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File: 1569880670934.jpg (213.56 KB, 1080x1348, gross.jpg)

No. 712064

Previous Thread: >>>/pt/709810
Onion Thread Archives: >>>/pt/511709
Onision Drama Crash Course: http://www.lifeofonion.com

Do not post about Lainey in this thread unless her content has some connection to Greg. Attempts at discussing her content that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
Her thread can be found at >>>/snow/826201
Do not derail the thread about the onion flakes/orbiters unless their posts have some connection to Greg. Attempts to discuss the onion flakes that does not relate to Greg will result in a ban.
The flakes thread can be found at >>>/snow/691458

Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been rapidly declining since. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

>Greg continues to make shitty videos with obvious digs towards his exes. >>706752 >>708480
>Jimmy continues to rage about “cancel" and/or "outrage culture”. >>707054 >>707058 >>711031 >>711040
>Lainey continues her radio silence. Greg promises she will be back "soon."
>Skye releases more emails from Greg. 5 years later and he’s still angry about alimony payments. >>708932 >>708937 >>708940 >>708941 >>708942
>Sarah reveals the first time the Onions solicited her was by fucking in front of her and Greg demanding she join in. >>710557
>Either a troll or Onision himself posts on /b/ trying to gain a personal army in exchange for free Patreon content. >>710632
>Sarah claims Jimmy threatened her and Lainey with physical abuse. >>711071
>Sarah also says Lainey lied to her about running away from Greg together. >>711110 >>711121
>Greg/Onision/Jimmy/James/Whatever spergs about a variety of topics, including his Patreon being 18+, the age of consent in Japan, and his height. >>711795 >>711482 >>710896
For the sake of making Onision threads more readable, please follow these rules in the future:
- Report and ignore bait.
- Hooktube is no longer a viable solution to deter views/clicks from Onision. Please rehost videos elsewhere.
- No nitpicking.
- Do not liveblog streams. Unless something of importance is happening, we don't need minute by minute updates.
- Do not contact the cows and post about it here. You will be banned.
- Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.
Do not post nudes of any exes.

No. 712066

LOL Top Kek for the thread title & pic, Anon.

No. 712114

try not to give the trolls attention in the thread summary

No. 712134

Is he really holding the new iphone? where does he get the money for shit like this

No. 712140

File: 1569887860556.png (24.87 KB, 965x216, Admin - Onision Arby's #1 Edit…)

>Do not tinfoil about the children. You will be banned.

Admin-chan in the Arby's #1 thread said discussion of the kids is temporarily allowed. Can a farmhand clarify, please?

No. 712142

chris hansen's looking into onision

No. 712144

Just because some random internet dude says 'his sources tell him' doesnt make it true

No. 712153

Someone better do something soon because it looks like pedo-boy might be planning to get out of dodge. In his last patreon vid he mentioned he's "donating" five trash bags worth of shit. I'd post the link but the number of playbacks is exceeded.

No. 712154

you could always just make another link

No. 712161

It genuinely wouldn't surprise me if he's getting ready to just vanish or something. Despite his constant need for attention and drama, this is one of the first situations he's ever openly been in where he doesn't have all of, or even most of the power. He's always been able to keep his victims quiet through his rabid fanbase and manipulation through personal information.

But Sar has the power here and she helped give all of these other women power, too. I have NEVER seen him stop narc raging on twitter and crawl back into his grease hole like when she comes for his ass. He's terrified of her and the information she has and as we've seen, he should be.

Obviously she's nothing like him, but what those 2 grooming pieces of shit didn't realize is they literally groomed her into their perfect adversary. She knows all of his ins and outs, hell, she PREPARED for something like this in saving all of their conversations.

From the beginning it was only a matter of time until he tried getting his claws into the wrong fucking girl. He might be finally realizing he has no other choice than to tuck tail and run, but we'll see if that waterheaded buffoon is even aware enough to realize that. He might just be trying to seem charitable.

No. 712163

File: 1569890012614.jpg (54.32 KB, 1199x664, EFteLZ8XoAAAkVw.jpg)

As always, he's the perfect picture of mental health and adulthood.

No. 712166

>He might just be trying to seem charitable.
Doubt it. It's established that he and Lainey are both cowards. Running away is second nature to them.

No. 712167

He's been relying on Hootsuite a lot lately.

No. 712179

File: 1569892015124.jpg (223.35 KB, 600x500, Onisions New Game Plan.jpg)

How is Onision going to lure in teen girls if Lainey(bait) goes to jail over those nudes?

No. 712183

Exactly. This time its not working, especially since his fanbase (thats toxic as all hell) liked Sarah when she was on Greg's side. There's now a dynamic he can no longer manipulate and he knows hes stuck. Space prince loves attention and even she is hiding under a rock. I think they know Sarah has more on them than meets the eye.

No. 712186


He and middle school girls both need training bras and at 5’6” he’s an average woman’s height. . . Too bad he’ll probably be banned from coming within 500 yards of any schools soon.

No. 712187

File: 1569892360856.png (299.74 KB, 720x1142, 20190930_201023.png)

I want him to explode already. Right now he's a ticking time bomb

No. 712188

File: 1569892511918.jpeg (137.17 KB, 1075x1602, EFwO6etWoAAxrOj.jpeg)

No. 712189

Pet peeve but can we stop calling Gurgle a /psychopath/? He’s not no matter how much he likes to think he is. Greg is just another garden variety low-functioning narcissist. He’s not Light Yagami and he’s not gonna murder-suicide Lainey and the kids lmao
Every time you compare this quivering piece of foreskin to Ted Bundy, a concerned mom inevitably cowtips the CPS, FBI and the DMV…

No. 712190

File: 1569892561547.png (1.12 MB, 1205x2547, EFqDxMDWwAIrRub.png)

And Echofon. Something's keeping him very busy indeed.

No. 712192

>and the DMV…
wont someone PLEASE think of the Tesla!

No. 712196

>he's a ticking time bomb
You got that right. It must really stick in his craw that the women he abused and has no respect for are standing up to him. LOL

No. 712198

The Tesla never hurt anyone, anon.

No. 712201

Onion is such a coward, running away from a welfare check.

No. 712202

Confirming the hospital bracelet he was wearing a few days ago was a "Parent" bracelet he got from taking Cloey to the hospital. Not him. I hope the girl is okay

Also kek at "ongoing issues with this resd" >>712194

No. 712203

Looks like an anti-O called it in, which isn't surprising.
>ongoing issues w/this residence
>unknown intox/high
>2 friendly dogs
>Greg has an AR-15
>Greg was in hospital with cloey (strange that he'd take her, given his lack of contact with her)

Those seem to be the biggest takeaways here.

No. 712204

>Ongoing issues with this residence
>There are firearms in the home…AR15
Please tell me he does not have a semi-automatic? He shouldn't be allowed to own any firearms. Jesus Christ.
>Kai's husband is currently at the hospital with their daughter.
This correlates with that patreon vid he did not long ago where he was wearing that blue bracelet. Anon's commented it looked like a hospital bracelet.

No. 712207

File: 1569893485313.jpg (9.55 KB, 340x148, download.jpg)

Why does Greg need a semi-automatic rifle in his house? A glock is used for protection, an Ar-15 is a very aggressive gun that continually shoots several rounds, it's like having an AK47.

No. 712208

File: 1569893508083.jpg (141.35 KB, 1074x924, Screenshot_20190930-211558.jpg)

No. 712209

File: 1569893558485.jpg (63.17 KB, 574x435, 3c0s46.jpg)

It all makes sense from this perspective.

No. 712210

their info is still there anon, its in the first box. may wanna re-reupload

No. 712212

>>unknown intox/high
Not sure of the significance of that. Anyone?

No. 712213

File: 1569893761481.png (358.51 KB, 720x1050, 20190930_203238.png)

Someone on Twitter noticed a bruise on Plain's arm. Video is - I Don't Know What's Wrong With Me on plainey's channel.

No. 712215

File: 1569893841660.png (666.62 KB, 720x1004, 20190930_203142.png)

Looks like a bite mark.

Someone should compile all susp bruises we've all found and document. This is one of many I've seen.

No. 712216

It's probably not that interesting on second thought, it's just that the cops didn't know if Taylor was intoxicated.

No. 712217

File: 1569893911711.jpg (651 KB, 1080x1920, 20190930_213757.jpg)

Thank you, Anon.

I don't think it's an anti O who called.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712219

She’s stated multiple times she’s anemic. People with anemia bruise very easily. So her bruising isn’t really news.

No. 712220

>ongoing issues with this resd

that's definitely odd

No. 712221

I know we shouldn't mention the kids, but it baffles me that Clot is having health issues and instead of worrying like a normal parent, he's posting BDSM shit & raging at his haters. What priorities. Dad of the Year. I hope she's ok, poor little mite.

No. 712222

Just means they police and/or called don’t know if they were on anything. It probably wasn’t asked because they didn’t witness any signs of intoxication.

No. 712223

File: 1569894194887.png (681.79 KB, 738x475, dudes being guys.PNG)

>and that he only really has one friend that he texts with regularly.

I know Lainey lies all the time but does this confirm that all her friends have dumped her after the current grooming drama including any potential new teen poon. All she has left is that fellow pretend dude "Ryan"

No. 712224

I figured it's because of how many times cops have been called over there for welfare checks and whatnot.

No. 712225

That just means that they’ve had call to that residence quite a few times. I wouldn’t really read much into that as we know people have called law enforcement and/or CPS numerous times. Especially now they probably have a high volume of calls, but don’t necessarily check out all the calls. They went on this one because the person said they were friends of Kainey, and that Greg was posting unusually things and was threatening harm to her.

No. 712228


But why is Greg at the hospital with the daughter?

No. 712230

I thought the same thing. So Greg was sitting in some hospital waiting room and instead of hoping his kid is doing okay or worrying about what the doctor may say, hes busy on his phone making up violent S&M B&D sexual scenarios and tweeting them out to his fans.

No. 712231

It could just be coincidence but the timing was interesting. Had Greg been there he would've faced questions about what he'd written.

No. 712232

That's fucking sick

No. 712233

Why? To compensate for his tiny dick. It's pretty typical. The bigger the gun, the smaller the penis.

No. 712234

I do find it extremely odd that Greg was at the hospital with C while Lainey stayed home. Someone had to stay home with T, but seems like Greg would be the one to typically do that. I wonder if he actually was at the hospital while he was posting all the S&M garbage on twitter or if Lainey was covering for him claiming he wasn’t home.

Either way, fucking gross.

No. 712235

I find it so strange that Grepedo was the one to take her to the hospital and not Lainey. I wonder if she's too LaineyIsCrying to leave the house even if it's to take her toddler daughter to the ER.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712237

Doublepost to add that this incident happened on 09/15 at 10:35pm PST, what was Grugly posting on that day?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712238

Are we sure of that timeline? That he was tweeting that nasty shit while he was ostensibly at the hospital with his daughter?

No. 712239

Tinfoil: vegan food is not recommended for very small children.She might be malnourished.Esp as Kainey is a shit cook & junk food vegan. Either that or Greg hit her in a narc rage or Trot hit her cos with all the chaos in the house he's acting out.
I know, mods,talk of the kids is not allowed, but this pertains to his state of mind & that bracelet he had on.Plus,I'm just genuinely worried for her as she seems to get the least love & attention.Poor bub.

No. 712242

We got to see how he manhandles her in that hair cutting video. He's pulling her hair, yanking her head back and forth to get the perfect angle and not caring about her discomfort or yelps. Multiple that by 10 and thats probably what he does to her in bed and explains any bruises. At this point I hate to say that any sympathy for Lainey is at zero if not in the negative now that everyone knows shes a pedo. Anyone bringing up "I think Onision hurts her" is going to be met with a shrug and a meh.

No. 712243

File: 1569895141290.png (184.46 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190930-205843.png)

Anon…it was when these came out

No. 712244

Yes. It says so in the report.
>husband is currently at the hospital with their daughter

No. 712245

AR in AR15 stands for Armalite Research, the company that manufactures them. Not assault rifle. It's a cheap 9mm rifle that only fires with each trigger pull, which anyone can buy in a sporting goods store. It has a bad rap with normies due to its "tactical" appeal but in reality it's no better than the cornucopia of other babbys first hunting rifles out there.

All that said, having one at all is more than overkill for Jimmy. A Glock would have been more than enough. It was Elliot Rodgers weapon of choice during his inevitable meltdown. It's unfortunately also not useless if all you plan on doing is running and gunning several people and then offing yourself.

No. 712246

File: 1569895225345.png (143.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190930-210003.png)

Oh god…

No. 712248

File: 1569895279337.jpg (50.67 KB, 540x960, 71935320_106976550708245_72917…)


No. 712250

It's a very unique bruise though. It has two white circles of unbruised skin right in the middle, and two sore-like marks right underneath. Almost like someone dug their fingernails into her arm.

she has young children though, and if she bruises easily that could be a grappling toddler.

No. 712251

Oh ffs. That means it's very likely he was posting that while in the ER with Clot.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712255

File: 1569895582463.png (31.47 KB, 591x235, unknown (1).png)

Yes, he was.
>>706763 (post of a clear shot of his parent wristband that was in his 09/19 video.)

No. 712256

No. 712259


Not exactly sure how US health insurance works,but maybe as he was once the big earner in the marriage the plan is in his name & the kids are listed as his dependants. Also probably wants a paper trail for the IRS to prove they are dependents. I doubt he takes them to the doctor often though.


I don't want to say what my fears are here.Dear god,I don't want to go to the possibility at all.I pray this isn't the case. For once I want to believe Greg isn't capable of this.Alas he does have a record of being even worse than we think he is.

No. 712260

It's CST, so 2 hours ahead.
Greg was baiting people while his daughter was at the hospital for a couple hours. Greg deserves the best father of the year award.

No. 712262

No. 712265

Just imagine Grugly sitting in an ER waiting room of sick and injured people with his sick toddler daughter next to him/in his lap posting this type of garbage.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712266

That orange gun of his is real right?

No. 712268

I am now genuinely terrified about what is going on in that house. I'm beginning to think the welfare check should have been for the kids, not Lainey.
Maybe it's time Lainey's mom & dad paid a visit.Someone in that family needs to step up & be an adult & protect innocent beings from their sociopath sperm donor & his space prinxe hubby who would rather model binders than check her progency are ok.

No. 712271

Why would World’s Best Vegetarian Animal Lover Greg want a hunting rifle of any kind?

No. 712273

Hasn't he sperged anti-gun rhetoric in the recent past ever since he began posing as an SJW?! Yet he's got, at least, an AR-15 at home. Another example of Waterhead and his hypocritical "rules for thee, not for me" bullshit.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712274

File: 1569896526281.png (914.33 KB, 1119x1192, chrome_AVI8Dh4noP.png)

No. 712275

Sorry if this is a spoonfeeding request, but what are Gurg's views on gun ownership, the NRA, Castle laws & moves to restrict ownership of these types of weapons?I know he's posted some antigun stuff but he's posted feminist stuff too & we all know how much 'respect' he has for women.

No. 712276

They’re married, that wouldn’t matter. They are both of their dependents. Even if Lainey was the one that took them to the hospital, it wouldn’t matter for insurance or IRS purposes.

It doesn’t say that they checked in the residence or even stepped inside. They didn’t call Greg to see if he was at the hospital because it was called as a welfare check for Lainey, they saw she was fine and left. I’m doubting he was even really at the hospital and was really just inside and didn’t want to speak to the police. I really don’t see any scenario that he would be the one taking her alone. Unless, it was more than just an ER visit and they had to take turns staying with her while the other stays home with T.

This is idiotic.

No. 712277

She's fidgety as hell in this video. Eyes are darting all over the place.

No. 712282

>This is idiotic.
Why?? We KNOW they have a history of shitty diet.There is documented history of neglect. Trot had all his teeth pulled at THREE cos Lainey breastfed at bedtime & wouldn't brush his teeth.Greg ignores Clot.Trot is aggressive & pushed Clot off the sofa. Gurg is a narc escalating cos he's losing everything. How is it unreasonable to worry she's a victim of narc rage by Onion or Onion Jnr?He's tweeting violent sexual fantasies at the hospital. NONE of this is normal.

No. 712283

She looks exhausted, too.

No. 712285

Obviously he did go to the hospital because the arm band confirms it. What's still unconfirmed is when. All we have to back up the date Lainey's word, and she's lied for him before.

No. 712286

100% tinfoil but maybe Greg took the kid to the hospital cause he isn't letting Lainey leave the house with the car / kids in case she runs away. Happens all the time in abusive relationships

No. 712288

Dude her demenour was so off. She looks so anxious and uncomfortable as hell and like making that video is THE last thing on the planet she wants to be doing. I guarantee Gurp pushed her to do it.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712289

Btw doublepost but thank you Patreon anon for updating us.

In the video she talks about wanting to upload more frequently in Oct. She's changing her patreon perks and said she's mostly going to chat on Google hangouts and live stream. (From where though?)

No. 712291

Honestly she looks her same plain self. Almost fell asleep watching that 2 minute clip. The editing is jerky but that’s likely standard for her editing her own video

No. 712292

He has a history of preventing his SOs using the phone when he wants to control them.He did this to both Skye & Shiloh.

No. 712294

good god, is it a video or stop motion? I can't tell for all those jumpcuts

No. 712298

Yeah she's got serious shadows under her eyes.
Can you by any chance post a link to the video anon was referring to here? >>712153

No. 712299

File: 1569897495734.png (199.9 KB, 1854x1368, Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 7.13…)

inb4 she doesn't even post in October

No. 712300

doubt she'll post any youtube videos any time soon. She might stick to only making her cash cows happy.

No. 712301

the vibe is off. no doubt gurgle forced this.

No. 712302

>How is it unreasonable to worry
Worrying won't change anything
>He's tweeting violent sexual fantasies at the hospital. NONE of this is normal.
He's a psychopath (1% of the population). All we rn can do is document. I'm actually relieved Lainey's still alive lol.

No. 712303

I almost feel bad based on the way she comes off… And especially with recent development showing Gargoyle is likely physically/sexually abusive. But all that is lost the moment I remember that she groomed a child as well.

No. 712305

I like how their plan so far is to just ignore everything like it's not happening.

No. 712306

I would be so pissed if I was sarah and this is the first video that came out, just her thanking her fans for paying her. She obviously can’t admit to what she’s done without implicating herself more but it seems pretty clear what’s happened already. It would probably be the hard but right thing to apologize and try to make things right in some small way.

She did look anxious but it’s probably because all her skeletons are coming out of the closet and Greg is probably extremely pissed at her for not wiping the laptop before giving it to Sarah. I don’t think he has a gun to her head off screen and is making her record this. She’s probably doing it to retain patreons but most of all just to keep Greg happy. That’s been her top priority at the expense of everything else since she met him.

No. 712307

So… did the "friend" that called in the check know that Greg had left the house and Lainey was there alone I wonder?

No. 712309


Yeah, something's weird there. Her videos aren't usually good, by any stretch of the imagination, but those jump cuts are real spastic and nonsensical for someone who has been making YouTube videos for years

No. 712310

Could be from getting blood drawn, you can get pretty nasty bruises from it if the nurse is incompetent

No. 712311


She's hiding away. Said it's unclear whether she's posting new content on her YouTube and may delete her Twitter. She's going to actively post in her private IG, going in Google hangouts, Livestreams and of course podcasts because Gargle HAS to have control of her interactions with the public somehow. I bet he won't be so smug on them anymore. We're going to see Gerg talking over her and manipulating the conversation even more so. By the looks if this video - his confidence is dead.

No. 712312

Excuse me. Her* her confidence is dead.

No. 712313

I’m surprised she’s doing the hangouts over videos. I guess she can block individual people if they bring up the grooming or Sarah but she couldn’t block out all comments on her channel? But she could just disable comments so I don’t understand. I feel like the hangouts are more risky for her if she’s trying to do lockdown lite.

No. 712314

Maybe I’m just being dramatic but there was something so off about her like…it made me way uneasy. Maybe it’s because I feel like we finally have a good idea of who she really is and how much of a predator she is separate from Grunt. Before I thought of her as a kind of extension of Greg’s depravity but now I guess we know she’s depraved on her own as well.

Also the fact that she keeps her kids in that house with a firearm while her husband posts that shit to FB…I just can’t. This sounds like the beginning to a very tragic story about a man who massacres his own family. Most women aren’t even aware of the weapon or the escalation of violence until it’s too late. She’s getting those warnings and seemingly ignoring every single one.
I’ve been one of those anons that are like “They’re fine! He’s an idiot!” but…I’m not so sure anymore. Lainey may be willing to be gunned down by her nutcase husband but those kids deserve a chance at life and deserve having their Mom alive or at least, not gunned down in front of them.

No. 712316

Did anyone catch this report as Grugly being 34 and not 33? It could be a simple error, but wasn't there a tinfoil a while back that Grugly is actually older than he claims?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712317

Gronk definitely forced Kai to make this video. The anti-O twitterfags were going on today about how it's been a month since Kai had been heard from. They were talking about whether Kai was still alive. Gronk probably wanted to avoid another visit from the police and forced Kai to make the video to diffuse the worry among the twitterfags. He forced Sarah to make that video earlier this year when the first whispers of their relationship starter to come out. Only makes sense he'd do the same to Kai now.

No. 712319

File: 1569898972196.png (73.09 KB, 942x291, 56647.PNG)

Onision started his S&M tweets Sept 15 8:09 PM Monday, Washington Time

Cops showed up Sept 15 10:52 PM

His last S&M tweet was Sept 16 1:30 PM

Did Lainey lie to the cops while Greg hid in the basement? If he was home I wonder how scared he was when law enforcement came knocking at that hour. Greg scrambling to hide anything he thinks may incriminate him and trying to figure out how to shove his schoolgirl sex doll into the fireplace.

No. 712320

It’s not a real gun. The bdsm tweets were an attention grab distraction just like when he live-streamed putting fake blood all over his face without saying anything. He probably talked about the tweets over the dinner table ahead of time the same way.

He cares too much about himself to murder someone. He does deeply damage those around him but he’s much more likely to be emotionally damaging over a period of time than to snap and kill everyone. I do agree that she will continue to ignore every red flag and stick by his side though. If anything this situation with Sarah has proven it more than ever.

No. 712321

it's a three bedroom house. one is their bedroom. lainey is in a room that appears to be an office (and i could have sworn that this was one of the kids rooms previously). so i guess they've crammed the both kids in one of the small bedrooms.

then theres that room they filmed their little podcast in which appears to be in the basement.

and the younow stream where lainey was telling everyone she never cuddled sarah was in the utility room (i think you could see a water heater behind her but i thought they got a tankless water heater?)

that house is so small compared to the old one. its really is like two stacked trailers. i guess thats why he has his set up in the garage.

speaking of set ups, are they constantly moving shit or do they have like 5 computers. the one in the living room against the railing, the one in the basement by the stairs, the one where they did the podcast, the one in the garage and the one in this new office. i think they're rearranging the house constantly which is nothing really but still strange.



No. 712322

most disturbing part of the police report is the police actually putting kai down as a white male lol

No. 712324

Comeback isn't to apologize to Sarah and the other victims, it's "thank you for your money, please keep paying me."

I wonder what she kept looking at that was off to the side, though.

No. 712327

If anyone is still wondering why Greg went to the hospital instead of Lainey:
Imagine Lainey dealing with Doctors, paperwork, parking, payment, speaking up clearly, etc.

No. 712328

File: 1569900143093.jpg (81.08 KB, 576x301, cap645712.jpg)

>It’s not a real gun.

In the welfare check theres an event remark that from prior calls the police know theres two rifles in the household. If the cops had seen fake guns they would of asked about them and of course Greg would say they're fake and the cops would check. Greg has never used any fake rifles that look like an SKS or AR15. The cops would only know about the SKS & AR15 if they saw them out in the open which is unlikely because you dont keep rifles laying around with kids. Most likely during one of the last welfare checks the cops asked if there were firearms in the home and Greg/Lainey told them and they added that information to the remarks in the report.

No. 712330

And Lainey had to stay home because they cant bring T. If you go by what the people that have been in that household say T's not well behaved and would have caused more problems in the hospital.

No. 712332

Begs the question…why does Grunt have these? He doesn’t hunt because: mUh vEgAn LiFeStYLe! Seems like an odd choice for protection from home invaders because they’re so large. And then let’s say it’s just Jimmy’s dick insecurity seeping out…why two? Who needs two ARs? Who doesn’t hunt and isn’t a hobbyist? I’d be interested to see when he bought them and his firearms license but idk if any of that info is obtainable.

No. 712334

File: 1569901278135.png (44.8 KB, 500x525, what-the-hell-kind-of-bait-is-…)


No. 712335


this nut job made me giggle.

No. 712336

Sweet Onision impression

No. 712338

What’s up, not-Onion?

No. 712339

You certainly talk like a chan edgelord who thinks they're a movie villain. Also reminds me of his fictional 22 year old girlfriend.

No. 712340

>Onision is very smart.

This has been disproven by everything he's ever done, but ok

No. 712342

I think the scat you were posting was more entertaining.

No. 712343


kill yourself you old mis-shaped ugly red faced fuck.

No. 712346

I don't think you are Onision. I do however think you both share a brain. Take that as you will.

No. 712347

If thats so then greg should happily be able to hand over all his electronics and accounts for the police to investigate huh?

No. 712348

Why was Clot in the ER…?

No. 712349

A lot of shitty parents bring kids to the ER instead of a doctor’s office for minor childhood ailments. It would be super on brand for the swamp hogs to do that.

No. 712350

I hope not another sofa incident.

No. 712351

the what???

No. 712352

But during this whole situation… The possible neglect/abuse/etc… why did the cops not find the fact that the husband was at the hospital with their toddler daughter when he was supposedly acting sketchy? I guess Lainey explained the situation and they found the answer acceptable? Still weird to think they wouldn't include that in the report

No. 712354


I'm cackling, this reads like a spam email.

If the wellfare check was solely for Lainey, then there's a good shot they wouldn't mark down whatever her answer was as long as it was some degree of "not here." The specific location of Gregory, as long as he is not with Lainey and Lainey assures them that everything is fine, can be interpreted as being not relevant to the investigation at hand, and therefore does not need to be made a fact of public record.

No. 712356


Anyone have a mirror of this? Normally I don’t give a single solitary fuck about her videos but if she’s acting as edgy as it’s sounding it might be worth subjecting myself to

No. 712357

Because they weren't aware they needed to look into that. They were merely a couple dudes on regular patrol responding to a dispatch call more than likely. Only now are there detectives actually looking through what us autists already know.

No. 712358

when cows collide

No. 712360

when he initially posted the video of him wearing the hospital band i knew it was gunna come together eventually. who the fuck keeps their hospital band on, especially when posting a public video amidst such heinous allegations, unless they're looking for people to notice?? all of this seems super sus and convenient. but yet, it's Gurgles we're discussing.

No. 712361

Anyone wanna take a shot at translating this one? I got nothin'.

No. 712363

probably imitating what one of his kids said while he was forced to watch them like a loving father would

No. 712364

Well Sarah said he pressured her to make HER denial vid to the point she was in tears. The edits are probably to cover the fact she's having a breakdown while Greg is pushing her to make a 'Everything Is Fine!' video even though it's not.

No. 712365

File: 1569904034892.jpg (48.86 KB, 567x496, 337.jpg)

He's not a psychopath. It makes his baby carrot stand up when people call him that. Pic related.

It's fucked up if Grot and Thot are making Trot and Clot share a room in a three-bedroom house. Especially knowing that Trot has anger issues and lashes out at Clot. Neither of them has a job, so why do they need an office? They can just film their shit videos in the rest of their shitty house.

Yeah, but imagine Grease dealing with any of that. I mean, we can see now that he sat in the hospital sperging on Twitter the whole time. It seems like Kainey, despite all her uwu spaxe prinx anxiety, has been doing most of the "adulting" in their household; taking care of the kids and running errands and such. Grunt is utterly incapable.


This picture makes me cackle every fucking time.

That is the mirror, anon.

No. 712367


Why does she keep doing that weird thing with her mouth? And looking all around? The weird cuts & low quality vid is also odd af.

No. 712369

He turns 34 in November.So it's simply rounding off his age I think.

No. 712370


Note that these aren't posted by any of the scheduling apps. He definitely sat there and typed these up while supposedly taking their kid to the hospital.

