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File: 1486435942673.jpg (79.76 KB, 703x500, xq7WymD.jpg)

No. 348341

Previous thread: >>344293

Recent milk:
- Onion chimed in on Cyr's drama
- tweets defensively at Lane and Luxy again for no reason
- Lane went on YouNow and claimed that Greg encouraged Sarah and Lainey to date

No. 348344

Don't post direct links or embeds of Onision's, Lainey's or Sarah's videos. This includes vid.me links!

Download the video on keepvid.com and upload it as unlisted on YouTube. Otherwise, do not embed or link.

No. 348346

File: 1486436132807.png (36.76 KB, 640x430, IMG_2776.PNG)

sarah having a breakdown on her tumblr

No. 348348

File: 1486436295138.png (20.61 KB, 720x443, QrKksnP.png)

Nice lurking, Sarah.

No. 348349

File: 1486436306722.jpg (86.33 KB, 750x804, IMG_0624.JPG)


No. 348350

I'm gonna assume this is pretty much confirmation that what Lane said is true

No. 348351

Someone get in touch with Sarah's family member now, please. She needs to be removed from that house.

No. 348352

So that basically means it's true right? Thanks for confirming it Sarah.

No. 348354

File: 1486436378764.png (55.23 KB, 578x325, ES1KmCx.png)

I guess Sarah called Lane as soon as she saw and that's why the stream ended so abruptly. Yikes

No. 348355

does that cousin of hers still lurk here ? I almost hope so, cause she seemed to be the only hope that poor kid has.

No. 348356

They obviously called her from a different phone knowing she wouldn't answer if she saw it was them

No. 348357

Oh shit, Greg totally called her.

No. 348358

I bet he was nasty to her like how vicious he was to Blair White. Probably scared the kid shitless.

No. 348359

Lainey you are such a sick fuck, just like your husband. I feel so bad for your children.

No. 348360

Is there anything we can do to help support her?

No. 348361

So does this confirm all of those things Sarah has posted on her tumblr were actually about Plainey?

No. 348362


Probably. IDK who called her but it was definitly one of the three. The reason they chose to call is cause of their texts being released constantly and their BS being called out. They chose to call her as there would be no evidence of whatever threats they said to her.

No. 348363

What's wrong with you Lainey? Are you so mentally deficient you can't relate to women your own age?

No. 348364

this whole thing gives me strong karla homolka vibes tbh

No. 348365

File: 1486437216875.png (20.62 KB, 577x122, 96QSJxH.png)

Good choice Lane but honestly please publish what you have before they can make a case against you. Sarah needs out of there.

No. 348366

support through twitter and social media in general. its so bad all the stuff coming at them

No. 348367

Taylor, how does it feel to be known as a child predator?

No. 348369

Lain said she didn't answer the call. But I'm guessing they left a message.

No. 348370

honestly i feel no remorse towards sarah. she chose to be there and she knows whats going on. eventually this would have happened. i feel bad for lane, she doesnt deserve this backlash

No. 348372

Would it be legal for her to record voicemails if there are any left?

No. 348373


Quit being so thirsty you know damn well it is not going to change anything. Sarah is going to have to realize how fucked up they are on her own. Trying to drag her out of the house is just going to make her more determined to stay.

No. 348374

I hope she releases her voicemails like Adrinne did.

No. 348375

lainey reminds me of the wife of that crazy cult guy who was hoarding women in a recent documentary. and the guy reminds me of onision.


No. 348376

Response to a poster on the last thread.

Age of consent is 16 here in WA. It's legal but creepy.

No. 348377

In GA the one side consent for phone recording while in WA its two sided consent for recording voice calls

No. 348378

Does it matter? She is a minor.

No. 348379

But you have to be within 3 or 4 years of the 16 year old

No. 348380

so a 30+ year old could fuck a 16 year old and it'd be legal? gross

it's funny how this fits into greg's warped sense of "morality" and righteousness. in his mind, something's fine if it's legal (dating an easily exploitable young girl) and evil if it's illegal (smoking a joint)

No. 348381

Lane, please be brave and speak up. Those two are going to continue to abuse children. You have a lot of people behind you.

Please, please have the courage to speak up. There are a lot of people who want to see Greg put away. There is nothing that Greg or Taylor 'have' on you that could ever get you in the amount of trouble they're in. That's why they called you (I assume) and threatened you.

We don't want Greg put away because he's greasy or any of the other shit we talk about here, but because he is a predator. He is dangerous. It's not safe for women to be around Greg or Taylor, particularly if they are underaged.

Can someone out there get this information to Sarah's mother? I know that she's a fangirl but when someone tells you that your child is being groomed to be a fuckdoll for an arrogant rapist like Greg, I hope they'd sit forward and listen.

Cousin-chan, are you out there? Please get Sarah out of there.

There has to be something we can do. Are there any lawfags around? Washington lawfags, in specific?

I can't stand watching this shit get away with it over and over and over again.

No. 348382

Yes. And to the other posters, I'm not defending Lainey, just giving information.

No. 348383


No bruh, the age difference doesn't matter. As long as both consenting adults are at least 16.

No. 348384

Even lainey is a 6 year difference

No. 348385


Fuck you for being all about the milk. Some of us would like to see a kid escape the hellhole that is life with a psychopath like Greg.

The fact that you're more worried about tipping the cows says some unpleasant shit about you, anon.

No. 348386


Didn'tLainey and Sarah call Sarah's mom to prove she had permission to be there?If anything we would have to show Sarah's Mom is a nutcase and the home Sarah is in is unstable.

No. 348388

Washington statutory rape law is violated when a person has consensual sexual intercourse with an individual under age 16. The age of consent is raised to 18 when the partners are a foster parent and foster child, when the older partner is at least 60 months older than their 16 or 17 year old partner and abuses their significant relationship(as defined by RCW 9A.44.010) to have sexual intercourse, or when the partners are teacher and student(this law was actually interpreted by the Washington State Supreme Court to extend to students up to 21 years old).

No. 348389

i bet sarah is trying to make lane feel guilty if she drops the screenshots, but sarah has used her before asking for the catfish's dms so she can give them to greg to use in a video, and they still call her a traitor and terrible things.

I say just post them. They would do it to you in a heartbeat.

Isn't michigan where she's from legal age 18 though? If shes moved to their house and then a relationship starts, isnt that transporting a minor?

No. 348390


Yeah, and I think that called her as a preemptive strike. They must have known there was a chance this shit could get out.

What did the mom say on that younnow? Some anons said she sounded blindsided by the call, is that the case?

No. 348391

ahhh i forgot transporting a minor could be a charge also

No. 348392

Would the foster parent law be the same for Gardians? Sarah got that piercing and usually a guardian is required for that

No. 348393

from what ive seen michigan is also 16

No. 348394

One of them is acting as a guardian since she got a debit card, does this make them foster parents in the eyes of the law?

No. 348395

Well we don't have any reason to think either of them tried to have sex with her, so either way it's possible no laws were technically violated.

I don't know what Sarah can do. Her old family is presumably nuts and her new "family" is nuts and trying to date/fuck her.

No. 348396

THIS. Lane, do NOT get scared about this being libel. If you are merely releasing messages you have in your posession, you are not making up lies to hurt any reputation. Onion and Lainey definitely do not have cases against you, and Sarah also does not have a case against you. Do not let them scare you. There is absolutely nothing they have on you. Onion KNOWS this, which is why he is acting out.

No. 348397

im looking into the laws currently and thankfully michigan and washington do no have close of age exemptions

No. 348398

I think sarah's mom could care less even if they were dating. Who lets their kid go live with some youtuber who is known for shitting on all his ex-gf to the point of mental breakdowns and breaking their reputation. One that does not give any shits.

I also thought it was weird how they were so dead set on proving nothing was weird and called her mom. doth protests too much.

oh i was mistaken then. makes sense why they moved her at 16 now.

No. 348401

But if they are her gardian I feel like even dicussing a relationship or getting a little too flirty would be something that at least requires investigation at the least.

No. 348402

didn't greg do a very similar trafficking thing with lainey?

No. 348404

Holy shit with how this is all playing out I feel like I'm going to see an episode of "Web Of Lies" on Investigation Discovery leading to someone's death.

No. 348406

Not a lawfag but isn't exposure to the trinity enough to get corruption of a minor? Not to mention the degenerate pics minors post on his forum?

No. 348407

is there not a cyber report line we could all report this to?

No. 348408


Yup. And Sarah's mom said "If there was anything going on I'd know about it". So either she's totally clueless or she knows about her underage child potentially getting together with a grown adult with 2 kids

No. 348409

like does someone have this all compiled like the videos of the girls, the proof about sarah etc that they could actually report with

No. 348411

Or the fact he wanted to chain up his mistress by a dog collar for a week in the basement while Sarah would have been present in the house and aware of her degrading punishment.

No. 348412

>Not to mention the degenerate pics minors post on his forum?
tbh nothing here was illegal, i don't think they could use that as proof of anything really

>the trinity

polyamorous relationships aren't illegal either

now this, this could actually get her out of the place. combined with the allegations of grooming.

No. 348413

File: 1486438874760.png (12.8 KB, 584x95, ruhroh.png)

Sarah tweeted this then deleted it.

No. 348414

she's acting like lane attacked or exposed her or something

no, she exposed taylor's and greg's disgusting cultish and pedo behavior

No. 348415

is it true lainey first started talking to sarah when she was 14?

No. 348416

Lets not forget they also have two little children in that house and we dont know how seperated they are from that "fun basement"

but anon, shes obviously ruining her free ride in greg's mcmansion

No. 348417

Fuck, I bet Greg is taking shit out on her. I hope she's attention whoring right now.

No. 348418

Wouldn't the act of leaving a voicemail qualify as consent to be recorded?

No. 348419


Yeah but, it's like I can hear Greg shrieking "THE FIRST RULE OF THE GREASOME IS YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT THE GREASOME" from here, so maybe Sarah's getting shit for telling Lane (because god forbid she talk to anyone other than Greg or Lainey, that's BETRAYAL territory for these fucks) and she posted that tweet because she's currently getting roasted over the coals for breaking the gross CIRCLE OF TRUST.

No. 348420

Yeah Sarah, how awful of Lain to out a pedophile like that. How dare she

No. 348421

even if greg had no involvement in this, lainey is a fucking creeper

yeah probably, but i think she's addressing it towards lane because she was saying stuff like this to lane even before she thought she'd leak anything. she probably feels like she was personally betrayed, even though it's the exact opposite. in a few years she'll hopefully have gotten out of there and will have realized lane did her a great service.

No. 348422

She had kids with a predator long after knowing he was one, she probably feels fine.

No. 348423


That's totally what I meant. It's in keeping with their weird fucking pathology that Sarah would blame LANE rather than Greg for Greg yelling at her. "If you'd never said that, I wouldn't be getting yelled at" sort of thing, with Lainey's blinders on so she doesn't acknowledge that Greg's the one doing the yelling.

Their blame game is bonkers.

No. 348425

What could gerg possibly do to lane? Sue for slander? How do you explain a 16 year old living with you and all the videos you made about a 19 year old and a failed poly relationship while going into great detail about their sex life and how kinky ;) he is

No. 348426

good to know she's been taking greg and lainey's class "how to play the victim card 101"
She may have dropped out of highschool, but she's learning all she needs to know to get by in life from the masters themselves …. /s

No. 348427


I'm guessing she didn't want to hear him scream "YOU BETRAYED MY HAREM AND MY VEGETARIAN BODY" down the phone at her, and I don't fucking blame her, lol.

No. 348430

Im pretty sure she wants to guilt lane into not saying anything because she doesnt want to risk the chance of her having to leave the house. I swear teens are morons. When you look back at this when you are older, you will also think its weird that a 31 yr old and 22 yr old with children moved a 16 yr old into their house and were hinting for a relationship. Like if that wasnt you sarah, you'd think that's normal? wat.

he really cant do shit. Nothings going to happen to a 16 year old for posting true info about them supposedly having a relationship with another 16 year old, and then a 31 year old man is trying to bully her. He can go make a video to get people to attack her, but those have proven to be not very effective. He doesnt have much power now.

No. 348432

Bitch knows damn well what she did. Making Lane feel like the bad person is perfectly fine?

Makes me fucking mad when the petrified dickturds in that house play the victim.

No. 348433

LOL that's nightmare material and enough to make me wanna throw up

No. 348435

Yeah that whole household is annoying. They started it by attacking her for sticking up for billie. She wasnt even badmouthing anyone but onion boy rightfully so, but lainey goes and messages her and onion posts shit about how lane made lainey cry. Like are you idiots. LOL. If you know she has info on you, how about stop provoking her and acting like you are some poor victim getting bullied by a 16 year old who doesnt want to side with an abusive sociopath.

I bet sarah is trying to say but IIII didnt do anything to you! That was lainey and gerg. I'm innocent! Just like what lainey says about gerg whenever he attacks people. Nah, you're pretty involved and it does have to do with the two abusive sociopaths you are living with so.

No. 348437

Sarah deleted her twitter.

No. 348438

What did she Tweet right before she deleted her account? I missed it.

No. 348439

She's just letting Greg do cleanup like Plain does when she ducks up.

No. 348440

File: 1486440354066.png (64.59 KB, 750x566, IMG_5020.PNG)

She deleted

No. 348441

I dont think she tweeted anything. Nothing that I saw.

I was thinking that gerg probably saw she was giving things away by making it painfully obvious its true, so he put her on twitter timeout like lameo.

No. 348443

I got a notification that she'd made a new tweet and when I refreshed the page her account was gone. I wonder what it was?

Looks like Lane just responded to Onision's tweet about her also. I wonder when we can expect his reply.

No. 348444

File: 1486440527620.gif (3.91 MB, 313x250, ZwCdz5z.gif)



No. 348445

i really really really don't wanna talk about this, but i have people who want me to. i'll try my best to answer any questions, just be patient with me

No. 348446

Are you okay??

No. 348447

I got you Lane.

No. 348448

Can you confirm in writing or with text message evidence that Sarah was going to engage with Lainey in a sexual and or romantic relationship?

No. 348449


We'll help in whatever way we can

No. 348450

I know it's rough but thank both of you so much for speaking up. You're both doing the right thing.

No. 348451

all of my messages deleted because my phone is trash, but sarah would constantly tell me that "she told me about her feelings" in messages

No. 348452

Dont be intimidated by them. They can't do anything to you. Did they leave a voicemail when they called?

No. 348453

it's horrible that they're harassing you about this. Hope you're doing okay as you can be rn.

No. 348454

they left me a 4 second voicemail of air being blown into the mic

No. 348455

you've seriously got so much support. We know it's scary to be in the situation, but just remember you've got a major support system and Greg isn't as powerful as he thinks he is

No. 348456

If Lane decides to talk in more depth about the situation, please remember this next time some of you want to belittle her on here in the future. Remember that she's 16, and these people have been harassing her nonstop for days. I know most of you are supportive. Thank you <3

No. 348457

Do you have any reason to believe from messages Sarah sent that Sarah's involvement with Lainey or Greg developed further than feelings?
This is very important for legal intents/purposes - lawfag here.

No. 348458

no not at all

No. 348459


Was it just lainey trying to convince sarah and she wasnt into the idea? or did something change along the way

No. 348460

sorry that was from me :/

No. 348461

I went and edited it to include your name.

No. 348462

Do you know how long they'd been planning on flying her out prior to doing it in the fall?

No. 348464

I missed you explaining it in your broadcast. What did sarah actually say about it? That she came there with the intention of being in a relationship with them? Or they just started to think it'd be a good idea while she was there or what?

No. 348465

….that's convienient

No. 348466

i don't know that much. i don't think that she lives with them only to have a relationship though. nothing is happening right now, so i think they're all just living together

No. 348467

nice email

No. 348468

The messages being deleted is absolute shit, but I believe you.

No. 348469


are you worried about sarah? is there anything we can do to help?

No. 348470

Honestly, the "I lost text messages because I have a shitty phone/my dog ate it/someone else deleted them" excuse is the shittiest reason you can give right now. Sorry to be tough on you, but that takes away so much credibility from your allegations. There is absolutely no proof that these events happened other than the circumstantial evidence of Sarah and Greg freaking out…. And they can easily manipulate it.

So if you actually do have copies of the messages, produce them. If not, your allegations are really weak and suspect.

No. 348472

Was it a private number that called and left the voicemail?

No. 348473

i was thinking the same thing but didnt want to say anything.. like ???

No. 348475

What do you mean she has been harassed for days?

No. 348476

It's possible to backtrack through older messages. For example, and iphone only displays a certain amount but in reality there are a lot more in the archive.

Lane, perhaps we can help you to work out accessing the messages. It's important.

Also the voicemail, someone can help you work out how to record it and post it.

No. 348477

There's probably an app to recover them.

No. 348478

why would sarah be freaking the fuck out if the allegations arent accurate? they could just ignore her or dare her to produce evidence

No. 348479

probably gronk and his army

No. 348481


That's their next step

No. 348484

Further explanation on why the messages were deleted? possibly you can get these recovered

No. 348486

Did anon who knew sarah's cousin ever leave contact information?

Cousin anon I hope you're lurking. Please get in touch with her family as long as it won't get you in to shit.

I just want to reiterate that we support you, Lane. They can harass you but they can't hurt you. Let them harass you and save all of it. Don't provoke, just let things run their course. You did a good thing today. Whether Sarah wants to be a little cunt or not, you're helping her, and she will see that and appreciate you with time. We got your back babe.

No. 348488

It does sound rather convenient and fake, but the fact sarah had such a strong reaction makes me beleive its true.


These would be nice to post as proof. Can we see them?

No. 348489


No one is ever going to respond positively to something like this dude. Get a grip and quit foaming at the mouth.

No. 348491

Lane, you can maybe use this: https://www.imobie.com/support/retrieve-deleted-text-messages-on-iphone.htm

All you need is a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. If you're lucky, many of your messages can be recovered.

No. 348492

Have you tried using an anonymous dial back service that pranks the phone's voicemail to work out who the caller was?

No. 348493

Could you guys bullshit any harder? How on Earth does someone just delete important messages? It's not easy to do.

No. 348494


dude she lost her shit and deleted twitter and posted that she wanted to kill herself on tumblr. i get that teens are attention seeking but somethings very wrong right now.

No. 348495

was wondering the same…what is your relationship with sarah … it seems she obviously trusts you with some personal details of her life, and that you'd talk to her more than you talked to lainey ?

No. 348498


Answer this honestly please.

Is Sarah being abused in that house in any way? (physically, sexually, emotionally)

No. 348500


Why are you pressuring her to feel sorry for sarah, the fuck? What's she supposed to do about it? Something NEEDS to happen to get Sarah out of that house

No. 348501

Yea that's cute and all, but getting texts deleted isn't as easy as how plaintiffs and witnesses want you to believe it is. Lane most likely deleted them herself, so now the question is, why did she?

Also, the reason why it is shitty for Lane to come out and say there are no texts is because now Greg and Sarah know Lane has shit on them. So they can just easily manipulate and make it seem like they were just freaking out for reasons other than Lane's allegations being true.

No. 348503

if lainey is talking to her about having feelings for her, given the age gap and the fact that she's basically a guardian for her, she's still in a very unhealthy situation.

even if it's something sarah is okay with and even if lainey or greg wouldn't do anything sexual with her until she's 18, this still is not right at all.

No. 348504

sarah claims all of the messages were deleted during an iOS update, which other people report has happened to them. and she never synced with icloud.

No. 348505


That's fair. It's safe to say the chances of them being recovered is slim as well. Welp

No. 348506

Is there any indication that Lainey was/is aware of Sarah's feelings for her?
I was under the impression Sarah may have simply shared her feelings with Lane. Anything beyond that is speculation.

No. 348507

So you have been releasing convos since late January? What did you release then?

No. 348508

I think anon was just meaning to say that the milk is probably genuine because of the way Sarah has reacted, not that Lane should take pity.

No. 348509

Her reaction was way to intense for something so sublty mentioned tbh.
For sure makes me think she may be getting in some trouble with greg/lainey…

However, Lane…don't feel guilty about this.
It's extremely important to get this shit out in the open, because greg and lainey are crossing some serious lines and it needs to be shown.

No. 348510

And you made other screenshots previously. Did you delete those too?

No. 348511

There was also Billie sticking her neck out in her texts about onionfuck stopping his verbal abuse against Sarah and Lainey if she ever did agree to his sick and twisted demands

There's just way too many red flags to just say "nah Sarah seems fine there"

No. 348512

So Lane, earlier you said you had screenshots of something. Can we see them? Are they related to this or something else?

No. 348514

I honestly think Sarah is being overdramatic with the I'm going to kill myself thing. Lainey and Greg are shit but they're not going to let her go off herself

No. 348516

she just posted a screenshot >>348497

or are you talking about something else?

No. 348517

But remember how coldly Gerg acting towards Billie wanting to kill herself?

No. 348518

She doesn't have shit.

No. 348519

Fuck *acted sorry

We had already seen that screenshot previously

No. 348520


Nothing is ever completely gone. If a computer forensics guy had the phone he could get all kinds of shit off of it even with a sys update.

No. 348521

the way lane said it, it sounded like lainey actually approached sarah to talk about their feelings. or at least that it was mutual between them.

can you please clarify, lane?

No. 348522

SARAH I'm sure you're lurking please don't an hero it's not worth it for these psychos. You'll get through it. I've known plenty of people like Greg. They'll say you're worthless you're fat and you should kill yourself but they only say it because they know it's what gets you upset and questioning yourself. DON'T LISTEN DON'T SUICIDE

No. 348523

I believe she gave Sarah the screenshots of Stevie as the catfish messaging Lane and telling her to talk to the hate blogs. Greg showed the screenshots on a video.

No. 348524


Yeah that would just be blood on their hands. The worst I can see them doing is screaming at her for a couple hours to scare her, and banning her from social media for a period of time. I'm one of the few anons that think they'd never cross the line of physical abuse. Too risky

No. 348525


Sarah please if you're lurking speak out, even anonymously. We want you to be safe.

No. 348526

It is interesting lane made a big deal about spilling tea only to not have any reciepts to back it up. However I do believe it just from Sarah's reaction and her telling lane she had told Things to her in confidence.

Maybe lane us just spooked now.

No. 348527

most people here don't think they'd be physically abusive. everything they do is psychological.

who knows what kind of insane bullshit they're spoonfeeding into sarah's brain right now.

No. 348528


Plus can you imagine the investigation that would ensue if Sarah did kill herself? It wouldn't look good on Grug or Laniey

No. 348529


If the answer is truly no, Sarah is not being abused in any way, then why are Lainey and Greg coming after you Lane? I think you told the truth earlier and they scared you into walking back what you said.

