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File: 1508711300719.jpg (45.81 KB, 275x183, thread pic.jpg)

No. 454764

-Former fan Macncheese releases creepy screencaps of Onion trying to get her to the grease mansion.

-Onion and Lame both lie about their foot size.

-Laim turns 23 and gets more gifts from fans than from her beloved Onion.

-Laim has a visible meltdown on YouNow which she later says was an anxiety attack although Farmers thought she could of been on Aderall or alcohol.

-Onion leaves us permanently scarred when he posts a picture of him in a diaper and disturbing video.

Previous thread, > >>>/pt/454547

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No. 454765

first thought on title, "isn't that insulting to his gay gender confused wife woman"

just got to his spin for the camera in diaper, omg, his ass is just awful. awful awful.

actually the whole video seems like a jab at lainey imo

> child protection anon, throw the book at him. his kids do not deserve to constantly be around his shit

No. 454766

File: 1508711561001.png (61.57 KB, 221x206, Untitled.png)

Last anon linked to Onion's channel. Fixed.


No. 454767

Well shit sorry for the typos on the thread intro.

No. 454768


and he wonders why he is losing all his viewers?

actually, I imagine he laughed hysterically at his own "comedy" whilst editing this. He thinks he's hilarious. It's definitely not his autistic toilet humor that is driving the viewers away, it's Youtube!

No. 454769

tinfoil: it be cool if this video was something humiliating he had to do for lainey

break down lainey, tell us

No. 454770

Nice OP, concise with a good pic.

Quick repost of the last vidmes so no one has to threadhop:

https://vid.me/QZydM for Lainey's birthday makeup

https://vid.me/kCzHV for happy diaper fun time

(Unrelated: heh, $27 for that ~broken~ shirt. I keep some links and a running total of wasted Hot Topic/Zumiez/F21 dollars in case anyone's personal fashion sense intersects with smol bean's. )

No. 454772

File: 1508711939966.jpg (150.13 KB, 1161x786, Halloween 2017.jpg)

You're waking home alone and night and you see this, what do you do?

No. 454773

File: 1508711956054.png (1.42 MB, 1136x640, 01398F85-356E-4674-8FAF-ECFC94…)

Why is there a brown ring inside the toilet bowl?!

Saged for nitpicking

No. 454774

Someone sent her MLM stuff. Hilarious! Someone should send her some Lipsense. Imagine Lainey having to spend the money back on her Patreons to get makeup, lol.
I could see her trying to sling MLM stuff as a “beauty guru” in the future.

No. 454775

2nd link gives Onision views please don't click it.

No. 454776

I agree. It felt like he was mocking “coming out” and especially his wife.

No. 454777

File: 1508712102969.jpg (101.59 KB, 1184x637, ass flab.jpg)

He rates teen girls, so lets rate his ass?

No. 454779


Because no one cleans the toilet bowl so they have some lovely molding.

(saged as well)

No. 454780

no it doesn't

No. 454781

That toilet ring looks like its been forming at least a month, it takes 5 minutes to clean the toilet plainey.

No. 454782

Y’all weren’t kidding.
Deflate gate 2017.

No. 454783

File: 1508712231590.png (544.07 KB, 575x543, 89778682.png)

Lainey is looking extra monstrous in this video

No. 454784


DAYUM! He used to have a bubble-butt, what happened?!

No. 454785


it has no zest or lust for life. it sags as if weeping and looks like it struggles shitting out his turds from his terrible diet.

No. 454786

File: 1508712300662.jpg (4.83 KB, 321x272, BYBB0cqCcAEHHms.jpg)

No. 454787

Everything about this makes me want to projectile vomit, jesus fucking christ. That's the stuff of nightmares, even by onion standards.

She looks so fucking smug. Get your shit together Lainey.

No. 454788

it does, it's just a rehost and not a reupload. you can tell because all of Onion's descriptions are there.

No. 454789

Probably the worst part of this for me was, I’m sure he was basically mocking his own children in some of these scenarios. Some of the things he says and how he cries… babies cry no doubt, but it seems like they probably cry because of a lot of negligence and not being properly supervised.
The flour things sort of struck me as some firsthand experience.

No. 454790

shoot it.

No. 454791

>patchy lipstick leftover
>obviously doesn't wash her face
>somehow worse eye makeup daily

are you even trying, lainey?

No. 454792

File: 1508712617417.jpg (114.9 KB, 1127x499, poor claire.jpg)

So he's just gonna tear and break some of his daughters shit? Dad of the year!

No. 454793

did she film this with a fisheye lens? god damn

No. 454794

how is this behaviour even explained to his children? is daddy a star? or do they keep daddy's job a secret. kids can start working ipads and shit young, only a matter of time before troy finds some stuff and high tails it the fuck out of there with his little sister

No. 454795

When he said, my poop butt is itchy I'm just gonna scratch it and he scratches against the wall. I hope they don't let their kids walk around with shitty diapers.

No. 454796

I thought the same when I saw that part, it wouldn't surprise me.

No. 454797

Peep troys actual bed, the cars bed. I'm starting to believe the my little pony bed is actually for their daddy kink. I don't think its claire's especially because Laimey said it wasn't hers.

No. 454798

File: 1508712984602.png (2.03 MB, 1136x640, 05F7C2FF-21F1-4173-B41A-E64CEA…)

Peep dat cellulitis tho!

No. 454800

File: 1508713072839.png (1.65 MB, 1136x640, 33D451C0-AA92-433D-95CA-7D9242…)

I-is that a shitstain?!

No. 454801

File: 1508713080223.jpeg (90.39 KB, 501x689, 98C303A2-29C0-4ED4-A0C6-83D695…)

No. 454802

File: 1508713158935.jpeg (71.66 KB, 500x380, D0226112-0DC9-4880-B155-84DB80…)

No. 454804

eww his vegetarian body is more effeminate than i thought. men can only get cellulite if they have a dimpling amount of excess fat.

No. 454806

shorty gotta stop sitting in a chair fapping to hentai all day. small frames can't hid excess weight well, girl

No. 454807

File: 1508713584043.jpg (60.6 KB, 674x316, real you.jpg)

The picture you post vs reality.

No. 454808

File: 1508713839042.jpg (65.65 KB, 762x644, vienna.jpg)


No. 454809

when ya balls are more substantial then ya peen

No. 454810

>cult leader photo

No. 454812

He really has no dick at all, there isn't even a slight bulge

No. 454817

He's leaving such an artistic legacy!

Can't help but think this is him being passive aggressive af about Lainey's friendship with BinkiePrincess/other age players.
>I found this bag of dust and I'm going to inexplicably dump it on my head!
One of his kids probably did this and he's being passive aggressive about it, too

No. 454818

I was thinking the same thing how old is bandaid? Is she old enough to throw a fit about not having her exersaucer?
Also gotta be nitpicky and point out even a cheap one of those from walmart cost me 60$ two months ago. But ya know "muh financial struggle uwu"

No. 454819

probably from when poopbeck clogged the toilet a few months back

No. 454820

A few parts of these videos definitely feel like digs at his kids, at least from my perspective as a parent. The diaper one, and bath time spefically as well as te flour one. I can totally see Plainey letting her kids sit in shit look how lazy she is with cleaning her own house you think shes ontop of her kids diaper situation? Kids troys age can get really fussy around bathtime too if they aren't entertained during which i highly doubt onion is gonna buy bath time toys or that lamo would even want him to. She probably rushes her kids through bathtime to get away from them as fast as possible.

No. 454821

Plaineys on younow doing a greg style poll in an attempt to prove that most of her fans are over 18 lol

No. 454822

File: 1508714739683.jpg (92.42 KB, 784x443, youyawn.jpg)

She's on YouNow, explaining why Onion broke Claires babyseat, apparently she left it out in the rain and the music no longer played. So he could ruin it and not donate it because the music didn't play.

No. 454823

I'm with you anon. I didn't buy that lame excuse of "oh we bought this bed for Troy because he likes MLP." They could have just put the My Little Pony sheets on his cars bed.

What's funny is that Greg thinks that by making this diaper disaster of a video that no one will think they are into ageplay now. Wrong. I still very much think Lainey loves Binkieprincess because they're into that. It explains the Cloey decal etc, since the kid is apparently named Claire.

No. 454825

You would've thought that all the material and padding inside a diaper would have made his bulge look bigger but I guess not. His dick really must be small.

>stay at home parents
>never leave the house
>have time to stream every day
>don't have time to clean the toilet
>don't have time to bring the kids' toys inside

No. 454826

Colour me actually surprised. I didn't think he could invent a new pathetic level to sink to, then he does this. Wow, Gergle, just wow. You and your foot of a wife are completely embarrassing. Can't imagine the kids seeing these videos in the future.

No. 454827

At times like these, I really miss Skye and I wasn’t a fan till mid-2012 when I bought his “my exes are bitches, I’m the victim!!!” doctrine.

No. 454828

Now Lainey is talking about how she was traumatized from her relationship with Billie. Girl if anyone is traumatized it would be Billie.

No. 454829

Shes talking about being traumatized because Billie cheated on her….


No. 454830


No Anon, that's just Onision.

This is definitely not a career highlight, and I just don't understand why he would do this…

No. 454831

Billie was about to be chained in a basement with a shaved head and she goes on about the experience less than Complainey does. Jesus Christ, Plainey, you can't complain if you stayed with the guy that instigated everything!

No. 454832

TRAUMATIZED?! fucking TRAUMATIZED?!?!?! Is this bitch for real?

No. 454833

someone is trying to troll her but unfortunately our pal can't spell correctly… but A for effort friend lol.

No. 454835

She just said she is finally over Billie. Was just talking about her and how she is traumatized by her like 2 minutes ago….

No. 454836

File: 1508715640769.png (246.63 KB, 392x307, 1430867776443.png)


No. 454837

Their fucking privilege astounds me.
Donate that shit. To a local church or daycare. Most people that NEED something like this don’t give a shit if it plays music, especially if you’re giving it away. And honestly, most people are happy when kids toys don’t play music.

No. 454839

I literally can't sit through her smug ass streams anymore, holy hell. She's awful. She ignores people 99.9 percent of the time, and if she doesn't ignore you (was fishing but I think she muted me maybe?) anyways, if she does answer it's in the BITCHIEST tone possible. Man, I can't stand her.

No. 454841

if she's not blocking ask about sarah being in greg younow stream etc

No. 454842

Yeah she streams too early for me in my country, so I miss it a lot of the time. But honestly, I am so happy to miss it because I would start feeling angry watching her ignore 90% of her questions, and just constantly talk about how “We are halfway to 200k! We can do it guys!”
Like seriously, someone should record a stream and reupload it sometime, so anons that don’t just get highlights can see how painstakingly miserable it is for those of us that have endured it. I would wager 75% of her one hour streams are just her saying how close we are to like goals and thanking people for likes. The content beyond that is extremely skim milk.

No. 454843


How have their neighbors not called the cops on the random screaming and crying yet? Jesus fuck.

No. 454845

fuck, maybe leaflets should be sent to the neigbours to inform about the local madman

No. 454847

she asked what she should do when she reaches 20k subs on beautybot and people said giveaway and she said “what would i giveaway?” spoil brat doesn’t want to get rid of all the palettes she got and most likely wont ever use

No. 454848

So, anons have posted a link to his house and when you see it in a google maps satellite imagery, you can tell he is pretty far from the other houses. But I imagine the sound still travels.

No. 454849

Someone just dropped love potions and pizzas, a new idiot is going to max out her card soon.

No. 454850

It's almost as if they forgot about the IRS.

No. 454851

File: 1508716880433.png (2.1 MB, 1308x772, thenarcnest.png)

they are pretty isolated, I doubt the neighbors can hear him.

No. 454852

This makes me rage. What a completely unwarranted boast of self importance. She could easily share some of the wealth she’s accumulated.

No. 454853

File: 1508716987719.png (956.39 KB, 750x1334, 99F7F7E7-15FC-4993-9F27-5CDEA8…)

talking about the person who maxed out their credit card, selfish

No. 454854

File: 1508717025895.jpg (105.17 KB, 905x541, mo money.jpg)

How to make the lame boy smile? Just give her your money of course. This person is crazy, they just made Laimey break her like goal.

No. 454855

this makes me wanna kms
she's a ''''lesbian'''''''''''''''''''''

No. 454857

File: 1508717238245.jpg (48.28 KB, 412x548, more money.jpg)

Brain dead fans looks at those likes.

No. 454858

does onion boy even get the same amount of likes on his streams? kek is lainey the one bringing in the bacon nowadays

No. 454859

My mistake with the first link. I took it down because I don't want him to give the views.

No. 454860

File: 1508717575915.jpg (79.05 KB, 907x391, moneyho.jpg)

So this person maxed out her card and is now only able to make small purchases and what does Laimey respond with, "your bank let us down last time". What a caring person to fawn over, stupid fan probably couldn't even buy a water bottle because she maxed it on her.

No. 454862

Laim just confirmed Onion shows her girls she should date and she usually says she is not into them.

No. 454863

Someone keeps asking her why she wouldn't date a girl with a boyfriend or husband since she already has one and she ignores it everytime.

No. 454864

Even more so a baby at the age they would use that isn't going to realize a button that used to play music is broken! If they never saw or heard it play music anymore they won't even realize it ever used to, it would just be a button. That is definitely ignorant, they are expensive as i pointed out earlier in the thread. But like in Lainey younow how she doesn't see the point of a give away because what could her selfish spoiled ass possibly give away?? She probably hates the idea of donating things, explains why she sells her old clothes instead of just giving them to goodwill. This only further proves that she's just as money hungry if not more so than onion.

No. 454866

The day Greg leaves her is just going to be SO glorious. Dang it Mac, why'd you have to blow it? You didn't have to sleep with Grease or anything but I wish you'd done JUST enough to make him leave her at least ha

No. 454868

tinfoil, onion divorces lame because he’s poly and lame doesn’t fulfill his needs anymore; lame is not stupid, she almost lost her husband and the family could’ve been torn apart, it was a close call and she’s not going to do it again. she’ll say she has crushes but won’t comitt

No. 454869

Yeah just a naked massage at best kek
I'm honestly surprised Greg hasn't got caught in any sexting scandals. He's very good at being secretive with his cheating. I imagine it's a combination of past experience and dumbo Lainey constantly reading his texts so he has to make it subtle enough it flies over her head.
"No Lainey, seeeee that girl was flirting with meee, I only asked her to be our camera person! She was the one who took it the wrong way, I even asked her to get to know you. I'd never cheat on you, she's just like billie. Now cmon and let's change each others diapers"

No. 454872

She's being so pathetic on younow. And someone told her she was number one when she is number two kek.

How sad that a 23 year old woman is this pathetic over fake internet likes….

No. 454873

File: 1508718475138.jpg (48.46 KB, 477x551, fan exploit.jpg)

She just hit a fucking million likes from a fan who stated he was depressed. Keep exploiting your fans!

No. 454877

File: 1508718568454.png (106.67 KB, 319x401, Screenshot 2017-10-22 at 8.28.…)

Lainey is still texting and snapchatting Taylor "bbghosty".

No. 454880

So Beck just said that person spent 4170$ dollars on Laim.

No. 454882

Please tell me this is just a random lucky night with desperate foolish fans.
Like I cannot stand the thought of her getting hundreds of thousands of likes each night.

No. 454884

Why wouldn't they just put all that towards Lame's patreon and THEN for that ABSURD amount they'd actually get to hang out with her (who knows why they'd want that)

No. 454885

Can someone please explain how the likes benefit her? Does it just bump her stream to be more popular or does it actually give her monetary gain somehow?

No. 454886

Its money.

No. 454887

she gets actual money from likes, bars, anything the fans do to interact with her besides just chatting gives her money.

No. 454888

Can anyone estimate how much she just earned by this one stream?

Also, she's so freaking ungrateful! If I were her I would have hung around after that many likes at least for 30 more min. She left PROMPLTY ten minutes late because she couldn't be bothered.

No. 454889

Are you even reading this thread? It was literally just stated >>454880

No. 454890

she's talking about if she broke the younow record for the number of likes in whatever amount of time… does she not get that bragging about likes isn't good content? how do people watch this and give her money

No. 454891

wow, you found it! nice filename
can you explain why people actually give her bars? she's about as boring as they come

No. 454892

Doesn't YouNow take some of the money she earned though???

No. 454896

File: 1508719807050.png (82.8 KB, 1806x340, Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 8.45…)

She gets $2919, YouNow takes a 30% cut.

Also, Onision lost over 500 subscribers since uploading the diaper video. Really showed us, kek.

(OT but after Lainey's stream it put me into Eugenia's and she's so sweet to everyone and thanks people for 10 likes even though it's not that much for her. She also answers all questions, even negative ones. Lainey never does neither of those things.)

No. 454897

No. 454900

Dont put Eugenia in a pedestal, she is just has boring as Lainey

No. 454901

Sage your post and chill, I was just saying that she's sweet to her viewers. Also, we don't talk about Lainey because she's boring, but because she's just as fucked up and terrible as Onision. But yeah, also boring.

No. 454904

File: 1508720095104.jpeg (77.23 KB, 750x496, F7B99FB3-6817-43AF-9091-D2C531…)

OT I was gunna put this in the last thread but wasnt sure if I should since I’m tinfoiling, Sarah made this tweet, but as far was we know the only people she’s ever around are Lame and Onion? Who would she be referring to?

No. 454905

The shade lol, Eugenia just said "I'm the thirstiest person on YouNow today, give me one million likes."

No. 454907

why the fuck anons keep bringing this dishtowel up? fucking stop

No. 454908

Anyone else think that the whole
>sage your post
is just as bad as the
>learn my pronouns
If someone gets pissy about another anons post they look for low hanging fruit to gripe about and usually that is a non-saged post
Who here actually uses the the Hide Saged Posts For This Thread?
Im sure there will be a few replies to this question with
>I always hide saged posts, because I am more elite than you and dont want to wallow in off topic blathering of the unwashed masses who are below me.
If you say you hide saged posts you are most likely lying. I know this because most people who frequent these type of boards have a severe case of Fear Of Missing Out and wouldnt dare miss a post about Mommysboi by accidentally hiding saged posts.

saged so no one whines

No. 454909

I don’t think Lainey would actually risk dating this girl becuase looks like onision would be into her. I’m surprised Onion hasn’t pulled the trigger on a plane ticket for her or another girl. That sounds probably what that new Patreon teir is for, a lazy way to bring in girls. But people who are wealthy enough to pay for something dumb like that’s aren’t his usual type. He likes people he can exert control over.

No. 454910

could be anyone, don't take it too seriously

No. 454911

Sarah does spend time with other people, she is working this time. Also she posted on snapchat a few weeks ago in bed cuddling another girl.

No. 454913

>not knowing what cellulitis or cellulite are.

No. 454914

No, because when you don’t sage it bumps the thread and can be annoying when you’re wanting to see updates on other threads but see the bumped thread is full of unsaged infighting, tinfoiling or irrelevant comments. Sage is an option for a reason and if u don’t know how to use it than don’t post

No. 454916

I want to fucking vomit. I can’t believe people would waste their money on her literal nothing streams and internet persona.
If you want to get really depressed, go through YouNow and see all the people on their with actual talent (singers, people playing instruments, etc.)
Then you have Lainey, scowling, ignoring fans and begging for like goals, all the while doing ZERO for the LGBT community and if anything, making a mockery of it.
I know there will be a day she will be exposed for the liar and thief she is, and that will truly be so satisfying, but in the meantime, suckers waste their shekels on her because she has blue hair and flags for an identity she has concocted but never actually done anything to prove that she is a part of.

No. 454917

anyone else think these kinds of posts are annoying?

No. 454918

Her typical likes a night range from 99 to 200k max.

No. 454919

can everyone here please stop shitting up these threads by sucking the cock of anyone who speaks ill of gregma/is targeted by him? nobody cares about what you think about your simulated friends, sorry

No. 454921

about as annoying as your 9 worded bitching.

No. 454922

>than dont post

its THEN don't post

Learn grammar, proper placement and use of subject pronouns and object pronouns before you attempt to correct others, or I will grasp at more low hanging fruit.
Thanks.(stop derailing)

No. 454923

peep that hypocrisy

can we all try to come to a consensus that if it doesnt add something significant to the topic. sage, if you have doubts, sage.

No. 454925

yeah but so are sage policing posts to be fair

No. 454926

28 words this time

still annoying, but thanks for giving us your advise mom

No. 454929

She'll definitely suffer for this eventually. She can't possibly give these people desperate for her attention enough of it and they'll see that PAYING for her attention and "friendship" isn't worth it.

Becca will eventually learn this with Onion too.

No. 454930

This is why I can't stand Lainey.
There are such sweeter people out there that deserve it more.

No. 454932

I'm not bitching, sis. try a little humor sometime.

No. 454934

I still don't understand what becca gains in friendship from Onion. There is nothing redeeming about him and he won't even tell her she's fat lol

No. 454935

>a little humor

OHHHHH! thats what that was suppose to be?
Ill laugh when its funny hunny… k?

No. 454937

I think the diapers in the mail were the final straw. Onionboy was so angered that the rumor of them being into daddy/daughter age play is spreading and now they are being sent diapers that he thought he'd "show those haters it doesnt bother him" So he gets out his camera, in the middle of the night and makes a hastily thrown together 3 minute video in the rain.

No. 454938

File: 1508722481798.png (186.62 KB, 899x696, dsf.png)

No. 454940

can't think of anyone more undeserving

No. 454941

It's hilariously sad when he talks shit about girls that are fat that are smaller than her. I have seen it a few times in his rating videos.

No. 454942

Maybe the only good thing about it is that she will get more exposure, and eventually someone will call her out on her shit.
She can't keep this up forever.

No. 454943


I can almost bet some of these posts are Onionderlings sent here to try to derail threads and shit them up.

No. 454944

Yes, are you retarded? This anon explains what I meant: >>454896

No. 454946

Lol! I bet the spaceprince was furious

No. 454949

File: 1508723267124.png (2.48 MB, 1136x640, 2BC9D568-27D8-448C-8D98-B24346…)

Guys, I think we’re at the center of rock bottom.

Nice pot belly Gregma

No. 454950

No. 454951

Taylor, some advice, (or Sarah if you're lurking, screenshot this and send it to her)
Try Crest whitening strips! Seriously! Your look would improve times a thousand if you didn't have yellow teeth.
Also, a MOISTURIZER would benefit you greatly. Especially the lower half of your face, bc that half is crusty af.
And, as for those cold sores, Abreva really can stop them in their tracks! you get them pretty frequently, so I'm betting you can sense them coming and would have time to use it! It's a bit expensive but you guys can afford it.

Okay, I'm done. inb4 "stop giving a cow helpful advice!!!" Well, unless Lainey can turn herself into a feminine alt teen, instead of her current form of screetching shrew, nothing will keep Greg around so she might as well stop looking so haggard.

No. 454952

I'd say she needs a lot more advice than just this.
She needs a serious skincare routine.

No. 454953

lol you're overestimating them anon

No. 454968

No. 454969

I watched this, and it was pretty interesting how it sounded like a parody but it wasn't. He's begging for people to buy him underwear (even from Walmart and unironically), complimenting Becca, says he "isn't the hunter" and that he has to get to know someone before he introduces anything else (like a cage? seriously, he is says that), says he shouldn't wear his hair longer because he feels like he's a guy that "can't let go", tells his troll in his comments to give him money and Becca says "yeah, so I don't have to".
Says he'll sing a song about being a pedophile for $500, then begs Becca to keep her money after she says "480 quid is not that much money".
Then Becca jokes "you're causing my depression".
Not sure if I can get through much more of it.

No. 454974

Sooo he destroyed one of his kid's toys, stretched out his daughter's pants, and proceeded to scream in the middle of the night which means his kids were either A. staying up extremely late because Lainey or Greg don't care about normal sleeping schedules or B. The kids were trying to sleep as this man ran around screaming. Father.of.the.year. (deleted last post for saging wrong mb)

No. 454975


this is excellent. imagine plainey shilling lularoe or essential oils and losing money hand over fist from it, kek

No. 454976


all that shit around her lips, vomit

No. 454977

their floors must be completely filthy, his socks are black

No. 454982


Lowkey wonder if this was Onion as its just to hard to believe that this was a random fan who magically came out of the shadows. Or they stole mommy's visa and went ham.

No. 454983

The colours on her graveyard girl swamp palette look off… could it be a fake??

No. 454985

I wouldn't put it past Lame to get shit from AliExpress or Wish and try to pass it off as real.

No. 454988

Why do I feel like DCYF would have a field day with something like this? I already pity whatever IRS agent that's being forced to review this as his "work."

