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File: 1526259216015.png (520.45 KB, 876x519, twolayersofanonion.png)

No. 518201

Thread image courtesy of >>514923 and >>517761
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/514751
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Archive of Reapers Creek, Onion's New Shitty Book: >>514429

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Shreg shaved his hair off entirely, after dozens of failed hair-dying attempts. It was even funnier than anyone could have imagined >>514923
>One of Shreg's patrons commented with genuine concern that he looked like a school shooter now, which Shreg tactfully dismisses by publicly shaming the comment on his twitter
>Shreg continues to make short videos where he screams and commits suicide
>He also posted "I'm a fool in a world full of sharks." >>516302
>Lainey finally made her "10 Things I Love About Onision" with passive-aggressive skits against Ogreg. It's legit funny and also confirms the abuse Lainey lets her kids accept >>515568
>Onion posts his reaction to Lainey's vid. His high-pitched fake laugh is a dead giveaway that he was really bothered by the points brought up, given his regular laugh is not as squeal-y >>516179
>As Lainey's video predicted, Onion immediately started posting depressive tweets. Anon put it nicely as, "My Wife Made Me Suicidal: I Can't Take a Joke"
>Onion posts video "I Want To Be Understood", where it's so hard to be a YouTuber that makes more than if he got a retail job, he's suffering guiz ;-; >>516759
>And then Onion posts his ass for a video. >>517555 Anon also took another screenshot with the color adjusted so you can see his junk that is all balls >>517774
>Onion makes more vaguetweets that anons suspect is him trying to get Shane Dawson's attention, as Shane's doing a video series about helping failing YouTubers get back on their feet

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
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No. 518231

at 7:00 minutes in for Plain's prom get ready with me you can hear a god awful racket from either the kids or Smegma

No. 518233

It's beautiful, OP. A++ recap and image.

No. 518234

File: 1526264024056.jpg (118.72 KB, 970x517, 673067694745056634576.jpg)

When women have a receading hairline its usually the middle top that first starts to thin. Lainey seems to have a Type-I receading hairline, like a widows peak.
Could all this stress about her home life and failing Youtube career be causing her to lose her hair?

No. 518235

File: 1526264487128.png (182.69 KB, 720x645, 4DDACD15-630C-4F6D-994B-310777…)

I made some fan art on my phone for onion-samas.

No. 518236

First thing I thought when I saw your art was "more cancerious forehead moles please"
Then I saw his Gynecomastia puffy nipples and laughed out loud.
Thank you.

No. 518244

Lmao greg's Picasso painting looking ass

No. 518245

File: 1526266442361.png (Spoiler Image, 37.25 KB, 796x834, censoredadvertising.png)

I made a less friendly version of this, but it scares me to look at it, so just have this.

No. 518247

That and bleaching it to hell.

No. 518248

She's pretty lucky she can cover it so well, tbh.

No. 518249

File: 1526266662702.png (125.92 KB, 523x438, vegetarianbodeh.png)

Damn fine phone work, anon. Keep up the good keks.

No. 518251

Has laineys channel grown at all? She's had 300k subs for as long as I can remember. Aren't youtubers supposed to grow somewhat rapidly after a few hundred thousand subs from shares and whatnot?

No. 518252

You have a gift, anon. This is both horrifying and amazing.
Please day the "less friendly" vetsion includes his filthy socks. And please share it.

No. 518254

>I made a less friendly version of this

You cant say that and not show us.
I know Ill hate myself for asking, but thats my life.

No. 518258

File: 1526267184938.png (Spoiler Image, 50.94 KB, 796x834, thanksIhateit.png)

Maybe she's been stress plucking her hairline too? She already over plucked her eyebrows. If she isn't careful she's going to have to start wearing wigs like shoe0nhead and her gay husband.

Horrifying. All it's missing are his dirty socks.

No. 518259

File: 1526267233043.png (121.39 KB, 720x645, 08A2277B-8375-4E38-A5B5-2E4683…)

This is beautiful. I made another pic, just because I was so inspired.

No. 518260

File: 1526267359759.png (Spoiler Image, 36.63 KB, 796x834, advertising.png)


Hey, I knew I forgot something.

Well shit. You guys asked so. Sorry in advance.

No. 518261

File: 1526267469849.jpeg (161.45 KB, 640x385, 4A2A0697-2648-4312-8980-6C157C…)

shudders reminds me of this

No. 518262

I could not help but think of Taylor and all of the other exes of Gergles while watching this.

No. 518263

Is that Titanic Sinclair?

Lainey, love yourself girl.

No. 518264

File: 1526267618166.png (1.16 MB, 1440x1715, Greaselove.png)

Very curious what the crossover in subscribers is between her and her gay husband's channel.

I've noticed that while he often likes and comments on her Twitter (and promotes her channel), she almost never comments on his spergy tweets, or interacts with him in any way on social media.
It feels like while he's desperately trying to win over her viewers, she's doing her best to distance herself from his.
Unless she can put a trendy tag on it, like "boyfriend/girlfriend", she doesn't seem to want him crapping up her channel, not that I can blame her.

No. 518265

Nah it’s some old rocker who used to rant, bitch and block people on Periscope a few years ago

No. 518266


I think if she’d stop being stubborn about putting Onion in her videos when most people tell her they don’t like the videos he’s in, she’d grow more. And if she put in a little more effort.

No. 518267

File: 1526267927049.jpg (72.22 KB, 1024x682, DA0MzA.jpg)

No. 518268

File: 1526268012249.png (2.48 MB, 1338x1511, tanking.png)

She's doing better than Onion, but that's not saying much.

He is dropping like a rock.

No. 518269

Kek Holy shit, the flabby ass is perfection. Everything about this is perfect. Thank you, anon.

No. 518271

File: 1526268279715.png (2.17 MB, 1381x1262, lainbot.png)

Laineybot's channel is not doing great, and doesn't really seem to be growing. Beautybot at this point, well. I hope she is enjoying it at least. It's not getting many views at all.

No. 518272

We are being blessed with all these art pieces and I'm loving it while simultaneously throwing up. You guys are so talented, keep up the great work!

No. 518273

Kek his Jaclyn video is the only one that broke 100k. He can't get views unless he puts more successful YouTubers in the title.

His shitty "comedy skits" are rarely breaking 10k. No wonder he's having an existential crisis.

No. 518277

lol it used to be the other way around where she'd comment on his shit and he'd ignore her. Now he's so desperate to win over her followers. He knows people are gonna click her pic and see his comment on top and he hopes they will follow him.

>Unless she can put a trendy tag on it, like "boyfriend/girlfriend", she doesn't seem to want him crapping up her channel

Not true since she's put him in like all of her videos recently. She probably likes it because he wants to "spend time" with her by making videos but really he just wants her fans lol.

Imagine if she had dumped him after the whole billie cheating thing when people still weren't so annoyed of her. She likely could have connected with other youtubers who wanted the tea and expanded her channel. Instead she's become just as hated and shunned and still continues to put the rotting onion in her channel on the daily.

No. 518280

I think we must be close to Patreon being their main income source. the views are so low and are falling.you could argue it's because youtube doesn't recommend them but really it's content quality.

i remember talking to greg about this like, 5 years ago in some twitter thread, where i suggested if he took a week off just to write he would improve his content. his reply was to say he wasn't a lazy youtuber like shane and block me lol. guess who's laughing now.

No. 518281

How are they managing to live in the new place and simultaneously not have the old place even up for sale?
And yet still buying useless shit. Still eating at Panera. Still wasting money.

No. 518284

This is legit giving me Linda Blair in The Exorcist vibes. I’m screaming.

No. 518296

>This morning Shreg tweets: "My video views are lower than ever… you know what that means? Time to make the best videos I've ever made, ever. Times infinity!"

>This afternoon and evening he uploads yet another kink-shaming video about "Caregivers/Littles" then releases his millionth installment of judging people on their weight.

Best videos he's ever made, ever guize! Those views are gonna skyrocket now for sure!

No. 518298

God it's the same fucking shit. He is such a lazy motherfucker. He has always bragged about how hard working he is but most of his shit is him sitting in front of some background ranting or reacting unless it's one of his retarded skits that a 13 year old kid could produce. He never leaves his house unless it's a date with Blandon, and that just showcases what a prick he is irl. He has no talent, a shitty personality, and no desire to improve because he doesnt think he needs to improve. He expects everybody to suck his saggy ballsack, even the dumb fucks who throw their money in the garbage by pledging. You havent worked hard for anything in your miserable life you dipshit, people who work hard have something to show for it besides expensive shit. Your success on YT was the online equivalent to winning the lottery, it wasn't because you actually had amazing content.

Tldr: Greg is a lazy faggot.

No. 518300

She did bleach her hair at home, cause you know shes a beauty guru. Does she even use heat protectant? She washes her hair everyday and straightens it so there's many factors at play. Either way foot needs professionals on her hair from now on.

No. 518301

At 6:59 of laineys get ready with me prom vid, I swear you can hear a thump and what sounds like a scream?

No. 518307

I'm guessing that their old place is for sale under a private listing.

No. 518308

Honestly, its probably just Trot or Clot jumping around outside the bathroom waiting for mommy to finish up pretending to be a boy.

No. 518317

And for lumpy space prince, getting her eyebrows threaded is a bare necessity. Great budgeting right there.

No. 518322

Even if this is the case, it's definitely not sold. That would be public domain. Meaning they still have to maintain mortgage payments, times two.

No. 518324

don't worry though, matted silver hair that looks like burnt straw is TOTALLY THE LOOK SHE WAS GOING FOR!!!

No. 518339

What video is this from?

No. 518342

Wow, Greg got faaatt…

He was so slender during Skye and his "skinny pact" days

Now he's gone and bloated up like Chris Pratt fat. He's at Val Kimmer fat pudge now. Shrek in the swamp fat.

Guess Greg has given up ever being with another different female that isn't Laimey.

Because no 16 year old wants that fat flabby father figure feeling her up in the Shrek Swamp Trailer with 2 kids screaming and a Shriveled crone with lip sores thumping around.

We ain't even factoring that red pimply tomato face, the bacne, the grease, or the shit personality and enotional abusiveness. Or his teeny tiny 1 inch dink.

Or his buzz cut with his red ass moles or cherry angiomas. Hiding that mistake with wigs and hats until he can grow enough hair to hide them liver spots again.

No sweet cute young teen is ever gonna want a piece of that, ever!!!

No. 518343

File: 1526303668461.gif (1023.73 KB, 184x141, 1520696775611.gif)

It was slow but we are definitely witnessing the end of laineys gay husband.

No. 518345

One of Lainey's videos I think. Some relax with me or get ready with me BS.

No. 518347

i wanna say it was some dumbass date vid
maybe the "low budget" shopping one?

but i dont watch them so thats all the help i can give

No. 518354

File: 1526309231661.png (343.4 KB, 729x456, no lainey - you can't be a mom…)

It seems like LGH spent the majority of mothers day with his mommy. I wouldn't be surprised if he told Lame that they couldn't be a mother because of her agender-space-prince persona.

No. 518357

Greg is awfully fixated on male genitals…

No. 518359


Gurg wishes he was as funny as fat Chris Pratt.

No. 518363

File: 1526311947802.jpg (121.47 KB, 1080x1349, lame.jpg)

Reference to where her hairline used to sit

No. 518364

I reckon she looks even more bald because the white blonde is a similar colour to her scalp and looks worse than the brunette. It's obvious thst she really is balding though.

Her shit diet isn't providing nutrients for the hair to grow.
The bleached hair keeps snapping also.

Lastly I feel since she first ever cut it short, she's been fiddling and playing with it. I constantly see her running her fingers through the top and front and as a result she's probably pulling out hairs. She needs to leave her hair the fuck alone and start taking fish oil or eating more/better. The change in diet would probably help that crusty skin of hers too.

No. 518366

I just can't understand why she doesn't identify with being a female when she is so extremely female in every aspect. she loves makeup, she loves pink, she loves flowers and little girly designs, she loves breastfeeding, she birthed two children, she's submissive romantically and sexually. basically enjoys all female stereotypes. I wonder what her new psychologist will think about her "gender crisis"

No. 518367

Because she's basic and boring as fuck with no originality so this whole gender queer thing makes her feel special.

She bitched in the tattoo vlog that she wanted those matching birds on her collarbone but didn't get them because they were too 'basic' then she got that dumbass lavender on the collarbone and some anon pulled up like 5 photos of people with the same tatt in the same place.

Even her beauty channel has a basic ass theme. The sparkly pink backdrop, the palette reviews.

She thinks this gender space shit makes her original, but if you log into tumblr there are millions of gender bending fake bois with ddlg tendencies, sjw types with short and coloured hair.

Everything she does is borrowed from everyone else. Her whole identity is fake.

Being a girl is not special enough anon.

No. 518368

Tiny peen complex, the deep denial of his gayness is probably a factor too kek.

No. 518370

Probably why Shreg doesn't want Lame to transition, her bloated clit-dick would be bigger than his chub

No. 518374

No. 518375

What happened to onision and her getting matching tattoos that they talked about?

No. 518377

You forgot to add it's NSFW, anon

Thank god no one was behind me when I clicked on that

No. 518378

to be fair tho, the link says rikochanpornstar and new clit pumping project, so basically a warning in disguise.

No. 518380

>This is as big as it [the clit] would look, pumped
How sfw would you think that would be anon.

No. 518391

Didn't look at the link thought it would be something science-y or something

No. 518394

gaahh.. it does say porn star lol

No. 518395

It's an image of a clitoris that has been pumped to enlarge it into what would look a transman's penis. This person isnt on T, but they look similar. T adds like 1/2 an inch i think (?). Pumping would add a bit more.

No. 518396

No. 518398

File: 1526322612380.png (731.58 KB, 815x594, lain-and-mom.png)

I won't lie, I aww'd at this pic. Lamey does look a little uncomfortable, though.

No. 518401

>becoming a mom

Aww Landon, so now you are a mom and not a genderfluid parent person? That's so cute.

Also waiting to see onion sperg out cause plank says something nice about her mother.

No. 518404

Why would he sperg?

No. 518411

That is actually really nice, hope she sees her mom often just to get more perspective

No. 518413

In the past when Lainey mentioned loving her mom on twitter LGH sperged out about how abusive they were to her. He seems desperate to pit her against her family.

No. 518416

Didn't he also say that she only sees her mum once a year or something like that?

No. 518417

how do you figure? the post is all about her and how she is a mother and her mom loves her. she didn't say anything about how appreciative or how much she loves her mother.

No. 518418

She dresses really femme around her mom

No. 518419

you guys are giving her too much credit. Most influencers posted pics like this today, it's not that deep. She lets Greg shit on her family, she's an ungrateful daughter and no uwu words will change it

No. 518420

No wonder Gurg is trying to get shane’s attention again, his final part of his series was uploaded about half an hour ago and already has 325k+ views. Bunny’s channel is getting more views too, by a lot.
I wonder if this is going to lead to him raging or trying to grovel for Shane to resurrect him next.

No. 518421

Now we know where Lainey gets her no lips from

No. 518422

Yeah when he was trying to get Billie to drop her family because they're druggie criminals he brought up that Lainey doesn't see her family that often either. Typical abuser behavior, if he can isolate the girl from her family she has to rely on him. Billie was just smart enough to see that while things might not be perfect her family loves her and is a great support system.

No. 518424

Yeah tbh this post is more weird than sweet? Nowhere does she say how much she loves her mom or how appreciative she is of her, and in the picture Lainey looks awkward af lmao

No. 518425

The longer I look at the picture, the more those two look like sisters to me.
LGH really did suck the life out of her - I can't believe she's in her early 20s and even though I know she brought it upon herself, I feel kinda sorry for her… send help. kek

No. 518430

pretty positive he said lainey only sees her family twice a year. he tried to get billie to do the same but she thankfully said no. i'm guessing she sees them for Xmas and..? dunno. so does this mean laineys family isn't invited to their kids bday parties and stuff??

No. 518432

File: 1526331348267.jpg (213.45 KB, 711x1806, Greg Buys Subs.jpg)

You said it anon

Meanwhile, Shreggly Possums here is rapidly buying subscribers to stop it from going lower past 2,100,000.

It's so obvious. This is per hour. Look at how he buys subs so it wont go lower.

Maybe he had the sub bot company stagger the subs to never go past 2,100,000. Maybe Shregg is sitting hunched over watching every hour buying 50 here and 100 subs there.

Point is, that he doesn't have as much money to buy as many views amd subs anymore like before.

Im still waiting for this amazing content we were promised before.

And yet, Shreggly Possums tweeted that everyone should stop watching him amd unsubscribe and that it wouldn't affect him at all.

He has to buy his accolades. That's pretty dishonest for a man. Guess that's why we all know that Greg is mentally stunted and psychologically retarded.

No. 518437

She straightens the life out of her hair every day, is nutrient deficient and bleaches like an addict.
I'm surprised she even has hair left.

No. 518441

lmao what happened at 10:00 on 2018-05-14, that came outta nowhere

No. 518443

File: 1526332521394.png (42.93 KB, 188x146, new gronk.PNG)

Gronk is back to half arsing apologizes for his Twitter spergs… this time it's tall women (trying to get on Jaclyn Glenn's good side again lmao?)


No. 518444


His response for whenever we post contradicting tweets.

Much stealth, greg

"That would be like a girl saying she doesn't like me because I have a 1inch dick– Im kidding"
"If my significant other grew man parts downstairs I would still be with them despite me being primairly straight"

"Totally down with my significant other shaving their head if they want to or identifying as whatever they want to (hardcore dismissive look) just being whoever they want to so long as they're compatible with me so long as they don't wind up being, i don't know, someone who hates guys who cut their hair short sometimes. I don't see how that would be compatible.

No. 518447

I'm not sure if it was focused on Jacklyn so much as using that as a jab at lainey? Like when he made the video about being a "bad uncle" when he was clearly talking about an argument he had with lainey about how he treats C.

Could be both.

No. 518453

Kek at him wanting to fuck Jaclyn Glenn.

Talls girls are okay now and even though it's not a preference, implants are fine too apparently.

This is either him still trying to fuck Jaclyn or casting his net wider because there are some taller patreons/teens he could still fuck.

No. 518454

Yeah he tried to isolate Billie hardways, not only from her family, but from Ayalla too.

No. 518456


To be fair though, don't they live all the way in New Mexico? It might be hard to get away that far every time someone has a birthday. Still no reason to cut her off and tell her that she can't go see her family more than twice a year…

No. 518462

If they can fly teenage girls to their swamp they can fly family there too.

No. 518480

Imagine if Shane helped lainey that way, but refused to talk about onion or include him in the video

No. 518481

File: 1526339128990.png (941.33 KB, 881x490, SWAMPPROM.PNG)

No. 518482

spoiler alert: it sucks

No. 518483

kekek they strung up those shitty christmas lights again! black cords on white walls. utter maturity and class.

No. 518485

File: 1526339964846.jpg (96.39 KB, 500x787, Afce0vj.jpg)

saddest thing I've seen in a long time

No. 518486

I had to stop watching because of how much I was cringing

No. 518487

So, they had a strand of lights a prom decor and her gay husband found a way to ruin the "romantic" parts with his horrible attitude. WHAT A GREAT MARRIAGE! SUCH AMAZING VIDEO!

No. 518488

the fucking flies buzzing above the floor in the before-prom room shots

No. 518489

File: 1526340089449.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, DB2ztN5UQAAgN6P.jpg)

No. 518490

He basically does exactly what we thought he was going to do the entire time.

Lainey is a fucking fool though. She thinks she can force him to behave in a way that he doesn’t want to or doesn’t come naturally.

He’s admitting he’s “GAY” now too. Probably doesn’t mind saying it for show, since he’s still fucking pussy.

No. 518491

do you think she sits like L all the time (even in public on her "landen tinder date") on purpose????
its not a good look…..

No. 518492

File: 1526340351580.gif (268.01 KB, 288x216, 651.gif)


No. 518493

File: 1526340366488.png (1.64 MB, 1334x750, 6263F729-D1E8-40F3-8626-77DAD5…)

When you’ve realised what your life has become but you’ve already wifed and breed so you’re patiently waiting for them to fuck up for the escape.

No. 518494

1/10 not enough gayness

No. 518495

File: 1526340565461.png (1.57 MB, 1334x750, 506A79CE-3FFF-41B2-98F4-DA19E3…)

Why would she even upload this thinking it was good? It’s fucking pathetic. She hyped up prom so much and was so excited for it but you can tell how much Greg doesn’t care about making it “special” for her and takes it as a big joke even though she was pretty serious about it. Man, I wouldn’t even class it as a good date night let alone a recreation of “prom”
They cleaned up a room, hung two sets of lights up, ate dinner that she made which Greg says isn’t good and then takes awkward gross pictures and weirdly dance to a weird ass song? And the GROSS make out bit like it’s so uncomfortable Jesus Christ

No. 518496

File: 1526340713798.png (44.41 KB, 206x147, footstrueform.PNG)

check out lainey's kawaii petite foot-chans looking like a surgical glove filled with gravy

No. 518497

Thiiiiis was SO uncomfortable I had to pause the video

How can you be married for 6 years and shit be SO AWKWARD AND WEIRD

No. 518500

pinky up

its prom, gotta be fancy

No. 518501

Also, anyone else notice that at 6:00-6:05 Lainey is standing on his feet while they makeout/dance

She wants to be a child I swear.

No. 518510

File: 1526342455098.png (2.63 MB, 1719x1403, spaz.png)

Exactly as expected, Lainey spends almost a month gearing up for this, and Shreg behaves like a complete retard and shits all over it.

Bravo, it's everything I hoped for.

No. 518512

Imagine not having enough content for a video and think your audience will be interested in watching you clean your nasty house.

No. 518513

That or they're showing teh haturz that they do clean the house sometimes lol

No. 518516

This is shit. I hate Lainey but I actually kind of feel sorry for how pathetic this whole ordeal was.
The amount of times Greg acted like a clown when he was meant to ask her to dance was unbelievable.

The sad thing is that the first song they danced to was the one she said that her first boyfriend and her would listen to on the same ear phones, one earbud each. That's kind of cute and romantic, but you can tell Greg thinks the whole thing is a joke and is incapable of being serious and just doing this for Lainey for one night.

It's obvious she wanted like a little date thing and I can see the idea she was going for,but it seems like Greg is just going through the motions. Had this not been for a video, he never would have agreed to this. I actually can't believe what a manchild he really is.

You can tell she's smiling in the video, but it's obvious she's getting irritated by his lame joking around.

Couples are meant to do things for the other person to show they care, eg-gf goes to a sports game or wrestling match, or bf stays in and watches trashy tv shows with the girl, and even if it's not their scene, they usually don't put up too much of a fuss, or maybe limit it to one or two jokes about the situation. They don't fucking joke the entire time and belittle the person who is just trying to have a good time. He's so selfish.

No. 518519

They didn't even bother to put up streamers or one of those foil ribbon backdrops they have at prom. Such lazy decoration. Also agree with what another anon said, what was the fucking point of including the house cleaning footage? It's obvious there was no funny bits or cute parts or interesting conversation so they included a huge portion of them cleaning the living room. Oh and Lainey vacuumed the first rug well but then missed the bits of paper and crap on the second rug. Learn to vacuum properly space prince. Your cleaning skills are the way to Shreg's heart. That, and finding teenies for him to fuck in his 'trinity'

No. 518521

i lold so hard at these two posts. i love you two. holy fuck does her foot look weird

their house looks like such trailer trash honestly.

there's no reason why they couldnt have done a better job. they can write off all of their video expenses. there's no reason why all they got was dollar store string lights.

No. 518522

You can't blame the two self-proclaimed outcasts (even though they actively shunned themselves) for not knowing what prom is.

No. 518525

File: 1526344991205.gif (3.01 MB, 294x510, lmbo.gif)

you can see the chickens coming home to roost in greg's face right at this moment. this is his life now.

No. 518526

File: 1526345274136.png (2.26 MB, 1404x783, sameoldboringroutine.PNG)

Couldn't even bother to make something different or "special" for dinner. It's the same old fajita peppers, beans, etc.

No. 518528

File: 1526345825848.jpeg (161.65 KB, 486x410, F19D5553-666D-443B-AFF4-0B0D8F…)

Jfc why the fuck would anyone do this… they awkwardly kissed to the postal service for about 15 seconds and then onion goes on a big rant about how he’s gay and feels like he’s dating a boy

No. 518531



This part made me physically wince it was so awkward lainey is trying so hard to prove that they are in love whilst shreg shits all over her efforts

No. 518534

They aren’t wearing shoes?

No. 518535

She can’t live without her phone for a minute?

No. 518536

File: 1526348703314.png (1.57 MB, 1501x732, dungoofed.png)


No. 518537

File: 1526348740982.png (1.82 MB, 1345x757, whathaveidone.png)


No. 518538

File: 1526348853533.png (1.42 MB, 1239x624, gronkles.png)


No. 518540

Why do they keep trash cans everywhere. This is why they have flies.

No. 518542

File: 1526349130297.png (1.31 MB, 1270x715, halp.png)


No. 518545

File: 1526349447985.png (3.96 MB, 1920x1080, vision.png)


No. 518546

File: 1526349628824.png (1.61 MB, 1265x713, sadness.png)


No. 518547

enough. lol.

No. 518548

In this video they had to guess things about each other and it was funny because Lainey guessed his favourite vacation as the one where they went away with Billie and he lies to save face and tells her that it was actually some place where they took Dobbs.

Because apparently a puppy getting hit in the face by the ocean is a lot more fun then staying at a spa and hotel and having a threesome.

He's such a liar kek

No. 518550

>Making out

Ugh, now I can't even watch this train wreck. That shit grosses me out, and it'll do it more so with these retards.

No. 518552

File: 1526350405073.gif (18.6 MB, 1920x1080, SwampPromFly.gif)

It starts…

No. 518553

File: 1526350677995.png (503.8 KB, 947x492, IMG_11568.png)

Shreg bursting out of his waistcoat

No. 518566

Ohana means family. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten.

No. 518569

File: 1526352799114.png (2.48 MB, 2880x1440, red white and gross.png)

Look at the contrast between the color in their faces. She's caked in foundation 3 shades too light, and he's… a tomato. Wtf.

