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File: 1521644815263.png (287.41 KB, 937x650, 1521136999558.png)

No. 496005

Lainey's gay husband Onision/Onion bans patrons because they didn't find his suicide jokes funny as well as going on a witch hunt against anyone who he thinks is leaking screenshots from his online cult, "The Coterie". Only patrons who donated $250+ in the past year are allowed access.

Lainey gets her hair bleached at a salon and it looks awful. Bitches about the hairdresser on YouNow. She dyes her hair a color and it still looks awful as always.

Lainey's gay husband streams again and makes fun of the suicide joke situation again as well as brags how he doesn't wear deodorant, similar to how he used to brag about his poop not smelling when he became a vegetarian.

Lainey's gay husband posts a tweet on twitter to insist to himself that he doesn't need constant validation from online strangers. Continues blocking people who mock him in his twitter replies.

Lainey's gay husband hangs out with his sister, a pilot who is way more relatable than Lainey's gay husband will ever hope to be.

Lainey's gay husband continues to release 3-4 page chapters of his "book" that features a self-insert and dozens of grammatical errors.

Lainey made a """fake""" Tinder account where she catfishes women as a straight guy named Landon Paul, seems genuinely confused and hurt why no one falls for her or thinks she passes as a straight guy.

Lainey's gay husband gets his hair bleached twice with a dye put on top of it in an attempt to become Liquid Snake. He fails miserably, due washing the dye out immediately after Lainey put it in his hair when it should have set for a while. He even edits the video about it to make sure that the part where he calls Lainey "the biggest, fattest cunt ever" was left in for his viewers.

Lainey's gay husband takes inspiration from his friend Social Repose by making dozens of fake tweets of people he circlejerks about constantly and turning them into a shitty song in "This Needs To Be Said…" on OnisionSpeaks.

Lainey shows off her disgusting choking bruises on her neck.

Lainey's gay husband posts a video titled "Just Needed To Vent" where he spends the entire time ranting hypocritically about how his unpopular opinions are not making him popular. Brags again about being a member of the Air Force when his position before being discharged was part of the Chair Force.

Lainey's gay husband is so embarrassed about his hair that he streams in black and white.

Lainey's gay husband makes a video that shows how misinformed he is about tampons and the female anatomy.

In an effort to hold onto any shred of popularity he has left, Lainey's gay husband reuploads dozens of older videos he made, barely breaking 10k views on any of them.

Lainey says she is going through a "gender crisis" but leaves it at that.

Sam confirms that Lainey's gay husband tried to get Sam and Lainey to kiss for a video while Sam was there, confirming that Lainey's gay husband brings over women to fulfill his lesbian Barbie fantasies.

Lainey's gay husband convinces Lainey to get cheap silicone engagement ring replacements with him

Ex-friend Tomato makes a video about Lainey's gay husband sperging at an Olive Garden because Tomato corrected him that not all pasta is vegan even though fReElEe SaId MoSt PaStA iS vEgAn.

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No. 496012

>Lainey's gay husband

Just in case anyone missed it, Gines has been streaming her reading of Reaper's Creek

Chapter 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMAnRT43woE
Chapters 2-3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwIHOsmeiTM
Chapters 4-5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZXAYDg52cY

No. 496063

Carryover from last thread

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 7

Chapter 8

No. 496103

File: 1521663965467.png (258.73 KB, 545x508, 1521645817034.png)

Took this pic from a post in the previous thread: but holy fuck what a manipulator, look at him wearing his fucking nirvana shirt, trying to get people to make the association with him and Kurt, just coz now he has lighter hair. So transparent and cringey, I almost still cant believe that this is an actual person making these decisions and thinking anything they do is a good idea.

No. 496104

Laney's gay husband looks like a shrinky-dink that cooked too long. >>496103

No. 496105

But does his present fans know what Nirvana is? 🤔

No. 496118

He has multiple Nirvana shirts, and I'm pretty sure they're all from Target kek.

His taste in music (and everything else) is so generic, it makes me cringe.

No. 496122

File: 1521668449110.jpeg (215.9 KB, 1643x1242, E00CB030-1D84-4E68-9205-5278F7…)

I love how Lainey is wearing Shane’s merch in her recent video.

Her husband must be so pissed. He can’t even get people to buy his merch and the merch that Lame did buy from him, she recently threw away or tried to sell on her Poshmark. But she’s giving money to Shane and supporting him. I can imagine the various remarks she receives throughout the day every time her husband sees that shirt.

No. 496124

I hope Greg's awful hair is a punishment from Lainey. I hope she's the dominatrix now she's hot with cash.

No. 496128

>Lainey’s gay husband

woah there anon, we don’t want Lainey’s gay husband to pop a brain vessel when he rages over this! Remember, tHeY’rE nOt In A qUeEr ReLaTiOnShIp REEE, he man she woman. Kek

Seriously though, I don’t even think Lainey’s husband is even embarrassed by his hair. I think the guy actually likes the way it looks. Because if that was me or just about anyone else, it would be dyed back to a dark color or something. And I would never go in public looking like that. He’s not going to be able to rejuvenate his hair. It’s damaged. He can let it grow out and cut it as it grows out or just shave it and start over because it is not going to be soft. His hair is clearly dry and stiff. Probably even hard. That’s what you get for not researching before you change your hair. Guess her husband isn’t all about researching everything.

No. 496129

Hahahah that’s too fucking funny. Good burn, Lame. I full on support this, maybe she’s finally rebelling agianst Gorg and forming her own opinions!

No. 496132

I'm pretty sure her gay husband bought that shirt for her as an xmas present, it was mentioned in one of their "what I got for xmas" vids. Lame isn't allowed to think for herself much less show outward support to gronks grudges.

No. 496134


He probably just doesn't want to admit he was wrong about dying his hair and that he needed a lot more research than he did. Makes his recent video (bitching about how people need to take responsibility for their actions) make even more sense.

That makes it even better, Onion himself would have given Shane money then.

No. 496143

I can totally see Lainey’s gay husband divorcing her over her support for a PEDOPHILE.

No. 496146

Or Lainey's husband will accuse Shane of stealing his money and demand a refund for the merch, kek.

Even if he bought her that shirt for Christmas, he's been making a shit ton of videos making jabs at Shane, so I highly doubt he ISN'T making remarks when he sees her wearing that shirt around the house.

No. 496147

Please tell me I look like Kurt Cobain, please! Validate me!

They know from hot topic

No. 496149

With that shirt and brassy yellow hair Laineys husband looks like a deranged bumble bee!

Lol he wants people to compare him to Kurt so bad he even wore that Nirvana shirt to push the subliminal mesage. Any anons remember when he swore someone said he looked just like Zac Efron?

No. 496150

No. 496151

File: 1521677495268.jpg (49.43 KB, 478x478, newringsameprince.jpg)

Lainey got her new ring, she's surprised the size 4 fit so well (so smol u guyz). Her husband said the silver finish was dumb. He got his in black so their rings don't even coordinate any more.

No. 496152

File: 1521677690295.png (629.86 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-22-01-14-33…)

They put the toilet brush next to the sink. Gross. Some people in the comments mentioned it's because of the kids but still, ew. Can't you just teach your kids not to touch it?

I also find it very strange how all of a sudden she makes a video about cleaning her brushes, shortly after we talked about her dirty looking sponge… it always seems like people point stuff out (dirty brushes, lack of skincare routine etc.) and then she makes a video to prove she's doing these things? It's weird and transparent.

No. 496153

Unless all of his jabs at Shane are just for views and Plainey knows it. It’s so gross that she stood by him when he made all of those sick comments about Shane and just kept feigning ignorance and saying she’s “not my husband”.

No. 496155

Am I going blind or is she trying to get rid of the color from her ends? It looks off and almost as if she's trying to match her gay husband with the blotchy colors.

No. 496156

Who else bets she's lying about the ring size too

No. 496157

It's so bizarre how he condemns drug use or any illegal activity to the ends of the earth but idolizes kurt, who was a heavy heroin user

No. 496160

Not only him, also Marilyn Manson, Trent Reznor (at least in the past), Rob Zombie, Chester Bannington, all did drugs and probably a lot of other people he's fan of.

No. 496163

>flies… it’s the time of the year when insects are all over the place

Is this guy delusional? They had snow in their back yard and flies were landing on Lainey’s face during her live streams. I love how these two know they are dirty but try hard to pretend their not and convince everyone else they’re not. Idk about you guys but in the summer time I get maybe 1 or 2 flies. Not a hoard of them all throughout my house. The fact that Lainey and her husband had flies even throughout the winter makes me think that maybe they had maggots. There’s no reason flies would continue to show up even in the winter unless they were breeding and creating more.

No. 496169

I tried to watch this but I couldn’t do it. Once he got to the “knife wall” analogy I got tf out of there. This guy is so stupid. I do think Lame’s husband is talking about Sam in this video. Obviously he blames her for his kid falling. Like yeah, that’s a great attitude. Let your kids know that if they ever do anything bad or get hurt, you’ll just blame it on whoever was watching them. That’ll teach them.
“Mommy! Daddy! I fell and it’s Sam’s fault!” I really hope to god these kids don’t grow up with the same attitudes and mentality as their parents.

No. 496173

Mostly fat jokes I bet

No. 496174

File: 1521681008097.png (469.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-180622.png)

P1. His logic just doesn't make sense (I'll post his reply in p2)

No. 496175

File: 1521681044364.png (534.12 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180321-180645.png)


No. 496177

you can really imagine him breathing extra hard and gritting his chompers while replying.

slimey's gay husband needs to chill

No. 496178

But he didn't make a video about the truck he just bought and he doesn't need it either cause they already have a car and the only one who takes care of things (grocery shopping, taking the kids somewhere) is lainey. He makes all his videos at home and the times he's outside it when they are filming a video together.

No. 496181

Maggots are a pre requirement for flies. So yes, they had and have maggots.

No. 496182

>This is how I lied on my tax returns 101

No. 496184

File: 1521681756592.jpg (86.42 KB, 600x600, securite-enfant-bebe-ouverture…)

They're so filthy, why can't they keep the toilet brush in the cabinet under the sink? Most parents of young kids have safety latches on floor level cabinets anyway.

She's trying to wash the color out. She said she's thinking about doing a bleach bath on it but she's not sure. Basically who knows what what either of their hair colors will be next week lol.

No. 496187

You responded to me, but maggots aren’t a requirement inside your home. They come from outside. It’s easy for them to sneak in. My point is that they have flies in the winter. I don’t know anyone who has flies in the winter unless they’ve allowed said flies to build up so much that they began laying maggots. So it’s easy to get flies in your home in the summer, but Lainey and her husband are dirty and lazy so now they have flies in the winter because they’ve allowed them to breed.

No. 496192

One thing I’d like to know the answer to is whether or not you should even be dying or bleaching your hair while breastfeeding. I know hair salons won’t touch your hair if you’re pregnant and some of them won’t touch your hair if you’re breast feeding, but when I try to research it there’s just a bunch of morons on the internet who can’t spell for shit saying they do it, but that they don’t know the answer.

So my point is, Lainey has been breast feeding since her oldest was born, but she bleached and dyes her hair way too freaking much. Is it even okay to breast feed after putting chemicals onto your scalp? I mean she soaks the shit out of her head in bleach and hair dye.

No. 496193

imagine in school, if they fall on the playground; lainey & her gay husband come yelling at the teacher asking how did their child fall on the teacher’s watch and how they’re a horrible, abusive teacher

No. 496194

File: 1521682735516.jpg (29.9 KB, 600x706, full.jpg)

I want them both to just shave their heads. It would be hilarious on so many levels. Imagine onion looking like this again, only with his aged carrot top botox/sunken brow face. Even the last remaining fangirls would leave.

No. 496195

lol I can never get over this photo. fuckin' karl childers lookin' motherfucker.

No. 496198

i still cannot believe this bitch tries to say she's a size 4 in womens shoes. doubt she's a 4. those rings stretch, obviously, but i'm a size 3.25 and my fingers aren't even that small. she doesn't have tiny fingers, anyways. her feet are much longer than her fingers, however. you'll never be tiny, lame. she still tries to insist she's shorter than her sister despite her disproving that in every video of her and her sister.

No. 496200

A++++ reference

No. 496202

I thought the thing Grug was harping on when it came to Sam and his kids was him insinuating that she hit them, or swatted them, not that the kid got hurt while she was babysitting.

My take on this is that someone was babysitting the kids and trot or clot got injured. Now we need to figure out whos the usual suspect when it comes to being the babysitter. Grugs mom? his aunt? Laineys sister?

No. 496203

I'm gagging thinking about washing my face next to a filthy ass toilet brush. I can't believe this family isn't a tv for being so filthy.

No. 496205

That's one way to get e coli.

No. 496206

For those who want to know what he said about getting an accountant and don't want to watch the whole "I needed to vent" video.

No. 496207

And here is his reasoning for getting himself an iphone x.

No. 496208

Oops sorry anon thought you direct linked, thanks for the reupload. Are they unlisted? Are we using youtube to repost now without vidme?

No. 496210

File: 1521685735449.png (120.26 KB, 744x165, 435100.PNG)

was ths one of the girls he banned because of the suicide jokes incident?

No. 496212

truly pathetic. I doubt he uses his iphone to record his content. Even the video he's in now does not look like an iphone video recording. (I too have the iphone x). Ughhh he's a fucking idiot. And have fun getting fucked by turbotax again trying to write off as much as possible as a "business" expense. literally there are cheaper phones with better camera quality too, so his reasoning is beyond stupid. try harder gurgles.

No. 496213

I've been able to mirror full videos on youtube by keeping them unlisted. I stopped using vidme because of the trouble I was having with it.

No. 496215

No, that was a Patron of his, a guy who'd been around for 2 years, but never got gaming in spite of his asking.

No. 496220

he's better off without that lame gaming perk.

from the last lainey's fuckboy's game stream (advertised DISHONESTLY on twitter), he was entertaining someone who was clearly a fedora. i mean, this patron wanted to sue pubg creators for making a bad game or something lol. that's who grease's last paying supporters are…

also, not sure if this was brought up, but where's fat becca???

she doesn't kiss plain's ass on younow anymore. is she actually trying to get through college?

No. 496221

Yeah that's Wade. He's been active in Onion's discord for awhile and then made the mistake of befriending one of those girls. He didn't leak anything they just wanted an excuse to kick him. Pretty pathetic considering he was a legit fan and paid Onion a good bit.

No. 496223

The only man Lainey's husband can stand to be around is his wife.

No. 496225

How much had he given him?

No. 496226

Several hundred. I think he's been around almost as long as FatBecca.

No. 496229

Around $100 a month. In one of Lainey's Husband's streams someone mentioned him spending around $500, maybe more.

No. 496234

And Lainey's husband just kicks him out and covers his name over something like that? Wow.
He better have gotten a full refund if he never got gaming…

No. 496238

wouldn't the man co-occupying lame's house make more money having ONE channel instead of SIX?

No. 496239

I doubt he did. Lainey's husband always kicks ex-patrons for harassment and bullying. He's gotta make money off of them somehow.

No. 496242

As someone who has had a child (and actually goes to doctor appointments and listens to professionals unlike Lainey), after 13 weeks of pregnancy you can dye/bleach your hair. It won’t affect the child at all. Same with breastfeeding as well. Again for the anons who don’t listen well, this was said from my doctors, not google.

No. 496246

If he is blaming her for this, he’s fucking stupid because that means dumb and dumber left their vulnerable fucking children with someone they didn’t trust and that they thought was trying to seduce Gargamel and sabotage their marriage. They really aren’t smart with this Sam stuff because it makes them look like terrible parents.

No. 496247

Shit, huge tinfoil here but didn’t Sam say they have a lot of shit on Sarah?

Maybe Onion is just getting crazy and deciding to pre-emptively scare Sarah by just making a hypothetical video about something with no details but that Sarah and Lainey would understand.

No. 496251


I know in the Truth about Kids video Laineys gay husband says
>this doesn't have any for certain real world parallels in a sense that there was no babysitter in real life that Im talking about
But we all know how he likes to play with words and manipulate situations to suit himself. Like when he called Laineys friend the childrens "nanny" and then reversed himself when the haters slammed them both for it. I assumed he originally tried to pass her off as the nanny because he felt it gave him an air of superiority to have paid staff to take care of the mundane things like cleaning the house and raising their children.
So Im thinking this was a family member or friend who watched the kids for a few hours, and in Grugs mind he can say it wasn't a babysitter because a babysitter is some teenage girl that you pay 5 bucks an hour.
Another strange thing about that video is he says-
>If your single at the age of 60 and you've been divorced 4 times
That's oddly specific with the age and how many times they've been divorced. Its like a thinly veiled dig at this person.
I really think this is shade towards his aunt. She visits weekly to clean the house and I wonder if during one of these visits she was suppose to watch the kids while Gurg was ~~fapping to loli hentai~~ editing his videos, and Lainey was bukkaking liquid concealer all over her face on YouNow, and one of the kids hurt themselves.

No. 496260


Not to mention a BLACK ring doesn't even say "I am married" anymore. I love how he managed to erase his marriage and kids off of his vocabulary and daily life, he must really hate his life/reality.

I think i'll have to call him Taylor's gay roomate from now on

No. 496263

i am 99% sure vidme is dead rip

No. 496264

its my understanding youtube used to reward people for spamming content on the site. that changed quite some time ago, but that wouldnt stop laineys husband

No. 496267


well let’s be realistic here. that toilet brush has probably never been used. Lame and her husband can’t even do their dishes, they let them get pilled up in TWO parts of their sink. so, I doubt they actually clean their toilet. however, if their family maid does clean the toilet with that brush then that is gross as hell and so unsanitary. and I’m pretty sure that’s the bathroom with the shower that the oldest was climbing into constantly in Lamey’s hair dye video.

No. 496269

I believe you because google didn’t provide shit kek. I’m the anon you responded to btw. I was just wondering because I knew that it was a problem dying hair while pregnant, so I wasn’t sure if it was while breastfeeding. Since Lainey still breastfeeds her 5 year old as well as the youngest and dyes her hair multiple times a month. I was wondering if that was unhealthy in some way because of the chemicals getting into her bloodstream and then into her milk supply. Thanks for answering.

No. 496272

You can call this tin foil material but still. Shane and his boyfriend have done videos (Shane’s is 3? Parts) about them having a child together.

Betting lame and grunt show their sprogs for views soon because of this?

No. 496276

why doesn't Lainey stick with the name Taylor? it's an actual gender neutral name, perfect for our agender ~space boi~ prince. heck, she even admitted that Lainey sounded feminine. Maybe it's because Lainey's husband would actually feel pretty gay if his wife actually had a dude's name, so Lainey is the last ounce of femininity left? I don't even

No. 496279

Lame has mentioned not liking the name Taylor because it was too masculine. This was before she was a space prince, though.

No. 496281

She still doesn't like it for some reason. Lame's husband called her Taylor in their "discount" store video and she whined "don't." Someone should ask her about that in her next stream.

No. 496282

This is why the Space Prince is a cow.
>muh genderfluid
>parents actually gave her a gender fluid/androgynous name
>autistic noises about it not being feminine enough
Taylor is every transpersons dream birth name, since it is an androgynous name everywhere in the world. So much for that dysphoria, eh?

No. 496284


THIS. Please do!

No. 496285

I actually did ask her that on stream, along with some other people and she said he was just trying to be funny when calling her that. She use to say she hated Taylor because it’s too masculine and when people ask she says she never said that and she just thinks Taylor doesn’t suit her

No. 496286

wtf. did he just tell his viewers that they all have the problem of not taking responsibility for their actions?

No. 496289

Taylor is definitely more neutral/masculine than "Lainey". Lainey was the name Greg "chose" for her though, based off her middle name. If she decided to go by something else, it would be another strike to his ego.

I wonder what this new "gender crisis" is going to bring us?

No. 496292

What an ungrateful little bitch. Can't think of any other content, so he whines about his baby's caretaker for hours. All this time you know he's just jerking it in his room.

I wonder what his extended family thinks of him… He acts way more normal with them, but you know it's all just an act from his memoir/novellas.

No. 496295


Let me get this straight.. if your kid falls down and bonks themselves in the presence of an adult it's the adult's fault (I'll let this slide, within reason) but if a parent neglects their child's dental hygiene to the point that said child must be put under anesthesia and HAVE THEIR BABY TEETH PULLED OUT OF THEIR HEAD.. well that's just fine! That's not abusive or neglectful!

The mental gymnastics shouldn't astound me anymore, but alas…

No. 496296

Well in her husbands logic, that’ll be Laineys fault anyway never his own. A housewife’s duty is to look after the children and pleasure her husband. That’s the backwards world he lives in.

No. 496298

He can try to say whatever he wants but the truth is if he was so good at watching his children and being responsible then shouldn't he help take care of them. We all know he rather have someone he doesn't have any faith or trust in watch his children so he can spend his time locked away in his 'office' making shitty videos, having is patreons inflate his ego, and masturbating to 2D porn. Even if one of his kids got hurt under another persons care, it's a pretty solid bet that he would continue to have that person watch his children. Perhaps he would want them to reimburse him the cost of any needed medical treatment or discount their babysitting service since there is a chance something like that could happen again. On top of all that I'm sure he'd take every chance he got to belittle them for what most likely was an accident or a child not being careful.

No. 496299

But what if the oven made a video? would you still be responsible for the child burning themselves?

No. 496302


You forgot to add "" to the chapters… With three pages they're "chapters" kek. Literaturefag here and unless it's EXTREMELY ON PURPOSE and used as a literary device, no chapter is that short.

Unless you're lazy. Gee, I wonder which one Lainey's gay husband is.

No. 496305

Then you should write a critique about his masterpiece kek. Jk I just think it would be hilarious

No. 496309

>implying they even use the toilet brush to clean the toilets
that thing is probably 100% unused, so dont fret anons

No. 496314


Grugly would find a way to blame the doctor or something, saying that they were uneducated (oh irony) in lactation and "tHeY DiDNt tEll uS nOt tO BreAStfEeD aT NiGHt".

Watch, if people go after Lainey's husband enough for this, there'll be a video called "The Doctor that Failed Me" or some shit.

No. 496318

Don't remember if this has been proven before but Shiloh just confirmed on instagram that HiImASociopath is not greg and is in fact a friend/fan of hers?
This was regarding to the instagramaccount tho

No. 496319

Hold on, didn't Poopbeck use the toilet brush to try to unclog the toilet?

No. 496330

Lmao I thought she got some plastic bags and went fishing it to fix it herself?? Maybe I'm wrong but that sounds familiar to me

No. 496339

She used her own hands covered in plastic grocery bags. The toilet was clogged by excessive use of toilet wipes so she had to reach in and remove the wad of poopy wipes.

No. 496340


I thought that was a black ring on the right hand ring finger? That potentially means the wearer is a swinger open and looking for other swingers. A black ring on the right hand middle finger means the wearer is part of the asexual community. I can't find any meaning for wearing it on the left hand ring finger.

No. 496344

Aldlii, if you’re lurking PLEASE use this video for one of yours. It’s a perfect rant of contradiction.

No. 496345

>”I bought an expensive phone because I can write it off on my taxes”

No. 496347

Do people still think HIAS is lainey's husband? Most of the fake accounts were exposed by each other to be anti-O'ers around the time temp went down.
It seems creepy that someone would pretend to be lainey's husband and befriend shiloh. Talk about a skin walker lol.

No. 496360

I guess it’s Lainey’s husband’s fault about what happened to JG since he compared her to a child and he was “looking out for her.”

It’s hilarious how everything is always someone else’s fault, but when it comes to Lainey’s husband he has a million excuses and false reasons as to why it’s not his fault. The only time he admits responsibility for anything is when there’s nothing at the moment to admit responsibility for.

No. 496362


hold on, they have a toilet brush but not a plunger? wtf. everyone’s toilet gets clogged once in a while even if you don’t even shit that much or use a ton of toilet paper, so is this how Lainey and her husband always unclog their toilet? By reaching in?

No. 496365

The plunger is probably kept in some odd place in the house, like the kitchen countertop

No. 496374

Honestly, seeing what we do if their home, it’s not that much of a stretch of the imagination that they don’t have basic necessary items like this.

No. 496393

Sorry for going off-topic but does anyone know if Sam is no longer streaming? I used to watch her streams on and off and saw that she no longer had videos on her twitch, hasn't been posting on her instgram and twitter. Is she trying to completely detach from the onions?

No. 496394

Lmao, and Lainey’s husband was probably punishing Beck for clogging the toilet so she didn’t have the privilege of using his plunger, instead she was forced to use her hands. That’s so nasty.

If they don’t have a plunger that’s pathetic because they’ve been living there for a long time and had plenty of time to get a cheap plunger. Unless they do use the toilet brush to unclog the toilet because they are that fucking stupid.

No. 496396

She got a job and the last thing she said to Lainey’s husband was that he was going to ruin her chance at keeping this “federal job.” So I take it she’s not talking to Onibot anymore because he WOULD ruin her life if he wanted to and she probably doesn’t wanna risk that.

No. 496407

Truly a feminist ally for the ages.

No. 496411


He looks like a fucking psychopath in that thumbnail, holy crap.

No. 496442

Not sure why Shiloh is inserting herself into this drama. She's even on insta live right now.

No. 496444

What’s her user ?

No. 496445

She's not inserting herself into anything.

No. 496448


lainey's new video

can a piercing anon tell me if it's possible for your body to reject a piercing that is non-surface? (like a normal nose piercing, for example)

i'm talking about 1:45 specifically


No. 496449

Didn’t really seem like it.
Watched it and she didn’t say a damn thing.
I think some gross Grease stand are trying to insert here, tbqh.

No. 496454

I wonder what Greg and Lainey have on Sarah?

No. 496455

w/o watching, gentle reminder she picks at it constantly on younow, let alone what she does irl

No. 496460

not a professional but i did have a nose ring, i never picked it like she does on YouNow nor put makeup ON top/around it.
i cleaned it with a piercing solution i got at claire’s every morning and night.
i did get a bump like she did, but the weird thing is that i went to the beach and it healed, google says because of the sea salt but i don’t know for sure.
wish i could sage

No. 496461

Obviously tinfoil just because she was brought up but maybe his video about parents being responsible for kids injury has to do with Shiloh's daughter that passed? Another way to try and make him look superior to her

No. 496465

She was defending a fan from a bunch of haters who were attacking her thinking she was Onionboy on Instagram. She never directly talked about anything to do with current Gurg outside of that. She doesnt care two shits about him and didn't even respond to anything said about him in the feed. She said she was brainwashed and abused by him but that was it and had to disappear off the internet because of the backlash was so bad, claims she now has a eating disorder due to the amount of fat shaming she recieved so she felt for this girl who was being attacked for no reason.

No. 496470

lol she started using a chopping board and petting the other dogs because we mentioned she talks shit about them all the time.

While making breakfast she mentions that Greg isn't up yet and it must be 9/10am at that point (lmao what a hard life). Also at 8:10 have they bought a mini toy car for Troy?

No. 496477

I noticed that she got left alone all day so Gronk could go watch that movie for free and bitch about it later.

Riveting content here.

No. 496481

>Greg isn’t up yet

I know this was mentioned before but no one has a solid answer, so do they sleep in different rooms? Because at the beginning of the video Taylor is laying in bed and says that she just got up and was still in bed, but her husband wasn’t in there. It looks like they slept in different rooms? It wasn’t like she was sleeping with her kids, it didn’t look like they were in there either and that didn’t look like the basement bed. Speculation but most of the time when couples sleep separately it’s because the other is mentally, emotionally or physically cheating on the other.

No. 496483


not only that but a few anti-o blogs are WAY into their feelings because they attacked a stranger on the internet, and Shiloh didn't say thank you. Like…??? who's really inserting themselves in drama here?

No. 496485

File: 1521763064334.png (2.9 MB, 2208x1242, A2F89F52-F560-463B-B933-DAD3E9…)

what the hell is in the dog bowls? there’s another one next to this one that has like the same shit in it, but this is a close up. is that filthy water? this is also from Lame’s new video.

No. 496487

That's probably mineral buildup/slime from not being actually washed out regularly.

No. 496488

I was gonna come and post that exact same screen shot. Looks like that bowl hasn’t been filled or cleaned in a long time. Poor doggos. I feel worse for them than I do for the onions children.

No. 496491

File: 1521764792168.png (807.23 KB, 1025x684, a waste of money.png)

It bothers me how she shows herself only making enough breakfast for herself and Greg if he wants some. Even in other 'A day in the life' videos she only mentions what she eats and never brings up trying to feed the children a healthy breakfast. It seems like the kids only eat cereal during the day and the only 'home' cooked meal they get is dinner. Also did she just smear a ton of makeup all over her dirty face?

No. 496492

Am i the only one that thinks lainey was fighting with her husband on her timelapse while she was doing her makeup?

No. 496494

>Also did she just smear a ton of makeup all over her dirty face?

isnt this what she always does

No. 496496

I thought that too, but I slowed it down and it looks like she's just singing.

No. 496497

File: 1521765249208.png (683.25 KB, 1001x822, SmartSelectImage_2018-03-22-19…)

This greasy creep Photoshops chicks all over him, barf.

No. 496500

I have had a nose piercing and a septum as well as multiple ear piercings. These piercings can reject, but almost every site you look at will tell you that you should keep the piercing in so that fluid and possible bacteria don't stay in it. That shit is going to get wrekt. She should have kept the ring in and left it alone.

No. 496502

She also said she just found out she’ll be alone all day and then later shows her and Greg walking the dogs very clearly without the kids so I wonder who’s babysitter now.

No. 496504

Lame is saying on stream that she was afraid to put on makeup today because she thought she wouldn't look as masculine. She seems so down and I actually think she's having a mental breakdown of some sorts. Onion boy might have a trans man for a wife soon, and this might have come on because of his actions with Sam.

No. 496505

At least his head size is accurate.

