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File: 1567744318360.png (477.57 KB, 600x988, the assassination of jj.png)

No. 697957

Thread Image Credit: >>697045
Previous Thread: >>>/pt/695945
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Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Lainey's thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

Sarah gets fed up with Greg's constant harassment and as a result, she starts outing the Onions grooming and hypocrisy.
-'guilt tripping me is only making me angrier, keep it up >>696430
-SS of a message from Greg expressing how he loved making love to Kai and Sarah. >>696461
-'I don't have to rely on my 'messed up' memory. I have every single text since I was 14 still saved.' >>696599
-SS of Greg trying to guilt Sarah into silence. >>696618
-Greg and Sarah had sex while Lainey was in New Mexico. >>696715
-'Greg and Kai let me have alcohol.' >>696779
-'Kai sent me a selfie with his genitalia out while I was underage.' >>696787
-SS of Greg and Lainey fighting over Sarah's virginity. >>696839
-A picture of a hickey Greg gave Sarah 1/17/19. >>696844
-'Kai smoked weed.' >>696847
-SS of a long message where Jimmy once again tries to manipulate Sarah into silence by calling her a blackmailer, rapist, liar, and then uses his children as meat shields. >>696891
-Verifies Greg kept Sarah hidden from friends because he did not want them to know they where sexually/romantically involved. >>696958
-'Kai told me exactly how big Greg's dick is when I was 14.' >>697002
-Greg used the classic predator line 'you're so mature for your age' on a 16 year old Sarah. >>697141
-Greg wanted Sarah to make him weed brownies. The epitome of strait edge! >>697223
Greg continued to hide behind his private twitter account and started his poor mans version of Robot Chicken. >>697098
Blair White releases 'Exposing Onision: Child Grooming'. >>697669
Dev, an ex-patreon reveals that Greg spent the night at a female patreons Airbnb because he didn't want to risk driving while intoxicated. >697768
Greg starts archiving all his videos to new channels that do not bare his name, it is theorized that he is getting ready for his channels to be deleted or is desperately trying to earn money off the controversy. >>697802 >>697840 >>697882
Currently Greg and Lainey are avoiding the Sarah situation completely. Greg recently has unprivated his twitter and is now sharing clickbait videos that are unrelated to the current drama. >>697736 >>697745

For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned. This extends to contacting outside authorities.
- Sage your post if you're not contributing anything to the thread. >>697130
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.


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No. 697965

Did we have to actually put Sarah in the OP image instead of just the gruesome twosome? It's not like she wanted this to be her life, we covered this last time.(Don’t start with this argument again)

No. 697966

They don’t talk about it long but at about 1:20 in the beginning of the show they bring up onision . Billy is such a piece of shit at first he says he can’t defend it but then makes it out like Sarah is a just an angry ex

No. 697967

she just gave an interview with Blair White that went up today. so long as these types of op pics don't persist through subsequent threads, they're not contributing to harm.

No. 697969

File: 1567750447491.png (39.08 KB, 607x313, aa.PNG)

Has Sarah revealed the real story behind Onision saying that Ayallah wanted to have sex with 16 yo Sarah? Im sure its similar to how Greg twisted Billiethefridge's story and turned it into Daniel rapes some chick he met online.

No. 697973

has sarah finished her highschool? i hope staying with the onions for 3 years hasnt backtracked her education. she said on twitter she's working 12 hours a day , has 2 jobs and a new apartment at the age of just 19. now that is really something to admire her doing all this at 19 after just getting out of a terrible grooming situation . i hope she considers pursuing a college , she's obviously a very smart hard working girl and would be a shame if she doesnt . if Greg ever comes again begging for money then it would only make him look more shitty, if Sarah can do it , why cant a 34 year old man father of two kids work two jobs to support them? oh i forgot he rather preffers to sit on his ass all day pumping out horrible videos that no one is watching and speaking to his small cult on patreon/twitter

No. 697974

I get why he is annoyed. He's flooded with messages about things he's not supposed to have known unless he was fucking Sarah as well. It's not like Onision is going to go off telling people he's been fucking someone underage, not only because it would put him in legal trouble, but because he likes to put on the moral façade for his friends and enemies. Billy most likely feels attacked by things he couldn't have known. It's understandable that because he works with Youtube he knows how toxic and pushy fandoms can get, as well as mob mentality. He, like Jaclyn did once too, decided to give Onision the benefit of the doubt and not listen to internet bullshit (that now turned out to be more than bullshit and he knows that). Still, it's obvious he feels attacked and blamed when he didn't stick his dick in anybody and is not supposed to be keeping tabs on who Onision sticks his dick in.

No. 697977

Yeah but even after Madison got burned, he still stayed neutral and he knew Madison in person.
At least Jacyln argued or talk to Greg online.
Billy still hung out at Gurg's house. So yeah it wasn't his fault at all, but he should of cut contact ages ago.

No. 697978

She hasn’t said officially yet. My theory is that Onision was making fun of Sarah for being a virgin (which was confirmed), and as a way to comfort Sarah, Ayalla probably said something like “don’t worry, if I was a guy your age I’d totally sleep with you!” and as usual Onion twisted her words against her.

No. 697979

I don't think he fully believes what's going on though. And I think that's the reason Greg never allowed Billy or any of his friends to meet Sarah.

Sarah said that he didn't allow her friends to meet her because he didn't want them to know what was going on. And I bet there's some truth to that, but I think the main reason why he didn't allow her to meet anybody was too keep this wall between Sarah and the people close to him he could manipulate if this ever came out. If they don't know Sarah, she has less credibility for these people than Onision does. You'd believe your friends over a stranger most times, right? That's what's going on there and that's why Billy is not 100% convinced, I don't think.

No. 697980

File: 1567753104512.png (103.05 KB, 696x762, Screenshot_6.png)

Billy defended Greg the first time Ayalla talked about the grooming. Billy refused to even look into it and called it "the same old bullshit".

He defended this pedo scumbag and continued to be friends with him. Now he wants to be a fence sitter because he's a pussy and the allegations are too big to ignore this time.

No. 697981

IIRC Sarah was doing some sort of online schooling while with the Onions so I assume she has a GED or something.

No. 697982


What a weasel. If a work contact/friend of mine was accused of grooming a child best believe my ass would be sitting down to look through the evidence myself before defending his ass.

No. 697984

I think that's because people that visit lolcow and harass the friends of people involved in scandals kind of push people away from doing the right thing. Farmers generally want to force people to do things. Some farmers are pretty obsessive and crazy. That's the reason things didn't pan out with Cyr, for example, even though Dasha did some pretty fucked up shit. The mob mentality just turn people off to even want to hear anything about this shit.

From what I observed, having farmers try to defend you and "bring you justice" is not in that person's best interest in the long run due to the amount of harassment and obsessive people that come with it. People don't want to hear about it because of the forceful means you people choose to push the agenda. I know it's not all farmers that do this, but a lot do and it gets pretty annoying to a point the victim of the situation loses support from people with power because of the way some farmers behave outside of here. That's just what I observed.(sage)

No. 697986

File: 1567755267808.jpg (405.83 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20190906_082601_com…)

He spent yesterday uploading old videos to his Encore channel en masse - now those are all gone, and instead he's adding older ones to a new channel called 'youowe me'. I have no idea what the point of having all these different channels and re-uploading everything is, but it's kind of interesting.

No. 697988

How do you even know it's him and how did you find this channel?

Maybe he asked someone to do this and that's why they named the channel that? That's a weird name for a channel. I think he might be losing it haha

No. 697989

i know these are old but interesting choice of videos . did anyone pay attention to the title of them? its like theyre subtly directed at sarah . chilling

No. 697990

A cheap alternative to cloud storage?
Is he going to have another "accidental hard-drive crash?"
That would be the second one Ive heard about in the last year.
After the reveal that Sarah sent nudes to Lainey, Im sure Greg wants to clean shit up before the feds come knocking.

No. 697991

It's linked to his other channels, and was created in 2016, the About page says it's where he uploads onision videos that have been deleted. Yeah, the name is quite on the nose isn't it?
I have a habit of searching Onision on YouTube and sorting by recent uploads to check on the drama.

No. 697992

File: 1567757324987.jpeg (296.78 KB, 1242x1289, 37F02722-2775-444F-AC4E-DD2CBC…)

Guess James couldn’t keep up with all the deleting of hate comments and blocking the haters on Kai’s Instagram after Blaire’s video.

No. 697993

I mean, maybe he was scared enough to get a lawyer and they told him to keep his mouth shut?

No. 697996

File: 1567761705073.png (942.36 KB, 1626x850, encore.png)


The encore videos are there, they are just unlisted. Videos from that channel are included in playlists also on that channel. The videos in that playlist show them to be unlisted.

No. 697997

Honestly I think he is keeping his mouth shut while he desperately searches for someone that will try and enforce his bullshit NDA.

He can’t speak on anything because he is still holding hope he can enforce it, and he wouldn’t be able to enforce his, if he himself violates it.

No. 698000


Billie the fridge is lazy physically as well as he is mentally. When the victim tells you, and you still can't be bothered looking into it, you're just as guilty.

Billie the fridge the kind of person who watches a video of abuse but claims the faces are too blurred to make out who it is.

Greg only keeps doormats around him.

No. 698001

I also reckon he knew Greg was shifty but a train wreck and controversial, so he kept hanging around to get views and clout.
Pretty stupid to put up with that clown just to scrape some views, now he'll be forever linked to Pedonision and he didn't even rape anyone. Trash finds company with trash.

No. 698002

Even if he did manage to find a shitty enough billboard lawyer to go to bat for him, no one would give a shit because the cats out of the bag. He could screech about how Sarah broke the law until he just an aneurysm, it wouldn't make him or lame any less of a predator. Grooming a child is way more awful than breaking an NDA written in wordpad.

Either way the NDA is definitely void since a) she was underage and b) lame broke the law by sending nudes.

No. 698005

Well it's apparent that Joe has definitely written him off.
Joe and the others make fun of the whole situation.
Billy screeches that he's not defending him but keeps trying to remain neutral. Either he really feels sorry for Greg, or he's defending him.

No. 698010

File: 1567766216112.png (84.06 KB, 956x737, social.PNG)

Has Onisionspeaks social blade always been this horrible or is this related to Sarah? Was he losing subs every day as well before Sarah came out?

No. 698013

Oh Anon, he's been hemorrhaging subs ever since Cuddlegate. The only time he gains some is when he buys in bulk.

No. 698015

I saw that Grugly uploaded a video with him, fake Hannah Minx and that other dude within the last couple of days, definitely since Sarah's Twitter slaying. I'd imagine the video was filmed days ago and only just released. I wonder if they're going to maintain their friendship with the Grease.

I've seen fake Hannah publicly defend Grugly all over Instagram as he's in many of her posts. It's like she wanted everyone to closely associate her with him, my guess is for whatever tiny, obscure clout she can get by being tied to him. That tells me that she's SUPER desperate. Personally, I'd rather be completely unknown and work my way to relevancy from the bottom than to get the tiny boost of exposure from Grug because it's at the expense of being attached to his awful, predatory-ass ways.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 698017

Sarah wasn't underage when Jimmy wanted her to sign a NDA. It was the day after they slept together for the first time, which was five days after she turned 18. But Sarah didn't even sign it, so who cares

No. 698018

File: 1567771341480.png (19.52 KB, 591x238, burn the witch.png)

No. 698019

>People just don't understand my pedophilia very well! Think positively and without age restrictions uwu

Is he fucking joking with this? Nice to see him starting to crack.

No. 698020

"think positive and be understanding (of the fact i groomed a minor under my guardianship, had sex with her with my manwife and accused HER of raping ME afterwards)"

fucking rofl at him calling this a "witch trial", you're a documented pedophile, greg.

No. 698021

At this point he's just hit rock bottom and is trying to normalize that shit

No. 698022

This coming from the man who smeared Shane as a pedo for over a year and regularly goes after Pewdiepie is a thing of beauty.

Hypocrisy has never tasted so good!

No. 698023

Farmers don’t do that, new fags that don’t know to sage do that.

No. 698027

File: 1567775690664.png (8.93 KB, 655x106, asdfwerger.png)

A relevant image from "Life of Onion" written by Onision.

No. 698028

He arguement is so flawed. When you look at the ages of them when they started dating there is a very VERY clear pattern of young girls.
Skye was 18
Shiloh was 17
AJ was 24
Taylor was 17
Billie was 18
Maya was 18 or 19
Sarah was 18
Hannah minx is this alleged famous youtuber hes refering too…I dont know her age but I also dont consider them as dating either cause it was a online relationship ship that lasted two weeks and she completely disappeared without telling him lol

No. 698030

Who is the 26yo? Seems pretty old by onion standards.

No. 698033

>dated kai when he was 17.

Oh go fuck right off with that nonsense.

No. 698036

If any of this is wrong, I'll sage.

Dated Skye when she was 17. He was ~18. 1 year gap.

Dated Shiloh when she was 17. He was ~25. 8 year gap.

Dated AJ when she was 24. He was ~26. 2 year gap.

Dated Hannah when she was 22. He was ~26. 4 year gap.

Dated Adrienne when she was 26. He was ~26. No gap.

Dated Lainey when she was 17. He was ~26. 9 year gap.

Dated Billie when she was 18. He was ~30. 12 year gap.

Dated Maya when she was 18. He was ~31. 13 year gap.

Dated Sarah when she was 18. He was ~33. 15 year gap.

No. 698038

Shiloh was 16 and met her in another state. Moved her in closer to 17.

Kai/Lainey was 16 turned 17 before they officially met in person and in the Voicemails he was possibly talking to them before being done with A and Sh. “The only person I can talk to is in school right now.”

No. 698040

AJ and Adrianne are the same person.
>Voicemails he was possibly talking to them before being done with A and Sh. “The only person I can talk to is in school right now.”
He was talking about Skye. Skye went back to school after they got divorced.

No. 698041

What the person above said. Aj and Adrienne are the same person and they only dated for a few weeks. Long enough for her to realize he was fucking nuts

No. 698043

Greg dated aj for about a month, it ended sept/oct 2011.

The lore of onion:
After breaking up with his fiance Shiloh for the last time toward the end of 2011 (aj was caught up in the greg/shiloh shit oct '11)

>Greg tweeted "Soulmate… where are you?" on February 12, 2012. >Lainey replied "here".

Greg DM'd Lainey on twitter: "You really think you're my soulmate?" "If so… what makes you feel this way?".
When revisiting this moment in 2015,
>Greg says "I was already following this girl on twitter and I think we texted a few times prior, so it was extra meaningful to me."

Kainey had been fangirl tweeting him almost daily for months in 2011. Over time, kainey began sending more obsessive tweets, from saying Greg is in her top 5 Youtubers she would marry list, to eventually proclaiming she loved him, kainey would directly respond to Greg through twitter regularly, she went vegetarian for the new year and used a picture of Greg as her phone background. On the first day of the 2012 new year, Lainey tweeted: "My #2012 wish is for @Onision to be a big part of my year.

so the speculation has always been kainey was the school girl groomin' greg had been referring to.

No. 698045

Around the same time one of the old tumblr groups found Lainey’s teen dating saying she was Bi and at the time Greg was against Bi girls. She claimed it was fake and she was straight. Kai/Lainey was straight till they “came out” again when all the Youtubers were.

No. 698047

This from a guy who sent his depleting army of tweens after all of his exes and their friends to make sure they'd never post anything against him on the internet and screamed about Shane Dawson being a pedo. Shut up, JJ. You're not an innocent, and fuck you for having ignorance and arrogance to even think you are. You're a sexual predator. I only wish you could be stoned to death like Giles Corey.

Dating one seventeen year-old is all it takes to be a creep. The fact he has two seventeen year-olds and a sixteen year-old he groomed (while lainey started grooming sarah a whole year sooner) under his belt makes him that much more of a scaly, greasy freakazoid.

No. 698049


>> The fact he has two seventeen year-olds and a sixteen year-old he groomed under his belt

There is definitely a pattern, it's not a coincidental event. He's not a desperate incel who can't find older women.

No. 698050

But tell him that and he goes off about how 17 isn’t different than 18 because all he is looking at is the legality. He doesn’t understand the mentality and maturity that someone goes through in just 17-18 (or 17-20) he is mentally stuck in his teens too so he doesn’t have that same concept of “I could never date someone that immature that lacks life experience” that most people get when the look at teenagers. That’s why to most people it’s fucking creepy but ol’ JJ never gets along with people his age anyway cause he’s got the mind (and humor) of a 15 year old.

No. 698051

File: 1567783433057.png (51.39 KB, 538x478, Screenshot_51.png)

Doesn't look like Greg's slept much last night. It was 7:43am in Washington when he tweeted about the discord chat.

No. 698054

And somehow I’m sure he’s deluded himself into thinking people want to follow him because they actually like him.

No. 698055

Greg edits Lainey's videos right?
I bet she's pissed off at him for including the cuddling clip that Blair featured in her video TWICE.

No. 698060

Oh shut the fuck up Billie the Cuck. If you expect proof of your friend's pedarasty to be spoon fed to your fat ass when it's plastered everywhere plain as fucking day then just go back to swinging on Jimmy's nutsack and stay out of it.
You could show him live video of Grug sticking his vienna sausage in a minor and Billie would be like "But where is the evidence?" Fucking moron.

LMFAO. He wishes he was that important. This isn't the Salem Witch Trials dipshit, and what are we supposed to be thinking positively about? You grooming and diddling Sara with your man foot wife? God narcs are something else. When CPS comes to take his kids away for possesion of child pr0n let's be sure to remind him to have "pos vibes".

No. 698061

that clip probably turned him on. I feel gross even typing that.

No. 698062

I am enjoying that all the comments are missing his very thinly veiled point and talking about the actual salem witch trials and/or their teenybopper wiccan phases

No. 698063

I thought that too.
I noticed when he was obsessed WITH Billie, you noticed it in the way he edited his videos.
Lots of facial reactions, focusing a lot on her.
The music video with Ayallah, Billie and him constantly zooms in on flattering shots of Billie.
I bet he watches that cringey comedy skit of Billie and Lainey kissing over and over. I bet he's saved all sorts of weird video stills.

No. 698064

at this point, Lainey was editing her own videos.

No. 698066

Not always. You can tell his autistic editing style from her inept editing style.

No. 698067

>the only thing he cared about is (1) is it legal?

Aside from having two 17-yr-olds on that list which is two 17 year olds too many, who thinks like this? “oh the number one thing i care about in a partner is whether or not they’re legal age.” normal people don’t think like this. the only people who are so concerned with someone’s age being legal are the people who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

No. 698069

yup. most people his age don't have to even be concerned with "are they legal?" because they aren't attracted to people that are barely adults to begin with. there is something wrong with a person who consistently chooses partners 10+ years younger than they are.

age gaps CAN work, of course. but he has a pattern. He could have been out looking for someone his age or even Lainey's age to add into his weird ass relationship, but naw. He'd rather wait for his "little sister" to become legal.

No. 698072

Given that he's much closer to being a 40yr old than a 20yr old he's currently 'choosing' a twenty year age gap.

Now that shit really fucked up fam..

No. 698078

Kek he is so transparent and even though he’s gritting his teeth trying to be mR poSiTiViTy, he’s obviously shitting bricks. You can go to your happy place in your waterhead where you can freely fuck teenager girls and don’t have the entire internet, pierce county, and the IRS after you. But if only that were true, Grugly. Watching him sweat is awesome.

No. 698080

When I went to review the video that Blair used an ad conveniently popped up right before Sarah got real close. Then the last like three seconds show the clip Blair used. Lol at their attempts to possibly hide it

No. 698099

File: 1567798017057.jpeg (733.46 KB, 1125x1770, 1DF49BD9-EE74-4C61-AE45-E783B3…)


Looks like Greg’s bringing out the sock puppets.

No. 698101

Has anyone brought up. Or thought if the fact that Sara is closer in age to onions son. Than she is onion. Idk why I just find it weird and gross.

No. 698102

Jesus. I wonder how many crazy sock accounts he's harassing her with.

Yeah it's been brought up numerous times over numerous threads. It is gross, but it's getting annoying to see all these math related age posts all the time.
>omg such and such's age is closer to ___!
>omg if u think about it, Greg was this old when such and such was this old!
>omg if u add 3 billies and subtract this many sarahs it's still not as old as greg!

It's pretty established that he's far too old and mental for anyone he dates.

No. 698103

Kapkidnap? Like captain kidnap? I don’t know why he would’ve chosen a name that draws attention to his weird relationship with kids but wonder why his picked that one lol.

Of course he has these sock accounts. He needs an outlet for his anger and also a way to attack/silence Sarah and her supporters without having his name attached. People can leak texts and emails and show he’s a hypocrite and a pos but with his fake anime profiles he can hide.

I’m surprised blaire never released his email groveling to to expose him as a predator tbh.

No. 698105

I thought this was the onision sociopath account or whatever it was called.
I remember it having an anime profile picture with a dude's face like that one.

No. 698112

the Hi I'm a Sociopath twitter also with a Death Note avatar
he's never been very good at covering his tracks

No. 698115

That's the one!
There's a chance it could just be a troll mimicking the hiimasociopath account though, yeah?
I don't have twitter so I am not familiar on if you can change your handle.

No. 698117

iirc that account was proven not to be onion's own.

No. 698118

>Sara is a narcissistic sadistic compulsive liar

Yeah well she spent a good majority of her life around narcissistic sadistic compulsive liars so pat yourselves on the back Jimmy and Foot - bless up.

No. 698119

I don't think so. HiImaSociopath hasn't contacted any of the Twitter Anti-O's in over a year unless they address him first. He's been quieter since that cult fiasco when a couple of accounts tried to pretend to be him.

No. 698131

File: 1567805265353.jpg (65.96 KB, 576x1024, EDzduPvXUAI_Oxs.jpg)

full pic

oh no, not that name again.. there were fake onion sockpuppets trolling anti-o twitter, HiiaS was one of them iirc, but this was probably grug

No. 698132

File: 1567805426579.png (203.09 KB, 582x378, Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 5.30…)

guess the patreon money isnt covering it anymore

No. 698133

File: 1567805592782.jpg (25.32 KB, 185x275, 1547073423822.jpg)


Teemo Mcfly was known as Captain Schwifty in discord until she changed her handle a couple of months ago. She's the girl who was desperately sperging at the other patron's during the Boston meet and greet how onion just had to stay over in the airbnb with her (due to his supposed beer swillin' wild livin' child groomin' debauchery) as pointed out by Dev.

This is all conjecture on my part but I'm also hoping that he's finally met his glenn close..

Pic Mcfly posted back in January that originally had anons speculating why greg was there with her.

Lol. You couldn't make this shit up!

No. 698134

Oh god he just let the world know that he has AT&T. Didn't all those hacks on Twitter happen with Youtubers that had AT&T? Hopefully he'll get hacked too.

No. 698136


>>"Onison would like you to stop…"

he is so transparent. What "fan" would word it like that?

No. 698137

I love the fact that he brags about being rich but ends up admitting through things like this he's just as broke as the rest of us if not in abject poverty at this point.

No. 698140

Kinda ot but relevant to the wolf of wall street meme he posted, I hate when he posts shit like this because I feel like he does it to relate to said characters in the memes. He's always mimicking and posting memes of Jim carrey or others and it's like fuck off, you aren't as funny or as relevant as these people. I bet he thinks he's just like Leo from the movie with all his irs money troubles and such.
You aren't married to Margot Robbie and you look like a down syndrome Tom Cruise who got his face stepped on. Same goes for how he thinks he's the real life Joker. Newsflash, you aren't and even the shitty Jared Leto joker makes you look like an autistic faggot in comparison.

No. 698142

There was another DM on the bad banana twitter where the sock is telling them to mind their own business and that they shouldn’t care so much about people they don’t know in real life but that account has been DMing a lot of people to tell them to leave onision alone so it’s either blindly hypocritical or else it’s Greg or Lainey. It’s obviously Greg tho based on writing style and being insane enough to do it in the first place.

No. 698150

File: 1567807877005.gif (477.46 KB, 420x315, michael.gif)

If anything it's a good indication he's starting to crack, which means we are closer to actual footage of him losing his mind, which I am all for. I expect him to REALLY, really break if Youtubers keep talking about this and police starts showing up to investigate, CPS, Lainey starts facing legal troubles for having sent her big boy vagina to the teenager she had custody over, etc.

Once the real world starts merging with the virtual world, he is going to crack and go absolutely mental online, since it has been his therapeutic outlet for years to vent his frustrations. He is not going to remain silent about this.

I don't think these things have happened yet. Doubt he has actually had to talk to police or had a real threat of losing his kids or a threat of Lainey going to jail from the real world. Right now it's all online so it's manageable. I'm just hoping that he starts experiencing real-life consequences sooner than later so we can watch him fall apart without hiatus.

No. 698152

Idk. It looks like someone trying to emulate Greg. When Greg types of lengthy paragraphs, there are grammar errors galore. This person sounds more like a Ted Bundy wannabe.

No. 698154

>$55 a month for phone plan

That's a lot for someone who doesn't leave the house and hardly has friends to talk to.

No. 698156

File: 1567808641981.png (59.54 KB, 582x389, LMAO.png)

No. 698157

I noticed Sarah calls Onision just Greg, never James.
Looks like the name change was just on paper.

No. 698159

He tried to get her to call him JJ.

No. 698163


No. 698164

This is amazing. He totally watched her Onion video

No. 698165


I noticed that too. I also think it's because she found it cringey.
I think he wanted JJ more tbh but noone would call him it except a few 14 year olds and he eventually gave up on trying to make JJ happen and skipped the nickname and tried James. I'm aware he changed it to James and not JJ, but he certainly pushed hard for the JJ narrative in the beginning.

No. 698167

He and Lainey need extra data so they can watch videos,go on instagram,twitter and text little girls while they ignore each other on their olive garden dates on their phones.

No. 698168

It'd be pretty funny if Chris Hansen started going after Youtube pedos and making Greg the first one.

No. 698169

He probably doesn't even watch Greg, but I'd kill to hear Chris's opinion on the whole thing. He's the OG of pedo hunters.

No. 698170

File: 1567809977979.png (33.06 KB, 256x256, 666.png)

I'm Chris Hansen and this is to catch an Onion.

No. 698171

To Peel an Onion

No. 698175

He already stared just recently, the first one was supposed to be Ice Poseidon a day or two ago. I'm not too informed, but there were some technical difficulties and it wasn't aired.

You were joking, but it's happening. Chris Hansen is going after youtubers. No wonder he followed Blaire.

No. 698180

his team's going to have an easy time on this one since onion's bullshittery is all archived

No. 698182


Yeah, a two for one - grease and lame.

No. 698197

Sarah said in Blaire's video that Anus makes everyone in his life sign a NDA, and Joe mentioned the NDA he had to sign in a video recently. Why a person who is supposedly so "innocent" and "honest" like Anus claims he is makes everyone in his life sign a NDA? That in itself is an admission that he's not fucking innocent and honest

No. 698199

So a few questions.:
1. I hear that Sarah confirmed that Kai isnt really trans and is a cis/straight woman. Is this true? If so, whats the source?

2. When Sarah said that Kai sent him pics with genitalia, was it Kai's genitalia or Greg's?

3. Did Sarah confirm if Onionboi had said he'd leave Kai if Kai got top surgery? Did Kai really want top surgery or is the trans stuff fake?

No. 698200

imagine Chris Hansen showing up to the Onion swamp with cameras. it'd be the highlight of my year.

No. 698201

Who else would use Death Note as their Twitter icon in the year of our lord 2019?

No. 698202

I'd be laffin if he wasn't such a transparently predatory pos. It's almost like he's attempting to provoke people with this spastic, Pollyanna bs of his.

No. 698203

>the only people who are so concerned with someone’s age being legal are the people who are doing things they shouldn’t be doing.

It's like in that 'debate' he had with Blaire where he told her he likes "underdeveloped women" as long as "they're of age". He's gone too long without treatment for his mental illness - his future ain't looking bright if he stays on the track he's been on.

No. 698206

File: 1567817176008.gif (803.6 KB, 300x222, bruh.gif)

>I only wish you could be stoned to death like Giles Corey.
Bro Giles didn't even do anything wrong, what happened to him is fucked up. What Onion needs is an ankle bracelet and forced psychiatric intervention.

