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File: 1527205973898.png (535.94 KB, 1300x1000, twittermeltdown.png)

No. 522648

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/518201
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregma/Gurgles/Lainey's Gay Husband (abbreviated to LGH)/Shreg/Ogreg is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Taylor/Lainey/Plainey/Doormat/Greg's Straight Wife (abbreviated to GSW), is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

On the last episode:
>Swamp Prom arrived. "Lainey spent almost a month gearing up for this, and Shreg behaves like a complete retard and shits all over it." >>518481
>A 17-year-old transgender youtuber, Kalvin Garrah, was suggested by a fan to make a video about how Lainey is a transtrender. Lainey proceeds to cry and reee into her discord while Ogreg makes a video white-knighting her out of fear >>518707 and >>518866
>Lots of tweets by Lainey and her fans ensue where they bully Kalvin into not making the vid. We are unsure if he is still going through with it.
>Ogreg tweets how hot he thinks one of his patrons is (who happens to look strangely like Onion) and immediately deletes it >>519080
>Lainey is bad at makeup >>519340
>Anons find out that Greg still wears the clothes he and Plainey put on Poshmark for skits before they're sold. >>520327
>Onion proclaims yet again in a video he is happy (because he has a truck) >>521125 but not for long….
>….since Onion went on a narc rage on twitter a couple hours ago. Lots of tweets being deleted, fun stuff >>522492

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:

- No nitpicking. /pt/ no longer has the sage function.
- Don't liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- TempCow is gone, live blogging can be done in >>>/pt/490442
- Important streams will get their own threads with loosened rules.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.



No. 522654

Any guesses on what triggered his latest narc rage?

Laimey leaving him alone with his kids?
Getting dragged on Twitter for posting & mocking a minor?
Setting up a future insanity plea for when someone (aforementioned minor's parents, Sh, Shane Dawson, PewDiePie, …) inevitably comes at him with their lawyers?

No. 522655

He gets paid to be a loser online tho, it's totes not the same.

No. 522656

Lainey’s failed mukbang video that was more of a food review?

No. 522659

Yes. A real mukbang is when you actually sit down and eat a full meal with your audience (or they just watch you eat). The point is to create an experience where the viewer feels like they are sitting down across from the host and sharing their company.

No. 522664

Mukbangs only work when you are interesting and likeable. Lamey is not. Who wants to eat food with someone scoffing at them? She also doesn't do anything so she has no stories to tell. She is just generally whiney and annoying.

No. 522668

Not only that, Thotbot and Grease’s kids were constantly screaming and crying in the background. Not only that at starting 6:40-ish on the mukbang video, you can hear him cursing in the background.

No. 522669


Even though he bleeps it out, he says the n-word over and over again in the video.
This is a new low, Ladies and Gentlemen.

No. 522670

In his stream he was specifically saying he's not racist and never says or even thinks the N-word, unlike PewDiePie.

No. 522681

Agreed. There is nothing interesting about her and she doesnt have a true passion to create content for her viewers. The only reason she started sharting out more videos is because her husbands career finally reached it's over due expiration date.

In coming beauty sperg: does the bitch ever tap excess product off of her brushes? It seems like she is constantly packing way too much powder on her brushes and just slapping it on her face.

No. 522683

Having her as a dining companion would be akin to sharing a table with an autistic toddler. The spitting out of almost everything, the complaining, the refusing to sit still, the general lack of manners and social graces. Between herself and her fat fuck of a husband with his screeching and smearing himself in god knows what, they really have the special ed kids: white trash edition double act downpat.

No. 522684


She has no fucking idea how to apply makeup and she’s not getting any better at it, she needs to find a new hobby.

No. 522685

I dont understand how someone could be so uncreative. All Lainey does is copy other people's videos and does it way shittier.

No. 522687

And it’s not like it’s hard to learn how to properly apply makeup. She has all fucking day to watch tutorials and practice, what with having no job and no life outside the trailer.

No. 522688

In the mukbang video she says how white she is (because apparently white people can't eat spicy foods(yes I know it's kinda a meme but still)), but when she took the dna test she was so proud of being Mexican. Lol okay keep changing your race, gender, or sexuality to fit your narrative.

No. 522690

I hope she gets dragged by a lease one Latinx for this nonsense. Though I doubt she will, given that almost everyone who watches her videos, minus us farmers, is a 12 year old Becky.

No. 522696

Holy shit, I am so tired of YouTubers (and not just Onision) bitching about not getting income from their videos anymore. Most of them complaining have absolutely useless content and just got lucky enough to find an audience braindead enough to enjoy watching some nobody talking to their camera for ten minutes. Only now their content is just bitching about YouTube, which even less people want to watch.

Take, for example, educational-type channels that focus on things like cooking or crafting. That's mostly what I subscribe to, and literally none of them have bitched about views or ad revenue. You know why? Because not only is their content valuable, they make videos because they just fucking want to. They usually have legitimate careers and simply enjoy sharing their knowledge.

Onision saying YouTube is his "job" has to be the first funny thing he's ever said. He is not a YouTube employee and he has never been guaranteed income. He initially gained attention, completely by chance, for dancing like a jackass in a banana suit. And that's allowed him to do nothing but sit on his ass and stroke his own ego for over a decade. I cannot comprehend how greedy, entitled, and blatantly moronic YouTubers are being to expect a steady (six figure) income, to refuse to get a real job, and think their videos are even worth giving a damn about.

Also, I don't think any employer's CEO would appreciate being publicly mocked and insulted. Hey Greg, not only will that CEO not fire you, she is actually providing you with the platform to ridicule her. Real employees with real jobs don't have that ability but probably wouldn't be fucking stupid enough to do that in the first place.

No. 522699

File: 1527218393529.jpeg (254.49 KB, 750x722, 1B8979F2-97AB-4E4D-9E10-771D8A…)

Fucking kek, the irony. He’s insulting his own family, inbred white trash spastic that he is.

No. 522701

File: 1527219101736.jpg (399.02 KB, 999x853, goblinmasterlevel12.jpg)

does he not realise he is trailer trash that lives in a swamp that does the daddy fetish shit, so pretty much he summed himself and lainey up

No. 522703

Exactly my point. I’m surprised no one has pointed that out on his Twitter. This narc rage meltdown is glorious.

No. 522704

The difference is, he’s a “public figure”. Anons aren’t supposed to be relevant, that kind of defeats the purpose. Besides,
nobody ‘relevant’ wants anything to do with him, or doesn’t know who he is. Sounds pretty much like the definition of irrelevant to me, Onion.

No. 522705

We can’t expect this mongoloid caveman to actually understand the meaning of the words he uses.

No. 522707

I haven't been keeping up with these two idiots. I know he sold their house and moved. Does he still have the teslas, and does the new house seem reasonable for what they make? He gets 4k on patreon alone and i know she gets about 1.2k

No. 522708

File: 1527221759417.png (12.09 KB, 476x97, yikes.PNG)

Is anyone else concerned about how much he seems to bring up bestiality?
Ive heard him bring up that Harley Quinn getting fucked by dogs anime multiple times, and it looks like he did it again in his stream today. And then one of his tweets he tries to insult someone by insinuating they have sex with dogs.

Im truly fearful that Greg might be taking his dogs into the bedroom when Lainey goes out with the kids grocery shopping.

No. 522713

They sold the Teslas and got some kind of new Toyota, plus a gigantic Dodge Ram seen here >>522324. The swamp trailer cost half a million dollars, so no, not at all reasonable.

No. 522716

lmao what a moron. Has there been any pictures of the house leaked?

No. 522717

There is a reason they bring a new dog or a new baby into their marriage every time things start going stale.

No. 522718

You could scan the past couple of threads and get more info on the house than you'd ever want.
But heres some quick pics

No. 522721

File: 1527223263141.jpg (30.49 KB, 598x597, 1lss3k.jpg)


No. 522722

They use an infant or a new puppy to distract away from their martial flaws. It’s easier to bond or deflect over hating the new puppy eating your shoes than to address the fact that you’re completely incompatible emotionally and mentally.

No. 522723

My top bets are:
- people keep mentioning Shane Dawson’s Bunny video to him.
- he’s mad at how Pewdiepie has had a fight with a streamer and managed to come out of it without insulting her as the bigger person.
- IRS issues.
- he’s spent to much fluffing up his own patreon.
- he’s slowly (but not that slowly) going insane being in as close proximity to Taylor and the kids.
- he’s realised he’s going to have to get a real job like someone “irrelevant” by this time next year

No. 522724

He's cracking under the pressure because he knows it's only going to get worse from here.

No. 522725

Gronk's a bitter triggered little bitch that needs a new hobby

No. 522727

perfect reaction, anon, had same one myself to that but there's not enough dogs and kids in the world to distract onion boy long enough to keep his content from being obviously nothing but complaining and underlying depression from such a poorly lived life

No. 522728

He was legit acting manic all day on twitter, has it ever gotten to this point before?

No. 522729

If im not wrong he told Adrianne Shiloh did some fuck up things with her dog.

No. 522731

I just read about some youtubers channel was that was recently terminated.
It got me to thinking: has anyone ever tried to terminate Greases channel?
Can you imagine his meltdown if it did?

No. 522733


seriously?! do we have proof of this?

No. 522734

maybe you should like, not throw around some fucked thing you think you remember, especially if you have no actual evidence to back it up.

No. 522735



"How’s this for messed up: he even went as far as to tell me that his mother informed him that when they were broken up but still living together – and G wouldn’t have sex with her anymore (but would buy her sex toys and show her how to use them – yes, I am serious) – that Sh** tried to force his little dog to eat her out, and the dog got scared, so it bit her in the crotch."

The dog in question was Nibbles

No. 522736


yeah, i remember that. Shiloh said that the dog bit her in the thigh when she was making the bed and that the said dog would always try to eat her panties out of the laundry.

It's most likely not true guys. Greg's mom seems insane anyways.

No. 522737

It’s in the fucking letter. Don’t be an asshole because you don’t know your basic onion faxx


No. 522738


No, it's probably not but the context was his obsession with bestiality. Apparently, he think this is the height of insults and why he told this to A out of pure spite.

No. 522739

It’s 1000% fake but it shows how he’s always kind of been obsessed with beastiality. I mean my dog eats my underwear and I’m not fucking it.

No. 522740

Are you fucking retarded? This is common knowledge (about Adrianne's letter not Shiloh's thing) I'm not gonna spoon feed you
Go search for ur own,newfag.

No. 522743


ikr. this thread has been so trying lately. this isn't facebook or twitter or like a regular message board where you banter and have dick measuring contests, it's a board with a purpose. if you aren't furthering the purpose, stfu.

that not so subtle nod, tho


(fixed direct link now hooktube. sry)

No. 522745

>his obsession with bestiality. Apparently, he think this is the height of insults

Ever known some guy that calls everyone fags, and the biggest insult they can muster is something about sucking dicks or taking cock in the ass, then 10 years later you find out hes a homosexual.

He hates himself because of his beasty-love and that self hate is projected on the people that annoy him.

No. 522755

He's not really a banana, he's a furry. Huh.

No. 522756

Wtf. That was so fucking ridiculous and offensive, even for Shreg. He considers Youtube his "job" and he not only spent the majority of the video mocking the CEO's appearance and intelligence, but also insinuated that the YT shooting was her fault (with a gun in his hand ffs).
I'm sure I'm not the only one who reported this. He doesn't have a divine right to make videos on the platform they provide, and they are bound to get tired of his shit pretty soon.
I know he thinks he will be fine just making videos on Patreon, but when he gets kicked from YT, all those patrons are going to disappear. Half of the biggest donaters do it for the shout-outs and attention of a YT "celebrity". Kek he's cutting off his nose to spite his face and he'll really be left with nothing.

No. 522757


He's probably a diaperfur/furbaby too

No. 522758

File: 1527233852046.jpg (105.65 KB, 1073x774, Screenshot_20180525-173347_Twi…)

I thought the cuck swore off blocking people on twitter???

No. 522759

His pussy ass was full of shit like always Anon, so what did you do to get blocked by the greasy old caveman?

No. 522762

File: 1527235222170.jpg (51.17 KB, 693x567, Capture.JPG)

No. 522763


Jfc, so now she’s going to be an advocate for the ED community too? Just fuck off, Draino. We are all sick to death of your pretend mental issues.

No. 522764


He blocked me today too. He forgets everything he has ever said once he goes full manic. Lol

No. 522765

File: 1527235723323.png (391.49 KB, 1432x1943, Punching bag.png)

Jfc the delusions of grandeur. This greasy, thin-skinned motherfucker gets a bit of pushback and well-deserved criticism from 100 or so people on Twitter and all of a sudden "The WORLD" is against him and can kill themselves.

Newsflash, dipshit: the world doesn't give a shit about you and no one is intimidated by your edgy pathetic tweets, you twunt. Grow the fuck up.

No. 522766

>How I cured my ED by getting a binder, shopping in the little boy's section and doing Taco Bell Moookbongs!

No. 522768

"My ED Story: Vegetables are disgusting"

No. 522769

File: 1527237208589.png (385.55 KB, 602x454, 56433.PNG)

I know this may fall into the "nitpicking" category, but what Im really trying to shine a light on is Shregs oldman ideologies that he cant help but exhibit, all the while trying to fake being a one of the hip young kids.

The Onions have a dedicated land line? Am I the only one that finds that odd? Most people I know under the age of 30-35 only have a cellphone and no home phone land line. Im sure he has some Grampa reasoning behind it, like if the North Koreans set off an EMP our cellphones wont work and how will he be able to call his mom?

No. 522770


I'm reading this for the first time ever. I'm also 26 years old and I gotta ask, is Adrienne legit retarded??? She didn't just entertain his lunacy for the lulz, she honestly considered living with this creature after knowing him for what, a week?? And right after spending a horrible weekend with him that seems to have only highlighted what a control freak insecure mentally disturbed maniac he is.

No. 522773

Since nobody else has mentioned it, Billie uploaded a new lookbook video yesterday, around 3 hours before his spergout began. I guess that solves it.

No. 522774

I’ve always struggled with this too. AJ seems like a fairly astute young woman, there is some serious cognitive dissonance displayed in her encounter(s) with Shreg. I know that we are capable of some monumentally stupid shit when we think with our chochas instead of our brains but this episode has always seemed really off to me.

No. 522775

Some cable packages include a landline. Maybe he thinks having a landline phone makes him more businesslike/professional.

No. 522776


AJ is great, mature enough to see through shit and certainly not 'retarded', a completely different level to the kids Gerg usually dates… bbuuuttt she does have some issues with insecurity, needing to be in relationships/feeling loved that leads to her putting up with quite a bit of shit when it comes to romantic relationships - to a point, though. Gerg isn't her only instance of this. She's worked on it though.

I think it was this small part of her attitude/demeanour when handling relationships that drew Gerg to her initially, like he can smell that shit on a woman (or girl) a mile off and knows they're prime prey for him. As said though, AJ was ultimately a completely different level even with this back then, and was too much for him to handle in the end, which is why he went back to little girls who don't have the wisdom of a little extra maturity on their side.

No. 522779

File: 1527239767076.jpg (116.31 KB, 1080x313, Screenshot_20180525-182840_Twi…)

Well he posted a poll asking wether his followers made their barbies "bang eachother as children" and someone responded with "yea but not with my 19 year old cousin" and I responded to them with this… I guess the truth hurts.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 522780


Yeah, even back then she seemed waaaaaay too smart for Old Gregg but as you say, he caught a whiff of her insecurity a mile off and cue sociopathic manipulation. The way that stupid bitch Shiloh used her was fucking reprehensible too. But then Shiloh is a mongoloid hobbit in comparison to AJ so she was probably motivated by jealousy.

No. 522782

Shiloh, like Foot, was whisked away by Onion as a teen as well though. Onion destroyed her career as a singer. She has her issues, but she's still a victim of Onion

No. 522783


She can be a victim and still be a piece of shit. And she is a piece of shit.

No. 522784

Not only her insecurity but also gurg was a big YouTuber back then. She was probably excited about maybe getting into the youtuber lifestyle or some shit. Look how many times they fought with Billie but she came back. The money and fame is appealing to an extent.

No. 522787

Indeed! Thought about this too. She looked really pretty in it too. With a super cool new dye job.

Meanwhile Greg has mop hair and Lainey lol.

No. 522788

Came here to say the same, she’s gorgeous. And way out of Gerg and Stainey’s league. Every time she sees/hears them mentioned she must cringe so hard.

No. 522789

Perhaps he wants to bring back attention to the fact that puppy he got and made vegetarian would lick out Shiloh. Greg loves bestiality. Pretty sure Shiloh was the first girl to dress up as Harley Quinn for him and if he really was showing Sam hentai you bet he showed Shiloh that fucking Harley video. Shiloh was his sexual liberation lmao

No. 522790

Never said she wasn't a piece of shit. But Onion created a monster out of her just like he's created a monster out of Lainey.

No. 522791

File: 1527245180647.png (341.12 KB, 647x446, nibbles.png)



Little nibbles. One of the many animals to enter through the revolving door of Greg's life.

No. 522792

lol i mentioned this in the last thread. That was also my theory on why he started sperging. Billie looked cute and girly in it, and then he has to see his foot wife playing dress up as a teen boy. She also turned 21 recently which would have been legal for her to smoke weed in washington.

eh, i'm w/e about shiloh because she was 17-19 during the whole onion thing.

No. 522793

Foot on Onion showing progress and making amends (lmao)

Foot not understanding 'the whole transtrender thing because who would purposely put themselves in a position to receive so much backlash?'

No. 522794

>eh, i'm w/e about shiloh because she was 17-19 during the whole onion thing.

I agree. And bear in mind, that after suffering even worse abuse than his current straight wife, she still managed to get away from him. She actually fell into the abuse victim thing pretty well: buying into the abuse, returning to it a couple of times, and then getting out.

What I especially fault Taylor for is keeping her little kids around the abuse. Greg is NOT a good father, he's a terrible father, and she's a terrible mother for keeping her innocent kids around someone who openly abuses her. They are observing that and absorbing that, Taylor, and growing up to think that is normal.

No. 522796


I don't understand the Shiloh hate. Onion pretty much destroyed her life. The thing about abusive relationships with narcs is that people become so mentally destroyed that they do crazy things they would never do otherwise. Not to mention that Shiloh was just seventeen when onion put his claws in her. She was not the most mature and stable (wasn't she already suffering from some mental health issues? Could be me misremembering, but yeah…). Onion put her through hell and I'm so glad she got out. I bet it took her years to get her sanity back.

No. 522797

It's def a fetish but he wouldn't fuck an animal irl (unless he took it to a state where it was legal)

No. 522798

Neither. She seemed cringy and attention whorey but she was really young and a performer so she was probably used to being a showoff. Not to mention being random and rawrrr was a thing. If she still seemed the same after all this time I'd agree but she's kept offline mostly and is trying to build her career back. I don't think she's the same Shiloh as 17 year old Shiloh.

No. 522799

I will always hate her for what she did to AJ. She’s as bad Taylor. Mental issues, abuse, age, whatever, she’s still a cunt.

No. 522800

Read >>522782 Onion did indeed destroy her not at all debating that. She is a victim. He is the reason why she acted the way she did. She had nothing but him so no fucking wonder she was willing to tear Adrienne down.

No. 522802

Not to mention she was a kid that wanted to get her boyfriend back. I'm not speaking for everyone but I did so much just to get my first boyfriend back when I was 14. He was in his 20s and dumped me repeatedly but continued using me for sex. I was that obsessed in getting him back that I would literally do anything.

Like anon said, if there was anything milky that came out of her these days, I'd agree that she's a cunt, but until then, I'd like to think she's changed as a person. Greg is a bad influence on kids. Especially love struck teens. If shiloh had stuck around, I have no doubt she'd still be a cunt. Look at how Lainey turned out.

I don't think what she did to AJ was a good thing at all, nor do I agree with the faked pregnancy, but I have no doubt Greg influenced her and I think we were all hormonal crazy bitches in our teens.

No. 522803

She's a terrible person for many things but she's not a terrible mother for not being able to leave yet. Abuse changes your brain.

No. 522808

Yep, it’s called Stockholm Syndrome.

No. 522809

I agree. It's easy for us to see on the outside, but that girl is cucked into oblivion. He has shamed and degraded her into thinking she's not worth a shit. Just listen to her talk for a few minutes and you'll hear it. She's a shitty person, but she's still a victim, whether we like to admit it or not.

No. 522811

There's always some kind of vague consequence looming over you in an abusive relationship. Being scared of what might happen is way more paralysing than the threat of specific consequences. Never met a person who was in an abusive relationship who's abuser didn't make it seem like the world would actually end if they left, without being specific enough that it's clearly a threat.

Another thing with abusive people is that they don't want you to leave on your own terms, because that means they lost. Even if they'd been calling you worthless two seconds before. They can leave you, but you can't leave them and you can't be okay with them leaving you.

Who knows what Greg has over Lainey. I imagine he's threatened her with some pretty horrible shit.

The point is, they make it so that you think the consequences are a thousand times worse than what you're going through, and you'd rather stay so you don't have to face them.

Stockholm syndrome probably isn't real and it's not really relevant here. Abuse dynamics are completely different and far more complicated.

No. 522812

Agreed. She looks like a reanimated corpse, like Spergles has sucked every last ounce of life out of her. She’s so mentally worn down she doesn’t even take care of herself; she might put on that clown paint for the camera every other day but she has clearly given up on her hygiene and general physical wellness.

No. 522814

He's losing his shit because he's losing viewers and no one gives a shit about him. He's still trying to get Shane to turn himself into police like he was GSW's mentally unstable ex.

No. 522819

File: 1527253740362.jpg (641.29 KB, 1427x978, Onision_has_a_very_very_small_…)

Any guesses on what triggered his latest narc rage?

All of this post but the last 4 the most
>IRS issues.
- he’s spent to much fluffing up his own patreon.
- he’s slowly (but not that slowly) going insane being in as close proximity to Taylor and the kids.
- he’s realised he’s going to have to get a real job like someone “irrelevant” by this time next year

And also this post
>Billie uploaded a new lookbook video yesterday, around 3 hours before his spergout began

But at the deepest darkest root of the onion orge, his deepest layer, there really is only one sensible reason for his freakouts when he lashes out at everybody. Since he's been angry since his teen years, and he's still mad, it's got to be the same issue that makes him loose it right? Something triggering to Onision that hasn't changed in years. What could that be kek?

Greg is mad that he is Jerkin a gerkin

No. 522821

I think the initial backlash against Shiloh was because he cheated on his wife to get with her. Shiloh first knew of him from the banana vid with Skye in it.

Then people were horrified she used a photo of someone else's fetus to back up her false claim about sepsis and all that shit.

She was a mess but she's not involved now. Although it has came out she emails Greg after every major break up he has.

No. 522823


> Another thing with abusive people is that they don't want you to leave on your own terms, because that means they lost. Even if they'd been calling you worthless two seconds before. They can leave you, but you can't leave them and you can't be okay with them leaving you.

This explains exactly why he reacted the way he did when Shiloh moved on. It wasn't about her "cheating" and all that righteous indignation was a cover for the usual character assassination he does when someone hurts he fwagile widdle feels.

No. 522826

File: 1527255350136.png (1.03 MB, 875x573, LOLBEMAD.png)

Just checked out Billie new lookbook. It must pain both Onion's to see her growing into herself while still retaining her own style. Notice how Billie doesn't infantilize herself to 'play dressup'.

It also looks like she has the figure Lameo desperately wants.

No. 522829

I'm so happy imagining Greg raging as he watches her lookbook.
Lame would definitely be jelly of her looks and bod for sure, but I really don't think her body is that bad after having 2 babies. She needs to tone up a bit, and she's most likely going to sag a bit in the breast region from nursing, but I don't think her body is too far gone. Lameo also needs to improve her posture. This fucking gollum shit is awful.

No. 522846


Damn, she looks good. Better than she looked when she was with GSW/LGH. I bet that gets him triggered af, lmao.

No. 522847

File: 1527264958768.png (13.73 KB, 806x94, Capture.PNG)

Hope this hasn't already been posted before, but I found this comment on a video about eating disorders made by Ash Hardell, a trans YouTuber (link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jog9mVdc2pE). I feel like all Plainey would do is talk about generic body insecurities that every single teenage girl goes through… of course the smol bean Lame has to make everything about herself.

No. 522848

If she does this she is just going to end up giving us more fuel to dispute the legitimacy of her gender crisis. So… I hope she does it.

No. 522851

Leave it to traylor to plug her shitty channel and promote her future video on someone else's channel under the guise of "support". She basically left that very strategic comment to hype up her own shit on a similar channel that has more subs hoping they'll end up subbing to her trender bullshit.

No. 522853

Lol lamey continues to only ever care/talk about herself. Even commenting on someone else's videos, she has to mention HER OWN problems.

but anon, lamey might not be a 10/10 in looks, but she has a 10/10 personality, right???

No. 522858


Not to mention a bunch of the comments will be asking why her gay husband bullies Eugenia Cooney and calls young, impressionable teens fat and rates them.

No. 522860

It's probably a combination of these things, but we all called it as soon as we saw the swamp trailer. It was only a matter of time until a spergout of massive proportions was incoming. My guess is it's going to get worse at it truly sinks in that this is his life now.