Don't let them do this to you. Don't let them do this to anyone else ever again.

Please give your phone to police and tell them you think there may be evidence proving sexual grooming of an employed minor on there.

I promise you, they will find the evidence.

No. 348530

File: 1486443146689.png (52.65 KB, 663x355, joy.png)

No. 348531

We are clearly not paying a forensics expert to look at her phone or computer…

Lane, seriously, deleting the messages mean Greg can more easily twist this shit and say things like "well where is the evidence? So convenient, eh? Therefore everything she says is false." It also means he could go as far as frame you as making up lies and trying to slander them. If you can't back up your allegations with actual evidence, it is advisable that you just stop trying to talk about your recollection of the texts.

Sorry, but as much as we love milk, we cannot flail over allegations with no solid evidence.

No. 348532

Gerg will buy her a plane ticket home and personally put her on it before that happens.

No. 348533

she never said she deleted them though, just that they were gone when she upgraded her phone OS

No. 348534


That's why you give the phone to the cops, durrr.

No. 348535

File: 1486443296469.gif (1.15 MB, 360x264, giphy.gif)



No. 348536

Lane and Luxy are now in the YouNow chat.

No. 348537

I second this. Greg's going to make a video in which he concocts the "rest of the story" around the parts you've told. It's best to stick to things you can substantiate only - for your own sake.

No. 348538

Can someone quickly explain to me YouNow, how to sign up, and how to join specific streams? Can someone link? That site is such a clusterfuck to me, I'm confused and a bit Xfaded.

No. 348539

No. 348540

Thanks bb

No. 348541

Joy's being a loon "emergency younow". She doesn't like losing her exclusive.

No. 348542

She's so looney herself though, as someone mentioned on the last thread.

No. 348543

I agree, I like her onision shit mostly, but she reminds me of my ex's mom so much sometimes. Health problems galore. I'm sure she's a lovely person and means no real harm, but she definitely needs some kind of help.

No. 348544

Joy just clearly stated that she will not spill anything. She is legit just using Lane/Luxy/Sarah/etc to grow viewers.

No. 348546

tinfoil: sarah's reaction may have been so strong because she's 16 and super in love with lainey… and maybe sometimes lainey leads her on and gives her hope that they'll one day date… but maybe it doesn't go beyond that, but Sarah embellished it to Lane because she's 16 and in love. Sarah kind of making more of things than they really are seems very plausible to me. and her thinspo sad emo posts are likely derived from any time Lainey gives twitter or tumblr attention to skinny blue haired girls.

honestly the whole thing is way fucked. having to rely on 16 year Olds for "info" is sad… because they should be worrying about school and real ppl, not fucked up youtubers.

this is in no way me sticking up for the gurgle clan–they're so toxic and yuck. just giving my thoughts.

No. 348547

File: 1486443746824.png (662.25 KB, 817x727, Untitled.png)

Dash going in.

No. 348551

I agree.

And all this commotion over what? We got nothing out of those two.

No. 348552

Who is Joy? Does she know Onision personally?

No. 348555

JoySparkleBS on youtube, she has made several videos on Onision and even coordinated and interview between Luxymoo and another girl that Lainey dated before Billie.

No. 348557

File: 1486444154818.png (918.68 KB, 948x1672, Screenshots_2017-02-07-05-58-1…)


No. 348558

consider the fact that these messages were deleted for a reason. take this shit elsewhere

No. 348559

But what's the reason? She shouldn't have said anything in the first place if she was gunna wimp out.

No. 348560

Sounds like Gurg's logic when he shared all of Billie's secrets.

No. 348561

No. 348563

This. Don't give that fuckwad any attention, she's just hopping on the bandwagon to get views. The way she advertised her video with Haylee and Erin (excuse me, 'Erynn' as Joy spelled it) was gross enough ('got an exciting video!! What will it be!! [emoji spam] '), and all her videos are about Onision drama, her POTENTIALLY FATAL health problems and now Freelee. Not to mention her entire demeanour is nuts.

No. 348564

report, dont respond

No. 348565

What the fuck. This is still lolcow, don't post if you can't handle it. People are gonna cap everything.

No. 348567

There's no problem with capping, its reposting the caps right after deletion that seems retarded.

No. 348568

It's honestly probably too late now…

No. 348569


Yeah, it is. What a dumbass

No. 348570

If they think Sarah is safe, why did they even bring it up? I don't think these two should be trusted.not sure why you guys are so up their asses.

No. 348571

Yeah it's obvious they're just two girls that want the attention more than anything. "Here's all this info that I have on Sarah, but uh, my messages were deleted because of an update!! No Sarah is fine worry about me ok? This is my time!"

No. 348572

I'm also suspicious that both Luxy and Lane are simply seeking attention. They both talk about vague interactions with Lainey/Sarah/Greg with limited specifics. There's no doubt they did have some connection to the trinity, but it was likely much more insignificant than they let us believe. Do you really think that household would give out personal information willy nilly?

No. 348573

joy is discussing stat rape now :o

No. 348575


Regardless of them saying she's safe, a 22 year old woman with two kids wanted to date a 16 year old she's been talking to since she was 14. ("Allegedly") And her 31 year old husband with a TRACK RECORD of dating underage girls and causing them to have mental/emotional break downs (and that nugget of info as we all know is historial FACT, as faxmachine loves his facts!) supposedly ENCOURAGED this. And most people here aren't blowing in their asses but offering support for her, a 16 year old girl, that IS getting harassed by them for spilling information which clearly points to an inappropriate and dysfunctional situation in that house.

No. 348576

Why would anyone want attention from this?

No. 348577

If nothing sexual in nature occurred before Sarah's 16th birthday, we are hard pressed to make a case for anything other than Lainey and Greg being morally defunct.

No. 348578

Lainey wanting to date Sarah is all speculative at this point. What we are saying is, no proof.

No. 348579

Are you new? The whole site is filled with threads on snowflakes who want attention, even if it is attention regular, arguably normal humans would not want.

No. 348580

Uhhh simply going onto Joy's YouNow broadcast just earlier, she remarked at how many 'more' viewers she had achieved compared to her usual broadcasts. Jumping on the Onision drama bandwagon peaks the interest of hundreds of viewers looking for "dat milk". When you actually don't have any milk it is kind of obvious you're simply looking for attention.

No. 348581

The "damaging" screenshots and tea Joy claims to have is just lolcow caps lmao. What a fucking cow, she deserves a thread in snow

No. 348582



fuck you Joy. Hope you read this.

No. 348583

thats probably what she wants
we (she) should stop linking to her shit

No. 348585

What really irks me is that she pretends to care about their "well-being". What an annoying psycho. You're in your 30's, Joy. Fuck off

No. 348586

joy does very little to "help." like, if anyone wants to help, get in touch with the parents of ANY underage girl involved with this so that they may protect their kid from further exposure to such toxicity. of course, no underage girl will want their parents involved in this (a fact that gerg the faxmachine uses to his advantage)… but like, hey joy sparkles bs, hey luxymoo— you REALLY WANT to help support your 16 y.o. kids? get a hold of their parents. maybe sarah's mom should know she made a post about suicide (attention seeking or no–if it were my kid, I'd like to know). maybe lanes fam should be aware that unstable adults in Seattle threaten stupid shit via Twitter then (allegedly) call from a random Washington number. MAYBE STOP ALL OF THIS POTENTIALLY FUCKING HARMFUL DRAMA SO THESE KIDS CAN MOVE ON WITH THEIR LIVES AND NOT END UP DAMAGED AND STRANGE LIKE GREG AND TAYLOR.

ugh. this is all very annoying.

someone tell ME how to reach their parents. I'll do it.

No. 348587


I know it's speculative. Hence why I said "allegedly". Their reactions and scrambling after the info came out say a lot though. The evidence is totally circumstantial, from sarah's emo blog posts, to them flirting over social media (going way back to when she was underage) to her moving in with them, Greg's past and present behaviour, and now this, her claims and Sarah's texts telling her to delete all the messages. It's circumstantial, but there is a lot of it, enough to be concerned. It's not exactly a wild accusation either, I saw the stream and she was very clear that they didn't actually date, but Greg did encourage it, but they don't know they he necessarily wanted to be involved. If they had claimed they were in a trinity most would call BS, but why say such a specific claim of nearly dateing for attention when they could make up way worse. I think it's only a matter of time before more evidence comes out, either way.

No. 348588

Lol Joy is getting to be more annoying. She acts like she has ownership of all things onion drama and everyone should come to her with info and she will be the decider of what gets released and shit. Like you were a nobody who popped in on the onion train. Typical anti-o youtuber syndrome.

I dont rly think luxy and lane are making shit up just for attention. They have a strong reason to hate on onion boy and are not the only ones who shit on him frequently. Its obvious what lane was saying was somewhat true or sarah wouldnt have freaked the fuck out. The deleted messages could be true or she deleted them herself when sarah asked her but doesnt want to say it. I wouldnt expect much from a 16 yr old.

No. 348589

Honestly, this may be an unpopular opinion but, Gurg and Lainey aren't idiots. Sure they ain't 'smart' but they're on the interwebz drama radar enough to know that they shouldn't be sharing their personal shit with any old Twitter fan at this point. I think it is going to be a long time before people with any deep understanding of their relationship to spill the beans on the nature of their abuse towards each other and potentially Sarah. Everything else at the moment seems to be a bit of a red herring. Hopefully Sarah, Billie or maybe Lainey herself one day decide Gurg has gone too far.

No. 348590

File: 1486446046216.png (116.38 KB, 550x810, lane 26.png)

No. 348591

Lainey and gerg arent idiots because theyve had 5 years together of doing this shit, but it was supposedly sarah who spilled the beans and she is not so smart.

I feel like this lolcow thread was slowing down and onion was promising no drama, then they had to stir the pot with lainey's younow and calling out lane and luxy. Gerg knows hes only relevant if people are hating him.

No. 348593

Sarah embellished things/feelings and will now be forced to wear a liar sign while chained in the basement.


Sarah didn't embellish, anything she (allegedly) told Lane was true, but with no documented proof the onions will get off scott-free again, and Sarah will wear a "betrayer" sign while chained in the basement.

so.. someone get cps over there while sarah's punishment is in full force.

all joking aside, the tension in that house rn must be AWFUL, and I urge sarah's mother to go fucking get her. now.

No. 348594

You raise a good point: Sarah has mentioned wanting to kill herself. I know the whole kms thing is a meme, but this is a serious situation. This could be grounds for calling police to tell them a minor living with an older swinger couple is broadcasting acute suicide idealisation.

No. 348595

To be honest, all someone would have to do would be contact the local police in Washington and say that they are worried about their friend who left a suicide note on Tumblr or wherever Sarah posted she wanted to kill herself.

No. 348596

shit, this

at least this time we know its not just a troll

No. 348597

Never said the calling was a stunt. They probably did call her. BUT… Greg only called because to their knowledge at that time, Lane had all the texts.

So maybe stunt is the wrong word to use, Lane. BUT you were pretty dumb and attention seeking to act like you had all these evidence, when you clearly deleted them before due to Sarah's request.

Now Greg knows. You had ppl get excite and riled up over baseless, yes baseless because you have no evidence of your allegations, bald allegations. Now Greg doesn't fear whatever you havr, and the collective credibility built up against Onion has decreased a bit because of your careless actions. And hell, Greg now knows Sarah spilled beans to you.

Overall, bad decisions, Lane. Think through next time before you stir up drama.

No. 348598


someone please do this.

No. 348599

In defense of the "my messages were deleted", I have an iPhone and whenever they did that big update where they changed the format of iMessage, my messages were deleted, too.

No. 348600

alright joy, now is your time to white Knight and prove you're in this for "the betterment of humanity" or whatever you are attempting with this unmonetized gossip shit.

have a welfare check made on behalf of Sarah. you're the one with all of the info. you're the one claiming to care so much. be a hero. (but not st the kind that "interviews" ppl to "spread awareness coughGOSSIPcough"

No. 348601

If they called her because she had texts, then the texts are true. How they got deleted who knows.

Lane didnt start the drama tho. Gerg and them did by first making that younow, and then gerg calling out lane and luxy. Sarah is always sitting in lane's younows watching to see if she says anything. Why dont they just ignore her? Cause they want drama. Greg wouldnt care if those texts got released. He'd weasel his way out of it. Sarah however got affected by it cause she loves drama and stirring the pot and reporting on other people's drama and talking about spilling the tea, but doesnt want any directed at her. Everyone in that house is obsessed with causing dramatic shit and having a us vs them mentality. If no one else is the enemy, they'll realize gerg is the psycho causing all their problems.

No. 348602

No. 348603

> She literally came out of nowhere
YOU'RE RIGHT. I've watched a few of her vids.She made some vague statements making it sound like she's been on youtube for at least a year or two when her oldest vid is 1 month old and it's about onion LOL. It makes her look like another opportunist acting under the guise of "helping" people.

Even tho i don't think any of her onion vids are monetized, it's pretty telling imo that HER VERY FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO is about onion.

No. 348604

Didn't Seattle PD already visit onions house over this? Can't confirm it, but that's what I heard.

No. 348605

Can you even see which videos are or are not monetized?

Just cause she says they aren't doesn't mean it's true.

Seeing as she is such an opportunist I'd bet every last one is monetized.

No. 348606

Probably. I don't see anyone saying they get ads when they watch tho. I wouldn't know since I use adblock.

No. 348607

this screenshot seems kind of damning

No. 348608

I should say, I don't think there's ads on the recent vids. I don't know about all the onion vids.

No. 348609

Do it yourself but please don't discuss plans in this thread where Gergamel can see it and prepare. Dumbass

No. 348611

Doesn't matter if it's monetized or not. She has like 10k subscribers now, that's massive growth to just fall into her lap in such a short time. She'll milk that sooner or later.

No. 348612

I would if I lived in the US. Unfortunately I have to depend on people who do.

No. 348613

Is that plain and sarah?

No. 348614

True. No doubt she saw an opportunity to "get known" on youtube and took it. I thought something was fishy about her.

No. 348616

I think it's Lane and Sarah.

No. 348617

isnt this doxxing?

No. 348619

It looks like even the older onion vids aren't monetized, but the fact remains that out of 48 videos she's uploaded, only roughly a quarter of them aren't about onion king. She even says in her first video that she wanted to make a channel for a while, so she def used him and his fuckery just for views.

No. 348621

This is Onision's address and it's been public for years…. Newfag much

No. 348624

are you retarded

No. 348625

She brings up a few good points in the couple of overly long vids I watched sped up, but this really makes her look bad.

No. 348628

Looks like Plainy's feeling the heat. Gee I wonder why.

No. 348629

Not to mention screenshots exist online of her sexual texts with Sarah when she was 14. For a person with a college degree she sure is a complete fucking retard.

No. 348630

File: 1486448801651.png (281.56 KB, 1386x637, joy1.png)

The thing is she will monetize her videos after all this bs. All of her current audience is from the Onision drama. So in the way she will still make money off of the situation.

No. 348631

the only worthwhile thing Joy has done was compiling drama in one video and the interview. everything else has been attention whoring for views.

lets just ignore her now.

No. 348633

Agreed. It's clear what she is and what her real motive is here.

No. 348635

File: 1486450486309.jpg (21.42 KB, 259x194, IMG_4567.JPG)

>mfw it's 2am but can't stop checking the thread

No. 348637


Milk has dried up guys, you can go to sleep

No. 348638

But what if someone called in a wellness check? I want to be awake for possible onion meltdown

No. 348642

we got you girl
people always get mad at the whistle blower but this is in no way your fault

No. 348643

sometimes phones need resetting because they mess up
any court would have the power to call up her cell company and pull up ALL messages deleted or not with due cause to worry about a minor in a case like this

No. 348644

Exactly. She's stupid to think deleting anything's going to make a difference.

No. 348646

It's her own fault fucking with jailbait in the first place. Who does she think she is, onion?

No. 348648

it seems she's trying to out him, as rushed/unplanned as it is, you need to chill. Onion and Lainey are the only ones 'fucking' with minors bro

No. 348649

That's what i meant bruh. "Her" being onion's doormat.

No. 348650

ah gotcha. I'm just hoping she can make good on her word or start an actual case against him. He's been riding that line for so long the levy has to break eventually and he'll slip up

No. 348654

the scenario you're describing also gives Greg some power over Sarah, because in his view she fucked up.

No. 348655

I feel like it's one or two spergs on here trying to dismiss JS and her intentions. For someone so desperate and crazy, she certainly is well spoken and seems to have a fairly good grasp at analyzing the situation. Maybe it's Sarah given the way you seem to type?

She's stated before that she's been in abusive relationships before, to me it seems more like she's personally investing herself in this situation because of the shitty abusive things Grease is doing. A bit over board, but as it is currently, she's not just drama mongering and that doesn't appear to be her intentions given her unmonetized videos and actions thus far

No. 348658

File: 1486457190377.jpg (351.25 KB, 1440x2392, 2017020702445896438.jpg)

I really think it's only fair to warn them.

No. 348660

I guess it's a fit. They're probably the two most try-hard narcissists on youtube. Brace for Titanic Sinclair self posting? We might have the whole gang in here by summer.

No. 348661

>everyone who doesn't agree with me is onion/lamp/sarah reeeeeee

Surefire way to ruin any argument you might have had.

No. 348662

I agree and she saw straight through plaineys lying ass where others would easily taken the "I'm the TRUE victim" bait. I think JS shouldn't be dismissed so easily even if she's open about her own mental and physically issues.

No. 348665

Or when Shilo wanted to.
Gurgs just used it for attention.
Like, in his warped mind he is somehow the victim when his ex partners thought about committing suicide- whether they were serious or not.

No. 348667

Hi Joy, or sorry, "JS"

No. 348668

Nope, it's just suspicious the way it suddenly started up in the last thread. If you want to explain more, you should make a thread in /snow/ instead of bitching about unrelated theories about JS being a crazy attention whore in the grease thread.

Legit, it shouldn't need to be said after admin-sama has said multiple times to stop bitching about unrelated shit to the actual drama of all involved with the grease mountain.

Talk about what's being said in the younow's and everything else, take all your other shit to /snow/

No. 348671

Poppy and titanic's career is pretty good right now. Poppy has a few stints for comedy central and is the new face of sanrio. Pretty sure they have enough fame without self posting on an obscure message board lol

No. 348672

I agree. Two threads back her video was linked and there was a few comments like I love this chick and suddenly everyone is drinking the haterade over Joy. She's weird but her videos are not monetized and in my opinion, any video exposing onion is good, especially if it gets a tonne of views. If it's that much of an issue, people just quit linking her videos. So what if she jumped the onion bandwagon for views? Everyone does it too. It doesn't bother me. In before 'hi joy'

No. 348674

Very wrong ya dip

No. 348675


i can already imagine that phonecall


No. 348676

For fucks sake, anyone who is trying to go against Grease was spreading all the various videos, and not just those from Joy

She's a bit off, but I don't think omgattentionwhoreconspiracy is it.

Regardless; if people want to talk about how they think that's the case, or that she's a plain fuck 30yr old and whatever else or that Dasha makes horrid Photoshops and whatever else,


on a related note,
has anything new been said on the stream apart from what Lane has said?

No. 348682

Obvious samefaggotry

No. 348684


No. 348690

IIRC Sarah was banned from lolcow for posting while underage. She can still lurk but not post until she's 18.

No. 348692

Ah I assumed she was only temporarily banned for a shorter time, regardless anon is a sperg and needs to leave it in /snow/

For the situation, I think luxy has explained and shown as much as she can and should just remove herself completely at this point since there's currently nothing she can add as far as I can tell.
As gross as her interaction with Grease was, it was brief and doesn't need any more expanding on IMO.

No. 348699

I don't understand, if this is confirmation that what Lane said was true, why is Sarah blaming herself? She didn't leak the info, Lane did. I feel like if this was about what Lane said, she could have just denied it?

No. 348700

because sarah is emotionally stunted and only knows how to deal with confrontation like her idol the space prince.

aka by screaming and kicking up a public stint so people will look at her and go 'oh you poor thing'.

No. 348705

Sorry if this is obvious but I'm very inebriated: how come lane(I think that's the other 16yr-old) is encouraged/welcome to post here?

No. 348707

I wouldn't say Sarah's emotionally stunted at all - she's 16, I think her reactions are pretty normal for a 16 year old.

I wouldn't say Lane's welcome in the slightest, farmers welcome the milk she makes out she's able to provide. Yes a lot of people say we've got her back but we're just anons lol. We're not going to realistically do anything to "protect" her other than sip on the tea she provides.

No. 348708

I just mean she's underage and all

No. 348712

That's the sign she's incredibly guilty of something, if what Lane said wasn't true - she would in no way react to it like this…

So it's been true all along, we were all hitting the right notes and came to the correct conclusion all along, we just needed more evidence.

Grease and Doormat are true blue paedophiles/ephebophiles.

No. 348714

that moment when you go to bed early and a new thread starts and you miss all the deleted posts…Also, Sarah's private twitter is still up so I am sure she is still tweeting from there, she updated the pic to show her piercing.

No. 348717

File: 1486477979129.png (190.73 KB, 440x599, hmmmm.png)

Lane, on your Twitter you made huge hints that you have screenshots and receipts of conversations with La Casa De La Grasa in some context… what happened to this "proof" you spoke of?

If you're now saying you honestly have nothing, why would you stir up this pit of snakes? Help us out here because so far… it just sounds like you're either attention seeking or you're involved in some petty drama ploy that the household has conjured up again for views.

No. 348722

they honestly blew it by reacting the way they did. we probably would have just called lane an attention seeking troll from the get-go, but the freakout pretty much proves it was true.

No. 348723

Agreed with this, especially when there's the danger of a young girl being exploited.

No. 348724

They're not, and neither is Luxy… unless they have ample and relevant milk to discuss with farmers; they can go back to lurking and posting like regular anons.

Those two have been thriving off attention from Lolcow for ages, heck… even some dumbass anon made fanart for Luxy here at one point and Lane has stated herself time and time again that she even enjoys the negative attention she gets from her own thread in /snow.

Even in the last thread, anons were suspect when she claimed to have screenshots then didn't provide anything… what happened to that all of a sudden?

Judging from Sarah's reaction to it all, she probably did say something dodgy as fuck to Lane about her relationship with Grease and Doormat, but if she's not going to provide us with anything; what's the point?

No. 348725

I am pretty sure she just got spooked and made up the excuse the update deleted the messages tbh

No. 348726


Speak for yourself. Lane and Luxy are welcome here and not for the milk. I know I would try to protect them. They are young girls being attacked by Greg. That is just my opinion though, you can do what you want.