No. 712372

It was way past the time of day any normal doctor's office or urgent/family care office would be open. So something must have been wrong that they thought couldn't wait till morning, which is interesting in itself.

No. 712374

You can see colorful toys in the background when she is nervously rocking from side to side. So I assume she's in one of the kid's bedrooms in that video.

No. 712377

Can someone reupload? The number of playbacks has been exceeded and I really want to watch the space prince squirm

No. 712379

You can just download it then delete after watching.

No. 712380

“Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.”

No. 712381

What if the gun is real and what if ASM is really him?

No. 712382

Someone reupload this please? the video is offline

No. 712383

>The number of playbacks has been exceeded
Oh hell no. I see it already - Onision, being the attention whore he is and loving to mess with his haturz, will start having Lainey make videos where he instructs her to act strange and put hints that make anons debate whether she's being abused. And naive anons will lap it up.
Something similar happened when Lainey first started streaming on Younow. It doesn't matter they won't get money from it, attention is the only thing he values more than cash.

Do you guys really have to watch the stupid videos of these two proven liars that are designed to spread their lies and garner attention? What's wrong with just reading an anon recap them?

No. 712384

Oh and there’s another video where the gun looks very similar…

No. 712385


shut the fuck up with this tinfoil already you autistic fuck

No. 712387

It lets you download the video instead

No. 712388

Oh wait, I'm wrong. If there isn't a recap upthread I'll do it, but basically Lamey rocks from side to side, glances anxiously around and jumpcuts every 5-10 seconds for some reason. Haven't listened to the audio yet but it's her just thanking her patrons iirc

No. 712390

Have you misunderstood my post? I never had any intention to watch it. I wish others wouldn't either, and I've given my reasons for that.

No. 712397

>Hey guys it's Kai. Long time no see. I just want to thank you for your patience while I've been on my little hiatus thing
>And thanks for sticking around, I really appreciate it if you did. If you didn't (jumpcut) I totally understand. All good (awkward thumbs up)
>I figured (jumpcut) The start of the month is a good time to come back (jumpcut)
>I know I was gone all September (sp) and I don't wanna continue having you guys support me on Patreon and not giving any content

Weird double negative language in this bit ^
>So the start of the month is (garbled) going to start up again
>That being said, things are going to be a little bit different, if you'd like to check out exactly how you can check the perks on my page I have changed some things around
>A lot of the stuff is similar or the same, some perks are missing

She starts mumbling in the next bit
>The way I do videos is going to be a little bit different from here on out (slightly pained expression)
>But I am coming back
>There's a couple things I'm not returning to, such as, like Twitter (frowns)
>(this is speaking fast, garbled) things I don't really use, maybe private Twitter that I didn't feel were working out (slightly pained expression) and were a good productive use of my time, and weren't something that you guys were super interested in anyways (arms folded weirdly in front of camera, grasping her own hands and wrists)

to be continued in next comment

No. 712399

File: 1569912580265.jpg (2.54 MB, 3116x1534, 1569546727110.jpg)

I'm almost positive that they turned their bedroom into a playroom. It was mentioned in some video about how Lainey wished they had a playroom like they did in the McMansion to toss all the toys in, makes sense when you remember one of the girls remarking how Onion got so pissed off about the toys that he tossed a bag full of them off their deck. This also explains why there appears to be 2 beds in the basement, it looks like their bed and a daybed. In the video where he's daterapingmurdering Julia the sexdoll you see a regular bed in the corner with the nasty sex mirror headboard while Julia is lying on the daybed.

No. 712403

there was also weirdly a jumpcut between "long time" and "no see". she's never been great at editing, but i've never seen it this bad. she seemed to be really struggling to get anything out at all, either because greg forced her or because of everything coming out or both.
this is a good recap, though, anon.

No. 712406

>So, I just wanted to make this quick little video to let you guys know that October, things will start (smacks own hand) being posted here again, and I will be more active on m-my private instagram and Google hangouts and livestreams ("livestreams" is said loudly and clearly unlike the rest of this) and things like that
>Again, please check out my perks (points at self, gestures at self) if you wanna know exactly what is changing
>And if you would like to change your (jumpcut) pledge level, I totally get that, go for it (awkward double thumbs up)
>The start of the month is the perfect time to change because that way you're not gonna get charged all weird (mumbling) I dunno why patreon does it that way you won't get charged twice or get overcharged

Just banging on about the patreon money in this part

It's worth noting she has a wireless earphone in one ear during this whole clip, maybe to relisten to her own recording as she's making it?
>or whatever I hate that they do it that way but that's how it is
>So I have attached my calender for October it's attached to this post it's like down that way I don't really know how it posts to like phone or the computer really

Just rambling about nothing
>But it's somewhere, on this post there's a calender
>That will lay out when, like my events are which is basically (very fast) google hangouts and livestreams now
>I don't really have a set video schedule or plan, it's kinda gonna be To Be Determined
>Will be podcasts going up, I don't super have a schedule for that either but I'm sure I will figure one out

She's jumping around a lot in this part
>Again, just want to say thank you so much for all of you guys who support me and who are still hangin' around it means the world to me
>I'm sorry if I let you down this last month, I'm going to do my best to make up for it this month
>Yeah, if there's anything you need, questions you have, feel free to leave em' (gestures) in the comments or you can send a message if I haven't fulfilled one of your perks

^She seems incredibly unenthused about this whole patreon thing, it's the tone of voice and expression you might use when describing taking out the garbage

>Or if there's something that you're looking for or confused about please let me know

^wtf does that mean in context of Patreon?
>And I will see you guys (gestures weirdly at self) around! this month I guess! Thanks for watching, thanks for being here, bye bye (video cuts off before her hand reaches the camera)

She seems depressed and awkward this whole video. I'm kinda new to onion drama but this does not seem like a comfortable or happy woman at all

No. 712407


Kainey has always been unenthusiastic and lacks personality. (s)He doesn't like making videos but (s)he's onions cashcow so (s)he "has to". Also making videos is a good tool to get into teen girls dm's so it's more like necessary evil to her/him

No. 712408

I'm pretty sure I remember Grease posting a picture of himself perched on top of his garage aiming an AR15 during a meltdown (might have been during the Billy saga) so it's most likely hypocritical bullshit.

No. 712417

File: 1569917579400.jpg (91.84 KB, 900x592, kidnapping_02.jpg)

The way she brings up the calendar reminds me so much of the way kidnappers force their victims to hold that day's newspaper to prove they're still alive. It's like she (or Greg?) is saying "stop speculating that Lainey might be dead, she can't be dead, she talks about her plans for October here!"
Not that I think Lainey is dead mind you, but I wouldn't be surprised if Greg has forced her to make a bunch of videos at once ahead of time just in case she gets particularly beat up or too Lainey-is-crying to make new content. He's doing the same thing for himself after all, scheduling fake positive tweets ahead of time to prove how great he's doing.

No. 712420

Why would Jimmy even wear a hospital band if it was Clot who needed medical help?
Jimmy never accidentally shows something. He wanted us to see the hospital band. And why would he, who doesn't even speak to Clot, bring her to the ER?
Something's fishy.

No. 712421


Because it fits his narrative. Because he wants to show something's wrong and he should be viewed as a caring husband/father.

It doesn't matter what he really does, it matters what he wants other to think. And he also uses it to derail attention from the fact that he's child grooming, abusing, manipulative ephebophile.

No. 712422

>Did Lainey lie to the cops while Greg hid in the basement?
I wouldn't put it past her. She's lied about him/for him since they first got together.
>I wonder what she kept looking at that was off to the side
I noticed that too. This seems a likely explanation >>712364

No. 712424

>He's not a psychopath.
I've met a few and I beg to differ anon, but to each their own.
>Especially knowing that Trot has anger issues and lashes out at Clot.
This could be why Clot had to go to the hospital.

No. 712425

We still can't confirm that he was actually at the hospital on that day, Lainey saying it doesn't mean much. If he really was tweeting that shit out when he was with his daughter… to call it disgusting and disturbing is an understatement.

No. 712428

>Most likely during one of the last welfare checks the cops asked if there were firearms in the home and Greg/Lainey told them and they added that information to the report.
We've always known about the toy guns. I'm surprised Billie or none of the other girls who visited picked up on him having real firearms? It's to say the least, disconcerting that this mentally fragile manchild owns real guns.

No. 712429

>I wouldn't be surprised if Greg has forced her to make a bunch of videos at once ahead of time
>He's doing the same thing for himself after all, scheduling fake positive tweets ahead of time
I thought it would be too tinfoil so I didn't mention it, but I agree anon. It makes sense the more you think about it. Obviously this is all being done to save time for something else that he's doing, the question is what.

No. 712434

Shit like this is why agencies don't take these random tip offs seriously.
>REEEEEEE, this PSYCHOPATH is going to kill his children and manwife! Get CPS STAT!

Cops roll up and see Grease and Lainey just shrugging and saying that this happens a lot makes them just look better by comparison. Jimmy isn't a psychopath or even a sociopath(the former is usually found in the prison system)–these are such specific things that require a diagnosis. He's just a 'tard online who likes em as old as he mentally is. When professionals hear these armchair diagnoses, it can potentially make Jimmy and Kainey look a lot better.

Also, a 3 (ish?) year old getting injured and needing ab ER visit isn't a sign of abuse ffs. Kids at that age are slippery accident-prone assholes; she could have been playing on the playset with her brother and fell. Or a number of typical childhood occurrences could have happened. ER/hospital staff aren't stupid. If there is any indication of abuse or neglect, do really think that a social worker, at the very least, would have popped into the room? Jimmy would have sperged on the social worker and their lives would have been a lot more complicated from there on out.

No. 712435

Because of incidents of kidnappings at hospitals pediatric units are locked and parents require ID to enter and they typically give parents armbands to show staff that this person is an authorized visitor.

No. 712436

I think it was B who said Onion slept downstairs with Trot, and Lainey slept upstairs with Clot in the McMansion. Most likely the two kids share a room now but who's to say.

No. 712437

>much more likely to be emotionally damaging over a period of time than to snap and kill everyone.
>more likely
One is more likely than the other but who knows what he'll do as his mental health deteriorates further. I know it's been brought up countless times but the Julia vid he made last month
>>712399 was not something he'd have made a few years ago, and you can't say it's something a sane person would make then try to pass off as a joke, especially given what's been revealed about him by the ladies.

No. 712439


Late as fuck, haven't read the rest of this thread so this post is saged (4give me anons). But Chris Hansen can't and won't do anything; he's just a brand image at this point living off of his old career.

He was supposed to investigate a streamer recently for CP, pedophilia (he was in a poly-relationship with a 13 year old), as well as sex tourism. This streamer also got raided by the FBI for CP. Chris Hansen received a cease and desist from the streamer's management and backed down.

Also, sry 4 the direct link, but the irony..: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osaDdweYJj4

No. 712440

File: 1569923842943.png (1.03 MB, 1479x623, Screenshot_2019-10-01 TO CATCH…)

Just post a screen cap next time instead of a DL.

I had thought that maybe him wanting to work with Blaire was promising but the more I read about him, the more I think you may be right.

No. 712441

>Obviously this is all being done to save time for something else that he's doing, the question is what.
A day job maybe? Makes most sense. He doesn't earn much on his vids anymore, and the bills still have to be paid.
Of course he'd keep that totally secret because he wouldn't want the anti-O's contacting his employer and informing them what kind of person their employee actually is.

No. 712447

To add, him recently changing his name and privating his social media also point towards him preparing for that.

No. 712450

That would definitely be the most banal and least tinfoiley explanation. This is noteworthy imo >>712153
>In his last patreon vid he mentioned he's "donating" five trash bags worth of shit.

Can't help wondering what he's getting rid of and why. Timing and all.

No. 712451

Hansen's very much a boomer but he might be able to redeem himself if he can get his shit together and work seriously with a partner.

No. 712453

>he's just a brand image
An established mainstream, well known brand with a huge reach. He's the Coca Cola of catching predators. You gravely underestimate the power of that.
If he covers it, it's not just "YouTube drama" anymore. It goes mainstream, and Onision may have as hard of a time finding people willing to employ him off of YouTube as he now has finding people to collab on YouTube.

No. 712454

He literally has no teeth now. No official police support, and no legal support should he get sued. Plus he's a broke joke trying to rip everyone off left and right. Chris Hansen of TCAP is no more. Now this motherfucker is ripping people off with coffee mugs.

No. 712455

Eww was Greg tweeting while at the hospital? His predator mind must have went into imagination overdrive with all the vulnerable patients about

No. 712456

I still wouldn't want my name to be tied to Chris Hansen in any capacity. You can't convince me it's no big deal. "Haha, yeah, he tried to make a show on me but I threatened to sue him so it's all ok, haha, let's talk about my salary… what do you mean you won't employ me, why?"

No. 712458


Don't want to derail - but I witnessed the event when Hansen was supposed to do his stream on this "pedo streamer" I will not name (it's off topic, if you know these details, you know who I am speaking of).

The streamer's management/tech team placed an IP grabber on a website they built for the 13-year-old when they found out Hansen was going to do an episode. When it was time, he was DDOS'd and the episode was canceled without follow up.

When contacted, his team had explained he had received a cease and desist. Now this is a streamer who accidently leaked his DMs on discord with the 13 year old, talking about threesomes and "loving the concept of watching her with his current girltoy". He also was raided by the FBI for CP, and streamers part of his network who detached from his brand, leaked information about the CP and debauchery going on.

Honestly, I feel Hansen does not care about anything other than money. Yes, he is "The Coca-Cola" of catching predators, but his days of working with law enforcement are over.

He takes requests from people now for money, to wish them happy birthdays, "tell them to have a seat as a joke", etc. It's all about the money for Hansen. I agree, he is out of touch, but he also is living off of his old career. There was and is clear evidence of this streamer grooming, having CP on his computer, having intimate relations with a 13-year-old, and more, yet Hansen stepped down over a cease and desist instead of forwarding neatly compiled evidence to the authorities.

This scenario, pretty much mimics onions, which is why I have no faith in Hansen.

No. 712459

Look, the endgame most of us here hope for is that Onision stops grooming and abusing girls. (Like Sarah said "you'll ruin another girl's life over my dead body)

Law enforcement is just one means to an end to that, not an end in itself.

Exposing Onision is another way to achieve the end goal. The more people are aware, the less opportunity he will have for continuing in his predatory ways. Chris Hansen definitely adds to this latter means to an end, even if he doesn't to the former.

No. 712461

I'm with you. At this point, the more eyes that can get on Onision, the better. If Hansen brings some more attention to that end, so be it. He is better off working with someone else though.

No. 712462

>The more people are aware, the less opportunity he will have for continuing in his predatory ways. Chris Hansen definitely adds to this latter means to an end, even if he doesn't to the former.

This I can agree with, and I hope you are right. I hope people take him seriously; especially the generations who understand what is going on. I have to admit, Hansen setting up personalized shout-outs, where people pay him to make "have a seat" joke/prank videos really did make me question where his values lie at this stage in the game.

But agreed, any potential for information to be spread is good potential. I just hope what he contributes is digestible, and is taken seriously.(https://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 712463

>Kids at that age are slippery accident-prone assholes
>When professionals hear these armchair diagnoses, it can potentially make Jimmy and Kainey look a lot better.
Pretty sure professionals are unmoved by armchairing on the internet.

Not all psychopaths are mass murderers but that's beside the point.

People have been calling Greg out for years. There were always a few insisting, "oh it's not that serious, you're over reacting" etc. Now it turns out that not only were those people who were raising the alarms justified in doing so, Greg is even worse than some ever suspected. It's not unreasonable then to think that maybe authorities should be involved. It should go without saying that being panicky or reactionary is counterproductive.

>these are such specific things that require a diagnosis.

As would NPD but no one's had trouble using that term either.
>Jimmy isn't a psychopath or even a sociopath(the former is usually found in the prison system)
See >>710249

No. 712465

>Why would World’s Best Vegetarian Animal Lover Greg want a hunting rifle of any kind?
I'm guessing for the same reason that he owns a bullet proof vest.
>I remember Grease posting a picture of himself perched on top of his garage aiming an AR15 during a meltdown
I seem to remember something similar, anon.

No. 712468

Lainey's proven she's capable of appearing like a sane, competent adult when she needs to, very much like her husband. It's one of the reasons why they've kept the long arm of the law at bay up until recently.

No. 712469

This was already posted >>712358

No. 712478

File: 1569932792167.jpeg (124.93 KB, 828x327, 895C2BB5-8B41-4363-BABC-DD909F…)

>”I don’t need a woman, I don’t need a man…
Imagining him tweeting that while holding his toddler daughter and around a bunch of vulnerable sick kids… gross. I know my mind is going somewhere dark but the timing of these tweets is so gross.

No. 712480

I do believe Grep really was at the hospital when the Deputies arrived to do their welfare check as it is very unlike him to allow Lainey to "do the talking." Grep being the overbearing, domineering, iamverysmart waterhead that he is would never let Lainey handle the authorities. Especially since he probably imagines he has camaraderie with the Deputies as he once (in his own deluded mind) SAvEd LiVeS in the chairforce as a highly-trained and skilled badass military cop. There's no way Gurgles wouldn't eagerly waddle outside so he could "talk cop" with the Deputies and larp as their peer, complete with unnecessary cop lingo.

Also, like some other anons pointed out, he was wearing that hospital band on the 19th which was 4 days after the welfare check. I don't know what motivated him to keep the bracelet on for that long (ew) other than so he could show it off on social media. Why? Maybe to get sympathy, I can't think of another reason.

Whoever initiated the welfare check listed their phone number as one with a Texas area code. They claim to be a friend of Lainey's. I'm not sure if the Deputy got Lainey's phone number from the caller or from Lainey herself as the phone number listed for her in the report is registered to Taylor Avaroe per Google. The only reason I marked through it is because I was worried about doxxing laws (even though the report is 100% public record.)

I'm still waiting for the second record to be released, it's currently in progress. It's the actual 911 call. I don't know if there will be anything interesting in it, I'm leaning towards no, but I'll be sure to update once it's completed.

Oh, and do y'all remember how we knew the Deputies were even there? I can't remember if Grep posted about them being there or how that got out.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712481

Yup he’s probably overcompensating for his little dick with a big bad AR 15. The good thing is if he ever tries to shoot it, the gun will probably backfire, which will probably kill or maim him. I can’t imagine him being competent enough to break it down and clean it so it’s probably built up with grease, grime and dust. And he’s definitely not smart enough to modify it, so it’s basically just a hunting rifle. No good for home protection or mass shootings.

No. 712483

Doesn’t he use hootsuite and other scheduling tools? I just assumed he bulk loaded tweets in so he could do damage control at home and make all those sock accounts.

No. 712493

She looks like shit, i think Greg has given her no option but to do this Patreon crap to compensate for her daughters medical bills. Since we all know Greg doesn't like to cover medical bills for his children, dead or alive, based off of Shiloh's account.

No. 712495

I think he's given her no option so people will stop sending law enforcement to the house to see if he has murdered his family.

No. 712499

Yeah her behavior and the random jumpcuts make me think Greg is sitting just off camera, coaching her on what to say. She's acting nervous and fidgeting because she's got him glaring at her the whole time, and the jumpcuts are when he can't stop himself from yelling at her or telling her she needs to phrase things differently. So she needs to edit very carefully around his outbursts.

Like that video people were analyzing to listen to the screaming kids in the background, and Greg lurking just outside the door like a megacreep. He'll probably screen all of lainey's content, now that he can't trust her not to expose herself for being a pedophilic criminal, and him as the puppetmaster

No. 712508

I was thinking the same thing.
Greg thinks he’s down with the cops and used call outs to try to make everyone else look crazy and himself look sane.
He’s probably pissed Lainey handled it. Probably grilled her on exactly what she said to them and made her film the video to show people she’s alive because he probably doesn’t want cops hanging around the residence where I’m sure there would be some illegal porn on one of his computers. He probably has a magnet ready in case he has to destroy a hard drive if he ever gets searched.
We know at the very least he watches hentai and beastiality, which may be legal is his state but hentai with underage girls is a bit of a grey area.

Why do they have so many dogs? Have people speculated about him smearing his chipolata in peanut butter and letting the dogs go to town?
Maybe that’s why leelu was banished from the grease trailer. Maybe she mistook Gregory james Jackson’s peen as a cocktail sausage and took a bite.

Lainey does seem to be in a bad state of depression though. The fact she wasn’t at the hospital with clot is strange to me. Especially since she won’t even usually let onion be alone with her.

All the fighting has probably caused Trot to act out.

I still think he’s preparing to drive for uber. No one would hire him and he would never take a low skill job when he mocks everyone else who works in those types of jobs.

No. 712512

the lainey vid is still unable to be viewed or downloaded. guess it's catching a lot of eyes.

No. 712516

Fuck off greg

No. 712517

sage and ignore the troll

No. 712519

File: 1569940306569.png (297.27 KB, 690x454, Vidcon2011.png)


I been checking out this stuff about that AntiSouthernMovement channel of his and supposed proof. I have no idea if it is him or isn't him. I used to think definitely not, but having seen some other videos on it, I'm not so sure anymore. What is a fact though is that Greg has used many guns in his videos, either fake or real, and he once wore a bullet proof vest to VidCon.
Not insinuating anything definitely, but there is a possibility. Then again, if Gregs mother Tami had a mustache she'd be his father, so in that regard anything is possible.

No. 712524

Imo he doesn’t sound like Greg

No. 712525


Thats also the problem that I have with that channel. They say to compare it to his batman videos but I'm not hearing it.

No. 712530

>>712518 fuck off greggy boi

No. 712533

What loved ones? The son he signed away, the wife he cheats on constantly, the daughter he doesn't talk to? He doesn't give a fuck about his family. He probably prays someone will take them all out.

No. 712534

Just ignore this shit. If it is Greg, then we can’t believe a word he says. If it’s not Greg, then they don’t know any more than we do. So who cares?

No. 712542

You mean the onision who openly admits his own incapacity to love? No doubt his hypocritical gun ownership is to compensate his fragile sense of masculinity, seeing as his wife has a bigger dicks and gets more chicks nowadays

No. 712550

Exactly, well put anon.


Just because police have been called out and nothing found doesn't mean the police are being desensitised to Onion. Everyone is fucking online and everyone does not generate heat and massive suspicion that normal civilians do feel pressured to report. If anything it's highly suspect and he does have actual ongoining issues with the County. He's not normal, he can bear arms as is his right, as its his right to wear bullet proof vests because he knows he's hated. Stay salty

No. 712552


Kek, some context anon?

No. 712553


Kek, some context anon?

No. 712562

Wtf? Is this concentrated autism or do you have some hidden milk on Greg?

No. 712568

Jessica (@maakenshixx) was giving out a bunch of info on the kids before Sarah and Lane shut her down. She said that currently in the swamp trailer Greg sleeps with T upstairs, Lainey with C downstairs. And something about there being bunkbeds in the room Greg and T sleep in.

No. 712569

either show receipts/speak without autism or get out. at this point theres no reason to not be forth coming/truthful because as we all know gregory has zero protection otherwise. this is either a final evolution troll autism or greg has snapped

No. 712572

How old was Greg?
Are you his cousin?

No. 712573

We saw the bunk beds in one of his recent shitty videos.

No. 712574

receipts or fuck off

No. 712576

Sorry, no. I'm not buying shit from someone LARPing as a fucking Guilty Gear character.

No. 712577


pretty sure this was
@kyandela on twitter, account is suspending now saw the account last night and didnt screen shot because i thought it was retard trolling

they tweeted onion a bunch of strange sperg pictures with fake blood

No. 712580

If this is a troll, fucked up thing to lie about. Especially given the circumstances of greg’s current victims reliving their trauma

No. 712582

File: 1569948096960.jpg (41.76 KB, 540x364, 1543103101352.jpg)

I saw that too. Kyandela gave me the same vibes that weirdo Amber did when Titanic Sinclair wouldnt acknowledge her and she was carving pentagrams into her back and tweeting about offing herself if he wouldnt talk to her.

No. 712584

Cool. Come back when you have receipts. Till then be quiet.

No. 712585

If it's not a troll, I'm sure that anyone who's troll following Onion will be able to tell us if he's tweeting anything relevant to this. If it's true, he'll be freaking the fuck out as soon as he lurks here and sees it.

No. 712586

can you just talk normally and not like an anime villain that will probably help your case. like if you want him to get justice: receipts and talking as a normal person and not the newest shounen jump

No. 712587

if you have receipts, bring em. otherwise, don't expect anyone to take you seriously. There have been too many fake stories and many of us suspect the fake stories come from greg's fans to discredit the real stories.

So anyone that has new info, be ready to prove it.

No. 712588

Please do bring back something tangible otherwise you will just ne considered another troll.
We can wait.

No. 712589

This should be a rule of thumb here:

If an anon bearing allegations do not show receipts here, just IGNORE THEM. they are more than likely trolling.
Dont even respond.

No. 712590

Kind of has the same patterns of speech as thejosh
Just an observation. ..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712592

Part of me feels Greg wouldn’t dare abuse children this age, only young teens (where legality is ambiguous and he feels can be justified)… then again, I’d put nothing past him

No. 712593

https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d-FtymspGc3ZGzG6GtydIMh5JWu5JD-t/view Grabbed this link from a twitter post, seems to play ok. The looking off to the side so much is so weird.

No. 712594

That photo is so painful to look at for a plethora of reasons. Is his little half hotdog standing at fucking attention in it?

I can feel the embarrassment from here

No. 712596

File: 1569949504925.jpg (26.14 KB, 544x406, turd.jpg)

No. 712597

she seems very off to me, real rushed. not easy to describe but usually it's like lainey is trying to act cool in her videos, she gets smug, just little things that always tip you off about how awesome she thinks she is or whatever. this one, it's like her energy is just weird and somehow nervy. definitely creepy. her smile never reaches her eyes which to me always is a dead giveaway that something fucky is going on.

not playacting at being a dude here, either, which also indicates stress.

No. 712599

Erie is a good way to describe it. Reminds me of those Marina Joyce videos from a few years ago. She’s talking about mundane Patreon shit but her body language is communicating at the very least distress, possibly fear.

Maybe I’m getting Marina Joyce vibes because in some ways her situation is possibly similar…being detained by her nutjob husband, isolated from family. I mean that’s what it would be if she wasn’t a child grooming piece of shit herself.

No. 712601


it's called stockholm syndrome.

No. 712603

>comparing her to Marina Joyce
Don't. Just don't.
The last thing we need is anons tinfoiling about Lainey, and then obsessively watching and dissecting her vids and streams for signs of abuse.
That's exactly what the pedo duo would want - huge attention and a distraction. They will deliberately make videos and streams to feed into this attention and tinfoil.
Just treat Lainey vids the same as Greg's. Don't fall for their narrative. Don't give them views.

She's fidgety because she's been outed for sending pics of her cunt to a minor. There's nothing "eerie" about that. It's just disgusting.

No. 712604

Serious question:I don't watch Pedobot's content- I can barely get through clips patrons post or those recordings of her streams where she can barely conceal her boredom & contempt for her fans- but is her editing normally full of this amount of retarded jumpcuts? I know Gurgles edits her content, but this is a ridiculous amount of jumpcuts even for him. Watching this it feels like Greg forced her to make something for her patrons & the jump cuts are less cos of his 'lol so 2007 random' humor but more because he had to cut out all the crying & hyperventilating. I can see Greg setting up the camera,calling her a cunt & telling her to "get your shit together & do your fucking job" while she's ugly crying in between takes.Sarah had hysterics doing the 'didn't do nuffin' video he forced her to do, & she has 1000X the emotional resilience Kainey has.

No. 712606

Plainey is just ashamed to be now knowing as a predator. Simple as that. Stop this delusional tinfoil making her seem like a poor victim.

She's shit, she shares nudes with underaged girls, she isn't trapped, she stays with onion because she wants to.

No. 712607

I highly doubt it. The video doesn't seem that abnormal. The only thing that's off is all the jump cuts, but i can imagine that Lainey is feeling pretty unmotivated and deflated right now, so they cut out a bunch of hesitant moments.

I really think it's silly to jump to conclusions right now, and it might just be bait anyway, trying to get anons to talk about them.

No. 712608


I agree. The minute you fuck with kids your Victim-card goes right out the window.
She fucked up.
She should pay, in whatever way, shape or form.