No. 522863

Onision featured in Pewd's new video, queue more narc rage

No. 522867

Sadly, he’s probably ejaculating that someone like PDP would mention him.

No. 522870

File: 1527271349374.png (809.32 KB, 1710x960, Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 03.0…)

LGH is in Pewdiepie's new video about youtubers being smug fuckers lol:


No. 522875

That is the cheapest phone you can buy. Also most bundle services come with phone service

No. 522877

This is the absolute best time Felix could've done this, oldman onion went batshit yesterday, so God only knows how he's going to act after this.

No. 522878

File: 1527272408586.jpg (21.05 KB, 475x250, 1.JPG)

I know many of us would prefer other YTers just didn't bring him up, but him just saying "Never change, Onision" like that at the end… PDP knows how to give just enough attention to fuck with him but not enough to promote him.

Remember the visible fucking GLEE Greg felt when he could get that Jeff guy to flip out on that Joy debate video? (aldlii did a good breakdown of it, based aldlii) The fact that PDP acknowledged Greg without bitching about the digs that Greg has been taking at him (PDP is a predator! He could be a pedo based off of this tweet! PDP's video is stupid! He needs to donate to charity!!)… Greg just can't get under his skin, PDP will continue to thrive in spite of Greg's raging about him and that's what triggers Greg every. time.

No. 522880

No. 522881

File: 1527272762961.png (1.7 MB, 2880x1440, Poooodiepie.png)

This couldn't have come at a better time. Shregg has been working overtime to desperately to paint himself as humble and also completely sperging about YT and the Adpocalypse which he blames Pewds for.

No. 522886

>This is going to really accentuate my GAY!

Jfc. I think I managed to repress my memories of when all she did was tweet about how super-duper GAY she was, like sexual preference is some kind of contest she was determined to win.

No. 522887

KEK Shreg deleted so many of his spergout tweets. Good thing it's archived in the last thread and here:


No. 522888

File: 1527273641178.jpg (88.22 KB, 1165x504, chestdysphoria.JPG)


So trans. So dysphoric.

Crippling, harrowing chest dysphoria… no, it's not because of basic insecurities/aging/gravity/asymmetry or anything of the sort and how dare you suggest such a thing, it's because she is not a SHE she is a THEY DADDY SPACE BEAN GAYBOI

No. 522889

File: 1527273641965.png (422.7 KB, 733x554, liverspotlainey.png)

I've been watching old Lainey videos. Its really cute how she and Greg have matching liverspots.

No. 522890

Matching tattoos weren't enough.

No. 522891


Well to be fair, Greg got matching boobs

No. 522892

>Lame would definitely be jelly of her looks and bod for sure, but I really don't think her body is that bad after having 2 babies

I don't think anyone really does, it's her constant "I'm such a small, petite, waif." bullshit. That's why they rag on that. Same with her makeup. I don't think anyone would really care if it was for her constant "I'm a beauty guru" shit. It's her hypocrisy more than anything else.

No. 522894

It seems like "How can a grown ass man behave this way?" could be posted in every thread, whether you lurk on the daily or return here and there to laugh at his life. How is it even possible that he's still sinking lower and lower, kek.
Complete mental breakdown when?

No. 522895

File: 1527275365313.png (228.64 KB, 1433x868, YT sperg con't.png)

Shreg is still sperging about YouTube ruining his life. Not only is it obsessive and tiresome, but it's pretty funny considering that he took the time in one of his many humble and "honest" apology videos to tell everyone he was totally done worrying about monetization and was gonna focus on making great Patreon videos.
Maybe it's the fact that he lost a bunch of patrons yesterday and fell down under under $4000.
If I were YT I would would keep a close eye on him. His obsession with the CEO is starting to get a bit creepy.

No. 522897

File: 1527276449025.png (1.01 MB, 1440x1210, logic.png)

Shreg worked overtime to remove all the criticism from his "10 things I haye about YouTube" video, but he missed this one which is simple but great as it uses his own logic against him.
He has no divine right to use YouTube, they are free to run their company as they see fit, and no one is holding a gun to his head to make shitty videos.
He screeches about haterz criticizing him and orders them to go away if they don't like it. All his sychophants shriek "LEAVE!" when they see complaints about Shreg. Take your own advice, Shreg. If you hate it so much, move your content to Patreon.
Oh wait, you won't because those pledges will dry up like every vagina within a 100 ft radius around you does and you'll be forgotten.

No. 522898

File: 1527277403381.png (956.4 KB, 1432x783, mlk.png)

Shregg the saint, lecturing his viewers on racism in his latest video about mental health.
I would bet good money he couldn't name any other civil rights figures beyond MLK Jr.

No. 522899

File: 1527277499338.jpg (495.52 KB, 500x291, ZX6BQIr.jpg)

No. 522902

File: 1527278466462.jpeg (371.48 KB, 640x836, 6CBF8B4D-B0BB-4B72-BEDA-109173…)

>Are Mental Issues Exclusive To White People?
>Published by OnisionSpeaks
>onisionspeaks mental issues mental health white people white people anxiety anxiety issues society culture educational video educational video 2018 new awesome therapy therapist diagnosis get help i need help help me


No. 522903

i feel like this "break down" is irs related

No. 522904

File: 1527278938151.png (185.61 KB, 490x488, screaming.PNG)

>literally lives in the woods/swamp
>uses a fake background of trees

ok ogreg

No. 522905

If he is so advertiser friendly why can't he get sponsors like his straight wife can?

No. 522906

File: 1527279916278.jpeg (404.92 KB, 640x1077, 36058128-F6EF-467E-B167-91E0B3…)

>Jackson's parents divorced when he was two-years-old, after his father was convicted for committing a sexual crime against a minor.
Wasn't this discovered to be bullshit?


No. 522909

i am literally only a fan of billie just because she makes onion mad

No. 522910

File: 1527280604583.jpeg (97.61 KB, 750x650, AE6AC20D-35C5-453B-A8D1-306A66…)

checked google aswell LMFAO

No. 522915

The way he said at the end of LGH's segment "Never change Onision" LMFAO Bless you Felix
FUCKING HELL. That actually looks rather horrifying for a 23-year-old woman.

No. 522918

I love that literally no relevant youtuber respects him and just thinks hes crazy.

I wish she would post more often/consistently and grow her channel. Imagine his rage if she became a successful youtuber while his and foot's channels died. Imagine if she collabed with shane.

No. 522920

It would be great if Shane helped her with her channel the way he did for that other youtuber. Onion would raaaage at her success especially if Shane helped her out.

No. 522921

Dr. King would shove his boot up this piece of entitled white dog shit's ass.

No. 522934

File: 1527284415937.jpeg (225.92 KB, 640x630, F4F2A6E4-45DE-4F4E-A684-AA5088…)

Shreg deleted a tweet calling for the YouTube CEO to resign.

He also tweeted this @PewDiePie.

No. 522936

File: 1527284606309.jpeg (146.99 KB, 640x370, B18D7CE2-F8F0-4837-8F49-9039C1…)

>You guys notified me

As if he doesn't comb through every PDP video hoping for a mention.

No. 522940

File: 1527285008897.jpeg (216.85 KB, 640x652, 27ECCE1A-7821-4124-BD0B-0D42C9…)

Making a joke is exactly the same as having sex with children.

No. 522942

File: 1527285100321.jpeg (261.85 KB, 640x696, E61DF5A9-B59B-41E3-88FC-9D3D10…)

No. 522945

Much like yourself then right, Onion?

No. 522946

did you look in a mirror or something, lgh

No. 522951

File: 1527285578588.jpeg (256.96 KB, 640x802, 85A1E452-1F71-435B-8B0B-509ED3…)

No. 522954

File: 1527285928153.png (34.63 KB, 189x188, Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 6.04.…)

This was Lainey talking about how much better greg is at dealing with his anger and being nice now.

only a couple of days before the twitter spergout.


No. 522955

File: 1527286025866.jpeg (281.33 KB, 640x652, 8F235C71-5340-4EE7-9692-5A24E4…)

Shreg's autism confirmed

No. 522960

File: 1527286522395.png (247.37 KB, 521x506, younow.png)

Lainey streamed on younow about an hour ago. Was boring and she had very few viewers.

But it looks like she isn't at home right now. She and greg never leave the house let alone go somewhere new she'd be comfortable enough streaming.

Where is she at anons? Maybe Madison's house?

No. 522962

File: 1527286636980.jpeg (254.49 KB, 640x643, F1CB19B3-D2E7-4674-9395-8DF751…)

Has PDP ever had a ~pedo~ scandal besides this tweet? Especially anything on the magnitude of Shreg's constant ogling and grooming of tweens & teens, dating a minor ten years his junior, etc.?

He's STILL accusing PDP of being a pedophile akin to Subway Jared for this single tweet, when there are mountains of evidence against Shreg himself?

No. 522965

File: 1527286756097.jpeg (111.54 KB, 640x427, 9D82E42E-4C8F-4E6B-A2C8-6D6413…)

No. 522966

Didn't he just recently make comments about fucking little boys in one of Laineybot's videos?

No. 522969

LGH used to say "boob squeeze" and make a squeezing hand gesture as a sign off for all his videos, knowing 100% that his audience is compromised mostly of young girls… fuck off shregg

No. 522970

She's with her family in NM lol

No. 522971

I expected a bit of a reaction to Pewd's video, but this meltdown is hilarious.
He's back to playing the ol' victim in a world full o' sharks again. Poor Shregg, the world is out to get him! KEK

No. 522972

wow greg let her visit with her family? surprising to say the least. so grease man is just sitting all alone in his swamp trailer chimping out all over twitter. the mental image is hilarious.

No. 522973

Yeah if only he could say all the cp on his hd was a joke, haha hilarious, like the hentai you show literal minors.

You should be in jail, tbh.

No. 522974

Lainey probably took the kids with her so that's why he's finally able to be his real self and spend all day sperging on twitter

No. 522975

for someone who claims to be a comedian, he sure doesn't know what a hyperbole is

No. 522976

This is it, it's the perfect storm. Lainey is gone, he had a giant meltdown yesterday about haturz, got all worked up this morning about YT ruining his life and now this Pewds vid has hit him right in the gut as it challenges his new "humble" persona he's carefully constructed.
He's alone with his thoughts, getting bitten by a thousand mosquitoes and the weight of his life has come crashing down on him. This is shaping up to be a sperg for the ages.

No. 522977

File: 1527287743611.png (153.1 KB, 563x362, Screenshot 2018-05-25 at 6.35.…)

bouncing his grease sweat back over to shane dawson

No. 522979

File: 1527288131430.jpeg (331.22 KB, 640x809, 1F6C48E5-1C3F-4300-A3E3-6A29E3…)

No. 522980

File: 1527288203939.gif (265.44 KB, 460x259, 4947C8EF-0D72-4B00-B521-DA5525…)


I’m livin’

No. 522981

Lol does he mean an "extra chromosome"?

No. 522982


Greg. It has been confirmed by you and Lainey yourselves that you refer to not only countless women but your OWN WIFE AS A CUNT relentlessly. Back the fuck down.

No. 522983

File: 1527288331119.jpeg (207.98 KB, 640x635, A1307000-F893-4B14-8370-551C87…)

No. 522985


"I rejected Shane Dawnson, ok??? He didn't reject ME, I DOMPED HIM! THIS IS ME REJECTING HIM I REJECT HIM OK I'M NOT A REJECT"

No. 522986

dont you have a pay for access forum for 12 year olds to post half naked pics w your name on them?

No. 522987

>Everyone is so stupid except for me!
Not sure if this has occurred to him, but maybe the reason people like Pewds are given the benefit of the doubt is context and history.

Pewds was clearly making a joke, has a history of being sarcastic and has zero history of preying on minors, unlike Shreg.
Shreg absolutely knows this is a baseless, idiotic allegation yet is so jealous he's going to keep pushing this bullshit.
The irony is that this isn't going to do anything but further alienate his remaining fans. Kek this is the best meltdown we could have asked for.
And since his straight wife is on vacation, he's going to have to look for reassurance from the teenagers he's been insulting this week Kek

No. 522989

File: 1527288560133.jpeg (248.35 KB, 640x813, AAC59B04-96BB-4BAA-94EE-001077…)

No. 522990

Tho I hope Felix doesn’t make a response, he’d have the field day of attention he’s been longing for for so long

No. 522993

Isn't onision the guy that jump cuts surprise hentai for his fans?

No. 522994

File: 1527288787609.jpeg (169.76 KB, 640x589, E666F02B-14BC-47AB-9392-77425C…)


No. 522996

Literally what the fuck is he even talking about???

No. 522997

I mean with that logic, im surprissed he don't cry that Pewds called him a pedo.

Also as someone with fairly big "family friendly" youtuber as a friend, I know exactly where that pdp's joke is comming from. Stupid teens will send thier nudes to anyone sligtly popular in hopes for attention, even tottaly, lets call it, "unprovocked". So LGH probably gets those too.

No. 522998

This is the same guy that made truly disgusting tweets about a teenager just yesterday

No. 522999

Lol onion boy really can't take a joke. Madison mocking him dressed up slapping his keyboard should be a gif response to everything. Triggered

No. 523000

Thot is literally slang for slut.

No. 523001

Didn't Onion drop the N word a bunch on stream recently?

No. 523002

Lameo shouldn't have left the swamp trailer, he's going completely batshit insane sperging on Twitter. Does he actually sleep? I reckon he'd be on Twitter even in the bathroom lmao.

No. 523003

More literally, "thot" stands for "That Ho Over There."

No. 523009

Holy shit my sides. The best part about this is that all he had to do was say something like "That was 2 years ago, and I've been making strides to better myself, check out my latest videos."
Or better yet, make a playful joke about it like he did a few days ago where he said he was "Taco Bell famous" because he doesn't get recognized much anymore, but a drive-thru person knew who he was. That was actually pretty funny.

Flipping his shit like this over mildly being poked fun at is the worst thing he could have done. Nothing makes you look less cool to teens than being a thin-skinned baby who can't take a joke.

No. 523015

The best part of this is that Pewds won’t even bother acknowledging this meltdown because he knew it would happen just like everyone else. It’s is glorious.

No. 523016

KEK Shregg thinks he's an authority on teen slang! I'm shooketh!

No. 523020

File: 1527289605511.jpeg (261.36 KB, 640x753, B398EAB7-983D-4B92-8554-9C0E08…)

No. 523021

File: 1527289621546.jpeg (172.42 KB, 640x462, 7ABA3E47-8754-48CC-A7DF-D681B9…)

No. 523022

File: 1527289881203.png (1.81 MB, 1425x1944, Don't do it mmmkay.png)

A PSA from Shreg, who is an expert in teenspeak.

No. 523023

I think she is looking a bit healthier here… is it just me?

No. 523024

probably cause she's away from shreg.

No. 523025


No. 523026

Lmao this is perfect thanks anon!

No. 523027

File: 1527290684058.png (2.09 MB, 1469x810, SHANEDAWSONFANSARENUTS.PNG)

Over half an hour of Shregg bitching about Shane being a pedo.

No. 523028

File: 1527290691515.png (947.1 KB, 576x610, NaturalBeauty.png)

No. 523029

He did, does anyone remember the video? I wanna gif the scene and respond to the dumb tweets

No. 523030

meanwhile greggers has an entire series dedicated to rating 12 y old tits

No. 523032

She's outside, not behind her stupid lights, and she's not trying her hardest to look like a "boy" since she's at her parent's house. She's probably acting like a full on girl there.

No. 523036

File: 1527291200932.png (177.23 KB, 594x502, Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 01.3…)


No. 523038

>People are shaming me for doing totally LEGAL things!

Um, so what exactly did Shane do that was illegal? If filming a girl "shaking her chest" with her parent's consent for fictional entertainment is illegal, then you'd better arrest the director of "Little Miss Sunshine" too.
He is so triggered and manic that he's bouncing around, red faced and can't stay on topic. It's like a 30 minute twitter sperg captured on video. Today just keeps getting better.

No. 523040

Omg this is one for the ages. He's screeching about "how comfortable" Shane is with his teen fans and how much he "acts like a teenager!"

Wtf does he hear himself? He literally spends all day getting asspats from his yeen fans and has no adult friends. This is projection at it's finest. We have hit peak Shregg.

No. 523041

Holy shit he is losing his MIND!!! I'm only two minutes in and he's already repeated himself like 3 times and he keeps getting more and more hysterical omg he's absolutely psychotic and totally unhinged in his lonely little swamp house.

No. 523043

I'm having trouble finding it, it was one where they're both sitting in the bedroom on the bed.

No. 523044

freshest milk in months baby, lainey should get out of town more

No. 523045

lmao says the guy who unironically throws the word "hater" around on a regular basis. you are 32 years old, get real, shreg.

No. 523046

I know,
I know it was something recent too but ugh why are her long videos the ones with him

No. 523048

He's streaming on his gaming channel now. Here come the asspats he's been dying for.

No. 523049

File: 1527292239697.jpeg (131.1 KB, 640x706, 2C4787E4-FC9F-4317-90BD-9ADA3D…)

If he's so hung up on definitions, why did he use Urban Dictionary rather than Dictionary.com? I guess it just doesn't suit his narrative.

No. 523050

I hope she meets up with he ex she messages. The one she has a photo of with the ear buds. Fingers crossed. Grease left to dogsit, he can't even call over a friend to keep him company he has none lol

No. 523051

Yesterday's spergout was directly before his gaming stream too. He acted like it didn't happen, but was so excited that he had 30 whole viewers.

Awfully convenient.

No. 523052

Someone just said in his chat they heatd she was with her ex and the comment instantly got nuked kek.

His stream has been bizarrely quiet, no one is saying anything and they're laughing too loudly at his jokes. It seems like they're clearly afraid of triggering him.

No. 523054

File: 1527292966358.png (519.81 KB, 406x761, sexykids.png)

Surprise, surprise. Another person that people typically write off as a trender.

Kalvin Garrah also said he wouldn't make a video about them because they're "nice". I think Lainey will do anything she can to make herself seem too nice too.

You can just recycle memes about this guys, because he will never EVER change.

No. 523056

So wait hold up

Remember when Lainey was invited to go to that Playlist or Vidcon in April in orlando earlier this year, and she couldn't go because Greg didn't want her to go???

She said it was because they could not afford the travel for her, but really it was because Onision was not invited and he would have to stay home and watch the kids??

Guys, this is Memorial Day Weekend this is like the time to travel and see family and have fun…

Instead Lainey has run away to Arizona with the kids.

Maybe something happened and she left Greg. Like, left left Greg.
She never goes on vacation. And why wouldn't Greg go with her to see her family??

Because he married into that family, he should be with his janky wife supporting her

Maybe she dumped him and he spazed

Maybe he refused to go, and has invited Trashy Tinder Thots to come over while Lainey is away instead.

No. 523057

Very convenient. He's clearly acting in his latest video. It is especially obvious near the end when he stops completing sentences and keeps putting his hands up to his mouth feigning disgust. We have seen this tactic from him a thousand times.

No. 523059

File: 1527293270663.gif (132.05 KB, 201x200, giphy (1).gif)

Don't get too excited, anon. She's allowed to see them once a year or something. She probably begged for enough bars this year.

I wish Shane's lawyers would literally just slap him with a cease and desist.

pic related

It really is the perfect storm. Lainey won't be able to curb him. We all know that he ignores her texts and calls when he's on a righteous indignation trip. I mean, I think he typically ignores her all the time, but he really pretends not to see when he's melting down.

No. 523060

I doubt this. Greg would be sperging about how awful Lainey was and promoting himself if this were the case.

No. 523061


No. 523062

He probably still hates his father-in-law "to the core" or really REALLY wanted a break from the kids as the swamp trailer's small size suffocates him. If he had fresh "thots" at the trailer, he'd be smug and collected. But oh boy he's almost popping a vein from all the REEE'ing.

No. 523063

Grandpa, did you delete your urban dictionary app again?

No. 523064

File: 1527293484531.jpg (2.27 MB, 1086x3620, FiveStagesOfGrief.jpg)

No. 523066

Hey Shreg, Shane Dawson has 1,626% more viewers than you, and PewDiePie has 4,474% more. So what were you saying about relevancy?

No. 523068

File: 1527294057368.png (72.86 KB, 400x200, c51.png)

"if a Chinese person were to eat a dog, you'd be like 'alasdf they're Chinese! it's fine!' if I were to eat a dog, you'd crucify me"

His logic is fucking hysterical

No. 523069

god that video was too repetitive and retarded for me to get through

No. 523070

Gregory listen regardless of the legality and the way a 17year old looks….. a 17year old has absolutely nothing in common with a 26year old adult man!! That’s a faxxxxxxx…….. grown men have no business with teenage children REGARDLESS or the legality!!!! There is more than just appearance…. believe it or not mentality and personality are more important than looks

No. 523071

If you have sex with multiple people you can't be raped.
A husband can't rape his spouse.
THOT refers to school children.

George is full of misinformation.

No. 523073

File: 1527294229054.png (109.54 KB, 1914x688, continuousdrop.png)

Feel free to Tweet him this.

No. 523076

Because it didn't fit his narrative this time.

No. 523078

More like FiveStagesOfGreg.jpg

No. 523079

Nah, she's been planning this trip for over a month. And I'm sure Gronk just didn't want to go. He knows they don't like him and rightfully so.

No. 523081

File: 1527294826299.jpg (177.98 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6782.jpg)

"hair dew"

tweet has since been deleted

No. 523090

I'm crying, did he just try to come for a bratz doll?

No. 523091

Haha this tard.

No. 523094

File: 1527295658946.png (1.43 MB, 1700x968, whoareyoutalkingto.png)


Time stamp for moment when he says this quality line. Who is he talking to? This came out of nowhere in his argument …like he's mentally arguing with someone who just chimed up.

I also like how initially he referred to Shane as "this person" (like he always does when doing targeted videos) but then within a few minutes changed back to "Shane Dawson is a gross pedophile".

No. 523096

This is gold

No. 523098

This is truly special. Dying!!!!!

No. 523101

A++ anon. This epic spergout has brought out the best in us. Thank you, Shregg. We were in need of some inspiration.

No. 523102

Does Shreggy realize he just told his base demographic that they're cancer? Like his most rabid defenders are young teen

No. 523104

Bless you for screencapping this. It's one thing to attack minors, it's quite another to go after an innocent Bratz doll and shame her glorious, carefully crafted hair.
Shame on you Shreg. Shame on you.

No. 523105

Didn't he call someone a prostitute yesterday? Essentially slut shaming them?

No. 523106

I hope someone posts the cap to twitter. Everybody needs to see the moment Onision came for a bratz doll.

No. 523107

Old man Shreg down in the swamp completely out of touchwith culture. Young adults in their early 20's use thot a lot. He just wants to attribute certain cultural slang to certain ages to fit the narrative. PDP says thot, PDP is a hater, haters are all children, children say thot.

You clearly haven't been around much. Onion isolates his significant others so that he can control them. Lame has been talkong about visiting fam in NM for awhile. I think the original planned date was delayed due to moving into the new swamp trailer.

When it came to Billie's "conditions" to being in the relationship he stipulated that Billie could only see her family twice a year. When she objected Greg was very clear that Lainey follows the same rule. If Lainey actually left left we would have mote black and white videos of him losing his shit crying until 24 hours he would start attacking her character.

No. 523113

I am crying I'm laughing so hard, holy shit. This is priceless, anon.

No. 523115

Why yes he did. >>522587

No. 523118

File: 1527297580311.jpg (33.97 KB, 720x459, areyouforrealson.jpg)

Is he seriously saying that people aren't mad about "Chinese eating dogs" but if HE did it, we would end his life?

Also, 5:40 for some laffs. Some Gronk rage escapes.

No. 523124

24:30 in the recent video:

Greg absolutely RANTING about Shane and people liking him.

"He's (Shane) not supposed to like the things you do! You're a TEENAGER! He's an ADULT! HE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO RELATE WITH YOU, HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE AN ADULT! Right? He's supposed to do GROWN-UP THINGS! And you guys are like, 'He's my buddy! He likes the same bands I do!'… Why does he like the same bands you do? HE'S AN ADULT! Why does he like the same things you do? HE'S AN ADULT!"

…… says the man whoooo
> groomed and whisked away his child bride at 17, married her within a year, proposed before even meeting her
> is obsessed with anime, especially DEATH NOTE (sorry weebs love u)

I mean I could go on but also, Greg, hey, your wife can pretty much ONLY relate to teenagers, might wanna be careful there.

So which is it? Did you marry a CHILD, who you're REPULSED by because you HATE KIDS, or are teens not the stupid children you paint them as?? Either way, you lose.

No. 523128

Not that it's surprising in the least, but did anyone else notice his racist portrayal of the youtube CEO in his last video? He gave her a big pointy nose and super curly hair which are used in caricatures of jewish people.

No. 523129

File: 1527299128194.jpg (20.72 KB, 429x500, 41YTJDPJ8GL.jpg)

No. 523130

File: 1527299142505.webm (1.84 MB, 528x360, Thats How Onision Likes Them.w…)

My only hope is that this is thrown in his face every time he brings up PDP or Shane.

No. 523132

Plus he said the N-word(with a hard R mind you)Countless times as well as his latest periscope stream he was making fun of Mexicans. The dude is absolutely awful at everything he tries but I'll give him this, he's amazing at making himself look really fucking bad.

No. 523138

I wish there was more of an internal investigation into why grease has never ever been banned or even fucking warned off any of these sites? How the fuck does he get away with it?

