These rules are subject to change at any time. Last updated: June 21st 2017 rules

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Global rules

Banned subjects:


In extreme cases of serious rule violations, staff may decide to revoke your anonymity. This is a rare occurrence reserved for when a user has gone to lengths to use for their personal gain while attempting to deceive users and staff.


Do not report a thread or post with the expectation of it being deleted unless it violates one of the rules. Note: Talking shit about you, calling you names, or screenshotting your social media pages is not stalking, is not against the rules, and is not illegal.

Filing frivolous reports, or filing reports after being warned to stop, may result in a ban, and may also result in your report being called out if it is particularly frivolous.

You may use the reporting system as a method to communicate with or ask questions of lolcowchan staff. You can consider reports as a type of private messaging system. However, anything longer than a few sentences should probably be sent via email instead.

All reports and communication to staff will stay anonymous. Staff will never reveal the identity, IP address, or full report message of anyone who files a report, even a report of something that does not violate the rules. The only exception is those who file numerous or extremely frivolous or deceptive reports, or anyone who has lost their privilege of anonymity by violating one of the global rules.

Staff does reserve the right to occasionally publicly reveal that a particular thread or post was reported and to possibly give a vague description of the report reason, without mentioning who reported it. Other than that, you can consider reports to be private and anonymous if you have followed all the guidelines.


The rules may be modified at any time. The admin reserves the right to retroactively take action based on new rules that are added. This means if a new rule is added and you violated that rule before it was added, you can still be moderated for it, though potentially with more leniency.

I do not intend on abusing this policy. It will only take effect when someone, for example, finds a loophole and posts something that clearly breaks the spirit but not the letter of the rules. The rules change very infrequently, so this caveat should not pose any issues to most posters.


You can contact the administrator at for any questions, suggestions, or comments. Requests to take moderative action should go through the report system, not email.