No. 518570

It's a real shame how shit of a person Greg is. Like I feel you knew nothing about him or their relationship some parts of the video could actually come off as cute or endearing, even him being obnoxious to her could almost pass for genuinely wanting to make her laugh, but then you realize this is Greg and it's all 100% just him being a dick to ruin the video becuase he didn't want to do it.
Also I wonder if this was filmed before the 10 things I love about onision video due to those knock knock jokes, either
A. He's making a jab at Lainey for the video
B. She included them because of the way he acted in this video as a dig at him for ruining prom.
I mean if she is copying shane with the three part thing then he films them like two weeks ahead of time. Not saying she's putting that much effort in but it's possible

No. 518573

anon she barely records 3 days in advance

No. 518574

I like how Shreg makes sure to announce at the end that this was all Lainey's idea.
He's delusional and out of touch, but even he knows that this was a cringefest.

It's interesting though, more and more successful YouTubers are starting to be more honest and vulnerable with their videos. Shreg will never let himself do that, not even for a 10 minute prom video.

No. 518577

They look like realtors here

She's not the Lord of the Flies for nothing, anon

No. 518582

i feel like she kept this part in because it could look like hes smiling because hes enjoying the moment….but honestly the look on his face reads "this is so cringey" and he is making jokes about it in his head….

No. 518584


My fucking sides.

He looks like those guys who go along with a wife's suggestion to dance but really hate it the entire time.

No. 518592

File: 1526359638608.gif (1.78 MB, 400x275, giphy.gif)

Why does she seem so awkward while her mom is hugging her?

No. 518595

the way she fucking sits on the chair to eat makes me sick. the onions really have no manners. but kek @ the part where she's like "i used to listen to this every night in hopes that you'd date me" and ogreg goes "and look at you now" and she quickly replies "miserable". even though she said "kidding" afterward you can tell she's genuinely miserable but it's what she gets for being a piece of shit

No. 518596

Yeah but did she really make those two other prom videos like "get ready for prom with me" days ago and just like not throw swamp prom until today? Noshe recorded it all at once and then cut it up and sat on her butt waiting to release them to be like shane

No. 518601

File: 1526361123214.png (515.36 KB, 602x543, MTI5MTQ.png)

No. 518602

Good job anon, you made me giggle

No. 518609

Has Adrienne replied to Greases claims that she was molested? Did Onion or Lamey ever talk about it again? I that Lame mentioned it in a stream, but I didn't catch what was said.
I really wish Adrienne wouldcslap the shit out of him!

No. 518610

It's so fucking sad that they don't know how to cook or clean. They have no idea what they are missing really though. I've known people like this, they do the bare minimum (nothing) all throughout life. They only put effort into their careers because they are addicted to the adulation of children. Other peoples' children. That room was disgusting. The food looked horrendous. And they really don't care.

I think Greg makes jokes on things and acts immature because he feels stupid all the time (because he is). He hates going out in public because he and his wife are both painfully insecure, to the point that they can't deal with the outside world and prefer teens.

So. Fucking. Sad. I need mind bleach.

No. 518615

They can be realtors…
Honey and Vinegar kek

No. 518621


10 things i love about dating men
usual greg shit

No. 518625

File: 1526364330362.png (942.5 KB, 876x776, Screen Shot 2018-05-15 at 15.0…)

the last point is about treating your partner's kids from other marriages badly

onion won't even talk to his younger child lol

No. 518627

Why oh why did I watch?
I knew it was going to be filled with second hand cringe but I just can't help myself
Why do I insist on doing things i know are bad for my sanity?

As much as I hate Greg, I don't blame him for making a joke out of that. It was cringey as hell and I would have too. If he didn't make jokes the whole thing would have been Start to finish cringe.

I actually feel like my soul died in the 5 seconds they were legit "dancing" or awkwardly swaying their flat asses while she was standing on his feet.

now I'm going to feel awkward by default all night, just from having witnessed that.

No. 518628

Super reach but the way she's sitting reminds me of L from Death Note, LGH's fave animu.

No. 518633

Lmao no wonder she has a complex about her height and frame.

No. 518634

Probably because sitting like L is the only way she can catch her gay husband's attention.

Looks more like the way Gollum sits tbh.

No. 518636

Can't believe that Lainey wasted money on a suit for this shit video. It was really short and the majority of it was footage of them cleaning the room. It's not like she went and bought a second hand suit from a thrift store either.
When is she ever going to wear that suit again? I hope she kept the receipt. Sorry if I sound like I'm nitpicking I just don't get how they can justify buying a suit for a video under 10 minutes when they claim to be broke all the time.

No. 518637

File: 1526365814143.jpg (27.28 KB, 480x480, P6.jpg)


barely relevant, but he's dressed as her … because… reasons??

No. 518638

Sorry if off topic, but I truly believe that the OG Trinity was not corn greg to get rid of Lainey. I think he was still ok being with her because she still presented herself as a woman, and he just jumped at the opportunity to have threesomes when she came out as bi. He did try and leave her for Billie in the beginning, but not because of undying love for Billie. It was the first and only time that Lainey put her foot down and was gonna leave him. Gronk didn’t wanna be alone, he’s said this so many times, but of course Lainey took him back like a moron.

Now that his waifu is a demiboy or some shit, he can’t stand her and wants a “trinity” soley as a cover for the fact that he just wants another gullible girl there to rebound on when divorcegate finally happens. And not a gullible girl to love, but a gullible girl to worship him. He gets off on control, as we know.

I wonder if he really is kicking himself for not running away with billie after all. She was more than willing to be in a relationship with him and only him after Cuddlegate 1.0. It would have fallen apart eventually, and Grug and Plain never was would have even had bandaid. Every girl he’s tried to get to come over has been so feminine like Billie. Ash was a dead ringer, Maya was pretty close, too. Sam and Vix were plainer, but they seemed like the Skye type. Hell, Jaclyn was a model for playboy, she’s got a nice body and long hair.

It’s so wonderfully sad how Grug can’t stand his ugly wife.

No. 518640

File: 1526366138986.jpg (203.52 KB, 951x467, deathvanforcutie.jpg)

sorry Canada/Toronto but

No. 518641

File: 1526366467084.webm (2.15 MB, 648x360, ThirdPerson.webm)

No. 518642

hahahahhahaha fucking bless you

No. 518643

>When is she ever going to wear that suit again

The divorce and custody court cases?

No. 518653

File: 1526369691564.jpg (196.7 KB, 634x502, 275747781.JPG)

In his "I Dont Like Tall Girls" video he shows us his ideal woman.

>Wow! Look at this

>Yeah, this is, this is ideal for me
>I would, just on a physical level, I prefer, yeah

Why does your "ideal physical woman" look NOTHING like your gross emo-boy spouse?

No. 518654

File: 1526369772443.jpg (194.73 KB, 1774x1002, c6df0df6-6092-4fc4-8d73-e6e89e…)

Anons have already been comparing Onion to Dennis forever now.

This is basically he and Lame when Onion brings a new girl into the house.

No. 518657

File: 1526370616907.jpg (35.99 KB, 474x349, The D.E.N.N.I.S. System.JPG)

Ive thought the same thing. But at least Dennis is attractive, which tempers his rapey vibe. Greg is just ugly and rapey.
Im sure if we looked through some of Gregs old HS notebooks we'd find something similar to The D.E.N.N.I.S. System.

No. 518665

I dont think he can ever find someone as doormat-y as lame ever again who isn't butt ugly, so he knows hes stuck with her or risks being alone. Doormat knows her only value is if shes a total doormat so she will never stick up for herself and will always ass-kiss him.Then she gets to play dress up all she wants because she's all smug about how she "wins" against all the other girls lining up to get gerg because they won't ever let him walk all over them like she will. That's their sad relationship.

Lol i think greg is really pushing the "look lamey, i like very feminine women!!" thing for awhile now. He even wanted to start rejecting the alt-look because hes seen lamey attempt it and it's horribly bad on her. His wife dyes her hair awful colors, wears terribly done clown makeup, forget lingerie look at these men boxers!, and yeah now shes trying to even more dress up like a guy. Hes probably slamming his head on the desk wishing he had stopped her agender bullshit when it started.

No. 518666

File: 1526374703745.png (256.18 KB, 1408x780, jfc.png)

>Omg look guiz I'm so popular!

No. 518668

And he bought every one of them.

No. 518670

Conversely, Lumpy Space Prince knows she can get away with making herself as ugly and masculine as possible because Old Shregg is not only financially dependent on her, but he’s also too fat, repulsive and over the hill to be of any interest to prime pussy, especially given that the entire internet is watching him lose his already tenuous grip on sanity.

No. 518674

Oh I've been well aware of the dennis comparisons for a long time.

I checked the thread on my luncj break and laughed so hard at your response my coworkers looked at me.
That IS them when a new girl enters the house. Lainey is vinegar and Greg is honey kek

No. 518679


>Perfect ideal woman is underage Miley Cyrus

Not helping your case here Greg.
There is so many legal women that resemble Miley Cyrus during her basic bitch stage that he could of used but he used the example of just before she hit 18. Actually I think Miley was like what…16 here?

This not only shows that he's a creep but also a dated one.
That era of Miley Cyrus was like a decade ago.

No. 518684

>Why does your "ideal physical woman" look NOTHING like your gross emo-boy spouse?

Because he takes what he can get. Even he's aware real women won't last in his life. Just bottom of the barrel trash that can't do better themselves.

No. 518685


Glad I’m not the only one that caught that.. She definitely 17 in that photo because it’s from when she did her clothing line with Walmart before she turned 18 and went her own crazy way.

Gross, Gronk!

No. 518687

Lainey is the rebound that stuck like glue. Every girl he gets infatuated with he starts to like that type. When Billie came along he dug the coloured hair and tattoos. Then Vix and Sam and now he's leaning towards the normal type. If you look at teenage Miley, she has a figure similar to Sam. She's also wearing something Sam would wear. Basic white singlet, shorts. But she has a puffy baby face like Billie.

Also, I think Miley was actually 16 here or freshly 17 as 7 things I hate about you was released in 2008 and Miley was born in 1992.

Tldr-Greg is a fucking pedo and no longer attracted to his rebound baby maker.

No. 518688

File: 1526382668376.png (274.7 KB, 498x476, Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 3.29…)

snazzy post i saw floating around that seemed almost Taylored to a certain asshole

No. 518690

I never realized how big Lainey’s head is

No. 518691

it's not a reach at all anon. didn't you see her promposal? she dressed up as L to do it. cute idea in theory but coming from her it just felt pathetic

No. 518692

File: 1526384687093.png (1.18 MB, 1233x695, hoarder.PNG)

Jesus the state of that car

No. 518693

because he's an edge lord so of course he'd like yuno. if anyone should wear that costume it should be lainey

No. 518694

lmao bet he bought it for sam or billie now he wears it instead because lainey won't.

No. 518695

Umm that doesn't even look like a notification from Instagram, since when do they call it friend requests?

Definitely some kind of third party site that lets you buy followers. Come on Grease.

No. 518696

Gregma started to get into the alt (not just goth) scene once Shiloh came into the picture. He hated tattoos so much before her.

No. 518697


toronto anon here. i shouldn't be laughing at the file name but holy kek

No. 518698


I'm pretty sure he's called short-haired Miley disgusting kek

No. 518699

Farmers are so damn creative. I had a hearty morning kek. thank you

No. 518700

Yeah, looks super fake. They have an icon with 'such and such is now following you'

never got a 'friend request' from IG.

No. 518702

>Couples are meant to do things for the other person to show they care

In a normal relationship a huge number of LGH's behaviors would be dealbreakers, and she just sails blithely on, pretending everything is SO AWESOME GUIZE.

I don;t feel sorry for her for LGH shitting all over something she's worked for weeks for. This is what she chooses; this is what she put up with. What I would be interested in finding out is if someone she loved or cared about, her sister, say, came up to her and had a BF who acted and behaved just liked LGH, what Taylor's advice to them would be.

No. 518703


I like how he literally only showed that tiny cropped shot. It doesn’t say OnisionPrime has 999 new requests. That photo could be from literally anywhere, any google search could get you those results. He’s such a fucking liar, lol. And if he didn’t just use another image, I guarantee he bought 99% of those

No. 518704


What is that icon? That's not even an instagram icon?

No. 518707

File: 1526387037935.png (641.65 KB, 1125x2436, transtrenders.png)

I don't see anything here yet.

But Lainey is sweating that a real trans Youtuber is about to call her out on her shit. He did a video on a transtrender and mocked everything about them. Lainey mentioned this on YouNow and then went on about how "no one would want to experience this dysphoria" so why would she be making it up? And then says that she has to change her outfit like, FORTY TIMES A DAY because her dysphoria is that bad.

There was some tinfoil that she might be talking about some video someone actually made about her on YT, but then it was revealed on her Discord that she's sweating that this YTer is about to make a video on her.

Possible milk and sperg out incoming. He was not shy about his video with the other person and absolutely destroyed them for flopping their tits around and crying about dysphoria.

No. 518708

File: 1526387089601.png (475.15 KB, 723x405, Untitled.png)

The Miley Greg wanted vs the one he got

No. 518709

My mistake. That still proves my point though.

He cheated on plain dependable Skye for an exciting edgy semi famous child- Shiloh. Then he got sick of Shiloh and thought she was too wild so he went for Adrienne who is slightly alt to suit the new taste, but she rejected him because he was nuts. Then it was back to Shiloh for whatever reason and then Lameo was a rebound. She built his ego back up because she was a stalking ass kisser and she fixed the wounds from shiloh moving on and Adrienne rejecting him. He was not her type at all except the fact that she was super young and easy to manipulate. Then he made spawn with her and wanted more so that whole poly thing happened. Back to alt girls. Then Billie hurt his ego so now he's gone back to traditional girls again.

The pattern so far

No. 518713

Lainey has the right attitude for him. Door matty just the way he likes them. She just needs to grow her hair out and stop with the agender bullshit and he might give her more attention. Until she starts looking too old for him. Then there's nothing she can do.

The problem is, even if she does change herself up, Greg will still be up for whoever next takes his interest. He always wants a shinier younger plaything.

No. 518715


Maya as an alt too, even tho she refused to suk mi
he still tried

No. 518718

File: 1526390923439.jpg (41.73 KB, 1080x355, FollowRequestIG.jpg)

Instagram call them Follow Requests. Nice try Gruggles.

No. 518722

Doesn't this just show that most people aren't willing to pay for his *~*premium*~* content?

No. 518725


Minus the zany personality though. At least short haired era Miley would be ~lolZ sO RanduM~ enough for Greg. Lainey is more of a wannabe quirky.
She's more like Katy Perry today. Just how Katy Perry has lost relevancy and is mimicking Miley's 'crazy' phase… Lainey is nothing but a mimic of Billie and whoever else she wants to skinwalk on Tumblr.
Billie is the pikachu and Lainey is the ditto.

No. 518726

She probably wouldn't give a shit. Greg has probably convinced her that her sister is a hoe anyway.

No. 518727

Who is this youtuber?

No. 518728

Plus not to mention Dennis is a caricature of a shitty narcissistic person. That's what makes the show so fucking funny to watch! Dennis is fictional. Greg unfortunately is a real person and it's more disturbing than anything to see a real breathing person as psycho and arrogant as he is.

No. 518729

I thought it was that Amanda's chronicles chick that has been on testosterone for like a year, the one that did all the videos about the pepe meme and dying her leg hair but I really can't tell from the tiny icon. She's more pimply though so I'm probably wrong. Also she was super sjw in her girl days so I doubt she'd give a shit about transtrenders.

No. 518730

I am retarded their name is literally there. Kalvin whoever.

No. 518734

i remember him always talking about some goth girl he dated during high school or something, he'd always bring it up whenever a picture of someone goth came up on uhohbro etc. - so i guess the mystery goth girl also plays a huge part in all of that, he's only ever said positive things about her, too which is weird, since he doesn't seem to get along with any of his exes… so maybe she isn't real, never was.

No. 518736

dont worry anon, greg is the only person greg needs

No. 518737

true, as long as he can subscribe to himself using sock puppets and fake accounts, he's the only follower he truly needs.

No. 518738

File: 1526395638568.jpg (42.56 KB, 1024x899, mi.jpg)

A busted Ditto, or a Mimikyu. mimi is too precious tho, and so is ditto. mimikyu wants to wear pikachus skin to be popular.

No. 518744

Lainey probs wore it once for Greg for sexy times, but other reasons include-
Greg is a weeb.
Greg is also a faggot

Seriously though, all jokes aside, I feel like Greg is so behind with the times that he still thinks Lol a man wearing a dress is so funnny

Kids these days are raised on youtube and watch all sorts of stuff like Rupaul's drag race/james charles and jefree star bullshit. They are using drag terms and most are pro gay ect…it's not really shocking or funny to see a straight guy make unfunny skits in cheap women's disguises and put on a valley girl voice.
Maybe people would have laughed back when Shane dawson and Liam Sullivan did the whole wig skit thing but it's just cringey and I think the last time I even laughed at a straight dude in a dress was Filthy frank. But thats mainly because the content is actually funny and his silly costume isn't the main focus of the video.

No. 518747

File: 1526397405498.gif (1.98 MB, 500x281, unnamed.gif)

Speaking of filthyfrank, does anyone remember when Greg complained that joji was stealing his content?

He said something along the lines of 'I was doing that running around being an idiot thing before filthy frank but everyone just likes him and idubbz because they are 'in' right now'

There's more to Filthy Frank's videos than just wearing weird shit and running around. He makes better music, characters AND skits than Greg.

Sorry if the frank talk seems like I'm derailing but the reason I brought it up is because I feel like Greg has mimicked his videos poorly recently. The covered in brown shit, the screaming and the weeby girl costumes are the main similarities, but he's missed the social commentary and humor that joji has hidden amongst the retardedness.

I know some might say 'but frank doesn't exist anymore, he's been Joji for ages now, why would Greg even mimick him now?'
Just remember that he literally made a five nights at freddys video the other day and noone has given a shit about that game for like 3 years.

Anyway, sorry for the sperg, just an observation I made on his recent content, I could be wrong.

No. 518751


It doesn’t help that Shiloh and Billie were the most exciting relationships, too. We all tend to agree that Skye is the least cow-ish of the Onion women, though she still has to be a cow to some degree for hopping on that microdick. She was safe and “normal” looking and being married to her probably made her seem domestic and boring as shit (even though he was the one who convinced her not to work). Shiloh was somewhat famous and looked new and exciting with her colored hair and piercings and tattoos and quirky fashion sense. He left his wife for 5 years for a 17 year old semi famous singer.

Adrienne was a blend of being mature and “normal” though she had an alternative edge to her as well (having Al Jourgensen for a father after all). Thankfully she is somewhat like Skye in being less cowish and left his ass after a few weeks.

Along came the plain young doormat who was spoiled and pampered and still thought her life was terrible and miserable. We all know how that went. Lainey is literally the rebound and she’s deluded herself into thinking he married her so quickly because “we’re soulmates guyz” and not just that his ego was almost non existent.

Billie was also young, pretty, adventurous in spirit, liked anime, and probably reminded him of Shiloh (but not as famous so not as threatening). Billie was kind of a loser back then for being a dropout without a job or knowing how to drive, but she was much prettier than his wife and wanted suk mi, so that was good enough for Grug.

We say that Shiloh and/or Billie were/was the love/s of his life probably because they were a challenge. Billie travels by nature, she likes to adventure, and Shiloh was heading towards fame. They weren’t and aren’t women who wanted to be tied down. Skye was someone he knew in high school. Adrienne almost moved to be with him, but smartly balked. The only thing that was every a challenge or a chase about Lainey was the fact that she was 17. Greg probably fucking loved convincing her that her parents weren’t “fighting for their love”. He loved the drama of sneaking around and talking to lawyers, marrying her in secret, all of that because he finally got to feel like he “won” when she moved to Washington with him and knocked her up.

Sorry for the armchairing, it’s just so remarkable how we, mere farmers, can see Gronk’s sick behavioral patterns so easily, but his ugly wife will cover her ears and chant “twin flames twin flames” forever.

No. 518754

Also, Filthy Frank was funny despite being an edge lord. The jokes/script was good enough where you weren't subjected to listen to him beat a dead horse into the ground while screetching. Also, Joji himself had life experience which shaped his humor and had other popular YTers as friends.

While Gregma has no life experience, a shit sense of humor, and no friends.

No. 518758


>I know some might say 'but frank doesn't exist anymore, he's been Joji for ages now, why would Greg even mimick him now?'

>Just remember that he literally made a five nights at freddys video the other day and noone has given a shit about that game for like 3 years.

maybe that exactly why.
maybe it's because filthy frank is no more, that greg feels now is the time to fill that empty slot and insert himself to take over the filthy frank fandom.
he obviously couldn't compete with him back when he was active, but now that he's gone … well he still can't. but he doesn't know that, does he?

No. 518759

Adrienne wasn't exactly 'normalish', she was/still is definitely alt too - septum ring and make up, all that stuff.

No. 518760

Or it was from when Plainey tried to cosplay during the Onion/Momo crossover but was sensible enough to give up on the idea, she might've bought other basic bitch cosplays other than Misty. But LGH paired the wigs to the correct outfits which is weeby as hell.

No. 518762

George/Joji created actually dark edgy characters with Filthy Frank and Pink Guy. He knew how to differentiate youtube from his personal endeavors. Plus he wasn't an absolute moron kicking everyone who disagrees with him to the curb. Whereas Gregory and Onision are one and the same despite Lame claiming the opposite. And we all know how many friends LGH has.

No. 518765

Hey wait, why is Greg's Twitter pic still of one with his old fried hair?

That's not exactly representative of his noggins current state.

If Greg's new state is a big bald cue head, shouldn't he at least be owning it, like a man would?

But maybe, he should bleach it now short, might look cool. Like a sk8r boi in high school cool. Kek.

No. 518767


he was an 0ni0n b0i, she said "be mad 0ni0n b0i"-
he wasn't rich enough for her
She had a pretty face,
Not like his "gay prince from space" -
She needed to be chained down in basement

No. 518772

Gurg is now a admin on foots discord

No. 518773

File: 1526404778360.png (256.73 KB, 2518x1024, cuck wife vs chad weed.png)


all of these pictures reminded me of virgin vs chad edits. made one but i can't draw lol maybe some anon could fix it later.

No. 518784

File: 1526406674935.jpg (18.95 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Ive been trying to figure out what she reminds me of but now i realize hahaha

this is high quality content

No. 518786

coincidentally shreg's favourite anime character…..hmm…….

No. 518794

I always hoped for real trans people to call her out on her bs so maybe Lame herself wakes up and sees how ridiculous her whole charade is.

No. 518799


I think that's what Greg thought he wanted- someone door matty. But he's bored. There's no drama because she goes along with whatever he says. Greg loves drama and he wants a challenge. Hence all the sperging over Billie. She gave him that.

No. 518800


Lol that's why Greg made all those twitter posts about "children should always be with the mother"… Because there will be no custody case if they ever get divorced.

No. 518811

File: 1526411143070.png (1004.01 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180515-150500.png)

No. 518814


He always speaks highly about this black girl he supposedly dated. And HS anons told us that she wasn't real, either, although we already knew that. Both fake af.

No. 518835

>squatting like you're Bigfoot shitting in the woods at the dining table

What a catch. No wonder 'Landon' is fighting off all their Tinder admirers.

No. 518837

From Toronto here as well! Lol I am dead. I totally see it

No. 518839

He did say that the only black girl in their circle was a close friend of Skye’s so I imagine gurg just made up some relationship in his head

No. 518841

File: 1526415222469.png (17.59 KB, 488x175, kalvin.png)

Kalvin Garrah. I would love if some trans person roasts lamey. I think he should react to her "am i going to transition video". Also that post is a community post on his channel if anyone wants to comment on it. Here is a cringe comment of someone saying lamey is too lovely a human to be reacted to for her transtrending. Please.

No. 518848

She wouldn’t be so nervous about it if she had nothing to hide. But I fail to see how anyone can find her “lovely” unless they’ve never watched a younow stream. She plays up the fragile innocent act on YouTube but then let’s her sour pettiness flow out on younow

No. 518860

Check the community portion of his Youtube, and that's where he's looking for suggestions.

No. 518862

It's a nice sentiment and all, but trust me when I say I think it will embolden her and make her dig her heels in deeper. Just like any other time anyone actually tried to help her.

You cannot question her. At all. People in her Discord have made the gentlest suggestions and she has panicked and gotten anxiety attacks. She doesn't want to hear anything "negative" from anyone.


Make sure to give him some encouragement then.
There are people that truly think Lainey is wonderful and can do no wrong.

No. 518865

lol she always throws out shes having a panic attack when she doesn't want to respond to any criticisms about her and wants to shut them up. Even if they are her actual fans, she'd rather guilt them into feeling bad for questioning her or suggesting she change anything than admit she could possibly be wrong about something. She's exactly like onion in that aspect. "Stay in line or you are not a true fan!!"

No. 518866

File: 1526418958618.png (1.13 MB, 1240x866, transtrenderaf.png)

Gronk's trying to whiteknight his space wife.


Peep him calling out Kalvin in the tags.

No. 518872

He's trying so damn hard, it's embarrassing.

No. 518875

File: 1526420486032.jpg (478.74 KB, 1037x997, Greg be buthurt .jpg)

He's such a tool
Also, all those trans cringe iterations
Is he shading lamp?

No. 518877

>I refuse to call anyone out, I've done too much of that in the past!
>Tags "Kalvin Garrah" "Kale Garrah"

Also does he not stop to think that people are calling out this ridiculous behaviour because it is offensive to transgender folks who are actually struggling and contributes to people not taking the very real issues they face seriously?

No. 518878

"i'm not gonna drop names" he says

No. 518880

He's definitely trying to get Kalvin's fans to watch that video.

And I think he's trying to intimidate Kalvin.

No. 518881

File: 1526420941317.png (36.01 KB, 654x303, temp.png)

No. 518883

File: 1526421027630.jpg (35.45 KB, 408x262, tumblr_inline_n5ot6jBkDf1szfdl…)

Good call, anon.
Here's some more hypocrisy, ala LGH.

No. 518885

File: 1526421270053.png (129.46 KB, 842x568, e77.png)

No. 518886

File: 1526421319499.png (11.17 KB, 450x149, tumblr_inline_n5ot6fYUGA1szfdl…)

No. 518889

File: 1526421492609.png (284.86 KB, 1392x1760, Swamp tour.png)

This gave me a chuckle. Sure Shreg, it has everything to do with your loved ones and nothing to do with the fact that you're scared to leave the swamp and wear a bulletproof vest everywhere.

And ofc it has nothing to do with the fact that maybe 10 people would actually pay to see you, if their parents would let them.

No. 518892

Kalvin didn't even make a video about her yet and he already churns this shit out? Hes not even part of the trans LGBT community and wants to speak for them.

>At least these other people have the excuse of not knowing what it's like. They were given typical boring brains. You, however, were given an interesting brain

Yup thanks onion for confirming that's how you and your transtrender wife view trans and LGBT people. A trend that makes you interesting.

