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File: 1495628637483.png (5.71 MB, 2480x2801, IMG_4220.PNG)

No. 387741


-Onion shows his somewhat violent tendencies towards his Doormat on camera
-Stalks kids if they don't give him their lunch money and blocks them (real classy there, Grease)
-Wants unlimited attention over Manchester explosion, showing the world how sociopathic he really is
-Turns out Onion was already a loser in the military as we expected and upgraded his veteran status
-Dani and TomatoNuts are still delusional and giving him their money, nothing new

The downward spiral continues!
Last thread:>>>/pt/382981

No. 387749

This guy is a total delusional twat who thinks doing one video with Greg will sky rocket him to YT fame, but I don't see the point of putting him and his wife on blast like that.

No. 387751

File: 1495632698401.png (79.07 KB, 588x229, onion.png)

Billie and drew are back in the netherlands together streaming on younow smoking weed. Onion tweets this at the same time hahaha.

Also like how he highlights that one sentence. The next sentence says the person wasn't the one who crashed it hahaha..

No. 387753

Greg is most certainly reporting all his detractors for "harassment" and getting their account temporarily suspended. I know someone mentioned it in the last thread, but holy shit he mad.

Also I like the idea of Greg rage-googling any and all "tragic" news stories about weed whenever he sees Billie and Drew together. Just so he has some FAAAAX to try and shove in their faces, but he couldn't even be bothered to read past that highlighted sentence.

No. 387763

File: 1495634308280.png (18.61 KB, 612x118, lane.PNG)

No. 387765

File: 1495634486789.png (88.55 KB, 620x569, Capture.PNG)

No. 387766

Here's the the thread link, my bad:


No. 387767

File: 1495634522199.png (392.71 KB, 782x402, your prayers dont matter gods …)

I would pay money to see someone punch him in the dick.

No. 387769

File: 1495634593569.png (285.88 KB, 778x395, ew.png)

He's actually terrifying looking jesus fuck. How do all his stupid fans wanna bonk him?

No. 387770


Neanderthal brow slopes even further, I take it the Botox shots are wearing off?

No. 387771

>when you're so broke that you can't afford $9 botox shots

King Master Peasant

It must hurt so bad to see your "loser" ex flying around the world while you're stuck at home with 2 kids and a husband huh Greg

No. 387779

He actually no joke and no exaggeration looks like fucking Carrot Top, I'm writhing in secondhand embarrassment from his face.

No. 387782

lel, i'm glad lane burns onions now

No. 387783

File: 1495637881507.png (19.15 KB, 580x101, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.5…)

"Good thing I have 300 sub YouTube money" I sincerely hope he is joking because…

No. 387784

I remember this guy said he hopes collaborating with Greg will give him an opportunity to be able to further support his family.. he is seriously deluded if he thinks he will gain more than 10 subs from this.

No. 387786

He is joking. But it's still pathetic, especially how he is constantly self deprecating just so he can defend Grag

No. 387788

File: 1495638128394.jpg (42.26 KB, 601x400, Capture.JPG)


No. 387789

File: 1495638175678.jpg (16.29 KB, 598x128, Capture.JPG)

the sperg continues

No. 387790

File: 1495638455077.jpg (49.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I always thought he looked like the anime voice actor version of Onion.

No. 387791

File: 1495638496504.jpg (7.11 KB, 231x219, images.jpg)

They even share a fondness for mustaches and underaged girls.

No. 387793

File: 1495638535929.jpg (36.3 KB, 596x522, Capture.JPG)

kek i love how someone replied to his "psychotic? narcissist?" tweet

No. 387796

umm … why are people being doxxed in the last thread?
I'd love to see people try and justify why that's okay in this situation.

No. 387797

Oh my God, he's really losing it. That gif is actually a representation of his mood at all times

No. 387799

Because the guy who got doxxed said he didn't mind if he did when Onion doxxed his own Patreons.

No. 387800

File: 1495638944576.jpg (45.38 KB, 598x392, Capture.JPG)

new pinned tweet

No. 387803

so, what is to be expected when he and his wife are doxxed? Why should it be posted to the thread? So people can send him mail? It just seems a little fuckin creepy is all. At least with onion being doxxed we could call services to check on plainy and the kids. Ash being doxxed prevented her from doing permanent damage to herself.

And since when did, "onion did it, so we can do" become a thing?

No. 387805

He made excuses for his cuck king doxxing someone else. He should not have done that if he wasn't prepared to have that shit happen to him.

No. 387811

WhAtevEr iT taKeS TO bE lEsS lIkE yOu

Flashback to when Onion attempted to mock his critics:

nArCisSistiC pErSonAlitY DisOrDeR

No. 387837

I just love it how Lamey is saying absolutely nothing regarding Gurg's awful behaviour concerning the Manchester attack. As usual, she does nothing to reign in her husband's terrible shite.
It just makes me really angry how it seems like she refuses to talk him down in any way. I know she said that she wouldn't do it because of his fans attacking her, but she doesn't even have to do it publicly! If my fiancé says anything out if order I will tell him to cool it and vice versa. You should be growing together as a couple and if one person has the privilege of telling you off it's your partner.

I'm sorry for ranting but this really, really irks me. I just don't like her justification. Mind you, I suppose I could be less angry by thinking of that justification being an excuse and actually she just doesn't want to incur the wrath of Onion. It's just that it makes her look complicit and like she approves of all that bullying he engages in on a regular basis. He needs someone who stands up to him, a doormat does him no favours.

No. 387840

"Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers"
Read the rules, it's allowed. If he thinks it's okay for a kid's info to be released then fine he shouldn't mind if his does either

No. 387846

Instead she livestreamed during the time he ranted, probably both of them agreed to do that so she'd get views. I didnt watch but theres a moment saved where someone asked if she cared about manchester and her answer could not sound more like idgaf but ima say what people want to hear kind of shit.

Lameo is garbage that will be tossed away by onion and her fans eventually. The only real victims are their poor kids who have trash as parents. Lameo doesnt want onion to toss her away so she will roll over to anything he says and will allow her kids to learn shit behavior and will allow anyone and everyone she knows to be hurt by onion just for her own personal gain and selfishness of her trying to cling onto her comfortable lifestyle and dead romance.

Shes the worst gf/wife of all thats he had to me. Shiloh was crazy, but even shiloh got with greg at a time where his craziness wasnt really as known to the world and she only stuck around for a couple years. Lameo went into it knowing all the bad shit, and has stuck around far longer even though she is fully aware hes a narcissist who has hurt and insulted her own family members. And she knowingly had a second kid with him right after their almost divorce. She hasn't cared when he insulted her friends/family and she definitely doesnt care if he insults random people she doesnt know. She let him treat billie and luxy like garbage while claiming to love them, and she let him constantly insult sarah with 0 cares. Shes one selfish fuck which is why her friends are few and far between and are always fame whores (mercades, sarah).

She does a good job of trying to hide behind the "im so weak, pity me!" and the "i cant do conflicts, so nothing is my fault!!! omg panic attack right now!!!! Stop insulting me, panic attacking!" acts. How her fans and other people cant see shes a conniving manipulative famewhore scumbag is beyond me.

No. 387850

Tomato Dickhead looks just as cringey and afraid of aging as Onion. They really should become friends, they're perfect for eachother.

No. 387858

Lainey's explanation will always be "He is his own person, I don't control him."
She said those words in that video she made about Billie, where she blames Billie on everything that happened even though it's clear her husband is to blame by a huge part.
She will complain about people misgendering her, she will act as Billie is evil and broke her heart, she will go against Luxymoo or any other former friend…
But Greg? Again, in her own words, "he can do whatever he wants" and she will never say a word against it. He can attack people, he can attack her friends, family members, people who did nothing wrong and call them gay slurs. "He is his own person".

Taylor Anderson aka Taylor Elaine Avaroe is one pathetic and hypocritical human being. She should never work in psychology field.

>Shes one selfish fuck which is why her friends are few and far between and are always fame whores (mercades, sarah).

She even stopped being friends with Selena I think, who was basically her only true friend left.

No. 387861

That's Vic Mignona anon.

Though TomatoDickquette looks like a cuck too

No. 387867

File: 1495645192991.jpg (756.67 KB, 784x979, uri_mh1495644974496.jpg)

Not a good drawfag but have this one-time attempt anyway

No. 387868

No. 387871

Wondering if tomato baguette's marriage is just for show.

No. 387872

Amazing. It really captures his brow and forehead dent well.

No. 387873

It's beautiful. I wish he could see it.

No. 387874


Don't forget his sweet vegetarian bod

No. 387875

File: 1495646264203.png (464.92 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0438.PNG)

Dani is really pushing the envelope. She keeps challenging Gerg. How much longer do you think until there's a blow up and she finally withdraws her pledge?? Funny how Dani and Tomato really think they can get away with disagreeing/challenging Gerg. However Tomato really seems to do major ass kissing immediately following any disagreement, in a teehee im so cute and misunderstood I love you Greg hehe cum On my face please

No. 387878

File: 1495646399537.gif (1.33 MB, 245x160, TZxSiXk.gif)

Perfect, you're awesome.

No. 387885

Omg this gif is cracking me up!!!!

No. 387889

Someone send this to him

No. 387893

File: 1495647014859.jpg (71.97 KB, 680x671, coldsteel.jpg)

Greggy hitting edgy manchild mode again.

No. 387901


No. 387906

File: 1495648739593.png (635.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0441.PNG)


"I'm the coolest person"

So this is what his 8 hour, 7 days a week work day consists of. Sperging on top of sperging, on top of sperging. Got it! He so deserves every young teens allowance for all of his hard work and helping people, to keep up his lavish lifestyle. GOT IT!!!

No. 387907

stop moralfagging

No. 387909

looks like he's trying to milk the NPD thing to the fullest. This "coolest person" tweet just sounds so… fake? He just typed what he thinks a stereotypical narcissist would say. He's not even "embracing" it, it's like it's his new idea for his interwebz persona.

No. 387912

File: 1495649606926.png (267.91 KB, 1064x929, Screenshot_20170524-184726.png)

Onisiscum is beyond warped. This edgelord genuinely believes all of the bullshit he spews, and it makes me feel physically sick.
>It's crazy how right I am
The levels of narcissism are ASTOUNDING
>Human life is equal
Really, coming from you?
>I'm not pretending to be a hero
These delusions, wow
>Why do we never talk about people dying in the middle East
As if onion has been an eternal empathiser for the middle East, show me ONE post he made about the death toll there prior to this revolting, self centered sperg.
The fact that he still has a platform is incomprehensible.
So many people have shown love, compassion and support for the innocent victims and their loved ones amidst this horrific,inhumane tragedy, such a shame that one toxic little sad act feels the need to bring attention to himself.

No. 387915

File: 1495649693516.jpg (1.79 MB, 2448x3264, IMG_20170524_195958948.jpg)

Thanks for the compliments! I drew myself tired after work and misspelled everything haha RIP
Feel free to ignore this completely and keep drawing, drawfags!!


Underrated comment

No. 387918

I'd throw $20 for that.

No. 387949


maybe that could be a patreon perk

No. 387964

File: 1495652439887.png (1.06 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170524-115852.png)

No. 387971

Since he loves attention so much, has soooooo many haterz, and is desperate for money, seriously why not though?

No. 387987


That just shows you right there the extent of his "acceptance" and "embracement" of that word, he still hates it.

No. 387994

File: 1495654069355.jpeg (43.8 KB, 616x411, BW2D14_Roasted-Red-Onions.jpg.…)

he is a roasted onion


No. 387996

Yup, he can pretend it doesn't bother him at all, but we all know he wants to be known as the "most honest handsome spiritual leader who has graced the world with fax" instead of being known as "onion boi"

No. 388002

File: 1495654539417.jpg (22.2 KB, 246x336, Capture.JPG)

Since Onion sperging is reaching critical levels, lets see what is happening with victimbot

>reach $5000

>expect a fun photoshoot and a thank you video



No. 388005

Oh no, how dare this person have been responsible by deciding to let someone else drive their car because they were too high. Totally week's fault the other person crashed.

No. 388006

File: 1495654696125.jpg (105.59 KB, 745x813, twitterstats.JPG)

Lost 2000 followers in 2 days because of his spergout (the day's not over yet, I'm sure it will be even more).

His follower count has been steadily declining anyway, but this was a huge blow.

No. 388012

A few of us on Twitter have noticed that he's also starting to attract more vocal white supremacists, racists and neo nazis during the last week. I think they've finally worked out that his "liberal" views are not as liberal as he tries to make his teenage fans believe.

No. 388013

I feel like this song was made for Onion

No. 388014

he needs a new cute underage-looking gf he has chemistry with to bring in those fans, plaineys dropped the ball only luring in dani

No. 388015

He's soooooo fucking fake dude I cannot stand it. If you watch any other video from him his laughs are so forced, trying to give off the vibe that he's actually funny. You know how big YouTubers make a joke and giggle at the end? He tries to do that but it's SO forced.

No. 388016


Those onions are prettier than Onion, how sad.

No. 388017

File: 1495655925999.png (85.08 KB, 930x354, tonto.png)

sage for no contribution but on a recent patreon post greg wrote "This video is going to get cut up for the final version to increase retention, but you guys get it raw and uncut" and this fucking comment appeared.

his fans.

are so.


No. 388018

It describes him to a T, however I doubt he's got enough self awareness to feel called out by it, he's just too dense

No. 388020

tweet it or email it or fucking bring it giftwrapped to his door this is G O L D

also i vote new thread pic too

No. 388021

This extinction burst is so great.

No. 388031

typed up this reply in the previous thread but it was at cap and then i passed out:
Doxx-anon (lol too much credit tbh, more like Google-anon) here and yeah, sounds about right.
While FB-digging, I found very pro-Trump stuff in his mother's photos as well as tons of photos from some friend of theirs I guess (the only public friend Bianca has). Including a photo spelling out "Trump" with GUNS. Like… yeah, cow stuff.
But that only led me to believe they are PROBABLY Trump-supporters. But political leanings alone won't make someone a cow (writing out a politician's name in guns might - but that's their friend's picture, not theirs).

What IS amusing is that Onision cut ties with longterm friend Cyr for a disagreement over voting/political leanings. But, oh right, Cyr "never paid for anything" and this guy is paying Onision $1000 for barely anything.

(For those who missed it, I spilled a bunch of dickette's info last thread, as well as some of ladyboy's, who stupidly has her phone number public on her fb "business" page.)

No. 388050

We're already well aware of his current tactics to rake in views and that's to shit on any current news story and act like he has the higher moral ground… then when he's getting enough people riled up, he'll make a video about it in hopes that they'll still be angry enough to fall for the bait and profit off the views.

He's not some "media-savvy genius" - he's a shill who tries to piggyback off other YT'ers for his own gain and has no problems with making people hate him if it means they'll visit his channel.

No. 388052

yo wtf is this he's talking about markiplier like he's about to propose?

No. 388069

He has a similar one about pewdiepie, he's seriously obsessed with youtubers and is not afraid to let the world know. He idolises them and wants to be like them and it's frikkin weird man

No. 388070

Well, the month is nearly over with and he'll get his collab and that will be the end of it, unless he coughs up 50 to 75 bucks a month for a continued mutual Twitter follow and a continued credits mention perk; Grease is in no way obligated to keep acknowledging him.

As far as I know, Tomato-idiot has only paid him a one-time lump sum of 1k for the collab and the rest of those related perks for a single month… and not to defend Grease; but it's rather effin' presumptuous of Tomato to think that Grease would put up talking to him for free after that considering those options are only available to his Patrons.

No. 388081

Ok, everything I found was easily dug up with Google. I checked the rules before going through with it, like >>387840 posted quoting.

And it was discussed why this sort of thing is done to these sort of people in various comments - not just mine - following the post. If you don't like it, you don't have to look at it. But dickette basically begged a doxx and said he wouldn't care if he was. These are individuals who are defending Onion including his recent sperging. So, not sorry. Dude is arrogant as fuck and acts like a child.
As for Dani, I only asked if anyone noticed what I did on a very public easily found FB listing.

This is pathetic. My YT channel has almost the exact # of subs as his and gets more views, and I'm alllllmost at my SECOND $100 paycheck (over many years worth of monetized vids). It's a hobby. Is he being sarcastic or does he really think people are that dumb?

Anyway if you don't like it, ok, don't doxx people then. Pretend like you're better than anyone else posting here, but the rest of us don't care to hear it.

sorry for long and ot-ish.

No. 388093

Yeah, I've noticed some time ago that the Dickette's been acting creepy af on JSE's twitter.
I think he's pathetically trying to attract the 'shipping fangirls' because he knows they bring in a lot of views. Puke. He's even said shit like 'don't ship me with them teehee' and so on. Such a leech.

Why the hell would anyon be interested in him anyway? His personality is basically 'wannabe energetic popular youtuber' without any charisma and aspiration aside from that.

And he doesn't even produce ANY content.
He basically plays like one or two famous games everyone's already done. Boring as fuck. And vlogs I guess. About trying to lose weight and failing?
And goes through PDP's book?

What is he trying to be? A failed lifestyle guru? An average gamer guy?? A boring vlogger??

No. 388099

File: 1495660469053.jpg (572.2 KB, 1267x1076, Screenshot_20170524-171208.jpg)

WTF happened to his face on the new uhohbro vid.

No. 388101

Contouring, I guess.

No. 388103

He asked Plainey to do his makeup?

No. 388105

File: 1495661152289.png (787.45 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170524-142520.png)

No. 388108

Looks like he invested in one of those filter things beautygurus use

No. 388110

Gurgles is wearing Lainey's makeup lol

No. 388113

jfc. how can a man spend so much effort on makeup and filtering to look presentable and still manage to look like he smells like unwashed dick?

No. 388114

Samefag… he reminds me of the guy that had the face transplant.

No. 388131

File: 1495664459914.png (189.54 KB, 598x591, t56.png)

Another thing that disquette has taken from onion - thinking that his videos are saving the world

No. 388132

File: 1495664472758.png (139.39 KB, 600x432, tgg.png)

No. 388135

The fuck are his clothes

No. 388139

I don't know why she bothers. It's like talking to two toddlers.

No. 388144

Haven't checked Gergle drama in a while and I haven't missed much. It must sting as fuck that his most entertaining days were ~ 2012/early 2013 and that it's mostly downhill from here. Sure, some milk was entertaining and cringy and his usual Twitter antics are nothing short of laughable, but he really is a sinking ship.

No. 388146

wow he is such fucking scum
> I 100% support those who support charities, but I also don't think they are for everyone

go fuck yourself, dickette. seriously his videos are a charity? lol not even for him.

No. 388149

I checked out that tomato faggots twitter and it's just him tweeting at other youtubers like gamegrumps, jackseptic, oneyng etc like he's their friend and idk is he autistic?

No. 388158

File: 1495666116933.jpg (120.48 KB, 1024x768, tonsil stone.jpg)

Maybe that white shit on Greg's lips that he kept eating was a tonsillolith that was breaking down?

An ex used to get them all the time. Their breath was awful because of it.

I know tonsils are great for your immune system, but thank god I don't have them. This is so gross.

pic related and sage for blogging

No. 388167

File: 1495667298222.jpg (407.14 KB, 3200x2400, Vomit-While-Driving-Step-10.jp…)

Why anon

No. 388169


Eww that looks like STD-ridden discharge!

No. 388170


I'm sorry, I know it's awful. Tonsil stones are foul. They would be in the process of breaking down and they'd fall out and end up in flecks on his lips.

Thankfully he never ate them because they smell disgusting and he was aware enough that eating something which stank that bad was disgusting.

I'm so glad I have no tonsils.


"They are one of the causes of halitosis (bad breath) and always give off a putrid smell.[2][3]"

No. 388171

This guys been making a bunch on onision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxOBoH1OxMc

No. 388172

File: 1495667836787.png (21.47 KB, 444x250, dickette.PNG)

dickette is pathetic lmao I asked him how greg's asshole tasted and then 8 hours after our conversation he sends me this?? I don't give a fuck that you helped your parents??? A psychopath did it? like your "brother" greg??

No. 388173


See that kind of thing often, anon?

No. 388175


lol what the fuck are this man's clothes? his fashion sense is in the toilet. great dad sweater you're wearing there, old man.

No. 388179

He sounds so incredibly lonely lmao get some real friends ya autismo

No. 388188

Should Tomato have his own thread? He seems to be taking this one over and it's not like he's Lainey, he's just some tard hanger-on.

No. 388190

No point, he'll drop off the radar as soon as his collab with onion is done. It would be a waste of board space for something so short-lived.

No. 388191

god no. there's no milk

No. 388194


Yeah…on Google.

No. 388196

Interesting internet pastimes you have there

No. 388198

As a kid I was OBSESSED with death note, I still own my own death note and an L figure ngl. But as an adult I realize Death Note is not that great. It has beautiful artwork and imo the manga is tons better than the anime, but I realize it's not life changing enough to sperg out about it like I used to. I realize it's partially a ploy to be in favour of his preteen fans, but I think it's just tacky for a 30 year old man to have anime merchandise covering his house.
Coincidentally every full grown Death Note fanatic I know has serious psychological issues.
Sage because holy shit blog post.

No. 388202

This is OT but you can still get tonsil stones without tonsils; any crevice, scar, or flap in your mouth and throat can get them and you'd be none the wiser. Also they usually only end up on your lip if you move it there on purpose.

No. 388212


LittleKuriboh is 34 and is still a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, and still doing the abridged series for it.


I also go to the deep web! ^^

No. 388215

i can't wait for his neo-nazi rebranding i'm sure lainey's going to love it

No. 388225


It's funny because some of the greasewomen weren't even fully white.

If the nazis found out he's been playing with tainted white blood; it ain't gonna be pretty.

