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File: 1493525007986.jpg (49.34 KB, 500x550, IMG_4096.JPG)

No. 378857

-major lulz was had with Gregma's recent chimpouts on younow

-accused Billie of not taking showers and stinking up the entire house with her smelly armpits (and possible dutteh vajayjay)

-attacked Jaclyn Glenn for getting fake boobs as he'll no longer have anything to jerk his tiny smegma-ridden cock off to

-is still e-begging for his fans' lunch money to get by and ~survive~

More Onion madness is to come!

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No. 378858


Forgot to mention he's being audited by the IRS and we recently found out he tried to get his first divorce as a tax write-off (lol)

No. 378860

Greg's hopes for youtube to revert creator revenue are not going to happen. From contacts I have within the company, it seems that the situation is this:
>Ad distributors had too little control over where they were displayed
>Google swung the pendulum in the other direction and now they have too fine control that is overkill/a lot of false negative videos are being flagged as advertiser unfriendly
>Soon the pendulum will swing back a bit towards the middle, creators will see some increase in revenue but nowhere near the amounts they had a year ago

What a lot of these vloggers (also let's players that have been complaining about similar things) fail to realise is that youtube's moneymaking videos are music videos and movie trailers. These make up the bulk of revenue for the company, and ad distributors want their ads seen on these kinds of videos most. Google cares about appeasing this market; vloggers and other smaller channels aren't as important as stakeholders.

tl;dr Greg's income peak is behind him but youtube will change to be fairer to creators overall to a small degree. He'll still complain that it isn't the figure it was a year ago.

No. 378863

Instead of telling people what they should do with bodies, maybe you should start handling the ones under your care so their teeth don't rot out of their mouth.

…your kids are fucking doomed.

No. 378865

I stopped following Gergle's drama for like a month, so sage for "nothing new", but - it's absolutely hilarious how in that Younow video he yet again said how he ( they? ) dumped Billie over and over, etc. He said the same thing about Shiloh and AJ.
Is he not aware that it actually makes him look unstable as fuck to break up and get back together with someone multiple times in such a short period of time? He says it with such pride - "look how I dumped this piece of shit, multiple times!" like it's not at all crazy.

No. 378866

File: 1493528567327.png (478.4 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4095.PNG)

Was gonna put in the previous thread but it quickly filled up.

I understand this is for a new video but his pictures are getting really pathetic now.

No. 378868

Ffs do they have a bed in every fucking room?

No. 378869

That room looks creepy. Doses any of their rooms have any personality besides what one would find in a college nerds room who shops at hot topic?

No. 378870

Do* my phone hates me

No. 378872

I'd really like to publicly ask Grease how the hell he can call himself the most honest person on YouTube after that Billiemail gate.

If he never lies and is so honest how the hell this could happen?

>I sent no emails?

<A proof is published
>That's fake! Look this is what real email looks like
<Well it seems like you sent two emails
<Yeah but there are more recent emails
<You mailed her about taxes
<So what's with the "I never sent her any emails after we broke up"

No. 378873

Nice bunk bed, Gregma!

No. 378875

I just wanted to say that onion threads always amaze me. they grow so fast, jesus christ. how many has he had this year? theres always milk flowing here.

No. 378878

File: 1493530137004.png (74.55 KB, 640x665, IMG_0744.PNG)

No personality whatsoever. Even the fucking cork board is blank.

Devoid of personality, yet so, so milky.

No. 378879

the onion threads have had some of the funniest comments/shoops in them, Gregma is by far and away one of the most entertaining lolcows. Even when there isn't much milk, he always finds a way to do something retarded and ill judged to laugh at. Whether it's just fishing for compliments with a deceiving selfie, inviting a teenage girl into his marriage to cheat on his wife with, or screaming FAX when anons trigger him into narc rage on a livestream. As much as he hates the "trolls" really we are the only ones laughing at him anymore.

No. 378881

File: 1493530708750.png (42.74 KB, 640x371, IMG_0745.PNG)

1. The only restaurants he ever went to were Taco Bell and Olive Garden.
2. As if those are any worse than the overprocessed garbage he and Plainey eat every single day. He even buys Taco Bell brand refried beans.
3. 3–4 lbs is nothing—one's weight can fluctuate that much in a single day—but nice humblebrag anyway, Gregma.

No. 378883


Boy Onision patrons, it must certainly be gratifying to know your lunch money is going to support such top-notch comedic efforts.

No. 378884

File: 1493530995750.jpg (210.39 KB, 720x1280, IMG_0746.JPG)

His forehead wrinkles look exactly like his mouth.

No. 378886


4 lbs is nothing. also, what kind of adult goes out to restaurants regularly…? can't you cook? maybe its cause i'm a poorfag, but the way that i was raised restaurants were something we did every couple of months. cause they're expensive and there is no need for going to a restaurant if you have food at home. like is it normal to go to a restaurant every week in the States? or is Greg just weird as usual?

can't say i'm surprised. his fridge made it obvious that they don't know shit about cooking.

No. 378892

A face that snapchat filter cant help. Poor onion.

No. 378893

File: 1493531993186.jpg (129.98 KB, 666x995, IMG_0749.JPG)

Not sure I've ever wanted to punch him more than this. And why does he keep doing this with his mouth? So gross.

No. 378895

First thought was that he's poking fun at Plainey.

No. 378896

Late replies to things from the previous thread.

10/10, anons.

If you want a fish pun, why not roenision?

Also, anyone else find it funny that in his last younow stream, he said someone looks like a caveman? Pot, meet kettle.

No. 378899


His nipples… his man-tits are staring at me!!!

No. 378900


He's the kind of cow that keeps on milkin'!

No. 378903

I dunno about this year, but 39 threads total now.

No. 378904

They barely lasted a year even in a LD relationship, they broke up around 6 times.

In total, they spent around 3-4 months max with her physically in person, so yeah… that relationship was completely doomed since the first visit which ended with their first breakup.

No. 378905



I wonder if he cropped the second one because his manboobs looked even more droopy and awful in it. His vegetarian BODEEEEHHHHH

No. 378906

The worst part is that he thinks he's adorable.

Also Grug, stop taking bath pictures. You're a father of two children and most of your fans are underage.

No. 378910

Hahaha he was so triggered by fat comments, hes been trying to lose weight.

And yet hes amazingly convinced himself this is the best content hes ever made.

No. 378911

is this fucking cuck wearing a kojipro shirt? i bet he's never played an mgs game in his life.

No. 378912

Fucking ugly man baby

No. 378920

File: 1493538410244.png (77.96 KB, 640x761, IMG_0748.PNG)

He's literally just rehashing old content. But apparently his "patrons" asked him for it!

No. 378921

I know he's just remaking a video, but how many times has it been said? EMOS ARE NOT A THING ANYMORE. STOP TRYING TO MAKE EMO HAPPEN. OMFG.

No. 378922

"Hope you LOVE it"
"Hope you LOVE the update"
"Attached the song FOR YOU GUYS, for free"

Is it only me or does this choice of words seem knda weird and manipulative?
Normally ytbers just write "Hope you like it, you can download the song for free!"
Maybe it's normal and only seems weird to me because it's Grease saying it.

No. 378923

He definitely tries to manipulate his kiddy fans into becoming patrons.
"My PATRONS have requested this."
"My PATRONS are saving my life"
"My PATRONS get this shit video one day in advance."

No. 378925


Nah he has, the dude's a huge fuckin' fan of MGS, he's had websites and old videos dedicated to that shit as far back as 2002

No. 378926


>I'm So Emo 2017

Dude, 2008 is long gone, let that shit die already.

No. 378927


No. 378929

he looks like a dreamworks puppy

No. 378931

He didn't dump her though. She refused to play his dehumanizing little games and then he shamed her for it - SHE rejected HIM. He can bad mouth Billie all he likes, it doesn't change the fact he was going to run off with her, ditch his speshul space prince and children he "loves so much" - he chose a 19yo girl over the mother of his two children. Lainey will always be second best in her husbands eyes.

No. 378932

>No personality whatsoever. Even the fucking cork board is blank.
>Devoid of personality
At least he has something to remind him of his wife.

No. 378934

Haha she's actually so boring. Her voice is a drawl, her looks are average. Everything apart from this weird gender thing she's trying to convince him of, is boring. Even the cork board is more exciting.

No. 378935

Everything in that picture represents her, from the empty cork board to Gregma cosplaying as his wife, Lamp.

No. 378936

>He definitely tries to manipulate his kiddy fans into becoming patrons.
>your lunch money
kek that's the only way he and Blamey can make money now; leeching off of their teen audiences weekly allowance. Prostitutes make a more respectable living.

No. 378937

I don't get how they can take little kid's money and fuck teenagers whilst having children of their own. Do either of them feel even a shred of remorse?

No. 378938

we all know who billoh was supposed to replace

No. 378939

His children are Gods and Goddesses, that are perfect because they were born with his blood. And if they fuck up it will be Lainey's shitty genes that are the fault.
Other people's children are mentally unsound degenerates that are only good for fucking if they are attractive enough for his tiny unit.

No. 378940


>to armchair anon in last thread

Please please write more. I wanna know about the narc cycles and what childhood experiences leads to this disorder. Understanding Greg (well trying to..) is key to destroying him.

No. 378941

Reminds me of those corrupt politicians and celebrities that go overseas to fuck children yet they have like 3 kids of their own. People like this sicken me so much.

No. 378942

He's done another video judging girls looks, at least judging from the title.

Why cry about views going down if he's just going to rehash the shit that has tanked his reputation and popularity to begin with?

No. 378943

File: 1493549079891.jpg (613 KB, 688x2368, Capture.JPG)

While we are waiting for the upcoming Onion fall out when he realizes he is not getting as much Patreon money as he expected..

Any armchairs think Lainey has become a covert narcissist?

No. 378944

Nah, because in order to have a personality disorder, you must first have a personality.

No. 378946

I love you anon

No. 378947

has gergma never heard of an annulment?

No. 378951

File: 1493552539682.jpg (268.85 KB, 1129x640, vegetarianbodayyyyyyyyy.jpg)

No. 378954

honestly, the bubble on youtube was going to pop eventually. there is no reason for people who just vlog their daily lives to be making hundreds and thousands of dollars. its never going back to how it was and greg needs to realize it and either better his content (he won't) or just move on.

No. 378955

Yeah but he is still in denial. He feels like he deserves it all, that YouTube should be paying him to share his life. He actually thinks he is that important. Can't wait to see when this REALLY actually affects him.

No. 378960

Is he using Lainey's snapchat when he takes these photos? Or does he have a secret account that we're not aware of?

No. 378963

File: 1493555599114.png (28.02 KB, 263x350, Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 4.44…)

Apologies if this has already been covered but why in the fuck does she need $5000 per month to be "financially independent"? like what expenses does she have that exceed $1000 per week? She does fuck all and Gerg pays for everything! I live off barely $1000 a MONTH and I'm sure plenty of people, including her Patreons live on less than that.. the audacity she has to request so much is astounding.
All her rewards are just follow backs on social media and access to exclusive vlogs being the highest reward… what a life to live!

No. 378964


I just have this feeling this isn't even Lainey, but is Gregma just trying to rake in more money and pity.

Greg doesn't seem like the type that wants his spouses to have any financial control or money of their own. He likes controlling everything.

No. 378965

it's probably a set of expenses in his life, such as the mortgage. if he can outsource it to the plebs, all the better.

No. 378966

the new i'm so emo video
more fucking trash content tbh. how can anyone genuinely find him attractive is so beyond me.
love how a girl with blue hair rips his love note in half. is that a suggestion that billie ripped your heart in half gregma?

No. 378967

Recently he stated he wanted her to make enough money to be financially independent.
So he could leave her. Because that was legit the only reason she stayed in the first place.

No. 378970


this photo is the only time i've wanted to purposefully hit an animal with my car

No. 378972

Gerg should just get a part-time job like any other human being. Youtube won't fund him forever, neither will his Patrons.

No. 378973

I was just thinking how he would've saved for both his 401k and veiney's. could've started two college funds for his kids as well. I have no doubt in my mind he has done none of these things at all. He is so shit with money, just spends it as he sees fit.

No. 378974


>I'm so duck

>I'm so emo

Jesus this reeks of him just picking up nearby stuff in his house to film with.
>best content of my life


I still maintain that anyone who thought Youtube was going to be lucrative forever, to the point where they could live off of making videos, are stupid. Youtube doesn't owe people anything, sure they might have been a little rash, but didn't we all see it coming? The content creators should have.

Who the fuck buys a $700,000 house and commits to a mortgage without having a secure job? That blows my mind.

No. 378977

Their backyard could be SO FUCKING NICE if they gave a shit about anything besides them Youtube bux. Hell, vegetarian gardening could help make him look more desperate. "We're so poor that Lamp and I have to grow food for our spawn."

Sage for unnecessary landscaping rage

No. 378979


Their backyard, houses and everything could be x100 nicer if they had any interest in cooking, gardening and spending a few bucks on something other than tacky clothing and premade vegetarian food.


This is their mansion. My homebody self is dying looking at all that space and opportunity when I know they're only using 1/3 of the rooms, eat pre packaged foods and spend all day on their phones.

No. 378980


LOL You can see the edge of his forehead dent here. Horrifying! I wonder why he has that huge crater in the middle of his head. For medical anons: Is that a place where a bunch of his forehead muscles come together in an unfortunate way, or what? It seems to essentially be the epicenter of his Neanderthal brows.

No. 378981

No. 378984

File: 1493562026983.jpg (24.92 KB, 464x317, IMG_0685.JPG)

No. 378985

not a doctor but studying a type of healthcare - i believe botox can leave a dent after application. this is because the botox effectively paralyses the muscles, meaning that they shape around the skull more tightly and reveal the shape of the skull more than in a non-botox face.
could be completely wrong but based on limited knowledge i think this is what has happened to greg. that or he has metastatic cancer (unlikely).

No. 378986

File: 1493562114015.gif (847.96 KB, 400x225, FwHb641.gif)

one of the worst things about stanky gurg's content is that it's all static tripod shots which not only make it extremely dull viewing but must literally take forrrrrevverrrrrrr to make… and then all the footage is just him interacting in vulgar ways with all the generic crap he's bought in his house.

he musn't have a single friend to shoot for him

imagine sharing a life with someone whose claim to a career is just them wandering around the house in tacky fancy dress, gyrating like a spastic all over the furniture!?

gurg youtube hasn't cheated you, your channel is dying because nothing you produce surpasses that of a high school media project

No. 378987

Could he even get a part-time job? One search for his name on Google will lead employers down quite the rabbit hole.

No. 378988

i think an employer would hesitate having someone who needs to wear a bulletproof vest for fear of someone being killed for a start. don't really want to encourage someone showing up to your store/restaurant etc just to shoot an employee.

No. 378989

also just to follow on from my previous botox comment - repeated botox can lead to atrophy, which again could highlight any indentations in the forehead.

No. 378991

What I'm wondering is why he doesn't ask Plain to help film. It's not like she's busy posting emo shit on tumblr and crying. She could actually learn a fucking skill.

No. 378992

>Youtube doesn't owe people anything
A-fucking-men. The # of YTers that are shamelessly begging for Patreon is vomit inducing.
Now with Gergless, it's even more pathetic, because he's the guy who, in the past, has made claims such as "you're here for my content, I don't need you, unsubscribe, leave" and now he's whoring and begging kids for monniez.

No. 378993


Thanks, you and the other anons. That's pretty interesting. I knew he was probably getting botox to make his fivehead smoother, but had no idea it could have that particular side effect.

Now I wonder if his 12 year old patrons are paying for his injections, as clearly they are necessary for ~survival.~

No. 378994


Maybe he's wprried if he does that she will have some claim to his YT earnings if they get divorced. I think a lot of his behavior and Taylor's behavior towards each other is understandable if you look at their marriage from the perspective that he expects to get rid of her at some point, and has pre-emptively taken steps to minimize his financial ties to her, post-Greg.

No. 378995

Because she is useless.

No. 378996

yes, botox isn't really something to fuck around with. whilst it is safe under a good plastic surgeon, it's difficult to make it look natural and the more the botox is applied, the more obvious it becomes.
see: greg's drooping brow and eyes. greg clearly had a poor surgeon as his botox has managed to leak from his forehead down to his eyes and brow. this should have worn off a long long time ago IF he only had one session - this proves that he has been having botox repeatedly for a very long time.
sorry to those who aren't interested in the botox discussion.

No. 378997

File: 1493563506799.png (544.72 KB, 1220x717, tmp_7860-jaclyn662919741.png)

I didn't see this posted yet. Sage if it's old news.

No. 378998


Someone should make a compilation with clips where he says his fans are dumb, stoopid children and that he doesn't need them.


It's probably because she's with the kids and breastfeeding them, and because he doesn't WANT her to be involved. Skye claimed alimony because she helped with the 'family bisnis' and we all know how much Greggles hated that. It wouldn't be surprising if he drilled it into Lainey's head, that this is his channel and his money. He's been talking about Lainey's financial independence a LOT lately. He's had one food out the door for years.

No. 379000

That was already posted.

No. 379001

i wouldn't be surprised if lainey coming out and being trans is a part of it now. does anyone else think this?
he insisted that bisexuals can't be trusted and that they cheat. i feel like you can't make a u-turn and stop believing that all of a sudden - the only reason he was okay with lainey being "bi" was so that he could fuck around with other girls. he's also transphobic. if he hates people who are bi and trans, and if lainey IS bi and trans (heavily debatable) how the hell would they stay together?
not only that, but she's gone downhill in appearance massively, and she's getting older. and she won't let him sleep with other girls. why would he stay with her?

No. 379002

But to be "financially independant" means you aren't depending on other people to give you money? I don't really see how relying on patrons giving her a certain amount each month is being independant in any way.

No. 379003

It means independent from Greg, not independent from the fanbase.

No. 379004

I'm assuming he keeps mentioning it in an attempt to make it more difficult for her to claim alimony if/when they split

No. 379006


>You're not responding to the logic


No. 379008

I doubt either of them really care about Plainey's financial independence. Otherwise, she'd do something with the "education" they both brag about constantly. It's just another ploy for sympathy, to get their teenage fans to fork over their lunch money. I mean, supposedly they're about to lose their McMansion and starve to death. Shouldn't they worry about that first? Why are they suddenly so concerned about financial independence, after all these years living off his YouTube bux?

No. 379009

File: 1493565784939.jpg (27.36 KB, 315x302, donld.jpg)


Sup, armchairfag here.

Narc cycles:

Manic phase:
Spastic, blabbering, frantic and hectic urges to entertain others with buffoonery and clownish neurotic humour. They tend to suffer from imsomnia during that phase and their heads are full of ideas, most often of megalomaniac proportions. Their performing and management skills are at their best during that phase.

Catatonic phase: The opposite, marked by almost autistic confinement, total anhedonia and lack of energy; very similar to depression. In this phase, the narcissist questions his own grandiosity (although most don't seem to ever admit that).

Acting out Phase: When a narcissist can't find proper supply, he/she seeks to destroy the "supply" (because most narcs like to think that we are all narcissists but just bad at it) of others. To do that, they start rumours, pick up fights, provoke senseless bickering and pointless debates, slenderous campaigns, etc. Some narcs with antisocial tendencies tend to actually insult people publically, accuse others of serious crimes and even might engage in felonies and misdemeanors related to the disturbance of public order an damage to private property. They don't enter this phase unless they cannot obtain positive attention from any significant source and when their manipulative plots can't be hidden anymore. This phase is often followed by either hoovering phases or masochistic withdrawals.

Masochistic Withdrawal Phase: The narcissist realizes that he cannot use his charm (or often "charm" for low-grade narcs like Greg) to obtain the indulgence or forgiveness of their supply, so they engage in a pity-party. This is when NPD individuals start to seemingly punish themselves quite dramatically, be it by insulting themselves, threatening to radically cut ties with everyone in what seems to be a forlorn exile, vehemently and mercilessly condemning his own actions and refusing any comforting word or gesture. Basically a crucifixion, a passion of christ where, obviously, the son of god and saviour messiah is the narcissist himself/herself. The goal is to make everyone feel sorry for him and/or what they think they did to him/her. MWP is a phase where narcs create a spectacle of redemption and atonement of the sins of those who harmed, forsaken or betrayed them. Or so they want us to think, since it's clearly always a form to distract us all from their own shortcomings and wrongdoings.

Gap Narrowing Phase: This is very interesting. Narcissists have what professionals call the Grandiosity Gap. It's the gap between their false self, their fake persona, and their true self, their puny and deformed inner self. Usually, this gap is gargantuan, as their puny and worthless real self and their colossal, titanic and godlike false self are extreme opposites. But when his mask drops and all the tactics in the narcissist's repertoire prove to have little to no desired effect, the narcissist has to enter a phase where this distance between their two basic selves has to be narrowed down. They do so in order to lower their "audiences" expectations, make them think they can relate to them. It can be an extension of their Masochistic Withdrawal Phase. In this phase, the narc actually seems to be self-aware and capable of perceiving his own delusions and flaws, even admitting them. This is an illusion, because the narcissist don't seem to be able to consciously experience their insignificance for more than a brief moment. Comprehending their own insignificance to them it's like trying to understand the dimensions of the universe for us, except that the other way around. They do, however, know very well that some people see them as a mere mortal, a common human in regards to proportions and potential, and they can act like they agree with that during the GNP.

On the other thread, I talked about the hoovering phase, so no need to cover that here.

I know a lot of people hate when people do armchair psychology and I get it. I really do. I agree that it can suck and it's almost always bad. On the last thread, I explain why I'm doing this, so to all qualms and grievances, I direct you to my post there. Can't miss it, it's the largest post there and has a fucking retarded ugly-ass picture on it.

I'll talk about their narrative solutions on the next post, if anyone wants to know. There are clear signs that Greg uses them.

No. 379010

He claimed the divorce on his 2011 taxes, I think–he was audited then, too.

No. 379011

This would be better suited if you made a blog and put your posts on there and just linked to it whenever anyone requested it.

It's not exactly welcomed on any other thread on lolcow, so I don't see why it should get a pass in here.

No. 379012


This is actually starting to annoy me. I agree with >>379011, this just isn't the place for deep discussions on people's psyche.

>On the last thread, I explain why I'm doing this

Nobody is going to rifle through an old thread. If you want to refer someone to it, please do so with a link.

No. 379013

Would it be OK if I start a thread about it on OT? Easier than a whole blog just about Abusion (far more than he deserves). Would there be any interest on this kind of thing there? I also make caricatures of him, so maybe I can post them at the thread I'd make there? I just wanna get outta you people's hair. Just trying to be constructive here, with useful information.

No. 379014

It'd probably be for the best, I don't see why there would be a problem with that sort of content in /ot so go for it, then you can link to it whenever anyone asks in here for anything specific.

No. 379015

It's an ugly house lbr, but that backyard is so beautiful. It's actually so sad that they only live in their basement.

No. 379016

Maybe he's one of those people who think the basement will save them during a doomsday crisis.

No. 379018

They could make that house look good or at least decent if only they decorated. It's extremely weird to me. Most people at least have a few paintings or even just shelves. There's something slightly disturbing and killer-esque about a large "nice" house with empty walls and minimal furniture. They don't paint the walls, they don't have rugs, they don't seem to even have books. He would live in a cardboard box as long as it was seen as a status symbol. The outside of his house is beautiful, you can see it is expensive. Yet the inside is barren and unloved. What a funny metaphor. Sage for bitching about their house

For people who live in such a beautiful area they're quite pale.

No. 379020

sage for projecting
I think it's very sad too, that they have this huge mansion and nothing to fill it with, other than cheap anime posters, cameras and lamps. There are probably no personal pictures on the walls, no paintings like you say, the entire house looks and feels very sterile as you can see in some of his videos. It's just sad that Greg thinks a big house like that is a status symbol when he's stingy with the heating and furnishing. It does look like a murder house.

They probably don't even go on hikes in the area either. I'm outside the US but in a very similar place as Washington, people are nuts for hiking and going outside here. They're missing out on so many simple but beautiful things it seems. Their mansion has a view of Mt. Rainier too, I bet they just gaze out of the windows to experience the outdoors.

No. 379021

Sage because yes, I mad.

I wish someone would do a neat, concise video about how much money this asshat has made over "THE LAST TEN YERZZZ" plus a rough estimate of his net worth and then spread that vid like wildfire so those donating would know they are literally giving to the rich. (I could try but I don't think I could do the video justice.)

It pisses me off so much that he is trying to claim he now has financial troubles and that he AND plainey are trying to rake in so much money a month to float through life on. Jesus, $5000 a month just for her? Most people I know make that much working full time between TWO people.

They are both able bodied individuals who could get a job in a heartbeat. What stops them 1. Having to work a job they don't TOTES LOVE, and 2. Having to be at the bottom of the food chain at their ages, especially his.

They have two fucking kids and a mortgage but neither of them is trying to get a real job ASAP? Just… fucking what? What kind of people do this? They made choices and have responsibilities now, yet expect others to carry their weight? I bet next they are going to try to get welfare too.

They are so beyond entitled and this patreon bullshit just makes it even more blatant that they both think they are above having to actually work.

I already hate the entire patreon culture since it is rarely beyond e-begging (and, guess what, as soon as patreons move on you are screwed again until you get a real job), but holy fucking shit, what these two people are doing is beyond pathetic. I wish so much that this kind of behavior was more severely shamed in our society so they would knock it off and have to work hard like everyone else.