No. 496506

File: 1521768089164.gif (2.77 MB, 472x294, kina.gif)

No. 496507

They're there. They are with Greggy. He's pushing the littlest in something and the older one has a car or something they're driving.

No. 496509

It's probably not possible for a nose piercing. Rejection refers to the jewellery being completely ejected from the skin and the hole being made not a hole anymore. It's pretty gnarly. For a nose piercing, that would mean it was pushed out to the side.

She just has hypotrophic scarring. It happens all the time and would go away if she salt soaked and left the jewellery alone.

No. 496511

File: 1521769412891.png (232.17 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-183726.png)


No. 496514

File: 1521769441581.png (217.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-183732.png)


No. 496516

File: 1521769495774.png (214.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180322-183741.png)

P3 gag

No. 496538

But Onion, you say if people don't like you don't watch you. Don't make obsessive videos on you, yet you are the king of irony with how many obsessive videos you done on many YouTubers you find problematic.

No. 496546


It’s the basement bedroom. You can tell from the colors of the walls and the big mirror behind her. She cosleeps with her kids - at least the baby, and greg sleeps elsewhere. She’s filmed multiple times when around her children, you just can’t hear them.

No. 496551

I don't know, anon, because there was that one video of Lame's husband cooking dinner for just the two of them so I don't think the kids even eat dinner with them.

No. 496555

I know she films with the kids, but she showed the bed and it didn't look like anyone was in there with her. I find it uncomfortable that she sleeps with the youngest because of how many terrible things have happened to babies when sleeping in big beds with their parents. She could just get a toddler bed or a crib and put it in her room. And of course her husband sleeps somewhere else, it's the perfect excuse. He probably encourages her to sleep with the kids so he can do whatever the creep does when he's alone.

No. 496560

Tumble hate blogs are taking things word for word from here including screenshots

No. 496561

Not exactly related but your body can definitely reject nonsurface piercings by just never healing. I got my ears pierced multiple times when I was younger and they never healed all the way even after months and months of having the earrings in. The last time I got them pierced, I persisted and regularly cleaned and kept the earring in for over a year. One day I woke up and a thin layer of skin had grown over the back of the earring and I had to go to the doctor so they could cut the earring out, have scars on both of my ears today. Same thing happened (lack of healing) with nipple piercings recently, kept in for about 7 months and while no sign of infection, constant care/attention was needed because no healing progress, took out per advice of my piercer. Wish I could sage.

No. 496564

Wish they would fuck off and do their own shit instead of using LC for content reee

No. 496565


be careful. eo is mysteriously getting dox threats again. she might have to take another 45min haitus for her own safety and seek legal action against LC

No. 496566

What I wanna know is how the fuck they have flies?! I live about half an hour away from their town and I have yet to see a single fly this year. Even in the summer I rarely see any. Their house has gotta be chock full of literal garbage, even more so than showb on the house tour vids.

No. 496567

No sympathy for that nutter, She knows how bad shiloh got it and then she proceeds to act cunty because shiloh isn't ever so grateful for people bringing shit to her door yet again.

No. 496568

Samefagging here but I also think eoliveson sent that anonymous threat to herself in order to victimize herself against the backlash of her assholery.

No. 496570

File: 1521782030317.jpg (522.02 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180323-011228.jpg)

Word for word off if the last thread

No. 496571

File: 1521782131079.jpg (522.84 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180323-011234.jpg)

My screenshot from the last thread on the same page. Tumblrfags, find your own shit to post ya wankers(derailing)

No. 496572

>so he can do whatever the creep does when he's alone.
ass play with himself, while jerking off to loli hentai and Harley Quinn bestiality
oh… and phone sex with Fat-Becca on his burner phone

No. 496613

Tumblr proving once again to be a cesspool.

No. 496626


>Proof? Unsuscribe

Lmfao Taylor's gay husband is hilarious

No. 496639


>tries desperately to pass as ~male~ spacexprince.

>wears a fuck ton of feminine makeup
>calls husband gay in attempt to further prove she's "male".
>categorizes her streams under the tag #girls

but Y DON'T I PASS???????????? :((((((((((((((((

No. 496647

That's so irritating. Just participate in these threads, no point in making a dumbass tumblr for it. That's like RSN and the other anti-O youtubers using shit from these threads for views.

No. 496654

File: 1521801379698.jpg (53.07 KB, 609x586, IMG_20180323_113403.jpg)

Sorry for bringing up old news, but

>this shit

>real helzberg ring

lmaoooo, jewels are literally falling off of that taobao shit.

I wish I was there when anons did detective work about the ring.

No. 496656

I'm glad she finally said she doesn't have a chin implant so people can stop tinfoiling that.

No. 496657

exactly I dont know why people cared either way

No. 496660

who fucking cares, the quality of these threads has taken a nose dive since the temp users migrated over. LC use to be the place you can check facts, now it's full of endless tinfoils about Lainey and people targetting Lainey rather than Onion.

No. 496664

It's more to do with overzealous farmhands (short-term)banning users producing any emerging milk unless it was sourced and acknowledged by greg himself, despite ss being posted to add credence to onions insane rantings combined with constant "temp-bashing" despite most users of temp being longterm users of lc the user base kinda tapered off and people lost interest. I know I stopped posting stream/patron/forum shit after multiple bans for derailing, I'm sure others did too.

Plus onion is an irrelevant twat rn.(derailing (ironically))

No. 496665

this is a little off topic but cosleeping is actually waay safer than people make it out to be. The main issue is overweight parents and sleeping on places that aren't meant to be slept on with a baby (i.e couches)

No. 496666


Assuming Helzberg is in the same category of cheap mall jewelry as Kay and Zales.. That looks like a generic $1000ish ring. I think the reason it looks so dingy is because of the yellow gold backing the pave diamonds and also because you know she never cleaned and polished it. Pave diamonds can get really gunky and gross.

I'm betting it's real, it's just ugly.

No. 496674

>implying his haters follow him
You wish uggo gruggo. Proves nothing.

No. 496683

That's not rejection though, that's failing to heal for whatever reason. Sorry for terminology autism but rejection means when the jewellery is physically pushed out of the skin by the body, in the same way splinters are ejected, and the area is not able to be pieced again. It can be quite serious depending on the area.

She's calling it rejection is because she wants to make it sound more serious than it is. Everything has to be the worst possible scenario. She hasn't even had the jewellery in for the full healing period yet.

She just has some mild hypertrophic scarring.

No. 496687

Are you the anon copying and pasting to tumblr? You’re a bit defensive there. That’s the whole fucking point. To troll Lainey’s husband by talking about Lainey and only referring to him as Lainey’s husband. If you don’t like what’s in these threads, then get off of them.

No. 496689

Let’s just point out the obvious, Lame is as big of a pussy as her husband. He can’t keep bleach in his hair for more than 3 minutes without screaming and running and she freaked out the second her piercing did something normal. I, myself and plenty of other people have gotten bumps with nose rings, it’s normal. All you have to do is soak it with salt water a few times a day and then the bump disappears and never returns. Lame just freaked out and wasted a nose piercing because she’s actually stupid. This is like the time she took a bath, soaking in her own filth right after getting a tattoo and wonders why it hurts.
I’d like to know how much money she just wasted AGAIN. First her hair and now the piercing. When I got my nose pierced it costed $60. So unless she went to a sketchy place then it wasn’t cheap because popular tattoo/piercing shops cost quite a bit.

No. 496695

I think she’s saying rejection so people won’t ask why she took it out it try to convince her to repierce it.

No. 496697

Why she would keep wearing it is beyond me. Why she would insist it's an allergy is also beyond me. An allergy gives you an itchy rash and redness, not a green-grey stain.

I don't get how she couldn't just put her foot down back when they had tons of money before the IRS shitstorm. Like at least ask for a pure sterling silver ring or a steel ring something. Stop wearing shitty metals.

No. 496761


I was just about to point that out. She is calling it an allergic reaction because she doesn't want to admit her gay husbando is a cheapskate. She should just wear her collar on the daily to show her devotion to gay dream daddy, she doesn't care about showing off the bruises so why not just live in it?

No. 496779


I didn't know the investigation behind the ring had already been done in the past before I started my own hunt for it. I've been emailing a jeweler from Helzberg Diamonds and got the SKU # and its original description. It's no longer manufactured but I'm trying to find out it original market value.

No. 496781

File: 1521841455553.jpg (256.14 KB, 1080x1741, PicsArt_03-23-05.40.41.jpg)

No. 496785

>14kt white and yellow gold

Well, that explains the green finger. 14kt gold means it's roughly 60% gold, 40% other metals. I'm guessing the other metals were copper or nickel.

I imagine he paid quite a bit for the ring but I'm also guessing whatever he paid was wayyyy over what it was worth. It would have been interesting to see if he had made anything close to what he paid back when he was selling it.

No. 496786

Did some investigation. Lame said her ring was gold, right?

Apparently, gold jewellery is often made with other metals because gold itself is soft and other metals harden it. Doesn't matter if it's 10k or 14k; just means that the ring would be 10/24ths or 14/24ths gold and 14/24ths or 4/24ths other metals.

Lame is anemic, but not sure if she's iron deficient anemic. Gold jewellery can cause skin discoloration of black or green in those with iron deficiency, especially if it's 14k gold, because of hemoglobin science words.

On the other hand, most gold under 14k has nickel in it, which can also cause discoloration.

Lame said she's allergic to gold, which isn't true if it's caused by iron deficiency that she refuses to treat.

On the other hand (ha), she's lying if it's a nickel allergy.

No. 496791

File: 1521843767175.jpg (172.44 KB, 1080x1216, PicsArt_03-23-06.21.47.jpg)

Here's the cost of the ring

No. 496792

not a gemologist, but i can say this: j-k is not great in terms of yellowness. it's not terrible or anything, and still can be super pretty, but onion was a millionaire. what's worse is the fact that ALL of her diamonds were included, not even very slightly included, or slightly included. that's terrible. there is only one stage of diamond blemish that's worse: I2. all of her diamonds were I1s. that's pretty shit. pretty poor quality diamonds considering how easily the onion would drop cash in the past. included diamonds break, crack, chip, much more easily. and the ring itself is hideous. she has terrible taste.

previously, he got her that cluster ring (clusters are incredibly cheap), though admittedly, it was prettier than this weirdly masculine walmart looking one. either way, i expect that he over paid, but still didn't pay that much.

No. 496794

I don’t think she’s lying. I think she’s I’ll-informed and not smart enough to visit the doctor that she said she’s going to see for the last six months.

No. 496798

File: 1521844074397.jpg (70.46 KB, 827x500, r2-1-yard-2-rows-diamond-a-rhi…)

that is a disgusting markup for that shit quality ring. what a racket. that stupidly thick pave shank looks like it's made of rhinestone ribbon. tbh though, greaseboy probably got it on clearance. god knows how he hates to spend a cent on the foot.

No. 496801


I’m one of the anons that feel that the cost of a ring doesn’t equate love but he’s a pics of shit.
He’s never once spent any significant amount of money on her.
He spends $10k on Billie on MAKEUP.
I really wonder if Lainey picked that ring out.
Fuck, at least push for your Fiji trip, Plainey. Do one single thing for yourself this entire marriage. Stop living in squalor with cheap things and do one thing for yourself in your totally great six year marriage.

No. 496803

I think they went for something that looked ostentatious rather than something that looked nice. The markup will definitely have been wild though, there's no way that ring is worth what it cost.

Before Lainey's husband played this "I'm poor help me" shit, he was always tacky and nouveau riche. He always valued looking rich before enjoying quality. He bought a mcmansion because it was a big house even though he couldn't decorate it or keep it clean. He bought a tesla because it was cool even though he never went anywhere except to go grocery shopping.

Imagine spending that much on something that looks like it came out of a cracker and turns your skin green. Can something be cheap and expensive at the same time? Because that ring definitely is.

No. 496805

Who cares about a ring? Like honestly it's a total non issue and I can't be the only one finding it boring as fuck. Either way their marriage is an absolute sham.

No. 496807

not really? when he's a millionaire willing to spend 10k JUST on makeup for his sidepuss but shells out garbage for his wife, that's pretty indicative of where his priorities lie and how important lame is to him.

No. 496809

I think him cheating on her twice with billie already more than proved that

No. 496811

Makeup for Billie, plane tickets for Billie, plane tickets for Billie's friend, trampoline park for Billie, trip away for Billie…

I hope Lainey uses her youtube money to buy a shiny new ring and go to Fiji without him because unless she can skinwalk for real, he's never gonna like her that much.

No. 496813

no, the majority of men will compensate for their infidelity by getting their wives beautiful jewelry and lavish vacations, etc, even when they aren't as wealthy as grease was. he couldn't even be arsed to do that. he values her even less than the average unfaithful husband does.

No. 496815

If it was caused by anemia, there would be discolouration on the fingers next to her ring finger.

If she genuinely is allergic to white gold, then they're just plain fucking stupid for having two white gold rings in a row. Allergies can be pinpointed and white gold and yellow gold are mixed with different alloys and present different reactions. If she turned out to be allergic to the actual gold and not the nickel in the white gold or the copper/silver in the yellow gold, there are other metals out there for her to have.

The thing is, Lainey's husband doesn't give a fuck and she's too scared to give a fuck because then she'll realise their marriage is a shitshow.

No. 496816

Platinum heavily supercedes gold when allergies to au are a problem, I used to have the same problems with all 8-24k golds, even white to an extent. Buy lame a platinum ring next time gurg.

No. 496842

Anonymous 7 minutes ago No. 496840
The way Lame bounces back and forth with the gender thing is ridiculous. She says she doesn’t have bottom dysphoria yet constantly refers to herself as “he”. Isn’t the whole point of being “a gender” to not associate yourself with a specific gender ? She legit referred to herself as trans. Get the fuck over yourself lame. And she clearly has been stalking lolcow since she brought up the chin implant in her most recent stream. And gurg addresses some lolcow topics on one of his recent videos. They’re so transparent.

No. 496846

File: 1521859437024.jpg (38.89 KB, 473x477, nails.jpg)

I joined her stream late (it was just makeup application) and it looks like she scrapped off that nail polish she had applied the other day.

No. 496847

This is actually so accurate. Most unfaithful men WILL shower their wives in gifts out of guilt, but instead Lainey’s husband blames her and manipulates her into excusing his actions and only blame the other person. The other person being an 18 year old kid.

I know we don’t like bringing up past people, but I have to say I don’t give a fuck that Shiloh cheated on Lainey’s husband. Still to this day he makes it a big deal to talk about how this girl cheated on him but for fuck sake she was a kid. They ALL were kids. I don’t care that she cheated on some gross old man who only dates/marries young girls. Does he actually want people to feel sorry for him? He’s a sleazy piece of shit, she was just a kid who shouldn’t have even been engaged to him and honestly she got fucking lucky because if she didn’t she could be right where Lainey is. The difference is Shiloh had a back bone and people would have stuck by her. Lainey is and always will be an idiot and she’ll always be unhappy because she was only a kid when she got married and knocked up and now she will never get to find herself or do anything in life. How sad and miserable. Sitting in a house all day with a creep who sits in a dark room watching hentai and rating underage girls all day. I believe the reason Lainey feels that the happiest time of her day is being with her kids is because they are the only ones that love her and they are her escape from the reality of her fucked up situation. Sorry for the rant/tinfoil but I’m so tired of Lainey’s husband bringing up how Shiloh cheated on him. Like who fucking cares? She was a kid, she didn’t need to be making commitments to you anyways.

No. 496852

>no, the majority of men will compensate for their infidelity by getting their wives beautiful jewelry and lavish vacations, etc… he values her even less than the average unfaithful husband does.


That's the whole point, when men fuck up bad, they have to make it up to their lady, and big jewels and tons of flowers is a good classic way to go.

Remember what Conan O'Brian said, "The rule is, it has to be 5X what you spent on the hooker," at 1:25 - 1:45 here https://youtu.be/fmQ7x6bkmkg

So according to Conan, Greg should have bought Lainey a piece of jewelry that is $50,000.
(Since he freely spent 10k on B)

Instead, all Lainey is worth $35 for a silicone ring. How sad and pathetic that she accepted that.

Her diamond was only 3/8 ct???
And J-K/I1????


Taylor Elaine sure don't value herself anymore than Greg values her. Which is Zilch, zero, nada.

These are shitty piddly diamonds, he couldn't even be bothered to get Taylor Elaine a full carat or a 1.5 carrat diamond that was GIA certified.

Greg purchased her crap, if the ring and stones are real and not a counterfeit dupe from Wish or alibaba, and every time i see Lainey with her Silly-Tone ring, I shall laugh at the worthless pathetic human who thinks her husband still loves her.

Because Greg has never loved Taylor Elaine, Greg just wanted an underaged snatch, and she happened to trap him with her ovaries instead.

No. 496853

Wait when did he buy make-up for Billie? And 10k?!? Wtf, Lamey is out here begging for make-up from her teenage fans

No. 496854


It was over the course of the time Billie stayed with them. Onion paid Billie to "edit videos", paid her a good 10k, much of which having been spent on makeup.

No. 496862

a youtuber that Lainey follows is also “non binary” (female) and is having top surgery and also refers to herself as trans.
i think Lainey sees all the support this youtuber gets and is trying to leech on someone else since skinwalking as Billie isn’t working for her

No. 496886

But didn't he later say that he paid her $9k and then it was $8k? Judging by her youtube around that time she did spend some of the money on makeup but I highly doubt it was a large percentage. Also he was triggered about makeup use at that time so that's why he whined about it, that was before Lainey started getting into makeup more and doing her beautybot thing which brings a little income to their household.

No. 496888

It's quite sad he seems to throw huge important life decisions at the ALL the young girls he gets into relationships. Pregnancy, marriage, poly relationships, relationship contracts…the list goes on. Definitely not things that an 18 year old or younger is equipped for dealing with. These kids are suckered into a 'fun and carefree life' with him which in truth only looks that way on the outside with his endless rooms of electronics and games and fun, overfiltered videos and pictures combined with a (dated) cute emo boy image ect, in reality it's a much older liverspotted, red faced, caveman that is taking advantage of young girls disguised as some fun YouTuber using them for sex and his content. Hell, even after they LEAVE his life, they are still used as content.

No. 496891

Yeah, because he knows Lainey will stay no matter how he badly he treats her, he's used to her and knows he nuances. He always starts off super nice and fun to new pussy, and tries to lavish them with stuff because we all know to Greg that love=sex or love=items/money. He is also very insecure, he knows he's an ugly asshoel with a shit personality so he over compensates so that when things go bad in the relationship he can use it as logic to his gay little fans. 'Look at how much I spoiled Billie and she spent it on weed and makeup guys! Look how nice I was! Look at how much money/time I invested in Sam and she stabbed me in the back!'

No. 496905

Holy shit that IS cringey.

Most youtubers when they do that kind of shit point it out.
For example-
'Hey guys channelling Kurt Cobain realness today with my shirt and the blonde hair' or 'haha I feel like this whole outfit with the hair today is giving me Kurt Cobain vibes' or even self deprecating 'yo I look like a $2 Kurt cobain!' or some playful shit like that.
It shows that they were somewhat inspired by their idol's clothing choices and as to not show that they are simply being a wannabe. Even if they DO want their fans to point it out, at least they've put their cards on the table.
Grug instead says nothing about it
and comes across as someone's dad going to a dressup party as Kurt Cobain or a really bad cosplay and it's so painfully obvious that he's trying to get that connection and is desperate for someone to point it out.
Greg, you look nothing like Kurt Cobain. You look like carrot top with a bad bleach job. The fact that you try so hard to point this 'likeness' out subliminaly (and I use the term likeness loosely) is retarded because your actual fans are kids and have no idea who Kurt Cobain is. Maybe some of the tumblr kids but that's how you like them dumb, young and edgy. Maybe you can take the likeness further and actually kill yourself.

Also I fucking hate how when he spergs out about something he's a fan of and does shit like this. He ruined Death Note for me by all his autistic imitations and I hate the obvious changes in character when he imitates another youtuber or cartoon character. He only shows his true self when he narc rages on streams, otherwise every other video has some kind of element stolen from someone else. Voice patterns change depending who he's trying to channel. Leafy, Shane, the deep serious one he tries, the nasally gay one. He tries to draw comparisons to Ian somerholden or whatever the fuck that guy's name is, it's pathetic. Imagine being that insecure that everything you do is just ripped off more popular people because your persona isn't original or entertaining enough on it's own. Yuck.

No. 496907

He probably thinks they are sooooo alike because Greg tried to put a gun to his head once! He's just like me guyssss.
Either that or some girl or fan stupidly made a comparison.
I'm sure most girls have had a seedy or desperate man say they look just like Angelina Jolie to get into their pants. This is the same deal…except Greg actually BELIEVES the comparisons.

No. 496911

File: 1521868808212.jpg (981.9 KB, 1564x1564, Am_I_kurt_yet_guys.jpg)

The look you are going for vs what you actually look like

No. 496913

Someone please photoshop the pictured photo of carrot top with yellow hair and a nirvana shirt and it would literally be Gurg.

No. 496920

he looks like a serial killer about to bomb a federal building in this picture hahahahah

No. 496938

File: 1521874729293.png (633.11 KB, 1011x420, 890.png)

The eyes sometimes tell you what may be in a persons future.

No. 496939

Lainey's husband talks about girls he's into
He talks about being a dom, liking black girls (sure jan), and "homewreckers".

Take a shot every time Lainey's husband says dom and sub.

No. 496941

I laugh everytime this rashy faced little faggot refers to himself as a dom in that nasally little faggot voice. Everytime he mentions being dom in any video I cringe thoroughly.

No. 496942

>into homewreckers

lmfao he couldn't be more eobvious and desperate if he tried. please come ruin his relationship so he can finally leave lamey the spaceprinxe, since he can't man up enough to do it himself.

No. 496944

Whoah. It's like a pokemon evolution.

No. 496946

File: 1521876328382.png (406.59 KB, 890x605, 74327788.PNG)

Laineys gay husband says-
>You know I never realized how close this was to the fluid that comes out of mens ummm you know.

Im assuming that hes making a comparison to his own "man fluid"
Why does Grugs semen look like spit? If his semen is as clear as spit then he has some major fertility issues. I have friends who are trans (MtF) and because of the HRT and testosterone blockers they take their semen is now clear because of the lack of sperm. Maybe Grug has low testosterone. That would explain the patchy beard when he cosplays as Dean Winchester and lack of body hair. Even Greg said years ago (before Lainey) that he was probably infertile and couldnt have kids, but low and behold he somehow got Lainey preggers twice.

Major tinfoil- Grugs actually infertile, and thats one of the major reasons Lainey doesnt want to get a divorce. She knows that if they did end up in court, Grug would pull out every asshole move he could think of to fuck her over during the divorce proceedings, and one of those things would be asking for a paternity test on Trot and Clot. And once the DNA tests come in everyone would find out that the kids father is actually that psycho she was dating in Las Cruces.

No. 496947

how does she know she's anemic anyway if she won't go to a doctor? and if she did go at some point and was dx with anemia, they'd tell her what kind.

if she even has it it's definitely iron deficient because muh vegetarianism

No. 496950

Greg muses that he wishes that Lainey wasnt just 25% Mexican, but instead 50 or 75% Mexican.

If Lainey hears about this shes going to panic that Gregs got "brown fever" and we're going to see Chola Lainey on her next YouNow stream.

No. 496951

>Im assuming that hes making a comparison to his own "man fluid"
>Why does Grugs semen look like spit?

Because he jacks off too much every day. After #3 or #4 it starts to get more liquidy and less thick and goopy.

But definitely after like 5 times it starts getting real clear and i guess spit looking.

Does he fap 5+ times a day?
Even that seems too extreme, but perhaps since he's a long term daily chronic fapper, it never gets a chance to go back to a milky white color and thicker consistency???

So maybe he faps 3 times a day and porks lainey somewhere in between.
And thats why it looks like spit.

No. 496952

Wow,he's kinda being racist in a retarded backwards way.
Basically acting like black women are a thing to cross off his list.
Trying to white knight black women in an attempt to appear more open minded.

Also the way he spoke about being a dom and saying that he would have sex with a women that had transitioned except she had women parts then that would be okay.
Secretly trying to get Lainey to indulge his homo fantasies.

Why do I feel like when things go tits up he's going to pull a Kevin Spacey and admit that he's gay to try and distract everyone from his bullshit. At the same time I wouldn't be suprised if he wasn't actually gay and only explored the idea of coming out to skinwalk Shane Dawson.

No. 496954

Uhhh claims not to like homewreckers and scoffs at the idea that they would even attempt to wreck his marriage because it's not possible.
>wrecked his own 2 marriages twice by cheating.

No. 496956

I can't wait to see her with a shitty fake tan cracking out the bronzer kek

Tinfoil, but anyone wonder if he's not only trying to virtue signal with whole black girl mixed race thing, but that he's currently chatting one up? Or maybe Lainey is into a black girl at the moment and he's trying to do the poly shit again.

Most likely, it's just him trying to get brownie i'm-not-racist points, but it's interesting to wonder.

No. 496958

I think he has to constantly remind us that hes a dom, because he needs to convince himself.
Same with how he would tell us over and over how honest he is.
This is just his new 2018 pep talk in a mirror. If he says it enough, he'll fool himself into believing it.
Fake it till you make it.

No. 496959

File: 1521879045516.jpg (90.56 KB, 815x616, spotthedifference.jpg)

I'm pleased to see he still has his bumble bee hair for the time being.

No. 496960

Bees are cuter and a lot more useful, that's the difference.
As he's lying about being into black girls he feels like he's fetishizing them too. No black woman (or any woman of color) wants to be told their skin color/culture makes them more thrilling than white women.

No. 496961

>Because Greg has never loved Taylor Elaine

You're right anon, the only thing this creep felt for her was lust. He was infatuated with Lainey, he didn't love her. I feel bad for the person Lainey used to be because I've been where she was as well as many other young girls. So I know that she really did love him. Which makes it even more sad. I just can't feel sorry for her now though. Because people have been warning her for years and I think people were still on her side and fighting for her until the Billie thing happened. Then we saw she's just as bad as her husband and is a hopeless case now. You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped. It's just disturbing. Lainey went from this baby-faced, bubbly kid to a sullen, sunken foot whose only facial expression is a smug smile and a bizarre lump on her chin.. Her husband literally sucked the life out of her.

No. 496962

Speculation but is it just me or did Lainey's husband start talking about being dom and all of that crap more frequently or at all after we made these last two threads Lainey's threads and only featuring her husband? I think it's getting to him guys, kek. I've noticed since the last thread he's been really talking about how he's such a dom, etc. I think his "manly" ego is bruised.

No. 496964

File: 1521882852650.jpg (60.69 KB, 620x465, haha.jpg)

I kept wondering what his face reminds me of, then I remembered this

No. 496966


Pretty sure he complained that he paid her for her work and she wasted it by spending the money on makeup.

No. 496968


Wasn't he JUST arguing that the reason he uses patreon money to buy things like an iPhoneX, and why him and Lame buy loads of shit like clothes, hair dyes, useless luxuries etc, is for videos? Talking about how its all for vids so it's purely an investment on getting the money back through their vids?

Billie has a fucking make-up channel. By his logic, of COURSE she's gonna buy a bunch of make-up… fancy make-up too, because she does fancy looks with her actual talent, unlike Lame. So shouldn't it be totally excused/a non-issue to him?

I very much doubt she spent the whole 10k on make-up either way, but with his own logic he has no reason to complain about her buying a lot of make-up with her pay.

But ofc hes talking out of his arse about him and Lame buying all those expensive luxuries for vids. They're just spoiled, delusional, and consider simply not having a rich lifestyle as 'poor and struggling'.

No. 496971


The white space under, above or around the iris is called sanpaku, and it has many negative connotations lol.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

"Conversely, when the upper sclera is visible it is said to be an indication of mental imbalance in people such as psychotics, murderers, and anyone rageful."

Perfectly describes Onion.

No. 496973


wow, lainey the aztec prince.

No. 496975

>I said so therefore it's true
Good job pulling that number out of your ass. He did not pay her 10k

No. 496976

I still don't know how Sh gets a pass for being young even tho Greg knocked up lainey who was even younger and Lainey never lied about memory loss and wanting to paint a rainbow and all the other cringe shit Sh did for attention and Onions attention since the whole memory loss shit was her burying her head in the sand after all the lies that came out then about sepsis and the fake pregnancies and using images of a stillborn etc etc.

Sh was fucking crazy too, her and Onion were probably the best match because they were both attention whores

No. 496977

I agree with you but she's changed and moved on. Onion will never have another shiloh to help him with his schemes.

No. 496978

Stop the excessive ring nitpicking and derailing.

No. 496981

I hate Greg so much. I hate men like him who just see a woman as an extention of themselves.

>I wish Lainey was more mexican so I can look tolerant!

I love Lainey because she proves to my fans I'm not that bad because she won't leave me!
I love that Lainey supports me even though I can't keep my lies straight and I keep trying to fuck other girls!
I love that Lainey can be poly for me!

I desire x, y + z qualities in a woman; it's not about getting to know the person, it's about them serving me!

I love making videos rating people's appearances and seeing if they are good enough to stand next to moi
I love to say I told you so!

>I'm Greg I'm just super together in my life and have all of the answers, so my woman needs to understand that I'm the DOM and she needs to toe the line. If not I will replace her with a better model, with 5 more skill points in various catergories such as a) being a doormat b) enjoys being exploited and exposed c) low self-esteem d) make an ass of themself for my career etc.

Like, how does he have people paying him for existing. It actually depresses me.

No. 496982

Fucking kek

It's only missing the bumblebee hair, add that and it would look indistinguishable from gurg.