No. 388237

Tonsil stone sufferer here. Wtf, that's… odd. They don't normally just fall out of your mouth. I have them chronically but you have to push on the tonsils to get them out. Your ex must have had an incredibly dire case if that's what happened.
Btw the stuff with Greg is not tonsil stones. It looks nothing like them.

No. 388245

Onision is continuing his Twitter spergout. Not gonna post caps because it's the same shit, like a broken record.

He is adamant on winning this "argument" he started with the world, and I guess his strategy is to exhaust his "opposition" with repetition until they give up or are driven away.

The amusing thing is if you keep refreshing his page, you can see his sub count dropping in real time.

No. 388250

follower count*

No. 388252

Lainey's streaming, trying to make herself look like a boy

No. 388257

I like her more when Gregs not there

No. 388259


Honestly she would be way better off if she never met Greg and never cut her hair.

No. 388261

She seems like she could be a lovely person otherwise.

No. 388262

Chat proves that the addresses were accurate and that they do likely in fact live on the same Blvd.

Also re: tonsil stones, it's been my understanding that everyone gets them, but that severity has a wide spectrum, so for many people, they go completely unnoticed. The other end of the spectrum would be people who have to have the stones surgically removed (do not look this up), and to a lesser extent, those who have them… fall out of their mouth. Which I had never heard of until Ted Cruz.
For many it's just an occasional nuisance. A lot of people probably just don't look at their throat because of every scratch or whatever.
It's a bacterial build up of various deposits within those tonsil crevices.

tl;dr: Lots of people have them, but pretty much no one wants to look at them. So ew, spoiler next time, thanks.

No. 388264


No. 388268

File: 1495679765103.png (700.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170524-223540.png)


No. 388270

Bless him for this

No. 388271

I was going to say thank you shad for not drawing something disgusting for once but it is gregs face so…

No. 388276

This is amazing but it should be more red, and those eyebrows arent arched enough at the ends. but still, better than i'd do, and definitely better than he deserves.

his fucking twitter ava pisses me off though, i've neglected to mention but i totally also thought Zoolander when i saw it. it's like zoolander meets robert pattinson (sp?). It's just… lol. I guess it might fit him in a way considering how he's defined by his own vanity.

you should draw taylor texting in the background while crying next to a giant censor box (indicating where their kid(s) would be).

No. 388283

shad's so played out anyways.

No. 388284

File: 1495682101462.png (301.19 KB, 515x1195, sperg2.0.png)

No. 388285

File: 1495682340354.png (52.7 KB, 561x559, staymad.png)

No. 388287


Fuck off grease. Stop defending your shit tier emo teen phase you never grew out of.

sage for no contribution.

No. 388290

How does Laney not feel horrible second hand embarrassment reading her husband tweets.

We all know he doesn't think normal but surely Laney can see this hyper aggression right?

Just cause she's a bitch doesn't mean she's also a sociopathic narc like her husband she must feel something when she reads these.

No. 388295

She's used to it. She feels it on her own skin all the time, and it's become normalized behaviour to her.

Remember they both admitted he is verbally abusive towards her. If this is how he tweets at random strangers, imagine the horrors he yells at her at home.

No. 388301

File: 1495685150112.png (356.89 KB, 926x586, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 12.0…)

No. 388303

File: 1495685442289.png (36.26 KB, 561x302, boohoomyfanshatemebecauseimana…)

Hes now sperging out at his fans.

No. 388304

Never seen so many "fuck you"s in one place. Nearly every single tweet is that. So mad. Aneurysm when?

No. 388305

Christ, he can't even grow sideburns, it looks like wispy ass hair.

I've been keeping a tally this month of the amount of times he has to reassure himself and his fans that he's "truthful and honest" - so far the count is 16 times in just 25 days, that's the telltale sign of a pathological and compulsive liar.

No. 388306

jfc he really can't make a post that doesn't end in caps, swearing, or some derision can he? also why didn't he @ laineybot instead of just saying her name? weird. also odd in the middle of sperging. maybe he wanted to say something to seem like he isn't completely rancid.

No. 388307

File: 1495686098469.png (67.65 KB, 560x424, boohoomyfanshatemebecauseimana…)

He made a new vid in rage, Anyone uploading to vid.me? Don't want to give the cunt views

No. 388312

Meh, why bother, he's probably surely just repeating again the same stuff he's already been repeating on Twitter for the past few days.

No. 388313

He saying hes sorry because he noticed he lost patreons. He said and i quote: "I lost patreons since making the statement that means I lost MONEY for being honest"


No. 388315


He only lost like 80$. And hes pissed that his fans "are punishing him for being honest" by withdrawing their patreonage.

No. 388316

>Don't like me? Don't follow me!
>Waaaah, waaah, how dare you not follow me anymore!?
Lol, this guy

No. 388317

OMG. This was my drawing request (': I feel so proud and it's even better than I pictured, you're awesome

No. 388318

File: 1495689078316.png (180.41 KB, 2208x734, IMG_2035.PNG)

No. 388321

It's like Carrot Top is his long lost twin sister.

No. 388322

>I'm married to a such a beautiful human in the description
>Picture is actually a selfie of himself

hahah what

No. 388324

File: 1495690087289.png (29.82 KB, 508x116, thumbnail.png)

No. 388325

There should just be a thread for pathetic delusional patreons since they seem to be accumulating lmao.

Imagine if she actually went to college like a normal person and made friends there and got a healthy bf/gf, and continued in her path of wanting to be a doctor. She'd probably still jump on trends and be influenced by others, but if she met the right people, she would have become a much better person and would already be well into having a meaningful career. Instead shes had like 5 years of training to be a manipulative asshole so she will never be the person she could have been anymore. She thinks being with greg was a better path in life cause she probably thinks college would have been like high school where she was "emo". But its the total opposite, because instead of growing up during college years, she IS living in high school every day by being married to a manchild who stirs up drama and her high school years were tainted by her supposedly abusive bf then. Shes forever stuck in high school and never got a chance to be anything else other than the "emo kid" with an abusive bf/husband.

im glad hes acknowledged hes basically married to himself because lameo to him is basically himself because she just echos whatever he wants to hear, acts in whatever way he wants, does whatever he tells her to do, and praises him. A narc's wet dream: being married to themself.

No. 388327


No. 388329

Does anyone remember that tweet Lainey put out for Mother's Day where all she said was, "Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever! I love you!"? Then Greg shit all over it and "corrected" Lainey about how she should feel about her mom and she shouldn't​ think her mom is great?

I wish someone would show Greg's dipshit fans that everytime one of them thinks he has a point about Manchester.

No. 388331

His fans would be say "So what? He is right. He knows what's best for Lainey."

Unless he directly offends them, they give no shit and continue sucking his ass.
He managed to get a loyal fanbase of shitty kids who will grow up to be like him.

No. 388350


Ted Cruz had tonsil stones that fell out of his mouth during the debates.

Not tonsil stone anon, but I've def seen them end up on people's lips while they're talking, usually lecturing or any kind of pressured speech. You're moving your jaw a lot, they get loose, and they slip out of the holes easily.

There's something about the idea of Onion's breath having a putrid smell that I can get behind.

No. 388352


cunt? wew, lad. such edge, much tough.

No. 388353


Yes, Greg. The moment that you start talking stupid shit, most people will stop listening to you/giving you money/licking your ass.

I couldn't even watch a full minute of that shit.

No. 388355


I bet he smells like ass 24/7

No. 388356

I bet he's the type of person that likes the smell of their own farts and body odor. Greg is literally his own biggest fan. He thinks he's the most amazing person, and anyone that thinks differently is either jealous or retarded.

No. 388358

nah he's obsessed with showering, not even the greaselord can stand his own natural odour.

No. 388359

Usually if someone smells their odor (or their habitat's odors) regularly enough, they no longer detect it. That's why some people can smell putrid but have no idea.

Sorry for sperg

I was just thinking that if Greg sees the world as absolutely insane and wrong and so on like he acts, why does he continue to exist? Isn't he "too good" for this world, as the expression goes? I guess maybe the attention he gets truly did/does save his life?
I don't think he knows better. I don't see why he'd exist as an act of "charity" to the rest of the world, however.

I'm not saying he should off himself necessarily, I just think about dark shit and this came to mind rather matter-of-factly. Though I will say I'd feel worse over the demise of pretty much any other cow I've heard of.

God, as much as I wonder how Greg hasn't made the wrong person snap, he'd so be the type to end up getting killed by a mentally unstable fan (especially since he's been proven to depend on the mentally unwell and promote instability). Or something even more mundane.

please excuse my morbid train of thought.

No. 388360


I bet he also likes to suck his own dick in private.

No. 388361

File: 1495704161272.jpg (98.24 KB, 810x791, IMG_20170525_112028.jpg)

Hey did you know I have anxiety. I am very anxious. I just wanted to remind everyone about my anxiety. Guys, anxiety.

No. 388363

File: 1495704960660.png (223.22 KB, 457x631, hmmm.png)

Is there any way to confirm this is real or fake at all?

I'm a tad over the fence with it being real as it would be like her (and Grease) to leave out the fact that she's in a hetero marriage with kids to lure in potential interests.

No. 388364

People who actually love themselves don't behave like that. His actions reek of deep insecurity.

The constant need for outside attention, the controlling mentality, the obsession with image, the need to always be right, etc.

Those things do not stem from self-love, but from self-doubt.

His spergouts show just how hard he's overcompensating.

No. 388365

Forgot to add "putting other people down" to that list.

No. 388367

Yeah, people who actually have high self esteem don't feel the need to rant and rage when someone disagrees with them or criticises them

Onioncboy gets one comment calling him fat and makes multiple videos about it

No. 388368

It isn't a matter of self esteem though, it's NPD. He cannot be comfortable without everyone praising him and agreeing with him 100%.

I mean cmon we're not talking about a person who is a standard of mental health here.

No. 388369

I just wanted to add to your post, anon… that people with even a generally "okay" self-esteem don't feel the slightest need to remind others on a nearly daily basis that they're "honest" and "truthful".

I swear if someone (I don't care if they're family or friends) had to tell me they were the most honest person and hated by others for their "truth crimes" as much as a frequency as Grease does, I would've dropped them a lonnnggg time ago.

It's not normal, it's unappropriate, suspicious and the least bit convincing in every way. It reeks of a desperate, backstabbing and untrustworthy piece of shit.

No. 388378

Gerg: "getting dumped by my patreons, and them taking money from me just for having a differing opinion(s) is just so wrong! If you can't accept opinions that aren't the same as yours how are you going to live through life, you are terrible"

Also Gerg: "if you don't share my opinion 100% I will dump you IMMEDIATELY, retroactively. And you are a horrible dishonest piece of shit human"

No. 388379

When does Gerg start calling his ex-patreons "thiefs"? You know, like how he calls his ex-wife a thief.

No. 388382

Can we make An Onision Bingo? Words/phrases to add:
-Fuck you
-Youtubes blacklist
-Shane/Cyr/Other ex friend
-Poorly covered shade to Billie

No. 388383

thats a sociopath thing. greg gets bogged down in semantics because he lacks the emotional intelligence to see nuances/the broader picture. he has the social awareness of an autistic.

No. 388384


Doesn't he realize that by that rule, he can't talk about the refugee kids either, since there are lots of people dying in Africa? Doesn't he realize that he isn't allowed to mourn about anyone anymore, since there are people who suffer more and die everyday? How can one person have so little self-awareness?

No. 388385

Greg is so dumb. Just because someone uses logic doesn't mean that they're right. There's such a thing as an argument being unsound. Once you contradict yourself, your argument is invalid. And he always does.

Vid related because it describes onion to a t.

No. 388387

this is so long overdue, we need it for sure

No. 388398

Sage for triggered, but I hate how it's now become trendy for you westerners to label every fucking brain fart as being some ~dIsOrdEr~

Onision's doesn't have NPD, BPD, XYZ, ETC. It's called being a dick, plain and simple.

Just like Lainey here >>388361 does not have "anxiety". It's called being in an abusive marriage. She's scared all the time because she's living with a scary dickhead, not because of some imaginary mental condition.

No. 388400


or if you're feeling suicidal, make it a twitter drinking game.

No. 388409


heh,uhm… Is he on the toilet while praising his "beautiful" wife ?

No. 388411

File: 1495720414602.jpg (288.33 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_0446.JPG)

Still sperging over the same shit, third day in a row. Also he's definitely only clinging to this WHAT ABOUT THE TODDLERS thing for the shock factor. Something he accuses others of all the time. Oh and another phrase to add to the Gerg drinking: game "I'm Right!" He says it so much. Reminds me of Danny Devito's character in Matilda and also Ms Trenchbul where they say "Listen, you little wiseacre; I'm smart, you're dumb; I'm big, you're little; I'm right, you're wrong, and there's NOTHING you can do about it."

No. 388414

Unbelievable. I'm astounded he's still on this. He's turning another tragedy into a weapon. I fucking hate him, Sage for no contribution.

No. 388416


jfc, these two are so cringey. As if Greg has ever done anything for anyone else unless it directly benefited him. And what is this pissing contest to see who's the most generous?

This tomato douche couldn't try any harder to suck every popular youtubers dick. At least I understand his intention is to be relevant (not gonna happen, bro).

Dani, on the other hand, I don't get. She paints herself as this artistic, liberal, LGBTQ+ activist… but she chooses this incredibly problematic youtuber to fangirl? That makes no sense to me.

Yeah, Plainey's anxiety is because her husband is fucked. Not defending her constantly bringing it up for sympathy, but it's still anxiety.

Putting a label to a pattern of behavior is a way to understand it. Get over it lol

No. 388418

umm… does he really just hate england or something? It just occurred to me how many times I've heard him sperg about how they can't talk right and doing this piss poor cockney accent to imitate?

Also, for someone who gives hella low key racist vibes (seriously, a lot of time a non white girl shows up on his rating videos he manages to say something borderline offensive, nevermind the horrifying "allahu akbar" shit he does imitating muslims) he sure is hung up on fucking race.

No. 388419

>Putting a label to a pattern of behavior is a way to understand it.

It does more harm then good. It takes away from personal responsibility for one's actions.

Onision's vile tweets should be attributed to his bad choices, not "narcissism". Lainey's constant crying should be attributed to her bad choices, not "anxiety". Luna Slater's filthy bedsheets should be attributed to her bad choices, not her "depression".

Choices and actions can be easily changed, and everyone is responsible for their own. When you attribute your series of bad choices to some "disorder" instead, you are washing your hands from responsibility for their consequences, and it becomes difficult to change them because you made them an integral part of your personality and identity instead of viewing them and treating them for what they are - each a conscious single act of choice.

No. 388421


Take this crap somewhere else

No. 388423


no one cares about your immature musings on mental illness. sounds like some fucked up onion logic, honestly. more importantly, you're derailing. fuck off.

No. 388424

So Dickette posted a video about failing his crash diet. He mentions his "HUGE COLLAB" coming up, and that he's sending in an audition tape to host some shit on a famous youtuber's channel. I don't follow youtuber because old lady, anyone know what this delusional fuck is talking about? (sorry, don't wanna link his video so he doesn't get more than 20 views, it's on his channel)

No. 388425

Heh, a pedo mocking another pedo.

No. 388439


sage goes in the EMAIL FIELD
how the fuck difficult is it to google "what does sage mean/do on an imageboard? how do i use it?"

fucking newfags, get the fuck out

No. 388440


blah blah blah Onion blah blah Lainey blah blah sheets of Luna blah choices


No. 388443


Chill dude

No. 388446


>When you attribute your series of bad choices to some "disorder" instead, you are washing your hands from responsibility for their consequences

This is implying that the individual in question's thought process is logical and not over emotional, this is not the case with some mental illnesses. Neurotypical people have the ability to look at their past mistakes and learn from them including some mentally ill. They feel and process shame at a healthy level.

Cluster B, aka super delusional land, nah. Their thought process immediately goes to deflect, defend, shame, or attack. Because once again, their thought process is illogical and over emotional.

>it becomes difficult to change them because you made them an integral part of your personality and identity instead of viewing them and treating them for what they are - each a conscious single act of choice.

This is literally what therapy is supposed to do. However, we're talking about cluster B disorders, they are so illogical that they truly believe they are better than the world. They don't seek treatment, because they are too mentally ill and deluded to believe they are doing anything wrong. So yes, Onion is using the NPD tag as a cop out cope, but its because he's too illogical to catch himself because he's so deluded by his illness.

Plus no one here is giving him a cop out, and he has been losing traffic/patrons/subs, so not sure why you decided to go into the whole "mental illness not realz" its all choices spiel.

sage for ot

No. 388447


This is something that I always get bogged down in. Honest roundabout question: Greg's behaviors are pretty autistic. He fits the bill in a lot of ways.

Seriously, do sociopaths/narcs exhibit similar traits to autists? I know it's kind of a weird question but times like this when I see Greg sperging, it makes me wonder. He doesn't have that many sources of real narc supply–just Lainey and the kids, narcs don't get any real supply unless they know the person well and know they're inflicting pain–so when he goes ballistic on twitter it looks much more like an autistic inability to read a group of people properly.

I wonder if they doctors damaged his brain when they had to yank him out of his mother's womb because his head was too big.

No. 388448


Someone on his patreon willing to take a hit for the team ask about ~his~ fucking toddlers. Maybe that will get him to drop this fucking endless rant that shows no signs of slowing.

No. 388449

No. 388451

Shiloh lived in England for some time.
Billie has a British boyfriend.
Onision autistically hates UK.

No. 388452

Why on earth would we want to stop his rant? It's hilarious in its stubborn delusion, and it's making him drop fans like flies.

No. 388454

File: 1495727862032.jpg (123.33 KB, 810x516, IMG_20170525_175536.jpg)

lmao did he write this to himself?

No. 388456


No, Lame, you're not anxious. You have an asshole for a husband. Learn to tell the difference.

No. 388457


I'm glad it's making him lose fans but when he gets into unrelentingly ugly mode I also find him to be boring. It's skim milk.

No. 388459

I really wish every time this idiot utters the word "logic" something mildly unpleasant happens to him. Like, idk, a small animal jumping onto his balls, or getting a boil on his taint or something. He is so fucking infuriating with his sperging about "looooogic" like it's the only thing that fucking matters in the world and things like tact and class don't exist, when he doesn't even seem to know what logic means in the first place, and uses the word to mean "thought process" half the time,

No. 388460


i don't even understand what this tard is trying to say

No. 388461



I love that Greg is basically saying "I don't care if the people financing my lifestyle are happy with my product".

Self-entitled much?

I'd love to see him on the street in a year. Don't think it'd happen, but we can dream.

No. 388462


>small animal

>ball attack

kek, anon, kek. Good mental image to start the day with.

No. 388463

No. 388467


I'm not even sure it's lowkey? He does choose to live in the PNW which is about as unapologetically white as you can get in the USA. /pol/ and stormfags always hail the PNW as the rightful domain and ruling seat for whitey in Our Great Nation.

Too, Greg's been clocking some attention and RT's from white supremacists lately. I don't think he even notices it but I think he's def got some heavily ingrained racist ideas about people.

No. 388468

I wasn't saying mental illnesses are not real, the spiel was brought on by me being fed up of all the Dr. Lola Cow's on here internet diagnosing every twitch these morons we post about make as some disorder or another.

No. 388469

I'll laugh when his monthly earnings become low enough that he won't be able to finance his family so he will desperately try to kick Lainey out.

No. 388470



I want to see Lainey out on her ass and looking desperately for work. She's been a real shit, and she gets so much less loathing for her bad behavior than Greg does.

Unless you're a farmer, of course.

I'm sure Daddy would help his smol space prinx out.

No. 388473

Onion will probably decide that it's time to restart his life, kick his family out and try to find a new barely legal GF and gain YouTube fame again or some shit like that

No. 388474


>when you're husband manipulates you and then gaslights you so that you live thinking he's perfect and that your meaningless and hated by everyone.

i don't like her, but like…. it ain't the anxiety sis… its the onions making you cry

No. 388475

File: 1495729865817.jpg (204.26 KB, 810x1024, IMG_20170525_183007.jpg)

This dude is almost as mental as Onion

No. 388476


ahhh, trash dragging trash. its quite beautiful actually.

No. 388479

We'll to be fair…. she DOES have some serious anxiety… but it's BECAUSE of her oh so loving husband. Until she can admit that to herself, it will NEVER go away.

No. 388481

This tweet got 7.7k likes and 1.5k retweets.
I wonder if it bothers Onion?

No. 388483

Tbh I don't know why but I really hate this dude. He's not THAT bad, he just ass-licks other youtubers, I don't know why he pisses me off so much.

No. 388485


Sage cause not Onision but it's because he is so incredibly fake, IMO. His videos have way too much set up – expensive mics, insulation – and he has given himself a name as well as trying very, very, hard to brand himself with this Tomato shit.

It's just disingenuous all around. Most youtubers that are very popular now started this as a hobby and let their fans come up with nicknames (etc) and had organic growth of their channel. He's just trying to be a Youtuber as a career without producing any genuine content. I think people can detect this kind of fakeness miles away even if you aren't consciously thinking about it and it pisses people off.

He very much cares if people like him which is very different than making something you think is cool and sharing it with the world, hoping people like it, but being okay if they don't because you enjoying making it.

No. 388486

You hit the nail on the head. Dont know why he even wants a super gr8 and famous YouTube career with how shit everyones earnings Have gone. How is that gonna help support his family?

No. 388487

Grease didn't get the praise and admiration he wants because he's a fucking asshole. He can't be the hero, so he makes himself into the villain or the victim. He defaults to pity and infamy cuz he just neeeeeeeeeds that sweet, sweet attention at any cost.

Grease will never accept Dickette, and it's so cringey and hilarious watching him try to suck his dick. Narcs only accept praise from people they view as worthy. Worth to Grease is all about power/authority (like someone's sub count) because it benefits him. Dickette's not worthy or useful to Grease because he's a try hard with no followers. I bet, too, that Greg sees himself in how fake and desperate Dickette is to get famous, so hates him even more, lol. He'll take the peasant's money because he has no morals, but they'll never be "friends".

