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File: 1490903199398.png (1.76 MB, 779x789, 68545.png)

No. 364438

Previous thread >>>/pt/359590

- YouTube is being to crack down on what videos can be monetized

- As a result, Onion has lost monetization on multiple videos and is losing it

- Lainey is "dating" her friend Mercades; most likely encouraged by Onion for views

- Still won't leave Eugenia alone, though no longer using her name

No. 364439

New video, answers common "Is Onision…" Google searches


Also another video showing off his new lesbian cut and he redid his makeup and eyebrows again

No. 364440


does anyone know Sarah's zodiac?

No. 364441

In his latest video "Interview Questions," Greg answers a lot of questions, but he DENIES having children again. That's so sickening. You don't have to drag them in front of a camera Greg to at least acknowledge you have them. Poor kids. Daddy wanted better chances of screwing teen girls so he had to pretend the both of you didn't exist. I wish more people would call him out on that.

Also, the whole "I wasn't banned from vidcon" thing, HE CLEARLY WAS. Just very politely and in a round-about way. The email he received stated some bs about "not being able to ensure his safety" but the real info was the last line that says "We won't be able to have you…because we don't think your presence would be conducive to the constructive atmosphere we worked so hard to build." BAM. Take out the bs safety stuff shoved in the middle of it, and that's your REAL truth. He was so proud to share that too, and show "HURR DURR I wasn't banned!!!" Yes you were Greg, you were just too egotistical to read between the lines. They didn't want you there. Period.

No. 364443

File: 1490904246665.jpg (21.66 KB, 768x432, TheGrinch_Delinquents.jpg)

Can't wait until he has to sell the Grease mansion to pay the bills.

No. 364445

The reason he was banned was because so many parents notified Vidcon about his fucked up history and feared for their children that planned on attending.

You just simply can't have a teen fucker in a convention full of teens. Everyone knew he was a gross hebephile even back then. And also he made a video explaining that he couldn't have possibly pressured AJ into sex because of her body count– effectively saying if you have had a lot of previous partners then you can't be raped!

Greg likes to say that he wasn't really banned, and that they told him not to show because of "threats". Yeah someone said they were going to egg him, SUCH A THREAT TO HIS SAFETY. GOTTA WEAR A BULLETPROOF VEST.

No. 364446

Are they not looking for a new toy for the geasesomes? All of a sudden he's about monogamy?

No. 364453

crossing myself at the thread image anon. I feel like any second now his skin is gonna melt away from his skull, starting with that gruesome brow

No. 364454


Sarah's a libra

No. 364455


Is this the same face he makes when he's about to violate-I mean, make love or bathe/shower with his victims? I now understand why they cried PTSD.

No. 364457

i honestly cant tell if he's getting uglier or if i'm just getting more subjective in my opinion of him??

No. 364459

He was never attractive to begin with. He fluctuates from a 4-6 a little too frequently

No. 364461

File: 1490908782834.png (297.27 KB, 690x454, Vidcon2011.png)


he played off the bullet proof vest as 'oh look how kooky Onision is" but holy shit this photo still freaks me out

No. 364462


oh he's always been hideous IMO but it's getting worse. and it's not just because he's getting older he's literally like… looking deformed

No. 364464

bit generous anon

No. 364465

I use to think he was a hottie biscotti (back in the day). He most definitely is getting uglier every year.

No. 364466


Yeah, he's definitely always been ugly and is steadily getting worse. His sort of face is not one that gravity can be kind to.

I've always been bewildered by how his fans think he's attractive. Back in the day I suppose they were taken in by the hair (and less deformed brow) but even now, when he looks like Carrot Top, he gets comments saying he's 'beautiful'. It must just be the cult mentality.

Also, the thing that's always freaked me out the most is how wide his mouth is. Especially when he grins. It is unnaturally wide, and coupled with the weird lips it is repulsive.

No. 364467


A-are his pants unzipped???

No. 364468

Wonder who's haunting them this time?

No. 364469

File: 1490909486865.png (104.46 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3908.PNG)

No. 364471

File: 1490910124260.png (106.01 KB, 477x313, uhhh.png)

He was banned from Vidcon, he confirmed it himself back in 2012… he backpedals on his bullshit all the time, it should really be of no surprise to anyone by now.

No. 364473

File: 1490910886627.png (211.5 KB, 730x473, saged.png)

Samefagging so I'm saging this post, but I know the screenshot looks weird as he's mentioning he was banned in 2012 and the Tweet is dated in 2012 the same year… this is a fuckup on his part, the tweet isn't doctored and a simple Google search of the first sentence will bring up the same exact Tweet.

So yes, he's lying through his teeth again… he knows he was banned, he's just trying to cover it up in front of his newer fans who don't know any better about his history.

No. 364476

idk, everyone else he's been with has been in the same range, except Billie

No. 364478


If we're talking about the same Sarah that was sent from the greasemansion - she's a Leo. Also, as far as I'm concerned in reply to the previous thread someone pointing out all of Gurgles' exes being Tauruses - nah, AJ - Aries, you can actually see it on her fb.

No. 364480


That was me, my bad. I knew she was born in April, I just didn't know the exact date.

No. 364481

File: 1490914358368.png (292.02 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3909.PNG)

Oh don't worry, we are. Especially when it comes to your downfall. :)

No. 364501

File: 1490920542422.png (272.86 KB, 588x158, capture_008_30032017_173301.pn…)

wonder if Onion's having one of his angry shower fap sessions over this kek

No. 364506

I had to hide the OP pic. hes so ugly its repulsive to look at ugh.

No. 364513

Man the transition into papa onion is almost complete

No. 364514

Thanks for your confession, but ew.

No. 364519

Fuck that is a face that haunts your knightmares kek. H'es king of the pedoface.

No. 364522


Man, I wonder what Papa-Onion looked like at a young age(in adulthood)? I bet he was hotter.

No. 364526

File: 1490926397132.png (193.76 KB, 697x528, saveme.png)

this poor clock has seen things

No. 364527


You can see his backhair wtf?!?!?!

No. 364528

Ew, that new thread image caught me off guard. It's so vile.

No. 364529

Wait, why was he banned to begin with?

No. 364530


No, that's just hair clippings from when he had just cut his hair blindfolded. I wouldn't be surprised​if his ass was hairy, though.

No. 364533


i'm puking

No. 364534


holy shit change your profile pic grandpa, u dont even look like that!

No. 364536

Can we please cut down on the constant remarks about Grease's appearance? Just hide the OP image if it triggers you. I know there's no new milk as of recent, but it's really no excuse to keep harping on about his obvious gross looks… it gets tiresome after a while, it derails posts that are trying to stay relevant in chronicling his actual, harmful bullshit and it's starting to make the thread sound like the kind of fodder that belongs in /snow rather than /pt. Although I can't speak for everyone else here; I seriously don't want that to end up happening.

The thread is barely 8 hours old… read it as it's already been answered here >>364441 and here >>364445, the post you're replying to is even directly replying to those two posts, jfc.

No. 364537


Billie is at most a 4. The flattering angles and lighting can only go so far for a pasty white chick.

No. 364538

I don't know why she still assumes Billie is keeping tabs on her these days, especially since they weren't actually interested in each other as more than just friends.

Either way; reblogging a shitty horoscope post about how you miss the way your "ex girlfriend" kissed is just another one of her sad, desperate attempts to lure her back to that household for Gurg to diddle instead of trying to knock her up every five minutes.

No. 364544


uhhh yes but they were comparing billie to onision, shiloh, lainey… and in that case, billie is a fucking 10

No. 364545

Gerg looks disgusting

No. 364550

It's clear onion has been pawning over Billie. He keeps posting things like how he's seeing tumblr posts and shit about someone he doesn't want to see. It's obviously Billie. So now Lainey is playing along with the I'm so not over Billie shit yet again. She prob would love if she came back so all the onion hate will be directed at Billie for fucking up instead of lameo then lameo will get lovebombed again. Right now it's just onion and her and she's desperate to bring other people to her house cause they can't stand living together without another person lameo can talk to about her problems and onion can direct his insults at.

No. 364553

Oh my god, that is fucking delicious. Just thinking about how salty this is going to make Gurg, it's amazing.

No. 364554

He's still gonna be talking about her and bringing her up five years or more down the line, whether or not his YT career is dead by then, it's the same deal with all his exes.

He likes to tell them that he's superior to them because he dumped them - but technically, Billie finally dumped him because she didn't go back to him for the n'th time even though he wanted her back under his conditions and they still both want her back now… these are not the actions of someone who no longer wants a person in their life, they can't let it go but Billie is happy never having to hear from them ever again.

It was the same with AJ, you can tell she dumped him because of her refusal to respond to his voicemails and constant begging for her to take him back, she was so over his bullshit by then but he twisted it around by falling back on Shiloh and claiming "HA! I dumped you because I'm back with my ex and we're engaged now and you have a dirty vagina, hahaha!" it's like he's a six year old who's been trapped in a coma for 25 years and woke up one day in an adult's body… he can't get over the fact that these women are not little clay puppets that he can mould into whatever he wants and it angers him greatly.

He'll never shut up about them, he finds his own pride too hard to swallow.

No. 364558

File: 1490937497432.png (194.73 KB, 1261x497, lmao.png)

…and he continues to fall.

No. 364560

Yeah, it's obvious he never shuts up about people hes dated. He still talks about his high school/middle school gfs ffs. But my point was that's why now lainey too is also making those stupid posts on tumblr alluding to billie. Lainey could give two shits about billie, but shes playing onion's game.

I dont get how someone can so easily admit they are verbally/emotionally abusive as if its no big deal and just something you have to accept about them. Like no, that's not normal. And now his fanbase is going to grow up thinking its okay if their SO insults them as long as they are nice to them sometimes.

No. 364563

It's wonderful that every single one of his channels has a D grade on socialblade besides lainey's channel. But her channel included can not even hit 100k views now. On the rare exception he gets over 100k, but otherwise it's shit views compared to what he used to have. He'd always get 100-300k views and occasional ones that could even hit 1mil. Hope this pattern continues, because then he will start getting really desperate for them views. He should consider divorcing lameo for a teenager like he always does. I'm sure it will cause a shitstorm and get him more views.

No. 364564

Yep, and I know I'm just using his main channel here as an example but if the numbers for his yearly earnings here remain the same on average for the rest of the year - he'd be earning LESS than a minimum wage job (£8K/$10k a year is diabolical for a family of four, he'd be teetering on the edge of lower-middle class and that would be a big nono for him) and that's why he's depending on the other four/five channels he has as a safety net in case that does end up happening.

He also moved all the videos that YT de-monetized from his two main channels (Onision and Onisionspeaks) to his "archive" channels to re-monetize them as of last week, it's guaranteed that he's been shitting the bed for a while now.

No. 364569


The reason he never shuts up about those he's dated/old friends is because he has no life and does nothing so he has to constantly talk about the past and pretend he's some youtube edgy villain to be interesting but nobody believes it but young girls and everyone else knows he's just an insane creepy tryhard loser. His time is nearly up unless he does some big stunt like the other anon suggested but I doubt it will happen.

No. 364576

Ewww… He looks like the love child of Carrot Top and Zoidberg without his carapace.

No. 364578

I sometimes feel like he doesn't actually grasp that a lot of people genuinely dislike ( hate, even ) him for valid reasons. It's like he still sees himself as this YT villain and it's all make believe to him.

No. 364579

File: 1490941023580.png (8.57 KB, 285x108, What Does Onision Mean.png)


Only in Esperanto does Oni mean One. Otherwise it means Demon or "They".

And -Sion is a suffix. It means in the ACT OF, STATE OF & RESULT OF. He's literally making up definitions to put some grand statement to his name. This is some cult of personality shit.

No. 364580

It's actually better to go by his definitions, because it's just a clear display of a bat shit personality.
>one divine community
Not creepy at all.

No. 364581

Bruh, that isn't a "batshit insane personality". That it idolization, liturgy shit right there. I've seen how brainwash some of his Bananas are - how much they've drank that koolaid. It's the same shit as when he was trying to pull off that Banana Nation shtick. You know the one: "We are not robots. We not not slaves. We are Banana Nation."

Goddamnit, he is trying to keep Sicesca going.

No. 364582


No, it's LITERALLY hair popping out from his back, look very closely.

No. 364583

We've known for a while… it's also similar to the word "unison" which means simultaneously "all together as one". His username is linked to his god-complex and desire to bring his followers together into his little cult.

No. 364586

To be fair, most of them are young and impressionable. They grow up, feel embarrassed for thinking he was ever funny or smart ( a lot of the anti-o's are former fans ) and then a new batch comes along. The good news is he's not trapped in a time capsule and in a few years ( if not much, much sooner ) he simply won't be visually appealing to his target demographic anymore. It's going to look even weirder than it does now.

Who knows what kind of shit is he still capable of pulling until then.

No. 364587

It's because he has a superiority complex and thinks hes better than everyone and everyone is beneath him. He genuinely thinks hes this creative logical amazing mastermind and he needs no one. He thinks his youtube channels are amazing and how he built up his channels was all him and he needs no one, not even his fans. Getting all those views for so long off his shit content kept feeding his ego that his content was amazing. He can't comprehend that people watch youtubers because they like their personality and genuineness and people dont want to watch some annoying unfunny "villain" do the same shit over and over again lmao.

He never thanked anyone except himself for the shit he accomplished. Your job literally relies on your fans giving a shit about you, but you credit it all to yourself lmao. You do nothing for your fans, you never do charity events or help out anyone, and all you do is cause drama and insult people. And he wonders why his fans keep dying out. But now his ego is being hit when his views are going down and all the broken connections he made with people are coming back to bite him, because he cant use them to bring up his views/fame. He never appreciated his fans and thought he was above going to fan meetups and shit, and as he got older, his fans just dwindled. There are still the dumb onion fans, but I rarely see that many dedicated fans of his anymore and most of them age out of it in a year or so. Theres just so many better younger youtubers who are more fun to watch. Why would they care about this whiny middle aged man? It's hilarious how hes following more people on twitter and trying to engage them in convos to feel relevant. It's beautiful.

No. 364591

File: 1490943453033.png (1001.74 KB, 1280x720, jay stare.png)

>gonna plead the fifth on that one…
>…my dad was very pro-circumcision, i'm very angry at him… For numerous reasons.
>mfw mental image of grease circumcision dick

No. 364594

Sage, because not current, but:

>He never thanked anyone except himself for the shit he accomplished.
Let's also keep in mind that at the same time, with his 'I don't need my fans' mentality, he's also someone who once begged his fans to "fight for him, fight for love." ( good old milky times )

No. 364595


So Onion did get his peepee cut off? I knew it!

No. 364597


He's well aware he's a gigantic shitstain but he has to keep up appearances that he's some kind of "young, attractive, ingenious, creative, multi-talented, honest, daring and successful business mogul" to attract a slow but steady stream of new fans who are none the wiser to his background… it's the reason he keeps backpedalling periodically on anything he's ever publically stated on his social media accounts. It's the reason he's so hypocritical all the time, he has to keep changing his opinions or he's stuck with the slew of the last batch of fans of that year who have quickly learned of what kind of person he really is… the only ones that really stay with him are the willingly ignorant, the ones that are just as bad as he is or kids who don't care to be entertained by him outside of YT.

No. 364600


>It's hilarious how hes following more people on twitter and trying to engage them in convos to feel relevant.

Man when you think of it in a realistic pov, it's really sad and pathetic watching a grown man trying to make conversations with people who won't and will never reply back.

It's his own damn fault for burning all those bridges and starting unwanted drama.

No. 364601

Same!!! I had the strongest feeling that he was circumcised back when Doormat was approached by that old anti-circumcision hippy guy on Facebook and she kept dodging the question whenever she was asked about it.

No. 364609

File: 1490944645321.png (1.13 MB, 628x628, capture_011_31032017_001557.pn…)

No. 364613

The only reason he's so upset by it is that he barely had a dick to begin with. I'm sure his foreskin made all the difference.

No. 364614


Aside from what >>364597 and >>364587 have said, it's also his inability to move on at all. We all know that he has no friends due to his incredibly warped personality. It's mostly due to the fact that he is still stuck in that weird 16-year-old 3edgy5you phase that most everyone grew out of in high school and wants to distance themselves from. It's also part of the reason, I presume, why he tried to look so young, he doesn't want to accept the fact that he's growing old and looks far older than he actually is. He still wants to relive those precious days he had in high school (though no one liked him back then, either).

No. 364615

I bet it started as a corruption of oniisan (big brother in Japanese) and the Sicesca cult leader shit was made up later.

No. 364616

File: 1490945246076.png (39.26 KB, 497x446, lmao.png)

Ahahaha, someone hold me… this is the funniest shit I've seen for ages, he's seriously been going on a rampage - literally, screaming at other circumcised males for years that they're useless, broken… don't have the ability to produce "natural lubrication" for masturbation and that the foreskin serves as an "anti-rape mechanism" HOLEE SHIT!!! Is he admitting to something?! Because that's the FIRST thing he has to say about uncircumcised penises in one of his rants!

He's been projecting for all this time, oh my god… those poor kids that he made to feel like shit and he was circumcised himself.

No. 364618

Takes one to know one.

No. 364619


He also attacked shaycarl for circumcising his then-infant son Rocktard in front of everyone online, calling him a bad, abusive father and shit.

No. 364620

I'm with someone who isn't circumcised and these "tru fax" are anything but. Why is he such a piss baby when it comes to this? His self hatred really shines through. And he's just making other guys who are circumcised feel bad about their selves when it's nothing they have control over and there's nothing wrong with being or not being snipped.

No. 364621


What is this?! This is probably one of the worst things he's ever said. Fucking preposterous Foreskin discourages rape. God save me. Is he implying that circumcised men make better rapists? What does that make him?

>bigger size

Called it. He's definitely got a micro penis if he thinks foreskin would really make that much of a difference in size. Sorry Greg, it doesn't, and you would still be pathetic either way.

Even when we have the same stance I still manage to vehemently disagree with him on everything. He's the most disagreeable person on the face of the planet.

No. 364623


He's just projecting through his daddy and mommy issues because they cut off the 1-2cm of skin that would've dangled off the end of his greasy bell. There are half a dozen ways he could've approached that issue without making anyone hate themselves, including himself - but nope, if the almighty gurgcunt has to feel bad about himself; then everyone else has to suffer for him too!


>>Is he implying that circumcised men make better rapists? What does that make him?

That's exactly what I'm thinking as well, especially to start off a statement against circumcision like that, especially starting with a statement that's completely false and illogical as well… it sounds like a indirect confession to me.

No. 364628

Oh shi~! I remember now, this is the same article that caused Lainey to go to the hippy guy on Facebook who wrote it and asked him to amend/remove it because Grease didn't consider himself "among the broken" but was happy with keeping the rest of the article "intact" (kek) because it framed him in a positive light.

When she was followed to the hippy guy's anti-circumcision page by Grease's fans; they asked her whether it was true or not but she kept dodging and avoiding the question then stopped replying all together when not giving a straight answer wasn't good enough for them.

No. 364633

Im from a country were we don't circumcise our men, and I still got raped so yeah what a load of crap

No. 364635

File: 1490949979610.jpg (1.17 MB, 2840x3550, 1481202868235.jpg)

Lainey's interjection of what Grease did or did not say about his peepee.

No. 364639

Is that how he justifies being a rapist? It's cause he was circumcised so his penis cant be stopped?

It's pretty funny how he thought his content alone could carry him. I'm sure he thought he was better than shane and all the people hes burned bridges with. Then you look at where shane is now compared to him. And he did it all without being a gigantic asshole to people and demonizing his ex's. It's refreshing to see someone like shane who is still friendly with their ex and doesn't stir up unnecessary bullshit for views

I also think how now there are more "villains" of youtube than ever before with all those channels created to diss/talk about drama that are more interesting than onion boy. His little "villain" title got taken away from him haha.

No. 364641

>that picture
>"Non-circumcised men can't rape ;)))"
what the fuck am i reading lol

No. 364644

It's weird, but I guess I was one of the only people who just assumed he was circumcised (oh, sorry, "broken, rather) and that's why he was so fucking salty over the issue. I feel like uncircumcised men don't sit around biting their fingernails over the millions of babies who're having a bit of skin snipped off every day…or maybe they do, I don't know. It really just seems like the kind of issue where only guys who feel like they're "missing out" would be throwing a fit.

His "anti-rape" claim is ridiculous for obvious reasons, but I've been with both circumcised AND uncircumcised men, when the uncircumcised guys get hard, the foreskin retracts. They don't really look/feel any different from each other when erect (a bit more skin around the base of the head, but, otherwise, no), so is…is he implying "When you try to stick your limp, floppy dick in an unlubricated vagina, it doesn't work if you've got a foreskin!". Like, no shit, Gurg, no limp dick can penetrate a puss.

There's no floppy, extra skin hangin' around the head with an erect uncircumcised dick, the foreskin is pulled back, that's not going to make any fucking difference. Is he seriously trying to say that the tiny bit of retracted skin around the base of the head is going to act as an anti-rape mechanism? It seriously seems like he thinks an uncircumcised dick still has it's hood up when hard and that it would make sex in general 100x more difficult, while simultaneously claiming that it makes sex better for both partners.

Like, it seems as though he's not even familiar with what uncircumcised dicks look like when hard, but I also get the feeling he clicks through google image results of them at least once a day, sighing forlornly over what was taken from him. Ugh, oh no, he's almost definitely one of those guys who's used one of those contraptions that stretches out your dick skin and recreates a foreskin. Oh, god, I can imagine him posting on a "regrown man" forum "Progress: 2 millimeters. You guys, it's happening!"

Gurg, I'm with a circumcised man, I've been with him for almost 5 years, not ONCE has it been an issue for either one of us. I'm not glancing at his dick like "If only…" while he weeps about genital mutilation. Nobody fucking cares, it doesn't fucking matter, you fucking weirdo.

No. 364648

File: 1490955330369.png (Spoiler Image, 163.28 KB, 920x609, intactvsBROKENANDDEADINSIDE.pn…)

Oooooh, you guys, look at the HUGE DIFFERENCE in circumcised and uncircumcised dicks. The ones on the left look like anti-rape dicks to me, that's…that's what I've taken away from this. That tiny bit of skin stretched back around the base of the glans? Pussy status: unrapeable.

No. 364657

sorry for derailing.
I think he exaggerates his opinion because it's such a hot topic issue. Like when people argue, they're automatically on the offence, so that's why I think it seems more aggressive than it actually is.

Circumcision is genital mutilation by definition. It probably had a purpose in the past, but now it is more or less done exclusively for religious reasons or because it's tradition. Though it's not as horrifying as female mutilation, it can be interpreted as being hypocritical to condone one but not the other.
At the end of the day, male circumcision is done within days of being born so they don't know the actual operation was like, or know what it was like before.

Also he probably has a small dick, and is trying to prove how his dick is better than others.

No. 364659

Agreed, Anon.

No. 364664

It's still not a nice thing to do to a baby anon, whether they remember it or not. Plus it's completely unnecessary.

Sage for ot moralfagging

No. 364673

File: 1490968679152.png (105.54 KB, 422x750, IMG_3911.PNG)

Trolling or…?

Apparently Onion was trying to get freaky with a little girl a couple of years ago

No. 364674

File: 1490968707654.png (105 KB, 422x750, IMG_3912.PNG)

No. 364675

File: 1490968777228.png (110.71 KB, 422x750, IMG_3913.PNG)

No. 364676

File: 1490968835412.png (121.08 KB, 422x750, IMG_3914.PNG)

No. 364678

uh all i'm seeing is two people talk about onion. where's proof

No. 364684

File: 1490969682476.jpg (78.65 KB, 900x900, fuck.jpg)

No. 364685


That's it, there probably is none. they're talking about Onion asking her very sexual questions after he stalked her. just read closely

No. 364687

Are these pictures for ants? Post larger ones for the sake of our eyes

No. 364689

Don't forget he's a huge weeb.

I think the "oni" is Japanese for demon, the "sion" might be from an anime or video game, as it's an anglicization of the name Shion. So Demon Sion, he probably appropriated the higher meaning later cause he's not smart or creative.

No. 364690


that's how they've recorded it on their potato phone

No. 364694

File: 1490974612261.png (13.86 KB, 624x214, yikes.png)


Can we not? Not only have the anti-o blogs refused to touch this with a 20 ft barge-pole due to this person allegedly being very underage - but the fact that their social media is extremely strange and either reads like it was written by a really weird roleplayer (which has happened a few times already before now in the past) or written by someone going through an extreme schizophrenic meltdown.

If you have any first hand proof that this is all in fact real, please… by all means contact the police and alert them. But please don't attract it to lolcow, we're not even supposed to post about anyone under 16 years old here, let alone post about someone allegedly 10 years old.


It basically says that this nine year old girl lives around their neighborhood, Grease rode by on his motorcycle (describing it like something you'd see happen in a teen romance movie) waved at her and chatted her up and was ready to kidnap her, she says she already has "stockholm syndrome" (wtf) because of it. That Grease posted on her online child hangout game's (something like Club Penguin) guestbook under a different name called Gary (???) and messaged her asking about her private parts… it's just a jumble of word salad and not even the faintest sliver of evidence was posted whatsoever; even from the alleged "Gary" person. They also contacted Lainey multiple times asking to interpret Lainey's dreams (uhh), and kept begging her to DM her - as of this morning, their Twitter account has been deleted.

A few of the main anti-o blogs investigated it and decided this was something they didn't want to get involve with… it's either a mentally ill fantard who is trying to involve them in their roleplaying fantasies, or just a really shitty troll.

No. 364695

I think that anon was against circumcisions.

No. 364698


I had a feeling it was a troll, I just want it to confirm with y'all since some anti-o blogs can't really be trusted anymore.

No. 364699

Yeah, I went to check it out before the anti-o blogs amended their details about it last night… and this person's Twitter account was just a complete mindfuck, it wasn't just the fact it was a fairly newly created account either, it was the word-salad accusations, the "evidence" they posted (which made zero sense) and the constant begging of Lainey to notice them that tipped me off that it was a troll… it was all creepy as fuck, tbh.

If it was worth documenting or if I felt that it needed our attention, I would've posted about it here last night.

For those who are interested in creepy RP'ers we've encountered in the past (who for some insane reason want to RP about Grease's life (of all people to RP about, ffs)) there's a thread about one of them in /snow who targeted Skye: >>>/snow/201127

No. 364704


Ugh, those damn trolls again? I thought we got rid of them a long time ago.

No. 364705

Sadly not.

I keep wondering if it's just the one particular dedicated troll who just can't let this insane RP'ing shit go… this "nine-year-old-girl" Twitter account exhibited the EXACT same kind of schizophrenic word-salad that the other accounts had on FB last year.

It's either a single dedicated troll or there's a collective of them doing the same thing periodically when they think they're safe again to post their insanity.

Either way; they're doing us no fucking favors at all.

Especially considering Grease makes ambiguous posts directed to them, uses them to prove how right he is and how this discredits anything his "h8urzz" have to say - and because of that; his fans confuse them for us and the rest of his critics.

It's annoying as shit.

No. 364709


…Yeah, none of my point was "it's fine to do to a baby", my point was:

-The vast majority of circumcised men don't care, they aren't fixated on something that most people don't give a shit about and they can't change. I've never dated a circumcised guy who cared that they were cut and I've never cared if a dick was cut or un-cut. I know if I had a son, I'd think "Circumcision is completely pointless and I'm not gonna opt for it, leave the baby ween alone", but I'm not going to call people "broken" and harass them for deciding to circumcise their kid. He's fucking crazy.

-That he doesn't seem to understand that even in the "intact men" activist community, they stress that there's barely any difference between a cut and un-cut erect dick and he doesn't seem to understand 1. how foreskin works 2. how sex works if he thinks foreskin or lack thereof makes a difference in preventing rape or even comes into play during sex.

I think it's telling that he believed a foreskin is even truly noticeable during sex, I think it was a big clue that he was circumcised since he seems so unfamiliar with what they actually look/feel like.

No. 364712

God, that's creepy. The troll/roleplaying, I mean, not their claims. I don't understand this need to roleplay and get personally involved in milk with fake bullshit, like, sage for OT, but some random person started posting as Anisa in her thread in /snow/ and was outed by the mod when they checked the ISP. I just don't get the point. I suppose it's the same mentality that makes people catfish, they like pretending to be someone else to escape their life and maybe joining in on internet drama makes them feel significant? I guess? So bizarre.