No. 712609


I wouldn't read too much into this video and I also don't think Greg really forced her to do this. She has to do a video because it's her "job" and if she stays offline for too long, her Patreons will leave.

She's probably just panicking because her life of taking dumb selfies all day might be over now. I really don't feel sorry for her, she could have pursued a real career but instead spent the last few years luring minors into her home for her and Greg's sexual pleasure. Don't forget that she was fighting over the virginity of a girl they were supposed to take care of.

No. 712610


Overdoing it with the jump cuts is actually pretty typical for her content, from what I've seen. The taco bell video that was making the rounds on twitter had a lot of (what seemed like) unnecessary cuts. And that's just one example out of many. My guess is that she stutters or says "umm" or "like" a lot and edits it out.

Needing so many edits on such a short video IS weird, though. Just a little less weird than it would be from someone who can get through a sentence without messing up.

No. 712611


Acting like nothing is happening when everyone knows you're a fucking predator can be seen as "off" to people watching.

It really ain't that deep fam

No. 712615


Yep. Could just be her body language telling people "I'm lying through my teeth".

No. 712618

yes, their entire world is imploding because they're both sex pests (and we have proof for the very first time ever that lainey is a sex pest too!) but don't watch their videos with a critical eye due to said outing as sex pests.

come on, sis.

No. 712619


Of course they're lying. They're always lying. When have we ever seen them NOT lying?

No. 712620

The views went to a google drive, she doesn't get shit from it. wtf are you talking about?

No. 712621

Acting like the vid isn't interesting even though this is the first time we're seeing her since Sarah outed her, galaxy brained take fam.

No. 712624

File: 1569953668897.jpg (52.82 KB, 680x479, EFz0AxdX0AYoEkz.jpg)

Greg, if your video quality hasn't improved in 10 years, I'm not holding my breath you'll reach "motion picture quality" any time soon.

Everyone he produces looks like it was filmed on someone's phone with an on camera flash. Never once has he tried to actually do quality lighting or interesting shots.

No. 712625

Holy fuck the mini-modding in this thread has been really out of control.

>”Don’t say this bc then anons will start talking about it”

Dude…people in the thread have already been discussing whether or not Lainey’s being hit by Grunk. It’s already part of the conversation.

I’m not saying Lainey should be looked at sympathetically or whatever. Just that the video seemed off. Could’ve been the choppy editing or the rushed feeling.

But the truth is Jimbob has blocked various women in his house from using phones/leaving ect in the past. Not saying that’s what’s going on in the Onion swamp just pointing out it’s not as ridiculous as some of you mini-mods seem to think

No. 712627


A turd in high res is still a turd, Greg.
Wtf are you even talking about, people can even record shit on their phone with 1080p High Def these days, its not special anymore.
Speaing of polishing a turd, why not create a fucking hologram of "I'm a banana", oh thats right, you can't since you lack any sort of talent and use crApple hardware.
It isn't the quality, Greg, its your content. You have never been funny and you never had anything interesting to say, your shit has always been shit even if you were to film it from the surface of the moon in 3D.

No. 712629

Lol the closest to cinematic you’ll ever get Grunt is the future Lifetime movie about your victims. “Onision: Youtube’s Most “Honest” Predator. A Lifetime Original Movie”

No. 712630

Aside from Lamp acting like she's held hostage; what the hell is going on in this thread? One fag after the other comes to shitpost. Where are the admins at when you need them?

No. 712631


Who would they cast for Greg, and who would they cast for Lainey?

No. 712632


andy dick as lainey

No. 712633

File: 1569955291751.jpg (1.16 MB, 1593x2100, David-Vintiner_will-poulter_04…)

Put him in an I'll fitting suit and you got your (still way way better looking) onion man

No. 712635

girls been dropping links all morning thank fuck, wheres the milk at

No. 712636

samesag but a n o t h a one

No. 712637

Maybe I'm retarded, but I can't seem to find Gurp's Patreon numbers this month? All that's on the homepage are tiers. I could be looking in the wrong place. I was wondering if his numbers went down since it's the first of the month.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712639

Tinfoil but maybe the reason Griggle had to take the kid to the hospital instead was because he DID hit her and was worried the hospital would figure it out. More likely, Lainey had been crying for 2 weeks straight at that point and looked like shit either way and he didn't want to invoke the concern of hospital staff.

Or maybe he thinks she will cut and run if she's allowed to leave the house…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712640

I guess a gorilla would be good as Jimmy. Same face features etc

No. 712641

This aged like fine wine.

No. 712642

Fuck I’ve been waiting for this, I’m HYPE!

Her other two Onion book reads are great, she got me cracking up a few times. I love her, Gines, and that cringey nerdy dude’s reviews of his books and I highly recommend them for long trips.

No. 712644

I checked. It's at 416

No. 712645

>>712361 Late, but all I can think of is he's trying to say he's bad juju or something?

No. 712646

my guess is she's only coming back because it's her birthday month and whatever patrons she has left are gonna send her gifts and money despite the fact that she didn't do any of her promises for September

No. 712647

They get attention, an audience, and a platform to spout their lies. They should not have that.

Hey sis! Hey fam! Hey dude!
Acting like it's the same old same old drama when multiple women have come out with serious accusations is not humanely possible. Urging people not to listen to lying paedophiles is a normal reaction.

No. 712649


Anyone who gets upset that they're still here, making videos and tweeting I would just like to say that with each word that comes out of their mouth, all the denial, the lies, they are only digging themselves in that hole further.
Any rational person or half intelligent lolcow even would flee for the hills under these accusations. Think about it, say that you and your bf, gf, or spouse would be accused of all this on the internet by millions of people, wouldn't you just delete everything and get off the internet?
The funniest part is that if this does make it to court all of it will be looked at under a microscope and they will grill them with it, hard.

No. 712652

do you know where you're posting? you seem confused about the purpose of the site. absolutely NO ONE is acting like this is 'the same old drama'. wtf are you on about?

No. 712654

lainey stans rushing in to derail for her is what's going on

No. 712655

Shane releasing a 9 part series to people getting hyped about it (people’s opinions on him aside, he certainly gets people telling him it’s that level of quality regardless of if it is) and onionboy tweets this. Boo hoo onion, you’ll never hit Shane levels of fame on the platform again.

No. 712656

Which is great, we don't need another hack pretending to make deep documentaries where they suck the dick of bad people to sell shit.

but you are right, Onion is probably jealous as fuck right now.

No. 712658

Sorry if I missed it but someone on twitter posted the link to his acting reel on Vimeo from about 6 mo ago and this reminded me of it. Is he trying to be cast in movies or something now?

Watching him interact with a young girl in it even in a parental way was extremely off putting given everything. Where is he getting all these child actors to work with? I don’t think he’s attracted to 10 year old but if I was a parent I wouldn’t want someone like him working with my child.

No. 712660

Oh yeah, was in no was saying that Shane’s series is gonna be the next Netflix level docu series but he’s easy going to be earning 10mil (being conservative) over the next month. While onion will get his dropping Patreon chump change.. no wonder he’s getting lainey back in front of the camera.

No. 712661

No. 712662

He's going to start sperging some more when he sees that she made another critique video on his writing kek.

No. 712663

File: 1569958581943.jpg (Spoiler Image,102.25 KB, 1122x400, piss.jpg)

Adam Driver as Greg
Tori Spelling as Lainey
Cher as Crazy Tami
Jo Brand as Mikenactor
Rupert Grint as MrRepzion

No. 712664

anon what year are u in

No. 712665


Oh yes, sorry bout that, I am a time traveler from 1995.

No. 712666

>Adam Driver as Greg
What the actual fuck? No. Peter Dinklage would fit more…. but he deserves better than to be compared to the onion manchild

No. 712667

>Jo Brand as Mikenactor
one of the first times I actually laughed here, thank you.

ps. what OS are you using?

No. 712668


Peter Dinklage is way too handsome to portray Greg, unless they use a latex mask on the little guy.


I use Windows 95 plus

No. 712669

Not to derail but windows 95 plus?? What the fuck, Lol i don't think i've ever even seen windows 95.

No. 712671


I just don't care about all that hoity toity fancy new stuff. Yes lets not derail anymore, Greg is a poopyhead.

No. 712674

I agree but he at least has some resemblance to Greg. Adam looks nothing like him and is tall AF. Greg wishes kek

No. 712675


No. 712676



No. 712677

I always thought the dude from The Loved Ones horror movie looked exactly like Greg if the actor got hit in the face with a shovel

No. 712678

File: 1569959860312.jpg (179.92 KB, 1500x1000, Gilbert Gottfried 5.jpg)


I did consider Gilbert Gottfried as Greg but the problem with that is that Gilbert is actualy funny.

As with Adam Driver I think the resemblance with Greg is uncanny. Tori is a tad too good looking to play Lainey, I really expected you guys to call me on that.

No. 712680

Lainey looks like Liquid Chris

No. 712681


being a tad harsh here on liquid chris, dontcha think buddy?

No. 712683


IDK a retard doing an impression of another retard seems pretty accurate even aside from the facial similarities

No. 712688

File: 1569960511875.jpg (51.37 KB, 501x421, Czr8hKz~2.jpg)

Photoshop anons plz have fun with this

No. 712693

Those are reasonable explanations tbh.

>I don't know what motivated him to keep the bracelet on for that long (ew) other than so he could show it off on social media. Why? Maybe to get sympathy, I can't think of another reason.

I could be wrong but he uploaded the video on 9/19 and he probably shot and edited it some days earlier.

My best guess is that either Greg was pressing Lainey to do the video, or, if her little girl is seriously sick she might be just tired or worried about her. Maybe even less about her baby girl but more about her image as a mom. I don't know. Or Lainey is really worried she'll lose her patrons because of her sending nudes to minors. Could be all of that, and what >>712607 said.

>my guess is she's only coming back because it's her birthday month and whatever patrons she has left are gonna send her gifts and money

That would also make a whole lot of sense, anon!

And sorry for being late to the party.

Wanted to edit since I quoted the wrong replies and because I'm and idiot.

No. 712694

File: 1569960862581.jpg (79.31 KB, 618x412, andy.jpg)

I thought we decided Andy Dick was a dead ringer for our space prince.


No. 712697

File: 1569961413405.jpg (35.14 KB, 474x300, 0D9.jpg)

Who gives a shit about what retard Greg and Lainey resemble? 20+ posts to discuss it every few days? Fuck this thread is unreadable.

No. 712698

>I'm the kid
…. mods?

No. 712703

Yes, can we please stop derailing about who they look like? You guys sound retarded. Stop it. Not important.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712704

Learn to sage, retards.

No. 712705

Looks like they're all on vacation. /pt/ seems unsupervised for a few days now.
you only realize the importance of someone when they're gone love you admins, come back soon

No. 712706

File: 1569962487080.jpg (263.69 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191001-164043_Red…)

No, the guy who plays Dexter Morgan…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712721

shut the fuck up

No. 712726

That’s like the worst cast.. wtf(continued derailing)

No. 712731

Stop derailing or don't come crying to /meta/ about your bans. You all deserve it.

No. 712742

The global rules changed. Discussion of children is permitted to an extent.
-Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.
-Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
-Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.

Considering the Avaroes/Jacksons like to involve children into their everyday lives, aside from the ones they're damaging. Discussion is free game within reason. Do not tinfoil, it serves no purpose.

No. 712749


I love how Greg fucks up the name of his character (pseudo-edge-greg) again.

No. 712762

Onion becomes Jessica Yaniv countdown when? He was already defending him. kek.

He wasn't using hootsuite or another app for these tweets. As seen in >>712243 and >>712246 it looks like these were posted via web app which is odd considering he "was at the hospital", wouldn't it show as "twitter mobile app"? Did he bring a laptop with him to the hospital to tweet these?

Ngl, I see it. In another 5-10 years of greg induced stress she'll look just like him.

No. 712768

the cherry on top of this shit pie would be onision trooning out, with or without lainey by his side. imagine how many videos he could milk out about this subject, or how much faux sympathy he could garner from sjws who can't be arsed to condem predators bc they're "minorities" or sth. plus it's not like the trans community isn't filled to the brim with pedophiles and rapists, it'd earn him so much sympathy with pickme libfems. i lowkey can't believe he hasn't considered this angle yet.

No. 712784


i am not an sjw nor am I usually the one calling for people to get canceled. this is not about being "offended" but recognizing greg is a sex predator. You don't have to be an sjw to want to get rid of sex predators.

No. 712790

do you have any idea how common it is that sexual predators troon out to escape men's prison? not trying to be GC here, but it's a common occurrence.

No. 712793

File: 1569968038479.jpeg (879.78 KB, 828x1654, C77CAADF-8221-481A-9EF9-1D69A4…)

Someone is blasting crime watch pages in Greg/Lainey’s area and spreading the word. The comments aren’t particularly milky but people are outraged/upset. One person claimed they went to HS with Onion and he’s bad news, one said they’ve seen Onion and Lainey at the mall a few times…

No. 712799

No. 712807


It could be actual pedo hunters doing that. I mean its all out in the open now. Then again, it could be weens.
I'm always against touching the poop and cowtipping, I would love if Chris Hansen looked in to it though.
I think maybe he hasn't been on Hansen's channel yet is that he probably refuses to get interviewed by him. That other guy whats his name that touched a girl in the van, he did talk to Hansen.

No. 712809

I made this comment and I deleted it, but I wasn't saying that?

No. 712812

I wasn't saying that saying he's trans is going to get him a pass, I was saying the opposite but I didn't express my self well.

I'm really confused. I don't think him saying he's trans is going to make "sjw/liberals" be like, "All clear buddy"

I was saying the exact opposite. In fact the person I was responding too was saying that him saying he's trans will make "sjws" excuse him of what he's done.

No. 712813


Has Pierce county replied to this other than their usual “we’ve gotten several complaints at this location”, but then don’t proceed to do anything?

No. 712814

studies show trannies tend to have paraphilic tendencies

No. 712817

Whats this dumb ass tinfoil? He's not a fucking transgender person, he's a male whose a fucking pedo, with a wife whose a fucking pedo.

No. 712824

It's not tinfoil, it's very well researched. Many fakebois and TiMs fetishize the gender they're trying to emulate, and they tend to have paraphilic tendencies towards coercion.
"18.5% of autogynephilic males without a co-occuring paraphilia is interested in sexual coersive acts"

Also it's she anon kek

No. 712827

Yes I’m sure Trot pushes Clot of the sofa then kicked her in the neck because he has anger issue from Greg’s sexual abuse and that’s why Clot went to the ER. Shut up, you want the Onions to be an anime villain so bad, go write your tru crime fic elsewhere.

No. 712828

File: 1569970815523.jpg (734.54 KB, 2048x2048, 1569970732163.jpg)

I believe Shane used Onions video about his weight gain in the Beautiful World of Jeffrey Star video. It starts at 30:10

No. 712829

Andrew totally shaded him kek

No. 712830

may not be tinfoil, but it sure is derailing. greg isn't trans, and the main point was that he wouldn't garner sympathy by being trans or pretending to be. i can't see him doing it anyway, as it doesn't seem to go along with his self-image, nor will it help him in getting any teens.

No. 712837

I was so sure this was an onion clip, thanks for confirming. Oh Greg, how does it feel knowing that you’ve tried your best to get a rise out of Shane and Jeffree and you’re getting nothing? No views, no anything. I can say after everything that’s happened with him dragging people through the mud and him trying to bait shane and Jeffree there’s more poetic justice to watch than this.

No. 712839

These twitterfags can not stop cowtipping can they?
This kind of stuff always just makes us look like some obsessed internet mob

No. 712845

Idk anon. If I was living in Gurg's area I would be grateful that someone let me know about him, especially if I was raising a family.

No. 712852


Why would people who don’t use lolcow follow lolcow rules?

You know the Onions are actual people, right? I’m sure anyone who lives in the area is glad to be made aware of them.

No. 712853

not saging because i think this needs to be said:

stop tinfoiling about grugly using twitter while in the hospital. he uses twitter apps you have to pay for (like Hootsuite and Echofon) where you can schedule tweets tweets in advance to be sent. We have 0 evidence that he tweeted those imreallysexyrightnow tweets while he was with his kid in the hospital. we also have no idea if he was in the hospital, because as someone who frequently has to go to the hospital, no one except the patient gets a band – EVEN PARENTS OF MINORS IN THE ICU. The band could be anything. We know grugly lurks hard on here, so my bet is it's a red herring.

No. 712854

File: 1569974270899.png (785.2 KB, 1280x719, patreon update.png)

No. 712855

I’m surprised someone hadn’t done this sooner.. I’d be grateful of any information concerning child groomers in my area, especially where children live/may come into contact with the onions

No. 712856

>stop tinfoiling about grugly

Im sorry, I must of missed your ## Admin badge, Ill look closer.
Stop mini-modding and stfu.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 712857

tbh, i’m glad normies in their area are finding out about this. as kekworthy as they are, they are gross individuals who need to be dealt with and need to face the consequences of their actions, and if that includes some twitter faggot posting about them and what they’ve done in a local crime group? oh well. they deserve the attention.

No. 712858

I agree. It’s like that toy review site that didn’t know who onion was when they recorded with the kid at his house. If the Twitterfags didn’t inform them then they wouldn’t have known. The word is out and now there are tons of eyes on the onions and not just lcf users.

No. 712859


>Maybe I’m just being dramatic but there was something so off about her like…it made me way uneasy. Maybe it’s because I feel like we finally have a good idea of who she really is and how much of a predator she is separate from Grunt. Before I thought of her as a kind of extension of Greg’s depravity but now I guess we know she’s depraved on her own as well.

Also the fact that she keeps her kids in that house with a firearm while her husband posts that shit to FB…I just can’t. This sounds like the beginning to a very tragic story about a man who massacres his own family.

just stop with this kind of tinfoiling. i think it's pretty obvious that once greg lurks this site and catches wind of everyone tinfoiling that kai is secretly being abused, he's gonna milk that shit and try to turn it into a marina joyce situation where the onion household gets views and makes money just by people watching looking for hidden clues of abuse. there is 0 evidence that kai is being abused at this point, as she has always bruised easily (anemic) and she proudly shows off her hickeys/sex bruises.

She's probably not eating well now that she's committed a federal crime either, and malnutrition makes you bruise even more easily considering she's anemic.

No. 712861


>Look, the endgame most of us here hope for is that Onision stops grooming and abusing girls. (Like Sarah said "you'll ruin another girl's life over my dead body)

Law enforcement is just one means to an end to that, not an end in itself.

Exposing Onision is another way to achieve the end goal. The more people are aware, the less opportunity he will have for continuing in his predatory ways. Chris Hansen definitely adds to this latter means to an end, even if he doesn't to the former.

I totally agree. Sometimes i feel like this thread goes off the rails tinfoiling about abuse, wristbands, etc. etc. going off literal no evidence other than "i have a feeling."

No. 712863


>You mean the onision who openly admits his own incapacity to love? No doubt his hypocritical gun ownership is to compensate his fragile sense of masculinity, seeing as his wife has a bigger dicks and gets more chicks nowadays

also more money. she was making double what he was per month on patreon, then twitter started laughing about it and now he and kai hide how much they make each month.

greg, we all know you're not the main breadwinner in the house and that's why you're forcing kai to make lackluster "i'm back and this is my schedule" videos.

No. 712865

>he uses twitter apps you have to pay for (like Hootsuite and Echofon) where you can schedule tweets tweets in advance to be sent.
You can literally see that he posted those specific tweets from the Twitter web app.
You can't schedule tweets that way. He has said in the past that he doesn't use the Twitter app on his phone, he tweets from the browser.

>We have 0 evidence that he tweeted those imreallysexyrightnow tweets while he was with his kid in the hospital.

The reason anons are speculating that he was tweeting from the hospital is because the timeframe from the police report (where Plainey said he was at the hospital with his kid) and his tweets match.

>we also have no idea if he was in the hospital

This is true. We only have Kainey's word. I'm also suspicious of the band. I think even if they gave the parent a band for some reason, it wouldn't be some generic-looking thing with the word "PARENT" scrawled on it. It would have barcodes and shit.

Whether they lied about him being in the hospital or he was really there making his gross dom daddy tweets, it makes them look bad.

No. 712866


>Erie is a good way to describe it. Reminds me of those Marina Joyce videos from a few years ago. She’s talking about mundane Patreon shit but her body language is communicating at the very least distress, possibly fear.

Maybe I’m getting Marina Joyce vibes because in some ways her situation is possibly similar…being detained by her nutjob husband, isolated from family. I mean that’s what it would be if she wasn’t a child grooming piece of shit herself.

oh shut up anon. you're gonna give greg ideas. the most likely reason there were so many jump cuts is because she is a lazy motherfucker and wasn't in the mood to make the video so she did as little reshoots as possible (maybe only one) and spliced it all together so she could say she made and uploaded a video to her master overlord greg as he ordered.

No. 712868

I hope his patrons suggest hour long videos. That would mean all his time would be eaten up making and editing them. Less videos put out each month, less adsense and at 60 minutes I doubt random viewers will watch the videos all the way through.

No. 712869

If it's an open investigation they aren't going to give out details to the public. The victims themselves are the ones that need to contact (not saying they haven't, I know Sarah posted she is doing something about it) the department. Us tweeting screenshots and videos at them likely won't move this case any. All we can do is continue to call Greg & Kai out.

No. 712871

Someone on twitter said they were going to send letters to all greg's neighbors

No. 712874


>If it's an open investigation they aren't going to give out details to the public. The victims themselves are the ones that need to contact (not saying they haven't, I know Sarah posted she is doing something about it) the department. Us tweeting screenshots and videos at them likely won't move this case any. All we can do is continue to call Greg & Kai out.

Totally agreed. Sarah has said she's working on it. Her best friend IRL has said she's working on it. Sarah has proven she's working on it by speaking out on social media and connecting with past victims so they can all come out and call him out at the same time once and for all. When she says she's got it, she's got it.

We should really just sit back and enjoy the milk & eventual downfall of textbook narcissist grugly & spaceprince.

No. 712879

This is off topic but I had this terrible thought at work about how obsessed Greg is with breastfeeding. He shamed Lame’s mother for not breastfeeding her “enough” and Lame has been breastfeeding since she met Greg. We all know Greg has some serious mommy issues, an incest fetish, sexualizes children; what if his whole breastfeeding shtick is linked to that? It makes me sick but I wouldn’t put it past him to get off to that.

Sage for personal tinfoil

No. 712880


>Im sorry, I must of missed your ## Admin badge, Ill look closer.

>Stop mini-modding and stfu.

No worries, you only missed my common sense badge. i don't normally have to put it on because people usually have their own. I'm just repeating what other mods have said above – not because i want to be a mod, but because i'm sick of crazy tinfoil derailing ideas based on nothing but "feelings" that could honestly give greg ideas. (talking about how this is giving marina joyce vibes is just gonna give him the idea to make the situation look possibly marina joyce, which would (a) distract from the bigger issue which is sarah + his child grooming tendencies and (b) give him views as people follow this dumb train of thought and start watching his videos looking for deliberately placed hints that maybe kai is a hostage abusive situation). Kai is not a hostage. She is a child predator who knew exactly what she was doing. Sorry if that came off as minimodding :) I'll stfu now.

No. 712882

report and move on

No. 712884

You missed the most important part of that post
no one cares how you feel the thread should be moderated.

No. 712885


>I'd love for Onion to play into his wife being a hostage narrative and him forcing her to make videos for youtube and patreon money. I think it would showcase his bullshit even more and make even more of his fans drop him like a hot russet potato.

i think you're overestimating the average intelligence of onision fans and the average intelligence of the general public. if there were rumors floating around that kai was in a marina joyce type situation, bigger creators like repzilla would cover it which would drive traffic towards them and possibly increase kai's patreon donations so she can "save herself and get out"

No. 712887

>You missed the most important part of that post
>no one cares how you feel the thread should be moderated.

Not getting into an internet shitfight with you. But you may actually want to read the reply before attemping to respond to it. I quoted the important part here for your convenience :)

you missed the part where i said i didn't want to be a moderator but i was worried about:
>talking about how this is giving marina joyce vibes is just gonna give him the idea to make the situation look possibly marina joyce, which would (a) distract from the bigger issue which is sarah + his child grooming tendencies and (b) give him views as people follow this dumb train of thought and start watching his videos looking for deliberately placed hints that maybe kai is a hostage abusive situation. Kai is not a hostage. She is a child predator who knew exactly what she was doing. Sorry if that came off as minimodding :) I'll stfu now.

No. 712888

Thanks for the mirror!

Lol at him acting like he doesn’t know what Lainey is doing with her channel as if he isn’t pulling strings to get her to continue to generate money for him. I don’t think he’s threatening her to continue but I would bet money he is pressuring her and she wouldn’t continue to show her face if it was all up to her.

I don’t think he wants to move to quality over quantity with his videos like he’s suggesting I think the real reason is he wants to lighten his production schedule right now so he can do damage control with everything that’s happened.

No. 712889

You keep droning on and greentexting like you just learned how to do it.
No one cares.
Please stfu for realsies now. K?

No. 712891


>Lol at him acting like he doesn’t know what Lainey is doing with her channel as if he isn’t pulling strings to get her to continue to generate money for him. I don’t think he’s threatening her to continue but I would bet money he is pressuring her and she wouldn’t continue to show her face if it was all up to her.

this is literally exactly what i thought when i was watching the video (thanks anon for the mirror!). as if "greg doesn't know what kai is up to, just trying to support her through this she's a very anxious person" DUDE you freaking control all her social media, know all her passwords, edit all her stuff, you basically have mind control over kai. Acting like he'd like her get out of his control in ANY capacity is just laughable to me.

I would bet $$$ he told her she has to make a video pretending everything is fine otherwise they both look guilty (which she already does…like another user said, it makes it seem like sarah has a lot more on them than she's already released and that's why she's so nervous).

His acting skills are also horrible. So obvious barf


>You keep droning on and greentexting like you just learned how to do it

>what do you mean

>whats greentexting
>please stop minimodding this thread isn't just about what you want it to be
>have a nice day :)

No. 712893

File: 1569978853105.jpg (145.81 KB, 1032x570, 20191002_085625.jpg)

This the best comment out of all. Just really puts him into perspective.

No. 712894

Stop gatekeeping about people here keeping tabs on their content through non-revenue generating ways.

No. 712895

what's with all the autistic infighting today? hope everyone shitting up the thread gets banned.

No. 712896

We can tell when get home from a hard day of loading and start posting in this thread because it becomes a wall of green text. If you don't know how to use it properly don't abuse it. The body and structure of your posts are a dead giveaway.
Once again, stfu greentext anon. Thanks

No. 712897


totally. especially because the airforce is all about working as a team and they try to break you so you can bond as a group…despite getting through basic training with his cohort they all still hate him. i mean literally, other than the teens he manipulates and brainwashes, NO ONE who's met him likes him. i can't think of a single "friend" he has except maybe billy the fridge…and even then they're not close.

No. 712898

Who wanna bet Anus is gonna try to copyright claim Shane's video just because of that. Anus is a petty spiteful bitch so I wouldn't doubt it

No. 712903

>She's fidgety because she's been outed for sending pics of her cunt to a minor. There's nothing "eerie" about that.
>It really ain't that deep fam
Thank you anons for talking sense.

No. 712904


>Who wanna bet Anus is gonna try to copyright claim Shane's video just because of that. Anus is a petty spiteful bitch so I wouldn't doubt it

i think ogresion would do it to smaller creators, but for shane who gets like what, 10 million views? if his video got taken down or the monetization started going to onesion, shane could make one subtle comment about it and amplify the shitstorm greg is already in. i think greg is just gonna keep retweeting the videos and doing his fake positivity "i'm so glad shane is doing these videos" bullshit while secretly seething

No. 712906

>we also have no idea if he was in the hospital
All we know is that according to Lainey, he was there with Clot on the 15th. But I agree, Lainey's word isn't enough to go on, certainly not enough to take as a hard fact.
>Whether they lied about him being in the hospital or he was really there making his gross dom daddy tweets, it makes them look bad.
I think that's the bottom line right there.

No. 712907

Hate tinfoiling but if Greg was going to say or do anything with this Shane video he’s probably going to go back on it and be like “i’m not proud of that but i’m working for a better tomorrow uwu XD”

Plus, he’s be shooting himself in the foot. He can’t copyright claim something that he took from Shane w/o permission lol.

