.

No. 554232

That'd be the second video then, thanks anon. Also… he just clarified/confirmed he talked about the butt of a 16 year old, and that he basically made fun of them? What? But I thought making fun of children was terrible, anus!

No. 554233

They probably didn’t want him to outline what he did because even as a joke it’s pretty inappropriate for an old man to say that to 16yo…

No. 554235

He shat on joy sparkle for being poor too when he was demanding her to debate him.

Btw I love how everyone is calling him "anus" now lmao

No. 554236


…. So he made an appropriate joke to an underage girl…

He HAS to have some kind of mental retardation, right? Like, I'm seriously not even trying to be a cunt. Normal people's brains don't work like this. He genuinely thinks there is a difference between him doing something, and ANYONE else doing something.

I bet Jared From Subway would get away with that kind of playful humor… cough.

No. 554237


Also, I find it pretty hard to believe that this was all so cut and dry when A) the girls didn't want him to do a video on it, and B) Sarah lost her SHIT when someone said it to her.

Why either of these reactions if it was just an innocent, passing joke?

No. 554238

He's so funny how he couldn't carry that box and yelled fuck… So comedian.

Honestly Lainey and Sarah were right he shouldn't have made the video. Pedo Onionboy.

No. 554239

File: 1532657019377.jpg (541.25 KB, 1058x700, grinchlookingass.jpg)


Addressing the posture of an underage girl in an inappropriate pose and making a derogatory comment of sexual acknowledgement is predatory behaviour. It is by legal standard SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF A MINOR!!! No matter how nonchalantly he explains it.

The fact that he see's that age range of young teens as a legal subjective in relation to sexual relations is just so foul.

No. 554240

"Rumor": Greg said "dat booty doe" to 16 year old Sarah on an exercise ball.

Lainey: "Literally none of that happened but okay"

Greg: Shows what happened: Him saying "dat booty doe" to 16 year old Sarah on an exercise ball. Says "all of them" discussed "what he meant by it" (aka he tried to reframe his perversion so Sarah couldn't get him in trouble)

So he's too fucking stupid to realize that yes, he's a scumbag and nobody lied.

No. 554241

So I guess it was Sam he told and she's told people on discord? Onion can't help but put his foot in his mouth. Was this part of the reason Sarah got kicked out? Sounds similar to Maya.

Or does Onion just have a habit of making girls uncomfortable? Hard to judge.

No. 554242


I also find it funny how apparently Sam wasn't actually there. So it was so innocent and nothing that someone felt the need to TELL her about that stupid, insignificant moment.

No. 554243

so, did sarah really freak out on discord re: dat booty tho and if so, why if it was just an innocent joke?

No. 554244

Come on Anus! That’s the best excuse you can muster up for sexualy objectifying a minor who was in your care? It must be so tiring to spin and manipulate as much as you do. You’re a disgrace, your wife is a disgrace too.

I’m honestly disgusted that they have children, for him to blatantly sexualize a minor and to not see the wrong in that is disturbing

No. 554246

File: 1532657531676.jpg (854.38 KB, 254x450, Inkedsarah2_LI.jpg)

Yup, Sarah freaked out. These are definitely the words of someone who gives no fucks at all. Explain Grease, why did Lainey lie and say it didn't happen? Why'd she and Sarah tell Grease not to show what happened? Hmm maybe because they know it's predatory as fuck?

No. 554247

File: 1532657720506.jpeg (105.83 KB, 640x293, 23D8F3E8-0BEF-401F-A6B2-16B2EF…)

ogreg deleted this one pretty fast

No. 554250

File: 1532658246706.png (339.94 KB, 555x620, lazy and depressed.png)

Apparently because she's too lazy and depressed to edit her videos in a timely manner.

No. 554251

When you say nobody do you mean lain? Because that should be her new nickname

No. 554252

File: 1532658338578.webm (5.86 MB, 480x360, lainey the liar.webm)

No. 554256


I love how he says S over-exaggerated about what happened, but he re-enacted exactly what she said happened LOL
Thanks for giving the milk credibility Greg

No. 554258

at 0:13 he shows someone on the phone background hm

No. 554259

File: 1532660394722.png (233.6 KB, 544x311, ask sarah.png)

I feel like this is clearly a shit bag thing to do. The extreme way Sarah reacted shows that their must of been something to be very uncomfortable about; also if it was just a joke why would all three of them have a big sit down to explain it. Both Lainey and Sarah asked for Anus to just let it be but of course since he's so right he has to make a video.

He goes on to say: "That person is still in my life. I literally saw them like thirty minutes ago." Right now Sarah is staying with them and she clearly knows that being kicked out and ghosted is a real possibly so she would never go against what Greg said. The best she can do for right now is hide and hope it blows over while Greg waves a sign practically begging for people to go harass her.

No. 554262

I know there's anons who lose their shit every time the kids get mentioned, but Anus is doing a piss poor job of protecting them. Of course I'm not going to post caps but you can clearly see a child's face. It's incredibly careless for someone who doesn't even want to admit he has children.

No. 554265


Anus treats his women like he treats his dogs. They're so cute adorable when they're young, but he loses all interest when they grow up.

No. 554266

Actually threats on someone's life is not allowed, if the person did kill themselves and this came out you'd be in serious shit, and twitter is allowed to set their own rules. Twitter has a rules against threatening people, which as a corporation, they are permitted to have terms of use. I would hope Greg gets kicked from twitter of it didn't mean we'd lose our main source of laughs. Though the videos he'd make on it would be wonderful

No. 554267

i love that greg is so obsessed with his version of "honesty" that he makes his wife look like a dumbass because she obviously wanted to deny it ever happened at all.

And he conveniently left out the part of making sarah uncomfortable and kicking her out, by just not saying what happened afterwards because he can't deny it isn't true. So we can assume its all true.

No. 554268

His dumb ass literally just confirmed what happened- that he’s a perverted old man that made a sexual comment to a minor.

He thinks he can talk his way out of commenting on a 16 year olds ass??

Can’t wait for someone to confront him with this directly. Hope he does another livestream “debate” soon

No. 554273

how is this not a photoshop of his head stuck on someone elses body

No. 554274

File: 1532664927725.png (144.47 KB, 456x810, 1532579112413.png)

that never happened tho?

No. 554275

File: 1532664984218.png (378.81 KB, 1134x1062, 1532480830351.png)

No. 554278

Is this actually his body??? wtf how does he have no muscle tone at all. it looks like the body of a 13 year old who has spent the last two summers raiding on wow every night.

No. 554279


No. 554280

He's such a greek god who lifts thousand pound pool tables like they were feathers tho

No. 554281

if i had to make out with anus id be depressed too

No. 554283

if it was two years ago, isn't it possible sarah was actually 15 when it happened?

No. 554285

Around 15/16, depending the month on when she was there.

No. 554287

and there's the reason she got locked out of twitter for trying to change her birth date.

No. 554288

She deleted her twitter though. When your account gets locked out, you can still log in and DM people who follow you.

No. 554290

>Around 15/16, depending the month on when she was there.
Ohhoho, the plot thickens.

No. 554293


I try not to watch anything these two put out but when I do I'm always floored at how staggeringly stupid Greg is.

Greg said it happened.

Lainey said it didn't.

Which one gets the tattoo?

No. 554295

holy tweet deleting spree

No. 554297

Yeah no fucking kidding, going as far back as a month. Damage control is in full swing!

No. 554304

It's almost like Lame and Grugly barely talk to each other anymore LOL. They could have easily prevented the meme if they both agreed to something for once but muh twin flames

No. 554305

File: 1532669897407.png (Spoiler Image,481.62 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20180726-181601~3.p…)

On the other booty topic, have we figured out who he is trying to bait? Is it us? Or Lainey?

He liked a picture of booty the person talking about how they want to get their hair pulled. He's such a creep.

No. 554306

If it happened 2 years ago, it's rather likely it happened when Billie was in the Greasemansion oh my god

No. 554308

He's baiting lol
If he liked Booty he would have gone after her ages ago

No. 554310

No that wasn't my question, I apologise.
I was asking who he's trying to bait because no one believes that she is his type.

No. 554311

Baiting her wallet more like, this dumb bitch is more devoted to him than Taylor will ever be.

No. 554312

His "haters" lol. Sucks for Booty, he's probably getting her hopes up kek.

No. 554313

She's one dumb bitch. She has two kids. Why would Grug want a woman with kids if he already is stuck with one? Not to mention she's taller than him and we all know how that story with tall women went down.

No. 554314

That is pretty sad, she's gonna be in for a rude awakening once Sarah is legal. I wonder how she'll be treated once that happens. Milk may be coming in hot soon if booty goes off the deep end with DatBooty-gate

No. 554315

File: 1532670761093.png (143.99 KB, 1440x524, kinkshaming.png)

Binkies have no place in the bedroom, but underage girls are just fine. What a fucktard.

No. 554317

Not only underage girls but humiliation as well. He has no right to kinkshame when his are just as fucked up.

No. 554319

Funny that he never touches on other popular fetishes that are on the "weird" side. I mean, it's so totally not obvious why a guy accused of targeting underaged girls and only being attracted to those much younger than him would constantly only diss the idea of ageplay! I just can't imagine why Greaselord Pedonion himself would want to distance himself from the idea of looking at things associated with children in a sexual way! It's just the most inconspicuous thing.

No. 554321

There are tweets of Limp calling Sarah "Jailbailt" somewhere too.
Actually whilst looking for them I found this tweet of Gregs where he is calling a fifteen year old "Jailbait". It's a link to a video Greg made in 2012 where he is talking about the age of consent, I'm going to quote him here because, my gawd…
"I see this thing happening all the time, really young jailbait girls trying to get older hunky super special sexy guys into them, LITERALLY, which is so incredible selfish on the girls part…" and so on.

>>554165 Pretty sure this will be him pestering her to have his son.

No. 554322

File: 1532672745391.png (8.62 KB, 401x367, 1471507026253.png)

enjoy anons


https://soundcloud.com/user-869070440/dat-audio-doe-3/s-zMeHP (Lainey comes in at 2:28 in this clip says something along the lines of "I understand you think it's funny…")

No. 554323

Hope your username won't give you away to him, famalam.

No. 554324

>Everyone accuses Shreg of sexualizing a minor in his care
>Shreg releases a video to clear his name where he admits to sexualizing a minor in his care

How the fuck did he think this video would make him look good? What an absolute retard. Thank you for confirming what a disgusting pedo you are tho Shreg.

No. 554325

i was waiting for someone to drop this. thanks, anon. but >>554323 is right, be careful, hope your username doesn't give ya away.

No. 554327

Dude still doesn't understand that just because it may be legally technically okay for a married father in his mid-30s to make sexual advances on a 16/17-year-old girl, it doesn't make it any less morally wrong or fucking creepy and predatory. Jesus, there's just no explaining it to him.

Also hearing Trot's tiny innocent voice saying "I love you dad" in the middle of a regular Onion Time statutory rape discussion is fucking…bizarre, to say the least. Really makes it very clear how strange it is for him to be doing the things he does in a house with the tiny child whose voice that is.

No. 554328

Hearing his kid breaks my heart.

Trying to make an LOLSOFUNNY shirt out of sexually harassing a MINOR (yes Greg, minor)?? Really classy. But go ahead and keep bitching about people calling you out for being a POS.

Also hearing those dumb cunts yell HI LAINEY!! as if they haven't all haven't been actively hoping and trying to fuck her greasy husband (looking at you, Booty) is hilarious.

No. 554335

that's one thing i really don't understand about the audio. he stresses the fact that "haters" like to focus on his conduct with minors but then falls back on age of consent in some states being lower so it's ok. dude is in his 30s with two kids and a wife, yet he hangs around teenagers on discord all day. you ask any other 30 year old if they're going to hang with a 16 year old that wasn't related to them they're going to say fuck no on the basis of having completely different lives. it never enters his mind that this is weird behavior? teachers don't chat with their students over the internet after school. it's fucking weird.

No. 554338

Jimmy Saville, prolific paedophile:

"obviously I don't hate them (kids), but we live in a very funny world, and it's easier for me as a single man to say,"I don't like children!" because that puts a lot of salacious tabloid people off the hunt."

Gregory Jackson, hebephile:

"I intentionally shit on minors because I don't want them to remotely appear as anything other than what they are around me for the sake of not being in these situations."

No. 554340

Not certain but I’m pretty sure when Troy says he loves his daddy that Greg says “why” and then Lainey reprimands him and he says if back finally, embarrassed sounding.
Does anyone else hear that too?

No. 554341

Lainey said no to him making the shirt thus why he asked "why"

No. 554342

I thought the same. If its your child youd think saying I love you to them would be a daily thing. The way pedonison said it made it seem like that was one of the first. But ig hed rather say it to teens than his own children.

No. 554344


Aw, little T sounded so cute and innocent. He just wanted to tell his dad that he loved him.

"Why?" God he is such an ass. That kid sounded adorable as hell.

No. 554345


Samefag but yep, heard it to. Glad she did that, tbh. Gosh that makes my heart hurt

No. 554346

File: 1532678625456.png (12.04 KB, 517x95, queen dumbass.PNG)

Booty, Tamara and his other asskissers are congratulating him for getting rid of a "toxic person" instead of acknowledging he made an inappropriate "joke" to a 15/16 year old girl who obviously was uncomfortable with it. He's trying to gaslight Sarah into believing it wasn't a big deal while trying to profit off of her discomfort. He's also made an LOLBEMAD shirt on redbubble (https://archive.fo/0YhVG) so he's just aiming to be an abusive asshole lol

The conversation:
G: I'm making a shirt.
L: No!
G: Why?
(I can't hear what Lainey says here)
G: It's funny!
L: I understand you think it's funny (HI LAINEY!!!)

No. 554350

File: 1532680193989.webm (2.15 MB, 480x360, it's immortalized.webm)

No. 554351

Anon do you mean to tell me from the age of16 to her current age Lainey has consistently without fail had the same damn pimple on her chin for the past 6 years?!?

No. 554352

It sounds like he's asking"why" to something Lainey brought up. As soon as he says "why" she says "because it's imortalized"

I find the Grease repugnant, and he certainly needs to focus on his children more, but he's not saying "why" to Trot

No. 554357

Oh my god this dude is seriously 30! Okay I’m sure there ‘has’’ been hypothetical instances in theory where a teacher had an orgy in the school locker room…, but Jesus Christ this arebthe stupid ass dumb rumours you talk about when you’re 14years old! Not something that you continue to talk about as if it’s even remotely believable once you hit age 30! What is wrong with this dude?!? What a fucken loser! No way does he have friends in his age demographic! Kill yoursrkf Greg seriously! Your life isn’t worth living!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 554360

Other anon was right. Hearing Trot's little voice in the middle of that shitstorm of a conversation put this in perspective for us in a way it doesn't for him somehow. That little Trot is around in the middle of that conversation AND in the middle of his parents bickering about it is so blatantly heartbreaking to us - and completely normalized by them. Ugh.

No. 554361

Regardless of consent laws, the 'haturz' aren't wrong - Sarah and anyone under 18 in that house is legally a minor. He seems to be glazing over that fact so his fans are less likely to pick up on how fucking creepy he is for commenting on her ass (not like they care though). He can try to use consent laws all he wants but legally he sexualized a minor and I'm sure if Sarah wanted to do something about it she could.

No. 554363

They all want his greasy dick do they agree to anything.

No. 554368

At around 2:20 when Grug says "I love you" back to T, all of the Discord cows creamed themselves in unison lmao

No. 554369


And even worse that they had legal guardianship over that minor at the time he made the comment

No. 554370

Unfortunately at this point his followers wouldn’t bat an eye if he had actually admitted to being a pedo.

No. 554371

Is it just me or did he just admit to looking up porn of minors??
‘If someone has a problem they can just look it up on pornhub’

No. 554373

Yes. It's beyond creepy. It's more likely roleplay where all the actors are 18 but are acting like they're minors. It could tie into his stepson/stepmother thing…

While it's not bad if they're all of age it does show a desire on his side that could be…

No. 554374

Sad that he had to get two "I love yous" before he said it back.

No. 554375

Oh Lord! The thing is, if I didn't know about his fishy behaviour and him repeatedly twisting facts, I'd be even inclined to believe him.
He makes it seem as if he was annoyed by carrying the heavy box and Sarah('s butt) was the one who he put his frustration out on.
I hope people don't fall for that.

No. 554377

Greats audios!!

Sad that he had to get two "I love yous" before he said it back.

No. 554378

So the Onion's and Sarah will drag Sarah's homelike. Saying her Mum dating and bringing men back indicated sexual abuse. Yet.. Lainey (mom of 2) was her(16) legal guardian at 22 while married to a 30 year old, whilst having threesomes with a 19 year old and fighting with 19 year old friend's Ayalla's abusive boyfriend SR, on top of all the other drama airing at the time from Onion.

How the fuck is that anymore stable? Sarah go get a dorm with some college aged kids jfc

No. 554379


He is an idiot and would let something slip but I don't think that's the case here. I think he might actually be trolling. Lainey knows people say her background phone about a year so they clearly know that's something they need to be careful about.

Almost all the icons are moved out of the way so you can see the background and the face look cartoonish and has a big slanted black eyebrow on it.

He knows "haters" are going to watch this video because dat booty doe is something we've been talking about so we'll see this one in particular.

He's trying to show how stupid his "haters" are by baiting the with a fake phone background in a video where he "destroys" a rumor about himself (and actually ends up doing the opposite).

No. 554380

I honestly think it's bait.
I paused the video to get a better look at the picture and the kid has like a HUGE eyebrow and what seems like a photoshopped expression.
I'm sure he knows his videos will be analyzed (nearly) frame by frame.

No. 554382

Maybe he did learn something from Sam. It's not really to embrace the "haturz", but he definitely adds in clues to show he's aware of LC and sometimes I feel like he's trolling.
Nevertheless he still makes mistakes because uwu much smart, much IQ.

No. 554385

File: 1532695905048.jpg (160.52 KB, 756x609, cowboi onision.jpg)

I hadnt checked his Twitter for a day and a half and was sad to see that he changed it from Cowboi to Emo Charlie. I guess hes going to go through all his lame characters as his profile names and photos.
With the Cowboi name he was so close to having the perfect Onision Twitter page. With just a few tweaks it would have been truly fitting.

No. 554386

File: 1532696803051.webm (2.93 MB, 1280x720, Age of consent.webm)

It's pretty well known but here is Greg's view on age of consent.

No. 554388

No, this was YEARS before the first Cuddlegate, I don't think T was even born yet.

No. 554390

File: 1532698322886.png (166.36 KB, 448x364, why i said i wanted to jerk of…)

In his second apology video he brings up this false fact that hes brought up many times.
Shreg believes that "most all" girls get molested, but little boys are rarely victims. And men only want to molest girls, so a man making a joke about wanting to diddle a little boy is so unbelievable that its funny.
Does Shreg not know about the Catholic priest underage sex scandals? Most of the victims were boys. Its even a horse beaten "joke" about priests and little boys that late night talk show hosts use it in their monologues.
Im guessing that Shreg does know, but it ruins his excuses, so he conveniently changes the facts or says he hasn't heard of those scandals.

No. 554391

I still want him to explain and admit to the FULL story.

Tell us about how Sarah was uncomfortable about the inappropriate comment you made.

Tell us how Sarah talked to Lainey in confidence that she felt uncomfortable about the whole thing.

Tell us how Lainey then snuck off to rat Sarah out to you and you made Sarah go home because of it. One of MANY times she was sent home for offending the Onion.

No. 554393

It is super weird knowing he and Sarah are huge lurkers. People always suspected he lurked but he’s done videos browsing here that confirmed it.

Does that affect what should be posted here? Some of it it is just us fucking around but some stuff is actually good/damming and could give him a heads up on things.

No. 554394

>How the fuck is that anymore stable? Sarah go get a dorm with some college aged kids jfc

Nah. She is 17 and clearly smarter than anyone else in the world, so she will continue clinging onto these loathsome people. Anyone trying to help her or convince her otherwise will make her cling harder. It is going to take her getting kicked hard in the teeth by Greg and Taylor to make her leave and live a good life. Although, considering they have already kicked her in the teeth multiple times, maybe not. Maybe she is just that stupid.

No. 554396

Maybe you just learned of it but it basically used to be Sarah's job, probably is again. Don't bother trying to police what's posted here.

No. 554401


I don't think they were saying it should be policed but we should be mindful.

For the OP, yeah, we should. As an example, if he is doing something wrong, don't interrupt him making a mistake by telling him what he /should/ be doing, how to do it better, or whatever.

Then again, we can use his lurking (and the lurking of anti-onision tumblr blogs who use content from here) to our advantage to direct things. This whole dat booty doe episode came from here and it turned out to be very well played. lol.

No. 554402

Sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was trying to control what people post! I was just thinking about it but yeah Sarah has been relaying things back to them my bad.

Unrelated but in Edwin’s newest video about his new house at 18:31 he says “that booty though” to Mina. Related or conincidence? It’s more likely an unrelated conincidence but wanted to bring it up.

No. 554403


It’s 100% confirmed that Anus and Doormat’s Doormat lurk here. Not sure if Laundry does, but I’m sure DD just tells her everything she finds here. Don’t worry about what you write, Anus trying to call out what anons post just makes him look stupider and proves him wrong every time.

No. 554404


No. 554409

It looked like a sims 4 toddler to me, lol. Way too cartoonish and strong browed!

No. 554410

Eh Edwin’s comment doesn’t seem related, I’m more interested in how anus and cera the triceratop love lurking here. They’re such cows

No. 554415

Extremely underrated post!

I don't see any need for self-censorship.
Lainey's husband pays attention to his patreons because he HAS to.
He pays attention to his "haturz" / critics because he WANTS to.

No. 554417

Here’s a gross thought.
We saw the concessions that Billie would have had to make to be allowed to come back.
How many gross humiliating acts has Sarah performed to get back in good with the Onions?

No. 554422

It’s been confirmed that Sarah buys Lame shit when Lainey is mad at her. There could be worse “punishments” as well.

Sarah deleted her Twitter, it wasn’t locked.

No. 554439

File: 1532709787054.jpg (101.84 KB, 1224x720, allthewayinsidetheass.jpg)

unrelated to the current Sarah drama, but I was binge watching all the Cute with Chris videos after the last thread and noticed someone familiar commenting on the videos…

now i'm thinking Onion tried to suck up to Chris, got ignored, and to decided to attempt discredit him. Looks like nothing ever changes.

On a side note, I actually enjoy Chris's videos. Too bad he disappeared from the internet and we're stuck with Onion 10 years later like a recurring rash.

No. 554470

File: 1532716404555.jpg (159.79 KB, 750x969, IMG_3727.jpg)

saw this tweet and made some adjustments to fit anus

No. 554532

The innocent little kid saying "I love you dad" while his retarded parents are arguing about a t-shirt that references the sexual harassment a minor went through. This is so fucked up. The poor baby has no idea his parents are predators

No. 554536

It's funny how Laineyfoot always says "I don't control him" when he does fucked up things to other people, but when it affects her (or Sarah in this case) she has no problem asking him to stop. She's such a fake selfish bitch

No. 554541

lainey is knocking but
sarah is watching

No. 554543

File: 1532725798437.png (217.44 KB, 722x676, Screenshot_2018-07-27 Emo Char…)

No. 554553

File: 1532727440993.png (159.18 KB, 735x382, Screenshot_2018-07-27 Emo Char…)

No. 554554

I’m upset he deleted this, I’ve been violently tweeting at him to see if he’ll block me

No. 554555

How ableist of you, Anus! I wonder what does your sjw crowd think of this…

No. 554560

>I am a published author.
>Your brain however is quite stupid.

i write shit posts more coherent than his deep thoughts

No. 554562

Already airbagging his "apology" by putting in the title that it was "5 years ago!!!" Don't even have to watch the video to know it's full of excuses.

No. 554565

Has he ever, EVER been seen giving a genuine apology? It’s like he’s afraid someone will blackmail him if he sincerely apologizes for behavior

No. 554566

@shanedawson PLEASE do this.

No. 554568

If Shane is too worried about making a video calling him out - I wish Jeffree or Trish did instead.

No. 554584

I guess someone should really scan any videos shes been in recently for odd tattoos.

No. 554587

I think it may be his short sighted legal knowledge.
Its like a cop. It an unwritten rule they are told by training officers not to apologize. An apology in a court of law could get them fucked.

No. 554588


Probably because he IS the kind of person that would hold it over someone's head. He more than likely assumes that everybody else is just as twisted and sees admission of guilt as some kind of weakness to be used against you

No. 554590


I wish I could sage but if Jeffree called him out, I would buy a bottle of wine for the event.

No. 554591


No because Greg is never wrong. He CAN'T be wrong. Its impossible. That's how he feels. It's definitely not a cop thing like other anon said.

No. 554596

He’s a glorified rent-a-cop anyway.

No. 554599

File: 1532737355952.jpeg (64.87 KB, 640x448, A27867F2-712E-4CA1-AA06-2A13A9…)

not to derail but imagine if it was easy enough for Foot to admit she wants to be a teenage boy as it is for other ~nonbinaries~. They’re all so focused on infantilizing themselves for whatever reason they may asspull. Obviously Lame’s is to attract teen girls who have a fetish for preteen boys’ clothing. It’s a neat trend to observe, honestly

No. 554600

well greg is a cop so this makes sense

No. 554601

I just think he does not believe that he can ever be wrong. So his apologies are never sincere. That's how narc's work. Everyone else is wrong but he, nah, he has a good reason for any dumb shit he says or does that excuses it.
Even in the long apology video to Jaclyn he spent half the video just throwing back blame at her and excusing his behavior yet for some reason Jaclyn accepted his apology which I still don't understand why she did.
Every time he apologizes to other youtubers he can't help still being condescending. I also remember his half-assed apology to Eugenia Cooney after the awful video making fun of her eating disorder being like "I'm sorry for my comedy video i made about you. IF your feelings were hurt and you didn't understand my comedy I am sorry." Which was basically just saying "stop being butthurt it was a joke" more than an apology.