No. 698208

She calls Lainey Kai and uses male pronouns so no she didn’t confirm the trans thing. It does sound like Lainey isn’t into women though which isn’t a surprise to anyone. Sarah said she didn’t know if it was just her (not being sexually attracted to her) or what but based on lainey’s history it’s further proof her “bisexuality” is surface level aka just finding girls attractive but not being sexually attracted to them and it’s likely just to support greg’s Trinity fetish.


No he didn’t say he would leave her but that he wanted a girl in the picture if Lainey was going to get top surgery. I can’t imagine he would stay if she got top surgery and didn’t allow him to have a third but we’ll see.

No. 698209

1. She was unsure if Kai is attracted to women at all. (expressed in younow live stream) From the outside looking it seemed like Kai only pursued relationships with other women in order to get the emotional support Greg refused to provide.
2. It sounded like it was Kai's genitalia. She said that Kai sent topless photos, a photo with no bottoms, and a photo showing their privates. (Blair Whites Interview)
3. Kai let Greg date Sarah so that she can get top surgery. Who knows whats going on in her head. (younow Live Stream)

Look in the past few threads to find mirrors, transcripts, and links.(sage)

No. 698215

Kek. He is such a man child when it comes to money: Grug goes and buys another Tesla, also Grug: I'm on a prepaid with AT&T plz use my code guize. I guess you better start saving those shekels for your attorney eh Pedosion?

No. 698217

1. Youtuber's in the trans community have talked about Lainey/Kai being a "transtrender". Kai/Lainey was never diagnosed with dysphoria. You can't legit be trans without being diagnosed with dysphoria. The assumption is that Lainey being the brilliant holder of a masters degree in psychology, has somehow seen fit to diagnose herself. It just goes to show how much of a fucking moron someone can be despite having higher education, but I digress.

2.Sarah confirmed Kai (Lainey) sent pic(s) of her vag to Sarah when she was underage.

3. Dunno the answer to the first question. It's been speculated her wanting top surgery has more to do with what's become of her breasts after having kids. Her trans identity being fake was covered in question 1.

No. 698218

>Chris Hansen is going after youtubers. No wonder he followed Blaire.
This is glorious. I knew this was going to get bigger despite some farmers being so pessimistic. Happy to see all the girls Onion has fucked over get their dues after so long.

No. 698222

see >>698217(ban evasion)

No. 698223

Never heard of a pre-surgically transitioned trans person being okay enough in their dysphoria to send topless pictures. Truly trangender people describe their signed at birth body as something they can't accept, something that makes them feel completely repulsed by simply because they can't identify with it. Their bodies wouldn't be something they would flaunt around. She actually used to claim she didn't have dysphoria until the trans community told her it didn't work like that and now she's SO DYSPHORIC DAWG. ugh.

No. 698228

File: 1567822333399.jpg (20.2 KB, 256x310, 001.JPG)


No. 698230

pretty sure lainey has a bachelor's degree (from an online program) not a master's

ew, did he just post this? he wishes he could be belle delphine so bad

No. 698231

correct, she only has a 4 year online degree. she's not qualified in any way to diagnose anyone, including herself.

No. 698232

can she even do anything with that if she leaves grease, when she has no experience? im not even sure shes had a real job as a teenager, seeing as she got with grease at 16-17

No. 698234

She has a bachelors from a university. Farmers just say online to fuck with her but she does have a degree. GRANTED that degree is in psychology and you can’t do JACK SHIT with a undergrad degree in psychology and pretty much have to get a masters or higher to do anything with it. Middle management is about the best you can do with a BS/BA in psychology.

No. 698237

I would piss myself laughing if Chris Hansen helps take down the onion

No. 698248

Bad banana should really ask this "fan" how they feel about Greggy poo sperging and inserting himself constantly in other people he doesnt know's business.

Meeting someone briefly years ago and exchanging a few business-oriented texts doesnt count as knowing someone and having the right to espouse your retarded opinions on their life Gurgles. Every pathetic video and tweet he has made about Shane, Eugenia, and others is the same ass shit. But actually worse because hes a monumental faggot that thinks his meaningless drivel is actually influential

No. 698249

1) this is the most repulsive and unattractive image I have ever seen

2) imagine your dad posting shit like this online. God how embarrassing

3) honestly who is his audience now? Do cringy little edgelord girls find this shit attractive?? He succeeded in making a "non-threatening uwu" selfie but missed the whole "be attractive" rule

No. 698254

File: 1567829306478.jpg (513.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20190907-000731_Chr…)

Can a patreon anon confirm this random Twitter person's claim that Jimmy's latest victim Candy has disappeared since Blaire's contribution to protecting society?

No. 698259

File: 1567831116566.png (289.87 KB, 598x869, candysavvy.png)

No. 698260

Just a few days after she gave birth to clot she was taking "sexy" pictures giving emphasis to her gigantic swollen lactating tits and you could even see a stain from breast milk leaking on her top. Anus posted one on his Facebook page, I think it's still there. Dysphoria my ass

No. 698267

Hansen is a tech-illiterate, womanizing gambling addict who recently bungled what should have been his break into streaming (the Ice Poseidon one) and then aired a 15-minute clip wherein he compared Ice Poseidon heavily to Howard Stern and seemed to sympathize with him. It would be funny to see him do an episode on Greg but not many people who aren't already tracking Greg would be watching and Hansen would probably do a mediocre job; he isn't willing to do his own research or pay a team enough money to get the narrative absolutely perfect.

No. 698274

you call her 2 years associate degree a master in psychology ? thats an insult to real psychologists who spend 6 years in college to get that diploma. its just an associate diploma she can wipe her butt with it since its not useful to diagnose people

No. 698276

File: 1567839076285.png (824.32 KB, 546x806, nasty.png)

puked in my mouth a bit with this one
i should've spoilered

No. 698278

If Onision is going for the Jeffrey Dahmer sexual deviant aesthetic, he might try to cash in this controversy if he feels he is legally safe not to suffer any serious repercussions over the Sarah situation.

No. 698279

Please spoiler this shit

No. 698289

Wow he has zero muscle tone. Do some fucking exercise Greg.

No. 698290

She actually does have a bachelors still not gonna make her a psychiatrist


Just search avaroe in the search bar. She graduated magna cum laude but thats not really hard when your only job is giving Onion sukmi in the shower.

But we've been over this 1000 times that her degree is pointless unless you go further (masters or PhD) otherwise its basically a work permit for jobs that just want you to have a bachelors to prove you can jump through bullshit hoops.

This is definitely not the kinda content you want to post when your fanbase is incredibly young and you're in the midst of a child grooming scandal.

No. 698292

File: 1567846005716.png (Spoiler Image, 534.62 KB, 546x758, onion.png)

There, fixed it

No. 698293

Fucking kek, anon.
I vote this edit for next thread pic!

No. 698298


Also, nice pedo glasses, Greg.

No. 698299

very Dahmer-esque

No. 698300

This image makes me irrationally angry

No. 698301

File: 1567849587390.jpg (Spoiler Image, 524.55 KB, 1080x1718, 20190907_114708.jpg)

No. 698303

Holy shit, the dude's practically got his junk out. It's super inappropriate given he's mostly followed by teens.
I think he's lowkey making a mockery of Blaire, Sarah and everyone who's taking these things he did seriously with these photos.

That's the posture of a man that knows he didn't technically do anything illegal and that it would be hard to prove otherwise, tbh. Sickening

No. 698304

File: 1567850103134.jpg (33.53 KB, 500x500, why.jpg)

No. 698305

Was going to say this. The pedo glasses and haircut make him look like a creepy uncle.

No. 698306

File: 1567850328755.jpg (32.94 KB, 540x720, 1563659912672.jpg)

Does he think he actually looks good in these? Thats hilarious.

No. 698312

My guess is that he had a few 4% beers before doing this little bathroom photo shoot. It’s actually really sinister to me, everyone knows he’s a pedo already and yet he continues this shit to attract those mentally unstable teens. Even if his face is on a wanted poster he’ll keep going just because he’s a narc.

No. 698313

File: 1567852170251.png (21.59 KB, 638x170, BC8E3387-9C0B-467C-AB21-C05554…)

Never forget, rape victim Jimmy.

No. 698314

He even changed his Twitter profile photo to make him look more like a sexual deviant. Pretty sure he is going to try to milk this to his advantage, considering the way he is behaving. He is going to market himself as a sex weirdo and see if that gives him a little more popularity, just watch.

He got a little taste with Blaire and he's going for Dr. Phil next.

No. 698315

File: 1567853144144.png (129.6 KB, 474x468, onion.PNG)

Samefag. Forgot to add the picture he changed it to >>698314
But the dude is literally shushing in the photo. He's deffo going for the psycho look. He's going to try milk this no doubt.

No. 698317

He thinks hes Light or some shit(he has severe autism) but instead of killing criminals he diddles teens for justice

No. 698318

I stand by the fact he's posting these cringy and fucked up photos as a means to try to manipulate people into making more videos about him and thus bring more traffic to his channel.

No. 698320

>>>/pt/229045 Reading old threads and kek

No. 698321

meanwhile this sucker gains back patreons ? are these people dumb as shit or they dont follow any social medias/other youtubers at all?you are willingly giving your money to a pedo, at this point youre just as guilty as him

No. 698322


He's obsessed with comic book villains so an apt name for his character in one would be The Diddler.

No. 698335

File: 1567857996253.jpg (488.07 KB, 750x1085, keHcjzc.jpg)

>that death note profile pic

No. 698344

File: 1567864838176.png (13.99 KB, 234x216, sq-trans.png)

this is HILARIOUS, but i wish blaire gave some credit to our queen Aldlii. blaire practically stole her video and made it worse + included a lil ill timed self promo in the end. go blaire

i mean i get it, it's still good blaire made a video an exposed him to a large audience. just saying

No. 698345

Umm are those cherries a subtle dig at taking Sarah’s virginity? Gross. He really thinks that nothing bad is going to happen to him from the things he did to Sarah. He’s delusional.

No. 698346

File: 1567865451464.jpg (64.68 KB, 600x600, shhh.jpg)

No. 698348

File: 1567865812939.jpg (13.31 KB, 410x129, dontflatteryourselves.JPG)

Kiwifarms thinks Blaire should have "credited" them lmfao. Sara was replying to these threads on her twitter, The Wayward Onion Girls end up getting a trip and posting here eventually, Jimmy and his HUSSYband stalk these threads… does anyone even give a shit about the low effort KF onion thread?

No. 698349

If this pic doesn’t confirm he’s a Pedo idk what does

No. 698351

God they're like the contemporary equivalent to "we did it reddit!!!"

No. 698353

I’d assume the people to frequent kiwi farms never come here. KF is always late to the milk, very rarely is something posted there first. It’s always annoying to read their onion thread because they constantly go off on tangents that have little to do with onion himself.
But really, what “research” was even show ? Everything Blair’s mentioned in her video has been all over YouTube.

No. 698354

File: 1567867479410.png (64.16 KB, 601x588, Onision threatening to dox.PNG)

Im posting this here because Im assuming its Onision threatening to dox his ex patron Dev-Cildra
If its not then Ill delete and move this convo to /snow

No. 698355

Any clue which video she could be referring to?

No. 698356

God, anyone who has ever been a paypiggie of his is just as cringe as him.

“Doxing” someone isn’t illegal and the FBI literally doesn’t care.

No. 698359

File: 1567868313172.png (17.29 KB, 538x108, Capture.PNG)

i never read KF, but when the wetlands destroying went down they had a way better thread than we did. also sarah approved and helped aldlii with her timeline. also, aldlii's video isnt monetized. she made it because she cares about sarah and the milk, not money

anyway fuck blaire and fuck kf. sarah tweeted that she got an appartment and its so good to see her live her best life and effortlessly destroy onions by the way. i live for this, you wonderful teen. like someone else said 'the gregs of this world are getting their comeuppance'

No. 698360

Doxing isn’t illegal but extortion (threatening to dox) is.

No. 698363

File: 1567869115320.png (354.57 KB, 534x600, slipping.png)


There is a lot to unpack here. From digs at Sarah about memory issues, and doing drugs to strait up saying he's not a pedophile/ephebophile.

No. 698364

File: 1567869118437.png (534.32 KB, 729x481, sarah.PNG)

Sarah retweeted this, note that "Kai" is in quotes. i think she doesn't believe lainey's faux trans bs, she's just using male pronouns for her so noone can derail using
>omg she misgendered kai reEE

and divert attention from actual milk, because she's smart like that

No. 698371

why did i do this

>O: So we have to talk about you being an Onision character, Sharon.

>Sharon: That's not my name.
>O: Oh it isn't? What is it, I forgot.
>S: I don't know I … Smoked a lot of stuff…RNNNGH
>O: Ok, Sharon, why should I let you live?
>S: I guess I'm really good at snorting cocaine and smoking crack.
>O: That's not a skill Sharon, that's a very…That's- that's a crime punishable by 5 years in prison
>S: Well, I'm homeless, so… I'm goood at that.
>O: Alright, um… that's not a skill.
>S: Oh, I give really good blowjobs, th- all my teeth…they're actually dentures; It just feels like a face vagina.
>O: Sharon, sweetie, I only have sex for love. Sorry, I gotta say goodbye.
>S while lifting shirt: NO WAIT NO LET ME SHOW Y-
>Onision snaps and Sharon disappears.

Some stupid doll stuff, most of it is that barbie doll thing posted recently which obviously ends with the barbie being murdered, and the "sargent" doll telling the other doll that he's a "good man" for killing her for cheating… There's also this weird stuff:

>High pitched voice in background: Mommy, where's the dog? Why'd you kill the dog? Oh god, why did daddy cut off the dog's head, mommy? Wow, mommy, this stroganoff tastes good, is this beef?

>O, thinking: Oh god. Not my childhood.

Suddenly there are Death Note characters for some reason. I don't watch his skits, so this is all so confusing.
>Light: You know you're a stupid, faggot-ass, emo, ugly piece of shit. You're so fucking ugly, I barf when I think about you while jacking-
>Light in a different scene: off to othe- other people. Cause you're fuckin' gay, you're a faggot, and you're ugly.
>L: You know Light, using your saliva I traced back your DNA all the way to you great-grandfather. Turns out he was a literal monkey.
>Light: OH MY GOD
>L: Yes, turns out your great-grandmother worked at a zoo. And was quite the pervert.
>Light, crying: Oh my god
>L: So I suppose it's better to be ugly like me, instead of a product of beastiality like you.
>For some reason Rick from Rick and Morty appears from a portal
>R: UH… UHM. Yeah, OK UHhh yeah, so, L, I guess I finally did it. Or som- it's pretty cool.
>L: Oh, you've been fiddling with your weird science projects?
>R: Yeah, no, shut up. Look, uh, here we go…
>Retrieves a Batman figurine from his pocket.
>Batman toy: Hello. I'm batman.
>L: Oh my… That's new.
>R: Uh yeah so I've been using these guys to spy on, uhm, onion.
>L: I haven't been speechless like this in..quite some time. Congratulations.
>R: Right, Onision, this, uh, pedophile guy.
>L: Alright, I'm aware that the man is a murderer and deserves life in prison, but I'm not aware of any activities involving prepubescent children.
>R: Oh right, he's a ephebophile. Eheh
>L: Right and about that, to verify the rumors I went ahead and hacked his internet browser and it turns out his history mostly consists of MILFs, teachers, hentai, and tentacle porn. You know, the pornography of heroes. You… Wouldn't like tentacle porn, would you?
>R: Uhh, we're talking about my action figures..
>L: Right, could you use your little friends to continue to spy on Onision? I would very much so like to know what else this dirty boy is up to.

Ugh. That was rough… It ends with a very short skit with more dolls, emo Charlie, and a light saber with a TBC card after. I just lost so many brain cells.

No. 698375

>>698315 I honestly think he is trying to emulate Bateman in American psycho, he is obsessed with him after all and it would suit his twisted fantasy edgelord narrative he is spinning atm.

Can newfags PLEASE STOP referring to people as "Our Queens", how old are you eight? This is a gossip board not a school prom. (ban me if needed, I had to vent).

No. 698376

This is the most autistic thing I've seen in my life.

No. 698377

>L: Right and about that, to verify the rumors I went ahead and hacked his internet browser and it turns out his history mostly consists of MILFs, teachers, hentai, and tentacle porn. You know, the pornography of heroes.

Why would you embarrass yourself like this? Also note the mostly.
There's probably way sketchier searches he conveniently didn't mention.

>duhhh I'm not a pedo, just a perverted weeb who also watches milf porn guysss

No. 698378

That whole Hot Topic scene emo/mallgoth aesthetic is so cringey. Is he ever going to move on from 2006? He was too old for it even when it was popular.

No. 698379

he just doesn't mention the hentai is actually loli porn and the MILF stuff is to soothe his mommy issues.

No. 698380

Just realized Lainey and Greg stopped doing daily live-streams when Sarah moved back in because it would’ve been too hard to hide her. I wish they still did those live-streams, it was easy to get a vague idea of their day to day life. Now I’m starting to wonder if Kainey will just fall off social media.

No. 698381


The maturity difference in these two posts is astounding.

One is a 19 year old who has managed to get her own place to live independently.

The other is a 33 year old man who is married with two kids, larping as dated anime characters from years ago, in his basement attempting to show off to impress his 5 fans.

Every fandom he sperges about in his skits are filled with the most autistic fans. There was literally no reason or context for all these random characters acted out by him, defending himself.
I feel like I caught 2nd hand autism trying to find any semblance of humour at all.

No. 698383

Imagine your dad telling you not to bother him so he can play dress up and action figures in the basement. How dusty are those death note wigs aren’t they 9 years old

No. 698386

Every costume and wig he owns is a million years old, cheap and musty as hell looking.
He doesn't even really try to add details or appropriate makeup for said characters anymore, it's like the bare minimum.

Also his characters are lame and unoriginal and just downright stupid. Panda god or whatever the fuck he calls it has to be one of the stupidest creations.
Literally a crusty santa beard along with that crusty old scene fake spirithood tiger hat thing that teenagers used to wear in 2006. I bet he hasn't washed it from when Billie and even Shiloh wore it. No wonder his skin is terrible. Layers of dust and sweat and filth all over the shitty costumes. To think he tried to sell this garbage.
And that chibi character thing is like a fred ripoff. Half the characters are Shane Dawson parody characters from over 10 years ago and the other half are fictional edgelord characters that already exist that he tries to emulate.

No. 698388

So we have Robot Chicken, Death Note, Rick & Morty, and Star Wars all together in this one video? It really is like an edgy 13 year old trying make videos in his Mom's basement - except it's an autistic adult making this to pay his bills lmao. Also yeah fucking right at his porno browser history, yeah Im sure you never spend hours in the teen category of Pornhub Grug. He probably goes on cam sites trying to find the most barely legal looking girls he can jerk his gherkin too, trading his Patreon shekels for tip money kek.

No. 698390

I don't even really mind things where fictional characters make a cameo. It's just his autistic execution of the idea. Like either stick with a storyline with your OG characters like Filthy Frank, or actually write like an actual reason as to why these characters are present. They are just there without explanation all interacting.

From what I understood from that skit, L from death note is randomly defending Onision while Light is chained to the wall and all of a sudden Rick from Rick and Morty appears to tell him he has a batman figurine that spies on Onision and then L tries to whiteknight more by outing Greg's porn history and then I failed to understand anything else in the video when it began ripping off robot chicken and star wars.
Oh and the faķe that he has made a crackhead frizzled dried up whore character as an attempt to be passive agressive to his 19 year old ex makes it all the more pathetic.

No. 698392

The sad thing is that the only creativity that he has on youtube is to either make unfunny skits like this, react to things kids like, rate teens or to angrily throw someone under the bus in a rant.

Six thousand dollar computer and all this fancy equipment to make these same videos again and again and apologise and again.

No. 698410

Doxxing it illegal. Wtf are you guys saying???

No. 698414

I've done some research that it depends on the state. Most states don't take doxxing itself that seriously, but if you say that it's "cyber-stalking" or "harassment," the police are likely to take the claim more seriously. Dev could charge Greg, but she'd have to find the right name for the charge.

No. 698415

Doxxing is not illegal if the information is obtained publicly. It is illegal if threats are made.

No. 698418


Correct me if I'm wrong but if they have a business registered to a name, address and phone number and it happens to be their "personal" information [example: their own cell phone and home] that is public information because as it's a business of course that info is public. Sage for sperging.

No. 698420

yes, doxxing is just finding out and/or sharing info that's not publicly available. if you don't share it it can still qualify depending on what you do with it, such as send pizza to someone's house

>looking up someone's FB and seeing their address without being on their friends list. posting that address elsewhere

not doxxing
>adding them as a FB friend to obtain said address then posting it elsewhere
>asking their friend for their address with or without posting it elsewhere
doxxing, both parties are responsible if it got posted somewhere, the person who gave the info is if it didn't.
>hiring someone to hack their fb to get the address with or without posting it elsewhere
doxxing, both parties are responsible if it got posted somewhere, the person who gave the info is if it didn't.

No. 698425


> And that chibi character thing is like a fred ripoff.

That's because it is. The characters name is Chibi Derf. Derf = Fred spelled backwards.

No. 698441

So Lame hasn't uploaded any videos on her channel in over a week, I wonder if "Lainey is crying". Seriously though, I wonder how she's feeling right now knowing that her entire life and reputation are ruined forever and that she'll be always known as a predator who helped her gross husband fuck teenage girls and who sent pictures of her tits and pussy to an underage girl. I bet she's looking back and regretting ever meeting Onision lol

No. 698442

Don't fool yourself like that. She lives so far up his ass she'll never hold him responsible for anything. Remember Billie cheated on her but there was no responsibility for Onion at all. That was after he was going to leave her and the kids for Billie even. No, if anything they're both hedging all their blame on Sarah for being a rapist and lying and manipulating them all these years.

No. 698444

The funniest thing is that poor innocent Lainey’s more likely to get in legal trouble than Greg if Sarah still has the mancunt/tit pics. Dunno how hard it’d be to legally prove that Greg groomed Sarah even if she actually did save all the texts, if any lawfags want to estimate the difficulty.

No. 698445

Has he been tweeting any of his positivity bullshit today? Been trying to see his mentions on twitter but it’s filled with people firing shots at him (rightfully so of course) just seems to be quiet all of a sudden. This photos he spammed on his Instagram yesterday were absolutely disgusting, how he can possibly think he can get away with that is beyond me and on top of that the comments on them were just as bad.

No. 698446

I typically use this as a way to see what Onision is tweeting or uploading:


No. 698447

If she has any texts of Greg or Lainey talking about having any kind of sexual relations in the months leading up to her eighteenth birthday, it would make her case slightly easier if she decided to pursue one, but it wouldn't be a slam dunk. Ayalla and Billie are Sarah's second best form of evidence, considering they could give out their own statements and eyewitness testimonies to Sarah's abuse.

No. 698456

I bet that's the mayhem that's going on in his head. His thoughts and reasoning are as jumbled, weird and meaningless as well.

That doesn't sound like Greg is threatening to doxx her but one of his sycophants.
Well, as much as I still feel sorry for the people that get caught up in Greg's web, that's what you get for inviting internet strangers, who cluster around one of the least mentally stable people I've ever seen, to your actual home, Dev.

It might be better you delete this before it gets taken down like the last one (I remember it was claimed to be a problem with identity theft or sth equally stupid).

No. 698467

File: 1567900630986.png (982.76 KB, 810x1092, BlaireChris.png)

I know about his marital infidelity (nothing groundbreaking, an adult female). He bounced a few checks a couple years ago. I didnt know about the gambling lol. As far as being "tech illiterate" I'm sure he knows very basic shit - your average person isn't thinking about how to avoid getting DDoSS'd.

imo it all depends on his intentions here. If he's serious, he'll get the help he needs to do what needs to be done. He and Blaire could make a good team depending on what Chris actually wants to get out of this. Blaire's smart enough to figure out whether or not he has ulterior motives.

No. 698469

Agreed. Kainey's a lost cause. Even after making that video (right after Greb made plans to run off with Billie) where she was rambling on about taking the kids etc., she STILL stayed with him. She has no backbone. If Onion throws her under the bus she'd still take him back because, like him, her dignity and self respect are gone.

If she's doing anything now it's either crying in a corner and/or consulting her lawyer dad hoping he can save her from this dumpster fire she and her husband created.

No. 698470

File: 1567901269059.png (579.48 KB, 1640x744, trash.png)

Is this another new channel?

No. 698471

it's incredible really. this sincerely feels like looking inside the mind of a narcissistic predator. he wonders why no one is watching his videos anymore. This video is completely incomprehensible. how the fuck would he expect some random stranger to watch this and think it's funny or even understandable?

No. 698472

>She graduated magna cum laude but thats not really hard when your only job is giving Onion sukmi in the shower.
Didn't Greg pay for all her schooling? I think trot was born at that time too.
I look forward to Onion making more sensible life choices.
I think you're right. As other anon's pointed out, if YT and all the failed bureaucracies had done their jobs back then, this wouldn't be happening now. They failed Sarah the first time around. The only reason she won't be failed again is because now she's fighting back, and she's got a team of good people supporting her who aren't gonna let this shit drop. In a way, it's good that that happened because now Sarah and everyone her age will realize how worthless & useless these failed systems really are. The real power lies with the individual taking a stand for themselves, not waiting for these Red Tape retards who (rarely) do their jobs until the public lights a fire under their lazy asses.

No. 698473

The constant creation of new channels, wanting to reinvent himself spontaneously, talking about himself in third-person; i.e "Character," is so fucking weird

No. 698474

File: 1567902247154.jpg (31.21 KB, 836x258, vrbox.JPG)

No. 698475

Don't forget he thinks this is all a "witch hunt" >>698018 He says tone deaf shit all the time but to compare this to a witch hunt is beyond delusional. He's tried and failed to paint himself as a victim, and of internet mob mentality of all things. It's not like there's a stack of evidence proving true many of the allegations against him. It's not like he has a long and documented history showing what he's done and how he's treated these girls in his life that he used, discarded, then dragged through the mud for some backwards, personal vendetta. He gets more and more unselfaware over time. No wonder he doesn't recognize himself; he never knew who he was in the first place.

An adult would deal with this by owning up to their shit, and taking the consequences like a man. Not deflect, deny and blame everyone else like a giant manbaby.

No. 698477

If that really is him, it is undeniable that he buys subscribers at this point. There is no fucking WAY that 76,905 people subbed to his new channel. He does NOT have that many fans.

No. 698478

VR Box???

No. 698479

I'm surprised he has any money left to buy subs, unless he's paying for it all with credit. kek

No. 698480

I think he just renamed one of his dead channels, then deleted all of the videos.

No. 698482

This is the old onison games channel or whatever

No. 698484

He could have still flown under the radar with his edgy school shooter aesthetic back then because he was 20 something but nowadays it's just pathetic. Not because it's outdated, but because he turns 34 in two months.

No. 698485

Prescient anon is prescient. >>229045
>I guess I'm really good at snorting cocaine and smoking crack.
>That's not a skill Sharon, that's a very…That's- that's a crime punishable by 5 years in prison
A not so subtle dig at the teenage girl who's owning life right now and is more mature than he's ever been in his entire, sad little existence.

No. 698486

File: 1567904799682.gif (283.98 KB, 350x209, accurate.gif)

No. 698488

File: 1567907082056.gif (811.62 KB, 500x281, triple-facepalm.gif)

Words fail me. This still doesn't beat that sex doll torture/murder vid he did. That's something an FBI profiler or forensic psychiatrist would be interested in.

No. 698489

You just know after he edits this shit he has a big chuckle to himself about how funny he is.
He laughs at his own jokes like all the time.

No. 698491

You can tell he gets a boner every-time someone calls him a sociopath. He sees himself as an edgy anime villain; he even puts creepy ass filters and dark piano music in the background, and puts those cringy "comedy" sketches of him dressed up as a kidnapper when controversies are going on. He gets off on it.

No. 698493

>An adult would deal with this by owning up to their shit, and taking the consequences like a man. Not deflect, deny and blame everyone else like a giant manbaby.
At this point he's too far gone to even acknowledge reality, just look at all the psycho uwu pics he's taken recently. Best case scenario (for him) is he'll be sectioned.