No. 712908

>My goal is to get to the level of major motion picture quality
>Makes autistic videos where his sex doll is a victim that he's drugged, tortured and killed
I was going to question why he thinks this shit needs to be "motion picture quality", but then I remembered what a fucking waterbrain he is.

No. 712910


>Hate tinfoiling but if Greg was going to say or do anything with this Shane video he’s probably going to go back on it and be like “i’m not proud of that but i’m working for a better tomorrow uwu XD”

normally i'd agree, but he's already retweeted about shane's upcoming documentary saying he's excited for it so i think that's the angle he's gonna go with this time around.

>Plus, he’s be shooting himself in the foot. He can’t copyright claim something that he took from Shane w/o permission lol.

i wish, but that's never stopped him before. he copyright claims videos that dont even have his image in it, just talking about him in a negative light. that's the reason the youtube creator Madame is going after him in small claims court, onision's blatant disregard for fair use laws and just copystriking any video from small creators that discusses his situation. Madame didn't even have audio/pictures in her video, her video was leafy style (videogame with her talking over it)

No. 712912

>I was going to question why he thinks this shit needs to be "motion picture quality", but then I remembered what a fucking waterbrain he is.

he said in one of his videos that he could be a really good actor, that he does an "amazing" joker impression and can do a lot of accents. maybe he thinks this is a stepping stone to becoming a movie actor. rolls eyes into the back of my head

No. 712916

Good. This is what communities should be doing. Tinfoil but I have the sense that the Onion's have been looking for a new domicile, which if their entire neighborhood gets wind of what they've done would make sense. Not that it matters, they wouldn't be welcome anywhere anyway.

No. 712917


>Good. This is what communities should be doing. Tinfoil but I have the sense that the Onion's have been looking for a new domicile, which if their entire neighborhood gets wind of what they've done would make sense. Not that it matters, they wouldn't be welcome anywhere anyway.

actually, given them putting EVERYTHING up for sale on poshmark (including onision's "trademark" characters) and giving away 5 trashbags worth of stuff, i'm kind of worried they're gonna make a run for it.

No. 712918

Onision's half sister lives in washington, not far from him. Can you imagine her reading the FB post to pierce county about him?

No. 712919

He'll have the choice to monetize that segment, and he'll for sure try since he wants some of that Shane money.

Greentextanon is just mad since their incessant bolding was pointed out.

No. 712921

This is all Crazy Tami’s undoing. If she hadn’t maybe molested him (along with Julia), abused him, isolated him from his father and fed into his growing narcissism; he wouldn’t be who he is today.

No. 712922


>Onision's half sister lives in washington, not far from him. Can you imagine her reading the FB post to pierce county about him?

I can't imagine being related to him in any way and learning about all this from social media/the law…like what a nightmare to realize your brother is a child grooming ephebophile who took guardianship over a young girl, groomed her, and then had sex with her a hot minute after she turned 18. Not just that, but there are 4 other victims. My life would be turned upside down if I learned that about my brother

No. 712923

maybe, but don't they usually switch to the other arm if they fuck up the first injection? If bruising occurs because of the needle, they'd usually switch to the other arm to get a clearer view of the veins for the second time, no? Those look more like bite marks.

No. 712924

>This is all Crazy Tami’s undoing. If she hadn’t maybe molested him (along with Julia)

Did Crazy Tami molest him? I just thought it was Julia.

>abused him, isolated him from his father and fed into his growing narcissism; he wouldn’t be who he is today.

ok so grugly says he was abused, but then he also says his mother was his sanctuary and the one who taught me how to fight back against bullies (how to break arms). grugly also said it was his choice not to talk to his dad (his sisters still do), the reason grug & his dad dont talk anymore is because of the time greg kicked his dad in the face with combat boots until he was bleeding everywhere because he didn't want to have a family weekend, he wanted to spend it with his new girlfriend.

No. 712925

It'll be interesting to see whether or not his family disowns him. Not that he was real close with any of them anyway, aside from his mother.

No. 712926


I've gotten my blood drawn a lot because I have a medical condition and I'm a "hard stick" because I have thin arms and apparently jumping veins. Nurses usually try a couple times in the same spot (especially for someone thin like lainey) because they may have just missed the vein and want to try again to get that vein. I always have pretty severe bruising after I get blood drawn.

No. 712927


oh and i forgot to add, he also bought her a house.

No. 712929

I wonder if his sister Joanna will say anything? They had videos together on her channel but I can't seem to find her channel anymore.

No. 712930

Greg lied and said no one in his family talks to the dad yet on FB you can see pics of his sisters and their children with the dad

No. 712931

It's that old Nature vs. Nurture argument. Regardless, he's an adult who's become a predator. He's been trying to escape consequences all these years, and now his chickens have come home to roost

No. 712932

He didnt buy her that house. That was the house he lived in with Skye, Shiloh and briefly Lainey. He signed it over to her to stop the IRS from claiming it

No. 712933


>Greg lied and said no one in his family talks to the dad yet on FB you can see pics of his sisters and their children with the dad

Yeah and he also admitted himself in a video that his sisters still talk to his dad and it disgusts him because his dad was a pedophile who was "inappropriate with minors." The fucking irony is strong with this one.

I'm also not so sure about his dad being a pedophile. Greg lies and contradicts himself so much it's stunning he doesn't see his own hypocrisy. I guess it's hard to notice much of anything when you're so busy taking selfies with 50 snapchat filters in the bathroom to try to appeal to your teenage fans and pretend you're still 18 living in 2008. I mean he also called Shane Dawson a pedophile so we know how messed up greg's mind is.

No. 712936


I shouldn't have said bought, because you're right he didn't buy it. But i'm pretty sure he paid off the remaining mortgage on it.

No. 712937

Go read the screenshots again, you blind retard. It was posted from the Twitter mobile site. If it were one of those scheduled posts, it would have a link saying as much.

You're autistic as fuck to discount both the bracelet and the fact that him being there was information provided by Lainey and entered into a police incident report that she had no idea would ever see the light of day.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712939


>Go read the screenshots again, you blind retard. It was posted from the Twitter mobile site. If it were one of those scheduled posts, it would have a link saying as much.

>You're autistic as fuck to discount both the bracelet and the fact that him being there was information provided by Lainey and entered into a police incident report that she had no idea would ever see the light of day

You really need to calm down lol. I told you I'm not engaging in an internet shitfight with you and calling me a greentext faggot and trying to instigate a fight with me isn't going to work. Just RELAX my dude

No. 712940

Also, i'm not a blind retard. Look at the tweet. it's from Hootsuite. I said that Hootsuite is a paid twitter app that lets you plan future tweets at a scheduled time.

No. 712941

>We did what we could to get him into trouble
Hilarious and more confirmation that Jimmy Greg was as much of a pos then as he is now. Can't wait for more "I'Ve chAnGed gUizE","I'm aDULT nOw!" twitter spergs.

No. 712943

File: 1569982728696.jpg (184.26 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20191001-221829.jpg)

What does this say underlined in red?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 712944

Not that anon and not trying to start a fight but could greentextanon learn to integrate better? Its not a /pt/ rule but it makes the experience better. Making posts that are 3/4 green text copies of the post your replying to is repetitive. Linking to it at the beginning is enough. It just seems like padding and its tedious.

No. 712946

I don't know what's happened to this thread but could greentext anon please stack the text on top of each other? Spacing it out so much and using long quotes makes for less efficient reading.

No. 712947


no problem. i thought it'd be more convenient for people to read the greentext instead of clicking the links, but i have no issue doing that especially if it's taking up too much space.

No. 712949


sorry sorry! i was trying to do it for convenience, but i didn't mean for it to be tedius and take up too much space. i'll reserve green text only for small specific quote parts. now i know, won't do it anymore

No. 712950

I assumed the excessive green texting was because it was a shiny new toy they found. And the spacing reminds me of the denizens of other sites I wont name that aren't really welcome here. I actually welcomed the green text overload and weird spacing because when scanning the thread I knew which posts to ignore lol.

No. 712951

>This kind of stuff always just makes us look like some obsessed internet mob
Were it not for all the evidence piling up, so many survivors coming forward, I'd agree with you. Predators get the axe. The only way they'll be able to escape is if they jump into a giant sinkhole, and if that happens I hope someone records it.

No. 712952


haha yeah the green texting is from other image board sites that shall not be named.

No. 712955

Every new thread a troll comes through with shit tier bait and some big dummies respond to it. I just don't understand.

No. 712956


lol green texting in the exact format of another website isn't really much of a "troll" unless you get riled up really easily over nothing cough cough

No. 712958

File: 1569984286173.jpg (580.17 KB, 1080x1584, 20191002_104406.jpg)

Lol who did this again

No. 712959

The point is to blend in, not post distinctively to where we can all pick your posts out. It's a form of grandstanding.(Minimod derailing )

No. 712961


LMFAO. what's crazy is in his last video he talks about how everyone is a manipulator and women wearing a little extra perfume to a date is a form of manipulation but conveniently leaves makeup out of his list of examples…..maybe because he wears more makeup than the average woman?

No. 712963

File: 1569984874781.jpeg (272.5 KB, 828x1362, 4E16AEDB-0DB1-4F87-8A11-B882EA…)

people in the crime fb group post went from discussing Greg and his name changes to discussing Kainey and if footface is a victim to talking about Shiloh and what happened to her. twitter fags are going wild with the infodumping.

No. 712966

So Onion has 30 days to get his fancy wetland fence and "do not engage the wetland" signs up. I wonder if for once in his life he can manage to not fuck something up.

No. 712967

He looks like a middle aged woman in the bottom left one lol

No. 712968

>who the fuck keeps their hospital band on, especially when posting a public video amidst such heinous allegations, unless they're looking for people to notice

It's like when Greg was sent pics of Daniel's dead grandpa - I think this was only a few weeks before Sarah came forward publicly. One of Greg's sock accounts messaged Daniel later on about "how could you make videos on Onision after he helped you". Not that Greg masterminded the whole thing, it's just very funny timing.

No. 712969

I wanna hear more from this guy soooooo bad now.

No. 712970

This is great mainstream exposure so long as most of it really is general public concern. If it's just a bunch of anti-os and cowtippers trying to artificially generate the appearance of public outrage it'll just be giving us false hope.

Lol, I wish the sign really said that.

What happens if he doesn't get the fence in? Surely he has to get a professional to do it for once too. Pricey.

No. 712972

Oh shit yeah, I overlooked that but if that dude is for real…

Hard to verify though.

No. 712973

The minute she started grooming Sarah she went from being a victim to being an accomplice. Forget Uber, at this point they'll be lucky if they get hired at a 711.

No. 712975

Yes that's an actual blog. Greg will fit right in very soon.

No. 712979

His entire life is a farce. There's nothing genuine or authentic about him other than what a mentally deranged pervert and predator he is.

No. 712980

most of the comments know too much about him for them to be regular people in the community. It's just a bunch of anti-os piling on.

No. 712981

File: 1569986966187.png (175.42 KB, 468x400, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 12.2…)

New video. Dont know if its against the rules to post the link here tho !

No. 712982

It's just the Adrienne voicemails but good to see it getting some exposure to fresher audiences

No. 712985

File: 1569987500969.jpeg (160.95 KB, 1200x564, 183EE273-2427-46A3-A0AA-1D23D4…)

someone on twitter pointed out that she also changed her tier rewards and made everything private to private instagram and snapchat messaging to private skype calls and pretty everything to try and control the situation and keep whatever fans she has, whilst probably trying to lure new ones into the swamp cave

No. 712986

>I have NEVER seen him stop narc raging on twitter and crawl back into his grease hole like when she comes for his ass. He's terrified of her
>what those 2 grooming pieces of shit didn't realize is they literally groomed her into their perfect adversary.
He knows he's lost the upper hand. Like the ultimate coward, all he can do is private all his sm and crawl under his little rock trying to wait this out. Escaping consequences has been one of the primary driving forces for the decisions he's made in his life. Even if he does try to skip town it won't matter because Sarah will hunt him down. That girl isn't playing around.

No. 712987

It's only against the rules to link directly to Onion's channels.

No. 712991

Even then it's still a local community page filled with people whose YouTube knowledge is limited to Jake Paul and whatever garbage their kids won't shut up about at the moment. The anti-o's commenting are in the minority for that page.

No. 712995

Looking at the guy's FB, he's definitely not a sock and has pics of himself posted in uniform with his family. Hard to confirm, but seems legit.

Honestly, my favorite part in regards to them getting outted to the public is that they legitimately thought legally changing their names would help them sweep everything under the rug. Now look at them.

No. 712996

File: 1569988524128.jpg (225.54 KB, 1080x2220, patreon1.jpg)

A former patron of Greg's shared this message he sent out to all his former patron's right at the start of all the sarah drama.


No. 712997

File: 1569988555721.jpg (242.11 KB, 1080x2220, patreon2.jpg)

No. 712998

File: 1569988650406.jpg (248.38 KB, 1080x2220, patreon3.jpg)

No. 712999

File: 1569988746546.jpg (217.89 KB, 1080x2220, patreon4.jpg)

No. 713000

>He was already defending him
Where/when did Greg defend Jessica Yaniv? Not surprised, I'd just like to see it first hand.

No. 713001

Lol is that the beginning of a receding hairline I see in the bottom left pic?

No. 713002

I think it may be legit. Pedosion hinted towards something like other people in the military not liking him and how "he a was respected" for doing his job. in the book where he convinced a lesbian to be interested in his tiny dick.

No. 713004


holy attempted guilt trip batman…

No. 713005

wow this is pathetic

No. 713008

I'm amazed he didn't threat to commit suicide….like he always does every time he doesn't get what he wants

No. 713009

This is literally just him guilt tripping people into coming back to pay him to be an ugly, unbearable asshole. so he doesn't have to get a real job like everyone else. It's funny that those 9 to 5 jobs that people work is what puts food on his table and make him a lazy ass, but he thinks it's beneath him to get a job too.

He did. Check the threads from August/beginning of September.

No. 713011

Not sure it's really better. It's one passive aggressive guilt trip poorly disguised as an apology.
He's basically pulling the "struggling to survive" nonsense again, except this time blaming it entirely on his patrons leaving him.

No. 713012

Grovelling, having a pity party, and manipulation through the roof, typical Jimbo. Isn't that nice how he can apologize for not being able to retain patrons, but not one word of apology or remorse to any of the women he's preyed on and abused over the years? Stay classy, Jimmy hat.

No. 713013

'i may have to quit patreon, and lose all of my freedom of expression, because i am a failure and not good enough, because of all of you'
get some therapy instead of whining in messages to your former patrons and exes, you manipulative piece of shit

No. 713020

>no longer tell offensive jokes or push the limit
Proceeds to make a video where he roofies his sexdoll before torturing and alludes to murdering her. Cmon gerg.

No. 713021

I know but this part is too rich
>Onision has a family to protect. The world is not a safe place as people like to pretend it is.
Yeah God forbid child predators get a hold of his kids or anything…

No. 713022

Twitter web app means he is using a third party app on his phone

No. 713028

Not that anon. The reason people are complaining is because you paste in multiple paragraphs of greentext. Tagging the post is enough, we don't need to see the thing we just read again so soon.

No. 713036

1 patreon buck = 1 freedom of expression for Onion

JJ, have you really never navigated the large expanses of your waterlogged skull and come across the idea that perhaps your content isn't worth anyone's money? No matter how free you are to express it people still have better things to spend their money on.

JJ, quality is more than just production value, it also includes you and your comedy which will probably always be shit because you will never change yourself.

No. 713069

>"""immense responsibilities"""
>muh family
>I'm sorry for being such a failure at life guize uwu

God this fucking faggot. You failed to keep patrons because of your horrific personal life (which you exposed for clicks), lazy retarded content (I don't care how much time you wasted to produce this shit: you just admitted you fail miserably at your 'craft' regardless), and just being an overall overbearing obnoxious cunt.

Protip asshole: don't waste your patron's shekels on airfare, gas, and "payroll" for teen puss. Yeah your responsibilities are so immense yet you can still find time to relentlessly thirst after girls less then half your age and fap for hours to lolli hentai.

And I won't be holding my breath on you dropping Patreon as a source of income. As long as there are mouth breathing knuckle draggers willing to burn their money for your dumpster fire "content" you will take it. You're a cockroach on every platform and they will have to exterminate you before you will actually do the right thing and finally leave.

No. 713079

File: 1570002938355.jpg (55.34 KB, 427x528, eugenia.jpg)


The girl doing this is a good friend of Eugenia Cooney. Guess she wants some payback, can't blame her.
I say faster pussycat, kill kill

No. 713080

File: 1570003154526.jpg (48.1 KB, 467x330, greggysgotagun.jpg)


Guess this answers the burning gun question.

No. 713081

File: 1570003381802.jpg (56.46 KB, 540x960, greggyhasagun.jpg)

No. 713083

File: 1570003546260.jpg (83.02 KB, 1184x782, greggyhasagun.jpg)

No. 713087

Off-topic but this song by Shiloh is really good, in case you haven't heard it yet:


No. 713091

That nigga’s gonna Chris Benoit his whole family and the cops won’t do shit because “muh too many calls!” Just watch!

No. 713092

File: 1570005648641.jpg (406.62 KB, 1117x1423, uhohbro_real_life_concequences…)


specially when those real life consequences are about to hit them.

uh oh, bro..

No. 713094

File: 1570005908787.png (693.35 KB, 1200x802, WsC4R.png)


Serves them right to, fucking assholes.

No. 713095


I love this so much.

No. 713096

This is one of the worst thing that could happen to them. Being blacklisted by all the other parents from school.

Well done, they 100% deserve this shit.

No. 713098

I feel so bad for their kids. Imagine growing up the child of two sex predators. It's not going to get better for them. this whole thing is honestly really sad and terrifying.

No. 713100

File: 1570007346643.jpg (36.55 KB, 500x396, women-gossiping.jpg)


not to mention moms talk. by now all the mothers know. i wouldn't even be surprised if some of them want to beat Lainey up now. Remember they have kids from all ages, teenagers too. I can hear them saying it now "what about my 12 / 14 year old daughter! she sometimes picks up her little brother / sister too!" Or the school principal tells her to not come back and alerts the authorities, because the other mothers demand it.
Hell they could hold a whole PTA about it.
Concerned mothers..

No. 713101

>thought the girl was a daughter of his dropping off their brother
kek, people thought lainey was his daughter? That must bruise her fakeboi ego and jimbo's too for looking like the creepy old man that he is.

>I'll be looking at them in a completely different light tomorrow at the school!


No. 713102


their ego won't be the only thing that will get bruised. that schoolyard is going to be a warzone.
just sayin'
i don't even think they'll be welcome back at that school.

No. 713103

File: 1570008986001.jpg (277.18 KB, 1277x630, maxresdefault.jpg)

Can't wait till you make a video about this, Greg.

No. 713104


"my spoooooooooooooouse"

No. 713105


You're acting like Greg would give a fuck about Lainey

If Lainey gets landed in any real shit at the school, Greg will either ignore it and say 'its your problem' whilst he hides in the house, or if he can't hide anymore he'd completely distance himself from her - leave and start condemning her too most likely.

Gregs priority is Greg. Since he didn't technically do anything illegal in the eyes of the law, he's standing on a cliff edge right now. Lainey did cross that line though, and if she goes over he ain't gonna save her. He'd losen her grip lion-king style and throw her to the stampede to get the focus off of him

No. 713108

File: 1570009889085.png (239.15 KB, 1236x949, d2ndr5q-04b51476-48ef-4ec2-973…)


You're probably right. Maybe that was his cunning plan all along, have her do the grooming and take the heat when the inevitable shit hits the fan. Then when she's in prison ditch her crotch droppings (the kids) and find another young girl to marry, knock up and mindfuck in to doing that for him.

"mah spooooooooouse"

No. 713110


Honestly seems like it. Every single one of the girls the past few years, none of them have been 'for Greg'. They've all been 'for Lainey'. She is who was romantically chatting with them, sending and asking for nudes, and who they were meant to be getting involved for.

All pushed by Greg, of course, but he has purposely kept it so he was technically out of the equation and it was Lainey who 'wanted a girlfriend' and was doing most of the romantic/sexual interaction (i.e grooming).

She's been his scapegoat for the grooming he's wanted to do for this from the very, very start I reckon, and she's a disgusting pos who went along with it because she's just as fucked up

No. 713112


So if it does become a case, who does Lainey think Greg is gonna blame in the hearings?
Thats some catch there, Lainey. What a dreamboat.
You made your bed and now you're fucked..

No. 713113


> Since he didn't technically do anything illegal in the eyes of the law

I just don't know though. There is more than enough of evidence of Jimmy's controlling nature, and at least some statements about his access to or control of his partners social media accounts.

I'd be thinking that there would be a good chance of co-conspirator charges in regards to the CP solicitation.

Especially with Onion aggressively denying Kai would do it, afterwards.

It does seem like pointing the finger at each other would be the only way to try to avoid that, as "circling their wagons" around each other would really seem like confirmation of collusion.

No. 713114

At least Chris Benoit's case made some sense because of mental issues from years of head trauma that made him reach that point.
Onion just has raging narc syndrome and wants to be an edgy 2D anime character from the 2000's.


Greg would throw her under the bus so bad. Look at all the evidence we have so far. It's always been Lainey sending/receiving illegal photos from minors. Lainey contacting them. Lainey being inappropriate with them on camera.
Yeah, Greg 100% logged into Lainey's accounts and tried to pretend to be her to talk to these girls at some points but anyone unfamiliar with Greg and how he operates (a jury, for instance) would see Lainey. Especially if Greg jumps in early on and points the finger at his wife.

No. 713115


What video did she link to?

No. 713116

File: 1570010953055.jpg (10.05 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)


If Lainey is the one to go to jail and Greg gets away with it scott free, I can already see him throwing her under the bus with his audience too. I can picture the video now:

"I was just as mortified as you guys when I heard Lainey had been grooming girls and sending them nude photo's of herself. At first I did not want to believe it, until the police showed me evidence. Lainey is now in prison and I plan on divorcing her."
Sending out tweet: "Soulmate, where are you?
On to the next DUMBASS.

No. 713117

I can already smell the clickbait.

No. 713119



Oh well, at least she'll get plenty of lesbo action in the big house. She'll probably be happier in there than she is with Greg in the swamp trailer.

No. 713120


I guess it depends whether Lainey has any evidence to prove that Greg is responsible for driving her actions, through force or threats or something. Who knows what goes on behind the scenes and what Lainey ACTUALLY has on Greg. He might have other reasons to carry on supporting her, as maybe she can really drop him in it if she has reason to herself.

But I do want to point out - he didn't aggressively deny Lainey would do it, as such. His wording was very, very careful. He said Lainey 'never had any desire to send pictures like that'.

He actually initially tweeted that Lainey 'never sent pictures like that and never would', but deleted that and replaced it with 'never had any desire and never would have the desire'.

He knows pictures like that were sent and is covering his ass as to not seem as if he is lying about it but he's banking on writing it off as a 'mistake' ('I never said she DIDNT. I said she didn't have any DESIRE to, it was a mistake!'). As if Lainey didn't realise she had everything on show or some shit (easily disproven, as she posted the same pics to instagram but those were cropped in the necessary places proving she DID realise).

And of course he can then say 'Well Lainey told me it was a mistake and I stuuuuuupidly trusted her cus I am just so trusting and loving and can't imagine someone doing something like that blah blahhhh Im innocent'. Because it's not about proving he lied about hard evidence since he technically didn't, but rather just about his 'belief' and 'trust' of his spouse, which is harder to prove is he lying about.


Pretty much this completely.

Every he is doing and saying is about preserving himself. He is actually wording things purposely to make sure he can drop Lainey in it and seem legit about it like he is an innocent and she's the baddie, if it comes to it.

Any more pressure and he'd probably leave Lainey before any 'case hearing' or anything though, just as a pre-emptive measure. He'd turn so fast if it looked like there was no coming back from this.

No. 713121


That reminds me of something Jaclyn said in her video and really stuck in my head, that Greg has had to have done something illegal. Since he tows the line so much.

No. 713123


Yep he's probably made a mistake somewhere, and it could be the case that Lainey knows about it. So perhaps he has more reasons to keep her onside than just his fear of being alone.

Really wish it would somehow get through to her that whilst she might be in deep shit, its actually much better for her to get outta there and come forward about everything before that shit gets worse. This is her very, very last chance to do so and have any credibility left. It's quickly running out, but if she put an end to this now and was open about everything that went on (her own guilt and Gregs possible actions behind the scenes), she could still make things better for herself and her kids I'm sure.

No. 713124

File: 1570013055911.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.61 KB, 473x480, hurt1.jpg)


It took Karla Homolka being beaten within an inch of her life by Paul Bernardo to finally leave and then Paul getting arrested for the Scarborough rapes to come forward and talk. Also because there was a life sentence hanging above her head.
I kinda think that Lainey will go down with the ship, in the very least.
The doctor treating Karla said it was the worst case of spousal abuse he had ever seen.

"my spoooouse"

No. 713125

i think what he was trying to get at with the 'never had desire to do that' was that the pictures were on the laptop that they gave/sold to sarah & that's how she got them. But sarah has her old phone and could prove if they were sent or not, which is probably why he stopped trying to push that narrative.

No. 713128

What Karla and Paul did is so similar to footface and grog. based on his pattern the safety of his daughter is concerning

No. 713129


That's going a bit far. Greg and Lainey havn't murdered anyone. Well, as far as we know… who knows whats buried under the wetlands

No. 713131

It’s very far off. Karla gave Paul her 15 year old sister as a “gift” for him to rape and murder. She did that when she was only his girlfriend. Karla only “turned” on Paul because they got caught. The rape of her sister was her idea, she was just as evil as him from the jump. But, to say what the Bernardo’s did is the same as Gainey is a real stretch. You’re getting caught up in your tinfoil.

No. 713138

File: 1570019513756.jpg (470.54 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191002_083152.jpg)

Grepedo and Foot had a large drop in Patron$ as of the first of this month.

Foot lost 19 Patrons and $94 per month, and of course since Grepedo is too much of a pussy to show how much he makes, we can only see that he lost roughly 25 Patrons (I believe he had around 420ish before yesterday)

Major KEK.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 713139

File: 1570019710222.png (61.35 KB, 982x626, totallynotfakepatrons.PNG)

You are way off anon, it is closer to 490..
Most I suspect are him creating low tier pledges, just a tinfoil as he hides his earnings.

No. 713140

File: 1570020324884.jpg (122.94 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20191002-084435.jpg)

I just took this from Patreon. It looks like he got 5 more Patrons since whoever created the screenshot above.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 713141

sage but aren't those just regular drops that happen in the beginning of the month?

No. 713142

Patreon charges Patrons at the first of each month so the drop off is from people who have unsubscribed between when they were charged last month and the 1st (yesterday)

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 713143

I bet it's Greg, trying to make it look like he is above 400 patrons.

No. 713144

File: 1570021192861.png (905.82 KB, 2048x1847, Screenshot_20191002-085139.png)

This was in the comments of the Crime Watch group post on Facebook.

No. 713145

this is so great. normies are finding out and sealing up all channels of access that Greg and Kai had for potential prey.

I hope Kai gets fucking roasted while dropping Trot off at school this morning. These are real-world consequences they shouldn't be surprised by, given what they've done to teenage girls. however close Onion is to the line of the law, he's already been condemned in the court of public opinion. It'll force him to at least see (although probably never admit) that legal ≠ moral and people think he's disgusting

No. 713147


Greg has never had to deal with normies and 'real life' before. His life was always lived online, he barely even left his house, what happened out there in society didn't matter - and mostly, he didn't matter to them either.

But with his kids going to school now, they HAVE to be involved somehow, and local people involved with them… wow, he's in for a surprise if they find out even just a tiny bit about the things he has done. It isn't just internet haters that don't approve of manipulation and child grooming, Gergles.

If those really are parents at the school replying to that Facebook thread, that is. Part of me worries its just a load of internet haters whipping things up and it hasn't been seen by anyone really local to him. But I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. Imagine it ending up in their local newspaper or some shit, that would really cause a fuss.