No. 454989

Eugenia is boring af, but she can do her makeup, she doesn't beg and is truly thankful for her fans.

No. 454990

this isn't a Eugenia thread

No. 454991

You dingbat. I've been a farmer and posting in these threads a LONG time. I'm the author of this >>454932
by the way, which has caused an IMMENSE amount of butthurt for such a throwaway joke about the irony of >>454908 being an actual serious post.

It's sad to watch these good threads circle the drain while morons argue over whether the site rules apply to them. Tip: they DO.

No. 454993

And you're not a farm and.
Fuck off m8(infighting)

No. 454994

Okay buddy just deal with farmhands then

No. 454995

I didnt pay attention to the username of the person who put her over the top with the million goal, but if was a person who never really popped up in older streams I wouldnt poopoo the idea of Grugly making an account and giving her a shit load of bars.
Im sure Grugly thinks that its perfectly fine to do that shit, like a piano player putting a few bucks in his tip jar to start the flow of tips, and that hes just giving money back to his wife so the money is just doing a full circle. But he doesnt factor in 30% cut YouNow takes.

No. 454997

File: 1508728119244.png (9.6 MB, 4624x1464, iveseendeath.png)

Jesus christ

No. 454998


>>Laimey respond with, "your bank let us down last time"

holy fuck, what an utter cunt. it truly is a piece of shit. it deserves its husband and frankly i'm happy to call it a man, because it disappoints an entire gender. fuck off with the men, you perverted predator!

No. 455000

these kinds of comments are worthless even saged. *Report and move on

No. 455002

>thread has moved on to on topic conversation
>has to come back 2 hours later and stir the shit so you can boast about being a farmer and attempt to get the last word

Good going "farmer"

No. 455004


what the FUG
his NECK

No. 455006


Huh, I kinda hope it really was him. That chunk of money he would've lost to Younow by being a retard and not just giving her the money in person. I wonder if it was like a belated "birthday gift".

No. 455010

Sorry for asking others to do the leg work but I cant find any moments of lainey getting the big 4000 dollars to see the name of the person. Id like to do some snooping

No. 455013

File: 1508729326229.png (2.56 MB, 1136x640, 6F960082-EC2B-4DBA-8006-D75FBB…)

This is what happens when you zoom in too close! Btw did he also dye his nuthair black?! I can see it through his old-man diaper!

Saged for nitpicking (again)

No. 455015

Meant to reply with >>455013

No. 455020

His name is Forman something

No. 455021

his name was formanboss4

No. 455023

oh my god his skin is like literally sloughing off. what fucking vile skin disease does he have? i assumed rosacea but it doesn’t make your skin peel off like this.

No. 455024


No. 455026

It was a *~gift~*

No. 455028

Click leaderboards.
Click top fan or whatever it is called. It’s him.

No. 455031

That screen shot was after he dumped flower over his head. So its flower.
His skin is still disgusting, tho

No. 455032

kek foot wasn't the only one he bombed https://www.younow.com/formanboss4

No. 455033

File: 1508731907172.png (73.93 KB, 605x801, asw.png)

Look who he fans.

No. 455034

I always see big Jaclyn Glenn fans on Lames YouNow, some chick named Stephness that is in every Lame stream is going to meet up with Jaclyn Glenn soon.

No. 455036

This is so incredibly sad, when you think about it.
A lonely kid trying to make friends by buying them?
I don't know but I truly hope his parents find out. Whether it's his money or not, I can't imagine most parents would be happy knowing their kid is blowing all of that money.

No. 455037

He has a Youtube too. He looks so young.

No. 455039

just imagine the spergout video grease will make when that money gets charged back

No. 455040

He wrote in the chat that he loves her and gerg because he is depressed and they help him laugh.

No. 455042

He has an older sister on YouTube also. She's a singer. Not sure how much we can share here, and I think it's discouraged to take stuff IRL. But I would be so frustrated if I found out my little brother did this. Poor dude needs some counseling.

No. 455043

She is honestly a garbage person, who exploits and uses young fans for money, and deserves to have her excitement crushed when (hopefully) the money is charged back.

No. 455049

File: 1508733260467.png (43.32 KB, 212x203, sdg.png)

Trying to keep the identities of non-Onion involved people out of this thread, but I found this on the kid's sister.
Let's hope they start to better monitor their son's online activity as well.

No. 455050

people need to be 16 to be posted here

No. 455051

I wonder how this one kid's actions are going to effect her unrealistic like goals on younow going forward

No. 455052

Sry guys! I thought I should delete that just cuz it was kinda against the rules I think. Basically, for those who missed it, formanboss4 (who supposedly gave laim ~$4000 on younow) is super underage (about 10 or so) so we will see how that plays out.

No. 455054

Yea I read that right after posting! My bad.

No. 455062

Wow a 23 year old married mother of two is out there begging 9 or 10 year old little KIDS for money…

This is hilarious.. Taylor is so entitled from growing up spoiled that now every single time she gets no where close to 1 mil she's going to secretly feel sour about it.

P.s. I feel like other than our beloved lamp, Lameo, complainey, lames, nicknames that calling Taylor by her given name (the name she went by for the first 17 years of her life) probably gets to her the most because I'd be willing to bet she associates "Taylor" with herself way more than she will admit. Her suddenly changing her name to fit Greg's needs when she met him is ridiculous. It was just another way for him to isolate her from her family/former life. So in summary I just enjoy calling Taylor by her real name every so often because I think even SHE realizes that "Lainey" is a big phony persona.

No. 455066

Didn’t she promise to get a facial piercing if she reached 1million? Did she mention getting it on the stream after she broke the record?

No. 455071

I feel his sister/parents should be informed

No. 455072

Do free spins on younow give her real money?
I once accidentally used my free spin on plain and it gave her a fucking thousand bars… pretty sure that only comes to $1 but thats still more than she deserves

No. 455073

1000 bars is about 10$

No. 455079


i don't think sarah has ever had any milk. she enjoys being used by the onions, nothing else. even if the tweet is about them (its probably not tbh), i doubt it will lead to something.

also she ugly and obssesed with looking like billie so and being "sad"… basically lainey, and we already nitpick lainey more than enough. who cares, no milk, discussion always leads nowhere, the end.

No. 455081

Did anyone count how many times plain said 'Taylor' today? I still think shes fake gay but she sure seemed excited about that girl and wanted to tell her everything.

No. 455084

I noticed that too!!! I def don't think she wants Taylor romantically, I think Lamp just is feeling the high of a new(ish) BFF that is cool/trendy/pretty and is giving her attention. It's almost sad because if you look at Lame's sister's facebook she has LOADS of friends and I think if Grease hadn't snatched her up so young she would have been popular in college like her sister is currently.

So I think Lameo is just feeling high off that feeling of comradery with another girl that she can tell everything too that is closer to her age and less boring than plain dumpy Sarah.

Sarah brings nothingggg new to the table for Lainey. She was bound to get bored of her suck-up nanny eventually.

No. 455089

She said she’d get a Medusa piercing.

No. 455091

That would look terrible on her because it would highlight her lack of upper lip.

It also sucks that Lame is posting all these makeup tutorials when Billie is too lazy to post. Billie could be doing wayyyy better than her and it would kill the Onions to see that happen. Wish B wasn't too lazy to upload consistently because it would be great to see them sperge at her success.

No. 455092

File: 1508738724355.jpeg (221.86 KB, 750x773, 71528C20-3C02-4540-8C51-D311FB…)

Kinda like how lainey lets her sexuality/gender define her???? Could this be a subtle jab at the foot??

No. 455093

sage for off topic, but Jesus fucking Christ Moomoo is such an idiot. "I picked a weeby Japanese name, so how come I'm white????"

Her and Grease are perfect for eachother, I would love to see that trainwreck, especially after all of his "fat/curvy/healthy" videos.

No. 455102

When Grease is trying so hard to cozy up to moomoo, HOW does Lamebot justify it in her twisted head? I realllly would love to know her logic.

No. 455103

I'd love to know this too.
I also find it interesting that Momo is basically the exact opposite of Lainey (body type, outgoing, feminine - not saying I like her, she and Lainey are both god awful, but they are pretty damn different).

I guess she must tell herself that she is a smol space prince bean and her husband isn't interested in heifers. Unlucky for you, Lainey, it seems like he's interested in anything that isn't you currently.

No. 455110

If you're not traumatized by your own husband, then shut up. He did way worse than billie, he orchestrated the whole fucking thing. He forced her to get a girlfriend, then pretended it was going to be just them, then inched his way in, HE was the one who wanted to cuddle with billie and asked lameo and lameo told HIM no, but HE did it anyway. HE was the one who told lameo that it was going to be a threeway like it or not, and HE had sex with billie. And LAMEO was too scared to tell him no, but wasn't scared to go to billie and put the pressure on her to tell him no for her. And then she blames it all on billie, sides with her onion while hes harassing billie and telling her personal info online, acting all smug and happy that hes finally taking her side and could give a rats ass how he treats billie and basically praising him and going on about how hes her soulmate. All while whining about how dare billie not mention her in her video and shes the victim, how dare anyone feel bad that her husband is harassing this 19 year old when hes the one who did the fucking cheating on his wife. How dare them! Like gtfo out of here.

at least we know she will die alone and sad, never to be truly loved by anyone with no real friends and her kids likely growing up to detest her and snatching the first chance to run away just like she did with onion. She hates her dad for cheating on her mom or whatever? LOL. Imagine her kids. She will also never be able to keep this up once she gets older and her preteen fans get older and cant max out their parents credit cards.

No. 455111

>Mr. Meeseeks
Look at how in touch Onion is with his teenage audience! Just in case some anons don't know, this is a reference to a cartoon that is growing in popularity and will probably go viral soon.

No. 455112

I don't see any cellulitis in that picture. Enlighten me, anon?

No. 455117

Gawddamn, I didn’t even realize that was Onion. The old man tries too hard.

The fat rolls forming on his vegetarian body

No. 455119

That is not cellulitis. Google what the word means maybe.

Sage and sorry for OT.

No. 455122

I realize that now but it’s too late to delete my post. I thought it was the same formation as to behind the legs.

No. 455123


No need to be snarky. You know damn well anon meant cellulite, and I'm doubtful anyone else would have assumed he meant onion has a bacterial infection.

No. 455124

How the fuck do they always get gullible kids to throw so much money at them?

I sincerely hope that kid's parents are not some rich "don't give a fuck" type.

No. 455125

>then inched his way in

kek, literally and figuratively.

Are you implying Billie would get more fans than them? I very much doubt it. She doesnt bring anything new/fresh to the table, the only reason she got fans to begin with was because she was in the trinity.

Imagine being in your teens and one of your classmates pull up these pics from your dad…. poor Troy and Cloey.

No. 455127

That's exactly what I'm implying. Billie has 168k and Lamp has accumulated 295k over a much longer timespan than Billie had.

I'm not saying Billie deserves to do better than complainey, bc Billie has a whole host of her own issues, but it's definitely reasonable to say she COULD be doing better if she put in more effort. People loved her makeup videos, and I would have loved seeing the Onions FREAK at her continued success, but my whole point is that she is too lazy to go about it correctly. So while she's too lazy to capitalize on the attention that boning Grease got her, I am saying I wish she WOULD.

No. 455134

>actually the whole video seems like a jab at lainey imo

That was my thought exactly. Taylor befriends Binky Princess, starts wearing childish clothing (like Lisa Frank hoodies and superhero pants) and her fans send her colouring books and teddy bears. It's pretty obvious she's showing an interest towards the DDLG lifestyle and Grease took the oppurtunity to mock something she's interested in, as he always does.

No. 455138

The irony of him scratching his diapered ass on the wall next to a "be the change you want to see on the World" poster

Stay classy gerg

No. 455141


this is super late so i didnt see the original post, but i just went to this kid's younow and saw the moments he captured. he gave a ridiculous amount of money lainey, but before that he also gave a lot to a bunch of other people. every moment he captured is him giving them money and their excited reactions, and this all happened in just a few hours. i hope his family finds out sooner rather than later

No. 455142


i imagine he’s just used a family member’s card for it so they’re bound to find out and contact all the people who he gave money to in order to get it back. i can imagine greg making 50 videos about it already kek

No. 455144

This whole ordeal reminds me of some low budget horror movie, like august underground.

No. 455152

>actually making diaper fetishists looks somehow worse
how is this even possible

No. 455159

File: 1508765012895.png (2 MB, 1192x804, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 9.21…)

I think she said it's because she's working full-time, whereas Lainey has all the time in the world to do streams and videos.
Kind of sucks, but maybe she'll be back (just to do better than Lainey, I don't really care otherwise).

She looks like she's in a bad emo band that's stuck in a myspace phase.

No. 455162

With all the money and free time she has….she looks like that…

No. 455163

Because being Moo's friend means they'll get money or have shit bought for them? Idk, but I'm still waiting for them to meet irl outside of Twitter ass-kissing for the epic milk

No. 455170

I'm just waiting on his next attempt to lure a teen girl in. He was only able to get poopbeck there and well she just clogged his toilet.

No. 455172

File: 1508767904708.png (354 KB, 719x881, 20171023_090859.png)

You got a million likes Laimey? Okay here's some internet love.

No. 455174

File: 1508768000168.png (235.27 KB, 719x795, 20171023_090836.png)

Laimey used to ignore this girl a lot on YouNow but now that she is also talking to Onion she acknowledges her. She's 19 and lives in Washington state, I bet he will attempt to use her as a "camera person" since she's such a hardcore fan.b

No. 455178

The level of cognitive dissonance man. The only ones who should be traumatized are Billie and the fucking kids who live in this shithole of a home.

No. 455179

File: 1508769113010.jpg (6.33 KB, 259x194, 16-29-22-Z.jpg)

Dat narc stare

No. 455180

Honestly if any girl can look past this gross vid of him in a diaper and still find him "attractive" then they deserve every single std or rash they contract from this dude. Just the sight of him looks diseased.

No. 455181

yeah billie already had a fandom before onion, while lameo just rode off onion's dick. I also wish she made videos regularly. You can think whatever you want about billie, but it'd be nice for once to see an ex of his become more youtube famous than him while hes tanking (besides lameo because shes just completely detestable but of course shes the one who is going to do it. ugh). Lameo becoming youtube famous is annoying because shes saving onion's ass while hes dying off youtube. If billie had a bigger fandom then both of them, it'd trigger not only onion but lameo's smug ass. Right now she thinks shes hot shit.

idk why shes kept this janky ass hair so long. This color never looked good on her. Even pink was better. And all the shit she wears with it just dont match her hair and look awful.

the problem is finding a girl as detestable as them who will also submit to everything they want while also being attractive. Its almost impossible with his fame dying so hard. Not even the money is attractive anymore.

he probably makes lameo try and talk to every girl he might have a thing for who is his fan to try and convince lameo she likes them. Basically billie repeat. And of course lameo never goes through with her own "crushes" who are attractive because she aint gay first of all, and she knows onion will like them better. Even if the girl does nothing wrong, she will act all jealous and start hating her, just like she did with billie which is probably why billie started liking onion boy instead of jealous footface.

No. 455183

I hate how she just seems to take it for granted that someone just blew thousands of dollars on her mediocre ass. I've seen streamers with ten times her fanbase freak out over 500$ donations and constantly tell their fans that they shouldn't feel obligated to spend money on them. Her brushing off that other girl who maxed out her credit card for YouNow gifts makes it that much worse.

No. 455187

And that girl spent actual money vs a kid that got his parent's card

No. 455190

I missed the deleted post, could you summarize it for me?

What I got was that the anon found out who the person was that spent so much money on her and it was a child? What age were they? And if that's the case, do we know what happens when YouNow payments get cancelled? (If it's a child, parents should be able to reclaim the money through their card because children legally can't use cards)

No. 455191

idk why anyone donates to her. id assume people donate a lot of money to make the streamer they like happy and excited. But from lameo all you get is a smug face asking for more.

i hate that she thinks shes safe from criticism just because shes married to onion and no one will call her out on her shit.

No. 455194

Agreed 100%

No. 455195

Do you think it's just onion on a sock acct so it looks like she has fans. Because who would actually do that?

No. 455196

No. It's a young kid. He went on a spree last night and bombed at least around 10-15 others with potions, pizzas etc. Must have spent way over 10 maybe 20 thousand dollars in one night on everyone.
His poor parent's credit card statement.

No. 455208

It was just the kid’s instagram with pics of him and the icon pic from younow and his ig matched up. Just pics showing how young he is (10-13 maybe)

No. 455213


>idk why shes kept this janky ass hair so long. This color never looked good on her. Even pink was better. And all the shit she wears with it just dont match her hair and look awful.

blue and green are the hardest colors to get out of your hair. Her hair would probably just fall out if she attempted to lift it at this point

No. 455214

Ahhh I don't know why I'm tinfoiling about this but I still have a feeling that Formanboss4 is an old man. I was in the stream and when someone said they loved him for blessing Lainey, he responded "Sending love to you both" which is just not something a middle schooler would say.

It would make my day if he guested on her stream one day and turned out to be a heavy-breathing 50-year-old.

No. 455215

Sadly, just a little kid. Not going to say much cause of the rules about under 16 being talked about, but yeah.

Seems like he just wanted to make people he liked happy. It's so angering how they use young kids like that.

No. 455217

It’s 100% a young kid, and the breadcrumbs are there.

No. 455225

Maybe he was trolling with a parent’s CC, either by trying to spend his parents money to upset them or just having fun and knowing that his parents would chargeback all of the money he spent.
If he really spent 15-20k I could see this being a huge scandal on YouNow. Something where they have to change their system to protect transactions, which, could end up being very bad for Lainey if it means they would have some system to verify people are adults in relation to their bank accounts. Tinfoiling pretty hard I guess, but imagine how much her and Greg would suffer if these platforms found a way to limit underage users and frivolous CC use. It would be in YouNow’s best interests to have something more stable because they take a cut of the profits and lose money too if it gets charged back.

No. 455232

It might blow up on younow. Lainey got to 1 mil, another kid got to about or over 1 mil, and many others were given a lot of pizzas and potions, etc. And that was just what was from the moments he saved, who knows how many more had stuff given or how much?
From what I've found he's just lonely and wanted to see people happy. He seems so young I don't think he realized how much that stuff cost idk

No. 455237

jeeze i hope those parents can cancel all those transactions. It's like kids spending shit on phone games with in app purchases. Having things be "likes" and "potions" instead of straight up cash also makes it seem less like you are spending money on a footface.

No. 455239

His neighbors:
>Nice landscaped yards
>pool with patio for entertainment
>sport court for activities
>big mowed lawn for kids to play on
>"Mom-they, daddy's screaming outside again"

No. 455247

I’m honestly still in disbelief some kid donated that much, and to all people, footface. Are kids really that dumb? She’s not even pretty or interesting, I’m so confused. Not even cam girls get that lucky sometimes.

No. 455249

File: 1508785137934.jpg (35.1 KB, 690x379, 412e47c1-0996-4302-ba4f-726f23…)

Sage for off-topic but I was watching Deefizzy's video about Austin Jones and I wondered something.

Ghrek is literally asking underage girls for pictures, he is talking to them about cuck-bestiality rape porn, he makes disgusting videos about himself, there is literally a minor living in his house (three actually), this man blames victims of abuse..

Deefizzy has some experience with calling out youtube pedophiles, he gained some credibility from it too. Can't we just compile all the proof of laineybot and onision being pedophiles ?

No. 455250

That's kind of what Greg wants at this point. Any kind of attention, positive or negative.

I wouldn't do it, just because his career is already dying and his only chance is getting attention from bigger YouTubers. You know he'd do another crying video where he tries to defend himself and Lainey would just cry in a corner and he'd make another video on how people should stop being mean to her.

No. 455253

Someone better find his parents and take his electronics away.

No. 455260

i once watched a twitch streamer get a donation of like $725, and when the person told them they forgot the decimal point, it was refunded by the streamer within five minutes. onion would rather die than ever

No. 455261

I'd love for Plainey to pierce her lip and then find out Younow had to retract the likes and money afterwards. I think she said she'd get the piercing at least 100k likes because she thought it was unattainable. So begrudgingly getting it just to find out she isn't getting the $2000 or whatever would just tickle me.

No. 455263

File: 1508785980077.png (7.09 KB, 651x155, Capture.PNG)

Apparently forman's parents haven't found out yet

No. 455264

This is honestly scary. If his parents find out he has spent tens of thousands of dollars, they honestly might freak out and beat him or something. Especially if they are in an extreme part of the middle East or something. Many parents have abused their kids for much less.

No. 455265

She should go get her clit pierced. Not the hood, the actual clit. For science.

No. 455266

File: 1508786302899.png (261.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3664.PNG)

Looks like he has been doing this for a long time…. Wtf. Why pick Plainey?

No. 455267

The only way Greg is gonna get attention nowadays is by starting Lainey divorce saga.

Footface would ignore the comments of that person and just be like "I don't know how to refund" while rolling her eyes.

No. 455270

File: 1508786862189.jpeg (108.06 KB, 640x640, onionsmell.jpeg)

No. 455271

Not sure where you got middle east from. Look it up, the kid is in the US east coast. If it weren't for the fact that I suck at doxxing I'd be sending screen caps to his parents.

But I seriously hope this blows up in Plainey's face and she either has to pay all that money back or gets her ass sued.

No. 455273

Yes, kids are dumb as fuck and usually lack the judgment skills adults have (or not, as evidenced by many onion fans). He probably thinks she's cool because she has blue hair and ~doesn't let the haters bring her down~, i.e. ignores any and all criticism.

No. 455278

In my personal experience, a lot of the richest families in Saudi Arabia or UAE will give their kids exorbitant amounts of cash for leisure. Not saying it's common or that there aren't families in the US that are the same. Just that I've seen examples first-hand. And I thought I saw him guest on one of the moments and have an accent but I could be wrong

No. 455281


I thought he didn't guest, but I also only saw the end of the stream. But he does have a bunch of expensive equipment and everything so his parents definitely have money, but I don't think that that amount would be normal for any child his age.

The oldest captured moments are 47 hours old and it seems that he captured the moments where he gave people stuff. So idk if he's been doing that longer than that.

No. 455282

File: 1508790109066.png (62.21 KB, 1186x408, Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 4.18…)

Samefag, but he commented this.

No. 455283

And didn't use her super special they/them pronouns?! space prince Lainey wont be happy to hear about this.

No. 455287

This would be nice and all if it wasn't lameo. How does anyone find her streams entertaining? I dont even know how any farmers sit through that crap. I really cant think of anyone more undeserving than lameo and onion boy who already live in a mansion, have teslas and have had millions theyve wasted and frauded the system.

she'll ignore it if you give her money.

No. 455291

Her stream is only fun to watch when people trigger her and she's on the edge of tears.

No. 455295

Some people just have a lot of money. Like a lot a lot.
I think he is just a rich kid buying attention.
If Taylor was any kind of good human she would tell him to keep his money and maybe give him a nice tweet to see how he is doing with his emotions.

No. 455296

He had no bio yesterday when it happened and his views were below 2000. I'd say the donating has drawn attention, and not that the account is older.

No. 455297

idk how much we can say here but i went to his IG and he is most definitely white lol and American. It doesn’t appear he lives lavishely either, pretty middle class. So his parents are gonna be in for a shock. I really hope they can get their money back, not only for their sake but because I want to see taylor’s excitement crushed. :-)

No. 455298

>>455297 His big sister is 13.

No. 455299

How stupid are you exactly?

No. 455300

if the kid donated to his community like he does to internet nobodies, he'd get some actual good positive reactions

i'm so mad lol

No. 455301

For a preteen, his grammar’s pretty good. Must’ve gone to a well-paid private school. Too bad Troy and Claire probably won’t get that luxury.

No. 455302


I kind of feel bad for him. All signs point to him being a child and I really hope his parents find out about his YouNow gifts soon so that he won't dig himself deeper. Right now he's got all these people loving him but if the rest are like Lamo they'll turn their back and bitch if all the money he gifted them is refunded. She's quick to ignore her own long time fans when they don't bring the cash. He's only worthy of attention until he maxes out his parents cc.

No. 455304

I'm just waiting for the spergout videos where he villainizes a ten year old kid for being an indian giver

No. 455310

I’ll likely miss the stream but I fully expect anons to tell Lainey that kid is young. We need to document her ignoring people telling her that a little kid is spending thousands.

Maybe just maybe the mother in Lainey will appeal to this situation and actually do the right thing and contact his parents herself.

No. 455314

File: 1508795213736.png (57.33 KB, 225x210, Screenshot 2017-10-23 at 5.43.…)

No. 455316


Why does he feel the need to wear his pyjamas while doing this video?!