No. 523142

It seems like Shane relating to his fans is the reason why he is still relevant and you're irrelevant in your downgraded swamp trailer, Shreg. Take some fucking notes, Greg, you're the only reason your channel is dead.

No. 523150

someone should add text to this in gif form and post it all over tumblr/twitter

No. 523152

File: 1527301700910.png (151.28 KB, 1440x869, Smashing Shreggs.png)

Ofc he uses a 20 year old song to express his ennui about being trapped in the meaningless existence he's created for himself. Top kek

No. 523155

He really didn't age mentally past 13 did he, no wonder all his fans are kids. The idea of him and lainey raising their own children is scary.
Also 'smashing shreggs' lol

No. 523157

File: 1527302171175.png (471.81 KB, 539x643, karmastings.png)

Gonna post some timestamps of the fun stuff.

>Starts out immediately talking about the Shane Dawson stuff and says all his fans are insane.

> 00:35 Defends dating Lainey at 17 because "you can't tell the difference between a 17 and 18 year old".
> 3:11 "What is an adult to you people!?!?"
> 3:34 He says he tried to push Lainey away when he found out her age because he didn't want the "drama".
> 3:47 Tries to claim the age of consent in Japan is 13. (Nice try, Shmegma. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-the-age-of-consent-so-low-in-Japan You wouldn't get away with it in Japan either. I'd love to see Gregma in a Japanese prison [20 years hard forced labor, kek])
> Shortly after it, went on his Chinese dog-eating rant.
> 5:35 "I do not quit, when something pisses me off. YOU GUYS PISS ME OFF. 5:50 SCREAMS"
> 6:22 Claims his sister-in-law tried to kiss him. Claims this was very moral of him, avoiding a 15 year old kissing him.
> 7:25 "The internet hate me for no reason!"
> 8:20 Says that a lot of people watching this have parents with 13 year age gaps.
> 8:50 Talks about how his 9 year age gap is "comfortable" for him.
> 9:10 Questions why people are coming at him when he didn't mention Shane at all. "I don't care about Shane VIEWS! That's why I don't mention him!"
> 10:30 Gronk struggles to understand why people will criticize him for rating underage fans.
> 10:50 Claims he only deletes Tweets because he didn't get enough likes or comments. Also claims it's because he wants to have only "interesting stuff" on there.
> 11:04 Says "Fuck that" and then insults the YouTube CEO "Sorry bitch"
> 11:39 I personally know that Shane Dawson is a creep, on a core level. Keeps talking about how creepy he is with kids. Then compares him to Michael Jackson.
> 12:15 I don't like relating with children. Then rants about how he hates how stupid most teenage girls are. I HATE THEM. THEY'RE LIKE A CANCER. I DESPISE THEM. Then says young teenage boys are stupid, dumb as rocks and hard to talk to.
> Goes into a pointless rant about New Mexico =/= Mexico (I haven't seen anyone argue this with him, but wew, Taylor and Greg have really been pushing that anecdote a lot lately.
> 13:28 Defends the time he misspoke about Lainey's age when he bullied her dad. Screams again. Very funny to watch his manic screeching.
> 14:40 A lot of you guys don't have critical thinking skills.
> 15:02 I wish I could make you guys feel how grossed out I am!
> 15:23 Talks about how he totally wouldn't have dated Lainey if she didn't constantly pursue and push him to date her and how her lie about her age is the reason that they're even together.
> 16:50 Talks about how he KNOWS that Shane is a predator based on all his videos (remember he doesn't watch his videos though).
> 17:41 We are mentally unstable for continuing to watch his videos because we don't like him.
> 18:45 No apology can fix what Shane has done. He's Jared from Subway. Makes a bunch of comparisons between them.
> 20:56 What Shane did is unforgivable. I won't apologize because I've done nothing wrong.
> 21:21 I don't want to deal with kids. I don't LIKE KIDS. THEY'RE GROSS.
> Anecdote about working in a daycare that all these little 9-10 year old girls tried to take his shirt off so he ran away from them.
> Pretends like he doesn't have kids. Talks about them hypothetically.
> 22:55 Hypothetical situation about if his teenage kid posted to a forum like his he would stop them if they were underage.
> 24:15 "No I don't want any images to be inappropriate (in my videos)" >>518896
> 24:30 Loses his shit about teens being able to relate to Shane. Says Shane is an adult and he shouldn't be able to relate to teenagers. (PROJECTION MUCH, GRONK?)
> Says that he likes the same bands as teenagers but he's not supposed to (what about your cool kid Space wife? )
> 26:16 A step further would have been him just being naked! Says the next step would have been for him to do this after the stuff he said on camera.
> 26:35 Says Jared from Subway did less creepy things on camera.
> 27:23 Says that people that said they're 40 and disagree with him are morons.
> 27:50 This video isn't about Shane. He can find a hole and die in it for all I care.
> 28:44 Rehashes the ages of his dating history. Says he would never date a 26 or 24 year old if he was really a predator.
> 30:28 Sets up a scenario saying that if the roles were reversed and Shane was doing what he was doing, we would all agree with him Also says that if he did what Shane did, he'd actually be in jail. (this is particularly lulzy, as he gives a dramatic pause here, waiting for the audience to decide what they'd say)

He's calmed down quite a bit for the last 8 minutes, and pretty rehashed. It gets monotonous to keep listening to his voice.

No. 523159

File: 1527302277807.png (327.29 KB, 1440x1699, sexytime with teens.png)

This comment under Shreg's link to his epic Sperg about Shane says it all. Just a reminder for ya, Shreggy: when you point your finger at someone else, thete are 4 fingers pointing back at you.

I hope we can look forward to a sleepness night of pent up rage-tweeting followed by a glorious shame spiral tomorrow. If he's not too sore from jerkin' it to hentai in every room of his fly-filled pigsty.

No. 523165

ok, but isn't it slut shamey of him to call people prostitutes? as he's done in this whole spergout. not cool for using it, just a shitty person.

have a judge review your skirting legalities to fuck teenagers, your private forum of teenagers and videos criticizing their bodies or talking about whether or not you would bang, do we need to go on?

i have it on good authority that bratz doll is a mega thot with a dead plant hair dew.

sweet baby jesus i hope this spergout never ends. merry gregmas.

No. 523166

You are a goddamn hero, anon. I literally couldn't get through the repetition and whining. It's all the same rehashed shit.

-His obsession with Jared from Subway is getting ridiculous. It's unnerving.

-It's hilarious that he thinks pretending to be grossed out by kids makes him seem like less of a pedo. Newsflash: that's EXACTLY what a pedo would say, they'd never make a tweet like Pewdiepie's because as a rule, they don't want to get caught.

-Kek he's back to the "anyone who disagrees with me is moron!"

I love that the new, improved Shreg lasted under a week until he realized it didn't instantly get him Shane's audience. He's been trying so hard (I have body issues! I'm depressed! The tags, the super closeup confessionals..) to imitate him but always fails because he's not genuine. He's so angry and jealous of Shane and Pewds it's seeping from his greasy pores.

No. 523167

I think he really thought that him and his straight wife could really, REALLY appeal to shanes emotions and it didn't work. He's a child throwing a wobble because they didn't get the chocolate bar they wanted.

No. 523168

I don't like Felix either but for God sakes Onion you aren't a saint either. You make videos rating underage kids in their bikinis on a scale of 1/10. You bring underage girls into your house around your kids to try and groom into a poly relationship. You slut shame and make jokes of suicide and that's not even the tip.

No. 523173

Unlike your "penis" which is basically just tip.

Thanks for showing us, btw, Greggy.

No. 523175

it's almost like he does things that, in a roundabout way, bring attention to his own wrongdoings. like he is disappointed he hasn't been caught for the many unethical and immoral things he has some.

No. 523177

You'd think his straight wife would've told him that a pedo would act like they're grossed out by kids to seem like less of a pedo in the same way someone pretends to not like something to hide how much they secretly do like it. That's not even in depth psychology. I know her degree is basically the equivalent of finding it in a Cracker Jack box but that is some pretty basic shit.

Speaking of his straight wife it's awful funny he's been so mad about Shane and his interaction with a 12 year old but we know his wife was grooming Sarah when she was 16.

No. 523180

He's deflecting, he definitely has ephebophile tendencies and him trying to throw others under the bus is telling. He's guilty and he's floundering and its so fucking obvious.

No. 523182


Lainey was grooming Sarah starting at 14, actually. Fucking gross, right?


What's funny is Greg says similar shit. I remember hearing, or reading in transcript, him on a stream going on to his Patrons about anal sex being gross and stupid, him mocking fat Becca about it saying she'd think it'd feel so good to have anal because it's like shit going in and out of her? Something like that… God he's disgusting


VERY telling. Why is he SO SURE that Shane is wired this way without sufficient evidence? He's really being a fucking moron with this finger pointing, all he's doing is making people more and more suspcious of HIM.

No. 523183

Ive seen too many religious leaders, law enforcement officers and government officials who make it their lifes work to "fight against" child abuse end up being the exact type of predator they pretended to be against.
It usually takes a few years or decades for it to be exposed. Sadly sometimes we only find out the whole truth until after their death and victims feel free to speak, or evidence is found in their homes.

No. 523185

Grand job, anon!

No. 523192

File: 1527307382067.png (1.21 MB, 1440x1518, Caged Shreg.png)

No. 523193

Onion's Playbook:


Honestly kinda crazy how many of these apply to Greg. Projection, overt and covert threats, name calling, smear campaigns, love-bombing, preemptive defense, boundary testing, insults disguised as jokes, patronizing, shaming ("dutteh vajayjay!"), control.

No. 523195

File: 1527308292052.jpg (22.74 KB, 318x140, GoogleThisShreg.JPG)

Bless you, anon <3

So… is anybody else starting to really believe Greg has some seriously fucked up impulses based off of all of this? So many of us are thinking "projection," but reeeeally let that sink in… this is a father of two. We've normalized so much of his absolutely insane behavior because it's non-stop, but it's getting very… real, I guess? >>523157

No. 523196

Yeah it's easy to just throw that word around but I genuinely do find it scary how insane he's been acting lately in regards to the pedophilia thing. He's made what, 5 or 6 videos bashing DDLG? Spent countless hours berating shane and felix for making distasteful jokes? It's bizarre and disturbing

No. 523198


Just throwing this out there that this would be a golden opportunity for someone to make a "Greg reacting to himself" video. Particularly him saying 35:50 where he's saying how he'd rather "vomit himself to death" before talking about being into a kid with a tone of "satisfaction," aligned with him saying the 7th grade boy thing with Lainey… pls anons, ilu come thruuu

No. 523200

Anyone else notice that Taylor never shows off her lil cheap wedding ring now?

No. 523201

File: 1527309645670.jpeg (170.84 KB, 640x947, 547CE52B-3878-45DF-ACB3-85F0F1…)

Sucks to suck, huh, Shreg?

No. 523202

Just wanted to say thanks as well, talk about taking one for the team. You're a living saint.

No. 523206

File: 1527311362600.webm (4.84 MB, 480x360, You Have Zero Examples.webm)

Not sure if this is what you meant.

No. 523208


HAHA PERFECT!! love you anon A+

No. 523210

shit someone tweet this at him and send his rage pot boiling over.

No. 523211

Onision constantly going on about how kids are gross and the thought of being attracted to them makes him vomit. That is exactly what Jimmy Savile the British pedophile said to cover up what he was doing to kids

No. 523214

I think the best part is him insulting his fan base by saying he hates teenage girls.

No. 523215

File: 1527312464769.jpg (59.55 KB, 855x572, Capture.JPG)



Quick anons, he's up and raging! Send it to him

No. 523217

Um I've been hate following this knob for years and years and not once did I know about Lainey's sister supposedly trying to kiss Greg while drunk.


No. 523220

It was his ex-wife's sister.

No. 523222

He keeps going on about Shane telling a 12 year old to shake her titties but he keeps taking it out of context. It was a family member, not some random kid. I'm not saying incest abuse is allowed or something but here's an example to explain what I mean.

Joking with younger 12 yr old brother 'I'm gonna kick you in the dick'

Joking with random 12 yr old kid 'I'm going to kick you in the dick'

Shane was joking with a family member already aware of his humour. I could understand it being creepy towards a child he didn't know, but fucking hell he's beating a dead horse here!

No. 523223


When an abuser can't control a person, they try to control how others perceive them.

You're transparent, Greg. YOU are a predator and no amount of finger pointing, justified or not, will make you innocent. Be mad.

No. 523226

can someone please add the curb your enthusiasm music over this

No. 523231

Yes that was bullshit. I know his dad and he is a respected businessman and pastor. He has a successful marriage. Greg’s sister and half sister bring their kids to his house all the time

No. 523232

Hahaha, so this is his proof that Shane is a pedo? Nice slander there Shreg, but more importantly, nice projection.

No. 523233

He's been hellbent on painting Shane as a pedo since that scandal earlier in the year that was later debunked. Shreg needs to give it up because no one's buying it. It's time for him to go silent and sulk in his swamp trailer because his teen pussy well has dried up. No one wants to fuck some ugly chud with that choppy ass hairline, forehead clit, and liverspots all over. Lainey's sour puss is all he's capable of anymore.

No. 523235

It was skye’s sister

No. 523237

>said AJ had a dirty vagina
>said bisexuals were promiscuous
>said shiloh gave head 'like a pro'
>said dasha looked like a prostitute
>shamed jacyln glenn for breast implants
>shamed her friend for wearing heels
>called billie a homewrecking bitch
>said sam was a slut
>many other examples of disliking people having lots of sex/wearing makeup

Why is he so heated over the word thot? Why does he suddenly care about slut shaming?
It's funny how he said he wouldn't trust a woman that's slept around at one point, but called Billie boring and raged at Lainey for stopping during a threesome. He twists everything to get his own way. It's disgusting.

No. 523238

I wish the ceo had a twitter, I'd tweet his video at her.

No. 523239

No. 523241

Because pewdiepie was recently in a feud with a streamer because he referred to her as a twitch thot in one of his videos. She and her fans claimed he was slit shaming. So now onion is trying to get his two seconds by also accusing pewdie of slit-shaming and desperately trying to link it to pedophilia. My guess is that LGH googled pewdiepie, saw he was in the news for calling someone a that, didn't know what that meant and googled it. Probably creamed his pants when he found a definition that could link it to pewds being a pedo.

No. 523244

I don't like relating with children. I don't like kid things.

>watches anime

>listens to teen music
>wife dresses as child and refers to him as 'daddy'
>decorates his home with anime and childish posters
>takes his 20 something old wife and 18 year old gf and 16 year old wife's best friend to a trampoline park for fun.
>apart from crap suits, wears novelty teen tshirts daily
>formats videos in a childish manner, eg-skits with colourful costumes and jumpcuts
>Spends time playing video games with teens and chatting with teens on discord


Oh and inb4-anime is for adults toooooo! I know, I'm just generalizing as a lot of children watch it. Plus he doesn't watch neon genesis or elfen lied…it's all death note and young stuff.

No. 523245

not to mention his insane obsession with andy biersack and jensen ackles

No. 523246

Person you were replying to, I know haha it was a retorical question. I am just blown away at him trying to drag pewds for this despite his own history of slut shaming.

No. 523248

I know it’s OT but I think it’s hilarious that Tana has been bragging about her last few videos being monetized again and Greg’s entire channel is completely demonetized and he’s tried so hard to get around it.

No. 523249

File: 1527316011633.jpeg (404.51 KB, 750x1243, 71FBE77D-1D62-4DBF-ACE8-743EF7…)

Gee Greg, what would cause you to be suddenly focused on Shanedawson?

No. 523250

File: 1527316246262.jpeg (339.44 KB, 750x614, 19A952BC-D8B7-4E91-94CA-47E756…)

No. 523253

File: 1527316688193.png (1.53 MB, 1334x750, F8839C12-867F-4852-A56F-1D2E1F…)

“That’s the tea”

No. 523255

The whole daycare thing he went on about was retarded as well. If a child does something like that, as a daycare worker or guardian, it's your job to say no, or please don't do that.

I worked at 2 separate daycares from the age of 18 to 23. One was special needs and other was a regular one. Often you run into awkward situations where children mimick sexual things they overhear or see on television.

One particular child would take his clothes off and get into the doll's bed with a doll. We would calmly tell him 'this is not what we do please' and help him put his clothes back on.

A little girl who's mother was promiscuous would say things like she wanted to dance on a pole like her mother. She also swore a lot. We would either change the subject or tell her that she isn't to talk like that at daycare.

The fact that Greg said he was creeped out by children trying to pull his shirt off speaks volumes about his actual intentions with children. They were near the pool, how does he know that those little kids were trying to get him to go swimmimg? Why does he automatically assume it is a sexual gesture?
Even if it was, the correct thing he should have done would to say 'stop it please, I don't like it'
Not run away, as kids would think this was funny and potentially a game.

No. 523256

Onion just very quickly made and deleted a tweet telling someone on twitter to "kill themselves" and "seriously end their life." I wasnt quick enough to screenshot it

No. 523258

Is he still milking that one tweet Felix made ages ago…? Every time talk comes to PDP he hurls the pedo accusation, but all he has to show for it is this clearly sarcastic tweet. It’s embarrassing.

No. 523259

File: 1527317378177.png (1.56 MB, 1334x750, FBE626C3-F368-4BEC-9EC3-238FE6…)

She said the last time she went on this was a few months ago and the header even says 22 and she then said at the end the last thing she reblogged on this was this. Hm.
Also she said she might react to her private Twitter which is also “sad as fuck” and a little mean apparently

No. 523260

Making that idiotic video that somehow "proves" Shane is a pedophile and saying that Pewds tweet was "literally something only a pedophile would say" is not only dishonest but so transparent.

Pedophilia isn't something that offenders tweet about, make jokes about or make videos of. It happens under the cover of secrecy and often by people who, like Shreg, point fingers at others and loudly proclaim their innocence when no ones even asking.
They'll surround themselves with kids to groom, like Shreg's discord and forum, those priests who target young altarboys, even Jared from Subway who worked with kids groups.

Shane and Pewds have some young fans, but neither of them go out of their way to interact with them, and they certainly don't have "perks" which involve playing games together, conversations and the option to be rated on how attractive they are/if the Onions would date them.
In a recent interview with Amber, one of his patrons, she admitted that almost all the major patrons have the goal to join the trinity. He preys not only on children, but also on those who have mental health issues which is also extremely troubling.

He's just too dumb and arrogant (a lethal combo) to understand how he is truly perceived by rational people. What he thinks is a righteous fury actually comes across as desperate deflection.

No. 523262

The tweet was even literally a reply to someone saying that their snapchat was pewdiepie and pdp was making a fucking joke that all his fans are young

No. 523265

File: 1527317705145.png (110.89 KB, 720x953, 20180525_235221.png)

What is he on about

No. 523266

File: 1527317823261.png (116.96 KB, 720x939, 20180525_235143.png)

Really pushing that "not into prepubescent girls" thing hard, huh? Also, he was on his other account @HiImASociopath today, shit talking and blocking people left and right.

No. 523267

File: 1527317904604.jpg (98.42 KB, 899x718, gregscramblin.JPG)

He deleted this quoted one REAL fast. Because he IS into underaged girls- Maybe not 12 year olds, but soon after that he is 100% into them. Disgusting.

No. 523269

He's trying to prove that he is NOT a pedophile and it just happens to be a coincidence that the last 3 relationships he has been in has been with very young women (17-18). Fuck the legality, its still fucking creepy.

No. 523270

I really hope someone punches him in his retarded face the next time he goes out in public. Someone needs to hit him hard.

Onion, you literally tweeted a few days ago that you married your wife when she had just turned 18. That means you were into her when she wasn't legal, you fucking idiotic cunt.

No. 523271


remember that time you told blaire white you were into underdeveloped girls though shreg?

No. 523273

File: 1527318155941.jpg (83.13 KB, 877x659, HAHA.JPG)

"Stop comparing me to Shane!" -The dude who literally cannot stop comparing himself to Shane

No. 523275

How has this disgusting moronic cunt not yet been banned from twitter for telling people to kill themselves?

No. 523276

He used to alwwwways memtion how people compare them but throw in 'I'm a little bit better looking' and now he's trying to distance himself apparently.

Noone is comparing you Shreg. You are nothing like Shane. You'll never have his success.

No. 523278

"Kill yourself. Seriously, end your own life, you fraud." This is a grown ass man telling kids to kill themselves, get a fucking grip you pathetic old caveman.
I have no idea, but I don't know if I'm alone in this but I feel like this is end of LGH. From the batshit and insanely controversial 10 things I hate video to slandering Shane, this isn't going to end well for Gronk.

No. 523279

I just love how Lainey is away and completely detached from all the drama that he’s stirring up right now. I may not like her very much but Iwould bet you a pretty dollar that he takes out his rage on her and the kids every time a shitstorm like that happens.

Don’t think she has left him like anon above speculated, but it’s fun to see him so isolated and raging with Lainey clearly not giving a shit.

No. 523280

I know Shane is too clever and too much of a decent human being to respond to this giant, festering pustule but he has veered into full blown slander territory so I hope he gets fucked by the long arm of the law.

No. 523284

Kek the "I hate all of you" part just made me cackle. What a complete knob.
I hope he stays up all night, this is so fucking entertaining. He's like a pissed off 10 year old who got sent to bed without getting dessert and he's stomping his feet, slamming his door and wishing death upon everyone who gets to eat ice cream.
I think this shows how much damage control his straight wife actually does behind the scenes. Uninterrupted Hentai faps just don't compare to those reassuring asspats and sukmis I guess.

No. 523285

Because it's Twitter. They don't give a fuck.

He's so unhinged. He strikes me as the type that would have ended up rage murdering an ex gf if he hadn't gotten any recognition on the internet.

No. 523286

I dunno about that, they banned that stupid faggot Milo Yiannopoulos, they should ban this stupid faggot too

No. 523289


I'm literally imagining him late night up on Xbox and getting killed and being destroyed in game and so he goes on Twitter to take out his anger there, only to be trolled and pestered.

The most glorious thing about his downfall is that he can't escape all the reminders of how he's irrelevant, disgusting and disturbed. He isn't getting that validation he once was. I bet even his Patrons are growing tired of his little narc rants or him going to them only when he needs those little ego boosts.

What a precarious situation. If he continues, he might really need a real job soon.

No. 523292

It’s weird because there’s not actually anything weird with liking some things that are considered “childish.” Lots of dudes collect action figures, read comic books, watch cartoons.

But Shregg is so concerned with covering up his disgusting sexual desires that he desperately denies he is interested in anything considered childish, not realizing that it’s just making him seem wayyyyy more suspicious.

No. 523293

Hmmm, from Pewds to Shane and now Blaire, it's quite evident he's trying to start/revive drama to capitalize on Pewds referencing him. This shit is getting so sad, he really is like a spoiled child screaming and having a tantrum while the adults just ignore him.

No. 523294

File: 1527321870740.png (302.14 KB, 1440x1549, wat.png)

Wtf is he on about now? Literally no one is saying this. He's seriously losing his shit.

No. 523296

Pewdiepie triggered the fuck out of him hahaha this is great. He's the running joke in the big youtube circle and will always be lesser than them.

No. 523298

File: 1527322210342.png (443.8 KB, 1440x1240, REEEEEEEEEEE.png)

He has tweeted FIVE times in the last 10 minutes, screeching about witch hunts that he started. Good lord this is an epic meltdown.

No. 523299

File: 1527322260340.png (331.36 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1260.PNG)

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Greggy

No. 523300

>still tweeting at 1am

He’s been going on this Twitter/YouTube spergfest for 10 hours. He hasn’t left his computer the entire time.

No. 523301

This is absolutely idiotic. I'm so sick of Shreg beating dead horses in hopes that it'd make his narrative seem more realistic and trustful. Saying a lie twice doesn't make it the truth. This Shane being a pedohphile shit was SO long ago, nobody can be taking onion fag seriously. That video he made of "i am not a pedophile" clip mix with his cousin.. how many cousin are out there that you've personally had that were older but completely comfortable with making crude jokes and silly skits with and laughing about it. "Shake your titties" and "Slower" about the fucking tiny hot dog thing is obviously his own type of humor. I don't personally take LGH's rants in any way other than pathetically funny but this was is the most tiring because though it's quite crude and not to everyone's liking, Shane's past humour was funny in it's own way and just like Shane, I was raised with an incredibly hilarious and free going family who joked like this all the time. This is like a cousin telling his younger one to shake it when she's dancing pool side or some shit to get a laugh out of everyone and make them all have a good time which can be obviously innocent cause many families are just relaxed that way. I'm sorry Shreg that you had such a shit upbringing and shitty personality that you can't clearly see this, and it's even worse if you do because you're slandering a comedic fellow youtuber who's flourished in the comm cause your career is dead and over that you flushed yourself.

No. 523302

File: 1527322471705.png (1.57 MB, 1440x1224, 1500501524769.png)

I should be sleeping but this is honestly hilarious to witness in real time.

No. 523303

Wtf this is too much. This is the time when it would be convenient for him to have friends. Everyone needs that friend who will tell you to shut the fuck up and go to bed.

Too bad he's burned all his bridges and his wife is not only a doormat, but is probably relieved to not have to babysit him for a few nights. But jfc he should just go to bed, this is getting sad.

