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File: 1492222436215.jpg (101.66 KB, 450x450, onisionbynes.jpg)

No. 369446

Greg continues his meltdown over his views dropping, total lack of ads, and his funds drying up. He's also starting to lose it over not having any fresh teens to manipulate, fuck or abuse - Sarah went home, Billie is happy and he can't stand it, and Taylor won't trust him with another "trinity" in the house but won't shut up about her fake gayness. They're selling their old clothes, equipments, anything to make ends meet.

Welcome to the beginning of the end.

last thread >>364438

No. 369447

File: 1492222785642.png (21.77 KB, 581x174, lameo (1).png)

From the last thread: Taylor pretending her peepee fell off, she's really such a boi, omg so gay

No. 369449

File: 1492222848327.jpg (217.79 KB, 1280x1280, FaceApp_1492221811314 (1).jpg)

And Grug's face run through filters. Note how the upper right is a dead ringer for OnionMom.

No. 369450

fucking hell it really is

No. 369451

File: 1492224645943.jpg (101.25 KB, 634x622, IMG_4016.JPG)

Onion meltdown when?!

sorry Brit

No. 369454

File: 1492224865807.png (282.86 KB, 514x578, Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 7.53…)


No. 369455

He looks like fucking Kris Jenner in the top right kek

No. 369460

New DramaAlert reports on Onision "having money problems", and calls him out on giving only 10% to charity from selling his YT rewards on eBay (>>369331).

Starts at 3m33s: https://youtu.be/VK-BTmI9m20?t=3m33s

No. 369462

Gretchen, stop trying to make onion spears happen

No. 369463

File: 1492230108641.jpg (210.15 KB, 634x622, onionspears.jpg)

Did someone said Onion Spears??? Here you go!

>tfw no life

No. 369465

FUCKING KEK. I love this so much.

No. 369466

File: 1492230751152.png (309.1 KB, 586x346, onion.png)

mah hert <333

No. 369467

muh lunch

No. 369469

File: 1492231133488.jpg (61.31 KB, 810x400, IMG_20170415_063818.jpg)

No. 369470

Lol. high fives for knocking her up? Not marrying her? his impregnation fetish to trap girls to him is showing. I bet lameo will be pregnant again in the near future.

No. 369471

File: 1492231787823.jpg (478.6 KB, 1101x622, onionjenner.jpg)

here you go anon, hope you're not planning on sleeping tonight :^)

No. 369473

File: 1492231947712.png (300.74 KB, 622x419, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 8.37…)

Mama Onion. Exactly.

No. 369477

omfg KEK!!! MY SIDES ANON, YOU JUST KILLED MY SIDES! lol I wonder what's next for Onion man maybe he will transition ;p wouldn't surprise me

No. 369479

Looks like Margo.

No. 369481

Onion Palermo :^)

No. 369483

sage your post if you're not brining anything relevant

No. 369485


Holy shit, right on point! Kekk

No. 369500

File: 1492255441512.jpg (88.56 KB, 928x523, abomination_grease_plainey.jpg)

I'm so sorry, you guys, I had to.

Voila, the Grease-Jenners

No. 369502

File: 1492257802509.jpg (87.96 KB, 928x523, ohgodwhathaveIdone.jpg)

I worked on it a little more and as I was doing so, I started getting so fucking freaked out by how just a bit of a tan and lipstick made Grease look like Kris Jenner.

Also…I think if Lainey actually got a bit of sun, did a better job with makeup and grew her hair out, she'd be okay.

This was a disturbing shoop sesh.

No. 369504

File: 1492258460628.jpg (49.58 KB, 625x350, noitisnt.jpg)

Wow, so Onision threads have become a Daphne spergfest now too.

No. 369506

the huge difference in skin colour is so weird.

No. 369508

i wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways.

No. 369509

this is… art

No. 369514


I think this is one of Greg's problems in a nutshell: he legit can't tell if he is being douchey. More to the point, he doesn't care if he is.

(Pro tip: Yes, this tweet was extremely douchey, given the context of Greg's knocking her up. Both times, actually.)

Other douchey things I wonder about: Why does Greg's mother, who dislikes Taylor, get to stay at Taylor's house while visiting, while Taylor's parents, who dislike Greg, do not. Gee, I do wonder! But I am completely sure it has nothing at all to do with the extreme imbalance of power in Greg and Taylor's relationship.

No. 369515

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

No. 369519

i dont see a difference between the original and the grandpa filter kek

No. 369524

I see they're already preparing in advertising for their next "Trinity" applicants.

I remember when they were making lovey-dovey photoshoots like this just before Billie got with them. It's like a "Look how sane, loving and accepting we are… come join us!" set-up.

He's totally proud of knocking up a teenager, gross.

No. 369534

I mean it's a clever way of saying I'm proud of my son without even mentioning he has one, and taking all of the credit for his son's existence.

No. 369535

That's also their typical response to oh shit the haters are noticing how miserable we are. Quick let's put smug pics up to prove are marriage best marriage.

Does anyone remember how years ago people would be saying lameo doesn't look happy. Then she'd try to prove them wrong by posting smiling pics and saying she's the happiest she's ever been! Haha. Where's all your posts about being so happy now lameo?!?!

No. 369536


lmao, if you look at the entire picture, lainey isn't even wearing her wedding band.

No. 369537

I noticed that too. They usually try super hard to pose that ring in every picture too.

Your definition and my definition of clever must be different. If you say you knocked someone up then you're basically saying you have a kid. Unless you had a miscarriage or abortion or something but I doubt someone would high five themselves for that.

No. 369538

His 8-year old fans probably don't understand what "knocked up" means

No. 369539

File: 1492273696248.png (14.35 KB, 986x263, fucknision.png)

onionboy not communicating with a customer

No. 369557

Yeah why doesn't he ever mention his kids or fatherhood at ALL like if he wants to revive his channel and be PG the fucker has living breathing kids

No. 369568


Yo how much negative feedback does he have?

No. 369570

lol this is killing me!

No. 369571

He buys her those $10 rings that oxidize and become green in like 3 months.
I bet he told her he has no money for a new one kek

No. 369578

Wonder if it's about money.

No. 369583

he looks like tyrion in the bottom pic. he has the biggest head compared to his body like it seriously looks like he should've been a dwarf

No. 369586

it's super sus how he's (actually both of them) never talk about parenthood at all whatsoever. you don't need to post pictures of your children or talk about specifics to talk about being a parent in general. it's so bizarre. they must hate the whole actual experience of having kids.

No. 369593

File: 1492280158104.png (1.73 MB, 952x634, capture_001_15042017_111449.pn…)

just one. and he hasn't sold much in the last six months.

No. 369595

File: 1492280539762.png (267.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4018.PNG)

Onion is still trying to control other ladies' habits

No. 369602

Kek I love that he didn't even bother putting a description at the top, just went straight to shilling Taylor's shit

No. 369604


Nah he did after the poshmark promo, just that my screen is too big

No. 369606

File: 1492281297801.png (345.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4019.PNG)

Never went through with his promise on the Uhohbro channel, calls Shane Dawson fat and encouraged him to go see him (Onion) for diet tips (lol)

No. 369609

What a fucking asshole

No. 369611

he is such a cunt why is he so fucking obsessed with other peoples bodies

No. 369622

he fucking counts two for each push up.
also,this video is straight up bullying. like… how is this "helpful," even by his definition? jesus CHRIST this guy is an asshole

No. 369623

samefag but by 25 his form is that of a seventh grade girl in gym class. onion needs to start lifting some weights

No. 369625

the OP pic oh my god I love you anon

No. 369638

He wants his video to get a lot of views, so he goes back to bullying. What a surprise. And he knows shane is self conscious and has body dysmorphia. How anyone thinks onion is a decent person is beyond me. Lainey should stop following shane on twitter because she basically agrees with bullying him! Good job lameo!

No. 369640

this. the only other way I can interpret it is that they stayed together and got married because he knocked her up, implying their first one was an accident/ unplanned, probably greg begging to cum in her during sex.

No. 369641

I doubt he's obsessed himself, I think he's just desperately pandering to his audience since his views dropped.

He asked on Twitter what people loved about his videos, and the top answer was "brootal honesty", so he said he was going to make more of those.

His fans are insecure teenage girls who are mainly insecure with their looks and obsessed with their appearance. Onision well knows "brootal honesty" for them means judging people's bodies the way they judge their own in their self-loathing inner monologues.

No. 369643

Hes basically known for asking every girl to make her pregnant and shit. He tried to pull that shit with adrienne. But we know lameo is the biggest idiot and doormat of them all and probably was like "yes daddy" and let him cum in her, didnt get plan b, etc. Shes too stupid for this world. I have no doubt that kid was basically planned because they took no precaution.

No. 369649

Exactly!!! didn't work with skye (that we know of, HS anon?) didn't work with shiloh, didn't work with adrienne, worked with lainey because she was a fucking teenager and didn't think past being pregnant and that she would have lives to care for. Jesus Christ.

On the topic of completely denying that you have kids, they don't have to show their kids to speak about them, Lainey could make bank from childbirth storytimes, those are informative and would give her more depth, greg said she nearly died trying to deliver troy (whether thats true or not.. ehh). greg is so ballistic and immoral that I genuinely don't believe their ONLY reason for not showing the kids is needing their "consent" to film.

(tinfoil) but didn't someone speculate before that there was something developmentally wrong with troy? Does anyone have the pic with either child in the background? I've been lurking this thread since early times and never seen it

No. 369650

I hate to be that person, but it did work for shiloh. She just didn't have a viable birth.

No. 369651

sage for samefag but they could AT LEAST talk about each other as parents, like when greg made the video of reasons why he loves lainey, he didn't mention that she's a good mother or anything.

Even though it would be redundant because she tit milk rotted troy's teeth. But that might also be because she's so young. She didn't have any friends with kids, she seems estranged from her parents and gerg's mom hates her, so she probably didn't have that information, it's not something I knew anyway, and I follow plenty of hippie people who keep their kids on the boob until two or three.

No. 369653

you're not being that person, I was probably just wrong. Was there ever any proof that shiloh was pregnant with greg's child? I hate to say it but Shiloh did admit her seizures etc were fake which honestly I don't really hold against her, greg really took a toll on her mental health. I know she had a baby afterwards that died of speculated SIDS which is tragic beyond words.

No. 369676


Shiloh did carry Onion's child for awhile, until he caused her to miscarry.

No. 369678

I hope he chokes to death on Lamp's breastmilk. His last video on Shane is so desperate, how many times does he have to shove his pasty body in people's faces? He's trying to get in touch with Shane although he sounds like he's joking, you know he's for real when he said he missed him and wanted him to come to visit.

No. 369679

He's so desperate to get Shane to notice him, he's pulling all the tactics… this is all because everyone knows Grease is gross and flabby so he's taking it out on Shane in hopes that people will give Shane a hard time over his weight instead of him.

No. 369680

Shane has enoug struggles with his weight (which is FINE, his weight i mean) without some fucking megacunt trying to be like "do yu think he fat?" stupid failed narcissist manipulative mental clusterfuck asshole using a video to make like what 50 dollars on his behalf. go fuck yourself GREG

No. 369681

You know for a fact he's gonna retort with "Well, everyone was saying I was just bullying Eugenia over her eating disorder, now I'm proving even men with eating disorders are just as unhealthy… uggguuu! I'm just soooo brutally honest! ^____^"

He's due another "MUH VEGETARIAN BODEEEE AND DIET IS HEALTHYYYY!" narc rant, he's a one-trick pony… predictable and extremely mundane, he can't produce content outside of what his demented narc mind allows him to.

No. 369691

Grease jealous of iDubbbz's success.

The YouTube Algorithm (iDubbbzTV- Good, Onision- Bad) - Onision:

No. 369692

What is with those ugly suspenders and nasty old man suit. Nothing he ever wears matches he looks awful

No. 369696

Oh my god this is so pathetic. He's salty af. I liked that he used a cow though lol.

No. 369697


Purely looking at the production, this is probably one of his best videos. Too bad he's a washed up, dicked out, titty milk slobbering retard.

No. 369699

I don't know what he's so proud of; Troy was the second try. The first one miscarried. You couldn't even get that right on the first try.

No. 369700

He called everyones thumnail uninteresting and mediocre, then called his own thumbnail extremely interesting? His thumbnail was not interesting at all lmao.

Also his point is if you're straight and white you can get away with being offensive and get lots of views….Greg you are straight, white, and offensive. LMAO.

Then he seems to suggest because he has titles with the word "gay" in the title, his channel was affected and thats why he isnt getting views. While pewdiepie and idubbbz are getting all da views cause they arent gay or have videos talking about the "gay topic".

Then somehow is convinced that shane can still get views because he is bisexual and not fully gay.

LMAO this is some mental gymnastics hes going through because he can't accept that his content isnt that interesting.

No. 369707

This plus I'm sure he's salty as fuck that Shane is more popular and successful than him. And for the most part, happy. Onions money source and victim source is drying up and his ego just cant handle it.

No. 369712

File: 1492295675340.png (443.55 KB, 1195x745, onion.png)

Guys…i think hes a little upset.

No. 369713


his breakdown intensifies.

No. 369717

Onion is still trying to get in on Content Cop too on the side. Kek.

No. 369718

>Welcome to the beginning of the end.

No. 369719


He's so pathetic. iDubbbz isn't a racist, the word became an inside joke and the reason he's popular is because he's actually funny and not a fucking tryhard psycho weirdo like Onion boy who abuses women

No. 369720

LGBT activist kek

No. 369722

>>"most every"
You dont sound smart when you say this. God he does this in his books where he never uses words like "of" he just says "most the floor" "most always" it's so annoying.

No. 369723


i hate them both. but onion is definitely the channel with no creativity.

No. 369728

So. Much. Salt.

Get over it, Greg. He makes popular content, regardless of profanity. Has he lost ad revenue? Probably. But his audience was never pre teens, and therefore, restricting his channel to not show up under safe mode won't do anything to his views. At all.

No. 369730

File: 1492297421054.png (73.44 KB, 735x340, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.01…)

Since the dreaded YouTube Purge on Early April, here's Greg's earnings on his speaks channel.

Notice he started making money again almost immediately.

No. 369731

Whoah, he's totally off his rocker.

I literally laughed out loud at the part where he blames Pewdiepie.

No. 369732

File: 1492297506232.png (77.45 KB, 733x322, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.02…)

And here's idubbz' earnings from the same period. He had the same dip on the same days.

But he always made more than you, Greg, AND has been more popular. But you're both still earning, so why are you still freaking?

No. 369733

File: 1492297688476.png (108.57 KB, 783x486, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 4.06…)

Greg's main channel took a dive in the ratings (ranked grade D now, worse than Margaret Palermo, lol) but is still earning.

No. 369734

The funny thing is…hes not even LGBT?

Tyler oakley was already getting lower amount of views before any of this shit happened. He also does not post that often and probably has other sources of income.

Joey graceffa also is getting basically the same amount of views he did before. Idk what crack hes on. 1 week ago joey had two videos that had 1mil+ views.

Yeah gerg, it's not because you're LGBT. smh. Most of your content is garbage.

No. 369742

File: 1492298865858.png (238.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-15-16-24-40…)

Note estimated earnings at bottom.

No. 369744

Note the negative earningt 4/9/2017.

No. 369748

File: 1492299412958.png (846.11 KB, 547x738, lameo.png)

idk what she was going for here…is this her im such a boi because bois just pout face?

No. 369753


this is manipulative tbh. people have been begging for a content cop on onision since the keemstar one dropped. but ian doesn't seem to care about onion, and that would boost onion's popularity (even if its in a bad way). his channel is dead, so directly beefing with a bigger youtuber would get him attention. i don't think ian is going to acknowledge him, though.

No. 369754


Kek at her thinking this looks good. this inbred bitch lmao

No. 369756

That's when he deleted some of his "controversial" videos, which he now says he regrets doing. Link:


No. 369759

She looks bored to high heaven, he's probably not taking her to Olive Garden often enough now that their funds are getting tighter.

No. 369760

she looks like a hillbilly

No. 369763

I've never been in these threads because I hate his stupid, smug face, it disgusts me on a visceral level. I hate what he does to young girls and for how long he's gotten away with it. And I am so happy to see this psycho have an extinction burst and his whole little world go up in flames.

The banality of evil is oozing out of every pore.

He's got terribad skin and it's only going to get worse. He'll be as pockmarked as Edward James Olmos, with none of Olmos' redeeming qualities.

>The funny thing is…hes not even LGBT?
People with other "alternative" sexualities, like pedos preying on the young, have been trying to coopt the queer label for a while now. It's disgusting.


No. 369768

every time he ever says "most every" I want to shove a brick up his ass

No. 369769

If his wife is bisexual and agender, he couldn't possibly be a scummy hateful pervert, no way! He's PRO-LGBT! He's an ally! He loves all young… lesbian… girls!

He uses the LGBT label as a shield to protect himself and at the same time, to pull in the demographic that he wants to tap (in more ways than one) into. He thinks that the LGBT community will be outraged by his treatment by YouTube and stand by him, but considering he's nothing more than a greasy fetishist - nobody is interested except for his naive teenage fanbase.

No. 369771

greg should've paid for her permalip and nosejob instead of paying tuition fees for a psychology course that couldn't even teach her she's living with a retarded narcissistic manlet with a breeding fetish

No. 369773


This is one of the top things I detest about him, petty as that is.

No. 369776

I get you anon. It's like a small thing but something that he assumes make him sound eloquent and well read when he sounds like an inbred boy who was touched by his mother and tbh always will

No. 369779

He's lost it. 'iDubbbz Is Cancer' (RANT) - Onision Speaks

No. 369780

i know nothing about youtube or earnings or anything. so he's still making liveable money right? that disappoints me, he's going to still be there, still have a following, but just be more squawky and annoying. he think's he's the alternative outspoken underdog of YT but really he's just the crying Hartley Hooligan in the corner that everyone pretends they can't hear

No. 369782

"I need to rant real quick"

Eighteen minutes.

No. 369783

Video summary: "please make a content cop on me edobbbz so I can be relevant again" stretched out over 17 self-masturbatory minutes

No. 369784

Oh, she knows. She's just totally fine with enabling, encouraging and ignoring it all because she's his #1 fan and he gives her money to be his queerbaiting, smol spaceprinxe.

No. 369786

Bitches that idubbz doesn't make enough videos, and doesn't put enough effort in - and has the gall to get 100x per video than Greg does. "Makes one video a week - doesn't care about his fans!" While Greg makes at least a video a day and can't scrape up 50k views.


No. 369787

1) jealous
2) desperate for a content cop done on him
4) the eyes of a psychopath…and I mean it, I'm not saying it to insult Greg

No. 369788

File: 1492302830608.jpg (28.9 KB, 614x347, disneychannelactingschool.jpg)

For someone who prides himself on being too good for school or training of any kind, he has that Disney Channel Acting School method down.


No. 369789


I think she's still stalking Billie's instagram. Billie posted a picture of her in a black wig wearing a tanktop outside of her house so maybe this is Lainey's way of connecting idek.

No. 369792

File: 1492303155063.gif (2.05 MB, 268x370, Gif.gif)

Oh wow. Love that he thinks Filthy Frank basically owes his whole shtick to him. He is so beyond bitter this is amazing

No. 369793

And then she thinks shes still a good person and absolved of all guilt because its her husband doing it and not her. Except then she proved she was also an asshole to people. And if you support it, you're just as guilty. You're not a good person lameo!

Lol hes trying so hard to get a content cop about himself. Why would idubbbz content cop a dying channel. Also gerg you had a video siding with idubbbz during the tana thing and saying the n word "without the hard r" like 5 times. Still the n word lmao. oh onion you are so transparent.

you think? Onion and lameo are 24/7 on top of her twitter/instagram/tumblr/youtube 100%. These people are crazy.

No. 369798

Holy shit this is so funny, he is so jealous. He also talks like as if viewers owed him anything.

No. 369803

Onision says at one point he 'was told' that idubbbz was a fan of him at one point. Have we seen any evidence to back this up?

No. 369805

I'm a bit hazy on the details, but I think Leafy told him at some point over Twitter that idubbbz thought he was alright and that they both respected him for not censoring himself or something.

No. 369807

Thanks for that.

No. 369809

Funny how Frank has been able to collaborate with tons of musicians and youtubers without burning connections. But I'm sure that has nothing to do with it. Nor the fact the Pink Life was top of the charts.

No. 369813

But yeah, I don't ever recall either of them saying that they "liked him" or were "fans" of him though, Leafy just said something to the extent that they (he and idubbbz) tolerated him and that his refusal to censor himself was respectable… Idubbbz didn't even comment at all in those Tweets either, it was just Leafy.

No. 369816

He was even laughing because he knows he doesnt give a shit about what hes saying. Worst acting ever. He is smiling every time hes saying something hypocritical. Hes basically going here idubbbz, here are things for you to call me out on because im being such a hypocrite! Yawn. Onion you are not a good actor. You only can fool your 12 year old fanbase.

I dont think leafy has ever spoken to him. But onion had tweeted to someone that he heard leafy liked him/wanted to meet him, which is probably why hes been so nice to leafy and doesnt insult him. But Idk about idubbbz.

No. 369817

He's like a parody of himself at this point, I'm seven minutes in and I feel like shooting myself in the head because of his self-righteous whining. He threw all his manipulating narc tactics in to this and boy is he laying it on thick.

lmao "if you're subscribed to both idubbz and me, choose one" I'm dying. YES GERG TALK DOWN TO YOUR SUBSCRIBERS AND EXPECT THEM TO LOVE YOU, I'm sure this will turn out in your favour. Fuck you, you stupid piece of shit.

No. 369821

Nono, I'm pretty sure it was Leafy who responded to him over Tweets at some point about it, I remember that much… the screenshots were posted as well in one of the threads, I just don't remember the exact time the exchange happened; (it was somewhere between late summer-early winter last year) but I do know that idubbbz himself wasn't involved in that conversation.

It should still be in one of the past threads, I'm pretty sure a couple of the anti-o blogs posted about it too.

No. 369823

My favorite quote from his narcissistic rage rant:
“I can say most anything I’ve ever said around most anyone I felt like because those things are often true.”


(shuffles through stacks of receipts)

No. 369825

File: 1492305126747.png (467.92 KB, 1844x864, leafy.png)

i searched through onion and leafy's tweets and these are the only things i saw. I'd bet leafy actually liked onion, but i have no clue about idubbbz ever liking him.

No. 369826

"The difference is I said them"

No. 369829

I may be wrong, but didn't a few farmers last November contact idubbbz to make a contentcop about Greaselord and he replied back that he wasn't interested? It was either him or H3H3 productions, I can't remember.

No. 369831

holy shit he went from amanda bynes to miley cyrus all the way to britney spears meltdown man this boi's carreer is over, like literally it's over this boi he just killed his career

No. 369832

I'm glad you found it, I knew I wasn't completely imagining it… I thought Gerg mentioned both Leafy and Idubbbz to begin with and that was my mistake. But yeah, when Leafy made those comments; some of his fans thought he was a bit of a slimeball himself for sucking up to Onion like that.

I don't ever recall idubbbz saying he was a fan or expressed that he liked him though, so I don't know where he's got that idea from… who the fuck does he even talk to anyway? He has no friends.

No. 369835

I understand he's fishing for a Content Cop in order to somewhat revive his flagging channel but Content Cops generally have the opposite effect? So is he just hoping for a short lived spike in popularity or is he being short sighted here and not considering the long term effects?

No. 369836

Doesn't seem like idubbbz is much of a fan here

No. 369838

He believes that any kind of exposure (whether it's positive or negative) is still exposure that will earn him views and attention.

No. 369839

It could do the opposite effect if he actually had views.At this point a content cop would only help him as it draws attention to his channel if someone with a million+ views talks about him. He essentially has no channel to kill if its already dying.

the voices in his head telling him hes amazing.

No. 369842

File: 1492306477658.png (71.17 KB, 835x667, onion.png)

That video is really helping him.

No. 369844

File: 1492306643612.png (114.34 KB, 583x598, onion.png)


No. 369845

wow, what a worthless splash of diarrhea.