No. 455318

Agreed but also I don't think lainey is that "motherly" enough to give a shit, She loves to kick her fans when they're down like that person that maxed their credit and shit. She don't give a fuck unless shes making something from it.

I highkey want to see lainey cry on stream, I swear the bitch is becoming more insufferable the bigger she gets. Cannot wait for people to call out her shit for faking being gay to take advantage of the lgbt community and for pretty much being an extremely shitty human.

No. 455319

What’s with his new style of videos? He walks around haphazardly cleaning and letting the camera go in and out of focus and talks in a caring tone. Is he trying to be a nice guy in his videos?
Maybe he relies how greatly he relies on Lainey right now and he is sucking up.

No. 455320

according to onion, lameo's anxieties are about her videos and livestreams doing well. No thats a money whore wanting as much money as possible. Also wtf is he doing cleaning his house while talking?

Also shut up onion your "anxious" wife acted like she didn't believe billie had anxiety and was a "faker", so people can think lameo is a faker because she 100% is. She lies just as much if not more than onion.

No. 455321

he thinks he's presenting a TED talk.

No. 455324

I always find it funny that plaineys "anxiety" and depression-of-the-day always without fail magically disappeared when she reaches a target goal amount on younow or surpasses it.

Every. Single. Time.

No. 455325

Onion's on YouNow with some of the mods, including Becca. He started calling Becca mommy and asking her to tell him what a bad boy he's been.

No. 455326

lameo's anxiety always magically disappears. She went on about having "diagnosed" SEVERE social anxiety and acted as if she was oh so scared to be in public. Then you see her being so comfortable in her videos in public places, playing around in a store while filming, dancing around the tattoo shop, etc. Wow where did that severe social anxiety go?? What happened to being so anxious?? And she was supposedly so shy she couldn't film videos! Her anxiety magically disappeared as she makes videos without fail and livestreams every day.

Lameo is obnoxious. Stop pretending you have every type of anxiety ever and you're the most anxious person and have panic attacks! She probably has some light anxiety due to worrying that onion will dump her, but thats about it. It's induced by him. Nothing else she has ever portrayed seemed like anxiety. And she sure as hell does not have severe social anxiety

No. 455327

i've been thinking about this too. i'm not aware of any other mothers out there begging for money from kids on younow like Lainey does on stream (or at her level anyway), but it's her responsibility as a parent to look out for kids instead of manipulating and taking advantage of them like this. Not just as a parent, but as an adult. No adult should be taking thousands of dollars from a 10 year old.

All we saw was his username and we all know from some quick searches that he's young, spent a lot of money in a short amount of time, and just wants to be noticed and be nice to people. I'm sure she wont do anything about it and will say that this is how he wants to spend his money and "who am i to stop him", but she's gotta be aware that it's wrong. Lainey and her greaseball need to grow up.

Sorry for the rant. This whole situation really ticks me off cause it just shows how greedy and awful they are to their fans.

No. 455328

Lol after all of greases random affection towards bigger girls as of late its not surprising he's sucking on beccas fat clit.

Lmao lainey better watch out, Becca is domming grease on the side

No. 455330

I think Tomato is the one who's telling Onion how much he loved the baby video. "It was kind of messed up, but that's why I subscribed to begin with" - Tomato

"I guess I'll do more of that then" - Onion

We stray farther from God's light every day.

No. 455332

He’s trying to look like “someone with anxiety” by cleaning, moving things around, not making a lot of eye contact with the camera, etc.

No. 455333

File: 1508796961736.png (250.17 KB, 379x471, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 11.1…)

I know this has been talked about a lot, so sage for nothing new, but I can't get over his fucking body.
His head is so oversized and his arms and legs are so short. Lainey isn't that tall, and he's only barely taller than her when he doesn't have his heeled boots (kek) on.

He is so disproportionate and weird looking. My vegetarian body indeed.

No. 455334

Just like lainey was weirdly acting on livestream like the day after her birthday.

Wondering if hes covering for her strung out ass

No. 455337

File: 1508797149090.png (446.26 KB, 717x317, IMG_5808.PNG)

He looks like a Titan

No. 455338

compLainey just came on to hug and kiss him on stream.

Also grease said pewdiepie and idubbbz are white supremacists? Also said idubbbz is lazy and doesn't deserve the praise he gets lol

You jelly grug

No. 455339

"iDubbbzTV went too far to get people to pin paper cutouts on Leafy's chin" but Leafy was a bully to lots of people, so of course Onion sympathizes with him.

"iDubbbz needs to Content Cop himself" - Onion, once again reiterating . He called iDubbbz the laziest YouTuber because he doesn't upload everyday. "He's a white supremacist". I can't keep up with the stupid shit he's saying.

"I've been hypocritical plenty of times" - the understatement of the century

No. 455340

why couldn't they just be family vloggers instead of this

No. 455342

hoooooly shit, this is the first time i've watched onion stream on younow and it is so deeply insufferable

he's just actively contradicting everything he has ever said constantly and everyone is eating it up
"anyone who uses the n word is a white supremacist"
what about ur wife onionboy?

No. 455343

that is exactly it. holy shit.
I wonder what caused it - lack of decent nutrition as a kid/teen?

No. 455344

He seems to be getting impatient with his discordfuckheads and becca lol

No. 455345

Nah boy YouTube didn't interest her at all until lately, her anxiety still stems from you. She wants them to do good for you, also why does he think he can speak on her problems so openly. Laim always ends up contradicting what he says.

No. 455346

Onision constantly makes racist jokes towards Asian people. He said zipperhead in a video recently but muted it out. So I don't understand why he's so obsessed with the n word.

No. 455347

lol grease said he can't love anyone that smells bad.

The fuck is up with his weird issue about smells, We all know he smells like ultimate greasy shit.

No. 455348

Lainey's in the chat talking about how she wants nipple tattoos and Greg is against it.

No. 455349

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Onision. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of logical facts, most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s head. There’s also Onision's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they’re not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Onision truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn’t appreciate, for instance, the humour in Onision's existential catchphrase “I'm a banana,” which itself is a cryptic reference to his vegetarian body. I’m smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Onision's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them. ?

And yes, by the way, i DO have a gay volcano tattoo. And no, you cannot see it. It’s for the ladies’ eyes only- and even then they have to demonstrate that they’re within 5 years of my wife's age (preferably lower) beforehand. Nothin personnel kid ?

[i'm sorry for shitposting.]

No. 455353

He's talking about anesthesia and how people can die from it and he brought up kids having to go under for teeth surgery. I bet Onion boy was against Troy getting his cavities filled.

No. 455354

it is taking him days to tidy up that room and why wrap all the controllers up, and the other video he was zip tying cords without plugging them in. is he selling all his shit or is he a moron that has to unpack his electronics and use scissors to snip off the zip cords why is he so infuriatingly annoying

also is he cold lmao

No. 455355

Hes talking about The Josh talking to Sarah.

No. 455356

File: 1508798541998.jpg (7.5 KB, 235x114, watching.jpg)

Onion just mentioned something about the first girl he fell in love with and blinked at the camera. Look who's watching lol.

No. 455359

his camera work was fucking horrendous, pointless, vomit inducing and someone should really throw a towel in his face and smother him. thank you

No. 455361

Shitty wording making it sound like he means literally everyone, imagine onion driving in a black neighbour hood, hearing the word and shouting white supremacist out his window, not hard to see.

No. 455362

he's not even a head above her, what a gross manlet. 5'11 fucking lol

No. 455363

nipple tattoos? Thats totally what someone with chest dysphoria who is uncomfortable with their breasts would do.

imagine if sarah invested all the time she invests into onion and lameo into something productive. they are not going to be anything to her in a couple years.

lameo says shes 5'3". No way is he 5'11" if shes 5'3". And he actually looks like an overgrown baby with his giant head.

No. 455364

What chick stood him up in LA? Hmmmmmmm

No. 455367

File: 1508799166236.jpg (47.92 KB, 325x421, ktten chick.jpg)

How long until he flies this 19 year old over?

No. 455368

He kinda randomly brought up some mac person when a troll called "Cucked by mac" sent ten likes.

It was a total salty dig at macandcheese

No. 455369

lmao i'm finally getting the height thing sortrd on younow

No. 455370

He's seriously asking his fans for fucking underwear?! Wow these two know no bounds when it comes to expoiting your fans.

No. 455371

He got so triggered about height he got lainey in to stand beside him. LMAO

No. 455372

not in the stream but I suspect his request is for used panties tbh

No. 455373

lol he's still not 5'11

No. 455374

File: 1508799403858.jpg (67.01 KB, 479x477, creeps.jpg)

She's so underweight guys she wants to gain weight so bad!!! But let me flash my stomach for no apparent reason.

No. 455375

Someone troll him about his foot size and how they are both lying because there feet are basically the same size.

No. 455376

haha i'm so happy someone screenshot, but he's still short.

No. 455377

Nobody leaked laineys phone, That was laineys mistake she made in editing a video.

No. 455378

i've never got blocked by asking stuff, but i don't do it often, sense the tone anon. if it's slow in chat and he's reading comments get your questions in

No. 455380

File: 1508799737621.jpg (60.71 KB, 472x432, snowflake fuck.jpg)

This bitch is nauseating.

No. 455381

I think he's probably 5'8 or 5'9. I'm 5'7, and my mom is 5'3, and if I'm wearing wallabies which add like an inch that's what I look like next to her. Well, height wise. Thank god i don't look like either of them.

No. 455382

File: 1508799822498.png (94.41 KB, 640x648, IMG_3666.PNG)

Everyone should tweet this to Greg.

No. 455383

was this suppose to prove he was 5'11? shes 5'3" and hes not much taller. and what is lameo even doing? At least pretend to have body dysphoria better.

No. 455384

He's so fucking rude to his patreons, he treats them like they are his kids, scolding them and shutting them up. These people have to have some kind of mental or personality disorder.

No. 455385

He just said what Laim made yesterday will help them, I knew it he's pimping her out lol. That's why she gets anxiety if she doesn't do well, what happened to there separate accounts.

No. 455387

Laim is talking about how he is not interested in a lot of the things she talks about so he's glad she has other people to talk to. Then said shes probably gritting her teeth because I'm saying I'm uninterested in what she says.

No. 455388

File: 1508800351792.jpg (62.4 KB, 463x462, responds.jpg)

She responded.

No. 455391

Wait guys, so I just read the thread and caught up on the donation child. Is that even legal? For a kid that age to donate that much money to a stranger on the internet? There has to be some sort of law or something, no? When basic human decency doesn't work for some people like Lame in the sense that you shouldn't take thousand of dollars from a literal child.

No. 455393

What the fuck type of marriage is this? They have been together for 5 years and can't even stand to talk to each other? Greg really just keeps her around to fuck everynow and then and pop out a baby every so often. Gag

No. 455396

younow needs to get better policies, like the user has to be the card holder or something, because that is mental.
pretty sure what that kid donated could have bought his first car for when he turns legal age. like he has to get grounded or some shit

No. 455397

A kid that age (however young, I missed the deleted post) wouldn't have the means or credit card to donate that much.
It's going to get charged back once his guardians discover what he's been up to.

No. 455399

He's answering a question about leaving his kids for Billie lol.

No. 455400

Of course he denied trying to sign custody over of his kids for Billie.

No. 455403

He always disagrees or contradicts what the dude in his stream says, he only agrees with the girls every once in a while. He hates men because they are a threat to him.

No. 455406

You have to 13 on younow if not they, according to their rules, automatically suspend your account

No. 455411

File: 1508801763301.png (212.03 KB, 590x392, 385356.png)

What YouTuber did he watch and rip off with his whole new
>wander around his room doing commentary while acting like the camera isnt there.
I hate admitting that I laughed during his video, but it was more laughing AT him than with him, when hes trying to be all deep and serious and hes got this huge piece of electronics blocking his face.

No. 455418

File: 1508802903681.jpg (50.14 KB, 486x467, youuwan.jpg)

Lame is on YouNow.

No. 455423

Tinfoil but I wonder if her obsession with talking about how skinny and underweight she is, is so that she can gain some weight and try and get thicc for Greg since that's his new obsession and her brainwashed fans will be all. "Oh they are looking so much healthier" and she can brag about getting to a healthy weight. I mean i know it's pretty much a zero chance this is it because of her Ana tendencies but just a thought. Since Greg seems to be into thicker girls to spite Laimeys Ana obsession

No. 455424

idk i feel bad for taylor. she's so pathetic and tbh, kinda fug, with absolutely no talents or interests. she's just got no chance.

No. 455426

She's looking guilty AF to me today.
She can barely look at the camera.

No. 455429

For someone who grew up with money instead of using it to pursue her interests and talents she instead went the basic bitch way and just became a stereotypical rich spoiled cheerleader I imagine when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she just said "I'm gonna marry a rich guy like daddy!" And her goal has always just to been to sit on her ass at home while her oh so loving and doting perfect husband does all the bread winning and spoils her. Instead she ended up with Onion who's pimping her out to become the new bread winner and treats her like shit. Feels well deserved to me, seems like she made no efforts to go anywhere in her life from what we've seen. Just hop on the internet and pursue her future rich husband as soon as she felt old enough to. Would also explain why she's supposedly kissed like 40 dudes, she was probably scoping out her prospects in highschool trying to find some rich or talented guy she could marry and leech off of.

No. 455433

I tried to watch the Younow but no, i just cant…
She just sing random part of the songs, then change the song and thanks people for give her money, that is it.

No. 455434

File: 1508804325697.png (327.28 KB, 487x539, fucksmeup.png)

No. 455435

I asked about the Medusa piercing and about the kid who donated being underage. No comments came in for a while and Lame sat there staring at the screen in silence the entire time, pretending my comments weren’t there. Taylor truly is pathetic, and probably pissed she’s gunna have to give all that money back to the kids parents.

No. 455436

Same anon just to add on. Most guys her age probably found her personality too boring and plain to be worth going out with or inviting home butttttt if she's a girl who will immediately suck your face? Now that sounds like a girl they'd want to bring home or "go out" with since she'd come off as easy, I'm not saying she fucked all those dudes just she suckd face with them to get her foot in the door and scope them out

No. 455437

She is just looking at her phone the entire stream.
Her fans are a special kind of stupid.

No. 455439

File: 1508804482302.jpg (26.25 KB, 599x431, stay awake.jpg)

I'm just watching to see if there is milk but jesus she's so damn boring.

No. 455440

File: 1508804566998.png (340.78 KB, 486x483, itsnotaphasemom.png)

No. 455441

Watching her streams hoping for milk is killing me. She ignores everyone while squinting at the screen and being mad whenever she sees anyone not kissing her ass. I hate Taylor.

No. 455442

File: 1508804675537.jpg (44.15 KB, 480x438, succ mi.jpg)

No. 455443

She just said not to call her Tumblr because that's insulting, bitch is a literal walking talking Tumblr meme.

No. 455444

Someone just gifted 41k likes.
She was suddenly super chipper afterwards.

No. 455445

File: 1508804903714.jpg (57.95 KB, 466x442, begger.jpg)

She kept bringing up wanting the Halloween animation and of course she got it, snowflake ass beggar.

No. 455447

File: 1508804994859.png (322.61 KB, 496x490, happy.png)

She is acting so happy and actually interacting with her fans now. Look at the difference.

No. 455449

I will never understand people like the Onions. I can't even take money from anyone of my family without feeling bad when they want to help me out financially. Meanwhile these people feel entitled to some strangers money on the internet, in Lame's case for doing literally nothing but staring bored into a webcam and being an overall brat to her audience.
I'm way too upset over her saying stuff like "your bank let us down" when a fan literally tells her they are maxed out. Like she cares not a single bit about that fan, they might actually have to live off bread and water cause they gave all their money to this ungrateful scum and she would still guilt trip them for not giving her money. So far I had hope for Lame to be not such an awful person but that hope died ever since she started being active on younow. Guys, she might me worse than Gurg.
I don't understand when people say things like she helped them (like the kid that throws money at her) because I never saw her actually act caring towards any viewer, she's way to self absorbed.

No. 455451

There it is, That smug ass fucking beak and lack of anxiety and suddenly super nice to fans! Fucking transparent, I swear I'm going to have a fucking ball when compLainey is seriously called out on her bullshit.

How funny if Idubbbz made a content cop not on onion but on lainey and her shady fucking tactics to get money.

No. 455452

that makeup, holy fuk

No. 455454

I feel like you hit the nail on the head with this comment. She can barely pretend to care and being entertaining is out of the question. The only way farmers get laughs out of her is because we're far more creative.

No. 455455

Christ, people should stop saying idubbbz should make a content cop on her. He only makes content cops on creators bigger than him (inb4 he made some on smaller creators before, yes but that was before idubbbz himself wasn't as big as he is now) Ian doesn't waste his time on small nobodies because that would just give them more attention and thus a larger audience , which would have the opposite effect of what you all want to happen.

No. 455456

File: 1508805625590.jpg (63.29 KB, 472x457, snapp.jpg)

She was annoyed because she doesn't look as "blessed" as with the filter. Well girl, the filter makes your nose and chin appear smaller and you look more feminine with it. I thought you were all about masc you fake as transtrender.

No. 455457

Her and Onion are getting matching tattoos and shes getting another elephant tattoo as well, but onion is to fucking poor to buy his own underwear and is asking for his fans to send him some… Fucking shameful cunts.

No. 455459

I get it anon, I just thought it would be funny considering grease would LOVE to get a CC on himself.

No. 455460

ofc youre not going to look good taylor a beady-eyed bird who permanently sucks on lemons is not fetch. youre unfortunate inside and out

No. 455463

Lame acts JUST like a cam whore except she does NOTHING for tips. Someone send her a dildo so she can at least work for the money.

No. 455465

Honestly I think the reason Onion is asking for underwear because he's expecting and hoping for trolls to send him sexy lady underwear or used undies. Then he'll be all "those damn trolls" on screen and sniffing and forcing Lainey to wear them off screen. I mean we've seen how she dresses and the kind of clothes she buys. Maybe this is his way to get sexy underwear for her to wear without having to shell out himself.

No. 455467

Better yet a strap on since she's sooooo trans and a smol prince. Here's a dick lame to grow with your manly face. Now you can really be dadddy kek

No. 455470

Someone was spamming asking why she's okay taking money from kids. I think she banned them.

No. 455471

Why would she use such dramatic shades of lipstick when her lips are so unappealing

No. 455475

It gets the likes on younow or else it gets the hose again

No. 455477

Someone ask forman his age. He's on and she's leaving in 5.

No. 455478

"Everyone said we wouldn't last two weeks and now were going on 5 years of marriage."

Yeah and lets not forget he almost left you for your first girlfriend, then fucked her while you were 9 months pregnant.

No. 455479

she was about to leave and then saw that kid Forman came on and said I'll stay on 5 more minutes, gross.

No. 455480

File: 1508806501196.jpg (50.17 KB, 455x466, abuser.jpg)

Kid is doing it again.

No. 455481

No fucking shame whatsoever

No. 455482

He just bombed her. Tons of likes.

No. 455483

gonna be a field trip when all the money goes right back at this kids parents.

No. 455484

What the fuck forman is going fucking nuts with this shit

No. 455485

File: 1508806622248.jpg (75.44 KB, 465x478, pig.jpg)

Imagine being a mother of 2 with an old dried up has been husband taking money from a child.

No. 455488

I noticed grease made an appearance.

No. 455489

Guys, if you are on, do it now. She's staying because he's constantly spamming her with likes.

No. 455490

File: 1508806811681.jpg (62.68 KB, 486x481, ungrateful.jpg)

She's literally laying down while this kid is throwing money at her, she can't even act happy or appreciative! This kid just wasted hundreds of dollars again and yeah aren't you glad you stayed you thief.

No. 455492

File: 1508806824934.png (328.85 KB, 480x485, adfasfa.png)

Should say *aren't

No. 455493

Someone needs to talk to this kid and tell him exactly what kind of person hes donating all this money to . pleaseeeeee

No. 455494

Someone tell her to donate it to charity.

No. 455495

An legit charity for homeless transgender youth at that. Love to see Lainey explain why they don't need it but she'd ignore it anywah

No. 455496

Lol as if the "proving haterz rong" shtick makes their marriage fail any better.

>onion says he threatens to divorce her often but she wont let him

>they cant have meaningful conversations together about shared hobbies
>they avoid topics where they disagree
>he makes the polyamory rules, she has no input
>she hates anime and video games
>he hates tumblr and makeup and masculine women
>they can barely come up with 5 reasons why they are together (as shown in a video)
>all the Billie shit (cuddlegate, true trinity sex, being ignored constantly, be belittled in videos seen by millions)
>Lainey banned from traveling
>onion decides her diet and medical treatment as well as which family shes allowed to see.
>onion decides her girlfriends
>onion makes all financial decisions for both of them
>she will never visit Fiji, Greg cant even remember its her dream vacation after all these years

Damn Lainey. You have me so jealous of your life and marriage. You're living the dream.

No. 455497


He spent thousands on her. Around 10k. I reported him for being underage.

Fuck Lainey, she gross but this is next lvl appalling

No. 455498

File: 1508807030957.png (341.86 KB, 494x498, adsg.png)

He's bombing Eugenia now.
This seems fishy. I wonder if he's going to get major charge backs. No way can anyone afford what he's doing.

No. 455499

File: 1508807081110.jpg (120.54 KB, 826x462, sugar kiddie.jpg)

He's spamming Eugenia as well.

No. 455500

File: 1508807103231.png (188.3 KB, 912x553, daveagasd.png)

No. 455501

File: 1508807127813.jpg (52.51 KB, 461x477, take that man.jpg)

Beck wants in on this trinity as well.

No. 455502

File: 1508807194224.png (342.46 KB, 494x492, sdgvagd.png)

Beck went to Eugenia's stream and had to mention Lainey.

No. 455503

The difference is that Lainey pulls up a blanket and misses dinner plans to get more money from this kid and Eugenia offers to follow him on Twitter and tells everyone to do so as well and says Thank You. And I don't even like eugenia

No. 455504

Lame lays down and just sees the money roll in, while not even asking the kid how his day went or how he is doing.

No. 455505

I just really hope that kid gets his parent's money back. Good God it's not even a little bit worth it

No. 455507

File: 1508807560116.png (391.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171023-205603.png)

She couldn't bear to watch the coins come in. She could have save him a few bucks and left

No. 455514

She couldn't bear to break her facade on stream but she was fucking ecstatic. She was just hiding the big ass shit eating grin she got, Can't break the illusion to the teen idiots that think shes a forever anxious depressed smol bean in need of rescuing via bars on younow now can we?

No. 455515

kekking at how obvious it is that Onion is much shorter than he claims to be. I'm sorry for blogposting, but I'm 5'3" and my bf is 6'0" even. I barely reach his shoulder.

Someone is lying here, whether it's Onion or Lainey.

No. 455516

File: 1508807884857.png (374.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171023-205517.png)

Like seriously all of my caps are of her fucking greedy foot face

No. 455517

File: 1508808095462.png (359.34 KB, 486x491, vghjf.png)


She just talks out of her ass. She said later that she heard that a medusa piercing can recede your gums so she might get another nose piercing (on the side) or an ear piercing.

If anyone can stand the torture, her entire stream was almost recorded. 100 or so captures by the end.

This. This is exactly what I feel.

I think his behavior has been increasingly manic. I think he is having a breakdown, even if I'm tinfoiling a little. It probably bruises the fuck out of his ego that Lainey is the main breadwinner atm.

There's a couple of YouNow moments that caught that, I think.

No. 455519

His account is banned for now, as you can't see anything on it. Happened to my account once. He probably can reactivate it easily. We will see how this plays out when the kid's parents step in. It's bound to happen.

No. 455520

He's still spending likes, and his account is still up

No. 455521

You're right. For some reason it was blank last time I looked.

No. 455523

Nah, his account's still good.

Side note, I just went on Younow for the first time and holy shit that site is depressing. It's like a cam girl site except sadder somehow. The fact that one of the most popular people is that obviously severely anorexic Eugenia girl says a lot about the site. No wonder Taylor was drawn to it.

No. 455524


>When you're so spoiled that you can't even maintain enthusiasm after being like spammed for ten minutes straight.

No. 455538

someone should tell his parents or sister, wtf

No. 455540

Can we stop with formanboss? Yes, he is a kid, his parents are pretty aware he spend thay amount of money in bs like Lainey
Move on

No. 455541

I reported formanboss to youknow; hopefully they at least ask for proof of age.