Also as I tried to find his apology to Billie earlier I noticed I couldn't find it, not sure if he took it down or I am just too stupid to find but I remember he apologized about humiliating her in public before and it was half-assed too in a video where he "apologized" to other ppl too.
Either way he has SO MANY apology videos that it's really starting to be like attached video.

No. 554604

pretty hilarious that he's streaming on periscope with no mic, and ignoring anyone who asked him to speak. he peaked around 21 viewers and has been steady at a viral count of 6 viewers

No. 554627


Wut. I hope this is sarcasm, because he is not a cop now, and arguably wasn't a "cop" during his failured time in the Chair Force. If this is an oblique commentary on Greg's dumbness in calling himself a cop, then carry on. I am v tired and am probably overthinking.

No. 554638

yes, i was joking.

No. 554676

Oh god.
In his new uhohbro video, Anusion stated himself that his wife and the other person involved didn't want him to make a video about it, yet he still goes and does it, for what? The maybe 30k views he gets if he's lucky?
He's willing to upset his family and the dynamics of the household because he has to attempt to shield his little ego.

He really is a pathetic little man who doesn't have a shred of respect for Lainey.
He's a terrible content creator, a terrible husband, a terrible father, a terrible person in general. Is there actually anything he is good at?

No. 554680

He seems to be genuinely talented at gas-lighting and brainwashing teenage girls

No. 554703


It's the only thing he's bothered to practice.

No. 554704

Has Laundry given up on streaming? She hasn't been on YouNow in weeks

No. 554705

while I was archiving her streams the last time she had a lul of over 7 days was the onset of cuddlegate. she came back shortly after completely unaware that anyone noticed her absence

No. 554706

She's definitely not streaming because she's afraid to leave Sarah alone with Greg, but now that she's there gregs definitely not going to want to watch the kids and is gonna want Sarah too, and even if she can have Sarah stream with her, then all she gets is a chat filled with compliments towards Sarah and it pisses her off. So it's lose lose right now for Lainey to stream. Which is hilarious, since that's their main source of income and eventually she is gonna get upset over being broke or gregs gonna have a huge hissy fit

No. 554722

I find it funny how he's trying to make it seem like it's not a big deal but he's almost old enough to be her father. She's half his age!

No. 554739

any idea why he just deleted like 40 tweets from >1 month ago?

No. 554743

File: 1532753312309.jpg (164.17 KB, 1174x848, gurg.jpg)

Quite a strange selection.

No. 554745

File: 1532753450023.png (9.71 KB, 700x98, socialbladeonision.PNG)

I thought the number for the past two days was much higher than that.

No. 554746

File: 1532753713421.png (14.65 KB, 601x198, whaaaletted.PNG)

Another deleted tweet.

No. 554747

Stupid question, but are all the tweets he deleted on this @onisiontweets twitter?
If yes, then we should take some time and go through all 150 and figure out the reason for each one, maybe some have meaning together or in context with a group.

No. 554749

What the fuck is he on about? Greg, we get it, you have an Oedipus complex, but not everyone's parents screamed their names while fucking someone in the next room over. Sorry you have confused dick feelings over your psycho mom. Stop projecting it onto everyone else, you loser.

No. 554754

If you live with your mom though, it's fine.

No. 554758

File: 1532755117017.png (26.17 KB, 615x258, seems a little racist.PNG)

No. 554762

you can delete your post

No. 554763

File: 1532755752143.png (12.85 KB, 591x118, isn't that ironic.PNG)

No. 554770

Why does this keep happening with youtubers I like. Onision has no black friends. So there is no context. I have been his fan for a long time but this colors him different for me. I know its probs just trolling but he never films with black people. So I guess this is it. I found all my youtube faves through him.

No. 554773

File: 1532756794876.png (800.44 KB, 1242x1690, totallynotpedo.png)

Can't a guy sexually harass a minor in his care without the internet freaking out? GAWD!

No. 554780

File: 1532757043078.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20180728-074610.png)

Maybe he wasn't carrying a cardboard box but his son..
And that's actually why Pedobot was afraid of him making this "clarification".
insert Twilight Zone music here

No. 554782

Mate, he's done way worse and he's been shitting on black people for over a decade.

No. 554789

Did you take a nap the time he wanted to chain Billie up in the basement? Or when she refused and he exposed all of the secrets she'd confided in him that were absolutely not ok to do? That's just a start.

Shots of their sad little trailer home make me laugh so hard.

No. 554790

File: 1532758257193.jpg (178.49 KB, 1080x1920, PicsArt_07-28-07.56.55.jpg)

Also noticed that the drawings look kind of disturbing..
The second picture from the top right, looks like a bleeding cat head on crossed sticks..
And the symbols on the bottom kind of creep me out for a reason.
I know kids have a lot if imagination but I don't know about those drawings.. maybe they should start supervising their spawns TV and tablet consumption a little more….

No. 554791

Don't be to hard on our new anon!! Glad you opened your eyes! Better late than never!!

But yeah.. get yourself a coffee or tea and poor yourself some milk from previous threads. It seems like you have a lot of learning, growing and awakening to do.

No. 554794


he's crying because he's still catching shit about the video about black people hair.

No. 554796

I think they might be jellyfish, but I must admit, they caught my attention too. The drawings remind me of those creepy horror movies where kids see monsters that others can't.

Then again, Anusion screeches and covers himself with all sort of crap for his 'funny' videos. He's basically a walking horror show, more or less willingly. One way or another those kids are going to end fucked up in the head, sadly.

No. 554798

File: 1532759916394.png (319.9 KB, 531x509, hello darkness my old friend.P…)


Greg also released an Andy Beirsack video and it's not particularly interesting

No. 554799

Middle child
Anything for attention…

>She's definitely not streaming because she's afraid to leave Sarah alone with Greg,
>Which is hilarious, since that's their main source of income
>she is gonna get upset over being broke
>gregs gonna have a huge hissy fit

Bwa ha ha, this is a truth, if she streams, Greg will try to hug Sarah and try to slip his peeny weenus between her legs, or offer her a "friendly relaxing friend" massage.

If she keeps Sarah on her streams, the juxtaposition of the two will be too great for fans to not comment on how much Foot and Sarah differ in looks.

If Sarah stays too long, and bill time comes around and they're short, Greg will scream and guilt her to streaming again. The moment she streams, you know Greg has thrown smack at LameFoot.

Not sure what these drawings are supposed to be of, but honestly, the giant X's are strange to see. Personally, I believe that Onision marked his childrens creations as "wrong" with giant X marks, and he's keeping them on the fridge as a shaming tactic, I think the narc in Greg is already laying the foundations to manipulate his children, and make them believe that their efforts will never be enough to please Greg.

No. 554801

I think Grease might've taken down what was up and put in some crap for us to focus on, kinda like the simkid background thing?

No. 554802

I'd say it's an octopus, he's drawn the same thing on three of the pages if you look. For a kid who looks like he's just mastered straight lines and a crosses, I don't think it's a cat being killed. That seems more like what anon wants to see.

No. 554803

Agree, all pictures being drawn at the same time rather than a collection made over time reeks of a set-up. Greg really did try everything to take attention away from his comment at a minor.

No. 554804

hope i'm not being an asshole, but could someone timestamp the bit in the audio where T talks to onion? soundcloud is a real bitch on my phone

No. 554807

There you go

No. 554809

Nah I agree fully with this. Probably the only time I ever have ageeed with the Grease mongrel ! If you live at home still (no shame in that) you should be focused on finding a career, getting an education and finding yourself as a person. I doubt that’s why Grease thinks that. But if you’re young enough to still be at home with your parents you shouldn’t be focused on sex, a relationship and screwing. You have your whole life ahead of you to figure out kinks and sex and relationships… if your still st home with mom and dad focus on your education and future goals plans and yourself. Do you and not other people

No. 554811

are you OK, anon? a bleeding cat head? really? I'm a lot more disturbed by the interpretation than the drawings.

thanks grandma, that's great.

No. 554812

Greg has faked drawings by his son before, this is likely another distraction tactic (like when they put up a girl's name on the wall of the girl's room which turned out to not be their daughter's name). He likes to pretend his kid is done edgy shit drawing him killing his dad or whatever when the kid just sounds like a normal adorable kid and likely is. It's his stupid shock humour thing which is ironic cause he claims to despise the idea of people exploiting their kids (yet he then goes out and fakes that his kid is a budding psychopath)

No. 554813

…Re-read his tweet and my response, anon. I'm talking about the "daddy kinks" he pretends to not be into, not life stages and goal-setting.

No. 554816

I agree Grease is a total psycho and a predatory paedophile mongrel of a human being. I do agree if you live with mom and dad you shouldn’t breed. Breeding, fucking and kinks should be the last thing on your minds. Kinks shouldn’t even be on the radar if mom or dad are still paying your bills. Grease for sure has a dad kink! He legit took Lame from her fathers house to his! She has never once experienced life outside the guidance and control of a man. She went from her parents home right into Geases. When she was in high school she Should have been focused on university, her first car, first apartment and really discovering who she was as a person but instead she went from high school tight into the waiting open arms of a predatory pedo creep! I blame her for being that stupid! High school girls shouldn’t be concerned about marriage sex and kinks but look at this dumb stupid cunt! Grease has a daddy kink and so does lame… he should have taken his own advice! Too late now! She is 23 with two
Kids and no chance of ever having freedom or independence! Bitch.. at 23 you should be out discovering the world not locked in a swamp! Fuck her and him both

No. 554819



Teens have sex whether you like it or not, and they can also do well in school/make good decisions for their futures while doing so. If you think they shouldn't be getting pregnant, educate your kids on birth control and knowing when they're ready instead of insisting that they shouldn't even be thinking about sex. Running off and fucking a loser old man on the internet at 17 like Lainey did is shameful, sure, we all agree, but in a time where it's not unusual for people to stay at home well into their 20's, it's ridiculous to say a person shouldn't have sex or find out what they're into just because they don't have the money and/or desire to move out yet.


Creepy! And red. Ugh. >>554780 And the magnets on the floor… Wait, is Greg trying to recreate a Stephen King-esque scene to get us talking so we forget he commented on a 16-year-old's ass?

No. 554829

File: 1532771509295.jpg (66.88 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

No. 554832

Can y'all keep the tin foil down

I swear most anons here have never really been around young children
These are definitely drawn by a child.
It's drawn in red for two reasons:
-Trot likes red/just felt like using red
-Trot only had access to a red pencil at that moment

Young children can't draw.
I've had "butterfly's" and other various animals that look like dicks given to me.
Kids about his age tend to draw "legs" or "hair" as either straight-ish scribbles, or little sausages.

I also don't see any reason for angry baby carrot dick to put these up as an "Easter egg", there's not anything to discuss about them besides the fact they're drawn by his 3yr old.

No. 554833

The Grease family is just messy

We've known this for years now. Gerg and Lainey don't even bother to move the dirty dishes out of sight for videos.

No. 554835

ot but I just stumbled on this video while rewatching the Sicesca videos.

Have some lighthearted kek y’all

No. 554838

These look more like Grug's half assed drawings than a 4 year-old's. LOL

No. 554859

Why the fuck do they drink straight out of the milk carton? Plus Laineythot got her whole ass and feet on the kitchen counter. I’m gagging

No. 554860

File: 1532785353682.png (Spoiler Image,842.02 KB, 955x538, barf.PNG)

IKR. This bitch is so disgusting. Who the fuck puts their dirty feet and ass on the kitchen counter? Absolutely disgusting.

No. 554861

But it's so TEENAGE BOY, y'all. Which Taylor totally is.

No. 554863

Wow. Anything to show her vag I guess

No. 554865

…Her teenage boy vag.

No. 554867

I’d say at the least it shows a lack of creative support, it really looks like a kid was given a pencil and paper without even knowing what a drawing is. Shouldn’t there be drawings of trees and his dogs?

No. 554868

So apparently a child is required to be in kindergarten (or homeschooled) at age 8 in Washington. It’s still a ways off, but I am legitimately fearful for the kid’s mentality when they see other kid’s normal matronly mothers being sweet and caring, when all the little dingleberries have experienced is a 13 year old boy “mom”

No. 554878

plus it looks like they just put up all the kid's drawings, likely giving him an unhealthy false sense of accomplishment. who knows how much this young boy is soaking in

No. 554881

>plus it looks like they just put up all the kid's drawings, likely giving him an unhealthy false sense of accomplishment. who knows how much this young boy is soaking in

Wut. Talk about tinfoil. LOTS of parents put their kids' drawing on the fridge.

No. 554895

Whats wrong with you?
Its a little kid. I dont care if the painting/drawing looks like someone threw a paint can at the paper, Im going to tell him its good and put it up on the fridge or his bedroom wall to show its appreciated.
Is it because its Gregs kid that your acting like a jerk?

No. 554896

She always looks like Smeagol when she sits like this.

No. 554897

Its weird. Its like her bodys default pose. Shes constantly fighting her own body that wants to roll up into some kind of fetal position.

No. 554898

Does she always do knees to chest because she doesnt like her elderly drooping breasts and this is her way of hiding them?

No. 554901

File: 1532788772280.jpg (277.11 KB, 1080x802, Screenshot_20180728-103846_Chr…)


No. 554902

File: 1532788818714.jpg (45.58 KB, 628x354, L-Sitting-Death-Note-e14926243…)

Nah, pic related.

Was she sitting like this before promprosal? I can't recall, but it feels like a no.

No. 554903


There are pictures of her sitting like that in restaurants (!!!) but I can't recall the exact timing.

No. 554906

Seems he deleted a lot of tweets. cant see his sperging on his timeline

No. 554908

Wow. You're an adult Taylor. It sucks that you gave up your youth to breed with that loser, but get it together bitch. You don't look cute, you look like a woman living in denial. Poor kids, no healthy role models….

No. 554909

The dat booty doe vid mentioned the person "swatted a child". Was he talking about S?

No. 554910

He was talking about Sam.

No. 554911

As a headstart teacher I find these drawings strange for the boy’s age. He will be 5 soon and should be drawing better than this. There are rumors he has Down’s syndrome. Maybe he does(armchair)

No. 554912

Plain ass bitches? He is married to someone whose nickname is Plainey

No. 554913

>inb4 someone comes to ree at you for just passively mentioning that rumor


Interesting that he can't help but try and shit on someone when he's the one in the wrong. Based off of the screenshots we've seen, regardless of who it is, there's no lie. Greg said "dat booty doe" to teen Sarah on an exercise ball. The moron exposed himself.

No. 554916


Probably to feel like the smol bean we all know she is. I'm being serious. I'm a real short person and I have to climb up on counters to reach certain things (I live with a roommate) but I've never had to put my fucking feet on the counter. She's trying too hard.(blogpost)

No. 554917


I don't see what category he would fit into? I don't see any human-like stick figures in those pictures (which is strange itself). Angry?

No. 554918


People are looking too hard into these drawings. I could post 10 drawings from my 2 year old niece that look exactly like these jellyfish line looking things.

No. 554924

Greg loves to put up red herrings like this to start a conversation, as has happened. I would bet good money that he scribbled a bunch of shit in red and put it up on the fridge for this reason.

No. 554926

And now anons are talking about it and even trying to analyse it. Seriously guys, can we stop, it's embarrassing.

No. 554928

I agree, the pseudoscientific arm-chairing over a child nobody here has ever met is creepy and pathetic. Smells like summerfags.

No. 554931

billie was a willing participant. I see her as nothing but an unlucky Lainey. she went there to try her luck at getting greg. she even buttered up lain who she didn't even like. we all saw the slide down bdsm path and billie decided to get off before the chaining. and really did she decide to leave or with lain freaking out about the rubbing was billie forced to leave. billie still seems invested in them. I declare billie a cow. same as greg, lain, social repose, bliar white, jackly glen, and all the rest. the only houseguest I felt sorry for was the babysitter that morph into assistant, therapist, cleaner, and then they dragged her in front of the camera. everyone else knew what they was signing up for.

No. 554932

i'm with you until

>billie still seems invested in them

lol they fucking WISH

No. 554933

ehh billie was a starstruck child, and while she may not have been in love with plain she atleast stood up for her, which is more than her greasy rat of an husband has ever done for her

No. 554934

Check the Madison video. Pretty sure that’s the one.

No. 554935

It’s kind of disgusting, considering he claims he doesn’t “use his kids for views”. But really he is, just passively.

No. 554940

Lmao .. she must not be small.. compare her to the size of the stove.. i dont consider myself small but i dont dwarf my kitchen stove if i was to sit on the counter

No. 554950

Ew lainey stop shoving your gross cooch in peoples faces

No. 554956

It blows my mind how none of these girls dads have beat the shit out of Arin for grooming and having sex with their UNDERAGED daughters that he stole from their families. Fucking scumbag

No. 554957

*Greg not Arin

No. 554963


Billie’s not invested in them, anon. She has literally not mentioned them once in a year and a half. Anus and Plaineythot are the ones still extremely invested in her, and Sarah, too.

No. 554968

Just watched this. What a retard. He denies everything that happens and lies about shit all the time, why wouldn't he just lie or not include this? To anyone watching this video, like a new viewer with no context, it would come across as really confusing. It just screams suss and draws more attention to the fact he even said it.
He is so damaging to his own image and thinks these defensive videos are helping but honestly they just make everything 100 times worse.

No. 554970


Not a fan of Billie and def not a white knight, but anons are right, she hasn't mentioned either onion or his space hoe since they broke up. She has just continued making hairdye videos and ignored anything to do with him. I'm pretty sure she even deletes comments that mention greg or lainey. Sam, madison and a bunch of the others have been in streams and videos and whatnot, carrying on the drama, but Billie is probably the only one that hasn't carried on like a porkchop and just taken the route of ignoring them. With the exception of her upset video when Greg released all her secrets.

It's obvious that Greg and Lainey still sperg out about her to this day, but Billie has definitely moved on.

No. 554976

Billie may have been a cow back then (she has a dead thread in snow) but she hasn't given into Greaselord and Greaselady's low tier baiting in over a year. She's successfully removed herself from the cancer. For that, I applaud her.

No. 554979

The babies in the back in the beginning the whole time. I guess they really don't care anymore.

No. 554982

File: 1532807435142.png (923.14 KB, 1514x996, BreakingNews2.png)

No. 554985

She "forgets" to blur C out a lot but never T.

Also, are the dogs wearing shock collars?

No. 554992

I noticed this too. She's A LOT more careful about hiding the boy than hiding the girl. She accidentally showed the girl like 4 or 5 times already, but never the boy. I know it doesn't prove anything but it does add fuel to that tinfoil that Trot has some kind of problem(Leave the kids out of this.)

No. 554994

It's probably because Trot is a lot more distinguished now and would be more easily recognisable whereas Clot is just a baby still and they never look much different from each other

No. 554995

The TV is a much better parent than either of them.

No. 554996


>It's obvious that Greg and Lainey still sperg out about her to this day, but Billie has definitely moved on.

…Which makes her the one that got away. And it is so awesome knowing that Greg knows he could have been tappin' that to this day, if only he could have restrained himself from being a prick of monumental proportions.

No. 554998


Behold the body of a Greek god, everyone.

No. 555001

LMAO, next thread pic please

No. 555003

ewww wtf that crotch shot, get longer shorts Lain Boy.

No. 555004

Anyo nelse notice their dogs are wearing shock collars? Also where is leelu?

No. 555007

I don't know if it's her age, but am I the only one that found Sarah as overly cringy and sorta greg like in this video?

No. 555009

File: 1532810154033.png (422.22 KB, 1107x565, Screenshot (1699).png)

Sorta looks like they are wearing shock collars at least.

No. 555013

Not to mention Billie is looking even more beautiful now than she did back then while Plaineyfoot just keeps getting uglier and uglier. Grease must be regretting not leaving Foot for Billie when he had the chance

No. 555016

Those are definitely shock collars, holy fuck. That rectangular blue thing is what emits the shocks

No. 555017

Pretty common for teens with infatuations to imitate the one they like. :^)

No. 555018

That's inhumane. Greg goes off on someone for eating fish but he electric shocks his dogs?! WTAF. He needs to answer for this.

No. 555025

If they do this to dobs (the dog they love), imagine what they do to leelu, the dog they admitted they hate

No. 555031

No. 555036


This seriously reminds me of those pedophiles who swear that they are much younger inside their heads than on the outside. I forgot what it’s called but it’s super creepy.

No. 555041

WOW WTF no way! That's literal animal abuse! A couple who claims to care for animals does that? Nah fuck this shit. Yeah right 'straight edge'couple but can't lovingly raise their dogs and teach them to behave in a humane way. Here I thought I couldn't hate these lowlifes more than I already do.

No. 555042

File: 1532814192283.jpg (120.2 KB, 960x720, 37893711_426212064567935_24762…)

The breakfast cereal of choice in the Anus home.

No. 555043

They could be vibrating collars. Anus and Plainey are shit people but I definitely don’t wanna believe they’d shock their dogs…. then again, their water bowl was disgusting too.

No. 555049

aw, the new day deserves better than this

No. 555054

File: 1532815306093.png (1.88 MB, 1425x783, Screenshot_2018-04-20-14-44-24…)

I mean it's horrible but not that surprising tbh.

No. 555058

File: 1532816113235.png (265.99 KB, 1440x1512, for fucks sake.png)

This is the 2nd time Anus has tweeted this ridiculous sentiment. He's such an idiot that he still doesn't realize it works both ways.
He's literally saying that if you're a lesbian who isn't interested in dating men you "don't believe in love."
Also he and his creep wife have made countless videos deciding whether they'd date a person judging solely on their appearance.
Fuck off with this shit.

No. 555061

Anyone remember when he said he rubbed Leelu's face on her own pee and it made her scared of him? Yeah…

No. 555064

The same guy who said "we put up with Billie this long because she's really attractive". We believe u don't care about appearance anus, we really do lmao

No. 555066

isn't this also the same guy who freaked the fuck out when Plain told him he is in a gay relationship (fucking kek) and tried to argue it for months before lying down and accepting it because she got so mad? and he always has to mention that his "spouse" is biologically female and that he is only interested in biologically female people as thirds for their relationship. he is obsessed with being straight, which is why Plain saying their relationship is gay is so delicious. you can tell he hates it.

yeah, evidently gender and sexuality doesn't matter at all too you, Ogreg.

No. 555067

The comments in pedobots newest video and going in on the onions. Anusion is trying to keep up with deleting the comments

No. 555068

Is he SERIOUSLY not realizing how dumb he sounds and also how much of a hypocrite he is. Saying if you don't date people of a certain gender is straight out dismissing all sexualities.
And he is one who chooses who do date from looks, he and his wife make videos titled 'would I date you" based on looks. He himself makes shitton of videos rating girls on their looks. He freaked out when Lame called him gay. He said on several occassions that he couldn't date guys because he is just not sexually attracted to dick. Wish someone could compile some of the things he said and did that straight up contradicts this tweet and send it to him.

No. 555069

samefag sorry but I forgot to add, didn't he also have some kind of list.. ranking or something on what races he would date likely to not likely where he put black girls on the bottom?

No. 555080


Fuck off, are you serious? What video is this again? If this is true I want to put the collars around Anus’s and Graineythot’s necks instead.

No. 555090

They're probably electric fence collars since the swamp trailer doesn't have an actual fenced in yard and no one can be fucked to actually pay attention to the dogs.

No. 555092

Lainey has stated before that they wear vibrating collars in a livestream.

No. 555093

Wonder if this s many towards Sarah since she's supposedly a lesbian.

No. 555095

File: 1532824123249.jpg (128.08 KB, 1500x1500, 715QkRYxCKL._SL1500_.jpg)

I think you are actually right. Pic related look like them.
The fact that I and others here were so ready to believe they would shock their dogs tho, has to show what negative image these two have to cause us to quickly assume the worst.

No. 555097


>i call my very female girlfriend a faggot during sex. She has the haircut of a male kpop star too so its kinda like i'm gay i guess. Love is not about body, it is about the person inside the body. Thank you.


onion has never showed interest in sarah. sarah has shown interest in onion though. the tweet is likely about how he's a good person for dating lainey cause she's """"trans"""""""""". other than the booty comment (which was probably just an inapropiate joke) sarah doesn't seem like onision's type at all and she's not really attractive so she's not gonna be in the new trinity.

No. 555102

No. 555104

>would be more easily recognizable

The kids going to be with their parents. Its not like T is going to be at the mall by himself and get recognized.
If anyones going to get recognized when their out in public its going to be Plainey or Shreg, not T.
I think T is "special" and its the type of special thats visually apparent by his facial features.
I think its shitty that they are hiding him, not because of wanting privacy, but out of embarrassment.

No. 555107

File: 1532828982136.jpeg (159.08 KB, 640x675, E37DD23B-0110-4EBD-AB98-AB0F23…)

What did Lainey do this time? Raise her voice at Trot?

No. 555110

File: 1532829811270.jpg (92.03 KB, 640x360, Onision.jpg)

Greg screaming at Clot or Trot for some trivial infraction
Lainey: Stop yelling at my kid
Greg: Your kid? YOUUURRR kid!?
Greg: You think you own our fucking children, you think they're property, they're slaves.
Greg: Fuck you, you cunt, leave me alone and dont talk to me, Im breaking up with you for the day.
Greg storms off to his garage cave to sperg on twitter then self-soothes with some Harley Quinn Hentai

No. 555112

>I think its shitty that they are hiding him, not because of wanting privacy, but out of embarrassment.
…yet another thing to add to the list of why the Onions are horrible parents and disgusting garbage human beings.