No. 369846

I feel sorry for him, really lol I bet he is gonna be homeless soon

No. 369847

It's funny though how they've only thrown their shoes at him over this. Rather than over all the shit he's pulled and telling them countless of times that he doesn't respect or care about them (his fans).

Ooh, so he IS earning only half of what he used to, kek.

All the effort he's going to in trying to get his underaged fanbase into complaining to YT about his "mistreatment" and he's getting fuck all out of it. He's so mad that people aren't taking to the streets and protesting for him, his ego is so fractured right now.

No. 369851

Don't anon, it's been a long time coming for the greaselord

No. 369852

I don't. He had 10 years of success on youtube making a buttload of money. He should have enough money saved and invested to be set for life. If he was too stupid to do that, well…oops too bad.

No. 369853

Can't believe we might be finally witnessing the final downfall of the Greaselord. I'm sure he will never stop trying and reaching but we are sure down to the last couple notches in the health bar. Cheers, everyone!

No. 369856

I don't feel sorry for any YouTuber. A back up plan is apart of living an independent lifestyle.

No. 369857

Are you kidding? We've been waiting for this for years. It's karma. Youtube is his life. It's his everything. It's there for him while he neglects his partners and children. It brings him money which he cares about above all else. He's a shitty person that deserves to have his fulfillment and joy purpose ripped away from him so he can finally understand what rock fucking bottom and true despair feels like. He's sent several women there without blinking. It's about time. This comes with the added benefit of Lainey possibly leaving with the kids. Lainey is still going to fuck them up but it wouldn't be quite as damaging and irreversible with Greg out of the picture.

No. 369858

I'm willing to bet there are homeless people out there that can create better content than him with just a smartphone.

We've always wanted him to crash and burn, it's been a long time coming… he either swallows his pride and tries to salvage what he can in regards to his broken marriage and whatever savings he has left, or expect to move back into his second home with his momma and run an unlicensed massage parlor with her in the back room.

He can't create new interesting content, he's had over two months to learn from that and change… it can't be done, he's mentally challenged.

No. 369859

He's desperate to have a CC made about him so he can feel relevant again

No. 369860

Right?! Talk about never looking a gift horse in the mouth.

He's had a piss-easy job for over a decade and he's earnt a shitload of cash from it. Instead - he chose to spend his earnings on an empty, unfurnished mcmansion full of weeb shit, constantly buying plane tickets for random teenage girls to diddle, piles of processed food, hefty medical bills for neglecting his son's health and paying to keep Doormat's mouth shut about him.

The little bitch deserves it and deserves that smug predatory grin to be slapped off his face.

No. 369862

File: 1492308760632.gif (1.04 MB, 290x189, tumblr_inline_o7tttjAB611sc7vx…)

He's so fucking BITTER holy shit.

No. 369863

File: 1492308779116.png (765.25 KB, 992x850, psycho.png)

wow, haven't been to onions thread since billie left and he's finally breaking

wonder what he's gonna resort to now that he's losing relevance

and i wonder if lamebot is gonna stick through to the bitter end now that hubby aint making big $$$ anymore

No. 369864

Good very good, he's losing it all

No. 369865

>this is the last thing his victims see before he strangles them and dumps them in the Colorado River

No. 369866

File: 1492309211998.jpg (29.1 KB, 722x146, debate.jpg)

Imagine that debate tho

>"Ngger! Ngger! N*gger!"

>"Litterally, litterally"

No. 369868

Imagine the narcissistic rage that he's inflicting on Lainey and the kids right now… jfc, he's scary.

No. 369870

My workout is as follows:
>listen to Gines read TIWIHY
>10 pushups for every LITERALLY
>10 burpees for every BOOTY

No. 369871

>It could do the opposite effect if he actually had views.At this point a content cop would only help him as it draws attention to his channel if someone with a million+ views talks about him. He essentially has no channel to kill if its already dying.

ahhh, must be the reason he now shits on pewdiepie. that sucker probably hopes pewdiepie makes a video about him or something. jeez onibritney must be really desperate.

No. 369872

you guys should check out dumblr even they hate him, everyone hates him the alt right hate him the social justice warriors hate him.

No. 369873

His mommy loves him though. Enough for all of us. And some more.

No. 369874

Even the white supremacists over on Stormfront hate him, it's pretty hilarious.

No. 369875

File: 1492310493411.png (616.3 KB, 851x716, onion.png)

So after those angry idubbbz videos now heres a soft spoken, "im sad" feel bad for me video !! Heres everything he says basically:

>"I think i have to sell my house…and one of my cars and im going to have to move."

>youtube basically fired me!
>talked to jaclyn glenn and she told me it might be temporary, but i think its not!
>gonna sell a lot of shirts now! And try to make $$ in other ways.
>lets say i was making $100 a day. YT basically taking 90 of that.
>That's not what im making…but its not far off.
>my mortgage is not something i can afford with what YT is now paying me
>keeps bringing up how dis is worst day of his life, and before YT gun to head blahblahblah
>fortunately i have some money to survive a little while!
>maybe more music coming!
>im now making probably what your dads make. (???my dad makes a good living onion. lmao)
>im not rich. i wasnt really rich before. (but apparently thinks making as much as a regular dad is dirt poor, so what is rich? lmao).

Hes probably exaggerating about how "poor" he is.

No. 369876

File: 1492310602680.gif (25.45 KB, 200x200, Dancingmilk (1).gif)

No. 369878

was he living paycheck to paycheck? why's he acting like he's going bankrupt. even though he's making a lot less now he should still have a shit ton of money saved

No. 369879

That's a Marine trained teen.

No. 369880

File: 1492310805915.gif (8.74 MB, 636x309, ulrv204fpzxq864xkdwm.gif)

how would he have a house on mortage after 10 years on YT…. might it be he actually is retarded and didnt save up?

that would be too good to be true.

No. 369882

If he truly, sincerely believes that he creates good content that is worth it's weight in gold, then he can simply use his savings to put towards the bandwidth costs to host his own videos on his website.

He claims to have millions of fans and such and thinks YT is behind him losing his audience, so he can go it solo… don't depend on them and host his own videos.

Everyone knows why he won't though.

No. 369883

narcs can't save money, lol. it's all about appearance, and wealth makes him feel superior. no way he was saving.

No. 369884

And the Oscar goes to… not u gerg

No. 369885

No. 369886

He was paying for the plane tickets and the living expenses of the teenagers he had visiting back and forth a lot since early 2016… he hasn't saved up shit, he was throwing it away for a greasy little diddle or two.

No. 369887

Didnt he buy that house not too long ago, because he had two houses for awhile and then gave his old one to his mom? Probably why he still has a mortgage.

But yeah if he didnt save money or invest it anywhere after 10+ years and will struggle to get by just after a few months of his income going down, then he is just a moron.

Also if this is such a financial struggle, why doesnt lainey get a job? lmao. No one should feel bad for these idiots. People live off far less. You're not gonna die from not having a fancy tesla.

No. 369888

He probably has a little bit saved up, I doubt he's living completely paycheck to paycheck… but probably not enough to last him for long if he keeps up his current lifestyle.

No. 369889

God he needs to shut the fuck up. He's 31 with no degree and 0 job experience. And shit even $100 a day is twice what you make on minimum wage so with his qualifications even his shitty hypothetical is making more money than he would without YouTube. Like fuck I hate that he's been on YouTube for so long with no fall back. It's a job with 0 job security EVERYONE knows that and hes bitching because he feels like YouTube owes him. Like fuck people can be laid off jobs they where at for 20+ years and have to find a way to bounce back but omg Greg gets a pay cut and looses his shit.

No. 369890

"If you say the n word WITH A HARD R in a black community, you will get shanked." - Racist Onision 2017

No. 369891

He backtracked to say "poor black community, I mean - not a rich black community". Doesn't make your assumption less racist when you backtrack into economic reasoning, asshole. "Oh all poor blacks will shank you because prison"

No. 369892

>yur dadz r poor!

No. 369893

File: 1492311716120.png (152.05 KB, 443x366, facelikeasmackedass.png)

Lol… now he has yet ANOTHER video up where he's claiming YouTube has "fired" him, they've not done shit… just adapt to it by making quality content and stop using it as a platform to bully people, you fucking tool.

No. 369895

Oh no! Greg might have to move into a 2500sqft house. How awful!

No. 369896

The recent pic with their son in the background is from Billie and Ayalla's visit, so go back to then. They are standing back to back in the selfie and he is playing, with his back turned, in the background.

No. 369897

Not only that, but he's still using YouTube to host these whiny videos and he's still making money off them. He's probably even collecting around $500 on average for each one posted.

And this face right here >>369893 is a face of pure dishonesty… all this shit is an over-dramatisation of what's actually happening and he'll continue using YouTube until he's making less than $100 a video.

No. 369898

god he's such a whiny permanent victim. makes me sick. go find a day job and stop blaming everyone else for your problems gerg. you're 31 with two children for fucks sake.

No. 369899

Lainey and the kids are really going to live in squalor now. He was stingy before, like not using heat and having hardly any furniture. I can only imagine how much harxdr2it will be for him to part with his beloved shekels.

I'm sad and worried for his kids, Lainey will absolutely NEVER go to Fiji now, but at least this means no more importing teenagers! Sarah would have gotten booted if she hadnt already. Thats the real reason hes flipping: the well is running dry and he is stuck with Lainey before he can secure an upgrade lmao. The allure of his lifestyle and the power it gave him in relationships is going away.

Suck it, Onion!

No. 369901

Greg could save a lot more money letting Lainey's parents adopt their children.

Come on Greg, you could save thousands if you pawn them off on your in-laws, what's stopping you?

No. 369902

Plus all his friendships are based around him buying them. Even BIllie was only around because he was going to buy her a car and pay for her to go to beauty school. Everyone in his life is only there because he pays them to be.

Without youtube he is nothing and that reality is setting in deep.

No. 369903


That is definitely true.

Hey! Remember when he used to mock peoples view counts and say other people werent worth collabing with? Now hes part of the camp he made fun of!

Also, remember when he talked shit about Billie having a crappy job and hardly any money before she met him?

Karma is a bitch.

If Lainet leaves him and he has to pay a set amount for alimony AND child support after this… I cant even fathom how hard he'll lose his shit.

No. 369907

oh yeah he use to call people with under 10,000 views "nobodies"

No. 369908

They're not going to live in "squalor".

If he does continue to make less than he used to but still averages around $300 a video, he's still making way more than the average worker on minimum wage a day. He can just move to the smaller house, get a more stable job on the side, stop wasting his money on extravagant weeby shit that has no actual value or use and actually dedicate himself to raising his children and fixing the marriage with his wife if it's not already completely broken.

Which… you know, should've been his incentive all along. Especially considering he thought he was above ever striving to promote his online career in favour of just using it to lure in teenage girls and as a soapbox to voice his shitty opinions.

No. 369912

File: 1492316455292.png (98.51 KB, 524x138, endofbananaonion.png)

No. 369913

Ok, srsly, does he not see how saggy his manboobs are??
Honestly I don't think he's that well off. He blows his money on dumb shit, probably doesn't save or invest, I don't think he ever planned on getting a job out of YT,it's like he's living in this fantasy world where he is the biggest star of the interwebz 4ever. Well,reality bites.

No. 369914

he may well have something in the bank but I think those dollars are a "narcissistic supply" of sorts for him. Greg's precious dollars are saying "lol be mad" to him.

No. 369915

Lainey has a job~ selling her used clothing. Ha.

No. 369916

He's trying SO HARD to gain sympathy from willing viewers, but YouTube owes him NOTHING. It's their site, their money, he still owns his own content and any fame he got back in the day he earned from the outside. YouTube did nothing but give advertisers the opportunity for a youtuber to make money. THATS IT. It's ridiculous to hear him imply that he's their responsibility when in reality the Adsense would have dried up eventually and onision's content is GARBAGE.

Someone should tell him that YouTube owes him nothing and that he should get a real job because YouTube isn't a real job for bad content creators like himself.

No. 369917

i saw laineys social blade so suposebly she makes a good amount of money, maybe she might leave onion if she ends up making more than him… lol damn now that would be some delicious milk

No. 369918

Greg will probably be getting that money though. "It's easier this way Lainey-kins".

No. 369920

It's strange though how he never brings up that this is another form of her income, just the selling clothes part.

Yeah, I suspect the same thing… if Skye and Shiloh's channels are anything to go by; if she tries to take any earnings from that - he'll immediately shut them down and claim that they were using his property to record and edit those videos.

No. 369921


anon why do u know about what stormfront likes.


No. 369922

Awww poor Onion's gonna have to get a real 9-5 job to pay the bills. This is redemption for all those shitty videos with underaged girls, it hurts doesn't it.

No. 369923

A screenshot of a thread made about him on there was posted on Twitter a week ago, that's why.

No. 369924

any particular reason why they hate him?

No. 369925

I bet he is getting a job at starbucks

- random dude: "heyy are you that guy on youtube??"
-onion: "how would you like your frapp sir?"
-random dude: "are you that guy? what was his name, onionsun, onion,onisan?"
-onion: Onision, sir how would you like your frapp, grande or venti?
-random dude: nahh bruh nevermind the frap can I get a pic with you?
-onion: that will be 10 dollars sir

No. 369926

File: 1492318090512.png (136.92 KB, 456x445, lol.png)

I dunno, I think maybe they're under the impression he's an SJW or something… when a group of nutcases even hate him, that's saying something.

But in saying that, even the incels hate him as well.

No. 369927

I doubt she has anything to do with that channel. He basically tells her what to make a video about, films and edits it. He just places there as a prop to pretend its a lainey channel. He probably did all this to make money off yet another channel and to be able to claim it as his if she leaves.

he doesnt say its her work or her income because he considers it his work since he makes and edits the video. He doesn't consider being filmed and part of a video as work cause hes a douche.

As if onion could last in a customer service job. Look at what an asshole he is to customer service workers whenever he has a problem with a product.

No. 369929

Remember Onision making "Dying Youtuber Channels" videos on UhOhBro where he basically made fun of youtubers who got little views compared to their sub count?
I would call this Karma.

No. 369930

Oof, I just realised… if they do have to eventually move into the second house, they're all going to have to share with momma onion.

Could Lainey even handle that?

No. 369931

Now THAT would be a reality series I'd pay to watch.

No. 369932


that would produce such valuable milk, momma onion can't stand plainey's lame ass, momma onion knows plainey only wanted onion's $$$$$

No. 369933

Bitch is also crazier than a springloaded shit-weasel, you know she's gonna be chiming some tiny finger-cymbals at 3am every morning trying to ward off vampires and spirits.

No. 369934

Wait, when YT started censoring videos for mentions of LGBT etc, wasn't he ranting about how gay people shouldn't be mad because being gay is inherently ~sexual~

No. 369936

He's trying so hard to get Ian to make a video on his salty ass, at most Ian's fugly gf will but not Ian he already knows what Greg's dumbass wants, what a pathetic beta bitch

No. 369937

maybe edups probably has a content cop on him already and he might release soon. Idk it all seems like part of a big plan

No. 369940

Welp looks like Troy's dad is poor too LOL. Greg, maybe stop buying shitty posters to clog your walls, toys to entertain your WILD KINKY sex life, and animals you and your confused wife can't take care of

No. 369943

Do you guys think he reads this thread? Sage for nc

No. 369944

Probably since as far back as thread #3.

No. 369945

is there proof of this?

No. 369948

I sincerely hope that idubbbz is aware of the situation with Onion and never makes a content cop about him.

It will be another low to Greg's narc brain when he sees he is unimportant.

No. 369949

Ewww he's gonna try to make profit from this?! Noooo!!!!

Also, video not Onion's, someone actually downloaded this.

No. 369951


No. 369952

File: 1492325642554.jpg (119.28 KB, 810x683, IMG_20170416_085315.jpg)

He wants YT admins to feel sorry for him lol

No. 369953

I love that Pewdiepie fucked up.
With that he managed to harpoon. greasion

No. 369954

Yes. It used to be part of Sarah's "job" to keep up with it in real time. At one point she was responding to things within the thread (i.e. her cousin's friend ["cousin-chan"] saying that she'd offered Sarah to come live with her once she had her own place to get Sarah away from the creepers.)

No. 369955

Lurk more, read those threads and you'll find your proof. You sound incredibly new and it's not any other anon's responsibility to find whatever it is you're looking for, you asked the question… you got the answer, now don't be lazy and go find that proof yourself.

Start from thread #2.

We've had too many instances and coincidences that he's lurked here for a long time, even Sarah and others who have been involved with him in some way at some point lurked (and probably still lurk) here.

No. 369957

>You sound incredibly new

kek funny how you say this when you don't even sage this post due to the fact you're not producing any new facts or relevant information regarding onion man

No. 369959

I didn't sage because:

>>We've had too many instances and coincidences that he's lurked here for a long time, even Sarah and others who have been involved with him in some way at some point lurked (and probably still lurk) here.

Try harder, if I was new - I wouldn't be trying to help in suggesting for you to go back to an early thread when farmers started to cotton on that he was lurking here.

Stop derailing and lurk more.

No. 369962

kek I am not even that anon that asked m8 but you do have a point anon. But calling other people new for asking certain things is tacky.

just lurk more anon and you'll find the truth

anyways I doubt Ian is gonna even look at gurgs direction, it's obvious that gurg is just looking to pick a fight, we all know he lives off the drama.

No. 369965

Yeah, people only seem to follow him because of the drama. The shilloh saga was the most fucked up (in my opinion), but I think this one is toping it now. Maybe grease might commit suicide for reals this time?

No. 369966

I think Lane was one of the first ones to expose herself here, then Luxymoo, then Sarah and lastly (currently) that Seitanprincess chick.

Grease has mentioned the place by name on a couple of occasions in his videos, then there was the whole weird necromancy of a year old hannah Minx thread and a request to name and shame other vegetarian YT'ers.

I know the anti-o blogs reference us a lot when something is exposed here first… I do wonder if Lainey lurks here though, but I've never seen any circumstantial evidence to support that as of yet.

No. 369967

edups is probaly too busy fucking lady pear and his videos about unboxing useless crap people send.

No. 369972

File: 1492328365553.gif (3.79 MB, 498x280, 2RLriNv.gif)

idk if it's new or not but omg Shane Dawson is following plainey wtf?

No. 369973

Thinking about it now, he's being exceptionally over-dramatic about losing his income. Until he's only earning about $200 a video, we're not going to see the last of him any time soon.

I think it is happening, but it's going to drag out for a while. We'll have to see what his earnings are by the end of the year… but for now, you can expect him to either go three ways.

1. He'll suddenly be hit by lightning during a freak storm, that causes his retarded narc brain to reset itself and he'll make incredibly awesome content that so ingenious that Google will hand over YT to him.

2. He'll continue to whine, roll out the same old shit for the rest of the year and hope that the remainder of his equally braindead fans will just about keep him afloat until then.

3. He'll admit total defeat by summer and prepare to scrimp and save what he can before he moves on in life.

No. 369974

I'm not an Onion regular. can someone give me a TLDR of what happened with YouTube, pewdiepie and ultimately, Grease?

No. 369975

I know she's followed Shane for a really long time, she is/was a fan of his as that's how she was attracted to Grease in the first place.

I don't know if the follow was mutual though, did he only just follow her today?

No. 369976

PewDiePie said "death to all Jews" on YouTube red. Everyone shat themselves and started pulling their support from him left to right.

YouTube also decided to make itself more "family friendly", so any video that was seen as too profane or any video that a company wouldn't want to have their name associated with got demonotized.

Onion doesn't make family friendly content, so his earnings are taking a nosedive. He's latching on to PewDiePie and idumbzzz to get their fans to (hate) watch his channels so he earns more cash.

No. 369977

idk but Jenna marbles and shane to be following her

No. 369978

Creep doesn't even pay for the heating during winter and lets his kids freeze so he can buy shitty merchandise and toys.

No. 369979

New followers will be first in her followers list, if they're halfway down there then they've been following her for a while.


No. 369980

Just curious but… wouldn't the logical solution to this be flagging and making all his content for mature audiences only? Why won't he just do that? I'm sorry, I'm not too knowledgeable about how YT works.

No. 369981

File: 1492329664733.png (1.97 MB, 1836x1734, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 12.5…)

here you go

No. 369982


They arent new followers because i searched on her followers but they are nowhere to be found in the first section, so i guess they must be following her for a while now.

No. 369983

Yeah, don't worry about it… she's been a fan of his for ages and it was Shane that attracted her to Greasey in the first place.

I wouldn't be surprised if he threw a shitfit over her still following Shane in the past though, especially with how he reacted when a band idol of her messaged her but blocked Gerg, haha.

No. 369984

haha yeah but its weird that shane and jenna follow her back. haha if lame-o was smart she will try to hang out with other youtubers and get away from the onion. I bet her parents would be joyous to support her and her 2 kids while she tries to make a career on youtube. But I guess lame-o is a lazy bitch who lives off the grease at the cost of her happiness, I mean look at her she is as miserable as a dog, man that fakeboi shit is probably grease's fault as well confusing her and shit. But it's her own fault, she put herself in that situation.

No. 369985

god hes such a PUSSY. "woe me, im not getting enough views so now i have to get an actual real job". "i almost commited suicide before starting my YT channel, WAT WILL I DO NOE"? well unfortunately for Lamey and his kids hes a narc so I dont think he would care too much about offing himself.
"I m now making what your dads make". Wow, good way of saving your own ass. Who the fuck would want to follow this asshole?
I have no doubt in my mind that Laney will eventually end up working at some fast food restaurant. Greg will probably end up working FOR some YT channel or off himself.

Does anyone knows if his mom works at all, or if Gerg pays for everything?

No. 369986

I've not had the time to read up on his mom, but there's a thread about her in /snow if it helps?


No. 369988

File: 1492333601470.png (77.64 KB, 827x829, 148703683498.png)

>when even 4chan thinks you're a shitter
Loving every laugh

No. 369990

>Gives other house to his molesting mom
>Doesn't rent it instead to earn extra cash on the side.


No. 369993


>> owns 2-3 houses and a tesla

>> doesn't furnish said houses because he's a cheap fuck

Really tho, he had 3 houses, didn't he? The one he "gave" to his mom, the one he films in (he made some chibi videos where he puts in a bunk bed and a green screen) and the empty mcmansion. He's been plugging Lainey on twitter and his videos "it's awesome that my wife can generate her own income" because he's either wanting her to leave or his greasy hands are handling the money she makes.

No. 369999

I feel sorry for his kids for having such a shit dad. Youtube hasn't been around long enough for anybody to say that it can provide a lifelong, stable career. He should have acknowledged that there was some amount of risk there.

He was making serious bank at one point. He could have halved it - keep 50% and put 50% into savings. He could have bought an average sized house, furnished it well and kept heating costs down by not having a huge empty home to hear. He would still have been living better than most people and would have had enough money to fall back on.

As much as I hate him, I hope he has kept more than "a little something" saved just for the kids' sakes.

>I'm making $10 a day
>I'm now making what your dads make
Bitch you wish lmao. Also my dad might have made less than Grease was making at his peak but our house was still heated and furnished and we still had family holidays. Poor Lainey, she's never going to Fiji now and she won't even have a sofa to cry on.

No. 370000

Well she didn't like his naked massages with Billie and, from what Gargoyle said, they occur a lot more often with his mom. Some Norman Bates shit might go down.

No. 370001

File: 1492340985342.jpg (139.19 KB, 1280x721, DramaAlert.jpg)

Onision is top news on DramaAlert today with an extended report on him, after which Keemstar goes on a very long rant calling him out on his bullshit.

Comment section is… well, everybody giving their piece of mind on Onision, as you can imagine.

Starts at 3m07s: https://youtu.be/MbvTrPDLpZA?t=3m7s

No. 370003

Keemstar's direct message to Onision starts at 5m23s: https://youtu.be/MbvTrPDLpZA?t=5m23s

No. 370004

>and we still had family holidays
I think his "family holidays" consists of him flying some teenage in from some part of the US.

I mean seriously, so many times we have seen screenshots of what he tells these girls, and it goes like " so do you want to come this weekend? Ill get you a ticket right now". Yes those last-moment-tickets can cost a good chunk, around 1k or more depending on the distance. In the last months he has paid for Sarah to go back home, Billie a couple of times, her friend, then Im SURE he paid for Mercades and god knows how many others have come and go without it being discovered.