No. 455547

We know it's not that milky, but people are freaking out for pretty understandable reasons. His entire bar spree comes in at a minimum of $20,000, and over the past few days I'd say he's approached 30. (Lainey alone got ten, then Eugenia and everyone else on his captured moments list.) The only people I've ever seen who could afford to give that shit to their ten-year-old are Saudi oil barons, not upper-middle class white Americans.

I know it's the Lainey thread, but people are wondering what they can do to save some negligent parents the ass-clenching horror of disputing 30k of charges, and it'll be the "Lainey gets charged back and throws a bitch fit" thread soon enough.

No. 455548

Diaper-Anon sends her regrets and condolences.

No. 455549

How do you know that? Not sure how you’d know.

No. 455550

Hopefully the kid isn’t spending his college savings or something. It would be terrible if he’s literally wasting his future.
Hopefully he isn’t depressed and dumping money before hurting himself or something.

Hard not to talk about the only interesting thing to happen to Lainey in months.

No. 455551

How do you know that his parents aware? I mean if they are aware, cool that is their own stupidity, but if not it is a pretty big fucking deal that their 10 year old has spent the average American's yearly salary in like 2 days.

No. 455557

When the money gets returned back to the parents or retracted Lainey's reaction is going to juicy as fuck.

No. 455558

Ok wait, Lainey got 10k dollar from that kid? Like does it transfer directly to ones bank account

No. 455560

A kid cant spend that amount of money without his parents are aware of that and if in any case they arent so?
People have more than 60 posts talking about that, it is getting tired that eveytime i came here to check the thread you still talking about the same thing, i know the milk is dry but this is way to much

No. 455561

Lainey gets 70% I think of the bars/tips.

No. 455564

I wanna know wtf credit card company doesn't flag this kind of activity and shut the card off automatically.

No. 455568

Right? Multiple transactions in the thousands in the span of 24 hours you would THINK would be fishy af and cause an auto-freezing of the card

No. 455570

You can have a high limit or even limitless, his parents very well could so it wouldn't flag.

No. 455571

You type like you're a native speaker trying to fake that you are not a native speaker. For the first time in forever it seems like everybody is agreeing on something here, which is the fact that no matter the kids financial status, Taylor is a horrible person for accepting this amount of money from a child. Everyone except you. So, which of the onions are you?

No. 455575

Hi Taylor. Can't wait for you to chimp out faster than your fidgets can spin when that money gets pulled right out of your accounts, slack-cunted hag.

No. 455576

I was thinking the same. Gave me a headache trying to read that post and it's a
bit suspicious how annoyed they became over that topic and how they wanted us to drop it. Regardless, I used to feel so bad for Lainey but I've started tuning in to her livestreams and she has lost all of my sympathy. It's repulsive that as a mother herself she could take money from other children and act as if she's deserving of it.

No. 455577

No. 455578

Yes, and I imagine she truly would care if this was her own children in this situation. Greg too. Very slimy of them.

No. 455581

The fact she's gleefully accepting large amounts of money from minors is gonna look real good in the IRS' fraud investigation, innit? Especially when all this shit (hopefully) gets squashed and refunded.

No. 455582

They'll claim ignorance, but her stream was spammed with it and we know they read here, or if they don't, their discord people do.

No. 455594

No lainey, Hope you're freaking out about being charged back

No. 455606

How long before Gerg makes a video about Laims fake Agender shit, most of his videos lately have been lowkey a jab at Lame.

No. 455608

Also ever since Gerg said "If he wanted to date someone masculine he'd be gay" Lame has progressively gotten girlier to the point where now she dresses like a 12 year old emo girl.

No. 455611

File: 1508820251992.png (67.26 KB, 555x449, huh.png)

she looks fucking terrible

No. 455613

File: 1508820494243.jpg (565.04 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170905_222600.jpg)

Sarah, pls go.
And tell Plain to give up makeup, no one aspires to look like her

No. 455620

File: 1508825076017.jpg (310.24 KB, 1078x1669, IMG_fxn760.jpg)

When googling 'Ephebophilia' you can find Onion's picture directly next to the definition.

No. 455625

I’m still traumatized from seeing a 32-year old naked man wearing a diaper, it’s been a whole day and I still can’t come to terms with what I saw.

I am really scared…

No. 455630

File: 1508826855834.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 3058D8B5-105C-464F-8682-E0E941…)

He’s bringing up his highschool sweethearts again, this time Shiree - the chick he lost his virginity to. He says she’s fat now with 3 kids but used to be hawt at 13-14.

I have a feeling he’s gonna go back to milking his exes again. No1currs Greg!

No. 455631

I can spot your posts from MILES away anon because you suck at English and you're always negative as fuck. Every post that annoys me is literally always you. Unless we have two anons in the thread that suck at speaking English.

If this is your first time policing the thread on what we can and cannot talk about, then I'm sorry. But if you do it often (like I suspect you do bc you stick out like a sore thumb) then knock it off, cause so many anons are sick of you doing it.(infighting)

No. 455635

Funny, Gurgles has room to talk imo, because footface is fugly as fuck. He's probably bitter it's over because now he's stuck with plainey the transtrending e-begging, fuggo(learn 2 sage)

No. 455637

Is this a reupload though? because I thought he doesn't currently look like that

No. 455640

Yeah it is I remember him posting it months ago. He said on younow he's reuploading old videos that got demonetized but if they've been demonetized before what makes him think they wont be again? or maybe he's just to lazy to make new content who knows.

No. 455643

He’s doing this with Archive as well, uploading old ass Speaks videos and removing the Onision logo at the end.

Hey Gretch! While you’re at it, upload the garden video will ya?!

No. 455649

Have any farmers infiltrated Lame's patreon? I feel like her private insta would be fun to snoop through, and some of her more private patreon posts could be milky. But I know most farmers wouldn't want to take one for the team and give ANY amount of money to Lame. The curiosity is there though

No. 455654

I would love to reupload a few of her private vids and snoop but I can't justify giving her any money for it.

No. 455670

File: 1508840836902.jpeg (Spoiler Image,33.71 KB, 640x427, B45C2B75-CE10-4F17-BA0B-46B704…)

A little off topic but while Greg was streaming Lainey said she wants heart shaped areola tattoos (pic for ref)
Peep that fake trans boy chest dysphoria

No. 455672

You've accused me before of having broken English and being a foreigner and I haven't posted in days, I've just been lurking. So there is more than one person here you feel the need to berate like and English teacher.
Btw, my keyboard is half broken and I write in 'broken English' for speed. I didn't realise I was being graded on my posts.(infighting)

No. 455673

File: 1508841788344.jpg (20.89 KB, 251x279, lamey-blessup.jpg)

No. 455685

Eyebrows need to be wonkier and I would swear it was a screen cap.

No. 455688

What a dumb idea. I can't wait for her to stop insulting trans men and admit she's just a stupid cis girl who wants to pretend to be special. Literally no trans man on earth would get this done before getting top surgery. Even her own husband knows it. That "comign out as a baby" video was obviously made to parody her shitty coming out video, but she's probably too in denial to do anything about it.

No. 455690

Eyeliner needs to touch her brows.

No. 455692

Why would someone with dysphoria as she claims want tiddie tattoos to make them "cute". You are gonna sit in a tattoo chair with your breast exposed to get it done but much chest dysphoria. Fucking idiot. She also called herself a queen on a stream, this fake trans shit is becoming hard for her to pull off.

No. 455695

she probably attempts to use it like a gay guy would but only ends up affirming that she's a straight cis girl. She might be thirsting for a dicking but sure has no balls lmfao

No. 455696

She only likes pretending to be trans so she can attempt to have kinky yaoi roleplay with Greg where he calls her a f*ggot and pretends to rape her to spice up their dying sex life.

No. 455697

i am fucking dying laughing from this.

No. 455703

What's it like being twelve?(infighting)

No. 455706

i don't know, what's it like being a dumb cunt with no sense of humor? it seems sad.(infighting)

No. 455714

>she can attempt to have kinky yaoi roleplay with Greg where he calls her a f*ggot and pretends to rape her
I also don't think that's funny. It's actually pretty creepy if you think about it.

No. 455715

Agreed, I actually cringed reading it.

No. 455716

I'm curious about this: How do we know Forman is a kid? I mean, he is being a complete dumbass, but still curious about this.

No. 455717

a farmer found his instagram

No. 455721

Yeah, if you google around a bit it's easy to find his instagram/ YouTube channel (no current videos)/ Twitter.

I didn't find anything with his birth date, but his real name. Look wise I'd say he's anything from 9-12. It's not too hard to find but obviously shouldn't be linked here.

No. 455725

Full body massages by mommy

No. 455727

shitposting of this quality needs no apologies

No. 455729

I made the post and I wasn't trying to be funny. We already know he calls her that, Lainey likes aggressive sex, and Gerg said he wasn't simulating rape in his Andy Biersack video. Clearly that kind of behavior is what Lainey likes. It's all bizarre.

No. 455735


She's such a doormat its hard to tell what she likes.

We already know that he pays her for every mean thing he says that upsets her.. Maybe he pays her even more for rough sex ? Lames like a really ugly trophy wife/mail order bride. . . There is no love, just convenience. He needed a jizz rag and she needed another wallet to leach off of, since most parents cut their kids off at 18 ( the age she was turning when she found Greg ).

No. 455736

Funny how you suddenly know how 2 english, greg.

No. 455740

File: 1508860077863.png (10.87 KB, 170x48, Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.45…)

What the actual fuck, I was trying to find more info on this formanboss4 and I see that he has donated over a million bars to ONE person in the past 30 days, It costs $50 for 6,500 bars which equals to about $7.5k… this kid has to be fucking loaded considering this was just ONE person.

No. 455741

what's it like being an onionfan? let me guess, you have major flaws

No. 455743

>>455729 I didn't mean to attack you anon, I just agreed with >>455703

No. 455744

this messageboard isn't just for english speakers you xenophobic twat.
if you can comprehend, move the fuck on, it's the internet and people could be doing a wealth of other things than worrying about their grammar on a fooking massagebored(infighting)

No. 455745

just ignore them anon and don't apologise. anons should know the harsher jokes aimed at greg are assumed to be read by greg. and even if it wasn't a joke, i laughed because lainey has confirmed onion calls her faggot in bed and they both like to suggest in their boyfriend/girlfriend videos they're kinky af, even tho they stick up their noses at most questions

No. 455750

samefag, formanboss4 has well exceeded 3 million in bars donations, which put his purchases of bars well in to the $20k range and this is just what I could be bothered checking up on, even if this kids family was loaded as fuck, what kind of parents would let their child be so frivolous with money? I can already taste the new milk for when Lamo has to refund the money.

No. 455751

So Sarah took a selfie with a girl friend in bed(Snapchat), which makes me think her and Lame aren't dating. I was actually getting suspicious because they've been so secretive about her being back.

No. 455753

That's what I saw it as as well. Some anons gotta realize a lot of the really nasty comments are made because we know Greg and Lainey both read here. So knowing they're gonna read your comment why not go all out on them?
As for this foreman boss thing I feel like we are beating a dead horse until the money gets charged back or he goes on another spree later tonight like I'm guessing he will.
For those who are too lazy to read a little bit back in the thread. Yes we know it's not Greg, yes we have confirmation through his instagram, twitter, and YouTube that it is aparrently a young child. We DONT have his exact age yet or where he's located as some anons are trying to push a Indian prince connection for some reason, kid looks real whit and between the ages of 9-12. He could be 13 and not underage for younow, doubt it but either way Lainey is knowingly taking thousands of dollars from a small child and can't even say thank you just be all smug and ask for more. Big surprise there. /s
So can we stop these comments every other hour "Do we really know he's a kid" "are we sure it isn't Greg??" Yes. And yes! Now let's not clog up the thread any further with these, not trying to police I mean go ahead if you want I'lol just skim over but I hope this clears it up for anons gettin into the game late.

No. 455755

I don't think she'll directly say why, I think she'll just be really really whiney and bitchy around the time it will happen. Lainey tries to pretend she doesn't stream for money or need money given how often she plays dumb when people ask her questions about bars.

Greg on the other hand, might sperg out. He already has complained about Younow "stealing" from Lainey and made it evident they both pay close attention to the money they get in streams. He doesn't attempt to have couth since he grew up with a poor hippy mom while Lainey came from a richer household so she knows to avoid talking about it in the presence of "poor folk". Especially while trying to slyly panhandle from them.

No. 455756

Pics? I saw this mentioned a while ago In the thread and it was ignored. Honestly if you don't have screenshots or proof this just feels like a way to try and move attention away from Sarah trying to munch on Lainey's snatch after she puts the kids down for a nap. We know she is there, most likely living in the guest house or he'll even down in the basement in Lainey's bed since they seem to be taking on a lesbian co parenting thing while Greg sits up stairs jerking off to Hentai all day

No. 455758

wtf Sarah has never dated laimey she is a live in friend, unless onion has future plans for her once she becomes legal, because then the whole thing isn't immoral. amirite. daddy's christianisms must have really give him some fucking guilty conscience lol

anyway, lets stop discussing sarah, there is nothing milky about her hanging out in another girls bed. idk about u guys, but i have my friends sit in my bed all the time haha

No. 455759

Is this… a reference to the rick & morty comment pewdiepie brought up?
Because now that you are saying it, yes his fanbase MUST have a really, REALLY high IQ.

No. 455760

also sarah is most likely living in the guest house since both greg and laimey seem to fight over the one computer desk in the whole fucking house even tho he has 10000 editing stations

No. 455761

I agree, it's getting painfully obvious that Sarah is the one coming into the thread to bring herself up either to seek out compliments or convince people she's totally not at the McMansion trying to work her way into the trinity. Just give up Sarah everyone can see through your attempts at thread derailing, every time the milk starts to dry up and conversation dies down some random anon pops in with "but omg what about Sarah uwu "how do we go from foreman boss to "man Sarah was totally cuddling another girl in bed on Snapchat but believe me without any proof even though this is the third time I've tried to say this and got ignored in this thread"
Like you really want us to believe without proof that gregs guest house had not one but two! Teenage pussies in it being all gay and he didn't have some kinda horny fit? Even if it's Sarah that's the fantasy he tried to force lamo and Billie into. No way that would happen on his property and we wouldn't get any inkling of it. Either provide screenshots and go make a thread in snow to talk about Sarah (yourself) in or stop trying to bring her irrelevant ass up. Until we get confirmation of her fucking Greg or Lainey all she is is a glorified nanny and not important.

No. 455763

Looks like he's from the east coast. I haven't got anything on age but last year he uploaded a video and tagged his location at a school that only teaches up to 8th grade. So at most he's a 9th grader (14-15). He's a kid so I don't want too say to much but at least we can put some of the speculations to rest.

No. 455767

Taylor's mental state has seriously been messed up by Grease. That's why she accepts this kid's money with little more than "Omg I'm shook!" She was a totally normal girl who might've been bicurious, smoked cigs, etc. and now she pretends to be sooo gay for teen money. Teens who describe real issues like abuse and family rejection are drawn to her, and she just stares at the screen with no emotion or empathy. Grease must've taught her, indirectly or otherwise, that there's no need for remorse or authenticity on the Internet.

Sorry, especially knowing she's a mother, I get so triggered at how she just doesn't ducking care about kids.

No. 455768

File: 1508863448487.png (29.99 KB, 480x314, IMG_1316.PNG)

Lmao, I'm not a native speaker either, you doofus, I'm scandinavian. Imagine getting this buttblasted by some light prodding on the internet.

No. 455770

Sage for OT but does anyone remember a video where onion got an email from a fan saying he wanted to kill himself and made fun of him relentlessly? This was an ooold video so I wouldn't be surprised if it were deleted but it'd be funny to tweet at him when he brags about how many lives he's saved.

No. 455776

was this the highlight of your day? how sad(infighting)

No. 455779

File: 1508864963307.png (2.33 MB, 1274x927, Your Emo Problems.png)

Was this the one you where talking about? Your Emo Problems (Rise Above It) - Originally uploaded Oct 5, 2012. He pretty much berates the fan for being depressed even though they where in a super shitty and abusive situation.

https://vid.me/dxnmN (true reupload)

No. 455780

Nope. Although this one is also pretty awful. The one I'm thinking of was one of his "skits" where he's running around and screaming. It was uploaded in maybe like 2008-9? I just remember it seemed so unnecessarily cruel

No. 455782

You ignorant, racist fuck, if I was from a non English speaking country I would deal with you severely for being so closed minded as to think this site is for English people only.
And why suddenly does it make me Greg?
You should be banned for continuously causing trouble and making baseless accusations.

Anon's please forgive me for this infighting but C'MON this bitch just won't stop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 455783

yo i'm normally the last person to call out an anon as one of the cows but this person is so defensive and pissy about it that i legit think this has to be gerg or at least one of the other onions

No. 455784

for real this sounds like one of gergs younow rants about racism and we know he loves to throw temper tantrums when people say things he doesn't like

sry for tinfoiling but tbh i'm pretty convinced

No. 455787

Jesus christ.
Single mother of a one year old here, Living in England. That's why my posts are sometimes not as fluid as they could be. I got other shit going on.
Not Greg.
Get a life.(infighting)

No. 455790

Kek, I don't even…Check the thread one day, it's Gergle shitting in a diaper, next it's Foot taking a fuckload of money from a kid without thinking it's morally wrong. I can't stop laughing.
Can these two possibly sink lower?

No. 455791

Alright. Alright. Alright.

Okay can we all just take a step back and focus on what matters?
Please anons don't fight it's what the onions want, not everyone is going to agree with everything that's said here. You are all anons and if something is said that upsets you don't feed into like it's a personal attack against your name. We are all here to express how we feel about the onions situations as said. Please move on from infighting as we all have a common topic to discuss.

No. 455792

File: 1508866814169.jpeg (33.64 KB, 750x156, 7C01629D-0D68-4311-825B-D5E9B1…)


No. 455796

Agreed. I apologize again for booting off.

Back to lurking.

No. 455799

File: 1508867305527.jpg (42.69 KB, 640x407, IMG_2901.JPG)

No. 455801

Lainey says she’ll have new hair by Thursday.

No. 455802

File: 1508868196648.jpg (84.92 KB, 997x743, Capture.JPG)

No. 455803

Brown would fix her hair but I bet she's still holding onto this color trend..fix your hair and leave it brown…onion even seemed to like you better with brown plainey

She'll never listen even when haters tell her the obvious, darker hair highlights her features better

No. 455804

Wait, has that person seen the future?

No. 455807


I also liked her better as a blonde, her skin and eye color are dainty and should be paired with a softer hair color. But brown is also good for her too, if it's not too dark.

Sage for beauty shit.

No. 455808

File: 1508869391150.png (49.03 KB, 222x219, Screenshot 2017-10-24 at 2.19.…)

No. 455810

Used to be straight? Yeah back when you were in a hetero marriage with onion. Lets see where you are now? Oh in a hetero marriage with onion. Wait maybe you've had a gf before?
Oh nope, that was forced upon you by greg. You are still straight.

No. 455811

She gay for pay

No. 455812

File: 1508869859352.jpg (195.94 KB, 955x635, 87686787687686.jpg)

This is a few days late, but I could not get the thought of this out of my head so I made it.

No. 455814

>now here's a video where I pretend to be shocked that I used to be attracted to dudes even though I am currently in a sexual relationship with a dude

true gay icon

No. 455821


>im weak

sooo someone should message her on her instagram. she does look loaded but no parent gets loaded letting their son spend 30k on literally nothing.

>no luck finding their parents page

No. 455822

yo ultra white, plz take a look at ur fucking meme and go, walk away whitey(infighting)

No. 455824

Anon, a child being able to form a basic coherent and grammatically correct sentence before puberty is hardly anything to be impressed by. He's not a toddler.

Black rappers are white supremacists now, thanks for the education onion.

No. 455825

Stop the derailing.

No. 455828

fucking ewww

No. 455833


Shes a fucking foot

No. 455843

>I can't wait for her to stop insulting trans men and admit she's just a stupid cis girl who wants to pretend to be special.
She only does that when she's trying to win Greg's affections back, tho
She'll probably move into some different dumbass trend eventually though

No. 455844

Greg keeps posting less and less new content and keeps posting old videos on his main YT accounts, presumably due to demonetizatjon and tanking views. This honestly feels like a victory. Surely the money he's getting from YT lately isn't paying the bills. Reposting old videos will result in disappointed and bored fans and lack of new content ensures he won't get any new ones. I'm sure one by one hos patrons will keep dropping off and he will lose the motivation to keep his sugardaddies happy for several years (like becca). He wastes time he could spend on making better content on shit like twitter, twitch, and Tumblr. This is the downward spiral of his internet persona falling into the abyss of irrelevance. And I'm loving ever second of it.

No. 455846

File: 1508885838071.png (616.37 KB, 940x775, Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 6.47…)

Anons posted back and forth on tempcow since maincow was down, so I'll summarize:

> Lainey posted a video where she reads through her tumblr from 4 years ago. She mocks people who were warning her of the dangers of Gerg and refers to herself with "he/him" pronouns instead of "they".

> Anons discuss how she seems like she's only mimicking how she thinks gay people act like, most notably following Shane Dawson's video style.

> Lainey's redbubble designs suck.

No. 455847

He reuploads old videos because of the amount of views he got from them the first time, he even uploaded skys old cat video of it in heat because it got hella views before, he does it because he can't think of original ideas anymore and even trys to reupload videos of him and skye yet claims she doesn't deserve money yet he constantly makes money off her name and videos she's in. His fans are also a new group of kids who think his ex wife is Shiloh and don't even know who skye was. He reuploads in hopes the old videos will make people think he's cool and interesting when in fact he doesn't leave his house or have people who are willing to make videos with him like everyone he used to make them with

No. 455848

are you saying you don't want to fuck the clearly female ~art~ plastered on the numale shirt on the bottom row?

No. 455849

it's hilarious to me that she didn't receive better fanart from her fans yet. these designs just show how her whole fanbase consists of mostly 12-14 year olds who probably have some identity or sexuality crisis due to puberty and groing up

No. 455850

Wouldn't the small amount of money that he earns form the videos with Skye in it go towards her, since he is using her image to earn money? iirc, wasn't that a stipulation in the divorce or something?

No. 455851

why does this reminds me of deviant art? lol these designs are god awful.

No. 455852


He probably made Skye sign a dirty napkin contract saying all earnings go to him.

No. 455853

the second design in the first row looks like the cover of a shitty indie band from the early 2000's kek

No. 455854

Are these sorted from awful to painfully ugly? The $30 one, holy shit.

No. 455855

File: 1508886816183.png (3.49 MB, 2208x1242, 8DD5FF0E-7250-4A98-85E1-57CFA1…)

No. 455856

When him and skye started the channel was equally hers as his as she was in almost every video, once the money and fans came running in he started claiming she only wanted his money and claimed that's why he left her. Skye bairly asked him for clothes and stuff yet lainey gets everything she wants..he got butthurt because she was sad he wanted a prenup when they got married when they both had absolutely nothing coming into the marriage, for him to say her not wanting a prenup is her greed is so stupid on the fact they had nothing and she left everything for him when he joined the air force. Skye helped build everything he has now but he claims she did nothing. Who's in all his old video? Who designed his t-shirts? Who actually cared about him and was left for dead because fame got to his head? Skye. All while lainey sits on her ass won't be in his videos and look like she wants to die when in them? Lainey. Who buys new shit all the time even before she had a patreon and younow? Lainey.

Lainey is everything he claimed skye was when I'm fact anyone can go back and see the difference. Lainey looks like a gold digger all smug and acts like everything Greg said he hates.

No wonder he's slowing getting fed up.

No. 455858

File: 1508886874111.jpeg (182.75 KB, 1242x772, 9D63D690-69AD-43BF-A59B-A86183…)

No. 455860

File: 1508886907053.png (2.84 MB, 2208x1242, 5F279E3E-E6DB-4E6E-BA69-00561A…)

No. 455861

Yet her mc donalds eyebrows are better??
Girl your eyebrows are not supposed to arch that drastic

No. 455862

File: 1508886931903.png (2.64 MB, 2208x1242, 7E3513AF-E94D-46A6-A693-773779…)

No. 455863

File: 1508886965563.png (2.84 MB, 2208x1242, 06B1AE50-18FE-4DA8-8EE9-810233…)

No. 455864

File: 1508886994426.png (2.73 MB, 2208x1242, 68529332-8D2E-4E15-83EC-0E5C07…)

No. 455865

File: 1508887017617.png (3.03 MB, 2208x1242, 19725223-8B00-44A0-AD9E-0901BF…)

No. 455866

File: 1508887047007.png (2.64 MB, 2208x1242, 35EC6B45-F75C-403D-AE38-029423…)

No. 455867

File: 1508887069801.png (2.75 MB, 2208x1242, 90691899-7067-4EDD-8817-CCB840…)

No. 455869


No. 455870

Sorry for the picture spam with no sage. Apparently, the site issues are affecting me in a way I couldn't post any text. I changed platforms.