No. 555116

I agree with his tinfoil what I also find surprising is how we know Greg reads here and immediately runs off to dispute anything we say whether it's in videos or tweets. Yet the one thing that should bother him he most being anons tinfoiling about his son possibly having a disability he never ever has disputed or mentioned even once. Not even just a nonchalant comment about how he has great genes and would make the best offspring (since he pretends he doesn't already have kids)
It would also explain why he's so crazy about even the mention of his spawn even in a polite way he doesn't want any kind of spotlight on his kid. At all. It might not even be as serious as Down syndrome, could just be autism and he's afraid it'll be obvious from his sons tics or expression.
Gregs outright silence on the matter is what fuels this tinfoil the most for me.
I mean cmon he'd at least make some vague tweet if it wasn't true he can't help himself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 555120

If Trot was visibly handicapped surely one of the many people Grugly and Gruglier have “rejected” (Billie, Sam, Madison, fuck knows who else) would have let it slip and it would have been made public knowledge by now. Not in a malicious “Hey everyone! Anusion and Lameythot have a spastic kid!” kind of way, because I don’t think they’re cunty enough to use an innocent child as a weapon against said child’s pedo parents, but they could have mentioned it to a friend who mentioned it to another friend and so on until it somehow ended up on the internet.

No. 555122

The fear is too great that they will be become a pariah.
If they let it slip to friends or family, and it got the ball rolling and ended up on the internet, they know Greg would find out who spilled the beans and spin it as them making fun of Trot, or bullying Trot and the internet would fucking destroy them.
Its best to keep quiet or only reveal to people really really close to them.

We'll never really know until that day they slip up and reveal everything themselves in a few years.

But its very suspicious that Clot is "accidentally" seen on multiple videos that Plainey had to of seen during her editing. But not one second of video of Trots face has been seen, EVER!
I think she really wants to have Clot in her streams and vids and do cute family videos, but knows that its a duo package deal because people would say "Wheres Trot, why arent you showing Trot?"

No. 555129

File: 1532834085142.jpg (77.29 KB, 670x1054, sue.JPG)


Are you sure about that? I'd bet that they threaten anyone who sees the kids into silence.

Also I love that Billie responded to Foot with a bunch of laughter emojis, get fucked Pedobot.

No. 555130

Do not bring up their children into the discussion.

No. 555133

I think Billie’s responses to every sperg (the emojis here, the LOL BE MAD comment, et al) made Greasey and Greasier reeeeee all that much harder, hence why they’re still bringing her up. It’s the perfect way to respond to a triggered narc. Don’t engage, just laugh in their face.

No. 555144

File: 1532836044000.png (325.37 KB, 541x567, new video.PNG)

No. 555149

What I've learned the past couple of weeks is if we continue to poke Onision in the eye over and over, asking him to explain his questionable actions he will eventually get fed up and made a video about it. I wish he would be truthful in them and not lie by omission or hazy recollection.

But what truly makes me happy is that his Patrons and newbie fans get to hear about these old rumors. I've seen quite a few comments in his Twitter replies and YT comments section, of his fans being surprised he did these things or shocked that the rumors were true. They still revert to "I still love you Onision" but at least that seed of doubt has been planted. The crack is slowly growing.

No. 555155

File: 1532838062234.jpg (22.58 KB, 600x484, hnQiOdf.jpg)

Why does he even bother to make these stupid videos? People have the fucking receipts yet according to him it's never EVER his fault. He makes up these strawmen arguments that no one ever said. No one ever said he was an animal torturer. They said he was a fucking horrible pet owner whose utter self absorption and wilful ignorance has led to him being responsible for easily preventable pet deaths. It's not the same thing. Greg cannot stand ANY criticism.EVER.It's fucking WEIRD. Most people criticized the doll thing simply cos it was inappropriate & creepy for a man of his then age to doing that with such young women/teens. If anyone was the poster boy for the Narcissist's Prayer, it's him.

No. 555156


I want to see him talk about his forum post where he rated African Americans a 1/10 then. Imagine the excuses!

No. 555158

Hi Billie.(hi [cow])

No. 555160

Let's not praise someone who entered a total power exchange willingly and then played the victim when she was expelled for breaking the rules.(Billie has her own thread)

No. 555162

Yay the same boring fucking topics you have talked about a million times on all of your dead channels. I can't even be pressed to hate watch this fucker after Billie bailed. What are we missing? We know what happened dipshit. All the receipts are out there and they're not hard to find.

No. 555163

?? NTA but everyone knows Billie looks 100x better than Foot and it causes the onions so much anguish to this day. It's not about praising Bilie, it's about pointing and laughing at the loser Grease clan.

No. 555165

Agreed. Billie was fine being a thot for Grease dick because she was on the payroll. She just wanted freedom to toke it up and find some dick on the side that she could actually feel and that didn't fly over well with her glorified sugar daddy. At least she got some good make up hauls out of it.

No. 555167

A grown 19 year old man using children's toys to enact sex with two underage girls is predatory behaviour full fucking stop, no amount of "iT wAs A jOkE" or "tHeY wAnTeD tO dO iT" will change that, could you imagine if Shane did this exact thing (with the dolls) at the same ages, Smregma would 100% use it against him to further his slander campaign against him… also is it just me or has he quietened down about Shane being a pedophile since the Sarah booty thing came out? He would vilify him for doing that too

No. 555179

>They still revert to "I still love you Onision" but at least that seed of doubt has been planted.

This is what I don’t get. Ignoring the fact that he was once more popular, how is he a) attracting new fans when his content is objectively fucking terrible and b) managing to keep those fans when he is repeatedly being outed as an abusive, lying, cheating, racist, uneducated, ignorant, obnoxious pedo? It blows my mind. He literally has no redeeming qualities. It’s not like he is good looking so stupid people give him a pass for superficial reasons, nor is he funny/kind/interesting/talented enough for his appearance to be irrelevant. I just don’t get it.

No. 555180

She's been sitting like that this whole time – at her table, on the couch, at restaurants etc. It's just getting progressively weirder. In one of the first videos she was in on the Onision channel ("5 Common Misconceptions About Onision," which is a real hoot to watch in 2018), she's sitting at their table like that. I remember there was some video they filmed with their pool table in the shot and she was sitting on it like that lmao

No. 555182

Shane played the exaggerated part of one of those child agents who super sexualised their clients with a kid by asking her to shake her tits (which she didn't have obviously). Personally I think it best not to make those jokes to a child, and either way he has changed.
A 19 year old Greg simulated explicit sex with dolls with a 14 year old who he admitted to having feelings for to his wife (the sister of said 14 year old) and one he spent a lot of time with.
One of these is much worse, and one of these involves continued sexual interest in the subject.
Unfortunately his fans won't see the issue cause they're still at the age when they think if Tom Hiddleston at age 30 courted them they'd be mature enough to handle it and he'd actually love them and have great consentual sex with them (or whatever older celebrity kids are in love with nowadays). They probably see the filters and think Greg is actually attractive and would think "wow, lucky girl" or "I'm 14 and I'd have no issues with this"

No. 555183

Billie really should have gotten more credit for not milking it up after the whole breakup. I'm sure she had months upon months' worth to spill, we all wanted her to, and they gave her plenty of provocation, but she was the bigger person to a downright comedic level and still is. It's never-endingly hilarious to me that the most mature person out of the FootGrease cinematic universe ended up being a sorta dimwitted little girl who was arguably abused the worst of anyone.

No. 555185

Far be it from me to tell anyone what they can and can’t do in their own home but can you imagine being out in public with someone who not only looks like a cross between Andy Dick and an off-brand Mexican knock off James Charles but insists on sitting like this? The shame. The cringe. Good thing she doesn’t have any friends and/or leave the house very often.

No. 555189

Never mind Greg still keeps bringing up shit v Shane who didn't.

No. 555190

The problem is his audience is mostly children and you're asking children to make informed decisions. The adults should know better but then again if they are adults and still fans of him, they're thick in the head anyway.

No. 555191

At first I was like, hm, if his child had Downs/autism/etc., would he constantly use slurs against the mentally handicapped like "retarded," use said slurs as an insult to people he hates, use stereotypical voices and motions created to mock the mentally handicapped (like his "hurr durr I'm Lainey" impression), etc…
and then I thought, well, it's Greg, so…yes.

(Not meaning to bring up his children, more of a comment on his character.)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 555196

The other thing I don’t get is how any young people find him anything less than repulsive. There is no level of highly evolved informed decision making at play. He is so out of touch with pop culture, he is a boring, humourless old cunt, how do they relate to him? The only people I can comprehend having any interest in him are those with some sort of mental impairment (cases in point: every single person featured in the onionflakes thread).

No. 555200

Exactly, it’s mind boggling when I see teen girls call him daddy or flirt with him. He’s disgusting and knowing all the shit he’s done over the years makes him even more unappealing.

No. 555202

File: 1532851045465.jpeg (Spoiler Image,83.05 KB, 390x681, 8F4B7C8D-C3E1-4966-BBB4-05C2AD…)

Dat booty doe.

No. 555203

File: 1532852492945.gif (397.03 KB, 220x150, D48AFCDB-C2F5-4D9E-964C-CAD02B…)

No. 555204

Not to be a prude, but they weren't using the most child-friendly language in that clip. I guess maybe it was decided that the swamp children can curse all they want themselves? Or maybe they're just counting on the kid not paying any attention to them at all versus the TV…which in itself is sad. She's not even two yet. She needs human interaction, damn it!

No. 555208

Threatening to bring legal action against someone if they mention what they saw in that house is creepy as fuck.
What secrets do the Avaroes have to hide. What dont they want us to see about their family.

No. 555214

Anus has never looked better.

No. 555216

File: 1532860588117.png (100.32 KB, 660x278, 56422856.PNG)

When these screenshots were first posted some people questioned their authenticity.
Now because of Gregs video we know the "dat booty doe" statement was true, and Im sure that Sarah got sent home for crying to Lainey that she felt uncomfortable about Greg saying that to her so thats true too. I would really like to keep probing about that last revelation. I wonder if something did happen during the time Billie was there or shortly after Billie was sent home for the last time.
Some anons mentioned Ayallas mom saying illegal things were going on there. I wish we could get more info or proper receipts.
>Ayallas mother referenced that Onion and Lainey were up to illegal things in the house when they livestreamed after cuddlegate 2.0
>I think that is what Ayalla's mother was referring to when she said the Onions should be careful what they're saying about weed as there are illegal things going on in the house. Also it's the only thing that makes sense as to why they panicked when that rumour came out and got her out of there as quick as possible.

Who knows, this could bring on another "explanation video" from Greg, and the fallout and backlash would pale in comparison to the Shane situation.

No. 555217


Nah, anon. I personally believe this is just a tweet about himself. He was a little shit as a kid/teenager (like beating up his dad and not following orders or eating his dinner), so this is probably just another sperg about himself. I think he equated the whole "parents OWN their children" to slavery a few times IIRC. Even in his books. He's so bitter about it.

No. 555219

Plus it’s fucking rich of Laundromat to threaten anyone with legal action when the only thing the greasy onion ring she is married to is interested in discussing (and by discussing I mean sperging about) these days is fallacious shit about high profile people who actually have legitimate grounds to sue his flabby pimply ass. Cunts in glass trailers shouldn’t throw stones, Draino.

No. 555220


> some sort of mental impairment


I know you didn't mean mental illness, but Shreg literally panders to those people with fucked up home lives and have depression oran eating disorder. it's just the way he likes it.

No. 555221

Well yes, because those people are easy to manipulate. Typical predatory shit. Which makes the Foot something of an anomaly because she seems to have come from a fairly healthy home environment (inb4 her ex boyfriend was abusive, yes I am aware of that, but a lot teenagers have shit relationships and grow up to become well adjusted adults who aren’t kept barefoot and pregnant by a narcissistic human abscess).

No. 555223

File: 1532865665734.jpeg (154.86 KB, 1242x693, 47992CE6-94A8-4366-95C7-370636…)

Not to distract from Sarah but i see pedonision couldnt help but to clickbait with Eugenia after his billionth promise to give her up…. I'm seriously praying she takes action

No. 555229

Lainey didn’t come from a healthy home life. Her dad ran away with the nanny, her mother is on her 3rd marriage, the 2nd one lasted 6 months. Her step brother tried to molest her and the mother did nothing about it

No. 555234

I have been in contact with Ayalla's mother in the past, I could easily ask her to elaborate on these specific statements but would that go against rules here, like cow tipping or whatever? if so then I won't bother but considering what happened I doubt she would care to keep it a secret…. worth a shot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 555237

File: 1532875218916.jpg (109.39 KB, 706x1069, Eugeniahypocrisy.JPG)


Reminded me of this. Once again, by Greg's own standards, he's the very thing he claims to hate.

No. 555239

"Tried to molest her"
I'm not buying any of it, she was a stupid fangirl that wanted to run away with a youtuber. Plenty of parents get divorced and it doesn't make the children grow into predatory grooming fakebois

No. 555240


Low quality bait. How have you even been in touch with ayalla’s mom, anon? It’s derailing either way

No. 555241


Besides, it’s Greg who accused Papa Anderson of running away with the nanny, so take that as you may, considering Anus exaggerates everything to make his enemies seem “evil”. Anus accused his own dad of being a pedo, which turned out to be completely untrue.

It’s also rich that he’d use that against Plain’s dad when he also tried running away with an 18 year old and leaving his wife and child behind.

No. 555243

Nah, divorce is the worst thing you can do to a child. When kids aren't receiving adequate love and attention because their parents are too busy using them as pawns for the divorce or as offerings for the new partner, they go looking for it, like Lainey has done with Gerg.

No. 555244


Plus the nanny was like 25? Even if he cheated, that doesn't mean he was a bad father to Lainey. In fact, a lot of her stories about him point to him caring very much about her and going out of his way to make her happy.

Lainey is an ungrateful cunt who can twist any situation into a new one where she's the smol, innocent victim. I don't buy her tragic past bullshit.


Did they have a custody battle or something? Either way, it doesn't mean anyone was neglected. No, divorce is NOT the worst thing you can do, Jesus Christ. What do you think is better for a child, growing up in a home with angry parents who hate each other, or having the parents separate and happier?

No. 555246

How is it bait? she used to comment on Onision's videos/tweets before their fallout and I private messaged her to warn her about him, we engaged in multiple conversations, she was nice, if she knows something "illegal" was going on in the house at the time of the "dat booty doe" comment was made it is highly likely it was in regards to Sarah, she probably came onto Lainey and maybe they hooked up but even though the age of consent is 16 in WA she was her legal guardian at the time so she freaked out about it getting found out and sent her home? that's all I can think that would be "illegal activity" and her mother is the only person that would potentially say anything but alas it more than likely goes against the rules here for me to seek that answer so I won't, was just a thought…..

No. 555248

>going out of his way to make her happy.
but her evil dad tried to stop her from running away with the love of her life Greg, anon, if he wanted to make his daughter happy he would have gave them his blessuping from the start!

No. 555249

has she actually been in the onion house? If her only source of info is Ayalla then honestly why trust her, Ayalla made up a bunch of random unnecessary lies about social retard too

Regardless pretty sure it's cowtipping anon, but it's okay to post past convos you've had with her if you think they're milky

No. 555250

Isn’t it quite telling that Greg IMMEDIATELY knew it was Sam that would know about the booty story? He was really shitting on Lainey around that time (10 things I love about Laineybot) and likely the only reason that he ever decided he hated Sam was because she was entertainer by the trolls. Rather than getting triggered, she laughed along with them, talked to them and was seemingly unphased by anything the haturz were saying. This is completely opposite of the way people in Anus’ swamp react to things.

Back to the main point though, Grease told Sam in confidence, because at one point he thought she would be a trinity member. No one told him who said it but he knew because he did it.

No. 555251

Good point, it would just be 'hearsay' which Greg would definitely use to defend them, I'll read through our previous convos too see if she mentioned anything milky but it was mostly "I appreciate the concern and I know stuff has been happening but Ayalla is an adult and I can't tell her what to do"…

No. 555252

I feel like Lainey is one of those people that will never leave her husband because of how much her parent’s divorce screwed her up. Another thing where she digs in harder to prove something. Like Greg could openly cuck her to her face on a regular basis and she would pretend not to see it because she doesn’t want to put her family through a divorce.
Could be wrong but lots of people think that way.

No. 555261

>because she doesn’t want to put her family through a divorce.

I think it's because she would have to admit she's been wrong the whole time and that everyone else was right, and she can't bring herself to admit it because she has staked everything she had on Greg being The Answer. And it's pretty apparent that he is about the furthest thing possible from being The Answer, but she doubles down when anything threatens her vision of Greg and her vision being just the awesomest thing ever. It is pretty common in abused people (which, although I think she's a garbage person, Taylor is). Basically, I don't think it has anything to do with her kids and has everything to do with her shitty personality and screwed-up thinking.

No. 555275

File: 1532882813780.jpeg (202.3 KB, 640x653, FE9382BC-4560-45C3-921C-2471EF…)

Lames dad most certainly did not run off with the nanny. He was a deadbeat who left his family but it was with a family friend that babysat lane and her sister once. But not the family sitter. Lame has admitted that but what makes it gross is grease uses it as a manipulation tactic to reframe her father and create distance and an excuse for isolation. He has also been with the second woman for while over a decade now so in grease logic after that amount of time it’s all good in the hood. But no he didn’t run off with a sitter or a nanny by lames own words. Again it’s just a way to manipulate and defame her parents so grease as an excuse to keep her barefoot and pregnant

No. 555277

LOL! Imagine in, say ten years, the Avaroe family eats in a restaurant and Lainey, Trot and Clot all sit like that in their chairs because it's learned behavior.
If I was in Gerg's shoes right there and then, I'd be so incredibly ashamed for my family…

No. 555289


Laundrythot thinks she’s so tortured and emo, she always has, even when she was a popular cheerleader in high school. She probably thought that since her mom treated her like a girl and not a smol boi (her teenager daughter who wore dresses, did gymnastics, and cheerleaded is CLEARLY what smol soft space daddies do, guyz) and her dad left her mom meant her parents were evil and didn’t understand her. Greg just fed into that and made her believe it more. That’s why she feels like she was “saved” from her horrible family when he arrived in NM to fuck her when she was 17 on a hotel desk and marry her in secret.

I’m reality, her dad still sends her expensive makeup as gifts and her mother and grandmother call her often and invited her and the kids down to NM. Her sister screeches and stands up for her. Her family is fine.

No. 555293

File: 1532886036973.png (19.66 KB, 735x212, Screenshot_2018-07-29 Onision …)

Now deleted from his twitter. Probably because he misspelled.

No. 555295

Even if their children have disabilities and Lainey and her husband are not showing them for that sole reason, it's the one and only action I would never criticize them for.
You know how the internet works. You know they would be ridiculed and harassed just for being Lainey and her husband's kids. What's on the internet will stay there forever - we all know the Onions are willing to deal with that themselves, but apparently they don't want it for their children which I support. The children don't deserve that, they've already born into a horrible family and reading what some anons (or one repeating) say about their kids gives me enough reason for hiding them from the internet.(don't ignore farmhand posts)

No. 555298


Hi Grease! Or Sarah!

Just kidding, kind of. It’s one thing not to show their kids, anon, it’s another to freak out at even the mention of having them, which Greg does. He won’t even admit he has a daughter, hence why he always writes kid(s) or child(ren) even though Lainey has already said multiple times that they have two kids together.(hi [cow])

No. 555303

What the fuck is this tweet thread? Is this old?
Why is he so unbearably childish?

No. 555306

yes, it's an older set of tweets. not that he's changed at all since then

No. 555307

I don't know why Sarah being a part of the trinity is even up for debate. Why would you send her packing if you had legal guardianship? Then there was the ring, blue hair, the weird Tumblr posts. Not to mention her creepy history on Twitter with Lainey that was "just banter". Interesting that now she is approaching her 18th birthday she is back at casa de watershed. I always suspected the plan was just waiting for her to reach "legal adult" status before they dragged her back.

No. 555329

The ring? Sarah had a ring? Sorry i must have missed this, any pictures of it? Cause thats um.. i think the only other girl to have a ring was billie..

No. 555338

For real, her family life wasn't even the problem. Millions of families divorce and her family didn't even seem to have such a bad divorce. She was still rich and raised well so her parents obviously didn't toss their kids aside. And her parents tried to stop the onion thing from happening but she snuck behind their backs until she was 18, and then they couldn't do anything about it. Her dad tried to get her back by saying he wont pay for her college, but onion cunt had money for that too, and tried to twist it as her dad being "abusive" for threatening her college. Like lol no.

Shes also 23 and a mother of two. You can't keep blaming your parents for everything. Shes an adult who should work through her problems and stop blaming everyone for the way she is. Shes too set on being this "troubled" "edgy" "kid" and WANTS to find things people can pity her for.

It's so gross how lainey got guardianship over her and yet they were talking about her joining the trinity. How fucked up can you be? And yeah, it's no coincidence they brought her back right as shes about to turn 18. And it's pretty obvious sarah wanted to turn into someone that they'd find attractive. She grew out her hair billie length, dyed it multiple times in billie colors, got a nose ring to seem edgy, lost weight. She walks on eggshells to make sure she doesn't piss them off, buys lainey "gifts" to "apologize" just like how greg told billie to buy lainey flowers. Pretty obvious whats happening.

No. 555346

If they’re actually grooming her then that’s fucked up.. Greg must be desperate if he’s looking at Sarah as a potential partner.

No. 555350

this is such a red flag. i know this thread was ages ago but i'm not over how anus purposefully tries to isolate lainey from her family.
no parent is perfect, that doesn't mean one can't have happy memories or a relationship w their parents.

No. 555356

It’s the result of a couple that tweets in seperate rooms for 8 hours a day

No. 555357

i would be so humiliated, this is legitimatly disturbing.

I really sorry for Lainey here talking about a cute childhood memory from her "awful" upbringing. I wonder what her sister thinks of this I would be so pissed.

No. 555360

File: 1532904799241.jpg (184.25 KB, 1080x845, Screenshot_20180730-005224__01…)

Onion and plain teas.

No. 555363

Her sister has been the brunt of Anus’ abuse as well. He publicly bashed her on twitter over some personal relationship issues she was going through. He aired her personal private business like he does with everyone and Lainey didn’t do a thing. Anus has done this to pretty much all her close family members, it is embarrassing tbh and quite telling

No. 555376

Being worried that Greg or Lainey will call some information "hearsay" a lie or false is not a good reason to drop the whole thing and stop asking questions or gathering information.
Just look at the "dat booty doe" thing. When shown the screenshots of what Sam said, Lainey called it all a lie and said none of that happened, that is until Greg proved it was all true with his video about the incident. They will discredit anything that makes them look bad, until pressured to tell the truth.

No. 555377

youve been acting like a victim for literally years bc shane stood your ugly ass up

No. 555379

Yeah, she gives zero fucks about her family. If she had to choose between saving all of their lifes and saving Gergs life she'd save his without even thinking about it.

No. 555380

File: 1532909016689.png (50.62 KB, 472x210, cow rules.PNG)

Im sure the enforcement and exact definition of cowtipping lies in the hand of whatever farmhand has to deal with it but I dont think contacting someone who is in a distant orbit to this drama is cowtipping. You also seem to already have an established relationship with her mother, so its not like you're randomly contacting her out of the blue at this time. Cowtipping to me as I would define it by reading the rules means not contacting Greg, Lainey, Sarah, or their family members.

No. 555381

god that is so clearly lainey and grease. the really sad part is she was so fucking blind to it. even dateing the woman who was completely ready to exclusively be with her husband after cuddlegate, and somehow not realizing that her "girlfriend" would be very into him and vice versa, to the point where he falls in love with her and sleeps with her exclusively. He found a way to openly cheat on his wife and get away with it and she will never ever realize this.

No. 555387

That's exactly what is happening, they just refuse to admit it. Their facade would rip off and both would have to admit to what everyone has been saying before: "That relationship won't last."
Both live in deep denial. They deserve each other at this point.

Plus Gerg obviously doesn't care about outing Lainey as a liar. #couplesGoals

You … you just got my feefees hurt there for a split minute. lol, jk, anon. We're cool.

No. 555391

People asked on stream if Lainey gave it to her and she said she bought it for herself but then theres her reddit posts. She bought a "significant other" a ring during a time when she lived with Lainey and Greg, right before she was sent home. (Note significant other is a gender neutral term)

No. 555392

File: 1532913355173.jpg (185.03 KB, 1080x667, DatRingDoe.jpg)

No. 555393

File: 1532913632825.png (153.13 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_20180729-211026~2.p…)

You guys think he's talking about Greg?

No. 555395

Doubt it. Onision is like that weird kid in school who always followed you and your friends around trying to be part of the crowd. How often do you think about that kid?

And the only time you think about him is when someone brings him up years later
"remember that creepy dude who stalked you?"
"which one?"
"the one with the pizza for a face"
"on yeah, Greg"

No. 555396

Personally, I'd agree if Anus wasn't constantly trying to paint him as a pedophile and leaking private email conversations despite being asked to fuck off several times and then continuing to harass him, I think that's when he starts to actually think about Anus again. Those are serious allegations by that point. Shane obviously does not want to give Anus a platform by naming him or anything either, but as we've seen from leaks he's starting to reach his breaking point with Anus' repeated offenses. I don't know if that tweet is about Anus, but it COULD be, but I'm unsure.

No. 555397

No. 555399

File: 1532914983597.png (32.35 KB, 715x275, not a person.PNG)

Looks like not specifically but that last line imo feels like it means that Anus and his constant pedo allegations might be a part of it.

No. 555400

No, apparently one of his friends was shaming people for being sad or some shit. I saw it being RT and replies mentioning Shane.

No. 555405

>>555234 >>555246

Bringing any kind of information about the Onions to the table is appreciated, even if its from a 3rd party. Yes some may call it rumors or hearsay, but sometimes hearsay gets the ball rolling. This isnt a court of law.