I also don't buy that Greg is a literal pedophile. I think he's an ephebophile…I mean, he's admitted as much…and maybe he has some hebephile tendencies, but actual "I want to fuck 9 year olds" pedophile? Nah. He's obsessed with this whole "grass on the field, play ball!" mentality regarding age and sex, as if having tits makes you emotionally ready for adult situations. This troll/roleplayer made their bullshit claims a bit too outlandish.

No. 364715

I think it was confirmed a bit ago that one of his online alias was onii-San so I'm of the theory he took that and mashed it up snd made up some weird definition for onision

No. 364716

>club penguin
Totally a troll. Club penguin is going around as a meme since the game is shutting down. Move on.

No. 364717

File: 1490982479820.jpg (59.52 KB, 473x600, 8d2d45be53335c9642aaa1baa52097…)

No. 364718

I'm trying to investigate the matter right now and it's a literal headache to do… I don't want to simply shake it off as another attention-seeking RP troll just yet so bear with me as I'm only going by the "evidence" that was posted to the anti-o blogs and the Twitter accounts that are directly involved with it… I'll be sure to post the findings as soon as I'm done, I don't think it will take me more than a couple of hours in and between IRL activities and duties; but considering his constant fucking shady shit in regards to underage girls - I just don't want to throw everything out of the window just yet.

Nah, he said that he doesn't mind his fans playing guessing games with what his username actually means - he had another one before "Onision" too; can't remember it exactly but it was the same one he uses for his Ebay and Yahoo accounts… I think everyone is giving him too much credit towards a weeb status, none of his Sicesca bullshit was related to weeb names and references either, his name is most very much likely linked to his Sicesca stuff.

I'm sorry if I caused any misunderstanding, I said
>>online child hangout game's (something like Club Penguin)
meaning that I didn't know specifically what online kiddy game they were referring to at the time, I've found out that the game they're actually referring to is something called "MovieStar Planet"… like I said to the first anon though, I'm trying to make heads and tails of this first before we definitely write it off as another troll - it's very much more than likely that it is; but the devil is in the details.

No. 364720

Gotcha. I still say it's s troll or at least someone very disturbed.

No. 364721

I've sadly realized I can't do this without a sort of account to store images or text upon, and I barely give this shitbag any time of my day as it is… if anyone out there do run blogs, I'm willing to pass on my findings.

No. 364723

File: 1490990470988.jpg (89.06 KB, 540x846, IMG_20170331_124607.jpg)

A bit OT but their dog lives!!

No. 364750

File: 1490996454608.png (179.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0145.PNG)

When you slowly realize your career is dying and somewhat regret burning every bridge just because you're ALWAYS the victim and like to start shit for views.

Is this really it? Is he going insane now? -grabs popcorn-

No. 364751

I didn't really disclose my opinion on it. You can't exactly put a foreskin back on a dick. Plus I don't have a dick, so I shouldn't really have that much of a say on the issue.

Nobody said that you thought that. I was referring to his fixation on circumcision, while mentioning some of the legitimate reasons for/against it. also no1curr about your dick-history.

No. 364752

Literally who the fuck was even singing the banana song because I never heard that shit song in my school

No. 364756

OP pic looks like the grinch

No. 364766

Ah, April fools, my least favorite day on the internet.

No. 364777

shit it started early

I never even heard about it until lolcow. Why is he still bringing it up?

No. 364780

He has always been insane, it's just gradually getting worse and worse.

No. 364784

Because clinging to the past is his specialty. I bet most of his fans have never heard it. They were probably still shitting in diapers when he uploaded it.

No. 364789

So we're no longer doing anon posts anymore?

No. 364790

oh god his deflated balloon looking flab

i want to die so i never have to remember seeing that again

No. 364791

It's just for April Fools. It'll be gone in 24 hours. Admin-sama is located in a future time zone from most of us.
Anime is a lot like sex. Done right it's a beautiful act of creation that brings a little more light into the world. If it's sick and wrong... it's even better.

No. 364792


Ah, I see now. Thanks!

No. 364802

April fool's came early for me.

No. 364821


inb4 his cashgrab vid "ANDY BETRAYS ME!?"

No. 364822


how many pictures did they take? for how long are they going to milk it? beyond pathetic.

No. 364848

What about Leelu or whatever the fuck her name is tho

No. 364852

I think he'll (try to) be more subtle because he thinks he's a good manipulator
Maybe go for another "exposing" video about SR saying how bad he smells lmao

No. 364856

File: 1491022568188.png (565.61 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3917.PNG)

I'm sorry but no.
"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 364858

File: 1491022664503.png (483.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3918.PNG)

No. 364867

What exactly did he expect when his money comes from ad revenue?

No. 364879


Like the retard he is; to stay on YouTube forever making dem bux

No. 364881


So I guess Onion is going for the Spiderman/Elsa kid-friendly route because views matter to him the most.

Wait until he forces Manly to wear Elsa costume lel

No. 364891


He thought he was going to become world fuhrer possessing eternal youth by making YouTube videos…

I can't find that picture with Skye

No. 364895

File: 1491028817965.png (649.92 KB, 700x763, IMG_3919.PNG)



Here you go! Found it on his ED article.

I wonder if he ever promised Skye the entire world err, cyberspace once he got "YouTube/internet famous"?

No. 364896

Underrated post

Many keks, anon
"Life is but a dream for the dead."

No. 364902

Meh I don't like that she blatantly home wrecked but I agree, she's average and fancy angles and makeup do the job for her. The coke nose isn't cute.

That doesn't mean billie is ugly though, she's just another alt girl.

No. 364903

Nah. Not enough content and we aren't trusting screencaps when people lke milkchan enjoy starting shit.

No. 364905


It's been discussed that the "minor" is apart of schizophrenic roleplayers club. Here's one of 'em.


No. 364906


Now that I think about it, I wonder if Milk-chan was apart of that club too…

Strange af man

No. 364944

The thing is; if he REALLY wanted to create R-rated content for over 18's - there's a shit ton of places that will host it. But no, he wants YT to bend over backwards for him, to suit HIS needs even though they don't owe him shit because he's been leeching off their free services for years.

He doesn't want to create adult content for adults because adults don't find his "sense of humor" funny, he wants to create offensive adult humour for children and teenagers, because it's the only demographic that can be easily amused by him.

No. 364952

File: 1491056453415.png (535.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-01-08-20-05…)

rly trying to make money remonetizing old videos.
"The color fades along the intervals I follow."

No. 364953

You've fucked yourself, bunionboy… you've had over six years to learn to adapt to the ever-changing course of the internet and instead of travelling with the current, you stubbornly tried wading against it; all because you can't control your fetishes and leave little girls and teenagers alone.

The reason why you're struggling is because you never had the mental capacity, creativity or imagination to produce original content. You've made your earnings through bullying people, dramamongering and lying - you have nothing to offer people, you sit on your ass all day "creating content" which basically means spending a couple of hours a day editing videos, spending more hours reading about yourself online, looking up dictionary definitions and applying them incorrectly to your most mundane opinions, screaming at/fucking dead-eyed Lainey and shoving Taco Bell into your greasy maw.

All whilst more successful vloggers such as Shane go to meet and greets and interact with their fans in positive ways, your idea of interacting with your fans is asking them to send in photos of their nearly bare bodies for you to distastefully and creepily review… and yet you wonder why you're not as successful as he is? He doesn't go around acting like a constant insufferable prick 24/7 by talking about how wonderful and great he is; not like those other YT losers, oh no.

You're not going to survive the purge because of who you are, you've wasted over six years online doing nothing to improve yourself and you deserve to sink, not even a lifeboat for you, or a rubber dingy… fucking drown you bastard.

No. 364962

File: 1491061930397.jpg (220.16 KB, 1111x730, hahahahah.jpg)


No. 364963

This is amazing. I'm sure the thought of no one actually caring about his content since 2007 never passed his narcissistic mind. He's just as whiney as Lainey sometimes ffs.

No. 364965

>it may be my salvation… or end

Get a load of this dramatic old man

No. 364966


I truly believe that karma ripped him a new asshole. He was literally making fun of JaclynGlenn last month for having the same amount of views. This is fantastic.

No. 364967

Are we sure he's losing it though or is he playing this up for April fools? Its hard to tell because he is losing so much.

No. 364985

Yes Grease, You Tube owe you everyyyyyything!

How about you start paying up for the FREE video streaming service they've provided you with for those "10 years of your life" - if anything, YOU owe them everything for agreeing to host your shitty content without complaint and without subscription fees.
+++ Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility Syndrome +++ autistic and proud +++ PC gaming

No. 364986

Don't know about him losing it, but he's been more neurotic than usual this month because the views and subscription counts falling are all real.

No. 364989

He's got such an ugly mug.

No. 364990

File: 1491068479602.gif (19.7 KB, 150x150, RwAwQ0E.gif)

Lmao… who made this gif?! I haven't stopped laughing at it for 10 minutes straight, and it still continues to amuse me every time I see it.
+++ Ehlers-Danlos/Hypermobility Syndrome +++ autistic and proud +++ PC gaming

No. 364997

Not even just that he's done nothing to further himself like every other big name youtuber has something to fall back on, successful book, movie rolls, directions opportunities. Move big youtubers even live in LA so moving to acting wouldn't be that hard. But onions living in the burbs trying to support a family with a career that has 0 job security and him bitching about it is just showing how idiotic he actually is.

No. 365011

It's hilarious watching his "Dying Youtube Channels" video now, where he laughs at other youtubers and even pedantly compares his channels to theirs. Fuck you, grease.

No. 365015

File: 1491073851220.png (19.76 KB, 166x200, 697846354635.png)

is he really trying to use implied suicide to get his way?? KEK

No. 365020

File: 1491075316592.jpg (122.46 KB, 1136x640, yAQzPQi.jpg)

"And in the end, we were all just humans...
Drunk on the idea that love,
Only love,
Could heal our brokenness."
~ Scott F. Fitzgerald

No. 365021

File: 1491075434937.gif (2.72 MB, 441x288, I2Vm1GM.gif)

No. 365025

File: 1491076395188.jpg (42.58 KB, 400x400, 0c048e445c174651a1931db3511a46…)

No. 365027

Gosh he looks like he is in the "eyebrows fly off like a bird" pics.

No. 365029

I can't believe he actually mentioned offing himself @YT. Gerg, you're a fucking loon.
Vegetarian [somewhat] - Dx: Social Anxiety/Depression/Bullimia - Pansexual - dd/lg - I like Offensive memes and Joji

No. 365031


It just shows how completely up his own ass he is. He has 3 people who depend on him, two of whom are under 4 years, and that's his reaction. FFS. Just when I think he can't get more disgusting.

No. 365033

Sicesca pt 2

No. 365037

idk, it'd probably be better for them and everyone else if he did off himself.

No. 365038

I feel like hes gonna check himself into a mental hospital so he can post about "WAAHH I TRIED TO KILL MYSELF BECAUSE OF YOUTUBE"

No. 365041

When you think your manipulation tactics that only work on tweens will work on a big corporation lmao. They have so many big youtubers that bring them more money. Onion is not that important.

He gives about 0 shits about his kids. He only gives shits about lameo sometimes cause he needs to stick his micro penis in her.

No. 365050

File: 1491083934324.jpg (72.27 KB, 500x729, 2665951.t.jpg)

B-but he just wants to follow in the footsteps of his idols!!!

No. 365052

File: 1491084033104.jpg (49.52 KB, 620x387, hitler_2443631b.jpg)

No. 365055

he wouldn't. he'd have to admit therapy works and doctors know their shit first.

No. 365058

Anything involving healthcare is probably completely off-limits as a manipulation tactic for Gregma given his deep distrust of healthcare professionals and the healthcare industry at large. Just look at how long they let Troy's teeth rot to the point where they only took him to the Dr. when it was bad enough to require surgery with fucking general anesthesia.

That said, if he gets super desperate then it might not be out of the realm of possibility. It is the standard 'lookatme!' manipulation tactic for people with personality disorders.

No. 365059

has anybody brought up his ridiculous video about high school being pointless? i cant imagine how socially inept those kids are going to be if they end up homeschooled by a crying doormat and greg

No. 365064

I wonder if he'd actually off himself if he lost his YT money. He said that it was the only reason he never pulled that trigger
25 / Argentina / Hufflepuff

No. 365069

File: 1491087479562.png (65.93 KB, 615x149, onion.png)

When you wish you were shane dawson actually getting views for conspiracy videos, but all you can do is parody them in hopes you can still make money off other youtubers.

No. 365070

Is it bad to say I hope he does?

He's going to regret saying that when his YouTube bux stop coming in and he has to get a real job.
25 - Engaged - Deaf - INFP - Burner - Stoner - Cantheist Pastafarian - Slytherin

No. 365131

File: 1491102679460.png (173.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3920.PNG)

Stop writing letters to yourself Greg, it's embarrassing.

No. 365132


Is he dressed like Light Yagami again?

No. 365136

I can't get over the hedder. He's sooooo ugly. Why do girls like him??

No. 365137


He isn't all that bad looking when he's got bangs, a fuck ton of makeup on, and heavy lighting. But otherwise he looks extremely bogpilled.

No. 365148

I mean, could you see Gerg downsizing to a small home, not being fed compliments by teen girls all day, not feeling successful, not having access to teenage girlfriends and feeling happy? I could see him losing all of his success and not even trying to adapt to normalcy, I could see him giving zero fucks about supporting his family and taking himself out. His need for narcissistic supply at this point is so insane after being treated like a sooper speshul guy for 10 years, he'd probably sink into the worst kind of depression if he only had Lainey and 2 kids as his audience.
#1 Supporter of: Yaoi and all things slashy & perverted.

No. 365150

File: 1491108183723.png (37.46 KB, 588x403, lameo.png)

Lameo triggered by billie hair colors. haha

No. 365151

i kind of fell off the gerg dramu horse a while ago but holy shit i cannot believe 1. "intactivists" exist and 2. good ol' gerg implies in that first bullet quote that BIG LOTION is responsible for circumcision like what does that even mean?

No. 365153

I can't be sure if he's just joking (I fucking hope to god that he was), but circumcised dudes have to rely on lotion for lubrication when jerking off. Uncut guys can jerk off just fine without any added help because the foreskin is naturally lubricated. That's what smegma is. When uncircumcised dudes don't clean their foreskin well, smegma builds up and, lo, dickcheese. Anyway, again, I hope to god he was joking and understands that circumcision is considered the norm in the US because of religion/societal expectations, not because BIG LOTION is pulling the strings behind the curtain so they can keep that jerk-lube money coming in. I shouldn't have that much faith in Gerg, though.

No. 365165

thank you for the enlightening, if horrifying, information re: dick cheese! >BIG LOTION CONFIRMED

No. 365168

She's gonna kill her already thin hair even more to a point where she's gonna have to shave her head, which is ultimately what Greg wants

No. 365171

You captured him perfectly!!

No. 365177

File: 1491125769883.jpg (254.98 KB, 924x1514, onionson graphs.jpg)

It all returns to nothing
It all keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling dooown

No. 365181

How does he have negative 20 million. I guess I don't understand the SocialBlade way of tracking views/subs, but I sure do understand that his channels are on death's door and, good god, this is the best schadenfreude ever.

No. 365183

He's so stupid when it comes to informing people. Like the target audience for people who use lotion is much larger than just "dude jackin it" Plus he has yet to talk about problems that come with being uncircumcised, although most activists don't because those problems don't come about till later in life. (You ever had a middle aged woman cry on her shoulder bc her and her husband can't have sex cause his forskin cracks every time he gets an errection and hey can't afford adult circumcision cause it's not fun)

Sage for OT and blogpost-y it just makes me mad when people ignore these issues and just focus on "THERE CUTTING BABY DICKS"

No. 365190

Oh, jesus. Cracking foreskin.

I mean, the benefits of being uncut don't even seem that fantastic. Yes, you don't have to use lotion when jerking off. Yes, the head of the penis is more sensitive. Those both sound nice for the men out there who aren't circumcised, but I doubt the increased sensitivity is mindblowing and pumping a dollop of lotion into your hand before masturbating isn't the worst. It seems like if you're uncut, then, okay, you get to enjoy these little benefits. If you're uncut, then, okay, you don't and that's kinda unfortunate but not unbearable. It just seems like more of a "man, I'm missing out" issue, like, he seems more stuck ruminating over what could've been instead of just shrugging and giving his money over to BIG LOTION.

If he wants to come at the issue and focus on how it's genital mutilation, okay, sure. It is weird that we snip off a little bit of skin when it isn't necessary to do so and it is, by definition, mutilation, but don't compare it to female genital mutilation. Like, for fucks sake, Grease, they aren't comparable. If a doctor sliced off the tip of your penis and sewed your urethra or some other orifice shut, then it would be comparable, but it's insanely hard to sympathize with circumcised men when they piss and moan about how having their foreskin removed is just as bad as little girls having their clitoris sawed off without anesthetic.

I just can't stand how he comes at the issue with such a melodramatic, self-righteous tone. Like, he has the same tone and air of indignation that somebody will have when telling you that abortion is murder. If he simply explained in a calm manner that this is a silly, outdated practice, that there's a lot of misinformation concerning cleanliness, that we'd quickly get over how "weird" uncircumcised weens look if they became more common and so on, then I'd think "Yeah, I mean, that's all a good point, that's reasonable." Instead, he wants to wear victimhood like a cloak, he wants a reason to shake his fist and yell from a soapbox and since his life has gone relatively well thus far, he's latched onto "they cut off my foreskin when I was a baby" so he can justify feeling outraged over how wronged he was by the world.

Grow the fuck up, Gerg.

No. 365192

Most people (at least the people I know) circumcise their children because the father is circumcised and they didn't want to explain to a child why his penis doesn't look like his fathers (kinda dumb but I don't have kids so I don't judge)

Also Greg is uncircumcised. I remember reading somewhere that the reason he's so "passionate" about being anti-circumcision is bc he was made fun of ALOT when he was younger in the locker room and by girls in school (my experience in a high school where everyone is circumcised girls usually aren't the nicest about it when they've never been with one) Plus he asked AJ how she felt about him being uncircumcised before they met up. (talked about in the letter)
"If your car skids into oncoming traffic, and you die listening to The Archies sing "Sugar Sugar" it's your own damn laziness." -Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

No. 365199

Oh yeeaah, I forgot about the AJ thing. That's right. I was just assuming he was circumcised due to the weird amount of rage, like, it'd make some sense if he felt wronged over some doctor stealing his dick flesh, but he was just teased a bit in high school. That's it. We were all teased in high school and, yes, it can leave some psychological scarring, but this is too much. Part of growing up is looking back on those awful moments in High School and learning to get over them.

I remember this scene in Jodorowsky's biographical movie where he's about 11 and the other boys invite him to jerk off with the rest of them (group activities, huzzah), but once they see his penis, he's teased for being circumcised since it emphasizes that he was Jewish in a country (Chile) where circumcision/Judaism are both rare. I'm 100% certain he's not sitting around today, stewing in anger over the fact he was circumcised and railing against strangers for having their kids circumcised. It was a painful memory, clearly, but he got over it. He had other shit to worry about. Gerg has had girlfriends, a wife who had two kids with him, like, it's clearly not getting in the way of sex/romance. At this point, he's probably just going on an anti-circumcision tirade to convince himself that it's fine…plus, I'm sure the thrill of feeling outraged over something is fun.

No. 365201

>Just look at how long they let Troy's teeth rot

Honestly I don't even understand how this happened. It's so easy to keep your kids teeth clean when they're young because you can be there to help them do it and make sure they're cleaning them all properly and for long enough. I've never seen a young kid with rotten teeth and I say this as a britfag lmao.

I love that his "concerned fans" all type like he does. I'm especially loving the comma usage from the Onion squad.

He's ugly as shit and picks up girls online. He's the definition of attainable, so maybe that's why.

No. 365203

>the reason he's so "passionate" about being anti-circumcision is bc he was made fun of ALOT
When he talks about circumcised men he says they're more likely to rape and that they have bad sex. If you were traumatised by high school kids making fun of your dick, why would you combat that by saying shit like that about other people's dicks? He always makes rude comments about the guys that are cut even though he knows it's not a decision they made themselves. He's not an activist in any way. He's just all about himself. If he were cut, he'd have videos about dirty and gross foreskins. Anything to make himself look better by comparison.

No. 365207

Oh, absolutely. He's hoping to convince himself/the world that he isn't a weirdo and, IN THIS SINGLE CASE, regarding the state of his dick, he's not. He's so hyperfocused on whether or not the presence of a trivial bit of skin that some kids made fun of 15 years ago makes him a freak instead of standing back and realizing there's a phonebook sized list of serious shit that does make him weird as fuck. Great priorities, Gerg.

Imagine being in your late 20's/early 30's and trying to retaliate against the world by being just as awful, if not worse, as some children were to you during your adolescence. Like, what a lovely mindset: "I was psychologically scarred by some kids years ago, I think this calls for, me, a grown man, shaming the fuck out of innocent bystanders. That's probably the best way to deal with this. Yeah. Bully strangers. Fuck therapy."

No. 365208

I know if u give ur kid juice as a baby it can fuck up their teeth - but it generally takes years for it to catch up to them (around like 7-9 yrs old). So it is seriously concerning how a 2 year old with fresh new baby teeth ended up having them all rot….

Sage for old topic and off topic

No. 365219

If they feed him a lot of gummies and don't brush his teeth for a few hours after that could cause it. Kids don't pick at things stuck in their teeth like adults do so instead of removing stuck gummie it sits there and the sugar rots the teeth. A Friend of mines toddler had to have dental work because of this. The fact he was under General anesthesia isn't that bad since dentist often put toddlers and kids under for procedures they wouldn't put an adult under for so the kid sits still and doesn't mess anything up.

She may be a shitty person but I think Taylor is an okay mom. Parenthood is hard and everyone messes up so I wouldn't be too critical of Taylor. Greg on the other hand needs to be as far away from those kids as possible. Even the oh-so-horrible testicul emergency room fiasco seemed like it was all Greg, the only time he even mentioned Taylor in that video was about how scared she was and that was probably just because Greg was causing a scene and making everything worse and more frustrating than it needed to be.

No. 365223

I was thinking the same thing. Also, maybe it's bottle rot? I know Lainey is big on breastfeeding but maybe they give troy juice in a bottle or sippy cup at bedtime.

No. 365231


we did it kids! the witch is dead!

No. 365233

Yeah, I actually went back into the older thread out of curiosity because I didn't remember the cavities story and most anons were pointing out that the only real way a 2.5 year old could develop multiple cavities was if Lainey was breastfeeding him/bottle feeding him milk right before bed. Lo and behold, Lainey was still breastfeeding him at 2.5 years (Jesus christ), probably pumping and feeding him breastmilk via bottle before bed, specifically mentions feeding him at night still and being worried about how the dentist said she couldn't give him any drinks or food after midnight because of the general anesthesia. She's basically admitting right in the FB post that she fucked up her kids teeth after only TWO YEARS with bad feeding habits. You breastfeed/give them a bottle of milk before they fall asleep and after you brush their teeth (if they even bothered with that at all), then they end up with teeth coated in milk and they go to shit.

It's just insane that it got so bad that Troy had to go under general anesthesia due to multiple cavities. How did they not notice beforehand? Did they never take him to see a dentist? God, then right in the same FB post, she's admitting that she's continuing the bad habit the night before the procedure, the same bad habit that caused her kid's teeth to rot in the first place.

Their idiocy, Gerg's insistence on knowing everything while doing nothing to educate himself ("Why do I need to read a baby book? I'm a genius!") and his hatred of doctors is fucking those kids up.

No. 365234


can you guys imagine if he had died in 2007? the world would be so much brighter! shiloh would have been canadian paramore and everything, sigh

No. 365235

You (and others ) are trivializing male genital mutilation, both with word choice ("snip off a little bit of skin") and misinformation. It's off-topic and grating.

The foreskin is half of the penis' skin. Men who have lost it have an unprotected glans (supposed to be mucous skin) that dries and becomes more and more calloused with time. Calloused skin = less sensitivity. The foreskin is the most sensitive part of the dick to begin with. It has 20,000 nerve endings, while the clitoris only has 4,000. The nations that use the most viagra are the same that circumcise the most. It's not a coincidence.

It's also not "the norm" in the US anymore. The rate is below 30%. There is no medical or practical reason for it. That people would defend the ethics of performing unnecessary cosmetic surgery on unconsenting children's genitals is beyond me. They're awake the entire time, no anesthetic, and their most sensitive body part is being crushed and ripped off of them. Just watch a video of a circumcision being done and you won't be so happy to defend it. There's studies that showed it causes permanent psychological harm because of the agonizing pain kids go through.

Men that have had adult circumcision compare the feeling lost to going from 10/10 to 3/10. And foreskins CAN be restored by stretching to keep the glans covered, but the nerve endings are lost permanently.


Onion is a cunt and his reasons for being anti-circumcision are retarded, but cicumcision is just as barbaric when done to males as when done to females. Both were promoted at the same time by the same person (Kellogg) in the US, to curb masturbation. All this BS about hygiene and how insignificant the foreskin is- is just indoctrination without sources. Men who don't complain don't know what they've lost. Please shit on onion, not on human rights' movements.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365236

I'm super against circumcision and super happy you posted this, even though I know you will get shit on for it. I hate Onision, but you don't have to hate everything he agrees with (circumcision being the main that comes to mind)

No. 365240


Please sage your damn posts, otherwise; no1currs. Thank you.

No. 365242


Yeah, Lainey would still be interested in becoming a doctor and in med school by now and Skye would've been fucking rich with his military money (though she'd be grieving for him, sadly).

No. 365244

No. Circumsion is not as barbaric as excision. No matter how many time you tell it won't make it true.
Hell, I'm a fucking euro-fag, really against circumsion but hearing that make me seethe with rage. Stop triviliasing excision by trying to make it the same. It's like telling us that chopping off a finger is like lopping off a whole limb. Both are terrible, one is still less terrible than the other.

No. 365248

I'm against circumcision too but you can't post this, unsaged, and then complain about other posts being off-topic. This isn't the place for this discussion no matter which side you're on.

No. 365250

I dunno. Knowing she'd be sad and definitely traumatized from losing a spouse, especially so young, but with money versus being sad and traumatized over emotional, mental and possibly physical abuse with some alimony coming in plus whatever job she's working now. That's…I really don't know which one is the better outcome for her. I wish there was an alternate reality where she never spoke to Gerg at that bus stop.

>Dreams of becoming a doctor
>Settles for attending an online college and receiving an undergrad degree in Psychology
>Still lets her son's teeth rot so terribly that they need to put him under general anesthesia for multiple cavities by the time he's two and a half years old

I'm happy Lainey never pursued that dream, she's too self absorbed to have ever been a good doctor…and a ton of doctors have a shit capacity for empathy. That's saying a lot: when you're too self absorbed to be a doctor.

No. 365252


Never understood why he went after her when he was still pining over the other exes, what made him think he needed to stalk the shit outta her if she was just a "negative person" to be around with?

Also, Lainey's a lost cause at this point

No. 365253

File: 1491157713390.png (271.72 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3921.PNG)

Slightly ot but there's a subliminal message in one of Onion's videos.

(Join Sicesca)

No. 365255

She was perfect onion wife material. Young, willing to be impregnated and take any humiliation.

No. 365256

No. 365288

File: 1491171119977.png (359.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3922.PNG)

Onion takes a personality test yet again! And the results don't go on his favor. Oh and it shows that he has difficulty understanding certain words.

No. 365289

I'd like to watch it go poorly for him and see his ego die a little, but I also don't want to give him anything.

>it shows that he has difficulty understanding certain words.

I'm honestly so confused whenever certain people commenting on him will say "He's not stupid, like, he's not a dumb guy" because he so clearly is a dumb guy. He is stupid, that's always seemed abundantly clear to me. He seems to have an innate understanding of what will rustle people's jimmies and bring him attention, but that's not intelligence, it's a personality disorder. His vocabulary is fucked, I can't count how many times he's shocked me by casually admitting he doesn't know the meaning of a word/mispronounces a word 6th graders know and shrugs it off as if he didn't just reveal how shit his education is. His writing is horrible, his understanding of basic concepts is beyond limited, his grasp of pop culture and history doesn't extend beyond Family Guy shit and it really does seem like whenever he's looking up the definitions to words in the dictionary, it's the first time he's even thought about it.

Sage for rant/stating the obvious, but it drives me insane how many YouTubers go out of their way to state he's not an idiot when all evidence points to the contrary.

No. 365290

I don't want to watch it but let me guess, he thinks he's INTJ (the smartest one, and rarest type!) or some other intellectual, non emotional type.