No. 455872

I don't think she gets everything she wants, personally. I think she's on a pretty strict budget and that's why she has to beg the fans for stuff.

No. 455873

In the beginning up until the irs bullshit she did

No. 455874

I should have clarified I meant now that's how things are.
Maybe that's what "drove him into Billie's arms".

No. 455875

definitely. just look at the boyfriend buys my outfits video and how greg needs to prove that she has enough clothes when in reality she didn't have much stuff. only a few skinny jeans that were out of fashion, barely any socks etc.

No. 455876

The point behind it is that lainey didnt contribute anything until she started her younows and patreon all she did was have her twitter where people flocked to her for just being his wife at that time he bought her a bunch of shit she would brag about online, clothes,phones every 6 months, makeup

No. 455878

i like how she thinks shes annoying back then. I've got some news for you lameo…you are even more annoying now.

No. 455879

lame's on younow btw

No. 455880

What's really crazy to me, is that the video almost doesn't talk about how "straight she was" at all. There's almost zero difference.

No. 455881

File: 1508887835307.jpg (41.85 KB, 457x483, new hair.jpg)

New hair, she got an undercut.

No. 455882

File: 1508887836560.png (277.15 KB, 496x488, sds.png)

Lame's on YouNow.
She cut her hair and dyed it even more purple.

No. 455883

Her fans told her they'd prefer her to grow her hair out in a Twitter poll so of course she cut it.

No. 455884


That actually looks so bad.

No. 455885

Oh my god she has never looked older imo

No. 455887


She's ready to speak to your manager

No. 455888

File: 1508888010781.jpg (33.99 KB, 415x465, neh.jpg)

She looks too mature to pull this off, she isn't a 16 year old emo anymore.

No. 455891

the kek thing is that she looks more lesbian now even tho she was more on the feminine side lately. gurg is probably very happy

No. 455893

Should have kept her hair and went natural but that doesn't fit her gay space Prince mold. Girl your husband wants a girl how do you not see that?!!!!! Every girl he's hit on has longer hair and dresses like a girl! You just put another nail in your coffin, sure he's gonna fuck you but you're the only vagina around willing. Sex does not equal love. She should be skinwalking these girls he comments on and trys to get into his home. Hey lainey, notice on his rate me videos he's uninterested in girls with short hair? Hmmmmmm

No. 455894

File: 1508888082951.jpg (89.08 KB, 736x736, 34567890ß989687574354675687989…)

Haha I was just about to post this

No. 455895

>too mature
>tumblr haircut
>facebook colour
when is the anita sarkeesian colab about how tampons are oppressive to females

No. 455896

lamey didn't go blonde because she can't get the blue out lol
Her hair is destroyed.

No. 455898

She probably thinks it's messed with by trolls but the trolls told her to cut it lmao she was starting to look better with longer hair back to square one

No. 455899

how long until lame has a mental breakdown because she realizes gurg's even less interested in her

No. 455900

I bet she will claim that long hair makes her super dysphoric and sad, if she ever answered getting called out on it.

No. 455901

She should try a Margo-style homemade double perm before getting to the inevitable bald look.

No. 455902

Doggy style can't even hide that haircut

No. 455903

I thought her last color was awful and it couldn't get worse…but Lameo never fails to continually make terrible style choices.

yeah i voted for pixie because i knew she'd make it look awful.

No. 455905

i bet he's forcing her to wear the billie style wigs and claim it's for kinky cosplay sex

No. 455906

She says she did this because her confidence tanked.
She dyes her hair to help her feel better about herself.
Muh dysphoria basically.

No. 455907

She said Gerg didn't react to it and just told her, well I'm used to you already looking nice.

No. 455908

He already has her wear wigs and she should click 2n2 together that he's never liked her hair, he's more affectionate to her when she looks like a girl. I bet he feels like she's his competition now kek

There can only be one!!!!

No. 455909

She's saying she quit med because she can't handle gore anymore but in a YouNow last week said she was failing and dropped 2 of her bio classes. I'm pretty sure she stopped because she was failing.

No. 455910

Yeah that's the nice way of saying it looks like shit, he's not gonna say it looks like crap because he doesn't want to deal with her crying all week, that response alone should trigger her

No. 455912

Just like he mocks people who suck at makeup that's makeup looks like laineys yet tells her she looks good. He doesn't want to deal with it and by telling her she looks like crap would mean no pussy, he might as well bend down and talk to her vagina because that's what he really cares about

No. 455913

File: 1508888821508.jpg (45.1 KB, 465x472, laimey.jpg)

If she loves her hair why not take off the cap.

No. 455914

It's crazy to me that gemineye is still dropping so much money on her.

No. 455915

Cause she's now more masculine duhs

No. 455916

Oh yes of course, I forgot haircuts give you a boost in testosterone.

No. 455918

anybody check if the kid is in the audience?

No. 455920

It is so hard to sit through Lame streams.

No. 455921

I can't wait for her to deny she dyed it blue like she did with her "jade" hair

No. 455922

i was about to write something like that. it's sooooo boring and feels like a broken record

No. 455923

She said she will guest foremanboss or gemineye anytime.
I wonder how things would go when she sees he is so young.

No. 455926

What does she do during the streams? Just sit and stare at chat? Does she talk? Is there a difference between video and still image with her??

No. 455928

She says she never had confidence until she cut her hair, but in her last video she said she thought she was hot shit back then (she was showing pics of her younger with longer hair). What an idiot. Shes a professional at lying to herself.

No. 455929

She answers the same five questions basically and thanks people that tip bars or do a certain amount of likes.
She also intermittently sings.

No. 455930

File: 1508889782670.jpg (33.95 KB, 368x486, emo mom.jpg)

Oh hey its Emo mom.

No. 455931

get ready to record that moment where she sees he's a child.

No. 455932

That sounds boring just to even do that, let alone watch that. Jeez.

No. 455933

Here's the sad thing.
She will run out of shtick.
Eventually, people won't tune in because she's not doing anything new. Today she got a decent amount of bars/likes, coming off of a two day high of 1 mil and then 500k likes. So it will be very difficult for her when she's not getting all of the attention. She has to keep doing "interesting" things to her image to keep the attention.

No. 455934

So, basically her confidence tanks every other week?

No. 455935

usually she talks about being gay, being agender, dysphoria, her pronouns, fidget spinners. today it's all hair dye talk. as that anon >>455929 said, the questions are repeating. oh and don't forget her awful singing to emo music

No. 455936

Anons need to watch streams.
I don't think he's on today. And who knows, he might not do it. But you have to watch. I'm usually not here to do this personally.

No. 455938

I'm already excited about the upcoming fights between them because gurg is so sick of her and her looks and desperate for a new 18 year old to fuck. thank you lame for speeding it up. god she won't stop calling herself plum boy, i hate her so much

No. 455940

Formanboss removed his YT vids. Wonder if he lurks.

No. 455942

cow tippers

No. 455943

i still cant get over how she goes on and on about how cutting her hair short and wearing "boy clothes" sometimes which she doesnt even do anymore makes her masculine, yet she doesnt go one day without having a full face of makeup which keeps her looking feminine.

gerg is probably enjoying the money he gets off her. I can only see gerg dumping her if he reclaims his fame or finds someone more famous to date he can leech fame off of. I feel like part of the appeal with shiloh was she was somewhat famous canadian pop star, and billie had a following/made youtube videos and was fun to make videos with. Funny how lameo all of a sudden wants to be a fun youtuber after seeing her husband almost dumping her for one.

Gerg is screwing himself over by allowing lameo to become more popular than him though. If they break up then, she will hold the power to make him look bad and have the fanbase to back her up.

No. 455945

maybe he's not dumping her straight away but he's already trying to get fans into his mcmansion in order to cheat on lame. the thing is he knows he can do the same shit he did with billie again because lame is such a doormat

No. 455946

More likely that his parents noticed his online behaviour
To be honest I kinda hope someone found a way of contacting his parents, the amount of information on him and his family that shows up with just his username as starting point is unsettling.

No. 455947

she just said they were gonna get a new matching tattoo. yeah totally struggling to ~survive~

No. 455948

It's been going on for a long time. I'm not so sure. A parent would just have them delete the accounts entirely.

No. 455949

God, she looks TERRIBLE in that particular makeup. I have never ragged on her looks, but that foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick combined with that dreadful hair color literally make her look like a corpse, and not in a cute goth way. Gross. GROSS.

No. 455950

I guess its a result of husband failure!

No. 455952

File: 1508891284582.jpg (679.41 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171024_182742.jpg)

Next time onion streams, someone should ask him when he started dating Matthew lush.

No. 455953

onion just popped into the chat, will update if things get interesting

No. 455955

File: 1508891436010.jpg (43.01 KB, 433x454, onion appear.jpg)

Seems legit.

No. 455956

Holy shit. W-why did she think this haircut and color was a good idea? It's not 2001 anymore. And to combine 'soccer mom' with 'emo' wouldn't work on anyone, let alone someone with an already unfortunate face like Lame.

No. 455957

File: 1508891504378.png (237.72 KB, 902x429, onionlame.png)

was probably fapping to hentai at the same time

No. 455960

File: 1508891982956.gif (303.75 KB, 352x288, the-moment-his-heart-breaks.gi…)

You can tell by the look on her face that whatever onion says about her can make or break her self esteem. Especially while people are watching. It doesn't sting as much in private, as long as she can pretend in front of her audience that he loves her, shes happy.

No. 455961

the most infuriating thing about her new hair is that it could look decent on her but she's so incompetent and lacking in taste that she can't even get that right

why the fuck is she straightening her hair like a mid-2000s emo kid? she would look a million times better if she had some curl or wave in her hair, or at least some goddamn volume, but no, she has to stick to her 14 year old quizilla spin the bottle scene boy stock photo aesthetic bc she hasn't emotionally matured since then.

and how has she not figured out a flattering color??? she used the violet manic panic which is blue af and she absolutely does not need any cool tones, that's why she looks like a fucking witch with leukemia

i'm sorry for beautysperging and i know that this is the least shitty part of her but honestly i am just fucking baffled at how she cannot improve herself to any degree, like how oblivious can you even be before you're considered special needs?

No. 455962

No direct link but if you watch her video "All my old hair cuts" or something like that, Onion really rags on her looks and she gets very butthurt. You can tell he constantly puts her down on her looks, I felt a little bad watching that video but she's stuck by him so too bad.

No. 455965

failing was a given; even many very smart kids can't handle bio. Imagine her going through ochem lmao

No. 455966

File: 1508894990070.png (316.7 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171024-154539.png)

Sorta o/t
Does anyone think https://twitter.com/HiImASociopath is really Greg? He talks just like him and just spent way too much time going after me on twitter DM's

No. 455970

Can a kind re-upload Anon supply is with this?

No. 455974

File: 1508896843913.jpeg (161.78 KB, 1200x1600, 0CD1A742-C1A4-42D6-831F-418DE4…)

she reminds me of those trolls

No. 455975

she probably thinks having DARK purple hair will faded into a light and pretty, lavender color but her hair is done for.
just dye it black and call it a day

No. 455980


She looks horrible. That's like, legit ugly, and this is not usual Lamey bashing. She got one of the worst haircuts + plus colors for her face. Nice going, foot.

No. 455984

I can almost imagine her bald / buzz cut because of the side and how her hair blends away into the wall lol. It looks so bad

No. 455988

i think its suspicious that hes only ever retweeted onion posts. i wouldnt doubt it

No. 455990

>using the word literally when it isn't necessary to distinguish between literal and figurative language

Probably grease.

No. 456006

…are we back to normal?

No. 456007

Is she a moron or do she actually want greg to break up with her? How does she not clearly see that greg HATES her "masc" style, especially since he constantly goes after feminine long haired alt girls. She should have gotten extensions if she wanted to keep him, not chopping it all off.

No. 456008

Dude, I ran an Onion parody account and I got messaged by someone named WhatAmI too (They had a diffrrent Twitter handle though). That person was adamant about defending Onion and then I started suspecting they are Onion themselves so they deleted their account.
Pretty sure Onion makes sockpuppets to fight his "h8trs"

No. 456009

Sort of. On and off.

No. 456015

Laineys haircolour is the worst she can possibly have. It makes her pale and highlights every discoloration on her face. She should rely on light and warm tinted colours instead of dark and cold ones. Natural or pastel shades would make her bloom. Also if she let her hair grow over her jawline her head would seem less long.

But of course she will stick in the unflattering hairstyle because it's the "haters" who try to give her other ideas.

No. 456016

Yeah, when I was watching her "OMG I USED TO BE STRAIGHTTTT" video, I was thinking how awful the hair at the side of her head looked and that she should get an undercut. Her hair was just so damaged looking and stuck out at weird angles like dog ears on the side.

Lo and behold, she gets the worst, most feminine undercut I've ever seen. If I was good at photoshop, I'd show what I mean, but she should have kept the exact same styling on top, with just shaved sides. This lying on her face emo shit makes her look so awful. I bet she googled, "Undercuts for girls" as a reference.

No. 456025

File: 1508933557802.jpeg (Spoiler Image,103.01 KB, 640x755, image.jpeg)

This is without a doubt Grease. Is this tweet just one of y'all trolling him, or does Greg Avaroe Jackson also have a degenerate foot fetish.

He probably makes all these side accounts so he can pretend to be his own friend, and unleash some pent-up emotions. He won't ever see a therapist, but going 110% with this "I'm a sociopath/psychopath" shit probably makes him feel a little better because he's finally being honest about himself.

No. 456026

Accidentally spoilered, nothing NSFW

No. 456027

I know this is common for fanart but none of these even remotely look like lainey.

No. 456029

This is the worst she's ever looked. There are so many girls with undercuts that just look androgynous and attractive, but the choppy cut, awful 2005 emo color and how limply it hangs off of her head makes it so off-putting. She really fucked herself over.

No. 456031

File: 1508935555269.png (1.33 MB, 1213x682, semen hair .png)

As requested - All My Haircuts (+ New Hair Dew)

No. 456032

File: 1508935659975.jpg (94.15 KB, 789x425, 152d52df6d194af5e03c40b43088fe…)

"Billie will definitely miss me now."

No. 456033

as if she ever cared about billie. all of her 'hurt' revolved around the fact that greg wants to get rid of her

No. 456037

This is so fucking uncomfortable to watch. His constant berating her and passing it off as a joke is unbearable, how did anyone enjoy this?

Also arguably one of the last phases where her hair looked like a normal person's.

No. 456040

File: 1508938603684.jpg (150.39 KB, 739x1313, IMG_6467.jpg)

Man, I wanted to post this when Lainey was preaching about how gay she is, but then Lolcow went down and temp wasn't even working for me.

Her "I'm gay" moments really reminded me of Pavlov's dog theory, but instead of a bell Complainey repeats "I'm gay" to try and stimulate "gayness".

No. 456042

File: 1508939452702.jpg (69.24 KB, 508x772, Capture.JPG)

lmao it's definitely him

No. 456044

Hey anon, you forgot to add:

Lainey pushed out TWO Greg sized heads out of her vagoo, while Skye was only ever with onion. Taylor went from having a virgin puss to now having Greg toss a hot dog in a hallway thing, she's so stretched out.

With Greg's micropenis, he can't feel anything anymore I'm sure. He probably has to squeeze her tighter with his hands when they do it, or she squeezes herself with her own hands, since Greg doesn't like it when girls get wet and all.

Onion is tossing that sad tiny Vienna sausage down a cold, insecure, windy, dry hallway.

No. 456045

She looks like a pistachio with this hair. The purple is the pistachio shell, and it makes her face look like the green nut to me. It's like magic eye books, or those optical illusion posters. All I can see now are pistachios, far as the eye can see…

No. 456046

File: 1508940505542.jpg (941 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171024_190210.jpg)

Ironically the same haircut.

No. 456051

kegel exercises are a thing that exist my child, not everyone is so unfortunate

No. 456052

Lainey would look so much prettier with brown hair and actual haircut

No. 456053

I was checking out who this account follows and it really seems like ol' Rotting-Onion. There are of course his twitter handles, several people he's colabed with, patreons, Sarah, Momo, vegans, peta, ect. The thing that makes me laugh is they aren't following Lamp.

No. 456056

Sarah? Lame's nobody of a friend Sarah? If that's not a dead giveaway that it's Onion, then I don't know what is.

No. 456057

Also looking at the profiles. Most regular people he follows reweet onision, talk bout being one of onision's patreons and wonders why people hate Onion.

No. 456058

File: 1508942964386.png (226.21 KB, 719x1065, 20171025_094715.png)

These what not to do for pointier nose and chin pretty much describes Laimeys hair.

No. 456062

Yea he talked to me via Twitter dms from 12 to like 7pm, of and on because i have an actual job but if it's not greg. It's the person who wants to suck his micropenis. >>456042

No. 456064

In the US you legally have to be over 18 to own a credit card/debit card so yes, technically it is not legal. However if the kid stole his parents' card, they just have to file for a chargeback and report it was stolen by their minor child.

No. 456067

Man, Greg is a shitty person. That video was so disgusting to watch. No wonder Lainey is so fucked up now.

No. 456069

File: 1508949259856.png (2.4 MB, 2208x1242, 5A6FF8F1-B848-4956-813D-465D19…)

>looks at pictures of Lainey
>”look at this failed abortion”
>gross uncontrollable laughter
>”this is the best picture of you because it doesn’t have your face in it”
>”it looks like your whole family jizzed in your hair in this picture”
Greg is a garbage human being.

No. 456070

His laugh is so disgusting, like that of a giddy incel. It gives him away completely as being unhinged.

>inb4 he tries to change his laugh in the future

No. 456071

He's just being honest anon! Jeeze!
I like that he mentioned 16 and pregnant and redneck incest family and all that because when the pic of chubby Lainey came out earlier in this thread (or the last one) a bunch of anons commented the same exact stuff. Wonder if it was Greg lurking and saw his chance to rag on Lainey again. kek

No. 456073

File: 1508949891395.png (230.45 KB, 1839x877, fat but not pregnant old laine…)

found it it was 3 threads or so ago

No. 456078

As if it wasn't more obvious that Sarah is in the grease mansion, she cut and dyed her hair as well, its pink. I still think its suspect that they are hiding that she's back.

No. 456079

Also this was after cuddlegate 1.0, after he had massaged Laimeys cute 18 year old girlfriend.

No. 456085

File: 1508953017541.jpeg (Spoiler Image,261.98 KB, 1242x946, DD82A78C-E780-4039-8F7D-E6E37C…)

If there’s a way to show the stream on rabb.it I will if someone wants to watch

No. 456101


If she let her hair grow long and dyed it some natural color (blonde, brown, red maybe?), ditched the eyeliner and went for eyeshadow instead, fixed her eyebrows and used nude lipstick she would actually look really pretty. What a shame that she is not only stupid, but ugly inside.

No. 456103

File: 1508955775457.jpg (92.5 KB, 630x916, EmmaHair3.jpg)


she would be cute with a long bob, reddish brown (would look nice with her eyes) and maybe bangs to make her face look less footlike

No. 456110

they are now following lainy after this was posted.

No. 456113

Greg just uploaded a video on onisionspeaks about age play and he keeps denying he does it (its obvious he does). The whole video is just creepy as fuck.

No. 456114

File: 1508957582906.jpg (31.71 KB, 336x188, hqdefault.jpg)

This? I was expecting something "serious", not defending his fetish.

No. 456116

yup this one

No. 456122

He says he doesn't want to dress his significant other up as a highschooler, says its predatory, guess he would just rather them actually be one, like when he met Lainey.

No. 456123

You know the muscles recover, right? That said I doubt his tiny dick does that much for anybody.

He tries so hard to pretend he's not a hebephile, it's amazing.

No. 456125


>Doesn't want to "dress her up" like a high schooler, it's predatory

>regularly solicits photos of scantily clad high schoolers

No. 456127

he isn't dressing her up as a highschooler. Shes straight up middle school/elementary school. Her and her kids probably wear the same shit, just in larger sizes

No. 456138

The hebephile cries out in pain as he solicits jailbait pics.

No. 456146

Reupload for the farmers.

No. 456149

>"I mean, I could be putting words into your mouth…"
HE DID IT! I can finally stop watching his videos.

No. 456150

File: 1508962637243.jpg (95.94 KB, 1280x720, pottery.jpg)

>"I, personally, do not want to dress my S/O as a highschooler, middle schooler, toddler etc."
>meanwhile his spouse is calling him daddy in her pokemon onesie.

No. 456151

>"Love is not about age. Age is irrelevant as far as love goes" -Greg "I am NOT a pedophile" Jackson, 2017

No. 456152

I’m pretty sure I said this in the temporary thread, I miss Skye and I wasn’t a fan in 2008-2011. I also wonder if Grease regrets his decisions and taking advantage/for granted his (previous) young wife now that he has to deals with a gold digging bitch who sits on her ass and gives -1 fucks about her kids.

This is your karma - your fate, Greg. Accept it!

No. 456153

wait hes saying ageplay is gross? Lameo is friends with binkieprincess who does all the shit hes saying and who lameo obviously praises. Didn't lameo also comment on some girl who had like a pacifier acting like a toddler that she was so cute and she wants to be her daddy or some shit in one of those gf videos. So hes admitting his wife is disgusting and a predator. Got it.

No. 456154

Sounds like when Jimmy Silva would publicly say he hated children, but was molesting them behind the scenes and just said it to draw attention away from it.

God, could it be any more clear that he's reading lolcow and responding to us? lol

No. 456155

Is Lainey chest binding while still breastfeedin? She has no tits.

No. 456156

She lost a bunch of weight, so that with a chest binder, maybe?

No. 456158

Yet another jab at Lainey? Just fucking divorce her already instead of making these videos judging everything she likes. Also he dressed her up like a fucking 8 year old.

No. 456159

It's a sports bra she wears. I think she talked about it in a younow once.

No. 456165

This is perfect

No. 456170

File: 1508966949937.jpg (184.67 KB, 1058x914, Screenshot_20171025-221505.jpg)

> Says that people who are into ageplay are predatory and shouldn't be allowed near children

> Wife, mother of his two children, has this ABDL one-piece in her Amazon wish list, along with other childish clothing.

Great logic Grease. We all know how much you hate your wife. Just fucking divorce already and let the milk flow.

No. 456173

These videos lately are really starting to feel like fodder for his divorce. He's making Lainey out to be a predator. Did anyone ever think he might try and get his mom to end up with the kids? I know if Lainey is named unfit and then he takes the kids he could always just sign custody over to his mother. Bam no child support payments then! Sadly Lainey is the only one out of the two of them leaving actual evidence of predatory behavior the court could use. I mean compare Greg rates teen girls bodies and to the uniformed four official spends most of his day "working" while Lainey has been caught sending sexual pictures to a minor, festisizes infants, and is constantly on the lookout for a girlfriend while making her living by having literal children send her money and compete to be her girlfriend. On paper Greg will sadly look like the more fit parent. So I can definitely see him going for custody just to drop the kids off at his moms, hell he might just move in with his mom temporarily after the divorce then after a while just leave and leave the kids there.

No. 456175

It's like he's not even trying anymore. Bold faced lies that can be debunked in one screenshot.

No. 456177

Either that or the video is a jab at Jess (that one ddlg girl that Lainey called her "girlfriend")

No. 456178

I love how literally every video he makes now is just to shame Taylor. It's just like the polls he used to make on Facebook whenever they had fights that were like "Do you think it's acceptable when your partner _______???" so he could shove it in her face and somehow claim he's right because of a small poll with biased wording answered by his biased fans.

He's really unbelievable.

No. 456179

Pretty sure that is just a sports bra

No. 456180


Jimmy Saville, for the love of god.

No. 456181

File: 1508967902840.png (33.7 KB, 841x250, onion.png)

her boyfriend stevo commented

also love onion's stupid comment when there is a shit ton of evidence that his wife praises this shit and pretends shes into it.

No. 456183


can this somehow be part of new threadpic? it's perfect.

No. 456184


her face is too thin for this cut and this color. she looks awful.

No. 456185


i feel like she should shave it at this point. some girls with very aquiline features look good with buzzcuts or shaved heads. the only trouble is that i think her head is actually too long by a few cm's.