No. 496984

I don't think it's that she got a pass but that she did ultimately end up paying for the things she did wrong. As bad as she was, Onion pushed her to a very public breakdown (shaved head era threatening to kill herself) then while still vulnerable she entered the sex industry even though it was pretty clear she wasn't doing so for the right reasons and on top of that she lost her real actual baby. Nobody should have to go through that shit but she did and she more than likely already feels haunted by the things she did especially the stillborn thing considering what happened after which I mentioned earlier. She never got off scott free and tbh it's just really sad. The least anyone can do is leave her out of future drama because she seems to be getting back on her feet again and deserves the chance to continue doing so.

No. 496987

Onion spergs about his perfect height for women being 5'2" and Lameo tries way too hard to be 5'3". The TOPKEK in this.

No. 496990

> Once a man told me that I could never show my body in even something as simple as a bathing suit, because it was his. ~
That if I did, I must be seeking attention from other men, I must want to be seen as a sexual object.

is shiloh talking about grease boy?(learn to screenshot)

No. 496991

Sh got groomed and stockholmed so bad her mother had to take away her passport so that she would not go back to Gurg after he shoved her and caused her miscarriage. Her mind got messed up due to how severe the abuse was. She was not in a right mind the whole time. Not to mention she gave up on her budding popstar career for love and got abuse instead. She didn't even get to recover in peace as stuff mentioned by other anon happened.
Gurg ruined her life and she is just getting on track. I wish her the best. Not to mention she never groomed any teens or done anything truly wrong, just caused drama (like the 'i wanna make a rainbow' thing that greg masterminded/exploited for views anyway).
She truly got the worst deal out of all Greggums exes. At least plank gets to be the more famous one.

No. 496992

Def sounds like him.

I feel like he used to tell Lainey the same shit during the honeymoon period and she got off to it. Now he doesn't give a shit for Lainey so she prances around in underwear on camera, possibly hoping he notices and gets jelly.

No. 496996

Lainey wasn't even younger. He met shiloh and lainey (supposedly) at 17. Lameo was pregnant at 18/19. The whole shiloh relationship happened when she was between the ages of 17-19. Shiloh is only one year older than lainey. That's how creepy gerg is. And Shiloh hardly got a pass. If anything, lameo is the one truly getting the "pass" as now his fanbase has died out where she will not experience the backlash and bullying off the internet from his fans that all his other ex's got when they split. And lameo is also as huge of an attention whore as shiloh was. And shes way more obnoxious with her fake transtrender bullshit and "im gay!!!" bullshit that no surprise people find her more annoying. She might not have lied about memory loss or whatever, but she lies on the daily anyway to protect gerg and her transtrender image and for a significantly longer amount of time than shiloh was even in the picture.

how has he not just dyed his hair back to brown/black and pretended this never happened. this is god awful.

No. 497000


Also shiloh actually sometimes opposed gerg's bullshit and argued with him. That's why they had their break-ups often and why his abuse got worse and worse in short time period.
Lainey, on the other hand, claimed "no homo, greg is my only love!!" until gerg told her he needs to get his dick wet with someone else so she was like "okay im gay now!!!". Then she gets butthurt when greg indeed gets his dick wet but blames it solely on the other woman. Puke worthy.

No. 497004

(reupload) Here is a clip from 'I Can't Stay Silent About This Anymore' where he talks about why we exist. At the beginning of the video he says - "You know, the majority (of religions) are made up. Maybe there's one or two that are accurate. I don't know but the majority are definitely complete bonkers." It really seems like he still believes in Sicesca and he's trying to plant the seeds for his little cult. I wouldn't be surprised to see more mentions of it coming up in the future.

No. 497006

Personally I don't really care about how expensive her ring was or whatever but since she's going to eBay it I guess it should be an important topic.

Branded jewellery is always marked up and it was obvious from the get go that her ring was nothing to really write home about in terms of quality and the value of its materials.

With 14k white and yellow gold and a bunch of low quality diamonds with no certificate, I'd wager that she wouldn't be able to get over 500 for it from a pawn shop. It'll be interesting to see how much it gets sold for. I sincerely hope it doesn't get sold for more than what they paid for it.

Also this is stupid, she doesn't need to change her ring because it never given her any issue before. It's only turning her finger green now because the rhodium plating has worn off which is what happened with her first ring too. She should have just get them replated for like 30-40 bux.

No. 497016

Lol yeah, he's a wasp at best. Piece of shit.

No. 497025

As someone who recently just tried to sell a $6k tennis bracelet (at sale) for my boyfriend's mom claiming she'd at least get $2k for it from a jewelry store. They only go by melt down value of the gold. The only time they'd resell a piece of jewellry is if it's worth more to sell whole than melt down. It has to have certificates or be very rare, unique, vintage. They offered his mom like $200 for a $6k designer tennis bracelet with diamonds on each link. She also had no papers claiming authenticity.

So yeah Lainey's ring is worth more to fans than melted down at a jewelry shop. Also I feel like any jewelry made out of her ring would need to be sent to the Vatican first for a blessing. Like imagine the bad juju that goes along with that. Imagine the fan who wins it actually starts to become haunted by Onion's demon poly sluts who try to ruin their relationships like they tried to ruin Onion's. End sarcasm.

No. 497044


Billie is 5'2", so that doesn't surprise me.

No. 497083

I've never heard that shiloh was in sex industry?? Can someone post deets, tried to find it can't find it(lurk moar)

No. 497084

No one said Shiloh got a pass. Despite what she did, which by the way she did while dating Lainey's husband, otherwise she was kind of normal unless she was in his house, she was still a kid. And she was 17 when she started dating Lainey's husband, so no Lainey wasn't younger. Shiloh was troubled, but that doesn't change the fact that Onion shouldn't have been with either of those girls. And I don't get why every time someone mentions the various people Lainey's husband fucked over, there's always an anon in here bitching about it and arguing that it was their fault, etc. Are there really Onion stans in here?

No. 497086

A huge shift in the Onion marriage occurred when they realized that they had the “daddy kink”. Onion himself says this in one of his videos (I think it’s the one where he and Lame answer questions while sitting on a bed and he’s wearing that Christmas sweater) Daddy kink actually translates in Onion’s world to extreme BDSM and I say extreme because we have all seen the bruises he’s leaving on her neck. He thinks he’s a real life Christian Grey character. Handsome, charming but sadistic and all the girls want him but he wants the “plain” one that is a good little sub. He says in that video that he never wants to go back to the one before they started having their weird kinky sex. I think he takes out all of his anger and frustrations verbally and physically during their totally consensual and loving play time. There’s no way some of those bruises on her are hickeys. I wonder if she has other ones and is careful to hide them so that we don’t speculate more.

No. 497088

Hit the nail on the head there. It's almost as if people are humans and when they're young, naive and put in a stressful and obviously traumatic situation they act out of character.

No. 497089

This timeline is a little off. The memory loss stuff happened before the sepsis and fake pregnancy videos. The sepsis was an attempt to get away from Lainey's husband. The difference between Sh and Lainey is that Sh did fight back and oppose him but Lainey is too eager to comply with her Yes Daddy bullshit. Don't you think there's something to the fact that Sh went through some obvious mental instability during that time and Lainey is always anxious and showing her own instability with her skinwalking transtrender persona?

No. 497090

What the fuck is he even talking about? This the first onision video to actually make me laugh because he sounds like a fucking jackass

No. 497091

File: 1521931744916.jpg (48.75 KB, 600x296, wiseau.jpg)

Oh hai Gurg!

Loving the way he messes with the contrast on his videos to hide how carrot orange his rat's nest is or goes full on b&w to hide it. Just buzz it all off and buy a wig or wear a stocking cap. There is no saving that clump of turds.

No. 497092

She had an escort Tumblr or something. It's on onion life wiki.

No. 497093


Why was Gerg in a How To Basic Video?

No. 497095

Was wondering the same thing. There were some randos in the same section, maybe How To Basic made a fanvideo tag and onion got in through that kek

No. 497096

Unless he just did it for the meme since p sure his friends Idubbbz and Maxmoefoe have made fun of him on twitter in the past.

No. 497099


> Before Lainey's husband played this "I'm poor help me" shit, he was always tacky and nouveau riche. He always valued looking rich before enjoying quality. He bought a mcmansion because it was a big house even though he couldn't decorate it or keep it clean. He bought a tesla because it was cool even though he never went anywhere except to go grocery shopping.

Quoted it because gr8 post.

Lainey, if some guy asked you on a dinner date and showed up at your door with a gas station sandwich, would you go out with him? Because your ring is the ring version of a gas station sandwich.


And Chibi Derf is a direct ripoff of that Fred channel back in the day. Derf is even Fred backwards.

No. 497108

>I think he takes out all of his anger and frustrations verbally and physically during their totally consensual and loving play time.

I think so too. Considering that Onision faps to hentai daily, it damages the penis, making it harder to ejaculate from basic PIV sex, because scar tissue starts to build up and kinda numbs the penis.

He probably just battle rams from behind so he doesn't have to look at Foot's face. Explaning bruses on the back of the neck.

He needs to say shitty things to her to stay hard probably, and probably grabs her and chokes her and pulls her skin and hair.

I think he's so mentally unhinged and sick in his power hungry addled brain that Onision is INCAPAPLE of having slow tender lovemaking.

If Greg claims to only have sex when in love, then according to A.J. hes only concerned with ripping off the clothes to just jackhammer it in with no foreplay or tenderness.

>There’s no way some of those bruises on her are hickeys. I wonder if she has other ones and is careful to hide them so that we don’t speculate more.

Oh, to be a fly on their wall….

No. 497109

why bother with the wall, when you can be a fly in laineys clothes kek

No. 497110

I always figured Shiloh probably cheated because she needed a way out. We know he loved her more than Lainey or even Billie, so he would have put up a huge fight if she just said she wanted out. She needed to give him a reason to let her out of the relationship.

Sage for tinfoil

No. 497111

File: 1521945008369.png (301.07 KB, 540x350, kek.png)

Or in her colouring books

No. 497112

Is that just the lighting or is her phone filthy!?

No. 497115

>We know he loved her more than Lainey or even Billie

This is true. I mean Lainey's husband was really heartbroken when things ended with Shiloh. He actually cried over her. When has he ever cried over Lainey? Even to this day, he still talks about Shiloh. He was really upset over her for a long time, but as Lainey and her husband have both said, Lainey has to force him to stay because he constantly tries to leave her and would otherwise.

No. 497117

Ew wtf? I hate when people mention into being certain races, it usually has racist connotations involved, whether they're aware to it or not.

No. 497120

I still think that the fact that they have their “daddy kink” thing is the glue holding that relationship together. I don’t think it will last though. Imagine if she transitions, even a little bit.

No. 497121

I think he’s only saying this because he’s invested in what’s being said about him here. Especially lately. Everything that is being said here magically appears in his videos a few days/weeks/months later.

No. 497122

well he's basically said black people are inferior in the past, so where is the surprise

No. 497126

Has anyone ever asked Lame when she "realized" she was poly? Cause she went from complaining that she thought SHE was the one with a gf and being jelly to ignoring girls who don't want to date Gurg and proclaiming she's poly. Would love to know her story behind this.

No. 497132

Talking about Shiloh in the chat on younow really seems to trigger the fuck our of Lame, worse than if you bring up Billie.

No. 497133


Hopefully no one brings her up now, she doesn't need to be dragged into anything or discovered by Lame's viewers.

No. 497137

That’s because Lame knows her husband truly cared about Shiloh and she was the only girl he ever actually loved. I mean he waited a decent amount of time before he asked Shiloh to marry him, but when he lost her every relationship after that was just fucked up and rushed. And it probably bothers Lame, no matter what she says, that he was publically heartbroken over Shiloh and actually cried over her, but has never cried over Lame. I mean she sits there and insults herself around him and he completely ignores her. Like remaining silent is as good as agreeing with her insults directed at herself. And let’s be realistic here, Shiloh did videos with him and you could tell they had fun together. Anyone with eyes could see he was happy with Shiloh, but he fucked her up and he’s still obsessed over her. Also, I know we’re done with the ring talk, but does anyone know where to find the video of Shiloh after the break up where she comes back and shows the camera an engagement ring? I can’t find it, but I feel like that ring looked almost exactly like Lainey’s ring.

No. 497139

He has no room to talk about religion. He was never part of a real one. He was raised by his mother into the same nutty ideology that David Koresh indoctrinated his followers in. I guess no one ever explained to him that Seventh Day Adventists are actually members of an insane UFO cult that plays itself off as a denomination of Christianity. Funny, how his mom once said she left that behind as a kid, only to go ahead and marry a minister of said "church", Onion's father.

No. 497143

File: 1521971894402.png (23.35 KB, 516x94, screenshot1.png)

I hope I'm doing this correctly, first time posting here. It's something I found on Tumblr, thought it might be interesting. It's about Sam. 1/12

No. 497144

File: 1521971920454.png (47.27 KB, 483x388, screenshot2.png)


No. 497145

File: 1521971954878.png (46.5 KB, 469x372, screenshot3.png)


No. 497146

File: 1521971977547.png (19.98 KB, 433x179, screenshot4.png)


No. 497147

File: 1521972006461.png (55.32 KB, 454x674, screenshot5.png)


No. 497148

File: 1521972023196.png (60.44 KB, 469x453, screenshot6.png)


No. 497149

File: 1521972041773.png (51.16 KB, 436x377, screenshot7.png)


No. 497150

File: 1521972062623.png (58.97 KB, 462x320, screenshot8.png)


No. 497151

File: 1521972083574.png (72.44 KB, 481x492, screenshot9.png)


No. 497152

File: 1521972101934.png (81.68 KB, 444x617, screenshot10.png)


No. 497153

File: 1521972120287.png (103.95 KB, 496x673, screenshot11.png)


No. 497154

File: 1521972166357.png (47.62 KB, 371x365, screenshot12.png)

12/12 That's it! I have no clue where these are from though.

No. 497155

File: 1521973243683.png (42.85 KB, 808x331, D1ByhdkHSogAAAABJRU5ErkJggg.pn…)

Why can't you just say you got them off of tumblr?
Afterall, DSSCTM self submitted all these caps to himself. The original post has been deleted since.

No. 497156

File: 1521973735965.jpeg (184.85 KB, 1242x269, 9DC35AB3-5A4A-40EF-8AD1-16A3C8…)

Just a bit confused at this one because sam herself admitted how the last day or so she stayed in her room and didn’t talk to them or eat because she felt uncomfortable… photo related - transcript from a livestream where she said hersf she spent the days in her room…

No. 497157

Greg said she stayed in her room after the gasping incident, which was early on in Sam's stay. Sam admitted to staying in her room only at the END of her stay, for different reasons, based off that screen.

No. 497158

Just because the dumb-ass who uploaded this didn't blur out the names, doesn't mean you can't extend that courtesy.

No. 497159

anon says they got them off tumblr in their first post, i think they're stating that they don't know where they originated from

No. 497161

I would never stand for my husband ever calling me a cunt. JFC

No. 497162

So is she saying that no one reacted to the throwing incident because it's against their parental beliefs? T is about 4 and half now right? That's about kindergarten age which is old enough to be taught not to hurt smaller children!

No. 497166

By the way it was described in the past, it seems like they didn’t react because they were trying to teach the children not to freak out, which many parents do if a kid hurts themselves to practice calm responses HOWEVER……. I pray that they disciplined T for doing that if it’s true…. for obvious reasons… not to mention no matter what the situation, Greg’s over reaction to sam gasping is also extremely odd. Usually a simple “we don’t like to give a panicked reaction” could suffice………

No. 497169

i doubt this so much lmao, greg has tiny pen0r wtf

No. 497171

i'd like to see how the chat got to this topic, although reading the screen caps it appears sam just word vomits what's on her mind lol. I wonder if Onion know these are out, the caps talking about his kids I'm sure will send him over the edge

No. 497174


Don't start with this shit again. We don't have temp anymore so don't scare away milk.

No. 497177

> Lainey has to force him to stay because he constantly tries to leave her and would otherwise.

See, this is one thing that I find really hard to reconcile with Taylor's smol misunderstood bean persona. Why oh why would you even WANT to keep someone around who has explicitly said they don't want to be thee, and who plays that "I'm LEAVING!" card whenever they have an argument? I know: she has no self-esteem, blah blah. It's just so fucking gross. They're such disgusting people.

No. 497186

So this was the reason for gurg's pre-emptive "truth about my kids" video.
>Gurg watching his kids and one suffers a blunt head trauma.
>but it wasn't MY fault mmkay.. it was obviously sam's for distracting me somehow or lainey's for expecting me to be a dad, btw did I mention lainey is an awesome human yet?

I wonder if this coincided with his twittersperg'18? (I remember this incident being liveblogged on temp, would be good to cross reference). Tinfoil lame banned him from twitter because he was too engrossed in sm/anything else to properly parent his children..

No. 497188

Thank you for sharing. I really do believe Gurg was being a creeper while Sam was there; however I don't believe she was put off as she so claimed. She obviously liked Lames husband before going to Grease Mansion and it is also well known he lavishes the person he's trying to win with attention, praise, and gifts. The problem comes when he's gotten his prize and no longer has to put the effort in.

I also 100% believe he spells out insults in front of the kids. He even does this in his stupid videos as a way of 'censoring'. In my opinion, any fighting shouldn't be done in front of the children because they will often internalize that shit. Right now they may not understand what he's saying but I'm sure they can pick up on the tension and emotion between their parents.

No. 497189

Whatever she says at this point is a lie so what's the point? Just look at her most viewed video aka Greg is a hceater

No. 497194

This is how my friends child basically got murdered at the babysitters. Fuck this piece of shit. I'm done.

No. 497199

wtf… why did he pull the covers over her legs? I don't get it.

I'm sorry, thats so horrifying.

No. 497200

I believe in his kids video he said something to the effect, If you could look back and see that there was something you could have done differently then you are at fault.

The main point for me is he has a huge "I could have done this differently". He could BE THERE FOR HIS KIDS. He works at home and barely leaves the house; there is no reason he can't spend more time with his children. Instead he locks himself in his office and claims he has no fault in what happens because he wasn't there. Even when he does watch the kids he is too busy with is online life. I clearly remember him rage tweeting while Lame was live streaming. (As far as I know that's the only time he really watches the kids.)

No. 497201

lainey has many flaws but she wouldnt endanger her children like their piece of shit father tbh

No. 497202

Lame is obsessed with him and has been since she was a teen. She is never going to leave. Onion needs to be in a relationship. He knows he is never going to find another doormat like Lainey that will literally put up with anything. The only way I see him leaving is if he meets a young girl and falls in love with her super bad. Which won’t happen because he’s old and fugly now.

No. 497203

She already is endangering them by raising them with a narc. No doubt their kids will have very low self esteem just like mommy.

No. 497204

So they got mad at San for gasping at something serious in front of T? I thought Lainey had a serious anxiety disorder? I’m sure if that was the case he’d be used to seeing people freak out (we know it isn’t though).

No. 497207

Troy probably has a lot of pent up rage from witnessing all this shit. Also he is probably lonely and bored, who does he have to interact with besides his mentally ill parents? Now he has a baby sister who is probably taking up more of doormats attention. What kind of Father brings random thirsty broads into his mcmansion to distract him from his family? And what kind of Mother tolerates that shit? Children raising children.

No. 497208

it’s like when billie was over and they were always so close on camera and lainey had a problem with it so then they brought in blankets.
he probably did it so lainey didn’t have to see them being so close

No. 497211

The Onion household is madness and legit just sounds like a bunch of 12 year olds somehow live alone and have produced babies.

Like, onion uses a blanket so his wife doesn't have to literally see the physical contact. Fuck I wonder what he does behind closed doors, he is such a creeper

No. 497212

it just makes no sense. Its even creepier with the blankets…
I hope these kids get out of there somehow, I mean they have grandparents, but they don't interfere.

No. 497213

Definitely. I also think he can't bear to not be the centre of attention and hates that Lainey is getting more followers and views and that's why he's done this retarded blonde thing. It's to try and reclaim attention,even for a minute.

No. 497214

Throwing the baby off the couch is crazy, I don't care if the one who did it is a child or not. No reaction from Greg either? But I thought he cared soooo much about children not getting hurt in front of him or them getting hurt in general. But it's okay with Trot tosses Clot off the couch.

No. 497215

File: 1521997494980.png (132.83 KB, 297x337, 6j5fl0g.png)

awkward onion blanket cuddles are apparently a thing

No. 497216

yeah, in this one you can clearly see he's trying to use the blanket to hide that his hand is on her upper thigh/between her legs. fuckin' gross and super weird.

No. 497217

everyday is a work/play day for onion boy

No. 497218

He's so insecure he can't stand to be seen as shitty or wrong. So Sam probably witnessed Troy throwing Cloe or pushing her off the couch or whatever and Sam gasped like 'oh shit' and instead of running to his kid's aid or whatever, gets offended at Sam's gasping as he thinks she's judging his parenting or it's a reflection of him.
Everything that happens around him must be about him somehow.
It's like how he got triggered over Drew saying that Billie told him she's never seen children cry as much as his kids do. He acts like it's about him not wanting them talking about his kids when in reality, he just doesn't want the world to know he's a shit parent.
He also is probably the type to let his kids do whatever the fuck they like unless it interferes with him somehow. That they break shit and are just given new toys. It's obvious from the amount of toys they have that these children are spoiled. I bet they are given ipads and whatever to entertain themselves and never taken to the park or have playdates over because Grug and Lainey aren't friends with any other parents and the reason they act violent (troy) or cry all the time (according to Billie) is because they are constantly ignored and cry or hit to get attention.
Troy's behaviour will soon mirror Greg's as he gets older. Cloe I imagine will have self esteem issues since her only female figure is a submissive sexually confused doormat and her father is awful to women (despite his white knighting and virtue signalling)

No. 497219

Not censoring names is a pretty good way to scare people off. Just saying.

No. 497221

Yeah, that's what I meant! Sorry if I worded that weirdly. The screenshots seem to be from a stream as far as I can tell, but again, I don't know. Does Sam even stream on Twitch anymore?
Sorry that it bothered you that I didn't censor the names but I don't really get it. That may have been my first post, but I've lurked for some time and I've never seen anyone censor any chat names?

No. 497222

you did fine thank you for the contribution to the thread ♥

No. 497223

She hasn't streamed in a while (probably because of her job) and has deleted all videos off her Twitch.

No. 497224

I’ll let you know this much: someone is lurking many anti-O platforms and stealing content for their shitty tumblrs.
Sam wasn’t publicly posting these things.

No. 497225

File: 1521999152105.png (192.25 KB, 1019x727, Zkcaxiv.png)

>The screenshots seem to be from a stream as far as I can tell

Looks like Discord?

No. 497226

As another anon said, you're fine, but for future reference, you're supposed to censor information of users who aren't of public interest.

No. 497227

In my humble opinion those caps are extremely giod shit. It seems to be the first time Sam (if these are legit and I believe they are) has gone into more detail of Gag's creeping. As hard as it is to understand why Sam didn't just go in on them as soon as it all went down, she probably just needed a friend. She was probably just naive enough to think that she could keep things platonic with a guy like this no matter what he wanted. Judging from this shit he really pushed it hard and Sam may not have been in a situation like this before. As you get older you start to pick up on when guys creep immediately. Also when you're still inexperienced you freeze up and don't want to rock the boat. I feel bad for Sam as she really didn't expect this (for some unknown reason she was a fan and didn't believe the rumors?? And her normal meter is way off).

As for the boy throwing the baby that is absolutely disgusting and horrifying. That, and the drawings of how creepy Gag was to her have got me open-mouthed. I've been waiting for this and I bet there's more. Unbelievably it seems that Sam might really just be that nice of a person as to attempt not to shit on the Greases…until she snaps. These girls have probably all seen a lot and I wonder if gurgs threatened them or something because no one has really told this much dirt.

No. 497230

they're prob the same annoying users from the tempcord, they look familiar anyway. they gatekeep sam milk

No. 497232

I imagine Greg teaching Troy to hit him when's he mad has a lot to do with the incident as well. Troy has now learned it's okay to hit people when he's mad so he's going to be taking it out on his little sister. Baby's can be rough on accident all the time my 10 month old pinches me and pulls my hair all the time without meaning to. They're still learning.

No. 497235


I believe it. Especially since Sam has also said that Greg and Lainey don't discipline because they believe in "gentle parenting".

No. 497236

I think Sam was naive too, and I think what ended up happening was that she learned just how shitty Onion is after she left (because everyone started telling her what he had done through out the years) and she is mortified that he would try to ruin her life like he has done in the past with so many others.

I also believe she’s probably just a decent person and has saw a side to the Onions none of us have: them as parents and the faces of their kids. And that probably humanizes them a lot more for her than any of us could understand. So, she likely didn’t talk about this stuff because she didn’t want to do anything that might cause harm to the kids in some kind of way.

No. 497247

Ot but 2 users are ex patrons of gurg and one is possibly dssctm (keith) given he published the screens initially. 2 of the names listed troll lainey regularly on yn.(offtopic)

No. 497267

not intending to derail but does the world knowing it was "trappucino" talking shit mean anything? it's not like it's their real name or anything that would be traced back to them without serious internet detectivery anyway. i agree with you that DSSCTM is in there on a sockpuppet if he posted these, im sure he went fishing for content.

No. 497271

So not only was Greg showing Sam sepiroth porn, but he was also showing her photos of Lainey topless?
>But it was totally platonic
He was so grooming her. Ew.

No. 497273

File: 1522008271031.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, disgusted.jpg)


No. 497277

lol it's the granite kitchen counter top

No. 497281

who cares, honestly?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497283

I'll never get over how this is probably the happiest we ever saw Grundle. He really fucked up with Billie and probably kicks himself about it to this day. He just had to have his cake and eat it too.

No. 497285

At the end of the day a tumblr can be a collection of evidence towards Lainey’s husband and Lainey to prove how terrible they really are. Imo it doesn’t matter where the content goes, as long as it’s out there and people find it and become aware, and for those not familiar with image boards it can be easier to read on a tumblr….. not trying to like wk or anything just not sure why itd be of any concern

No. 497287

the tumblr anti-o's are shit. eoliveson has a raging hateboner for shiloh because she wanted to suck greg's stumpy dick and he stuck with shiloh.

No. 497289

that's one tumblr blog, there are good other blogs

No. 497290

I always think this when I see these old photos too. He looked so happy during his time with Billie and actually came across slightly more likable.

I guess that’s what true happiness does to a person.

No. 497294

why the sam shilling? it's not like onision is some unknown niche youtuber, with a 2 minute google search you can find dirt about him. anyone who willingly associates with greg isn't a good decent person just looking for friends. she algo nagged lainey sooo much, posting selfies of her wearing her clothes on instagram etc. but ofc better believe that sam actually wanted nuffing to do with the grease family and was just unaware of his shitty past. at least billie was barely 18 when she got there, this girl is 21

No. 497300


Can you stop? You appear everytime someone mentions sam in a vaguely positive light and whiteknight lame.

Nobody was "shilling" Sam, anons were discussing screenshots.

No. 497303

I love reading the hate he gets on his Twitter posts, his engagement is so awful, he gets like 5 comments. I think they may have another throw away account because the only person really that I've seen try to defend him is some girl account. Why doesn't his patron followers defend him on Twitter?

No. 497305

He's created yet another "extra special" forum for patreon's, along with his existing 329 forums, the rate in which he shuts down all of his forums is sketchy af, why does he need to scrap them every 6mths or so? Is that a common practice with forums?

No. 497307

No he is just a moron and thinks starting a new forum is better then restoring it when it gets a DOS attack.

No. 497313

So onion is the manchild version of verruca salt. I want it ALL and I want it NOW. Cars/houses/consoles/sisterwives/fame/money/respect/gadgetry/electronics/kids etc.. then loses interest in one or all and the cycle begins again and again.

No. 497314

Plus he's got to filter out the spies so he can have his safe space where his patrons fondle his balls and lick his ass for the illusion of a paid for friendship.

No. 497322

you can see gross pics of their carpets on laineys posh if you really want to

No. 497339

File: 1522027793615.png (421.74 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-03-26-03-31-16…)

He managed to filter his hideous piss yellow hair in his new uhohbro video to the point that his skin is piggy pink. Still looks like shit. Oh by the way, he's lovebombing lame at the end and it's very random and strange.

No. 497342

Probably saw Sams chats here and is preparing for it to blow up

No. 497347

Why is his hair so greasy? I’m really wondering what the inspiration for this new look is. Kurt cobain actually brushed his hair

No. 497353

He fucked with the filters so much his face looks shopped on! Good job Onion. That hair is as sad as his life and is that a herp on his lip?

No. 497354

it's because he showers like 4 times a day.

No. 497358


Lame has one too, probably passed it to him.

No. 497362

Are you the same anon who think the phone is really filthy? Do you have eyes? I clearly a countertop and a reflection from the phone. Get it together

No. 497363

So Lainey said she’s trying out he/him pronouns lately cause she’s having an identity crisis and she’s been trying out some new potential names for herself but doesn’t want to share them yet, according to her younow stream. And after she stops breastfeeding if her chest doesn’t get smaller she wants to seriously consider top surgery and apparently her and Greg have already had a talk about it before hm

No. 497365

File: 1522032125933.jpg (25.31 KB, 257x463, Capture.JPG)

Lame's denial though.(cowtipping)

No. 497366


lol she's never going to stop breastfeeding, the oldest one is still breastfeeding and according to her breastfeeding video it's okay to breastfeed from until the age of 7. Which is really weird and messed up but whatever

No. 497369

He's been love bombing her for a while now. In his recent video about the types of girls he's attracted to - at the end he says Lame is exactly his type. He's been trying so hard but little snide remarks still make it through because no matter how much he tries to pretend they are so in love – his hate seeps through.

No. 497371

His current thing with Kurt Cobain is the absolute height of hypocrisy. All the horribke things he’s said about drug users (even just people who smoke weed lol) does he even know anything about Cobain?