No. 370005

I hate that I agreed with keemstar on something but what he said was all true..except maybe the talented part

Also why is onion saying "I make what your dads make now" like that's going to garnet him sympathy? Like on no you're not making the big money anymore let's cry you a river now..you could now live similar lifestyles like us plebs??!! :,( I don't get it

No. 370006

What's frustrating about this, is Greg's getting exactly what he wants. He's trying to get negative attention so he gets views. Good thing is that that kind of tactic only lasts for a short time, and he gets more people against him in the end.

No. 370008

>Actually funny

Are you kidding me.

No. 370011

I'm not the op, but I think his content cops are funny. Otherwise, I don't care for his content. Compared to onion, though, he's the funniest man ever to walk the earth.

No. 370013

Yeah, his CCs are the best content he produces, otherwise his content is about as bad as Grease's.
Every single of his video now is basically random-random-burp-gross-niggerfaggot-random-belch-meme. That is shit content.

So the only good thing he can produce is shitting on other people's content while his is equally as bad.

I don't wanna derail this thread so I won't go into details but maybe you should check out filthy crew threads.
I'm convinced his fanbase is gonna wake up soon too.

No. 370015

His last CC was rubbish.

It consisted of footage everybody has already seen, plus Ian, in a true Onion manner, defending the use of racial slurs because he says so that's why

No. 370016

And yet all Lainey gets is a trip to a trampoline park which was probably more to entertain Billie anyway.

No. 370020

Generate her own income??? By selling used clothes at a loss of what he initially payed for lmao. You'd think she would have a lot of baby clothes that Troy has grown out of that she could sell, but that would be acknowledging his offspring and onion cant have that.

No. 370021

>Edupps funny
>Edups doesn't abuse women like Onion

No. 370025

And they only go to the trampoline park when there is another person there he has to impress and show how great and fun he is to. Every video at the trampoline park had either sarah, billie, lameo's sister, and mercades. They never go as just the two of them. I remember when they had a trampoline in their backyard. Gerg probably sold it.

No shane followed her years ago. Lameo made a tweet saying i cant believe shane follows me. I thought he would hate me! And he responded that he knows shes separate from onion and doesnt judge her for it or some shit.

I had a feeling keem would make a video on it, but I wish he wouldn't give onion attention. That's what he wants. But keem prob doesnt care that onion is a horrible person because hes pretty shit himself and he tends to defend people who do bad shit.

i dont think idubbbz is that funny or anything either, so i dont get why he gets that many views. But the thing is will he still get this many views 8+ years later? I kinda doubt it. So I dont get how onion doesn't understand that BECAUSE hes been on here that long, his content became boring. And there will always be new competition that is fresh and more interesting. Some big youtubers stand the test of time because they worked hard to collab with other big channels, interact with fans, try make new different content, and branch out into different avenues like movies, podcasts, etc.

No. 370027

He's not broke and he's not starving. He has hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of assets. Does he think only cold hard cash counts? Because the IRS doesn't.

No. 370042

He's such a child. His sense of entitlement is astounding. YOUTUBE OWES ME I WORK HARDER THAN ANY OTHER YOUTUBER EVERRRR

No. 370043

He did it. He made a patreon guys. https://www.patreon.com/user?u=5744119

No. 370044

Well let's hope most of his followers really are children with no access to money.

No. 370046

Why would anybody even bother donating for a video a month? You could just ask him why he fucks teens on twitter and you'd get about fifty vids within that month. The blabbermouth can't shut his trap for ten minutes. His bullshit is free.

No. 370050

12 year olds cant support your patreon greg lol.

No. 370052

>$1 to see videos 24hrs before everybody else
Or just wait and it's free!

>$5 per month for all songs and books

Who tf would pay monthly? Pay once, snag em all, cancel.

>$500 for fifteen seconds of promo

lmao why though

>$1000 for a video and a skype chat with onision

He should just do a communismkills and say he'll stop for money

No. 370053

god damn it i looked again and someone donated 5 dollars was it one of you

No. 370054

One of his fans must be using their pocket money. Somebody please tell them they can just pirate his shit

No. 370055

You forgot that $1 comes with exclusive pictures of onion and friends behind the scenes. The question is what friends. Is he going to shell out old pictures of all the people who hate him now.

I can see how his 12 year old fans could scrounge up $1 or $5. But do they realize its a monthly expense lol.

No. 370057

File: 1492356482578.png (125 KB, 739x707, survive.png)

>Thank you to everyone who is helping me survive
>helping me survive

are you shitting me grease you own a fucking tesla

No. 370058

>pictures of onion and friends behind the scenes
Even his own dogs and wife don't like him, where did he find friends?

No. 370059

>Thank you to everyone who is helping me survive
>has one $5 patron

No. 370060

his $1000 goal promises a dog thoughts video every month. I wouldnt want him to yell at leelu if she doesnt do what he wants.

god forbid he has to sell his tesla and live in a normal sized house and make as much money as a regular dad! Basically homeless and dying!

No. 370064

>make as much money as a regular dad
He wishes. Most dads don't need a patreon to feed their kids.

No. 370066

i never thought about that. baby/maternity clothes are really good to sell because they get very little wear and people don't want to buy things new that they'll only use for a few months.
but we wouldn't want to acknowledge the obvious and affirm that we have a child or anything.

No. 370069

There's a good chance that she has a separate depop for that. It wouldn't make much sense to advertise maternity clothing to his viewers anyway.

His $1000 goal is a Onision TV show. (Still on YouTube I guess, but still…)

No. 370072

He had made enough money to live off of for the rest of his life. At least a few decades. Instead he spent it on ugly houses - one that he doesn't even live in, a couple of very nice brand new cars, along with thousands worth of toys (atv, extra equipment etc), pets that he doesn't take care of, clothing, and junk food.

He's just an idiot that spent his money on shit he didn't need and even the thought of selling some of it has caused him to have a mental breakdown. His poor fans are too young to understand how much money he has in assets, so they're going to give him their hot topic money because they genuinely feel bad for him and think he and Lainey and the kids are sitting up in their room, huddling together for warmth and sharing a packet of ramen. It's fucked up. He's now directly exploiting children for money.

I hate him so much. My hate for him has grown tenfold now that he is a FATHER. This man has children and yet he still chooses to spend his money irresponsibly and act like a petulant child when the youtube bux stop rolling in. He has responsibilities. He has two 20 year commitments under his wing, but his material wealth is more important than they are. It makes me sick to my fucking stomach.

Fuck you Greg.

No. 370074

Does anyone have the addresses for his houses? I want to see the estimates on zillow.

No. 370076

Dont forget that lameo finished her bachelors degree and could get a fucking job, because shes not even really a youtuber. Instead she just sells her overpriced used clothes. But no. His 12 year old fans must support their current lifestyle and they cant make any sacrifices!!! I cant believe his fans dont even question why lameo doesnt try to make any money to help out their situation if its so fucking dire.

No. 370077

because she's a stay at home mom.. uh dad.. she's a stay at home spaceprince.

No. 370078

I like how idubbbz fans are begging him to make a content cop on onion, yes this milk is good(newfaggotry)

No. 370079

No. 370081

File: 1492358540487.png (66.51 KB, 423x639, derp.png)

…and his fans continue to be dumb as rocks.

No. 370082

File: 1492359030487.png (38.69 KB, 591x365, onion.png)

Watch him eventually get mad at his fans if enough dont donate and support him lmao.

No. 370083

This is like the most privileged thing I have ever seen him make. Oh no he has to sell his large as fuck house and his incredibly expensive car because he's only breaking about 100k views on Youtube now!

Youtube didn't fire you, you fucked up all on your own with your shitty ass fucking content. I guess if you want to think that Youtube fired you, then think about all the shit you did to deserve it.

No. 370085


I wanted to see the YouTube revolt go against PDP because he was the catalyst for this whole thing because he made a stupid joke without any concern for what might happen AFTER making numerous videos on how the media was targeting/watching him. He tried to be super edgy because he wanted to get in on the whole new trendy Cancer Crew/commentary channel shit and kept pushing boundaries that a lot of other people have now suffered from.


Fuck if that's going to happen with Onion leading the crusade. No one will rightfully call out PDP who will continue to do fine while others struggle if it means teaming up with Onion for fucks sake. He's only affected by ad revenue, it's pathetic that he's making this about views in total. That's all you, Greg. Thanks for ruining all that potential YouTuber infighting milk you bastard.

No. 370087

File: 1492360082560.png (69.05 KB, 795x565, lmao.png)

What is he even offering them? He's made this Patreon in a desperate rush without even thinking about it… jfc.

No. 370088

wowee $17, really helping him survive

No. 370089

priority access to onision. lmao. You can get priority access by triggering him. Then you get a whole video made about you for free!

Access to patron-only pics of onion and friends (basicallly lameo). All lameo posts is selfies and onion posts selfies all the time. More selfies? Yay.

No. 370092

He's a shill, he's still going to be using YT to rake in the current income he's getting anyway. They're just going to be paying for seeing the videos 24 hours before he shoves them all onto YT.

2. At least one video dedicated to the topic YOU choose on a mirror of my .xyz forums.

Oh my fucking god… he's expecting them to pay HIM for creating content from THEIR ideas.


No. 370095

Also you only get access to the patron forum at $30 dollars a month. A steal! So far only one twat has taken it. I'd like to think the only post on there is "How do I cancel this i used my moms credit card"

No. 370097

He might make a couple hundred out of patreon, which is what? Like what he'd earn from 1-2 videos on YT? How is that any better? Is he banking on people going for the $1000 donations? Even if someone did pledge 1k, i doubt they'd want to consistently pay that every month.

He already makes videos off his fan's ideas. Now they get to pay for it too!

No. 370098

the fact that he has any support on patreon is severely depressing

No. 370099


>Watch him eventually get mad at his fans if enough dont donate and support him lmao.

I kinda love when creators do this because it just instantly exposes them for being a huge cunt.

Creator of Sword and Scale used to always be like "I have thousands of listeners but only 150 donate reee"

No. 370100

And the $500 a month 15 second advertisement on a whole one video that probably won't even
break 200k views.

No. 370101

He IS going to reach that goal, we all know how fucking dumb his fans are… but expect them to start complaining a few months down the line when they realise what they've signed up for and he's either not delivering on those patreon promises or they figure out they can still get all that content for free because he has no intentions of dropping YouTube to host his videos.

No. 370102

And just like Sword and Scale all you have to do is watch a couple of his videos to see it's just not worth paying every month.

No. 370103

Now two people have paid the $30. I bet $50 they're both young kids with their parents cards that don't realize it's $30 a month.

No. 370104

Does there happen to be a forum for patrons to talk to creators? I'm sure I have a dollar laying around somewhere.

No. 370105

I think most of the money will be made the first month, then people will back out of it because they realized they have to consistently pay it.

Also his fans think onion is dying and going to be homeless with how overdramatic hes being, so they are probably scrounging up their money to save their idol. lmao.

No. 370106

I think he'll be depending on the minority of his demographic who are actual mentally challenged adult fans, they've obviously not figured out exactly what it is that he's offering.

This is going to be such a trainwreck, there are no positive outcomes to this. He's either going to get incredibly frustrated at them and lash out at them when they demand their single exclusive video and greasy narc VEGETARIAN BODEEEE photos on time, or he'll get incredibly frustrated and lash out at them when they're not satisfied with what he's given them.

They're basically paying him for exactly the same content they've been getting from him for a decade, it won't change because he doesn't know how to create anything else.

No. 370110

SF hates him because he's a cringy edge lord who isn't self aware, no other real reason. On the discord we have a custom emoji of his face. He's just… him.

No. 370111

Baby clothes also cost basically the same as regular clothes; in general, baby stuff is pricy. There's also like, toys, carseats, bottles, etc. Etc. Onion probably should've thought with more than his dick lol.
Also as an aside everyone I know with a kid has family or friends to help with this kinda stuff; people give away or sell for cheap the stuff their kids grow out of, it's pretty common. Plus the whole point of a baby shower is to help with this shit. I'm just saying, his decision to isolate plainey and alienate her family is stupid in a variety of ways.

No. 370114

> what is taste in humor
> what is reaching because of one playslap on stream

No. 370115

If anyone wants to infiltrate his FB with any of the above information about what exactly his fans will be paying for, that would be fantastic.

The bases are currently covered on Twitter, but he's obviously promoting this same shit over on his FB account and I know farmers are a lot quieter over there.

He's depending on the ignorance of his fans to fund this Patreon and there is a portion of them that can be swayed from making the wrong choices if they're provided with evidence.

No. 370116


I'd love to see Onision vlogging as he struggles to do basic everyday things

>onision tries to cook an egg, burns it and throws the pan at the wall in a rage, lainey sobbing in the background as they now own just 1 pan

>onision struggles to choose between buying gummy vitamins for his kids, or a new ps4 controller in the supermarket
>onision applying for a pay day loan

No. 370117

Fucking lol, the best part is mike crying on twitter about only making like $10k a month. Anyway, this greasy downfall is delicious, and I can't wait for his actual meltdown. At least S&S doesn't use the whole podcast hour talking about himself. I pay the guy (s&s not gregster) a couple of bucks every month, but I have a true crime addiction. Waiting for the onision ep as we speak.

No. 370118

She could be selling kids stuff on craigslist in Seattle/Tacoma area? Just a thought

No. 370119

>Waiting for the onision ep as we speak

Mike is so judgy about anything to do with sex. Would love to hear his dramatic reading of the Billie basement fiasco.

Kinda hope Grease starts making more and more edgy material culminating in a porno.

No. 370121

>onision not realising he can buy cheap fruit and veggies and then chimping out when his entire paycheck goes on tofurkey vegannaise
>Lainey sobbing as she realises they no longer have the money for her to touch up her spaceboy hair at a salon
>Both have to get jobs
>Billie cackling in amsterdam, safe in the knowledge that she milked the cashcow before it keeled over

No. 370122

This reads like a girlfriend experience checklist. Nobody wants to pay to date you, Onision.

No. 370123

I've just been quietly observing the comments from his fans, and they're under the impression that this Patreon is his initiative in creating "fresh new content" - they're not even reading exactly what he's written as descriptions on that page… dear lord.

Even the "patreon exclusive" content he's offering at 10k is ANOTHER Death Note Parody.

No. 370124

>sells merch
>sells used clothes
>cranked out two books
>makes music
>still poor

Is it possible to be a jack of NO trades?

No. 370125

Importing young girls every month ain't cheap

No. 370126

I did think he might happen to meet the next deluded child bride on one of these skype chats if shes cute and naive enough. Wonder if Plainey would have pledged when she was fan girling over him.

No. 370127

I can't wait for this to blow up in his face.

He's able to get away with it on YouTube because it's a free service, his audience are not paying to see his videos. But he has a duty to fulfil his promises on Patreon because he's directly asking for subscription money, and once his fans realise they're not getting enough bang for their buck, the complaints and cancellations are going to come rolling in.


No. 370128

I think some people will just cancel after a month or so. Most people just want to feel like their supporting their idol and shit.

I think its more likely hes gonna be frustrated hes not getting as much money as he hoped if it doesn't reach some really high number and then try to guilt more fans into scrounging money for him, and some dumb ones will do it.

No. 370145

File: 1492370684381.jpg (20.84 KB, 276x416, IMG_20170416_212102_291.jpg)

What is wrong with these people? Well, I sincerely hope this wil die down with time.

No. 370148

File: 1492371473807.png (452.99 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2741.PNG)

Of course he uses his 2009 one hit wonder, and who the fuck in their right mind has called him as one of the hardest working youtubers??

No. 370153

he calls himself hardworking because he shits out videos every day with no concern of quality, and then calls other youtubers who do weekly/ biweekly videos lazy. but what he fails to understand is that those youtubers don't need to shit out garbage daily to pay for their mcmansions. they have solid fanbases who let them get 500k+ views weekly as well as doing other things outside of youtube.

No. 370155


>who the fuck in their right mind has called him as one of the hardest working youtubers??

The voices in his head, anon.

No. 370157

and probably his mother

No. 370158

Haha letting his god complex show as usual

No. 370160

The kind of random access humor that was on it's way out 8 years ago? Why of course use it in my Patreon, thinking people will be as impressed with the view numbers as I am.

He doesn't get that normal people care about the content, not the views.

No. 370161

There's a shitstorm brewing on twitter. As much as I'm bored with idubbz and his lazy content, and keeping in mind the attention it would bring greg, it would be so gratifying to see Ian manage to shit out a leafy/keem lvl or worse CC to stomp out what little life there is left in gergus channels. If he actually made a real effort he might be able to sway onions retarded fans. Maybe.

No. 370162

Would give Greg the attention he's so thirsty for. Bad idea.

No. 370163

Yeah no, i know. I just want people to fuck him up, even though ignoring him is probably worse in his eyes.

No. 370185

As much as I personally want idubbbz to make that career-killing content cop, there definitely would be some revived interest of onision's channels.

IF onision keeps talking trash about other youtubers, it's gonna definitely backfire on him. The comment section of his idubbbz rant is mainly people angry that onision hates their kind

No. 370188

File: 1492377630157.jpg (174.15 KB, 750x989, IMG_6230.JPG)

As a quick cow crossover, Vexxed (supported by none other than Margo Palermo) wants to do just that, because he's an autistic moron.

No. 370192


he followed her because she insisted that she was a fan. she even told him that she only knew of onion because of shane's vids. shane just follows her for the goof honestly.

No. 370195

File: 1492379378028.gif (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 480x360, make em bounce.gif)

>this is it boys I'm gonna break 30 views this time I'm comin boys

No. 370196


oh god, he attracted those "white genocide!!" type of crazies. this threads are going to become a mess.

No. 370197

Really? This is the thing this guy focuses on regarding to shit onion has said? O boi. Can everyone stop giving him attention.

No. 370204


More like expect parents of onion fantards to find out their child has stolen their credit card so they can support a pedo who makes shit videos.

No. 370205

whoever you are - every time you post this, i love you even more

No. 370209

>grease porno

excuse me while I clean vomit off my computer desk. A porn would be the final nail in his coffin as literally no one wants to see that and he'd have a huge spergfest after discovering that fact.

No. 370211

If Ian is smart, he will ignore Onion even more. He knows making a content cop on Onion will boost his popularity ten folds.

No. 370214

How is any of this Felix's fault? rofl, he's losing it.

No. 370225

Grease had been subtly trying to bait Ian into doing a Content Cop on him for awhile. He made a video shit talking Ian for his Leafy Content Cop even though Grease had JUST been on a "I hate Leafy" rampage shortly before. Then he proceeded to throw in little digs at Ian in his videos from time to time and dedicated a video to comparing Ian to some other YouTuber, he just bitched about how unfunny and unentertaining Ian's video was.

Now he's throwing a real punch at Ian and I don't think he gets that a Content Cop isn't going to HELP his dying channels. It might bring in more views just because people would like to see the trainwreck for themselves, but the only person who's come out of a Content Cop relatively unscathed was Tana and that's because her brand was doing pretty well prior to the CC. Greg's channels, on the other hand, are on their death bed. It'd be the nail in the coffin for him.

But, yeah, I actually found a video by some small YouTuber where they make fun of other content creators by doing voiceovers on their videos and, in the Onision one, Ian actually contributes.

It allowed him to get some punches in on Greg while not giving him any kind of real platform and attention.

No. 370226

Dear Claire and Troy, your dad is poor.

No. 370229

"Suk Mi: Greasin' up the night"

No. 370231

Greg posted a new video with Lainey. She seems as infatuated by him as ever. I wonder if she's secretly happy that his channels are dying so that she'll have him all to herself and won't have to share with the interwebs. I know I'd be sick to death of my husband always trying to seek validation from teenage girls online. Maybe that's why she's so gleeful.

No. 370232

glorious kek
bless you, anon

No. 370234

also worth noting that despite a similar title, this is not the same as the video that was uploaded to UhOhBro. sage for my dumbass self not including that detail

No. 370235

jesus christ i lol'd

No. 370259

It's disgusting that he's trying to prey on his fans fear of him "offing himself"

Greg, grow up you have a wife and kids. YT is no longer your only source of happiness…At least it shouldn't be.

No. 370267

You need to delete your post and upload the video to another hosting service, it's against the rules to directly link his videos here because they count towards his views.

No. 370275


Different anon:
But aren't his view dropping anyway? He can no longer make a buck from us. Surely this rule can be bent or diminished by the staff. Right?

No. 370278

The admins are pretty strict about it either way, it's just a heads up to remember next time lest anyone ends up with a temp ban.

If you're not sure how to host it on another site, ask any of the other anons if they'll do it for you… I think they use vid.me or something, which is why you'll always see a link to his videos directing there instead of any of his channels.

No. 370279

Where is that rule stated?

No. 370280

There's been a few warnings about it from both the farmhands and admins in previous threads, one is here >>348344

No. 370281

it's been stated threads ago and keeps being repeated. you clearly need to lurk more.

No. 370282


Is he seriously threatening to an hero himself bc jewtube won't give him money anymore? Really?

…it's not too late to pull the trigger, Greg. Oh and make sure it's live!

No. 370287

Wow he even has twitch now. Hes getting really desperate

No. 370288


Link pls?

No. 370290

Whoops.. I was a bit mislead because of the YouTube text bar in the reply form. I tried deleting the post but it won't let me since it's been over 30 minutes.. Shit. Sorry guys.

No. 370291

[MIRROR] YouTube Fired Me… What Now?
Onision, April 16, 2017

No. 370293

He keeps exaggerating and escalating. It's laughable. Now he's claiming youtubers are going to start committing suicide. Also, shut up about how you had a gun to your head Greg.

Like, most other YTers making bank have other projects on the go, or at least have the connections to do so. That's what being a (moderately intelligent) business person is about. You have to actually have a backup plan.

No. 370294

Isn't Twitch mostly for livestreaming games though? I'm sure that the purpose of his "uhohbro" channel to begin with but he lacked the confidence and skill to execute that idea and just scrapped and degraded it into another one of his soapbox channels.

No. 370295

No. 370299


kek!!!! he started a twitch account for his gaming.

90% of his fans comments that they are minors and don't have money or access to a credit card.

>>"I don't need fans, I don't want to interact with them, you are literal strangers"

Loses ad revenue
>>"Guys you mean so much to me, thanks for your donations and your prayers"

Rich stuff coming from the greaselord who said religious people are morons and should stop existing.

No. 370300

I honestly have no fucking idea what the purpose of the UhOhBro channel is for. I haven't really seen anything on there (aside from the occasional game video) that wouldn't fit on OnisionSpeaks

No. 370302

UhOhBro is for "comedy". speaks is for "real" stuff, but he does mix in some fake drama now and then to confuse people. He's been making fun of how people are idiots because they don't see that some of the videos on onionspeaks is tagged with "comedy".

No. 370305

Hmm… he's only had around 350 watchers on there, which leads me to believe he made this quite a long time ago. There's also no clips, no videos, nothing… so it's most likely something he's made then abandoned due to his lack of real interest in it.

No. 370307

Yes. His fans areee sooo dumb.

No. 370308

Doesn't change the fact that he gets $1500 a month now and that in less in a day. I honestly didn't expect that. Who would pay for his content?

No. 370309

File: 1492394637368.png (49.11 KB, 256x570, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 10.0…)

Samefag but fuck–someone actually choose the $1000 perk. What the heck.

No. 370313

So so pathetic. Him begging people for money must be so humiliating for Lainey since she always thought she was better than everyone. NOw she'll have all those friends from highschool who she left because Onion laughing to themselves while they see her husband begging for 1 dollar a month and talking about how much his life sucks, how he is STARVING and how suicide is something looming.

No. 370314

Probably a sponsor

No. 370316

It's obviously someone desperate for him to promote them on YT. It could be anyone, I'd love it if it ends up being another well known lolcow.

You know as soon as they get that video made, they'll cancel their subscription… otherwise they'll get charged the same amount again the next month, kek.