No. 698494


I don't even care how he's taking it anymore. I want to know about Kainey, but she'll most likely never speak again.

No. 698495

Too much of a pussy. They'll both hide behind their paywalls for a good while, I'm guessing until Greg's narc ass needs attention, and starts antagonizing "THE HATURRZZ" on YouNow or something again when the grooming shit dies down, or he thinks he can make Sarah look bad lmao

No. 698496

I was thinking about this recently. I genuinely don’t know if she’ll ever return to social media or even back to having a channel. She has to continue her Patreon for money, but I doubt she’ll post regularly. I want to see her response in a video like the one she posted about Billie, except this she can’t portray herself as the victim. Q

No. 698497

KF often has some posters "recap" what has been posted here and just repost all the images. Very rarely have I seen them be first on milk. They have several users that do have some useful insight on the legal matters surrounding Onion.

I really hope they update his wetland case file soon. I think he has to have pictures submitted by October 31st and also have the fence installed. Have we seen a fence in any of his recent videos? Wonder what kinda trouble he could get in if he fails to do this.

No. 698498

On the one hand, Blaire White just did an exposé on how he's a sexual predator, just reviewing information we all already knew, but for a wide audience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw4GcyM15mQ

But on the other, to my amazement Greg actually did right by Repzion (embedded)

No. 698500

You’re missing the point. No doxxing is not illegal. Yes, it is illegal to threaten some you will dox them. It’s called extortion. Extortion is illegal. It is illegal to threaten to release personal information on someone in order to menace, strike fear, into that person. Seriously it’s not rocket science. How is it so hard for you all to wrap your head around the semantics of it. If you release information on someone, fine, not illegal. However, if you threaten to release information on someone before doing so that’s where it becomes extortion. Is it clear now or do you still need some examples?

No. 698501

The only reason he didn't use that info on repzion and instead told him about it was because Sarah was coming forward with these allegations and it was good PR for him, so he could use it as a shield IM A GOOD GUY SEE

You are not very smart, if you are amazed.

No. 698502

File: 1567910184812.gif (919.43 KB, 400x226, burnit.gif)

No. 698503

File: 1567910288404.png (27.92 KB, 601x236, retard.png)

Still has a couple of morons kissing his ass

No. 698504

Repzilla has made a video, titled, "The Truth About Onision and Sarah".

No. 698509

Is this her way of asking to be groomed by Onion cause I bet this dumb ass is 15 and can't use her parents credit card to pledge to patreon.

No. 698512

can we not talk about repzion? hes retarded and his girlfriend was the one who was sharing his dead grandpa photos, onision forwarded him evidence of this and the fact she cheated and got pregnant by another man, but he went after the girl who contacted onision and is still with the girlfriend. onision probably knew what was up and wanted repzion to be distracted(no1curr)

No. 698513

a washed-up has-been and a tranny attention whore, what a power couple.

No. 698514

>>698513 An accurate description of Gurg and Lamey. Well done.

No. 698516


We're talking to her. She just really doesnt understand but she seems to be coming around slowly. Don't attack her, please.

No. 698518

I love how he so bad wants to be the emo kid who defied time but he has to use 30 Instagram filters and pose like an autist while abusing angles just to not look like a fat old man. When Maya and that one patron called him ugly and fat it really shattered his reality.

No. 698519

File: 1567916461220.png (664.13 KB, 478x599, jj.png)

No. 698520

File: 1567917032295.jpg (3.66 MB, 3764x1920, mOcKiNgOnIoN.jpg)

I'm bored at work and made an Onion meme template

No. 698521

File: 1567917124991.jpg (3.92 MB, 3764x1920, MoCkInGoNiOn1.jpg)

Samefag but

No. 698522

Lainey legit looks like she's forcing a smile while dying on the inside.

Greg needs some botox injections because his eyebrows/forehead wrinkles are becoming slopes.

On that note, that's why he turned Lainey into a little boy. Because she's far younger than him and would be able to attract little girls without raising creepy old man red flags on those children's minds.

No. 698523

>to my amazement Greg actually did right by Repzion
You're amazed that Greg would use a form of positive blackmail to build social currency with one of his most vocal opponents at this critical time. He's calculated.

No. 698524


been cheated on and publicly humiliated twice.
still smug.

No. 698527

And theres nothing to gain for him personally if he leaked those photos. He'd maybe get some additional hate views for a week but that wouldn't help him financially. People would be tearing his ass apart if he shared a picture of someone's dead grandpa with blood all over his face. It's more shocking that anyone here is surprised by his "nice guy" act.

No. 698528

I don't see why we can't talk about him if he ends up posting a video about the Sarah situation.

No. 698529


Doxing is illegal if there was criminal intent. Intent is the factor which makes things illegal.

No. 698530

I’m very concerned for Sarah. I have spoken to a top level Patron of Onision’s who is a very kind and supportive person.

Information was shared about events that allegedly happened, which makes it very easy to understand the pain Onision, Kai, and their children are going through. Because you seem like cool humans who have the ability to think logically, I will share what I heard from the Patron.

It began as an ordinary day. When Kai kindly offered to drive Sarah to do errands she repeatedly claimed were very important to do, she provided directions. She wouldn’t tell Kai where she was going, said it was “a fun secret” and proceeded to put her phone’s GPS on silent and verbally command Kai to drive. Let’s do a poll: Where do you think Sarah forced Kai to drive her?

A) Target
B) Bed Bath and Beyond
C) Starbucks
D) An Adult Store

The answer is D. Kai waited in the car and was extremely uncomfortable. Sarah came out with a large bag. She was laughing when she asked Kai if he would like to know what was inside. Kai insisted he did not want to know, and if Sarah really wanted to share what she had purchased she should wait until they were home and her husband was present, since Kai does not like secrets. Upon arrival, Sarah rushed to get Onision. Onision is a cool, laid back guy, but even he thought this was a little strange. She was giddy when she opened the contents of the bag and inside were three molding kits that turn your genitals into sex toys. A “He” version for Onision, and two “She” versions. This upset Kai. Kai is not a she. Onision immediately informed Sarah not only were the kits extremely innapropraite, but they would not be using them under any circumstances. Onision thought that was the end of that.

When Onision and Kai kicked Sarah out, she left behind a sick surprise. She has used the two “She” kits and made a mold of herself for Onision and and mold of herself for Kai. These were left in spots that could have been accessible to children. Finding them was a very traumatic exeperience for both Kai and Onision. This was another attempt at coercing them into a relationship they denied, and very illegal, as what she did by leaving the genital molds is considered sexual assault under the law.

Hopefully that gives you a better idea. I know Onision’s top level Patron will be upset that I shared this. Onision confided this to the Patreon in a moment of extreme emotional pain. Even with everything Sarah has done and profited from at the expense of Onision, Kai, and their kids, Onision still respects Sarah and does not want anything bad to happen to her in life or harm her reputation. He is not interested in ruining a life, he just wants everyone to be wonderful. Onision of all people has the ability to forgive, as he understands we are all human beings with our own issues attached to our lives. Like a piece of gum stuck to a shoe, if we are unable to physically confront the troublesome problem from our past and remove that chunk, it will stay stuck, and keep holding us back in life. You must let go, to move forward. Nothing stationary moves on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698532

>Onision of all people has the ability to forgive

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuure. None of his actions in the past back this up.

No. 698534

Hi greegypoo

No. 698535

this is the most obviously fake bullshit story I've ever read. try harder, james.

No. 698536

Looool none of this sounds even remotely true.

No. 698537

God Greg no one wants your shit pedo self posts here.

No. 698539

File: 1567921630672.png (24.91 KB, 400x400, 5896f6ddcba9841eabab60fd.png)

How can anyone be this stupid? You're actually retarded.

No. 698540

>Sarah forced Kai to drive her
I bet it was at gunpoint too! Sarah even grabbed the wheel of the vehicle and drove the car when Kai stood her ground! /s

nice fanfic

No. 698542

I imagine Onision lying awake at night. Room is dark. Eyes wide open. Lainey had cried herself to sleep. Out of nowhere he jumps out of bed and screams






No. 698543

>a top level Patron of Onision’s
>a very kind and supportive person
anon these two things don't even match. work on the details of this 'poor abused lainey' story, maybe one day a single person will believe it.

No. 698544


Kek I think the onion is self posting. No one's retarded enough to belive that.

No. 698545

Hi Grugly! No one buys your fake ass story.

No. 698546

File: 1567922183649.gif (5 MB, 320x240, giphy (3).gif)

man this is a low effort fanfic even for onion

No. 698547

boo hoo

No. 698548

Is Jimmy dumb enough to post this thinking it would sway our opinion? For his families sake, I hope this is just a troll because other wise it proves he's more mentally deficient than we previously believed.

No. 698549

isn't this like defamation actually
besides outright lying of course

No. 698550

File: 1567922653840.png (238.52 KB, 399x436, not fbi.PNG)

The repetition of the title "Onision’s top level Patron" sounds just like an attempt to say "someone who's totally not me Onision"

Hey, since you are here, Onision. Why don't you just come out and say it: I like to fuck teens over the legal age, but I really would like to be able to fuck them as soon as they get their first period.

We are only top-level farmers. We won't tell anybody. You are safe. What you did is totally legal. Don't worry.

No. 698551

I am not Onision. I suggest you re read my original post. I spoke with a top level Patron of his who shared this information. I must admit, Sarah's story was somewhat believable, but after hearing the details and truth of what Onision and Kai went through, I realize they were betrayed, put in uncomfortable positions, and extorted sexually by a manipulator who pretended to be first a supportive "fan" then a devoted "friend". I also suggest you look into the situation with your eyes open before recklessly judging. You wouldn't want others doing that to you, so why do this to strangers online? They are people with real lives and deep emotions. There is no use arguing with the truth, you are only lying to yourself and is life really worth living with your eyes closed? You will miss all the beautiful moments. :)

No. 698552

>sarah holding the onions at gunpoint to clone her pussy is more believable than the actual concrete proof of her being groomed over the last 4 years

getting desperate jimmy?

No. 698553

Please, be a troll. PLEASE

No. 698555


You sure as fuck type like Onision same dictaton and everything. You really suck at hiding. I hope you're a troll if not Jimmy boy himself.

No. 698556

So we're expected to believe a 35 year old male (granted he IS dumber than a turkey) was emotionally abused and manipulated by a CHILD who cloned her privates and left them so callously after being kicked to the curb?

STFU greg

No. 698557

>I also suggest you look into the situation with your eyes open before recklessly judging

The situation is this: You have Sarah, with very compelling evidence Onision is a pedophile along with his fake boy wife he uses to lure younger women in since he's getting old and decrepit.

And then you have the Onion's, that don't have any receipts and are taking the Jeffrey Star/James Charles scandal route of claiming to have evidence and not showing it because they don't have any evidence.

These are the things we are seeing with our eyes wide open. I'm not seeing any statements, any clarifications, any molds of vaginas, any screenshots, any welcoming of the police to investigate these allegations. We are not seeing anything. We are seeing Sarah with compelling evidence and you motherfuckers trying to dissuade us with ZERO evidence.

I see a victim and I see two child predators.

No. 698558

So what you're telling us is that Greg has a Sarah Fleshlight.

No. 698559




No. 698561


> was extremely uncomfortable

Yes, I'm sure the lady who sold her used sexual restraints on an online store visible to her teen audience was uncomfortable af.

> wait until they were home and her husband was present, since Kai does not like secrets

This sounds totally normal and healthy. You've trained your bitch well, Onision. Did you have to use a shock collar on her like you did with your other dogs?

No. 698562

File: 1567923663358.gif (1.82 MB, 384x216, vegetarian autism.gif)

>Onision is a cool, laid back guy,

Only Greb or one of his cult members would say something this delusional.

No. 698563

GTFO Onion. No one gives a shit about misgendering your boywife. Even if this story is true it doesn't make Sarah look bad it just makes you and Taylor look guilty by grasping at this pathetic attempt of a trauma story to cover up the fact that you are massive ugly, creepy, greasy paedophile.

No. 698564

File: 1567923898851.png (1.31 MB, 1242x2208, pedosion.png)

>You must let go, to move forward
Yes let's sweep everything under the rug gais. Nothing to see here. Stop exposing his pedophilia my dudes, it's not right.

No. 698565

is he really spitballing alibis here before he releases them to the public rn?

No. 698566

I'm positive this is a troll/bait, but I'll bite.

Regardless of anyone here's opinion on Onisions past actions, Onision and Kai are both fully grown adults. They are capable of having made the decision to:
- not have Sarah in their house
- not maintain contact with Sarah, if she made Kai "uncomfortable", or made any of these advances
- throw out the molds??
- don't pursue a 14 year old, "joke" about grooming her, send sensual (whether pornographic or not) photographs to her or have sensual conversations with her, be her "friend" when she's FOURTEEN and an adult shouldn't have any want for a friendship with a 14 year old?
- use your position of power as a public figure to get these young girls who IDOLIZE you to visit you for "oh we're just friends" reasons?

Like, even if we say absolutely everything that's come out has been completely fake. For a moment, we put aside everything Onision and Kai have done for the past few years. On what WORLD is having a teenager live with a couple of old, married folks, not fucking creepy? On what world is it okay for said married folks to say that SHE made unwanted sexual advances, and they were taken advantage of, when SHE'S the fucking child?

No. 698567

It must be traumatizing to see a silicon mold of the vagina of the girl they fought over for her virginity. Maybe, just maybe the Onion clan needs fucking therapy for their PTSD.

Also why the fuck would Lainey cry over the "girl" (vagina) mold when she doesn't have fucking bottom dysphoria. That is if this is fucking true at all which I doubt. It also is kinda reminiscent of the Billie noose situation….

No. 698568

I've lurked here for years and never posted before… that's how badly I need to ask HOW unbelievably dumb do you have to be to either

1) self-post on this forum pretending to be your own patreon


2) ever in a million years actually happen to have heard that story and BELIEVED it????

what the fuck did I just read???

No. 698569

You’re right. You’re not Onision. You’re James Gregory Avero. You’re also not a father, not a husband, and totally in a gay relationship with a real live man. GTFO

No. 698571


>> Onision immediately informed Sarah not only were the kits extremely innapropraite

Makes videos with sex dolls > these kits are inappropriate

Cool story bro

No. 698572

>finding a hoohah mold
>very traumatic experience for both kai and onision
Are we talking about the same two cunts who wanted to chain a teen in their basement and shave their hair too?

>onision has the ability to forgive

Yes, NO. The only reason he's not suing Sara is because he CANNOT, he doesn't have shit against him. And calling the genital molds a sexual assault? Then what can you call laineycunt sending Sarah pics of her tits and vagina while she was underaged? Not sexual assault? Get the fuck out.

what time is in washington right now btw? onion go to sleep or bang your fake doll. Nobody will ever be on your side,tbh you might not even be able to get a job on mcdonalds because people will find out all the shit youve done and your pedo tendencies.

No. 698573

I'm hedging with "at least one" because I'm assuming Lainey threw hers out immediately given that she has no genuine attraction to girls.
Wonder if "Julia" is modular…

No. 698574

For someone claiming to not be Onision, you really go out of your way to identically exhibit many give-away idiosyncrasies of his in your choice of phrasing and punctuation, as well as writers voice and pentameter.

To the point it's near irrational to think you're truly not Onision coming here in a cheap attempt to cover his ass with the most ridiculous low effort nonsense I have read in my entire time visiting this board.

How could anyone think this insanity is a defense of ones behavior in a scandal involving sexual misconduct and exploitation with underage girls is beyond me.

No. 698575

>cool humans
>let's do a poll
>meaningless platitudes
Most likely a drunk troll trying to imitate Greg with somewhat of a chance that it actually is Greg

No. 698576

"Also why the fuck would Lainey cry over the "girl" (vagina) mold when she doesn't have fucking bottom dysphoria"

Hmmm, so you're telling me if (assuming you are female), your boyfriend came home, pulled a tube out of a bag that contained parts, ingredients, and instructions specifically made for the male anatomy to mold genitals and said "Hey babe, lets take out your penis and make a mold of it" you would be okay with that? You wouldn't feel humiliated because, hey! You are a female, you don't identify as male, and here is someone who claims to care about you on a very deep level trying to force wording on you that the wrong gender? You can say you wouldn't care. But that is a lie. Reverse that and you can see why Kai was humiliated and degraded with packaging and it being implied by someone who was supposed to be a best friend that He is something he is not.

Also, Lainey did not get upset. Kai got upset. The fact you are deadnaming him shows me your ignorance and proves you do not have a clue about dysphoria. So hey, crazy thought, but maybe don't speak on something you know nothing about?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698579

Well I mean I don't actually have a penis so I think I would just laugh and wonder just how dumb my partner is

No. 698580

HHHHHM, pretty sure Onision fucks her in the pussy otherwise she wouldn't have more than one child

And he fucks her there frequently, since she seems to be pregnant every other year. So I'm not following the shock of being confronted with the fact one has a vagina since she has children around her that should remind her of that everyday. It's not like she has dysphoria if she likes to get her boy cunt pounded with his micropeen

No. 698581

Your spouse still has a vagina. Why the fuck would she use a kit for a penis when she doesnt have one

No. 698583

Kainey has a vagina you dumbass. Sarah has the pic if you wanna check

No. 698584

Oh I'm sure the same predator who showed pictures of her saggy meat flaps to a minor felt "extremely uncomfortable" over a pussy mold. This seems super believable

No. 698586


okay so this is the worst thing Sarah has ever done to you, I mean, to Onision? Do you realize that this story makes the Onions look bad and not her?

No. 698587

Upsetting people is not sexual assault. Peddle your bullshit elsewhere; nobody here wants any.

No. 698589

No use attempting to speak rationally with you people anymore. You are purposely misgendering as an attempt to manipulate and gaslight. Yeah no :P You guys have limited understanding of the situation, yet truth vs lies is the most basic human concept If you want to believe lies, that is your choice. But it does not take away from the fact you are actively choosing the opposite of the truth.

No. 698590

File: 1567926447201.gif (497.47 KB, 500x282, fuck off will ya.gif)

Your wife is not a gay man, hes a woman faking being gay/transgender. Everybody knows she's faking it.

>someone who was supposed to be a best friend

Her best friend is a teenager that she groomed and sent pics of her pussy and tits when she was 15-16? Nice. Lainey is a pedo and so are you. Wonder what her parents think of her being a pedo. I'm sure if her sister ever has kids, she'll never let the babies near any of you, ya sick fucks.

> :P
Onion confirmed. fuck off pedo.

No. 698591

What's funny is this retard misgendered Kainey in his initial post
>until they were home and her husband was present
>her husband
>h e r

No. 698592

Onision is not at home laying awake creating lies to write about Sarah. Onision does not have trouble sleeping and is actually quite a deep sleeper, even occasionally taking a nap during the day. He has even shared that with you guys in a video before… (^_^)

No. 698593

The truth seems to be what Sarah is saying since she's actually showing evidence while you are refusing to even talk about the matter publically, hiding under the guise you want to protect Sarah when in reality, you don't have any receipts for the truth because you are lying :P Have a good night, Pedobear.

No. 698594

Piss off, Greg and look after your kids for once

No. 698595

Greggy poo, you say to her face that she's not a real boy because she cries so much, you have no right to complain about anyone misgendering her

No. 698596

File: 1567926918468.jpg (751.32 KB, 2566x742, Billie Ayalla.jpg)

>They are people with real lives and deep emotions.

aww, because Greg cared about Billie's and Ayalla's emotions when he relentlessly harassed one and tried to publicly shame and humiliate the other by calling her names and telling the internet things she told him in confidence, right Greg?

No. 698597

"What's funny is this retard misgendered Kainey in his initial post
>until they were home and her husband was present
>her husband
>h e r"

If I did that I will admit my mistake and apologize, as it was nothing more than a typo. We all make mistakes. See, it's not that hard to admit! :) That further proves I am not Onision as so many of you are trying to say I am as Onision would not accidentally use "her" in reference to his husband. Thank you for proving that, so the accusations can now end…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698598


Smells like moldy onion in here

No. 698599

Samefag. Let's not forget that a grown man harassed and tried to publicly humiliate two teenage girls because they didn't bend to his will like his footwife.

No. 698600

Greg go back to beat your micropenis to loli hentai

No. 698601

Pretty funny bc Onion actually has a long history of fucking up Kainey's fake pronouns and has also openly mocked her genderstuff as well.

No. 698602

File: 1567927196419.png (112.23 KB, 1107x923, onisionkids.png)


No. 698604

>assuming you are female
>Hey babe, lets take out your penis
>You are a female, you don't identify as male

Are you retarded?
Understand fucking nature and anatomy.
You got a penis = you're not female, no matter if you ~feel~ like you are

Taylor is not trans, if she were she'd get a dick and cut off her tits, but she can't. Guess why? Oh yeah because Jimmy needs a hole to fuck and a pair of boobs in the house. If Taylor actually had dysphoria or were trans she'd be fucking uncomfortable while getting fucked and her breasts groped.

No. 698605

Oh, Greg. You're about to be the star of a new "To Catch A Predator" series and theres nothing you can do about it. But please, continue. I'll grab my popcorn.

No. 698606

And the most fucked up part is if the kids are actually crying it's because he and Lainey won't stop fighting, maybe even assaulting each other or breaking shit around the house, but instead of taking accountability for their lack of restraint during arguments, like a good abuser he blames Sarah for it, because if he's yelling and making the kids cry, it's not because he can't control narcissistic rage, it's because Sarah did something.

"Look what you made me do", sort of thing.

Talking about how much the kids are hurting over something they are not even supposed to be aware of only makes him look bad.

No. 698607

File: 1567927465120.jpeg (417.39 KB, 1148x1861, E8E19D18-1986-4FDA-A7E7-B74DD9…)

No. 698610

If Lainey doesn't have bottom dysphoria by her word then she must be okay with her vagina. You're fucking stupid.

No. 698611

If you want to check if a monetized YouTube channel is owned by Greg, view the source and search his Adsense Publisher ID: 4860589374354028. To check if a channel is monetized at all, view source and search for: pub- If pub- is not found, the channel isn't monetized.

No. 698613


nice b8, m8

No. 698614


Even if this story is true, shes just acting like a groomed teenager.
Why would things of sexual nature even be on her mind?
You act like its her fault that you and Lainey brainwashed her to desire you sexually.
Secondly, just because she does something weird does not excuse the abuse and grooming you two, middle aged adults, put a child through.
Legally speaking, even if you think a child seduced you, if have sex with them, you're the one going to prison. Because you should know better, which you don't.

The fact that Sarah bought into your bizarre sexual expectations and thought it would probably amuse you (just look at the disgusting, creepy content you make that no one wants to watch), is also your fault for being pedo groomers.
You are only making Greg and Lainey look like even more disgusting creeps by posting this story.

I also think Lainey is a whiny bitch for getting triggered over the word "her". She has a vagina, so a penis mould would have made absolutely no sense. At least Sarah was coming up with a logical solution to the problem.

No. 698615

The story doesn't even make Sarah look bad. The molds are pretty common in sex shops and it isn't her fault the one labeled "female" was for a vagina. Kai has female sex organs, he cant magically make a penis for a mold.

If true, Sarah probably was like "Yeah, Kinky!" And the Onions blew it out of proportion as usual.

No. 698616

I'm not sure that actually happened. Otherwise when she was talking about doing cocaine and stuff on twitter, she would have mentioned it. Especially if this is the thing they would be holding over her head: a vagina mold.

She could have probably said it out of context and told the internet "Greg and Lainey have molds of my vagina in their house". Which she didn't. So I call that BS.

No. 698617

I for one, hope this story is true, it reads like a huge FUCK YOU from Sarah to the pedo's.
The thought of Lame shrivelling away in mock disgust over not being given a penis mould will tickle me all day. And Greg would be scared his baby dick would look fifty shades of nothing when moulded.

No. 698618


Shut the fuck up greg/James how the hell can you sit there like a fat heap and type all this out and think ‘yeah that’ll sway them’ fuck outta here LMAOOO

No. 698619

>So we're expected to believe a 35 year old male (granted he IS dumber than a turkey) was emotionally abused and manipulated by a CHILD who cloned her privates and left them so callously after being kicked to the curb?

And a child who was a VIRGIN at that. That's totally what a teenage girl who has never had sex does/s

No. 698622

We don’t deserve you anon thank you for sparing us

No. 698624


Onionson, if this is really you and not someone trolling, please release this in a form of defense video. Please tell everyone how your grooming victim has raped your boywife by giving her vagina mold.
It will totally work and everyone will believe you. You will gain huge fanbase back, earn tons of money and Billie will go back being your girlfriend again.
Also don't forget to include Kainey demanding "WHERE IS MY SYMPATHY" in your video for extra points.

No. 698625

So finding a genital mould was "traumatic" for Greg but inviting her back to the house and having sex with her a few years later wasn't? It teased them about an illegal relationship even though we have evidence that said relationship was discussed around the same time as this alleged incident and was established a few years later anyway, proving that Greg had this relationship in the works for years (and I highly doubt it made him "uncomfortable" to discuss it)? Why would something as innocent as a genital mould make the onions uncomfortable when we know absolutely every tiny detail about their sex life which they have happily shared online to underage followers (Greg prefers dry vaginas during sex, Greg likes Harley Quinn beastiality porn, they wanted to tie a teenager up in the basement, Taylor is called slurs during sex, they fucked on a hotel desk during their first meeting, they have sold used restraints online etc etc etc)?? So it's "kinky" when the onions do all of the above but it's suddenly "uncomfortable" or "traumatising" when it suits the narrative they're trying to push that Sarah is come kind of sex-obsessed rapist? Hahahaha.

Even if we were to assume this ridiculous story was true, it makes the onions look way worse than it could ever make Sarah. Sarah was an innocent teenager who was promised a relationship with the onions when she came of age. She was sent nude pictures of Taylor and was told the size of Greg's penis around the time this incident would have taken place. What indication had she been given by the onions that something like this would have been inappropriate? I imagine they loved the gift and only thought to use it against her when all of this went sour. I believe this might be another attempt to distract us from the real drama (Greg has in the past laughed at anti-os for their willingness to believe anything) so keep an eye and an ear out, anons, something great must be happening behind the scenes!!!

No. 698626


I thought Kainey didn’t have bOtToM dYsPhOrIa

No. 698627

can the IP be checked on this person? LMAOOOO

No. 698629

>You are purposely misgendering as an attempt to manipulate and gaslight.You guys have limited understanding of the situation
>The fact you are deadnaming him shows me your ignorance and proves you do not have a clue about dysphoria.

Lainey was never diagnosed with dysphoria. Funny how such a big Cucksion fan wouldn't know that despite "knowing so much troof." You can't diagnose yourself either. Greg's wife isn't trans because SHE was never diagnosed - she's just as authentic as her husband.

No. 698630

Wow! That's … something else. I always thought Greg and Lainey say they have uber kinky sex, but after what you've written, it seems like they're actually really, really prude and they get startled easily when something's "not the norm".

I wonder why Greg goes around telling people about his threesomes and bondage and impregnation fetish, how he likes to chain girls up in the basement and and enjoys sticking his "fingers" into all of the holes available in his sex doll … but HEAVEN FORBID there's a plastic vagina somewhere in the house.
There are many more details which seem highly doubtful by the way.

Hmmm, you're nice and all, so I'm willing to give you another chance. Would you please be so kind to give some more (more or less specific) information about that patron of his who you talked to, because things don't really add up here.
Provide us with a timeline please and some more believable details.

Thank you in advance.

No. 698631

Is this userbase honestly so retarded?
Its fucking obvious its a farmer larping as Onion..

No. 698632


everybody: providing evidence of Greg being caught red handed with his hands in the cookie jar


His fans remind me of those Wacko Jacko fans, it doesn't even matter if there would be R. Kelly type video's of them in the act they would still "demand evidence."

No. 698634

The only genital mould in that house is growing on Onision's crusty old man balls.

No. 698635

I mean they captured the essence of an onion patroen, but I agree, it's clearly a troll.

Changing the subject, I would give anything for Blaire to release the begging emails from Greg.

No. 698636


I honestly doubt Blaire cares beyond this point. She won't say anything further unless Greg does and she ca profit off of it more. Kind of disappointed that she hardly touched on Kainey and glossed over that she claims to be trans, but that's what we get from someone who puts in minimal effort with all of her almost exactly 10 minute videos. Still grateful that the video was made as it is getting traction.