No. 713154

We know he's too much of a narc to commit sudoku so he will become one of those criminals who writes to fans from inside their cell and releases books stating"I'm innocent, theres worse than me"

No. 713158

File: 1570026092940.png (1.45 MB, 1130x1388, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 10.2…)

No. 713160

File: 1570026274797.png (1.37 MB, 1198x1366, Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 10.2…)


from 2015

No. 713161

File: 1570026428803.png (56.69 KB, 615x402, screenie.png)

This is from Regina. And idk about American laws but could this be regarded as doxing? Probably not, but it's a shitty thing to do for sure.

No. 713163

File: 1570026620933.jpeg (855.93 KB, 1125x1426, 274CCDEE-5DB3-4146-B21A-F7365D…)

This showed up on the front page of reddit today

No. 713165

File: 1570027396935.jpg (13.41 KB, 194x259, download (78).jpg)

Why does that pic remind me of this…

No. 713166

what about this would constitute as doxing…

No. 713167

so sarah would have been 14? even if shes wearing clothes its still an inappropriate thing to send a 14 year old.

why would it be doxxing?

No. 713170


Hold on there cowboy, the plan was never to murder the sister. They wanted to sedate her so that Paul could rape her. Because Karla used animal tranquilizer (and way too much) they dun goof'd and the sister died. Coincidentally this was their first murder.
However, if you take murders out of the equation you will find that their relationship is very much like Greg and Lainey. A power imbalance since Greg is much older, like Paul, and like Paul a sexual deviant degenerate.
Karla did everything for "her king", Greg has referred to himself as "King" in the past. Karla was Paul's doormat, Lainey is Greg's doormat. And whatever sexual deviancy, whatever depravity, both pretty much go along with it.


The kids have always been involved with their degeneracy. "Oh heres auntie Billie" oops, now shes gone, and yes Daddy also makes out and has sex with her. "Oh theres auntie Sarah" she lives her now and oh now we have sex with her oh and now she's gone and a big meanie. Oh yes your mommy is a mommy and not really, she's non binary oh now she's a dude and also your dad and she's daddy as fuck. Mommy and daddy are big youtubers, oh not now hon mommy and daddy are angry at the internet, heres a nanny. The list goes on and on. Meanwhile Lainey is a doormat, daddy has a sex doll, screams in diapers outside, destroys the wetlands, evades taxes, the list goes on and on.
As much as people always nagged about Lainey being a victim, until very recently when it came to light that she's also scum, the kids are the REAL victims in this. They have two sexual predators for parents who spent the majority of their day behind the internet, spergin' out and scouting for precious underage poon, no one asks for that. For them to be taken away from that nuthouse and their parents to go to prison, the sooner the better, would really be the best for them. Much like the Turpin kids as soon as you take them out of there they will blossom in to somewhat humans. There's a reason Troy is always angry, and its not just autism, at those ages its monkey see monkey do. We only see the tip of the iceberg of their lunacy, but God only knows what goes on there behind closed doors. Imagine being a kid in that, imagine GREG and LAINEY being your biological parents. No, really try to imagine that one. It must be hell. It has to be hell.(Excessive armchairing )

No. 713173


This was already posted here >>712958

No. 713174

File: 1570029532458.jpeg (369.79 KB, 2000x1080, 919963AF-BFD3-4E97-AA61-751E93…)

Greg & Lainey are literally below the poverty line In the USA

No. 713175

Looks like they're gonna need to sell the tesla again lmao

No. 713178

They probably both still make money on their YouTube videos, but the estimate on those earnings varies wildly. (Anywhere from $600-6k per month for greggles)

No. 713180

If this is true how is he that impatient to get another new girl right away? If it’s true it’s a certifiable compulsion at this point.

That doesn’t account for the assets he’s still sitting on and any ad revenue he’s getting from his thousands of videos/leaching off all his copyright strikes or sponsorships that Lainey does. It isn’t great for them but he isn’t as wounded as he looks.

No. 713183

If they were poor, they couldn't afford to buy even used Teslas, iPhone 11's, or even feed their children. They definitely have more income than just Patreon and it's naive to believe they live off of just Patreon.

No. 713184

Pretty sure they’re talking about that Candy Savvy girl. And while she did participate in public conversations about sexual topics on his forum/patreon, there’s no evidence he actually contacted her directly or that she is even still a patron of his.

No. 713185


You forgot to account for the income generated from Gurg's 5 major YouTube channels and Kainey's 2 YouTube channels.

No. 713187

Not to mention them regularly selling their used junk for higher the price and Grugly must be doing side hustles to bring in cash for teen poon because we all know how lazy and useless Kainey is.

No. 713190

Well because their house is paid off, without having to pay rent or mortgage, their expenses would be much less, which would make it possible to afford the latest iPhone on a plan, and the Tesla they’re leasing quite cheaply too, and considering shrug likely writes those things off as a tax expense anyway.

I’m sure he’s doing uber and is claiming the lease payments on tax and almost getting the car for free.

When you take the small bit of YouTube income into consideration, they’re probably just scraping in at the poverty line, nightly slightly above.

Someone on Twitter was mentioning a $600 checkup from YouTube Greg was going on about, so $600 a month is probably a good month for Greg.

Let’s just assume he is making $600 per month off YouTube, after tax that’s $6k extra per year.

So they’d be on $28k per year, a couple grand above poverty.

No. 713194

Lol the Facebook post is gone..

No. 713196


I can still see it

No. 713197

It’s still up. There were about 20 comments deleted though.

No. 713202

maybe bc someone already made an edit >>697054

No. 713205

exactly my thoughts anon, the way he carefully emphasized the "desire" part made it seem like someone extracted the photos from a device, not freely given. Which we know is 100% a lie, I bet sarah could post the text convos surrounding it.

No. 713222

File: 1570034679767.jpg (255.61 KB, 1080x862, 20191002_114346.jpg)

Dont know if this was posted, but it seems like Greg's socks are using site modeling girl's photos(Tinfoil)

No. 713223

You're right, but I personally think he's still hurting since he was apparently broke enough to try and get people to sign up to AT&T so he can earn $50 from a referral. I'm sure he chose to be on a prepaid plan because he's a cheap ass, but how can he afford a tesla when he's begging for $50? Something doesn't make sense with his finances.

No. 713227

Why do you think he’s in such deep shit with the IRS? Because it absolutely doesn’t make sense

No. 713229

Let's not forget his crippling tax debt he owes. Greg is simply following American tradition by living beyond his means. He, hilariously, got rich young, then faced severe financial bleeding a few years later. Because his early adult years were spent by burning through cash he never developed healthy budgeting skills. Neither him nor Lainey seeing how she got with Rich Greg and had a rich family. They go on discount shopping sprees not understanding they just don't need to buy clothes for that week and maybe wash some old ones. Greg might make a living "wage" so to speak, but he lives extravagantly. He's cheap, but because he doesn't know how to budget he has shit priorities. He tries to save a few bucks on energy usage by no heat or cooling, yet buys a new iphone and buys new video gear for his sub par videos, where fans don't know the difference with his lack of talent. The Tesla, despite the "deal" he got is still unnecessary and a huge budget expense. It's like someone who buys a designer car and doesn't buy lattes.

No. 713232

>I really appreciate you guys going the extra mile to get this video shared

No, thank you, Repzion, for dedicating time and probably mental exertion to get these videos done. It's good to have the voice mails cast light on his obsessive personality as well, especially since they highlight that he hasn't changed a bit within the last decade.
I just wished there was another way of censoring words as some parts were really quite difficult to understand.

That's just horrifying to watch…
I don't think Greg's AR15 has been assembled illegally, though, otherwise the police would have confiscated it, right?

>Lainey is crying
because people still see her as a girl (also waiting for any "uncledaddy comments" flooding in),

>Greg is crying

because his plan of chatting up the next girl in the school yard has been destroyed and he's regarded as old kek,

>neither of them is actually crying

because they've been actively destroying their own children's lives.

What a sad world.

No. 713234

why do I have theory that Kai is staying with Gronk only for the hope of top surgery? even if that's stupid bc Gronk is a cunt who would probably never really let him do that

No. 713238

In regards to the wrist band, if the daughter was admitted to the hospital they usually place they young kids in the ob wing and to get in and out of it the parents usually need one of those generic parent wrist bands

No. 713242

Kainey is an idiot because she missed her opportunity to break away from Greg and still make a decent living off her YouTube persona.
There’s no hope for her now.

No. 713243

That's a whole lot of assuming. Who gives a shit!

No. 713246

File: 1570038174027.png (265.21 KB, 1298x747, Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 19.0…)

Grug lost a loooot of patrons - i took this screenshot on the 27th of September and it was 492 and atm he has 408. (the number fluctuates)

No. 713249

And there's no way they can hide from that. Online they can make their accounts private, disable comments and put stuff behind a paywall, but they can't do any of those things in real life. Even if they move to another city or even state, anti os will find out and alert the people from there too lol

No. 713252

That's odd. Maybe Grunk and Foot contacted the group moderators and asked them to delete comments?

No. 713261


Lainey is a woman. And she knows that no other man would want to deal with her baggage. She also knows deep inside that she’s not sexually attracted to women, so what woman would want to pursue a relationship with her when she insists on being a pillow princess and offering nothing in return? Grot is all she has, even if he can’t stand her and abuses her and the kids.

No. 713265

nah. you can get a partner who will care for you pretty well whether you're male or female or whatever. kai seems to have developed a rly bad dependent personality disorder or something similar of sorts, where one cannot see past the situation they are currently in, and grasping onto the person that they have despite how shitty this person can be(Newfag/ whiteknight)

No. 713266

its funny because it seemed like for a long while (Skye, thru Shiloh both times, through Adrienne) he was living like a pauper in that Tacoma house. I remember kinda being impressed that he had the foresight to save considering YouTube was not something you could depend on forever and how that's what I would do if I were him.

It wasn't until Taylor entered the picture that changed. They moved from the Tacoma house into that house that was way to big for them, Teslas, etc.

He should look back at all the money he spent on water (in one of his recent shopping trips to costco, he had two different cases) and other nonsense shit and feel pretty fucking stupid. You should have gotten a water tank you can refill at a grocery store if it was that important to you instead of wasting a million plastic bottles. because you have no one to blame for yourself, sunshine.

No. 713267

>Greg 100% logged into Lainey's accounts and tried to pretend to be her to talk to these girls at some points but anyone unfamiliar with Greg and how he operates (a jury, for instance) would see Lainey.

There are messages clearly stating this, though. Luxy's screenshots had Greg replying from Lainey's phone in them, so in case this would be dealt with in court, Luxy's messages could actually help Lainey.

Anon, I think your comment is incredibly insightful and makes a lot of sense.

Quick reminder of the video in which they play with the giant jenga blocks and Greg tells Lainey that he never thought she was exciting (nor was it love on first sight for him if I remember correctly(?)).
Making her lure in young girls and winding her up in illegal stuff would beat two birds with one stone because that would give him the ulterior motive to run away with any new girl.

I haven't seen this in a while and with a possible upcoming public interest in the Gig Harbor area, people might be interested when googling:

Gregory Avaroe aka James Jackson (Onision) and
Talyor Elaine Avaroe née Anderson aka Lainey Avaroe aka Kai Jackson (Laineybot, CoolGuyKai) of Gig Harbor, Washington

No. 713269

He isn’t claiming anything on taxes that he can’t legally claim. He knows the IRS will automatically audit his upcoming taxes for the next few years. Also, even if he were claiming the car payment on taxes, all that would do is lower the amount he would owe the IRS. They would still have to pay out the car payment monthly.

No. 713270

I think it's more about how irreversibly fucked most of his life is now. Besides everyone hating him and his reputation being ruined, Greg definitely had him sign a pre-nup after everything with Skye. If he left he would only have his family and child support payments, and child support is notoriously low.

What do we expect him to do, get a job? He's useless.

No. 713271


saying he never thought she was exciting is a form of emotional manipulation called negging.

"Negging is an act of emotional manipulation whereby a person makes a deliberate backhanded compliment or other negative comment to another person to undermine their confidence and increase their need of the manipulator's approval. … It is related to gaslighting and, like gaslighting, is designed to increase the subject's vulnerability to manipulation"


And the whole not very exciting thing surely had to do with a third/her not wanting a third.(armchairing )

No. 713276

Thanks for the input, anon, I didn't know this.
The more you know.

No. 713290

first of all, if you absolutely insist on calling kainey "he", at least make it clear who tf youre talking about when you also start talking about greg in the same breath…

secondly, you think any prenup or paperwork gurgles wrote up is legit??? hes too stupid to get things properly notarized and filed, as we've seen with the screenshots of sarahs NDAs with the onions, and his "divorce papers" he made skye sign.

No. 713292

>kai seems to have developed a rly bad dependent personality disorder or something similar of sorts, where one cannot see past the situation they are currently in, and grasping onto the person that they have despite how shitty this person can be

Well, she stayed with her rapist ex for 2 more years after he raped her and the only reason she broke up with him was because her and Grunk started talking, not because the guy is a fucking rapist. Maybe she just likes to date shitty people and be treated like trash by them cause she has a humiliation/degradation fetish, I've had this impression about her for years

No. 713298

How long have they been in financial shambles? I wouldn’t doubt that either of their views (except for laineys) have been declining ever since onision “made it big” in what? 2008? He probably pulled in big yootube bux during that very short lived period of time, obviously enough to buy a house and nice cars. But even when he was divorcing S he was saying that the alimony was going to cost him his whole life. Was he just straight up bullshitting? Or has he been living on the brink between Tesla’s and poverty for a while now? With this big dip in patreon money/video views the past year/month he’s got to be taking a hit at least to his spending habits, because of him and his child brides (not to mention his 2 children) have been subsisiting off of his savings from the glory days how long is that going to last? How much could possibly be left?

No. 713299

What, did you think I responses to a post about Kai by saying Greg would make Greg sign a prenup or?? It takes more effort to remember to call him “she” and I’m not gonna do it just for you chief.

Yes, I do think Greg has had more time to learn from his bogus divorce papers just like he’s learned from his run-in with the IRS.

No. 713300

no, it was just a convoluted sentence jumping from one subject to another.
>It takes more effort to remember to call him “she”
surejan. maybe you just have too much respect for this POS predator.

&sounds like you have a lot of faith in ole JJ, good for you i guess.

No. 713302

You just got heated and derailed the conversation to make it about pronouns. Focusing on the predators at hand is probably more useful, methinks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713305

How the fuck does it take more effort to remember to call Lainey "she"? That's such a dumb excuse for your need to validate a predator's fantasy. Just call it what it is. Admin already said Lainey is a woman, the end.

No. 713306

This rung a bell in my head about Manson - he supposedly had the family members commit the murders so 'everyone got their hands dirty', and he could legally get off the hook more easily.
Basically, the thought process of 'if i go down, so do you', while also being able to maintain innocence because HE didn't kill anyone, they did it.

Lainey is just a pawn in his game of getting that sweet underaged puss.

No. 713307

File: 1570045649335.png (56.56 KB, 593x558, greasytweets.png)

sage because not really milk, but his recent tweets. whats with that "when you got nothing" tweet? is he subtweeting about someone specific, or is he just being fake deep again?

No. 713308

i understood the post very easily. kaineys pronouns are so unimportant compared to the grooming and abuse… anon's post was fine and you're the one shitting up the thread because of pronouns

No. 713309

File: 1570045744957.png (12.21 KB, 592x83, greasytweets2.png)

sorry samefag but couldnt cap this with the rest.
is he gonna try and say his BDSM tweets were him just ~pushing the envelope~?

No. 713313

it's time for another banning spree for retarded reasons!(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 713314

That was actually my only post, someone else replied before. But I'm annoyed by it too. If Plank's snowflake pronouns are so UnImPoRtAnt as you guys always use as your only defense, then why do you continually pick the special ones that she wants? Why do you still feel the need to validate a predator's delusions? These two deserve no amount of respect, and it just causes confusion for those who are new to the situation and weren't raised on Tumblr.

Sorry for sperging, I'm done now but it's just holy shit, I can't believe anyone on here is still doing that.

No. 713315

i actually use she for lainey but thanks for assuming. i'm just annoyed by pronouns nitpicking because at the end of the day it IS unimportant. if the post is understandable, and it was, i don't see the point in sperging abt it. they're pedophiles for fuck's sake who cares about pronouns. we are all united in laughing at the onions.

No. 713316

I can guarantee you that TaylorLaineyKai will go back to female pronouns the second she gets out of the swamp trailer. It’s an abuse and manipulation tactic to defeminize and there’s amble proof of GregOnisionJames using it.

No. 713317

They really aren't unimportant, every time you call her what she wants to be called you're signing off on her bullshit and normalizing it. She gets joy out of seeing that. It probably gives her a sense of belonging. We're anonymous here, there's no need to virtue signal.(still sperging)

No. 713318

His pronouns are so unimportant that I don't sperg when people call him 'she.' His pronouns being that important to you is straight weird tbh.

Insisting on calling him her just allows him and his husband to cry transphobia and invalidate our arguments. Calm down, son.

Some lurkers on twitter went through his twitter and reported his older tweets in retaliation for Regina's banning. From the sound of it, it was mostly his use of retarded that got him in hot water

No. 713319

I would bet he gets more joy out of people arguing about his pronouns (like you guys are now) and calling him 'her' because it means he can say his detractors are just transphobes. It's not that serious.(samefag)

No. 713333

File: 1570050136054.jpg (62.36 KB, 389x709, 2019-10-02_17-01-46.jpg)

Do you remember if he got in trouble with the IRS before or after Luxy? In his messages to Skye he was already in trouble with them during 2012, 2013 and we know a few years ago in maybe 2017 or 2018. I think Grog is still dumb enough to illegally claim things on taxes because he was begging for help in 2012, yet bragging about claiming tax deductibles in his messages to Luxy (November 30, 2016). I also doubt that he would pay an accountant long term.

No. 713334

Most people here use 'her' for kainey, always have and always will. Using 'he ' for both pedo's is a stupid as all fuck considering the shitfest of misinformation doing the rounds on twitter, people unfamiliar with the onionlore are assuming greg sent/requested nudes/groomed minors (I mean he has but that hasn't been proven yet, unlike lame's tits n vag pics and messages) she still calls herself lainey jackson on vimeo and in January signed greg's mental nda as 'taylor'. When the girls got pecs and a penor I will still call her kainey because I'm wierd like that and believe the only pronouns suitable for both of them are pedophim, pedopher and pedonions respectively.(pronoun derailing)

No. 713344

>Insisting on calling him her just allows him and his husband to cry transphobia and invalidate our arguments.
>His pronouns are so unimportant that I don't sperg when people call him 'she.'
Invalidate our arguments? They literally have nothing left to stand on. They're both predators, they lost any argument they ever could've had once they were exposed. People got derailed with this pronoun bs on twitter, it's beyond irrelevant. Lainey can cri transphobia all day it won't make any difference for her.

But you're right, if Lainey wants to be a man, she can go to a men's prison with the other men.(pronoun derailing)

No. 713345

> she can go to a men's prison with the other men.

Oh shit can you imagine if she were told she was gonna go to a mans prison? Lainey is DEFINITELY crying now.

Nah, the whole 'im a dude' thing would be thrown completely out the window at the prospect of going to a mans prison. Guaranteed. 100% no doubt about it

She'll wanna go to a womens prison and hope its like orange is the new black lolol

No. 713346

There's no way they can't be living off of credit at this point. I imagine their savings are next to nothing. He's bled out the ass between the IRS and all the idiot expenditures he's made on a regular basis.

No. 713347

I'm guessing other pedos and predators would support him as well. These scumbags do like to operate in the same circles, after all.

No. 713352

File: 1570054495649.jpg (88.17 KB, 705x1199, EF5pBGCWwAU2GT6.jpg)

That Kelly chick also mentioned there being a "police raid" (number 15) on their home? What? Pretty sure she means welfare check.

These people need to keep it strictly to the facts. There's no need to embellish anything, the unvarnished truth is more than enough to go on.

No. 713355

Is this the same chick who made the Facebook post and claimed to be gOoD fRiEnDs with Eugenia? She doesn't seem all there.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 713356

>I thought the girl was a daughter of his dropping off their brother
Imagine how old he looks irl guys kek

No. 713357

Would Sarah confirm he has a part time job?

No. 713358

Lainey is never going to get top surgery. Clearly she likes her tits enough to flash them at teens, she's never going to go through with cutting them off.

No. 713359


Lainey's "gender dismorphia" is nothing more than LARPing as Shane for Greg to live out his gay fantasy combined with WOKE points for their audience.
Just look at how much Greg uses it to do fake outrage to people he doesn't like "OH YOU ARE TRANSPHOBIC"

No. 713360

Kainey will not get a "top surgery" like actual trans men do, by Grug's admission or not. She doesn't even want testosterone, otherwise she'd do anything to go to a gender therapist for an official diagnosis. Grug wants her to visually defeminize herself (but keep the fun bits) so nobody, who's not a dumb teen girl, would actually want her and convince her that maybe she doesn't have to stay in abusive relationships.

No. 713363

Lol it’s not only looks it’s probably also that he treats her like a child more than an equal partner. I don’t think he’s genuinely respected a single woman in his life and and his infantilization of them is a product of that.

No. 713364

File: 1570058118045.png (1.84 MB, 1349x2093, not a secret.png)

No. 713365

So Lainey didnt want Greg to see these, or just the general public or the other girls she was trying to lure in like Jessica and Cali.

No. 713366

Public, Greg wanted that teen vag so obvs he was on board

No. 713378

So Taylor was texting Sara uwu twin flame fodder on one of her children's birthdays? I shouldnt be surprised but wtf? The sad thing is their father was probably doing the same thing.

No. 713387

I hope she drops more stuff on Grog too. He and Taylor need to be exposed for as long as people have evidence.

No. 713388

If you have to hide something from the public, chances are you know what you’re doing is wrong. Sarah was always going to be a ‘dirty secret’

No. 713391

I don't know why I still get shocked at how deeply disturbing the Onions are, especially since most of this stuff has been speculated. But seeing it all actually play out, and knowing that despite it being one of their children's birthday, they're still playing around with young girls. Fuck, nothing really stops them. There's no semblance of a conscience.

No. 713394

"My kids will have plenty of birthdays to come, teen puss only comes along every so often"

No. 713395

File: 1570065980798.jpeg (93.83 KB, 828x224, 7512DFD6-EA89-4813-A166-BDDCEA…)

1/5/2019 sounded familiar. That’s the day both Lame and Greg spent all day on stream defending themselves against grooming accusations. Poor kid probably didn’t even get a birthday celebration, parents were too busy trying to deflect people finding out about their pedophilia.

No. 713396

So much for "Sarah raped Kai" lmao

No. 713400

File: 1570066809684.png (66.08 KB, 251x344, 5638201.PNG)

Just wanted to bring this up. Have the thread makers been updating the Onision Lolcow Thread Archive >>>/pt/511709
Are we not doing that anymore or is it just an oversight? I appreciated having that as a reference when I needed to find info.

No. 713401

I am still baffled as to how this footfaced,monosyllabic self-involved cow with the personality of lead paint managed to reel in cute bubbly teenage girls.At least Gergenstein had Z grade efame, money, was hugely confident which insecure children often find appealing, & tweaked his ridiculous filters to the point where if you squinted he could sometimes look decent. Foot is a corpse who argues about pronouns & refuses to engage in her streams beyond "Thanks for the likes/money". It's hilarious that Gerg thinks he's such a stud when he ended up with the most generic,plain girl with a chin the size of Texas. Much Manly,very Hugh Hefner,Grugly.(Actually it is, since Hef used to lie there like a starfish while his harem suk mied him off)
Also, her utter neglect of her children while unicorn hunting is maddening.

No. 713402

Can't speak for all, but I think since the threads were slow for a while most forgot (I certainly did). They have been updated a lil recently iirc

No. 713404

Good on sarah for not letting them gloss over it and try to keep her a secret again.

I don’t get the memes she’s sending though. Give throat to who?? Lainey and her “big dick” or is she talking about Greg? Lainey refused to actually date Sarah (legal reasons?) so is she relishing her husband being with Sarah? I would think the idea of sharing Greg with literally anyone would make her blood boil so ???

No. 713405

File: 1570067765523.jpg (1.56 MB, 1300x1978, PedoBot.jpg)

Her video is so blatantly rehearsed. Her skin's so bad (harder to see because it's so low res) it makes her look like a junkie. She's got an airpod in her ear - what/who is she listening to?

What's wrong Lainey, you seem distracted? Preoccupied? Take your nasty, child grooming ass to jail or Sarah will do it for you.

No. 713406

i think lainey very much enjoyed being romantic/close with sarah right up until she realised greg would rather fuck sarah

No. 713409

I think there are 4 or 5 threads missing from the Onision Lolcow Thread Archive.

No. 713410

Of course any good mother would rather talk to a girl she groomed instead of being with her only son on his 5th birthday. Makes me wonder if Grugly was decent enough to spend time with T instead of baiting Sarah.

No. 713412

What a sad, dysfunctional, bleak environment their kids are forced to grow up in. Nice job CPS.

No. 713413

Probably bought him some high-priced electronic junk and ordered a shitty vegan cake & told him to stop complaining. Greg:"Look at all I do for you!Now be quiet while Daddy works!!"
T:"Is that Daddy-Daddy or Mommy-Daddy? I don't know!"(cries)
Greg:"Take some responsibility!"And don't misgender Mommy! I mean Daddy! I mean-STFU! I haven't time for this shit!"
Poor kids.

No. 713414

They're succesful because of the fact that they target teens. 14-17 old girls don't exactly have the best judgement what with their developing brains and all lol

No. 713416

Yes she is. >>713079

No. 713418

File: 1570069587010.jpg (26.05 KB, 560x415, Paper-Bag.jpg)

I remember that photo and Lainey's claim that it was censored when she sent it to Sarah. No adult in their right mind sends an underwear pic of themselves to a 14 year old, censored or not. How this pedophile didn't get in trouble back then is beyond baffling.

If you're gonna censor your pics Lainey, do the world a favor and put a fucking paper bag over your head.

No. 713419

File: 1570069828962.png (13.99 KB, 579x109, 1486533233537.png)

>Lainey's claim that it was censored when she sent it to Sarah
Nah, Lainey said she sent the photo for Sarah to edit, so Sarah probably was the one who put the censor bar there.

No. 713420

She's probably listening to Greg tell her what to say. Would explain the jumpcuts if she's constantly pausing to listen.

No. 713423

File: 1570070340731.jpeg (179.38 KB, 828x637, 21F3C180-40FD-4FE1-A7D0-93FFDC…)

If this is true and he’s using Kik, he’s guilty. That shit is riddled with pedos.

No. 713425

Greg has said he can't see the point in friends (seriously, how fucked is that??),restricts her access to her family, so if Lainey wants any friends or emotional connection with another human being, it HAS to be framed as romantic & it has to be a woman for her master to allow it. Grug would never tolerate a platonic guy pal, much less a male lover for Lainey, so a 'GF' is pretty much her only option.So of course she enjoyed it. What I worry if that Lainey is will use this to escape prosecution. "He isolated me! I had no support! I lost sight of appropriate boundaries!" Cry me a fucken river, Lamo.You & Grug groomed & violated a barely legal teen & threw her away like a soiled napkin.

No. 713426

Oh well that's even better. Didn't they kick Sarah out because of all the heat they were getting from this? And didn't Sarah then try going to the authorities, or am I misremembering?

No. 713427

Kik is actually getting banned and is being removed in a couple of weeks because of the rampant pedophilia. They're gonna move onto telegram. So many predators online use it because "it's encrypted!"

No. 713428

>Grug wants her to defeminize herself so nobody who's not a dumb teen girl would want her
That would follow the pattern of what he did to Sh and then tried to do to B. Lainey is a lost cause. The only hope her kids have at this point is if her parents get custody of them.

No. 713430

I lurked some of the local groups and found some of the posts/comments. Some of the commenters could be random "haters" from the internet, but there has been multiple people saying things like "wow, I see that at such and such park all the time" or "I've seen them out at the grocery before, I had no idea". It's a fairly small town, so I imagine even if only a few moms catch wind, it'll spread like wildfire because it's not only disturbing, but it's juicy gossip about z-list internet "celebs" right here in the heart of their own quiet town.

It's pretty obvious he had lost a lot of patrons after the recent shitstorm. As his numbers plummeted, he was quick to hide how much money his Patreon was making, while that info had been previously public for a very long time. The "jump" in patreons lately is probably just him and his handful of loyal followers making multiple $1 pledges to try to keep things afloat. It's funny cause Lainey's patreon hasn't gotten the same treatment and is still just bleeding patrons slowly.

