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File: 1612892766654.jpg (97.26 KB, 750x600, die_an_he.jpg)

No. 820994

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Onision/Onion/Greg/Gregory Avaroe/Gregory Daniel/James Jackson is a washed-up youtuber who gained rapid popularity around 2009 and has been declining ever since. He has a fetish for underaged alternative girls and a good portion of his milk comes from his attempts at grooming these unfortunate victims. His wife/spouse/fellow groomer, Laineybot/Lainey/Taylor Avaroe/Kai Jackson, is a transtrender and former "beauty guru" with no makeup-knowhow or personality.

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TLDR; The "Onision Documentary" was a predictably three ring shitfest filled with irrelevant people except for Onision's dad, Shiloh and Regina.

>Nothing happened.

>Dramatubers complained about muh shekels / consent

First make room for 17 pages of people whining how shitty this thread is. Its important.

No. 820997


No. 820998



No. 820999

LOL in b4 greg commits die(integrate better)

No. 821000

are you kidding me? greg faints when his nose bleeds.

No. 821002

he can't even kill a rabbit

No. 821003

he claims he's a tool of death for the army yet he doesn't dare to take anyone like FPS diesel up for a boxing match. And FPS diesel is a tiny manlet.

No. 821029

Forget Diesel, Onion has said he was afraid of Sarah. You know, a girl half his age, a good 50lbs lighter and at least 4 inches shorter.

No. 821032

onision, where 4 inches matter

No. 821043

Lol he even locked himself in the garage because he was so afraid of her

No. 821056

Isn't this the guy who said he tried to run away from little kids because he was scared of them trying to take his clothes off?

No. 821073

How creepy is it that he worked at a daycare. Wish someone he worked with would come out of the woodwork to give some insight.

No. 821075

Tinfoil, but I wonder if his aversion to changing other kids diaper's when he's the care taker ties back to that time.
I'd hope not.

No. 821103

Normally that recap would be shit but reading the last thread, it's the only apt description.

Pro-tip it's better to wait until 1200 posts, but not bigly important

No. 821110

File: 1612935291131.png (70.81 KB, 1201x572, Capture8911.PNG)

I wonder if Sarah's lawyer had a little chat with Greg?
He removed her last name from his earlier post. >>820777
But now her icon went from Rage Face to Satanic Pentagram.

No. 821117

Could be. Or Greg lurks the thread and keeps making small changes to stay relevant without actually making a noticeable return. I do believe he’ll be back, but after getting demonetized after feeling invincible from years of getting away with shit, his ego is bruised as hell right now. So he’s probably just lurking and tweaking.

No. 821120

His "incurable skin disease" must be flaring up something fierce while he seethes in his crusty cum cave.
I wonder how those bald spots are doing?

No. 821123

His writing style is beyond bizzare. No one speaks like that. Even worse, he thinks he sounds superior. Fails at literally everything

No. 821124

File: 1612940471401.jpg (64.34 KB, 1039x378, kfheatboss.jpg)

Heatboss, the Canadian who was interviewed by Chris Hansen along with the Dogfucker and who leaks all of Gregs nudes gave an update to how much he estimates Greg is currently pulling in on OnlyFans each month (Onlyfans takes 20% off that total so the number is probably lower)

Heatboss also made a cryptic statement about Gregs legal woes. I hope he actually has insider information and this is the reason Greg has gone missing in action for 3 weeks. His tweet history seem to insinuate he is still in contact with Regina, Hansen and Steven Asarch so maybe he does have behind the scenes info. I just wish he didn't tease it and just poured us a nice tall glass of milk.

No. 821130

This isn't new information, he's been fucked for years over IRS debts and the fines he has to pay for wetlands damages. Now that he's been kicked off most his profitable platforms he's been running on borrowed time.

No. 821132

The IRS and wetlands fines are old news. I don't think anyone but you thought that's what HB was alluding to when talking about legal trouble. Heatboss seems to be in contact with the group of people who produced or were interviewed in the documentary and so I assumed "legal stuff surrounding Greg" was concerning the legal matters discussed in the docu by Sheriff Troyer and Maggie Mabie, the attorney who specializes in child pornography and child sex abuse cases. We can only hope right?

No. 821144

Unless he shirked the irs one too many times, or the county actually tries to put some teeth into enforcement, yeah he may be fucked for the other shit.

No. 821163

He was scared of Shiloh too, he sounded like Dayton Hypernova going "she body-slammed me!"
And yet he's claimed he's the airforce "tool of death". Luckily everybody in the military isn't a pussy like him.
Oh and then he was so scared of Shiloh's dad that he claimed they where in the Canadian mafia and checked in to a hotel for a while.
That too, and they where girls.
He did?! Then what the fuck was he talking about not changing a girls diaper?

No. 821166


Isn't that the time gurg subtly bragged about a group of 7 year olds touching him and trying to tear off his shirt

No. 821202

He used to call himself an "alpha male" all the time lmao, what a joke. Alpha males don't run away scared from little girls in multiple occasions like he did.

No. 821221

He called Chris Hansen on a livestream as "a typical beta male" lol while referring to himself as an "alpha".
Sure Jan.

No. 821227

Funny that he’s using a diaper icon for Hansen to ostensibly mock him when he’s the one who willingly produced several videos of him dressed up in a diaper doing cringe skits.

No. 821249

he isn't even a beta, he's a cuckold. and he's afraid of men.

No. 821257

File: 1613005951323.png (45.15 KB, 822x244, Capture5476788.PNG)

The "legal stuff surrounding Greg" is confirmed to be about the victims not IRS or wetlands.
So which victim? Sarah Im assuming. Maybe Regina if its also including the nudes exchanged that Greg was able to spy on.

No. 821258


hes not afraid of men…he had male friends like billythefridge and cyr

No. 821262

That anon should of been more specific.
Greg is afraid of men who are not testosterone deficient. He befriends weak minded, weak willed males who he can push around e.g. Billy the Fatfuck, Cyr the sissy boy, and Tomato Dicklette.

The only male I can think of that didn't have shrunken balls is Joe (Wisdom.) But if you watched any interaction between Greg and Joe, Greg was skittish around him and looked like he was afraid Joe was going to slap him in the head or give him a wedgie at any moment. He was careful how he treated Joe. I don't think he would of dared tried to fuck Joe in the ass like he did BillyTF.

No. 821267

Isn't Joe the loser from TDP that has school shooter vibes and hit a woman on a livestream?

No. 821271

He's such an alpha he hid inside his house and called the cops when hansen knocked on his door. He sounded like a little bitch in the 911 call.

No. 821272

And his footface wife is into ddlg

No. 821273

File: 1613008882780.png (583.29 KB, 892x678, 095645437267616.png)

He cant keep off social media. Greg tweaked his bio again. This time he switched out Cameron Poe >>819599 for Leonidas. Of course Greg misspelled it kek.
Greg comparing himself to Leonidas is the funniest shit I've seen from him this month.

Leonidas the legendary king of Sparta. One of the greatest warriors known to man
Onision attempts 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups then vomits on his cum cave carpet for the next hour.
Yeah they're totally twinsies.

No. 821274

With Greg being offline possibly forever…. and being far too inept to get an actually job: warehouse, McDonald’s or otherwise. Is he able to re join the army after being discharged under just general terms and conditions????? Asking as a no. American

No. 821278

He was also pussyfooting around repzion during that whole court case laff riot
Forgive me if this is common knowledge, but is there a source for that or is it just suspicion?

No. 821282

File: 1613010374654.png (40.32 KB, 649x200, 456.PNG)

Greg was discharged from the Navy not the Army. But I looked up both and it says the cutoff is 35. I doubt Greg would go back into the armed forces. He's lived the past 12 years being his own boss and not having to answer to anyone. He'd stick that M9 in his mouth for sure if he had a DI screaming in his ear. I can only see him doing some kind of job where he's his own boss (Uber/Lyft) or the boss isn't really around (graveyard shift warehouse work.)

You'd have to go back to older threads (2019) it was during that time Lainey was playing up the "Greg is daddy" thing and she was friends with Binkie Princess a notorious DDLG deviant.

No. 821285


You're both wrong. It was the Air Force.

No. 821287

Oh shit you're right. My apologies. I should have remembered they used to give him shit saying he was in the "Chair Force." Cutoff for USAF is 39. But like I said earlier, Greg cant handle being told what to do. He'd wash out week one in boot camp.

No. 821349

"Leonitus" lmao. Sometimes I wonder if this retard named his daughter Cloey because he genuinely didn't know how to spell Chloe.

No. 821355

File: 1613023655239.webm (543.97 KB, Nicholas DeOrio vs Onision Rec…)

I've noticed he's all about phonetic spelling. I can't tell you how many times I've heard him on discord with his paypigs while he's typing up something for a video description and he asks them how to spell a very simple word. It goes dead silent because his fans don't know if he's joking or he's really that illiterate. And they're afraid of getting banned if they laugh.
Greg is an all around stupid man. When failed frat boy Nicholas FatOreo has to school you then you know you're dumb.

No. 821373

File: 1613036330639.jpg (348.46 KB, 892x678, 1613008882780.jpg)

there i fixed it for you there ol' jimbo. champ.

No. 821375

just the fucking audacity and the gall to compare yourself to people like that, like going "oh hey they ran out of milk at the store today and i felt exactly like rosa parks" jesus fucking christ that guy really has no idea whats going on in the world, does he?

No. 821387

Brilliant!! This needs to be the pic for the new thread. Lainey has literally done the same exact things as Austin Jones. It takes a while, but her day will come.

No. 821446

He could technically join any branch if he qualifies by age (not Marines), being able to pass a PFT. Any branch except the Air Force would require basic or boot camp again though. He would also start out as maaayybe an E2 and that means he won’t make much more than minimum wage. And that’s all besides your facts that he won’t listen to anybody else and obvious mental health issues. They also will not take somebody with any unresolved legal issues or open investigations. So the military is out thank goodness. I have no idea how he wasn’t hazed or blanket partied when he was in, tbh.

No. 821462


Also depends on his reenlistment code. Was that on his dd214?

No. 821467

Onion is destined to work at Amazon cause no one else will hire him without anything on his resume. Amazon likes to hire veterans, and he'll definitely cry about how he's a veteran.

No. 821470

That’s true too. And assuming as they gave him a general discharge there is a good chance that they made sure he couldn’t re-enlist. They knew what a cancer he is.

No. 821488


he was honorably discharged

No. 821489

Hi Gayg!(Hi cow)

No. 821492

How many times are people going to give grifters and anti-os the attention they desperately want?

No. 821494

Shut up.

No. 821505

general discharge under honorable conditions
which is one step below honorable discharge

No. 821512

File: 1613098333075.jpg (43.67 KB, 719x539, 20210211_204730.jpg)

As usual Greg has a failed grasp of the English language. He changed his Twitter handle to Scape Goat. I think he doesn't understand the actual meaning. The only person who could scape goat him, would be Taylor. He's been exposed for vile behavior, but no one is scape goating him. He's beyond bizarre (obviously)

No. 821519

File: 1613106100872.jpg (186.03 KB, 800x550, onisions protest.jpg)

When Greg had his channels demonetized I immediately thought of that animal rights vegan Nasim Aghdam who claimed YouTube filtered her channels to keep them from getting views and eventually demonetized all of her videos. Nasim drove all the way to YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California and used some of the YT employees as target practice before an heroing.
I don't think Greg has the balls to go to that extreme but I can see him driving down to Cali and hanging out in front of the building harassing their employees, putting his persecution complex on full display and challenging everyone to debate him. Maybe Greg has gone radio silent because he's on a road trip down to San Bruno.

No. 821658

>target practice

Retarded school shooter fanfic that belongs on 8chan. Greg would sooner shit himself and scream in the middle of street in front of all of Gig Harbor than commit gun violence. He still acts like he defeated his dad in spartan combat two decades later just because he pathetically tried to kick him from the backseat as a moody teenager.

The only thing Greg is killing is his pets and kids from pure willful neglect.

No. 821666

File: 1613194965985.jpg (139.46 KB, 905x675, IMG_728683_161433.jpg)

I'm keeping an eye on Twitter for any IRL mention of him working somewhere. People treat him like a Bigfoot sighting. That's how we got the photos and videos of him at Dairy Queen, Lowes and Defy Trampoline Park. Last sighting was Lainey and some unknown female companion at Build-A-Bear. I'm hoping we hear that he's driving for a rideshare company or the new janitor at their office looks a lot like Onion boy.

No. 821686

most probably fake but hilarious though.

No. 821702

> The only thing Greg is killing is his pets and kids from pure willful neglect

And possibly his kids.

I like that it’s Super Mario Bros. on the screen

No. 821736

Did you even read what you quoted or do you just like repeating things like a retard?

No. 821773

This is a joke but I agree with the anon before that he's most likely to have to do something like uber, and covid gives him an excuse to wear a mask. His driver pic would give him away but if he grew a beard it would make that small of an image harder to clock straight off.

After all, it's just youtuber without the yout.
I'll log off now.

No. 821788

Shut the fuck up. Bitching about their contribution with absolutely none of your own.

Greg doesn’t have the balls to do shit to anyone. That’s why he wears a bullet proof vest everywhere he goes. Greg is a beta male. He’s a pansy ass inferior man who has to sexually humiliate and dominate his fakeboy wife to make up for his lack in masculinity. That’s why he gets sexual gratification from tormenting young girls. He’s a pussy and if anything honestly I doubt YT would be the ones that need to worry. His anger is for Shiloh and that’s who he ultimately blames.(infighting, autism)

No. 821821

Greg is an absolute retard, but he genuinely seems to believe he's done nothing wrong. He really thinks people are just using him as a scapegoat.

No. 821828

File: 1613320328143.jpeg (130.13 KB, 750x279, A227B98C-701C-4167-9AD9-623AFC…)

No. 821834

File: 1613325806666.png (26.46 KB, 564x208, gutpinch.PNG)

The person was reminiscing about the time onision came into his work back in 2019. I hope we get some 2021 sightings.

No. 821850

File: 1613335097057.jpg (18.46 KB, 600x341, doubtful.jpg)

Cool story though, bro.

No. 821872

What’s the longest period he’s materially stayed offline? Is this a record yet?

No. 821941

About 2 weeks is usually the best he manages.

No. 821942

Good, lets hope he never comes back, and let him take his ugly cold sore herpes ridden foot wife gender confused space boi with him, too.

No. 821945

Anyone got any updates about Lainey they just seamed to disappear

No. 821949

She is a coward on top of being a predator. The nasty bitch got exposed.

No. 821951

By 'they' I assume you mean her and Greg? Greg got demontized so he swore he's leaving the internet forever. He's promised this countless times so we'll see.
Taylor scurried away like the scared rat she is.
She's done Austin Jones level shit and nobody cares about her anymore. She's a horrible mother and overall vile person. If she was smart she would've ran home to New Mexico with her tail between her legs to ensure her children are okay. She won't because she puts literally anyone before her children–mainly Greg.

No. 821965

File: 1613410220475.jpeg (677.41 KB, 1284x959, 15A89B3E-E37E-4BDB-A90D-AEF028…)

He put a picture with Skye as his cover wtf?

No. 821967

He's really trying to look like a victim by using an old picture of him while in the Air Force. He should change that 'Scape goat' to "Once overhyped mall cop".

No. 821968

No. 821972

Won't apologize for not saging >>821965
considering he his ex-wife in a cover pic when he could have easily cropped her out. Stay salty nonny.

No. 821973

If it was a picture of him and Sarah or him and Shiloh it would make a lot more sense. He does that passive aggressive kind of shit all the time. When Shiloh's agent/lawyer contacted him to remove videos had just uploaded of her he purposefully uploaded more videos with Shiloh in them. He likes to poke at people to get a reaction. But he doesn't seem that mad at Skye during this whole shitshow so why upload a pic with Skye in it? Did he make this his header hoping Skye will contact him to take it down and once he has her on the phone or whatever correspondence he can wrangle her into he can whine that he's a victim of cancel culture and cry on her shoulder. Just imagine the first 5 or 6 voicemails he sent to Adrienne all lovey dovey before he went full on psycho and started threatening her.
>Skye you're the only one who knows the real me. Can we talk?
I can see him throwing Lainey under the bus if he was talking to Skye, saying that its all Lainey's fault his career and life are ruined. Lainey was the one who wanted a 3rd in the marriage. Lainey's the one who brought in Billie, Lainey's the one who sent nudes to Regina, Lainey is the one who brought in a 16 year old Sarah into their home.

No. 821974

I wonder how long Skye and Grug had been married at the time. She's the only one who looks uncomfortable in the picture.

No. 821985

I think he's trying to brag about being in the military, but he couldn't even kill a rabbit and got discharged because he threatened to kill himself and stripped naked in front of an official, so his time in the military is nothing to be proud of, if anything it was a huge fiasco.

No. 822006

Sage your own lack of contribution and stopping playing mod(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822007

she said while again not saging..

No. 822080

Didn't this thread go back on auto-sage? (not encouraging retardation, just thought that happened)

No. 822118

And his sister Joanna who isn't on good terms with him anymore. She didn't even invite him to her marriage after she learned what he did to Sarah.

No. 822173

He cost them more than he was any value to them. Think it's a bit of a joke that he even got a general discharge considering how useless he was. Ps I'm pretty sure it's some kind of fraud to marry someone just so that they got military benefits such as them being allowed to live together there, and he's literally admitted it was pretty much fraud on video and that he only married her for said benefits and that she was pretty much just a "friend" (sukmi provider) in his eyes

No. 822215

Yup, I remember there's a video in which he literally bragged about abusing the system so he didn't have to live in the barracks but could stay with Skye off base. I hope enough people have it archived in case he deletes it.

No. 822252

A lot of military kids marry young. You’re definitely right that skye was only a sukmi me provider and nothing more. But it’s really common for 18 19 20 your kids to marry “The love of their lives” after enlisting. Too young and dumb to know any better, not limited to the grease ape….. skye was definitely just a fuck buddy for him since it’s impossible for him to make any real human connections with anybody. Autism ineptitude when it comes to building relationships and acts like it’s just because he’s too smart or above all other humans and that’s why the wolf hates him.. he is 100% going to start raging out when he can’t find work outside The internet and tell potential employers that they are against hiring military vets. He will 100 try and guilt them into hiring him cause he’s a vet. Nobody else’s sees him as a vet though

No. 822259

Him posting a photo with Skye seems to be a jab at Footface. I wonder if they have been fighting a lot at home lately.

No. 822275

I’ve been wondering if she’s been using fake profiles to still be online. There’s no way she stopped having any presence.

No. 822280

Yeah, she always had secret twitter accounts even before she disappeared from the internet. She had one called uglybird or something like that.

No. 822283

Also looks like he’s brightened the cover pic since then.
So weird that he’s so obsessed with every little detail of his profile without actually posting. Definitely supports the theory that legal counsel have told him to shut up. He seems desperate to be changing it so much without actually posting.

I think he’s going to try to use the military narrative to push the “I have PTSD” narrative, because it’s common with ex military members. I guess the only issue is, he never saw combat did he? Wasn’t he just a gatekeeper who used to rub his dick through his pants over the sight of a plane?

Fuck he’s a weirdo.

No. 822297

File: 1613520730171.jpg (122.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I said it here before and I just don't care, or I do care, to bring it up again; Greg's fake 1000 yard stare. As if to say "yeah man, I seen shit"
No you haven't Greg, you were a shitbird watching a fence in north korea.
Our boy has never seen any action what so ever. I find it hilarious that he went the extra mile and faked a 1000 yard stare in his airforce pictures.

No. 822301

no. check his documents they say honorably discharged

No. 822305

They say discharged under honorable conditions which is not the same as an honorable discharge you fucknut. They're different things with different definitions.

No. 822307

File: 1613525933423.jpg (149.27 KB, 699x900, 699px-DischargeFromActiveDuty.…)

He was discharged under honorable conditions like >>822305 said, which means he did something (probably misconduct) that made him unsuitable for an honorable discharge. Had it been an honorab;e discharge, the character of service would just say "honorable".

I can't deal with him milking his military service. There are literally dogs that have served longer and contributed more.

No. 822312

And before he starts flexing his awards, let's just remind ourselves what they're for.

>National Defense Service Medal - awarded for joining up after 2001

>Global War on Terrorism Service Medal - awarded for taking part or supporting operations after 2001
>Korea Defense Service Medal - awarded for being in service in Korea for 30 days
>Air Force Expeditionary Service Ribbon - awarded to a member of the airforce after completing a deployment
>Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon - awarded for completing the marksmanship qualification
>Air Force Training Ribbon - awarded for completing training

He's lucky the US is big on the military and decorate their men because most of these medals do not have an equivalent in any other country and he'd have nothing to show for his breakdown. Though I imagine most of these medals are pretty meaningless to US vets that did more than turn up and creep out the locals?

No. 822314

no. check his documents they say honorably discharged>>822305

honorable = honorable, fucknut(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822316

File: 1613528140949.png (31.96 KB, 604x361, general.PNG)

ok sit down

The DD214 says he was discharged under honarable conditions, and the reason for separation was conscientious objector. Which is you look up the definition (which I'm sure you like to do) that says 'a person who for reasons of conscience objects to complying with a particular requirement, especially serving in the armed forces'. So basically he refused to comply and got kicked out. Theres a part of the form that's blanked out that I would really love to see.

No. 822320

It says under honorable conditions and then (general) in what
>>822307 provided. He was not honorably discharged. He was kicked out because he couldn't cut it. You can google the difference between an honorable discharge and a discharge under honorable conditions.

No. 822321

Interesting. 25-27 are blacked out. his reenlistment code would be in 27.

No. 822325

You tell other to "check his documents" but it looks like you're the one who needs to do that.

No. 822326

File: 1613531339033.png (5.69 KB, 863x64, cgh456.PNG)

I think he blacked out line 27 reenlistment code because it would show he was ineligible for reenlistment because of misconduct. The Air Force didn't want him back under any circumstances.

No. 822361

File: 1613540654587.png (2.02 MB, 2048x1536, E960BADC-6066-4600-B7D5-AE8857…)

Holy fuck! Military discharges are easy to look up. Grug has a GENERAL under honorable discharge. “Under” is the key word. He does not have an Honorable discharge. Seriously how many times do we have to go over this?

No. 822373

Sage for minor vet blogging, can confirm all his awards are generally considered literal participation trophies for doing the bare minimum of your job.

No. 822375

File: 1613550275292.jpeg (11.73 KB, 200x200, QkxORWrz_400x400.jpeg)

I've seen people on the other kf and twitter talking about Greg and Lainey possibly applying for financial aide. I'm not really savvy when it comes to that but don't you have to prove you're not making enough money to support yourself and your family by providing proof of what little income you're making and also affirming you don't have hidden assets in some bank account? And once you lay out your proof then the government starts doing their own detective work to make sure you're not lying. I don't have legit proof but I'm positive Greg has six figures sitting in some bank account that he's slowly draining every week to pay bills. I really hope Greg & Lainey try to play games with Uncle Sam and end up going to jail over fraud.

No. 822379

File: 1613557726818.jpg (170.37 KB, 418x646, shitbird.jpg)

No. 822381

please as some one who lives in the most bumfuck parts of the country, unless the anitos for sure know that he's receiving tanf, unemployment, and foodstamps, when he has financial means, then chances are they're not going to try and legitimately look into welfare fraud. I've seen men and women defraud the system for years shit even so much as ring up food and drink to get to the same pricing of cigarettes.

No. 822384

Yes, but you'd be underestimating two very crucial FAX. For one the cunning of the common American White Trash family, and for seconds the utter stupidity of our beloved swamp prince.
IRS and declaring literally everything, anyone?
His mommy is his accountant for crying out loud and she's as crazy as a bag of cats!

No. 822406

but we're also forgetting his massive narcissim he won't outright admit hes getting welfare as he likes to keep a facade of being in the red, even despite his fuck ups.

No. 822408

he'd die before ever admitting anything is wrong. which kind of makes you wonder, we haven't seen Lainey in a long, long time.
they even kept C's fall hidden, till Hansen exposed that.

No. 822419

I feel like if Lainey attempted suicide or anything he would immediately go online and be like LOOK WHAT YOUR LIES AND HARRASSMENT HAVE DONE….PUSHED AN INNOCENT HUMAN OVER THE EDGE…. Like for him that would probably be perfect, plus he could sympathy bait n maybe lure in some pity poon
If the implication you're making is that Lainey left, she unfortunately lacks a spine.
If the implication is that gunt killed her, unfortunately, he lacks a spine.

No. 822443

never confuse being a pussy with that pussy not being able to kill anyone. even a pussy can fire a gun or poison someone. theres plenty of examples in crime history of that. hell, considering how serial killers often surprise their victims and quickly bonk em on the head or secretly drug them, most those i'd say are complete pussies.

No. 822454

I mean, he already got caught commiting tax fraud twice so there's a big possibility he will try to do this. He probably still thinks he's smarter than everyone and won't get caught, even though he already has and got in trouble.

No. 822460

I think that would be the only thing that can legit fuck him the end never fuck with the system that brought down al copone.

No. 822486

reposted bc i could already tell the way i phrased things would be nitpicked:

not to further derail, but about a year or so ago, greg had this "discharge under honourable conditions" upgraded to an honourable discharge. his previous military papers are out there, but he took a photo of his new papers with the honourable discharge status to try and discredit the haters that were going after him - not realising at the time lolcow figured out he'd gotten an 'upgrade'. this would have been around the time of tempcow, so this discussion may be wiped forever or locked in a distant archived thread.

No. 822497

File: 1613611623080.gif (5.88 MB, 600x338, onision vs discovery plus.gif)

The documentary forced YouTube to demonetize him essentially ruining his career.
What will Episode #4 featuring Sarah (and hopefully Billie) do to him? Could it jump start some kind of legal case?

No. 822505

When is that episode supposed to drop?

No. 822508

File: 1613615857700.png (25.06 KB, 628x203, 04761085.PNG)

Hopefully late March.

No. 822553

I'd say have em take their time, if it takes a little longer hopefully it means its really good.

No. 822561


wrong. the reenlistment code is in box 27. that is blacked out as well.

No. 822643

File: 1613691040293.jpg (135.95 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_20210218-120522_Twi…)

Greg's been edgelord socking again on twitter, account already deleted.

Image dump from kf incoming. Most of it is the same tedious joker shit not worth reposting but there were a couple of interesting highlights from this father of two small children

No. 822644

File: 1613691068986.jpg (219.03 KB, 971x2177, Screenshot_20210218-123231_Twi…)

No. 822645

File: 1613691124520.jpg (182.74 KB, 1080x1533, Screenshot_20210218-123502_Twi…)

No. 822646

File: 1613691224874.jpg (115.71 KB, 1080x836, Screenshot_20210218-121130_Twi…)

trouble in paradise?

No. 822647

File: 1613691265147.jpg (261.79 KB, 1080x1948, Screenshot_20210218-130853_Twi…)

No. 822649

the only time he talks like this is about the one true love of his life, aka billie

No. 822671

Are there any signs that Billie is joining Sarah to do the next DiscoveryID installment (on Twitter or otherwise)?
That would be the sweetest fucking kick his and Homolkais nasty taints i can imagine.
Oh God, if they got Allayah on there too…whew

No. 822678

a little while ago sarah tweeted a pic of her and billie saying they got tattoos together, (i believe she mentioned them being in new york but i could be wrong about that) so it doesn't seem entirely unlikely for billie to be involved with this new episode.

No. 822689

File: 1613702657129.jpg (355.91 KB, 1080x1045, 161134547147.jpg)

No. 822691

You know what I would love (but it would never happen) is that Sarah, Billie and Shiloh are all on the next episode together. In the same room having a conversation about Greg. He would lose his fucking mind. The 3 sirens conspiring to ruin him.

No. 822700

>happily married
Kek. Their marriage is anything but happy. Also if he's so happy in his marriage then why does he feel the need to include other girls in it and fuck them behind his wife's back?

No. 822724

It'll continue until retards stop lurking here so never.
lol Hansen didn't expose shit. A twitterfag found the records and uploaded them, that's how everyone found out about it.

No. 822725

He's a lying sack of shit who's been living a lie most of his life and runs around pretending he's fooling everyone else. It's tragicringe.

No. 822734

Does anyone else kind of miss the Greg of circa 2010? There was a time, before the drama, when he represented everything that was exciting about YouTube. Sadly he failed to evolve his content and personality in the way that other big names from that era such as Shane Dawson or the Vlog Brothers did. His content became stale and he chose to embrace personal drama in order to keep the view count up.

I'm not justifying anything he's done in the past few years… much of it is incredibly sick. But there was a good, creative person somewhere in there once upon a time.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822737


2010 was the year he started grooming 17 year old Shiloh to replace his wife. I guess content is a matter of taste but imo the lolrandom style of humor wasn't actually good or creative, just a teenage novelty fad that's aged like spoiled milk.

No. 822740

nigga I was an emo 2edgy5me teen who lapped up the early 2000s youtube content and I still remmember I found greg unentertaining and creepy.

No. 822743

onion's content was never good and he was always shit, wtf are you talking about

No. 822746

I remember watching a couple of Greg's videos, thinking he was making fun of people with the perspectives he presented on Uh-OH Bro because they were so strange and over the top.
I noped out immediately when I realized that he actually meant what he said. He's always been a moron.

No. 822760

Are you fucking serious right now? "he represented everything that was exciting about YouTube" yeah he and Shane represented the cancer killing Youtube and what we are stuck with today.
Seriously, fuck off.

No. 822765

not just regular cancer ass cancer he's the ass cancer of youtube.

No. 822767

also is it me or does he always fucking resort to edgy shit when he gets into these no win fucked situations?
It's like every time he does something people catch wind of the numerous amount of bullshit situations that he could have easily avoided had he decided to keep his dick in is his pants he resorts to either posting violent misogunistic shit on either main or these stupid sock accounts. Like especially with sarah, like 1. he could've done the adult thing instead of moving a 16 year old girl into his own house call cps when krai said she was being abused, 2. no fuck said 16 year old when she became 18 and especially don't use the nda as a she extorted me bullshit excuse. then when his series of fuck ups comes back to roost eventually landing him with demonetization and all that fun shit he goes off an cries about how life isnt fair and other nihilistic cringe on sock accounts, this is getting old fast, and truthfully his fan base or the last 3 paypigs have to be literally retarded to believe this bullshit.

No. 822770

Greg on YouTube was exciting because it showed what the loser kids in highschool imagine while they're being outcast social retards. Greg developed an entire fake religion in which he was a demigod. He still to this day brags about his goth gf in highschool and his entire online image is being the authority on what teen girls are hot. With shows like Big Brother in the early millennium people were fascinated by reality. Then a few years later YouTube launched a platform that let anyone with a webcam show their reality. Greg's reality was hilarious because his delusions of grandeur was fascinating to witness. Greg is at his most popular when he's spazzing about something he over shared in the first place. He's such a fucking geek

No. 822772

i highly doubt he had a goth gf in highschool

No. 822773

As if it's an achievement anyway.