No. 456186

Also I definately got the impression that he was lurking here to find his argument against the ddlg thing. I personally think himself and Taylor are into it and that's why he took our comments to defend himself. Plenty of anons here used similar wording to explain why they thought it was distasteful (that someone who uses nappies and bottled during sex will sexuality those items and get turned on even when they see them outside of sex). It was pretty much confirmation to me that he lurks. Anyway, where else would he have gotten the inspiration to make this video? We were recently talking about Taylor wearing kiddie clothes and speculating on why they have a princess bed.

I also think he could be testing his fans to see how they react to this video. If they defend the liked of binkie princess in the comments, he'll probably get Taylor to "come out" as an adul baby. After all, if his fans are into it that's his way of keeping them interested and staying trendy. He can probably also see from Taylor's new bud that people like binkie have a dedicated following. He'd be appealing to a new audience that will be very dedicated, just like how he tried to appeal to emo kids and tumblrinas.

No. 456188

thanks for this cause i was wondering who the fuck is jimmy silva

No. 456189

Dear god can you imagine the backlash? Not only If he did it but eventually we all know he's gonna use his kids in videos, so say he does this to try and get fans and popular again, it fails so he falls back on becoming a family vlogging channel. Rating teen bodies to his wife's making kinky baby videos to family vlogging channel. It'd be the perfect downfall. I hope his brainwashed fans are all "be my daddy greg googoogaga" and fuck ps his career

No. 456190

He can probably use this later on when they come out as a abdl couple and claim that binkie's boyfriend educated him on something he misunderstood before. He's definately testing his audience to see if they're okay with this and if he'll lose subscribers or gain new ones by getting Pain to adopt a new abdl persona.

Also binkie's boyfriend's post has almost as many likes as Onion's. So either binkie's fans rushed to defend her or Onion's fans are totally cool with adbl. Probably a bit of both. So expect Pain to turn her channel into an abdl playground soon!

No. 456194

Grease is on Twitch.

No. 456195

File: 1508969927057.png (454.58 KB, 967x514, lainey wash your hands.png)

is it just me or are her hands totally filthy

also in this video at the beginning she looked like a fetus

No. 456203

Is this guy serious??
He’s talking about his wife’s BFF even if he didn’t call her out.
And the while video is strange.
1 - he just ran around his house in a diaper and acted severely autistic only a few days ago
2 - he makes all these points that make no sense (it’s okay to be disgusted about sexualizing all other minors but why not babies?!?)
Onion, ask your wife about that onesie on her Amazon wishlist.

No. 456204

She is expecting a binder in the mail any day now. I think she said Blasian bought it for her.

And she probably isn’t nursing a ton. Her tits are probably deflated because Claire is nursing less. That’s my experience anyway.

No. 456205

I don’t think she’s breast feeding anymore at all. She said in one broadcast she wanted more tattoos but couldn’t because she was breast feeding.

Also just checked Taylor’s Facebook and oddly enough she’s friends with Stephen but not Jess.

No. 456208

No. 456209

Maybe she plans on stealing Stephen away from jess when Greg eventually divorces her. Gotta wonder if she's got her next "sugar daddy" lined up since we all know she doesn't want to have to make any living for herself or live at home. She needs a man with some kind of substantial income. Plainey isn't as stupid as we perceive her to be, she's admitted she doesn't let him leave her and has shown just as dirty behavior as Greg. Might be why he's so nuts about her even liking a singers tweet or following one. Greg knows he got with a gold digger and that when he divorces her she'll just move on to the next money cow, I do personally believe he plans on keeping the kids though if they split for real and sending them off to his moms to avoid child support, he already got out of alimony possibly depending on how legal their prenup is. I don't think he really planned on leaving Lainey for good when he ran off with Billie I think his plan was to stay with Billie and guilt Lainey back into the relationship because he knows she won't let him go so easily if she has no back up plan. He'd have Billie, and not have to pay child support. If Billie hadn't chickened out and saved herself I guarantee within a month Lainey would have moved back in and they'd be a happy trinity until the next inevitable fight, Explains why he didn't immediately file for divorce, the ink wasn't even dry on S's papers before he already had his newest wife, agreeing to sign his right to the kids away was his way of putting his foot down to Lainey it was his way or no way and she lucked out with Billie leaving him

No. 456211

None of these people are smart enough for this

No. 456212

We are talking about am idiot who camt cook rice or cut a cucumber

No. 456213

Yeah probably giving grease too much credit got my tinfoil wrapped to tight I think
Gonna bring up something mentioned on tempcow here but what happened to the trans youtuber Lainey was supposed to collab with? She spent weeks harassing him along with her fans, he agrees and then radio silence from Her about it? I know someone said maybe he caught on to gregs history or Lainey being a fake but I can't see Greg not making a big shit fit about it like he always does to stand ups

No. 456214

It's so odd how they address issues in their relationship. Lainey admits that she avoids uncomfortable topics. He made a video against plastic surgery and specifically said he thinks some people are influenced easily by others to get top surgery. I mean obvious can he be that he is referring to Lainey.

Now again, it seems like his diaper video and the recent video are him deriding Lainey for her interest in age play. He barely pays attention to her interests so perhaps he recently connected the dots about the onesie and her being friends with binkie princess, among other things.

I honestly don't think either of them are pedos in a traditional sense, Greg is into teens between 16 and 19. Lainey is just a dumbass who latches onto trends to feel a sense of purpose and belonging to something. I think the daddy schtick is her trying to seem edgy in the bedroom and cool when in reality she is very vanilla and Greg would rather jerk it to animated slave Harley dog bukkakes.

At any rate, I don't see how they can last much longer given their history, lack of common interests, and Gregs waning attraction to her sexually and in general.

No. 456215

File: 1508973666461.jpg (54.42 KB, 576x387, camgirl.jpg)

How long until they offer nude Skype on patreon or she becomes a camgirl?

No. 456217

File: 1508973943305.png (45.04 KB, 254x500, IMG_2911.PNG)

No. 456219

File: 1508974086529.jpg (55.6 KB, 483x535, pitchick.jpg)

The Boi is on YouNow flaunting her hairy pits.

No. 456221

bless up

No. 456222

I'm not nitpicky about this kind of stuff, each their own even if I'm personally not about that armpit hair. But the thing about this is, I actually hope she goes full on "third wave feminist" about her body hair and let it all grow out. Just because I know Gurg is disgusted by women with body hair.

No. 456223

I like this color. Not on her, because she sucks, but rich azures are nice. Anyone suffering through her YouNow to ask her which dye she used?

No. 456224

Manic panic. Forgot the name.

No. 456225

looks a lot like manic panic's ultra violet

No. 456226

That photo set she pooped on twitter said ultra violet so you're probably right

No. 456227


its kinda disturbing that the kids are growing up with this. their dad creeps on teen girls while their mommy acts like she's 13

No. 456230

Lainey is so speedy on younow tonight damn

No. 456231

>I'm not into little kids, I swear! I'm only into 2D little kids.
- Greg "hentai addiction" Avaroe 2017

No. 456232

why can onion shame other people’s kinks but nobody can shame his “chain to the wall” and collars kink?
“if you’re not kinky, you’re boring”

No. 456233

Greg must be so disgusted by her. It's weird she is clearly obsessed with him and wanting him to love her yet she does things that he clearly finds unattractive. Behind closed doors does he encourage this? I just cant see herself not doing exactly what it is he wants.

No. 456234

So everything Laim likes Onion "hates", how are they happy together or even still together.

No. 456235

Wonder how this isnt gonna piss off Plaineys baby fetish girlfriend (Binkie), he's literally doing that passive aggressive thing he does to anything she likes and he doesn't.

No. 456236

>we're all going to olive garden
is there an olive garden in fiji?

No. 456237

Going by Gerg's logic, if age play in the bedroom is wrong, because it ~obviously~ means you wanna go out and sleep with a child, then by his own logic, his pet play/collar kink would be wrong, because that means he ~obviously~ wants to go molest a dog.

No. 456238

she sure is dickriding that forman kid on younow

No. 456239

File: 1508977111590.jpg (50.18 KB, 476x536, bun.jpg)

Lame just freaked out because someone put a tac on her bunny, I can picture Onion wishing she was the bunny and stabbing its head.

No. 456241

Lame is now going to have 3 rooms for filming, they must need to fill them up for the IRS to see that its a "place of business."

No. 456243

that's a great joke to play when you have little kids in the house.

No. 456246

Maybe they're "renting" the guest house to Sarah because she's their onsite camera person.

No. 456247

That wouldn't be very vegetarian of him.

No. 456250

That kid hasn't been bombing her since two days ago on her streams, but still apparently spending money on others. Should be interesting to see if anything comes from all of this.

Gemineye dropped a shit ton on her today too.

She also said something to "Chelsea" about her visiting and taking her to Olive Garden.

No. 456251

This is so unbelievable that they think this is necessary. This has to be fraud on some level.

No. 456254

Late, but…

Does anyone know who their nearest national media is? Sure some reporter would love a story about a ten-year-old supporting e-beggars with dodgy websites and an IRS investigation.

Just a thought.

No. 456259

No. 456263

The Onions or the kid?
He's in the upper east coast.
Onions in Tacoma.

No. 456264

oh my god can you imagine the milk would be golden

No. 456269

Extremely disturbing, anon. I think most of us feel sorry for the toxic environment their children are growing up in. I can't imagine them seeing what BS their parents were pulling off online/irl eventually. ( Hopefully they both piss off from the interwebz by them at the very least )

No. 456277

Any upload anons willing to re-upload the new Lame beautybot vid?

No. 456281

File: 1508982473245.png (99.93 KB, 923x169, Screenshot.png)

sure, but only since you're adorable today anon


No. 456282


Lainey is basically a prostitute at this point

No. 456284

Does anyone find this shit to be so bizarre?

No. 456285

"Guys Forman is here everyone say hi to Forman. Oh it looks like he left, hes lighting someone else up…." She literally said 3 times every time he appeared.

No. 456286

she also lied several times claiming he returned, I presume in an attempt to drum up money from other fans looking to compete. shame maxie maxie'd out her credit cards already tbh

No. 456287


Thanks to all who gave media refs. Appreciated. These greaseballs aside, YouNow should be on blast for allowing e-begging, let alone from kids. Bootface has no shame.

No. 456288

wait wtf really? she's a parent she shouldnt be encouraging a kid to spend his money on her like that. he's not even old enough to be on younow

No. 456289

She also referred to Forman as everyone's daddy and the glue that keeps the YouNow family together, hes a damn kid.

No. 456291

People should spam her YouNow with comments about Forman being an underage kid.
Better than the "Billie" trolls.

No. 456292

Ew! Does she know that he's a kid? If so, that's really gross of her to refer to him as "daddy". Yuck.

No. 456293

sarah probably lurks here and a quick google search also leads to the fact that forman's a kid. she has no reason not to know how young he is and it's disgusting to call him daddy like that. that's definitely crossing the line there.

No. 456294

people were earlier when she started referring to him as ~daddy~ at one point I think she started to read one alouthe question

No. 456296

Sure, but that's why you out her to her fans. I'm sure at least a few of them have some shame.

No. 456298

you'd think so, but idk about having high hopes for fans that regularly give lainey money and support her shit.

No. 456299

I was thinking of pledging on her YouNow but I just can't bring myself to do it. I wanted to see her "exclusive videos". But nope I just can't.

No. 456300

Yeah, but I don't think most people would support her questionable ethics if it comes back to them (them financially supporting someone taking advantage of a pre-teen).

I noticed one of the people he bombed today said that he couldn't find any other social media for formanboss. It's pretty sick that these YouNowers are so exploitative. It took about ten seconds to link him to other accounts through Google.

No. 456302


NO, if he still watching her streams it might just trigger the kid into spending more on Complainey to "piss off the haters".

Better off triggering Complainey by getting her pronouns wrong over and over again.

No. 456303

Today someone said "Damn looking good girl." She smiled and said why thank you, didn't even flinch when she read girl or correct them. She also called herself queen in an earlier stream. She can't keep up with the act.

No. 456306

>This one is called "Big Baby"
>AKA me
>There it's blended. -ish.
>I always gotta put that disclaimer in there because people are like, "You suck at makeup".
>power goes out and we miss a majority of her putting on her makeup
>she keeps saying she likes neutral colors

That's the highlights of that one.

No. 456309

I'm starting to believe all these videos that hes making saying he dislikes most of what Lame likes is for a reason. I believe hes making them so they can lead up to his "Why I'm divorcing Laineybot video." Use the videos as references to say she has change so much, they just are not compatible any longer.

No. 456311

do you think he would ..he would divorce her - for views?

No. 456312

File: 1508985362175.png (1.12 MB, 875x857, onfleeksmollbean.png)

No. 456313

Of course he would, his views are everything to him I strongly believe he cares more about his YouTube career than his family. He probably only bought her the childish clothes so he can put clips of it in his videos as proof of her being into that lifestyle so he can have actual evidence.

No. 456316

Why would Onision who is all about the FACTS and always being right, buy Lame child clothing then make a video a week later saying people who dress like kids are predatory? Is he really that up his ass that he doesn't see the hypocrisy in his own life or is this part of a bigger plan to divorce his lamp.

No. 456317

surely another youtuber would call him out on it, if he left her and his kids for anything but infidelity on either persons part. a lot of his audience is female, and I can't imagine most of them save for the army of tweens would defend that

No. 456318

As much as it pains me to wanna give a tip to Onion, the only way he would get his views back and rescue his channel is by divorcing Laim. Look at all the views he got when he left Shiloh, when he basically left Laim for Billie, etc.

No. 456320

If he leaves her, it won't be anytime soon.
She's bringing in the money and he needs that IRS debt paid off. He knows that his career is tanking and he can't afford it on his own.

No. 456321

I think he would if there was a guarantee of reviving his former popularity and income.

Otherwise, it would cost him more to pay alimony and child support than the revenue would bring him at this point

No. 456322

if he pushes Lainey into taking a tangible step in her (bogus) transition he can say he doesn't feel attracted to men, fully supports her new life etc etc. time has shown she is foolish enough to fall for this. it's the supersized version of shaving shiloh's head.

No. 456325

the issue is his original fanbase has aged and grown out of his middle school humor and high school opinions. the only fans left are the tweens and a handful of desperate people. if he changed his videos to appeal to what originally made him popular, he will alienate the new age and end up burying himself alive. no matter what happens, he will be fifty-maybe sixty years old screaming in that same diaper on his lawn about bananas and veganism, with or without trainwrecky

No. 456334

File: 1508987580081.jpg (254.6 KB, 875x857, 1 dick or 2.jpg)

No. 456347

Honestly who makes faces this exaggerated? Does she think it's hot to look like she's choking on a cock? Maybe she's hoping anons will photoshop one in so she can play victim. I mean cmon these are getting more ridiculous every video

No. 456348

any person applying makeup or otherwise messing around their eyes tends to look up, it's a very common thing to make contorted faces applying makeup. record yourself Sarah, you'll be surprised what you see.

No. 456349

>doesn't sage
>calls someone out who makes fun of plainey
>somehow brings in sarah

hey, sarah.

No. 456351

switched from desktop to mobile, forgot I hadn't posted on here since I picked up a new phone. I'm:
and etc

I'm sorry I overlooked that.

No. 456355

If Lamey cleans when she's anxious, she must be as chill as fuck. Greaseball Towers is always filthy.

No. 456357

if he was guaranteed to reclaim his fame and go back to getting 1 million views a video, he would instantly divorce her 100% no question. He would much rather have fame and money then lameo. Right now, lameo is being more popular than him, so it'd be a risky move. But it would probably give him a lot of views for awhile because real drama, and not his stupid clickbait.

He fucked everything up though because hes an idiot and acts on impulse. He lost billie because he let lameo whisper into his ear about the weed shit, and billie wasnt as doormat as lameo. And now hes using lameo for money because of the IRS shit, but she gets more views than him now. I cant imagine divorcing her will play in his favor unless he dates someone with bigger fame that people dont even care about the foot. But who wants to date onion boy besides ugly preteens?

No. 456362

I don't see how me making fun of Lainey being over the top like usual makes me sarah. Please don't bring her name into the thread I've already made several posts in this thread and the last one explaining why she's irrelevant unless any actual Onion/Plainey milk involves her which it currently doesn't. Them hiding her being there has been talked to death so let's all keep her out of the thread until something substantial happens. All she wants to do is derail the thread and dig for compliments.
Any anons make it through Lamo's whole younow? Any milk tonight?

No. 456365

INB4 gregs leaves Lainey for momokun
Probably why he's up her ass, 'date' her for a short period of time like a PR kinda dating situation. I can see her being interested in speakers dating for all the attention they would equally receive. I can't see them actually looking eachother or getting along enough to date. It would give both of their dwindling internet relevancy a sizable boost

No. 456367

I wasn't attempting to derail at all. any person I've seen focus on their face, be it for makeup or otherwise always focuses and/or contorts their face. I've never seen someone who doesn't do it, it just happens hers are hilarious because she's hideous to begin with. the fact you didn't realize, or have never experienced it and brought it up leads me to believe you are unfamiliar or maleposting, so I chose the lesser of two evils because >muh sekret vaginaclub

No. 456368

Ducking autocorrect Jesus Christ. Fake dating liking eachother

No. 456370

Actually I am a chick just have very little makeup experience. Got sensitive skin so I never really got into it, hives aren't fun I can barely use face masks. Plus pretty sure the kid I pushed out a few months ago pretty much clears up any questions I had to my gender if any. Lol
Not trying to start any infighting my comment was more so just a general "please don't bring up Sarah" kinda deal. Wasn't accusing you specifically of derailing just saying that when Sarah gets brought up it can lead to derailing and infighting and usually she's the one to bring herself up anyway. Let's just move on and not clog up the thread any further with these blog style posts.

No. 456371

since the first few threads I was present in (I think the first one was during the livestream of the narc rage where ~fax~ became a thing), accusations of being Sarah became a catchall meme for stupidposting or misinformation etc. I apologize, didn't mean to offend in any manner. was laughing when I typed it, still laughing actually

No. 456376

You're good, I agree it's pretty much a meme at this point. I just hate her being brought up at all at this point because it was so obviously her fishing for compliments at the end of the last thread and beginning of this one, plus sporadically throughout. She's becoming a little narc like Greg and Lainey the longer she's there and seems to try and use this site to fuel her ego. Like how quick she was to insert herself into the Billie drama and give interviews to Joysparklesbs (ewww) I'm not quite sure why Sarah annoys me as much as she does but she just does lol. I'm guessing there wasn't anymore milk from Lamos younow since no ones commented anything, such a shame I was hoping foreman boss showing up a few times would bring us a least a glass of milk. Hopefully the card gets charged back and we get to see Lainey and Greg flip out over it

No. 456377

You have to admire the foot's grasp of colour theory. What better way to bring out the yellow in your skin than by using blue?

I can't stand Grog but at least can see why some people like him - even if it's only IQ deficients who think they're in on some secret "thing" only the Special People understand. But I just cannot see the point of Bootface at all - what is she FOR? Even disguised as a bruise, she is simply dull beyond zzzzzzz…..

No. 456379

AFAIK I only saw him once, fan'd so it would show up if he was in a stream and it was only for a split second. he hasn't captured any other moments since his last binge. knowing he is a child, and knowing children don't fully understand limits especially those related to finance, I suspect he dipped in and out of streams attempting to make a splash and was declined as he did that with several before getting off younow for the night.

younow uses Stripe as their backend, so he had to know only the card number, expiration and cvv on the back of the card plus the zip code, and a lot of card companies provide at a bare minimum the entire, unadulterated card number on bank statements mailed monthly. if he is anything like I was to my parents in the infancy of the internet and ecommerce, I was a shit disturber and would order replacement cards for my parents addressed to me (I was 13/14 at the time) so they wouldn't think anything of it aside from the weirdness of someone my age getting mail. I maxed out 3 cards before I ran into a stumbling block with a new card that had to be verified over the phone.

my parents were able to reverse everything, thankfully, and to this day I feel eternally horrible for doing it (read: one of those thoughts that pops in your mind when you are trying to fall asleep, or one that pops up when you are trying to focus on something to forget something else shameful you did) ..but it's not hard and it's certainly not unheard of. I do know that ticketmaster tried to sue me to recover the cost of 22 tickets to a Powerman 5000 concert in Toronto and were laughed out of court, not sure how something like that would play out now but if YouNow is anything like Google/YouTube they will likely batch process their deposits, so if his 20k or whatever is charged back before her scheduled deposit time, she wont see it - but more hilariously if it is charged back I suspect it will count as a negative balance on her account in which case she would have to stream and earn ~bars~ to afford to be broke on YouNow

No. 456382

File: 1508993876574.jpg (Spoiler Image,60.71 KB, 421x669, VmbUUccE.jpg)

Im thinking Gruglys new video about saying hes horrified about age play is because one of the anons in this thread went through with contacting the Child Protective Services in Washington state, and Gregs scared and trying to get ahead of any investigation
"what do you mean Im into age play and children, look- LOOK at this video I made saying its gross"

No. 456388

A-anon why? I was just recovering from the recent events -barfs- :(

No. 456389

surprised the rumor hasn't been started that he's an IV drug user. bruising on both veins. his right arm even looks blown out.

>t. ex heroin addict caretaker

No. 456390

Are you for real? Learn female anatomy. Vagina is a muscle, it doesn't really stretch. Some women are even tighter (after some time) after they give a birth.
"Virgin puss" and "used up puss" is a myth.

No. 456392

Scroll up.
Very little to discuss, but it's there.

No. 456394

Let this be true. It would be the best milk.

No. 456400

the alternative is whatever bank account they have linked for the wire transfers from YouNow will have the total amount of bars (his + everyone elses) debited from that account, adjusted by them manually and the remainder deposited. if that account is a sole account for her, it's not so bad if she loses a massive amount of money she didn't have before - but if it goes into a greasy joint account it creates all kinds of issues; mainly it wont put her into negative but it will take actual funds away from the household to recover what was deposited, causing a temporary deficit until a balance happens with their bank.

further, if onions are hovering over, or into overdraft protection in that account and a 20k (more or less, hopefully more) is drawn on that account it will immediately be held. not sure how deposits in the US work as a canafag, but any deposit over 10k is flagged for review by the government, which will trigger the IRS as well ..so there is that avenue of attack as well. I really want to see how this plays out.

No. 456411

further to my original post, does she always stream every day? I'm considering setting up a catchall email for ____@mydomain.com so I can make an assload of YouNow accounts and tell her he is like ten every time there's a lul in conversation until I get banned

No. 456413

File: 1508998710537.jpg (82.48 KB, 881x312, lemon.jpg)

Remember when people told Lamey to dye her hair yellow and she tweaked out and said "Hell no, NO, never, I don't wanna look like a lemon." I see what Ayalla did there lol.

Kind of late but just saw it on her instagram.

No. 456424

Ahh yes, the Nick Bate defense.

No. 456425

Top row, second one from the left really looks like fan art for Dan Howell.

No. 456447

Can you imagine explaining to the IRS that you are self employed and need your house written off for taxes because you ran around in a fucking diaper screaming and breaking everything for your 12 year old fan base

No. 456453

Sorry to bring up Sarah again but I was thinking about how she works near them. Is she working to pay rent to the Onions? I can't imagine them giving her free food & a place to sleep without some kind of contribution now Grug is poor.
Imagine being 16, dropped out of school, working & paying rent to your "best friend" as well as being your friend's live in nanny.

No. 456456

>Is she working to pay rent to the Onions
Probably. I'm mean sure, Gurggles and his doormat are still in the highest quintile income-wise but they're "struggling" now so of course it'd suit them to make her pay rent money.

No. 456463

He will have to claim that on his taxes as income, kek

No. 456465

In his latest video about Youtubers wearing no makeup, Greggles took another cheap shot at Lainey. Lainey recently stopped wearing glasses again, she is back to squinting very heavily to see her comments (as far as I've seen the past few streams, I didn't watch today's)

Anyways, in his new video he says in a dorky, mocking tone "Old man glasses. What a waste of beauty!!!" and he's talking about Zoella wearing these frames that look a lot like the huge ones Lamp wears. He even said Zoella "knew exactly what to do to push his buttons."

In summary, Grease hates oversized frames on females and I'd bet my left foot that's why Lame suspiciously stopped wearing her glasses all of the sudden.

As much as I can't stand her, WOW he really can't let her like or enjoy anything.

No. 456471

"As you can see here mr taxman I rent this room/guest house out to my camera person! Therefore it's a businesss expense, completely, so I feel like it should be written off"
Taxman "alright, I'm gonna need you to give me a list of what she's been paying you, rent, money for utilities, etc"
Greg "whut-nervous sweating-

No. 456473

next time grease is on younow and there's a lull people should spam about his honest integrity yet he is lying about sarah, a minor, living back at their house

this needs to be pushed, they've been getting a slide on this and it's pissing me off

No. 456475

THANK YOU. I don't like that we've just let it go, because if their fans aren't clever enough to figure out they have two kids (so many of them think they only have Troy) then they won't be smart enough to recognize all the signs of Sarah's presence there.