No. 365291

File: 1491174379456.png (108.17 KB, 247x265, Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 7.02…)

he doesn't read books because he "doesn't want to wear glasses"???

nah m8, you're just stupid

No. 365292

Wow, his botox doctor is BAD.

No. 365293


He's smart in the manipulation department and business management, I'll give him that. He's retarded in everything else.

I'm surprised he wasn't in any special ed classes though, are we sure he's not autistic or just having a very low IQ?

No. 365294

Oh god…I can hear that overly confident, loud, smug voice he uses while explaining why he does/thinks something, as if his take on it is so plainly obvious when, in reality, he looks like a fucking tard.

"Books are stoopid, why would I want to stress my eyes, go blind and waste expensive morningstar chik'n nugget based brain fuel on something as dumb as reading ~guh huh huh huh~."

No. 365295


But, there's videos of him wearing glasses, and his vision has been deteriorating for a long time now. His logic doesn't make any fuckin' sense! Is his brain deteriorating too?

No. 365299

lmao. But he will stare at a computer screen all day? Reading books wont cause you to have glasses. Especially if you read only occasionally. He doesn't even read ONE book. He's an idiot.

Lol there were so many questions he refused to answer honestly. He picks the neutral one instead of yes/no so he can seem better than he is. Half his quiz are neutral answers because he refuses to pick honestly. Especially like the manipulative one. You have literally said you are, but refuse to say you do it on the quiz. yeah right.

Some of his "neutral" answers:
>"I manipulate others to get my own way"
>"I love a good argument"
>"I believe i am better than others"
>"I get irritated easily"
>"I am empathetic"
>"i try to be in charge"
>"i frequently lose my temper"
>"i take advantage of others"
>"i easily resist temptations"
>"i have a high opinion of myself"
>"i am not easily annoyed"
>"i dont understand people who get emotional"
>"i always even the score with others"

I feel like most people would feel strongly one way or another about these answers, and he does too, but doesn't want to admit it.

No. 365301


lol he's afraid to self-reflect. We all gotta do it sometime, Onion-boy.

No. 365304

Oof. OOOF. I wonder what it's like to have such shitty self awareness that you think nobody will notice you're answering "neutral" to statements that everybody knows describe your personality to a T. He seriously somehow thinks he can get away with "I can pretend I don't argue with/fuck/manipulate anything that has a pulse, nobody will pick up on that, I'm all good."

No. 365316

He's an absolute moron in the business sense. He has a few successful yt channels. He never branched off into other forms of business. Never started channels that other people run for him. He's burned every bridge with possible business partners.
And I'm tired of people saying he's such a great manipulator. He manipulates kids and young women with mental issues/past trauma.

No. 365317


Completely agree. I highly doubt his YouTube channel would've gotten off the ground in the first place if it weren't for his ex-wife Skye. All his fans are teenagers with shitty judgment because any grown adult can see right through his bullshit. His one relationship with a woman around his age lasted for three fucking weeks.

Maybe he's a decent manipulator compared to a normal person, but for someone who's been doing this for his entire life he's not very good at it at all.

No. 365320

Do you think its likely his views have gone to shit as now people are mirroring his videos to post on here? Surely half (if not more) of his audience are 'haters' that just keep tabs on him for drama and lulz

No. 365322


Well, lemme clarify: I don't think he's a good manipulator, but I do think manipulating is a very innate character trait for him, it's like breathing for you or me. He almost definitely is doing it without even noticing at this point, which is why I said it's not a matter of him being clever, but rather a symptom of a personality disorder. He's not a champion mindfucker, he's very basic with his shit and, you're right, anybody over 20 (excluding Lainey) can see right through it after they spend a small amount of time with him or watching him.

Sage for blogpost, but as a teen, I couldn't wrap my mind around how this girl (who turned out to be a psychopath) controlled me and everybody around us, it seemed like she was always 3 steps ahead. Then, like, once she hit her mid twenties, she was using the same manipulation tactics and expecting the same results when 25 year olds are not the same as 16 year olds. Gerg's just like her, it's why he loves dating teens and appealing to a teen audience, he's still a master manipulator for that level. I read the Luxymoo texts and I'm like, damn, I'm pretty certain that would've worked on me when I was a kid. So while I look at somebody like him or that girl now and roll my eyes, he's still just this destructive ball of fuckery that plows through teen girls and wrecks their lives without even trying. Like, I don't think he could even stop if he tried. It's still effective because, unlike that girl I knew, he can surround himself with the age group he can still successfully mindfuck. He's figured out a loophole to continue getting everything he wants, but, again, this isn't because he's smart, he's because he's very mentally ill.

No. 365330

I watched Onion's video complaining about his YT channel dying and he truly thinks that just by uploading shitty content every day he is owed millions of views. He should be happy his bullshit was able to carry him for so long. If a youtuber is actually talented/likable they should have no trouble getting work elsewhere but he is fucked.
Also I wonder if he's salty about Billie trying to meet up with that DrewIsSharing kid , i cannot wait for his 13 year old level subtweets.

No. 365334


y'all remember how he bragged that he doesn't read books but still wrote one? like literally bragging about being stupid LOL. nice to know he hasn't changed a bit.

No. 365335

File: 1491189323631.jpg (84.23 KB, 540x960, IMG_3923.JPG)

So…should we be worried or nah?

Saged for possible irrelevancy

No. 365342


they hate each other, i think this is very interesting and relevant!

grease called her "the ugly friend" couple of months ago and now this dumb bitch is following him and liking his pics? no way.

No. 365346

she's not following him, which I think is interesting. either she purposely went on his page to like it or it popped up in her explore page and she thought it was Lainey who posted it.

No. 365348

either way, this is a classic lurk mistake. so what if it was lainey who posted it, one would think she would be at least as pissed at her, as with onision given the whole boohoo my side of the story schtick, no?

No. 365357

Maybe she liked it because that means he has a new victim and will finally leave Billie alone for once and for all. Kinda dark, ik, but it was my first thought

No. 365358


Just imagine Onion in this pose as he's about to aggressively pull the covers off you as he's straddling you bare naked and rips your nightgown and panties off without warning (and your consent). Then, he forces himself on top of you as his greasy sausage fingers dig inside your nethereagons in a thrusting motion, he starts to kiss and nip at your neck leaving copious amounts of drool while his breath lingers of vegan cheese, tofurkey and onions. After kissing you passionately; he thrusts his hard rock smegma-infested and lubricated cock as you fight to no avail as Cucky McFucky has moved on from your face to your torso, sucking and biting them young, supple titties - hard. It goes on for hours and hours after the first round of sexy time is through(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 365362


Buddy who hurt you, why are you doing this???

No. 365364

Can people stop posting their weird wetdreams/fanfics about hate-fucking him? I'm sick of seeing these. Like, why did you feel the need to post this?

No. 365368


I knew that op pic was dangerous, it even attracted the weirdos!

No. 365369


I always wonder if these are Onionlets posting here

No. 365371

still not sorry for it

at least we know the greaselings are lurking


No. 365373


Wait, are you attacking me or >>365358? Cuz I didn't post that shit. Ew!

No. 365377


You clearly have a gurg rape fantasy. Gross, anon. Pls don't post this here.

No. 365381

Gross I'd rather choke on my own vomit and die than imagine onion fucking me

No. 365382


The Greasemonster himself goes on about his sexual prowess and exploits enough without people occasionally feeling the need to make up tiny boggin fanfics drawing attention to the nasty details.

No. 365392

Lol! You have to be seriously delusional to think Gurk can last for hours.

No. 365393

Newfags stop responding to bait! If you see it, report it and scroll on.

No. 365396

Shit! I've just realized something; if this is a dirty rape fantasy to us, then it's a sad and disturbing reality to the greasewifes.

Oh god…

No. 365399

That is the most piss-poor, pathetic excuse I've ever heard anyone give to exempt themselves from something.

He has no interest whatsoever in improving himself - what he wants is everything handed to him on a plate, he truly believes he doesn't have to put the time and energy into something to get a positive result, it will just fall into his lap - jesus christ… YouTube has ruined him, or should I say; he's ruined himself through devoting his every waking breath for ten years to a dead-end career he's only ever had limited fame from.

I want to know how he graduated high school, he must've been made to read books there… surely he's had to of read a few classics at least for homework and writing essays.

He's as thick as pigshit and soon he'll be having to carry that sloping brow around in a wheelbarrow.

No. 365401


He is too lazy to improve himself and too full of himself to try something that might show him failing.

UhOhBro used to be a gaming channel. Turned out Gurg isn't much of a good gamer and he was too embarrassed to show people how bad he is at playing video games and on the other hand he was too lazy to train to be better so he changed his channel to "Let's google something and comment on that"-channel because Googling is something that isn't too hard for him.

No. 365403

Everything about this is spot on.

He's a really shitty example of a businessman, everyone knows he got lucky because Skye began submitting videos to YT before the bubble popped… uploading videos ≠ business and management skills, lol.

He's done absolutely nothing to insure his future online, he can no longer depend on YT guests and partners to give him a boost in views, his own fans are tired of his repeated and constantly reused content, he's not even respected by the scum of YT and he has no valuable skills outside of video editing… he's even shitty at that considering all his jump cuts are very obvious and he steals graphics instead of paying for them or creating his own for use in his videos.

The list goes on as to why he's a shitty businessman, and he's just as bad at manipulating people; he's only ever able to make vulnerable and mentally damaged teenagers bend over backwards for him - it doesn't work with grown adults; he just comes off as a whiny manbaby who uses the most basic of emotions to get his way, which is why AJ was so disgusted when she had to witness how pathetic he really is.

his unchecked personality disorders have left him mentally retarded, he should've checked himself in with a psychiatrist/psychologist as soon as he discharged himself from the air force… letting it/them manifest for this long has left a permanent scar on his psyche, I'd be really surprised if he'd ever be able to fix things, the best he can hope for is therapy sessions on how to manage his behavoir before he does some serious irreversible damage to his family.

No. 365406

If this becomes a future indication that BIllie and Ayalla are going to involve themselves in that mess again - good fucking luck to them, they'll never receive the slightest bit of attention from me ever again, they're both nearly 20 now (I'm sure Billie has turned 20 recently) and no longer need our supervision with handling their lives, if they want to destroy themselves for a greasy shitstain who has no future… let them.

No. 365407

File: 1491229719988.gif (989.46 KB, 418x234, vomit.gif)

No. 365408


On the bright side, Billie-bob and Old Yella are about to turn 20 reeeally soon!

No. 365410

So basically, that was his ONLY attempt to branch out and extend his brand. He created something that needed little skill to succeed and he still managed to fuck it up. What he was left with instead was just another channel on YT about himself… where he already had three YT channels… when everyone else was already branching out to places like Twitch, being invited to shows, conventions and events, generally picking up a lot of new fans and money along the way and having a good ol' time touring at some pretty nice destinations.

Sucks to be Lainey.

Yeah, there's some mental retardation going on behind that sloped brow of his.

No. 365411

File: 1491231006228.png (266.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3924.PNG)

When you realize this fucker only had four jobs and most of 'em didn't last long… he should use this video as a resumé for when he goes into fast food again, or Macy's recovery team.

Note his expression as he worries for the kids he took care for. The feels man, the feels!

No. 365414

Looks like cyrs retarded brother here. Sorry cyr.

No. 365415

I feel bad for laughing, like… my mom taught me not to laugh at those less fortunate than myself.

His features look like they're all about to slide off his face and into his lap.

No. 365417

i'd forgotten he'd worked at a daycare, the idea of him being in charge of the nursery class i work in makes me want to barf. his own kids deserve so much better than him for a father.

No. 365431

I read the HSanon interview/posts the other day and he said Gerg was on a very basic reading level, if he ever had to read out loud in class, it was very obvious that he was having trouble. I find that incredibly believable. Watching his "Let's learn about ___ today, kids" videos, he's so poorly educated and not well-read, he just relies on googling dictionary definitions to understand entire concepts, ffs. He mispronounces words and has to constantly look up basic ones, his vocabulary is fucked and it never improved because the guy can't be bothered to pick up a book.

It's the most Gerg thing on Earth to believe you're an amazing writer and can produce fantastic books, but you don't ever fucking read. You learn SO MUCH about writing by reading other authors, you learn different styles and find inspiration, but he got it into his head that he's a sensitive, creative intellectual with an innate skill for writing that nobody can appreciate. Gerg, your writing is fucking horrible and I'm sure every english teacher/creative writing teacher has told you this. Please never write another book, don't do that to humanity.

No. 365436


there's an old yt video from the Archive channel (can be watchable on the wayback machine on a computer) where he admits to making Skye read an entire book given to him bc he had difficulty reading it himself (he couldn't even pronounce the author's name right and kept calling him "Chuck Norris") and didn't really bother to read it himself.


No. 365458


cyr is a douche too tbh. but no one is as low as grease so i'll give him that

No. 365467

Is socialblade bugged or did everyone of Gurgamels videos get demonetised? It's showing his estimated earnings as 0$

No. 365468


I dunno, I rarely get ads from his videos nowadays sooo…maybe!

No. 365469

holy shit! if this is true than he is totally fucked beyond repair! Youtube is going fucking savage with the demonetization shit, damn. if it was anyone else i'd feel bad that their income is being shat on, but in this specific case it couldn't happen to a better person

No. 365471

i looked up some other Youtubers to see if it was $0 for anyone else, but everyone i looked up is still making money. it only seems to be his channels

No. 365473

oh my god. is this is too good to be true? can you imagine the meltdown?

No. 365475

Ooooh. I can't wait to watch his shitfit on camera. Will he go for "I'm suicidal", "YouTube is stealing the food out from my family's mouths and I am outraged" or "Everybody spam YouTube with requests to have my videos monetised again!"?

God, watching him think he can use the same manipulation tactics that work on 16 year old girls against a corporation is going to be delicious.

No. 365478

I bet it has something to do with him purposefully cheating the youtube system by reuploading his Eugenia (and possibly other demonitized?) videos to his other channel. hahaha!

No. 365480

I have a feeling we will be seeing all three tactics in coming videos, if not all in the same one.

I guess if he really isn't making any money we don't have to worry about watching his videos straight from his channel lmao.

I hope so. This has been something he's done for years now, purposefully reuploading videos to make more $$$ from them. And people have reported him for it, but the Eugenia issue was so fucking BLATANT. Maybe Youtube had no choice.

No. 365483

I was wondering this very same thing, if he's trying to find a loophole in the TOS and there isn't one - I can see him ending up losing his accounts if he keeps trying to push his luck.

No. 365484

I noticed he's been reuploading older videos of his UhOhBro channel recently lmao

No. 365485

It's about time, Youtube, ffs
Who would want their ads to appear on a channel like his? There are so many other people that Youtube can successfully make a profit of and are appropriate for advertising. They should not care about some old guy's dying channel where he talks about underage girls' bodies. Gerg is a fucking idiot if he thought this would never happen. Literally nobody wants content like his.

No. 365486

File: 1491257871263.png (226.97 KB, 1265x517, ha.png)

Socialblade definitely isn't bugged, it's working fine for other YT'ers.

It's possible he's recently disabled views of his income/profit for his main channel, he disabled them for his uhohbro channel quite some time ago and seeing as he lurks here; when an anon posted screenshots of his falling numbers it probably hit an nerve so he's blocked them from being publically viewed… hmm… it doesn't really explain why his "onisionencore" channel's numbers are still viewable though.

I'm hoping that it's all because they were actually demonetized on his onision and uhohbro channels, but we'll have to wait and see.

No. 365490

File: 1491259390427.png (183.31 KB, 1287x525, Holyshit.png)

Holy shit you aren't wrong at all!

No. 365492

File: 1491260279666.png (501.44 KB, 871x611, vv.PNG)

>when you have 2.2m subs but only manage to get 20k views on obvious clickbait

but grease doesnt buy fake subs!!! never!!

No. 365493

Jesus, how many subs must he actually have? I just checked OnisionSpeaks on YT: almost 2 million subs, but a 5 day old video that plays automatically if you visit the channel only has 100k views. That's normal for a channel with 100-200k subs, not close to 2 million, so I'd say that's what the actual count is at. I mean, Idubbbz had 4 million subs last time I checked and Ian's videos hit the million view mark after 24 hours. It's just such a ridiculous lie, of course Gerg went about buying subs in the most over the top way that strokes his ego and lets him pretend he's anywhere near as relevant as the current big channels.

No. 365494

He actually did a vlog style video and man is he obnoxious. He's also filming while driving, holding the camera. I hope the kids aren't in that car. Him and lainey also stayed at a hotel so i guess their "vacations" are just going south of washington lmao.

Most of onion's subs are probably dead subs. Hes been on YT so long, thats why he even has that many. But how many of those accounts are even active? I bet if youtube did a purge for inactivity, his number would severely drop.

No. 365500

File: 1491263464543.jpeg (706.77 KB, 1538x2048, image.jpeg)

New lainey.

No. 365501


This is just sad, the emo phase is over.

No. 365502


When a grown woman copies a 16 year old's "look how edgy" phase

No. 365503

probably just one of greg's wigs. still embarrassing.

No. 365504

Her hair is not that long yet,so im guessing its a wig, but i like that length on her over her boycuts.

No. 365505

As embarrassing as this is, she somehow looks better than normal, but not by much.

No. 365506


Also when she does an attention-seeking poll and dyes her hair the least voted for colour

No. 365509

File: 1491264275393.png (1.3 MB, 1193x718, awkward.png)

No. 365510


Her makeup is still tragic but with a lip liner and better application, it wouldn't look as bad.

No. 365512

It's a wig. No way her hair grew that fast

No. 365513


>I'm so dark, I'm so emo…

No. 365524

isn't it obvious she liked it intentionally? like a "nice to see you found another girl to completely fuck over"

No. 365526



No. 365528


when u lose your young edgy emo girl so u gotta become one

No. 365529

Ew why can't she ever keep her gross tongue inside her mouth, if her child can get cavities before 4 years old I don't wanna imagine her gross mouth

No. 365530


fucking grease has better lipstick application than her holy shit

No. 365532

File: 1491270133184.png (97.55 KB, 306x242, Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.39…)


No. 365537


Kek, so hawt! <3

No. 365538


He took Skye to Vegas once…and Virginia (lookup recent 2007 onion blog), and Korea

No. 365539

Her makeup is awful and that's obviously a wig, and yet she still looks 100 times better with longer hair. I wish she'd grow it out. She can be a special space prince with flattering features if she wants to be.

No. 365542

File: 1491272652592.png (25.69 KB, 578x284, onion.png)

Someone in the comments recognized where he was, so i don't think he went very far this time lmao.

No. 365544

File: 1491272673977.png (259.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3935.PNG)

Yeah Greg, keep telling yourself that you're the sexiest man alive!


No. 365545

File: 1491272837575.png (128.23 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3936.PNG)

Aw what's da matta Gweggy? Ya don't want your feefeess hurt? Your internet career is crashing down - hard! Cuck-man!

No. 365549

Everyone has been complaining about subs getting unsubbed for the past month, but it isn't that huge. I like how he is acting like hes specifically being targeted lmao.

And all your subs didnt vote in that poll, so you cant say its unsubscribing 1/3 of your 2mil subs. lmao. Only about 2500 people voted. And it's now only at 24% yes.

he is so easily triggered when hes called fat/ugly/old lmao.

No. 365550

He claims that it's because YouTube thinks he is too offensive but Filthy Frank is the most offensive channel and it gets MILLIONS of views per video. Nice try grease!!! You just suck!

No. 365553


i could be wrong about the years, but back in 2012 or so he would post dumb rants on onisionspeaks about fat people. it got him some heat, so he kept doing it. then he released a song on his onision channel called "I'M FAT" making cringy jokes about it for like three minutes. He was also skinnier back when he made those videos, so its funny seeing how it went back to him. even now, in his uhbro (whatever its spelled) channel he keeps posting those videos rating girls, and if the girl is overweight he jumps to insults…to his own underage fans… like, dog let go.

you can tell this is something he's super insecure about. its fine that he replied, but posting the screenshot to facebook to get compliments? GREASE, JUST STAY MAD!

No. 365554


ikr? edgy is cool for teenagers now, idubbbz, filthyfrank, pewdiepie, whatever flavour of the month. Every 16 year old boy now is mad at the "pc police". you're videos aren't doing badly cause you're offensive, its cuz everyone hates you greggy!

No. 365555

She looks like a retarded human jack o lantern

No. 365558

File: 1491275528707.png (589.2 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3937.PNG)

Geeze man, it's like watching a snuff film of a predator trafficking a sex slave across the country (err, Washington state). Of course, Lainey was dull and boring af.

No. 365559


Meant to sage the post!

No. 365567


Lol, so he conveniently forgets his anti-drug stance and that Kurt frequently used drugs

No. 365569

Yeah, I remember him tweeting something, comparing himself to Kurt Cobain when it's like…dude, no. No. Nope. Firstly, he's nothing like Cobain. Cobain was a sweet guy with a rough life who'd been taken advantage of by greedy people and a batshit wife. If anything, he's more like fucking Courtney Love, but with zero talent. Secondly, had Kurt Cobain died today, Gerg would be the first to jump on the chance to say something like "Oh, we're gonna cry over a piece of shit junkie who shot himself in the head? He was a selfish idiot with an amazing life, first world problems much? Boohoo, I have money, boohoo, I love breaking the law, wah wah wah. It's so stupid, I'm glad he's dead."

Yet, somehow, he's obsessed with this idea he's the 21st century Kurt Cobain. Gerq, you're fucking delusional. You're fucking insane if you truly think that.

No. 365580

Does that mean he'll commit suicide like Kurt Cobain?

No. 365582


we can only hope

No. 365585

File: 1491286523398.jpg (289.4 KB, 779x789, onionboy.jpg)

Sorry fellow farmers. I just had to…

No. 365586

File: 1491287373608.gif (2.25 MB, 363x269, Nope.gif)


I'm not surprised he doesn't understand the concept that he really isn't in shape despite being Vegan. Doesn't seem to be doing him any favors.

No. 365588


he's not even vegan, he's vegetarian. Probably eats a lot of dairy

No. 365589

If a girl in his videos had a belly like that, we'd fucking hear about it. If a non-vegan/veggie had a belly like that, he'd be sure to tell us it was because of meat.

No. 365590

File: 1491288468076.png (443.63 KB, 585x641, onion.png)

when your ego is so fragile

No. 365591

At least he's got tits to flash to save his sinking ship.

No. 365592


You do realise that pic is photoshopped version of this thread pic?

No. 365593

Both are grotesque, so I legitimately couldn't tell.

No. 365594

Why is his head so big? Also he's totally sucking in his flabby stomach

No. 365595

His stomach isn't really any better in the non-photoshopped version. It's still a flabby little tummy.

No. 365602

File: 1491302117248.png (297.58 KB, 325x453, tumblr_ontf3r6quk1rgyhcpo1_400…)

Maybe she is trying to become a more alternative version of her freshman self so Grug will like her again

No. 365604

technically, it's 6lbs away from being fat.
Don't worry, Greg, you'll get there soon enough.

No. 365605

File: 1491304580397.jpg (270.28 KB, 1080x720, yourrideishere.jpg)

No. 365609

This would probably be cute if she wasn't wearing that shitty lipstick lol

No. 365614

File: 1491311425933.jpg (202.22 KB, 900x1200, C8kiAGyXoAADcmv.jpg)

Name a more iconic duo, I'll Wait.

No. 365615

Could they be inactivating old channels? Since gregs subcribers are mostly old accounts and it would explain why other channels are being hit but not as hard.

No. 365616

I've always liked Billie. She seemed to not know much about Greg when they got together and idk since she told Greg she didn't want to be with him I don't think she ment to be a "homewrecker" just got out in a shitty situation with shitty people.

No. 365617

yes grug, fucking CRY

No. 365618

same. it's nice to see her happy!

No. 365620


>a shitty situation with shitty people.

I agree, have always though Billie got a raw deal. Both Taylor and Greg deliberately manipulated and gaslighted her to make her the bad guy, especially Taylor. I don't think she was a homewrecker at all, she was invited out there with thevexpress intent to have sex with both Greg and Taylor. You can't complain that someone is banging your husband when that is precisely why they were brought out there. Greg and Taylor's hypocrisy on this matter is absolutely breathtaking. It wasn't Billie's fault that Taylor couldn't handle her jealous feelings or that Greg is a classic manipulative Cluster B chucklefuck. I have never understood people who called her a "homewrecker."

On the other hand, to be fair, she returned out there several times after Cuddlegate, so she is at fault for that. She should have known what she was getting into after that first time.

No. 365622

>She signed a contract
>Presents iMessages with Billie saying "Yes" and them responding with smiley face emojis.

Never. Forget.

No. 365624

He captioned it "weed". He also tweeted there will be a livestream. I'm sure lameo and gerg will be watching even though they rage if billie shows up in their streams.
It's nice to see her next to a guy that doesn't look like hes her dad.

I feel like gerg made billie into a "homewrecker" and then all the blame was placed on her. I think she made dumb decisions, but doesn't come off as malicious. I also feel like lameo hated her from the start because gerg was fawning over her, which is why she could never get close with lameo. I'm sure gerg was feeding her this fantasy life she would have that would be amazing with him and lameo and all her dreams will be paid for/etc. But then the reality of it smacked her that he was just an insane loser who would wreak havoc in her life and she got the fuck out. Unlike lameo who just makes excuses for gerg.

No. 365625

Yes but as a former sugar baby I sympathize with that because it's easy to ignore some of the shitty things your sugar daddy does as usually it's better than dealing with shitty customers working minimum wage.

Sage for blog post-y but my format SD was extremely sexist but with almost two grand a month I could easily deal with it.

No. 365626

She's always had awful fashion sense.. yikes

Also kek at your caption anon

No. 365628


Tbh I wouldn't consider her a "homewrecker". Even when gurg cuddled and Lainey left him, Billie still wouldn't kiss him. She ultimately turned him down– which is why he went crying back to Lainey. If Billie's intentions were really to get to grease, she would have swooped in as soon as Lainey bailed. imo to be a homewrecker, you have to have malicious intent from the start.

No. 365629


I've been saying the same thing since mid-'16, his views/fan interactions do not match up anywhere close to his subs/follower counts.

800,000 members = less than 500 likes and 200 comments (on average) a post.

400,000 followers = less than 1k likes and 100 RTs (on average) a post.

So it's not only YT where his figures are immensely disproportionate - basically, he keeps on saying some bullshit about how "famous" and "popular" he is and his fans don't care enough to go through the numbers; they'll just take his word for it.

He's not been "famous" or "popular" for a long time. It's the reason he keeps tacking onto his profile descriptions that he was hosted by Tosh-0 and countless of other networks nearly 10 years ago. What he's omitting from that description is how long ago that actually was, that those networks were linked in hosting less than a couple of minutes of a video clip of him in a banana suit and it was just as forgettable as any other random video clip/submitted home video on television… he's a fraud, but his fans don't care to do their homework about him, it's the only reason why he's been hanging onto YT like a stubborn zit for this long.

No. 365630


In other words, a washed up has-been.

No. 365632

Except Kurt HATED living in Aberdeen, he wanted out of there asap as there were too many bad memories hanging over him there.

…and he thinks he's a Nirvana fan, ffs.

No. 365633

Considering YT isn't affecting anyone else, especially those who abide by the TOS - he can cry some more.

He's the one who chose to build his career on drama mongering, bullying and clickbait - I can't see any sort of FREE video hosting service who try to host family-friendly content putting up with that shit for long.

How about this idea Grease, you start hosting your own videos so you can write any kind of offensive content your little onion heart desires and stop leeching off free services to do that for you. It'd stop you from crying every five minutes because you're breaking their TOS - but you won't because you don't want to fork out thousands of dollars a month for the bandwidth charges, you fucking jew.

No. 365637

All of this.

It's so incredibly satisfying to see Greg revert into such a whiny pissbaby over all of this. I don't understand how he can't realize that youtube is a PRIVILEGE. They don't have to host his videos if they don't want to. I think the only reason why they've put him with him for this long was because of the money he was making them– but now that advertisers have pulled back, they're dropping the hammer on him (which should have been done long ago).

Greg thinks he's entitled to money purely because he creates "content". Okay, Greg. Let's forget all of the other starving artists who still create despite it not being a feasible income. He thinks he's so special, but he's just like the rest of us trying to get by.

Greg chose a career with virtually no stability and is throwing a shitfit now that he's losing money. Boohoo. Youtube doesn't owe him fucking anything.

No. 365638

This is the whole reason I have been following his bullshit for so long. So I can finally see the day when he is old, has no marketable skills, and the YTbux stop flowing to the point where he can't make the mortgage on his OnionMcMansion.