I hope the IRS thing is true because fuck, they both deserve it after this.

No. 379023

>They are so beyond entitled and this patreon bullshit just makes it even more blatant that they both think they are above having to actually work.

This, and the fact that they are literally targeting children for their e-begging. That's what disgusts me. Their marks are kids– and both of them know it.

No. 379025

sage for OT but hiking with gerg sounds like a terrifying idea. he seems like the kind of guy who would shove someone off a cliff and try to explain to police how they "slipped suddenly"

No. 379026

Does Gregma seriously own two Teslas?

No. 379027

We don't know whether they're owned or leased, but yes.

No. 379028

Why doesn't he just rent the room above the garage? It has a stove, a fridge, it's own bathroom… I don't know what rents in that area are like but he could probably get at LEAST 500/mo for it, possibly more.

No. 379030

Then he would have to actually live near people

No. 379036

Obviously he can't let anyone call CPS

No. 379038

Please make a thread in /ot/ if you're so inclined, it's getting out of hand in here.

No. 379044

This is so fucking bad, holy shit. And what is the point? All of the stuff he lists off has nothing to do with being "emo"—plus I'm pretty sure there are no emo kids left in 2017, except for Plainey. This was just an excuse to put on more makeup than usual and show off all of the kewl stuff in his house. Their McMansion looks like a college dorm. But that's what teens like, right?!

> Music Producer

Sure, Gregma.

No. 379052

Suuuper OT, but I just watched that movie Colossal and the villain reminded me of Gerg so much.
"I'm helping you out with your life, giving you shit, buying you shit, doing you favors, I'm such a nice guy, I'm such a pal, I do this because I'm a great person, oh, btw, I fucking own you now."

No. 379053

He keeps rehashing the same material because he is dried up and isn't original at all. That or he wants to re live his glory days. Did he seriously say he wanted to do another death note video? It's a good anime sure but this isn't 2006

No. 379055

hey gregs making the best videos he's ever made thanks to his patreons okay? they're literally keeping him alive okay? he's just giving the people what they want because clearly his patreons are around the same mental level (around 16) as greg so they think this shit is funny.

No. 379056

>>Music Producer
It's just another criteria of his NPD, overblown exaggeration of his achievements and credentials.

It's the same for his "Director, comedian, television appearances (doesn't disclose it was a just a clip of his Banana video 10 years ago), military veteran, web designer, graphic designer" ect.

We have a female narc on here called "Victoria Bella-Morte" (Vicky Shingles) who does the exact same thing, but she's a benign narcissist in comparison to Gerg.

Yep, his fans share the same morals, ethics, mean-spirited sense of humor and mindset as him, similar to why abusers are so defensive and see nothing wrong with enjoying the content by DaddyofFive for example.

No. 379057


Ugh no they sound like that loser Goochhole who keeps shitting up the kiwifarms thread.

No. 379060


please, enough with the armchair headshrinking

No. 379066


Nah, Goochole was claiming Onion was a psychopath

No. 379067

Apologies, I've always made a little comment now and then in relation but with the recent walls of text by the other anon, I realise it's overkill at this point.

No. 379069

Understanding that he has npd helps us anticipate hit shit and understand how to destroy him, he has npd, get over it.

No. 379070


Yeah but it's getting out of hand now. If you want to continue this nonsense (armchair) go follow OP.

No. 379073


I'm sorry Onion but dem glory days are gone.

No. 379076

File: 1493583514702.png (362.04 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4097.PNG)


It's not from Botox

No. 379077

>Lainey will always be second best in her husbands eyes.
He even told her he wished he wasn't married to her.How blatantly obvious can he make it that he regrets being stuck/trapped with her for the next 18 years? I'd almost feel sorry for her dumb ass but her kids are the ones that will suffer most from this loveless sham of a marriage.

No. 379078

Hi Sarah

No. 379079

Goals!! Ask us questions guyz! Fund my ass sitting around the house making microwave vegetarian food! Plainey is so pathetic

No. 379081

File: 1493584010429.jpg (76.08 KB, 640x361, image.jpg)

I know it's been talked about already, but maybe Billie did hear a lot of crying in Gregs household from what sounded like kids/over sized babies. I mean Complainey does cry a lot and Greg does throw a lot of shit fits/ tantrums.

Be easy to mix up the two.


No. 379082

So fucking true

No. 379083

>Gregma cosplaying as his wife, Lamp.

No. 379084

>I just have this feeling this isn't even Lainey, but is Gregma just trying to rake in more money and pity.

I think you're right. Everyone knows Onion runs all of Lainey's social media accounts.

No. 379085

>I wonder why he has that huge crater in the middle of his head.
I always figured it was from a failed abortion.

No. 379089


Fuck you.

No. 379097

File: 1493585415005.png (288.14 KB, 345x548, 1486862805340.png)

>failed abortion
my sides fuck

that's not the dent that's just his neanderthal brow. the dent goes up much farther. whatever doc did his botox probably fucked it up and put it in the wrong spot once.

No. 379101

How could anyone be aroused with this face looming inches from theirs in the bedroom? It'd burn into your retinas so bad not even pitch black darkness could make it better.

No. 379103


That's what I don't understand!! How could anyone bear to fuck him, much less actually fly out there with the express intent of fucking him? AJ, one of his girlfriends before Taylor, and in between Shiloh episodes, actually said he was hot in her letter. NO. NO!!! Just looking at him is horrific, and always has been.

No. 379104


No. 379105

Did he have a facelift in addition to the botox? It seems in his older videos his brows were at a downward slope whereas now he has scary witch brows that are much higher up on his face. It doesn't seem like he plucks them that shape, so I really wonder.

No. 379107


You gotta understand, anon; he was in his 20's and had (had) looks.

Now, they're all gone.

No. 379108

it's the botox. done improperly it'll make your brows drop so one "fix" is to add more on the outer corners to bring them up.

No. 379110

File: 1493586461702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 392.71 KB, 700x844, FFN_RIJ_2012_EMMYS_SET1_092312…)

nicole kidman's a good example of it. sage for samefagging.

No. 379111

File: 1493587093767.jpg (62.44 KB, 800x429, sr3721cvsnmx.jpg)

I believe Carrot Top is a more apt comparison.

No. 379123

>"I'm helping you out with your life, giving you shit, buying you shit, doing you favors, I'm such a nice guy, I'm such a pal, I do this because I'm a great person, oh, btw, I fucking own you now."
That's Onion to a tee. classic narc behavior.

No. 379125

He was mildly passable in his 20s, that's why he's so desperate now to recapture it, recycling old content from that era. Now his features are morphing to match his hideous narc insides… that and bad botox.

No. 379128

File: 1493590184501.jpg (48.75 KB, 345x548, DroopyNarc.jpg)

There goes that drooping right eye. He looks like he just came back from a methadone clinic.

No. 379133


He's always had that droopy eye before the Botox procedures even began.

No. 379134

Anyone seen Drew's response to Onion's meltdown? He mentions how, unlike Onion, he didn't have to spend any money on Billie to make her happy. Money being the only leverage Onion's ever had in any relationship. Drew started laffin about "breaking Greg", which as everyone knows is a foregone conclusion. More like Drew helped crack Onion's veneer of sanity, revealing the true narc man child underneath.

No. 379136

it was discussed in a previous thread

No. 379139

Lurk more.

No. 379143

If it involves someone in Grease's sphere (someone he's harassing), or a popular youtuber, it's almost always posted here within the hour.

No. 379147

File: 1493592535530.png (109.19 KB, 640x817, IMG_0752.PNG)

It's so obvious that this YouTube censorship thing is just a shitty ploy to make his YT subscribers pay up. I can't believe some of them are dumb enough to fall for it, and even defend it, but then I remember they're all people with the same maturity/intelligence/desperation levels as his.

No. 379150

Exactly. And if he really has two million+ active subscribers, his channel being restricted wouldn't affect his views. Lots of successful youtubers have restricted channels

No. 379151

This is really great info and on the last thread as well >>378608, just wish it could all be condensed. You've captured his cycles perfectly. What really stood out is the "hoovering"; acting like he's going to change for the better(duping newfags who're unfamiliar with his shit, and duping oldfags - his wife - into sticking around) only to fall back into the same if not worse behavior than before.

And if that doesn't work, turn on the "poor me, i'm suicidal" shtick. He really is utterly predicable. Anyway, i guess blog posts should go to OT.

No. 379153


Yeah, I'd actually like to talk about all this, so I hope OP resumes posting over there in OT. I thought it was all pretty interesting.

No. 379155

>Youtube came down on me hard
LMAO he plays the victim card even better than Lamp. Whatever happened to "if you don't like me, don't watch me/unsubscribe i don't need you!!" And now he's e-begging?? HAHA this is great.

No. 379156

>resumes posting over there in OT.
I didn't see any post from criminology anon in OT. I hope they can post more there, it's very useful info.

No. 379157

>so those donating would know they are literally giving to the rich
I could name a few other "rich" youtuber's that are doing the same thing, but i don't want to go off topic. Onion truly is the worst of the worst.
>They made choices and have responsibilities now, yet expect others to carry their weight?
They're perpetual children in adult bodies. Their childlike behavior is expected.

No. 379158

Please link to the thread here since some of us are interested in reading further. Thanks.

No. 379163

should be simple enough for anons to go to /ot/ and find it, or you could link it yourself if your that worried.

No. 379165

File: 1493596314439.jpg (78.31 KB, 720x960, nmmR1thvsRAQuq2CSIYJ_10632593_…)


You stole my joke from a thread back, nonny! Good on you though, because I have an intense need to freak the fuck out about his absolutely shitty taste with like minded anons.

Seriously, they do look like they buy all of their furnishings at Hot Topic. Yes, it's a McMansion, which in my book is a major hell no in terms of housing, but it's also a McM that looks a lot like a giant, cheap hotel room for lame weebs, which is truly saying something special. It's a sad porn star house. It's shitty and beige. It has no personality at all, which in and of itself is creepy AF think of the children!!¡¡¡!1

Zero personality. If I'd been making money like Greg, my home would be disgustingly lovely and cozy and gorgeous and I'd have Hilden and Diaz chandeliers all over the damned place. (pic related)

I'd love to get as many pictures of Greg's house together as we can in one place so that design minded anons can sperg about his dreadful, cheap decorating choices? I'd start this off​ right but haven't got any photos or screencaps which means that I suck.

Sage for ranty blogposting and maybe OT, but seriously if anyone wants to talk about his fucked taste, I'm here and I'm fucking ready. It may be off-topic (thoughts admin-sama?) but at least it's more interesting than armchair headshrinking, IMO.

No. 379168


Remember his Onision's basement video? Like all they had was like shit from sharper image or Brookstone or whatever. Like an $8000 massage chair. You could furnish a living room nicely for that amount. They spend all their money on crappy collectibles and clothes.

No. 379169


So much newfaggotry. Greggles is a long time MGS fan and one of his first message boards was…

You know what? Go forth and do research, summerchild.

No. 379170

Lamey's new video about how she's non-binary

No. 379172

Is there any proof or examples of him using botox? A kid I was in school with has the exact same eyes and eyebrow droppy going on but it's just his face structure. Come to think of it, he was a bit like Greg in other ways to. Conspircay rising

No. 379173


Man she really is so boring and she def looked way better before she got with onion, its true that onion sucks the life out of all his victims

No. 379175


Drunken peasants said he had botox and many think he does, wouldnt doubt it his face looks completely different nowadays

No. 379176

OK, narc thread created in OT. I linked the old posts in there. Hopefully armchair anon will join in.

No. 379177


What is she calling non-binary? "Oh! Some days I feel like a girl, and some days I feel like a bara daddy!" ?

To quote another non-binary cow on this site.

No. 379178

File: 1493597627166.jpg (170.62 KB, 1080x1421, tmp_28258-_20170501_0209489848…)

This one is getting it though

No. 379179

So, lamebot came out with her first solo video. I don't really know how to reupload and tbh it's not even worth it because holy shit it's boring. It's about her stupid gender shit and even by tumblr standards she has absolutely nothing of value to say. Can't believe she's expecting people to pay her for something so dull.

Also, she's broadcasting from the same creepy room with the bed pushed up against a wall and a genderspecial flag above it that onion has been setting his crying and e-begging videos recently. Seriously, they have a whole McMansion and they can not find a better backdrop than a room that looks like a guest bedroom for family you hate?

No. 379180

Criminology anons entire point was to expose Onion for what he really is for the benefit of others, to help prevent others from being victimized by him. Obviously interior design won't be helpful in that regard.

No. 379181

There is no such thing as non-binary.She's desperately trying to appear speshul and appealing to her easily bored, narc husband. That's all that is. She's never even been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Christ she's just as much a headcase as Onion.

No. 379182

Why doesn't he just use the room above the garage as his work space and sell the other house and car? Surely that would be the logic Gretna Or shall I introduce you to it.

No. 379183

lol criminologyanon my ass.

NPDarmchairnon is thirsty for attention, admins told them to move it to OT, they should do that. It takes all of about thirty minutes to read the exact same shit regarding NPD practically anywhere on Google, ffs the raised by narcissists subreddit has more and better info than this needy sixteen year old desperately craving for electronic asspats.

No. 379184

Yeah, their McMansion is that shitty beige suburban aesthetic that realtors telly you to paint your house in if you're trying to sell it but I'm not sure he should be discouraged from keeping it that way. The house he seemed to have decorated himself, the one he lived in with shiloh looked like a dank little crack den painted by a psychotic clown, that shit was scary.

No. 379186

Wouldn't breastfeeding MASSIVELY TRIGGER her "dysphoria?"

No. 379187


I would think insistently heterosexual sex with an insistently cis man would too, but hey, I am just a h8ter so what do I know.

No. 379188

I was just going off of her saying that she's dysphoric about her breasts and hips specifically. But yeah, I would imagine hetero sex would be as well. Apparently not.

No. 379189

File: 1493598527105.jpg (16.28 KB, 480x318, 5bf.jpg)

>I'm not gonna give you my allowance
Anons totally called it. Onion and Lamp are just e-begging from kids now. But Billie's the loser, right Onion?

No. 379190


That was what we call a joke, anon? Sorry that the /s was a necessity for you.


This! Like, if he flew a ton I'd say he saw all that shit in SkyMall but he never leaves the house! So much Sharper Image/Brookstone junk.

Lame. It's so lame. It's weird but when I was growing up at least we had time of books in the house, what the hell do his kids do for entertainment? Stare at the beige?

Listen to the sounds of daddy raping Andy Beirsack (sp) dolls? It's just so wrong.

No. 379191

Meh, at least she smiles a few times and acknowledged the fact that she has children.

No. 379192

When she answered the question "how old were you when you started questioning your gender?" It was the most cliché answer ever.
>I hated wearing dresses when I was little!
>I wanted a boy hair cut, but my mom wouldn't let me!

No. 379193

Ash isn't nonbinary, her profile says "nombinary". Some days she eats like a delicate woman and other days she eats like a fratboy.

No. 379194

>That was what we call a joke Sorry that the /s was a necessity for you.
>at least it's more interesting than armchair headshrinking
Yep so full of laffs. Grammar Nazi's amuse me so at least you have that going for you.

No. 379195

Even better, Gregma acts like it's pathetic that some of his fans can't afford $12 a year (i.e. supporting his Patreon at the lowest tier, $1/month). He hasn't directly said it, but you can tell by the way he talked about it, I think in his most recent YouNow? Like he could barely mask his incredulity or derision or whatever it was.

No. 379197


>Criminology anons entire point was to expose Onion for what he really is for the benefit of others

My sides
Excuse me
In orbit

Please stop.

If you aren't Goochhole you're doing a solid, very autistic impersonation, bravo. Call Billie a skank a few more times & you'll be bang on.

No. 379198

>Like he could barely mask his incredulity or derision or whatever it was.

…Which is hard for a kid, because almost none of them have credit to pay for it in the first place. I was surprised to see how decently his Patreon climbed given his demographic. I will be really curious to see how much his Patreon dips in the next day or so.

No. 379199

Speaking of… I was taken aback that he allowed her to admit to breastfeeding and being a parent. Can one of you armchair anons explain to me what his damage is with not mentioning his children in any way whatsoever. In the video where he showcases all his processed food he kind of masks saying he has a family so it's not understandable and in his kids video he keeps saying "kids we may or may not have". I know he says it's to protect their privacy but tbh that's bullshit, acknowledging you have children does not compromise their privacy in any way, and I'm not entirely convinced in the theory that he isn't mentioning them because he doesn't want potential teen greasewives to know he's a dad and be turned off, because he's perfectly happy mentioning them to e-beg or to bitch about how much smarter he is than the entire medical profession. He speaks of his children in almost a similar way that he speaks of his exes(refusing to say their names, saying "they" instead of "she", generally being cryptic af) which I find kind of weird too. Is this some sort of narc tactic again?

No. 379200

>NPDarmchairnon is thirsty for attention
>read the exact same shit regarding NPD practically anywhere on Google
Not really, no. How does this invalidate that the info is useful? And how were they being "thirsty for attention" by taking Onion apart? Did you not notice the title of the thread?

No. 379202

If you don't think there's any use to identifying Onions NDP cycles, then you're a bit dense.

No. 379203

Tomorrow is when we find out how many people actually paid on patreon, right?

Sage for not contributing.

No. 379204

I don't understand why people can't just dress the way they want without applying labels to themselves? Like if you want to wear makeup "like a girl" but dress in flannel button-ups "like a boy," just fucking do it because that's what you like. No need to further perpetuate tired gender stereotypes in the process.

Plainey's own breasts and hips trigger her "dysphoria," but hetero sex with Gregma, pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are fine? Feminine hair makes her feel bad, but feminine makeup is fine..?

No. 379205

>Like he could barely mask his incredulity or derision or whatever it was.
He truly believes himself superior to everyone else, and yet here he is e-begging from children. This shit writes itself.

No. 379206

Yep. Sage goes in the email field.

No. 379207

She doesn't even have dysphoria - no doctor diagnosed her. She lives in a fantasy world in her head to escape the fresh hell of being an Onion wife.

No. 379208

File: 1493600395604.jpg (172.99 KB, 1079x1387, tmp_20769-_20170501_0248127267…)

It's surprises me that he can't see that his life has hit rock bottom if a child refuses to give him her lunch money.

Also captured this roast of the same upset fan

No. 379211

She's probs just an anachan who doesn't like to have round female forms and prefers to have short hair, but the trans community gives her something to be a part of and makes her special so she's totes non-binary u guys

No. 379212

Also Dan & Phil and Zoella have all branched out and don't rely on views for their income.
Which is why they're 'surviving' while onion isn't

No. 379213

Does anyone find curious how Cody (DoF) and Onisions kid have the SAME Mario blanket?

No. 379214


No, go to the OT post if you want your info.

No. 379215

wtf are u reaching for

No. 379216

How accurate is Socialblade?

He complains that his drop in views/subs are part of YT conspiracy against him personally, but the vast majority of unsubscribers are after he announced his Patreon money grab (4/16). https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/onision/monthly

Plus, YouTube isn't even "censoring" anyone, they're just preventing certain videos from appearing in restricted mode… like, to children, for example. But that's his target demographic, so it's understandable that he's taking it so hard.

No. 379217

>The only thing prepared in your house are your meals
>Start saving
Children are giving an adult financial advice on the internet. Oh if only we all could live the dignified Onion life.

No. 379218


There's a great way you can 'identify his cycles'. You watch his increasingly manic videos and read his spergouts on twitter.

Figuring out narcissists is not rocket science.

No. 379219


Oh, for the love of Pete.

Take it over to the blisteringly rapid fire discussion of his fascinating cycles (which none of us have ever pondered in the slightest) over on ot, though.

No. 379220

lol it's not even his videos individually it's his content as a whole. I was watching Jenna marbles videos all day and she cusses like a salor but I was getting ads for almost every video still

No. 379222

File: 1493602741701.jpg (22.43 KB, 600x400, Xh2mJJ6.jpg)

No. 379223


Everything that I've always thought would legit trigger Taylor/Lainey never actually seems to be a point of contention for her.

Like having het sex on the reg with a cis dude, yes. Or nursing children. Or hell, being pregnant.

Or that Greg can misgender her all he wants but when someone else does it? Then she has to make a quick text to Greggums so he can go ballistic on someone on poor, defenseless agender Lainey's behalf. Didn't this happen last with JG as well? She misgendered Lainey and Greg took her to task for it during their not-a-debate.

Lainey is just so full of shit.

No. 379227

sage is something you type in the email field, not something you achieve by writing it in the post.

No. 379230

File: 1493604046079.png (122.79 KB, 276x307, Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.5…)

Well he clearly had something done around Feb/March this year…

No. 379233

I know Zoella has a line with a UK store which is pretty popular

No. 379237

>-2,671,725 143.6%
Views for the Last 30 Days
I don't know how accurate it is but I'm lol'ing over the negative two million views for the Uhohbro channel, and it's the only one with a network too.I seem to recall him whining awhile back about closing it.

No. 379243


Lol, so Blaire shouldn't get a boob job and should love herself, but Plainey can possibly chop her titties off because she actually hates herself.

What happen to Gregma's " My spouse would never consider changing her body because I make them feel perfect the way they are" bullshit.


Random person on the internet misgenders her : TRIGGERED TO HIGH HEAVENS

Family misgenders her :
Its alright, its cool.

No. 379245


No newfag, he was just trolling us with that shit when we realized he got some work done.

No. 379249

File: 1493606184243.png (633.05 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4098.PNG)


Someone called her out on her shit at the end.

Aww, u mad bro?

No. 379251

She really is rather mannish.

No. 379252


Oh and how long until she (or Onion) cuts her hair again?

No. 379253

But then they cant be super speshul and have a term just for them! It just causes more stereotypes if you think being a girl is just wearing pretty dresses, having long hair, and painting your nails. You can hate dresses and have short hair, and be a girl. Having dysphoria and wanting to transition is a whole different ballgame. This agender shit is wanting to be different/trans but dont want to have to transition because you know you're not actually trans.

Idk why people think agender makes them special. Its literally a made up term to describe what everyone has been for ages (a tomboy! or metrosexual for guys). I was a tomboy and still am. I dont need a super speshul term for it and to defy being a girl.

Shes literally a joke. One day gerg will do that same face and gesture to her as he kicks her out the house. Have fun lameo!

No. 379256

File: 1493607205907.jpg (71.98 KB, 690x590, 00000.jpg)

Related pic from early March in the "finally facing my stalker vid". It's obvious he fucked up his face somehow. Looks like some swelling around the eyes. Part of the vid cuts to him wearing a "clay" mask which was obviously filmed before whatever he did to fuck up his face.

No. 379257


You mean his lazy eye ? Which has always looked swollen-ish and derpy.

No. 379258

Doesn't she claim to have an anxiety disorder too, just like all the other imaginary, undiagnosed crap she claims to have? Just like Onion, they both bullshit their way through life. Go back to e-begging kids for money, losers.

No. 379260

Pretty sure her dick is bigger than Onion's microD, which is ironic given how much of a pathetic doormat she is for staying with a man who was going to leave her for a teenage girl until he got rejected. kek

No. 379261

if he had surgery that would require that kind of bandage his face would be bruised and busted weeks later. so he didn't get anything done

No. 379263

There's no way to know when the vid was filmed in relation to whatever fucked up his face. We can't prove he had surgery but there's nothing disproving it either.

No. 379264

Both eyes look swollen to me, the right eye a little more so.

No. 379265

considering the guy loves the camera and lives in front of it 24/7, we sort of can. he doesn't have mental capacity to pre-record a bunch of shit either.

No. 379266

She's dull as hell, and I still hate her, however I will say 2 things that I find actually positive about the video.
1) She's more tolerable than when Greg is leering over her in videos.
2) I found it quite mature of her when she was talking and stated 'As a parent…' She was able to acknowledge her children even though she did not say how many kids, their names, ages ect. Greg is a fucking idiot in that respect, he announces on twitter and everywhere that they are going to have a baby, then down the track is like 'the one, five hundred kids we may or may not have' like as if that protects him from people finding out they have kids. You already announced it dumbass (at least one of them) you really think pretending they don't exist is going to fool your audience?
It's so clear like an anon said earlier that he sees his children as a turn off for any potential teen fuck toys in the future. Remember that post where he was complaining everyone said he looked like a dad? He gave every other excuse except for 'Well I AM a dad guys'
It's so sad that he acts like it's all for their protection, but really all his children are to him are giant cockblockers. I feel so bad for his kids. I hate Lainey too, but At least she actually acknowledges them unlike Greg.

No. 379267

>This agender shit is wanting to be different/trans but dont want to have to transition
It's the typical "special snowflake" mentality shared by people like her and Onion. I think she does it mainly to keep NPD Onion entertained. Since she has no personality to speak of, she has to play at being a special unicorn to keep Onion interested in her for more than two secs at a time. And with her high IQ she hasn't put 2+2 together and realized her "soul mate" isn't over Billie, whom he won't stop speaking about or even hinting at.

No. 379268

Yeah bitch I'm SURE you hated dresses and were SUCH a tomboy! That's why you became a cheerleader right?

No. 379269


I think your decoder ring is busted, autist-kun.

If he needed bandages like that his eyes would both be black and blue and his head would be the size of a basketball.

Don't leave your day job to become a detective.