No. 698638

I agree. I wish it had been longer but also glad it got made.
I wish she'd touched more on the Lainey shit too but she did close the video with that footage of Lainey hugging Sarah in bed (I only wish that she had credited Aldii)
I really don't want Lainey the snake to get out of this.

I would love to know how he begged her though. I wonder if it was fake nice or angry. I'm guessing passive aggressive with a few mentions of his kids and muh family

No. 698639

He used to pretend he's like L, I guess because considered him morally superior. Nice to see he's, if not embracing, showing his god-complex now. (Kiwifarms' thread is moving super slow, but I'm pretty sure there's a death note parody drawing on one of the last pages, lol. I don't think that's the reason for his sock puppet profile pic though.)

No. 698640

I am aware of that. But let's see how far down the rabbit hole we can go.

No. 698641

File: 1567944312814.jpg (29.08 KB, 474x191, pedo losers-.jpg)

A farmer or a lurker? They did capture the grease essence very well though. Their story was almost as loaded and lulzy as Greg's "Sarah raped Kai" fiction.

No. 698642

Since anons haven't been sure what constitutes nitpicking…

Discussing Gregory being an ogre/ugly/swamp monster/narcissistic pedophile/etc in detail with an emphasis on him being an ugly nasty mother fucker is considered nitpicking. Even the seeing impaired have by now figured out that he is not attractive. Discussing how your ex was also an ugly narc swamp monster brings nothing to the discussion. This is an imageboard, greentext is your friend. If your post contains something like "I would piss myself laughing if greg did y, I would never do y" or "Im a certified x and I find it funny", reconsider the notion that someone might care about this detail. We are here to discuss a cow, not to discuss you. If your point does not directly pertain to the Avaroe's, don't post it. Farmhands may make any addition to this list at their own discretion through announcing it on the thread with a Farmhand tagged post. Complaining about the bans on this thread instead of appealing and/or taking it to /meta/ will also result in an extended ban.

We do not redtext all the bans we make and from now on we will not respond to any post complaining about why wasn't another farmer banned for the same offenses. If you feel someone is breaking the rules, report them.

No. 698644

For fucks sake, some 'farmer' has just tweeted this shit at sarah.
Leave the fucking girl alone. We're here to observe and document, the levels of autism, cowtipping and sheer spergery are off the fucking charts. Imagine being so retarded you gleefully ss the farms and smugly await all the fucking 'likes' from other twatters. Sarah and co read here regularly, let them decide if they wish to respond to obvious fucking bait or not.

I sperg'd and I'm not sorry. Fuck.

No. 698647

What does a picture of a Chucky doll with an ugly turtle in the background have to do with this thread anon?

No. 698652

How can she live with Grugly knowing well he cheated on her with at least two women? I wouldn't be surprised if Grugly has fucked at least two more other girls we don't have actual proof of yet.

No. 698653


Because, he's convinced her it isn't cheating if she's involved.

She'd need absolute proof of anything that happened without her involved.

No. 698654

The thing that stuck out the most was when Sarah said her and Grug fucked while Lainey was visiting family in New Mexico. This whole situation reads like a soap opera. "Our marriage is going strong, take this you haturz" Meanwhile everyone is laughing at their joke of a marriage lol.

No. 698655

there is neither evidence for the poster being onision nor against it. so stop calling people retarded when it's not unlikely that it could be him. or have you missed greg's level of retardation? I guess his sock accounts on twitter are also just farmers or twitter fags larping as him? there is no evidence.

No. 698656

>>698530 Fuck off Onionboy lmfao

No. 698657

Wait I'm sorry, surely I can't be reading this right.

So your partner takes you to a sex shop as a surprise and buys you some fun jokey sex toys. This is… a normal thing to do?

Sure just add a horror filter and a 'lainey is crying'. Is this really the best defense he has?

No. 698660

Not that poster you are replying to but they are saying the same thing as you. There's no evidence that is was Greg so it's a tinfoil at best and no point acknowledging it until there's an ip check or at least some proof. Otherwise it's just people clogging up the thread telling a potential troll to fuck off and 'mkay Greg' comments everywhere. Calling everyone retards was bitchy but they have a point. I DO agree that Greg or a patron is dumb enough to make up a story like that, but I also don't wanna read through dozens of hay Greg fuck off posts if it even isn't confirmed to be him. Some posts are funny but it's boring now.

No. 698661

This is an older video but another showcase of Onion lying over grooming Sarah.

No. 698662

He always seems to be his creepiest while Lainey is away. He did it with Sam, Maya, Billie and Sarah.

Sam he did the hugging on the lap/hand massage. Later on close to 'kissing' although he lied to Lainey and asked her if Sam was the one trying to kiss him like he innocently had no idea.
All the suss Sam shit was while Lainey was out.
Maya he tried to pick up and carry while Lainey wasn't there.
Billie he did the cuddling and massage and later fucked her while she was away.
Sarah he fucked while Lainey was out.

Yet he ALWAYS emails/texts the victim saying that his fave thing was seeing victim and Lainey kissing/making love.
It's so copy and paste at this point.
And Lainey is always a dumbfuck and believes that it was the girl and not Greg for whatever stupid excuse Greg has made.

No. 698663

I don't believe for a second this is Jay Jay the Pedo Plane. This person could very well be intentionally trolling for the fun of it or an actual fan trying to whiteknight him. Assuming it's the latter, why would Greg discuss this crap story with his Patreons instead of with his audience on YouTube? Is it because this story is the worst bull shit anyone could ever hear? Because there's no evidence? Because it doesn't actually disprove anything Sarah has said recently? Because only his patreonfags would eat up this shit story and not question his motives for telling it specifically to them, an audience waiting to kiss his ass, rather to people who would rightfully doubt it and tear each word apart? Is Greg afraid of testing Sarah even more and causing her to release even more dirt on him and Lainey, his accomplice?

I'm not surprised people think this shithead is Greg, because the story just comes off as nonsensical and not even that damning on Sarah's behalf, but Greg has a knack for twisting facts around and surely the fact he and Lainey were soooo uNCoMfOrTaBlE make Sarah look like a villain. Except being triggered over one incident isn't the same thing as being groomed since the age of fifteen. Not even in the same ballpark. Tinfoil, but this cunt may very well be an Onion stan parroting Greg's bull shit and Greg is too much of a pussy to lie to everyone else.

No. 698664

I didn't believe it was him the first time, but I'm not sure this time. I don't think anybody beats the Onion on the autism spectrum, even his "fans". And compared to the word salad bullshit he did send Sarah not long ago, it kinda checks out. And he is most likely at his wit's end right now and finding any little reason he can make Sarah look guilty and demonize her and I know he would not want to post it to twitter right now. I wanna believe, I hope he keeps pushing it and admin reveals his posts.

No. 698666

Underrated comeback.
Quick as a whip kek

No. 698670

I’m not sure how anyone - troll, Onion or otherwise, thought a story about a teenaged girl in her first sexual relationship getting excited about jokey novelty sex toys with a couple who pride themselves on being kinky and “not boring” was supposed to make Sarah look bad?
Not sure if the post said when this event supposedly took place but she would have to be 18 to enter an adult store so they were likely already sleeping together at this point or they slept together soon after. So this entire story is ridiculous.

If it is a troll making it up, they obviously didn’t mean it as a joke we were meant to laugh at since they continued to fight us about it after. But whatever. Regardless the story is dumb and in no way makes Sarah a bad person in the situation.

No. 698672

Theres no way this alleged vagina mold incident happened when she was under age, you cant get into sex shops without being 18 and carded

No. 698673

Hi guys, I came back to see if there were any legitimate questions I could answer with my limited knowledge from the conversation with an Onision top tier Patron. But you guys have wasted the majority of your time arguing over if this was Onision writing or not. Good job! Let's cut the BS…from my first post I have stated how I obtained the alleged information. I also took the time to reply twice to basically say 'hey guys…this isn't Onision…kinda messed up that you aren't getting that even though I've said it over and over…but ok' Any rational person would read this, understand it, and move on. So why aren't you? So, one last time…this isn't Onision. Do you really think a pretty well known YouTuber/comedian and very busy guy would have the time to post here? Onision seems to be a real obsession for some of you. Maybe think about doing something else? Help a friend in need. Make a real world connection. No need to continue the debate…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698674

File: 1567957385710.jpg (483.04 KB, 1079x1122, Screenshot_20190907-035353_Ins…)

Found this photo up on Greg's instagram, the 4 horsemen of Greg's apocalypse

No. 698675

"Theres no way this alleged vagina mold incident happened when she was under age, you cant get into sex shops without being 18 and carded"

No one said it happened when she was under age. She is an adult. Purchasing or even entering an adult store underage would be a crime.

No. 698676

"Found this photo up on Greg's instagram, the 4 horsemen of Greg's apocalypse"

This is a very cool, cinematic shot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698677

So when did the mold incident actually happen? How old was Sarah then? Because as another anon mentioned you can’t look around or purchase anything in an adult store without ID card showing you’re 18+

No. 698678

Also the reason I think it’s Onision posting is because of things like ‘a very busy, well known comedian and youtuber’ … That’s how he talks about himself. Not one person ever, fan or hater, ever uses some of he phrases he uses to describe himself.

No. 698680

I seriously doubt this story happened, but if it did, it only makes Greg and Lainey look worse.

Cool sarah bought a mold a pussy makes sense since you were gearing her up for sexual activities since she was 14. She didn't just suddenly turn 18 and have these feelings for them they were carefully cultivated by two child grooming pedos.

No. 698681

I thought your ass was put out to pasture?

The thing is, even if you are this "all knowing top tier patron", why on earth would your ego lead you to believe the people using this site would believe a single thing you say? If you're a devout onion follower, you would keep all information you're privy too confidential, or else face losing Gurg's bought attention. So, to sum up, even if you have insider information as you claim, we no curr, you attention whore, you're defending pedo's and trying to besmirch a victim.

No. 698682

I wonder if he had sex with tenmo mcfly, she seems to have dropped off the face of the earth after their patron gathering and then the fact they shared a room came out it's pretty suspect

No. 698683

>I said that it wasn't onision, pretty messed up that you still think it is

Why? Because you say so?
I don't personally think you are him, but I do think you are a troll or an absolute fucking idiot.
You want evidence despite all these screenshots and stories from all these people but you believe one story that you didn't even get from a reliable source. Either show evidence of where you got the info or fuck off.

Can the mods kick this fucker please?

No. 698684

What exactly is Greg busy with…? He doesn't have an actual job. His videos can't take anymore than thirty minutes to edit and upload, and I'm being very generous with that guess. He doesn't clean, go grocery shopping, exercise, cook, or parent his children. It can't be too time-consuming for him when he yanks on his tootsie roll sized dick and showers.

Meanwhile, you're on Lolcow, feverishly trying to defend a pedophile. You look like the obsessed one.

No. 698686

Post proof or get out.

No. 698688

I think they fucked or at least 'cuddled' or had nude massages.
Greg is incapable of being around a female alone without making it sexual.

He either acts like a creep or treats the girl like utter shit to overcompensate that he TOTALLY DOESN'T WANNA FUCK HER. He cannot act normal or neutral with a female ever.
Plus he had two beers and Mcfly seems to be mentally delayed.
Easy pickings.
A girl that will say yes and alcohol as an excuse if he does something wrong and gets caught.

No. 698689

I do think you’re Greg because of your use of the same manipulative, backed-with-nothing, statements like ‘you guys don’t want the truth, you’re doing the opposite of truth, this is FAXX’ that Greg/James uses. Unless you/he can prove things and provide evidence like Sarah did, you’re just trying to manipulate the truth.

No. 698692

The person I replied to was implying she was still 15 or 16 when it happened, unless I misread it

No. 698694

"if you're a devout onion follower, you would keep all information you're privy too confidential, or else face losing Gurg's bought attention."

I am not a follower or friend of Onision. Barely know who he is, as I do not use the internet too often. Very busy with work. But when a friend of mine, who happens to be a friend/Patron, discussed this alleged incident with me, I thought I would help out and share it with people who may be interested in knowing the other side. It seems likes Onision and his husband do not want to become involved with Sarah and in the process are being verbally assaulted. They just want to move on. Remember, they have been married for nearly a decade :) That's a solid relationship. It's clear to anyone with eyes they are sacrificing themselves in order to not sink to that level. But I need to go, I have a lot of work to get done today I'm not able to spend all my time on the internet chatting. It's funny…this reminds me of the AOL chatrooms. Dialing up the internet connection, searching for a specialty chatroom of your interest. Misfits logging on hoping to connect with other misfits, who find comfort by ganging up on others. That will never bring you happiness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 698695

AOL chatrooms? This has to be Greg because he's the only one in his circle old enough to remember those.

Weren't you put out to pasture anyways?

No. 698696

File: 1567958976658.jpg (149.94 KB, 662x491, shittybaitisshittybait.jpg)

Sarah's response to onionbait.

No. 698698


Yeah, aol had to shut down the chatrooms because of PEDOS. I'm sure it's a fond memory for Greg.

No. 698699

Okay, so, while I do agree, it does sound an awful lot like Gregoyle especially with shit like

>Onision of all people has the ability to forgive, as he understands we are all human beings with our own issues attached to our lives.

I kinda think it actually might not be him. At least not >>698673 (although he was active on twitter around the time this was posted).
However, I went through some of his published mails, posts and tweets and I‘ve never seen him use ‘…’ without following a space before continuing typing.
Might be on purpose, although I don’t think he’d be smart enough to pay attention to detail like that.
Or it might be that he pre-writes his SM-posts in Word or similar so spellcheck autocorrects it?

Idk. Just some detail I noticed.

No. 698700

If you barely know who he is then why are you defending him?

No. 698701

Ah okay. Troll confirmed then.

No. 698702

You're not a fan? But you think Obesiao is a busy comedian? Sure, Jan. Stop evading your ban already and get fucked.

No. 698703

Finally someone thats not retarded and easily baited

No. 698704

It's a troll otherwise Sarah probably would have leaked the bizarre texts saying that she sexually assaulted them by leaving plastic fanny flaps around the house.

Honestly. He went on about her being a rapist, he would have definitely sperged about the vaginas being harassment if this was all true.
It's just some faggot who wants attention.

No. 698705


That's EXACTLY what's making me this it could be him. I remember AOL and MSN well as I'm similar of age. There's no way someone who's not a fan, doesn't really care about Greg or know who he is would give enough of a shit to come on here whiteknighting for no fucking reason at all. Especially for someone accused of sexual abuse and grooming.

Greg know he's screwed. So is this a last, desperate, attempt to create a narrative in which he can blame anyone but himself (as he always does) although this time he has jack shit by way of "dirt"? I'm intrigued to see how this pans out purely for the entertainment factor.

No. 698706

The dead giveaway was the fact that Sarah has already admitted to everything that Greg could hold against her. If she did what that bait said, she would have mentioned it already.

No. 698707

>there's no way

There is. People have trolled here before. It's not that they don't believe Sarah and want to see Greg win, it's purely a bored troll that wants to fuck with people for laughs.

Sarah has confirmed it's not real.
I wish people would stop sperging that it's Greg or a fan. It's a troll.

No. 698710

There were multiple people asking for details and explanations, but all the poster does is post empty statements.
It's time to ignore them.

If Greg has anything to say about this, he'll make a video, and if the grooming accusations hit too close to home, he'll continue to keep silent, hoping it'll blow over soon.
He doesn't have any good explanations for what has happened with Sarah, especially now she has already given away so many details AND can prove it because she still has the messages.
In general, I'm inclined to rather believe Sarah than Greg since he already has this incredibly long history of twisting the narrative and spreading blatant lies.

No. 698711


This is so blatantly gurg in one of his 'treat everyone with kindness!!' moods.

Fuck off, onionpedo.

No. 698712

To be honest, I'm almost 30 and I vividly remember aol chat rooms too and know I'm not the only one so lets not act like that greg is the only one that could have made that reference.

No. 698713

It’s the same troll from a few threads ago who claimed to be a fan and a physician. Says that same idiotic shit about connecting online.

No. 698714

The troll or potential fan is probably that Kapkidnap cunt. They saw how much attention they could garner by messaging anti-o's and just want even more attention, because they're bored, lonely, and not even their cat pets can stand to be around them.

No. 698715


I have no idea why anons seem to be lacking any critical thinking skills itt. We've watched autistic larpers through each and every onion saga and for the most part they're told to gtfo and ignored, all this is doing is further obscuring the absolutely damning evidence provided by sarah of grooming.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, actual relevant factual information gets lost in a diluge of autism. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.

No. 698716

The mirror was offering visions of the future lmao
If only I could photoshop

No. 698719


Calm the fuck down. No need to act like an asshole.

No. 698722

Please refrain from responding to bait posts such as >>698694
Report them and move on.
Farmers who continue to take the bait after this warning will be banned.

No. 698723

The word "cinematic" does not mean what you think it means.
From the dictionary definition:
having qualities characteristic of films.
"the cinematic feel of their video"
The only way this relates to anything in the film world is if you captioned it "Three (Wo)men and a baby."

Now do us all a favour and kindly fuck off.

No. 698724

repzilla has just released a video about onion and sarah grooming situation .. can anyone upload it?

No. 698725

Was Greg using the sex doll around Sarah? Wonder what her feelings about the doll was.

No. 698726


He also provides much more insight and receipts than Blaire. Too bad his videos dont have as much traction

No. 698727

It's just him reacting to Sarah's Livestream and Blaire's video, there's nothing new or interesting about his video

No. 698728

Has anyone seen any posts about this by Keemstar or H3 on twitter? Those 2 have some pretty large audiences (regardless of one's opinion on them). If people really want onionpedo shut down, those 2 would be a good place to start.

No. 698729

Sarah confirmed on stream it's just a prop. But I have no doubts Greg has fucked it in private lol

Probs with a blue wig on it.

No. 698733

That also happens when you click on one of the referrals.

No. 698734


I see what you mean now. Thanks!

No. 698735

He's a nobody too so his input wouldn't matter much. Jaclyn Glenn, Blaire White, and keemstar have already spread the word and those have more traction than Repzilla's videos.

He retweeted Blaire's video.

Yeah I don't think he would tell Sarah that he fucks a doll. I doubt Plainey even knows.

No. 698736

please dont hate me but i was a fan of greg since 8th grade. now in my freshman yr of college. how do i get out of this without making greg get mad and ruin my life online? cancelled my patreon 6 months ago and he kept messaging me about why i cancelled and what could he do to make me come back but then the tone changed to like almost hostile ?? and out of fear i resubbed. this sara stuff is waaayyy too much and yes greg it DID open my eyes like you said in the posts above WHICH DENY ALL YOU WANT IS YOU BUT I KNOW DAMN WELL IT IS YOU BECAUSE YOUVE BEEN TESTING THE WATERS WITH THAT STORY TO AT LEAST 6 OF YOUR PATREONS, ONE OF THEM IVE BEEN FRIENDS WITH SINCE CONNECTING ON THE OLD ONISION BOARD. it opened my eyes that you are what everyone says you are and ive been in denial about because you were my childhood idol. im almost past the point of giving fcks about this clown, but my problem is idw to risk getting my name put online or in yourtube videos by pissing him off that could come up in a google search when i start applying for internships and jobs. lolcow and other anti-os are supposed to be the enemy but ive been lurking and its helped. sara im sorry for supporting someone who did this to you and taylor you are just as bad as him. sara if you go to court see if you can get patreon to hand over his DMs and group chat records.(bait)

No. 698737


Does he have something on you? As far as I know he's never publicly harassed (by name) his leaving patreon members.

No. 698738

I fixed it.
I'm very concerned for myself. I have come up with a story that will possibly get me out of this mess and I'm praying that you are all gullible enough to believe it.
It was just an ordinary day at the swamp. I told Lainey to put a shirt on and drive me to the store. She knew exactly where we were going and what it was for. Did we go to:

A)Get a new sex doll so that Julia and I can be in a trinity
B)The local High School to find "Kai" a new "Friend"
C)Pick up paperwork to change our names legally AGAIN
D)An Adult Store

The answer is all of the above. When we got home I showed Sarah what we had bought. Among all the other horrid crap there was a kit for creating a sex toy based on your own genitals. "But Kai is a boy, why did you buy him that, wouldn't that affect his dysphoria?" Sarah asked.
"Oh, ummm, right, of course. We bought TWO for you, one for each of us." The kits were never used and are collecting dust among all the other crap that I.. I mean Onision buys.
Anyway, since I.. I mean Onision is such a great guy, I'm willing to put this all in the past if Sarah will just stop showing all the proof she has about what was done to her.

No. 698739


samefag, but by harrass I mean defame - spreading false rumors and trying to destroy a specific livelihood. >>698737

No. 698742

You can block people on Patreon from messaging you and if he has any personal info and releases it make a statement saying why you pulled your support. Even if he has something on you after this dude is destroyed and would be stupid to start going after people for pulling money. If you look at his stats he has lost a lot of people and he has been quiet about it.

No. 698743

Just unsubscribe and block him on any platform or device he‘s trying to message you on. Unless he has severe dirt on you, you won’t have to fear any consequences. If he defames you publicly, that’s something that’s actionable. If there are google search results, you‘ll be able to get them removed (or at least so I‘ve heard from several people).

Always remember that he does that with almost all his patrons lately because he‘s desperate for the money. And he also does it because he knows young, impressionable teenage girls that used to stan him will easily give in to his manipulation.

Nothing will happen to you.

No. 698747

>cancelled my patreon 6 months ago and he kept messaging me about why i cancelled and what could he do to make me come back but then the tone changed to like almost hostile ?? and out of fear i resubbed.

Reminds me of those cults/Scientology horror stories tbh. Next, he’ll get his remaining cocksuckers to drink the kool-aid/an hero with when shit really hits the fan.

Hail Sicesca!

No. 698752

You really should provide screenshots if you want to be taken seriously.

Other than that, just ignore the fucker.

No. 698755

Expose him. Report him to Patreon.(do not encourage cowtipping)

No. 698758

File: 1567971077710.jpeg (180.4 KB, 750x735, A486A11D-11C6-4A37-9676-3B12A2…)

Meanwhile, onion on social media

No. 698759

File: 1567971114576.jpeg (438.84 KB, 750x741, B0E4E325-A3C5-4B8A-B078-427811…)

No. 698761

File: 1567971206653.jpeg (457.62 KB, 750x739, 2E1F1A48-F425-4A23-8E03-0A2D22…)

No. 698764

Not a fan of RSN either buuuuuut

No. 698765

Every day that goes by and he just continues to post in social as if nothing is happening it really solidifies the theory that he is waiting for this to blow over and be forgotten so he can just continue as normal.

I’m not the type to go on twitter and comment on every person who interacts with him to remind them of the situation (nor do I think that’s really the best tactic) but I do sincerely hope this one doesn’t get swept under the rug. Even if it doesn’t make him go away completely, it’d be due justice form him to lose a large chunk of his Patreon supporters. But it seems he still has over 400 which is baffling to me.
It makes me wonder if there’s just a bunch of $1-$5 patrons that have it on autobill and kind of forget about it. I tend to do that with twitch subs so it’s a high possibility. I just can’t imagine that many people like the garbage videos he makes.

No. 698766

Stupid question but could the gun photo be seen as a threat? Could Twitter ban his ass for it?

No. 698768

Sorry, Anon. No one needs CJ's opinion. He's a rapist just like Greg and Lainey, and a deadbeat dad to boot.

No. 698771

It looks like he's trying to be artsy. His tattoos look like they're deliberately in the frame, and the objects he's holding are supposed to symbolic or maybe in reference. Were there any tags or descriptions with the photos?

No. 698777

File: 1567972465813.gif (2.4 MB, 250x188, 1479433801272.gif)

>mfw no trigger discipline
>mfw someone as mentally unstable him owns a 357
>mfw he feels the need to keep the drum loaded constantly
>mfw the reason a sped like him can even own a handgun is due to massive loopholes and flaws in WA gun registration law

No. 698778

If you do pull your patreon sub and he outs you I'm sure 99% of anti o's (on twitter at least anyway) would have your back. Any future employer etc isn't going to give a crap if they find some weirdo on YouTube has put your name online because you stopped funding them. I know it might seem like a big deal because youre in the middle of it but seriously, put it into perspective. Don't let that POS control you. Do as others have said and block him.

No. 698779

File: 1567972612340.png (368.52 KB, 1033x544, 1.PNG)

Screenshots shared by "Shiloh's friend" of convos with her about Greg. Shiloh is grey

No. 698780

File: 1567972646773.png (252.77 KB, 1079x542, 2.PNG)

No. 698781

File: 1567972770659.png (390.2 KB, 1038x588, 3.PNG)

No. 698782

Omfg…. Skys little sister? Goddamn what a twisted freak.

No. 698783

File: 1567973136666.png (359.81 KB, 1035x443, 4.PNG)

This one is old info, but just to close it up, because who wants to watch an RSN hour long video

No. 698785

What's with the layout of these? It's unlike any chat client or messaging app I've seen. Aren't messages meant to be offset based on timestamp instead of being listed like this?

No. 698786

looks like facebook instant messenger

No. 698787

Neolithic Skype I think.

No. 698789

The fact that this dumbass went through basic in the AF and never learned trigger discipline is a fucking travesty.

No. 698790

My thoughts exactly. Actually scared for his offspring, in a house with a loaded gun and an autist parent too busy looking cool to practice safe handling of a gun.

No. 698794

File: 1567975154334.png (234.06 KB, 589x330, facial hair.png)

It was a stream to show Lainey's private insta and a quick interview with one of Sh's old friends she confided in. The friend states that she's coming forward now because she feels like enough time has passed and that Greg doesn't have the same influence as he once did.
Caitossana was Shiloh's close friend from 2010-2012.
Not much was said but she was the one to share the chat screen shots. Sh told her that Greg watches Lolicon and that he wanted her to loose weight because she didn't fit what he was sexually attracted to. He degrade her in the bed room and when she expressed that something hurt he would do it even harder.

'Remember' 'Love' takes on a whole new meaning after hearing that.

No. 698797

File: 1567975634222.png (1.19 MB, 1065x573, DanWessonBBrevolver.PNG)

In case anyone's wondering if that revolver is real its a moderately expensive Dan Wesson replica BB gun. I do think he may be putting that photo up as a threat or warning because I can only imagine how many messages/texts/emails hes getting with threats of coming to his home to do bodily harm to him and Kai. Even though Greg was in the Air Force he strikes me as the type of man that is afraid of real guns and only enjoys shooting his play guns in the murder fantasies he acts out in his skits. https://youtu.be/fXYgslXUj5U?t=146

He made a video years ago with his sister Joanna going to a shooting range and firing a 22 pistol. He turns to the camera after finishing off a mag and says "WOW the kick back on that!" If you know anything about firearms, the kickback on a 22lr be it a pistol or rifle is like being pushed by your grandmother. Basically hes a pussy.

No. 698798

Yeah he did do that to one. She left after being upset at his "jokes" about shooting "retards". Seeing she was upset in discord or whatever, he doubled down and was not sorry. She unpledged from greg and footface. Grub then put her on blast all over twitter. It's good when this happens, it shows his real self. But idt he used the girls real name. Someone like this might just have to rename their social media accounts if he does this. You need to unsub and block honey he doesn't deserve to win by intimidation.

No. 698802

I completely understand why Sh doesn’t wanna re-enter the ring but holy fuck would I do anything for a tell-all

No. 698806

File: 1567980981589.png (278.43 KB, 588x578, poshmark.png)

No. 698808

File: 1567981205311.png (18.74 KB, 590x222, friends.png)

Also he made a song about one of his pay pigs, Tamara. The whole song is about how he doesn't want to listen to her and that she's a stupid bitch.


No. 698814

I can just tell he’s going off the deep end. He also tweeted about ‘keeping Vicky’s boobs’ probably cause that’s the only pair of boobs he’s gonna ever have in his life from now on

No. 698817

No. 698821

I don't get how it's worth it to someone with his income to sell the costumes for so little and not make it a prize for patrons or something. 7 bucks is more than those sweaty clothes are worth but they're not going to make a dent in his crippling debt, so why bother?