All of my dreams are coming true!!

No. 365639

They're livestreaming now, anyone wanna check out if grease or lameo go in?

No. 365640

>I can't see any sort of FREE video hosting service who try to host family-friendly content putting up with that shit for long.

Eh, I'm going to give Youtube that much credit tbh. They let greg do his shit for almost 10 years, despite so many people reporting his content and his channels for blatant rule breaking. The only reason they're cracking down is because advertisers are pulling out of Youtube in general. Of course, I'm still happy Greg is finally burning, just should have happened long ago

No. 365642

Yeah, you're right… they probably would've continued to do fuck all about him if it didn't hurt their pockets in any way (which is kind of depressing).

This is a nice photo to wake up to, it's funny how this dude looks like Kurt in the way he dresses and looks as well. For smoking a joint indoors, it's possible they're both currently in Amsterdam? I'm sure it's absolutely exciting for her to travel overseas and hang out with someone who won't judge her for her lifestyle choices… I kinda want someone to print sparkly "LOL BE MAD" text at the bottom of it and viral post it all over Twitter until Grease sees it.

No. 365643

Yeah they are both in Amsterdam after billie's attempt to visit the UK failed and apparently drew cant visit the states either. Apparently they have been planning to meet up for awhile. She gets to travel more than lameo ever did lmao.

if they do join, it'll probably be a throwaway account. I doubt they will use their actual accounts.

No. 365644

Aww, I'm so happy for them - Amsterdam is a gorgeous city full of amazing architecture and art.

Unless they're both pulling all-nighters (Grease and Doormat) I doubt they'll be on there, he'll probably just watch a re-run of it and throw out a bunch of snarky subtweets in their direction later on.

No. 365645

Let's hope he's not a scumbag like Greg.

No. 365647


If you look closely, you can see his growing public hair.

No. 365648


Pubic* heh

No. 365651

He probably has a bush the size of Bolivia if he lets it go.

No. 365656


It's horrifying that he apparently thinks this is a sexy picture.

Protip, Greg: a pasty, flabby, untoned body is inherently not sexy.

No. 365659


>welcome to The Onion Jungle

No. 365662

File: 1491326828717.jpg (223.18 KB, 810x1267, IMG_20170404_192519.jpg)

getting desperate

No. 365664


No. 365666

File: 1491328846428.jpg (31.01 KB, 445x503, imscared.jpg)

No. 365667

I feel extremely bad for the outsourced Indian who has to deal with Grease's rage-filled emails…

No. 365668

It would be funny if it was just some intern who just gives onion the run around about some ID

No. 365670

Me too. Billie is a good person. She seemed to come back to them mostly due to guilt bc they made her out to be a terrible homewrecker

No. 365671

he's such a shithead. youtube support emails give you a case number IN THE SUBJECT LINE.

wonder how many times he used "literally" in those emails

No. 365672

The situation is shitty but I wouldn't go as far as to label Billie a good person. Fame seemed to be her motivation for this whole Grease saga with its multiple chapters.
Remember that she once made a GoFundMe for lights and cameras so she could make YouTube videos until she was shamed into deleting that.

No. 365676

It's been a full day since this was uploaded, and even though it's clickbaity as hell, it's only hit 80k views.

He has 2 million subs and less than 5% watch his content. That's just plain pathetic.

No. 365677

She's a teen, what teen hasn't wanted to be a celeb or YouTube star. She's literally neither good or bad, she's a teen girl who makes bad decisions as a part of growing up lol

People r so black and white when it comes to anyone in the grease timeline

No. 365678

File: 1491332719364.gif (1018.17 KB, 300x200, tumblr_inline_mu2l72bhat1r9i3k…)

No. 365685

Its hard for me to label anyone who gets involved with the greasome as good, given Onions vile videos about young girls, his exes, Eugenia etc. Apparently he shit talked Lainey and Sarah in front of her too? She did not deserve the onslaught against her but she did hope to bag onision, despite what it might do to his kids. Ultimately hes the shit bag but she was complicit until it affected her and Ayalla.

No. 365689

ahahhaahahahha fucking LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVE IT!

look upon this image and despair, greg. and then eat a bag of dicks.

i ship it! <3 <3 <3!

sage for retardation

No. 365698


someone please make this happen with the glitter text and have this be the next thread image so that every time onion comes here he nearly has a heart attack.


No. 365706

File: 1491338662802.png (87.02 KB, 750x361, IMG_9925.PNG)

I looked at their response and they sent him a message through his twitter dms and asked him to respond via dm. I predict soon gurg-sperging when they don't give him what he wants.

No. 365710

File: 1491339247915.gif (829.17 KB, 516x768, LOLBEMAD.gif)


No. 365720

This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen

No. 365726

I wonder what he is sending them exactly? If they changed their terms, I'm sure there isn't much they could do.

Love it.
This is the english guy right? They look like the same kind of person. It'd be nice if she found a happy successful relationship right after Grease. Wonder if there's going to be any incoming sperging from him

No. 365731

I would give anything to read what Greg is writing them.

Also, in his pinned tweet "reasons not to cut" he shows a woman with strectch marks on her stomach. The whole video is footage filmed of him and Lainey, so am I correct in assuming that it was Lainey? I am surprised she would share a shot like that to be honest. Not because I think women should be ashamed of stretch marks, they are a part of having children. But because it doesn't seem to fit her edgy image and because Greg likes to deny that they have kids all the time.

Also, as awful as this sounds, I wonder if that's why Greg is always on the hunt for new flesh, because he no longer views Lainey as his "perfect" plaything?

No. 365733

underrated posts (saged)

No. 365734

Its because she is a grown woman and not a teen

No. 365736

No. 365738

God, why does he feel the need to share such mundane facts about himself? He really thinks that he's so fascinating and special that everyone's dying to know the dumbest little tidbits of info about himself and his life.

No. 365740

lmao perfect. I dont see how a relationship between them could work long term though since they live in different countries and cant even get into each others countries to visit. This is the first time onion's ex wasnt chased off the internet and he gets to see her having fun and making videos with younger/better looking guys. Haha. Lameo also gets to see that shes stuck with her old fart of a psycho husband and chained to her couch, while her evil homewrecker gf gets to travel with a chill dude. Shes already emo splurging on tumblr.

What is he even asking them?
"Please let me monetize my videos of children in their bras and allow me to give a tour of my basement i chain people in. These are clearly advertiser friendly! I also would like you to let me continue raging and demonizing this anorexic chick on youtube. She should be demonetized! Have you seen how she influences people to be anorexic just by existing??? Also why you steal my subs?! "

No. 365742

Saged for speculation but…

Is it highly possible that Gertrude might be…visually impaired? Or severely losing his eyesight?

'Cause most of the pictures here one of his eyes looks more fucked up than the other. Idk

No. 365744

But he doesnt read books because he doesnt want glasses anon. lmao. Dumb as that statement was, i doubt he would have said that if he was losing his vision? I think his neanderthal brows sinking into his eyes probably make them look funky.

But I mean we already know hes visually impaired because he thinks he looks like a high school zac efron.

No. 365764

someone who has twatter pls post this at greg and lainey until he's rustled enough to make a poll about it

No. 365766

>This is the first time onion's ex wasnt chased off the internet and he gets to see her having fun and making videos with younger/better looking guys.

God, him freaking the fuck out about his "career" dying and Billie being happy is like the perfect storm for his downward spiral.

Although I really hope we don't wake up one day to see the news "WA Youtube Celebrity Murders Wife and Children"

No. 365769

No. 365780

Done as well :)

No. 365781


I'm glad she chose someone who definitely suited her better. They obviously share a lot in common from this picture alone than sharing animu stories with Gurg. They look good.

No. 365784

>>cant even get into each others countries to visit

Why can't Billie go to Britain? Is that why she was sent back last time she tried flying out there?

No. 365785

I'm also curious why this anon thinks they can't visit one another in the US or England. That's just not true. Obviously they both have passports, and both countries don't even require a visa for citizens of the other to visit.

No. 365788


He is banned from entering the US if I remember correctly

No. 365789

A lot of countries have restrictions on people with felonies entering. Not sure if the US or UK do but I wouldn't be surprised. (Could be as simple as a drug charge).

Odd that Billie can't enter the UK though… that seems unlikely. Maybe they just wanted to go to Amsterdam.

No. 365796


she actually tried to get into the UK a few weeks ago and got sent back home

No. 365799

did she mention why? I kind of feel like a felony might be the most likely reason… maybe she got caught with weed?

No. 365800

Screencaps of this?

No. 365803

File: 1491354116942.jpg (97.53 KB, 537x806, 17814070_817450501742436_92603…)


I'm assuming she made it to the UK. She was at least on a plane. Plane pic was posted around the same time as the tweets.

part 1

No. 365804

File: 1491354134913.jpg (35 KB, 750x524, 17758141_817450498409103_11440…)

No. 365805

File: 1491354197970.jpg (49.78 KB, 750x782, 17793436_817450471742439_53518…)

No. 365807

It's obvious that Skye was the talent.

No. 365810

Skye was obviously the talent.
Lainey's unempolyed fam. Gurg will never let his SO have a job. See Skye…

No. 365814

Unless she has some straight up drug ring that sells weed, she wouldn't get a felony for just having weed/ paraphernalia

No. 365819

Might also be a felony for something else, she might have fucked up in the past who knows

No. 365830

She said in the younow she tried to visit, and then they were suspicious (customs probably) about her going there. They didn't believe she could support herself while there even though she was going to stay at his house. And then they thought she was going over there to live there forever like she would go get a job or something.

No. 365833

I'm assuming the borders are extra tight lately because Brexit and the general fuckery that is our world atm. But I find it so strange that would just think she was going to stay forever when she said she was just visiting. Maybe she didn't get a return ticket which made them suspicious. Hmm. Sage for billie talk.

No. 365852

Whatever it was, it was something dumb. It's stupidly easy to enter the UK as an American.

No. 365859

(Blah, my third edit now, apologies… I'm tired.)

As far as I know, you can stay in the UK for under three months if you can prove you can financially support yourself for that long… but you must also prove that you already have somewhere to stay for that long at a place of residence as well… if you can't prove either, they'll assume you're a vagrant and will hold you in customs until they're able to send you home on the next flight.

It sounds like they didn't plan this out too well enough in advance or knew what documentation was needed to ensure her visit to the UK.

No. 365867

Her and Greg just keep becoming one…

No. 365871

I had trouble getting into Canada and I'm American. World is fucked rn :/

No. 365874

Dat belly fat, pencil neck, and baby shoulders though…

No. 365877

The most often used adverb in both of his "books" was "really". Other than LITERALLY.

No. 365885

File: 1491363808541.png (130.98 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3961.PNG)

Dude, Onion once had dreams; he he wanted to be on fucking TV…!

9 years later and the fucker's still stuck on YouTube. Y'all are right, it DID ruin him (along with the help of his own selfish gain).

Are you happy with your life, Greg?

Screenshot's from the "I'm so whore song" where he molests Skye on camera.

Saged for old shit that might be irrelevant now.

No. 365894

I'm pretty sure Skye wrote the lyrics for this. Not saying they're great just saying they are better than Greg speak.

>We're shattered people lost in a fog,

>Our mental compass hopeless and distraught,
>Bent out of shape, immature to say the least,
>Now get on that bed, so I can spread my disease.

No. 365905

I'd bet on it. Especially since "literally" wasn't used

No. 365912

Wasn't it confirmed a while back that Onion lies about his height though?

No. 365922

Drew defended Billie on a video after the shit with Onion blew up. Glad to see her hanging out with someone close to her age.

No. 365931

sage for ot/blogpost but

this exact thing happened to me when I tried to visit a friend in Canada as a US citizen, when I was 18. I took a bus all the way to detroit and then was denied access by canadian customs because I didn't have a passport back then AND didn't have "proof of funds." It's a real thing, and I had to get a bank statement from an ATM (or whatever) and it was horrible.

Having that happen after flying to another country, though… whew, I do feel bad for her.

Some reasons people came up with for my experience was possible runaway or drug related things, considering I was a fairly unassuming fresh-out-of-highschool 18 y/o girl at the time. Even all my senior pictures my friends had given me, which I'd kept in my purse, were interrogated. It was ridiculous.

No. 365934

This shit is normal. Especially if it's the first country, out of the states, that you visit. Honestly, they don't care if you have a bad time. It's better to not accept 100 ppl if only 1 of them are in your country for wrong doing. They don't care about your personal logistics. And (not to be mean to Billie) She is stereotypical whore or druggie. Plus having barely any funds.

No. 365972

Sage for ot but it's kind of idiotic/entitled to be upset that you were denied access to Canada because you didn't bring a passport…. you know, that one thing that you need to travel…

No. 365973

>goes to a foreign country without a passport
>expects to be let in
>'it was horrible'
Breaking news: American discovers how international borders work, throws a fit and shits herself, as yanks do

No. 365974

I really doubt she's that thick. Though this conversation should be had on her thread. This is a blog post too. A while back my then boyfriend tried to come to the UK for 6 months. Had no proof that he had enough money. Couldn't prove that he had a reason to go back. The age gap concerned border patrol. The fact that we were in some sort of a relationship was a red flag.

Plus if she didn't have a passport, she wouldn't have been able to go to Amsterdam.

No. 365975

I was referring to the poster I replied to

No. 365976

you can't be serious

No. 365980

I travel in and out of the US from the U.K. often at 18 alone, always have to have proof of funds and a return ticket. An American traveling to the U.K. should easily get in with proof they have money and will go home. Either she just wasn't prepared or they had another reason she couldn't come, crossing borders isn't very difficult if you know what to expect.

No. 365982

Yeah, they don't care about funds as long as you have a return flight and it's not too far away. I can imagine that she either didn't book one or that it was too far in the future, I needed one to stay in Canada for 3 months as well as proof of funds. But, you know, that's all online and shouldn't be hard.
still happy for her and that guy though.

No. 365984

She had her passport, she probably didn't have any proof about where she was staying and financial support. All this was said last night already, it's now devolved into blogposting.

If you want to talk about Billie's UK entry, do so here >>>/snow/85507

No. 365985

idk where that anon is from but tbf if you are an Detroit resident/ south eastern Michigan resident you really never needed your passport to cross into Canada. I knew kids in high school that would go to Canada every weekend just to get pierced/ tattooed.

No. 365986

Not sure… but it seems that if there's one thing he's ever been consistent about; it's his height… I've only ever seen him mention he's 5' 11".

No. 365988

Uh, untrue you need an ESTA to travel from the UK to the US. They last for a year, however, and are fairly easy to apply for online.

If you show signs that you're going to say illegally, like say, because of a relationship, they will deny you entry to the UK, totally. I know a girl who I went to school with who got denied entry because they read her diary about how excited she was to see her bf. They were determined that she was going to just marry him and move illegally to the country. The UK-US immigration is really strict and any whiff that you plan to stay over 90 days, will get you in trouble.

No. 366005

This has nothing to do with Onision, take it to Billie's thread.

No. 366059

File: 1491414004033.png (178.41 KB, 550x153, ohlawdy.png)

I'm…. at a loss for words.

No. 366061

Imagine the beautiful calves they would make.

No. 366062


Heh, white ppl can be hella ugly at times…

No. 366066

File: 1491415632135.png (628.14 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3962.PNG)

And here I thought military Onion was ugly af but this takes the cake!

No. 366074

That shirt should say "D.A.R.E to keep Grease off kids".

No. 366075

He's slowly turning into Gordon Ramsey.

No. 366076

most guys lie about their height, especially if they're under 6'. he's probably close to 5'9 or '10.

No. 366082


>Grease Abuse Resistance Education

Yeah, seems fitting.

No. 366083


Nah, even better, he's beginning to look exactly like his father.

No. 366085

Gordon would never be a vegetarian!

No. 366112

Everytime I see a new photo of him this is exactly what I think, Anon

No. 366121

File: 1491424264003.png (810.33 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1480.PNG)

I bet Greg is pissed now that she's clearly moved on

No. 366124

chillllll. It wasn't the ID issue that denied me, and I was a dumb 18 y/o like I said. That was over 10 years ago.
I can definitely say I was an idiot and entitled because pretty much all teenagers are. But I got in without the passport once I had proof of funds. The ID was never the issue.
My BF at the time lived in Canada and got into the US without a passport before all that, and I don't think customs gave him any problem back then.

Also someone needs to learn to sage.

Never meant to cause some infight, I just wanted to weigh in on the whole customs denial and proof of funds stuff, and the fact that it happens even with more "local" traveling.

No. That is such an insult to Gordon Ramsey.

That filter isn't doing them any favors though.
Just noticed her hand looks outright bloody.

No. 366130

Twitter meltdown/"callout" video in 3…2…

No. 366131

Finally someone her own age. Much more healthy. Had lainey been crying on Twitter yet?

No. 366135

Can we take Billie to her own thread? She's no longer involved with Greasestain and we should respect that much at least.


Can someone post the new photo there so we can comment.

No. 366145

Do onions brows give anyone else the urge to get a pre-emptive lift out of sheer terror that one day down the line you might have caveman shades even a quarter as ugly?
Christ, his fleshy face umbrella is horrifying.

No. 366160

well the drew+billie pic is relevant since it will inevitably make gerg sperg out

No. 366195


A farmhand said earlier to stop talking about Billie, and take it to her snow thread, because it's not relevant here.

It's already been mentioned, we all know Gurg's gonna be a butthurt baby onion about it. Post his response when he has it, but these posts don't belong here.

No. 366205

File: 1491437767567.png (19.29 KB, 294x218, 6478814_orig.png)

Pffft, Grease would never really be vegetarian either. Reading labels is too much work. Like I've said before, he eats gelatin (bones and hooves) and rennet (calf stomach - meat) on the regular. This only pisses me off because of the moral high horse he sits on, chastising everyone else for eating meat…when he does too…because he's lazy. It's hypocritical and downright laughable.

His Seventh Day Adventist style anti-drug stance is similar. He'll demonize caffeine and smoking weed, but he's more than willing to inject his face with botulism toxin. He's a parody of himself.

OT I know, but these two are the cutest couple, omfg.

No. 366208

Does he eat gelatin though? I remember in the video where him and Lainey ate Japanese snacks and he spat some out because they had gelatin in it. Maybe it was just for show

No. 366210

Seems to me like it would have been for show. We all know he consumes dairy; things like ice cream, sour cream, yogurt and whipped cream contain pork biproducts.
Onion boy won't even read a book, much less a label on his food, even if he did read labels I wouldn't give him enough credit to know what words are used to let you know that pork is an ingredient.

No. 366214

He has a sweet tooth, IIRC. There's a video of him mocking the Vegan lifestyle on his "comedy" channel where he holds a bag of some candy. Pretty sure there are other videos or pics that show the candy they buy (probably in the background, and I think it's gummies). Find those images and it'll be more proof of his blatant ignorance/hypocrisy/laziness.

No. 366229

File: 1491443567111.png (1.02 MB, 1136x640, IMG_3964.PNG)


Not candy or food-wise but do you remember when L'Oréal used to make powder and eyeshadow containers with brushes attached to the tops?

Oh and doesn't L'Oréal use animal products/tests on animals?

Yeah, well…

No. 366231

File: 1491444976469.png (674.41 KB, 837x1033, lameo.png)

No she just emo posts on tumblr now. Her recent posts might be due to billie or just her general onion "mah soulmate why must u hurt me so i love thou so much and always will. my love is too strong unlike other people!" shit.

No. 366233

I remember those! Especially the powder.

No. 366243

imagine being married and blogging shit like this .

No. 366244

>In need of someone to be gay with
For some reason this is so funny surrounded with all of the other MUH LOVE posts

Something tells me Lainey likes being the hurt, poor, victim more than actually having someone. Maybe that's why she's still with onion. She can be the victim over and over and over again.

No. 366254

File: 1491451983764.png (427.44 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3965.PNG)


Shiloh never told him there's animal products in tattoos either. Kek

No. 366256

File: 1491452957055.png (757.82 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3966.PNG)

Another L'Oréal product (hair dye)

No. 366257

The only animal product that comes to mind is the beeswax in the transfer paper. Ink is almost exclusively vegan these days, and whatever aftercare products are used is up the client, not the artist. Even if the transfer paper had beeswax in it, his tattoos are vegetarian. Sorry, anon.

No. 366262

"She's" been doing those reblogs since cuddlegate 1.0, I'm fairly convinced that's Grease's Tumblr and not actually Laineys.

Evidence being that Grease has actually reblogged some of them from her Tumblr to his actual Twitter account.

No. 366284

nah. these posts match her tweets and general personality. Ever since she was basically told she cant rant on twitter, she used passive aggressive tumblr reblogs instead. Greg just reposts her posts sometimes to make fun of her emo posts cause hes an ass.

No. 366304

It looks like his arm is wrapped in a condom.

No. 366311

It seemed like I was about to get turned away at Heathrow until I pulled out my Italian passport. I learned to just use my Italian passport in Europe.

Sage for mild irrelevance.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366312

Sorry, dude, but if you're getting ink with animal products (other than beeswax), you're getting shit tattoos.

No. 366315

The same thing happened with Black Friday. They turned her away when she was trying to visit a few years ago because they thought she was trying to live there without paperwork and a place to live or a way to support herself.

And to add to Smegma, I'm loving his downfall, as is everyone else here. It's been a long, overdue, time coming. How long do you think it will take for them to start looking for a smaller house?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366321

Funny how they stop white folks from entering the country and yet they don't give a shit when it comes to coloured refugees.(not the place)

No. 366332

Oh fuck off.

No. 366333

Well he did just make a dig towards her in his last video

No. 366334

No. 366351


No. 366352

sage your shit ffs

also no1curr about your opinions on immigration to begin with but the audacity to not sage this shit is just… lol just lurk more please

No. 366420

File: 1491504466453.jpg (281.69 KB, 1280x718, projection.jpg)

Projection much, Gurg?

like, stfu about her you fucking creepy narcissist! i've been stalked by narcissistic ex's and that shit is exhausting and, at worst, scary. they never let up until they move on to someone new to harass.

No. 366424

Except she exhibits no personality disorder behaviors, he just loves throwing around words that he has absolutely no concept of.


If she "betrayed you" because she wouldn't put up with your bullshit, psychotic ultimatums and demands, then good for her - it's her first steps into adulthood and the beginnings of a healthier mindset.

Also, clean your fucking ottoman… it looks like you've wiped your greasy face all over it whilst leaning over it and crying over Bilbo.

No. 366425


no Greg it's how a fucking teenager responds

No. 366428


It really is interesting to me why her saying that has stung him so hard. Most people would roll their eyes and go Yeah, OK, but not Greg. That's the one thing out of all of that episode that he has fixated on, and I am not sure why, except perhaps that no one has ever defied him to his face before.

No. 366429

What the fuck is that look he's going for …

No. 366430

He's copying Drew's old hairstyle, presumably. Or going for what he thinks is a generic "stoner" look.

Greg is the narciest narc who ever wanted to narc. That wig wouldn't be out of place in a police sponsored D.A.R.E. play from 1990.

No. 366432

Whenever I'm sad I go to Onision's socialblade account and get happy when I see he makes like $500 a video now

No. 366436

I think it really hurt his ego that a lowly sex object (in his eyes) had the balls to talk back to him. He usually gets his way by belittling and manipulating them, so when Bilbo defied him… he's been left reeling ever since, he can't let it go.

No. 366446

Agreed. I've known people like Gerg before and I think there's this thing about people who dump them first, get over them quickly, are less upset about the breakup than they are, etc. that completely sets them off. They end up fixated, sometimes so much so that they think it means this person was "the one" when, in reality, it's just their ego's freaking the fuck out over the idea of a toy having more leverage and power than they did. She didn't roll over and show her belly like Lainey, she didn't become a hysterical mess like Shiloh, he didn't break her fucking soul like Skye, she just casually texted him "LOL BE MAD", called him out in a video and quickly moved onto a cuter, younger guy who actually has shit in common with her. Now the internet is laughing at him about it, so that's double the sting. Billie needs to keep ignoring him and his desperation, he's just gonna keep being a pathetic ween, making little jabs at her, her new beau, potheads in general, until he eventually finds some new 18 year old to obsess over.

No. 366448


exactly. he's not used to someone talking back. he can't control billie, so he loses his shit. plainey's a push over, and he's groomed her to be submissive with a confused identity. it's only after grease fucked billie and wanted to run away with her that plain's FINALLY starting to see through his bullshit. you can tell in that proposal clickbait vid she's sooo over it. she's boring, but not like that in videos with anyone else.

i don't think billie's going back… but i really reeeeally hope she doesn't even respond. you HAVE to go NO contact with narcs.

No. 366451

I probably dont get the whole poly lifestyle but how the fuck is it ok that he can fuck 2 chicks and they cant fuck any guys? Like is that a thing? Or is onion just good at brainwashing?

No. 366454


It's because he isn't, as far as I know though I am not into it, truly poly and is just using it as an excuse for extra fucktoys to control. He seems the sort to only count Lainey having a relationship with another man as a 'real' relationship, whereas with a woman isn't as serious as far as he's concerned. It's just for his own sexual gratification. Lainey fucking another man wouldn't be appealing to him and he would get too jealous so another man is a no-no.

I think it's also evident in his apparent hatred of women and how he will go mental at females that 'disrespect' him in any way but tends to let it slight with guys.

I'm not explaining this brilliantly but I hope this gets the point across.

No. 366455


Sorry, slide, not slight.

No. 366457

I like how he decides saying "LOL BE MAD" is how a sociopath responds. But telling someone to be chained in a basement, become an oompa loompa, and whatever is totally not a sociopath. Just normal behavior. Lmao.

lmao. He just used the poly excuse to cheat on lameo and have a harem of women for himself. It's not like he gave two shits to open the relationship for lameo. It was always about him. Theres no way he'd allow another guy in the relationship because it doesn't benefit him and he doesn't want other people touching his womenz. His microdick would be much more noticable then.

No. 366458

>> telling someone to be chained in a basement, become an oompa loompa, and whatever is totally not a sociopath. Just normal behavior. Lmao.

No anon, he's KINKY, remember? His "kink" is manipulating and abusing women in between fucking them dry, blank and starfished in missionary position 7x a day, and you can't kink shame him, hater.

No. 366459

EXACTLY. Those kind of dudes who use the label "polyamorous" as an excuse to fuck other girls to fulfill some kinda threesome fantasy is SO infuriating to me. I've been in poly relationships (my main partner and another woman) and it's aaaall about respect and open, honest communication. Gurg is too self obsessed to be able to do that.

No. 366460

>>open, honest communication

Which to Grug means he can blast any person information or conversation to anyone in the world, because HONESTY, but no one else can tell the world what it's like to be with him, because SOCIOPATH.

No. 366461

Reposting this cause it's hilarious and really accurate

Funny song mocking Gerg

No. 366464

File: 1491514232671.png (Spoiler Image, 206.82 KB, 488x200, lain.png)

Is there something wrong with Lainey? Why are her veins so evident?

No. 366465

File: 1491514348263.png (Spoiler Image, 1.61 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1437.PNG)

lol those brows are a whole new level of uneven

No. 366466

ngl he reminds me of joy sparkle a bit with that disheveled hair.
also others covered it pretty much but he's a fucking idiot. he wants to own that response so it's no longer hers. it's a form of control. he's so pathetic.

where is this from?

i'm more concerned with her mouth and choice of lipstick (that shade looks bad on her imo) and her bruised-looking collarbones.
to me, her eyebrows look fine. she could have been slightly raising one, and her head is also at a slight angle.
much worse things to say about her though.

though regarding appearance i do agree with other anons that she'd be better with her hair grown out. but would gerg allow that?

No. 366467


Those eyes scream defeat

No. 366468

It's because it was never a poly relationship to begin with, they were looking for a unicorn.


It was his idea to begin with because he's simply bored with his wife, he manipulated her into believing that she HAD to "explore her bisexuality" to be genuinely bisexual (which is utter, utter bullshit). Billie was chosen to be the one to engage in threesomes with them, Lainey initially backed out of it to begin with, but Grease continued to pressurise her into it by claiming Billie really was interested in her and not him… you know the rest of the story, so I'll stop there.

But yes, it wasn't a poly relationship to begin with as no research was put into it, or effort, or respect or boundaries, it was just a selfish game that Grease played with Lainey to satiate his desires.

No. 366469

Onion just made a video sucking up to lameo and mentioning how lameo is afraid he will leave her at any point and that she thinks hes "not all in" with their relationship.

Here are the things onion appreciates/likes about lameo:

>Compassionate - forgives him for being an asshole.