Just look at the Bill Cosby scandal. He had been assaulting and raping women for decades, it was a dirty little secret known by many, but never spoken about in public.
All it took was comedian Hannibal Buress to make a joke about Cosbys rape allegations, information that many in the stand up community knew, but feared talking about. Now look where Bill Cosby is.

Im positive there are more people with stories about Greg and Lainey, but they fear the retaliation they'd face after seeing what was done to Sk, Sh, B and all the other girls. Hopefully more people will come forward after seeing people expose Greg and not get sued or face reprisal by the Avaroes and their fans.

No. 555410

This is so incredibly fucked up. Who the fuck posts shit like this on Twitter about anyone, much less their significant other? He is such an evil manipulative piece of shit, and she’s a fucking moron for putting up with it. If this is what he is capable of in public imagine what he subjects the Foot to behind closed doors. Especially given that she is getting uglier by the second. I am willing to bet that the body shaming shit he slings at her is far worse than anything her parents have said. We already know he calls her a cunt, so there’s probably no limit to the profanities he fires off.

No. 555413

A young girl shouldn't be scrounging up money to buy a custom ring for their adult SO, that adult should be buying her technically foster-child gifts and treats and shutting down the possibility of a relationship. Also how fucked is that? Even if they were the same age, the poorer Sarah shouldn't be expected to buy Lainey's love in gifts, Lainey is the one with the money. And hell, Lainey is so starved for gifts by the husband she thought would be her sugar daddy that she's getting her kid "girlfriend" to buy her the gifts to fill that hole. Lainey is such a vapid bitch, it's clear she would have taken any sugar daddy YouTuber. I'd actually be glad she got Greg if she didn't then become an active pedophile and groomer as well

No. 555418

So wouldn't this mean that anus and foot transported a minor across state lines with intentions of sex? Even if the age of consent is okay I think it's still a federal crime. So wouldn't it still be illegal if she went back RIGHT before her 18th birthday and then bumped onions afterwards?

It's a law usually used for trafficking but I'm pretty sure this kinda stuff is taken into consideration as well.

No. 555421

They both think that now that shes reaching legal age that the slate is wiped clean.
Any crime that was committed when she was underage and under their legal guardianship is still a viable crime. They shipped her back to her home because they were afraid of the heat that was coming down on them at that time. I think they were even afraid that if Sarah was taken in an questioned she would slip and and reveal what had been going on in the house.

No. 555422

The fucked thing is that any child whose parents actually gave a fuck would have intervened (or at least tried to, as per Draino’s folks disapproving of the Anus). Obviously minors can and will go to great lengths in order to defy their parents if it’s something their heart is set on but no functioning parent would allow their underage child to be transported interstate by a mouldering Papa John’s who is twice their age, regardless of what the intention was.

No. 555424

Shouldn't that mean the heats on more now? They fuck within a short enough time after she's 18, anus breaks the law, and all hell could break loose especially because "date boot Doe" and his obvious sexualization of minors and the ages of his current and past s/o's. You've got that and the IRS catches wind and so does CPS and everything could be jeopardized if they decide to not take too kindly to "pedos."

No. 555429

Yeah her mum is not a great parent though. Also is/was a massive Lainey stan iirc.

No. 555430

wow wtf. Pretty sure she claimed shes never dated anyone, so who else could it be but lamey? That's disgusting.

It's even worse than that. Lame claimed guardianship over her and transported her over to include her in the trinity.

Both the onions and sarah's mom need to be questioned by CPS and police. That's why they booted her out when people started calling CPS. They were scared it would all come out what their intentions are even if they hadn't done anything physical yet.

No. 555432

That’s what I’m getting at. Her mother encouraged this fuckery. I don’t have any sympathy for the triceratops in waiting though, she’s as much of a duplicitous cunt as Ogreg’s foot stool.

No. 555435

Sarah deleted this comment btw

No. 555437

Of course she did. Way to draw even more attention to it, Sarah.

No. 555439

File: 1532928179840.png (31.19 KB, 655x772, hmmm.PNG)

Looks like she deleted all of her posts.

No. 555440

And Sarah had someone in her family name a new child Lainey.

Also what kind of grown ass adult mother could be a "fan" of Lainey? A fan of what? She has zero personality, looks or skills and is a general loser.

No. 555441

Sarah, hi, you're not very good at hiding guilt, are you? Thanks for confirming our suspicions!

No. 555444

Clearly the autism is hereditary. The whole family sounds fucking retarded.

No. 555446

Flashback to that post >>318150

And Sarah's version of events as stated in a Younow stream >>318428

No. 555447

File: 1532930338955.png (355.92 KB, 1064x736, NastyAssCase.png)

I was snooping on the shit Gurg is trying to sell on onision(.)wtf , and there are several of their old dirty phone cases for sale…who in their right mind would find that appealing to buy?

No. 555448

File: 1532930836622.png (492.69 KB, 1170x1548, suspisious sarah.png)

Some interesting deleted Reddit posts.

No. 555449

It's not that much cheaper than a new one off the official site (15usd with free shipping vs 7$ with 5$ for a total of 12$)
Also current stats for their polaroids: 5 left of Greg, 1 left of Lainey, 5 left of two in one
Hawaiian polaroids: 1 left of Greg (Lainey is sold out, and so are the couple photos)
Guess Greg isn't as popular as Lainey kek

No. 555458

I stumbled upon a couple of videos collected from Anus' old old website mrodd, does anyone know how old he would have been making these?

No. 555466

that thing is probably covered in bacteria. you know the onions use their phones on the shitter and when they're cooking. fucking gross. there are similar cases on ebay for $8 new.

No. 555475

I like how Sarah uses, "significant other" in this post. Why not girlfriend? Why is she getting a ring at all? Why have we never heard of or seen any other girls in her life, aside from Pedobot? I guess Pedobot was indeed, "Grooming her nicely."

No. 555476

This is so telling. They’re so bad at covering their tracks. Horrible predators

No. 555479

I wish bigger youtubers would call anusion out like they have with jake paul.

I know in the past we have always said it was a good thing they didn't because it would give anus a chance to build another legion of retarded child fans but i don't think this is the case anymore.

Four years ago there was room to argue that his whole online thing was just an act to shock but really, I'm sure all of us here had at some point in the past 2 years wondered if this guy is actually mentally handicapped in some way.

Doesn't matter if shane, pewds, idubbz and whoever all simultaneously make videos on him, I am confident af that he will not be able to regain whatever clout he had back then. He's just too dumb and no one wants to see fucking death note sketches anymore.

No. 555485

File: 1532934326578.jpg (487.17 KB, 1000x1500, Sarah'sSignificantOther.jpg)


Here's a recap of Sarah and Laineys "friendship" over the years.
(Sorry for bad quality)

No. 555486

God,what a pair of woofers.The quirky lesbian look doesn't do a thing for them. With their shit personalities,& total lack of style, how do they have teens crushing on them?

No. 555487


LOL all her comments and posts were there a bit earlier. if it wasn’t already confirmed she lurked before, it is now.

No. 555488

File: 1532935021454.png (58.65 KB, 537x312, oh really lame.png)

>I don't know who I am!
You're a 23 year old woman who has an inappropriate (and possibly "romantic") relationship with a 17 year old girl you've been grooming since she was 14.

No. 555492

File: 1532937753761.jpg (493.29 KB, 1079x1167, Screenshot_20180730-100000_Twi…)

Ugh. Another ~Me, me, me; I don't get enough attention at home so pity me~ post?

It's probably just their creepy fans who are buying these pictures

No. 555494

File: 1532938070330.jpg (32.72 KB, 384x390, IsItIllegalNoSoYouCanShutTheFu…)


lol if he's gonna use old pictures he should at least pick one a little more AHNEST

No. 555495

File: 1532938455356.jpg (31.72 KB, 521x399, WorstPizzaInTown.JPG)


Oops sorry wasn't honest enough


Lainey saying "do this" after a very young Sarah asks girls 18+ to contact her… this is all 100% proof of Lainey (and Grug's) disgusting grooming tactics, how the fuck any of their brain dead loser fans can try to deny it is beyond me

No. 555496

> I'm sure all of us here had at some point in the past 2 years wondered if this guy is actually mentally handicapped in some way.

As we say in Australia, he is a few stubbies short of a six pack. He can’t read or write and he has proven himself incapable of having a conversation that doesn’t involve screeching, he is developmentally challenged at the very least.

No. 555498


This ring has been mentioned to Sarah several times, and she claimed she got it as a valentine’s for herself.. very suspicious that she’d say otherwise on Reddit. It was suspected that Lainey and Greg got it for her.

I think sarah’s been wearing it too.

No. 555502

Getting it as a valentines gift to herself is fucking absurd. I don’t know what’s more retarded, admitting to it or actually doing it in the first place. Why wouldn’t you just say “I bought it for myself”? Regardless, everything about this foolery is suss as fuck. I hope pedobot and the stuffed crust deep pan pizza she is married to get dragged to hell for this.

No. 555505

Good work anons. I didn't even know she posted this shit on Reddit, I just figured the whole "I bought it for myself" was a line of bullshit considering the timing of it.

Fuck this is just sad.

No. 555506

>thank you for your money
>that you continued to give me after I publicly shamed you for being a fat tart who sent nudes to me and my wife
>we are desperate but not desperate enough to fuck a Christmas ham
>keep giving us money though!

No. 555519

My extreme tinfoil about this is that Sarah so desperately wanted to be in the trinity or to look just like Lainey, so she got herself a gaudy ass diamond ring just like that old tidepod lookin’ ring of Lainey’s, so they’d match.

She used to want to do and wear anything Lainey did, just like a teenager does.

No. 555524


What the fuck? Some girl says she has a feeling some "kinky shit" will be going down with Sarah and Lainey and Sarah says "there will eventually."

This is SO GROSS. Joke or not it's so wildly inappropriate, and with Lainey being her supposed guardian? (unless Lainey lied about that which, honestly nothing surprises me with that compulsive liar but still, what the fuck!)

No. 555526

It's also worth pointing out (if someone hasn't already) that Sarah was seen wearing this ring suddenly at the same time Billie was seen wearing hers for the first time.

No. 555527

I guess, as soon as Aug 5th rolls around the corner, a then newly created Sarah thread will explode…

No. 555528

They'd sell their used underwear if it meant potential cash.

No. 555529

tinfoil but even if this is anus and doormat working with sarah to try to troll us, with the whole, playing around with the idea Sarah has sort of sexual relationship with lainey "just for the jokes and to CONFUSE people from the truth"

It's still wildly inappropriate, especially considering this has been going on so long and just only JUST turned 18. I'm sure LGH has some "age of consent" argument to throw in just about now.

But can you image the disgusting, sick shit Greg and Lainey probably "joked" they should say they do together to poor Sarah. Maybe this is where Dat Booty Tho came from? A joke taken too far…

No. 555530

Why is there a stain over the u in "supportive", ew.

No. 555533

File: 1532948629484.jpg (39.44 KB, 300x525, Screen-Shot-2018-06-06-at-5.03…)

The modeling photos of Greg and Lainey from their online shop are cringey as all hell. This photo of Greg looks like the last thing some women see before death.

No. 555534

This is fucking disgusting.

This is outright "grooming of a minor", and it's being (been done) performed by Taylor Elaine herself.

Shits fucked up. It's fucked up yo.
Where the hell is Chris Hansen when you need him?

But the foot, instead of discouraging the young teen, instead actively engages them, and leads the conversation to romantic and sexual themes while condoning the behavior from her teen target.

Fucking pedophile sickos

No. 555543

How are people only just catching up on this though? The past year or so of threads have all the evidence of it. You can go back a year or more and read anons predicting Sarah coming back now.

No. 555566


Of course she did. She lurks, she saw that we were onto her, she scrambled to delete the proof. She’s just as much of a mini-Anus as Plain is.

No. 555572


Unfortunately for Sarah, screenshots are forever. She can't keep covering for Pedonision and PedoBot forever

No. 555575

Yes, it’s a direct violation of the Mann Act. The same one Gurgamel violated when he transported Foot across state boundaries to fuck her

No. 555576

For someone so vain and narcissistic, he isn't putting any effort into looking good in these pics. He just looks dead inside.

No. 555588

So Lainey was Sarah's guardian? That must have tickled the smol Onion's step-mom kink. Maybe Lainey has pushed DDLG on to Sarah and this is why Onion is so vocal about it now. Pretty gross considering Sarah is also the babysitter.

No. 555589

Greg violated the Mann Act with Shiloh and Lainey. Probably Sarah too.

No. 555592

Is anyone else drawing parallels to Onion and CWC, especially today? Just as CWC has nothing but the trolls at one point, Grease has nothing but haturz. It’s well documented how pants-shittingly stupid Anus is, but profiting off of drama was the ONE thing he had/has that is close to a skill. To his credit, no matter how much the entire internet has wised up to him, he’s still able to bait and piss off someone. I’m digressing, but yeah… reminds me a lot of Chris in that he’s getting older, lonelier, further into debt and has to rely on trolls to keep him locked into his permanent fantasy world.

nonsage for blogpost

No. 555600

Has anyone ever found any documentation of the supposed "guardianship?" While you may not be able to see the DETAILS of the case because Sarah was a minor, there would still be a record that it actually took place. In at least one if not both of the jurisdictions.

No. 555610


No, because Chris is not a hateful, bitter garbage person. He is a legit mentally ill and autistic man who should probably be in a group home. Greg is a malevolent, vicious, hypocritical creep who should at least be under more investigation than just the IRS..

No. 555617


Washington State requires no more than a signed paper from parents for temporary guardianship, this was all discussed here when she first went to live with them.

No. 555619

File: 1532969249296.png (1.44 MB, 957x981, oooooh girl.PNG)

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1X8XPyMbpFDzd82kOE2SZtElGi0bZAK7w (I Don't Know who I am / Posted July 30th)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PYUmIRjfJrbzUW38Am_cnAIDZqGBM0YS (Lainey Singing; Watch with Caution LOL/ Posted July 15th)
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tJuKF_iz18mN5xHOmNAysKHQ_zXXvwSQ (House Tour/ Posted July 9th )

No. 555622


Holy shit, she looks rough. She legit looks like she's 80.

No. 555623

File: 1532969391553.jpg (15.48 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

anon i don't know if anyone has told u but ur the best and i love and appreciate your posts

No. 555624

damn he legitimately looks to be about 45+ here, how he still has a teen following who fawn over him is beyond me…. I can't help but laugh when he features in Lames videos and people ask how old he is and they are surprised by the fact that he has kids and is closer to being 40 than he is to being even 21, yes kiddos under all that makeup and filters is a wrinkled, shrivelled old man with atrocious skin.

No. 555627

she looks like she's in mild withdrawal on her way to the methadone clinic desperate for her fix, very sickly, also that's the shirt Sarah purchased for her on that site she was plugging for $$, is it supposed to have holes in it or do they have clothes moths (most likely reason).

No. 555632

We already know through Greg's own words that they made Sarah buy Lainey "gifts" to redeem herself after her associating with people they didn't approve of (plus other things I can't be bothered to remember) as well as making Billie do the exact same thing multiple times, Lainey is a greedy bitch! "I'm sorry I only accept apologies in the form of materialistic objects, they must have financial and aesthetic value so I can post pictures of them to Instagram and pretend to my teen followers that my loving husband bought me them instead so they don't think I'm making my 16 y/o friend buy me lavish gifts". Sarah can try and bullshit her way out of it but only a retard would buy themselves a ring for valentines day…. seriously Sarah you're a fucking idiot for even thinking we would fall for that.

No. 555635

Oh my god. The singing. LOL SO BAD And SO much cringe potential.. have fun, vid maker anons…

Also she says she wants to cut back on everything and focus on Instagram? Goooood fucking luck

No. 555643

Honestly anything the people want to see, she doesn't do or can't do because of grease. She obviously hates and is horrible at makeup yet she keeps trying I'm sure because gregma tells her that's what's Poppin. She could easily make a mommy channel or teach her kids gymnastics since the only thing she seems passionate about is her motherhood or gymnastics. But of course the children aren't allowed on camera because they fucked their public image over by being cunts. They literally live around so much nature she could do hikes or go to the local concerts, anything but they are so fucking boring and refuse to live outside their trailer. Hell she could even possibly collaborate because people seem to like Lainey, just not grease but she can't because L o Y A l T y.

No. 555651

I honestly think Lainey just pretended to be into makeup because Onion was happy to spend thousands on make up for Billie. Then with Billie gone Onion makes her use all the tax expense equipment he wrote off for vids.

No. 555653

>Sarah can try and bullshit her way out of it but only a retard would buy themselves a ring for valentines day…. seriously Sarah you're a fucking idiot for even thinking we would fall for that.

She's a fucking idiot for doing it at all. The notion of them getting at teenage girl to buy a wealthy married woman a Valentine's Day ring truly legit makes me queasy. It's morally and ethically wrong on so many levels. I don;t expect someone who is obviously in the throws of a major crush to get this, but for God's sake, you'd think Taylor would try to get her to dial a back a notch. Selfish (so very selfish), shitty, gross, disgusting. I mean, there aren't enough adjectives.

No. 555655


Damn. We got our confirmation she's ditching YouNow. RIP Greg's monthly cheque.

No. 555662

Ok, who of you patreonfags convinced her of doing the cover?! lol
Tbh I wouldn't be able to cover the song any better, but then I wouldn't upload it on the internet either…

No. 555663

Isn't it interesting that she insisted she couldn't take breaks for the longest time, even as her Patrons insisted she should…

..but once Sarah arrived and the dat booty doe shit came to light, she's suddenly gone for good? HMMmMmmMMmmmmmmm

No. 555668

Honestly kinda gotta give props to her for having the balls to upload those vocals

No. 555671


"My views are down, I don't know why, I don't know what to do, I don't know what the viewers want."

Most of your viewers have specifically told you they don't like videos with Onion in them, and you told them "tough shit". Take the most common and actually useful advice.

No. 555674

Even more interesting since her viewing figures were down for YouNow as well the past month. Barely reaching 100 viewers. The chat was dead with boring non-invasive questions she was even sick of answering. She only livened up when she had to defend herself.

Sarah must be getting watched like a hawk, I'm sure it'll feel suffocating enough, there's no basement to go relax in.

No. 555679

Shes in the living room. Aka "Lounge Central"

No. 555681

A lot of balls for someone that is sooooooooo uwu anxious/insecure/panicked

No. 555688

File: 1532976121196.jpg (39.49 KB, 740x390, What.JPG)


No. 555690


Wonder if they'll be taking a hit to their income now that YouNow is gone

No. 555697

File: 1532978087521.jpeg (115.3 KB, 640x387, 124E1818-5712-458A-A4E2-A36BA2…)

Interesting he follows up with this. His thong must be in a wad over Lameo’s parenting style

No. 555698

What is her parenting style?

No. 555700

From what she describes, it seems she THINKS it's attachment parenting, but she's misinterpreting shit because she's stupid and Greg has her convinced that the word "no" is abuse. She talked about it for a bit on YouNow and she didn't even know how to define what setting boundaries meant.

No. 555702

File: 1532979424689.png (97.22 KB, 798x581, onitwitter.png)

Impressive twitter purge. Got to midway through January before something other than pandering positivity tweets appeared. Was "dat booty doe" really the trigger?

>>554543 ironic, considering

No. 555703

I'm late but yeah, she's definitely still lurking. As mentioned by >>554403,
>>555566, and >>554401 we've known for a while, but for anyone who wasn't around at the time/isn't caught up, I think the first time we confirmed her lurking was when she actually showed up in an older thread: >>333088

I'm still catching up on older ones so maybe even earlier than that too (and I wouldn't be surprised if so, but I think this was the first time we got any confirmation.) Anus lurks too, of course.

No. 555704

Just by the way, >>554747 I don't think that onisiontweets account on twitter actually catches every tweet he deletes, but it does get some, if not the majority. For example, I don't see the 6 year old boys tweet on there and we all know he deleted it, so make sure to archive/save any tweets when you see them since it doesn't seem like that account catches them all.

No. 555717

File: 1532982937878.jpg (108.04 KB, 827x450, 1.jpg)

I couldn't stop thinking about this

No. 555724

File: 1532983847750.jpg (70.28 KB, 706x700, Untitled.jpg)

She has a very obvious cavity in her front tooth. Also you can see her herpe sore looks raised? God, when is that going to go away?(we get it she has herpes)

No. 555738

Remember how she breastfed T at night and let the milk pool over his teeth and how it caused a fuckton of cavities in his mouth? I wouldn’t be surprised Anus finds Lame drinking her own tit milk to be erotic. It’d be less bizarre than bringing teenagers into their marriage anyway /tinfoil

No. 555740

This isn’t a herpes nitpick but have we confirmed Greg or Sarah have also gotten h1? It’s extremely contagious and not only when there are sores.

No. 555741

This isn’t a herpes nitpick but have we confirmed Greg or Sarah have also gotten h1? It’s extremely contagious and not only when there are sores.

No. 555749

> Washington State requires no more than a signed paper from parents for temporary guardianship, this was all discussed here when she first went to live with them.

Regardless of how little or how much is required for a guardianship, it still needs to be recognized by an authority (ie the courts) to make it valid. If it went through the courts, there should be a record that it happened possibly without some of the finer points or information redacted since she is a minor.

No. 555752

This deluxe tinfoil is equal parts hilarious and disturbing (disturbing because while it probably isn’t the case it is absolutely plausible on account of how gross these two degenerates are).

No. 555755

Holy shit this is terrifying. She looks terminally ill. Not just her regular level of fug, but like there is something really wrong with her.

No. 555759

It's pretty much a sure thing they have it too, but I guess it's dormant/asymptomatic for them. Which is unfortunate, because some nice mouth sores would go really well with Grugly's greasy aging pizza face, thinning hair, and weird pudgy dad bod. I wonder if little girls would still find him sexy with that cherry on top of the shit pile he already is.

I also wonder how much it infuriates him to know he's infected with an STD, since he vilifies them so much.

No. 555762

Her neck in house tour - ew ew ew. House is messy but slightly better then in previous tour in old house. She states that grandma is there so loundry is done, lol. And she said she need to reorganise her make-up AGAIN.
Singing.. well, that's what her fans want I guess… she looks like she is having some fun.
I don't know who I am - lol she will stop livestreams because of negativity, and that community there changed (I guess lack of views or compliments towards Sarah made her feel bad) she will focus on Instagram, because "it's safer space" and 'my dysmorphia is worse lately' - so I will post pics on insta as therapy give me asspats and nice comments!
She is enough self-aware to say how uncreative she is, but still wants to make youtube videos because she don't have any other ideas what she could do in her life. Asks patreons and fans for ideas and to tell her why they like her, lol fishing for compliments much? If you are not creative, maybe being youtube CREATOR and entertainer is a bad idea?
And that whole bragging how she want to make videos with advice, her personal stuff - but yt is so bad and algorithm is against her, but she totes wants to do what she likes, but tell me what to do guys!
And because she liked her 'secret life' video I wonder if there will be more?

No. 555769

File: 1532989568000.png (123.21 KB, 750x1334, ECA6633B-126B-4A0A-A9FB-E5098E…)

He reposted the exact same thing on tumblr. One of my mutuals reblogged it, I kekked thinking someone copied his tweet but nope he copy pasted it himself

No. 555772

Bless you anon. Good riddance as far as her Younow presence, she is a terrible streamer with all the entertainment value and personality of a withered husk of corn. Don't want to be a carbon copy following trends? Well too bad because your gay husband needs you to appeal to that sweet sweet tween demographic.
You dont have passion for what you're doing and if you were honest with yourself you would admit it and move on. Contrary to what a lot of people believe (including Grugly) you can't just sit in front of a screen blathering about your boring ass life every week and expect continued success. You need to network, travel, research, and expand your presence. It takes a commitment to your fan base beyond "hey guyz remember when I danced in a banana suit for you ten years ago??? WHY DONT YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE????" I'll end with a quote from Elpresador:
"There is a reason you guys never made it to Hollywood because you're not fucking entertaining".

No. 555777

It's nothing new, he always did that for his favourite Twitter posts he thinks are ~deep~. Actually I'm glad he stopped crediting himself in his posts, it was so stupid and narcy it made my head hurt. He was ridiculed for it on tumblr so I'm guessing that's why he stopped. I don't feel like digging through his tumblr to find examples of this but his posts would be:

Blah blah blah, "inspirational" quote here

Like no shit, it's not like he quotes anyone else. And we can see who made the post

No. 555778


You're misunderstanding. It doesn't have to go through the court system at all. Taylor and Greg literally just had a piece of paper signed by Sarah's mom stating they had temporary guardianship. This is all Washington state requires.

No. 555779

The hickies were gross, she was walking around Disneyland with her family and kids like that. She could have covered them up but I guess she needed everyone to know that Anus was still interested in having sex with her.

No. 555783

In the house tour she shows her car which is a Tesla. Did they not sell both of them?

No. 555785


If she did stuff she truly enjoyed instead of trying to be an so-very-gayyyyyyyyyy edgelord, she'd do better. And people did tell her what they wanted: They wanted to see and talk to her without Greg. But I think she should do stuff revolving around children and stuff, like she could talk about teaching children gymnsatics, or family-friendly places to eat. She could give reviews or the food, stuff like that. She should get off the beauty stuff because she is horrible at it, and she should stop talking about her gaiety and her thirsty quest for teen poon, which many people find gross and off-putting. Along with her horrible, garbage husband.

No. 555786

File: 1532992929112.png (66.63 KB, 1107x553, aa.png)

From his newest speaks "The Truth About Black Hair (It's Just As Good As All Other Hair!)" where he spews his racist garbage yet again.