Not sure if it's his usual lack of business acumen or more an attempt to make a statement

No. 698824

To save anons' ears, the lyrics are basically "Tamara is a stupid bitch / she should not sing any songs / no one wants to hear that shit / go back to Canada"

He sure doesn't like Canadians who sing.

The ringtone is free, so this one is definitely just a statement piece.

No. 698838

File: 1567987950871.gif (1017.98 KB, 259x186, REKT.gif)

>An accurate description of Gurg and Lamey. Well done.

Truth hurts, get rekt >>698513

No. 698844

If that surprised you, the older threads have info that will make your eyes bleed. Her suicide girl page was posted here when Onion was on his breast rampage so of course he began talking about her nipples and breast size. He was obsessed with the girl and openly stated several times in just recent years that he wished he'd waited to date her instead of marrying Skye.

No. 698848

>>698844 what? Where did he stated that?

No. 698857

just search up, "Onision, Netunesa," he really had a boner for Skye's sister. it was creepy

No. 698861

>Hail Sicesca!
I almost forgot about that legit cult he tried to start. Who but the worst people on earth have tried to start something like that? The 'successful' ones engaged in mass murder/suicides.

No. 699420

>is afraid of real guns and only enjoys shooting his play guns in the murder fantasies he acts out in his skits.
Then there's that one vid he did where he pretended his sex doll Julia was a real woman while he, dressed as a clown, hit her with a wrench over and over. If he owns REAL firearms, he is a genuine danger to himself and everyone around him just out of sheer levels of autism alone, his gross mental pathology notwithstanding.

No. 699421

File: 1567992873478.png (168.55 KB, 640x628, angels.png)

He was preaching his Sicesca bs to Sarah back in 2014. I wonder if he still pushes this stuff on his partners.

No. 699423

File: 1567993185107.gif (7.41 MB, 343x272, infinite facepalm.gif)

No. 699431

Hey who's posting lolcow milk to twitter. Quit it twitterfags. This place is sacred.

No. 699434

He's said it multiple times in multiple places. After Billie left he made a video about all his exes and he mentioned how he wished he'd waited for her and it was a mistake not waiting. The first few threads have a quite a bit of info that shows how obsessive he was with Alicia and how absolutely horrible he was to Skye.

No. 699435

Remember on the adrienne voicemails when onion said he had bpd? Does that make his memory unreliable too?

No. 699436

File: 1567994744299.png (84.74 KB, 599x638, 6758014.PNG)

Anyone have a clue who this is? It must be one of the ex's.

No. 699437

Pretty sure it's a real person considering the e-mail… I wonder who this is.

No. 699438


Omfg i think its skye

No. 699439

File: 1567995300584.png (29.87 KB, 641x425, oniii.png)

followers: Netunesa
bro… what if this is Skye

No. 699440

Could this be Skye?

>mentions a sister

>mentions him trying to make her stay when he moved his new gf in
>mentions keeping tabs on him and I remember her sister being in these threads before

No. 699442

File: 1567995362410.png (234.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-09-08-22-14-47…)

No. 699444

100% Confirmed Skye, then.
Netunesa is retweeting all she's posting.

No. 699445

Sarah just followed her too. I really think its skye. God i missed her

No. 699446

let's try not to scare her away. She seems like a good person

No. 699448

File: 1567995644686.png (225.09 KB, 828x1792, D26F9F83-6400-4B99-BE08-45E595…)


No. 699449

I'm kind of in shock right now. Glad she's finally healed enough or mad enough to speak out.

10-odd years of drama is coming full circle. Blessed.

No. 699451

Ohhh boy, brace yourselves for Onion slaying. It would be too much if another ex decided to come out and spill the goods.

No. 699453

This is honestly disgusting. He's been fantasizing about Skye's sister for years. Gosh.
>inb4 Kainey is crying

No. 699455

Doesn't Lainey have a little sister too?

No. 699456

Holy effing milk!

No. 699457

That's because armchair psychiatrists on the internet told him he had it so he ran with it. He only likes labels if they suit him in that moment. BPD was his excuse for treating Adrienne like shit.

Just like Lainey probably read some article on dysphoria and doesn't realize that she has body dysmorphia (worsened by her saggy tits post pregnancy, hip widening too) especially when she stated she has a history of calorie counting and restriction in order to be skinny.

No. 699458

File: 1567996038708.png (28.87 KB, 629x258, Netunesa.png)

Sounds like she (Skye's sister) has a lot of milk on him, too, as far as his deviant sexual desires go.
>inb4 Kainey is crying
I hope she is.

No. 699460

He was trying to cuck Lame even back then lmao. Damn he got tired of her even faster than we imagined

>1/12 of a ruler baby carrot
Micro dick confirmed

No. 699461

I'm like 80% sure she did some risque shoot with suicide girls back in the day. It might not have been fantasy.

No. 699464

Honestly fuck onision. I am just so in shock right now. I never thought skye would come back and im so happy she's okay. Imagine the mental torture gerg put her thru and she came thru to support sarah. This is kinda fucking phenomenal

No. 699465

Someone confirmed (AJ or Shiloh) that Onision would shout Skye's sisters name during sex when he was sleeping with Skye.
And yes, she did do Suicide Girl shoots. That's where the talk about her nipples came from.

I love Skye so much i'm glad shes strong enough to come back

No. 699467

File: 1567996699119.png (155.86 KB, 743x701, new mexico.png)

No. 699470

I love skye too. He never deserved her. She was the best part about any of his old videos. I hate how he chased her off the internet. There was a lot of speculation back in the day that he had a thing for alicia. Especially on how he would edit vids of the 3 of them and barely include any footage of skye. Just alicia. Also theres a vid out there of him and alicia playing with dolls.. Cant remember if she was underage but he starting getting all sexual with the dolls it was weird. He was always weird around her

No. 699477

Holy shit this is becoming the Avengers End Game final battle of onion milk.

No. 699478

We've seen his dick (or rather all balls micro pecker dick) in pantyhose in previous threads. It would be more so shocking if an ex claimed he was big.
Lainey has two sisters - one is close to her age, the other is around 14. She should keep the latter far from him because that's exactly his type. In one of her videos where her sister did her hair she reminded me so much of Sarah at that age. shivers

No. 699479

File: 1567997420240.jpg (620.02 KB, 1080x2117, Screenshot_20190908-225036_You…)

There's several videos of him playing dolls with Alicia on the Mr. Odd Archive channel, it's not a monetized channel but still not linking directly.

No. 699485

Skye's sister Alicia is 29 (or turning 30 soon). That would mean she was around 15-16 when Skye and Greaselord got married.

No. 699487

File: 1567997758058.gif (366.02 KB, 267x200, 2CAFFCC7-4CD5-41B0-97FB-6608AF…)

Oh shit! Dis gunnna be gud

No. 699490

File: 1567998061662.png (81.9 KB, 500x272, raw.png)

I can't believe we're actually seeing the return of Skye after all these years.

No. 699492

Even though there lies the proof, I don't think Lainey will believe it. Onion boy will surely make her think this is fake and it's them against the world.

Even though Lainey is a fucking imbecile, it's still kind of hard to see Onision feed her rope while she hangs herself. She's more of a case study than she is at this point. I honestly hope that she's able to break free before she's encarcerated with him.

I was not aware this happened, but now granted what Skye's saying, I can't NOT see this dude as a pedophile anymore

This all happened because of Shiloh's old screen shots and I'm so thankful to the girl the shared them with RSN and the internet

No. 699498

Who cares about that cunt. She deserves everything she is getting, and more. She ain't no innocent girl.

No. 699509

>Is this really the best defense he has?
One of his primary 'defenses' is to gaslight everyone into accepting his version of the story. Even if anything remotely like that happened, he'll try and twist it to make "the other guy" look bad, even when the entire thing was in reality, innocuous. It's always "the other guy" because Greg is a manchild who refuses to take responsibility for his shit.

No. 699511

File: 1567999599748.jpg (21.81 KB, 342x608, 6Sdeon8.jpg)

Repost of the file/cap

No. 699513

>I'm like 80% sure she did some risque shoot with suicide girls back in the day. It might not have been fantasy.

She did. I think this is her? Not sure. Graham is in Pierce county.

No. 699517

File: 1567999838921.gif (421.1 KB, 240x160, coward etc..gif)

>He repeats the same patterns over and over
Like clockwork
>Is Greg afraid of testing Sarah even more and causing her to release even more dirt on him and Lainey
He's such a coward he won't take an honest look at himself/get the professional help he clearly has been needing for a long time. I see him as a very fearful person, truth and honesty being his greatest fears (hence the never ending gaslighting). Otherwise he wouldn't have spent so many years running away from it, and he wouldn't be scrambling right now with his uwu positivity bullshit over Sarah and whatnot. Running away and ignoring it won't work this time.

No. 699518


No. 699519

Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 699529


no way Lainey is going to do anything about this

No. 699531

File: 1568000405747.png (2.04 MB, 1273x758, oni.png)

seeing how much of a downgrade his new house is, is making me kek.

No. 699535

holy crap was he really trying to hook up with Skye's sister while he was visiting Lainey in New Mexico?
Maybe he was angling for one last chance to sleep with her before he tied the knot. Despite his creeper ways he seems to have some convoluted sense of his own moral code.

No. 699537

Now that Skye is back you know Jimmy boy has got to be shaking in his boots. Can't wait to see if she spills even more milk.

No. 699539

So lainey wasn't a rebound or choice #2 she was choice #3….
Actually #4 considering he was doing shit with AJ at the time he was trying to get back with shi while talking to 17 year old taylor….
all while trying to get back with alicia

Do you anons remember he befriended skye for a bit during AJ and breaking up with shi?


No. 699543

File: 1568000881478.png (141.73 KB, 512x342, 1525484578786.png)

No. 699544

I may be reaching but isn’t it a coincidence that this is happening during the same month exactly ten years ago when I’m a Banana was released (which Skye made a HUGE contribution with her video skills and appearance) that helped get him to high-end yt status? She was his stardom and now she’s his downfall. Beautiful!

No. 699545

also, in 2011, he even was so desprete he tried to get back with an ex from high school (he talks about this in his: "seeing if my exes downgraded" video on his speaks channel)

No. 699546

File: 1568000920295.gif (2.36 MB, 300x282, dancing bear.gif)

>Do you still fap to hentai of underage girls being assaulted by tentacles every morning

lol anon >>698379 called it.

Skye has returned to help annihilate him. What a great time to be alive.

No. 699548

His Twitter’s still on private. Man I hope he spergs soon!

No. 699551

File: 1568001329449.jpg (96.21 KB, 1200x940, D943_161_651_1200.jpg)

>Skye's back

Holy FUCK. Milkmas came early this year.

No. 699553

his last tweet was 7 hours ago, which is always strange for him to wait so long between tweets in the middle of the day.
Maybe Lainey is having a meltdown so bad even he can't get away to tweet angrily alone in private.

No. 699556

>It would be too much if another ex decided to come out and spill the goods.
That would be excellent if they all got together and handed him his ass.

No. 699559

Maybe he went to bed early or is having fun with julayyy

No. 699562

File: 1568001832207.png (119.4 KB, 528x421, unknown (1).png)

No. 699563

He was e-mailing her still in 2017? Am I seeing this right? Holy shit.

No. 699565

File: 1568002065089.png (62.5 KB, 627x665, Shiloh Skye.png)

No. 699566

If he isn't tweeting i'm betting they're having a huge fight right now

No. 699568

File: 1568002169522.gif (3.28 MB, 760x400, timing.gif)

>This is kinda fucking phenomenal
I expected this would blow up. The Universe works in mysterious ways. Greg best prepare his arsehole.

No. 699569

I mean, that's kind of already happening, isn't it? All of his exes have shared information about his abuse over the years and now the one ex who has never spoken out has finally broken her silence.

He doesn't have a single ex that hasn't come out with horrible stories about him. (not counting before his youtube career obvi)

No. 699570

tinfoil as fuck but theres no way this slimy piece of shits never tried hitting on laineys sister.
this girl seriously doesnt love herself she had so many opportunities to dip out but she stood by his side and slowly turned into just as shitty of a person. anything that comes that smug piece of shits way is truly deserved and i hope she also gets held accountable for everything.

No. 699572


He emailed her in 2017, when the last alimony payments to Skye were due . . . Damn, he really can’t let go, can he?


Kek, yet another ex has confirmed how tiny his grease carrot is.

No. 699573

>I honestly hope that she's able to break free before she's encarcerated with him.
She won't. Sarah has the receipts, not to mention all the shit that's been archived on the internet - Lameo incriminated herself.

No. 699574

I love thag Skye doesn't have any bad blood with Shiloh or doesn't hold her responsible at least. These are some real as fuck women he tried to screw over, and it's good to see that they have each other to fall back on for support.

No. 699575

I hope we get any emails he sends trying to shut her up if this is real.

No. 699578

Didn't JJ shame Lauren for preferring bigger cocks and called her every demeaning name in the book? His little feelings were probably hurt because his thumb-sized penis was automatically out of the running.

No. 699580

File: 1568003331967.png (130.15 KB, 601x315, Onision sister in law.PNG)

No. 699581

File: 1568003371494.jpg (45.5 KB, 500x495, lol break up from 2016.jpg)

Lainey's so dense and void of self respect she took him back after he all but tried to abandon her and the kids for teenage Billie. I don't feel sorry for her because she helped Greg groom Sarah.

No. 699582

lol yeah. he realized he had no chance in banging her and lashed out. He is such a complete loser.

No. 699585

But this is the same ogre that tells women they have to have a certain body type to date him or have to follow his fake morals to the letter.

No. 699588

File: 1568003955791.png (435.15 KB, 603x717, skyy.png)

Skye making jokes about alimony LMAOOOO
I love her

No. 699589

She was their nanny maid for the summer. I remember after adpocalypse Lainey and Onion crying about how they promised L a certain amount to nanny the kids in the summer but Onion's income tanked plus tax fraud and said they couldn't pay her anymore. I wonder if her family has any idea about this new scandal. If I was Laineys parents I'd be all up in this thread and absolutely horrified that my daughter is such a garbage human being.

I don't even know if Onion would be worth giving Lainey a plea deal, and if there was a case I'd be really mad if she got off with a slap on the wrist because at this point shes just as guilty if not more guilty than Onion, at least when it comes to Sarah.

No. 699592

File: 1568004050837.gif (1.71 MB, 400x230, nasty.gif)

>Why was he begging my sister on his birthday to come out to NM… days before his current marriage
>Someone confirmed (AJ or Shiloh) that Onision would shout Skye's sisters name during sex
>(Skye's sister) has a lot of milk on him, too, as far as his deviant sexual desires go.
>He's been fantasizing about Skye's sister for years.
Looking forward to seeing how Onionson is going to spin/gaslight all this shit.

No. 699595

same. His current defense for sarah is to write her off as a crazy liar who was obsessed with them, but it's going to be pretty hard for him to fend off the attacks from multiple people who have known him intimately. He can't exactly say they're ALL crazy liars. Well, of course he CAN cause he kind of already has in the past, but it's a little different when the accusations are coming all at once rather than years apart.

No. 699596

I mean, is there any women who has been in his life intimately, other than his manwife, who has anything positive to say about him?

No. 699608

>Dec 2017

Was this after Billie left for good? Was he trying to pull Skye's sister into being a new third??? Holy FUCK. Kainey is a fucking moron to stay with him, to the nth degree. He's been soliciting other chicks this whole fucking time, who knows how many other girls he's hit up? And she just sits there smugly while getting cucked and insisting her marriage is solid. Fucking lol.

No. 699612

Greg can never stay loyal he wants to stick his baby carrot into any poon he can. Just shows how disgusting he is. I wonder if "Lainy is crying " seeing that he was hitting up Skyes sister before their wedding and after Billie ran away from them.

No. 699614

File: 1568006391568.gif (4.23 MB, 470x480, onision-peterdinklage.gif)


No. 699615

If there's anything reliable we can count on in this world, it is that Lainey is crying. Always. Eternally.

No. 699616


If he made Shiloh roleplay that she was Skye's little sister, he probably has made Lainey roleplay worse. I think she's more aware of it than we know, she could just be in denial. Or not even denial, it could very well be that since he sexually got with Lainey so fresh out of "diapers" and sexually inexperienced, his kinks became her kinks, she sees no problem with it, is aroused by them and thinks its normal.

No. 699619

yeah i mean we already know they were into the ddlg bullshit and lamo used to walk around w massive bruises on her neck so… ugh gross

No. 699620

Even Peter Dinklage doesn't need to be compared to Onion.

No. 699621

Can we not insult Peter Dinklage, please?

No. 699622

yeah alimony ended around billie era for sure

No. 699624


Most of this could have been avoided if Lainey caught a dick, or at least a few dicks, while with Onision. I think her perspective would honestly change if she had affairs with other men. I would have given her the opportunity to realize what is normal, healthy and what isn't normal or healthy. I don't advocate for cheating, but in that case it could have helped her tremendously. That's why Greg likes them young and inexperienced. If you have no one else to compare it to (not just sexually, but as far as treatment in relationships), then he can do whatever he wants and the bar can be set real low.

No. 699625

*It would have given her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699627

So he emailed her in 2017, then uploaded that video talking about her nipples the next day

No. 699629

Ew anon, are you a male? Cheating is disgusting no matter what the circumstance.

No. 699630

i mean, i'm severely anti cheating, but i don't really reckon it's cheating if you're just looking for someone to actually love you and help you escape when you're stuck with a fucking psychopath. affection is a basic human need and I sure would be worn down after being called a cunt every day. That being said, kainey did a lot of digging her own grave by being a clinical doormat and being complicit in others abuse. Her time for sympathy is all but gone.

No. 699632

Skye has always been the one who could take him down. The re-writing of history regarding her is truly astounding. It's like he took everything he was to blame for then acted like it was her fault so he used it to discredit her.
Skye is the nuclear bomb to his Hiroshima. Never thought it would ever actually happen though.

No. 699633

skye is the graphite tips in his fuel rods. Kai-mat is Anatoly Dyatlov

No. 699634

File: 1568008036837.jpeg (156.28 KB, 1125x915, DA0C6C26-9AAB-402F-ABE1-709A7A…)

She’s not done, apparently.
Onion must be shitting himself with rage

No. 699635

No. 699636

She did. She actually had the page removed or pay-only right after it got posted here because he started describing her in a video, if you know what I mean.

No. 699637


How are you gonna compare someone who’s actually talented and successful to Jimmy Jackson?

No. 699638

That "Body Positivity: AREOLAS (Large, Inverted, Oddly Shaped & More)" video that Onision made… I don't know how to mirror videos, but he says in it around the 4:10 mark

>" I was married to my friend at the time. It was basically a friends with benefits marriage. I loved her, but it wasn't a romantic love."

>"I was kinda into my ex-sister in law, and I married my friend. So, there was a lot of tension between my ex-sister and law and I, because I never had that passionate sort of thing while I was married. I was very into my ex-sister in law. In fact, if I could turn back time (…) I would of actually wanted to pursue her sister. We had so much more in common, but I would have to wait a few years, because she was underage. I was always a lot more attracted to her because she was a lot more energetic.

>"I think my ex (Shiloh) knew I was attracted to her at the time, because I'm very open and honest with people I date."

He also talks about how she was a suicide girl, and talks about her nipples.

He literally confirmed it himself verbatim.

No. 699639

anybody wants to expand on how Siscesca rips of FFVII? I assume it's something related to the idea of Lifestream, spirits and nature?

No. 699640

File: 1568009128387.png (864.48 KB, 1920x972, kaitlov.png)

No. 699641

File: 1568009148969.png (554.57 KB, 697x636, chrome_HjlAEpCc2U.png)

Mirror for Body Positivity: AREOLAS (Large, Inverted, Oddly Shaped & More)

No. 699642

File: 1568009262807.jpeg (243.92 KB, 1242x937, 78098A89-48F0-45BE-ADEC-91354B…)

No. 699643

Not many of us know this but Skye was also a virgin when she got with him. I wonder if she identified with Sarah in a sense (stolen v-card), only he (and Taylor) did her dirty and that is why she’s speaking up after nearly a decade absence from the interwebz.

No. 699648

not only that but he coerced her into sex only a few hours after meeting her

No. 699649

pretty sure that was Adrienne

No. 699651

File: 1568010709318.png (23.42 KB, 531x193, chrome_8t7boqGWoo.png)

No. 699653

so uhhh is that link somewhere? for research(lurk moar)

No. 699655

Bless you anon. Combined with the emails, this video is SO damning.

>I would have to wait a few years, because she was underage

Hmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here…….

No. 699656


No. 699657

oh shit you're right, my bad

No. 699660

inb4 he kills his whole family and himself in a narc meltdown

No. 699662

File: 1568011961015.jpeg (139.76 KB, 1125x274, BCFC62BC-6AB1-4967-8193-D0F7E2…)


Billie x Lamey x Gruck wasn’t even his first idea of a ménage à trois, it never was and I’m still betting that he was gonna force Skye and teenage Shiloh into having sex with each other then with him along the way. So much for twin flames, huh Kai? Kek

No. 699663

I remember when he was crying during that "she wanted my body, not my heart," video when Hannah Minx wanted a threesome KEEEEEEEEEEEEEK

No. 699664

File: 1568012112500.jpeg (670.51 KB, 1125x1732, 3AB6A074-F5ED-40BB-91A9-DD7CEF…)

No. 699665

was it a threesome with another guy?

No. 699666

I bet she was a slut in his eyes and not pure nor underage like the other two. Can’t have that, now can we?

No. 699667

Homophobe confirmed.

No. 699668

File: 1568012350153.gif (987.2 KB, 500x269, giphy.gif)

Holy fuck. The ladies banding together coupled with Sarah's twitter @ makes me think of gif related

No. 699670

File: 1568012934528.gif (969.25 KB, 500x300, milkbath.gif)

Glory be Sisters for today marks a momentous occasion.
Legend says that the first sacrificial lamb would return for the final battle against the internets biggest shitstain.
Behold and give thanks for the delicious milk. In the name of the Keks, Amen.

No. 699672

onions been a homophobe. a loong time ago cyr did a podcast where he talked about how he accused him of being gay for wrestling with a friend

No. 699673

Yes but we now have Skye to confirm it for everyone

No. 699674

Why are Sarah, Ayalla, etc. still silent on his kids? I know this is Pedogate, but if Sarah thinks of herself as a mom to them, shouldn’t she try to help them? Before anyone says that the foster system is fucked, I think Lainey could take care of them herself (what she’s doing already) with the help of her NM family..

No. 699675


That sounds like a god damn prophecy lol

"The end times come by the Last One who will raise the storm and from the storm the First Sacrifical Lamb will come to join the fight for the last time together with all other lambs."

No. 699676

because they have the decency not to bring his kids into the situation, like you should. this is about grug and the women he's abused over the years, not his children.

No. 699677

this might be news to you but you can't just snatch someone's children. if the onions were charged with something (or are in future) things would be looked at differently.

No. 699679

Because we don't bring the kids into this. Sarah, Ayalla, and Billie are taking the high road by just focusing on Kai and her gay husband. We, however, just watch the milk and do not involve ourselves, especially with cow's family members that are also minor children.

No. 699680


Kids are always innocent - no matter how rotten people conceived them - and thus should be left out from any drama. They are not responsible for their parents actions and they aren't objects to use as a weapon towards anybody.

No. 699684

File: 1568015611361.png (437.92 KB, 800x1074, Screenshot_2019-09-09-02-40-12…)

Just gonna leave this here to remind everyone how money hungry Skye was too lazy to get a job (making him a literal slave), how she never had talent to offer or even helped with the channel and definitely how he never ever said he loved her. She's clearly put him through enough.
The internet never forgets.

No. 699685

File: 1568015662082.jpg (128.35 KB, 1080x600, Screenshot_20190909-021136_Twi…)

So Regina….

I think she was 17 at this time, birthday appears to be October 1997. Maybe I'm mathing wrong but…

No. 699687


No one cares. Greg is out here fucking literal children and grooming them.

Unless Skye is also fucking children, we don't give a fuck.

No. 699690

yall need to read the pic cause anon was clearly being sarcastic

No. 699691

File: 1568016118136.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)

lmfao this reads as though greg didn't want her to get a job, not that she was too lazy. 'she must be able to see me 80% of the time, anything less is unacceptable'

nice try.

No. 699692

I shouldn't be taking the bait. but I'm pretty sure onion made her quit her graphic design job to make more youtube videos for him. Onion isolating her and making her dependant on him makes more sense than her being money hungry.

No. 699693

Are you being sarcastic because it very clearly reads as if Onion couldn't bear to have Skye away from him. He needs constant attention for his narc fuel. He uses all his partners as narc fuel. That's what their job is and if they decide to get a regular job then they don't love and support him. He made AJ quit her job to "work for him" too. Fuck off.

No. 699694

Please stop. This is embarrassing.

No. 699696

It's called sarcasm. What he said when they were together vs what he said when he divorced her.

No. 699697

I think we need to implement a flashing "sarcasm" tag for the slower anons on the board.

No. 699699


Ohh Anon, we all know that Lainey only cares about herself. I just hope the poor kids can get away from both of these psychos. They're still too small to understand, but can you imagine growing up with these two as your parents?

No. 699700


pardon me, not-greg? it was Skye who came up with the "I'm a banana"-song. Your "claim to fame."
Although I agree I'm a banana sucks it did get you your 15 minutes of fame and all the underage poon you like, mate!

No. 699701

>>699700 Read up for fuck sake.

No. 699702

Holy shit, I can't believe this Sarah stuff made SKYE finally break her silence. I feel like I want to thank Sarah personally.

I hope now that Skye is out in full force, I hope she and her sister bury him.

No. 699703

I knew it had to be good when I saw farmhands had pinned the topic but this was beyond my wildest dreams.

All the exes are showing up to take Onion-boy down and I hope it works. Even if they can't get him legally they can ruin what little career he has left.

No. 699704

Fucking hell.


No. 699705

It's just that being so obsessed with attachment parenting and breastfeeding you would think she would want to get her young daughter away from Onion. He wouldn't change a young toddler's diaper to prove he isn't a pedo… who the fuck thinks that way if they aren't a pedo and admitted to have incestuous encounters and experiences.

No. 699716

I do too! Skye deserves to take him down.
He cheated on her, was after her sister, stole her fame and bullied her off the internet. He hated that he had to pay her alimony and still badmouths her.
I'm sure Skye now has a nice life with a great job and maybe a great husband/family, but she deserves to step down onto Jimmy's level for once and harrass him into silence.

No. 699718

Love that most of the exes are coming to bat for Team Sarah and Jimmy and Kaifag are still too shit scared to even acknowledge this for their YouTube audience. Does he really think using his patron as a shield is going to save him? Only reason he has patronfags cause he's an autist on YouTube that minors reckon they have a shot with. His entire popularity is due to him salivating over teen girls everything he does is to get into someone's vagina.

He sperged over his beer gut, he is 100% upset his exes are conspiring against him. Lolz

No. 699719

Please for the love of god shi and billie get in on this to help finish him.

No. 699722

After reading Skye's tweets and the terminology she was using, something has become clear, well something we all already knew. She's been reading lolcow all these years. Bless you Skye and Alicia.

No. 699724

It kinda seemed like other people were reading and reporting back to her which honestly probably is the best mentally for her.

No. 699725

it frustrates me that no one ever mentions how god awful Sarah's parents are just signing their kid away to Greg and Taylor like that.
True, Greg and his wife Taylor are terrible people, but Sarah's parents are awful too, what parent just signs away their 13 year old kid like that? They're like a pedophiles wet dream. "Oh you want her? Here you go, just sign this and you'll have legal guardianship." I bet Marc Dutroux pitches a tent at parents like that, saves them the trouble of kidnapping a girl.

No. 699728

I guess no one mentions it because the thread is about Greg, and it's sad situation.

Be glad that Sarah is getting her own apartment, is childless and very young. She's gained independence young and seems to have a good head on her shoulders despite the grooming. I always thought she held her own well when livestreaming.

Meanwhile Lainey's got two kids, doesn't make them a priority but prioritises her husbands sexual wants over the family.

Edit: Sarah first went to the Onions when she was 16. Her mother signed something allowing Lainey power of attorney or something so Sarah could get medication while out of state. I'm pretty sure. Her mum let her stay at the Onions from age 16.