No. 518894

File: 1526421903469.png (1.39 MB, 1440x2018, little boxes full of tickytack…)

He's made 3 seperate gifs WKing about this. His wording is.. unfortunate.

No. 518895

No. 518896

File: 1526422188401.gif (1.86 MB, 480x303, tumblr_p8ll08U1QV1qbnxbno1_500…)

>It's not fun having people look at you like you're weird.
>I hate it when people look at me dressed as a woman.
>I feel awkward.
>I don't like attention like that.
>Why would someone identify as trans when they're not trans?

No. 518898

File: 1526422222158.png (226.48 KB, 1440x1132, Thanks but no thanks.png)

>thanks onion for confirming that's how you and your transtrender wife view trans and LGBT people. A trend that makes you interesting.
This comment says it all.

No. 518901

File: 1526422675582.png (24.87 KB, 737x273, laineybaww10.png)


No. 518902

Sure he is anon! He is pansexual and bi-romantic, plus he technically is in a gay relationshit with Blandon.

No. 518904

If a majority of people are agreeing with the perspective from someone who has pretty much no subs/fans and the "hate" videos are getting a lot of views/likes…maybe…just maybe…there are things about you that are fucking obnoxious that people actually hate. And it isn't just "haters" making up stuff. If some rando made a video about shane dawson or some smaller but still big enough youtuber, it would likely be heavily disliked because they are likeable people.

Also if you think "hate" videos are so damaging, maybe you should tell your husband to stop making them about other people. But no, you're fine with that of course. And you wonder why people dislike you. Idiot.

No. 518905

File: 1526423936932.png (285.29 KB, 1440x2542, Master Thespian.png)

Holy shit, the handwringing, pearl-clutching, bouncing around, grimacing. He's such a terrible actor it's painful. He doesn't give a shit about any of this.

No. 518906

File: 1526423958572.png (16.41 KB, 580x218, kalvin.png)

Lamey is sure going to have a "panic attack" about this.

No. 518907

File: 1526423997016.png (372.64 KB, 570x537, Screenshot (9).png)

Hi, I'm Micropeen McGurgles. Your transtrender white knight for the evening.

No. 518912

File: 1526424161074.png (28.02 KB, 643x577, temp.png)

No. 518913

She had a right spergout yesterday and now her Discord is a bit more locked down from the "haters".
It's going to become the ultimate hugbox, like Greg's has already.
Isolating themselves further and further.

No. 518914

File: 1526424293035.png (29.19 KB, 731x305, laineybaww6.png)

No. 518916

My God, I knew he was an transphobic asshole but not THIS much of an asshole.
>She had a right spergout yesterday
Do you happen to have any pics of it?

No. 518921



Lainey, we know you have little spies constantly refreshing this page so they can run back to you with the latest "rumors" (and by rumors I mean the harsh reality of your pathetic, sad excuse for a marriage) so here's a nice little note for you: You trying to jump ahead of the criticism that is coming your way is so sad and obvious. Nice attempt at invalidating anything Kalvin has to say before he can say it, you and your loser husband (who's a horrible, laughable actor btw) are truly peas in a pod.

No. 518924

Check her YouNow moments yesterday.
Most of her spergout is the same stuff already said. She's just panicking that Kalvin is coming for her and she's SO SHAKY with her identity right now, so she's so worried she'll lose her subscribers.

No. 518925

Shes scared of this 17 year old high schooler trans dude making a video about her and trying to act like a victim, probably wanting others to stop him from making the video. Please. Why are you so terrified if you don't believe you are a trender? She is 23 years old and this is what she freaks about.

No. 518928

i hope someone links him to gregs video just so he knows what garbage ppl they both are

No. 518931

Lol shes so fake. I watched a video kalvin did in the past roasting this other transtrender, and he constantly mentions how his own dysphoria is so bad it makes him want to die if he couldn't transition and things like that. Then you see lameo in her younow parroting that shit "it fucking sucks and it makes me wanna die" and really playing up "I HAVE DYSPHORIA".

She probably lives on the youtube channels studying what people think a true trans person is like/would say and copies it so people can't call her out for being a trender. Shes so desperate. She knows a lot of people say you can't be trans without dysphoria, so shes really trying hard to play it up like she has this terrible dysphoria. But of course…she doesn't want to do anything permanent to change it.

No. 518933

I thought about it, but then realized this might actually bring gurg attention and I definitely don't want that.

No. 518937

You don’t have a “gender crisis” plainey, you just fucking hate your life so you project your problems through transtrending, you absolute meme of a human being

No. 518941

All i care about is numbers to get paid, DURR I'M LAINEY!

And here I was, all happy that Shreggs teeny peen and sack wasn't in this thread, but nope, there it is in all it's shrivled 2 inch glory

No. 518944

Lainey started to really experience "dysphoria" after childbirth and her complaints all stem from the fact that her udders are still lactating and her hips are wider whether from childbirth or just being older and storing fat there.

Honestly I'm not gonna be surprised if she's diagnosed with body dysmorphia rather than having gender dysphoria.

She has lamented about missing her pregnant belly and is super into breastfeeding.

No. 518946

It's been over 3 years and she still can't decide which gender label she wants to commit to. It's such a crisis when you can't decide which one is the most trendy to call yourself, so you change it every year!

Shes so uncomfortable with her boobs that she wants to breastfeed for as long as possible and lactation consultant is the job she wants if shes not doing youtube lol. She just needed some shit to claim she has dysphoria about and it's always very half-hearted. "I have chest dysphoria but ill probably be okay after i stop breast feeding if they go back to their old size! BTW can't get chest surgery because once it gets close to having to stop breastfeeding ill prob pop out another baby to continue having an excuse!" and "I just want my voice a LITTLE lower, but thats not worth starting T for because then ill be too manly and i dont want that!". And the hip dysphoria is just laughable because she already has like no hips.

Shes never getting diagnosed. If she ever sees someone, she will make sure to only find someone who will confirm her own beliefs or will reject what they are saying.

No. 518947

So lainey gets freaked she might be exposed by a real transman and flips out thinking she'll lose subs so she sends her attack dog to do her dirty work in a preemptive attack.

Cunts. They're both Cunts.

No. 518949

Wait she said she wants to be a lactation consultant? Why the fuck do people piss away money on degrees they aren't using?

No. 518950


A grown mother of 2, bitching about the harsh realities being shared by a HIGH SCHOOLER who is clearly wiser and more mature than she is.

No. 518954

She's probably been whining about this to him all day. Her life is such a struggle.

Shes talked about it before and in the most recent boyfriend girlfriend video one of the questions was "what would you want to do if you weren't doing youtube" and her answer was lactation consultant. In the past at least she pretended she wanted to be a child counselor even though we knew that would never happen. Even onion has laughed at the thought of her using her degree and said she got a degree for the sake of getting one.

No. 518955

File: 1526430192346.jpg (76.68 KB, 897x699, smallboi.jpg)

Their old size meaning really fucking boobsy?
Girl has always had a decent sized rack. its not like pregnancy suddenly made them huge when they used to be small.

No. 518956

She has large boobs when she was in HS

No. 518958

And remember, she once thought she'd be a surgeon. The girl who can't pull herself to sit in front of a screen for an hour on YouNow because she's sooo tired… who can't be bothered to do any research or put any effort into any damn thing (and then doesn't understand why so many people think her "work" is trash)… she once thought she had the drive and intelligence to be a SURGEON.

No. 518961

File: 1526430444975.jpeg (7.48 KB, 194x259, images.jpeg)

>muh dysphoria

No. 518963

she used to show off her cleavage all the time. She was clearly proud of them. I don't really understand how you can go from showing off your boobs in every photo to, I dunno, being ashamed of them or whatever the fuck it is she is feeling. makes no sense.

No. 518965

I really wish I could see alternate universe lainey to see what she would have ended up doing if onion didn't respond to her fangirl tweets.

Lol she had to come up with reasons why she wouldn't transition. From her recent videos its so apparent she aint trans.

Her hip dysphoria excuse:
>they've just randomly gotten smaller recently, idk why but it's much better now so i dont really have much of a problem with it!

her boob excuse:
>before i ever had kids i had a very small chest and i didnt have a problem with it.
>it will likely go back to that after im done breast feeding so problem solved!
>but of course i cant even think about that until im done breast feeding so i can hopefully have more time to find excuses!

Lol so she totally had a small chest and it will all fix itself guys!! So…how exactly are you trans then? Your dysphoria is your boobs getting bigger from having kids, something a trans dude would likely not even be doing because having kids would CAUSE dysphoria.

No. 518966

File: 1526430872168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.9 KB, 615x200, 1610.jpg)

it directly coincides with her childbirth and prolonged breastfeeding. Two kids and one that's been going ham on your chest for 4+ years is going to make anyone's breasts look like overbeaten flapjacks.

No. 518969

well sure, but that's not what she's claiming. she says she wants small/no breasts at all, not firm perky ones. though what she says and what she really feels aren't one in the same

No. 518970


Nah, anon she already had Trot in that pic, I think she means when she was a cheerleader and probably had some muscle on her body. And wasn’t a mom yet of course.

Lainey wants to have a vagina, small boobs, wear makeup, and androgynous clothing. She literally sounds like any other 23 year old woman, minus maybe the boobs. The reason she wants smaller boobs and hips has nothing to do with wanting to look like a 16 year old feminine teenage boy. Every mother says that about their body after they have kids. Who the fuck is she fooling?

No. 518972

She's had to convince herself that she's cool with the concept of Greg fucking someone else in a poly scenario when she so clearly isn't.

She's had to convince herself that her ""girlfriend"" cheated on her, with her husband, but her husband isn't the scumbag for orchestrating the whole thing.

She's had to convince herself that her insecurities are rooted in her discomfort with her own gender when it's more likely she's internalizing her shitty husband's general disdain for women who are proud of their looks and femininity.

She's living a lie, and yet she claims to think her anxious thoughts and feelings are SO RANDOM…

No. 518973

how many fucking times is he gonna use this title tho 4rl

No. 518976

>"why would someone pretend to be trans when they're not trans; it's so hard to be trans!"

Victim-hood and status of course. Everybody does regrettable or offensive things. But then when someone claims they are [insert protected class] you come off as the asshole for holding them accountable for their actions.

Lainey uses the LGBT community as a shield against valid criticism.

No. 518978

she's fooling confused children, sadly.

children whose parents pay her income.

No. 518981

nah it was a reaction video on someone else, i watched it before it was gone.

No. 518983

Nah todays was about two "demi girls/boys". Kalvin wrote that a new video is coming out tomorrow, most likely Lainey video

No. 518986

No. 518988

JFC those eyebrows make me want to punch myself in the face

No. 518992

File: 1526434748828.png (2.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180515-213459.png)

Pretty sure this is from when Greg and her first started dating and her chest looks a bit smaller, again this is right after highschool and she was a competitive cheerleader.

It still makes me giggle that she talks about being such a smol bean and yet she was not a flier she was a base.

No. 519000

Is the other girl a midget?

No. 519002

File: 1526435968569.jpeg (96.43 KB, 1242x309, 2FC821CB-37C9-43BC-8DF8-D38F09…)

Why do you have the same avatar as lainey’s current YouTube account lol?

No. 519003

I think Lainey posted that on discord and the anon just reposted here

No. 519005

She is definitely skinny here though,probably just a base cause of her height. So hard to picture her being a cheerleader or doing anything normal/sociable

No. 519006

Ah thanks

No. 519007

These people took the words right of my mouth.
Also, I've notced he does the second thing a lot with a lot of things.
He'll defend it but also fetishize it.

No. 519011

She had some decent muscle on her thighs and actually some definition in her arms. Now she's just skinny fat with milk jug pancake tits.

Based on Lame's self reported height of 5'3" (I don't remember what height is agreed upon here) that would make Selena like 4"11 or something so…

No. 519012

>I'm attracted to biological femals yet I'm dating someone non binary, which is crazy for a cis white male.

What a racist sexist piece of shit. I hate sjw pieces of shit that think you are scum if you are cis and the actual devil if you are white. What does being white have to do with it? Is he saying black people are more open to dating transexuals now?

He bitches about this shit constantly hoping it will get him more points from females, the lgbt community and people of other races but it truly shows how fucking ignorant he is.

There are plenty of white cis males that end up dating men/transexuals.
Jefree star's boyfriend was straight, Blair white's boyfriend was too (yes I'm aware there is speculation he's a tranny chaser)
Why does this asshole think that he's the most open minded white male to ever exist?

God I hate him so much. Plus, he screeches that people are sjws if thy so much as disagree with him, but his wife is one and this video is the definition of a fucking sjw whiteknight.

No. 519013

File: 1526437427002.png (425.92 KB, 750x1334, D5FDB84F-C5FB-4FC1-974E-BE7E4A…)


When you have to convince your teenage fans how smol you are by saying you Mom is taller than you when you’re in boots and your mom is in heels and is still shorter than you.

And what the fuck? Someone dipshit said she looks soooo skinny and therefore so healthy. Skinnyfat is not healthy at all. Being sedentary is not healthy at all. Living on a diet of processed ass cereal and microwave burritos is not healthy at all. Exercising by sitting your ass in front of YouNow picking at your scabby lips is not healthy at all.

No. 519015

Can see your picture.

No. 519016

Hey just a heads up the instagram commenter saying she looks healthy now was directing that at current Lainey, now that she has put on some weight.

Coincidentally to an actually anorexic person being told you look "healthy" is a deathtrap mindfuck that triggers anas to heavy restrict and hate themselves. Thus further proving lainey is a transtrender and an e.d. butterfly.

No. 519017

File: 1526437930801.png (401.9 KB, 1000x1015, dermatology.png)

No. 519018

>one more thing, before I leaave.
>continues to sperg for another 6 mins.

Ugh he's doing those dramatic hand gestures like Logan Paul does when he attempts to 'act'
Also, his dramatic sighs and autistic rocking back and forth in an attempt to be 'serious'.

No. 519020

leave it anon ur cute

No. 519021

Doubt Kalvin will be doing the video on Lainey now. Someone informed him of the Greg video and now he deleted the tweet he had up where he implied he was gonna make the video.

No. 519023


what a fucking bummer. He still has the youtube post up about it tho, fingers crossed on a Lainey video

No. 519028

If anything I want him to react to Greg's whiteknight video 'this is important'

No. 519032

File: 1526440839739.jpg (84.61 KB, 1024x722, kalvinlike.jpg)


Seems possible

No. 519038

fuck anon that one is good

No. 519042

we stan a logical scientific king. all hail this Kalvin fag. no doubt if he releases a lainey roast the tumblr/kiwifarms/lolcow communities will simply revel in the negative lainey feedback as we always do, so long as it's quality.

No. 519050

File: 1526443648543.png (296.78 KB, 1429x1358, 99 problems.png)

Yeah, I think this is the least of your problems with your shitty book, Shreg.
And just so you know, a hastily filmed idiotic video isn't nor will ever be "something awesome".

I suspect he just sharts out the chapters of this book as he goes, and does he really expect anyone to believe he "edits" it?

No. 519052

Someone commented
>I think chapter 14 says it all

No. 519054

Wasn't there an image showing just how fucking short his chapters are? I like how he started writing his shit books after all the big youtubers got book deals (probably ALL had ghost writers too) and he's still here writing his shitty high school fantasies.

No. 519057

Cringing at this northern yankee faggot

No. 519058

I do not stan him, as it's the first time I've even heard of his channel, same as I do not stan Blaire White. I do however want them to make videos on onision and call out Lainey as a transtrender because it calls Taylor out for what she is and it also triggers Greg to make these angry retarded videos and angry tweets for my entertainment.

No. 519065

I stan anyone that can make well-thought out, logic’s arguments that rustle Onion’s jimmies. It’s always fun to watch him scramble to explain away something. And Kalvin’s other videos are so great because they highlight the exact problems with transtrenders. If he does it right, it will be amazing.

No. 519069

That's a bummer. I wonder if it's because his last video got taken down for "bullying", but since when does youtube take down videos for bullying? Onion's videos are still up where he clearly attacks and bullies others despite being flagged. lol.

No. 519080

File: 1526451489309.jpg (94.43 KB, 876x643, who.JPG)

Whos this person Grugs talking about.
I guess Im out of the loop.

No. 519086

Looks like he found another Andy to pretend he wants to rape. Anyone else think this person looks a little like Shane?

What's with his pretending he'd ever suck a dick though? Hetero please, the LGBT community doesn't need your straight ass tomato face trying to fit in with them. Never forget he denied his relationship with Lainey being a ~gay relationship~. What a pair of fucking snowflakes wanting to pretend they're so queer and open-minded just in time for pride month. Gotta get those interesting and trendy points with their teen fanbase!

No. 519090

Yeah his whole pretending to have man crushes is retarded. It's clear he only does it for the mentally ill fangirls that like yaoi and tumblr sjw types.

We all joke that he's a faggot but that's mainly because he is a beta and also it's from years of mimicking Shane Dawson's mannerisms, but it's obvious he likes female teens and wouldn't touch a dick like ever.

No. 519091

Sorry if it's just me but that guy is fucking ugly.

Less ugly than Greg, but still ugly af. Butt chin, stringy hair with an Emo charlie style beanie and a try hard expression.

No. 519099

I remember that name from screenshots someone posted on tempcow, it's a Norwegian(?) patron and the discord was gushing all over him. Apparently they still do. I think they even called him young Greg or something lmao.

No. 519101

File: 1526455079778.png (128.92 KB, 870x594, hashtaggirl.png)

lmao the reverse image search results. i don't know who this buttchin is though.

No. 519102

I KNEW IT. I thought he looked like a less ugly but still ugly Greg and I was like I bet Greg is complimenting him so that his teen audience would be like omg he kinds looks like yoooou.

No. 519110

Bet Lainey really loves that her man’s caveman brain immediately goes “GURL HOT” as soon as he sees someone with long hair.

No. 519111


So basically anyone who has an IQ over 70?

Tho jokes aside, idk who that guy is but if he wants to drag lains for being a transtrender then I'm all for it. I would fucking pay to see that shit.

No. 519113

File: 1526458750183.png (14.03 KB, 574x133, unknown.png)

Erland is a patron of LGH. I think he's like German or Swedish? For some reason LGH (and his band of idiots) think he's super attractive. He just looks like a mini Gurg with long hair. Other than that, he's a nobody.
Screencap is LGH announcing he's deleting his shame or something.

No. 519114

No. 519117


sometimes i think that if he hadn't responded and they hadn't gotten together - she would've just grown bored of him, like the rest of his fans.

i mean, really let that sink in.

she would've just grown up, lost interest in his videos and kept going with her live.

even now she's pretty my outgrown his videos, she doesn't seem to think he's funny anymore - whenever he jokes around she's not really joining in at all.

to think that if he hadn't answered her tweet, she would've grown up, developed more of an adult humor and found someone else to stan… even though all of that is absolutely obvious, it just fucks with my mind for some reason.

No. 519121

File: 1526461694463.png (135.64 KB, 720x911, IMG_20180516_110610.png)

Lainey is an advocate for the lgbt community now.

No. 519123


more like a spokesperson, apparently.

No. 519127


She's only saying that because Brennen was in one of Kalvin's transtrender videos. She's probably never spoken to her before but feels the need to gang up with her in solidarity against Kalvin so she has a shield

No. 519130

This so much. She is so triggered by a 17 year old that she has to sic her 32 year old moronic husband to white knight her. They are both adult parents who are so fucking scared over a video that this high schooler hasn't even made yet.

No. 519131


If you imagine that this is Lainey talking to herself as an ago boost then it makes perfect sense

No. 519132

File: 1526467322110.jpeg (123.02 KB, 750x812, EB9158D8-D912-484D-A6F2-3D0396…)

This is getting really pathetic. She must have been whining and crying to everyone all day about a high schooler just MENTIONING they might make a video about her. And she had to stalk his community post on YouTube to find that. Then she has her husband make a video ranting and fetishizing trans ppl during it. And then tries to get her trans friend to back her up on Twitter. The dude never talked to her or made a video yet. Like holy shit. How insecure are you? And she gets so upset about a video that isn’t made, but god forbid anyone questions her on why she is okay with her husband bullying people, attacking a girl with an eating disorder relentlessly, accusing people of being pedos based off nothing, attacking Shane’s and his young fans weight, actively harassing all his ex’s and revealing their highly private info. Nah that’s all fine. But oh no a high schooler might make a video about you? Let’s rally everyone to attack them!

No. 519136

Lainey is an adult mother and she's terrified that a high schooler might disagree with her on the Internet. It's honestly really sad. Most people, including trans people, in her situation would be too busy reading to their kids and playing with them. And they probably also would be too busy building their own careers to care about literal kids on the Internet but Lainey is freaking out

Not to put Kalvin down. I have no opinion of him either way. It's just sad that this is such a big deal to her

No. 519137

Isn't that alex guy someone who she used to flrt with a lot on twitter?

No. 519139


Isn't he also like 16?

No. 519143

Wow, this Kalvin really kid tore that girl up in that video. He’s so young but everything he said was truth. This is exactly the kind of person who should be making a video about Taylor. I really hope he goes through with it but it might be difficult to leave out how much of Taylor’s body dysmorphia has to do with Onision’s revolving door of teenage girls and his overall manipulative, toxic nature.

No. 519146

I’m glad that I discovered this kid today (thanks to you lot, bless you all) and I really fucken hope he roasts the shit out of Lumpy Space Prince. The girl he obliterated in that video was peak tumblr cringe.

No. 519147


>The girl he obliterated in that video was peak tumblr cringe.

No, Anon, No! Apparently she is a valid and awesome valued member of the LGBT community and that community all supports her. Taylor said so, and she is Prince of the Gays and speaks for all, apparently!!!

No. 519148

Think it's more simple than that really.

Kalvin was gonna rip on Lamey since shes a fake transtrender and some fans were asking him to do so.

But if he made a video on Lamefoot, then Greasey would make a million tweets and vids about it, and prolong drama and maybe get some new younger viewers.

So Kalvin correctly chose instead not to give these asshat ding dongs any more attention (views) by way of youtube. Or twitter.

It's better for the YouTube community to continue to ignore, shun, and blacklist Grease and Lame.
Protect the youth from this disgusting predatory couple.

No. 519150


She actually makes me feel ashamed that I have a vagina.

No. 519151

>It's better for the YouTube community to continue to ignore, shun, and blacklist Grease and Lame.
Fucking exactly. I'm honestly glad the dude decided against making the vid, Gronk might have to buy all of his fans but Lame actually has a small hugbox of loyal viscous fans.

No. 519152

The ideal scenario would be that Kalvin makes the video but doesn’t engage with either Grug or his straight waifu. Can you imagine Ogreg sperging out ad infinitum on his channels and twitter but not even being acknowledged by Kalvin? His narc rage would reach critical mass and the fallout would be glorious.

No. 519153

This is true but Kalvin also recently had a new video about another transtrender flagged and he got a wave of tumblr tards on his ass calling him a bully. Suffering LGH’s greasy wrath is something he rightfully should avoid until this all dies down since LGH will undoubtedly take advantage the current backlash against Kalvin.

No. 519159

She is the type of person that reflects who ever she is with. All of Shregs exes had their own personality and eventually realized what a nutbag he is, Lainey? Nah. She will forever support this cunt no matter how abusive and shitty he is because "twin flames uwu". She knows he is an awful prick but will continue to say otherwise because she is an empty person and doesn't know how to deal without somebody to obsess over. If Grugly had not preyed on her there is a good chance she would have been picked up by some other psycho because that's the kind of men she attracts. She needs therapy to break the cycle and find her own self worth, whether that ever happens depends on if anybody can get it through her skull. Hasnt happened yet, probably won't happen unless Greg goes to prison, and even then she will probably be that "ride or die" and be there for him while telling everybody to stop calling her out because "muh anxiety" and "I couldnt control that he was hitting up minors for nudie picks".

No. 519161


from what she said the guy she listened to music with was really romantic and cute, and she probably would've been happy with him or someone like him - she dated only one apparent scumbag (besides onion) and i don't think he would've ruined her to the point of needing therapy.
if onion hadn't answered, she probably would've lived a normal life, with a normal guy who thought she was shy and cute if not interesting.

i think only after being with onion and splitting with him would she need therapy, not that one guy in high school who allegedly treated her badly.

No. 519164

Lol now it’s Lainey turn to convince him to “explore” his sexuality and bring a hot guy to the house.

No. 519165

Kalvin just had a 'come to Jesus' moment about bullying so the chances of us getting the Lainey video are dwindling.

No. 519168

Onision speaks is jumping ahead of it I guess with a "this is important" video. I hope Kalvin does a vid now.

No. 519176

More like slim to none.
^the vid if anyone's interested.
tldw he felt like he's been a bully recently so he's going to stop reacting and calling out stuff like transtrenders, i.e Plainey.
It's honesty for the best, I'd hate to see another person wrapped up this mess.

No. 519178


Congrats to Lainey and her fellow trantrenders on successfully intimidating a 17 year old into silence on their own mental illness

No. 519180

I don't know why she won't just let this Kalvin person speak his mind. He's his own person, she doesn't control him.

No. 519181


That's her usual line but got a feeling that she'd like nothing better than to shut this kid up before everyone catches on that she's a fraud that makes a mockery of trans issues

No. 519182



Her own husband is allowed to harass and bully who ever he wants for whatever reason he wants and she doesn't care (or even supports it). Something involves her? NOW we need to get up in arms about bullying waaaaah.

No. 519186

Fuck that just pisses me off all the more. I wish blaire white or whatever would pick up on this intimidation that has been ALL OF LAINEYS DOING just because the sly moneygrubbing youtuber whore doesn't want to be outed. Fuck lainey, She has finally become just as bad as her gay ass husband.

No. 519187

File: 1526487837264.jpg (523.8 KB, 3840x2160, BillieKiss.jpg)


She's about 5'4 or 5'5. Billie is actually 5'3 and Plainey is much taller than her in all of the pictures of them together.

No. 519192


Billie claimed in a Q & A video that she was 5’2 1/2” and Lainey claims to be 5’3”. That can’t be true because they’d look about the same height and Lainey is clearly a few inches taller than her.