No. 822779

idk given how much of a geek he was it might be of some note truthfully i think he got his ass kicked alot in school

No. 822791

File: 1613757583228.jpg (226.76 KB, 872x712, what.jpg)

>there was a good, creative person somewhere in there once upon a time.

No. 822794

>"I'm happily married"
>"I still haven't got over my ex (who left me over 4 years ago)"

I love how this retard is constantly contradicting himself. Never change, grease man.

No. 822796

The only reason he was even remotely successful back then was thanks to Skye. He tried to make a remake of I'm a banana with Footface some years later and it was a complete failure.

No. 822797

Well, he called Hannah Minx his "girlfriend" just because they talked online for 2 weeks before she got too creeped out by him and ghosted him.

No. 822808

Is there any evidence that proves Lainey and the children haven't been decomposing in the swamp for months after Greg murdered them? Like, is there one shred of evidence that proves Lainey is still living with Greg, or that she took the kids back to New Mexico, or anything? Her complete radio silence leads me to believe she's dead, except I don't think Greg could keep 100% quiet about it if he'd murdered her.

No. 822809

if I was married to footface, either as a woman or man I'd be pining for my ex, while she isn't ugly atleast before, I just can't respect someone who has no self respect to begin with, billie was one of the girls that literally noped out with out as so much engaging or fighting with him, right next to sarah and skye she's pretty much one of the only three that had alot more self respect than anyone else, shiloh on the other hand can't really fault as she was 17 a child when she was involved with greg and adriennes relationship was short and nipped it in the bud to begin with.
It's alot more biting to greg that billie unlike him can get as many partners as she wants and actually has a following on onlyfans. :/
nothing concrete other than sightings but that was months ago, tbh I don't think krais dead, if he kills here and falls in to legal trouble who else can he boot under the bus? killing her would probably give more credance to him making her do it, unless he commits suicide.

No. 822810

File: 1613763246124.png (743.26 KB, 1196x446, lainey 27 year old.png)

He embellishes his dating history. A good example is "the 27 year old" that he started bringing up to his fans last year. It was suppose to make him look like he had dated more 20 somethings than teenagers. He was super vague about it saying him and Lainey had dated this woman but it never went anywhere. There were no bad feelings and it ended amicably. During his last public interview with Crows Of Judgement he let the truth slip out
>The mysterious 27 year old is brought up again but this time he's more truthful. Last time the story was both him & Lainey were in a "relationship" with this woman, now he admits that he wasn't involved and Lainey and this woman only had 2 dates and they pecked on the lips. Plus she was a "former convict."

So his story of "we had a relationship with a 27 year old" was in reality just Lainey looking for a friend, they hung out twice, and Greg probably talked them into having a goodbye kiss at the door and they awkwardly smooched for 2 seconds while he watched taking a mental photograph for his jerk off session later. And the "amicable ending" was no doubt this woman seeing the red flags and ghosting Lainey.

No. 822811

Nah, I don't think he would kill her or the kids. She's either finally left or, my personal tinfoil, she's pumped with antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds that make her see pink elephants day in day out.

No. 822857

He makes shit up when convenient or to help whatever narrative he's trying to push.

Last year he was getting reamed by POC for his black people hair videos where he outright said they smell and look disgusting. He got slammed for it and doubled down. Suddenly he remembered he had dated a black girl in high school so that means he cant be racist.

No. 822859

He suddenly remembered he had a black foster brother too, that he had never brought up before and never mentioned again

No. 822860

He probably thinks holding someone's hand counts as dating them. He sounds like those virgin/loser types in school who brag about a cute girl sitting next to them in the bus.

No. 822865

Never forget that Greg is Shane's little "discovered talent" there. There was some sort of poetic justice in Shane getting stalked by this fuckboi for many years.
You're right they are the ass cancer of youtube, they killed youtube and Shane was the very first "influencer" which is now the cancer killing the internet.
Fuck Shane, fuck Greg and fuck everything they stand for.

No. 822866

if i remember correctly he didn't. i think the goth gf was just the "preppy "girlfriend he manipulated into dressing up "as gothic as possible" that one time to prove her love/loyalty to him after he threw a hissy fit about her hanging out with her friends at lunch or something.

could totally be wrong though. he claims to have dated or fucked so many people that it's hard to remember who was who outside of a few standouts like the prep gf, tanya, and julia.

No. 822882

I think the crusty, dingy, GIR loving retarded goth girls were in his league. He’s not talking about the egirl big tittidied goth gfs.

No. 822898

Still sad af that anyone past their 20s are still bragging about middle school conquests.

No. 822924

socks back bitching about head meds on twatter

No. 822925

dont do my homie gir dirty like that.

No. 822926

Yeah yeah we all knew he regrets having kids - specially after one fell from a window and became a vegetable

No. 822927

yeah i mean its not like roleplay breeding is a thing….too think that fall and his daughter becoming a tomato couldve been avoided if he just used birth control.

No. 822948

I don't know how to feel about it since I just tinfoiled about that the other day…

So, if that's really Greg, is he running with it because it offers him another way out of people's "Lainey left him" speculation?

No. 822953

I have a suspicion that most of the socks we’ve seen come up later have not been him. Not that he’s particularly subtle but they all seem to be really on the nose and reinforcing beliefs people have about him and his feelings on things.

Maybe it is him but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few imitators in the mix right now.

No. 823016

Logically I'd agree with you, however I seen some real doozies in the past that where really Greg.
I mean the guy isn't very smart.

No. 823017

your kids didn't choose this, lainey.

No. 823026

File: 1613871299485.jpg (330.49 KB, 1031x1245, Screenshot_20210220-181809.jpg)

uploaded to the other farms.

This just confirms that dumb-cunt-ghislainey is STILL, after all this shit, with gorg. How can this be possible?! how stupid can she be?

No. 823033

We'd need more context but this sounds like when a a divorced couple has a birthday party for their child and the non custodial parent just blows the kid off. Im not saying they're divorced but maybe they're separated and Lainey is living elsewhere but still in Washington state. Why would Greg miss the kids birthday party? He's not having to rush from his job at the office to get to Chuck E Cheese. Why wouldnt the whole family leave the home at the same time?

No. 823047

Or he just doesn’t give a fuck about his kids.

No. 823073

If it’s cloeys birthday he missed. I’ll be even more convinced he pushed her out the window.

No. 823075

She's sitting on the chair Grease and Sarah had anal sex on LMFAO

No. 823077

None of his kids birthday is in February though.

No. 823083

File: 1613885668679.png (32.99 KB, 564x301, 6640091.PNG)

Everything about this seems off.
Account is 2 months old.
Only has two replies.
But apparently she's a part of the inner circle.

No. 823085

Cloey's birthday is sometime in November while Trot's is January. So it's probably his birthday party Greg allegedly missed.

No. 823089

Remember that CPS video he made on 1st Nov 2020?

If they closed the case on him and Kai I'm sure he'd make a video all smug saying we keep losing or some shit like that like he's always done in his past videos.

I'm lead to believe that whatever was said to CPS he couldn't go even if he wanted to.

The kids may still be in Washington with Kai but I doubt he has access to them. Would explain >>822643 as he'd hate no longer having access to them for his benefit ie manipulating Kai and using them as pawns. Thus they'd be useless to him and he'd be begrudging.

If CPS finally intervened or Kai grew a spin and left then that'd explain it if you ask me.

No. 823092

Yo what was that image y'all deleted so fast? D:(D:)

No. 823099

Why would CPS take the kids access from him but let them with "Kai" when "Kai" has even worse accusations against her than he does?

No. 823103

If this is true I’m certain he wouldn’t show up because he’s too paranoid.

Probably sees how people recognise and take pics of him to post on social media, or perhaps he thinks his bullet proof jacket doesn’t protect him from the threats of a children’s bday party. I hope it’s the latter because that means he’s totally in coo-coo paranoid land now!

No. 823134

She literally doesn't. Onion orchastarted all the shite with the girls.

No. 823136

yet she not only passively participated but actively lured 2 girls to the swamp shack and sent nudes to an under age girl in florida if you start that lainey dindu nuthing shit here prepared to get your asshole rekt.

No. 823138

File: 1613925607406.jpg (123.39 KB, 640x957, tumblr_f4f347ff39454995c7df9cb…)

No. 823139

File: 1613925643244.jpg (56.85 KB, 640x523, tumblr_4440fdebcc6988013d6964d…)

No. 823140

File: 1613925727231.jpg (60.1 KB, 407x960, tumblr_ad3a14545b8b3aa013ab0b3…)

I love how indignant Regina acts for her involvment

No. 823141

File: 1613925748423.jpg (39.07 KB, 640x342, tumblr_394496cb4099041a231180c…)

No. 823146


No. 823148

File: 1613927380831.jpg (73.08 KB, 789x720, ugly_regina_documentary.jpg)

oh god, queen victim is spouting horse shit again. fuck a doodle doo.
listen bitch, if you have some super duper sekrit insider knowledge spout it out, if not just shut your ugly holes.
thats his psychopathy kink. its eerie to think that he's still obsessed with heath ledgers joker 13 years after the fucking movie. especially considering how the FBI commented that it was one of the most accurate portrayals of psychopathy on the big screen since the movie american psycho. another movie he's obsessed with. he feels he can relate to those characters since they "get it." yeah they portray psychopaths, greg. its not some sort of lofty goal to be that, in fact it makes you a demented, sadistic, narcissistic piece of shit. hence why the world hates you so much.

No. 823154

always lmao at regina saying shit like "ugh you're not involved" when she's literally barely fucking involved and has nothing of value to add to anything, ever, trying so so hard to cling to the situation

No. 823174

No doubt she is still with him. I find it even crazier that anyone thinks the kids are any safer with her alone than with her and Greg.

No. 823179

>Kiwifarms screenshot with a tumblr filename posted to lolcow
We're in too deep

No. 823183

you guys are genuinely retarded. why would people involved with an investigation talk about whats happening publicly especially when they could face charges for it?

sorry i forgot twitter likes to feel like its supposed to be knee deep in everyones shit.

No. 823185

Onion doesn't have accusations (with proof) of sending nudes to minors though, which is a crime that can put her in prison

No. 823187

>actively lured 2 girls to the swamp shack
It's actually 3 girls she confirmedly lured, there's Maya too. Also Sarah confirmed there were more girls the public doesn't know about.

No. 823190

You know when I asked Sophie that I never expected to come back here and see my own face in this thread. XD fml haha. Anyway, so I guess he doesn't have Kai buried in the back swamp after all. Sophies account could be fake but it seems like an oddly simple question she asked onion I wouldn't see why someone would make a fake account just to say that to him.

No. 823197

sage for blogpost
anything involving child custody tends to favor the mothers, even when they're horrible (my bff spent years in the care of her drug addicted, pedophile enabling, hard partying, unemployed mother instead of with her employed, sober father)

No. 823198

where did you miss my point about her shutting the fuck up about it. she's just doing it for attention she dont know jack fucking shit i mean why the fuck would they tell HER of all people?
explain that to me, brain surgeon.

No. 823199

she was just responding to some rando saying fuck all is happening, how do you know she doesnt know anything? there are quite a few people who have information about whats going on, some tease more about knowing thing more than others but consistently you see that no one is actually revealing anything useful because that would jeopardize the whole fucking thing.

it doesnt absolve her of being an annoying cunt but
>she's just doing it for attention she dont know jack fucking shit i mean why the fuck would they tell HER of all people?

how do you know she isnt involved behind the scenes? and with shit that actually matters, not just yt drama and twitter posts

No. 823201

File: 1613940361566.jpg (1.89 MB, 951x5981, MASSIVE_FUCKING_TWITTER_SPERGE…)

Do I need to write it in crayon in braille on your ass for you to get it?
Here are her option:
1. she knows shit, so she should shut the fuck up about it, since she can't give out this information, she claims. So stop attention seeking.
2. She doesn't know jack shit way more plausible, since is she a legit FBI contact or law enforcement? the hell you say? she isn't? oh wow, so why the fuck would they then keep her up to date. is this law enforcement policy for anyone that has had en e-fling and was catfished? k alrighty then.

Now for the more important shit (pls stop scatting up this thread, if you still don't get it just fuck off and have a parent or guardian explain my posts to you) here is greg spergin out again HARD on twitter.
let keep the irrelevant shit (namely regina) contained in the snowflakes thread where the ugly bitch belongs.

No. 823204

in plain speak, you have no proof to defend your hateboner for regina, but yes lets move on from her even tho you brought her up initially, then you post a grab heatboss gave about his interactions with a greg sock to smooth over youre just a bargain bin shit stirrer

No. 823205

you stupid fucking dumb shit, who has a hate boner for regina? no one does, since she isn't fucking relevant here go here: >>>/snow/1081173

talk about regina there till your hearts content. now please, for the love of fuck and not scatting up this thread, can you go there now? kthnxbi

No. 823208

File: 1613941724277.jpg (63.84 KB, 573x700, 20210221_150036.jpg)

It's hilarious that anyone acts like foot face is out of Regina's league. Foot's pic is just a screen shot and not even altered to look like that. An anon posted it several threads ago.

No. 823211

hon, everyone is out of Regina's league. Hence why she's with a parolee alcoholic old enough to be her dad.

No. 823219

I can only imagine Lainey has a stress coldsore the size of the moon on her foot face right now. She'll never go online again she's prob aged like milk under the Onision beauty regime.

No. 823222

She doesn't even have any underage girls wanting to "date" her to distract her anymore. She was looking so bad in that bizarre video a year ago where she said she was comimg back to Patreon. Obvi she didn't. Her and Greg have no distractions from their shit show marriage. I almost wish she'd start live streaming again kek

No. 823227

I thought these attention whores were over pretending shit is happening behind the scenes. No one buys it anymore.

No. 823229

catfishing was the only way she could feel important or special or wanted. greg was definitely the one to show her that she could find young poon to chase after her but taylor ran with it, i imagine it was intoxicating after being treated as a brood mare and discarded as such, the vix saga was painful to watch. then to be slung around to prove that reality isnt as bad as it is when life is actually burning down to the ground?

it sucks that she has kids she needs to take care of because of a fucked up relationship but that doesnt excuse her of exacerbating the whole situation. i hope she faces consequences from what she did.

seriously tho, why would investigators map out their actions so their targets could see and predict what could happen next? social media really does throw a wrench into it. every last thing greg does and/or allegedly does is blasted around multiple platforms.

the great thing about building a case against someone is that sometimes youre gifted with an individual who will not stop talking about themselves or what they do. sometimes you get first hand accounts from family/friends/acquaintances and that can work towards your favor. the bittersweet gift that comes with greg and his like is that he is loud and proud but litigation got him to stfu. but people around him and social media will not stop so everyone is eager to be the next big break in the case. why tf would working professionals leak every last movement they make in an actual criminal investigation to people who will give it out to the opposition?

its like taking legal counsel from your opponents lawyer, fucking retarded

No. 823231

File: 1613946143423.jpg (137.16 KB, 1964x632, regina_reacting.jpg)

since the get go ugly regina tried to like control every aspect of this, like she was somehow the boss and know-it-all of this entire thing. yet on the other side she's expecting sympathy from people for being a uwu victim. its no wonder everybody hates the shit out of her.
if we are to believe ugly regina they like check with her often. i can imagine the cops going right now "i have regina up my ass about this thing, we need answers people!" u know like in an old cop movie where the chief says he has the mayor up his ass.
reality might differ though, despite ugly regina's best efforts.(>>>anti-o thread)

No. 823234

Regina was a mod for Hansen for the livestreams. She has more direct contact with him than the others do, while apart from Shiloh in respect to some things.

No. 823236

Didn't Lainey also send her nudes? She may not be the most relevant to the drama, but wouldn't that be pretty important from a legal standpoint?

No. 823242

She did and foot tweeted about it while Regina was a minor

No. 823247

regina may not be the most conventially attractive of the victims but that doesnt change the fact that krai groomed her, sent her nudes, then discarded her when more teen pussy came around. it doesn't change shit that krai targeted her, but ofcourse I highly doubt your just a contrarian, more like a sock pretending to be a anon.

No. 823251

please try not to revert to insults greg if your going to sock, everybody knows its you when you insult the victims.
While I'll admit it is a bit of attention whoring with regina, it still doesn't invalidate what wife has done to her to sastiy your 1 incher of a penis. I mean shit if it weren't for you ugly footface doormat of wife, you would've never gotten to fuck billy. Imagine your wife who isn't a man, managed to score more pussy than you, because lets be honest here, between the botched botoxes you've gotten, your bad luck at winning the genetic lottery, the fact you have a shit personality, and the fact you aren't even aging gracefully atleast, means that with out spaceprinx lainey, to groom young impressionable mentally fragile girls for you, your only luck in scoring pussy would be paying a 2 bit crack whore for 2 mins of dry pounding. For someone that looks like the living embodiment of the lost link between the union of neanderthals and modern humans, you have alot to talk about yourself.(read the rules)

No. 823261

Agreed. It's amazing that anyone nitpicks foot face's victims and think their imperfections invalidate the vile shit Taylor's done. There's only a handful of idiots that still try to defend foot but they're annoying af

No. 823262

>Sarah confirmed there were more girls the public doesn't know about.

I've always wondered what that meant specifically. Does Sarah mean there were more girls who they flew out to the their home? Or more likely there are more girls that both Lainey and Greg attempted to wrangle into their shitshow of a life but the girls noped out after seeing the red flags.

No. 823273

File: 1613955833201.webm (637.59 KB, Greg Lurks Lolcow.webm)

Greg admitted to lurking Lolcow and feigned concern and worry that Farmers were being mean to Regina.
Its not hard to put two and two together and figure out who's behind the multiple posts A-Logging Regina.

No. 823307

He's using his gross fake concerned voice. I hate him. Also, not one anon here said it didn't make sense because of how she looks. In fact, nobody doubted footface is capable even for a second. He thinks if you don't necessarily like the other party involved that you're on his side. People criticized the documentary and he thought that meant we agreed with him. Literal retard.

No. 823320

File: 1613969233612.png (154.36 KB, 608x463, onlyfans.PNG)

He active on his OnlyFans. Im not subscribed so I don't know if he posted new content or just logged on.

>70% OFF! $3 total for 30 days

How soon until he's paying these elderly homos to look at his tiny cock?

No. 823322

yeah I spotted it a mile a away, its like he's conviently forgetting that we remember he reverts to insults when it comes to his and footfaces victims. im suprised more he didnt go with regina was a tranny that chris interviewed or his typical knee jerk cunt.

No. 823324

File: 1613969908254.png (76.69 KB, 968x620, fallen.png)

some more shit from kf

No. 823326

That's incredibly embarrassing.

No. 823413

and yet i am sitting here, knowing that i am pretty much not greg. but hey, great sleuth work.
don't quit your day job just yet though..

No. 823414

oh so you mean you took time out of your busy day of fapping to loli hentai and harassing your wife for suk mi just to bother us? wow color me suprised.

No. 823415

File: 1613997094822.jpg (109.93 KB, 753x750, 71xK18qjjRL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

Today marks one month since Greg has uploaded or posted to any of his social media. I think we should all chip in and buy him one of those AA clean and sober chips they give to the rummies.

No. 823416

he must be seething

No. 823449


If you're not greg you're Kiki Kannibal. Anons here have the power of the all seeing eye that tumblr witches can only dream of.(read the rules)

No. 823450

There's literally a place for anyone to make bank on OF. A 70 year old granny or 700 pound girl can bring in some customers who have fetishes and kinks. Anyone but Greg that is. Why doesn't he delete it instead of humiliating himself even more by having markdown sales. Bet Footface isn't so smug now. Knowing her she probably is tho

No. 823452

you guys do realize that autistic tinfoil isn't allowed here, right?
read the TOS

No. 823455

greg, it's over for you man. You should stop coming here and trying to "defend" yourself, with facts you made up. The only thing we are all waiting for is Ed Troyer and the boys to show up at your house. Most of us are very bored of watching your shenanigans. Can I get a X2 for anyone that agrees?(read the rules)

No. 823458

hi cow isn't allowed either. ya'll gonna get banhammered

No. 823464

also, learn2sage. its so important.

No. 823471

This is unprecedented territory for him. Definitely has never gone this long before. The eventual spergout will be incredible (probably when Billie and Sarah’s follow up airs)

It’ll never happen, but best-case scenario he stays offline and just continues living in his cum cave

No. 823474

Oh geez, don't jinx it. I'm happy there's been nothing but radio silence. Nobody needs Greg to come back to social media, it's better for everyone if he stays offline indefinitely (and stops the lame socking).

No. 823475

Over/under when he cams with some rando?

In his little mental gymnasium, it would give him a girl to hookup with “without cheating”, and there’s the added bonus that (maybe) Lainey will finally leave with the kids and give him an out since he’s “only providing for the family”. Although even then, I think she’d stay.

I’d put it at 1 year from now. With bonus points if it winds up being one of his pay pigs

No. 823478

I wonder if he nudges his lil tic tac when he writes these hypocritical diatribes, feeling proud and like a big boi. kek
If that's not Greg, I really feel sorry for somebody who's so invested in Gregsby that they feel the need to lurk any and all farms and twitter 24/7 just to defend a loser like him. Like, imagine what that says about a person. It's also pretty creepy and stalkerish if that's not Greg.

No. 823480

the problem is that kind of camming doesnt make money unless its the gay pay piggie if he devolves to that point he's gonna have to loosen his asshole quite more than that puny dildo he used for only fans, can anyone say horse cock dildo anyone?

No. 823489

the fuck lmao I don't even use Twitter or care about what info is released I'm just sick of regina, have some chamomile tea

Male shayna vibes. Making the most pathetic online content that will be visible forever and not even making bank with it.

No. 823496

>You are an actual, legitimate, literal creep.

Had a little laugh at that because Greg can't help but use the word "literal." Even if it isn't Onion, it's funny that he's known for overusing that word in almost every rant

No. 823514

File: 1614032909933.jpg (75.96 KB, 647x950, IMG_20200811_215349~3.jpg)


it took 3 or 4 years but he's finally listening to his terrible wine mom bumper sticker tattoo

No. 823516

His reverse psychology failed like everything else he does. "If I ignore them, they'll want me back" Hardly anyone has even noticed. Lol Nobody wonders where footface is anymore either.
Imagine the two of them only having each other to talk to these days. Literally everyone hates them. Sarah and Billie on the upcoming documentary. Karma.

No. 823517

I can't get over how tiny his arms are, specially compared to his giant head. He really has the body proportions of a dwarf.

No. 823526

he spent so much time photoshopping his face & hair, and still didn't even remove that clipart tattoo?

No. 823532

The gloves are hideous. Totally 2.99 from Claire's Boutique at the mall for like Prom in '07 kek

No. 823533

I mean… they are part of that $5 chippendale costume

No. 823535

this picture reminds me of Syndrome from the Incredibles with the giant head, tiny arms, and shit eating expression

No. 823537

File: 1614041583714.jpg (168.52 KB, 1130x1044, IMG_20210223_005129.jpg)

Seriously hope he goes bald because his head shape is mad

No. 823538

it's weird how he has the agp smile

No. 823540

File: 1614042949747.jpeg (10.94 KB, 234x275, 03E19BB3-E30D-435A-95B3-ABEA39…)

There was a time…

No. 823541

Looks like he cut his hair again. Jesus it’s so fucked on the sides. Giving me crazy 80s fag vibe

No. 823553

His haircuts always look like shit because he's too cheap to go to a salon so he cuts his own hair at home with toddler scissors. For someone who spends most of his life online he could at least watch some hair cutting tutorials on youtube.

No. 823566

File: 1614053823983.png (160.69 KB, 1217x722, onision sarah phone call.PNG)

Found this on onision com/onision-in-real-life-documentary-debunked
Apparently Greg and Sarah had a 9 hour conversation on January 22 the same day he made his last post on social media >>823415

I wonder what was really said during that call caused him to go missing in action for 4 weeks. If this is real why the fuck is Sarah talking to Onison for 9 hours and only leaves the convo because her sister took her phone away. Im getting a really bad feeling in my stomach she wants to go back to them.

No. 823568

File: 1614054640708.png (15.11 KB, 598x202, New Canvas.png)

Ah, this makes a lot more sense, now.

No. 823570

File: 1614055771414.jpg (49.33 KB, 1080x299, EsiKi6GW4AE3ho7.jpg)

Sarah and Billie tease they're in New York on Jan 20 >>817681
The Discovery email that revealed Sarah was going to be interviewed on Ep 4 is leaked on Jan 22 >>817677
Sarah makes this very concerning tweet on Jan 23 >>823568
Pic related - This tweet is made on Jan 24, then she privates her account and it has stayed locked down to this day.

I wonder if Greg got a hint something was brewing when he saw Billie and Sarah in New York and his fears were confirmed with the leaked Discovery email and he called her to try and do damage control which caused her downward spiral tweets.

Am I crazy for not understanding why she would stay on the phone with him for nine hours? Anyone able to view her recent tweets?

No. 823571

File: 1614057091996.jpg (353.08 KB, 1080x1563, Screenshot_20210223-001055_Twi…)

No new tweets just a retweet

No. 823572

File: 1614057189748.png (592.85 KB, 1063x752, madison onision 2018.PNG)

>Washington state law prevents phone conversations being recorded without both parties consenting, Sarah was very concerned the conversation was being recorded, repeatedly asking if she was being recorded - as usual, Onision told the truth, he recorded nothing

It seems Greg is suddenly well versed in WA state's "two-party consent" law. He only learned about it when him and Madison had their falling out 2 years ago and he secretly recorded their call. But when she told him it was illegal Greg denied he had a recording. He never said he didn't record her, he specifically said "there is no recording" which I took as him playing wordsmith again. "There is no recording" meant he had deleted it already. Ill bet donuts to dollars he did record Sarah and its sitting on one of his hard drive waiting to be used at some later date.

No. 823575

File: 1614057945215.jpg (12.58 KB, 250x225, 2qmyau.jpg)

kek, they probably talked, but no way is any of that accurate.

His main "evidence" of his victimhood is Sarah sarcastically saying "she's wants something out of it" in reference to the NDA then following it up with a dur-hur laugh
He even admitted she said it as a joke.

-"paid to participate" = literally anything. Who gives a shit? he's the one who demanded six figures for an interview with CH.
-"down payment on a house" = again, literally anything. His own idiocy with taxes is what makes him so money-focused.
-"raping" = see above
-"hating regina/shiloh" = old news
-"laptop had nothing on it" = probably in reference to the onion (never disputed) - we know he doesn't care about lainey
-*all the other points are obvious mental gymnastics/tied to points listed above

I honestly wonder how long it's been since he's interacted with non-family members or sycophants above the age of 20. At this point, idk if he even prefers them young. I just think fully-developed brains aren't capable of falling for his "logic"

Only surprise from this is that the poor "foster daughter" that he sodomized picked up the phone

No. 823576

I mean he's been spewing his bullshit into her and abusing her since she was pubescent.

It's not exactly surprising that he can goad her into doing something dumb, like picking up the phone. She's still a teen IIRC

No. 823577

also, he recorded his manic call with Shiloh's lawyer recently, and we all know how he never leaves his semen dungeon, so it's a pretty sus time to suddenly abide by the state laws

No. 823578

picking up the phone is one thing, but talking on the phone for 9 hours? I dont think I could stay on the line with my best friend for 9 hours. But Sarah had a nice chat with the man who negged & groomed her for 3 years so he could fuck her up the ass dry while his wife was out of town. What the hell did they talk about for that long?

No. 823579

What is her tweet supposed to mean?

No. 823580

unalive me = kill me
I think the crying laughing emoji is suppose to temper the suicide baiting.

No. 823583

Where did Sarah confirm that the call actually happened?

No. 823586

He likes to twist people's words to fit his narrative. I wish Sarah would come forward and either confirm or deny this is true, but I don't think it will happen.

No. 823587


It's pretty easy to guess how that conversation went. He talked at her very fast using insane, circular logic until she was too fucking confused to know wtf the conversation was about anymore. Then she'd probably say something like… "yes? that's partially true but…" and he went "aha! You did lie about everything, you just admitted it!". rinse repeat.

We've all see him do it for hours all by himself. It's gotta be crazy making when another person is involved in the "conversation".

No. 823591

Even if this is all true and not embellished to favour Shreg at all, who would actually give a shit? He isn’t going to get the ‘justice’ he does not deserve. I wish he would just fuck off and leave those girls alone.

(Though it is entertaining seeing water-brain trying to do his mental gymnastics as he can do no wrong)

No. 823604

Being paid to tell a story is the least morally bankrupt thing that has happened in the Onision saga in 10 years. This fruit really needs to get over it since his entire career on youtube he has been harrassing people and monetisingth the content. Wish Troy would shoot him

No. 823605

if her and Billie were together, Onion was probably desperate to get in contact with either of them at the time because he's obsessed. If Billie and Sarah were together I can see them having a long phonecall with him to wind him up. Like yeah JaMeS we got paid haha, oh yes I totally 'raped' you, so sorry blah blah. Him being offline a month after that call he could have got even more butthurt and won't share what cutting things Sarah or Billie revealed to him, or what awful things they could have said. Like this is some sleepover type shit. This is after all just Greg's version and we already know he is trying to frame Sarah as a rapist when it's him and his wife that sexually extort teenagers. The man is insane lol

No. 823607

>He likes to twist people's words to fit his narrative.


Also, if I had to reference to anything, this very much parallels Greg's narrative of Alicia (at 15) trying to kiss him while she had alcohol in her system, with him pulling away from her because she was underaged and he didn't want to take advantage of her. Again. His narrative.

He paraded that lie for years because he probably didn't think she'd ever speak out about it but low and behold, Alicia confirmed it was his pedo ass who tried to kiss her and take advantage of her.

If it's one thing I've noticed with Greg. He recycles his dumbass ploys thinking it'll work forever. I'm sure he probably thinks Sarah will shut up about the conversation since the optics don't necessarily make her look good.

I'll bet money he's only using tHe lAw to his convenience as to why he didn't record the convo because it enables a "he said she said" situation. If Sarah remains silent (like Alicia did for years) it works to his advantage to say anything he wants about the call and publicly push his narrative as fact.

I almost hope Sarah doesn't say anything because at this point we should all know that anything Greg says, all of his narratives, NEED to be taken with a grain o' salt.

If the call did happen, even if Sarah doesn't speak out about it. It changes nothing.

No. 823608

A 9 hour phonecall and not one mention of his deranged OnlyFans venture, Mr Honesty is not telling the full truth of what was discussed. Did she not think his little winky was sexy af?? We need details!!

No. 823611

At this point, Sarah commenting on it wouldn't change anything. No one takes him seriously anymore.

That said, it would bring about a lot of milk…

No. 823619


Yeah, Sarah doesn't need to comment. Her "comment" will appear on the next episode of the docu-series. Gregma is just trying (badly) to do preemptive damage control. As he already knows that episode will be damning.

No. 823623

I can't help but wonder if he touched her before she was 18. Judging by the stories, her sitting next to her when foot takes a bath. why? why is demented shit like that necessary in the swamp trailer?
and you take a walking hard-on like greg, i dunno man, i find it very dubious at best to sit here and have to believe he has done nothing to her before she turned 18. it wouldn't surprise me at all if Sarah was just afraid to tell, that and she still has feefees for greg and foot or some shit.
child abuse victims will often try to defend their abuser.