No. 456480


No. 456483

Yes anon, every single day. Unless she states otherwise.

No. 456485


to be fair though, her glasses are fugly as shit. my grandfather wore frames like that. he has a point.

No. 456491

I can see it clearly. He divorces Lainey because they are not compatible anymore and since she is gaining popularity the drama will give him a boost. He will fight to keep the kids because she is unstable and then he will be the struggling single father of two, pitty points give him a boost. Then he will say the only way to keep making videos is to include his kids becase he cant afford a sitter while he records , and since lamey is not in the picture anymore nobody can stop him from exploiting his kids and this will give him even more views.

No. 456492


he got heat during billiegate because sarah was underage and it got so bad she had to leave. but i don't think that will happen again. she's like 18,19, right?and theres no cute girl involved this time, people won't care. its sad but i don't think any mainstream youtubers or even his fans will question it.

again, everyone in the threads knows that she's living with them. but i don't think people outside here will know or care, not unless sarah fucks onion/lainey. i'm not saying its okay, i'm just saying tons of people were fake caring during weedgate because billie was cute. i don't think we'll ever get an onion controversy as big as that one again.

but hey, he did just put on a diaper for no reason, so i guess you never know! i doubt it though.

No. 456493

sarah is 17 and still in highschool

No. 456495

greg is turning 32. it's very concerning that a minor is living with an older couple she is not related to

No. 456499

anons here and ppl in the anti-onision tag on tumblr commented the glasses actually were a good choice for her foot face. does he really not like big glasses or does he dislike when ppl think lainey looks good

No. 456505


Greg is very afraid people would find his women attractive, because that means someone would actually be interested in them and maybe they would cheat. Ironically this doesn't apply to Greg himself.

He always makes his women ugly, calls them beautiful (publicly), but freaks out if someone compliments their looks. Especially if it's another man. He forced Sk to stop wearing skirts because some guy complimented her legs.

He's that kind of cheater who thinks his SO will cheat him because he knows he would cheat her without hesitation.

No. 456506

Honestly I think he just hates her in general and would prefer her existence to be a silent one since he's basically done with her. I know this sounds harsh but imagine if she was really into anime all of a sudden and was chattering about Death Note, I assure you, he'd have his teeth grinding and suddenly come up with ways to explain that women who liked anime were unattractive in his vids just bc Lame was sullying something he liked.

I think he hates her more than he leads on, but ofc he isn't gonna say anything because he has children with her and there is a little part of his brain that forces him to shell out respect for her but mostly he loathes her and finds her appearance disgusting.

I can't imagine Onion to really be a dude who has sex w a foot in male underwear without there being some sort of deep psychological hate inside. He probably is the meanest guy internally.

No. 456511


Even a normal guy would hate the fuck out of lainey, she's like every annoying girlfriend trope rolled into one.

Greg is doing everything short of actually buckling down and divorcing Lainey to get rid of her. Cheating on her with every girl that will fly out, insulting her any chance he gets, ignoring the kids, hell if he wasn't a (in)famous YouTuber he'd probably try and kill her.

No. 456520

I dom’t think he’d sacrifice his lazy twitter scrolling life just so he could exploit his kids for views. Thats too much work for lazy greasy.

No. 456522

I could see him picking his kids up for filming and then dumping them off with his mother when he was done. The benefits would be he could have evidence of what a good dad he is and make money at the same time. His excuse for not keeping them with him would be that he needs it to be quiet for editing and how they love their grandmother so much. I could only imagine the videos he'd make as a family channel - 75% him and 25% his kids. Maybe he'll even try writing them off as a business expense.

No. 456525

Does Lamey not watch his videos and see he's completely shitting on her? I swear she still has to be a starstruck fan she let's him get away with everything what a weak ass B.

No. 456526

I don’t think onion would want those kids after the divorce

No. 456527

This still happens. Small world, Im also in Toronto, also sued by ticketmaster, it's a long story and not as stupid (sorry lol) as yours but they were also basically "laughed out of court" recently.

I hope that happens to plain. I've been thinking and idk if anyone's said this before but is there a chance this kid doesn't even realize how much money he's giving her? Maybe he thinks he gave like $100 max?

Also it would be funny if he was some child criminal who went around stealing credit cards or buying CC numbers off the deep web, and that's why his parents don't know about this

No. 456528

Could some kind anon please start recording onion's and/or laney's streams and upload them, or does someone already do that? I live in a different time zone so I can never catch them

No. 456530

Here's what some men have to say about their stay-at-home wives. It really hits home when pondering the complexities of Gregs true feelings for Taylor.

(Doesn't mean all couples or married people, just these people that posted these comments for whisper)

No. 456531


I think Lame has said she doesn't watch his videos because she doesn't want to be upset by them. And she doesn't talk about things like this with him.

They're really just live-in fuck buddies with each other.

No. 456537

Wow some of these guys are such dicks and definitely reminds me of something greg would think

No. 456538

Something I find interesting to note. I made a couple comments on Gregs video about how this feels like a callout to lainey and the way she's been acting lately. I specifically made sure not to sound like I was against Greg cuz I didn't want my comment deleted or hidden by his mods, so it's a anti Lainey comment. Things
Is mines still there along with a ton against Lainey but there are several replies hidden all over the board. I'm assuming those are the ones that went in hard at Greg. I dunno I just feel like this definitely shows the video is about Lainey and that's why him and his mod team are leaving those comments up and taking down the usual Greg hate ones.

No. 456539

sorry if this has already been discussed but did she get the palettes from fans or did companies send them to her as a sponsorship? I know she unpacked them in her birthday video but most of the time she couldn't find the name of the person who sent them to her, but it seemed to me they were gifts by fans. they are expensive as hell, why does she have so many loaded fans when they are mostly underage?

She could also give away some of ther 1000 fidget spinners

No. 456540

>i can't be a predator heres me playing with shit

No. 456544

It was fan mail.

No. 456556

Greg is a mean asshole externally as well, can you imagine what he secretly thinks about Lainey? He definitely deeply resents her and is always prodding at her, making fun of things she likes, her appearance etc. He treats her with contempt every time they're on camera together. I'm sure he's desperately looking for a way to get rid of her without being wrecked financially or looking bad.

No. 456560

It's been said by everyone around him even when filming he can be extremely passive aggressive and demanding/ over corrective if someone is not doing something or saying something he likes a certain way. So yeah I'd say he straight says passive aggressive shit to lainey everyday, it explains why they can't have conversations about anything because he acts like a child or gaslights her or anyone to feel like they are the ones in the wrong. I guarantee even if lainey doesn't say a word to him he insults something she's doing or something she likes also resulting in her trying harder for his attention because he was mean. The part she fails to see is she's in love with a person he never was and only acts super nice when he just meets someone or they have his attention after awhile when the honeymoon stage ends he's an utter asshole, each year they have been together it gets worse yet she believes he'll change or he loves her. Love doesn't make you cry almost everyday, love doesn't shun you, love doesn't force you to get a girlfriend so he can fuck her behind your back. Yeah it's love

No. 456561

i follow moo and wish i never heard of onion

they did meet irl at some con
he took a pic of her friend, and somehow now theyre "friends" idk.

No. 456562

The moo topic is in older threads if anons want to dig for them.

No. 456563

Honestly I don't think anything is going to come from that, moo doesn't seem to really like him and was being nice seeing as she knows what he's capable of probably pretended to be nice after she attacked him over taking an ugly pic of her friend she made him delete. And it's always him liking her stuff and she replies with half ass input, it's him trying to use her for more fans but even that backfired as no one from moomoos "fandom" cared to even look his way seeing as it's dudes just like him jacking it to her why would they watch some dude in a diaper playing with shit?

No. 456565

Gergles now having mods to delete 'hate comments' for him and how he disabled his like/dislike bar on youtube reminds me of the safe space south park episode. He can always dish out and shit on everyone and everything, but can't take any sort of critisism at all.

sage for random

No. 456571

YT will only review videos that have received a certain amount of views in x amount of time.

>However, right now we’re only able to review videos with at least 1,000 views in the past 7 days.

No. 456573

File: 1509044620063.png (607.01 KB, 854x579, newhairandstache.png)


Should be ready to view soon.

No. 456575

I'm surprised that he hasn't tried to use the DDlg stuff against her as a reason for divorce. "Oh, mah wife is into dangerous kinks! Think of mah kids!"

No. 456576

File: 1509044736388.jpg (26.01 KB, 803x217, onionboy.JPG)

Gurg doesn't seem to get that his fans legit only dropped him probably because they out grew his stupid ""comedy"". Youtube didn't make you lose fans, greg. YOU stopped getting views because YOU are washed up and gross… I swear he can only blame Youtube for so long… I haven't seen as many youtubers bitch as much as he is bitching… (repub because I forgot image mb)

No. 456578

I don’t know a lot about YouTube so correct me if I’m wrong, but I though the whole Adpocalypse thing was just affecting the amount of money you get from views, not the amount of views.
I mean, we know he’s delusional, but he usually has some convoluted explanation to “back up” his wild claims.

No. 456582

I believe you're correct.

Gurg's views were already dwindling prior to the Adpocalypse. Even if it did have some affect on his views, it only sped up what was bound to happen anyway.

No. 456583

His views first took a dramatic nose dive immediately after he released the private information about Billie. Which he later deleted and made a weak apology but to no avail. Damage done.
He is so deluded, it had nothing to do with youtube.

No. 456587

File: 1509048970579.jpg (469.95 KB, 1366x1520, the onioning.jpg)

He re-uploads so much old shit, of course nobody watches it.

No. 456590

Does anyone have a reupload of that vid? I know he leaked her eating disorder but I never saw the video.

No. 456591

constant ~quality content~

the billie drama just went too extreme. he lost so many fans because of that. people who didn't know already finally saw what a person he is. but he has zero self-awareness so the only thing he can think of is blame youtube

No. 456595

I love how he's got fucked by his weird and completely immature image of love cause he always needs to immediately marry the person while he's in that honeymoon phase (cause you know, you have to give everything and commit to your ~soulmate~]. Now he's stuck with the space prince and has a hard time finding a way out of the marriage without financial and reputational damage.

the safe space episode is 100% what he aspires to (this also applies to lameo)

No. 456604

‘‘‘tis was beautiful anon!

No. 456614

File: 1509055919382.jpg (162.84 KB, 750x976, itwasdysphoriauguise.jpg)

Lobocop saying that her previous eating disorder was because she has ~dysphoria~

No. 456615

yeah you only realized later when you were brainwashed into thinking you're bi but actually lesbian with the exception of greg and also agender and trans. see, this proves again how she's using this lgtb persona as a shield against criticism. I'm so mad

No. 456616

Hahahhaha, lameo gave zero fucks while her husband harassed and insulted eugenia saying she was hurting people by just existing. But now shes playing the sympathy card of i was hurting and dealing with body issues and never meant to hurt anyone by posting thinspo. Yeah, your husband doesn't see that as an excuse. And you didn't once speak up against him attacking and harassing a poor girl with a real eating disorder. Get out of here lameo. And stop with the fucking fake dysphoria. You wanted to be skinny because you had some chub and onion boy doesnt like it, not delete your boobs and hips from existence because you dont want to be a girl.

No. 456618

I wish there was a way to call them out (them as gurg and lame, not her stupid pronouns, lol) on this but nowadays it's hard to get anything through to the public (like twitter or youtube) about the onions because a)they block everyone that speaks against them b)they are too irrelevant that this could reach the masses. at the same time I'm really glad that onion has already become irrelevant enough that nobody cares about possible drama anyways

No. 456620

File: 1509057303604.png (2.16 MB, 1136x640, 1CB4CA91-EAD2-47DD-B69B-A4C897…)

I got post-traumatic Shiloh vibes watching this.

>Lainey’s back, I feel like myself again!

So are you done Single White Femaling Billie now?

No. 456624

Since I detest both of them, I'm not sure why this bothers me so much, but it is truly frustrating that both of them suck at realizing the best decisions to make in order to gain followers/look better.

For example Grease's problem is that he WILL NOT acknowledge that his stupid, boring, useless GOOGLE FACT video format is NOT working. I literally can't even hate watch those videos because they bore me to tears. His fans very obviously DON'T like them and DON'T click on them. As anon noted above, the videos that get the most views are videos about his personal life, or his views on trending issues/topics. That's it. People only care about the drama, or hearing his warped opinion on things like DD/LG or high heels, etc. So why is he too stupid to just quit doing the whole 'look at random crap on Google and make dumb commentary' thing???? It's lazy and no1currs.

And with Lamp, she REFUSES to acknowledge that she would look infinitely better with longer hair! Even just shoulder length would do wonders for her face shape and nose length and it would detract from her yellow teeth and dry dry skin. She's just too impatient to let it grow because in order to feel beautiful and "interesting" for Greg she feels the need to constantly unveil new fresh hair. Heaven forbid she let it grow healthy and undyed until it's long enough to go a pretty blonde or red color. She also needs to pick up some Anastasia dip brow because she clearly cannot use a pencil to save her life.

It's sad that these two seemingly simple things would help them both so much: longer hair and knocking off the stupid Google vids. Yet they can't do it. They have such egos that they can't admit their current choices aren't working for them.

No. 456627

yeah why is it so hard to see that you need to vary your content in order to keep your viewers watching you? for example, shane has done a lot of eating videos for a while because they were popular for a few months, but he's changed to spooky/conspiracy and boyfriend videos because he has a sense for what goes and what doesn't. when he sees he's losing views, he continues with the more popular formats. yes, gurg has also been successful with his stupid google videos and it worked for a much longer time than anyone could think of but he NEVER changed the main style of videos on uhohbro. no wonder that channel died. he's way too lazy and too much of a narcissist to realize that he needs to change something about his videos. I want to throw in that it's not only the google vids but also the repetitive skits he does. I don't know, he doesn't seem to be good at marketing at all, otherwise he would come up with new formats that come out regularly (just what nearly every successful youtuber does).

No. 456628

Holy shit his views plummeted hard! That's seriously sad.

I think part of why he gains so little views is because he uploads too much. People have a life outside watching youtube and when I see a youtuber throwing out 5 videos on my sub page I will most probably not click them cause it's simply too much content to keep up with. And I really have to love a creator to wanna watch that many videos of them in a day/week. He doesn't understand the concept of 'quality over quantity' You can see it by the way he calls youtubers like idubbbz lazy who throw out a video or two a month. (but get millions of views which should show him that he is in the wrong)

No. 456629

>They have such egos that they can't admit their current choices aren't working for them.
when they've broken up for good, they will both say that they made poor choices. And that's fine. Sometimes you've gotta make a shit show about your life to later on self reflect on what you've done and mature through experience. That's everyone. That's life.

But Greg should have turned around when he hit and killed that deer while driving through a blizzard crossing several state lines to pork a 16 year old.

That's the sad thing, he will always be mental stunted and emotionally unavailable no matter how many years he survives. And Tayloremember should wake up and leave with some semblance of self respect.

A breakup is not a democracy, you can't argue your side to convince the other side to stay.

Super sage for poor choices (Have personal friends who have been a couple for 17 years, and very long story short, one manipulates the other to stay with suicide attempts and overdoses. They now have 2 toddlers and got married almost 3 years ago. Yeah, you can get them to stay, but lemme tell you, it's hell for the kids, parents, grandparents who don't understand, and very put upon friends that want to help, but just get so tired after so many years of trying to help. They might stay, but nothing is real anymore, it's all for show. Who wants that when they could have respectful love or fulfilled singledom??)

No. 456637

File: 1509062819032.png (1.44 MB, 1334x750, 7A83688B-190E-4A47-95DA-C4120C…)

Our favorite autist

No. 456638

she looks so extremely foot-y with that new cut, it's beyond me. with that undercut and haircolor she also reminds me of a hairdresser apprentice.

No. 456639

File: 1509063171645.jpg (37.92 KB, 1117x207, bdw.JPG)

Billie finally posted another video. Hopefully this provide some good milk from Lainey.

No. 456640

she looks like deryck whibley from sum 41 kek

No. 456643

h o l y shit. just when i think she can't get any worse. buh. arf.

No. 456644

Now I see why Lainey wants to get another nose piercing.

No. 456647

Hahaha holy shit compLainey said a while back that she was going to do a skull make up video. I hope shes seething.

No. 456648

shane also has a group of friends to make videos with who are likeable and the dynamic between them is nice. Onion has no friends and hes just an ass to everyone.

she was jut gonna trim her hair, but her hairdresser supposedly suggested the undercut and she went for it. I hope the hairdresser secretly hates her.

she said shes going to go back to posting more videos, so i wonder how onion and lame will feel. I'd love to see billie consistently get more views than onion boy and lameo.

which was probably going to already be a copy of billie's old video where she did skull makeup before. i'm surprised the skinwalker never started throwing glitter all over her face. I love that billie comes back right after lameo changes her hair. Lameo probably was disappointed billie stopped updating since she couldn't continuously copy her new videos while pretending she wasnt trying to be her.

No. 456649

File: 1509065285871.jpg (56.83 KB, 590x750, 619.jpg)


omfg anon she does

No. 456650

It doesn't even need photoshopped.

No. 456653

Totally getting Susan Powter vibes from this new laineydoo
Sttoooop the insanity!!

No. 456654

File: 1509065979161.jpg (422.92 KB, 1280x720, lilspaceprince.jpg)

Couldn't resist

No. 456655

She posted about skull makeup being to hard on Snapchat later. Lol

No. 456659

Next thread pic!

No. 456661

she's live

No. 456665

File: 1509067195625.png (300.8 KB, 486x489, sterp.png)

No. 456669

She just decided she didn't want to do skeleton makeup because "it looks too hard". Yeah right it totally didn't have anything to do with Billie uploading her skull makeup tutorial today

No. 456674

…i thought you shopped her face onto a deformed small person's body and then i saw >>456637

am i tripping balls or do her legs look like they belong on a kid. they look so nubby

No. 456677

he just appeared again, I wonder how much it irks her that he pops into her streams, says nothing and doesn't give her more money. silent seething, perhaps

No. 456680

Some stream highlights:

She says she can't relate to other moms because "she's young".
And then says she doesn't really want friends anyway.

Forman popped in and out.

Greg streams on Twitch, Facebook and Periscope, according to Lainey.

She got salty about someone asking if she likes Jaclynn Glenn.

Threw shade about other makeup channels, saying something about not liking 20 minute videos. Said she "doesn't have the time" to practice makeup. Says she just does it for practice. Someone told her she was being smug and she started ranting.

She said she hates upsetting people or looking rude. Said she had a hard time negotiating sponsorships and it causes her anxiety to not be a people pleaser.

Called herself "baby grape juice".

No. 456682

>what is foreshortening
>what is bending your legs

No. 456683

File: 1509069546715.png (343.46 KB, 905x433, scam.png)

She suddenly stopped reading as much comments when this happened.

No. 456684

No. 456686

I'm surprised she hasn't banned you lol

No. 456687

What did you say? The one about onion being her boyfriend or the message to forman?

No. 456688

the girl that was challenging me about his age stopped when I suggested she google him for instagram, maybe we have turned a fan

No. 456690

Theres totally no other moms who are 23 or younger. Just lameo. Does she still think shes 17?

Can she be anymore obvious she stalks billie? Her makeup video was 21 minutes and way better than anything she ever did, so of course shes trying to diss it. And she is always a smug rude ass. People pleaser my ass. Shes just an onion pleaser.

No. 456691

forman, before she dips off I'm going to spill some more. maybe it'll ruin her night. best case scenario

No. 456692

Tells her stream that "people's opinion that don't know me doesn't matter to me".
That takes some huge balls.

No. 456693

he left pretty quickly after I said this

his insta is locked down and his YT is empty now

No. 456695

He changed his name there too. The internet doesn't forget. Still has his real first name there when you search it. It's too late, my dude. Got a SS but only for posterity if shit goes down with the Onions.

No. 456696

I'm not American so I am unfamiliar, but how long do fraud chargebacks take? here it's usually within a few days. I am very calcium deficient at the moment.

No. 456697

I don't know if we would know. Maybe the Onions won't sperg about it. It's hard to say.

No. 456699

Since when has it become ok to talk about tipping the cows on here. Sure, a lot of us enjoy a jab now and then, but we’re supposed to be anonymous and not make the place look like a bunch of brigading channers who brag like this.

No. 456702

>tipping the cows
hardly, maybe namefagging, but the account is more or less anonymous. it's freely available information and nothing was said of lolcow, so tipping is a bit of a stretch tbh

No. 456704

Not really sure why you quoted me, but sure.

Nobody is "brigading" here. A few people are trolling her comments. Wouldn't say there's any coordinated effort whatsoever.

No. 456707

Greg asked to be guested. He came on, with pretty much nothing to say, besides “dinner is really good” and named what he put in the tacos.
He made it a point, also, to say “and the rice you guys got today”

Is he trying to expose Sarah?

No. 456708

Well yeah, if the video is 20 minutes long, how is she gonna copy it quickly when she is sew busy?

No. 456710

I love how she has a problem with 20 minute make up videos now. Yeah, it has nothing to do with Billie doing a Skelton tutorial that is a damn Rembrandt painting compared to anything Plainey would be able to accomplish.

No. 456712

He did also show Sarah on livestream, I think he's getting sick and tired of Sarah being around because his digs at Lainey don't stick as hard since she has Sarah to run to and dump all of her emotions on. It's obvious for some reason or another he finds Sarah gross and has no interest in trying to fuck her so he wants her out so Lainey can go back to being beaten down and talked into getting a new girlfriend for both of them so her emotional needs are met. She has no need for a girlfriend with Sarah around, but he can't just throw Sarah out without setting Lainey off and ruining his chances at getting a new trinity member. I imagine he wants fans to flip out again on her being there so shes forced to leave again. I bet money he'll be hinting at sarah being there alot over the next few weeks. Maybe even another glimpse of her in a live stream

No. 456728

File: 1509078516577.jpeg (965.98 KB, 2896x2896, D9AB7F53-340E-470F-8CD5-1B3D34…)

Ok this isn’t meant to be tinfoil but am I the only one who finds it suspicious that Greg, Shane Dawson, and Jaclyn Glenn have all received/mentioned adult diapers this week? Just seems too random to be a coincidence idk

No. 456729

Someone here admitted to sending greg adult diapers, it was free or something. So they probably did it to everyone else

No. 456730

Shane didn't receive adult diapers. His friend Garrett bought them for the video.

No. 456731

I highly doubt he received them for free, he might have had it for a while and seen Shane, but was triggered by his wishful hatefuck Jaclyn do it and saw the response. what was the difference in post dates between her video and his?

No. 456734

JG hasn’t posted hers yet and Shane’s video only just came out today so it greg didn’t get the idea from them

No. 456736

I see that now, my bad. his video was posted on October 22nd. I find it hard to believe Jaclyn would leech ideas off him, and even less likely that Shane would. has anything else happened somewhere else in the internet that would have caused a sudden interest in adult diapers aside from DDLG? OT but Jaclyn and Richie totally strike me as the type that would be into that or some high tier dom/sub, which makes me laugh because Richie seems like a total pushover. prob the pegging receiver tbh

No. 456741

The diapers JG got seem to tie in with the package she got. It seems more like just a weird coincidence, imo

No. 456745

no shit. they still look weirdly disproportioned.

No. 456746


Another reason he's very likely in deep shit with the IRS is the opposite of this. I'd be willing to bet he's been claiming full salaries as "employee payroll" on every bimbo to bounce through.

It's a very common tax evasion technique for the profoundly arrogant and stupid. Yes, there are circs in which family/friends are justifiably employees but I bet ol' Gurgles has ignored every guideline - he's likely claiming Bootface as an employee.

It takes a special kind of stupid to not only try it but to document it in film. We know he claimed Billie was "working" - is he gonna show the IRS vids of them dribbling over each other in gaming vids as proof? Thus, house expenses and entertainment are the three biggest flags for tax avoidance. Well done Gurgles, all fuckin' three. Class, mate.

Hi IQ? Er…..yeah.

No. 456750

as much as I don't think he should bring another child into the world, I'd love for it to happen with someone outside of his marriage just so when it came down to finance when he was vehemently denied custody (even though he'd never seek it) his entire financial history would be dragged through a comb finer than cheesecloth and became public record.