Lainey isn't going to a men's prison if they do ever arrest her. Legal name change aside, she isn't legally male, hasn't received any kind of treatments to transition, etc.

Yep. Short hair, no makeup, cheap boyish clothing. He tried that shit with Billie too, she stopped wearing makeup and wore nothing but baggy ugly clothes while she was staying with them. And then there was the whole thing where he tried to get her to shave her head to prove her love to them and come back. I feel like Lainey's "transition" is just how she copes with it? Also gets her extra snowflake points and lures in young, insecure girls of course.

No. 713431

Wow so she tried to cover up her pedo ways on stream the same day she was love bombing Sara…and it was her kid's birthday. Incredible. They don't even have to show their kids on camera for us to know their lives are miserable. I can imagine the total dysfunction Sara witnessed in their home.

No. 713434

Is Telegram well known? I've never even heard of it. It shows how dedicated they are to the con that they're shifting on to the more obscure apps.I fully expect Grug is uploading all his shiz to vimeo or wherever in preparation for when his YT channel is deleted. He won't go offline without kicking and screaming for his narc supply.

No. 713438

Grunt and Kunt should just send the kids to live with her parents at this point, so they can go to school in a place where the whole town won’t look at them as “the kids of those child groomers.”

I’m sure all the parents are having a talk with their kids about stay away from Trot’s family. Can’t blame them, I’d do the same but it’s going to make school hell for that kid. At least every eye will be on those kids looking for signs of abuse besides the few who will just bury their heads in the sand.

I’m glad someone is letting people in the community know- with their escalating behavior towards younger and younger targets…it could be a concern.

No. 713443

telegram is huge and is used by a lot of companies especially in the fintech/crypto world.

Didn't repzion say he was going to make a video solely on kai? I'm kinda excited because I have friends who don't know anything about onision, or even '''ecelebs''' and they're hearing about him. I really hope some kind of news or old media picks it up. He's gunna narc rage into oblivion.

No. 713447

Kainey is dykey enough that she’s a perfect match for bicurious or bi teens trying to validate themselves. She looks like a teen boy (in the worst of ways) but a lot of straight and bi girls love butch women.

No. 713450


I was wondering why/how these rumors started and found this vid uploaded last year. Apparently, the Anti Southern Movement channel used to have old Onision videos uploaded to it. Those vids have since been removed from the channel.

Not evidence that it's Grub one way or the other. Just interesting to note.

No. 713452

sorry for being late on this - but where was it said that sarah slept with Onion 4 days after turning 18?
I thought her birthday was in the summertime.
Didn't she say it was mid-January, her first return visit after turning 18 that they slept together the first time?

No. 713458

File: 1570078766591.png (279.07 KB, 1986x1294, is this milk.png)

A Pastebin user has been uploading what they claim to be Onion's Patreon chat logs. IIRC some of these were posted in a previous thread, but there were new uploads today.


Found via a (creepy, IMHO) anti-O YouTube channel. It doesn't seem like they're necessarily the same person uploading the chat logs.


No. 713462

Chaseagainstonision.tumblr.com is probably the source.

But damn I had a feeling all of his patrons were either loners or disabled, I just started with part 9. Seeing that caveman attempt to be human must be inspiring enough to them to throw their money at him.

No. 713464

Wow her eyes have such a disturbing gaze, especially when you see so many stills all at once

No. 713465

Honestly they probably didn't even acknowledge the kids birthday, in hopes that he wouldn't remember or ask about it

No. 713467

That's the stupidest fucking reason to send a pic like that to a minor

No. 713473

I wish I knew what sorts of interactions (if any) she is getting on her patreon right now

No. 713476

File: 1570081930842.png (254.76 KB, 591x1280, tumblr_pkzb4xysbA1u63h4j_1280.…)

Did some digging and found this old gem. Didn't age well. (No pun intended.)

No. 713487

It's the "I'm making this video so my husband doesn't murder me" look. Can you imagine the tension in that house? She couldn't honestly believe that jail would be worse than living with Onision?

No. 713491

gross, they joked about grooming Sarah which turned out to be entirely true I wouldn't be surprised if they both turned out to be full on pedophiles

No. 713492

iirc it was said in blaire's vid on it, but i don't recall any confirmation other than that. sarah didn't even actually say it herself, and it hasn't been mentioned anywhere else that i'm aware of.

No. 713493

File: 1570085526663.png (452.17 KB, 1396x627, Screenshot_2019-10-03 American…)

>You prefer to own this weapon that could end your child's life so easily
>Your family member's life so easily
>Which statistically you're more likely to do when you own a gun
>Whatever your argument is against outlawing guns, know that you are opposing those 90,000 dead children
(Quotes and screenshot from Onionson's "American Gun Violence" vid) (don't know how to mirror)

Who let this mentally balanced, intellectual giant buy guns anyway? If someone could arrest this douche before he turns his gun(s) on his family, that would be swell. Also notice Repzion's vid is first in the recommended. lol

No. 713496

Jesus, this is why you should take what people "joke" about seriously

I was just joking, Officer…

No. 713497

File: 1570086784886.jpg (170.95 KB, 750x625, EESOSOWW4AA3lae.jpg)

Sarah made this timeline.

No. 713498

Yes, it's likely she was looking at a screen (or Greg) with prompts of what to say.

No. 713499

Looking at the stills again, it looks like the expression of someone listening closely, so it's likely Greg was narrating her video, she repeats it on camera, jumpcuts to edit out the pauses. I wonder how her livestreams will go if she has Gregory in her ear the whole time.

No. 713500

one thing to know about telegram is that it's a messenger the prioritizes encryption and secrecy. Edward snowden uses it. Wonder why she would need such a heavy duty messaging app for her patreons. kinda weird, right?

No. 713501

File: 1570088979721.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.04 KB, 991x679, lastimgalive.jpg)

The stills >>713405 instantly made me think Regina Kay Walters, victim of the Truck Stop Killer who took the last picture of her alive before he killed her.

Spoilered cause while not graphic in any nature it is still pretty grim considering the context.

Lainey fails to activate my enoathy though because who gives a fuck about a potato.(derailing)

No. 713502

what is the point of posting something so awful. the girl in this picture is innocent and scared, not a smug pedo worried she'll be caught.

No. 713503

The more Sarah exposes Lainey and her despicable actions, the more such nonsensical posts victimizing Lainey pop out.

Who would do such a thing? Why would they do such a thing? I wish they would get banned.

No. 713504

I thought she said they had sex a few days after she turned 18? This shows Jan 2019 as when they first started having sex

No. 713507

File: 1570093241754.png (98.67 KB, 1196x302, s1.png)


Maybe the Facebook user misremembered/misinterpreted this. 1/2

No. 713509

File: 1570093367962.png (78.86 KB, 1194x342, s2.png)



Thread: Blaire White's video, deleted/unavailable tweet, this response.

No. 713517

I remember her. That's dark anon.
I don't think it's an unfair comparison. It's the atmosphere, the undertone. Lainey sucks and she belongs in jail but I don't want her to be yeeted by her husband. I just thought they were odd moments in the vid until other anons started commenting on it - she does look legit terrified at certain points. It can't all be paranoia over the long arm of the law.

Someone said FBI have bigger fish to fry and that's fair enough I guess, but what other recourse is there besides LE doing welfare checks? How can anyone think that Onision isn't at least capable of the absolute worst after everything that's been revealed about him? How many years of red flags >>712399 before someone in a position to do something about it takes it seriously? At this point, I think the exposure's the only thing keeping him from really going over the edge/keeping him in check. His mask has already slipped several times on sm.

No. 713518

I remember her. That's dark anon.
I don't think it's an unfair comparison. It's the atmosphere, the undertone. Lainey sucks and she belongs in jail but I don't want her to be yeeted by her husband. I just thought they were odd moments in the vid until other anons started commenting on it - she does look legit terrified at certain points. It can't all be paranoia over the long arm of the law.

Someone said FBI have bigger fish to fry and that's fair enough I guess, but what other recourse is there besides LE doing welfare checks? How can anyone think that Onision isn't at least capable of the absolute worst after everything that's been revealed about him? How many years of red flags >>712399 before someone in a position to do something about it takes it seriously? At this point, I think the exposure's the only thing keeping him from really going over the edge/keeping him in check. His mask has already slipped several times on sm.

No. 713524

Go whine about it on her thread, your posts are equally annoying

No. 713543

Nice parents get upset at the prospect of their child's birthday not going well and being spoiled not being just about the child. Then we have the Grease's who were doing frequent liveatreams to downplay grooming accusations on their kids birthday. Iirc Greg was livestreaming video games with his patrons and answering questions from commenter and patrons about Kai's stream. This is when Greg told us all publicaly Sarah had seen Kai naked and bathing when Kai was denying that on YouNow. There was a constant back and forth of contradictions which resulted in Kai quitting the laineybot twitter and YouNow.

Fabulous parents. Wonderful marriage. I for one, am just a jealous hater wishing I could live the Grease lifestyle. Nothing more romantic than marrying a plain slutty teenager at a courthouse and celebrating with a lavish backyard wedding at Dirt River; which I take a luxury dip in my ill fitted rented suit to later rip my spouses purchased wedding dress for a YouTube video. Some day I hope the man I marry ignores the kids he fetishised impregnating me with while having me chat up teen girls on the daily for the lucky chance to suk Greg. Bunch of winners. I can't.

No. 713553

That was beautiful,anon.10/10 Onions chopped. Brought a tear to my eye.

No. 713555

Yeah this is what i thought. I wish people would stop spreading around the “4 days after” thing cause I have no idea where they even got that.
They keep using that at some big talking point in all these posts to local Facebook groups but Greg is just going to use that big inaccuracy against them.

Though based on Sarah’s timeline, they slept with her on her very first visit after turning 18, which is what she means by “first chance you got”.
No doubt if she had visited earlier they wouldn’t have waited that long.

No. 713557


>I have no idea where they even got that

I remember Blaire saying it in her expose video but it's not accurate due to Sarah's timeline

No. 713562

>it would be weird to do it around christmas with the focus being on the kids

Didn't the Maya situation happen around Christmas time? I don't think Grog would care if it was a holiday or not.

No. 713564

File: 1570116767233.jpg (135.59 KB, 565x407, mfw.jpg)


we can only hope the other parents at Trog's school read these as well

No. 713566

They have a girl every Christmas and even make them buy fucking gifts for them. Wasn't it Christmas eve Greg drove to the airport for her then Christmas morning landed a kiss on her without either of them being affectionate or flirtatious towards each other apart from Greg the night before gloating her pants must be soaked by sitting beside the most honest YouTuber.

Christmas and the kids birthdays are just background events for the chasing that sweet teen puss

No. 713576

I remember thinking the EXACT same thing around the Maya events.
It's crazy to be that selfish that you think more about your genitals than your own children at Christmas time.

I could see them telling Troy that Billie/other random girls are just there to 'make videos for daddy's work' but how on earth do you explain a young girl there who they've never had around before ever, spending the Christmas there?
There's so many people who aren't really Christmas people or don't really celebrate it to a large degree, but even those people are polite enough to not make plans or ring people on that day. Most people understand that it's usually a day reserved for family.

Imagine being their child on Christmas day and having to play with your toys alone because your parents are too invested in a teenager, carrying her around and texting to each other room to room like children. Then probably disappearing to 'make love'.

Another disturbing thing is that Maya resembled Billie a lot with the coloured hair and her awkward mannerisms. So to their kid, it would be a very strange recurring theme of your parents bringing coloured hair teenage babysitter types and not understanding why they are sent away and don't come back.

I don't mean to pearl clutch but I'm truly flabbergasted that anyone finds this behaviour okay to display in front of a kid.
Greg and Lainey don't ever bother to put themselves into their kid's shoes and see how confusing this whole thing must be to them.
They never think of consequences or reality either. Pure example of this shit is Greg trying to tell Billie and Luxy that he would be okay if they also had children to him.
He fails to see how on earth adding another trinity member's child to the mix would be damaging or difficult especially given the fact they can't even have a normal relationship with these girls WITHOUT kids in the picture.

Like in what universe would it ever work?

No. 713580

File: 1570119767458.jpeg (108.39 KB, 1327x686, 4D888677-4EC6-4EDC-8618-B55DE7…)

I’m a little surprised James Jackson’s latest 15-year-old target is a Latina, considering he rates Mexicans and “Portoricans” 4/10 and Mexican Americans 5/10. Guess it’s slim pickings when you’re exposed to the world as a predator. As long as she’s not a 1/10 black, right, James?

No. 713581

That's because neither of them wanted kids and neither of them cares about or wants to spend time on them.

Greg only got Lainey pregnant because it's been his major fetish and it's a way to tie down girls to stop them from running away from him.

Lainey got pregnant a second time, with their girl, because she was afraid Greg might run away with Billie, which, in the end, he would have done anyway. She used her baby girl as a bandaid to save a marriage that's never worked in the first place.

No. 713586

They clearly don’t care about the parade of strangers coming through their house and its effect on their family. Greg wants young girls and Lainey isn’t going to say no to him ever. The fact that they flew in a new girl for Christmas which is a very intimate time even if you’re not celebrating it in a religious way is telling enough.

Not to truecrimefag but seems like the couple Greg and Lainey are most close to is Nathan Matthews and Shauna Hoare. They would also joke about finding a kid to take like this and ended up trying to use Nathan’s 16 year old step-sister as a sex object. Nathan also began a relationship with Shauna when she was a minor and he was in his 20’s. I don’t think Greg is ever going to escalate to killing someone but the dysfunctional dynamics with that couple seem like a strong parallel.

I think he’s more dangerous when his options are thin. That’s why I think he went for Sarah in the first place. Lainey was trying to put off having a girlfriend without directly saying no by saying all girls are evil/untrustworthy but Sarah was the only person he could point to say she’s someone you get along with and is a “safe” option.

Sarah and her friend seem to be posting a lot on twitter about domestic abuse victims having trouble getting away from their abusers and not to add to the abuse by telling them to leave their abusers…are they talking about Lainey? I know sarah originally had a lot of sympathy for Lainey because she grew up with her/loved her/knows she’s also being abused by Greg but I thought she wasn’t sympathetic once she realized Lainey totally fucked her over for Greg.

No. 713589

Nah i think they both knew the eventual plan for Sarah or why would they bother flying her over? Plus lainey was always flirting with her. I wouldn't be surprised if Gerg tried to introduce her into the relationship when she was 16.

No. 713590

Oh I know the reasoning, I am just in awe that someone is that selfish. Blows my mind.
His whole attitude towards having kids is narcissistic and fetishy anyway.
In a video he said he hates kids but his own are okay because 'you can see a bit of yourself in them'
Instead of seeing them as their own person, they are just products of him. Everything is about him.
And then all his creeper talk in videos about 'spreading his seed' and his 'biological programming'.
He talks like those creeps who wanna fuck 13 year olds because it's the way nature made them.
Fucking disgusting.

And then apart from those two things, his default mood towards his children is indifferent or like they are a hindrance.
Like Sarah said, the dogs are fed and watered, but not played with and left to their own devices.
I imagine the kids are the same.
Probably left in a room to play with toys. Wouldn't be surprised if they locked the door too. I remember Greg bitching about Lainey in a stream about closing the doors and she tried to subtly blame it on the kid without letting on that she was talking about the kid.

Still fucking gross that they do this shit around them. Like if you hate your children that much at least use the money to send them to a fucking daycare. Instead they use money to fly over a prospective fucktoy and use said fucktoy to also nanny their kids. Then they have the audacity to call whoever they fly out 'scummy liars' or complain about their loose morals, drug use or mental illness.
If you think these people are so terrible, why are you allowing them to be around your children and in some cases care for them?

No. 713598


me too. it took me forever to find this thread a few days ago and i checked on there but didn't find the last few threads listed. I hope whoever has admin privileges on there updates

No. 713606

They really should be called out more for that. We know Sarah bonded with their kids and so did presumably Billie and Ayalla. Each time there was a blowup it was about what dangerous druggy criminals and liars the girls were but they allowed them around their kids. If they were so unsafe and bad why was their judgment so horrible on multiple occasions? How are they not being blasted for shitty parenting? They’re obviously fucking retarded. If Onion can use his kids as leverage to guilt people he should also be called out for the irresponsible actions of bringing them around these oh so bad people all the time.

No. 713608

Just like how Gregory James tried to make Sam a villain for brushing away his kid's hand.

He painted the picture like she slapped his kid or something yet he's the one who left her alone with his child, and not only that but has to ASK Lainey what to do about it. I can't recall if he said Lainey saw it or he told Lainey but either way he spoke of discussing it first before they decided to send her off.

Why would you need to discuss this?
If you really thought it was harmful, why the fuck would you need to talk about it? It was like he was going to ask Lainey one more time if she'd go there with Sam and then once she was like nah, he burned the bridge with kerosene. He can't just be friends with a female.
There either has to be sex or they have to be an enemy.

No. 713610


>Billie and Ayallah were unstable lying drug users

>Sarah mentally unstable liar
>Sam hit his kid and gasped
>Madison is a cheater and unstable
>Maya was unstable with brain damage

Yet all of these dangerous people were allowed to spend hours or more unattended with their kids.
God he's an idiot.

No. 713613

this is a really excellent point. all the potential trinity members are good enough to be around the kids until he dumps them or they run away, at which point they become criminal scum.

No. 713620

They're scrummy parents which is why they hide their kids. Greg couldn't handle his dad having a gf and separate family, yet his kids are used as tools for his teenage nannies to feel guilt over for not staying around. Onion would be totally ok in the future with a TroySpeaks channel in which Troy vlogs about his unstable home life. "My dad ignored my siblings for a fuck doll and teenagers. I never knew my other parents gender or title or correct name, I think it was my mom… Women with coloured hair give me mom vibes is that weird?" Etc.

Like if Greg was his own dad he'd never stop victimising himself over his shitty upbringing.

He preaches to everyone else about morals and family and loyalty, but he's a selfish cunt in regards to his own kids. their entire lives so far have been overshadowed by Greg's YouTube fame and the kicker is he hasn't used any of his unwarranted earnings to give his kids experiences he wished he had. Same to Kai I bet she grew up spoilt. Theyre giving their kids a worse start to life than they each had and now Troy is at school and his family are getting outed as a bunch of fucking weirdos.

No. 713624

I dont think its okay that people are involving Troys school, the poor kid is gonna be treated like a freak and an outcast because of his gross parents and it will not do anything other than ruin the poor kids social life

No. 713627


It's public knowledge at this point. I don't see people directly involving the school, just parents who happen to have seen on Facebook who these people really are. Troy will have a hard life because he has shitty parents who put their sexual needs before their children and post their degeneracy all over Youtube.

No. 713628

It is necessary that every school the onion kids go to know that their parents are predators.
Those kids definitely will get bullied as soon as other kid's parents are warning them to stay away from them.
But, it could definitely help getting Trot and Clot taken away so they can restart and live a happy life.
It's gonna suck now, but it will be just a nebulous memory in the future.

No. 713629

It was always going to happen, anon. It's also only going to get worse as their kids get older because both of their parents' are pedo youtubers where anyone and everyone can access their videos, including bullies. Grog doesn't give a single damn about putting his children in the positions that he has. Taylor probably had the fear at one point but clearly doesn't now.

No. 713630

Like.. i get what you guys are going for, these sick fucks shouldnt have kids at all And yes they SHOULD be taken away to Kaineys parents, this hasnt happend yet even when the CPS have come around a few times, some random Karen/s on fb isnt gonna get gregma locked up just like that… its a reach to say the least, all its gonna do is make existance more misrable for these kids.

No. 713631

Blame their parents.

No. 713632

Yeah no shit but when anons are cowtipping parents on behalf of “justice” or something they are partly to blame.

No. 713634


Maybe it does need to escalate before the cops finally step in.

No. 713635


Cops are already involved.

No. 713636

weren't some of the people posting just twitterfags or locals and not necessarily cows? it's people figuring it out not that they're forced out in irl public bc kids in school

No. 713639


Bout time.

No. 713640

I've been saying the same thing for years. He keeps inviting complete strangers to his house without caring about his kids safety. Someday he's gonna invite someone really unstable like that creepy Billie skinwalker for example and I can totally see it ending up with a big tragedy

No. 713641

File: 1570131463980.jpeg (571.27 KB, 1242x1699, 42C0DDE4-2587-4C41-A3AC-839D6B…)

Jeez, imagine the feeling of dread they have right now! Reap what you sow, Greg.

No. 713644

Does anyone still have access to his twitter and his private twitter for patreons? I wonder if there's any kind of reaction been posted.
Or is it just the same old
*- My life is awesome, let's be happy!
- Kneel down before me… and I… your master… shall hurt you.
- I'm a horrible person but I'll do better! I promise!
- You're all horrible people… the internet is a disgusting thing… I hope you'll die…!*

No. 713645

Is it even anons here cowtipping, or did local normies find this out bc it's becoming widespread? Imo parents have a right to know. Regardless of the age gurg goes for, he and footwife are predators. Parents have a right to know if a predator is coming into a school where their children are.

It sucks for trot and clot that they will suffer for their parents behavior but that's life. maybe if enough ~concerned moms~ are watching out, something will be done if there is ever actual child abuse happening. No one is looking at these children like they're the perverts, just their parents.

No. 713650

I don’t know who this Kelly person is but I don’t think they’re a farmer. Who knows how she got tipped off but to everyone who wanted to see justice - we may soon.

People who live in their city are aware and that’s more than Sarah could ever do because it’s not all online. Maybe she’ll help with the rest of the investigation but for now I think the fact that it’s in their own backyard is going to have them running scared.

No. 713651


I theorize it might be pedo hunters who picked up on the story via Chris Hansen (where he was mentioned once, no idea why Chris hasn't picked it up further)

No. 713654

>that’s more than Sarah could ever do

Many people contributed to this but Sarah was the first to speak up. Without her, none of this would have happened. Greg's exes joined in and revealed how he abused them, Repzion and other youtubers helped reaching a wider audience.
People outside of youtube learned about the situation and inform and warn each other now.

It's incredibly ironic how Greg said a couple of weeks / months ago that you should spread awareness if there's a predator in your area.

We all feel sorry for his kids, believe me, that's why we usually don't use their real names here, we try to keep them out of this tragedy. They don't deserve the situation they're in, and neither have they ever deserved to be brought up by the white trash parents that Greg and Lainey are.
But it's not the internet's fault and it's not the citizen's fault that the kinds are in such a bad place, it's Lainey and Greg's fault.

No. 713657

lbr i'm sure it's a mix of people from different sites who have chosen to cowtip for the greater good or some bs. frankly, once normies learned about greg and lainey's gross habits it was only a matter of time.

No. 713658

Lolcow isn't the Onion vigilante team and we can't moderate how people use twitter and other social media and I doubt the parents posting on fb even know Wtf lolcow is. End of the day it's Greg to blame for any negative attention brought to his family, he can get fucked

No. 713660

File: 1570134895301.jpg (232.6 KB, 1080x1342, Screenshot_20191003_223124.jpg)


Says the bully

No. 713661

Speaking of fb, they're trying to get Fox news involved.

No. 713663

It will affect their kids, lots of parents are retaded and see kids as their parents and judge the kids for it or will alienate them, but whatever, i spoke my piece

No. 713664

Doublepost since I can't delete my post.

Thank you for the update, anon! So he still tries to ignore it.

No. 713665

This is probably one of the closer "truecrimefag" comparisons, tbh. Nathan is unusually greasy and Shauna is an absolute footface too.

Honestly it looks like twitterfags who took to fb, and it spread to the locals who have now starting a small village mob online. I haven't really seen anyone out themselves for cowtipping here and the OPs on fb give no indication they have anything to do with lolcow. It's unsurprising that a bunch of bored moms in the middle of nowhere washington would get worked up about a pedo couple living in their backyard.

I think some anons have a difficult time comprehending that there are other sites that do similar to what lolcow does, there's also vast youtube coverage lately, twitter, etc. Lolcow is unlikely the main source, non-farmers can stumble on this shit almost anywhere now.

No. 713667


Yeah, and who's fault is that?
If the parents do something that;s illegal, they're gonna get caught. It really doesn't matter if its Peter telling the cops what they did, or Jack.
Greg and Lainey are at fault, they're the assholes. If they hadn't been grooming kids, they wouldn't be caught with their pants down.
We can only hope the kids get spared as much as possible, but that's all we can hope for really.

No. 713669

poor hitler will never be as bad as those bully jews

No. 713679

considering this situation, i wonder why Kainey hasnt considered homeschooling their children? this flaw in the american system is a perfect opportunity for fucked up parents like her to shelter and cocoon their children

No. 713683



HAHA You think Greg is going to want kids 24/7 in the house, you haven't really been paying attention

He refers to children in his skits as "the BURDEN of a child"


No. 713687

File: 1570136856109.jpg (156.87 KB, 1080x1336, EF-spyIXYAA95BG.jpg)

No. 713690


Said the pot bellied old git with the microscopic penis.

No. 713692

doesnt this troll of an onion not even go down on his wife?

No. 713693

he probably means this regarding HIS sexual partners and it conveniently doesn't apply to him - ie they're better in bed if THEY satisfy HIM

No. 713694


Well, I reckon sucking on his tiny dinky is a lot like sucking on a clit. Plus he looks and acts like a girl, maybe there are lesbians desperate enough?

No. 713696

I think he’s implying having sex with him is like having sex with a woman because he has no “male components”.
Lainey’s face when you’ve begged to be in a gay relationship and you end up stuck in a lesbian relationship.

No. 713697

'Female stimulation does not require male components'.

Lol wot. does he mean a dick? He must be absolutely terrible in bed if he truly believes that vaginal intercourse is not stimulating for women in its own unique right.

There's a reason even lesbians will use strap ons and dilds sometimes Gerg. If your partners are not pleasured by your baby carrot, then that's definitely a 'you' thing. It's a problem with you, not an attribute of all women.

No. 713699

9/10 times what he says or tweets is nonsense word salad but this could have been triggered by Sarah’s friend outting him as a bad lay. No ones surprised because no one as selfish as he is could be considerate enough to to be decent but yeah it’s more likely just to be fake deep nonsense. He needs something to tweet about that isn’t about the grooming so might as well be this.

No. 713701


See, the thing is, even dudes with baby carrots can figure out how to please their partners even if that involves using other body parts or techniques. Greg is fine just chalking it up to the futility of his “male components” while hammering away uselessly or rolling over and demanding a “suck me”. I’d feel bad for Lainey if she didn’t deserve a terrible sex life.

No. 713708


Oh no not knocking guys with small-side dicks, as long as theyre even just a slight bit present with their partner during sex they have nothing to worry about in that regard of course.

Just knocking Gregs baby carrot because he obviously has zero idea how to use it, or how to pleasure someone in general.

Imagine being so bad in bed that you genuinely think that no women can ever be fully satisfied by anyone with 'male components'. Like every single woman he's ever slept with has been left so consistently unsatisfied, and he just thinks 'Oh well it must be a problem with all male-female pairings, nothing to do with specifically me being particularly bad at all!'.

No. 713709


Lainey's clit is bigger than Greg's tiny winky, thats why she's the man in their relationship.
Well, at least sexually. Greg is the abusive, nagging, crying wife constantly guilt tripping her.

No. 713710

>Lainey's clit is bigger than Greg's tiny winky, thats why she's the man in their relationship.

No. 713711


Greg is always talking about shit he knows nothing about.
Like right now, the female orgasm.
I give him more of a chance to quest for the Holy Grail and find it than to ever give a woman an orgasm.

No. 713713


There may be some anons getting in on things but one of the first FB moms posting was doing it because her own 13-14 year old daughter has been negatively influenced by Greg. She’s kept most details to herself but one of the things mentioned was body image/eating disorders. Considering it’s her own child, I don’t blame her for going balls to the wall trying to get someone to listen

No. 713714


Lets face it:
There isn't exactly a shortage of people hating Greg.

No. 713715

Probably because she's too fucking lazy and is crying 24/7 so she doesn't have the time to do that

No. 713717

Anon put yourself in the other parents' place. Would you want to know if your kid was going to school with the kids of Gregma and HomolKai, or similar predators? It's important so the other parents know NOT to let their kids go to their house. I'm sure everyone will be sympathetic to the actual children themselves.