No. 388488

I have no idea but him and his wife are incredibly thirsty for YouTube fame.

No. 388489

This is what confuses the shit out of me about this dude. He has a half a million dollar house, enough money to buy fancy equipment shit, enough money to pay a grand to fucking gerg for a collab, all while being unemployed… and he wants to do youtube to "support his family" during the adpocalypse? Like is this just a special needs guy whose rich parents are supporting him and making him think he's normal?

No. 388490


I usually pride myself on being good at spotting autistics, being one myself, but I've never quite got that vibe from Onion. Black and white thinking is a Cluster B thing and I feel that it's his whole lack of nuance that is his most autistic trait. But then, the way he mimics other people when he's fixated on them could also count.
I mainly feel he's just an odd combination of narc and shut in, given his behaviour overall. But if it did turn out he was on the spectrum I wouldn't be too surprised, you do get some real cunts with autism. I do feel the seeming malignant narcissism is his main problem and the reason for most of what he does.

No. 388491

His main problem is being a dick.
Your main problem is thinking you're a doctor.

No. 388495

How did he even afford all of that? Rich parents? Or did he have a successful career before?

No. 388498

I'd guess rich parents, since they live so close to him

No. 388502

How can someone be so unfunny tho?

No. 388504

Does onion ever reply, I mean does he even like him

No. 388506

Because his whole character is just a 'generic youtuber' and nothing else. He has nothing to offer.

All the fake laughter and old memes, ew
And he managed to rip off shit from PDP and JSE bottleflip collab too.

You shouldn't link his video though. Don't give him views.

No. 388507

dickette is a 30 year old man, not a 16 year old girl. Of course greg doesn't like him, he doesn't like anyone who doesn't give him at least a semi, and hates other men at a chris chan level.

No. 388522

I made a Twitter account

I'll post fun onision facts as a reply to every tweet he makes

No. 388523

File: 1495738850972.png (162.5 KB, 588x687, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 2.59…)

He continues to lose it 1/2

No. 388524

File: 1495738869325.png (187.93 KB, 584x753, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.00…)


No. 388525

File: 1495739419224.png (441.09 KB, 753x917, onision fan.png)

The JPG is not my doing

No. 388526


lol so is his twitter just gonna become onision's death tweets or something

No. 388528

I noticed that fan of his before.
Sometimes I wonder if he makes his own sockpuppets or are they really that dumb.

No. 388531

File: 1495740605572.png (142.79 KB, 585x649, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 3.29…)

He also retweeted a bunch of his fans that are kissing his ass talking about how cool he is for being "bluntly honest."

No. 388534

So Onion boy is making 0 money on youtube now ,according to social blade, on all his channels. Glorious.

No. 388536

File: 1495741184671.gif (484.82 KB, 500x229, 7302746_orig.gif)

Oh lord…

No. 388539

anon… i think you might be right…

No. 388540

Sure Gerg, it doesn't matter. That's why you went out of your way to view the stats, screenshot, and tweet it for everyone to see. :\

No. 388541

waiting for grease to pick up sicesca again so he can come into his own as the unquestionable authoritarian cult leader he's always wanted to be.

No. 388543

>reply to every tweet he makes
anon, you've just created a full time job for yourself

No. 388544

i know where i'd like to "deliver a barbed spear"

No. 388549


Aaaand we have a new thread pic.

No. 388552

File: 1495743500619.png (108.06 KB, 1261x596, IMG_4224.PNG)


Yeah! After he becomes the Lex Luthor of da interwebz (hopefully never either way, though it'd be hilarious).

No. 388553

File: 1495743575767.jpg (15.59 KB, 210x45, IMG_4225.JPG)


Never change, Grease…

No. 388554

i just wanted to say that you are stupid. people have disorders - theres MORE than enough evidence that grease is a narc. get the fuck over it. christ

No. 388556

Not that anon but it does get frustrating to see posts constantly saged incorrectly. It really is easy to just google quickly how to sage. Take two seconds to do that or don't post honestly

No. 388560

Save the medical diagnoses for the pros, asshole.

No. 388561

Probably the thing that Phillip defranco is asking about. Auditions for his news network and what not.

No. 388563

are you that deluded that you think absolutely no one on this thread has medical experience? some of us work in the field, asshole.

No. 388564

And you got you major in the acclaimed subject Twitteranalysis, right?

No. 388565

makes sense you consider that a medical field

No. 388568

And you have no sense for sarcasm.

No. 388570


Y'all done circle jerking each other? Cause this horse is pretty dead.

No. 388572


Don't these people have their own med thread back in /ot/?

They should just go there.

No. 388575

being a dental assistant is not a medical profession, hate to break it to ya

No. 388577

I so badly want him to open this islam can of worms

No. 388578

I'd be very very surprised if Greg were someone with autism. He doesn't display any of the classic signs so far as I can see and I've been watching him for a while.
Source: my kid has autism & I work as a therapist for kids with autism.

No. 388580

Not gonna happen. His bullet-proof vests are a poor shield from a bomb attack.

No. 388602

Whenever I read Gurg's tweets I imagine him sitting in a sweat and vegenaise stained dad-shirt, vein popping out of his pimple covered forehead, grease tripping from his fringe while he breaths furiously through his mouth and smashes the keyboard between occasionally yelling at his wife and kids to shut the fuck up while he's working.

No. 388604

You may work in the field (but I really doubt it) HOWEVER if you were a ethical and professional doctor actually worth going to, you would know better than to diagnose a patient based only on observing them on the internet.

No. 388608

he's not my patient. i have absolutely no relationship with him so i'm free to speculate however i want.
if you want to complain further take it to the med thread. be happy to argue uselessly further there

No. 388609

s a g e y o u r s h i t

No. 388610

c a l m y o u r t i t s f u c k

No. 388615

>theres MORE than enough evidence that grease is a narc
>i'm free to speculate however i want

Thanks for finally admitting you're baseleslly ruminating online

No. 388617

what the fuck else do you think this board is for? i'm not his doctor, or i wouldn't be posting here, you idiot.
my point is that there is PLENTY of evidence to support that theory, and suggesting that it's ridiculous to think he has a mental illness (or that plainey has anxiety) is stupid.

No. 388621

we can speculate on whatever the fuck we want, credentials or not, lol. you're being such a little bitch about this. get the fuck over it and stop derailing.

No. 388622


Seriously can we just make a thread for Onion's patrons? The only thing these people are doing is to give Greg money and they're not inherently milky in and of themselves beyond that. This guy, for example, he's just cringe.

I don't know, it seems to clog the thread. Even Venus has her own thread separate from Margo.

I know drama is slow right now, but maybe a farmhand can step in with an opinion? I could care less about these losers but if the consensus is that it's worthwhile then I'm cool with that too.

No. 388624

>>388617 >>388621

Like one of you said to that other anon, go ruminate about mental illnesses in that med thread.

This board is for laughing at lolcows, and I'm sick of reading about "muh narcissism" here

No. 388625


Oh, fuck off.

No. 388627

What is stopping you? Go make it.

No. 388628


No1currs about your ~medical experiences~ and speculations, fuck off.

No. 388631

then shut the fuck up about it holy fuck

No. 388636

You know what is worse than people going offtopic? The stupid fucking assholes that whine about it.

No. 388637


The fuck's your problem? Calm your nuts.

No. 388638

admittedly it's kind of funny that they so desperately need to interject themselves into a finished conversation

No. 388640

this. some of us like it, some don't. just skip the post so you're not triggered by narc stuff. simple.

anyways, moving on.

he's getting worse and worse the older he gets. i wouldn't be surprised if he went this route, he's already practically begging people online for money to be "saved" by his almighty Truth™.

No. 388641


jesus christ he's psychotic

No. 388642


There's a difference between whining about it and telling the others to stop. I'm doing the latter, fuck you.

No. 388667

File: 1495752163624.png (100.54 KB, 584x542, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.42…)

Still losing it. I'm waiting for a third video of him ranting to be posted soon.

No. 388668

File: 1495752205055.png (158.12 KB, 523x765, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.43…)

No. 388671

When does onion ever talk about current events?? Apart from now when he's something like fuck.

No. 388672


No. 388673

Greg, I thought you hit the acceptance stage already.

No. 388676

Maybe he realised that sperging and using it for video material is easier than a) trying to generate new ideas (as if that would happen seeing as he's not creative whatsoever) or b) uploading his same old shit content over and over.

No. 388678


Not sucking viewer cock but oh hey look at me trying to be family friendly in UhOhBro…
Not sucking viewer cock but oh hey look at me setting up two new channels where I upload old content…
Not sucking viewer cock but oh hey look at me trying to lure more teenagers to give me their lunch money

No. 388679

that's pretty much it. when something happens that causes people to tweet out sympathy (like major deaths, terrorist events, etc) he goes off on a sperg. he can't help himself because he wants the attention.

No. 388680

Never. Which makes the whole situation even more hilarious.

He only does it when he's sperging about people mourning/ something happened etc.
It's also funny because he doesn't know how many of these people on twitter tweet about other news/ causes etc.

I like the idea anon

No. 388682

File: 1495752881526.png (27.26 KB, 578x107, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.52…)

Lol, how sad

No. 388684

File: 1495752937258.png (315.27 KB, 583x594, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 6.55…)

Someone needs to edit this

No. 388685

That bomber in Manchester was also standing up to what he believes in. You're in good company, Greg

No. 388690

File: 1495753077240.gif (Spoiler Image, 980.06 KB, 406x276, giphy.gif)

Ahahaha, onionboy lost it, what the hell, he flips out on everyone now.
Yup,she needs tears. Oh, and add onions.

No. 388693

File: 1495753168512.jpg (131.42 KB, 636x960, IMG_0789.JPG)

Touché, anon!

No. 388694

Hilarious that her own fans don't have near the quality of art as lolcow does as a thread picture hating on them

No. 388696

Right?? He's making out as if he's on top of all current events when in reality he only brings it up to one up people.

No. 388697

File: 1495753433252.png (231.11 KB, 1160x674, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 01.0…)


He keeps on harping on people being a fraud, not being heroes, and calling himself a god. He's done this for such a long time, especially the fraud and hero part, it's so evident that he's blind from projection. Not everyone sets out to be an hero in life, Greg. Not everyone ties their own personal value to a twitter account based on retweets. His life is seriously so sad.

Old tweet for illustrating point.

No. 388698

That broadcast sounds suuuuuuper interesting.

Definitely sorry we all missed it.

No. 388700

Wtf is he a spider now?

No. 388701


Why would I bother to make a thread that no one would read just to shit up the board?

It's pretty clear that people don't mind Tomato talk here and I'm not losing sleep over it being here.

Everyone is fucking testy af today, we all need to fuck off.

No. 388702


Old tweets from Aug, 2016.

No. 388704


Wait, is he saying that he DOES kill big aggressive spiders? If that's the case, then shouldn't he jump off a bridge? Stick his head in an oven? Hang himself in the closet while jerking off?

No. 388705

I didn't realize Onion wrote for PragerU

No. 388710


What is this spider talk? Did he find out that someone is arachnophobic and is using it against them? It sounds bizarre for him to keep using it in conversational speech.

Also, does he want the person to get bit by big aggressive spiders or little harmless spiders while they're jerking off? Be more specific, Greg. This is very important stuff you're droning on about.

He's like the grossest male cow ever. At least Chris-Chan has the excuse that he's autistic. Greg's just as nasty physically as Chris, is equally the fuckup and shares mistake of god status. Loathsome.

No. 388712

File: 1495754982918.png (104.8 KB, 800x655, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.28…)

He's lost 5k twitter followers in the past month; more than 2k of those are due to the Manchester thing

No. 388713

File: 1495755049497.png (26.77 KB, 698x161, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.26…)

He's lost 8k YT subscribers in the past month. If that trend keeps up, he's due to lose over 100k in the next year (these are stats for his main Onision channel)

No. 388717

File: 1495755349496.png (19.42 KB, 261x148, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.35…)

Speaks lost 18k subscribers this month

No. 388718

File: 1495755516335.png (252 KB, 1257x525, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.37…)

Onion Son is projected to make around $20k a year, IF they don't find and demonetize it.

No. 388720

File: 1495755863571.png (75.38 KB, 223x193, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 4.41…)

Oni Chan is still too new to assess. The videos are topping out at a couple thousand views apiece; I don't see this one taking off, because Greg hates every game he plays, and only plays them for <10 minutes each, just so he can make fun of them.

He did upload an old video of him smashing an xbox, however. As it was shot in Canada, I assume this is an old vid from the Shiloh era?

No. 388722


Sorry about the sage, fuck.

No. 388728

File: 1495756486810.jpg (78.69 KB, 960x656, tumblr_oqan01lwf81rjkaxqo9_128…)


personally i love theorizing about Greg's mental fuckery.

anyone with a diagnosed parent or partner can tell from his sperging and his nastiness that he is plainly and obviously a narcissist and has elements of borderline in there too.

stop bitching and relax. people are having fun. why do you hate fun? do you need jesus?

No. 388729


oh my god are you a bore

No. 388737

Does anyone remember whether it was forbidden by YouTube to have multiple channels with the same content? He always got around that by saying "this is for games!" "here I were a moustache" or some shit. Could his channels get banned because of that?

No. 388738

you'd think they'd want to do something about him deleting his demonetized shit and then reuploading it again. seems crazy they just let that slide

No. 388741

>It's pretty clear that people don't mind Tomato talk here and I'm not losing sleep over it being here.
>Everyone is fucking testy af today, we all need to fuck off.
I'm the one whose post triggered that anon into the massive derail simply because I pointed out that Greg isn't the perfect standard of mental health obviously and that narcs don't experience insecurity the same way non-narcs do.

Btw main way Drs diagnose is by going through the symptom checklist and if sufficient traits are present then you get diagnosed. Wow!
It's the treatment aspect that is truly what makes them professionals.

I think it's mainly one or two people being testy (not just about the narc thing), but it is causing massive derail.

Imo Tomato aka Curtis Michaud and his wife Bianca Nichole Giannotti Michaud belong in this thread. As others have said, making a thread just for him (and maybe Danielle Dotseth) would just bring more attention to him and possible views of his sorry excuse for content.

No. 388742

>that vid
LOL who gives a shit dude

No. 388743

Too bad mod-sama can't/won't say if someone from the grease homes since sarah left has been posting.

No. 388745

>…i'm about to have a HUGE collab coming up…

No. 388746


No. 388747

Dis bitch look like a above ground radish

No. 388750

File: 1495759049233.png (231.51 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4228.PNG)


You know what, I really do think if it weren't for Skye; he would've completely lost it a long time ago.

No. 388751

On another note, Grease took his old sites down. Fucking pussy.

No. 388753

Surely they're archived, tho?

No. 388757

Omfg. I wish he could be put in jail for the rest of his life for this account alone. God damn

No. 388761


Yeah, I mean, the milk is so slow these days, and I don't think Greg's endless sperg about dead people taking all of his rightful attention from him is interesting at all, so bring on the diagnoses. Plus, he is a narc and anyone who denies that is either Greg or Lainey. I'm not a psychiatrist, but of course I fuck off as one on the internet.

I forgot about Dotseth! I have a feeling she's going to back out on Greg soon? Her thirst for gruckdick looks like it's turned into mild distaste, at the very least. I hold out no hope for Tomato, but Dani could wise up.

Fucking off, hope you are too!

No. 388762

File: 1495760703065.png (539.42 KB, 1256x1136, KingCunt.png)

I was inspired by other drawfags to draw Gregma. I'm not used to drawing people as ugly as him.

No. 388763


You captured the crazy eyes perfectly.

No. 388765


His writing 'style' has always made me want to bludgeon him with a copy of Strunk and White's. Those fucking ellipses, jesus.

No. 388766

Not enough caveman brow / wrinkles

No. 388767


I think you got the grotesque lips down well.

No. 388768


When he says ex-girlfriend's sister is he talking about Netunesea or whatever the fuck her name was?

No. 388769


he thinks a tilde is a dash
it's always made me insane~~

No. 388771


i like how he only kept talking about Ariana to get more attention/views but it just made people unsubscribe instead.

No. 388773

eyes not downward enough
brows not caveman enough
jaw too defined
not red enough


No. 388774

You must be one of the druggies spergs that constantly potray speculations in the luna thread as "faxxxxx!!"

No. 388776

File: 1495762204959.png (587.79 KB, 1256x1136, gurg.png)

I made some edits

No. 388777

No. 388778


No. 388779


Should've saged my shit but yeah, he's talking about Netunesa.

No. 388780


I'm talking about his old sites from the wayback machine, notably the ones referring to his Scientology-knockoff cult.

No. 388781


They used to be there is what I meant to say.

No. 388784

He got them removed from wayback??

No. 388785

No. 388788

this literally sounds like it was written by dwight schrute

No. 388789


What the eff?? I could've sworn that site wasn't there when I browsed through Second Clancy's video about it. I even tried to get that Margaret (not to be confused with Margo) email before settling on Life of Onion. Or maybe Clancy linked them wrong, idk.

No. 388790


I guess not (entirely)… I'm gonna try to get into the original site where that email is just to make sure it's still there.

No. 388791

File: 1495764193126.png (30.65 KB, 581x101, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 10.0…)

She's sooooo independent without having a job and having sooooo much anxiety!!

No. 388793

Here anon:

It looks like the wayback machine is going through site upgrades so their URLs might be slightly changing.

No. 388794


amazing, anon

No. 388795


Just got back! The site's still there. I guess they were lined wrongly or the wayback machine was down.


No. 388796


Ah I see, thank you anon.

No. 388798

File: 1495764480661.jpg (146.14 KB, 505x503, loweffort.jpg)

>an attempt was made

No. 388799

translation: Lainey's patreon money means I don't have to give that dumb bitch my money for an allowance

No. 388800

File: 1495764830697.png (582.24 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4229.PNG)

You can reeeay see them crazy eyes when he's "dark"

No. 388802

so onion's mom makes """"comedy animations""""

No. 388803

File: 1495765828457.jpg (18.39 KB, 337x219, IMG_5749.JPG)


he's looking like that "i like turtles" meme. (except we all know he doesn't like turtles in the very least)

No. 388804


lol faggot

No. 388805

File: 1495766104206.png (72.68 KB, 625x335, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 7.33…)

He's HAPPY with a streamlined income and fanbase, guise. Do you hear him? HAPPY.

No. 388808

I think Lainey is staying with her sister or something.

No. 388809

>that deathnote poster
he's like hot topic: the person
he really hasn't evolved passed that weird scene-y bopper era at all

No. 388812

Nope her sister is staying with her. Lainey is streaming on Younow Currently with Leelu and Dobbs.

No. 388813

No wonder Greg was at a hotel, and he's tripling down on the lovebombing. He can't stand her family and he suspects her sister might talk Taylor into some self worth.

No. 388816

File: 1495769130959.png (116.09 KB, 444x780, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.2…)

Round 4 of losing his shit

No. 388817

File: 1495769215591.png (118.02 KB, 389x770, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.2…)

No. 388818

File: 1495769259317.png (111.33 KB, 390x771, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.2…)

No. 388819

jesus fucking christ did you really have to post a pic and detail this revolting phenomena?

I think I'm about to spew

No. 388820

File: 1495769892132.png (35.4 KB, 589x140, Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 8.37…)

"No u don't understand I get to call people retards because they're SJWs"

"How dare u misgender my spouse"

No. 388821

jesus christ. sage for no1curr but what the fuck is his endgame here? he complains all the time about not getting subscribers and how youtube is fucking him up the asshole without lube but then he tweets bullshit like this, calling people cunts and retards because ~*edgy edgelord king gerg*~ wtf. those likes/retweets are going down, Gregory. you're imploding and we're all just fucking watching it happen.
it's times like these i'm too annoyed to continue watching this motherfucker but too terrified to look away.

No. 388822

I'm so good at this, believe me

hmmm, sounds suspiciously familiar

No. 388849

Fuck off Grease, you have NPD… get over it and get it fucking sorted out.

No. 388851

Lmao at: Needing to gather all the funds I can to handle future financial endeavors…… Like dude you were making bank how much money did u threw away, that your savings wont last 6 months?

No. 388853

Wow I never realized how pathetic this guy's channel is. He's been doing videos for over a year, and has actually invested in decent equipment but he only has 300 subs?

No. 388866

I don't get it either. I get a strong impression that this is all deliberate, playing up to the narcissistic label, sometimes over playing it )"to you I am your god"), but it's not giving him views and asspats from fans.

It is getting him attention, but not narcissistically supply, not much anyway.

I keep thinking extinction burst but I can't tell where his pretenses end and the real fuck-up begins.

No. 388875

File: 1495782034996.jpg (59.81 KB, 853x436, rekt.jpg)

No. 388877

File: 1495782966287.png (155.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4230.PNG)

How much y'all wanna bet this is fake?

No. 388878

File: 1495782994788.png (184.19 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4231.PNG)

No. 388879

File: 1495783120584.png (102.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4233.PNG)

Autistic screeching

No. 388880

File: 1495783225803.jpg (16.36 KB, 200x303, doubt.jpg)

>90% of his fans have completed schooling
>at all

No. 388881

File: 1495783289774.png (93.37 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4232.PNG)

When you realize that you can't block anyone who doesn't have a Twitter account…

No. 388882

well you can't reply if you don't have a Twitter account either, I think he's just trying to prove some stupid point

No. 388883

Actually it's 100 percent.

Is this one of his own twitter polls? Maybe he left an option off.

No. 388886


I have a feeling some of the accounts are fake though…


Yeah, that his haters are cowards (for documenting evidence) and he can't have the pleasure of blocking them if they don't have accounts.