No. 456760


Of course she doesn't want to do a 20 minute makeup video. Lameo is lazy and has no desire to change that. She feels entitled to being lazy.

It's funny that she says her dad is the source of her anxiety because "nothing was ever good enough". I think the truth is that she was spoiled all her life and daddy asking her to get better grades or whatever was so mean to the poor fragile space prince :( the reality is probably he wanted to see her actually try at something and not be a whiney princess the rest of her life.

She resented this demand of his so much, she was willing to marry the first "famous" older guy who paid her 2 seconds of attention in less than a year. Guaranteed spoiled princess mode for life!

She gets butthurt when Gerg says the house is a mess because shes too lazy to clean. She gets butthurt at Billie for not kissing her ass 24/7. She gets butthurt at Selena for not texting her and calling her constantly. She gets butthurt at her fans if they don't drop enough money in her streams. She is ecstatic when people send her free shit though!

She couldn't even be bothered to do the vegan sushi video right. She constantly flaunts with no shame that she never puts any planning or preparation into her videos. She laughs like she is so cute for being a lazy fuckup.

Anyhow, tl;dr Lainey stubbornly insists on being a lazy ass with no real ambition other than being the most famous on Younow for sitting on her ass and not exhibiting a skill or talent for anything but being in permanent victim mode.

No. 456761


One thing I have noticed with Lainey is that she always takes shortcuts and tries to make her videos as simple as possible. There's no effort behind anything she does. Take the halloween skull makeup, for instance, she snapchatted something yesterday about it "literally taking forever" and wanted suggestions on easier looks.

Same goes for video ideas, she often snapchats asking for ideas and concepts for videos. She's so damn lazy and monotone, I don't even understand how she's gained the following she has.

No. 456764


If it's any consolation he'll be under IRS scrutiny forever. He's such a cretin he STILL doesn't grasp how big the dragon he's prodded is - two audits within a few years, both of which show complete disregard for tax laws pretty much makes him a marked man. They'll be salivating to get him with something.

People like this idiot are their own worst enemy. Even if they get professional advice they refuse to follow it because they know better than everybody else, they think their justification is all that's needed and expect the IRS to take their word. And he obviously has not been keeping anything like adequate financial records, making their job of combing through it all hard work. Add in that his abhorrent personality and arrogance will have annoyed the shit out of the agents involved - they'll try and get him forever now.

And Lameo can't just claim ignorance than expect a pass cos muh anxiety. I bet he's claimee her as an employee, and I bet she's not claimed stuff like streaking income. Dopy showed his ignorance of that when he said "I'll have you guys help" (fuuuurk me, the ego is unreal!) because, in Gurg's swamp of a mind, streaming money is a gift.

Revolting pair. It blows my mind anyone throws money at them.

No. 456765


"Streaking income"

Uuurgh. The horror. I hate autofup…

No. 456769

I. Fucking. Miss. Skye. I don’t care anymore what anyone or Grease says.

Taylor, you may have taken her title as Onionwife but that doesn’t mean you’ve taken her place as Best Onionwife. At least she gave a shit about her house and her/his videos being decent. You just suck at life, Taylor.

Just remember this as you’re smugly reading this thread/post telling yourself I’m a fameless jealous nobody; Greg hates you more than he ever hated her, even if he constantly bitched about the alimony.

No. 456784

Yes, I imagine that this will eventually all come crashing down, whether we all stick around to witness it or not. I wouldn’t doubt if there are people assigned to watch their “business dealings” since it’s all very public anyway.

No. 456795

Why would you want to subject Skye or anyone else nice to this creep?

Don't wish for Onion to go back to better times - he was still a manipulative narcissist then, there was just less of him exposed - wish for him to either magically become self-aware (won't happen) or fade into obscurity so he isn't influencing young girls and trapping them in his Mcmansion basement.

No. 456797

As a former ana-chan, this really pisses me off. You're barely underweight, taylor. You have no clue what it's like to do coke to surpress hunger, chain smoke, constantly think about food, etc.

She's no idea what actual trans people go through either. And the fact that she'd married to someone who mocks people who deal with eds is gross. I hate this fakeboi, smol bean, footface. She's as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside.

No. 456798

I don’t wish for Skye to come back to Onion, I just wish she came back in general (being on the web and updating). I wasn’t around when she was with Gregma nor her fellfromtheskye days but I’ve seen her/their videos later on can tell the girl was good at her craft, and really nice! Taylor is the complete opposite of her regardless (ew I hate that word).

As for Cucky McFucky, I just wish he’d rot in jail or at least be put on sex offenders’ list.

No. 456799

You guys, do you think that Grease notices how much Taylor has changed? I don't mean her crazy fake gay phase, I mean like we've discussed before, her change in facial structure. (Cause as much as Greg hates it, people age)

Like my point it, he's been around her nonstop these past (nearly) five years, and when you're around someone often you don't really register the changes. But if you don't see someone daily or see an old picture of them, it becomes easy to see the difference.

Taylor was actually really cute when she had just met Grease. Don't get me wrong, she was not super pretty, she was very average and viewed herself as way hotter than she was, BUT she was still a cute person. Now being completely objective, her facial structure is not at all like it was, so instead of being this cute fresh faced blonde she is not this elongated version of herself. I wouldn't even point it out if she knew how to style herself so that it wasn't an issue. (The eyeliner closes off her eyes big time also)

Anyways, do you guys think Greg sees the difference? Or do you think he's blind to it because of proximity?

No. 456800

File: 1509093024999.png (4.23 MB, 3360x1594, Screen Shot 2017-10-26 at 9.21…)

Just wanted to note this guy again, he changed his avatar etc. Pretty obviously Onion.

No. 456802

everyone grows out of their teenage face, anon.

No. 456804

>Light Yagami background and avatar
>Onion loves Death Note
Lol he’s so obvious, he’s not really good at hiding

No. 456805

Absolutely. I said "people age" but my question is I wonder if Greg has even registered that her facial structure has changed so much. He wants a perpetual teen, but I think her facial structure makes her look a lot older than 23. Most people look similar to their teen selves, an older version of it, but Taylor looks like a completely different person.

No. 456806

She went from being a generally inoffensive blob of gum to the shoe that stepped in it, sure. What probably appeals to him the most though, that comes along with that age but clearly hasn't left early/mid-twenties (I forget) mother of two Complainey, is eagerness to please and a lack of self-preservation. Everyone finds the one post-Skye ex of his being in his actual age group shocking but she played along with his all-or-nothing bullshit like a teenager would before snapping out of it. Not to say he isn't predatorily attracted to youthful features, but that's more the hook than the sinker imo.

He goes out of his way to be as far removed from her as possible outside of sex/peddling their #lovegoals for lunch money so her changes are definitely noticed/made a point of ridicule. She's just… nothing. She could look like a VS model and have no appeal. Her cries of being soooo gay, "smol"/adolescent, fleeky and shooketh are so flat and empty. All this nonsense to stand out and her black hole of a personality just swallows it all up.

She got so starstruck over Grease she went blind and is stumbling through life as he reluctantly leads her by the hand. It'd be a Lifetime movie if you could actually root for anyone.

No. 456807

Another question for you anons, do we think Lainey will be secretly relieved when Grease finally loses all semblance of relevancy? Because then she knows his chances of replacing her are significantly less. Or, do we think she will hate his fall from "fame" because her whole smug demeanor was in marrying a "Super famous" youtuber? (plus lack of money and a more miserable Grease)

No. 456808

File: 1509095898596.jpg (63.67 KB, 649x375, Capture.JPG)

He always does this dual personality ~dark version who is truly me~ thing. Like his two books, main character in the first one is his self-insert and the main character in the second one is his ~dark~ self-insert.

Onion pls , you are just an edgy narc.

No. 456809

File: 1509096008845.jpg (18.86 KB, 286x294, Capture.JPG)

i followed him with this throwaway account and he blocked me even though i haven't tweeted at him at all


No. 456810

He surely did notice it, not only because he sees it but I think mainly because people point it out, not only here on lolcow but also in comments, tweets. I have no proof but it's very likely.

Shows again how much time he has that he even monitors who follows him on Twitter lmao. But both of them always claim having no time, gurg for watching videos that others make about him (even though everyone knows he does) and lamey for learning make up techniques (even though she doesn't even clean the house and has a teenager to help her with the kids)

No. 456814

she was a tiny lolita
now shes a mid 30s mom going through an identity crisis

its probably part of the reason he hates her so much tbh

No. 456819

Gurg spent his HS days being a awkward, maladjusted tard. When he started hitting on Plain she was everything his developmentally stunted ass could never get in school (rich daddy cheerleader type) but now it's years and two kids later, so he's now wants out and get another piece of barely legal teenage ass.

No. 456826

pretty much!

like i know shes not ACTUALLY mid 30s
but i know a chick who is and looks exactly like her in appearance/style.

i still cant believe these fucks have more than 1 kid. if i was her, i wouldve aborted them both. you only need 1 to keep him chained to your life anyways.

No. 456832

Greg describes his 13 year old ex as as 300 pounds with 3 kids? How would Skye describe him? A failing youtuber that married a 17 year old and got trapped with 2 kids?

You'd think he wouldn't want to be like daddy onion who abandoned them but he was so ready to heave Troy to Lainey and never see him again "Only if the mother is ok with it" Sure.

No. 456833

Question: what the fuck happened to the puppy? Is it dead already? They couldn't stop bragging about it when they got it and now POOF! Nothing.

Someone ask her in a livestream if it's dead. Please and thank you!


No. 456837

Do any anons here know if they have ever mentioned walking the dogs? Lazy and selfish as they are I don't believe they go out with them and instead just let them out in the backyard. It would be good material for instagram posts and vlogs if they filmed it so I guess they just don't do it. The fact that they have dog piss stains all over the floor makes me think so even more. I mean dogs don't need to be hidden from the public like their kids, plus they would give them views cause everybody loves pets so why don't they show them more often? I really hope they have a halfway good life in the mcmansion, those poor dogs.

No. 456838


They used to do it a lot before moving into the mansion. I remember greg had the dog thoughts videos and they were often walked then. Lainey also cared more about them before she had kids. Now I think they just let them run on their property.

No. 456839

Yeah, they only let the dogs run around the backyard. Can't even remember the last time we saw them walk them. They also keep the dogs confined to a small gated portion of the living room next to the door to the backyard. I'm assuming the puppy has ruined the floor boards in that tiny area because they don't let the dogs roam any part of the mansion whatsoever, and Lainey can't be fucked to clean up puppy piss right away. Probably neglects them too.

No. 456840

This happened to a friend once. She loved loved loved her wonderful retriever mix to bits. The best dog parent. Monthly baths, and 3 check ups a year. Vacations always had to be pet friendly to take along her dog. 2 weekly visits to the dog park at least, and the best food she could afford (which wasn't the absolute best after everything but she did the best at the time).

Her coworkers used to joke and say that when she had a baby, she wouldn't treat her dog the same afterwards and would no longer be #1. She was angry and incredulous, how dare anyone say she would ever boot that dog from the number 1 position?

Well, she had a baby eventually, and guess what? That poor dog got shuffled to the side. A baby does obviously trump dog officially, but I saw it happen and she saw it happening too, and it's just what happened.
The great dog died eventually (was old) and she got a new dog so the baby would have a dog (instead of sensibly getting her son his 1stuff dog when he was 7), but she doesn't love the new dog like the old one, and sees it's idiosyncrasies as annoying behavior issues instead (because of time constraints).

The new dog now has a life with grubby screeching children who don't play with it because they stare at the TV or stay on their IPad all day and night. It don't get walked properly, I'm sure it ate blocks of Legos and crayons and green army men and other missing tiny toys because of the loss of appetite and constant vomiting and chronic diarrhoea. But she takes her children to the doctors instead of taking the dog to the vet, because she can't afford the vet or pretty dog grooming things anymore. The kids have to come first.

Back to the onions:
With having 2 blanket babies a lá michael jackson, one terrible screeching husband, one sycophantic underage fan, and 2 adult dogs and one small new puppy, I'd garner it's near impossible that Taylor gives those dogs any semblance of their old, pampered life. I don't think Gres eye does any chores, and that house is huge, and laundry with children is never ending. Had Greg been a more supportive partner, then I suppose those dogs would have gotten more love and attention because he'd be chipping in around the house 50/50.

Sage because there are people who do become parents and were dog parents before, but they still keep up treating their doggos like puppers deserve. (Just saying it's harder, so the onions were smart to give away the g.pigs but incredibly insensible [fucking stupid] to aquire a new puppy when the children are much too young to help with caring for the puppy).

Ugh now I'm mad about the dogs again, when I don't see them, I almost forget they lock them in a tiny room all day long. Grr.

No. 456842

Fraud investigator here. Who knew this shit would come in handy. It depends on how much of a backlog the fraud department has and how long it takes mom and dad to notice the transactions and call the bank.

Banks have 120 days from the authorization date to do a chargeback. It would come out of YouNow's pocket, not Lamey; but depending on YouNow's TOS, THEY will likely yank it back from lame's actual account.

No. 456846

spotted greg

No. 456851

on plain alone surely the total was nearing 10k, if not more. you would think the bank would notify them if something had processed for that much. if not a monetary value that triggered it, surely the amount of transactions in a short time. he posted authorizations easily a dozen times in one night for multiple thousands of dollars. unless he's heavily affluent, someone has surely noticed and spoke up by now. right?

No. 456853

duplicateposting but I say this because me, for example, I used my card to tap at McDonalds yesterday to pay for fries/drink on my way back into the city around 6pm, by 9pm when I was at the grocery store they had cut my debit card, credit cards and line of credit because I tapped instead of entering my pin in a new city. I have to go to the bank in a few minutes to unlock it because of this. there's no way someone hasn't noticed by now.

No. 456854

dogs are treated as starter babies by society so its not surprise when this happens. sad, yes. surprising, no.

No. 456855

Took a little digging but I found the video, on OnisionEncore channel of all places. After he swore to the internet to take it down forever he re-uploaded it?
Bear in mind I'm not an up-loader so watching will obvs give him a view but he barely has 19k views now so I don't think it will make much diff. Maybe someone could upload it elsewhere?
The actual vicious attack and releasing of Billies private information begins at 23.30- (That was a joy to watch and wait for). But I think it's an important video, it's the pivotal point that his downfall began.


No. 456857

even at low views, don't give them views.


No. 456858

Thank you anon, I appreciate you uploading it.

No. 456859

it's a big video (250~mb) and my upload is only 2 or so MB/s so it might take maybe ten mins or so, sorry for the delay

No. 456860


Maybe its the grandparents Credit card ? Elderly are commonly scammed or taken advantage of. Its possible this little shit stole it, an the bank isn't giving two fucks because its not the first expensive transaction. So I'm guessing nobody will know until the bill comes out, and everyone is wondering why the credit cards are all maxed out.

OT - But my Grandmother is always throwing money down on every tom dick and hairy that comes to the door with a scam. " New vacuum - 500$ " " This is totally old an broken, need new - 1000-2000$. She has literally replaced everything in her house because they tell her too replace it with there shit.

No. 456861

Yeah and it's a three parter. All averaging 20 mins. But this is the most relevant video, the one that did the damage, the second part is him trying to defend him attacking Billie after the internet turned on him and the third part is him fake crying after it sinks in just how much shit he is in.

No. 456865

In one of plain's recent younow's, she said something about how she can't walk all of the dogs at once, so im assuming she walks them without greg

No. 456866

>YouTuber Is TOO Bluntly Honest About Previous Girlfriend

What a fucking dumb title ahahah

No. 456870

turns out vid.me has a video length limit, any other suggestions besides youtube?

No. 456873

Typically they WOULD restrict until the cardholder called in to customer service to verify everything… but it completely depends on the bank, what statuses are on their account, their typical spending patterns, etc.

this anon is probably right. Old people still rely on paper statements in the mail, they might not know. 120 days is a good chunk of time though, hah. I wouldn't count on that money, onion clan. People operate under the assumption that once money is in their account, it's THEIRS and it can't be snatched back. Sorely sorely mistaken.

No. 456877


It's already on this channel

No. 456879

How the 'mighty' have fallen.
How cocky he is there compared to the literal beggar he is now is hilarious!

No. 456880


Everytime you think Laineys look couldnt get worse, she pulls off a new look and suddenly you think "didnt look that bad before".
She is making herself more and more ugly with every new haircolor and haircut.

No. 456881

I couldn't even watch more than a minute of it cause he's such a fucking asshole and even thinks he's in the right while he's telling the world the most personal secret someone can have cause ~muh faxx~. 35 fucking minutes of him rambling and trying to justify his shitty behaviour (and this is only one part of it, omg), I'm asking myself how I could watch that when it came out

No. 456882


Thank you!

Sometimes I like to get really high and watch some of their videos, but I will never watch them on YouTube. Even with Adblock. As satisfying as it would be to click that dislike button.

I feel like the end is soon and I can't wait for the schadenfreude.

No. 456889

Says can’t be processed??

No. 456891

as a long time onion fan I believe he has been tired of her for a long long time. he jabs her all the time. he wanted her to improve, then he wanted her to go away. then he accepted his fate but I think he is back to trying to get her to improve. they will start fighting soon cause she refuses to improve. she spoke years ago about him trying to get her to leave and she wont. period.
I understand fighting for a marriage but she knew the rules and should've left before the kids. greg has issues and he wasn't going to leave. she knew that and refused to go. she is using his mental health against him. kinda funny since he did the same to Shiloh.

No. 456892

Which one is it on here?

No. 456893

its his way of asking for help. he needs to leave lain at home and start doing activities again. he needs real friends again cause he is slipping back into a bad place. now its him, woman, and some babies. lain needs to let him stay with his mom for a few weeks. I hope she reads this. I enjoy reading about onions cow ness but this cow needs a reboot.

No. 456894

someone reported that they were on his block. onion realized they recognized him and he just glared. seems like him and the neighbors have a understanding but he cant physically bother them. fans in the street would get him in trouble. keeping the crazy on his property seems to be ok. one place he lived at the neighbors did have something to say but I forget how it was resolved.

No. 456895

greg keeps the trees for a reason. for park area and a place to hide. if anyone comes for him he is going into those trees. lol. he was also very paranoid when they got the house.

No. 456899

Dear Ex-Girlfriend is YouTuber Is TOO Bluntly Honest About Previous Girlfriend (#2)

Part 1 https://vid.me/Epw7
Part 2 https://vid.me/6ohG

No. 456905

The woods would make a good setting for an Onion-creepypasta

No. 456910

One of the saddest things on one of her recent YouNows was when someone asked if she always wanted kids. So said 'no' and that in high school she didn't want kids at all. Keep in mind she was pregnant less than a year after graduating. All because Greg has to mark his territory. He's revolting.

No. 456912

File: 1509129458134.jpg (505.26 KB, 2560x1920, IMG_6485.jpg)


Fuck, him and Lainey are truly one in the same. Why in the world they think repetitively repeating the same words in every video will make the statements anymore true or believable is beyond me.

>Truth/ true
>honest/ honesty/ most honest

> Muh pronouns


I don't feel bad for Lainey, but I do feel bad for the kids. Those poor things are nothing more then money bags to her, and a way to make sure Greg can't run.

No. 456919

Then she lied before. I remember after Troy on tumblr she said she wanted and planned to have more kids eventually. Seems like she regrets them now.

No. 456920

At least with greg he acknowledges he is a dick, Lamefuck is easily just as manipulative and nasty as him but she tries to hide it under the guise of anxiety and gay/emo-ness. She is truly despicable.

No. 456924

A few days ago she said on younow that she is glad that she had her kids early but I think there must be some kind of regnet. I don't doubt she loves them but looking at her horrible marriage and what she was aiming for (being happily married to her youtube celebrity) it must suck to have two kids with a husband who doesn't love you when you are still in your early 20's and could have an exciting life with friends and partying, traveling and all these things

No. 456934

She definitely regrets having them, it's honestly so crazy to me how she doesn't speak about them at all. I mean yea hey don't want anyone on the internet to know much about her kids but it seems like even on her PRIVATE Facebook she doesn't even really post about them. Like my page is constantly flooded with "Ohh Jamey did the cutest thing today!!" And shit like that, doesn't even need to be pictures. Even I do it and it's cringey as fuck when I catch myself with my 5 month old. It's just like a mom thing to oooh and ahhh at your own child. The only times we've really heard about her kids on her fb is when it was something to complain about, like "ohhh my poor son had a fuck ton of cavities because I'm shit at taking care of him"
I dunno just from my perspective as a young mom (20) Lainey just seems really disinterested and annoyed by her kids even when she briefly answers questions on younow. I hope we're wrong and she actually doesn't regret having them for the kids sake because soon enough they will catch onto that and will seriously fuck up their self esteem.
I think she was all starry eyed and coming off the high of winning her famous YouTube husband so when Greg decided he wanted to knock her up she was all "great! Omg he really loves me!!" And all smug because she was doing what sky and shi couldn't or wouldn't which I'd give Greg his damn heir (assuming he thinks of troy as this the damn narc) but then the kid came and as the hormones died down, the screaming, the shitty diapers, and sore and saggy boobs from breastfeeding started she remembered how she didn't even want kids in the first place and now she was stuck. Plus I can only imagine Greg isn't into the idea of birth control since he hates doctors so it's only a matter of time before she's knocked up again. She made her bed though and now she has to lie in it

No. 456940

she said in younow before that she doesn't post pictures of them even on her private facebook.

No. 456943

I can understand not posting pictures of them, but never even mentioning them? Not even stuff like them learning to walk etc and other milestones? Really fucking weird.

No. 456946

She's live.

No. 456947

More parents should follow in her footsteps in that regard tbqhwy famalam

No. 456949

Plz for the farmers who are watching, spam her with questions about Sarah and Formanboss!! Her fans interact a lot with each other in the chat, and are usually interested in/shocked by what we reveal.

No. 456950

She also calls them it or thing at times.

No. 456951

yeah i don't like oversharing about kids either but really, if she's already airing all her relationship drama out and constantly spergs about inane ~*gay*~ stuff, it's weird there's such radio silence about the kids

No. 456954

Lol as soon as people started mention Forman boss she started clicking her fidget cube.

No. 456955

File: 1509140390539.jpg (43.53 KB, 466x476, lol lol.jpg)

Furiously clicks fidget cube

No. 456956

File: 1509140521027.jpg (44.57 KB, 489x485, Liesss.jpg)

Bitch y'all live together ask her, its getting fucking weird now its so damn obvious.

No. 456957

File: 1509140723877.jpg (80.7 KB, 875x362, trinity.jpg)

No. 456958

Just got triggered and shouted because someone accused her of texting Sarah, she told them to use there ears and listen to the music changing.

No. 456959

File: 1509140895281.jpg (43.2 KB, 432x479, hungry troy.jpg)


No. 456960

File: 1509141069289.png (400.68 KB, 895x618, loooooooooool.png)

Which one of you did this, lol?!

No. 456961

File: 1509141121216.jpg (46.07 KB, 416x415, your doing amazing sweety.jpg)

No. 456962

Onion doesn't want to help her fix the mouse lmao, shes practically begging.

No. 456963

shits frozen now

No. 456964

lmao I love how it was frozen on her giving bitchface over a minute before it cut off.

No. 456965

The best part is that they never acknowledge haturzzz. We could spam whatever we want, and while the teens read it, they'll just ignore. Even if I posted my account name, it's not like they're going to say "Don't listen to x, they're from Lolcow."

I really think this is an effective way to drive their fanbases down. Plainey somehow keeps getting more teens to follow her, so this shit needs to stop.

No. 456966

She's back

No. 456967

She read like all of my comments too, haha
surprised no block.

No. 456968

And ignoring questions about the puppy lol I wonder if it's still around

No. 456969

Someone asked if shes into age play and she said "I am not, no."

No. 456971

everything I said
she would stop talking and you could tell she was reading it, she even acknowledged my comment about texting sarah in the same house being weird. she said she wasn't texting sarah, but didn't say she wasn't there kek

No. 456973

she totally skipped over the ddlg part of the question lol.

No. 456974

She says she has the Onesie on her amazon list because its cute, yea sure.

No. 456975

"I'm very turned off to the idea of dating somebody." Nah its just that your human tissue is there and you no longer need attention.

No. 456976

Yeah, also adult size baby rompers with 'I <3 daddy' written across them aren't an age play thing apparently

No. 456978

does she look like she was gonna cry?

No. 456979

ash has a boyfriend, she said they’re still friends and someone asked if she’d let onion have a girlfriend and you just hear the cube clicking kek

No. 456980

I asked once if Onion was allowed to have a girlfriend and she said No because she isn't allowed to crush or date boys so he shouldn't date girls.