No. 370320

on the extremely rare chance (I know he isn't dumb enough to throw money at Gerg) I'd love for it to be iDubbbz and force Onision to give him promotion

No. 370324

It would've been the perfect opportunity to troll the fuck out of him. But giving him a grand just to humiliate him more than he can humiliate himself without effort seems to be a waste of money to me.

No. 370325

It's probably just him, "investing" in his "brand".

No. 370326

File: 1492395351306.png (47.15 KB, 787x161, Screen Shot 2017-04-16 at 7.14…)

"My fans are mostly of age, guys!"

No. 370327

File: 1492395449088.png (1.64 MB, 1700x882, housefag.png)

Oh my actual fuck. I hope to see this trainwreck of a stan.

I'm wondering about his other house, not the one he conveniently signed off to Touchy Tammi, but the one he's been filming his shitty Fred-ripoffs. It's not the mcmansion, this one has neighbours and different siding. Where is it located? It makes zero sense to own 3 properties and not rent any of them out, but again this moron has 2 cars and barely leaves the house sooo

No. 370329

File: 1492395571050.png (9.64 KB, 494x103, mommy.png)

Yep! There's dozens of them saying similar things on his Twitter as well.

No. 370336

It must be pretty embarrassing to have only 125 patrons in 12 hours when you're a HYOOGGGEE YT STAR with over 2 BILLION VIEWS and 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

What a joke.

No. 370339

Do we think a sponsor like that "edubirdie" thing would use his Patreon rather than just cut him a check per video?

No. 370340

Sorry Greg, the rules cannot be bent.

No. 370341

>if it ends up being another well known lolcow.
Please make it Joy, please.

No. 370342

Here's the prices that those patrons will be paying him every month until they cancel their subscription to him.


No. 370343


onion, real bad idea for you to go after pewds–a lot of your fucking audience also lurve them some felix, you dumbass.

No. 370344

I'm hoping it's Jamie. The other crazier one who is actually a vocal fan of his, it would be delightful shitcircus.

No. 370346

oh god yes, plz let it be her. she'll do anything to get some traction.

No. 370348

his ego can't handle anyone being more popular or making more money than him. everything else is secondary to him feeling superior, even if that means losing his dwindling fan base. i don't think he even thought about it because he's really that self-centered and stupid.

No. 370350

So…is it too late to post this?

No. 370351

Same reason he's linking all the big / popular names to this crisis he's having - no one else is running around screaming that it's the end of all things. People have mentioned it, but no one except Greg is going on ad nauseam. But he has to think that everyone else is experiencing this exactly like him - it can't just be that he's got a particularly shit, un-monetizable channel.

And between linking himself with the other YTers in this plight he alone seems to be experiencing, he's insulting anyone who watches them - and angering many of his own remaining fans in the process.

No. 370356

He currently has around 125 patrons.

The majority (73 patrons) are only throwing him a measly dollar every month.

Another 36 are throwing him $5 a month.

Only 5 of them are throwing him $30 a month.

7 of them are choosing to give him £50 a month.

And then there's just the one who has given him 1k a month (until they get their collab/promo video).

So basically even the majority of his patrons don't want to give him more than $5 a month in total, that's utterly ABYSMAL for someone who can't stop bragging over their views and sub counts.

And he's had this up for 12 hours already… for someone who makes themselves out to be a huge YT celebrity, this is…. sad.

No. 370357

File: 1492397541132.jpg (86.15 KB, 846x960, wot.jpg)

This mofo is making over 1k a month. what is life. Why are people still giving this piece of shit money??

No. 370361

One person pledge $1k to collaborate with him. A complete moron, because people used to get PAID to collaborate, not the other way around. It's likely a desperate small YTer, and I doubt they keep their pledge going once the video is made.

Without that, he was looking at $500 / month. And we have to see how many of these will actually be monthly; a lot of teens / kids won't be able to keep up monthly payments - or, their parents are going to get a weird charge on the statement next month and freak.

No. 370363


eh I doubt it will even work because youtube hates onision, pretty much nobody wants to be associated with him.

No. 370364

You are a glorious human being.

No. 370365

This is gold! He won't last on Patreon.

No. 370375

Well, they'll stay anonymous if they choose to. But they penalty want some kind of publicity. I mean we won't benefit from knowing who they are.

No. 370379

Do they think this is their way of buying his friendship and that he'll always respond to their messages to him? He'll drop them as soon as they unsubscribe from him, they have nothing to offer him but their money, he's a narc… he (not so) secretly despises his fans.

I'm not sure what the logic behind all this is… just 15 seconds of "fame" from a washed up, whiny YT'er who doesn't appreciate them?

No. 370386

File: 1492400485587.png (1.1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3197.PNG)

two options:
>still obsessed with billie
>impending onion divorce

No. 370388

Billie. She'd never leave her onion master, not willingly.

No. 370389

She needs to shut the fuck up, she needed to shut the fuck up as soon as CG 1.0 was over and done with.

They've literally just been pawing all over each other (her and grease) since this last night, posting photos and making videos together.

Shit like this just makes me believe that she's not actually genuine about her feelings for either of them (billie or/and grease) and she's just been using her husband as a cashcow just as much as he's been using her as a tool. I can't stand her, she's just as disingenuous and deceitful as he is, nobody fucking believes that she's still "in love" with Billie after everything she did to her… it's beyond pathetic at this point.

No. 370390

Attention-whoring because onion is too busy begging his underaged fans for their parent's money and she is feeling neglected and instead of, idk, paying attention to her fucking children or taking care of herself she would rather cry on social media. Poor kids.

No. 370391

man, those kids are gonna grow up with issues. They will probably need years of therapy.

No. 370393

One farmer speculated that it's because he's protecting his assets for an impending divorce.

Is there any way that his Patreon could be taken down? Do they have rules against supporting horrible people, or is it a free-for-all?

No. 370394


Is it possible he's donating to himself ? To make viewing fans think "well if this person is then maybe I will too" ….

Surely nobody is that stupid to trow cash into a dumpster and gas light it .. ( Or at least they may as well do that cause at least you get warm pretty fire from it. ) You pretty much get nothing from donating to this twat that he doesn't already do.

(Tinfoil theory )
The whole " You can direct message me" shit .. What if this is his creepy new way of getting teen girls. It would def show which ones are desperate enough.

No. 370395

I don't understand how people can stand her. Like is she more tolerable in person? I just want to rage out on her.

No. 370396

If you don't know Onision or anything behind-the-scenes, from a first glance Taylor seems innocent if not painfully boring.

No. 370398

I don't think he could donate to himself, but he could use Lainey's credit card to do it.

But I have my doubts it's either of them, simply because he has to go through with his pledge promise of collab/promoting them in a 15 minute video… I guess we'll know by around 5/17 next month, if no promo or collab video appears with anyone, then your suspicions may be validated.

No. 370400

Patreon is such a free for all. I think one of the few rules is that you can't provide hardcore pornography and full nudity, but being a horrible talentless shitlord is perfectly fine.

No. 370411

One possibility: it was Taylor's parents, who have seen Greg's freak out about money and are worried about their grandkids. Greg hates them and I'm sure refuses to accept anything from them; he barely allows Taylor to have any relationship with them. If they wanted to make sure the grandkids are provided for, this would be the only way.

No. 370412

To clarify: they could give anon and not leave any channel contact info.

No. 370427

File: 1492408071805.png (35.16 KB, 641x446, lameo.png)

Yeah okay lameo.

No. 370429

Wait - how much is he earning now on Youtube? (not patreon).
Making Patreon AND Twitch makes him look pretty desperate..
Did YouTube really cut 90% of his earnings or is he desperate because he is loosing that extra money that he used to be able to spend on useless shit like toys, games and props?

No. 370436

I don't think the Twitch channel is a recent development, it looks like it was launched quite a while back then abandoned.

As for the YT earnings… I found DSSCTM mentioning something about it last night.

>>Also, the first year when he hit it big, he was making 100 grand a year. As his channels and views grew, his income had to be around 200 to 400 grand a year. He has been making at least 20 grand a month or more for years. So for him to say YouTube is taking 90% is a god damn LIE. That would mean that he would be making 2 grand a month now. Bullshit!

I don't like DSSCTM, but if anyone knows anything about the early days of his YT career; it'd be him.

No. 370439

Hes probably being way overdramatic. Hes hardly the worst affected by this and other people are not crying this much, but he only gives a shit about himself, so since it affects him hes freaking out. Hes worried he will have to "downgrade" his millionaire lifestyle a little bit if it continues. Also I have a feeling shit will go back to normal on youtube in a couple months anyway. Just a few months ago, he was promising to pay for billie's schooling, dental bills, other debts, and to live with them. He was funding sarah and selena whenever she was around. Like this guy is not going dirt poor from this drop in earnings.

No. 370442

Unless she's talking about Sarah?? Dun dun dunnn.

No. 370449

That's quite the stretch there…it's unlikely that her parents are even monitoring Greg's twitter religiously enough to know that he has a patreon. Not to mention that there's a big chance that they would have tried to intervene in Greg and Taylor's affairs during the Billie fiasco if they did. It's overwhelmingly likely to either be a sponsor or Greg contributing his own money to motivate others to do so/inflate his apparent popularity (it is very common for e-beggars to do this).

No. 370451

…it is Felix's fault, anon.

No. 370455


pewdiepie did a controversial video that people considered racist. disney drops him cause they don't want to associate with him. it makes companies start discussing how youtube puts adds on racist vids, isis vids, overall gross videos. so this caused major companies to stop advertising on youtube alltogether, making lots of youtubers (onion included) to stop making as much money. so in a very strange way, yeah, it all started with pewdiepie.

its been discussed to death but heres a random link i found on google about it https://www.marketplace.org/2017/03/23/business/companies-are-pulling-ads-from-youtube-to-protect-brands

No. 370457

So it's NOT the end of Onion after all? Shit.

No. 370460

Anyone notice how he's been lovebombing Plainey a lot recently?

No. 370462

I'm probably a terrible person, but it kind of pleases me that this happened. I'm really tired of these people on youtube acting like they're untouchable and they're the hottest shit and when they actually have to face the ramifications for their actions it's like the end of the world for these people stuck in their glorified youtube bubble.

No. 370466

No, unfortunately. His current fanbase is growing up, bored of him and dropping him but it's not made much of a dent on him financially. He's still making money off all his channels including "Lainey's channel" and every video he posts to them - he earns an average of around $500 according to Socialblade.

If he's pumping out 10-15 videos a week, that's still around $7,500 he's getting.

His over-exaggeration of "becoming poor" has somehow recently worked in his favor because remember when I posted earlier in the last thread here >>365629 that his social media accounts were barely interacted with? In the last week since he started with this bullshit, those RTs and likes have now jumped up and doubled on his posts because his bored fans are now suddenly concerned about him.

It'll be interesting to see where this Patreon goes now, I expect him to milk the "Omg, YT fired meeee! I'm barely surviving!" deception game for a while longer yet.

No. 370467

Sorry for samefagging…

$7,500 x 12, he's still getting near enough $100,000 a year, if he somehow manages (which I very much doubt) to score around $5,000 every month from Patreon… then that's another $60,000 on top of the $100,000 a year.

He's not making anywhere near enough as he used to do in his prime, but he'll be certainly living comfortably off $160,000 a year… but only if he's lucky and his Patreon subscribers don't bail on him with that additional $60k.

He's farrrrrr from him and his family becoming destitute in this current financial climate.

No. 370468

The Onionocalypse has truly begun…it is so glorious!

No. 370472

I'm wondering if he also knows Patreon take a 5% fee out of whatever he'll get… apparently additional charges will also be made by other services when he decides to cash it out.

He'll probably start ranting and raving about Patreon ripping him off next, kek.

No. 370477

Before the drop, his videos would get about 100k-200k, and he would pump out like 3 videos a day which earned him around $300 - $400 dollars a day on average. That means he would earn $10k a month.

Now he is earning about $6k to $7k a month but whines as if he has been stripped from all his money and is only getting pennies.

Not to mention the comment "Now I earn as much as your dad" as if thatis somehow a bad thing?

Disgusting entitled piece of shit

No. 370479

File: 1492423573088.png (126.17 KB, 694x479, ShamelessPieceOfShit.png)

The fucking nerve of this guy…

No. 370484

This video is great. He's trying so hard to stay relevant, probably needs iDubbz and Filthy Frank to acknowledge him in hopes that he can bounce back.
>"I-I-I'm just as funny as Filthy Frank!"
>"I don't understand how popular just completely erodes any fact of the matter"
This is the same guy who shouted down a debater because he had more subscribers.
>complaining about iDubbz being edgy and using mean words
Hypocrisy. Such hypocrisy.
>mfw he accidentally stereotypes black people and then backpedals "A-Assuming it's a low income black community…."
>"He's just an idiot that stands around and says whatever ignorant thing he can say, and that's supposed to be comedy."
Hmm, reminds me of someone.
>"You only like iDubbz because he's in right now"
They made him "in". Idiot.
>"I regularly insult myself all the time, so it doesn't count whenever I insult people! I even apologize when I'm racist or creepy!"
Lol no you don't Greg

No. 370493

Yeah, he was never really hurting. He still was making more than he deserves and enough to live off of. But he admitted in the second "fired" video he didn't want to "DOWNGRADE" his lifestyle. But he acts like hes fucking homeless and dying on the street. He's truly disgusting. Also his fans seem to not notice he has multiple YT accounts. He's profiting off like 5 + lainey's channels. They only look at one channel's views and see it as low, but if you add all them up hes making decent amount of views in a week.

Also that tweet he made on patreon to seem like he cared about other youtubers and that they should sign up too was a referral link. Lmao. As always the case, onion only cares about himself and he will profit off people signing up for patreon through his referral links.

He will probably end up abandoning it again. Also at least on twitch, he would have gotten banned for all the shit he did on YT if he did it on twitch. You can't parade underage girls in their underwear on twitch. I always preferred twitch because they actually ban dumb cunts who do outrageous shit like onion.

No. 370498

File: 1492432670065.jpeg (241.68 KB, 566x635, smiley-face-thumbs-up-thank-yo…)

Type Onision is a stupid nigger in chat!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 370503

U have to be 18 to post here

No. 370537

File: 1492437251750.png (1.1 MB, 2560x1440, 1490201048862.png)

I'm almost sure that this is him. If you look at the numbers, the vast majority of the donations are in the 1-5$ range. Only 10 people are donating around 30$, and no one is choosing 500$.

The only person who would want so many shoutouts from greg would have to be desperate. If you have this much free cash laying around, would you really be this desperate?

Back when patreon was less private, I snooped around youtuber patreons and often noticed reciprocal donations among youtubers who were friends. He has no friends so he has to donate to himself.

No. 370554

We'll know who it is within the next month because he will make an obvious promotion/ collaboration with them.

No. 370557


What a sexy guy!!! Suk mi daddy!

No. 370564


or claim they're a HUGE fan and just wanted to support him and don't want the shout out/colob because they are too "shy".

Like who the fuck would want a shout out from someone who only gets 100k views on a video with offensive shit tier jokes and bullying videos… They'd have a better chance at getting noticed by just simply triggering Keem, and that free. OR even triggering Leafy would get them more attention and subs/views, and again would be free .. Not this 1grand a month BS.

No. 370565

And anyone donating $30 and above will be getting their name in every video so we will see those too.

I'm still waiting on him to "mutual follow" the 11 people he is supposed to follow on twitter.

No. 370570

I wonder what will happen if he doesn't keep his promises…

No. 370572

File: 1492441244140.jpg (104.8 KB, 750x949, IMG_3201.JPG)

Lashing out at the same fans they expect to pay their bills.

No. 370573

Wow, is that recent? What's her problem?

No. 370574

What is this? I dont see that pic on that person's page when i look at it. And what was she even replying to?

No. 370575

tbh I think they deleted it after angering the space prince. This isn't the first time she's bitched out her fans like this either so I'm not surprised.

No. 370576

What was she replying to?

"Lainey and Onision are the best couple ever"
"Yeah because you know us so well. Leave me alone"

No. 370587

That's weird to reply to something about them being the best couple ever with something so negative. They literally just posted another "cute couple" video.

There were 4 comments in the thread that arent shown so id expect someone said something negative, which is what made her reply. But if it's deleted, then cant really check.

No. 370590

Nah, I think she was fighting with Greg atm and that's why she wrote such a bitchy reply.

No. 370592

File: 1492443663140.jpg (182.63 KB, 1042x924, AOqUEBe.jpg)

No. 370594

>closer to survival

I think hes just making fun of his fans for falling for his im poor bs at this point. Hes laughing as he drives in his second tesla that he can still manipulate them.

No. 370596

daddy won't have to sell the tesla. thanks kids!

No. 370597

File: 1492444051471.png (561.56 KB, 1182x739, onion.png)

The people who donated $30+ to him for an onision follow are here!

No. 370609


No. 370615

The one that looks like a lameo wannabe admitted she signed up for the 50$/month one. That's embarrassing.

No. 370619

oh my bad its $50+. Even sadder.

No. 370623

If it actually is him behind the $1000/month "pledge" this is gonna make him SO MAD

No. 370630

File: 1492447720791.png (771.98 KB, 625x584, lameo.png)

If shes talking about billie, well lameo you probably wont get closure because everytime billie tried to talk to you, you reported it to gerg, and he publicly shamed her and told her to stop messaging the both of you. So uh…its no wonder she doesn't want to contact either of you ever.

No. 370639

>>Also that tweet he made on patreon to seem like he cared about other youtubers and that they should sign up too was a referral link.

Oh my god, you are shitting me…. I just checked… you're not shitting me.

I think Patreon will freeze his account and credit until he amends the pledge promises in some way.

No. 370640


Samefag. I'm loving it. The few people I think are genuine and good are still doing fine and will even if YouTube goes south. For the rest I'm lapping up this apocalypse. Even though it probably won't last and most of them are complaining because they're not making AS MUCH money as they were, but still are making well over a living wage.

No. 370641


Wouldn't it be $7,500 x 52 if he's making that weekly? That's depressing.

No. 370649

Keep an eye on that "ladyboy" chick, she's right up Lainey and Gerg's alley with the whole "fakeboi spaceprinxe" theme, he'll definitely be pleased with DM'ing her back on forth to fulfil his "pledge promise" if you know what I mean.

No. 370651


I bet they're on mute.

No. 370652

Oh shit, yeah you're right… (that's why I failed math) that's…. much, much more than I was expecting.

No. 370653

If you add up all his views this week on new videos on his top three channels ,it's 2mil+ but hes acting like hes getting no views and going to go homeless. His fans are very stupid to believe this shit. He just doesn't want to downgrade his lifestyle if YT pays him a little less than hes used too. Theres no doubt hes still probably bringing in a lot of money.

Out of the potential twitter follows, the ryan guy seems most likely to have dropped $1k because he has a youtube channel and might want a collab.

No. 370658


It's pretty horrible that someone like him can live so well shitty out crap while treating others like crap while people who are incredibly educated or creative or just overall good people don't see close to that. Yuck.

No. 370668

File: 1492451037709.png (40.8 KB, 625x403, lameo.png)

When you think she cant get anymore obnoxious.

No. 370672

It's all about posting shit on her Twitter.
I am gay! I am bi! I am polyamorous!

But I actually don't want to be with a girl or have another partner

No. 370673

>Has one failed "poly" relationship where she was incredibly jealous the whole time
>admitted she never wanted a poly relationship and gerg forced her into it
>I'm poly now guys!!!

No. 370679

Lainey has got to be the fakest bitch to grace Onion's life. She spent all of 2016 whining that she never loved Billie and that Greg had an ulterior motive with convincing her to get a gf. And now she can't shut up about how sooooo gay she is, and now she's poly? lmfao. ok, lamp.

No. 370680


'Drama whore who is dead inside' and 'fucking autist' are also completely viable responses.

No. 370684


What a thoroughly unlikable bitch.

No. 370685

File: 1492452271062.png (16.19 KB, 710x401, desperateforshekles.png)

Since earlier today, he's added another shit-tier to his "rewards" for $100 a month.

This wasn't there yesterday.

No. 370687


I feel like Gurg posted that or she's baiting. Because she is not bi in any way and definitely not poly at all.

And everyone has those receipts.

No. 370689

File: 1492452493747.png (1.86 MB, 1264x1426, laineybi.png)

No. 370690

She'll deny ever saying what she said in the past, she did it when she denied being bisexual four years ago.

She's learnt these tactics from Grease, they have no shame of their hypocrisy… they don't care until it doesn't benefit them in some way.

No. 370691


samefag, but I really wish she would spend some time doing her fucking lipstick so it doesn't look like her toddler son tried to color within the lines.

No. 370692


Tin foil hat

What if she isn't referring to Billie ? What if its always been about Greg.. Maybe Greg constantly expresses that he doesn't want her anymore and she wants closure as to why he doesn't.

I do believe her when she says she never loved Billie or cared about her.

No. 370693

It didn't take long for him to twist her arm again, did it? This is probably what their recent passive-aggressive bullshit with each other was all about.

He's made them both "available" again.

No. 370694

Now i'm 100% sure shes not bi, if she jumps on the poly shit after the failed threesome where she clearly just wanted gerg to herself. She probably thinks shes sooo bi too just cause she kissed one girl.

Man Lainey has become so awful. She was annoying before, but she wasn't so dislikeable and i felt bad for her before because she seemed like she was a nice person at heart. Now shes so hateable and acts despicable towards other people. Grooming has been a success for onion. When their relationship implodes, lainey will still be her awful self shes grown to be and i wont feel bad for her.

No. 370695

Is Lainey actually good at anything. She can't even apply her lipstick properly. I bet it kills her that billie was so much better at makeup than her.
Is her lack of talent and interests why she makes up this agender bullshit about herself? To seem like she is not as plain as white bread?

No. 370696

I really wish she'd stop hoping on every other hashtag just to dump her photos, this applies to everyone in general.
It's fucking stupid

No. 370697

He probably thought he could easily manage paying for Billie and Sarah's (Mercedes and Ayalla too by a lesser extent) travel, living and luxury expenses for the whole year.

I don't think he realised that running a harem would be that much of a financial drain until YT took him down a peg.

So technically and realistically, no he's not hurting for money at all BUT he's trying to make back the losses of what his failed harem cost him last year.

Now suddenly Lainey is acting like she's back on the market, probably because an extra $5,000 a month from the Patreon is gonna cover the costs of their second attempt at the harem again.

Their fans are paying for this, I'm calling it now that a fresh teenager will be on the scene again by summer at the latest and he'll be using his Patreon credit to pay for their upkeep so he doesn't have to dig into his YT income to fund it all.

No. 370699

I wouldn't put it past Ian. He paid money just to say "nigger" to tana. Except watching grease promote ian would actually be funny.

No. 370706

File: 1492455327615.png (137.76 KB, 1548x873, patreon.png)

I was reading Patreon's guidelines. So a history of collecting children pics in their underwear and bullying someone with a severe eating disorder is okay? Oh and abusing and harassing his partners as well?

No. 370711

File: 1492455853539.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, your fans are 12 greg.gif)


$100 for a shoutout…

No. 370714

She forgot to mention she has kids too LOL

No. 370716

this self-entitled prick has no idea what real struggles are. out there in the real world he'd be laughed out of every interview he'd apply for. he's lived on easy street his entire life and basically sat on his ass in order to make his living. he can whine and complain about "muh hard wrrrk" all he wants but he's his own boss and doesn't have to answer to anyone higher above him. that's a life skill that's actually helpful. the fact that his patreon has generated so many donations in such a short amount of time is fucking irritating and i can't stand how he's masking it like he's "surviving" when he has all that fucking sweet youtube cash to take shits on. he's the world's biggest shithead and his inevitable downfall is something i'll be waiting for in the nosebleed section.
sage for OT rant/projection/pettiness but dammit i want to kick him in the dick so badly

No. 370718

>>doesn't have to answer to anyone higher above him.

Except his parent company, YouTube. They put one tiny restriction on him after 10 years of reports about his abusive, bullying behavior and he's losing his mind. He got a single reminder that he's not ultimately in charge and he's having a narc meltdown.

No. 370722

Didn't you know with kids you can't be a ~hawt barely legal kinky af poly spaceprince~?

No. 370727

There was an Onision post on the hittablefaces subreddit yesterday and it looks the the mods removed it.