Now who could be lying? The girl who literally has never brought up her height at any other time, or the transtrender who constantly calls herself a very smol weak bean with tiny feet (she looks like a size 8, which is painfully average, just like the rest of her)

No. 519193


This bitch will just say shit like 'Greg is his own person' or 'I don't control what he does' when questioned about him bullying people about their mental disorders, eating disorders, if they have a religion, if they pray or tweet thoughts out to victims of awful crimes. Not to mention he will post continuous videos harrassing and mentioning his ex girlfriends and falsely accuse people of being nazis or racists to assassinate their characters, and all is fine for Lainey, but when an ACTUAL trans person who has had the struggle of suicidal thoughts and actual dysphoria decides to voice some opinions on her problematic behaviour in ONE video, this cunt comes crying to daddy onion who makes a cringey whiteknight video. Plus she decides to like and respond to every transtrender on twitter that hates Kalvin.

I watched some of Kalvin's videos and the people he can't stand are just like Lainey.

I feel sorry for him, because in one video he said he literally wore his binder 24/7 and only took it off to shower even while he stayed at his girlfriend's house and she said she didn't care, but he was that dysphoric he couldn't take it off. Meanwhile cunts like Lainey happily prance around in cutesy clothes and occasionally wears a floral binder and plasters herself with makeup. She's playing fucking dressups and she's a disgrace to all the real trans people out there.

No. 519196

File: 1526489085737.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, 2548C516-1477-459A-81AE-8BFD18…)


Plain looks like she has two inches on Billie, which would put her around 5’5”. Of course if she’s proven wrong to her face, she’ll just scoff and say “well I haven’t been to the doctor in forever because I’m soooo busy and I didn’t get my height measured. Like, that’s normal.”

And if someone brings up the average height for women she’ll get triggered and say she’s not a woman. She preaches about the difference between sex and gender, yet can handle someone pointing out that her sex is still female.

No. 519197

Who wants to bet that Lainey is going to start tossing into conversation that she has every little fucking requirement of gender dysphoria, going down the symptoms like a checklist… Wouldn't surprise me seeing as she's gotten comfy with suddenly claiming to have dysmorphia too (in spite of the fact that she refuses to talk to a legitimate professional about any of this; no, tumblr is not an authority on all things gender, no matter how "valid" you think it is, Lainey)

No. 519200


Yup. Her ass doesn't have Gender dysphoria, she has BDD and is just riding a bandwagon because she won't see a therapist and thinks people on tumblr are just as good as doctors.
She can't handle her body changed after pregnancy and wanted validation. Guess what's the easiest way to do that is?

No. 519201

Was this tent before, during, or after the Bandaid Pregnancy Saga?

No. 519202

This was after Cuddlegate.

No. 519203

Lainey was pregnant throughout the entire relationship almost. Feb 2016-Nov 2016.

No. 519205

I bet he got them to stand together to take this picture. Their tight lipped awkward smiles show how fucking not into each other they were.

No. 519207

File: 1526491285750.png (968.74 KB, 938x601, cuck lame.PNG)

He uploaded it on July 22, 2016 (during Lameo's first and only vacation lmao) which was about three weeks after Billie came back post-Cuddlegate. Lame was (probably) 5 months pregnant at the time.

No. 519209

Billie's hand is not even on her body fully, like semi hovering. The more I think about the Billie sitiation the more I see Lainey and Greg as predatory bored adult swingers who preyed on a teenager looking for excitement. They used that girl like a toy. She has such a 15 year old's face in that picture too. Creepy.

No. 519210

I don’t even think she has BDD either. A person with BDD wouldn’t be fine taking pictures or videos of themselves. People with BDD are so obsessed with how ugly they are that it often drives them to seclude themselves socially. Many are suicidal. If anything,Lainey seems to have normal insecurities with some Pro-Ana tendencies.

No. 519211


Well, yeah, anon. Ayalla (or however you spell her name) tried to sneak Billie out in the middle of the night through Shreg's garage and he caught them and made her stay. I'm not shitting you.

No. 519212

the comments are golden.

how do they both manage to keep their heads so firmly up their own asses?

No. 519215

Uh no, she ended up leaving that night. Greg raged about it in a video. That's also the reason he kept calling Ayallah ugly in another video.

What's with all these anons replying with things to other people like they are newfags lately? I've seen quite few people correcting others or pointing out common knowledge shit about the onions.

No. 519216


Ah, my mistake anon, sorry. Am not newfag, been here since the beginning.


I watched that video too and I was SO excited that he was going to do one on Lainey. I hope he does it anyway. Blaire White also calling out Lainey would be a dream.

No. 519221

I didn't mean that you were a newfag, I meant that I've seen a lot of people saying things to others that is like obvious to long time hate followers.

Also, sorry if I came off like a bitch and sounded hostile, it's just sometimes I notice when people point out shit about the Billie situation, defend her about the abuse or even point out that she is pretty (which IS irrelevant to be fair) people with a hate boner for Billie will screech that said anons are stanning Billie or say she's a slut or she's ugly or she knew what she was getting into, when in reality, like her or hate her for looks or personality, it's obvious that she was a teenager that they used for their sexual amusement.

Just because she consented, does not mean they didn't fuck her up emotionally from the whole debacle and even the consent thing is questionable because Greg basically told the internet that during a sex session, Billie felt uncomfortable to sitting on his face like he wanted.

But yeah, sorry for sounding like an asshole.

No. 519223

File: 1526493333244.png (2.24 MB, 1136x640, 9769DCC6-5740-4774-97E9-C48A3A…)

Sadly they’re not wrong, Gruck is pretty much in love with himself.

No. 519225

I wish Blaire would make a video on Lainey too, but I don't think she will because she only trolls Greg because he's an aggressive douche. She reacts to other transtrenders like Lainey but I think she realises Lainey would cry like a little bitch and get too triggered over it, Lainey also hasn't made any videos to or on Blaire personally, so I think Blaire will just leave it.

Blaire has however made indirect hilarious jabs at Lainey like in her recent video where she dresses as a guy and her caption said 'i look like someone onision would date'
She also said something along the lines of 'your confused wife' or some shit that Greg raged about and asked her in their debate why she was invalidating Lainey's special gender.

It was funny as fuck

No. 519227

Yeah he is his, but both he and butt-chin mc clone are still ugly as fuck. He might be a narc, but he has bad taste.

Also I wanna see more photos of Butt-chin mc clone, because I feel like he'd be even uglier without his beanie and 2deep4U angle and lighting. I bet he looks like one of those skinny gresy long haired metal heads who stink of b.o and are too shy to even approah a woman in public.

No. 519229

And I actually have a theory they use each other.

Greg is complimenting Butt-chin because he's younger and other patrons find him hot, and because he resembles himself, so BAM, more compliments by default.

Butt-chin probably either is a fanboy that models his likeness after Greg OR some ex gf or someone at his school or whatever told him he looked like Greg…either way, all he has to do is join the onision forums/be a patreon, and BAM instant pussy and nudes by default.

No. 519230


> I look like someone Onision would date

kek, I caught that, too.

Honestly, you're right. What makes Blaire so hilarious up against Onion is that she does not take him seriously at all (him and Plainey take themselves WAY too seriously). Making a video on Lainey would be taking them seriously and ruin the joke.

No. 519231


Apology accepted anon <3

Yeah, and I highly doubt that he went to Billie and said, "Hey, mind if I go on Youtube and tell the whole internet that I wanted you to sit on my face but you were uncomfortable? Yes? Ok, cool."

It makes me wonder what kind of shit they tried to make her do. It only came to light after he wanted to chain her to the basement and stuff like that. Before that, and even after, she's been pretty respectful/quiet about the whole thing. The only other stuff we heard was through Drew.

No. 519232


i didn't really follow drew at any point, so i didn't hear what he had to say - where can i find that?

No. 519233

God I forgot about that. Fucking gross. I don't know which would be worse: sitting on his fugly pock marked tomato face or getting down on his reptar dick for suk mi.

No. 519234


I don't think he said too much. He said that Billie told him that Greg's kids cry more than any other kids she's ever seen in a Youtube video. Greg sperged and make 20394825905348 twitter statuses about it.

No. 519236

File: 1526495735810.jpg (74.39 KB, 970x582, e310f0cb-56e6-4571-84cb-906b27…)


omfg is this recent?

No. 519237

He also said that Greg kept trying to find excuses to text her about tax stuff. And he made limited merch that said 'fuck greg' on it.

No. 519238

Yeah I think it's from the swamp prom video.

Seems the flies follow them to whatever house they move to.

No. 519239

File: 1526495968956.png (12.62 KB, 588x160, kalvin.png)

Kalvin liked this tweet so there is still hope for a video. Also I think this whole ordeal probably made him dislike lamey even more (and she wonders why people dislike her lol). Before it seemed like he didn't really know much about her but saw people were requesting a video. Funny because he refuses to make a video on some other person because he says shes a very nice person. Maybe lamey should have attempted that instead of screeching.

Also watching some of his other videos, the kid seems to have thick skin, so i doubt they are going to bully him into silence.

No. 519243

Yeah I have no doubt he pressured her into a lot of those threesome situations. Remember when he called her boring for not wanting to do the chained up shit? Or those awkward kisses with Lainey for his youtube video? He got mad with Lainey for sitting up and stopping their threesome once because she got uncomfortable too. And this was fucking admitted by Lainey!

And personally I'd choose to sit on the face then go anywhere near his smelly dick. I'd do a big fart while he was down there.

No. 519244

I hope Kalvin is just researching the onions and that is why he's taken certain things down in the meantime. It would seroiusly be amazing to see him drag them BOTH.

No. 519247

File: 1526496622035.jpeg (35.97 KB, 382x453, 1E0C925A-B526-4E4B-A60A-10A132…)


Non-edgelord angle coming right up!

No. 519250

He's ugly as hell. No wonder grease sees himself in him.

No. 519252

Holy shit, he does look like a mini grease, it's disturbing

No. 519253

Yeah, he's Norweigan. It's funny because he and the discordfags including Greg go on about how beautiful and superior he is in recordings, I'm talking BIG ego on the guy himself, but he's actually just as insecure and bitchy as Gronkles if you don't suck up to him; a girl said she thought he was just "alright" and he kept bringing it up all pissy, ha ha Mini-Greg mad.

No. 519258

Mini grease but less fat and meaty and red but add a shit piercing and viola.

He's like if Greg had a little brother minus rosacea.

Also, I sound like such a bitch but I hate mouth and eyebrow piercings on men. It's always ugly betas that get piercings on lips or labrette.

Actually I change my mind, I hate lip piercings on both genders. Trashy as fuck.

Also thanks for the pics anon, I was so fucking curious.

No. 519260

Omg with no disrespect to Verne Troyer, god rest his soul, it'd be funny as fuck to shoop Greg and Butt chin's face's onto Dr Evil and mini me.

I honestly know it's probably too soon for some, but I'm making fun of his fictional character, not verne himself.

No. 519265

Suprised he's not more threatened by his younger, less redfaced doppelganger to be honest. Like I get he likes the comparisons but you would think he'd be mad at his clone stealing his attention and potential trinity members.
I wonder how much mini greg is paying him.

No. 519266

So first off, he kinda looks like Andy Biersack so you just know oldman onion loves the hell outta that and just like his older and much uglier counterpart, he too has mad forehead wrinkles.
Is it too soon? I could do it but i don't want to piss anyone off.

No. 519270

Forehead wrinkles are from trying to do the standard tryhard hot guy squinted eyes furrowed brow shit, although he keeps that shit up and he'll get the permanently.

Also it's not too soon for me, as I explained it's a fictional character not Verne himself, I just put the disclaimer incase other anons thought I was being insensitive or disrespectful because he died fairly recently.

No. 519271

More like Andy BALLsack amiright?

No. 519272

Andy Ballsack
Mini Greg
Butt-chin/Butt-chin mc clone and other variables

Keep the nicknames coming kek

No. 519274

Greg is onion and Erland is spring onion.

No. 519277

Please tell me he's not 16…
How cute, matching cold sores…

No. 519281

No, he's confirmed at least 18.

And the discorders gush saying he looks like Andy/Greg combined, so careful not to stroke his already enormous ego, anons! They're always watching!

No. 519282

It's like if Greg and Andy combined their dna somehow and fucked a rat and the rat gave birth to this man.

He looks like Greg and Andy and a rat all mixed together.

No. 519286

File: 1526499480009.png (765.98 KB, 867x738, swamphag.png)


No. 519288

jesus. this chick makes me look good. damn.

is that concealer or whatever on her lips?

No. 519290

He only barely resembles Andy, and the fucking ugly version at that. If he gained more weight, he'd start looking more and more like onion in the face. Also judging from that 5 head he's going to be bald in like 6 or 7 years when that shit receeds like Lainey's awful scalp.

No. 519291

File: 1526499707975.gif (2.25 MB, 363x269, 1523978355132.gif)

Ew, Gross ass youtuber-fucker.

No. 519297

File: 1526500301966.png (438.69 KB, 1440x2183, Ok Lamey.png)

>It's not about me guiz!

No. 519299

File: 1526500370226.png (442.97 KB, 1434x2145, sure Jan.png)

>I had no idea! I'm just standing up for trans rights!

No. 519306

Pologies if this has already been commented but Lames jerky feeble dancing reminds me of how Billie would always sing and sway in her own videos.
Forever the skin walker.

No. 519308

>but the community tho

Bitch all you do is take, take, take from the fucking community. Dear god I wish someone would just expose this ratty little money grubbing cuntbag already. You deserve all the hate at this point lainey. Going after a 17 year old like the coward you are. Try going after blaire, oh wait, you're too fucking scared.

No. 519313

ok straight wife, that's why onion rapidly fired out a video defending her. they want to act like such champions of lgbt rights yet onion literally sees lesbians as a sandwich that needs his meat. he doesn't see their sexuality as valid, he told that luxy girl she was sexually dysfunctional for not wanting his grease knob and he made maya uncomfortable. billie and lainey were never about supporting f/f relationships either because he always forced them to kiss for videos while he giggled and struggled to conceal his boner like creepy uncle greggy. people see through this shit. his wife's the invalid dysfunctional retard he needs to work on but he's tired of her sour puss.

mte i'm so tired of people claiming they're gonna do something and then chickening out. the only person who did and stuck to their guns really was joy and she exposed herself for the unhinged bag lady she truly is. why is everyone so scared of an army of fucking teenagers?

No. 519314

Blaire's too scared too. She makes a comment here and there but won't actually make a video calling out Plainey the same way that she did with Onion.

No. 519315

Hey since you are so altruistic lamey, why not stand up for the people your husband bullies? oh…not your problem right? The "not my problem" doesn't apply when someone is thinking about criticizing you but of course it's "not about you". Uh huh. That's about as believable as your made up gender.

Also clearly she was raging about it all on her discord before making those tweets worrying about it affecting her subs. There is caps here to prove it lmao.

No. 519318

Why though? Plainey's the exact kind of trender I'd expect her audience to be outraged about so she'd have ass lickers for days.

No. 519319

I wish someone sane would call them out and stick with it instead of backpedaling into their own bullshit.

So does Onion but Blaire did it anyway.

No. 519325

File: 1526503255898.png (106.45 KB, 641x935, cowsattractcows.png)

Lmao this alex shes friends with is a fucking cow i swear. I was looking through tweets related to the kalvin stuff and my god…conveniently ignores anything calling out onion and continues to suck on lamey's ass to further his trans agenda. Calls a 17 year old trans kid a "monster" and "bully" for not agreeing with him. Lol please. Your tweets with lames tweets are sending targeted harassment to a trans kid, but that doesn't apply to you I guess. I love how people argue that someone is terrible for defining trans, but then are defining it themselves lmao. gtfo.

Am I surprised these are the people lame is friends with? They are all horrible themselves. Anyone decent is out of her life pretty quick. If you are so upset over some high schooler saying something but fine with onion and all the people who support onion, nothing you say is of any value.

No. 519327

Can't we report their Twitters for targeted harrassment? Lainey's and Alex's, I mean.

No. 519328

yes you can report anything but twitter most likely won't do much.

No. 519331

Agreed, Twitter will not do much. Reporting Lainey definitely won't do anything, but Alex's first tweet at him could probably be reported. All Lainey did was just appreciate Alex for asskissing, and I don't think Twitter will research it much.

No. 519334

I think a lot of trans people are cautious about calling out other trans people because they don't want to fuel the truly transphobic people that think being trans is all made up. Also blaire called out riley in the past, then she made a video apologizing for it because when she talked to riley, she realized they were wanting to actually go through with transitioning (hormones, surgeries), so I think shes cautious about calling out lameo on the offchance shes not faking it. You can tell she thinks lameo is full of shit though.

I get not wanting to fuel the fire, but transtrender people are hurting the community as well because it makes it seem like trans is a fashion accessory you get to change every other day and you can treat it by just policing pronouns and not actually taking hormones/surgery. They make it seem like it is just a casual thing that doesn't require serious treatment that needs to be covered by insurance. Real trans people are at risk of killing themselves if they can't get hormones/surgeries to fix their problem. Transtrenders could take it or leave it, but they will make sure to let you know for that sweet attention! A majority of these people would never claim to be trans ten years ago when it wasn't so accepted or thought of as "interesting" and they wouldn't get a community of short-pastel-haired friends to go with it!

I'll report them both, but doubt it will do anything. Reporting alex is higher chance than lamey since he has less followers and his tweets were way worse.

No. 519336

i love this photo, it looks like a middle aged soccer mom forcing her emo teen daughter on a hike, its amazing

No. 519340

File: 1526505862564.png (1.43 MB, 1440x755, crustybot.png)

No. 519341

and she's… a beauty youtuber?

i'm clutching my pearls in horror.

No. 519342

I try and be a positive person. I try and see the best in people. But fucking hell. There’s not anything about this look that I can say works. Lainey, honey, the best thing you can do your channel is use this “drama” as an excuse to “take a week off and recover”. Drink some water, give your skin a rest, watch some tutorials that suit your style/eye shape and get some sleep.

No. 519343

File: 1526506380883.jpg (579.68 KB, 1023x1393, Hullo bebyys.jpg)

She sure is grasping at straws for inspiration
This is all i see

No. 519344

> sup fam its richie from social space prince

No. 519345

This is what giving up on your dreams looks like.

No. 519353

Lainey looks like the girl at your work place that’s always bitchy and acts condescending and like she’s better than you because you’re young/ pretty.

No. 519360

File: 1526510230685.jpg (220.93 KB, 2000x1087, 6145ed13eb3cbf2e30e4670c96e1cf…)

No. 519365

File: 1526510445531.jpg (32.04 KB, 337x292, eyeboogers.JPG)

Is that shit running down the side of her nose suppose to be there?
Like is it shitty applied glitter, or she just didnt clean her face and they're eye boogers.

No. 519367

it's obviously eyeshadow fallout, don't be extra.
lainey uses an extreme smoothing filter, so anon used another extreme filter to combat it.

No. 519381

File: 1526510853808.jpg (28.06 KB, 280x217, hmmm.JPG)

sorry for being "extra" lol
if its eyeshadow fallout, and shes done both eyes, whys there nothing on the other side of her nose?

No. 519387

Plenty of possibilities. Picked too much up on the brush, scrubbed/"blended" too hard, used her dominant hand on the opposite eye, etc. If you watch the video, you see she says "this one isn't as white/bright" and goes back to pack on more pigment.

If you're drawing a mirrored image via drawing/painting/whatever, and accidentally drop paint/leave a hand smudge/etc, you don't make the same mistake on each side.

No. 519399

She probably had too much product on her brush and/or didn't apply the same amount of pressure to both eyes because she chooses not to learn basic application techniques, including which brushes to use, and she's a messy person. Her eyeshadow is always poorly blended and uneven because of this.

No. 519401


Thank god there's someone to stick up for our Laineybot.
You bullies shouldn't be insinuating she doesnt wash her face or has eye-rocks.

Thanks for the fallout explanation anon.

No. 519402

very detailed cause and effect description. thanks I guess.

No. 519405

I don't know why other anon said you were extra, I think your first guess was correct. This is one of the worst makeup applications shes done

No. 519410

That’s not what he said.

He said he won’t go after people’s looks but he’s not going to stop doing the reaction videos and he is not sorry for them but maybe he went too far after going after people’s looks.

No. 519419

File: 1526512867445.jpeg (771.57 KB, 1920x2560, FFBDBE09-451C-4F8E-A611-731F39…)

~hey guys it’s Plainey~

No. 519424

"I don't have a skin care routine because I dont need one." Girl you're 23 and aging badly.

No. 519428

If you told me this were a 47 year old lesbian I'd be kind of attracted to her

No. 519429

Anons provide alternative opinion that the sudden appearance of mysterious white spots after applying white eyeshadow could be a result of GSH's shitty makeup skills.

Says anons are sticking up for GSH.

No. 519430

She desperately needs to drink more water. Wow.

23?? Her and Mooriah can be skin care buddies.

No. 519440

Patty cake, patty cake, bake me a cake as fast as you can. Did she just dunk her head in a bag of flour?

No. 519448

Just a heads up, fam.
Greg’s WK video is monetized.

So be sure to hooktube it only.

Also, duck him for literally profiting of the struggles of actual trans people.

No. 519452

dirty mother fucker has pasta sauce all over his lips in his Laurel/Yanny video lol

No. 519462

File: 1526515981334.jpg (95.36 KB, 479x600, 25072269.jpg)

Thanks Private Palpable.

I think we figured it out all by ourselves.

No. 519470

and you telling us you dont like reading the squabbles helps
good job

No. 519474

Torn between not wanting him to do it and absolutely wanting him to do it. If he went about it carefully without insults and just pure education while explaining that actual trans-genders literally want to kill themselves if they can't change VS someone like her who just probably hates her body-if he can explain that in a very hard yet insultless way why and how she is in the wrong here, then it just might be the lainey take-down we all deserve. If he can do it well enough, even george or whatever his name is…LGH, even that guy will probably get some kicks out of it and push her more towards growing the fuck up and being an actual motherly figure instead of trying to chase teen pussy all the time (since I'm pretty sure at this point even he's accepted he's never catching another whiff of attractive puss again)

No. 519476

Re-read my post. It wasn't a "Im rubber and your glue" insult.
I was just saying that giving your reaction to infighting doesn't help.

Try some reading comprehension classes, they should help.

No. 519477


No, thanks. I'm fluent in disingenuous cunt.

No. 519480

I tried.

No. 519500

what nightmare filter did you put this through lmao

No. 519504

He needs a central face lift. His outer eyebrows look way too high for the center. So creepy.

No. 519514

Lainey is blabbering on YouNow about her gender identity and dysphoria. She’s only making the job easier for Kalvin. She says you don’t need body dysphoria to be trans,and cites her fear of surgery complications to be what’s stopping her from getting top surgery.

No. 519526

File: 1526519059006.png (41.92 KB, 867x738, CrustyAndBusty.png)

No. 519528

jesus christ, she literally looks like an ogre, appropiate for Shreg

No. 519537

I hope someone is capturing this so he can watch it and react to it. Having absolutely no dysporhia and claiming trans? Gtfo.

No. 519539

File: 1526519725994.gif (1.51 MB, 496x280, duuuuurrrimlainey.gif)

It's uncanny.

No. 519587


In addition to drinking some water & not wearing makeup for a bit, she should also clean her brushes (and house while she's at it), see a proper doctor because she's most likely got vitamin deficiencies (I believe she's anemic), get the right supplements she needs, get out in the sun (a bit of colour won't kill her & it would help clear up her skin), and, for the love of God, watch proper makeup tutorials.

No. 519625

lmao Lainey probably saw Kalvin's new video about his fear of his upcoming top surgery

No. 519629

Said she's been anemic for 6-10 years or something like that and thats why she eats fish. Which is stupid. I'm full V and no vitamin deficiencies even with my poor iron absorption. But: i went/go to a doctor, not rely on Google.

No. 519630

She talked about in her "am i going to transition" video that she was fine with her chest pre-pregnancy and had no dysphoria and would likely not want surgery if they were like that again. Who knew you could become trans after becoming pregnant!

No. 519636

File: 1526526758384.png (837.17 KB, 948x2544, onion playtime.png)

I love all the anon art of shreg and I felt inspired to do a sketch.

No. 519638

File: 1526526913756.jpg (153.94 KB, 681x778, wd7qBaB.jpg)

Hello fellow beauty gurus!

No. 519640

File: 1526527039393.gif (2.06 MB, 150x173, 1523977767109.gif)

Extraordinary work anon, Absolutely uncanny!

No. 519642

Amazingly horrifying, perfectly captures the disgusting being that is Shreg. Great work, anon!

No. 519656

File: 1526528733916.png (1.21 MB, 1334x750, IMG_3484.PNG)

Why is Greg wearing peach lipstick?
Does he think we won't notice?
God he really is that insecure.

No. 519661

He matches his foundation better than lainey tbf

No. 519666

It looks like Shreg has sauce on his lips. Could he not bother to wipe it off with a wet paper towel?

No. 519670

It's pretty obvious he only removes stuff from his body via showering.

No. 519671

He looks more trans than his straight wife does.

No. 519674

You can't exercise them down like ballet dancers?

No. 519687

File: 1526531477508.png (1.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180515-213329.png)

Its almost like Lame forsaw the future before her as a rundown mom with this haircut.

No. 519689

Oh my god, what in ForeverKailyn hell!! It looks like he tried a different one and then rubbed it off and left the smudge-remains of the first color there after applying the second and furthermore, that wiping off the first color also wiped off some of his foundation around the lips
I will say this though, he was color-matched pretty well. Probably in Sephora. The translucent matte setting powder is a really nice touch, too bad it's more trans than his wife is

No. 519711

File: 1526533725785.png (1.76 MB, 1440x2467, MUHDYSPHORIAAAAA.png)

Another Instagram pic, but the picture and caption speak for itself.

Why the fuck is there a padded USPS envelope in the fire? Is this what the Onion's have resorted to to heat their home in the harsh Washington spring? Burning their fan mail?

No. 519718

Greg burns his cardboard waste instead of recycling it. Bad for the environment and also illegal in his state.

No. 519738

HDU. Shreg was a COP! He'd never do anything illegal. He knows the law. Shreg is the law.

No. 519747

cops would side with him, he was in the air force. if they turned up at his house he'd just give them billie's address and they'd arrest her & imprison her for 5 to 30 years anyway

No. 519765

He also trained with the marines, the army, the cia, fbi, kgb, etc. etc.

Best Onion! Billie & exes BAD!!!

No. 519769

This picture is photoshopped! How dare you spread lies, Lainey ALWAYS had dysphoria and wanted to dress like a boy ever since she was little! Don't you know that she wanted people to call her fireman instead firefighter or firelady?

No. 519770

I doubt they would side with him. If they rocked up at Billie's house all she'd have to do is show them one or 2 videos of him screaming like a banshee about her or his other exes, and it would be clear to them that he's insane and like to publicly post information about his ex girlfriends. I highly doubt if Greg made a call, no matter how calm and collected they would fall for his retarded ways. Look at the way Shiloh's manager dealt with him. He didn't buy into Greg's insults and childish manipulation.
Cops are trained to deal with difficult people and probably get vengeful friends or partners that falsely accuse their exes of shit all the time.