No. 823628

I think she did mention that he hugged her once and treated her differently when Lainey was out of the room but I think his fear of prison and certainty that he could keep her on the back burner until she was legal was enough to keep him from taking things too far.

I wonder if there is something that the public doesn’t know about yet that will be dropped on the documentary. When Sarah was talking about Greg and Lainey’s indifference to having sex in front of their children, it was an afterthought and not framed as a damming piece of information. After living in that house for so long and seeing so much I’m sure there are more things that seem as inconsequential and normal that are actually not.

If it is true it would probably be best for sarah not to acknowledge the call happened and implicitly lend some credibility to all of his extrapolations that come along with it.

Unless she recorded the full call too. That would be interesting to hear and to see the contrast between the conclusions he’s drawing in this post vs what was actually said.

No. 823637

these aren't even new "facts", what is the point of him bringing this up at all?
the only new information here is that they supposedly had this 9 hour conversation spread over 2 or more phone calls. without a recording of the call to verify the context of anything he's claiming why would anyone care?

No. 823640

I was thinking this stalker probably called her incessantly over a 9 hour period and now he’s saying it was a 9 hour conversation. He probably wore her down and she was just trying to get him to leave her alone. This is major tinfoil, maybe this was a trick to get a lead on onion. Just beca They can’t record it doesn’t mean they can’t listen in and get some clues.

No. 823646

Slander. It’s another way to continue to try and discredit her even if it’s an impotent attack.

I think it’s funny that he added that she doesn’t like Shiloh and Regina as if she hasn’t been public about not liking them for what they did. He probably wants to stoke disharmony so he’s not fighting a unified collective but this isn’t the right way to do it.

No. 823669

File: 1614115366596.jpeg (19.34 KB, 226x213, dur.jpeg)

Just curious if you here are experiencing the same thing but I pretty much notice everywhere on the internet on completely unrelated channels that people are becoming aware of Greg and Kai.
Beautiful to see, beautiful and funny. People saying "Kai is crying" randomly, in example. And then people responding to it knowing exactly what its about.

No. 823670

The fact that greg always obsesses over legality should say enough "it wasn't legal to fuck a 16 yr old in this state so I did it in this state" no one who ever guilty goes into deep research about ways they can "legally" fuck children. He should've stayed with women his age but women his age won't take his shit

No. 823678

It's amazing what onion thinks will make him look good. Like, 9 hour phone call. Super normal and not deranged at all. Like the 9 hours of footage of him sweating and ranting at a camera just after the Sarah reveal. Definitely the actions of a sane and rational mind.

No. 823693

File: 1614128511630.png (207.05 KB, 208x752, 4454555.PNG)

Did this strike a nerve? >>823415

He is reweeting up a storm on his main account. 10 retweets, all but one are pushing his OnlyFans content and subscriptions using his OnisionPrime acct. But no new tweets on either account.

No. 823696

File: 1614128758286.png (397.1 KB, 884x491, 4577381.PNG)

And of course he changed his bio.

No. 823699

blackface? or just blackface-adjacent?
bold move, Cotton, we’ll see how that works out for him

No. 823700

It's because he only had a couple of days left before onlyfans stopped paying him for inactivity

No. 823709

It's just camouflage paint, standard stuff. Nothing to do with Robert Downey Jr in Tropic Thunder.

I am not defending Grugly, just making a correction is all.

No. 823712

Hey man, Cotton’s cool. He killed fitty men, remember?

No. 823713

Always so funny how he always tries to uno reverse card any criticism he gets. Hansen says he exhibits cult like behavior. No, social media is the real cult.

No. 823719

looks like blackface in a tiny thumbnail
which is how people will see it
he is a dumb dumb fuck

No. 823720

i still cannot get over him changing his profile layout to show off his military background like it somehow makes him not a piece of shit, but then chose to use an image featuring his ex-wife for the banner.

No. 823723

File: 1614139462171.jpg (447.3 KB, 1501x1172, DI6akfbXgAIzjv76t.jpg)

I'm sure he had to apply camo face paint for some type of USAF drill but knowing how Greg is he purposefully used darker colors and outlined his red lips for that minstrel show look. He likes to poke at people, trying to trigger them but have an excuse to fall back on if he does get called out for it.
>its not blackface, its camo face paint for tonight's military subterfuge exercise.
>its not blackface its a charcoal beauty mask
Reminds me of when he hung out with Tobuscus the rapist and Tomato Dicklette at PAXWest. I have no idea what character Greg was suppose to be dressed up as but Im sure being able to cover his face in dark paint and have the excuse that he's not being racist its just part of the costume was a big plus to Greg.

Like that Staple's employee who told everyone she was a "Sharpie" for Halloween. When no one believed that she then switched it to being a spa-goer w/mud mask costume. If you're going to be a racist go loud and proud, don't be a pussy about it.

No. 823735

Doubt. A lot of doubt. inb4 abuse, shitty home life, muh bpd etc - Sarah always wanted to go back and be best girl. She was jealous of Billie, fought the internet for Lainey and then pulled a bunch of retarded shit like the courthouse photo. "My friend made me!" She refused to take any real action against them and just wallowed in the drama (pls send me dollars for laptop uwu) Then when she did, she was retarded enough to talk about the kid in the bed incident and actually be surprised when people didn't take it well. Now she's getting up on the Discovery show so Greg decides to go after her with all the stuff she might have to deal with or have revealed.

tl;dr she's the easiest of the targets for him and also the most damaging, but splashback could be a bitch for her.

No. 823737

>she was retarded enough to talk about the kid in the bed incident and actually be surprised when people didn't take it well.

That always bothered me. Sarah genuinely seemed surprised that the public was freaking out that the 3 of them fucked in bed while Cloey was just inches away in the same bed and the other incident with Troy leaning against their bed playing on his iPad while Greg and Lainey fucked. I know she had a shitty upbringing and her family life was fucked up, so maybe that skewed her morals or what she sees as right or wrong. I wonder if there are other stories or things she saw in that house that if she made it public everyone would lose their fucking minds, but she doesn't see it as wrong because of her fucked up childhood and upbringing.

No. 823741

File: 1614143369257.png (597.03 KB, 980x462, its OTAY.PNG)

>its not blackface its a charcoal beauty mask

No. 823745

That’s not something I think she should be blamed for and the fact that it didn’t register as something really unhealthy until she got a shocked reaction from Hansen/the audience shows how much that was passed off as okay that really wasn’t.

In that interview you can literal see her start to process it in real time. I think there are a lot of things that seemed normal or at least “not that bad” that is actually very fucked the more you think about it.

She was groomed and they set a very weird sense of what was normal/acceptable so it wasn't her fault for being involved like that.

No. 823750

File: 1614145491394.jpg (307.77 KB, 1518x1360, 2585171_103017-.jpg)

I apologize. Maybe the way I phrased things made it seem like I was shitting on Sarah and victim blaming.
What I meant was when a child is raised in a household where dad is beating mom every night, when that kid grows up and see's violence or abuse around him it doesn't seem that shocking because he's accustomed to it. That was just a dumb example, Im not saying Sarah's parents beat each other but I do think she grew up in a fucked up home way before her meeting up with Onision and Lainey. What mother just drops her kid off with a couple of predators to raise? You cant judge a book by its cover but Ive seen her mom and she looks like those women who bring home a new guy every month to live in her home and the kids have to call him uncle.

No. 823753

I think he was supposed to be that one dude from metal gear, solid snake I believe. Other than that, I can’t defend the rest.

He outright admitted he hates black people on his own forums.

No. 823760

She was always a mentally unstable weirdo and it seems all the therapy she went to didn't change much. Good thing her sister was there to stop the phone call or else she'd be back at the swamp having junk to rear with Ogre and smelling his crotch right now. And if it's true she lied to the public about the laptop for money then she's no better than Shiloh or Regina and has no room to talk shit about them.

No. 823767

>He probably wore her down and she was just trying to get him to leave her alone.
Couldn't she have turned off the phone or blocked his number? That's not hard to do.

No. 823769

File: 1614161456023.png (108.14 KB, 360x450, Skull_Face_Body.png)

no, that looks nothing like Solid Snake. Maybe the antagonist of MGSV? But that still feels like a stretch. What a a shitty cosplay. I have no idea why his face is smeared with black shit

No. 823774

File: 1614169123440.png (635.26 KB, 1285x593, kek.png)

Kek yup. This gaming channel made fun of Greg for 5 seconds without even mentioning his name. We love to see it

No. 823775

Don't worry Lane will come and correct us all with insider knowledge lol

No. 823776

I doubt it was 9 hours of continuous conversation. Sarah is still young and I'm sure this is a lot for her etc. So after filming with Hansen and being with Billie than Onion blows up her phone, she's probably very emotionally charged and answered the call to go off at him. We really don't know we just have a stupid bullet point slide Onision made to further slander Sarah. Would Sarah really admit on a call to him after giving her interview to Hansen that she never had any evidence and she's lying? It doesn't make any sense. 9 hours to talk about Hansen? Wonder if Sarah asked about Cloey and Troy? Did Lainey let Greg talk to Sarah for 9 hours lol, like Wtf.

No. 823785

Of course, that is what most people would do. Tbh, I’d have changed my number by now and just dealt with that rather than taking a chance the onion could call me. But most people aren’t Sarah, she’s definitely very young and maybe not very street smart. I give her a small pass here because she is just now getting a crash course in how shitty people can really be.
Its suspect that this happened 2 days after the sarah/billy pic. It reminds me of how in middle school we’d call up our friends to find out if the boy we like said anything about us at lunch. I’m sure greck wanted to know what the love of his life had to say about him and if she possibly wanted to date again. I can just picture how desperate he must have been to find out everything he could about the NYC trip. And knowing how much of a pig he is he was probably turned on by the pic of Sarah and Billy in the hotel room. He’s a creep like that.

No. 823802

File: 1614189084298.jpeg (150.3 KB, 1125x1099, F99A204E-5811-4706-8399-298B4B…)

Just Greg’s way to get a reaction, it’s better if the girls just stay quiet. I think it hurts him more in the long run.

No. 823804

Agreed. Maybe not stay quiet but stay out of contact with him because like you said, nothing good comes out of it.

Billie is a great example of cutting off communication with him and you can tell it eats him up because he can’t have the final word or continue to manipulate her. I think it’s also been the thing that’s saved her from getting sucked in another time.

No. 823814

1) Why didn't Greg post this earlier? He usually drops his load the second it happens.
2) Greg rarely makes shit up. He always distorts things and makes huge leaps of logic.
3) No one cares if you're paid for participating. The doc team is making money so, in the end, it's done for money.
4) We know Sarah hates Shiloh and Regina. This doesn't help Greg.
5) I wonder if Sarah conceded to making a mistake and Greg's smooth brain decided it meant she admitted to raping him.
6) The part about her feeling pressured to deliver the laptop to law enforcement seems believable. Everyone made such a big deal over it like it was a smoking gun.
7) NDAs? Greg loves those. Greg is really angry they get money to talk about Greg while he fucks his own ass for 3 dollars.

He already demonstrates his huge reaches of logic by saying "she was pressured into turning it" = "SHE JUST ADMITTED SHE WAS COMMITTING FRAUD ON GOFUNDME"

No. 823838

> 5) I wonder if Sarah conceded to making a mistake and Greg's smooth brain decided it meant she admitted to raping him.

I think it’s the same distorted thinking that led him to feel comfortable enough to claim rape in the first place. Any admittance that he was right in a small but out of context way means he is right totally in his mind.

If she even said “yes, I said I would only sign if I got what I wanted but it was a joke and we were all on the same page about what was going to happen anyway since you had already started making jokes about me and Lainey hooking up right before I turned 18 and also this was after Lainey and I had had phone sex” = she admitted she said she would only sign if she got what she wanted which was sex so she did extort us for sex. To any rational person that leap doesn’t make any sense.

Any apology or attempt to meet halfway in reality is always poorly met with Greg. There’s no middle ground and any reasonable concession is taken advantage of.

No. 823849


What's really funny is that the water brain doesn't get how claiming "she would only sign the NDA if I had sex with her" makes him look REALLY bad.

The first thing that pops into my mind is: How does that have any coercive effect?

If you don't have any thing to hide, you tell that person to hit the road. The only way his claim of her coercing them by that is if he had really horrible shit that she knew that he didn't want getting out in the first place. Which we all know he did, but he's cover story pretty much acknowledges it, straight from his mouth.

That's the only way that blackmail works. If you have nothing to hide, the blackmailer has no leverage or power.

No. 823852

Onision printed out and presented the NDA for Sarah. Asking her for sex so she would sign it was what he wanted to happen. His story they Sarah coerced him by her signing an NDA he wanted her too doesn't make any fucking sense.

No. 823860

..and yet he had no problem recording his phonecall with Sheisslo's manager.

Cool story, bro.

No. 823862

Could there be some legal reason he's not tweeting or making new videos? Like some kind of "social media restraining order." Or maybe whatever billboard lawyer he's hired told him to stay off the internet. But of course Greg has to toe the line and play with the words to get around things.
>well I'm not really sending out new tweets if I'm retweeting my old tweets. And its not a tweet if I change my bio again and again.
He reminds me of the little kid who puts his finger up to his little sisters face "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you." If he was really leaving social media behind then why keep changing your bio with little snarky digs. Its like a work around to still say something without really tweeting.

I saw that too. I wasn't expecting it and cracked up when it happened. They didn't even have to mention his name.
>you got sumthin on your shoe… gross

No. 823867

File: 1614200948277.png (305.24 KB, 610x436, onsisionprime.PNG)

He just changed his OnisionPrime header to a picture of when he was in the USAF. Of course he fucked up the cropping. What's with this reminiscing about his short military career? Its not like it was "the good ole days" If we're suppose to believe his stories that was the worst time of his life, so bad that he put his gun in his mouth.

No. 823872

Am I losing my mind or does anyone else remember that the nda was signed the day after they had sex? It really was a way to keep her quiet after he had given her something to ruin her life rather than before.

Sorry if I’m fucking it up but i have a gnawing feeling that was the case.

No. 823880

He has the ugliest fucking mug Jesus Christ

No. 823887

he wants asspats from the “are troops” types

No. 823892

I never understood why his co’s never shipped him off to Iraq, surely he’s great cannon fodder(not that I wish for anyone to be drafted).

No. 823894

wondering the same

No. 823897

Her mother had 4 kids from different fathers and is an alcoholic. Also I always wondered where the fuck Sarah's father was when all the grooming shit was happening. It seems like neither of her parents gave a fuck about her.

No. 823898

kinda reminds me of when Chris-chan tried to get Juggalo's as his personal army and later the LGBT / trans community..
..after vilifying them for years.. much like greg did with the military.

No. 823902

File: 1614214799081.jpeg (27.29 KB, 750x191, CB9E9EAA-70CD-460E-BDB4-6296C2…)

it could be a glitch but has anyone else noticed doormat has deleted/privatised a shit load of her videos? i just looked at her channel and it’s emptier than i remember it being and i’m sure the video count was much higher a few days ago

No. 823903

Hiding from the law, hiding from the law guitar riff

No. 823904


can’t delete my post sorry for samefagging, i just counted the videos on her channel to compare with the amount that’s listed and there are only 85 left, so she’s hidden a bunch of them for some reason. could be youtube being retarded but i thought i’d mention it just in case

No. 823916


Stupid soldiers are good at following orders. Stupid soldiers who think they're highly intelligent don't follow orders and get their unit killed in active combat.

No. 823921

He’s probably focusing on his military past lately because he’s probably about to push that as his big excuse as to why he’s an asshole.

Ptsd makes people an asshole.

He’s always said he’s innocent of everything, except being an asshole. That’s his only fault in his mind.

Also, I’m pretty certain he mentioned he was diagnosed with ptsd somewhat recently in one of his discord’ streams (maybe 3 months ago.) around the time Lainey was also seeing someone. (Probably mandatory after the cloey incident.)

My train of thought is that he’s going to try to, or already is, claiming the veterans ptsd pension.

He left because of a supposed psychotic break down where, didn’t be say he said he stripped down to his superior so they’d discharge him for being crazy?

Now, all you have to prove to get the ptsd pension is that you were retriggered somehow. Which he would say the internet bullying him and threatening him retriggered him.

He absolutely hates not having a form of income. He can’t stand it. Everytime one door shuts, he would have some other crazy way to make money.

When patreon was deleted, he made the break down videos to claw back money even though he looked like an absolute loser and probably made his story reach further than it would have without those videos.
Then He went to twitch and was kicked off.
Then the whole onlyfans thing, which has majorly dried up now.

He’s likely just replacing an income stream especially since they really do all seem to be drying up at a rapid rate.

Probs also Gearing up to sue for discovery + for defamation, will connect the whole story in court for sympathy, about ptsd and how he’s on ptsd pension now.. and how discovery retriggered him and now the world is sending him threats.

I honestly think it’s very plausible.

It’s a very Greg thing to do and all the pieces of the puzzle fits. I’ll have to go back to try to find the ptsd discord video.

And Greg will want to make sure he paints the narrative online too. He probs thinks it’s also a great excuse as to why he’s the way it is. Yeah some of it may be (in my opinion, self inflicted) ptsd. A lot of people probably would end up with ptsd after what he went through, but he brought it on himself so it’s hard for me to feel sorry for him. But he is paranoid. Look at the way he wears bulletproof vests everywhere, the security and lights at his house? Dude is paranoid as shit, he’s an asshole which is another big symptom.

They can often have problems with addiction. He’s not with substances, but he seems to be addicted to porn and sex based off what he’s said in previous videos.

I mean, yeah.. he probably does have ptsd. And he’s probably so excited he has something to blame so he can be all “UWU it’s not me guys, it’s my mental health disorder. “

No. 823924

If he tries to claim va disability for any reason then he needs his discharge upgraded. Only Honorable discharges get any type of cash assistance. We have talked about this many times before, but his discharge is not Honorable, it’s honorable under general conditions and it is different.
Good luck shreck trying to prove and blame your mental illnesses on the military you shitbird.

No. 823926

Ptsd from what though? His military service was not only short, but he didn't do much in his time. Grug is just retarded and thinks people want to kill him because he's so important and special. Not even A-list celebrities with batshit insane stalkers go out in bullet proof vests. He was on twitter hornyposting while his kid was in the hospital, he obviously wasn't all that scarred from it.
I don't think extreme narcissism/brain sloshing counts as a disability anon

No. 823927

Exactly, he never went to war so what exactly gave him PTSD?

No. 823928

Someone with the power of authority telling him to do stuff

No. 823939

He will say being bullied by his superiors caused him mental duress. The same way he managed to get out early.

No. 823940

I’m not saying he genuinely had PTSD from it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the angle he’s going to go with based on the fact he has no money coming in and probably owns too many assets to be approved for welfare.

I just really have a feeling. Greg is predictable as shit. He said 3 months ago he was diagnosed with ptsd, and now he’s posting his old military pics all over the place. He’s predictable as fuck.

But I do believe a narc being stuck in the military having no say in anything… probably could have quite a severe affect on someone. But like I said, self inflicted. He was the dumbass who joined the military knowing full well he had an issue with authority and that you can’t just easily back out.

No. 823943

If anything, he gave his superiors PTSD from seeing his ugly dick after taking his clothes off if front of them. Those poor officers seen some shit…

Edit - “offers”

No. 823948

Just a thought, but looking into the Michael Jackson case, even though he was never found "guilty" in court, most people conclude that he was guilty of being a pedophile. AND the FBI investigated him continuously for more than a decade. It just goes to show that FBI investigations take time, so we can't fully discredit them for not having arrested him yet, or assume they are done watching him. Also, so many times Michael Jackson settled outside of court by paying the families off rather than continuing on into trial. Also, we all know that information and evidence has been lost/deleted over time, so who knows if it will ever be recovered. But it is possible for things to somehow resurface. Something damning could be found years from now that will land them in jail.

No. 823952

A few people said recently that he did have it upgraded last year. Which makes me think even more so that he’s been planning this for a while now.

I just looked deeper into the VA compensation and it’s not that hard to get. You can get it by claiming a psych injury showed up many years after service, or on Greg’s case, probably only just been diagnosed with ptsd and he will link it back to his service.

No. 823953

File: 1614250893929.jpeg (411.9 KB, 1125x1677, A0F1B777-C405-49B3-8F90-BF3C57…)

They’re basically saying here if you keep annoying them by submitting extra requests to upgrade your discharge, you have a good chance at obtaining it.

They also said they’ve changed the rules about discharge in 2014, and that discharges that were mental health related have changed.

Because Greg said he stripped in order to act crazy so he could quit, I can almost guarantee if he applied for an upgrade he probably got it.

They still have to approve you for actual VA compensation, which their website says takes about 151 days while they research your case and character or whatever.

Part of me really thinks he’s done that for whoever is assessing his case. Looking like a good military boy with all these stupid military pics. I can see it. It would be such a Greg logic thing to do.

I wonder how much shit he could get in for that, if that is the case, if there’s still videos floating around admitting he intentionally stripped so he could plead insanity?

No. 823954

How long was Greg in the airforce? Did he even last a year? I ask because my family member recently joined the forces and he's been "with them" for a year, but that's only been training and fitness, he hasn't actually saw any action whatsoever. They've done like stays out of barracks to hone survival shit, but literally nothing else apart from drills and fitness tests and learning equipment. Onision is honestly such a faggot if he is going to claim PTSD from failing to pass his military training he can fuck off lol

No. 823955

>I wonder how much shit he could get in for that, if that is the case, if there’s still videos floating around admitting he intentionally stripped so he could plead insanity?

That's coupled with the fact that he admitted (on camera) to marrying Skye to receive more military benefits.

No. 823965

Well if that’s the case he is in for a surprise at how they will rate him. They will not give him 100% for years if ever. A rating of 10% will get him at most $200 a month. They will only back pay to the diagnosis too. This is not the money maker he thinks it will be. I know a double amputee only getting 70%, up from 50% a few years ago, because they figure he can at least work 30% of the time and they never give 100% for mental illness unless the vet needs a fiduciary, has been deemed incompetent by the courts, which means they will court order him to surrender his guns, help with every day living like cooking, cleaning and hygiene. Well he’s at least going to convince them over the hygiene thing. My goodness I really hope this pos doesn’t take money away from vets that actually need it. But your right, if he took the steps to upgrade then he has a plan to claim benefits.

No. 823969

so hes trying to push for ptsd? great I am mad now because I know ptsd can make someones life a living hell, constantly reliving a bad moment in life and being un able to control their sorrow. Greg doesn't have ptsd, if he tries that route through the military they're gonna laugh him out the door
his term was short not even honorably discharged he couldnt even kill a bunny rabbit. any ptsd as he so claims was probably incurred due to having a legiom of angry people pissed that he stuck his 1 incher of dick in teenage girls. Anyone who has kids would get into a vitriolic frenzy if they heard of his actions. I'm actually surprised an angry parent hasn't shot him yet for diddling their daughter.

No. 823972


They tried to make him kill a bunny rabbit.

No. 823974

cant imagine how you can get ptsd from killing a wittle rabbit unless your like under 10 and it was really for an abusive act.
Hunting for food is hardly a traumatic act unless you go out hunting with a sadist but even then your not killing for cruelty your killing for food. If you get stranded and cant hunt in a woods or jungle setting unless you have knowledge in foraging your virtually fucked with in a survival combat standard. lol fuck me im laughing so hard im crying.

No. 823975

Onision only likes to kill by neglect and suffering. He probably wasn't allowed to torture the rabbit so he refused.

No. 823976

weird how he was traumatized by the rabbit but recovered fine from killing a turtle by suffocating/overheating it

No. 823978

he didn't even kill the rabbit from what I remember

No. 823979

He cooked his turtle alive inside a container under the sun and showed no remorse or guilt for it

No. 823980

rip my tortoise brotha, yeah its odd how he can get animals to get sexual with girls and kill them by outright neglect, but killing a rabbit with his knife in survival training to learn how to prepare it for food incase you get stranded in the middle of bum fuck nowhere with little to no supplies just to survive long enough to gtfo is a line he wont cross. Its like why the fuck you joined the airforce then? I know a person in the military and its not uncommon to learn how to kill animals, shit they conduct medical procedures on pigs so you can learn how to sew up a wound in combat, if he truly has ptsd, and not that I believe he does, over the possiblity of killing a rabbit than he would be laughed out of the office as in order to even get that sort of monetary help from the va you have to be verified to be in combat and suffer a trauma due to that. hes not going to get it and it would just be another humilation to laugh at kek.

No. 823982

his airforce "career" was a fucking joke. he couldn't even guard a fence in korea, then he scammed himself out by stripping down naked for his CO REEEEEEEEEing autistically and making anti army videos for youtube.

No. 823995

Even if he gets a pension he will most likely receive less than minimum wage, which is still not enough to support himself, 2 kids and an unemployed wife. Soon they will have to sell the swamp house and move to a shitty rented apartment the size of a shoebox in a shitty neighborhood.

No. 823998

File: 1614293168939.png (71.11 KB, 630x84, 05612.PNG)

>How long was Greg in the airforce? Did he even last a year?

No. 824009

File: 1614296186283.png (17.82 KB, 600x212, onisiontwitter.PNG)

He lasted 34 days. I've only been following this shit show for a couple of years but I think that's a record right?

No. 824010

He probably was just using alts the entire time

No. 824011

File: 1614297043017.png (61.97 KB, 600x574, 6622.PNG)

The spergfest has begun.

No. 824017

Onision made his income through social media, now that he's being cancelled he wants to bad mouth the companies that have been paying him. He should log off if its all so evil lest he be a hypocrite.

No. 824021

File: 1614299359119.png (142.09 KB, 616x628, 4344555.PNG)

20 tweets in 30 minutes.

No. 824024

The max he would get at 100% rated (which he will never get), with spouse and 2 children is about $3500 a month. The lowest is 10% and he would get around $200 a month. The VA is kinda cool about reading service records before they assign a rating so they will only assign 10% to start considering his service record is shit. Then he will have to keep petitioning for increases, which can take years just to get to 50%. They will never give him100 because they will see his taxes. The only way you can get to 100 for a mental illness is proving that the mental illness prevents you from working, taking care of and supporting yourself. Had onion been hurt physically then we would be talking about something different. A mental illness rating means you have to go in front of one of the VA assigned psychs for an evaluation and they are the ones that decide your fate and rate. They will see right through this retard and nothing is guaranteed unless it’s considered T&P, Total and Permanent Disability.
The other thing that probably won’t happen is the discharge upgrade. They are very hard to get. You need references from “friends”, prior service members that you served with, describing a traumatic experience you had in the service (which could be backed up by the service records) and PTSD is the only circumstance he has going for him and he was just “diagnosed” a few months ago. So that means he couldn’t even file for an upgrade until he got that diagnosis. You also need a lawyer, money and a lot of medical records. Greck will be lucky if he can even get to use the VA for medical coverage which starts at 50% and your means test falls in line.
So sorry this is long. OP anon I wasn’t directing anything at you. VA bennyfag here.

No. 824029

File: 1614302078477.png (436.47 KB, 828x1792, 72B075AC-0C7A-4631-9EF9-F841A6…)

Interesting.. if it's true.

No. 824030

Might wanna crop your pic out

No. 824031

cute makeup you have on

No. 824032

If you’re gonna do a repost without reading the thread, at least sage.

No. 824033

File: 1614303978848.png (7 MB, 2436x1125, 201C21B6-5371-4EE4-9960-116B43…)

3 months ago, the onision livestream on his encore channel. Around 45 mins in he says he’s been diagnosed with an adjustment disorder. Not ptsd. My bad. But he can still use that to try to claim va benefits. It doesn’t have to just be ptsd. It’s any mental disorder that can be linked to military service.

When did he get his discharge upgraded?

No. 824035

Nice Snapchat filter. Your foot faced-ness reminds me of Lamey.

No. 824036

Learn2sage horceface anon

No. 824037

>getting called out for your actions is the same as internet randos insulting your appearance
oh god my sides

No. 824039

Not personality disorders though. Is adjustment disorder a personality disorder? I have no idea. BPD, NPD, HPD I do know they will not compensate for. Those were going to happen military or not, so not triggered by military service. The disability has to occur in or from your active duty.
I honestly don’t think the upgrade happened nor will happen.

No. 824044

Damn. He’s manic and tweeting like crazy.

It was a good run while it lasted anons, but the attention craver is back

No. 824045

He's as manic as we could have predicted.
20ish nonsensical tweets in like the last 45 min. He cannot stop humiliating himself.

No. 824046

File: 1614315818444.jpeg (351.18 KB, 1125x770, 5E9AC3DE-8141-43AC-9E9A-85E8C9…)

As usual he has zero self awareness

Greg aging at an incredible rate, while never maturing is as reliable as death and taxes at this point

No. 824047

File: 1614316112179.jpeg (194.15 KB, 1125x575, D74EB368-1C01-4F23-B1C4-84A513…)

…and he built a religion off the lore from an RPG

No. 824057

File: 1614322719797.png (7.05 MB, 2436x1125, 1A396CCF-6463-4E38-893E-9CED02…)

VA pension covers adjustment disorder. It’s basically one rung below ptsd.

Greg specifically said he’s been diagnosed with an adjustment disorder stemming from the time in the military.

The fact he had to add that in, he’s definitely going for the pension.

That’s probs why he’s talking again on Twitter. Probably doesn’t want people spamming VA’s office with all the evidence of fraud while his application is getting assessed.

No. 824058

If Greg fails at scamming the military for more cash, maybe should sign up at rent.men and become a male escort. Vegetarian twinks are welcome too!

No. 824059

Anyone can apply for his military records but it’s down at the moment because of covid. A few anons have said that he successful got the upgrade. Which would make sense because in 2014 they updated it where anyone who left stemming from mental health, got an upgrade.

His “adjustment disorder stemming from my time in the Air Force” bs would almost certainly be enough unfortunately.

No. 824062

Yes it was the day after. This was discussed in the last thread i think.
The only "disorder" he has is preying on underage and barely legal girls then dragging them publicly when they leave him.

No. 824064

>Am I crazy for not understanding why she would stay on the phone with him for nine hours?
So you believe it because Greg said it was true? lol ok.

No. 824065

This so much. He's perpetually overflowing with shit and it's always variations of the same shit which is why i hardly glance at this thread anymore. I knew he'd crawl back out from under his little rock after the mockumentary hype died down. He'll probably go back into hiding for a month or two after Sarah's ep airs, then rinse, repeat.

No. 824067

No, but Sarah privating her Twitter and making suicidal tweets after the call supposedly happened make me believe it's true. Different anon here btw.