No. 348727

Well, considering her track record for attention seeking on here… this doesn't bode well for her and she should've kept it to herself if she wasn't willing to part with any information other than "Lainey wanted to date Sarah!!!"

We ALL knew that from the start considering there was evidence of it all over Lainey's Twitter back when Sarah was 14.

There is no fresh milk, it's old recycled pasteurized milk.

No. 348728

They're free to post here all they like… well, not Lane; she's underaged.

No. 348729

In my eyes both the girls just reacted like 16 year olds. Greg provoked lane so of course she made it seem like she's got so much dirt on him and in reality the fact that Sarah and Lane talked about their feelings is some dirt considering CPS is already been called on this matter and they still continued it. Even if she doesn't have the screenshots if CPS is reported they'll take them off Sarah's phone and won't even bother with Lane. You have to remember these girls are 16 so they aren't going to react to EVERYTHING the "right" way and even if they do like they drama again these girls are 16 and what 16 year old isn't obsessed with drama.

Lane, if the messages where sent through iMessage all you need to do is restore your phone from a backup before the update

No. 348731

tbh you are right about that, maybe she makes an exception or something??

No. 348734

I think it was down to anons not knowing how old she actually was until now, in her thread in /snow there's no real indication of how old she really is.

I'm sure it'll be amended when a farmhand comes along.

No. 348736

Haha, she's still an "attention-seeking troll" regardless whether or not she's speaking the truth, you can't limit her to just one-thing-or-another like Grease does with his black and white thinking.

She's fully capable of playing both fields.

It's more than very fucking likely that Sarah DID say and let slip something dodgy and horribly questionable to Plainclone, but if Plainclone doesn't want to part with that evidence… then there's no point in her making a song and dance about it; especially when she was baiting anyone who was actually paying attention to her with hints she had absolute proof something was going down in that household.

No. 348738

My point was that I think Lane had every intention to post proof, but I think the backlash she got from the Greasehold scared her too much.

No. 348739


You are missing the point anon. If it was just a ploy for attention then Mcmansion would have said simply that and moved along. The thing is they didnt, they freaked out which makes them seem guilty.

And it's not that Lane doesnt want to give up the evidence but she lost it, make that what you will.

If you lurked in discord or looked at Lane's twitter you can see this is causing her distress, its passed the point of wanting attention. No one would go through this bullshit for attention.

No. 348741

the girl she did the younow broadcast with last night made it sound like Lane sent her screen shots when Sarah first told her about her and Taylor trying to date back in December, so I am guessing there are pics out there and after being attacked and having people call her on the phone she is slightly reluctant due to the potential full fallout.

No. 348744

I woke up to a new onion thread and got excited as fuck. Turns out it was just Lane and Luxy looking for attention. If anyone actually believe the messages were conveniently "deleted" you're moronic. Either
A) they aren't deleted but after she got attention she chickened out
B) they were deleted a while ago on Sarah's request (doubtful)

I have no doubt they talked but it probably wasn't about shit and Sarah being 16 and under a microscope freaked out because we all know what happens in that house stays in that house. She's probably scared of being kicked out and sent back home. I can't blame her; look at the mess Greg and Lainey made for her reputation back home. High school is tough enough.

Can we go back to ignoring Lane until she produces milk? Actual milk not this soy almond kind.

No. 348745

I agree with this. Lane has been known to have meltdowns over not getting attention from plainey, or her hair color (kek)

No. 348746

This is my theory too.

Or maybe she thought she still had them, made a big show about it, and then realized "oop, no I don't" Which is a little embarrassing for her. I still do believe Lane.

Just hoping for a gerg freakout

No. 348748

Sorry anon, but Greasehold didn't contain Billie's milk. We know a sick fuck and his perv wife live with a 16 year old they met and groomed on Twitter. The drama is out there and the milk will be delivered.

I think a corruption of a minor charge could at least be produced. Onion has been airing his dirty laundry so long that he didn't seem to notice turning into a dirty old man who preys on teen girls.

No. 348749

Even without screenshots, she provided screenshots of Sarah's reaction. We SAW Sarah FLIP last night when it was stated. I think Lane is telling the truth and honestly some of the discouragement in this thread could be coming from Onion's household trying to make it look less believable. IF they were innocent, that meltdown would not have happened last night.

No. 348750

Agree. Sarah's reaction makes it believable enough and it seems like the people trying to shittalk have their own agendas.

No. 348752

Sarah might think she's ~mature for her age~ but she keeps acting like the 16 gear old she is.

First she confirmed the info about her cousin by sperging out on here, now she confirmed Lane having milk by sperging out on her social media.

One more freak out and she probably will get kicked out of there (here's hoping). I'm sure Greg doesn't want that kind of liability and he controls Lainey so there you go.

Let's hope Sarah keeps it up.

No. 348758

I wouldn't say that the negativity is from the onion household, because I'm personally on the fence with this. I think some people are just super skeptical given no physical proof.
In the screenshot lane DID show, Sarah asked her to delete all convos she had, this was dated in January….I believe lane got scared and deleted the messages herself, i don't believe the "they deleted cuz my phone dumb" excuse.
I do believe what lane was saying is true however given the organic-ness of the freakout…. there was no "oh yeah? Prove it then?" It was just straight "well I'm fucked" from Sarah.
I think lane must've made a big deal out of this because maybe they were threatening her or harrassing her like suggested by Luxy earlier in the thread.
At the end of the day she's a teen girl who clearly spoke before she thought, but I do feel for her being caught in this mess, even if she brought it on herself.
Hopefully next time she'll be a little smarter when coming forward with info, and for a future reference don't go to joy sparkles lol

No. 348768

Are you skimming posts? Because many anons have said a dozen times in here already that Sarah's reaction is a red flag that she's been a part of something dodgy; but we don't know what that is because those who are privy to that information refuse to talk about it - scroll up again to Lain's own post where an anon asked if that that information (that they won't post) gave them cause to believe that something weird is actually going on in that household and she said "no".

There is no milk, we already know that Sarah was groomed by both of them since she was 14 years old, and unless anyone can come forward with some legit information that she's engaging in sexual acts with them both - nothing can be done about it.

No. 348787

Lane claimed to have screenshots of texts and not just the texts. If they weren't synched through iCloud could they have been backed up to her computer? iCloud doesn't have a lot of storage for backups unless you're a paid user so it's easier to rely on computer backups. If you don't back your phone up welp guess you're a dumbass.

This is probably a waste anyway. Whatever happened spooked her enough that something's fishy. There's always stray pubes in the milk. Thanks anyway I guess.

No. 348790

*lane not "lain", fuck me.

Additionally, to clarify… everyone here is in the same boat where we want Grease to crash and burn so badly that it sometimes clouds rationality.

I've done it myself plenty of times in the past before, so it's not a dig… I do understand how easy it is to get wrapped up in this shit. But let's be realistic; there has been no "proof" submitted to this board or anywhere else that Sarah is currently engaged in sexual activity with those two cuntrags - but there is dodgy shit out there regarding the three of them that show she isn't there out of charity, a bad home, or just friendship.

I'm so glad that Billie got out of that toxic circle and by extension; Luxy, Lane and Ayalla too.

But there is no milk, and we all need to stop putting these people on pedestals for doing the most logical thing in any situation like that… if they don't bring any new information forward that supports accusations, then nothing can ever be done about it.

No. 348804

A few points regarding the current situation:

1) Some users have pointed out that Lane is violating global board rules by posting while underage. Because of her direct involvement with the situation and her willingness to share information, we'll make an exception for her as long as she follows the other board guidelines.

2) We don't have 100% proof that the situation with Sarah is as Lane claims, but based on the information in this thread as well as additional screenshots she submitted to us privately, we have enough reason to believe that it's probably very real. Please refrain from derailing the thread with further arguments about the legitimacy of this for now.

3) Luxymoo and Lane are both still welcome to post on the thread as long as they follow the board rules and don't derail with unnecessary comments. Because of situations with trolls and fake evidence in the past, we've decided to give them tripcodes to post with. We've specifically had cases of people impersonating members of the Onision household or girls involved with Lainey at least three times in the last couple of months alone, so this is a safeguard.

Their tripcodes are, respectively,

please compare any new comments that claim to have been posted by Luxy/Lane with this post.

No. 348822

Hm… While impersonation is a problem, isn't that part of the very nature of anonymous chans?? Luxy and Lane aren't even main characters in this shitshow, they only occasionally dangle milk. Giving them trips is overkill imo.

I don't understand why they keep getting attention and special treatment. Especially Lane, who others have mentioned enjoys getting any kind of attention.

No. 348825

>Hm… While impersonation is a problem, isn't that part of the very nature of anonymous chans??

Sure it is. However, do you want to keep being deceived by trolls who stir up shit and escalate situations to the point of real potential damage (crying wolf and the police coming to Greg's house over the fake tweet come to mind), or do you want a minimal amount of troll deterrent applied?
Tripcodes will be used only for people with legitimate information, after verifying themselves to us, and only as long as they have something worth saying. This is currently the case, as described in >>348804 :
>2) We don't have 100% proof that the situation with Sarah is as Lane claims, but based on the information in this thread as well as additional screenshots she submitted to us privately, we have enough reason to believe that it's probably very real. Please refrain from derailing the thread with further arguments about the legitimacy of this for now.

No. 348827

I for one, am glad they're given tripcodes given the past history trolls have fucked farmers over. It makes us look like we believe everything just like the tumblrfags and pulltards.

No. 348834

joysparkle is doing a younow with lane now

No. 348836


No. 348837

shes waiting on lane to start apparently

No. 348838

File: 1486504255346.png (65.84 KB, 596x407, yvRKkoL.png)

No. 348840


lol he's obsessed with "who dumped who" and just dumping in general. Lainey wasn't a friend to her but just someone to give her attention. Lainey "dumped her as a friend" for sticking up for Billie but as well as trying to offer her support, but that wasn't good enough. Taylor "where's my fucking support" Anderson.

No. 348842

"lane was dumped as a friend by lainey for a reason" yeah, that reason was actually becuse lane was standing up for billie during the breakup….
also "sarah has always been only a friend" it's easy to say that because they were never officially more than friends. doesn't mean there was never talk, nor feelings involved… master of manipulating the truth

No. 348844

File: 1486504713628.png (70.75 KB, 465x561, 8nfxZ8y.png)

No. 348846

>Lainey's been upset

No. 348847

>Because Lainey & Sarah already did a broadcast…
Yeah and that was one side of the story. There's more to it and people can share theirs. I don't know how he is this retarded.

No. 348848

File: 1486505053474.png (74.06 KB, 576x470, kPSNC6a.png)

No. 348849

Lane Just said in the livestream that Sarah had send her messages from new accounts and sent her Friends after lane

No. 348850

jesus, watching lane on younow and its so clear how young and scared she is. whether or not she gave out the info in the right way, she's 16

No. 348851

I mean… is there any way that a 16 year old, completely unrelated to these two, staying with a self-proclaimed "kink-lord" and a collar-wearing mother of two isn't perverted? I've yet to see a reason other than "we're friends!!!!" like what mother in her 20's wants to be friends with a 16 year old? It's common sense that people will question it!

No. 348852

File: 1486505282523.png (319.8 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170207-230642.png)

Luxymoo is There too. Joy stop ranting let lane talk

No. 348853

lanes awkward she doesnt talk, luxy needs to find something better to do than try and force herself into every drama

No. 348854

the way sarah is behaving is also so childish. Although I guess thats the appeal of her to lainey and greg, neither of them are interested in maturity whatsoever

No. 348856

Lane is involving her parents, good for her

No. 348857

File: 1486505677125.png (116.18 KB, 590x599, Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 8.13…)

delete your account

No. 348858

Any farmers familiar with the movie Dogtooth? I can't help but think of it with Gerg's situation. The plot's about a father who goes to extreme lengths to protect his family by keeping them all confined to their property, teaching them words, and controlling their worldview. It's already disturbing how some of it mirrors Gerg's attempt at a harem through means of control but it gets sadder when you consider there are young kids involved in this that will probably live a similar fate.

Well, he denied Sarah and Lainey calling her but not himself, so.

No. 348859


"please encourage them to stop" = BANANA NATION - ATTACK!!!

He's disgusting.

No. 348860

>>348827 Guys, Joy is also in Seatle!

No. 348861

Does twitter have any rules against inciting witchhunts like he is doing to Lane? I don't use twitter so idk

No. 348862

Oh my god. I saw that a few months back and never drew the comparisons. But I can totally see that now! Such a traumatic film. I had to turn it off towards the end and take a breather.
I can totally see Gragglerock in the role as the father.

No. 348863

Lane said she's wants to post the screens after the broadcast, but Joy was like "TALK TO ME FIRST AFTER THE BROADCAST ABOUT THAT". Don't care about your exclusive Joy just let her post the proof god damn.

No. 348864

He has other stans that obsess over him, too, and he doesn't tweet about them. He obviously didn't have a problem with her before she was leaking information that could get them in trouble. Which they SHOULD because what they're doing is fucking wrong and he knows it. Such bullshit.

Oh, and
>this SIXTEEN year old is harassing me, 31, and my wife, 22, parents of 2 small kids
Does he not understand how ridiculous that sounds?

No. 348867

Literally so many people can see through Grease's irrational reasoning and manipulation, but he still has to reply to negative tweets…

>Calling her? No.

Wow, you really showed them…

Also, Sarah has to be THE LEAST chill 16-year-old ever. Like what teen would let a
Idle aged man harass another teen like this? I'm sure she thinks she's so cool.

No. 348868

Yes it does but nothing will be done to Greg because he has the some political leanings as Twitter's ministry of truth (really a thing).

No. 348870


Seriously, stop listening to random people, and talk to your parents and or a lawyer. You don't owe anyone anything, and you definitely don't need to run screenshots by a random person. Stop involving randoms.

No. 348871

Well, I went ahead and reported the tweet that specifically said to his fans to go and "encourage them to stop harassing" and tagged another 4 or so that mentioned Lane's name. Maybe if a bunh of other people do as well something may happen? Doubtful but we can but try. It's fucked up for a man who is over thirty god damn years old to target someone who is literally half his age. Fucking freak.

No. 348872

What's #contentcoponision? being posted on younow

No. 348873

people want idubbbz to make a video about onision

No. 348874

Content cop onision, they want idubbbz to make a content cop on him. Basically "expose" him.

No. 348876

We're no calling her, we're just setting up different accounts to attack her!

Sarah, I know you're lurking but your response is proof enough that you and Lainey are a thing. Or at least WANTED TO BE. Stop being the fucking victim for once and own up to your shit.

No. 348877

it does but twitter NEVER enforces their harrasment rules

No. 348878

Lane please don't give anything to Joy. She's just using you for views/ subs.

Just post them here with your new trip like you planned to. You know the majority of us got you boo

No. 348879

as much as i don't like idubbbz i wouldn't hate this, becuase then it'd encourage a lot of other youtubers to jump on the onision train and nail into him

someone who i'd love to see do a vid on him is john kukian cause he always has recipets and proper research, but I dont know if he would do it since he mostly covers just beauty gurus

No. 348880

Lane posted some of the screen caps on her twitter, up now for those so inclined

No. 348881


She mentioned a few more times again about how she's going to post them after the broadcast ends and again Joy butted in about it. Hope she just posts them.

No. 348882

File: 1486507602861.jpg (124.5 KB, 750x1334, A2WCPwo.jpg)

No. 348883

File: 1486507636342.jpg (136.94 KB, 750x1334, q7Yar61.jpg)

No. 348884

Exactly, why does Joy need to review them? who is she but a nobody who just popped up out of nowhere and made herself queen of onision dramu…

No. 348886

File: 1486507670836.jpg (62.06 KB, 675x1200, XQHPwMT.jpg)

No. 348888

File: 1486507703204.png (142.87 KB, 580x449, 0CFLR4I.png)

No. 348889

Holy shit dude

No. 348890

oh fuck…. Sarah's clearly terrified….but of what? What would it ruin for her if this gets out? she'd be free of the onion cult, so what's going to be ruined… ??
is she afraid of greg and laineys wrath… or … what… i mean, she has family besides her mom who has offered to help her, so it's not like she'd have no other options,
this is all so cryptic what the fuck

No. 348891

>this could seriously damage my life
I wonder what's got her so scared. That's pretty serious.

No. 348892

Probably means ruining the life she envisioned in the onion house as a part of the TRINITY and a youtube career or any career since she dropped out of high school kek

No. 348893


Sarah sounds like a rape/abuse victim

No. 348894

confirmed to be true.

No. 348895

So the time she was saying "I hate the way he makes me feel when he comforts me" it WAS about Greg? Gross.

No. 348896

lmao, lane didn't have the screenshots but Sarah sperged some new ones. Cousinchan plz get her out of the McMansion.

No. 348897

Are we 100% sure this is one of Sarah's accounts? The other texts are just her "IDK what you have, but please stop saying all this" and this message just happens to be begging for her to stop and saying it will ruin her.

I'd honestly like the link to the tumblr unless Lane, you're 100% sure its one of Sarah's accounts.


No. 348899


She doesn't trust lolcow any more after everyone turned on her for not releasing the screenshots she claimed to have, but then backtracked and said she lost them

No. 348900


Lol, bullshit. Sarah's mom is in denial because admitting that she sent her underage daughter to two pedophiles would make her a bad mom. There are plenty of people out there who refuse to admit the truth because it makes them look bad- like Onion for example

No. 348902

her mom is also a shit mom in general and literally may not see anything bad with it which is frighting in itself to think of…
Lane is this is true and u don't trust lolcow just remember we're not a hivemind.
there are people here who DO support you, and hell most all do/did when you came, but we've been fucked over by trolls and people just wanting attention so there are people who aren'y as trusting as others without proof.

Don't be afraid to come back, just be honest about what you have, what happened etc

No. 348903

Why does she trust Joy?

No. 348904

Lane just confirmed on stream she's not posting anything here because of the hostile few

No. 348905


She just said she didn't directly release here because we've been "very hostile" to her, when there was a ton of defensive comments. C'mon Lane.

No. 348907

the more i watch joy the less i like her
lanes playing victim and she knows it will get people on here frustrated at eachother if thats her reason

No. 348908

idiots on here need to stop driving Lane et al away, this is why she keeps freaking out and not releasing things. just stay polite for once ffs

No. 348909


Having a crush on Lainey or thinking about a relationship with her wouldn't ruin Sarah's life.Every young teen crushes on some older idol of the sort. But the way she's flipping out makes me think it isn't even about what has already been released…

Dear lord has Onion been touching her …. He probably would guilt and manipulate her into thinking its her fault and she "wanted it" … >>348895 what if his comforting technique is nude massages just like momma Onion did.

No. 348911

it's her own choice if she doesn't want to trust us, but you can't blame people for being skeptical when she bragged of having all sorts of screenshots and never came through.

many still believed her story, but she's chosing to focus on the ones being negative and allowing them to drive her away.
Hopefully she will come through again however, and realize we're not all out to get her but actually want to help her, it's just hard when there was no proof and we'd been duped before

No. 348913

Thinking about it, she might have sent nudes. It's illegal since she's underage, and there have been some boys/girls who sent underage nudes and got prosecuted for it (distributing and receipt of CP).

Is this plausible or am I misunderstanding?

No. 348915

if sarah really has been touched by onision then what happens? is getting statutory raped by onision really better than the life she has at home with her mom? is sending her home ruining her life…?
this would ruin her life.

No. 348916

Really? I was thinking more along the lines of she didn't want to go back home and go to school and do her chores.

No. 348917

Lainey sent Sarah a topless pic when she was 14 or 15, that's illegal for sure.

No. 348918

Woah WHAT? Is there any proof of this?

No. 348919

Or that. Perhaps Greg threatened if she caused drama he'd kick her out? Having to go back to your normal every day life after living in a big house with everything provided for you (albeit by a greaseball) might be "life ruining" for a teenager.
I'm just guessing though.

No. 348920

There were caps in an old thread, I'll see if I can find them

No. 348921


All of the this.

I cannot believe that we're all sitting here, day after day, watching this shitshow play out and these two sick motherfuckers keep on getting away with the shit they pull.

Taylor has been stringing Sarah along since she was fourteen. Let's call it for what it is–she is leading Sarah on to think that they can be together someday. Sarah is a teenaged girl, so she's stupid af and thinks she's living the dream with these two 'famous' people, and her real homelife was shit enough that her mother let her go to these people, but it doesn't matter because she thinks she's in love with Taylor and possibly Greg. Great. So they've been grooming her since she was 14. And they just get away with it.

Greg destroyed what there was of Shiloh's personality. Yes, she was a mess. He made her worse. She used to have a promising career, ffs. He ruined all of that for her. He took away a life she could have had.

The very idea that this sick fuck can't get busted for his BS poly relationships is idiotic to me. He doesn't give a shit about poly. He gives a shit about controlling these girls.

So. Ayalla and Billie. He just goes after Ayalla with his usual tween army shit, but Billie, oh, no. Billie gets something special. Billie gets harassed with "tattoo yourself with "I'm a liar". I'll chain you to the wall in the basement so you can prove your love." Does anyone honestly think that Greg wouldn't have worn Billie down (coercion, which IS a crime) hour after hour into letting him fuck her while she was chained up? You know he was thought about it and you know he was hoping that was how it would all play out.

Why, why does he keep getting away with it? More importantly, why didn't Billie and Ayalla bust him for harassment at the very least? They could have. The pot was a non-issue.

Does the school system in WA know that Sarah has not been in school this whole time? Or that she was working for Greg as underage labor?

There has to be something that can be done about him. I'm so sick of this that I can't anymore. It's not even like waiting for milk, because the situation is so fucking abusive to everyone involved. It honestly makes me depressed.

sage for annoying ranty blogpost.

No. 348922

wait who is lane in reference to all of this? i only check in on onion occasionally

No. 348923

Most people weren't even that hard on her, except maybe a few who were vicious about it.

After all the trolls and fake shit we've had to deal with over the last year, of course we want proof and receipts. And we were dragged along by actual trolls with similar reasoning "I can't do it, I don't have WiFi." or "I'm not on a computer, I'll do it later"

People are skeptical for a reason.

No. 348924

Even if nothing romantic or sexual is going on, it's fucking embarrassing and sad that the only friend an adult married couple can hold onto is a sixteen year old girl. They need to grow tf up.

No. 348925

oh fuck dude, if any of the above is true, actually no matter what she does, her life is over. if she sends grease to jail for statutory, his fans will bully her off the internet and plainey will probably go to jail too, but they'll both probably also make a bunch of shitty posts about her beforehand, if not videos. not sure how law works, but what the hell. then she has to go home, whatever that's like must be awful too.

if she sent nudes, then she goes to jail, and greg and lainey both probably denounce her for doing something illegal.

regardless of what happens, sarah's life might be messed up for a very long time. all because she's in love with lainey and maybe greg and her parents are totally incompetent. she's 16. wow.