>Willing to try new things
>Sensitive - shes sensitive FOR me so i dont have to be. Her feelings give our relationship a balance! And keeps this relationship in reality!
>Sings along to her music - lol?? "im glad lainey is not dead inside"
>She isn't religious!!!
>She's LGBTQ! - "i appreciate they dont mind if people call them 'she'" LMAO????
>Lameo has fought to keep leelu! - leelu pees all the time and im not mean to her unless she pees!! I clearly hate this dog but thank you lameo for keeping her so i dont look like an animal hater.

No. 366470


Dat 90's post-grunge vibe tho, it's nice. :)

No. 366471


I think it was a combination of finding out (via text) that she fucked another guy (whiskey dick) while she was back with her family over the Christmas holiday. And her response "LOL BE MAD" and his "YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME" could have been the result of that. Otherwise Onion couldn't handle the fact that had sex with another dude.

No. 366472

It's from her Twitter. I don't think her veins were so noticeable in the past, but I don't really know why they could look like that, tbh. I also wonder in which room they have a turquoise wall…

No. 366473


Sorry, but these all look like photos a serial killer would take before they offed their own victims nagl.

No. 366474

https://vid.me/eB3u "Why I'm Not Leaving My Marriage" Onisionspeaks.

No. 366475

Her eyebrows are uneve you can see how much thicker the beginning of one is than the other one.
Her lips are god awful. She has the kind that would benifit from being slightly overdrawn and she NEEDS to use a lip liner that bleeding is killing me.
She's also got foundation crusted in the baby hairs on her temple

No. 366476

File: 1491515487955.jpg (67.68 KB, 736x989, flawless-dewy-makeup.jpg)

I feel like she should go back to blond and do makeup like this. Better than looking like an edgy clown

No. 366477

This picture is gross. It's not even appealing in one of those high contrast purposely ugly ways. The makeup is applied badly (we've seen lamo's technique so it's not a shocker), not artistically bad. Instead of looking like a grunge shoot, she just looks like she hasn't showered in awhile.

Her collarbones are bruised because gurg is daddy and gives her lovebites~ (really he probably gnaws on her like a dog with a bone and she pretends to like it because she's such a sensual goddess and also so their marathon sex sessions end sooner)

No. 366478

That's pretty alarming, but idk much about medical stuff. At her age especially. Maybe it was due to cold/paleness/malnutrition or a mix of the aforementioned. I definitely think she's malnourished regardless. I know I'm pale af but my veins do NOT look like that, especially not on my chest.

agreed 100% and it's funny when you combine it with >>366469
good lord that video sounds like a trainwreck.
> Sensitive - shes sensitive FOR me so i dont have to be

aka "she cries at the drop of a hat and I can use that to my advantage"
seriously what kind of relationship - even a friendship ffs - boasts about a partner being emotionally unstable?
oh, right, consider this all is following him saying BILLIE is a sociopath, and this makes a lot of sense. of course he'd have to lovebomb taylor after talking about billie in a video, and side-by-side, this is a compare/contrast for him.

this really sounds like that song "breakfast at tiffany's" where the couple has nothing in common other than the fact they like breakfast at tiffany's and the guy is trying to exaggerate it to paint their relationship as some great worthwhile thing.

No. 366480

samefag but I didn't mean to say she is definitely bruised there. she just looks it. she could be, but who knows. I don't want to think about their bedroom activities, ugh.
I'd bet she might be anemic due to malnutrition (I am) and I believe that causes bruises to be more common. I forget precisely, but I know I experience both. And as picky of an eater as I am, I am sure I get a ton more nutrients than Taylor does unless she's taking hella vitamins (and idk where vitamins/supplements stand with vegetarianism, or if they've stated their stance on this - by they i mean greg, since he speaks for everyone under his greaseroof).

sage for samefag and medical speculation

No. 366481

"She always pees when she's around me although I haven't been mean to the dog in a long time" wtf he said he would rub her nose in piss to try to get her to stop pissing and she would piss more although I think he beat her too tbh. But one of the first things they say on anything about potty training dog snsays never put their nose in it fucking dick.

Also says he would leave Taylor but "only for like a day" red flag as fuckkk

No. 366482


I think her veins are prominent because she is breastfeeding.

No. 366483

Like the time he tried to fuck Billie as fast as he could after Lainey left the house with the kids. He could get his quickie and then go back to business as usual!

No. 366484


sage for pettiness

No. 366485

ugh samefagging again, sorry!!

Thinking about Taylor's nutrition actually legitimately concerns me, as much as I hate both of them.
It also directly reflects what their kids are dealing with. I don't want to imagine. You KNOW they aren't giving their kids meat.

And then I also thought of another thing I keep thinking to mention, which >>366482 just touched on
Breastfeeding is known to be a form of hormonal birth control. idk how effective it is, but I wonder if she intentionally breastfeeds for the sake of not getting pregnant again (yet). Or if either of them even know that. Though like I said, not sure how effective it is, but it is a thing. (I've taken women's health and sex health courses but have never been pregnant)
Though I didn't know veins could do that due to breastfeeding, even so far up the chest.

sage for speculation

No. 366486

>"Lainey thinks that i am going to leave them at any point in my future. They are being absurd. I will say 'oh we're over' maybe…once twice. But a few hours later maybe at most a day, i will be crawling back again"

OH GEE? I wonder why she thinks you'll leave her. Totally absurd to think that!

Man what a shitty relationship. No happy marriage has your spouse saying "we're over" even one time.

No. 366487

So uhh, when's the divorce?

No. 366488

"I'M LEAVING YOU!" is so clearly coercion to get her to agree with whatever his latest, outrageous demand is. How could you ever feel safe in a relationship like that? And how can he fucking normalize thattttt aarrggg

No. 366489

Holy fucking shit. I've never owned an animal that was terrified of me and, if I did, I'd feel fucking horrible. He's just casually throwing it out there that his dog is so afraid of him that she pisses in fear. I've known dogs that piss everywhere when their owner comes home because they're too excited, but whenever they're simply around their owner? And he acknowledges it is due to how he's treated her in the past? Like, fuck, I don't think he just rubbed Leelu's nose in piss, I have a strong feeling he did much worse to that dog.

HSanon said he knows Gerg and his bitch mother would get dogs and other pets, but never take care of them, ending up with one or two dogs dying of malnutrition. Like, that's fucking insanity to me, the guy clearly can't muster up enough compassion or empathy to make sure his pets aren't starving (or asphyxiating, RIP turtle, never forget), so it's not exactly farfetched to believe he wouldn't feel bad about hitting or kicking a dog that's pissed on his shit. Then when she keeps pissing, out of fear of being hit, he hits/kicks her and rubs her nose in it some more and the dog becomes a wreck whenever it's around him.

God, he's such a piece of shit in every fucking way imaginable.

No. 366492

Oh, fucking wow.

"I'll only threaten my wife, with whom I've had two very, very young children with and who relies on me completely for financial support, that I'm gonna leave her once or twice during a fight. I always come crawling back to her, I mean, once I've realized I don't have another girl waiting on the backburner, so it's simply absurd of her to be afraid of this whole 'leaving her someday' thing, it's not like I've given her every impression that I'm looking for a way out. Get over it, Lainey, you dumb bitch."

If my partner pulled that shit even once, I'd tell them "You don't fucking say that unless you truly intend on going through with it. So are you gonna leave or deal with your anger like a fucking adult? What's it gonna be?"
God, I bet he's the king of ultimatums, too. Threats and ultimatums: the best way to ensure your partner is stressed out and resents the shit out of you.

No. 366493

Holy shit. What's funny about all this is… he thinks this video makes him and Taylor look good.

No. 366495

Damn looks like blood clot veins

No. 366496


>when you're an agender space prince but you've also been breastfeeding for the last 4 years straight

No. 366497

If you're really pale/white, you can have a bluish tinge all the time and under certain lighting the veins will be visible. They're usually not this obvious on most people but pregnancy can make them stand out.

No. 366499

Ten to one he'll end up knocking her up again in a couple of years time so she can continue to breastfeed and it'll satiate his impregnation fetish, this family is such a trainwreck to watch.

No. 366503

She had the baby a few months ago, I think she had it back in December. I've never had a baby, but I figured the more obvious signs of pregnancy (besides the deflated beach ball belly) would have started to fade away after 4 months. I'm also pale as fuck and when I was a skinny teen, my veins were pretty visible, especially when cold. We know he hates paying for heating and she's very pale, but she's not exactly incredibly skinny. I mean, she just had a kid, it would be weird if she was. It's probably a weird mix of paleness, lack of heating in that house and malnutrition. I don't think pregnancy is really playing that big of a role, though, again, I've never had a kid.

No. 366507

He's pushing out so much I LOVE MY AGENDER SPACE PRINCE WIFE I LOVE HE-THEM, I MEAN THEM, SO MUCH content out lately. I get the feeling that Lainey's expressing some interest in ending the marriage and he's trying to lovebomb her back into docile submission, he's trying to convince her to abandon any idea that there's anything wrong and get her back into that state of mind where she's fine with turning a blind eye to all of their marriage problems. I also get the feeling that she's only gonna cruise along with the marriage until she has more proof that he's financially fucked. She isn't going to be interested in living in a dark, cold apartment with two young kids hanging off her teats while Gerg insists they can afford groceries this week if they sell some of her clothes. Like another anon pointed out, you can tell how done she is with him in the vacation vlog, she's getting tired of his bullshit. It's odd, most narcs only have to do some serious lovebombing in the beginning of a relationship, enough to get them hooked, and then some mild lovebombing whenever their victim starts questioning the relationship. Having to seriously dedicate whole weeks to lovebombing is a sign that she's slowly waking up to reality and he's losing his firm hold on her life. If he has to do this much lovebombing, this late in their marriage, it's a sign that 1. he's shit at manipulating anybody who isn't a dumb teenager 2. she's mentally and emotionally done.

No. 366510


But…doesn't he WANT to leave her?

No. 366511


Only when he thinks he has someone on the backburner

No. 366512


Uh, how the fuck is this guy supposed to be about this vegetarian message when he terrifies his own pet? Shit, I wonder if he even is vegetarian at all. Man, I thought he was one of those shitty people that at least cares about animals, but I guess fucking not. Fuck Taylor for keeping a pet in that environment.

No. 366515

i think he's so used to people, especially his SOs, doing everything they can NOT to make him mad and/or to apologize/fix the situation when he does get mad ("oh I'm so sorry please don't be mad, I'll do [x]!", etc.) that for someone to just be like, "ok. that's how you feel. not my resposibility or fault." is triggering as fuck for him

No. 366516


I never noticed before, but she has really beautiful eyes. Too bad her makeup skills are such shit. She should play her eyes up.

No. 366517

Oh, anon, no, the guy has a history of being god awful with pets and it's been pretty much established that he's not even really a vegetarian. Somebody he went to HS with told everybody how he suddenly decided one day that he should harrang anybody eating burgers, in an attempt to make himself feel special and important, while he'd eat burgers during lunch. He just never happened to let go of this belief that being a vegetarian makes him better than anybody and still can't be fucked to at least live up to his own standards.

The only reason he's not a vegan and couldn't stick to a vegan diet was because he found it too difficult, he prefers living off of the processed, ready made, microwavable vegetarian food and being vegan actually requires some effort. If he could be a vegan, if he had the discipline and actually cared enough about animals to be turned off of animal products, he'd do it in a second just to get that opportunity to look down his nose at everybody and smash it into everybody's head that he's so much better than all of you plebs.

No. 366518

>Starved a chicken to death
>Hit a deer with his car
>Neglected a puppy because ~youtube job~
>Baked a turtle alive
>Let fish tank get so dirty all of his fish died
>Rubs his dog's face in it's own urine

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a shit about animals.

No. 366521


Yeah, I just noticed that too. I've always found Lainey pretty dull looking imo (the fact she looks bored as shit in all her selfies can't help either) but her eyes are a beautiful colour. It's a shame the wonky eyebrows, clumpy mascara and blotchy lipstick distracts from them so much.

sage for nothing to contribute but pointing out Lainey's shitty makeup skills for the billionth time.

No. 366523

File: 1491524856106.png (282.48 KB, 500x500, BAD4A7F0-78ED-4DD8-A36C-5B09FA…)

She looks like Chucky's son Glen/Glenda LMAO

No. 366524

Muh vegitarianism is a way to collect brony points with his audience of mentally challenged potential child brides.

No. 366526

>Baked a turtle alive

what the actual fuck?

No. 366528

That picture looks like a police autopsy pic of a Jane doe. Really creepy

No. 366529

He put his pet turtle under a plastic tub outside with no holes poked in it like a dumb ass and the turtle baked outside in the sun for hours.

No. 366530

File: 1491526291139.png (862.11 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3968.PNG)

Onion looks really sketchy with those little animals…

No. 366531

File: 1491526344919.png (911.7 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3969.PNG)

It's very unsettling.

No. 366532

Didn't they eat it afterwards or am I going crazy

No. 366534

You're going crazy.

Whose cat is that and what happened to it? And why does he keep adopting animals if he's clearly incapable of taking care of them and does not care about them? If I remember correctly, he also gave away a dog of Skye without telling her.

No. 366536

Poor kitty. He looks so sinister holding those animals. Reminds me kind of like Gary ridgeway

No. 366538

I can't imagine constantly thinking my husband is going to leave me. That relationship is so unhealthy and unbalanced. If only she could purchase a spine with all that crusty clothing and younow money Greg has to beg for her.

No. 366542


Holy shit animal abuse is no bueno, this guy is scum. If you treat animals like shit what's the fucking point of going vegan/vegeterian if it's obviously not even helping you health-wise either. Onion's body is so fucking dilapidated and unfit af but he's too far up his own ass to realize it.

No. 366543


The dog was Shiloh's, Skye has the cat he's holding.

No. 366545

Why did Gerg feel the need to show the polyamorous symbol and mention how his wife isn't interested in another polyamory relationship again in that love-bombing video? Don't remember it really adding anything of substance to reasons he wouldn't leave her.

No. 366546

Trying to make her think he respects her opinion on the matter? It kind of makes sense, it's a lovebombing/manipulating video after all.

No. 366552


this is so good. while onion is going broke and lainey is having her mid life crisis, billie is smoking weed and having a good time. Good for you!

No. 366553

I bet they've fought about it because gerg probably wants to keep pushing the poly thing. And Lainey is probably suspicious of his motives after the Billie thing. And he's probably frustrated she won't trust him and bring him another girl. I'm sure he's done his "were over" shit to guilt her into bringing another person. He's probably noticing Lainey is getting really pissed off and feeling done with him So he wants to gain back her trust so she will agree to it in the future. There's no doubt that he wants another poly relationship and he's trying to seem understanding about why Lainey wouldn't want it but you can tell he's disappointed and wants to convince her to do it again lmao. He was pushing that "cute couple" shit with Mercedes so hard.

Also when he was saying he appreciates Lainey being sensitive he goes "sometimes too sensitive" in the most annoyed voice. Like you can tell he's sick of her crying all the time but then he tries to say oh no it's a good thing. Lmao. Jeeze that relationship is a wreck.

Does he still pay her $100 every time he insults her like Jaclyn said he did to Lainey when she was visiting? Or is he getting too poor.

No. 366554


why would u do this to us, anon

No. 366555


lol if you send it to twitter onion would block you so fast

No. 366556


if you don't have a job and you're not a uni student, this is usually what happens when you try to visit other countries. there are other factors of course, but i think its really as easy as that.

No. 366557


this should be a lolcow banner

No. 366559


damn they have it really bad, don't they?

No. 366560


lurking all the onionhate blogs is making him use our own buzzwords lol

No. 366562


whats worst is that not only did they want Billie all for themselves, grease would get mad if billie dared to just hang out with other guys. there was a picture of billie in a concert with some dude and it drove grease crazy.

No. 366563


i mean, grease likes edgy girls, like billie and shiloh. problem is, lainey can't pull it off.

No. 366564

That was the cause of one of the breakups if I remember correctly. She held his hand while he supported her on his shoulders and that was "cheating"

No. 366565

I think it is more sinister than that. If he's pushing out videos about how much he appreciates her, no matter how dumb they are, she would end up looking a lot worse if she left anytime soon. It's really sad to think about, but I think the whole thing is for his audience, his "good" reputation, and also manipulating Taylor into staying out of guilt or even fear.

> inb4 new Lainey video (with gerg hovering and doing 95% of the talking as usual) where she scoffs at remarks about their marriage's stability and her own goddamn wellbeing, all the while glancing at him to make sure she's doing it right.

No. 366566

I'm pretty sure her left/our right collarbone is bitten. You can see the scrape marks from teeth. It wouldn't be the first time she's flaunted hickies and bite marks from Gurg.

I honestly don't think Lainey is malnourished, Ana, etc. She's probably not in fantastic health between the stress of being married to an antisocial psychopath, caring for a newborn and a toddler, finishing her schooling, and all the drama she's been going through. Also keep in mind that she's been breastfeeding for YEARS. Troy was still breastfeeding while she was pregnant. Breastfeeding, paleness, combined with harsh flash photog, is going to make your veins stand out.

No. 366570

I'm pretty sure he thinks making these videos prove his love without him having to change himself. He goes 'see i told my 2 mil subs how much i love you and what an asshole i am. that means im committed and love you".

He did the same shit with adrienne when she wasnt talking to him and he mentions in his voicemails he made a video saying how right she is. Then when she was still not responding he starts getting angry and saying I made that video that makes me look bad to prove how much im serious about us but im getting nothing back for it!!!! I had to make another video explaining the real truth!!!

And also how he wanted billie to make a video apologizing to lainey. He thinks thats like the godsend of proving your love. Instead of you know, change…communicate…work it out.

No. 366571


That's a nice photoshop and all (no, really!) but you might've accidentally made his belly hair viewable

No. 366581

File: 1491536002985.png (53.38 KB, 588x263, sr.png)

While onion's channel dies, his andy love is working with someone he hates and his ex-gf he'd rather have instead of his wife is working/probably sleeping with someone he hates ("a druggie loser").

And then onion is over there trying to keep his wife in line so he can keep her around until he finds her replacement but the supply is running dry with his fame dying. I'm lovin' it.

No. 366587

File: 1491536629983.png (11.07 KB, 381x80, so emo.png)

Grease demoralizing Lain again.

No. 366589

We also dont know why you try. It doesn't matter how perfect, loving, forgiving you are, gerg will find something to not like and get bored of you.

But keep trying though!! It will totally work some day!!! It's been 5+ years and you can't get your husband to give a shit about you, but it will totally somehow work out in the future!!

No. 366600

I'm curious, what are we gonna do once Onion's completely gone from the internet? Or at least very irrelevant to the normies?

No. 366602

I almost feel bad for Lainey. Almost. It's got to be hard for her bc I'm sure Greg has painted such an "us against the world" mentality for her that she must have a hard time seeing the truth

No. 366604

continue living our lives? this really doesnt take up much of my time at all

No. 366608

How do we know this isn't about Billie and her new boyfriend? Lame could be subtweeting about how she's never "been good enough" for Billie to "love" her. You know Lame is creeping on Billie. Lame said in one of her videos with Mercades that she's still not over her. Pathetic as hell.

No. 366612

holy fuck i hope people actually caught onto the fact that he literally abused his dog. YOU DON'T FUCKING RUB YOUR DOG'S FACE IN ITS PISS TO TEACH IT A LESSON YOU DERANGED FUCK

No. 366624

Wtf is wrong with his eyebrows??? Holy shit it looks like they were drawn on to look like an angery Disney villain

No. 366630

File: 1491542493349.png (150.27 KB, 400x383, onion.png)

Seems like lainey passive aggressively unfollowed onion yet again. Trouble in paradise? I thought the problem was Billie?!! But shes not there this time to blame?!

No. 366631

Also Leelu is fat as fuck.

No. 366632

Jfc lainey, it's called a divorce. Get one.

No. 366633

She won't because then the haters win.

No. 366634

Are you telling me you dont unfollow your husband off twitter whenever you fight only to add him back two days later with a pic of you two together going my soulmate <3. That's clearly how healthy marriages work. #Goals as fuck.

No. 366645

according to socialblade greg isnt making a dime on any of his channels but veiney still is, and billie still is - they both upload videos like twice a month versus him uploading atleast once a day. I'm so happy.
I hope he moves back in with his mom after lainey leaves him.

No. 366647

Must be why he's pushing Lainey's poshmark so hard.

No. 366650

My guess Is he started being gross with that girl she was being friendly with and she's pissed.

No. 366660

I swear. If it wasn't for Skye. Dude would have been as school shooter.

No. 366661

He really is a child. Wtf is this shit. Who makes videos like this? Talk to your goddamn wife you psycho and stop airing your shit in public like white trash on FB. But then, this isn't actually about her, it's about him, because >>366507 is right. It's better for him to make all these videos like 'Look how supportive and how much I love my wife!11' then to actually manup and work out your marriage issues in private like normal fucking adults so when it invaribly dies, Onison will come out looking like a 'sad husband who tried his best to save his marriage' to his braindead fans.

God, he makes me wanna be sick. Who could stand this behaviour and be attracted to it in the first place? Dude is a manipulative unstable child in a man's body.

No. 366667


I can't help but wonder if some of us tweet the pic from >>365710 was partly responsible for that?

One can hope..

No. 366668

I don't think that's accurate. Is it totalling to $0 because he has deleted a lot of videos and they are counting that as negative money? That's what it looks like when you look at the specifics. If gerg was earning no money, he'd be going batshit crazy.

No. 366671

True, but if you look at each video and what they've been earning its only around like $700 compared to older videos where he was thousands per video. He is def losing money and its wonderful

No. 366676

File: 1491571143586.png (143.84 KB, 569x167, onion.png)

Lol what is he attempting to do here? Is he trying to tap into the kids market?

No. 366678

Looks like some kind of creepy pedo Mr Rogers wannabe.

No. 366683

He is so trying to get on the kid's channel train. He looks so creepy!!

No. 366684

File: 1491572622342.jpeg (293.57 KB, 2000x1000, 56263ac91400002a00c7a547.jpeg)

Those Amy Schumer lips. She could benefit some lip fillers, even a permalip, to balance her face better.

No. 366688

Man, that short hair isn't doing her any favors…

No. 366689

No. 366690

Just to touch on the subject, I know someone that was breastfeeding and got pregnant with their second within the same year. So if they are following this stupid form of "birth control" we can expect another greaseling.
Maybe someone should tell her the best form of birth control is ummm..birth control? or a condom (HAH)

No. 366691

As if Gurg would allow her to actually get birth control. He has an impregnation fetish.

No. 366692

Anyone know which number thread the HSanon is in? I know I'll get the usual "lurk moar"

No. 366693

They would know at this point breastfeeding does not = birth control. She's been breastfeeding for years. Troy has been on the boob this entire time and he's like 3 or 4 now? And she just had another kid. Like >>366691 said, if she gets pregnant again, it's because Greg wants her to, not because it was an accident.

No. 366696

Yeah Troy turned 4 recently, he should be starting school next year.
And I remember someone posting about a facebook post Taylor made, saying she didn't have her period for years or something after having Troy? Like for some reason she couldn't conceive until bandaid baby. She and Grease are probably trying for a third as we speak.

No. 366705


Actually, breastfeeding IS an effective birth control but only for about 6 months and you have to breastfeed very often (something like every 3 hours?).
Afterwards, you might still not have a period properly but you could still ovulate and get pregnant (as that's clearly what happened with Plain).

No. 366707

I'd take whatever Lainey says with a grain of salt in regards to "not having her period for years" because it's way too coincidental that they conceived right after Cuddlegate 1.0. She's been known to be just as manipulative and lies as much as her husband does, she cries wolf for attention on the regular.

After the scare that Grease would've left her if Billie agreed to elope with him; she wanted some extra security that it'd be harder for him to do if she had two babies to support rather than just the one who is almost ready for school. It doesn't seem to have worked in her favor though considering he continues to hint at divorce even after Billie is now out of the picture.

No. 366710

This is obviously him taking a jab at YouTube for only supporting "family friendly" content now.

No. 366717

Yeah, the timing of events is really sus. Like how they dumped Billie on Halloween, literally a week before bandaid was born. That's probably why Grease had the "true trinity" conversation with Taytay. He wanted to get his dick wet, but Taylor was almost full-term, so he turned to Billie.

Taylor should know by now that he doesn't give a shit about the kids and will sign them away in a heartbeat lmao.

No. 366723

Called it.

Views really are everything to him.

No. 366724

She said this in one of the mommy fb accounts she was part of about 6months- a year before band-aid was born so I feel like she got pregnant the second she could. I'd post proof of this but FB doesnt allow you to look up posts people commented on anymore (only what they liked) and I didnt think to screenshot it bc I figured it was a bit personal. It said she had not menstruated something like two years after she had troy.

No. 366725

She also liked a post asking about "like if youre itching for a new baby" about the same time she would have gotten pregnant with bandaid. I believe i posted that one but its a few threads back.

No. 366727

Ugh this is why lainey is a piece of garbage as well. She purposefully gets pregnant AGAIN when they are in the middle of bringing in a gf/fighting/almost divorce. She gives 0 shits if she screws over these kids. She just wants little play things to keep onion tied to her.

I feel like its a toss up whether the first kid happened due to onion claiming hes infertile and they dont need BC or if it was crazy lameo trying to tie onion to her forever.

No. 366729

I think it was the former. She was barely 18 when she got knocked up, and at the time Greg was non-stop ranting about how pulling out was more effective than condoms (lmao). She admitted she was scared to death when she first found out, so I don't believe Troy was planned. Greg just hates condoms is all.

No. 366731

I know depo can stop your periods if we're to assume she isn't lying about that, but she would of have to of stop taking it four months prior if she wanted to get pregnant around Cuddlegate 1.0… the same goes for the pill as well as far as I'm aware, so something isn't adding up unless she's psychic and pre-determined exactly when CG 1.0 would happen.

The only other explanation is that she lying about not having her periods and how surprised she was that she was pregnant again… probably out of embarrassment because she didn't want to admit that the baby's conception wasn't 100% planned or truly wanted, it was just a bargaining tool.

No. 366738

I think someone hypothesesed that she wasn't taking any birth control and when they where fucking he said "lets have a baby" and she agreed and he didn't pull out (gross I know)

So in theory he was "planned" but not really.

No. 366743

Plainey Veiney Lainey

No. 366749

To be fair, nobody hits a deer with their car on purpose.

No. 366750

If I remember though, he really didn't seem to care lol

No. 366752

On the anemia tip: we know Taylor is anemic. Greg has harassed her in the past for eating fish on medical advice, so it was pretty severe if all the yelling and vegetarian supplements in the world couldn't make it better. This would also cause her to stop menstruating for prolonged periods of time, in addition to breastfeeding for so long which sucks away a lot of calories, makes her thinner, and adds another reason she amenorrheic.

No. 366754


Onion thread #1, just google it.

No. 366761

It's so weird that Lainey goddess of the alternative tweens would give her kids such basic ass white people names. Troy and Claire.

No. 366763

Good find, but do we have any evidence that she is anemic? I don't recall it ever being mentioned until now.

No. 366764

File: 1491591236795.png (226.19 KB, 532x299, hahaha.png)

He mad.

No. 366765

Greg has gone off about it before, as a personal failing of Taylor's "commitment" to vegetarianism. It was in a thread fairly recently (like, in the past 2-4). I'm sure the caps won't be hard to fine, he made tweets about his anger at her for bringing fish home, cooking and eating it, on the advice of her doctors. They had a little tweet war over it.

No. 366766

Oh, and her retort to his anger was that she's anemic and the doctor told her to do it.

No. 366768

Alright, I'll do some rooting and see what I can find; thanks for the tip though. I always thought she could only be pescatarian as he tried to move her too quickly onto a vegetarian diet and she wasn't getting enough nutrition from it.

It would explain the spotty periods though if it is the case, what an absolute fucking bastard he is.

No. 366769

File: 1491591651013.jpg (107.48 KB, 570x825, gerg.jpg)


No. 366770

Yikes 3x post. Greg (coming from a 7th day Adventist background? At the very least, super woo hippy) thinks everything can be cured with vitamins and willpower, and medicine if she REALLY NEEDS IT - but didn't believe her that she had to eat fish to alleviate her illness. His hard and fast distrust of doctors is also likely why they avoided taking Troy to the dentist until it was a crisis; why he flipped out when the dentist wanted to put Troy under; why they avoided taking Troy in for testicular torsion (he must have been in so much pain); and why Greg flipped out so badly at the doctor who (rightfully) wanted to operate immediately that security had to be called. Greg is violently opposed to medical advice, thinking he (or his mom) know better.