No. 699729

I really need for someone ANYONE to put Billie, Shiloh, Skye, Sarah, Ayalla (since she was accused of wanting to fuck Sarah so he could deflect his pedophilia) and Alicia (since gurg's been stalking her all these years) in the same room and either shoot a video or a podcast. Not a call on Skype. Literally, everyone together in the same room.

It would be great as a healing experience for the exes, but I feel like even though Greg is irrelevant now, this would break the internet in a way.

Imagine 10 years of publicized abusive relationships coming to a close like this. He wouldn't be able to come back from that. This would definitely get the entire commentary community on Youtube reporting on it.

Someone needs to make this happen.

No. 699730

I'm calling Shane Dawson now.

It would be a perfect cathartic thing for Shane to do a sit down with them. Invite them out to LA for a weekend. After Shane staying silent for years, never mentioning his name it would be amazing for him to something with them.

The Blaire video is good too, hope it generates more people speaking out.

Oddly excited for when Onion boy himself breaks the silence. I expect a massive shit storm once that happens.

No. 699731

>I'm calling Shane Dawson right now

Do you mean that as a figure of speech or do you mean it literally?

No. 699732

Let's not forget the Associate degree in psychology that is useless. Taylor can totally get a job with that. Pfft
Back on subject, Jimmy boy sure is quiet. I bet he and the wife are screaming accusations at each other right now.

No. 699733

Lame's father doesn't let the youngest sister go anywhere near Grunk. For a very good reason

No. 699734

I don't give a shit if Lainey has a hard on for psychopaths and loves getting shat on, for fucks sakes get your children, especially your daughter away from that freak. He watches INCEST PORN, he will definitely do something to his own daughter, it's a matter of time.
Was grooming your underage friend not enough, you are gonna offer him your own daughter too?? I seriously hope he is in jail by then or their daughter is living far away from her fucked up parents seeing that Lainey will never "wake up".

No. 699735

File: 1568028668705.png (181.25 KB, 609x414, wellwellwell.png)

There is a great burst of genuine joy in my heart, to read that Skye is well, and happy. To see this awful, old, porridge-bodied man's multiple exes telling it like it is. Bringing the bruutal honesty. A moment of internet history.

No. 699736

Was it confirmed somewhere because I really hope it's true.

No. 699739

I really hope Shane doesn't go near any of them. He's a cow himself. He made a video about a fellow YouTuber getting stalked and death threats from her former husband and it was treated like a "conspiracy theory" or a joke. They made her watch footage of him, even when it was very obviously making her uncomfortable/cry and the camera man laughed in her face while she was telling her story. If anything, Shane would make a sympathetic video for Onion to help him save his dying channel or something equally as stupid. A warning to any victims who might be browsing lolcow and think this is a good idea.

No. 699743

Regina (the first underage girl lainey tried to groom) just came out in support of sarah too

No. 699744

Wonder if she saw laineys nasty twat too

No. 699745

File: 1568030934591.png (332.66 KB, 581x448, regina.png)

No. 699747

Good shout using a spoiler, wouldn't the mafia after your baby.

No. 699751

Sarah the Onion Slayer

No. 699752

Fuck shitty internet celebrities, Chris Hansen needs to be on this case.
To be fair, the vast majority of people who are into incest porn aren't into actual incest. It's a crapshoot whether Greg is, but you know he'll be going after his daughter's friends if he isn't a deadbeat dad by then (hopefully he is)

No. 699754

>To be fair, the vast majority of people who are into incest porn aren't into actual incest.

That's absolutely true because people know that it's not real. The characters aren't related at all.
We usually make fun about Greg for being really uneducated … and, I don't know how to say that gracefully and without sounding mean … but I could see Greg as someone who actually believes it's real.

Greg has also stated multiple times that he's into step-mother and step-sister things (probably because it's kinda "legal"?). And we all kind of know that he doesn't have a moral compass or any moral ethics.

Tbf, I really hope I'm doing him wrong this time.

No. 699755

I mean he kissed his cousin unconsensually, and his mom shouted his name during sex… he mentions Netunesa being "like family" and I assuming by that he means sister and he wanted to fuck her.

No. 699756

Also, Sarah said he used to call her "little sister".

No. 699757

File: 1568034629328.png (155.02 KB, 298x347, dex.PNG)


Only a woman would want to transition to male to become a manlet. And she doesn't even have a dick to compensate for how short and scrawny she is. Kai, the transmanlet.

He's such a narcissist that I don't believe his mom shouted his name during sex. I think he wishes she had and lied about it. I don't believe anything this motherfucker says. He is out of touch with reality half the time.

No. 699758

His mom is actually insane and has a bizarre Oedipus like relationship with him. I don't doubt that story for a second.

No. 699759

she dated a man named Greg and fucked him loudly with young Onion right in the next room.

No. 699760

File: 1568036079363.jpeg (63.18 KB, 1242x359, 50683D96-1948-4372-B72F-503268…)

sorry, idk how to link videos but in this one - it’s a song - he refers to alicia as his sister multiple times and says he loves her cuz she’s his sister.

No. 699761

There is so much wrong with this video.
Why would anyone share this information? Like admitting you want to bang your ex wife's little sister and that if you could go back in time you'd fuck her little sister and wait a couple of years to do it/date her because she was UNDERAGE.
The condescending way he tells the viewer to not worry about nipple size because 'guys don't worry about it and neither do I'
He explains everything so slowly like he knows some insecure teenage girl somewhere is watching.

Also he admits to fixing his hair too much in the video because he's self conscious of his emo-ness at 32. I had no idea this video was that recent.
I have followed this creeper for years but this video is really really underrated in creep factor.

No. 699762


So if you let your kid live with two obvious child groomers that get off on it at age 16, that makes it better? It should be mentioned because it is related. Just because you give your kid away to two child predators doesn't automatically absolve you from your obvious involvement. Sarah's parents allowed this to happen, heck they even seemed to have encouraged it. "Heres some legal documents for you to sign, Taylor, enjoy our kid!"
"There, we finally got rid of that rotten kid, lets celebrate."
How Sarah got out of that situation is all fine and dandy, and I'm glad she did, but I don't think theres an awful lot of parents like Sarah's folks out there, and I for one am glad of that.
Am I the only one that feels this way? Because I feel like everyone has taken crazy pills and I didn't get the memo to pop mine and be ok with all this.

No. 699764

>Be glad that Sarah is getting her own apartment, is childless and very young

Sarah's getting the freedom and earned happiness that Lainey could have had if she hadn't been too blind to see red flags telling her to run far away from.

He contacted her and then made that video the next day as if she would be watching, like a fucked up love letter. If Alicia never had or shown any attraction to him, what would possess him to make that gross video? Oh wait, his dick did. He's such a fucking creeper and deserves all that's coming to him.

No. 699766

File: 1568036715822.png (350.71 KB, 1104x623, creep.PNG)

Mirrored it for ya.
We can't link videos directly to his channel.

I never used streamable before, so idk how long it stays up for, if one of you farmers wanna download this and upload it to drive, please do.


No. 699768

File: 1568036816156.png (1.94 MB, 2847x1412, doubt.png)


>here's a train no not a sex train that's kind of sick because my mom and my sister are in it and i'm in it too which is like incest

No. 699769

I know everyone goes on about how Lainey ignores red flags and it's common knowledge but Greg making this video is more like a giant red fucking banner than a flag.
I cannot fathom why someone would not leave if their husband was making public videos about wanting to go back in time to wait for his underage ex's sister.
That is absolutely insane.

No. 699770

He filmed Alicia's asscrack and probably jacked to it later

No. 699772

>She tried to kiss me but I dodged the kiss because she was intoxicated

An underage girl that he was attracted to was drunk around him? Say it ain't so! I also doubt that she tried to kiss him, but knew that she wouldn't speak out at the time so he was allowed to say whatever he wanted. He goes on and on about Alicia's body. He's so fucking creepy and to think that he thought Alicia would appreciate this is even more creepy and disgusting. Of course he also mentions breast implants being unattractive too, as if his opinion matters. I hope he's crying right now.

Almost every single video of his is a giant red fucking banner, some even slapping Plainey in the face. I hope she's crying right now.

No. 699773

Jesus, did anyone else cringe from the autism?

No. 699774

I hope you do not mind, anon. We all know how Grug will pull that video as soon as he lurks it here.

No. 699775

>I fucking love nature

Well that took a dramatic turn for the worst, right wetlands?

No. 699777

File: 1568038204211.gif (1.44 MB, 204x204, 1486060834029.gif)

>that last part
now that we know this >>699453 is fucking gross

No. 699780


I don't think anyone thinks that. Sarah's mother is clearly not mom-of-the-year material. I don't know where her dad is in the picture (as far as I know he has not been mentioned at all in all this mess, ever), but her mother is the one who signed off on all that. So yeah, she is part of the problem.

No. 699784

Her mother is not the focus, Greg is. Who cares anyway, Sarah isn't even there anymore, she has her own apartment and has two jobs.
Girl is doing just fine.
Plus she seems mature enough to work through problems privately with her mum.

No. 699787

File: 1568039632810.jpg (10.27 KB, 275x183, images.jpg)


who cares? I care, thats why I brought it up. So when you sent a kid of to be abused and later on it manages to climb out of the rubble let bygones be bygones? I'm glad the law doesn't see things that way.


all the girls greg handpicks are from broken homes and with daddy issues, he makes sure of that. it has to have been an absent dad because most dads would sooner die than to just sent their little girl away at such a young age to live with a couple of maniacs.

No. 699789

File: 1568039796025.png (292.57 KB, 533x522, future clickbait.png)


Autism Part 2 where he claims he threw away Julia and indirectly defends himself.

No. 699792


Since you put it that way: if Sarah's mother doesn't matter anymore, neither do Greg and Taylor, since Sarah is living on her own and fine now. Has been for many years.
So I guess its all fixed now, thank goodness for that.(derailing)

No. 699793

I'm not saying it's right, I'm saying Sarah has moved past it.

No. 699794


Right, and she's also moved past Greg and Taylor for many years now, so its all alright, they're in the clear now right?

No. 699796

i wanted to do another transcript but this is literally unwatchable. god hes such a fucking insufferable idiot.

No. 699798

Sarah's mother isn't a public figure, in fact I don't think any of us even know her name, does she has social media? Has she said something worthy of discussion? Not that I'm aware of
If you check Twitter and YouTube people do talk about how her mother fail her but there's no much else we can say about it since Sarah herself doesn't talk about it
As for this thread, this is an Onision thread, not a Sarah thread. Of course he would be the focus of our discussion

Mate is not hard to figure it out.
And please learn to sage your non milk with your autism

No. 699799

He really has no sense of embarrassment does he? This video is like an unironic version of George Michael from arrested development reenacting Star Wars alone in his garage but it’s a 30 year old man who actually thinks he looks cool.

His use of “and I — oop” is so how do you do fellow kids and out of place it’s insane. Didn’t he have to ask Lainey and Sarah about teen lingo a while ago because he doesn’t get the current stuff?

No. 699800


We don't concretely know anything about Sarah's previous home life other than what she has shared or implied, which is that it was very bad. There were times during livestreams with Lainey that Sarah would become visibily distraught over the mere mention of going back to her parents. Other anon was probably being dismissive because speculating about exactly what horrible things Sarah was subjected to before the Onions is pointless and doesn't add much to the conversation. Sarah is in a better place now and she's choosing to publicly speak out about Greg and that's relevant.

When or if she chooses to confront her parents about their choices and actions (publicly or privately) is another matter entirely and it doesn't really belong here.

No. 699801

Well he basically equates Sarah to a sex doll (aka used her for sex) and then threw her away. Then his toys interrupt him by "exposing" him and he kills them with his light saber.
The video is a mix of rage he feels because he can't control the narrative anymore and autistic indirect threats that nobody is going to take seriously since we all know he's actually a coward.

No. 699802


So if you are not a public figure it exempts you from all your motherly duties? again, it does have to do with the story since she sent her daughter away to live with two lunatics at a very early age. I just asked for you guys input on it since I never heard anybody talk about that.
Exactly how would sage work when the thread is pinned?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 699803

no one said it doesnt relieve her of motherly duties. it just isnt relevant since it is pure speculation BECAUSE her mother has said nothing publicly. the thread isnt about sarahs mum.

No. 699805


Thank you. Now I have some information about this, so it is difficult for Sarah to talk about. I just wanted to hear some opinions and background on this. I just found it strange that it was never mentioned. Now I know.


When you have a bunch of characters in a story, like in a movie, isn't it so that each and every character matters? Why does it offend you so that someone is interested in one particular area of the story, and peoples opinion on it? Why get mad? Are you Sarah's mother? I don't think you are. Its silly the way you reacted to it, but I have my answers so we can let it rest now.

No. 699808


> the internet can be so dramatic about sex dolls

is he calling Sarah a sex doll? Because as far as I know people are being dramatic about the grooming of a child and not a fuck doll. So is he implying that she was a fuck doll? Am I tripping?

No. 699810


I mean, it is pretty clear her dehumanizes literally every woman in his life (except for his mother, perhaps) so it shouldn't exactly come as a shock that he is exposing his true colors like that. I mean, yes, of course that is what what she was to him. He is not actually capable of having an emotional connection with anyone but himself.

No. 699811

i dont want to be too optimistic but i truly think this is the beginning of the end for him??? i really hope the ladies don't back down. it's truly beautiful to see them support each other like that.
feels like years of keeping tabs on gurgs bullshit is finally paying off

No. 699812

Thankyou! Basically the point I was trying to make but didn't know how to word it without sounding like I was excusing her mother's behaviour to angry anon and didn't wanna get banned for infighting for trying to explain.

He thinks he's being funny by acting like he's talking about Sarah but it's the doll. Such a stupid video to put out there with what's currently happening.
He always damns himself in these types of videos. His speaks and dickish opinionated ones always have blatantly bad shit littered throughout, but his fictional 'skit' videos always seem to showcase the way be actually thinks with retarded snippets of him admitting creepy stuff truthfully.

Take his last video with the deathnote rick and morty abomination- meant to be a stupid funny story with fictional characters, but somehow manages to mention he actually likes watching milf, hentai and other shit.

Also he tries to throw these snippets of truth in these jokey videos as a way to defend himself but makes himself look even creepier.
>see? I totally watch milf porn so I CAN'T be a pedophile!

And then when he gets called out for being gross he just says it's a comedy video but you totally know he meant it.

No. 699815


That's the way I interpreted it too. He is going to continue to avoid the grooming and everything else and make this videos but Onion is over.

No. 699816

Just the other day Sarah was saying that she still loves them, even though they did all of that, so I hope she doesn't feel bad watching this. Actually I don't even think she should watch this. He's clearly doing that so she feels degraded and disposed of like a fuck toy.

Isn't it fucked how he named his sex doll after the 15 year old that molested him at Christian camp or whatever? I didn't know that until I watched his "draw my relationship" video and he called her Julia.

No. 699821

That "peanut butter on the vagina" thing? He fucking told AJ Sh did this!

No. 699823

Samefag who can't edit: Yes, he definitely made that story up.

No. 699824

Probably Alicia. IIRC last time the Suicide Girl thing came up here she contacted admin to get the pictures removed… which would fit with what Skye said about her sister keeping tabs on Onion for her

No. 699826

He had to ask them what 'tea' meant because he's that old.
Surprised he even knew what 'and I oop' was.

No. 699827

No problem!


I could be reading into things way too much….but I feel like he named the sexdoll strategically and makes these bizarre videos with it in a weird attempt to make the world think that he's "manifesting" his "abuse". I believe he wants people to see him as a victim who only hurts others because he himself was hurt, so he's being ridiculously heavy-handed with the sex-doll nonsense. He's playing up the "I was abused" angle because it's a better or more forgiveable (in his eyes) justification for his actions than the reality…

No. 699830

File: 1568043363199.jpeg (572.18 KB, 1242x1690, 64899DE8-092A-49C8-8ECE-421029…)

No. 699832

The AF doesn’t really train their airmen with rifles like the other branches do. There’s a good chance he spent a maximum of a couple days training and then never touched the rifle again. I honestly don’t even think they care if you hit the target during training either. He definitely didn’t train with a handgun thank god! Even a BB gun is dangerous for this fool to have possession of.

No. 699834

Second teen I hear of exchanging nudes with Lainey.

So… is Lainey a collector of child porn for Greg? Is this why he pushed her into lesbianism and pushed her into transition? No one says they sent Greg nudes. Lainey just exists in this relationship as the facilitator between him and teens. It's disgusting

These people are sick!

No. 699835

He did the same thing with Billie.
Claims he can only have sex with people he loves but then next minute is screeching at Drew after the whole drama to 'enjoy his 2nd hand sloppy seconds girlfriend'

Everyone is the supposed apple of his eye until he's mad.

No. 699837

This video is pathetic and scary at the same time.
Honestly if I were Sarah I would consider this a legitimate threat. He spends the whole video “killing” the people that expose him and even does this creepy bit at the end where he gets all close to the camera and says “but of course I would never kill anyone, right?”

On the other hand, this is his desperate and pathetic attempt to make light of all his accusations. It’s clear he still feels he has done nothing wrong. But anyone with half a brain can see right through this thinly veiled “story” about his sex doll.

It does not make him look good to basically brush off his actions as no big deal and try to use the whole “we are no longer on high school!” Defense once again.

This is the best he’s got to try to defend himself. And it only made him look petty and unremorseful. So much for happy positive light and love Jimmy.

No. 699838

>makes these bizarre videos with it in a weird attempt to make the world think that he's "manifesting" his "abuse"

but hasn't he, even recently, denounced that the whole thing with the (real) julia as abusive? and insisted it wasnt traumatizing or anything in his mind?

No. 699839

Are you retarded? We don't know anything at all about Sarah's home life, her parents or what she was aware of when her daughter went to stay with them. Sarah's mum has no Internet presence or is using an Internet presence to fish out minors to bring to her house. Use ya brain anon

No. 699842

This is what I think. Lainey has always been used to fish out minors. Greg has always had access to her phone. Any nudes she receives go to Greg. They're also on iPhone so they probably go on to their computers.

Not diminishing Lainey's involvement but Greg has always been the puppet master behind her online shit. I think it's evident to most people whoever Lainey is talking to Greg is also reviewing messages. Of course the same principal does not apply to Lainey. No fucking way would she have complete access to his messaging history, especially emails to his ex wife's sister he is in love with.

No. 699845

Anon you're onto something. Didn't luxymoo say that he hijacked her conversation with Lainey? Or was it one of the other girls Lainey was "flirting with" online?

No. 699852

Think its been with every girl that gets an invite to the house. Even with the Maya screenshots, Greg would be texting off Lainey's phone. I believe he's texted a few girls from Lainey's number. That is the big advantage he has with Lainey and why he hasn't switched her for anyone else, she perfectly content to be complicit with Onion running the show. Her only power comes into effect when they're in her home and she creates some stink about how they're affecting the primary relationship. That usually happens when Onion has a prudent interest in the girl and she probably doesn't do as much childminding and maid work when Onion wants to pork them.

No. 699855

File: 1568045269362.png (295.56 KB, 537x686, chrome_dkGolgSXAo.png)

Every time something new pops up, Greg is claiming he's so happy. $10 on him messaging Skye and Regina to shut them up.

No. 699856

File: 1568045386104.png (31.07 KB, 537x299, chrome_4MPXLDZ1wh.png)

No. 699857

That's highly disturbing and I wouldn't be surprised if a dozen girls ran for the fucking hills when they figured that out. It's not only a blatant violation and disrespect of Lainey's privacy but also every single person she talks to on the phone. Reason #1398523 Lainey has no friends.

I wonder if he also controlled Skye that way.

No. 699858

I think we can confirm one of the biggest reasons Lainey hasn't left Greg. He really did have too much on her. Complicit is complicit, but I think Greg ensured she couldn't fight back in any way.

No. 699860

there is a lot of bullshit apologetic nonsense for lainey in this thread.lainey sent nudes to underaged girls. Multiple times. Stop defending lainey. She's just as much of a piece of shit as greg is. they are both gross and perverted.

No. 699861

He knows of it/is using it because Eugenia learned of it in her Shane doc, which we know Jimmy Gergles rage fapped to for weeks
Anon theres no fucking way hes that strategic. Hes honestly so retarded and stunted it's hard for normal people to comprehend. Hes honestly just that fucking transparent and retarded

No. 699862


Fucking gross, he calls Alicia his sister so many times, films her 1000x more than Skye, and even films her ass and says “this is my sister’s buttcrack.”

And he called Sarah his little sister (and she called him her annoying big brother), while really he was repeating history — waiting for the younger one to become legal.

No. 699863

File: 1568046090210.jpg (264.35 KB, 1437x1994, IMG_20190909_182157.jpg)

No. 699864

i know it's possible but i'm having trouble believing this

No. 699865

Lainey exchanging nudes with her underage female friends is pretty believable to me, seeing her usual behavior…

No. 699866


are you new? go back through the old threads, Regina was just as much friends with Lainey as Sarah was until they had a falling out. no, it’s not unbelievable.

No. 699867

What are you on about? No one is defending Lainey. At least quote the posts that do this. Saying that Lainey was used as a way to get nudes for Greg doesn't make her innocent and it's not defending her. She's still scummy and no-one is saying she isn't.

He dated her from 17 and moulded her into a predator but this isn't a defense. I wish people could realise that someone can be abused and also become an abuser.
It's her fault that she decided to help him and made all the disgusting choices she did. His other ex's were abused and haven't become creeps. She probably enjoyed the pictures and attention from children just as much as Greg did.

It's the same when people talk about how Greg is probably largely the creep he is today, due to his retardation from childbirth and bizarre child rearing behavior from his mother. It's not defending him or giving him excuses, it's just observing the backstory and speculating why he is like this.

I am sick of all these anti o newfags with their black and white thinking, that screech at any observations made and accuse people of defending these two.
Like actually read what people are saying.

Both Lainey and Greg are equally pieces of shit.

No. 699868

Why though?

No. 699869

what the fuck, Lainey?

like honestly you know that right now ~Lainey is crying~ in the swamp shack because she can't believe people are being sooo cruel and unfair! she never did anything wrong, she doesn't deserve all this hate!! (/s for the anons who can't identify blatant sarcasm)

It's honestly wild to see how much Jimmy has corrupted her. She was a normal desperate teen when they met, now like >>699842 said, she's transformed into the perfect accomplice+bait for Onision's pedo fantasies. to the point where he's got her committing the crimes for him while he waits until just past the age of consent before swooping in. You know he'll throw her under the bus to save himself the moment he can if they ever got brought to court.

I wonder if Regina was contacted by Greg soon after turning 18. It would lend creedence to the theory that he's the puppetmaster and has control over Lainey's social media.

No. 699870

They are both the same. Lainey is crying and Greg is probably angrily ranting that they are both victims of slander. Fucking stunted retards with no self awareness that are unable to take any responsibility for their actions.

No. 699871

I love Skye's burns

No. 699872

Haha she @'d him! Has he tweeted since then?

No. 699874

File: 1568047971077.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1867, 0B13EFA7-A461-491B-B60D-03CF67…)

Not really. Only more creepy selfies with filters.

No. 699875

I think he is constantly posting these on Instagram because he gets most likes and positive comments there. Idk what's with Instagram userbase still supporting onion.

No. 699876

No self awareness.
All these selfies with childish filters and especially the ones with glasses make him look like a typical pedo you'd see in a film.
All he's missing is the greasy combover.

No. 699877

File: 1568048592981.png (83.6 KB, 1462x336, Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 2.56…)

In reply to "what are the requirements of being a good person?". He's got zero defence for Kainey at this point. think we will be waiting a while longer before he speaks directly about anything.

No. 699879

I was browsing onision related tags on Instagram and came across a video where Grep is playing a clown for some toy review channel. Supposedly it was made recently and uploaded 5 days ago.
What the fuck? Seeing all the recent allegations, why are the parents letting their child film a video with Pedonision??

(I'm linking it directly since it's uploaded on the toy review channel and not on Onision's channels)

No. 699880

I don't think Lame is just his puppet, I seriously think she's as fucked up as he is and she takes pleasure in manipulating these girls and then watching her gross husband abuse and humiliate them

No. 699881

this is truly pathetic. its a change to see a minor be the one to put cuffs on greg this time.

No. 699882

File: 1568049169914.jpg (33.36 KB, 600x486, 90e.jpg)

>Arby's #1

I love Skye lmfaooo - Lainey's beef curtains are crying

No. 699883

I wouldn't want a child around him regardless of gender but I think this kid is safe and sound. He only seems to like little girls and biological women who larp as fake genders.

No. 699884

Wow that is horrifying.. you can even see his house in the background and in the other video on the channel, he sits in front of the mailbox that says "5001" on it, which is his address. Whose kid is that? What the fuck?

No. 699885

Samefag. I think she was already a bad person to begin with, no one just turns around one day and does the sadistic shit she does. The Onion grooming probably just made it worse.

No. 699886

File: 1568049854112.png (3.5 MB, 1680x1050, wetland.png)

No. 699889

File: 1568050135441.jpg (96.9 KB, 1024x538, arbys-roast-beef-sandwich.jpg)

The Arby's #1 joke is genius lmao

No. 699890

Omg Stevie (someguy) posted a video. I hate this constant autistic comparison to Avengers endgame but all the backstory characters as well as the ex girlfriends are truly appearing. Drew, Skye, Blaire, the list goes on!

I hate the comparison but it truly is like Avengers endgame.

No. 699891

Uh after this >>698781
>he said in the shower after sex that he is obsessed with tiny Asian women
Should be really be working with a Filipino family with young daughters?

That video is radiating bad vibes.

No. 699892

I think she does too. Lainey tells Greg everything knowing how he is and what he will do with that information. I also think she gets off on him whiteknighting her and being a victim.

No. 699893

He's obsessed with that Ryan ToysReview channel, this is probably his attempt at becoming as successful as he is

No. 699894

She tells him everything like a snake, knowing he'll blab about certain details but then cries in videos and streams that she doesn't control him and she doesn't approve the release of private information on both sides

She's such a shady bitch.
I also agree that she loves his white knighting and framing her as a victim because she probably thought that when everything went to shit and Greg has put his final nail in the coffin, that she could escape scot free and the internet would magically forgive her.
When in reality the bitch is in just as much trouble since she has underage nudes on her phone

No. 699895

File: 1568051301796.gif (1.53 MB, 250x200, giphy.gif)



Saying things like this to your underaged girl fans in the midst of pedo allegations.

No. 699896


I believe she loves being his accomplice, she has hots for sociopaths.
Which reminds me, there is a part of "10 things I love about Laineybot" (diss video onion made against kainey) where he calls her out on loving psychopathic characters in tv shows.

Quoting from video:

>Onision: Lainey is super sensitive so you know they have a good heart

>Lainey (played by Onion): I love T-Bag from Prison Break, he just had a bad childhood

>Onison: Oh that murderer/serial predator, you like him huh?

>Lainey (played by Onion): yeah I just wish people would give him a break

>Onision: A break after turning him to the police after he kills people?

>Lainey (played by Onion): DUH I'M LAINEY

I know it's an exaggerated video that Grep made solely to shit on his wife out of some frustration, but I'm pretty sure they had a similar conversation. She's into sick abusive fucks and wants to make them love her by helping them. If Onion didn't employ her to be his handmaiden, she'd be a tumblr true crime fangirl 100%. If she ever gets separated from Onion, she'll search for a new sick fuck to be his right hand.

No. 699897

I’m not sure if she likes doing it for the sake of it or if she doesn’t it because she knows it will pay off when he directs his vitriol away from her to another person and love bombs her in the process. I don’t think she loves other people getting hurt but she loves the attention being showered on her for a little bit and is indifferent if other people have to get hurt to get it.

Every time a new girl comes into the picture she gets cast out and is the less fun girl in the picture like in that video he made about her being a wet towel who was withholding while innocent Billie was happy to go along with whatever but once she was able to weasel Billie out she went back to being onision’s rock and someone who would never betray him. She only can be praised by him when she isn’t being like the “bad” other girl.

It’s a pattern at this point.