No. 519773

I don't think that anon was being serious.

No. 519781

lol its pretty hilarious when you followed this from the beginning. She was perfectly fine posing in a bikini and even filmed in it with her tits out. She was attempting the body positivity shit and also trying to make model pics. She was also trying to be very feminine/girly for greg and going for a more mature look at times. She wore plenty of dresses and girly blouses and short shorts. Her hair looked fried if it got long, so she kept it short but still a longer length then her current hair.Guess it wasn't garnering her enough attention.

She cut her hair short and got complimented for being a cute boy, and then she noticed the ruby rose and other nonbinary trend. She was careful about picking her label and didn't say she was trans. Then she saw people believed her and it was getting her a lot of attention. She had fangirls copying her look (sarah, lane, etc who cut their hair like her) and calling her daddy. That was when she started having her own little posse of online friends, and she was obviously lonely so she loved it. Then she starts believing her own bullshit and wants to continue fitting in with the trans twitter people so she goes full blown "im trans!! More attention please!!"

Then billie comes in the picture and shes conflicted because onion says he loves billie's makeup and hair vids. So she has to sit and do some research on tumblr and convinces herself "ah yes, trans people can wear buttload of girly makeup and have longer hair if they want and still be trans! Okay sweet! I shall copy billie's look and still be trans!" She dyes her hair, does clown makeup, and wears "kawaii" shirts/onesies.

She also definitely wanted to jump on the "daddy" "little" trend but im guessing onion didn't want to carry her around like a baby and change her diapey and give her juice boxes so she gave up on that for attention and just went bull blown im trans…and gay!! I guarantee if onion was down she would have gone full binkie princess.

No. 519792


If Kalvin makes a video about lame i hope he gets all the faxxx like these in. She literally only said she was trans because she realized she looked like a “cute smol boye uwu” with short hair. Even after she got it cut she was still rocking girly clothes. She’s just following this new nonbinary SJW trend.

It drives me fucking bad. People like her are what people see trans people as. We are not like her.


The “you don’t need dysphoria to be trans” debate makes my blood boil. How the hell do you realize you’re trans without discomfort with your assigned sex? And i’m pretty sure every trans person considering surgery is scared of what could happen at one point.

I’m curious what she will do when she finally stops breastfeeding in like 5 years. Hopefully she’s grown out of this bullshit by then.

No. 519794

File: 1526560032744.jpg (52.09 KB, 727x727, 30729530_1679192582148172_8941…)


No. 519805

I am not kidding, she looks so rough here that at first I wasn't even sure this was Taylor. FFS. She needs an intervention of some kind, not even kidding. For God's sake Sarah, if you still read here, can you have a talk with her? She looks AWFUL (and I don't mean this is just an awful picture– she looks like she's been drained by a nosferatu or something.) She needs to see a doctor and get her shit straightened around.

No. 519806

Doctors are evil and don't know near as much as daddy onion. Why would she bother?

No. 519808

you realise anon is tweaking those pictures?

No. 519810

She cannot think that she looks good

There is no difference between Taylor and my female 50 year old P.E. Instructor, who runs in the sun everyday.

Creapey dry thin skin, makeup that ages, no ounce of moisturizer ever hits that skin. No water, no sun, no good oily fish or nuts or legumes or spinach in that diet.

This might be worse. The neck lines.
Taylor couldbe a turtle comming out of her shell here.

>peach lipstick
Don't you know anon? New trailer means new lighting. Meaning Gregs gotta change up his makeup palette colour scheme.

He's just trying out new colors, he wants to feel pretty. Just like Bruce Jenner wanted to. You know, nefore he was Caitlyn.

No. 519811

This >>518496 and this >>518500 will never not be funny together.

Pinkies up!
>gotta be fancy!

No. 519812

Sorry about being OT but Jenna and Julien bought a new, absolutely beautiful house, and were super humble about it. They talked for a bit about how long they saved and were responsible about it.

I wonder if Grug will rage. Seeing a successful YouTube couple able to afford something as wonderful as that and get millions of views. He doesn’t mention J & J a lot, though it’s clear from some of Lainey’s video ideas that they try and do similar things because in their heads they think they’re a better/cuter couple. Grug has also raged before about how “Jenna Marbles can do a video of her reading mean comments to her dogs and get 3 million views in a few days but WHEN I …” on Twitter.

Thankfully, jenna and Julien have never, and will never, acknowledge O-Grease-I-On and his ugly wife. Even if they know about him at all, I’m sure they don’t like him, considering that they’re good friends with shane. Poor Ogreg, so alienated from the YouTube community by his own childish actions.

No. 519813


He’ll also rage that they can afford a gorgeous mansion in California, but he had to move to a swamp trailer. Clearly it has nothing to do with his poor financial choices, it’s ALL about the tyrannical YouTube picking favorites and demonetizing totally harmless videos about telling teenage girls if they look fat in their underwear, reading DDLG quotes, or bullying others constantly.

Jenna is the same age as Greg. She has a master’s degree. She has a supportive family and partner. She’s updated her content over the years and remained humble. She’s friends with a lot of other YouTubers.

But Gronk is the victim someone OKAYYY

No. 519814

>queer kids
Lainey is neither of these things, but she role plays as them for some weird sick fetish or something

No. 519817

They also have a better relationship and probably don't smell.

No. 519839


Plainey uploaded a review on the cheap make-up app, Hush, that makes dupes of popular palettes. On my phone so I can't attach attach a proper image of the video thumbnail but she looks really wrecked. But what else is new?

No. 519844

I didn't watch the entire thing because she's so fucking insufferable but I caught the end where she's showered (without taking off her makeup first JFC) She fucking rubs her eyes with some shitty wipe that smells of alcohol??? Way to ruin your shitty skin further. THEN WHEN SHE CALLED HERSELF A CLEAN BOY CAN SHE JUST STOP ALREADY. Fuck I hope she gets dragged.

No. 519849

File: 1526579059456.png (514.1 KB, 861x448, hagrid.PNG)

i got u boo

No. 519850

File: 1526579111102.png (515.55 KB, 854x446, Capture.PNG)

No. 519851

File: 1526579179631.png (391.98 KB, 849x448, lmao.PNG)

No. 519852

File: 1526579277872.png (455.1 KB, 858x450, Capture.PNG)

i think her blur/beauty shit is going nuts. tbh im not actually watching just scrolling for good screenies, but it seems her skin is smooth inconsistently

No. 519857

This almost looks masculine, but in a really hideous way. And damn those are some awful teeth.

No. 519864

File: 1526581161518.png (7.97 MB, 1242x2208, 325919A5-FF0D-42D1-B88C-AB452B…)

I’ve been around since she was pregnant with troy.

She only cut her hair short because Greg used to be really vocal about how much he loved girls with short hair. She got her hair cut super short once in 2015. The video is still up on her channel last i checked and she even said “I hope I don’t look like a boy”. People complimented her and she immediately picked up the dude thing. She got some button up shirts from target and started having days were she would dress like a dude then days were she would wear a dress. (Pic related) She only really wore eyeliner so when she dressed as a boy she looked more masculine than she does now but it was more like she was playing dress up. That was around the same time she came out as bisexual and then came out as a gender queer (I’m not sure if she was using agender yet as she was going from one extreme to another which is more like gender fluid than agender) she started wearing less dresses but she was just dressing lazier rather than less feminine like a v-neck shirt and leggings rather than a dress. November 15th is the first time the backwards SnapBack made an appearance then after that it was all shitty boys clothes from target. She was dressing the most masculine the first time her and Billie dated then after that she would throw in the occasional girly outfit but stuck to mostly dudes close. When they started dating the second time is when she started the skinwalking and started dressing in the weird style she does now.

No. 519865

If her eyebrows looked more natural and she caked less foundation on her face, she could kind of look like an androgynous space prince demiboy. But nah, cake moar foundation Lame. Clog those pores. Make those brows even grosser.

No. 519866

File: 1526581320743.png (7.98 MB, 1242x2208, FAE99897-2563-450A-8665-B26049…)

Right before she got the short hair cut

No. 519867

File: 1526581376983.png (9.44 MB, 1242x2208, 87E35B5B-9B2F-45FC-9269-715CA3…)

Right after

No. 519868

She's pathetic. It's like it happened overnight, one minute she doesn't want to look like a boy, next she's a "they/them" transtender monster. She's so easily swayed by others opinions I imagine if no one complimented her short hair she'd probably never have gone down this space prince bullshit road. She's so easy to manipulate no wonder Shregg had an easy time trapping her.

No. 519873

Thank you <3 and seeing this even clearer than that tiny thumbnail, ewwww. I wonder if chewing on her bottom lip during streams has ruined it because there's all these red bumps on the bottom lip.

No. 519879

This post. I want it to be remembered for future reference because it's a great way to explain why Lainey's transtrender.

No. 519890

I got to the shower part and I'm thinking maybe she jumped into the shower with Shreg for some sukmi time and just saved the make-up removal for last.

No. 519894

How the fuck does she swatch?!?!?!

No. 519895


I remember. It's right here at 2:40. Says she's scared to look like a boy like it's something she doesn't want but then a second later says that it might be "cool", though.

Definition of a transtrender.

No. 519896

yeah at this part of the video she says greg is singing but it sounds like he's just shouting in the background. It made me jump tbh

No. 519903

poorly lol

No. 519907

..is he singing to the kids?

No. 519920

Sounds like the type of noises he makes during sketches.. I dunno.

No. 519922

Are you supposed to clean your makeup before our after a shower???

No. 519923

File: 1526587691210.png (1.63 MB, 1271x1069, creepy.png)

Eesh. This one gives me the creeps, but it feels like a perfect representation of them.
Lainey looks smug as fuck that she landed herself such a prize catch, and her gay husband looks like a creepy predator.

No. 519924

make up usually requires a specific product to remove, not generic body cleansers.

personally id take it off before, since the hot shower will help your skin breathe, right? and open pores or whatever.

plus >>519852 shows after she cleaned it off with the face wipes, and its still gross and not clean. removal prior wouldve probably allowed that to come off in the shower.

/boring af

No. 519931

least she could keep a stiff upper lip in this picture.

well, if she had one.

No. 519932

With heavy make up like hers she should remove it before shower and then remove what is left during it. She clearly dont understand how face cleaning works, probably took idea from shreg who walks around with make up leftovers after skits. Despite having multiple showers a day.
I cringed so hard when she tried to wipe off make up with tissues, still has a lot on her face and then slapping on it face mask. And my favourite, during make up after doing her face she uses lip scrub and dont use moisturizer. What a beauty guru, no wonder she looks so bad, she fails at basic shit.
Her palette reviews are boring and uninformative as always.

No. 519934

WHen I go to weddings or events, they do that disgusting level of caked makeup and I'm removing it throughout the day. Even after removing it with proper cleansers, even after showering, there's still residue I keep finding the second day while cleaning my face. No wonder her face breaks out so much. It can't fucking BREATHE and colgs af.

No. 519937

Despite the lip scrub, her lips still look like shit. Scrub ya damn face and moisturize, jesus. She's said she doesn't need a face cleaning routine. Bitch, you wear more makeup that theatre people and clowns. You NEED it.

No. 519939

File: 1526589629119.png (300.33 KB, 1440x1724, Totally not fake.png)

So I was looking at Lainey's Patreon introductions page and this one stuck out like a sore thumb.

This is totally a patron and not Shreg guiz.

Also, interestingly I noticed that exactly like with Shreg's Patreon, the exclusive patron-only videos get only 10-20 likes. The highest on Shreg's recently was 58, and on Lainey's it's 57. It just so happened to be her early upload of the 10 things Onision video. The prom video got only 22 likes, 10 comments. These are ostensibly her most rabid and faithful fans. Suspicious.
I have to wonder just how much money they are wasting by padding their Patreon accounts, because Patreon takes a nice cut.

No. 519944

File: 1526590067273.png (532.14 KB, 1440x1830, patron.png)

Samefag but just clicked on this patron's profile, they joined Patreon shortly before posting that and they aren't even a patron of Lainey's anymore.

No. 519950

File: 1526591055527.png (58.26 KB, 786x855, regret.png)

some more shrek fan art for yall

No. 519952

File: 1526591457310.png (647.94 KB, 1440x2087, rape jokes aren't funny guiz.p…)

Shregg uploaded another hilarous epic roast on prank channels because he's so current and creative.
This one literally consisted of him raping his grandma. Rape jokes are only funny when HE'S the one making them, mmmkay?
Looks like he hasn't gotten around to deleting critism in the comments yet.

No. 519954

File: 1526591701235.png (1.27 MB, 1334x750, 44F51737-F075-47DA-8E54-EC1950…)

God what is she.
She just uploaded a video to patreon saying pretty much she’s “revamping” her YouTube style. More vlogs, sit down chat videos. She said she’s going to have some videos coming up with her family and old friends. Who she’s referring to as family I’m not sure if she means like her sisters and parents or like Greg and the kids? Cause she’s said before her parents don’t like to be on camera. She also said she realises she needs to start looking at the hate and her comments blah blah and she’s been looking and has put moderators on her channel and says if anyone wants to be a mod to message her and she’ll get back to them. She then goes on and on about how she wants to be a positive person to young people and how she’s gotten so many messages from queer kids and such who have said her videos have helped them and that’s why she does YouTube and shit like that. Also house tour coming either today or tomorrow. I think it’s only for $25 patreons tho

No. 519957

She should really mention that it’s an American only brand. You can’t download the app outside the US and half the products are only available on the app. And they don’t ship outside the US either so. Maybe just some basic research on what she’s selling also considering half the shit is just cheap dupes of expensive products, throwing her “I’ve never found this colour in an eyeshadow palette before!!!” statement out the window.

No. 519959

Lol "revamping" as in stealing shanes content ideas for "sit down videos" with old friends. Good lord this bitch is transparent, But not trans. kek.

No. 519973

>she wants to be a positive person to young people
She's definitely been watching Shane and wants to "inspire" people now kek.
The problem isn't going to be fixed by vlogging and inviting "old friends". The problem is that she's miserable, complains about everything and has no real identity outside of her gross marriage and gender crisis.
Shane's videos are compelling because he cares, knows who he is, leaves his house and surrounds himself with people he enjoys. He's genuine.
No revamp is going to work unless she stops being such a whiny, self-involved dipshit.

No. 519975

thinking the same thing…ryland just uploaded a q&a with his mom and siblings and suddenly lainey wants to make more videos with her family kekkkkkkk

No. 519976

if shes using a referral isnt it technically sponsored? fucking scammer

No. 519977

Why is this on her main channel? Shouldn't it go on beautybot?

No. 519982

Greg wont allow her to travel to "interview" or do a Q&A with her family or sibling in NM.
The best we can hope for is a shitty skype call where her family members is just some small thumbnail in the corner.
At the worst it will be her holding up her phone to the microphone so we can her mom or whoever on speakerphone.

No. 519986

I love how Lainey and her gross gay husband think that if they just put the perfect magical combination of tags on their videos they will be super successful.
The only reason people are interested in Ryland's family Q&A is because they like Ryland. He doesn't sit in front of a camera rocking back and forth, caking on makeup, picking at scabs and complaining. He puts effort into his videos and he's likable.
Neither Shregg nor Lainey will ever be successful unless they do something about how their horrible personalities come across.

No. 519988

Maybe thats the catch for the free shit, She has to put it on her main.

Funny enough GSW said on younow that she's going to see her family around june. I thought it was pretty weird that grease even let her.

No. 519992

She’s been talking about going since like before Easter. And when she was talking about it then she made it seem like it was soon (that month) so either she went and is going again, or pushed it back to June?

No. 519994

Yeah I can imagine either the brand wanted it on her main channel cause more subs more views or she put it there so people wouldn’t give her shit about applying it badly because it’s not a beauty channel. Can’t tell if she was being fake because it was a sponsorship (which is fucked up for subscribers) or if she genuinely just doesn’t know what good make up is or that they were 100% dupes.
Nothing bad with dupes but that could’ve even been a key selling point “dupes for ____ for a fraction of the price but just as good!” Beauty gurus do that shit all the time

No. 519997

File: 1526595024220.png (435.6 KB, 899x485, atoetothefuture.PNG)

No. 520000

She confirmed on YouNow abiut a week or two ago that Selena will be back

No. 520014

Ffs, she doesn't want her channels to die. Protip: don't bring in your filthy gay husband into almost every video, Lame. Half of her fans genuinely dislike him at this point lmao. She also said she'd start going on block sprees on Twitter. lol. Whatever Shreg does, she follows.

No. 520018

File: 1526597289393.gif (1.54 MB, 480x264, 1523977848226.gif)

This big ol' speech sounds awfully familiar, Like bunny almost….hm.

No. 520020

Shes sounding like her husband, and shes overlooking the obvious. She's not interesting, the hate wont go away because its justified and if Youtube makes her so anxious, it's not for her. Youtube is not for everyone, stop beating a dead horse girl.

No. 520028

She's doing it for them, not the money! Except in the same vid she bitched about ads and how she wants to make content that will profit her instead of just doing whatever she wants.

No. 520053

>I don't understand the system
>The system is messed up
>I don't know why I keep losing subs

your content is shit Lainey, it's not the ~system~. She and shreg are so in denial that no one wants to watch their stale videos

No. 520074

Dear Lainey, just because Shane liked your photo on Twitter doesn't mean he's going to actually help you out. Sure, people have their gripes about Bunny but she worked hard to get where she is and many people covered her rising YouTube fame. You're just trouble, Lainey. Like, your reputation and being linked to you is just trouble.

No. 520075

She literally looks like an 'After' photo in one of those meth pictures. Is that a massive bruise on the side of her neck as well?

No. 520080

File: 1526602066062.png (549.15 KB, 750x1334, FA973D8C-8938-44FA-9E83-766763…)

how long has jenna marbles been following the doormat? i barely noticed this

No. 520081

Ew jenna get away from the cretin.

No. 520124

I think a lot of people follow the Gronk family (whether or not this is on their main accounts remains to be seen) just to see what's going to happen to them.

No. 520127

People slow down to look at car crashes. The Onions are one of the biggest car crashes on youtube.

No. 520140

they sure are doubling down on the whole "fuck the haters" mentality since pewdiepie made that video about haters being right

No. 520144

the sad thing shane would probably help her channel with a least a shoutout but bc of shreg he'll never help her

gurl, pls divorce that ugli school shooter looking bitch, it would be so lucrative for you!

No. 520155

File: 1526609385286.png (53.05 KB, 1786x206, Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 11.0…)

lainey ;_;

i will say, lainey's "i'm changing up my channel" / "plan for the future" plan feels FAR more honest than gerg's. I actaully think she might put a bunch of effort into their channel. her fans might actually get more out of lainey, which would again put it far ahead of greg's.

No. 520162

So because she's so "busy", she's going to put her minions on comment patrol. Good luck.

Shreg apparently does his own and hasn't been online today. He hasn't filtered out the negative comments or put hearts on all the positive ones yet. He must spend so much time on this kek. Even with a lot of people blocked (and many people not bothering anymore because they get instantly deleted) he still has tons of critical comments.

Also I love how she claims she doesn't care about the comments, it's all about her "fans".

No. 520166


I would much rather keep up with this incarnation of Lainey. Surrounded by friends, friendlier looking, slightly fashionable, relatable, etc.

Having kids, becoming isolated, being married to a soul-sucking jerk, and firing off 20 excuses of "being too busy" to put an effort into any of her youtube videos is really unappealing.

No. 520170

samefag, but, it's literally not too late for her to turn her shit around.

she could monopolize on reverting back, put up a humbling "I was a transtrender ?!" confessional where she doesn't pull a gurg and honestly talks about why she felt/acted the way she did, and start fresh.

No. 520178

It's nothing special. Jenna follows 77k people, she probably follows back anyone with a blue checkmark and/or other YouTubers. I highly doubt she even knows who Onision is, let alone his doormat. The only people who actually know who these two morons are, are the people they have personally attacked, other small YouTubers and the people who participate in their threads. The only big YouTubers that know who Onision is, are YouTubers he's obsessed over and they make small jabs at the obsessive little onion that mentions them in multiple videos on multiple channels. They don't actually watch him and probably don't even know what his first name is.

No. 520180

File: 1526612365430.jpg (25.68 KB, 289x368, IMG_8648.JPG)

I'm so late to this reply but Lameo did not have big tiddies before getting gregnant. They were pretty small in this photo and she was 15~16 here

No. 520183

smol space prince is built like a brick house

No. 520197

I get the feeling Jenna and Shane follow Lainey as sort of ‘support’ so she doesn’t feel alienated with her abuser. I could almost understand if she was still 17, but in my opinion now that she’s an adult and the way she treated Billie, Maya, literally everyone in her life and followers, she’s just as rotten as Greg.

No. 520198

i dont think theyre pretty small there. they're not big, but they're really not 'small'. you just can't see much of them because that bathingsuit design hides your tits, js

No. 520199

No. 520201

Back then, some people were really hating on her, and i thought they were being too mean and she didn't seem all that bad. Now I think shes a huge cunt lol. Her ego is super huge now to the point shes shitting on actual trans people to boost her own status when shes clearly a fraud.

Even if she had smaller tits, you don't develop dysphoria and become trans just because you got pregnant and your body changed slightly. Plenty of moms feel uncomfortable about their post-pregnancy body. You don't claim a new gender. She is actually ridiculous. If she liked her smaller boobs, she can get a tit reduction/lift if they don't go down, not chop them off. She clearly said she was fine with her pre-pregnancy tits/hips and only had "dysphoria" after pregnancy. Then her only "dysphoria" pre-pregnancy is wanting a SLIGHTLY lower voice? Please.

Everyone called her plainey and said she was super plain when she got with greg and for the whole time she was attempting her "model" pics. It got to her, and she wanted to be special and unique, hence transtrender lainey. That's really all there is to it.

No. 520202

>Marriage lasts forever
>Mine lasted 5 years

Okay Greg before you start bashing people for their opinions on marriage maybe you should make sure your opinions align with the way you live. You would be with Skye still if you weren't pervy teen chaser, because marriage lasts forever.

No. 520207

I forgot about this. It’s creepy how he wants marriage only so he can “belong” and have someone dedicate their life to him. And it’s clear he only wants them to dedicate themselves to him and not the other way around because he says he left his marriage just because he was unhappy\bored. He would have a lot more to stand on with his first divorce if she cheated on him or something where he’s more justified in leaving rather than wanting to peruse a 17 year old.

No. 520230

His house actually looks like middle class trailer trash now. Who could have known he'd come to this point? Suppose it was going to happen sooner or later.

No. 520242

I think it's just the design of the swimsuit that hides them.

No. 520275

Well… Look at who she's married to. That's probably she she hates them. She'll probably go back to loving them after they divorce.

Yep. She's pretty much the tumblr version of Onion now.

No. 520281

She has always blocked on Twitter. She blocked 5 of my accounts and all my friends too. That’s as far back as 5yrs ago

No. 520289

It's stupid, but I think Shane is the only person who could "save" doormat and the kids from gerg. I mean Lainey always loved Shane and if he talked to her she could actually listen. + if he'd do it publicly lame would have a ton of support from his fans.

Shane if you lurk please make it your next big series lol

"Saving gender confused mom of two from evil narc husband" - that shit would get views

No. 520290

I’d be inclined to support this idea if lumpy space prince hadn’t proved herself to be as much of a cunt as her gay husband. She’s made her bed.

No. 520296

Yeah, but think about the kids. They don't deserve any of this.

Also I think that plainey could become a decent person with some sort of therapy… Not like shreg, he's a lost cause.

Also imagine gronks rage if Shane would meet Lame behind his back kek

No. 520297

Hell nah. Don’t want shane to give her exposure. It would also give onion exposure. Lame doesn’t need anymore “saving” by Youtubers. She needs to get a reality check and go see a professional.

No. 520300

Nah fuck that bitch. A couple of years ago even when he had Troy I would have agreed with you. But now she's as bad as onion himself. She makes a joke of the lgbt community, she supports an abusive horrible man that ruins other's lives, takes children's money and attempts to groom them, and she's pissy and bored to all of her fans and patrons. Fuck that hoe.

No. 520302

She has become a bully herself, She knowingly enjoys belittling and shaming others with her husband to carry her husbands favor, She literally went after a 17 year old trans boy because she was so scared of her trender status being outed and losing views/subs, All the while propping herself to "care" so much about "LGBTQ+" kids.

She's a nasty bitch and shane would do well do stay away from her.

No. 520306

I think that ship has sailed. Whilst I do feel sorry for their poor kids and would delight in Grug’s inevitable narc-sperg induced self combustion if Laundromat did meet with Shane on the DL, she needs to be slapped in the face with the cold, hard reality of being a parent and the necessity of gainful employment as a means to provide for her spawn.

No. 520307


Her going after Kalvin really rubbed me up the wrong way. She effectively bullied a transgender kid. Someone with a very real disorder unlike her fucking bullshit posturing. She deserves the sum total of zero sympathy from anyone.

No. 520317

If she divorced Onion, dropped the transtrending space prince bullshit, and became a mommy vlogger, even still do beauty videos to hone her skills, she could probably do VERY well.

Like if she got better at doing makeup she could even try to become a freelance make up artist. She would need some real fucking training and school for that, but she enjoys make up and she wants to help people so why not become a make up artist?

No. 520320

She’s too lazy, plain (no pun intended) and simple. As for her professing wanting to help people, it’s more virtue signalling than legit philanthropy. Old Shregg’s brand of narcissism is as contagious as the herp scabs on her face.

No. 520327

File: 1526643062589.png (1012.94 KB, 1487x654, ethicallainey.png)

Always the super ethical one, Lainey is letting her greasy husband parade around in the clothing she's trying to sell on Poshmark. Mind you, for almost retail price. Without telling you he's stretching it out and greasing it up.

No. 520329

The grease adds to the value.

No. 520333

brb, need to barf

No. 520343

No. 520346


there's this pretty small channel i like.
it never get recommended to me, and even tho i'm subbed and rang the bell, i'm not regular notified on what it's up to.

so here's what i do: i check on it, manually. because i'm interested in it.

what i'm trying to say is, lainey, even if the system was fucked up, and your notifications don't reach your fans - if they want to see you content, they will find a way to do so.
don't underestimate people to the point where you think that - unless it's being pushed on them - people won't be able to find stuff they're interested in.

they're just not that into you.

No. 520366

Onion posted a $50-Patron-Only video having a 16minute breakdown video apparently. Tinfoil that he's baiting and seeing show far down he can post without having leaks.