No. 366771

Here's the Fish thread directly on twitter if you're interested: https://twitter.com/Onision/status/649068507078922241

No. 366772

File: 1491592043143.png (43.11 KB, 638x319, lameo.png)

She was vegetarian before meeting up with gerg. Thats what gerg-obsessed fans do or they'd never be considered for marriage. It was later when she was with him that she realized she was deficient.

No. 366777

Thank you both so much, this went completely under my radar and I've been around since thread #1. I must of missed them whilst away at some point, I appreciate that you dug these back up to attention.

It's sometimes feels like following a treasure map and then when you go to dig it up, it's a pile of shit-booty, like… you don't expect to find more evidence of how much of a nasty piece of work he is, then you actually keep on finding more and more evidence that he is and has always been this way, it's amazing.

No. 366780


I'm almost positive he hit the deer on the way to see Shiloh while he was still with Skye. Karma absolutely loves Greg.

No. 366782

He did. Then he blamed the deer for being stupid. He's such an animal lover y'know

No. 366783

Who in their right mind would give someone they "respect and love" an ultimatum to stick to a diet (that isn't suitable for those with those kinds of deficiencies) just so they can just feel high and mighty about themselves? I wouldn't mind so much, but he can't cook or make nutritional vegetarian meals himself and neither can she. It's all ready-made store bought products and there's also the questionable rumors going around that he was never actually vegetarian to begin with on top of that - (and was she even vegetarian at all to begin with, or was it just another lie to impress and be noticed by him?).

I wouldn't be surprised if the diet change on top of those medical conditions have malnourished her brain and has made her weaker willed and more passive, I'm wondering if it would partially explain the need for a nanny too? Having low amounts of energy to do more than just basic self-care… it's another factor to consider at least.

He's a monster.

No. 366786


With all of that being said and done, is it possible that he's …trying to slowly kill her?

Reaching, I know

No. 366787

It's just about control. For the pets, he isn't intending to kill them - he just either neglects them to death due to indifference and having no empathy for another being's suffering, plus "experimenting" with their suffering to see what will happen.

With Taylor, part of him wants to control her behavior, part of him is annoyed by her non compliant suffering (he can't understand it or empathize, so it makes him angry), and part of him just doesn't care. He would neglect her to death if she was unable to feed herself, like the dogs.

No. 366792

>>he just either neglects them to death due to indifference and having no empathy for another being's suffering

Sadly, this is how those with extreme and untreated NPD work. "Sociopath" and "Malignant Narcissist" are interchangeable terms, but… I'm not sure he's reached the point of the latter yet but if it continues to go untreated (and has been for 6+ years now) it could regress to that point. I really fear for his family and peers because it's no longer slowly creeping up on him anymore, he's actually actively isolating himself from any outside intervention, I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't even spoken to his own mother since New Year.

The treatment of the little pup breaks my heart, no animal should cower or piss itself through fear whenever their carer approaches or interacts with them, he's been mistreating that animal for years and when he says it's only through Lainey that (who apparently is TOO SENSITIVE) that they've not been abandoned somewhere… it makes you wonder.

No. 366793


>"experimenting" with their suffering to see what will happen.

That truly is disturbing, but I wouldn't put it past him.

But don't usually psychopaths start out with hurting/killing little animals before moving up to "the big leagues"?

No. 366794


she has unfollowed him like 15 different times since they married each other. jesus, lainey just fucking talk to him. LOG THE FUCK OUT

No. 366795


i believe this too. if she admits defeat and leave him, that means she wasted years of her life, got pregnant twice, got cheated on, etc all for a man who didn't love her. its too pathetic, she won't let us win.

No. 366796


>disney world: paranormal activity stories (pictures)

oh you still subscribed to shane, greasy? how sad. getting vid ideas from someone you "hate".

No. 366797

LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLL i love that he doesn't realise the ironys

No. 366798

File: 1491598759967.png (217.53 KB, 565x682, facepalm.png)

This is no longer just his usual hypocrisy, it's pure delusion.

He's getting worse and worse as the weeks and months go by.

No. 366800

Did he post that same exact "dialog" a few weeks ago?

No. 366801

Yep! I'm sorry for not clarifying as I took the same screenshot from two previous threads and added to it at the bottom with one of his recent ones.

Something to be always aware of though, whenever we screenshot things in general; can we start to also include the timestamps of them… it's very helpful.

No. 366802

File: 1491599708700.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 500x281, plzhelp.gif)

No. 366803

Poor worried doggy friend, let me take care of you!

I tried to laugh, but I can't.

Everything is just a prop to him, including other human beings.

No. 366804

File: 1491599993090.png (522.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3970.PNG)

Is he trying to take the anti-American route now? Given with the current events

No. 366805

Don't worry too much, anon. Not a Plainey fan, especially cuz she's complicit with Gurg's bullshit, but I do think she has a heart and loves the pups. Pretty sure they said that if they divorce she gets the dogs.

No. 366807

Dat projection! Dat deliberate use of "honesty"! Dat use of the woods bordering outside his Mcmansion! Gross little man.

Your response got me all misty-eyed, I really hope so too.

No. 366808

File: 1491601825425.png (934.35 KB, 1136x640, IMG_3971.PNG)

I remembered watching a Rob Dyke video on the green river killer from the Seattle/Tacoma area and the exact locations where he dumped the bodies (some in the woods (think Ted Bundy did the same as well) and it got me thinking…

It's the same damn spots!

Saged for not contributing much

No. 366809

File: 1491601880192.png (1.19 MB, 1136x640, IMG_3972.PNG)

No. 366812

File: 1491602221933.png (55.47 KB, 659x289, DrewIsSharing 8987.png)

Her age must be 12 then

No. 366814

>fucking them dry, blank and starfished

I really like this turn of phrase, anon. Are you from the US or somewhere else? It sounds great.

No. 366815

God, is that a dauschund? That breed already has a lot of health issues that getting worse with excess weight.

Oh, and don't forget the singular guinea pig, if it's still alive! Stuffing a herd animal into a cage barely bigger than it is so inspiring to his young fans

No. 366816

ALL of his skits are paaaainfully unoriginal, and just reinforce his feelings of moral superiority.

>Person A says something ridiculously stupid.

>Person B condescendingly corrects them.
>Person A uses terrible arguments to try to make their point.
>Person B continues to REKT THEM, calm and calculated.
>Person A gets upset, freaks out, maybe shoots himself/others in the head.
>Person B remains emotionless, doesn’t give a fuck that they’re upset/dead.

Grease clearly thinks Person A is himself & Person B is everyone else in society ever. His narc fantasies are so transparent.

No. 366821


This guy has such a high level of turpitude that I'm just learning this about him. Going through these posts is upsetting, only because it's pissing me off that scum like this get any sort of good life, at least his career s crumbling now.

Sage for not adding much/failing to lurk more

No. 366829

In that lovebomb video… Greg just shows he really doesn't fucking care how his wife feels or that he's going to change.

I'm 100% positive Lainey doesn't want ANOTHER bullshit video where he tries to show his fans that he's the good guy. She wants him to SHOW HER through keeping his promises and changing. Airing her personal feelings, like that she's feeling insecure in their marriage (and rightfully so), is NOT going to make her feel better.

No. 366830

File: 1491604704578.png (204.3 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170407-233628.png)

Leaving out the context anon.

No. 366831

This poor soul. I feel so bad for every animal that has ever had the "luck" of coming in contact with the Onion.
Please pup be safe.

No. 366833

File: 1491605870527.png (312.69 KB, 329x410, fuckyougreaselord.png)

The only Grease that's acceptable, and Steve French.

No. 366834

saged, but fuck i love this show
can you imagine onion on an episode? The ways he'd be fucked with.

No. 366836


I for one am going to flood the comments with this very thing.

No. 366838

As soon as you stop taking the pill you can get pregnant. Depo is every 3 months - and if you miss the next shot, you can get pregnant. Pretty much any birth control, if you stop taking it or miss your next dose, you WILL get pregnant. This is how bitches get accidentally knocked up, they think they're magically immune when they stop for a few months, but you're pretty much fertile as soon as your dose wears off or you stop taking the pills. Same with IUDs removed, etc. There's only anecdotes that women couldn't get pregnant after birth control, no hard and fast evidence.

That said, Gurg only believes in pull out shit, I'm pretty sure.

No. 366844


top kek

No. 366848

File: 1491608543314.png (51.62 KB, 613x306, stop.PNG)

never forget this gem

No. 366855

His logic though lol
Btw pulling out is 70% effective
Condoms are at least 82% (overall) effective 95% when used correctly.

No. 366859


That's funny, 'cause he used to say the OPPOSITE of that and was against the pull-out method.

No. 366860

US, and thanks

No. 366861

60-70% effective, if I'm remembering sex ed correctly

No. 366869

With perfect use, according to PP, it is 96% effective, but actual use tends to be like 73%.

No. 366874

File: 1491614332595.png (361.62 KB, 618x858, onion.png)

That did not last long.

I'm laughing at all the comments on this saying "goals!!" "So cute!" when hes pretty much making fun of her for unfollowing him when angry.

No. 366880

File: 1491614914949.png (212.71 KB, 640x289, lameo.png)

>does somebody need me yet because i need to be needed.

Your two kids??

No. 366884

This bitch I swear

No. 366887

Lainey: I'll never be good enough don't know why I try

No shit. You let him fuck other women in front of you and he still doesn't give a fuck about you.

No. 366888

kids don't count. only men can validate ur existence DUH

No. 366889

File: 1491616124771.jpg (38.92 KB, 495x345, lmao.jpg)

Proper losing it.

No. 366898

Lainey, if you're lurking here… get in touch with one of the admins on Discord. You're safe talking to them and none of us will know shit.

There are people willing to help you and ensure you and your children's safety. Reach out, this man is dangerous and you were never prepared for that.

No. 366900

The only thing Lainey will do is laugh at you for making this post.

No. 366901

Yeah. People have offered to help her for years now. She always just tells onion and they make a video laughing at them and saying they are ridiculous.

She also values "love" over the well-being of her children.

No. 366902

You're talking to the woman who grooms teenagers just as her husband does. If anyone should reach out to anyone, it's Taylor's parents. They're the only people in the kids' lives who have the means and ability to intervene and protect them.

No. 366903


She's a big girl now, she don't need us. Please stop.

No. 366904

I think the only way Lainey will recognize how totally fucked Greg is when she's away from him and can reflect on all the garbage he does. And/or starts dating someone who actually has emotions and her best interests at heart. Buuut she could just end up in another abusive relationship… sigh

No. 366913

Gurg will divorce her come Christmas.

No. 366914


lmao just like Skye. it'll be five years for them this year, too.

No. 366916


>pulling out is only 1% less effective

says the guy with two children that he neglects KEK

No. 366917


i hate greg but she deserves it, unfollowing your spouse is petty as fuck.

No. 366920

It drives narcs crazy, though. They obsessively track who follows them online. My ex had a fit when I un friended him. He had blocked me from seeing his profile and posts weeks before, but when un friended him he lost his shit. It's a weird thing wth them.

No. 366922


History loves to repeat itself, don't it? Kek

No. 366931

A bunch of shit happened around the same time, I don't think it's just her being petty.
We got only to see the fallout in the form of her unfollowing him, but this is how I believe it went:

>Onion is increasingly frustrated and desperate about his failing Youtube statistics

>To make matters worse, Onion sees pics of Billie having fun, seethes even more
>With not even Sarah there to share the blow, he takes it all out on Lainey, breaking up with her during the fight brought up by his impotent narcissistic anger
>This was for a moment a drop too much in Lainey's glass full of spousal neglect, domestic obligations, loneliness and general shittiness of life
>In a brief instance of clarity and backbone, instead of chaining herself in the basement to regain his approval, she says "fine", unfollows him, and walks away
>Onion reacts the only way he knows, by making a video. Damage control in it consist of a bunch of lovebombing, with a tiny, just sufficient sprinkle of back-pedalling
>Lainey predictably gets back to being a doormat. Greg predictably immediately mocks her, to reestablish that sense of power and control over her he h-a-t-e-d not having even for a short while
>All is back to the regular dynamic. The show goes on.

No. 366933

The video in question is the one where he admits to having a habit of breaking up with Lainey when fighting only to come "crawling back" to her the same day (ie when he gets his way). Typical manipulative tactics, except this time I think it misfired.

sage for clarification of unprovable theories

No. 366937

I agree. If she really wanted to get under his skin all she'd have to say is, "LOL BE MAD". Bam, his anus will rupture.

No. 366939

No. 366942

File: 1491635022410.png (592.48 KB, 653x309, capture_001_08042017_000149.pn…)

which isn't a new thing for him, Adrienne called him out on it being a cycle and unhealthy as shit.

No. 366946


here you go

No. 366955


He looks like Gourry Gabriev from Slayers, I just realized that!

No. 366956


Posing like this, I meant

No. 366958


OT: I've always wondered what kinda of retard can't figure out how to use a condom correctly..

It's not a super technical thing..

No. 366979

Eh, I've accidentally put them on inside-out when fumbling in half-dark, rushing in passion, tipsy from the night out. shrug

No. 366987

File: 1491662371881.jpeg (37.96 KB, 368x353, gourry3.jpeg)

Don't do Gourry like that, anon

No. 366988

don't fuck with my husbandu
greg could only wish to be that brainless angel

No. 366992

File: 1491663420655.png (590.65 KB, 631x440, lameo.png)

Is she still whining about Billie or is she talking about herself lmao.

No. 366999


Especially since Gourry is sweet-natured and kind.

No. 367000

File: 1491666271389.png (341.77 KB, 628x1163, onion.png)

Onion isn't getting his way and hes mad hahaha.

No. 367002


She really needs to see a shrink. She gets literally nothing out of her relationship with Greg except financial stability, and not even that now. I mean, financial stability is nothing to sneer at, esp when you have two very young children, but she's paid, and ispaying a premium in terms of her mental and emotional health (and probably physical too, if the big plan is for her to keep pumping out babies). And she's paying it for fucking Greg, who, while not being a mass murderer or rapist, is about as loathsome a human specimen as one can find short of that. There is nothing whatsoever redeeming about Greg, and it is pretty disgusting to see her throw her life, and her two kids's lives, down the crapper for the dubious pleasure of clinging to him.

No. 367005

God I hope he quits.

No. 367009

If Onision was a normal person, he would actually start making kid's videos instead of cosplaying a teenager and judging little girl's bodies.

He's a father of two, he could be making videos his own (and other) kids would enjoy, doing it with love for them while also making big money.

No. 367010

File: 1491669772538.png (112.62 KB, 512x342, CFN3pb1W0AAcDKi.png)

No. 367011

He should be worried and trying to get into some other line of work, considering how shit youtube is getting.

No. 367013

how long until he goes back on everything he's ever said and does an ONISION'S CHILDREN!!! reveal video

No. 367015

Oh boy, that's when you know he's really desperate.

No. 367018

I feel like once the kids are old enough to start talking back and challenging Greg's authority, he's going to treat them more and more like garbage. So many parents with abusive partners will take it themselves, but when it starts to affect their kids, that's when they leave. Hopefully she gets out before this happens. If Greg fucks up those kids… jfc.

No. 367028

File: 1491674829142.gif (1.65 MB, 300x196, 1486014791800.gif)

He's losing it so much its fantastic!

If she is referring to Billie, Bitch let it the fuck go, Billie has long since moved on from your abuse and manipulation. God I hate Veiney

No. 367033


kekkk he would ask for divorce right then and there

No. 367038


>Greg "Onionson" Jackson

>doing anything else than sperging on youtube for attention


No. 367042


come to think of it, billie was probably the only good thing in her life (at least for a while). remember that before bilie, lainey didn't have any IRL friends. i don't think she misses her romantically at all, she just misses hanging out with someone who isn't her phone, or Greg. Its kinda sad. And when Billie started clearly liking Grease, Lainey brought Sarah so she could have a friend again.

during weedgate, i recall billie posting a screencap (or maybe it was in her video) of her telling onision that he shouldn't be so mean to lainey/sarah. that stood out a lot imo, because lainey/sarah are fucking spineless, and i was glad that billie called him out. lainey would have never dared. billie was edgy, confident, pretty and everything that lainey isn't. but she still liked lainey (as a friend at least).

billie really was one of the highlights of her marriage. sadly

No. 367043

What's sort of amazing about this shit, if it is about Billie, is that she doesn't seem to get that she was abusive to Billie too. She seems to get Greg was shitty to her, but she doesnt seem to get she was shitty to Billie also.

If it is about herself, it is just as pathetic. Either way, it is something she has the power to do something about, instead of lamely vagueblogging.

No. 367044

File: 1491676847345.jpg (80.01 KB, 960x720, 5546354.jpg)

>billions of views

No. 367050

File: 1491678028894.jpg (52.3 KB, 432x365, mang.JPG)

no comment necessary…

No. 367053

File: 1491678739767.png (405.39 KB, 504x573, thisissad.png)

Now he's spying on the neighbours who I presume are setting up an easter egg hunt and showing the world. jfc gerg why don't you concentrate on doing that for your own kids.

No. 367057

>clearing out the closet


No. 367059

Oh my god, he's so fucking patronizing. It's like a parent going "Awww, look at Jayden raking people's yards for money, he's so grown up!", plus he's trying to sell the idea that he totally isn't in control of all their finances like the classic, abusive asshole that he is. Lainey couldn't support herself or the children on used shirt money, Gerg, stop trying to pretend this is as good as allowing her to work outside the home, you trash.

No. 367061

File: 1491681442458.png (142.68 KB, 589x401, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 12.5…)

Promises promises

No. 367063

Dang you got in there before me haha, Anyone wanna transcribe this vid? Don't want to give this sucker views.

No. 367064

I'll give it a whirl, maybe also try to download for a re-upload.

No. 367065

Based anon, Thank you

No. 367067

Does anyone remember when Gerg WAS pretending to be Lainey on his "onisionswife" Tumblr? That was some creepy ass shit but it looks like the blog's been deleted

No. 367068

File: 1491681716170.png (31.05 KB, 833x129, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 1.01…)

Well, we start with this: he's "not posting FOR NOW" to UhOhBro, his lowest viewed channel.

No. 367071

Who the hell would sponsor him

No. 367072

That is his only channel claimed by a network (Fullscreen).

He's trying to minimize his losses by uploading only to channels where he gets the full cut of ad revenue.

(Didn't watch video, but makes perfect sense)

No. 367073

I've got a reupload converting in vimeo, it'll take about 10 minutes. His video files are HUGE due to all the HD plus filters plus editing layers he tacks on

No. 367074

No. 367075

Someone who doesn't know all that he's done and should be notified…

No. 367078

the uhohbro sponsor is a website that you pay to have essays written for you. pretty sure they don't have a particularly strong moral compass lol

No. 367079

He's so irritating. I haven't seen any of his non-relationship drama videos in ages holy shit. It's getting on his nerves so much that no one cares about him.

No. 367080

File: 1491683421270.png (128.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3973.PNG)

He blames his viewers for not watching enough and blames YouTube for restricting his content without reason (lol)

No. 367081

Warning, this is a really long video

He's "leaving" UhOhBro only, for only a few months, maybe, there just won't be any new videos, okay maybe there will be other kinds of videos, but "no new content".

He's doing this as a protest against the entire channel being branded as weaponized autism by YT, and un-promotable to advertisers.

Still being sponsored by an essay writing scammer, because "SCHOOL IS A JOKE"… and they know that Greg's audience are all pre teens and teens of course.

YT didn't give him "a chance to succeed" and put "my channel on the crap list, and I have to say that because YT won't let me swear any more"

YT said it's his fault because his content is offensive "which were't even remotely offensive!", totally ignoring everything before the last 2 days where he tried to make kids videos.

He "can't even say what kind of content!" is inappropriate, and he can;t "talk about people's beliefs!" or he'll get "categorized as inappropriate" for saying stupid and women in titles. Go figure!

He's releasing a video on OnisionSpeaks about this too, of course.

"To future YTers" "if this is your dream" you can't even talk about cutting or harass girls with EDs and it's totally bizarre!

He asked how to get off the blacklist, and got autoresponses, and his little narc brain is having a meltdown over autoresponses. He tweeted at them and nothing happened! It's like they're a private company that can just ignore him!

He respects that YT has rules, and you know he loves rules - but then those rules applied to him! Can you believe it?!

He made like 3 kid content videos, and even THAT didn't fix this problem!

"It's rare for a channel to be successful these days" = he's doing badly, so everyone is doing badly, Says something about giving his family PTSD??

He gets into statistics and advertisers, he's just running around and around in his mind. "They say it's not big deal, but they're not BEING HONEST WITH US!!"

He keeps spelling out swear words to attempt to get around the restrictions, and will be making videos on both his other channels, of course. Calls himself a messiah who will return.

Says no one can talk about lesbians, or gay stuff, or poly, or politics, or religion any more. Spells out more shit. Says it's "passive censorship" and aligns himself with politicized news censorship, instead of a being a creeper who cannot be monetized.

Tells the audience that YT is telling THE VIEWERS they're not welcome anymore, carefully saying it's THEM being punished.

No. 367082

well to be fair he spent half the video trying to spell out words

No. 367084

>says viewers are getting punished

Nah pretty sure this is a gift from the gods for everyone (apart from gerg and veiney).

No. 367088

my favorite part is how much shit he gave shane for saying "it's a job"
and here he is freaking the fuck out because the money is drying up

No. 367090

Exactly, if all he cared about was creating "content" and doing it just because he enjoyed doing it - he would not give a fuck about his videos being demonetised.

No. 367091

"It's just a job" is what triggered Greg; it's all Greg thinks about, all the time. But the money part is equal parts important as the attention to him - it gives him something lord other other people, to show them he's better than them, and also gives him power over Taylor and any other vulnerable teen girl who comes his way. Without fame and money, he has no power.

He hated Shane for implying that there's more to life than these things.

No. 367094

Oh my god, he sounds like he's about to cry throughout the entire video. 1/2 of me suspects it's an act in an attempt to gain sympathy (YT isn't a teen girl, Gerg, they aren't gonna feel bad and monetize your videos just because you threaten suicide), but the other 1/2 of me is filled with wicked glee. The panic is almost palpable. Oh, I love it.

No. 367095


Sadly, he did enjoy creating content at once point and even wanted to branch out of YouTube. (See >>365885)

No. 367096


*one point


No. 367113

You know, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy, but I have to wonder why he seems to have thought he was going to be able to be a You Tube denizen forever.

It's the same as people like Mariah. I mean, there's no evidence that she is making preparations for her future at all. What does she think is going to happen in two or three years? What did Greg think was going to happen, that he was going to be the next PewDiePie, despite all the evidence of his horrible personality to the contrary?

Relying on stuff like YouTube as the major source of income is inherently risky. It's like these people have no idea how riskily they are living. I mean, maybe Greg made plans for his future, but the way he acts in general, and the way he is acting now, I kind of doubt it.

TL;DR: I guess I am wondering why he is surprised by this. He should have seen it, or something like it, coming, and made plans for that eventuality.

No. 367116

Now if only he would quit all his channels.

Also hes dumb as hell. He made a few chibi videos in in the past 4 days and hes acting like thats all hes been doing for months now. Why don't you chill and keep trying to contact youtube for an actual person before freaking out. You're not the only content creator trying to contact them. Hes so entitled.

Also are his other channels not restricted? Haven't they all been getting shitty amount of views recently? How come hes only concerned about uhohbro?

Lol him and any YTer who says its not about the money is a load of shit. Onion would not still be making videos if he wasn't getting paid for it.

No. 367117

>>there's no evidence that she is making preparations for her future at all. What does she think is going to happen in two or three years?

Lolcows are notoriously poor planners. You could ask these same questions of Margaret Palermo, who though her kid's bank accounts would be hers for life, and that she could just keep pushing her kid into weirder short term scams (knock off pop single?? student film appearance??) while screaming "fite me" and cash out infinitely.

>> I guess I am wondering why he is surprised by this. He should have seen it, or something like it, coming, and made plans for that eventuality.

Like all malignant narcs, he makes no future plans, attaches to no one, and burns through all his cash on shit he can't afford with zero backup plan (McMansion, tesla, etc).

No. 367119


Because Uhohbro has a network and not the others.

No. 367121

>Also are his other channels not restricted? Haven't they all been getting shitty amount of views recently? How come hes only concerned about uhohbro?
See >>367072

He's tanked so much he needs to keep every penny for himself, and networks take sizeable cuts of ad revenue. Since UhOhBro is the only channel claimed by a network, he's decided to redirect all views to his other, unclaimed channels so he can keep all the ad revenue for himself.

No. 367124


Kek, I wonder if he's gonna make more "please stop the alimony!!!" videos soon? Cuz now he has four months to go.

No. 367125

File: 1491693257912.jpg (47.06 KB, 450x370, 1326768237051.jpg)

>those views
His channels really are dying.

No. 367126

Of course, he didn't frame it that way in the video although it's the truth.

I'm surprised you believed and took at face value his (as usual) broadcasted lies and panderings. Anon, are you ok?

No. 367130

Ah that makes sense that he'd be greedy like that.

If he saved and smartly invested his money, he'd probably be set for life by now. He also shouldn't have had two kids he doesn't give a shit about, because that's a big financial drain.

No. 367137

she is such an attention whore, she is ugly af

No. 367146

File: 1491697911556.png (794.84 KB, 2556x1356, Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 5.29…)

wow he really isn't earning anything, hah I guess youtube really wants this guy to just go away.

No. 367150


lol he's re-uploading shitty videos to his main channel now? Your channels are dead, faggot, it's no use!

No. 367158

ahahaha, a match made in hell.

No. 367177

and Billie was just there to fuck her husband… But Lainey's had other friends like Luxymoo so this doesn't quite hold up.

No. 367180

File: 1491710995575.png (223.92 KB, 1071x777, Screenshots_2017-04-09-06-09-0…)


No. 367181

Ah, the love bombing worked again. I know it's been said but I still can't understand how she could study psychology at a university level and not see the cycle here…

No. 367182

I see Greg is posting on her account again

No. 367184

I wonder if he tells her he's going to post on her twitter or if he just does it and she just sighs when she finds out later.
>"Hey, Lainey, you haven't said anything about my amazing, thoughtful, selfless video explaining why I don't intend on leaving you and since I really did it to look good to my fans rather than to prove anything to you since any normal human being would have just told you their feelings, I'ma need to hop on your twitter and make it clear you're utterly devoted to me, thaaanks."

No. 367185


uh, she only started talking to luxy after like the third breakup with billie. when she first started dating billie she didn't have any IRL friends, that was my point. she only had online twitter friends. she wasn't talking to her family either. so it must have been exciting for her to finally talk to someone who wasn't grease and i think that why she got attached the way she did. that's what i meant. her other twitter girls came after billie started hanging out in the grease mansion (around the time billie started fucking grease).

No. 367186

I thought she had Selena and Mercedes, weren't they IRL friends? Hasn't she known one or both of them since she was young?

No. 367187


>people out there working two jobs to maintain themselves

>this bitch sells her old working out clothes and we supposed to clap

god damn it onion, i'm so glad you're going broke

No. 367188


i'm glad, that channel was fucking terrible.

No. 367189


Yeah, whatever happened to Mercedes?

No. 367190


this is so funny, i love! y'all think he's going to beg Lainey's parents for money?

No. 367191


they both appear and disappear from her life. like that lesbian friend who was plain looking and that grease didn't like, who she just stopped talking to. idk, maybe lainey ghosts on people a lot (like the lolcow anon said in that old thread). but billie was consistent to me.

its fine, we can agree to disagree on this. at the end of the day, grease is still the worst.

No. 367192

She visited a little while ago and then went home. Onision was trying to create this fantasy relationship between them for more views/likes/RT's, it was insanely transparent. Selena was living in their guesthouse for awhile, I do know that. Maybe she's not in the area anymore. It's not really accurate to suggest her life was completely devoid of any real friendships before Billie came out there, like, other people have been coming and going from that house. I do think Greg leaves her incredibly unhappy and unfulfilled in terms of companionship and she got her hopes up thinking Billie could fill the void seeing as he's incapable of doing so. Not saying she was in love with Billie like she enjoys pretending, but I'm guessing she wanted someone to dedicate 100% of their time to loving her. She seems like a narc in her own right.

Nah, they fucking hate him and he's banned her father from his home for being rightfully upset. I mean, maybe he does have the audacity to ask or to tell Lainey to ask, he is mentally fucked.