No. 348927

RE: JoySparkle's new vid where she insinuates that Onion broke his promise by talking about the catfisher, by onion logic he actually didn't.
In the original """apology""" vid he said he would not talk about "ex-friends, girlfriends". The cat fisher was never his friend so he didn't break his promise (in his own mind).

>tfw able to twist logic to onion proportions

No. 348928

The nudes thing really depends on the judge, and the state I think. If she got a good judge/depending on laws where she is she might get a slap on the wrist and if she could prove onion/plain encouraged it they could get fucked over instead for whatever it's called. Enticing a minor or something.

No. 348930

Lurk more or fuck off

No. 348931

File: 1486510140977.jpg (65.33 KB, 705x901, V4jMBs7.jpg)

No. 348932

File: 1486510149821.png (17.57 KB, 607x130, retarded.PNG)

So is Joy keeping these texts hostage? B/c so far all that Lane has done is retweet this

No. 348933

scroll up, the screen caps of her tweets are here already

No. 348934

>Hey Sarah edit my nudes, will you?

No. 348935

I'm pretty sure Lane said the texts "were deleted by her phone"

No. 348936


She comes off really confused about whats going on in that house hold. Stating it makes her uncomfortable when he comforts her…. like that doesn't sound like comforting, but rather sexual harassment. I feel like she probably confided in Lainey about feeling unsure about his behaviour/actions and Lainey ran her mouth to Greg about it for some brownie points. After that I bet Greg gave her some cruel lecture that she's trying to make him out to sound like the bad guy and she's being over dramatic/dishonest about whatever he did.

Greg probably has Sarah so convinced that she's being over dramatic and stupid about everything. Meanwhile she got a piercing and dyes her hair and is dropping weight to slowly morph into what him and Lainey find visually pleasing. I wouldn't be surprised if Greg manipulated her into thinking her family was evil and abusive and that she's safer with them.


Is Sarah's twiiter back up ?

No. 348937

its an old screenshot.

No. 348938

no, it's an old screencap.

No. 348941

Lol greg is thirsty for drama he will even bully a 16 yr old who is barely involved. Also lainey and sarah encourage it. Lainey probably crying about how people are calling her abusive. Heres a thought. If many people agree that you seem abusive, maybe…just maybe…its true?!!! I know. Hard concept for these sickos.

If they all weren't stalking lane they wouldnt see all the shit shes saying about them. Onion tweeting about it just brings more attention to it. Most of his followers dont even know who lane is lmao.

I dont know how anyone enjoys being around onion. Its just constant drama 24/7. That's so exhausting.

No. 348943

i recorded a bit of shady shit joy talked:


can anyone confirm this is how YouTube monetization works? you click one button and everything is monetized and you have to undo it manually for every video?

i watched the entire stream and idk joy just spoke 90% of the time regurgitating things everyone already knew and lane said over and over. so much for

No. 348944

when all the Billie drama was happening, Ayalla's mom got on younow with Ayalla and said something along the lines of, "hypothetically, what if something illegal was going on in that house……maybe it involves pictures.." and then Ayalla told her to stop talking.

No. 348945


Oh, I thought she actually managed to recover them, b/c those texts in her tweets were just Sarah going,"Oh noes don't show dem texts!1!!1 \(> - < /)"
I was actually hoping for something of substance to come out of Lane's,"I'm gonna do, just you watch everybody!1!"

No. 348947

That seems pretty damning. Maybe sarah is worried lane is going to cause this to be investigated and that they will go through her phone messages that were deleted and find that shit.

Or shes just worried she will have to go back home like every other kid in the world. Then she wont be ~special~ and popular on the interwebz.

I dont rly want to watch that whole thing if its just joy talking for most of it. Was anything new said during the broadcast that wasnt posted here?

No. 348949

The link leads to some 15 second clips of the stream, not the entire thing.

No. 348950

Yeah those are basically clips of Joy saying:

No. 348951

the entire younow broadcast is on her youtube channel

No. 348952

I just feel like her reaction was much more severe than someone who just doesn't wanna go back home.
I understand her household situation is not that great, but she didn't go against her mothers will be leaving so it's not like she's going back home to get in trouble, and she has a cousin who has offered her help and a place to stay many times…
it just totally feels like something more sinester is going on idk

No. 348953

cue the damage control, Greg is tweeting now about how Sarah confessed to talking to Lane etc

No. 348954

File: 1486512428913.png (153.85 KB, 577x390, cL2DzrZ.png)

He's throwing Sarah under the bus now.

No. 348955

I'm seriously concerned about Sarah's safety at this point. I'm about to contact the police or something.

No. 348956

File: 1486512491736.jpg (121.87 KB, 750x801, M6zw2V1.jpg)

"We repeatedly made it clear to Sarah […] that she's only here as a friend"

Uh oh. Sounds like Sarah's in trouble

No. 348957

absolutely disgusting

No. 348958

>we have stated that more times than i can remeber
>probably about 10 times
fucking kek greg, u forget what comes after 10 ?

No. 348959

File: 1486512551552.jpg (105.1 KB, 717x718, 8psvA1g.jpg)

No. 348960

This is getting fucking stupid.

She should just post the caps or go away. Going through thirsty joy is making things too complicated as joy is just trying to get attention at this point. All this extra shit is getting away from the point: exposing onision. I swear it's stuff like this, people not being upfront and just showing the proof they have, that allows him to get away time and time again.

No. 348961

The caps have been posted, lurk more

No. 348963

>Lainey and I are shocked

Oh is lainey really shocked? is she shocked to find out that she was fucking talking to a 14 year old girl, flirting, getting her to edit a censor bar over her titties in a picture, inviting her to live with her etc ??
I can't believe they only JUSt found this all out ! /s

No. 348964

>Lainey's ex

so she's not your ex anymore?

No. 348965

Excuse you, I have kept up with the entire thread. The caps posted are not the "damning" caps which SHOULD have been shared already. She needed to share the ones of Sarah actually admitting whatever the horrible thing is.

Now onision is able to do damage control as seen of 5 minutes ago. Great. Just great.

No. 348966

Sarah is definitly getting in trouble, she either confessed or they forced her to tell them whats going on etc. i'm betting on the second,
but for sure, this is similar to what he would post when shit with billie and lainey were going down, when he'd act like they all just had a mature talking to and settle everything, someone was making up an apology contract and new punishments…

No. 348967

>Lainey/I are shocked
Lainey was probably sitting next to sarah as she made the call/messages. I highly doubt no one knew what was happening. What a load of bull.

And he basically confirmed he told her she could be in a relationship with them. Unless Sarah is actually making that up.

And wow way to throw her under the bus. Good job onion. You could have just never made any of this public on your twitter, but then you know..you couldnt revel in drama.

No. 348968

Sarah's in some deep shit now. I almost feel bad for her if she wasn't such a snake.

No. 348969

Nice damage control. Once again, the adult in the situation detonates the teenagers to cover his own ass.

No. 348970

Don't let the internet forget Greg's relationship with a 16 year old who his wife started grooming at age 14. We need more memes.

No. 348971

it's kind of like if you have a pet or a child with someone, when they're doing great (or in onions case you need the pity) you totally claim them as yours but when they shit on the floor "oh your dog shit there"

No. 348972

Exactly. If Lane just released the info when she first said she had something, he wouldn't have been able to do damage control as quickly. Now he gets away with it again because she and joy were trying to milk it.

>ib4 new carefully worded video about sarah betraying them and them kicking her out because they are such boohoo victims

No. 348973

k it's obv she actually doesn't have the screenshots or doesn't feel safe posting them.
don't blame the fucking 16 yr old girl for not posting a screencap when she had the main girl involved threating to kill herself and begging her not to because it's going to "ruin her life"

also if she has them we ruined our chance of getting them by everyone hounding her with WHERES THE CAPS

i don't blame people for being suspicious, but it's too late now so just drop it with the screen cap talk

No. 348975

File: 1486513419852.jpg (83.9 KB, 537x399, IMG_9619.JPG)

>> when you're a 31 year old man with a family being ~harassed by a 16 year old online

No. 348976

He would damage control it anyway. Lets be real the evidence could be right there, and his fans will still find excuses for him and believe what he says.

Since only sarah said it, he can just pretend it was her delusional thinking and just a "misunderstanding".

I feel like they wont really do anything about it as long as they can sweep it under the rug. If she becomes a problem they will just kick her out so theres no more suspicion on them.

No. 348977

Remember to sage your shitposting and to try not to derail. If conversation about Joy is necessary, please make a thread about her in /snow/.

No. 348978

>don't blame the fucking 16 yr old girl
Getting real tired of this excuse. BECAUSE she is 16 is exactly why she should reveal what happened and her parents/the proper authorities should be notified and involved.

Lane should be calling the police if Sarah is threatening to commit suicide because of what happened. Hello.

This is true but if she revealed it when she first mentioned it, the order would have been a bit better and he would have been put on the spot in a way that might have led to him making a mistake. Depending on what it actually was, he may not have been able to throw Sarah under the bus. But now it is easy for him to use her as a disposable pawn.

No. 348979


>if any of the above is true, actually no matter what she does, her life is over

Why are you trying to frighten a girl who was probably, in all likelihood, abused? Who the fuck are you?

No. 348980

aaaand Sarah's twitter is back

No. 348981


samefag but
She doesn't go to jail for the nudes. There are highly extenuating circumstances involved here–like Greg's entire online life–and no court is going to bust someone who was groomed.

Greg/Taylor/Sarah plz go.

No. 348982


why do they have to 'make it clear' at least 10 times that sarah is only there as a friend though, thats what i wanna know. why would the thought of anything more even come up when a 16yo is concerned to most of the adult population.

what the fuck you dancing around, onion.

No. 348984

Honestly, if Lane had actual texts but felt scared to post because of "suicidal threats," she messed up. Because as you see, Onion is giving excuses that sound reasonable to people who have 0 ideas about the real Onion. If Lane just posted caps, Onion could not make excuses and could get in actual trouble. If she never had kept the texts and didn't fucking try to make drama up with no evidence, Sarah wouldn't be targeted silently at Onion's house.

She messed up, and we can sit here and talk about how she is so young and incapable of thinking, but the reality is she should have not meddled and stirred up shit when she clearly had no evidence or could not follow through or halfassed her allegations.

No. 348985

reaaaallly good point here actually. if it's obviously a friendship and nothing more, there should be nothing to "make clear" it should just be so…
just like how onion has to always tell us how honest he's being, it's because he's actually not being very honest at all..

No. 348986

Even if Lane posted the actual texts you know damn well Greg would have spun the same, "Sarah misunderstood" bs

No. 348987

This would seem like a bad time to bring back your twitter. Did she get permission to bring back twitter once he throws her under the bus lmao. Was this her "public shaming" punishment for being bad.

Lol yeah her life isnt over. None of this is going to matter in a couple of years. His fans arent going to bury her if onion goes to jail for being a pedo. That might be the only actual thing that would make them not support him.

No. 348988

Hmm, almost reminds me of something Billie said "you always go for public humiliation" I hope her first YouTube video is just her apologizing to Greg and Lainey

No. 348989

It amazes me how fast he can manipulate and turn things around to make himself seem like the innocent party in everything. It takes an awful lot of twisting things up and yet he somehow always does it.

Onion's probably got her password so he has access to her DMs now. I wonder if he'll punish her further since you know she's treading a thin line after that "I'll happily buy you a plane ticket" bs.

No. 348990

if you guys have any throwaways, it'd be appreciated if you could save this picture, rehost it on twitter, and tag @onision @laineybot and @sarahbear8500. It'd also be appreciated if you could tag it with #onisionisnotsorry or #contentcoponision.

No. 348991

Exactly this.

Yes but he would have been put on the spot and could have made a mistake when making excuses, or depending on what the proof is there may have been no way of talking himself out of it.

No. 348992

File: 1486514549599.png (18.25 KB, 589x136, whatagreatapology.png)

"Im sorry for not having all the facts". But not sorry for harassing and yelling at a teenager. okay.

No. 348993

Seems apparent that the "life damaging" crap was Lainey finding out Sarah was spilling spaggetti about her to randoms. I hate onion but I definitely consider the possibility of Sarah believing that she could make Lainey date her someday. Lainey is definitely gross and inappropriate with Sarah but I don't think Lainey would ever be officially with her. It goes without saying that Lainey is emotionally stunted and I think she just likes having Sarah around for asspats. It's emotionally wrong of her, but I don't think she'd do anything physical.

But I could be wrong.

No. 348994


Greg, that's really shitty ass covering. You fucked up big time. No one your age has a sixteen year old who isn't a relative living in a house with them.

Taylor, you fucked up big time. No one in the twenties hangs out with (grooms) sixteen year old kids by choice.

This letter is actually more damning then most of the caps I've seen. This is causing him to shit bricks over people finally cottoning to the fact that he is a pedo.

This is the third time Greg's been in hot water because of underaged girls in dubious situations. You can ignore this shit maybe once but now it's starting to stick to both him and Taylor.

Someone send this letter to Taylor's father. Someone send this letter to CPS. This is a man running scared.

I am glad to see it.

No. 348996

Any time I get sad the milk has slowed down, Onision always delivers.

Sarah needs to go with cousin-chan. Her mother is unfit for letting her fucking leave school to go to there.

No. 348997


My ass Taylor wouldn't fuck a sixteen year old. She learned from the master. Go protect the space prince somewhere else. Taylor is just as guilty as Greg. There is no difference between the two of these assholes.

No. 348998


She's clearly in love with Lainey (as much as a 16 year old can be in love). But I think it's also the fact that she lives at Onisions house for free, maybe even gets paid by him to edit his videos (maybe also handling social media?) and that he would potentially pay for her education in the future (he would have done the same for Billie). So she's basically using him AND wants to fuck his wife. Kek.

No. 348999

File: 1486514912700.png (209.72 KB, 592x501, lulok.png)

I figured he would make her bring back her twitter to make an apology/tweet confessing.

No. 349000

god, stfu sarah, you HAVE BEEN CAUGHT.

No. 349001

I wonder if she tweeted this from the basement

No. 349002

HmmmmT sounds like he wrote that himself. So is he going to put Sarah in the basement or demand she get a "betrayer" tattoo? Both completely reasonable punishments for when somebody does you wrong.

No. 349003


kek. This is obviously part of her punishment. It was probably onion saying i have to tweet this about you and you have to publicly apologize or you get kicked out. Hopefully there is no basement addition.

No. 349004

her newest video is monetized. didn't take long to start milking that drama success after claiming to be "just here to help people"

No. 349005

this confirms that her messages to lane are real. thanks for the proof sarah!

No. 349006

Give it up Onion.

No. 349008

Go to /snow/

No. 349009

rip sarah

i also love that he acts like dating a 16 year old is just completely out of the question when he met both shiloh and lainey at 16.

No. 349010

Its already been basically proven and they are probably all scared cops will be called on them who might be able to find the messages so it'd be more damning if they lied.

No. 349012

Saw that too, then she deleted twitter again

No. 349013



No. 349014


Greg has posted a video stating what Sarah's "punishment" will be, I can't believe this. Just because your mom says everything's cool doesn't mean he can yell at her like this, and I can't believe he's giving her such a long term "punishment" compared to what was put on the table Billie.

No. 349015

No, if Lane actually posted texts, Greg could not have made up the bullshit misunderstood bs. This is because the reactions that Greg/Sarah had when they THOUGHT Lane HAD the texts were very strong/worried/etc. This implies that the text messages had some damning evidence that Greg could not simply, or as easily, made excuses for.

No. 349016


I laughed but I'm mad because was expecting an actual video for a second. I hope Gurg delivers.

No. 349017

Just because she didnt post the texts doesnt mean she cant recover them or doesnt have them. I think they are being cautious. And they definitely would spin it if all it was was sarah saying it.

its still up.

No. 349018

He won't tell us what the punishments are, he didn't with Billie. We only found out because she spilled the tea.

No. 349019


Greg wrote this. Or Taylor. Makes no difference. This proves that everything Lane was saying was true.

No. 349020

Well he did spill the beans on the lillie tattoo lmao.

Theres no way he'd publicly talk about punishing sarah though after all the backlash and her being 16. But after all the shit billie said you can pretty much tell this is her being punished.

No. 349021


Please, for the love of god, do this thing. Please. Stop talking to other people. Just go directly to the police and tell them that you believe there is proof on your phone that two adults were grooming a minor. Please. I am begging you.

No. 349022

There's something being covered up and it's really sickening. It's sickening that Greg and his wife can literally groom 16 year olds and and no one has done anything about it. The whole situation is just surreal.

No. 349023


He was paying to turn Sarah into Billie. I hope a bus hits him.

No. 349024


Honestly, after everyone constantly saying this and giving her other options to try and recover the texts I'm genuinely shocked she hasn't by now

No. 349025

That's what it sounds like. Paying to turn her into Billie, planting ideas about her dating Lainey, so that he could eventually take advantage and turn them into a trinity. Lainey never gets a girlfriend of her own, it's about Gerg getting access to teens.

No. 349026

Well, I guess lane won't have anything to spill again in a while now that those bridges are burned and buried…

No. 349027


I genuinely hope Sarah pulls a Billie and nopes the fuck out of that house

No. 349028

She sees it as her future, so… she won't. Maybe one day she'll realize how creepy and fucked up this is

No. 349029

She's younger, has been under Taylor and greg's influence for years already, and has no support system outside. Until they kick her out - and they will kick her out at some point - I very much doubt she will leave on her own. It's sad, but there you are.

No. 349030

This is concerning because it means Sarah is going to comply with crazy demands to show how sorry she is… Remember what Onion asked of Billie…. Just remember.

No. 349031

but she does have a support system, she has her cousin who offered her a place to live and clearly cares about her

No. 349033

Billie seemed to care too, but we don't know if Onion still lets them communicate.

No. 349036

>I feel like it's one or two spergs on here trying to dismiss JS and her intentions

LMAO.Her long winded ramblings are interjected with irrelevant nonsense. Much of her content could be edited down to stay factual and to the point, but no. As anon said she literally came out of nowhere. Her posts on twitter are weird.Her first YT vid is about onion and you think she's not dickriding his drama for views? Anyone can say "ive been in this situation before" "i have AIDS", dude people lie all time on the internet stop being so credulous!

No. 349038


Anybody know if Sarah's on good terms with her cousin? When she does get kicked from Casa Grasa will she just mosey on back home or will mystery cousin try and take custody of her? (sorry if I got that wrong, I have no idea how custody laws work)

No. 349039

I don't think she is right now. She flipped out when cousinchan was posting and I think she might have contacted them.

No. 349040

The cousin is also pretty young - like, college age and still living with her parents or in a dorm, Cousin's Friend Anon said that she was still working on getting her own place. And Sarah considers her cousin a traitor at this point, due to the brainwashing she's received from Greg and Taylor that's taught her not to trust anyone.

No. 349041


Who has legal custody of Sarah? Washington lawfags, can you see if there are any legal documents with Sarah's name as regards custody?

If Greg and Taylor don't have legal custody of Sarah and they're letting her stay with them, but not making her go to school? There could be a way to get her away from them that way.

No. 349042

File: 1486517940992.png (295.56 KB, 600x1024, Screenshot_2017-02-07-20-35-26…)

It begins…

(Sorry if already posted and I missed it.)

No. 349043

she's going to online school

No. 349044

Her mom is letting her stay with them so they dont need custody of her to live there. I doubt she gave them custody. And shes going to online school.

No. 349046


Stop posting this here and put it in /snow/ ffs!

No. 349047

I think we're doing this wrong. Cousin-chan is silent and mom is a fangirl.

What about dad? He is a God fearing man who kicked his daughter out for being an atheist. Do you think he'd approve of his 16 yo daughter living with a 31 yo cult leader?

Do you think Sarah's dad appreciates his teen girl being lured away from church by two pedos grooming her for their occult trinity?

No. 349049

Her dad has rejected her - remember, Sarah identifies as gay as well as being an atheist - and I don't think she wants to live with him any more than he wants her to come home.

Her whole situation is sad, and you have to remember that Greg chooses his teen victims well (neglected, without a support system, looking for validation.) Neither of Sarah's parents are caregivers who will intervene on her behalf.

No. 349050

The cousin never posted right? It was the cousin's friend and Im sure sarah talked to her cousin who probably talked them out of ever posting here again because she would see it.

And i think she doesnt have a good relationship with her dad. I think she posted about him wanting to kick her out or something along those lines.

No. 349051


Yeah no, that's bullshit. Sarah's mother cannot just 'give' Sarah to Taylor or Greg. She is living there illegally. NOt only is she living there illegally but Greg is paying her for a 'job'.

I'm calling a lawfag friend, because this is some shit.

Also? You can make fun of KF all you want but at least we had lawfags there who could get down to brass tacks and were able to advise as to whether or not we could take action.

This has gone beyond basic BS and Sarah needs help because as an astute poster above said, remember how Greg wanted to punish Billie.

What the fuck do you think he's going to do to Sarah? Raise his voice when speaking to her? He's effectively erased her from the internet. That should make everyone very nervous.

No. 349053

You need to calm yourself a little and step away. You're not personally involved, so you need to stop getting so up in arms about this shit.

No. 349054





If there was no attorney involved or notary or anything, she may be living there but it sure as shit isn't in any aboveboard, legal way. Greg should lawyer up, because Sarah is there illegally.

No. 349055

Please try to keep most Joy discussion to >>>/snow/246848

If you have something very relevant and new to add about Joy, you can post it here, but by default please use the /snow/ thread.

Please refrain from reiterating basically the same info and comments about her in this thread.

No. 349057

Its not illegal to stay with a family friend if your mom is aware of it and allowing it and you are getting all your needs met. People stay with friends and relatives that arent their own parents all the time. You dont need to give over custody to let your child live somewhere.

No. 349058


Why should anyone step away from a 30+ year old man abusing children and getting away with it? Not my thing, sorry.

No. 349060

Yeah but this is a permanent residence. She's most likely using this address for her online schooling, the debit card she got, etc etc. Not to mention she's most likely getting paid for "work" in some capacity. its not just a friend staying at a friend's house for a week, this is way more than that.

No. 349061


And I think most if us might not care if it weren't for the fact that Greg likes to fuck underaged girls. Sarah has nothing without Greg. No money–because I'm sure his name is also on that debit card since she's underage–no place to stay, nothing.

And now she's been cut off from the internet. This is where Greggles is finally fucking up.

No. 349062


It's way, way more than 'staying at a friend's house'.

Just how long has Sarah been living with them? Does anyone have approximate dates?