No. 824068

I definitely agree. But why else would he have let it slip in a discord chat that he was diagnosed with adjustment disorder from his military stint like 12 years ago .. he’s seemingly been planning this for a while. Posting his old military pics everywhere was a dead giveaway. He must be waiting for them to review his application. I just can’t see another reason why anyone would still use pics from like 12 years ago. Especially on top of that random discord remark 3 months ago. And the anons that said he had his discharge upgraded last year. It’s all painting a picture… and it’s even more suspect that he started talking none sense on Twitter right when everyone was discussing it. Like he’s trying to give us something else to focus on because he doesn’t want the internet fucking this up for him. His options of being paid to sit around jerking off at home are wearing thin.

No. 824073

I'm not sure obviously but I feel like it's the case of Sarah falling for the 'just communicate' meme and trying to explain her feelings and what Greg did wrong. She might have in a way thought that if she explains everything properly and if he understands, the drama would end. A lot of women fall for this overexplaining/communication shit when they're young and naive. And it usually ends up in the guy playing stupid and using stupid arguments while the whole conversation goes in endless circles for hours. And you know Onision, I bet endlessly talking and twisting shit is what he loves the most.

No. 824074

total tinfoil, but given she was in NY at the time with a bunch of producers working on the show, what if the call was being recorded or it was a sting to see if he'd say anything incriminating/threatening?

No. 824081

But if the military gave him PTSD it wouldn't make any sense to clutter his social media with pictures of that time, because everytime you look at these, it triggers your PTSD. That's typical Greg-logic.
Like, if I was terribly afraid of spiders and swapped all my social media pfp and headers to pictures of spiders it would make me feel worse. I can't see the military officials who check his (public) records fall for that. It's probably gonna make it worse for Greg. lol

No. 824082


Yeah, it would be hilarious if that was the case. New York is a single-party state. So, her recording on her end would be completely legal.

No. 824083

all of this. tbh, I'm always surprised veterans as a whole, or whatever community of vets are online etc, don't completely and properly rip him a new one. I know a lot of them decided his discharge documents for those of us who don't understand that shit, but in america isn't it a big deal when someone tries to claim honourable ptsd vet status when they're literally just a pussy who's completely bullshitting?

I always think of that time in a video when he's like "I could've become a cop, I could have, but baldjajdbajdbaj" and I laugh because I'm shocked nobody has beaten the living shit out of him for larping as a vet/cop/military whatever

No. 824087

Adjustment disorder is different to PTSD though. I don’t believe they get triggered like PTSD sufferers right?

So his little scheme wouldn’t be too farfetched. I really can’t believe it to be for any other reason. Why else would someone have a psychologist diagnose you with an adjustment disorder stemming from his time in the Air Force, 12 + years after it happened. He’s planning something. He’s probably so smug that we had no idea but the dumbass can’t help but expose almost every fucking detail of his boring mundane life that people sometimes connect the dots.

Probably so smug that this is one form of income the internet can never take from him. Although they probably could if they submitted evidence against Greg but god, as much as I hate him I wouldn’t even bother. He has to support his family somehow but it’s pretty ironic that he called billie and or her ex Drew, a bum on welfare and now he’s probably barking up that tree himself.

No. 824090

if he was judged to have 100% disability, the max income from that would be around $1500 per month

No. 824091

Yeah i saw someone mention that possibility on twitter the other day. Hansen and TCAP would record phone calls of creeps they're investigating so it wouldn't be too farfetched to think he did the same thing here for the documentary.
Just imagine when the 4th episode comes out and we hear how Greg really spergs when he thinks no one else is listening.

No. 824100

I don't know how military pension in the us works, and I'm curious to know if gets a pension does that mean he can't have other sources of income? And if that's the case he will never be able to make money on onlyfans and any other platform anymore?

No. 824102

From what I remember working at a social security law firm, he can be scored for his disability and still apply for assistance. We had many vets with varying degrees and still applying for disability. It was hard even for them to get social security disability. (Which made me look at homeless people a lot differently. Vets are not taken care of as they should be imo) The VA is tough on how they grade vets on their disability so good luck to him kekek. I wonder if he tried to apply for disability and got denied because he wasn’t “working” for 5yrs out of the last 10yrs and doesn’t have enough credits. Which then would leave SSI, and for that he would have to have little to no income to qualify. And this line of thinking got me to the kids, I 1000% believe they have Cloey on children social security disability. Her “accident” must have cost them thousands and knowing them they probably had no insurance for them besides Medicaid which should cover some but not for what could be a lifelong disability.

No. 824108

File: 1614360870068.png (447.14 KB, 1428x512, kai private.png)

Lainey privated some of her videos.

No. 824110

Bold of her not to private all of the creepy videos with Sarah in them. Hopefully someone somewhere has them all mirrored.

No. 824119

She took down all but three of her beautybot videos if that matters at all

No. 824120

>The VA is tough on how they grade vets on their disability so good luck to him kekek.

Yep, it will not be easy. If that is what he is trying:


>In order to receive VA disability benefits for adjustment disorder, veterans must first establish service connection. Doing so involves satisfying the following three elements: (1) a current diagnosis of adjustment disorder; (2) evidence of an in-service event, injury, or illness; and (3) a medical nexus linking the in-service occurrence to the current, diagnosed adjustment condition. For evidence of an in-service occurrence, VA will often look for in-service treatment records. If adjustment disorder symptoms emerged while a veteran was in the military and he or she sought treatment with a mental health counselor, it should be documented in-service records. If veterans do not have service treatment records, it may be helpful to provide lay statements from friends or family outlining the onset of symptoms and the progression of your condition.

No. 824125

File: 1614371023998.png (363.42 KB, 2048x1536, 00BDCAB3-7A2B-4DE2-B6A3-42351D…)

No that’s not true. Picrel

No. 824128

Sorry samefag. you can have other sources of income unless you are deemed individual unemployability, if that case you can also collect social security.

No. 824132

I can absolutely see this. Why else would she supposedly stay on a 9 hour call with Greg of all people?

No. 824134

I definitely believe the tinfoil that they asked Sarah to call Greg for a sting. That would explain why she was so tortured by it. That would be so unbelievably difficult when you hate someone’s guts to such an extent. I hope they got some really ragey audio.. would love to see the spergout if that is the case, after they air it he’s going to go nuts…

Also believe the tinfoil they’re claiming disability for cloey, and that Greg’s probably trying for VA pension from the mandatory psych sessions relating to cloey, the psycho probably thought he may as well get something for himself out of it as well since he HAS to go. And Greg has always been against the rapt because he never seems to think anything is wrong with him unless he’s trying to manipulate a situation somehow, like telling addrienne he has BPD.

I wonder if his psychologist knows he very clearly had issues with authority and anger outbursts before he joined the Air Force. His dads words in the documentary are very telling.. I hope the VA officer does a thorough deep search regarding all these things. I just can’t see any other way that he would be posting old military pics, plus recently had his discharge upgraded, plus recently got diagnosed with an adjustment disorder stemming from events lover a decade ago. Too many coincidences to not join the dots.

Adjustment disorders are only supposed to last 6 months ordinarily. It’s so bizarre to me that he added “stemming from his time in the airforce” I feel like he’s covering his ass in case whoever is assessing his application saw it.

No. 824137

Did he for sure have is discharge upgraded? I would figure he would flaunt the new documents that he would get to prove us wrong about his discharge. It’s incredibly hard to get upgraded. You have to go in front of a board and prove your case with references, preferably ranking service members that you served with, documents and service records. He is incapable of answering questions normally, with out screeching autism and I can see them definitely rejecting it. I won’t believe it until I see it though.

No. 824139

File: 1614382524718.jpeg (569.76 KB, 1124x2089, 46A4408D-0EF2-4465-B3DB-5C25F3…)

It became A LOT easier after aug 2017.
I wish requesting military documents weren’t on hold right now.

No. 824141

Well it may be easier but that doesn’t mean he got it. I truly believe he would post about it and try to pass it off as his actual, original discharge. Kind of like he totally really dated a 26 year old when the woman was actually 17 when he dated her. I’m still inclined to think he is in the process of trying to upgrade and he is using his military pics to try and prove to the board that he was a good airman.
I wish they the docs were available too. It’d be some shit if a civilian wrote the board about him too. He is barely a vet in most veterans eyes and most service officers, VA, American legion, DAV, vfw or any other volunteers that knew about him could always fudge the paperwork a bit to drag it out forever.

No. 824142

File: 1614386304031.png (82.23 KB, 1019x529, onision discord.PNG)

Sperging on Twitter and testing the waters on discord.

No. 824150

Sounds like some desperate bitches are feeling sorry for uwu Onionman and Greg doesn't want his other dicksuckers to get mad when random girls get added into chats for free.

No. 824153

> the tinfoil that they asked Sarah to call Greg for a sting.
Oh lawd if only. I hope this is true. I can't imagine staying on the phone for 9 hours with Greg of all people for any other reason.

No. 824154


it also would make sense with some of the girls saying other stuff is still going on behind the scenes. imo it's totally possible this is the case because I literally can't see any reason why sarah would talk on the phone with him for 9 hours when she never has before. why now?

No. 824156

File: 1614395761159.png (57.55 KB, 636x364, 567422.PNG)

Here's my question. If you have a phone call and one person is in WA (2 party consent needed) and the other is Oregon (only one party consent is needed) Ive heard that federal law trumps the call and federal law says you only need one persons consent. So those discovery+ producers could record him and it be legal right? I really hope this is the reason for the 9 hour call. Im imaging Hansen on the other line listening in with a shit eating grin on his face.

No. 824161

So in NY you only need one party consent. I don’t know if that applies to if the other party is out of state though.

No. 824162

That's what I was putting out there. If you are in one state and the other person is in another state then federal law is applied to the call not the recording laws of either state. And federal law is one person consent law.

So if Im not wrong the scenario would be, Greg called from WA, Sarah was in NY. Two different states so federal law trumps this phone call and only Sarah needed consent to it being recorded.

No. 824165

I’m pretty sure you are right either way, state or federal. This is gold.
Kek gerg.

No. 824175

File: 1614403174046.png (72.99 KB, 609x653, 651212.png)

I thought this announcement was him setting things up for a future discord chat with his fans. Looks like he tried to have a chat and it went to shit so he shut it down. That explains all the rules he lays out in the announcement. Someone "traumatized" him by saying "his pp small."

I'm guessing the anon that was lurking in his discord was Tamara the dogfucker. Heatboss and her were on Hansen together and are still tight, but he's not very public about their friendship after Tamara's mental breakdown on kiwifarms and her spergout here and on /snow/.

No. 824177

File: 1614405440875.png (120.98 KB, 620x564, hootsuite tweets.PNG)

Could this explain why his tweets are so random and make no sense. Plus they come in batches then nothing for hours and they start up again.

No. 824187

I don't believe for a second that Sarah would give him the time of day under any circumstances unless it was through a lawyer. She's young but she learns her lessons. That's why she'd saved most/all of his messages to her.

No. 824188

>some of the girls saying other stuff is still going on behind the scenes
Regina isn't "some of the girs", she's the only one I've seen speaking like that lol. I still don't believe Greg talked to Sarah because 75-80% of anything that comes out of his mouth is bullshit. Any claims he makes have to be verified and vetted before being believed.

No. 824190

>he had his discharge upgraded last year.
>His options of being paid to sit around jerking off at home are wearing thin
I assume he stopped whoring on OF which wasn't making him anything anyway, so not many options left but fed handouts. I imagine Kai went on the dole awhile ago because she sure as fuck isn't employable anymore. I don't even know how Greg still has a house at this point between the IRS back taxes (that last I heard he's still paying off), the wetlands and whatever other shit we might not even know about. I haven't seen anyone burn their life to ground as thoroughly as he has, and still he's learned nothing but keeps blaming everyone else for being a pos.

No. 824191

If he's legit trying to scam the VA like he did the IRS, good fucking luck is all I have to say lol.

No. 824192

idk why she didn't just nuke everything. There's like 80 or so vids left.

No. 824193


They'd need to disappear any savings to claim the dole. It would explain why they bought that extra strip of essentially useless wetland adjoining the shack.

No. 824194

Don't know how benefits work in America but Lainey went to college and got a degree. She had never had a normal job and I wonder if she paid enough in taxes herself thru YouTube to even qualify for government funding. In the UK you have to pay tax credits to get unemployment benefits you have to contribute to the system at some point to get handouts or you'll get shoved into some shite job.

No. 824195

I believe there was a phone call because when Greg lies he usually uses just a smidgen of the truth. If no phone call took place its so easy to prove and it make's him look that much worse. Now everything about that phone call I take with a HUGE grain of salt.

9 hour phone call—I seriously doubt the amount of time. Greg couldn't even figure out his own age until Sam showed him on a online age calculator so either he just cant tell time properly or he's counting all the down time as part of the phone call. Meaning hes adding together the time they actually spoke and the time he spent insistently calling her back and she wouldn't answer.
Sarah Confirms Everything— Im sure he just did his usual twisting of words and purposefully misinterpretation what she said during the call.

I do believe the call happened and Im positive he recorded it to be used in a future Mexican standoff.

No. 824196

Pretty much tinfoil since I haven't checked which videos have been taken down and which are still up. But since Greg is said to control her social media, is it too far fetched that he deleted the meaningless videos and left those with Sarah it them up to throw Lainey under the bus? It makes it easier to find those videos if all the other ones aren't available.

No. 824211

File: 1614448006634.jpg (179.23 KB, 720x1150, 20210227_113755.jpg)

He's such a joke. Most desperate person ever. He's back to buying likes for his IG. At best he was getting 40-50 likes on IG posts. Suddenly his posts have 700-800 likes and a lot of positive comments. The second hand embarrasment is too much. Everybody knows what he's doing, but he keeps buying social media engagement. How does he not realize he's f'g retarted.

No. 824213

Sage for sperg
Militaryfag here, but the air force is one of the most relaxed branches out there from boot camp to deployment. The fact that onision claims he had such a rough time is absolutely because of his own issues. He's probably gotten sympathy in the past from people who have never been in the military/don't know anyone in the military. But to act like the training or expectations are harsh and difficult is laughable. When he first uploaded his video some years ago about his military service, I was curious until it said air force. Very few jobs in the air force could land someone with a fraction of a chance of ptsd.

No. 824217

Also military fag here you are 100% correct. He acts like he went into the Marines, Navy SEALS or Army special forces. It is well known that the chairforce is very easy and laid back.

No. 824219

How sad that he's still obsessed with Andy even after Andy and his father roasted him on Twitter and said they want nothing to do with him anymore lol

No. 824259

I don't quite understand his taste of men to obsess over. The women I get because he thinks every female wants to fuck him, but he's usually defensive around most men unless he's able to boss them around.

No. 824264

File: 1614481992889.png (360.38 KB, 2688x1242, F1071796-E604-4CC0-88C3-38F40A…)

In America, she is not qualified for social security disability (DIB) because she has not worked enough years out of the past recent 10 years and for social security income (SSI) her and onion boy cannot have resources more than 3k between them. And if we are to follow what onionfag is saying then, he has stocks somewhere and those get counted. Also for either DIB or SSI she has to be seeing a dr regularly. Social security will look at the last 10 yrs of medical history to deem if you disabled enough for money or not.

Cloeys SSI check may be the only thing keeping this family afloat, bleak.

No. 824269

He always liked to queerbait for attention using popular male celebrities like those guys from Supernatural for example. He hopes that will make him become popular amongst their fan bases and it's not a coincidence their fan bases consist of young girls.

No. 824280

File: 1614496686127.png (630.32 KB, 844x481, idcon.PNG)

Discovery+ is beginning the drumroll for the 4th episode. Nothing new was brought up. Just rehashing what was said in the previous episodes. But they do push the 4th ep in late spring. I would have loved to see Sarah on the panel. https://idcondeadofwinter.com 2:30-2:47

No. 824288

Idk how to feel about that tbh, if cloey qualifies for ssi due to being mute+possible brain damage from the fall, then what would become of her adult life? if she brings in money for both greg and krai through ssi there would be no chance of escaping the swamp shack if nothing happens to them. at this point after the whole fisaco and him losing 2 methods of income I dont see how greg would let this possible meal ticket slip away long after she comes of age, and it may end up like britney spears with a conservatorship so she would be able be able to do jack shit with out her parents consent, Britney only gets 1200 out of her total overall earnings a month a pittance in tears of what she earns. can you imagine how fucked cloey would be?

No. 824289

File: 1614515960047.jpg (15.54 KB, 336x336, Sheisslow.jpg)

"hair fixed in to round croissant halo? check. colorful dangling canadian fish in ears? check. unflattering baggy grey Fila sweater? check. dreamcatcher around neck? check. hella distracting sunglasses on top of head for no reason? check. fake eyelashes that make me blink a lot? check. k discovery, i'm ready."

No. 824290

What about Onions LLC nesiamotu or whatever the fuck it was called? Could he hide all his money in that? I don't think it was still active though.

No. 824291

Jk its still active, point still stands though. Could he have most of his money here and still appear to be broke to the military?


No. 824293

wasnt there a law recently put in place to reveal owners of llcs? im sure the irs would love to know about that, not advocating cowtipping. but if thats the case onion can be royally screwed again by the irs, should've went with the good ol send your money overseas to not get taxed.

No. 824296


Someone's jealous and salty. Lemme guess. Hansen bad, Shiloh bad. Repizon and all others deserve money and could've done much more alone? Cry more.

No. 824301

It's always the best to reduce a woman to her looks and ignore what she has to say. Pah! Women shouldn't have a voice anyway! /s

Edited for omitting a word.

No. 824308

yes it can't possibly be another woman trying to tell shiloh that the least she coulda done was dress nice for that promo.
that would be outrageous, it would have to be a jealous, angry, misogynist pigman.

No. 824314

Cloey is a minor, they might get some child benefits, but I don't think Cloey can claim benefits until she's of working age. She'd be a dependent no matter what

No. 824315

I'd still wager Shiloh would outshine Plainey wearing a trash bag whilst the skin walker does her best attempt at copying Billie.

No. 824318

It cloey is deemed mentally unfit due to the fall, she will always need someone else to handle her disability. They’ll ask them to see a doctor hired by the administration in order to determine that. After 18 or 21(if she becomes a student) she will then be put on adult SSI and from what I remember the monthly payments are lower but all medical is covered.
If grease 1&2 applied for ssi for themselves, the gov is gonna look at all their possessions. Did he ever get the house he gave his mom? If it’s under his or Krys name they’ll automatically be denied. They can only have land/home that they currently live in/on.

No. 824320

She looks like a junkie with that getup

No. 824324

derail but, you'd be fucking horrified how often this happens to special needs children when they grow up, it's a lot

No. 824328

Greg worked long enough that he should be able to get SSDI, which is not means tested, if he actually has a serious enough mental illness (or I suppose can get a crooked enough doctor to attest to one). But it’s not a lot of money and it usually takes a year or more to get.

No. 824338


shiloh's debuting her new "hungover sorority girl" look

No. 824340

yeah but unlike britney, chloe has no means of communication let alone the capacity to realize how fucked her situation is its like by then the normal she would realize is her fucked life, and Id highly doubt greg or krai would let her use social media period if she is ever able to use to the internet, no wonder why the aclu is against guardianships because if greg and krai are some how by some miracle to retain their parental rights, they're gonna keep that kid away from the world just so they can cash her check each month.

No. 824344

Wouldn't they have to sell the adjacent slip of land left of their plot first? They don't necessarily need it to live, it's just a nice extra to have.

No. 824345

I'm horrified that onision (and/or Krai) will somehow return to the internet as supposedly loving parents that are 100% changed by their mentally disabled daughter who has shown them God's love etc. Basically that he will milk Cloey for 'wholesome' content just to milk more money, somehow. I know he is banned from youtube ATM but who knows what shit he can pull in the future. There are other venues to scam people at. There are bleeding hearts that would buy a story of a monster turned into a god-fearing daddy bear for his disabled daughter.

No. 824348

I honestly think you should delete this post in case he isn't already planning to do it
Because if he hadn't thought of it before, he absolutely will do it if he reads that

No. 824349

File: 1614547168341.jpg (94.47 KB, 820x960, 1613863286399.jpg)

except we're not talking about Lainey, we're talking about Shiloh, and she really let herself go recently.

No. 824350

literally who gives a fuck about that, there's two parents abusing a child they already allowed to fall out of a fucking window

No. 824352

not trying to blog post but after a traumatic experience my weight when up, what's your point anon? for all we know she's probably comfort eating to deal with anxiety, I mean shit her whole demeanor screams ptsd.
victims don't need to be perfect to be considered victims, and changes in weight due to mental issues like depression is a thing. Truthfully I don't get the whole entire obession with looks here, if I had been through what she been through basically being a suck mi slave to greg, getting pregnant with his baby, then going into possible septic shock due the baby miscarrying after possibly being pushed in a door frame all the while greg moved on with another suk mi slave at a very young age where you should be enjoying life, I'd be as not if not more crazy and 600 pounds.

No. 824353

The problem is, it would be as successful as his only fans career, people already know who he is so if he tries to make some big come back as a bible thumping father of a miracle cripple baby, people will spot his bullshit as an act and immediately cow tip and fuck with him until he gives it up. Plus that would require him to do some sort of vlog shit like that dad with the autist daughter shoving a camera in her face with out regards to her capacity to consent. Do you honestly think he would risk getting even more calls to cps if choses to film his mute, brain damaged daughter? she's probably fed the same vegan diet of processed crap that her father and mother eats, with probably not even taking in to account the nurtional needs of a growing toddler. theres a reason why vegan diets are banned in some european countries because having kids on them require alot more attention to detail that many parents are just to lazy to do….

No. 824354

Shiloh letting herself go in this picture is still better than anything Plainey has ever released on social media.

No. 824355

I never disputed that, you're the one who keeps bringing up Lainey as if it means something. Lainey is beyond help, she's butt ugly. However Sheisslo can at least look nice / average but she keeps fucking herself up. If not with a million tattoos and weird clothes, then by gaining a fuckton of weight.
Sure she should do her and who gives a shit, but I brought it up anyway since at least she coulda dressed nice for Discovery+
Oh well, maybe she stopped giving a fuck.

No. 824357

yeah but I personally don't care about how she looks, that's completely irreverent, the fact is it seems kind of bitchy for you to point that out.

No. 824358

Shiloh has been thru a miscarriage, then lost her next baby to SIDS, lost a career due to an abusive man that beat her and then used their relationship to make money for years. Making her constantly live thru her trauma and she still looks more put together than poor upper class Lainey, gets accommodation and uni paid for by her daddy, to run off with a youtuber that documented his previous fucked up relationships and thought "uwu, i can change him"

Cut to Lainey having eating disorders and constant identity crisis. Must suck that even when she starves herself a fatty can outshine her.

No. 824359

>Do you honestly think he would risk getting even more calls to cps
I mean

No. 824360

So sperging about getting social security money is more important than the recent milk and Shiloh’s lies about having anorexia? k

>Truthfully I don't get the whole entire obession with looks here
Then why the fuck are you here then? This is LOLCOW where we laugh at autists and making fun of their looks is part of it. Also learn2sage

No. 824361

Doesn’t he need to have paid in credits to qualify? I’m pretty sure he does need them. But did he pay in?

No. 824362

the last cps call he was visibly nervous, so they probably found some shit to warn him on him, the minute he puts his miracle baby on display for that kind of plan, and some one remotely catchs a whiff of somethings wrong with her other than her disability than they might call cps again.
for anyone who has did only a fraction of what greg did yeah that might be a viable solution, but greg has fucked up so bad that he now has 1000s of people who have a hate boner, and an active desire to be the one that put greg in jail. the only scenario I can think of that greg may have some success if he joins one of the more fanatical sects of Christianity, and spout that miracle babu bullshit to get shekels from a comigration willing to forgive sexual misconduct because they had a coming to jesus moment. I'm sure greg if he can get rid of his hate for christianity would fit in with the quiverfull or some fundie polgyamist moment as the women are taught to submit to men like gods, and he'd have a moral justification to fuck teenage girls like broodmares.
1. this a thread about onision, not shiloh.
2. I am saying with in the context of thread, we were talking about the possiblity of greg abusing his daughter financially in the future , and you not only posted off topic about shiloh but act like a fucking retard with shiloh ugly lol. I pretty sure lolcow has a seperate thread to take your apparent hate boner for her being fat or some shit, but literally no1curr rn

No. 824364

This is just retarded.
Sarah was the same age as Lainey when she finally engaged in sexual relations with Greg. Both of them were more or less groomed by Greg. By default, running with your logic: if Lainey should’ve known better, shouldn’t Sarah have as well?
Lainey is a groomer undeniably but Lainey is just as much a victim as Sarah. And I believe that her identity issues and everything that she’s really done are influenced and have been taught by Greg.

No. 824366

Because lainey has actively engaged in luring sarah to be fuck meat for greg, as well as they did for billy, and tried to with regina all the while being a mother of 2 kids. Lainey obviously expressed discontent with him fucking billy and sarah, so that indicites she wasn't happy with it. I mean she could've left with the kids way before sarah, especially when greg proved to her that can drop her and the kids for barely legal pie, and she has education in psychology to boot.
Lainey could've opted out, and it's obvious that she wasnt happy with greg, but instead of gtfo of a terrible situation, she chose to engage in gregs antics, she could've said no at any time, or refused to talk to these girsl, and leave with enough face intact that no one would fault her, especially after the billy triangle fell that is when she had the most sympathy, but instead chose to stay and not just passively accept greg would screw around on her but actively engage in it. The mere fact that she to chose to remain silent after it blew up indicates that she under stands that there might be legal repercussions indicates she knows what she did was morally wrong as well as possibly legally. This isnt the same as being forced as having a gun to her head, and she was no where near sarahs age when this shit started. so no lainey isn't victim, she's as bad, if not worse than greg because she dragged other vulnerable girls down into her personal hell knowing full well how greg would treat them.

No. 824367

You're retarded anon, here's why

Sarah was groomed from 14, by two adults. Lainey and Greg. Lainey was the mother figure Sarah could confide in and look up too, and Greg was the cunt with some youtube clout and an older man offering his home to a distressed teenager complaining about her mom.

Lainey and Greg both seeked out Sarah.

Lainey begged Greg on twitter for months before they had their DMs where Lainey claimed they were soul mates. Greg flew to Lainey for her starting college. She had finished highschool and got into college before Onion stuck his dick in her.

Honestly, anyone who has been aware of Onision and pursued him for a relationship is a fucking retard, but it still doesn't give Greg the right to manipulate and abuse teenage girls.

No. 824369

>theres a reason why vegan diets are banned in some european countries

tf are you talking about? sage if you want to tinfoil and shit post

No. 824371

Sarah was a fan of Greg and has mentioned this many times before any of this happened. These are the exact circumstances of Lainey, but Sarah was unfortunately younger.

I don’t know why anons have such a hard time grasping the power dynamic that Greg had with Lainey to begin with, and why they cannot grasp the fact that she was groomed by him too. Even if she ~begged~ for it. She was still underage and Greg committed a crime by crossing state lines just to fuck her.
She can be a victim and a groomer herself simultaneously, but you’re completely off the walls to think that the Sarah situation would’ve occurred without Greg.

The entire dialogue is that Lainey was never lesbian enough to want Billie. She was never gay enough and that she was just a straight girl pandering to Greg. But suddenly with Sarah she’s not? She’s learned this behavior from Greg. He is responsible for this mess just as much as Lainey. But you can’t cherry-pick when and who is a victim because it’s just retarded.

No. 824375

Greg at one point had like a million subscribers, being a fan of his is not an excuse for him to groom you lol.

Fuck the power dynamic of Greg and Lainey. Lainey has had many outs and never took them. Her fucking Grandmother even got roped in to clean the fucking McMansion and Swamp Shack for them. Lainey has well off parents. Even they appear to not give a shit about their eldest daughter anymore because all she's capable of is being a fuck up yet looking down at anyone who offers her some fucking help or persepective

plus she knows Greg is an absolute cunt. She doesn't care. she endures everything so she doesn't have to work. She is a lazy cunt. Sympathy for Lainey ended when people found out she cried about having a daughter and what that would mean for Greg. She can rot.

Lainey has never been a dyke or bi. She wanted Billie's look, she didn't want Billie. I don't think people think Lainey wanted to fuck Sarah either, she wanted some other girl to fuck her man and look after her kids so she would have an easy life. Lainey is attracted to cock, that's why Greg got so buttmad when some dude from a band responded to her, but had blocked Onision.

If by some miracle, a man would want to save Lainey and her kids she'd run off in a heartbeat. Just not her Dad or family members. She's just a big attention whore.

No. 824377

Also Onision and Lainey were offering Sarah an out to her bad living situation. Lainey just ran away from college and her dorm room to marry a short youtuber. Lainey was being put thru college and had all the means to become independent. Even her parents still sent her money when they found out of the betrayal and marriage and flew up for that fucking ceremony when Lainey was pregnant.

Sarah was 16 and wanting away from an abusive household. Lainey let her Dad pay for her college and dorm until Grease took her college over and made her go to online college. They're completely different situations.

No. 824378

So? I'm sorry did I miss a memo and that we're all of a sudden really lovey dovey with Sheisslow again?
Don't get me wrong, I don't hate her, I just like to make fun of her same as I do any of the other idiots involved with the Greg story.

No. 824380

Then go and take it the apropriate thread, I'm not gonna hi cow here, but it seems awfully sus that some retard with pop up with shiloh fat when me and a few other anons were talking about the possibility of greg getting ssi for his daughter, no ones lovey dovey with shiloh, but the fact is the sadness outweighs the humor that any of your low hanging fruit comments would bring.
Shilohs fat and has bad style sense, she hasnt had a relatively huge crazy flare up since the deorio and billyfridge faggots decided to stir shit up and that aids patient looking ass guy tried to milk it for youtube monies. Tbh even fat shiloh looks better and less haggard since the last time she popped up, but then again im not some dumb ass idiot easily amused by bad in taste blows, theres plenty of more uglier cows can you poke, if your really an anon who goes on lolcow to make fun of ugly cows, but the fact that you chose to try and make a cow out of shiloh shows that your intentions isnt really for lulz, only a certain someone would go back and forth with anons after they stated their point.

No. 824382

That anon is familiar enough with this site to know there's a flakes thread, it's just not active because it's the same trolls posting to each other about the YASSS KWEENS etc. no1curr

No. 824383

lol the shiloh photo was posted in the flakes thread 8 days ago and most of the replies said she looked nice. Stay mad.

No. 824384

I highly doubt its even anon either its a greg or one tbe bitches that want to fuck greg, or someone who wants to fuck lainey, in either instance, we all know what one of the possibilities are.
heres an ugly person mcfly, omg the girl looks so retarded, Like SHES ALMOST THIRTY and the bitch looks mentally slow, then again you have to be if your still buying gregs bullshit.

No. 824386

I just said she shoulda cleaned herself up for that Discovery+ thing. Sorry, I read only the first line of your post because its kinda tragic.
Exactly, no1curr, so why are people crying about it?
Eh yeah, thats where I got it from sherlock.
They have to be right, I mean who else would ever say anything negative about the victims?

No. 824387

You're derailing about Shiloh and it comes across vendettay, especially when the photo you posted was already posted in the more relevant thread and didn't get the traction you wanted.