No. 523304

I seriously hate how he calls small chested women "underdeveloped". THEY ARE DEVELOPED, just developed small boobs. Do you think their boobs are still gonna grow or something? Just calling them underdeveloped is shaming them.

No. 523305

Imagine all the empty yogurt containers surrounding him kek

No. 523306

Maybe that's his hope like with his underdeveloped penis and over developed balls. One day it might fully develop.

No. 523307

Like a blooming onion at the Outback Steakhouse. Too bad they only go to the Olive Garden.

No. 523308

he's still going off, even googling about women with underdeveloped breasts.. at a fucking point in a women's life.. if her tits are still small, then they're just small.. not underdeveloped, Shregly, just small. cut the shit, it's so annoying

No. 523312

File: 1527322912844.png (275.88 KB, 586x528, skfiopdpopdo.PNG)

No. 523315

The same google that made him fuck up on the word thot?

No. 523317

Haha, the tard is a gift that just keeps on giving. How much longer can he go like this?

No. 523322

What on earth is happening? He's averaging a tweet every 2 minutes. You'd think he would take a bathroom break at some point… Is he just peeing in empty yogurt containers that are nearby as he angrily tweets?
I want to go to bed but this is too compelling.

No. 523324

Im hoping he cant stand it and goes live on YouNow and does something he really regrets

No. 523325

Nah he deleted the google search lol
I wonder why?

No. 523326

kek I think he's deleted a lot now

No. 523327

Yeah what the hell happened? Is it just Felix talking about him? Or did something really happen with Lainey?
He wasn't this psycho in months.

No. 523328

whats weirder about that is that if felix did trigger this, he's stooped low to attack shane instead who's not done shit

No. 523329

Woo boy, he just deleted most of his spergout. Maybe Lame got onto him and put him in his place.

No. 523330

I'm cringing so much at this..I'm sure Felix had no idea how much this would set Onion off. There's a reason most successful youtubers ignore him.

No. 523331

File: 1527324532896.gif (4.67 MB, 426x240, helllooooo.gif)

He finally is coming down off the narc high and checked her panicked texts.

No. 523332

He's raging so much about Shane and whoever else being a pedo, it really makes me think he's overcompensating for his own pedophilic desires.

I really would be surprised if he turned out to be a pedophile. I remember a while back someone said something about going to the Grease Mansion and Gronk saying some creepy stuff about his daughter. Nothing crazy explicit, but I guess it freaked them out enough to mention it.

No. 523333

Does he have a post-it stuck on his monitor of the things that really piss him off so he can keep bringing them up? Mother of pearl, let it go Shreggy!

A marriage that still stands to this day but was almost ripped in half by the promise of fresh puss. That Our Marriage is Over video is still on YouTube, don't ya know? Which hilariously is contradicted by the Onision Break Up Story video also still on YouTube.

Fucking kek he lives in a swamp and he's got to have a wicked case of swamp ass from his nonstop Twitter rage. He truly has become the Swamp Thing. What a gift of a night anons!

No. 523335

File: 1527324990493.gif (4.03 MB, 426x240, gregontwitter.gif)

Have a gif for future use, anons.
Feel free to send to Greg on Twitter. I'm sure it will strike a nerve.

No. 523336

He sperged for 11 hours. 11 hours.

No. 523337

i really hate to be "that anon", but its a little obvious that this is one of your first times posting here. if you're going to make really outlandish claims, you gotta back it up with a reputable source.

No. 523339

And goddess bless all you anons who had the foresight to screen cap his autistic screeching on twitter prior to lumpy space prince presumably telling him to delete the evidence. It’s been real, fam.

No. 523340

That maniacal grin “Greg” gives the viewer while continuing to sperg “an eternity later” has me screaming. Good job with the gif, anon. If I had a twitter account I’d post it, but alas.

No. 523341

File: 1527326267535.png (13.49 KB, 586x117, tfw.PNG)

tfw Shregg cares more about fighting da haturz than providing content for his dumb fans

No. 523342

I think it was a Tumblr post that made the "creepy comments about C" claims.

Obviously Anon and no verification. So yeah, I would not take it as gospel truth, but I honestly would not be surprised in the least if sexual abuse claims came out in the future against him.(read the rules & usage info)

No. 523344

Come on, dude. Read the site rules.

No. 523345

kek sorry your video's late patrons i was busy rubbing my rage boner and cumming all over twitter.

No. 523346

It amazes me that he litteraly compared a joke to a man who litteraly raped children.

Is he so mentally broken that he can't see that one is so much worse than the other?

No. 523352

Part of me wonders if Shreggy thinks that if he goes hard enough on Shane of PDP that one of them will 'have' to make a response video.

Not gonna happen, Onion.
He's just making himself look like a complete ass.

No. 523354

File: 1527327985252.png (509.03 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1262.PNG)

…………………… more convinced of your shittiness than ever, Greg. Too bad you don't know how to exercise restraint and log the fuck off when you're raging. When you're raised by a fucked up child molestor (I'm talking about Tami, not the dad she turned you against) it's hard to learn how to calm yourself down and easy to become a fucked up molestor yourself, I guess.

No. 523358

File: 1527328606131.png (71.09 KB, 1242x653, IMG_1264.PNG)

Lovebomb, right on time!

No. 523360

You are an ogre that married a foot

No. 523361

Ahahahhaa aha!!
Greg the onitard is a big fat hypocrite and a liar!!!

Greg stated he likes 7th grade boys!!!

EEEEWWWWWWW eeew eeeeewww eeewwwww
Onision is a pedophile!! He wants boys who are age 11-12!!!!

see, thats why Pew said, dont ever change.
Because all the youtubers know about Onisitard and they all talk about him to warn people but mostly to make fun of him behind Onisitards back

Also, because Greg is his own worst enemy. Greg will always fuck up his own shit without anybody else having to do it against him. Greg will always fail at life. Greg will always load the gun himself before he shoots himself in the foot.

No. 523362


>before he shoots himself in the foot


No. 523363

I genuinely don’t know the creator or who made this bible truth…. but credit needs to go out for this 30 seconds of brilliance…. a jokes a joke only when it fits his bitch agenda…. definition of a weak ass pleb https://youtu.be/rm2ru-bmRzE

No. 523364

Not my creation but just catching up on the thread…. I apologize if it’s a double post…. I washed YouTube omcrbogf work before checking in with the thread…. but here is the video again of what you request… apologize if it’s a doubly post and I don’t credit for it’s crration https://youtu.be/rm2ru-bmRzE(are you okay anon)

No. 523365

File: 1527331332992.png (20.44 KB, 583x271, cfdf.png)

Does he honestly think Shane Dawson needs him for views? A dying channel? Lmao.

No. 523367

File: 1527331652011.gif (1.11 MB, 320x180, 15567283.gif)

The only good thing about this fuckery is that his kids are with Lainey thousands of miles away. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if Gregma has been narc raging this all back to Lainey all night too.

No. 523368

But Onision, Greg, you are into underdeveloped girls.

You made very sure to announce that factoid during your debate with Blair White that you like underdeveloped girls and that you youself, Greg, have enjoyed dating underdeveloped girls.

And heres the proof https://hooktube.com/-RPqTVyoCss
And for the yt link for those who prefer https://youtu.be/-RPqTVyoCss

You, greg, state here 2 words of interest: underdeveloped and girl

Noe, Greg could have said, i dated an underdeveloped woman. Woman. He specifically kept saying girl.

Girl is Gregs preferred female state. Not a woman, or a mature woman, but a girl. A young not yet legal girl, a girl who technically is a minor, at 17.

Then underdeveloped. The fuck does that mean. Underdeveloped. Like, boobs that never finished growing? Boobs that never grew past fully developed Puberty?

Underdeveloped. So not smaller, or small and perky, or even toned. Underdeveloped. Flatchested. Thats what onision prefers.

What age are girls usualy underdeveloped at??? Fucking gross fucker.

So you prefer to look at your naked girl underneath you when they have breasts that have not fully developed. Meaning that they have not yet acheived puberty.

He is sick sick sick in the head. I feel so bad for his kids, especially his daughter.

No. 523369

please tweet this to him.

No. 523370

Lainey is now a prop to him. And probably one of the very few people that puts up with his constant abuse and narcissism and he knows it. He better hold on to her tight. She might get wise to this one day, though, I sincerely doubt it.

But seriously. He will hang on to her as long as possible because she reinforces the idea he's 1) not a pedo 2) open minded [because she's totally trans, guize] 3) his meal ticket as his fame continues to rapidly decline.

No. 523371

File: 1527332368506.png (55.78 KB, 589x707, narcinallnite.png)

I wonder if he'll sleep tonight.

No. 523372

File: 1527332653180.png (184.57 KB, 1192x848, IMG_1267.PNG)




No. 523373

File: 1527332820531.jpg (274.77 KB, 1044x971, Greg has no friends.jpg)

One last thing. It is currently 7am, and Greggles is still on twitter spazing out. All day and all night.

See, if greg knew how to keep freinds, he could be talking to one right now, instead, like the neckbeard he is, he's still spazing on Twitter, therby signalling, and confirming, to the world, that Onision has no life, and no friends.

No. 523374

File: 1527332987409.png (302.21 KB, 599x399, liverspotofpower.png)

>one button
it's that monstrosity on your forehead isn't it?

No. 523376

Imagine being this obsessed with "haturz" on Twitter that you spend an all-nighter sperging and blocking everyone who disagrees instead of just logging off.

Lame needs to put her foot down and control her ogre husbando.

No. 523378

Has he even slept yet?
I was looking at the tweets a few hours earlier before he started deleting the majority of them and there was a 4 hour lull.
I think he may have tried to sleep for those 4 hours, was restless and stewing, and had to get up and fight the haters (for the next 8 hours.

No. 523379

File: 1527334881209.png (331.22 KB, 596x406, gaynision nigga.PNG)

He posted a vid of Shane about 10 minutes ago. He either went to bed now or he's still frantically searching something to post but barely anyone's interacting with his tweets lmao.

No. 523381

File: 1527335012068.png (331.15 KB, 593x409, ogre.PNG)

Spergnision updated his bio to a lovebomb. So original.

No. 523383


>"Victory is blocking haters so many times they give up on creating new accounts. I can shut you down faster than you can set it all up. One Button."

Yikes. Just, yikes. He's absolutely pathetic.

No. 523384

Well, actually our fax god was right one time - when he said he could not be alone. His family leaves and he become more crazy than usual. That and this little pokes from pewds, billie, haturz made perfect storm.
Until the billie drama I was thinking about lgh as some kind of first level youtube boss - you want to gain some views? start slap fight with gregma, debate him, get some likes for repeating the obvious and gain comments from his fans… and now? since last almost-divorce he can't make drama even when he brings the most hardcore topics like pedophilia and linking it to big youtubers.
Now he will lovebomb lameo because she is his only narc validation supply, there is no one else to boost his ego. Worst thing for people like him is fading into obscurity and isolation.

No. 523385

samefag but notice that little (27) next to lameos name… because he is not a pedo, guys!

No. 523389

Not trying to be a know it all, because I had the same false idea earlier and even posted about it.
Its not her age (shes actually 23 I think) its the day of the month they met or were married.
The got that number tattoo'd on their hip also.

No. 523390

No. 523391

yeah, im sorry i checked her age after i posted. then i thought he is faking his age… and this is some silly lucky number i forgot about. thank you for clarification.

No. 523399

I thought he was trying to lie about Lainey's age lol. That's what it looks like, master manipulator at it again.

No. 523401

It's the day they started dating (Feb 27, 2012) and even got hip tattoos of.

No. 523404


This is correct, but this buttwipe also knows that it’ll look like Lainey’s 27 when he writes it like that in his bio.

No. 523407

I live for how he thinks the haturz are just one or two people who keep making new accounts to harass him with. It couldn't possibly be many, many haturz

No. 523410

The whole “you all are obsessed with me” is just a lolcow’s last bastion and so stereotypical, lol. Vicky did it, Moo did it and Kanadajin did it. Onision is just the last in a long row of cows to pull the whole “it’s secretly just one obsessed stalker”card.

No. 523411


I just noticed. What does he mean by the (27) next to Lainey? Is he insisting she's 27-years-old? I don't know what else he could be referring to.

No. 523415

I hope/wish Lainey was smart enough not to come back

Except to get their shit with an escort.

No. 523416

Don't get your hopes up, Anon.
She's whipped as hell. No way is she staying away. That's just asking for disappointment entertaining that idea.

No. 523417

Yeah there's no chance she's not coming back. Maybe being away will open her eyes to how shitty greg is though? I'm doubtful but this does seem like the first time in years that she's been away from him and around normal people

No. 523424

File: 1527345254650.jpg (151.15 KB, 963x795, Screenshot_20180526-070405.jpg)

It's too bad too.
No shade, no sarcasm, but she looks alive and youthful in the sun. Like, she looks refreshed from a big ol dose of vitamin D.

She looks better 2 days down there than she has in YEARS.

That's why Greg hates for his partners to be around the partners old family and friends.

He needs to suck the lovely life out of these young girls. By tearing them down and rebuilding them into sad ugly little dependant things that can no longer work ( so they won't make friends and also have no $$$ to escape ).

Tying to keep a toxic relationship alive past its expiration date is soo unhealthy.

Laineys family are probably relieved that he never subjects them with his insanity directly. Like in the house.

I wonder how her family is going to react when toddler Trot throws baby Clot off the couch. Because they sure ain't gonna be silent about a violent baby in the house.

I bet Onision could have really used Laineys dads services for free years ago, if only Onision had bothered to play along and been supportive of his wife's family instead of critical.

But of course, Laineys dad is still alive, and greg hates that. Greg wants to be the only man in a family.
He's gonna be threatened, then hate trot so much once he gets older too.

No. 523428

YES! Hope some anon does it

No. 523430

He looks deranged here

No. 523431

He acts crazy on camera so he can say its just an act. He is fucking crazy though. Sicesca, verbal/emotional/psychological abuse of all partners, just plain bizarre and contradictory behavior, manic as fuck.

No. 523436

I was kind of doubtful that onion was fluffing his patreon at first but I just refreshed the page from yesterday and the amount went down by about $60 but the number of patrons is still the same. A bunch of people probably dropped him after his obsessive tweets so he replaced their pledges with $1 pledges of his own

No. 523437

I thought she said on younow that she was flying out june 1st? She made a whole big deal of it because she oh so happened to book her totally fake appointment she promised to make. But still, Did she move the flights forward to get the fuck out of dodge?

No. 523439

I know its not that pertinent but I worry about their dogs being around him like I bet he's not taking proper care of them rn

No. 523440

Maybe hes dressing up like Harley Quinn and… umm…. ya know?

No. 523443

I bet Onion is cucked by his own dogs.

No. 523444

File: 1527349828798.gif (468.56 KB, 480x228, 1497125042750.gif)

Underrated post

No. 523448

I love that Greg's career is dead and it's time to get a real job now, but 1.) he refuses to accept it and 2.) he has shit on all of his chances. He refused to go to college or learn a trade because he thought he was naturally too smart and talented for it. He burned all of his YouTube bridges and never improved his own editing skills, so he'll never be able to get a job editing for other, better channels. He has proven time and again that he's actually fucking terrible at social media, so no one will ever hire him in that area. And he's plastered his shit all over the internet, so no other company would ever hire him, either. He shit on Billie for working at Target, but he can't even do that. I think his only hope is in a fast food kitchen. But even then, he's shown that he can't follow instructions or orders, and he thinks he's smarter than everyone around him. He has a full-blown catastrophic meltdown every time his narc ego is challenged. So his job at McDonald's won't even last very long.

It's glorious.

No. 523452

I think his only option is to attempt to be a freelance video editor but he hates working under people. He has his idea of right and everyone else is an idiot. He'd probably constantly have creative differences. Like if anyone has a stereotypical millennial personality its fucking Greg. The victim complex and the idea that the world owes him is exactly what people shit on millenials about.

No. 523455

Maybe he can work for a moving company. We've seen him lift a 3000 pound pool table and 500 pound washer and dryer.
He already has his little weight lifting belt and finger-less gloves, so the moving comp wont have to supply them.

No. 523456

I was thinking this exact thing yesterday, even though he's almost too old to be millennial, kek. Normally I'd disagree with people painting all millennials with such broad strokes, but Shreg is pretty much the embodiment of the whiny, lazy, entitled stereotype.

No. 523457

Don't forget has GIANT Dodge Ram, which he definitely did NOT buy to compensate for his tiny Vienna sausage dick.

No. 523459

Just Shreg Moving Co.
"When the IRS and TurboTax fucks you overn we'll help you move."

He would have a mistress move in/wife move out special too.

No. 523460

Just make sure you don't have kids around, because they are GROSS and STUPID and Greg is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED by them!!!!!!! See! How much he hates them! So your kids are totally safe around him even though he's totally REPULSED by them because he's NOT A PEDOPHILE!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 523461

Yass gurl!!! He thinks he's too good for anything else besides youtube. Sinking fast, spending more and more money to fluff up those numbers on various platforms, and he picked a fancy zip code that will soon bee too much to afford.
IRS breathing down his neck for his own fuck ups.

Major Life Fail

No. 523467

Would you trust this fuck to move your furniture? He'd bust out randomly singing the Banana Song then take a chainsaw to your couch if you didn't look at him move.

No. 523468

No. 523469

Meh, millennials are between 22 and 35 at this point, he just acts like a fucking geezer when he should be a young, fun parent getting started on his white picket fence life and going to Disney land with his family.

No. 523473

I know, he'll be 33 this year, which is why I said 'almost' too old to be a millennial.

It's so weird how he simultaneously acts like a 13-year-old boy and a 53-year-old man. But like, the worst types of each.

No. 523474

File: 1527355240735.jpeg (136.19 KB, 640x405, 2EDF606E-15F3-491F-8C5C-0851DA…)

>Proud of the teen girls who still lick my balls unquestioningly

No. 523477

File: 1527355285073.png (78.22 KB, 765x143, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 1.21.…)

No. 523481

Which one was that? The one insulting random “haters” or one about being 3edge5me?

No. 523482

This one >>523379 was the previous tweet.

No. 523483

She's actually traveling/doing something interesting for once, and her only video idea is to go over her own abandoned Tumblr?

No. 523484

She looks so much better in that light and away from Greg!

No. 523488

Everyone looks happier and healthier after getting far away from him.

No. 523490

File: 1527358266841.png (48 KB, 741x405, rly.png)

Guess who's awake!

No. 523492

File: 1527358484487.png (90.32 KB, 711x607, beg.png)

Begging Blaire White for attention. Also Gurgles seems to forget that out of him and Shane, only Greg has fucked two minors.

No. 523493

Jfc he's made 4 tweets in the last 8 minutes. Buckle your seatbelts it's gonna be a long ride.

No. 523494


You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

No. 523495

Maybe we should call him Shrunk instead of Shregg

No. 523496

On discord he had said that they guy who sold him their car said his number was 27 and his life number was 9. I guess he's really taken that to heart.

No. 523497

File: 1527358723237.png (93.89 KB, 737x333, lmao.png)

Wake me up inside

No. 523499

how does he continue to ignore that he'san obvious predator too?

No. 523500

File: 1527358811301.png (21.76 KB, 594x110, lmao.png)

No. 523501

File: 1527358883469.png (41.03 KB, 735x359, stopnow.png)

No. 523503

Maybe he's so mad because he finally realized everyone saw how small his weenie is LOL BE MAD SHRUNK

No. 523504

i can hear the veins throbbing in gergamel's forehead

this is way past BEGETARIAN BODEH level strain

he prolly pooped himself holding his narc rage at this

No. 523505

He actually said to her he likes underdeveloped girls, though. That should really be the end of it all.

No. 523507

if he thinks it'd be so beneficial to her and that he would gain nothing why does he want the debate?

that is what this epic 48 hour sperg has been about. trying his usual desperate grab at relevancy by harassing anyone with a dedicated fanbase.

No. 523508

File: 1527359141227.jpeg (373.26 KB, 750x780, 3F1B1EBE-915A-4208-A45E-76EC02…)

No. 523509

I really don't want Blair to debate him. The best thing someone can do to Greg, is ignore him. It kills him to be ignored and he throws a fit like a toddler because bad attention is better than no attention.

No. 523511

How is she losing subs? Is grease aware of his own stats? He's in the fucking red lmao

No. 523512

>Human up
My sides.

No. 523513

He replied to that tweet with that screenshot of her stats not even two minutes after she tweeted him Hahahaha he is literally waiting for people to reply to him all day

No. 523514

>>human up

jesus christ him trying to treat trans people the same as other people is reaching a new level of overly omniscient narrator

No. 523515


also gerganator don't u get max 5k views per video on average within ghe first 3 days like. blaire isn't my type of youtuber but she has a strong fanbase unlike yours. its about as hard of a pill to swallow as ur lil Wilhelm down there bucko

No. 523516

I hope she can make a video like this looking back on her relationship with Greg once she wakes up and realizes how he treats her and its possible future effects in the kids. She does look better in the video and I think she would be a lot more palatable away from Greg.

No. 523521

I like this tweet bc he’s saying her 300-400k channel gets the same views as his “third” most popular channel. What his 1.7m channel gets as many views as someone with LESS THAN HALF that amount? You’re just making yourself look bad bye

No. 523525

i know it's not forever but in the short time traylors been gone greg basically killed what was left of his channel in a self destructive tantrum, caused a possible slander case against himself via peedo-Shane accusations, tried to start beef w people for no reason…

tinfoiling hard here but what if he's tanking his income bc traylor-tranny is leavin him/told him she may leave so when they divorce she'd have to support him lmao

No. 523527

File: 1527359831127.png (37 KB, 596x155, Screenshot 2018-05-26 at 2.36.…)

tweet deleted within 6 seconds of posting

No. 523528


Man Pewdiepie fucked up Onion so much that he's attacking everyone now. This is so milky. Let's hope Shane files a lawsuit against him so the IRS isn't the only one taking his money.

No. 523529

Did Greg just discover the word strawman in the last few days? He keeps misusing it

No. 523530

Samefag but yes, I hope so too. She's done some shitty things but unlike Greg she is not irredeemable.

No. 523531

What the actual fuck?

No. 523532

File: 1527360138502.png (17.07 KB, 587x193, a.png)

He also tweeted this, it's the "longer" version of that tweet

No. 523533

I think hes talking about his death note vids coming back. Dont know why he wrote it like an autist.

No. 523534

Honestly I do understand why she's afraid of leaving him. She'd basically have to get off of the internet entirely. Think about how badly he's slandered all of his exes, and think about how much dirt he must have on her after being together for 5+ years.

Not that it's really any excuse to continue raising children with a manipulative narcissist but I get why she won't just get up and leave.

No. 523535

He really is manic. His only two emotions for days have been unbridled rage and childlike glee. It's so creepy

No. 523536

I wonder what fluid he would smear on himself in the next inevitable breakdown video?

No. 523537

…..I hate this word but, good God he's so cringy.

No. 523538

File: 1527360343127.png (58.42 KB, 636x450, deletedtweet.png)

tweet deleted within 7 seconds of posting this time lmao >>523532

No. 523539

File: 1527360372689.png (40.45 KB, 745x621, Untitled.png)


"You're still here? I thought I told you to go fuck your mother."


Hopefully his own shit.

He's on track to lose more followers today than yesterday

No. 523540

I think it's his version of Trumps covfefe tweet. I think he is very purposely trying to look unhinged. I think it's more calculating than it is manic.

No. 523541

No he's thick as shit he doesn't know how to engage and retain an audience he is just sperging out.

No. 523544

And that's just his onision channel. uhohbro has lost 15k and onisionspeaks has lost 8k just in the last month

No. 523545

File: 1527360683360.png (50 KB, 635x293, sadandpathetic.png)

his 2.7 GPA is showing, i can't believe this neanderthal is on his third "novel"

No. 523546

Ha! Well, I didn't say he was smart about it. I just said I think it's calculated. You're right that he doesn't know how to engage and maintain an audience.

No. 523547

I like how lamey is with her family and they are probably asking about how greg is doing, and she is probably trying to talk him up like he is a great dad and been more helpful and understanding. And at the same time, greg is raging on twitter like a madman.

No. 523548

File: 1527360788030.png (35.38 KB, 844x374, Untitled.png)


No. 523549


> I think he is very purposely trying to look unhinged. I think it's more calculating than it is manic.

His 2 recent episodes of behaving like a certifiable mental patient right before he moved (the one where he kept saying I'm a baby and the other where he had shit smeared all over his face) didn't really generate that much attention. At least, not that lasted.

No. 523550


im livinnnnnnn hahaha what a fucking tard

No. 523551

That's why I think he's amping it up by @ing people. He doesn't know how to get attention otherwise. I am willing to admit that I could be wrong. He could be having a breakdown or manic episode.

No. 523552

File: 1527362202576.jpeg (74.04 KB, 640x392, 17D86E3B-E7FF-4E02-976D-4D41F4…)

Fucking kek this tweet is blowing up. Bet Shreg is RAGING.

No. 523553

Is his twitter gone??

No. 523554

It's gone for me too

No. 523555


No. 523556

y'all gon post caps or?? cuz it's still perfectly normal on my end.