No. 367193

I think within a couple years Lainey is going to leave him once the money runs out and he'll make dozens of videos about how Lainey's dad manipulated her in to leaving. He has too much pride to ask anyone for money. Let's hope the divorce happens before a third kid.

No. 367194

I think Greg losing his "fame" and his money will also be the downfall of his marriage. Because, let's be honest here, Lainey didn't sign up for Greg, she signed up for Onision.

No. 367195

"Veiney" fuckin kek

No. 367198

you are correct anon. hasn't she already admitted that she wasn't going to leave during cuddlegate because she could not support herself?

No. 367203

That sucks but to be realistic there are a lot of women that have the same problem. I bet she wont leave him even if he physically hits her. She is royally screwed and she knows it. The only way she could get out of it if is she found someone stupid enough to date her that has money to mantain her (and deal with her extra baggage) . But its obvious Onision has her 100% watched, probably has all her passwords to account etc so if she started talking with someone new behind his back , he would find out fast.
I feel a little bad for her but thats what she get for being a gold digger.

No. 367204

Wasn't selena consistently there in the beginning for a long time but she got out of the limelight? But she goes to school in new mexico and has a boyfriend, so they probably drifted apart. She probably wanted Sarah to be her replacement but then that didn't work out. Lainey is always desperate to fly some chick over there to hang out with her. Like how about make some friends that live near you? lmao.

She is so predictable. I hope its gerg posting on her account, because this is just dumb.

I feel like if they ran out of money, she'd definitely leave. Right now, they fight and he sucks, but then she remembers how comfortable her lifestyle is, and doesn't want to ruin or change it.

I don't think she ever admitted she was staying because she can't support herself though?

No. 367207

I just checked three of his channels and none are earning any money, and I thought maybe socialblade is broken but nah checked pewdiepie and shane dawson and they still got high numbers. I guess onion boy is done for.

No. 367208

lol but lets be honest here, nobody is gonna like someone who identifies as "they" plus she has like 2 kids already. or maybe she will just leave them with the onion and run away. really this girl doesn't seem to care about her children at all. all she complains about is about feeling unloved and unneeded but what about her kids tho?

No. 367209

It's hilarious that even margo is earning more than him right now

No. 367210

Why the fuck doesn't she just move back in with her parents and take her kids along until she can find someone new to support her?

No. 367211

lol omg yess hahaha #RIPonion2017

No. 367212

She'd have to admit they were right and she fucked up, and she doesn't want to. And she will lose her comfortable lifestyle.

Eh, im sure she could find someone who would date her. There are plenty of people who date single moms, and don't care about the agender shit. Maybe this time she can actually care about personality and not money.

I think the earnings are skewed by him deleting big money making videos, so i dont think he is netting $0, but its definitely way less than before.

No. 367213

yeah maybe they can pass on that "agender" crap but now a days guys dont want kids, if they do they want them to be their own and not someone elses. also if she wanted to date a girl, most women want someone who is financially stable, i knew a girl who once told me "i stopped liking girls because most of them are poor" I was like "wat" so yeah.

No. 367214

Thats why i said "if she finds someone that can deal with her extra baggage". Even though shes kinda pretty (after 2 lbs of makeup on her), who would want to date someone that was married to a turd like Onionboy? And with all her crazy shit? And now with Onions channel going down in flames, she will never have the same lifestyle she has been having until now.

If she moved back Im sure she would have to start working and she seems like one lazy bitch. Also doesnt she has a psychology degree? that is worth SHIT without the doctorate or at LEAST a masters, so she can use that online diploma to wipe her ass.

No. 367215

Nah, a BA in psychology can get you some decent jobs, but the fact her resume would likely be blank (maybe one shitty job she worked as a teen) would fuck her over, plus any potential boss could google her name and see all the batshit awful shit she's associated with. We discussed this pretty thoroughly in the last thread, though.

I dunno, anon, just because one girl told you "I stopped liking girls because most of them are poor" doesn't mean all queer women will only date super financially stable chicks. Lainey's, what, 21? If she dated someone her age or a year or two younger, they definitely aren't expecting financial stability in a partner. I mean, they also aren't expecting two kids and a horrifically insane, narcissist ex who would, without question, use those kids to constantly invite himself back into her life and harass her and whoever she dates after him, but as long as she just started making some money, I'm sure finances wouldn't be a problem.

I'm sure she could also find some dude out there with a saviour complex who'd want to feel like a big, important, special hero by taking in a woman with an abusive ex and two young children. There are a lot of men who really enjoy that. I mean, it's unhealthy, but as is Lainey, so it's even.

No. 367219

Hmmm, I'm subbed to channels with controversial content and they're being doing better than ever. The key seems to be using Patreon for revenue instead

Oh but poor Greg can't do that because his audience is too young to be able to pledge via Patreon, let alone have any of their own funds to contribute.

No. 367226

she seems incredibly high maintenance. and future partner will have to deal with her acting like a child. if they have a crying fetish, maybe…

No. 367228

Lainey's dumb ass should've left when he still had money for her to milk from him through alimoney and child support. She probably could've saved some of that up while living with her parents. Now he's going to be dirt poor by the time they get a divorce and she'll get nothing but pennies. She's such a fucking idiot if she really stayed with him thinking his jewtube career was really going to pan out to retirement age like, wtf Lainey. Lmao.

No. 367232

I mean, if she leaves him ASAP and gets her lawyer dad to undo the prenup, she could probably milk him dry for the rest of his money. I could see Greg lying to a judge about his finances to cheat her out of alimony and it would probably be a HUGE pain to get it out of him, but it's better than ending up with nothing but two kids hanging off her saggy teats and a divorce under her belt before she turns 25.

No. 367233

You cant just undo a prenup just because. Thats almost impossible. Also when you calculate alimony/child support Im sure they use like last year salary or some thing, so in that way shes good (but Onionboy would be screwed, its exactly like what happened to Brendan Frasier, he got fucked because he stopped acting as much as before but still had to pay the same amount of child support he was paying while he was working). BUT if Gag can prove that she has other source of income (like her youtube videos, maybe even her new "clothing store") then that can go against her (her amount of alimony).
Maybe Gerg learned from his first marriage/mistake and made her sign a good(for him) prenup, although I doubt it.

No. 367234

I'm aware, but anons mentioned her dad, a lawyer, offering to have the prenup overturned (or whatever the term is) for her when she left during Cuddlegate 1.0.

Was just thinking about Gerg's "lovely" video about how he's doesn't intend on leaving Lainey and it's, like, well…yeah, Gerg, obviously you don't intend to. If he left her, she'd get half his shit. The prenup is only legit if she leaves him. It definitely shits all over his attempt to reassure her.

No. 367235

Greg’s too controlling to discuss details of his income with Lainey. It’s obvious he’s blown it all (classic narc) and isn’t saving and that’s why he’s freaking out.

Ohhh! I knew he wanted Lainey to make her own income because he’s bored, she’s fed up, and a divorce is inevitable. I knew he wants to appear like he's so """supportive""" of her, but we all know better. If what you’re saying is legit, it makes sense that he’d want her to be making an income so he doesn’t have to pay her as much. What a garbage human.

No. 367236

I had a dream I snuck into the I house and got caught but they let me stay as long as I promised to tell them everything that us farmers thought we knew about them…. when he gave me a house tour he showed me the room that he kept Lainey in during the day until he said it was okay to come out. And when I spoke to Lainey all she did was cry about billie kek

sage for blogpost dream no one cares about

No. 367237


Lainey won't because she is a piece of human garbage and would rather see her kids get abused than get a job and ~let the haters win~

No. 367240


This is not true whatsoever. There is all kind of stuff you can argue that can overturn a prenup, depending on the terms. Especially if Veiny didn't have her own lawyer, and especially if it compromises the quality of life for the kids. Also there's no prenup in the world that will absolve you of paying child support.

No. 367241


Her dad did offerbto help her, and apparently explained how to overturn the prenup, and she told Greg all about it.

That's why I no longer give a crap about Taylor: zero problem with throwing her own family under the bus. And not being willing to stand up to Greg have her family to her home. Or only seeing them once a year on Greg's orders (he tried to pull that shit with Billie too). It's beyond disgusting, and it is a testament to her family that they keep reaching out to her despite her objectively shitty treatment of them. I know one might try to keep avenues open when someone you love is literally suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but after the zillionth time ofbeing thrown under the bus, I personally might consider letting that person lie in the bed they seem determine to make for themselves. Or maybe they are mostly concerned about their grandchildren at this point.

No. 367242

It goes for both parties. It depends on the judge and the laws of the state.

But in Lainey's case, lets see what could happen if the prenup gets overturned (I mean we dont even know what the prenup said right, so im just giving an example): Lets say Onion has to pay X times more alimony than the prenup (supposedly) said. With his dying youtube fame, will he have any money to do so? I doubt it. If he starts working a "real job" then yes he can pay, and if he doesnt he can get garnished but I DOUBT he will find a well paying job. (also a garnishment for child support is like 25% of his salary, if i remember correctly from when i was working with garnishments). Either way the future is grim for both him and lainey. Idk what the hell she was thinking on having not only one but TWO kids with him.
Right now Lainey has already a disadvantage on getting a lot of $$$$ for alimony, since shes obviously doing videos and getting compensation.

No. 367244

Youre right on your last statement(i never said he could be extempt from paying child support btw) and also right on the part that if Lainey didnt have a lawyer maybe something can be done (also she was just 18 or something when they got married right? that can work against her). BUt dont you think her dad would have adviced her about what to do? Wait a sec, she probably didnt even mention a prenup to him to begin with. Yes, shes that dumb.

At the end, unless we can read the prenup we will just be guessing. Also just because her dad told him it could be overturned doesnt mean it will (and her dad cant be her lawyer because that would be considered conflict of interests and he could be disbarred )

No. 367246

sorry i meant to say that her being just 18 can work against his prenup.

No. 367248


His youtube income is not his only asset, and good luck keeping the house your children have grown up in that you bought after you were married

No. 367249

Lmao like her dad even knew she was getting married. She ran off and got married listening to some old guy with a history of being a creep/screwing over his gfs and married him and willfully signed a prenup because he wouldn't marry her otherwise. She was dumb then and she is just as dumb now. Shes gonna stay with him forever for da tru luv soulm8s nvr die <333.

Onion has failed to trade her in for a new model because the one he wanted was too hard to tame. Lainey just accepts that she can stay with him as long as she bows down to everything he wants and doesn't protest too much because she thinks thats the one thing that makes her stand out compared to these new girls. Her one "redeemable" trait is that she is a doormat who will let onion do anything he wants, probably even abuse her kids. What a great relationship.

No. 367250

>future partner will have to deal with her acting like a child

This probably stands in her way more than the kids tbh. Mothers find new partners all the time, but how appealing is a mother that flirts with teens, airs all the dirty laundry in public and thinks unfollowing you on twitter is good communication?

No. 367251

>zero problem with throwing her own family under the bus.

Lainey let Greg:
1) Call her father a moron and abusive multiple times on social media
2) Call out her mother on supposedly being "abusive" over Twitter
3) Call her sister a slut on youtube and Twitter

Greg always comes first, way before her family.

No. 367254

File: 1491750280929.png (61.26 KB, 640x208, kik.png)

lol, at least he managed to get few fans who are thick as pig shit

No. 367255

>thinks unfollowing you on twitter is good communication

I remember thinking "Pfft, good luck with that" when I heard they were going to marriage counseling after Cuddlegate 1.0, knowing that Gerg could never tolerate therapy sessions due to his hatred of doctors and his shit communication skills, but it never really occurred to me how doomed that shit was due to both of them, even though she insisted on it.

Veiney pushed for couples therapy because she probably just had heard it's what you do when you've hit a rocky patch in your marriage, but I can see her getting all passive aggressive and pulling the silent treatment on the therapist after they gave her constructive criticism.

They're too immature to ever benefit from shit like that, it's not just him. Maybe after she gets away from Gerg and starts dating other people, somebody will call her ass out on it and she'll make an effort to change, but she won't anytime soon.

No. 367256

Oh, DodgeCast, you simple, simple cunt. All you gotta do is look at SocialBlade and think over the data for a minute, but, sure…"life" is getting in the way of Gerg's upload schedule. He just wants to spend quality time with his weeping, miserable wife, the two children he just sees as extensions of himself and can't be fucked to raise and the dogs who piss themselves in fear when he comes around. Sure, buddy.

He's totally not sending self-righteous emails to YouTube, ignoring Lainey until he feels like mounting her and busting a nut and using her twitter account to chat with underage girls in an attempt to lure them into the trinity before the money dries up and he can't pull puss anymore. Sure.

No. 367257

For real. They both laughed at the counselor after ONE session and said they were horrible and not helpful. Really? Why? Cause they made you guys actually try to talk to each other?

Then they had the audacity to say that they were the happiest/best they ever were in their relationship after that but not because of the counselor. Why? Cause you had something in common to hate/laugh at? And then unsurprisingly your relationship went to even worse shit with onion completely cheating on you.

I'm sure thats what made them feel really good after the billie shit was done. They had the common enemy of billie, and they have the common enemy of da interwebz. Onion just deflects all his problems on someone else and lainey sits there and holds her hands to her ears going la la la la to the world except for whatever greg says because she wants to believe her whole life isn't a waste.

If someone i was dating did that to my sister, not only would my sister smack me in the fucking face, but theres no way id pick them over her. That shit really pissed me off and lainey is the older sister who should care about protecting her younger sister. But she gave absolute 0 shits about her and was back to going onion love of my life its perfectly fine you called my sister a slut and degraded her in front of the whole internet <333.

Lmao he even has stated multiple times youtube comes first and he basically would never put anything before it. So I'll go with my channel is dying, and im not getting money out of my minimal effort anymore, so ill do even more minimal effort until its fixed.

No. 367258

"until it gets fixed"

But it wont. This is it. He will never be as popular as he was before. If i was him I would apply for the same online university his wife did . If she graduated cum laude maybe he can too. (im being sarcastic btw, the university must be utter shit if she graduated with that, she doesnt seem intelligent at all)

>If someone i was dating did that to my sister, not only would my sister smack me in the fucking face, but theres no way id pick them over her.

I dont think she had any option. Either go against her husband and stop living her "glamorous" life or stand by your family. What do you think a gold digger would choose?

No. 367261

Im surprised he isn't making lainey crank out videos on her channel since its less restricted, but he probably does not want her to become more popular than him even if he is the one making the videos.

I got a psych degree and it's not that difficult tbh, so I can only imagine how easy some bullshit online degree that probably has minimal requirements is.

>I dont think she had any option. Either go against her husband and stop living her "glamorous" life or stand by your family. What do you think a gold digger would choose?

Lol she knew her family will come around and still support her no matter what she does. But onion will turn on her for the smallest thing. Which one is actual love? But of course she goes for the bullshit love with money.

No. 367262

I'm almost 80% sure that he gets some kind of benefits from being a "veteran"… it won't be enough to keep his current expenses paid, but he won't be entirely penniless if he does lose his YT career.

No. 367263

Wait a second, didnt he only serve in the armed forces for a short time? If so I doubt he gets the full pension.
I heard his stories about his military career keep changing so as I said, it wouldnt surprise me if he doesnt get a good pension.

No. 367264

If I recall, Lainey has many issues of her own with her family. She's claimed to have been the "black sheep" and her sister was favored by their parents. So it's probably down to her ongoing envy (we all know she has some real deep seated jealous issues when it comes to other women, even when she was "dating" Billie, she'd constantly moan about her being better looking than she is. Not to mention, she went off for a similar sulk when Ayalla was around and they were enjoying themselves around the pool… so much for her being attracted to women, eh?) as to why she didn't stand up for her when Grease grilled her.

No. 367265

I think he does, several threads back someone posted the public records for payments to his house/s and one of them stated that he was receiving some kind of veteran benefit.

I've no idea of the ins and outs of what that implies or how military benefits work, but they were definitely on there.

No. 367269

Just saying, as a queer lady with queer lady friends, you're still perfectly capable of being jealous of other women when gay or bi. I mean, there's even that thing where you're attracted to someone while envious of them for the same very reasons. It can get weird.

That being said, I don't think she was ever into Billie. I get a strong faux-Bi vibe from her. If anything, she's hurting the Bi community. Unless she pretends to be Bi forever and never admits she's straight, it'll only feed into this fucked up belief that Bisexuals are just straddling the fence until they "come to their senses" and "pick a side". It irritates the shit out of me, especially since she fancies herself a brave, strong LGBTQ warrior, fighting for all the oppressed speshul agender space prince snowflakes of the world by tweeting trite catchphrases and gushing about how any queer relationship is "sooo adorbz uwu!!!1!".

I'm sure that Plainey is more than happy to throw any chick who's prettier or more interesting than her (aka 99.9% of the population) under the bus if it'll make her feel better about herself temporarily. She's the worst kind of chick.

No. 367270

Did anybody else facepalm/laugh when Gerg tried to spell out LGBTQ (an initialism…something YOU SPELL OUT ANYWAY), got to "G" and blanked on the rest? In his last video, he's oh-so-proud of Lainey for being a ~strong, brave, bi-agender-poly warrior prince~ who cares about the LGBTQ community, plus, he tries to use his wife's sexuality* all the time to pander to the SJW crowd…but then the DUDE CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER 60% OF THE LETTERS. Very heartfelt, Gerg, must mean a lot to you, very believable.


No. 367271

Your first mistake is thinking Gorg gives a shit about the LGBTQ movement. He doesnt. He acts like he cares because that helps him "reach out" to the lgbtq people. Broader audience, more views.
He is probably ok with lainey faking it too because then he gets to see his wife with another girl, and many guys think thats hot. And of course as we all know already he gets to hook up with said girl too.

No. 367272

Ah, don't worry about it; I'm bi myself so I understand what you're saying and I know also personal standards come into play with attraction as well… I was just mentioning it's odd that she's usually always jealous of any woman who she feels encroach onto her territory, even her own sister who she claims was favored by her parents. I think she just has jealousy issues in general, and that's going to be constant hurdle that she'll keep tripping over if she ever left Grease to pursue a same-sex romance (which she won't) or another "poly" relationship in future.

Grease just uses her as a puppet to attract in the current popular "social justice" demographic/trend amongst teens and young women… he can't do that on his own due to his history of actually shitting on the LGBT community for "fun and profit". There's so many things wrong with what he's doing, especially considering he uses Lainey to lure them in for his greasesomes and she's totally fine and complicit of it… she probably even gets off when he focuses all his hate and anger on them instead of focusing it on her.

No. 367273

What? No, I know he doesn't give a shit, that's why I said
>he tries to use his wife's sexuality* all the time to pander to the SJW crowd
>Very heartfelt, Gerg, must mean a lot to you, very believable.

and found it so funny. If you're gonna pander to the queer community and you can't remember a simple, common 4-5 letter initialism…an initialism that I'm sure his wife says all the time, goes to show how much he pays attention to her…then you have failed queer pandering 101 on an epic scale. All he had to do was take 1 minute out of his life to double check it, but he cares so little about the LGBTQ community that he can't be fucked. It's so fucking transparent.

Also, yeah, it goes without saying that he's fetishizing Lainey's (alleged) bisexuality. Only a naive 14 year old girl would buy into the idea that he's encouraging her to explore her sexuality because he's just such a nice guy.

No. 367275

Yeah she will never actually date a girl, and if she does, it wont take long before they both realize that she is not gay at all. Gerg convinced her she likes girls because he says shit like guys are not sensitive/emotional but girls are and you like the emotional side of girls so you're attracted to them. And this dumb bitch thinks that shes bi now. Just find a non-sociopath to date and you'll see guys have emotions too! The fact that her "dating" billie resulted in basically nothing physical but kissing and it was all "emotional". Like girl, you just want a friend cause you're isolated with gerg who gives 0 shits about you.

No. 367277

> The fact that her "dating" billie resulted in basically nothing physical but kissing

Wait a fucking second, they didnt do ANYTHING but just kiss? after all the time they were together (on and off, but still), and at first thing shes out the house, billie goes and has sex with Onion? L.M.A.O

tldr; she dun goofd

No. 367278


He probably just got a VA loan from HUD, I doubt he's actually getting a pension bc didn't it come out that he was dishonerably discharged for getting naked in front of his CO or something

No. 367279

His whole "you need to explore your bisexuality" to actually be bisexual tirade rubbed me up the wrong way as well.

You just -know- you're bisexual, you don't have to even kiss or sleep with someone of the same sex to be bisexual. If you're sexually attracted to both sexes, you're bisexual… that's all "exploring" entails, but no, he just wants to push her into doing something she doesn't want to do because she's a fake to him otherwise and he won't get his "hot lesbian action" to tickle his microdick if he can't manipulate her into doing what HE wants.

She said something about being able to count how many times they actually kissed on both hands (which isn't a lot for someone who is head over heels in love and you've been seeing them for just over a year.) and Grease described their greasesomes as him just performing oral (OH GOD, BRAIN BLEACH PLZ) on Billie whilst Lainey rides him (KILL ME NOW!)… it seems that was basically just the extent of it all, until he finally coerced Billie into fucking him without Lainey being around.

No. 367280

It more than likely was just a loan then. I'll try to find the same screenshot later on but I don't remember how far back it was when it was last discussed, but I'll be sure to post it in here when I do.

No. 367281

File: 1491757667797.png (32.65 KB, 400x128, 400px-LaineyNotBisexual.png)

No. 367282

She completely denied it when she thought gerg hated bi girls. Then she goes IM SO GAYYYYYY when gerg says he loves it. She can't have an original thought. It's all gerg.

No. 367283

All the stuff we've been talking about here and in the ONE thing she/he/it focuses is on whether shes bisexual or not?

lol gurl i hope youre taking pics, saving emails and phone logs, youll need them soon when onion decides to drop your dumb ass for someone younger.

No. 367285

Yeah, this was in response to someone bringing up her old Myspace profile when she listed her orientation as "bisexual" before she got with Grease… she kept on denying it until Grease one day was all okay with it because he was bored of her.

No. 367286

I know, right? Gerg spins it as though Billie and Lainey were fucking. He said "we only got to 3rd base on the first night before Lainey said stop" and, when you're a queer woman hooking up with another woman, 3rd base is sex. Now it turns out that he meant he got to 3rd base with Lainey and/or Billie while, apparently, they just kissed. They'd just makeout in bed while Gerg got serviced. Or they'd awkwardly, with zero fucking passion, kiss on command while Gerg snapped photos to plaster all over social media. Because, sure, that's totally a balanced, 3-way, poly relationship, it's totally normal for a queer woman to feel super squicked out by the idea of doing anything more than kiss another a chick. Jesus christ, ugh.

Honestly, in my experience, you can tell when a chick is actually just a curious straight girl when you keep trying to move past kissing and she shuts everything down and panics a la Lainey. Obviously it's fine to not want to do anything more than makeout if you don't want to, but there's this certain thing where you can tell they're perfectly happy to kiss because kissing girls is enjoyable for everybody, but are just straight up freaked out by the idea of doing anything below the belt.

The very first night, it was beyond clear that Lainey had realized "Uhp, okay, I've explored my sexuality enough, I'm done." That's obviously why she told Greg she'd changed her mind, that and the fact she was not emotionally ready to share her husband. Good job, Gerg, for pressuring her to "date" Billie for your own benefit, you dickgoblin.

No. 367287

Oh shit nevermind I read the date as "april 13"(without seeing hte year) and thought today was april 13 kek.

No. 367288

File: 1491758125213.png (271.65 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3974.PNG)

Onion's still bitching at YouTube, is jealous of iJustine for still going above water because she's "corporate friendly", may have to change his algorithm for the sake of $$$

On the plus side, he's looking more and more like his daddy every day!

No. 367289


Surprise, surprise. Lainey did a make up tutorial video using a sponsored product. Greg did the voiceover, making fun of the product and insulting Lainey the entire time. I'm​ pretty sure when Greg was doing the editing, Lainey didn't know he would do this.

So whatever money Lainey could have made herself on YouTube, she was forced to kiss goodbye after that.

No. 367290

Yep. More of Grease giving himself asspats for being a "hero" of the queer community while actually encouraging cliched, bullshit Bisexual stereotypes. It's so sad because you know there's some babby Bi kids watching his channel, hearing that and thinking that their sexuality is invalid or something unless they fuck men, women, transwomen, transmen, non-binary, etc. and prove to everybody they're for real. He was misinforming kids just to justify his desire to have a threesome with two chicks. So classy, so responsible.

No. 367291

Pretty sure she said something along the lines of "I can count the number of times we did more than kissing on one hand" MORE than kissing. They definitely did stuff, but not often (either one of them was probably not that much into it).

No. 367293

File: 1491758739191.jpg (127.54 KB, 796x891, plaino.jpg)

Same anon as before, just to show the tweet she says the whole "it was emotional hurdur" but also that they did do stuff.

No. 367295

I can't stand that he's gotten it into his head he's this punk rock, super subculture dude who's anti-corporation and makes "the man" uncomfortable with his radical, anti-establishment views.

Like, this is incredibly petty compared to other complaints, but…Greg, you were a Hot Topic "emo", you think Marilyn Manson, MCR and Kurt Cobain are as alternative as it gets. He doesn't even seem to really understand what goth, emo, punk, etc. are. Plus, he's a 31 year old dude, get the fuck over this "damn the man" attitude. He can be anti-establishment as an adult, he can have more subversive views on politics and social issues, but he has this whole pffft-I-hate-my-dad version of being "rebellious", he's so stuck at 17. He's stuck in his anarcho-punk stage without even knowing what anarcho-punk is. Ugh.

No. 367296

oh man.
I feel like she has a mental disability and now I feel bad for making fun of her.

No. 367298

Exactly, it's fucking hard work trying to explain that you're genuinely bisexual to both straight and gay people as it is… all Grease and Lainey does is perpetuate negative stereotypes for their own selfish gain, it's no wonder nobody takes bisexuals seriously.

Yeah, it sounds like they possibly got to 2nd base with each other less than a dozen times the whole year they were together whilst she idly stood by and allowed her greasy husband to go all the way with Billie on numerous occasions.

No. 367301

this, a hundred thousand times this. especially the son. narc dads are awful enough with daughters but usually end up plain beating their sons. imagine gregma seeing a younger version of him, defying him? he won't stand for that shit. and for the daughter, growing up with a dad who rates teenage girls bodies online? jesus christ

No. 367302

I don’t know. I don’t think Lainey felt uncomfortable not because she’s straight, but because Greg pushed her out of her comfort zone. I bet her intuition was telling her that the whole mess wasn’t right. I think she knew to some degree that he was up to something, and when she voiced her concerns… well, we all saw how he tried to gaslight her until she blamed anyone but him.

It’s just, I’m queer and have been in poly relationships with another man and woman. If I suspected he had selfish intentions, I'd be turned off AF. Of course, I'd also leave the situation… but if I was a teenager, or manipulated… I'd probably do the same thing to appease my partner. It's fucking depressing as hell, because as long as she's with Greg, Lainey's never going to have a chance to genuinely explore that side of herself without being fetishized and used by her husband. Like wtffff

No. 367304

I wonder if Troy will become a bed wetter after he's potty trained, I mean… if the dog pisses itself whenever he approaches, I wonder if he's already screaming at the toddler for his mishaps.

No. 367305

I totally get where you're coming from and I actually felt pretty bad about calling her a liar since Bisexuals are constantly accused of "just doing it for attention" and whatnot, it just felt like a shitty thing to do, but she's pretty much admitted she was straight. Here: >>367281

No. 367306

I thought by saying that she meant shes not bisexual but pansexual or whatever the fuck the new sexuality/gender of the month is

No. 367307

I think she's either bisexual or heteroflexable. People are so quick to say she's not bi now that she's out yet refused to believe she wasn't bi before she came out.

I believe she was bi, saw Greg didn't like it so she hid it. Greg knew about this so when he wanted a new model but didn't want to look like the bad guy for leaving his wife and kids said Taylor could have a gf thinking she would leave him for the girl. Greg saw Taylor was pulling hotter and younger girls than he could get away with and decided he was going to fuck whatever girl she brought home.

No. 367308

I didn't say she wasn't bisexual though, I said he forced her to "explore her bisexuality" even though she told him she didn't want to. I don't know what orientation she is; bicurious, bisexual, pansexual, heteroflexible, asexual… I don't know… but she doesn't have to or ever needed to get physical with someone of her own sex to prove a point about her orientation to him.

No. 367309

I think people wouldn't care so much if she would shut up about how gay she is and stop jumping on every bi twitter trend as if shes the face of bisexuals when shes in a straight relationship and the only "gf" she has was shared with her husband and he fetishized bisexuality/lesbianism. It makes it seem shes only "bi" for her husband's pleasure. Shes in a supposedly committed relationship but all she posts about is wanting a gf and shit while simultaneously acting like shes so hurt by billie and can probably never have another one. It's horribly attention seeking.