I wonder if Onion boy himself had a hand it in. The OP definitely didn't delete it.

No. 371465

I bet half of the money he got on Patreon are from kids that stole their mom's credit card.

No. 371468

>>the fact that his patreon has generated so many donations in such a short amount of time is fucking irritating

It really hasn't anon, don't let it rustle your jimmies like this.

For someone who boasts about 2 billion views and 2 million subscribers and has 800,000 Facebook members and 400,000 Twitter followers… 230 Patrons in 24 hours is an absolutely abysmal for someone with those kinds of numbers of supporters.

136 of those 230 Patrons are only throwing him a single dollar a month, another 58 of them are throwing him a fiver a month…

That's 194 out of 230 of his supporters who don't value him at anything more than $5 and they'll probably even cancel their subscriptions by next month; once they realize he's never going to create new and interesting content for them.

No. 371469

Also, patreon only takes money out once a month… so he hasnt even got this money yet and half their cards might even be declined or they might cancel their subscription before then. Patreon doesnt take the charge when you sin up to pledge.

No. 371470

(Sorry I deleted my post, he's currently at around 230 Patrons, not 250 just yet)

Yeah, they take something like a 5% fee out of the total of whatever he'll get too.

No. 371471

Half of it is from a single person who donated $1,000; probably, a small YTer who is desperate for the collab video that was promised at that level.

I hope they realized it's not supposed to be a one time gift of $1k to get the collab - it's supposed to me a monthly donation. $12k PER YEAR to get one collaborative video with him.

Half that support will drop when the person realizes what they signed on for.

No. 371475

Indeed, it honestly sounds like they rushed to support him without actually sitting down and taking the time to read exactly what it is that he's offering… all because they fell for his deceitful sob-story about how he's going to end up being broke.

90% of what he's offering is already free and is going to end up being free anyway.

The 10% of "exclusives" that they've signed up for is just one single video that MIGHT not get posted to YT, any future music he creates (which he'll crosspost to Itunes anyway), access to basically a mirror of his private subforum on his .xyz messageboard, and a first look at some photos that he'll crosspost to IG and Twitter as well.

Anything over $50 gets them that 10% "exclusive content" that I've just mentioned:

$30 gets them a quick flashcard credit at the end of a video that they will share with the others.
$50 gets them a Twitter followback.
$100 gets them a shoutout on a video.
$500 gets them a 15 second promo and his PO address so you can send HIM gifts.
$1000 gets them a 15 minute promo/collab video and a Skype call.

He's offering them notttthhhhhiiinnnng.

No. 371493


Also despite being Poly, she cannot fuck or date other men, but Onion can privately fuck her girlfriend if he chooses to suddenly "remove all boundaries". In the poly realtionship they had, she mostly only kissed her girlfriend. She's a glorified cuckquean.

No. 371495

She's using any umbrella LGBT term she can get away with so that her and her husband can dodge any criticism for their fucked up fetishes, basically just using the LGBT community as a shield.

No. 371501

samefag but I also remember a tweet from her a while ago, before CG 1.0 even when she just started seeing Billie, where someone asked Plainey if he was allowed to date other girls because she had a girlfriend and she responded something like "Reeee no, I'm not dateing other guys, so why would he be allowed to do that." I can't find it anywhere in the threads though, does anyone remember this/have this?

No. 371541

File: 1492466754089.png (112.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4021.PNG)

Onion denies the existence of aliens, while he secretly believes in their existence along that they're tied to Sicescan beliefs.

Contradictions arise once again!

No. 371544


i like how she's fishing for people to flirt with her, but she forgets to mention that:

-she married to that "partner"
-shes's not allowed to date men
-she has two kids
-she's going broke

lol bitch keep your priorities right

No. 371545

I knew it! I fucking knew it! This was one of the videos he made last night on Patreon and he's already made it visible on YT for free!

A fool and their money are easily parted couldn't ring any more true right now, lol!

No. 371559

I don't get it, she "Kissed a girl and was okay with it". She's currently in a monogamous, heterosexual marriage with a heterosexual man. She's insanely jealous of any woman who shows an interest in her husband, even casually. She claims to be "agender" when she thinks dressing feminine makes her a girl and thinks she's masculine when dressed like a guy. She's actively lured in teenage bisexual women with her husband and allowing him full control.

I wonder how any bodies are under Grump's lawn.

No. 371606

>I earn as much as your dad now, so take some of your dad's money and give it to me

~ Onision 2017

No. 371609

Oooo Keemstar went in calling Onion a scammer.

No. 371614

No. 371617

>"Does this look like a suicidal person to you?!"

No. 371620

I expected his patreon to get a huge boost the first month. So not too irritated by it. I am surprised someone actually paid the 1k so quickly tho. Even so it's hound to dead ass too at the end of the month. People won't be assed to keep spending $50 on him a month for zero rewards. And
Most of them probably don't realize it's a monthly thing anyway.

No. 371621

From the video: According to people in the know about YT returns and what they've spoken to Greg about over the years: he's made $20k PER MONTH for years, and his house in paid in full - no mortgage.

No. 371628

He's really the worst. Threatening suicide and e-begging his fans for "survival" when he owns several properties and two expensive cars. I saw some comments on twitter and his videos that he didn't deserve sympathy since he made a video about his expensive and "luxurious" basement and his new tesla. He's such an ungrateful cunt. who the fuck needs an entire house for FILMING??

No. 371631

And entie second house when you already have extra bedrooms for filing, PLUS a guest house for filming, plus A THIRD HOUSE you just gave as a "gift" to your mother rather than charging her a nominal rent to cover upkeep and expenses.

Yes, pity the man with multiple properties and two self driving sports cars, who now only makes $10k per month instead of $20k and has all those properties paid off in full. He must be given monies immediately or he'll kill himself.

No. 371636


exactly. she wants to be one of those cool tumblr kids that are 19 and dating two girls and a plant. but she's not one of them, she's a grown ass straight woman. she should know better. i swear, this is what talking to 16 year old twitter kids does to your brain. she's delusional. she doesn't need a new teen girl with blue hair, she needs to log the fuck off.

No. 371641

It's also a bullshit move to give your mom a house if you KNOW you're making significantly less money and will struggle. Greg is not a nice and charitable person, the boy always has an ulterior motive. He started bitching about ad revenue long before he gave his mother a house so it doesn't make any sense. Too bad his Stans are 13 years old and can't see through his fake crying. Remember when he said that threatening suicide was abusive? I can't with this greasy fucker.

No. 371643

"Gifting" a house for the full value can be a tax write off.

It can also protect your assets against a spouse if you undervalue it in the gift - if he valued the gift at $1 it means he doesn't have to split the assets with either Skye (who paid for the house with him out of their joint YT earnings) or with Taylor (if he's preparing for a divorce.)

No. 371653

Exactly, so it makes no sense that he's all of a sudden so poor and that he's unexpectedly hit by financial struggle. He gave her the house so he has a cushion to fall back on and so his child bride won't get it if they divorce. Her lawyer dad told her how she could screw him over when CG 1.0 broke loose, and she ran back to Onion and told him about it, so he's probably hiding money and property to save his ass. I think it has some sentimental value to him too since he didn't sell the ghetto house and just kept it all these years. It's the house he shared with Shiloh.

Sage for property rambling

No. 371688


Or Skye

No. 371698

-_- another person got the 1,000 reward

No. 371699

These fools are gonna give him the extra $60k / year he wants on top of the "broke" salary of $120k he was "Reduced" to after the adsense changes.

I can only hope they don't realize that these donations are monthly and not a one-off, and that by next month they drop off. Because anyone who is willing to pay $12,000 for collaborative video (the yearly donation amount) is beyond autism.

No. 371703

I hope they enjoy the fact they are basically funding the airplane tickets for the next teen girl he flies in. Such struggling to survive my ass. Idk how his fans can watch a video he made like two days before with him and his fancy tesla and old house he GAVE to his mom, and think their favorite youtuber is about to die homeless on the street if they dont give him money. If people want to donate money, why not give it to actual homeless people and charities?

Shit like this makes me lose hope for humanity.

No. 371705

Plainey wins the award for the most pathetic cow on this site. Wow, she really has no mind of her own.

No. 371710

I'm very sad you guys, he'll always win in the end.

No. 371714

To be honest, no one really cares what a bunch of kaffir did to the boers, or what they continue to do to their own country. Onision will definitely get a pass for this.

No. 371723


sage your trash please

No. 371725

Then you don't know how the world works. It's just a matter of time. Maybe not now, maybe not in 3 years. But he will lose.

No. 371737

You also have 2 kids to take care of you stupid bitch

No. 371744

kill yourself trairlor

No. 371750

The keemstar info has made me begin to feel that way too. If he's been making 20k/mo for years, and he's still pulling in six figs, there's a good chance that he'll be able to live in comfort for the rest of his life. And for as long as he has a following of troubled teen girls, he'll be able to lure them in. He'll be getting what he wants for a very long time; the only solace is that he has to live with the fact that he's himself, and because of that he will never truly be happy.

No. 371756

plainey is fucking gross

No. 371757

File: 1492488353577.jpg (68.28 KB, 764x478, IMG_20170418_055413_092.jpg)

Sadly, he loves himself. We all know he thinks he's hot af, he is so delusional, he shows off his saggy body with pride fishing for compliments. On anoter note, he changed his patreon opening vid from bananagreg to sadsadgreg. Must get those pity points.

No. 371760

File: 1492488448379.png (111.7 KB, 585x445, Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 9.06…)


No. 371772

Based Keemstar

No. 371780

>coordinating non-violent harm

Just gonna drop this form to report Patreon creators right here:


No. 371786

Maybe now that daddy onion is going broke and not famous anymore, it's time to find a new meal ticket?

No. 371845


with a face like that? no one gonna give that bitch a ticket. in a few years she'll be on okcupid asking for sugar daddies and shit

No. 371850


What videos should be linked as example? Eugenia Cooney "parody". What else?

No. 371851

he also makes fun of cutters

No. 371852


>based keemstar

Anon you must be at least 18 to post on this site.

No. 371856

I only follow Onion drama sporadically, but how about some of those videos where he sexualises/trash-talks girls who are minor.

No. 371858

Maybe the Blaire White one, didn't he also mock that 13 year olds family memeber for asking her half naked pics to be taken down in that vid.

No. 371860

The Billie vid and the one he made defending/admitting to what he did

No. 371868

I couldn't find the Eugenia Cooney cooking show video. Has he deleted it?

No. 371872

I think so but there's a mirror


No. 371876

that filename is a thing of beauty lmao

No. 371892

AND he's bitched people out saying they shouldn't complain about anything if they live in the first world because people have it worse elsewhere. Fucking hypocritical garbage human.

No. 371896

File: 1492522973990.png (405.01 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4959.PNG)

lmao this reminded me of lainey

safe of ot

No. 371907


Those videos (especially Eugenia's and Billie's) are found on his Encore channel.

No. 371910

I've read somewhere (ok it was eo!) that Keemstar's crew got their "secret insider info" of Onion's earnings from anti-o blogs (probably dssctm) in the last 24 hours.

No. 371919

Sometimes when I look at the whole of Greg’s life, I wonder: is he happy, though? Like, does he even know what happiness is? Is he capable of happiness?
Because his happiness looks so superficial for his audience. Does he enjoy ANYTHING? Besides putting people down to feel superior? People who complain all the time over every little thing can’t be happy. He’s a self righteous bully. I'm so glad karma's coming back to him now.

No. 371924

I doubt it. Keem said he got the info from "mutual friends" of Onision and him. Those blogs ain't friendly.

Keem's got contacts throughout Youtube. I don't see why he would scour around blogs for info when he can just Skype call a few people and get much more reliable insights.

I am still wondering who he talked to, there are not a lot of people who are that close to Onision… Cyr? Billie the Fridge? Hmmmm…

No. 371925

Both him and Lainey remind me of a certain kind of people: Those who are untalented, uncreative and don't have any hobbies, so they start putting labels on themselves (Lainey) to seem interesting and dedicate their lives into sucking "life-energy" (in a way) from others (Onion). They will never be happy, because their happiness is dependant on other people's unhappiness, material goods or simply it has ridiculously high and humanly impossible standards. They're both doomed to spend their lives filling their emptiness with material things, teenage girls and ego feeding.

Maybe one day they'll realize, each of the two in his/her own way, and that will be the day that a gun
will truly be pressed against their temple.
own way, and that will be the day a gu

No. 371926

Shit, I kind of fucked up. I think you get what I mean tho

No. 371929

last paragraph reads like something Grug himself would write as ~poetry~, kek.

No. 371932

The video where he prances around in a bra singing about how he's trans

No. 371934

Now that Youtube money is drying out
Now that child-brides are flying out
I'll sell my car and sell my mansion
And threaten suicide for attention

No. 371935

OT but anyone knows what app does she use for her pictures? They always have this nice filter and light I actually like. (Assuming she takes them with her iphone)

No. 371938

Damn that's a decent amount of money, why the fuck is he complaining so much about youtube when he's making a lot more in the background

No. 371948

how does he win? bc he's rich? he has a fanbase of teenagers, a boring shitty wife, and kids he doesn't give a shit about. he has no friends and his idea of a fun time is railing teenagers with his wife, who hates it. don't see this working out for him long term

No. 371951


I'm pretty convinced that he kept all the properties so that he could write a ton of shit off as expenses and keep as much of his freelance income as possible.

I'd love to see his deductions. One of the houses is probably claimed as a 'studio' along with a couple of rooms in the house he lives in. That's why he keeps everything so empty, too–in case he gets audited he can say see? This room is for shooting only, etc.

No. 371954

I'm hoping their kids grow to hate their parents instead of turning into them. I can see them posting on r/raisedbynarcissists in the future lol. Doesn't Troy start kindergarten after this summer? I guess we will know then if they plan to homeschool them forever. Let's hope not.

No. 371962

Let them, it doesn't take away the fact that he'd only have $1,300 in total from less than 300 Patreons who have in the majority given him less than $5 in 48 hours.

He's not as "famous" as he thinks he is, lol.

No. 371967

The saddest thing is it might take them growing up and fucking hating their parents to make plainey do anything about her situation. Doubt it though, she's like the best example of an enabler I could ever point to.

personally grew up to hate enablers far more than abusers. Abusers are just shit, they couldn't change even if they wanted to. Enablers can and choose not to.

No. 371973

File: 1492535603026.png (25.02 KB, 474x267, disbitch.png)

Just a heads up.

This "ladyboy" person is one of the patrons who is giving him $50 for him to add her to his followers and to directly Tweet at her.

Only since today has she started getting involved in his Twitter disputes with others, she's definitely showing cow-like behavior already.

No. 371975

now im no onision fan but i have to say, he's delivering on his promise so far - the sketch on his main channel (while fucking terrible) had more effort in it than any shit he's put on their in a year+, and he's churning content out on the patreon.

while i lust for his downfall as much as others i have to say i was expecting him to weasel out of half the shit he promised from day 1. maybe that'll come next week

No. 371976

is she some thai hooker?

No. 371980


…yet that doesn't explain why he doesn't turn the heat on when needed…

No. 371981

Power. Control. It's HIS money, HE doesn't feel cold, etc. My narc mom did the same thing. She kept the house at 56 degrees all winter in the midwest because SHE worked out all the time and hates feeling hot. While the kids huddled in blankets with blue lips.

Point is: narcs do this shit because they can, and that's how they're happy, which is all that matters to them.

No. 371982

Gotta keep those women and girls anemic, cold and verbally abused! It's the only way to stop them from standing up to him if he keeps them weak-willed, mentally and physically exhausted all the time.

No. 371983


Should we start a /snow/ thread on her like we did with Lane1313/Lizzie?

No. 371985

File: 1492536652959.png (174.19 KB, 731x309, lmao.png)

If you guys want to keep tabs on her sure, but I won't be able to contribute with further information as she blocked me ten minutes ago.

I guess the truth hurts when you realise you're paying HIM $50 a month to fight HIS battles and essentially maintain a fake friendship until they can't be a patron anymore.

No. 371986


lainey shilling t shirts on her twitter. i'm gonna guess whoever actually made these shitty anime fanarts will see $0

~your gender is valid guys~

No. 371991

File: 1492537657465.png (89.63 KB, 586x251, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 10.4…)

Back to the body judging, gleefully

No. 371999


why is he still doing this when he knows his "career" is on the line (sorta) and losing the many fans (that haven't realized he's a pos-loser just yet) and jewtube goldz are running out (currently, he's still has some for the long run).

oh, right.

No. 372001

>>Fans are paying him to produce the same old shit since 2007 and he's still posting them on YT for free anyway.

I guess the shit-apples don't fall too far from the shit-tree.

No. 372002

File: 1492539057347.png (300.56 KB, 709x716, ss (2017-04-18 at 02.10.05).pn…)

these shirts lainey is trying to sell are so…predictable.

No. 372012

18 bucks for a phone case?
32 bucks for a fucking tee??

No. 372017

She's not even paying the artists for the art/ the right to sell them on merch. She just sucks.

No. 372026

I looked up the cost of amenities in his basement video, and it totals $12,000 US. In his basement ALONE. I even went by the lowest possible prices I could find online.

Like, he's blown all his money on shit he doesn't need, but wants because it makes him feel superior… and now he wants to take pocket money from pre-teens. What an honest guy.

No. 372028

i would love to pay 20$ to buy a shirt from Bisexual Poly Agender Queen Lainey, someone who has done nothing for the lgbt community and enjoys shipping out teenage girls for her and her shitty husband to play with. the only thing that would tickle me more is if she didn't pay/credit the artist.

No. 372030


how the fuck could anyone buy that? its not just predictable, that shit looks UGLY.

No. 372032

File: 1492541515619.jpg (17.34 KB, 250x351, Capture.JPG)

lmao, he changed it "per new video"
and he posts a new video every day!

lets see how long his 13 year old fans can support this kek

No. 372034

File: 1492541829863.jpg (179.88 KB, 843x842, onionscam.jpg)

breakdown (cuz i obv have way too much time on my hands rn)

No. 372035

These are truly reprehensible.

No. 372036



No. 372037

>the only thing that would tickle me more is if she didn't pay/credit the artist.

She didn't iirc.
She just asked her followers to draw her fan art and she will pick few which she will use on her merch. Few gullible 13 year olds fell for it and are probably proud she is profiting from their "art".

No. 372038

No, these are the gadgets he keeps in his pimped out basement.

No. 372039

File: 1492542198354.png (50.78 KB, 539x365, pathetic.png)

Stupid move on his part, how can he possibly expect his dumbass fans to pay $30, $50, or a fucking $1000 PER VIDEO. asking for it monthly for basically nothing was already a stretch. pic related.

No. 372040


I think that's why he went crazy over losing some money.
He doesn't save up. He spends his free time buying overpriced toys for him to play with. He has no savings.

No. 372041

I don't think this is a list of shit he's selling, it's a list of how much shit he owns costs.

No. 372042

>Poor Onision, he only earns $7000, instead of $15000
>Better give him what's left of my paycheck

No. 372043

Oh I see.
How long until he starts selling all this shit tho?

No. 372046

They're in for a shock considering they will have to pay him $30 every month, the Patreon isn't a "one-time-purchase".

No. 372047

It's not even every month anymore, it's per new video now.
See: >>372032

Top kek

No. 372051

Since he changed it to per new video his donation total has already decreased by more than $1000

No. 372052

File: 1492544100686.png (18.93 KB, 502x419, lmao.png)

Yep! One of the two "$1,000 Patrons" from earlier on today has already bailed on him.

No. 372053

So greaselord thinks his videos are worth $2,000 each? Lmao at 3 vids per day. Lets wait till his fans see their hot topic money disapear in a week. XD

No. 372056

Shithead of Akkad had to change his Patreon wage to "per month, since he rapid-fires his shit videos.

Onion will have to do the same or the money will run dry fairly fast.

No. 372058

LMFAO! He's going to be charging them near enough 10 TIMES A WEEK instead of monthly, what have they done to themselves?!

No. 372060

What a fucking idiot!

See, anon. If he doesn't ruin himself now, he will eventually get old and nobody will care about him anymore.

No. 372062

Apparently some people have backed off, right now the stats is 290 patreons. He's such a son of a bitch, this guy.

No. 372063

As of right now, he'll have made roughly $8,500 US off Ebay when his play button listings end in 3 days.

No. 372065

i love the way that onionboy is trying to hide his children from the internet by not selling their clothes on lainey's poshmark…. yet he shows lainey's stretch marks from pregnancy in the '10 reasons not to cut' video on twitter (although it seems like he's trying to pass them off as self harm scars lmao)

in something more relevant, surely he isn't allowed to just change the way he's charging his patreons?? seems a bit fucked up that he can lead them into donating by saying its once a month and then changing it so theyll be charged multiple times a week..

No. 372067

Other one is probably using their mommy's credit card.
Wait when mommy gets that $30000 bill kek

No. 372068

"Yeah, fuck my two kids. They don't make me happy. I'm gonna kill myself, because I can't do YouTube anymore."

I can't believe someone could actually be this dense.

No. 372069

I imagine, considering the $1000 donor backed out, that donors get some kind of notification. I don't think the developers would overlook something as big as that.

No. 372072

I'm buzzing my tits off right now, this is hilarious… Isn't this proof enough that he doesn't give a single shit about his fans? He's a con-merchant, he always has been and always will be.

No. 372075

Idiot thinks he is so smart.
>I'm gonna earn $2000 per video now, even more than ever before! What a genius plan

Except your fans are 12 and will have to bail out sooner or later.

I can't wait until he makes a whiny video how he is disappointed by his fans because they can't "keep their promise" or shit like that lel

No. 372077

I mean at this point it seems like he's just grabbing all the money he can get his hands on. Surely this jackass must know that his days of YouTube and ad-sense are over.

No. 372081

Oh man, I'm nearly wiping tears from my eyes from laughing too much… yesterday, everyone felt pretty gutted that his fans were giving him this cash monthly for "content" that they'll be already getting for free anyway.

But now they're going to be paying him PER VIDEO, I feel somewhat vindicated… holy shit, hahaha.

This is golden.

No. 372084

File: 1492546291532.png (164.25 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-04-18-21-07-41…)

He seems to have added a new level of pledge.

$250 is a hell of an expensive phone call. The arrogance is astounding.

No. 372086

No anon ur wrong is 250×3=750 750x7= 5,250…. $5,250 weekly thats one hell of an expensive skype call XD .

No. 372088

File: 1492546674708.png (18.08 KB, 483x354, changeinhisTOS.png)

I can't see this post for obvious reasons, but this is more than likely his announcement for the changes to his "Pay Per Video" instead of "Monthly" offer.

I think if he's notified them and okayed it with Patreon, he can do it without too much difficulty.

No. 372089

Yeah, I've been keeping a close beady eye on it all and he's also added a new "$2" and "$100" payment option since this morning.

He really does not know what the fuck he's doing and he knows he has fuck all to offer them.

No. 372090

>Not only do I get to Skype with possibly my next teenage victim, she has to pay $250 for it too!

No. 372094

File: 1492547061611.jpg (5.66 KB, 138x134, snoopdawg.jpg)

This Patreon bullshit is quickly becoming the best milk we've had for weeks.

No. 372099

It was working out so well for him, why is he fucking it up? I kinda want to read his patreon posts but it's not really worth $1 (per month, maybe, but definitely not per video)

No. 372100

File: 1492547505282.jpg (42.18 KB, 506x285, Onision (64).jpg)

>be parent
>recieve credit card bill
>see $20k has been paid to "Onision"
>"But MOM, he has helped millions of people with their issues"
>Open one of his videos
>See pic related

No. 372102

Theres a girl on twitter saying that there is a way to only pay once a month. Is that true? I tought the creator of the patreon set the rules

No. 372104

File: 1492547928335.png (118.2 KB, 740x1211, IMG_0068.PNG)

Lol Shiloh posted this to her instagram. A couple people asked if it wa shade and she didn't reall say anything. I love her I'm so glad she's doing so well

No. 372105

show screencap?

No. 372106

If that's the case, why is his Patreon count going down?

No. 372114


Well, yeah, you are right there! Good grief.

$250 per video where he greases your screens with his presence three times a day, all so you can have ONE time of him greasing your sole screen with his presence per month! What a great reward!