No. 349063


Her Twitter is already restored and her Tumblr's still out there plus her YouTube. She's not cut off. He might have taken access to make sure she isn't spilling their details but she's still on the internet.

No. 349064


Sarah is there illegally. It doesn't matter if her mother said it was okay, Sarah cannot make the decision to go and live with someone other than her custodial parents until she is 18.

Unless she got a transfer of legal guardianship, Sarah is a runaway and would be treated as such under the law.

Greg and Taylor are harboring a runaway.


No. 349066


The fact that people like you continually minimize what Greg does is why Greg continues to get away with abusing young girls.

sage for samefagging all up and down this shit but I am pissed rn

No. 349067

Definitely since October 31, maybe earlier

No. 349068

Quite a reach there. Calm down you fucking retard. I'm not minimizing anything Greg has done, I'm not excusing him abusing girls. I'm concerned and I hate his fucking greasy grimy guts. I was just pointing out that you're wrong about her being cut off.

No. 349070

No. 349071


We don't know whether she is cut off or not, and we won't unless she tells us, so stop arguing. Being on the internet could mean that Greg is monitoring all her behaviour there, it could also mean that he's not. We don't know.

No. 349072

I remember around the time of her first visit it would have been around the time school starts and we were commenting on why she was with those freaks instead of in school. So I wanna say since early fall, has it really been that long?

No. 349073

Lol. If someone is living somewhere with parents permission, no one is going to care sorry. CPS deals with more important shit and will only really care if they are in danger. And they prioritize younger kids. And CPS was supposedly already called on them and they didnt care. You guys are really reaching.

No. 349074


Personally I don't think anything we see from any of Sarah's accounts will be written by Sarah, that apology sure as shit wasn't.

No. 349075

And yet, when CPS came to their home previously regarding Sarah, they seemed to above board. Whatever arrangement they have, Sarah's mom (her legal guardian) has approved her living situation.

I don't think telling authorities she's there is going to do anything besides fuel their feeling of persecution, and make all of them, Sarah included, retreat further into their own world of paranoia and greasiness.

No. 349076

Probably end of September/ start of October. I know she went and visited for a week shortly after the school year started, then was there again a few weeks later then never left.

No. 349078


Well, yeah, if there wasn't a freak living in the house who wanted to chain a girl to his basement wall. Said information being all over the internet. That changes things some.

I thought CPS was only called for Troy, not Sarah anyhow.

No. 349079


CPS came for Troy.

No. 349080

That was just weeks after moving in. They could have easily just used the excuse "She's only visiting!" But its been around 5-6 months now.

Also I think it was just the police visited, not CPS, right? Maybe I'm wrong.

No. 349081

Probably not, but I don't think Gerg has access to everything right now and even if he did, I don't think it would be that hard for Sarah to get something out there if she needed to. The problem is she's brainwashed enough that she doesn't want to leave. She thinks she's got it good because she's afraid to have to struggle if she leaves.

No. 349082

Gurg has a long history with screwing jailbait and he expects people to believe his intentions are innocent here? kek

No. 349084

>Sarah needs to go with cousin-chan.
Sarah wouldn't be in this situation if her mother did her fucking job as a parent.

>>348999 what a transparent, predictable sack of shit he is.

No. 349086

Skeptical is okay, but being rude is not.

No. 349088

Well even so, the mom is obviously okay with it. CPS has so many actual cases, they are not going to bother with this. A lot of actual abuse cases get barely dealt with unless you continuously hound them on it. Anyone can call CPS and ask to talk to someone to consult about if you should make a report or not before giving them any of your information, and they can give you their opinion.

No. 349089

if they can't be gotten for her being there since she has her mothers permission, then the angle people should be looking into is the fact she is there for "work"

she is under 18, there are laws for minors working, basically child labor laws. there are limits to how many hours they can work, and i highly doubt living with your employer is allowed.

No. 349093

Yeah like Sarah's not in danger after what he did to Billie and Ayala. top kek

No. 349094

>I don't think anything we see from any of Sarah's accounts will be written by Sarah

Knowing gerg he prbably has access to all her accounts.

No. 349095

Remember Lainey cries betrayal if you don't give her your passwords either

No. 349097

File: 1486521303299.png (13.13 KB, 590x109, oh.png)

Sarah has inherited the "wheres my support" complex

No. 349098


Please read the links. It doesn't matter that her mother said it was okay for her to stay with them.

Where's Sarah's home state? Is she from Washington?

No. 349100

This was honestly my thought when cousin-chan came out and confirmed that Sarah was the nanny. There has to be laws about a 16 year old getting paid to be a live in nanny.

But I'm also sure they have no paperwork to prove she is actually getting paid to do that.

No. 349102

Sarah's a 16yo kid. She's the only person i have sympathy for aside from gergs two unfortunate children.

No. 349103

They likely supervise everything she posts, and probably have all of her passwords, based on what we know about Lainey's past demands to her "galpals"

Child labor laws are an interesting angle. Probably will work better than CPS for her just living there, because she has her mom's permission.

No. 349104

Just because she's 16, it doesn't make her dumb/useless/innocent. She is also a human who's shockingly pathetic.

No. 349105

WTF happened to the previous nanny? If I remember right she was plainey's "best friend", where'd she go? Ran off in fear?

No. 349106


There are definitely child labor laws about her working for them as a nanny.

No. 349107

Someone should really look into the age when a minor can leave home because I know in my region a minor can leave at 16 whether their parents like it or not. I'm not sure if that's the same for WA or MI or wherever the fuck Sarah is from, but it could be a reason why CPS did fuck all when they were called there the first time.

No. 349108

>>It doesn't matter that her mother said it was okay for her to stay with them.

It does, actually. If her mom says she's visiting friend with permission, that's really all that an authority needs to okay it without her being in acute physical danger (i.e. she's not being beaten or starved, and she says she's not involved with them sexually, which every adult in the house and her mom will attest to.)

No. 349109

She's a child, you expect her to act any differently? kek

No. 349111


Teens may legally leave home when they reach the age of majority. The age of majority in most states is 18 years old, except for the following:

In Alabama and Nebraska, the age of majority is 19.
In Mississippi, the age of majority is 21.

No. 349113

We dont really know what the work situation even is. She denies being the nanny, which may or may not be true. So then what does she do besides look up drama? They act like selena is still there being the nanny but shes like never shown or mentioned.

Shes from Michigan. If anyone wants to try to report it because they feel like cps should get involved, they can. They will decide if they want to take the case or not.

No. 349115

even if she is not technically the nanny, it has been implied that she is doing some sort of work for them, be it help with videos or social media. if she is employed by greg then there are a shit ton of rules hes supposed to be following due to her age.

No. 349116

She posts thinspo and he chains teens up in his basement. A masterpost is needed. There is so much shit that needs to be explained to authorities if they're called. Have any of the tumblr masterposts stayed up to date?

No. 349118

File: 1486522370423.png (83.51 KB, 1242x690, IMG_3910.PNG)

lane, what do you have on sarah that would provoke this kind of reaction? honestly, just spill the tea, already. you could possibly save the chance of another underage girl falling into their gross trap??

No. 349120

Sarah is a runaway according to the second criteria.

The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention defines a runaway as a child who meets one of the following criteria:

Leaves home without his parent or guardian's permission and stays away overnight.

Is 14 years of age or younger, away from home with his parent or guardian's permission, but chooses not to return and stays away one night.

Is 15 years of age or older, away from home with his parent or guardian's permission, but chooses not to return and stays away two nights.

So yeah, let's stop with "but her mommy said it was okay." It doesn't matter.

Greg and Taylor are harboring a runaway. Harboring a runaway across state lines is in violation of Greg's favorite–the Mann act.

Hope you're enjoying reading this Greg. :) Maybe you won't get into any trouble but then again, maybe you will. I'd get a lawyer. :)

It sure does suck, having to spend money on Sarah. You should probably send her home. Or to live with her cousin.

No. 349123

> If her mom says she's visiting friend with permission, that's really all that an authority needs to okay it

So this makes gurgs bad history with teens irrelevant?

No. 349124

Please learn to read.

Is 15 years of age or older, away from home with his parent or guardian's permission, but chooses not to return and stays away two nights.

No. 349125

From Sarah's reaction it's clear she definitely told lane something she doesnt want lane releasing, wonder what exactly she said

No. 349126

You need to take a pill and go sit down for a little while. What do you think you can do that hasn't already been done? Why do you think butting in will help anything, rather than make things more complicated and more difficult for the kid? Seriously. Chill out. Step away for a bit.

No. 349127


Oh gosh, yes. I need to take a pill because giving a shit is soooo retarded and embarrassing. You think that her living there is okay. I don't. Piss off.

No. 349128

Get over yourself lmao. I never said that I thought her living there is okay, but you doing all this retarded home investigation bullshit is embarrassing. Honestly, do you really think you're going to solve a problem that's been occurring for years because "it's wrong!!!" Like we don't all think the same thing. You're just gunna tire yourself out and make a fool out of yourself.

No. 349129

Stop caring about the well being of underage teens living in what's clearly a toxic environment. Prick.

No. 349130



imagine being a poor 16 year old and having a crush on an older teacher/boss/friend's dad and them finding out and preaching you about it. YIKES. sucks to be sarah but she needed to know that.

No. 349132

You cant just look up random state's laws. That's from Texas. If you're convinced she is a runaway and want to report her as a runaway, feel free to do it.

Why is she still contacting her? What does she hope to do by doing that? I dont even understand.

No. 349133

No infighting. Stay on topic.

No. 349134

Except they already knew this BEFORE they moved her there. kek

No. 349135

They are little girls who don't think they're little girls playing grown up games with a grown up.

I think that about sums it up.

No. 349137

For those concerned with actual Washington state law, Sarah is not a runaway or there illegally. Also this doesn't require a court decision etc so no finding her name on legal documents. Her mom is a piece of shit parent, can we let this go now?

Temporary Parental Consent Agreements
The parent(s) have asked me to care for the child temporarily. I do not want permanent legal custody. I just need something to show third parties proving the parent(s) agreed to let me have temporary custody. Do we have options?
A "Temporary Parental Consent Agreement" may give you authority to make medical and educational decisions affecting the child and get care and services for him/her. The agreement can show that the parent(s) have given you permission to care for the child. With such an agreement, schools, doctors, and others may accept your authority to act on the child's behalf.

A Temporary Parental Consent Agreement is a written agreement between the parent(s) and you. It is not a court order. It does not restrict parental rights. The parent can cancel it at any time. It is helpful only as long as both sides honor the agreement and third parties (examples: schools, doctors, insurance companies) recognize it.

How long does a Temporary Parental Consent Agreement last?
It lasts as long as you and the parents want it to last. It is not a permanent solution. If you are going to be caring for the child for more than a year, you should seek a more formal legal relationship, such as non-parent custody.

No. 349138

Why are people still arguing over whether or not Sarah is a delinquent when the fastest action anyone could take to get her safe by far is to report her suicidal messages to their local non-emergency line? If nobody is even going to bother with that, then there's no way that anyone's going to initiate a runaway investigation, which has a much lower chance of succeeding in getting her safely away from them.

No. 349139

Let what go? That Sarah is in real possible danger because gurg has a sordid history with teens? The writing's on the fucking wall here.

No. 349140


I did that.

No. 349141

I haven't seen those messages but if that's true, this would be the first line of action.

No. 349142

Lainey Clone privated her twitter.

No. 349143


Why do you think Greg and Lainey have said document?

No. 349144

Let go of the concept that she is a runaway or there illegally etc.

No. 349145

because Greg's main priority in life is covering his own ass. It also explains everyone's speculation as to how she was able to get a nose ring, debit card etc not to mention how they would handle an emergency situation or hospitalization.

No. 349148

I think the tax thing is the angle to go after. Billie was paid thousands of dollars, Sarah is underage and paid something. Does anyone think Onion is paying them and reporting the income? It was probably done under the table.

No. 349149

So in your opinion, do you think gurg has something in writing from Sarah's mom?

No. 349150

Absolutely. I also have no doubt that she wasn't allowed to stay until she had reached the legal age of consent in Washington just in case people speculated anything was going on.

No. 349151

What are the best vids in terms of showing this situation to people who wouldn't necessarily get what's going on? I'm thinking the recent vids talking about Billie asking her to be tatted up/chained to the wall is a good one but I'm really blanking right now.

The trouble is that people honestly don't believe this. It's that insane.

No. 349152

Of course. They were grooming her since she 14. As soon as she turned 16 they swooped in like vultures.

No. 349155

Gurgs own history speaks for itself. Starting from Sky up to the present, all his exes have spoken out about what he's done and what he's really like. The only questionable testimony is Shiloh's bc she had issues going into it.

No. 349158

Okay, so I spoke to my lawfag friend. They suggested reporting Greg and Taylor to DSHS in their area, along with his youtube account and links to any videos which are pertinent to our concern about Sarah's well-being.

This would mean all the vids where he discusses punishing Billie, links to tweets, etc. The reasoning being that these videos and tweets show that he and Lainey are unfit to care for Sarah. It also puts him back on their radar again. If enough people make noise, it means something.

So that's what I'm doing. I don't care if anyone else does it or not. Just sharing what I learned.

I'm out. This is too sad for me.

No. 349159

If it makes you feel any better, Sarah said she was leaving.

No. 349160

No evidence.

No. 349161

File: 1486525650225.png (1.11 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9847.PNG)

No. 349163

File: 1486525772980.png (4.76 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9849.PNG)

More evidence if needed and if she deletes it

No. 349164

looks like onion got scared and told her to leave kek. Actions speak louder etc.

No. 349165

Of course none of this takes away from the fact they were grooming her since she was 14. Top kek retards those two.

No. 349166

File: 1486525967263.png (362.14 KB, 1278x836, sarahbyebitch.png)

No. 349168

kay sarah, you totally didn't like the attention. Glad you're going back home though, this shit is fucked up. you'll realize that when you grow up.

No. 349169

Sarahbyebitch? What? Onion's obviously running scared. He should be.

No. 349170

Something has them spooked.

No. 349171

it's called being caught grooming a teenager

No. 349172

Nothing like a fearful yellow Onion for some top kek lulz.

No. 349175

Something must have him very afraid. Please spill the beans, Lane. Don't be afraid.

I'll believe it when it actually happens. She could just be saying things to try to make things blow over.

No. 349176

i'm 80% sure greg panicked and said something like

>You fucked up, Sarah… The time has come for you to leave. For the good of the family.

No. 349178

>I'll believe it when it actually happens.

Same. But even if it does, they're still fucked anyway.

No. 349179

Do you think Sarah will go home and concoct a story so Onion and Lainey will be accused of abuse?

No. 349180

Good on you. Anything come of it?

No. 349181

More like "You broke the contract! I tweeted at her when I didn't have all the FACTS! I had to pretend to apologise!" He will definitely feel extremely wronged. Probably slip in a "made Lainey cwy" somewhere too.

No. 349182

She doesn't need to concoct anything. lurk more.

No. 349184

i wonder if she'll spill some tea………

i also wonder if greg will make a video about this explaining it….

it must be a mad house over there, Lane had something serious, and even tho she never shared screenshots, the fact that she knew was enough to set them over the edge…

Lane if ur looking, this is why it was so important for you to speak out. it sucks right now, but you did the right thing, another potential victim got away. This was really important.

No. 349185

Thank GOD. Hopefully she's going to stay with her cousin. Otherwise the poor thing had to choose between living with her trashy ass mom and sister and a screaming infant and Gregma and Taylor's House of Horrors.

No. 349186

I hope Sarah actually is leaving, for her sake. I'm still looking forward to the inevitable shitstorm onion and doormat have created for themselves.

No. 349187

it'd be even worse if he was complicit (or learned lainey was complicit) in trying to arrange some relationship between lainey and her and now he's just kicking her out as a desperate way to seem more innocent and try to sweep this under the rug.

it'll be especially telling if he, lainey, and sarah all stick to the same story of "just friends" without actually trying to address the meat of lane's claims.

also, we need to know to what extent lainey went along with this or actually initiated it.

No. 349188

I imagine it's going to be a long night in the onion mansion, he's sperging out all night and a vid will be up by morning. It might even have "this isn't negative drama" in it.

No. 349189


I don't, because we don't know if she's really leaving and the two of them will do this again and again until he's in jail. Period.


I hope this thread spooked the fuck out of them. I hope it continues to.

No. 349190

Then go seek therapy until then.

No. 349191

>the two of them will do this again and again until he's in jail. Period.

Onion and doormat have already dug their own graves. Doesn't matter what misdirection they use now.

No. 349194


Lane was vague at times about screenshots, even farmers here thought she was still going to spill the actual screens of her convo with Sarah where she says the stuff about dateing. But she didn't…so I'm choosing to believe that's why the froke out. Sarah said "please delete any screenshots", they thought she had the actual proof and probably didn't realize they had been deleted, and dug a deeper whole with his twitter freak out and her calling/messaging her. And Greg will probably make a video.

No. 349195

it's funny because all sarah had to do is ignore it or deny it and lane could've been discredited. but her severe reaction shows that not only is this true, maybe there's something much bigger here she's worried about.

No. 349203

If she's really leaving where is she going? Her dad "kicked her out" originally and we haven't heard from cousin's friend

No. 349204


Her mothers I assume

No. 349205

To the extra bad basement without the anime.

No. 349208


I sincerely hope so. There's also this, if it looks like Sarah didn't leave after all.


Link to the vids, the tweets, even the caps from Lane.

Sarah may be going to a less exciting basement for a while but in the long run she'll be grateful that she didn't have to suck Greg's cock, figuratively or literally.

No. 349210

Lane, you did the right thing.

No. 349213

she only gets the American cartoons

No. 349221

File: 1486531579930.png (153.35 KB, 1028x769, 2017-02-08 00.25.11.png)

Sure Lain, sure.

No. 349222

let the damage control begin. even if she didn't have her nips out, it's still a bit weird. she did that topless "pwoud to be me" photoshoot so i dont really think this spin helps her case much.

No. 349224

File: 1486531743489.png (825.28 KB, 611x460, capture_001_07022017_212846.pn…)

No. 349225

I hope people will ask her why she thought it was appropriate to send photos of herself in her underwear to a minor.

No. 349226

Too bad she didn't censor her ugly ass face.

No. 349228

File: 1486532427032.gif (3.19 MB, 345x215, 5a99b97526669552ce97cbf87626f5…)

Oh, Damage control you never fail to be even more retarded than the last, also where's the strap from her tank-top?

No. 349229

and i very much doubt she censored the pic she originally sent to sarah with the green/pink paint splodges on, but that's what she's trying to imply she did. She learned from the best with the damage control.

No. 349231

She could have taken a clothed and then an unclothed one. It's not like her facial expressions change ever.

No. 349232

Wonder if the space prince felt dysphoria taking pictures of his cleavage to send to tempt a minor?

Does it ever occur to anyone else what a useless, pitiful life Greg leads? He's 31 and his life is endless drama involving teenagers, mostly girls. Most of my friends who are 31 are busy with proper jobs, raising their kids, going to kiddie league soccer and sports, celebrating friend and family birthdays, enjoying holidays and vacations, enjoying anniversaries and Valentines Day. Greg and his teen bridegroom spend every waking moment sowing drama, dealing with drama, recovering from drama, and getting bored in the absence of drama. Not even their children can pull them away from this ridiculous life they live. Ugh.

No. 349233

And what the fuck does she mean, "took off the censor bar" lmao. No. She didn't even photoshop it originally, she admitted that, so she certainly didn't "take it off" that's not how that works Plain. She posted the censored one, then censored the original but less so and posted that. Presumably because she doesn't want people to think she even sent a pic showing her cleavage to Sarah, which she did. Even the damage control is dishonest.

No. 349234

too lazy to scroll, but I think someone wanted a compilation of creepy Taylor/Sarah shit.


No. 349235

File: 1486533233537.png (13.99 KB, 579x109, 2017-02-08 01_51_36-lainey (@l…)

This is her excuse, apparently she's retarded enough to not know how to edit her own photos?

No. 349236

That's what friends do don't be such a prude!

No. 349237

File: 1486533466592.png (6.55 KB, 939x192, f76e3d360acd0dfb2ae7242cf0d6af…)

until you grow up and realize that you were being manipulated by a pedophile and his willing accomplice :*

No. 349238

damn, knew I should've taken a full blog cap, she deleted the post

No. 349239

Yup! Lame-o and Sarah, lesbian besties 4 lyfe!

No. 349240

this a thousand times.

No. 349241

That bitch has a husband who makes youtube videos for a living but has to send a picture of her cleavage to a teenager on the internet so she'd help put a censor bar on it.
Yes Plainy that makes a lot of sense.

No. 349242

That edit took no effort at all. She could do it on Paint. Fuck you Plainey.

No. 349244


Sarah, jesus. They did nothing for you. They took advantage of you.

No. 349245

>Not even their children can pull them away from this ridiculous life they live.

With the child they preyed on gone now, I wonder who they'll get this time to abdicate their responsibility as parents? Before Sarah, cuckqueen hired her best friend (forgot her name) as live in nanny. She was of age. Probably ran for her life after getting to know onion.

No. 349246

What did they do for you? Let you sit around and do nothing at home and not get a decent education?

No. 349247

HAHA. IDK if this girl really is that stupid or if she's just taking cues from onion's dumbass.

No. 349250

This is so sickening I'm actually nauseous

No. 349252


I take it back, she is that stupid. What a dumb cuntrag, no wonder onion married her. Top kek to your college degree, cuntrag.

No. 349253

censored "curves", plainey has the curves of a wall

No. 349255

>plainey has the curves of a wall

The intelligence of a stump and all the charm of dogshit. Just like onion boy.

No. 349257

Greg's been pretty quiet for a few hours, placing bets on him furiously making a video? Will he blame Lane (doubtful after his sorry i did not have all the facts apology) or totally blame sarah for getting "confused" about their intentions of having her there, or just blame all the "haters/trolls" for creating this situation and driving her away. I'm sure he'll be calculating what flying her out/her living there has cost him so far. Guess we'll see tomorrow, knowing Greg, he can't help but make a video.

No. 349258

Hope they enjoy their internet access while it lasts kek

No. 349259


You forgot "Same bat time, same bat channel"

or was I the only one who read it in the Batman announcer's voice?

No. 349260

That's absolutely fucking disgusting and Lainey can go burn on a grill with her grilled onion.

No. 349262

That blog post is 2 years old - Jul 21 '15. Am I reading that right? This has been going on for TWO YEARS? How tf could this stay under the radar for that long?

No. 349267

Sarah is currently 16, Lainey is 22. Sarah was 14 when she started talking with Lainey.

No. 349269

Guys, guys, calm down. Forget all the evidence to the contrary, Gerg said Sarah was only there as a "friend" and nothing more >>348956

You gotta take his word for it guys because Gerk is all about the facts guys. Fax in my cock.