If you want to be negative about his victims, go take it the appropriate thread. Maybe Gene, Vince or one of the dirty peasants will better engage with you?

No. 824389

maybe I should go there and post the profile I found on facebook of one the fans that stupidly posted their first and last name on onision.co, I mean if we are talking about ugly here, atleast shiloh doesnt have a fandom where methed out white trash moms follow onision for the content for his "content". yeah but then again Im not a bitch, so, anon so you say go talk to the other trolls, no 1 currs if you think shiloh is ugly, I got an even uglier speciemen I might post in the apropriate thread by name of sheila, whos a fan of onision.

No. 824391

Im not chatting, im saying seeing as some one here likes ugly cows, I found a fan by the name of sheila in california through facebook, who is a fan of onision, who I found through the onision.co forums, I may post that in the flakes thread seeing someone here wants an ugly cow. :) if you think shiloh is ugly, sheila is way worse on the eyes.

No. 824396

Sarah didn't obsessively tweet at Grease for months until he finally noticed her desperate tweets like Footface admittedly did. Footface was the first one who started the conversations with Sarah by asking her age (that doesn't sound creepy at all) and she was the one who started the contacts with Sarah, Billie, Maya and God knows who else.

No. 824407

Thank you. That's exactly what happened yet there's still a couple of morons who refuse to
believe footface instigated everything. She has always been a creepy stalker

No. 824417

What's your point here, Taylor was 17, Sarah was 18 and a half when she signed a bogus consent form to get what she wanted, her words. Nearly all the onion girls literally beg for Greg's attention.

No. 824428

And who invited Sarah to their house in the first place? If it wasn't for Footface Sarah would never be there, those were also Sarah's own words.

No. 824432

Yeah but Lainey really wouldn’t have thought in a million years that Greg would be dumb enough to fuck her. .

That’s like saying:
If you arranged to have dinner at a certain restaurant and that restaurant caught fire and the person you invited, died in that fire.

You didn’t cause their death.
The person who set the place on fire did.

Greg metaphorically set their whole fucking house on fire the second he decided to fuck Sarah.

No. 824434

You're telling me she didn't know her sex addict husband who obviously has a preference for teen girls wouldn't want to fuck a teen girl? Sure. Also she was talking about Grease's dick size to Sarah when Sarah was just 14, what does that tell you?

No. 824435

>but Lainey really wouldn’t have thought in a million years that Greg would be dumb enough to fuck her.
What? Are you new to this lore? Lainey knows Greg has a history of fucking, or trying to fuck anyone that is brought into that house.

So Ill use your analogy with that bit of truth added to it.
Every time you invite someone to dinner at a restaurant that restaurant catches fire EVERY SINGLE TIME and kills your guest. Its happens over and over again. You're technically not at fault for all those deaths but shouldn't you realize that maybe you should stop inviting people to dinner because for some odd reason you are a lighting rod for restaurant fires?

That was a stupid analogy, I apologize. Here's a better one. You have a dog that has bitten quite a few of your guests, and that dog really seems to like to bite teenage girls. Shouldn't you stop inviting teenage girls over to your home?

No. 824440

How have anons kept this fire burning for so fucking long about who is a victim and who isn't and all the details thereof? Every. fucking. thread. And then everyone accuses each of other of derailing or being grug.
Why not start a separate thread in ot or something, you can spazz out at each other for time eternal and this thread can either die or produce milk.

No. 824443

i know i'm so fucking over it
i just want milk about grug crashing and burning not arguments about which woman involved is more traumatised. as if being in grease trailer's vicinity for more than 3 mins isn't harrowing

conclusions in every thread:
>lainey is indeed a predator despite being groomed herself
>regina is not conventionally attractive and not very bright
>shiloh is a lunatic (who wouldn't be, nonnies)
>yes but sarah was [insert age here] when X happened!!!

niggas they've all been abused and greg is guilty as sin idgi

No. 824444

this comment is so good that I want to print it out and it hang it on my bathroom mirror.

agreed. Can you spergs rehashing years-old milk for the thousandth time just fucking leave? Jesus.

No. 824458

although I think greg was really on last night, they replied to comment I made about a sheila on onision.co seeing we went back and forth about shiloh being ugly, said this wasn't a chat room called me a boring cunt, then delated said comment after I said I wasnt chatting but tempted to post sheilas pictures from fb, in flakes seeing as they wanted an ugly cow so much. yeah the cunt and the fact they back tracked really did it for me to think its was greg larping as an anon.

No. 824462

Only because you keep bringing it up.
Go right ahead there, champ.
Should be good for a few lulz.

No. 824463

le same fag

No. 824464

Not a minor that they were already accused of grooming, that they said was like a “foster daughter”.
I’m pretty sure even lainey thought Greg wouldn’t risk his entire career and live over that one. Especially since he used to think Sarah was repulsive when she was like, 3 pounds overweight.

Pretty sure lainey wasn’t expecting that. She thought she hit the jackpot with a decoy that could hide her time away from being forced into poly relationships.

No. 824465

Yep, and if that hasn't opened Lainey's eyes about her ~UWU~ twin flame, I don't know what will. Greg's not only walking all over her, he's pretty much stomping her into the ground with spiked boots.

> You have a dog that has bitten quite a few of your guests, and that dog really seems to like to bite teenage girls. Shouldn't you stop inviting teenage girls over to your home?

Great analogy (I actually enjoyed both of them)! I'd say that dog really needs a dog trainer but if it had Greg's face, it needs to be put down asap.

No. 824470

These posts made me think of a horrible scenario.
Anons said that Lainey couldn't imagine Greg would fuck Sarah. Greg would not risk his career or livelihood doing something like that.
You know what else Im sure Lainey could never imagine in a millions years? Greg doing something with their daughter once she reaches her teens.

No. 824471

well given he gave her a name that was in one of his minor sex filled books, yeah its possible, more than possible when you sit down and think about it.

No. 824476

Of course he thought Sarah was repulsive. He's admitted in the past that he's cruel to female minors so they won't get attracted to him. Of course that's a lie but based in truth.. he's cruel to them so no one realizes he's into them. Just like that famous pedo from the UK. He always said he hated kids and talked shit about kids but really he was sexually attracted to them.

Lainey admitted to Sarah that she never wanted a daughter because she was worried about Greg. The same Greg who has sex with the daughter on the bed with them… which they also did to Sarah. They had sex on the bed next to Sarah before inviting her, to try and normalize it. Even their son is normalized to sex because he came into their room and played on the floor while they had sex.

Also don't forget he refused to change their ex-friend's daughters diapers because he somehow thought he would be accused of being a pedo because of it. A father of two thinking this is a valid concern? Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

He's grooming his own kids and with a lack of clueless teens coming through the house I don't doubt for a second he'd try something on the daughter he named after his own book's love interest.

No. 824477

and the good news just keeps coming!
the worst part about that scenario is, we may never know if even until years, shit maybe decades after the true extent of the damage.

The daughter started off as mute, while it could be a natural born disability, chances are low, is a huge sign of either developmental delay, or possibly autism, or some other form of mental retardation. You got some one already who can't really communicate, then you got the swan dive out the window, who knows what further cognitive delay would present itselves in the future years. possible finacial abuse possible sexual abuse, for all we know in another 10 or so years greg might end up on some crime podcast detailing the sexual abuse of his daughter.

No. 824483


>Lainey begged Greg on twitter for months before they had their DMs where Lainey claimed they were soul mates.

Doesn't change the fact she was a minor. I mean it sounds ridiculous but that's where we are in society now. 17 year old Lainey got groomed.

No. 824488

yet your forgetting that lainey at the time she groomed two impressionable teenagers years after she met greg and being an abuse victim myself being abused doesnt execuse that kind of behavior especially with sarah she moved sarah in knowing how greg behaves with teen girls.

No. 824491

I am not >>824443 , but sorry we complained about your rotten milk.

No. 824494

can anons please stop claiming C is mute? that is pure tinfoil but it keeps getting passed off as if it were a fact. the most we have to go on is that she might have had delayed speech based on that shit video onion made about not talking to babies because they can't talk, that's it.

No. 824499


This was already covered and put to bed in this post >>824443

I know everyone might have their own personal convictions about Lainey but please let’s collectively get off this merry go round.

No. 824502

Yes agreed, Greg and Lainey could have both severely damaged their child through their negligence without it having to be as extreme as now she’s mute, crippled, and housebound forever.

Being in an unstable environment over a long period of time is boring but damaging enough.

No. 824509

But didn't Gurgles leave the Air Force over a decade ago?

No. 824513

Thank goodness you said that. I was actually going to go back to see if I had missed the confirmation of that because it has been put forth as faxxx in here lately.

No. 824514

Doesn’t matter.
I think he is thinking they will back pay him and he will get a huge check. I have seen that happen but diagnosis was in the military. They will only back pay to diagnosis, which was only a few months ago. He’s going to have to describe in detail what exactly caused this disorder and have it match up with his service records. I wonder if he has an M on his DD-214?
Tbh, I have helped file hundreds of VA disability claims and have never seen adjustment disorder so I think he has an
uphill battle. I hope.

No. 824531


I'm not 100% sure where to look for the 'M' but here's a copy of his DD-214


But what you say makes sense. He's arrogant enough to try to do something like this without actually knowing what he's doing at all.

No. 824540

non verbal at her age either means mute, or autistic, depending on the severity of the autism mind as well be considered mute but that's not even accounting for any long term damage but head trauma from a fall to the head at toddler age can fuck you for life in various ways.

No. 824541

Just to clear shit up, that was me who deleted. I thought you were the anon that posted about shiloh and then noticed you can't sage and I didn't want to instigate with you. Idk who Sheila is

No. 824542

The m stands for medical and it would be in re-entry code, which he has conveniently blanked out. If he does have the medical then he probably can get back pay unfortunately. However, I don’t think he could get rated as a medical if he was discharged as a conscientious objector. They are not looked at very highly, it ranks right next to deserter in most eyes.

No. 824547

What are you even trying to say here, samey mcsamefag?
its hard to decipher your autism.

No. 824549

>You know what else Im sure Lainey could never imagine in a millions years? Greg doing something with their daughter once she reaches her teens.

She cried when she found out she was having a girl, so I'm pretty sure she already knows.

No. 824551

Yeah I watched Tommy C's (he served in the military) video with another vet breaking down what all of that means and that makes sense. They mentioned that 'General discharge under honorable conditions' isn't 'bad' but it isn't the same as 'honorable discharge' like Onion likes to claim. They said it was like being 'let go' which means you're kind of a fuck up. They also think there is probably an article 15 floating around with his name on it. But I'm not really sure what that means but it sounds like a 'write up'.

But they did go on to say that if you get this kind of discharge (and coupling with the Conscientious objector part) the GI bill and many other benefits are out of the question for him. Also your peers are going to consider you a shitbag.

You'd know more than me but it kinda feels like this new angle is an attempt to get around him being barred from the other benefits he could have gotten had he not been such a boob punch.

No. 824576

I have to admit. I don’t think lainey cried when she found out she was having a daughter because she was worried Greg would molest her. I think she cried because she was worried about the effect it might have in cloey, having a woman hating sex addicted father, who only sees any value in women if he wants to fuck them.

We all know lainey is a jealous person. (I don’t even think jealous is the right word, majority of people wouldn’t be ok watching their partner fuck someone else. )
But anyway, we know that upsets lainey. She didn’t want billie and him sleeping together alone. And lainey stopped their 3somes many times because it hurt too much seeing Greg with someone else.

So how on earth would she have invited a teen into the house if she legitimately thought Greg was going to be into her? She felt comfortable with it because Greg was absolutely repulsed by Sarah because she was 3 pounds overweight at the time.

Unfortunately lainey never really considered the possibility of weight loss, and ala suddenly Sarah was fuckable.
I do wonder if lainey also gave Greg a little too much credit, thinking that Greg wouldn’t do that after all the allegations and accusations that were going on at the time.. I’m even a little shocked he went there. I’ve always thought he is stupid, but that is truly next level stupid. To ruin everything you had over a few cheap orgasms. Mostly of him just fucking his hand inside her pussy, and anal sex which he’s always said he’s been disgusted by. Wow. What an idiot.

After thinking about this.. I hope lainey gets fat. That would be the best “fuck you” to Greg. Since she feels trapped with him because of the finances and the kids and he will never dump her because he doesn’t want to pay alimoney and child support.

Getting fat would be so good. The ultimate FUCK YOU since they’re both kinda stuck with each other. He already seemingly treats her as badly as he possibly could cheating on her, spreading his spincter on onlyfans for shekels, publicly humiliating laineys family, and not even asking her when inviting people to come live with them. If suddenly she was unfuckable to him and he was also stuck. Oof that would just be the cherry on top of this whole career ending cake in my opinion.

He fucking deserves it.

No. 824578

okay, but that doesn't change the fact that we don't know anything. that video is pretty old now and we have had no actual updates since to suggest that she has any speech issues. it's pure speculation at this point and nothing more unless someone can provide some actual evidence to suggest otherwise.

not trying to start any arguments or say it's impossible for her to be non-verbal, just that people need to be careful and label their tinfoil appropriately. this is a rumor that has been going around for a year or two now and people keep talking about it like it's given when we honestly just can't say one way or the other based on what little information we have.

No. 824590

She was perfectly fine playing fuckboi with those girls and toying with them to fell better about herself. It was when Grease started giving more attention to the new piece of meat that she started having a problem and wanted the girl kicked out.

No. 824592

Wasn’t she only perfectly fine with it when it was supposed to only be HER girlfriend that Greg wasn’t allowed to touch?
Billie. Check
Mya check
Regina - check

God was there anyone else?
Sam - lainey didn’t like
Beck - lainey didn’t like

See the pattern here? Lainey would specifically not be interested in Greg’s type, and only choose her own type when she was supposed to date the girls alone, which was supposed to be the case with Billie and mya.
Once lainey caught on to the fact that Greg would try to be poly with every single one, she started choosing girls like Regina because she knew Greg wouldn’t be interested.

Hence Sarah. Lainey didn’t feel threatened whatsoever. Until Sarah got hot, but even then, I’m pretty sure lainey had a tiny bit of faith in her Hsiang not to ruin everyone’s lives over sex.

But no, Greg is retarded so..

Lainey has NEVER been ok with competition. EVER. Periotttt

Which is why, as gross as they both are, I don’t think lainey ever thought anything would happen with Sarah.

For lainey to let Greg date Sarah on her own is a huge indicator of that. She never let anyone else fuck Greg alone. But she was so hellbent about not dating Sarah because Sarah was like a foster daughter to her, and Greg kept forcing it to the point where lainey gave up, put aside her usual jealousy and said fine, if you want to ruin our lives, you go fuck her.

And look what happened.

Ruined they were!

No. 824599

Please correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't Taylor made aware that Greg was down to fuck Sarah when he suggested they just wait for Sarah to turn 18 and date her instead of Billie or looking for new girls? This was supposedly back during one of the Billie fiascos that happened while she lived with them at 16, so I feel like Taylor should have realized then he was interested in fucking her even if he did go around calling her ugly or dumb.

No. 824602

>Once lainey caught on to the fact that Greg would try to be poly with every single one, she started choosing girls like Regina because she knew Greg wouldn’t be interested.
She started talking to Regina in 2012, which was years before her and Greg started with the poly bullshit. You're either a newfag or you're purposefully twisting facts to defend your precious Footface.

No. 824606

She didn't cry because she was concerned for her daughter. She just didn't want any other female getting Greg's attention. Daughter or not. Lainey treats women just as bad as Greg does. She has threesomes with C sleeping right beside them. Sure footface is so concerned. A concerned mother wouldn't stay. Foot face cries for attention and for herself. She is beyond selfish.

No. 824613

Can someone just permaban this faggot? Last thread was shat up for this exact same reason: “muh Lainey’s a victim uwu”.

Tinfoil: someone’s intentionally shitting up the threads with the whiteknighting as if to distract us from any milk bottles left to be opened.

No. 824615

I honestly think she used that opportunity to have a break from being forced into being poly. It was selfish of her. But some of the descriptions of how Greg acts when lainey didn’t want to be poly is horrible. Lainey said that he would not talk to her for weeks on end until she would just give in, on top of tantrum throwing and passive aggressiveness.

She was probably relieved to be given a break to “wait for sarah”. But she knew full well that when the time came, she was going to say “no I can’t now, Sarah is like a sister to me now, I don’t see her in that way”.

But Greg didn’t care anyway. He pushed and pushed, from Greg’s own admission. He has only repeatedly and consistently said lainey absolutely did not want to be part of it.

Said no at first.
Vomited after the first time Greg and Sarah convinced her to have a 3some

Said Greg and Sarah were the ones trying to pressure lainey into it.

After a few times, lainey still felt physically sick and lainey said fine, you just date her. I’m not taking part in this.

So yeah, I guess at one point the idea of waiting for Sarah was brought up but I don’t let believe lainey had any intentions to follow through with it.

Which definitely doesn’t make it right. Lainey used Sarah as a decoy away from being forced to be poly for a year or two. At the end of the day, at the expense to Sarah.

No. 824617

They're mental and can't sage best to ignore them trying to rewrite the saga

No. 824621

I’m not whiteknighting. I’m explaining my opinion, just like everyone else is explaining theirs. I’ve always agreed that lainey has also made a lot of terrible decisions. I do believe lainey is Greg’s biggest victim. But I also agree that victims can go on to become abusers.
Some of the text messages I’ve seen from lainey are highly concerning and it looks like Greg succeeded in making a little “mini me”.

If I was white knighting I’d respect her pronouns for a start.

I’m only being logical that no signs point to the fact that lainey was bringing in Sarah to be groomed by Greg. Lainey is jealous as fuck. She wants Greg’s deformed dick all to herself and has never let Greg fuck anyone alone.

Even with Sarah, Greg was the slimeball who tried to get around the rules. Greg said lainey said “no sex and no oral sex”. So Greg went along and fucked her in the ass thinking anal sex doesn’t count as sex for some reason.

Other than that, which lainey really wasn’t okay with, there’s no other times where lainey agreed for Greg to fuck someone one on one. Lainey is far too jealous for that.

So this all shows the great lengths of how badly lainey didn’t want to fuck Sarah.

Lainey completely put her foot down and said no to them, to the point where lainey broke all her own rules to let Greg “date” Sarah alone because lainey couldn’t be part of it.

If lainey was a groomer who brought Sarah in for fresh meat, wouldn’t she have been enjoying the thruple instead of vomiting in the shower and telling Greg to go date her alone then, when we know how jealous that makes her?

It just doesn’t make sense. Lainey wasn’t bringing in fresh meat. Lainey just wanted someone in the house to be a punching bag for Greg so he yelled at lainey less. Lainey needed someone to help raise the kids and help clean, cause it sure seems like Greg doesn’t help much. Or at least, didnt back then according to the girls.
She wanted everything she lacked in her marriage, from Sarah. Moral support, a friend, someone to watch movies with. But NOT SEX. Sex was the one thing Greg could actually give lainey. But he seems to lack in every other department.

Was is right for Sarah to be used in that way? Hell no.

But I don’t think she was scouted for that reason. I think lainey genuinely thought she was helping Sarah get out of an abusive home, but where she ended up would have likely been far worse for her mental health in the long run.

But while Sarah was there, lainey would have enjoyed the perks of having a friend, a baby sitter, a cleaner and someone for Greg to be an asshole to instead of lainey.

I love a good train wreck as much as the next person, and I wish I could sit here and scream groomer too. Because groomers deserved to be called the fuck out. But laineys behaviour just doesn’t seem congruent with grooming. And that’s just my uneducated opinion. I know there’s 100 people that will tell me I’m wrong. And that’s fine. But I don’t believe it solely because of laineys actions when Sarah did turn of age. Lainey would have been ready to jump right in if this was a “fresh meat” situation.

No. 824622

Rewrite what? Please tell me where any inaccuracies are? Everything I’ve stated is factual, well, based off what everyone has said. Lainey, Greg, the girls.

I’ve just painted the situation how I see it. And I’m someone who hates both of them. But I’m also someone who can’t see this fresh meat scenario when lainey was vomiting in the shower and refusing to fuck Sarah.

So….. how the fuck could anyone think lainey wanted to be part of that? Greg is the fucking creepazoid who let his dick ruin his whole life.

It reminds me of woody Allen marrying his adopted daughter.
Was it illegal? No.
What it’s creepy and career ruining? Yes.

Least woody did it for love. Greg did it for what? Maybe having sex around 10 times, including anal, which he hates, and some weird loophole where he stuck his hand inside Sarah’s vagina and fucked his own hand. He truly is a retard to the fullest extent.

You’d think you’d have at least notarised the NDA when pulling off something like that. I’m still speechless when I think about it all.

Greg should legally require some sort of carer. He literally tneeds a conservatorship for his dick.

No. 824623

File: 1614646530982.png (739.75 KB, 902x717, 098.PNG)

Im unsure if Cloey is still mute but I wouldnt doubt it since Greg is unwilling to speak to her to help her learn communication skills and with Gregs distrust of doctors Im positive they wouldn't take her to a speech therapist.

One thing that is 100% proven is that Cloey has suffered permanent physical damage because of the fall. During the Killstream interview Greg was asked if Cloey had any remaining issues because of the fall and Greg said she still has a limp. That would explain why Greg is always seen carrying Cloey, in the Dairy Queen video, the trampoline park video and Lowes photos.

No. 824625

Why was Lainey inviting Sarah in to watch her bathe and sending her suggestive photos? Greg and Lainey discussed just waiting for Sarah when it kept not happening with Billie. Then Greg tried his hardest to bring in other girls. Lainey likes having cute female friends so she can feel cool it's honestly not that deep. She isn't attracted to girls like Billie and Maya, she wants to be like them and Maya for whatever reason was a Lainey simp so she probably liked the ego boost.

Lainey hates Beck, Sam, McFly and all the other discord ones that Greg sources. Lainey asserts her best effort of not letting them in at all.

Madison was probably the closest Lainey had to a friend since she was the only girl apart from like the fakeboi Ryan that didn't try to fuck Greg.

Lainey will lie down and let herself be walked on if she can have an easy life. She liked having female company and other girls to raise her two fuck ups.

You don't need to feel bad for Lainey her parents will always be an out for her, but she'd rather subject her kids with a miserable life so she doesn't have to work.

No. 824637

File: 1614649516603.jpg (33.1 KB, 320x220, original.jpg)

>and some weird loophole where he stuck his hand inside Sarah’s vagina and fucked his own hand.

What?! That had me laughing harder than I should. Then I tried to figure out how that worked. Are we just making shit up now?

No. 824638

That's true. When she got pregnant with a bandaid baby she was expecting to have another boy, she even had the boy name picked out (she posted about it in that mom facebook page was in). It wasn't in her plans to have a baby girl instead of baby boy Preston.

No. 824644

Tl;dr you’re still wk’ing

No. 824645

File: 1614650955618.jpg (114.51 KB, 1080x1527, gib.jpg)

AYRT, i love you
but i guess the rest of you still wanna argue and wk for foot. Weird that's where you get your entertainment from. I get it from greg not having any money and having to open his asshole online.

No. 824646

I get that the photos and bathing looks bad. But I when I was a teenager my friends and I did that stuff all the time. I literally would shower with my best female friend when we were hungover. And as for the pics, it’s also pretty common for friends to show their nudes to each other in a non sexual way.
But I wouldn’t be surprised if she did tip toe over the edge, she shouldn’t have been doing any of that given the circumstances and the age gap, but I think sometimes you’re right, she wanted to be cool and maybe sometimes forgot that she was supposed to set a good example and be a parental figure to Sarah, not a friend.

I still don’t think lainey ever intended following through with it though. Still think she was just excited to have a reason to not have to search for a third for a while because it stopped Greg’s tantrums.

Hmm Madison.. did Madison say that Greg had a boner when they were filming once? He has to pick her up for a scene and he got a hard- on?

But I do respect Madison for not actually sleeping with Greg. I’m sure he would have if he had the chance.


Nah this actually happened. Greg said it in a few videos where he went into graphic description of their sexcapades. He said Sarah said it was painful and that Sarah was trying to get him to move his hand because it hurt.
That was literally Greg’s idea of not cheating on lainey. Fucking his hand inside Sarah’s pussy but it’s technically not Sarah’s pussy if his hand is inside of it.(no one cares)

No. 824648

Lainey was a mother of 2 in her mid 20s when she was bathing in front of her teenage friend.

No. 824649

You're totally ignoring the fact that Footface was an adult mother of two when she was bathing in front of a minor and sending her nudes (which is a crime btw). Also no one cares about your anecdotal evidence.

No. 824670

stopped gregs tantrums, when did that happen? greg still demanded thirds and even flew them in himself whenever she seemingly stopped searching for a new one.

you really down play the horror of the shit she did to sarah. she was an adult, i don't care if she's potentially in some arrested development bullshit where she thinks she's a teen still. she was an adult mother. she knew better and she even knows what she did was fucked up because she lied about and tried to hide a lot of the shit she did near the end.

Also no, that is not even close to what he said they did. he said he held his dick in his hand, placed said hand next to sarah's vagina and then fucked his hand while pretending it was her pussy, and effectively kept punching her in the vagina with his fist and presumably the tip of his cock (if it could even get that far lol).

No. 824678

You're saying those things as if Lainey is in Sarah's peer group. Sarah was 14 and Lainey was a grown woman with children. Lainey is disgusting. She's a predator. Nothing you say will change anyone's mind and see it for anything different from what it is.

No. 824679

File: 1614657543801.webm (1.19 MB, 240x180, it's not cheating.webm)

That's not quite what Greg said. Here is a clip of him explaining what he did and why it wasn't cheating.

No. 824684

Yes, but he also said in another video or livestream that Sarah complained it hurt. How could holding a hand in front of a vagina hurt? I wouldn’t be surprised if he was too selfishly enthralled in his own pleasure that he didn’t realise he was essentially halfway to fisting her.

No. 824699

File: 1614665294993.png (363.18 KB, 1084x962, mr odd.PNG)

I don't know if this is technically a "rebranding" because I remember he used the moniker Mr Odd when he was a teenager and into his early teens.
Has he finally realized that the name Onision is cancer and is now trying to go by the name Mr Odd?

No. 824701

Looks like a popup ad. Lmao

No. 824702

We should check the court records for any recent name changes, I have a feeling “James Jackson” won’t be used for very long.

No. 824703


Someone is new here.

No. 824705

I would think he learned from his last name change to wait until the storm has really passed and not that many eyes are on him. Everyone in the family got legal name changes back in April 2019 because he thought the worst was behind him and wanted a clean slate. Then Sarah and the other girls spoke out and Hansen got involved and he was in the spotlight again and someone found out about the name change.

No. 824725

Im sorry, what nigga? when you were a teenager you would have baths together with your friends? and somehow you think that's normal?
The only time I did communal bathing was in fucking high school in the gym showers, and even then we wouldnt look each other in the eye and finish up quickly so we can be out quicker to change. Idk if thats just you but I remember being a teenager and not wanting anyone to look at my naked body, let alone take a shower or bath with someone else if I didn't have to. nigga thats just weird for a teen let alone a mother of 2 in her mid 20s.

Your forgetting she could've like idk opted long before sarah, and get divorced from greg, get child support as well as spousal support the minute greg tried to dump lainey for bareley legal billie blueberry pie, and have the support from her family, as well sympathy from half the internet, but instead of going through with it she CHOSE to come back after greg proved to her and her kids that they're are disposble and not only passively accept the situation but out right participate.
This isn't some clueless wife who happened to discovered her husband was a sick pedophile/hebephile, and happen to stumble across their husbands cp collection. No this is someone who had a very real world irl example on how greg treats young girls with in that age range, and instead of doing the normal adult thing when sarah said she was being abused at home, like call the police, or call cps, no she instead chose to bring a already abused girl into her house, knowing full well how greg likes em young, and then got upset when it happened. Abused or not, what lainey did was fucked up and makes her non deserving of sympathy or empathy.

No. 824727

yeah its funny that this whole white knight reminding us lainey was a victim too popped up around the same time greg tried to rebrand his ebegging page to mr. odd, last night was when the posts got really autistic with muh footface is deserving of sumpathy, and then I wake up this morning to find greg's ebegging page redone, to mr. odd, maybe that was bottle milk?

No. 824734

I'm >>824670

Not sure if you linked to the wrong post but I 100% agree with you. Taylor had so many fucking opportunities to leave but never did. This is a mother, a mother's responsibility is to protect her children above all else. I understand it can be fucking hard to leave an abusive situation, I imagine most of us here have been there at least once, but once kids are involved the urgency is very different and any mother worth her shit would have made it happen by now. Taylor just doesn't give a shit though, she worships her disgusting pedo husband and would rather pretend nothing is wrong then admit that everyone around her was right.

see >>824679

I would imagine being rapidly punched in the vagina by a disgusting tard jackhammering his fist like Onion probably was would hurt.

No. 824751

yeah i probably linked the wrong but yeah if that one video of greg fucking a makeshift andy birseck and him raping the julia love doll for onlyfans in suprised when he did anal with sarah that it did end with an er trip.

No. 824767


>when you were a teenager you would have baths together with your friends? and somehow you think that's normal?

Could be anon is from a non-puritan country.

No. 824777

Speaking of name changes, I was wondering if he did change his name would he be able to make a monitized YouTube channel again? I don’t really know how that works.

No. 824781


No. Although he's not banned from YT so someone else's channel with him in it could be monetized I guess.

No. 824805

still thats a fucking weird justification to justify lainey talking to sarah while she was in the tub.
but for the context of usa that isnt fucking normal for a 20 year old mother of two having chats while a 16 year old girl sits in the bathroom, so even anon is from a place where communal bathing is a thing it still doesnt compare to how fucking abnormal it is from a grown ass woman to do that with a 16 year old girl, never mind were excluding the whole greg and lainey actively fuck with their kids in the room.

No. 824807


Sorry you grew up in a fucked up country that sexualizes nudity in every possible situation. It probably makes the teenage body insecurity stuff worse. There are plenty of countries in europe, asia, africa, and south america where it's normal to skinny dip at beaches and bathhouses with friends and family, especially same gendered ones.

None of that is relevant though bc footface is from murica and took a bath with an underage girl who had a crush on her and wanted to be her girlfriend.

No. 824819

I’m sure your parents had sex in front of you when you were a kid too

No. 824826

Yeah no because Sarah literally said in her stream that Lainey asked to be fuck buddies/friends with benefits instead of dating Sarah and said that gurg can give her the dating/ bf gf side of Things. Adds up especially with it being timed around Lainey's wannabe fuccboi heartbreaker uwu phase. Don't know why the great lamo defenders keep forgetting this fact. Kinda contradicts with the whole "VOMITING AND CRYING AND SO DISTURBED" shpiel that grug actually got you believing..