No. 555791

>Black people's dreads are stinky and unclean
>Muh research
Uh huh

No. 555793

File: 1532993443302.png (590.53 KB, 893x496, racist ol' greg.PNG)

No. 555796


a black foster brother suddenly appears

first time hearing this…

No. 555798

"Please do not use your own limited experience to define _______, I do not do that"


Remember when he "debated" Vegan Gains and flipped the fuck out because the guy brought up scientific evidence and Greg reeee'd about muh personal experience, soy milk causes stomach cancer my mommy says so

No. 555803


No. 555805

File: 1532994720852.png (731.29 KB, 1422x660, ShregCantRead.png)

What's funny is that he googles for "should you wash black hair everyday" or something similar and he gets angry when the top results says you should only wash your hair once a week. He spergs about how gross it is to not wash any part of your body for a week, completely ignoring that it says you should still rinse your hair with water everyday.

No. 555807


I asked Google if it's necessary to shower everyday and this was one of the many results that popped up saying no and it actually can cause more harm to your skin and hair than good. I guess even Google can't compete with Shreg's selective faaaaaaxxxx.

Pro tip Shreg: you live a sedentary lifestyle and work from home for a living. Taking hot showers everyday is not only unnecessary, it's probably the reason for your shitty skin and rapid aging. Your body and hair make oils for a reason dipshit.

No. 555811

Lainey’s parental style is Gentle Parenting. The children rule the house, they never hear the word No, they eat when they want , sleep when they want, share their parents bed. They are never disciplined. They hit their parents or other siblings and are forgiven. I saw the FB group on it. They are nuts!

No. 555812

I am normally lurking and new to the threads, but damn. Everything is so black and white to him (no pun intended). There’s no grey area for him. Everyone has the same biological make up to him, which is obviously not the case. Not everyone has the same hair types, as he’s mentioned. Which is strange that he hasn’t figured out that you can’t wash it all the same way. What an idiot.

No. 555813

tw for lainey losing "daddy" onion to "nanny" sarah

No. 555814

She copied Grav3yard girl’s speech about losing views in the hope Shawn would help he like he did Bunny. No change in hell

No. 555815

God damn my spelling

No. 555818

>but still wants to make youtube videos because she don't have any other ideas what she could do in her life.

Literally just get a real job, lmfao

No. 555819

Now that she is done with YouNow where will the trolls go? Is Traylor going to have an easy anxiety-free uwu safe space?

No. 555826

Pray tell Greg, what research tells you to wash every part of your body with different types of soaps everyday? That must have been a hard bit off bullshit to cherry pick from the internet. I mean, your favourite place WebMD says "The experts agree: Only a small group needs to shampoo daily". What are you doing in your life that you get so dirty that you need to wash your hair of all things daily? Dry hair doesn't produce as much oils so it doesn't get dirty as fast. Exception being in cases where it overcompensates the dryness by creating extra oils, like in a case where you wash your hair or face too often. But Greg isn't smart enough to understand how over cleaning would make you dirtier
Also, a moment of silence for Lainey's vag that he likely imposes soap douches upon.

No. 555834

He always goes on and on about "research" but never links any studies.

Once again Anus, you look like a racist airhead.

No. 555843

What confuses me about Foot is that she clearly WANTS to stream, she clearly wants to be Youtuber, she cleary wants the fame - but she (like Greg), cannot handle criticism in the slightest. So I don't understand why she thinks switching her platform is going to change things. Either actually man up Lainey and learn to just do what you want, or go be a silent housewife to greg and work at target. You want to be like Billie don't you?

No. 555844

Wait I am confused. Lame is quitting younow for good? Isn't that literally her main income? Something really major must have happened to quit and just pass on a few hundred bucks a day for just sitting there and muttering to a webcam for an hour.

No. 555846

Gurl, Plainey has never been employed before!

Actually, the more these idiots wait, the more unemployable they will be. They cling to this online fame thing, but at the same time it's stopping them from normalcy even if they wanted it.

I can't wait to see Greg's video in 2019 about it like "OLIVE GARDEN ENDANGERED ONISION'S FAMILY (Job application story time)"

No. 555848

It's in her "I don't know who I am' video, she said she is quitting younow, but maybe in the future will choose another platform.
But yeah, does it mean they don't struggle anymore and Plain can stop earning more money than him?

No. 555851


"For now I'm not coming back to Younow" - Lainey

She said in YouNow's place she's going to focus on Instagram. So probably saw that Forbes list of how much people make on Instagram ads.

No. 555856

I wonder if he chose to do this video because Shiloh has posted photos of herself with dreadlocks on Instagram. Stalking much.

No. 555859

The funniest thing of all is that a greasy pizza face with greasy ass hair is trying to tell us he has the answers to cleanliness

No. 555861

Double post but don't forget: He doesn't wear deodorant because he thinks his constant showering keeps his sweat from smelling.

No. 555862

Between onion's patreon almost dipping under 3k a month, foot maybe getting 2k (she barely has 300 patrons), them getting a fraction of their past views, and foot not streaming on younow, how much y'all reckon they're bringing in?

They're lifestyle can't be sustainable if they're combined making less than 8k.

No. 555864

Where did he pull this from?

No. 555867

Why his ass, dear anon. Where else would it come from

No. 555868

Not just that, but also the "many" black women he's dated. He mentioned one at least, infrequently. Where were all of these black women he's dated in his previous vids about his exes? Guess they weren't significant enough, if they existed at all. Right, Greg?

No. 555870


Exactly. He's a pathological liar.

No. 555871

I'm sure she can't live out her past dreams of psychology and child counseling or whatever after she's been broadcast online as an abusive child predator. She probably couldn't get a simple retail job because she's almost 24 and has never had a job before, and has no skills (or people skills for that matter). I don't know what she can do now other than like, McDonald's or just go back to school for something else. And she won't do either. So…she's fucked.

No. 555873

More people need to push him on these women that he failed to mention as his exes.

Greg, you only mention one of the "many" black women you've dated.
-Why is it only that you mention these many women when you're being accused of racism?
-Do they only matter to prove your point?

No. 555874

I'm betting you she quit because she got sad by the amount of people complimenting Sarah. She's that kind of petty bitch, last I checked no one was invalidating her fakeboi gender on younow recently so that argument is fake.
That and the fact that she is now being outed as a pedophile, it's easier when she deflects Greg's actions with "she's not Greg" than her own actions where she can't do that with

No. 555875

Maybe he dated his Foster brother's sisters… We know he likes to keep it in the family

No. 555879

In his "People Onision Has Dated" video on Speaks in 2015, he talks about people he "dated" (or honked the boob of one time, or kissed in like 2nd grade…ya know, his typical idea of what it is to "date" someone). I only remembered that video because he uses really weird and not entirely accurate google image search pictures of random women/celebrities to compare these girls to as he describes their relationship. Anyway, in that he names three different girls he "dated" and shows pictures of black women for them. Therefore by Onion logic, he HAS talked about dating multiple black girls! Duhhh!

No. 555916


After skimming past pages and pages of results saying its healthy and normal to not wash your hair each day, he found ONE forum post agreeing with him and he went with that as evidence.

No. 555920

Just replace "autism" with literally anything Greg wants to use as proof.

No. 555931

File: 1533008167825.png (507.99 KB, 717x628, pinocchio gone wrong.png)

She looks like one of those terminally ill kids you see on late night TV.

No. 555939

Same opinion here. I want bigger people to drag him. I really don't think he would bounce back.

I understand people think this will give him more fans and views, but the views will only be temporary.

People still like assholes like bregoli and the paul brothers because they are still relevant and have money and somewhat exciting lives despite being assholes.

Same as the kardashians or any viral dickheads that people love at the moment. They buy cars, properties, go on vacations (where they still act obnoxious)

Noone is going to want to watch an unattractive pimply man in his 30s never leave his house with the exception of the mall, constantly complain about anything and everything, bitching about having no money.

Also, he doesn't know when to shut the fuck up and loses fans constantly. It's like he knows that obnoxious types do well on social media, so he attempts to troll, but picks all the wrong subjects and doesn't have a pr to tell him to quit when he fucks up.
Another thing he does is that he can't take the heat when he tries to troll for attention, instead of just owning it, so one month he'll try and act like he's changed and the next month he'll go on another dickhead crusade.

People seem to think if noone watches his videos or talk about him, he'll fade away but he's like malignant, he can't stand to not be noticed. He'll stay on youtube until they totally delete his channel, and even then he'll be kicking and screaming on another platform.

No. 555946

File: 1533009145132.png (361.27 KB, 555x632, lol gg gregma.PNG)

Another video with Hanako.

Also he plans on making his private twitter account a $50 perk.

No. 555969

When will Grease learn that no shit tier is going to stop leaks from happening? Hell, someone should start a Gofundme to set up a farmer account and leak shit (jk).

No. 555981

So he’ll have like three followers on his new private twitter lol he needs too much attention for that to even work. Remember when he made his YouTube account subscribers only and ended up with like five viewers

No. 555985

File: 1533010970009.png (221.1 KB, 491x606, Screenshot(46).png)

No. 555986

God he's so desperate for an echo chamber isn't he? He must be so hurt that so many people troll his tweets or dare disagree, including his fans that think they have a right to an opinion

No. 556001

Who TF wants his private Twitter for $50? He probably just posts the same manic tweets he does on his public one.

No. 556002

He's probably trying to bait the person who recorded his conversation about him making the "dat booty doe" shirt. He only has 2 people following him, one of them is his "main" account.

No. 556007

I'm fairly certain she quit younow because it wasn't bringing her anymore income. It's been downhill for her on that platform ever since temp was gone and farmers stopped organising trollfests while she's streaming. As evidence from recent threads I think people just stopped hate watching her streams all together and that was a huge blow to her.

No. 556017

>Do not contact a subject's family.
>Do not brag or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.
The fact that you took the time to go into detail about the level of contact you've had with family members is a rule violation.

No. 556032

File: 1533017277857.png (662.36 KB, 1003x1003, gg asshole.png)

No. 556034


jfc anon, my sides were already sore for working out and and this image ended up obliterating them.

No. 556038

File: 1533018414415.png (352.74 KB, 525x511, BLEND YOUR BROWS BITCH.PNG)

No. 556043

Link wont work

No. 556044

if you meant >>556038
it does but you need to download it rather than view it via a stream, their streaming bandwidth limit has gone over or something.

No. 556045


This is what it says for me

>Unable to play this video at this time. The number of allowed playbacks has been exceeded. Please try again later.

but it also shows a download link

No. 556047


>Pledge to Onision for uncensored tweets from Onision

…my god. Talking about himself in third person really is his favourite thing

No. 556048

She basically talks about how he’s really mean in his sleep, doesn’t consider other people’s feelings before he says or does something but that he’s gotten SO much better at that (yeah okay)
Also says in the middle of the night he got up and picked a pacifier off the floor to try to turn it off??? First of all why is their baby’s pacifier on the damn floor? That part makes no sense to me.
Anyway. She then goes on to talk about little pet peeves, like not knowing how to coordinate meals and eats weird combinations, ignoring her while he’s on his phone or playing a game, says work makes her feel like he puts everything else on the back burner.

No. 556049

This got me thinking.
It would be hilarious if a Gofundme was started to raise money so that someone could buy the Level 5 $100.00 per month Patreon membership, and put it in the name of one of those really crazy girls that stalk Onision. (you know which one Im talking about)(no)

No. 556050

I'd love to see how Anus would react to that, provided he wasn't tipped off of course. Like, would he block her? Probably not, because $$$, but he'd definitely say something. And I'm sure that ~certain person~ would come out of the woodworks sperging that people were threatening her life and the lives of her family, etc. etc. like usual, even though no such thing is happening.

No. 556052

I can somewhat understand Grug's manic episodes. If I was forced to sleep with Social Retard, I'd be mad too.

No. 556053

>he’s really mean in his sleep

Yeah, just in his sleep.

No. 556054

Im positive that he uses this as an excuse to be extra mean to her.
"what did you say I did in my sleep last night?… I punched you in the cunt?… wow, I dont remember doing that at all" snickers

No. 556057

Why is it so echoey? Filming in the empty Swamp Mansion? Don't remember that stone being in the Swamp Trailer.

No. 556058

File: 1533022606132.jpg (173.84 KB, 1086x723, Ii3cYy3.jpg)

The much argued about "(not the)basement"

No. 556059

"Even though he's in his mid-30s and has had several relationships and two children, he still lacks empathy, and a basic understanding of empathy as a concept, entirely. He ignores me and our children all day because he's 'working' so much. He's messy, lazy, and irresponsible. He's mean to me and gets angry when I ask him to get up and help take care of the children at night." Wow Lainboy. You got yourself a catch.

Also, is it me, or do they -constantly- say "in the past <time span> I think our relationship/the other person has gotten way better"? Like, what the fuck must you have started at for THIS to be fifteen "betters" down the line!?

No. 556060

She says that Anus suggested that she make this video. Who wants to take bets that a "My Problems with Lainey" video is coming soon? I feel like he just suggested it so he could put out another video talking about how much he hates her, but doesn't want the backlash like he got after the "10 things" video about GSW. Her putting a video out first gives him a chance to respond without having everyone think he's attacking her for no reason.

No. 556061

I thought the exact same thing

No. 556063


>husband being mean af to her when she's in bed with pneumonia

>pet peeve

how abused/gaslit you have to be to say shit like that jesus christ

No. 556065

File: 1533023787018.jpg (21.64 KB, 480x360, Seymour-skinner-25447.jpg)

i badly want this to be the case
am i a bad person?

No. 556075

If you are then so am I, kek. When Vainythot made that last video with Madison playing the Anus she was praised for it by some anons, this time the farm will be a lot more savage given all the Pedobot shit that has come to light of late. So I say bring it, y’all. michaeljacksoneatingpopcorn.gif

No. 556083

She said she's going to film another "10 things I hate about my ogre" video based on the things she listed up. I wonder who's going to play Onion this time since Madi was a ~lying, backstabbing, betraying cunt~. Maybe Lambo plays both roles or Sarah is going to be Onion

No. 556091

Who wants to start placing bets on how long it takes for her to ditch YouTube in addition to YouNow and put all her eggs (what few rotten ones she has left) in the Instagram basket? With all the Pedobot foolery blowing up she is going to get dragged to hell in the comments of whatever she posts, regardless of content. For every negative comment the triceratops in waiting and the other onionflakes she enlists to moderate her accounts are able to delete, a hundred more will appear in their place.

No. 556093

Shiloh must have really impressed him faking her memory loss.

No. 556096

I see alot of GSW saying she has done this or that because _______ suggested it. Serious question to some of you wayback anons, what has she ever done on her own?

No. 556098


Nothing. She's done nothing. Even her college degree was accomplished because of Greg. In her defense, anytime she does try something with a little bit of independence, Greg deliberately ruins it and destroys whatever pleasure she has in it. For example, he joined her videos despite her not liking it that much, and despite her fans telling her flatly they didn't like it.

Now, in a normal relationship you could tell your partner that their presence isn't working for what you want to accomplish, but anytime Taylor steps out of line Greg lowers the boom on her emotionally and mentally (and maybe physically, if we're to believe him "spanking" her to punish her– which I see reason not to since they're the ones who said it). Basically, Taylor is stuck in her 17-year-old mental state of being a child, and Greg enables her to do it because it gives him control over her. Like he's her Daddy (I don't think the DDLG shit is an accident).

No. 556099

It’s hilarious that he and Lamey are turning more and more in on themselves, to create their “safe spaces”. I bet since Lame told him how much happier she is without YouNow, he thinks he can just segregate his viewers too and he will be inundated with nothing but positive, ass-kissing feedback like she gets. It’s hilarious though, because far less people care about a Greg that gets no hate and far less people like Greg these days. He will be able to privately screech at two or three people, but they’ll eventually leave too. It’s amazing to me that he and the foot think they are worth almost the same amount as a basic cable bill. Or that someone would rather watch theme make the same videos over and over than go to the theatre five times. They really are arrogant.

No. 556100

I’ve had a theory for a while that Anus has systematically been sabotaging her YouTube because his narcissism can’t handle her doing better than him. It’s clear as day when he is in her videos that he acts over the top and blatantly insults her frequently. It’s obvious he acts like that knowing her viewers will dislike it. Essentially he goes on her channel to act like a dick to stir up drama.

I may be wrong but just something I have been thinking about lately.

No. 556102

If Plain ever did leave and moved on to a healthy relationship she would have a super hard time adjusting to boundaries and being your own person in a relationship. Even if she were single I don't think she could handle it. She's so use to being bounded my grease, I could only imagine she doesn't even know how to be independent at this point.

No. 556105


I agree. Also, if and when they separate, she will most likely have to work through quite the breakdown. Luckily she has a wealthy, caring family (cough that she's treated like shit) that would most likely take her in. She has no idea what a privilege that is because she has no empathy for others.


Wow. Goooood luck to them when the kids are throwing tantrums over people in the real world not bowing down to their every whim.

No. 556107

> Even if she were single I don't think she could handle it. She's so use to being bounded my grease, I could only imagine she doesn't even know how to be independent at this point.

I agree. The time in her life when she could and should have been learning that stuff - being away at college, navigating complex relationships, learning how to deal with different personalities so that everyone wins - she deliberately shitcanned so she could fuck Greg on a desk in a hotel room and get knocked up at 18. I mean, she's the freaking poster child of "teenagers make terrible, terrible decisions."

No. 556125


Gentle parenting just basically means no yelling, physical discipline and an emphasis on rewards for good behavior instead of punishments for bad behavior.

That being said, I'm sure Lainey is a gentle parent, HOWEVER I'm also sure those kids get fucking screamed and cussed at (by Greg), so… Not quite so gentle. I can't imagine he has any patience with them.

No. 556127

That's soooooo sad; they're setting their kids up for failure. If that's really their preferred way of educating then they'll put their kids through so much stress in school and susequently in their future jobs.
But as per usual, it's the easy way out. Less discussing, less fighting - more I'm-so-gay-time. (yup, pun intended)

A couple of threads ago an anon said that they remembered Lainey's husband stating that the Onions will be good for the next three years, so that means that they still have more than enough money in their bank account. They just pretend to be completely broke so that their patreons keep diarrhea-ing money at them.

No. 556132

Their children will be home schooled.

No. 556134

I lurk in the gentle parenting FB page that Lainey used to be in. One kid used a black marker on his mother’s light colored couch. I mean nearly covered the whole thing with permanent marker. She was crying but the advice was to tell him he was a good artist but maybe using paper would be better next time. No time out. Another one was the kid would head butt the mother on her face and laugh. This happened often. This time she was bleeding and crying. Advice? Tell him it hurts and give him a toy.

No. 556138


This is TERRIBLE if true. Imagine if your role models were fucking Grundle and Laundry. Those kids' only shot at being socialized well is if they get influence from people outside of the horrible onions; and yes, I know his mom isn't far, but she's clearly batshit insane as well. Poor kids.


I don't know what to say but… wow. Very curious to hear what those kids will be like in 10 years.

No. 556139

So did lame ever attended gay pride? Or was that just al make believe?

No. 556140

The Disney vacation fatigued her smol gay heart way too much so she had to skipped Pride this year and maybe even next!

No. 556147

You don’t have to scream at a child to damage them. If Greg repeatedly subjects them to the silent treatment he does to Lainey or keeps pushing Lainey to get him a girlfriend, that unstablenesss can also be damaging. It’s not confirmed that Greg has BPD or NPD but something is off. There is a reason that personality disorder specific abuse exists. It isn’t always obvious but it is still extremely harmful to adults and children alike.

No. 556150

Come on now anon. He has NPD. Our boy displays every single symptom and has done for about 10 years.(armchair)

No. 556151

Does anyone know how long Sarah has been living with Onision on Lainey?

Thanks(lurk moar)

No. 556152

Onision being a workaholic made me Kek for so many reasons. Like his job is screeching infront of a camera to his asspat groupies, whilst playing games, on discord or making poorly edited videos.
Now if he made decent videos, or had an actual job would he still be one lol?
And the phenomena whiny urked me cause it sounds so much worse than it is, along with the fact lame probably didn't even go to the doctor for it.

No. 556153

currently? Shes been back less than a month.

July 6 2018

No. 556156

It reminds me of the kid whos "career" is being a DJ.
I dont want to shit on people, but being a DJ isnt that hard and the ones that are popular and make millions of dollars are just lucky and have great PR.
You play prerecorded music, add samples and effects, not that hard.
Its the same with Greg. He makes videos in his home (no sets, not even scenic locations) while wearing cheap Party City costumes and using the same "IM SO RANDOM" humor hes been using since 2005, not that hard
I will give Greg props that he ran with a lucky break. Being promoted by Shane was his only saving grace. And he floated on that YT bubble for years, but now that its popped hes losing it.

No. 556157

As well as using the SO RaNdOm!11!!! formula almost every one of his video has the same punchline… a character getting shot.

It's amazing that someone can do something for so long and never improve.I guess its probably because he already thinks its amazing. You see so many artists, musicians, writers never advancing because they arrogantly mistake mediocrity for brilliance. Greg is the perfect example of that. His NPD prevents him from seeing the flaws in his content

No. 556158

"ooh, I just thought of another thing"

How many eye opening moments did she have in this video? Revelations that her husband is a garbage person.

I hope at the end of making this video she shut off the camera… slowly walked out to their backyard and just stared quietly into the swampy abyss, finally understanding the giant mistake she made marrying this piece of shit.

No. 556162

What's sad and kinda pathetic is that his lucky moment to become successful is the only reason he has anything in life that he has right now. He would've never been able to achieve any of this organically.

Had it not been for YouTube, he'd be nowhere and have nothing. He would've still washed out of the military, never gotten a house for himself, never been able to afford a decent car or any sort of luxury whatsoever, and been hopping from job to job forever due to his outright inability to work with people like a normal human being.

He'd be constantly teetering on the edge of homelessness if not for gibs and handouts from Crazy Tami.

No. 556163

Its a horrible thing to say, but if it wasnt for Youtube, one year out of being kicked out of the military that bullet would of found its home.

No. 556165

Doubtful. If Greg offed himself he would have deprived the world of his awesomeness. Sure, he suicide baits every now and then, but it's attention whoring for views and asspats at its finest.

No. 556166


Lol no, Greg loves pushing that narrative for sympathy and attention but he would have found some avenue for his narc supply. He was never going to actually kill himself.


Not to give sympathy to Plainey but pneumonia can be painful as fuck, it's awful. She most likely went to a doctor to have it confirmed that was what it was, and without treatment it can become quite serious. Greg being a dick about her coughing is fucked up, I'm sure if he had fluid in his lungs he'd make 1000 videos about it insisting he's on the verge of death

No. 556184

Sympathy aside, that is just a dick move. If he had gotten a cold he would act like his life was ending and beg his fans for medical expenses. God forbid his children get ill

No. 556187

It's a pretty good theory.

>Stop making more money than me.

No. 556194

Topkek at the fact that he faps 4 times in the shower per day (probably sometimes more) to hentai, spends most of time "actually working" by rage tweeting, deleting, harassing Shane, recycling old garbage videos, and yet still, is seen as a "workaholic" by Lambo.
Peep that college graduate common sense lel.

No. 556198

Isn't troy at kindergarten age now? So he should be starting school next month. Real sad if they seriously homeschool him. I wonder if thats another factor why lamey brought sarah in to do stuff for her.

No. 556201

He will be 5 in Dec/Jan so he could go this year to school. From past videos where Lainey showed the kitchen there was a daycare list on the fridge..maybe hes in preschool. I dont think lainey or greg have the requirements needed for homeschooling.

No. 556204

No. 556208

Wow I finally just watched this video.
To paraphrase:
>I left the turtle in Tupperware with no holes in the shade, so I figured it was fine because shade is cold m’kay?
>but when the sun moved, “something sciency” that I didn’t understand happened
>the sun reacted with the plastic which killed my turtle
Jesus no wonder this guy is afraid of microwaves. I wonder how many weeks the Homeschool of Plain Anus will last with his aversion to book lernin’

No. 556216

File: 1533082115298.png (1.43 MB, 1440x2142, Plainey.png)

I like this theory, but I'm leaning towards Occam's razor here. GSW's most successful videos are ones where she clickbaits their shitty relationship. Titles under her "most popular videos" section include:
>Should I leave Onision?
>Is Onision mean to me?
>The truth about my marriage (with a bonus thumbnail that has "ABUSE" written on it)
Anus feeds off the attention and drama, and we all know his patreon $$ is dwindling. Botox is pretty expensive and frozen burritos don't grow on trees. So might as well exploit the marriage again.

No. 556221


In Washington kids usually need to be 5 by September to attend public school and they don’t need to be in school until the age of 8…

No. 556223

They could homeschool him online. It's pretty easy to do (I did it for high school and my niece is doing it for elementary school). I highly doubt they will put him in public school.

No. 556227


Anus is convinced that because he’s sO fAmOuS and has so many hayturz he needs to shield his precious and favorite Trot and bandaid Clot from the hate they’ll receive from school. Never mind the fact
that fellow five-year-olds will have no clue who Anusion or LaineyThot are. Never mind the fact that almost no one knows who they are.

His ego is big enough that he can’t handle the idea that one of his children’s schoolmates will make fun of him.

A child might make of him (Anus, not Trot). It’s not worth the risk.

Let that sink it.

No. 556228


It’s either that or Anus thinks the public school system is bullshit and his teaching is so honest and true and his FAXXXX are better than educators. He has the same view towards doctors and probably lawyers (like Doormat’s dad). It wouldn’t surprise me if he thought the same about teachers, since he didn’t finish college and graduated high school with a 2.7 GPA. He’s a bitter fuck.

On a side note, Doormat actually was an honor roll student in high school with several AP classes passed. She graduated from college magna cum laude, but since that was online with edubirdie, it hardly counts. That’s the ONE time Anus tries to use his wife’s education to his advantage, to brag that she has a useless bachlor’s in psychology, a degree that has little use unless paired with a master’s, job experience, an internship, etc.

Trot and Clot are fucked.

No. 556250

I've been thinking this too. He clearly purposely tries to make the videos he's in on her channel bad videos and tries to rile up her viewers and stress her out more. Maybe it's a punishment tactic of some kind.