No. 388887


>hot topic: the person

fucking kek

No. 388888


Yes, I did. Now you'll obsessively check your tonsils and never have to worry about smelling putrid. It's for our own good. Oh, and fuck off.

No. 388892

File: 1495787952264.png (97.84 KB, 500x518, intelligent, nihilistic with a…)

>Onision: The Picture

No. 388895

Did he make this?

Honestly he's more like a basement incel than anything.



No. 388900

Lol notice how there's no option at all for still in high school.

No. 388902

Nah, that's from some cringey thread on /v/ that became copypasta. It just fits the self-image of this edgy manchild to a t.

No. 388903

File: 1495791717438.jpg (181.87 KB, 810x1025, IMG_20170526_114055.jpg)

>pisses hater retard fucks off

Did he have a stroke?

No. 388911


can someone please make an onion pepe with him going "baaaaaaaah" isntead of "Reeeeeee"

No. 388935

I thought it came from /co/.

No middle school option either.

No. 388941

File: 1495806294925.png (752.12 KB, 1723x1559, dani.png)

made a twitter to try to get some milk by playing nice. i don't foresee any, so here it is. totally brainwashed.

No. 388944

This is happening just because he's inflexible.

He's behaving the same way he always used to behave, except circumstances have changed and it's not working anymore. But he's grown older, and after years and years of behaving in a certain manner, he doesn't know how to get what he wants in a different way, and he refuses to adapt.

No. 388945

oops. top of the second column got cut off
>I haven't been real happy with the dude as of late because he just retweeted a girl saying "Hi Daddy" instead of my list of charities to donate to for the Syrian crisis


No. 388948

So instead of learning and changing, he doubles down on his outdated tactics.

Sage for I am durrr and have to doublepost instead of thinking through before clicking post

No. 388956

she….completely ignored the fact that you mentioned Onision calling women offensive names. like, she didn't even comment on it. how do you jump through this many hoops for such a piece of shit like onion? you can clearly see she knows what he's doing is wrong, how long is she gonna keep giving money to him & trying to talk to Plainey? he even fucking dismissed her, and she still…?

>Because I know if I unsubscribe or something, I'd become a story he uses

this means that she must be more than aware that onion gets off on public humiliation, so I guess it's fear keeping her in at this point. she probably knows that IF onion did use her as an example of a "fake fan!!!111" then his the rest of his rabid fans would rip her apart. I almost feel bad for her, but she's absolutely an idiot for deciding to start donating to him in the first place. how do you watch him for five years and not eventually wise up

saged for angry sperging

No. 388965

her justifications and excuses boggle my mind.

though, i remember being a preteen online, hanging out in irc chats and wanting to win over the operators who were assholes and bullies. people are attracted to power, and i think people mistake fear for respect. especially when you're young and don't know any better yet.

No. 388966


>alex delarge

So, a rapist, then? That image is retarded because it assumes the actors have the same personalities as the roles shown, which is shit.

Onion is much more Jack's Twitter Sperg than he is Tyler Durden. The whole thing is fucking stupid.

No. 388967

She's not pre-teen at all though. I'm pretty sure it's been mentioned she's in her 20s, although I may be making that up. She has a job so she's not young at all.

No. 388968


>He even knows women are better than men

Jesus fucking christ, is this dumbass for real? People like this are the ones who give feminism a bad name.

No. 388969

This is actually hilarious

No. 388970

My 16 year brother has a job, what's your point??? Having a job doesn't mean you're an adult.

No. 388971

lol that one got me too anon. would've loved to have seen how that particular convo went

No. 388972

i played dumb/lied a bit to be more approachable, but i actually am a feminist & i agree w you.

No. 388974

If you check the replies to that specific tweet, most of everyone commenting in there is mentioning they're still in school and single.

No. 388975

This was absolutely pointless, anons have already said that she's not going to drop him unless he directly offends and insults her - every single one of his fans are like this and even the most stubborn of his fans allow him to insult them.

No. 388977


I agree, this was kind of pointless and just seems pathetic, although I do enjoy Dani knowing they're ignoring her. On a stream Lainey did people kept asking her if they were dating and after that she hasn't been acknowledging her on YouNow at all.
I'm loving it.

No. 388980

I disagree, I don't think it's pointless. It's confirming something that been speculated on such as if she recognises them ignoring her and the reason why she's being ignored. Really sad to read tbh, but confirms that valueing fans/patrons is buuuullshit. Hope someone calls him out.

No. 388983

I kind of appreciate knowing how she feels about this stuff, but…
Maybe you shouldn't have shared it here since it isn't milkworthy and is more of a kinda? nice conversation. I think she was close to dropping her patronage but I feel like once she sees the conversation here she won't. Idk tho.

Sage for moralfag

No. 388984

16 years old isn't being a pre-teen, I didn't say she was an adult.

No. 388985

sure. i acknowledge that. i probably went too far, and it may not be very milky.
i don't think it being posted here will change her mind, though, because grease alienates his fans eventually anyway.

No. 388989

So how long until the usual we hit the 'I'm a bad person, I'm depressed, please feel sorry for me' stage of the gurg meltdown?

No. 388990


>Because I know if I unsubscribe or something, I'd become a story he uses

Don't flatter yourself. You're barely a passing thought to them as it is. That you considered the possibility, however remote, makes me wonder why you're even trying to be friends with Scumnision.

No. 388998

I can't read the screenshot she sent of her convo w/ Greg. Anyone willing to tell what it was about?

No. 389001

someone sent dani gore for interacting with gerg. she sent it to greg complaining, and he said that she could have just told him and shouldn't have sent it and that was it.

No. 389003


I think she has a crush on him.
Then again, every fan of his must have some kind of crush on him to be so blind.

No. 389006

File: 1495820300546.png (82.92 KB, 1076x601, 2017-05-26 12.36.48.png)

This could be why he's at a hotel

No. 389010

I know he won't talk about it, so I hope his splurging for the past week comes back and bites him when he doesn't talk about the incident in Mosul at all and others hopefully roast him on it.

No. 389012

This dude is a narcissist too.

No. 389014


'MatoArmy'? Has he named his own 'fan' base before he even has a fanbase? This dude is peculiar.

No. 389020

I love how Tomato keeps mentioning his collab coming up this weekend, and how Gerg has not mentioned it ONCE!! I wonder if it will be similar to any of his last collabs including the one with his cousin, where he just bashes the person the whole time. I can picture that, and totally picture Tomato being totally A-Okay with it.

No. 389043


He is his own fan base.

No. 389045


faggots literally pouring out of the woodwork these days and stealing greg's thunder with their spergery.

No. 389047


I don't even think that was real gore. The dead, headless lady in question looked busty af, probably a private fetish shoot or some shit. Or maybe I watch too many horror films.

No. 389050


What's the fucking point?

These people are boring and they don't give milk.

No. 389072

Are you saying busty people don't get murdered? Internet trolls usually use real gore.

No. 389079


Eh, if you've got the stomach for it, look at it. Of course I can't be sure one way or the other but it looks fake to me.

No. 389082

Kek, nice one.

This guy is so annoying in practically every way. I am irritated by how he moves his hand when he introduces a video, by his forced laugh which is the same every time, by his stupid hair, by how much set up he has when he is a legit nobody. I am irritated by his facial expressions and how he thinks going through another YouTuber's book is a good idea for a series. Just everything is irritating, basically

No. 389086

File: 1495830135339.png (329.93 KB, 595x438, onisiontheignored.PNG)

Some random musings over Gergs twitter activity these past few months..

It's amusing to see the people Onion sucks up to, like Shane Dawson, ignore him. Over the last month or so I've seen him tweet The Rock saying 'lets be in a movie together', which is what Zac Effron actually did and starred in a movie with The Rock, and gotten no response. Before that he tweeted Jensen Ackles too, after posting a selfie and commenting on how he'd love to be in Supernatural or some shit, saying something like 'what do you think boys?", and of course, no response. Tweets Ryan Reynolds and uses his gifs all the time… haha, no response. That must get to him. Safe to assume all that bitterness he takes out on others, including the fans he finds annoying. I noticed he deleted some of the people he follows after having a cry and saying something like "what's the point following people who don't ever respond to you", and all the people I just mentioned are no longer on his list. Not sure if The Rock ever was but I know for a fact he used to follow Shane, Ryan, and Jensen. Poor Onision. Kek

No. 389088


Because he genuinely believes he is famous enough to be on the level of those people. Laughable.

No. 389096


Why are you watching this tomato retard ? Your giving him what he wants, attention and views. There is no need to punish yourself and watch his garbage content.

No. 389103


seriously enough with this shit

No. 389107


I have watched the intro to maybe three or four of his vids and got the gist of him and his annoyingness from that. I was just curious to see what sort of weirdo Onion was having to collaborate with. That's all.

No. 389118

About Tomato… After the collab is said and done. Will Onion be "brutally honest" and say it was a business deal? Then leave Tomato to rot?

I don't think Onion has the intention to actually be friends after this is said and done.

No. 389132

I imagine Grease will just start weaning him off by talking to him less frequently, and the unfollow will come somewhere down the line when he remembers to update his follower list with the next slew of Patrons who paid for that perk… I just don't see him continuing this "friendship" as it seems strictly like a business deal where he's keeping his end of the bargain for the month he paid for.

I have a feeling that Tomato will buckle though and opt to start paying for the 75 a month it takes to stay on his mutual followers and the opportunity to keep speaking to him… I don't think this will happen though until he's realised that Grease's current obligations to him are definitely over with. I think he genuinely believes that this is more than a business transaction, from what we've seen of him since the end of March; he seriously sounds like he has learning difficulties.

No. 389161


The thing is, when he first started his YouTube career; he stated it [doing videos for a living] was only temporary and he wanted to branch out into professional acting. He didn't plan on being on YouTube forever at all. Guess he realized that he can just make big bucks on YouTube and be set for life.

If y'all want, I can bring any proof of this for you to see.

No. 389166

File: 1495839660823.png (376.92 KB, 1013x687, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 7.00…)

No. 389167

Don't really see the need to do that, anon. He's a boring prick and there seems to be somewhat consensus on that tbh.

No. 389200


>>thanks for the $$

Funny part is that he's not even kidding. I can't believe someone actually PAID $1,000 just to meet this greasy fucker.

His tongue is so gross. Looks like a vag.

No. 389209


Is he playing out his gay closet fantasies with Tomato in his motel ?


Don't insult Vags like that ! Vagina's are more clean,pretty and smell more beautiful than Gregma's shit spewing hole and flapper #2.

No. 389211


That area in the background looks familiar to me…

Also, I wish I could've met Grease so I could kick him in the balls and call him a Cuck while doing so.

Saged for childishness

No. 389214

Yet this is the guy who will take any opportunity to remind people he is a veteran.
This is why you were given a general discharge and not an honorable, Death Machine.

No. 389223

I think they would stay friends… there both in their 30's and gurgles with probably love a friend who is constantly kissinf his ass

No. 389225

Wow, what a gross tongue. Greg really has an unattractive mouth: he has crocodile teeth, a weird lip shape, and now we see he has a really Cthulhu-esque tongue. I bet that thing snakes out of his mouth like a tentacle.

No. 389236


You forgot to mention his pubes for facial hair

No. 389244


Don't forget about the tonsil stones!

No. 389249


y'all, huh?

Tomato says 'y'all' quite a bit.

I sure hope you're not self posting here to try and get people to give a shit about you, Tomato, because I can assure you, no one does. Keep your 'info' to yourself and please remember that you are such a waste of oxygen that you tried to pay someone to be your friend or at the very least boost your shitty channel.

Can we please stop encouraging this shit for real?

No. 389270


It's a Texas/Southern thing, you must be foreign. Also, calm the fuck down, newfag. I doubt this faggot knows about our existence (Lolcow) at all unless Grease tells him about it.

No. 389271

People should tweet at him , trying to at least make him realize that NO, NO ONE will watch his "collab", and that Onision was the worst choice he could have made.

For some reason hes giving me the feeling that he has a lot of money but is hiding it from everybody to get pity points

No. 389273

People here, and everywhere, should ignore him, and document greg's fuckery since this is the Greg thread and no one cares about his temporary hangers on.

No. 389278


Who, Onion or Biscotti? Cuz we know Onion has multiple houses and Teslas', we also know he's not really great with money either.

No. 389279

Either his parents or wife is wealthy. Or he's just on welfare, in debt, and sells drugs on the side.

No. 389286

His wife's a nurse, so unless she travels she's not making enough to afford the house they're in. So it's parents or selling weed. Or both?

I was just thinking tho, wtf is this collaboration even going to be? They - and their channels - have nothing in common. Dickette is a christian, a gamer, tries to be almost nauseatingly "inspirational" and aspires to become pewdiepie i think? whereas grease has never grown up mentally past his 1999 mall goth mansonite phase and people like dickette are like what he spergs about the most. So like, what are they gonna do? I have this feeling grease is just going to shove him in a shitty 10 things i hate about whatever skit and make him dress in drag or something, which has like… nothing to do with dumbasses' gaming/pewdiepie fellating channel so how the fuck is that gonna get him views?

No. 389287

We've already had people DM'ing him, he's even admitted that he's willfully ignorant of Grease's behavoir and said he's even aware of his bad history, he just doesn't care and has said just as much.

The anon who released his not-so-private information yesterday revealed that both he and his wife are employed, which is how they're paying for all this shit.

There's nothing much else to glean from them, they're both obsessive easy-fame hungering morons… Grease isn't even the only YT'er they're trying to ride the coattails of and get noticed by. But considering none of the other top YT'ers are offering collab videos for a price - they've gone for the one who is.

No. 389288

I agree we should stop posting about tomato.

No. 389294

Until the collab video, where the man who paid a thousand dollars doesn't notice his idol is making fun of him the entire time and it's not even subtle.

No. 389307

Lol the fact he tagged Dickette's wife in this.
(Also yikes that tongue)
Bianca "Antisera" - what does that mean? Her middle name is Nichole, maiden name is Giannotti, and their last name is Michaud.
(Dickette is named Curtis lmao what a loser)

I think one reason Dickette was so "lol idc about doxx!" is that he has seemingly no social media presence outside of his stupid twitter and youtube channel. At least that was dug up so far.

But unlike Greg, he isn't smart enough to keep everyone in his life under his thumb and shut everyone else out, so there is actually a lot of info out there that did come to light.
I posted the big post re:Dickettes in the last Onion thread, but I forget if it listed that he was employed. Unless that's been stated elsewhere. It'd be sad as hell if his wife was scraping by (she's only 22) to bring home the bacon to his 29 year old delusional ass.
His parents live on the same Blvd so they probably pay a lot is my guess.

Also regarding Dani… damn, the conversation made me feel the slightest sympathy for her. Especially Greg's response to her. There are far less cold ways he could have worded that considering she is literally paying for him to associate with her at all.

Also, I always thought she was more interested in Lainey. Lainey just didn't have patreon first or at the same time. I never bought the "she wants greg" thing, except perhaps in the sense that she wants to be Lainey. Though if she's been watching Greg for 5 years, she can't really use Taylor as an excuse for that.
But yeah the stockholm syndrome is STRONG with this one… I guess growing up with Onision's shit and eating it up must have damaged her. She seems to only care about the fact they're snubbing her, not that they're actual shitty human beings which are revealing increasing amounts of shittiness.

My prediction too.

No. 389316


>I think one reason Dickette was so "lol idc about doxx!" is that he has seemingly no social media presence outside of his stupid twitter and youtube channel. At least that was dug up so far.

>But unlike Greg, he isn't smart enough to keep everyone in his life under his thumb and shut everyone else out, so there is actually a lot of info out there that did come to light.

Greg used to dox himself (plastering his full name all over the place), relatives and the people around him countless times back when he wasn't ~famous~. Of course, he didn't give two fucks about doing so either until 2007.

I also think the other anon's speculations were right about TomatoBallsack behavior reminded Gregma of his past self, and hates him for it.

No. 389319


Can we get a farmhand in here to make a decision about this? It's annoying af to open up the thread and it's all information and sperg about someone who isn't Greg.

No. 389321


No, actually how about right now?

No. 389323

He deleted his reddit. Also, is she an RN or CNA? Since she's 22, I imagine CNA?

No. 389324


Fucking. Stop.

No. 389325

Seconded. I dont care about tomato's wife, she's irrelevant. And i dont care about tomato. There's no milk except for him being pathetic and sad. I think admin should probably decide this though, since some farmers have fun talking about him.

No. 389328


Agreed, he shouldn't take over the Grease thread. At all.

No. 389332

Sorry, yeah, originally I did ask if he deserved his own thread in /snow/ but it seemed everyone thought he would just get more attention that way.

I do think we're giving him more attention than he deserves at this point though, though it does make me happy that some other anons hate him as much as I do.

I do think anything regarding his interaction with Onion is relevant though. Especially since he is the only collab donor, right? With Greg raving about Patreon constantly, it'll be interesting to see how things go with his (Greg's) interactions during and post-collab. It's likely to indicate how much of a future the mcmansion will hold.

No. 389336


this belongs in /snow/ period; it's not even interesting.

No. 389339

And your comment belongs saged.
Interesting is, like, your opinion, man. But whatever he does that is related to Onion is relevant to Onion.

But let's stop derailing either way.

No. 389346

Greg keeps saying that anyone who voices sympathy for any tragedy (celebrity death, terrorism) is a hypocrite; but he was discharged, by his own admission, for being a conscientious objector.

No. 389353

I know there is controversy around the Tomato bs, whether it should be allowed on this thread or not.
But, I personally got confirmation from Bisquette that the collab is Greg making fun of him, Greg being a narc saying it's all for money. All in the name of satire. Bisquette is just as much of a doormat as Lainey is.

No. 389363

fucking wow. paying a thousand dollars and dragging your ass across the country to be made fun of by a miserable piece of shit subhuman. holy fuck excellent life choices. spending that shit on meth would have been an upgrade.

No. 389364

Grease posted (and deleted) a Tweet calling him "Cletus" about an hour ago in relation to the collab, I wonder if he has him dressed up as a redneck for being republican and religious and isn't even subtly making fun of him for it.

God, I just want this collab to be over with so we don't even have to mention him again.

No. 389368

God…Is this depressing?

Grease with his new "friend", who bought his "friendship" and collab with $1000, something that won't give him more than a handful of new subs because no one cares about grease anymore and because tomato is boring. Gargoyle on the other hand is seen here with his only "friend", some youtuber wannabe, the only person who can stand to be around him since nobody would willingly do that at this point unless they're braindead.

Same, anon. This tomato guy is depressing and grease is already treating him like shite even though the guy has given him money. It's uncomfortable as fuck and really sad. I hope we can follow tomato for a little after the collab to see if it will give him any new followers/if he's going to regret spending money on shit/say anything bad about his time with him. After that we should probably forget about him again.

No. 389378

Wow I knew it was going to just be Gerg bashing him. What else is new. Gerg has been out of ideas for A LONG FUCKING TIME!

No. 389382

Wow… I really don't want to feel bad for this guy but I do.

But we all know this is Gretchen's self-projection, he will always be a cocksucker no matter what.

No. 389385

Probably because his name is Curtis, and I guess the nickname made dickette uncomfortable due to the closeness to his real name. That would be pretty amusing considering how he defended onion spilling another patron's name.

Seriously. I'm not surprised.

No. 389393

File: 1495868084349.png (111.83 KB, 590x530, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.5…)

Greg's still up and sperging on the same topics, so boring.

No. 389394

File: 1495868154605.png (93.13 KB, 588x407, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.5…)


No. 389395

File: 1495868223040.png (602.5 KB, 931x600, Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 11.5…)


God he's gross.

No. 389397

Welp. Both he and Plainey have underbites it seems. Them kids must look like bulldogs, probably why he keeps them off camera.

No. 389400

That gross ass picture reminds me of a mug shot

No. 389401

H…has he blurred out his smile-lines?!

No. 389403


Aw man, beat me to it. Notice how he still has makeup on? I don't think he washes it off…

No. 389412


I just noticed that! Usually he has a protruding jaw line all over that area. Gotta keep (and failing to) look young and emo to dem fangirls, huh Grease?

No. 389413

Grug looking real primitive as always. Also ew those finger nails.

No. 389421

He looks like a chimp.

No. 389422

Good eye, anon! FFS it looks like a tear streak.

No. 389434

the grammar in that poll is giving me major second-hand embarrassment
but then i remember the kinds of books this guy shat out

No. 389447

File: 1495884990680.jpg (204.29 KB, 1200x1200, IMG_0449.JPG)

Anyone remember these posts last year on Memorial Day, and Veterans Day?? His latest mentioning of being a veteran, so close to it being Memorial Day, makes me think that this year he will be saying thank you again. And That's so fucking disrespectful. Whenever I think back on him saying "thank you" it truly enrages me. Being a "veteran" he sure has no fucking clue what memorial day is all about.

Sage for not new milk, and personal problem.

No. 389456

File: 1495889133502.jpg (61.59 KB, 613x563, Capture.JPG)

must sting onion that this got 3k retweets and 14k likes

No. 389471

I'm pretty sure he's referred to himself as a celebrity before in another old tweet but okay Greg.

No. 389472

First of all, Memorial day is for DEAD veterans. The fact that Chair Force Onision can't differentiate it from Veteran's Day isn't surprising in the least.

Sage for who gives a fuck

No. 389473

I don't like Shadman, but this is a blessed Tweet.

No. 389474

No. 389475

lol at his brows going completely behind the glasses

No. 389493

File: 1495899140470.jpg (247.73 KB, 800x600, Untitled-1.jpg)

No. 389496

what a child

No. 389500


Based Shad!