No. 372115

File: 1492548231590.png (5.47 KB, 240x211, droppingnumbers.png)

This is now his Patreon count, it was at 293 just earlier here >>372032

Her claims are not supporting the evidence… ask her to screencap his Patreon messages for proof of this.

No. 372116

File: 1492548323160.jpg (400.53 KB, 1280x720, Greasy.jpg)

>0 out of 15 patrons

No. 372117

File: 1492548439724.png (283.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170418-164503.png)

No. 372118

whats the betting he set her up to say that to trick the other patreons?

No. 372119

LmAo im dead…. next thread pic please XD

No. 372120

She's the same chick from earlier who was licking his ass all over Twitter, don't trust a word she says.

His patreon count has been falling, if monthly payments were still an option - they'd remain the same.

No. 372121

Yeah the bitch came at me like shes an authority on the onion, Like a fucking bodyguard. Dumb cunt.

No. 372122

File: 1492548891532.png (81.77 KB, 886x617, IMG_20170418_215121.png)

I was thinking maybe you had the ability to choose how often you paid when you signed up to pledge and that is indeed the case.

Which is unfortunate because I so wanted it to go tits up for him when his fans couldn't afford to pay for the ten videos a week rather than once a month.

No. 372125

There's a chance that a majority of them will still cancel once the month is over, so it'll just count as a one time payment.

No. 372127

So even if some people are now paying more than once a month there's a good chance that he'll still make less than when it was per month - considering the total has gone down by about $1500

No. 372129


my fave thing is that he spends so much money on videogame shit when he doesn't even like videogames. like he just likes buying mario plushies and shit, he never talks about any other games he likes. just like how he "loves" anime but keeps rewatching the same two-three series till the end of time. dude is fucking weird.

No. 372130


kek. i still believe the first patreon is just onion

No. 372131


major kek

No. 372132

Yeah, who would want to pay $1000 to be featured on a dying channel.

No. 372133

It's nearly day three and he's technically (without that $1000) only made $1,100 since creating it.

Where them 2 MILLION subscribers at now?

No. 372134

If you donate monthly are you still qualified for the perks?

No. 372135

inb4 a cow tipper pays for one of those patreon rewards. its just a matter of time.

No. 372136

What a money hungry asshole. It's so funny how self righteous he was about rich youtubers asking for money. Now that he went down that road, he's going full out scammy.

LOL wow. This art was from forever ago. Did she even re-ask if she could use it?? Didn't even bother changing it up. This pair of scammers give no shits about their fans and want them to give them their last penny to support their luxurious lifestyle.

No. 372137


and what does she do again? why does she even have merch or fans lol. they want people to pay them for existing i guess??

No. 372140

She lets everyone know that their *~gender is valid~*

No. 372141

Good question, probably not.

No. 372144

File: 1492550764750.png (5.83 KB, 238x214, lmao.png)

And now he's changed it AGAIN.

"Deluxe Onion Video"


No. 372146

>deluxe onision video

i'm dying

No. 372149

gerg you literal dumbass. Patreon rewards take planning. you look like even more of an unorganized douchefuck by changing this up so much. then again, how surprised should we be about this guy's ability to plan and look ahead.

No. 372154

Isn't he ashamed that he's basically begging teenagers to pay his bills?

No. 372155

File: 1492551321886.png (118.16 KB, 750x923, IMG_0540.PNG)

I only make $4 per shitty phone case I didn't design or make myself! Reward me for my non effort! I need money more than you plebs!!

No. 372156

DE-FUCKING-LUX onision wow sign me up

No. 372159

>>Signs up for super deluxe onision video subscription.
>>Oh yeah! I'm in for such a treat! I'm getting a first look before the rest of his fans!
>>Realises it's just another vegetarian/babydicks/exes/spastic flailing/narcissistic/body judging/bullying/toilet dumping/merchandise burning/imabanana/self-righteous/animu parodying piece of shit video like every single one he's produced since 2007.

No. 372160

>>"Then take that up with Spreadshirt"

jesus fucking christ, she's just so childish and irresponsible.

No. 372161

Not in the slightest.

No. 372168

Plainey would do great if she just kept her fat mouth shut. Champ of taking the bait/starting beef.

No. 372169

The rewards don't make sense anymore. How will people know how many monthly donations they need to make to receive them?

No. 372170

**how many donations per month

No. 372172

Nope. Sociopath, remember? Just be glad the FBI isn't digging up his garden.

No. 372173

I really hate when people ask for money per video on patreon. It's bad enough to pay every month, if I don't know how much exactly I will need to pay then I'm not doing it. His fans won't like this.

No. 372174

>safe of ot


No. 372177

Exactly, it's too easy for people to take advantage of their viewers - which is presumably what he's doing

No. 372182

We'd all love to know.

No. 372184

File: 1492553490479.png (5.25 KB, 230x207, month.png)

It sounds like he's lurking here again, he's changed it back again to "monthly".

No. 372188


>fans complain about crazy prices

>tell them to fuck off

ohhh i'm sure the sales would be through the roof!

No. 372192

>>Take it up with the service I willingly chose to produce this overpriced shit.

No. 372193

File: 1492554113222.png (22.07 KB, 611x176, lain.png)


No. 372197

nobody's fucking allergic to gold (ok exaggerating because there are people allergic to water). Gold is literally one of the least reactive metals, that's why it's so treasured. Girl, ya ain't got gold.

No. 372200

kek she is lurking

No. 372201

File: 1492554375240.png (16.92 KB, 693x140, soresorrybitch.png)

Ummmm no, you're allergic to the nickel underneath that cheap gold plating. I've never heard of ANYONE having a "gold allergy".

No. 372207

You are allergic to the cheap ring your husband got you that is 10k gold plated nickle… -_- As someone who cant even wear anatometal titanum without my piercings exploding XD I have to get 14k gold and up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 372211

Beautiful. A work of art.

No. 372214

Is this a wymen site? Asking for a female friend.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 372216


mostly. check out /g/. and delete cuz you're gonna get banned for not saging that post…

No. 372217

Its the first month, of course he's going to keep at it. Don't expect it to continue for the coming months. Although if his YT money dips lower and lower then he will probably become more and more desperate.

No. 372219

tbf it's probably shitty gold full of nickel and copper, which are pretty common to be allergic to.

No. 372221

File: 1492555599193.png (327.05 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4035.PNG)

This isn't the first scam that he pulled out of his ass. Any of y'all remember the Haiti earthquake?

No. 372222

I think someone needs to take one for he team and donate a dollar to snoop on his patreon posts.

No. 372227

So his greed has already cost him $1000+ per month

No. 372228

That shit would always be on my bank statement for life, I ain't willing to even donate a cent to an infamous pedo trainwreck.

But I agree, if anyone wants to take one for the team and even find out who the $1,000 subscriber was… we salute you.

No. 372230

Was going to say, she's probably just allergic to the cheap shit Greg gets. Also you don't need a gold ring, lots of people do platinum/ silver these days. But I guess they're, like, poor now.

No. 372232

File: 1492556036836.jpg (309.24 KB, 1071x1087, Screenshot_20170418-185212.jpg)

LOL yeah Laineys adivce. HI GREG AND Lainey!!!!

No. 372233

Same. I have a feeling his patreons freaked about the per video thing, considering the post had 50+ comments on it and then he changed back to per month. Want to see the milk

No. 372234

If i sign up will I be able to read the post and then cancel before they charge me?

No. 372235

It looks like he's deleted the post about the donations being per video

No. 372236

File: 1492556206496.png (504.94 KB, 484x1526, stupidbitch.png)

Some stupid bitch coming to his defense about the "deluxe" video changes.

No. 372237

Yeah, all the teenyboppers who scrounged up $5 off their allowance every month were suddenly on the hook for $50 / week with his pledge PER VIDEO for 10 videos a week. Of course they were upset you greedy fuck.

No. 372238

No. 372239

Oh BULLSHIT! He's been sitting and lurking on the Twitter "h8urz" accounts all day and everyone laughing at him… same goes for lurking on here.

No. 372241

File: 1492556358526.jpg (287.46 KB, 1080x1842, speaktoyourmaster.jpg)

Chopping and changing, chopping and changing.

The Skype call has now doubled in price and some extras have been added.

This should all have been decided upon before he started using the page. He is so sloppy.

No. 372242

File: 1492556409871.png (939.77 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4037.PNG)


Meanwhile, a certain ex's wedding band was real…and gothic!

Laney keeps getting dem sloppy seconds. Top kek

No. 372243

sure jan

No. 372244

He's sitting tweeking out at the thought of money and attention; the criticism for bait and switching all his monthly donors - after he thought it was a brilliant plan no one could question - distracted him from the high he was on yesterday. I said yesterday that a narc at peak flow was vulnerable… and no we see his instability live in the changes.

No. 372245

He'll probably keep altering the pledge rewards and then act shocked when people withdraw/reduce their donation

No. 372246

Deep trouble? Lmao XD
Dont you save for ur bills up in advance? Like a normal person? So when your bills come up u can paythem without leaving your acct at $0.00(XD)

No. 372253

If the 2nd $1000 was able to bail earlier today without any sort of hangup, I think you'll be able to cancel it too before you were charged… just make sure you read any fine print first before you go ahead with it.

No. 372256

Who is "PelleK"? Does anyone have any information on who this "friend" is?

No. 372258

They apparently make metal and anime covers / charge per video


No. 372259

noooo honey, your finger doesnt turn green because of an allergy, it turns green because its fake and cheap :)

No. 372264

jfc, does he seriously have no shame? In his latest video he is now:
1.) manipulatively censoring to the point of being unwatchable.
2.) passive-agressively blaming youtube for his having to censor himself (which is bullshit, Jenna Marbles swears like a trucker and her views haven't gone down)
3.) outright begging for people to go sign up for his patreon in the least subtle, most tacky way possible.

Oh and he's back to rating little girls on his forums who are now obviously lying about their age. How do people like him exist?

No. 372265

you fucking fake bitch you can wear it with your necklace. kill yourself plainey hope Onion ends up leaving you for some pretty young thing like he did with the others. you saggy tit atention whore bitch

No. 372266

So basically… he does NOT want to charge them monthly as he's too greedy and wants that amount for every video he makes.

He's only just acquiesced to go back to monthly payment within the past hour because patrons were actually dropping him, so he's settling for something instead of nothing at all.

No. 372267

OnisionSpeaks video: I Might Not Lose My House….

No. 372269


I'mma add moar insult to the injury for ya:

Shane Dawson swears like a sailor EVERY damn minute and he's still doing peachy.

No. 372270

>>"if you wanna help me make videos - help me pay for the set i record at and my mode of transportation there"


No. 372271

He's an idiot if he really thinks that not bleeping swear words is what's killing his channel

No. 372274



No. 372275


You definitely can be allergic to gold. I'm allergic to platinum (super rare, but happens). But it's pretty unlikely that she wore it for years and is only now realizing it. You can develop allergies later in life but that's usually food/ environment related, never heard of late allergies to metals.

It's such bullshit. The only thing that could happen to them is that they have to change their lifestyle. Which is not a big deal. They're not homeless, they're not starving. His wording makes me so mad.

No. 372276

>my set i record at
its your fucking house, you can record anywhere even if you had to move into an apartment/ condo
>mode of transportation to get there
oh you mean you're nearly $100k car?
>my house i need that i can't talk about because private
so your sex basement/ dungeon

No. 372279

lol nah what's killin his channel is that nobody likes him, youtube hates him like the people that run youtube don't like him. he has burned all the bridges. he had so much potential to be a decent youtuber but he decided to be a shithead about stuff and burned all possible relationships. Jenna Marbles use to like him and few other youtubers, even pewdiepie use to like him, he said his content was funny to watch but onion fag decided to be a shit head and burn those bridges. he could have been a decent human but no instead he decided to be a shit head and that's why he is in this situation. He needs better social skills or maybe he needs to seek therapy because that atitude of his is getting nowhere.

No. 372281

Did he really just mention his healthcare? Fuck's sake most of the US, on either side of the political divide, are shitting their pants for fear of losing their healthcare right now and he is asking a bunch of teenagers to cough up their lunch money so he can keep his $1400 a month plan?

No. 372282

I don't think anyone is disputing that it can happen, it's the fact that this is the second ring now that's caused her finger to go green and apparently is suddenly allergic to gold.

No. 372284

Im in the US and I pay 125$ a month for decent coverage and thats an individual plan. Soo even if his 2 kids would pay that it still not 1400… what kind of plan is that?

No. 372286

He acknowledges that some of his viewers can't afford to donate a dollar while complaining about the cost of driving his $100k car. How does he still have supporters

No. 372290

How can we find out if he still owes money on his house, Are there public records?

No. 372297

He has a VA loan. And was probably paying the minimum so he probably still owes most of it. He probably payed off the other house the one he gave to his mom

No. 372298

File: 1492559664616.png (86.29 KB, 581x312, ad09052bb09d21dab2f62e8978dae7…)

he tweeted this earlier

No. 372300

File: 1492559720606.jpg (270.65 KB, 1200x1012, fuckoff.jpg)

He keeps using the word 'survive' while living in a house that's worth more than what many people make in a lifetime

No. 372302

He should show the paperwork then considering he feels you're not ~^*HoNeSt*^~ enough if you hide that kind of stuff.

No. 372303

He works at home? Why is he basically lying? And if you did have a studio and we're going poor then you wouldn't still
Be at a studio because it's not necessary. Wtf. This is the guy whose fans think is honest. Ahahaha.

No. 372304

Is he trying to indirectly answer us? Because we're the only ones who have been asking these sorts of questions… in fact, it sounds more and more like he's been lurking here for the past 48 hours.

His fans haven't asked any of these questions, not in the slightest - they've been the first to support him without second thought.

No. 372305

and that's just for the house he lives in, he hasnt said anything about the other 2..

No. 372308

tbh, look at the responses on his tweets he's getting loads of questions & comments like these on them

No. 372309

>everyone relying on this house being ours(quite a few people)
Well, we know he's not talking about the kids so like… aw, fuck who's he got chained in the basement???

No. 372310

Lmao distraction and hinderances ?? From who? Lamey crying about being an agender space prince?

No. 372312

I hope he's dumb enough to agree to an interview

No. 372313

File: 1492560314985.png (72.13 KB, 632x459, llol.png)

lol can u imagine onision on dramaalert 1on1 debate with keem..

No. 372314

He just had a video giving his mom an entire house LMAO. He's such a bullshitter. Least honest YouTuber I've ever seen. AND LAINEY CAN GET A JOB. SHE HAS A DEGREE.

No. 372315

>areas of my private life I cannot discuss out of respect for other people

yeah haha good one dude, "respect for other people"
maybe he really is a comedian

No. 372317

But he's made hundreds of videos in all his homes, is he saying that he can't just use one of them? Like umm… the one he's living in now with 5 bedrooms and a guest house for a studio?

HE LIVES IN A MCMANSION WITH ROOM AS FAR AS WIDE AS THE EYE CAN SEE, EVEN OUTDOORS! He's on detached and secluded property for fucks sake.

Your wife doesn't go anywhere but your house and Olive Garden.

Sell all your bootleg weeb shite if you're so desperate, you don't even socialize enough to own 6 PS4 controllers and when you do, it's with teenaged girls you find off the internet.

You are SO FULL of shit, Grease.

No. 372318

-cue Billie video saying nothing should be private or it's not honest-

No. 372322

He could sell his cars and simply more affordable replacements. And what does Lainey need to leave the house for anyway? It's not like she's gotten a job with that online degree

No. 372323

> and the cars are not only significant Earth-friendly/efficient, but they are reasonable

Great sentence, ya cunt!
The boy is reaching and flooding everyone with information. His whole shtick with the puppy eyes and soft voice in his last video makes me gag. He's so full of bullshit, I wonder if he has any grip on reality any more.

It doesn't require a mastermind to understand that if you have two houses and two cars, you shouldn't need or ask for charity.

No. 372324

Lainey doesn't have to be anywhere or a job. She could easily drop onion off and pick him up if he's just at a studio. He doesn't have to drive anywhere during that time. He's such a load of

No. 372326

They have mentioned something about Lainey being a lactation consultant, but if it's anything like the lactation cons here - you do that on your free time and through text messages or phonecalls primarily. She could easily drop him off while he "works", but why bother the emo spaceprince when daddy promised her a lush lifestyle in a mansion.

No. 372327

>>If you still have an issue you would like to bring up, I encourage (dare) you to come to my cave of rabid, thirsty, underage fangirls to discuss it there.

>>If you want a "priority" response you can pay for it.


No. 372328

File: 1492561503709.jpg (56.63 KB, 700x503, IMG_1202.JPG)

lol this exactly

No. 372329

Onion is nowhere near a downfall and just uses the situation to earn even more money.

I also love it how the youtuber doesn't talk about certain youtubers specific, but a lot of people in the comment section are calling onion out.

No. 372340

"My tesla lease is a frugal necessity, as is my guest house, second house, and McMansion. Gib monies plox"

No. 372344

When this youtuber mentioned that some scammers are threatening to kill themselves I remembered all those videos onion made making fun of people with suicidal tendencies and basically calling them weakasses. Onion always twisting things when it's convenient for him.

No. 372345

awww come one. dont take the onion bait. of course it's all bullshit. he is just trying to squeeze out as much money as he can out of his youtube subscribers and trying to disguise it.

No. 372354

I hope he's contacted his tax office for this sudden move in claiming additional wealth from his Patreon, I'm sure they'll be interested to know about additional earnings they may not know about.

No. 372358


>people out there taking buses every single day because they can't afford a car

>and this motherfucker has TWO cars and thinks he legit needs em

LAINEY DOESN'T DO SHITTTT. she doesn't need a car of her own! she's on twitter flirting with teenage bi girls all day!! what the fuck i hate him. he has no idea what it is like to be broke. he's just mad cause he's not rich anymore holy shit. i can't wait for him to lose everything in like six months.

No. 372359


>Areas in my private life I cannot discuss.

Did Skye finally told you to stfu about the alimony payments already?

No. 372363

He's piling on Shane Dawson again in his bodyrating videos. If he's going to be "brutally honest" about people's pictures that's one thing because these people clearly want the attention, but Shane for sure didn't ask to be rated by this inbred neanderthal. He's so fucking desperate for Shane to acknowledge him, jesus fucking christ.

No. 372370


I think he's talking about his children. And I think they're also the 'disturbance' and why he thinks it's necessary to rent another house.

No. 372372

He has a fucking guest house, and kids take naps. They have 5 bedrooms in their main house. Surely he can keep a sufficient amount of distance between himself and the kids to make videos where he dresses in drag and acts like the very worst female stereotypes.

No. 372377

Can onision be reported to patreon since he said that he would kill himself if he can't make enough?

No. 372380

If you want you can tweet to @jackconte He is a youtuber as well as the cofounder of Patreon. He's a real solid guy, I doubt anything would come out of it. But he may respond if enough people contact him. At the least it would ruffle Grease's feathers, a bit, being told by a founder of Patreon that they don't like him.

No. 372382

In what world does he need $5K to make a video. Willam asks 1K per Beatdown ep doesn't he?

No. 372383

be mad

No. 372384

please can someone tweet this to him/his fans

No. 372386


Thank you for volunteering.

No. 372387

Already done

No. 372390

I love this. He's so hypocritical, manipulative and messed up. How do people see his lifestyle and possibly think he's struggling? He's greedy and selfish, that's why no other popular YouTuber is complaining as much as him.

No. 372395

I really want to know who the $1,000 subscriber is, are we still banking on it possibly being Ian? I just can't imagine literally anyone else who would want to (actually) be involved with him THAT badly

No. 372400

File: 1492571821359.png (42.62 KB, 575x311, Untitled.png)

this was one of his donors lol

No. 372406

File: 1492572296708.png (73.54 KB, 750x747, IMG_0005.PNG)

man, his fans are young
>>"someone cancelled their $1,000"
>>"aw musta been someone with strict parents!"

No. 372412

OK THIS is perfect. it's been a glorious, milky destruction.

No. 372414

Cant you (as in anyone not you-you) just buy one of those 5 dollar cards from the pharmacy and charge it on that? Those are disposable right

No. 372427

File: 1492575719373.png (611.37 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4040.PNG)

Damn that Shane for not having a sexy vegetarian bod liek daddy Onion, damn him!

No. 372428


Candid veg belly (it's meant to be fuzzy, blame the Gregster)

No. 372429

File: 1492575903441.png (811.42 KB, 1136x640, IMG_4039.PNG)

No. 372431

he would have loved it if we had less of a sense of his monthly income

No. 372435

File: 1492576837797.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 480x270, rCvK42L.jpg)

To celebrate all this milk, how about some nightmares?


No. 372436

what a piece of shit, really she is so fucking basic and boring.

No. 372447

Saged (i think) for rage.

This fucker thinks "sell the set and downgrade everything" is below him. If he sold ONE TESLA at a loss, it would still probably be worth more than the AVERAGE ANNUAL SALARY OF A SINGLE AMERICAN. And this bitch is begging from literally children.

Fuck him, fuck Lainey. Get off your fat pedophile asses, and stop being fucking leeches.

No. 372448

That drawing has more curves than plainey actually does lol

No. 372453

I honestly dont know how you can be a fan of onion and watch all his videos where he shows off all his expensive shit, and think, "man this guy is going to starve if i dont give him my allowance right now! But somehow he can afford to still own two houses and two expensive cars and never have to sell them!"

But then again, i dont understand how anyone can be a fan of onion after all the shit hes done.

No. 372460


love u anon

No. 372475

>Access too Onision's private PO Box to send mail directly to him & even have whatever you send him featured in videos by your request.

I like how his $30 feature gives access to his P.O. box, so you can send him stuff. Pay me $30/month in order to send me handwritten fan letters and gifts!

No. 372477


Is it possible to send him a nicely paper-maché wrapped glass jar (in a box of course) containing shit, piss and period blood with a little note saying "To Onision, with love! <3"?

I'd do it but am too much of a pussy/prude and I don't wanna give him my money.

No. 372479

Hell fucking YES! Bless you anon. I wish all of his fans would watch this. He is such a piece of shit!

No. 372498

File: 1492586228911.png (67.07 KB, 534x849, onision.png)

When 2k+/month isnt enough so you spam your referral link to everyone. Survival guys!

No. 372500

Yeah, I noticed it too, he's basically been using his Twitter to spam the shit out of his Patreon for the past 3 days. Apparently, you can earn up to $500 if someone signs up through the referral you've given them, so… yeah, he's not doing it because he cares about them, but we all knew that anyway.

No. 372532

wasn't he at 3.5k yesterday? he's at 2.5 now

No. 372538

No. 372540

File: 1492591777952.png (23.57 KB, 259x346, idiots.png)

It looks like Onision and Stepanka made a mutual agreement to support each other and artificially raise their support money. I wonder how much it is.

No. 372547

I wonder if shes the $1k and they planned to collaborate beforehand anyway. Also funny how hes donating money to two people who also dont need it when hes fighting for survival LOL.

No. 372611

possibly one of those, but i still think it's ian. dont forget, ian paid $250 to see tangy mongoose's show and paid for the hotel/driving to get there. considering how batshit onion is getting, i wouldn't be surprised if he wanted to get under onion's skin even more by forcing him to collab with him.

No. 372618

Why would he do that though? That would be a huge promotion for Greg's channel. All of his fans would flock to the Onision channel to see their collab.

No. 372623

File: 1492611430631.png (21.5 KB, 615x288, hmm.png)

Yes, it's more than likely she's the 1k donor, are they really making enough money though to piss away 12k a year to be promoted on his dying channel? Is she even aware of his reputation and what it might do to her own if she's continually linked to him?

Also, this:
>>Onision and Stepanka made a mutual agreement to support each other and artificially raise their support money.

Is probably why he can't stop spamming the shit out of that referral link, if they both get over a certain amount of patrons by the end of the month, the larger their referral bonuses will be.

No. 372626

This is the stupidest shit. You can get a decent used Prius for $10k-$20k a brand new one for less than $25k so he could sell just the tesla buy two Priuses and still have almost $40k to put back and his cars would still have an energy effecent cars.