No. 523557

File: 1527362536137.png (85.23 KB, 1446x440, shreggedtoohard.PNG)

this is what I get when I try to load it

No. 523558

its technical issues bc i tried to go to blaires page and same error

No. 523559

File: 1527362565004.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 4A65C2DB-9958-445F-A716-874625…)

Still showing for me

No. 523560

that header pic is so horrific. it looks like hes jerking off at a cemetery. it's gross.

No. 523561

It might be an error for pc users? cause I'm on pc and it wont load.

No. 523562

Oh no. I didn't think he could get more irritating but if he's somehow stumbled upon the world of "logical fallacies" I might lose my mind.
He isn't anywhere smart enough to use any of them correctly in an argument.

No. 523563

lmao i always think it looks like he's jason returned to camp crystal lake to avenge his mother but maybe he's jerking it too what with shreg's weird oedipal complex with his mom.

No. 523564

File: 1527362863575.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, C9111FE4-CE92-482B-B521-4100D9…)

Yeah, it won’t work on Safari either. Works fine on the app for me though.

No. 523565

just checked on my phone and my pc, unfortunately his twitter appears not to have been banned. tbh it's pretty ridiculous that he hasn't at least gotten suspended when some of my friends have gotten suspended just for making jokes about their mental health; this fucko is telling 14 year olds to kill themselves and that's fine tho?

No. 523567

"He just threw me a prom and it was so romantic!!"

No. 523568

File: 1527363221829.png (138.68 KB, 1408x671, rainbows.png)

It's working for me. Here's his latest tweet. Wtf.

No. 523569

He's a child screaming in the supermarket for candy and everyone is ignoring him wondering where his mon is.

No. 523570

File: 1527363484628.png (58.63 KB, 592x412, wormbrains.png)

What's his obsession with worm brains suddenly?

No. 523573

Yes. Yes we do think you pad your Patreon, buy views and definitely buy Twitter followers you twunt.

I looked at his Twitter followers for fun yesterday and I'd say a good third are fake. No posts, no likes, no bios, just follows of mid level celebs.

No. 523574

margot palermo vibes

No. 523575

I mean, padding your views/followers/donations could be a legitimate method in getting the ball rolling, but there would have to be something there to engage interest in the first place.

No. 523579

mte street performers almost always toss the first few dollars in their tip jars to encourage others.

No. 523582

File: 1527364732820.jpeg (128.73 KB, 1200x675, CC03D470-42CF-4ADC-A418-287F00…)

kek he's just copying Dasha Nekrasova, who went viral a couple of weeks ago for telling Infowars they have worms in their brains in an interview.

No. 523585

File: 1527365069829.gif (3.39 MB, 600x928, notajoke.gif)

Well, in Gregs world jokes do not exist - so then what's this? He said that nowhere will you find him saying he's attracted to underage girls, no screenshots or video, well he did say he's into 7th grade boys.

No. 523588

Did IRS get back to him or he’s fucking manic

No. 523589


No. 523590

I swear, he keeps raging like this, he's gonna have a straight up heart attack

No. 523591

Ok anon, here's where you're wrong. See, he said you have zero examples of him saying mmm that 14 year old. Specifically, mmkay, he's into underdeveloped girls. He did NOT say how underdeveloped and made it very clear it is only with legal 17 and 18 year old girls which you can't even tell the difference between if your life depended on it! He has literally never, ever said he likes boys. Mmkay? Obviously, it's fine, because he's never said that! So you can't take him saying this as proof, it's just a joke! FAX!!!! /s

No. 523593

he mustve hurt footys feelings to be doing this happy positive love bomby act "i'm a demon married to an angel ^_^"

yikes, why is she proud of this? nothing she said had anything to do with socialism. she sounded like a dumbass. and how did she not even know about the stupid house 'scandal' (see: not a real scandal and doesnt mean anything, obv)?

No. 523594

File: 1527365661066.jpg (82 KB, 905x738, LOLOLOL.JPG)

i'm laughing so much rn these are blessed days anons

No. 523595

File: 1527365755372.png (541.61 KB, 1440x1930, Peace spoken.png)

This Pewdiepie sperg reminded me of this post from 3 weeks ago where a young patron took him to task for the way he went after Pewds.
Shregg completely dismissed it, claiming he'd spoken his "peace". Guess things aren't so peaceful now.

No. 523596

File: 1527365785266.jpeg (99.03 KB, 640x702, C60C1539-1919-4BB1-AE4F-179BCF…)

No. 523597

He's still sperging oh my god. Doesn't he have videos to delete and reupload and hentai to fap to or he just ejaculates when reading all the attention he receives lately?

No. 523598

this doesn't even make him look good? just relying on the ambiguity of no proof of age and their asking him to do it. would not hold up in court. if a girl is underage and gives consent to sex with an older partner they're still underage. he needs to give it a rest and go do something else. he's just digging himself in deeper.

No. 523600

When you're so focused on the wording, the legal details, and definitions (define "collect"!) that you can't see the forest for the trees.

No. 523603


On a girl they both believe could be too young:
Greg: If she were the same age, she would find her to be —→VERY HOT,←— but because she's not the same age, she's magically BLIND to the -→attractiveness!←
Lainey: I'm saying, she's attractive, but… that doesn't mean, anything, besides that, ok?
Greg: Listening to Bae's bullshit like…


No. 523604

Lmao. We wish the IRS was sodomizing him right now though. >>523568
He seems more mentally unstable than he usually is and this is Shreg we're talking about.

No. 523605

File: 1527366224918.jpg (80.42 KB, 804x284, Screenshot_20180526-222237.jpg)

Has LGH made a new friend?

No. 523606

None of this would even be a problem if he asked for proof of age before including them in his videos, and only used women who are 18+. Creepy, sure, but not ephebophilic.

No. 523608

whichever one of you made this, gold star.

No. 523609

When you sit on google trying to type in different search keyword combinations to assure yourself that you are relevant.

>shame me for rating the bodies of people
He acts like this is some altruistic act that everyone does and he should not be shamed for it. Rating people's bodies in itself is objectifying. Even worse when they are mostly insecure pre-teen/teens.

No. 523610

Except for that music video of Shiloh's. The one they're watching together and he says she's hot.
She gets creeped out and says she was 15 in that vid… except for that one time you LITERALLY said a 15 year old was hot.

No. 523613

Brandon is the only youtuber with a large viewership to have collaborated with Shreg in the last year. Not sure why he did. Greg was the worst part of the whole video.

No. 523614

Haven't been keeping up with his shit book but doesn't an alien bad touch him and put worms in his brain? Distinguishing rl from fantasy isn't an easy job for him.

No. 523615

Well, maybe if he knew she was 15 BEFORE he wouldn't have said that because he is obviously DISGUSTED and REPULSED by KIDS. Rage fest!

I kind of wish he'd just walk himself into the swamp and never emerge during his rage fest.

No. 523616

Oh god. Will he be milking and twisting this tweet and make it about his struggle with "depression" recently and that Blaire is being insensitive etc?

No. 523617


You know what else he puts in this book? A sexual encounter between him, an 11 year old, and a 15 year old, which he describes as one of the best moments of his life.

No. 523622

File: 1527368524789.png (1.12 MB, 1440x1323, hoo boy.png)

Here we go, Shregg has just uploaded a video on Speaks.

No. 523623

his tone in this is absolutely terrifying; the smiling, the smugness, the crazy eyes, they all scream “IM OVERCOMPENSATING”

No. 523624

Holy fucking shit shreg you dug this hole yourself! Now lie in it. Actually argues the same fucking things about himself that he is arguing about Shane.
I never actually watch his videos but does he seem more unhinged than usual or is he always like this?

No. 523625

And apparently it's perfectly ok for Shreg to make a joke about being attracted to 7th Graders, but not Pewds. I forgot, jokes are only funny when he makes them.

No. 523629

File: 1527369427107.png (457.27 KB, 1206x1216, Screen Shot 2018-05-26 at 5.17…)

So much projection lol

No. 523630

He’s in a really weird position where he knows he’s getting attention so he has to act slightly more “friendly” in an attempt to gain Shane’s followers.
Instead he comes off as a child-groomer wearing smeared peach lipstick

No. 523631

>I have a patreon to survive

Get a real job you screeching autist

No. 523634

He actually looks and sounds like a cult leader.

No. 523635

Also, his swamp is even worse than I imagined lmao

No. 523639

Whats up with his speech? Has he got cotton mouth?

No. 523641

>Your channel gets about the same amount of views as my thirsd most popular channel

Well Blaire uploads at most 3 videos a month and you upload what? 20? So do the math. It just means Blaire gets about the same views on three videos as him with 20 videos.

>You're starting to lose subs

She's still in the plus while you are in minus for literally years now.

No. 523642

I want to just keep poking at him and increasing his sperg to see where it goes. LC always winds him up, he checks his own thread, and offfff he goes!

No. 523645

File: 1527372347001.png (185.49 KB, 1420x882, peepin.png)

Oh Shreg, have you been peeping on us?
It's hilarious, he takes the time to pin and put a heart on every positive comment, but completely spins out on every stray critism. To quote Pewds: Never change.

No. 523646

This episode of mania could land his ass in the hospital if he's not sleeping and he doesn't seem to be. I wonder if Lainey forces him to sleep when he has had these episodes in the past. He seems completely unhinged- like he's been guzzling that radioactive swamp water.

No. 523647

Who cares lol
Good riddance

No. 523648

He says people think hes attracted to young boys bc of his 7th grade boys joke when literally no ones saying that. They're just pointing out the hypocrisy of you being allowed to make these jokes but Shane and PDP apparently aren't/ God he's so dense.

He also plays off the Shrek joke as if hes not bothered. Shreg, if you weren't bothered you wouldn't even bring it up you decrepit old mongoloid.

No. 523649


Actually unnerving to watch him so manic. Could you imagine sharing a house with him when he's like that? Those eyes are -wild- and not in the 'omgsohot' way. More in the 'I'm liable to snap and verbally abuse whoever gets in my way'.

I've never felt bad for Laimey until this moment. Fuck, no wonder her personality is a wet sponge. Try and find any wonder or happiness to live when a fucking fight on twitter/youtube causes someone to go full crazy.

'I like girls who are underdeveloped, like just past puberty'.

All he had to add was 'as long as they're legal'. Like, that's all he had to say. 'I like girls, as long as they're legal.' I mean, 'barely legal' porn is a thing and tons of men watch it. But he didn't add that did he? Like, I'm not even sure he still has. How fucking strange.

No. 523652

Slighty OT, but Mikenactor has done a pretty funny dramatic reading of Shreg's tweets over the last 48 hrs (would post the hooktube but not sure if that's cool).
It would be awesome if a more prominent YouTuber would poke his udder a bit more, but it's still pretty great as Shreg has definitely been triggered by him in the past.

No. 523653

Crazy to see this small little anonymous forum has such an immediate direct and substantial impact on grease’s mentality and emotions.

He responds more to farmers than to his wife Lainey.

No. 523656

File: 1527373525059.jpg (94.04 KB, 1078x352, Screenshot_20180526-232423_Twi…)

He's definitely been reading here.(stop doing this)

No. 523658

Whatever you say, you Keith Raniere wannabe. What a creepy old man.

No. 523659

this recent narc rage has only made it more solid in my head that he's a creepy pedophile. really don't know who he thinks he's fooling at this point.

No. 523664

I wonder if Lainey was what was keeping him calm. He seems to have started his rage after she left for wherever the fuck.

But she probably wasn't doing much though, if anything it was probably "Please stop… think of the hate I'll get… m-muh anxiety"

No. 523666

File: 1527374332627.png (164.68 KB, 1440x621, call the burn unit.png)

The reactions to this tweet have been pretty stellar. The amount of delusion he has about himself is astounding. "I'm a SUPERVILKAIN! People just love to hate me!"
No Shreg, most of us are horrified by you and track your shit out of concern for your impressionable fanbase or just find you pathetically comical.

No. 523668

He probably purposefully acts insane when she leaves to deter her from visiting her family. He knows she will be concerned about him and it will ruin her time with them. Then lovebombs her about how much he needs her because he'd go crazy being all alone.

No. 523672

What an absolutely ugly cunt. What is wrong with his mouth lately? Him and Lainey must both have herpes, she must have got it from her half decent gay husband lol.

It's funny him trying to play with semantics to make a point but it just proves how much of a dishonest hypocritical wanker he is.

He must have been projecting in his 10 Things about Lainey video, clearly it's he that goes on and on about the haturz. He's the most fragile little (thot)momma boy. Looks like he's been playing with her makeup too

No. 523674

I think its more likely Lainey is who he usually takes all this stuff out on, and now that she isnt there he is ranting online instead of at her

No. 523676

File: 1527374832646.png (455.72 KB, 1034x647, thislookshardminor.png)

Can this sperg just shut the fuck up already? He traveled across state lines to sleep with a minor… twice! He is the definition of a predator.

No. 523677

If he does think this he's delusional. Lainey will have her mum and extended family fussing over the grankids nobody gets to see. I bet her Mum will encourage her to relax. If anything she'll probably miss the dogs, speaking of, they must be horrible neglected whilst only Greg is there. They're probably fenced in somewhere pissing and shitting all over the place

No. 523678

Its probably worse now in their swamp rectangle box house. At least with the old house Lainey could distance herself, now no matter where she is in the house you can hear him screaming or making some kind of noise in the background.

No. 523682

Lamey only cares about onion and herself, so it works on her. She probably lives off being needed/wanted. I remember in the earlier years of their marriage when she'd visit her family, she'd tweet about missing greg and wanting to go back even though she was seeing her family once after not seeing them for so long.

It's fucking hilarious how hard he is trying to call shane/pewdiepie a pedo when both of them have only dated people their age and have been in serious/committed relationships (shane with lisa and ryland, pewds with marzia) the entire time they were on youtube with no relationship drama. Meanwhile, hes done actual things in his life that are pedo-ish besides making a joke. AND hes made jokes.

Hes a moron, because this is only going to turn more people against him.

No. 523684

I wonder if he's the type that tears the house apart while Lainey is gone as a sort of punishment. I grew up with a Narc who did that.

No. 523689

I was trying to figure that out as well. Isn't she only 23?

No. 523691

No. 523693

I really wish someone would make a video comparing him to Keith Raniere and point out all the weird shit he's done like trying to brand Billie, his cult, his constant meaningless word salads.

No. 523694

Sure post the hook

No. 523701

No. 523703

File: 1527378047279.png (868.43 KB, 1440x2017, 4 years after pubes!.png)

Sort of ironic, after watching his vid and hearing him screech on and on about how his words were twisted and he "said he likes likes women FOUR years after puberty".. Lo and behold I noticed that in my recommended videos was a video he made a couple years ago: "Why is Puberty Starting Earlier?" Kek
>Shows data that now puberty is starting as early as age 7, but the majority of girls hit it at age 11.
>age 7-11 + 4 = 11-15 years old you fucking creep

Also noteworthy was the fact that he decided precocious puberty was obviously caused by meat eating. I did a bit of research and he's talking out of his ass, per usual. It's linked to heredity, a high BMI, sugar and emotional stress, but nothing about meat or "growth hormones in chicken" causing girls mature at a young age, regardless of how much he sperged about it.

Anyway, found it highly amusing after today's tantrum. Here's the vid: https://www.hooktube.com/bUpLT9razaU

No. 523704

Some puberty can be linked to unrelated males being in the home. Onion sure loves girls with daddy issues.

No. 523705

Yep it's not due to meat. Girls will menstruate when they reach a certain body fat percentage, because fat tissue is used for hormonal signaling.
And you don't need meat to be a fatass.
Gerg should know this by now considering his growing gut kek

No. 523711

I love that it takes exactly three words to set him off.
Back then, it was
>lol be mad

Today it’s
>never change onision

It’s hilarious. How long until the next twitterfest triggered by three words alone?

No. 523712

Samefag, but I didn't realize this was actually from 3 years ago, not 2. Check out those views! A half a million back then. Today he's lucky to get 20,000 views and maybe 1000 likes kek.
This is what it looks like when you've completely chased away your audience by being a creepy twunt.

No. 523714

Lmao it's over ten fucking minutes
I wonder if he missed some.

No. 523720

i'd bet money that this is at least one of the reasons for this sperg. not the main one obviously, but has onion ever passed up an opportunity to make plain miserable? i can totally see him trying to ruin her time there by making her needlessly worry. though, at this point, maybe she should be worrying?

No. 523722

That would just stroke his ego. Raniere conned rich and successful women. Even drug using teenagers see through LGH's tricks.

No. 523730

Can't tell if this girl is retarded or just a shitposter. She has a podcast apparently but haven't listened to it yet.

No. 523731

If you are rating someone's body, it usually means attraction or sexual desire towards them. Is he actually this retarded??

No. 523739

not loved though

No. 523740

File: 1527384310392.png (996.51 KB, 1440x1771, what a difference 5 yrs makes.…)

I've been looking through some of Shreg's earlier content and while his personality is the same, it's crazy how much his attitude has changed. Here's his take on being a "villain" back in 2013 and it's like watching a completely different person than the guy who made that Loki tweet today.
He laughed off being called a pedophile, he joked about haturz, and he totally defended Shane.
He took the time to to say that jokes shouldn't be held against people and no one should be offended by them kek.
He had a lightness and a sense of humor back then that didn't solely revolve around shaming others.
If he really wants to know why his channels are on life support, he should figure out why he's become such an angry, humorless creep. The difference is startling. Made a "boob squeeze" pedo joke at the end that he'd probably crucify anyone else for making today.

No. 523741

I think it's more of a 'repayment' for Lainey going off to do her own thing. Plus his 'supply' is dwindling overall and Lainey gives him attention every day, so she's very necessary to him at the moment. It's like when someone like Grug causes a scene on someone else's big day, but it's the 'trip away' version.

No. 523746

Gurg you absolute turnip. Here's the introductions thread from your own forum: https://archive.is/K7qrP
>I'm 15 years old
>16 almost 17
>I'm 15
>I'm 17 years old
>I am 15 years old
>I'm 25
>I am 13 (I belive)
>I'm 17 years old
>i'm 13 years old
>I'm 14
and that's page 1.

No. 523749

"Regarding the rumors about me today" is the name Shane used in his video addressing the allegations against him. He's trying to create a contrast between the two of them, where Shane got angry, but Greg kept level-headed (even though we can all detect the rage he's trying to mask lol). He thinks Shane getting angry and raising his voice when he said "I'm not a fucking pedophile" was somehow indicative of guilt.

I dunno man… if someone was accusing me of being ONE OF THE WORST THINGS YOU CAN BE, when there's NO truth to it, (also remembering how Shane is open about having been molested as a kid), I'd be pretty fucking angry too.

So, another example of Greg trying to prop himself up by using Shane. If I didn't know who either of these people were and had to guess who was the creep between the two of them based off of these videos, I'd choose the freak with the creepy smile talking down to his audience and praising his supporters for liking him in spite of the horrible shit he's pulled. But that's just me.

No. 523751

yesss it's typical of emotional abusers

No. 523753

Love that just because he is sperging about this, more and more proof about him being a fuckin creep show up. It's all his own fault omg the milk. I have a feeling this isn't even the peak of his meltdown as long as everyone on twitter keeps triggering him which they will.

No. 523756

I'm in school for criminal investigating and if there's one thing I've learned from watching interrogation tapes, it's that innocent people are LIVID when they're accused of something they didn't do. Actual guilty people always try to play it cool because that's what they see on TV but that's not how human emotion works. People get angry about false accusations, they don't just sit around smiling and talking calmly.

Sorry for the semi-blogposting but he's so dumb if he thinks this act is fooling anyone.

No. 523760

Maybe Shreg should follow celeb examples and when he's accused of something stay off social media platforms until you can have a solid statement. Greg isn't winning this, there's too much evidence and he has yet to really address people's issue with him meeting his last 3 partners when they were 17-18. The fact that he knows the law about this is fucking creepy. The fact that you have to tell people its legal is creepy. No one should be questioning the legality of your relationship, and if they are it means the age of those involved is controversial.

Legal =/= moral or ethical. He does like underdeveloped people if he goes after teens. Their brains aren't fully mature until mid-20's sometimes later. That is the issue Shreg.

No. 523767

Has he finally gone to bed? Or has Doormat rushed home to unplug the internet?

No. 523770

He smiles like a shark.
He also seems to think if he speaks soft enough people will actually believe his bullshit.
They won't.

No. 523771

File: 1527389367122.jpg (66.71 KB, 615x346, findingpedo.jpg)

I like to picture this as Billie and Lainey behind closed quarters.

No. 523775

his first sentence alone in the video was creepy enough to make me want a fuckng chastity belt.. the same tone could easily be used to ask a kid if they want some candy

No. 523794

He went to bed like 5 or 6 hours ago. Stopped tweeting and liking tweets. So he’ll sleep all evening and be up all night.

No. 523802

wow the difference is indeed huge. I'm so used to the shitfest his videos currently are that this… this was actually low-key entertaining. And there were jokes. Like he had a sense of humor. What happened to this poor man?

No. 523803

Finding Wee-Hoes.

No. 523806

he lost billie and got a patreon and lives in an echo chamber

No. 523815

I can't wait. Unless he comes to his senses and stays off the internet, I'm expecting him to have another epic hissy fit. If he does that means he'll have spent his whole weekend without Footwife on Twitter arguing with people.

No. 523822

This Twitter spergfest is glorious. He probably hasn't showered, brushed his teeth, or taken care of anything around the house. I hope you're ready to come home to the smell of BO, dog piss, and man baby tears Blando. Your gay husbands swamp diaper is in desperate need of a change kek.

No. 523823

Lameo mother of 3 including her autistic manchild of a husband. It's really irresponsible to leave mentally challenged adults home alone.

He's probably been living off of taco bell and shitting his diaper from taco bell poops.

No. 523826

idk who made this but i love jenna and hate lainey and this is hilarious

No. 523829

Sorta tinfoil:
I don't think Greg truly believes Shane or Pewdiepie are pedophiles.
I think he is stirring the pot in hopes it'll attract their viewers. In hopes that someone, ANYONE will click on the tagged tweets at them to see who the fuck is the guy accusing them?
Same thing with him @ing at Blaire today

The loser is grasping at straws to stay relevant, even if it means going after youtube's beloved stars and looking like hes completely crazy.

I bet you he feels like Light or some shit with his pretend power play

No. 523832

lol anon this is not a tinfoil at all. this is 100% what's going on and everybody knows it. there's no way he actually believes either of those guys are pedos. if they are then he for sure is. he just needs attention because his doormat isn't around.

No. 523834

File: 1527396061724.png (60.78 KB, 211x150, plainey.PNG)

Not to veer away but I paused at the wrong time but I'm thinking it was the right time actually

No. 523836

Yeah its not a tinfoil at all. He also likely is hoping it gets shane/pewdiepie to react because that brings more attention to him. Hes desperate for shane to talk to him lmao. And playing nice didn't work, so hes trying the opposite.

You notice he does this often. Accuses people of outrageous things in hopes they will pop out to defend themselves. That's why its best to just ignore him, but some people take the bait (jaclyn lol).

No. 523837

he seems desperate for shane to even mention him. it's like he's a shameful groupie waiting for acknowledgement at this point.

No. 523838

File: 1527396573507.png (Spoiler Image,648.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-27-12-45-58…)

Looks like Gurgle is done with Twitter for now, though he did just post a half naked selfie half an hour ago on insta. Spoilering bc of that gross onion body

No. 523839

does anyone know what his peak of subs were on his onision channel? compared to what it is now, his rabbit hole must be miles deep

No. 523842

Awfully pedolike when most of your fans are minors, Shreg.

No. 523843

You can suck your gut in till the cows come home, Shreg, but there's no hiding those saggy man udders.

What a pathetic attempt for validation.

No. 523845

I'm sure your friends at the colony appreciated the image.

No. 523846


No. 523850

File: 1527397576964.png (1.62 MB, 1025x873, Fatnision.png)

What about without a shirt you fat fuck?

No. 523851

Kek look at how much makeup he has on to cover his spotted red face.

Also wtf, the area under his armpit on the left side looks vastly different from the right. I sense some shopping.
I know he wants reassurance from his teen fans, but did he need to be naked for this? It's barely above his tiny parsnip. Fucking gross.

No. 523854


>Finding Wee-Holes

Because he thinks women wee out their snatch

No. 523856

File: 1527397953706.png (195.5 KB, 605x818, lawsuit when.PNG)

No. 523857

It's ant-sized, anon.

No. 523859

If you see a family member crossing state lines so he can fuck minors, please take them outside and educate them on what we do with pedophiles.

No. 523860

File: 1527398064550.png (463.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-05-27-13-13-37…)

Jesus, he's back on Twitter again

No. 523862

File: 1527398181734.png (Spoiler Image,2.93 MB, 1426x2373, yuck.png)

Spoilering this shirtless one in case anyone is trying to eat.

No. 523863

Holy shit, that is the best!

No. 523866

Not safe for life. Please keep your clothes on Greg.

No. 523867

File: 1527398609212.jpg (83.26 KB, 1440x324, Screenshot_20180527-012234.jpg)

Onion fans need to chill. One of them is gonna end up shooting up a school.

No. 523868

File: 1527398716573.png (49.56 KB, 592x334, lawsuit please.PNG)

No. 523870

Well how fucking gracious of him after screeching all day yesterday about Pewds being a pedo and that tweet was "literally something only a pedophile would say". It's a bit too late for backtracking now, and where exactly did he say he "looks up" 12 year olds tits? For someone so concerned with precision, he sure likes to twists words around.