No. 556251

File: 1533094137551.png (52.38 KB, 929x243, courtrecords.png)

Anyone know what each of these cases correspond to? The name change is self explanatory but what were the others, with one as recent as 2016?

No. 556252

And what's even stranger is she hasn't been in one of his video's for years, but he regularly forces himself into her videos, taking all the way through them, doing the intro and outro like it's his channel. He can't even let his wife do her own intro. It's painful.

No. 556254

double-posting sorry, but 02-8-16 is the day that Anus stormed into Sarah's younow steam to rant and to block Billie, don't know if that is related.

No. 556255

I believe this was addressed previously. They are traffic offences

No. 556256

I hope its some serious legal trouble, but could it be traffic tickets that hes fighting?
Because we all know hes an ex-cop who knows the law better than the officers of Washington state and courts.

No. 556258

i would pay good money to be able to see him spew his stupidity in traffic court.

No. 556260

That video was just way to depressing to watch. It was basically a deluded broken woman talking about how toxic and horrible her husband is for 5 minutes but ending each point with a "He's changed so much! I'm so proud of him. He's way better now".

Kind of made me feel bad for her again. If he's "changed" now, how bad was he to her when she was an 18 year old pregnant teen away from her family and friends?

No. 556261

File: 1533095851396.png (395.01 KB, 515x444, Lain loves youtube.png)

In my opinion she doesn't even like having a youtube channel and was clearly made to create one by him, so that's why every video he's in she just automatically lets him take the reigns, because he likes doing it and knows how. (Not that he wouldn't talk over her anyway.)

Back in the beginning she showed a clear dislike for "acting" in his videos and the scrutiny that came to her for it, and claimed she never wanted to make her own channel because it "wasn't for her." I think she's just so used to doing it now. That's why she's getting increasingly uninspired and sick of it – it's like a chore to her, not a hobby she enjoys. I do believe she likes a lot of the attention, but nothing else about it.

What's strange is that contradicts her clear original intent of trying to hook up with a famous youtuber and be a power couple a la Shane Dawson & Lisabug. As soon as she got into that world she realized she wasn't cut out for it, I suppose.

No. 556263

It’s disgusting of him tbh. I mean Lainey is a dick herself but there was that one video where they got there matching tattoos and at the end he was insulting her and you could see it in her eyes that she was going to cry. I actually felt bad for her lol

No. 556264

Do you think she actually edits all her videos?
In the Is My Relationship Monogamous? video there was a lot of things kept in the video that made her look bad, even some reaction shots were skewed to sort of make fun of her.
I can see Greg insisting that he edit any video hes in. The same way some celebs are control freaks and must control the lighting and camera set up, along with questions asked when they're interviewed.

No. 556270

File: 1533097986659.png (277.96 KB, 523x491, screencapture031956.png)

Lainey blamed Sam for the ruined kitchen table.

So is Lainey going to blame Hana for the new holes in her bedsheets?

No. 556275

>She graduated from college magna cum laude

and she couldn't even spell it right, so

No. 556279

thumbnail looks like Shiloh plainey better keep an eye on her man I bet ogreg wishes he still had his "studio house" so he could "make videos" in total privacy with his new girl

No. 556282

He definitely edited them all in the beginning. Not to mention that trainwreck "My Side of the Story" video, which has the little editor's notes that are clearly written by him. There are a lot of videos I can think of where Lainey is clearly anxious or sad and all of her near-tears looks are kept in or even emphasized…and I doubt she'd keep those in her own edits, because it's humiliating. Maybe another punishment tactic, him getting to edit some of the videos and make her look "stupid" in his edit. The super positive attitude ones with the cute music might be her editing though.

No. 556283


I don’t think she really started editing her own videos until she started a Patreon, and even now she probably lets greg edit some because you can tell with his 9000 jumpcuts and sped up talking/editor’s notes like >>556282 mentions. She also recently said she was proud of herself for getting better at editing since she was p new at it.

No. 556293

I personally think she always wanted to do youtube and be internet famous, but she didn't want to make it seem like she was using greg for fame. So she only felt comfortable a few years into the relationship. And when she started, greg was controlling her channel completely basically. Then she was forced to do it more often due to their "financial troubles" where she made a patreon. And now she thinks shes a legit youtuber/content creator. She probably also didn't want to have to edit her own videos because shes lazy and just wanted to be a trophy wife.

No. 556309

Wasn't this the "onisions wife" tumblr? That one made anus.
"I don't like to be filmed" "I can't act and I won't try" sounds like him trying to provoke her into making videos. Which she then did.

No. 556320

Those are from the laineybot one. I just went on there and searched the word "channel" to find the posts I was thinking of. Actually I forgot about the Onion Wife blog until you mentioned it! Ah, the cringe.

I definitely think he poked and prodded at her incessantly to make videos or at least be in his more, especially considering Skye and Shiloh were both so into it and had on-screen chemistry with him. He always says he didn't care if Lainey was good at youtube when he married her because it's about ~the person she is inside~ and whatever, but we all know he wanted someone cute and entertaining who could keep up with him. (I think he saw that potential in Billie, which was discussed a lot at the time.)

No. 556336

But anon, said children have parents that might actually be (or become) aware of him. I guess that's more of a problem for him, and tbh I do understand him. I wouldn't want other adults I meet IRL to know about my pathetic and predatory online presence.

Lainey also clearly states that six years ago (or whenever they started to date) her husband wasn't emphatic at all and had major trouble to understand people's problems and anxieties.
Yet he made tons of videos allegedly helping people with various disorders, depression, etc.
So she literally exposes him for being a liar.
Too bad they don't sync their stories appropriately, too bad there are still fans who don't make any of these connections.
We all know he hasn't changed one bit. lol

No. 556397

File: 1533144726231.png (65.81 KB, 800x507, Screenshot_2018-08-01 Onision …)

You are a homophobic parent tho.

No. 556428

i can't do a drive upload but holy shit the "Black Hair is EQUAL" video is fucking incredible. It's IM NOT RACIST the video and it's peak Greg

No. 556429

arguably with his own homophobic parent as well

No. 556438

I was the poster who asked about the parenting style and wow… I knew Shreg did fuck all for the kids but I guess Lame doesn’t do much beyond necessities, on top of her own behavior towards the kids being highly policed by him.

Anus said a doctor told him he had BPD in one of the AJ voicemails.

Kind of a jarring insinuation considering in the video she made mocking him, she knows he doesn’t do any actual work. In fact, I remember him in one video complaining how long it takes to upload videos to YT… you know he considers him sittin at his desk slowly watching the upload counter rise while watching Harley Quinn get fucked by dog men as “work”.

And if the rumors of them tacking/pushing the kids down so they’ll stay out of camera shots, that further shows how shit at his job he is… having him or Plain put their hands on their kids instead of just doing another take, which his lazy, pathetic, microdicked ass can’t be bothered to do.

Fuck you, Grease. You have never worked a day in your life.

No. 556440


It wasn't a doctor who told him he had BPD, it was a fan. He looked into it and decided they were correct.

No. 556441

i was a cop reeee youtube fired me etc etc whatever

No. 556443


yeah, he did a little self diagnosing with that one, but then continues to REEEEEEEEE if anyone suggests a different disorder, such as narcissism. he'll never get a formal doctor's diagnosis though, since they obviously can't be trusted and he knows soooooo much more than they do /s

No. 556449

File: 1533153433748.jpg (325.79 KB, 1080x2069, Screenshot_20180801-215413__01…)

Anus is getting dragged in the spam community for that black hair video and while he doesn't deserve the attention, I'm living for it

No. 556462

File: 1533156970881.jpg (85.19 KB, 1039x739, MyNamesGregIm32AndINeverFuckin…)

Speaking of hair, Greg says here "what did your boyfriend do to you?" because her hair is shaved. Interesting, since a certain abused ex of his was given the hair-shave treatment.

No. 556464

Didn’t lainey say she wanted to shave her head?

No. 556465

Huh. Weird, considering he had Shiloh shave her head when they were together. And the Billie thing but that goes without saying. Very telling.

No. 556466

File: 1533160202873.png (39.63 KB, 165x177, 1448926952097.png)

holy self awareness lmao

No. 556468

I thought that was Lamey. Who shaved their head.

No. 556477

Shiloh had part of her head shaved for a fake prank video they did because she wanted part of her head shaved for that hairstyle anyway. A while later Gurg took her to the bathroom in the middle of having sex and shaved her entire head and called her a "good bitch". No one knows for sure if this is how it went down but it seems like something he would do lol lets be honest. Also, shortly after the final Billie break up there's a video where Lainey gets her hair cut very, very short under the encouragement of Greg and it's clearly way out of her comfort zone, he films the whole thing quite perversely and Lainey wore beanies while it grew out a little because she clearly didnt like it. Between all that and the demands for Billie to shave her head it clearly seems Gregma has some kind of forced haircut/headshave fetish.

No. 556484


Oh yeah. It's as though he likes to de-feminize his women
as part of an isolate > destroy ritual. He makes damn sure they become not only undesirable to others but to himself as well so they have no perceived power over him. He wanted Billie eyebrowless and orange with green hair and "I'm a liar" for fucks sake.

It's like he's TRYING to be the basic as fuck abusive boyfriend antagonist that he "defeats" in his shitty self-insert "books."

No. 556487

he really didnt think that one through though, I mean in the event that she had actually agreed to do it how the hell would he go about explaining what happened when people saw her with her new look, it would just scream abusive relationship. unless he was just gonna keep her in the basement all the time. he could have so easily played it off as "I was only going to see if she'd say yes to see if she was serious about wanting to be with me, I'd never make her do anything like that" but good old greg is an abusive retard and had to try and justify his insane demands. dont forget hes constantly bragging about the time he made his preppy girlfriend dress up like a goth to prove she really liked him, he likes controlling other peoples appearance and makes it seem like its a good trait.

No. 556496

Yeah, my favorite thing about Grugly is how he's stupid enough to keep exposing himself for the shitbag that he is.

Also… as if Greg would EVER go through with any of his bullshit punishments he deems "fair" (Still not convinced Lainey's missing brow a while back wasn't a punishment).

And when has he ever changed for anyone? Even his wrist tattoos that were meant to be for Sh turned into stupid "Remember Love" tattoos supposedly meant to stop him from jerking it to hentai, which he's probably doing right now and always.

No. 556510

dat filename tho

No. 556519

shane’s new video is trending and he’s working with jeffree star, i bet Anus is making fake accounts to remind shane’s fans about his pedo jokes

No. 556520

Wasn't he supposed to actually get Sh name, but instead changed his mind at the last minute?

No. 556524

Yeah in one of his videos about how he likes to brand his girlfriends he mentions that Sh got his on the back of her neck first then when it was his turn he said no and chose those words

No. 556542

God that would have been a red flag there. If that had happened to me and my partner suddenly caved and said nah AFTER I got the tattoo done, I would have booked a removal asap and broken up.

Then again, name tattoos are retarded. Still so shitty to not do it after agreeing and letting your partner get it done.

No. 556543

Well apparently Onion and Jeffree aren't on good terms either and Jeffree can get lawsuit happy, so he better watch his mouth because if Shane doesn't sue him Jeffree might convince Shane to

No. 556558

Ok, as disgusting as it is I had a thought, where the hell did LGH find that Harley hentai? That shit isn't that easy to come across on normal porn sites, So I decided to do a search of the terms "Harley dog hentai". Didn't click any of the links but they all had the same description so it seems there's only one (or at least one popular one). It was only on the third page of my search that I found it hosted on a site that wasn't a full bestiality site. That site is a cartoon porn site where Greg may have come across it by accident during his hentai binges except I know that site, it does not show or recommend you shit like bestiality unless it's actually related to what you were currently watching. However there's a chance he searched "Harley Quinn" and then found it in the search results
Unless there's some other site it's hosted on, it think it's safe to say there's a large possibility Greg has some really disgusting hentai preferences. I'd Sage if I could cause this isn't really solid mill, just something I'd figure I'd share

No. 556582

Nah it’s pretty popular sfm porn. Back a few years ago he showed a sfm porn where “a woman is ravaged by beastly men, but totally consensually so it’s hot” and that same artist made the Harley Quinn dog sfm porn.
So Greg follows a fetish artist that frequently uses rape and snuff (like in the Harley Quinn video which is disturbingly like 99% of his “skits”)
His other hentai breaks have me thinking he just looks at hentai tags on pornhub constantly though.

No. 556588

Shudders knowing this and that while he was with Sh her puppy ate her out I feel very uncomfortable with him around the dogs. We all know he likes to slather himself in crap and doesn't mind the dogs licking it. Wonder if plainey even gets him off anymore

No. 556589

anon chill.

You surf /h/, /b/ or whatever on 4chan and you can easily stumble across hentai bestiality. You go to hentai websites and just type in key words like harley quinn and you'll find the character involved in rape, gang bangs, scat, pregnancy fetishes, gore, gender-bender, etc.

While it sounds disgusting, its the truth. This stuff is pretty readily available everywhere so its too far off to accuse him of purposely looking for it. He probably has some weird fetishes tho.

No. 556655

on anus channel onision games he posted a lifestream of him quiet just playing metal gear solid for two hours…yeah he works so hard. like he probably just wanted to play some video games and not do laundry/dishes/ help out with the kids or anything a decent adult and partner would do so he said he's working and to prove it he posted it to his like least popular channel

No. 556663

They probably hate Leelu the most cause she's unfortunately the girl dog and Greg likes to deflect on the things he loves the most.

No. 556664

The Lainey House tour video you can see him playing a pc game in the background of the living room. That must be him 'watching' the kids. Those kids dad is essentially an angry adolescent who can't do housework and has to have heavy duty bins in every fucking room. He also needs a fridge near every computer of processed eat from the packet foods because he's a man child with no survival instinct.

No. 556673


A big part of me wants Onion to start causingshit with Jeffree and making outlandish claims. Jeffree would sue the pants off him, the court costs would be pocket change to him.

Ah, but tthat's wishful thinking.

No. 556679

Well Shane's#1 trending.
Cant wait for the sperg.

No. 556681

File: 1533210095408.png (1.67 MB, 1136x1362, KKONION.png)

In light of Onion's blatantly racist video 'Black Hair Is EQUAL'. I just want to remind everybody of other racist garbage this cunt has spewed from his mouth.

No. 556687

Unnecessary speculation or discussion about the children have resulted in several bans. Do not ignore farmhand warnings without expecting a response.

No. 556722

File: 1533222875906.png (557.83 KB, 1084x1920, tumblr_pcsc1pNwXx1wk3mdho1_128…)

posted to tumblr (credit to @shanesexual-boy)

No. 556726

I’m laughing so hard thanks for posting this here anon

No. 556753

File: 1533228968070.png (360.58 KB, 553x618, pregnacy photos.png)


It's boring for the most part but it seems to confirm lurking. She's trying to make videos about our suggested topics and she also tries to negate the whispers that T was born with a developmental issue. Also kek when she says her pregnancy helped her to conquer her disordered eating. I guess LGH can no longer claim that he's the one that prompted her to face her issues.

No. 556762


I think this video is actually pretty sweet, except for the incomprehensible fact that she claims to have dysphoria while cooing over how cute she was with a baby bump????

No. 556764

File: 1533231002025.png (1.53 MB, 1135x638, Screenshot_2018-08-02 REVEALIN…)

Why the fuck would you show this?

No. 556765

This is beautiful

No. 556767

Ewww, why do I get the paranoid feeling that she sent this to Sara as a "joke" but really to groom her

No. 556769

Honestly same, a part of me really wants Jeffree to push Shane to sue, but another part of me knows that even if it's bad attention and they'll win, Onion will get tons of attention somehow

No. 556770

File: 1533231264879.jpg (44.27 KB, 720x406, muhdysphoria.JPG)


yup, showing us eeeverything with her terrible, crippling chest and hip dysphoria. sure

No. 556773


Maybe I don't fully understand, but I would think that if you have body dysphoria and gender identity issues…while actively breast feeding small children, not to mention lovingly documenting and posting videos and photos of a very feminine biological process.

No. 556778

Lainey explains it away as “you can choose what you’re dysphoric about” basically.

No. 556781

File: 1533232439396.jpeg (200.83 KB, 640x350, B1BE0C09-3D7F-4638-9398-048CA8…)

really thotbot? I thought using pink text and hearts and wearing women’s clothing was “enforcing duh gender binareeeeeee!!1!”

No. 556782

And here we have Lame contradicting herself once again. I'm sure every teenage fuckboi loves being pregnant so much uwu dysphoria

No. 556787

Doesn't hooktube still give her our views?

No. 556788

Nah, giving Onion any kind of attention is a bad idea. He should just slowly drift away into the void and be forgotten so even the stupidest of reeeee's are ignored. Because teh haturz and random low tier YouTube fucks milk him for views he still gets some attention. He doesn't need any more of it.

No. 556790

Useless to use hooktube.

No. 556791

That link leads to one of the anon's upload.

No. 556795

File: 1533233547921.png (248.22 KB, 780x823, Screenshot_2018-08-02 Onision …)

No. 556798

It’s more interesting than other her other content. She could sustain herself as a mommy vlogger but like other anons mentioned can’t separate herself from onision and have someone else to have her world revolve around.

No. 556801


I'm sure I'm probably restating the obvious, but…that makes no sense. Having a child is one of the most empowering things a WOMAN can do. I do not have children, but I can understand how nursing your children is something that makes you feel very feminine…what is she dysphoric about, if not her breasts and her ability to grow children in her uterus?

No. 556803

Good grief, she was dare I say it, almost likeable in the video. I didn't even cringe..
She didn't force herself to be what she thinks is cool she just spoke about her pregnancies like a normal mother. Wow, someone pinch me.

No. 556807

Dahvie has been a known creeper for YEARS. Why hasn't Onion been screeching about him non-stop? This guy has ACTUALLY been preying on young fans…oh, wait, because Dahvies preferred demographic is the same as Onion's.

No. 556831

The caption on the picture was probably put there when the picture was taken

No. 556834


Getting desperate for attention.

No. 556835

Underrated post

No. 556850

The stories of her pregnancies is essentially the same video. This is boring and she sounds like such a try-hard. Self-depricating humor doesn't work for her because she's proven to be a smug bitch time and again. Her personality has to be more than just the fact that she's given birth twice.

No. 556864

Ugh. Not to defend her but she did say many times how much she did not like being pregnant and that she was miserable the whole time

No. 556868


I have no dysphoria at all and was miserable the entire time I was pregnant.

Doesn't really have anything to do with it.

No. 556877

The person above was saying she talked about loving being pregnant when she didn’t. Nothing about dysphoria was mentioned

No. 556878

She also says she wouldn’t mind being pregnant all the time if it provided her the same results all the time (or something like that) towards the end of the video. Reminder, she was also cheated on by Greg during this pregnancy

No. 556882

Seems she enjoyed her bandaid baby pregnancy better than the first

No. 556883

She was complaining how bad her pregnancies made her feel but she admitted she looked cute with her bump and towards the end of the video admitted she wouldn't mind being pregnant all the time, almost as if she forgot what she was saying at the start and remembered how cute and precious her kids are to her. Someone with crippling dysphoria wouldn't be comfortable sharing such intimate moments like private and not so private pregnancy photos with so many strangers.

It ties into her breastfeeding and birth story videos where she said there was a lot of stress about the first pregnancy and birth at the hospital and how much enjoyable the natural birth at a birthing center was.

No. 556906

Is this even English??

No. 556924

Either your on acid or I'm on acid because your comment makes absolutely no sense. You lost anon?

No. 556939


it's a spam bot, there's one in momokun's thread too and probably others. just report/ignore it.

No. 556953

Lame is almost enjoyable when she's talking about motherhood. The pregnancy photos vid is pretty redundant though. She could have just shown the pictures in her pregnancy story video.

I think she could really hit it off as a mommy vlogger. Or even including her motherhood life in her videos. She can do it without showing her kids. Too bad that doesn't fit her transtrender narrative. She obviously loves being a mother and her children.

No. 556971

I hear what you're saying, but that's kind of only if she HAD to do YouTube and had no other options. She's less cunty than usual, sure, because motherhood is a lovely, interesting thing, but she has nothing unique or interesting to offer. I could see her making < 10 videos on the topic until it gets boring and repetitive. It's not like she does anything interesting with her time.

No. 557048

It’s already repetitive. Everyone knows she had a scare with Troy and how it was stressful and how she was bigger her second pregnancy and how that one was so much less stressful (cause she was already stressed w Greg and Billie) if she really wants to do well she needs to open up more about her life. She talks about wanting privacy but you don’t really get that with YouTube. Fans want into your life they want to feel like they have a connection with the person they are watching and just doesn’t allow that

No. 557050

We all knew this or a variation of this video was imminent after the "sekrit downs/elephantitis/alienchild" shit that's been floating around for the past few days. The onions are nothing if not predictable where the farms are concerned.

No. 557090

Dude these article are from April and February kek you don’t give a shit! You give I shit about being relavent but that’s all. I’m a year younger than Greg and I have no idea who this dude is except when Jeffree star talked about him years ago. Come on greg give it up already! You fuck teenage kids too

No. 557114

Greg probably didn't call dahvie out until now because BOTDF broke up last I heard like a year or so ago. Now it's safe to shit on a known abuser and pedophile and not potentially lose a chunk of your audience. Also it's such an easy target to deflect onto, no one will argue against him here. I bet you he just searched dahvie's name into Google to find an old article about him but hit the jackpot when he found something newer than like ten years ago.

No. 557115

lmao everyone has known about dahvie vanity being a pedophile rapist since jessie slaughter. i know onion is always behind on the times but i truly can't stop laughing about this, especially considering he was on YT when all the jessie slaughter/BOTDF shit was going down and he never said a word

never change, buddy

No. 557220

File: 1533277962717.png (15.17 KB, 310x242, 0943665.PNG)

I think thats a polite "no, but dont stop giving me money patronpig"
Sorry Liluth

No. 557236


to think she was having nerve wrecking threesomes at this time. Cringe

No. 557246

And essentially being forced into said threesomes by a combination of extreme jealousy and a manipulative narc husband. Such a great life she has chosen for herself. Fucking grossness made even more gross by the fact that she has no qualms sharing all this shit with the internet. Imagine being this much of a thirsty shameless thot.

No. 557277


Basically it was play along, or watch as Anus and B had sex. Plainey strongly implied that she and B didn’t do anything together other than kiss during sex, so basically it was both of them pleasing Anus.

Nasty. Nice way to treat your pregnant wife, Anusion.

No. 557278

File: 1533306090886.png (411.36 KB, 608x968, Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 16.2…)

No. 557283

File: 1533308260304.jpeg (77.56 KB, 750x550, DA8D681E-95DF-4643-812C-821768…)

So I was pledged to Lainey on a giftcard with no money on it and somehow it went unnoticed (I had honestly forgotten about it as well) and I guess she was hit by the patreon issue as well. Her personality is so flat and dull I can’t imagine this is how she speaks to ALL her fans.

No. 557285

look at him, trying to look like the emo boyband member. The description reads like an onion parody.

No. 557287

File: 1533309312777.jpeg (473.1 KB, 1196x722, 24EB67FF-82AA-4002-8255-0D86C8…)

I think it is a parody, I just looked at his twitter bio

No. 557288

And she was pregnant with bandaid directly after cuddlegate (where Shreg was so ready to call his lawyer and sign his rights to Trot away forever and run away with Billie) and during Billie's second try. Imagine being uncomfortably pregnant and simultaneously being pressured into threesomes with the teen he almost threw you and your son in the garbage for. Ouch.

No. 557292

With the whole threesomes occurring at the time of the pregnancy do we think there is a slight possibility Miss Billie could be the biological father?

No. 557296

Thanks! I'm not checking onion tweeter beyond those threads.
Anyway, the point about the selfie that he uses stands, kek.

No. 557316

That's ridiculous, anon. Billie is a woman, which would make her the mother. Clearly LAINEY is the father.

No. 557324

She basically copy pastes this shit to all Patreons who don’t pay a month etc. She sent a similar if not the same to Maxie. She’s so desperate for kiddos coins it’s sad.

No. 557329

I dont pledge to anyone on patreon… is it normal for people to follow up payments? Or is it just and Greg and Lainey thing?
Has anyone ever seen anyone else do this? It seems so slimy and desperate.

No. 557332

I wish there was more of these onion comics. This is brilliant

No. 557335

these messages are so ridiculous.she could care less if youre okay. i like to think back to that foreman kid and her thirst over it.

>k logging of for the night

>foreman pops in
>nah ill hang for another 5
>greed intensifies

No. 557339


I like to pretend and I think I'm right when I say Lainey is ATLEAST a loving parent if not just horribly misguided. I always have these moments of extreme sympathy for Lainey, I don't think she tries to be a bad person. But then I see her sending kids shit like >>557283
which I'm almost a !00% sure is a product from being around the king of e-begging and false sympathy himself.

No. 557343

i am getting the best schadenfreude from Shane's recent success. I'm not even all that interested in Shane/JStar, but I watched one of his recent series because of a comment I read and it was actually pretty great. Shane is an empathetic and intelligent interviewer, he listens and builds on difficult topics, and he brought J out in a way I havent' seen from anyone else (while covered in drag makeup, lol). He really is talented,and always growing. And here Anus is still playing the Im14AndISayThingsOtherPeopleWontSay role, expecting results from it, and descending into vengefulness and spite when it doesn't work. He's so STUCK, I love it.

I'm betting on him eventually becoming a collapsed narcissist, and I only worry for his children when that happens. I'm sure Foot can rely on family support, but they will never be free of him.

No. 557359

i thought this was an edit

No. 557381

File: 1533328022397.jpeg (573.29 KB, 1440x2560, 470B29E6-1795-4111-A518-108B62…)

Coming soon?

No. 557383


holy kek anon. i'd read this in an instant.