No. 824829

File: 1614718853322.jpeg (233.26 KB, 1075x1912, 79F8E8B7-7629-4140-9632-7EE310…)

Crazy Tami’s back under a new alias as if to distance herself from her own abomination (Gregma)


No. 824831

She’s an elementary school teacher now

No. 824833

Well you see in America its not customary or even necessary to bath with children, though I can see some situations where its not be sexual, like when kids are just getting out of their toddler phase and decide to bug you even when your using to bath room or trying to relax for a bit in the tub, but even then the common response is gtfo im trying to do x here, not have a leisurely chat.
But still what does a 20 something mother of two have anything to do with talking about romantic shit in the bathtub? Even if Sarah wanted to be her gf, its not appropriate because of the age gap, Sarah was how old? 16? and your trying to say oh hoho its just girl talk and disregard the fact that the situation that brought sarah to the swamp shack in the first place already screams fucked up power dynamic. Never mind the one little incident, you just don't do that as a responsible adult with two kids. Either way you spin it it's still fucked, and I would say it's a fucked up thing to do if the situation happened in some other country than America, because again regardless of how other countries treat comunal bathing and shit, theres still the fact that Sarah was coming from a vulnerable backgrounds, there's still the fact that Lainey knows greg would fuck teenage girls if given the chance, and the fact that she brought her there knowing full well if given the chance greg will use her for fuck me. In a way I feel like lainey was also using her getting something from sarah she can't from greg, adoration and attention. Theres a reason why the USA has a federal age of consent, even in normal non fucked up backgrounds teens have no ability to think about the long term consquences of certain actions, hence why we have ages of consent, and laws to try and stop the shit that assholes like greg and lainey have done. Granted what they did is minor in comparsion to commercialized human trafficking for prostitution, but had they gone that to that extent their asses would probably be in jail sooner than now. Yet I cant stress enough what they did to sarah was similiar to how a pimp lures vulnerable youth to be sold prostitutes. You can tout muh lainey was a victim too all you want and scoff at muh american prudery too, but what lainey did to sarah to get her in that kind of fucked situation was no different from a 2 bit procurress for her whoremongering pimp. She may have not turned her out for tricks, but she sure as hell brought a lamb to a slaughter, and despite how much you tout laineys victimhood it still doesnt change the fact that she behaved in such an abhorrent way that we mind as well regard her with the same contempt as a madam selling young girls in the brothel. I am sure in the same continents you mentioned theres women like that too, your defending gregs procuress gtfo.

No. 824837

is that tami omfg, my ears my ears.

No. 824845

oh my word, theres a good way to create childhood schizophrenia

No. 824948

I’m the anon who said I showered with my female friends when I was underaged.

I am from Australia. My female friends were a few years older. I was 16 they were 18,19.
Nothing sexual ever happened. We were hungover and trying to get ready quickly I guess. None of us really thought anything of it. I’m pretty sure a shit ton of females in the USA have seen their friends naked. It’s not that weird when you don’t sexualise it because you’re simple two female friends getting a task done, not some pornhub scene where they suddenly discover their sexuality during a slumber party.

I’ve also seen friends nudes plenty of times, usually just for advice/approval.. but I’m sceptical about the whole nudes thing anyway.
I never really saw solid evidence of that. More of the photo was censored than what was not, which I always found suss. And also the fact that Sarah did have laineys laptop which wasn’t cleared at one point. The photos easily could have come from there.

I don’t fully trust anything any of them say, and I don’t blame them. There’s parts of their personal lives that shouldn’t be public. So I don’t blame them if they’ve sometimes lied to downplay things or hide things or whatever. But I feel like all of them have lied here and there, including Sarah. Which is why I find it hard to take Sarah’s word for the nude photos, especially when she could have got them off the computer.

I do agree lainey SHOULD have been more mature. But the reality is, she’s young and had very little experience.

I don’t believe people really, truly grow up properly until mid to late 20s.
I don’t think someone in their early 20s is going to make Mary Poppins like decisions.
So yes, I agree. A mother of two children should not have been acting like a fellow teen with Sarah. But she did. She treated Sarah as a friend, not a mother figure.
But that doesn’t mean she’s a groomer.
Not much evidence to show lainey actually wanted a sexual relationship with Sarah in any capacity. Lainey barely has a backbone, the fact she even tried to put her foot down and refuse that they date Sarah is pretty severe. Usually she just caves in. But nah, she full on let her husband date Sarah on his own because she was so hellbent against it.
So painting the picture she’s a groomer I just can’t see, personally.
And that’s fine, I have my opinion and y’all have yours. I’m not trying to change anyone’s minds. I’m only trying to offer a differing opinion because life would be boring as shit if we all thought the same.

The people who think I’m Greg, Jesus Christ. I despise of Greg because I believe he’s a bully and an abuser. And I would bet my last dollar that Greg would be more inclined to throw lainey under the bus with anon self posts and talk himself up as the victim. Not stand up for lainey and put himself down. He probably only does that from his real account to try to lovebomb lainey. Didn’t people on KF say his fake account was saying horrible things about lainey? I don’t know if that’s true or not. But it truly wouldn’t surprise me. I truly think Greg’s narc mind probably thinks lainey is to blame because it’s never ever Greg’s fault in his own mind.

Lainey has made some stupid decisions. And some of the texts that were leaked, she appears to be kinda manipulative in some, which doesn’t surprise me when she’s loved with a master manipulator since teenage years.

But the bulk of laineys manipulations seem to all be traced back to one thing, trying to get out of lily relationships. And lainey should never have to do anything other than say no for that. The fact she had to play Greg at his own game and “date” people like Regina when she didn’t give two fucks about Regina is actually really sad. They’re both bad people in my eyes. But Greg is far, far worse.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 824963

>Shiloh… lost a career due to an abusive man that beat her
That's the narrative that she wants you to believe TODAY. Grease is the scum of the earth, but Shiloh didn't "lose" her career because of him.

Shiloh was dropped by the label because she voluntarily violated the terms, and because she refused to follow authority just like her beloved Greaselord was unable to do in the airforce. The label told her explicitly, point blank, that she will be dropped if she won't commit to what they say and stay at the weight loss / tour prep camp without swaying away to fuck with Gerg. So she and her inflated ego thought that she was (by that time) too much of a hotstuff, that she knows better than everyone, and doesn't need the label. So she told them to fuck off, packed her bags and left. And they dropped her, of course.

Grease had absolutely no say in this. Moreover, he'd only benefit from her still being a fam0us princess of mall punxx when they got together. So don't give him credit when it's not due. Shiloh did it to herself. Sure, what happened after totally ruined her possible chances of a theoretical comeback. But that wasn't what "lost" her the career initially.

Lurk moar.

No. 824964

As some one who has lived in some very rough parts of the usa, I think your opinion is wrong and you should feel like a jack ass for trying to paint sympathy for greg's procuress.
I'd live in both the white trashiest parts as well as the most ghetto fabulous parts and the fact is what Lainey did was more akin to a procuress of a pimp or a brothel than any immature mother. You sir or madam are an idiot. the same bullshit she played was more akin of some top bitch trying to recruit more girls for her pimps stable than trying to play Greg at his own game. Greg's the pimp Lainey the top bitch and their victims the stable, its not that hard to spot pattern if you remove the polyamory bullshit, this isnt some hard thing to accept, greg wanted teen pussy and despite the obvious discomfort lainey delivered on it. Laineys worse than greg, simply on the fact she knew what kind of situation these girls were getting into but chose to bring them because greg wanted teen pussy. Basically lainey betrayed other girls to please her husband, just like a procuress who may have once started off as a victim, in turn brings other girls to the slaughter. There is tons of women in shitty narcist fueled abuse relationships who don't do what lainety did, just because your abused doesn't excuse literally trafficking girls to be fuck meat for your deranged husband. What lainey and Greg did is what I consider human trafficking, sure it may not of been to have these girls turn tricks at a truck stop, but they sure have exploited them sexually and for labor. Women who betray other girls and women for dick are undeserving of anyones sympathy, its even worse that she actively betrays her kids on a daily basis by keeping them in a very abusive environment, with greg. She may have started as victim yes, but essentially over a span of almost a decade has became little more than a whore mongering bitch to her husband.

No. 824967

Tinfoil, but I do also think there's merit in youtubers solicitating minors or teenagers in general for nudes. Even with the recent James Charles accusations. And there's so many other youtubers known to be predatory and request pictures from fans.

I do think some content creators have nefarious channels for other areas of compensation.

No. 824968

>I don’t think lainey ever thought anything would happen with Sarah.
Exactly. That is exactly why Lainey herself sent her underage foster daughter photos of her vag and udders. That is exactly why Lainey kept talking sexually and discussing her husband's dick with said underage foster daughter. Because everyone does that right? Totally normal. Come here kiddos, gather around the fireplace, mommy's gonna tell ya an in-detail story about how I sucked off your daddy last night. That's how a healthy family operates.
Shit, Lainey was so convinced nothing BAD would ever happen to Sarah, that when Sarah was sitting on a bed watching a movie with her "mother and father figures" as someone on here mentioned, that she had no issue at all engaging in a sexual activity on the same bed. And when her husband invited their puzzled foster daughter to join them for sex, Lainey had no issue with that too, because oh-jeez, what bad could've possibly happened out of that? No clue. Sarah is totally SAFE, what could ever happen to her, right?

I don't understand how there are people, still, to this day, that keep popping up and derailing the thread trying to defend this pedo.
Maybe the derail is intentional like >>824727 suggested.

And >>824375, >>824377, >>824606
can't be stressed enough.

No. 824984

File: 1614781062002.png (55.79 KB, 1126x785, mrodd2.PNG)

He changed up the Mr Odd site. Removed his overly shoop'd photo and some of the onision logos. I think he's really going to lean hard into this new persona and name. Its going to be his way to deflect the same way he did with his legal name change.
>My names not even Greg… its James.
>Im not Onision, Im Mr Odd.

I think Greg has realized that if you were to do a word association game with the name "Onision", groomer and pedo are some of the first words that pop into your head.

No. 824985

She works with children now???

No. 825003

if were talking about some darkweb selling of nudes ring with youtubers, I think greg wouldn't be let in to the same conspiracy, he publicizes every bit of his life and has generated heat even before cuddle gate, do you honestly think greg and his water head iq would be let in? hell no, because if they do even more digging and find the ring theyll be going to jail.
if anything I think in regards to the forums it was just a loose collective opportunistic pedos chilling on a forum where they know there will be scantily clad pics of preteens updated daily. most cp rings on the dark web and shit even the clear web is highly guarded to a point where it might leos atleast months to infiltriate even more to track members and arrest. drug dealers on the internet have more security safe guards set up than greg did for his forums.

No. 825008

File: 1614788344832.jpg (185.31 KB, 1080x725, Screenshot_20210303-111629_Chr…)

Greg doesn't spell it as Mr. Odd
He spells it Mr. ODD
Makes me think his old edgy internet persona was a diagnosis he got from childhood.

No. 825010

That’s a great tinfoil anon. I know grug has done so much worse beyond the military benefit tinfoil but if he was diagnosed as a child with ODD then he knowingly entered service with a disqualified pre existing condition. I hope he runs with this, right into a brick wall, if this is the case.

No. 825011

He might’ve passed his fucked up mental genes onto trot that beats on him and probably beats on clot too

No. 825012

I wonder how he got this set up with PayPal and if he’ll have to pay taxes with this new scheme. Out of everything he does, his tax evasion is most damaging to society imo and I really want to see him lose everything he has.

No. 825041

Specially since Paypal's are incredibly easy to get pulled if you bring the right arguments, like for instance a 3 part documentary about how evil someone is.
Now I wouldn't suggest anyone do anything, but would some "evil doers" want to attempt this they could very easily do so.

No. 825053

PayPal sends income info to the IRS, so if Greg thinks he can dodge them this way…

No. 825057

File: 1614818894239.png (329.2 KB, 614x328, onisiontwitter.PNG)

I just sae Gregs new Twitter pfp and header. I feel it looks like something you'd see on a kids toy review channel. Who is he trying to attract with that look?

No. 825058

what is the direction? is the dog a detective? Those look emojis look like the twitch emotes he made. It's very childish looking.

No. 825059

File: 1614819529671.jpg (57.57 KB, 720x523, 20210303_185124.jpg)

I just came to post this when I saw that.
Imagine being a middle age pedo eternally stuck in 2007. He's totally not trying to appeal to adults. This is targeting tweens. He can't help himself.

No. 825061

File: 1614820928192.png (712.25 KB, 809x785, blippi.PNG)

Maybe he thinks he can become the next Blippi. Stevin John had a pretty fucked up past, a lot of gross out humor under the name Steezy Grossman. He then became Blippi, one of the biggest kids entertainers on YouTube.

Could he be taking a cue from Crazy Tami? She's now teaching elementary kids and calling herself "Ms Boots" >>824831 so maybe Greg is hoping to become kid friendly "Mr Odd." Just don't let the parents know about the grooming & sexual predator allegations plus his honey covered dildo sucking and self anal reaming on OnlyFans.


No. 825062

all this uwu and emoticon shit over the gay flag makes me feel ill. Not just the bad Americanized profile picture coming straight out of "Totally spies". Who else but tweens can even enjoy this? Try as he might to rebrand, he will ALWAYS go for nubile jailbait. He can't help himself.

No. 825068

Crazy Tami doesn’t have her daughters nor relatives in her friends list, just hippie boomers and Karen’s like herself. Did she cut ‘em all off?

No. 825072

File: 1614826118209.jpg (94.33 KB, 1001x362, Screenshot_20210303-214540_Chr…)

Josey Wiggum is his sister. She's the one that just got married.

Jennifer Iverson is his aunt. Kelly Gordon is too but she's not on her friends list anymore. She's commented on a couple of posts about the election.

No. 825074

this is what happens when literally anyone can get "famous"

No. 825075

I wonder if the name changes had to do with the allegations (duh), the documentary and papa-onion speaking out?

I also find it odd the many times Joanna’s been married

No. 825077

So we all know that onion has said before that he got married to Skye only because if the benefits right? On video. Isn't this a crime? How hasn't he gotten in deep shit about it ?

No. 825082

Obviously the last name change is because she took her husbands. But I cant figure out how Josey is short for Joanna. Ive never heard Greg call her "Josey" Isnt Josey (or Josie) short for Josephine? I think Greg forever tarnished the Jackson surname in that part of Washignton and his immediate family are scrambling to think up alias.

No. 825085

File: 1614835115580.jpeg (23.78 KB, 480x360, 8905AE4F-7CE7-4CFD-B7C1-9452EE…)

Hahaha that family is fucked!

No. 825086

He’s deleted some of the divorce videos talking about it but I found one close to the truth, it starts @ 28:20.

Are there any anons that can archive this video in case he deletes it?

No. 825091

File: 1614842729467.png (18.38 KB, 504x221, lm.PNG)

The first episode of the Onision documentary came out January 4th. Was Tami trying to direct her friends to a totally different platform and hope they get captivated by Grays and UFO's and don't accidentally wander over to Discovery and hear about her pedo son.

No. 825102

problem though is, his sister really deserving of the shame? If I remember correctly greg made a 30 something long video about her having an abortion and because of that she literally yeeted him out of any family gatherings. By sounds of it greg sounds like a cunt brother and this josey chick is just trying to live her own life.

No. 825109

It doesn’t seem like she’s doing a good job distracting her friends kek, there’s no like ratio but I still believe she changed her name because of said documentary.

Pretty sure all of Washington knows about onion boy and his Lolita house of horrors by now, Crazy Tami can run all she wants but she can’t hide forever.

Also who tf watches ancient aliens and takes it seriously, some of us just watch it for laughs and that it.

True, I’m just saying her marriage count is a little weird and she also has that psycho look in her eyes like the rest of the Jackson clan. I don’t trust those fuckers, man

I’m sure Greg started all the fights when they were younger and to this day tbh.

No. 825110

File: 1614865195754.png (17.05 KB, 504x196, 3C2725F7-D43E-40E8-808D-EC03EC…)

Cucky’s back on kiwi farms with a not-so-obvious sock

No. 825112

>I’m just saying her marriage count is a little weird and she also has that psycho look in her eyes like the rest of the Jackson clan

The fucking state of this thread jfc

No. 825114

>The fucking state of this thread jfc

Then do something to improve it instead of shitting it up with cry-baby bitch posts

No. 825117

What is it with this pos outing women by name for having abortions? It’s such a personal thing that doesn’t usually come up in casual conversations and he gets off on it. It’s like outing somebody for being gay without their permission. So fucked up. He should have been aborted.
How can it be that this man doesn’t even have one decent quality about him? Not one. I’ve met assholes that I hate but they still usually have some good qualities other than a shitty personality.

No. 825118

It looks like he's legit gunning for that. He's more delusional than we thought if he thinks he can rebrand as a kid's channel. He and foot face will never recover enough from being exposed so hard in 2019 (and the later documentary) to ever do anything related to kids. They can barely keep their own kids alive. Not to mention he's just unlikeable and unfunny.

No. 825122

I missed a chunk of this endless saga. Why did Sarah and Regina fall out, I thought they were the bestestest friends eva? What'd I miss?

No. 825127

I can't wait to see T and C "review" all these great toys by playing with them.


No. 825133

Read the threads newfag

No. 825140

yeah but unless she narcs about greg like tami idk man. people get married and divorced easily being a multiple divorcee isnt really lol worthy and tbh if i had to live with a mother like tami and a brother like greg idk look a little crazy too.

No. 825144

I think young kids are the only people he can trick into thinking he’s a good person at this point. 14-18 year olds aren’t fully mature but there’s a limit to how much bullshit they can swallow but an 8 yo will believe just about anything as long as it’s coming from an adult.

He also has no history of getting into relationships with pre-pubescent kids so he can claim full innocence in that. It’s not impossible that he will still use his younger audience as a grooming stable for the future though.

No. 825170

Kids talk and have been told to watch out for creepy old men. I'd agree if he still looked young and harmless, but there's no way onision can make child friendly YouTube content without it being clear he's a huge fucking creep. His sense of humour is too edgy and he can't control it, the first time he pretend face fucks elmo most kids are going to stop watching in disgust.

No. 825171


He can't change a diaper without sexualising it. He can't do pretty much anything without sexualising it unnecessarily, because it's the sole thing on his mind 24/7.
He can't properly speak to a child, heck, he can't properly speak to an adult even without losing his shit in 5 minutes' time.
He thinks little children are retards.
His humour is just obnoxious edgelord shit for cheap shock value.
He may attempt it, but he'll slip up instantaneously and get reported for the massive creep that he is.

No. 825173


Which of the 793,794,321,189 threads on this clusterfuck has the relevant info then? Because a search brings up three trillion hits too and, as some of us have the remotest hint of a life, we can't keep up with the hours a day required to read every post on this dickhead. You obviously can; achievement unlocked.

Pleased to see LCF is as welcoming as ever to those who are actual newfags. I'm not one, but I would be extremely grateful for a pointer because, as explained, I missed that bit.

No. 825174

I got an ad about the onion documentary while watching a tinfoil video, let the witch hunt begin!(no1curr)

No. 825191

Rumors come out that a documentary is being made about Onision.
All the girls say they want nothing to do with it.
Regina lies and says she's not a part of it. The riff begins.
Once the docu premieres and Regina's participation is confirmed she becomes persona non grata.

No. 825199

File: 1614911522471.jpg (692.52 KB, 810x3419, McflySimp.jpg)

McRetard has a raging boner for Waterbrain. What else is new tho.

No. 825201


Thanks, anon.

I just watched the doco and feel v burned - I was desperately hoping Reggie would treat the world to her utterly mental "I'm non-binary and my pronouns are he/him," schtick, all whilst presenting as a girl. Albeit one with a face like a slapped arse slathered in drag make-up.

The world has missed out cos it's funny as fuck, from the nonsensical words to the spudface to the self-important expression when saying it. At least we have seen and we're still laughing.

No. 825202

Jesus she's a lunatic

No. 825203


DISPITE the fact she can't spell.

Ooof, his harem is reaching the dregs now. She's even more of a munter than Bootface.

No. 825211


Damn that's pathetic, I wonder what she did to piss him off and take "time apart". Not like he has many other paypigs left to choose from.

No. 825213

It was the twitch stream where he shat on her for a long time and made her cry in front of a few thousand people.

No. 825215

McRetard wrote this apology letter on October 27 one day after Greg made her cry on the stream (Oct 26th) berating her about of her choices in games and saying she was mentally unstable.
If you listen carefully at the beginning of the video he's already agitated because that Irish lady LucidiaSans was poking at him.

No. 825223

God damn that's super toxic and weird. McFly really needs to get some self respect and stop thirsting after some geriatric weirdo who only wants to groom and bully children.

No. 825228

Lord, please help this young lady realize this man is very toxic and unforgiving.

Please touch her heart and guide her to find you as she seems so empty without validation. Amen.

No. 825231

I think it's a (sarcastic?) nod to what they fought about. I could see onion not knowing how to spell and yet taunting her. See how it's written twice and in all caps? I think there are no other typing mistakes in that note. It's on purpose for sure.

No. 825243

I think they slept together.
Why would a fan/friend cry over something like that? Definitely seems more like they slept together and she caught feelings and that’s why she was so sensitive to his criticism.

It would also explain how she wrote something about “soon you’ll see you can trust me” or whatever it was. He probably thought she was going to come out and eXpOsE him but.. she’s a good little quiet girl. Just the way he likes them.

No. 825246

Apparently they were caught fucking during a meet up, one of Grog’s former paypigs walked in on them. Said former paypig alleged that McRetard was heavily under the influence too, and that Shreg had been telling her not to take her antipsychotics too.

No. 825255

At least McRetard lives up to her name.

No. 825256

Dev alluded to as much on the meet up where they stayed at her house. McRetard also stayed in an air bnb with the drunken peasants and Onion. He'll fuck teenagers in front of his kids, if anyone thinks he managed to not fuck McFly away from Lainey they're the same type of stupid that thought none of the girls going on discovery were getting paid.

No. 825259

Yeah Dev was the one who allegedly caught Greg fucking a barely lucid McRetard >>825246
Assuming this is all true (and I’m inclined to think it is), fucking someone who is obviously mentally handicapped is legitimate abuse. No wonder Dev ditched him, I don’t know how anyone could support him after that revelation

No. 825270

technically fucking someone high can be considered rape.

No. 825271

I hope she snaps out of it and comes forward with what happened. That's disgusting if he took advantage of her. I wonder if he's secretly stringing her along with false promises or convincing her it's her fault and she came onto him and raped him.

No. 825273

samefagging but greg is a breeding fetishist and thinks abortion is immoral unless its for the right reasons such as rape, basically his mad his sister had an abortion for what he perceived to be a wrong reason and because of that he felt obligated to shame her, i think his mom shouldve aborted him.

No. 825275

File: 1614958884126.jpg (317.77 KB, 1036x829, Consent.jpg)

And you know Grog would be 100% sober during this. He took advantage of someone who was in no mental capacity to properly consent.

No. 825277


Has he ever expressed his reasoning for being morally opposed to abortion? There's a jesus argument to be made for life beginning at conception obviously but if you're an atheist it doesn't make much sense from a purely scientific perspective (not looking for anybody's personal experience or perspective on abortion TIA).

No. 825278

So if there's anyone autistic ally retarded enough to think onionsama dindunuffin wrong, mcfly your idol fucking technically committed rape by boinking you at a fan event when your were stoned or high or drunk, a good person who gives a shit about their fans would never do that.
he literally said in the video bashing his sisters abortion, that aborting a baby because you want to live your life and not be tied down with responsibility or as he put it to party drink and do drugs, is wrong. Even if it his sister is a hardcore druggie, I think you may want druggies to abort kids so they can go back to their party lifestyle instead of being forced to carry a kid you dont want, adopt it out to pedo brother and worry for the next 18 years of life if what you did was a horrible mistake, in gregs case abortion would be a good idea.

No. 825280

he hates women, that’s his reason

No. 825281


He has a pregnancy fetish and anything that makes the baby carrot sad is evil

No. 825282

He’s gone back on all the things he’s touted once it stood to benefit him to do so.

He used to be mr. monogamy and anti-bisexual until he realized he could keep having sex with new girls without having to give up his caretaker and emotional punching bag, lainey. He always said anal sex was disgusting and he would never do it until it was the only way he could cheat on Lainey while staying “in the rules.”

Now that he has kids and recognizes the real cost and time that goes into them I’m sure he will fold on that too when he inevitably gets a new girl pregnant.

No. 825283

I remember abortion coming up in some older videos. The most recent it was a question in some online test him and Lainey took and he was very meh about it. He said "you do you" or something to that effect. I think the only reason he came out so against abortion in that particular video was he had to find something to shame his sister with and the only two things he could think of was her abortion and multiple marriages. Greg will use whatever private information he has on you when he eventually feels wronged and use it against you, even if its not something that you did wrong. Like when he brought up Sarah almost being raped by some "black guy" He tried to come off as concerned and sympathetic but he only brought it up to pull the scab off a healing wound, a horrible incident she surely doesn't want to revisit and sure as hell didn't want thousands of people to know about.

No. 825285

I just remembered a third thing he said about his sister. During a twitch stream he out of the blue told a story about when he was 5 or 6 his sister showed him her genitals and then wanted to see his and touched him, and right before anything else could happen his mom came in and sister passed it off like they weren't doing anything. He has NEVER mentioned this story before, but he suddenly remembers this incident right after Joanne told him she didnt want him at her wedding, that his morals were fucked and she felt Greg had inappropriate interactions with minors. Hasnt he said on numerous occasions that he doesn't have any memories before age 11? But now he conveniently remembers things that happened at age 5 or 6.

No. 825293

>and made her cry in front of a few thousand people.

Didn't he only ever have like 12-20 people in stream at any given time, and then a few extra in voice chat?

No. 825333

This right here, unfortunately simple but it's the truth.

No. 825344

His true love, Billie, also had an abortion and since she's the personified evil in his books, women who've had an abortion are criminals. He might also use it to jab at her and his sister because he can't let go of things. Ever.

No. 825348


he looks for any reason to one-up every woman, and along with his mortifying breeder fetish, abortion is always a window into his weird fucking fetishy thoughts. Like how shiloh mentioned she kind of felt like there was no other option to have the baby she said she was pregnant with, how he always blabbed before about how he would StEp uP etc, him revealing this shit about Billie when it's none of his fucking business, even when he frames it as if he isn't judging, it's clear he thinks women who have abortions are degenerates who are below him bc it lessens his chances of them keeping whatever hellspawn he could potentially knock them up with. it lowers their value to him regardless.

Tbh his deranged views on pregnancy, kids etc, his sock account rants and his own public rants about how children are disgusting and retarded always pique my interest. Not because Im dying to call him a pedo, we all know he salivates over barely pubescent girls he can manipulate, but there's something especially weird about him hidden in how adamantly he insults children

No. 825370

Ultimately I think >>825280 said what really matters in regards to his feelings on abortion, but I would not doubt his own supposed near scrape with it might also play a role too. He very easily could have been cancel before he was even born if his mom had felt just a little bit differently about what the doctor/s had to say to her.

But for real, he really does seem to just absolutely loath women and tries to do everything in his power to control them, all of them. I mean he pretty much built what popularity he had up from telling girls how to think, feel, and act under the guise of being a cool, understanding adult who "gets" their problems.

No. 825396

He just wants a reason to shame women like the misogynist he is.
It's interesting that he's so against abortion but is okay with neglecting children to the point they become disabled, like it happened to his daughter.

No. 825405

God I just wish this fucker would just hero already, I mean out of all the cows, if he decided to just end his existence nothing of entertaining value will be lost. If anything it would just mean one less sex pest to worry about for your daughters, or nieces, what have you.
Like okay, I get im getting a bit aloggy, but when you think about how many women has he tried to hurt and screw over before he got yeeted off patreon and demonetized off youtube? 6? and that's not even accounting for anyone we don't know about yet. I mean on this thread alone its hinted that he even took advantage of one his highest paying pay pigs while possibly underneath the influence of drugs or alcohol. Shit for all we know he may have dateraped alot more than mcretard, and it was sure as hell established that he tried to take advantage of skyes sister when she was drunk. Who knows what kind of fucked up antics we dont about it.

No. 825416

Receipts? I'd love for this to be true so please post the receipts here. Or maybe someone that knows Dev can confirm this with her? I remember her saying there was some shadiness happening but I don't remember the banging part

No. 825417

File: 1614997935853.jpg (203.18 KB, 720x976, 20210305_203015.jpg)


No. 825427

I cannot for the life of me remember where the receipts were originally posted (pretty sure it was on one of those anti-onion tumblr pages but dont quote me on that), I cant even remember if they were ever posted here on lc, but they were floating around back when the revelations about Sarah were first made public.

No. 825450

She cut ties with Grease after she learned what he did to his "foster daughter" so that makes her a pretty decent person if you ask me. If she wasn't decent she would be okay with what he did, and she obviously wasn't. While scumbags like Billy the incel continued licking Grease's balls clean after Sarah came forward, his own sister cut ties with him, and that says a lot.

No. 825473

File: 1615014614574.png (218.42 KB, 659x690, madison 67.png)

>Hmm Madison.. did Madison say that Greg had a boner when they were filming once? He has to pick her up for a scene and he got a hard- on?

No. 825486

It’s like he wants all the women around him for himself. Fuckin’ creepy, man

No. 825487

its kind of creepy that hes obessesed with his sisters abortion.

No. 825488

He also got hard when Sam sat on top of him

No. 825542

Yuk. Ugly, old creep.
I hope the residents of Gig Harbor keep their daughters and nieces away from him and educate them.

No. 825549

None of this happened when she was 14, calm down.
Who cares what Madison has to say.

No. 825561

no she didnt fuck her at 14, but at 14 a 20 something mom of 2 was talking inapropiately to sarah.

No. 825566


Yeah but it sure started when she was 14. An ADULT Kai started sexually grooming Sarah when she was 14 so her husband fuck her when she was 18. You're acting like your statement makes it any better.

No. 825568

File: 1615079279345.jpg (218.94 KB, 673x900, uglyfootbeefb.jpg)

now now, all Lainey did was sent underage kids pictures of her arby's.
sarcasm, in case you missed it.

No. 825574

From the thumbnail it totally looked like she was wearing incontinence briefs, which after dealing with onion and pushing out the two shallots I wouldn't be surprised if she was incontinent.

No. 825583

She had a 4th degree tear when she gave birth to Trot which basically means her pussy tore so bad it fused together with her asshole, and Grease didn't let the stitches heal properly because he wanted to keep fucking her like a rabbit during the healing process. Her down there must be just a huge cloaca at this point.

No. 825586

My vagina hurts now, thanks

No. 825589

C'mon McFly join the dark side - I know you have some sweet grade A milk to pour on our bowl of Swampsons cereal kek. Can you imagine what he has told her on the DL?

>Lainey err…Kai is physically repulsive to me now. I'm so glad you still have bewbs xD

>I never really wanted kids
>Is it weird that I masturbate to Billie's OF?

Ya know - all the great shit cheating degenerates tell their side pieces. Although it would basically be just another confirmation of shit we already knew - like them grooming Sara.