And ofc he's doubling down on Shane. At this point he's harassing Shane and I hope Shane's only response is by lawyer.

No. 523871

File: 1527399145261.png (1.38 MB, 1440x1755, 20180527_013117.png)

This is apparently how he looked yesterday during Onion Spergfest 2018. That bullet proof vest protect you from all the haturz Shreg?

No. 523872

File: 1527399288534.png (36.89 KB, 600x514, gregory the creep.PNG)

Is he creeping on Tobuscus now?

No. 523873

File: 1527399326487.jpg (465.09 KB, 1025x1464, Screenshot_20180527-062825_Twi…)

Remember Garg's cashcow Tomato Buttfuck? Over on Twitter he insists that he and Greg are friends, but then he tweets stuff like this. Feels like shade.

No. 523874

@Onision drove a minor across state lines so they could fuck in places with lower ages of consent. Not a joke.

Is this fucking faggot wearing a bulletproof vest in his own house?!

Funny because didn't Jacklyn say he abused her? He was so ready to go in on Richie for abusing women but Toby Turner who was also accused of sexual assault is a real fine guy. Go take a bath in the swamp, Shreg.

No. 523876

File: 1527399715758.jpg (338.95 KB, 1080x1320, Screenshot_20180527-064048_Twi…)

No. 523879

File: 1527399889907.gif (3.16 MB, 360x228, 5b0a453cbd788844079267.gif)

Im late to the twitter sperg out last night

No. 523887

File: 1527401559945.png (17.89 KB, 593x213, gdgdfgfdg.PNG)

No. 523889

File: 1527401790313.png (1.89 MB, 1440x2255, Meanwhile in NM.png)

While Shreg was at home having a tantric tantrum and screeching at people for hours, his straight wife was safely in New Mexico, living her best life and doing what she does best - looking at pretty girls on Twitter and liking their tweets so everyone remembers how GAY she is. Kek this is perfect

No. 523890

I can’t wait to see how laundromat handles the questions about this epic sperg her stupid patrons will undoubtedly fire off during the next stream. “I’M NOT GREG! I DON’T READ HIS TWEETS OR WATCH HIS VIDEOS! M-M-MUH ANXIETY! SARAH? SARAH?! I’M HAVING A PANIC ATTACK!”

No. 523891

Tantric tantrum, fucking kek!

No. 523893

File: 1527402115274.png (806.41 KB, 1440x1057, a thing.png)

Wtf. This isn't a Patreon only post, it's literally just a graphic for his Patreon.
Are we supposed to be impressed that he took 10 minutes from sperging and made this? Jfc

No. 523895

Omg I just realized that he changed his Twitter profile pic to this shirtless one. He must've really been proud of it.
Frankly I'm grateful we don't have to look at that toxic mop anymore but kek

No. 523896

Bare face with highlighter? Lame likes the dumb ones too.

No. 523897

No one cares, Tomato Dickette.
Onion’s an asshole, even to you, butyes, go lick his wounds so he can cope with life again.

No. 523898

The sad little :) expecting asspats. That's so pathetic.

No. 523899

Maybe we’ve had the Dd/lg fetish wrong this whole time and he needs his Lainey mommy to validate him

No. 523900

I hope Shane is lurking here. Shane, just quietly slap this little clown with a c&d. If he continues (you know he will, he can’t stop) please sue him for slander and/or defamation). Please teach this wretched human being a lesson. It’s sickening that he keeps getting away with these baseless accusations! He is doing this to everyone in his past. It’s like a child that has never been disciplined in his life so he keeps upping the ante. Please, someone go after this chode. I’m sick of him getting away with this stuff with zero consequences!!

No. 523905

He still looks skinnyfat without a shirt… Lol if he thinks that's a good looking muscly body. He's flexing for his life and barely has any abs hidden in the belly fat.

No. 523915

File: 1527406852899.png (304 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6958.PNG)

Shrunk is using the YT community tab to continue his narc rage

No. 523917

File: 1527406873458.png (248.36 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_6959.PNG)

No. 523919

Fucking duh you autist, it’s “positive & awesome” because you’ve literally blocked every single person who dares criticise you about anything. As much as I love Shane for not engaging in any of this shitshow I really want him to hand Shrunk’s ass to him for slander/defamation.

No. 523920

The internet isn't a safespace Greg. You said it yourself in your sperg yesterday, "… If you don't want your snot-nosed dumb shit kids getting dissed on twitter, take away their fucking phone…". Get the fuck off the internet if you're going to drag innocent people into your tacobellshitdiaper of a life just because you can't defend yourself against pedo accusations. Shreg, you don't have a defense. You have a documented history of predatorial grooming of young UNDERDEVELOPED girls. Deny it all you want, but neither Shiloh, Lainey, or Billie were fully developed/mature when you fucked them (literally and figuratively). Lainey is emotionally stunted which is why she is so insufferable and acts like a teen which you claim to so desperately despise. Go stew in your swamp you disgusting ogre. Also we can tell you're flexing in your shirtless pictures because you're hunched over like fucking Quasimodo.

No. 523922

File: 1527407948454.jpg (570.21 KB, 1440x1380, Screenshot_20180527-035834.jpg)

Where's your abs now, you fat sack of shit?

No. 523924

Fucking twunt. I very respectfully and carefully asked a question: Why is it ok for him to make a joke about being attracted to 7th graders, but not for Pewdiepie?
It wasn't rude, inconsiderate or confrontational, just an honest question and framed as such. He left it up until it started getting a bunch of likes, then he nuked it.
He's a thin-skinned coward who needs a hugbox of teen girls to protect his feelings.
He's like the worst kind of middle-schooler: he shouts insults at everyone but when confronted, runs to the safety of his clique to protect him from consequences. Pathetic.

No. 523932

@HiImASociopath is there to protect old greggles. He's Onion's Sarah, always there to whiteknight.

No. 523949

Sweet Enola Gay son.

His pecs are soooo saaaaddd
Deflated balloons
Thats not how mens pecs are supposed to look

Check that flabby skin under his nips. Sick. Gross disgusting sick

No wonder teenagers no longer fight for onisions attention, he just aged right into AARP with this 60 year old grandpa body

And for fucks sake Onion boi no one wants to see your 3rd nasty nipple. Its hairy like your other misshapen nips.

No. 523952

Blaire is savage kek
But yeah, no use debating him again he has already been exposed by now.

No. 523953

>I have many people who can speak to me respectfully & compassionately without getting blocked/muted while still trying to offer up a counter argument or otherwise guide me to a better way.

So. Remember that time a patron offered to proofread and edit the chapters of your novel? Remember how they offered so respectfully & compassionately to guide you to a better way? What happened there? Oh yeah, this fucking retard got butthurt and had to defend his shit writing, took none of their gentle criticism to heart, and told them they weren't a fan.

No. 523956

>I have a few patrons who will blow smoke up my ass and nervously giggle while I overshare, shart out nonsense and say intensely creepy and inappropriate things. Anyone who questions my authoriteh and supreme honesty will be quickly banished because I'm a pathetic manchild who is afraid of the truth.

No. 523958

I hate that bigoted POS Blaire almost as much as I hate Shrunk but that tweet was top kek

No. 523959

I know it’s been pointed out before but I can’t stop laughing at his obvious stuff game. No wonder he’s such a psycho, what with having such a fucking hilariously tiny dick.

No. 523960

I wonder if its stuffing or just his elephantiasis afflicted ballsack that make his dick protrude out more.

No. 523961

He's hunching over and tensing up so much. Also what's with the constipated face?

No. 523962

Also, he literally has no pec muscles hahaha! Sad little titties

No. 523964

I reckon he stuffs. Even his gross bloated scrote wouldn’t make his microscopic peen protrude that much. And I just threw up in my mouth typing that out. He is repulsive.

No. 523974

He look like he has been crying.

No. 523975

awk greggles. that's why we use other forums to make fun of you and use hooktube. Wasn't it a few weeks ago you were crying cause you missed the haters. Stop reading lolcow if it's so upsetting you fat mess

No. 523976

There's going to be hell to pay in the Onion household when Plainey gets back and sees what her gay husband has done while she was gone.

No. 523977

File: 1527426345205.png (216.62 KB, 400x399, smellyonion.png)

gurn up sunshine

No. 524013

Lamey: I text my friend, like what are you wearing tonight?
Billie: Idk, something summer casual
Lainey: BITCH you know i don’t know how to do that! I got three looks

No. 524016


Someone please shoop this with Grease, Grainey, and Billie’s faces.

No. 524018

File: 1527442961375.png (134.28 KB, 640x840, IMG_5012.PNG)

Makes 30k from sponsors, still asks teens to pay his bills for him.

No. 524031

Advertisers probably don't want to advertise to your shitty demographics of female tweens who have no money.

No. 524032

I think he means $30k in his entire youtube career. I don't recall anyone talking about any sponsors he has in his videos at all. He is so delusional. Your internet fame is over, Shreg.
>Implying he has as many fans and as much of an audience as SNL, family guy, and nick

No. 524035

He had a dumb karaoke sponsor semi recently.

No. 524040

File: 1527450178251.png (449.55 KB, 1426x1204, ok gurg.png)

He's still sperging about boobs.

Also, I love how he comes up with these retarded notions that people "often" say this or that just to virtue signal or lovebomb his wife.

Sure, some people may have said that, but if the majority of people thought marriage was "TORTURE" no one would get married.

No. 524045

Honestly. I know the rules are “if you’re a big YouTuber don’t respond to him” but heck he needs someone to knock him down several pegs. Can Shane slap him with a c&d? Can pewds just meme him? Idk I just want him to get the shit he tries to bring to other people x10

No. 524048

No honestly they are both doing the best thing. Shane is ignoring him so he’s getting no attention from his fans. pewds is just making him a joke. His sperging is great bc any of pewds fans that would look him up after his video is seeing all this shit he’s posted in the last few days and thinking “damn he really is fucking crazy. Never change onision”

No. 524054

He should be worried about Sh's lawyer. They don't magically go away after you scream that they're harassing you.

No. 524062

File: 1527453028296.gif (1.26 MB, 443x259, giphy (1).gif)

What if the Onion's went on Dr.Phil, that would be hilarious. They had Sexy Vegan they'd fit right in. Space Prince and Ogre.

No. 524072

Is he trying to say pregnancy makes you fully developed? Just because your boobs can grow during pregnancy does not mean you weren't fully developed before idiot.

No. 524073

I wonder how much does his face hurt from all the jaw clenching that happens while his body repulses the attempt to appear a bit more civil

No. 524075

Peep that projection!

Just like his projection of his insecurities of his tiny penis to tiny boobs being better than bigger boobs, i.e. tiny penis is better than bigger penis.

Take his tweet, amd switch man for woman, and penis for breasts.

Onion Translation:
I just dont get why people feel the need to treat adult men who are not yet fully developed in the groin area ( i.e. haven't gotten bigger yet in a lot of cases) like they are lesser.

No. 524076

He's still completely ignoring the concept of mental maturity and focusing only on the way the body looks. He's fucking dumb.

No. 524077

So in order to fully develop your breasts you have to get pregnant? That's the dumbest shit I've heard in a while. When your breasts stop growing they're fully developed. Their enlarging with pregnancy isn't a further development, it's a part of pregnancy and some people never become pregnant because they can't. But Dr. Google read something about underdeveloped breasts and pregnancy so now that's 100% the end of it all. No wonder he hates doctors. They probably laughed in his face a lot because he's a fucking idiot.

Well you know he's been Googling how to enlarge his tiny nub for a while. Too bad there's no equivalent to make his shrub of a penis grow.

No. 524081

File: 1527456288977.png (38.35 KB, 194x177, Screenshot 2018-05-27 at 5.22.…)

New video.

Somehow with the effeminate video filters turned up to 100% you can still tell Shregg is absolutely exhausted after his twitter chimp outs.


No. 524082

He keeps fucking with the camera again. Whats wrong with him that he need sto keep adjusting it?

No. 524083

Is he wearing lipstick or is it just me?

No. 524084

File: 1527456484086.jpg (58.68 KB, 800x450, ded.jpg)

@:40 seconds in he is losing his voice! he strained it from screaming and shouting to himself alone in the swamp trailer.

No. 524085

he can't stand still for one moment

No. 524086

What can you expect from a man who might as well still be a high schooler?

No. 524087

Addendum, since I know Greg and his sycophants creep. I only mean how immature you are.

No. 524092

Holy fuck is this idiot really using the "I hELd a GuN tO mY hEaD bUt diDn'T shOoT BeCaUsE YoUtUbe" shit to guilt people into supporting him AGAIN? It's so fucking manipulative and disgusting. We all know he only pulled that shit to get out of service anyway.

No. 524093

yes, but he changed from the peachy color to some light pink color. guess he's raiding lame's makeup closet while shes away

No. 524094

I dont know what I see, but its creepy, these filters are making him look like a mannequin, and not a pretty one. Maybe red lipstick was better after all. And his eyes are creepy because of lack of sleep probably.
"Be strong!' - with his voice sounds like a line from a movie killer.
Maybe that will be the end of this spergout? he convinced himself its gonna be alright. Probably lainey returns soon?

No. 524096

He looks like a washed up gay musician from the 70s/80s with that lipstick. He should fucking fix his foundation and match it with his neck instead.
LMAO. I hope he doesn't clean the mess he did so that Lamey can spank her gay husbando and put her foot down as the breadwinner of the household.

No. 524100

He's fueled by Narc Rage. No one can stay still with that. Whoever said he was probably taking angry shits was probably right too.

No. 524125

Newfag. Can someone give me a rundown on Tami? I've always assumed that Shreg lied about his dad being a predator. Curious why you're calling Tami the fucked up child molester.

No. 524127

onion said she used to give him nude body massages which he used as an excuse to give billie nude body massages

No. 524128

Onion said she gave him full nude body massages and some people took this to mean that their relationship was sexual to some degree.

No. 524130


At the very least most agree it was at best inappropriate

No. 524137

File: 1527462897342.png (522.35 KB, 1440x2017, Boobie burns.png)

I think we can expect this tweet to get deleted like so many of his other spergs… The comments aren't going so well for him.

I kekked at the implant one. Such a feminist.

No. 524143

File: 1527463566167.png (898.12 KB, 1440x1058, ironic.png)

>When you use your failed military cateer solely as a way to brag about what a brave and honorable person you are, but choose to honor the holiday that is for remembering those who have given their lives in service to our country by screeching about how the world has wronged YOU and by making false allegations about upstanding people, and sperging about titties.

No. 524152

File: 1527464843318.png (2.25 MB, 2420x1440, Literally Hitler guize.png)

Jfc. His methaphors are getting more and more retarded by the minute.
>Racism used to be POPULAR guize, that's why YouTube must be stopped!

Just like everything else the Onions sperg about, he wouldn't have any issue with any of this if HE was still making money.

The pretend concern for small youtubers was a nice touch, just like how Lainey pretended she cared about people picking on transtrenders before Kalvin Garrah was going to do a video on her.

No. 524164

Whats with this make up look thing ? Why is he so hell bent on wearing makeup and contouring and blush and mascara and lipstick!?! Lipstick? Lipstick, pig, yadda yadda

All those creepy killers that videotape their rants or murders, they all had romatical and social problems, and they all wore strange makeup, kinda like androgynous guys and girls. Like that Luke magnotta guy. Just saying.

What Tami did had incestual overtones. Crossing boundaries.
Tami had several boyfriends, and one just Happened to be named Greg as well.

So Onion Greg listened to his mother Tami having loud sex with her boyfriend Greg, and Tami would be very loud and call put Gregs name repeatedly (reportedly the walls were paper thin in that house). Onion Greg stated that it was very uncomfortable and made him confused and feeling wierd.

Also Tami would get topless and give her naked son Greg a full body massage with hot oil, using her bossom to massage him. She also may have been fully nude at times as well.

So Onision has a huge Oedipus Complex with his mom Tami. Because of Oedipal issues with her, Onision will never leave the place where his mother lives in Washington.

Also why he does not like his partners to be close to her parents. He thinks that his partners also have sexual attractions to their Fathers as well (since he has issues), so Since Greg is a Narc, there can only be one man in his Partners life.

No. 524169


Sources? I know Tami gave him a nude body massage but rubbing her tits on him? Thats a new one.

No. 524170

What are you talking about?
I know of the massaging him naked but have never heard of her also being naked and using her boobs to massage him??

Where are your sources?
Show me the car fax

No. 524182

File: 1527468808526.webm (906.1 KB, 244x180, onision.webm)

No. 524191

File: 1527470188517.png (333.11 KB, 478x480, yesthatswhatitmeans.png)

The best part about this is, Lainey would be offended as hell. She thinks she looks fucking hot as shit in some of those videos and pictures.

No. 524197

He was begging for it on Twitter too.
I think it's best to ignore the festering little pustule.

No. 524202

He's trying to project on Deefizzy.
He keeps bringing up his near suicide too.
The desperation is so huge and obvious here.

No. 524207

I haven't heard the bosom massage thing either, but I would love to read from the source.

No. 524217

Plain is getting a fat head. She needs to check her ego, because there is nothing going on in her life to warrant that level of self importance.

No. 524219

What in the fuck are you talking about she massaged him with her tits, just stop with the storytelling bullshit Tami is crazy but I highly doubt she’s that fuckng crazy.

No. 524222

Tami gave him nude massage but I don’t think she literally used her tits as massage tools either. It is pretty nasty regardless, you have to admit.

No. 524223

Same, first I've ever heard of that.

No. 524226

Didn't he post about Dr Phil at one point? I'd love to see him on there.

No. 524231

I wonder if they are confusing where Onion said he massaged Billie's breasts but that it was not sexual because he wasn't aroused. Lol Greg its so cute how you weave your words in order to get away with things.

No. 524235

Honestly that would explain a ton of his issues.

Hell its easier for most people to demonize their fathers rather than their mothers, especially for men.

Female on male violence is hella downplayed; explains Onion's overcompensating for "feminism" and simultaneously "being dominant"

He feels bad because he distrusts women bc of his mom but he hides it with "muh feminism" however in relationships he has to be dominant bc of psych issues w/ his mom

No. 524236

I wonder what would happen if he livestreamed an attempted suicide.

No. 524244

i dont follow his book, is he really envolved in that encounter?

No. 524249

It's both in his book and something he claimed happened in his life. He fingers a girl.

No. 524254

Well he's also stated that he thought naked full body massages were normal because his mom gave him one.

No. 524258

My lord, can you imagine? Gurgamel going full retard trying to “debate” members of the audience, screeching inaudibly about FAAAAAXXXXX!!!!11!!1!, Phil trying to get him to sit down and shut up, it would be more milky than we could ever wish for.

No. 524264

File: 1527476705123.jpg (12.92 KB, 240x104, fuckoffshreg.JPG)

Greg's comment on Edwin's most recent video about Dasha

No. 524266

agreed anon. his grooming is intense with his audience, especially with the hardcore spergs he has licking his ass. i wonder how many casualties gonna result because of his behavior

No. 524269

I was just about to post this! The hilarity. The desperation. Holy shit.

No. 524273

He only knows about this because a couple of his teenage bootlickers mentioned it in the gaming stream right after Narc Rage Pt. I. They definitely read her thread, and now he possibly has too.

They also asked if he'd ever work with Cyr again. He said he'd like to, but it'll probably never happen. They asked what happened between them, and he said their falling out was over Cyr hitting and cheating on his girlfriend. But really it was because Cyr disagreed with Shreg's politics, and everyone knows you can never disagree with him. Otherwise you're not a LOYAL friend.

No. 524277

I saw this and thought the same thing. Some insane people online take things so literally.

Onion is going to inadvertently goad some psycho dedicated fan into shooting up

>A: Shane Dawson

>B: Pewdiepie
>C: Youtube headquarters
>Or one of his many other online targets.

to please and impress him.

No. 524281

I know this is a nitpick, but his grammar and writing style drive me up the fucking wall. I'm not the type of person who attacks a person's grammar in an argument (that means you've already lost), but his just kills me. "Most everyone," "most" whatever, his overuse and misuse of question marks, commas and ellipses, his sentence structure in general. Triggered every time. He seems to genuinely believe he's the smartest person alive, but it's obvious from his writing style alone (nevermind the content) that he's just a stupid, uneducated hick.

No. 524283

All of this. I raged so hard when I read “most everyone”. This fucking illiterate autist needs to go back to elementary school and learn how to speak English. Stupid cunt.

No. 524298

Yeah but why the fuck would I believe the lies this loser told when he got caught cheating? That’s when he started talking about how mommy full body massaged him; when he was trying to explain to his ‘fans’ why it was okay for him to grab Billie titty.

He’s so full of it. I take everything he says with many grains of salt.

No. 524307

No. 524315

Lmao he acknowledged that he is Shrek and lives in a swamp.

No. 524318

it's so funny how, like an animal, he doesn't even recognize his own reflection when people show it to him. it almost makes me feel bad for him. it's like picking on someone with a developmental disability. like awww he's just a few steps up from being the type of creature who licks their own ass clean. maybe we should go easy on him.

it only lasts a millisecond though.

No. 524324

Low budget 1999 Zima vibes

No. 524333

Although it is possible he made it up, it is still hilarious to take it as truth. He claims to be the most 'honest youtuber', so what would happen if people started questioning his strange/inappropriate relationship with his mother? I really do wonder what other fucked up things would he let slip or make up to defend himself.

No. 524353

Hahaha! Hi Shreg! Glad to know you keep up on the threads here (if it wasn't already obvious). Wtf is the fake "tank u 4 ur luv and support guiz uwu" message about? Did Daddy Blandon threaten to take away your Twitter privledges if you didn't put on the positive mask after your recent display of autism?

No. 524361

Lol he is awake and sperging on twitter about wanting a debate with blaire and calling her scared. He is really desperate for attention. I can't cap right now or i'd post them.

No. 524370

Theres these hours of inactivity on Twitter late at night, then suddenly SPERG OUT!!!

Does he go to bed, have nightmares and has to get on twitter to let the demons out?

No. 524372

File: 1527492442754.png (463.59 KB, 864x855, Screenshot_2018-05-28-00-13-19…)

>He looks like a washed up gay musician from the 70s/80s with that lipstick.

Like a fresh out of jail Boy George with a buzzcut perhaps?

No. 524374


I think it is a maladaptive self-soothing behavior. When he feels bad, he goes out and picks fights so he can feel like he won… something. Won the battle, lost the war is pretty apt for this situation.

Also, people who watched it unfold know your changes to your forums policies were in direct response to Ms. Blaire White's criticisms, Mr. Most-Honest-Youtuber. You're a deluded fraud regardless if someone is able to pin you down on it or not. The only one your fooling is yourself. Sorry, just being BROOOTALLY honest.

No. 524375

Shregg just retweeted a missing person case- has he ever done that before? Can't get caps at the moment

No. 524376

What about all the other missing people!!!???

No. 524377

File: 1527493006324.png (215.91 KB, 1242x1494, IMG_7006.PNG)

He posted then quickly deleted this one

No. 524378

What about all the HUNDREDS of other people who went missing in 3rd world countries just this weekend? WHAT ABOUT THEM!!!!!!!!!!

No. 524379

File: 1527493121738.png (526.91 KB, 883x664, goodboii.png)

No. 524380

Managed to capture a chunk of his more recent twitter rage against blaire. Can post them up if people want them.

No. 524381

File: 1527493206389.png (16.36 KB, 735x137, Screenshot-2018-5-28 Onision o…)

Like when you hit Sh with a door? Oh, I guess that doesn't count since it's not technically a "hand" FAX!

No. 524382

I saw that, I was about to respond to it with my second account (because he blocked me just the last hour with my main acct) and when I hit "reply" it gave me an error and I thought he had some how blocked me with me talking shit to him yet.

No. 524383

File: 1527493218316.png (34.62 KB, 900x144, Screenshot_2018-05-28-00-37-41…)

He wants this SO bad it's pathetic.

No. 524384

File: 1527493352633.png (112.93 KB, 577x271, round3.png)

He wants to turn the Blaire consensual sex fanart into a reality

No. 524385

File: 1527493423283.png (480.63 KB, 1440x1768, Shreg dun goofed.png)

What the fuck.

No. 524386

Lol of course he would get more total views? She has 85 videos on her channel. His onision channel has 500, uhohbro 700, and speaks 2700 videos (holy fuck) and has been on youtube for 10+ years. Her channel was only made in 2015. What a dumb comparison.

No. 524387

File: 1527493504411.png (340.81 KB, 1503x1285, begnision.png)

He's fucking pathetic.

No. 524388

Wasn't there already a shooter that was confirmed to by an Onision fan?

No. 524389

Does he wait until Lainey goes to bed to do this shit? Like does she talk him down all day and then at night he can finally 'let loose'

No. 524390

Samefag but the fact that he doesn't at all see this as problematic is ridiculous.

That's the whole fucking issue, you twunt. You are rating girls' bodies, you have no idea who they are or how old they are, and you don't see this as intensely creepy? Then you have the gall to accuse other people of being pedophiles?

Jesus he is stupid.

No. 524393

Yeah, but that was Randy Stair. I'm pretty sure they meant like with a higher body count than 3 people

No. 524394

Thanks for compiling these, anon. You are a hero.
I love how he's trying to paint her as a drunken mess. He did the same thing with Jaclyn, his attitude regarding alcohol is strange.
Such a weird, pent up little fuck.