No. 389503

I feel bad for the Tomato dude too…. he spent 1000 + to get shit on by onison. After this collaboration he'll be left with two choices - continue to pay the top $ amount, or pull out… and if he pulls out because he realizes it wasn't worth it then he's gonna bring on a shit storm from the onion man himself. If he keeps paying than he's screwing himself out of hundreds/thousand dollars a month…. he's screwed either way.. and he's also a fucking idiot…

No. 389505

I would've felt bad for the Tomato dude too if it wasn't for the fact that Onion was shitting on Manchester victims and Tomato still defended him nonetheless. He traded all his integrity for a drop of fame (which he won't get), what a fucking idiot loser.

No. 389512

His posts like this send my blood boiling. his "veteran" status is obviously only pulled out to use for extra Narc Points(TM) and not for any purpose in actuality. And about the health care is so fucked up because no matter what it doesn't make up for the soldiers who gave their lives.

No. 389513

Don't get angry over onion anon, nobody outside his shrinking fanbase believes that bullshit or takes him seriously

No. 389514

GTFO pedo apologizer

No. 389516


Both this and the original deserve more praise, top kek anon.

It's a great rendition of the smol space prinx.

No. 389517

wtf i love shadman now

No. 389520


calm your shit. i thought the same thing, and seeing as how thirsty this faggot is it's hardly outside the realm of possibility that he's promoting himself here.

certainly the explosion of tomato 'intel' that's been dropped over the past day or so makes it entirely believable that he found out about this place, maybe from greg, and is self promoting here.

that's not newfaggotry, that's established tinfoil hatting, and you sound like an asshole using big words you don't understand.

sage for who cares but sick of all the shit infighting on the board lately

No. 389523


>get approached by people every other time i go out in public

What? When you walk past a playground? This fucking faggot is delusional.

No. 389531


Than quit being so paranoid and fuck off.

Saged for irrelevant.

No. 389533

No. 389535


'Then', not 'than' anon. Please get your shit together and stop derailing the thread with manure, thanks.

No. 389536


He is so ridiculous that it's painful to fucking read nonsense like this. The constant self-aggrandizing is so weird. I can't imagine being around him, even for a short time. It must be incredibly wearing.

No. 389540

File: 1495910032974.png (104.16 KB, 621x579, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 2.31…)

He's like a broken record.

No. 389541

File: 1495910055131.png (168.09 KB, 582x340, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 2.31…)

how edgy

No. 389544


I've already corrected myself in the first place, lol you're late. Again, fuck off.

No. 389545

File: 1495910381484.png (115.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4235.PNG)

New video, music's still shit.

No. 389555

lmao his one single vote in a non-swing state that primarily votes blue put Trump in office, sure Onion.

No. 389562


What's accurate? The fact that he looks like a tard on Halloween?

Onion, you need to clarify what you're talking about, you make no sense. Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to crack a spine now and again. Reading is fundamental!

No. 389563

No wonder Greg is so triggered by Lainey's sister, she reminds him of girls that would reject him back in his high school days


No. 389565


technically we don't have to mention him now.

No. 389566

this is golden, i am dead

No. 389567


I feel like he looks as though he could be related to the Slatons in this pic.

His forehead indentation is super noticeable here.

No. 389568

I also found Lainey's old account that is probably abandoned now

No. 389569

Just catching up, but turns out tomato boy lives 2 mins away from me. I'm disgusted

No. 389572


Greg wishes he could have gotten that instead of Lainey. Plus, she was probably what? Fourteen when he started up with Lainey? Perfect for Greg.

No. 389574

File: 1495914491642.jpg (78.04 KB, 931x559, Capture.JPG)


It's kind of sad how her first pic on her account is with Lainey when Lainey was graduating HS, but recently when she graduated, Lainey is nowhere to be seen.
>Sorry Lauren, Greg told me not to come and you know he is love of my life, my soulmate and all

No. 389578


I think this is why I can never feel too bad for Lainey. She knowingly chooses this asshole over her family every time. Her sister looks cute and cheerful and lively, not dead-eyed like Taylor. Even in pictures Taylor looks like she's boring af.

No. 389589

File: 1495915197467.png (3.62 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_0992.PNG)

You can really see the resemblance to Lainey… you know, if she wasn't so miserable, ratchet and old-looking.

No. 389592


lainey blazed one before the ceremony

No. 389593

File: 1495915500018.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, low quality bait.jpg)

pic related, it's half the board rn

No. 389603

Umm… the dude draws loli porn and a pro-pedo, you need to choose who you idolise more wisely.

No. 389604

It'd be way more accurate if he renamed himself to "dead horse" as he's always beating himself with sticks with his repetitive bullshit.

No. 389605

Stop derailing, the only relevant kiddy diddler here is Onision.

No. 389606

File: 1495916683962.png (249.94 KB, 594x443, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.23…)

Aww, no one wants the pedo tweaker at their con

No. 389607

File: 1495916736459.png (92.87 KB, 583x464, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.24…)

And, he's made another video about quitting the Onision channel (what is this, the 6th? 7th? video he;s made about closing one or another of his channels? Just do it, pussy.)

No. 389608

Can someone with temporary Patreon access share these crocodile tears with us?

No. 389609

He didn't really, that's his collab with tomato

No. 389610

File: 1495916963843.png (225.61 KB, 581x365, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 4.28…)

No. 389611

File: 1495917066711.png (282.71 KB, 583x484, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 1.28…)

It's so goddamn hilarious that he can't pronounce "rosacea" and won't learn how. Like how retarded are you.

I'm sure he is indeed jerking off to all the attention he's gotten for his strop (which is why I've recommended we all stay out of it), but when it doesn't translate into a full bank account the shine's going to come off.

No. 389613

File: 1495917545207.jpg (37.37 KB, 803x252, Capture.JPG)

We told you he doesn't care, Dani

No. 389614

Oh my god, so he's not even giving Tomato direct credit or promotion for the collab… this is rich.

No. 389616


His eyes are so glassy-looking

No. 389617

Haha I can't wait to see her response to this. Although it likely will just be more excuses for him.

No. 389618


She got butt hurt cause Onision promo this one guy cause he lost followers due to retweeting Onision. She threw a fit cause he wont promo her when she's losing followers + people are sending her gore.

No. 389619

Well, he's still not technically directly insulted her - she'll probably just see it as him giving her advice.

No. 389620

File: 1495918134558.jpg (67.34 KB, 841x684, Capture.JPG)


Her response

No. 389639

File: 1495920074970.png (46.79 KB, 579x228, gross.png)

No. 389643


More like he thinks he triggers the world but in the end he's the one who's getting triggered.

No. 389644


That's not her, anon.

No. 389647

Her sister tagged that account here: >>389574

No. 389649

not that anon, but it was at one point her account like >>389647 said. someone probably swiped it.

No. 389650

Yeah, but someone else probably snatched the handle. The profile looks nothing like her.

No. 389652

crawling in my skin
these acne they will not heal

No. 389662

She already sounds a little like a battered spouse or something.

No. 389664

File: 1495922073726.png (15.56 KB, 332x188, lauren.png)

I just noticed this on her instagram. Is she living with lameo and gerg over the summer? I guess lameo turned to her sister once she ran out of friends she can get to live with her lmao. Its funny how she cant go long living with onion alone anymore without bringing someone to stay with her.

No. 389665


Is this going to turn into some gross Sister Wives type of shit?

No. 389670


Please god, no. Or yes, depending on your tolerance levels for this kind of thing.

No. 389682

File: 1495924753056.jpg (364.71 KB, 701x701, IMG_0302.JPG)

Another thing shot lainsys sister, it shows she's travelled a lot. A lot more than Lainey. Also this kek

No. 389683

Shes been there in Laineys recent livestreams , I figured she was just visiting

No. 389685

About^ not shot

No. 389699

File: 1495927246680.jpg (20.32 KB, 833x108, Capture.JPG)

Either I'm reaching or someone told Dani about the thread.

No. 389701

What's the context? For all we know they could be talking about a tweet thread.

No. 389702


Lol I thought Lainey was pissed because her sister called her Taylor. Her sister seems more fun, lively, is a typical cute sorority girl, sporty and just seems like she likes to have fun. Onion must absolutely despise the fact that she's visiting.

sage for non contribs

No. 389703

File: 1495927456102.jpg (59.92 KB, 838x614, Capture.JPG)

No. 389706

File: 1495927955928.png (74.43 KB, 487x621, heh.png)

…Yes, you're reaching, this is the full context.

They're referring to Ladyboy's post that Grease retweeted, that's the thread they're talking about.

No. 389735

I guess the concept of "forward deployment" was lost on him during his Air Force days.

No. 389740

I know anon. Btw, has anyone figured out what document Greg is trying to pass off as his DD214, in DSSCTM's vid? It's not a 214 or a 293. Greg was not honorably discharged and now that Keith is posting Greg's military records, this shit is sticking in my craw.

No. 389750

oh my god. his "collab" with tomato is literally a minute and thirty seconds long. this dude paid A THOUSAND DOLLARS, PLUS TRAVEL, FOOD, LODGING, ETC. for a minute and thirty seconds. He didn't even get credited in the title

No. 389752

Can you download it and upload on vimeo?

No. 389757

He really is just a fuckin dollar sign to the guy…..

No. 389758

File: 1495936485972.png (149.42 KB, 592x594, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.51…)

More of Grugly being the edgiest edgelord who ever edged


No. 389759

File: 1495936501544.png (90.21 KB, 587x441, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.52…)


No. 389760

File: 1495936517924.png (95.42 KB, 580x498, Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 6.52…)

No. 389762

I was wondering if this collab would include two videos, one on both their channels or if it'd just be on onion's channels where he collects all the profits. Considering he didnt bother to make it longer than a minute, im assuming thats really all it there is to the collab. That's sad. The tomato guy will forever be in hardcore denial that he wasted $1k on nothing and got no profit from it haha. Also why he would choose the time of onion's dying channels to collab…is this guy right in the head?

i wonder is he sperging so hard these days cause billie's with drew? I bet he enjoys the pictures of them kissing on her second instagram.

No. 389766

Tomato recorded a vlog with Grease boy.

No. 389769

I'm 99 percent certain the description of the original 1K perk that Tomato paid for was a "15 minute long collab video."

I'm guessing the video on his Patreon is the 24hr preview exclusive for the patrons before either one of them (or both) shove it onto YT tomorrow.

No. 389770

File: 1495937142031.png (11.73 KB, 375x78, 536.png)

No. 389774

Ill record it

No. 389778

Bless you

No. 389779

Where was the vlog mentioned?

I thought patreons get full uncensored videos a day before, not a preview? Wouldnt he post the whole video then? I could see him conveniently forgetting his promise on how long it should be and tomato ass kissing so hard that he doesnt care that he got screwed over lmao.

No. 389781

I talk to Tomato. He recorded a vlog with Grease. They supposedly spent 10 hours hanging out together and Grease boy taught him about lighting, filters, and sound equalizing.

No. 389782

File: 1495937931790.jpg (13.32 KB, 385x96, shutup.jpg)

still licking that onion ass

No. 389786

They're both (her and Gurg) so fucking delusional, there was no "silence" at all… there were hundreds of mainstream news outlets giving the story full coverage all over the place.

What planet are they living on? Do they think the world just revolves around them? Don't answer that.

No. 389788

He's on younow

No. 389789

LMAO. Look at this fake ass twilight extra.

No. 389790

File: 1495938621851.png (605.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4243.PNG)

And he looks so old

No. 389791

Im online there.. Any questions to ask him? I wanna rile him up

No. 389792

now everyone is calling him old and he's getting butthurt lol

No. 389793

All you have to do is disagree with him on something and he'll freak the fuck out on you, it's easy.

No. 389794


Make up something, just to piss him off. Ask him about his botched botox or just ask him about something he doesn't like to talk about.

No. 389795

Kek.. ask him if he's happy for Billie.

No. 389796

Did he enjoy Billie's cute younow with Drew?

No. 389797

Bring up Billie

No. 389798

why the f is he sitting in a car? is planks sister still there and he's doing everything to stay away or what

No. 389799

Ask him why he's not spending 8 hours a day creating quality content like he says he does, when he's actually always busy raging on Twitter.

No. 389801

HAHAHAH, he answered my question and called Drew ugly wtf

No. 389802

Grease "I wish Billie would hook up with someone more attractive, she's setting herself up for ugly babies which is reversing evolution."

No. 389804

I just threw some shade his way "from Eugenia"

inb4 7 rants

No. 389805

Because it's everyone's goal to get pregnant asap when in a new relationship. Way to show bias with the preggo control fetish, Grug.

No. 389806

he cant come to terms with the fact hes way way uglier than Drew. lmao.

No. 389807

Tell him that because Drew is closer to her age, that means his sperm is more potent and less likely to create retarded children with dental problems than it would if she was impregnated by a middle-aged man.

No. 389808

"If youtube didn't work out I'd be a cop" HAHAHAHAHAHA You wish.

No. 389809

You Tube isn't working out for him and he'll never be a cop because every reference to him is available online and it's BAD.

No. 389810

He has such ridiculous power fantasies. It's the same reason he joined he air force: he thought the mere fact that he planned to join up meant he was owed respect from every person he knew, and became irate if they didn't.

No. 389812

File: 1495940091312.png (843.23 KB, 1150x481, lmfao.PNG)


Hahaha Taylor's comment

I just noticed that their family is from Las Cruces. I'm from an even smaller, poorer town in New Mexico myself and I also ran away to another state with an older man from online at a young age (spoiler: he was emotionally/socially/financially abusive and I've been in years of therapy for it, and only became somehwat normal in the past year. It's no wonder she ran off with Greg, tbh… I suppose when you have children it's even harder to leave; I probably wouldn't have in that situation. I don't think Lainey will leave him, he's more controlling and more attractive than my ex.

No. 389813

He wants to be a cop lmfao

No. 389814

Omg, the stream ended? After someone wrote in LOL BE MAD

No. 389815

nothing interesting in the stream. only amusing points were him saying he'd rather be a cop because he'd be less likely to hate other cops, and telling dani to chill & just because he doesn't pay attention to her all the time doesn't mean she's his enemy (and him ending the stream suddenly)

No. 389816

he blocked someone who asked if he fucked Tomato or something lol

No. 389817

File: 1495940311393.png (54.87 KB, 612x318, Screenshot.png)

first thing he did after stream

No. 389818

He stated he used to fantasize of being with older women when he was a kid. Yeah, dude's got mommy issues

No. 389821

currently uploading his livestream from today, ETA 5 mins.

No. 389822


Someone should tweet Richie's fan club video

No. 389824

Lol, he swallowed the bait, the fish hook, the line, and half of anon's hand


No. 389825

Lol tollolloll now he's gonna spent days harassing Eugenia. Good job, nitwit.

Are you the genius you decided to "troll" him by starting the rumor that Billie planned to publish pics of his kids?

This shit isn't funny. If you absolutely have to ween, it's enough to point out flaws in his so called logic, or break down his appearance, or get him started on any topic that makes him rage. Even saying LOL BE MAD makes him freak out. It's no funny when you drag innocents back into his field of vision; all it does is hurt them.

No. 389827

not that anon but she's literally talking about him on her younow right now

No. 389830

Take your moralfagging back to tumblr.

No. 389832

Don't you dare tell me how I'm supposed to have fun

No. 389833


heres the full stream from today kiddos

No. 389839

bless u anon

No. 389840

thank you!
there are some good saved moments on taylor's younow profile thing, including dumb faces, cop shit, billie stuff, fans kissing his ass, dani being told off, and more.
https://www.younow.com/laineybot/channel is the link (i don't think these give them money just from viewing right?)

No. 389841


He gave me a dirty look when I called him a child molester (on my account)

Also, his brow is sloping down

No. 389843

Thanks for doing this!

Any highlights? Seems a bit boring (no big narc rage moments)

No. 389846

Why does he say he's dated "so many people with septum piercings" it was just Shiloh and Billie

No. 389847

at the end he describes how he thinks that when beautiful people have children with ugly people its going backwards in evolution and how he wants to be a cop.. He did sort of also rage a bit about manchester but nothing big. Pretty boring

No. 389850

he got off before he had a chance to publicly sperg out. you could definitely tell he was perching on the edge

No. 389851

it seemed to me like the purpose of the younow was at least partially to tell dani to basically fuck off. since he acknowledged her twice, and told her to "chill out forever" or something like that within a minute of him logging off.

No. 389852

also samefag but i just realized she saved a moment of him greeting her but not him pointing out she needs to chill out and stop freaking out.

No. 389859


Speak for your self. I throughly enjoy seeing examples of Tomatodickette's spergery.

No. 389861

File: 1495943664689.png (31.17 KB, 512x208, Screenshot.png)

might be incoming, this is from dotseth's "curiouscat" acct

No. 389863

Because he's been with so few girls that 2 make up a big % of the total.

No. 389864

while i think she's lying through her teeth and she knows it, i am totally on board for a patron v patron vendetta HA

she's just spewing nonsense. she was chatting THE WHOLE TIME and acting like she was on mod duty or something, talking to both streamer and the chat (neither of which gave a fuck about her)

No. 389866


And AJ. Except, he forced Shiloh to take off the piercing, tried to with AJ, and I'm not really sure if Billie had one or not.

No. 389867

File: 1495943943453.png (541.69 KB, 588x612, Untitled.png)

A Dani vs Tomato fight would be golden, in my opinion. At this point in time, they are trying to play nice in the public.

No. 389868

someone should reply with >>389861

No. 389872


what is wrong with her? why does she follow edgy trash when she's clearly the opposite? like what kinda self hatred?

>>388941 it makes me think of this post and how fucking weird dani is.

No. 389874

File: 1495945055706.png (43.13 KB, 512x240, 1.png)

improper pronouns?

No. 389880

File: 1495945852629.png (27.68 KB, 941x172, IMG_9628.PNG)

said to the narc rage REEE king himself

No. 389881


Cucky would be shot point blank if he was a cop, no criminal would stand his ass thinking he's high 'n mighty just because he caught said criminal.

Also, Gregma would probably freak out in dangerous situations, just like when he had to kill a little wabbit. Kek

No. 389883

the REEE king himself, i'm dying

No. 389884

At 26 minutes in, he starts talking about how "proud" he is of Plain for clapping back at his insults to her, like as if it's a positive thing they now both verbally abuse each other instead of… ya know… cutting that shit out and resolving your differences maturely like most parents would. These fucking people, I swear to Christ.

No. 389887

forgot to sage (i know) but at around 29 minutes in, dani gets on grease's case about how he misgenders plain (yet again) and he goes off on some half-baked spiel about how they're cool with it because some bullshit about how "he's the dominant personality and she's the submissive" and then something to do with how he's trying to "bring respect to her name by not assuming her gender". it sounds like there's parts of this i'm skimming through but that's literally how he delivers his reasoning.

No. 389889

Oh man, their kids are doomed.
I hope they make YouTube channels when they grow up, so that we can witness the next generation of trainwrecks.

No. 389890


I didn't really understand what he was trying to prove with that statement besides " I'm superior to you bitch". Really just came off as "Lainey doesn't get a say because he's the boss" and he'll call her w.e he wants.

No. 389891

>imagining onion as a cop
>imagining him explaining hes a vegan at a work bbq
>imagining him explaining his views to other cops like the Manchester rant
>imagining all the other cops hoping they wont have to work with him
>imagining onion being paged to deal with a domestic violence call
>imagining the other cops reaction when they find out what onion pulled when he married a 17 year old when he was 26
>imagining onion telling the other cops to address lainey as "they"

Is he brain damaged? Theres no way someone like him could assimilate with one of the most conservative work forces ever. Some people could get away with it by hiding their power level but onion is all about ~da troof so it would seriously not last. It would be the military all over again

No. 389898

At what point in the stream does onion rek ladyboy? Can't watch the entire thing cause of finals

No. 389899

File: 1495950421663.png (640.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4244.PNG)

>I have skin cancer u guiz, send me money!!!!

No seriously, what's this? 'Cause to me it looks like he just put on dirt for pity points and asspats

No. 389900

looks like poorly casted shadow to me tbh

No. 389901

File: 1495950596741.png (298.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4245.PNG)

And he's another letter he wrote to himself

No. 389902

Maybe a birth mark? Or just a sun spot/liver spot. Or even a mole, holy shit if hes had it for years then its nothing bad. This guy is ridiculous , it lools like hes developing Munchausens

No. 389904

>better tasting veggie meats
>everything he buys is precooked and preseasoned, full of chemicals

Veggie diet indeed.

No. 389906

>>389902 (maybe, it's possible)

It looks green and nasty-looking, kinda like a bruise. He's probably hitting himself on purpose for attention

No. 389907

>for attention
or lamey is too busy with her sister

No. 389916


lol, Onion basically admitted she has no say in the relationship and he can misgendered her if he wants to, but these tumblr bitches still don't get it.

No. 389917

"I'm the dom, Lainey's the bitch. We have that understanding." His justification for it was very archaic.

No. 389918

Ppl can have darker spots on skin cos of melanin, when there is more of it in one place. Here u go onion ur so sick.

No. 389919

Someone is cow tipping from Dani's ask thing

No. 389920

File: 1495952949581.png (217.8 KB, 771x515, Untitled.png)

No. 389922

Oh come on!

No. 389924

Onions cult following should have their own thread in snow not here, even though tomato or dani aren't really worth talking about

No. 389925

Oh for fuck's sake. How long 'til she shows up here?

No. 389927

I'd assume she's already lurking. Hi Dani, welcome home. Fuck

No. 389928

how long until she swallows the red pill and joins permanently?

No. 389929


Now why was that necessary? We liked her better when she was oblivious to us!

-sigh- here we go

No. 389930

Well, this will be interesting. Sarah 2.0

No. 389931


The real question is, how long will it take [for her] to be deprogrammed from five years of indoctrination and brainwashing?

No. 389932

File: 1495953554132.png (24.29 KB, 508x176, screen.png)

not long

No. 389933


She's old enough to interact with us, right?

No. 389934

She's kind of dumb so she's more likely to shove her head further up their ass after this.