No. 699899

To be honest I don't actually think he's got yellow fever but more just wants the ideal stereotype of what a submissive Asian woman is like, thanks to too much anime and hentai. He probably thinks asians whimper during sex because his brain is that rotted from too much loli hentai. Greg is racist as fuck and sees women of different races as exotic conquests rather than just people. Just like he thinks gay and trans people are more interesting and special because they are a minority and doesn't see them as regular people that just want to be treated like normal people.

I believe he would have been way too much into the loli hentai and just said this to Shiloh as a way to hurt her feelings and trigger her into losing weight. He often said things about her being perfect if she just lost some weight.
He always said that Shiloh was insecure and jealous so by telling her he has a preference for something different, he knows that he can upset her into changing.
Lainey started skin walking Billie after the Billie saga probably because he wouldn't stfu about Billie. Lainey was the cupcake and Billie was the fun sprinkles in his retarded analogy from ages ago, so therefore she needed to transform into the 'sprinkles' if you will, a more interesting palatable character for him.

He pretty much uses any of his partner's insecuritys against them.
That's why Adrienne was so short lived with him, because he'd try to pick out her insecurities and because she was much older and mature than the others, she left him instead of trying to change like an insecure little girl would.
I think a lot of people here can recall having a horrible or manipulating partner when they were younger that low-key insulted them to try and change them.
The type that neg to get what they want.
He told Luxy and Billie they were boring or broken for not wanting to do certain things and he told Sarah she looked like a librarian probably so she'd change her look up. It's all very manipulative.

No. 699900

File: 1568052268012.png (32.02 KB, 952x461, delin.png)

No. 699901

She probably thinks it makes her seem edgy just like Greg does.

No. 699902


omfg, seeing this video made me throw up. the thought of a sexual predator hanging around young kids like this…

No. 699906

I think that he's actually losing it.
He knows that at this point he's finished, there's absolutely nothing he can do anymore. This is really the Avengers End Game of Onion.
Can I just say that I'm really happy of how things are turning out? It's not just about the milk, it's the fact that (almost) all the women he abused throughout the years are teaming up to finally end him. That's sweet justice.

No. 699908

"Although many psychopaths never get caught and live their lives within our communities, Robert Hare has worked mostly with the psychopaths who have become criminal and ended up in the prison system. He developed The Psychopathy Checklist (Revised) referred to as the PCL-R which helps to differentiate the psychopath from the mere APD. Although by the time most psychopaths are being evaluated with the checklist, they are usually already in prison or somewhere within the legal system. Remember, however, many psychopaths never get to prison. Psychopathy Characteristics Hare defines characteristics of psychopathy as:

1. glib and superficial charm
2. grandiose (exaggeratedly high) estimation of self
4. need for stimulation
5. pathological lying
6. cunning and manipulativeness
7. lack of remorse or guilt
8. shallow affect (superficial emotional responsiveness)
9. callousness and lack of empathy
10. parasitic lifestyle
11. poor behavioral controls
12. sexual promiscuity
13. early behavior problems
14. lack of realistic long-term goals
15. impulsivity
16. irresponsibility
17. failure to accept responsibility for own actions
18. many short-term marital relationships 19. juvenile delinquency
20. revocation of conditional release
21. criminal versatility"

Brown M.A., Sandra L.
"Women Who Love Psychopaths: Inside the Relationships of Inevitable Harm With Psychopaths, Sociopaths & Narcissists." The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction. Kindle Edition.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 699909

File: 1568053206755.jpeg (36.57 KB, 500x500, EECbpSRW4AMlUdq.jpeg)

Since there are now 2 confirmed minors that Karla HomolKai exchanged lewds with for several years at a time, should this thread be opened back up for Pedobot fakeboi discussion?

Since Homolkai gives absolutely no impression of actually being attracted to girls(ugh)/women, and it's been confirmed Greggy Grease controls all her accounts and calls/messages girls using her number - they're basically one disgusting pathetic monster with two greasy little heads. I dont think teasing them apart is worth it anymore.

No. 699910

This is absolutely the best anime betrayal of all time. His harem banded together to destroy him

No. 699912

Daaang this reminds me so much when Shiloh ruthlessly and backhandedly attacked Adrienne with the dirty vag comments kek. And now the ex-wife is doing it to the current one


No. 699913

theres another video with that kid and onision. peep the state of that backyard.

No. 699916


Beat me to the mirroring. I found that one too on that channel, a lot longer and the kid even goes on the property and you get to see how disgusting Greg lets his home get. Worse than the pictures we seen.>>699913

No. 699917

I think she does it for edge points and mostly for his approval and overtime convinced herself that she's some gay fuckboi cold heartbreaker.
She's a sick fuck now but she's always been boring as fuck and a bit of a basic bitch in the past. I actually don't think she would have ended up like this if she hadn't met Greg. Nor do I think she would have ended up a true crime fangirl. She would have grown out of her edgy wannabe phase and gone on to meet an average joe and have an average boring life.
She's always been plain and boring and smug but she used to be obsessed with Shane Dawson and a bunch of other YouTubers.
She's a desperate wannabe pick me bitch that ended up with an unfortunate choice. When she met him he was still kinda peak fame so she would have reaaaally tried her hardest to do everything he wanted so he wouldn't replace her.

This is in no way defending her current behaviour, but I really don't think she's this great mastermind that has always liked little kids. There's nothing that screams dark or edgy about her life in her past family photos, she's a bandwagon jumping loser and she picked the wrong bandwagon.

I also don't believe Shiloh would have become such a cow with her behaviour and antics if she hadn't met Greg. She was always a big personality and a little obnoxious, but the fake miscarriages and fake seizures would have been her mirroring Greg's attention whore behaviour. Probably would have gone on to be a Disney channel regular or something.

I think he definitely changes people to some degree through trauma but Lainey is still responsible for continuing his abuse instead of ending the cycle.

No. 699918

hmmm he just uploaded "Was Onision A Victim At Age 11? ::: Onision Podcast" to the speaks channel…

No. 699924

the funny thing about the backyard is there are multiple proper trash and recycling containers. Like 3x what they actually need. Why is there still garbage everywhere?

(sry appended video didn't meant to)

No. 699925

File: 1568054268946.jpg (373.75 KB, 791x972, Screenshot_2019-09-09-19-32-22…)

Holy fuck. That's his sex doll's wig. This somehow makes this "collab" a thousand times more creepy.

No. 699926

Why do they have so many cars? There's at least 3-4 in the video on their property.

No. 699927


Forgive me if this isn't new, I only started lurking after the wetlands fiasco…but did the Onion collabed with essentially just release his address?? Or was that already circulating the internet because of the wetlands drama? If not, that's got to be yet another chink in the armor of his "I'm positive, I create my own happiness!" response to this all.

No. 699929

Shiloh did that shit because Greg was talking to her and Adrienne at the same time and was trying to put them against each other.
She was a lot younger and wanted his approval.
He's done it before and always bad mouths his ex's to the next.
I'm not meaning to be a Shiloh whiteknight but I've always felt bad for her since the beginning.
People here used to bash Sarah for being a spy for the onions and would say horrible things all the time about her smugness and now they can sympathize but for some reason Shiloh is open for criticism. Same goes for the anons with Billie hateboners.
Shiloh did some stupid things but I do think some people need to cut her slack. Billie was older than her and she gets more of a free pass than Shiloh ever did.

No. 699930

File: 1568054547446.jpeg (727 KB, 1242x758, CDD4EFAF-4176-4A6C-91E3-C393BF…)

Do this kids parents even REALIZE??
The FBI really needs to open an investigation on the Jackson home.

No. 699931

Their yard is fucking filthy, too. How can Onion scream about loving nature in one autistic video and have a bunch of garbage cans, only for the trash to be all over the ground? Weren't they supposed to put a mandatory fence up?

No. 699935

Poor kid, I hope he wasn’t nor isn’t John Podesta’d

No. 699936

File: 1568055513362.gif (2.38 MB, 454x214, Amen.gif)

No. 699937

Bet Lainey's furiously trying to delete evidence off of her phone and other devices as we speak.

No. 699942

He thinks exactly like what anime is, women are literal pets. Their feelings are overreacted, they don't have their own will or can think of their own and are solely there to satisfy men, no matter how they treat them.
I'm sure he's never encountered actual asian women, so how could he possibly know that anime is sexist bullshit and asian women don't act like that.
He really scored big time with Taylor, too bad she's so ugly and now wants to be a boi.

No. 699943

File: 1568056716935.jpeg (47.58 KB, 383x500, Nephson.jpeg)

>my mom and my sister are in it and i'm in it too which is like incest
>Don't forget the incest porn

I've honestly suspected inbreeding in Onions family for awhile, what with his 'special' physical features and stunning intellect.

No. 699945

File: 1568057078886.jpg (29.15 KB, 455x376, KEK.jpg)

>neither do Greg and Taylor
Yes, which is precisely why their train wreck lives are in free fall right now. Fucking kek, anon.

No. 699946


>seems like he's trying to fill some kind of hole.

I lol'd.

iirc Klainey gifted all of hisher her unwanted phones to their would be victims, there's no way either of them would have overlooked any incriminating photo's at this point.

Onion was stationed in Korea during his time as an 'honorably discharged chairforce military cop'*

*never4get the alleged grooming of a superiors underaged daughter horrorshow.

No. 699947

File: 1568057586385.jpeg (161.25 KB, 1125x722, 1BC0681F-43AB-4A75-815D-99981B…)

No. 699948

My worry is for the girls that send them nudes. In the eyes of the law they are sending CP. We all want Greg and Taylor to be in trouble, but think ahead.

No. 699949


Yeah, unfortunately the girls sending their nudes can get in trouble too.

No. 699950

They should consult with lawyers. They shouldn't HAVE to, but that's the way it is in the US - lot's of retarded laws to wade through.

No. 699951


Guys.. when you're a minor, you are the child victim and won't be charged for sending CP. It's the adult who is asking for these photos / keeping them / making the deed happen who gets in trouble.

Like if you're sexually assaulted, you're not going to get in trouble because your body was the one involved in the assault.

No. 699953

Yup that's it Greggles. Latch on to the one ridiculous claim that probably wasn't even serious. Ignore all the actual accusations. That'll show the haters. They're all so stupid with their CrAzY theories!

No. 699954

No. 699955


That's a nice thought, but not true.

No. 699957

Greg just blocked me on twitter so he's definitely scouring his replies.(rule 5.3)

No. 699959


In a lot of states it doesn't matter if you're a minor sending to minor or adult it's still considered distributing child poronography. I'm not sure how enforced it is, however.

No. 699960


alright well that is fucked up. soz from canada, i wasn't aware the script could be flipped like that.
it's a bit backwards that the predator and the teens he's coercing can face the same charge.

No. 699961

I second this. Taylor isn't interesting enough on her own to garner the need for her own thread in snow. She has always been and will always be Grepedo's complicit, happy Pinocchio. At this point in their YouTube "careers" and marriage, they're two rotted peas in a pod.

I don't want to defend Lainey, but it's hilarious that Jimmy criticizes her for being invested in psychotic male characters, when all of his book "characters" are narcissistic sociopaths with god complex.

No. 699963

While anons are right that minors can be charged that way, it is within the prosecutor and judge's prerogative not to pursue charges/charge the minor. But it's a bit of a crapshoot depending on where you live.

No. 699964

It doesn't matter anymore that Lainey was/is a victim, she's been an active participant in grooming multiple teenage girls, and now commiting actual crimes like soliciting child porn from a 16-year-old. There's no coming back at this point.

>gUYs, I may be a worthless piece of garbage but we're all human!

No. 699965

kek he called lainey footfaced

he really hits the mark here, he hasn't posted since billie and now hes speaking up again

It would be a cruel fate for Lainey to go to jail and onion stay free off of youtube working at wallmart.

No. 699966


If Foot went to prison and Anus somehow got off Scott free, he would 123456% dump the kids on lainey’s family than take care of them himself.

Honestly even if the Onions don’t get arrested, I hope they still are registered as sex offenders, so that people would finally avoid them for good like the cockroaches they are. Maybe Trot and Clot would grow up with Foot’s mom and her stepfather in NM, far away from Gig Harbor.

No. 699969

File: 1568060790465.png (1.63 MB, 1053x644, Capture.PNG)

Does this public notice mean he's not done with his wetland punishment?

No. 699971

If you look up the permit # on the sign, you'll see that its a request for a biologist to, I assume, review the work done to restore the wetlands and make sure it's compliant

No. 699972

In every case like this that I’ve seen, the minors do not face charges. Minors are sometimes charged when nudes are sent between minors. The special circumstances that would surround a minor being charged with child pornography to an adult, would be if they were pics of a minor who is not themselves and/or sending or creating child porn that includes someone other than themselves. They are not charged in cases where the minor is a victim. As is the case with Lainey.

Lainey could also be charges with distributing child pornography if she shared the pics with Greg or anyone else.

No. 699973

File: 1568061253715.jpeg (706.36 KB, 1125x1774, 87C09063-D446-48B5-A1BC-A539D6…)

Ooh right in the nuts!

No. 699974

I wonder if Taylor's parents/family are aware she's a proven child groomer… If not they will surely find out sooner or later. Gotta feel bad for them. Even when they discovered Taylor had married Greg they surely didn't think it would lead to this.

No. 699975

Ugh, fuck someguy

No. 699977

I wonder how long it will take for Grugly to make a video about his "evil thieving" ex wife not leaving his poor ass alone.

No. 699978

Lainey has 0 privacy in that household, of course he has access to anything she has received. I don't think she was smart enough to delete stuff before Grug finding out.

No. 699979

You know, I always thought the slow burnout and fade into nonexistence would be the worst fate for Greg. I never in a million years would have imagined the return of Skye and all his victims banning together and crushing him and Lainey. It’s a pity that so many people had to be hurt in order for their final demise to occur. I hope that each and every one of their victims is feeling some sort of satisfaction while watching this.

No. 699980

The final blow would be Billie throwing in some punches too. You know that would hit his pride the hardest because he still obsesses over her.

No. 699981

File: 1568063563317.png (1000.21 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20190909-161207.png)

Well I guess Sh is out, which is kind of understandable I guess

No. 699982

I can respect that. lord knows we can all see why she'd want it this way

No. 699983


Probably best she doesn't say anything. She's trying to reboot her music career and actually has real talent there. She doesn't owe anyone anything.

No. 699985

Shiloh made a very smart business decision. Everyone knows talking about Onion would only give random YouTube nobodies clout, but not someone who wants to relaunch their musical career.

No. 699986

I can see why considering some of the female twitter anti-os went out of their way to fuck with her
No doubt since she's violated every girls trust and shared info with him

No. 699987

Alright, he found the SFX folder in Adobe Premiere it seems. Cool cool. Now he needs to learn how to properly add them and, please, create some coherent scripts.
I imagine that this is what a revenge fantasy made a child or teen would look like. Well, at least he's trying to cater to his target group, though.

I'm not sure he's really referring to Sarah. Maybe Lainey has decided to finally put her foot down to get rid of Julia or he's pressured to get rid of his doll because people mentioned his kids being around that thing is inappropriate.
The dolls criticizing his behavior could just be regular "haturz".

It's kind of karma that his pants are too big and uncover his boxers a couple of times in the video.
It's as if the universe is trying to shout that he can't keep his pants on when he's around children.

No. 699989


You're on to something too. Lainey gifted phones to both intended grooming victims. Greg gifted Sam a laptop back in like 2015 when she was underaged. Maybe to make it easier to communicate without their guardians being aware?

No. 699991

Sam was 18-19 in 2015, anon.
Doesn't seem like Billie wants to do any onion slaying herself. At least Ayalla can do it for her.

No. 699993

People really were ruthless with her back in the day. She was hated by a lot of the anti Os. I think it's because at that point no one realized it was a pattern of behavior. People weren't sympathetic to her because she was the first. I understand why she thinks this is all for people's "entertainment" and no one actually cares.

Onision really did a number on so many girls. Its disgusting and I'm glad a lot of them are speaking out.

No. 699994

Skye prefaces her @onision tweets with a "." so he won't get notifications for them – is there a reason why she's doing it this way?

No. 699995

It's not so that he won't get a notification it's for her followers to still be able to see her tweet even if they don't follow him

No. 699997

File: 1568066133244.png (417.91 KB, 426x528, Rosie-Roseca-The-Pedo-Clown.pn…)

Why tf does his kid's slide have burn marks on it? It looks like someone took a blowtorch to it.

No. 700000

I honestly think Kai/Lainey is interesting enough for a serious character study. There are so many angles, s/he's an abuser and abused, groomed and grooming, crying and continuing - a good author would have a fucking field day.

Onion boy is not nearly as fascinating as his husbandwife. As repulsed I am by kai/lainey's actions, I'm fucking intrigued by his/her mind.

No. 700001

That thread got split off precisely because she is so boring. Most posts about her would be kek she looks like a foot, and she's a basic bitch, and she has bad skin! What a basic foot-faced bad skin having bitch topkek.

Sounds like something he'd do for one of his retarded sketches.

No. 700002

>>699975 Let me guess anon; you have a problem with someguy because he said tranny? Is that right?(derailing)

No. 700004


this thread isn't about someguy

No. 700005

Does this mean he's renting out his property as a filming space? Onion isn't mentioned in the description and it's a really small channel so it's not like either party is gaining subscribers through these videos.

I wonder if this family are also aware of how much he hates family channels?

No. 700006

People still aren’t sympathetic to her though not even here. Anons are always criticizing and hating on his exes and ex friends for various reasons including his patrons when they leave.

Just pointing out the facts.. even with Sarah some Anons were getting critical and pissy when the ‘milk’ slowed.

No. 700007

File: 1568067341172.jpeg (41.32 KB, 1125x471, 2A7E3CB7-3604-4FF5-994C-010C61…)

Did anyone catch this? Very last frame of jimmys latest “podcast”

No. 700008

maybe he's trying to kickstart his cult to retire from youtube and be a guru

No. 700011


No. 700012

With the "positive" tweets he's been posting, this is just further proof that hes breaking and becoming desperate

No. 700014

File: 1568069328868.jpg (8.14 KB, 180x180, FB_IMG_1500550615002.jpg)

Look at this edgy shit, How cringy

No. 700016

I'm sorry if this is considered derailing, but since a kids channel cast Greg as a clown recently, the hypocrisy of his "don't exploit your children" thing comes across as too extra. We know that he's a hypocrite when it comes to weed and alcohol, but he's made even bigger stinks over YouTubers exploiting their children for fame and money. He even called out Shaycarl for it a few years ago, and still refuses to let anyone discuss his offspring, unless he's using them as a meatshield to deflect accountability. Yet he's totally willing to expose half-dressed minors so he can ogle their bodies, and film some kid beat the shit out of him. Did that little boy's parents get a lecture about exploiting their son? Did Greg keep his mouth shut because he was (probably, but I can't confirm) paid? Where do the double standards end with JJ?

To any anons still on his Twitter, has Greg made any mention of being in those videos?

No. 700020

So for how long are these two gonna be in hiding?

Anyone wanna bet?

No. 700021

Not a word. He hasn't promoted them on either Patreon or discord either. I wonder if this was the '2nd job' he's been alluding to since the wetlands fiasco?

Funny how he's always hated 'family uchoobers' for exploiting their kids yet here we are again. Astounding principles there Jreg..

No. 700023

does this mean that >>698779 is fake? it doesn't look like how messenger is supposed to look at all, and it certainly doesn't sound like anything she'd say.

RSN is a shady motherfucker and should be completely disregarded forever

No. 700024

Read the entire thread before commenting. Its ancient Skype and a conversation between friends years ago.

No. 700025

What I got out of it was that she is resentful of whoever leaked that and wanted it made clear that they did it without her consent. No idea if it is fake or not, but that is what came to mind immediately.

Also, as some Anon pointed out, people have been pretty vicious about her, so maybe she is all "Fuck all y'all."

No. 700026

File: 1568073256864.png (509.43 KB, 693x409, firefox_bfleZqmHBp.png)

damn, fake or not, that is messed up of whoever did that.

anyways i just died laughing at this trash pile next to the trash can omfg

No. 700029

It blows my mind how him and Lainey can be fine with living in that mess, with their kids living in that mess, and then having people come and film the mess!

No. 700032

File: 1568073397130.png (5.96 MB, 828x1792, 19242F49-C796-423D-AD78-B7B741…)

Nah, one of Sh’s old friends (Caitosanna) is using her connection to Sh and Greg to revive her dead channel. She did a stream with RSN and is supposedly gonna actually meet RSN in person to do an interview exposing more (if it gets ~5000 likEs~ or whatever garbage RSN said)

I watched her video earlier and she seemed like typical white trash smoking a cig in her backyard. Her insight won’t be special but the private messages between her & Shiloh probably hold some really messed up secrets, especially since Shiloh seemed to wanna open up to anyone who would listen.

I doubt this girl was super close to anyone in the situation. She didn’t say much other than that she knew Lame and Greg back in the day and that she’s more surprised at Lame than Greg but didn’t really give any good reason and spent more time making a point to fumble with saying Taylor/Lainey/Kai/“whatever they go by” every single time she mentioned Lainey. People know who you mean. Stfu.

It seemed like this chick kinda just wants to latch onto the controversy for clout and happens to have old screenshots. She claimed she was ~super popular and people loved watching her life~)

I’m sure she has some super fucked up private stuff that Sh doesn’t want dragged out into the public. Kinda messed up that she’s exploiting someone she probably hasn’t talked to in years for clout but not surprised RSN’s dirtbag ass is promoting it.

No. 700034

File: 1568073916204.jpg (39.27 KB, 600x450, CTwDU1-WsAAaOHN.jpg)

As mean as it sounds I feel that this is going to be a running joke within that circle of women concerning Lainey's labial hypertrophy.
How long until "Kai" SUDDENLY has bottom dysphoria and now needs some kind of bottom surgery to correct it. We all know the only reason she wants top surgery is because her breasts and nipples are beaten and saggy.

No. 700035

File: 1568074012360.png (1.79 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190909-200146.png)

Another shot of Grugly and PredatorGuyKai's disgusting yard.

I'm SO upset knowing they got another dog (a large one) who will be forced to live in this garbage. The humane society needs to do another visit.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 700036

File: 1568074471316.jpg (583.17 KB, 1080x1494, Screenshot_20190909-195228_Dri…)

Is it bad that I really want an Arby's sandwich now…

Instagram probably doesn't have a huge anti-o community so his fans are less likely to stumble on his scandals if he primarily focuses on Instagram because he can make his account private but "haters" can still interact with fans responding to his tweets, we just can't see what he says. His Instagram is isolated.

That's not a new sign it's been up since the beginning

Good thing YouTube is fucking over kidtube when it comes to ads so theres no incentive for Onion there.

People were rooting for her after cuddlegate but the dumb bitch stayed and rotted into the filthy human garbage she is.

Both Onion and Lainey probably get off on the us against the world mentality. And they both idealize toxic relationships, Bella and Edward, Harley Quinn and Joker…

Plea deals exist for a reason and hopefully a judge would see the full pattern of predatory behavior exhibited by the Onions when taking sentencing in consideration

No. 700037

File: 1568074485679.png (81.07 KB, 899x703, 756221.PNG)

I guess its a good sign they are liking all the comments telling them they allowed their child to film with a predator. Lets see if they remove the collab videos soon.

No. 700038

Not to defend them by any means, but that wetlands area is probably a really good sanctuary for Raccoons.
That being said, the Grease Polyps definitely just throw trash off the balcony and use "oh the raccoons will just make a mess" as an excuse to never clean it up.

No. 700043

thanks for the info, i hate her now too

oh no


oh nooooo. that poor family

No. 700044

In general, he always makes videos on "hot topics" for insecure teen girls. Body image, cutting (as disgusting as those videos are), eating disorders, etc. You can definitely tell he's targeting a certain audience.
Greg's entire life is a giant red banner. You would have to be extremely young and damaged not to see this shit, but Lainey's only other boyfriend was that David guy, and then, it all makes sense.

No. 700045

wait, when did they get another dog? last I heard sarah said they'd gotten rid of caterpie… why on earth would they do that and then get another, bigger dog?

No. 700046

As evidenced by the overwhelming amount of trash, everything is disposable to them.

No. 700047

it's not fake. it's just old as sin. i remember seeing it years ago

No. 700048

File: 1568076586006.jpg (30.76 KB, 828x294, _bvrrab8YKxjuzsZPq5GpUArQHbeVY…)

> onision's harem teaming up against him
> pic related

No. 700049

This might be a dig at Sarah

No. 700050

And his son, too. I put nothing past this monster at this point. Fuck Lainey – save his damn kids.

No. 700052

Strrrrrrike two, Lainey! She is the Ghislaine Maxwell to his Jeffrey Epstein.

No. 700053

File: 1568078106375.png (13.25 KB, 586x109, so skinny.png)

So instead of worrying about his reputation going down the drain, he's jerking off to the fact he fits into his old clothes.

No. 700055

Yeah of course he fits into his old clothes… He just has to wear one of Lainey's binders, suck his stomach in, and not eat for 5 days.

No. 700056

That's likely due to muscle loss you flabby fool, it's not necessarily a good thing. There's more to weight and fitness than a number on the scale.

No. 700058

Peep the comments on this. The channel owner's seem to be listening to the comments, at least.

No. 700059

Are these at the swamp? It doesnt look like his house in the background of the three photos, but I'm no expert on their house.

No. 700060

Fact is 70% of his exes were complicit and supportive of onion's fucked up behavior until he did something to wrong THEM. This even goes for people he collabed with like JG

No wonder people are skeptical of their character.
(I won't count shi because she was so young and she had no reference point)

No. 700061

wholeheartedly agree

No. 700062


Absolutely, he has to convince them that he’s in the right and everyone else is the villain at least for a time. I suppose Skye never had that to the same extent as the others but that’s because she was the first.

The way Shiloh seemed to turn against AJ iirc after speaking to her through text/calls or whatever seems to show how he manipulates and gaslights people into believing his version of things. It’s understandable and deserves some sympathy (unless you become a monster like Taylor of course).

The trick will hopefully wear thin though - it gets harder and harder to convince someone all your exes are psychopaths the more you accumulate (and eventually it can become an insult, if you think of it in terms of “he seems to only date mad women, am I therefore one too??”)

No. 700063

File: 1568080318551.jpg (82.46 KB, 556x649, IT FITS.jpg)

Just because you can still fasten most of the buttons doesn't mean it "fits."

No. 700064

Yeah but instead of an island, he has a trashed backyard that looks worse than a dumpster alleyway, instead of money he has debts, instead of power and success he has none, inst-

No they're all pieces of shit but I appreciated the comparison. Same goes to >>699909 for HolmoKai and whoever brought up the Bernado/Holmolka before. The latter being even better because Karla got off free for throwing Bernado under the bus before they found out the damning evidence.

>I'm still young!

No. 700067

File: 1568081055703.jpg (674.56 KB, 999x732, onion feels.jpg)

No. 700068


Yep, in his video he did on Brooke he introduced his new dog. I can't recall her name now but she is a big black dog. Poor thing has to live in that trash heap.

No. 700069

He said that he wasn't going to make video's about onision, anymore.

Why is he making video's about onision?

No. 700070

I think the yellow/white lab looking dog in the video is the dog that comes to the Onions house just to shit. I love that fucking dog, the real MVP.

No. 700071

It's a white dog.

No. 700072

>Of course the same principal does not apply to Lainey. No fucking way would she have complete access to his messaging history

Of course not, because then she would've found out about him messaging Skye's sister in 2017. >>699562

No. 700073

File: 1568081893025.jpeg (62.61 KB, 441x396, mommy issues.jpeg)

>it is pretty clear he dehumanizes literally every woman in his life (except for his mother, perhaps)
I'm sure he dehumanizes her too, if not in public than in private. You can't have this many fucked up, failed relationships with women and NOT have enormous mommy issues. He's too much of self-centered manchild to acknowledge that HE'S the common denominator in all this.

No. 700074


It's the swamp. Some random ass "youtube family" filmed there and Grugly acted in it, playing a clown that the kid was coming to arrest.
The timing is hilarious. A child coming to the swamp shack to arrest Greg the predator.