No. 524395

File: 1527494062602.png (114.7 KB, 1242x511, IMG_7007.PNG)

While going through his twitter I discovered something kind of odd? There's this semi-famous actor that follows him…in the 2000s he played a big role in Smallville and then recently he was in GotG 2.

No. 524396

Although it should be obvious, the patron is pulling a "my dad works at nintendo" on shreg. I can guarantee a head of advertising has much bigger fish to fry than a washed up youtuber who's not even in the upper echelon of sub counts. The ceos of the company didn't even know who pewdiepie was when they were asked about him during a company q&a session a few years back. Him falling for it and thinking he's important enough to have heads of departments caring about his channel status is hilarious and pretty telling of his arrogance.

No. 524397


If he is, he'll just end up with another coldsore

No. 524399

Gurg used to compare himself to Lex Luther constantly back in the day. No doubt he harassed the smallville actor account on twitter until the intern followed him and promptly forgot he existed.

No. 524400

>g-give me attention blaire-chan

No. 524401

And calling your wife a cunt repeatedly in front of your kids and emotionally and psychologically abusing her is just fine, right?
Just as long as you don't leave any bruises and convince yourself that everything you're doing is technically "legal" then your conscience is clear!

No. 524403

I hope Blaire doesn't do it, he's just looking for someone to scream at while he's manic. Let him scream into the void.

No. 524404

Where tf is this whole beating your wife thing coming from? He goes from ranting about BW to domestic abuse? Am I missing something?

No. 524405

Blaire is an alcoholic for drinking one (1) drink during the "debate," so I guess Laimey's an alcoholic too.

No. 524407

I feel like Lainey is just as bad as he is, but I'm actually starting to feel pity for her.
Shreg is acting like a 10 year old,trying to taunt Blaire with with the most childish antics like "she's SCARED!" makes it obvious he just wants to fight with someone.

Imagine what it must be like for Lainey when he gets like this. No wonder she's such a sour bitch.

No. 524408

File: 1527495374554.jpg (181.33 KB, 650x350, a81FuEU.jpg)

Have you ever known someone with a mental illness like schizophrenia?
Sometimes they make these weird connections out of thin air. Its like the giant board in A Beautiful Mind. String that connects to this.. then connects to that… and so on and so on.

Im guessing something triggered him to think about the accusation made against Cyr, and he feels the need to subtweet it. If it doesnt seem to make enough of an effect he will blatantly tweet "Cyr hits his girlfriend" next.

No. 524410

He's been doing this all weekend: tweeting out hateful garbage and trying to goad people into arguments, then abruptly virtue signaling about random shit. It's truly bizarre.
It's like somewhere deep down he realizes he's being awful so he has to "prove" he's a good person. I don't know, that's my best guess. He's a nutjob.

No. 524414

subtweeting about Cyr didnt work out that well for him.
all the replies to that tweet are about how he mentally/verbally (and maybe physically) abuses Plainey and a sprinkling of mentions about how he shoved Sh.

No. 524415

He's trying to provoke her into it by annoying the piss out of her. I hope she doesn't cave. He spergs in the most pathetic ways when he's completely ignored.

No. 524416

But he’s going to remain totally calm while she “cusses, name calls and gets drunk”, guize!

As much as I hate Robbie I hope he doesn’t take the bait.

No. 524417

Maybe he's just catching up on this thread and saw this >>524273 ?

No. 524418

File: 1527496479630.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2375, my tattoo!.png)

Meanwhile in NM, while her gay husband is freaking the fuck out and behaving like a crazed hyena, Lainey is tweeting about her cool new "aromatherapy" tattoo and liked a tweet to support someone muting that mean ol' bully Kalvin Garrah.

Not a single acknowledgement of her husband's spergout, even though he's been lovebombing her like crazy all weekend.

No. 524419

Just imaging that cracks me up.
Gregs scrolling through this thread just like I am.
Me and Greg are late night thread scroll BUDDIES!

No. 524421

We need a, "The art of trolling" book. Some anons are too direct and aggressive and struggle with subtlety. Makes it less fun.

No. 524422

Ive never understood that tattoo. Lavender calms because of its smell, not its look. How is a tattoo (a visual medium) going to help her with her anxiety. Is it scratch and sniff?

No. 524423

Ignoring this bloviating burlap sack of moldering Peeps is the best anyone can do short of slapping him with a cease and desist. I kind of want him to keep haranguing Shane for this reason (sorry Shane!)

No. 524425

You understand they're trying to troll a man whos limited education has him believing that woman urinate out of their vagina, that women have prostates, and "most everyone" is proper grammar.
You cant be subtle with someone like that.

No. 524426

The confusing thing is why you are confused…. she just saw something trendy and went with it without much thought. Her usual antics. Lol

No. 524427

Dang, you are right. Guess it just makes it less fun for me. Ha.

No. 524428

If the new trendy thing was to have an anus tattooed on your belly button, guess who'd be rushing down to her local Tat shop?

No. 524430

>>524428(don't use emojis)

No. 524433

I’m surprised she hasn’t already got a great big hairy minge to prove how gay she is

No. 524434

Because like her gender, her sexuality is mostly an aesthetic to her. In 5 years muffdiving bluehaired girls might not be her aesthetic.

No. 524436

File: 1527497394108.jpeg (194.66 KB, 640x963, E73EB428-F679-44CD-9092-485795…)

Shreg has lost ~2,100 Twitter followers since his spergout began. That's kind of incredible, especially considering how many of his 34.6K followers are probably inactives, trolls, and bots (judging by the lack of positive engagement).

I love picturing him rocking back and forth, repeating to himself they were just SHADOWFANS all along.

No. 524437

He's been Twitter silent for over an hour.
I can just imagine him tossing and turning in bed right now, having horrible Shane nightmares, quietly whimpering, "no Shane, dont go, dont leave me Shane"
then waking up in a cold sweat and immediately tweeting something hateful about his unrequited love.

No. 524440

I'm definitely one of his twitter followers, maybe I should add an additional -1. Watching Onion is like watching a carcrash. It's horrible, but you can't look away.

No. 524442

Either that or he is furiously jacking it to hentai and/or Shane/Blaire videos

No. 524443

Unfollow him and put him on a private Twitter list instead. Everyone should do this.

No. 524444

Dont forget that bookmark of Harley Quinn Bestiality porn

No. 524455

PSA: The old tempcow discord has a bot that posts all tweets from Greg's and Lainey's accounts. It has the added benefit of seeing their cringy replies to people without checking manually and preventing tweet deletion. Would recommend.

No. 524460

No. 524461

Honestly I think the tattoo is cute. Basic, yeah, still kinda cute. And you can trick your brain a little bit into thinking you're smelling something, maybe that works for her?

No. 524464

Holy shit. I don’t have a twitter account, this is fucking golden. The replies are hysterical.

No. 524465

Are you sure you’re in the right place?

No. 524471

Yknow, people are allowed to have an opinion that isn't 100% shitting on them. The tattoo is okay.

No. 524480

Its funnier when you consider that during the AJ shit, The entire reason he ended things with her and had a huge flip out and the voicemails was all due to her joking with a female friend on facebook about said friend giving her a sensual massage.

You'd think he wouldn't be so angry about it considering his mums "full body massages" hmmmmmmmmm

No. 524482

File: 1527511487595.jpg (388.76 KB, 1046x801, Greg flings shit.jpg)

>He goes from ranting about BW to domestic abuse? Am I missing something?

>He's trying to provoke her into it by [being] annoying
>He spergs in the most pathetic ways when he's completely ignored.

See anon, don't think too much about Onision logic, it don't make no sense

Its better to think of Onision as a shit flinging monkey in a zoo. The zoo is YT.

Maybe its a fine day to go to the zoo. You haven't been in a while, you can't wait to see the exhibits and see the Lions and elephants. You want to see it all.

Now, the last time you visited the zoo, you heard there was a monkey exhibit, but you didn't visit it because you heard some bad things about the monkeys, and that the exhibit smelled bad too.

But today you have no judgements and want to check out the monkeys and see what its all about.
However, the closer you get to the monkeys, you start to hear the old rumors again. The bad smells. The insane shreiking. How maybe the monkeys fling poo at onlookers.

You make it to the Africa section. Theres a big sign about the habitat. You notice a bold section about the monkeys. How they may seem agressive and angry and upset. How you may get splattered by poo. To be careful and enter at your own risk. Well, know you've gotta see this with your own eyes.

As you get to the monkey habitat, a zookeeper stops you. Out of concern of wildly aggressive behaviors, zookeepers must inform the patrons that if they choose to proceed, they may get hit by flying poo. That in reality, the monkeys are grear and awesome and all, but one aggressive angry monkey is ruining it for everybody.

The monkey hates the other monkeys. The monkey tries to run off with any babies, so now they separate the mothers and their babies from that monkey. The monkey even hates people, more so because they can leave and the monkey is stuck. The monkey always fights with all the other monkeys, but they fight back and bite and beat him, so he doesn't really get close to them monkeys.

So, this angry monkey instead attacks people since they cant defend themselves, save for running away. So this monkey flings poo. He flings poo at everybody. Everybody. Even cute females. The monkey thinks its funny to throw its shit at everybody. The mobkey loves when he hits someone with shit, and they freak out. Its the only thing that brings this monkey happiness. This is one fucked up monkey.

So some people who hear about the monkey want to see it 1st hand. Like you. You enter and see mass chaos. Shit everywhere. Cowering families clearing out. Shreiking monkeys angry that people wont stay because of one stupid monkey. Said stupud monkey just digging in his own ass, scooping out the poo, giving it a sniff, and lobbing it straight at you.

Obviously, you see the rumors are true, so very very true. But shit is not for you, so you doge it, but it hits the zookeeper behind you. They sigh and say this happens every day. That monkey just likes to make trouble. He just throws shit at everyone just to see who he can hit. He loves the reactions that people make whem he hits them with poo.

Wow, what a fucked up monkey. Who would ever stay for that shitshow?? Literaly.

All of a sudden, you notice a pale girl standing there. You didn't notice her at first, you thought it was a poo covered pole or log. But its a girl. How long has she been standing there??? Hasn't she noticed shes covered in this monkeys shit??? Is she okay?? Where are her parents?? Why is she just taking all this shit from that one monkey???

Suddenly that girl runs over the exhibit barricade. Hops over the moat and runs to the insane shit flinging monkey. You hear the zookeeper yell, Taylor nooo!!!!

You leave that psychotic mess. You don't turn around, but you sure warn all the people walking to the monkeys that they don't want to go in there, especially if they have small children. This monkey is being an asshole, and you don't want people to accidentally get hit by shit. You later tell all your friends and relatives. You all laugh at this insane monkey. You decide to call it Greg. You worry for that girl called Taylor. She just stood there taking all that shit until she was covered in it from head to toe. Then she still went running to the monkey. Is she insane? Scat fetish? Does she like the attention she gets from this monkey?? Doesn't she realise that this monkey throws shit at everybody and she isn't special to this monkey?

God what a fucked up monkey. You decide to call him greg.

TL;DR Greg the monkey just throws shit at anyone anywhere about anything just to see if the shit sticks.(autism)

No. 524492

If YouTube is the one and only reason for him to stay alive, then that's a sad, sad life. If there is nothing that gives him hope or motivates him to live, not even his own family, his wife and his children, he really needs to reconsider his choices. Saying something like that is a metaphorical slap across Lainey and their children's faces.
Especially since YouTube has been known for not to put all of your eggs into one basket for years.

If he's just saying that to milk his audience, I really hope they start growing up and learn to decipher LGH's manipulation. Either way it's sad, and if it wasn't the Thing from the Swamp, I'd feel sorry for any other person.

No. 524498

No. 524505

lol, as soon as Plain has a breakdown, LGH swings his camera to harrass a 17-year-old into silence, but when LGH has one, he gets the (social media) silent treatment.

Ah, they deserve each other! They really ARE made for each other, they fit like a butt and a bucket. lmao

No. 524506

I used to think this and it is possible, but a bunch of film profs I know aren’t super fond of kids who come from strong YouTube backgrounds because they come with a lot of bad habits regarding how to cut that can be tough to break. Luckily students are generally there to learn and come to understand why repeated edits on a stationary medium shot don’t translate well to film or tv, but can you imagine being an editor and trying to tell Greg-who-knows-everything that he should, perhaps, not use that particular style? He’d be on his ass so fast it wouldn’t even be funny. Even assistants need to know what’s kosher and what isn’t. Greg will always be a failure because he thinks he knows best, just like he doesn’t need editors for his ‘books’.

No. 524515

don't just link stuff w/o giving a video title or context plz

No. 524517

No. 524523

i was watching this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioWcLuMcTBc and couldn't help but think about greg. youtube is such a big deal for him because he needs constant validation, and without it he has nothing to feel good about because deep inside he's just a black hole. nothing to hold on to, be proud of, love. pretty pathetic really

No. 524526

Delete this, please. Your post takes up my entire screen and can be expressed in a single sentence. It wasn't funny or amusing, just a colossal waste of server space and everyone's time. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

No. 524527

I feel like it'd be the opposite. Greg wouldn't know how to act because its easy to state your opinion and scream at a camera verses hundreds of strangers in real life.

No. 524530

When Greg is surrounded by a group of people, especially men, he gets nervous. When he was on the drunken peasants he reverted to his old high school self. The guys were laughing and joking around, poking fun at him and he was having a hard time keeping up. His segment is the first 30 minutes.

No. 524569

Says the person quoting fucking Billy Madison.

No. 524575


A simple "delete" would have done just fine.

No. 524576

This is basically why he never goes out and wears a bullet proof vest. He can scream and tantrum behind a screen all he wants but he shuts down the moment he has to actually interact with people. If Blaire told him to meet in the street outside his house for a debate he'd yell for his portion from behind his window.

No. 524586


Lainey doing her old best friend Selena's makeup.

I honestly hope she's having a good time away from Greg, a great time even, and she decides to not go back. If only.

No. 524590

File: 1527538242876.jpg (62.64 KB, 791x433, whodat.JPG)

Who's that girl he brought as a look-at-this-pretty-girl-with-me shield?

No. 524591

Not to be OT but I laughed when I saw plainey tapping the excess off her make up brush @1:58 for the eye shadow since we mentioned the mess she made in the last thread so I hope she reads here like shreg does

No. 524593

Tinfoil but what if Selena hates Greg or he hates Selena so that's why her and Lainey stopped hanging out? Like she will only visit Lainey while she's at her parents/away from Greg?

No. 524594

Not that anon but shut the fuck up, Billy Madison is a classic.
Also, I agree, that post was pointless. I did like the monkey picture though, it was very Greg.

No. 524597

Selena is really pretty. I'm suprised Greg didn't creep on her.

No. 524598

Wasn't there something going around where LGH said that he fucked her?

No. 524604

File: 1527540978523.png (516.07 KB, 540x960, yeah right crugly.png)

No. 524608

Its not a tinfoil if everyone pretty much hates Greg.

I think its the chick he used to have in a lot of his videos. She's wanna be Hannah Minx, Annah Minx.

No. 524610

File: 1527543299745.jpg (139.19 KB, 1064x488, Screenshot_20180528-152712.jpg)

Anon I was thinking the same, especially after this tweet.

It makes sense given that Selena never appeared in Lainey or Onions videos after cuddlegate. Selena's place is where Lainey stayed during that debacle (don't know who else she would have stayed with) and I bet Lainey spilled every shitty thing onion had done to her to Selena knowing Greg was at their house cuddling Billie in their bed.

Then Selena moved away and Lainey said on stream something about how they weren't friends anymore and that she cares about the friendship more than Selena does. No doubt onion tried to poison their friendship after Selena saw how shitty he is. He learned his lesson from Skyes friends telling Skye they didn't like onion because he didn't treat her right.

No. 524613

Yeah thats the one. Wew. At this point pretty much any female that comes into their lives is gonna end up fucked by him.

No. 524625

I was watching one of the old videos of Lainey and Mercedes, it's so sick how Greg convinced Lainey that she's so bisexual to get to the point of making Mercedes feel uncomfortable.
I'm really sure Mercedes stop relating with Lainey because she had to turn her down after probably attempt to make her the third party of the Trinity.

She looks like a normal human being with emotions whenever she does a video with Selena or Mercedes.

No. 524626

Literally or figuratively.

No. 524627

Im sure Greg is super cautious of Selena, making sure Lainey gives him plenty of updates on what she's doing. Lainey's original best friend Beth was kicked to the curb so fast once Greg came into the picture. That girl knew he was trash from the beginning. Seems everyone can smell it a mile away except Plain.

No. 524629

Wait- he spreged this fucking bad because pewdiepie told him to never change?

jesus fuck dude is insane.

No. 524631

apparently theres a video on lainey's channel where greg is screaming at the kids? does anyone know which video it is?

No. 524632

Wasn't Mercades the crush Lainey kept telling her fans about on stream? She made some dumb code of telling her fans whether or not the crush liked her back after confessing her feelings. She made up code words for "yes she likes me" and "no she doesn't like me" using names of fruits or some shit.

Rumor was Mercades was the secret crush and turned her down and shits been awkward ever since. I know the above sounds like fanfic but surely I'm not the only one who remembers this from several months ago.

No. 524635

This is why you need a threesome, right Onion?

No. 524637

I think what triggered him is pewdiepie humblebragging about his enormous success in one breath and then mocking onions recent irrelevance in the next breath. Onion desperately wants to see Shane and Felix fail because he is failing and he perceives this as a great injustice because YouTube isn't fair or some juvenile bullshit

No. 524639


I think they also invalidate his whole "YouTube is against OG's like ME!! Look what they've done to US!" spiel.


Greg just posted a video of him making up a STUPID fucking story on the spot that's supposed to be scary.


No. 524640

File: 1527546880833.png (344.83 KB, 1440x1892, The Love Gurgu.png)

Look who's awake and starting his day with a good old fashioned lovebombing while his wife pretends he doesn't exist!

No. 524643

File: 1527547034361.jpg (38.72 KB, 727x453, yousuckgreg.JPG)


He's talking about a little girl stabbing herself in the eye.

No. 524651

Yeah, also Lainey was sad because her "crush" went back with her cheater ex bf (Mercedes bf)
Ever since they haven't made a collab, I remember Lainey unfollow Mercedes (I can't remember if Mercedes unfollow Lainey back)
When Onision travel to L.A to make super famous collabs he made a video with Mercedes and since then Lainey follow Mercedes again but I haven't seen any interaction between them.

No. 524652

Yes she was. Mercedes told her she didnt feel comfortable doing the chapstick challenge and Lamo unfollowed her. They only started talking again because Onion met up with her when he went to LA and "mended things.

No. 524655

I couldn't get through this, but kekked at the part where one of the sisters "scolded" her face in hot lentil soup, making it turn red and blister.
It's a "scary" story obsessed with skin color and red, burnt up faces. Jfc, he's so uncreative and self-absorbed even his lame bedtime stories are about himself.
Good thing he has very few interactions with his children, I can't imagine what kind of stories he'd tell them.

No. 524660

smells like a story about his deep rooted insecurities with rosacea

No. 524661


How can he edit this video with so many jumpcuts and still constantly contradict himself in his story?

No. 524662

File: 1527549172882.png (343.4 KB, 1440x1694, Family is everything mmkay.png)

The man who made an entire video screeching about all the reasons Lainey's father is not welcome in his home, and trying to shame him for attempting to protect his teenage daughter from this predator is now virtue signaling about family being everything?
Also, kek I forgot just how hypocritical this video is. I'm surprised it's still up considering Shreg is guilty of many of the things he spergs about in it.

No. 524663


I'm uncomfortable with how intense he is about the racism he made up. It seems like he is speaking his own beliefs through the antagonists.

No. 524669

File: 1527549770615.gif (2 MB, 200x200, 1514399923699.gif)

Well lainey theres the confirmation you need.

Yeesh grease why would you like this lmao. Man his boner for billie will never die.

No. 524671

That’s @oniziion’s Twitter likes, not official @onision.

No. 524672

File: 1527549985372.png (62.87 KB, 577x267, lol.png)

I need this. We need this

No. 524674

What do you mean? If you go to official Onision's page and click Likes, that's what you see.

No. 524675

Real onision has like 56k likes, that page only has 19

No. 524677

Oops! Sorry anons. Too good to be true.

No. 524679

Do it, Shreg. We know you're reading this. If you're so ~*honest*~ and really care about this cause genuinely, then fucking do it.

No. 524680

Fucking this, He's always proclaiming about outing rapists and shit and reporting them, Even though he only outs peoples abuse to humiliate them but still. Let him eat his own words, If he's being so honest about this why isn't he immediately going to the police with this information? Put up or shut up grease, Livestream it if you're oh so honest.

No. 524685

Just want to say real quick before he comes back like
>Reeee do the same for me then!!
Pretty sure anons actually have reported him to authorities about his website and forum.

No. 524690

He's lovebombing on Periscope right now. Saying how grateful he is for Lainey. I'd record if I could.

No. 524692

He's also yawning a lot. Seems this 3-day sperg has really taken it out of him.
I'm just trying to imagine the state of the house right now. I feel like there must be at least one wall smeared in feces.

No. 524700


Lol, what the fuck does he think "underdeveloped" means? He has such a poor grasp on the English language it actually makes me mad.

No. 524701

Do you think Lainey and him are having a break ?
That would explain the unusual traveling to NM, the sudden sperg, the love bombing and praise about marriage.

No. 524703

Wish I could record this stream, he's sperging all over the place. He talked about how unfair it was that he was maligned for his "10 thing about Lainey" video, while she was seen as a hero for hers.
He's been screeching about YouTube, and in one of his ridiculous "metaphors", compared his situation to being born as "tortured slave" and how he's just become numb to the "abuse".
Such a little victim, it's hilarious.

No. 524705

He's saying he has a step-mom kink, that he's really into step-moms. Didn't he beat the shit out of his Dad after going on about what a bitch his step-mom was?

No. 524706

I think he did something, Lainey hasn't been livestreaming at all and generally keeping low.

No. 524707

Wtf that was so creepy. "My dad was a piece of shit, it would be awesome to fuck his wife." Then goes on to say his actual stepmom was gross but it would've been cool if she was pretty.
He brought this up out of the blue,literally no one wanted to talk about it. What a disgusting creep.
It cracks me up that there are only 13 people watching the syream and we are 2 of them kek

No. 524710

Make that 3. I think he's seriously got some psych issues.

No. 524711

step-moms specifically? wow. that's yet another interest that doesn't doesn't look good for lainey, lol.

No. 524712

That just means that Swamp Prince has to divorce Shreg and marry someone else with kids so Shreg will wanna fuck her again.

No. 524713

Already fantasizing about who the new step-mom to his kids will be.

No. 524718

He's insanely jealous of Pewdiepie, regardless of how often he rages against the fact and tries to deny it. He once called Marzia "diarrhea face" (lol what does that make Lainey?) and did a whole stream ranting about how "Poodiepie" was just like Logan Paul, saying he's "lacking self-awareness." Oh, Greg, honey…

And let's not forget the recent stream where Greg sperged out during a live react to Pewds' video on handling hate comments gracefully, tossing out pedo allegations and informing us that because he's a likable guy, he's likely to be a predator.

No. 524741

File: 1527558444910.jpeg (460.69 KB, 1242x2159, 32D69A0F-EB73-4F88-8B96-7CB10B…)

So this is a thing… Shane has actually liked a photo of Lame on Twitter (recently). I don't think this has ever happened before?

No. 524746

If Shane and Lainey are in contact, it would kind of explain LGH's narc rage against him. He feels threatened.

No. 524748


(sorry, I'm going through the thread because I'm behind)

But I find it HILARIOUS that he included "adult" in that Google search… of course it will give him the results he wanted. If he had just Googled "underdeveloped breasts" it'd be 100% different. What a transparent fucking moron.

No. 524760

File: 1527560521075.png (353.29 KB, 1276x1052, Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 10.2…)

Aaaand we're back to lovebombing.

No. 524765

He did it before, I really wish shane wouldn't be so fucking nice to this youtube fucker.

No. 524766

Wonder if the lovebombing is because he's nervous because he feels threatened because she is with people who don't like him.

No. 524769

My LT is fucking up trying to watch her stream.
Not asking for live blogging of Lainey, but once she ends her stream if theres some milk or anything interesting Id love to see a summary here.
This is the first time shes really streamed for longer than 15 minutes right?

No. 524772

Someone called out grease for lovebombing her, She actually looked up the definition of lovebombing on stream and read out the checklist saying "Nope nope nope" then proceeded to tell the concerned fan that they were just there to spread negativity and insult others (Not one insult at all, So lainey you be gaslighting bitch)

Lainey is still insisting that her and greg are absolutely fiiine, totally fine, He's been totally "normal" on the phone with her.

No. 524773

Someone brought up that Greg was lovebombing her, she flipped and asked if the person had a psych degree (kek stfu Lainey you didn't learn shit), she ended up pulling a Greg and Googling lovebombing then realized as she was reading it she was about to get fucked so she deflected by reading something about "breadcrumbing" and said it didn't apply to her.

No. 524774

Oh, and the commenter mentioned that Greg had called Lainey abusive on Periscope today, which he did. Does anyone have the stream recorded? When it came up that Greg admitted to verbal abuse, he first deflected by making a joke about how what he does in the bedroom is no one's business, then later turned it around and said Lainey herself is verbally abusive now and he's "proud" of her for it.