I dont care if shes bi/straight/lesbian/whatever. Shes just obnoxious. And the fact she wants to drag girls into her fucked up relationship is disgusting.

No. 367310


Like, imagine Greg in an art gallery. Or, even better, a diy artist space: People are socializing and having a good time, talking about exciting ideas and projects, drinking, maybe smoking cigarettes or a joint. He’d be in the corner, plug his nose, and scowl at everyone with his arms crossed. Then someone would offer him a drink and he’d freak out, tell everyone off, and storm out.

OR imagine him in art school, LOL. He’d throw a tantrum during the first critique and drop out, then blame the whole establishment for his own failure. Imagining this is really, really funny to me lolol

Greg’s not creative or intelligent enough to execute any concept with passion, depth and nuance. He’s just another edgelord narcissist pandering to pre-teens. His idea of controversial content is having a character blow their brains out, in what are clearly his own revenge fantasies.

I spent most of my teen/adult life with broke diy artist weirdo kids, and they would laugh him out of the place. He's never struggled for his art a day in his uninspired life. He had to isolate himself because he knows if he actually went out into the real world trying to push any of his creative direction, he’d be a laughing stock to anyone with actual taste.

No. 367311

File: 1491762005594.png (123.23 KB, 587x784, onion.png)

He is back to making polls to feel important and getting angry when people tell him its obviously biased if its on his website lmao.

No. 367312

>OR imagine him in art school, LOL. He’d throw a tantrum during the first critique and drop out, then blame the whole establishment for his own failure.
Grug confirmed for literally Hitler
sage for shitpost

No. 367313

Woops, I responded to the wrong post. Meant to reply to this one >>367286 with that comment. My bad. I agree with you.


No. 367314

I see he's still trying his hardest to boost that FB rating, it was at 3.1 before the last boost he did.

No. 367316

>when shes in a straight relationship and the only "gf" she has was shared with her husband
Ehhhh, it kinda feels like you're buying into the same idea that Greg buys into; that Bisexuals need to prove their sexuality to society by fucking multiple genders, that being in a relationship with a member of the opposite makes you less Bi or something. Sexual behavior is not always the best indication of sexual orientation.

But, yeah, I think the way she reacted in her tweets after Cuddlegate made it seem pretty clear that she had just been exploring the possibility she was Bi or under the Bi+ umbrella and Gerg pressured her into hooking up with women because he wanted IRL girl-on-girl porn and didn't respect what she really wanted after she figured out she wasn't really into women.

Sage for SJW faggotry.

No. 367318

They don't have to prove it, but when she specifically thanks gerg for helping her be the one to figure out her sexual identity out and then you see he fetishizes bisexuality/lesbianism and he uses it to get himself a gf pretending its for lainey, it makes it seem like this was all gerg's doing and not her own coming to conclusion of what her sexuality is. It makes it apparent she is screeching at the top of her lungs about how gay she is because her husband loves it and jerks off to the thought of her bringing him another girl.

Her tweets after cuddlegate showed she never wanted a gf and was planning to spend the rest of her life with just gerg monogamously, and for some reason she is now agreeing that she wants one when shes back on good terms with gerg. It's all about gerg and what he wants.

No. 367319


>Total Members Voted: 13

kek much web traffic, so popular, billionz of views

No. 367320

I just looked at his website and its full of spam. kek.

I also like how if you google onision.xyz the archive of his pedo shit comes first before his site hahaha.

No. 367321

Oh, totally. Yeah, I agree with you on all of that. I do think she's playing up this super speshul bi-agender-poly thing and crowing about how GAAAAAY (ughh, Bisexuality does not equal Gay, Lainey, jeeesus fucking christ) she is not just because it gives her asshole husband something to jerk off to, but because so many followers throw attention and praise at her for doing so. It makes her feel ~cool~ and ~different~…y'know, just like how tumblrinas have "I'm a polyamorous demisexual squirrelkin furry with BPD, OCD, Autism and BDD, xie/xer/xey pronouns" in their bios. Because, for some reason, being a cis, straight girl=boring these days when it doesn't fucking matter.

No. 367322

>Lose your bias

Says the man that doesn't understand why a poll on his twitter or on his fansites is more likely to reach his fans and therefore be skewed in his favour.

No. 367323

It seems to be becoming another one of their cycles now… she'll flipflop back and forth on the idea on a whim if it stops him from being a shitbag to her. She's so addicted to the lovebombing, of him taking her side whenever she feels threatened by a new "girlfriend", you can tell she gets off on the little amounts of attention he gives her - so to her, this is probably all she's ever known or experienced from him and if she can't appease him, then she's lost because her regular emo lyrics and mopey doe-eyed bullshit doesn't work on him because he doesn't care about her feelings.

I feel at this point she's just using it as a tool for validation and adoration, I'd hate to be the next potential "girlfriend" that he has lined up for them both. You know for a fact that person will never be able to run to her for help, she'd shrug it off and just say they must of deserved his shitty treatment somehow and then find ways to sabotage it all through jealousy when he starts lovebombing them instead of her.

No. 367324

Ohh, okay. Then, yeah, I agree with you about all of that.

I do think she's not just doing it as jerkbait for Grease, though, I think Plainey's crowing about how GAAAAAY she is (wow, much Bisexual, wrong sexual orientation, so neat) because she likes how her followers throw heaps of attention and praise at her for doing so, the kind of attention and praise that Grease will never give her. It's just like how tumblrinas feel the need to write "polyamorous demisexual neurodivergent squirrelkin, xie/xer/xey pronouns" in their bios because they can't stand how being a cis, straight girl makes them feel ordinary. All these labels make you ~speshul~.

No. 367325

You don't even have to imagine him in art school. I got to a community college and one of the classes we have to take is a public speaking class. One of th first things we talked about in that class was how to keep bias out of your argument and how pretty much every poll ever is bias so they can't be used during arguments.

That alone would make him shit himself in anger

No. 367326


True. I definitely think the agender shit started when she befriended some people on twitter who were trans/agender and she wanted to relate to them and be different. And then she convinced herself oh i was kind of a tomboy and didnt relate to girly girls, so i must be agender like them! Great! now i have another super speshul category to identify as so im not plain! And shes probably doing the same thing with bisexuality, whether she is or isnt actually bi. I think the only reason she hasn't played up "Oh I have chronic depression and anxiety and blahblahblah" is because gerg hates mental illness, or im sure she'd add that to her plate. And ironically, mental illness is what she should actually go get diagnosed and treated for.

No. 367332


I'm not sure if onion was dishonorably discharged, but he was at least other than honorably discharged (this requires him to still state the reason for the discharge truthfully to any future employer, cause they'll just call your command to find the truth anyways lol). The only benefit he is able to get from his service is the VA loan for his house. That's it.
Just wanted to clarify for anyone without military background or knowledge, the only way to recieve a continuous check (of varying amounts depending on the circumstances) from the military is if you either retire out (about 20 years), or if you end up with a serious injury that requires some type of surgery, they'll throw you a bone for it. Or even better if you get medically separated for said injury, they pay you a pretty penny because they are ending the contract.
In short Gurk is getting jack shit from the government and when his youtube "career" is over he doesn't have that to fall back on. The shit stain deserves to crash and burn.

No. 367333

I believe her being bi but the agender thing came after she got her first REALLY short hair cut and everyone said she'd make a cute boy. She then bought a bunch of dudes cloths and went with it. Funny thing is she still has the video up where she says "I just don't want it to look like a boy"

No. 367334

File: 1491766281458.png (570.6 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1445.PNG)

What does he get from making fun of his fans? Like you would think with his channel dying like it is he would be a little nicer

No. 367337

Nice, thanks for clearing that up.

No. 367341

The proper question is: what DOESN'T he get from interacting nicely with his fans anymore?

Answer: money.

No. 367342

I guess he sees his fans as tools that have betrayed him by not giving him more views and now is throwing a tantrum at them like a child

No. 367343

Hiss narc brain has done the turn that makes this not his fault - it's YT's fault for doing this to him; but why aren't his fans rioting in the streets against this injustice? Why is that Greg is the one who has to fight YT? In Greg's mind, his fans should be angry and proactive in his defense, and they're failing him. Never mind they're a bunch of children.

No. 367356

It's all crashing down, crashing down, crashing down…

No. 367363

Now that Greg and Taylor are going to need to look for work, Greg's ED article and lifeofonion.com really should be updated to document Taylor's pedo tendencies. Imagine if she manages to land a job working with vulnerable people and/or kids.

No. 367365

I was wondering if all the info covered by lolcow when searching for her name would appear on google and connect to her pedo tendencies. Specially nowadays that employers use google/Facebook for their needs?
The thought of having these scumbags working with people in need or generally just working outside their house gives me the creeps.

No. 367366

I think updating Greg's - and making one for Taylor - lolcow wiki article is probably the best bet. The site isn't blocked and filled with viruses (unlike ED) and the SEO rank is excellent. That or making a new "exposed" blog that's written in a clear, concise, accessible way.

No. 367368


Multiverse from Kiwi Farms, is that you?

No. 367405

True, but that would mean supporting that faggot Null

There's probably tons of info about Greg when you search either of their names, but most sites/pages regarding Greg still paint Taylor out to be an innocent captive rather than a predator in her own right.

No. 367420


her page on lifeofonion is the fourth result when googling "Taylor Elaine Anderson"

No. 367428

File: 1491783543659.png (244.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3975.PNG)


Speaking of…

Someone's a mole here!

No. 367429

File: 1491783843166.png (124.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3976.PNG)


Either they'd copy and paste their posts on both boards, or are stealing someone else's shit and passing theirs as their own…

The question is, why? No hate, just wondering

No. 367431

Why not? It's a good and detailed post, relevant on both websites.

I think it's good it was doubleposted/reposted like that.

No. 367437

The question is, are you autistic? No hate, just wondering.

No. 367442

>>The question is, why?

But why male models?

No. 367449


Personally I think since we're all here to laugh at autists on the internet, the moment it becomes about giving credit and stops being anonymous, it becomes a big circlejerk like PULL or that Chris-Chan trolling board PVCC. I don't see anything wrong with someone quoting an anonymous post from here.

No. 367451


Idk, why are you such an autistic cunt? No hate, just wondering!

No. 367454


It's not that it's wrong, just wondering about it since many farmers here don't like Josh or KF

No. 367456

… because if everyone here made derailing posts every time something was posted on a corresponding KF or PULL thread or tumblr, we'd be as lulzy as the cows themselves?

No one really cares. If you don't like josh, I think he has a thread here.

No. 367457

I am 99.99999% sure she was trying to emulate an ANIMU character. In this case, Haruhi from Ouran Host. In the series she gets her hair cut short (and its brown btw) and she starts working as a host, while hiding to everybody that shes a girl. I love the anime/manga, its hilarious and Im disgusted that that dumb hoe is trying to be her IRL. (and yes she definitely likes it since her and Greg has been seen wearing an Ouran Host club in a couple of videos.

lold whole heartedly at this. 13 votes.

No. 367461

Its irrelevant to the topic at hand, honestly, who gives a fuck? I'm sure there is a sizable population of people that post between all the cow forums/ websites, its not a big deal if shit gets cross posted. Good lordty.

No. 367462


Okay, thanks for answering my questions. Moving on.

No. 367471

Ehhh, nah. No, I don't think that's it. It's just a run of the mill pixie cut, I could list multiple characters from pop culture who you could just as easily say she's copying.

I think a lot of girls go through this thing where they love doing shit to their hair, dyeing it and getting haircuts, and they end up going shorter and shorter and shorter because they keep messing with it before letting it grow out. They get bored. I did that, that's how I ended up with short hair throughout my teens and a pixie cut when I was 20.

Like, Lainey fucks with her hair all the time, she probably just got bored and decided "Ooh, I'd like to try something different, I'm gonna go real short." Then, next thing she knows, people are cooing over how she looks androgynous and she somehow takes this to mean she's really been agender this whole time. Ugh, no. Not how that works. being non-binary isn't just gender expression, but that's all it is for her. Non-binary is a fashion statement in her mind.

No. 367486

Has there ever been a youtuber with such a long documentation of downfall following being a hit? Like, most fade into obscurity, or there's a sudden and huge shift (pewdiepie) but has there ever been someone quite like onision in the digital age? Someone who started off a star, and had such a downward spiral into crashing and burning? Legit curious

No. 367493

I mean, I can't recall anybody off the top of my head who was crashing and burning in slow motion to this degree. There have been other YT'ers who've had scandals and they start slowly imploding in front of an audience, like Bashurverse, but I think Greg might be the first of his kind to ever. so. fucking. slowly. be dragged to his YT career grave while kicking and screaming.

It's so funny that he fancies himself some kind of 21st century Kurt Cobain and has the audacity to compare himself to him when Kurt's famous for saying:

"It's better to burn out than to fade away"

He emphasized how he wanted to go out with a bang (oof) and not slowly, painfully fade away into obscurity, clawing desperately at his past fame, refusing to go with any sense of dignity. Meanwhile, Greg's hellbent on the latter.

No. 367495

Hes the Amy Schumer of youtube.

No. 367496

Wouldn't Trisha Paytas be like that too? Her comments session since Sean's drama has been getting kinda sour. And specially after she got a lipo and started to binge eat again in mukbangs.

They are all desperate for the YT dollars.

No. 367499

Yeah, that's true. I never pay attention to her, the last time I went out of my way to watch her content was when I found her "dogs don't have brains" vid, but I've been aware of her self destructing in front of an audience in a sort of peripheral way.

Like, I'm not too familiar with what she's up to now, but they are pretty similar. Her channel blew up around the same time Gerg did, like, they're both dinosaurs from this lost, bygone YT era and, while Trisha has tried to adapt by doing mukbangs, both of them have this really dated, lazy, cheap production value that hasn't changed since back in the day. They're both just sort of lost, confused as to how to successfully appeal to today's teens, but absolutely refusing to acknowledge that maybe it's time to sign off and start the next chapter in their lives.

They're just slowly crashing and burning, fading away, never accepting that it would've been better if they'd given up after failing to change with the times.

I also like knowing how furious Gerg would be by the idea of being compared to Trisha.

No. 367500

What about Shane Dawson? He's not doing so great with the whole YouTube thing going on but he's doing better than Gertrude.

No. 367502

Not in youtube but myspace… someone like Tila Tequila?

But seriously though, how long did Greg expect his whole shlick of "im an asshole to everyone because im super honest" was going to last? he aint no Greg House.

No. 367505

That he made cash of this scam for a decade is a minor miracle, which he should thank dog for ever day. Its not often a barely HS grad with a personality disorder and no work history can make a decade long run at never having to work to feed his family.

But now: if he thinks he can have Taylor run a virtual garage sale to support them, he's got another thing coming. He should have made a Plan B and Plan C after his first divorce, or at the very least have been socking away huge chunks of cash for outside investments, instead of buying a McMansion he can't afford to heat, with tons of empty rooms they can't furnish and don't need, and a sports car to sit in the driveway when he rarely leaves the house.

No. 367516

Greg is so untalented and uncreative, it's mind-boggling.

Other popular YouTube creators feel the need to mix up and change their content and persona from time to time so that they stay inspired, and they get resentful and depressed if they have to do the same shtick for too long (PewDiePie, Casey Neistat, and the list goes on). They mature as people and grow as creators.

Greg is the total opposite - he cannot even diversify to save his career. His content and persona have stayed exactly the same, as if time doesn't exist. His mind cannot grasp and imagine anything else than what has already been in it a decade ago.

Sidenote: I am so glad Eugenia is starting to consistently get more views on her videos than Greg on his, hehe

No. 367522

Am I mistaken, or does he have two houses? I thought he did at one point. If he still has a second one he should sell it.

No. 367523

The "second house" is a full guest apartment over the garage. They could have been renting it out for an income stream for investments, instead of using it for young teen "nannies". No one lives in it currently.

No. 367524

Not yet! Only when all of Taylor's available stuff is sold out.

No. 367529

Trish is always making new content, whether it be vlogs, music videos, dance videos, hauls, sponsored crap, manic rambling, crying, mukbangs, etc. and has such a wide variety of them. Her comment section has always been a shit show too, but she's never lacking in views nor do I think she depends on just views for income. She gets money from stocks or something.. I think that's what she said one time. She spends very lavishly in a way that makes me think she doesn't depend on youtube. Sometimes she hires a whole hair and makeup crew just for a day of making videos (or doing nothing!) She hires huge production crews and dancers for her music videos. Even her music career is just for fun and not for profit. Even if she didn't make money from youtube I think she would still upload a lot. She needs constant attention, good or bad. Trish is a machine that just keeps going, even as her mental health declines with age. She puts every aspect of her life online. She's not as dumb as people think she is because she's resourceful and squeezes money out of everything she does. She's like Snooki from Jersey Shore. She knows how to make money off her own self-destruction.
Greg is the definition of a cookie cutter style and he has no versatility and doesn't try out new things. Just with these new setbacks he's immediately crumbling! It's pathetic. Trisha is kind of indescribable, not good or bad, just chaotic. But she would undoubtedly survive a loss of views. Personally I can't really compare her to Greg.

No. 367533


Wait, what happened to his old house, the one he lived in with Shiloh, that he was using as a studio? Did he sell that awhile ago or did you just forget it?

No. 367534

He gave it to his mom a few months back

No. 367545

I watched OnisionSpeaks new channel and he said "If there's an emo guy in the thumbnail it should get a lots of views" or something along those lines.

I'm 28 and the last time I saw emos being "cool" was around 2006. Like I haven't seen emos around a while. He's like even more an old daddy trying to be "hip and cool" but his knowledge in the current trends are 10 years outdated.

No. 367546

Question - if he makes new videos which are "family friendly", is he going to earn money on them?

I mean, he deserves it but I think it's pretty crazy that YT can just kill completely kill someones income after a decade without any warning. It's affected loads of other people aswell. But I guess YT is struggling right now and they are trying to clean up. Just goes to show that doing YT content still isn't a real career - you are entirely at the mercy of Google and they have shown time and time again that they don't really care about individual content creators. And when they fuck you there's nowhere else you can go.

No. 367548

I doubt it. Hes been an asshole for so long Im sure hes mostly known for being an ass. I know I def wouldnt let my kids watch his "family friendly" videos. Not only I feel like he doesnt have one good bone in his body but also I wouldnt be ok with allowing his and his wife's dumb asses monetize from those videos. They are both filth that deserve to be blocked from reaching people over the internet

No. 367549

Answer: Only if he gets rid of his previous content. Youtube takes into account all the vids on a certain channel when determining whether it will be age restricted.

Keep in mind Onision channels are only suffering this bad because his audience are children. YT has it right this time, his videos on how chaining people in basements as punishment is totally cool and kinky should never reach a child's eyes.

There are two separate new things YT did: demonetize controversial content, and impose age restrictions on channels. Onsion is hit hard by both, but more the latter.

Greg tried to paint a picture in his last video (one of the many lies in it, and you fell for it, shame on you Anon!) that meanie youtube is hindering him because he posts "offensive" edgy content, just like they did to Pewdipie ("look how cool I am kids, just like Pewds and Idubbbz" "look fellow youtubers, we're on the same boat, support me pls")

In reality, his main problem is not that he is making controversial content, but that the entirety of his subscribers consist of kids and Youtube does not let him serve adult content to them anymore. This is why he is tanking far more than other creators, he's got the youngest fanbase of them all.

And this is ultimately why his channels are now doomed. It lasted so long with the exact same repetitive kind of content because there were always new waves of 11 year olds discovering him when his old fans grow out of it. With the new restrictions, his channels and videos will not show to preteens and teens AT ALL, not even in the search, nowhere.

No. 367550

sounds good

No. 367551

Holy shit anon, I ALWAYS THINK THIS. He seems to always bring up themes of Emo and scene, and I remember that shit being popular over almost 10 YEARS AGO. Sure, teens still like Tatts and coloured hair, plugs, ect, but using terms like 'emo' and 'scene' is so fucking cringe and it makes him seem even more like a dinosaur! Even if he used the phrase 'alternative' it still wouldn't be as bad as how often he mentions emos.

No. 367555

I mean his "I quit" video got 170k views and wasn't affected by the restriction boogeyman. Onion just needs to give his audience what they want. Him leaving the internet and fucking off somewhere.

No. 367558

File: 1491823530152.jpg (95.13 KB, 652x762, ugh.jpg)

I honestly remember emo/scene kids in the early 2000's just being like proto-hipsters who listened to hardcore bands, Sunny Day Real Estate, Coheed & Cambria, Blood Brothers and weren't even slightly close to what Gerg seems to think they are. I'm younger than him by 3 years and I still know for a fact that by the time he started doing YouTube in 2006, that shit wasn't cool anymore. By 2006, what were previously known as emo/scene kids had transformed into that early version of hipsters who were crazy about American Apparel and Vice Magazine.

I know emo/scene became this whole other thing, like Eugenia Cooney, and I have NO CLUE how Grease is 31 and yet he's only familiar with the corny mall-goth shit emo/scene apparently turned into. He would've grown up seeing the same version of emo I saw, but…he thinks emo kids wear black lipstick and shit? It's so fucking confusing for me.

Anyway, yeah, to the best of my knowledge, he's fucking failing miserably trying to come across as relatable to the HIP, GROOVY YOUTH. He's old as fuck and out of touch mixed with the fact he seemingly never understood what emo/scene was to begin with. Why is he so bad at subcultures, yet feels the need to insist he's some super alt guy?

Sure, Gerg, enjoy your MCR, you're so overwhelmingly alternative.

No. 367562

You're absolutely correct… unfortunately Grease isn't the only one to misuse pop culture terms because they either didn't know anything about it or even care to do a bit of research.

Clickbait media sites such as Buzzfeed are really prone to doing the same shit, even when their readers comment on their articles that they're mistaking "emo" for "scene" but it just goes over their heads.

When you're quickly churning out clickbait "content" for cash, I guess it doesn't matter to them how accurate it is as long as they pull in views, heh.

No. 367568


Maybe there weren't enough emos in Seattle for him to recognize

No. 367569


Back in the day

No. 367573

I never liked the whole scene thing but I remember around when I was around 12 it was still a thing for people my age, that was about 2010. People used the term scene not emo though and it was just the trend for a while. So even 7 years ago his main audience was probably around 12. He's always been stuck in the past which is why his audience is so young, they see these old trends and think they're cool for a while but quickly grow out of it unlike him. It's cringy and pathetic.

No. 367578

The only emo kids that are popular now are teenagers or kids in their early 20s. A 31 year-old married narc try hard with two kids, who doesn't have the brain capacity to genuinely comprehend progressive ideas doesn't cut it.

No. 367582

File: 1491832331341.png (109.48 KB, 423x259, Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 10.5…)

welp, didn't take very long.

No. 367585

I guess the silver lining is that he just keeps proving how totally dishonest and untrustworthy he is…?

No. 367602


One thing that has always been appatent wihh Greg is his open and flagrant misogyny, which considering he likes to dress himself in SJW gang colors is pretty interesting. I often wonder how his Tumblr-esque followers square it with their "beliefs."

No. 367637

Well, technically, that's an old video of his and he did say he'd make no new videos.

I do give him a week or two at most before he posts a new never-before seen video though. lol

No. 367644

File: 1491847214260.png (356.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3978.PNG)

>Wah waaah why do people hate me?!?!?!

Can't watch right now cuz I'm at work, please provide transcript. Thanks!

No. 367658


Hadn't watched it. Guessing it will be:

1) "I'm just too honest and people can't handle the truth"

2) They're jealous of my successful wonderful life (couldn't type that with a straight face)

No. 367659


Uh, what? Shane regularly hits 1.5-2 mil views per video. How is that not doing so great? That's about what other YouTubers of his size make. Most of them don't have regularly large percentages of the audience watch their stuff. Even PewDiePie tends to hit an average of about 4 mil per vid. Shane's content is repetitive and boring at times, but he's doing fine.

No. 367663

File: 1491851252497.png (27 KB, 817x61, Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.0…)

He's pitching himself in with the "outcasts" who should, of course, come to his forums for comfort. Nothing like some lost souls for him to save.

No. 367664


It's nothing of interest. He isn't referring to himself, he's looking at people online saying the sentence 'Why do people hate me?' in reference to themselves. What a pointless, boring video.

No. 367665

It's another love bomb / base ploy for the cutter-outcast-weirdo demographic to trust him. He's "healing" their hurt the same way he heals their depression by telling them they shouldn't be depressed any more.

No. 367666

Lol he probably got inspired by the people telling him he saved their lives and helped them, so then he thought why yes ill be motivating and save some more people with my great videos.

He uploaded another old video. Hes too greedy to not continuously upload on his channels to get that extra income.

No. 367672

The kids telling him he saved their lives AKA his fragmented sense of self typing out "Thank you for curing me of my compulsive need to cut and of my eating disorder by calling people like me idiots, you're so right, thank you for taking on Eugenia 'The Triggerer' Cooney, so brave of you. Has anybody told you that you look JUST like Zack Efron?" emails to himself so he can use it as an excuse to preen on Twitter.

I legit thought he was experiencing a brief, previously unheard of moment of clarity and self awareness and was mulling over all the reasons why he's a social pariah, but no. It is horribly unrealistic of me to think he's even capable of that.

Of course he wants to lure in some fresh young, angsty, emotionally unstable flesh. I wouldn't be surprised if one of his lesser known fetishes was "mentally ill, broken urchins".

No. 367702

Yeah I never get it either. Emo started in the 90s and it barely exists anymore. Scene was early 2000s and that is also basically dead. I guess the new thing is "goth" and variants of it and that's what Eugenia is even though I'd call her sense of style just basic ass hot topic alt. Even Billie couldn't even really be called scene, it's so muted now from what it used to be. I guess that is gregs "type" though and I think it's just because it's a teenagers look

No. 367704

…goth has been around since the 80s. eugenia is nowhere near goth

No. 367705

File: 1491858052346.jpg (297.93 KB, 1440x1096, restrictedonion.jpg)

Put restricted mode on without signing into Google, and Onion's vids still showed up on all of his channels going back months. Signed into Google with restricted mode on, and his videos still showed up. Typed it up in the search bar with restricted mode on, and again, his name appears. Is he full of shit? Possible rhetorical question.

No. 367706

If you're not signed in, I don't think restricted mode will apply. It can only apply if it knows how old you are; did you clear all your cookies, etc? It may be using browser history to confirm you're an adult.

Or, Greg is full of shit and his channels are dying because he content is un monitizable and it has nothing to do with restricted mode.

No. 367707

Signed in, his newer videos don't show up on restricted. However, the last two videos that show up under restricted mode on Speaks didn't do well view-wise.

No. 367734

new plainey vid taking digs at billie with grease. i wish they would stop with the bf/gf tag thing, they're so uncomfortable to watch.

No. 367745

Somebody should mirror this. I wanna watch.

No. 367746

And gerg still cant remember lainey wants to go to Fiji. Even the "haters" know this fact. lmao.

No. 367751


Dig away, Taylor, you horrible POS. Meanwhile, Billie is puffing away happily in Amsterdam with a qt who is not a living exemplar of Cluster B.

No. 367789

This is so fucking creepy. Isn't this kind of how predators lure in children?

No. 367821

Lmao @ him posting shitty videos on her channel cause it's still making a bit of youtube money. I'm not a fan of hers but I hope she actually leaves him soon so it piles up over everything going wrong for him rn.

No. 367826

Love how she says: I guess I'm never going there. When Greg can't remeber Fiji XD. Sorry potato the only place grease is taking you is to the backyard. XD(XD)

No. 367833


And to Olive Garden

No. 367835

Same. When did that stop?

No. 367863

You'd think he'd at least remember by now since he lurks here and "You're never going to Fiji, Lainey" has become something of a meme at this point. You'd think he'd make a HUGE show of how he knows she wants to go to Fiji just to spite people (while never actually taking her there because Gerg totally would believe that simply remembering your spouse's dream vacation spot after they've told you 20+ times deserves all the asspats in the world).

I guess everything Lainey says that isn't directly related to how speshul he is gets filed away under "meaningless drivel" in his brain and is stored in some deep, dark recess of his mind, along with any thought that's come even slightly close to being self-aware.

No. 367877

it would be so funny if plainey left him and took a picture of her in fiji happy with the kids. it would drive CRAZY.

No. 367881

The lifestyle they're living right now sounds really fucking terrible, does anyone even know or remember the last time he spent more than 24 hours away from the computer?

From the age of 1