No. 497375

She’s having an identity crisis because she’s a cis female and feels like an idiot going back on all her transgender bulshit kek

No. 497378

the difference being he has no male friends and neither does she

No. 497383

but according to lainey she's not a girl so her husband is attracted to masculine types. they're in a gay relationship! gay onion.

the sad lies these two idiots tell themselves to make them appear so in love. lame's even said her husband's more attracted to feminine girls like billie and it makes her feel bad because she isn't feminine.

No. 497396

Thank you anon. Seriously, why is it that anytime someone mentions Sam when she is relevant to the Onions, the same person comes in bitching about it. Go make a snow about Sam, pretty sure she has one. We're not here to talk shit about Sam. She's only relevant when she mentions the Onions with new milk.

And honestly, anyone is better than the fucking Onions. Stop whiteknighting Lainey. I see too much of that in this thread.

No. 497397

Her fans are definitely starting to see through her BS: thanks to her terrible make up videos, constant snideness and attitude, and the fact that she raged so hard on Sam in that Livestream or what happened when the one ex-patreon Maxxie exposed her. She's trying so hard to maintain her smol, complicated bean with anxiety facade when she could use that same energy to clean her house, take better care of her dogs, and be a good mother. I mean Jesus she's filming while watching her kids, and she clearly has expressed how sometimes she wants to leave YouTube due to no time to record or edit along with no good video ideas and the condtsnt hate.

No. 497398

Lainey's husband can't brush his hair because he's fried it. And I'm not just making fun of him, this is the truth. He bleached it way too many times and now it's knotted and fried.

No. 497399

i know i'm late but this is absolute bullshit and these dumbasses are going to get their daughter killed. you aren't supposed to react when a child is hurt because it ends up making them freaked out, and it makes them more upset and harder to help.

you are NOT supposed to suppress a reaction every single time a child is hurt, though! like if they fall and hurt their knee, or drop something, or small things like that? sure, no need to make a big deal. but if a child is SERIOUSLY injured or HURTS someone you're supposed to react negatively! that's negative reinforcement! idk what kind of rinky dink online for-profit college lame went to for her psych degree but she's obviously not putting it to any fucking use at all.

No. 497402

if she’s being serious about top surgery and going by he/him pronouns, the divorce papers WILL BE served. Lainey’s gay husband has stated that he wouldn’t like the idea of his spouse getting top surgery because he prefers breasts and isn’t attracted to feminine females.
he would tell Lainey that he isn’t attraced to her new “identity” and isn’t the same person he fell in love with and that she should be with females (since she’s always talking about how cute girls are and wanting a girlfriend)

No. 497404

It's funny because Lainey always says she and her husband have talked about it and he's okay with it AFTER he says countless times that he wouldn't be okay with it. Is she stupid? The reason people say this shit to her is because they get it from him. Her husband says he doesn't want her to get top surgery and wouldn't be okay with it and then she comes onto streams and lies and says he's okay with it. No he's not. Who is she trying to convince? Us or herself?

She says this every single time. "I've seen them, ha. I do it too, haha." I highly doubt she's seen all of the texts. Also, why is she comparing this to how she talks to her friends when she literally kicked Sam out because she was uncomfortable with the way Sam and Lainey's husband behaved around each other. I can't believe how sad and ignorant she is. Clearly she didn't trust him because if she did she wouldn't have freaked out so bad that she constantly went to check on the two of them and whispered to her husband about how she didn't want Sam there.

>idk what kind of rinky dink online for-profit college lame went to for her psych degree but she's obviously not putting it to any fucking use at all.

She's not putting it to use and she's not even using for this specific situation. Everything they do that's fucked up with the kids is all of her husband's rules and ideas. I'm pretty sure Lame would have her kids on video with her or at least have pictures of them if it wasn't for her husband's paranoia. Whatever her husband says goes. And she ignorantly listens to him. She doesn't even use her psych degree, anytime she gets into an argument with him, he googles shit and she shuts her mouth. She lets a loser who didn't even go to college correct her when it comes to her degree. So she has no say in what's right and wrong for the kids. She goes with whatever that dumbass wants.

No. 497405

>he would tell Lainey that he isn't attracted to her new "identity" and isn't the same person he fell in love with

Tinfoil but, maybe he's encouraging Lainey to get top surgery for that specific reason. It'd be a way out for him. He's obviously not attracted to her right now, he never compliments her. The only thing he says is "Lainey is awesome." So, if he can push her to get top surgery, then he'd think he has an excuse to leave her without looking like a dick.

No. 497417

The only thing that will keep him is if they bring in an attractive female and disguise it as poly again.
He will tolerate her for keeping her vagina but I think it’s goung to really gross him out.

No. 497418

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him call Dobbs awesome.

How great to be essentially as good in your husband’s eyes as the family pet. At least she’s important enough to be on the same level as the favorite one.

No. 497420

here's a tin foil: what if by "top surgery" lainey means breast reduction surgery? it's well known her husband prefers small tits and since he's so anti-plastic surgery it would be a way of "justifying" it

No. 497427

Lmao 1) No you didn't 2) No he didn't 3) You have no friends, except for Sarah when you need any favor

No. 497447


It has to be a discord, cause you can drawings in there.


No. 497462

Maybe she also just says she wants to have top surgery cause many ppl, especially recently, call her out on being fake trans so she needs to say something to be more convincing. But maybe she actually doesn't really plan on doing it and knows it's enough to make everyone believe her more if she claims to consider it. Just a tinfoil thought.

No. 497467

What if she does and her crisis is because deep down she knows her husband wouldn't be supportive and it would change her life forever? He'd leave her because he definitely wouldn't be able to pretend to be attracted to her anymore not that he's doing a good job anyway. Entertaining the idea for a second that she's serious and would eventually start hormone therapy and her physique changed, there is no way her husband would be able to keep up this charade about how in love and perfect they are. He's not as open minded as he likes to pretend to be for YouTube likes. Her only hope of keeping him if she really is thinking about it is if she starts looking more like Shane.

No. 497468

I wonder if Lainey has found out yet about her onion husband showing her nudes to Sam (and watching porn with her) . I'd be so fucking pissed, considering she was virtually a stranger. Tbh she probably does know and is in major denial as with everything else

No. 497473

I'd love to know the context of this. Does he keep a framed pic of her milkers around the house or did he have the pic on his phone? If he showed her a picture like that intentionally what kind of response was he looking for??

BTW Lainey was on stream tonight and denied that her baby got thrown. While she always denies rumors even ones far more minor than this I think that Sam and Gurg were the only adults around who witnessed this and her gay husband just never told her. That could be part of the reason he wanted to subdue any hint of a reaction from Sam, can't cause a scene and have it brought to Laineys attention.

No. 497504

Lol no she doesn't. This gender stuff is just her trying to escape herself, I really doubt she'll change anything physically.

No. 497505

>If he showed her a picture like that intentionally what kind of response was he looking for??

Maybe wanted to see if Sam finds it hot so he can try to hook them up and start another cuddlegate again.

No. 497516

Proof? I’m not saying you’re not telling the truth but I haven’t seen anything about this

No. 497518

It's in the screenshots earlier in the thread.

No. 497519

Her transtrending started after her tits engorged from pregnancy. I wonder if she is just uncomfortable with how large they are and thinks that's gender dysphoria. It probably doesn't help that Lainey is actually lactating.

No. 497521

>her milkers

No. 497522

Yeah, he was trying to initiate another three way but he couldn’t get Lainey onboard.

No. 497523

I feel like he was definitely supposed to be watching the kids and then this happened and he didn’t want Lainey to find out that he was being his usual negligient self.

No. 497526

but if the baby was seriously hurt, there's no way lainey would not notice.

No. 497528

This whole chucking a baby thing has really highlighted something for me. Not gonna lie I'm pretty sure most parents have had a small child cause or have an accident when they were supposed to be on watch. No doubt this is probably linked to their parenting of Troy, but the incident as such although dangerous is actually relatively common. What isn't okay though is the fact Greg tried to hide it and thus showed that his pride comes before his own childs safety. What he doesn't seem to realise is people don't relate to someone who is ALWAYS RIGHT, because nobody really is. People relate to people who fuck up and have enough conviction to admit to it and try to make it better, because all of us have fucked up. When someone does that it humanises them and makes them relatable. He might think this always factual and correct persona is a positive thing that should award him popularity, but it does the opposite. It is incredibly offputting and transparent. THAT is why his youtube career is failing.

No. 497529

Gentle reminder that Greg only brings girls to his home for sexual reasons (Apart from girl's like
Maddie he uses for YouTube and she has a kid - but Greg is probably always up for a fumble behind a blanket - or JG, I think he fancied her obviously, but even then knew she wouldn't lower herself to him, Tomato's wife etc.) No need for "I think's" or "tinfoil: greg wanted X in trinity" That is all greg does.

Sam can feign ignorance but screencaps in which she admits to loving Greg and him knowing can lead anyone that's not a moron to realise Sam fancies Greg and wanted to be around him. She is bigging up his boners as per recent screencaps and suggesting she got his dick caught between her legs after he lifted her for a hug
1) greg is short, I doubt he could lift Sam high
2) greg wears trousers too big for him because he is a self conscious manlett, and has a small penis as stated by Adrienne. I can't imagine his penis being able to make any impact in his baggy trousers that Sam gets caught on it when being set down
3) Does he have an iron dick that Sam's bodyweight couldn't push down?
This story is sensationalising and alarming. This may have been the most exciting month in poor Sam's life, for which I will feel sorry for her.

We are witnessing a low for Onion. Another girl has came and went and he has not had a threesome. It's upsetting for him. He's drastically attempted to change his appearance, he is acting like his wife. New hair, new me! Except no, because he does not have the capacity to grow.

To reiterate, never give Greg a tinfoil or the benefit of the doubt in regards of "Does he want to fuck this young girl?" The answer is always yes. He is an ugly freak that thinks his YouTube notoriety will get him laid for life, he hasn't quite caught on to how much of a joke him and his life is.

Prayers to the kids.

No. 497530

The "it got caught between my legs" bit kinda seems like an excuse to make it seem okay. Like the "I tripped and my dick landed in her vagina" shtick. I don't believe Sam is innocent in all this, but neither is Onion.

No. 497531

It's completely possible that she just felt his boner coming down from that position. I mean I understand suspicion of her but it's not that wild to imagine if you're sliding off of someone you'd feel their hard on. Seems like you're picking apart semantics

No. 497536

seems like sam loves talking about onion boy's dick in a flattering manner

No. 497539

tinfoil: onion indulges in dry humping because fabric (such as blankets) act as invisbility cloaks that cloak his morality.

No. 497540

This. Pretty sure she didn’t mean it was literally “caught”. I read it to mean that she simply felt it brush against her legs. Which is pretty believable.

I do wonder, however, why she has waited until now to mention any of his stuff. Her credibility was kinda shot when she claimed she had info to “destroy a marriage” and then backpeddled on that claim. Until these screen shots, the stuff she had shown us was along the same lines of the stuff he said to Vix. Definitely talking to her in a “familiar” way, but things he could also cast off as “just friendly” conversation

No. 497543

i wonder what it's like to be their unicorn. I mean obviously it's rife with abuse psychologically, and possibly physically, but some deep part of me craves the knowledge of how it could go this far and get this bad - publicly - without stopping.

I guess it's the same fascination I have with cult leaders, but greg isn't ambitious enough or talented or charismatic enough to ever garner the attention of more than 2-3 women at once.

I have this fantasy that we will train and style a beautiful late-teens-early-20s alt chick out of one of us and she'll go in like a mole and live under the radar at their home, reporting back every evening.

I literally volunteer. It's so fascinating.

if lamey ever gets top surgery she will regret it immediately and realize she's still herself and she's still stuck in that marriage, with those children, and with her stupid wasted life, even without tits.(blogposting)

No. 497544

girl if you truly volunteer and want to hang out with the Onion's that badly you know what you need to do. Sign up to Patroen and get on voice chat and start posting selfies in the discord for senpai to notice you.

No. 497545

I don't have that kind of money. We'll have to find another strategy.

No. 497546

I'm ok.

No. 497551

I think I know who you are, you're the one I saw on his Twitter that is trying to suck up to him. I thought it was one of their throw away accounts but it makes sense that it's you. Hope it goes well for you

No. 497552

Sorry friend only the second one is me and I've never even had a twitter acct

No. 497553

Sorry the one that's me is the in depth post about wanting to go undercover in his house

No. 497555

The first comment was me from before speculating, if it's not you then it has to the the Onions spare account because that girl is pretty much the only good comments on his shit.

I really love that everyone has seen how much of a shit show Laineys husband is and just roasts the fuck out of him on every 'post'

No. 497557

Holy shit you fucking nailed it anon! I mean look at LC? Majority of cows have that very thing in common, They can't ever admit to their own faults and failings and never do anything to improve, In fact it always seems to get worse in most cases.

No. 497560

Well maybe she was speaking privately among friends about this shit and it wasn't supposed to leak? Which actually gives sam more credibility frankly and its not a question of "why now?" really.

No. 497562

Poor friendless Sam only having temp cord anons to talk to

No. 497563


She completely fucked up by waiting too long to release the damning info, but she's been saying all of this from the very beginning to those who have spoken to her. So she's been consistent with what info she has, but her taking all this time to finally let it out more publicly is her downfall because now it looks suspicious that she never outright said it before. Especially when Lame was demanding to know shit. Not that Lame would have even believed any of it.

No. 497576

It didn't come from Tempcord, Sam has her own Discord server

No. 497586


Considering her audience while streaming was mostly temp anons, and most of the usernames are troll usernames & 2 of them are for sure known from temp… safe to say the original point still stands. She only has temp anons to talk to lol.(derailing)

No. 497587

I guess we should delete all the leaked stuff Lainey and Greg didn't want released lol

No. 497588

Pretty sure that wasn't the point.

No. 497589

I'm confused.
If Greg is so anti-drug and so completely against anything associated with them … how does he justify his idolization of Kurt Cobain? A pathetic strung out druggie junkie?
He puts up Kurt Cobain posters, wears his t shirts, makes references in videos, and now this.

No. 497590


No. 497591

'pretty sure' 'pretty sure'

I for one am thankful for the anon that released caps from the discord anyway. Perhaps Sam truly is autistic and retarded for trusting a bunch of anons from LC(infighting)

No. 497592

File: 1522086586131.jpg (17.42 KB, 480x360, 1522041621269.jpg)

Why sam stans insist on hanging out in this thread to read things that are only going to hurt their feelings so they can then white knight her and derail is beyond me.

Anyone who has hopped on the funion carousel of madness and abuse is going to be discussed in a critical way. Here on lolcow, on kiwifarms, on tumblr. It's something you newfags need to get used to or leave pls.

No. 497594

File: 1522086924959.jpeg (11.4 KB, 246x205, notsubtle.jpeg)

> wonder what it's like to be their unicorn
> some deep part of me craves the knowledge
> this fantasy that we will train and style a beautiful late-teens-early-20s alt chick out of one of us
> I literally volunteer

> some deep part of ME

> beautiful late-teens-early-20s
> i literally volunteer


No. 497595

Please seek professional help, anon.

Agreed. She went on and on with the teasing to release damning info and never did it. Now she's spilling beans? Girl, it's too late for that shit.

No. 497599

>Agreed. She went on and on with the teasing to release damning info and never did it. Now she's spilling beans? Girl, it's too late for that shit.

I'm sure Sam doesn't post on here. We also don't have dates on when this was talked about. I'm pretty sure this was a leaked conversation.

No. 497601

He's a hypocrite. Most of the people he 'idolizes' would hate him anyway, but I'm sure he justifies it as appreciating the art and being disappointed the artist is gone or suffering in some way. He's not really as anti-drug as he claims he is anyway. It's just another thing to one up on people and act superior. I'm not a criminal druggie!

It's also his how do you do fellow kids moment. 90s nostagia is huge now and kids are wearing Nirvana shirts without ever even hearing a song or knowing anything about Kurt Cobain. But isn't Papa Onion cool because he wears the same shirts and he's in with the kids?

He's just a creepy pervert doing everything he can to be noticed and potentially find a new teen snatch to groom "for his wife" so he can get his dick wet.

No. 497603

wasnt there supposed to be a new chapter of his shitty book

No. 497604

>you're that anon that always comes in here and "reeeeee" WHY DONT U LEAVE

kidding. Agree. Discussing Sam has almost become like a meme

No. 497605

ugh please anon I haven't reee'd in M O N T H S(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 497614

She probably has no chance tho because I called Onision cute on one of his posts and Lainey blocked me. You gotta go through Lainey lol

No. 497616


I mean, we all know that Taylor's gay husband is a walking contradiction but it would be fun to see what his actual answer would be lol

No. 497617


I honestly think this would make a hilarious fanfic kek

No. 497639


Knew the good milk was gonna be withheld.

No. 497644

I didn't say that Sam posted here.

No. 497670

Sam drew him with orange hair, that gives an idea of when this conversation took place and would be within the last 7-10 days, so after his "the truth about my kids" pseudo blamefest.

No. 497681

>BTW Lainey was on stream tonight and denied that her baby got thrown. While she always denies rumors even ones far more minor than this I think that Sam and Gurg were the only adults around who witnessed this and her gay husband just never told her

Lame even admitted when this first went down that she wasn’t there when it happened and she didn’t find out until after Sam had left their house. So Lame’s husband never even told her about this until he said it on his stream when he was screeching about Sam after she had gone to her dad’s house. So Lame is just making herself look retarded. She can’t deny her child did that because she wasn’t even there and admitted she wasn’t sure what happened. At this rate, their son is going to grow up with an attitude and probably start hitting his parents. He already hits Lame’s husband and now we know he pushed/threw the baby off the couch. Most siblings are abusive toward their younger siblings, but they are disciplined. Instead, Lame’s son’s father scolded the woman staying with them instead of his son.

No. 497695

ew wtf why is his jacket so dirty, that isnt the filter is it??

No. 497696

I'm so annoyed by Lainey throwing around the word crisis like either admit you lied about being agender and you're actually just a tomboy or actually you're confused and having a complete identity crisis because your husband fucked up your life through manipulation, lies, and various forms of abuse at a very young age when you were most vulnerable.

No. 497701

I fear their son will grow up either a mega narc like papa Onion gay husbando or just someone with major anger management issues.

I hope it's neither and that he'll eventually go seek therapy for shitty parenting in his early childhood though.

No. 497720


I'm afraid that their kids are most likely going to end up a school shooter at most or a criminal at least due to having such a tramatic and fucked up living situation. I honestly hope they'll get therapy or something because I don't think any child could turn out well adjusted from that house hold

No. 497739

I don’t think their kids will be that extreme, but they are definitely going to have the mentality of spoiled, entitled kids. I mean if their son is already 5 and he hasn’t been disciplined and instead told to hit his father, he’s already on a bad path. It’s actually hilarious, imagining T being 17 and punching his dad when he’s angry is fucking laughable. Lame and her husband are going to regret their ignorant choices. You aren’t supposed to be a friend when it comes to your kids. You are supposed to be a parent and I feel especially bad for the baby girl because her brother is clearly violent with her and her parents allow it because they don’t want to upset the boy by scolding him for hitting his little sister. Makes me wonder if that’s how they resolve all of their conflicts in that house. It also enrages me that Lame’s husband neglects his children unless they are being violent in which he encourages that behavior. Also, why is a 4/5 year old so angry that he wants to hit people? What could possibly make a child that young that angry?

No. 497750

So does this mean Lainey’s husband has to call her boyfriend or “my husband” lmaO

No. 497752

Or maybe gayfriend? He already calls her a faggot in the bedroom.

No. 497774

He does? When did they say this?

No. 497780

You'll have to scrub through Footfaces videos. She says Grug calls her faggot, but its bleeped out (you can tell whats said by lip movement) Greg acts shocked that she said that during the video and says that she should only keep that part in for her Patreons.
They never really said that he calls her faggot in the bedroom, just that he calls her faggot. But its easy to put two and two together. He likes to degrade during rape-sex with Lainey, and she loves to be degraded. Whats better than being called "faggot" while your husband fucks you doggy style while choking you with your leash.

No. 497783

He's probably thinking about Shane or Andy anyway.

No. 497785

> "I literally volunteer"

You sound stupid as fuck.

Have you never had a bf, or been around a guy that wear boxers and gym pants? Even if his weiner is super small, if it was erect/ hard im SURE you would be able to feel it, esp coming down from s high position AGAINST his body.

Someone needs to show Blame these caps of Sam tho, im dying to see her reaction and excuses to all this shit she just said

No. 497787

so he got creeped out by a side hug but rubbing sam against him is ok? this man is bonkers

No. 497794

I was gonna say
Lainey has pointed out that Greg practically lives in pajama pants and sweatpants while at home

No. 497848

what’s up with Taylor’s gay husband and picking up/hugging/touching girls he hasn’t even known longer than his spouse? isn’t that a little weird? he asked for a hug from Maya and if he could carry her into the other room, hugging and picking up Sam, wrestling with Billie

No. 497855

I was asking about that a few threads ago. He's such a manchild. No breaking the ice with drinks or letting the girl/new victim settle in and get used to his and Lainey's personalities. Instead he does this autistic hugging thing which allows him to push boundaries and if they complain, he screams IT WAS ONLY A HUG. FRIENDS HUG.
I have only ever been on dates with horny betas that ask for hugs. They only do it because they are too chickenshit to kiss you or brush your hair away from your face, and instead of giving you a firm embrace, they do these limp wristed 'hugs'

No. 497867


lol yes, friends hug! friends pull their friends into their laps for hugs. friends pick their friends up for hugs. friends touch their friends assess when they hug. friends rub their dicks on friends when they hug. friends give friends nude massages.

but a christian side hug?? GET OUT, HARLOT.

No. 497870

Troy: Mommy, where is Aunty Selena, Big Sis Sarah, Aunty Billie, Aunty Ayalla, Big Sis Maya, and Aunty Sam…? I really miss them."
Daddy Lain: I don't want to talk about this right now, its really stressing me out right now, lets talk about something else and just chill.
Lain's Husband: You see Troy, those people are gone forever because they were garbage people and we can't have them around you and Cloey.
Troy: But they were nice to be Daddy, they always played with me and fed me food.
Lain's Husband: They don't care about you, if they cared about you then they wouldn't be garbage people. Now hush and eat your veggie lunchables.
Troy: munches on a piece of processed pizza with cheese and ketchup as toppings so everyone who leaves me is garbage…

No. 497890

>Someone needs to show Blame these caps of Sam tho, im dying to see her reaction and excuses to all this shit she just said

Lame's reactions will just be the same reactions she always has; laughing ignorantly with a smug smile, repeating how she trusts her husband and has seen everything while accusing only Sam and calling her a liar. Makes you think, if she really did see all of these texts and she's actually okay with them then she's dumb as fuck. Also, how can she sit there and say she's poly and NOT find anything wrong with the shit her husband does/says, but then get pissed off at the various girls they both bring into the house and kick them out? You can't kick people out because your jealous, but then say you saw what they were doing and act like you were okay with it. Make up your mind Lame. She kicked Sam out because she was jealous, yet she saw everything Sam and her husband said to each other, but then says they were just friendly texts? This bitch is stupid.

Also, everytime Cuddlegate is mentioned, Lame's husband always uses the excuse that he was cuddling with her just like he did with a friend he had in high school. The difference is, that was a friend he had when he was single. Why the hell would he need to cuddle with a friend when he has a wife? This guy thinks he's great at coming up with excuses, but they are always flawed. Like his mom gave him a massage, but that's his mom and he didn't give her a massage. Does he even give Lame massages? I know I hate giving massages and so do most people who aren't in that profession. So, he clearly had a motive in mind otherwise why would he even want to give a massage when we know he's lazy as hell? And he cuddled with a friend he had when he was single. Key word being SINGLE. A lot of people cuddle with friends when they are single, but not when they are married and their spouse specifically asks them not to.

No. 497911

File: 1522135753172.png (68.16 KB, 237x227, ktKRz60.png)

Thing is, he can't use drinks to break the ice because all the girls he tried to fuck were under 21 ;) besides I doubt Lainey's husband can even handle a more than one shot. Anyone remember that video where Lainey and her husband were trying out those shitty single shots you get at liquor stores? He was clearly buzzed; his face looked so red, and yet had the audacity to yell out how BAD and EVIL alcohol is

No. 497913

Lame doesn't seem to be remotely interested in really getting top surgery. She seems uncomfortable whenever anyone brings it up. I can't believe anyone buys her bullshit. She says if they're smaller after she's done breastfeeding, she'll be able to live with them, then she says in the next sentence she's trying out he/him pronouns. Please.

No. 497920

The only people believing her are impressionable fans who steal their parents' credit cards to give her money during YouNow so there is no credibility to them. They'll see the light eventually.

No. 497925

It was only a hug, how did it end up like this? It was only a hug, IT WAS ONLY A HUG

No. 497926

File: 1522144950283.jpeg (233.42 KB, 640x696, 5FB69B9C-AE70-493F-AB84-5F3966…)

a solid 90% sure no one posted these yet. texts between Groggle and Bill that B released(lurk moar)

No. 497928

Those are super old.

No. 497929

Do you even know how to use lolcow, those texts are in previous threads about B, Lainey, and Lainey's gay husband

No. 497930

She already answered it in her usual way. She said Sam is a liar (by sarcastically referring to her as the most honest person) and said “(scoffing and sputtering) THIS IS SUCH oLd NeWs!!! LiTeRaLlY NO ONE CARES!!!!!” and then hastened off YouNow.
Typical Lainey response. She’s got her head in the sand and doesn’t want to think that anything bad could be happening, so she refuses to believe any of it.

No. 497934

lurk more

No. 497935

Caught my kiddo watching this My Little Pony video featuring the musical genius of Gregma and I died a little inside.


No. 497937

File: 1522155095098.png (72.79 KB, 878x271, chapter 9.png)

Reaper's Creek - Chapter 9

No. 497961

File: 1522165751676.png (765.5 KB, 836x471, antitrans quiz.png)

>L: This one is to find out of I'M happy in the marriage.
>G: Who cares about that. laughs

>L: "How do you feel when you see your spouse? Loved, Happy, Insecure, or Worried?" I'd say happy.

>G: I'm worried I'm no longer going to be attracted to you.

How often do you fight? Greg says they fight about every two weeks. (Lainey answers the question as 'rarely'.) Lainey tries to answer the question "Do you go to bed at the same time" as rarely, but Grug butts in and says it's more than once every two weeks. (Lame changes her answer to usually.)
>G: "There we go, keep our honesty consistent!"
Greg says they talk constantly but seems a little annoyed by it. Last fun thing they did together was go to the movies and see Black Panther. Lame says Greg is not a romantic person and opts for 'fun loving'.

>L: "How often do you have sex?" I like how this is the image they include? Like hetro people only have sex? (She answers often)

>L: "Has either of you cheated?" One of the answers is 'we thought about it, but we would never act on it.'

>G: Well, I definitely thought about it.
>L: By-eeee
>G: No-well-I, I didn't think about actually doing it. I thought about the you know uh… like while fapping. That's emotional cheating.
>L: No that's not. That's stupid.
>G: Fapping is so emotional cheating.
>L: No it's not, that's stupid. Are you emotionally in love with these people?
>G: I don't know… No?
>L: Laughs I don't know? jump cuts Well I'm going to choose that one then because yikes.
>G: Yeah, Lames husband giggles Freakin' Jim from the Office.
>L: What's wrong with you?
>G: I'm sorry I'm emotional when I self gratify.
>L: That's weird.

Results are : You are unhappy in your marriage.
Lames husband blames Laineys answer saying he was addicted to his job as the reason why she would of got those results.

Greg now takes a test to see if his spouse is unhappy. Lainey is needy and admits she tells Grug way too much.

>G: Does your spouse ever communicate that he/she is disappointed in something about the marriage or in you? Yes.

>L: You do it too. You do it more than I do.
>G: Mutters Yeah Turn the fucking lights off after you leave the room.
>L: Fucking nice person. Huh?
>G: There was an open bag of cheese on the counter this morning.
>L: Okay Mr. I made you breakfast. When was the last time you made me breakfast? Huh?
>G: I just fucking made you dinner.
>L: I said breakfast.
>G: Laughs That's like the worst; Breakfast has different value.
>L: I made you lunch too so we're like two outta three here.
>G: Yah, well you paid for the groceries that lunch was made out of.
>L: Exactly.

Apparently Grug often will interrupt Lainey to talk about himself. He also says that Lainey only brings up the bad stuff in the marriage, and he says she is unhappier around other people. When was the last time she interacted with someone IRL? The results are that she's happy with the relationship. Grug ask the viewers to comment and let them know if they are in a happy or unhappy relationship. Lame asks him why he always does that and complains about how she'll get even more negative comments.

>G: And then study a little psych 101 and realize that the things you say about others are actually a reflection of yourself Laughs That would say A LOT about me.

No. 497962

Is My Marriage Happy? Reupload.

No. 497964

God he's so done being with her. It's actually kinda sad. From reading this transcript it definitely feels like he's laying the ground work for his "I'm no longer attracted to my spouse because she is now a he" plan. Poor Lainey. If she was actually transgender I would feel a bit bad for her becayse it's not a choice, but she's just dog it for attention and purposely pushing her husband further and further into girls arms.
I may have said poor Lainey but in reality even I know she's not worth any sympathy at this point. She's made her bed and has to lie in it now. Her greasy garbage filled nest.

No. 497965

thank you for transcribing the juicy bits. they come off as so passive-agressive towards each other, and those answers are telling. but their fans are STILL like "OMG they are such goals!". also the jumpcuts lmao.

No. 497970


>Fapping is "emotional cheating"

>does it on a daily basis anyways.

Wow, such caring.

No. 497972


>is my marriage happy?

When you're taking shitty online quizzes to see if you're in a happy marriage as "content" or not it's pretty indicative that the answer is a hard NO.