Also, the dog isn't the neighbors lab. This dog looks like a Great Pyranese mix of some sort. There was a video mirrored a few posts up of Grugly having an autistic fit and killing some dolls and shit that were exposing him. You see the dog walk by in one shot. He also had a picture with the poor pupper in the background. I'm so heartbroken for that dog. It has such a classic, big ol derpy good boye aesthetic. I wish the worst of fates on Grug and Lainey. The harm they've caused to so many beings. I truly hate them.

Keep in mind that they abandoned Caterpie at the pound not that long ago.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 700077

File: 1568082487009.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, top keks.png)

He picked up on that topic from the last thread, no doubt.
>I believe he wants people to see him as a victim
That's part of his manipulation. He's a 34 year old man who never got his shit sorted. He let his already deteriorating mental health decline further, and now he's lamenting his house of cards trying to convince everyone he's not responsible for his own actions, because that's what adults do.

No. 700084

File: 1568083870532.png (16.94 KB, 551x161, ohwhatsthis.PNG)

Looks like sarah isn't done

No. 700085

File: 1568083889086.png (18.32 KB, 542x248, chrome_Sf1pdJ5WwK.png)

No. 700086

File: 1568083936511.jpg (611.68 KB, 2220x1080, Dog.jpg)

The dog in the kid's video looks more white than the dog I've seen in onions videos. In onions videos their dog appeared to have a patch of fur on on it's back that's like a dusty gray.

No. 700087

Good for Sarah for standing up for herself. Looking forward to what she has to say.

No. 700088

File: 1568084073570.jpg (14.64 KB, 804x125, 2019-09-09_22-55-41.jpg)

No. 700090

File: 1568084209547.jpg (28.96 KB, 793x178, 2019-09-09_22-57-58.jpg)

No. 700091

Goddamn, imagine buying a home in a beautiful location with indigenous PNW flora and fauna and just shitting all over it. What's the point? With the way he treats his stuff he may as well just buy a dirt lot in Tacoma.
So it's probably not even "exclusive"? Sounds like this woman is throwing Shiloh under the bus for a shot at internet attention
No surprise that there was a physical element to the grooming

No. 700092

lol I remember that stream on YouNow where they were talking about the wiped laptop
someone in the chat was like, "are you dating Sarah? she looks like your type," and Lainey makes a weirded out face, and goes, "…ok" it's still on Sarah's old YouNow account lmao

No. 700095

File: 1568084400062.jpg (59.1 KB, 802x535, 2019-09-09_23-01-09.jpg)

No. 700096

No. 700098


Not to suck sarah's dick too hard but she really is way smarter than both of these two. Lainey was too lazy to wipe her laptop? Kek.

Also, as much as lainey likes to claim the "I'm grooming you nicely" was a poorly thought out joke, she makes ANOTHER grooming sarah joke in this stream.

No. 700100

File: 1568085220167.jpg (52.77 KB, 261x395, Irony.jpg)

Uploaded Sept. 4. I wonder when this was filmed? Ironic seeing a child groomer 'arrested' by a child…

It's great how many of the comments are warning's saying how dangerous Greg is and to keep children away from him. Now people who didn't even know Onision existed will find out he's a child groomer. The kids dialogue, "this guy has a long record and we're going to be super careful", the whole vid is like a window into Greg's future. kek

No. 700102

This is completely understandable. Her nudes were posted on here and a few posts down someone shared an old picture of her laughing and holding her baby when it was still alive (she died of cot death that year)
Very disturbing.
People were ruthless and awful to her and I remember when some vendetta fags tried to make a whole thread on her but it was shut down due to absolute autism.
Then there's that sack of shit ex friend mentioned in this thread >>700032
who took her in when she was homeless and was quite happy to do sex work with her until she decided to move on when she got a boyfriend and the friend got mad and called 'rape' and sperged about her private life to the internet.

People still hate on her even now because 'all she does is smoke weed obnoxiously on Instagram and wants to be a wannabe sound cloud rapper'
She's trying out a new image. Musicians do it all the time and it is not surprising she smokes weed.
Never understood posts condemning her for being mean to AJ or doing all that drama whore shit with Greg. He lived off drama and taught her to do the same and she was a silly teen. The whole rogue debacle was awful of her but I'd say with what she went through with her own real child, that she's learnt her lesson.
I'm not saying she is perfect and amazing but it really makes me laugh that some people here wonder why she isn't joining the drama like the other ex's.
They were almost as nasty to all the other ex's at some point for 'not listening to the internet' when they got with Greg but none of them except Lainey groomed teens.

No. 700105

the video is deleted already.

No. 700107

>He pretty much uses any of his partner's insecuritys against them.
>That's why Adrienne was so short lived he'd try to pick out her insecurities
>she left him instead of trying to change

That's another standard pattern in his trainwreck relationships. Onion is the very definition of a bitchboy.

No. 700108

>people here wonder why she isn't joining the drama like the other ex's.

I doubt the other women want her joining them. The enemy of my enemy is my friend isnt always the right idea. She always seemed a little "off" and mean spirited, even when Greg wasn't pushing her in that direction. Im sure they're afraid Shiloh would turn on them in the end.

No. 700110

Yeah apart from the goth gf in highschool and Julia who he kinda still talks about fondly, he has burned bridges and bitched about literally every girl.
It's normally a red flag in dating if you date someone and they are really hateful towards their ex's.

No. 700114

File: 1568087235072.png (73.78 KB, 689x272, Capture _2019-09-10-00-46-19.p…)

The toy reviews channel took down the videos with Gargoyle lel

No. 700115

>She always seemed a little "off" and mean spirited, even when Greg wasn't pushing her in that direction

This is the shit I'm talking about.
I don't agree. She always seemed like a fun but bit obnoxious kid to me. I think she liked attention, but I don't think she was mean spirited. Greg would make passive aggressive comments about her body and act like he was going to choose between her and AJ, making her even more insecure than she already was as a teenager.
She was trying to win back his affection. Both AJ and Skye have said publicly that they have no ill feelings towards her personally because they recognise that she was an immature kid at the time and there's still farmers bringing up the fact she made fun of Aj's genitals which was a rumour started by Greg anyway that her vagina was smelly. Shiloh is just as much as a victim as the others. You don't have to like her at all, but it's obvious that farmers hate her more than Greg's ex's do. Hell, even Billie follows Shi on Insta, showing she supports her.

This is my last post about her because I really don't wanna derail, I just thought it was relevant to this thread.

No. 700117

Don't do peter dinklage dirty like that!


>heck that post with the comparison was probably made by greg.

No. 700122

File: 1568089892829.jpeg (482.74 KB, 1125x1511, 235E31BC-6BEC-427A-93EE-A36747…)

No. 700123

He's been 'losing it' for years. His fanbase has all but dwindled to nothing, his reputation is totally destroyed along with his wife's (all by his own actions), he's in trouble with the IRS, the state of WA, etc. etc. Meanwhile he's in his basement making videos >>698363 about how he's fantasizing about killing either his haters or his exes like some autistic manchild. His only 'safe space' is in the confines of his delusional mind.

No. 700124

File: 1568089999091.jpeg (203.62 KB, 1080x1334, 615DC3A1-F496-4AB1-B9EE-5A4760…)

No. 700125

File: 1568090145079.gif (876.9 KB, 276x277, unnamed.gif)

This just keeps getting better.

No. 700126

File: 1568090325419.jpeg (273.94 KB, 1125x1110, EFC615A9-982F-4F72-B0FB-D3CF82…)

No. 700127

As much as Greg likes to boast about his extraordinary grasp of the English language like the great novelist he is, his sentence structure whenever he emails someone or texts someone is always abysmal. But this… He must have really been in quite the mood, because he's writing his messages like he's learning English for the first time.

No. 700128

He took her story and accused her of being the creep >>699641

He really needs to leave people who want nothing to do with him alone. They're trying to get rid of you, not be the object of your affection again.

No. 700129

And knowing Onion he'd blame her for being drunk…

No. 700130

This is actually getting really bad, he flipped the story and blamed a young little girl for trying to kiss him. How disgusting, he is legit a paedophile.

No. 700131

Every single accusation Greg makes turns out to be the exact opposite.
Now Im getting a knot in my stomach thinking about Gregs story where the little girls all tried to rip his clothes off.

No. 700132


i.e. textbook psychological projection:

"Psychological projection is a defence mechanism in which the human ego defends itself against unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.[1] For example, a person who is habitually rude may constantly accuse other people of being rude. It incorporates blame shifting. "


No. 700133

It's the nice guy guilt trip stage.

His voicemails to AJ are a map of the stages he'll go through to try to change or control the situation. Sarah is already at the "I don't deserve this" stage and next will be "I'm going to have to be honest with everyone about you". Netunesa is starting back at "I'm not mad at you at all, you don't have to respond i just want you to know that".

No. 700134

They literally live in their own filth. How fitting.

No. 700135

File: 1568091610489.gif (408.72 KB, 500x236, source.gif)

Well, anon, it's against the law to be drunk at that age, so it's obvious she's the immoral one here.

No. 700136

Is Lainey fucking retarded? She and her troglodyte husband make Sara sign an NDA but didn't even bother to wipe Lainey's laptop before handing it over to their victim? Leave it to dumb and dumber to completely fuck up their own master plan lmfao.

No. 700137

I wonder if there were any passwords saved to the browser that would enable logging in to things like DMs and email.

No. 700138

Wow…this could get good. Though hopefully Sarah consults a lawyer to find out if there are issues that may arise from leaking content from what was someone else's laptop.

No. 700139

File: 1568092511609.jpg (70.28 KB, 794x747, 2019-09-10_01-15-37.jpg)

Sarah also tweeted about finding some interesting things >>700088 >>700084

No. 700140

People are getting hyped up for nothing. She won't get a lawyer involved and this is going to die down. Without Shiloh in the picture and all the other girls actually banding together to take him down, treating it as something serious, as opposed to a public shitshow, this is not going to go anywhere. Most the things Onision ever did are always taken as gossip and most people are just happy to ignore him and not even bother. I'm not keeping my hopes up. We are going to have a good couple of weeks of laughing at him and then it's going to be the same shit. If anything they are learning to be more careful, change their predatory strategy and cover their tracks better.

No. 700142

File: 1568092668893.jpg (33.6 KB, 720x710, 31957641_2093419904006847_7522…)

sarah u smart bitch i would die for u

No. 700143

File: 1568092685688.gif (655.56 KB, 480x360, fbi van.gif)

I shudder to think what kind of cringey, nasty shit must be on there. Also, further proof Lainey's a moron.

No. 700144

There's always that one party pooper. The ex-victims are having fun, Shiloh isn't necessary and we're sitting back to enjoy the milk. That's the whole point.

No. 700145

eh, two years ago i wouldn't have thought margaret palermo would be arrested and miranda would be a jihadi. this is the closest he's come to being taken to pound town and i choose to be optimistic

No. 700147

File: 1568092965727.jpg (52.13 KB, 720x405, lead_720_405.jpg)

Im sure everyone read your post and imagined this.
Go be despondent some where else.

No. 700148

File: 1568093242567.jpg (74.68 KB, 797x621, 2019-09-10_01-28-29.jpg)

No. 700149

I'll come back to what I wrote in a couple of months and post it on some boring future thread about Gurg having a rosacea outbreak, Lainey getting a prosthetic penis, dry milk and enjoying his freedom while his channel hemorrhages same old same old to make my point. The victims are not treating this seriously, the case will lose strength and it will be treated as gossip. I'm being realistic, not despondent.

No. 700150

what law says you can't post shit off a laptop you bought? who needs a lawyer for anything? how's this gonna 'die down' when skye and alicia just jumped in?

shiloh apologists, come on. she was an onision.com mod as draculoh and she engaged in some shady shit herself.

ten bucks says a stan is posting pics of kids to try and make lc look bad. just saying, get ready for greg to start bellowing about 'harming my children' get off the internet and be a parent, dude.

No. 700151

He's never going to change because he doesn't want to change. He doesn't see anything wrong with what he's done. His "If I ever upset you I'm sorry" is obviously a lie, because he continues repeating the same abusive patterns towards women and girls.

No. 700153

File: 1568093511773.jpg (153.06 KB, 1080x431, Screenshot_20190910-013241_Ins…)


No. 700154

File: 1568093627067.gif (3.19 MB, 482x254, tenor (1).gif)

seriously… go talk about your cats feline aids on Reddit or something
no one cares about your foreshadowing

No. 700155

File: 1568093895669.gif (989.49 KB, 310x205, 4002.gif)

Onion's very lucky no one's angry father has gotten hold of him.

No. 700156

Is youowe me Greg's channel or Skyes? I'm confused

No. 700157

I thought she was saying she received (or gave?) interesting massages while there, as a follow up to the 3way wrestling comment.

The other tweets look promising though.

No. 700158

They're literally posting evidence. Not sure what more you want from them, negative anon.

I'm guessing Skye's? There's a video to Netunesa on there.

She did, she also said that she saw an interesting video.

No. 700159

You give the Pedosions too much credit anon, you really do.

No. 700160

What a sicko.
Also why would you think she's forgive you? Just because you think you were never mean to her or never had any beef supposedly, you still hurt her sister. She's not gonna take your side or be okay with it Greg.
He should understand this out of all people seeing as he sperged a while ago that he and Lainey are a unit and she hates people who only like her and not him.

No. 700161

You sound like a miserable cunt. Even if this doesn't go to court or whatever, it's still the biggest scandal to date and he won't be able to have a career after this on YouTube. Quit being a spoilsport.
And ffs leave Shiloh alone. She doesn't have to be apart of anything.

No. 700162

File: 1568094816786.png (282.77 KB, 598x553, waiting.PNG)


No. 700163

i really hope she leaks shit lmaooooo you know theres some shit on there

No. 700164

That's why he goes for broken homes

No. 700165

Look as much as i get why people think this pattern is just going to repeat forever, he is the only component of the drama that stays the same, while everything around him is slowly falling apart and everyone else gets sick of his shit. It's glacier-slow, but even glaciers make it down the mountain eventually.

The Voltron of exes visited upon him now should be proof that it all accumulates against him over time, if the IRS and swamp debacles didn't already prove that.

No. 700166

>We were about to work together a while back

You mean you kept sending annoying emails that she ignored repeatedly under the guise of 'making videos together' when in reality you were planning to lure her there and fuck her and try and get her there for your trinity whilst getting petty revenge on Skye.

Just like how you wanted Vix to be a camera person and Sam to be a camera person and then after things went south or they refused, you bitched that you never NEEDED a camera person in the first place.

His creepiness is so transparent.

No. 700167

The only reason he had to leave the Airforce is because his flabby manlet body couldn't handle the rigors of military life, and the Airforce is the least physically demanding of all the branches. Their standards must've been super low back then to take someone like Greg in.

No. 700169

He supposedly got booted because he was being inappropriate with/grooming the child of one of his superior officers. So while I agree that even the chair force was too elite for him, they didn't kick him for being lazy, but for being a fucking creep.

No. 700173

>This was all prophesied

>He must have really been in quite the mood, because he's writing his messages like he's learning English for the first time.
His veneer of placidity is slowly erroding. Until he's finally cracked he'll keep flaunting his derangement >>699855 >>698301 pretending he's a-ok.

No. 700175

>He vindictively started talking about my body in order to try and get my attention
>I would of actually wanted to pursue her sister. We had so much more in common, but I would have to wait a few years, because she was underage.
>Why was he begging my sister to come out to NM for 3 weeks?
>He emailed her in 2017, when the last alimony payments to Skye were due

Because of what a spiteful, vindictive sack of shit he is, I wouldn't be surprised if his reaching out to Skye's sister wasn't as much about her sister as it was him trying to 'get back' at Skye. Notice the timing, he waited until right after the alimony payments finished, and now he's doing it again since Skye started exposing him. That's not to ignore his undeniable pedo and incest tendencies that've been blatantly revealed. No adult man with his head screwed on strait would claim to have "much more in common" with a highschool girl than someone his own age. He's truly mentally ill.

No. 700176

Then what's the point of these reuploads? There are even videos with Cyr there. If it was Greg, I could understand. I thought it was him and he needed to wipe his computer, so he was dumping these there. But now that Skye is tweeting videos from that channel, I don't understand the point of reuploading 90% of them. What's the point of her re-uploading a video Cyr is singing about water? I don't get it. The pedo stuff I get. But videos of Shiloh talking about pregnancy and seafood, I don't. It's just weird if it's her.

No. 700177

No idea, it was just a guess.

No. 700178

File: 1568097571268.gif (1.78 MB, 250x227, bruuuh.gif)

No. 700179

>Just like how you wanted Vix to be a camera person and Sam to be a camera person

Also there was that macncheese fairy girl or whatever was her name who he insisted a lot to visit his house to be his camera person as well. She was a teenager if I'm not mistaken

No. 700180

I agree that he mostly did it as revenge because of Skye, but I also believe that he is obsessed with her to some degree. That video where he goes on about how he would have gone back in time and dated her instead is very telling and the fact he messaged her today is obsessive as fuck. Also he would have been trying to get her over for 3 weeks straight because Lainey was out of town and he goes ultra creep mode whenever she's out of the picture. I wouldn't doubt that he has tried to cheat many times that she's visited her family.

The reason he tries old flames or people he used to know is-
1- he thinks hookers are dirty so he would never hire one while Lainey is away even though it's the most discrete way to cheat.
Plus he has no money to get a hooker and his ego would be smashed knowing that he had to hire someone rather than have them come to him AND he's a cheapskate.
2- He has a thing for people in his past he has fantasized about or been with. Never capable of moving on. He still talks about his primary and highschool ex's that he only dated for like a week, he is just that weird and obsessive.
3- His popularity and reputation is in the gutter and a lot of people know of his skeevy ways, so he couldn't exactly message a fan like he could in the old days and fly them out to 'film' because there is a 50/50 chance it could be a troll like Vix was. Plus it would harder to come up with an excuse as to why she is there. In his brain, he could at least use someone he has known irl previously, because it gives him the alibi of 'oh we've worked together before, nothing creepy to see here'

No. 700181

File: 1568097913410.png (19.2 KB, 616x239, Skyee.png)

Poor Skye

No. 700182

swear to god whenever either sh or sk get mentioned here their respective followers start getting twitchy and argumentative with each other over nothing. i get why there's animosity between the two of them personally and frankly i don't get why sh continues to shield greg, unless it's because he's got some ferocious dirt on her, but w/e. can we just lol calm down and enjoy, all milk is good milk.

No. 700183

What the hell is with Greg trying to get all the women he's with to shave their heads or cut their hair boy short? He did it to Shiloh, tried to do it to her, did it to Lainey, try to do it with Billie. There must be an explanation for this.

No. 700184

Oh shit how did I forget her!? I remember she even insisted that she doesn't even know how to use a camera and he still kept harassing her to come along. He honestly has the worst luring technique. He might as well offer them a puppy and candy in a van, THAT'S how obvious his motives are.

You know when he says he'll fly them out to film or be a camera person he is after a dicking.

Same goes for letting them live at his house to 'help' them like Sam and Sarah.
That's a dicking.

Wanting to fly them out under the guise of playing video games and just being a friend like he did with Vix?
You better believe that's a dicking.

No. 700186

>What the hell is with Greg trying to get all the women he's with to shave their heads or cut their hair boy short?

it's part of taking away their femininity I think, he does this as a power move over the girls he brings in

No. 700187

You don't know what you are talking about or don't know how to read.
Skye has NO bad feelings against Shiloh. She has said that. Like literally it's in this thread.
Same goes for AJ.
Also Shiloh has NEVER defended Greg since they broke up, she just doesn't like talking about him.
Someone asked her ages ago to comment on him and she said that she doesn't speak of her abuser on her platform. There is caps in old threads. Go read it.
Not to mention there is an old as fuck question and answer video that she did with a friend where someone asked about getting revenge on him or ending his career or some shit and she said 'I think he's doing it to himself' and left it at that.

The only reason farmers get antsy about Shiloh or Skye is because they are either crazy assholes with hateboners who ruin the milk or they spread misinformation like you because they don't lurk.

No. 700188

this gets always armchaired to death as "it's defemenisation, it's a humiliation tactic" but lots of shitty dudes just like to tell their partners to change to suit their specific aesthetic preferences, they're just entitled, it's probably not that interesting

No. 700189

Make them "ugly" so they feel like no one else will love them. Keeps his victims down.

Like this creepy ass message.

No. 700190

Don’t forget poopbeck! Brought along under the guise of “making videos” but later was revealed Greg only wanted her there as a third but Lainey didn’t find her attractive so she used her “you smoke weed” get out of threesome free card to send her away.

No. 700191


It’s a standard dehumanizing/spirit-breaking trope. No idea if it works in a vacuum, but Greg is dumb, so I could see him utilizing the idea without understanding why it was used in particular instances.

No. 700192

File: 1568099034367.jpg (303.24 KB, 906x1064, Screenshot_20190910-030440_Chr…)

No. 700193

gonna sit in unpopular opinion corner with you. Sarah's playing games with them and enjoying the power trip, and while it is fucking funny, it's also annoying seeing all the autism about omg this is the end of them, he's done, etc. Like the wetlands saga, when everyone was getting overheated at the thought of Grug facing millions of dollars of fines and a decade in jail … and here we are.

No. 700195

samefagging to lmao at this bitterness. "He won't be able to have a career on youtube" - yeah, you're at least a few years late, but go off.

No. 700196

No I definitely agree, a couple days ago Sarah posted a screenshot of a conversation with a friend saying they wanted to end his life or something. Fuck I can't remember, it's still up there though. It's a bit much and I don't understand what it solves. He totally deserves it but it makes her look shitty.

No. 700197

Yeah people always say it's a humiliation fetish which could be true but I also had two other theories.
One is that he is extremely possessive and jealous so he doesn't like when women feminize themselves with makeup or high heeled shoes or long hair because he thinks if they are cute, then they will cheat or some dude will hit on them. Same goes for skimpy outfits although he's changed this opinion since being obsessed with Belle delphine. Same reason he doesn't like them leaving the house without him or going out with friends. He wants them in his house, with him, so they don't stray or get opinions from outsiders. Like those insecure dudes that want their cute gf to get fat so other guys don't get interested. He's selfish and sees his partners as property.
Lainey gets the most free reign because he's bored of her and probably loves when she leaves the house.

The other tinfoil I had is that he is a closet gay.
His mannerisms when he brushes his hair away and certain things he does seems really faggoty. I could totally see him trying to get them to look more mannish so he can get away with having sex with the closest thing he can to an actual man. And since Lainey is a doormat she actually does larp for him.

So yeah, either closet fag or beta control freak with extreme jealousy issues.

No. 700198

Gotta agree and face the majorities wrath, Gurg is a cockroach, fucking impossible to kill. These recent allegations will shed a few more viewers and raise awareness for some, but ultimately it will die down. Perhaps I'm being a debbie downer but he's had so much shit go down and always gets away, mostly unscathed.
I do however think it's amazing to see the ex's take back their power and tear gurg a new asshole.
Lame is another story, she is in deep shit for possessing and encouraging child pornography.

No. 700199

We finally get good milk flowing for weeks and people want to complain about it. After being treated like shit by Greg, Sarah and Skye should enjoy their "power trip". Even if it doesn't end Greg, they're having fun making him look worse and laughing at him while he and his wife cry and shit themselves. They get to finally put his manlet ass on the receiving end instead. The point is to enjoy the milk, not sour it.

No. 700200

I mean yeah his channel has been dying for years and he can still make a tiny bit on Patreon, but there isn't a way he can reclaim a large fan base anymore. Like at all. But go off.

I have lurked forever and although I do not know EVERY post off by heart, I have never seen any posts by Sarah saying anything about wanting him dead or wanting him to commit suicide. Any that say she's coming for him or ending his career have all been memes or jokes and not direct threats.
The fact that you haven't saged as well as the fact you haven't provided the screencap of her so called 'shitty behaviour' makes me think you are an onion patron.

Sick of all these impatient assholes. It's only been a week. Even less since this scandal started. Just because the faggot and his wife are laying low and aren't in jail this very second doesn't mean anything.
Stfu and stop blaming his victims just because you don't like them personally or want the milk ASAP.

No. 700201

And that's where the main issue lies. I would rather see him investigated and persecuted by the State than humiliated and giggled at on twitter for a few weeks. And while people choose to do the latter, the case weakens.

And you and whoever else thinks this is all about "milk" are part of the problem, because then people start seeing all of this as petty little girl shit. When it should be taken seriously. It's not fucking milk. We are talking about girls that get sucked in by this monster and his wife, only to be damaged and broken by them for their sexual pleasure. It's not fucking milk, bitch. This is serious. Get it through your fucking head and stop acting like going online and making a public spectacle like a butthurt child is actually going to make a difference when you should be pushing for the law to come down on him, not fucking followers on twitter, likes and retweets. Grow the fuck up.

> sour the milk

Give me a fucking break if you think what this guy is doing is a joke for your entertainment.(moralfagging)

No. 700202

How about all you guys and concerned mom make your own pedo sting operation forum then. This isn't the fucking place.

No. 700203

It's probably not even that serious, what they did in the end. Otherwise it wouldn't be happening on the internet, but in a courthouse instead. Maybe Greg is not that bad. Maybe this is all being blown out of proportion because it is entertaining, not because it's serious. Thank you so much for helping me reach this conclusion.>>700202

No. 700204

People can enjoy milk and be supportive of the victims. It's not that black and white anon.
There are always the cutthroat anons who just hate everyone and only live for the drama, but a lot of farmers actualy like discussing the drama AND want to see a happy ending for the girls.

Also, if you are so concerned about them going to the authorities and doing it the 'right way' and are acting like you are above enjoying the victims making fun of him and people enjoying the milk, then why the fuck are you here?

It's understandable that he's bounced back from shit before and that's why people are skeptical of this time, but what's the point in whinging about people being excited or finding his ex's tweets funny?
Moaning that nothing is going to happen is not doing anything.

No. 700206

How has nobody's dad been driven to homicidal rage yet?

What legal recourse does she even have? They slept with her as a legal adult. Grooming children isn't illegal.

I'm not seeing many options other than speaking out. Hell, in an ideal world gurg would get really stupid and sue for defamation or something and be smacked across the face in court with receipts.

Sus that anons want them to stay silent. You're right, it's serious. That's why Skye, Sarah, and anyone else involved should continue screaming from the rooftops that this heap of trash and his wife are dangerous predators.

No. 700208

None of that is in anyone's power on this site. The only people who have the power, and should have the power, to do something are those directly involved. We're observing and cheering them on because that's ALL we can, and should, do. The victims are the ones deciding how this goes down, and they decided to mock him on Twitter. Least we can do is laugh with them.

Also, someone, name one law that Onion (NOT Kai) has broken here. People keep saying he needs to be in jail, but what would they even get him on?

No. 700209

Even if they don't get charged or whatever they will still become extreme social pariahs to the point where it will be extremely hard for them to find employment.
Also the more women/ex friends/collaborators speak up about these two, the more aware the younger fans and YouTube audience will be as well as potential sponsors. Yes there are people like Tans Mongeau, Dasha and Roman Polanski who still have careers and fans despite their scandals but there's waaaaaay too many scandals with these two for people to ignore, Lainey and Greg are not attractive,popular,charismatic enough or rich enough to get out of this.

They just don't have the fan base,tact or cash to be able to sweep it under the rug, and any form of defense video or apology video always end up having a million holes in it and barely anyone believes them anyway.
Tana despite being a shitty person gets away with her shit because she's good at manipulating retarded fans and she has A LOT of people she can win over. Like she loses a bunch, but still has thousands more.
Let's say Greg or Lainey find a way to twist the story in their favour, there's only like a hundred or less dense children that will believe them and even then, it would have to be a pretty magical story.

No. 700210

There is a legal case. There's enough evidence to suggest that there's a pattern to his behavior. Sarah would have to get a good lawyer, but nailing his wife could also shift the real culpability onto him. Or do you think she's going to take the stand and not mention the motivations behind her actions and her husband's obsession with prepubescent kids if her ass is on the line and the custody of her kids due to the nudes she sent? Lainey is going to become a big boy as soon as she is faced with that and spill everything.

There's at least a case. If the lawyer knows what they are doing he can be put away for it as his wife. Lawyers manipulate the law. It might not be apparent to you what could be done, but to a lawyer it is. The just have to find the angle.

No. 700211

i wholeheartedly agree. i got banned a few times saying that exact same thing kek