No. 825617

File: 1615137220046.png (Spoiler Image,293.36 KB, 480x590, don't forget to delete this.pn…)

>4th degree tear


No. 825618

tin foil here; but maybe thats why he started the poly shit with billy? because comeon theres no way with a greg's dongle being hilariously small can derive pleasure from a blown out vagina like that. A normal vagina even after a birth like can heal if given time but we all know grug would start rutting like a bitch in heat so after getting laineys vagina btfo and not wanting actually to divorce her because child support the poly shit begin really in full mass? because we all know greg thinks normal vaginas are gross and has to be hideously tight and dry to get off.

No. 825619

Imagine getting your vagina torn open that bad from popping out bobbleheads spawn and then having him neglect said child and hump you like an unneutered dog while you can barely shit or piss without feeling like your genitals are on fire. Then he cheats on you because you're "not fun".

Greg certainly chose his doormat wisely. Any woman above the age of 20 would have told him to go absolutely fuck himself if he even dared go near her healing vaginal wound. Greg would be less of a dangerous person if he wasn't chronically obsessed with sex and his penis like the literal moid autist he is. Hes mentally incapable of not having sex with anything that let's him. No matter how many times he gets burned he will always fall into the same cycle of wanting to fuck anything that moves and is new. Hed still sleep with any of his exes no matter how much they "slandered" him because he's basically handicapped with sex addiction kek. He can only rub together his 3 brain cells to coom. He has absolutely nothing in his life, no meaningful relationships or hobbies, no family to care about him and shower him with affection, just coom. His kids will be glad when he's dead if Trot doesn't become onion 2.0 and C is at all cognitive by the time Lainey and Greg are done neglecting the shit out of her. Hope all the cooming was worth.

No. 825625

source? i don't recall reading about this, did she post it in the fb parenting groups?

No. 825627

File: 1615150183804.jpg (252.5 KB, 1080x774, Pregnant .jpg)

She said it was a 3rd degree tear in her video After I Had A Baby around the 2:50 mark


While trying to find this though she mentions very briefly in another video how she slept on the floor next to Greg with the dog while she was pregnant and very ill.

No. 825632

It's weird that Greg (assuming he's the one who runs the CoolGuyKai channel) deleted hundreds of videos but left the Taco Bell mukbang and the Sarah ones up. Like why would he delete so many videos but let the more incriminating ones up?

No. 825637

maybe because lainey is set up to be the scapegoat?

No. 825643

If he truly wanted to throw her under the bus, he could've done so a long while ago. After all, she was the one who "got caught" with the most obvious / surface level evidence against her case.

He'd also only benefit from doing so, because
a) he'd "wash himself clean" (in his head)
b) he'd FINALLY get rid of Foot
c) the kids would probably be taken away, which is what he'd want
d) he could milk this pity story till the end of time for sympathy points, shills, and potential new teenage supporters to fuck, how his horrible pedo wife did all that (to him) behind his back, neglected their children without him knowing anything about it, blame C's fall on her, and that his beloved kids were taken away from him, that he loved her SO MUCH he has put up with all of her shit – having numerous girlfriends on the side, the whole "I'm a man now" spiel, her crazy family, her psychotic bpd friends, that she brought home a drug addict, and a teenage girl who raped him, etc etc he put up with ALL of that shit, just because he loved and cared for his soulmate SO much, yet she betrayed him – what a vile monstrosity!

… and so on and so forth. He could outright blame EVERYTHING on her, like he's always trying to do with all of his exes, but he doesn't…
And that is probably because Foot has such incredible dirt on him, and evidence of his complicity, that if he dared to REALLY make her the scapegoat, all hell would break loose. And he's scared. So he's resorting to passive-aggressive nods, like forgetting to private certain videos.
He can't outright point fingers at her, because then he'll go down with her. If she goes down without his obvious involvement, perhaps she'll be stupid enough to take the full blame.

But that's just tinfoil of course. We'll just have to wait and see.

No. 825644

The problem is he technically has, by basically attempting to separate himself from laineys grooming of sarah an regina. the sock account on kf, and pretending he knew fuck all about her sending pics on the deorio interview.
How ever it wouldn't serve him to really throw her under the bus until legal actions happen against the couple. It wouldn't do it now because it would make him look really bad to the few followers he has left, it would only serve him as a last ditch effort, and if push comes to shove he will do it.
the whole leaving out incriminating stuff screams as a back up plan in case he really does go to court, because technically lets face it lainey did a majority of the illegal shit shit that can get you atleast a decade in prison, and we all know it, basically I feeling he's just setting it up as last ditch effort as a means to use when the legal issues come home to roost. He won't try and get rid of her now while there's a chance she can go and run to the police or her lawyer dad, he'll probably wait until lainey literally has no options and possible no freedom to really fend for her self.

No. 825646

>He won't try and get rid of her now while there's a chance she can go and run to the police or her lawyer dad, he'll probably wait until lainey literally has no options and possible no freedom to really fend for her self.
Good point.

Even though it's always hard to appoint him more than 2 brain cells, and going through with this plan would imply he's really making an effort to control his temper and impulse to spew shit on internet.

But I think you're right about this, anon.

No. 825651

>her lawyer dad

In some old threads it was mentioned her father isn't actually a lawyer and that he just works with car insurance.

No. 825654

it does take some effort to literally pull half the shit he has done in the past, he managed to successfully character assasinate shiloh for years, when shiloh no longer served him any purpose. Basically it's just an estimation based on past behavior. He only throws people under the bus when their liability out weighs purpose, as it stands now with no looming court case in regards to his grooming, than lainey still has some purpose even it's just being fuckmeat. But her value in that is limited given how her cunt is btfo after having 2 kids, and the trooning shit, the only other way I can see him throwing her really under the bus besides legal issues is if he has a fresh options for barely legal pie to replace her. But because the heat is still on him trying to get a new option would be impossibe, so the other way I mentioned is more viable.
I've known paralegals who work in the life insurance sector, infact for the insurance sector having some law education is actually a boone as selling insurance requires knowledge in state and federal law.
It's not uncommon to have some sort legal back ground and even paralegals know not incriminate themselves in an investigation. If he really works for insurance than he may have some knowledge in legal stuff, and its not like her dad in Arizona can try and practice criminal law in Washington, as the laws would be different, and even then it wouldn't be a good move to do as it can portrayed as a conflict of interest. Her dad can give general advice but more than likely hire a instate lawyer for her.

No. 825701


>even paralegals know not incriminate themselves in an investigation

Along with anyone who watched any true crime videos on youtube

No. 825708

He's had a harem fantasy for a long time, I recall Skye saying he wanted her to live with him and Shiloh. I reckon even before T's birth Greg was already working on convincing Lainey that she was bi and that she should totes bring girls over to date

No. 825731

Like Shiloh, when she would sleep next to his desk on the floor so she could be woken up to random sex?

No. 825733


Why did Sarah specify that he was a black? She must be racist. Cancelled!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825734

Skye was always next to him when he was doing his Speaks videos too and I don’t think she was there just for editing either.

No. 825738

Why don't these newfag nonnies learn to sage

No. 825745


Did she really do that? That's fucked up.

No. 825746

File: 1615242776316.png (329.17 KB, 1504x274, Greg luvs black people.PNG)

I know right? Greg would never say something as hateful and racist as what Sarah did.

No. 825755

I’m kekking at the file name, I’m sure he’ll luv bbcs too when he goes to the slammer.

leave me alone, I have a tiny bit of hope left

No. 825760

"I'm not racist, I just don't like black people"

No. 825762


Have you seen what greg looks like?

No. 825764

File: 1615247667746.jpeg (2.85 MB, 4032x3024, F8F49FDA-B36F-46A3-9E22-EA4A7E…)

Saged for irrelevancy but I found Grugly’s underwear brand at Buckle (a redneck chic store in the mall) while looking for a dress for my sister’s western-style quinceñera.(blogging)

No. 825805


Why does it matter that Greg is a racist too? He's a pedophile.

Sarah is still a racist.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825815

well I'd be racist too if a black guy raped me, so…..can't blame her?

No. 825818


yes because the race raped you not the penis. Jesus this thread went to shit. Theorizing about Greg socks is stale milk but this takes the cake.

No. 825819

Uh what proof is there that she’s racist? Greg was the one who weirdly was fixated on bringing up her assaulter’s race. He’s the one who does blackface, says he doesn’t like black people that much in blog posts, etc.

There’s no proof she’s racist despite the horrible thing that happened to her.

No. 825826

I'm with this anon. We don't know how she described him at all but we do know that Greg takes pleasure in digging details about traumatic events out of people to use as leverage in the future.

No. 825836

are you retarded

No. 825852

Exactly. We don't have Sarah's exact quote on this, just Greg's word. We don't really know how she said it, what she emphasised, and what she's originally left out.
Maybe the race was irrelevant to Sarah, but Greg kept picking on her for details of how it happened and what the guy looked like. Maybe the guy wasn't even black, but Greg added this for edgelord points. Maybe Sarah actually DID say it exactly like that, in that particular wording. We don't know.

However, can't put it past her either, given the people she was "friends with" and who she looked up to for years, kek. But for the sake of being fair, we don't really know. Until proven otherwise.

No. 825856

Well, let's say you're white (not saying that you are, but for the sake of this exercise) and you get raped by a white guy. Even the specific cultural background is the same as yours.
So by this logic, that will make you anti-your-own-race/ethnicity? You'll automatically become transracial or whatever they call it exactly?
Genuinely intrigued.

No. 825865

I'm sorry but like does not being a racist mean you need to go as far as to let people of all color rape you? Had she been raped by a white guy, she would have said it was a white guy. He just happened to be black.

No. 825866

no but that kind of interaction can influence your opinion on race, and you haven't probably lived in the hood either, most black guys of a certain sub economic back ground act like animals, and blm encourages it. go live in near a low income housing complex for a month and then you can judge.
nah at that point I'd just hate all men, I've lived in some pretty rough parts in the country, poor black men act like animals, and I was date raped by a black man at 15 so, yeah, go get off your high horse.(race derailing)

No. 825874

I think it’s reasonable to reference your rapists race and still not be a racist. It doesn’t mean that he did it because he was “black”, just that it’s a descriptor. Like 6’4”, 170lbs white male. It definitely doesn’t make Sarah a racist to explain what he looked like.
This is so freakin stupid tbh. We need fresh milk.

No. 825877

Greg telling the story and repeating over and over again that he was black, sure, Greg is a racist piece of shit. We all know that, we've seen tons of evidence of it. But for Sarah to be racist just because she tells that her rapist just happened to be black, no that isn't racist. After all how would you ever explain it to the cops? I'm sure had he been a ginger she would have said he was a ginger. Had he had freckles, she would have mentioned the freckles. Its ludicrous to claim that that makes somebody racist.

No. 825879

plus on top of that I think its yet another scummy thing for Greg to do, he should have never told the story of how Sarah got raped. Its private, its her story, it belongs to her, not him.
Instead he uses it as some sort of fucked up weapon against her.

No. 825887

Right 100%. The anon saying Sarah is racist, because she may have specified race, seems a little suspect to me anyways. That’s some kind of onion logic. But we have all kinds in the onion threads.

No. 825894

File: 1615331216346.jpg (38.55 KB, 680x383, blackface.jpg)

Lets all understand who the racist is here.

No. 825940

I don't understand why she told him that in the first place after she saw him exposing Billie's and even his own wife's rapes without their permission. It's not like she had no idea he loves to expose other people's traumas.

No. 825945

Does anyone else keep getting Onision videos recommended on YouTube? I’ve always been into antio stuff and I never used to get recommended his stuff until after he was fully demonetised after the doco.

No. 825948

shut the fuck up

No. 825951

All of them suffer from "not like the other girls" syndrome. Billie thought she was above Shiloh, Shiloh disliked Skye and backstabbed AJ. Onion says Sarah hated Billie till the end and I believe she did out of jealousy.

No. 825953


Onion also says that he's not a pedo, that he was raped, that he was honourably discharged and million other things that have been proved false. I wouldn't believe anything that comes from his mouth.

Regarding to Shiloh being cunt to Skye & AJ. She was teenager who was in love and - like you - believed everything Onion told about his exes and acted to defend him and to make herself look good in his eyes.

No. 825969

Sarah left comments in a Billie livestream calling her an ungrateful brat and accusing her of being a homewrecker after cuddlegate happened, also she was mocking Billie on Twitter after Onion exposed her rape and supposed forced abortion. Yeah she hated Billie and that's a fact, it's not just something Onion made up.

No. 825974

Who is the connecting factor? Greg. He pits girls against each other to vie for his attention.

Constant comparisons also serve to reinforce the behavior he wants and discourage the behavior he doesn’t want, so a control tactic.

No. 825977

just so were clear, greg was never in S.E.R.E. If he had it would be on his DD214 (military release papers) He never was in S.E.R.E. I was in the Army for 4 years (active) 2 years (reserve) EVERY last single thing I did in the Army is on my DD214. He lies about everything.

No. 825978

While I don’t believe he even spent 1 day being considered for SERE, if he didn’t complete the training then there is no reason for it to be on your 214’s. It would be in his service records though saying he washed out.

No. 825979

It's been a long time since I forced myself to sit down and watch his 10+ hour rant videos about "everything". Does anyone remember if he ever said that Sarah specifically told him or them (meaning he and Taylor) the story about what happened or just his foot? I know it's been said before that people have told Lainey things in confidence and she immediately turned around and blabbed to Greg.

No. 825981

Seems to me that she was just a teenager parroting what she was hearing from the adults around her. Agreeing and joining in was an easy wait to get approval from both Greg and Lainey.
Even if she was angry at Billie, it would be completely understandable. Greg and Lainey would tease the idea of being in a relationship with Sarah but would get other girlfriends and I bet she felt pretty hurt by that. She probably had misplaced anger towards Billie, thinking she was taking her place as Lainey's girlfriend.

No. 825982

If only Sarah had read Greg's rape prevention website. She might have been able to escape being raped by shitting on herself.


No. 825986

Or Greg could have taken his own advice and prevented Sarah from 'raping' him and his foot wife by shitting himself.

No. 825987

He already acts mentally handicapped, I'm surprised that didn't work.

No. 825990

It is 100% obvious to me you have never spent one day in the military. Everything you do or participate in while in any branch of the service is on your DD214. I know liftime guys that have pages added to their DD214, just showing what they have accomplished. Greg was never in S.E.R.E. His DD214 would show that. It only shows he was a security guard.


No. 825992

They're not saying he was in S.E.R.E. They're saying that Greg's narrative is that he went to S.E.R.E. training but pussied out due to his vegan affliction

No. 826002

>> >>825990
Ok anon. I have a dd214 also. 12 years in the USMC. Why would uncompleted training show up on your DD214’s, along with your medals and ribbons? Maybe the chairforce and the Army counts shitbirds unfinished training as some sort of honor though.
Greg did not go to SERE anyways.
And take your “never spent one day in the military” and shove it up your ass.

No. 826049

Facial cleansing masks are not racist you fucking retarded ass dumb cunt.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826096

She has never openly talked about it. Greg kept bringing it up in that podcast he did last year with Keemstar. He was the one who kept specifying that it was 'some black guy', and when one of the hosts called him out for being racist, he pushed the blame on Sarah for telling him. I don't think Sarah has ever publicly addressed the incident and we wouldn't know about it at all if not for Greg.

No. 826109

Who are you even replying to? Because this actually is pretty racist >>825746, whether you think the blackface is or not.
Try referencing posts and using sage or stfu.

No. 826113

File: 1615442335548.png (24.98 KB, 894x256, 65997.PNG)

I still cant figure out why he suddenly started tweeting again after a month MIA. And all his tweets are just things you could find in any Inspirational Sayings website.
Do you think he heard about the Super Follow concept Twitter is thinking about implementing and thought if he just flooded his Twitter with random shit he'll some how get money now? I dont think Ive ever known a man so afraid of getting a real job.

No. 826115

He'll do anything for money except get a job

No. 826135

Well, no one would hire him anyway. And as highly as he regards himself, he knows that and he also knows that he wouldn't be able to hold a job because of his terrible personality.

All he can do at this point is spread his butt cheeks for old, gay men. Can't wait for the "life in a cardboard box" arc. kek

No. 826137


right, lainey did all the illegal stuff so why is greg the focus? The documentary should of been mostly about lainey……(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826138

I think he gave up on onlyfans already, he updates it only like once a month just so he won't lose his account since onlyfans deletes inactive accounts. I guess it wasn't as successful as he thought it would be.

No. 826143

File: 1615469714600.jpg (82.12 KB, 720x340, Greg Is Racist.jpg)

Sure Jan.

No. 826146

>right, lainey did all the illegal stuff so why is greg the focus? The documentary should of been mostly about lainey……

Shut up Greg.(hi cow)

No. 826147

File: 1615470189685.png (248.25 KB, 598x512, onision onlyfans.PNG)

If by "updating" you mean uploading a new photo or two to keep his account active, Greg cant even be bothered to do that. Heatboss, the guy who keeps a close eye on Gregs OF misspoke and said Greg had uploaded new content on Jan 12. Turns out Greg just logged in and out of his OF account so it wouldn't get deactivated. If I was one of those elderly gay men who have monthly AutoPay for Gregs OF Id be asking for my money back. Tomorrow will be 2 months since he's uploaded any new content to either of his OnlyFans.

No. 826148

I'm pretty sure he's up to something, he always tries to distract when he's doing something that he doesn't want the internet to know about. If you noticed, he's been using a 3rd party tweet scheduler.

No. 826149


I'm not greg. And Read the lolcow rules.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826162

I think the reason the focus of the doc is more on him than Lainey is twofold: he has the longest documented history of bad behavior and the story of a male online groomer is more sellable.

Men are more likely to be the ones to go out and try to groom young girls than the reverse. It doesn’t mean women can’t be groomer and abusers but statistically it’s simply less likely. The audience for the documentary is older than people who probably have young kids that they want to protect from online predators like Greg and Lainey.

I agree though, they should have put more pressure on Lainey. Not because she necessarily is more culpable but because if she stays in the equation she and Greg make each other more dangerous to young girls. She won’t leave so maybe she needs to be driven out from the relationship.

Alternatively if she were legally deemed a sexual offender and stayed married to Greg then that would also effectively dampen the potential damage they could do.

No. 826233

Well, first of all, despite Greg being the fullest of shit absolute scum of the earth, frankly, Lainey is a total noname in comparison to him (in terms of "ranks" and "stats" and "popularity", and this is something a big network company would look for – bigger / more recognisable names sell better).

Like the other anon said, he has a much longer track record of inappropriate, or at best, questionable online behaviour – while Lainey was still a puzzled kid in middle school, he has already established himself as this infamous controversial edgelord, that nobody was able to get off of the internet. Lainey was always the "yet another teen bride of Onion", and not really an entity of her own. He was the one who started it, he used to have a pretty big following back in the day, he gave her that platform, he literally gave her a new identity and branded her as "Lainey", and then she used that platform and brand for the things we all know she used it for. But definitely not without him being complicit. Because even if Lainey had her paedo tendencies from the get-go (before Greg) and it isn't a byproduct of life with Greg, either way - he not only enabled said tendencies, but actively encouraged them.

So all this, and the fact that he did messed up shit to people before Lainey ever came into the picture, is why it's important, in terms of building a storyline and showing the pattern, to make it about him. He is this sort of Charles Manson character, and Lainey is his trusted best bitch, who executes the crimes (doesn't make her less guilty though).

If it wasn't for Greg's hyperactive baby carrot, perhaps no one would've ever known of Lainey, perhaps her tendencies would have never had a chance to get cultivated and be acted upon, and victims like Sarah would've not become victims. HOWEVER, if Lainey never made the picture, there's a very high likelihood that he would've eventually molded himself another "Lainey" for similar purposes. And that is the second reason why the doc's about him.

And thirdly, definitely what >>826162 has said: the concept of a male online groomer is more sellable and so on.

No. 826237

File: 1615500675369.jpeg (604.4 KB, 1125x1418, DCE881E0-0ABC-40CB-88E3-EAC16A…)

I suggest this should be taken with a grain of salt, the faggot didn’t post the Reddit link.

No. 826239

No. 826248

File: 1615503042721.png (37.54 KB, 655x122, reddit_autism.png)

Kek. A couple of these redditfags believe Foot's having a 'real' full time job on top of some parttime gig.

Bitch, WHERE? Spaceboi can't even clean her damn room every once in a while.

No. 826261

File: 1615506138655.png (411.95 KB, 782x481, brownonions.PNG)

What about this? Is this racist?

No. 826263

I hope that’s the case. If Lainey is working she will meet real people and she will snap out of Greg’s control pretty quickly.

I just can’t see it being the case though, because she wouldn’t trust Greg at home with cloey ..unless cloey gets some sort of subsidised out patient disability care.

Otherwise the cost of putting the kids in daycare would be so much, lainey working would barely earn any money by the time you take that into account. So I can’t see it.

My best rib foil is they’re both pursuing some sort of pension.

Like others have said, maybe disability for cloey, and military for Greg. Which would just be enough for them to live on probably, since they don’t have rent or a mortgage to pay and the house is in a trust under the kids names so no one can take that from them. Which is good.

As much as I hate Greg, I don’t want to see him homeless.

He’s such a damn bully, but god his family didn’t deserve all this.

No. 826268

His "family" has already been put in the worst and most dangerous circumstances possible by having "deserved" Greg and Lamey as their parents.
Potentially becoming homeless is the least of their (the kids') problems.
Heck, at least they'd have a chance to run away, if they can still move their limbs by that time.

No. 826289

>Bitch, WHERE? Spaceboi can't even clean her damn room every once in a while.

She’s deluded but not lazy. All accounts say she’s shouldering the entirety of the domestic labor on top of at least at one point working part time with streaming and videos.

The idea of a carefree, laborfree life might have bought her in at the beginning but she hasn’t been living that life for years now.

I would bet she would work a full time outside job on top of exclusively maintaining the household if it meant that she could hold onto her prize of a husband and keep the public eye off of her and what she’s done.

> Otherwise the cost of putting the kids in daycare would be so much

Maybe she will reach out to family to help. It might help shake her lose if it was someone like her grandma but if it’s her younger sister again, watch out…

No. 826291

For the most part she didn't clean the house. They had teenage girls and Greg's collaborators do it for them. She may be doing it now but there are still some delusional fans that might have volunteered for babysitting and cleaning for free for a chance at the baby carrot. Who knows, he hasn't aired any of their personal business in a LONG time so there is a good chance he's up to something. They where able to keep Sarah being back a secret for quite some time until he starting poking her after the break up.

No. 826299

Nah. Girls that flew out there never lasted that long. Even if lainey did get a break during those times, majority of the time there aren’t other women there. Besides it really sounded like, if anything, Greg’s “camera men” would make messes with Greg and lainey was still the one to clean it up.

Billie and Sarah are probably the only ones who helped a bit with chores but that’s to be expected when they’re living somewhere rent free. I don’t think it was some scam to get free labour in that sense. Lainey has always had to pick up Greg’s slack, clean, be a full time parent and still expected to make money online.

I agree. She’s definitely not lazy. But she’s terrified of the real world. And with the reputation she has now. Who wouldn’t be.

No. 826308

if she’s at work that means greg is the one taking care of the kids, WA schools are still mainly online only outside of i think k-1 grades, and the ones that aren’t online only are hybrid where kids are only going for a couple hours each day so it’s not like she can drop troy off at school for the day like normal. greg being the primary caretaker of the kids is arguably the worst thing for them.

No. 826316

File: 1615522206937.png (1.88 MB, 1537x768, onionhome.png)

No. 826317


there's an open house saturday from 1-4.

also, at first i thought the pictures used were from last time it was for sale but they aren't. their jungle gym is in the yard, there's a pixel cloud decoration in the downstairs closet and that magazine rack in one of the kids' old bedrooms.

now we know why he's been so absent, they've been moving. not only is the house staged, it's empty.

No. 826326

File: 1615524452885.png (2.38 MB, 1488x750, 3423566.PNG)

That chain-link fence in the front is what tells me the photos are very recent.

No. 826328

Oh my God anon, you must be new here. It's a known fact Footface is a lazy slob. Did you miss all the videos where their house looked absolutely disgusting with clothes and trash scattered everywhere? Also people who visited their house confirmed it was always dirty. It's laughable that you say she's "not lazy" after everything we saw.

No. 826332

File: 1615525233873.png (2.35 MB, 1081x718, 789387.PNG)

The house comes with its very own burn pit to dispose of pesky spouses who cant keep their mouth shut.

No. 826333

Y'all, someone on the other farms posted a link to onion's new shack (i don't post it here cause not sure if its considered dox) but if the last one was a shack I wonder what this new shithole will be called. I mean that house looks terrible! (also cost around 300k).
Funny how even though he knows he's fucked, he would still buy a whole house instead of a small/cheaper apt

No. 826336

Im I wrong or doesnt he have to clear up all those wetland fines and restoration before he can actually sell it? Its like having a lien on a home. You cant sell it until its resolved.

No. 826337

did he really put the house in a trust to avoid any debtors from collecting from the proceeds of the sale?

the first thing i thought when i saw the new house was "looks a lot like the house in that one cgi music video he made where it rains there's a flood. weird."

No. 826340

File: 1615526470790.png (1.57 MB, 933x607, groomer barn.PNG)

The new Onion digs looks like a barn to me.

No. 826341

That confirms Foot and the kids are still with him. Why would he buy a 3 bedroom house if he was alone?

No. 826348

The interior is kinda ugly, the flooring makes it look outdated.

No. 826349

File: 1615527871751.png (Spoiler Image,119.46 KB, 806x853, 42059732-FAA3-4384-9E82-918D69…)

Alright, we can stop tinfoiling about lamp ditching onion and running away with the kids because it’ll never happen.

Some kiwifag uploaded some of their documents to the other farms.

Edit - spoiler

No. 826351

File: 1615527964601.png (Spoiler Image,152.03 KB, 655x894, 4A07DD18-F52C-40DC-9C62-47F24C…)

No. 826352

File: 1615528096788.gif (2.24 MB, 467x304, 6dbea1fa391.gif)

Its another poorly flipped house. The swampshack was built in 1975. This one was built 1981.

No. 826367

That grass is so sad

No. 826374

It doesn't confirm shit. Lainey was filming in a broom closet because he 'needed' all the space. He'd buy a 9 bedroom home for himself alone if he could.

No. 826376

Plus, those documents were in oct 2020. A lot has changed since then. Their life has gone even further down the toilet.

Part of me thinks, given the price of the house. This very well could be them splitting assets and both getting a house each.

No. 826377

Why are all his homes so cartoonish looking? Everything about his is such a joke.

No. 826379

She livestreamed in a closet because there were no spare rooms, retard.

No. 826382

File: 1615534790555.jpg (99.82 KB, 1080x904, IMG_20210312_073856.jpg)

The house is a mess. None of the sites show a floor plan because it is disgusting. Hardly any windows. The Onions are very dumb. They're also going to be in a busy area with neighbors very close to them.

No. 826383

Huh when I put the address on google maps it shows me a complete different house (green one)

No. 826384

Spin the street view around 180 degrees.

No. 826385

File: 1615535652622.png (1.99 MB, 1366x786, Screen Shot 2021-03-12 at 16.5…)

This is the one for the address on the other farm.Idk where the anon before got that other house from

No. 826386

Can someone explain to me why they cleared the house from all their stuff before they moved?

I just sold my house and we still live it… I’m not sure how it works in America? Did he buy a house he could move into straight away whilst the other is up for sale? Sorry if this is a stupid question just seems like a lot of wasted money.

No. 826387

I think (pretty sure actually) that those pictures they used on the new listing were the same pics they had on the website when they bought the house.

No. 826391


Did you read?
>>826317 and

Also, the island in the kitchen is missing.

No. 826395

lmao if you look at the zillow buyers history, greg really is a huge retard. The house was bought for 280ish in June 2017 and Greg bought it for 490k 6 months later. Asking price was 499k and the waterbrain couldd apparently only knock 2% off the asking price. I am sure the seller was laughing their ass off that they were able to double their money thanks to this dunce.

That house is not worth 500k.

No. 826398


They didn't even get functioning window screens, allegedly.

No. 826404

and the home security system was so inadequate it allowed teenage rapists to enter their home and assault both him and his wife again and again.

No. 826409

They jacked the price up because they're including the useless additional lot they bought.

No. 826412

The new onion shack has very close neighbors. Just imagine if he tries to postup his flood lights coupled with his usual antics.

No. 826414

Neither Lainey or Greg made any effort to clean. There's multiple accounts of them leaving boxes stacked everywhere and having huge indoor trashcans to avoid taking them out.

Lainey leaves half-eaten food everywhere and they have indoor flies year round. Greg's love basement has puke he hasn't cleaned in ages either.

Their house is filthy and the only people that would clean it are the girls they flied in or Lainey's family when they visited.

Is he trying to sell the house to get out of the wetlands fiasco or just hoping if he moves that no one will know where he's gone?

Still no wetlands barrier. He was supposed to build a fence months ago to comply with the order.

>those upper floor windows
Time for round 2

No. 826433

Oh honey, that 40 year old man you give all your paycheck too is NOT your 'bestie'.

No. 826441

If he ends up homeless though his kids could finally be taken away and raised by their grandparents like they should have been from the start.

No. 826442

Can't wait for him to change his name again. Hopefully it'll be "Jack Gregson" this time.

No. 826455

That's not what I am seeing when I put in the address. The other photo anon posted is the back of the house >>826340

No. 826457

File: 1615569492263.jpg (4.51 MB, 1078x20000, greckshack.jpg)

Sorry for the size of this beast but I thought it might be better to grab the photos from the former listing while they're still there, showing the new shack in its "pristine" form before the Greg and Lainey inevitably turn it into another dump.
If this is considered a dox, feel free to delete, mods.

Hmm, documenting this real quick might also turn out to be valuabe for the future.

No. 826463

File: 1615570050495.png (127.62 KB, 472x1120, greckshack2.png)

Eh, since I'm at it.

No. 826464

Without doxing, does this put them in a new school district? I wonder if that was a factor in leaving. Who want their kids around parents that are notorious groomers.

No. 826468

I can't tell you since I don't really know how that works. They moved away from Gig Harbor, though.
South of their new home, there's a high school as well as an elementary school, so I guess C and T will attend those.

No. 826477

>a high school

Well that explains why Greg chose that place.

No. 826480

File: 1615574928563.png (119.97 KB, 325x898, Capture.PNG)

Taken from KF but this is pretty telling of how low they've sunk.

Apparently whoever buys the old Swamp Shack has to foot the bills for the wetlands that Greg didn't fix either. So they're asking over 500k+whatever the wetlands will cost the new owners. There's no way that place is going to sell which means Greg moved to a shitty new dump and won't get the extra cash in house differences either.

No. 826481

Is that the Poopbeck toilet?

No. 826487

Is he even allowed to sell the house without fixing the wetlands issue?

No. 826489

This is the new house retard

No. 826493

likely yes, but the existing requirements will be passed on to the new owners, who (unless they’re idiots) will request a price adjustment to reflect the costs of the wetlands restoration
honestly, the onions are likely to come out behind on this deal—it would be cray for the buyers not to want a $100k adjustment for the costs/hassle of the wetlands project

No. 826500

Why the hell aren't we referring to him as Jack Gregson? It's weird to think how Greg is a real man and not a figment of my imagination.