Well, that plus the cheating and the fact that your husband is constantly looking for a 3rd person to be a part of your "happy" and fulfilled marriage.

No. 497973

Does he constantly throw around “toxic relationship” to make it lose meaning and for her to have more trouble applying it to her own life??

When he talks about “not enabling and diffusing” it seems like that was something her therapist might have been trying to help her with and he’s trying to make fun of it and make it lose legitimacy. She does enable and she does downplay all the shitty things he does and says to her.

Thanks for mirroring this anon!

No. 497976

I think he does that to dilute the actual cheating (both emotional and physical). So manipulating your wife deliberately so you can exploit her young teen girlfriend and touch her naked body and tell her you love her isn’t cheating but watching dirty cartoons online is cheating. Got it? He only wants to keep her confused.

No. 497979

Someday, probably soon, Lameo will have to choose - going through actual transitioning FTM and losing her gay husbando or keeping her gay husbando but appearing like a confused transtrending fraud cishet woman to her idiotic fanbase. She won't be able to have both.

No. 497980


I agree, but if he truly considers fapping to be emotional cheating, he doesn't CARE that's he's cheating and doing it anyways.

You'd think Lame would care more that her husband regularly and willingly does something he considers cheating with no intention of slowing down.

No. 497984

The way he said "~This~ owns me" at the end of the video while pointing to Lainey made me laugh out loud because he kinda hinted that he's aware of Lame being the breadwinner of the house and he's her gay husband. Not to mention he could have used her ~~~pronouns~~~ in a nicer way but he didn't. Greasy gaylord is mad.

No. 497987

File: 1522169513849.gif (1019.61 KB, 160x160, tumblr_lwfaycysKc1qbr8cio6_r2_…)

he only gets emotional bc hes got a lil dick

No. 497992

“Does he constantly throw around “toxic relationship” to make it lose meaning and for her to have more trouble applying it to her own life??”

Yup… Gaslighting 101

No. 497997

File: 1522171739945.png (148.05 KB, 1054x123, 20180327_112948.png)


Kek not even a full paragraph in and he's already stating what he wants through his book

No. 497999

File: 1522171931351.jpeg (73.31 KB, 213x275, 2D1C1B3D-2BC6-4214-9852-1EE593…)

>L: Fucking nice person. Huh?
>G: There was an open bag of cheese on the counter this morning.
>L: Okay Mr. I made you breakfast. When was the last time you made me breakfast? Huh?
>G: I just fucking made you dinner.
>L: I said breakfast.

No. 498006

Some things I noticed:
>Notice how she acts around him. It’s not “Oh, my voice is so deep today.” bullshit she tries to pull with her fans. In fact, her voice gets higher and she’s more giggly. The only “trans” shit she tries to pull is the lame comment about a hetero image they used.
>Lame’s husband constantly tries to change her answers for her, by insisting things are better than they are. And like a wounded, beaten down puppy, she accepts it and tries to please him by answering the way he wants her to, not the honest way. Even their best attempts to defraud the quiz show them the true results and Greg still tries to explain it away.
>He doesn’t even wait for her to return (from using the bathroom or something, presumably) and keeps recording the video. People do not watch this channel to see his greasy face and many of her fans hate him.
>His hair is fucking ORANGE. It looks absolutely horrible. It’s very telling that it embarrasses him with how much he adjusts the colors for his videos.
>They are literally trying to profit of their broken marriage at this point.

No. 498013

>G: The one I take about you says you’re happy, but the one you take about yourself says you’re unhappy.

Yeah, because he literally answered his for her. Whereas, in the first quiz Lame took herself, she answered honestly. Her husband literally chose the answers for her in the second quiz according to what sounded better. That’s the only reason his sounded better. So now we know for sure, Lame’s husband rigs his quizzes. So much for honesty Grut.

No. 498016

He even tried rigging her quiz and changing her answers for her too. The problem is, they can’t figure out how to be “brootally honest” and make themselves out to be happy. They didn’t lie enough for the quiz to paint hem as a happy couple.

No. 498025

File: 1522177046453.jpg (126.61 KB, 906x677, duh.jpg)

Lainey deserves all the misery she gets for being rock stupid

No. 498037

It's amazing how these fucks turns to quizzes for validation on their claims on virtually any topic.

If the internet says so, it must be true!

The transcripts anons provide tend to have some autistic nitpicking and exaggeration though. I've noticed this a few threads ago when I began to watch the videos instead of relying on just the TL;DR (as boring as the videos are) and noticed anons sometimes see shit that isn't there. This particular video isn't that bad and they seem to have a pretty average dynamic together. Yeah they look kinda bored with each other but that's not some sensational HAPPENING. You see this sort of bickery shit with most marriages after the honeymoon.

I hate Lamp and the husband but the video was pretty okay. Stupid, but it does not look like a marriage where they despise each other. It just looks like they're not too open about their issues but are not on the verge of a breakup. They need to get offline and stop trying to solve their problems by hitting on young girls.

It seems they do have fun together when they're both in a good mood, but Gurg has a wandering eye and it's really hurtful for Lamp even though she tries to be smug about it. He does throw shade at her and she tries to handle it in a coolheaded way but she's failing most of the time. I am disappointed in her for being such an enabler but then she was groomed. How do you begin to place blame in this shitshow? It's not even worth it at this point I guess.

They're both awful people for how conceited and callous they are about the people they manipulate but their relationship doesn't look so bad in this video itself. I think it's easy to imagine some shit when you focus on hating them.

No sage to be seen on /pt/ still, so sorry about the wall of text.(yikes)

No. 498038

File: 1522180646481.jpg (124.92 KB, 854x771, comparegurgshair.jpg)


>His hair is fucking ORANGE. It looks absolutely horrible. It’s very telling that it embarrasses him with how much he adjusts the colors for his videos.

No. 498042

It looks better orange than whatever that color "corrected" garbage mess on top is.

No. 498043

Agreed, at least it looks like a hair colour that a human being could conceivably have

No. 498044

In what world do you live in where that is not a clearly unhealthy marriage? No way do any healthy couples I know end up saying things about being worried about no longer being attracted to each other, FIGHT biweekly (which isn't rarely, that's a LOT) say they've thought about cheating etc.
Also your husband reaching out to every girl that gives him a boner goes past having a wandering eye lmao do not downplay it.

No. 498045

all he needs to do is tone it. fucking lazy shit.

No. 498046

I never said it's healthy. The world has a lot of unhappy marriages. Unhappy couples do talk about their issues with infidelity and dissatisfaction, though. Theirs isn't outstanding in how unhappy it is. That's the point I'm making.

They're extremely gross for the involvement of young girls, though.

No. 498050

File: 1522182735968.png (1.73 MB, 1344x1116, Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 21.2…)

Normal unhappy couples don't post videos monetising their shitty relationships. Sorry I came off a bit aggressive I just… Their relationship is extremely outstanding in how unhappy it is. They are so far past the whole "oh, yeh we have some problems" to at this point it's like they're only together to prove us wrong. Lainey literally flinches and tenses at certain points in this video.

In other news, is he balding?

No. 498051

there has been some speculation (and evidence) that his hair is beginning to thin and recede, yes. the terrible bleach and dye job probably hasn't helped!

No. 498052

Transcript anon here. I encourage anyone who wants a clearer picture of their interactions to watch the video. (That's why I reuploaded it.) There is no way that sort of thing can be transcribed but for those who can't stand to watch the video or are only able to read at the time - I tried to sum it up the best I could. We all have different life experiences and sometimes we interpret behaviors differently. I don't think he physically abuses her but it is quite evident it's a bad relationship even when they are trying to show off how happy they are. It's very telling that they can't even keep it together through out a 5 min video with a ton of jump cuts. In my opinion both of them are extremely self-centered and too busy listening to themselves to actually process what the other is saying.

No. 498053

Their relationship is disgusting and I completely agree that the only reason they haven't divorced is cause Gurg would have to admit he was wrong and Lame is probably way to scared of what he'll do when they split up (yes I said when and not if cause come on they are either going to kill each other or one of them will come to their senses).
As for the balding, his healthy has obviously gone to shit and as for mental health, well that's always been shit. The bleach probably made things a lot worse especially since he didn't go to a salon to get it done. I'd love to find out Lame sabotaged the bleach or something, that would be amazing.

No. 498054

File: 1522183427291.jpeg (32.87 KB, 621x325, A6F465C2-2AE6-4AAC-A19B-A54E2C…)

I’m disappointed that none of us have noticed the resemblance. Lame’s husband and Chucky are spitting images, kek. From the hair to the brow to the red face and shitty attitude. If you’re into voodoo, buy a Chucky doll; if you prick him, you prick Lame’s husband.

As for whether or not the Onions have a healthy relationship, they clearly don’t and the anon that tried to say their “bickering” was normal has probably never been in a relationship or at least not a happy one. The way Lame’s husband treats her is shit. The guy literally admitted to thinking about cheating on her and what he meant by cheating on her when fapping is that he’s thinking about having sex with the people he’s watching. That’s why he gets off to it. That in itself was pretty far out in their video. I don’t know many people who openly admit to that or even fap to porn when they are supposedly having sex with their spouse in a daily basis like Lame’s husband used to claim.

No. 498055

>In other news, is he balding?
I deeply dislike Lame's gay husband and I think it would be hilarious if he started going bald, but tbh it doesn't look like it is to me.

No. 498056

Not transcript anon, but just because he's saying it in a cutesy voice or laughing after he says something horrible DOES NOT take away from the fact he's said something horrible. That's why text always seems harsher, because he softens what he says to her in videos with a laugh or the tone/pitch of his voice.

No. 498057

File: 1522183863749.png (914.58 KB, 870x459, grug balding.PNG)

It may not look like he's balding because his hair is lighter but when he had brown/black hair it was WAY more noticeable. Pic from https://hooktube.com/watch?v=7AxSlRsP6sg first few seconds

No. 498059

>G: Laughs That's like the worst; Breakfast has different value.
>L: I made you lunch too so we're like two outta three here.
>G: Yah, well you paid for the groceries that lunch was made out of.
>L: Exactly

what a miser!!! as a family, they REALLY split their groceries?? and then he uses that as an excuse for why lainey should do the subsequent cooking? no wonder he never goes to the store with her, it's the space prince's job to buy and provide!

lainey's husband wishes trot could get a job now so he doesn't have to pay for his groceries.

No. 498060

Holy shit I stand corrected, thx anon!

No. 498061

Ppl are posting links to this forum in the comments of Lames vid… >_<(>_<)

No. 498062

>framed archer print right up front on his desk

his larger animu posters have been made fun of to death, but i find that archer shit so hilarious. where's the anon who was doing a really detailed ppp meme of plainey? we need one of her gay husband.

No. 498063

I can't believe this is a room in any 30 something adult's house. It looks like a room that belongs to some generic 15 year old weeby edgelord. That's so pathetic lol.

No. 498066

plain's husband's insensitivity is amazing.

in this video, he singsongs the messages that patrons send when they pull their pledge. most of them are extremely sad, like someone unable to have internet because of low wages and long hours. one of them is "lost my job, be back soon" and he just sings the words like it's something to laugh at.

No. 498077

his hairline is also thinning to the point where you can now see his liverspots. he gets really sensitive about this when you point it out to him lol

No. 498080

File: 1522188183573.png (169.61 KB, 613x157, Capture.PNG)

Someone explain this to me, cause I'm in dental pain and can't find the words myself. I thought this book was written in "current" tense, now he's writing it in past (ie as an adult)? What the fuck is going on.

No. 498082

So he’s Mr. Burns and Foot is Botz the babysitter bandit. What a match.

No. 498085

This absolutely bottom-barrel quality writing and his insistent "self-gratifying" terminology really reminds me of (hopefully) antiquated purple prose roleplay. It's not wrong, just really awkward for someone known for looking up the definition of "collect."

With his taste for questionable sexual activity with teens, hentai, fake domming, and sheer delusion, I'd be more surprised if he wasn't an erp site regular. Totes not a cheater though, shadow fans.

No. 498089

Where have you been for the last few threads? People have been comparing him to Chucky since he bleached the last few strands of his mop.

I don't understand how Lainey can be so obstinate in the face of how shitty her marriage is. Her husband doesn't even try to mask his resentment for her. "I'm worried I won't be attracted to you anymore" Lame, WAKE UP. your fakeboi shit is going to be the official reason your marriage ends. If you wanna be an onion wife 4 life then you better throw out your binders.

No. 498106

underrated post

No. 498107

The view of his forehead dip in this picture is nauseating holy shit.

No. 498113

Thanks anon! I made that comment. It’s freakin hilarious how much he changes it. I actually initially thought from the scrrenshot that this was an older video but Lamey’s hair is too dull and dishwater.

No. 498116

I’m not going to tinfoil too hard, but I think there could be a lot of reasons they’re staying together and one of them could be because of the kids. Whether it’s for financial reasons or something else, they might only be together because of that. Though, at this point I’d say that Greg stays because he would probably have to have an actual 9-5 to live without Lainey’s oppression bucks.

No. 498117


Depending on the lighting his hair is either orange or energy drink neon yellow piss.

Either way it looks disgusting.

No. 498118

I’m here. I can totally do that. Give me some ideas though.

No. 498122

forceps dent on full display

No. 498123

This is going to sound extra but it’s an aspect of Lainey’s husband has always really pissed me off. He’s super classist and yet he has such shit taste, his McMansion, his Tesla, all that statusy crap just screams insecurity.

No. 498125

nah fam i think we pretty much all feel that way
new money af

No. 498127

DaddyOTwo vids when?

No. 498131

I think this is so cringily love-bomby.

No. 498132

It doesn't seem grease ball has been streaming of later. I'm dying for him to discuss his boners with Sam lol he will love the bait

No. 498156

Lainey is streaming right now, calling sam out for bringing their children into her dramu, I couldn't capture a moment but undoubtedly the blargh/rsn will upload something.

No. 498162

Her husband is the one who brought up Sam with the kids first, making accusations that Sam had to address. Does Lame not know this?

If someone with a significantly larger following than Lame were to wrongfully accuse her of laying a hand on their children, would she not say anything and allow people to believe that?

No. 498163

the best part about that is they were taking SIPS out of 50mL bottles… fucking lol

No. 498169

why does Taylor have a backbone when it comes to women but not her gay husband? she can easily be a bitch to Billie and Sam but not her husband, yeah she can give him an attitude here and there but for the most part, she’s never called out her gay husband

No. 498170

Hope the blargh caught it her voice went shaky a bit addressing it. So many of her fans hate Sam from the comments. Comments were saying Sam has a discord of whiteknights, think there was a few watching as well. There was also more Landon talk and she's thinking of changing her name?

No. 498172

Probably because she has to live with him and raise children with him. Those marks on her neck sure don't look like hickies, and she's rocking another massive stressed induced coldsore. Wonder if it's tense at the McMansion, her husband must be furious about his awful hair. The both of them have been missing streams a lot lately.

No. 498181

I made the last 2 threads pal, and this is the first time he has been compared to Chucky. So where have you been? Seems like you need to pull something out of your ass other than the bullshit you just said. I don’t know why anons get so offended in these threads lately.

I doubt that’s why they’re still together. The Onions are both extremely selfish people. Lame’s husband flat out ignores the kids unless she’s streaming and if she actually gave a shit about them she would have left him. Grunt obviously wouldn’t stay with Lame just for his kids considering he was going to leave all three of them for Billie. So my guess is her money. Without her, especially if the IRS takes everything from him, he’s going to be a literal bum. He needs her and she’s too selfish and sad to leave him because she wants to be validated and loved by him. So it’s strictly selfish reasons on both ends and nothing is ever for the kids.

No. 498185

>I don’t know why anons get so offended in these threads lately.
This defensive ass response. I've definitely compared him to Chucky in the past, long before the hair bleaching or your post and I'm sure I wasn't the first either. Rule of thumb for lolcow is if there's an outstanding observation you've made, chances are someone else has already made it before you anyway.

No. 498186

Anon, let me make your life easier. Ctrl+F, you type in a word and it'll show you the amount of times it was mentioned. Anyways, this thread isn't about you, but you originally responded to me saying >"people have been comparing him."
Rule of thumb for lolcow, people want facts and proof, not bullshit. There was no point.

Now onto what this thread is actually about please.

No. 498188

Calm your udders, anon. I'm not >>498089 and not making this about me. Like that other anon said, the comparisons have been made before the two threads you've posted. It wouldn't have even been brought up if you weren't so weirdly defensive over being called out on it. For some reason you still are.

Congrats on the observation, it's been made before so obviously people agree with you. It'll be made again. It's to be expected when they both share so many similarities.

No. 498189

Lame got annoyed because the relationship quiz asked if they had kids. Bitch it matters because children are part of the family and marriage, goes to show how they phase those poor kids out.

No. 498190

and that was the only thing she talked about for that specific question. They didn't even answer it, probably because her greasy husband was sitting there and remember, he's not a dad anymore! I'm telling you, I honestly feel like Lame would be better with sharing things about her kids (not even visually just mentioning them here and there) if it weren't for her weird husband. The guy is literally trying to isolate his children. He originally started the relationship with Lame by isolating her as well until he started having financial issues and then convinced her to start her own youtube channel for money. Otherwise we never even saw her except occasionally. Now he's doing the same thing with his kids. It's weird because no one is wanting to see their kids, we just find it weird they won't even mention them, yet they bring a million strangers into their home. What's more dangerous Onions? Strangers on the Internet or strangers in your actual home?

No. 498200

lol farmers in the last thread have zoomed in greg's phone just to see troy's pic as his phone bg… ppl do wanna see them, it's hypocritical to claim otherwise

No. 498201


I think anon means that none of his stans are begging them to feature the kids in videos.

No. 498203

No, anon. Only one person did that and the rest reported the person and went off on them for it. You anons need to stop making false claims. No one is wanting to see the kids and stop grouping all anons into one. Most of the time I see you guys claiming everyone in the thread said one thing when it was actually just one person and everyone else disagreed.

Anyways, no people don't want to see them. Despite what you just tried to say, most of us in here have agreed and said we understand why Lainey and Greg don't want the kids on the Internet, we just find it weird that they don't even talk to them or tell stories about them or anything. It's weird that the kids are in the same room as Lainey and she completely ignores them and her husband even shoves the kids down so they don't get in the camera.

No. 498204

People only want to see their kids because they don't even acknowledge they exist + to see if they're ugly freaks. Otherwise who cares.

No. 498216

File: 1522214126050.png (522.28 KB, 766x748, 5784884.PNG)

Lainey licking that herps sore.
Has that fucking thing ever completely healed?

Just watched all her YN moments, she was triggered about Sam and Onision talking about the kids. She was looking extra rough tonight.

No. 498218

If I recall correctly, there was some speculation that there was some Downs or autism or something too. I guess that’s why.

I thought it was pretty hilarious for Taylor to claim that Sam is some kind of awful person for “involving innocent children”.

Bitch, you involve your children with these strangers regularly. Completely oblivious to how hypocritical and ridiculous she sounds. She also said something about “never involving the kids” and how they should never be spoken about because they’re innocent and then someone said “unless they’re being abused or something” and she was like, “Yeah but that’s completely different, I agree”. I can’t remember how it went down exactly but it was almost like the person was talking about Lainey and Greg’s situation exactly and she is too thick to see it.

No. 498227

That was stupid anyway to go on about fapping as the only cheating hes ever done when he did actually physically cheat on her twice with billie, and they just ignored that. Even lameo AND him called the cuddle thing "cheating" before, but now she just acts like it never happened because he changed his mind on it being cheating or not. And she follows whatever he says.

I like how she actually didn't even answer honestly on her own quiz and it still said she was unhappy. And then onion just dismisses it as oh its because you said i work a lot thats the only reason, and her dumbass just agrees with him lmao. She has no brain of her own.

No. 498241

Major tinfoil, but maybe Lainey is about to come out as trans or at least a lesbian. Im not trying to be a douche towards anyone in the LGBT community, but a lot of females who come out as lesbian have had traumatizing past experiences, like Lainey with her teacher and then with her ex boyfriend. The girl has never not been sexually used by a man. And in the recent video of Lainey and her husband they mention they have sex “often” whereas it used to be every day. So maybe she never really enjoyed sex with her greasy husband, he just wanted it and she felt obligated. And now she’s going through this “identity crisis.” Maybe she’s really fucked up from the abuse over the years from her husband and her ex and she’s going to end up coming out as completely lesbian or a trans guy. I mean she seems pretty fucking miserable, but she’s also been obsessed with he/him pronouns for months and constantly talking about girls. I know we always speculated it was fake, but maybe she’s having an actual break down.(armchair)

No. 498243

File: 1522221198153.png (376.41 KB, 416x461, not_the_first_time.PNG)

Greg just released a video on his patreon talking about his fans' shit taste in music. He added something special (and nsfw) for his patrons.


No. 498244

is it normal to get cold sores this often? it seems like every other week she crops up with a new one.

No. 498245

That is disgusting and he needs to be reported.

No. 498247

For mobile anons, what is it?

No. 498248

lolicon/hentai at the end of the video

No. 498249

File: 1522222839256.png (Spoiler Image, 851.24 KB, 959x539, gregtime.png)

No. 498250

File: 1522222865959.png (Spoiler Image, 796.06 KB, 960x539, gregtimee.png)

No. 498251

File: 1522222888573.png (Spoiler Image, 823.65 KB, 958x538, gregtimeee.png)

No. 498252

File: 1522222934801.png (Spoiler Image, 680.43 KB, 952x537, gregtimes.png)

No. 498255

She doesn't enjoy sex with her greasy husband because he's a two pump chump who won't even eat pussy. He's selfish and only cares about his gratification. It isn't just lesbians who have had traumatizing past experiences, it's sadly happened to a lot of females so saying that trauma puts someone in crisis to the point of "causing" their homosexuality makes no sense. Lainey's misery has more to do with missing out on her formative years because she got married young and had kids with her creepy husband instead of taking the time to figure out who she is.

Dat wet head and filtering to hide his rat's nest. The best part of it is that he's laughing and acting horrified but you know he popped a half chub and couldn't wait to emotionally cheat on Lainey some more.

No. 498257

I feel like this is partially what the crew of the Event Horizon must have experienced when they went through that portal. Holy shit.

No. 498259

futa hentai

No. 498260

Do people truly think Lame is trans or a lesbian? Lame who seems adverse to even kissing a girl. Lame who repeatedly said she was only physical with B a couple of times. Lame who is STILL skinwalking B. Lame who would never change any part of her body she thought Gurg was attracted to.

No. 498261

so he has underage patrons, right?

No. 498262

Yes, he's exposing minors as young as 13/14 to porn.

No. 498263


smells like a felony

No. 498264


Someone get this bitch some Abreva, for fucks sake.

You know she kisses her children with that herpes mouth and now they are no doubt infected. Sick.

No. 498265

how can she even be trans and a lesbian. lmao. Lameo is 100% into dudes only. And she sure as hell aint trans. She wishes she were so she could be extra "special". She doesn't realize being trans actually comes with a lot of shit you have to deal with, and just sees it as cool points. Lame is just a misogynist. She hates other girls, and she thinks shes too good to be a girl.

No. 498267

Someone take his children away.

No. 498269

Mobile anon, click the bottom “continue to website” or whatever it says. Confirmed it works on mobile.

No. 498270

I know his Patreons know how young some of these people are. Probably any of the “main ones”, such as Becca, Harley, Booty, or probably even Sylar. They all know there are underage ones there and they all get very hush hush about it. But that’s basically just being accomplices.

One of his Patreons pulled a pledge over it and it seems like quite a few others were disturbed or grossed out by it. Maybe something will actually come of it.

No. 498273

What the fuck is wrong with this old freak? Please tell me this creepy, pervy shit can get him knocked off Patreon. He's straight up showing porn to kids.

No. 498276

File: 1522240234431.png (188.51 KB, 792x1046, Screenshot_2018-03-28-13-25-16…)

He's in breach of patreon's t&c's
Surely they can't just ignore this one?

No. 498277

Debateable. That implies like uploading videos of kiddie porn or videos abusing kids. It doesn't mean showing kids porn because there are plenty of nudey patreons in the cosplay community. Doesn't mean it isn't illegal.

No. 498278

The kicker is spooks is a mod in onioncord and actively removes any sexual imagery/connotations posted, I wonder how quickly the stills from his videos would be removed from his discord or if at all.

No. 498279

I'm not totally convinced that Sylar is conscious in any real sense of the word.

No. 498280

as >>498276 said, he is in actual breach of the TOS. You could temporarily pledge to report since it only charges you on the 1st of the month. Per this link (https://www.patreon.com/guidelines#adult-content), it does include animated children and I know that they've banned outright porn, which this is also.

sorry that I cannot screencap that link, it's a hassle to do so at work

No. 498281

File: 1522240924398.jpeg (550.42 KB, 1242x2078, A27E1BD8-167C-4506-94D9-E1A714…)

Oh gtfo with your SJW bullshit. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3758810/
Just read this and get educated. Lainey was a kid when she was raped by her ex and she was a kid when her husband got his hands on her. She was also a little kid when her teacher did what he did to her. And yes, studies show that more lesbian and bisexual women have been sexually abused as children than heterosexual women. This has been a thing for decades, so let’s not be ignorant. Sexual assault in adults is less likely to cause their sexual orientation to lean toward homosexuality, but in children yes, it does happen.

Anyways, my tinfoil still stands. I think Lainey might come out as lesbian or even a trans guy. I definitely don’t think she’s as in love with her husband as she thinks. I think she’s just afraid to be alone, especially after being with him for all of these years. But he and her ex have fucked her up. And I think she’s not having a mental break down

No. 498282

Is that an animated child? There is no context really in the video unless I missed hearing that being said that the animated character being depicted is a minor.

No. 498283

Wouldn't lolicon be classed as providing potentially abusive imagery to patrons under 18? If my son/daughter were an onion fan based off his yt uploads and became a patron (with or without express adult permission) I'd be furious that this is what they were then presented with, there is no real indication from his youtube content that this is to be expected via patron. He's a disgusting fucker, he needs to be exposed.

No. 498286

At this point it doesn't really matter, what matters is the old greasy dip shit posted porn on his Patreon.

No. 498288

File: 1522241337911.png (475.15 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20180328-084751.png)

Is Onision an 18+ patreon aswell?

Loli is fine

No. 498289

Cold sores are more likely to appear and flare up under extreme stress.

No. 498294

Any connection between showing a hermaphrodite and Lainey’s gender confusion?

No. 498306

He's not an 18+ creator and as such should not use pornography (regardless of its medium) in any of his video's.
He doesn't outright state that his content is nsfw. He's clearly distributing pornographic imagery for monetary gain to a very susceptible audience, seriously it's kinda disturbing that kids have open access to this for as little as $1 a month.
This is just too gross for my brain. Ew.

No. 498307

He is not an 18+ patreon.

No. 498308

He showed Sam hentai when she was there now he's showing his fans some who are underage this old man needs a real job, hes getting creepier by the hour.

No. 498309

File: 1522246799358.png (133.93 KB, 800x446, Screenshot_2018-03-28-15-08-56…)

Nobody else will say anything, he's uploaded hentai in a number of other patron only video's but never to this extreme. He's finally succeeded in outing himself as a creepy paedo with a very unhealthy view of what's applicable or even comedic to an underaged audience.

No. 498312

File: 1522247159078.gif (989.37 KB, 500x452, 1512426108469.gif)

What the absolute fuck???? He needs to be shut the fuck down immediately how the fuck is patreon allowing this!?

No. 498313

Wow… Onion is really gifted… because literally everything he touches turns into sh*t…
It's incredible how you can live so deep inside your own echo chamber that you end up so out of touch with the real world…

No. 498318


He's fucking disgusting please report. Can people out of patreon report him some way aswell?

No. 498320

File: 1522249473556.png (138.41 KB, 527x671, Untitled.png)

It's more than one that isn't impressed, but I doubt he'll stop. In a previous patreon video he said that he is going to make uhohbro more pervy because 'I have needs. I want to be gross in those videos. I want to talk about boobs and I want to do all this stuff.' So now 2 dollar patreons will get the books and boobs.

No. 498321

File: 1522249635282.png (79.97 KB, 346x446, report.PNG)

No, unfortunately to report you have to be logged into an account. I know some anons are suggesting to pledge a dollar(or two), report, and pull the pledge. You can also report the creator without pledging.

No. 498324

You have to be able to see the content if you want to report it directly (if it's a content violation). So sadly you do need to have pledged, just tried.

You can report a profile but it has to be about what's on the profile.

You can however report them for something that is off of patreon but you need the links to evidence and the like. Not sure if this is of any help to anyone.

No. 498326

Reupload of the patreon portion of 'Guessing If They Hate Themselves (O_O)'. Onion is a dick per usual and he talks a little about gender and attraction. (Warning, 3d modeled boobs)

No. 498328

Wow. I'm kind of speechless at the loli futa porn. He's always tried to convince everyone the rating kid's body thing is normal and mental gymnastic it this way and that, trying to justify it….but I honestly don't know how he could even begin to defend himself with this if he is called out by enough people. He's literally showing porn to kids. If he was called out for this by Blaire White like when she did the video on his rating videos, his career would surely end.
I honestly don't know what to say. Disgusting.

No. 498329

here is a link where you can report him for violating community guidelines https://patreon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
you can attach files - I did screenshots from his most recent patreon video and screenshots of him harassing patreons pulling their pledges.

No. 498331

This person's comment is exactly right and on fire.

No. 498336

Done. I also voiced my concerns and reported the video to patreon.
Long time lurker and would never cow-tip or interfere with anything, but there's truly something wrong that he thinks it's okay to do this. It's really, really sick.
Imagine a 13 year old kid or younger seeing this. Finding normal porn at that age was traumatizing enough, let alone seeing an animated female child with a penis ejaculating. The whole thing is just fucked.