Made an "apology" video free for all to see on how he's a spoiled brat and will be oooobr humble from now on.


No. 520367

File: 1526654030775.png (672.32 KB, 576x684, AAAAHHHH.png)

dat skin tho

No. 520370

are we entering stage "positive shreg" again? how long will this one last.

No. 520371

I Really Messed Up
Published by OnisionSpeaks
Published on 18 May 2018
I needed to apologize after reflecting on my life. This video… it covers my recovery from a video I uploaded for very few patrons to see… basically from a really dark place, to a place of resolution… hope.

onision onisionspeaks i'm sorry sorry apology changes changing growing realization acceptance sadness strength hope help love kindness no swearing no cursing i messed up i really messed up messed up

No. 520373

There's shit in his hair or whatever too. Maybe he went for a murder stroll through the swamp woods.

No. 520377

yeah, what the fuck? i can't think of any yardwork that would make you that dirty. unless you're fcking rolling around in the dity. must've been burying a body. in 10 yrs we're gonna find a skellington out in the swamp

No. 520378

Too little too late grease.

No. 520380

when anons say stuff like this I'm just shocked that you are still this stupid. The guy is notorious for smearing weird shit all over himself for his videos. It's not yardwork he does, it's dressing up for his shit videos. Seriously, years of the guy doing the exact same thing and following threads about him where people talk about how he smeared weird shit on himself during a stream and anons still speculating retarded shit.

No. 520381

As if he actually means anything he says

No. 520383

lol calm down

No. 520384

Stop responding to posts that hurt your ass with this every single time. You're wasting space. Why can't you just ignore it like the adult you're supposed to be?(infighting)

No. 520387

This is an ugly human being
Even if he smeared dirt on his face on purpose, it must still really cheese old Greasy that he has a Brillo forest growing out of half his face every day. His skin needs a daily shave to stay smooth, and with his cystic acne and Roseca, I'm sure he shaves off the tops of zits and pimples everyday. Even the sores.

Honestly, no shade, this is the healthiest and cutest that I've ever seen Taylor be.

She's just being her, no fake hair, no fake transtrending, no greasy orge husband.

Oh wait, 15-16??

Mmm, okay, see, this, this Taylor is why Greasy became her "friend"

Just like him posing with that Miley Cyrus cutout of her around 15-16, and Greasy proclaiming, "this is my ideal girl to be with", his continued penchant for 15-16 year olds continues to be extremely disturbing.

So why. Did Taylor. Think that. Because her. Vag and boobs. Are so loose and droopy. Due to age. That turning. Into. A "Boi". Is gonna. TURN. ON. OLD. GREG??

(Like, where's the logic behind it?)

No. 520388

Anons please help–this is the 4th time this week I've dreamed about the onions. Last night it was that LGH made them all drink cyanide one by one. Lainey was second to last and then Greg. They both died with their eyes open and Lainey died looking up at him with a creepy ass smile on her face. People hated them so much tha they were defiling their bodies afterwards and I felt bad and was trying to get them to stop. What's happening to me?(blogpost)

No. 520389

fake humble gregma is my least favourite fake persona. He said the same shit a million things but never fucking changes even a tiny bit. and the worst is that he feels absolutely NO FUCKING SHAME for putting these fake apologies out one after the other with the same basic ass message. FUCK

No. 520390

>Why can't you just ignore it like the adult you're supposed to be?
idk, why can't you?(infighting)

No. 520391

fam u need to log off for a few days

No. 520393


Size L

Such smol delicate space bean uwu

No. 520394

Anon, please go outside, read a book, leave this place for a while.

No. 520395

I love the deep af wrinkles that his cheapo Botox didn't cover. It looks so weird and instantly tells you that this man is OLD.

No. 520398

Someone should edit all his apology videos side by side to see how much they actually differ. I wonder if he even realizes he is repeating himself so much. Something tell me he isn’t introspective enough to notice. He just runs out of ideas for new videos and vaguely remembers “hey I think I got some views that one time I made an apology video, let’s try that again!”

No. 520399

File: 1526661924908.png (5.45 MB, 1242x2208, B6A9DF93-A613-44CB-B32C-71C8B3…)

Dude she was 15. Tits grow between 15-20 even if you don’t have a kid. Also can we not talk about her 15 yo tits??? Like I get she got pregnant young but there are still pictures of her 18+ before she got pregnant.

Picture was posted in March 2013 but another picture with the same outfit was posted October 2012

Also does anyone remember when someone called her immature and she boasted about having D tits? It was before/around 2014 if I remember.

No. 520409

can someone post the 16 min breakdown?

No. 520410

Lol it costs $50. No one's going to pay for it, let alone have and farmers covering the $50 tier.

No. 520411

He really sucked the life out of her

No. 520413

This is disingenuous and stupid. He calls himself a loser so his little minions will rush in and tell him he's not. He thinks the answer is accepting that THINGS aren't yours forever,and has to mention friends aren't either even though that's irrelevant here (just wants to remind us that he's totally happy to have DOMPED everyone), and makes a point to say he was "happy" when he had to sell his cars (no one believes you Greg, especially not after all of that bitching about it). Nowhere does he mention feeling sorry for treating others poorly, nowhere does he express gratitude for his family, children or Lainey. It's a disguised way of reminding us that he's worked SO HARD YOU GUISE and he wants pity as well as asspats for pretending to accept that the world doesn't owe him shit. He uses the word "entitled" because it's thrown at him constantly and he can't refute it, but it's as though he doesn't understand what it means.

No. 520418

lmao i missed that part. jesus christ he's deluded. does he think it'll motivate his fans to up their pledges?

No. 520419

I agree with this, Really highlight his disingenuous apologies.

No. 520420

This picture makes me physically ill. She looks too young.

No. 520421

Maybe its just a huge ad for his patreon. Why else would he apologize on public channel despite meltdowng takin place on patreon-only vid? "Look guys, I was in SUCH A DARK PLACE and it changed me so much, go watch!' bs

No. 520422

Could be. He likes making shit more and more exclusive.

No. 520423

Yeah I missed that too tbh.
From his Patreon page.
>Advocates (Level 6)
>$50 or more per month ∙ 13 of 20 patrons
I wonder if one of the thirteen is a farmer.

No. 520424

File: 1526664436216.png (45.09 KB, 609x378, lame.png)

>Also does anyone remember when someone called her immature and she boasted about having D tits? It was before/around 2014 if I remember.

Found it. It was post-pregnancy. Clearly this must be a sign of dysphoria.

No. 520425

Soo much dysphoria

No. 520428

He's trying to drag people in, or out them.

No. 520430

Good find anon, she was pregnant with Troy during this. They conceived around ~March 2013 and gave birth in January 2014.

It's so weird that Lainey had to overcompensate about her maturity because Greg robbed the cradle.

No. 520436

File: 1526665114040.png (527.22 KB, 1187x677, lame.png)

I found some more dysphoria for y'all. She clearly always hated her boobs and wanted them to be small guys.

No. 520437

File: 1526665402649.png (25.35 KB, 588x225, lame.png)

Also this sounds like she was replying to someone saying they wish they had big boobs, and clearly she is saying she wanted bigger boobs when hers were smaller. But yeah totally dysphoria. Always wanted to be a boy since she was little!

No. 520453

Lain's internal monologue

>uwu i don't like how pregnancy has changed my body.

>I know! I must be trans because I have insecurities about how I look just like 99.99 per cent of the rest of the world's population.

>transition? you mean permanently mutilate my body?! No way man! I used to like my boobs before pregnancy so I'm sure it'll be ok after I'm done breast feeding my two children until college.

>what else makes me trans? Uh… I hate dresses and I love short hair! Huh? I'm not really trans cause I cake on makeup? Well actually no, cause makeup isn't exclusive to one gender just like how short hair and pants are- oh wait…


No. 520456

topkek, but don't forget
>You can call me a he/him fam, it's me ya boi

No. 520461

lmao exactly. You can tell she has no idea wtf shes talking about, and contradicts herself constantly. Yet she wants to make videos about gender and misinform people and be the spokesperson of being trans while shitting on actual trans youtubers. Her faking her gender wouldn't be so bad if she wasn't also making videos about the topic that her young fans are going to watch and then they too will be like "im trans because i wanted to be skinnier too!!"

i get so annoyed with these transtrenders who are going on about wanting to be "they/them" because they are nonbinary and want to still dress as a girl at times, but they are always okay with "he/him", but "she/her" HELL NO!! It just seems misogynistic or that they don't want to be called by their normal pronouns because that's too "basic" and "cis". It has nothing to do with whats comfortable. They just want to make sure they are unique.

No. 520476

She's always so obsessed with calling things on her body small when they really are not. Her boobs weren't small at all, they were like a C cup before pregnancy. But of course a smol bean like her has to emphasize how her footsies are smol, her body is smol,hr frame is smol, her boobs are smol..

No. 520477

I especially liked how he did the extreme closeup ala Shane. Both Shregg and Laney have definitely been studying up on his videos.

No. 520480

This is weird but I want Plainey to do a peel-off face mask on Gurg to see all the gross shit in his pores.

No. 520486

He looks like a beach sat on his face for an eat out.

No. 520488

The fact that she always refers to herself as a boi says it all. She's a grown adult, but would never refer to herself as a man because it's not about gender, it's about being a cute, fun teen space prince.
It's insulting to trans people with actual struggles and at this point I'm starting to think she's just as bad if not worse than her idiot husband.

No. 520490

I think he really wanted to drive home the point that he wurks hard and is suuuper humble now guiz.

No. 520539

agreed. theyve never been small. smaller, sure, but not small.

No. 520549

The lesser of two evils.

Wouldnt it be funny if Shane contacted Lainey and said he would like to do a segment with her to help her channel. And he makes sure (and requires) that Greg is not mentioned in the segment or even seen.
I could set my hate for Lainey aside to watch Greg fume and stew about Shane coddling Lainey and ignoring him.
Plus, I doubt if Shane did do a segment on her it wouldnt help her anyways, so plus/plus

No. 520551

File: 1526680213747.png (1.34 MB, 1411x1171, I'm tall y'all.png)

Kek he's not only humble guys, but he wants everyone to know he's just shy of 6ft tall!

Why do I get the feeling he's trying super hard for some fresh teen puss?

No. 520553

Can we stop discussing her big milk bags please?

No. 520554

File: 1526680523497.jpeg (31.93 KB, 320x180, B3F46BED-8E18-4455-87AC-7B782C…)

I’ve always been uncomfortable with Urgh!s “comedic” gun violence toward his female collaborators, so I knew this video would have some gross behavior.
Starts at 8:35

No. 520555

>Look how tall I am!
Just like reminding everyone how honest he is and how good of a person he is, all of which are lies.

No. 520557

>the extra .25
I’m ~5’4” and this is hilarious

No. 520558

File: 1526680864105.png (1.43 MB, 1440x1394, a plea.png)

No. 520561

Don't his military records confirm his height?

Doesn't change the fact that his need to constantly reinforce it is pathetic. Also has head is huge and accounts for most of his height… so even though he is nearly 6ft his body is totally out of proportion

No. 520563

You can't make a lainey video without benefiting greg. People would look her up and soon find shes married to greg. Greg would also not stand by and watch, he'd instantly make 20 videos trying to jump on the train and people would watch because its related to the shane/lainey video they just watched.

Idk why people want Shane to help her. I don't think he should promote that you can obsessively tweet older youtubers and get what you want by instantly marrying one, spending the whole marriage stepping over other people and luring young teens for him, then getting another youtuber you obsessed over to help you once again so you can fulfill your dream of becoming a huge youtuber. I think he likes helping people he believes are talented, genuine, and have molded their own success.

No. 520570

File: 1526681952161.png (31.89 KB, 666x599, kek.PNG)

Can he just make up his mind about his height?

I remember some anons mentioning that he might be editing his own IMDB but then this nickname is kek

No. 520571

married to billie??

No. 520579

cute. he wants people to think he's a polygamist?

No. 520580

how cursed am i to be born the same day as gronk

No. 520582

Taylor is still horribly in love with Shane, and since he's dating a man she's torn between skinwalking who her dream YouTube husband and nightmare YouTube husband (lgh) find attractive

No. 520583

He thought that's what poly was originally. Illiterate fucj

No. 520585


Tinfoil! Maybe they had one of those commitment ceremonies and that ring she made a video of throwing was for that?

But I feel like Onion would have milked it more if that were the case.

No. 520587

I like this tinfoil regardless.

No. 520598

Thank you, anon. They might be milky but not the sort of milk we are interested in here.

No. 520602

Between Gurg’s insistence on proving how tall and manly he is, Lumpy Space Prince’s autistic screeching about how uwu smol she is and her big gay husband’s multiple videos about DDLG, methinks he doth protest too much.

No. 520604

jesus christ, did lame come out of the womb looking like a tired soccer mom? every picture i’ve seen of her she looks like she’s 30.

No. 520607

Well all shes been doing recently is claiming how real her dysphoria is, so its further proof she lied about hating her boobs and having boob dysphoria. She actually wanted them bigger and was insecure about them when they were small.

I remember during that time she was trying to look more mature because of the whole age gap thing. She didn't want to appear as a young teen. Now it's like shes doing the opposite and wanting to appear young. Oh poor lamey.

No. 520609

File: 1526686413673.jpeg (323.9 KB, 2048x2048, 0AFCC979-4664-4720-B883-FC0402…)


Literally in five seconds she barely moves and you can see the filter adjust so that she goes from dark and freckled to pale and almost blemish free. She’s such a fucking fraud, lol.

No. 520611

She looks like a dried out dog turd in the before and after filter tho tbh. Sometimes I almost feel sorry for her.


No. 520612


No. 520614


Spoiler that shit! Those blackheads made me go blind, Grug needs an appointment with Dr. Pimple Popper immediately! (And her YouTube channel and career is far more successful than his)

No. 520615

She looks really good with her natural hair color and with some length. Why does she wash herself out and make herself look so sallow? Ugh.

No. 520618

Yeah you have to pay to edit them and prove who you are, he added a business address when he and some guy were going at it and he used the building across from SGs house as his "business address" to fuck with him.

Shreg wishes he married Billie…

No. 520625

it's so pathethic how important being tall is to him, which is the real reason he finds tall women "gross". what a fucking loser.

No. 520626

i love how plainey still used the blur filter even when she was trying to review those garbage palates. she was like ohhhh it wont focus but its so pretty. bitch if you stopped using the filter maybe youd get better results…. plus she looks like the ultimate day walker.

No. 520644

Day walker?

No. 520645

I thought it meant like a corpse or a ghoul, idk

No. 520648

I’m tempted to pay to see the rant but scared he has already deleted it. It must be pretty bad if he didn’t put it on YouTube

No. 520649

That wouldn't be innacurate

No. 520652

It's likely not worth it. We get enough of his insane rants for free. He says the same shit over and over again. He probably mentioned it in hopes people would pay to see it.

No. 520653

Yeah, get people to pay more for excloooseeev access

No. 520675

File: 1526697168530.png (508.6 KB, 1436x2536, patronbait.png)

I guarantee it's 100% poorly acted Patreon bait. He not only "had a tantrum" but then edited it..and uploaded it? Why?
>I ONLY want my special $50 Patrons to see my spergout!
>tags it "Behind the Scenes" and "Exclusive Content"

This post shows that 15 people had access to the video. According to his Patreon, he has 13 $50 patrons, 9 at $100 and 2 at $250. Did he not allow the higher tiered patrons to watch?

Also, yesterday his $1+ patron only video says 1073 patrons had access. Funny, he only has 1013 patrons and yesterday he had fewer than that. There's something very screwy with his numbers.

No. 520678

We all would probably enjoy laughing at his fake spergout, but for the love of god, I hope no one gives him $50 to blow on shitty wigs and another bag of mustaches at Party City.

No. 520681

this exactly

No. 520682

except jacklyn glen

No. 520689

Can't you do 50 then immediately cancel? I dunno, I've never used patreon

No. 520691

Shane posted a “sorry not sorry” post about his upload schedule. Because he makes such long (and creative) content it obviously takes longer to edit and post.

The onions are obsessed with him but still can’t manage to learn from him. Plain would probably grow more if she’d stop following in her husband’s footsteps, used criticism to make her content better, and not pump out quick videos just to upload. It’s the only fucking thing she does to support herself and greasey, why wouldn’t she put just a little more effort into it?

No. 520694

I tried with an empty gift card, which you could do before, but nothing.

No. 520695


And, if Plain would take the time to learn her audience, she’d realize a lot of the ages of her own fans are the same ages of people who watch Shane. She should learn from him as a creator if she’s going to obsess over him.

No. 520718

File: 1526703857044.png (512.49 KB, 574x613, crunchy.png)

No. 520719

It's kind of sad, tbh. This need to put on this blemish-free face (except for streams). Worse yet, having to look at that face every single day when a simple facial routine could do.

Then again, looking at gronk every day and his Skin Disease(TM) must make her feel better about herself and less pressure to look perf for him.

No. 520733

She can't learn from Shane. He is all about being genuine and real recently, and she can barely sort out her lies and is super fake.

For one, she truly doesn't understand that faking trans isn't cool. The novelty of it will die out in a few years, and she will be left living a complete lie and people would have moved onto the next thing. Actually if she came out and made a video admitting she was confused about all of it, so she thought she was trans but realized she wasn't, it'd actually be something people would respect. Instead, she does the typical lainey thing and doubles down on her bullshit, and started making up reasons why she was trans and making up things she feels dysphoria about, always hinging on MAYBE ill get surgery/hormones in the future.

Even excluding that, her content is clearly nothing she is really into. The makeup videos are dull because she isn't really even passionate about makeup, she just thought it takes no effort to create a makeup channel. There really is nothing to her personality besides "im gay" and "agender trans daddy space prince boi". She never seems like she is interested in anything of substance. She is so bland and superficial.

She never had to struggle to get to the top. She rode off onion's success and his advice is awful so not like she can learn from him. She would make shit video after shit video and get a ton of views just because of onion, so she thought she can just make anything and be successful. Now that his channel is dying, she no longer can ride off his, and she never learned what works and what doesn't.

No. 520745

File: 1526708778571.png (705.86 KB, 953x551, tfw your husband is 27 yo and …)


Lamey is reacting to "hater" tweets.
This link should work. Accidently copied the wrong link.

No. 520750

She literally made this video because of Kalvin Garrah

No. 520753

kek, she’s such an insufferable smug cunt, but she probably still cries herself to sleep over the hate comments.

No. 520754

not even 1 minute in, she mentions she a smol bean.

Lol she plays off the girlfriend boyfriend tag thing as "what would i call it then?". Oh gee lamey i don't know, you love labels so much. But in that instance you are fresh out of ideas I guess. There is just no way you could rename it, but you can rename yourself.

>I'm literally not pressed about someone making a hate video about me.

She 'literally' was enough to rant to her husband who made a white knight video for her, and rant to her trans friend who screams at a 17 year old for her, and rant in her discord about it. But yeah totally not pressed lamey.

All because a 17 year old trans kid doesn't want you appropriating something he actually suffers and deals with.

No. 520756

>Lol she plays off the girlfriend boyfriend tag thing as "what would i call it then?".

Not to mention that she got shit on twitter for calling herself a "mom". Convenient that she didn't include those tweets.

No. 520759


lmao her incredulous response to that person saying you can't pick and choose what you're dysphoric about proves she doesn't fucking understand dysphoria. you DON'T choose, it's literally an inescapable feeling about parts of you that doesn't go away unless you change it drastically (ie surgery). just because SHE chose parts of herself to claim dysphoria about doesn't mean that's how it actually works. she's so fucking dumb.

No. 520761

That part triggered the hell out of me. Not only does it prove that gender dysphoria is a fucking joke to her, it proves she’s spectacularly stupid. I hope she gets dragged for filth.

No. 520767

And she is a psychologist. I'm not sure about us online degrees but if she was into child/teen development she would have some basic sexuology and topics about differences between for example natural teen anxiety and insecurities vs legit dysphoria/abnormalities? It's harmful to her viewers, there is enought tumblr bs making young people confused and worried about what they are and why.
Shane actually is quite honest with his content and fans, and even if its cringy (but im not his demographic) you could see that he understands new trends and improved his quality and stopped making silly skits a la onion years ago.
I love how onions are trying to copy what he is doing and what is cool for teens but they are so stupid and fail every time (mukbang, honest talks, sexuality, 10 things). Maybe they could just name their videos 'parody of x' and it would be received much better?

No. 520768

Psychfag here, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing. But y’know, she did get her degree out of a cereal box, so…

No. 520770

Thankfully lainey only has a BS in psych, she isn’t a psychologist.

No. 520771

So so true. And just as bad, it's clear Greg actually does know the difference, but if pretending he doesn't means he might lure a few teens into the swamp, then so be it. Also, the dumber Lainey is, the better it is for his fragile ego.

No. 520772

She has totally cherry picked which tweets she included, which was pretty much expected. There are a lot of very damning replies to her especially lately.
Also, watching her attempt to be funny is the cringiest thing ever. She is so terrible at acting aloof. Also it's really irritated her doing that whole weird social repose inflection in how she talks. Same when Jaclyn does it. It's fucking stupid.

No. 520773

Emphasis on the BS, amirite?

No. 520779

Calling herself small framed kek she’s built like a brick house

No. 520780

File: 1526735077306.png (468.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180519-090212.png)

Don't know if relevant but Kalvins video is being posted on trans facebook groups.

Image 1/2

Will delete if not relevant.

No. 520781

File: 1526735192207.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180519-090548.png)

No. 520784

>He then says that he will respect actual trans people's pronouns and continues to call em she the whole video

Well he did say actual trans people. This person needs to get out of the house and take a break from the internet. Plainey is a transtrender, nothing more. I like how they also conveniently leave out that her husband makes fun of trans people too and Plainey's okay with it.

No. 520785

>Dude that shit hurts if you're not binding correctly
Then stop being a baby and learn how to bind correctly?? This has to be a triggered transtrender who can't stand being called out. A person with dysphoria who enjoys breastfeeding? Sure Jan.

No. 520786

From a meek, simpering "victim" on younow with JSBS to this painfully smug, flea bitten transtrender all in less than a year.

No. 520789


>tfw you cant be like everyone else cause your "th" keys are broken

No. 520827

Well, they're not talking about Lainey here - they're talking about the first girl he "reviewed". Since he's been getting hate I wonder if he will bother to make another video.

No. 520828

correcting pronouns in the very first comment.
She is insufferable.

No. 520842

File: 1526753976984.png (1.28 MB, 1286x1059, theythem.png)

What about when she "misgenders" herself outside of those videos? Forgot to mention that Lamebo.

No. 520846

I thought her new thing was to ignore the haters and start blocking them? Why put this content up right after?

No. 520851

Yeah amusing how she said she realised she needed to actually look at the hate comments, I assumed she meant it in the way pewdiepie did and look at the mildly constructive ones but nope. Could’ve been a good video if she actually reflected and looked through her YouTube comments instead

No. 520885

File: 1526759521426.png (853.65 KB, 831x981, Screenshot (45).png)

Looks like LGH has to invest in a sports bra real soon.

No. 520892

He did respect her pronouns. She said it doesn't matter lol. Also wtf is ey/em/eirs. People are getting fucking ridiculous with their labels.

I feel like theres a lot of trans people who feel the same way as Kalvin but feel like they can't say anything because the community will attack them, which is sad because now their community is being overrun with a bunch of fakers and telling actual trans people what they can/can't feel. This whole trend is fucked up.

It's like she doesn't understand that mom and grandma are gendered terms. That must not have come with her tumblr handbook on trans people.

No. 520896

I hope it kills him inside he's slowly looking like his dad every day kek

No. 520900

>has your mouth gonorrhea cleared up yet?

that cracked me the fuck up

I like that she admits that the whole prom video was just so she could make up an excuse so that Shreg would dance with her for 2 songs (7 minutes total)

No. 520904

lainey should remove that listing and just let him wear it every day

No. 520910

His Patreons should send him floral binders lol

No. 520912


Don't give him ideas or he'd set up a Gofundme for top surgery

No. 520922

File: 1526765415685.jpeg (41.79 KB, 640x252, AA48D659-994A-4FDD-A7B2-539FF3…)

Pls no…

No. 520924

maybe kenneth just wants greg to blow his brains out
or have lainey do it, if you subscribe to that theory

No. 520928

File: 1526767320009.png (1.28 MB, 1440x2301, ad.png)

Jfc he literally uploaded an ad for his Patreon under the guise that it's too edgy for YouTube. So desperate.

No. 520930

File: 1526767699900.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2574, hahahaha.png)

Guess he needs to be a bit quicker about deleting those negative comments kek

No. 520932

Well in that case, I hope it’s live-streamed!

No. 520933

Jesus, that fucking John Travolta-esque face

No. 520934

Onion you are not a hot girl or guy that anyone wants to pay to see naked.

No. 520935

his bare ass was rejected. his see-through peen revolted.no one wants to see more

No. 520949

Why does he feel the need to get his A cup tiddies out?

No. 520951

just another desperate vie for attention. gives us a chance to laugh at his dad bod though. it's crazy to me how he deludes himself to thinking he hasn't gotten soft and flabby lol

No. 520954

Onion is gonna start making lewds and pimping his pimpley greasy ass on patreon.

No. 520960

>Inb4 he ever decides to make nude calendars of himself and tries to sell them for a 100 dollars each

No. 520963

he's done this before, right after the patreon started he made some video with emo charlie and vicky and every other character banging or throwing up on each other just so he could constantly say over and over WISH I COULD POST THIS BUT IT'S JUST NOT FAIR YOU GUYS

No. 520971

File: 1526777982716.png (61.64 KB, 721x686, fakeaf.png)

What even is that last paragraph?
>positive LGBT vlogs
>I think about YouTube and uploading regularly


No. 520973

Don't forget this
>because creating videos and seeing the positive impact they have makes me happy. Thank you for watching & subscribing to my adventure
This literally sounds like the same fake bullshit LGH is so fond of saying. She's truly becoming him.

No. 520974

she legit sounds like a chinese immigrant

No. 520980


Gronk so desperate for females he's putting mods in Oblivion and looking at their naked bodies after killing them and snickering like an 8 year old boy that just discovered his first naked lady magazine.

No. 520984

File: 1526780728067.png (986.54 KB, 756x495, excitedforlizards.png)

Sitting in his garage/basement, giggling about looking at pixelated furry tits.
Garbage content.

No. 520987

was that comment against Shane in the beginning?

No. 520990

File: 1526781872031.png (43.02 KB, 720x303, 20180519_210332.png)

My account is private, this is what a follower request on Instagram looks like.