God it really really sucks that Greg and (at this point even HomolKai) hasn't given a flying FUCK how his internet spergery is going to affect the kids. Those poor babies

No. 713718


Eurgh too right, and looking at how she is now is sickening. Her childhood seemed so privileged, and she seemed to be quite smart at one point. Atheletic, doing gymnastics, at least somewhat sociable and not-lazy. Imagine how much different she and her life may have turned out if she hadn't have met Greg and been under that influence from such a young age. Her arguably key years were all him rubbing off on her.

It's such a goddamn fucking waste. Even if she can leave and turn herself around, it's going to be a really fucking hard task for her and could take years to get on any sort of track with her life.

Shit could have been so easy and pleasant for her. She could have been decent, good education, good worker with a neat little job, normal person rather than a fucked up, lazy, insecure, emotionally stunted pedo accomplice

Lainey is not a victim anymore perhaps, but Greg is a genuinely damaging human being. He has wasted the life of another human being.

No. 713719

Shes only 24 she can totally get her life on track if she leaves him(she wont though)

No. 713720


She will be a washed up somewhat youtube celeb who is on the sex offender list who has two kids with an even bigger washed up somewhat youtube celeb who the world over hates. Both her and him. Oh and with gender issues, a cold sore and herpes.
Yeah, she can get her life back on track. I predict food stamps in her near future. I'd say combined with a career in stripping, but it will have to be in a dimly lit shadier establishment since she hasn't got what it takes to be a top joint stripper.
Either that, or camwhoring.

No. 713721

TBF that'd be better then where she is now, you can get a decent part-time job and get food stamps, I doubt she'll do anything but stay with onion, but I'd take a stripper on foodstamps then a pedo loser on youtube.

No. 713727

File: 1570141351756.jpeg (92.81 KB, 640x580, BD3B4C8B-E9B3-4EBA-A158-B53EAE…)

I believe that person on Facebook is this Twitter user since they have the same picture. Seems like a regular anti-O Twitter account.

No. 713729


Would her parents help her if she left? I think I skim read a post about her parents being useless or having washed their hands of her or something, but I might be remembering wrongly. I remember her parents being quite successful, but very much against her marriage to grug

No. 713730


Ah, there will always be some sad pathetic middle-aged pedophile ready to put a roof over her head so she can talk about her many genders on younow all day and keep the house nice and rancid.
As a matter a fact she might find one of those in the halfway house for sex offender, on second thought Greg's spawn won't hold her back either since they don't allow sex offenders to see their kids.

No. 713731


yeah but she doesn't want that, since then she will need to lift a hand in the house hold and find a job.

No. 713732

What is he fucking on about now because lesbians can't use a penis they can't mutually get each other off at once? Why is everything a goddamn transaction in his mind. I don't understand what he is trying to say

No. 713734

File: 1570141775423.jpg (91.94 KB, 567x966, EF_ImaDWwAA64no.jpg)

seems she used to be a fan. not that opinions cant change

No. 713736

Ah the good old, "the abused would've went to the police"

a classic

No. 713738

“Female lesbians” as opposed to…. those damned male lesbians? Gotta be inclusive of your genderfucked spouse right?

No. 713739


he means that because lesbians don't have a penis, they can focus more on their partners pleasure during sex, because they are not focused on their own penis.

As if having a penis and the possibility of penetrative sex with said penis means you inherently can't care about your partners pleasure and experience alongside your own. Because all guys are too focused on their own penis.

As if that's an inherent and unavoidable problem for all people who have a penis, and not just his own fucking selfishness issue.

He is bad in bed… because he has a penis. All men would be the same. All men would be as bad as him because of having a penis they can't help but put sole focus on… or WORSE, of course.

No. 713740

>Greg is a genuinely damaging human being. He has wasted the life of another human being.
And the best part of it all is, he doesn't give a shit.
I agree with this >>713355
She acts like she's going to single handedly take them down when she's already fucked up key details. She needs to take seat.

No. 713741

>He can't just be friends with a female. There either has to be sex or they have to be an enemy.
Wasn't the last non-sexual friend Lainey ever had a nanny of theirs? Selena? There was nothing between her and Grub, as far as we know anyway.

No. 713742


I would be willing to bet that's only either because he knew Selena would have noped out, or Greg was still honeymoon-phasing/lovebombing/romancing/moulding (whatever) Lainey at the time since their relationship was quite new, and didn't dare make a move on Selena incase it ruined that. Or a combination of both.

Selena wasn't a fan of his, she was Laineys high school friend before Lainey even knew Greg. She likely didn't have some kind of hero worship going on for him, so wouldve been harder to lure, and at that time they weren't 'poly' anyway.

I bet he would have tried something, given half the chance and the ok from Lainey.

No. 713744


I mean lol at the greg bashing, but don't fuck up the thread with bad womens anatomy. It makes us all look bad.

Google how hymens work and you will learn something new today.

No. 713745

brava, anon, i kekked aloud

No. 713746

File: 1570143500103.jpg (442.33 KB, 844x1049, Runnin.jpg)

Sarah's friend Dylan was dragging Greb all day yesterday.

Props to Dylan for the meme.(off-topic)

No. 713747

File: 1570143537963.jpg (75.67 KB, 354x675, 2019-10-03_18-57-35.jpg)

I'm guessing Onion has been reporting the girls. Regina got suspended for a while.

No. 713748

Regina has been suspended three times.

No. 713752

Sincerely hoping Patreon, YouTube and Twitter get fucking rekt for allowing this predator to stay on their platforms. The last two especially are in for a nice wake up call when more angry parents pick up on this story.

No. 713754

That second paragraph belongs framed and hanged on their wall where they can see it whenever they think of the inTerNet haTurz.
>Greg told Billie and Luxy he would be okay if they also had children by him.
First time hearing that. He said he'd be ok with either of them having his kid? Disgusting if true. Thank god no one's been stupid enough to reproduce with him but Lamey.

No. 713755

Remember that one time Greg and Lainey were trying shots and he told her one tasted like her pussy and she said "its that sour??". Maybe that's the real reason he won't go down on her.

No. 713756

There was also that video with Lainey in her underwear and you could see discharge.

No. 713758


It's more likely now on youtube than it was the last time there was a big fuss about Gregs grooming, if someone could get youtubes attention over it. They're going all straight because of advertiserrs and shit, so who knows.

No. 713759


ew. she truly is repugnant.

No. 713761

File: 1570145226032.png (1.53 MB, 1661x1197, Adudandtwomoms.png)

I only remember him hinting about making Luxy a mom.

No. 713762

That's just it. Twitter suspends Regina for literally nothing >>713747 "stop existing"? YouTube demonetizes and censors the most trivial shit, like reporting the news or having controversial dialogues (freeze peach), but it's allowed a man who's well known for being a predator to stay there for how many years? There's no way YT doesn't know what's going on after so many on twitter getting their attention, several youtuber's making vids, etc.

These corporations are pure cancer. What they do, like vultures, is take situations like these and use them to punish people who have nothing to do with the situation, or even better, penalize anyone who addresses it. That's what they do. All the while, the CEOs count their billions at whose expense?

No. 713785

With how obsessed he is with cleanliness I wouldn't be surprised if Lainey was constantly at battle with a raging yeast beast.

We need that dude who caused the adpocalypse over the creepy pedo gymnastic child warphole glitch or whatever it was to come do round 2 on the Greasy Bunch, or at least someone similar to specifically target the advertisers. Do those advertisers really want to do business with Youtube when they allow a predator and his predator prodigy to utilise their platform to find and groom victims? Unfortunately there'd be collateral damage with other completely unrelated youtubers taking a hit to their income.

No. 713787

He wasn't as forward as he was with Luxy but he constantly said in videos about how he'd step up and be a father and wouldn't make Billie kill her unborn child in reference to the abortion.

No. 713788

Vegan diets are okay for children of all ages, HOWEVER< considering we've seen how shitty their diets are I can't imagine they're planning a well-balanced vegan or even vegetarian diet for their children. I wouldn't be shocked if they weren't properly nourished but I doubt this is why she was in the hospital. Could have been anything from an ear infection to a rash. In the US the ER is the catch-all for shitty parents and their kids.

No. 713789

Dear god. James is obviously one of those assholes who think Clitoris is a small island in Greece. No wonder Kai is looking outside the marriage.If she wasn't grooming children I might feel sorry for her
Chrissakes, Greg, buy a copy of the Joy of Sex. His mind will explode when he finds out women can orgasm multiple times in quick succession.

No. 713790


Agreed. And Billie (I also believe Shiloh said this in a blog post and Adrienne in her long email) said that Greg tries to learn deep, personal secrets about you so that he can hang it over people's heads as a form of blackmail/manipulation. I'm sure he also gets off on the control/power aspect of knowing something vulnerable about the object of his baby carrot's affections.

No. 713792

File: 1570149492225.webm (3.15 MB, 1280x720, women dont have Gspots.webm)

I doubt women can have multiple orgasms. Women dont even have Gspots.

No. 713793


why on earth, with everything happening (victim's stepping forward, her deciding what action to take moving forward) and her escaping the onion swamp mansion, would you think answering questions about grugly's part time uber job is important or appropriate to ask her? lmfao

No. 713794

She answered questions about the sex doll. Even went into detail what its used for and stored. So I guess that makes your statement sort of ignorant lmfao

No. 713795


..ok but who asks a 14 year old girl to edit their nude pictures? i mean the argument still stands.

No. 713796

Someone should ask her if onionboi/lamey asked her to check online forums and report back to them. Because you know how both of them are always like " we never check those nasty places, h8ers h8" and yet somehow they were always well informed? I know it was obvious that Sarah was checking them and reporting to them, but was she doing that on her own or were the onions telling her to do so

No. 713797

Oh god, his sexual ignorance is even WORSE than I feared.
Frankly I'm surprised he lets Lainey use birth control & not jump up and down during a full moon.Seems like something Crazy Tami would do.

No. 713799

Regina said she and someone else (I forget who, one of Lame's underage bitches) were told to look at hate sites/blogs and 'report back'.

No. 713800

Ive seen her say multiple times on her YouNow streams/Patreon videos that early in her marriage to Onision that was a big part of her daily ritual. Wake up and look through tumblr about her and Greg. She said now that shes an "adult" she doesn't do that anymore but she lies so much Im sure she still lurks any site that shit talks either of them and it only worsens her "anxiety"

No. 713803


Eh, Fox News is pretty cancerous, but I suppose both sides of the political spectrum will be put off by child grooming, regardless on if you’re conservative or liberal.


Actually there was an old Facebook post where Greg claimed he fucked Selena. I’m pretty sure he deleted it, but the screenshot has been in past threads before.

No. 713804

Right. I was referring to the fact anons were saying she wasn’t able to do anything because it’s all online. You’re right it is thanks to her that we’re getting all this information now.

Greg is getting more unhinged every day.

No. 713808


Either shitty bait, or you’re one sad dude. Or it’s Jimmy. Hi Grease!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 713810

Sorry, I forgot to include the Sarcasm Alert that some of our slower anons require. Did you even watch the video?

No. 713811

I wonder if Mercedes will say something one day. Greg for sure tried to push that relationship happening, back when Lainey had a crush on her and Mercedes let her down and Grug talked to her when he made his stupid tour in Los Angeles so they became friends again.

I wonder if they make her uncomfortable with all those baity thumbnails and romantic photos since she never come back after that.

No. 713820

File: 1570154636696.jpeg (667.29 KB, 1040x1037, BDAE02E3-BC8C-4722-9F14-949182…)

I hope she does come forward to share her experience. I don’t think they fucked her over like the other girls but I would bet they or Greg at least tried to get her into a sexual relationship. Isn’t she straight though? This was pre-Lainey’s switch the being a boy so Mercedes could have just claimed she was only into men and not had to be a part of it.

Attached comments from a video they did looking through the comments left on their “we’re dating” fake video. Yikes sad how the comments still hold true.

No. 713824

Wasn't Sarah supposed to lurk lolcow and report back because Kainey can't bear to look at criticism?
Greg, just because you have never made a woman (or retarded fakeboi) orgasm in your entire 20 years of sexual activity, it's only on you. Kek.

No. 713825

>creepy pedo gymnastic child warphole glitch
I'm sorry, what? Azealia Banks ghostwrote this lmao

yeah I'll take any mainstream news channel reporting on this shit, even Fox. If one covers it, the others will be way more likely to as well. and anyway millions of people watch Fox and it'd really be a hit to James and Kai to have the "real world" openly hate them. Greg can't write it off as "internet drama" if his+Kai's ugly mugs get plastered on people's morning news with the words "CHILD PREDATORS" underneath

No. 713828

>there'd be collateral damage with other completely unrelated youtubers taking a hit to their income.

Another adpocalypse won't solve the problem. The little tyrants running these platforms have already used that as an excuse to censor content simply for not toeing the corporate line.

Completely innocent people get fucked over while the ones in charge - whoever owns YouTube owns Google - sees no consequences. These bloodsuckers in high places should be held accountable too. They know they're not innocent players either, or else they wouldn't constantly be trying to scapegoat and finger point. The billionaire owners shouldn't be allowed to walk away from this unscathed, again.

No. 713832

It was a correction to the statement that was originally, not a rebuttal. The fact that Lainey sent a picture like this to a 14 year old girl, who had a huge crush on her, to “edit” (meaning the censor bar wasn’t there when it was sent) is even creepier.

No. 713833

>As long as she’s not a 1/10 black, right, James?
Just wait. When his daughter's old enough to start dating she'll go exclusively for black guys. Poetic justice.

No. 713839

It's pretty revolting how he sat there for what, over an hour, trying to convince (manipulate) her into accepting what he wanted. I hope when Jimmy ends up in prison, Big Bubba will ignore his no's just like he ignored everyone else's.

No. 713843


Ugh, that guy deserves a thread. If he still has goodwill amongst normies, though, he could no doubt whip up a frenzy over the Avarhoes.

No. 713844

File: 1570157033460.jpeg (596.49 KB, 1125x1497, 7D5D2F20-95B7-4A21-B6C3-C66A43…)


No. 713850

>a flaw in the american system
Are you saying that making allowances for homeschooling = a flaw in the system? lol anon. Aren't Pedobot and her husband products of the public school system? Though I agree the system itself (status quo) is dying, and it's largely run by public school grads.

No. 713858

The Onion memes in those two threads are hilarious.

No. 713859

Nothing will frustrate me more how everytime this is brought up its completely ignored in the thread, not even a "already discussed, it's probably fake" comment.
There was even a second screenshot by a different person of the comment I believe too. At this point I wouldn't be surprised if he had and Lainey was cucked way before we suspected.
The way it's an actively avoided topic is weird tho

No. 713860

>Lainey got pregnant a second time, with their girl, because she was afraid Greg might run away with Billie, which, in the end, he would have done anyway.

Here's what I don't get. Thanks to several outed convos we now know the Onion's have been desperately trying to escape each other for many years using different girls as the catalyst. If they're so desperate to get away from each other, why don't they just divorce? Are they both so weak, pathetic and dependent that they're incapable of living alone? They're so pathological in their denial of reality that they can't be honest about the fact the only reason they're together is they see no other viable, "better" alternatives, not because they actually want to stay together. A sham marriage if there ever was one. And they have to fuck up their kids lives on top of it.

Two damaged, over grown children - one who's certifiably psychotic - running around trying to damage other people. That's the legacy they're going to leave.

No. 713861

not the same anon but i think they mean that homeschooling can be used to shelter kids, cut them off from peers & other adult influences etc for the sake of keeping their own wrongdoing on the down-low. plenty of abusive parents use the same tactic, easier to evade detection if local families dont even know you exist.
i don't think anon was commenting on the validity of homeschooling or whether it's intrinsically flawed, more that isolation is already a grug tactic and it's surprising that the very opportunistic avaroes haven't taken advantage

No. 713866

What cap? I've never heard of this. Big if true though and it would explain Selena noping the fuck out and disappearing.

No. 713867

No. 713875

is there more context to this? How do we know he's talking about Selena here? it looks like a comment on his own video, but I haven't watched the video. Is Selena in it?
It seems like a random ass comment based on this screenshot alone.

No. 713876

anything about this other than “yup, there’s a picture” is major tinfoil tbh. there’s no evidence of anything else that suggests that.
They want to prove the haters wrong. Marrying Lainey was a huge controversy for Greg. Everyone wanted to keep him from grooming and manipulating a young girl for possibly nefarious reasons… don’t wanna completely prove everyone (her parents, the entire internet, the friends and dignity they both dumped)

No. 713884

No. 713893

Ugh, does he really need to clarify that he's talking about 'adult' males? That's so creepy

No. 713912

He’s the white man’s Michael Jackson

No. 713920

accusations are talked about in a new patron video. primarily skits

No. 713922

The Onision thread / comment is gone on fb, unless I'm really, really blind.

Sage for being kind of the opposite of an update, but I wonder what happened. Did Greg have it removed or have authorities cancelled it for not getting in the way of an investigation? I'm confused.

No. 713930

I'd wager Grugly himself messaged the admins threatening to sUe FoR sLaNdEr, maybe even adding his favorite CYST N DESISSSST template. And the admins of that page, being the normies that they are, obliged.

It's not like they really know Grepedo's long and lulzworthy history of beating his chest (moobs) making legal threats that he has never once gone through with.

It's unfortunate because informed and angry locals are such an important part of taking the Onions down.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 713932


Greg is the poor man's Rob Schneider.

No. 713935

I really hope that the posting got enough attention to make the citizens of Gig Harbor look into Greg's online life and history on a more profound level and come to their own conclusions. He has enough disturbing videos uploaded to youtube that support the claims made in that now deleted post.

No. 713937

File: 1570193647898.jpg (86.36 KB, 800x800, 71219344_10218858968858538_916…)

This is my hope as well. Like it's all well and good that we exist to document all his shit but we're a bit of an echo chamber. I want this predator to have real life consequence and for his actual IRL peers to be aware of this shit. He's dangerous.

No. 713942

Do you think it would have any impact on their lives though? They deserve to be ostracized and treated like the scumbags that they are but they're already willingly ostracized anyway.

Aside from taking Trot to school they don't seem to interact with any of their neighbors or be involved in the community so this won't matter for their social standing. They're not a threat to local teens because they're using the internet intentionally. It's probably easier for them to use text and normalize the age gap over the internet and Greg can screenshot everything for blackmail material if needed.

Greg's a catfish. He edits his pictures beyond recognition and in person he looks like a deformed and deflated tomato. No 18 or 19 year old girl who met him in public first would think this guy who is old enough to be her dad should get a chance to smash. He doesn't even have YouTube dollars to try and impress with so this is the only route they have to go. They might become local gossip but I don't know how much it will matter for two greasy shut-ins. Their kids have it much worse. It's still good that they know though. Their neighbors are disturbing people.

No. 713945

I think it is probably difficult to say. There's a difference between being willingly being asocial, and being forced to be asocial because pretty much everyone around you is looking at you sideways and whispering about you to each other behind their hands.

Greg, while he pretends to be superior and above it all (and note what he is saying on Twatter right now) really hates anyone actually thinking he's not all that. In his mind he seems to think he's actually the most amazing person who ever amazed. He says he's a stupid man, and he needs to do and be better… but then he unironically does shit like buying an actual fuckdoll so he can abuse it.

No. 713946

Mercedes got uncomfortable because Kai wanted to do the chapstick challenge and Kai got mad because she felt like A Mercedes had been leading her on. She talked about this on YouNow, they only made up because Onion went to LA to film with her.

No. 713948

I wouldn’t say Greg isn’t a threat to his localized community.

Would anyone really be surprised if he ended up sleeping with one of his kid’s classmates or friends when they’re legal? Sure his mo has been using the internet but that started because he had internet fame and a way to access a lot of girls and in one place. It would be easier for him to start grooming his kid’s friends as they grow up so he can cash in on it when they’re legal. No expensive flights. Easy access.

If I were a parent in the area I would want to know that. It’s different than like scarlet letter gossip of someone having an affair or whatever, it’s someone who’s consistently abusive and has a taste for young girls. That’s a problem.

No. 713953

Mercedes didnt want lainey's lip herpes

No. 713976

Has that Facebook post been removed? I can’t see it anymore on the Pierce County Crime Watch page

No. 713991

God gross. To me that's predatory in itself: if Mercedes didn't want Taylor's simplex 1 kisses than she should have respected that, not pull the "leading me on" card. Maybe Mercedes did have a romantic interest but she wasn't ready to do anything physical yet? But Gruck and Kuck had to push their nasty sexual urges on every girl that had the misfortune to step foot in their swamp of lies. My head is still spinning from the fact that they fucked in front of Sara to try and get her in on the action. They're just fucking disgusting.

No. 713996

Lol as if Lainey hasn’t led on every girl she brings into her greasy web when she plays lovey dovey and then suddenly ghosts them. Boo boo space prince - eat a dick

No. 713997


It has been removed.

No. 714029

File: 1570210040591.png (194.63 KB, 1260x714, Screen Shot 2019-10-04 at 1.26…)

sage for no potential new milk but am i missing something? did he make a video on them or make more sub tweets?

No. 714032


he made a 23 minute video about Sarah REEEEEEEing and even punching the camera in the end.
He called her a dumb bitch and what have you, shit got pretty hectic.

No. 714033

can any anon mirror the video? didn't see it in the thread earlier if its already posted

No. 714037

Content begging, but this needs to be saved for Sarah's sake!

No. 714038

That's just her thing. Taylor ignores people and only talks about herself and then gets annoyed if the other person ignores her too (~lead her on~) or keeps messaging her (~pushes the relationship~)
She also wants a doormat just for herself because she's Jimmy's doormat.
You have to be completely spineless, like she is, to get closer to her.

No. 714039

And then there was the video where hes making fun of Sh seizures, her split personality, smoking so much weed it effects her mind. I can see him doing a 10 part series on all the women.

No. 714040

He made a video about Skye that's patron only.

No. 714041

I call bullshit. Receipts or it didn't happen

No. 714043

The same guy says he dated two black women in school lmfao.

No. 714045

And Greg will try to do the same "joking" with the boyfriends that he does with Blasian and end up swallowing most of his teeth.

No. 714046


Greg never dated a black woman. He is by far not manly enough and has a tiny cock. On top of that he's a huge racist, and would be too scared to ever approach a black woman.
Even if trough some miracle he'd end up with one he couldn't keep her because theres no way in hell a sister would put up with Grugly's horseshit.

No. 714048


Especially with what he said about black women’s hair. If he tried to make her wash it every day she’d kick his ass.

No. 714049


plus that abusive shit, the mind fucking, man her dad would break him in two.

No. 714050

Hopefully someone will mirror but some nicely put up some clips on twitter.

He’s just being an idiot like usual and trying to invalidate victims with flawed logic. Like he’s saying everyone’s attacking him because they’re salty he kicked them out of his life and there’s no hard evidence like are you begging for Sarah to release more emails/texts??? Are you dumb??

No. 714055

why the hell is Twitter going ape shit trying to contact Candy Savvy's family? Do we have ANY evidence she is still a patron or has any recent contact with him?

They have no chill

No. 714056

not sure the best way to link these, but this twitter thread has a lot of clips from the video

it's basically a lot of "Onison KICKED THESE PEOPLE OUT OF HIS LIFE!!!!" sperging. That's his defense. that all the people accusing him have been "dumped" and therefore they are just salty. But as far as I've seen, he has not actually denied any specific allegations.

No. 714060

thanks for the link but we need to archive the entire thing. do any anons have access?

No. 714065

It was archived. It's not being posted because it's not milky. Move on.

No. 714066

Jesus he's finally cracked. He doesn't even address anything and just calls them bitches and liars when they have literal proof against him.

No. 714067

File: 1570220091638.png (124.87 KB, 692x462, Capture _2019-10-04-17-09-32.p…)

I love how hard Alicia is going on him. It must be really hurtful to see the woman he's been obsessed with for over 10 years humiliating him on Twitter like this. James is crying

No. 714068


I loved the part where he smashes his camera.

No. 714069

Uh, do you mean Dan Schneider?

No. 714072

Who cares if it’s not milky, just post the fuckin’ video and move on

No. 714073

File: 1570220985685.jpg (91.66 KB, 850x940, atTracTiVe.jpg)

>really hates anyone actually thinking he's not all that
That's in line with what Maya said he told her that time she wouldn't kiss him; "You think I'm uGlY? Everyone always found me atTraCtiVe!"

Sure Shreg.

No. 714074

The views on Repzions video keep climbing. If They're not aware yet, it's only a matter of time. That's why I've tinfoiled the Pedosion's are planning on moving house.

No. 714077

Um, do you know where you are?
This is not a web archive, and especially not an Onision archive.
This is lolcow, we come here for milk. But go ahead, post it and see how fast you get banned.

No. 714079

Oh he is LIVID that these women are standing up to him. We know how superior he thinks he is, especially to women. It's killing him that he can't respond directly like he's done in the past. All he can do is waste energy on pointless, passive aggressive bullshit - pissing in the wind. I'm willing to watch the video just for the massive keks.

No. 714081

Anyone care to mirror?

No. 714086

You have a recap ITT. You also have clips of the milk.
If you're still so hungry to see almost half an hour of the sperg sperging, might I suggest 1) you pay him for it since you want it so much and 2) pay a psychiatrist to help you determine where such sick desires come from

No. 714089


IMO, they need each other now no matter how much they wish they could separate. plainey's dad is an attorney who wrote up the prenup. Unfortunately, grugly is not making enough money to support the "lifestyle" he's used to. He needs plainey's income.

They also need each other because it's much easier to fend off pedo allegations as a happy christian healthy couple than as single people. Right now they're stuck.

No. 714090


sorry for being slow on the pickup, who is mercedes?

No. 714091

>House so small that he has to use the kids' room for filming

He's such a cowardly little bitch. He's too much of a pussy to speak bluntly despite going on and on for years about how blunt he is. He resorts to stupid skits like he's a kid playing by himself at home fighting fake versions of "bullies".

No. 714092

Where did you get this crap from? Lainey's dad did not set up the prenup. Do you think a dad would do a prenup where his daughter would get screwed? Greg made up the prenup and it probably wasnt even notarized. Lainey's dad didnt even know she was married until way after it happened

No. 714093


To be blunt about this would be to admit everything theyre saying is true, that's why he can't be blunt about it. All he can do is sperg and hope his fans see that as him being in the right… somehow. idk

No. 714094

if i had a magic genie, i'd wish for greg to start immediately balding. imagine the meltdown and milk LOL. hair is pretty much all he has going for him right now in terms of appearing like a 2007 uwu myspace young fuckboi….unless he started wearing wigs (which wouldn't even matter because male wigs are so obvious) i mean there's no way he could pretend he's not a 30+ dad of 2.

No. 714096


maybe he is, if he were he would definitely michael jackson that shit and keep it hidden all his life. he does own a lot of wigs for his crossdressing videos and such. not far of a stretch to think his normal outdated emo hair is a wig as well. plus whenever he does show his real hair, we never ever see his head from the back.

No. 714098


NTAYRT but Anon, I think you need to chill out. Lolcow has always been thourough about posting mirrors to videos for future reference. That's kind of its main purpose. Not sure why you're so angry about people wanting to see the video that is currently being discussed on here?

No. 714118

lol at him saying "I'm gay. Kinda." even if Lamey wasn't a fakeboi, wouldn't he just say bi since he's always been attracted to women? that's not very uwu inclusive of you, Grog.

No. 714122

Them moving would be entertaining but I don't believe it's going to happen (anytime soon).
The Avaroes, now Jacksons need to fix the wetlands and they don't have any money to buy another house so quickly.

No. 714127

its funny because that emo hair doesn't do him any favors kek he looked best in 2010 with his long shoulder length hair, back when he didnt have a beerbelly

No. 714132

Shiloh's back! Lets get her more subscribers than Greg.

No. 714133


great singer she really is, but her comedy is about as funny as greg's.
which is like, ehrm, zero funny.
did sub though, hoping for more good songs of her, and also out of spite towards greg.

No. 714137

has anyone seen the new onion video? he literally unironically quotes hitler when talking about his haters lmaoooooo

No. 714141

File: 1570227730726.jpg (545.95 KB, 1993x1080, 20191004_152140.jpg)

Is this a leather couch sitting out in the rainy swamp?