No. 498337

Greg is closing Onision.xyz and has moved over to an exclusive form that only his fans can join. Complains about how Onision.xyz was misrepresented and goes through and mocks everyone who had publicly said anything negative about how he ran it and what was posted there. I think that's about if for last nights uploads. If you guys would like I can mirror the loli-porn patreon exclusive.

No. 498339

Do I sense mental jab at Lame?
>>"which makes me realize: If you want to do a gender swap, you should basically just get fat. […] And now you don't have to get surgery. Was that insensitive? […] We're most all attracted to one gender primarily or the other."

No. 498340

Yeah good idea to mirror it before the weasel tries to hide his tracks.

No. 498341

just be mindful spooks has received various nudes from patrons for critques. she's implicit in it as well.

No. 498342


Caveman confirmed! TOPKEK

No. 498343

I would host it on a video hosting site other than Youtube if you do that. Or at least censor the fuck out of the porn portion.

No. 498345

Just wondering,did Onisiin ever bring his patreon to a theme park?
It's one of the perks.

No. 498348

are you fucking kidding? he is a 31+ year old dude with a profile linking him and 19 year old Becca together as an oddball fetish couple, who he met via Greg. He may have a deep voice, but he engages in immaturity with the rest of them, he sounds just like some 13 year old boy that just got on XBL for the first time. The only male patrons Gurg interacts with are these creepy older dudes, like Respit. And they are all engaging daily with the community. And the community culture seems to be based around the sharing of nudes and sex talk with teenagers. Onion boy sure does attact a certain type.

The 'haters' are those vocal about the degeneracy of this manchild and those he facilitates or engages with. The most they can say about their criticisms is "well if you don't like him why are you here?!" Because people find it bizarre this man's corruption has gone unchecked for so long and that he is profiteering off of it. It is quite franky, sick.

No. 498349

Probably the one that's chained up in his basement currently. That's the catch…there is no theme park anon.

No. 498350

If he did get in any trouble his defense would be some rubbish like- But I was saying ewwww! If I was grooming someone, wouldn't I find the porn attractive? Seriously, that's how fucking stupid this twit is. Man for all the dumb shit he's pulled, this is the dumbest, and like…actually illegal. For someone who was so careful and drove over state lines just to fuck a minor where it was legal, this is the most retarded thing ever.

No. 498353

Luckily ignorance isn't a defence then, right? I'm ecstatic he's finally fucked up like this, I genuinely can't believe it.

No. 498354

My feelings are the exact same it’s not just silly dumb stuff it’s crossing a line.

No. 498356

File: 1522253451452.jpg (4.96 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


Onion constantly calling Shane Dawson a pedo all makes sense now. He's been projecting to the extreme. It's not uncommon for actual pedophiles to show children sexual cartoons as a means of grooming. I feel like there is no way to deny that Gregory Avaroe of Puyallup, Washington is a fucking pedophile.

No. 498360

I'm fucking hyped too but on the other hand, I'm kinda worried. Patreon takes a 5% cut of what you make and he's pulling in nearly 4k, i really hope they don't look the other way just because his old greasy ass is bringing in some money.

No. 498362

Dude same…
There's always been straight evidence that he's an ehebephile and wants to bang teens, but something about the way he's laughing with that wannabe teenager nasally laugh, and pretending omg it's so gross! while legit hentai is playing creeps me out. His house is decked out like a child/teen's paradise and who knows who him and Lainey are going to secretly fly out when he opens his new 'fan forums' just for 'fans'.

Getting major Austin Jones vibes from this.

No. 498363

Wow. Just wow. Onion never fails to pull this kind of bullshit. Inb4 mental gymnastics and FAXXX about "most his Patreons" being 18+ because of course no kid has EVER lied about their age online, no sir so this shit is gucci. I wouldn't be surprised if he tries sperging about everyone reporting him just being a lifeless haturrrr.

I'm about to vomit.

No. 498365

I'd be super disappointed if they didn't. Money is one thing, but he's not THAT much of a cash cow to keep, while their reputation is tarnished for having this jackass on there. If enough people complain about his disgusting behaviour, you'd hope they would listen. Youtube eventually started to rid of him and demonitize a lot of stuff…the ultimate fuck you would be for patreon to just up and ban him. He'll probs just get a warning and the video will be removed.

We can dream though.

No. 498366

Imo and in my personal experience as being a naive child of the internet as most of us were at one point…. watching something or playing something that is completely unrelated to the SURPRISE PORN (or gore) that randomly fucking shows up makes it all the more traumatizing. He’s talking about his fans shitty taste in music then suddenly loli porn???? And not even anything that could be passed off as harmless or excused around. That’s so fucked up. He’s so fucked up. And Lainey is fucked up for not taking her children and leaving his disgusting ass. I hate this man more and more…..
wew sorry for the reee

No. 498367

File: 1522254410397.png (44.44 KB, 789x791, Untitled.png)

>from his youtube channel's community discussion page

holy fuck the replies he writes for his polls are so incredibly cringe worthy,
like the "how do you do fellow kids" meme to an extreme.
this is a 32 year old man with a wife and two children and a mortgage writing this.

No. 498369

Holy fuck, this might just be the the most nightmare fueling Lameo screenshot I've seen yet.

No. 498373

Onion is really digging his YouTube/content creator~ grave. If he somehow manages to get out of this and Patreon doesn't do jack shit about his vile behavior… I'll be amazed at his talent. Like honestly. Surviving the biggest of disasters like the cockroach that he is.

No. 498377

Don't worry, I also have a Dailymotion.

Here is the link:

Your Horrible Taste In Music - Patreon Excuisve (Gurg watching hentai) - NSFW

No. 498378

If Patreon bans him (we ALL wish kek), where would he turn? Buttplugging his paypal in every video? Setting up a gofundme? The possibilities are endless. Onion would go completely apeshit without his patron money though.

No. 498379


Reported. Stupid fuck. I hope Patreon boots him.

No. 498381

Yeah, the streams and videos following his shut down would be sooo fucking entertaining.
Can you imagine the ranting?
My fave time he ever chucked a sad was when Billie got with Drew because that tore him a new anus. He chimped out so hard it was hilarious.

This could be even better.

No. 498382

what's so infuriating is that there is no warning that you're about to see graphic loli futa hentai. He goes from playing some random PG/PG13+ rated bikini dancing to full on animated child porn without skipping a beat. Who watching would be expecting such a thing? Once you've seen something you have no way of unseeing it and it's fucked up to expose preteens to something like that. It's like a porn jump scare. What a sick man.

No. 498383

He will definitely sperg that it was lifeless haters or shadow fans as he calls them. He will see absolutely nothing wrong with his actions. Even if someone provides evidence he either argues or gets mad. That video that tomato bisquette posted about how his wife proved him wrong about pasta being vegan and he snapped like a psycho shows his true nature.

No. 498385

I feel like it got progressively worse but the end was definitely shocking. Like it was bikini dancing, then it got a bit more graphic where you could the nipples and suggestive faces, and then it was boom straight out hentai.
Even if he just showed the image of the girl with the green bikini pushing her breasts together with the nipples poking out, I'd draw the line.

No. 498389

I can't wait to see his logic how he even found this loli hentai.

No. 498394

Never posted before, lurked for a while, but I have reported this as well to Patreon. It is sickening that a person such as Greg is allowed to conduct himself in such a manner online, especially given his audience's demographic (despite what 'YouTube Analytics/Demographics' say). He is a predator, he should not be given warnings/strikes, he should be banned.

No. 498395

(Just noticed I spelled "Anonymous" wrong) Again, newbie, reading the rules & trying to abide by them. Please be gentle. :D

No. 498396

no need to write it out, it fills in automatically ;)

No. 498397

Can you archive all of his "hentai break" video's from his patron, I know none have been quite as explicit as this one but I'm pretty sure they'll all disappear mysteriously as soon as onion gets wind of this. Doing godbears work anon ty.

No. 498399

Archive anything inappropriate from his patron, hentai and more, this cockroach will go on a delete spree when he realises his error.

No. 498404

Inb4 a fan sent it to me! Reeee!

No. 498405


I encouraged Patreon to do a thorough search on him (the whole "Onision Judges Your Body" thing, luring young fans to his house, his abusive language & behavior online, etc). I told them I would provide them with examples/evidence if need be.

Side note (hope this is allowed): I am a special educator & I have thought for a long, long time that Lainey's husband has high functioning autism. Please note: I am NOT saying that all people with autism behave like he does. I have a nephew with autism & I always say "If you've met one person with autism, that's just it, you've met ONE person with autism." You can't paint everyone with the same brush. But he seems incapable of seeing outside of his own POV, does not seem able of taking the feelings of others into consideration, insists that he is always right (the fact that he goes by strict dictionary definitions is very telling), that there are no shades of grey for him (except ::shudder:: in the bedroom), everything is black and white, right or wrong. Couple that with any of the other disorders he may have, along with his upbringing and well…you've got him. :/(don't armchair)

No. 498406

The vid on Patreon has (18+) on it now. Do you think that'll be enough to save his chucky lookin' ass?

No. 498407

This is ridiculous. I don't know what to say anymore.
It's very telling that he has admitted he watches a lot of hentai but faked being grossed out and shocked by this. This is tame for hentai and we all know he regularly sees worse so he's either doing this because he's getting a subtle boner or trying to show it to his patreons.

He's such a sweaty, red, greasy little manlet pig. How is lame not straight up embarrassed to the point of just keeling over and dying is beyond me

This man has two kids. Imagine. Imagine growing up and knowing your dad routinely emotionally cheated on your mother by whacking his smegma crusted micropenis to hentai on the regular and partakes in shit like this. Someone else made a good point of questioning how he found this content.

I agree with you and you phrased your point very well.

No. 498408

Will Patreon be able to see when it was made 18+ and that when it was live it was not?

No. 498410

Hopefully there's enough circumstantial evidence to show his patron and associated discord is full of the conditioning and grooming of minors.

No wonder he can't get a collab with a decent YouTuber. He's a known predator.

No. 498413

Is it him just stating it’s 18+ or is it actually flagged?

No. 498414

File: 1522260477424.png (196.26 KB, 1070x1052, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 07.4…)

How do you tell if it's flagged? It has 18+ in the tags now also

I have this cap of it when it was first uploaded

No. 498416

Will Patreon be able to see when it was made 18+ and that when it was live it was not?
1) He gets off on sharing his fetishes with his viewers, I think. That sort of sick pleasure pedophiles get from 'teaching/intiating' young people into this 'special grown up world'.
2) As much as I want to feel bad for Lainey, I can't. There are times in your life when you have to take a good hard look in the mirror and say "Is this what my life as become?" Even if Greg did groom her & coerce her, she has to have realized that by now and yet, she allows it to continue. She also doesn't know who Taylor is outside of what Greg made her into. Who is she other than "Onision's wife that might be transgender, but might not be, who has a crummy beauty channel"? What other adult friends does she have? I bet her concept of genuine sexual relationships is messed up too. She's either too weak or too selfish (and since she's a mother, and mothers are supposed to protect their children & want what's best for them, I find this selfishness abhorrent) to make that change. Because change is hard. Change involves action and effort. It's getting into genuinely uncomfortable situations & learning to deal with them & work through them. And she's not willing to do that. We can hope for the sake of her children she will be stronger enough someday, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
3.) Those poor kids. They are going to grow up so messed up…no socialization, no emotional regulation/control, no concept of healthy relationships…has anyone ever hard them laugh? Even in the background of a video, in a car? Children that young who are that quiet are conditioned to be that quiet, unless they have some sort of speech delay….

No. 498417

If you can search up his patreon through patreon’s search bar he hasn’t flagged himself as an 18+ content creator.

No. 498418


He also doesn't realize that creators and content change as their audiences' tastes change/times changes. He's still trying to do what he did 10+ years ago. And it's not working. He's not only leading a dead horse to water, he's shoving it's head under, hoping it will drink. Look at creators like Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart, Dan Howell and (of course) Shane Dawson. Their style and content has changed and adapted throughout their careers. That's why they have careers and are making money and Greg isn't. That and he isn't very talented or original.

No. 498419

File: 1522261656352.png (120.42 KB, 662x896, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 12.2…)

As of right now, he is not an 18+ creator.

No. 498422

we all know he was aroused but could he have been making a dig at lainey's transness/gender identity crisis by acting grossed out?

either way he really fucked himself over. there's something to hate for everyone here : creepily exposing youths to surprise porn, and sjws could even drag him for being problematic since he's making fun of a girl with a dick thats probably transphobic idk

No. 498424

His “the end of this video is super crazy rated R” with surely be his defense as he clearly gave a “warning” that it was inappropriate because rated R content is 18+ but his is SO CLEARLY BAIT. What 13 yr old wouldn’t be enticed by something like that?? It’s basically saying there’s something really cool at the end but only watch it if you can handle it. Predatory and honestly devoid of any comedic value.

No. 498425

File: 1522263684636.png (47.6 KB, 968x242, Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 16.4…)

Well, Booty fell for it lmao.

No. 498426

The thing is - and it's true when you're a public figure (though I hesitate to say Gerg is a 'public figure') and it's true if you're just the Average Joe/Jane - when you fuck up, admit you fucked up, apologize & move on. You have to tread carefully for a while and prove you've learned from your mistake (because without that, the apology is worthless). Shane Dawson has done this, PewDiePie has done this. And they still have careers. Gerg will never do this.

No. 498427

File: 1522263928574.jpg (143.51 KB, 500x722, ratings.jpg)

Pretty sure simulated child porn wouldn't be rated "R"

No. 498429

Has anyone considered sending this to YouTubers like DeFranco? If he did a report on this and they reached out to Patreon for a statement, I imagine they’d shut Lainey’s husband down quick to save face.

No. 498430

How do you even get in touch with defranco? He only covers big news. Plus it's like some unspoken rule that you don't mention greg on yt.

No. 498432

I doubt anyone of merit will touch this with a ten foot pole, but I can already see all the small insignificant self-posting youtube leeches feeding on this one very soon.

No. 498433

Twitter, maybe? He often asks followers what stories they want the show to cover, maybe mention that a former “YouTube star” is using Patreon to expose minors to porn? Sure, Lainey’s husband is to YouTube as the M word is to theater, but this seems like it’d just be the nail in the coffin. Publicly outed for sharing loli futa hentai to minors? At the very least it would get Patreon’s attention.

No. 498434

If someone as big as defranco mentioned Greg he'd be ecstatic, even if it is negative. I'd say just let his channel slowly die like it has been. No need to give him more attention

No. 498435

You could do it but it would have to be done in a very thoughtful way otherwise it will just drive traffic to him and keep his channel on life support a little longer.

It’s the same thing with a content cop. Idubbs could a great job but it still risks brining exposure to him.

No. 498436

True, guess we’ll just hope Patreon does something about this.

No. 498438

Oh poo. He's most likely going to get away with this now. I believe enough people reported him when he initially uploaded it but now it has a warning label. Unless Patreon can do further research about him (I doubt it) and post history, the gay cockroach is good. The only hope for him to get ass fucked is more and more people outing him with solid proof. But all we have are ragreynolds tier twats talking about him. If iDubbbz would expose him for being a pervert, his career wouldn't last long. Sure he might feel an influx for some days but who would like to get outed as a creepy disgusting pervert in such a massive way? Even the remaining advertisers would drop him, Patreon wouldn't enjoy getting labelled as a safe spot for creepy motherfuckers. He needs massive negative exposure.

I don't know, but right now it looks like his "career" will dodge this.

No. 498439

You can report him for his actions outside of Patreon through his profile

No. 498442

If you look at the comments under that "Are you a member of my patreon" poll, a good majority of the replies are from kids under 16 lamenting that they have no income/their parents won't let them join.
He is well aware who his viewers are yet pesters them for money and offers "uncensored" material as perks. Makes my stomach turn.

No. 498443

It would probably be better if one of those gossip rags wrote an article about him, especially with all the shit youtube is getting lately. "Former YouTube Star Who Accused Shane Dawson of Pedophilia, Caught Sharing Porn with Underage Viewers" something like that.

No. 498448

This would be justice.

You know, I don’t want to be that brown noser here but as a viewer I’m so proud to see Shane’s growth and adaptability. And his content just gets better and better.

Why can’t Onision see that he is the problem? He hasn’t changed his style. He can’t make people click his video. A public dragging showing him treating the person who helped him get “big” in the first place like trash with false accusations only to have the world see he’s the one with the pedo tendencies. If defranco got involved 100% patreon would termo Onision.

No. 498451

Pretty sure Rated R is restricted viewing for minors unless consent from a guardian. So the question is, do the parents of those that are a minor on his site know of the porn/hentai content their little dears are subscribing to? Booty of course is ok with it, because her kids have to suffer daily beside their ma on discord and VCing what all the invisible people. They've probably been exposed to it all too and watch mommy take nudes.

No. 498453

The link fell
Another Anon have the video? I didn't have time to watch it.

No. 498454

Those are label with Adult/18+ though aren't they? His isn't.

No. 498457

I'm not gonna phone, not even American, but would CPS give a fuck about this? Avaroe McMansion prob gonna get some troubles incoming.

Maybe he thinks being a pedo will help him escape tax fraud. I don't know how this retard thinks anymore.

No. 498460

No, stop bugging CPS about things unless something obviously seriously bad is happening to those kids. I know we all feel a type of way about their parenting, but let's not all forget there are loads of kids in serious immediate danger who need CPS who are already overworked. Stop involving them when they aren't needed. Eventually if things do turn serious we all risk them not investigating properly due to previous frivolous claims. Let's all use our head here. If you have to ask the question if they will give a fuck about it, they probably don't.

No. 498461

Not to mention the second part of your post makes no sense like at all. How will being a pedo help him escape tax fraud? I'm pretty sure there is no situation where being a pedo makes it better.

No. 498464

>For someone who was so careful and drove over state lines just to fuck a minor where it was legal

About that, I like how Lame's husband always says "but the age of consent where I live in WASHINGTON is 16."
1, the age of consent in Washington IS 16, however, it is only okay up to a 3 year age gap. If there is a minor under the age of 18 and their significant other is more than 3 years older than them, that's statutory rape. He's lucky his ass didn't get caught when she was still young.
2, wasn't he living in California at that time? I'm pretty sure when he was dating Shiloh he lived in California or had JUST moved from California… but if he did live in California, the age of consent there is 18.

No. 498465

He might blame Sam.

No. 498466

>there are no shades of grey for him (except ::shudder:: in the bedroom)

underrated gem

No. 498467

This may be just me, but I'd LOVE to see Petty Paige take him on & just DRAG HIM, the way she did with John Kuckian. She researches, she's well spoken & she does not back down. She's not a JSBS though.

No. 498468

Agreed, I'm frustrated that people ignorantly and pointlessly called CPS on the Onions so much that now they get a pass and have become buddy-buddy with social workers near them. If anything were to happen, they'd probably get away with it because of all the bullshit times CPS has been called on them over little things.

Also, about the Rated R on his video, that's so incorrect. He showed porn. That's NC-17. Not Rated R. Rated R means children can watch it if their parents research it and think "ok this movie with a bit of sex is fine." NC-17 is NO KIDS AT ALL. Movies like this you have to be 18+ to even rent. So, I'm pretty sure ACTUAL porn is 18+ and not "some adult material." This moron honestly thinks he can count it as Rated R because he only showed porn at the end. That wasn't a sex scene in a movie, it was actual porn. His patreons need to report him. How do they not feel uncomfortable with a grown man in his 30s showing them sexual content and talking to them about sexual things? Do parents these days not warn their children about predators on the Internet? Whatever happened to "don'talk to strangers"? Now they are subscribed using their parents money to a man who is obsessed with sex.

No. 498469

>”but the age of consent where I live is 16”
“not that it matters because I’m with my spouse who is 23**”

**who I met when she was in high school and 17 even though I was in my mid to late 20’s and this isn’t a single occurrence and I have targeted young teens with limited exceptions.

He always tries to age up his partners with manipulative framing. Creepy.

No. 498470

No offense, but she's irrelevant and quite frankly, a bitch. I had a shitty run in with her. She's interested in gaining subs and Lame's husband will not give her that.

You responded to me, but THIS. He needs to stop because it doesn't matter that Lainey grew up, so did he. He keeps getting older as she does, always staying like 10 years older than her. It will never not be creepy because she wasn't an adult when they met and did things together. She was still a kid. So no matter what excuses Lainey's husband uses, it'll never make it OK. And the fact that he even attempts at mentioning the age of consent proves that he knew he was doing something wrong. Like I said, the age of consent is only OK if the people are no more than 3 years apart. What he did was so beyond illegal and this could have all been prevented had Lainey's father reported him like he should have. But the guy didn't and now his daughter is screwed up and having an identity crisis.

No. 498474

she has done an onision video though, unless you meant like a one on one brawl.

No. 498479

I'd be interested in hearing this Petty Paige story, have you posted it anywhere on here? I dont know if she has a thread or not

No. 498482

I for one would love to see this girl and gay cockroach husbando have a one on one brawl. He couldn't dare to shit talk a person of color, even if they are a "hater", especially with his new found love bomb of cis POC women.

No. 498496

It really is strange. He’s so obsessed with saying everything that happened with Billie wasn’t bad because she was an adult (as if her being 18 negates everything he put her through) but has he ever admitted that he fell in love with what’s legally defined as a child (17) TWICE between Lainey and Sh?

Maybe he talked with them but really fell in love with them at 12:00am on their birthdays when they were “legal”.

No. 498498


Sure he would, he has to defend his honor above all else.

And theres no way he wouldnt throw aome kond of race jab at her, which would beautifully send him into a fuether downward spiral.

No. 498501

Lainey's husband is in damage control mode, the comment calling him out has been deleted and he's uploaded yet another ddlg video to patreon, also lame is currently dyeing his hair again… I'm praying for blue.

No. 498502

He'd most likely rather jab at her being British or overweight rather than being a POC.

He's stupid but being an (in)direct racist would fuck him up - he'd rather say "if her accent isn't fake, why do British people sing with American accents" because she's British or fatshame her. But I really doubt he'd go for the race jab nowadays.

Then again, not many thought he'd post actual porn to Patreon as that is a pretty retarded move to make, even for someone who has gold in mental gymnastics Olympics.

No. 498505

can anybody cross post to kiwi? I don't have an account. I mean the more that see this shit, the harder it is to hide.

No. 498506

Yes and there was no context when he uploaded it either. He shat on his Patreons musical tastes the entire video and then randomly shows anime porn at the end.

No. 498507

Meanwhile Lameo https://hooktube.com/watch?v=sA8cDy6gUrU at 6:28 admits to being void of personality back in c. 2016 pre-Basementgate era and thinks she has sooooo much personality right now. (Plus her makeup is "better").

Bitch, you're still sucking up personalities from other people like a sponge. At least back then you weren't pretending to be a twink as hard as you do now.

No. 498508

i hope lainey's gay pedophile husband gets investigated asap

No. 498509

Here is a censored version of Lainey's Husband's "Your Horrible Taste In Music" video
is the uncensored clip.

No. 498511

What the actual fuck is going on with his hair though? Did he try to dye it darker (it looks blueish/purple, assuming the intention was to take the orange out) and left the top blonde? That… is even worse than being Chucky.
ftw Lameo is your hair stylist tho

No. 498512

Creeps me the fuck out too, thinking that Taylor will likely never stand up to him either. She really is slowly morphing into Karla Homolka. I really hope she snaps out of it before it’s too late.

No. 498519

2much purple shampoo

No. 498520

This was just his orange hair, lainey hasn't finished dyeing grug's yet as he's fulfilling a level 5 patreon perk atm. I know I read somewhere over the past 12-14 days that onion had in fact been to a patron meet up within that time frame but I can't remember where I saw it and haven got the amount of alcohol I'd need to go through all of his patron from 2wks ago to present to pinpoint it.

No. 498521

he's already made tons of racist comments, i dont understand why youre so set on him not making another

todays posts are weird

No. 498522

yeah there was a forum post about all the races and types of people he ranked as best to worst and black didn't seem to really score high on the onion scale. nor has he "rated" any of his black fans the same way as his pale alt future waifus. feels like theres a ton of newfags who dont read up.

No. 498525

Yep there is definitely some weird undertone with the futa thing. God knows lainey won't say anything about it, considering she's just a non sentient plank with makeup smeared on it.

No. 498526

File: 1522276364377.png (322.81 KB, 1242x2208, cdn.discordapp.com__attachment…)

No. 498527

File: 1522276606044.png (1.06 MB, 1350x668, gay boi.PNG)


Gay husband: I hate Twitter REEEE, so much hate and negativity, I'm such an honest person.

Also gay husband: welp, better update my profile with a cute emo photo to lure in those teenage moneybags. I'M NOT OLD.

No. 498528

>So… she sent her boyfriend after me
>She was refunded

What was that about? Who did he piss off this time?

No. 498529

File: 1522276669083.jpg (79.99 KB, 460x345, plank.jpg)


Newest BeautyBot still

No. 498530

I'm lost anon! What am I looking at? Pls Haaaalp.

No. 498531

File: 1522276745251.png (267.27 KB, 540x349, tumblr_inline_p5ce90XsYW1tmmkd…)

a whole forum for child grooming pedophile Gregory Avaroe / Jackson of Pullayup, Washington, to bitch? and it only costs like 250/yr for it? seems like a steal!

wonder how many of the .xyz forums were actual fans and not pedos stealing his fans photos

No. 498532

topics posted on onision's forum by greg

No. 498533

Ahhhhh.. Thank you. Is this what hentai patron was referring to with the
>I can't wait to see what you say about this later
Well we saw, and he deleted the comment in full.
>I'd take a good hard look at who you're allowing into your forums.
Possibly referencing the 12-17y/o that are being used as paedo bait for forum "members".

No. 498534

File: 1522277265437.png (217.92 KB, 1043x875, Untitled.png)

Just so there's no confusion it has been confirmed last name is definitely Avaroe now.

No. 498535

>implying he won't change it again eventually

No. 498536

But they also use jackson routinely too.

No. 498537

If he does it'll come up in online tax records/voter records. As of right now their legal names are Gregory and Taylor Avaroe.

No. 498538

give it time and you can easily seach him on megan's law

No. 498539

Don't insult people with Autism, he is not autistic, he is a narcissist. Autistic have some common decency to them.

No. 498547

Lainey is definitely on the verge of transitioning to male presenting. She even has a name picked out for her new male self. She's just building up the confidence to go public. I feel like we should encourage this if only to watch Greg suffer.

No. 498551

Encouraging a transtrender is dumb, though.

No. 498554

Don’t worry, anon. Her teenage fans have been doing that daily in YouNow. No extra encouragement is needed.

No. 498555

Do you mean tomboy or something? Any girls who dress boyish are now "male presenting"? Nobody is going to take her seriously until she actually goes on T or gets some kind of surgery. She is a mother, her children call her mom and she is married to a man. I hope she does officially transition just because it will not go over well with Gerg.

No. 498557

The problem is the majority of people watching her doubt she's going to go through with transitioning. She's not interested in bottom surgery, she only wants her breasts to be smaller because they're saggy, her dysphoria is soooo evident when she's showing skin on camera or photos, she probably thinks being "trans" will make her more interesting.

If she does, hopefully she won't backpeddle once she realizes she doesn't want the commitment, she doesn't want to alter her, like Smegory would say, "perfectly healthy body". She may act try hard when she forcefully cringes at her past as an "official" cis girl but it's so fake and transparent.

No. 498558


>Lainey is definitely on the verge of transitioning to male presenting

LOL. She doesn't look like a male. She looks like a very plain woman, is all. All the wearing a baseball cap backwards (because how BOYISH) and not wearing makeup (because women always wear makeup) in the world isn't going to change that.

No. 498559

saggy boobs are normal when you keep breastfeeding your toddler and a baby lol she needs to grow up. it would be fantastic for greg and her to be officially a homo couple though

No. 498560

lmao the dumb greasy bastard. he's probably got the purple conditoner too and lathering it on and not rinsing it out, that'll stain his hair, it'll be green soon

No. 498561

She's definitely not going to transition. I agree that she only dislikes her chest because of her boobs being saggy, but that's what happens when you breast feed two children. I feel like the only thing she would do to her chest is get a breast reduction so her tits would be perky like the girls in her husband's saved hentai porn. Right now, she looks like a grown woman and a mother of two. She doesn't want to look like that. But I really do think she's having an identity crisis because she presents herself as a little boy, but then wants to be a little girl for her husband? How can someone live like that and not be miserable?

And if she ever did transition, I feel like her husband would be okay with it for like 5 minutes so he could use it for sympathy from a bunch of teenage girls he'd hope to pick up and leave his daddy lain for, but also to get points for being in a gay relationship (as if that would save his reputation). Until he'd realize he was stuck with her and wanted out.

No. 498564

File: 1522282701327.jpg (75.41 KB, 720x1027, IMG_20180328_211657.jpg)

I know we're done with the chin tinfoiling but this made me laugh

No. 498565

why do i have a feeling she doesn’t like her saggy breasts is mainly because her gay husband showed sam a picture of her topless and is embarrassed by her utters

No. 498566

Exactly this. She thinks dressing like a boy will make her male but acts like a girly girl when her husband is in the room. Plainey is a transtrender, she doesn't care for the real transition.

No. 498567

she has been complaining about her chest a lot longer than sam has been in the picture newfags git out

No. 498570

>Some meanie sent her boyfriend after me!
>REEEEE YouTube admitted destroying channels.
>Some jerk is telling lies about my military service
>You guyyzz, I'm feeling attacked and it's no fair!

Jesus Christ. Don't the teens on his patreon ever get tired of his incessant whining and acting like he's been victimized by the world?

Anon, if you have screenshots of any of these, I'd be curious to see them- especially the one where he's crying about being "attacked".

No. 498571

I think the attacked post was about a Patron of his leaving and when he asked why they didn’t kiss his ass. It’s in an older thread.