He's such a fake.

No. 520996

Markiplier just did that, but all the profits went to charity, and he did it because he hit his highest amount ever in a charity stream.

Grug would never donate to charity, he's too selfish.

Besides that nobody wants to see him naked.

No. 521000

File: 1526784293552.jpg (71.16 KB, 491x635, starringCyr.jpg)

LGH is on younow watching videos he made with Cyr while guesting someone he's not really interacting with.


No. 521002

It's so cringey watching this bitch fake laugh at onions shitty videos. Where's the milk?

No. 521008

>Business inquires: xxuire@gmail.com

Wow, very professional email. What is this even supposed to mean?

No. 521011

File: 1526786333531.png (234.33 KB, 1440x959, success.png)

Apparently not. Out of over 1000 patrons, only 28 likes per usual. Also per usual, the # of people listed that have access to these videos is vastly different than the # of patrons he lists on his sidebar.
This says 1086 patrons have access, but his total patron # is 70 people lower. He also just posted something for $100 patrons which said 7 people could access, yet his sidebar lists "9 of 10" $100 backers. He's definitely fudging the numbers, I'm just curious how much.

No. 521012

I don't think you get to describe your life as an adventure if you've made more "watch me clean my house" videos than ones where you actually leave your house.

No. 521017

B-b-b-but she goes to Kohl’s to shop in the ~ littol boys section ~ and to Target to buy Cheerios and Fiji water with her patron’s money! Not an adventure? How dare!

No. 521023


>Fan: You present yourself very masculine

How can anyone say that seriously when Foot wears caked on make up practically every fucking day.

No. 521028


I love the excuses she makes on why she won't change her name. "oh I might change it but maybe not" lmao just trying to buy time there

No. 521043

If preteen Justin Bieber is their idea of masculinity, maybe. I've seen more masculine lesbians than Plainey and they're just butch not confused space princes.

No. 521092


So, in Lainey's recent younow, she claims she's 'not ready' to 'come out' and basically live her true life as a dude because her family wouldn't understand and it's not worth the hassle.

Can someone tell me how a family that her husband says she only sees /twice/ a year has any bearing on her life?

She claims they wouldn't use the correct pronouns so it'd be pointless but why doesn't she just do what she does to the internet and enforce it?

Won't even change as something as simple as a name, but wants everyone to take her fake transtrender bullshit seriously because she got a "boy" haircut. Come tf on.

No. 521098

She just wants to be seen as more legit and less of the raging fake transtrender she is. Surely her family knows about her YouTube channel/social media? How on earth would it be possible they don't already know? It doesn't make any sense.

No. 521099

she was like a shorter distance mail order bride so makes sense…

No. 521101

Maybe she mostly/only means her children.

No. 521105

They're still young enough for her to get them to call her daddy if she wanted to. She's just making excuses Imo.

No. 521111

Her family isn’t blind and stupid. They obviously have seen her social media and already know. She just needs trans topics to make videos about. And of course it’s always about the pronouns. That’s legit all she can whine about

No. 521118

The kids can call her whatever she feels comfortable with them calling her. Caitlyn Jenner still has her kids call her dad so it’s not unheard of for a trans person to still have their kids call them “mom” or “dad” after they transitioned. I mean it might be a little more confusing to younger children but kids adapt pretty well.

“Not worth the hassle” automatically means she’s bullshitting. She’s not 16 and living with her parents nore is she 19 and in college funded by her parents. Other than them disappointed in her and misgendering her nothing in her life would really change?? I mean it’s not like they were happy with her choice to run away and get knocked up by onion but they have seemed to accept her choices after some time. Why does she think this will be any different.

No. 521119

LGH is mentioned in Nicks vid at 2:33 and I don't know if it's relevant but Nerd City's new video on SSniperwolf lol he was shown briefly about skin filters.

No. 521121

Nah if you watch the video she mentions her parents/family specifically saying that her sister knows everything that’s going on even the newer developments and that her dad watches his videos and knows she’s bisexual but he’s never brought it up to her so they’ve never talked about it. She also said she didn’t know if her mom knew or not but she’s never talked to her about it and that they like to think that everything is a “phase” and wouldn’t take it seriously so she doesn’t want to bother/feel invalidated

No. 521123


To be very fair to her parents though, everything their Taylor has done has been a phase. Remember when she was obsessed with fidget spinners? This is just another in a long line of phases, her fakeboi phase

No. 521125

File: 1526841867833.png (46.23 KB, 194x203, Screenshot 2018-05-20 at 2.44.…)

No. 521127

Now he thinks the answer to happiness is considering yourself as worthless and obsessing over the fact that you "don't have things forever" and that people will all leave you. There'd almost, ALMOST be something there if he'd mentioned expressing gratitude for people while you have them in your life, but since he's ACTUALLY unhappy and ACTUALLY stupid, his scarcity mindset falls ridiculously short of inspirational. He's happy now for his truck, but not for his wife, kids, family… he talks about THINGS nonstop.

He just comes across as an emo boy getting high for the first time in the body of an old ugly lesbian rambling on about how nothing matters.

No. 521131

Two days ago, she said that her dad was FaceTiming her once and he saw the Agender pride flag in the background and asked what it was and she told him and he said “…….okay.” So that’s her whole basis on her family ignoring her charade. She also claimed her sister had a dream that her child was agender and got bullied at school so now she has more sympathy for Lainey.

I don’t doubt her family sees what’s happening and thinks it’s absurd but there isn’t much to be done. They probably see her as brainwashed and tried to help/warn her about living with and marrying Greg so young. There isn’t much they can do for her now.

No. 521134

File: 1526843382343.png (3.74 MB, 2208x1242, 846361FB-3052-4E5D-9618-DD75EA…)

>say you can make Woody eat his own ass
>shoving Woody in your pants and making jokes about stuffing your pants
>making jokes about child birth as you pull him out

No. 521136

See, here's more evidence that Onision fudges his numbers by buying views and clicks and likes.

It says 52 people are watching or have watched the stream.

Yet somehow it has 1,538 likes already. But not views.

Something is screwy here

Here here anon!
His comments on his twitter feel more real to life. With the same 20 people watching, and half are haters.

Onision keeps pumping numbers to inflate how big he is. Kinda likr how he needs to pump his shrimpy d to make it visible for any suk mi

No. 521137

Hey, maybe she will make a party with coming out of the box again? that was so cringy and sad and I want to see it again.

No. 521138

Greg's last three main channel videos have all failed to reach 10k. That's a new low!!!

No. 521140

No it’s younow, you can send multiple likes (5 50 100 500 ect) and that only shows how many people are currently viewing him stream not how many had viewed his stream.

No. 521141

you misunderstand how younow works anon, likes are irrelevant and unrelated to views and viewers.

one single person could give a stream 100k likes if they wanted to.

No. 521145

Because sexualising a children’s toy (one that might legitimately be his child’s toy) isn’t creepy at all?
Funny side note, I was reading through some onion stuff last night bc bored and I rediscovered the video he made about not being a speaker at vidcon and he actually talked about how Shane was a speaker yet he made pedo jokes, he then followed that up to say that it’s all comedy and he supports Shane in his freedom to joke around and say offensive things because “that’s what people love” and that he finds him hilarious and his jokes are inappropiate but “it’s funny nonetheless”
Old and ot but I found it so funny

No. 521148

What a fucking manchild. Like I'm baffled to find the logic behind him stuffing a/(his) child's toy in his pants. Father of the year.

No. 521151

> …to remember what it’s like to feel happiness for the simple things, ok? To not feel like you’re so entitled, like you deserve every other thing that every other person has…

Everyone has been telling LGH to be humble and grateful for what he does have since he began complaining about losing views and money. He told all of us we were haters who just didn't understand his struggle to survive.

I cringe so hard when he attempts to explain anything mildly philosophical but all he can muster is word-salad and clumsy, nonsensical comparisons. Any critique of consumerism, capitalism, etc, already talks about this shit with way more insight and nuance, but this moron can’t even read.

I wouldn't care that LGH is mind-numbingly stupid if it weren't for presenting his "epiphanies" as if he's the first one to ever contemplate this stuff, and suddenly an authority. The only reason he’s trying to make this some kind of moral issue is so he can feel superior. If he hadn’t obliterated his chance at being successful, he would be buying another McMansion with 5 empty rooms and Teslas to lure in new teen pussy, and telling everyone else they’re opinions are meaningless without YouTube views.

No. 521152

Wow I totally forgot about her fidget spinners all together. So much for curing her anxiety.

No. 521153

He's always tensing up and or hunching over in an attempt to look like he has muscles.

No. 521155

People born in the 80s barely accept this shit, you can't accept people born prior to. Fuck she's retarded

No. 521156

I feel like he goes through stages of trying to accept his shitty life with no money, a shittier house, stuck with Lainey and 2 kids he doesn't even care about. He tries to convince himself that he's grateful, and humble, but then he logs onto youtube and insta and twitter and sees how much better everyone else is doing, which in result makes him sperg out and get salty, bitter and jealous of their happiness. Unhappy that he no longer has a huge house and cute girls to choose from and separated from his one true love, money.

He's too entitled to ever be happy. He literally thinks the world owes him.

No. 521161

>Spends years boasting about his subs, flexing his money.
>Makes countless videos screeching about how YouTube has fucked him over, how TurboTax ruined his life.
>Forced to sell his expensive shit, kicking and screaming
>Now pretends like he doesn't need any of that and is an expert on happiness.
>Continues to beg and plead for donations to his Patreon, insinuates more successful YouTubers are getting away with stuff he can't like it's a conspiracy.
>"I've changed guiz!"

No. 521169

File: 1526851652805.png (787.75 KB, 1440x1134, hypocrisy.png)

So LGH just uploaded yet another video rating his patrons. Same old shit, but there was something of note.
He accused the girl in this photo of "being an edgelord" and pretending to be gay.
Hmmm.. that not only sounds a bit familiar, but how does that not go against everything he and his straight wife have been sperging about for the last week?

No. 521173

File: 1526851890823.jpg (59.46 KB, 600x459, Nasty Patty.jpg)

Gregory lookin' like a whole snack.

No. 521175

Because friends can't hold hands and skip for social media posts? What a fucking moron. This shrieking ugly dick puppet trying to judge anyone is a god damn joke.

No. 521176

Preserved for eternity. The video shows the patreon discrepancy:

Could there be anything wrong with Patreon, like a bug? I dislike to point fingers and then find out, it wasn't his fault.

No. 521188

File: 1526854558443.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2880, screwy numbers.png)

Not to sperg out on this too much, but there's something really screwy going on.
In his latest poll for $2+ patrons, it says 602 people have access. A quick look to his sidebar:
>317 $2 patrons
>323 $5 patrons
>85 $12 patrons
>31 $30 patrons

That's 700+ patrons without even counting the $50 and aboves. I don't totally understand what's happening or who reports the numbers but it's puzzling and very strange.

No. 521190


the entire focus of being transgender is
>i'm trapped in the wrong body

so lainey feels uncomfortable being a female but
>won't go on t
>won't get surgery
>won't change pronouns to he
>won't change name to a male name
>won't stop falunting her female body
>won't do anything at all to change her body

that doesn't sound like someone who feels ill and suicidal because they hate their body so much. it sounds like insecure bitch trying to get sympathy. she's trying to twist it into "i'm scared that family won't accept me" which is a real thing transgender people go through BUT they all feel absolutely fucking miserable living like that. they get suicidal as fuck, that's the entire point, that's why doctors tell them to transition. she is not suicidal or depressed, she's completely okay with this. so much that she's now adding excuses and excuses and excuses as to why she won't fucking do anything about transitioning. newsflash: its because you don't want to go through all that process because you don't actually feel suicidal for being a female. you just want a fucking tit job but you're boyfriend told you only dumb girls do that. so tired of this faker.

No. 521197

File: 1526855563285.png (Spoiler Image, 3.2 MB, 1919x1079, Screenshot_2.png)

And that's the video where this scene comes from.
The Real Onion, without lovely Edit-Anons HD edits, but equally as horrifying.

No. 521209


Beautyfail uploads a new video of her doing her make-up in the car. I'm sorry for not being able to attach the thumbnail again since I'm on my phone but geez she's giving me Chris Crocker on meth vibes.

No. 521213

Samefagging but I just finished the video and basically it's just Lainey doing her make-up grossly and getting it everywhere. She just did basic primer, foundation, concealer, contour, brows, highlight, and mascara. In between she complained about how she has a horrible life (she's just cranky and "hangry) and bickering with her gay husband. Already the first set of comments are mostly people saying they wished she didn't film with LGH because they feel shitty after seeing them argue.

No. 521214


I assume this is somehow related to disproving or showing that she doesn't need/use the beauty filter

No. 521219

I believe if you pledge to someone on Patreon, you can hide it - which would explain the wack numbers.


No. 521220

shirt looks better on the girl in the pic tbh

No. 521223

File: 1526858079199.png (424.36 KB, 640x463, cutesmolbeantm.PNG)

Idk here she's giving me alcoholic Kris Jenner vibes. Finally divorced, grown kids time to live it up!

No. 521226

File: 1526858396277.png (622 KB, 853x450, lol.PNG)

>getting it everywhere

No. 521227

File: 1526858818410.jpeg (131.7 KB, 538x1135, 78641B7E-C93D-40D5-87EA-77B54E…)

From Grease Lords latest UhOhBro
This is why my skin crawls

No. 521228

wow how has he still not gotten in trouble for this. I work at a school and they literally need to ask for written permission to take photos of them

No. 521229

I think it was deleted, cant find it

No. 521230

also cannot find it

No. 521231

Are they talking to each other like this and swearing in front of their kids? Honestly the swearing isn’t as bad as setting up horrible modeling for them in the future.

You can’t see the kids but you can hear a kid’s toy sounds in the background.

No. 521232

File: 1526859686817.jpeg (242.58 KB, 640x1136, CB609D60-F419-4D69-BC38-92ED5D…)

??? It’s very much still there. Here It is again with a 15minute time stamp

No. 521233

File: 1526859691103.png (502.71 KB, 735x383, Untitled.png)

You can see a small child's head in the background behind Lainey so yes they're saying all of these nasty things in front of little impressionable sponge Troy. It's fucked up, 4 year olds don't understand sarcasm or irony.

No. 521237

Best case scenario whoever this patron is, let’s hope they are at least exposing the same about of skin you would see at a public swimming pool kek has

No. 521241

Didn’t he admit to flipping shit when Sam gasp in front of the children after they fell; that the gasp set a bad example for the children? But yet swearing and saying fck is totally cool. Classy gross Plebs

No. 521250

I couldn't even make it through the whole video, it was so cringy and sad. how could anyone honestly think they're a happy couple and #goals?

No. 521251

literally why does he look so greasy???? why???

No. 521257

File: 1526864644042.png (346 KB, 478x478, bad.png)

How could you forget?
It was at least 2/3rds of her entire personality.

No. 521258

File: 1526864660914.png (964.33 KB, 725x709, beingwoodyissuffering.png)

No. 521266

this is my favourite lainey screencap of all time, its the perfect storm of shit, shit, shit

No. 521280

She sure dropped those fidget spinners didn't she?
Once they lost their luster and shine and were no longer new?
Just like Gronk will do to her soon, once he decides which 15 year old will do.

No. 521282


When he jokes about hitting her "five more times" is when you can clearly see their kid in the backseat.

Disgusting. Absolutely no hope for these kids growing up well-adjusted. And this is the stuff they're comfortable with showing us.

No. 521285

I honestly cant see anything.

No. 521286

:48 seconds in.
Not worth a SS because it's a split second. Top of his head in a forward facing booster.

No. 521288

"I don't know why my videos aren't getting a lot of views." begins a make up video with her and her husband insultint each other

Also no one who knows anything about physics would say deceleration. It's just acceleration.

No. 521291

So she posts a video where she’s suppose to be doing her make up in the car as the hard part. She then either doesn’t show her doing the make up or she speeds through it and you don’t see anything. It’s basically just a video of her arguing with Greg and complaining. Shit content. Might’ve been ok for her main channel garbage but it’s got nothing to do with beauty considering she didn’t fucking show the make up being put on

No. 521293

She's turning into Greg. Both figuratively and literally.
Now she's just mashing all her content together across her channels, so she can't even recognize what she's supposed to be doing anymore.

No. 521295

Is her gay husband holding the camera for her while he's driving?

No. 521298

File: 1526871488911.jpg (183.71 KB, 494x361, Untitled.jpg)

T+++ clearly has his head down and is using a tablet/phone to play games as most kids his age do nowadays. So not quite paying attention to his parents yelling. Must be a commonplace occurrence.

Fuck knows what he's internalizing subconsciously though. Those first 10 years are so integral to a child's development and truly shape who they'll be for the rest of their lives.

Lame-o clearly learned nothing from her cracker-jack-box online degree.

No. 521301

File: 1526873035782.png (420.74 KB, 551x920, ptsd greg.png)

It seems like they've been fighting non-stop since they've moved to the swamp mansion. Perhaps all that space was what was the key to their 'successful marriage' - I really do believe they went days with out seeing each other living in the old McMansion. Also what on earth is Gurg thinking comparing himself to a person who has PTSD.

No. 521304

File: 1526874536455.png (1.57 MB, 1835x794, carseatsetup.png)

You guys are really confused.
You see a blur or T's head on the driver side (note that this is where he was sitting in the Tesla too, as they had shown in the carpool karaoke video) For some reason, she seems to keep T's identity much more protected than the littlest when she slipped up a few weeks back.

The youngest is facing away from us. It looks like a convertible car seat, the type that can be used basically the entire time they need a car seat. I think both kids are there, but you only see a blur or the oldest for a second.

The only reason I bother to point this out is because those kids are there. And while they might have headphones on (though I doubt the youngest is able to be distracted like that at such a young age) they're stupid if they think their kids don't hear it and internalize all this crap they do to each other. It's damaging on so many levels. If they continue to be raised around this level of dysfunction, they will most definitely struggle to deal with their emotions in healthy ways and if they make it to public school, they're going to have a load of problems. Anyone would. It sucks that their parents are so obsessed with their YT life and personas that they don't care enough to try to let their kids grow up seeing good role models that don't try to hurt each other.

No. 521306

you're right my bad nice attention to detail

No. 521316

its amazing that she hasnt improved at all since this. i actually think the premise of "let's learn together!" makeup is an excellent idea, but she has not improved a lick, and her eyebrows are looking increasingly terrible. they make her look so much more masculine when she already has a very masculine face. i dont understand how it's possible for her to have been doing makeup for so long now and not improve at all, whatsoever.

No. 521320

Stop with the forensics on kids' heads already. Leave them out of it.

No. 521321

She wants to be a transmac boi, so I guess she's doing a good job.

No. 521325

I mean their relationship is problematic and will affect their children whether they believe it or now. That's what anons are pointing out, the fact that the Onions basically verbally abuse eachother in front of the kids. Imagine what they see in that house that we don't personally see on the Onion's various platforms.

No. 521328

>i can finally get… to deliver the best stuff…no holding back anymore

God, a fucking broken record greg fuck

Oh look!! 7 days ago Greg said at
>This morning Shreg tweets: "My video views are lower than ever… you know what that means? Time to make the best videos I've ever made, ever. Times infinity!"

Shreggly Adams says every week, "oh, ____ happened, guess what, its time to make my best content ever, no holding back!!!"

Yeah, see, shregg, you do nothing outside in the real world. All your "jokes"(snort) and material is stale as fuck, because you do jack shit. Nothing you do is fun. Everything about your life sucks. You hate everything and hate publicly downsizing.

Promise you though, all of us here love to watch your continual fall into obscurity. Have fun with your flies in your trailer with your trashy wife.

No. 521329

File: 1526881421230.png (19.76 KB, 823x216, howdoyouknow.png)

I didn't plan on posting that originally, but between the original comments on the video and the comments I've seen here, I don't want anyone to doubt for a second that they're not exposing their kids to their fuckery. It's amazing the lengths I've seen some Gronk stans go to, trying to explain away any criticisms anyone has over them.

Example here. So just putting this shit to rest. No doubt they had them there and the reason it matters is because it sucks that this is their "normal".

No. 521331

Yeah he said he was gonna post the his best videos and then we got his ass, balls and peen video :<<<

No. 521332

I guess patrons can look forward to only the highest quality videos of having their pictures rated now, because Shreg is serious this time guize!

No. 521334

Dont know if its the video music, but it sounds like a kids toy was being played with. If the kid/s are in the car with them, that means she swore that loud in front of them?

No. 521340

File: 1526883485826.png (2.43 MB, 4496x652, cringe.png)

How genuinely embarrassing

No. 521347

They probably dont even really care? I'd be more concerned that shes still married to a psycho and my grandkids are around that psycho. She wants like a big reaction from them about being agender, but she lied to them about her marriage and ran away. And she probably ignores them/gets greg to threaten to keep her away from them if they voice any concerns about her relationship. Like who gives a shit about your fake gender when there is all this other shit going on? They also know you almost divorced over bringing an 18 year old into your marriage and your husband cheated on you? But you want them to care about your gender? It's one thing if she actually TRANSITIONED, but shes buying some ugly suits. Lmao. WHO CARES?? She should be happy they don't make a big deal about it. Her parents must be saints to not disown this tragic trainwreck who treats them like garbage.

It is so weird how they have an entire car ride and just ignore their kids the majority of the time, and fight in front of them. Why does she think anyone wants to watch this? She is so lazy, she just films any old shit video to put up.

No. 521358

the weirdest thing about the car makeup vid was that she looked better than usual, no wacky color combinations

No. 521373

No wonder Billie didn’t want to sit on his face. She was scared of getting a disease

No. 521375


So now she's being called out for being a transtrender. Her tiny, egotistical brain thinks "Time to break out the button-up shirts!" As though that proves anything and doesn't make her look even more like a try-hard

No. 521376


Is he trying to copy Kalvin? Trying to call out people for "pretending" and claiming PTSD

No. 521382

It's so transparent. I guess it'll kill her to admit that she's wrong in what she's doing. She can easily admit that she has no intentions of actually transitioning, but still thinks it's completely ok to claim to be trans and cry and shout in the face of real trans people who are you, you know, TRANSITIONING and demand that she be included in their spaces or else it'll hurt her feelings. Her non-suicidal because she's perfectly happy as a woman feelings. Incredible.

No. 521385

In her closet tour, they were all sitting on a shelf near the floor I think.

No. 521386

>Two children
>Clearly female
>Has told birth stores

If I wasn't on my broken phone, I'd post some mind blown gif

The lengths some people go to. Like… Is this real life.

No. 521387

Seeing all that powder flying off her face and landing on her shoulder made me said "fuck" out loud.

No. 521388

It makes sense tho, she probably gave birth to them from the lump of her chin. Kinda like greek mythology except in a spaceboi way

No. 521389

Right? People on here reach so much when it comes to the kids.

No. 521393


Hilarious. Can someone please create this beautiful image?

No. 521401

Greg is a Greek god, so I guess it all makes sense now!

No. 521406

File: 1526908748271.jpg (504.71 KB, 1030x974, Cheesyfaced Greg.jpg)

Ha ha ha haha ha ha!!!
>No wonder Billie didn’t want to sit on his face. She was scared of getting a disease

Omg anon, am dead, especially after shregglys face at >>520928
And the doodle at
His face is so rancid, like a cheese left in the fridge too long, and somebody dropped it on the crusty floor of their old mcmansion a week into it, and they never wiped the grime off, so now its covered in floor crud and germs underneath the hardened rind and various blue and white molds that have started growing all over the old cheese.

That's Shregg's face.
No more hotties for you hahahah ha!

No. 521407

I luv you Anon, but there's a lot of reading into it. Could also be about the HaTuRs or YT demonetizing his stale content or the IRS not letting him off the hook. Or all of those combined. As much as I want it to be milky between the two of them, it sounds like his usual complaining about the shitty life he has built around himself.

No. 521424

Laimey looks and acts more and more like Social Repose it's uncanny. She often talks exactly like he does in her videos. ( especially in this one https://hooktube.com/watch?v=kZGvVKvKW7I ) Like the stutter or repeating of word, for example here at 3:17 she looks and sounds so much like him.

With her face basically looking like a female version of Richie.. I wonder if LGH actually was into SR in some weird way and this is why he used to be so obsessed w/talking about him.

No. 521427

I think she is probably a social repose fan on the DL because I agree she does often seem to copy his way of speaking. Jaclyn did the same thing when she was dating him.

No. 521431

Talking like Morty from Rick and Morty?


No. 521432

I dont watch social repose, but for me she has typical over the top bitch smug voice. Maybe that is how space princes sound like? Or she wants to appeal to teens with all that 'slay queen' stuff.
I checked one of her first videos (q and a) and she sounds way better, more calm and nice. Maybe its my imagination but despite that she still has something smug about her voice, maybe its accent or im biased.

No. 521440

All rich spoiled preppies sound the same

No. 521443

Your right, I tend to read more into what they say because it seems like their relationship is very dysfunctional but until they do something public it's all speculation. Most likely it's the IRS stressing him and that's why he put up that $50 and $100 patreon bait. Lainey is also been talking about her channel not growing so it seems to be an ever present concern. If they just learned to live within their means and/or get normal jobs they would be fine but both of them prefer to cry about how unfair it is to their teenage audience in hopes they will financially support Greg and Lainey's lifestyle.

No. 521445

>inb4 the bitch opens her video with "sup fam, it's Lain(ey) from Social… Anxiety"

No. 521448

I like how she complains about wanting a foundation that doesn't cover her freckles but covers her blemishes…. If she would watch a fucking tutorial she could either A. Take care of her skin or B. use concealer for her blemishes but bb cream/tinted moisturizer for her foundation. This is our space boi emo prince beauty guru tho

No. 521451

Exactly! I was JUST about to comment about this. Even if she was just on Retin-A it would help her acne and her premature aging too!

As for the foundation, it's called color-correcting. She color corrects under her eyes, but not her acne. Total dipshit.

No. 521454

File: 1526926847385.png (145.46 KB, 720x1163, 20180521_200934.png)

The IG onision flop account greasybot posted the clip of Lainey saying that you can 'choose' your dysphoria. She responded in the comments.Nothing milky but it confirms that she DOES lurk hate blogs.

No. 521455

Have you ever seen her put on foundation? She uses so much that there's no way she could have healthy skin even with the best skincare routine. She needs to just stop wearing makeup except for when she makes videos for a while to let her skin breathe but she never will

No. 521457


From a person who states herself that one of her biggest accomplishments was having a natural birth

No. 521458

File: 1526927006473.png (122.96 KB, 720x1054, 20180521_201111.png)

I hope I censored correctly this time btw

No. 521459

>i don't know who the fuck would choose to feel this way.
Look in a mirror and you will know who.