No. 714142

no, it’s a delusional middle-aged dad

No. 714150

To be fair, she did say in the video she is trying to learn to edit videos again and is unprepared when it comes to an upload schedule. The jumpcuts aren't super funny, but I think a lot of it was nervous compensation, and obvious inexperience of editing.
Either way, good on her for coming back and at least trying to make content. The YouTuber style jumpcut videos aren't my bag, but she still seemed a million times more genuine than Greg has in any of his videos.
Still interested to see where it takes her, and I hope it gets under Greg's skin.

Yeah he tries to use Hitler and Trump as examples of cancel culture as usual and said that a broken clock is right once a day or whatever the saying is.
The whole video is his usual 'we are gonna die anyway' 14 year old woke crap that he normally spouts.
He also rearranged his greasy side swooped bangs several times and wore that hideous bunny hood hat thing that both Billie and Shiloh have worn before at his house.
Judging from his hairstyle and demeanor in this video, it's obvious that he's trying to reenact his scene emo style from the early days. The amount of times he laughs at himself in a fake way is extremely embarrassing.
Which brings me back to my point about Shiloh earlier, she may be years late to the YouTube game and probably won't gain traction or interest, but at least her clothing style/aesthetic is a bit more current. She looks like one of those weeby instagram girls mixed with a bit of soundcloud aesthetic, which is more current than Greg's 2009 scene boy style that he fails to recreate on the daily.

No. 714151

>still no fence up or any sign of it
I hope the state rip him up for his time wasting

No. 714153

File: 1570229019499.jpg (85.31 KB, 510x510, imageService.jpg)

That looks like one of those high priced massage chairs Ive seen in older videos in the Grease Mansion. 3000 chair sitting out in the swamp to rot.

No. 714155

Once Pierce County tacks on the fines for not having the fence up in time he will make a video pleading for his patrons and fans to shell out the cash to pay the fines and to contract professionals to build the fence. Im sure he'll cry and mention his family in the video too.

No. 714161

File: 1570230013122.png (267.13 KB, 561x851, l7Kdy54rLT.png)

(Relationships & Train Wrecks (18+ Video) Mirror)
Feel free to download it.

No. 714164

So, do any of you guys who are versed in law know what the realistic chances that the onions might suffer actual legal consequences from this are?

I keep thinking about this case in the furry community where this dude, Sisk, was sending nudes to some 16 year old girl that told him she was in her 20s and ended up with a prison sentence and a lifetime ban from using the internet.

Like, surely if this dude copped so much shit for not even knowing he was sexting a minor, these two gross pedos should be in a whole world of shit for actually targeting underage girls, but it seems like no law enforcement agencies are all that pressed about it. It's kinda strange.

No. 714166

Law enforcement and the courts dont update everyone to every step they are taking against a criminal via Twitter. We dont know whats happening behind the scenes. The only thing that has been said is by Sarahs friend saying they went to the court house which many speculated she was getting legal council before contacting the police which is smart because going to the cops first sometimes is not in the best interest of the victim, talking to a lawyer first is.

No. 714172

> I put you in your place and fucked you in your ass and now it's time to move on

I'm under the impression him and Sarah had anal. Correct me if I'm wrong. This definitely feels like a jab at her if they did.

No. 714175

I think a lot of people are inpatient not realizing that cops need to built a case if they are ever going to arrest him.
This will take time.

No. 714176

Patreon anon, what are the comments like under his videos? do people rate him A-F like he asks? what do most people give him? I assume everyone has to suck up to him and give him As or he spergs out on them and tells them they're stupid and wrong for having an opinion of him that's less than perfect

No. 714179


Don't hold your breath. No case is being built, and he's not going to be arrested.

You do realise it doesn't actually take all that much time and info to bring someone in for questioning, right? And then after that, things can be pretty swift. The issue here is, they have no real reason at all to bring Greg in. He wont be questioned, there wont be a case, and he wont be arrested.

Now Lainey on the other hand, they could absolutely question her with what Sarah has with those pictures. If they havn't pulled her up already, it's because Sarah hasn't pursued it. But… who knows… Maybe they have questioned her. Lainey has been very quiet and was very nervy on that last vid.

But you're clutching at false hope here, in regards to Greg. Unless there's something that none of the girls have openly spoken about, or something no one knows, he hasn't ACTUALLY done anything illegal. 'Child grooming' is only illegal (or even legally considered child grooming) if the aim is to sleep with a minor. The fact he waited until everyone was of legal age means he avoided that - legally, what he did is not even considered child grooming. Again, unless there's something none of us know about.

No. 714180

File: 1570232767140.png (353.78 KB, 744x2637, screencapture-patreon-posts-re…)

they're relatively boring comments.

No. 714181

She seems high AF in this video. I hope she's just stoned or playing up being "cool" for the camera.

No. 714182


top greg this post was made the minute the video was posted. hey shiloh, i do love your singing btw post more singing vids comedy is not your thing but singing definitely is

No. 714185

File: 1570233262504.jpg (546.38 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20191004_195246.jpg)

>thinking anyone would "FiNgEr hErSelF" to this waterheaded, caveman-faced, low IQ, underbite having, manlet, baby carrot packing neanderthal.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 714193

Maybe there's no case. Maybe there is. Regardless, you have no idea what's actually happening, so why speak as if you have any authority on the situation?

If there is a case being built, it takes time to gather enough evidence to present to the DA. Especially evidence that comes from devices such as phones and hard drives. There is a ton of forensics involved with that.

Like Jaclyn said, it's seriously doubtful that with all the toeing the line Greg has done for 10+ years he's never broken a law. I'd wager that he's broken several over the years.

Have any opinion you want, but why present your opinion as fact and elevate it as if it has more validity than that of anyone else?

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 714195

I hope she makes more music, she's got a great voice. Decision is fire.

No. 714196


I am actually more of a mind like whatever happens, happens.
If they both get arrested and thrown in prison, great, awesome.
If they get away with it all, hey, more power to them.

It really is up to how civilized America is as a country and how much they care about their kids.

No. 714198

Mikenactor said Onion's paying a third party to DMCA people for him. How can he afford that? I don't believe it's all savings/credit at this point. Very possible there's a 3rd source of revenue.
A fair point, but as we've seen, the Onion's didn't need to homeschool their kids to keep their predation and abuse hidden. Plenty shit happens out in the open, hidden in plain sight, although that's getting harder to pull off fortunately. The only reason it's blown up is because Sarah and the ladies have taken a stand. Failing this, it's doubtful the Onion's would be facing any consequences right now.

No. 714200


just some pointers, shiloh:

- take all the billie-esque metal crap out of your face, tone down the make-up a whole bunch and look presentable again.
- never ever do comedy again, go back to singing. the video was weird and confusing, then again maybe greg broke you?
- dress nice, be a girl. you're too good a singer for all this avril latrine pink poser kinda shit.
- don't go by a single name, specially not Doll, you're not big enough for that (yet) maybe go by Shiloh Doll or some shit, it makes it easier for people to find your music.

that being said, i wish you the best of luck. your music is riveting specially the evanescence type stuff.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 714204

Are y'all okay

I'm so happy for her. She's obviously nervous about being in front of a camera again, something that was traumatizing to her, it takes a lot of courage to face your fears like that. Trauma can make people act pretty weird

No. 714212

Something I've thought about is what if one of their child's classmates has an older sibling and they express the need for "babysitting" to another parent? Like "Oh, would your 16 year old daughter be interested in watching our kids?" type of thing. Particularly if someone else's kids end up being friends with T or C. It could increasingly escalate from there. Especially because their internet options are mostly shot. Why wouldn't they move on to new avenues in real life for fresh teens if they had the chance AND it may be their only option now?

No. 714214

Whatever you say Keith.
I don't why some people are giving her a hard time about introducing her channel? It looks like it's mostly going to be a vlog type of channel. I'm down. She looks cute.(Hi cow)

No. 714221

>I'm becoming a bit more self aware
No Jimbo, that's just the psychosis creeping up on you.

No. 714224

So the retard is saying Skye married him just because of his money, but what money did he have back then? Their marriage was before he became "successful" on YouTube and rich, I guess Skye has the power to see into future then lmao. Nothing that idiot says makes any sense

No. 714225

>Greg's a catfish.
Another reason he's made use of Lainey. She's not great looking by any means but at least she doesn't need tons make up and thousands of filters to appear somewhat human, unlike Onision. Motherfucker looks like a different species. Talk about shallow end of the gene pool. >>714185

No. 714232

lol who the fuck cares if she’s wearing a nose ring or not. these are some weirdass nitpicks

No. 714234

File: 1570238359602.jpg (309.66 KB, 1079x992, Screenshot_20191005-111608_mh1…)

Clearly she was lusting for his chairforce rent-a-cop money.

No. 714241



Skye supported him financially before any youtube, she was working whilst he sat on his ass unemployed and had dreams of being a cult leader youtube star. Then the only reason his channel got off the ground was Skyes practical help too.

He used her if anything, just as he uses everyone in his life.

I wonder if he is meaning to lie about the situation or whether he has genuinely convinced himself of his version

No. 714246

>They want to prove the haters wrong.
Prove what? That their marriage is a fraud? That Greb was getting ready to run off with a teenager - who was more mature than him btw -, and she kicked him to the curb, but that wasn't the last teen he chased? What's he proving? He has no point to make, there's nothing to prove to anyone. His entire marriage is a farce, contrived and insincere
on his part, just like all his other relationships. I'd like him to explain how staying together because his 'escape plan' chicks didn't work out, is a successful marriage.

Every relationship he's been in, he's lied, cheated, manipulated and been abusive. All of his relationships are failures. He's proven incapable of having a healthy, functional, adult relationship.

No. 714252


And numbers show that in 2005-2008 his military salary would be a bit lower than that. I don't think Greg is saying that is the money she wanted, though. Regardless of how much he tries to Donald Trump his way through this, he's still the fucked up creepy one who kept bugging his ex-sister-in-law to collaborate and kept begging his ex-wife to let him stop having to pay alimony before getting fragged out and belligerent in emails wit her because she didn't respond.

I can't wait until he has to get a real job to pay for things and his video making career has to be benched and turned into a hobby he has outside of work. I hear there are some lovely Alorica call centers in Washington, Greg. :)(:))

No. 714256

File: 1570240369880.png (332.56 KB, 564x710, sorry.png)


Not really milky. He just reads stupid memes and does stupid skits. Of course he indirectly addresses some of the accusations because he's only capable of thinking of himself and what's going on in his life. The take away is he's not sorry.

No. 714260

>I don't think Greg is saying that is the money she wanted, though

He did say it in this video >>714161 at 0:38, he says she only cared about his money and not about him. He kept saying similar things throughout the entire video

No. 714261

Nothing I want more than to punch his patreons after what happened with Sarah. To like this kind of unfunny garbage confuses the fuck out of me.

No. 714264

File: 1570241120940.png (54.7 KB, 596x526, chrome_3dYH0dx8dn.png)

Greg is beyond predictable. All he can do is lie about rejecting the women calling him out.

No. 714265

They did have anal

No. 714267

Apparently Lainey’s live on Instagram (not confirmed) if anyone has access maybe check it out.

No. 714268

It’s totally a dig at her but honestly I’m 2019 it’s not as scandalous a thing as it used to be in the 1950’s or whatever. She doesn’t need to feel embarrassed about it. If anything Lainey should feel embarrassed because wasn’t that one of his work around for cheating on her yet again?

No. 714271

I doubt he meant it as embarrassing. Just an attempt to make her feel low. "I fucked you and am done with you, trash" type of a way. Which is certainly a far cry from him initially claiming Sarah raped him. Or both of them. Lol, oh boy.

No. 714278

File: 1570243385220.png (389.45 KB, 633x551, firefox_8yVRgHaLUn.png)

whew, that was a ride…. he really doesn't seem to be doing well. his defense against the accusations is to make a joke out of it all in a video that no one will watch. lol

i feel like we're finally entering the downward spiral of the onion

No. 714280

Honestly he looks more transitioned in some of these pics than Kai. Tell me he does not look like a late 40's dance mom here.

No. 714283

This is really creepy and gross! No Gruck, your ex-wife does not want to fuck you and has moved on romantically.

Then he blames Alicia for taking the pics herself, as in “it’s not my fault you took ‘em and were posted online, shouldn’t have done that if you didn’t want me to look!”. And there’s that creepy comment at the end:

>is that how you talked to her in the marriage?

>only when she had a dog leash and I was fucking her from behind
Something like that

I think he fantasizes about raping and killing off Skye and Alicia

I thought the video was more directed at Skye? I wonder if they did anal too

No. 714287

Aww, poor lil' lass, she looks like the walls are closing in on her. Look on the bright side Lainey, if the judge is lenient they might let you have supervised visits with your kids! (assuming you gave a shit about them to begin with). Shreg on the other hand. If ever there was a candidate for forced sterilization…

Dem walls closing in. Enjoy your freedom while it lasts pedos.

No. 714292

File: 1570244503147.jpg (19.07 KB, 854x480, life imitates art.jpg)

Oh my god, he looks like that druggie that everyone hates from Letterkenny.

No. 714294

why does he go full on rapey alpha mode whenever he feels cornered, does he think he's actually being menacing? his toddler could arm wrestle him and win. he may have the face of an orc but he's got the body of a 60 year old man.

No. 714298

Greek God

No. 714304

God he's vile. Imagine talking that way to a 19 y.o you pressured into sex. At 34 He's nearly old enough to be her father.As Morges would say 'Disgustin'!'

No. 714312

He's getting wrecked by her too. I mean Greg was the same guy who said he "accidentally" slipped in the pooper with one girl and she didn't notice. Sarah's metaphorical dick is ripping his asshole into a gaping wound.

No. 714318

Sarah has never confirmed this, it's been discussed multiple times, at least sage. it was one of the other girls maybe lane?) who said it but Sarah hasn't confirmed or denied

No. 714319

hes been dialing up the misogyny lately to 10 on purpose to bait. glad no one is falling for his bullshit.

No. 714321

He's an idiot if he thinks this narrative is going to make him look better. "You're just salty cos I fucked you & threw you away!" isn't a statement a sensitive kind man would make. It just enforces EXACTLY what we've been saying about Onion for years- he's an unrepentant narcissist, who is an emotional vampire with the empathy of a mantis.So you dropped a girl immediately after you got what you wanted from her & you are surprised when 1) she feels used 2) we call you a predator? Jesus, Greg, the line you're pulling is right out of the narc's Discard playbook. The grooming is just the cherry on top of the abusive shit cake.A decent man would end it kindly without being so vile, & then be baffled & hurt if the grooming allegations were untrue. Greg, you're just salty cos we ALL know who & what you are. Your YT career is over. Shane Dawson is swanning around with 15,000 bux worth of shit from Jeffree Star & you'll be lucky to get a job bagging groceries. Your wife looks like a foot. Your kids are going to need 1000s hr of therapy. Even porn or sex work is out with that tiny peen. You're done.

No. 714322

He's an idiot if he thinks this narrative is going to make him look better. "You're just salty cos I fucked you & threw you away!" isn't a statement a sensitive kind man would make. It just enforces EXACTLY what we've been saying about Onion for years- he's an unrepentant narcissist, who is an emotional vampire with the empathy of a mantis.So you dropped a girl immediately after you got what you wanted from her & you are surprised when 1) she feels used 2) we call you a predator? Jesus, Greg, the line you're pulling is right out of the narc's Discard playbook. The grooming is just the cherry on top of the abusive shit cake.A decent man would end it kindly without being so vile, & then be baffled & hurt if the grooming allegations were untrue. Greg, you're just salty cos we ALL know who & what you are. Your YT career is over. Shane Dawson is swanning around with 15,000 bux worth of shit from Jeffree Star & you'll be lucky to get a job bagging groceries. Your wife looks like a foot. Your kids are going to need 1000s hr of therapy. Even porn or sex work is out with that tiny peen. You're done.

No. 714325

He's definitely becoming more unhinged with every video posted. Makes me wonder if he's acting that way on purpose or if he's really just straight up losing it.

No. 714326

He's definitely becoming more unhinged with every video posted. Makes me wonder if he's acting that way on purpose or if he's really just straight up losing it.

No. 714329

File: 1570248419534.jpeg (358.87 KB, 1125x782, AD04EF09-DBB4-4D54-8228-E6402E…)

No. 714341

File: 1570249042472.jpeg (232.3 KB, 1125x465, B266CDB6-E9A1-4CD3-86BD-0B14E3…)

No. 714342

Seems The Right Opinion got in on the child groomer controversy. Unfortunately, its a collaboration, so its not on his channel, but hopefully it reaches his huge audience.

Not sure if its okay to post a link to the video, so I'm just putting it out there.

No. 714345

File: 1570249273433.jpeg (550.72 KB, 1125x1223, F8997F5B-3ED6-4532-BAEF-27F73C…)

No. 714346


He's definetly losing his fucking mind. He even called Shane a cat fucker so it's obvious he still believes it. He looks like shit like he hasn't slept in days.

Sage for non-contribution and probably nitpicking.

No. 714347

Skye is my favorite character in this whole saga, she strikes the perfect balance between amusement and apathy when addressing him. You can tell she's learned a lot of the mind tricks he likely used to play on her, probably during those years of therapy.

No. 714348

>He's an idiot if he thinks this narrative is going to make him look better.

Of course he's an idiot. You have to keep in mind this is the same person who thought ( or still thinks ) that "you should shave because it makes the penetration deeper". Jimmy actually is an idiot, lol. He's not smart. He's not rationally thinking how all of this is coming across.

His first tactic didn't work ( "Sarah raped us, we're the victims here" ), so now he just went into rage mode. When the thing with Billie happened he also flew into a rage mode and cussed for half an hour on cam. Same when AJ left. 2 videos raging, being disgusting, trying to humiliate her and make her feel worthless. It's what he always does.

>Plan B coupons

No. 714350

File: 1570250145982.jpg (280.82 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20191005_003357.jpg)

Lainey went out of hiding for a stream

No. 714352

File: 1570250183166.jpg (332.34 KB, 1080x1102, Screenshot_20191005_003420.jpg)

No. 714360

Sarah never confirmed this, but her best friend Dylan mentioned him doing anal to get around the rules of no vaginal sex.

No. 714364

File: 1570251740653.png (1.3 MB, 2094x1139, comb ur wig sir.png)


Topkek, anon!


Was gonna say something about his terrible wig care making stealth impossible, but actually, his real hair doesn't look much better.


It's TRO, no one's going to accuse you of self-posting. I'd post it myself if I could find it.

No. 714365

I hope someone was able to record it.

It’s fine to appreciate your south western upbringing and liking tortilla soup and whatever but it’s a problem when she adds it to her deck of victim cards during a time where a lot of Mexican people are literally in camps right now in the US. It’s also in bad taste when she’s using it to talk about something other than grooming Sarah but….

No. 714366

LAINEY, girl… go to jail and get some rest. You'll feel better.

No. 714369

Is it this one? The only vids you're not allowed to DL to are Grubs or anything not about Grub.

No. 714371

>clipped out Plan B coupons
That's revolting. Sh did say his first words to her in person were "I can't wait to get you pregnant." He really is a remorseless, repugnant, dickless little shit.
>You have more liver spots than a moldy potato
>You are what you eat
Skye's humor was missed.

No. 714380

File: 1570254578497.jpg (9.24 KB, 300x250, superthumb (1).jpg)

Out of all of Greg's self-masturbatory photos I despise this one the most.It's so ridiculously shooped. When has Onion boy EVER had a chin like this?I seem to recall him on his Instagram trying to use it to force the idea he looks like Ian Somerhalder. Only if IS had been buttfucked by monkeys and put in woodchipper, Gerg.
The vanity is astonishing.Narcissus wasn't as obsessed with his own looks. This what he obsesses over all day. His (non-existent)looks & getting his peen wet. Even when he has allegations that could destroy him and his family. He's insane.

No. 714382

It looks like someone combines a picture of Chris Pine and Onion actually. I'm pretty sure he's posted a couple times how much he looks like him or some celebrity dude that looks like Chris Pine.

No. 714387

this recent video is objectively boring and useless. This guy literally has zero talent

No. 714390

File: 1570256504415.png (7.99 MB, 2308x5678, Old Lesbian.png)

Everyday he looks more and more like an angry, old, bitter disheveled lesbian with herpes and burgeoning psychosis.

No. 714393

i'm pretty sure his psychosis is full blown at this point

No. 714394

Dialing it up or revealing what's been there all along? All one has to do is look at his sordid and unrepentant history of abuse.
>The only people who have a problem with me are the people I rejected
>Like all women, my sister is also a pile of worthless human waste
>If Lainey were to divorce me, I'd happily go along with it
Most of the video is not so veiled digs at Skye, Sarah, his own sister apparently(?), all women that exist, and also the internet for "not shutting up" about what a dangerous pedophile he is.

Hoes Mad

No. 714396

File: 1570257510092.png (771.59 KB, 691x523, gergceleblookalike.png)

More like Carrot top post plastic surgery tbh. Got them crazy tami eyes and everything.

No. 714397

she's so fucking cute. i've always had a crush on shiloh since i first saw her on greg's channel. she definitely seems awkward but hey, its her first video. i'm happy she's back.

jesus christ he's autistic. this hurts to watch. imagine being a 34 year old man in the midst of rumors of grooming and abusing a slew of young women and deciding your best response would be making a video in your filthy yard dressed as an anime character while you misogynistically attack your exes. i can't even wrap my brain around being an adult man who puts on costumes and screeches about internet drama on his child's bed. beyond embarrassing.

No. 714398

If ever there was a time for her to start a YouTube channel, now would be it. Don't know what shes going for, kind of sounds like commentary channel? I'll watch her though.

I'd like to see her collab with Jaclyn Glenn or Billie, really rub salt in the wound.

No. 714399


Idk how many of you are joking, but that's a full-ass photo of Ian Somerhalder.

No. 714400

Goddamn babygirl, congrats! This downfall roughed your looks so much that you actually look like an ugly twink and your husband looks like a middle aged butch lesbian.
kweer uwu

No. 714402

Love how Grug's mere existence has probably lowered the property values in his vicinity immensely. His poor neighbors.

No. 714414

The depression is radiating from the screen.

Taking part in your "e-famous" husband's perversions seemed like such a good idea at the time! Now he's canceled, washed up and everyone thinks he's your dad. Monthly income is $1,000 which Grub wastes on "video props" for his "exciting" videos nobody wants to watch anymore.
She looks like a tired cart horse.

No. 714416

We know? >>714380 was responding to >>714369 about how Greg has claimed to look similar to Ian Somerhalder. Not sure what Chris Pine anon was on about, but I thought his hideous visage is more likened to a greasy, plastic surgery addicted, washed up comedian from days past? Seemed appropriate.

I think she's trying to promo her music and do a sort of "behind the scenes" thing with the channel? It's pretty obvious she was anxious as hell in the video, given it's her first since the big onion fallout, I'd say that's fair. Curious to see where it goes too though. She looks cute, which I'm sure gets under Jimmy's itchy, inflamed skin.

No. 714418

Lol he would probably get more pussy if he actually did play the trans-lesbian uwu angle

No. 714420

Not trying to tinfoil or anything, but first the massage chair out in the rain, now he's poorly greenscreening himself over blurry photos of the swamp trailer… is this fucker tryna skip town or…?

No. 714421

I thought that was fucking weird too. Spend all that time and effort to paint a huge wall for his shitty green screen effect and then he uses photos of the interior of his home as the special effect background.

No. 714426

Ooh is this the beginning of the new saga: Runaway Onion?

>Breaking the law,

>Breaking the law

No. 714427

>Skye supported him financially

Yep, the girl was working two jobs, which she legally documented and which was shown in REpzions video (and posted in the last thread), while Greg was busy filtering his stupid mug to hell and back.

Who is Greg trying to fool?
Or rather, who is still dumb enough to fall for that?

No. 714434

Yep. Hephaestus. Dropped on his head from the heavens by his mother because he was so ugly.
I think he felt it was more embarrassing and degrading to say he fucked her in the ass. His thinking is so warped and so archaic that he is hoping this somehow will make her less attractive when really it just makes him seem like the disgusting pig he is. Not because he did anal, but because of the way he is behaving.

No. 714435

Pretty sure anal was mentioned elsewhere too. Maybe it was a loophole allowing him to sleep with her without having proper sex

No. 714436

Well, there's nothing in his life that he could be proud of: He doesn't have a good education, he doesn't have a great job (he had perheps, if he had any skills), he doesn't have any (artistic) talent (his books, videos and music sucks), he isn't funny, he isn't charming nor a good husband / father / friend, he doesn't have nice family to help him, he doesn't have a beautiful wife. He lives in a broken marriage in a flipped, overpriced trailer with kids he doesn't want

The only thing he can fall back on are his subpar looks because wihtin the last ten years the only thing he has learned is how to use an abundance of football field lights as well as make up and filters, suiting angles and maybe a little bit of photoshop.

Quite honestly, I'd be raging all day, too if that was my only accomplishment in adult life.
No wonder he needs to twist reality that much, who'd enjoy such a life? lmao

No. 714437

Well, there's nothing in his life that he could be proud of: He doesn't have a good education, he doesn't have a great job (he'd have perhaps, if he had any skills), he doesn't have any (artistic) talent (his books, videos and music suck), he isn't funny, he isn't charming nor a good husband / father / friend, he doesn't have a nice family to help him, he doesn't have a beautiful wife. He lives in a broken marriage in a flipped, overpriced trailer with kids he doesn't want.

The only thing he can fall back on are his subpar looks because within the last ten years the only thing he has learned is how to use an abundance of football field lights as well as make up and filters, suiting angles and maybe a little bit of photoshop.

Quite honestly, I'd be raging all day, too if that was my only accomplishment in adult life.
No wonder he needs to twist reality that much, who'd enjoy such a life?

edit: words

No. 714440

I forget the details from the wetland saga, but don’t Grub and Complainey have to legally stay in their trailer dump until they resolve their destruction with the county?

No. 714443

His videomaking style is so dated. This is like something from 2006.

No. 714446

It wouldn't surprise me if he trooned out in the near future, not only would that bring in a new following of other troons and defenders but he could finally be the cute alt girl of his dreams since no one will fuck him.

No. 714447

She is a little awkward but it’s endearing and seems self aware… unlike gronk who is just abrasive and uncomfortable (and fuckin gross to look at). I hope she really does follow through with makeup tutorials, that could maybe be her niche and she’s not any less funny that 80% of beautubers tbh plus her makeup is bomb

No. 714448

I got legitimately angry watching that last video. I had to turn it off. It goes AGAINST ALL LOGIC AND EVIDENCE that he keeps screeching about how all these women are nothing more than bitter exes who are lashing out because they were once rejected and still dream about bedding him. NO.

Like we've all seen screenshots from Skye, Billie, and Alicia where Grugly was actively contacting them and trying to meet up over the course of A DECADE in Skye and Alicia's case. He wanted Skye back! He legitimately asked for her back in a way that came off like she'd immediately run back to his button as soon as he hit 'send.' He was hounding Alicia to come visit him in New Mexico literally DAYS before his wedding with foot.

He sent Billie emails for years begging her for "closure" which we all know is a front for "come back and do suck mi." He also told her to come back just for Lainey, which we all know was yet another lie. Lainey had no idea he was even emailing her, I'd wager.

He begged Luxy and outright harassed her over and over trying to get her to relent and join his tRiNiTy after she clearly told him NO over and over.

We know he emailed Sarah after she left, before she came out, telling her how much he enjoyed watching her "please" Lainey (fucking barf.)

So he's outright lying and it's so maddening because with his Twitter being on private and him disabling comments, nobody can even call him on it. It's the equivalent of him putting his fingers in his ears and saying "na na na I can't hear you!!!"

These women rejected HIM. Despite years worth of unanswered emails, he continued to send more. Alicia even went as far as to tell him she moved abroad in hopes that he would finally fuck off.

(Posted by Raven Sparks. Click for more info.)

No. 714454

I see he’s also starting to play up the whole ‘psycho’ thing, ‘Onision is psychotic’ .. In some warped way he believes girls are into men like that

No. 714455


Greg probably fucked his on young victims on that couch so they could "feel the vibrations" like how people fuck on washing machines. Lainey got him to throw it out. All their garbage just ends up in their lawn.

No. 714457

Haha I forgot about this I was just about to post, anal with onion probably just feels like a finger tickling your asshole. Still shocked he got Kai pregnant twice, he prob had to wack off into his hand and manually insert the spunk up her because his tool is wack bruh