No. 557384

HAHAHAHA I can already imagine the week-long twitter sperg, good shit anon

No. 557385

File: 1533328571142.jpg (18.64 KB, 315x387, a4f0ca9dbd83e78e6ed047cc838f7b…)

Was Shane talking about Anus in his latest video?


No. 557392

Fuck yes please

No. 557407

Oh probably, he cut off right before talking about Greg cause he didn't know how to not rant about all the shit about Greg without it being more than clear it was Greg
He's made digs at Greg before and Greg is the only person who actually does that shit to Shane who Shane utterly ignores in public (in private it seems he actually answers)

No. 557410

"Theres this fucking piece of shit on youtube that likes to talk about me, But I don't even listen except- I don't know how to be subtle" The quote.

No. 557423

File: 1533334224450.jpg (181.31 KB, 1059x737, Screenshot_20180803-150903_Sam…)

No. 557447

Sort of like how everyone warns about you huh greasy boi.

No. 557449

Can he stop. Billie, Luxu, Maya were all around 10 years younger than him, not even counting Lainey and Shiloh who were underage. He is the pedophile here

No. 557470

I want Jeffree to convince Shane to take him to court. He'll get attention, sure, but it'll be negative attention. All the stans would be angrily after Onion just like he's done to Sh and Sk and others. It'd be great.

No. 557482

File: 1533340449790.png (170.04 KB, 604x820, LGH.png)

with toby's 1k donation trade this puts his actual numbers a $1800, looks like patreons new payment policy hit him hard

No. 557483


BeautyThot does a video on the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette that she's been wanting to buy forever and saw it was $20 off on Ulta. This palette usually runs for $49 and as a make-up lover I'm pretty sure it wasn't $20 off on Ulta, that's a pretty big jump for an almost 5 star palette. Just my opinion, if there's any make-up loving anons that can confirm that'd be cool.

No. 557493

That pallet is so old they literally have an entire line of sweet peach products that have also been out for a while. I don’t have a problem with her buying makeup to make videos on but for the love of god keep up with the current trends and that is where she will see the views. Everyone knows that is a good pallet, everyone has seen those colors time and time again.

No. 557499

You beat me to it anon, that palette is ancient.
You'd think she'd be posting looks on an Instagram account first.
In fact, most successful beauty channels that have started up in the past 2 years, got their start on Instagram speed transformations.

No. 557512

No no, 2800 is correct. Quick count of patreon × amount lines up

No. 557593

Ugh why did she put a black backround while she swatches on her pasty white arm, you could barley see the colors. Not only is her content aweful, she’s also doesn’t know anything about filming. It’s exhausting to watch any of her shitty videos. Also Taylor, If your going to continue doing ur eyebrows like James Charles when he first started, at least fill them in all the way and blend.

No. 557605

This is probably really dumb but I just realized Lainey hasn't put Sarah in her recent videos as much. The last being maybe when she went vegan? I wonder if all the comments praising Sarah got to her.

No. 557668

Probably the comments. I'm still half convinced she left younow cause so many people were complimenting Sarah. It's like the Billie shit "why doesn't anyone victimize meeeeeeeeeeeeee?"
She doesn't see the negative ones cause of Greg so that's the only reason it could be (unless Greg told her not to because there were comments about grooming Sarah there)

No. 557682

Greg is all about the "its not illegal to …" defense.

Lainey was 17 when they first met in a motel and fucked on a desk.

If Greg had filmed or photographed that first sexual encounter, would that be legal?

No, it wouldnt have been. Greg would be arrested for the production of child porn.

The laws are very clear. Even if the girl is 17 years and 11 months, you film her having sex or even her nude in a sexualized manner you are going to jail for a long time.

I wonder if Greg has pictures of Lainey or Sh that could get him locked up?

No. 557690


He admitted that he’s jerked it to pictures of her when she was 17 sooo … Barf

No. 557724

File: 1533356341530.png (277.82 KB, 546x717, black quotes.png)

God, he's still 'Dropping the facts' on black hair.

Uncensored: Black Women Quotes

Wash Your Hair

No. 557727

File: 1533356475619.png (189.87 KB, 549x1223, new album.png)

No. 557729

She started talking with a lisp all of a sudden and it's so fucking annoying because it's obvious she's faking it. But then again what isn't fake about that boring bitch?

No. 557732

File: 1533356984896.png (302.2 KB, 545x542, cisgender.png)

No. 557733

Samefag - Just a heads up, these videos are reuploads.

No. 557745

why did she call him "this cis dude" instead of like, "my cis husband" or really anything to indicate that he's more than a stranger? is she hoping if newcomers don't realize that's her husband she'll get more clout with actual gays and radical kweers?

No. 557749

Her ability to know when to put the mic up to the person who is speaking is about as good as her make up skills.

No. 557750

I dont know why I felt that her saying "my family has to be exposed to this absurdity" was a dig at whichever parent is not allowing her youngest sister not to see any of her social media.

No. 557754

>clearly in her own house

weakest click bait

No. 557763

He's milking this topic as much as he can just because he received a little bit of attention from it, what a loser. The worst part is that he didn't realize this controversy is not even making his channel grow at all, it's still losing subscribers and the number of views is about the same as before

No. 557769

File: 1533360398855.jpeg (802.98 KB, 1536x858, B4FEB39E-3DBA-4183-81B1-50701B…)

Her table is filthy because she wipes her makeupy fingers off on it. She’s so fucking gross.

No. 557776

this is so long ago from the infamous treatment of the Kat von D palette swatches and she hasnt learned anything holy shit lainey do you even care a lil bit about growing your channel? Does anyone know if she reads here??

No. 557779

So, Why doesn't she just leave? I'm confused, He's not exactly the ideal guy to be with, so isn't leaving the best option?

No. 557787

Because that would require admitting she was wrong.

No. 557818

I’m genuinely confused at what the point of this video was other than to remind everyone she’s not cis. Was it meant to be a parody of things ppl ask her? Bc it didn’t work. Just our weekly reminder she’s a ~special tumblr space boy~

No. 557841

He's literally at the point now where even bad attention feels good to him, he's so desperate, it's really pathetic to watch.

>>557779 She can't leave, she's emotionally stunted and doesn't know a damn thing about the world outside the onion bubble or Tumblr.

No. 557842

I think it's hilarious that in the Wash your Hair vid you can tell he's going mental at the fact that not enough people agree with him on the hair topic, not even a decent chunk of his fans. The dislike ratio has been hUge.

No. 557851

File: 1533370992942.jpg (17.93 KB, 300x300, 1484761031948.jpg)

Reminder that Jailbait's birthday is tomorrow.

No. 557853

Is Sarah Datflatassdoe still in the swamp trailer?
Ive been looking for clues and I feel that Foot would of used her as the camera man for the interview CIS video.
Think she went home?

No. 557855

the album art
the fact the songs have .mp3 in their title
the fucking titles themselves

oh greggo even for you this is some lame shit

No. 557858

I was wondering the same thing. Who wants to bet that she was sent home in the wake of what was shaping up to be pedogate?

No. 557860


Lord, if you can hear me
please let this happen.

No. 557866

File: 1533378816254.jpg (148.62 KB, 1319x433, Capture.JPG)

He's been really going after black people past week as a desperate attempt to gain controversy views.

Pathetic tbh

No. 557869

There are enough caps of grooming and assorted inappropriateness for a solid foundation. Between the shit with Draino and her pet triceratops and Grugly’s history with minors, I reckon the Pedonisionbots are exercising some swift damage control.

No. 557870

Doubling down on his racism. I hope he gets dragged to hell for this.

No. 557875

Wow, she really took my breath away. She somehow made herself appear even more like an unfunny unlikable cunty trash can. She's actually outshined Shreg on being terrible at comedy.

No. 557877

It legit looks like he made this album art in Paintbrush. Everything he does is so lazy.

No. 557881

She isn’t wrong. If I recall correctly, most of the Too Faced palette were on sale at Ulta for awhile including the peach palette.

No. 557884

She’s trying to be funny and trying to make it seem like this is what she actually deals with for being “trans”.

No. 557886

Dat track numbering doe lmfao

No. 557888

It really is hilarious how Anus has dug himself into the self proclaimed role as “most honest youtuber” and created so many rules for himself that now he’s stuck and can’t grow any farther; all while having to watch his peers like Shane surpass him exponentially.

I feel like he thought pushing Lainey to be a more wholesome Youtuber would somehow allow him a taste of Shane’s lifestyle. But noe Lainey is too lazy and soft to be a youtuber, it must be killing him. Especially considering Billie has been growing her channel more.

Regrets, regrets … kek

No. 557890

I love how she's implying that it's ridiculous that people have questions for her when she rages at the thought of being called a woman but then tells people not to use -he or call her a man, either. All while she's living the life of a cis hetero wife and mother of two.

What message is she even spreading? "Don't ask questions, even if you're genuinely confused and curious, unless you want to be labeled a bigot!"

No. 557894

People can’t ask questions because people like her use trans identity as a way to control shit. She hates being asked questions because she knows deep down her trans shit is fake

No. 557916

I thought it was an anon-edit, like the twitter one.
Holy kek!

No. 557931

>Uncensored: Black Women Quotes
Why is Anus doing a tobuscus voice in this video? Like @ 0:13-0:16 and 0:50-1:00 GG on the skin-walking Anusion.

No. 557941

Kek. So the butthurt continues as Anus makes a new Patreon-only Twitter @OnisionPrime. Currently there are only two followers and four following.

No. 557942

File: 1533400837782.jpg (215.59 KB, 810x780, IMG_20180804_183730.jpg)

This is old but do you guys know Onision tried to rewrite his Encyclopedia Dramatica article back in 2013 under the nickname Cobal92 ?

He tried to be self-deprecating to mask it but it was obvious and his shit got reverted fast.

No. 557945

File: 1533400958261.png (747.63 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-04-18-35-55…)


Another one

No. 557950

File: 1533401159040.jpg (262.81 KB, 810x636, IMG_20180804_184507.jpg)

Interesting how he didn't edit the portion that says that his fans are whiny ugly losers between 13-15 though

No. 557964

File: 1533404909888.png (15.14 KB, 806x143, Screenshot_2018-08-04 INTERVIE…)

She tagged the video "onision girlfriend", but she's not a girl tho.

No. 557966

damn thats so fucking obvious lol. lainey should have her own ED page.

No. 558019

File: 1533414533415.png (204.29 KB, 1250x860, Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 4.27…)

pretending his mom didn't laugh & call lainey a tranny?

No. 558021

>fucking hater logic

No. 558029

Oh God I get such secondhand embarrassment from Greg's obvious belief that he has talent in acting. He's so laughably incapable of embodying anything beyond an uneducated, narcissistic, constipated, bitter loser.

Hey fuckface, all you ever do is portray your own shitty self at different extremes of emotion. You're not an actor, you're not a comedian, you're just an idiot who makes less-than-mediocre YouTube videos in his swamp trailer.

No. 558031

I had to look back to see what you meant. Holy fuck it's like a dyslexic nightmare

No. 558059

I bet you he just ripped the audio off his YouTube videos and is using that for his album. Probably utterly crap quality. Also wow, are any of these actually new? Like newer than at least a year ago?

No. 558088


Holy fucking shit. If he wants to be "right" more than he wants to even consider what sort of fucktards would back him, he deserves to be broke.

No. 558092

File: 1533428222122.png (611.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-08-05-09-54-24…)

Not super interesting but thotbot updated her tumblr for the first time in ages.
>waiting for (my teenage victim to finally come of age)

No. 558110

File: 1533433234902.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, baut.jpg)

Sarah's already legal according to the state of Washington. If they were planning on adding Sarah to the trinity they would have done so already

No. 558111

Or they've been keeping it under wraps and plan on coming out about it when she turns 18 like what Greg did with Lainey.

No. 558114

Since laineythot was her guardian it would be illegal until she turns 18, also can't remember if this goes with the guardian thing or just a Romeo and Juliet law, but the older person has to be within 60 or so months older or it's illegal and lainey is over 60 months older than Sarah.

No. 558115


And Shiloh. I don’t think there will be a big announcement, I think they’ll slowly just make it more and more obvious until finally saying yes.

No. 558148

Brittney Gray educated this moron.


No. 558153

What if, for a moment we did consent with Plainey being a dude. We'd then start asking Onision about his husband, "how is your husband Greg?". I don't want to give her what she wants but I'd love to know/see Greg's reaction to people agreeing and saying he's married to a dude

No. 558154


No. 558175

He's already gone through a phase where Lainey kept trying to get him to admit that he was technically gay. After a million "no homos" he agreed. That's also around the time he sperged about everyone being panromantic and that you were a bigot if you weren't (trying to act like him being gay isn't a thing cause we're all gay)
He hates it cause he's homophobic and unlike his click and queerbaiting "I'm totally bi guyz, watch me play up me wanting Cyr and totally loving that uncomfortable kiss with Shane", this isn't something he controls. It's not a perfectly (well, nothing he does is done well but that's his perspective at least) crafted image, it's forced upon him by Lainey

No. 558190

Of all the retarded shit Ogreasion has spouted and continues to spout, this “black hair” shit pisses me off more than almost everything else. It is fucking racist. He is fucking racist. How is he not being eviscerated by the entire black YouTube community?

No. 558195

If Shreg thinks his ideas about something is right and the whole world disagrees with him he will continue to argue his point until people say "OKAY! enough already, fine you're right"

This isnt going to happen.

No. 558196

File: 1533445627063.jpg (Spoiler Image,499.54 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180805-010221_Ins…)

God he looks so gross

No. 558198

your photo is showing anon

No. 558200

There's been a few people on black twitter talking about him and there have been videos calling out his bullshit. His like/dislike ratio on his black hair videos is horrendous.

No. 558201

Do they EVER clean their mirrors?

No. 558202

Fucking kek the sad mantiddies, not flexing my ass #datpaunchtho

No. 558203

Didn't he say shit like "if you have fat rolls when standing up that means you're obese"? Guess you're obese then, Anus

No. 558205

File: 1533447230084.png (1.4 MB, 1091x1583, two egomaniacs.png)

No. 558206

File: 1533447240159.png (514.52 KB, 592x596, dat belly doe.PNG)

I had a feeling there was a reason he was trying to show off his dad-bod and being combative with his comment
>You wish you looked this good

This is the photo he posted a week ago. Im sure people were making fun off his baby bump and he couldnt take it anymore and had to lash out and prove the haters wrong.

Similar to the infamous "vegetarian body" incident. People made fun of his belly rolls and he freaked out and had to make an angry video showing he was the living Adonis.

No. 558207

Toppest of keks

No. 558215

Not to mention, Greg has dealt with so much about pursuing 17 year olds, they likely wouldn’t even consider doing something that would just prove da haturz right.

No. 558216

Other black youtubers are covering his full video so he doesn't get views

No. 558217

Ironic he'd post a pic satarising guys who'll actually act like they don't need to flex to show off their muscles when he's known for the stupid VEGETARIAN BODY vid but at least he's admitting he desperately needs to tense up to somewhat cover up his fat stomach. Speaking of stomach, it's gotten beyond simply being skinny fat, or having a bit of chub, he's actually really pudgy. And it'll only get worse from here! I can't wait for his Nicado moment where he cries on twitter wondering where his weight is coming from. Then of course shits on anyone, including fans, who point out how terrible and unbalanced his diet is with the argument that he's vegan therefore his diet is automatically healthy and cries that he must have some incurable chronic disease like his tumour and chronic skin condition, neither of which were his fault!

No. 558224

File: 1533454407704.jpg (111 KB, 776x1021, Facetune_05-08-2018-03-32-35.j…)

Anus looks like an anus.

No. 558227

File: 1533457899592.jpg (71.05 KB, 780x632, Cringe classic dragoon transfo…)

Reminds me of pic related

No. 558229

Tfw you get in the shower and cant see your cocktail weiner

No. 558232

Fam, I think we’ve discovered the cause of his papa john’s extra saucy “incurable skin condition”; too much straining while trying find his micropeen has resulted in a perpetually red face

No. 558234

File: 1533462749179.jpeg (19.01 KB, 475x310, 714DEAA7-30F5-45E8-8406-99137F…)

This made me think of pic related

No. 558237

Poor Onion's getting so pudgey he can't even button his pants.

No. 558242

Yeah Anus, hold your breath like that, it's not like your face is going to look even more tomato red or anything

btw, you're cute anon

No. 558243

You can see the collagen in his skin starting to fail. He looks so fucking old with the subtle ripples of the skin on his body in areas that the skin should be smooth and taut. Stop trying to pretend you're a Hollister model Shreg, you're nearing 40 and a father of two now lel. Stop trying to fuck children.

No. 558264

OT but I wonder why SJW space emo cowboi plain UwU hasn't spoken on Anus's racist hair videos yet. To be so defensive of all communities and wanting to be so fair it's disgusting she's not saying anything. I've been watching reaction videos to it too and every natural hair guru starts their video off with "I don't know who this guy is" kek.

No. 558266

She has listened to his racist rants for 6 years now, wouldn't be surprised if she agrees with him. I wouldn't be married to a racist if I wasn't racist myself, of course that's how normal people rationalize.

No. 558267

Are you new? She doesn't ever comment on any of his videos because she is a pussy and won't risk upsetting her idiot husband by showing she disagrees with him.

No. 558270


Not to defend Gurg or anything but this picture was obviously a joke about how he's obviously flexing.

No. 558273

She "doesn't watch his videos"

No. 558274

So she's finally legal now. I wonder if the Onions will try to bait again.

No. 558275

Lol I hate how blatantly she lies about this crap, she knows exactly what he does and what his videos are about. She is always quick to mention something he does or says when it favours her yet she’s oblivious when it doesn’t or when he’s harassing someone etc.

I’m reminded of her out right lie when she was in younow and someone asked her about the Shane harassment and she says she knows nothing and doesn’t involve herself in his drama yet every ‘debate’ he has she texts him with ‘information’ about the person he’s talking to. She’s a liar

No. 558279

He just looks so fucking short the ugly bastard.

No. 558282

It’s Jailbait’s birthday. 10:1 odds on greasomes (or Lainey watching in the corner) occurring as we speak.

No. 558288

The resemblance is uncanny, is this just the textbook autistic narc smile?

No. 558340

She never says anything cause she isn't an SJW, liberal, or progressive. She's white trash the same as him. She barely ever even defends her "trans" self from his hating on anyone who is trans. Though she'll be quick to jump in on someone else. "Peep that transphobia" and all that. Plus she herself has said some pretty shitty things about the community she claims to be a part of, and really bullies those in it

No. 558352

They’ve been fairly quiet today

No. 558365

I've been thinking the same. Usually something is popping off, but now that Sarah is 18 it's deathly quiet.

No. 558369

They're either baiting us or fucking the newly legal Sarah. With Greg's shit stamina I'm sure he needs to seep in between his two minute bursts

No. 558383

File: 1533519971889.png (3.5 MB, 750x1334, 38F6BC40-5B71-46EB-A555-E6C6E6…)

Update: Anus deleted his shirtless pics from IG.

No. 558399


Whoa, hold up. Is that a black eye in the cereal pic and the bathroom pic Gurg is using as his Twitter banner right now? What did I miss?

No. 558422

No, it’s not, Anon. It’s a shadow.

No. 558425

File: 1533525726589.jpg (189.4 KB, 1024x682, IMG_7563.JPG)

They've been so quite today and I was bored enough to attempt to remove that stupid filter that anus puts on his photos. I also tried to make him look less haggard and gross. Nothing can fix that horrendous hair though.

No. 558431

Ive never been much of a Greg apologist.
If he searches and watches that kind of porn, it tells us his sexual perversion is more twisted that anyone thought.

No. 558433

Im assuming your the same anon whos "pretty'd up" DaFoot in other threads.

Can I ask why you would shoop Ogreg to make him appear better looking. I mean just attempting it seems weird, considering what this board is all about.

No. 558437


My thoughts exactly. I must admit I am very sick of these shops making Lainey and Greg look better/worse.

No. 558439

To be honest I enjoy the ones that remove any beauty filter they've applied, or are funny shoops that are just for fun and make 'em look more ridiculous than they already look.
But trying to pinch their cheeks and smooth their skin so they dont look like the true goblins they are? nah

No. 558441

I'm not that anon. But I did post an edit of ogreg 'flexing' with a tomato red face further up in the thread. I've been observing the onions for years now and I suppose I've gotten to the point where I've shooped anus to look less ugly out of sheer curiosity. The milk has been so dry lately and I'm really just waiting for the flood gates to open. With tissue now of age I'm sure something will happen soon.

No. 558445

Anon who did the onion shoop here. My thought process when editing the photo was to remove that stupid filter he applies to try and not look greasy and acne ridden.

No. 558449

I just re-read my post. >>558433
I hope it didnt come off hateful. I appreciate the funny shoops. I just couldnt figure out why someone would try and make him look human. Thanks for the answer. Keep the potential new thread images coming.

No. 558458

Also the couple of times she's publicly disagreed with him, it ended up with him throwing a massive rage fit and trying to shame her to all his shitty teen fans. "My own wife doesn't even support me, WOW" etc. And I imagine things go even worse at home. She probably gets "punished" or at least the silent treatment + snarky comments for days on end, until she apologizes just to get it to stop. So I think it's a combination of what the other anons said (she probably secretly agrees with a lot of what he says), and just her being a doormat married to a bigoted bully with the emotional capacity of a raisin.

No. 558461

You can clearly see his full frontal flabby ass body, similar pose in mirror when he’s dressed female and his supposed ‘non flexing’ poses. You’re not fooling anyone Anus!

No. 558468

>a bigoted bully with the emotional capacity of a raisin

This is hilariously accurate.

No. 558469

GSW is an exhausted, malnourished, anemic, translucently pale spaceboi, and all the lighting or filters in the world couldn't hide those undereye circles. They really do resemble black eyes at times.

No. 558478

>flabby ass body, similar pose in mirror when he’s dressed female

10 bucks says the photo of him in the colored wig, tube top and tubesock in his undies is suddenly deleted next.

No. 558482

File: 1533534199621.png (29.43 KB, 553x304, Capture92385.PNG)

Onion only seems to react to things that happen in his real life.
When I see him talking about parents abusing their kids either verbally or physically, or using corporal punishment, I wonder if hes subtweeting Lameo.
Im not saying that shes whipping them with a belt, but I know that Onion would embellish some small incident. Like maybe she slapped T's hand because he was being aggressive with her or C, and Onion blows it up to child abuse.

No. 558491


lamey is too catatonic to hit her kids. bitch can't even do laundry.

the damn kids could be setting the house on fire and shed be on the couch shittily reapplying her eyeshadow and lazily look over like "um, could you two stop that?"

No. 558505

Yeah, but spanking someone vs beating them up is a touch different. And by a touch I mean entirely different. Personally I'd rather hit a child's hand away from the stove than have them touch the stove when they're too young to understand the danger. Especially cause you barely need to tap a kid to get their attention and give them the negative reinforcement they need to not do it again
If you beat up a child like you would an adult, that's abuse, only degenerates would disagree. But onion over here as usual can't expand his tiny mind to a point that he understands situations being different, that everything requires context. I mean, autistic kids are better with logic and grey area thinking than he is. I've met other actual narcs smarter than him!

Tinfoil but I think this is why Greg legitimately thinks everything he's done to women is fine, because they could have been fine in another context. Like if a girl actually had consented and was not manipulated or guilted into being locked in the basement it would have been fine. If sh had wanted help shaving her head or consented to any of the bac shit Greg posted of her online it would have been fine. If Lainey agreed properly to the poly relationship and all the circumstances of it it would have been fine. And the list goes on

No. 558508

He spanks Lainey as punishment though.

No. 558511

Because physical abuse is the only thing that can damage your kid. Not your revolving door of thots, the fights you get into with your wife, or your anti social behavior.

No. 558514

File: 1533543268098.webm (1.15 MB, 320x180, imfuckingright.webm)

But we see the demon occasionally rear its ugly head when they fight.

No. 558516

>She probably gets "punished" or at least the silent treatment + snarky comments for days on end, until she apologizes just to get it to stop

You make it sound as though this isn’t their standard day to day interaction, anon

No. 558518

I love how she tries to push this narrative like no one knows she does nothing but sit in a cupboard all day filming herself being a colossal cunt to her retarded fan base. So exhausting!

No. 558523

Guys I figured it out. Grease is so triggered and constantly screeching about washing your hair daily and dreads being “gross” bc guess who has dreads? Sh does. I can’t believe no ones made that connection yet. I was wondering why he was so hooked on the topic and is furious his entire comment section/hairdressers of YT disagree with him. He had personal stake in the issue and really wanted to feel good thinking Sh’s hair must be “so dirty!!!” just bc she’s skinny and happy.

No. 558524

I just checked and confirmed, Shi has dreads. Damn grease you're still obsessing over the girl that lainey told you was cheating on you. Now you're stuck with a needy lying attention seeking sneaky foot while ragefapping to shis pics.

No. 558527

Well, I meant "exhausted" as in she never sleeps, which I definitely believe. She used to constantly complaining she never slept because she was so depressed, and how she supposedly did all the housework herself (child rearing probably included) so she was constantly tired. Not that any of that is anything more than the bare minimum required by the life of a mother and housewife, and we all know that housework barely gets done without without relatives or Sarah doing it. She just sits up all night feeling sorry for herself is all.

No. 558530

Also VeronicaXRave didn't want to meet him in LA.

No. 558532

Was already pointed out earlier in the thread.

No. 558540

Can you link me? I’ve read the last several threads completely and must have missed it. I saw the Veronica stuff and that made sense but no one mentioned Sh as far as I saw

No. 558541

SH only just got dreads on the 28th July, Anus made the videos hating on dreads and black hair before that date.
In actual fact, it's more likely Sh got dreads as a middle finger to him.
Actually probably not, I doubt she gives a shit what her nobody ex is doing and saying online.