No. 379274

Lainey is such a fool. She could easily get custody of the babies, since it's clear that Greg was so willing to get rid of them, ask her dad for help (lawyer up) collect a bunch of shit on Greg and claim that he is mentally abusing her, leave him, and then either pursue her psych job. If she's too lazy or her name has been spread around too much, she could start up a channel on LGBT parenting or a blog channel. Greg might make a few slander videos, but I think if she left him and started a channel/patreon of her own, she could get a following and most would take her side.

No. 379277

No. 379278

Do not wash your hair for 2-3 days following your surgery, or while bandages are still in place. After bandages have been removed, or on the 3rd or 4th day, you may wash your hair, using a mild or baby shampoo, taking care to make sure water flows away from the suture lines. Avoid hot air dryers since you may not have full sensation around your ears and areas of incision, and burn risks will be greater.

No. 379279

Sorry, I'm late
Someone should post this on tumblr, complain about how she is assigning genders to haircuts and dresses, use some special snowflake tags, say she's triggering, and boom. All of tumblr lgbtwhatever hates her.

No. 379282

File: 1493612679338.png (727.35 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4099.PNG)


It is not. Fucking. Botox.

The dent is very clear here.

No. 379283

Calm down, Greggums.

No. 379284


Ew, how dare you?

No. 379285


Please sage your random autism, thx.

No. 379288

God his hair is horrible here. He looks worse here than now. The caveman brow is more noticeable with this hair.

No. 379290

File: 1493613886874.png (510.75 KB, 732x600, 260893.png)



on a serious note, knowing greg likes something i like makes me violently ill

No. 379293


This will give you more info on his love for Metal Gear Solid. Down the rabbit hole you go!

No. 379294

No. 379297

Onion married his biggest fan, she'll forgive him no matter what fuckery he throws her way and that's why he'll never leave her either. They'll be more or less miserable together forever.

No. 379298

the outer edges of his eyebrows are still lower than where they are now. he definitely got botox to raise them. cry moar <3

No. 379299

That's why she's a giant fuckwit hahahaha
if she threw Greg under the bus her life would be a shit tonne healthier. I always hope she will, but she has no spine and like you said, is his biggest fan.

No. 379300

Different anon here, but I think both of you have a point. I think the dent isn't caused by Botox, he just has an unfortunate brow. Sage for blogpost, but my ex had the exact indent and caveman forehead. HOWEVER, I think the other anon is right, he DOES use Botox, but the Botox is contributing to his Disney villain/carrot top eyebrows reaching up at the sides not the indent itself.
Also sage for me being a goddamn fence sitter.

No. 379301


I never said he didn't get Botox, I said he had the dent BEFORE the procedures began, you stupid illiterate bitch. <3(calm down)

No. 379302


That's exactly what I meant anon, thank you.

No. 379303


In an old video, he stated the reason for the dent was because some kid (must've been accidentally) pushed him and crashed into one of the church pews' pointed edge or something. This happened when he was 2 years old btw.

No. 379308

File: 1493616854890.png (840.85 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4100.PNG)

It's more notable here actually.

No. 379312

Lol I'm sure it was an accident hahahaha
I would have done more than push him

No. 379321

Too bad it didn't knock any sense into him

No. 379325


i think the dent is from that horrible time when the sadistic doctors used the forceps on his hideously deformed head, to yank him violently from the womb.

No. 379326


His mouth is disgusting.

He never has been good-looking, poor thing. On another note can the kiwis plz go, your autism is shitting up the place.

No. 379332

D&P haven't really branched out. I know it seems like they did, but they stopped their radio show and the only extra thing they have is their cringy tour-show and a book which are still fully YouTube-dependent.

Sage for OT

No. 379334

sounds like some pizzagate scenario. marioblanketgate. sage for stupid.

No. 379335

I am waiting on eggshells to see him abso-gvking-lutely lose his shit when those Patreon bux don't come thru for him. That is gonna make my week.

But, late I am sure, but I noticed that in the chimpout livestream of Onion-y Doom when he talks about Billie he always uses "we". We thought she was pretty" "We took her back." "we, we, we, we WE" I didn't hear much "they (compLainey) thought she was pretty" or "they let her come back" alllllllllways with the WE when referring to the relationship.

Sage sageity sage for BS

No. 379336

Yeah, it is a common blanket. My son has the exact same one.

No. 379346

He didn't even change the carpeting…wtf…all he did was hang a few shitty posters and managed to make the place look somehow smaller and cheaper.

No. 379349

Lamey hasn't been wearing her ring. Was it the one that Billie threw?

No. 379351

She isn't wearing it because she is allergic to high quality extremely expensive solid gold rings

No. 379353

The bandage looks so messy, like Greg put it on himself to troll the haters. I am absolutely certain that this isn't real.

No. 379354

She takes it off sometimes to fuck with their dumb fans

No. 379355

She's allergic to the cheap ass metal. Plus she is soo poly soo gay.

No. 379356

You are so knowledgeable and articulate in a such a concise yet deep way. I don't mind you armchairing armchair anon, this info you are providing on NPD is fascinating. If other anons be bothered please create a thread in /ot or gimme some sites to read up on this.

No. 379361

thanks for saying same exact shit that'd been said >10 times already, including by a Farmhand.

No. 379362

Absolutely this, it's a poison afterall. His skin at times looks like a botox allergy reaction. He has skin that looks like it has had hives on it and a severe skin reaction of an uneven skintone(pseudosegmental exanthema). As for his lopsidedness, an unskilled injector. Gregma is notorious for being cheap, so him getting an unskilled and ill-techniqued injector wouldn't be unheard of. His droopy eyelid definitely supports the theory of a bad injector, as that is caused by an injection/product getting to the wrong muscle.

As above anon said, Botox paralyzes the muscles, smoothing out may uncover irregularities in the underlying tissue. It might lessen as the Botox starts to wear off. That's why he doesn't always have it, he had a fresh batch at the time of the indentation.

Also an overuse of Botox causes atrophy of an excessively prominent muscle, in this case the Frontalis muscle. He has used Botox probably for so long, that his muscles have atrophied on his face. This would explain his hanging brow, as he no longer has any muscle control over it. Droopy eyebrows are very common in Botox overuse, it's over-immobilizing of the only muscle on the forehead that can lift up your eyebrows - the injector has used way too much Botox (wouldn't be surprised again of a bad injector, due to Gregma jewing out).

Everything that could cause his droopy eyebrows signs a shitty injector
1. Frontalis has too much Botox injected to
2. Botox was placed too low in the forehead.
3. He has a lowset eyebrow, aka you'll have a droop with Botox and should consider your options.

Sage for armchair diagnosis.

No. 379367

Its the 1st of May, how many of his patrons have backed out?

No. 379370

Hopefully everyone above $1 tier.

No. 379375

It's 4AM in Washington, I'd wait a few hours for him to wake up

No. 379376


Looks like today will be a day of popcorn and wonder

No. 379378


No. 379379

It's my birthday. Please let there be extra narc rage milk from the fake pledges tanking his anticipated Patreon monies!

No. 379382

She went from plain looking "girl next door" type to gruny lesbo tomboy.
Which didn't exactly help her looks.

No. 379383

File: 1493637685140.jpg (174.97 KB, 746x1511, IMG_0046.JPG)

I had a look at his patreon and saw he had updated the rewards… wtf. 15k for him to read out loud and to write a new, horrific "book"? I have no words. My patreon sub to McMansion Hell was just withdrawn from my account so Gregma's real numbers should show up soon.

No. 379385

i wonder if reading the books out loud will make him realise the spelling, punctuation and grammar errors that he somehow missed when he (didn't) copy edit?

No. 379387

TIC TOC! Can't wait! Does Patreon announce actual donations received anywhere on the site or do we have to wait for Gregma to announce/sperg about it? Please, please, let fake account anons' empty pledges tank dat total!

No. 379388

Top fucking kek. Right? The errors are so bad that shit is unreadable…

No. 379389

I'm sure his donations were over $5000 a few days ago

No. 379390

his donations were over $5,051 and he had 1,009 or so patrons at the peak of his patreon. as of right now, it goes down every single time i refresh the page.

it's like christmas

No. 379391

my bad, 1,019

No. 379393

File: 1493639333277.png (55.38 KB, 320x446, KYccPU6.png)

oh my god you're right when i checked some minutes ago it was 1,000 and look at it now

No. 379396

Refreshing and watching it drop is actually kinda satisfying. Bets on how much is actually gonna be left by the end of today?!

No. 379398

File: 1493640793056.png (56 KB, 292x408, DJeWZsN.png)

i'm going to completely speculate here:

my guess is that the 1-2$ patreons are pretty stable because most people don't mind dropping this amount at least once, since they get to stay another month on his patreon so with that he gets:
568 + 236*2 = 1,040

The thirsty 1,000$ patreon will probably stay because they will collab so that's 2,040

I think the ones in between will fluctuate the most in the next 30 days. Some of them will be ok with staying until June 1st (one time payment) and some of them will decrease their pay so I would say maybe 60% will remain.

2,040 + 2,300*0.60 = 3420 is my rough guess.

(yes i'm bored, and here's a patreon update for those that don't want to bother refreshing)

No. 379406

Damn, it keeps going down.. Slowly but surely.


No. 379407

File: 1493642227113.png (35.69 KB, 1080x522, temp_gerg.png)

Is graphtreon accurate? Did he really have 5,000+ on his patreon just yesterday? Because he's going to have a really shitty morning when he wakes up to find a THOUSAND dollar decrease kek

No. 379408


lousy b8 eh wot m8

No. 379411

File: 1493643121896.png (106.17 KB, 642x494, 1009.png)

I'm just going to leave this here so that we can all refer back to it at the end of the day.

No. 379412

File: 1493643448702.jpg (62.23 KB, 475x314, gergamel.jpg)

Current patrons: 976
Money: 4,145

my theory here seems to hold up for the time being, the number of 1$ patrons increased to 570, the 2$ stayed the same.

Pic related, it's a visualization of gergamel when he wakes up and realizes his patrons are fleeing

No. 379415

I'm surprised he hasn't noticed already considering he claims to religiously work from 8am to 6pm (lol)

No. 379417

do you know how time zones work

No. 379418

It's 9am where he lives…

No. 379419

Maybe he has freak out and yell at his family before he moves on to yell at the world through Twitter.

No. 379420

Or he has a freakout and proceeds to plan a scheme to return his patrons. Freaking out won't bring them back.

No. 379421

I wonder if he'll actually mention it on twitter. If he rants he'll probably lose more patrons.

No. 379422

6am, Washington State, not DC lol

No. 379423

Idk why it bothers me so much when successful youtubers keep complaining that they work SO MUCH and SO HARD. Like, if you really do then that's great. But you're doing something you enjoy for millions, very little people can say that so please shut up once in a while.

No. 379425


it's 6 am where he lives.

get your fax straight faggot

No. 379426

Got up early just for a gorgeous freak out, and find that the Fax Machine hasn't even noticed yet. You would think he would be sitting at his computer, biting his nails and counting the seconds until the cash drops into his Spare Change fund.

No. 379427

Does anyone know if patreon removes people from the patron count if their payment doesn't go through, or does it just keep trying/failing to charge them each month ?

No. 379428

Oh I am sure he is aware…narcking out and trying to decide what to do.

No. 379431

yeah i feel like june will be when they really start dropping

No. 379432

cash has gone down 950$ since that post on the 27th.
all of those are smaller donations. and theres an anon on here who said he donated 1000 in a card that had no money on it cant wait till that doesnt go through. what a glorious day

No. 379433

File: 1493645590152.png (47.67 KB, 316x397, gregma.png)


No. 379434

And the person who paid to collaborate will presumably only be paying that once

No. 379436

File: 1493646064040.png (Spoiler Image, 301.23 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170501-063652.png)


that cringy tomato guy? idk anon that guys is far too deep inside onions greasy asshole.one can only hope.

sage 4 cringe. spolier 4 cringe

No. 379437

No. 379440

File: 1493646691260.png (22.56 KB, 286x596, plaindependent.png)

Let's not forget Plainey's either. I'm still confused over the "once I get $5,000 I'll be financially independent"…..you can be that now if you got a fucking job.

No. 379443

Nah, the tomato guy seems like he doesnt even have the money for this shit, (see >>373808 ) so i dont even know where his $1k + expenses is coming from, but it seemed like he just wants a collab, and will withdraw after that happens and cant afford paying $1k a month.

This makes me happy that its dropped by $1k before the $1k donator drops out. That was more than i expected.

No. 379448

The absolute best part about the TomatoBitch is that he clearly cannot afford it, and Greggles discourages him because he probably doesn't think he's worthy of more time than exactly what filming the collab takes.

No. 379449


This is so fucking pathetic.

A married mother of two needs $5000 a month to be "financially independent" from her own fucking husband. This is the kind of shit that makes people hate millennials.


No. 379450

I'm predicting a full on narc rage plus a "you betrayed me" rant towards all his patreons which he will quickly backpedal on and say he meant only those who pledged and didn't pay.

Sage for speculation

No. 379451

File: 1493648176434.png (47.83 KB, 294x402, UtG9Ent.png)

> This is the kind of shit that makes people hate millennials

nah e-beggers of all ages exist. gerg and plainly are just extra ridiculous. i bet gergles was the one who made her account anyways.

Also: the patreon numbers seem to remain at the 950 mark for a while now. could be a coincidence or the end of the current wave.

No. 379454


> A married mother of two needs $5000 a month

For doing literally nothing, let's not leave that part out. She wants $5,000, for which she's begging from children, for doing nothing. She's beyond despicable.

No. 379456

Grudge and I are in the same time zone so since I'm awake now….I know he'll be waking up soon. Please let the milk flow.

No. 379458

I'm studying criminology and mentioned it in the last thread, but I'm not wall-of-text anon. IF they don't make a thread on OT, I wouldn't fret about it - most of all the information they posted about narcissists can be found on various websites through Google.

No. 379463

Nice, so he's basically lost a grand and nearly 100 patrons.

The 1k pledger is still there though, it's gotta be Grease himself otherwise one of his fans seriously have more money than sense.

No. 379464

1k pledger is most likely this guy mentioned in previous thread


No. 379465

>onision has been more successful at landing a sugar daddy than me
>i actually have a vagina and tits

No. 379466

If he's the one, I hope he's realised he's now given Gerp 2k and not the one off payment.

I can't imagine anyone wanting to put themselves in debt for some neurotic YT'er who doesn't contribute anything worthwhile to society, yeesh.

No. 379467

He seems delusional and thinks if he collabs with onion, his channel will grow and he will be a successful youtuber even though onion has self-admitted his channels are dying and hes non-stop losing subscribers. Why would you be asking this guy for advice? LOL. Hes not gonna profit off any of this and will lose $1k + airline/hotel expenses.

No. 379468


What makes you think that? He paid once now (May 1) and can just cancel it anytime before June 1 without getting charged again. Greg probably wanted to wait until the payment to make actual arrangements.

No. 379469

Indeed, he's putting far too much faith into Grease's teenage demographic, he'll get a handful of new followers/subscribers at most; the rest will be uninterested and won't put any effort into seeing what this guy's channel is all about.

He collab'ed with Billy the Fridge for nothing just as the YT ship was beginning to sink, I don't think Billy has benefited that much from the "exposure" through Grease himself.

Gotcha, I don't have any Patreon experience so I thought if you go beyond the first monthly payment, you're automatically charged for the next.

I guess we'll just have to see what happens in the upcoming days or weeks now.

No. 379473

Here's a new thought:

I noticed some low tier patrons are being added. If his followers are smart, this is probably the best time to join because they get 30 days of grease for free (where previously it was some weeks) and can eject themselves out at the end of it.

No. 379478

File: 1493653412114.png (542.86 KB, 1783x809, temp_gerg.png)

Here's a side by side comparison of the some of the patron tiers that are losing members (for the past ~3 hrs).

One of the PO box patrons left.. i wonder if he'll reject their mail now hahahaha

No. 379481

File: 1493653951912.png (67.98 KB, 625x352, Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 11.5…)

No. 379482

Well, I don't think anyone will be giving them that heads up considering how they treated us when we tried to warn them he had changed his "monthly" payments to "per video", ungrateful little fuckers… if we hadn't of intervened on that, he would never of changed it back to monthly and they would've been none of the wiser.

No. 379485

I can't believe Gregma and Plainey feel they are entitled to a combined $15,000 per month for doing absolutely nothing of value. There are people in the US who don't even make that per year.

I don't doubt they looked at their combined subscriptions and thought, "If each of these suckers donates $1 a month, we'll be RICH! Again!"

No. 379488


No. 379489

I feel he's either going to ignore the drop in donations or beg for sympathy

No. 379491

Yes, we see. His patreon # kept dropping until he woke, now it's growing.

So this is how he reacts to the fiasco. Pretend it away.

No. 379492

Now he's acknowledging that he has a son.

Can you imagine if one day he just showed his kids. Like dropped the whole facade and did family vlogs. You think he'd get desperate enough?

No. 379493

I doubt it, but I really hope he does start vlogging and showing his family and his life. But it doesn't go with his 3edgy5me persona. Lainey and Grug probably love the fact that most people don't know they even have kids.

No. 379495

File: 1493656480965.png (279.13 KB, 1160x872, Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 17.3…)

No. 379498

Just wanted to post this as well.
Two days ago:
>I may or may not have children! We don't discuss anything about them! Notice how I don't even tell you their gender IF they exist at all!
>Here's a song I made for my son

Makes more sense to collect pity points than to get angry I guess.

No. 379500

I will say he feels very strongly about it involving his kids so I don't think he will. But I want him yo because it would BE A MESS. I'm sure they also know how critic w wry one would be too

No. 379501

Why would you brag about less than 0.05% of your subscribers paying you? That's so incredibly sad for someone with 2m+ subs.

No. 379502

Yeah, this is one of the things I do agree with them on. They have been adamant on keeping their kids and their lives private, and whether or not they have noble intentions, it's a good move.

However, I think it would be different if they didn't receive the backlash they did when they announced the first kid. Maybe they would have featured their children or at least not denied their existence, if people didn't threaten Lainey and their unborn baby. As much as I despise this creep, I don't agree with the lengths some haters have gone to, and this is one example.

No. 379503

Fi guess Claire does t get to hear the soothing sounds if her dad singing to her

No. 379504

why do i feel he'll add a new reward tier
>for $500 a month see a photo of my child
he's trying to pull those heart strings to get that money

No. 379505

Yeah they want a 6 figure salary for doing nothing. Any youtuber should be happy and extremely lucky if they can get 30-40k per year for that little amount of work and the comfort of working at home not having to answer to anyone but your fan base and making fun content. Other people have to work a 9-5 boring job with possible long commute times to get just that much.

No. 379506

Oh yeah the reaction that happened when Lainey announced she was pregnant was so OTT and totally spoiled the milk. I'm sure it's also why they don't even admit the existence of Child #2

No. 379507

Does anyone think it's too late for Onion to go back to the military?

No. 379508

The only problem I have is the way they go about it.
It comes off like they don't want to acknowledge that they have kids in the first place since they never mention "going out with the family!" "Took my kids to the park/beach on the weekend!" "As a parent"

There's plenty of ways to do it without mentioning specifics, posting photos or personal information.

No. 379509

Lol when patreon money starts to decrease, remind them you have a son who will starve without their money.

No. 379511

The way he was allegedly discharged, the military wouldn't have him back.

No. 379513

Patreon attempts to charge patrons for five days after the first of the month, if the first attempt is unsuccessful. We may have to wait until the end of the week for the true number who have dropped out.
Even then, the number of patrons will drop over the coming months.

No. 379515

A 31 year old man is depending on kids to steal their parents credit cards so he can own 2 houses and luxury cars. Oh also so he doesn't starve or put a gun in his mouth.. I cannot believe this is a reality.

No. 379517

did onion steal lainey's hair for the new speaks video as well as her independence and life prospects

No. 379518


Ikr? Even Chris-chan is more decent than this!

No. 379519

So did Lainey and Mercedes break up? Suddenly everyone's gone silent.

No. 379520

They were never dating. It was for views.

No. 379521

am i the only one who feels like this is her passive aggressive dig at us? anons always coo and tear up at lainey not being financially independent. maybe she thinks if we're serious we'd donate to her? i wouldn't be surprised if she added another tier "for 400 dollars I will break up with greg for a week!"

No. 379522

I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Onion mentioned it in a live stream and said something along the lines of - 'so she can get away from me'

No. 379529

File: 1493661376310.png (411.85 KB, 875x565, mercades.png)


No. 379530

File: 1493661413380.png (134.13 KB, 1282x748, Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 18.5…)

It's not too late to delete these posts, Anon.

On his tweet about the song for his son, I found this reply. Is this true or just a troll? I'm going to drop the person a PM but they seem kinda unstable.

No. 379533

I doubt it's true, I can't see Drew doing that tbh

No. 379534

I didn't think so, but figured it may as well be something to bring up here. The person seems extremely unstable and stirring the pot but still.

No. 379537

Maybe they're just trying to get noticed by him, I'm not sure. Might be worth messaging them anyway

No. 379543

Her twitter is created today and all she has is tweets about Onision, how she's going to leak his and Laineys patreon content, and the civil war.. kek.

I really doubt that she has any pictures, Drew might be pissed at Gregma, but I doubt there exists any pictures of their kids. Except for the one Ayalla took and accidentally included Troy.

No. 379551

For him to get back in the military would be extremely complicated. He could do it if he dedicated years too it though. He would have to speak to a military lawyer and prove to a judge he is not only good enough to change the terms of his discharge, but also capable enough to re-enlist. Which he is actually too old for enlisting now, so he would have to become an officer, which requires a degree. So he'd have to go to school too. It would be too much work for onion, and he probably doesn't want to go back to the miliary. He loves the brownie points of saying he is a "veteran" (which he isn't)
Source: I'm doing this process to get back into the military and know people have done in and are currently re-enlisted in the military.

No. 379552

File: 1493664599000.png (1.12 MB, 1280x718, difrent n speshul.PNG)

Guys please PLEASE don't link to the Onion family's videos. If there's one you want to share and you don't want to re-upload it yourself, just make a post asking for it to be done. There are more than a few of us itt who will do it. I don't even need to watch the video to dl and re-upload it. There's no need for us to be giving them views.


No. 379559

File: 1493666744679.png (41.87 KB, 564x287, uneducated cumstain.PNG)

May 1st is International Workers' Day/May Day you uneducated cuck.

You know, the celebration of the establishment of the 8-hour workday, workers' rights, and a day of appreciation for those who…work. No wonder Gregma knows nothing about that.

Hilarious that May 1st is the day he collects his e-begging shekels from his 12 year old fans on Patreon. What a difficult job he has. Such dedication he displays.

No. 379560

how did they threaten them? I wasn't around pre-troy

No. 379562

i don't even remember anyone threatening troy. i think keith or someone else sent them this huge essay about how if they do anything to him he will call cps and that people are watching them carefully. weird and crazy but it's not exactly a threat to harm the kid

No. 379563

Is he not a veteran because he was discharged or because he wasn't in a war? I thought veteran = participating in a war but I've seen many Americans call themselves veterans even though they spent their whole military career in like Oklahoma or something?
sage for ot

No. 379564


I think he's mad at not (really) getting them dollah bills for the month.

let's troll again!

No. 379565

You're a veteran if you "served" in any way. He served abroad in Korea, as a military policeman IIRC.

He wasn't honorably discharged though.

No. 379566

We really need to get ahold of his Air Force records. We can request them with a FOIA request, but I'd need his legal name at the time of his service (Gregory James Daniel? Gregory Jackson Daniel?)

No. 379567

I am the saltiest about how he treated Jaclyn Glenn. I wasn't here for last thread but I'm assuming it wasn't lost on anyone that onion completely wants to bang her and is trying to "save" her (insult her until she feels shitty enough to want to be around guys like him) so he can be admired by hot women again.

Why doesn't his video about her have more dislikes? I know he has said some awful shit but this was the worst by far and people are still liking his video and his twitter has shown little to no backlash about it.

I have never wished misfortune on someone as passionately as I do now. I officially want to see go through the emotional equivalent of a slow car fire death. Holy fuck I don't even care how uncool my rage is right now.

No. 379568

People aren't watching. He wants ANY feedback, positive or negative. The best thing to do is ignore him, not leave dislikes.

No. 379569

I believe that only applies to a deceased servicemans records

No. 379570


Gregory James Daniel.

No. 379571


People have already tried to get a hold of his records and got nowhere.
Dont bother.
Also I believe someone did however find out he was honourably discharged, not sure of the details. It's a few threads back

This military Convo shit always leads nowhere and it pointless.

Saged for old topic that keeps coming back

No. 379573


3rd time's a charm, anon.

No. 379574

Besides, people can get dishonorably discharged for simply changing their mind and wanting out before the contract is over (and that is pretty common cause the military sucks). A ton of people get this title simply by quitting their job with the military, which any sane person may want to do within a 2-5 year period. Him having this title as well isn't surprising and it isn't nearly as incriminating as the awful shit that flops out of his mouth on a regular basis. You are chasing the wrong bait my friends.

No. 379575

He isn't a veteran because he didn't go on a tour. He likes to spin it like his little trip to Korea was a tour but that is total bs. He was stationed there. What in the military is referred to as a boot. Lmao now that I think about it, he would probably sperg if we called him a boot.
But yes, he is techically a veteran. Just technically.

No. 379576

This is an onision thread on a board named /pt/ on a website based off a Tibetan hair braiding chat log anon. It's all pointless.

No. 379587


I'm sorry but what is "the boot" in military lingo? Did Onion fail at something while there?