No. 389935



damn dani, you're makeup career is going so far :O

No. 389936

for what its worth, Gerg no longer has any patreons in the collab perk rank, looks like Tomato pulled out after he got the goods

No. 389937

lol so now if she unpledges to him she will blame US? "they were stalking me so i had to unpledge to you im so sorry onision i love you bb and i always will, its their fault i swear!"

kek fucking coward.

No. 389938

she's purging select answers from her ask thing now. good screenshot timing

No. 389943

File: 1495954691025.png (31.63 KB, 509x194, screen.png)

she has seen the light

No. 389944


I can't wait to see his reaction to this one lol in that case he'll probably know of the thread since he follows her

No. 389946


She better not shout, she better not cry
She better watch out, I'm telling you why
Gregma'a gonna block her right now!

No. 389947

he won't be for long. you know he sits and watches his pledges. I give it til tomorrow before he unfollows/blocks and subtweets her

No. 389949

What a bullshit reply. Gregma shits on people just like her and her mother and yet she still gave him money to continue doing just that. She wants pity points now?

No. 389950

I don't doubt she's in his DMs crying about it for sympathy thinking if she pleads her case he will award her clemency

No. 389954


Just stop fucking cow tipping. She has no milk, she doesn't even get any special attention from him or doormat - she's just a regular, pathetic lonely-ass fan who throws money at him to get the odd tweet from him now and them. If you wanted to convince her to stop talking to him, you could of DM'ed her over Twitter and had a private conversation with her about it.

Who ARE these anons shitting up the thread recently with infighting, derailing and now cow tipping? It's getting out of hand and the sooner an admin or farmhand gets in here; the better.

No. 389955

I'm wondering if Greg fans are trying to disrupt this system. Anons have been DMing Tomato and Dani, can't you morons just observe?

No. 389957

I'm all for her dropping her pledge, because honestly, fuck Grease and Plain. That being said, the idea she'll still be getting droves of harassment on all of her social media is pretty bullshit. If I'm not mistaken, some of her personal info was posted here as well. Whereas pricks like Clamatto Dicklick are adults and should by now be aware of how the internet works, it seems this Dani chick is literally just some teenager throwing money they don't have at a YouTuber whose tricks have warped her brain, like many her age and archetype. She's dropped her pledge, she's now just a random girl trying to take care of her mom and live her life now. Let's just leave her alone now.

No. 389958

Just a question: why are people threatening Dani and making them(?) feel unsafe?
Sure onision is a terrible human being, but doesn't this make us worse than him?

No. 389960

This moralfagging is probably why she was cowtipped.

No. 389961

looking at that ask account I fail to see anything threatening

No. 389962

People were sending her details in text of her location through her DMs, along with random pictures of gore.

No. 389964

oh my bad, I thought that anon was referring to tonights exchanges between rando anons/twitter folk/Gerg enthusiasts. pretty sure the DMd threats/gore wasn't what got her tho, I think it was whoever rode her hard and put her away wet about being shit on by the two of them and paying for the privilege

No. 389965

I highly doubt it was Anons that sent her gore and private info. That sounds like some jealous fan shit to me

No. 389966

I reckon the cowtipping was caused in part by the unpaid informers Grease has scourging the threads, but really, I think throwing this random chick hordes of hate mail and malicious messages simply because she did what the shitty Z-list internet celeb manipulated her to do has breached the point of anything, really.

No. 389967

it was either this thread or the one prior where she got doxxed. mods weren't as quick as they usually are to remove the posts and so now it's on us either way.

No. 389970


Apparently, Tomato said Grease's actual fans were sending him harassment through Twitter DMs… I don't know if it's the same in Ladyboy's case; but now some fucking idiot cow tipper has made her aware of this place, it's not going to take much to get her suspicions going that "This anon harassing me on curiouscat is linked to lolcow, maybe it's the same troll harassing me on Twitter through DMs" What else is she supposed to make of it?

No. 389972

I guess it's not that much of a stretch to assume it was >>388941 that cowtipped.

No. 389975

I don't know but the posts linked here >>389954 are definitely by them, they're the only anon who knows their curiouscat account and has been posting their interactions with her.

As far as I know from checking Ladyboy's IG and Twitter account, and even from checking the post that contained all her details in the last thread… she doesn't even have her curiouscat account linked in them.

What made them think this was a good idea? Especially since it was made known earlier last night that she was being harassed over Twitter.

Don't cow tip.

No. 389977

the screenshots were posted by me, and I got it from checking out her twitter for the first time earlier this evening. not the one that posted the link here, I didn't even post anything on her account tbh

No. 389978

Don't be fucking asshats and go for someone who clearly wants nothing to do with this jfc

No. 389979

I'm not saying you did, I doubt it was anyone from here that harassed her on Twitter… but it's going to arouse her suspicions and put two and two together even if she's wrong, and we're going to end up with the brunt of the blame, this is why we don't tip the cows; if they come here naturally on their own accord - then so be it, but inviting them here even by accident, nothing good ever comes from it.

No. 389980

To be fair, she pretty much set herself up for it in the same way as Sarah. The only difference is that she didn't move in.

The cowtipping should never have happened but all of the sudden care for her is just as silly. Who gave a damn when she was kissing their ass and policing their streams? I didn't really see anyone speaking up for her then.

No. 389981

We don't care for her, we just don't want her here or any of his other fans.

No. 389982

Definitely agree with this. Gregma has mentioned lolcow before, it would have only been a matter of time before she paid a visit herself willingly.

No. 389983


You mean "el oh el cow", he's slow at these things.

No. 389984

> As far as I know from checking Ladyboy's IG and Twitter account, and even from checking the post that contained all her details in the last thread… she doesn't even have her curiouscat account linked in them.
Correct, I wrote the post with Dickette's info and put an aside about Dani's FBs which I'm SURE I was not the first to look at. I wish mods could get the IP through her of whoever cow tipped, honestly, because it's such a dumb thing to do and is only going to serve to terrify her, bore us, and possibly give Onion fuel. So I'm betting it could be a Sarah-type who did it.
If I had found Dani's curiouscat, I would have posted it. But I'm about half a generation too old to even think of looking for one.

I really hoped she'd stop giving him money for nothing earlier, though. He called her out on Twitter and again on the Younow and she had said in those screenshots that she had been afraid if she unpledged he'd defame her or something? But he's already doing that. The only attention she's gotten is that of someone who cannot step out of the role of an abuser for even a second.

The tipper is dumb as hell and Dani sounds petrified. Talk about ruining things for everyone.

No. 389985


I agree with this.

No. 389986

What is Billie's second Instagram?

No. 389987


Don't worry about it right now, we have bigger problems. just look her up

No. 389988

Can someone please photoshop joy as Jim Jones

No. 389989

As far as I know, Tomato confessed to a couple of the regular Twitter anti-grease crew that it was Gurg's actual fans that were sending him nasty Tweets because they were pissed off that he met him and spent time with him.

He seemed to have been receiving the harassment at the same time as Ladyboy though, so maybe she's being harassed by the same people too, she never specified though.

You're in the wrong thread, bucko.

No. 389990

File: 1495961321860.png (549.48 KB, 885x866, Untitled.png)

No. 389991

We're in deep shit, someone linked our webpage on Twitter for harassing Dani

No. 389992


970 followers? who cares?

No. 389993

>one retweet
checks out

No. 389995

>give em hell boys
>posted a good 15+ mins ago
>no one has said anything here

I'm real fucking nervous now.

No. 389996

What are they going to do though, really. Report back to onion ?

No. 389997

My guess is that it's run by her edgy boyfriend that plays in a band.

No. 389998

I'm pretty sure she's going to the authorities because of her finding out about this thread and us doxxing her

No. 389999

speaking of "boyfriend" I've been wondering what exactly it means to be "bottom" in a straight relationship

No. 390000

Well, nothing can be done about it now… if she wants to come here and talk about it, she's welcome to, she can speak with the admins and mods if she wants to.

But this is starting to stink of a set-up, everything is far too coincidental in the timeframe for it… I'm pretty convinced this is a group of his fans purposely trying to scapegoat us.

No. 390001

Are you posting here Dani and or boyfriend fag? Doxxing isn't a crime, especially when it's social media accounts.

No. 390002

I wonder how long it's going to take her to realize the DMs and ask page shit was probably posted by the autistic screeching children fandom

No. 390003

Y'all are lowlife scum.

No. 390004


Wait, she has a boyfriend?
Is he also an Onion fan or something? Is he totally OK with his GF throwing money at a failing YouTuber who ignores her and will harass her if she stops being his Patreon?

No. 390005

Says the Onision fan

No. 390006

Go target onision who's the actual shit bird. Dani is the most compassionate person in my community and supports many of us and you guys have no right to try and judge them in your blog here. Lrave them alone.

No. 390007

we need eugenics

No. 390008

>TomatersGonnaTomate hashtag
Fuck him so much for this

No. 390009

Cry moar faggot, whatever your "friend" posts into the public domain is free game.

No. 390010

Oh hell yea, this is going to get good. Tell us more about how Dani is oh so innocent best friend fag and boyfriend fag.

No. 390011

If they decided to kill themself after you scumbag have been egging them on to anonymously, all of their actual many friends would lose their backbone in this worldand bite your throats out. Shame on you

No. 390012

File: 1495962446956.png (265.81 KB, 555x542, Untitled.png)

Boyfriend of Dani

No. 390013

File: 1495962451959.jpg (2.81 KB, 103x103, 1472918221.jpg)

No. 390014

leave them alone. u got what you wanted from them.

No. 390015


He's not related who cares

Dani pls spill some info on Lainey and Greg

No. 390017

Hi Danielle.
> especially when it's social media accounts.
Yep. And like I said in the post I made, I only linked to her FB page (maybe her IG???) like doxx lol bitch where

But yeah looking at that twitter cap I wasn't sure if it was referring to Dickette or Dani. Dani, do yourself a favor and read a few of these threads before his whole Patreon schtick when you entered the picture. You are only getting crap because you are letting him near-literally crap on you.

Also most of us think you're boring, so. There's that consolation. It will be ok.

No. 390018

Where's the proof? It's already been discussed in here that nobody knew anything about the harassment she got on Twitter until she said so herself yesterday… if all you want to do is blindly shout out blame into the void, at least have some substantial evidence that "everyone" here is involved.

You don't, all you've seen so far is that some fucking idiot anon in here had linked her to lolcow on her curiouscat when no one except that one anon even knew she had an account there; try to figure out how they got that link to her account and take it from there.

No. 390019

Why though.
I don't remember seeing anyone here say she should kill herself. Seriously. Calm your shit. Then READ.

No. 390021

She has obviously been here.

No. 390022

why'd you delete your tweet egging your edgy memelord followers to come here to give us "hell" ?

No. 390023

Things were seriously dying down as soon as they started, she was even getting sympathy from people. And then this idiot stopped for a moment and thought, "I wonder how I can make things worse for my friend? Oh I know! makes a dumb tweet"

No. 390024

File: 1495963322097.png (33.64 KB, 574x273, 146983.png)

This is cute. Could this be Dani herself?

No. 390026

Seriously though, it wouldn't be fucking difficult to figure out who the anon harassing her on her curiouscat would be, if she's not had it linked on any of her public accounts - it's obviously someone who has spoken to her before to get it/someone she's given it out to, so it's more than likely a friend or someone who has recently befriended her.

Noone else gives enough of a fuck about about her to care, even I had to go back to the thread where her public accounts were posted just to check if she had listed that curiouscat link – I had to force myself to be bothered to even do that much.

No. 390027

Please just leave them alone…

No. 390029

literally nobody here cares about her or her mother. as
said, the harassment likely came from someone she is friends with. take it up with them.

No. 390031

Read this >>390026 figure it out on your own, then piss off… we're not interested, just go.

I hope people leave you alone in future and it may be wise to make your accounts private to save this from happening to you again, don't involve us though… we're just observers of the fuckery that Onision creates, nothing more.

No. 390032

HAS SOMEONE SEEN THE LIGHT? omgggg what have we been SAYING
But… we… are…????????????? Minus the one person who messaged her (ok, two I guess including the twitter anon) but the one on curiouscat was actually insulting her, and we don't even know if they are "one of us."
Interacting with people posted about here and relaying stuff from the site is actually against the rules, that's what "cow tipping" is.

I agree.
Did she ever give Greg or Lainey her curiouscat, I wonder?

No. 390033

after the lashing he gave her on lamey's younow, the time frame seems fitting for them to have their hands in it, to be honest. I'd be more afraid of him then us

No. 390034


What did he say on younow?

No. 390035

took me a minute to find it, this is a link to the exact start of it


No. 390037

The cow tipper/harasser on her curiouscat account definitely posted here… but they're likely not a farmer considering (like you said) cow tipping is against the rules and they would've known that if they were a regular poster here.

As for the Twitter anon who has been harassing her on there - that's in no way linked to us, no one was even aware she had one until she posted about it herself yesterday.

Heads up if you're still reading, Dani… your Tomato pal was also complaining yesterday about being harassed on his Twitter by some insanely jealous Onision fans, you might be dealing with the same person considering you both complained about it near enough the same time.

Damn, he is boring and predictable as fuck… you'd get more pleasure out of watching dust particles glittering through beams of sunlight.

No. 390038

> As for the Twitter anon who has been harassing her on there - that's in no way linked to us, no one was even aware she had one until she posted about it herself yesterday.
Oops, yeah, to clarify I meant the anon who posted pics of her DMing Dani back and forth in a concerned manner. Not the gore pics.

No. 390039

it's just weird out of nowhere, without her talking he would tell her to chill out right at the end of the stream. it's like his purpose for streaming was only that. I mean, he was on for 40 mins and said literally nothing of value except for that little 20 second bit at the end.

No. 390041

>If they decided to kill themself after you scumbag have been egging them

Onision will make her commit suicide before any of us here do

No. 390042

Ohh right, I thought you meant the one who was actually straight up harassing her with the gore and shiz, my bad too.

The one who was just having a normal DM conversation with her sounded harmless though, that one shouldn't be of a concern to her.

Yeah, he seems annoyed by her in general, but that's typical Grease; you can't make a two-way friendship happen with a sociopathic narcissist… no matter how much you believe how special you are, his ex-friends, ex-girlfriends, ex-wife and current wife are testiment to that fact.

No. 390043


Greg's the perfect candidate for eugenics

No. 390050

Can you not talk in tongues, please

No. 390051

what "statements on BLM" is he talking about?

No. 390055

I think he's referring to his original sperg-outs of "ALL LIVES MATTER!" that he did for a couple of months, Black Twitter caught wind of it and went to town on his ass over it and he buckled, got intimidated by them for his racism and he suddenly changed his opinion to "Black Lives Matter" instead. Shortly after that, that's when all the liberal pandering began and he started defending the LGBT community and you know what happened after that I guess.

No. 390056


You just lost your backbone by threatening with someones suicide. Nobody here has ever told her to kill herself (unless cutting off the patreon pledge feels like suicide to her).

Most of the criticism to her has been about them trying to climb up Onions leg and throwing money to him to make him notice them - and obviously it's not working​. It's though love, but they should stop until they become more ridiculed publicly by him - because he's the one who will actually create the worst shitstorm for them.

Sage for off topic and getting baited. Can we now forget this person, she's not even worth of /snow/ thread.

and back to the thread, why do you think Onion has become the edgiest edgelord recently? Does he feel so insecure about his opinions he needs to set up misanthropic villain role to cope with the criticism he gets? Like "Hurr so many ppl hate me I must be the ultimate villain and end game boss who everyone hates but I still control them durr"

No. 390058

>Dani (who's too boring for words) is getting all these Anon messages
>Anons repeatedly express how boring she is
>But Dani's getting Anon messages from a "farmer"!!
>She's coincidentally been unhappy with Onion for a little while
>Looking for an excuse to unsubscribe/pull her donation

>Dani has 0 subscribers

>Dani doesn't list her curiouscat anywhere

Fuelled more by claims of anon-abuse via DMs.

Tinfoil hatting but I'm pretty sure Dani sent the curiouscat anons to herself. Schemed and set up a reason to avoid the Gruggle wrath. I feel like her sending Grug the screenshot of the gore was the kickstarter, the "LOOK I REALLY AM BEING ABUSED" because, sadly, he was right, why not just tell him about it?

The only bit of this that feels real was the anon DMing her about Smeg. The curiouscat and everything after has fallen into place too perfectly. She knew about here and is using us as a scapegoat.

No. 390059

File: 1495972632712.png (155.96 KB, 1280x620, Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 12.5…)

Does he mean petty lies? Pretty lies aren't a thing. He's so fucking dense.

No. 390060

>and back to the thread, why do you think Onion has become the edgiest edgelord recently? Does he feel so insecure about his opinions he needs to set up misanthropic villain role to cope with the criticism he gets? Like "Hurr so many ppl hate me I must be the ultimate villain and end game boss who everyone hates but I still control them durr"

Yeah, that's what typically narcs do.
If they have support they are like:
>I am god, the chosen one, what I say is right…
And then when everyone gets tired of their bullshit and call them out they become like
>I am the dark lord, evil mastermind but I am also the only one sincere…

No. 390063

I think he means white lies.

No. 390065

Greggles if you continue tensing up for those pics of your gorgeous bodeeh (lol) you gonna shit yourself one day.

No. 390066

Pretty lies. Like "I was honorably discharged" and "I've never been to Canada".

No. 390067

Yes, give hell to an anonymous imageboard where half of the posts are pure shitposting.

No. 390068

Probably thinking of Pretty Little Liars because he's a fucking idiot

No. 390070

>Dani doesn't list her curiouscat anywhere
I was reading Dani's twitter a day or two ago (for the cringe), and I'm pretty sure she had posted a tweet linking to her curiouscat because it's in my history still. (her twitter is private now tho)

No. 390073

File: 1495978977296.jpg (217.45 KB, 1163x531, bobbleheadgerg.jpg)

i can never get over how gigantic his head is. it looks like it was increased in size in photoshop

No. 390074

File: 1495979444120.png (315.07 KB, 388x462, wY0pwVe.png)


the sister is kinda cute

i bet greg thinks about her every once in a while while hes fucking lainey

and i'm saying every once in a while because we all know in the rest he thinks of billy

No. 390075

Ew. Did someone call him fat again?

No. 390076

File: 1495979694129.png (669.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1773.PNG)

Lol this popped up on my fb today

No. 390080

'I never watched the video'

No. 390084

Probably. Note how he attempts to use the lightning to pretend he has muscles.

No. 390102

Too damn right. His pushing of his own damn nickname reaches levels of pathetic I didn't realise were possible. That tag encapsulates what is wrong with the guy.
I therefore don't really feel bad that he has spent $1000 for 1:30 of uncredited video on Onion's channel.

No. 390105

>there were hundreds of mainstream news outlets giving the story full coverage

They're both morons that spend too much time on social media and think it only matters if it has a hashtag. It says more about them than anyone else.

No. 390138

So, his new video - the collaboration with Tomato Dickette. He's pretending to leave Onision for Onion Son and give the channel to Dickette? He can't actually be doing that. The comments on it seem unsure if it's true and they don't seem pleased.
But if it is a joke then the shortness of the video was hardly worth the amount of money the collaboration cost. I'm going to assume clickbaity joke regardless though until anything else occurs.

No. 390140

Could he not have put on some decent clothes for this collab? Would a pair of jeans kill him, or can't he fit his flabby cheese-pizza body into them..

He looks so trashy in the oversized work out clothes. And we all know he doesn't work out.

No. 390143

samefag here, but TomatoDicksette actually doubled in subs the past week. Not that 600 subscribers are that many, lollll. So much for the precious collab and PR.

No. 390156

It's actually in the last day or so. I checked his sub count like two days ago and it was about 310.

And yeah, Grease really should have been able to wear something other than lounging around clothes for the collab. That kind of getup is all well and good for lazing on the sofa watching a film, not so good for social media.

No. 390158


Thanks a lot for critcising his body now we are going to be spammed with a bunch of creepy pale body acne "THIS IS A FLABBY PIZZA BODY?" pictures.

No. 390165

I love how its less than 2 minute long video and onion is in it alone on screen for the majority of it. I wonder if there is a follow up video where he "takes over the channel" or if that really is it. His name isnt even in the title lmao.

He was going to gain subs from the video, but not many, so thats to be expected that he gained a couple hundred subs. Notice how his views have not increased lmao. He will probably get some views on his onion video if he releases it, and then it will go back to not getting views because he doesnt make interesting content. Basically onion profited the most by getting $1k from him + he will collect all the revenue from the collab video on his own channel which will be more than tomato will make from any of it.

No. 390183

this is where I found it to obtain screenshots of her answers. I noticed a trend in the answers she was getting, and this was the only reason I posted the screenshots. not the anon that asked or stated anything. I agree with
there is somethihng else afoot here

No. 390187

I just watched it, hilariously he covers his bases with the 50$ pledges by way of a two frame jumpcut with their names at the end of his video wherein if you blink it's gone

No. 390191


this is so pathetic that its my fave dani drama related thing

No. 390193


She deserves all the hate she gets just for calling herself a feminist and then saying women are better than men. I'm really sick of these retards that make feminism look bad.

Sage for sperging.

No. 390198

Is it finally fucking over can we stop talking about tomato? Or dani for that matter?

No. 390204

File: 1495997889502.png (585.88 KB, 1148x562, GUBprpT.png)

Onisions spergout made him lose a lot of patreons, he's now at 4.5k.

No. 390219


I think from here on it'd be in our best interests for us all to stop talking about him, he's wasted his money, he's been trying to pick up hints and tips on how to generate drama frpm his "mentor" Gurg and any further discussion of him would basically make him think that he's getting his money's worth and he in no way deserves that, especially from farmers.

That's it, done, finito .. back to the downfall of Grease.