No. 349270

>so much for me

Let her sit on her ass all day microblogging and playing vidya games like a 8yo's grown up fantasy? Either her home life is really bad or she hasn't remotely begun to realize how fucked up her situation is and how much damage it will do. If she's lucky, she's going to look back on all this in a few years with deep regret. If not then she's been fucked up beyond repair.

No. 349271

She's not fucked up beyond repair, she's still a child, her brain is still maturing. She just needs CPS and some therapy.

No. 349273

It didn't stay under the radar. Why do you think so many people have disliked Taylor for so long? I think the only people that don't know are just new to Greg's bullshit and haven't looked into much past the drama of the week.

No. 349274

seriously. knowing how she truly is she's just becoming more and more ugly.

No. 349275

Here's another compilation from crazy Keith about Taylor/Sarah/Greg when he was trying to get people to report it back in September. A, "Save Sarah" campaign starts every few weeks it seems.


No. 349276

I said if she doesn't realize how screwed up it is in a few years. When she is an adult.

No. 349282

They included some irrelevant info, and it doesn't look like they contacted CPS, but still…..

Hey can you please share this >>349275 with your lawfag friend?

No. 349284

He didn't contact cps, he contacted the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The CyberTipline provides the public and electronic service providers (ESPs) with the ability to report online (and via toll-free telephone) instances of online enticement of children for sexual acts, extra-familial child sexual molestation, child pornography, child sex tourism, child sex trafficking, unsolicited obscene materials sent to a child, misleading domain names, and misleading words or digital images on the Internet. NCMEC continuously reviews CyberTipline reports to ensure that reports of children who may be in imminent danger get first priority. After NCMEC’s review is completed, all information in a CyberTipline report is made available to law enforcement.

No. 349286

Who else is starting to think that Taylor's an even bigger pedo than Greg after all this? Seems like she likes 'em younger than he does and pursues hem more openly.

No. 349287

I've always thought this. It was a thing to consider since she's been talking to sarah since she was 14.

No. 349288

She's literally in her underwear here. She sent this pic to a 14yo girl? A 23yo mother of two… no wonder Sarah liked her, she must've been reminded of her own retard mother.

No. 349290

Based on that and this http://chaseagainstonision.tumblr.com/post/124649659596/taylor-and-sarah

it's most definitely a CPS issue.

No. 349291


i mean… it's a tank top and yoga pants… hardly underwear

No. 349292

Those aren't yoga pants.

And the tank looks like shit photoshop on her chest, right side. Fucking gross.

No. 349295

That's been bugging me too, because in the two photos Lainey's in the same position with the same expression and nothing looks cutout…

No. 349296

File: 1486544164905.png (279.61 KB, 601x461, ew.png)


oh damn :( that's disturbing.

the problem is, when you're that much older, you kind of take the parental role, which lainey isn't doing. so they're… friends… who make a lot of sexual jokes to each other… and live with a dude who loves to fuck/marry barely legal chicks and wants his wife to date one?…

so um
yeah, not looking good at all

how did people find out she sent that pic in the first place? i read this thread, but didn't found any mention of it

she covered it with the CENSORED bar i think

No. 349297

File: 1486544367977.png (29.55 KB, 500x333, tumblr_inline_nrr981vg4o1tn3du…)

from sarah's tumblr
a few of anti-onion blogs are saying she's actually 13 now. idk if it's true at all

taken from this link

No. 349298

Idk, my gut keeps telling me something is really off, like a part of me really hopes Lainey's telling the truth for once but for some reason I feel like something's off with that clothed photo compared to the "censored" one…

No. 349299

Looks like an optical illusion due to angles. The second strap looks like it starts further back closer to her shoulder so with this angle it might not be showing.

No. 349300

why are the straps odd, like one split into two at the back and the others thick?

No. 349302

Poor Sarah. Her mother's as much of a parent to her as Gerg and Lamey are to their kids. Lamey's been grooming Sarah since she was 14, knew how vulnerable she was because her parent's are retards - she took full advantage of that.

No. 349303

That post was made a year and a half ago. IIRC at the time, she was being a little asshole to everyone trying to tell her that she was not as mature as she thought, everyone was warning her to get the fuck out of dodge before they had a chance to get their claws into her. And in typical 14 year old girl fashion, she would do this shit all the time when people would bring up her age.

No. 349304

Sarah just went from one dysfunctional environment to another. She's too young to understand that the "nice" things Lame did for her were all very calculated - just like gerg who only does something for someone if he believes he'll get something back in return. I hope Sarah can get some REAL help this time.

No. 349305

Oh come on, she's sixteen, not ten. She's not an adult but at that age she needs some common sense. At this point, with all the people that have offered to help her out, it's going to become her fault that she's falling for it just as much as it is Onion and Lame's fault for doing this.
If this were two years in the future, we'd be treating her just as we treat Lame. Just because she's 16 doesn't really give her an out to be completely oblivious and stupid to all this.

No. 349306


I hope her future isn't ruined because of Onision.

No. 349307

She's a kid regardless. How common is common sense at that age? What experience does she have of the world? This would never have happened to her if her fuckass parent's weren't complete failures as human beings. I don't put Sarah in the same category with onion and lame, two parents spending time grooming teens online.

She's already at a disadvantage because of her idiot guardians. Sarah can call CPS for herself and get the help she needs.

No. 349308


srsly someone should call CPS because i'm worried about their kids and if they're gonna groom them/lock them in the basement

No. 349309

Essentially what >>349305 said. She's not 14 anymore. She's been told over and over and over again for two years now that this whole thing would happen and she still walked right on into it the second she turned 16. She's been in that house, she knows how Billie was treated and she still wants to stay there, there's no way she gets a free pass to be stupid just because she's 16. I don't care what age they got their claws into her, she's old enough and has had enough exposure to the internet to know there is something wrong with an adult wanting to chain his 19 year old girlfriend to a basement wall for a week and have her permanently brand herself a liar. She is also old enough now and has had enough internet exposure to know there's something off about an adult making sexual advances towards her when she's only 14.

No. 349313

>she's old enough and has had enough exposure to the internet

Yes because the internet is a substitute for real world experience and the wisdom and knowledge that comes with age, right? Given what we know of BOTH Sarah's parents (two clueless retards who don't know how to be parents), do you expect Sarah to understand these situations as an adult would? Do you expect her to have a HEALTHY perspective of her situation in light of all the aforementioned?

Her parents are the reason this has happened to her. Sarah's failure mother allowed her child to move into gergs broken home, don't pin this shit on Sarah.

No. 349316

Internet exposure doesn't replace real world experience but it sure as fuck should have opened her eyes to the shit that was going on even before she made the choice to go live in that house, especially when people had been telling her repeatedly that she was being groomed. I'm expecting her to have grown up in the the last two years, at least enough to be able to pinpoint when something seems really off i.e: Billie's punishment. Even if she still can't see what was off with her involvement with Lainey, she should have the common sense to know that the household as it currently is, is a dysfunctional environment. She had the common sense to realize living with her diptard mother was a bad environment. So what, she suddenly lost the ability to tell when a place of permanent residence is bad for her?

No. 349317

Lol she probably sees this as something we and lane did to her. But if nothing creepy was going on, it wouldnt really be an issue. Thats not on anyone but gerg and lameo. If she got shit on by gerg and lameo and really thrown under the bus like billie, she would probably think differently. Remember Billie, someone who was supposedly sarah's friend too while she was there. You'll never speak bad about the people who wanted to chain your supposed "friend" in the basement, released her personal details, and harassed her constantly? Okay. You think if you got into a relationship with them, it'd end up being any different? Funny.

No. 349318

It could be that on the left side the straps aren't fixed but on the right side they're both straight and next to each other which is why it looks thicker

No. 349319

It was very quickly deleted. Wouldn't be surprised if it's damage control on her part, so she could stay in the house. When she defended Billie and said information shouldn't have been released, he got super offended by it, when she made a comment about "pitching a tent in the yard" Onion boy got super triggered, and spoke about getting a plane ticket so she could leave. Either way, her hasty deletion gives me hope she might actually spill some tea on them, if she ever wakes up to what they are doing.

No. 349322

Yeh, this. If nothing creepy or weird was going on the household wouldn't of erupted with all the might of the banana nation and Sarah's greasy future would still be secure enough for her to sit around playing vidya all day.

I genuinely think 2017 is the year it all really comes crashing down for Smegma and his hench-they/them. It's started with the abuse of a 19 y/o girl and it's continuing on with kicking out a 16 y/o girl his wife (and presumably him) have been grooming for years. Also bearing in mind how bored they get without barely legal fuck toys, I can almost guarantee that this is just the start.

No. 349323

Some teenagers that age turn out fine despite how fucked up their parents were. Sarah's old enough to know right from wrong, she just didn't give a shit.

No. 349324

Why do gerg and lameo post this shit on their twitter. Half their follower base doesnt know anything that is going on, but then they make them aware of it lmao.

shes spilling 0 tea unless they are no longer friends with her. If she says anything about them, lameo will chuck her aside like garbage like everyone else. She only values people who will constantly suck up to her ass and not say anything bad about her. Look how fast she turns on people and is vicious at them for even supporting someone she doesnt like.


I wonder how bad it really was at home. Many teens think everything is the worst thing ever and they want to leave, but when they grow up, they realize it wasnt as bad as they thought in the moment. Most teens dont have a 22 year old and 37 year old famous youtuber to take them in when they no longer like their home life. Or a mother who would ship her to them. Like wtf. How does a mom let her kid go across the country to live with internet strangers. Its one thing to have your kid staying with someone close by to you that you can constantly check in on. To let someone stay so far with people who arent family. Wtf.

No. 349325

Man, i REALLY don't see how people can find lamp attractive. I wouldn't remember her if I worked with her, and she was my only co-worker. And she's so smug and entitled, and now it turns out she might be a kid diddler? Jesus christ you guys. Wow.

No. 349326

I messed up greg's age. *31. I always think hes way older. He does not age gracefully.

No. 349327

He's 18 to himself, babe

No. 349330

People flock to anyone who is remotely famous on social media so they can also gain popularity and be relevant. Shes pretty average looking. She could be cute, but her personality is so ugly. I dont know why anyone would want to be her friend. All you'd hear about is her whining and talking about being agender, probably grills you on if you want to steal gerg from her, if gerg finds you attractive youll probably get harassing messages from him asking to join his threesome, and you'd have to walk on eggshells to not say anything that would make her drop you and move on to the next internet tween.

No. 349334

This is how I see them now. Any sympathy I had for Lainey is long gone because at first I thought "Well she's not as bad as Grease but she's helping him" and then turns out no, she's just as bad as him.

No. 349346

I gotta add that Lainey got her degree in psychology! That never ceases astonish me considering what her life has become and who she remains married to.

No. 349347

sage for blogpost but as an abused kid it took me well into adulthood to recognize the signs of manipulation like they are using, it's not unreasonable to think that neglect/whatever else Sarah is dealing with messed up her social functioning. Why else do kids act out unless something is wrong? Common sense doesn't really mean much when you are from birth taught to ignore it.

No. 349352

Honestly, I can't wait for this shit to be made into a Lifetime movie. It'll be fucking epic.

No. 349353

feat. Dean Caine as Onion and Jefree Starr as Plain.

No. 349356

File: 1486556732616.png (458.18 KB, 634x426, scum.png)

More people need to call them out for being parents to two young children. That is their Achilles heel, methinks. Not saying reveal anything more than necessary about them except that fact that they exist, of course. I just find it so shocking that hardly anyone mentions this… because they go to such lengths to hide it. I don't know, it's just weird. Like I understand protecting their identities but acting like they don't even fucking exist is.. perplexing.

No. 349358

black bra, black spaghetti strap tank. the way she's got her shoulders and the lighting makes it look like ones split and the other is fat.

No. 349360

Wait a sec. Sarah is a fan of idubbbz? Didnt he fight with Onion on twitter before and call onion an idiot? lmao. I'd laugh so hard if he ever made a content cop on onion knowing shes a fan of him.

Its easy to forget they have kids when they never talk about being parents. I feel like half his fans dont even know he has kids.

No. 349363

I'm waiting for the twitter meltdown when someone suggests Plain become a mommy blogger because her fanbase is getting older.

No. 349365

She will experience the onion effect. Her older fans will ditch her and she will inherit new tween fans while shes stuck forever being a 17 year old mentally.

No. 349373

File: 1486563595982.png (298.15 KB, 1440x1681, tmp_10946-20170208_074913-7029…)


I highly doubt Ian would ever make a Content Cop on Onion. He tried to insert himself into the Leafy drama and Ethan called him out on it.

I also noticed that Ian didn't use Onion's thumbnail in his Content Cop on Tana when he flashed through a bunch of other YouTuber thumbnails that had already covered the drama. I would guess it was a deliberate decision, because Gurg's video was the first or second YouTube result for a while.

No. 349376

So, not only did the agender space prince with "dysphoria" send this thirst trap underwear pic, but she thought it was okay to send to a minor? It's a weird photo to send to a kid anyway. Twat needs to grow up and stop creeping on kids.

No. 349377

She couldn't work out how to put a black bar over a photo? Her only option was to send it to a minor, even though her husband edits fucking videos? God, she's so stupid. She can't even think her lies through to save her own ass.

No. 349385

How long until space prince declares she is "trans-age" or "age-fluid" and demands everyone to respect it?

No. 349390

this kills me. she asked a FOURTEEN year old.

No. 349392

I was trying to find the original tweet where Lainey sent Sarah the "naked" picture. I can't find it and I am wondering if it has been deleted. If we saw it in context would it show Lainey a bit more guilty.

No. 349394

That's honestly the lamest excuse ever lmao. I believe a 20 year old is capable of figuring out how to put a black bar on a photo. She supposedly censored it with pink squiggles (she totally did that right now) so she is capable of censoring it herself. Or yeah ask your fucking husband.

Is she going to ask her kids to censor her nudes for her when they are tweens?

No. 349396

File: 1486568728808.png (631.68 KB, 529x517, kk.PNG)

Billie looks like she's having so much fun away from Grease and honestly I'm so happy for her.

No. 349399

classic pedo coverup. fucking gross.

No. 349403

I'm not the most tech savvy anon, but isn't there a way to see if when the photo was edited? EXIF or something?

No. 349415


Even though I really love how she's going completely in Onion's face with the joint, putting pictures of yourself smoking weed online is pretty stupid.

But if she doesn't care, go Billie!

No. 349420

File: 1486575748410.png (102.06 KB, 1242x801, IMG_3911.PNG)

So, what is she going on about here? Also, sending pictures of yourself in just you underwear and a revealing tank top to your 14 year old friend you met online is a tad bit odd. I'm a female, and the thought of sending my friends a picture like that is unheard of? You don't send friends this shit, even close ones. And isn't she supposed to be just "so camera shy"? She needs a manager to control her social media.

No. 349422

God, Lainey just needs to fucking walk away from the Internet forever. She's always complaining about how others perceive her wrong and that she's a victim… Just. Walk. Away.

She doesn't even like or interact with her fans. She makes no content. Udderly useless.

No. 349425

lol they could be taking her kids away and about to throw her in the back of the cop car and she'd be like "GUESS some people think I'm FORCED to enjoy the delicious pea soup I had yesterday. But I throughly enjoyed it ON MY OWN"

No. 349430

File: 1486577900119.png (260.28 KB, 358x310, bf8.png)


No. 349438

>>She needs a manager to control her social media.

I believe social media management is part of what Sarah "hired" to do. Which is also pretty inappropriate to ask of a minor.

No. 349440

Nobody said she was being forced to wear things, did she feel dysphoria while in her underwear and cleavage???

No. 349441

Lmao no one cares about you Lainey, you're old news. accept it

No. 349443

>Guess I can't even send underwear photos to minors now without people assuming that I'm being forced to.

Give up your fucking kids, and give up fucking kids.

No. 349445

Actually, I'd like this to be proven true, because if Lameo wasn't forced to send a minor underwear pics that's just proof she's every bit as vile and fucked up as Onion.

Keep digging your grave, Lameo.

No. 349447

This is the funniest tweet because it's like as everyone is discussing that she WILLINGLY sent a photo that was taken with the intent of being a sexy tease TO A 14/15 YEAR OLD she proves it even more creepy by letting us know she did it on her OWN free will rather than something Greg told her to do.
>Proud to be me
Kek, I bet u are Lainey, I bet u are

No. 349448

I don't know if anyone watches her, but Karina Kaboom has posted a video about the Onion drama

No. 349452

Another youtuber, yourmoviesucksdotorg, has recently said something similar about having to disable one at a time.

No. 349455

She's such an insufferable little bitch. How many people would kill to have all that free time and money?? Other lucky people like that travel, spend quality time with family, learn skills, discover foods, get hobbies, volunteer, find projects etc… and what do these people do? Sulk around a empty house whinging about nothing on twitter all day everyday. Pathetic.

No. 349463

Considering Lamey's dream is supposedly to be a child counselor, this whole thing is even more disturbing and sickening. I hope she never gets into a position of power with young children. She's a sick freak

No. 349464

she's about 3 weeks late though. I wish she was talking about the Sarah drama instead of the basement thing.

No. 349465

Imagine having all that time and money and then spending it all in your house tweeting minors for attention. Girl could travel the world and do YouTube videos somewhere other than the cold mcmansion or she could make drop some cash on a new experience and make friends that way but instead she's just hitting up kids and sticking up for a creep that doesn't really love her. Depressing af

No. 349466

"I understand you're feeling sad, would you like to come get chained up in my husband's basement while I angrily tweet about you? For therapeutic purposes, of course…"

No. 349467

>Lamey's dream is supposedly to be a child counselor

Oh FUCK no. That's what child predators do too, they put themselves in places where they'll have "easy access".

I used to be on the fence about gerg and neutral towards Lame, but to anyone that's aware of the going's on over the last few months, it's really is fucking sick. They're both awful people and deserve whatever comes of this.

No. 349468

Honestly she should have lied and said grease chooses her outfits because she constantly looks like shit and she should have used the opportunity to shift the blame.

No. 349469

Yeah I was one of those suckers that thought plainey needed help a few threads back, but she's as creepy and disgusting as he is. I felt bad for her once but it's obvious now that she's a manipulative and abusive piece of shit. I hope it all comes back to bite her in the ass

No. 349470

Fat blunt ftw. I'm still amused over the fact that Greg and Taylor tried to take the moral high ground with Billie and her friend - because nothing says moral arbiter like being a fucking disgusting child predator, and they have 2 kids on top of that. kek

No. 349472

Unfortunately Greg's business model requires typical adolescent adoration and therefore they can't travel or do really interesting things because their fan base thrives on endless drama rather than applauding or emulating actual life accomplishment.

Not bashing teen girls - most of us were teen girls at some point. There are a handful who are genuinely interested in experiencing life outside of YouTube and IG. Must most aren't because they're kids. Those girls are not reading travel blogs and dreaming of climbing a mountain or seeing the Great Wall. They aren't that interested in DIY or film festivals or learning new skills.

They are interested in small, insular topics and they all relate to petty dramatics, like continual relationship sturm und drang. They want to hear about hair colors and games and they want social issues to come in the black and white presentation that Greg is known for. They exert their individuality through minor shitlording, like being exasperated when people are sad when famous people die, or seeing pot as the same as heroin because drugs are bad.

If Lainey or Greg ever used their money in a constructive manner and broadened their horizons, they would lose their core audience, an audience that just wants to experience their drama, not watch them achieve life goals. That's why they don't talk about their children, the experience of being parents. That's why they don't travel or take cooking classes or learn a second language. They will never do those things because those things do not appeal to thirteen year old girls who want to watch an adult act just like them.

No. 349475

No. 349476

>Didnt he fight with Onion on twitter before and call onion an idiot

If he did screenshots exist somewhere. I'd love for idubbbz to tear that manchild a new mangina with a Content Cop.

No. 349480

I've always felt like Taylor is emotionally stunted and stuck at 16-17, so in a really fucked up way it may not be such a reach for her to openly go after younger teens. If she views herself as a teenager she might feel like it's totally normal for two girls around the same age to be flirty gal pals. Kinda like PT the "30 going on 16" kawaii Japanese schoolgirl lusting after teenage James-kun and even her own students back when she was a substitute teacher.

Not trying to make excuses at all, Taylor is 100% a creepy adult who's preying on children. I'm just trying to think of a reason why she's so much more open about it than Grug is, and it might be because she hasn't come to terms with the fact that she's a grown-ass adult woman now.

She looks so dead behind the eyes. Who is she trying to seduce here, a necrophiliac?

Not surprising honestly, at least in my experience there are a lot of creeps studying psychology.

No. 349483

lol his "business model."
He's a 31yo sociopath who's figured out his pathetic horseshit doesn't work on adults. His only recourse is kids and teens. Youtube's at fault here too imo.

No. 349486

>If she views herself as a teenager

People that are dead inside don't have views of themselves. I don't care what her "reason" is for being a predatory piece of shit. All that matters is it's established what she is now; an adult who preys on children.

No. 349491

File: 1486587519004.png (574.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3511.PNG)


No. 349494

jesus wtf. At least he put that shit in parenthesis.

No. 349496

File: 1486587688145.jpg (13.01 KB, 245x245, 15095601_1359206170778558_7767…)

"0 STDs so far"

that's not that fucking difficult you idiot. and is that his way of admitting they're not done looking for their unicorn/he knows he won't stick with lainey?

No. 349499

Quotation marks. I see that mix up on here a lot and it drives me crazy. XD

No. 349505

This, the fact that she wasn't forced to send that pic just makes her a pedo in her own right.

You know, it may be a good idea to start using Taylor's real name from here on out so that her history is searchable to any future employers. I doubt she'd be able to get a job as anything beyond an mental health orderly or receptionist with her shitty online BA, but it might be helpful to salt the earth re: counseling opportunities with some good old SEO just in case.

No. 349513

Yeah what the fuck? Not acquiring any STD's is pretty easy when you're MARRIED.

No. 349518

OP here!

>"comedian", "musical artist"

Is he finally realizing he's none of those things? Took him long enough.

No. 349521

Sarah's going on younow soon, apparently.

No. 349522

>start using Taylor's real name from here on out so that her history is searchable to any future employers.

I agree. What's her full name? I know gerks is Gregory Jackson Daniel.

No. 349523

He's not smart enough to use quotes ironically.

No. 349525

> XD

Taylor and gergamesh should be incestigated. What really surprises me is that no one has gone up there and beat the shit out of them. I'm not saying "do it", but if some woman sent underwear pics to my little sister/daughter i would be fucking livid.