No. 379589

No they don't, moron. Getting dishonorably discharged requires someone to really fuck up. It isn't just handed out to people who change their mind.

No. 379590

It's what people in the military are called if they're inexperienced / haven't been deployed

No. 379591


>Hopefully sometime at the end of May


Knowing how simple and unfair Greg's logic can be with stuff like this (e.g. when he told the girl that won a 3DS from him that she should pay the import tax or he'd be giving it to someone else) I wouldn't be surprised if he let's the dude pay for another months worth of patreon before making a collab. He knows once the collab is done the guy will be withdrawing from that perk, causing his monthly total to drop by an entire grand. What a stupid perk to have.

No. 379594


He's not a combat veteran, no. However he is still a veteran as someone who served. Even though he's a shit head and a complete disgrace.

Also wanted to mention the possibility of him being "other than honorably" discharged? It's not as bad as dishonorable but still pretty shit.

No. 379595

But anon, he's so "death machine"!

No. 379598

Didn't Gurg recently make a video about how he was jealous of some youtuber getting youtube bux and how he deserved that money far more than the other guy?

No. 379633

He used a VA loan on his house. It's unlikely he was dishonorabley discharged

No. 379643

It's when you finish boot camp. Boot camp makes boots. Inexperienced members of the military who haven't seen action.

No. 379645

Cant wait for the 0 patron freakout

No. 379650

File: 1493682996128.png (700.62 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170501-165421.png)

hes back at 1000 patreoms? and he didnt throw a fit he still lost over 800 bucks?

wtf is going

No. 379654


I just saw that too.
Is this just people that were late going thru transaction ?

No. 379656

really, he was silent bc he was running out to target to buy 500 5$ visa gift cards and sign them all up as new 1$ patrons

No. 379657

The patreon number was steadily falling until around the time Greg woke up, then it started rising.

He's pledging to himself. Fake it till you make it…

No. 379658

I wonder how much of a shit fit Gunk is throwing over Philip Defranco getting over 5600 patrons in 2 hours, which is at least $30k per month as the lowest tier is $5 but I wouldn't be surprised if he's getting double that or more, and he's still getting a dozen patrons a minute. The majority of his patrons are going to stick around, too, because he's very well liked and has an older audience. I hope we get some baws out of this one. At least a pissy remark in his next ebegging/guilt trip videos.

No. 379662

Where's your 2 million subscribers though smegma

Even if he gets this much his first month, I'm going to predict it will go down steadily each month
Are the empty cards some anons used being included in this total? Or do they get taken off and subtracted since it couldn't charge the cards?

No. 379664


Nice way to lose money considering patreon takes a cut

No. 379665


Wasnt there a $1k pledge done by someone with an empty prepaid visa?

No. 379668


In that case I hope one of the 1000$ pledges are him.

Btw what % of the money do they take ? I'm curious what him final profit is.

No. 379670


They take 5%.

So Gregs total is 4,019.45$

( If one of the 1000$ are him he just wasted 50$ )

No. 379672

Someone needs to back the 25 slot for Vainey's patreon and upload those "exclusive" vlogs.

No. 379681


Take it to the narc thread please.

No. 379690


No, >>374359 just said they >pledged a sizable amount.

The $1k contributor is >>379481, he's real and talked to Onision on Patreon/ discussed the meeting and mentioned that he and his family don't have a lot of money but want to use their savings to collab with Gregma.

No. 379694

If they only charge on the first of the month, then the actual drop will come next month, cause people would still be on this month until they cancel. But theres no point in canceling until right before the month ends, because they are patrons for the month of may.

I dont think 1k donator will renew next month.

No. 379700


thats sad af

No. 379704


What's even more sadder is Onion don't give no fucks about ~poor ppl probz~ and will still charge the dude.

Lack of empathy for the armchairfags.

No. 379716

I took a glance at the dude's channel, jfc everything about him is cringe af. He has been uploading for a year and has like 200 subs and from his posts on greg's patreon he seems to be trying to be a "career youtuber" while mooching off his wife(who's prob paying a grand to grugly for the collab). He needs his own thread tbh.
sage for ot

No. 379718

Sage in case it's been said.

Greg is not producing any valuable content. I have always hated his videos, but they have NOTICEABLY reduced in quality lately, he started posting heaps of shitty videos about his personal life drama, and all of his non-personal videos lately have been BORING. He has run entirely out of material and has stopped making anything worth watching. That's why his channel is failing. The kind of things he thinks are funny, the shock humour, the ~random~ weird humour… that died years ago. Nobody finds anything he makes funny anymore. But of course it's everyone else's fault but his.

No. 379729

I was a fan of his at the beginning of his popularity when XD rAndUm humor was funny. I was like 11 years old and grew out of it by 13. Now I'm his target age for prey. It's pretty gross to think about. Does he ever think about that? If he keeps luring his fans there's going to be one that goes "I loved your videos when I was a kid" and he's still going to try to fuck her. He'll probably try to fuck Sarah, even though she was born in this millennium.

No. 379731

>Now I'm his target age for prey
underage b&

No. 379733

lol she could be 18, anon, don't be a dick

No. 379735

I was thinking about his freak out on the live stream and had a chuckle. He calls Billie a dumb bitch for spending 10 grand on makeup, yet Billie has stated she wants to be a makeup artist and has asked on Insta if people will pay her to do their makeup. She is actively using the makeup and genuinely wants to make a living with cosmetology. He claims makeup is a waste of money and insults her for her purchases. YET he praises Lainey for getting a degree in something she'll never use (let's face it, she probably won't) and it probably costed quite a bit too. What an idiot haha. Maybe you should rage at Lainey for wasting money on something she's not even pursuing! Fucking idiot hahahaha

No. 379738

Yeah and he spent hundreds of thousands on three ugly mcmansions that he doesn't need. Talk about a horrible investment. I would be very surprised to learn he has a college fund for the kids. Oh yeah, he's anti-education, so of course not. In his mind that's a great reason to spend all his money on himself and the occasional visit to fucking Olive Garden. Meanwhile his kids sit in their monochrome rooms playing with their dull cheap lead-paint-recall toys and eating taco bell when they're not hanging off plank's tits. Really sad.

I think anon was making a joke but yes I'm almost exactly one year younger than Billie. No underage b& lolcow keeps me a bitch in reform

No. 379739

18's on the older side for Gergle, don't you think, kek?

It's been said for about 3000 times, but it can't be said enough. He can only entertain when there's drama in his personal life, because it's usually milky. Otherwise his content is purely shit. I would cringe to even watch any of the videos on his main channel.

No. 379740

Greg's last funny content were his skits with the dysfunctional family Ron, Vicky, Wyatt and the tranny. All of which were characters Skye created.
He really owes all of his success to the real talent. I miss Fellfromtheskye.

No. 379741

Skye is so far above him. I bet she spent her alimony money wiser than he spent his yt bux.

No. 379742


I'd bet he wouldn't even be where he is now if he hadn't divorced her. I'm guessing that's why he still resents her, he doesn't have her Magic for dem yt views

No. 379743

There's no doubt about it. Skye was the real comedy, she also kept him grounded and delayed his slow descent in to the egotistical, botox filled, grease soaked maniac that we have today. It's too bad she quit youtube because she got too much harassment from his rabid fans he constantly sicced on her. Throwback to this entertaining video that's totally not about grease. RIP Skye

No. 379746


I just found out about her like, two years ago (during an Onion re-watching marathon) and already feel like I miss her. She was way more outgoing and fun than the *~smoll space prince~* who just sits there and ~cries for Billie~

I hope he sees this and has another narc fit, the fucking cuck.

No. 379749

HAHAHAHA I'VE NEVER SEEN THIS VIDEO BUT I NOW LOVE SKYE. It is sooooo obvious it's Greg she's pretending to be. The digs at him insulting exes and double standards kek! Skye, wherever you are, I hope you are doing well. I'm glad she dodged that bullet.

No. 379750


Come to think of it, she seems to feel betrayed and didn't want to "let go of her man" underneath the "my ex-husband is a fucking douchebag manwhore!!!" callout

No. 379751

OT but I laughed out loud at a comment about Laniey on YouTube. Someone said Lainey looks like a fart. Someone else commented she has the personality of a fart.
At least farts don't cry.

No. 379753

But they whine. Like Lainey.

No. 379754


Kek! Lainey is a fart, wonder if she smells (worse than Billie-bob) too…?

Nah nvm, that bitch looks like a foot.

No. 379757

While we are on topic of Skye, I was thinking about Adrienne's letter and how she had to ask him to stop talking about her because it made her that uncomfortable. I wonder what he said that made her feel so awful that she had to ask him to stop? I've always wondered.

No. 379758

same. the letter has always been censored so as to remove a bunch of stuff about Skye, and I've read that whatever he did to her was beyond the pale. I've been curious as well.

No. 379759

I imagine she has no scent, no personality. I think she's a bit confused. She should identify as 'beige' or 'basic' rather than Agender. Bitch IS a foot. An average, plain foot. Even Daria's voice has more inflection and character than her boring drawl. I would rather watch paint dry holy hell.

No. 379760

Haha! She's like one of those longggg whining squeaky farts
Sage for my childishness haha

No. 379763


I am too anons…

No. 379764


>hi my name is Lainey, I'm Grease-sama' spechul soulmate wife and I identify as a foot. My pronouns are plain and boring. Send me moneyy for my new iPhone!

No. 379766

The way Adrienne wrote it made it seem like it was realllllly bad. Like she aired out a little bit of what Greg said about his and Shiloh's relationship but the way it sounded, he must have really fucked up Skye's life for Adrienne to not even want to talk about it. She also states in the letter that she felt extremely sorry for Skye. It kind of makes me think about the whole basement thing with Billie and what unusual punishments he could have inflicted on Skye.
Sage for speculation

No. 379768

I always get super annoyed when people claim Skye was the creative genius behind onision. What genius? It's always been fucking weird egotistical shit only other weird egotistical idiots are going to like. Skye's own channel was more of the same it's not like she's some creative prodigy. Greg sucks but lets not reach.

No. 379771


Possible physical abuse, chaining her up in the attic, unpleasant sexual acts?

Although he did admit to having (forcing) her showering with him whenever he fucking felt like it, cuz you know; ~love~ and shit.

Is it really that worse than making Shiloh sleep on the cold hallways?

Saged for possible reaching.


Please explain, we know she did most of the editing for him.

No. 379776

there's absolutely no proof Skye thought up any of the old skits, none. I don't feel comfortable giving her all of this credit with the sole reason being that everyone hates Onision. She doesn't get it by default. At this point Skye is this baseless floating entity that will never exist in any palpable sense.

No. 379783


From looking at her own videos, they felt very Onion-ey, as if his presence never left in those videos. Maybe lamp wasn't the only one who was groomed.

No. 379784

I feel bad for all of the women that were involved with him except for Plainey. I hope they all make a public comeback soon while he and his fart of a wife are going broke and needing to beg for money. Him watching their success would drive him fucking nuts. It's his turn to have a breakdown.

No. 379789


Yeah, Lainey can go fuck herself, the dumb bitch.

No. 379798

I also think he way over exaggerated. I dont see how she even has 8-10k worth of makeup if you watch her videos. She seems to use the same eyeshadow palletes and other makeup products over and over again. In her my makeup favorites she made in january, i counted up what she showed and it was about ~$500 worth of makeup. and the most expensive thing she showed was like $65, and she said that was a yolo purchase and she usually doesnt get things that expensive. So Where is this 8-10k of makeup?

Idk why patreons are paying for videos that are just him asking for patreons.

yeah lainey is the only one i dont feel sorry for. She had my sympathy for awhile,then her true colors came out. Idk Id have to see after the break up if i actually will feel sorry for her, but she probably will still be pining after greg long after he divorces her

No. 379801

Lainey does the same makeup look so I doubt it's worth that much. Same basic bitch look.

No. 379804

She truly seems like the type who would keep going back if she left him or would call him 25/7 if he left her.

No. 379807

Huh. If that's try true, it could've helped fuck up him up. A lot of serial killers have had head trauma. Not saying he's a serial killer, but it could have screwed up his head.

No. 379808

I like how Lainey said she doesn't think she would start hormones or get surgery because she doesn't know if she would like herself. She misspoke, what she meant to say is Gurg would find a new teen to play with if she lopped off her funbags.

No. 379809

Your frontal lobe is where you get your reasoning. It is typically the last part of your brain to full develop, hence why teens are notorious for making bad decisions cough like Lainey marrying Greg cough. So if he really does have a giant dent in his skull on his forehead he could have some brain damage to his frontal lobe.

Phineas Gage is a fantastic example. His frontal lobe was pratically destroyed and a well mannered man became a giant asshole. Look it up if you want, its pretty interesting.

No. 379819

He tolerates her non-binary/trans status because she is the mother of his children and a backup pussy. He already is seeking much more feminine women to be with because he is sexually attracted to very feminine women. (Long hair, dresses, makeup, etc) he also likes alternative girls because he probably thinks they're easy or some bullshit like that. idk why she hasn't seen the difference between herself and the women he's cheating on her with.

No. 379820

File: 1493715919275.png (69.38 KB, 401x226, plainlain.png)

> idk why she hasn't seen the difference between herself and the women he's cheating on her with.

i think maybe she did. i don't follow her boring shit but i noticed every once in a while she posts emo stuff about not being good enough.. where do you think that comes from?

it's funny how gergamel was saying that social repose failed jaclynn glenn because his job was to make her feel perfect and beautiful, but here we have plainly constantly having self esteem problems. you're a failure by your own standards, greg.

also i bet gerg still calls lainey by feminine pronouns when they're not online. the only reason he stopped was because people kept pointing to it and saying that it's confusing.

pic not very related

No. 379823

I bet he was mad when she came out. There's no way he wants a trans-agender thing for a mate. There's much less status in that. He's always wanted to have a cool, hot alt girl by his side. Lainey now embodies literally NONE of those words, at least in her mind. Gurg would have narc-raged about how she wasn't allowed to change herself at least once, and tbh I am surprise this doormat bitch has stuck with it for so long.

No. 379824

i think gergles is good at adapting. he used to be both transphobic (in the most strict sense, saying MtFs are men in dresses) and bi-phobic (he said bi women always cheat) but now he doesn't say these things out loud because he knows it's not the trendy thing to do. Identifying as an agender space prince is trendy so he goes with it as long as he can call lainey a slutty whore in the bedroom and breed her as much as he wants. she's even doormatty enough to let him cheat on her. His acceptance of her "gender" also puts him on a higher moral pedestal with his dumbass fans.

It's a pretty good deal if you ask me.

No. 379827

sage for armchair shit but that is just textbook narc shit right there. he will mold and twist himself into whatever gets him the most praise, attention and yt bux

No. 379831

dat flat face and man jaw, she just gets steadily worse-looking. i hate her useless asss but sometimes i just want to buy her some moisturizer and a wig that gregma hasn't already made her wear while pretending to be billie

No. 379832

[blog] My fiancé just told me that if we ever have a daughter he wants to name her Elaine after his grandmother, Lainey/Lanie for short. You guys are the only ones who would understand why I'm less than thrilled with this. At least it's not Greg? [/blog]

He only cares what someone does to their body if that body is something he wants to fuck. I honestly think the best thing that can happen to his kids in that household is for Gregma to avoid and neglect them. Neglect is still horrible, but can you imagine how much more he'd fuck them up if he actually interacted with them on the regular? Best case scenario they'll end up being raised by their maternal grandparents.

It's also involved in modulation of emotions and in impulse control, both of which Gregma lacks to a certain extent. Damage to the frontal lobe definitely could've contributed to him being an unreasonable, impulsive, ragey asshole. All of those things are also affected by genetics and upbringing though, so who knows. Maybe someone should smack him again to see if he improves.

No. 379836

File: 1493722618416.png (39.03 KB, 1120x342, 4FDgoIt.png)

I was looking at graphtreon and noticed his stats are decreasing across all social media accounts. He claims it's youtube's fault, but youtube can't lower his facebook and twitter followers…..

show lainey to your fiance and i'm sure eventually he'll reconsider. you could give your daughter a different name that starts with an E

No. 379839

someone please tweet him this, with that exact caption

No. 379840

I think we're giving too many rational explanations and excuses for Greggles, when he might just in fact be a huge shitbag who does what he does for money, fame and pussy. The reason he hasn't left Lainey is probably because he doesn't have a new chick lined up yet. He cheated with Billay and had all intent to move in with her. He's said he doesn't do well as single, to the point where it's debilitating.

No. 379842

Alternative girls have the stereotype of being fucked up an broken. Greg likes that because easier to manipulate and fuck with.

No. 379855

File: 1493730649576.png (50.9 KB, 645x304, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 9.08…)

lol pretty sure onion boy is (or has plainey) going through his tumblr inbox and sending this copy pasted reply to everyone

Trying to lure more patrons in. He must be so desperate

No. 379857

What a dumbass. Hasn't he realized basement gate was the last straw? Ive seen a lot of his fans complain that too many videos are about his personal life and they want more original content. But I guess a narc like him cant accept that teenagers dont find his shitty life utterly fascinating. Also, a good portion object to how he treates Billie so…

No. 379858

>Talk to you there, ok?

Jesus fucking christ

No. 379859


Yeah… his shamelessness is breathtaking.

No. 379861

Gregma: "Don't talk to me unless you're paying me every month"

Holy fuck, I hope he loses a few fans over that… even 13 year old not-too-smart fangirls won't like being treated like that.

No. 379862

File: 1493732363702.jpg (30.75 KB, 499x616, srs.jpg)

i used to like gergles in 2009 (i was 18, he had 10k subs) and i remember i messaged him a couple of times and he would always be really proud of the fact that unlike other stuck up youtubers, he actually responds.
he used to say that it's his job to respond to his fans. i'm sure he's making more money now, with the ad crisis, than he did back in 2009.
it's really a shame to see how much he sold out any ounce of integrity since.

No. 379866

>Patreon is the only way to contact him
>he hasn't responded to a single comment there

The "community" is really sad, just people trying to get his attention and asking him questions. He is so evil and uncaring to the very tweens who are basically now employing him…

No. 379867

He used to complain about people using younow and now he won't even respond to a short message unless he gets paid

No. 379876


From what I've seen in his old videos, he seemed very tolerable and was cool with his fans (sorta).

Maybe his last fragments of empathy left along with his ex-wife.

No. 379878

File: 1493736597643.jpg (23.01 KB, 548x237, Capture.JPG)


lel, and he is bragging on twitter how he responded to each and every mail

No. 379900


And just told them they can talk to him by becoming a patron? I'm so done with him constantly trying to bamboozle money out of everyone. You should have saved your money, you should have invested it in a mutual fund or something. Heck put it in a CD if you're so irresponsible that you can't put enough money away.

If I can have a pretty sizable savings/401K, own a home(on my own) in a nice town 5 miles from an expensive major metropolitan area, and make 4% of what he makes he shouldn't be worried at all. I know being an adult can be dubious, but if plan ahead it's not hard to live comfortably even in hard times.

No. 379905


Anon, he shares the same severe autism as CWC, one should not think so highly of the Onion.

No. 379908

He may be a dumbshit but he definitely does not have autism. If anything, it's his narc delusions that made him believe he'd always be making big YT bucks (What could possibly go wrong? He's a comedy god!) and wouldn't need to save or invest or otherwise prepare for harder times. Being responsible with your money is for stinky poors, not the great Onion!

No. 379910

Ive never seen a youtuber, even smaller youtubers take patreon to this extreme. Hes going to turn people off with his constant e-begging. This message actually looks like spam when they try to link you to a product LOL

No. 379913


No, I didn't say he was (medically) autistic, just too retarded to realize his financial crisis is all on his own (along with the spending).

No. 379914

How the fuck did you do that, anon? Care to make an economics and savings thread in /ot/? I'm honestly in awe. I'm so shit with money, pls help, sage for OT and slight blog

No. 379919

File: 1493748736880.jpg (52.46 KB, 548x410, Capture.JPG)


No. 379922


I don't believe for a second he's in a financial crisis. I just think he's completely unwilling to go without making more then everyone. He has plenty of options left, but is to damn greedy to give up anything or go live without that extra 5k+ a month.

Greed is the only factor here. He's not broke, he's not going bankrupt, his children are not starving and he def does have money just lying around, just rather spend somebody else's hard earned cash.

No. 379923

Fuck he's so obsessed with him it's creepy

No. 379924


It's mostly knowing how to save, living within your means, and investing-I wouldn't say I'm any expert, just good at seeing the bigger picture.

Vine dying out was a great indication that Greg's livelihood is fleeting. He should have never bought such a large house and splurged on useless crap. He gets what he deserves.

No. 379926


he's legitimately infatuated with Shane … Sometimes I wonder if the reason he makes Lainey look boyish is so she closer resembles Shane..

Maybe i'm just reaching .. ( though he did make that mock sex tape of him humping Andy… should we expect a shane one ? )

No. 379934


Protip: "financial crisis" was italiziced bc sarcasm. Everyone knows he's a greedy cocksucker.

No. 379942

I made an onion fax video inspired by all the daily lols i get from you fellow farmers. (not a reaction vid, just a mash up troll vid)

No. 379945


Oh my god, anon, this is beautiful!!

No. 379946

Great job!!
God, he's so verbally abusive.

No. 379947

I checked out your other Onision videos too.
You are a true artist.

No. 379951


I agree with >>379947, your videos are magnificent.

No. 379954

the excellence of it all! thank you anon.

No. 379955

No. 379962

File: 1493756778843.jpg (105.46 KB, 1068x573, 001.jpg)

Both anon's mentioned Feb/March for these pics.
Related pic was from Feb 4 2016. It's harder to see because of the lighting. Call it what you like but you can't prove he's not hiding something. Sure, he builshits so much he can't even get his "fax" straight anymore but it's not unreasonable to think that someone with obvious NPD would pay to get their face rearranged. Not to mention most people who've looked at his face through the years believe he's had something done.

No. 379963

So, does that mean Taylor doesn't love him enough?

No. 379964

Meh. I still think it's more likely that he has acne outbreaks that he can't cover it up sufficiently with makeup… and because he's a narc, he tries to bait us "haters" into talking about it being cosmetic surgery so he has something to say, "look at this liars! if they lied about this, they must be lying about EVERYTHING!" I don't know, though, obv.


No. 379965

Yes, and by his "logic," his mommy and daddy also didn't love him enough, and he has a mental disability.

No. 379972

>You're not responding to the logic. The expectations I have for others don't apply to me! I have over 3 billion collective views! That's almost 1/3 of the world. I can't be wrong, you brain dead, lying, scum bag bimbo bitch!

No. 379973

I agree. I don't think he's had anything done tbh, botox maybe but I wouldn't bet any money on it. #showmetheFAAAAX

No. 379986

I remember watching this awhile back >>379256 and thinking how he acted like he was heavily medicated. Other people have mentioned vids like this and others where they notice a very distinct slur to his speech - wouldn't be surprised if he was addicted to some Rx.

No. 379988

This was all during Cuddlegate 1.0, when he knew he completely fucked up and was actually on the verge of getting rid of Lainey and the kids. I can only imagine what his fucked up mine was going through

No. 379989

File: 1493763833574.jpg (11.17 KB, 480x360, 849810.jpg)

>I still think it's more likely that he has acne outbreaks that he can't cover it up sufficiently with makeup
Maybe, but the makeup and lighting's apparently been sufficient enough for him for the most part. I don't remember the exact time frame but i recall the series of videos stretching over several weeks (months?) where he wore all those face masks, allegedly because the LED lights were irritating.
lol even IF she did, he wouldn't notice. He has no capacity for genuine human emotion.

No. 379990

I need a 10h loop of 0:08-0:10
for fax

No. 379993

>Although he did admit to having (forcing) her showering with him whenever he fucking felt like it
Adrienne mentioned in her email how coerced she felt into fucking him the first time they met. Probably he forced her into other sexual acts (or at least tried). Shiloh mentioned he forced her into the bathroom and made her shave her head in the middle of sex. Who know what he's done to Taylor…

No. 379994

>Don't leave your day job to become a detective.

It's called making observations. Maybe you should try it some time lol.

No. 379999

>I don't believe for a second he's in a financial crisis.
I agree. This is yet another ploy to leech off of his and Plainey's gullible kid fanbase for easy money.

No. 380002

>you're a failure by your own standards, greg.
And in every other way imaginable. It's what he does best, but of course he's still better than everyone else in his own deluded mind.
He's a narc, there's no low to which he won't sink.

No. 380004


Sage your shit, samefag.

No. 380006

>He calls Billie a dumb bitch for spending 10 grand on makeup, yet Billie has stated she wants to be a makeup artist
>YET he praises Lainey for getting a degree in something she'll never use
Typical Onion-narc logic. Everyone Onion hates is wrong and everyone he tolerates he makes up excuses for. Billie has much more going for her than Lainey does, Onion's just too much of a buttmad narc to admit it. Most of Lainey's "work" revolves around whining on her social media.

No. 380007


Impregnated her with 2 antiChrist and made her question her sexuality … (?)

No. 380009

Narcs want the unquestionable power that comes with authority, but because they think they’re better than everyone else, they have strong sense of entitlement. They don’t work hard, but feel they deserve and expect success.

That’s where I was confused. Greg claims to work countless, tireless hours on his videos. I don’t doubt that’s true. That’s inconsistent with NPD, so is he really a narc?

Then I thought… he doesn’t work hard.