No. 372663

>Talks about surviving
Okay now I seriously hate people like him, which are so used to being wealthy that the moment they lose a bit of their income they think they're suddenly "poor" and "surviving". My neighbor lives with 500 a month, she's an old woman that also has to pay the rent. She is poor and surviving you sociopath, you are not. Not being able to pay for a ridiculously priced house, living like a fucking scrooge not even turning the heat on when it's cold, when you could just move in a smaller one, that I'm sure will still be bigger than the average house because you are a drama queen, makes you look like a huge cunt and makes me wish you were actually poor. I wish people like him would become actually poor and stop complaining about "Waaaah I can't pay for my billion house I'm so poooor teenagers please pay for my biiills".
>"Selling my second car? So now my spouse doesn't have a car to go anywhere while I am at the set recording?"
Lmao. Your spouse never leaves the house, just like you because you are two fucking NEETs. Sell it and buy a cheaper one? Or just sell it because a lot of people don't even have a second car and your spouse has no friends or work so she doesn't need it? Drama queen.
Sage for rant, sorry

No. 372664

>Yay! :D

This tweet reeks of bitterness. Onion's life is so sad, scrambling to find more ways to squeeze $ out of LITERALLY teens. He hates his fanbase, his wife, YouTube overlords, etc…

No. 372667

The truth is he is probably upside down on both car loans and the mortgage. That's the real reason why he can't sell that shit.

Bankruptcy incoming

No. 372669

File: 1492615982048.jpg (174.29 KB, 799x1077, IMG_20170419_173138.jpg)

what a dumb slut

No. 372670

I honestly don't believe that he paid all his houses and his cars in full. Even if he had the money to do so at some point, it's much more popular to choose downpayment so you'll have more money to spend per month. His excuses are bullshit though - I wonder if he or his waifu actually believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth. Lainey could look for a job with her dormant college degree, Greg could pursue something other than spasming on youtube fulltime.

At this point, I'm starting to think that Greg doesn't consider the outside world to be real, that only his life and his narrative is the truth..

No. 372673


I don't know about where Onion lives but in my town we have this thing called Public Transport that includes buses and trams and local trains. Why couldn't Lamo use that to go where she wants? Such a spoiled brat she is.

No. 372675

I don't think she's entirely dumb, she's already setting up clear distinctions between her and Greg's opinions and using him for views/followers. Sure his channel is dying but I'd reckon she's just using him as a stepping stone til she finds someone better to leech off for fame.

No. 372682

Uhhh… if the hate he got was just "about his opinions" then this thread wouldn't exist.

It goes a lot deeper than that, honey.

No. 372685

File: 1492617336443.png (509.36 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4658.PNG)

Omg this art is so bad… like an eight year old got their hands on one of those "learn to draw anime" books and this as their first attempt. Good job plainey, you're stealing and making a profit off of children's artwork and not even giving them the credit.
Fuck, this is just terrible art, what an embarrassing shirt.

No. 372686

Ah yes the classic we have different opinions but i can still support a creepy manipulative abusive sexual predator who harasses teens and makes fun of 13 year old's bodies. Lainey loves using that one too!

It was probably actually a 13 year old fan of lameos, so its not like its horrible that they drew that. What's dumb is lameo taking that and putting it on a shirt to sell and profit off of while giving no money or credit to the artist. I bet she knows its awful, but she doesnt care because shes not the one who has to wear it. Just like onion, she jsut wants fans to give her money and praise and doesn't care about benefiting them or providing them good content. Which is funny because she used to be a "fan" and in their position, but now she thinks they are all beneath her.

No. 372687

Yeah I am like 90% sure she is the one that gave him the $1k. There is no way she will be seeing that back via the collabs/ promo he may do for her. What a dumbass

No. 372689

Absolutely idiotic idea anon. If you want your DNA - There's some dna in shit and urine, let alone period blood!? on file with the police forever then go ahead.

No cowtipping or interacting with the cows. Don't suggest ideas that go against the site rules and are, y'know illegal.

No. 372690

Lamo doesn't go anywhere, she's always at home complaining on Twitter or at max taking selfies in the backyard. Onion only said this to have an ""argument""

No. 372692

Even if she does go anywhere, lameo could just drop him off, take the car, and pick him up when hes done. You know. How normal humans who dont live in luxury and have to manage with one car do. Or they could sell the super expensive car and get a way cheaper one and have all that extra money left over. His fans have no critical thinking skills so if onion says it, they just take it as fact. Both onion and lameo hate their fans and find them dumb and annoying but want them to support their life. And these fans still think onion is a nice guy haha. Oh man.

No. 372693

Pewdiepie was just asked on his livestream what his opinion on the onision situation is and he answered he doesn't really have an opinion other than that h thinks onision just wants to cause drama.

I love how most big youtubers just don't want anything to do with him and not even give him any sort of attention.

No. 372694

It's not even like he'd have to sell the car completely like >>372626 stated he could sell the car and buy a cheaper one and still have two cars. I'm not going to say he should just sell it cause realistically two cars are idea in america especially when kids are involved. But it's not like he's going to fucking die if he drives a Prius or literally any other kind of car but his tesla. And it's not 2009 anymore if he wants an electric car there are plenty of options now.

No. 372705

>>We don't pander to children.

No adult is going to wear something like that, not only is it an obscure niche reference to an "internet (lack of) personality" that 98% of the world population wouldn't understand… but it looks like a 6 year old drew it for a t-shirt design contest or a school project.

But no, "the majority of their fans are over 18"… righhhhht.

No. 372713

The reason he cant sell his car is because he dosent own them. Grease has always publicly stated that he leases his cars. And that he sees no point in buying one. Thats why he cant get rid of either of the cars. Hes probably has them on lease and cant get out of the contract.

No. 372736

Repzion and idubbbz are apparently going to be doing a live response to onions bullshit in 6 hours guys.

No. 372740

are you sure thats not just repzion talking about onision and idubbbz?

No. 372741

I'll be kinda dissapointed if iDubbbz is responding to the onision drama. I expected this of Repz though. Hopefully it's just going to be repzion's stream, namedropping Ian

No. 372743

thats so late why do these assholes do this to me

No. 372744

yeah looking at the title, that seems to be what it will be about

No. 372745


Or he owes more than they are worth on his auto loans kek

No. 372747

File: 1492624488461.png (333.94 KB, 1662x932, fuckingbeggar.png)

First of all, going after H3H3 Productions is a big mistake, but we all know the fuckbag is doing it to gain traction. Keep on digging that grave, faggot.

His ebegging has reached new levels, this is the description box of his video on manspreading, H3H3 and PyroC. This faggot is spreading his invite-link to patreon under the disguise of being "nice". KEK

No. 372748

He's basically going after every popular youtuber he can think of now in hope for them to notice him and make a video about him so he gets exposure/attention.

No. 372752

File: 1492625490563.png (1.34 MB, 1717x1079, onion.png)

Lol i looked at the video, and i was actually kind of agreeing with what he was saying about manspreading, but somehow he ended up going off talking about his negative facebook reviews and ex's again and how they are liars and he dumped them. Idk how that relates to anything what? Does he just take any chance to mention that? Still whining about billie? Holy shit.

No. 372756


442 clothes??? How many clothes do they have??? Just cut out that expense

No. 372758

oh no lamey doesnt like us what ever shall we do

No. 372759

File: 1492625987828.png (62.92 KB, 858x482, onion.png)

>Get your name in the credits of every video so long as you are a patron of this level.

Also wasnt he supposed to put names of some of his patreon's in the credits of all his videos? Instead he just had this.

No. 372763


lol be mad

No. 372764

File: 1492626380351.jpg (146.04 KB, 496x496, getaloadofthisguy.jpg)

He's just so pathetic.

No. 372765


No. 372768

File: 1492626582617.gif (829.17 KB, 516x768, LOLBEMAD.gif)

Wow hes still so fucking BITTER about billie.


No. 372770

File: 1492626656544.jpg (92.92 KB, 458x551, lolbemad.jpg)


Sometimes I wish I could write a script that would spam Onion's social media with pictures of Billie and Drew

No. 372779


Jesus he's so pathetic. They act like Lainey's love is this huge, rare and sacred thing, when we all know she "loves" people for convenience and social status.. Nobody wants your thirsty, suicidal, titmilking pasty ass, Taylor. Fuck off.

No. 372781

It's pretty much how people build an audience on the net nowadays. You start producing content and get a small following, try to pick a fight/incite drama with somebody who has more views/reach than you do and hope some of the audience rubs onto you.

Except this really doesn't work out for Gurg because his content his utter shit.
Except Patreon is still laughing because they're still taking their cut.

No. 372783

LMFAO bout time, Onision actually made a response to me back in fucking 08' I think I had maybe 500 subs, he has no dignity at all, it's hilarious.

I wish I had thought to save it, as I am sure it's long gone now.

My video he responded to was called "PWNision" IIRC, proud of that one I'l be honest XD

No. 372784

off topic, but has anyone else heard of daddyofive's youtube channel? he "pranks" his children and he's been accused of emotional abuse because he targets one son. it's really easy to imagine greg doing the same shit with troy or claire when he's on his next marriage to a greasewife (with a baby on each tit)

No. 372787

But Felix survives on drama too. He's a better manipulator though.

No. 372789

lol @ him shilling those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad books too

No. 372793

check the youtuber general thread. not sure how exactly to link but >>>/snow/260800

No. 372798

can you provide proof?

The only thing I can think of is when he made fun of that toy channel.

No. 372805

Despite having ~YouTube~ money she dresses terribly.

No. 372820

Writing an email to Patreon about how Greg enticed teens to his forums. It's a long shot but they might not like the idea of him using their site to groom girls… Especially since he has skype calls ect as a reward. Anyone else care to join me?

No. 372826

They have this form to report patreons if they violate rules if you or anyone else wants to report him.


I feel like they wont do anything about it though but it might be worth a shot.

No. 372827

Anon, he used to make at least one 'Youtube is bad' 'Youtubers are fake but I'm not' 'Fake youtubers play this game but I do not' 'Positive Youtubers are fake but I'M SO REAL GUIZ' drama video a week in which he would usually indirectly call out other creators.

He pretty much relies on clickbait, drama and edginess now to survive. Go check out his videos, every single one is either one or the other. Oh yeah, and some shitty YLYL and YCYL challenges. People pretty much watch him for his edgy jokes/content that causes drama and controversy now since his other content is shit.

And even before, I remember him making the Youtuber highschool or what was it to call out people.

And the 'dick-sucking song' ('youtubers rrr soo faake corporation monkeiss I used to be like them but I'm so real and self-aware now' song) that even featured Tyler Oakley and badmouthed him for doing collabs with a lot of people iirc.

Btw he did (very very briefly though) reference Onision in his video before.

Also why do you think he kept pushing the boundaries and becoming more and more controversial?
All this Nazi drama he absolutely milked to make himself a martyr of youtube. The 'nigga' drama. His friends (Sean and Ken) were suprised that he said and did things like that because they knew he realized what it would cause. Better negative attention than no attention I guess. It definitely helped him secure his place amongst the community, his fanbase got a common enemy, like I said, good at manipulating. He even got Sean to privately apologize to him and THEN get publicly lyched for a month for simply disagreeing (while still saying WSJ overdid it with the Nazi shit) and not sucking his dick like Ethan (h3) did. He could have just said 'JSE kinda fucked up but we talked it out, guys' but I guess it's better to let your 14yo fanbase yell 'backstabber!!' at a guy that criticized you but likes you so much that he's moving to the same city to be closer to you. Again, it unites his fanbase to have a common enemy so it's okay.

Maybe you shoulld check out Filthy Crew threads, he is being talked about there from time to time. I'm not really good at explaining and also sorry for typos.
Long post and OT but honestly Felix pisses me off a lot.

No. 372831

Manspreading is a pretty old meme by now to jump on, noone cares any more and everyone knows how to deal with people invading their space or taking advantage of free space.

Wait… wait! So he is scouring Buzzfeed articles for ideas for topics… fucking clickbait confirmed.

No. 372833

>>Muh Twitch channel.

Zero content. Zero for videos, Zero clips/collections/events.

No stream.

All followers and he's following no one.

No. 372834

But he's the mighty Onision remember that banana video? He's the best og content creator. Anything other content creators do he can do better.

No. 372839

~*^CrY FoReVeR^*~

Yes he was, considering he already added five patrons to his following list.

I still love that photo, bless the anon who accepted my request.

Dat you Wolfie?

No. 372840

Who the fuck is Wolfie

No. 372841

most disappointing "downfall" ever.
Oh well. Its all bound to end by the time he's 35. If hes lucky

No. 372842

Someguy827, he A-logs and projects a lot.

No. 372844

there is like 3 instances we've seen of billie/lainey liking one another and one of them is a kiss greg filmed. all the chemistry we have seen from those 3 is between billie and greg. why is he trying to push the idea lainey is so destroyed when she admitted she doesn't like billie

No. 372846

File: 1492637476987.jpg (72.8 KB, 1280x720, ugly.jpg)

UhOhBro video: PLEASE HELP ME SUE- KEEMSTAR (DramaAlert)

No. 372849

"Why is everyone on Billies side? What about me? (Why dont you feel sorry for me and hate the homewrecking liar. Ps- her and Greg had a more sexual relationship than we had)"

"I miss and love my ex gf Billie, my kindred spirit. I'm heartbroken. I have ptsd now"

Pick one Plainey

No. 372851

The lady doth protest too much.

No. 372853

He's so desperate to be seen as a victim. He brought all of this on himself

No. 372854

File: 1492638058100.png (Spoiler Image,117.64 KB, 287x469, qawsef.png)

Fuck, trim your goddamn nails.

No. 372855

File: 1492638145056.jpg (124.42 KB, 580x580, kids.jpg)

sage for old milk
but after digging thru plainey's poshmark

i found this old pic
with what i assume are Troy's toys in the background (?)

No. 372856


Yeah, because that difference is so huge, Grease.

No. 372859

That's his tactic to shut down people, he cherrypicks one argument or borderline incorrect thing they say or quote him on, and spins it so it seems like everything they say is wrong. keking so hard at him saying Keemstar is a fraud and wants a public apology.

if you look at her and gregs videos, you'll see lots of toys that are troy's. There's also an old amazon.com account of hers that reviews a lot of infant toys.

No. 372860

He's now asking for $20,000 a month so he can sue keemstar

No. 372863

Keemstar has responded already.. . I don't think onion is going to appreciate the response

No. 372867

>plays his own video where he talks about how losing a job makes you more suicidal after claiming he lost his job.
> omgah keemstar i clearly said i wasnt suicidal ttly not manipulation at all
>hehe suckers pay me even more money on my patreon.

And best part LMAO

>Yes reality is i made MILLIONS but that was over a 10 year period


Lol keemstar says he has to sell his house but then immediately plays a clip of onion saying he thinks so his audience can hear the clarification anyway. TOTALLY FRAUD.

No. 372872

File: 1492639174937.png (225.27 KB, 500x418, tumblr_inline_n8w82btOWp1r6x9y…)

Don't know why but this pic reminds me of

No. 372874

LMAO He wants people to pay him 20k so he can sue keemstar. Becasue thats totally necessary for his survival. And then IF HE CAN sue him for a million dollars and he will donate half of what he gets to charity. So he wants everyone to pay 20k so he can make half a million dollars? Not that he can even sue him for anything, but holy shit im dying.

No. 372879

File: 1492639545831.png (31.17 KB, 258x339, Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.03…)

Why does he not get that he's not employed but self-employed and responsible for his own income? I hate how gullible his viewers are

He also updated his highest goal to this. So… they have living expenses of $15,000 PER MONTH. That's crazy and nowhere near poor/ starving/ struggling for survival. People are living on under $1500 and are surviving just fine (well, more or less, you get what I'm saying).

No. 372883

Holy shit, I can't even believe he's a real person. Him just showing all of these papers that everyone has if they're adults/were in the military. I hope he really does sue Keemstar.

No. 372884

guys stop he is not sueing keemstar he's just trying to stay relevant. i love how he says he needs a "business car" like.. where do you go. where does lainey go. both you fucks don't leave the house

No. 372885

We all know hes not going to sue keemstar. Hes convincing his audience to donate 20k to him on patreon under the pretense he will sue keemstar which is fraudulent itself because he will not follow through with that promise.

No. 372896

No. 372898

File: 1492641393870.gif (1.37 MB, 275x204, 1478740830273.gif)

No. 372899

No. 372901

>"You gotta pick your battles, and I don't really wanna pick a battle with cuck-boy"

No. 372909

They're videos, it wouldn't help.

No. 372912

That's disappointing hes taking down the video because onion will never actually sue keemstar and win for that bs excuse. His lawyer probably just told him to do it to avoid any potential problems, but still.

No. 372913

Its a video

No. 372914

He's basically going to make a new vid with all the same content, but clarify that he's got one entirely paid off house, and a mortgage on a second house. He's not going to be homeless because he's got a paid off house.

No. 372922

So is the great new onision content that his fans are supporting on patreon all videos begging for money on patreon? Wow! Keep this amazing content alive!

No. 372939

I knew Gurg would cry "slander" as soon as someone said something he thinks is wrong. I don't think he knows what actual slander is.

No. 372946

You can definitely end up homeless even if you pay off a house. Property taxes will never go away and if he lives somewhere with an HOA he will still have to pay that as well. Falling behind on either of those payments can cause you to lose your house.

No. 372950

probably because lainey herself is trying really hard to push it too. everyone on earth knows lainey was jealous and insecure the whole time and hated every second billie was there. but lainey will never admit it because she wants people to feel bad for her.

No. 372954

You can, but he would make enough off the sale of the main house to pay property taxes on the first. Hell, he could sell both of them and fully pay off a house that he can afford within his means They don't need 5000 square feet plus acreage for him to have a YT career.

No. 372967

Onionboy: A Haiku

Please, give me money
I need plane tickets for teens,
acne cream, dildos

No. 372968

My god, it's a work of art

No. 372969

What is Lamey's degree in? Gender studies?

Sage for no contribution

No. 372973


Psychology, which is completely useless without graduate school.

No. 372978

Not completely useless, you can get a job as staff in a psychiatric hospital with a bachelor's in psych. Let's all imagine Lamey spending all day around crazy people now.
Hell, she might be good at it though, she has experience dealing with one crazy person.

No. 372980

It's so ironic that he claims he needs all that stuff since so many youtubers are basically famous for making videos from their bedroom. That's kind of youtube's thing!

No. 372991

File: 1492649877871.png (446.46 KB, 589x600, lameo.png)

wow lameo is really living in poverty. All that poshmark money is really going into living expenses and not to restock her wardrobe with newer clothes.

No. 372993

looove the newborn toy next to her. XD also: "throws my adiddas in the trash".

No. 372997

What's with the pipes and cables passing through the room? Is this the basement?

No. 372998

Looks like it. lol is probably the only place he allows the heat on XD

No. 372999

Confirmed baby in sex dungen

No. 373008

Where are the kids when she does this shit? Also while she puts on makeup terribly just to sit at home on twitter all day?

No. 373013

New keemstar video (starts at 6:18) - pretty much the same as the first but he corrects himself and mentions that onion actually owns two homes, not one like he originally thought

No. 373018

File: 1492652621987.png (174.65 KB, 631x830, onion.png)

Wonder if this is a legit email. If so hahaha.

No. 373019

>guinny pigs
im gonna scream

No. 373021

Didn't he recently talk about his dog being scared of him

No. 373024

Grease must have amnesia.

No. 373028


Remember anon, he used to spell "straight" as strait until 6-5 years ago when he learned how to spell it correctly.

No. 373030

A lot of stupid kids are defending the leelu abused by saying is a deterrant. If my dog pissed itself everytime he sees me in fear I would never live with my self if it was something I caused.

No. 373035

Please do! That would be hilarious

No. 373040

Not a fan of PETA or Keemstar but holy shit RIP Greg you delusional fuck.

No. 373041

I like the empty mcmansion aesthetic and the child toy in the background of this photo. Paired with the pose and peace sign.

Lainey should frame this and keep it on her nightstand.

No. 373042

Patreon should have a rule that you can't beg for money if you want to be an independent contractor.

No. 373043

File: 1492655600945.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

Marry me, anon

No. 373047

File: 1492656083235.png (125.01 KB, 495x700, maybeitsbecauseyoureatwat.png)

No. 373050

File: 1492656818715.png (98.06 KB, 498x751, evenpetadontwantyou.png)

I'll bet money he's spamming Matthew about any mistakes he makes. Poor guy just works for them. He's bitter tho kek

No. 373053

Wait so did he email PETA wanting to partner with them? Cause i dont recall him being partnered with them before?

And Matthew should just stop replying to him. Watch him make a video forcing leelu on camera with him to say see she loves me.

No. 373054

File: 1492657543882.png (354.65 KB, 423x367, a bitch is a female dog.png)

For a moment there I thought PETA was talking about Lainy.

No. 373059

Is he getting reamed by PeTA? Of all… organisations?


No. 373063

you can pledge then withdraw before you get charged

No. 373099

Makes sense for PeTA to avoid him. His brand is associated forever with exploitation of young girls. He argued with Vegan Gains for all his bullshit reasons to go no further than just ovolacto vegetarianism, when peta would probably want people to go vegan. He cooked a turtle. He manipulates his young audience to pity donate to him instead of selling his tesla, or leasing either of his properties out.

Onion is reaping every little seed he ever sowed. No friends, especially not successful ones, a deeply deserved bad reputation, no value he hasn't ever flipped on, and he has chosen to cater to an audience unsuitable for Patreon income.

He's not quite done though. I'm not calling it until the kids are brought out to e-beg.

No. 373105

File: 1492664450458.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9907.PNG)

No you don't - you're just sick of having to kiss the greaselord!

No. 373107


Not sure who finds a pasty white and bloated soccer mom attractive but eh. The more I remember that "holy trinity sex" diagram the more I cringe and feel bad for Billie.

No. 373109


Her hair looks like Kate Gosselin right there.

No. 373110

nobody wants your saggy tits and loose vagina bitch. No girl in their right mind would date a disgusting human like you, you atention whore. I bet if you did find someone you will probably rage at them and acuse them of cheating with onion fag. Just like you did with Billie. kill yourself plainley(calm down)

No. 373111

god I hate her, I hate her lame voice and her whiny atention whore self. she is always like "feeed atention to meeee"

No. 373112


No. 373115

Plain is so super willing to pretend she is poly because she knows her husband can't afford plane tickets for teens anyway

No. 373116

File: 1492665956413.jpg (106.39 KB, 803x1163, IMG_20170420_072254.jpg)

bitch decided to be obsessed with her "ex" just like her hubby
eugh plainey you pathetic doormat
everyone knows you are full of shit

No. 373118

She has around 400 listings on poshmark.
Now I see where all that money goes, to buy tons of crappy shit like hot topic clothes so they can pretend their lives are fulfilled.

No. 373119


Your samefagging is too obvious.

No. 373121

She has had a nanny(or nannies), so maybe those kids are still being raised by them while she fucks around and boo-hoos on IG.

Truly sounds like a woman in love with her soulmate.

I can't believe she still keeps pushing that damaging stereotypes that bisexual and poly people are always these beasts on the prowl that can NEVER be satisfied with one person at a time.

The nth time she makes no mention of The Red Skull being her ideal partner.

No. 373122

Don't forget he admitted he abused his dog on camera and the poor thing is terrified of him.

No. 373123

kek! nah I am actually just >>373110 so quit trying to derail the thread

No. 373124

now i am samefagging
just to tell you to learn to sage if you don't have anything relevant regarding grease man and plainey

No. 373126

so did I mistype anything or is the video actually unavailable?



maybe he is finally jumping on the hater bandwagon. I mean trisha makes good money out of that too in the end.

seriously.. gotta agree with >>373123
If you feel like someone is atrousiously samefagging, just report the posts and let the farmhands deal with it instead of whining in the thread.

No. 373142

Gurgels isn't in the right SJW networks that would enable him to shrug off accusations. Especially if he starts shitting out vids like his bullying attempts against Eugenia on Patreon support. A steady trickle of complaints with evidence will get him yanked eventually.

No. 373153

He's not in any network really. SJews and anti-SJews alike, he has pissed them all off. How's that working for you now, Grease?