Tbh all I see in this is him expecting his teen asslickers to be his therapist and tell him it’s going to be ok.

No. 498572

There are some screencaps in the last thread if you're interested. It's in an imgur link iirc.

No. 498576

pretty sure he can get into a LOT of trouble for basically broadcasting porn to some underage patrons

No. 498577

To be fair, a lot of teenagers whine about being victimized daily so the way I see it, his fans might find him relatable as he's also "fighting with haters", he acts like a YouTube reject who gets "bullied" for unpopular opinions. He acts like someone in middle school which is (coincidentally) his real target audience.

No. 498578

Here you go, I uploaded it to google drive.

Your Horrible Taste In Music - Patreon Exclusive (WARNING HENTAI)

No. 498579

Yeah I noticed that too, we're not the only ones making fun of her chin. Besides that, everything about this pic is depressing: the unironed backdrop, the fakeboi cap, the expression on her face, the overall tired appearance, the cold sore, the blanket due to her husband refusing to hear the house…

No. 498581

Most trans men are not interested in bottom surgery. Not because they don't want a penis, but because the end results still suck right now (plus you lose a bunch of flesh off your forearm).

Not saying she is trans though, just that not wanting bottom surgery isn't a good indicator

No. 498582


Ugh no wonder Onion faps so much, who would want to put their dick or lips on an oozy puss gushing sorefest on her lips, yuck!

Why doesn't she try and treat them? If you actually put in effort and get medicine, even over the counter meds can help so she doesn't look like an extra in Cabin Fever.

No. 498583


Taylor-s husband is a pathetic 30 year old man talking to himself saying things like "i love you"

No. 498584

Yeah that's the way I see it too. He likes to whine to his fanbase so he can relate to whiny teens.
It's also an oversharing thing. He is incapable of having an argument or rage at home. Even if he's mad at Lainey, he still finds a way to bitch about it online.
Now that he has patreon and 'doesn't' use twitter, he can whine to his heart's content, and instead of getting people telling him to stfu like on twitter, he has his little circle jerk of kids to help his ego. Pathetic.

Wahhhh everyone tries to discredit my minor stint in the airforce!

Don't worry Greg, WE know you're a war hero.

Thanks guys
runs his fingers through his greasy orange hair

No. 498585

Her stream had some good points.. (from her moments) Most notably when she asserted that onion no longer identifies as heterosexual and one of his patrons jumps in with the fact he identifies as a dom?? Is dom a gender now?? Onionland, the drama that just keeps on giving..

No. 498586

God dammit that coldsore is disgusting. Never been one to make fun of her coldsores but she really should take some time off the internet, get more sleep and fucking treat that thing. She's clearly run down and if she just keeps doing what she's doing and just slathers foundation on it, things will just get worse from here.

No. 498587

He will never go 18+ because he will lose a ton of patrons. I think based on some of the stuff we've seen that a lot of minors pledge him through parents who probably just see that he isn't an 18+ creator and the cringe front page crap he posts and thinks he's "safe" and since their kids really want it for a couple bucks they let them. Remember what happened with his paywall? That failed because his fans are kids and not many could get parents to pay/many didn't have jobs. If he changed it now he would likely encounter similar problems.

No. 498588

Is it me or is she trying to speak with a deeper voice in the "reacting to my first make up videos" video? It sounds so forced to me, so try-hard, especially compared to the old video she's watching. Now we know her voice hasn't changed because she sounds the same in her streams and around her husband, but in this video it shows how hard she's trying to pretend she has ~changed~ so much!!!!, she also likes to comment on how her voice has changed and with this she's trying to convince everyone lol

No. 498592

she just picks at it all the time on stream, she deserves to be mocked for it

No. 498594

I called it, he's going to Kevin Spacey this scenario if it gets worse.
He's always had a gay demeanor, but I always thought that was him just skin walking Shane Dawson.
Also what is this dom shit he keeps going on about? It's like he's scared of people questioning his masculinity so he has to insist he's a manly man dom. He sounds like the retards in always sunny- 'but I'm a power bottom!'
Either you like men as well, or you don't. Sick of him trying to get queer points with all these little comments like- i would fuck andy biersack/fag from supernatural/whoever but then is so insecure he has to follow up with but I'm a DOM and I also love girl's vaginas!
Onion, noone CARES if you also like dick, quit being so insecure.

No. 498596

Lainey also annoys me with her transtrender thing.
Do the two of them know that gay/bi/trans people have been around forever? It's like they are stuck in 2003 when being bisexual was considered edgy for highschool kids. Why does she act like she's the most special agender demigirl motherfucker around?

Lainey. You are a woman with 2 fucking kids. The only woman you've kissed is some child that your husband convinced you to 'love'.
You aren't some hot Ruby Rose looking androgynous queen…you are a crusty coldsored, pointy chinned, STRAIGHT plain jane who wants to feel different and special and is desperately trying to get your husbands attention by turning into Billie 2.0 but with a twist.
Being a butch Billie is not working, he still wants other holes to fuck. No matter how much he claims to love you.

Such a try hard it makes me actually rage.

No. 498599

You've hit the nail on it's head with this entire post. Not to mention no one ( ah, well, the majority ) would be surprised if he said he's bisexual or something.
Since he had such a weird/strong reaction to Cyr/Stefan messing around and to Plain saying they're not in a straight relationship I wouldn't be surprised if he's suppressing some shit. That's the vibe he's specifically giving out ( not saying it's like that for everyone ) - but at the end of the day it doesn't actually matter.
It only matters because it's milky to see him sperg out over this.

No. 498604

Here are a few more Hentai Breaks. I may have missed some but I didn't want to scrub through all of his more recent videos. If you know of anything that should be archived just let me know the title of the post and I'll see if I can't reupload it.

Gurg's Hentai Breaks:

No. 498605

Why is Lame saying Sam needs t9 leave her alone and that she is a liar? Is she trying to deny what dam leaked?

No. 498606

It says that it violates their ToS and is unavailable.

No. 498607

I don't think many of us long timers would be surprised if he was into dudes, and not just from behaving like a scorned ex-lover of Shane's and Cyr's for years, or his feminine mannerisms and innuendos towards other men. He also de-femininizes women he's been with long-term (Shiloh and Lame), and he recently said that he likes short hair on women (shaved Shiloh's head and also has been on film helping Lame trim up her hair) and flat chests (remember how bitch hurt he got about JG getting a boob job?) I'm sure other anons can think of other past examples.

No. 498608

greg discorders are busy lurking then huh

No. 498611

File: 1522290039148.webm (5.39 MB, 1280x720, Hentai Breaks.webm)

No one wants his awful hentai stuff on their platforms. I'll just upload them here.

Hentai Breaks

No. 498613

The short hair thing is spot on AND he hates it when women wear heels or makeup.
He also pretends to hate makeup and acts clueless about it when Lainey talks about it. True, he IS clueless about foundation shades ect…but still so fucking hypocritical for someone who wears it like everyday.
Not to mention he seems to love dressing up as a woman for characters and stuff. He's really projecting.

No. 498614

File: 1522290103207.webm (10.44 MB, 1280x720, Your Horrible Taste In Music -…)

Your Horrible Taste In Music - Patreon Exclusive (WARNING HENTAI)

No. 498615

lol plotwist gregma is a tranny/crossdresser

No. 498616

don't forget the "sucking dick" phase and in his new Speaks video he says he "felt a connection" to a fucking pizza delivery man.

No. 498618

wasn't there a time where he continuously said he wanted to perform oral sex on a man? (not talking about andy or jensen)

No. 498619

Maybe that's why he pushed Lainey to be bisexual. So he can live vicariously through her. He also sneered at Shane for crying when he came out because it's meant to be a happy thing according to him.
If it's meant to be a happy thing and he thinks people should be 'honest' about their sexuality, then why does he spazz out about anal sex/prostates/penises being yucky constantly? Projecting hard! Also he made me cringe in that video where he goes on about how Maya rejected his hug and 'HUGS ARE JUST FRIENDLY. I hug my GUY friends!' And then follows up with an extremely forced sounding obviously fake laugh and looks at the camera and says 'haha wow…that was kinda gay wasn't it?'

He's halfway between wanting to admit he likes men, and halfway between acting like he doesn't really and just has 'crushes'.
I get the vibe because he and some of his fans are weebs, he's also doing this in an attempt to appeal to the weirdo yaoi fangirls.
Notice he always crushes on guys that teenboppers love eg-the fag from supernatural, andy ball-sack.

I doubt he'd actually want a man in a poly thing or even to date/fuck because he's too insecure so he's using Lainey's fakeboi shit to his advantage. Also explains why he watches futa porn. Probably gets Lainey to wear a strapon.

No. 498622

>March 10
How fucking long has this greasy caveman creep been doing these "Hentai Breaks"? So fucking gross…..

Also, you're the true MVP for making these and bringing this shit to light.

No. 498625

Lainey’s husband is so worried about showing his kids to the internet (which is the only thing i respect him doing) but what about when the kids go out into the real world with middle/high school? when their friends find out what their dad does and see his hentai videos; if anything i think Trot & Clot’s friends would tease them not internet trolls

No. 498627

lainey literally discovered him via his kissing shane. theyre all faggots.

No. 498629

Honestly her trying to name herself Lainybug too came off to me like originally she was just hoping to use Greg as a stepping stone to her true goal Shane. B when it didn't work out she settled for him becuase he was "famous" and making bank back then. She's proven herself to be a gold digger, his family even pegged her as one and don't like her. She's a spoiled brat who got beat at her own game she got with Onision to use him and live a cushy life but now he's using her to live a cushy life. Even though gregs always been a piece of shit and treats people like shit I still can't feel sympathy for someone who gets into a relationship for personal gains and not genuine feelings. She may have disillusioned herself into loving him now but she definitely probably didn't in the beginning just what he could provide her with. Even if a doichebag like Greg deserves to get used too

No. 498633

He said if Lame grew a dick over night he'd want to suck it. I think it was when he was trying to justify claiming to be pansexual.

No. 498636

he made a big deal about if he sucked a dick he'd make sure they'd cum and take pride in it or some dumb shit too

No. 498637

Patreon is full of artists that draw this gross shit as well as camgir-I MEAN cosplayers. It's a huge part of their userbase.

No. 498639

It's almost a certainity they will be homeschooled at this point.. ):

No. 498640


She really tried to go by Laineybug? Like Lisbug, Shane's former gf & still friend. Wow…

No. 498641

Yeah and they're marked as 18+ creators, Greasy futa small man isn't and is exposing this type of shit to young kids, Which is abhorrent and disgusting especially if patreon ignores this extremely blatant disregard for their own TOS

No. 498642

Yes, she did for that exact reason kek. Pathetic.

No. 498646

>"Oh yeah, I'm tearin' yo BUM up!" (0:32)
His narration of this somehow makes it even grosser. Why would he show his underage fans these unedited clips but choose to not say any of the bad words out loud, even substituting "ass" for "bum"?

Does he think he's off the hook for his perviness if he doesn't have a pottymouth?
Then again, I probably shouldn't try to make sense of a person who deemed it necessary to spell out "S-E-X-Y" when attempting to paint someone else as a pedo.

No. 498654

File: 1522298145047.jpg (93.97 KB, 1200x700, cTC0HrO.jpg)

Take some advice from your Hentai, Onion. No one gives a shit if you are into penis. We do take issue with you trying to convince us you're an emo Christian Grey however.

No. 498658

God I hate Lame so much but I wish she could leave her gay husband for Shane

No. 498659

hell no. i wouldnt wish lame on Shane or any decent human. I also hope no one with a lot of fame ever gives her attention.

That's how you know shes those girls who were obsessed with shipping guys together and bromance and wishes she were a twink in a gay relationship instead of just being a normal boring straight girl!

No. 498687

>>498659 yeah i agree with you anon , what kind of skill or hobby does she even have? she's the definition of boring since she has no hobby aside from wasting makeup on the exact same style every video. She would be way interesting if she had something she likes and actually put effort to make a video about something she likes

No. 498694


she just looks like a very ugly druggie lesbian

No. 498704

They are both extremely unoriginal. Earlier it was noted how many people Greg copies and imitates, there's a bunch of youtube personalities you could definitely notice that Lamey steals from and imitates. Billie, and even that Jessie paege chick she stalks and wants to collaborate with. I never knew who Jessie was until Lame talked about her, and after checking out her content it's easy to see that she imitates her.
Make your own content and have your own personalities you fucking dropkicks GOD.

No. 498706

I feel like Lainey fits into that saying when people say 'I can't decide if I love her or want to be her'
She's straight AF and claims to crush on these girls but it's all superficial. She doesn't actually want to date these people conditionally, she more just wants to be them. I feel like she's looking for a Billie type she can take selfies with and act SO GAY for instagram, but it's obvious that she is very uncomfortable with females unless it's platonic. I truly believe she could have experimented with Maya, as they seemed to have a tiny bit of chemistry, but Greg had to ruin it by demanding attention, plus she didn't like how private Maya was. The privacy issue even shows evidence that she just wants an instagram trophy gf. She couldn't deal with the fact Maya didn't want to be in videos ect. She demonstrated that 'if you don't want to be in my videos/selfies or fuck my husband, then you can fuck off' If she really liked Maya or had an iota of attraction, she would have kept her around, even as a friend. But she discarded her like trash. Just like they both did with Billie. They just want an attractive fucktoy to make videos with and get more contraversy over their poly relationship.

No. 498707

Can we also talk about how with Billie and Jesse she claims she wants them to help her with her makeup? Same with Maya. She clearly wants to use them for image reasons

No. 498713

"but it's obvious that she is very uncomfortable with females unless it's platonic"
she's uncomfortable w everyone unless it's platonic. even w grog, in the earlier days she seemed to have zero personality (even less than now)
and she ain't poly, she is extremely jealous of everything, she just wants to gain more oppression points by being an agender space prince bisexual multiamorous dad star emoji

No. 498714

Lol you know shes fake gay when she says greg was the first to realize she is gay. Thinking girls are pretty doesn't make you gay. She clearly has not given one crap about any girl that she claims she has a crush on. She never even tried to do anything physical. Anything physical she did was basically forced by her husband or for show on camera. Shes literally those girls who are straight but kiss other girls in bars for attention/because guys think its hot, except she does it on younow.

It's honestly so ridiculous how far she takes her lies. If she just came out as bi and then shut up about it, no one would even care. But she mentions it every second she can. Like I cant imagine being that attention-seeking that you'd emphasize your made up bullshit to seem more interesting. Her entire persona and life is one big fat lie.

No. 498715

she uses her sexuality and gender as personality traits and let them define who she is. like i can't stand her , but that just makes me hate her more, especially knowing the bitch has a psychology degree

No. 498717

File: 1522325656326.png (266.04 KB, 699x409, Screenshot_2018-03-29-13-01-29…)

Lainey's husband's new hair.
Idk why I'm getting Chris de burgh vibes.

No. 498718

File: 1522325705996.png (300.98 KB, 699x389, Screenshot_2018-03-29-13-01-09…)


hysterical laughing

No. 498723

He just looks so fucking old. That haircut makes it even more pathetic.

No. 498726

>Greasy futa manchild as Chris de burgh

Dear god is this appropriate to post, Hehe sorry I didn't put the link in properly before.


No. 498728

File: 1522329249988.jpeg (90.07 KB, 723x915, DE8AF2FE-F011-415D-A5D2-71220F…)

The way he clings on to that childish haircut, he looks more and more like David Allen Turpin each day

No. 498730

Just a heads up people in the comments in The Blargh's new video about Lainey is directing people towards lolcow.

No. 498739

>he may have a deep voice

No. 498744

The traits you mentioned are not exclusive to autism spectrum disorder. He's a narcissist through and through. If it weren't for his low intellect and inability to control his impulses long enough to charm normal people, he could be cult leader. He's not a high-functioning autist, he's a low-functioning narc.

He did the same fake grossed out act in a body rating video when he was trying to get rid of his ephebophile image and convince people he's actually disgusted by teenage girls. He's so transparent. The harder he's yelling EWWW the harder his micropeen actually is.(armchair)

No. 498746


Seriously, though.. It won't be long before we see Gregma's fugly mugshot on the news.

No. 498747

From Twitch 2 Patreon, he just keeps getting away with bullshit. I know a lot, if not all of you might scoff at this, but is there any chance the old pedo has some type of connections that keep him from being booted from said platforms?

No. 498749

it's so nice how much he respects men

No. 498750

he looks like an elderly man with botched work

No. 498751

is that a filter? what the hell happened to his face? he looks like a poor man's Noel Fielding

No. 498752


He's just that irrelevant.

No. 498753

File: 1522338836377.jpg (8.12 KB, 200x247, shaver_200x247.jpg)


Worth mentioning that this idiot "cut" his own hair by rubbing it violently with a razor. The kind you shave your face or legs with. WTF?!?!?

No. 498756

But anon you don't understand he has 140 IQ, he is above us all peasants with his superior intellect! /s

On a serious note this man's stupidity hasn't reached its peak yet, we'll probably see dumber shit soon.

No. 498757

So he got tired of us mocking his piss yellow/Chucky hair, he decided to go darker and cut his hair like an emo anime fag again. This man's inability to handle criticism is beyond lulzy.

No. 498760

File: 1522341268423.jpg (59.52 KB, 636x310, kiddyscissors.jpg)

This dumbfuck has also cut his own hair with scissors made for children! If Laineys gay husband is too "busy" to go to a real barber he can buy a set of clippers and scissors made for hair cutting fairly cheap.

I'm a little sad to see the bumblebee hair go, it was hilarious!

No. 498761


he's trying so hard to be a bishie anime character and it is both next level hilarious and sad.

No. 498763

File: 1522342390917.jpg (180.19 KB, 1920x1080, SDxyr.jpg)

No. 498764

https://imgur.com/a/SDxyr i am attempting to post this pic but he reminds me of peter pan man

No. 498768

File: 1522343624122.png (97.48 KB, 897x834, IMG_1837.PNG)


LOL. I wonder if his inspiration was that singer Christofer Drew Ingle, who is the guys Billie is obsessed with. The guy had this type of haircut since he started his career.

No. 498770

he is definitely channeling hobbit style with this horrid look.
give it up gurg, you're gross.

No. 498773

File: 1522344338075.png (1.48 MB, 1334x750, AEA51DFE-028F-4B90-B3C1-67B7B2…)

So Lainey just uploaded a video on patreon of them dying their hair. Greg going grey and her toning, Greg dumps it all on his head and Lainey is like what the fuck, then proceeds to go to the bathroom when he realises he’s making a mess and tries to RUN HIS HEAD UNDER WATER for some reason and when Lainey explains he shouldn’t put water in his hair while dying he just goes “oh” and Lainey tells him he’s not touching her hair. He proceeds to be annoying, calls her a Twink a few times. Then cuts to both of their hair pretty much not changing and Greg’s looking a little more fucked up. Then the next day and they try again, Lainey deciding to go pink. Greg’s ends up being fuxked still, he like ridiculous, Laineys ends up not working so she tries to wash it out and it just goes “rose gold” is what she says but really it’s just splotchy pink and ginger lol. She says she’s going to do a bleach bath and update.

No. 498774

Lainey's husband probably trims his pubes with the scissors his kids use for arts and craft

No. 498775

File: 1522344371066.png (1.34 MB, 1334x750, 73599206-B237-44AD-B3F2-0EB08E…)

Greg’s “new” hair

No. 498776

File: 1522344412957.png (1.32 MB, 1334x750, A4661CFB-35C6-4E3F-8FFD-6DE8B8…)

Laineys fucking mess of a mop
I forgot she said she might just buzz it off

No. 498778

File: 1522344440629.png (1.23 MB, 1334x750, C97B3A52-F669-49D8-A951-57140E…)

Sorry for spam but one for the nightmares

No. 498779

1) who the fuck dyes their hair like that
2) dying hair on a bed, i guess the bathrooms are filled w laundry to the top
3) she looks sick af

No. 498782

File: 1522344786642.png (1.44 MB, 1334x750, CEB0470A-C4D0-4930-98F1-A0FA42…)

When Lainey tried to help spread it because it was dripping almost off his head he spazzed because it hurt and then started being annoying with “NO youre NOT allowed to touch me anymore” and he’s joking but she just looks so fucking done with his shit

No. 498783

Oh wow she posted it on patreon actually half an hour ago if that and it’s already on YouTube now. 10/10 early content.

No. 498786

the way he dyes his hair…….. i'm fucking disgusted , they're both clearly trying to be like Billie with all the hair dye vids

No. 498788

the fact she's going pink and says "it was your idea", like her husband said "do pink" and she obliged like a good girl… he really does control her life

No. 498789

Seriously and Lainey’s husband doesn’t even pay attention to her or find her attractive, so he’s just throwing a random color out there and that’s why she looks like shit. She’s trying to please him but she needs to be worrying about what will actually make her look decent, because he isn’t really looking at her and trying to help her. The only time they see each other is in their bedroom when they have sex or when they make a video together. Other than that they literally text each other everything.

No. 498790

Lainey's husband is way too busy j/o to hentai porn and she's way too busy broadcasting on YouNow and ridiculously dying her hair to actually see each other

No. 498791

hahah, oh shit this can't be real! >>498501
Thank you for your prayers.

No. 498792

i think more of jenna marbles and julien

No. 498795

>cut his own hair
>Greg dumps it all on his head
>He proceeds to be annoying
>Lainey deciding to go pink
>rose gold

The comparison between their hair dye vids and Jenna and Julien's has been made before ( >>494112 ) but now it's undeniable that they're trying to copy their videos. I haven't seen Lainey and her gay husband's video yet but they're not even trying to be subtle from that summary:
>Jenna buys hairdressing scissors* and cuts Julien's hair herself
>There's a running joke about Julien rinsing his hair with his pants off, I'm guessing that's where Grease got the inspiration to run his head under water
>Julien is a little annoying but it's clear Jenna finds it funny
>Jenna mentions a time when she dyed her hair red and it faded to rose gold

No. 498796

his skin looks like one big scab wtf

No. 498797

Although the comparison is undeniable, unfortunately it’s not possible. Jenna posted that video like 9 hours ago and Laineys video is done over two different days. Definitely doing it because she sees how much people love Jenna doing shit to her own/juliens hair tho. If I didn’t know about Greg’s personality you could almost say he’s trying to copy how annoying Julian acts too, but because he’s so unlikeable he just comes across as obnoxious. (julien does too but he’s actually a good guy so it’s overlooked)

No. 498799

It’s so funny because in past videos of Lame and her husband together, they always make a point to do cringey shit like cuddle and kiss at the end, but in this video Lame’s husband didn’t even touch her. Clearly he didn’t want to kiss her with that thing on her lip.
Seriously though, there are ointments for sores like that, why doesn’t she try to heal it instead of picking at it. I know people who get them regularly but they are always months apart. Lame has another one like every two weeks. And she constantly applies makeup and lipstick over them, that’s probably why they keep coming back so quickly. Because she’s touching it with her lipstick and then using the same lipstick when it’s gone.

No. 498800

File: 1522347727255.jpg (552.24 KB, 1100x1081, yugimahboy.jpg)

No. 498801

In onions dreams.

No. 498802

lol true, he looks more like pegasus after he'd fallen on some hard times and lived in the gutter for awhile.

No. 498803

Whyyy does he always wear suspenders? It looks so bad. He needs to just wear a belt like a normal adult man

No. 498804

All their videos are on the bed, it's because it's the only semi-clean space. Imagine Plain huffing and puffing about having to clean up a whole crusty bathroom for hair dying… She can't even pick up 3 cardboard boxes for the sake of her vid lol.

No. 498805

good lord lainey just leave your goddamn hair alone
with how frequently she bleaches and dyes it i bet it feels like elastic

No. 498807

File: 1522350227679.jpg (32.29 KB, 408x403, grge.jpg)

Suspenders can look cool if you were them with a proper buttoned shirt or some shit. He seems to think that they go with whatever shitty T he has close to hand… his fashion sense is painful.

No. 498810

i dont think any of us REALLY want it, aside from the fact her gay room mate would literally go mad

No. 498811

korean plastic surgery gone wrong + graying hair

No. 498813

old grandpa with his suspenders again.

No. 498822

File: 1522351310263.png (299.04 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180329-142001.png)

I Was Watching Some Old Blargh videos and holy shit I found a gem of a comment from Greg's mom's neighbor?

No. 498823

File: 1522351340032.png (295.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180329-142011.png)

Part 2

No. 498824

They're both looking so damn ugly with these "dye jobs". I'm kekking so damn hard. They should both just shave it off - they'll look 10000 times better bald or with wigs than… whatever the fuck is going on now.

No. 498825

I would think this is a fake comment because if Lainey is breastfeeding I don't see how should could go 3 weeks without seeing at least Chloe. Also most of these facts are things you could gather from previous videos (greg's clothes in the laundry room from that "i'm selling my husbands clothes" video, etc)

No. 498826

i'm guessing we are to assume Gurg's mom is a gossip and tells her neighbor all this stuff? I cant see any other reason she would know anything. But it seems suspect.

No. 498827

I'd take it with a grain of salt, they couldn't even spell the daughter's name correctly. And troy in one stream came into the room calling for "mommy" not "Lainey" before she ushered him out. And i thought we saw the kids (limbs/tops of heads) in a recent video? The post seems sketchy to me. Not white knighting, just ehhh.. too many red flags for me.

No. 498828

There's people bitching about the commenter spelling Chloe wrong but if the info she got was from talking to Greg's mom it makes sense because that's how Chloe is spelled 99% of the time which makes me think they had a conversation.

Greg's mom hates Lainey so it's no surprise she would talk shit and imply Taylor is a bad parent.

We know a family member cleans their house once a week, maybe it's Taylor's mom and she's staying nearby. Or maybe it's Lauren. Sage for tinfoil but I think there's truth in this comment because we know quite a few things in it are definitely true (laundry, looking for girls, sleeping apart)

No. 498830

Well unless you are reading it, in conversation if someone says Chloe, it makes sense they think it's spelled the common way and not some weird made up pseudo way.

No. 498833

She's known for that. Youtubers have talked to her trying to get her take on the fucked up shit her son is doing and she would shit talk him saying she didn't agree with him at all. We know she shit talked Lainey to Sam and onision.

No. 498834

#10 is practically literally a quote from an anti-O sperg blog lol. I see close to none credibility. I also recall their son calling Lameo mommy on one of the threads.

No. 498836

Wasn't Lauren staying with them in their guesthouse for a while, during the stream trot came in iirc Lauren was there to babysit because it was around the time jsbs wanted to debate and Lauren got on from the guest house and started going off on jsbs for attacking Lainey and her gay husband.

No. 498839

>Greg's mom hates Lainey so it's no surprise she would talk shit and imply Taylor is a bad parent.

This is what flashed in my mind as a I read that. If the conversation between Gurgs mom and the neighbor actually took place it would be exaggerated because she hates Lainey and seems like a crazy person who would vent loudly to whomever when she's irked. The thing about seeking out teen girls we all know her gay husband is using her for bait so he can get new girls but Gurgs mom would absolutely put the blame on Lainey for that behavior rather than seeing how shitty her son is. As far as the laundry explosion? Laineys gay husband just needs to go wash his clothes lol.

No. 498840

I'd personally believe the fact the kids are with Lameo's mom but the comment looks kind of sketchy with the info. If it is true, then why would Lame lie about nursing the kids currently?

No. 498842

I'd believe it, but yeah, it's probably a lie. Something for us to keep in mind, anyways…

No. 498843

Why does she lie about anything? (everything)

No. 498851

I don’t think the comment is real either. In the one vide we have of Troy, he calls her “mommy” so…

No. 498857


>the kids are at lainey's mom's house right now.

>neither greg nor taylor have called to check on their kids for three weeks.

Troy was filmed with lainey both in the car and at home 17 days ago, this comment is at least a week old. It's bullshit.

No. 498861

What stream did this happen in? Show it otherwise your claim is as good as her’s.

No. 498866

You guys keep mentioning breastfeeding but you do realize there’s such a thing as pumping? Mothers who breast feed pump milk and send their kids places all the time. You don’t have to be with your kid 24/7 to breastfeed them. Lainey has mentioned before that she used to have to pump for the oldest, so it’s not totally impossible that she pumps milk for both of them if they are staying somewhere else.

But also, they are both at ages where they don’t NEED to be nursed. She’s choosing to do that.

No. 498867

Ntayrt but a stream wasn't mentioned.
Troys head was seen shown in lainey's hair dye video which was uploaded 18 days ago, proving that the children were/are clearly at home at the time this comment was made.

No. 498868

File: 1522355905132.jpg (3.18 MB, 2545x1422, 61fZ7Xn.jpg)


What he envisions in his head when putting on those suspenders.

No. 498870

Yeah he tries to try a lot of formal kind of clothing in an attempt to look cool or different but his styling is awful and never gets anything to fit right. Another example is the cheap awful suits he wears in some videos.

No. 498873

>I'd take it with a grain of salt, they couldn't even spell the daughter's name correctly.

Chloe is the real spelling of the name though. Cloey is not real a name, for the longest time I just thought lolcow was populated by retards who couldn't spell until I realised greg and lainey were the tards.

No. 498876

I'm hoping that linking to a message that got red text isn't a bannable offence. But here:

The video is still there. Hoping I didn't just shoot myself in the foot for it.

No. 498880

the kid sounds so sad! tinfoil but still, that's the voice i connect to when kids want cookies or something

and that comment is fake, i don't necessarily believe Lainey and her husband wins the best parents award but also the worst parents one for the kids to call another person "mommy" and call Lainey "Lainey"… that just sounds farfetch (although i believe lainey takes far more care of those kids than her husband)

No. 498882

>Another example is the cheap awful suits he wears in some videos.

and to his own wedding kek

No. 498885

File: 1522358702854.png (80.45 KB, 300x188, 1513538624292.png)

Cursed image.