1. Greg never reads, yet he’s written two (horribly pathetic and embarrassing) books. He wanted the perceived accomplishment of being an author, without putting any effort into it.

2. He constantly says other YouTubers who don’t put out as much content as he does are lazy; are lesser. He equates quantity with quality to feel superior. Sure, he puts in the hours editing, but he never takes creative risks. None of his videos are groundbreaking, or thoughtful whatsoever. He’s been making the same content his whole “career”. If he changes his style, it’s only to emulate someone else who’s popular.

Y’all remember that time when he was “beefing” with Leafy, and he started to adopt the way Leafy spoke for a brief period? With women, he tries to degrade them with gendered insults (dumb, bimbo bitch/cunt, etc.) to feel superior, but with men, he sees their success (video views), and wants to imitate them so he can be successful without having to work for it.

Side note: I think he uses work as an escape from being an emotional support for Lainey and the kids, because that's a burden to him. He’s said before (in a relationship Q&A video with Lainey, not sure which one) that he’ll shut off, and want to be left alone. He also said in one of his recent livestreams that he was fantasizing about death because it would be the easy way out, and “no one would blame him.” If he says he has to work to make money for the household, then he can’t be questioned for emotionally ignoring them.

3. He’s actively opposed to working out. He’s stuck in his high school mentality of hating jocks… and I remember reading somewhere that his father worked out? (and he hates his dad, so anything his dad did, he automatically hates), yet the narc in him wants to flaunt his vegetarian bodeh. He claims being a vegetarian is healthy in and of itself, while eating mostly pre-made, processed garbage. He doesn’t actually care about health. It’s all about appearance. He’s always hunched over and clenching his ab muscles to appear more fit than he actually is, but now he’s hit 30, and it’s more difficult to maintain weight through anything except exercise. I'm looking forward to watching him try to fight getting older lol

sage for blogpost and armchair

No. 380013

I enjoy these critiques anon but you may want to consider posting them in /ot and linking them here if they're going to be in blog form. Sage goes in the email field btw.

No. 380015

I think that might be another reason why Taylor's afraid to leave Onion - she knows he'll shit on her online for the rest of his life.
>Onion married his biggest fan
Yes how NPD of him. The only reason he stays is because he doesn't want to pay alimony (learned from the 1st failed marriage). imo Taylor stays with him mostly out of fear.

No. 380020

Taking a break from the online world would help against his shit-talking her and is exactly what she needs anyway. That girl can't handle her emotions right now for shit and being online isn't helping. She needs to close her eyes and walk away from the screen.

No. 380023

Many keks were had. This is great anon.
>you didn't get a fucking degree like my breeder that I paid thousands for just so she'll never use it
He spent thousands for a degree whose only purpose is for wall decor. Lainey "earned" it using other people's time (edu-birdie is my guess) and money. She has ZERO work experience in her field of study.She'll be lucky if she lands some retail position and makes it to middle manager. She would've been better off with a GED.

No. 380024

And all Greg has his HS diploma, an honorable discharge from the military, and a problematic YT career. Working with others in any kind of media is essential to being successful, and he would be an absolute nightmare to work with in any creative field.

What is Plainey even doing with her degree, because while she's with Grease–nooooothing. He only praises her for it because it looks good that he has a spouse that's educated. He wants her barefoot and pregnant at home, taking care of his offspring, where he can keep a constant, controlling eye on her.

No. 380025

sorry about that, just got excited i guess. thanks for the heads up.
i did put sage in the e-mail, tho?

No. 380030

>His skin at times looks like a botox allergy reaction.
I was thinking that these:
look like the skin's flared up, i.e., allergic reaction.

No. 380032

Onion must see the degree as a status symbol, but Lainey's never going to do anything with it - it's just a worthless sheet of a paper. He wasted all that money "educating" his wife who's only slightly more literate than he is, yet he still has the audacity to denigrate Biliie for being a dropout. At least Billie's trying to make something of her life instead of being a breeder for Onion.

No. 380033

but anon, greg did go to college and he was like one class away from his degree!!!

No. 380047

isn't it rosacea? I thought that was already established.

No. 380048

File: 1493772774273.png (78.21 KB, 1080x766, 20170503_015147.png)

His fans are so deluded

No. 380050

Same day oops I left my screen tint on.
4give me

No. 380061

File: 1493775173776.png (108.88 KB, 1242x1047, IMG_5210.PNG)

couple goalz!!!!111!!1

No. 380062

i just threw up in my mouth
this man is an actual father…

No. 380065

I see. You're saying that his "I'm such a hard worker" attitude is just another poorly constructed veneer covering the typical narc lackadaisy. Lainey must've gotten her work ethic from him lol.

No. 380066

these two think they're a couple of wild kinksters when they're just nasty abusive straight people

No. 380068

Welp looks like Lainey's a Stockholmed lost cause. Their kids are going to grow up HATING the both of them.

No. 380071

Must be Lainey complaining that little girls are taking his pet name from her. I honestly can't see a power hungry loser like Greg NOT liking being called Daddy.
Lol, unless he is such a narc, that he actually does hate it because it makes him feel old.

No. 380072

Onion's going to stay with her until he figures out how he can leave her without having to pay alimony.

No. 380075

There's no way Gregma should be around children. If Daddyofive just lost custody of his kids, Greg should too. Even if he never talks about his kids, there's more than enough evidence of his abusive behaviour, mental instability, rage, etc. And now if he's pulling the whole ~so poor i might not survive~ schtick… How can someone like that be allowed to raise children??

No. 380085

Spoiler alert: this is directed at his own kids.

No. 380089

KEK nice one anon

No. 380092

yeah, I bet he pulls of DaddyOFive or worse … and Plainey is so brainwashed she would sacrifice the kids for Satan if Greg told her to. Poor kids.

No. 380093

What the hell did you do to your screen to tint it so much? Can you even read it when it's like this?!

No. 380094

File: 1493779077013.png (17.78 KB, 500x199, onion.png)

Well, Gergs month just got even better

No. 380095

inc dramatic "i have a tumor" vid

No. 380097

"I got a mole removed, so basically I have cancer. Send your allowance asap"

No. 380099

File: 1493779299991.png (25.73 KB, 588x295, lameo.PNG)


No. 380100

File: 1493779304116.png (191.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4106.PNG)

By dermatologists he means us. Hi Smegma!

No. 380101

File: 1493779381581.png (160.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4105.PNG)

No. 380102

File: 1493779451946.png (118.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4107.PNG)

Still trying to get relevant through Andy.

No. 380103

This is how I read it. He's definitely trying to mislead people into worrying he has cancer. My first thought was a possible abscess or something, if this is even remotely true.

Also lol @ DISEEEAAASE. God.

All this drama for attention and pity.
Sorry, I mean pitybucks.

ew ew ew "Romantically assault" YOU MEAN SEXUAL ASSAULT?
and the redundancy of "I promise" is probably completely unintentional since we all know how educated he isn't.

No. 380105

File: 1493779790218.png (110.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4110.PNG)

Deres moar! He has no stds u guize!

No. 380106

Please god, let it become malignant.

No. 380109

File: 1493780062753.png (126.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4109.PNG)


No. 380111

Samefag but I just realized he is talking about seeing an actual doctor?! Or some sort of medical professional. I call bullshit, especially considering how he's "BARELY SURVIVING" … at least something isn't adding up, here, GREG.

Jesus that "SKIN DISEASE" is going to never get old for me. Because he probably doesn't even know how to spell it off the top of his head, and this way it sounds more impersonal and like he's SUDDENLY terminally ill.

I told my sciencey bff (to ask some questions as well, mostly about terms since I tend to have brainfarts while writing), and yeah, he and I both agree on that. He literally said "Hopefully he does. hopefully it is malignant and gets into his spinal fluid." Then he added:
"How very non-descript and attention seeking
besides, tumors on the back are not very common"
Friend went to college for forensics and criminology, so… take that for what you will.

No. 380112

I think he's had it for years, it should hurry up and do it's nasty thing already.

No. 380114

Definitely. Even Taylor (brainwashed as she is) has admitted a few times (once during Sarah's livestream) that Onion was verbally abusive. Onion himself admitted to being verbally abusive. And now Onion is e-begging for shekels from his kid audience… to "provide" for his two kids? How fucking pathetic is that?

No. 380115


lmfao maybe lainey is getting sick of his shit.

No. 380117

lol anon. I'm willing to bet this is one of the few times he's ever acknowledged their existence.

No. 380121

>i has tumor

No. 380124

Trying to rake in those pityshekels with his teen/tween fanbase. If only we could all live such dignified lives.

No. 380125

If he needs to beg for money to take care of his kids, maybe CPS should be notified. I mean he is so poor and bad off that he needs to e-beg for money, maybe he doesn't need to have kids then?

No. 380126

Definitely agree. I wonder if CPS would like to see a video of all his public abusiveness and narc rage too?

No. 380127

His entire "I'm poor now, need the patreon monies" spiel doesn't add up either. That full-blown NARC never gets tired of trying to dupe people.

No. 380129

That's not a 1 man job. Several anon's would have to work on it.
But yes to this:
>If Daddyofive just lost custody of his kids, Greg should too.
I can't see why this shouldn't happen.

No. 380130

As a child of a narc father, I would be more than happy to channel my rage into this job in part!

People like this should NEVER be allowed to have children. I think footage of him rating bodies/hot how a 13/yo is wouldn't go amiss.

I'll look into it, see if it's worth the effort.

No. 380133

I think he didn't actually see a doctor at all. We already know he thinks he knows better than anyone and that the only thing he cares about even close to himself is money (and using it to live a psuedo-hedonistic lifestyle).
Even if his income wasn't dropping, he wouldn't do this imo.

Maybe he went to get more botox or something, though, and had this mentioned to him? It would be hilarious if he went to have work done so fast after dumping on JG about hers.
Then again his logic is probably "I'd fuck me." Damn buffalo bill for real, he'd wear Taylor's skin if he could. Minus potential stretchmark aka "cut scars" areas.

No. 380135

kek, he's got a tiny dick and a forced shower fetish, and now he has to take cold showers or his face gets even uglier.

No. 380136

can we stop with this tired meme? you know what the Do5 vids had that allowed everything that happened with them to happen? ACTUAL UNDENIABLE VIDEO PROOF OF ABUSE. physical and emotional abuse, spanning a long period of time, consistently and obviously. kids showing obvious signs of trauma.

CPS will never do anything without something that blatant and clear-cut. him being a raging narc will not make them move at all because it is /not a sign of abuse to his kids/.

all anyone is doing by filing shit with CPS that will never go anywhere is giving him a shield if something concrete does crop up: if you cry wolf so many times, no one will believe you anymore when the real wolf is there.

i hate to sound like i'm defending this piece of shit but goddamn am i tired of this derail. stop moralfagging.

No. 380137

sage for chiming in: i've seen people lose custody because of character defamation though, like with drug addicts who lose their kids even though they're not neglecting or abusing them. it happens.

though admittedly i don't know the law in america, so if it's likely to give him a shield should it fail, then it's still a bad idea

No. 380139


Is it possible that the tumor is recent or has been there for awhile and no one (Onion) noticed it?

This is probably coincidental but he has a video from years ago (2010-2011?) where he had some difficulty with a spinal injury. He was kind of immobile and was crawling a lot (even that was painful to him) throughout said video. Of course, it was also for dem pity views/yt bux.

No. 380140

he is a middle class white man in america. he has a house, there is food in his fridge, and his children are nowhere near the level of the Do5 kids. unless someone found pictures of these kids bruised or malnourished like a 3rd world child, CPS will not do anything. he has not shown himself to be physically violent and has no history of physical spousal abuse. videos of him frothing at the mouth in rage will do N O T H I N G especially since he can easily claim it's a character for YT. if you even got CPS to knock on his door, he'd shove lainey up front to sob at them and they'd leave genuinely believing that the internet haturs are harassing this poor man.

give it up. there's plenty of milk on him without having to moralfag about his treatment of his kids. even though i'm sure he's a less than stellar parent, he is not what CPS considers an unfit parent.

No. 380141


Shouldn't this shit be talked about on discord anyway? Why are they doing it here? Idiots.

No. 380142

Because this stupid crap has to crop up with newcomers to the thread with every iteration it has. They don't know that he lurks, they don't know to keep it to discord, and they haven't heard the dozens of reasons that their plans won't work.

No. 380143

There's quite a few on Twitter who are saying he's had it for years and it's benign… my guess is he's just listing off what he knows is wrong with him and adding rosecea to that "list" for pity points.

Gotta remind his newer, recent fans of his toomer so they'll run to his Patreon to help with his "medical bills and insurance".

No. 380149

Did he seriously only just now realize he has rosacea? He's been treating it as acne this whole time? What a fucking idiot.
I'm sure his tumor is nothing otherwise Plainey would be crying all over twitter.

No. 380151


He could always ya know, sell one of his Teslas and some videogame consoles for extra cash.

Man, a 31 year-old solely depending on kids' lunch money and the mentally disabled's minimum wage money? Even the likes of Ted Bundy wouldn't stoop that low to get what he wants.

How long until he applies for them social security bux?

No. 380152

He needs to learn to love his acne-rosacea face and not have it treated at all or else it means his wife failed him.

No. 380155

At worst I imagine it's a benign lypoma

There's no way he's not trying to mislead to get views. If he wasn't and there was any actual worry, Lamo and him would likely be tweeting depressive woe is me

even with the rosecea he's using correct, but overtly dramatic reading of "incurable skin disease"
it just looks bad, it doesn't do anything harmful. "Incurable skin disease" implies it's something harmful, which it's not.

No. 380160


>incurable skin disease

Man, that sounds like something cwc would say.

No. 380161

my thoughts exactly.
why are they selling their shitty clothes and begging for money?
they have things they could sell to keep them afloat for awhile.

perhaps downgrading their home(s)?
i feel nothing for their financial woes.

No. 380167

anon, you beautiful anon. never stop. you are a artist.

No. 380188

I haven't fallen down the onion hole yet but I can't believe this creature has children (and a harem?)

No. 380189

Yeah I figured it could fall under the disease label, since disease doesn't necessarily mean deadly or crippling or whatever - but his fanbase doesn't necessarily know, especially when he's pulling the whole "WOE IS MY LIFE" act. We know - and he knows - that "disease" especially with vague/no context generally sounds alarm bells for people emotionally.

Also I do believe that he is upset if this is in fact news to him, since that means acknowledging his own imperfection.

I'm sure his "LOGIC" would be that "IT'S A DISEASE," but I totally agree that he should practice some of the shit he is so eager to preach for once in his life.

No. 380191

sage and lurk.
He wishes he had a harem.

No. 380192

CLOSE anon but not quite kek, take the dive down the onion hole its a wild ride

No. 380200

Has Patreon-anon disappeared? We still need the update and videos…

No. 380212

File: 1493791750058.png (107.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5075.PNG)

What was this shit for?
I refuse to believe this vain goober has never had work done.

No. 380234

That just makes me want to watch it get removed. Dr Pimple popper phase triggered

No. 380247



No. 380249

Possible tinfoil but Billie's new bf Drew has mentioned a few times that he has a growth on his face that he's getting tested to see if it's a tumor. Wouldn't be surprised if Greg's getting into another passive aggressive pissing contest.

No. 380253

Seems like he's doing it to spite Drew

No. 380255


hope he's finally getting the lobotomy he so desperately needs

No. 380256

he mentioned recently i forgot where (the livestreams?) he had a tumor on his back that was benign and that was after drew said that shit. I wonder if hes just making it up for pity points or drew reminded him of it and that he could use it for pity points

No. 380278

anon, i thought this as soon as i read it. i would absolutely believe that he's doing it to try and one-up drew, or even so that he can make cancer jokes to him and have it not be offensive (in his mind).

No. 380282

oh ffs an """"incurable skin disease""""?? it's rosacea. that's like getting the flu and saying you have "a potentially deadly viral infestation"

No. 380283

"my skin disease" jesus fucking christ

No. 380285

This sounds like him having that giant mole on his temple removed.

No. 380286


Aww, they're removing the only likeable thing about Gregma. Poor little tumour thats quite possible just a cyst ( or his brain ).

No. 380287

betting 100 bucks its a brow lift and or liposuction

No. 380297

accurate in that it is not curable, but still~ dramatic to the max.

No. 380298

Since Grease seems to care so much about definitions. Rosacea is defined as a skin condition, not a skin disease.

No. 380300

it'll be for dat totes bad tooma in his back. which i will go ahead and guess is probably just a sebacious cyst that needs removing. they appear on the back all the time and it's usually a v minor procedure to remove.

source: i'm a nurse who deals with this shit on the daily.

No. 380301

excellent point. facts!!

No. 380302


No. 380303

Look at
He definetly fits all the criteria of cheap injections and cheap batches.

Ironically enough, botox is used offlabel and onlabel to treat Rosacea. Can't wait for Gregma to use it as an excuse for his Botox! I would bet he has had Botox and this is his excuse for using it very soon.

Link related, source for Botox being used for Rosacea.

No. 380304

I'm sure someone else well versed in Gurg's history could tell us. Possibly it was when he started Botox.

No. 380307

Wasn't this when his head growth got removed?

No. 380309


Can someone who claims to be "straight edge" and anti-makeup/ anti-surgery use Botox?

Not that that will stop him from being a hypocrite

No. 380310

Nah I don't buy it. The "botox allergy reaction" is just his rosacea, and watching older videos it looks like he's always had a droopy/slow eyelid (doesn't seem likely he got injections as young as 24 but what do I know). His relaxed face makes him look like a caveman, that's not botox it's just his unfortunate face. Y'all have got your tinfoil hats on tight imo.

No. 380313

samefag, I also think he's too chickenshit to get injections in his face.

No. 380315

Imagine being THIS dramatic about a mole removal

No. 380334

Nah, what I'm saying is that if he has had Botox, he will use the Rosacea as a scapegoat to prove he's untouched and anti-surgery. Since afterall, Onision does weird mental gymnastics so it wouldn't be unheard of if he made a huge deal about using it BRAVELY AS MEDICATION FOR HIS TERRIBLE DISEASE.

No. 380338

maybe she calls him daddy in front of the kids???? PLEASE

No. 380341

People in my town make like 12k € a year lol. Here 400k $ in savings is only reachable by selling the house your parents left you when they died.

You have to be a potato pea brain to blow onion kind of money. You have to be R E T A R D E D.

No. 380342

Exactly plus if it was a tumor wouldn't it be growing rapidly? Like to the point it'd be visible in videos? A friend of mine had a tumor removed off his back and it grew from the size of a small cyst to almost an A cup tit in just a year

Sage for blogpost.

No. 380351

It's almost definitely some kind of cyst. He can call it a tumor because the word "tumor" is, medically, applied to any kind of growth. The definition, since Gerg loves those so fucking much, is:
>a swelling of a part of the body, generally without inflammation, caused by an abnormal growth of tissue, whether benign or malignant.

Like, I developed a ganglion cyst on the back of my hand and that counts as a tumor, but it's benign as fuck and will just go away with time. Not all cysts/tumors grow rapidly, like mine's stayed the size of a marble, but the cancerous ones sure do. I'm sure his WebMD research told him all of this shit, but he knows his underage, uneducated fans will automatically interpret "tumor" to mean "cancer" and throw that patreon money his way.

Some anons have pointed out how rare it is to develop a malignant tumor on your back and they're right. I actually did have a friend who had one, however, he had an insanely rare form of soft tissue sarcoma. It happens, but I seriously, seriously fucking doubt Gerg has that. Spinal cord tumors are also crazy rare. It's most likely a lipoma (fatty growth) or a sebaceous cyst. He produces sebum like it's his fucking job, so it's probably the latter.

No. 380354

Samefag, but I fucking hope it's actually a lipoma because being diagnosed with a "fatty growth" will make that narc feel so gross, even though a sebaceous cyst is grosser.

No. 380356

>I am a tumor


No. 380357

At first there was the Onion. A tumor grew on the Onion's back and so the universe was born. We are the tumor. All praise the Supreme Onion. Repent.

No. 380362

True. He should cure his skin disease and toomah with positive thinking and a vegetarian diet instead. Botox is for sheeple, Gerg!

No. 380363

Be careful there anon, you might hurt yourself with all that backpedalling. I'm also a bit concerned with the size and material of your hat.

No. 380373

In his latest video he said a dermatologist WROTE him. So it's not like he saw one.

No. 380374

No. 380375

Not only that but he also. Stated that it's basically a Fatty tomur.

No. 380377

Which he read online.

No. 380380

File: 1493837056639.png (1.6 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5216.PNG)

Back in my day, we just called this, "ugly as shit".

No. 380381

ew. no one cares you gross turd.

No. 380384

Maybe it's just a big sebaceous cyst.

No. 380385

thats totally a lipoma or some other superficial cyst. what a dramatic piece of shit.

No. 380386

"This is apparently a tumour … Based on my research it's just a fatty tumour"


Apparently in onionworld you can self-diagnose both a "skin disease" and a "tumour" and have that be FAX, but can't call someone as having NPD unless you have a degree

No. 380387

He'll have his mom prescribe magik woo oils, anon. Don't worry, they know way more than doctors.

I wish it wasn't something totally benign so that he'd be taken down by his own hubris, but sadly it doesn't look like it.

No. 380390


All I see are lonjas.

No. 380391

Good god, his "10 Things I Hate About Bananas" is the cringiest edgefest my eyes have ever witnessed. I feel like I need an exorcism and an acid bath to feel clean again.

No. 380393


contemporary art

No. 380395

File: 1493839455934.gif (1.11 MB, 340x254, imabananatumor.gif)

No. 380396

samefag, HE ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED THE UNCENSORED VERSION TO YOUTUBE KEK. The rest of the description is his usual bullshit but I included it for the lols

"So I have a delimma… I want to make videos that are true to myself, but every time I used to do anything close to that, YouTube would SLAM me, and I mean HARD. So for around 10 years I just made videos that YouTube would more often than not deem acceptable… well, recently not even the watered down version of myself has been considered ok by YouTube, so, to survive, I headed over to Patreon to upload my videos early… then I realized, oh my gosh, I don't have to water my content down anymore, I can really be whatever I wish to be… HERE is the problem, the real problem… because I'm being my true self on Patreon now, a lot of that doesn't translate over to my YouTube videos because the Patreon versions are so genuinely messed up… you know: PERFECT - So it's like… do I sacrifice my freedom on Patreon just so I can continue to please my subscribers with watered down content, or do I just continue being absolutely sick on Patreon and continue giving you guys MEGA censored content?

People say "You know, other YouTubers can do way worse and they are fine." - That's the thing, I am not other YouTubers, I have thousands upon thousands of videos on YouTube which means I get hit more, just from a statistics standpoint. And when I get hit? It's traumatic. This is part of the reason I have so many channels… you know, survival.

Long story short, I WISH I could do whatever I wanted on YouTube, I WISH I could give you guys uncensored, REAL content, but YouTube destroys me every time I try, so instead, I have to remember that many of my patrons pay $1 every 30 days to see around 30 new uncensored videos… and that's what I want to deliver, the content they signed up for.

Basically what I'm saying is: I'm sorry. I wish things were different, but they are not & I have to take care of my patrons while also continuing to upload for you, my awesome subscribers.

So! I'm sorry about the heavy censorship, but we gotta be YouTube friendly. If you want to avoid this and get straight to the real content, join us here: http://patreon.com/onision"

No. 380397


lmao, but what if it was just some big ass bacne?

No. 380400

I don't actually give a shit about what he has, my point is that if you have the means you get that kind of thing checked out and treated. I forgot that he is barely surviving though so I suppose a full body massage from momion is going to have to do.

No. 380401

Maybe his refusal to see doctors will actually kill him some day, and nothing of value will be lost.

No. 380403

lol@ his tumor and skin disease video. He has started to employ CWC level stress sighs now. How long until he starts crapping his pants do we think?

No. 380406

This is a good example of one of many reasons doing the censored/uncensored video versions is such a bad idea. I mean, a minor reason, but he so quickly fucked up his own "system". Main reason being it's shitty to his ugh… fans … who can't pay. Which would be the vast majority of his fans.

But he can't grasp the concept that people could be unable to support him for any reason other than their own greed/stinginess.

No. 380407

this belongs at MoMA

No. 380409

literally this. even if it is benign, if it's a tumour that puts him at increased risk of developing malignancies on the future.. which really is something that you should know about.

No. 380411

File: 1493841152239.png (442.09 KB, 852x639, gross.png)

Giant bruise on his ribs. Dare I dream that he finally got the asskicking he so richly deserves?

No. 380413

i'm watching this video rn and why is he talking like he's on drugs?

No. 380414

ok so i just finished watching this, and jesus why is he not going to see a doctor? that is fucking huge, and he said it hurts? what an idiot. i know some other anons said it looks like a lipoma, and it does, but if it hurts that is clearly a bad fucking sign and you should get it checked out.
now watch and wait for the inevitable "i got diagnosed with cancer!! donate to my patreon so i can afford to survive!!"

No. 380416


Oooo, look at the size of that pimple.

I mean come, tumour… Seriously ? Does he just not want to accept that he has bacne and that's a cyst. All he needs is antibiotics and a derm or even trained nurse to drain it.

No. 380418

Were did the patreon anon go? I miss seeing the updates ….

No. 380421

i'm still here! i've been cramming for my final exams this week so haven't been able to post. i'm in the process of looking at patreon right now.