No. 373163

He was condescending to everyone while he still had his popularity, now that his channel is dying, he has to suck dick of nobodies because everyone knows that he is scum

No. 373164

I love how he tried to milk the LGBT community with his patreon bullshit. My guess is, he's an old fuck trying to figure out what is hip and cool with the teenagers and concluded that it was gender identity/sexual orientation. He is so much like his father.

No. 373166

He makes Plainey do research for him about what is hip and cool so she isn't completely useless kek

No. 373178

File: 1492683722624.png (4.35 KB, 301x47, rr.png)

I'm not gonna post the video but Greg monitizes one of my videos about him. He claimed copy right but the material was a iDubbbs clip that Greg had used. It was under fairuse. The sad thing was I only have a couple hundred subs. I tagged #onision on twitter with the video and 2 minutes later he was getting the revenue

No. 373179

what a sad, desperate old limp dick.
delete the video and remove his revenue.

No. 373180

I've appealed and unlisted it.

No. 373182

He's not even vegetarian

>brags about eating at Taco Bell all the time, their cheddar cheese contains "enzymes", i.e. is probably made from rennet, the stomach of a calf who has not yet nursed from its mother and yes, it must be slaughtered to obtain those enzymes lol

>he killed his turtle
>his guinea pigs are not happy
>his dog is terrified of him

>>372100 did you know that it takes 7 honeybees their entire life to make just a teaspoon of honey and he's just pouring it on his face?

Just from the video which this image was taken from alone
>he uses Taco Bell brand chipotle sauce which contains: Disodium Inosinate (meat), Disodium Guanylate (fish) and Lactic acid (which may or may not be from an animal source)

From another "Chibi" video:
>uses "Classico" brand alfredo sauce which contains enzyme modified egg yolks (once again, calf stomach), Vermouth (likely used pork in fining process but most kind of alcohol use bones, gelatine, animal protein or fish bladders), Romano, Asiago and Cheddar cheese (all contain calf stomach), cultured milk (cultured using bacteria…I guess it depends on whether he considers bacteria a living creature or not)
>a bunch of other shit which he conveniently hides the logo of and doesn't specify what it is

I'd sit here all day explaining why PETA don't want him and why he's not a vegetarian and should get down from his high horse but his videos are actually too painful to watch. I've seen people say many times before about how shit his diet is but I didn't realise until I watched through one of these videos, it's full of frozen and canned fruit/veg and instant meals. So NO you don't represent vegetarians, you fucking moron. Hope PETA see this post and dissect his videos some more lol.

No. 373183

He contacted PETA so he could get extra exposure and possibly extra money and then got pissy when they pointed out his hypocrisy.

No. 373184

im no expert, but it sounds like you're explaining stuff typically associated with veganism. i thought vegetarianism was just not eating meat outright, and veganism was avoiding all meat and animal products in all foods.

No. 373186

File: 1492685078739.jpg (33.06 KB, 646x488, kek.JPG)

this is what you see when you click his patreon referral link

lol no tnx

No. 373187

He'll probably threaten to sue them too

No. 373189

Maybe I'm just ignorant about the difference, but I thought vegetarians could eat animal products and just didn't eat straight up meat? This post reads like an angry vegan, sry anon.

No. 373190

If you're vegetarian I think you're still supposed to avoid meat/parts of the animal in any form, like gelatin etc

No. 373203

No. Vegetarians don't have to avoid animal byproducts. Some eat cheese, eggs and gelatin. Greg is apparently avoiding things like gelatin and eggs, and sometimes cheese.

No. 373207

I'm thinking the same thing, surely if he's going to be using Patreon to bully his exes and other Yt'ers like he normally does, I'm pretty sure Patreon will come down harder on him about it way more than YT alone ever did.

As far as I know, the LGBT community really doesn't appreciate him using them as a shield. They have enough on their plate… so coming to the defense of a couple of fake-ass creepers that are preying on kids is the least of their concerns.

I'd also suggest blocking all his channels so he can't keep coming back to bother you.

No. 373208

His diet is pretty irrelevant anyway, considering how he treats his pets. He obviously isn't the right person to be speaking out against animal cruelty

No. 373210

Nah vegetarians definitely have to avoid gelatine, it's practically meat lol

No. 373212

A person who does not eat meat, and sometimes other animal products, especially for moral, religious, or health reasons.

No. 373213

Nah, they don't. They can, but they don't have to.
t. vegetarian

No. 373215

But you still have to kill the animal to get gelatine. And killing animals for food is something that he often rants about in his videos, so it wouldn't make sense for him to eat it

No. 373217

Gelatine is not an animal bi product. IT's from the bones. Bi-products refer to animal products that don't technically physically harm the body.

No. 373218

Greg is a hypocrite, more at 11

No. 373220

an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else.
"zinc is a byproduct of the glazing process"
a secondary result, unintended but inevitably produced in doing or producing something else.
"he saw poverty as the byproduct of colonial prosperity"

Sorry for being dictionary anon but you fuckers need to look shit up for yourselves because you're all WRONG.

No. 373221

He shops at places like Whole Foods, it's not like he can't afford to buy alternative options that don't contain those by-products… he's just a lazy, fat greasy fuck who hides behind the vegetarian label to make himself feel morally superior to others.

He and Lainey can't even cook, they're not going to put any effort into their diet other than "No meat allowed".

No. 373222

>>His brand is associated forever with exploitation of young girls

What a coincidence. So is Petas

No. 373224

Exactly, he wants to feel morally superior whilst making the minimum amount of effort. He can't even get his pets to like him/not be terrified of him

No. 373225

Now PeTA doesn't like him… neither do the incels or white supremacists. When the shittiest of the shittiest don't even want to be associated with you, oh boy.

No. 373226

I think there's been about five photos that pretty much detail the extent of their cooking skills. Lainey with a bowl of ramen and a pathetic smattering of rehydrated vegetables. Lainey looking insanely bored next to a couple of Boco Burgers. Grease's Valentines Breakfast meal of a couple of slivers of Fakon and wafer thin, meaty looking "pancakes", and the burst grocery bag full of broken Vegenaise all over his counter.

No. 373229

Is it any wonder Grease has such awful skin and hair? Not to mention his high body fat % and saggy belly.

No. 373230

If you could ever imagine him creating a fine piece of art… that photo of the broken vegenaise would've been it.

"Portrait of The Artist"

If there was anything that represented and encompassed all of his being, his life, the past, present and future… it's that photo.

No. 373239

I'll never forget his rant to whole foods about the paper bags. Just bring a reusable one, Greg.

Pretty much. It's sad that so many vegetarien/ vegan people online are straight up crazy.

You're right, some vegetariens do, some don't. It's more of a personal choice. But I think we can agree that Greg shouldn't eat it according to his moral compass/ the things he's preaching.

Sage because people are probably sick of the vegetarien talk.

No. 373242

I know, as a cute girl, that I just love seeing her fucking tongue all the time.

No. 373248

It was a few videos ago, he put his dog's face in the camera and mentioned the dog constantly cowers from him and pees itself when he's around, and when it does Onion sticks its face in its piss and yells at it.

No. 373252

Yeah, she's definitely on the pull again with that comment. She has been since she posted >>370689 this one really… they're just going to use what they get from the Patreon to pay towards the upkeep of their next victim. I think he's told Lainey that's he's no longer willing to use his YT shekels on teenagers that just end up eventually escaping them, he's been pissy about that for a while.

It's not even subtle at this point anymore.

No. 373253

Basically, they're pissed Sarah got away and are looking for another teen to fuck. I mean to nanny their children.

No. 373254


Also, looking at this picture and knowing that Taylor has literally all the personality of wet newspaper, I wonder what drags people like Luxy or Billie in. I mean, what did they see in her that attracted them to her? She isn't pretty she isn't sweet: she isn't funny or amusing or witty; she isn't smart. She isn't kind. Her entire oeuvre is vagueblogging emo lyrics whenever Greg is mean to her, which is frequently, apparently, and posting pictures with her fucking tongue out. Oh, and pretending she is somehow part of the LGBT community and appropriating their issues and problems to make herself at least a smidge interesting.

Luxy, at least, seemed really into Taylor. Sarah I can kind of see, because she's a dumb kid and doesn't know any better, but Luxy is in her 20's. So, what attracts people to a married mother of two small children (and full-on pregnancy in Billie's case) and they think they're going to have a nice relationship with that person? I mean, I guess it is possible, but it seems extremely unlikely on the face of it. Luxy actually seemed shocked that Greg wanted some of that. I don't get it, I really don't. So, so many red flags on and around Taylor. (I am not even talking about the Greg aspect of all this here.)

No. 373255

Thinking about it now… this is the first time Grease has ever spent more than a few days/weeks without a new rebound girlfriend.

It's been nearly five months since Billie left.

I'm surprised he's not climbing the walls by now.

No. 373257

I think they may think of her as relatively harmless looking and low-maintenance as she's already married… basically, someone they can chill with without too many setbacks.

But there is never any chill, her and her husband are neurotic as fuck.

No. 373259

The products I mentioned are all meat, fish and bones, all straight up parts of an animal. Eggs, milk and honey are vegetarian friendly.

My point was that he thinks he's superior because he's an "animal activist" or "vegetarian", he uses it to shame other people but he still eats meat and abuses his pets. How can he be a face for PETA when he goes against everything they preach? He's pretending like he has no idea why they don't want him well I'm explaining to that absolute numbskull why he has no right to take moral high ground on those issues.



No. 373260

Shes a cash and fame cow. Nothing more. Seriously where would Billie be? Billie has actual fans now. She would have been nothing without the drama. Grease and Plain get used just like they use others.

No. 373261


See, that's just it, I don't think at least Luxy was interested in that at all. She seemed to be interested in Taylor, and that's what I don't get. Billie used them, yeah, or at least was ready to trade her relationship with Taylor for something from Greg, but Luxy didn't seem to have that motivation at all. She was into Taylor.

No. 373263

They're going to find it incredibly difficult to find someone who wants to be in a long-term/lifelong relationship with a married couple and two kids… not in the age range they're looking for at least.

Billie was never going to be long-term, they blew it by trying to keep a chain around her neck (both metaphorically and literally) and trying to isolate her from those who mutually love her… they essentially just want a sex slave that doesn't inconvenience them in any way.

No. 373265

I think that's the thing though, she was ONLY interested in Taylor and that isn't what they're looking for. He wants to be involved in threesomes, this is all about his desires; not Laineys.

And because Luxy wasn't swayed by Grease's manipulation tactics, he tried to shame her by insinuating that she was "boring", just like he did with Billie; except that (rightfully so) they both were offended by what he was saying… he couldn't coerce them by shame for his ulterior motives.

No. 373267

>I wonder what drags people like Luxy or Billie in

Is this a joke or are you just that oblivious?
1) $$$
2)fame-whoring and youtube exposure
3) $$$$$
4) sex

No. 373269


Do you have reading comprehension problems? LUXY WAS NOT INTO THAT. (OK, maybe she was into the sex thing).

I am wondering what it is about Taylor specifically that attracts people to her, given that she is essentially charmless.

No. 373272

>Do you have reading comprehension problems? LUXY WAS NOT INTO THAT

Of course she wasnt.

No. 373274

lainey is the bait to lure people in for greg, the antithesis of his retard humor and edgy jokes. as if to say, "see, his shittiness is a total facade for youtube! we are in fact normal behind closed doors!" if you watch any video with the two of them lainey is also side-eyeing him or combating his more mean jokes. gives off the impression she is a nice person.

No. 373275

Why is this still being discussed? The girls came to lolcow and explained everything in their testimonies. Go read a few threads back.

No. 373277

Also because she identifies as bisexual; she's able to tap into their small lesbian demographic (which Luxy was part of) where he wants to play out his ego fantasy of being able to "change" them with the power of his greasy microdick.

This is all for Gerg's benefit, no one elses.

No. 373283

Billie had fans before gerg. She was part of the emo crowd of YouTube that onion is obsessed with and friends with social repose then. So she was already hanging with "e-famous" people and got fans. She got more subs because of onion though but she rarely posts videos. And she has a normal job now. She probably was swayed by all his promises like cosmetology school, a car,etc. and she seems like someone who will jump on any "adventure" but she soon realized when she got there how boring their lives are and that they don't go or do anything fun. Lmao.

No. 373320

Try meditation, anon.

No. 373322

And why are we still talking about this again? Austists yo…

No. 373346

gtfo quit derrailing the thread, this post you did contributes nothing about plainey or grease.

it could be either from his parents, maybe his mom and dad had awful skin. He's probably putting too much foundation which causes the pores to clog. also it could be hormonal. or also if he doesn't wash his hair properly it becomes greasy and that same grease comes in contact with his skin which causes it to break out.

No. 373353

those angry multiple shower fap sessions per day probably aren't helping either.

No. 373365

anon this is fucking creepy as shit holy hell, he is the stuff of night terrors. look at his stubby manlet hand and the sheer aging around his eyes

No. 373380

File: 1492718601890.jpg (69.01 KB, 606x799, ladehboi.JPG)

Patreon-donator and speshul snowflake is obsessively tweeting at greg and lainey. It's fucking laughable how hard she's trying.

No. 373381

…..it's…. shaped like a dick

No. 373383

>valor try
valiant try
>i wanna do your makeup, real bad.
petition to never allow lainey to do her own makeup ever again

sage for pedantry

No. 373389

Off-topic, but IDubbbz somewhat predicted $500 Skype calls through Kickstarter/Patreon at 5:00

No. 373390

File: 1492719540164.png (58.9 KB, 1080x644, IMG_20170420_211521.png)

Someone sent this in on DSSCTM regarding the PETA business. I know they say they have 'proof', but I'm dubious.

No. 373392


if that person genuinely is a troll, they are the shittest fucking troll there is by going and putting it on a hate blog which grease obsessively reads

No. 373394

File: 1492720067640.png (201.85 KB, 1039x584, damnlezzers.png)

Underneath greg's tweet about Mia Khalifa having HIV. Wonder if she's realising that associating and sucking greg's ass is going to get her hate.

No. 373406


And they will never give a shit about her cause she ugly. rip ladyboy

No. 373408



Fuckin reddit shit. Sage for OT.

No. 373415

https://www.patreon.com/mrrepzion im not a huge fan but this is a pretty god example on how patreon should be used. Keep in mind he gets less views than grease and he explicitly states that he can survive with youtube alone. But not pay for college wich is why he uses patreon. So why are grease fans so blind?

No. 373419

Sorry for samefagging… but how is he back to almost 3,000 on patreon?

No. 373421

What a fool, how does he not realize this makes him look even worse
>I'm lying about how little I own? Slander! I own two houses, not just that one!
>I'm manipulating my fans for money? Slander! Fans please give me money to sue him!

Keem, predictably, is having none of Onision's bullshit.
What did Greg think? That Keem is as innocent as his teenage lovers? That Keem is as naive as his ex-friends?

>Onision's little publicity stunt
>You gotta pick your battles, and I don't really wanna pick a battle with cuck-boy
Greg, you've just been put down hard by the Oprah of Youtube.

You'll never get to play with the big boys. You'll never even get to being the biggest trash that is talked about. You're just too trashy to be considered as important or interesting, even by trash standards.

Just like TommyC said in his "Onision, so bad it's boring" video: "But I've never done a video on Onision, or a broadcast, because, I gotta be honest with you, he's boring. The only thing you can do is say 'shame, shame, shame' because he's a horrible human being and I can go on and on about what a worthless sack of shit he is, but that's so boring"

No. 373424

>How can he be a face for PETA when he goes against everything they preach?

He fits in super well at PETA. They're a batshit company run by psychopaths. Their shelters have a 98% kill rate, they staged the videos of racoon dogs being skinned alive by paying someone to skin them alive, same with the sheep shearing shit.

No. 373434

I'm not a peta supporter but don't lie lol

No. 373436

File: 1492725753033.png (968.88 KB, 1562x640, lamey-stoner.png)

Lainey stfu you are so boring

No. 373440

>"a valor try"
this REEKS of 15 year old

No. 373443

Greg actually thinks that all the Internet attention and hate he gets is the cashable type of attention and hate coming from being famous.

He does not realize that the attention and hate he gets is of a totally different kind and motive, the one your average neighborhood creep gets.

No. 373444

>one 4/20 joke?
K lol that's funny sure
haha yeah got it

No. 373447

File: 1492726700966.png (186.17 KB, 630x163, lameo.png)

>everyone going to be annoying about 4/20
>makes 80 posts about 4/20 herself.

No. 373449

did someone mirror this?

No. 373450

Maybe she warning us that she was going to be annoying ×2 today

No. 373452

i know we stopped talking about this ages ago, but theres pretty definitive proof that he is circumcised in the first video he ever posted on Speaks. He says that if he had to be anyone else, he would be someone who "wasn't mutilated as a baby"

No. 373455

I would say he is intact because because the way he acts like everyone should be intact. I feel like if he were circumcised then he would say everyone should be circumcised. It's just the way his narc brain works.

No. 373457

I agree, probably >>373452 was something he said conveniently for attention at the time

No. 373458

I'm very interested in this lawyer gurg name drops. He keeps saying he has a lawyer advising him but then there was the DIY cease and desist and in the keemstar video he implies he was given really shoddy advise in that the lawyer said he had a solid case to sue. How can you factor in the expenses of a lawyer who gives you terrible, google advice on your "earning as much as my dad" budget? I'm pretty sure it's just to add credibility to his statements and in light of his grave financial troubles…

No. 373464

The only authority he consults is the voice in his head.
Stop being surprised that it gives unrealistic advice.

No. 373469

Kinda surprised he can post email shots about this. Usually business emails have a clause about only the intended recipient viewing the content.

No. 373471

Seeing as the C&D he sent to joysparkles was a template from the internet, written to sound like its from someone else but was clearly written by him, I think that his lawyer is as real as Laineys gender.

No. 373474

>"What Would Onision Think of You At FIRST GLANCE? (Onision Fan Pictures From The Onision.xyz Forums)"-video
>blonde girl with her tongue out appears at 0:45
>>"my judgement is that you need to put your tongue back in your mouth. Thank you."

I wonder what he feels about his precious smol wife who has her fucking tongue out in every picture. We get it Lainey. You're self conscious, but not self conscious enough to stop posting selfies all day erry day.

No. 373475

Don't forget the hilarious C&D he sent to foxdicks too.

No. 373476

File: 1492731590357.png (1.67 MB, 1728x968, Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 01.3…)

>you look like you would get along with my spouse

that ladyboy-fangirl from twitter.

No. 373477


I would laugh pretty hard if they imported this person into their den of iniquity, and it turned out they were in fact, a ladyboy.

No. 373478

He's liked a few of her posts too, not sure if it's just because she pays him for some attention though haha

No. 373488

Their food is so depressing and bland. There are so many dishes they could make easily - ratatouille, coconut curry, veggie pasta, etc. It doesn't even take that long because usually meat is what takes the most cooking time. They have so much time on their hands but they still eat shit. Most veggies I know go out of their way to make their meals colourful, full of flavour and filling but Grease just hoovers up any old shit with his lizard mouth.

That fucking photo was more entertaining than any of his channels. Everything about it was funny. The shattered veganaise, the torn bag, the fact that he took a photo instead of cleaning that shit up lmao.

The dead lambs they were holding for the sheep shearing campaign were fake, I think. When people started asking why a sheared lamb would be dead (considering you're not meant to kill them with the damn clippers), somebody said the lamb was fake to avoid being blamed for it.

No. 373490


her fans are so fucking young that this was the best fanart she could find for her tshirt…pathetic lol

No. 373491

he looks older than usual. Guess he's running out of $$$ for anti aging.

No. 373492

tbf she probably would have gone with the young artists even if oldr ones were available. She's been with gargoyle long enough to know how easy it is to take advantage of young fans and we all know this bitch won't pay someone for their work.

No. 373495

File: 1492733649309.jpg (78.46 KB, 1171x554, oskarbaba.jpg)


that top hat behind him makes it seem like he's secretly the babadook.

No. 373497

It literally looks like she's sticking her fingers up her ass. Great choice…

No. 373499


she legit ugly, grease ain't replying to shit from her

No. 373500

Oh shit he's really fucking aging badly KEK

No. 373501

>>I wanna do your makeup, real bad.

Haha, is that a no-so-subtle, sly dig at Lainey? It sounds too ham-fisted to even be remotely complimentary and reads like "You can't do your makeup worth shit, I could do a better job".

Which is true, but still… oh boy, that won't please the Greasewife. Lainey will be like "You paid for contact with my husband, not me." Haha.

No. 373514

Isn't her dad a lawyer? What's his practice area?

Also: publishing their private convo without his consent may be illegal in your state or in NM, Greg. You may have just doubly fucked yourself there, dipshit.

No. 373515

File: 1492736448846.png (279.41 KB, 484x528, thingsthatmakemegohmmmm.png)

Hey Grease, We know you're reading this thread you fuckhead.

No. 373518

What was that?

No. 373519

File: 1492737356729.png (154.18 KB, 605x802, Untitled.png)

I deleted for incorrect information. I've never been told his full name, all I know is his last name is Anderson

No. 373526

Why does he write that everyone in his personal life call him Onision? Like has he not figured out that shows us all how fake his "documentation" is?

No. 373528

LMAO I bet she's mad af that Billie is chilling in Amsterdam right now with her new bf while Lainey herself is chained up in the basement with her 2 kids at the Onion mansion.

No. 373529

It's definitely cause shes paying him for attention.

shes apparently a makeup artist and she obviously wants to go visit the mcmansion under the pretense she will do lameo's makeup lmao.

An actual good artist isnt going to let you sell their shit for free with no credit, so yeah. They are all shit done by 12yos.

lol i never saw this before. I like the quotations around "work". So the dad and baby sitter thing was something lameo told onion but never talked to her dad about? Man if i was lameo's family i would never be able to open up to her or trust her again. When her sister talked to her about her boyfriend and shit, it ended up with her blabbing it all to onion who then put all her info out there calling her a slut. And then onion shits on her parents too. Man I'd be so ashamed if that was my kid married to an old man who cheats on her and rates 13 year old's bodies. Shes probably the embarrassment of the family that everyone tries to avoid talking about.

No. 373557

File: 1492744250464.jpg (535.95 KB, 1866x1192, Untitled.jpg)

Had to look it up XD

No. 373559

They're pretty much fatty vegans that buy anything labelled "vegan" "meat-free" on them

No. 373560

he'll put a blue wig on her and pretend she's Billie

No. 373569

File: 1492745775902.png (45.39 KB, 597x303, eemo.png)

No. 373572

Sometimes I wonder what she's gonna be like at 30, but it will probably be this plus the wear and tear of three more kids.

No. 373575

Joke's on them when they have to lose $ for the pateron fee + %10 in income tax lol.


No. 373578

IMO he suddenly bought the house for his mom after he already knew youtube "fired" him so he could have more of a sob story (re: he's broke now) to cash in. I can't wait for the day when he has to swallow his pride and get an actual job. Not that anyone would hire him.

No. 373579

He owns 2 houses, 1 is under his mothers name. He has a mortgage on a third.

No. 373581

great practical application of your psychology degree, Lainey

No. 373584

whoa how have i never seen this before? this happened right after CG1.0 too. kind of upset her dad didn't do shit and never took him to court for it

No. 373587

She still emoing about billie? Is she gonna blame her husband for cheating on her and being the cause of all the problems in the first place? No? Then keep crying lameo.

No. 373590


Thank you, I think I will make more should the milk provideth

No. 373605

"those lesbians look all the same" my fucking sides
anon isn't lying, peta really isn't a good organization but it's funny to see grease cry over it

No. 373616

File: 1492760942187.png (45.41 KB, 546x615, IMG_1557.PNG)

The look of a broken human, with atrocious taste in clothing. Does he shop his wardrobe at Walmart?

No. 373620

>An actual good artist isnt going to let you sell their shit for free with no credit, so yeah

Yeah unless youre a FAN. If Keanu Reeves liked one of my drawings of him and asked me if he can use it for his tshirts I would be so happy (and wouldnt be a cheap shit and ask for money). I know comparing my darling and talented (except in Knock Knock tbh) with the was