No. 498888

File: 1522360152804.png (10.09 MB, 4998x4032, 66849434-573C-4133-BAA8-42B377…)

Okay looking back on this now is this not low key the face of social repost lmfao. It might just be because it’s so long and gross in this photo but god damn.
Regardless I love how he thanks Lainey for buying the hair dye because little greggle isn’t making any money I guess. How he thought he would achieve grey hair over that orange fucking mess and even tried to put WATER on his head before finishing dying it. And this man brags about his fucking iq really. Guess dying your hair grey helps hides his actual greys with the excuse “omg no it’s the grey dye I put in god. I just got some on my eyebrows. So dumb haterz”

No. 498889

Nobody really believes this crap right? Lame still breastfeeds & has said before that one of the kids doesn't take to bottle nipples. We've heard T ourselves call her mommy. I'm honestly sick of the kids being brought up. They shouldn't matter to us. Just because they have shit parents and we dont see them every two seconds doesn't mean we call CPS or believe obvious bs about the onions abandoning them.

No. 498892

Lainey mentioned maybe a week or so ago of having a lot of late nights. Staying up watching Netflix etc., but if she co-sleeps is she keeping the kids up late too? Maybe there were away for a week or something. I wish their neighbours would post here lol

No. 498893

He did the same thing with Sam. “People are saying xyz about us and I’m really grossed out.”


>“Sweety Troll”

>”Just trolling around the worldwide web.”

Sounds fake but ok.

No. 498896

File: 1522362577395.png (Spoiler Image, 7.55 MB, 3665x2000, screaming.png)

No. 498897

i love this

No. 498898


If he freaked out over the drawing of him & Blair White, he's gonna looooooove this.

No. 498899

>lainey is knocking


No. 498900

Kek I'm deaf.

No. 498901

Sage. Dead. On mobile.

No. 498902

File: 1522363159326.jpg (88.84 KB, 1200x654, 1478154379240.jpg)


this is fucking beautiful I can't wait for his chimp out

No. 498903

The rosacea ass and tiny dick really seal the deal for me, and the slight protrusion of his soy titties.

No. 498904

File: 1522363820968.gif (1018.65 KB, 240x182, 4CE6C20A-8FE2-4DC9-A4FE-87457F…)

Is that vsauce fucking him

No. 498905

HOLY SHIT, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?! I eternally love you for this, he's never going to let this die.

No. 498906

I think that's Sylar, one of Greg's onionflakes/discordfags. BigFatBecca's internet kinky boyfriend.

No. 498907

with becca there, its the only other male that makes sense ha

No. 498908

That's amazing. Is someone going to tweet it to him?

No. 498909

File: 1522364747643.jpg (93.17 KB, 600x800, 1520513475094.jpg)

from >>>/snow/432327
the male in the image is definitely sylar being pegged by fatbecca

No. 498915

File: 1522365570581.jpg (54.51 KB, 960x540, 1521051491881.jpg)

No. 498918


Doesn't Laineys mom live in New Mexico?

No. 498919

Theres no way that Onion isn't going to see this and not pop a little chubbster gerkin.

You just know that Greg is gonna fap hardcore to this image for weeks to come. Ha! Kek

No. 498920

Fucking amazing work anon.
Grug n co can't possibly denegrate this after his futa hentai escapades. I mean he can show explicit cartoon porn to an audience of minors then he'll have no problem with an 18+ audience viewing this masterpiece.

Edit, I may have somehow inadvertently saved it and then accidentally uploaded it to onioncord in about 30mins or so.. /s

No. 498922

He hasn't got twitter active anymore but it's worth a try.

No. 498926

File: 1522366444260.jpeg (383.01 KB, 750x1131, 9AEE2C83-5154-431A-947B-1BCD16…)

Proof that Greg has been Lainey’s puppet master for a long time. Not only does he choose her hair color, but he’s been slow cooking this poly fantasy for a long time (not that we didn’t already know this, just found this caption interesting)

No. 498929

He's not tweeting but he has time to update his profile and like Lameo's tweets. He'll definitely see kek

No. 498930

Lame's just tweeted selfies, respond with that and they'll both combust.

No. 498932

Dick is too big in this image.

No. 498934

File: 1522367668784.png (Spoiler Image, 208.74 KB, 688x358, Opera Instantané_2018-03-30_01…)

No. 498935

She does, lainey and the kids are going there soon for a visit, it was mentioned in a yn stream last week, I assumed they were going for easter. Do any anonlaineypatrons have access to her calender/schedule?

No. 498936

Holy kek it’s better than I could have ever imagined, anon

No. 498937

File: 1522369127037.png (Spoiler Image, 1010.71 KB, 976x808, domblaire.PNG)

Finally, some more realistic Blaire pegging

No. 498938

Oh he'll say he hates this but he'll also make this his desktop wallpaper. That looks pretty hentai imo kek.

No. 498939

He looks very feminine in this. Lameo's wife is such a sub

No. 498940


No. 498977

No. 498978

These kinds of responses actually make her seem likable

No. 498980

Sounds more like a failed attempt at defusing an insult that's used against her regularly and seems to hurt her heart each time its said
"maybe if I joke about it they will stop saying it"
Sorry Lainey, wont work. Now joke about how you don't understand why people keep trying to wipe their shoes on you.

No. 498984

Not sure how exactly. She still comes off like the same smug cunt with attitude who just might have accepted that people are going to call her a foot no matter what.

No. 498985


I don't understand why they dyed their hair on white bedding with him in a white shirt. Wtf? In another pic, they have stained bottles lying directly on the bed.

No. 498986


Is that where her last name Ingle comes from? Wondering what her real last name is then.

No. 498989

File: 1522400033949.png (323.04 KB, 730x495, Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 9.51…)

Idk if anyone pointed out that he has herpes on his lip too. I'm sure everyone's gonna be lining up to join their triad.

No. 498992

…webb. As an billiedawnwebb

No. 498993

Is there a trend with male malignant narcissists bleaching their hair like this? I haven't been keeping up with the thread, is there someone onion is modelling himself on or has he explained why he did it? I personally know a narcissist who did his hair like this and it looks so unbelivably bad (just like onion), I feel like there has to be an explanation why these creepy men are drawn to looking like this. I'm triggered as fuck by men with shitty bleached hair.

No. 499000

i think it's more of a "i'm getting too old i need to distract people from that fact" thing. remember when he used to shit on markiplier and other youtubers who dyed their hair because "they were getting old"?

No. 499002

No trend, I'm guessing he just wanted to prove a point to his wife who spent a couple of hundred dollars at a salon, as ever he fucked it up.

No. 499006

bleach blonde has always been the go to colour for try hards. Usually guys do it when they're younger and not in their 30s

No. 499007

Thanks anon, you responded to me. I wasn't in that thread, so I never saw that.

I never heard T before, but hearing him breaks my heart. He's just a baby and he's got to live with such fucked up parents. I mean his mother ended her stream because he walked into the room. I know he's a kid, but growing up like that would be upsetting. Your parents shoving you down and shutting all of their stuff down just because you come into the room would feel like they were ashamed or embarrassed of you. All she had to do was turn the camera so it didn't show him. They are so fucking weird. This would explain why T is so quiet now, the one time he did accidentally talk on his mom's livestream he clearly got bitched at.

No. 499008

If they get a new poly girlfriend, they should just call themselves the Herpes Trinity

No. 499012


I wonder how they explain all their odd behaviors to T. Scary to think he's conditioned to all this dysfunction. When mommy & daddy aren't locked in their bedrooms doing "work" they are talking to a camera, shoving the kids out of view, reprimanding them when they speak (BE QUIET MOMMY IS FILMING A VIDEO!), daddy running around the backyard screaming, setting your toys on fire… Oh, and not to mention the revolving door of people that come into the home..

T must be 4ish now… he's going to start asking questions soon. Questions like, DADDY WHAT DID YOU MEAN WHEN YOU CALLED MOMMY A C-U-N-T? WHO IS THIS GIRL? WHY DOES DADDY SAY WE HAVE TO LEAVE? IS SHE MY NEW MOMMY?


No. 499015

File: 1522416439345.jpg (38.06 KB, 710x473, ahs-cult-cheetos.w710.h473.jpg)

Is he trying to be Kai Anderson? Cannot unsee

No. 499022

It is very sad that kids are being raised in that environment and around a man who abuses and manipulates his wife but her turning off her stream to stop him from being exposed to the internet is not bad? Keeping their kids out of the public eye might be the only decent decision they have made. Like there is enough bad stuff they do show us so you don’t need to speculate based on nothing that she’s bitching at her kids?

No. 499025

Doesn't Blaire still have his dick though?

No. 499026

File: 1522422238443.png (5.95 KB, 481x242, onisiongames_unavailable.PNG)

Does anyone know if Onision (onisiongames) has been banned from twitch? Getting this error when trying to view his account page. Can't see anyone complaining yet about the twitch api in general today on twitter.

No. 499028


I just checked and got the same error, but other channels work fine.

I know other channels can have "mature" content, but they are flagged as such. Does Onion flag his content as "Mature"? Or will that exclude too much of his fanbase?

No. 499032

It's unlikely his accounts been terminated, he's just been approached by them to become a partner. I'll see if I can find the ss.

No. 499033


Don't you need a LOT more viewers than he gets to become a partner?

He gets, what, 10 people in a stream?

No. 499044

Yeah I think the general rule is 300 viewers on average per stream. The max I've ever seen him get was 50 and that was at the peak of the Sam debacle when she was in his streams

No. 499045

twitch makes exceptions for people who have a large following on other platforms. no doubt they've seen his sub count on YouTube and are basing it on that.

No. 499046

Wasn’t T born January of 2013? He’s over 5 then.

No. 499047

Well, if the nasty old fuck has actually became a twitch affiliate/partner then he'll be banned in no time, in no way shape or form are they going to tolerate his toxic behavior.

No. 499048

He just switched domain to https://www.twitch.tv/onision

I don't think he's gonna get partnered. He brings in a maximum of 25 viewers, I seriously doubt that is enough to get partnered.

No. 499049

He really is getting partnered it's in one of his video's, I thought it was a patron only one but I can't find it rn (in work can't watch), iirc he showed the emails from twitch asking him to call as they were very interested in in offering him a partnership, if there are any patronanons they can probably find it without too much difficulty unless he's deleted it, which happens surprisingly often on his patreon.

No. 499050

No. He was born January 2014. If you were to lurk Lameo's instagram she was showing baby bumps in mid 2013, NOT 2012.

No. 499051

Wait? Does twitch call and let you know they are very interested in a partnership? I was sure they sent you and email saying you've qualified to be a partner and you click "get started" which takes you to fill out different form and get the program going. Not a business call to let you know the higher ups are interested in partnering. It's a very automated process.

No. 499052

Of course, because talking about your penis size to your mostly underaged fanbase is defintely what every Twitch partner/affiliate should do. Kek.

No. 499053

File: 1522429469672.jpeg (57.63 KB, 750x368, 169660A3-C3E8-48B7-AF92-AEFDB5…)

He used his 3dge twitter yesterday, should give it some lovin’ too

No. 499055

Onion has deleted everything to do with twitch from his twitter, including links, the tweets for the streams and that god awful photo with his height and links.

No. 499058

Maybe he is finally embarrassed enough from his low views and knows he won't ever be a partner?
I'm still pissed patreon did nothing about him showing porn to minors. Of course he gets away with another fucking thing. I'm sure those kid's parents would love that their kids are watching this creepy old man show them hentai.

No. 499060

I have no recollection of such a video. Lainey's husband said he got an email from twitch on a stream, no info on the contents.

No. 499061

File: 1522430410934.jpeg (434.98 KB, 750x978, 6203FFD8-6869-4888-A57A-C60F0E…)

Anon, there was no email shown and he only gets around 27 viewers on a good day. He does not meet the requirements to be partnered. He doesn’t engage with his audience and he often breaks twitch TOS.

No. 499064

He never shared any emails he got from them, he just talked about it. Knowing how illiterate he is it was probably a warning or telling him he doesn't qualify for partner.

No. 499065

File: 1522430889920.jpg (756.49 KB, 808x1407, Laimey Warty Mouth.jpg)

>If they get a new poly girlfriend, they should just call themselves the Herpes Trinity

Seriously. They both have extreme chronic Lip Sores. The frequency in which Lame-O gets then is gargantuan.

The Onions could be mentally unwell, but they sure are physically unwell and riddled with disease.

Imagine they court a young virginal 17 year old to come by. How many STD's she's going to walk away with is appalling.

Even if you just kiss them, you'll get the Onion Herpes!!!

In The Blargs newest video about Lainey saying she isn't rude or snarky, i found this gem of a comment, and snorted when i read the replies.

See how lainey tried to cover up with concealer and makeup??? Its still bumpy as shit.

No. 499066

She would definitely qualify to take an oral anti-viral that would help with the breakouts. I don't know why she hasn't begun them.

No. 499067


Because she would have to go to the doctor to get that. And on top her her being ~too busy~ to even CALL a doctor, doctors are evil and dumb anyways and shouldn't be trusted. (/s)

No. 499069

Their shitty diet probably has something to do with it too. It is not normal to get coldsores that often. Maybe they're both lacking some vitamins? And have most likely never been STD tested since greggy is afraid of scary doctors

No. 499074


I am sure they have been copying Jenna and Julien, a couple days ago Lame's husband was saying the joke of ' yoou looking as a snack' but it was awfully similar to the way Julien says it. They both have zero personality

No. 499077

I don't think he was kidding at all. He's such a control freak and thinks his looks are too perfect to be messed up by someone else. It's just like in the video she tried to do his makeup and he freaked out

No. 499078

Lainey's husband has been STD tested, if you recall that video where he got tested basically just to shame one of his ex-partners.

On another note, it's kind of madening that Lainey dyes her hair then two days later is trying to strip the color.

No. 499080

>On another note, it's kind of madening that Lainey dyes her hair then two days later is trying to strip the color.

As someone that's always just rocked their natural hair color and never been bothered to dick with dyeing it. I have no idea about this but with Lainey Consistently dyeing her hair will it cause irreparable damage?

No. 499081

If it's just dye it won't, however if she uses developer it can, or if she continually strips her hair it can.

No. 499083

If she was only dying it with semi perms with rationally long breaks in between dying and used lots of conditioning, it wouldn't be nearly as terrible as bleaching it needlessly as much as she does. Stripping color doesn't help her hair condition either.

I'm surprised she's not more bald than her receding hair line.

No. 499085

can we stop with the Lainey whiteknighting? I thought we were over this bullshit about Lainey being a victim and her husband being the only bad guy in that house. It’s not crazy to think that maybe she did bitch at her kid considering that was the first and last time he ever spoke when she was on camera. If she didn’t bitch at him, wouldn’t he still be talking when she was filming or on stream?

No. 499089

You can get chemical burns and scalp damage from bleach, but otherwise, hair is already dead anyway. If she stops messing with it'll grow back normally.

No. 499094

Patreon truly gives no shit whatsoever about the patrons, only their money and the creators. They've admitted to being pro-creator and will let a TON of things slide.

People shouldn't expect for Patreon to do anything to stop Smegma the Bitter Caveman.

No. 499139

That may be true in some cases, but if Patreon puts in their TOU/TOS that you can’t upload specific content, they have to follow through with it. So even if Lame’s husband gives them some money, they still have to abide by their own rules. Maybe they just need a kick in the ass like YouTube. But honestly, he only makes like $700 a month and that keeps dropping, so there are better creators that bring in more. I doubt Grease is worth much to them. If he doesn’t get in trouble it’s because his patrons aren’t reporting him.

No. 499141


Jenna and Julien are nice, normal people who don't antagonize others, don't constantly e-beg and don't put their weird personal drama on the internet.

The thought of Lainey and Gurgle copying them makes me so upset

No. 499149

Yeah it's been pretty awkward to watch a weird, abusive couple painstakingly try to replicate the behaviors of one of the healthiest relationships on the internet.

They don't have chemistry because of the things they do together for videos, lame and gerg. Jenna and Julien make good videos because they actually like each other. People would watch no matter what.

No. 499151

File: 1522442990537.png (2.96 MB, 2048x1536, DA92111A-0805-4030-8E5D-03E428…)

For me it shows he’s a Verified Twitch Partner.

No. 499156

Twitch is notorious for accepting anyone whom they think will bring in more people and more $$$. They don't give any shits about his reputation, only about his numbers. Its likely they also are the ones who suggested he change his twitch name to be the same as his YouTube name.

If anyone thinks twitch is gonna ban him for being, they're sadly mistaken. Twitch is no better than YouTube in letting shit slide if it helps their bottom line. And if they gave him a personal invitation, that means they simply want the best known youtube names moving over to their side.. end of story. Most of the top twitch streamers are full of drama and toxicity.

No. 499157


Jenna recently admitted (the obvious truth) that she and Julien don't always get along and argue, but have learned how to argue in such a way that they both feel heard and respected, so they can get their feelings out there and go back to having fun and getting along.

EVERYTHING about Gruggles and Lainey just screams dysfunction, at least the way they conduct themselves online. I'm sure they have decent moments, but no relationship based on a MUCH older man getting involved with a 16/17 year old girl and getting her pregnant at such a young age can be healthy. He calls her names (I have NEVER been called a c-u-next-tuesday by a significant other), he fucking CHEATED on her and made a ton of videos saying it was her fault for being insecure, trolls for young tail to bring into his house… I know this is all old hat but these people are seriously disturbing. I hope she leaves him and gets half of his assets. He warped the shit out of her, she never stood a chance.

No. 499158

"ban him for being toxic" I mean

No. 499160

lmao those viewer numbers surely bring in lots of traffic to Twitch, kek my sides

No. 499165

The only time I’ve ever seen them operate well as a unit was when they decided they hated sam. Greg for realizing he couldn’t fuck her so turning against her and lainey hating her because she was some hot chick in the house Greg got his boner stuck in. Their videos after she left were pretty entertaining because of how affectionate they were based solely on mutual hatred

No. 499172

Patreon itself is known for not following their own rules, though.

Also this. They'll take a long while before take action on a twitch partner.

No. 499187

Slightly OT but I could not help thinking of Trot when I heard this. Onion is raising his kid like this, how scary is that.

At 10:22 they talk about this little boy who murdered a toddler having anger issues and his dad telling him to just punch things to deal with it. Sounds like Onion and Trot.

No. 499201

what is with anons spewing bullshit? patreon is known for not following their rules? By whom? I never heard this. Look at Lauren Southern, they banned her. They have a shit ton of Youtubers on their platform now, so the only way they’ll come across Lame’s husband is if his diehard patrons report him like they should have. They aren’t reporting him and they aren’t pulling their pledges. If patreon was to ignore their own rules for anyone it definitely wouldn’t be a youtuber that brings in the smallest amount a month. Reports coming from non-patrons won’t matter because they can be passed as false reports. The video itself needs to be reported, but his patrons clearly won’t report him because some of them actually like him and the ones that don’t are afraid to lose exclusive milk if his patreon is shut down.

No. 499204

I think that’s a bit of a stretch, anon. That kid was bullied and that’s why he was angry. And his parents neglected him and told him to just hit shit when he got angry. I don’t think T is going to go around killing people. If anything he’ll just grow up beating on his dad which I’m perfectly fine with. T isn’t being bullied though, he just throws tantrums, so his anger isn’t as serious as that kid’s. I don’t wanna speculate that a 5 year old is going to be a murderer. That’s as bad as the anons saying T is gonna grow up to shoot up a school. He’s just a kid, we’re not here to speculate the kind of person he’s going to be. This is about his parents. Let’s not involve the kids unless it has something to do with their parents. It’s weird bringing them up and trying to speculate that they’re going to be awful human beings when they’re just kids.

No. 499210

>If anyone thinks twitch is gonna ban him for being toxic, they're sadly mistaken.

DSP got banned for insulting some random dude in his stream chat yesterday tho. Onion does far worse shit than that.

No. 499211

Yeah twitch actually has perma-banned people for shit that other sites wouldn't care about. They are actually pretty strict. They only seem lenient with the very top streamers who bring in large numbers (in the high thousands. something onion will never do).

No. 499216

Gurg makes around 4k a month on Patreon, so his fees to patreon woukd be around $400pcm Lame makes around 1k-3k per month with fees of between $50 and $150 pcm. Dunno where you got $700?

No. 499220

Exactly. I’m pretty sure they haven’t banned him yet because he wasn’t a partner. If they worried about everyone who wasn’t partnered with them, it’d be exhausting. If he fucks up now though, they’ll have to look into it and ban him. That’s if people actually report him and it seems like the only time people want to report him is for bullshit reasons to CPS.

No. 499221

Oh nice, didn't know that. I'm glad to be wrong then and hope they ban Onion's immature ass someday.

No. 499243


Herpes could have been passed to her from a family member giving kisses when she was a child. My grandmother has herpes of the mouth and she would never kiss me when she had an outbreak. To this day in my mid-30s, I don't get cold sores. Thanks, conscious parents and family!

But to be real – she probably got them from being stupid. I wonder if Greg has them on his ding-a-ling.

No. 499248

No, I think Lainey's might be from highschool she has claimed to have kissed over 30 people and gotten mono so bad it nearly killed her. Makes sense for her to have caught it off one of her exes or those random dudes she was making out with for attention.
I just find it hilarious that Onision did those videos shaming Shiloh and Andrienne for being dirty sluts and took an std test and then he goes and gets an std from his next teen bride. Just hilarious. I wonder if he ever flips out on Lainey about it, we know how obsessed he is with his looks.

No. 499250

I agree but it goes to show that not teaching kids the right way to deal with their anger can have serious implications in the future.

Lainey and her gay husband don't want to do their job as parents and discipline him properly, I have a friend and family who work with young kids and at Ts age when he has tantrums he should be encouraged to self soothe and use his words not fists.

Remember he already threw C off a couch and faced no punishment. He's showing violent tendencies because his parents are too lazy to do their jobs.

I doubt he will be bullied because he never interacts with other kids, aside from his sister and maybe Madison's kid. I worry about how bad he would be bullied if kids he eventually did befriend found out what his gay hentai loving dad and transtrender herpes mom do online.

No. 499251

I'm just saying, shitty parenting like Gerg and Lameo seem to be doing leads to shit like that. At the very least he will be a total terror to deal with because his parents will probably defend him the way Onions mom did for him.

I wonder if Onion thinks Trot is an indigo child like he was and that's why he is unwilling to parent him properly.

No. 499252

Didn't she say in a recent video she kissed like 200 people?

No. 499258

No silly anon, indigo children are born in the 70's if anything his children would be one of the rainbow children

No. 499262

It isn't Greg stop with your OT tinfoiling
They only gang up against the women they're abusing and manipulating but for their own reasons

No. 499285

Yeah I’ve already said T is definitely going to grow up spoiled and probably a brat and I think we can all agree on that, but a murderer? That’s weird that anons are even speculating this about a 5 year old. We have to remember he’s just a kid and we shouldn’t have a problem with him just because his parents are total fuck ups. If anything these kids need allies and people looking out for them, they shouldn’t be targeted because of what their parents do.

No. 499286

Lainey is so full of shit. I had mono when I was 8. My spline swelled up and if I got even lightly tapped in the stomach, it would have erupted and I would die. Other than that, you can’t even feel it. It makes you tired, but that’s it. Of course she would try to use that to play victim. It’s not as bad as it sounds. It scares the shit out of you, but you barely know you have it. And that’s the worst it gets, other than that most of the time it’s not even that serious. And after a few weeks it’s gone, you can still fucking go about everyday life you just can’t partake in P.E or physical things. Is there anything this girl doesn’t try to use for sympathy? That’s as ridiculous as her husband continuously mentioning that he was in the military.

No. 499292

Sam should be thankful she escaped grease manor without herp

No. 499296

T will be a target in school if he goes, I remember when I was in elementary school some kids found out one of my classmates dad's was a crossdresser and she was bullied until she had to leave school. They don't even realize the shit they are going to do to T. He will have to deal with their bullshit because kids are ruthless.

No. 499302

Okay? That doesn’t mean they need to deal with it from anons on a forum about their parents. We’re adults. Those are kids. Why is this even a discussion? Just stop bringing up kids and tinfoils about how they’re going to be murderers.

No. 499304

just saying, but a lot of people with hsv 1 are asymptomatic. just because you don't have outbreaks doesn't mean you're not a carrier. lots of people are carriers and have no idea.

i think she said she kissed 40 people, but it's not like just sharing drinks like kids and teens do, or just being a kid couldn't be a very likely culprit. it is possible she could've gotten it from not being gross. lots of kids do have it.

No. 499314

what exactly are you trying to get at? If anon knows what herpes are I’m sure they would know whether or not they have it. And sure, she could have gotten by “not being gross” but what are the chances of that? She kissed a shit ton of people and I don’t really recall her husband having them before getting with her? She’s got extremely bad herpes to the point that they continuously come back. How she got them is kind of irrelevant because she’s clearly being gross now and giving them to others and not taking care of it.

No. 499315

Will T punch gergles more if they move to a smaller home, will he keep pushing everyone out of his way when they live in a smaller home?

No. 499316

File: 1522474875034.jpg (404.88 KB, 1055x839, Meltyeyes_onion.jpg)

>Herpes could have been passed to her from a family member giving kisses when she was a child

Then conversely, since Lamey and Grunk both have the Onion Herpes, they could infect their tiny children with an STD before the age of 5.

Seriously, all it takes is a shared straw, a shared sippy cup, or even an affectionate kiss from the Greasy Parents, and Troy and Chloe will be afflicted with the sexual sins of the Father and Mother.

No. 499321

Agreed. It seems a little hypocritical to act so concerned over the children and their wellbeing and then turn around and tinfoil and speculate about them being murderers or being bullied and social outcasts or even to speculate about how they are being treated with no proof. If it's something we see directly from Lain and her husband but can we not armchair the kids? And no, I'm not wking for Greg and Lamey, but, I'll gladly wk for 2 innocent children that none of us know anything about.

No. 499322

I mean, no shade to Shane but Grug could have easily gotten herpes from him after the infamous kiss video..

No. 499323


Nah, anon, that video came out before Plain stepped into the picture. Onion puts out videos every day (unfortunately) and he hasn't shown signs of herpes or cold sores until Foot came around. Look at any of her old photos, she's always had fucked up, dry lips.

No. 499324

anon, you can’t get herpes from inanimate objects.

No. 499326

Sigh, not the anon you replied to, but yes you can. Moron.

You in the US? I'm hazarding a guess there, because it always baffled me how people in the US can be so ignorant, uneducated and over dramatic about coldsores. People in this thread doing my head in.

You can get coldsores (which is, yep, a herpes virus) from kissing - that includes partners sure, but also family members when you are a child, or friends if kids decide to peck each other on the lips as they may do.

You can also get them from sharing cups or utensils with family members/friends as a child (or teen, or adult, or at any point). If something touches the mouth of someone with a coldsore, even just the start of one without it even being visible (as long as the virus is 'on the skin' already), and then touches yours without being washed, you can contract the virus that causes them. They are so easily transmitted, it's laughable that anyone thinks it's a scandal that someone has one.

Coldsores are seriously no big deal whatsoever, almost everyone has the herpes virus that causes them. Some people are just more prone to breakouts than others, that's all. Someone can catch it at 5 years old sharing a sippy cup with their 6 year old cousin who is having a breakout (after catching it from their parents or whatever), have it lie dormant for years, then get one sole breakout in their 20s when they get stressed one time. Similarly, someone can catch it at 14 years old kissing loads of sluts and then have them every month for the rest of their life, depending on their own immune system - or ANYTHING in between those two scenarios.

If you're still pissing your pants over coldsores and don't believe it, then google is right the fuck there. Go educate yourself and calm down.

No. 499328

File: 1522478401746.png (76.14 KB, 1067x312, herp.PNG)

>what exactly are you trying to get at? If anon knows what herpes are I’m sure they would know whether or not they have it.
uh, all they said was that they've not had an outbreak, not that they definitely don't have it, and that doesn't mean much, seeing as how WHO reports that the majority of people that have oral herpes don't know they have it, as they're just carriers. people aren't typically tested for it, either. 'extremely bad herpes', it's bad because her immune system is for shit and she's stressed. it's not like laryngitis or some shit. the intensity of it has everything to do with her immune system and stress. she definitely could have less of them if she took better care of herself and stopped touching them, but tbh i think living in an abusive household is going to bring them up either way. she's constantly in fear of fuckface leaving her/cheating on her, despite being so smug, on top of having to clean the house, take care of the kids, work, etc. she's got a lot of stress, on top of living with a man that hates her. it's def more than enough to activate them often.

yes, you really can. pic related.

No. 499329

Yes and no. I think long winded tinfoil paragraphs about them being murderers are dumb and should be discouraged. I do think talking about Lame and Gurg's parenting is fair game especially when there is evidence of it (like when billie said they cry a lot) or Lame's posts on parenting Facebook pages.
I even think saying offhand comments like 'if greg does this, his kids will pick up on it/imitate' as long as it's only a comment on the end of a relevant post. Otherwise calling the kid's actual murderers and ugly ect is harsh and tinfoily. Given evidence by Sam (true or not) that Troy pushed Cloey off the couch I think is okay to talk about their behaviour or speculate, just maybe don't insult the kids directly.
Not trying to backseat mod, but I can see how some anons are interested to see how Troy and Cloe turn out because of their awful parents but I can also see how it's mean to insult kids when they have no control of their shit parents.

No. 499330

You responded to me and thank you, anon. I definitely don’t consider it whiteknighting for Lame and her greasy husband. This shouldn’t even be an argument. Like I said, mentioning the kids when it’s relevant to their parents and what their parents are doing is ok, fair game. But the whole speculating about the kids alone and the twisted tinfoils anons come up with is just ridiculous. They aren’t even in school yet and anons are suggesting they’re going to shoot them up. I think the Onions are shit human beings and awful fucking parents, but I don’t think their kids are going to be murderers.