No. 380422

I think there are a few patreon-anons, though only one XD-anon/XD-chan (I think?) who started that whole thing.

I really hope no one is actually paying him lol. Someone mentioned money being withdrawn on the 1st…

Also I was just thinking: The other day (or so), Gregma was all "I fantasize about dying from an aneurysm" - wouldn't it be such poetic justice for something legitimately terminal/fatal to now happen?

If he died and Taylor got all the money, I think she and the kids would actually be so much better off. She'd probably be a fish out of water without Greg, but it'd be such a good chance for her to actually get healthy and have a personality and friends.
But mostly it's for the kids.

Also if he is indeed terminally ill… I'll just leave this here:
"In the United States there are assisted dying laws restricted to terminally ill and mentally competent adults in Oregon, Montana, Washington, Vermont, California, Colorado and Washington D.C."
from googling "where is assisted suicide legal" kek

No. 380423

yes, i'm the anon who uploads his videos early but there are some others.
i wouldn't be surprised if he dies of an aneurysm. he gets himself worked up enough that i wouldn't be shocked if his head literally exploded.

No. 380425

He's face looks like common skin allergy , maybe alergic inflammatory state, probably from wearing too much shitty makeup and drying the skin with hot several showers / day.

it just blows my mind how he won't go see a doctor.

Is his NPD so big that his google-based diagnosis are better? Or maybe he can't stand anyone telling him what to do even if it could actually help him…

Remember his video about how he "save his kid from the monster-doc"?

No. 380428

the next video from patreon - curvy, fat or thin women. in the form of an awful song. he no longer uses the word fat - instead he says thick. actually i take that back - he uses the word fat twice.

No. 380430

I'd said it's a bite from Lainey. So kinky.

No. 380431

Finally he's gonna die. Grog do the world a favor and don't see a doctor

No. 380434

File: 1493843633069.png (108.85 KB, 1070x602, 2017-05-03 (8).png)

top quality tumour advice from the patreons kek

No. 380435

>i wouldn't be surprised if he dies of an aneurysm. he gets himself worked up enough that i wouldn't be shocked if his head literally exploded.

That's EXACTLY what I was thinking watching his meltdown on stream.

No. 380437


OMG is lainey really calling tocask were to park? Seriously there is no hope for this girl

No. 380438

gregma is considering adding patron-only livestreams.

No. 380439

Yeah I agree with that patron. He should definitely cut liquids out of his diet for a few weeks.
Yknow.. to dry out the tumor.

Or their dog. Oh god, now I'm imagining how he'd react if their dog bit him. Ugh.

No. 380441

Good that worrisome things like that can be cured by consuming nothing but water, 10+ days even clears up skin wow you don't have to worry Laura! I guess gerg will be alright after all thanks to Heavenly Saiyan.

No. 380442

The kid likely had testicular torsion, and Greg was furious the doctors knew more than them, and he was mad that they had to run tests and the tests were expensive and Greg didn't understand what they were for, because he knew FAX. And he spent the whole time screaming and fighting with the docs.

And because Greg knows way better than doctors, he had a full narc rage at a doctor, and because of this experience Greg feels he can ignore anything a doctor says, ever, because Grug is smarter than all doctors ever.

>>Is his NPD so big that his google-based diagnosis are better?

Yes. Clearly. He took every experience he'd had (having to drink fluids for CT scans, etc) and projected it onto his son, refusing his son access to tests because GREG had found them useless, uncomfortable, and irritating. He refused every solution the doctor gave (testing and surgery) and had a screaming meltdown, further upsetting both his son and Taylor, then blamed the doctor for causing his son and wife to cry, rather than understand that he was taking up all the airspace while his son should be the primary focus. He was unable to put aside his own ego to get his son treatment, to the point that security had to be called.

No. 380444

It is a tumor, but it's almost definitely not a malignant tumor. Like I said before, the word "tumor" just means you have a random growth on your body. The asshole's never going to bother seeing a professional to get it excised or drained, he's just going to ignore it and milk it for baww-money.

Nah, it does look like Rosacea, but he's being a little fuckwit about it by calling it an "incurable skin disease", like, fuck, Gerg, you don't have a flesh eating bacterial infection. It's actually really obvious that it's Rosacea and that's what's so lulzy about him JUST REALIZING NOW that it's not run of the mill acne.

You would've known that sooner, Gerg, had you bothered to see a fucking medical professional for once instead of diagnosing yourself, you fucking autist. You're an idiot, god knows why you think you'd know better than someone who trained and studied for fucking years.

No. 380445

headphone warning
this is literal autism

No. 380446

File: 1493845790291.png (276.69 KB, 431x552, creepingonion.png)

i just imagine that this is how onion used to look at billie

No. 380447

>Onion is now literal cancer

No. 380448

ew can you not link directly to his channel?

No. 380451

i'm the same age as grease, and even his music taste is the same as when he was in high school. What the fuck is wrong with this guy, jfc.

No. 380452

Fucking Christ. I'm Gerg's age and all of this shit, from his T-shirt, to his playlist takes me right back to 9th grade. It's so sad he hasn't gotten past age 14 in maturity or music taste. And it's hilarious because most of his tween fanbase was born in this millennium and won't know anything about his grandpa music, yet he's still there thinking it's 1999 and he's one of the cool kids.

No. 380453

"I always thought I just had acne… turns out, I'm diseased…"

Fuck off Gregma. No one dies from your "skin disease". And if you're really that worried go see a doctor???

No. 380454

Rosacea doesn't explain his bacne.

No. 380462

>This is part of the reason I have so many channels… you know, survival.

Or because you're such an egomaniac piece of shit, and you KNOW you make more money with 5 channels than with just the 1 cancerous Onision-channel.

Imagine being this fucking self absorbed that you feel the need to show your body and your gross tumour on the internet. Just… step back and think about it. He feels he has to make a video about his body.

No. 380476

Lainey and Gregma take a quiz to find out if he's a narc, kekkk


He's joking around in the beginning and then his crazy seeps out.

>I've apologized for being a jerk!

>You've been better lately… yeah..

No. 380479

What else would he make a video about? He doesn't go anywhere, he doesn't have any friends to hang out with, he never reads anything…

It's not that he wants to, he has to. He knows of nothing more, stuck in his own tiny microcosm. He doesn't have any other material for videos.

No. 380480

That's a retarded quiz. A few were pretty on point. Especially the "your partner can never say no" - he made it clear that was the case. Made a joke "hah, sometimes you say 'ouch' but that's about it!" and Taylor was quick to get him off the topic, telling him that was TMI.

No. 380482

She also put her hand over his when he started to go off about… how he goes off on people, reminding him to keep his chill, because they were supposed to be joking about him being a narc, not showing people how much of a narc he is.

No. 380483

So, if he "inevitably" dies; are his exes gonna show up to his funeral?

No. 380484

>I get more views when you're not here
immediately turns off video

No. 380486

File: 1493852095023.gif (481.24 KB, 308x262, rip gregma.gif)

Only if they feel like celebrating.

No. 380488

I hope he's perfectly healthy. He deserves to get old and even more ugly and have his youtube channel completely die so when he's old and grey and the youtube shekels completely dry up he can be depressed about how he has to work a shitty minimum wage job and be unable to attract teen poon.

No. 380490

wow, I always assumed onion was the 'smart' one in that marriage
but Lainey seems more capable of thinking long-term

they're both idiots tho

No. 380491


Her voice bores me, shut up!

No. 380498

She's afraid to tell him no or else she gets the hose again.

No. 380503


the fact that the narcissist comments got to him so much he made a video about it is hilarious.

The forced pda in the video too, like it's so obvious how insecure they are about their relationship they try so hard to prove how in ~love~ they are.

No. 380504

How old is their kid?

Do they have a regular babysitter or friend/relative or something? Maybe I'm doing it wrong but I don't know any parents that get the kind of time it must take to make and edit these videos. Then again this is their job so maybe they have childcare sorted.

No. 380507

Troy's 4-ish

No. 380508

Only a doctor can diagnose me. Or a facebook/quizlet quiz.

why doesn't lainey pull out some academia on narcissism since she has a degree? is this how she diagnosed her "anxiety"?? I'm dying they're so stupid

No. 380510

SAME, anon. glad i'm not the only old here. kek.
and it's so pathetic, he's forever stuck somewhere around 1999.

No. 380516

File: 1493859283344.jpg (543.79 KB, 1982x1486, Tommy-Wiseau-3.jpg)


No. 380521



No. 380537

And that's one of those quizzes that was probably made by a 14 year old.

Someone link him this one

Obvi still not a professional diagnosis, but at least it's deeper than "do you think you're better than everyone else, yes or no?"

No. 380542

Don't hurt Tommy Wiseau like this come on now even he deserves better. I mean he made the worst movie out of his own ridiculous stash of money and still isn't crying to the internet to help him "survive"

No. 380549

Just a thought, but is he claiming cancer because drew was getting checked out?

No. 380551

Is they going to be a lainey patreon leak?

No. 380552

you're tearing me apart, Gerg!

No. 380553

File: 1493868011464.png (332.42 KB, 1441x1095, 2345.png)

Grease's number one fan and big patreon supporter, Fakeboi.

No. 380554

He hasn't claimed that it's cancer, he called it a tumour on twitter to freak out his fans and get them to sign up to his patreon.

So anyway Gerg, how's your sex life? asked no one ever

No. 380560


Well, at least long-haired Onion looked better than >>379097 (ew).

No. 380563

He does shit like that as "comedy" because he actually doesn't know at all how to be funny. It's so sad, though. I start to feel real bad for this pathetic human being

No. 380566

I haven't watched his video but her telling him how to pronounce rosacea makes me admire her a TINY bit. Also saying "things will work out just fine." At least she knows what she's talking about there.
It seems she's mainly over the moon about Taylor, and kisses Gregma's ass simply because that's part of the deal (hint: it's the whole deal, Dani, don't kid yourself).
But alas, telling him how to pronounce something isn't going to earn her anything of his except his disdain and ire.

I had a terrifying thought. Gregma said he is going to have surgery in a few weeks? This could very well push back his $1000 collab with tomatodude until JUNE. Now things are fucking adding up. I hope I'm paranoid, but that would be seriously fucking EVIL to deliberately delay filming the collab with a dude he KNOWS can't even afford one month just so he can get at leats $2000 out of the sucker.

And tomatodude (I don't remember his name, just that it's something about tomato) is likely too dumb/gullible to think that through. He damn well better be at least keeping communication with Gregma to ensure the recording does in fact happen on schedule, since he's ALREADY down $1000. Ugh.

Also that "Just Me @UnChainedDreamR" responding to ladyboy about the bank shit is the same girl who said obeying Onion is an aphrodisiac for her and how she wanted to be chained in his basement. Her dumbass face stuck in my memory for some reason.

No. 380569

File: 1493871309057.png (199.29 KB, 590x115, 4658786502.png)

stop trying to start shit with rumors YOU'RE starting, greasy.

No. 380571

Probably referring to how someone on twitter said Drew allegedly posted a picture of one of his Onion's kids for a few minutes. I doubt it though.

No. 380572

Wasn't the tweet about surgery from like 2014? Someone brought it up asking what it was about and I think some agreed it was a mole or something on his face that got removed.

No. 380573

That "tumor" is called a cyst Greg. Cysts are common for people with adult acne. The back is a normal place to get one.

No. 380578

>the ex IS leaking
which way is it gergy

No. 380583

Oh damn. I missed that. Thanks!
I'm scolding myself because normally I do notice when tweets are from past years.

Wish I could edit my post. Oh well. Thanks for clearing that up.
Though on a more tinfoil note, he could still try to pull the "oh, my tumor!" card to try to postpone recording.

More like "there is a rumor that there is a rumor" amrite gerg?
He is too dumb to even know heads or tails of anything and seems to always be the last to find out something when it IS true. I mean, if this were true, we'd know about it before he would for damn sure lmao.

But waiiiit he's threatening ANOTHER lawsuit? WITH WHAT MONEY, GREG? I know h3h3 has been going through their own lawsuit, and it's been hell on their life emotionally and financially, or so they say. They mainly owe a lot to Philip DeFranco creating a huge fundraiser thing for them. I can't see anyone doing that for Greg other than Greg himself, and he's already done that with Patreon lol.

Makes me wonder why he hasn't threatened to sue Youtube at the rate he's been going.

No. 380589

Lol lameo so obviously trying to protect him from scoring as narcissist on the quiz. I know that she knows he is one. Also that is a shit quiz. How about dont take one off buzzfeed or whatever. Lainey is an enabler and will let him get away with murder if it comes down to it. Shes just as scary as him. I can just imagine being a third person in that household with these two trying to manipulate the hell out of you and make you out to be some bad person.

But her face when he tries to deny hes something that she obviously knows is true is priceless. The jealousy one. He literally made her feel bad for talking to that band guy he didnt like LOL.

>there's a rumor
How about dont post this shit if you cant verify if its true? Trying to make billie look bad any chance he can cause people will believe it even though he says its a "rumor"

No. 380590

Don't feel bad anon, you weren't the only one making that mistake.

I feel like people are a bit too eager to jump to conclusions when the milk slows down, lately there's been so much "what if this" "I bet that" "it wouldn't be unheard of if" etc and it's polluting the thread. Just stop reaching so hard for the milk, you all can trust that the onion will deliver - he always does.

No. 380592

>"There's a rumor…"
>"How dare you involve a child."

Gerg, you just acknowledged it's a fucking rumor in the first sentence and then straight up admonish them as though it's a fact (FAAAAAAAX) in the second. If you wanna talk lawsuits, I'm pretty sure that would count as libel. It's written defamation of character, so…yeah.

No. 380595

You two are my favorite.

No. 380609

Wasn't the rumor started by some bitch. With almost no followers. No proof and only reason for saying anything. Was for Gregma sempi would notice her.

Also I vote that when ever he freaks out. Someone tells him to. "Calm his back tit."

No. 380610

I second that motion so hard

No. 380614

sage for billie. do you guys think that onision was the one who leaked that nsfw billie pic in the billie thread? maybe as a warning, to make them stop posting pics of his kids (something i doubt that they did)?

No. 380617

that can't be greg's dick, too big. so how would he have gotten ahold of it?
someone posted on patreon that someone was threatening to leak photos of troy on twitter, he must have automatically assumed it's an ex.

No. 380618

Nah, too big to be onion.

No. 380619

nah greggums shaves his legs and shit because he thinks hair is gross.

No. 380624

Holy ten foot pole, batman, I just saw the pic and Onion would have flooded the internet with identifiable dick pics by now, made about 20 videos about it, if that were him.

Unless it's shooped…

No. 380625

Considering how they wanted full tumblr login information from girls they didn't even meet, I don't think it would be too out there to assume Greg had access to Billie's iCloud at one point.

No. 380627

It's deleted now, but i dont think that was even her. Her ears were stretched bigger than the person in the photo since at least 2012 and the forehead seemed too small to be her.

It did eerily look like her and had a choker she wore though (but that is a pretty common one).

Coulda been gerg trying to find porn of girls who look like billie to fap to and attempt to ruin her reputation, but most likely was a troll.

No. 380628

his 'tumor' is just a giant foul disgusting cyst from being so greasy, he's really clutching at straws for attention and sympathy if hes trying to pass off a cyst as a potentially serious health issue.

No. 380629

Onion and Suzy would be best friends.

>omg my poor health I have a tumor validate me.

>my partner is dead inside but who the fuck cares.
>why is my view count so low??? cry

No. 380637

pretty sure it was deleted because she was underage, farmhand even says so in the thread.

No. 380640

It's almost definitely a troll, I feel like Gerg wouldn't post (faux) revenge porn if the dick was big, his ego would never be able to handle knowing chicks he's dated have had dicks bigger than his 2 inch wonder. Or he wouldn't be able to handle people thinking his ex has been with some big dicked dude before him. Onision: Lord of fragile, fragile egos and tiny, tiny weens.

No. 380653


No. 380671

Seeing him use Thursday in this crap video makes me want to puke. Geoff Rickly is ~literally~ an atithesis of Greggles and everything he stands for: a genuinely hard working, talented man who stands up for minorities and respects woman, without using the ~IM SUCH A FEMINIST!!!~ card for getting pussy.

Every time I see Onion/Lamo like or even just reference something that's important to me (Brand New, MGS…) I'm so disgusted. I don't want to have anything in common with them!

Also, I would die out of embarassment if anyone caught me acting like that, not that I ever would. I can't imagine releasing such a terrible video!

Sage for no1 curr

No. 380677

Omg that was so cringy.
Lainey actually seems like the sane one in the relationship, and she comes across as much smarter than Gregma. That video was honestly hard to watch.

No. 380678

Funny how hard she tries to hide that he is a narcissist though

No. 380680

Re: Lainey patreon leak, she has some exclusive vlogs on her $25 tier. Anyone up for taking one for the team?

No. 380682


That's a lot of money to pay for a borefest… i wouldn't recommend giving lmao that much.

No. 380685

Samefagging here, but I just checked and there's not enough Patreons on that level for it to go unnoticed if they leak something, imo

No. 380689

File: 1493904812498.jpg (122.43 KB, 611x307, doormat.jpg)

yeah she would have to pay me 25$ to watch her boring shit

No. 380690

I highly doubt they'll even be that interesting.

No. 380692

File: 1493906130943.jpg (65.95 KB, 688x179, sodumb.jpg)


Clearly a Cosmo magazine article, that can’t even get a proper contraction in the tag line, is a reputable source for self-diagnosing a personality disorder.

From the author’s website:
>Katherine (a.k.a. “Katie”) Schreiber grew up in New York City, kind of/sort of/always wanted to be a therapist. After obtaining her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Writing from Sarah Lawrence in 2010—ended up reporting on psychology, health and sexuality, instead.

LOL maybe this is what Plainey should be doing with her Bachlor’s.

Personality disorders are more nuanced than this buzzfeed-esque pop psych clickbaity bs. He chooses the weakest argument on purpose to "prove" to Lainey and the mean, mean internet that he's not a narc… which is a total narc move, lol.

> Wow. Way to slut-shame.

Bitch, where? Where’s the shaming, exactly?

I don't think Grease could be any more transparent. It's so fucking fake and cringy af.

No. 380704


You mean Berhow/Hanson? I've not looked at her channel in ages, she a lolcow now?

No. 380705

Onion is such a whiny bitch incapable of introspection. He blames his problems on youtube censorship and cries about Jenna Marbles popularity.

Guess what? Jenna isnt an asshole! She doesnt act like an asshole! She acts sweet and grateful to fans, she doesnt get butthurt when they point out if she is doing something wrong with the animals. She seems like a genuinely nice person and someone who wants to keep growing and improving.

Honestly, the bar is set low for youtubers. She does sweet callouts in her videos and never belittles her fans or acts ungrateful. She is popular because she is nice and seems like someone you want go be friends with. She is basically nice, moderately funny, and takes the piss out of herself.

Onion is none of those things. He's a dick to his wife, friends, exes, fans, people in public, etc. Hes always telling fans to fuck off, unsubcribe, he doesnt love you, he doesnt need you, and also insults their looks even if theyre underage. Hes a bully and an egotist.

The Billie video put the final nail in the coffin of your extended 15 minutes of viral fame.

Onion, its that fucking simple! You not only are untalented but you take shit for granted and now youre paying for it.

Suck it up, Buttercup. I hope you realize now you cant get away with everything and youre not untouchable. Your shit has finally got up to you.

Jenna swears and Jenna is lgbt friendly. She just doesnt act like a dick on camera and expects to get paid for it.

Sage for rant

No. 380725

Why didnt you make her head the O's?

No. 380733

File: 1493919571770.png (277.38 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170504-133632.png)

XD well plaineys patreon is as boring as her. Here's the funniest thing i found plus there is no vlogs just yet shes planing on doing 1 per week but is just a q&a type thing

No. 380738

Samefag, Sorry, i think i saged my post

No. 380756

What photo?

No. 380760

someone posted a nsfw photo of billie and a dude last night in her thread, we're pretty sure if it's her she's very much underage in it so admin took it down/banned the asshole.

No. 380769

Gregma coming for my girl Jenna is everything.
Maybe she's more popular because she doesn't recycle year old shit tier narc "comedy".
She is pretty much the opposite of Gurgles in character. I mean could you imagine him shaving his brows on cam and drawing Nike swooshes on for comedic purposes? She makes a point that she does not take herself seriously AT ALL, humor and being silly is a way of life for her, she's down to Earth and appreciates her fans and her career and her partner. Her 200th video pinned on her channel illustrates these things pretty well! Like, she even mentions her ex in it in a respectful way.

Meanwhile Gurgles is an actual piece of shit with delusions of grandeur and insanely high expectations of every other human being and no actual feelings suited for comedy. I can't with this narc brat manchild

saged for being an autistic fan

No. 380771

I used to be a Jenna hater but recently I'm just down with her. She's just so nice and down for fucking anything for laughs. She made her dog float with balloons, that's been my dream since I was like five, two dogs ago.

of course gerg hates her man.

No. 380775

what video does he complain about Jenna?

No. 380777


He does it in several videos, just look for those with "Youtubers" in the title. He's so fucking butthurt that she still has her fans, and that people are still loyal to her even though she's 2008-hot and doesn't swear or act as outrageous as she used to.

Jenna has 17 MILLION subscribers. That's 10 million more than fucking Onion. He's been trying to catch her attention by "calling her out" on how little she works compared to him, and that she has bots following her on Twitter. He watched her 200th video and made fun of it because "she even admits that she doesn't know why you guys watch her videos"

Onion. Don't mess with our girl Jenna. She's 10x the youtuber you'll ever be, and she'll never acknowledge you on any level.

No. 380778

File: 1493931862466.png (213.86 KB, 1166x1208, Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 20.3…)

Am anon who posted the cap of someone saying Drew tweeted this. Can confirm whole heartedly he didn't cause that lady was crazy. Person knows nada and was just stirring the pot. Their account is now gone.

No. 380791

No one's moralfagging, doofus. There's video evidence spanning several years showing the kind of person he is, including testimony from almost every one of his exes.
Good point. Between the blatant patterns in his behavior (on video, some of which he deleted but have been reuploaded) and ex wife/gf testimony, his obvious mental pathology should be more than enough.

No. 380793

why tf are you a patreon of hers?

No. 380794

It's not like he wants them or gives a fuck about his kids anyway. He quickly signed custody over to Lainey before Billie kicked him to the curb. Narcs hate kids.

No. 380795

I'd assume if they're an anon, they used an empty gift card to pledge, in order to get the patron posts, but the Onions will never get any money.

No. 380796

>has no history of physical spousal abuse.
You must've never read anything Shiloh wrote about him. I'm sure Skye has a few stories as well.

No. 380797


That won't do shit unless it involves the kids alone. Also, stop tipping off the damn cows!

No. 380798


They must've meant on the accounts of physical abuse, not mental.

No. 380799

>Ironically enough, botox is used offlabel and onlabel to treat Rosacea.
I think he's been using botox for years for vanity - not that there was much to maintain to begin with. I also agree with this anon >>379362

No. 380801

No anon. Confinement to a wheel chair for the rest of his life is much better.

No. 380802

Can we please move on from the botox speculations already, it's been discussed to death by now.

No. 380803

He did slam shiloh into the doorframe, pretty physical if you ask me

No. 380805

>It would be hilarious if he went to have work done so fast after dumping on JG about hers.
There's little doubt he's been getting botox for awhile now. And given how well known he is for being a lying hypocrite, I'm sure he's just projecting onto JG out of spite.

No. 380809

Samefag, I just checked and so far I only found two instances where he actually compliments Jenna (one titled yts he's not subscribed to and most popular yts). So, guess I can't hold that against him
saged for irrelevant

No. 380810

>he was mad that they had to run tests and the tests were expensive and Greg didn't understand what they were for, because he knew FAX. And he spent the whole time screaming and fighting with the docs.
He's obviously pissed that he has to spend ANY money on his kids. Top shelf parenting.

No. 380811

File: 1493938222119.jpeg (16.45 KB, 236x284, 4b2f64214bd001179.jpeg)

I'm laffin, but poor Billie. God only knows the horrors she witnessed in the Greasemansion.

No. 380813

>He deserves to get old and even more ugly and have his youtube channel completely die
My sentiments exactly, anon.

No. 380814

It's blatantly forced. You know in the back of her mind Taylor's always thinking how Onion was just moments away from ditching her and the kids and running off with Billie, who he's still not over.

No. 380817

>I love phonies who run around telling everyone about their imaginary, self-diagnosed space prince disorders for internet pity

No. 380820

I just went over the thread again and this is so funny, anon

No. 380821

>Maybe she's more popular because she doesn't recycle year old shit tier narc "comedy".
lol nailed it. Except his recycled shit is about a decade's worth of stale.

No. 380823

Onion isn't even a blip on her radar. No one in the youtube community who's in their right mind has any respect for him.

No. 380826

lol calm down anon. No one's tipping. Everything that's been said is self evident to even the casual lurker.

No. 380829

>"hah, sometimes you say 'ouch' but that's about it!"
Just when I think she couldn't be any more of a doormat…

No. 380832

Exactly. Which Onion has gone out of his way to spin and deny.

No. 380833

>I want to make videos that are true to myself
Proving what a narc I am while constantly gaslighting my audience for youtube bux
>I am not other YouTubers, I have thousands upon thousands of videos on YouTube which means I get hit more
Unlike Pewdiepie, who even after getting "hit" is still larger and more successful than I'll ever be.