No. 826502

I hate this house so much. The garage leads off the hall and the stairs are right there to the bedroom. That's going to be draughty as fuck. There's a random toilet in the kitchen and then upstairs a box has been turned into 3 bedrooms and 1 weird looking bathroom. Do you think him and Lainey will be able to handle each other in such a small house? The garage makes it look larger than it is. Onion's always needed a basement or second property to be alone. I wonder if this house is just for one of them?

Obviously without knowing anything wonder if Lainey feels stuck in Washington because of schools and CPS involvement with Cloey. Lainey would rather suffer on in Washington than let her parents see how she handles her life daily. Or is the house just for grease and all the two kids bedrooms will be used for videos?

No. 826510

He doesn't make videos anymore since YouTube demonetized him

No. 826511

He'll still need a room for his computer and games, homeboy is never going to have a lifestyle change. He's been fucked.

No. 826512

It's like he thinks if he moves or changes his name then all his troubles will go away.

They're still going to slap his ass with not complying with the timeperiod he was given to at least put up the barrier in the backyard. Then all the fines he might still own, plus the tax man cometh.

According to KF as well don't forget they transferred stuff into Clot and Trot's names so I'm sure they'll have to deal with that when selling the house and land as well.

No. 826518

Maybe he'll just live in the garage here too. Greg has room for all his stuff even the computer, Kai and the kids don't have to see him. Win win for everyone.

No. 826529

Maybe Pierce County just freezes the transfer and deducts the money that's needed to fix the wetlands. That might be the reason why Greg's trying to sell the shack for such an outrages price.

No. 826530

File: 1615592474607.png (91.69 KB, 640x420, 32A01CC1-C621-4FB0-862C-2B8BFB…)

Lol oh shit

No. 826532

He's going to come back to Youtube and claim that Repzion is stalking him.

No. 826540

I wonder if this is also in a different police jurisdiction?

No. 826543

I'm pretty sure they share data bases.

No. 826549

I’m not quite sure how it works as far as an alleged investigation though. If there is an active investigation would they continue it if he’s in a different jurisdiction? Like if he was to have another teen come to the barn, which jurisdiction could investigate that? Would a they open a file based on the Gig harbor one. We pretty much know he is moving to avoid the issues he has created with the wetlands, neighbors and probably the tax man, but could he think the pedo allegations will disappear too? I mean he is a waterbrain.

No. 826576

kek. What a ugly and unfortunate house. The weird layout and outdated everything. There isn't even a bathtub? Just that awkward shower with a seat. Poor kids can't even have a bath anymore.

No. 826596

Oh no! Who will watch Lainey bathe now! She'll be devastated about not being able to flash her Arby's #1. Much sad. /s

Greg has a docu series on him and he still resides in Pierce County. So I guess people know or learn about him rather quickly.
Heezy also mentioned him in that Pierce County Watch list thing, with his face and all, so unless he gets plastic surgery AND changes his name, chances are slim that people won't recognize him.

No. 826598

His poor, really close neighbors have no idea what they are in for. The Jackasses have never lived this close to another house before. I feel so terrible for them.
Oh yeah, he is definitely going to never get away from these allegations. I hope the neighbors run him right out to the country, where he can’t watch young girls walk to the bus, play in yards, or be anywhere near them for that matter.

No. 826599

The garage leads right into their open plan downstairs. He'll be in earshot constantly to his detriment.

No. 826605

How is Footface gonna invite underage girls to watch her bathing now?

No. 826611

I checked the public records for the new house and Lainey's name is also on the deed. For anyone still wondering if she's still there.

No. 826615

Yeah. There's always some retards insisting that she left, I hope this puts an end to that stupid tinfoil. Doormat is NEVER going to leave her uwu soulmate, he could literally rape their daughter in front of her and she still wouldn't leave him.

No. 826616

>There isn't even a bathtub?

I know its a small thing but Greg is going to hate it. He doesnt take a normal shower. Ive noticed he sits in the tub and fills it up by turning on the shower. Even when he was out of town, flying to Cali to try and collab (and everyone blew him off) he would occasionally stream to his paypigs and he would be in the tub with the shower on. Its some type of stress reliever to him.

No. 826618

File: 1615659898759.png (1.28 MB, 1509x533, carpet.PNG)

The carpet in the old swamp shack "basement" is disgusting. The new owners better tear that shit up and replace it. Gregs cottage cheese DNA has soaked down to the foam padding.

No. 826620

File: 1615661375274.png (1.7 MB, 2031x751, 098476843.PNG)

>There isn't even a bathtub? Just that awkward shower with a seat.

I was looking at some Google street view photos from 2018. There used to be a ramp in the front of the house. So that explains the shower seat. The previous owner was disabled and in a wheelchair. Greg wont even get in a swimming pool if there are disabled people in it. And now he's going to be living in some "gross cripples" old house.

No. 826622

Probably lube, grease, and puke stains. Ewww.

No. 826623


in theory, just cause her name is on the deed doesn't mean she is still there. She could be divorced and still have rights to the house. The status of the property doesn't really mean much

No. 826625

If they were divorced the records would be publicly available and easy to find, so where are they?

No. 826627

They said on the new house, so I'm presuming they mean on the house they just purchased.

No. 826628

And his daughter is disabled too now, thanks to his and his footwife's negligence.

No. 826635

I know the rules against cow tipping, but reallly, someone show attach his puking and jizzing on the carpet videos to the sales ad(no)

No. 826636

looking at the house this isn't going to be apropiate for a couple and 2 kids, 1 boy and girl, they only have at max 1 spare bedroom and thats assuming greg and lainey don't share a room and the bathroom number isn't apropiate as only one full bath room, shit I bought a trailer with 2 full baths for a fraction of what this house costs, this isnt an apropiate set up and we'll be sure to get some milk from the sperg outs produced by greg being forced into such close quaters with his family.

No. 826642

maybe that's why they bought this house?

No. 826643

Wow that ceiling is so low. Looks claustrophobic. Suits the midget though.

No. 826678


Even if they don't share a bed I am going to assume that Lainy probably is still cosleeping with their daughter at this point.

No. 826683

When that Jessica girl was giving away all the secrets about the kids before Sarah and the others told her to stop she said that Lainey slept with C and Greg slept with T and insinuated that the reason for Greg sleeping with T was because the kid was a handful and leaving him alone at night could be dangerous.

No. 826699

My parents were separated for 6 years before they got a divorce because my dad was being a cunt with his assets. I can see Onion doing that.(no1curr)

No. 826727

Why is anyone assuming footface is suddenly going to grow some fakeboi balls and move out to ensure her children are okay. It's baffling anyone would ever think that. The shit tier mother already said she puts Greg before the kids and she was smug about it. Right up until she was finally chased off the internet, she was still saying in livestreams that everyone hates her because they're jealous of her and Greg. He can't shake the foot shaped tumor. She has latched onto him forever. That within itself is justice.

No. 826731

File: 1615684811576.png (298.57 KB, 946x478, another grift.PNG)

Why does he need money to make new YT videos? Its not to add production value. Most of last years videos were just him screaming at the camera.
The last time he tried this he said he needed money because of the "set house" upkeep, to buy costume and props, for plane tickets to fly down his collab partners. He no longer owns the set house, I cant remember the last time I saw a proper skit video with costumes and props, and NO ONE is going to do a collab with Mr YouTube AIDS.

No. 826733

He cannot let it go. He's so delusional he thinks his next wave of Youtube fame is right around the corner. Also, I laugh everytime I see his self proclaimed 'model' and 'music producer' titles.

No. 826734

By co-sleeping you mean Lamp has threesomes with teens while the baby sleeps in the same bed???
Maybe she wasn't fucking Sarah. She was just co-sleeping with her foster daughter too

No. 826735

Model is laughable and as for music producer… He has only made one good song in his whole life (Black Ink). Which is a bop. The rest is garbage.

No. 826742

The boy doesn't even have a proper portrait photo or headshots. "Model" my ass. How does someone with such expensive equipment and years using it still suck so hard at making basic shit?

No. 826746

File: 1615694384445.jpeg (99.33 KB, 641x958, C4C39EA0-0B7A-4CF3-AE3B-13B253…)

With any luck, this is the end of his time in the spotlight. There’s no way he’ll raise the money (although I could see him donating himself to save face)

Since he always floated it as his backup career plan, and he doesn’t have the minimal social skills to interact with coworkers, be careful when ridesharing around the Seattle metro anons; you might just get a cam boy in a Tesla.

No. 826747

File: 1615695451299.jpg (90.29 KB, 1579x875, NEWgAMCBAl.jpg)

What was the reason for the move?
Trying to outwit Pierce County so he doesn't have to pay the wetland fines and build the fence?
The swamp-shack is too well known since it was shown again and again on the documentary.

If he thinks moving is going to bring him anonymity he's sadly mistaken. Anonymous Gene is already sperging out and contacting all his new neighbors.

No. 826757


This is so dark but I wonder if it could be true

No. 826758


You are making uncorroborated assumptions. There is no evidence that Onision's daughter is disabled and from what we know she can still walk, run, crawl, climb and basically play like most every normal kid.

Unfortunately what happened to Onision and Kai's daughter is not rare… It actually happens a lot (look it up)… Every year about 2,300,000+ kids are treated at a hospital for a fall and about 3,000+ falls are from windows and the reason for the falls can be for several different reasons that doesn't always boil down to neglect.


Kai is definitely a insufferable, lazy cunt but to be fair it is not like he could have known that while making dinner - that his daughter would push through the screen and fall down… It is not like Onision could have known that would happen while he was at work… Pointing fingers is futile because most literally everyone wouldn't have guessed it would happen and that is why windows are on the "top five" list of HIDDEN domestic dangers to children. They can also be hurt just as badly if not worse at playgrounds.

The mass majority of people are not even aware of these things… What matters now is that Onision and Kai's daughter is still alive, happy and okay. Falling is a part of life and it has happened to all of us at one point or another even if not in the same exact context… So you should probably stop trying to use a tragedy to further push your own agenda. Grow up and just move on from that topic because it's none of your business & it doesn't concern you. All you're doing is exploiting children.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826759


No. 826760

wow you are not even trying.

Anyway. Them downsizing their house and escaping their wetlands situation makes me think they must both have jobs (probably part time), so they must still work in the area if they are still staying in that area. All of Washington is expensive, not just Seattle, so continuing to live in that area isn't the smartest for two poor pieces of shit.

No. 826762

>You are making uncorroborated assumptions. There is no evidence that Onision's daughter is disabled and from what we know she can still walk, run, crawl, climb and basically play like most every normal kid.
Grease himself confirmed she walks with a limp now and there's the photo taken at Lowes that shows her wearing a leg brace.

>Onision and Kai's daughter is still alive, happy and okay.

"Alive" maybe, "happy and okay" I highly doubt.

No. 826763


No it's actually called having the decency to not exploit children that you barely even know anything about.


Whether or not that's true it doesn't change the fact that she can still do things. You don't know everything regarding the issue. Plus not all injuries are permanent either. They can go away even.

At the end of the day it's still none of your business.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826765

>You don't know everything regarding the issue.
And you do?

No. 826767

Just report it and move on. Let the farmhands deal with it. The scrotes at Kiwi have this kind of bait show up every other day because they humor 'em and feel the need to debate the troll.

No. 826770

Funny that just a few days ago a now deleted Greg sock used the term, “mass majority”, instead of vast majority.

No. 826775

Funny how they went from giant windows with no curtains (bc Greg wanted it that way) to almost no windows at all.
This made me laugh probably more than it should've.

No. 826779

File: 1615718890508.jpeg (645.78 KB, 1078x1875, 1609053517867.jpeg)

>All you're doing is exploiting children.
Greg exploited plenty of children in his old forums filled with underage girls in their underwear but let's not talk about that.

I always thought it was a funny coincidence that C fell out of the window on Sept 12th, the day after Shiloh appeared on twitter. And then ofc there's Greg's nicely timed tweet from the hospital just 4 days after his daughter's "accident". The doctor who examined her btw only determined that she fell, not HOW she fell. The internet never forgets. Deal with it.

No. 826780

You know normal people with kids, if they have toddlers will keep an eye on said toddlers even while doing other things, basically its possible to do that. I remember not even being a biological parent but still holding my toddling niece while cooking and doing laundry like an indian baby because she would get into possible trouble from her own devices ,too smart for her own good if left alone long enough. Normal parents and caregivers would go to great lengths to keep their kids safe, even if it means not doing stuff efficiently. Especially toddlers.
Yes kids fall but not out of windows commonly, you'd have to have a truly negligent parent for that to be possible. LIKE one that keeps the bed headboards up by the window, not secured enough screens.
Were not exploiting children were reminding the general audience that even gregs kids is not safe from their fucked up parents. Thats only taking account to physical damage, god knows the complexes he set up in his own spawn. If c has any chance of growing up normal and healthy despite the neglect than chances are she's going to seek out men similiar to greg and be in a string of abusive relationships because her own father shown her that women are worth shit through how he treats her mother. Alot of what we know about relationships comes from how our parents act towards each other, and we tend to gravitate towards partners and dynamics that remind us of our parents dynamics, if your parents had a good healthy relationship than chances are you too will find the same happiness as we gravitate to towards that comfort, if otherwise we'll be prepared for a world of pain and disappointment. So even if c ends up doing okay health wise and not disabled theres still that issue to worry about, I'm not even going to think how t will treat girls, if he's already violent at a young age, then I doubt he'll fare any better.

No. 826783

it isn't but, its a known fact that alot of what we learn about relationships is how we remember our parents treating each other.
like alot of our foundation comes from child hood, and the fact is how greg and kai keeps there kids in a certain environment can impact their future lives.

No. 826787

Those socks all share the same tells and one of them is calling various people a cunt.

No. 826798

>Kai is definitely a insufferable, lazy cunt
Strange how these people defending Greg always throw Taylor under the bus in the same breath calling her lazy, insufferable, etc.

No. 826801

File: 1615737974266.jpeg (391.01 KB, 1409x713, 6CAD73D7-C6F7-43A1-911F-A583FE…)

Yup I was just going to post that. Is it possible to be level of stupid?

No. 826807

That kid is a little psychopath in the making, I swear to God. A few years ago Grease made a weird tweet justifying children who like to torture small animals (unfortunately he deleted the tweet and I can't find the screenshot anymore) and I think he was talking about Trot torturing their guinea pigs. With parents like that it's not surprising the kid would turn out fucked up in the head.

No. 826809

It's not that she's grown big bpi balls. It's that they're both financially not as well off and having to downsize and they've already been sleeping in separate bedrooms for years it just seems odd they would be comfortable moving to a house where they would be on top of each other constantly.

No. 826812

People were saying the same thing when they moved to the swamp trailer, and they didn't get a separation back then either.

No. 826814

That's amazing, but this house is a lot smaller than the swamp shack and their circumstances have a changed a lot since then.

The downstairs is all open plan apart from the toilet. The stairs lead upstairs and one of the bedrooms looks like it's open to the landing and there's no door. There's only one bathroom to get washed in. This doesn't appear to be a home for a growing family. Not that Greg and Lainey are going to have more kids, but that Troy and Cloey are literally growing.

Sure time will tell anyway, Repzion could do a drive by and update the thread with who's living there.

No. 826821

My only question is where are they going to house the new teen puss?

No. 826822


The story of a male groomer is not more sellable. Male groomers are common and therefore boring. The documentary would be interesting plus unique if the main focus was on Lainey because WHAT SHE DID WAS ILLEGAL. What Greg did was OK from a LEGAL STANDPOINT.

By the way he didn't cross state lines to make it legal to have sex with Shiloh who was 17 and a half. Her state was 16 Gregs was 17, proving he didn't have the intention that Kai did.

was the one who groomed Sarah from age 14! Onision only had sex with her because she asked for it and begged for it after turning 18.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826826

That's a very one-sided way of putting things.

No. 826827

The way you arrange your sentences and your syntax are a dead give away. Scroll up to your earlier posts and see if you can spot the indicators. Do your baiting a little less conspicuously and maybe you wouldn't get banned so quickly.

No. 826828

Anyone think that onion is probably taking out all his anger on Lainey and beating the shit out of her in private and that’s why she hasn’t been seen in so long?

Greg is old and fat and ugly as hell so it’s more satisfying to see him get his comeuppance. At least Lainey was a victim at one point and people have sympathy for her.

No. 826829

File: 1615750728530.jpeg (48.8 KB, 640x661, Groomgroom.jpeg)

Sounds familiar

No. 826831


Apparently it's sellable enough because I've got normie offline acquaintances who'd never heard of onion randomly bringing up what a creep he is in casual conversation thanks to the documentary, including my friend's 55 year old mother kek

No. 826834

If you are trying to imply I am Greg, i will report you all for hi cowing.

No. 826841

Isn't shiloh Canadian though lol

No. 826844


Proof that anon is not greg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 826845

Nobody is beating up footface. She ran scared because that's what cowards do. You must be new here if you think anybody here has sympathy for that POS

No. 826851

File: 1615755842166.jpg (235.21 KB, 720x1145, Pennsylvania AOC.jpg)

>What Greg did was OK from a LEGAL STANDPOINT.
>By the way he didn't cross state lines to make it legal to have sex with Shiloh who was 17 and a half. Her state was 16 Gregs was 17, proving he didn't have the intention that Kai did.

Lemme break it down for you cheif.

In December 2010 Greg travelled across state lines to Pennsylvania to have sex with the then 17-year-old Shiloh. The sex act occurred when he arrived the next day.
In Greg's livestream Onision: In Real Life Documentary – Live Response by Onision, he confirmed he checked the state laws to verify if their relationship was legal in the state of Pennsylvania. Contrary to popular belief. It wasn't. He inadvertently confirmed he broke the law.
The age of consent in Pennsylvania is 16, yes, but only for people from that state, who reside in that state. The Pennsylvania statutory rape law makes the de-facto age of consent in Pennsylvania 18 due to the "corruption of minors statute". You know what that means? That means Shiloh could not consent.  Making what Greg did, illegal.

On 12th April 2011, Greg uploaded a video where he publicly announced Shiloh was his girlfriend. At the time Greg and Shiloh lived in an apartment together in Canada and that was before Shiloh's 18th birthday.
In the same livestream mentioned above, Greg confirmed that him and Shiloh were living in Canada before she turned 18.
Shiloh was still a minor at the time which means Greg travelled to Canada to have a sexual relationship with a minor who was not from his country. This is child sex tourism, a form of human trafficking. Shiloh was still a minor and it is illegal for any American citizen to travel to any foreign country with intent to engage in any form of sexual conduct with a minor (federally defined as someone under the age of 18).

In 2012 Greg crossed state lines to have sex with Lainey when she was 17, still a minor, in New Mexico. They engaged in sexual intercourse the first time they met according to BOTH OF THEM and they met in March 2012. Greg left, then travelled to NM AGAIN to have a relationship with Doormat in August while she was in college. She was still underaged when this happened.
While each state's legislature sets its own age of consent, crossing state lines to have a sexual relations with a minor invokes federal law. The federal age of consent is 18. Lainey could not consent, making what Greg did- you guessed it! ILLEGAL.

The cops may have cleared him at the time some of these crimes commenced, yes. But the cops AREN'T THE Law, at least not entirely. Their purpose is to serve and protect (and make arrests). It wouldn't surprise me if Greg was just extremely lucky to get cops who didn't know the fine print of the laws at hand (you'd be surprised how many don't) so he may have been able to "talk his way out of it" with a simple google search.

Now if someone had called CPS AND the police, I'm sure he'd still be screaming his FAAAXXX from a jail cell to this day.

No. 826852

File: 1615756010304.jpg (198.6 KB, 720x590, Greg Committed the crime of ch…)

No. 826854

File: 1615756182119.jpg (70.11 KB, 720x455, travelling for sex with minor …)

No. 826856

What's the statute of limitations on these offenses?

No. 826861

I always thought it was weird how Lainey's "lawyer father" didn't do anything to put Grease in jail for travelling to another state to illegally have sex with his underage daughter. Makes me wonder what type of father he is, probably very similar to Sarah's.

No. 826867

He works as a fucking insurance agent, you don't need qualifications to work in insurance, literally any jackass could do the job.

No. 826869

On a completely different note, I've always been rather lenient when it comes to Lainey's parents since her father told Greg off and tried to intervene, thus I thought her parents would be pretty ok and cared for Lainey.

On the other hand, the more I think about it the more I've started to get the impression that something's really off within Lainey's family as well:
- Lainey went behind her parents' backs
- she only visits them once or twice a year
- she blabbed about loop holes in Greg's prenup or NDA or whatever, which her father found
- she's only once taken the opportunity to get help, and that was when Greg was on the verge of leaving her for Billy (and we all know how that ended)
- she had an abusive boyfriend before Greg

I know this thread isn't about Lainey, but a dysfunctional relationship with her parents might be another reason for her for to stay with Greg, aside from the ~uwu~ twin flame bogus. Or she's just the dumbest being in existence and Greg's the reason she's still alive, probably be reminding her how to breathe. She can't still think Greg's a prize to keep.

No. 826882

File: 1615759836473.jpg (90.31 KB, 720x541, hopemaybe.jpg)

>What's the statute of limitations on these offenses?

Theoretically? None if the procecutors have enough evidence to proceed with charges against the perpetrators. Even if the victims don't want to be involved, procecutors can still procecute as long as there's definite proof a crime was committed.

The state of Washington doesn't necessarily need anyone coming forward.

And guess who's been spewing out a shit ton evidence for years and years and years like the fucking fools they are.

No. 826888

I did some "research" and apparently her father really is a lawyer. He's in a relationship with a woman who looks a good 25 years younger than him also, so no wonder he didn't go after Grease legally.

No. 826889

File: 1615760800147.jpg (126.26 KB, 720x657, YouTube videos are evidence.jp…)

No. 826892

File: 1615761539801.png (627.38 KB, 875x520, laineymetoo.PNG)

She's been a victim all her life.
She says she was sexually assaulted by her teacher when she was five years old.
>he hugged me and then he stuck his tongue down my throat
She says her step brother sexually assaulted her numerous times but her parents didn't believe her and nothing was done.
Her high school boyfriend raped her throughout the relationship. She never went to the police, he was never prosecuted.

The one reoccurring theme when she tells these stories is she didn't know it was wrong. If she ever leaves Greg she'll use the same excuse.


No. 826894

She knows she was wrong to groom girls that's why she went offline. Fair enough if you want to throw your own life down the shitter for some short ugly Greaseman, but she let's her kids suffer and she helped entice girls for Greg. Her parents never believed her so she's what allowed to put other people through shit as some weird perverted justice? Nah.

No. 826903

File: 1615763503259.jpg (120.13 KB, 720x797, Kai Predator Livestream 1.jpg)

>The one reoccurring theme when she tells these stories is she didn't know it was wrong. If she ever leaves Greg she'll use the same excuse.

Oh for sure, especially if she's procecuted. The only problem is that she went on camera refuting the claim that she groomed anyone. She even acknowledged that a sexual relationship with Sarah would be illegal given that she was Sarah's "guardian". Like the mandated reporter in Sarah's livestream said, Power of Attorney still counts, even medical.

Even in those texts Vix released between her and Lainey. Lainey showed that she knew what grooming and sex trafficking was. There's no way her excuse of not knowing or understanding what she was doing will stand up in the court of law or public opinion.

No. 826906

She's also a well documented pathological liar. Every girl that's been in that house has said footface loves to play the victim. We've all seen her play the muh sympathy card. She lies about having always been masculine. She lies about being a scene kid. She lied so smugly about Sarah. She's the one who chased Greg like a creepy stalker and lied to her parents. She let them continue to pay for her dorm and she didn't even live there.
Footface is Greg 2.0 and she's proud of it.

No. 826914

Yes, on the house they just purchased.

No. 826948

File: 1615808946032.jpg (375.78 KB, 1079x1698, Disgusting.jpg)

No. 826950

File: 1615809360316.jpg (136.76 KB, 1077x1473, dont.jpg)

he's begging for 500 measly dollars to bring back the cuck? christ most people wouldn't get out of bed in the morning for that.
he must be pretty fucking desperate.

No. 826954

I suspect he's testing the waters, checking out who's willing to be grifted, and will beg for a higher sum if successful.

Also, isn't he already getting quite a bit money from the government with all the loans and such? It's sad that people still try to buy his friendship only to be shat on later. I wonder if anyone's donating at all or if his socks will have to shoulder it - once again.

No. 826959

Tbh I wouldn’t put it past Anus to plant these ‘sexual harassments’ into her head and make her believe it was more than it was. Plus, they are all about the money and have consistently lied for YouTube videos I wouldn’t believe anything she says.

No. 826966

I think those things happened in her past given the tangible evidence but I also wouldn’t put it past Greg to use those experiences to his advantage.

Even in small ways… I distinctly remember after the first time he cheated on her with Billie, their first video together after almost divorcing was about comparing terrible exes and basically bringing up past trauma.

It stuck out as strange and I think it was a way for him to reenforce to her that things had been so much worse in the past and that really weren’t that bad with him.

No. 826967

File: 1615818624510.jpg (120.74 KB, 720x545, No SOL for Greg or Lainey.jpg)

>Theoretically? None if the procecutors have enough evidence to proceed with charges against the perpetrators.

Same anon here. Just thought I'd correct myself. There are Statutes of Limitations for each individual state Grug committed crimes in but federally there are no Statutes of Limitations. What makes Grug (and Doormat) still liable for conviction is the fact that the crimes he committed are on a federal level (ie Human Tracfficking/Violation of The Mann Act/Child Sex Tourism/Labor Exploitation).

So for example, let's say Greg was from New Mexico and he had had sex with Lainey when she was 16. Taylor would only have 6 years after her 18th birthday to throw Greg under the bus because that's domestic child sexual abuse but because the crime was committed on an interstate (federal) level, she can throw Greg under the bus anytime she pleases even though they had had sex when she was 17.

What makes Grug and Doormat's case so unique is the fact that each of their crimes against their victims (except for the labor exploitation of Madison because she's from WA) were done to people outside of their state/country (Maya and Shiloh are from Canada) which falls under federal sex and labor exploitation violations.

Billie, Sarah, Maya, Madison, Sam, Ayalla, and Jessica all said they had to clean or babysit while they were at the house which was perpetually messy and filthy. Krai and Grug would act like they had to, especially towards Billie, Sarah and Sam.

Billie, Sam, Maya and Sarah, were either sexually exploited or brought into their home under false pretense, or both.
Billie and Maya were given the impression they were flown out to date Doormat but soon found out that they were meant to service Grug sexually as he was a part of the relationship. Krai had even told Billie Grug was NEVER to be a part of the relationship but he was the head of it. Kai had even said Grug was the one forcing her to bring other women into the relationship. What Kai did to Billie and Maya falls under deception/fruad according to Human Sex Trafficking laws.
Grug brought Sam into the home, originally said she was hired as a cameraman only to send her home notioning that she was a waste because she couldn't be poly with them. That's deception/fraud.
Both Kai and Greg took Sarah into their home, saying they were trying to save her from an abusive home but groomed her to have sex with them when she was 18. Because they were married that made Greg just as responsible for Sarah even though he didn't sign any paper stating he was. He doesn't want to admit it but he's fucked in that regard too.

Kai broke enticement laws by trying to get Adam and Shannon Taylor to fly out to Washington for a relationship. Now with Shannon no mention of a relationship happened, but just the fact that Krai wanted her to fly out after two direct messages speak volumes given their track record. Procecutors aren't stupid.
Grug tried to get Haylee, Vix, Macncheese and Moonfluff to fly out which also breaks enticement/deception laws. With Haylee it was overtly sexual but with the others he wanted them as cameramen which serves as a criminal pattern given that Sam was originally flown out to be a cameraman when in reality they Grug was testing her for poly sex.

I think Greg's fatal flaw was thinking his actions, words and the nemerous texts/screenshots the girls released didn't act as a criminal and incriminating pattern of behavior.

That too would explain why he hasn't brought up the allegations in a while. I think Troyer announcing an investigation shut him the hell up.

No. 826968

File: 1615818771520.jpg (99.43 KB, 720x416, house confiscation.jpg)

What I also noticed is that Greg and Lainey bought a house before they had even sold The Swamp Shack. Any property/house where Human Trafficking crimes took place are seized by the government. I'm not saying that's why they're trying to sell the house now but it would explain why they're doing what they're doing as they can't sell a house that's confiscated by the government so trying to get their moneies worth quickly makes sense. Also kinda speaks volumes to how fucked they know they are.

No. 827032

File: 1615844690784.jpg (27.62 KB, 720x225, 20210315_164128.jpg)

Except he didn't.

No. 827039

They not only exploited Sarah for sex but they also made her work as a nanny and a maid for free. She said on Twitter they never paid her for her work, and that is a crime.

No. 827040

I don't want to sidetrack too much but just take a look at the following

Remind you of anyone we know?

No. 827042

File: 1615847894454.jpg (2.38 MB, 3235x2869, no_greg.jpg)

Cucko the Clown has been trying to shill all over the place, it just reeks of desperation and fail.

No. 827043

File: 1615848515488.jpg (907.86 KB, 2902x1020, xdoubt.jpg)

apparently he believes he's a model and a music producer.

No. 827044

That shit legit didn't happen.

No. 827046

File: 1615849367695.jpg (39.51 KB, 550x550, blue_steel.jpg)

Male Model
& /

Man I hope this asshole will need to one day soon have to sent out resume's, if he isn't already. Because he's going to get some angry people calling him or inviting him in just to take him down a peg.
Try walking in to a record company and telling the CEO's that you are a record PRODUCER. Does he even know the real meaning of that word? Max Martin, Dr. Dre, Moby, they all made an actual CAREER as an actual producer.
I god damn guarantee first question they ask "oh really? who did you produce? Madonna? Lady Gaga? Eminem?" and then have security drag him out the building when he tells them he's the "i'm a banana"-guy from youtube.

No. 827047

What's interesting to note as well, is how Greg NEVER tries to debunk the labor exploitation or sex trafficking of the adult women he and Kai either brought or tried to bring into their home. Greg always places specific emphasis on "debunking" Sarah and Shiloh in spite of every other crime they've committed.

I think that's because Kai was mostly associated with grooming Sarah and Shiloh had some sketchy behaviors that he would try to use to discredit her. Most of the evidence against them lays on Kai's incriminating behavior in regard to Sarah and Shiloh's a cow in her own right. As seen on his new "OnisionIRL" twitter account. He puts no emphasis on defending Kai anymore, only himself.

I think he's just hoping his involvement in the other crimes are never brought into question publicly because that's another round of incriminating mental gymnastics he'd have to whip out and being the coward that he is, he'll never talk about the things you mentioned.

Both Haylee and Billie went on Chris Hansen's channel and he never peeps a word about them. Especially Haylee and I think that's because he knows his enticement of Haylee and the trafficking of Billie is not something he can necessarily talk his way out of so he places emphasis on the crimes Kai are definitely linked to aka the sexual grooming of Sarah.