No. 524775

File: 1527562715523.png (147.28 KB, 703x431, SmartSelectImage_2018-05-28-19…)

Which one of you was this lmao

No. 524777

File: 1527562738115.png (313.52 KB, 680x730, SmartSelectImage_2018-05-28-19…)

No. 524778

So what happens when you have a psych degree and agree it's lovebombing? What a dumbass thinks her online degree means anything.

No. 524784

This is the second time I've seen this brought up and then COMPLETELY IGNORED like not even a passing comment about the validity of it.
Might be strapping on my tinfoil hate a bit tight but why I every farmer avoiding this subject?n
Seems a tiny bit suspicious at this point guys
We even had evidence in a previous thread that it was a legit comment he made and deleted. Usually we would at least have a few new fags bragging about tweeting such a thing to Lainey but nope nothing.

No. 524786

She got defensive about being lovebomb, and said it wasnt like that because it was "pretty normal" is something he does all the time ( 10 things i love about Onision says otherwise)
Maybe it was just me but during that moment her eyes got watery ( or was the change of lighting)

She also talk about getting her hair dye again, possibly pastel pink.

Talk about girls (again), which was really creepy because someone said she looked more comfortable with girls (aka: Selena), and how it was hard for her talk to them, she felt intimidated by beauty and how girls are more soft(?

There were good questions about why Grug didnt come along with her and the kids but she never answered them (obvi)

No. 524787

File: 1527563845550.jpg (79.21 KB, 793x618, NarcCycle.jpg)

I pulled a Greg (and Lainey now apparently) and Googled "love bombing Onision" and the first thing that came up was a long detailed analysis chock full of examples of him, you guessed it, lovebombing, starting with this picture. I'd love to see Lainey do a live react to this cycle and explain how it doesn't directly apply to him.

Are we 100% certain that's real? It just seem outs there, but if it's real then what the actual fuck

No. 524788

Who else do we know has pink hair? Oh right, Billie has pink hair.

No. 524789

Priscilla Presley said Elvis lost interest in her sexually as soon as she became a mother. He saw her not as a sexual partner anymore, just a mother. I wonder if that is how Onision feels

No. 524790

Madonna-Whore Complex is a nasty thing.

No. 524801

>She also talk about getting her hair dye again, possibly pastel pink.

Someone stop her!! Why does she keep going with unnatural hair colors? They just don't suit her, at all. She's not the kind of cute alt-girl that can actually pull of that type of hair color. When she does she just looks like the kind of ppl you see on cringe compilations of SJW's or transtrenders and the like. And her skin color just doesn't support colors like pink or blue it often makes her look sickly and scruffy if she doesn't slap 10 filters over her videos and selfies. She should go back to a natural blonde or brown, these haircolors were when she looked the best and most healthy in.

No. 524802

Nah let her bald spots grow larger.

No. 524803

Ha! Yeah speaking of, Lainey said in stream that greg graciously let her know when he was shaving her greasy mop that she has a bald spot forming on the back of her head. Isn't he just peachy?

No. 524807

He must have missed the one forming on the front of her head. What a good man.

No. 524814

do you think the onions have vegan ink tattoos
or were they done with animal byproducts

has this already been a drama i missed

No. 524819

i sincerely doubt they care enough to make more than the most nominal effort.

No. 524822

oh their make up and lifestyle proves it

but i love the idea of greg having animals carved into his flesh. unlike make up, the ink wont wash off in his 50 showers.

No. 524823

lainey goes to a cheap gross dingy scratcher shop so I doubt it.

No. 524825

Wait, so you're telling me that Greg possibly does not in fact have a vegetarian bodaaaaayyyyy?

No. 524826

Wait, is Plainey really going bald? I honestly thought it was just a meme.

No. 524828

its not really a meme, she clearly has bald spots forming. with raising, what, three kids and three dogs?, i cant really blame her.

most likely not
source: peta
>A tattoo can be a creative, eye-catching way to display your passion for animal rights. However, some tattoo inks are actually made with animal products. Nonvegan varieties may contain bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or shellac from beetles.

i know peta is whatever, personally i dont have any tattoos due to indecisiveness , so only recently found out this was even a thing.

No. 524830

File: 1527570829008.jpg (118.72 KB, 970x517, 6599056.jpg)

Bald spots around her head and a receding hairline causing a widows peak effect

No. 524832

You beat me to it.

She really is. She's been dying her hair nonstop and bleaching the shit out of it and hasn't taken care of it whatsoever. Now she's losing the hair and wants to dye it some more for some idiotic reason.

She's getting his liver spots in her bald spots too. Must be the side effects of having a rank smelling onion breathing on you.

No. 524841

She is so young, going bald is super early. I do feel a bit sorry for her, but dyeing with pre-existing bald spots is probably the worst thing she could do.

No. 524846

Im kinda sad that we arent having a hat trick with another sperg out tonight.
Maybe Shreg is napping because hes fucked up his sleeping cycle and we'll get a 4 AM rant about how when we go back to our home town sometimes fake friends try and sidle back up to us (Selena)

No. 524851


Could she be pulling? We already know she picks her skin. Dermatillomania and trichotillomania are frequently comorbid.

No. 524854

That made me think.
Ive noticed when she streams and is nervous with all the hate comments she will start to pull on the edges of her eyebrows. Then I saw her with out make up recently and her right eyebrow was all fucked up like she over tweezed it and I think it was her nervous pinching and pulling on her eyebrows is what caused that. Maybe she nervously pulls on her head hair too.

No. 524855

I don't think it's the hair dye. 23 year old women dont have hairlines like that, even when they bleach the shit out of it. Personally I think it's either a psychological problem (like shoeonhead and shes pulling it out) or there's something wrong with her nutrition. I'm leaning towards the latter because of the way it looks.

I know she's nowhere near as much of a smol prince as she thinks she is, but it honestly wouldn't surprise me if she was under nourished. I'm p sure the reason Greg makes all his brides eat vegetarian is to weaken them.

Googling it, you can find some vegetarians talking about it, their hair thins out if they don't eat balanced diets.

No. 524856

I truly wonder where Greg's going to end up in 10, 20 years. What's going to happen when they divorce? He'll be all alone with no family or friends and all his personality disorders because he's spent decades isolating himself and refusing humor the thought that he might actually need some sort of help. Not to mention no job because he absolutely can't handle being told what to do. I think after Lainey that's going to be it for him. He'll have barely any internet presence left, so no little girls clawing after him…can you imagine him trying to date again? No healthy-minded respectable woman would touch him with a 100ft pole. I think he'll end up killing himself at some point in his 50s or 60s. He's obviously scared of aging, losing his looks, and feels threatened by other boys/men. When gen z starts growing up into their 20s he's going to resent them and become even more bitter that he can't relive his youth anymore. Sad.

No. 524858

It could be all of the above, anon. It doesn't have to be only one.

But bleaching is destroying the fuck out of her hairline. She bleaches it every 1-2 months and dyes it more than that it seems.

No. 524860

The balding can be attributed to multiple things, it doesn't have to just be one thing. She's probably malnourished. All vegetables are gross. She has admitted that she doesn't use heat protectant on her hair. Except she has used a bottle that was left in the mansion that was probably Billie's from when she made her daring escape from the Onion Trinity Cult. Who knows if she's bought anymore heat protectant since she's a stuborn fuckhead. It could be also from bleaching it. She bleached it at home last time and her hair is probably very brittle now. When I used to get my hair bleached I started to notice breakage in the same areas Plain is balding. Now that I dont bleach my hair its growing back.

Basically she doesn't take care of herself and she certainly doesn't take care of her hair, which is probably the real reason why she keeps it short.

No. 524862

File: 1527577765835.jpeg (406.44 KB, 750x850, 51A0BCB5-2EF7-4002-8A18-84AD1A…)

TL;DW she says she’s not a little. She’s not into age play. But she likes to call Greg daddy and have him take care of her. She also takes a “What type of little” are you which asks for either female or male gender. She just said “rude” and didn’t say which she picked but at the end it said she was mostly angel, but it also had a percentage for “schoolgirl” so I’m guessing she picked female kek

No. 524863

idk if tis the natural lighting or just being around less toxicity, but she looks so much healthier away from him

No. 524864

I bet she got inspo from Edwin & Mina's video seeing as Onion commented on Edwin's video about Dasha.

No. 524867

File: 1527578465834.png (47.28 KB, 745x547, Screenshot-2018-5-29 Onision (…)

No. 524868

File: 1527578469210.png (65.64 KB, 878x258, chapter 15.png)

No. 524872

prays for him to start to stew and freak out

No. 524873

File: 1527579286274.png (63.9 KB, 712x608, Screenshot-2018-5-29 Onision (…)

No. 524874

File: 1527579556647.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

a 32 year old man who doesn't know the difference between the word "principle" and "principal"

No. 524876

Shut up with that shite that you don't even believe grease and take up the challenge bitch.

Although in saying that, Is that pinned tweet him suggesting that he might off himself?

No. 524877

Ok, first of all, he spelled "principle" wrong kek
>People like me are not long for this world
Jfc could he be any more dramatic? Does he think he just burns SO brightly he's going to flame out? He makes shitty, idiotic videos behaving like a retard and rating people's bodies. He's not Stepen Hawking.

No. 524879

File: 1527579742873.png (18.6 KB, 735x137, Screenshot-2018-5-29 Onision (…)

You lost dude. Get over it.

No. 524880

Textbook narcissistic revenge/rage. People tell him to knock off talking about Shane Dawson and sperging over how he stood him up. CLEARLY Shane doesn't want to be his friend. People didn't just go along with what he was saying about Shane.

So now he has to run a smear campaign to heal his bruised ego. He didn't want to be friends with Shane anyway guys! He's a creep!

Fucking transparent as hell.

No. 524881

File: 1527580089876.png (24.23 KB, 735x268, Screenshot-2018-5-29 Onision (…)

No. 524882

1. Attempt to appear humble and like a changed goodhearted individual.
2. People call him out on his obvious bullshit attempt at getting Shane's attention to be on his next youtuber revival series
3. Onion Spergfest 2018 begins along with the pedo accusations against much more popular youtubers Shane Dawson and Felix Kjellberg
4. Loses a good chunk of subscribers and twitter followers

Thank you Swamp Prince for leaving your husband Shreg unaccompanied this weekend, it's been extremely fucking entertaining.

No. 524883

Well he can put his money where his mouth is can't he, This little bitch has been outing peoples abusers, traumas, Medical histories all under the guise of being truly honest and has stated not reporting makes you complicate. So why oh why, Doesn't he just ring the police if hes so right?

(we all know the answer but still, Its fun to use his own twisted moral grandstanding against him)

Practice what you preach grease, If you really suuuuch an honest youtuber and shane really is such a terrible person, Well you'd wanna do anything to prove it right?

No. 524884

File: 1527581520309.png (77.23 KB, 582x651, idiot.png)

No. 524885

File: 1527581677555.jpg (33.83 KB, 606x107, freak.jpg)

Greg implies Shane has CP on his computer and also accuses him of having molested kids. You are accusing Shane of a really serious crime Greg! Call the police or admit that you are a fraud.

No. 524887

The point of a debate is to debate. Being good at debate means you can argue/defend something you do not necessarily agree with. It would be like saying lawyers who have murderers as clients are totally cool with murdering people.

No. 524888

File: 1527581930202.png (28.34 KB, 585x228, Untitled-2.png)

Delete faster next time.

No. 524889

File: 1527581991256.png (37.06 KB, 722x447, greaseballispanic.png)

Caught this one before hand.

No. 524890


>"even when it means people will hate your fucking guys for doing so."

Fucking keked.
With all these constant misspellings, is it safe to say he's sperging out and tweeting these out in a fit of rage?

No. 524891

Probably because some people are telling him to call the police and not sit on this.

After all, He was the one that said if you don't report it, You're just as guilty.

No. 524892

I'd like to throw this out there that pregnancy causes hair loss in those areas especially. @alexandriasgirltalk she made a video about her loss her her pregnancy and it's the exact same spot, but she didn't bleach her hair all the time like plainey but if anyone is genuinely curious, that's a cause. Blando prob just fucked up his hair though

No. 524893


No. 524899

Alright it was an honest typo on my phone so I corrected it but sure

No. 524900

File: 1527583478440.png (114.54 KB, 578x769, whatshappening.png)

Using porn search statistics to prove your point. Fucking genius!

No. 524901

What does that have to do with anything? Who is he even arguing? Himself???

No. 524902

Another long night of sperging for him.

No. 524903

File: 1527583649543.png (62.36 KB, 581x588, Untitled-1.png)

he posted this before btw

No. 524904

File: 1527583880501.png (49.52 KB, 672x397, dating.png)

His history proves himself wrong tho. Skye was 18 when they got together so most are under 23 not over.

No. 524905

File: 1527583945277.png (13.51 KB, 655x102, gergmilf.png)

No. 524906

Onion is thick as shit, so now he says sexual harassment of minors isn't against the law?

No. 524908

File: 1527584545289.png (65.65 KB, 771x799, obsessedwithblaire.png)

He just keeps going at blaire.

No. 524909

He must be desperate to cam with Blaire since Lainey isn't there. He fell in love with her by the end of the last debate

No. 524911

File: 1527584818758.png (52.89 KB, 736x659, mmkay.png)

I really like how he's picking some choice things to respond to, Yet heavily avoiding someone telling him to call the police on these supposed crimes shane has committed.

No. 524912

He blocked me on Twitter just for pointing out that none of his sperg tweets are getting positive responses and that he just keeps digging his own grave. Guess he can’t handle “brootal honesty” unless he’s the one dishing it out.

No. 524913

He's just fishing for a new mommy for his kids. Maybe Lainey has left him. Imagine any other couple separated because one is visit their family, and the husband is at home tweeting porn statistics and talking about how his kink is step mom's. Not normal behaviour.

No. 524915

That’s what I took this as— a) he’s wanting to appear into adult women or b) he’s trying to scare Lainey with the prospect of her kids having a hot kinky step mom when Onion finds someone after she leaves him

No. 524917

>"I genuinely prefer 23-35"
Sure Shreg that's why your last 3 relationships began with your partners being 17-18 you fucking imbecile.

Maybe he should know the twitter handle of the person he's trying to debate. Its @MsBlaireWhite.

No. 524918

File: 1527586085011.png (13.75 KB, 455x282, Timeline_Feb_2017.png)


sure, greg

No. 524919


Did he and Hannah even date? I thought she went on a couple of dates with him, realized he was a creep, then ghosted him

No. 524920

They dated for a week, He confessed his love for her in a week. She booked it.

Very smart lady.

No. 524921


And she didn't want him to tell anyone they were dating. lol.

No. 524922

I bet Lame wants to be in a DDLG relationship (cause she jumps on every trendy bandwagon mostly) but she just doesn't completely admit to it because Shreg claims to be so against it.


IDK anything about breastfeeding and such but isn't it bad for the kids shes nursing if she herself isn't healthy and malnourished? Also isn't breastfeeding for herself bad too if she does it while already lacking vitamins her own body needs..basically giving the bit left of her nourishment to her kids?

No. 524923

They dated online. Skype calls and such.
He never even got to touch her flesh
(wow that sounded creepy, I think Shreg is rubbing off on me, sorry)

No. 524927

What if he's just such a neckbeard that he misinterpreted her kindness for being romantically interested? I never cared for boobtubers so I'm not sure if her relationships were ever public.

No. 524930

File: 1527589111776.webm (1.17 MB, 271x180, fucking_waterfalls_how_do_they…)

She's a college grad. You'd think she'd know.

No. 524931

File: 1527589194682.gif (534.47 KB, 325x178, 50388492-400F-4A5E-A060-447533…)


Kek, good one anon!

No. 524934

What I don't get is why Lame is so far from the swamp trailer for so long for just a simple "family reunion"? When was the last time she was away from Gronk this long? I don't recall her being "separated" from him after Cuddlegate for this long, tbh.
I thought he was done with that book? LMAO
Coming from a psych major who confused Bipolar Disorder with Borderline Personality Disorder, it's not even surprising.

No. 524935

Plus lets not forget she made such a big show about not being able to make her doctors appointment she took months to book because she was flying out june 1st to NM, Why did she change it for earlier?

No. 524936

kek how did I miss that? When did she mix up bipolar and bpd?

No. 524937

When she let slip that sarah was bipolar but said bpd by accident

No. 524938

As if she ever had any intention of going to the doctor.

No. 524940

The sad thing is, there will always be women who'll fall for him (see all of those snowflakes and discordians who want to join the trinity), but I suppose they won't be in their teens anymore.
He might settle for some naive or troubled slender / ana-chan women in their 20s when the realization hits him, but since he has a lot of problems with his self-esteem, major Peter Pan syndrome and his obvious narc problems, he'll probably plow through them because they're not really what he wants.

No. 524941

It was a year ago. Still kek worthy knowing that it's very likely she had edubirdie (as much as LGH was buttplugging it when she was a student, it's a logical assumption) writing her assignments for her. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=y9ls5zpaV74

No. 524943

>saw fear in Blaire's eyes
Blaire was drunk and bored, Grug. And cringing at your facepaint.

No. 524945


And she was laughing and rolling her eyes at him, basically just having a laugh while "debating", safe to say she wasn't afraid of anything but running out of vodka.

Also major keks at her boyfriend asking "who was that dude?" and Blaire saying "I have no idea" when the debate was over.

No. 524946

File: 1527592937204.png (469.53 KB, 1182x824, Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 7.21…)


Another 20-minute sperg he's posting at 4am, this time defending his forums.

No. 524948

I was laughing at the end of the video because he was trying to convince us (and himself) that the people against him are the all the people on his forums that he called rated as ugly.
Thats quite the conspiracy theory.

No. 524949

I would gander a good guess that a majority of farmers are actually pretty damn good looking, I think thats what pisses him off more.

No. 524951


Having a shitty diet while breastfeeding is more likely to hurt her than it is the kids. But that's EXACTLY what she wants. Breastfeeding makes you burn A LOT of calories and I'm sure she's using it as a tool to keep her SMOL BEAN physique.

No. 524953

Omg the fake deepened voice is so fucking cringy

No. 524954

He puts the responsibility on the people who posts pictures on his forum and not on himself. What a fucking scumbag.

This whole video is a trainwreck jfc.
"What is there to apologize for? I only slept with two minors! Let it go! Jeez!"

No. 524955

I couldnt figure out why he was trying so desperately to get Blaire to debate him. I kept asking myself "debate what?" I understood the original debate was around his collecting & rating underage girls photos but what would be the issue they'd discuss this time?
He let it slip… he wants to ask Blaire about the Shane controversy. He knows they're friends and he thinks he can get her to squirm. Plus if hes debating her then hes hoping for a larger audience to hear him make accusations and slander Shane. He understands that his current fanbase has shrunken and hes not reaching as many people as he did years ago.

No. 524956

Why can't he just go the fuck to sleep like a normal person or have something to soothe his nerves instead of throwing bitch fits like an imbecile

No. 524957

I think Lamey accidentally packed his "stop me from going psycho" meds in her suitcase. She better FedEx that shit back to Washingtom quick or we're in for a whole week of 3 a.m. tweet blow outs.

No. 524958

He looks and sounds so fucking salty. As a content creator YOU ARE responsible, Shreg, for what you put in your videos. You should be verifying this shit.

He's a manic mess and swamp prince left him all alone to his own devices. He can't yell at her so he has to show his true autistic side on twitter and youtube.

No. 524959

He cant rant to Lameo, so hes resorted to calling his mom, pointing the phone at his computer screen and showing her the Shane with his cousin video so she will side with him.

No. 524960

for real.
he changes his voice in so many videos cuz he's insecure about himself.

No. 524962

this is…. so horrible. so elementary. the structure is awful and broken… dammit now i'm sounding like it.

No. 524964

fucking hell it's so weird, esp when you compare this voice to the one he uses in 'Regarding the rumors about me today' which was only 2 days ago… I swear his voice changes depending on the topic he's covering like somehow he thinks it helps him seem more convincing.

No. 524966

He's literally gave himself a cold from staying up all night raging.

Wow, such responsible father, especially with those under five.

No. 524968

to me the tone changes are like a mask he puts on, subconsciously. he's such a fake human being i bet he's actually unaware he changes his voice since he's never actually sincere.

No. 524970

Its like how he said he talked differently based on appearance. When he shaved his head he got all deep. I think he's slipping back into that.

No. 524972

“I’m not responsible for the dangerous material on MY website that I host!! Ohoho no!”

No. 524974

Has this been shared yet?
I'm glad someone knows where to pull out all the old stupid things Gurgles has said over the years.

No. 524979

This is a really good watch when wanting to compare the way he presents himself also. The most that girls have ever fawned over Him was during the stage where he had jet black hair (or used filters to portray jet black hair) and like VERY SUBTLE eyeliner on his lower lids. He also exuded this calmer confidence in those videos back then and all of that combined had a lot of girls really finding him attractive and keeping up with his stuff. But now he comes off totally out of control manic, and he doesn’t have the hair. Which is funny bc he knows how important the hair is to getting his teen following— which is why he tried to bleach it to look like pewdiepie/the Paul brothers, but it backfired.
I also think his skin was filtered better back then before he realized he had to drop the whole cat fishing thing. His filtered black hair and eyeliner were serving up wanna be Andy vibes that girls bought into but he looks nothing like that now (and in truth he didn’t then)

You have to wonder if Taylor ever felt a bit played by his editing when she met him in real life. But she was prob too star struck to care. Or even worse, it allowed her to view his ridiculousness online as even more of a “persona” in the beginning, allowing her to ignore red flags

No. 524986

Anon this is exactly how Greg's mind works.

No. 524987

File: 1527606907672.jpeg (114.11 KB, 700x1015, 79C9C03E-8DD5-428A-A3B4-A4F897…)

I can’t wait to see his makeup choice for the “debate”

No. 524989

HD cameras were a mistake

No. 524992

File: 1527608039427.png (2.7 MB, 1092x1080, cryptkeeper.png)

That's my cue.

No. 524994

I don't eat
And I don't sleep
But I got the cleanest
House on the street!
Oooooh Meth!
Uuuuuu Meth!

No. 524999

This is brilliant. I’d tweet it at him if I hadn’t already been blocked

No. 525005

Peep all the gray hairs he has coming in on his sideburns and eyebrows.

Age is coming fast for you grease

No. 525009

Maybe if this gay goblin stopped rage tweeting literally non stop he wouldn't age this much at only 32

No. 525012

Skye had to be 16 and he was 18 when they first got together. They were both still in school

No. 525020

Can't post the thumbnail because I'm on my phone again, sorry :( but Lainey discusses whether she's a little or not:


No. 525023

He takes pledges on patreon for access to his forums, patreon, and discord. If he really wanted to avoid all this he could just set his patreon to “Adult Content” and remove any pledges from underage fans. Of course we all know he'd never do that because money is more important than protecting his underage fans.

No. 525024

If you're malnourished and breastfeeding, the child breastfeeding will simply deplete you more because the body is meant to care for the baby. She doesn't look healthy, so she's only hurting herself by breastfeeding longer which in turn hurts the children later when she's plagued with chronic illnesses.

No. 525025

Maybe his rosacea wasn't that bad back then when he met Lainey, I think since he is marry to Plainey he needs to take more showers to have "alone time", escape from her and the kids. Which result in his face melting and getting more scabs.

No. 525026

Didn't he say towards the end of the stream that it was "one of the better debates" because she was "actually responsive" to his retarded questions? In fact as I recall it, he was sucking her dick towards the end of the debate. FAAAX Shrug!

No. 525027

At what point will he completely stop making videos… Shreggggg you already did enough to sabotage your family's mental health and turn them suicidal

No. 525029

Apparently Lame wasn't breastfed as a baby. Hate to say this but it might~ be a solid reason as to why she's going overboard with feeding her own kids.
Lel at her driving a hybrid. Much poor very struggle.

No. 525031

Gregs going live on YN to debate all his "challengers"

So hes going to guest random people and yell at them then disconnect?

No. 525037


I really hope nobody watches him. He is obviously reeeealllyyy desperate for attention right now so the best thing to do would be ignore him.

No. 525040

Honestly this, but if any farmers decide to jump in and "debate" him, please DO NOT REEEE at him like that mong Jeff holiday did. That's the only thing I ask.

No. 525041

File: 1527619060249.png (85.78 KB, 570x294, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.37.…)

No. 525042

File: 1527619079438.jpg (132.27 KB, 610x917, L5XxGEz.jpg)

>People like me are not long for this world.

The world was never meant for one as beautiful as you, Gurgles.

No. 525043

Hes taking 2 hours to prep?
I get the feeling hes drumming up some ringers to magically appear during the stream and want to "debate" him
Im hoping that there will actually be a decent audience, but it will be all lurkers and no one giving him bars or whatever the current tokens are.

No. 525045

I hope everyone is smart enough to not take the bait. I think ignoring him would hurt his ego more than anything anyone can ever say.

No. 525046

File: 1527619425780.png (30.4 KB, 735x356, Screenshot-2018-5-29 Onision (…)

Now deleted.

No. 525047

File: 1527619550915.png (11.3 KB, 208x447, Screenshot 2018-05-29 at 2.44.…)

A bit random b