Such a desperate ploy to get gullible's to donate to his failing Patreon. kek

No. 380841

File: 1493943753102.jpg (107.29 KB, 598x588, waahwaah.jpg)

Stop being so bitter you child, your content is shit.

No. 380842

File: 1493943777489.jpg (96.22 KB, 640x346, Narcsion.jpg)

>She's afraid to tell him no or else she gets the hose again.

No. 380843

Actually looks better than his vegbod

No. 380846

Because i use an empty gift card XD

No. 380849

No. 380850

this is so embarrassing??? He literally can't fathom that he has shit content???? Like he's throwing a tantrum and blaming other factors that dont exist??? what a retard???

No. 380852

He's making the best content ever, remember? It's a conspiracy!! Youtube is targeting him specifically!!! Pewdiepie is the reason he's barely surviving!!!!

No. 380854

>Uh oh bro.com
Anon, just delete this before you get banned.

No. 380855

It's not his.

No. 380872

Thanks, anon!

No. 380876

That's DSSCTM's archive site, it doesn't belong to Grease.

No. 380877

Wow he is subtweeting Markiplier. Lol Onion, not in your life is he going to acknowledge you, much less engage in your drama. That is completely against his image, plus the fact Onion is a near-"literal who" to Markiplier who at least ACTS like he gives a damn about his fans and has emotions.

XD-chan ily.

Yeah I know, and personally I'm on the side that believes he has had stuff done, but I didn't want to stir that can of worms more. Just wanted to say it'd be even funnier for him to do that so quickly after preaching against such things (regardless of past-Botox status).

No. 380879

Good lord. His view on relationships/love is so astoundingly immature. It's like i'm listening to a 13 year old girl who's still on a steady diet of Disney movies trying to tell me what she thinks marriage is like. The most hilarious thing is, he says he's "speaking from experience", yet neither of his marriages are anything fucking like what he seems to think marriage is. I really hope this is some part of his narc plan to lure in little girls because it's so incredibly sad if he actually believes this shit.

No. 380881

Oh I have no doubt that is what he actually believes. Love is all about submission and control for him, it's not enough to just say "I love you" or "I'm sorry", no you have to get married or get a tattoo for any of that to mean anything to him. It's like he doesn't trust the feelings of others and think things like that make them FAX and therefore reliable.

No. 380893

yes, there's evidence showing he's a shit person. is that the same evidence that CPS wants to prove child abuse? no. shitty people can be fit parents. "obvious mental pathology" means nothing in this situation. putting it in armchair words doesn't make it carry any more weight.

>>380798 is right. mental abuse is very he-said-she-said.

if there's no documented proof of this (to bring back up the Do5 comparison, the video of him slamming the kid into the bookshelf), it's still just he said she said and he can argue that shiloh has motivation to defame him

guys, don't forget greg's probably only strength, here: manipulation. unless there was solid, undeniable, class-A documented proof that the kids are in danger, CPS will not do anything. cry all you want about character and how he's so obviously an angry narc, everything would be washed over in internet-stupid law enforcement's eyes by him putting on a smile and calmly explaining that it's an act for views and all claims against him are internet harassment.

i know y'all live in this fantasy world where everyone is such an obvious and informed onion-hater, but you have to take into account how the system works and views things. even if you convinced CPS that he's a raging narc, he still doesn't check any boxes that would make them pull the kids out of the house.

regardless: put up or shut up, and if you are gonna turn your boohooing into action, do it on the damn discord

fuck y'all for making me sound like i'm defending this fucker, damn

No. 380894


like it or not, those shitty Happy Wheels videos have a target audience. Young kids eat that shit up, same as five nights at freddys and minecraft videos and what not. they all suck, but kids love watching youtubers scream at shitty videogames.

grease has no target audience. he makes "comedy sketches", a youtube genre that died in like 2010. he makes videos rating peoples bodies, videos that only have views because kids see sexy thumbnails and clic em everytime. he makes shitty rants that people won't care about unless they are invested in greg's personal life. or those shitty videos where he will google some random thing and do "jokes" about the results. the list goes on, his content is lazy, unfunny, and just bad. why would anyone watch any of that shit? you'd have to be really invested in this guy to watch his content cause that motherfucker is unfunny. also, he pumps out videos way too often, most of his fans won't be able to watch all of it. his content is dated, and he doesn't have that "young emo chick" demographic anymore. nowadays, he's ugly, makes unappealing content to young people, and anyone can do a quick google search and find out that he's an asshole. his shtick is dead.

i know that ALL youtube creators have been losing cash and views recently, but Greg is the only one where i don't think he'll recover.

No. 380899

Tldw for others: Grease makes it repeatedly clear that he thinks Jenna is "gross", to the point where you have to wonder if he has a crush on her.

Then divorcee Grease says Jenna's idea that she would prefer to wait 10 years in a relationship than rush into marriage is "stupid" because people need marriages to feel like they belong.

This guy who left the his wife for an underage fan who was later his fiancée and then complained about paying alimony says that marriage shows that someone loves you enough "to sign a legal document that's binds you together for LIFE", like this is somehow an argument against waiting longer to marry.

He says that she would not believe these things if she had the experiences he hadn't had. Which makes no sense because his biography could be titled "13 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Get Married Too Soon" and every tape is about Onision.

His example is a couple he knows that married after 7 years, broke up 1.5 years later. Apparently his 5 year marriage is better than that.

He also mentions that he divorced Skye because he was miserable. So much or that romantic lifelong dedication.

Jenna apparently finds it cute when people wait until 50 or 60 to get married. Grease says not everyone lives that long so that would mean they'd die alone, lol.

Grease demonstrates his amazing statistical prowess by saying there aren't any eligible bachelors at 50, zero, all the good ones are married. So much for people dying at that age or getting Grease-style divorces.

Menopausal women can't have sex because of vaginal dryness, fyi. Grease says so.

Jenna Marbles is shitting on marriage, not sham couples like Onlamey.

I can't listen anymore. It's the usual trash from him.

No. 380900

Everything you said was spot on but FWIW, menopause does dry out the vaginal walls and can make sex difficult. Sage for unrelated medical facts.

No. 380912

Yeah, but he was speaking like sex stops after menopause… Like lube isn't a thing.

No. 380913

Makes sense. He never cares about the people he pretends to speak for.

No. 380926

File: 1493960505663.png (136.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4115.PNG)

No. 380929

File: 1493960671210.png (44.41 KB, 605x386, Im totally gay.png)

No. 380937


ah, the try-hard trio

No. 380941

Why in the world is this girls goal to be part of that trio? How brainwashed is she

No. 380947

>>How brainwashed is she
Currently willing to waste "$720 a year on those two whilst slaving away at a minimum wage job at Taco Bell" kind of brainwashed.

No. 380962

>I dont think ill date again.
10s later

And they will never date her because she isnt hot enough lmao. They only give her the time of day cause shes giving them money. How sad is that.

>what did i do back then i dont do now??
Isn't that the point? "Back then" it was new, now its still the same fucking content LOL. Except now hes proven how much of a dick he is, abused 4+ wives/gfs and he doesnt even pretend to be nice anymore.

Prob cause markiplier/jacksepticeye and people like him isnt a dick, hasnt repeatedly insulted his fans only to praise them when they give him money, has done multiple fanmeets, charity events, collabed with other youtubers, and seems like a nice guy overall. Also playing the same game repeatedly isnt the same as making videos over and over again saying the same exact thing, and insulting your ex's over and over again.

People stream the same game for years, but people are watching gameplay/different levels/mods, etc of them that add something different. I think happy wheels vids are boring, but i can see why ppl would find it entertaining if they were into that shit. Onion isnt a gaming channel. Idk why hes comparing himself to one. It'd be comparable to a vlogging channel just stating the same story/same fax in every fucking video. Its nothing new and is boring.

No. 380970

Trish talks about Onion at around 10 minutes. She goes from saying that he's 33 to 35.

No. 380972

Being repetitive can be all youtube channels. There's only so many games, so many places to travel, so many ways to wear makeup but the difference is, these people move past 2008 and continue to do different things. The makeup community isn't doing looks the same as they were in 2008 and gamers aren't playing the same games from 2008 over and over. They also grow with their channels. DashieGames does a lot of mario makers. Repetitive? Yes. But do people like it? Of course. He's not only doing something people want to watch, he's involving his fans who make him the levels to play. If you watch his older videos he was a lot quieter and less hype as he is now, sort of like how graveyardgirl evolved over the years. Onion will never get the popularity he once had because he can't move past things, he can't let go of something good he once had, he doesn't try to better himself or his content and it's taken this long for it to start showing that he isn't some godly creator that he thinks he is and he doesn't know how to deal with it. So instead of trying to fix himself, he's trying to bring down everyone else.

No. 380975

For anyone who doesn't want to watch it, she just brings up Greg for a minute saying how money hasn't changed her and how gross it is for youtubers to start begging for money to donate to them like Greg and then says how he has a few houses and cars and instead of selling them he wants people to donate $1 a month. And that's it.

No. 380976

Gregma's content worked back in the day because YT was new and there was barely any content. So anything weird got millions of views. Same reason why Smosh's lipsync video of the Pokemon theme got millions of views and Pewdiepie's horror videos got huge. That stroked Greg's dick and made him feel like he was a crazy successful comedian. Ergo making his ego too big to deal with any friends or collaborators. Now that shit is hitting the fan, he is starting to squirm realizing that he isn't as high and mighty as he thought he was.

No. 380980


holy shit, she actually does keep up with the onion drama. i remember when her original vid came out there were people saying that it wasn't even about onision, uh…

No. 380981



she says its cringy how every big youtuber now has a patreon, and how onision has two houses and two cars but still wants donations. perez doesn't know who onision is, trisha just says he's an ass and mentions the billie drama very quickly.

No. 380991

And no one knew you could actually make money off youtube when it first started out. People were doing it to have fun. No one looked at it as "I'm going to make a ton of money off this and never have to work again." Since he had an established channel from the beginning, he thought he could just ride it out, maybe get on tv and get his own show or something, but it didn't happen. Seriously though, did he think he could just do youtube until he's 60 or try to retire from youtube at 35? Does he think it's an actual viable career? Everyone else has other projects going on. Some have makeup brands they work with, work on film projects with studios, etc. Some have even left youtube for actual careers. What is Greg going to do? He doesn't even like to leave his house and no one wants to work with him. He has absolutely zero connections to the outside world. If his channel continues to fail and the patreons die out and there's no more cash flowing in, what is he going to do? Will he finally get a hard kick in the balls from the real world? Are we going to see him at Target pushing carts? He doesn't have any skills, like at all, other than using filters to hide his ug-mug. And if someone does do a search on him before hiring, does he think they won't see any of this? I just can't understand how someone doesn't think of the future of their life and not only theirs, but the future of their wife and children's lives. Wouldn't you want your family to be secure in having a house/food if shit did hit the fan? Wouldn't you want to do family vacations to cherish the moments with them? Since you rag on Billie so much for dropping out of high school, wouldn't you be inclined to save for college for your child and make good examples for them so they also wouldn't be fucked and make your mistakes?

No. 381017

Why do you keep saying tl;dw? It's tl;dr.

No. 381020

because it's a video, not text
tl;dw stands for "too long, didn't watch"
tl;dr stands for "too long, didn't read"

No. 381021

uh, do you read videos or do you watch them?

No. 381022

oh shit lol, didn't even realise they were summarising the video. My bad.

No. 381032


No. 381034

>"Why was my content fresh in 2008, but not now?"
>"Uhh, because it's 2017, you can't do the same act for years and years without it inevitably growing stale."
>"I wonder why people call my content repetitive?"
>"Dude, it's repetitive because you repeat yourself"
>"Gosh, I can't see what the problem is, it just continues to elude me, what could it POSSIBLY be, what IS the explanation? I suppose no one will ever know."
>"Uncontrollable shrieking."

No. 381049

You're 100% right anon but not only that, back in the day people didn't just create a channel and get started like you can now.

We mostly had crap phones or camera, recording yourself or something on your screen was a pain, all those apps and softwares that help you edit videos weren't here. It's like nowadays everyone edits their pictures with Photoshop or any beauty app, but 10 years ago it was kinda crazy to make yourself appear slimmer with dubious results, or erase skin imperfections.

Everyone and their grandma can start a perfectly nice youtube channel and Youtube even helps out with the Yt spaces. Now all you have to work on is the content and the marketing, or which public to target.

Knowing how to set up, record and edit a video isn't enough anymore, it's not impressive or special.

No. 381056

but anon, he MADE it
it's marked with his genius

jfc he is delusional

No. 381079

Take this one trick pony out back. All he's good for now is glue.

No. 381121

Nail art videos/creators have more views and subscribers. Then again, those are actually useful to some people. Gurg is worthless. Oh, wait! He helps people get over their body issues -.-

Aren't Gregma and Jenna Marbles similar in age? God what a horrible fucking discrepancy in life choices. Jenna ftw! Besides, look how happy her and Julian are compared to Garg and Lamey. Not to mention Jen & Julian's VEGAN BODEHZ!


No. 381124

Greg feels entitled to those youtube bux but he doesnt provide anything worthy of receiving them. most youtubers have gotten lazy as shit

No. 381133

Honestly if he blasted all his personal drama online like he used to he would probably get views. People ducking estcthat shit up. I know I was glued to his tyrain wreck of a life when he was with Shiloh. And there's a reason they're videos about cuddlegate had so many views. And I mean genuine drama mit just Greg slinging insults about drew snd Billie. But their lives are boribg af

No. 381135

He still is blasting his personal drama online. People just got tired of it.

Are you drunk, anon?

No. 381140

Nah man it's not the same as it was. If him and Lainey fight he just subtweets about it and makes vague mentions of it. Gone are the days when he'd be sitting on camera with a fat Shiloh on his lap crying about how she has to leave because of sepsis. The closest we hit were the cuddle gates. Maybe e en his drama isn't fresh anymore.

No. 381143

You ok bro?

No. 381155

i cant with the "skin disease" attention whoring like gtfo shut up

No. 381167

is the skin disease the new fax? is he going to use this as his excuse for everything now?
>>"Lainey I can't take you to Fiji, you know vacations don't make me happy and the SUN irritates my SKIN DISEASE."

No. 381170


Don't Direct Link.

No. 381172


I think that's from patreon?

No. 381173

Clicking it leads to the OnisionSpeaks Youtube channel…

No. 381179

File: 1494007811957.png (748.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4117.PNG)

Oh look, they finally went outside…in their lawn where the sun is out.

Though u were dying, Grease?

No. 381180

All Greg has to do is take allergy medication and put sun screen on….. I have the same skin problem….

No. 381181

Daaaamn Lainey actually looks trans. MtF before FFS.

No. 381182


>his biography could be titled "13 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Get Married Too Soon" and every tape is about Onision.

This made me kek so hard. Joking aside, remember Lainey's reddit account that leaked after Cuddlegate? Yeah, she wrote a comment about how she regrets getting married at 18. I'mma not gonna bash her for it because she's right - marriage and that kind of responsibility can be hard, especially when you're married to an … eccentric like Greggie-poo.

No. 381183

Lamo's face looks so weird here… As if her mouth is too close to her nose and leaves too much space below so it looks like her chin is infinite.
I don't even want to comment Onion, that mouth looks like it was warped on purpose with the liquify tool

No. 381184

I was thinking a cool mom who borrows her daughter's clothes but yours works too.

No. 381185

File: 1494008427867.jpg (29.47 KB, 480x360, WvoBvRk.jpg)


uh oh vibes

No. 381193

She has an underbite.

No. 381194

ugh nasty ass turtle lips

No. 381199

It makes me really sad to think of a little kid just offscreen in all their pics and videos. I mean not that he's not included in the photos - just sad to imagine a kid growing up in that madhouse.

No. 381204


What happened to being such a creative genius, Greg?

He is SO LAZY. Like, an essential part of being an artist is the struggle to come up with something engaging, unique… and if not original, come at it from a different angle so it seems new. I worked as a creative at an advertising company, and this guy would never, ever, ever be good enough to be hired, even as a junior video editor.

Grease is one of the least self aware people I've ever witnessed.

No. 381205

File: 1494012778148.jpg (35.68 KB, 391x296, disgustomundo.jpg)

I vommed a little

No. 381211

holy god i swear the first thing i thought of was like a gross creepo splenda daddy and a teenage boytoy

No. 381218

Every photo of him and Lamp reminds me of those True Crime documentaries: "While the household seemed normal to the outside world, probably due to the limited and highly controlled amount of contact the members had with it, the sinister darkness inside was ever growing, and it wasn't long before police started connecting the disappearances of teenage girls in the local area to Gregory's unstable behaviour…"

No. 381227

Looks like vagina lips.

No. 381237

All his relationships have failed miserably and his current one has been hanging by a thread for years. Suffice to say he's in no position to give relationship advice of any kind.

No. 381239

Don't insult vaginas like that.

No. 381245

Extreme indolence is part and parcel of NPD.

No. 381246

I think you mean how psychologically damaged is she?Quite a bit, i'm sure.

No. 381250

File: 1494018226510.jpg (42.07 KB, 525x578, image.jpg)

Grainy and Leg

No. 381251

Nearly every pic she takes she wears a fake plastic smile.You can only bullshit about yourself for so long before you're not able to hide the truth anymore.

No. 381254

>shitty people can be fit parents
Right, and the opposite is also true, so what's your point? He was diagnosed in the military and has been cagey (not totally forthcoming or changes the story) about what exactly he was diagnosed with, but let's just ignore that. I'm sure Grease's behavior is perfectly within the realm of psychologically healthy and he's absolutely NOT afflicted with some severe pathology. I mean really anon. Fucking kek.

No. 381255

Yeah but you have to admit the micro penis accurate.

No. 381260


The face he makes when deciding which teen to add next to his harem.

No. 381261

File: 1494019513678.png (78.24 KB, 586x454, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.24…)

"10 Things I Hate About Billie"

No. 381262

File: 1494019610611.png (222.45 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4118.PNG)

Found this in an old video of his and had to post it here. Oh the irony

No. 381265

File: 1494019763829.jpg (59.49 KB, 618x705, dothdothdoth.JPG)

Lainey had her first Patreon stream and Daddy Dothseth is there to protect and take care of her.

>b-b-but they are so mean and don't wanna pay

>sshhhh, shhh. I'll make an aggressive tweet like an inbread emo teenager, Lainey.

No. 381267

according to him he was actually offered to have a project on YoutubeRed when it was first launched but he declined. I wonder if he regrets that now? And I wonder if it has a more constant payment, since its a paid-sub model.

No. 381269

How's that for foreshadowing. kek

No. 381272

Wouldn't be surprised if he was lying about that.

No. 381273

Eh. If these kids are dumb enough to throw their lunch money away spending internet hours with z list e-famers, let 'em. Carelessly blatant stupidity always comes home to roost sooner or later, Onion is proof enough of that.

No. 381275

I'd love to see what this Dani Dotseth person looked like before she heard about Ruby Rose.

No. 381277

Agreed. There's no way he would have turned that down.
YouTube Red was pretty selective with the offers they extended to regular creators at the beginning, I doubt he was even on the radar with his embarrassing content.

No. 381283


Lube, my man.

No. 381284


Bet YouTube Red never contacted him and he's just spouting bs so his fans don't think of him as a complete sellout.

No. 381293


Not the point, though. People have pulled their donations and ladyboy (TM) is being a thirsty asshole as per usual.

No. 381318

File: 1494026048094.png (586.54 KB, 622x852, ladyboy.png)

That girl is really desperate to get in on this shit. Even hitting up sarah LOL. Too bad she lacks the one trait that is necessary to get in on the harem: being attractive. Gerg doest want another they/them agender girl in his house. The only reason she gets any response from onion and lameo is because shes giving them money. Stop giving them money ladyboy and see how much they respond to or like your shit lmao.

No. 381320


holy shit that's so fucking desperate. "lol thank you :P" you know damn well that on the dm's sarah and lainey are talking shit about her too. damn girl fix your face! its the only way!!!

No. 381323

File: 1494027660895.png (143.67 KB, 585x430, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.38…)

Does not understand that his few remaining fans miss when his content was new to them, not that he needs to make the same videos over and over and over for 8 years. He needs a new batch of teens, but his shtick doesn't work on the new ones because his "humor" is no longer in line with "the kids these days".

The "old Onision" never left.

No. 381324

File: 1494027698184.png (35.43 KB, 580x107, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 4.38…)

Plus: I'm not repetitive, you're repetitive!

No. 381325

Can one of the Patreon anons download this?

No. 381326

File: 1494027831702.jpg (484.06 KB, 750x1125, comingtoanonionnearyou.jpg)

I made a shitty thing. I have too much time, clearly.

No. 381330

I think Lainey and drew should have been switched since lameo is ~bi~ but other than that kek

No. 381336

File: 1494028957067.jpg (89.63 KB, 275x244, IMG_3579.JPG)

No. 381346

File: 1494031278718.png (136.62 KB, 586x694, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 8.40…)

Greggum tears are the best tears.

No. 381347

File: 1494031446148.jpg (32.03 KB, 512x512, G1QcC_eM.jpg)

>lainey's a dude

anon pls

No. 381348

I love how he'd rather die than get a job like us common folk

No. 381352


2007-2011 Onion was…human. Problematic at times yes but more human.

No. 381353

File: 1494031993623.png (66.74 KB, 505x684, whatdidyoudonowgreaseball.png)

Here we go again

No. 381354

File: 1494032125393.png (39.25 KB, 503x363, whatdidyoudonowgreaseball.png)

dropped one my bad

No. 381360

Did he just go back in time several months? Is this what he thinks is the "Old Onision" that people want?
wtf is he on about, literally

No. 381370

>Why's my revenue dropped by 90%?
Has he not noticed that no one's watching his garbage content? Or does his NPD make it THAT impossible for him to see the reality staring him right in the fucking face?

No. 381371

He's as delusional as his manwife. >>381326

No. 381374

With Onion's micro-peen, Lainey probably imagines she's doing a chick, it's how she's kept from vomiting the bed all these years.

No. 381376

ugh, he would use that defense. the idea of kink shaming being a thing is what's 'super boring'. why can't people learn that your kinks are only interesting to people who you're banging/who want to bang you and forcing people to know about them is like forcing people to look at your nudes and getting butthurt they think you're gross.

No. 381386


Man if that's what it is then I wonder how Skye, Shiloh and Adrienne felt with dat micro-peen inside them…?

No. 381388

it's only kinkshaming when his "kinks" are involved. guaranteed if someone wanted to piss on him or stick needles in his nipples he wouldn't want anything to do with it.

No. 381389

File: 1494035626020.png (36.32 KB, 587x303, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.52…)

Oh boy this should be fun

No. 381391


nah, you were just younger and didn't know better. i watched him back then too, anon, but the content was just as shitty as it is today. the only good thing in his older videos was skye.

No. 381397

i see he's retweeting Shane Dawsons videos again. he is truly desperate to reconnect with his former collabs that are all doing much better than he is.

No. 381398

never ever ever did i say that he isn't a psycho. in fact, i called him a narc and an asshole at least once. i'm saying that labeling /what he has/ as "pathology" doesn't make it hold any more weight than just calling it 'being an asshole and a narc'. all i'm talking about with that is semantics meaning nothing.

pull your panties back out of your arid vag and learn to read ffs

No. 381403

Jesus H Christ. This entire twitter rant to Youtube is so embarrassing.

He's like an angry customer at McDonalds that ends up getting banned from the store cause he yelled at all the employees but doesn't understand why they would ban him cause he's "spent so much money there".

Youtube is a place of business like any other. He is not their "employee". At best, he's an affiliate. And all businesses have the rights to stop dealing with affiliates that don't represent their company the way they want to be represented.
He has shit on youtube so many times, why the hell would they want anything to do with him? They have hundreds of other affiliates that are shining examples of what they want to be.

Youtube has less to lose by just simply not dealing with Grease. They could straight up ban him from the site. He should feel lucky all they are doing is giving him the cold shoulder.

No. 381406

His recent video titled 'Things Girls Like' is just him reading meme images out loud………………………………………………and he expects people to pay for this content.

No. 381421

He happily kink shamed when he accused Social Repose of having a crying fetish.

No. 381422

He has two bullshit response categories so he can say "yes" is the minority answer.

No. 381423

Off-topic but I had an Onion dream whist taking a nap…

I was watching some of his old South Korea vids and somehow ended up watching this random weird-ass video where it starts off with an American businesswoman talking to the viewers whilst going inside a crappy-looking brick building, enters an office, turns a large screen on the wall where it shows a topless Onion resting on a couch (while still in Korea with his ex present) was speaking with said businesswoman via video conference. The video then directed us towards Onion.

I don't remember exactly what Greg and the lady were talking about but I remember he was facing the camera (to the viewers) as his ex was busy…stroking him as the lady was addressing both of them.

He finally busted a nut and said ex started grabbing and licking chunks of semen as soon as it landed on his torso. During that "ordeal" Grease was petting her (the ex) while the other chick was there and STILL speaking with him/them.

The camera on the lady's side turns off while the ex-chick continues doing what she's doing as Gretchen has his greasy arms hugging her during and after the chat was over.

Not one of them showed signs of decency or embarrassment as this was happening, it's like it was a normal thing to all of them. Idr much else other than that.

>inbe4 "stop having sexual fetishes about Onion and his Grease wives!!!!"

Please understand that I never wanted nor intended for the damn nightmare to happen, it just did and felt like I needed to get it off my chest instead of just bottling up.