No. 349527

File: 1486589881846.png (29.27 KB, 640x189, 21354.png)

No. 349528

Her legal name is Taylor Elaine Avaroe, but she still uses her maiden name, Anderson, frequently.

No. 349529

Where does Avaroe come from? Why isn't it Taylor Elaine Daniel?

No. 349530

Greg picked Avaroe when he married Lainey to have his name changed. It's a famous Atheist's name or something

No. 349531

iirc, Grug changed his last name when he met Taylor because he hates his dad and is cray.

No. 349532


"0 stds" i'm pretty sure i've seen grunk and plaundry both with herpes in pictures lol

even if not WHO CARES why is that in your bio. why is that an important part of your identity. its literally luck for him and nothing else. dumbass.

No. 349533

Looks like Greg's just like his dear ol' pedo dad. Like father like son.

No. 349534

Greg had his name legally changed to Avaroe a couple months before they got married. There's speculation that it's a name of a street close by the apartment he and taylor rented while living in New Mexico.

No. 349535

>why is that in your bio

Because he thinks it will make him more attractive to the teen girls he preys on for sex.

No. 349540

I HATE the way she types/speaks, you know she's doing it in that better-than-thou tone.

>you might want to be there

stfu girl

No. 349541


That O STDs so far is probably pointed at someone in particular. Who, idk.

No. 349543

While she's technically Taylor Elaine Avaroe, it might be better to go with Taylor Elaine Anderson because "Avaroe" already connects her with Greg and thus his and her antics. "Taylor Elaine Anderson" is a much more common name, which means that it would need to be used more in connection with Lainey to produce informative search results. Plus it's the name she would probably use while applying to places to reduce the chance of employers discovering her connection to Greg.


No. 349545

hahaha i love this entire reply

No. 349546

Sarah is promising to spill the tea. I doubt it but who knows.

No. 349548

Even if she does, it's likely to be pro-Greg and Taylor, especially if she's still in the house.

No. 349553

File: 1486591465073.png (36.11 KB, 503x426, sarahtea.png)

No. 349554

There's a YouTube glitch going on that removes two subscribers from a channel if one unsubscribes. I hope people will unsubscribe from Onionboy today a lot

No. 349557

Could somebody theoretically take advantage of this by running a bot to keep subscribing and unsubscribing?

No. 349558

whatever she says is going to be what greg tells her to say. this is just damage control. everyone in the house is shitting brix over getting into legal trouble

No. 349561

Yeah. There is no way shes spilling actual tea while shes sitting in their house. She still feels like gerg and lameo are the best and everyone else are meanie haters who caused all this to happen.

No. 349565


Yup. After what happened with Billie I'm sure they know better now than to let their playthings blab tea when things don't work out.

No. 349568

File: 1486592325182.png (72.7 KB, 590x689, gerg1.png)

Go ahead and quit social media. Lainey is that person who constantly threatens to leave social media but doesnt actually do it, but wants the pity.

No. 349570

Sage for shenanigans but clicking sub and unsub seems to be very effective for me. I'm gonna get my runescape autoclicker on this while I read my book. I know youtube is gonna roll it back but I want to suspend belief.

No. 349571


No. 349573

Lol, he's permitted her to wear what she wants.

The "permission being granted" by you is part of what makes you a fucked up abuser, dude.

No. 349575

LMAO "Baby you were what you want" …. except High Heels…… XD

No. 349576

File: 1486592725023.png (718.54 KB, 1499x810, gerg2.png)

Yeah everyone stopped thinking shes a poor victim already. We get it. Shes a piece of shit like you and does horrible shit out of her own free will. Got it.

No. 349577

I love that "you wear what you want" was a fuckin "policy" between them. Isn't that shit supposed to be unspoken, why would you try to control what someone wears?

No. 349578

I find it unnerving that he refers to a healthy behaviour in a relationship (letting your spouse wear whatever they prefer) as a policy. Yeah, it's just a quick response and I'm sure no serious thought was put into it, but because it's Gerg there's this underlining tone that comes off as controlling even when he's trying to come off as the opposite.

No. 349580

Was putting off going to bed (britbong) because of all these promised younows. I'm going to give up and hope that the milk fairy delivers by the morning.

No. 349584

I feel for you, British neighbour.

No. 349585

oh please. not only will she NEVER get off social media, no one would give a single solid fuck. please deactivate lainey, and do the world and your children a favor

No. 349587

It's only 630pm here but I won't be able to watch you now because I am on mobile

Would appreciate the luckier farmers keeping nerds up to date itt

No. 349593

Didn't Taylor Elaine Anderson post pics of tic-tacs saying it was their breakfast? There are logs of her friend worried about her eating disorder on Greg Daniel Jackson's ED page.

No. 349595

i've been messing with this. it seems to work. lets make him freak out, unsub and sub as much as you can!

No. 349596

Oh boo hoo, Taylor feels harassed and is fed up. This insufferable bitch, I swear. She deserves all the shit she gets.

No. 349598

He just posted a vid " sarah is leaving", anyone more tech savy care to mirror it

No. 349599


Please lurk on the previous threads and (possibly) anti-o blogs, his dad was never a pedo. Onion and the old hag (his mom) made it all up.

No. 349600

Onion boy just posted a video called "sarah is leaving"

No. 349602

wait what? i followed gerg drama for many years now and somehow this slipped right by me. where can i find this info?

No. 349603

FUck they kicked sarah out … well hes saying there "parting ways" -.-

No. 349604

So Onision uploads a video and sarah start casting at pretty much the same time. Interesting.

No. 349605

Doesn't work on mobile.

No. 349607

I saw her stream for a few seconds without sound. What happened?

No. 349608


She turned off the stream as soon as she noticed that Gerg had posted his video. Left to watch the video, gotta keep their stories straight/consistent.

No. 349609

She said onion uploaded his vid and left to go watch it

No. 349611

Using SJW as an insult now when only a little while ago he and his agender space prince were trying to pander to that exact crowd for views…

Maybe it's in the contract.
>you can wear whatever clothes you want sweetie <3
>just don't ever get fat or eat fish or talk to other men or lie or use manipulative language or say anything remotely negative about me on social media or see your family more than twice a year

Ugh it's my bedtime too. Pls kindly document everything that happens, guys! I want to wake up to delicious milk.

No. 349612

mirrored the video

No. 349613

what the FUCK is that hair i'm going to throw up

No. 349615

shes back on younow

No. 349617

I hope Sarah can stay with her cousin or friend, if she goes back home she'd going from one abusive place to another. Keep your head up, focus on studies and try to carve a good life for yourself gurl

No. 349618

So she is going home, is on Lainey and Gregs side still and complains about the Internet.

No. 349619

Good to see she's still drinking the koolaid.

No. 349620

File: 1486595401663.png (228.03 KB, 482x564, nHVZoDa.png)

to those who can't watch, she's saying lainey and greg saved her from an abusive home

No. 349621

Trying to take notes of what she's saying on her younow for those who can't watch

No. 349622

thanks anon! it's much appreciated

No. 349623

Everyone involved with gerg goes from one abusive situation to another, and so they think this is "better".

No. 349624

Thanks anon!

No. 349626

So, apparently Sarah's home life is incredibly abusive and Lainey spoke to Greg and decided to help out by having her move there but they're sending her back to Michigan and it's the internet's fault.

She's throwing shade at Lane and she said that the only reason she freaked out was because she didn't want THIS to happen.

"I can be friends with a 22 year old if I want to because FUCK YOU."

"All I want to be is a friend"

No. 349628

I am recording - I hope it turns out.

No. 349630

lol can she explain all her pathetic emo posts on tumblr about "someone" and the feelings she confessed to lane? if it was platonic feelings there would be no need to freak. all bullshit, but expected since she learned from the best

No. 349631

and now they're sending her back? nice.

No. 349632

So happy Shiloh and Skye 2.0 are safe.

No. 349633

Onision has lost 3k subs in the last 2 hours due to this glitch.

People are speculating it's triggered by unsubscriptions but… I'm not sure that is the case.

No. 349634

Hahaha, her initials are T.E.A.

No. 349635

File: 1486595941386.png (139.38 KB, 500x386, admitstogrooming.png)

Holy shit, this post is underrated anon!
this list includes screen caps people were wanting of inappropriate convos going on between a 20 something yr old girl and a 14/15 year old.

No. 349636


Search up Randall Grey Daniel on Google to be more precise.

No. 349637

File: 1486595988001.png (156.92 KB, 500x608, drowinginwhoswhat.png)

gross… a text sent from lainey to sarah

No. 349638

sorry from sarah to lainey**

No. 349639

File: 1486596071110.png (167.45 KB, 500x585, thedungeon.png)

turns out the dungeon isn't actually the basement after all ?

No. 349640


>And people don't get weird ideas, because again I told everyone so many times, including Sarah that, there was to be no anything there, nothing.

>Or maybe even Sarah thought there would be something that's just not okay.

Yeah not until she's 18 amiright? /s

No. 349641

File: 1486596144472.png (181.59 KB, 500x294, friendthatsagirl.png)

the face u make when you have to tell ur 14 yr old friend you JUST FRIENDS AND NOTHING MORE like atleast 10 times and she still doesn't get it

No. 349642

Yeah if they really cared about her and want to help her not be in an abusive home, why aren't they helping her find a safe accommodation? Why dont they reach out to that cousin who wanted to help her out? Makes no sense.

To be fair i think they were saying that because people were saying lainey was grooming sarah.

No. 349643

maybe he told her that because he personally wasn't attracted to her, doesn't mean it was never implied between just lainey and her

No. 349645

lmao wtf Sarah's handle was jailbait? this is disgusting. who in their right mind can't see something beyond friends is going on

No. 349647

This is what I've got so far, she's just repeating that there isn't anything going on and how it's all the internets fault because she has to leave.
- Lainey and her are just friends, people irl think somethings up
- Moved because home was abusive, Lainey offered it to her, going back there because demonizing internet people
- “I hope you’re all happy”
- “We can’t win with you people” - people mad because she’s living there, people mad because she’s leaving
- People are calling authorities and people back where she’s from therefore she’s not safe there
- “Greg is a known abuser - NO.” “Greg has done nothing to me so I don’t care about his past”
- Never has anything more than a hug for physical contact
- Worried about texts because this would happen (suuure)
- Regrets harassing Lane apparently
- “I don’t want anything to happen”
- Keeps repeating that she knew she had to go back home, and that nothing will happen/she doesn’t want anything to happen
- “I can be friends with a 22 year old if I want. Why? Cause fuck you.”
- Was never under the impression that she was going to have a relationship with Lainey and/or Greg, all she is and going to be and wants to be is a friend
- Greg has called her names “a few times” but “has never even yelled at [her]”
- Everyone is still on good terms
- She doesn’t want people calling CPS - “Do you want me to be in foster care or something?”
- “Stop talking about me on hate blogs or drama threads, I’m no longer involved. I’m irrelevant, stop. It’s done.”
- Ring she wears she bought for herself on Valentines day lol
- Still repeating she doesn’t want a relationship with Lainey
- Didn’t know Greg was making the video
- Still repeating…
- Tumblr is an aesthetic blog, apparently only follows one blog?
- Everything that was said was overexagerated and months ago, not applicable now apparently
- “We should have never made it public because people take things and twist it around to fit their agenda.”
- Still repeating, again…

No. 349648

And her favorite part of living there was apparently making dinner with Lainey

No. 349649

Let's try to subscribe and unsubscribe a lot.

No. 349651

File: 1486596436135.png (30.27 KB, 500x119, okkk.png)

being vague about her and laineys relationship (a tweet she retweeted)
all of these are from when they first started talking and when she first visited so keep that in mind

No. 349652

i'm confused. in the vid greg keeps saying he's stated multiple times sarah is just a friend. but to who? the internet? or to sarah? he said "the issue has come up repeatedly"… then uhh, why is it the internet's fault? and he carefully avoided what those screenshots contained of course

No. 349653

People are directing her to resources that can help her with housing and her main concern is Lainey and Grease.

No. 349654

Billie is in Sarahs YouNow but she is quiet and just watching.

No. 349655

Greg just came in!

No. 349656

billie is in the chat and greg is in the stream. oh boy

No. 349657

Greg just joined in on the younow

No. 349660


No. 349661

Lainey is crying because Billie came in the YouNow. (Hi Lainey!)

Gregor came in to have Billie blocked.

No. 349662


No. 349663

Noooow he is ranting about Billie.

No. 349664

onion popped in to say that lainey is crying because billie is watching the stream and to yell at her to "move on"

No. 349665

LMAO Greg came on bc Billie was in the younow and it was making Lainey cry apparently

No. 349666

Im dying. Greg comes in saying Lainey is crying cause billie was in the chat.


No. 349667

Holy shit the cringe is too much
"Lainey says there's some questions you're not answering"

No. 349668

this is GREGS younow NOW

No. 349669

"So Sarah … Lainey said the are some questions that you aren't answering." - Greg

Sarah is uncomfy

No. 349670

billie was in there and greg walked in and told sarah to block her, when billie was supporting sarah and trying to say sarah wasn't being groomed.

grug has now taken control of the stream bc 'lainey is crying'.

No. 349672

I saw Billie comment "LOL" before Sarah blocked her

No. 349673

Greg is so uncomfortable, he's trying to get her to stop talking cause she's saying the samething over and over. He's trying to play it off live and failing

No. 349674

if lainey is the one crying at billies fucking NAME then i think shes the one who needs to move on LMAO

No. 349675

Greg is not controlling at all! Infiltrates her younow and makes her block billie LMAO.

No. 349676

Greg's on there because she wasn't doing her hostage video right

No. 349677

omg greg is came in to tell sarah what to say. he's trying to direct her. saying stuff like "well lainey feels you're not doing this and that and you're upsetting her" and now sarah is massively awkward and uncomfortable

No. 349678

Greg is an asshole and freaking crazy. "You're just repeating yourself, Sarah, that's what Lainey said" -Greg. Also, Sarah looked extremely uncomfortable, and Greg just seemed to barge in unexpectedly to tell Billie off.

No. 349679

Anyone else notice the comment in the chat "Sarah cough if you know this isn't okay"
Within 60 seconds she coughs. To cause speculation?

No. 349680

Lainey has guardianship over Sarah!

No. 349681

greg had to turn on the light when he joined haha he looked so old and creepy

No. 349683

sarah said lainey "has guardianship over her" so she's there legally

No. 349684

File: 1486596969831.png (24.73 KB, 405x303, LMAO.png)

Billie's evil presence. The top two were her before greg and the last two after. Those were the ones I caught. I also saw her say "LOL" but that was it.

No. 349685

You can always screen capture/record with audio the younow and upload it somewhere else. This way they can't say it never happened. Create a fake account to log in and watch.

No. 349686

>Lainey is crying
Is she ever fucking not? Send the bitch to a place that needs clean water so she can finally be of use to someone

No. 349687

"Say what you want to me, but have the decency to leave my spouse alone"
Just like you did with Dasha, Greg?

No. 349688

>sees ex's name in your friend's stream
>starts crying
>demands for ex to banned from a stream that she doesn't own

makes sense.

No. 349689

Billie is still in the chat Sarah must have lied about blocking her

No. 349690

I like how greg barged in and started going off on his billie rant with no regard of sarah crying right beside him

No. 349691

Screaming. He came in just to say Taylor's crying. It's like a meme at this point

No. 349692

She said she doesn't know how to block. Maybe she did it wrong.

No. 349693


She should have said LOL BE MAD

No. 349694

Sarah unblocked Billie the minute Greg left or something because she just popped up in the chat LOL

No. 349695

i felt bad for sarah then, she had just started tearing up legitimately over college and he comes in to complain about lainey crying like a child over billie

No. 349697

Someone needs to tell Lainey to fuck off because absolutely EVERYTHING upsets her or makes her cry. If the wind blows wrong it upsets her. She needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap and spoken in soft whispers so the world can't hurt her.

No. 349698

Sarah is so kicked out lmao

No. 349699

Trying to keep Plainey from crying is like trying to lick your bloody elbow

No. 349700

Can someone link me please? I want to see how ugly Gerg looks(lurk more)

No. 349702

No. 349704

Wah, we're kicking you out but wahhh, you've made Taylor cry because Billie is in the chat wahhhhh

No. 349705

>Quick! I'm not the centre of attention!! Cry!!!

No. 349706

File: 1486597641899.jpg (42.27 KB, 600x600, sarahbear.jpg)

damn now it hit me what her face had been reminding me of all along

No. 349707

Will he come back in now that billie is back in the chat?

No. 349708

I actually feel bad for Sarah, not only cause shes obviously kicked out and it's not a unanimous decision but also because I have no doubt Greg/Lainey were grooming her.

No. 349709

>Lainey spoke to Greg and decided to help out

By grooming her (sending her pics of herself in her underwear etc.). Sarah doesn't need that kind of "help", they were never trying to help her.

No. 349710

fuck i missed greg noooo

No. 349711

If Greg and Taylor actually wanted to help Sarah they've would've called CPS years ago. Fucking lying sacks of shit.

No. 349712

i do think we need to collectively give a round of applause to lane for tipping the cow and getting sarah the fuck out of there. she might not have come through with the screenshots she said she had, but she did enough to split the gergemansion up.

No. 349713


People are recording the stream it should be up on youtube later

No. 349714

I can hear Lainey sobbing from across the states.

She's gone now btw. She keeps popping in and out.

No. 349715

I wish Sarah was leaving on her own terms and had a safe place to go. Isn't it illegal to kick her out if they're her guardians?

No. 349716

No shit. Why did they need to "save her" by opening their home when they could have had CPS intervene if she needed help?

No. 349717

Sarah is crying in silence.

No. 349718

The fact that Greg and Lainey couldn't keep their asses out of a stream that supposed to be Sarah telling the world how totally not controlling and non-manipulative they are makes me wonder how much they micromanage their victims' lives when the cameras are off.

No. 349719

I feel kind of bad for her, she's just sitting there crying pretty much…
I hope deep down she knows how much better this is going to be for her..

No. 349720

Lainey comes in

No. 349721

Lainey is on the younow

No. 349722

There's just way too much shit. Can anyone explain to me how CPS hasn't been involved yet?

No. 349723

Sarah has started crying an Lainey has ended up on stream

No. 349724

christ she is a sight when she's not using angles/filters
holy shit lol

No. 349725

If Sarah IS from an abusive home, this just makes the gruesome twosome look ever worse.
>find abused minor
>send inappropriate pics
>make her live in a house where teens are chained up

No. 349726

Sarah keeps repeating the same things like she has to reassure herself.

No. 349727

Greg sent lainey in to answer some unanswered questions

No. 349728

Omg…is that Lainey…NOT crying…miracles happen, guys, God is real.

No. 349729

Why does onision say there's a nanny in videos then?

No. 349730

She sent a pic of herself to Sarah in her underwear, yet somehow Taylor and cuckboy expect people to believe it was all innocent?? KEK

No. 349731

lamey doesn't look as sad as gerg implied. Nothing too shocking there kek

No. 349732

Lainey screaming they dont have a nanny. Greg has mentioned a nanny fifty million times.

No. 349733

Apparently, Sarah's mom signed over her guardianship to Lainey and Greg lol.

No. 349734

Where the fuck are the kids

No. 349735

of course they need to cover their asses and clear out the air about what they didn't do that was illegal.

No. 349736

If they actually are/were trying to save Sarah from an abusive home, they wouldn't be sending her back. These fucking people, I swear to god.

No. 349737

Lainey says "everything is legal", but they're sending Sarah home because they're afraid of getting in trouble with the law.

No. 349738

Sarah starts to cry, and lainey just reads chat and screams about the ring. LOL COMFORT HER?

No. 349739

but they all three agreed about sending her back home. /s

No. 349740

They're both in blankets, they have money for kinky ;) collars but not heat or proper insulation

No. 349741

>- She doesn’t want people calling CPS - “Do you want me to be in foster care or something?”

Her only alternatives are that, or staying with her cousin, unless she WANTS to stay in the home she was desperate to escape from, only to find refuge with TWO PREDATORS.

No. 349742


She's crying now lol

No. 349743

and an anon said they called the cops on greg

No. 349744

Anyone else suspicious of the lights being already in that room? Like, ready for him to show up? I worry that this is all a show.

"Sarah's going now. Don't look again. She's gone for real. Promise."

No. 349745

They will not answer what the Lane texts were

No. 349746

no sexual texts, only sexual banter on twitter guys!!!

No. 349747

- “people take things and twist it around to fit their agenda.”

Why is she mentioning Greg, I thought she liked him?

No. 349750

lainey dropped the ball.
someone asked 'where is the kids father', and she goes 'you realise they have a father, right?'

No. 349751

I think they're reading lolcow not the younow chat lmfao! hey girls <3

No. 349753

"don't you realize they have a FATHER?"
not really

No. 349754

hey lainey and sarah!

sarah, this is lainey and greg's fault. the only things they care about are their own asses <3

No. 349755

Will someone record this I have to go to the store but don't want to miss this milk pls pls

No. 349756

does lainey have a fake nose ring?

No. 349757

"OMG guys you only care about dramuhhh"
That's fucking great coming from these attention seeking drama queens. kek

No. 349758

I like to hear Lainey speak. Why does Greg always speak for her.

No. 349759

"it's not that dramatic over here" you make all your money off of fucking drama dont feed us that bullshit.
Tell Billie how "chill" you all are while youre trying to force her get tattoos and chain her to the basement lmfao

No. 349760

It's not dramatic!

Every 6 months there's something. This time it's Sarah. The last 2 times it was Billie.

No. 349761

This is the most animated I've ever seen Lainey.

No. 349762

lel ikr?
Totally a setup for her to stay there. Sarah mentioned not actually having a fixed date/ticket for returning to Michigan yet.

No. 349765

Lainey reiterating the stuff grease mentioned earlier on the younow about billie. Great acting bitch

No. 349767

>"billie knows nothing was going on"

sorry for caps but how dare they

No. 349768

Taylor is still sad about Billie :''((((

No. 349769

Lol Lainey making up bs that billie said "I know what you're going through" in chat. All she said was stay positive and her rice is bomb.

No. 349770

Can't let the doormat have a mind of her own, she might become self-aware.

No. 349771

yes please leave the internet forever lainey.

No. 349772

Lainey talking about leaving the internet lmao

No. 349774

Lainey cries all the time because the truth hurts bitch

No. 349775

Lainey please leave the internet and take your husband with you.

No. 349776

Just because Greg doesn't yell doesn't make him not emotionally abusive??

No. 349777

"No one yells here" Cause you all are too busy fighting over Twitter lmao

No. 349778

>this was the best and least complicated option
Hahaholy shit I can't believe she's saying this with a straight face.