No. 390229

Mirror of Plain's new video


The contrast in her personality when she is with Onion vs when she is not is huge.
I would feel bad for her if I didn't know she is also a piece of shit

No. 390239

>spends $130 + tax on eyeliner alone
m-muh survival munies

No. 390241

He's going to lose a lot more top paying patrons soon because he still hasn't fulfilled his promise of playing a game for 1 hour each with 8 individual patrons who paid specifically for that perk. He's meant to do it every month and it's now nearly the third month since it's creation.

Lainey has also promised the same perk to 3 of her patrons, she has until the end of this month to do it.

No. 390242

Can't they be reported on Patreon for not fulfilling promises? Isn't that sort of the point of Patreon?

No. 390243

b-but he played a m-multiplayer game on s-stream!!!

No. 390246

I don't know, I know if I was his patron and I was paying for that perk for a month and didn't get fuck all out of it, I'd cease further payments and demand reimbursement.

What he's doing is fraudulent, I don't know why those patrons are still giving him their money for nothing for nearly 3 months.

You mean the Jackbox party pack game for 8 mins before suddenly quitting and dropping out on them? That's in no way worth $70 a month.

No. 390255

Welcome to the wonderful world of Patreon. It's the same magical place that allowed Spoony to sit on his ass and collect 5k every month for doing fuck all.

No. 390257

>while you're stuck at home with 2 kids and a husband huh Greg
He'll never get over the fact he almost found freedom with Billie kek. Good on Billie for ditching him.

No. 390287

Drawfags may want to take note of the Carrot Top likeness.

No. 390290


No. 390291

b-but he played it! people saw! he made sure everyone on twitter knew he played with his Patron (singular)!!

No. 390292

how much do we think is farmers/fake/not going to go through? I'm betting about $100

No. 390293

I pledged 50$ in its infancy to see if it would work with a prepaid credit card that had a balance of 7c ..the displayed amount is definitely not anywhere close to what he is getting

No. 390296

Top keks. Your twitter's brilliant. Thanks anon.

No. 390299

Exactly. It doesn't matter to him but he's forever sweating over the numbers/stats. He and his couple hundred sycophants are the only ones who can't see how full of shit he really is.

No. 390302

A bit off topic but thought some of you guys might be interested.

Shiloh was just livestreaming on Instagram. She's producing music again and sang, her voice is damn good tbh. She looks really happy and said that she feels that she can put herself out there again because she has people supporting her. Just made me feel happy for her.

No. 390303

It seems crazy but they make some money off of it so what do they care? They're about as ethical as Grease.

No. 390305

considering the average views of his original Onision channel have tanked to 40-60k views each over the last few weeks, spreading them out isn't really going to help him regardless of ad boycotting or not

No. 390306

Has he fulfilled these perks? I dont remember seeing anything like this on his videos/descriptions, but he drops like eighty videos a day, so idk.

>Get your mail featured in Onision videos.

>1 link of yours promoted in a video description every month.
>Get your link/project featured for 15 seconds in an Onision video.
>Write your own Onision video & it will be made or have custom script written for you.
>Public verbal thanks in video.

Also, looking at his perks now after all the changes and shit, these are so awful lmao. I like how these are supposed things you get:

>Fewer product placements.

>Access to videos literally banned from YouTube.

Like he hasnt reuploaded all his videos eighty million times on seventy channels.

No. 390310

to be honest, regardless if he paid for it or not - the only video Onision has posted on his OG channel I've liked was the one with that midlife crisis Tomato. it's not funny, but the guy seems genuine. would I subscribe to him or watch his videos? after paying for the hype absolutely not, but it seems like aside from suffering some mental issue of his own he seems the type that fangirls cling to. this may benefit Gerg more than his money did

No. 390311

He spent it all paying Billie and Sarah for their "work".

No. 390314

File: 1496011852353.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, manykeks.png)

>he complains all the time about not getting subscribers and how youtube is fucking him up the asshole
Now that his income is substantially diminished he's surviving off the "love of his family" guise. >>388805

No. 390315

>he thinks it's youtube

No. 390316

He also mentions, in Lainey's YouNow, that he is going to downgrade his vehicle. I'm expecting multiple videos on the excruciating pain it will be to his ego that he can't afford two 100k cars.

No. 390317

>I know if i unsubscribe i'd become a story he uses
Just like ALL his exes and everyone else that escaped. Another reason Lainey stays bc he's so fucking predictable.

No. 390321


oh what a pauper having to downgrade his tesla

No. 390325

As a narc, he couldn't possibly comprehend what friendship means. His only concept of friendship is based strictly on how he can use them to "get ahead".

No. 390326

I think what was meant is Gurgle will people him on the back burner, at arms reach readily available at his beck and call for whatever inane scheme he concocts.

>3am lamey: gerg m depres

>gargle: t. Bisquitte pls inspirational twet
>M. Ato: hay guys mid life crisis here!

No. 390329

WTF is a trendy death? Framing children getting killed in a bombing as a "trendy death" is something a self important asshole narc would say. Whether children are killed at a concert or by the US military, it's tragic either way.

No. 390336

lol they don't even look related and it's not just the hair color.
>Its funny how she cant go long living with onion alone anymore without bringing someone to stay with her.
That about sums up their idyllic relationship.

No. 390342

So far since this morning tomato's collab with onion has garnered about 600 subs lol, almost 2 dollars per sub.

No. 390344

Law Enforcement has been shown to contain a disproportionate number of psychopaths, so he'd be in good company.

No. 390354

You're both cringey.

No. 390355

…what the literal fuck was that all about?? for what possible purpose did this person have this terrible conversation and why did you post it

No. 390356

>he's trying to "bring respect to her name by not assuming her gender"
Yeah it was so respectful of him when he was getting ready to ditch her for teenage Billie. He has so much respect for the mother of his children. KEK

No. 390358

This is mega cringe, wtf was the point of this?

No. 390359

high functioning autism/aspergers syndrome used to be called autistic psychopathy when Dr. asperger was originally studying it. Lack of empathy is a trait of autism, but not like in psychopaths. Autistic people can't understand what you're thinking from your social cues, but they probably would give a fuck about you and your feelings if they could decipher social language. Psychopaths understand social language but can't actually care.

But greg doesn't display any of the other, arguably more important, aspects of autism. Like the other anon said, black and white thinking is probably behind a lot of those behaviours.

No. 390360

Can you stop fucking bringing him up, he's pointless, dumb as fuck and totally irrelevant now… this is just pure derailment at this point, leave it be… he's done his video, he'll fade into obscurity soon enough but this is Grease's thread - go make a thread about him on /snow if you care that much about him.

No. 390361

You're as big of a narc as Greg. Observe. Don't interfere.

No. 390367

File: 1496016598737.png (24.39 KB, 454x143, Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 5.07…)

He lost almost 2,000 subscribers to the Onision channel so far TODAY with his fourteenth(!) goodbye channel video. All but his most committed / deluded fanbase are over it.

No. 390372

lmao no 1 curr

No. 390373

File: 1496017239114.jpg (64.64 KB, 1024x768, fuckin edge.jpg)


getting your jollies by drawing attention back to the people greg has already brutalized just makes YOU sound like a narc fuckup as well. such edge, much impress. if you're happy keeping that kind of company maybe you should head out to casa del grasa and sign up to be greg's next fucktoy? you can harass people together.

get yourself sorted.

No. 390375

File: 1496017308783.jpg (5.9 KB, 320x318, 14215248434880s.jpg)

i hope he loses more

No. 390376

$130 just for eyeliner? No wonder their diet is shit, they both spend more money on cosmetics they don't know how to use properly.

No. 390378

All the palettes Lainey used in the cut crease video are all like $30-$50 dollars a piece as well.

No. 390379

Tomato knows about this thread. He's promoting here.

No. 390382

Thanks for the heads up, if any anons suspect another anon is him or an anon is promoting him even by mentioning him to bring attention to him - don't reply back and just report the posts.

No. 390384

How about we just stop talking about Tomato altogether? You are all giving him fame.

No. 390387

>What he's doing is fraudulent, I don't know why those patrons are still giving him their money for nothing for nearly 3 months.
Grease, fraudulent? But he's the indisputable arbiter of truth, anon, like when he lied about never emailing Billie after she left him.

No. 390388

kek tomato would have been better off on one of those sub buying sites

No. 390389

He's NEVER going to get treated though, so all that leaves room for is copious speculation. It's his own fault,really.

No. 390390

They weren't ever even in the same frame. He could have done this video without even coming to visit.

Good worth of $1k

No. 390391

was checking out some old onion vids on uhohbro, back from the adrienne/shiloh period and his narcissism is palpable even then. he just destroyed shiloh and the amount of damage he was able to do to adrienne is pretty–uh, impressive?–considering they were only together for a very short time.

so cool to hear about shiloh singing again. i hope she goes back to it for real. she had a promising career before greg.

sage for shiloh ot but it is genuinely nice to hear

No. 390392

gd she is actually cute in this? like fuck, she's a twat, but if it was just her all the time i'd watch.

and there really is such a huge difference. she seems comfortable and having fun, and not on the verge of tears and about to jump out of her skin.

No. 390393


There are times I feel more or less ambivalent to Lainey. Then I remember her grooming Sarah and I get completely disgusted again.

No. 390395

File: 1496019834464.png (147.96 KB, 758x899, Screenshot 2017-05-28 at 6.02.…)

So. What did Billie do today? Or is this because of the faggotry in stream yesterday?

No. 390396

This is how I feel. I think if she had never been a POS during all of that I would still be rooting for her. But now she can rot in the cesspool she's created

No. 390397


Gotta love those responses kek

'How many holes' wtf lol

No. 390398

his constant misuse of the word "literally" literally makes me want to vomit.

No. 390400


His use of the word literally has made me never want to hear or use it again. All I hear i his voice saying "literally" over and over and over.

No. 390401

She's promoting Drew's online store, and recently visited him.

No. 390402

File: 1496020231290.png (34.25 KB, 771x189, TRUFAX.png)


lol wow someone's got his number, that whole response thread is pretty milky, grab the good ones while you can

No. 390403


Drew and Billie are in France, and they posted some Instagram stories about his merch to finance their trip.. and made a video about how YouTube is shit.

No. 390405


Look, reading and writing and all that shit is just too much of a hassle for KING O. Literally.

Why is king in all caps, anyhow?

No. 390406


Billie's done more traveling with Drew in a few months than Lainey ever has.

Anyone want to put money down that we get some sweet, sweet crytweets within the next two hours?

No. 390407


Your "Friend" needs to look up these words in the dictionary because they have nary a clue as to what they actually mean or how to use them.

No. 390409

lol he's so full of himself. his name is Curtis Shane Richard Michaud. why does he think he's so untouchable?
he's not quite over 30; he's 29 and ugh… using "XD"
god every single thing he says in this convo makes me want to punch him
i haven't seen anyone promoting him. but we definitely shouldn't hatefollow him because that artificially inflates his numbers.
i bet most of those were literally bought as well.

what the fuck

No. 390410

File: 1496020797622.png (533.15 KB, 746x960, mooslims and billie.png)


almost all the responses are people dragging the shit out of him.

No. 390417

File: 1496022061558.png (383.76 KB, 960x917, make him stop.png)

No. 390418

File: 1496022310262.jpg (449.53 KB, 997x748, ben-afflecks-depressing-reacti…)

i wish he aborted himself, he is literally making a fool of himself but he'll just follow it up with

No. 390419

he is the most disgusting, weird, troubled person i've ever come across.

No. 390420

trying to look like Richie again lel

No. 390421

File: 1496022682183.jpg (131.87 KB, 1200x730, Oreo-Two-Cookies.jpg)

No. 390422


While I understand the concept that 'any attention is better than no attention', in the real world it doesn't quite work that way, does it?

He screams to be made fun of. This is the man that people are paying to notice them. Depressing.

No. 390423


wtf did i just watch?!
that boy is fucking cancer.

No. 390424


Two kids. Seriously, think about that for a while.

No. 390426

I hate that he has kids.

No. 390427

File: 1496023243387.png (126.92 KB, 400x358, tumblr_oqoefr6hLW1t1cnbqo1_400…)

Two kids, , thats so sad

No. 390428

No. 390430


Has anyone recorded this? I missed it and didn't get to witness his brain deteriorating. :(

No. 390432

Holy shit he deleted it! I just said it was cringey haha

No. 390433


It's there.

No. 390434

he didn't delete it, and you're not the only one who said it was cringy. relax

No. 390439

Lainey is streaming again, Bisquette is sucking up to her and Dani is playing Annoying Mod (TM) and Lainey is ignoring her flat out lollll

No. 390448

she's broadcasting in #guys kek

No. 390450

why did i watch this before bed. jesus christ

No. 390452

He looks like the babadook's retarded cousin

No. 390453

this has me in tears

No. 390457

File: 1496026432371.png (260.36 KB, 483x483, Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 05.5…)

she's such white trash god

No. 390459

i love this comment a lot

No. 390460

>>390457 She's trying real hard to look like a boy because she's so hiP!

No. 390461

You mean QUEER, according to the stream.

She prefers Bi apparently, but gets jumped on by the other SJWs about it.

Lord she is boring.

No. 390468

unpopular opinion, i don't like lainey's style of dress but her way of carrying herself/monotone/appearance is all really charming to me

what a waste, without greg (or spaceprince genderqueer mentally ill emo bullshit) she's really charming, although i can't imagine who'd think greg is their soulmate, even as a dumb teen

No. 390478

File: 1496029826393.png (534.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4246.PNG)

What social repose would look like if he was a sexy vegetarian

No. 390480

Why is it, that every time he uses cheap, greasy "stage" makeup, he can never apply it with even the basic bit of skill? I've seen 6 year old kids at Halloween do a much better job at applying their own than he does.

It's always smudged all over his eyes, face and lips… patchy as fuck and he just ends up looking like every single "personality" he's ever created, there's no distinction whatsoever.

No. 390481

he looks like a greasy homestuck that doesnt know how to seal body paint

No. 390486

those fucking WINGS jfc i just laughed out loud and woke up my bf and our dogs, like, holy shit


No. 390488

social repose wannabe

No. 390489

I hope he uses those wings to fly into the fucking sun

No. 390494

Dollar Store Social Repose™

No. 390495

imagine walking in on your dad doing this in the bathroom

No. 390496

this video scared the fuck out of me. he went live on periscope for 2 minutes to show off his facepaint and expound on his mommy issues. please someone kick his balls back up into his body.

No. 390516


Actually he's 31 going 32.

No. 390517

Bc his veggie bod is actually puny. If he had any muscle mass it would probably even out, or at least not look so unfortunate.

No. 390518


In a few snap posts, I saw her working with what it looked like Nicki Minaj, I too hope she (Shiloh) makes a comeback!

No. 390519

Thank you for the update! I'm very happy for her. Greg can't take this away from her again.

Is the winged eyeliner and cleavage supposed to be her "girly" side? What would Greg do if she just decided to go full-on butch, no makeup?

No. 390525

File: 1496038851173.png (895.98 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4247.PNG)

Veg belly and flopping mantits

No. 390526

serious case of dad bod

No. 390527

Obviously he'd be happy cause he hates makeup. Duh.

No. 390529


sort yourself out, greg

so tacky.

No. 390530


Wonder which house this is. His clothing is dreadful. I mean, is that a mismatched track suit, for god's sake.

No. 390531

It's the one he NEEDS to shoot videos in I think, the mcmansion is much larger.

No. 390532

>>Trashy, childish anime posters hung on the dining area/kitchen walls.
>>Gross, flabby manchild who needs to be institutionalised; screaming and spazzing out around upturned furniture for internet expose.

Fucking kill me now.

No. 390536


Yeah, that kitchen looks very small.

No. 390537

File: 1496040671355.jpg (627.98 KB, 1280x1648, IMG_4248.JPG)

For anyone still interested in looking at Grugly'd military discharge records, here they are (I think):

No. 390538

File: 1496040745487.jpg (151.83 KB, 1083x1380, IMG_4249.JPG)


I take it this was the date he requested his discharge to be changed??

No. 390541

I can see the outline of his sweaty little penis. I bet it looks like a prawn left out in the sun

No. 390553

well there goes my appetite

No. 390566

Eww his micropenis…..

No. 390577

What's Shiloh's instagram?

No. 390578


It's quite ironic that he has such a negative view towards Makeup, when at the same time he uses so much of it and was (and is) obsessed with a girl who uses so much Makeup and is even a MUA now. How doesn't he realize his hypocrisy?

No. 390585

File: 1496073468375.png (19.59 KB, 513x156, oshit.png)

I just spotted this

No. 390589

File: 1496074332794.png (1.11 MB, 839x627, staymadder.png)

Just to add fuel to the fire, I wonder if he'll flip out about this, Especially since it has been posted to billies main twitter today.

No. 390592

Maybe Billie has been disclosing what happens in the bedroom with onion to Drew? I'm reaching but I'm guessing him and lainey had a Ddlg thing going on (which lainey probably learnt about through tumblr) then when she started being genderfluid they changed the role play to father/son. Wouldn't put it past onion to enjoy it because I swear he is closet gay.
Anyway even if this is all reaching and has nothing to do with onion's sex life, it's probably a jab at Lainey and onion

No. 390593

File: 1496074714225.jpg (46.23 KB, 820x451, Clipboard01.jpg)

So he LITERALLY wants to get started with his cult fantasies now?

No. 390594

I was not aware he was stationed at Randolph. I bet I ran into him on several occasions when I was training there.

I would pay money to talk to someone in his squadron. I'm sure he got eaten alive by them because those guys don't take kindly to people like Gerg.

Also it chaps my ass he got an honorable discharge.

Sage because AF fag

No. 390595

File: 1496074842973.gif (1.96 MB, 200x235, edc.gif)

do people even know what a fucking cult is

No. 390596

I had the same thought. It seems random otherwise.

No. 390599

Billie wouldn't have to have said shit about it, they've confirmed themselves in both video and tweet form that Plain calls him daddy. So yeah it's def a jab at that, I love it.

No. 390600

I wouldn't even care if Drew was just saying something random because I can definitely see this happening. Lainey is fucking special snowflake enough for it and Greg's always acted like he's angry none of his male idols will fuck him.

No. 390603

He didn't get Honorable though, he got a General under Honorable Conditions.

He probably pissed off his command for them to give him anything other than Honorable, but didn't do anything criminal enough for dishonorable.

No. 390604

come thruuuuu :V

No. 390605

Yeah I know about the daddy thing, but do you reckon the 'sick my dick' part was aimed at lainey being a fakeboi? Or more like just a general fuck you to Onion.

No. 390607

The man wants to create his own neverland ranch. How pathetic.

No. 390608

i HATE how people make onision comments under those photos, ughhhhhh. i just need to remind myself that these people are kids all of the time

No. 390611

I wouldn't read anything but a general fuck u into it, Drew and Billie smoke weed and gerg keeps talking out of his ass about it so yeah suck a dick gerg.

No. 390612

File: 1496077754001.png (125.46 KB, 750x869, IMG_2968.PNG)

@billies tweet lmao

No. 390613

Even though I know most of them are children I just don't understand the appeal of the man. I can't understand the mentality. Children like cringey stuff on YouTube sure, but even as a little kid I could not see myself liking this guy. I don't understand their 'defend him to the death' attitude. I am still yet to find a logical sane adult fan of his. Children can be partially excused I suppose for having bad taste, but why would any sane adult defend this man? It's not even a matter of him being a dick but really attractive like a kardashian or something, or even being a dick, but has some kind of talent. But there's nothing. Not attractive. Not intelligent. Not up to date or hip. Not funny. I don't understand this pull he has on children. American kids must be dumb if that is his demographic because I asked my 12 year old nephew if he's heard of Onision because he's obsessed with YouTubers and he knew exactly who I was talking about and said his videos are trash. Sage for blog post and also not trying to troll with my American comment, I just don't get it. I wish I could actually have a conversation with a super fan in real life and get inside the head of someone who actually likes him.

No. 390621

File: 1496079010869.png (676.21 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0839.PNG)

i was reading through his mentions & someone said he already has/had a cult thing¿

No. 390622

Yeah this is well known especially to those that have been around for a long time. I remember when someguy released his vids on sicesca

No. 390623

Yes, his attempt at being a cult leader is well known here - but his latest batch of teenyboppers know nothing about it.

No. 390625

Fucking hell, I'm tired of sitting around waiting for the Downfall of Onion. When will he completely lose it? I need more of those weird ass "I wish I aborted u" livestreams, more MILK

Sage for no1 curr

No. 390626


Fuckin newfag

No. 390627

yep, old news…

No. 390630


to be fair she could have collected them over time.

No. 390631


has he ever commented on medical marijuana? I wonder if those people are dumb to him too

No. 390632

File: 1496080035476.jpg (47.19 KB, 600x601, CNG9WUIU8AASyAn.jpg)

Yeah, I don't get it either. I kind of understood it when Onion used to play a "misunderstood" emotional guy with emo hair and posting stuff like pic related, that naive teens would fall for his shit. Also not that much shit was exposed about him then as it is now.

But nowadays, when he is a doughy old red manchild screaming into a camera, I don't get how he can attract a new batch of fans. Those fans must have serious psychological issues.

No. 390633

Billie uses it for medical purposes; her home state doesn't allow it, but Oregon does one you're 21. Grug gave his permission (barf) for Adult Woman Billie to smoke pot once she turned 21 and lived with him in Oregon, but demanded she quit all her bipolar drugs until then AND not smoke pot.

He's talking out both sides of his mouth as usual. He has no problem with legal pot; then he has a huge problem with it; then he has a problem because CRIMINAL (when even cops don't care if you smoke weed anymore; they don't enforce the laws for people who smoke in many places); but everything would be totally cool with him the second she turns 21, which is clearly bullshit.