No. 381424

delete this ew

No. 381427


>I have achieved over 2 billion views

>I earned unlimited tweet backs

Just accept that you're old news, your 'career' is over. You already got more time in the limelight than deserved, you mcmansion living, smegma ridden, mouth breathing, caveman looking, rapist-vibe fuckkk

No. 381429


Probably should've censored it all, my bad.

No. 381433

No you should probably just not shit up the thread with your gross irrelevant onion dreams.

No one has ever been thanked for posting about dreams they had about cows. it just means you need something else in your life.

No. 381442


Yeah that's probably it.

No. 381445

And just recently she's following Selena, who hasn't been in the picture for eons. Lol

No. 381453


the only nice thing i can say is her hair looks nicer with longer bangs

No. 381459

File: 1494046941491.png (277.36 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-06-15-00-17…)

What is with all of plains retarded fans thinking they look like her? This woman is so desperate to be friends with the two it's pathetic. She already has a boyfriend, I feel for him.

No. 381461

I think she's just trying to get famous tbh. She has a patreon, YouTube videos, a photography facebook page, and a make up artist Facebook page.

No. 381463

File: 1494047770867.png (413.19 KB, 1216x770, 345678987654.png)

Déjà vu

No. 381464

It's not an accomplishment to look average and plain as fuck. If these girls were smart, they would copy Billie. At least she looks more interesting.

No. 381470

Well based on Lane's profile picture she went blue like Billie and that other chick that they ditched for Billie to come back. lel

No. 381476

File: 1494050835707.png (38.47 KB, 639x310, lane.png)

How things change once she got to know lainey's true colors. Never meet your idols lmao. Remember how lane also said lameo only talked to her when she gifted her something? HAHA. Exactly why ladyboy even gets the time of day from either of them.

No. 381482

It's weird that Greg even brought up post-menopausal vaginal dryness because he likes his partners dry as a bone. He doesn't engage in much foreplay and won't use lube. Shiloh reported that even though he wanted sex up to eight times a day he would not use lube and she was in constant pain and had several UTIs as a result.

So yeah, lube is not a possibility for Greg and it's strange he mentioned dryness at all given his own tastes regarding female arousal.

No. 381491

Anon in another thread inspired me to play akinator and after incorrectly guessing markiplier he asked
>is your character evil?
>is your character bad?
>is your character widely disliked?
>i think of onision


sage for no contribution

No. 381492

Of course, he doesn't need assistance in the bedroom because he's perfect.
Remember that video he did assessing kinks from a checklist and it was apparent he was vanilla as fuck and couldn't handle ever not being in control? (wtf, playing with control dynamics is a huge aspect of most kinks, goddamn).

preeeeetty sure Lane doesn't want them.
What other chick? Luxy?
It's just a trend to have odd hair colors for some girls. I have some blue in my hair, and the only way I'd even touch him with a 10-foot pole would be impalement. (sorry for the blog)

THIS is royal. I did my part and sent to a friend (male science-chan).
Also he can never make a poll simple, can he…

No. 381500

confirmed Greg has a tiny dick. That shits painful for dudes too if theyre hung at all.

No. 381501

Just thinking about dry sex is making my ovaries wilt. It feels better for everyone if you use lube, Greg, the bestest sex master. For the love of all that is holy. We should send him a drum.

No. 381519


No. 381537

>>all those apps and softwares that help you edit videos weren't here

Yes they did, even Windows Media Maker was around in 2000, five years before YouTube even existed… although I agree that it took more effort to create, record and edit content back then in a high quality format – it wasn't any more difficult than it is today, the only difference is that high definition equipment is more affordable and advanced than it was back then.

No. 381540

I get the exact same vibes whenever I see him in that cheap, poorly fitted suit.

A splenda daddy, because without those YT bux he'd be broke as fuck. No job, no financial security, no shares or holdings, no business under his wing or even any savings to fall back on… he wishes he was a sugar daddy, but the only women who want him are teenage girls and mentally challenged womenchilden… that's why he needs his wife to lure in those two types for him, otherwise he'd get nobody.

I'd take anything he says with a grain of salt, especially if it's in relation to his own brand - he exaggerates the fuck out of it to lead people into believing he's more successful than he actually is and he's a compulsive liar to boot.

No. 381542

Welp, somebody made the next thread's picture. Your abundance of free time is a gift to all of us, anon, thank you.

No. 381545

File: 1494082779551.jpg (40.89 KB, 578x248, 12.jpg)

Posting this because we all know it's a matter of time he does this too

No. 381548

I'm pretty sure Gerg would be one of the only people who would call cashiers or waiters "peasant" or "pleb" unironically if he ever bothered to leave his fucking grease compound.

No. 381551

I like how he keeps pretending that chaining Billie up in his basement is such a kink to him. Like, does it turn you on that she's tied up around your children? And while Sarah was there too? What the fuck? Pretty sure he's just trying to pass it off as a kink so he doesn't seem like a psycho. He just wanted her chained up to prove herself to him.

No. 381552

If he made it $5 minimum, he'd only have 270 patrons in total right now and he'd be down $1,178.

He's not offering a $1 minimum out of the goodness of his heart, he's desperate to lay his hands on anything he can get - if Sarah and Billie was still living there, he'd be forcing them to create Patreon accounts too.

No. 381553


He doesn't even hold eye contact or look at waitresses or cashiers because they literally mean nothing to him in the "bigger picture", so why waste time on them?

No. 381554

When was Lainey's Poshmark created?

I just somehow found myself on it and dedicated myself to the task of working out how much they've made from flogging their old clothes. $7891 from flogging their walmart clothes. Farmers were right that Gerg's stuff is priced higher, most of Lainey's things peaked at $20 whilst Gerg's was on average $20, maybe $30.

$7891 (roughly, I think it may be more than this as I'm sure I left out one or two garments) from Poshmark, selling their old clothes, but they're struggling to survive.

No. 381557

It was created sometime early/mid 2016, around the time after cuddlegate 1.0 happened.

The Deadpool pants that were recently sold on there were actually a gift from Billie on his birthday last year.

No. 381561

Lowkey this must be about Phillip Defranco

No. 381562


the thing about it, lane was a legit teenager who didn't know better. this ladyboy chick has money and a job, theres no reason for her to still love onision/lainey.


right? but to pull of what billie does you'd have to be somewhat cute. and some ugly bitch like ladyboy would look crazy imitating billie. but lainey? lainey already low key ugly, so i see why her fans try to get her look for attention: its easy and they don't have to look good. easy peasy!

No. 381579

Yup, Lainey copycat checklist includes short hair, bored selfies with same expression. Winged eyeliner. Dog collar.
At least Billie experiments with different wigs and makeup.
Not sure why anyone would want to copy Lainey haha what a boring role model

No. 381580

He always throws other people under the bus to make himself seem better. In this case more generous. Of course you'd only charge a dollar. Your content is shit and your audience are children with no money, so you'll except any measly dollar that comes your way ya piece of shit.

No. 381587

Wow, just realized that most of his fans were essentially in diapers when he started making vids.

No. 381590

File: 1494100698050.png (113.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4119.PNG)

In recent news,

No. 381591

File: 1494100718034.png (134.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4120.PNG)

No. 381607

File: 1494104416431.jpg (147.13 KB, 640x682, IMG_4121.JPG)

Behold! The Onion Evolution

No. 381608

Wow, seeing his face lined up like this you can really see his look deteriorating throughout the years.

No. 381609

Last one looks like a faces of meth mugshot

No. 381611

I avoid onion threads bc he's the worst - but has Skye really gone on to work on bigger film productions??? I don't remember any of her social media to check I'm sorry, but that would be the best news ever after how terrible he was to her

No. 381612

I don't understand what his fans see in him… that sloping brow is his relaxed and casual expression, he purposely raises his eyebrows in hopes that noone pays it too much attention. He also has a weird, sloping philtrum that makes most of his top lip non-existent. His head is HUGE in comparison to the rest of his body, whenever you see him next to Lainey; his head is literally TWICE the size of hers… it would probably suit him if he had the physique to balance it out, but he's a scrawny, flabby guy who is barely pushing 5' 10". He uses half a dozen filters and wears a ton of makeup to hide his acne and rosecea and narrows his face/head down to give the impression he has young, chiselled features when he has anything but those.

He's a below-average looking dude, yet he has no qualms putting girls down for wearing makeup and judges their bodies on a daily basis.

No. 381614

Even though he's a complete narcissist, he's noticeably insecure about his skin (for obvious reasons). I think that's part of the reason why he's so against makeup, because he doesn't like that women have the option of covering their skin when he can only cake on the foundation in videos.

No. 381615

File: 1494106563960.png (2.56 MB, 2560x1440, 1469393053760.png)


This gem should have been included in there.

No. 381616

File: 1494106679026.png (2.64 MB, 1904x1069, gergleskin.png)

No. 381617


Her old SM doesn't say, and I'm not even sure how her old fans got this information; they're probably friends with her on her personal Facebook.

No. 381619


'Below average looking' is being super generous as far as I'm concerned. I've always found him fucking hideous - like, really ugly. I have no idea how his fans can comment in his pics with 'beautiful' and shit like that. He is boggin.

I showed a normal pic of him to someone unfamiliar with him and they thought it had been edited in PS because he's so awful looking.

No. 381621

File: 1494107629945.png (555.24 KB, 526x658, w27840660rjx7.PNG)

Onion wants to be a kid again, in a laundry, for a month. 'Kay? followed by a tweet to Tom Green telling him to "be his old self". Mid life crisis kek

No. 381622

File: 1494107779457.jpg (342.12 KB, 1361x636, Faces of Meth ¬ 2010 M36_14560…)

i got inspired.
may this picture float around the interwebs

No. 381624


after the twitter poll too. the past is the past. bringing back old skits isn't the way forward.



No. 381626

Financially he's got the $$$ to have seen a skin specialist and gotten treatment for his condition. I emphasise with anyone suffering sickness which is out of their control, but for fucks sake, he preaches how ya gotta take care of yourself and obviously failed in that department. Treatments are available that can control it, if not cure it, manage it better than he has been.

Take your own advice and see a doctor Onion.

No. 381631

thats not really how you quote/refer to a post within a thread. you only have to use the >>> and the /pt/ added if you wanted to quote something outside of a thread (and /pt/ only if it isnt in the same subforum).

just use >>381624
you can also insert that by clicking into the quick reply window and then clicking onto the "No. 381624" thingy above each post.

Welcome to lolcow farm.

No. 381632

you didnt even mention how he apparently never went to a doctor for the "tumor" in his back.

No. 381634


haha my bad. thank you

No. 381637

It makes me laugh so fucking much he used to claim he's "done everything I can to control my acne" yet most good acne medication is precription and any dermatologist could tell him it wasn't actually acne so he was even lying about how hard he was trying to treat his acne.

Sage for no contribution I'm just lauging my ass off at the idea of how much money he's spent on fucking proactive cause he's too fucking lazy to see a doctor.

No. 381639

Holy shit, I didn't really realise just how spot on my observation was. This is beautiful anon.

No. 381645

File: 1494110536115.png (1.66 MB, 1706x880, lesbianlainey.png)

Uhhh.. Lainey is reacting to Grugly's Andy-tape.


No. 381650

>I've made YouTube millions of dollars over the last 10 year's.

Uh, no. YouTube doesn't make a profit. They've made YOU money. They provided this platform and bandwidth for free. They've given you the opportunity to make money off of their ads. They don't owe you Jack shit, they've done nothing but provide for you, and you're acting like you dud them a favor.

No. 381651

>reacts to Andy-tape
>blank stare at screen for ages
>no reaction to son's bed used for fake fucking

$629 per month in Patreonbux for this. At least ladyboy is probably thrilled.

No. 381652

File: 1494110842096.jpg (65.63 KB, 850x428, shutupgreg.jpg)

Less than half a minute in and she's already sick of his bullshit

No. 381653

I don't think Lainey understands the concept of REACT videos

No. 381654

"All the money I gave you!!11!!"


Billie, Cyr, Shane, now Youtube.

Using the same guilt trip tactics on a company that you use on people in your personal life. Hilarious!

No. 381655


that andy tape sure is really, really gay. makes me question if all those anons who thought gerg is a closet homosexual were right.

also kek at lainey's "reaction".

No. 381659

I think that's the house he NEEDS for filming, so I don't think the bed actually belongs to his son.

No. 381660



we don't want her, anon. keep that ugly girl to bisexuals or polyamory people or whatever the fuck she is nowadays.

No. 381661

File: 1494111730518.jpg (29.86 KB, 578x550, gusto.jpg)

No. 381662


that Andy video must've opened some old scars for lamp.

No. 381665


So edgy! Why don't you just let people post her videos and calm down.

No. 381667

i feel like there were moments you could tell her vag trap was moistening

No. 381671

Didnt greg insult react videos because they basically play the entire video on their channel? LOL She literally just sat there silently staring as his entire video plays and occasionally making very little comments (but of course he doesnt care cause he gets the laineybot revenue too).

You know she has to pretend to like his videos now that shes older and realized they suck when she goes "what a twist." with the most sarcastic voice as he bites the banana.

No. 381674


Yeah, he thinks they are immoral and that the reactors are stealing content, which is why he initially disliked Social Repo.

I hate to say this but I kind of agree with him. Some youtubers have made a career of reacting to videos, god only knows why.

No. 381675

File: 1494113446034.png (Spoiler Image, 1.76 MB, 700x2358, i-regret-this.png)

i just can't get over these two having children. you have kids and this is what you choose to put online.

No. 381684

The second-hand embarrassment lol

No. 381688



Sage for no contribution.

No. 381689

File: 1494115734266.png (980.32 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4122.PNG)


Least we forget Greasy Grugly

No. 381690

Makes me wonder how many of his videos she actually watches. She clearly doesn't know what he's up to when he's out of the house though.

No. 381692

My money is on that he never even went to a dermatologist either, he's picked it up from his "haters" who have been saying he's probably got it and he's additionally used something like Web MD to match up the symptoms.

He kept mispronouncing "rosecea" and calling it a "skin disease" - if he saw a specialist about it, they would've corrected him on both of those counts. He also still has acne, there are dozens of photos floating about with closeups of his skin, his complexion is greasy as fuck and his nose is a minefield of blackheads… not to mention all the body acne he has too.

No. 381696

sage goes in the email field babe

No. 381700

sweet jesus gerg really dove deep on that banana huh
i can't bring myself to watch that video thank you anon for your brave snaps

No. 381704

I agree that he is absolutely unattractive, but just want to say, the girls who likes him probably likes him for those features exactly. Long philtrum length is considered masculine. All of his features. Although to us it looks caveman like, and gross… to these girls they see it as masculine features and almost "grungy model" esque looking.
But yea he gross

No. 381707

I can see why fangirls fall for him, personally I don't find his features to be that horrendous really. He's got a pretty good nose, decent cheekbones and a well-defined jaw, boy ain't no supermodel but I don't think his face is completely off-putting in itself. It's primarily his complete lack of charm and shit for a personality that makes him as a whole so disgusting.

No. 381708

File: 1494119222377.png (1.21 MB, 892x878, nothankyou.png)

No. 381709

File: 1494119316450.png (1005.98 KB, 704x874, why.png)

his jaw and face look like separate entities

No. 381710

Why do you do this right as I'm about to go to sleep anon

No. 381712


I like his Alex DeLarge haircut from the age evolution post, it fitted him back then, can't say the same now because ew.

I'm sorry fellow farmers.

No. 381713

Was so distracted and horrified by the gimpsuit that I didn't notice Plainey was wearing a dog collar and leash. Their neighbors must hate to see them outside.

No. 381719

Yeah, I absolutely got the feeling that he'd read one WebMD article on rosacea instead of actually talking to any kind of professional. Brief blogpost, but I got diagnosed with rosacea and acne as a teen, you have to treat them separately since they are separate conditions (emphasis on "conditions", not "diseases", Gerg, you fucking idiot). I used a sulfur face wash for the rosacea and benzoyl peroxide+salicylic acid for the acne.

He definitely just came away thinking "IT'S NOT ACNE! IT'S JUST ROSACEA", before he was just treating the acne and neglecting the rosacea and all he's doing now is switching it up to treat the rosacea and neglect the acne.

I cannot imagine having rosacea and acne and NOT wanting to do everything in your power to treat it. It's fucking balls, you're desperate to find solutions, so why wouldn't you see a dermatologist if you could afford it? Isn't he tempted to get medications like antibiotics, PRESCRIPTION STRENGTH benzoyl peroxide/salicylic acid (the shit at Walgreens is weak as fuck), Accutane, etc.? Isn't he tempted to get laser treatments or facials? I get he grew up being brainwashed by his batshit mom, but…I dunno, people reach a point where they're willing to consider what was previously unimaginable if they keep hitting dead ends. You can't look at Gerg and expect anything resembling normal behavior, but you'd think his narcissist brain would do anything to fix this insanely blatant flaw.

No. 381720


Bwhahaha I can't even.
He looks like a actual Man child. Like that Peter Pan man.

No. 381723

did anyone reup 10 things I hate about stoners yet?

No. 381727

same. and its interesting to think she met and married him because she obsessively loved his content but now doesnt watch it? and cringes at it. guess she did grow up a little.

No. 381728


what are you talking about? i was complaining because the name of the file is "lesbian lainey" but lainey just dates girls because onision forces her. like… i was not complaining about them posting the video, jesus anon read

No. 381734

Also given her 'daddy' shit… those pigtails and disney sweater tho :(

No. 381743

Her makeup was so much more flattering when she was younger. Now she goes for that sharp winged eyeliner eyebrows on fleek thing that she just does not have the actual skills to accomplish

No. 381746

Nay, anon, the bisexuals reject her bid on the grounds that she
-Is a fake bisexual
-Perpetuates a bajillion bisexual stereotypes
-Sucks ass

Nobody fucking wants her. She can't even claim to be a part of the LGBT community, she's part of the "I wanna feel special, so I'll commandeer a label without actually having to deal with the gross parts of being a marginalized minority" Tumblrina community.

No. 381783

Most recently(as in a couple hours ago) Grease has been trying to suck The Rock's…rock hard cock in an attempt to get dem yt views via Twitter,

lol good luck Greg!

No. 381786

Forgive me blogposting in the first paragraph, but I remember a lot of girls loved these certain guys who'd…pretend to be gay? It was strange, I've only ever seen it in teenage girls, they were really into the dudes who playacted as if they were attracted to other men, pretending to have crushes on other guys and everything. It's never made sense to me for straight/bi girls to be attracted to somebody specifically because they have zero interest in your gender, but it's still pretty common in younger women. They probably view gay men as less threatening and more cute than straight men or something, who even knows.

Anyway, I'd forgotten about it until Gerg; he's the only adult man I've ever seen continuing to pull that "Omg I'm so gay, but really straight, by GAAAAY, but straight, but, omg dicks, but, actually, pussy…" act. I'm guessing he realized it vibed well with his teen audience when he was younger, thus motivating him to kiss Shane for views and declare how he bad he wants Andy Biersack's tush, but he's managed to take an act that is already inherently weird and make it 100 times stranger by continuing to keep it up as a 30 something year old man.

I'm sure he's trying to appeal to teen girls who haven't grown out of that phase yet, but it also speaks volumes about his mental and emotional maturity when he doesn't catch himself talking about how much he wants Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's hard dick in his mouth and think to himself "Why am I pretending to be something I'm not?", he's perfectly willing to adopt whatever traits he deems necessary in his pursuit for underage tail, he doesn't feel uncomfortable or guilty for being a fake, it's all justified as a means to an end for him.

Was just thinking about how these teen girls coo over a 32 year old father gushing about all the dicks he wants to gag on despite straight up telling them in previous videos how he's not actually physically attracted to men whatsoever. The dynamic between him and his fans is so fucking out there.

No. 381789

File: 1494142336959.png (163.39 KB, 1135x497, onion.png)

Has gregma been demonitised totally on two channels now? WAITING ON THE DOWNFALL OF UHOHBRO

No. 381791


Oooh uhohbro indeed.

No. 381793


Dude, the sucking-dick comment was a metaphor for how Greg's trying to get The Rock's attention to be in his movies/videos. Just go see his Twitter and you'll understand. :)

No. 381795


how about you post it, sinces this is an IMAGEBOARD.

No. 381797


How about you calm the fuck down and press the link I'm giving you? My phone doesn't have much power left and I'm also going to sleep. Have fun!


No. 381799

File: 1494145430852.png (519.23 KB, 961x776, gregbeinganidiotasusual.png)

here's a badly done screenshot for you, since the other anon is being a dick

No. 381812

>mandatory gay making out

So, is this a poor attempt at humor, or just a freaudian slip? Either way, he really isn't a funny guy. He should delete his twitter.

No. 381815

Eh, even if you didn't mean he was literally saying he wanted to suck off the Rock, it still reminded me that he playacts as this gay/bisexual man all the time to appeal to his audience and it's fucking weird to watch a 32 year old guy trying to give 16 year old girls who have some kind of queer dude fetish a thrill. It's just bizarre on multiple levels. The Andy Biersack "crush", the Marilyn Manson "crush", that dude from Supernatural "crush", etc., he's always throwing them into videos and it's crazy transparent.

I see a lot of anons making "Gerg's a latent homosexual" observations and I don't think so, I think he's simply trying to tap into that weird phase some teen girls have where they're all hot for queer men and also, these days, uses it in an attempt to appeal to the Tumblrina crowd. Whenever he makes some comment alluding to how much he wants to fuck [insert man], he's doing the male version of Plainey's "OMG I'M SOOO GAY FOR TITTIES" bullshit. Those two are the fucking worst.

No. 381816


his obsession with other peoples fame is spooky

No. 381817

File: 1494152619144.png (1.34 MB, 1258x946, gerglyfartface.png)

it's not spooky, it's pathetic and transparent. at least back in the day (circa 2010) he seemed genuine. now all he does is act like an overgrown manchild who tries to appeal to a demographic a third of his age while somehow becoming more sexually suggestive and overall creepy. he's an example of what someone at the age of 30+ should strive to NOT be.

i'm not sure if his narcissism prevented him from realizing that he completely sold out and the reason why he has so many views is because he's churning out clickbait content at a buzzfeed level of speed for a decade now, while brown nosing everyone on his way. He's not talented, he's just a persevering workaholic.

No. 381818

His tongue is fucking weird.

No. 381819

File: 1494154404282.jpg (28.6 KB, 646x325, Capture.JPG)

i bet he is mad

No. 381820

Any idea what the patreon post says? I hope he loses more.

No. 381822

He's really gonna play "LOL WHO NEEDS PATRONS/SUBSCRIBERS" right now? After all his whining and bitching? Sneering at the fact somebody pulled their money from your patreon doesn't exactly endear you to your audience. His narcissistic, compulsive need to let people know he doesn't care (holy shit, does he care) beat out his narcissistic, avaricious need for teenager money.

No. 381823

i like how negative twenty thousand views is an increase of more than a thousand percent

No. 381830

KEK Lameo's face on Greg's body is a hell of an improvement. Especially since it makes her look less chinfinite too. No comment on the reverse, however.

No. 381851

What does he expect? If I went to check out what my kid had charged to my credit card and I was confronted with that gratuitous nonsense I'd be demanding a chargeback too.

He should try creating something interesting or creative instead of cheap gags and benign deliberately offensive for the sake of it. He keeps taking digs at SR for the "dear the next one" video but at least SR has more to his content than screaming and humping things, or 20 min long infuriating diatribes.

No. 381861

He means he lost Lameo because of it. Not some random Patron, but Lainey.

No. 381862

All this recent talk about how his content has gone downhill made me realize I'd never actually seen his original Banana video that made him famous, so I went to watch it…. and I can not believe anyone ever liked this dude in the first place. Was that banana video supposed to be funny?

No. 381864

This was way back when all of that "LOL so random xD" humor was how you made it on YouTube. Nowadays, since both YouTube and the audience around it have matured, the only people who find it funny are his delusional fans and himself.

No. 381871

Dear god he legitimately looks well into his 50's here.

No. 381902

File: 1494184597314.png (544.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4124.PNG)


No. 381904


The second hand embarrassment I feel when he posts these blatant "look at my body, and people call this fat?!"-selfies is just too much. He's 3-4 years my senior and acts like a horny teenager.

Go back to Myspace, you cunt.

No. 381905

Man I thought he was trying to adhere more to youtube's new pg status. Wtf is with this abortion shit? He literally cannot change to save his life.

No. 381906

File: 1494185516044.png (237.49 KB, 1194x1298, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 3.20…)

dunno how accurate this is but its for his main channel, all his channels should drop back to 1 mill subscribers some time next year or the year after. this is only the beginning of his downfall

No. 381907

Can you link it or upload it? please bring receipts!

No. 381908

He looks disgusting lmao

No. 381909

I consider myself a fairly good person, but this thrills me so much. The internet has been waiting for him to be held accountable for all the shitty things he's done, and tbf, he deserves to lose everything.

No. 381911

Gerg, you're not even emo, you're a goddamn 16 year old mall goth stuck in a grown man's body.
Maybe once his channels fail, he can get a job shilling AFI t-shirts at Hot Topic …except I can't imagine him keeping that job for very long after some mom calls to complain that he gave his number to her middle school aged daughter.

No. 381912

No. 381913

This shit is fucking long. 18 minutes to hear some unknown youtuber talk about why another youtuber is a shitty edgelord?

Is this you, anon?

No. 381914