No. 349779

Yes, they're always angrily tweeting at each other while in seperate rooms. Kek

No. 349780

I wish she would. I am so sick of her crying for attention and her boring face. She looks like a limp dick.

No. 349782

that and they text eachother lmfao

No. 349783

The comments keep calling Lainey out and she just ignores them lol

No. 349784

Onion's script doesn't cover all the points being brought up. /s

No. 349785

I bet Lainey loves this shit tbh. Without the drama her life is so fucking boring and sad lol.

No. 349786

can you stop treating the thread like a chat please and responding to the younow here. post it in the younow chat if you want to respond to what they're saying.

No. 349787

Sarah said her mom is mad at the internet and everyone for causing this. Um…it's your mom's job to keep you safe sarah. Wtf? If it's abusive at home and shes not the abusive one, she should be the one leaving to keep sarah safe.

No. 349788

They're talking about the heating issue now lol

No. 349789

Lainey "I'm not HIM. I don't control people"

No. 349790

"I'm not him, I don't control people."

Then her expression like she just realised what she said. HAHAHAHA.

No. 349791

What the fuck was the "abuse" she went through and how come her mom was so eager to let her live with social retards? Now she's mad because she had to take her own daughter back. If she's so upset about being a mom maybe she should've aborted Sarah or gave her up for adoption

No. 349792

hooooooooo boy

No. 349793

We're trying to update for people not here or who can't watch.

No. 349794

Ope, Lainey bringing up a screenshot i uploaded a few minutes ago lmfao hey girls

No. 349796

I hope someone gets video of that lol.

No. 349797

Why would anyone in their right mind sign guardianship of their daughter to someone from on the internet? In another state. Sarah's mum must be a looper.

No. 349798

Serious question: why are Sarah and Lainey always snuggling into blankets even though they're at home and Gurg supposedly makes all that money with Youtube? Turn the heat on what the fuck

No. 349799

Pfff if I had a nickle every time greg used "plainey is crying" as a reason to say something…

No. 349800


People are recording the stream rn :^^))

No. 349801

summarise it in one post then please with context.

No. 349802

File: 1486599441846.jpg (13.44 KB, 225x225, 756757.jpg)

My favorite part of the stream so far.

Nice one, Plainey. I'm sure Onion is going to really let you have it later.

No. 349803

I'm one of those people, thank you. This is amazing aha.

No. 349804

Lainey is pretty much dissing all of her retarded fans. "They don't care about me! They only listen to me whining 24/7!"

No. 349805


Yeah, apparently being a parent comes with all sorts of legal, moral, and ethical obligations. Who knew?!

Seriously, her mom is a POS, there's really no way around it.

No. 349806

Sarah keeps blaming the internet. Sarah, you were threatening to kill yourself on Tumblr over SCREENSHOTS Lane had. That's why people were concerned there was something more going on. Sarah exaggerated the situation, and now the household wants her out to save their own asses, and not her's. She's too naive to see it.

No. 349807

Lainey admits to Greg calling her awful shit and that 'it wasn't ok' but then continues to say
…….nigga what do you think abuse is da fuq

No. 349808

File: 1486599724593.jpeg (9.44 KB, 192x256, 2017-02-08-19-21-12-1250808333…)

Lainey is giving me the duggar mom vibes in this younow

No. 349809

This is all on Greg and Taylor. That they're sitting there trying to blame the internet for
their own actions shows what pathetic, cowardly psychos they really are.

No. 349810

omg YES its the voice !!!
she sounds like that annoying teacher who is trying to lecture the class while no one listens fucking kek

No. 349811

The spongebob meme was apparently NOTHING to do with oral sex and we're perverts even though the quote after it was "AFter you're done drowning in that pussy"

No. 349812

I've never heard her speak at length before. In Onion vids she usually mumbles sullenly.
Now she's whiny and sanctimonious.

No. 349813

Has anyone recorded the part where Greg rushes in and screams?

No. 349814

Lainey keeps bringing up billie out of no where and keeps bring up how billie being chained to a wall wasnt her idea, but then that literally makes no sense why would greg try to convince her t come back at all if lainey didnt even want her anymore?

god like she makes no sense

No. 349815

"We're the same age! We're three years apart" Lainey can't count for shit.

No. 349816

If they have legal guardianship and their intentions were actually good, they wouldn't be scrambling to get Sarah out of the house now.

No. 349817


Jesus, her self-awareness is zero. And here I thought she had an undergrad psych degree. She really is stuck at a 16 year old mental level. Chalk that up to his abuse too.

No. 349818

Taylor's response to the 16 year old intellectual stimululating friendship thing is retarded, they're both cringey and awkward. It's like Taylor is stunted at 17

No. 349819

Lainey defending hanging out with a 16yr old
Sarah chiming in like 'I find that insulting!'
(Sarah they're not calling you stupid, they're calling Lainey creepy)
Lainey boi Avoiding the point that is GET FRIENDS YOUR OWN AGE YOU PREDATORY FUCK

No. 349820

Yeah because just going along with his creepy ideas isn't enabling at all…

No. 349821

>I worry that this is all a show.

Doesn't matter. They're fucked regardless.

No. 349822

Lainey said something along the same lines as
>I'm either a child bride or im the one grooming a child

in terms of what people say about her…
no heres the thing lainey, you WERE a child bride, that's why people say that.
you were 17 when you were married.
You were. a child bride. and you DO groom children now that you're older. It's not that we're flip flopping, it's that its the ~truth~

No. 349823

The coughing and sniffling as they're bundled up for life in that frozen hellhouse is a little funny.

No. 349824

Greg and Taylor are complete retards and yet they blame the internet for it.

No. 349825


Her saying that toddlers are also intellectually stimulating is pretty funny.

No. 349826

There are people recording the full younow, no worries if you missed it

No. 349827


>"yes i had a safe place but not anymore but you guys fucked it up"

Lainey (regarding her private twitter):

>We (both me and Greg) decided to stop saying negative things about relationships on twitter"

The level of cognitive dissonance here is amazing.

No. 349828

She told Greg that he's not allowed to fuck Billie but he did it anyway because he wanted a true trinity <3.<3

No. 349829

Earlier in the stream, somebody made a comment about blankets and ehating and they both got on their high horses, saying "of course we have heating!" as Sarah coughed and they both huddled under fluffy blankets haha

No. 349830

Taylor and Greg are predators. They can fuck off with their lying bullshit.

No. 349833

Lainey is talking about how she is allowed to see her family - likely trying to show that Greg doesn't control her ability to see her family like he wanted to do to Billie. Lainey said that Greg doesn't get along with her dad so they don't see each other when her parents visit and that her Grandma is actually visiting in a week. So I guess Lainey is allowed to see her family so long as they come to her? I doubt Lainey is allowed to go visit her family on her own with the kids. She's bound to that house.

No. 349834

She always looked like a mannequin to me. Dead inside.

No. 349835

Jesus. As soon as onion entered sarah started mumbling and trying to avoid looking at him while he glared her down and demanded her to do what he said using Plainey as a shield.

No. 349836

It's what she does best - not face up to reality.

No. 349837

Thanks for doing that anons, I wanted to but my computer was having issues with yn. Excited to watch it later!

No. 349838

"I don't talk about … being a mom"

We know you have 2 kids, you can say kids.

No. 349840

Then that moment he realises people are saying he looks bad he lets off a creepy fucking laugh and goes "~oh do what you want~" right before sending plain in.

No. 349841

She would've given Sarah up to actual responsible adults and NOT to Talyor and Greg, if she had any fucking decency as a human being.

No. 349842

They claim that the cops being called is a bad thing but if they have nothing to hide and plainey has guardianship over sarah then why should it be a problem?
Jeez they are so fucking bad at making repairs. Topkek

No. 349843

They don't have heat in their home?? WTF

No. 349844

Lainey trying to avoid mentioning kids by saying
'My decision to not talk about my….being a mom."
saying it's about defending her household…

Kek Lainey keeps saying stuff Greg has done isn't ok and isn't excused or like forgiven THEN WHY ARE YOU STILL WITH HIM IF NOTHING IS FORGIVEN OR EXCUSED FUCKEN EY

SARAH HOW CAN YOU BE 16 AND SUPPOSEDLY AFFORD A DIAMOND RING CUZ. 'Uhh I wanted something for valentines'

No. 349845

Damn, Lainey.

You are seriously the next Karla Homolka.

No. 349846

>It's your guys fault
>it's all thanks to you
>you guys made this happen

stop fucking blaming the "internet"

No. 349847

Lainey is insufferable in this stream.
>Talks over Sarah even when Sarah is trying to address one of the messages
>Ignores every legitimate point that gets brought up
>Acts as though everybody is stupid even when she's the one saying stupid shit
>Talks about Sarah coming from an abusive household but says she's gonna send her back anyway
>Says Sarah's mom isn't ideal but brings up that she had Sarah's mom's consent

No. 349848

I really don't understand the logic there. If everything is okay, and it's okay for Sarah to live there, why does she have to go back?

No. 349849

Lainey says Sarah is going back to her parents. Sarah gets angry and tells the audience "and this is all your guys' fault!"

Also Plainey thinks it's totally okay for her own husband to hate her father. SHE TRUSTS GERG MORE THAN HER OWN FATHER.

No. 349851

thats what i asked in chat, if cops are called and everything IS legal, what exactly are they worried about. they have guardianship and the parent approval so i have no idea what they are freaking out about lol

No. 349852

They don't have heat in their home???

Greg and Taylor are definitely only looking out for themselves. It was like that from day 1.

No. 349853

Lainey says she is Sarah's legal guardian

No. 349854

Because verbal abuse isn't abuse in her empty head.

No. 349855

So only Lainey has guardianship over Sarah? Greg apparently doesn't. I suppose that will make it mildly less creepy when he chucks lainey in favour of sarah

No. 349856

just got lainey to admit that greg hates lamo's dad because apparently he threatened onions life when they met? how is that now a red flag????

No. 349857

>>They don't have heat in their home???

Greg won't turn it on, or up enough so that they don't have to hide in sweaters and blankets all day. It exists, he just controls it like he controls everything else.

No. 349858

>Greg has no guardianship over Sarah

>Greg has nothing to do with this what so ever

>It's slander against my name

Lainey shut up I'm fucking dying

No. 349859

Someguy is/was in the stream. They mentioned it.

No. 349860

He would just feel too hot from menopausing if they adjusted the heat to the younger women of the house

No. 349861

lol she's talking about it like the internet made it all up. That's actually her pathetic life.

No. 349862


No. 349863

Having a house that looks like people are freezing to death doesn't sound really safe for children. Hope those kids are okay.

No. 349864

"All I do is cry!" - Lainey
At least she's kinda self-aware?

No. 349865

Sarah ffs, you weren't safe with those two predators either.

No. 349866

Lainey talking about people on the internet saying she's dated people when it's GURG who is calling these girls Lainey's Exes

No. 349867

They're obsessively blocking people

No. 349868

>"of course we have heating!" as Sarah coughed and they both huddled under fluffy blankets

Taylor and cuckboy couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it.

No. 349869

All Lainey does is cry but they're SO HAPPY GUIZ.

No. 349870

she's not shy when it comes to searching for new souls to lock in the basement

No. 349871

god, can they just fucking get off the internet already. should we place bets on how long taylor will stay off the internet?

No. 349873

So Sarah says she's leaving because her being at the Gergamel mansion causes "too much drama"

No. 349874

Greg's true colors show yet again. Sarah you're safer away from people like him.

No. 349875

There are so many other options for sarah, in chat someone mentioned boarding school and she goes "why would i want to do that? it'd be HELL"
So you'd rather go back to your abusive household? must not be that bad if literally every other option people suggest you turn down, don't want to do cause it's too "complicated" or ignore.
fuck off

No. 349876

I can't wait for the mirrors to be posted on youtube to watch greg sperg out on sarah LOL

No. 349877

She doesn't talk about it because she's been hiring nannies to raise them for her. She doesn't raise her children she's too busy attention whoring online.

No. 349878

They also said they have the flu.

No. 349879

Tip for sarah about her "internet" problem
delete twitter.
delete tumblr.
delete instagram.
delete facebook.

No. 349880

She's just saying what Greg told her to say. It's a line he uses frequently to avoid taking personal responsibility as an adult.

No. 349881

Asks 100x what the texts sarah wanted deleted.


No. 349882

Lol be mad

No. 349883

i don't doubt that sarah's home is unhealthy for her one bit but to say that greg/lainey is better is really naive

you go from one parent figure wanting to be your pal to another parent figure being sexually inappropriate to you. i think they did a hell of a lot more judging by this freak out

No. 349884

Yeah, I've seen the question come up so many times even when the chat isn't moving as fast and they still refuse to address it.

No. 349885

I thought they were gonna finish like 20 minutes ago

No. 349886

She's just a shit person who grooms children. It's all screen capped and here her and cuckboy are trying to play innocent KEK

No. 349887

Lainey should stop threatening to leave the internet already and just do it.

No. 349889

Obviously it doesn't align with the innocence

No. 349890

Obv gerg brainwashed her into believing that. She's so weak minded she just goes along with almost everything he does. Top kek wife.

No. 349891

Sarah is so awkwardly trying to say she was just a friend and blaming the internet for the reason she's leaving as if Gregs exposure of her in videos and the general drama stirring they all do on THEIR OWN…

Fuck the ED talk they're doing, Sarah re blogging a picture of some chicks torso sucking in her gut is fucked up even in your own words of 'cause it's aesthetically pleasing'

No. 349892

I was getting sick of asking things and getting ignored. Seems all Lainey cares about is how she looks to everyone else, and Sarah just wants to blame the internet for putting an end to her endless slumber party.
I got 30 seconds into onions video and I couldn't do it.
None of them are making anything clear whatsoever. Waste.

No. 349893



No. 349894

I dunno, if her house was actually abusive she wouldn't have laughed at the mention of boarding school. An abuse victim would do anything to not have to go back to where they were abused

No. 349895

He threatened Greg's life?That's father of the year material. Taylor's so up her own ass she can't see anything for what it really is.

No. 349896

it wasn't her fear of them getting leaked, she literally said it herself that it would "ruin her life"

No. 349897

Exactly, having a father who is a religious Trump supporter is suffocating and annoying, but that is not fucking absuive.
You can still have your own thoughts, get through high school and then fucking leave home at 18.

No. 349899

Can someone please confirm what Sarah texted to Lane? Not sure if I missed it or if Lane still didn't say.

From the sound of it, it was something like "Greg and Lainey both agreed that Lainey and I could date" or something along those lines?

No. 349900

Pointing out "hypocrisy" proves "hypocrisy;" it doesn't prove what you did was just.

Just. So. You. Know.

No. 349901

Whenever Greg is mentioned they keep saying
'We didn't agree to what he did, he isn't excused, what he did was bad, GREG IS DOING BAD SHIT' but for some reason he still isn't abusive, controlling and he is just a sunflower wtf

No. 349902

Also I don't mean the caps that were already posted, I mean whatever this HORRIBLE thing is that Sarah kept alluding to.

No. 349903

All she does is NOT be a mother to her children bc she's so busy trying to hook up with teens online. gg

No. 349904

Lane said her phone "deleted" them so we'll never know.

No. 349905

hey guys, if you don't want to be blamed for the company you keep maybe don't devote yourselves to horrible people?

No. 349906

If they have no heat in the winter, that's grounds enough to call CPS isn't it? In Illinois they can't legally shut off someone's heat because of the cold.

No. 349909

>Having a house that looks like people are freezing to death doesn't sound really safe for children.

Nothing about that house sounds safe for children.

No. 349910

Lmao Lainey snapped at the chat for talking about Billie. How FUCKING BITTER ARE YOU. THIS IS ABOUT SARAH.

No. 349911

Jfc can't she just say the jist of them? I mean it seems like it just alludes to Sarah dating Lainey but fuck I wanna know.

No. 349912

She doesn't have to do boarding school. CPS can place her in an actual, healthy home ffs.

No. 349913

>It's slander against my name

And she even claimed that they "all three agreed" that sarah should leave because sarah living with them and the negative attention they've received for it would be bad for business. So business > best friend's wellbeing apparently.
The grease household serves themselves first and foremost as always.

No. 349914

>i think they did a hell of a lot more judging by this freak out

it seems that way.

No. 349915


She'd never allude to Greg encouraging them to date on stream lmao. She spent the first 15 minutes crying "WE'RE JUST FRIENDS OMGGG"

No. 349916

Me too. Sarah just says it's "something private" that "happened months ago". Like is she just confirming what Lane said, that Greg encouraged her and Lainey to date and that's it, or is there more she's hiding? I wish either one of them would just show us the texts.

No. 349917

she's really mad that billie got all this support that was rightfully hers.

did you see that "MY POV" video where the first thing she says is, "I don't know why Billie is being treated as some kind of..HERO??"

it's really nasty. she really never cared about billie at all

No. 349918

lol @ sarah trying to guilt trip.

no one feels bad.

i'm thrilled.

and if you balk at the idea of boarding school, your homelife must not be that bad.

No. 349919

Lainey keeps trying to end this saying there's really no more questione while the chat is blowing up….
There are questions Lainey, just that they are questions you don't want to answer douchecanoe.

No. 349920

it's really fucked up and deluded how these people think that "the more people say im wrong the more right i am. the more i have to scream just means im honest" like take a step back and evaluate yourselves you horrible people

No. 349921

I wouldn't count on it. Foster homes are shit a lot of the time. Her best bet is going with a family member who cares about her, she should contact her cousin. Gurgs abuse probably seems not that bad since I'm sure she's already been abused, yelled at, called names at home. At leat at gdeasemansion she got money and could chill and play games, that's probably he'd logic. Plus hang out with so called Internet celebs lol


Sarah you don't have to settle for abusive shit heads, you can have a place of your own with no name calling or any of that shit. You just have to work for it. I'm serious, contact your cousin and focus on school. You're an intelligent girl. Shit seems uncertain now BUT you can find a way to work this out

No. 349922

They contradict themselves in the same sentence. It really does remind one of a cult, and like he's their leader. He does hold all the purse strings, so there's that.

No. 349923

Sorry I meant I wish Lane would share the jist of the texts even if the originals were really deleted.

It must have been something really bad if it is resulting in them kicking her out after finding out about it and for her to scream that her life would be over if it was shared. Dammit I wish Lane would spill. But I guess until then all we can assume it had to do with Sarah dating Lainey one day.

No. 349924

Apparently they have heat. The cult leader just keeps the thermostat real low so everyone's freezing without actually dying.

No. 349925

Lainey saying she wanted to be in a relationship for good with 'the last person I was with' (billie)

No. 349926

>The negative attention they've received for it would be bad for business.
>So business > best friend's wellbeing apparently.

Hear that SARAH? They were always self serving predators. You're better off without them.

No. 349927

"We've been crying guiz. It's all your fault. I hope you're happy. Greg is A HERO."


No. 349928


Sarah said cousin chan is in college and lives in a dorm so that's not an option

No. 349929

Kek they're legit talking about being crybabies in between scrolling through the thread talking about incriminating twitter caps.

No. 349930

People in the chat are asking if they've watched gregs vid since apparently they're saying the opposite of what Gregs been saying that last video

No. 349931

No. 349932


Perhaps contact social services

There are programs for housing they can help her get into, and financial assistance

No. 349933

Lainey is hollering that "THE KIDS ARE NOT UNSUPERVISED!" so…more than one confirmed.

No. 349934

>My KIDS have a dad!

>The KIDS are not unsupervised thank you!

Lainey 2k17

No. 349935

Of course she's probably better off w/ her cousin, but barring that, sincere, adoptive parents are better than living w/ that rapist Greg and his cuckqueen. IDK the details of Sarah's home life, but since her mother so willingly signed her over to THESE PEOPLE, her mother has no business trying to raise children.

No. 349936

>purse strings

Anyone mentioned tax evasion, that usually gives good GergSperg?

No. 349937

Okay, if when Gurg released the Billie info, him and Sarah were at Target and Lainey was at a class… Who was watching the kids? No nanny my ass

No. 349938

File: 1486603231813.gif (7.98 MB, 550x412, DBNeFGt.gif)

>me, coming home from work to open this page
>how are they still on younow

No. 349939

and lol, Lainey went to bed and Sarah said she'll wrap it up and "be in in a second"

No. 349941


Didn't even acknowledge his existence. Wouldn't want people to think you have other options, right sarah? :^)

No. 349942

>I didn't want to put my information out there

>willingly moved into a house with Onision the drama mongering cunt


No. 349944

inorite? Totally reminded me of that video where Billie goes in to get a vibrator and gurg says he'll "be in a second"

No. 349945

Sarah signing off with, "hope you all are very happy"

No. 349946

Taylor's crocodile tears are only for the fact that her prey is escaping. And if she thinks Greg is any kind of hero then she really needs to check into a mental hospital.

No. 349948

oh my god, blaming the internet for what's happening to you as though you don't have a choice. you could… just… not… use… your… social… media… accounts? fucking pathetic

also it's disgusting that sarahs mother signed away parental rights to lainey. what a fucking mess

No. 349950

Wow that was pointless. They got so unnecessarily aggressive too Sarah kept saying "I'm leaving thanks TO ALL OF YOUUU!" as if people were doing this to harass her and not out of genuine concern.

No. 349951

you could see in the reflection of sarah's glasses when she was on lolcow, that was cute. but in all seriousness, they are all contradicting themselfes so much. the part where sarah said that "her mom is mad at the internet" was also… something.

No. 349952

> they're saying the opposite of what Gregs been saying that last video

Their stories are never consistent. For a cult leader, Greg doesn't run a very tight ship.

No. 349953

Well at least LAINEY will never get to be a therapist so long as she's with gurgling

If you ever find her social media or her husband's YouTube, particularity the Billie videos, no one will take her

No. 349954

at least she has sarah to use as she pleases for a little while longer. Plainey must be oh so sad that she'll only have the onion and her kids left in the house if/when sarah actually leaves.

No. 349956

It's over. I have it.
Someone please recommend a good page to upload. Or just YouTube?

No. 349958

I'm sure Gergs tax returns are spotless kek

No. 349960

lol @ the fact that Taylor was trying to play off her flirting and "grooming" messages as a joke. The fact that she would even make jokes like that to a child to begin with it fugged up.

Use her real name to refer to her so that it raises lolcow in the results output when her name is searched.

No. 349961

Did Lainey say anything to dispute the "I sent her a pic of me in my underwear so she could help me edit it"? I heard her mention that she was wearing a tanktop, but she was still in her underwear..

No. 349962

It actually wouldn't surprise me if they did leave their kids alone for long periods of time. I imagine them forgetting what the nanny's schedule is because prowling for teenagers takes up most of their day.

No. 349963

YouTube I guess and maybe use Taylor's name in the tags