No. 390634

Sorry, Washington State (Oregon too tho)

No. 390636


jesus christ, god help his kids who will probably need therapy and medication in the future

No. 390637

No worries anon, I totally share your confusion and frustration. I cannot get my head around how he has fans either. He is really fucking ugly (always has been), his attitude is horrid and his sense of humour is pathetic. How he can have fans that even think he's funny as a 'comedian' is beyond me. Screaming doesn't equal comedy and yet screaming and hip thrusting is all his 'comedy' videos consist of. Oh, and a death at the end. That just isn't funny.

I have been perplexed about how he has any fans given his lack of ANY looks, talent or charm. He is repulsive, yet has one of the most cult like followings I have ever seen. It is both interesting and irritating to watch.

No. 390640

Yeah, I understood it with the shiloh days and earlier. He tried to at least come off as nice during those times and like he cared. If you stumble across his videos where hes saying like all woman are beautiful how they are or some shit, he can come off as some nice guy. But when you delve too deep, you realize all the hypocritical bullshit he says. But now, its like every video is insulting/hypocritical/degrading, so i dont get how anyone is a recent fan of his. I also think hes always been ugly, but hes especially very very ugly now with no fashion sense whatsoever. And the fact that there are SOO many good looking, more fun and interesting youtubers makes me wonder why anyone would choose to be a fan of onion lmao. Hes not good looking enough to get away with the shit he does and still have fans.

Nowadays his whole persona is "I'm a brutal honest youtuber who is an asshole and I'm going to be an asshole and if you dont like it, you are wrong." Also back then there wasn't as much evidence of him being a total asshole. I feel like after skye, shiloh, adrienne, billie and lainey all being treated like shit by greg, something would click to his fans that maybe he is the problem. But I think his fans now are either incredibly dumb/naive young edgelords, are not "hardcore" fans and only have watched some videos/dont know his whole drama, or are just as equally shit humans with no morals if they are adults.

I also think being with lameo has made him 100x worse as a human being to the point he feels he doesnt even have to fake nice because she allows all his terrible behavior and never pushes back. Thats the perfect environment for him to feel like a god and thinks he can treat everyone like he treats his trash wife and they will still worship him like she does. He basically got away with cheating on her in public twice and having all his control tactics with billie that are abusive as fuck outted, and people still worship him and he hasnt had to suffer many consequences for it. He thinks hes invincible now and threw away any remains of his nice guy act.

No. 390642


If you've engaged with his fans on a regular basis, you'd understand why.

They share the same mindset/viewpoints as he does and that's what they find attractive the most about him. They're well aware of what he's like, they know he's a complete shitbag but they don't care because he voices their opinions for them and they agree with him 100 percent on those matters.

An example I can give that might give you a better insight to understanding it; is that Do5 still has hundreds of fans who support them, because they're abusers themselves and don't find anything wrong in what they do… Grease's fans reflect the same sort of attitude, they're insufferable and hopeless and it's always best to just stay away from them as far as possible because they will attack you if you so much as disagree with him. In their eyes, insulting him is as much as an insult to them.

You'll sometimes find one who is just a bit misguided and not so sure about him and his past history, but many of those jumped ship on him a while ago… he only really has the aforementioned hardcore fans left and he sometimes still picks up the occasional naive newbie now and then who doesn't know their ass from their elbow… but he will always have those hardcore fans, and nothing you can say or do will change their minds about him.

I hope that helps a bit.

No. 390645

These are fucking great. The women he fucked over the most are now happy and free, while he's on a downward spiral and bitter. Their happiness is unhinging him, it's hilarious.

No. 390647


No. 390648

bet she gets them used off poshmark and doesn't even know how to sanitize them properly.

No. 390651

File: 1496084529874.png (52.7 KB, 571x497, whendidanyonesaythis.png)

I don't think anyone in their right mind would say that to anyone with cancer, let alone a child.

Jfc grease.

No. 390652

File: 1496084663524.png (41.09 KB, 559x292, whendidanyonesaythis.png)

No. 390657

Well according to him the people who died in Manchester don't matter because they were "white" and their deaths were ~sensationalized~

No. 390661

File: 1496086172106.png (249.93 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4250.PNG)

Y'all are probably right about his hardcore fans being intact after all, a few smart ones just left.

No. 390663

File: 1496086265861.png (307.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4251.PNG)

So much for ~muh miltary service, respect me!!!~

No. 390668

He made a video a few weeks ago called "10 things I hate about stoners," which despite being one of the cringiest things I've seen in my life, he kind of actually "addresses" (mocks) medical marijuana in it.

I can hear his stupid voice in my head: "Hey Onision! some ppl use pot for cancer? well, some people use chemo for cancer, so by that logic I should get addicted to chemo.Hurrr hurrrrrr."

I mean clearly we all knew he was retarded but that statement proves it even further. Sage for tangent.

No. 390671

So he's back at it again with sending himself fan mail! Cringy af

No. 390673

I know this has already been established, but Onision is such a fucking scumlord. An old friend of mine lost someone very close to him in the attack at the arena last week, someone I work with works there and another person I work with has been evacuated from where they lives due to police investigations going on in their flats.
I don't think he has the brain cells to realises that this isn't just people 'sensationalising' white people being killed. This is loss of life on someone else's terms and that's fucking tragic. It's not about cancer, terrorism, accidents or old age. It's about the fact that men, women, children - regardless of what colour their skin happens to be or how fucking lucky they got in where they happened to be born - were blown to bits. It's effecting lives in so many ways. People have lost loved ones, time in work, time spent at home and time spent feeling safe because of this.

Greg needs a reality check, and fast. I actually cannot begin to fathom how someone can be so bull headed in their views. Get to fuck.

No. 390674

Honestly fuck Greg. Fuck him in the ass with a cactus.

He's all like "ohhh it matters because they're white" and completely discrediting that they actually died because some sick fuck saw a security weakness and decided to use it at a gig that was mostly children.

Fuck Greg. Fuck everything about him. I'm so glad he's losing his income, I'll be happy when he finally hits rock bottom and Lainey is taking his last dollars at this stage

No. 390675

>interment camps
>mfw grease can't even spell "internment" but thinks he's smarter than the majority of the population

No. 390679

I want to see Onision's tax returns. All his pretenses about a "business" car and working 8+ hours a day are just to make him seem like a normal working man. As if Grease could even last 4 hours into a shift/office day somewhere, he's so weak and entitled.

Hey Grease, make one of your perks access to your tax returns and I'll pledge!

No. 390681

Irrational emotions? Pot calling kettle black, Jesus. His whole life has been multiple episodes of irrational emotions

No. 390682


His absolute stupidity makes me so angry. He's such an insufferable idiot and the fact he thinks he's "intelligent" just because he screams 'LOGIC' and 'FAAAAX' all the time is so annoying.
I have honestly seen people who are critical of him that still manage to think he's smart but just misguided. No. He's a fucking idiot.

No. 390684

I've been wanting the same thing for several years now, I wonder when that audit is meant to happen; when he mentioned it - he sounded pretty twitchy about it.

No. 390694


What if it already happened and he's just not telling us about it. Remember when he admitted about having to give up his Tesla (or one of them)? That's probably if.

No. 390695


It* oops

No. 390699

Tomato's video is up, and as assumed it's Grease being an asshole the whole time under the name of ~satire.

No. 390701

Why the fuck would he let him talk to him like that and not understand he ISNT joking. Is this guy ACTUALLY retarded?

No. 390703

File: 1496095253053.png (88.22 KB, 586x801, onion.png)

Take note lameo! Your crying is annoying!

Is this why he said hes proud of lameo for sticking up for herself to him? He got so sick of her crying and being a complacent doormat, he wanted some pushback LOL. Also why lameo gets so defensive if people say she never sticks up to onion boy.

No. 390704


Why did this idiot want her to stop taking BIPOLAR medication? Is he against prescription drugs to treat illnesses? I don't get why in the hell anyone would want a bipolar person OFF their meds.

No. 390705

I presume it's so he could manipulate her further?

No. 390706

I dont think the bipolar meds or whatever was about billie. I cant remember the video he talked about it, but im pretty sure he was talking about an old ex-gf and said he didnt like her on medication because he wants people to be their "normal self" or some shit.

No. 390707

I almost feel bad for that guy. Jesus. He paid for that, huh.

No. 390708

So this kagu looking ass motherfucker spent a grand just to ask Onision if he's autistic?

No. 390709

Dont feel bad for him, he basically begged for it

No. 390710

True thing. He was warned.

No. 390711

it's been said multiple times in multiple videos that he didn't think meds were valid and that they make people not them true selves. he's publicly against everything from caffeine to meds for mental illnesses and iirc there have been times he's berated people for taking meds in old videos.

sage for i fuckin hate summer

No. 390712

File: 1496096001528.jpg (100.01 KB, 600x955, tomatothatu.jpg)

No. 390713

The funny thing is thats the question we all want to ask tomato himself.

No point feeling bad. His twitter is him sperging about how funny "haters" are and that he loves being up onion's asshole and his life is so great because of it.

Good thing that collab is over with. So the total time was about 4 minutes of content between both their channels. Totally well worth $1000 + hotel/flight expenses.

No. 390714


stop promoing this dipshit

No. 390715


It's related to greg, so it should be here.

No. 390716

Its like a train wreck, I CANT LOOK AWAY

No. 390717

not linking the video directly though you TURD

No. 390718


Hahahahaha. LOVE to force him to be with some of my off med clients. He's certainly enjoy their "true" selves. I guess a born diabetic shouldn't take meds to him. They should be their true dead selves. Moron.

No. 390719


this was so painfully awkward to watch, 1k for onion to sit on a chair and be a disinterested asshole for 2 minutes

also whats up with gergs raccoon eyes, looks like he caked a bunch of mascara

No. 390720


He must've had a ball with Skye and Shiloh then…

No. 390721

this was…surreal. and i don't mean that in a good way. i don't know what movie version Sokka's intentions were but if this was supposed to be a joke it failed so hard. this just proved what an asshole gerg is and how painfully unfunny tomato is. holy shit.

also did gerg join the fucking volturi wtf is that guyliner

No. 390722


I have no words for this… I feel numb

No. 390723

Eyeliner, mascara and whatever Mormon father of six clothes Plainey could be bothered to pick up from a Target sales rack.

No. 390728


Newfags. Lurk moar and stop shitting up the threads. There are a fuckton of you around lately and you all suck at imageboards.

No. 390729

Go fuck yourself I thought it was relevant

No. 390732


It's old news, anon. Calm down.

No. 390733

Sage for sperging but I am so infuriated by the way gerg dresses. He's such a fucking nerd, and he literally never looks put together at ALL. I get that he's just a couch potato manchild, but can he not at least present himself like an adult, or at least a couch potato manchild with taste? He doesn't even need to have any. At least in the past, he could have afforded to walk into a nice department store and have outfits put together for him.

No. 390735

Different anon here:

Sicesca is always relevant, anon. He could pick this back up at any time, as he still believes this shit (from the exes' testimonies).

No. 390736


I understand your frustrations but let's take into consideration that he gave up on life a long time ago.

No. 390739

This was so painful to watch. Let's say they planned out a video like this, where he's just going to be an asshole and it's supposed to be funny or something…idk why but tomato's reactions seem too genuine for this to be scripted or planned out.

If it was supposed to be an interview with jokey answers, grergamel really took advantage of the situation by making TB seem nervous and stupid for trying to have control of his own channel.

No. 390741

It all seems so real. I SWEAR someone whispered something during one of the silences but I can't make it out. Going to try to capture it amplify it in case it's good

No. 390742

Any fam wanna transcript, I can't stomach the cringe rn

No. 390743


No. 390745

There probably was no script and it was just set as tomato interviews onion boy and onion was gonna act like an asshole (not hard for him because its his natural self) and somehow that was supposed to be entertaining. But tomato is just awkward/not funny and cringe inducing and so is onion boy. Tomato was probably actually nervous because he worships greg's asshole and all he does is want to praise him and he cant even act any other way lmao. Onion probably just wanted to get it over with and wishes a teenage girl was there worshipping him instead of this creepy manchild.

There are so many cuts in the video probably with tomato not knowing what to say lmao. Also not surprising that the video is all about onion boy.

Its very boring and people shouldnt give him any more views

No. 390748


Never meet your heroes, everyone. Hope Tomato learned his lesson afterwards (lol not)

No. 390750

I know this is likely stating the obvious, but it seems it isn't obvious to Greg:
The reason people are upset by his outrage is that he DOESN'T grieve or acknowledge other deaths. Like if he was acknowledging some new stranger's loss every day, he MIGHT have some thin ice to stand on, but… he doesn't. And shitting on people's grief is, well, shitty.

But if they all matter and are important, where is the attention to nobodies who die every day? Where are the donations to cancer research and other charities? Where is any of this?

Oh right, all of his money and concern is wasted on himself. He acts like staying silent is avoiding being preferential and that speaking up is being biased… well, maybe he should look at his own words through that lens. Because it's more like he's completely indifferent and thinks everyone else should be too.

Again, I know this is obvious probably (especially to those of us into elements of psychology etc) but it's just so frustrating to see. It would be nice if he could actually… BE NICE and use his platform to bring attention and support to those he uses as an argument tool.

No. 390751


Sage your shitty derails, useless summerfag.

No. 390753

File: 1496106530015.png (850.11 KB, 1226x628, Screen Shot 2017-05-29 at 9.03…)


For you and also because i hate myself. The whole video consisted of Tomato's forced awkward laughter and asking questions while grease stared at the floor. Almost pitied the guy, almost.

Gerg: Hello, welcome to his channel where he’s supposed to be talking, he’s going to be asking me questions about myself
TB: HEY guys, tomato bisquette here-
Gerg interrupts: No…my intro was actually sufficient
TB: God damn
TB: So, I am here with Gregory-
Gerg interrupts: No shit.
TB: Jackson.
TB: The best man-
Gerg interrupts: Everybody knows who I am
TB: So, I need to know, who is-
Gerg gets up and leaves: Fuck you
TB raises arms awkwardly

Cut back to them sitting

TB: Who is Onision, tell me, at the core.
Gerg: You should google it
TB: okay, well, people also say that you’re a psychopath and clearly you’re sitting here giving me the time, so…you seem to be alright
Gerg: it’s not by choice, I’m forced to be here
TB: NPD. Confirm or deny?
Gerg: No big dick? What is…
TB laughing: Narcissistic Personality disorder
Gerg: Oh…P…yeah I’m awesome. If you were multiplied 10 thousand times I’d still be better, in basically every way
TB: Are you more awesome than say…your parents that spawned you?
Gerg: My dad’s a child molester, like you know that right?
TB: I guess I know my answer
Gerg reaching for camera: Just going to delete this video

TB: Manchester explosion
Gerg after long silence: …It’s tragic….(more awkward silence)
TB laughing: That’s it? I was expecting so much more
Gerg: It’s tragic
TB: What would be more tragic on a level of either the Manchester explosion or you losing Patreon?
Gerg: Manchester explosion
TB: Good answer
Gerg: wait you said which one’s less important?

TB: Are you bad at anything?
Gerg: I’m bad at sucking
TB: Dick?
Gerg: No I’m actually good at that. I did the video on my Patreon where I sucked a banana it's really impressive
TB: it was actually pretty hot, not gonna lie
TB: How big is your DICK?
Gerg: Do you wanna get this monetized or no?

TB: So how about video taping your girlfriend’s seizure
Gerg: Oh you mean like (imitates seizure) that thing?
TB: Unfortunately, yes
Gerg sarcastically: SO legit, that was a real video you guys. SOO true, 100%
TB: I felt it
Gerg: I’m also actually a banana that video was legit too

TB: down to your core, are you evil?
Gerg after long silence: Are we fuckin done yet?
Gerg: You have this thing where you look up upon other people because of successes and so forth, when really they’re not up there they’re right next to you
TB: Well if you’re just a person, word on the street is you’re retarded.
Gerg: That’s actually being edited out of the video
TB: Uh, are you autistic?
Gerg: I consider myself very creative

TB: I sit here, and you look over me and I get lost in your eyes
Gerg silently nodding
TB: You have that effect, are you a vampire?
Gerg: I think that’s about uh, how much you get for the money you gave me, so interview over
TB: So that’s the real Onision, the real Gregory Jackson. God, dick, Narcissistic ass.
Gerg as he’s getting up: Hey watch your views drop in 3, 2, 1

No. 390754


It may always be relevant, but we don't need an oh-so-sincere bait post (like yours) to get the board to start bitching about how we all know about Sicesca already.

You're either a dedicated newfag or a dedicated troll derailing the hell out of this board and a few others. You're also very obvious with your whole 'b-but I just wanted to give you guys m-milk!' posturing. Lots of samefag up in this and it shows.

No. 390755


jesus, anon that was so nice of you. thanks. no way I was watching that.

No. 390756

Holy SHIT thats dedication! Kudos, working hard for the greater good!

No. 390757

I don't think Greg really likes Tomato tbh. Which is funny because Tomato would clearly do anything to be his new bud, and Greg has 0 guy friends at this point. But I guess he can't get anything out of Tomato since has no fame of own so Greg can't use him

No. 390758

WHY ARE THEY SO BORING?! Every video is so predictable and repetitive, everyone already knows Gerg is a greasy narc… wasn't Tomato's goal to make videos that can "change the world for the better" and "help people"? This isn't even comedy, it's unscripted, awkward banter between two straight-edge faggots who wouldn't know humor even if it slapped them in the face.

It's self-masturbatory drivel that would never of even been made into a blooper cut if it was made by professionals, ffs.

SPEND 1K ON FUCKING BOTS NEXT TIME, what a frivolous, extravagant waste of money.

No. 390759


Are you the same paranoid anon who was accusing others of being TomatoNuts earlier?

Lol ur funny.

Oh and calm the duck down, the Sicesca convo is over and done with.

No. 390760

File: 1496107739630.gif (751.14 KB, 300x169, fuckedup.gif)

No. 390761


Hey AF Anon:

Would this Grease look familiar to you from back in the day?

Saged for late af

No. 390762

File: 1496107962935.jpg (42.04 KB, 600x596, IMG_4252.JPG)

No. 390763


I actually feel some respect for Curtis saying that the word on the street is that Greg's retarded. I mean, he's right.

No. 390764


td does visit the board tho anon.

No. 390765


Can you imagine having Greg as one of your personal heroes?

No. 390767

Doin God's work, Anon. Too bad you cant capture the awkward looks in words

No. 390768

Newfags need to learn to sage. Why is this thread being suddenly overrun with them?

No. 390769

File: 1496108831227.jpg (94.75 KB, 657x960, IMG_20170529_194529.jpg)

I just finished my transcript! Damn beat me to it anon.

For those of you who did not see. Here he is reinacting the seizure video.

No. 390770

I know… it hurts me…
TBH how did this guy talk David Hayter into an interview? Did he pay him too? Can anyone find out about this?

No. 390771

For the love of christ, people, just put "sage" in the email line.

No. 390772

File: 1496109216588.png (5.62 KB, 104x75, IMG_2982.PNG)

Hello darkness my sweet old friend

No. 390773


I know, I was talking about when they were accusing people of being tdprior to him finding out about us (which didn't take long to find out). I should've made my comment more clear, that was my fault.

No. 390774


summer. also, the mods just had massive turnover, half of this shit is derails by people who know better but are pissed off & having fun wrecking the boards.

No. 390775


And people still think he's (still) in love with Shiloh…

No. 390776


eh he's been here since last week at least

No. 390777

No. 390778


Well shit, I'm late! I apologize to everyone here. I thought he was retarded enough to take him much later to find Lolcow. Guess when you're friends with Grease, it's sooner.

No. 390820


Jesus… fucking… christ… kill me. Why has this retard talked to anyone? Why is he allowed to have internet?

No. 390821

Onision "pretending" to be what he is actually like is so much better than his underwhelming attempts at humour or debates. If I didn't know who Onision was I wouldn't even hate him in this video. Tomato tho.

No. 390822

please stop giving curtis attention if it's unrelated to onion. i hate him too but he is STARVING for attention clearly. we've already doxxed him (unless others want to add more?), no point linking to some irrelevant tweet.

also thank you anon for transcribing the video. that was so much cringe. christ. onion really is trying to repurpose the npd thing. also in what world does big start with a p? onion confirmed illiterate

No. 390832

Fucking stop, make a thread about him in /snow if you're so desperate to talk about him, you're derailing the thread with his bullshit.

No. 390836

NO! People. STOP SUGGESTING HE GETS A THREAD. His shitty video has been made. He will fade into obscurity in a week, ffs

No. 390841

"betrayed me and the truth" oh, what a drama ~KING~.
Umm…that weird mascara look? I think grease didn't wash himself properly after one of his "I'm gonna paint myself black" episodes. Why does he do that? it's like every time he gets somehow agitated he feels the need to put on paint all over his greasy body, its psychotic and weird.

No. 390843

File: 1496123256545.jpg (108.04 KB, 500x729, tumblr_oq8a5w7uH01s0umkzo1_500…)


Thats where you can report his Patreon. So far he has doxxed people who confront him privately on patreon, harassed a girl whos parents had frozen her bank account over her not paying him and promoted a scam site to allow his fans to bypass paying patreon and giving him revenue from the "privacy" site.

No. 390844

File: 1496123302660.png (64.07 KB, 500x278, tumblr_oqmaik3quC1w6i75fo1_500…)


No. 390848


Now this, this is relevant to my interests. Milk? Possible milk? Anyone think this is on the up and up? It sounds too good to be true. But I'm praying that it is.

No. 390849


Okay Nancy Drews, who the fuck is S.F.?

No. 390852

She deleted her tweets (replys) to him so no milk right now…unless someone's brave enough to message her and try to get some answers.

No. 390854

File: 1496126542730.png (155.71 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4254.PNG)


A year ago, a kiwi going by "exposethebad" claimed he knew some information about Greg and his "military career" claimed that Onion allegedly was harassing another serviceman's daughter and got an Article 15 along with a DD-214 for it.

Oh and he's done an interview with someguy827 about it (of course).