She literally whined about her small chest in the past and wanted bigger boobs. Then she decides to be agender. All of a sudden "i have always had chest dysphoria and want them to be flat!" Sounds exactly like you picked and chose what dysphoria to have, but yeah…keep on with your bullshit.

No. 521465

She isn't going to look in the mirror because she likes being victimized. I personally think victimization is one of the only powers she has right now. Onion doesn't even allow her to have a sense of self or pride. The only thing she can acceptably attach to is her victimization and find power in being powerless. I look at old videos of her and she could play guitar, did cheer, and genuinely was just a normal person. Now she's just a victim. And that is all she will ever be allowed to be as long as she is with Greg since he wants her to be a doormat.

No. 521470


Took him a few days to answer to all the hate he got from Lamey's roast. Says he's done with drama vids and Ospeaks (no he's not).

No. 521474

>you have no proof how Lainey was born
omg…how can somebody be this fucking stupid? Even 11-year-olds know where babies come from. Why are so many people willing to bend over backwards to defend and adore random ass people who just happen to put themselves in front of a camera?
It wouldn't be surprising if she has dysmorphia, since tons of women do, but she's obviously confusing the two concepts so that she can have some sort of quality that makes her "unique" because she's utterly unremarkable as an unemployed mother of two with no interests or hobbies beyond attachment parenting and makeup.

No. 521475

Clinging on to that Tesla pin. Sorry Greg, you can't afford one anymore because you're terrible.

No. 521484

Arg. Can the anons and farmers quit acting like you have to be insanely depressed or suicidal in order to truly be trans. No doubt in my mind that lame is a transtrender. But from my personal experience I have a friend in there 30s who was always unhappy and miserable and sadly remained closeted about their gender for the first 27 years of their life. They were sad and miserable but still dealt with it like an adult. They weren’t suicidal or depressed. They dealt and maintained a healthy life until finally being honest. Maybe I’m from a different generation but strength and power to deal with internal conflict is definitely possible. She’s the strongest bitch I know to date! Trans doesn’t equal depression or suicide in all cases. So just stop.(no one cares)

No. 521487

I had to stop at 4mim because he was just repeating himself and rambling.

Greg sucks, and I know this, but I still kind of want to believe. Sadly, he probably won't even last a week - and I'm being generous with that estimate.

No. 521489

File: 1526935461234.png (114.37 KB, 708x97, Capturew.PNG)

At 3:20 he doesn't even spell her channel name right lmao muh high IQ though

No. 521490

Yeah it's clear as day she was an insecure girl and wanted to be thinner, and wasn't happy with her body. Like most people in the world. She got compliments about being a 'cute boy' when she joked about being an emo boy, and thinks she can pull off the "scene/emo" boy look. So she decides to cut her hair short. Gets more compliments about being a cute boy. All of a sudden, she decides to be agender, and gets a even more compliments for it. All of a sudden shes full trans. lol.

She doesn't want to be a man. She just wants to be an emo/scene looking "boy" because she was obsessed with them, which is a feminine looking dude. People joke that scene boys look like girls/lesbians anyway.

Hes said hes been done with drama videos about fifty times in the past, and yet continues. I've literally heard this video before from him. People can barely even care about his drama videos at this point, let alone a onion who has become a "better" person. No one believes that will ever happen anymore lol. I think the only video anyone wants to watch is him divorcing lamey and not the clickbait kind.

>"always unhappy and miserable"
Sounds like they were…depressed.

No. 521491

i noticed that too lmao

No. 521492

File: 1526936810196.png (14.34 KB, 866x165, tags.PNG)

> I think the only video anyone wants to watch is him divorcing lamey and not the clickbait kind.

Even Greg knows it, pic related.

No. 521495

It's sad how many clickbait videos they make about divorcing and those tags lol.

It's funny because the one time he could break off things with who hes dating cleanly is with lame, but hes stuck with her. It's simple. "I'm attracted to girls, and she wants to dress/act masculine. I respect her decision but it's not what im attracted to." Done. and then could easily introduce new "girly" girl as his gf. But he can't find anyone anymore and he risks losing lamey as his cashcow.

And unfortunately lamey is the one who fits his criteria as complete doormat who will build up his ego and follow any rule he lays out for her. If she was actually entertaining, talented, and hot, he would have probably been happier with her.

No. 521500

Then stop acting like every single trans person NEEDS to be suicidal/depressed to truly be a genuine transgender. Acting like everything needs to be super dramatic and extreme is something the Onions do. The majority of the world deals with life’s struggles like adults and figures their shit out like a adults. Kelvin is a teenager who isn’t representative of the adult trans community. Stop acting so dramatic and white knighting the trans community(ban evasion)

No. 521505

Stop derailing. If you want to argue about transpeople go to /ot/.

No. 521514

He promotes her channel harder than he jacks off to underage girls but I cant recall even one time she has plugged his channel.

No. 521515

Ive wondered, is his constant promoting of her channel——
1. His way of lovebombing her, and making sure the public see how much he loves her.
2. Hes Laineys suitcase pimp now, he needs to make sure she prospers on her channels because thats how he keeps bean burritos in his mouth since he cant break the 2K mark with his YT money and Patreon.>>521514

No. 521516

No. 521517

Hes also in like all her videos lately, but shes in none of his. I'm surprised he doesn't make her act in his. Her excuse used to be that shes camera shy, but now shes not.

He wants to seem like a nice guy who is open to his wife being trans, in hopes it attracts her fans to him. That's also why in her videos lately hes been attempting to act nicer a lot of the time, but he can't help being onion so he slips.

And he also wants to promo her channel just like he also would promote her before with his "well if you hate me and think my wife is a victim, go support her <3" as if we didn't know the money would also go to him. Same with him wanting debates to be done on her channel as if its "neutral" ground. Same here, he knows if he can't win over fans he can still get their money through lamey.

No. 521520

It's because what he's doing isn't real, it's just his trying to manipulate as usual. No offense against you personally, but I don't get how ANYONE could possibly ever believe him when he's proven countless times that he will lie and manipulate to get what he wants. Onion needs serious professional help for his mental disorders if he ever wants to truly change for the best. But he won't, because that's not what he wants.

No. 521521

I think as well he wants to have loads of proof that laineybot is 'his' work so he can claim it in the divorce. Learned his lesson from Skye.

No. 521524

haha, well, I did say want to believe.

I think the only reason I take this one a little more seriously is because he claims Lainey herself to be the one making him want to change, not… generic views, etc. But even then it's only cause she shamed him with her 10 Things video.

Man, if kids weren't involved I don't think I'd give a fuck either way tho.

I'm almost more interested in seeing how long he can keep up the charade this time.

No. 521532

eh, this is how every channel on youtube does tags these days to survive. (i laughed at "divorce court 2018" though)

No. 521535

It's not Lainey making him want to change. lol. It is the views. He is noticing his views dropping to all time low, and hes desperately scrambling for anything. Also note how he mentions the shane thing as if he realizes he made a big deal out it, and he is wrong. He probably wants to mend bridges so he can get collabs, just like how he "apologized" to jaclyn. I won't be surprised if he makes an "apology" to shane in hopes he or lainey can get a 3-part series on his channel.

If it doesn't get him anymore views or people don't believe him, he stops playing nice. Just like in the past. He'd soon realize he could make an asshole video (his true personality) and get the same or even MORE views. So his "i'm ready to change" shit would go out the window.

No. 521540

>If it doesn't get him anymore views or people don't believe him, he stops playing nice.

If anyone wants a condensed version of how Shreg treats people, listen to the infamous Onision Voicemails he made to A.
The stages he goes through when dealing with a person during a usual weeks or months period was shorten down to a few hours and 13 voicemails.

No. 521545

I do wonder if eventually Lainey will start being girly again, all for the sake of what Greg is attracted to. I can’t imagine him cucking himself so hard that he accepts this charade for eternity.

No. 521546

Neither one of them does. Lainey puts off seeing a doctor or talking to a real psychologist because she’s terrified they’ll “invalidate her”. In reality, I think she’s fully aware of her toxic situation but she doesn’t dare get actual help because she might not like why she hears.

No. 521572

File: 1526953123228.png (54.61 KB, 529x529, IMG_9884.PNG)

I wonder that too. The whole nonbinary space prince thing started when she got a tumblr and wanted to be special. But before all of that she was always girl and actually cute based off of the photos on her Instagram. Now she looks dead and bitter but hey, gronk does too

No. 521577

That would be a good theory if it had any basis in reality. Plain has been on tumblr as laineybot practically since the beginning of their relationship.

No. 521578

Did anyone challenge her when she was whining on YouNow about why she doesnt travel.
She was giving excuses why she has never vacationed anywhere (except for that one trip Greg took Billie on and Lainey tagged along)
One of the excuses was
>how am I suppose to travel, I have kids.
I see plenty of moms and dads with their kids at vacation spots when I go on vaca… oh wait, its been men and women with their midget friends, Ive been fooled this whole time.
You cant possibly take your children with you when you vacation.

No. 521581

She kind of did after the billie thing when she was growing out her hair and dying it billie colors, wearing more girly clothes, and doing more extreme makeup looks.

Then she all of a sudden is going back to the trans thing and wants to be more of a dude now. I guess she realized it didn't help her keep onion since he was continuously looking for girls despite her being girlier. And now she feels more secure that he wont dump her as long as her youtube channel is churning out money. And the trans thing is basically half her personality/content she can make. A lot of her audience are nonbinary transtrenders. I wouldn't be surprised if onion encourages it because he sees that as a market that he can't tap into because no one will believe hes nonbinary lol.

tumblr was around before people started the whole gender trend. She of course decided to be agender when ruby rose became popular and gender nonconformity was big on tumblr/twitter and hence the transtrending began.

I feel bad for her kids. They are never gonna get to go on vacations. Troy is kindergarten age. She only sees it as "me me me", not oh i should take my kids out to places.

No. 521582

I thought that was fucking stupid too. From 0-18 years my parents took us all on at least one vacatiom a year.

Truthfully its probably because they don't want to pack the kiddos in a car and yell at eachother in the car for like 4 hours. These poor kids probably have zero normal childhood experiences and the Onion's clearly aren't pressed to give their children any of those.

No. 521591

nail on the head
Take that first minute and a half from her recent GET READY WITH ME - IN THE CAR video where they're yelling, arguing and cussing at each other, and stretch it out to a 4 hour car drive to Wild Waves or 3 hour plane trip to Disneyland and tell me that if you were T or C you wouldn't unstrap yourself from your car seat and roll out of the car.

No. 521592

This is what I don’t understand. Tomboys have been around forever. I’m a tomboy but I’m still very much a girl. All of a sudden preferring an aesthetic that is typically associated with males equates with gender dysphoria? Fuck outta here, space twunt.

No. 521595

Fuck she’s an ugly bitch. That chin is the hideous icing on a hideous cake.

No. 521596

File: 1526957076321.jpg (370.91 KB, 1160x1062, Only 50 fans.jpg)

So this video he put out has the results of a poll to determine the direction of Onision content split amongst patreon and YT.

But for such a big important poll for his patreons, only 50 people voted. Here is a screenshot somewhere between :30-1:00 of the video.

Maybe Greg only has around 50 patreons that are real, and the rest are sock puppets accounts he buys himself.

If not, then why aren't more patreons engaged with the Grease?

God that fucking chin lump again

No. 521610

File: 1526957996248.webm (1.28 MB, 480x360, broken.webm)

Just a side note about her most recent Beautybot video.
Its hard to tell but Im sure that Grug did that douchebag move of tapping the brakes or gas pedal so that the passenger spills their drink, except this is an expensive camera that her teen fans paid for. His giggle after it falls is a dead give away he did it on purpose.

No. 521611

Do we know the exact break down of the patrons?
Like how many are $1 and how many are $50
I could see him making a bunch of $1 Patreon accounts, 950 of them to be exact to pump up his stats.

No. 521615

It's more because onion's self-proclaimed favorite vacation spot is his couch. He doesn't want to go on vacations, so no one gets to. He won't do anything he doesn't want to and lamey just accepts it. I doubt they care about bitching in front of their kids since they do that 24/7. The vacation with billie happened since he was trying to impress her, just like how he tried to impress lamey with his fake promise of traveling the world (lol).

Tomboy became too normal for the unique snowflakes.

i feel like a lot of the $1 patreons are also people who pledged initially and just forgot about it, so the payment keeps reoccurring but they dont actually look at his content. If their card ends up expiring or they notice the subscription, he will probably lose a bunch of those.

It doesn't really seem like hes gaining many new patrons, so in a couple years the number should really die down unless he keeps padding his own numbers, which seems stupid because he would be losing money doing that since patreon takes a cut. He only really gets good money from his obsessed discord people.

No. 521633

File: 1526965438549.png (1.37 MB, 1334x750, E38DE046-08BC-48D5-91BA-9C5426…)

Her newest video is how to bind without a binder. Coming to a pornhub near u

No. 521641

You mean a…

No. 521653

can you upload it for us, patron-anon?

No. 521656

File: 1526972294762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 232.22 KB, 1054x1564, PicsArt_05-22-02.54.15.jpg)

Ask and you shall receive

No. 521657

File: 1526972709528.jpeg (603.9 KB, 750x846, 076DCB2A-B38A-469A-B544-6F1F6C…)

Did the Pimples ever make a zoo video before the move? It seems like no-brainer content considering the proximity and the TWO BORED CHILDREN

No. 521658

smdh if you think space prince would take the kids. lainey is holding out for the ONE DATE where onision doesn't make a huge stupid joke out of it and ruin it for them.

No. 521660

File: 1526973133587.png (502.94 KB, 572x603, dysphoria.png)


No. 521663

Such dysphoria!!!

No. 521664

File: 1526973419651.jpeg (481.87 KB, 2000x2000, A5CB3D53-36CD-44F5-A504-C1F7AB…)

Yeah but Zoo videos seems like the exact thing they are trying to emulate from real youtubers. Shreg doing stupid voices over animals while Lumpey acts like a child reacting to animals. Gets the kids out of the house. They probably have a good fidget spinner collection in the Zoo store, maybe Lainey can autistically focus on animal welfare for a few weeks. Maybe she’ll take care of the dogs! Greg could even lecture his kids about animal slaughter and the fur industry!

I just live near the Swamp so it’s heartbreaking to know how close those children are to a normal upbringing, and I know he comes here

No. 521671

if shes actually afraid of invalidation then she should try DBT and not CBT… CBT is known to be invalidating but DBT is all about validation.

No. 521672

Terrifying but really good.

No. 521690

that's fucking brilliant anon holy shit kek

No. 521700

I probably wouldn't mind the Onion's if their house wasn't so fucking dysfunctional for their children. Like when Lainey was first pregnant I thought they would have like an epiphany and turn their shit attitudes and lifestyle around, but no. They somehow got a little bit worse. That's what most people do, they're like oh shit we're pregnant now we can't act like selfish pieces of shit. It really seems like the kids are just an afterthought to them. Just like their dogs.

The differences between the two laineys, girl you need to give up on having light colored hair when you look that god damned malnourished.

No. 521765

I was just thinking about a what if scenario of if Billie had stayed abd Lainey had actually left Greg during cuddle gate.

Do you guys think Greg would be more successful on YouTube he is now? He’d have a pretty alt girl by his side and the drama with the divorce/ custody would surely net him a shit ton of views. It just seems like in every other Greg era he would have chosen the fresh new toy, but he didn’t this time. He chose his family and almost right after the basement gate is when his career plummeted. It’s just really interesting to think how different things would be if had chosen Billie.

No. 521767

I'm not sure it would have lasted, Billie seems like she would have tolerated a lot less of Gregma's bullshit and after the honeymoon phase they would have had the same drama down the line about her smoking weed and wanting to see her family etc. He probably would have gone back to Plainey and milked the whole situation for videos about how he was 'seduced by this evil homewrecker' but his pathetic wife forgave him, and they'd be in more or less the same position now.

No. 521768


I agree. I see Billie panning out kind of like Adrienne did if they'd got together. Billie's young but she has interests, a group of friends she obviously cares about and seems to know her own mind. Lainey has always been a doormat and was around at a time when Greg wanted just that.

No. 521771

why does her face look like some shitty halloween mask

No. 521774

Why would you even try to give them ideas?

No. 521776

No. 521790

File: 1527014109931.png (40.67 KB, 197x208, Screenshot 2018-05-22 at 2.34.…)

No. 521793

Imagine if it did

Can some one summarize

No. 521794

sorry for asking to be spoonfed, but
what was the exact time frame of his military service? month/year to month/year
Ive always thought he barely made it to 16 or 18 months till he had a mental breakdown and tried committing suicide and getting naked in front of his superiors to fake a mental breakdown.

No. 521796

File: 1527015219342.jpeg (17.92 KB, 262x120, 8D7A4143-A8B4-4956-BA70-D22B97…)

>Zoo video: some of the easiest kid content on YouTube
>swearing, ass rape joke
>”Youtube is killing my channel!”
Well at least he took the kids out and didn’t embarrass them in public, so that’s a plus.
Also, “””””actor demo reel”””””””

No. 521799

File: 1527015623916.jpg (69.17 KB, 466x600, 466px-DischargeFromActiveDuty.…)


april 12, 2005 - october 31, 2008

info from lifeofonion.com

No. 521801

File: 1527015887821.jpg (34.39 KB, 493x585, CgldEYQU8AA2MPn.jpg)

God he is such a little bitch!

Air Force has the very best quality of life, accommodations, funding, and benefits over any of the other 4 branches.

For perspective and comparison on deployments while other branches are sleeping in tents on the ground and shitting in holes the AF is in air conditioned trailers with their own private lavatories.

He was a glorified mall cop.

No. 521802

Christ alive, another video crying about how awful his time in the chair force was. Really great content LGH….

No. 521805

>goes in there with a chip on his shoulder: 'I'm better than everyone here, I'm sacrificing myself for my country, I'm volunteering, I'm amazing'
>misses the part where they try and re-make people so they work as a cohesive team and family rather than a group of individuals
>constantly rats and has a holier-than-though attitude
>shits on everyone else in his group
>its the kids who are wrong not me
>screeches like an autistic monkey and takes off all of his clothes in protest that he's not being treated like the angel he is
>im not biased, these are just FACTSSS!1!!1

Like, just because someone took the job because their other option was jail does not make you better than them, gregma. You've no idea what put them in that scenario to begin with or what in their life made them have to do the things they did. But don't you worry, keep that chip on your shoulder and steamroll forward not learning from life experiences.

I'm sure there's no correlation between that and not learning your channel is dying. I'm sure you not listening to people voicing their opinions and giving you constructive criticism is just them not treating you with the RESPECT YOU DESERVE.

You think at some point he would have looked in a mirror and gone 'Wow, what do all my failures have in common? Me, being a pompous, self-righteous, thick-headed ass? Maybe I should try something different' but no, here we are. Yet again its everyone else's fault.

No. 521807


>PROTIP: Always watch Onion's storytime rants on 1.5 speed

No. 521815

File: 1527019709086.jpg (4.07 KB, 259x194, images.jpg)

Why does Grug remind me of Peter Steele making dramatic faces in Black No1?

No. 521816

"Omg I got the ptsds for being paired with a dude who was a reformed drug dealer! He sildbthe pots like a criminal and they LITERALLY said I was just like him, by pairing him with me!"

Tl;dr grug is too good to be paired with other low intelligence cannon fodder and expected that everyone would worship and respect him worldwide, instantly, because he volunteered for service. This wasnt true and caused him to have temporary narc psychosis which happens when their false ego and narrative is confronted by unavoidable reality.

No. 521819


From research of his military career, it sounded like he was a little shit in the military. Which warrants his General discharge.(What I've read up probably should be been borderline dishonorable.) I think his recruiter hated him which may have caused him to get Security Forces.

Security Forces is known to be tough on airmen because they expect them to piss professionalism. They're also guarding the base, planes, or fucking nukes.

No. 521821


Gronk needs to stop fucking saying he got honorably discharged then. Having a general discharge with honorable conditions is completely different than having an honorable discharge.

No. 521824

He later got his discharge status upgraded, and this causes his grandiosity gap to close up.

Grug's self image as a Special Forces guru who was super badass and everyone repsected was shattered by reality, and it caused him to have a strop in order to re-write reality in a way which his ego found more soothing.

Narcs think they're so special and unique, but honestly they're all so alike it's crazy. His behavior - throwing a fake breakdown in order to get his way - is a pretty typical response when a narc doesnt get their way.

Description of how narcs hit a Grandiosity Gap, and fake crazy in order to soothe themselves and invent a narrative where they're totally the winners. His reaction to not getting his way in the military was a classic combo of a narc's massochistic avoidant solution, and paranoid aggressive solution to not getting their way:

"The Grandiosity Gap (between a fantastically grandiose - and unlimited - self-image and actual - limited - accomplishments and achievements) is grating. Its recurrence threatens the precariously balanced house of cards that is the narcissistic personality. The narcissist finds, to his chagrin, that people out there are much less admiring, accommodating and accepting than his parents [i.e. tammy spoiled her little prince and he xant cope with reality]. As he grows old, the narcissist often become the target of constant derision and mockery, a sorry sight indeed. His claims for superiority appear less plausible and substantial the more and the longer he makes them…

The narcissist then resorts to self-delusion. Unable to completely ignore contrarian opinion and data - he transmutes them. Unable to face the dismal failure that he is, the narcissist partially withdraws from reality. To soothe and salve the pain of disillusionment, he administers to his aching soul a mixture of lies, distortions, half-truths and outlandish interpretations of events around him."


/wish I could sage this(Armchairing)

No. 521826

Most people either wind up working Security Forces because they were tricked into it unwittingly (sounds cooler than it is) or as punishment for being a little shit soup sandwich.

Seems he picked SERE Specialist as his MOS but when he couldn't complete his duties (killing and skinning game) he was reclassified into security.

Even judging from his own biased recollection of his career his superiors must have absolutely hated his guts.

No. 521827

He wishes he was as tall and hung as Peter Steele

No. 521838



Plainey's new video on binding without a binder. Such dysphoria.

No. 521840

really tho, who could blame them?

No. 521844

I've seen this talked about a couple times, correct me if I'm wrong other anons but I'm pretty sure Gag didnt choose his family. At that time Billie made the choice not to stay and so Gag settled for Plain again.

No. 521845

I watch all onion and lamey videos on 2x speed. It makes them less boring/cringey.

lol shes gonna likely put out more "trans" content now that she got called out for being a faker. She always overcompensates when people accuse her of lying.

why does he keep making videos about the air force/military? Does he think his 12 year old fans would even be interested in this?

No. 521850

Not interested, impressed.

No. 521867


extreme nitpicking, but "peeehnkh"

No. 521886

Well hot-damn. He's Maj. Frank 'ferretface' Burns.

No. 521896

Glad I’m not the only one who notices
She can’t just say it like a normal human, has to say it like a fucking valley girl

No. 521903


Holy shit yes. It irritates me to no end to the point I feel a suspense when I watch her videos (especially her Beautybot ones) because I know that in any moment, she's gonna drop the fucking "peeenkhhgh" bomb. Why does she have to be so hateable.

No. 521908

Pretty much. Although after Billie left she still had text conversations with Shreg admitting she still wanted his money cough I mean wanted to be with him. He was melodramatic per the usual and told her he didn't deserve love and then proceeds to let spergybot take him back, kek.

No. 521911

Here's some good shit on Onion's chairforce days


No. 521913

I love that none of these options really flatten her breasts at all kek and at one point she's just straight up totally naked again. such dysphoria you guys!

No. 521919

“BTW, your tax dollars paid for her implants” uh no asshole, our tax dollars paid for her implants like our tax dollars paid for all the stupid shit you bought in the service. Our tax dollars paid for your sham marriage housing instead of the barracks since you basically admitted you married your friend for the military perks. It’s called she had a fucking job and was compensated for it. You get paid to scream at a camera.

No. 521930

File: 1527040086008.png (1.34 MB, 1734x699, baggyshirtsarethesecrettocurin…)

Lainey puts on a bunch of tight fitting bras and spanx and flashes her underboobs, then just puts on a baggy shirt and talks about how amazing she looks.

She could have just put on regular bras and has basically the same appeal with a shirt that big. It's pretty ridiculous and I don't see how the whole trans community wouldn't cringe to this.

No. 521932

File: 1527040347199.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, feelinducky.png)

No. 521934

This is stay-at-home-mom-chic. How does she not realise this.

No. 521935

lol shes so into herself but wants to claim she has dysphoria. She literally takes off her clothes in every video. She probably wants people to comment on how skinny and "smol" she is.

You can tell she gives 0 shits about binding and actually hiding her chest. She thinks it's doing a good job when you can still tell she has boobs they just seem smaller.

And her fake "im so excited yayy" bullshit. lmao. I can't. How can any trans people take this shit seriously.

No. 521937

If this is how this man looks with filters, special beauty lighting, camera angles, makeup and post editing software I can not imagine what an sight he is in person with a naked eye.

No. 521939

Also poor Lainey, struggling with finances, bought a nike brand sports bra. The least you could do to continue with the I'm poor charade is get a bra from walmart.

The bra she got looks to be this one here: https://www.nike.com/t/classic-swoosh-womens-medium-support-sports-bra-knTPGAvo/842398-100


Looking at Walmart those sports bras range anywhere from $5-$15 on average.

Stop buying shit for your videos all the while your husband complains about being poor now because of the big bad youtube, IRS, and TurboTax.

And don't get me wrong, some clothing is necessary, but the Onions are fucking lying when it comes to how bad off they are if they're buying branded clothing all the time.

No. 521942

Seems like she just buys all this shit last minute to do a video. Can't even take the fucking tags off. She said the shapewear was $40 too. She literally bought these things to teach people how to bind. I'm not doubting she will wear them now, but she talks about it like she's an authority.

No. 521943

So much botox
Gregs problem with the botox is that he insists on making his stupid crazy ugly exaggerated faces even after getting injections.

The person who receives botox is supposed to make it last by trying to not move their brows at all. But he just wastes the botox.

Slumped eyebrows over piggy eyes
That brow has seen better days…. 25 years ago kek

No. 521971

She can return clothes with the tag on tho.

No. 521972

He is seriously repulsive, I've never noticed his jacked teeth

No. 521981

File: 1527045110515.jpg (208.19 KB, 607x1779, Shregg buying more subs.jpg)

Someone is back to buying more subs for his dying channel, trying to get it back to over 2,100,000 subs again.
He's so pathetically repugnant that he just can't let it happen. He fa