On another note, I don't know why we protect her by not saying her full name on here.. what she did to Ad was disgusting. She was actually a pretty good match for onionboi.

No. 558542

>I don't know why we protect her by not saying her full name on here..

Mostly because she was literally a dumb kid (just like Taylor at the same point in her life) and just like Taylor, Greg messed up the course of her life. The huge difference between her and Taylor is that at least Shiloh has tried to do and be better. So yeah, she does get a pass, where Taylor doesn't.

No. 558545

greg just uploaded a ~7 year old video to his main channel with a new title "Every Anti-Onision Video Ever" to dunk on the haters…

but the only things it really shows is:

1. his sense of humour hasn't improved at all and has arguably got worse (this video has A TINY BIT OF comedic timing unlike anything he's put out in the last few years)

2. holy shit he's falling apart physically. Like he was younger here fair enough but god damn

No. 558551

Which main channel? "Onision" has been taken down. And i can't see any video fitting that description on any of his other channels as recent.

No. 558552

Shiloh has had dreads on and off for years now. Onion is just being a triggering piece of shit as usual, he targets a demographic because he's figuring out what gets views.

His tweets he notices he gets more likes when he write a positive lgbt message. The public doesn't see the impression/views number so he tries different tactics on YouTube.

You can even see this with gay Lainey's Instagram. Her likes are shit for her following, she posted her current twitter profile pic on the gram and it got her the most likes in ages, so she kept sticking her gay little tongue out to replicate. Go look at her feed she just panders to what she thinks people like bitch has no clue. Along with her asking people to directly tell her what to film for views.

Greg is a desperate man, he'd probably love for black twitter to target him. They won't though.

No. 558553

Nah she got dreads before then she just didn't post it on her main ig.

I saw her with dreads on her stories a few weeks back defs before anusion started making videos.

No. 558554


People on twitter are also tinfoiling that grease made the dread videos because of that youtuber, who doesnt wanted to collab with him. The vegan girl with the pink dreads? Downt know her name.

No. 558555

Shiloh was cringe as fuck too regardless of her age. Wanna make a rainbow tier pretending to have amnesia was bizarre and weird as fuck. People just don't discuss her because her drama was years ago.

Although Greg did let it slip in a video that shiloh always contacts him after major breakups/fallouts, like she got in contact with Greg after cuddlegate and Sam.

No. 558557

I agree. The amount of wking her is absurd, what's even more stupid is her very lowkey inserting herself into drama after every major Onion fallout, like anon entioned >>558555. She was 17-18 when Onion got her, that does not excuse her vile actions. If she hadn't dun goofed, she'd be the one in Lambo's shoes and we'd be mocking her stupid antics to this day. She was perfect for Greaseman and I don't doubt that if Divorcegate ever happened, she'd be sucking up to LGH within seconds.

No. 558561

File: 1533569485418.jpeg (204.21 KB, 640x775, D9ED43DF-C870-4CBC-9258-A3B3A5…)

le epic atheist is back

No. 558563

Just like with all trends, Shreg is late to the "edgy atheist" train as well. With all the time he spends hate blocking people on Twitter, you'd think he'd be aware of newest trends but no.

No. 558565

God what a douche. He really doesn't care about anything worthwhile unless he's trying to make a point

No. 558566

>32 years old
>”I’m a banana” is his legacy

No. 558568

File: 1533571348836.webm (2.98 MB, 1280x720, onionsieg.webm)

>The holocaust was totes bad guize!


No. 558569

File: 1533571587161.png (664.63 KB, 1242x1691, image.png)

What spawned his latest twitter sperg. He deleted this pretty fast.

No. 558572

When did Gurg said that Shiloh still contacts him?
I know she contacted Plank to warn her, but that's it.
I've been following all those threads and I must have missed it

No. 558573

File: 1533572387038.jpg (30.76 KB, 500x375, 12961530_10153958633126343_886…)

youre right shreg, there are way bigger things going on in the world. in fact, one issue that is surely close to home, sex trafficking, underage grooming and taking advantage of minors sexually monetarily and emotionally come to mind.

No. 558574

Baiting bigger youtubers again to try and get attention. Never change, Ogreg.

No. 558580

This is like watching two AI bots trying to have a conversation with one another.

No. 558581

Just now, he deleted all but one tweet from the morning sperg. What happened, Shregory?

No. 558583

God what a douche. He really doesn't care about anything worthwhile unless he's trying to make a point

No. 558591

What point is he even trying to make here? Is he so retarded he thinks people are being literal when they say things like “thank god I got a B on that test”?

No. 558595

File: 1533576039428.png (345.32 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-173534.png)


In case you guys missed this morning's hate rage


No. 558596

File: 1533576108431.png (293.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-173516.png)

No. 558599

File: 1533576487101.png (356.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180806-173500.png)

No. 558603

Maybe he pushed one of his kids down the stairs lol

No. 558605

all that water in his macro-head is starting to boil with all that edgy rage innit

No. 558611

File: 1533577264647.jpg (46.68 KB, 551x544, mV7kupZ.jpg)

No. 558615

It was when he was full on sperging about Sam to his Patrons. I forget what he said exactly but he said “someone I used to date” or something like that, in reference to her contacting him.

No. 558617

I doubt any of the exes contact him anymore. Sk must have I’m sure regarding the alimony payments he showed an email about that but that was a long time ago. I think they know if they did for whatever reason he would make it public and act as though they still want him.

No. 558619


So is this what he considers "Work" ?

Sorry Lainey, I can't possibly spend time with you and the kids, I have so much WORK to do.

No. 558620

What is Lainey next main channel video on?

No. 558621

godd this seriously irks me so much hes making a hitler joke when the song and artist are swedish and not german hes so racist

No. 558628

File: 1533584871107.jpg (25.49 KB, 500x375, hahahahah.jpg)

No. 558667

The real irony here is the only reason you're alive is because your mother was a 7th day adventist. Doctors recommended aborting you because of health risks but her religious beliefs prevented her from doing it.

No. 558673

Oh good, I’m not the only one who thinks that about Shiloh. She’s a degenerate piece of shit. The tinfoil about Grug’s obsession with dreads having something to do with her mongoloid ass is reaching.

No. 558682

LOL! if anything it's because she's playing stealth and pretending she doesn't want Gerg back when she does.

No. 558685

No, no it isn't. Even a broken clock is right twice a day; any physical violence inflicted on a child fucks them up for LIFE.

No. 558686

Sorry for sounding like a newfag but what did Shiloh do to Ad? Does she have her own thread

No. 558698

Oh good, the "But SH!!" anons have arrived

No. 558701

File: 1533596882454.png (78.83 KB, 720x630, Screenshot_20180806-180226 (2)…)

No. 558704

Well it’s a long story, Shiloh befriended her after they broke up, made posts together about Anus and a couple blog posts calling him out and I guess trying to support each other after what they both went through.

Turn of events happened and Sh ended up getting back with Anus and they both said some not nice things about Ad. The dirty vag vid comes to mind.

Sh wasn’t perfect but in perspective she was also very young compared to Anus

No. 558707

Ah, so he's raging about Billie again I see.

No. 558714


No. 558715

Shiloh is a shit stirrer. She even comes up during the voicemail to Adrienne and gets her mum involved. Lainey was groomed from 16 and impregnated and married at 18 to Onision, if Shiloh whiteknights can excuse Shiloh behaviour surely Lame should get a by ball? Or perhaps Onion dates and attracts crazy bitches.

No. 558716

It's like he had a draft saved and decided to post this again for whatever reason.

No. 558727

Greg's hentai addiction intensifies

No. 558728

a good question nobody here has the answer to. Hopefully she's okay and the Grease's are just baiting but Lainey and Sarah seem to have been inactive recently.

No. 558733

Lainey must love it when he talks about how he fell in love with Billie lol

No. 558734

I wanted to tinfoil that she's been chained up in the basement now that she's legal but that is exactly what Anus wants people to speculate about.

No. 558735

Oh man, you're in for a treat.
Google "Onision Adrienne Letter".
That was the single, most telling piece of evidence for me, it really shows a snapshot into Gregs psyche and seriously, it's not pretty.
It caused me to feel great empathy for Lainey, because if she deals with that behind closed doors, no wonder why she is so messed up.
But sympathy always has a time limit. I'm growing more impatient everyday with her.

After you've read the letter, also look up "Adrienne onision voicemails" on YouTube.

That should tell you everything you need to know.

Any gaps can be filled in with "life of onion"

No. 558740

i'd never stopped and actually listen to all the messages before but these are milky as fuck! wow. i can only dream of this kind of free flowing milk these days

No. 558746

>if Shiloh whiteknights can excuse Shiloh behaviour surely Lame should get a by ball?

Taylor has gotten all the passes at least from me she is going to get. She's nearly as bad as Greg at this point. Say what you will about Shiloh, she matured and is trying to do better. In the meantime, Taylor has: become a fuckboi (note: not a man, a boi) and has appropriated a trans identity for asspats; has shat upon numerous girls because they didn't want to fuck Greg, even though Taylor doesn't want them to fuck Greg either; and is possibly currently in the process of doubling down on deepening a relationship she initiated with a then-14-year-old. Among other things, those are just recent things. She's a garbage human, just like her beloved Greek god Greg.

No. 558751

He probably sent her another email begging her to come back and she ignored him lmao

No. 558754

File: 1533606027488.png (293.1 KB, 544x541, gender.png)

Why I'm Not Agender Anymore (MIRROR) https://hooktube.com/watch?v=kCSdj2UBSXA&feature=youtu.be

She's still going on about her gender.

It's pretty amazing that she can claim to have such awful chest dysphoria in one breath but the next say that breast feeding doesn't exacerbate it.

No. 558764

File: 1533606881433.png (83.16 KB, 482x1108, poll.png)

Need Help Making An Important Decision (Mirror) https://hooktube.com/watch?v=wG3WYXhHAag&feature=youtu.be

Due to the positive response to this poll Grug has been just uploading old shit that got demonetized. In this video he reveals a new strategy for getting around youtube stricter enforcement of their policys. He's going to use his slightly changed curse words… oh wait; that's what he's been doing for years. He's truly hit the bottom and it seems to not want to put any effort in anymore. He's milked all the controversial subjects he's interested in time and time again. At this point he's already got at least 10 videos that covers his views on a certain subject. It's sad to see that even after 10 years his interest and believes have not evolved one iota.

No. 558769

He should host his Patreon shit himself. I bet it would cost almost nothing due to how little traffic he'd have.

No. 558770

Lol he always uses such manipulative tactics. Of course he wants option 1 and to rub in "omfg patrons, I live for you, have ALL the things"

No. 558771

File: 1533607655053.gif (473.63 KB, 260x208, 1279252585619.1.gif)

Every single thing she is saying is just a "look at my progressivness" way of saying, I'm a woman who has reached an age where I no longer obsess about wearing make up, shaving my legs and pits, and wearing outfits that look sexy 24/7 anymore. I don't wear make up or frequently shave and wear masculine clothing more than half the time, but I don't go around asking people to call me non-binary. It's called gender roles, you can break them whenever the fuck you want without being any form of trans or non-binary.

Normally I see a lot of people saying they are non-binary when they are trans and just making a slow transition … OR when they aren't trans but want to feel special. Butch bi and lesbian women exist. I'm one of them and space princes like this are ruining it for everyone.

Sorry to sperg but jesus christ lainey grow the fuck up.

No. 558772

Not trying to be nitpicky but why does her mouth look so crooked to the side when she speaks? It annoys the shit out of me and it's the only thing I can focus on when I watch her videos

No. 558775

I don't really have an answer, just know you aren't the only one who's noticed.

No. 558776

ROFL She needed some complexass reason and A New Gender IdentityTM to do that?

After a single quarter on feminism or women's studies, everyone in my class quit using makeup, shaving, wearing femenine clothing.

You don't need a new gender to do that or justify doing that.

No. 558780

Tbh she probably needs a reason so grease won't attack her. Anus spends all of his timing naming his standards,policing her(and others') attractiveness) that she needs an escape to catch a brake. That and she needs a reason to be interesting combined is perfect.

No. 558801

underrated. Someone please tweet at him

No. 558807


Is she ever going to stop breastfeeding?

No. 558810

I'm pretty sure that now that she's of legal age they're hiding her so people can forget about her being at the swamp for her 18th birthday. When enough time passed they'll probably announce her being a part of the trinity.
Taylor is as bad as Anus. She's grooming minors, stealing from kids, defends all of her husbands disgusting actions and is activly looking for girls with her husband to lure them in and try to destroy their lifes.
All Shiloh did was tell a bunch of lies and talk shit about AJ.
She'll never be as bad as Taylor, no ex of his will.
He's having his ~*No more censorship. Vote if you want Onision Videos by me, Onision, uncensored!1*~ moments pretty often now. I probably can't even imagine through how much censor this man has to go to be a bit more uncensored every week.

No. 558851

File: 1533627240736.png (221.08 KB, 580x436, Screenshot (284).png)

At it with the facts again

No. 558853

Yeah this shit pisses me off too. Not liking gender roles doesn't make you transgender. It never has and it never will.

No. 558861

Yes please tell us the hardships of being misgendered at the grocery store. It's not like there are LGBT people who don't have equal rights in other parts of the world or who face gruesome deaths by their countrymen for their identity. Take many seats y'all, you don't know what a hate crime is until somebody calls you ma'am while you stock up on shitty Morningstar meals in the frozen food isle.

No. 558872

Summary of the video:

Lainey likes wearing comfortable clothing like hoodies and jeans.
Lainey likes wearing her hair short.
Lainey shaves once a month.
Lainey doesn't wear makeup as much anymore, she does full faces when she's doing a tutorial on her channel beautybot and her regular makeup is the same minus eyehsadow.
Lainey paints her nails black cause its edgy and she's bad at painting nails.
Lainey uses pink herbal essences shampoo and dove green bodywash.
Lainey doesn't like her boobs but she's ok with breast feeding.
Lainey likes having a vagina but doesnt like having fat hips.

Conclusion: Lainey is a not a regular woman you see on the streets but is actually a non-binary creature that is neither male nor female. Her pronouns are they/them and she hates being misgendered.

No. 558873


Jesus CHRIST how many videos can she make twisting her dismay over not having smaller, perkier breasts and a more attractive (in her mind) frame into being a "trans" issue?

How can people "misgender" her when she doesn't identify as a man, either? Why would someone assume she's a "they"? No one is oppressing her but her ugly husband, everything about this is so misguided, fake and contrived. It's an insult to trans people, and there's a reason her "faves" like Miles McKenna don't want to answer her.

No. 558879


Pretty sure he posted this because B posted a pic of herself with a new guy on Insta and he's butthurt over it

No. 558882

Lameo gets mad about people calling her ma'am in public but like she's not even ftm??? so HOW THE FUCK is some random cashier supposed to predict she's agender??? Like the only way her dumb ass could avoid being missgendered by strangers is to wear a fucking label specifying THEY THEM. Bit egotistical to think everyone you meet should magically know you're agender. Protip laim you wear makeup you have your droopy floppers, what the hell else are you expecting them to say to you if not ma'am or sir lmao

No. 558883

I like how she associates the fear of having big/fat hips as "gender dysphoria". I hated when my hips started developing in high school, a lot of girls go through this and yes it often leads to terrible eating or even ED but, it has nothing to do with " I want to be a boy". It has a lot to do with not wanting to grow up and most eventually accept/grow into their bodies and understand they were just being scared teenagers.

Lainey and tumbler need to find any proof in their bs so they seek through their pasts and try to find anything that might explain their totally real turmoil over their special genders.

I don't even care about pronouns or others calling themselves a tumblr gender, I just hate this forced made up tales of "ohh i didn't realize i was confused about my gender!" Shit.

No. 558884

Billie has a new bf and he's black. Tinfoil but perhaps that's the reason he's being so racist lately?

No. 558888


>Lainey doesn't wear makeup anymore

In other words, she only pretended to love makeup so she could skinwalk Billie and now she's done pretending and going back to the way she was before

>Lainey doesn't like having fat hips

She doesn't have an ass at all (as we've seen in her swimsuit video) so I don't know how she's hallucinating having "fat hips"

No. 558895

So, he's trying to convince himself that his life is sooooo much better now, compared to when he was with them?

No. 558896

That's unlikely, she posted the pic 9 hours ago, but Gurg has been sperging about black people for over a week now. I don't think he has any other source he could have gotten that information from.

No. 558897

Greg probably has the ability to cyber stalk his exes than we do since he knows them personally.

No. 558899

You do realize grease makes shit up right?

No. 558901

It's dumb enough to make Hitler jokes anytime you see or her something German in 2018 but not even being able to tell apart Swedish and German AND trying to be edgy by making Hitler jokes is a level of dumb only Anus can achieve

No. 558903

You can hear Shiloh in the voicemail videos. She's always been an attention whore. Yes she's never helped Grease groom anyone, but she did harass Adrienne. Post photos of someone else's stillborn to pretend it was hers. Be vindictive and crazy. Yes she was acting out against Greg's mistreatment. Lainey has also been coerced into pretending to be bi a tranny a lesbian a pregnant blow up doll dming girls vetting girls with Greg for a unicorn etc etc.

Let us all not forget who the real creep is. Fucking Greg.im sure he loves his wife being ripped to shreds more than him these days. There is an even bigger age gap between Greg and Lainey. Shiloh has confirmed Greg is violent. We already know Lainey is not as outspoken as Shiloh and also has kids to look after that are also his.

Probably no need to derail over who is Onion best girl when they've all been vulnerable to an extent and he's been able to practice his manipulation tactics on a number of girls personally and he also somehow manages to entice rando self conscious teenagers and weirdos to pay him to put up with his shit.

We have no idea how Greg truly treats Lainey behind closed doors. Let's focus on what a bastard he is.

No. 558904

She is an attention whore but there is such a thing as crazy-making. Someone who is already fragile or unstable can do absolutely bonkers things when faced with an abuser who can do no wrong. Shiloh seems a lot more stable these days, or at least that's the impression I get from her ig.

No. 558905


Lol so he's pretty much admitting he's still carries a torch for her (Or is in love with her in his own twisted way) and he's so bitter she doesn't want him. Good thing too, Billie is young fresh and pretty, I couldn't imagine her still next to that lardo.

No. 558907

The second one from the bottom is telling
He's so bitter lol

No. 558908

Sorry but at least shiloh was still very young, immature and gargamesh drove her fucking crazy with his insane bullshit, Yeah she was shitty to AJ I agree there.
However, When it comes to lainey? We all had our sympathy, We all worried, We tried to help many times especially during cuddlegate. What did lainey do? Laugh in our faces as she gradually became more and more toxic.

Shiloh lied for attention, Lainey groomed a 14 year old and lead her fans to harass billie and maya and sam. As well as co-opting trans issues and making fucking money off it.

Lets focus on him, And his enabler turned abuser wife as well.

Shi got the fuck out of dodge and moved on, We've never seen proof of her contacting grease, We have his word alone and sorry his word means nothing.

Lainey stuck around and has practically become an extension of greg himself.

No sympathy for you lainey.

No. 558909

Fuck up. Who the fuck even stans Shiloh this hard in this day and age? Shiloh could have been a pop star but was too bat shit insane get over it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 558911

I recall Lame saying Sh would get in touch with her too. I believe Sh does sometimes contact them, but I don't think it's anything more than her saying, "Are you ok?" after obvious fallings out or dramas. After how Greg spoke to her manager recently I doubt Sh has been in touch since or will ever be again.

Everyone saying how young Sh was, yes, she was young, she was also a compulsive liar, attention seeker, dog abuser and generally batshit girl. Age doesn't excuse a lot of the things she did, neither does whatever stresses greg put her through. She was a bad egg before she met him.

No. 558912

Is this true? Did she really post a pic of him? If so, she must have felt intimidated into deleting because nothing is there now.

No. 558913

File: 1533645723723.png (1.35 MB, 1080x1920, IMG_20180807_134139.png)

No. 558914

I hope she didn’t delete this because of Greaseball. If she did, it really shouldn’t be here.

No. 558916

It's hardly deleted when the screenshot is from 8 minutes ago.

No. 558917

She has two accounts. Check the url. Mystery solved

No. 558919

Heh, What a beautiful twist, While grease spergs out about black people and being a racist little cunt, Heres billie bagging herself a qt.

She's long forgotten about him, While he still spergs and admits he still loves her.

No. 558931

Shiloh's insta story is talking about her blocking and ex who keeps messaging her on fake accounts…. could it be?

Correlates with Greg's blackhair smellz/drug addicts suck tweets. Shi is very open about smoking weed and has dreds.

No. 558932


I also noticed she's into ddlg and has a few "binkies"

No. 558934

Imagine if it triggers him and he makes like 10 plus videos on penis size with different races.

No. 558939

Yikes… just checked her insta. She says she broke up with this ex though so I don’t think it’s greg?
(A little off topic) but she still seems to be incredibly unstable and posts strange videos similar to when she would appear in Greg’s. I’m sure she’s still absolutely insane. Sad because I thought she had moved on and left that shit behind her and was bettering herself

No. 558949

technically she did leave him for another man.

No. 558951

Since Greg shiloh has protistuted herself and had several different relationships. She has been fighting with a recent ex and his 'bitches'. No she hasn't changed or matured.(derailing)

No. 558953

She's been through a hell of a lot (not just the Greg shit). Sadly she's a very damaged person.

No. 558954

I follow Shiloh on Instagram. Yeah she posts some weird shit but she seems more focused on her music right now than anything else. And weed. Everybody likes to bring up how shitty she was to AJ and I agree. I guess I'm just tired of AJ being made out to be a victim when she was being a retard too. Like she was 25 years old and was willing to quit her job and move to another state with somebody she barely dated for a month even when she gleaned what a psycho control freak he was before they even met in fucking person.

No. 558957

I swear every time shiloh is brought up there is one anon who goes "Omg why do we stan shiloh??? she hurt AJ so i hate her!!". I feel like its the same person every time who has a hardcore grudge against her and tries to turn the convo to discuss why shes awful here. She hasn't been involved in greg drama for a long ass time, so idk why she matters.

Hilarious that he happens to be black while greg goes on a hate spree against black people/dreads. Im also glad billie is done with drew, because he was annoying and milked the greg thing.

No. 558969

If only there were a thread where all these obnoxious in depth discussions of Shiloh could exist without clogging and derailing the Onion thread itself.

No. 558971

wish i could sage since it's kind of off topic, but some natural hair vlogger responded to anus' dumbass video. haven't had the chance to watch it myself yet.

No. 558975

Play nice anon, it's relevant to Greg and it's not like the Onions are giving us anything to discuss.

No. 558978

Well we do know the greases lurk hard, Consider this, Every time lainey is trashed there is always one anon that wants to be devils advocate for her.

No. 558982

tbh anyone involving themselves romantically with Anus has/had issues, on different levels but at least all of his exes have done one thing positive and that is they all left his deadass behind and went on with their lives.

No. 558987

Naptural has a lot of reach in the black hair community so hopefully something comes from this.

No. 558988

Dog abuser? Do you mean when either onion or his mother claimed Shiloh has commited an act of beastiality with it?

Taking into account onion's obsession with dogfucking and that he loves smearing his exes with bullshit, I don't believe that. Unless there is any proof of Shiloh harming animals?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 558993

File: 1533665506919.jpeg (502.1 KB, 1242x1978, E69518B4-0AA2-4805-9C44-A23AF1…)

Anus deleted all his tweets back to 2017 or is there a twitter glitch

No. 558994

File: 1533665675453.png (23.91 KB, 295x419, Capture.PNG)

based on the rapid fire succession I think he's using a tweet wiper. screenshot is from the onisiontweets twitter's console

No. 558996

I wonder if he's trying to entice people to his paywall twitter, it's been sitting at 4 followers the last week.

No. 559005

File: 1533667804325.jpg (22.34 KB, 652x274, DkBKjffUwAAXi7B[1].jpg)

Did he muck something up with a setting and panic stopped it, wonder if he's raging right now.

No. 559007

Sarah is still very very quiet lmao. You'd think for someone who is so honest they'd have her on screen JUST to deny they did anything with her when she turned 18. But no messages, no celebration, nothing but silence. Something happened.

No. 559008

File: 1533668424227.png (824.66 KB, 1159x922, yabrokeyershit.png)

He's completely cocked it up, His twitter is fucked and screwy. When you click the new tweets bar nothing appears at all.

No. 559018

File: 1533670117003.png (351.02 KB, 1691x888, lasttweet.png)

I scrolled down to see how much he's been deleting and I can't scroll down any further, Has he just mass deleted everything?

No. 559026

File: 1533670705663.png (53.9 KB, 435x525, Capture.PNG)

his media tweets from July are still there for me. twitter takes a little longer to wipe the media tweets, but they're going slowly about 5-6 every couple mins

No. 559030

File: 1533673539378.jpeg (267.17 KB, 1242x1309, E5F8DBBC-E272-4EFF-82AE-F6F3AE…)

Current situation.

Sounds like Onion got out in his place. Is he getting sued?

No. 559031

>>556293 what is making the most honest YouTuber poop his pants enough to delete all his tweets? Is Shane finally suing him?

No. 559032

File: 1533673633921.jpg (12.9 KB, 500x476, embedded_item1464401640082_by_…)

Onision and Shane: Bad Bromance

No. 559033

he's scrubbing to avoid pedi accusations now that sarah is there and ppp have been speculating hard about that. plus on top of her turning 18 and the few grooming related tweets..

No. 559034

File: 1533674635641.png (267.16 KB, 1393x497, Untitled-1.png)

Besides deleting tweets, he also unfollowed a few people.

No. 559035

She talks for too long but basically she is saying that don't click on his videos to get angry because he's just making the videos to get click baited black views. I respect that, and I hope people follow her advice

No. 559036

that many, he probably unfollowed the patrons he followed on there so he can compartmentalize them in his shoebox ~premium~ Twitter